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    Supplemental Growth By Ultrabeef Jason Lim scanned the vast ballroom where the welcome reception was being held for all of the new interns of UB Sports Med, Inc. Jason had scored this highly coveted position right out of university based on his work on genetic research and almost perfect GPA. He was looking for one of his former high school acquaintances (friend would be too strong a word, Jason didn’t really have any friends). Hunter Rodriguez was a star football player in high school who had majored in Business and Marketing and had also won an internship in the Marketing department of UB Sports Med. Jason secretly had a crush on Hunter all through high school but besides the fact that Hunter was straight, Jason was too shy and quiet to ever be noticed by someone as popular as Hunter. Jason only knew of Hunter’s hiring because of the jubilant post on Facebook holding his acceptance letter. Even though it had been four years since high school Jason was hoping to spot a familiar face. Just when he was about to give up looking Jason saw him. Hunter Rodriguez, former high school stud. Hunter looked good from across the crowded room, with his Hispanic good looks and designer suit hugging his athletic body, he would be hard to miss. Sure he had filled out some since high school but from where Jason stood, it looked like it was in all the right places. Hunter, catching sight of Jason burst into a huge grin and quickly navigated across the room wrapping his strong arms around the smaller man with a big bear hug. “Little Lim! Look at you dude! All grown up and putting those brains to good use!” Hunter gushed, the smell of alcohol on his breath. “Hey Hunter,” Jason stammered sheepishly. “Awesome place, huh?” Hunter motioned to the extravagant reception. “Uh, yeah. It’s nice that we both got jobs here, isn’t it?” Jason could hear how stupid he sounded. “Uh, yeah bro! See you around”. Hunter headed off following some hot female intern with huge breasts. Jason sighed to himself and slowly sipped his drink. As he did, he caught sigh of himself in the ballroom’s mirrored walls. His short, scrawny build and hairless, pale skin gave him an almost anemic look. Jason’s longing hair was parted down the middle and hung over his eyes, giving him a boyish, almost feminine look. Secretly, Jason wished that he looked more like a man, a man like Hunter. **** It was another month or two before Jason ran into Hunter again. UB Sports Med. was a massive company after all. “Hey, little Lim!” Hunter yelled out across the employee cafeteria motioning Jason to sit with him. Jason, just glad to not have to spend another day sitting a lunch alone, gladly accepted the offer. Hunter looked different than Jason remembered at the welcome party. Hunter’s brown curly hair looked longer and more tousled and his suit seemed tighter but not in a good way. It looked to Jason that Hunter had started to develop a beer gut. Even Hunter’s face looked fuller and his jaw was peppered with black stubble. “So, how’s it going” Jason asked absently taking a bite of his sandwich. “Not that great actually” Hunter sheepishly replied. “I’m kind of on probation”. “What?!” Jason said a bit too loudly, almost choking on his sandwich. “Yeah, dude. This job is harder than I thought. And all these business lunches and cocktail parties are taking a toll” Hunter patted his belly. “Boss says I gotta get myself in shape or I can’t be representing the company anymore. We are a sports supplement company after all.” Jason simply stared at Hunter blankly, lost in thought. “I gotta go dude, hope stuff is going good with you”. Hunter quickly got up and headed out of the cafeteria, leaving Jason alone. In fact, things hadn’t been going that great for Jason either. The generics whiz was reduced to formulating a better tasting protein powder. Jason had been secretly been working on a muscle enhancement drug since college but his research was plagued with problems. And when he brought his idea to his supervisor he was laughed out of the room and told that “interns should learn their place”. Jason knew that if he could just test his serum and prove its success, he would earn the respect he felt that he deserved. Which gave Jason an idea... **** Jason put his plan into action the very next day. Getting to the employee cafeteria early he bought two protein shakes and carefully put a small dose of his experimental formula into one of the cups. When Hunter arrived Jason waved him over. “I bought you a shake to help you get back into shape.” “Thanks dude?” Hunter hungrily grabbed the shake and poured it down. Jason watched curiously but there seemed to be no change in Hunter. “Better try a bigger dose tomorrow” Jason thought to himself as Hunter prattled on about the latest NFL controversy. **** That night there was a loud pounding on the door of Jason’s apartment. The noise was so unexpected that it jarred Jason off the couch in an instant. He had no friends, who the heck could be knocking on his door especially this late at night. Peering cautiously through the peep-hole Jason could see Hunter standing in the hallway wearing a rumpled trench coat. Jason couldn’t believe it, his hot high school crush was standing outside his apartment door. Jason cracked the door and Hunter shoved it open pushing past Jason into the dimly lit, shabby apartment. “Uh, Hunter! What the...” Jason stammered but Hunter held up his finger and Jason fell silent. “Sorry bro! I looked up your address in the company directory. I need your help.” Hunter paced the room in the rumpled trench coat. He looked different somehow, Jason silently pondered before responding. “Help? With what?” “This!” Hunter replied, ripping the trench coat open. Jason gasped loudly at the sight. Hunter was naked under the large coat, but that wasn’t what made Jason gasp. Hunter was completely ripped with rock hard muscle. He could have entered any physique competition and won with ease. “What the fuck happened to my body bro?!” Hunter flexed his softball sized bicep causing Jason’s mouth to feel dry. “I mean shit! I wasn’t this jacked playing high school or college ball!” Hunter looked down at his pecs and bounced them, mesmerized by their size and weight. His thick dick swelling harder as he felt his pecs. “Uhhh...” Jason moaned his own small cock leaking pre and soaking through his khakis. Hunter looked up and saw the desire on Jason’s face. The old cockiness was back as Hunter sauntered toward Jason with an evil smirk on his face. “All this beef turning you on Little Lim?” Hunter brought his sweaty pecs up to Jason face making them dance mere inches from the smaller man’s nose. Jason, overcome with lust touched the warm, hard pec meat and could feel his sense of judgement go out the window, overcome by the hunk in front of him. Jason licked the salty sweat of Hunter’s meaty pec, making his way to Hunter’s perky nipple. As Jason rolled his tongue around Hunter’s nipple he heard the stud moan in pleasure and could feel Hunter’s thick dick swell harder and brush against his belly. “Fuck! Lim that feels so good. Don’t stop bro”. Jason needed no further invitation, lowering himself and glancing up at the wall of muscle in front of him before taking Hunter’s hard cock into his mouth. In a matter of minutes Hunter was bucking his powerful hips before shooting his white, ropy load all over Jason’s face. “Jason shot his own load at the same time, spraying Hunter’s leg. “Clean it up, bro!” Hunter growled as Jason eagerly licked Hunter clean. The pair spent the next few hours in a similar manner until Jason finally fell asleep cradled in the big man’s arms, his face smashed against Hunter’s pec. **** As the morning light streamed through the window Jason woke with a start. Had it all been just a crazy dream? Just then Hunter sauntered into the room, still naked and gorgeous. “Crazy night last night huh dude?” Hunter purred in his deep bass-filled morning voice. Jason could feel himself getting hard again as Hunter sat on the bed next to him. “So, you want to tell me what you put in that protein shake yesterday? And where I can get more?” Jason gulped in fear at the reality that Hunter had figured out the source of his sudden muscle growth. Jason explained that he had put a small amount of his experimental serum in Hunter’s shake “to help him out in order to keep his job”. “Oh, I’m not mad bro!” Hunter beamed as he flexed his perfect bicep. “But, if a small amount did this to me, I need to see what a bigger dose does”. Jason tried to protest but the thought of Hunter getting even bigger and sexier was too much for the geeky scientist. “Ok, fine. I’ll get some at work today but I better give it to you at my place to monitor the results.” Hunter beamed a perfect smile “No prob little Lim. I’ll be back here tonight at 7pm”. Hunter struggled back into his trench-coat and headed for the door. After he left Jason’s head was spinning. What the hell was he doing? Giving a total untested, experimental serum to the closest thing he ever had to a friend. **** The rest of the day was a whirlwind for Jason. He quickly drove to work and was able to sneak out the rest of the vial of serum he had made and partially administered to Hunter the day before. Jason had been so busy that he jumped in surprise when there was a loud knocking on the door at 7pm. As Jason unlocked and opened the door, he gasped at the sight of Hunter. Hunter had obviously spent the day shopping for clothes to fit his larger frame. The destroyed jeans and white v neck t-shirt Hunter wore hugged every muscle and curve on his chemically enhanced body. “Hey dude, you got the stuff?” Hunter rudely shoved Jason out of the way and barged into the small apartment. “Um, yeah, I do Hunt...” Hunter raised his hand for Jason to shut up, “Let’s have it Lim.” Jason, who was hoping for another romantic evening was taken aback. “Is...is everything ok?” Jason sheepishly asked while taking out the vial. “Yeah, why shrimp?” Hunter smirked and paced the room. “I’ve just been feeling super horny and aggressive all day. As soon as I leave here I’m heading to the club to get this body some action”. Jason looked at Hunter with concern, these were side effects he hadn’t been expecting. Before Jason could say another word Hunter grabbed the vial from Jason. “Is this the shit bro?” “Uh, yeah Hunter but maybe we should hold off on another dose for a bit...” Jason stammered, “you seem really aggressive and to be swearing a lot. There might be some side effects I need to monitor”. Fuck that dude!” Hunter popped the lid off the vial and downed the liquid inside throwing the empty glass vial against the wall as he lowered it from his lips. “Fuuucckk!” Hunter roared, his sexy voice getting even deeper. Jason backer away in a mixture of fear and scientific curiosity as sweat began to soak through Hunter’s shirt. Hunter's body immediately began to swell with epanding muscle. In seconds his shirt burst open as two thick swollen pecs popped out, the weight of the muscle forcing his nipples toward the floor and a deep crevice forming between them. Hunter's back cracked wider as his lats flared into thick wings. His neck and shoulders thickened and grew wider as his arms bulked up into freakish guns. Hair began to sprout on Hunter's arms and chest and even his face started to develop stubble across his square jaw. Hunter's butt swelled straining his jeans before tearing through the fabric and his quads beefed up wickedly. Jason could see that Hunter's cock was growing larger too, his lemon sixed balls and sausage dick hanging low from his cobblestone abs. "Oh fuck! Look at me!" Hunter roared as he flexed his huge muscles in the mirror. Jason was horrified by the beast Hunter had become. Just then Hunter caught sight of Jason and a look of total lust overtook his face. "So fucking horny! Must fuck now!" Hunter grapped Jason in his powerful hands and ripped off Jason's pants before forcing his huge cock into the nerdy scientist. Jason screamed in protest but Hunter was far too powerful. Jason blacked out as the animalistic grunts of Hunter echoed in his ears and the pain seared his anus as Hunter ripped him open with his monster cock, ramming the small Asian scientist with unsympathetic strength. **** Jason woke up to see the morning sunlight streaming through the bedroom window and his phone ringing at the bedside table. Jason was still naked and still sticky, covered in cum, but it appeared that Hunter was gone. “Hel...hello” Jason sleepily answered the phone. “Lim! Where the hell are you? You were supposed to be at work two hours ago!” Jason’s boss barked into the phone. “Sorry. Sorry. I’m on my way!” Jason hung up and tried to get out of bed. His entire body was sore but he could barely walk because of the searing pain in his anal region. “Ow! Crap!” Hunter whined as the warm water of the shower hit his sensitive body and washed Hunter’s sticky cum off. Within a few minutes Jason was dressed and on his way to work, when his phone rang again. “Hel...hello?” Jason answered. “Hey, little Lim!” Hunter’s deep sexy voice purred into the phone. “You still sore from that wicked fucking I gave you last night?” Hunter laughed. “Hunt...Hunter....look, there are some side effects to the formula...I need to see you and run some tests.” Jason was really concerned about the rampant aggression and sexuality that Hunter was showing (along with his massive muscle growth). Jason knew there was something wrong with the formula. He should never have tried it on Hunter in the first place. “I fucking love what you did for me dude! I could never have imagined a body like this, and all this muscle, could feel so fucking sexy!” Hunter growled into the phone. “I need to feel more muscle. To get even bigger dude. Bring the rest of the formula to your place tonight. I’ll be there at 7pm. Don’t fucking let me down or you’ll regret it!” As Jason started to protest, the line went dead. Hunter had hung up. **** Jason went through his work day in a daze. Hunter must not have come to work because Jason didn’t see him at lunch. Jason slipped the one remaining vial of formula into his pocket and headed home. Still unsure what to do. There was no way he could give Hunter another whole vial of formula, it could kill him, or turn him into such a sex-crazed muscle beast that he would be totally unstoppable. But if he didn’t give Hunter what he wanted Jadon knew that Hunter could hurt or even kill him. As 7pm rolled around Jason became more and more panicked. Sure enough a loud banging started on the door and an insanely deep voice called “Open up little Lim! I need to give these muscles and this big dick a workout! I’m horny as fuck!”. Jason, backed away from the locked door, terror filling his mind at the prospect of Hunter raping him again and growing even bigger. “Come on dude! I know you’re in there! Don’t piss me off and make me bust this door down!” Hunter sounded serious and Jason knew he was capable of doing it. Jason knew he had only seconds before the testosterone-charged roided out muscle-beast that Hunter had become would burst through his locked door hungry for more growth serum and Jason’s still tender ass. Jason rushed to the bathroom and locked the door before jumping into the tub and pulling the shower curtain closed. Just then Jason heard the sound of his front door splintering as Hunter smashed it to pieces. “Hey Little Lim! Come out, come out wherever you are!” Hunter purred dangerously in his insanely deep voice that rumbled through the small apartment. Jason knew that with Hunter’s increased muscle and strength he stood no chance of surviving another encounter with his former classmate. Panicking and unsure what to do Jason realized that clutched in his hand was the final dose of the muscle growth serum. The dose that Hunter wanted so badly. Jason, using his reasoning skills, realized that his only chance against the muscle beast Hunter had become was to take the formula himself. Jason silently hoped that his superior intelligence would be able to hold off the effects that had turned Hunter into a sex crazed muscle monster. Jason uncorked the vial and drank it down. The thick potion burned as it traveled down Jason’s throat and immediately he realized that while he might be saving his own life, he had made a huge mistake. Jason could feel his body temperature rise as sweat began to soak the armpits of his button down dress shirt. "Oh no!" Jason murmured as his arms began to swell stretching the fabric of his shirt tightly across his growing biceps. He could feel his brain becoming clouded over but he fought valiantly with all his mental powers to remain in control of the massive surge of testosterone that was coursing through his scrawny, Asian body. Jason’s pecs ballooned out into two granite pillows that burst open his shirt sending buttons cascading against the bathroom wall. Jason cupped his thickening chest and felt the brawny muscle getting large enough to force his expanding nipples toward the ground. As his lats flared out wickedly Jason could feel his cannonball delts swell and his neck thicken as his newly deepening voice moaned softly. Jason’s exposed arms swelled with growing beef as red stretch marks snaked across his porcelain skin, desperately trying to contain the swollen mass. Jason could no longer see his belly but he could feel the hard ridges of his plate-like abs popping into place. “Urggh! Fuck!” Jason moaned as his thickening quads burst through his khakis allowing his heavy cock and balls the freedom they desired. “Oh shit! No...” Jason moaned as his glutes swelled into a big, beefy, bubble butt. Jason reached back and tried to cup one of his massive butt cheeks. The feel of the thick muscle ass in his hands caused Jason to let out a loud moan as his cock started to swell. It was this sound that drew Hunter to the bathroom door. As Hunter reached the bathroom door he reached for the handle and ripped the door from its hinges. As the dust cleared Hunter tried to process what he saw. There is the bathroom was a freakishly huge Asian bodybuilder with a massive frame easily on par with his own. The thick Asian hunk with the floppy hair that hung into his eyes, looked equally confused and almost embarrassed. “Litt...Lim?” Hunter asked, his mind finally registering who he was looking at. Jason staggered out of the bathroom, unsteady on his feet and balancing all the new mass he had acquired in the last few moments. “Hun...Hunter...I’ve got to focus, I’m...” Jason stammered tried to keep his mind focused. Hunter strode over to Jason and playfully tweaked Jason’s nipple with his thumb causing Jason to shudder and out a low moan. “No...please...don’t...” Jason weakly mumbled as Hunter pressed giant beefy pecs into Jason’s newly huge chest. Hunter reached around Jason’s wide back and fondled his huge ass, while staring into Jason’s eyes before planting a passionate kiss on the former science nerd. Jason tried to fight the kiss but the stimulation was too much and as he gave in, all his brilliant science knowledge evaporated from his brain. “Uggh!! Don’t...stop!” Jason purred as he shoved his tongue into Hunter’s mouth. “Fuck yeah! Large Lim!” Hunter pulled away and grinned with lust in his eyes. “You wanna fuck this big muscle donk, don’t ya sexy!” Jason purred wickedly as the horniness took over his brain. “Oh fuck yes!” Hunter growled as Jason turned around and bent over the bathroom counter revealing his huge perfect muscular Asian glutes to Hunter. “Fuck me hard stud!” Jason growled as Hunter shoved his huge rod into him. The sounds of Jason’s deep screams of pleasure echoed through the small apartment.
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    There's been so much amazing content here recently that I haven't had any time to write my own. Plus I've been struggling to decide where I want the story to go. I have a basic template in mind, but I can't decide whether I want to stick to the day-in-the-life kind of stuff, or whether I should take the more dramatic route which would potentially be less sexy and more emotional, but would give the story a more fulfilling arc. So if you have an opinion on that, feel free to share. Chapter 16 The next day when I come home from work, Dean is eating poptarts and watching Spiderman 3. I tried watching the first two with him, but he kept scoffing and pointing out how unimpressive Spider-man’s feats of strength are, asking why the civilians were so impressed when Dean could’ve stopped that train with one hand. More than once, I had to point out that this was in fact a movie. “Hey Jake!” He calls without lifting his gaze from the screen. “Hey D…” I squint my eyes. “What?” Dean looks up, sensing my hesitation. “You look different… Are you... bigger?” “Yeah.” He says. “Another growth spurt. Wanna’ measure me?” I suppose it’s not unusual for men to have a second growth spurt in their early 20s, but I get the impression that this is far from Dean’s second. Standing up close, it’s hard to tell. When someone is already so big, it’s not obvious when they grow a little more. At 5’9” to his 6’8”, the top of my head should come to the middle of his chest. Now I don’t even reach his nipples. I get Dean to stand against the wall, pushing a chair next to him and anchoring a tape measure under his toe. It’s disorienting being so high and I can’t believe Dean lives like this every day. “I’m not seven foot am I?” He grimaces. I know he doesn’t like the idea of reaching that benchmark. “Six foot eleven. You’ve gained three inches.” 6’11”. Christ. As if he wasn’t imposing enough already. Dean lets out a sigh of relief. Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t seen him all day, it might be his impressive new size, or it might be the fact that he looks particularly dashing tonight, but I find myself staring. My eyes trace the firm line of his jaw, the rippling pecs and delts that dance whenever he moves. God he’s handsome. After a few seconds of silence, he turns to me, a wolfish grin creeping across his lips. “What are you-“ Is all he gets out before I dive on him, kissing, licking, rubbing my hands over the dense crevices of his muscular back. He returns the kiss with equal passion. Enormous arms scoop me up and deposit me on the edge of the kitchen counter. He towers over me, one hand on the granite countertop either side of me. “That was sneaky.” “I didn’t hear you complaining.” “Hell no, I'm impressed. No one's ever gotten the drop on me. You wanna keep going?” In a rush of confidence, I tell him yes. I’m ready to go all the way. “You sure?” He licks his lips. “How do you want this to go down?” I lean in to whisper in his ear “I like it rough.” Dean’s eyes widen. I hear a crunching sound. A web of cracks fans out from Dean’s hands to cover the counter. He moves to grab me, and all I see are thick indentations in the granite before I hit my bed. As Dean crawls up over me, pinning my arms above my head with one hand, I hear the mattress creak in desperation. “I don’t know if this thing can hold you.” “Maybe not. When I said I was 450lbs, that was a lie.” “What’s the truth?” He shrugs and smirks. “A few tons? I’m always using flight to lessen the weight or I’d go straight through the floor. I’m just so dense.” With that, he starts to suck my nipples, causing me to moan. When he frees my hands, I reach for his fly and take out his cock. It’s semi-erect, and grows thicker and longer and harder every second. He’s enormous. It takes both of my hands to even begin to cover it. “Holy shit.” I gasp. Dean chuckles, causing his brick-like abs to tense and his dick to jump. I rub my tongue up from the base to the tip, over hair and thick veins. Then I open my mouth as wide as possible and take him in, sucking and licking feverishly. He lets out a deep, resonant groan that makes me head vibrate. Somehow his dick is still growing. It must be 12 inches at this point. Easily. I might normally worry about taking him, but right now I’m so horny I don’t care. I feel Dean holding the back of my head, guiding me back and forth over his mammoth cock. Now that it’s erect, I can’t budge it an inch. It’s like a rolling pin. At the same time, he starts to play with my ass. I clench tight before forcing myself to relax. This is Dean. My hero. He won’t really hurt me. Applying a little lube to an index finger longer and thicker than most dicks, he slips it inside. I moan, squeezing myself tight against his indestructible pecs. “You like that?” He mutters as his finger pushes in and out. “You still want it rough?” I nod. “Be careful what you wish for.” His voice comes out as an animalistic growl. In an instant I’m face down, his immovable body poised over me. I hear the sound of lube being applied and shiver as he presses it into me. Then his cock starts to inch its way in, stretching me in a way I didn’t think possible. I open my mouth to scream and his hand clamps over my face, silencing me. He’s shaking with the strain of holding back the beast. I clench my ass around his dick and that pushes him over the edge. “Fuck.” He grunts, slamming all the way into me. Colours pop in my vision and despite his hand, I let out a shriek. He reaches parts of me I didn’t know existed. “You okay?” He asks, waiting for me to adjust to his girth. I’m guessing he used his x-ray vision to make sure nothing important got damaged. After a moment of deep breathing, trying to relax myself, I nod. He grabs my hips and slowly pushes me away, then pulls me until my back slams against his chest. We both cry out together, his deep and rumbling, mine high. After a few slow pumps, he speeds up, always going all the way in, always bringing a moan to my lips, a heady mixture of pleasure and pain. He stands up, using his hold on my hips to support my weight, and starts fucking me like a flesh-light. One colossal arm wraps around my neck, forcing my eyes to his. One flex, and my breath is cut off by his rock hard bicep. I scramble at the muscles in his arms even as he continues to pound in and out of me like a piston. For the first time since I’ve known him, he’s clammy with sweat. Veins stand out on his skin like a road map which just makes him all the hotter. It hurts, but I feel my dick throb in response. I open my mouth to say ‘harder’ but no air will come out. As if he could hear me anyway, Dean’s bulging muscles tighten around my throat with such overwhelming force that I know I’m about to black out. I feel myself orgasm and dig my fingers into Dean’s arms – not that I can hurt him even slightly. “Fuck yeah!” He rumbles, leaning over to watch me squirt. “My turn.” Dean finally removes his arm and lets me breathe. “You… wanna… do it… inside… me?” I whimper between pumps as he makes me his bitch. “I’d like to see anyone try to stop me, little guy” He clamps down harder to prove his point and I hiss from the pain. Then his head falls back and he lets out a savage roar so loud that it makes the house shake and leaves my ears buzzing. I feel him empty himself into me, thick streams of cum that go on and on and on, filling me up until no more will fit, so it starts to pour out of my ass like a leaky pipe, coating both of us. The smell is overwhelming – hot and raw and masculine. That was everything I thought it would be and more. Dean rests his head on my shoulder, still holding me up. “Fuck, I love you, Jake.” “I love you too.” He tilts my face around to meet his lips and kisses me long and slow. “Come on.” As if I have a choice. I’m carried into the bathroom like I weigh no more than a feather. Just like in the valley, he slowly, tenderly washes every part of me. My ass will be sore for a week, and there are already harsh bruises forming on the sides of my thighs where he supported me, as well as my neck. To these areas, Dean pays special attention. When we’re done, he throws himself onto the bed, frowning as it collapses loudly under his weight. “I’ll fix it tomorrow.” He says. I laugh and snuggle up to him, resting against his powerful abdominals and striated pecs. Dean actually looks out of breath. I’ve never seen that before. "You were seriously a virgin? That was insane, Dean." He puffs up his chest in pride. “I liked it. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so strong. Then I’d be able to really let loose.” “It’s not all bad.” I say, kissing his neck. “Not many guys are strong enough to do some of the stuff you did. And that was damned sexy.” “Oh yeah?” He says with a grin. “Yeah. Although next time we’re using the mask, like you promised.” “I guess there are perks to being a superhero.” We lie there for a while, taking comfort in the embrace. I never feel safer than when I’m here with Dean. The man who loves me and wants to protect me, an unstoppable, immovable god. And then a question enters my mind. “I’ve always wondered. What does lava feel like?” “Why?” He turns to me, brow furrowed. “Well the temperature of lava is so high that the liquid in my arm would boil before I got close enough to touch it. But you could, right?” “Yeah…” Dean tilts his head. “It’s hot." "Really? You learn something new every day." Dean laughs. "I guess it's a lot thicker than you’d expect – feels less like treacle and more like… bread dough? Yeah, that. Kind of fibrous. And it gets this weird crust on top where the air has made it set.” “Huh.” I have no clue what to do with that information. But it answers a question, at least. “Ever been to space?” “Yeah. I spent a lot of time out there trying to figure out the upper limits of my power. It’s not that the air resistance slows me down, I just didn’t want to cause any damage.” “And what did you find out?” A non-committal shrug. “I can fly as fast as I want to. Although there’s a point where physics start to get weird, and I don’t like going beyond that. I tested out my strength by punching the ground on Venus and measuring the impact. The craters got a little too big and I had to stop. If I carried on using more and more force, I would’ve destroyed the planet.” He talks about punching Venus to pieces the way I might offhandedly mention that a barista at Starbucks got my order wrong. Like it’s not the most astonishing display of physical power in history. Even knowing what I do about Dean’s abilities, I’m stunned at just how incredible they are. “Venus sucks, by the way. It’s just black stone hills and volcanoes and thick yellow air that stinks of rotten eggs as far as you can see. I think the atmosphere is meant to be made of acid but I didn’t really notice. There aren’t many craters, or at least there weren’t before I came along. But the surface isn’t visible from earth so I don’t think anyone will notice.” “Where else have you been?” He squints, casting back his mind. That fact that he has to think about it is shocking. Space travel should be a pretty prominent memory. I guess it’s all the same to Dean. When you can do anything, nothing is special. “Some of the gas giants are pretty cool. You’d expect them to be boring, being gas and all. But they’re pretty crazy. There’s an ocean on Neptune, and the pressure causes solid diamonds to form and fall like rain into the core. And Saturn’s rings are amazing in person. I never realised how many different colours they were.” I can’t help the jealousy bubbling up as I listen to Dean talk. Not just because he doesn’t really seem to appreciate the significance of his actions, but also because I’ll never be able to repeat them. I try not to blame him. After all, if there was any way to take me to see the rings of Saturn, and he thought it would make me happy, I know he’d do it in an instant. But there is no way – not a realistic way. So I content myself with stories. “Just make sure you take photos next time.” Besides, he knows plenty of other ways to make me happy.
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    CHAPTER 5 Lewis’s blouse was held loosely in his hand while he stared at me with uneasy blue eyes. Standing before me was a marble statue of a Greek god. His size small shirt was stretched across his body like plastic wrap, hiding nothing of the body beneath. The shirt didn’t even make it to his waist line; an inch-wide strip of pale skin separated pants from shirt. Solid bricks of raw muscle rose up his stomach beneath a pair of swollen pecs that danced with every nervous flick of Lewis’s arm. His lats flared so wide that his arms practically sat on top of them. Rounded shoulders stood with shadowed separation from arm and rap, large enough to pull his sleeves halfway up his upper arm. Swollen, vascular biceps hung heavy from those powerful shoulders, crisscrossed with veins. It was hard to speak. “How-“ I swallowed, hoping to come up with more but could only repeat it. “How?” Lewis, seeing my reaction, lost a bit of the nervous fear that held him there. “You, uh, were right sir. About working out, I mean. I just had to eat a lot.” “Bullshit!” I said loudly, with more confidence than I felt. “We both know it.” Lewis shrugged, every muscle in his body seemed to ripple in response. “Milk does a body good, sir.” I sat there a moment before speaking again. “How tall are you?” “Six feet even,” he said immediately. I noticed something about him that moment. “Weight?” This time he paused. “Two ten.” “You mean to tell me you’ve gained over sixty pounds in a month?” And then I added. “And four inches in height? Just eating and working out?” Lewis’s eyes danced but he just nodded. “Some people hit their growth spirts late.” I realized the fact his answers were absurd didn’t matter; I had to think of a different approach. I had to put myself in his (size 12) shoes. I let a smile break onto my face. “How does it feel?” I asked. Lewis looked confused. “Feel, sir?” “Yes, Lewis,” I said, letting the grin broaden. “How does it feel to have so much power all of a sudden?” “It –uh-,” he stammered but then I saw that spark in his eyes light into a full fire. “It feel fucking great.” The words practically exploded from his mouth. I remained silent, staring. Something I learned long ago was if you wanted people to talk, let them. The pause was short. “I mean, look at me,” he said and his arms rose, presenting himself before me. His lats flared even more and I heard a stitch pop somewhere in that sorry excuse for a shirt. “I’m a fucking stud.” His arms flexed, showing softball sized biceps with perfect peaks. I heard fabric tear. “Oh, god, you should feel this.” He grew breathless as he cupped one bicep with his other hand. He straightened his arm then flexed the cupped bicep again, only hard enough to make his arm shake. His bicep swelled. He straightened his arm and then flexed again. And again. His bicep swelled each time. A tear formed in his shirt at the peak of his bicep and another rip grew below the armpit where his lat swelled outward. “Fuck yeah,” he said and gave one more giant flex, letting the pathetic sleeve explode around his arm. He was completely self-absorbed now. I wasn’t even sure he remembered I was there. I knew it; he wanted nothing more than to talk; to let his secret out in spite of what his brain told him. I just needed to play my cards right. “I can curl seventy pound dumbbells with these babies,” he said as he reached over and squeezed the blood-gorged bicep again with his hand. The motion caused a seam to rip on the other side of his shirt behind his delts. It grew and revealed the mountainous folds of his back. He looked at the small tear and his eyes grew sharp. Then he raised his arms wide and flexed every upper body muscle in a powerful most-muscular pose, screaming “I’m a fucking GOD!” The shirt exploded off his frame. Deeply striated traps rose like mountains over his shoulders. Boulder like pecs swelled between his arms forming a deep irregular canyon between them. His neck swelled and reddened. Curling veins drove through the pulsing muscles up to his head. And there he was, naked from the waist up, panting and sweating with exhilaration. I forced myself to remain calm, although it was hard to ignore the raging erection I was hiding under the desk. In a steady voice, I went for another nail in the coffin. “Are you saying…this” I motioned to him with my hand “…is because of a sudden and miraculous growth spurt? This sounds like a medical emergency; perhaps I should call the medical team.” “NO!” Lewis boomed, and his fist crashed into my desk. A small crack appeared in the veneer circling his fist. Raw power was overriding the synapses in his brain. In this new-found euphoria, the secret was suddenly unimportant. “No, sir,” he said again, lowering his arms. “W--I…found something.” “What did you find, Lewis?” He paused but knew he had to finish. “I found the secret to Saddam’s Supermen.” “What?!” I asked frantically, my mind taking a moment to remember Dasa’s photo of the giant Iraqis. My gut leapt in its own euphoric crescendo the more I thought about it. I didn’t let him answer. Instead, I tried to keep a calm face as I spoke the two words that were sitting on my tongue since I brought Lewis into my office. “Show me.” CHAPTER 6 The sun was just setting as Lewis and I stepped out of the office. He zipped up his blouse one handed, the other hand lugged his gallon of water. A large Tupperware of chicken breasts, an accessory he constantly lugged around with him, was held under his arm. We both hoped no one would notice the fact he no longer wore an undershirt. His boots thunked heavily on steps leading down from the office; it was as if he wasn’t used to his newly added weight. We stepped into my truck and I started it. He tore into one of his chicken breasts as soon as his ass hit the seat, looking nervous. “Silo four,” he said as I pulled out of the space. “It in the silos?” I asked, surprised. He nodded as he chewed. “Tell me everything,” I ordered, making every attempt to seed my words with the fact that I was his superior officer and he was legally required to do what I told him to. Regret had already crept into his eyes but he nodded and spoke around continual bites of chicken. “I overheard you and Captain White talking about Saddam’s Supermen and I saw the file you had open. I, uh, spent the rest of the night looking for stuff about it on my computer, if only to see a couple more pictures.” He paused but I just continued driving, letting him speak. He did. “I didn’t find another pic of the supermen but I entered the Arabic script on the bottom of the original photo into our translator and it came up with something to the effect of ‘Project Jalut. Praise to god and his mercy. For the victory of Iraq’s holy army’ and some other fluff. Well, Jalut is apparently the name for Goliath, like David and Goliath, in the Koran so that seemed like a good start. I searched the share drive for the word Jalut and viola, there’s a whole file dedicated to it buried deep in the archives. There were photos of our servicemen raiding a lab and pulling documentation from the walls and pictures of what I could only assumed to be the serum they used to make the…uh…supermen. I don’t think the people there even knew what they had found. You couldn’t tell from the pictures what the place was for. “So,” he continued. He was on a roll now. “I figured there’s only one place they’d store this kind of stuff and I had the fucking keys to it.” I knew where he was going with this and I interrupted him against my better judgement. “So how on earth did you know where it was out of all those silos?” The task of finding something specific in those cavernous places was close to impossible. Lewis shook his head in a dismissing way. His confidence in dealing with me was growing. Soon I’d lose whatever advantage my rank gave me. “Fucking officers,” he said as he stared out the window. “Y’all don’t know shit about what you’re supposedly responsible for. Look, silos five through twelve are well inventoried. We know everything in them since they were filled after the Army got their shit together tracking what went in there. This superman stuff isn’t on those lists, so that leaves silo one through four. Silo one is mostly stuff from the first gulf war in the nineties, silo two and three are pretty much only big shit like tanks and trucks. Silo four is where they put all the little shit.” “Even so,” I added slightly defensively. I knew that silo. It was basically a bunch of haphazard piles stacked one after the other after the other. “That one silo would still take a year or more for one person to look through.” “They filled it chronologically,” he said and after a moment’s pause he sighed and continued as if speaking to a child. “The photos of the US raid on the lab were dated in April of 2003, only weeks into the invasion. So I figured what I was looking for had to be in one of the earlier piles. So I started there. Took me all night, but…” “You found it,” I concluded the obvious as we pulled into the gravel lot next to the silos’ guardhouse. Lewis unceremoniously threw down his Tupperware and water jug; I was shocked to find both empty. Holy fuck, I thought. There had to be a dozen chicken breasts in there when we got in the truck, if not more. By his face, Lewis regretted the nervous binge eating. He looked stuffed and uncomfortable. I badged us in, giving the guard on watch some lame excuse about inventory checks. He didn’t argue; it was my area after all. We found our way to silo four and walked in. Lewis closed the door behind us. “So where is it?” I asked, facing the seemingly endless waves of dusty junk. After a moment without response I turned and looked inquiringly at Lewis. The kid stood against the closed front door, his hand resting on the door frame as if for support. His breathing had grown deeper as if just finishing a sprint. “Ya know sir,” he said between heavy breaths. “I don’t think I have to tell you anything.” There was a menacing tone in his voice that made my stomach drop. Shit, I thought. There goes whatever edge my rank gave me. My mind rushed to find a way to regain my advantage but those thoughts were shattered as Lewis hunched over in what appeared to be great pain. “Are you okay?” I asked, generally concerned. “Oh, I’m more than okay,” he said, sweat beading on his reddened forehead. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. It. Feels. So. Fucking. Gooooooood.” He stood up and his arms spread wide as if stretching. The cuffed sleeves of his uniform pulled up his wrist, exposing the base of his forearm. I could see the dents of his chest through the canvas blouse as the fabric pulled tight across it. “Augh,” he moaned, his breaths getting deeper. “Too. Tight.” He reached up, unzipped, and discarded his blouse in less than a second. I was again face to face with that chiseled and bulging body. His body stretched with new freedom and he tested it, flexing everything he could: arms back, chest, abs, shoulders. Every muscle responded by pumping ever larger and harder. He whispered to himself, eyes half shut in ecstasy. “Feels so good. Feels so good. Fuck. Shit.” He wasn’t done. He tore off his boots without unlacing them, which I didn’t know was possible, and threw the tattered remnants across the room. Moments later, he had his pants off. Quads bulged like mushroom tops over his kneecaps and cascaded in muscular crests and valleys all the way up to his crotch. Striated calves, like giant diamonds, bulged and writhed as his giant feet adjusted themselves on the ground. His briefs were plastered over cut and swollen glutes and couldn’t cover a fully erect cock that snaked across his front. It throbbed beneath the straining cotton. “Fuck me,” he whispered to himself as he tore off the briefs with a snap of his wrist, letting his ten-inch dick free to throb at attention before him. His body was covered in pulsing veins that seemed to feed his gorged muscles. Granite-blocked abs covering a stomach gorged with food, started to tighten and fall as if the contents of his guts were being drained away. His body swelled in response and his muscles flexed and relaxed in sudden twitches as he groaned and started rubbing his cock. Faster and faster he rubbed with his oversized hands, the muscles in his arm and back writhing as he did. Then every muscle in his body seemed to flex all at once, making him look like a morphed human being. His dick erupted, spewing its contents ten feet away in heavy spurts. His moan was almost a roar and it ended in exhausted pants as he leaned back against the doorway, using both his hand and forehead as support. Lost in his own world, his hand still squeezing his spent dick, he stood there, panting. “I knew I shouldn’t have eaten all that chicken at once,” I heard him whisper to himself. I don’t know if he was bigger but his body had suddenly gained an elevated form of definition. My guess is the three pounds of chicken and water he’d just consumed had somehow immediately digested and distributed itself in raw muscle across his body. It was a full minute before he noticed me again. There was not a shred of embarrassment or shame in his eyes as they locked with mine. His lips curled in a sinister smile and he stepped up to me, naked as the day he was born. “I think we’re done here, sir. Maybe you should take me back to my dorm.” I found myself sizing him up. He looked bigger than the 210 pounds he claimed but wasn’t a monster by any stretch of the imagination…but he was all muscle. He could have added 20 pounds of fat and still looked good enough to grace the cover of a fitness magazine. He was close enough now for me to feel the heat radiating from his sweating body. I looked at him for a moment, knowing there was a RIGHT thing to do but also knowing that conflicted with what I WANTED to do. The RIGHT thing to do was grab my walkie-talkie, call for base security to detain this hormonal airman while I reported to my superiors that he’d come across some strange chemical somewhere in this shed. They could find and property dispose of it. All would be well. But looking at the body I had always dreamed of having, I knew I didn’t want to do that. I was at a cross-roads… I raised the walkie-talkie and saw Lewis’ face grow dark and show hints of despair. His game was up. Now he feels it, I thought. Now he knows. I lowered the walkie-talkie, took a deep breath, then reached down and ripped the Velcro rank insignia off my uniform. I then took off my hat, the only other part of my uniform that had a rank on it. I let both symbols fall to the floor. He knew what that meant: we were no longer talking officer to enlisted, we were now talking man-to-man. “You need me,” I said to him. He looked confused. “That uniform isn’t going to contain you much longer and you need ME to approve new ones. You need ME to have access to this place. You need ME to help keep this little experiment of yours under wraps for as long as possible.” I locked eyes with his. “I’m not the enemy unless you want me to be, Lewis. And I see no reason for that.” I paused. “I’m not here to stop you.” Lewis’s demeanor changed on that last line and I let go of a breath I didn’t know I’d been holding. He took two steps toward me and held out his hand. “Partners?” he asked, almost desperately. I grabbed his hand immediately, feeling it engulf mine. “Partners,” I replied. He made to pull away, but I held on. Something was…without thinking, I took my other hand and laid it on his forearm. It was hard as a rock. My hands grew a mind of their own. I let go of his hand and grabbed his unflexed arm that hung from those boulder-like shoulders. Even unflexed, they were iron rapped in skin. That is no exaggeration; his body was fucking granite. I pushed hard into his chest with my hand; it didn’t even dent. I may as well have pushed against a wall. Lewis closed his eyes and I saw his heavy dick jump. I pulled my hand away, not wanting the distraction of another self-lust scene. “How heavy are you really?” I asked. Lewis looked at me and I could see unspoken words bouncing in his eyes. Finally, he sighed. “I don’t really know. The scale at the gym maxes out at three hundred pounds.” It was unbelievable on the surface. Lewis was built like a god but still hovered around six feet and was still able to hide behind a normal sized uniform. He LOOKED no more than 220 or 230 at most, not over three hundred. But I only nodded. Insane, yes, but it made sense. He was just too dense. “So show me,” I ordered. Lewis’s face grew dark and his body suddenly seemed to loom over me. It was an effort not to take a step back. Unspoken as it was, the message was clear. I was the junior partner in this operation. “Please,” I added. We made our way to the back of silo four quickly enough and we found ourselves standing before one of the dozens of junk piles that filled the place. They loomed twelve feet high or more, stacked junk that could topple over at any time. This one looked no different than the others except it had obviously been picked through (as were a couple of the neighboring piles). “I -uh- had to bring by friends along to help,” Lewis admitted as I looked at the piles. “Some things were just too heavy for me to move alone.” I thought of the buff trio I saw Lewis sitting with before and remembered how I assumed they were new friends, replacing the skinny runts he’d previously hung with. “You gave them this…stuff…too?” I asked gravely. “I had to,” he said with no trace of guilt. “We were partners, too.” The put an emphasis on those last words. “Ok,” I said finally. I would worry about them later. Lewis nodded then walked, naked as the day he was born, across the littered floor to one of the picked-through piles. He reached over and picked up a full sized copy machine. His back muscles flared and grew impossibly thick, a deep and shadowed canyon ran from just above his glutes to the base of his neck. Thick lats and traps flared on either side. Setting the copier aside, he moved a few other objects in search of something. I guess he doesn’t need his friends’ help anymore, I thought as he moved more debris aside. He stopped suddenly, crouched down, and began manipulating something. I looked over his shoulder and saw he’d revealed a large iron safe. He was entering the combination. “How do you know how to open it?” I asked. “The combo was taped to the back, would you believe it?” Lewis chuckled as he worked. I stepped gingerly around the junk and looked on the back wall of the safe, finding nothing but smooth iron. Whatever had been there was now removed. Lewis had stopped working and was now staring at me under a suspicious brow. Again, after a hesitation, he sighed. “Sixteen, seven, seventy-nine,” he said finally. There was a click and the door opened. Behind it were six rows of heavy metal shelves. “We thought about taking this stuff back to the dorms,” Lewis said as he pulled out the second drawer, revealing twelve canisters lined in a row. “But we figured this stuff was safest here.” I looked at the canisters and quickly noticed they were in four groups of three, each group consisting of a green, a white, and a red canister. Arabic script was written on each. “I don’t know what it says,” Lewis said after I asked. “But…” He removed one of the green canisters. “I DO know the big symbol on the bottom there is the Arabic number ONE.” I looked at the symbol and recognized it as well, having picked up a bare minimum of the written language since I’d arrived. “I suppose…” Lewis cut me off with a nod. “The white one has a TWO on it and the red one a THREE.” “So you took this one,” I confirmed, toying with the green canister I had in my hand. Upon inspection, I realized the canister was actually a delivery system, much like an EpiPen. I can do it right now! I thought with a barbaric euphoria. I looked hungrily at the innocent looking canister. Lewis had pulled out the top drawer, showing only empty spaces where four green canisters would have been found. The white and red ones, I saw, were untouched. My eyes shot to a preoccupied Lewis, the muscles in his body flexing and curling over each other as he searched the safe. I looked back at the green one in my hand. “We’re not sure what the—” Lewis started as he turned to me then his eyes grew wide as he saw me raise the canister high above my head. “WAIT!” he ordered. But it was too late. I drove the device down hard and slammed it against my thigh. I felt a sharp prick as the needle penetrated my canvas pants and drove deep into the meat of my quads. There was an immediate hiss accompanied by a sharp burning sensation as the liquid in the canister emptied itself into my body.
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    When he asks you which one you like the best and you want to say 'the middle one.'
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    "You fellas chose to mess with the wrong daddy. The eight of you are so outnumbered by all of this."
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    Part XIV “So, are we going to do this thing or not?” I ask bluntly. “Yeah. Let’s get down to it.” Blake removes the tank he was wearing so we’re both naked now. Me with my gymnasts body and hardon. Blake with his bodybuilder physique and slumbering giant. “Ok, we’ll start off the easy way.” Blake says as he shoves me hard and I crumple to the floor. “Get up small fry!” He booms. I stand up, confused but more angry. “What the fuck was that‽ “ “I’m putting you down where you belong. At my feet.” Blake smirks, towering over me. He brings his huge arm up and flexes his bicep. “You see this, this is real man muscle. Look at that twig you call a bicep. Pathetic.” “I. Am. Not. Pathetic.” I growl. “The fuck You aren’t. Look at me. All this fucking muscle.” Bland breaks his flex and places his extended palm on his chest. His huge hand looks small when he places it on his pec. That meaty mound of muscle spreads from his delts to the center of his chest where it meets its twin and form a deep groove. His hand slips down to meet his firm 8-pack. It traces the cracks that each taut muscle makes until his hand is down to his navel. It then slides over to where his Adonis belt bulges away from his hip. He grabs the meaty muscle tightly in his hand and squeezes, massaging the muscle. “Come on little guy. You know you want to touch it.” He gestures down to his sleeping monster, hand on his hip. “No one can resist touching it. Especially when they’re used to handling their own pathetic worm like yourself. The flash of heat floods my face but the pull to his cock is so much stronger. I focus myself and don’t move. “You mean people line up for that weak, soft cock?” I reply cockily to Blake. “You can’t even get it up.” Silently Blake closes his eyes and grits his teeth. I see the head on his cock begin thickening and expanding. In seconds it’s reached its full size from earlier. It looks insanely huge on his soft shaft. All flared and red. But it doesn’t look out of place for long. His shaft balloons larger in long pulses as it also begins to straighten out, rising from its resting place on his balls. Once the show is over and his cock reaches its monolithic size he grabs my wrist. I lock eyes with him and become startled. His normal soft, brown eyes aren’t looking at me, but cold, black eyes stare me down. “Careful brother, I am slow to anger but once provoked I have difficulty controlling my rage. You must feel it too. The jealousy of being smaller. Don’t you crave the size? Don’t you thirst for it?” I gulp loudly. The fear in my body making me nauseas. Blake moves my hand to his cock and places it on his angry head. “Now, how does a real mans cock feel?” “It feels...” I trail off as I feel my arm grow tight. I look down and see my forearm striated with unfamiliar muscle and fueled strength. I smirk and squeeze Blake’s cock head tightly. He winces in a bit of pain but he’s so hard not much damage is done. “I feel strong.” I release Blake’s cock and immediately place my hand on my bicep. I can feel it swelling with new mass, growing firmer under my hand and spreading it apart. My eye travels up my arm and I watch my shoulder stretch outward, nicely capping off the enhancement to my bid and tris. My chest has too expanded morphing into squared off slabs of meat that touch in the center to form a deep groove. They now stand off from the rest of my body a solid inch. A field of dark, smooth hair now spreads from the groove outward giving my pecs an even more masculine look. The hair is more concentrated around my darkened nipples. My lats flare out from my body as I feel my back widen in strife with the other changes. I can feel my traps growing up my neck, thickening and strengthening. My stomach still maintains the six pack it has but the individual abs have grown wider and taller. They also have grown in thickness to push away from the rest of my core. My abs now look strong instead of just superficial. My Adonis belt has too thickened, adding pounds of muscle and extending off my hips like Blake. The hair from my chest doesn’t cover my stomach but a dense treasure trail forms below my navels and snakes down my thickly muscled groin to my pubes. Sadly I don’t see that my cock has grown and my nuts still resemble large eggs, hanging loose in their sack. But my gaze is drawn down to my quads. The striating muscle forms thick ropes down my legs. I feel their power building the size taking shape. It makes me feel weak in the knees but I know my muscle wouldn’t dare let me fall. Then I feel my ass twitch. I reach around and feel a large mound of tight, firm flesh covered in a light dusting of hair. I give it a squeeze and let out a soft moan. “Fuck yeah bro.” Blake Says, snapping me back to reality. I had almost forgotten he was in the room. I turn to face him and see that he looks a little shorter than I remember. But everything looks further away now. I must have grown taller too. And by the looks of it by almost two inches bringing me up to 6’4” of man meat. “Looking good bro.” Blake smiles. “And I think you got one last surprise in store this time around?” “What?” I reply. Blake motions at my crotch. “It’s usually the last to catch up.” He says as I see my nuts drop lower, my sack loosening. Then I can feel an increase of weight in them as my nuts visibly expand. I cup them softly in my hand as they spill over my grip. But my fascination with my nuts is cut short by the stirring in my cock. I feel a surge of blood rush to it and veins explode out of the shaft. I almost cum from the pressure but bite it back remembering Blake’s words. The pressure increases and I feel myself getting hard, lengthening. Which is odd since ive been rock hard for so long. But my cock swells larger, growing to reflect my change in body size. The head swells and turns a bright red. The ridge of my head flares out and swells thickly. The shaft thickens and grows longer, forcing my head further from the base. I desire to stroke its length but I don’t dare touch...yet. I swear it must have grown to at least a full foot long if not more. I can feel the slit of my cock growing larger, willing to accommodate more of my seed. My nuts begin to itch as they grow increasingly hairy, making them look like hyper masculine. I begin to smell an odor coming from my crotch. It’s musty and has tones of salt but it’s enveloping and strong. It smells like man. Not dirty or rank but comforting and sexual. And then I feel a click in my body. Like the tap feeding me was shut off. “How you fucking feel stud?” Blake says, his rod swinging in front of him. “It’s so heavy.”I say gesturing to my body. “We can take care of at least one heavy thing right now.” Blake says as he cups my balls in his hand. “Because I got a big load I need to dump and I want to see you take this puppy on a test drive.”
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    When the muscle daddy messages you some pictures and says, "I've grown a bunch since these were taken."
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    "I can make sure you walk funny tomorrow."
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    So, for the record, the bears are petrified, he sent a pack of wolves running like they were frightened kittens, and people in the closest town are swearing they've seen Bigfoot. Camping with him is so much fun.
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    This is my first story. It's going to have bite sized chapters and very regular updates (most likely daily). This is a m/m superhero romance. The first two chapters are mostly set up, but after that every chapter has plenty of sexy muscle and feats of strength, so please stick with it! Chapter 1 It began as all the best love stories do: with terrorism. The 24th of March 2013 is much like any other day. Hugo Chavez recently died, triggering what would go on to become an economic crisis in Venezuela, the UN security council has just slammed North Korea with harsh new sanctions, Justin Timberlake is topping the charts with ‘Mirrors’, protestors are waving signs outside Parliament, protesting about something, pigeons are shitting, rain is pouring, and I'm on my way to work. The newly opened Shard is difficult to miss. It towers over London’s skyline, jutting into the clouds like the lair of a comic book villain. I make my way inside, flashing my ID as I go. ‘Jake Langley’, it says in large capital letters, along with an employee number and my date of birth. I only show it as a courtesy - the security guards have all memorised my face by now. I sometimes wonder what they think of me. Am I ‘that cute, fresh faced little pastry chef with the dimples’ or do they just see me as a child straight out of college, coasting by on boyish looks, with no clue what he’s doing? I’d like to think it was the former. I’d like to. But I don’t. I wish I was the kind of guy who had the guts to ask. The kind who knows he's good enough, who knows he's not going to be rejected or shut down. But even if I wasn't gay, I will never be that kind of guy. It's not in my nature. I'm not assertive or domineering. I smile, wave, and make pastry. That's my nature. I slip by in this hyper masculine world by being too small for anyone to see as a threat. And for the most part, it works. The kitchens still shine like the day they were installed, which wasn't that long ago. Most kitchens are crowded, starkly lit places where you can barely move an inch without bumping into someone or knocking something over, but not this one. Natural light pours through the floor-to-ceiling windows, treating us to a view of London that millions of people would kill for. But I'm not here for the views. Okay, maybe a little bit. But mostly, I'm here to do my job. I find my little corner and start preparing for the day’s guests. It's a Sunday, so we're expecting a lot of traffic. There isn’t an overpaid banker in London who doesn’t salivate over the idea of lunch at the Shard. Russian oligarchs, Saudi oil barons, British royalty, Colombian drug lords - we serve them all. I don’t care who they are or what they do. It's none of my business. It sounds like a simple, boring job - making pastry. You’d be surprised at how much there is to it. There’s a reason they have pastry chefs – this is a difficult thing to get right. It's always come easily to me. I find something calming about rolling out a sheet of puff, spreading on the butter, folding it over, and rolling it out again. There's a rhythm to it. My movements soon become mechanical and I can feel myself floating away into a distant world where I'm someone interesting, somewhere interesting, doing something interesting. The kitchen hums around me as the first orders come in. Pans clink, hobs fizzle, water gurgles as it boils. I can barely hear the orders being barked over it all. But I'm not really paying attention. Boom. I can feel a wave of pressure pass through my feet, up to my head, and down again. Everything is shaking; the walls, the floor, the windows. Pots rattle above my head on their hooks. I turn to see the kitchen staff frozen, eyeing one another with pointed glares. I don't think I've ever seen this room so quiet. “What was that?” I hear one of them whisper, his voice carrying clear across the room. No one answers. Was it an earthquake? It couldn’t be. Earthquakes aren’t instantaneous, they're gradual. Then it comes again, much louder. BOOM. I don’t know if it's the ringing in my ears or the shaking beneath my feat, but I'm suddenly hunched over a table, flour covering my hands, gasping for breath. I don't know how long I spend there, trying to comprehend what's going on. It must be a minute or two, at least. My daze is broken as an alarm whirrs into life, high pitched and screaming. Red lights flash. All at once, the shock turns to chaos. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. They're coming faster now, from all over the building. I can feel them in my bones. While others run for the doors, I huddled under my table. What the hell is going on? My eyes drift to the windows, where black smoke is billowing up past our floor, carrying dust and paper. Fuck. I watched 9/11 unfold on live TV and I was here when they locked down London during the 7/7 attacks. It's impossible to ignore the reality of what's going on. This is a terrorist attack. I can see dark shapes floating past outside, just beyond the smoke. Choppers. News choppers. When I had dreamed of appearing on TV, I was thinking more along the lines of Deal or No Deal, not this. Anything but this. I'm now alone in the kitchen. I don't know when that happened. I presume everyone else has fled. My gaze flickers to the open door as I try to decide what to do. Maybe if I run now, I could get out before the building collapses. Or maybe the lower floors are experiencing the worst of it, and I'm best waiting up here while the blaze is brought under control. Is there anything here I could turn into a parachute? No, I scold myself. That’s pointless and stupid. I’d never break through those windows anyway. Turning on my phone, I check the BBC. The first result is a live video of the Shard, burning in a dozen places. The news anchors are speaking but I can’t hear a word of it. I watch the screen in horror as the fire begins to creep outward from the explosion sites. One of them is pretty close to this kitchen. Placing my hands on the ground, I feel warmth. There’s a rumbling sensation. Something is crackling not far from our door. As fast as I can, I slam it shut, backing away with a hiss as the handle burns my skin, leaving it red and blotchy. Now there’s smoke trickling in through the vents and the air is getting hazy. Pulling a wet cloth over my mouth, I run around the kitchen and turn on all the taps and block all the drains. They overflow one by one, spilling out onto the floor until there’s a pool of water an inch deep. This won’t save me, but it might slow the spread. It’s getting seriously hot in here. I clutch my burned hands around the wet cloth, which eases the pain, but nothing can stop the coughing fits. There’s soot clogging my lungs and in my eyes, causing them to water uncontrollably. The air is so thick now that I can barely see from one end of the room to the other. My only sign that the door has buckled is the red tongues of flame licking at the ceiling. At the same time, I’m hit by a wave of heat so overwhelming that my only option is to curl up on the floor and cover my face as I feel the skin of my back start to blister. Then something astonishing happens. Something so unusual that I wonder if I’m hallucinating. There's a silhouette visible through the smoke. A man. He's enormous, and seems completely unphased by the fire caressing every inch of his body. His eyes find me on the floor, and a look of relief flits across his face. I blink, and he’s suddenly leaning over me. How did he move so fast? I open my mouth to ask, but only a ragged cough comes out. Two huge arms gently scoop me up. I press my face into his chest to escape the heat. Somehow even in the middle of a burning skyscraper, his touch makes me feel safe. Protected. Isn’t that strange? I hear the sound of shattering glass, feel a rush of cold air on my neck. The arms wrap more tightly around me. The lurching in my stomach tells me we’re moving, and I try to look around, but one hand on the back of my head keeps me locked to his chest. As the adrenaline fades, my body starts to scream in pain. I’ve never felt such agony. It’s only a matter of time before blackness is creeping into my vision, clouding my mind. And then I’m gone.
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    Part I: “What is this again?” I asked as we pulled back the colorful curtains shrouding the door. “It’s a Resolution booth. Or some kind of psychic. Or something… I don’t really know, but everyone here is doing it and it looks like fun.” Jake flipped his 2019-shaped glasses up on his head and brushed some confetti off of his beefy bare torso. The New Year just rang in, and everyone at the party was lining up to start their resolutions early. We weren’t at a shirtless-themed party, but Jake had a tendency of ripping off whatever was covering his shredded 220 lb. frame after a few drinks. Walking into the dark, candle-lit room was a staggering contrast from the glittery disco lights and loud music from behind us. Inside, couples and friends were huddled around little round tables, quietly laughing and scribbling notes on small sheets of paper. A sign on the wall hung above a cubby station with stacks of blank sheets and pencils, saying: RESOLUTION BOOTH: WRITE DOWN THREE RESOLUTIONS, FOLD THE PAPER TWICE, AND SEE MME. RÊVE BEFORE YOU LEAVE KEEP YOUR RESOLUTIONS SECRET! Not wasting a moment, maybe still a little buzzed, Jake ran forward like an excited schoolkid and grabbed a handful of supplies. “This is perfect man,” he said smiling, heading towards an empty writing table. “It’s not a New Year unless you make commitments to make yourself better. What are your resolutions going to be this year?” I rolled my eyes, taking a pencil from him. “The sign literally says to keep your resolutions secret. And it doesn’t really matter—everyone forgets about these things before February anyway.” Jake shook his head. “Not me man. I’m committing this year. I’m going to cut down on the booze and really get to work on finishing my 8-pack.” Jake started eagerly scribbling stuff down right away. Looking down at my own paper though, it looked so white and empty. How do people like Jake come up with these things so easily? I didn’t even know where to begin. All things considered, I was pretty happy with Jake as my stereotypical jockey roommate, and I actually had a pretty wholesome, productive year. Still drawing a blank, I began to wonder, no one but me will ever actually see this, right? This whole thing is a bit of a joke, so why write down anything serious? Why not shoot for the moon? Or the dark side of the moon? Smirking a little, I quickly jotted three quick bullet points down. I will eat, lift, and grow nonstop, packing on more muscle and growing bigger every single day. I will have mindblowing sex with my roommate over and over, growing more fucking virile and horny for him each time. I will be an unrecognizable, insatiable muscle fuck-beast by the end of this year. “Let me see it!” Jake said suddenly, making a lunging swipe for my paper. Totally caught off-guard, my heart lunged in my chest as he pushed his naked torso up against me, trying to grab it from my hand. Fuck he was so strong too—wrestling with him was like trying to fend off a massive, roided out animal. ‘Oh God, he can never NEVER see this,’ my mind screamed. He was clearly still a little inebriated though, and after struggling with him for a few seconds he quickly tripped over his own weight and knocked over the table. The papers fluttered through the air as a few people gasped. Not taking any chances, I swiped the paper from the carpet before Jake even realized he was on the ground. “Haha, nice try Jake. My resolutions are sealed for the year,” I said, putting it out of his reach and folding the paper. Jake was a big guy, but being religious gym partners with him, I was almost neck-to-neck with his own mass and could fend him off well enough when he was tipsy enough. “Mmmmfff…” he grunted, grinning as he hauled himself up. “Well, I guess I’ll get you next year. Those gains in the gym have been paying off for you.” Looking around the ground for a minute, he found his own paper and folded it as well. “Last step is to get these christened, right? Ready to go?” Still clutching my own resolutions tightly, we walked towards the back room, where a lady in her thirties decked out in in a 1920’s style flapper dress was waiting for us at a table. Really odd for a professional psychic, but then again, we were at a New Year’s party. “What was all that commotion about?” Mme. Reve snapped in a hard-Brooklyn accent, looking extremely peeved. "Did you break my table out there?” “Errr… really sorry Miss! The table is fine. Just trying to kick of the new year with a fun start!” Jake laughed. She leered at us for a moment before finally saying, “Well, I have about 40 more of you morons to get through before the night is up, so let’s speed this along. Hold up your resolutions.” I held up my sheet of paper in front of me as Jake did the same. “Now then,” she said, “Focus on your paper. Look straight into the white of the page and feel the intention behind it. Feel the warmth of it in your hand. Bind yourself to its will, and it will happen.” I never believe in silly things like this, but for a moment, I really did feel tied to that little white sheet in front of me—like it was almost growing warmer and warmer in my hand. Heavier, almost. The longer I looked, the harder it was to look away. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Jake right beside me, his chest slumped and jaw hanging dumbly ajar. Without warning, she grabbed the resolution out of our hands. It happened so quickly, it felt like being slapped awake from a soft dream. I had to blink a few times. Running her hands the resolutions, she slipped a small round sticker over each crease. “These are sealed for the rest of the year,” she ordered. “Put them in a place where you won’t lose them, and open them up again next New Year’s Eve to see how far you’ve come. If you’re happy with the results then, my card is at the front if you want to pay me back.” Slowly rousing up, Jake said, “Uhh, wow. Thank you very much Miss.” Smiling in return, she said, “Sure. Now get the fuck out of here.” The burning daylight slipping through my bedroom curtains slowly stirred me awake. Grunting, I rolled over and checked my phone. 11 AM on January 1—the next day. Glancing over, I noticed the crisp resolution note sitting on my bedside table where I left it. I’m not sure why I didn’t throw it right away, but there was time for that later. Reaching over, I picked up the note, and unwrapped the stickers to re-read what I wrote the night before. Glancing at it though, I realized it wasn’t my note at all. Give up alcohol Make more money Tune my body to be the perfect boyfriend ‘The fuck?’ I wondered. This was Jake’s handwriting. Where was my note? Outside my room, I heard some plates and pots clanging. The waft of cooked bacon and eggs slowly crept into my room as a roar of our blender began to whir. Jumping out of my bed in my boxers, I opened my door and walked into the kitchen area. The entire place, normally pristine, was a complete mess. Our entire carton of 2 dozen eggs were cracked and emptied out, with empty packages of bacon sticking out of the garbage can. Streaks of protein powder and dirty plates covered the counters and our last carton of milk lay empty on its side. Suddenly, I heard a loud slurping coming from the other room. Turning out from the kitchen, I nearly walked straight into Jake’s shirtless back, bulging and throbbing with muscle. Completely unaware of me, he was rabidly chugging down a protein shake straight from the blender, not even pausing for a single breath. He audibly growled like a beast as he mindlessly continued to swallow gulp after gulp, his back muscles heaving in and out with every chug. I had never seen him looked so jacked. Finishing the last dribbles of the shake, he lowered the blender and whipped away a thick stream of drool falling from his mouth. Totally intoxicated with himself, he finally turned around and noticed me standing behind him. “UHH, God look at me…” he said, glancing down at the massive gut jutting out from under him. His trim six pack had given way to a massive solid ball of muscle that looked so firm, you could bounce a dime off of it. I paused. “Holy shit Jake. Are you okay?” Chest lurching, he let out a gigantic burp. “Uggh... fuck. Yeah bro, just so fucking HUNGRY. Want to go to the gym?”
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    Coach's recruits Chapter one Cyril felt silly. The thin-limbed 20 year old student in literary studies felt embarrassed over his own insecurities. Why would an intelligent boy like himself -- having just left adolescence he still shunned to call himself a man -- accept the stereotypical ideas about masculinity the marketing world and the film industry tried to sell him? Aren't we all individuals? Why would he allow someone else to dictate to him, what male existence was supposed to be? Wasn't he a free person -- free to make his own decisions, free to find his own truth, free to explore his own mind? He was more introspective, than the jocks that had surrounded him during high school. Although he had escaped bullying, his interaction with the high school jocks had been superficial and ambivalent. They were not all bullies, and a few of them had been decent acquaintances in some cheerful, plucky way, but it had been impossible to discuss anything that mattered with them. And yet. The way they took care of their bodies. Their confidence. That something, lurking inside them: Warm, friendly, and yet threatening to burst into something else than friendly. Was he coded by society to fall into traditional patterns? On the other side, society didn't approve of meatheads. Actually, the entire society was ambivalent: Extolling perfect bodies in films and on TV, but disapproving of beefy men at workplaces and in academia. There was a lot of talk about "toxic masculinity" nowadays. Sometimes it could sound like all masculinity was toxic, which was a bit unfair. He watched the box he had been foolish enough to order. A few adhesive patches and a sort of pod with earbuds. He had fallen for the marketing tricks: "Want to be more of a man? Improve gains at the gym? Explore your innate masculinity?" Ridiculous. He could have flushed the money in the toilet, and got the same results. There are no magic methods. Well. Worth a try. Probably nothing would happen. Bedtime. He read the instructions, pressed the patch to a spot below his armpit, put the earbuds in his ears and reclined in the bed. He pressed the button. "You have ordered this product, because you want to improve something in your life. To improve yourself." The voice was deep, reassuring and commanding in a nice way, but Cyril's sense of irony was still alerted. It sounded slightly too much like the exaggerated deep voices in film trailers and after shave commercials, to allow him to take it seriously. "You are able to improve your life and improve yourself. The ability is already inside you." "The usual self-help rhetoric.", he thought sleepily. "By using the patches according to schedule, and by listening to this audio file before sleep every night, you will gradually improve your life and yourself. I will guide you to a deeper state of mind, and you will carefully listen to my instructions." There were some sort of humming sounds in the background -- several of them, layered -- and his body began to feel relaxed and nicely warm. "By reaching a deeper state of mind, you open yourself up for positive change. The deeper state, the more change. I will now count from ten to one, and by each step, you will go deeper and deeper into yourself. ONE." It felt like he was a recruit given a command. It felt good to be the recruit. Recruited to improve himself. Given the command: ONE. His mind obeyed. Deeper. It felt good to go deeper. "TWO." His consciousness dwindled away into his mind. The deep voice continued to count: Three, four, five. Six, seven, eight. It actually felt quite nice. "TEN". Sunlight shimmered behind the curtains when he awoke. To his surprise, the audio file was still running. "TWO. And when I say 'one' you will be fully awake and relaxed, and the things you experienced tonight will begin to manifest in your everyday life ..." "ONE. Good luck, and you will listen to this audio file again next night, or even more often." Weird. He hadn't expected the audio file to last for hours, and he didn't remember anything since he fell asleep last night. He had probably fallen asleep during the countdown. Disappointing to not remember the actual content of the mind-training. He felt hungry. He felt hungry for porridge. Porridge without sugar. He cooked some porridge. He finished his meal. He hadn't used his gym card for two weeks, but he suddenly felt in a good mood for exercise. Yeah, exercise would be a good idea. He looked for his training trunk, and to his surprise he found it already prepared for a workout. Strange. He couldn't remember preparing his bag for the gym. Anyhow, it made things easier. He was on his way. * * * It had been a week. Everything had effortlessly become like a clockwork: Workouts. Meals. Laundrying his workout clothes. Putting the new patch in place. Listening to the audio file. Falling asleep at a decent time. Sleeping well. He felt well. He felt energised. He had tried to listen to the middle part of the audio file, but found, that he always had to listen from beginning to end, and he didn't remember much (or anything) after the counting. He only knew, that the counting felt good. Thrilling. Exciting. Because what would follow, would help him realise and manifest what he wanted. And he wanted gains. He wanted muscle. He craved it. Desired it. A sort of deep seated urge, which had been there all the time, had stirred. Awakened. Asserted itself. * * * Three weeks had passed. He got an e-mail in his inbox. An e-mail from the company: If he enjoyed the first month, he was given the offer to subscribe to a two-month follow up, which aspired to assist him in his goal to grow bigger. The urge stirred in the depth of his belly and in the depth of his mind. Follow up. Bigger. If he enjoyed the first month? This dedication! The dedication he had experienced when he returned to the gym was amazing. If the follow up was half as good as the first month, he would gladly subscribe. And so easy! Just to click the link:
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    Here is the second chapter in The Test. I honestly don't know where this idea is coming from, but I write and it just pours out of me. I have outlined a complete plot for the next five chapters, so I will continue to write them. I have already started on Chapter Three. Each of the chapters are pretty long as I don't want to leave anything hanging, and I always want them to include some sort of growth. Let me know what you think!! Enjoy!! The Test Chapter Two Chaos Asarualimnunna sat in the seventh plan of existence contemplating his good fortune at having so easily reached the simple mind of the human called Chad. As soon as the other had left the room and Chad had picked up the crystal, the connection had been made. Being in the eight plane made it difficult for him to speak directly with the human, but he placed a compulsive desire within him to help his friend discover the mystery of the stone at any cost. As soon as that was engaged, the rest had easily fallen into place. Now Asarualimnunna had broken into the seventh plane through the hole ripped open by the power set off by the human. His prison was a complex one, but not one he couldn’t unweave. Time had no meaning to him, and having been locked away for longer than 2,000 years was nothing more than an irritation. Soon he would be free again, and nothing would stand in his way. Of course, as before, he had to grant a desire like a pathetic djinn in order to achieve the amount of psychic power needed to break through the barriers, but so be it. There was always a cost in achieving ones aspirations. Asarualimnunna knew that only too well. This time it will be different, he thought to himself. This time when he took complete control, it would be through the worshipers he was creating. They would keep the humans at bay while he attained his purpose. The first was perfectly formed. He only had two objectives: muscle and sex, and that was what he created. Chad was the epitome of virility, and just like those pathetic Greeks, mankind would follow him blindly. He reached his will out to Chad once again, and discovered his disciple was about to bring the other human to orgasm. No matter how hard he tried, Asarualimnunna couldn’t reach Jacob. There was too much doubt, too many questions. Ultimately, he would fall; there was no doubt. He had hoped that by witnessing Chad’s transformation he would bow to the power of the crystal, but something still stopped him. It wasn’t fear… It wasn’t rebellion… It was something more. Asarualimnunna would have him… must have him… but that would have to wait. Scanning both for his next creation, he found the perfect candidate in a brief memory released by Jacob. Yes. This one was what he needed. This one would demand followers. Using a reserve of power, he set the plan in motion. It was easier now that he was on the seventh plane to control the human realm, and found the manipulation of the content on one zip drive was quite simple to alter. When had finished, exhausted, Asarualimnunna’s will, which held his body together, broke apart, scattering him throughout the seventh plane. One final suggestion implanted in Chad’s psyche, and the ball was rolling again. Before this mortal day was complete, Asarulimnunna would be existing on the sixth plane. Chad continued to tongue fuck Jacob. This was easily performed, and he was pleased that his friend was receiving so much pleasure from so little. He wanted to do more with his friend, much more, but he knew that in his present human form, Chad would easily destroy him. It would have to wait until Jacob took his place next to Chad as a God. Cum dribbled from Jacob’s penis as he cried out in ecstasy. Chad experienced compassion for his friend as he compared himself to Jacob. He craved deep down that Jacob would experience the cataclysmic orgasms he himself now had, instead of this this contemptible exhibition of pleasure. Nevertheless, Chad loved his friend, but he understand that in many ways he had left him behind. No! He refused to allow Jacob to maintain this pathetic quality of life. He would take him now to the stone and turn on the power. He would force Jacob if he didn’t want to do it… Chad felt an unexpected urge deep down in his soul. He had to fuck. He needed to fuck. He needed hundreds of men worshiping his body. Yes. That is what he required. Pre began to drip from Chad’s cock as he unwrapped his tongue from Jacob’s penis. Not wanting to waste the dribbled essence that had fallen to the floor, Chad quickly lapped it up, and retracted his tongue back into his mouth. He smiled down at his friend as he sat him on his desk. - How do you feel? - Incredible! That was magnificent! Jacob hoped off of the desk and moved toward Chad’s massive cock that grew from his crotch. Gently he began to caress the limb, stroking it, even daring to lick the massive head. - I want to satisfy you now. Tell me how. Tell me what I can do. - Unfortunately, and don’t take this poorly, it is nearly impossible for you to satisfy me. I want you, Jacob. Believe me. I want you badly, but if I took you now… it would kill you. - I’m sure it would. I don’t think anyone could take that and live. - If you want to bring me satisfaction, come with me. Let’s go where there will be many who can worship me. - How can you go out like that? Where will you ever find clothes that will cover you? With a simple thought, black leather pants formed around Chad’s legs. The leather was tighter than skin tight, and reminded Jacob of something a superhero might wear in one of those DC comic films. Chad’s immense penis was still evident, snaking down his right leg, and appeared even sexier behind leather than when he was naked. Leather armbands enfolded themselves around Chad’s colossal upper arms, and piercings materialized in both of his nipples. Black thick-soled boots formed on his feet completing the look. - Well? - You look like Tom of Findland’s wet dream. - Perfect. Let’s go. - Let me just put this away. Jacob crossed the room to the gem and detached it from where it sat. Still clear, the crystal now resembled the Hope Diamond he had seen once on holiday with his family. Moving to his desk, he released the bottom drawer and placed it back in the metal coffee can it had been shipped to him in. When he was finished, Jacob looked at his best friend, once again taking in Chad’s complete form. - Thinking about it now…I don’t know how you are ever going to get out of this building without destroying it. - Come here and grab onto my arm. Jacob did as he was told, and unexpectedly felt himself and Chad both evaporating into vapor. His consciousness still existed, but his form was totally gone. Declan Lease grabbed the Uber driver by the back of the head and demanded he drive faster. If he had been this worm, he would have pulled over and insisted Declan leave his car at once. To frightened to do anything but what he was told, the driver proceeded to his destination. Declan had been sitting at the airport terminal, impatiently waiting for his late flight to board. Something was apparently wrong with one of the lavatories, and this was a cause to inconvenience him even further. Determined not to waste any further time, he removed his laptop from his bag and began to skim the presentation Jacob had put together for him. As he read, Declan had to confess that it was good, though he would slit his own through before saying a word to Jacob. When he had first hired Jacob for his department, he had gone out with him and several colleagues for drinks, and found himself attracted, even charmed by the manner of the diminutive man. That night he had gone to one of the baths and face-fucked a twink boy that reminded him of Jacob until he was satisfied. Fourty-six, divorced, and with two useless sons, Declan would never reveal his desire for men, so his craving for Jacob turned to animosity. Not a day went by that he didn’t belittle him in one way or the other. At least he paid attention to him. Most men walked right by Jacob without even seeing him. As he flipped through the PowerPoint presentation, Declan noticed that some of the slides didn’t match up with the rest. Reading through these slides that were placed by accident in the middle of his presentation, it appeared that Jacob was analyzing a gem Elliot had discovered on his dig in Greece. Anger began to spew within Declan as he realized he would have to delete this information himself and reformat the presentation himself. The talk was tomorrow afternoon and he landed in New York tomorrow morning. He flipped through several other slides with notes on this gem when he came upon a video link. Without even pressing it, the link started playing. On the small screen, Jacob saw an extremely handsome and muscular man standing before the gem that had been described in Jacob’s notes. Offscreen a switch was pulled, and a beam of light went through the gem and into the man. The video jumped time, but what he saw made Declan lean forward and look at the screen closer. The man was standing directly in front of Jacob, and he was growing taller, broader, and hairier. The man was evolving right in front of his eyes. Just as Declan was beginning to get aroused, the video ended. Declan’s heart began to race as he questioned what Jacob had discovered. He flipped back through the presentation to read the notes again, but Declan realized that the every slide with information on the gem was now missing. Rapidly he returned to the slide with the video on it, and that too was gone. All that was left was the perfect presentation Jacob had put together for his meeting. Sitting in his chair, his pants straining against his errection, Declan began to contemplate what was going on. He had always prided himself on keeping fit, maintaining the rugby physique he had formed at university. Sure there may be a little more padding then he would have desired, maybe he had more of what they called a ‘Dad’s Body’ then he liked, maybe his brown hair had more grey in it then before and was thinning on top, but his age didn’t prevent him from showing off at the gym everyday in front of the younger men. He was even strong then most men his age, had better stamina, and more muscle mass then most of his friends. A doctor friend of his had prescribed a testosterone supplement, not because he needed it, but because he simply wanted it to keep young and virile. Somehow, Declan assumed, this gem had caused that man’s muscles to begin to grow…and if that man had it… Declan wanted it. Declan always got what he wanted. Declan left the terminal just as they were announcing boarding for his plane. He didn’t tell anyone he was leaving, and knew that his absence would more than likely cause the plane to be further delayed, but he didn’t care. All he cared about now was finding Jacob and seeing the gem for himself. He hardly remembered his journey to where Uber picked up. He was thinking of only one thing and one thing only…power. As Declan sat in the Uber craving for it to go faster, a message arrived to his Whats App. Grabing his phone from his trousers, Declan saw that it was from Jacob. What was Jacob doing sending him a message? How did he even get his number? Declan opened the message, and saw that it was a gif. Tapping on it, the image came to life. It was the same muscular man, now massively huge. A snake-like tongue was emerging from his mouth and he was fucking Jacob’s ass with it. Once again, as quickly as it played, the gif and message disappeared. What game was Jacob playing with him? Was he laughing at him… gaining everything he himself wanted? This was the moment that Declan grabbed the driver by the back of the head and yelled for him to drive faster. Declan jumped from the car and ran to the door of the dark building. It was locked, but thankfully, he had his set of keys. He had no need to worry about an alarm, as every thief in the vicinity knew that there wasn’t anything worth steeling in the century old building. An alarm had been placed, and the signs and bells were attached to the building, but there was no code and no panel on which to set it. Fumbling for a moment to find the keyhole in the dark, Declan threw the lock and swung open the door. He was climbing the stairs as the door closed behind him and the lock turned on its own. Scarcely out of breath, Declan made it to the laboratory on the fourth floor. He swung open the door and stepped inside, ready to confront Jared and his friend, but the room was eerily empty. Using the flashlight on his phone, Declan walked to the apparatus that had once held the gem and noticed that it was gone. Of course, that prick would hide it away, the thought. He knows what he possesses and doesn’t want to loose it. Now…if I were he… where would I put it? Would I take it home with me? No… it might get stolen on the way. It was safer to leave it here… but where? Declan turned around and around the room to figure out where to begin when one word entered his head: - Desk. Declan stopped and heeded what he had heard as if it has simply been a thought that had come to him. He moved quickly to the desk on the right of the room and began go through the drawers. Swiftly his hands moved discarded objects around the desk drawers until he heard an odd sound coming form inside an old Greek coffee can. Shaking as he lifted the can out of the bottom drawer, he removed the plastic lid and beheld the gem. It was clear as glass and simply beautiful. Slowly he placed his hand in the can and caressed it. The moment his hand touched the stone, it turned a dark ruby red and then black. Declan smiled as his pants tented again. Carrying the gem in his hand, he placed it in the apparatus he had seen on the film. He then walked over to a computer like surface where there were an odd amount of switches and knobs. Flipping one switch and then another, Declan powered up the laser. In an instant, a beam was shooting through the gem and into a spot on the opposite side of the room. Declan grinned. He first removed his overcoat and jacket, then his tie and shirt. One by one, he threw these items onto the floor until his hairy bare chest flickered in the light. Predicting the changes that were about to transpire, Declan proceeded to remove his shoes, his belt, his trousers, and then his socks. Proudly he stood in his black briefs, his thick penis slowly leaking, heralding his eagerness. With one quick move, he removed the briefs and walked slowly toward the beam. My world changes today, he thought as he moved his entire body into the path of the beam. The moment it hit him, his mind exploded into a thousand points of light and sound. He still existed on the corporeal plane, but he now could see all that had been concealed before. His grin grew larger as he felt thousands of fingers glide over his body, caressing him and welcoming him home. With his newfound sight, he detected that the beam itself was not merely ruby red, but red mixed with specks of black. He stretched out his hand to the beam and the light wash over it like a river of water. He moved himself so the beam was hitting directly onto his penis… the source of his own power. He felt so good… so alive. This is why he had been born. This was why he existed. Declan laughed aloud in the room and it seemed to echo, bouncing off the walls. What now, he thought? What happens next? He felt so good he never wanted it to end, but he also desired more. He called out to no one in particular. - What happens next? What do I need to do? Declan stood directly in the beam, being caressed by its brilliance when it went from red to fiery white. He shielded his eyes for an instant due to the overwhelming power coming from the gem. A voice rang out loudly in his head. - I called and you answered. Very good. - Who are you? - Call me Asarualimnunna. - Asarualimnunna. Who are you? - You’re new master. Declan grinned broadly. - We’ll see about that. - You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me. I have been controlling your path for the past two hours. I believe that makes me the master and you the dog. - Why did you call me? Why send me all of those hints? - We have a bargain to make. - A bargain? - I can offer you what you yearn for, and you will give me what I need. - Like selling my soul? - Your soul is long gone, my friend. - I know. I’ve always been aware of that. I never needed it anyway. - Good. Now…tell me. What are you? Deep down… what are you? Images flooded Declans mind. He saw himself slap his wife when he discovered that she had cheated on him even after he had deceived her on dozens of occasions. He saw himself pounding the asses of faceless men, each one or no significance or meaning to him. He them saw himself belittling hundreds of individuals from wait-staff to friends, to his very own parents. He saw himself climbing the ladder of success and not caring anything for those he left behind. - You show me exactly what I know I am. - Say it. - I’m power. Unbridled power. - Exactly. And will you be my soldier, Power? - I’m no ones soldier. - Good. My warrior then? - I want to lead. I want to control. Give me the strength of hundreds of barbarians. That is who I am. - I have that and more within my grasp to give. Look deep within yourself and tell me what you are. - I’m Power. I’m Annihilation. I’m Plunder. NO! I know exactly what I am. Yes. I am Chaos. - Say it!! - I’m the God of Chaos. - So you are. The power of the beam became stronger as Declan felt it filling him up. It’s happening he though. I’m about to change. I am the God of Chaos. It’s time I took my rightful place. A cracking sound was heard in Declan’s ears. He looked down to where it was coming from, and saw his hands growing before his eyes. - Yes! He shouted. Both of his hands grew wider and longer, thicker and stronger. He placed his hands directly in the beam and watched the process speed up. - Give it all to me, Asarualimnunna. Give me every bit of your power. His hands continued to get larger before him. They were the strongest, most masculine hands he had ever seen. Black hair was sprouting on them and traveling up his fore arms, which were also growing and thickening. Declan willed the beam to inject more power into his arms, and he could feel himself pulling it from the source like a boy sucking a milkshake threw a straw. - Accept what I am giving you, mortal! Take only what I give! - You called me for a reason. Give it to me! I demand you give me it all!! Declan pulled harder, and suddenly the beam became thicker, filled with more light. Asarualimnunna fought to partially close the doorway between the two worlds, but this mortal was proving himself to be even stronger than he suspected. The two were in a battle of wills. Declan walked slowly toward the source of the light… the source of the power, the gem. His arms were exploding in size. Bigger and bigger they grew, veiny and thick with hair. His arms had surpassed the size of every pro body builder and every Mr. Olympia. - Give it to me, Asarualimnunna! I demand it! All of it is mine. Declan reached for the gem and the realms blew apart. Cracks appeared in each realm from the seventh to the 24th. Power flowed wildly out of the realms and into Declan. Fire washed over the human’s body as he screamed out. It was suddenly too much. What had he done? What was he becoming? Asarualimnunna tried to shut the cracks, but as one closed another ripped open. The will of this mortal was too strong. Soon all of the power of realm 24 fell… then 23… then 22. He was slowly draining all power from each existence. Declan looked down at his glowing body and saw that his torso was stretching taller and taller. He held the glowing gem in his hands as it deposited all of its power into him. His pecs burst with power, quickly gaining hundreds of pounds in a minute. Still he continued to stretch taller, his chest getting wider and wider. Asarualimnunna watched as Declan’s super human drain on the power of every realm continued. He had received the power of five so far and was eating his sixth. Chad had only received a fraction of this power when it had been given to him. Chaos did indeed stand before Asarualimnunna. As he feared his new creation, he couldn’t wait to see what it would bring. The man called Declan could no longer see over his powerful chest, but with his hands he felt it getting thicker and hairier. His abs were become like 4 inch plates of metal. A human could hide their entire arm within the crevices of his abs and not be able to see it. He gloried in what he was becoming. He welcomed it. Wishing to bring on more change faster, Declan he pulled harder, and more power entered his body. Near where his Adonis belt was growing grander and deeper, two small mounds began to erupt. Chaos moved his hands down to them, and felt the round hairy protrusions. Without realizing it, thick dark hair had covered the entire lower half of his body, and it was getting thicker. He turned around and saw his perfect ass and part of his back was entirely covered with the long stiff black hair. He had never been a fan of hair before, preferring to keep most of his body hairless, but now he welcomed the growth. He fingered his hole, and even that was filling with hair. With his hands, he felt his crotch and discovered that too was covered with an unusual amount of hair. He wanted to see over his pecs, but they continued to gain size and mass, nearly too heavy for his body to carry. Understanding that the evolution was swiftly moving out of control, Declan felt the protrusions began to get larger, and underneath something was beginning to stir and trying to get out. - What are you doing to me? What are you turning me into? - I am doing nothing, Chaos. This is all your desire. As soon as Asarualimnunna spoke these words, the mortal that had once been known as Declan knew it was true. He released all fear, all humanity, and allowed the powerful change to wash over him. Chaos shrieked an inhuman scream as two large stallion hooves emerged from the mounds. Thick black legs pushed their way further out, growing longer and more commanding than any Earth-born horse. Chaos grabbed onto the legs and felt that they were indeed his. A second inhuman screech emerged from his mouth, this time deeper and louder, as his human back broke, repositioning him onto his new torso. Chaos fell to the ground as his lower half grew grander, lengthier, and far superior to any stallion ever created. He was wracked with pain, but still he pulled on the power source. More words were being shattered to create this new creature. Thousands of souls died to give birth to it. Asarualimnunna watched as world after world was snuffed out. Chaos’s original human legs reformed themselves into the thick hind legs of a massive stallion. The beast he was becoming could easily hold twelve men on its back and still have room, he was so large, and still he continued to grow. Chaos stood on his four legs and saw that he was nearing the ceiling of the laboratory. Every muscle in his body screamed from the influx of power, but still he desired more. Quicker, more power poured from the gem into Chaos’ body causing his penis to elongate and grow. Thicker and longer, the phallus emerged from its thick hair covered sheath. No longer able to feel it with his own hands, he swiftly moved it in and out of the sheath causing pleasure filled friction. Make me more virile than any before me, he willed the power. Make my penis thicker, and longer till nearly nothing can take it. He thought the words and they rang true. His penis grew in size, massive veins feeding its magnificence. His testicles grew along with his cock sending even more sensations coursing through his body. Chaos lifted himself onto his hind legs, and then slammed his front two legs to the floor, forming a large crack. He could run for days now without getting tired. These four legs could leap over houses. His cock could pierce brick walls. He was the epitome of power… but now he wanted more. He wanted the world to fear him. With true power came fear… and Chaos wanted it all. Chaos’ will drew on the gem. His lats began to grow wider, thicker and larger then ever before. His arms were pushed away from his sides as his lats began to defy any source of known anatomy, and still they grew. He forced his arms to grown longer and broader, keeping in proportion to his inhuman lateral muscles. Chaos drew on the gem further and his back widened even more. The world will fear me he thought as he drew the power of the destruction of the realms into him. The world will cower in my presence… Two large black wings emerged from Chaos’ lats. Veins crisscrossed the surface and they extended getting lengthier and fuller. Far from being birdwings, they would remind the casual viewer of large bat wings, but even more powerful then that. That was merely a human comparison, and Chaos’ defied all comparisons. Nearly there, Chaos thought, as he pulled further power from the source. On the dock where a tail had never formed, a mass of muscle, tissue, and veins emerged. Thick and twisted, the mound lengthened further and further, resembling what one might have thought of as a half formed penis. Drool fell from Chaos’ mouth as he forced the newly grown appendage to continue to extend and thicken. Chaos enhanced the muscles in his magnificent glutes, adding hundreds more pounds, as the new appendage became nearly too substantial to hold up. Still it continued to elongate and stiffen, becoming harder and sharper as it grew. I can do this, Chaos thought as more power was thrust through the source into his growing appendage. Ultimately, it began to curve forward over Chaos’ back, become a colossal venomous scorpion singer. Beautiful was all Chaos could think, as he flipped his new extremity, and struck it into the floor, creating a three foot crater. Nearly perfect, Chaos’ thought and laughing at the creature he was building for himself. Drawing again on his own fantasies of what he always wished to be, Chaos pulled in more power and destroyed another realm. With this, his head began to grow in proportion to his massive body, and his chin became squared with a deep cleft in it. Thick black horsehair grew on his upper lip and around his mouth forming a perfectly groomed goatee. Closing his eyes and emitting a guttural moan of pain and pleasure, two mounds erupted from either side of his forehead. Pushing with all his might, two massive bull horns emerged, shiny and black, but with tiny specks of red in them. Each horn stretched up and to the right, twisting from their thick roots. Chaos’ neck sprouted denser with more muscle to enable him to hold the practically one hundred pound each horns that propagated from his cranium. Majestically lifting his head, he gouged out a enormous hole in the ceiling, permitting him further room for evolution. Standing over fifteen feet tall, Chaos posed a colossally erotic yet malevolent figure. His monumental wings extended nearly the length of the room, and his tail, when protracted, nearly doubled him in length. The black hair of his horse body traveled up over his cobble stone abs, and onto his meaty pecs. I am nearly perfect, he thought. Chaos opened his mouth wide in what resembled a yawn, but a cracking sound revealed he was breaking his own jaw to make it slightly longer. Baring his teeth, two large canines emerged, lengthening from their source into snake fangs. Not to be outdone by the memory of Jacob’s muscular friend, he stretched his own tongue out, augmentation it further. When it stretched two feet from his mouth, his mere will ripped the tip in two, creating a snake-like tongue. Yes. Now I am perfection, he thought. - Gaze upon my form, Asarualimnunna! Look what I have created! - Give me what you owe! Chaos’ penis quickly hardened, as a feeling of uncontrollable horniness filled him. From the end of the room, another male Centaur emerged. This new figure was not as large as Chaos, but still quite muscular and blonde. The creature walked up to Chaos and began to caress his massive pecs, playing with both nipples. Unable to control his animal lust, Chaos grabbed the other Centaur and began to kiss him deeply. Suddenly, and with all of the strength of his upper body, he forced the male around till he was in position to mount. With one graceful gesture, Chaos mounted the second Centaur and impaled him balls deep with his five foot penis. The blonde Centaur screamed out as he felt Chaos forcefully enter him, and tried to pull away, but he was no match for his strength and power. Chaos pounded the other Centaur’s ass harder and harder till he neared completion. In the final moment before orgasm, just when he began shooting his seed into the other’s ass, he dug his razor sharp teeth into the blonde Centaur’s neck. The poison traveling from Chaos’ teeth destroyed every cell in the others body, quickly reducing him to dust at his hooves. Seeing how easily he could destroy, Chaos shot more, destroying the wall into the sixth realm. Still cumming, Chaos destroyed the room around him. Flicking his scorpion tail, he reduced the apparatus to rubble, and with one powerful flick of his massive fists, destroyed the console that powered the laser. None will come after me, he thought. I am complete and ultimate power. - The humans will never accept you in this form. - They will be forced to submit to my will. - In this form you will never be worshipped like the other… the first of my creations. - I am my own creator!! I fashioned myself! - Let them come to you, then reveal your true form, like any other conqueror would. Chaos knew Asarualimnunna was right. With a thought, he went through one final transformation. Two of his thick horse legs evaporated as the other two became thick muscular legs covered by jet-black jean material. His large penis traveled down his left leg and sat just above his knee, always erotically visible. His hooves became size 18 length knee-high riding boots. His upper torso reassembled itself back into human form, yet maintained a 34” waist and 67” chest. His wings folded down into a long black top coat, and a simple black tshirt stretched over his massive chest. His horns laid down and became long black hair which fell to his shoulders. His tail retreated back into the curve right above his perfect ass. Only the venomous tip remained visible, now covered by his jeans. The canines retracted, but remained razor sharp and venom filled. The tongue he kept as it was. Chaos’ visage now resembled the soul that had always grown inside of him. Standing seven feet tall and weighing over a thousand pounds of muscle, he was power mixed with distinction. - Better. Good boy. Chaos smiled when he heard Asarualimnunna’s voice. Walking over to where the clear gem sat on the floor among destruction, he picked it up and held it in his hand. With no mere effort than what it might take to crinkle a sheet of paper, Chaos closed his massive hand around it, reducing it to dust. Letting the dust fall to the floor, Chaos called out. - Enjoy your prison in the sixth realm, Asarualimnunna! Now, the first thin he need to accomplish was to find Jacob’s friend have him submit to him. Then he would gather worshipers. Soon he would control this whole world. Reducing himself to mist, he walked through the wall and disappeared. Asarualimnunna regarded the retreating figure. Enjoy your prison, my friend. Though not in physical form, Asarualimnunna could still feel the pain where Chaos had taken him, and then the area of his neck where he had bit into him. It had all proven necessary as he examined the sixth realm. The seventh and eighth were still intact, but the others leading up to the 24th had been drained and destroyed to create Chaos. Yes, he had underestimated the human’s power mad will, but that would never happen again. With a pulse from his consciousness, the room reassembled itself, looking as if nothing had taken place minutes before. From the floor, the power reformed into the clear crystal. With one final pulse, Asarualimnunna called out to the next who would succeed in destroying the wall between the sixth and fifth realm. Soon… very soon… he would be free.
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    Hey Mate! I’m up for it! If you’re in doubt about it you still could write it, but change the characters names. As for the sequel, I would love to read it too. I miss those two mates. ???
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    That was a HOT chapter, well done. I too wouldn't have been able to contain my lust if my huge superhero boyfriend suddenly got a little bigger
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    Each chapter is as intense as the last one. I wonder why are they agains Chad/Eros? This is so good
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    So many bulges - so little time.
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    When he's in the way.
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    A premature pop. He causes that to happen a lot.
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    When easily busting the chains only made him much stronger.
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    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.
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    LMAO what a nice after sex conversation. Dean powers are beyond what anyone could thing . He really is controlling himself around Jake. I would loveto read even if it is for a day Jake having the enough strength for Dean to really let loose when they are together cause all that pent up energy Dean is holding back will explode someday
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    Trevor had a set back cause of his job while Seth's Handyman job help him a lot and had more free time to be at the gym. Im sure now that they are both back in school their training routine would be different but Trveor will grow too not as big and fast as Seth but he will grow. Im more sad about the fact that their frienship is strained cause of it. Seth have new friends that for the looks of it will keep all teh attention on Seth and both of them got new places to live. They still gonna see each other around but their friendship from now on is different. They are not gonna be the Tall bull buddies they once desired to be together and worst of all once Brooke returns from break too she will notice the difference and will be a harder blow form their friendship and Trevor's ego.
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    So I've had an idea that I'd love to run past those of you who enjoyed this story. I'm in two minds about doing this so I'd love to get some thoughts and opinions! What if I were to write and post a short story as if it were written by Noah? So it would be like a story within a story. The idea I've had is that AJ and Noah switch bodies so obviously it would have a very different feel/tone to the original story! It would be moving away from the realistic stuff and going more into fantasy based, which I appreciate might not be to everyone's taste! It would be quite quirky, but hopefully have a fun feel and there'd be scope for some comedy moments. My biggest reservation is, because there's obviously a lot of love for the original story and this would be a different vibe, I wouldn't want to do anything to sort of tarnish that (even though it would be Noah's fictional/fantasy version of the characters).
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    AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was originally meant to be a continuous growth story in the old forum, but apparently no one wanted to take up the offer of continuing it. I hereby rescue the first three parts with the intent of adding a few more chapters. Part 1 Zack eyed the open case before him. He leaned forward and took another drag off his cigarette, absentmindedly ashing it onto the carpet afterwards. With his free hand he reached out and grabbed one of the small prescription vials sitting neatly within the case. Holding it up to the light he examined the contents. The liquid inside was a pale opaque blue. It had an almost luminescent quality that reminded Zack of radioactive materials. However, on the outside of the container where a prescription label was usually affixed there appeared only a barcode and some letters and numbers. Zack assumed it stood for a designation of the contents and maybe some routing info. The contents. That’s what got Zack’s mind going. His dealer, a guy from the south end named Derrick, had clearly indicated that it was safe. Then again what drug was ever safe? Zack had tried everything that Derrick had ever given to him before. Columbian cocaine. California gold. Acid. Methamphetamines. Barbiturates. Every upper and downer known to man. Even heroin. Nothing had ever given him the perfect high he’d been looking for all his short life. That though brought him back to his parents. He had no idea where they were. Probably in Europe. Zack had breezed through college with honors and they hadn’t said a word. He’d been arrested and they hadn’t said a word. Nothing he did seemed to affect them. Being good, being bad, it didn’t matter. But they always kept his bank account topped off. Maybe that was their way of compensating for failing him as real humane parents. For failing him as human beings. Thinking about it and considering his progression of nannies, boarding schools and colleges, it was clear they didn’t care about him. And to Zack it no longer mattered if they did. He had long ago begun seeking out new thrills to compensate for his losses. Things to make life worth living, whether natural or drug induced. Even without his parents funding his lifestyle, Zack would still have had enough money in his own trust fund to live comfortably without them. Which he figured he’d been doing more or less since he was seven. Maybe that was why he’d handed over $50,000 to Derrick with no great reluctance when Derrick had told him he’d come across some of the best stuff ever invented. Derrick assured him that this shit would give him the kind of experience he wanted. Zack had never explained his motivations to Derrick, but the dealer seemed to know that nothing he’d provided before had ever been good enough. And nothing he’d provided had ever even hooked Zack for more than a few uses. He’d begun to get more creative over time. That’s where the mysterious blue liquid came in. This was the stuff that would do the trick, Derrick explained. This was a hard to obtain experimental synthetic. A drug that was manufactured for one purpose, but that they discovered was actually useful for another. Namely as a narcotic. Or so Derrick had explained anyway. Zack never really believed anything Derrick said. But then again he didn’t care either. He’d try anything once. He didn’t care how Derrick had come by it. And right now it was sitting on his kitchen table. Derrick was a smart dealer. He didn’t sample his own products, so they never held any power over him. Surely though Derrick had indeed witnessed someone else who’d taken the stuff? Maybe the person who’d obtained it for him even? Whatever the case Zack was ready to go. He rolled up his sleeve. Zack was a thin man. But he had a wiry muscularity that came from good genetics and from dedicated exercise. Exercise was part of his routine. A certain ability to cling to a routine was part of what kept him from falling into the void every day. That and searching out new experiences with a tenacious dedication. It gave him a sense of purpose. And if this stuff killed him? So be it. It would be one less day that he had to continue in this absent, mindless existence. He’d tied off the arm so that he’d get a nicely defined vein and filled the syringe. Zack had done this before of course. A prick of pain and then the fluid of the unknown serum began to flow directly into the bloodstream. He expected the rush to be like heroin or morphine. An instantaneous hit of pleasure that eventually died away. But he hated that the failure of the pleasure to last only made the normality seem worse to him. He was surprised when instead of the pleasure he felt something else entirely. A slow creeping feeling, not like euphoria, but more like vitality. It was flowing within him and growing. Becoming stronger with each passing minute. His head fell back and closed his eyes as he felt it work its way through his system. Oh, there was a euphoria too. But it was ancillary to this feeling of strength and power. That was it exactly, he thought, strength and power. He felt like he could do anything. Take on the world. Despite his every assumption that this too would be only a passing pleasure, Zack felt the feeling growing stronger instead. He felt a raw manliness – a primitive energy that commanded respect. Derrick had hit the jackpot this time. This stuff lived up to what he’d said and maybe more. The feeling of his own personal strength was unlike anything he’d ever experienced. He stood up. He was stoked and he instinctively needed to test himself. Without thinking he brought his fist down with all his might against the granite countertop that he had paid so much money for. It cracked and shattered beneath the power of the impact. But with a quick glance at his hand, Zack realized that he’d felt no pain at all. He’d never felt so alive and he wanted to test himself against something or someone. After a moment’s reflection it occurred to him that the gym was the only possible place where he could find the challenge he so suddenly craved. He grabbed his sweats from the bedroom. Zack knew just the place too. Not the usual fitness center he frequented, but a real iron pit down on the south side. A place where the blue collar guys mixed in with the serious muscle heads. That would do. Once quick glance in the mirror though and Zack could see that his body still looked the same as ever. His wiry one hundred fifty pounds and handsome face grinned back at him. The same as they had this morning. No wait a minute, he thought, he hadn’t grinned like that in a long time. This was going to be a good time. It took a half hour for his car to make it across town. He supposed that not too many people were used to seeing a car that expensive in this neighborhood. But he didn’t care. An attendant sitting behind a desk stopped him as he walked in the door. “Hey,” he called when Zack was about to stride past him into the gym proper. Zack hadn’t even realized he was there. “What?” he asked. “You don’t have a membership.” “Oh,” said Zack, still grinning stupidly. The feeling of vitality had only gotten stronger with every second, even though Zack had expected it to have started receding by now. He reached into a wallet he had in the gym bag he’d brought with him and pulled out three hundred dollar bills. “Will that do?” he asked nonchalantly. The attendant looked at him like he was crazy. The power of cash was amazing. “Uh, yeah,” said the attendant stupidly, “Um…yeah…the rules are….” “No rules,” said Zack, “Just cash.” And then he laid another two Benjamins on the counter. “Whatever dude,” said the guy, “Do what you want. Locker room is that way.” Zack thanked him and took off through the door, found a locker and stowed his stuff inside. He was still clad from head to toe in sweatshirt and sweatpants. When he stepped from the locker room out onto the floor it couldn’t have been more obvious that he was completely out of place. The gym was filled with sweaty monsters. Most having little to almost nothing on, so that each could show off the hard work he’d put into building his body. Normally Zack would have been intimidated no matter how much money he had to buy people off. But in this case, he was still running with an amazing high. More than ever in fact. Ignoring the looks he was getting, being without a doubt the smallest man in the place. He stood about five feet, nine inches, but even the shortest of the guys there could make up two of Zack. He headed straight for the nearest bench. A guy had just finished and was toweling himself off. He hadn’t even had time to unrack the weight yet. No one was waiting and Zack thought that the bench press would do for his purposes. The guy was big. He seemed to Zack like an amateur bodybuilder who was interested solely in testing himself against the iron and not out in competition. “How much you benching?” he asked the guy. He appraised the guy’s thick arms as he asked. He had no idea what they must measure, but they looked as thick as the guys who featured prominently on the covers of muscle magazines Zack had seen before. Zack reassessed quickly. Maybe this guy really was one of those sorts of bodybuilders. He seemed big enough. Powerful chest. High rounded delts. Thick neck – with ropes of muscle melting into equally thick shoulders. His waist was small and tight. And his legs were like some kind of thick young tree trunks. He wasn’t the single biggest dude in the place, but he seemed to be the most ripped of the lot. “Bout three hundred,” the guy replied, taking in Zack at the same time. Aware of Zack’s having checked him out. The guy was used to that. “But I’m goin light today.” Zack just looked at him soberly. “Shoulder injury,” the big guy added, as if it needed to be explained. “Right,” said Zack in his most knowing tone, “So you mind givin me a spot then?” The guy looked at Zack calmly. Zack had the feeling the guy felt sorry for him somehow. Maybe he thought Zack was just a fish out of water here. Finally the guy said, “Okay, if you want to. Better make this a little lighter for you though little guy. Name’s Matt by the way.” “Thanks Matt,” said Zack a little miffed, “I’m Zack”. He didn’t like being called little guy and something within him sorta snapped. “But I think I’ll try it out at three though. Thanks anyway big guy.” He put a lot of emphasis on “big guy”. “Dude,” Matt said, “Seriously, this weight would flatten you.” “Humor me,” said Zack getting down on the bench. Experimentally he pushed up on the bar. At first he felt himself strain, but just as quickly he felt a surge of that strange power within him. The power was intoxicating. He lifted the bar and being used to benching with lesser weights, he pumped out twenty smooth reps – not even realizing that he’d gained the attention of a couple guys around him. He just listened to Matt count. Each time Matt’s voice seemed strained with surprise. When he was finished, he looked up at Matt. “That felt pretty light,” he said, “Was that really three hundred?” Matt just nodded. “Put another hundred on will ya?” Matt complied without thinking. When he’d done a set at the increased weight as well, he racked the bar and got up. He pulled off the sweatshirt off and looked at himself in the mirrors. While he had been lifting those weights, the muscles of his chest and arms had grown to accommodate the power. He wasn’t huge, but he was more defined than he’d ever been in his life. He flexed his right arm and brought it up to look at his gun. Where before there hadn’t really been anything, now there was a small ball of muscle. But his chest, now that was something. His slight pecs were full and rounded, like those of some guys who’d been pumping iron for a while. They looked about an inch thicker and actually stood out from his chest. The feeling of vitality stayed with him and for the first time he looked around at the other guys lifting. Some of them were watching him with dumb looks on their faces. A few a little awestuck. Some seemed not to care and had gone back to whatever they had been lifting. Matt came up next to him and flexed his gun behind Zack’s, framing him in the mirror. His powerful cannonball dwarfed Zack’s own, but the hard dick Zack felt pressed behind his ass told him everything he needed to know. “That was incredible little guy,” he said, “I had no idea you were that strong.” After a second seeing Zack look into his eyes, he added, “Do you want to go back to my place.” Zack smiled back at him. “Maybe later he said, first I want to finish my workout.” Part 2 The feeling hit him like a ton of bricks. He needed a hit. He needed it bad. Zack’s indomitable will had never been overwhelmed by any substance that he’d ever tried before in his life. But the blue serum just called to him. The day after the first hit, he’d awoken feeling refreshed and alive. The after effects still lingered inside him almost eight hours after the stuff had hit his bloodstream. It was amazing. Even more amazing was the physical change it produced in his body. From the first time it hit the blood, Zack’s strength increased immensely. He’d recognized that from the first. But over the past week, he’d noticed that with each hit that exceptional strength was growing exponentially. Maybe that had something to do with the other dramatic physical changes the blue serum was doing to him. That first night at the gym, Zack had moved enough iron to do a seasoned powerlifter credit. Made all the more remarkable by the fact that he weighed only one hundred fifty pounds the morning Derrick delivered the stuff to him. With that came the discovery that the blast of primal super strength lasted about three hours from when he took a hit. The pleasant side effect was that during that time and for some time afterwards his body responded to his exertions by building more muscle to compensate at an accelerated rate. When the flare of strength passed, his new muscles were still able to handle loads his pre-serum body wouldn’t have dreamt possible. The next day the scale said fifteen new pounds of muscle graced his frame. It was hypnotic. Not that Zack had ever wanted any of this of course. But he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t stop it. He didn’t want to. He’d discovered that he liked it too much. Then the cravings had come. A day and a half after his first injection, he could feel that he was returning to normal. The emptiness of his life was still there waiting for him. He needed that feeling again badly. He recognized it for what it was, but he felt it was a small price to pay on balance. He had taken the stuff three times now. Each time going to the gym to test his mettle. As the juice left his system again each time the cravings eventually returned. Each time seeming to come faster than the time before. And with the third injection he found that he’d finally finished the first vial. There were only four vials remaining of the original case he’d purchased from Derrick. But the feeling had come on him again just now intensely. He couldn’t resist and so he had taken a fourth injection. The first from the second vial. As the wave of power crept over him, he sank back into the chair to revel in the ecstasy of his own masculine vitality. He thought about going to the gym again. He hadn’t gone back to the same one twice, lest one of the regulars members got suspicious. Then he remembered that this was Saturday. He remembered that one of the guys at the gym he went to the last time had told him about an arm wrestling contest. His name had been Joe something. “You’d be great,” Joe had sighed watching Zack curl the weight. “Look at your arms they’re amazing.” Zack had grunted. Joe was pretty amazing himself. Not as big as the bodybuilder Matt that Zack had met on the first night of this odyssey. Joe was shorter than Matt, but he had a denseness to his muscle that made him look stocky. His arms were ropes of muscle. When he curled those guns swelled into round balls of power. Nineteen or twenty inches around at least Zack suspected. Zack had no idea of the size of his own arms at the time. They were growing even as he curled the weight. But he figured they were catching up with Joe’s. Eventually maybe even with Matt’s titanic arms too. Unlike Matt though, Joe hadn’t asked Zack to bed. But his praise nevertheless turned Zack on. Later when he’d got home that night he’d measured himself. His arms were just shy of sixteen-inch balls. And they felt as hard as steel to him. His chest after three workouts had swollen to forty-five inches cold, and his thighs were at twenty even. Looking at himself that night standing naked in the mirror he saw a robust young jock staring back at him. He wouldn’t even have recognized himself if he hadn’t lived through the changes. Even his face was different, he thought. His handsome features now had a glow of happiness and health he’d never known before. He grinned back at himself stupidly unable to help himself. Even his cock was responsive to the serum. Before, like every other thing in his life, sex had been something he’d endured to try and find meaning and purpose. He’d tried women, he’d tried men and he’d tried masturbation. Nothing had held his interest before this serum. But standing looking at himself in the mirror he was getting off on his own body. His normal cock had grown by at least a couple inches. And that night he’d jerked himself off in the mirror until his cum sprayed all over the bathroom floor. But that was all in the past and this was now. The serum entered his system like it had three times before. The initial effects passed and once he was able to think clearly again, he dropped the empty syringe into the wastebasket. He hadn’t given that contest too much thought at the time, but it seemed better than just going to the gym again. A chance to test himself against other human beings. The contest was being held out in the valley past the hills. Not much out there in the way of civilization and maybe that was why it proved such a popular spot for gatherings of that nature. He stepped onto the scales and noticed that he now stood at about one hundred ninety-five pounds. He suspected also that he grown too; because his pants didn’t seem to fit right anymore either. They were too short. But that was fine by him. Shopping no longer seemed like such a mundane chore to him. Zack didn’t mind if people checked him out. It appealed to an ego stoked by the serum. So he grabbed some old shorts and a t-shirt. The t-shirt had once been too large for him. And it hung loosely over his chest even now. It was a gift sent from his parents after one of their many trips. At the time he’d been disgusted they didn’t know him well enough to even get close to the right size. Now it made him laugh. The shorts though went on with a little more effort. His thighs had been much smaller when he’d gotten them. Now they fit snug. The squats he’d done the other night had caused his ass to fill out. The muscles of his glutes had become higher and more rounded. He sighed with pleasure. This outfit would do. As an afterthought he’d made up another syringe too and put it in the glove compartment. It would take him an hour to drive to the valley – he might need a pick-me-up for later. Wow, he thought to himself, he’d never taken a hit two days in a row, much less on the same day. What would that do? He felt a pang of excitement as he decided it would be cool to find out. The drive was nice. The air was losing the summer heat as the calendar had moved into fall. Still it was going to be a warm day out there. When he got to the field where the contest was located he parked off to the one side. The place was filled with people of all descriptions. A pretty rough looking crowd all in all though. There were no smooth polished city folks in evidence. Zack looked at his car. It was a sports car, but it was the kind that lawyers drove. Maybe it was time to turn it in for something else. A little something more primitive maybe? He noticed a registration tent, so he walked over. “Weight?” the guy asked. “One ninety-five,” said Zack smoothly, putting down his money for the fee. “Okay,” he said, “You make it into class one then. Just barely. Those are the big guys.” He eyed Zack’s arms wearily. “Since you are right on the line I can put you in class two if you want.” “Nope,” said Zack feeling confident, “Class one is fine. What are the rules?” He filled out the registration form the guy handed to him. “Single elimination, strongest wins,” said the guy, “No other rules. We aren’t part of any federation here. These guys do this cause they like the competition. Whoever brings the other guy’s arm down first wins. Period. Got any problems with that?” “Nope,” said Zack. “All right then. Contestants in their class are matched together at random. Go to table five. Whoever wins will be instructed on what to do next. Good luck.” Zack nodded at him and left. His competitor was waiting for him at the aforementioned table. He was a big guy, just a little smaller than Joe. He had no shirt on, and while his body fat was high compared to most others there, he looked like he was packing some respectable muscle on his frame underneath it. His arms were big and thick like a guy who worked swinging a hammer against concrete all day long. But it didn’t necessarily look like he worked out. He looked at Zack and snorted. Then set his beer on the table. “You ready to go?” he asked Zack sneeringly, “Cause my next opponent’s waiting for me.” “Bring it on,” said Zack sitting down across from the other guy, “Don’t want to have to make anyone wait for me.” They immediately locked fists and braced themselves. Zack hadn’t arm wrestled in his life so he wasn’t sure what to expect. The guy across from him was anticipating an easy victory and he put his hammer down and used his power to muscle Zack’s arm toward the tabletop. Zack was caught completely off guard, partly by the guy’s vise-like grip. His arm got to three inches from the table before he realized he was about to be eliminated entirely on the first go round. “No fucking way,” he snarled at the bigger man. His arm stopped cold as a blast of strength ran through him. No overfed muscle wannabe was going to crush him so easily. At first he responded with all his power and nothing happened. His arm stayed where it was. Then he felt the real power take hold. Suddenly the guy’s arm seemed like nothing to him. Just dead weight. With ease he brought the other man’s arm up slowly. A small crowd had gathered to watch and a few began to cheer him on. Inch by inch the other man’s arm came up until they were even. The look of surprise on the fat man’s face turned into a look of fear when he realized Zack was going to take him down. It was inevitable. Zack’s muscle was as hard as bedrock. His forearms looked like steel cords. The bicep on his right arm had swelled noticeably against the shirtsleeve. Then it was over. When he stood up in victory he was aware that his shirt felt tighter. He moved through the next thirty competitors in his class, bringing them down just like he’d brought down the muscle wannabe at table five. He found he didn’t even have to move, they just kept bringing guys to him. He was careful to toy with them. The play was amusing. To first let each opponent think they were in control, and when they least expected it to turn on the muscle power and bring their dreams of the championship to an end. By the time he’d finished with the last guy he was informed that he was in the championship playoff for class one. The next two guys were much harder competition. Even with his super strength they were powerful. The last one actually gave him a real fight and for a moment he didn’t know if he was going to be able to summon the strength to bring him down. His arm felt tired. Then he realized glancing at a watch that four hours had past. His super strength had failed him over an hour ago. Wow! He’d brought down those last two guys all on his own ability. He looked at the next table where two men were still fighting to see who Zack’s final challenger would be. Both of the guys were big, but one was tougher and meaner looking than the other. Absentmindedly Zack pulled at the collar of his shirt. Unaware of how uncomfortably tight it had gotten. He thought fleetingly of the other syringe in his car, but there was no time to go and get it. This competition didn’t stop until there was a winner. A big crowd had gathered as the tough man blew past his competition. He was all that was standing between Zack and the trophy. And as Zack was informed, this guy had won for three years running. But Zack still felt powerful. Still confident. He looked the guy over again and decided he wasn’t near as big as he had looked earlier. After a minute he sat down at the champions table and locked his arm with the reigning man. The other guy tried to crush Zack’s hand in his grip immediately, but Zack gave him every bit as good as he got. Maybe that was a glimmer of pain he saw in the other guy’s eyes? Whatever it was it was gone in an instant. “Say when,” said the other guy. Zack responded with a confident “Go.” Zack gritted his teeth as they began to get on with it. He felt his arm swelling with size and power even as they began. The challenge of it made pure adrenaline run through his veins, which mixed with the remaining serum. It increased his sense of power unimaginably. He was going to smash this guy’s hand down into the table. The other guy didn’t look intimidated at all. Zack figured they were well matched and his lip curled in defiance. Their muscles tensed. Zack wanted to show him just what real strength meant. But soon he found himself pushing harder and harder just to keep him from pushing his hand down toward the desk. It wasn’t long before he was pushing with all his force. The other guy just smirked at him and didn't seem to be struggling at all. “What’s the matter?” he asked, “This muscle too much for you?” “Fuck you,” growled Zack. The steel grip of the other man got even tighter. Zack thought for a minute he might give in to the pain. He’d never felt pain like that before. But something inside him said no. He liked it. The pain made him feel even more alive. He focused on using the pain to tap into his own strength, and then he unbelievably squeezed the other man’s hand right back. This time there was a grimace on the face of the other man. They both leaned forward across the table – their noses almost touching. A trickle of sweat ran down the side of Zack’s face. But across from him the other guy had sweat beading up on his upper lip and forehead. Then they were both back at it, even harder than ever. Zack’s arm felt bloated and tight from the tension, but it had never felt so powerful even when in command of all that extra strength that a hit of the serum always gave him. Even though the other guy was matching him, he felt like he could take on the world – take on anything. They leaned into each other so closely that their shoulders were almost touching, Zack wanted to take everything this guy could throw at him. His face was now drenched with sweat, and it was dripping down onto the table. The other guy’s sweat still only beading on his upper lip and forehead, but a vein had popped out of his forehead near his temple. It looked to be throbbing. Each man had no idea how long they were locked together. And the crowd watched in amazed awe. Someone would later tell Zack that it had been over a half hour. The contest went back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes one man had the advantage and then it would switch as the other found a hidden reserve of strength. By now both men were drenched in sweat, their faces and arms colored violently with strain. Muscles pumped. The other guy’s arm had at first looked more muscular, as big as another man’s thigh. But Zack’s arm muscles were popping out like steel balls. Neither man would quit. They were nose to nose now. Each stared into the other’s eyes, trying to psych the other one out. Suddenly, with a burst of power the other man pushed down hard on Zack’s arm, and brought Zack’s hand to within a fraction of an inch off the desktop. But Zack was not that easy to pin. He let out a howl of anger and frustration. The crowd gasped aloud. Excited murmurs ran through the throng. “I will fuckin destroy you,” screamed Zack. Never had he been challenged like this in his whole life and he didn’t like it. He pushed against the other man with all his might. And then it happened. A surge of power ran through him. It roared up from somewhere deep inside. His strength increased just as if he’d taken a hit of the serum. Like before the pressure of the other guy’s arm felt like nothing to him. With ease he now held the other man’s arm. Then he smiled at him. The crowd watched in breathless anticipation. Then they heard the seam on Zack’s shirt give way. Each string of the cotton shirt popping as it ripped up the length of his arm. His powerful bicep appeared completely bare. It was a massive mound of corded steel, big and round and full. It seemed to have swelled from the pump until it was twice and again far bigger than the arm of the man sitting across from him. Zack took a deep breath and felt himself flex involuntarily. Shaking with power. He was hard. His muscles were pumped. His inflamed chest and back muscles suddenly filled his already too tight t-shirt. It looked like an explosion to the crowd. The shirt couldn’t take it. Pieces of cotton cloth flew everywhere around him. Even his shorts ripped a little up the seams as his thighs increased. Zack felt so strong that he could have taken on an army, let alone this lame man sitting across from him. He began to crush down on the other man’s hand with his thick fingers; just enough to make him visibly wince in front of the crowd. Zack was totally in charge now, and he knew it, and now the other man knew it too. He could sense the change and so the other man put his left hand over his right, and pushed against Zack desperate to bring Zack down. But Zack held his hand still an inch from the tabletop. He laughed deeply now. He was jacked. He became turned on by his new strength. Slowly he began to push up against the other man’s two arms. He was barely straining, and the other man’s arms moved upward, slowly and steadily, despite the fact that he was leaning his whole weight onto Zack’s hand now. The crowd roared as they knew a new champion was about to appear before them. “What do you think now?” asked Zack, and he pushed the other man’s arm up to the starting position, and then down toward the tabletop. The other man was totally dumbfounded as his remaining strength faltered. No man had ever pinned him in arm wrestling. But he had no time to ponder as Zack slammed his hands down onto the table with an audible thump. And he pinned them there too. Just hard enough to hurt. Then he lifted them up and slammed them again just to be sure. It was amazing. He let the man go so he could stand up and raise his huge arm into a victory flex. He squeezed the bicep of his winning arm tight, and it rose and rose, full and huge. Zack stared at his own arm, his eyes glazing over as he relished his new power. “Fuck yeah!” he cried out to the crowd, and they responded in kind. The other man was defeated. He slumped, astonished. The rush of the cheering was too much in Zack’s ears. Suddenly someone was giving him a trophy. Then there was a woman posing at his side while some other man took a picture of them. He was deaf to it all. Still dazed. Absorbed in his own power. He walked away from the crowd, trying to get some air. When he reached the edge where the tents were he heard a voice behind him. “Zack?” it asked him. He turned around and there was Matt from the other night. Only instead of looking up at him, Zack realized they were now looking at each other eye to eye. Matt looked him in the eye and said, “It is you Zack. I thought it was. But how…?” Zack smiled at him and said, “Hey there big guy. I’ve missed you….” Part 3 Matt ignored the lustful look of the other man and pointedly asked, “Dude, what are you on?” Immediately Zack became defensive, “What do you mean by that?” “Isn’t it obvious?” said Matt coming a step closer to the new muscle stud, “Look at you. No one puts on that much muscle in a week, no matter what kind of freaky shit they’re taking.” That’s when it clicked for Zack, just how miraculous his transformation had been. What had happened during the last couple hours? Zack was standing there bare chested and he swept his left arm up into a biceps pose. It was a beautiful thing to watch that big, round ball of muscle appear on his upper arm. Zack’s forearms too were thick with corded muscle, delts rounded and bunching at his shoulder. Zack felt over the muscular ridges of his stomach with his free hand, tracing the outline of his rippling, diamond cut abs. His fingers gently brushing over the tops of the eight defined ridges that were there. His chest was two slabs of thick hard meat. Shit, Zack was turning himself on just looking down. He looked up and smiled at Matt, “It’s hot isn’t it big man?” In spite of himself, Matt’s righteous indignation faded as he took in Zack’s new body for what it was. An object of his own lust. And Matt felt himself get hard as he watched the play of Zack’s muscle. Zack’s display of strength in the gym a couple days ago had turned him on to the point where Matt just had to fuck him. And Matt usually didn’t go for the small guys. He was one of the biggest men he knew and he liked to find and dominate other big men. He’d used Zack’s tight ass, and despite it all he sensed a challenge to himself in Zack. Plus he wanted the secret of Zack’s power for himself too. Zack could see craving in Matt’s eyes. Although he mistook it all for desire. But there was desire there too, and that desire was written on the big man’s face like an open book. Zack realized that the tables were turning. Matt was no longer the big man after all. Zack was easily on par with Matt’s proportions and he swung his arm back up to flex it for emphasis. “Why don’t we go back to your place?” asked Zack, “We had a good time there before. And maybe a little later we can talk about this?” As he said it he emphasized his twenty plus inch arm by licking it. Matt had seen enough, he was already putting plans into motion. “C’mon,” he said, “I’ll meet you there.” “Okay dude,” agreed Zack, with a wicked grin, as they took off for their cars in separate directions. As they walked away neither of them noticed the tall broad man leaning against a post over by one of the tents not to far from where they’d been talking. This man had a way of blending into his surroundings despite the fact that he was wearing a leather jacket in the warm weather. His eyes were masked by designer sunglasses and the big frame beneath the jacket spoke of untested strength. Yet when Zack and Matt’s eyes had passed over him, something about him had caused them to completely discount his presence and pay him no mind. Like he hadn’t even been there. He watched them walk away as he pulled a lighter out of his leather jacket and lit up a smoke as he considered the conversation he’d just heard. Zack looked back momentarily at the departing figure of Matt with real longing. He’d never felt that way about anyone before. That and he wanted to lick every drop of sweat off the other man’s body before using his ass like a private pussy. He walked over to where his car was parked, still pumped and powerful. He had parked at one of the far lots away from most everyone else. The ray’s of the afternoon sun glinted off his bronzed body and accentuated the powerful curves of each full-bodied muscle, flexing as he walked. But he was surprised to see his former opponent and two of his buddies waiting for him at his car. Leaning against his car actually. That made Zack mad. “I figured this one had to be yours,” smirked the former champion, looking cockier since his defeat shortly before by the arm of Zack’s newly buffed bod. He was carrying a water bottle and he unscrewed the top of it as he watched Zack walk up. “You waiting for me to whip your ass again?” asked Zack, “And you brought your girlfriends over to watch this time?” The former champion laughed at him. He didn’t look intimidated by Zack in the least. “No one does that to me,” he told Zack, “Especially not some little punk like you neither.” He tilted the water bottle to his lips and downed it all in one long chug. “Not after I’ve had a dose of juice anyway,” he said, throwing the water bottle away and wiping his mouth with his hands. The way he said it brought something to Zack’s mind. What juice? But before he had an answer the former champion demonstrated for him. His arms went up in a double biceps pose to show Zack what he meant and Zack knew a moment of real fear. Whatever had happened to the former champion in the last couple seconds, he began taking on an incredible amount of size and power. His guns swelled to nearly twice their size in the competition. His chest seemed thicker and more pumped too, and as he flexed, now in a most muscular pose, his pecs began looking like a massive shelf. It was freaky. The two minions stood a few feet away, watching. Neither looked surprised. Each man was a powerful bodybuilder in his own right. Their shirtless bodies showed off their time and hard work spent in the gym. However, neither was as big as the former champion had been even before his sudden increase in size. “I didn’t want to take no more of the juice,” the former champion said, sighing, “At least not for a while. I like building these muscles up naturally. But I just can’t let some little pussy like you show me up like that. I just ain’t having it.” “What the fuck?” asked Zack dumbfounded as he watched the former champion continue to swell with new power, “How’re you doing this?” “The power and size doesn’t last unfortunately,” said the former champion, “But if I go down to the gym and use some of this newfound strength, I can retain some of it before it wears off. And it doesn’t matter, cause there’s always more.” He laughed again. This time though there was no amusement in the laughter, only the sharp cruelty of a man who is about to inflict pain without consequence. “Hold him down boys,” he told the minions. They were on Zack in a second. Even though the increased strength offered by the serum had worked through Zack’s muscles by now, he was still powerful and the two goons struggled to hold him. Given a minute Zack knew he could have easily broken their grips. But he didn’t have a minute. The former champion was on him in seconds. He put a big hand on Zack’s shoulder, and another balled into a fist. Zack knew what was coming and tensed his abs as the big man’s powerful fist sailed sharply in the air to connect with Zack’s stomach. He would have gone sailing back in the air if the former champion’s hand wasn’t on his lats holding him in place. Zack felt like he’d had a sledge hammer driven through him. The pain was so intense. More intense than anything he’d ever felt before. If the goons hadn’t been holding him up he would have collapsed. “If the right one don’t get you,” intoned the former champion, “Then the left one will.” Zack didn’t have time to wonder what he meant. The former champion switched hands quickly and repeated the punch with his left hand at lightning speed. This time the punch did drive Zack back. In fact it was so powerful that Zack was torn from the goons’ grip and sent flying ten feet or so through the air and down into a ditch away from the car, landing face up. Zack tried to take a breath, but it hurt too much. The sun overhead blinded his eyes as he lay there looking up at it, but he still managed to see stars as he tried to recover. And then there was an eclipse as the massive frame of the former champion’s newly enlarged physique blotted out the life giving rays of the sun. “Don’t ever fuck with me again boy,” he instructed Zack gruffly, “Or I will do more than teach you a lesson in humility. I will end you. Got that?” “Better hurry up Leo,” Zack barely heard one of the minions say, “And get down to the Snake before it wears off.” “Right,” said Leo, “I hope man that I never see your sorry ass again in this lifetime." "Nighty night,” he said as he easily picked up Zack by his broad shoulder and then clocked him hard, just once more, and with his right fist. The punch was so powerful that Zack’s head spun. And then the lights went out. * * * Zack didn’t know how long he lay there as he slowly came to, but as he pulled himself up off the ground he could see that a lot of the cars from the competition were gone. In the distance he could hear the raucous noise of a drunken party going on with those of the people who had stayed. And the darkening sky indicated that afternoon was quickly becoming evening. Zack guessed he hadn’t been out too long. Maybe an hour? Maybe two? His body ached in every bone, and he felt dizzy as he staggered over to his car. He guessed that most people would have missed his prone form laying in the ditch if they hadn’t actually been looking for it. That coupled with the fact that he’d parked to the side and away from everyone else was probably the only reason his keys and car hadn’t been stolen. He got in behind the wheel, and realized that the arrangement was tighter than it had been before. He adjusted the seat and checked out his reflection in the mirror. Zack could move his jaw, but just barely. The left side of his face where Leo had punched him was black and swollen. It was a miracle his jaw wasn’t broken. Zack felt a sudden rage roar up within him like a dragon. No one treated him like this, no one. He reached into the glove compartment and pulled out the waiting syringe. His body wasn’t demanding another hit, but he needed it to pull himself together. As soon as the serum hit his bloodstream, he felt the power returning. He felt a million times better. Even some of the pain eased a bit from his jaw, and as he watched it looked like some of the bruising was starting to go down too. That’s when he thought of Matt. The big guy was probably wondering what had happened to Zack. But he lived far enough away he wasn’t likely to turn around and come back here looking for him. That pissed Zack off even more. That Leo had made him late for Matt. Well, he’d take care of Leo later. First he needed to see Matt. To be continued....
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    DISCLAIMER: this is a long story My relationship with my step brother has never been normal he was a shy, socially awkward kid. He always hid in his room playing video games like Zelda or Call of duty me on the other hand I was always an out there person I loved going out with friends, shopped a lot, partied a lot you know anything a 18 year old boy would do my step brother was 19 and never ever had any friends except for his online friends. I was slim and tall not muscular but tall I liked my body. My step brother Was tall and skinny no muscle definition but what do you expect from someone who doesn’t go out of his room. Anyways my dad and his mom were going on a vacation and Jeff and I (Btw his name is Jeff and mine is nick) we’re going to be home alone together or a week they left us two credit cards but I knew I’d be using both of them and Jeff would be in his room doing whatever he does. So two days had past our parents were gone I’d only seen Jeff twice so he could get food. So I decided to go out with some friends. I told Jeff I’m leaving he didn’t say much just “ok” I told him I might be gone the whole night and I’ll leave him a credit card. So I go out with my my friend and his boyfriend it was fun I got home at 1am the lights were off but then I noticed a car in the drive way and i knew it wasn’t my out parents cause they were gone and Jeff didn’t have a car and my car was In the garage. I got inside the lights were off Iwent to my room and I notice Jeff’s door is cracked down the hall i go in to check on him and then I notice some guy is there he’s dressed in black giving Jeff what seemed to be a pill. I assumed he was taking drugs like maybe buying Xanax or something like that. The guy was making his way to the door and I sprinted to my room he didn’t hear me so he left. I go back to Jeff’s rooms and I’m just watching what he does. I hear him saying “you can do this you can do this don’t be a pussy, you want to be liked by everyone”. So he swallows the pill and he takes all his clothes except his socks and bracelet so I left because it was getting weird. I go into my room go on my computer text a few friends just chill until I hear a bang. I go out of my room and I pop around wondering where it came from then another BANG and it came from Jeff’s room I go to see what’s happening and he’s on the floor just there still I tap him yelling “I’ll call 911” but then he said Don’t in a mad voice. All of a sudden he turns a very bright red and he’s still on the floor and then I notice something his body was growing I notice his biceps were becoming bigger and his legs becoming bigger his body becoming more defined his feet growing his shoulders widening. It was almost like watching the hulk. His socks start to tear as his feet grow and his leather bracelet rips off because his wrist was becoming bigger. All of a sudden he’s not still and he screams. Saying “IT HURTS” he stood up before he was like 5’10 now he’s 6’5 and I see this monster of a man standing in front of me his veins were popping out and he was crying I didn’t know what to do so say him down on the bed I notice his penis was enlarging and I was shook. Finally all that growing stopped and his skin wasn’t red anymore but his body wasn’t the same it was like he was the hulk. He catches his breath and explained to me what I just witnessed he said “I know this is a very strange thing you saw but I can’t explain you see I’ve always been jealous of you because you’ve had all these friends you’ve been invited everywhere and everyone likes you but not me I thought maybe if I looked different then I would be liked more so I bought a muscle growth pill and that’s why I’m like this” I was in shock so i left his room and went To bed know the next morning I’d have to face him again and talk about what just happened. I woke up the next morning did my routine brushed my teeth took a shower got dressed I completely forgot about last night I go to the kitchen and I see Jeff stand over the stove with just boxers on cooking food then it all came back to me. He notices me and says “good morning” I tried not to be weird so I knodded my head he asked “are you hungry” I said “no I ate a lot last night when I was out” “suit yourself” he said he sat eating at least 10 eggs there was a moment of awkward silence then I got up and said “I’m going shopping” he said “let me come I need to get a new wardrobe anyways” I hesitated and said “sure” like an idiot. So he went to go get dressed he went to my dads closet and got things since him and my dad would now be the same size. We eventually left to go to the mall I prayed to god I wouldn’t see anyone. First we stopped into a jewelry store because I wanted a new ring he stood by my side like a body guard. I got my ring and he asked “can you help me dress you have really good taste in clothes” I hesitated again saying “sure” do we went into this very high end store and he started trying clothes on but very reavling clothing like really short shorts tanks tops muscle shirts anything that would show off his body I help him decide on a few I remember at one point he asked me to go into the dressing room with him i said no. So we bought our stuff and went home. We walked in and he went to his room. I sat down on the couch trying process everything that happened I sat down for a good 2 hours it was almost dark out so I went to change into some home clothes I put my blue plaid shorts on with a white t shirt and my white robe and went to go watch tv Incase the living room. I watched a few episodes of this cooking show I liked and then Jeff walked in he asked if i was hungry I said a little so he said “I’m gonna order pizza” i said sure. I was thinking to myself this is the most I’ve seen him all month. He ordered 3 pizzas two large meat lovers pizzas and one medium pepperoni for me. The food arrived and I have never seen anyone devour two whole pizzas within 20 minute I was stunned. He seemed very happy he had this smile on his face and it was something I’d never seen before. I went to bed it was 12am I was in and out of sleep all night. I woke up at 4am and my eyes were sort of open and I notice Jeff standing right in front of my bed he was just wearing boxers and his whole body was flexed he didn’t notice I was awake so I tried to go back to sleep. Next morning I woke up and saw Jeff in the kitchen again in just in his boxers cooking eggs he offered me eggs and I accepted he asked what I was doing that day I said nothing but I’m going out to this club tonight shockingly he asked to come I said sure but I need to introduce him as my cousin to my friends. He said fine. The day went by Jeff and I were chilling in the living but he was staring at me the whole time this giant muscle god was just staring I tried no to notice. It was 7pm and we started getting ready. He was dressed in this designer floral muscle shirt and tight tight skinny jeans I thought If he was flexing in them they would rip we went to the club he met my friends we had a lot to drink I said I was going to dance and if anyone wanted to join me everyone said no so I went and then this guys come behind and dances with me he was very handsome and we danced but then I look at my table and Jeff is staring at me again this time with a look of rage I was terrified it was a crazy look like a look of jealousy I told the guy I’m going to use the bathroom he said he will stay right where he was I walked to the bathroom and I notice Jeff is going to the dance floor I come out go back to the dance floor and the guy is gone I was disappointed so I said to Jeff I’m leaving. He said I’ll come with I said it’s fine he said no I coming in A aggressive tone we went home I took a shower put my pajamas on and I confronted him. I said what the fuck is wrong with you? He said what do you mean I said you’ve been staring at me all day we go to the club you keep staring like what’s up. He said nothing is up. But something must have been he looked at me and said sit, I said what? he said sit I sat and he said ever since my transformation I’ve been feeling a little more protective of you. I said what? he said well you’re the only there with me during the process and you tried to help me and I don’t know why but I feel like I need to protect you. I was stunned so I did what I knew best and just left I walked out of that room and went to my room and laid down and started crying then this huge hand comes and wipes my tears and he said I know this is weird but trust me it will all work out he lifted me up and gave me a hug I hugged him back. Then he looked at me and kissed me and held my tight I was shook but I kissed him back he let go of my and took his clothes of and started kissing me more and more he put my on top of him and held me and kissed me and wrapped his legs around my legs. I had never felt so safe for some reason Almost as if nothing in the world could hurt me in his arms i wouldn’t call it incest since we weren’t blood related. He started rubbing my Penis and he held my tighter and I came I tried to touch is penis but he said let me do it so he jerked himself off then we laid down together I eventually fell asleep on top of him. i woke up the next day in his arms wrapped around me i thought To myself why did i do that he’s my step brother but i couldn’t resist. his big Pecs were in my face and his huge legs covering my legs like a Blanket. He woke up smiling at me kissing me I smiled back. Then he said I love you but he actually ment it it was such a sweet and genuine I love you my heart just dropped and i tried to wrap my arms around him but he was so big. I said but we can’t continue like this our parents are coming home soon. Then he came up with the idea and said let’s get an apartment and tell them we are going to room together. Then i said how will you explain your look and he said they haven’t seen my in a while and when the do I wear baggy sweaters and sweat pants. I liked the idea and I agreed. Part two will come out later
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    The Perfect Couple by Ultrabeef Skyler and Parker finished up their workout and headed to the showers. The cute 20 something gay couple were the envy of all their friends. Their attractive toned bodies and chised features made them look like a couple of fashion models. Skyler had short brown hair and a perfect physique and was in finance however while Parker, blond and also toned, was getting his start in real estate. They were the perfect couple and living the American dream: great realtionship, attractive partner, making great money. As they headed to the locker room a huge roided behemoth blocked their path. They had seen the guy at the gym often; grunting and heaving ridiculously heaving weights in the free weight area while Skyler and Hunter used the treadmills and machines. "Hey bros, looking good out there today" the huge bodybuilder rumbled in his deep bass. "Um, thanks...'bro'" Parker replied, somewhat sarcastically as Skyler nudged him hissing "Shut up, do you want to get us killed?". The huge guy, ignoring the latent sarcasm continued "My name's Ian. Ian Walsh." The two hunky twinks stared at him blankly until he continued "And you are?". "Oh...um...sorry" Skyler muttered, realizing his rudeness. "I'm Skyler" he smiled weakly extending his hand that was almost ripped off by the huge meaty paw of Ian. "Nice to meet you Skyler. Who's your friend?" "I'm Parker. Skyler’s boyfriend" Parker replied with an emphasis on "boyfriend" in case Ian might have gotten the wrong idea. "Nice to meet you too" Ian purred, grabbing Parker’s arm and shaking his hand roughly. "You know, I've been watching you two for a while" Ian continued as Skyler and Parker looked at each other confusedly. Ian continued unphased "I think a couple attractive guys like yourself would look awesome with some muscle mass on you". As he spoke Ian bounced his pecs in his sweaty stringer tank. Skyler's eyes widened and the bulging beef in front of him. "Um. Thanks but I think we're good" Parker politely replied. "Well, that's a shame. If you dudes change your mind and want to get huge and jacked like me, give me a call". Ian flexed his huge bicep as he handed Skyler & Parker a plain, white business card. On it were the words "Ian Welsh, Muscle Growth Specialist" and a phone number. "Thanks" Parker replied. "Um, yeah...thanks" Skyler mumbled as Parker shoved him toward the showers. That evening, as Parker packed for a trip home from the big city to visit his parents, Skyler was uncharacteristically quiet. "What's on your mind babe?" Parker asked, snapping Skyler out of his daze. "Oh...nothing" Skyler lied. "Come on, I know that look. What's up?" Skyler sighed "It's that freaky musclehead at the gym. He really got inside my head today”. "What? You're kidding right? You don't want to be some huge musclehead. Do you?" Parker paused and looked at Skyler's face. "I...I guess not. I mean who wants to be some overgrown freak, right?" Skyler laughed. "Yeah!" Parker laughed too but was troubled by Skyler's strange behavior. Parker had arrived back from his parents' house early Sunday morning and had jumped in the shower. As he got out of the shower and dressed he could hear Skyler making breakfast in the kitchen. "Hey sweetie! You're up! I'll be right there" Parker called from the bathroom. "Hey babe, eggs ok for breakfast?" Skyler called in a rough, deep voice from the kitchen. "Eggs? You always have a kale smoothie. And what's with your voice? Are you coming down with a cold sweetie?" Parker was saying as he entered the kitchen and froze in his tracks. There at the stove, with his back to Parker, was an enormous bodybuilder. He was wearing a tattered t-shirt that had the sleeves ripped off to accomodate his thick, gorilla-like arms. His back was impossibly wide and tapered to a relatively small waist. The guy had a big, thick bubble butt that was straining against his pajama shorts. His legs were thick and corded with muscle. Then the guy turned around and Parker gasped "S...Skyler?!" The huge guy bounced his ample pecs and smiled "Mornin babe". “Wha...what the fuck did you do to yourself?!” Parker gasped taking in the freakish bodybuilder his boyfriend had become. Skyler smirked a cocky grin as he adjusted the thick cock that bulged obscenely in his shorts. “I gave that Ian guy from the gym a call, babe” Skyler flexed his freakish arms in a double bicep pose and grinned “you like?” “Um, fuck no!” Parker snarled. “You look like some overgrown roid-head, the kind of guy we always made fun of at the gym! You’ve got to turn yourself back to normal! I mean how is it even possible to transform your body like this in just a few days?!” Skyler was getting worked up and shouting at his huge boyfriend. “I think I look hot. And so does Ian” Parker mumbled, “besides, I can’t transform back, it’s permanent”. “How are you going to even go to work looking like that? You’re disgusting. All veiny and bulging. None of your suits will even fit!” Parker staggered to the kitchen chair and slammed himself down. He was so upset and confused. Two days ago he and his hot toned boyfriend were living their dream life and now Skyler had ruined everything with his ridiculous muscle growth. “I can’t believe you’re acting like this babe” Skyler put his huge hand on Parker’s shoulder. “Don’t touch me, you freak!” Parker screamed causing the massive Skyler to pull his hand away. “I’m going to the gym” Skyler mumbled grabbing his gym bag. “To meet up with that asshole Ian?” “Yeah, probably. Why? You got a problem with that?” Skyler flexed his pecs intimidatingly at Parker. “No. Why should I care?” Parker mumbled, his voice cracking as tears streamed down his face. “Look babe. I love you! I don’t give a fuck about Ian. I always wanted to be a big manly guy and now I am. I love feeling so strong and masculine. I thought you’d love it too. I guess I was wrong.” “Yeah, I guess so” Parker sobbed. “Look, I’ll be back later and we can talk, ok?” Skyler’s looked so dejected that Parker just mumbled “sure” instead of telling him off. Skyler kissed Parker on the head before waddling to the door, his massive back as wide as the doorway. As Parker sat in the silence of the empty apartment he wiped the tears away from his chiseled cheeks. Then he went to his bedroom and reached into his gym bag. He pulled out the card Ian had given him with his number “Ian Walsh, Muscle Growth Specialist”. Pulling out his cell phone, Parker dialed the number on the card. “Yeah” a deep gruff voice answered. “Um, is this Ian?” Parker sheepishly asked. “Sure is dude”. “Um, my name is Parker. We met at the gym last week. You um “helped” my boyfriend Skyler”. “Ha! Hell yeah, I remember you, sarcastic little punk. l wondered how long it would take you to call.” “Uh, yeah, I...” Parker, not usually at a loss for words stammered. “I’ll be right over” Ian growled and the phone went dead. “Shit!”mumbled Parker to himself, “what have I done?” Within a few minutes there was a loud knock on the door, Parker opened it to find the massive Ian standing there. Ian was wearing white spandex shorts that could barely contain his massive cock and glutes and a black stringer tank that left little to the imagination as his wide pecs and shoulders bulged from the flimsy shirt. “Um, hi. Come in” Parker weakly invited Ian into the apartment. “It seems like I was here only yesterday! Oh, I guess I was here yesterday!” Ian laughed a deep, mocking laugh. “So, what can I do for you cutie?” Ian eyed Parker up and down, “damn, I hope Skyler realizes how lucky he is to have a hottie like you!” Parker blushed uneasily and looked toward the floor, his former sarcasm drained in the presence of the large bodybuilder. “So, do you like how Skyler turned out? Awesome, isn’t it?” “Actually, no. I hate it. You have to change him back.” Parker replied, finding his voice. “Change him back?!” Ian laughed again in his deep hearty laugh. “Are you fucking kidding me? He’s a total uber muscle stud now! I saved him from being a nobody! Plus, the change is permanent!” Parker stared glumly at the floor, not sure what to say. “Oh fuck, is that why you called me? To change Skyler back?” the realization dawning on Ian. “Well, of course, why did you think I called you?” “Well,” Ian smiled dangerously, “I thought you wanted to get huge too!” Now it was Parker’s turn to laugh, “you’ve got to be kidding me! Who would want to be a fucking roid-head muscle freak like you?” “Well, your boyfriend seems to like “being a freak” as you say” Ian advanced menacingly toward Parker. “Personally, I think a handsome cocky little shit like you could use an attitude adjustment and some manly muscle like this!” Ian bounced his huge pecs in Parker’s face before roughly shoving him against the wall. Parker yelled “Stay away from me, you fucking freak, or I’ll...” “You’ll what?” Ian smiled an evil grin. “You’re gonna be so fucking hot when I get through with you”. With one huge muscular arm pinning Parker against the living room wall Ian whipped out a large syringe filled with green liquid and quickly jabbed it into Parker’s chest with his free hand. “What the FUCK!!” Parker screamed, “what the fuck did you do?”. “Well, considering Skyler paid for our 2 for 1 special, I just completed his order” Ian grinned. “Skyler did what?” Parker asked in a daze as his head started to cloud over and a buzzed sensation filled his brain. “Oh, this is my favorite part!” Ian sat on the sofa to watch the show as Parker staggered toward a chair to keep his balance. “Wha...what’s happening?” Parker mumbled in confusion. “What’s happening is you’re about to grow into a nice big bodybuilder boyfriend for Skyler” Ian purred. “No...fuck! This can’t be happening!” As he spoke, Parker looked down and saw his hands swelling larger, his forearms expanding wider stretching his Oxford dress shirt. “Urrggh!” Parker growled as his muscles started to swell larger. “Fuck...no! I...don’t...want...to be a...freak!” Parker panted as his shirt grew tighter and tighter, he could see his biceps straining against the fabric of his shirt and could feel his shoulders and back stretching the shirt tight as they grew wider with each passing moment. Parker grunted as be felt a heaviness forming in his chest. “Oh fuck! No!Not my pecs!” Parker tried to hold his shirt closed as his chest swelled with beefy brawn going from toned to swoll. “Oh fuck yeah!” Ian was sitting on the edge of the couch and was stroking his hard, thick dick as he watched Parker’s shirt burst open sending buttons spraying across the room and allowing his swelling pecs the freedom they desired. Parker’s chest heaved and the weight of his burgeoning pecs forced his expanding nipples toward the floor as a deep crevice formed between them. Parker could feel his abs bulging, from the perfect six pack that he was so proud of and was the envy of all the guys and girls at work, into a thick, hard, muscle gut. His swelling midsection caused his tight skinny jeans to burst open at the waist. “Shit, shit! Shit!” Parker moaned, his voice deepening to a rich baritone as his neck thickened. His quads were thickening as well, easily shredding open his jeans at the seams, his calves swelling into perfect pillars of muscle. Parker could feel his butt growing too. No longer a cute, toned, bubble butt Parker could feel his glutes swelling into a huge, thick, muscle-ass. As Ian shot his load across his spandex shorts, Parker’s growth began to slow. “What the fuck have you done to me?!” Parker growled in his newly deep voice. He staggered to the bathroom mirror and took in the sight of his new body. Too engrossed in what he was seeing to notice Ian sneaking out the door, but not before texting Skyler “your order is complete, and I think you’ll love the results”. As soon as Skyler received Ian’s text he cut his workout short and hurried home. As he entered the apartment he could tell something was different. The living room and kitchen were a mess, furniture was out of place and overturned and the smell of manly musk and cum was thick in the air. Skyler hurried to the bedroom but it was empty. “Parker? Are you here?” Skyler called out. “I’m right here babe.” The deep, rumbling bass shocked Skyler, he slowly turned around and gasped. Standing in the doorway (filling it actually) was a massive blond bodybuilder. He was totally jacked, thick veins and stretch marks snaked across his skin. His face was still chiseled like Parker with high cheekbones, full pouty lips, and a wide jaw, but it was dusted with scruff giving him a dangerous, manly look. The hulking muscle beast was squeezed into a white thong, wet with cum, that attempted to contained his massive cock. “Holy shit! Parker?! Is that really you?” Skyler breathlessly moaned. “Oh you better believe it babe!” Parker raised his arms into a wicked double bicep pose and bounced his ample pecs. “I...I’m sorry to turn you into a freak, like me, but...” Skyler suddenly felt badly, overcome with the realization that the old Parker was gone forever. “Fuck babe! Are you kidding me? Look at me, I’m fucking jacked! And I’m all yours, stud.” Parker rubbed his muscle gut causing Skyler to moan softly. “You like all this beef babe?” Parker turned around and bent over the bed revealing his huge, thick muscle ass. “Oh fuck!” Skyler purred, ripping his gym shorts off revealing his raging boner. “Fill me with that big dick, babe” Parker moaned as Skyler mounted the hulking stud.
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    "I'm going to grow again, come feel it as it happens."
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    "When you come to my country you should let the culture invade your body over and over," he said in his thick accent. For a second I was trying to figure out what he meant and then he added, "I have a big culture that like to invade. I can teach you how to scream and say swear word in my language."
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    ((This finishes off the retelling of their first evening from Roger's perspective. This was just pretty much a writing exercise for me on viewpoint, so thanks for the patience.) Roger realized he wanted to avoid making his handsome guest feel uncomfortable if Roger was misreading him, but he also wanted to make clear the door was open if there was any interest. As the film’s opening scene started, Roger leaned back and spread his left arm out across the coach top. Roger saw Ben’s head tilt as he glanced quickly back at Roger. Without thinking, Roger flexed his chest and arm ever so slightly. He wondered if Ben had noticed. After the conclusion of the openng action sequence, as the film moved its opening credits, Ben leaned back against the couch, his head resting just under Roger’s stretched out arm. Roger tried to keep his eyes on the screen, but they kept drifting back to Ben, his thick brown hair and his chiseled face, the athletic shoulders and chest, and the pronounced biceps and triceps stretching out of his sleeves. Roger knew he was hard, and a little concerned that Ben would notice. The thought crossed Roger’s mind that perhaps Ben was waiting for him to make a move. Roger immediately told himself that was ridiculous, wishful thinking. Even if Ben was open to guys, there were surely truckloads of hot ones his own age that he would have to beat away with a stick. However, as Ben seemed to have no problem sitting this close to Roger - and he was soo damn hot - Roger finally decided he needed to see how he would react if Roger got a little “friendlier.” Roger picked up the remote, took a little breath to calm himself, then put the movie on hold and turned his head toward Ben, trying to look directly into those beautiful blue eyes. “I’d like to stretch out a little, Ben. Would you mind doing that with me.” For ten seconds that seemed like an hour, Ben was silent and Roger thought to himself he had pushed too far. To Roger’s relief, Ben pivoted toward and spoke. “Sure, what do you have in mind?” For a split second Roger considered suggesting they move to the screen in his bedroom. He thought that was a little too obvious, but there was no reason not to take full advantage of his man-sized couch. “Take your shoes off and get up for a minute.” As Ben sat up to take his shoes off, Roger reached behind him and pulled out the cushion, and propped it against the side arm of the couch. As Ben stood up, Roger slipped his legs up on the couch behind Ben, stretching himself out across the couch, his head resting against the propped up against the pillow. Ben turned, and saw Roger stretched out across the couch behind him. “Okay, come on back down here.” Roger could tell Ben was a bit confused by what Roger was asking him to do. Ben started to sit down as if Roger expected him to sit in front of Roger’s mid section stretch out behind him. Roger knew he had to make clear what he wanted, so he reached up and grabbed Roger by the shoulder, pulling his head down toward Roger’s head by the cushion on the couch arm. “Now bring your legs up to mine.” Roger had no idea how Ben was going to take this direction. His heart skipped a beat as Ben moved his legs up onto the couch and stretched out in front of him, both facing forward toward the television screen. Roger felt Ben’s shoulder press against Roger’s chest, and Roger reflexively gave it a little flex. He sucked in the scent of Ben’s thick brown hair, which he found intoxicating. Roger’s crotch briefly brushed against Ben’s solid round ass, causing Roger to push back to create a little space between them so Ben wouldn’t feel just how hard his presence was making Roger. Roger raised his left arm out over Ben’s back and then loweres his arm so that it draped down over Ben, Roger’s thick bicep stretched across the mound of Ben’s impressive left pec. Roger could actually feel Ben’s heart pounding. “This okay with you, Ben?” Roger was actually more than a little anxious about the answer. “Sure, it’s fine.” Thinking that the pounding he felt in Ben’s chest may be an indication of nervousness or discomfort. Roger felt some need to explain himself in a way that gave him some kind of way out. “Are you sure? I am a physical guy, but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” After a second, Ben responded. “No, really, I like being with you.” With those words, Roger felt a shot of electricity shoot through him. “Feeling is mutual, buddy.” Roger reached down and lightly grabbed Ben’s thigh, giving it a squeeze. As Roger expected, there was plenty of solid meat there. Roger let his left arm drape down over Ben’s torso while his right arm reached under Ben to use the remote to hit play, and left his right arm resting underneath Ben. Roger leaned his body slightly into Ben’s so that Ben’s shoulders were resting on the pillows of Roger’s beefy pecs. At the same time, Roger pulled his pelvis back slightly away from Ben’s ass, as Roger was unsure whether he wanted Ben to press into the hard on in Roger’s pants. For the first five minutes as the movie proceeded, Roger noticed that Ben remained tense, not moving in the least, and Roger became concerned his positioning left Ben uncomfortable. Gradually, Roger could feel Ben relax and slowly lean his shoulders back into Roger. Roger couldn’t restrain his pleasure in feeling Ben nestle into him, and let out a quiet “mmmmm” in response. Roger paid little attention to the film as he enjoyed the feel of the young hunk whose back was lying him. Although Ben must have weighed at last twenty pounds less than Roger, he was nevertheless remarkably muscular and cut - and handsome enough for a magazine cover. Roger had a healthy ego about his own looks. He was used to getting double looks when he walked into a room. But seeing Ben stretched out next to him made him feel like a dirty old man - a very lucky dirty old man. Roger recognized the film was coming to the “beauty shot” scene of the movie. Roger pulled his left hand up to Bem’s shoulder and gave a little squeeze, “I love this part.” A beach scene appeared on the screen. James Bond emerged out of the water in a speedo, the camera slowly scanning his lean and muscular physique. Roger thought about just what Ben would look like in a speedo. Almost without thinking Roger slid his right arm a little further beneath Ben’s side and reached up with his right hand, stroking the contours of Ben’s abs. Just as Roger suspected, the indents were impressive. Abs like that didn’t just happen - you had to work for them. Roger wanted Ben to know he appreciated that work. “You know, Ben, I bet you have much better abs than he does.” “Yeah, well I wish I got paid as much for em.” “I guess you’re just not selling to the right market.” Roger again thought he might be pushing a little too hard, so he removed his hand from Ben’s abs and just watched the rest of the film, fighting the urge to roll Ben over and slide on top. After the film ended, Roger just continued in his position stretched out behind Ben, his big left arm hanging down over Ben’s side. Roger would have been content to stay like that the rest of the night. However, after a minute or two, Roger realized that was not a practical plan, so his left hand reached up and gave Ben’s shoulder a squeeze. “I wish we could stay like this all night but probably not a good idea. I have a flight for a business trip in the morning.” Roger started to move to get up. His hand let go of Ben’s shoulder, but as Roger started to push Ben up a little, he gave Ben’s pec a playfull squeeze - something he had wanted to do all evening. Roger immediately a bit of a grimace in Ben’s face. “Buddy, are you sore there from this morning’s workout?” “Yeah, a bit.” Roger was not going to let the opportunity pass him by. “I know what to do about that. Take off your shirt.” Roger quickly moved himself out from behind Ben, got up, and shot across the floor headed to his bathroom’s medicine cabinet where he knew he had a full bottle of massage lotion. He heard Ben calling out from the couch. “What? No. . . “ Walking back into the living room, Roger responded. “No reason for a guy built like you to hesitate taking off his shirt. Go on.” To Roger’s immense pleasure, Ben complied, raising himself off the couch just enough to pull his shirt off up over head, and then toss it to the side of the couch, finally giving Roger a full look at Ben’s sculptured torso - round delts, full cut pecs, and deeply indented abdominals. Roger moved back onto the couch, standing on his knees straddling either side of Ben just below his hips. As Roger squeezed a small amount of lotion into his hands, he looked down taking in the shirtless young hunk in front of him, who looked up at him without saying a word. Roger thought he needed to let Ben know just how good he looked. “Damn, that’s one well built chest. I wish I had looked like that at your age” Roger could tell Ben’s eyes focused on Roger’s own chest. “You more than caught up.” Roger smiled at the compliment. Then he leaned over and looked into Ben’s eyes as started massaging the lotion into Ben’s pecs, moving out in each direction from the pronounced crevice in the middle. “That’s just some warming massage cream. As I work it in, you’ll feel a little heat.” Roger enjoyed working his fingers into the layers of muscle across Ben’s chest, moving from the top to the middle, down into the sternum, and then slowly back out again. “You feel the warming.” “Yeah, a bit.” Roger was feeling pretty warm himself. “Am I pressing too hard?” “No, just right.” Roger suspected from wincing in Ben’s face and the pressure he knew he was applying that Ben was probably denying how sore he was to impress Roger, and Roger was pleased Ben wanted to impress him. Roger also enjoyed working his fingers deep into Ben’s meaty pecs. However, he wasn’t a sadist. “Let me work it a different way.” Roger began more gently up from the bottom of Ben’s pecs with his palms. “That feels good.” “Great, cause that’s how I want you to feel.” For the next ten minutes, Roger continued to work his palms into Ben’s chest. Given Ben’s clear enjoyment of the attention, Roger began to wonder just how Ben would react if Roger tossed off his own shirt and started massaging Ben’s pecs with his own. Given how aroused he was getting, Roger began to think that and more was inevitable. Ben, however, brought him back to reality. “Roger, thanks, but I better get going. You have a flight in the morning, remember.” “I was just about to have you turn over so I could work your shoulders.” “Another time, perhaps.” Roger wasn’t sure whether to take that as a good sign, or just a way for Ben to get out. Roger reached his fingers out and gave Ben’s pecs a final squeeze. “Okay, you’re right. I do need to grab a few hours sleep before the morning.” Roger stepped off the couch, and stood aside watching Ben get up and put on his shirt and shoes. He decided he might as well make an offer to see if Ben really had any interest. “By the way, they are finally ready to open the building’s weight room this week. I get back from my trip Tuesday evening. Any interest in doing a leg work out with me Wednesday after work?” Ben slowly stood up, and looked at Roger. “Sure, what time?’ “Can you meet me in the lobby at 6:30?” “You got it.” “Great. Bring a weight belt. We’re doing squats.” Roger led Ben through the apartment to the door. He opened the door and turned to Ben. “Thanks for spending your Saturday evening with the old guy who’s new to town.” Ben looked at Roger for a few seconds before responding. “You’re hardly an ‘old guy’ Roger. Thanks for everything. Your place is incredible.” “I’m glad you like it, and hope you’ll be spending some more time here.” “I’ll see you Wednesday.” “Take care, Buddy.” Roger put his hand up to high-five Ben as he walked out. As their hands met, Roger couldn’t help but notice the nice peak in Ben’s bicep. Ben walked out, and Roger closed the door behind him. He waited a few second for Ben to walk toward the elevator, then pumped his fist and spoke quietly to himself: “Yes!”
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    Such a great story and the artwork is fantastic too. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.
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    Okay...this is my first story in years. Many...many years! But...I promised myself I would start writing again, and this is a story I've been working on over Christmas. I'm not sure if there is a Part Two or not. Let me know what you think...but be kind! Like I said... this is my first story in many years!!! The Test Chad hopped out of his jeep and ran up the twelve steps to Jacobs building. The lab was on the fourth floor, and no sooner had he entered the main doors, he was running up the stairs, taking them two at a time. Seconds later, he was bursting through the door. ⁃ Where were you? This is the third time this week you stood me up. ⁃ I left you a message on your phone. I said I was too busy with work to go. ⁃ Too busy to keep the gains you’ve worked on for the past 8 months? It was leg day...and we both know you can’t afford to miss leg day! Chad looked down at his friend and grinned broadly. They had been working out together for nearly a year now, ever since Jacob had joined the gym where Chad was a personal trainer. The relationship had been strained at first. Jacob was naturally shy and insecure in the gym, but once they discovered a common trait: their love for hot men, their friendship flourished. Since then, they worked out together, hung out together, cried a couple of times on each other’s shoulders, and passed from simple gym pals to best friends. Oddly enough, there was never any sexual chemistry between the two, and Chad felt it was best this way. He didn’t have the best track record with men, breaking several hearts in the time he knew Jacob, and sleeping with many many more. He didn’t even think Jacob knew what a complete man-whore he actually was. He never told his friend about his countless sexual escapades, not because he feared Jacob would think less of him, but more because he never really acknowledged what he was...a man who loved sex very, very, very, VERY, much!! Jacob looked up at his friend wearing the craziest pair of glasses/magnifying apparatus Chad had ever seen. ⁃ I’m really in the middle of something. ⁃ I can see that. What is that thing, an emerald? Jacob looked down at the large stone he was holding in his hand, exhaled a sizeable sigh of frustration, and took the optivisor off his head. ⁃ No. It’s not an emerald. We have no clue what it really is. It wasn’t even green this morning? ⁃ What? Really? Chad sat his large frame in the chair nearest his friend. ⁃ How’s it changing colours? ⁃ I have no idea. So far since it was excavated three weeks ago, it’s been orange, red, purple, yellow, and pink. No rhyme or reason for the colour change. It just happens. Usually over night. ⁃ Where was it found? ⁃ A few miles outside Athens. Some colleges of mine are on a dig, excavating what appears to be an ancient agoge. ⁃ A what? ⁃ An agoge...a vigorous training academy for the military. ⁃ Was the stone captured in a raid? ⁃ There was nothing with it except this piece of parchment. Since I’m a gemologist, they sent it over to me to examine. They had to sneek it out of the country by Fed Ex, shoved and sealed in a can of coffee grinds. ⁃ Why? ⁃ They have some idea what it might be after taking a look at this parchment that they found near it. But since they can’t leave the dig for another four weeks without arousing suspicion, they sent it to me to keep safe. ⁃ Trusting friends. ⁃ It’s actually my ex, Elliott. He knew I wouldn’t say no, and I like a good puzzle. ⁃ What do they think it is? Jacob reached over and pressed the space bar of his laptop. The screen came to life, and with a few clicks of his mouth, found the document he was searching for. ⁃ Here’s a copy of the parchment. From what I can translate...this figure is some sort of cosmic king. ⁃ Zeus? ⁃ No. It almost appears as if he’s beyond even Zeus. ⁃ An alien? ⁃ Maybe. I don’t know. Whatever it is, he’s asking this warrior a riddle. When the warrior gets the riddle right, a beam of light shoots from the gem into the warrior, transforming him into what looks like a magnified version of himself....the perfect soldier. ⁃ Damn. ⁃ Yeah. ⁃ I guess you need the alien king to make it work. ⁃ Maybe. I’ve tried sending light through it. Here...look... Jacob got up from his desk and moved to the center of the room where an apparatus was placed. ⁃ I’ve put the gem stone here, and sent light through it from here into several rats and mice, but nothing. No change. Nothing. I’ve tried every wave length you can think of, several different power sources, and even natural sun and moonlight, but nothing. I’m at a loss. I tried the light from a laser this afternoon, but the rat just sat there happy as could be. It must need a mediator of some kind to make it work, but I’m not sure what. So...you can see why I’ve missed the gym the past couple of days. ⁃ Yeah. Why work out when you can build your own warrior rats here. Chad got up and moved to near where Jacob was standing. ⁃ Why didn’t I go to college instead of joining the Marines? I could be working on interesting shit like this instead of waiting for lazy PhD no-shows. ⁃ I said I was sorry, ⁃ Did you? ⁃ I think I did...and besides I’m doing this on the sly. My boss has been driving me crazy, having me put together a presentation for him that he has to present at a conference. What time is it? I have to bring it to him at his house by six. Jacob and Chad both looked at the clock across the room. ⁃ Good. Only 3:40. ⁃ Buddy, that clocks wrong. After you, I had Mrs. Walsh, and I got done with her at 6. It had to be at least 6:30 by now. ⁃ What? It can’t be! Chad looked down at his watch and showed it to Jacob. ⁃ 6:45 actually. ⁃ No! No...no...no! Fuck!! It can’t be!! Fuck!!! Jacob ran over and grabbed a Zip drive from his desk. ⁃ He’s going to kill me. I’ll never make it over there in time. I only have my bike with me... Fuck!!! ⁃ Take my Jeep. ⁃ What? ⁃ Here take my Jeep . How far away does he live? ⁃ About 20 minutes by bike... ⁃ So you’ll get there in no time with my Jeep. I’ll stay here and when you get back we can go for a drink. ⁃ Oh my God. Thank you so much. ⁃ No problem. I have a spot right outside. Just calm down and be careful. ⁃ I will. I promise. I’ll be right back, Grabbing Chad’s keys, Jacob tore out the door leaving Chad alone in the now empty lab. He could never be holed up in a room like this, examining stones and rats. He was too much of a physical person. He needed to be out and about either working out, or jogging, or any other of his physical hobbies. He never had any interest in scholarly pursuits. To him the stone was just a stone...even if it did apparently change colours and come with a pretty cool backstory. Chad picked up the stone and looked at the computer screen one more time. ⁃ So...the light goes through the stone and into the rat... *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Jacob parked the Jeep, turned it off, and got out slower then he wanted to. After that ordeal at Professor Lease’s house, he was both physically and mentally exhausted. He had to simply stand there as the older man berated him over punctuality, responsibility, and the qualities it took to be an adjunct professor in his department. Jacob has nearly cried as Lease went on and on and on. He would have continued even longer if his Uber hadn’t arrived to take him to the airport. The final insult to injury cane as Professor Lease passed Chad’s Jeep and said: ⁃ This is yours? ⁃ No. I borrowed it from a friend. ⁃ I didn’t think someone like you would drive something like this. Shape-up, Mr. Harrow. With that, he slammed the door to the Uber, and was whisked away. Jacob waved to the car as it quickly faded into the distance wishing he had the balls to give him the finger instead of this ridiculous display of false affection. Now as he opened the glass door to the building that housed his office/lab, he decided that he would take the lift up to the fourth floor instead of climbing each of the stairs. Nearly thinking about the climb in his current mood filled him with dread. It was while thinking these thoughts that he suddenly realized the foyer to his building was in complete darkness. Moving to the wall that held the light switch, he blindly felt his hand around until he found it. Click. Click. Nothing. There must be an outage somewhere, he thought, and gazing outside, realized it was only his and a couple of other buildings in the area that were bathed in complete darkness. Carefully taking each step that laid ahead of him, Jacob began the journey to the fourth floor. Chad must be sitting upstairs in the dark since he wasn’t outside to greet him, Jacob thought as he reached the second floor. Jacob smiles as he thought of his friend doing push-ups or sit-ups to keep himself busy as he waited in the dark. He wished he had his friends energy and drive when it came to fitness...but it wasn’t anything that ever really interested him. He never would have even joined the gym if it hadn’t been for the offer to have 300.00 pounds taken off of his private insurance with proof that he was living a healthy life. He would have quit a week after joining if it hadn’t been for being paired up with Chad for an offer of four free sessions with a personal trainer. Chad’s sexiness kept him returning for the four sessions, and just the thought of being able to hang out with someone like him had Jacob signing up for three sessions a week. Now that they were friends Chad told him he would train him for free, but Jacob refused. He knew that his friend needed the money, so He made up the excuse of not getting Chad in trouble with his Boss at the gym for continuing the payments. It wasn’t a lot, but Jacob was glad to be able to help his friend out. As he climbed the final flight of stairs that would take him to his office, Jacob saw flashes of light as well as what sounded like sexual moans coming from under his door. As he got closer, Jacob could hear his friend clearly as Chad let out a loud ⁃ FUCK!!! Jacob laughed quietly. Chad must have gotten bored waiting for him in the dark and decided to rub one out while watching porn on his phone, which would account for the flashing light. He thought he would wait outside until Chad finished up when he heard Chad calling out to him, moaning as he spoke: ⁃ Jacob! Fuck!! Come in! ⁃ I think you’re doing just fine on your own. You don’t need me. ⁃ Get in here!! Man!! I have a surprise for you! Fuck yeah!! Slight embarrassed thinking about what he was about to see, Jacob opened the door. What he actually saw far exceeded his imagination of what Chad has been up to. The laser was powered on, and the beam was first going through a magnifying glass that had somehow been rigged onto the apparatus, then through the stone which was rapidly changing every colour known to man. The beam continued through the stone, emerging as a multi coloured arrow of light hitting Chad squarely in the chest. Chad was shirtless, and the sweat that was pouring down his chest was highlighted in the every changing array of colours. ⁃ You made it just in time. ⁃ What the fuck are you doing, mate!! You’re crazy. Jacob ran over to the switch that powered the beam with every intention of turning it off. ⁃ Don’t!! As Jacobs hand reached for the switch, an arch of electronic energy erupted from the panel, shocking him into submission. ⁃ He won’t let you stop it. Not now. Chad’s moaning continued, and his breathing became more rapid. Jacob could see he was aroused from the obvious tenting of his shorts. ⁃ If you felt like I did, you’d never want this to stop either. I feel like I’m having thousands of orgasms all at the same time, and they keep getting more and more powerful... I can hardly stand it. ⁃ Who’s this ‘he’ that you mentioned? ⁃ I don’t know. He’s just a voice I can hear in my head. He told me how to wire up your laser and draw all of the power from the building. He said you were so close... you just needed a push. ⁃ You shouldn’t have tested it on yourself. We have no clue what it will do to you. ⁃ I still don’t. All I know is as each second passes, it’s filling me up more and more with power. Jacob leaned against the desk and watched his friend experiencing what seemed like pain and ecstasy at the same time. ⁃ I just wanted to help. I got the idea for the magnifying glass from what you said about it transforming the soldier into a magnified version of himself. Maybe the light just needed to be magnified. So, I rigged that magnifying glass there, set the rat on the table, and turned it on. Nothing. I then thought...maybe you didn’t need a rat...maybe you needed a guinnea pig. A human one. So I moved the rat and put myself there. At first Nothing happened, and then I heard a whisper in the back of my head, almost like a thought to take my shirt off...so I did. Once it was hitting my flesh, I could hear the whispering better. He told me you were being too careful...the rat would never work because it had no real cognizant thoughts. Then he said the power was too low. He had me turn it up and then step into the beam. The voice was getting louder...and he said that it still wasn’t strong enough, so he told me how to rewire the entire console, draining energy from this building and three more that surrounded it. He also had me put that failsafe around the switch because he knew if you came back you would be worried and shut it…Awww! Fuck…Jacob!!! Nearly there!!! I’m nearly entirely filled up. Jacob!!! I’m so filled with power I feel like I’m going to explode! I can’t even explain how this feels. ⁃ What’s going to happen next? What happens when you get entirely filled up. ⁃ I don’t know! All I know is… Chad stopped talked and appeared to be listening to someone speak. - You were wrong, Jacob. It’s not a riddle. It’s a test. - A test? What do you mean? - He wants to know what I really am. Deep down…what do I really believe I am? - You’re a human…like me… - He knows that! Deep down…what am I? - Chad…please…stop this now…while you can. - I can’t, Jacob. Not now…and I don’t think I want to. What am I deep down? We both know…don’t we? We both know what I am. Jacob realized Chad was no longer speaking to him, but to the voice only he could hear. - Exactly. I’m a sexual animal. That’s what I am. I’ve always known that. We both know that. Silence again for a few moments…and then Chad started speaking again. - What do I wish to become? What will I be? A sexual beast…a sexual conqueror… a sexual warrior? Jacob leaned forward as he saw Chad smile and then laugh. - Exactly. Why stop there. You’re right. That is exactly what I need to be. A God. A sexual God. Suddenly the room went silent. The beam from the laser shut off, and the only thing that eliminated the room was a glow from the stone…now completely clear. - It’s happening, Jacob. I can feel it. I’m changing! Oh, Fuck! My cock! Look at my cock! Jacob watched as the bulge in his shorts started to get bigger and bigger, looking as if someone was inflating a large balloon with air. Chad threw his head back and started moaning loudly again. - I can feel my whole body changing, Jake. What am I becoming? Jacob watched as Chad’s bulge proceeded to get bigger and bigger until he finally heard his underwear rip, and his cock flopped out the leg hole of his shorts. Fuck, Jacob thought, his cock is nearly down to his knee and it’s still growing. The shaft continued to grow longer and thicker, the head growing larger and meatier. - Fuck yeah, Jake! Fuckin take a look at me!!! Jacob couldn’t help looking at Chad as his penis continued to stretch and swell. Within a few minutes the massive shaft was nearing the floor. It was thicker than Chad’s own muscular arms, and just as veiny. The head was nearly as thick as two of Jacob’s fist together, and had a gaping hole he easily could have stuck several fingers into. - I’m getting so horny, Jake. I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny. Chad’s cock began to get thicker and longer as it got harder, defying gravity and rising up off of the floor. Soon there was a war between Chad’s penis and his shorts, and to no ones surprise, the penis won, first tearing the leg of his shorts, and then quickly destroying the rest of the material. Chad stood there naked, his eyes wild and filled with lust, his hands moving toward the shaft of his newly grown penis. Even with his long arms he couldn’t touch the head of it, and both hands were not enough to encircle the girth. Chad looked at Jacob and grinned. - Can’t wait to fuck with this thing!! - I’m not sure anyone will be able to take you with it. - Oh yeah? Take a look! As if Chad was willing it of his own accord, a river of pre began to flow from the hole at the end of his massive cock. It was like someone had turned a faucet on and walked away from the tap. Jacob looked at Chad, and watched him close his eyes. - Take another look. Jacob looked back down at Chad’s cock, and watched as pre suddenly began to flow from tiny pores all over his cock. Soon, the entire shaft was slick and dripping with pre. - Apparently I’m self lubricating now. Chad’s hearty laugh suddenly deepened three octaves as his hands cuped the testicles that sat in his sack. They were quickly enlarging to match his penis. Chad felt around his sack, cupping the two orange sized balls with a smirk that suddenly turned into a grimace of pain. Jacob looked down to where Chad’s hands had quickly gone to, and discovered there appeared to be a third testicle emerging. - What the fuck’s happening to me? Chad’s voice was so low now it was more like a grumble. Jacob could see a fourth testicle suddenly form in his ball sack, and begin to swell. Chad’s sack grew larger as the four testicles grew to the size of extremely large grapefruits. This sudden rush of god like testosterone hit Chad all at once, and hair began to sprout all over his body. Jet black hair began to take root around his lips and on his chin forming the manliest of beards. His bare chest was next as hair began to thickly coat his pecs. Like water flowing down a mountain, his abs, then crotch, and finally legs were covered in silky black hair. Chad’s hands felt his face and chest, marveling at the sudden carpet of hair that had grown there. Soon after, his muscular arms began to be covered as well, leading to his arm pit which grew a dense outcrop of hair. - What do you think, Jake? I always wanted to be a little hairier. The exploration of his new hairy body was cut short by a sudden jolt of pain. Jacob moved toward Chad, but his arm flew out and stopped him. - It’s okay, buddy. Don’t worry. I think I’m growing. Jacob watched on with concern as Chad’s body began to jerk and then convulse wildly. He feared Chad was having some sort of a seizure, but realized it was simply every muscle in his body pulsing with new found power. Jacob surveyed Chad’s chest where it seemed to be hitting with the most force. His already muscular pecs were pumping larger and larger as if it was ten years of solid chest workouts in one minute. - Look at these chesticles! I can barely see over them! Chad had barely uttered these words when his pecs flourished even larger blocking any view he would have of his lower body. Chad looked preposterous with these now 100 pound each pecs plastered to his body, but that appearance was to be short lived. Chad’s neck began to grow outward, thickening like a redwood. His shoulders erupted upward, becoming grander and more rounded. Jacob heard the cracking of bones and noticed both of Chad’s arms were lengthening as his biceps and triceps expanded and enlarged. Soon Chad’s hands scraped the floor, as his forearms thickened to the size of Jacob’s own thigh. Each finger lengthened and expanded, and the palm of his hand became as large as a manhole cover. Chad lifted his hands off of the ground and examined them. - I think I might have some trouble finding gloves to fit these mits! Chad flexed both of his long arms with a grin. His bi’s and tri’s erupted in size, becoming larger than Jacob’s head and still continued to swell. Chad dropped his arms, his huge hands slapping the floor. They didn’t rest on the floor for long as Chad’s lats began to expand like the rest of him. His back was growing wider and wider, and soon his arms didn’t rest against his side anymore, but were forced away from him. A rumble of laughter erupted from Chad. His cock had started leaking pre again, and his hands had begun to stroke the mighty shaft. Even with his massive hands, Chad still couldn’t complete grip his cock, and needed to use both to completely encircle it. One hand left his cock and moved to his pecs where he began to play with his nipples. Along with his chest, each nipple had grown and now were the length and thickness of Jacob’s own thumbs. His pecs had gotten so large that the nipples were forced downward, and the cleft between them could completely hide Jacobs foot. From his pecs, Chad’s hands went down to his abs which were beginning to grow along with the rest of them. Chad had an incredible 6 pack before, but now each abdominal muscle swelled to resemble thick body armor. The hair that had grown on his chest did nothing to hide the incredible wall of muscle that was emerging on his stomach. The sound of bones breaking and reassembling themselves began again, and Jacob watched as Chad’s legs began to grow longer. Where the man had once been at least 6 feet tall, his height skyrocketed to seven feet and then closer to eight. In moments, Chad’s head had hit the ceiling, bringing plaster down onto his body. Not to be left out, Chad’s feet ripped from his sneakers, and soon began to cover three of the 12 inch floor tiles, and then proceeded to eclipse a fourth. Chad screamed out in pain and reached for his ball sack. - Fuck!!! I’m growing another set again! The growth of the third set of testicles brought a further wave of testosterone through Chad, causing his body hair to become even denser, and swelling his quads and calves until his legs were thicker than redwood trees. Chad had to adjust his stance several times as his thighs grew more and more massive. A further cry of pain brought his hands back to his balls. - What now??!! To Jacob’s eyes, it appeared like the six large balls were moving around on their own inside Chad’s ball sack. - They’re merging! Jacob watched in awe as the six large testicles merged into two of the largest balls he had ever seen. They didn’t appear out of place on Chad’s massive body, but next to a mere human, they would be as large as ostrich eggs. Chad’s massive hands flew suddenly to his head as he cried out again. Slowly, Chad’s head and face were expanding, getting large to fit in proportion to his body. His mandible cracked as his jawline squared off, somewhat hidden by Chad’s new beard, but still obvious. - This is it pal! This is it!! Every part of Chad’s body grew even larger than it had been before, gaining hundred more pounds in muscle and size in minutes. With his bearlike paws, Chad grabbed his cock and began to frantically jerk it off. The second round of growth continued faster as Chad fell to his knees as to not go through the ceiling. Even on his knees, Chad was taller than Jacob. Pre was flying everywhere as Chad proceeded to masturbate with fervor. He’s going to explode, Jacob though, watching his friend getting far larger than anything he could imagine. Suddenly, Chad stopped all action. Jacob wondered what was next, and realized Chad’s focus was now on his cock. Longer and thicker it swelled, finger sized veins criss-crossing the length of it. The head swelled even larger still, and with the power of his giant testicles, Chad began to ejaculate. Cum erupted from Chad’s penis, hitting every object in the room, including Jacob. Shot after shot were fired, until it seemed there was no end in sight. Chad grabbed hold of his cock again with one hand trying to control where it was firing, but only succeeding in exciting himself more. Sweat ran down Chad’s face as an eroma of male musk emerged from his body. Jacob came in his trousers simply from seeing and smelling his friend. Chad lifted his arm and smelled his own armpit. Smiling at Jacob, he proceeded to squeeze his massive right nipple, and let out the lowest moan of ecstacy Jacob had ever heard. Seven more shots of cum erupted from Chad’s penis, and then there was silence; cum dripping quietly from the massive hole. - It’s done, Jake. - You’re massive. - How big do you think I am? - I don’t know. Probably close to 9 feet tall and thousands of pounds. Your damn head is as big as my chest… both heads… and even after cumming for nearly 10 minutes your cock is still hard. - I’m still horny. I don’t think I’ll ever not be horny again. Jacob laughed. - I can’t wait till the world gets a look at you. - What do you think of me? - You’re incredible. So far beyond human. - I ceased being human about twenty minutes ago. He gave me a choice for my shape…and for a moment I thought of becoming a two-hundred foot dragon. What do you think? Chad closed his eyes, and through only his will, two large amphibious wings ripped from his back. They were as wide and masculine as he was. Chad breathed, and fire erupted from his mouth. His eyes became those of a snake, and a moment later, fire erupted from the head of Chad’s penis, proving to Jacob that he was indeed more God than man. - You’re magnificent now, but I’m more at ease with how you were before… - I could destroy you with a mere thought if I wanted to…reduce you to dust with a single wish. Jacob knew every word Chad was saying was true. But, when Chad smiled down at him, he knew he had nothing to worry about. Chad’s wings folded into his back again, and his eyes reverted to their customary look. - He wants to know when you’ll join us. He wants you to take your place among the God’s. - He still talks to you? - No. He’s silent. He’s waiting for you. - I don’t know… this might all be too much for me. I don’t know what kind of God I’d be. - Deep down you know what you are… just like I knew what I am. Jacob did know what he was, but he was afraid to admit it. Afraid of what he would become. - But first… I need to thank you. Chad blew, and every stitch of Jacobs clothes disappeared. Chad grinned, and opened his mouth, revealing his tongue. As Jacob watched, his tongue lengthened and proceeded to move snakelike down his body until it wrapped itself around Jacob’s cock and balls. Before he knew it, Chad’s tongue was slowly jerking him off. The tip of his tongue licked his cock head, and teased the opening. Just when he thought he couldn’t take amymore, Chad effortlessly lifted him off of the floor until they were eye to eye. Chad grinned a wicked grin, and his tongue proceeded to lengthen again, making its way toward Jacob’s asshole. Within moments, he was being both jerked off and rimmed by the God that held him. Chad’s tongue entered Jacobs hold, sending shockwaves through him. What will I become…Jacob wondered as his friends huge tongue proceeded to enter him further and further, thickening as it went, and proceeded to start fucking him. What will I become? He knew it was far from human… even further than his friend had come, and that scared and excited him.
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    "If punching through a 45 pound plate impressed you, wait until I punch through an entire wall."
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    Alternate title: The pump is life! The pump is...too much? The story isn’t done but I’m posting what I have for those guys that expressed interest in it, I’ll be finishing and editing it over the next day or two. Feedback is welcome. “Congratulations Max! You’ve been chosen, as you are required to do as per section 4 paragraph 3 of your sponsorship contract, to test one of the many fine products we make here at Unbound Beast! Project Pump Unbound is sure to lead to great things during your workouts and will leave with a pump like no other while giving you the energy to push yourself to levels you’ve never knew you could attain. Satisfaction? Guaranteed! Ensure you follow directions EXACTLY as laid out to give you the best results possible and relay your experiences back to the company ASAP. “ Yadda, yadda, yadda. The letter that came with the package goes on for some more self aggrandizing bullshit about the company. For a supplement company they really have their heads deep up their own asses. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful they sponsored me and love what their “100% legal over the counter supplements” (and the not so legal ones they give people like me they sponsor) but I have to admit they worry me at times. Not just the completely soulless nature they do things but the fact, for all they hype them up, the men they sponsor and spend so much time and money on all seem to...quietly just disappear. At the same time though I do love the results I’ve been getting, the attention, money, and the chance at getting on the Olympia stage so if some shady shit is going on I don’t care so long as I get my due. With their help I’ve gone from an up and coming heavyweight bodybuilder tipping the scale at a, relatively, meager 253lbs while juiced to the gills to a rather staggering 328lbs, with a pro card now I might add, in a matter of a few short months. Thank fucking god that I’m over 6’ because the muscle just keeps packing on with no end in sight and I’d start to worry if I was any shorter about being able to get around properly. I mean at least this time they decided to have me act as a guinea pig on a preworkout of all things. I’d love to get to a nice even 350lbs with their help, so I can truly put the fear of ME into people at the gym and on stage, but it is starting to get a bit out of control. Whatever. Who the fuck actually needs clothes that aren’t painted onto every part of your body or to be able to fit in doorways...or cars...or plane seats without some severe discomfort for everyone involved? I sure as fucking hell don’t! I love this shit. I live for this shit. Unbound Beast can make me into a freak of nature but it’s my choice to stay one. So let’s see what this new toy they just sent to me on a silver platter can really fucking do. I put on my favorite pair of tights, spandex shirt, and high tops before grabbing my shit and a shaker full of this special “Project Pump Unbound” before getting into my truck and speeding my way to the gym like a child anxious for the arrival of Santa. I couldn’t hold in my excitement as I down the bitter and tangy preworkout the moment I saw the gym on the horizon. By the time I got out of my truck, which very visibly lurched as I stepped out of it, I could feel it start working. I swear the veins on my arms and what you could see all across my legs through my tights were pulsating with every heart beat as the supplement made its way throughout my body. I swaggered toward the gym with full confidence that this workout was going to be fucking legendary. Every step I could feel my arms bounce off my lats as they made contact, my quads grazing each other all the way down my knees, and my calves flexing into thick balls of pure sex and power with every step as I waddled through the front door. So single minded was desire for self worship through steel that I brushed past the front desk with the attendant looked at with a mix of annoyance and recognition. Not a single person at this gym did not know who I was or just how much of a muscled freak I’ve become over the last few months. Despite my best efforts people were intimidated of me and gave me a wide berth, I admit it bothers me that they feel this way even when I go out of my way to be friendly and approachable but you know? Tonight. Tonight it suits me just fucking fine. I’m on a mission to test this little prototype drug of UBI’s and I won’t be done until I’ve pumped every single muscle to the fucking max, time to stress test this shit. I made my way to the weight room floor stopping at the threshold to survey my kingdom, my temple of iron dedicated to the exultation of power, muscle, and personal dominance. I couldn’t help myself as I adjusted my inordinately sizes bulge as my dick too decided to begin its own praise of what as to come. One major thing I will give Unbound’s products, I don’t have to worry about my balls withering to nothing like I had to on hear despite my body hosting a chem lab’s worth of chemicals. With purpose I made my way to the nearest unoccupied treadmill to start a quick warm scaring a man I’d seen numerous times before at the gym. There was a spring in my step as I began a light jog which I couldn’t tell if it was due to the preworkout or my anticipation. I looked around the gym floor curious to see who was here tonight as I noticed that the man on the treadmill next to me was blatantly eye fucking me as I ran, the only noise that could be heard were my thundering footfalls that echoed through out the entire room and his hard breathing as he leered at my form. I laughed to myself and stared directly into his eyes which finally broke him from his trance, he blushed and turned forward again but stumbled off his treadmill and onto his ass on the ground. Immediately j stopped my jog and allowed the treadmill to deposit me on the ground next to him with a resounding THUD. He had a combination of surprise, hurt pride, and embarrassment on his face as I bent down to help him back onto his feet. Only then did I notice the respectably large tent in his shorts that was twitching with need as he looked at me. Defiantly he ignored my hand and scrambled into the locker room blushing so hard his face darkened several hues redder. I chuckled to myself about the situation while feeling sorry for kid’s predicament. I gathered my things, readjusted my dick again which was having a mind of its own since I drank that preworkout, and headed over to an open bench press. I put a plate on each side to begin warming up my chest, quickly busting out 20 reps to really get the blood flowing for a weight that is otherwise completely insignificant to me. As I sat back up I caught a quick glance of myself in the mirror. I could see my chest visibly swell just a little bit larger with every breath after this single set. Oh. Hell. Fucking. “YES!” I startled two guys next to me in the middle of their set with my outburst. I thought to myself now that I have their attention I may as well request they help my make the most of this. “Hey. Can you two do me a solid? Put on another 45lb plate when I tell you to, I want to bust out a quick pyramid set.” They glanced at each other before quickly nodding. I laid back down under the bar as they put another plate on each side of the bar for me and again I repped out a quick 20 reps with little exertion on my part. “Another!” A plate was added and 20 more reps went by. “Another!!” 20 more reps. “Another!!!” 20 again. “ANOTHER!!!” I finally slowed down but not due to fatigue or exhaustion, in fact I’d never felt so good, I slowly…slowly lowered the bar down to my chest taking my sweet time to burst back up with enough force to surprise my two helpers into taking a step back. I did this again, and again, and again until yet another twenty reps had passed with my brow finally starting to sweat from the show the combination of personal and chemically enhanced strength. I was spellbound as I went through the motions. Any pain or ache I’ve ever had no matter how minor was dispelled as if it was never there, I was like a conduit of human prowess made manifest as I started to scare even myself with what this drug was doing for me yet my only thought was “MORE!” With a jarring sound of metal on metal I racked the weights before muttering my thanks to the two slack jawed men that helped me. Keeping my head down so I could surprise myself with the results I made my way to cable area. Immediately I began to belt out rep after rep of cable crossovers, lateral raises, reverse later raises, pull ups, wide grip pulldowns, curls, pushdowns, and anything at all that could be done for my upper body in quick succession. The only time to sound of weight hitting weight as I acted like a demon possessed was when I changed the weight or exercises, I began to draw the attention of nearly everyone on the gym floor but I didn’t care. Well over an hour passed before I finally stopped to look at the results at which point I now knew why everyone was staring at me. My compression shirt was so tight across my hulking form that it looked like I had stolen a shirt belonging to a small child. I gingerly flexed one of my arms in the mirror as they were so bloated with blood and brawn that it became a feat to even do that much. What had once been about the size of my head now completely eclipsed it. My forearms were so thick and riddled with veins completely engorged with blood that it fought with my biceps for space as I flexed my arm. Quietly a sound of threads tearing as they futilely fought against my lat that stuck out like a wing belonging on a beast from legend. I gasped at the sight and accidentally began to choke myself as my chest puffed up like parade float balloon. Unable to help myself lowered my arm and began to flex my chest, making my pecs dance and put on a show for anyone watching, which at this point was so densely packed with muscle that they may as well make a Z cup size just for me. My shoulders made my shirt like I was smuggling two basketballs that both lead to a mountainous peak which lead to the bottom of my skull rendering me truly neck-less, the only thing ruining this image was my legs that had until now escaped my attention. Swiftly I made my way a leg press and the seated calf machine loading them both with as much weight as they could hold. I want to make sure I don’t neglect a single part of my body so long as this preworkout is in my system but I wanted to do something special for my own amusement and curiosity. With both haste and control I jumped back and forth between the two machines only allowing my increasingly pumped calves time to rest as I walked from one to another. Rep after rep, set after set, I pounded the bastards into compliance like a blacksmith at a forge attacking them at every angle for over half an hour until the pump was so fucking painful I could not take another step and sat down next to a squat rack. As my breath was so ragged it came out in bellows I began to laugh madly at the pain just completely fucking reveling in it. Delicately I stood up, my movements awkward, as I began to pile on plate after plate on the squat rack to finish my calves off completely. Flippantly I tossed another two plates onto the ground for me to stand on as I fought through the pain and the excruciatingly over pumped muscles to begin a standing calf raises using a weight that would have blown even my own squat one rep max out of the water. With every repped they bulged out wider, another vein appeared, and the pain from both the exertion and pump only got worse. Victoriously I slammed the bar back onto the squat rack after set after nonstop set to see what I had accomplished. Immediately I got hard, painfully so. Defiantly they ignored my commands to flex only responding with pain and a tightness that distended my overburdened skin but eventually my calves relented. So overloaded with muscle were they that my stance was forced into an inverse of a cowboy, the size ratio between my calves and upper legs were reverse making me look truly ridiculous but yet, to me, only aroused me further as a large wet spot began to form on the railroad spike bulge jutting from my groin. I got under the bar one last time as I had one last area that demanded my attention. With perfect form I squatted…and squatted…and squatted, the entire time my tights were being pulled forward by my dick which was no less turgid than when I started. Every ascent I was welcomed to my quads bloating up just a bit more, every descent I could feel my hamstrings flex and swell further as my ass bulged even more. Soon my calves were met and then exceeded by the size of my upper legs as they took their rightful place as the reigning monstrosity they were always meant to be. I only stopped when I could no longer push my feet outward to accommodate the muscle just take up every millimeter of possible space on my legs. Awkwardly I racked the weight and waddled out to see what I had made of myself. No doubt came to my mind that while my calves here half again as large as my legs used to be my legs were now half again larger than that; and to both my delight and surprised the pump I had worked so hard for on my upper body hadn’t diminished…in fact if anything it looked like it bloated up even more. I began to go through my pose routine laughing to myself every time I felt stitching on my tights or compression shirt rip and tear or when I wasn’t able to fully complete a pose either due to the pump or the staggering, almost bordering on offensive to the eye, size of my body. Winded from a long, grueling, and fruitful workout I stopped posing and grabbed my gym bag as I made my way to the locker room. Thoughts of how hard it was getting to move or that maybe I overdid it crept up to the forefront of my mind but I had little choice but to try and not think about it as I awkwardly waddled into the locker room, every step more of a challenge than the last. Unceremoniously I dropped my bag in a corner and began to flail around in vain while I attempted to pull off my clothes. I sighed in a mixture of defeat and worry as I heard someone enter the locker room behind me. Very stiffly I turned around as I heard someone begin to speak. “Look man I’m sorry about earlier, it’s just that you just a…fucking beast and I couldn’t help but stare at you.” It was the man earlier from the treadmill. He was looking down at his feet clearly too embarrassed to look me in the eye from his fall earlier. He began to look up as he continued. “I mean I’m sure you’re used to it and all but I know it’s rude as hell to stare at people but I just wanted to say…HOLY FUCK WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?” I quickly raised a finger to my mouth, or tried to at least I should say. My arms were too swollen from whatever the fuck this preworkout is doing to me that it was just an impossible task at this point. “Hey!” I barked at him. “Lower your voice damn it and apology accepted but can you do me a solid here?” He flinched slightly at my outburst and looked at me inquisitively. “I uh…sorta over did it…can you help me take my clothes off?” Immediately he began to give me a look as if he was wondering if this was a trick and simultaneously praying to whatever god that it wasn’t. “I swear to Christ I’m not fucking with you or coming on to you but I seriously need to take a cold shower and cool down but I really fucking overdid it in the gym man.” Like a wild animal accepting food from a human he slowly and very cautiously took a few steps towards me as if to make sure I wasn’t about to hit him or something. “I’m not going to bite man.” I laughed to myself and then muttered under my breath. “I don’t think I could right now if I wanted to anyways.” As his hands neared the hem of my compression shirt he stopped to look at me and check if this was really ok or not, I rolled my eyes and nodded my head for him to get on with it. He shrugged and delicately began to peel it off. I could hear the fabric protest and seams rip even more as he disrobed the shirt which was well past its max capacity. I could feel his hands explore my torso as he tried to take off the shirt without outright destroying the tortured and abused clothing. It ended up being all for nothing though as I could barely raise my arms at this point with how swollen they had grown that he ended up ripping it off the rest of the way. We both let out an involuntary gasp once we were both able to get an unobstructed view of the aberration I had turned into. Every single muscle on my torso simultaneously looked like it was made of the densest granite ridden with innumerous veins and striations but also as if they were inflated like a balloon struggling to not burst. Treadmill guy started to pitch another rather impressive tent in his shorts as I snapped my hand to get his attention. “Hey…uh…what is your name?” I asked while trying to hide my embarrassment at not asking him before asking him to take off my clothes. “Brent.” He responded as he put his hand onto one of my pecs. I snapped again to try and get him to pay attention. “Look I’m flattered but could you please help me take the rest off and maybe buy me dinner before you go any further?” Brent blushed as he took his hand off my chest and started his attempt at taking my tights off. With some patience, and extreme luck that no one walked in on us while he was helping me, Brent was some fucking how able to peel of my tights which were now severely distorted by the ordeal they went through trying to contain my legs. He also helped take of my shoes and socks with little fanfare but that left just one thing piece of clothing left that I still wouldn’t be able to take off in my current state...the posers I wore when I worked out. “Seriously?” Brent asked me in a tone mixed with humor over the audacity of the situation and hope that hope he wasn’t just dreaming. “…yes, seriously. Please.” I responded blushing and trying to avoid eye contact the entire time. “Ok then…” Brent said to reaffirm himself as he put his hands around my waist and pulled down my posers. Immediately my dick, which had softened but still left a very visible wet spot from my earlier excitement on both my posers and tights, popped out of my posers. It uppercut Brent’s jaw as it inflated like a twisting balloon with a mind of its own to the utmost size possible without popping. As Brent started to cuss at the unexpected dick uppercut my now excessively large, and did I mention erect, dick succumbed to gravity as it plopped down onto Brent’s face with the tip resting firmly in the middle of his forehead leaking precum all over his face. Brent stared cross-eyed at his assailant wondering what the hell just hit him and then leaked over him I turned around and wobbled away at a pace that would be ridiculously slow if not for my current predicament spouting a thank you over my shoulder before he could comprehend what happened to him. As I made my way to the showers, praying that maybe a cold shower would help ease my exceedingly pumped up muscle, I could feel a pressure begin to build up in my nuts. Every step the pressure got worse and worse, my dick was being pushed up until it was standing vertically as my balls began to swell and accumulate seed at a painful and worry rate. I got the counter and mirror before the shower room with every one of my erratic steps being followed by a resounding THWACK noise of flesh hitting flesh as my dick bounced around wildly when the pressure was too much. I bent over and grabbed the counter as all of the cum that had been demanding release could wait no more. I stared into my reflection meeting my eyes are I let loose a sound that no human should be able to make, my gaze never broke as I took in what a fucking freak of nature I became as what felt like gallon after gallon of cum erupted out of my dick ten times more powerful than any volcano but just as destructive as I could feel the wall, floor, and my feet be completely doused with my essence. It took me a few minutes to collect myself and catch my breath as I hurried as fast as my overly bloated legs could take me into the showers. Finally I made it into the open showers and fumbled about trying to turn them on in a final attempt to cool my body down or do something…anything at all to reverse or slow whatever the fuck is happening to me. I was on the verge of tears in my frustration that I finally got what I wanted, to be a freak, but it was just too fucking much when I heard Brent’s voice. “Hey man are you alright? I saw your…mess, do you still need some help man?”
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    Older men lifting is better than porn.
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    "What do you want to do now?" the big elder man asked. "Watch you crush the microwave," I quickly responded.
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    When we have to replace the keyboard weekly.
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    Talk about the definition of muscle daddy-ness!!
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    He filled so many of my young teenager nights with pleasure. Still one of my favorite faces in bodybuilding. I love that mustache.
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    When he sees me struggling with the lift and wants to egg me on.
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    "Go ahead. I'll let you throw the first punch. Trust me, though, it's not going to do a thing."
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    "You must be cold. Your nipples are poking out like door knobs." "Naw, they get the way when I'm really turned on. They're still rock hard from the oral abuse you administered to them last night." "Well, gorgeous things need attention." "That's why I brought you some coffee, beautiful man." "It's also what my ass is still in pain. But I'm not complaining!" "Sorry about that. I can turn into a muscle daddy beast when I get going." "I love your inner beast. However, I'm not sure the clothes you destroyed while ripping them off my body feel the same way." "I'll buy you new ones. By the way, my inner beast is starting to get pretty hard right now. My nipples never lie. I'm a horny monster all over again." I downed my coffee and quickly said, "I'm all yours."
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    "I'm thinking it's about time I broke you in."
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    He looked down at me and said, "I like my men young, small, soft, and easy to lift."
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    Why settle for one muscle daddy when you can have two!
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    _______________________________________________________________________ colaboration: mutabear & alakazam1988 Coach has started me on the best new supplements. It grew my muscles and body hair, but most importantly it has given an enormous fat cock. Plus, when I start cumming I can shoot as much as I want. My favorite thing to do now is fill up cups and glasses with my loads, and then chug it all down. It gives me a nice head rush, instantly hardens me up and makes me horny as fuck. I can keep cycling my loads through myself, but it’s way better to give it to other unsuspecting man. Not only are they drinking my jizz, but they were immediately ready to fuck after they swallow it. Nothing is hotter than a man with a cum mustache, bending over and begging me to shove my thick cock inside so I can fill him up from both ends. Coach says he will keep me on the supplements as long as I provide him with plenty of my man milk for the rest of the team. Sounds like a win-win.
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    It was an AMAZING read, Dredlifter! And I love how you dropped the author-gauntlet at the end for someone to start a spin-off.....
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    OK, here it is. The final chapter! I just want to say a few words before I post it. Apologies if any of this sounds OTT or cheesy! This has hands down been the best experience of sharing a story for me, and that's all down to you guys here and all the amazing and wonderful feedback you've continued to give me! Reading everyone's thoughts, knowing that so many of you like it, hearing people say that they're emotionally invested in the characters and that the story has touched and moved them is more than I could have ever imagined when I wrote the fist draft of this story back in the summer! It's been fun and exciting and genuinely touching, and even a little bit overwhelming at times too! As for the story itself, I can't lie, I am really proud of it! It's my favourite thing I've ever written and again, at the risk of sounding cheesy, it's the kind of story I've always wanted to write but never really knew if I could. So here goes. One more chapter. As I've teased already, it's quite a lengthy one. There are quite a few nods to things that have happened in previous chapters, particularly towards the beginning of the story. When you read it you'll know what I mean by that! Thirty Eight I lay on the guy’s bed with my legs up. I just really wanted him to fuck me in that moment. I’d met him in the club a few hours earlier. The last of a number of one night stands and casual fucks during my first term back at university. He pushed himself inside of me. Fucking hell. This is gonna hurt tomorrow, I thought. He fucked me for a little while and then collapsed on the bed. I was kind of relieved. And then I suddenly just wanted to get the hell out of his flat. Wherever it was. Hove, apparently. A fair walk from Naomi’s place, but it was doable. He offered to call me a taxi and pay for it. I told him I was okay to walk but he insisted. But when I was putting on my shoes he made a snide comment about paying for the taxi in a sarcastic manner. And I just thought, why offer and insist if you’re then gonna be a fucking prick about it?! I collapsed on Naomi’s bed when I got back to hers. I was an absolute mess. I hadn’t planned on taking anything the night before, but one of Naomi’s flatmates had put a pill in the palm of my hand in the club and I hadn’t been able to resist. “My arse hurts!” I said. She grinned at me. “Serves you right for being a slag!” she joked. “Your behaviour last night. Poor Richard!” I groaned and sunk my head into the pillow. Richard was a guy I was sort of seeing. He wasn’t my usual type at all. 6’2, slim built and camp as tits. In other words, the complete opposite of AJ Jones. It was the last thing I’d been looking for after what had happened with AJ in the summer, but I’d pulled him in a club down here in Brighton one night and afterwards he’d wanted to see me again. And then again after that time. He definitely didn’t give me butterflies, but he was a nice guy, so I’d just sort of gone along with it. He’d come out with us the previous night and had actually used the words, “Do you want to be with me?” I’d then kissed that other guy in front of him and ended up going back to his. It wasn’t my proudest moment, I’ll admit. I guess I just kind of freaked out. Because the last person I’d been involved with had broken my heart and it had almost fucking killed me. There was another reason too, of course. I tried not to let myself think about it, but even though I hadn’t seen or heard from him for months, what I’d felt for AJ Jones in the summer was very much still there. I felt bad about what I’d done to Richard. I thought about texting him and apologising, but what would I say? Sorry for getting off with another guy and then going home with him right after you asked me if I wanted to be with you? Sorry for leading you on when I’m still secretly in love with a junior competitive bodybuilder who lives two hundred miles away? Sorry for being an absolute fucking dick to you because a guy you never met broke my heart four months ago? “My dad will be here in, like, two hours!” Naomi said. I groaned again. Naomi’s dad was coming to pick us up and drive us back home to Little Denton for the Christmas holidays. As I thought about the day ahead, a sick feeling churned in my stomach. It wasn’t at the thought of being driven halfway across the country by Naomi’s dad on no sleep and still feeling trashed. It was the thought of being back in Little Denton. I hadn’t been back home since the term had started. When I hadn’t been at my lectures, a lot of that term had been spent with Naomi in Brighton. I guess I’d found it easier to be around someone who knew the scale of what had happened. Sure, I’d told most of my uni friends in London about AJ. That I’d bumped into an old school friend. That we’d fallen for each other and ended up being boyfriends. That he’d messed about with another guy and begged for forgiveness, then went to Ibiza, completely cut me off and told me he wanted to end it. And they told me they were sorry and that it sounded like I was better off without him and all of the things you’re expected to say to someone in that situation. But none of them knew AJ. None of them saw what I was like with him. None of them knew how much I was in love with him. To the point where I didn’t think I’d ever love anyone as much again. But Naomi knew. Even if she never saw us when we were properly together. Never saw that version of me. She knew what I’d been through. She knew in those months that had followed that I was going through hell. Feeling the lowest I ever had. This feeling of sadness running through everything I did. And she didn’t judge me when I drank too much and acted out. When I’d bought guys back to her house to shag then turned cold and frosty with them when I’d sobered up the next morning and spent the rest of the day feeling sad. Or when we’d been having a good night out but I’d randomly returned from the toilets of a club with a red, blotchy face because I’d started thinking about AJ and it had all got too much and I needed to leave. She worried about me, obviously, but she understood everything. Mostly she was just there. Like best friends should be. I’d forgotten how much I’d missed my family until I was home and my mum was kissing me on the cheek. “Oooh, here is. The stranger!” she said pointedly, but she was smiling and happy to see me. My mum studied my face and gave me a suspicious look. I knew I looked a mess from the night before. “You look … tired,” she said. Then she sighed and gently shook her head. “God knows what you and that Naomi get up to down there!” I rolled my eyes in response but I couldn’t help but smirk. Mum never changes. “Yo, bro!” My sister, Kayleigh, who was also home for Christmas, gave me a hug. “Wow! You look like shit!” she said. “Charming!” I replied. My sister was one of those people who didn’t have a filter. She basically just said whatever came into her head, regardless of whether it might cause offence. I’d often wondered how two people with the same parents could be as different from each other as me and Kayleigh were. As nice as it was to see my family, I couldn’t wait to collapse on my bed in the bedroom I’d grown up in. It really did feel nice to be back. Whatever few bad memories I had associated with that room from the end of the summer, I think I’d always love it. It felt like one of the few places in the world where I truly felt safe. I had felt that way about AJ Jones’ bedroom once too. As Little Cat jumped on my bed and curled into the back of my legs, I thought about that one afternoon in the summer when AJ was here, lying on my bed. His gorgeous, smiling face an inch away from mine, his ridiculously muscular body squashed up against me, his huge biceps bulging out of his blue, Tesco polo shirt. That was the day my mum had come home unexpectedly and I’d had no choice but to re-introduce him to her. Awkwardness aside, I had been so happy that day. Me and AJ in our own little bubble. I never imagined it would burst so easily. And then I start thinking about another occasion; sitting on this very bed and crying into my pillow after getting that text from AJ telling me that it was over. I never replied to that message. I thought about it. That night, the next few days and a dozen days after that. I thought about all the different ways I could have responded, and all the different things I could have said. I thought about getting angry. Calling him a coward for ignoring me. Letting him know how hurt I was. Accusing him of not really caring about me. Reminding him that what we had was so special and that I couldn’t believe he was just throwing it all away. I thought about being understanding. Telling him that I knew why he’d done what he had. That it was probably for the best that we ended it now and that I hoped one day we might be able to be friends again, even though I knew that that could never happen. And sometimes I thought about fighting. Telling him that I wasn’t going to let him end things that easily. Telling him that we could make it work. That I could forgive him for messing about with another guy. That what we had was too special to give up. Doing whatever I could to change his mind. To make sure that I didn’t let him go like I’d let him go before. But I couldn’t bring myself to do any of those things. Much like when AJ had hurt me when he’d messed about that guy, Dale, I had closed down to him. That imaginary wall between us had gone up again. And honestly, I just felt like giving up. I couldn’t be hurt anymore by AJ Jones. So I deactivated my Facebook profile. I hid away in my room for the last few weeks of the summer with only Little Cat for company. I stayed away from the leisure centre and Tesco. And any other place that AJ Jones might be. Much like I had on numerous occasions over the previous few months, I then found myself wondering what AJ had been up to since the summer, and what he was doing now. Did he still work at Tesco? Maybe he was now a full time personal trainer at the Little Denton Leisure Centre? Or even a trainer at one of the bigger gyms in town? Did he go out on the gay scene? Had he met any guys off any dating apps? Did he have a whole new set of gay drinking buddies? Was he now boyfriends with the hottest muscle guy in town, me just a distant memory? The more my mind started to wander with possibilities, the less I wanted to know. Maybe it was better to remember AJ as he was the last time I’d seen him. Sorry and hurt for what he’d done with Dale. Asking me for forgiveness. Gripping me tight with his ridiculous arms and sinking his head into my neck near the front door of his house before he left to go to Ibiza for a week. Me and my family had a tradition. Every Christmas Eve we’d go and visit my grandparents on my mum’s side. Sleeping in my bed at my parent’s house the previous night had given me the best night’s sleep in months. Apparently though, I need more. I woke up in the back of my dad’s car, my mum twisting her neck and looking at me with this amused, affectionate grin. And my sister also looking at me. Giving me with cheeky grin and rubbing my cheek with her finger. “Awww! The baby’s awake!” she said, in a cutesy voice. Then even my fucking dad looked around with a big, cheesy grin on his face, also clearly amused that I’d fallen asleep in the back of the car. Jesus fucking CHRIST! I seriously couldn’t do anything without my whole family making a massive fuss of it. I rolled my eyes. I was annoyed. But, I don’t know, truthfully, I kind of liked it. In that moment, still half asleep, I felt this overwhelming sense of love for my family. The car seemed to be slowing down. And then my stomach suddenly lurched, because I realised where we were and what we were doing. Pulling into the car park at the local Tesco. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. “Why are we stopping here?” I asked my parents, anxiously. “Three guesses! Your mother needs something!” my dad groaned. “Shut up, Keith! Two things I need. I’ll be ten minutes!” “We’ve heard that one before!” my dad said. “Noah, you can stay here in the car with Kayleigh if you want. We won’t be long!” my mum said as my dad parked the car. Still feeling a little groggy from not having long woken up, I didn’t really think about what I did next. I think I even surprised myself. Because I was suddenly undoing my seatbelt and opening the car door. Maybe if I hadn’t fallen asleep, had known in advance that my parents would be stopping there and had been given time to think about what I was going to do, I wouldn’t have gotten out of that car. But there I suddenly was, trailing behind my parents and walking into the place where it had all begun. The place I’d been reunited with AJ Jones that Friday afternoon, all those months ago in June. Where I’d found out that one of my old best friends from school had transformed himself into a mini muscle bull of a bodybuilder, with ridiculous biceps, a big, beefy arse and massive tits which strain through the material of his work shirt. As we walked passed the big Christmas tree and the people dressed as Santa’s collecting money for charity, my mind started spinning with questions. Did AJ even still work here? And if he did, would he be working on Christmas Eve? And what the hell would I do if I actually ran into him? As soon as we walked into the main store, I got my answers to all of those questions. My heart jumped into my throat, and my legs felt like they were going to give up on me. Because standing next to a big display of discounted Quality Street, in the very same blue polo shirt, his arms still ridiculously huge (if not fucking more so!), his tits still straining through the material, his face just as fucking cute and oh-so-gorgeous as before and wearing a red and white fucking Santa’s hat, was the boy who’d broken my heart. I couldn’t decide what I wanted more as I looked at AJ Jones for the first time in four months. To turn away from him and run the hell out of the shop, or to run towards him and sink my body into his. And tell him how much I’d missed him. How much I’d thought about him. And how I very much still loved him more anything. I knew as soon as AJ had spotted me, because his expression suddenly changed. He looked surprised. He definitely looked nervous. Even a little bit scared. I was incredibly nervous myself. But my legs just kept walking towards him. There was nothing I could have done then anyway. He’d seen me. I had no choice but to go up to him. My mum had obviously spotted AJ too. “Come on, Keith, let’s go get the sausages!” she said, ushering my dad away. I was both surprised and impressed at how much my mum respected the fact that I wouldn’t want them around in that moment. As I approached AJ, his face softened. He still looked really surprised. Almost like he’d seen a ghost. I guess he kind of had. But I could also tell, that even though he was nervous, he was actually pleased to see me. “Hey!” he said, nervously. “Hi!” I replied, my heart pounding. It was funny. I had always wondered what would happen if I saw him again. I had thought that I might still be pissed off at him and want to start shouting at him for what he did. But standing in front of him again in the flesh, looking at his cute button nose, rosy cheeks and his slightly jug ears sticking out underneath the white fluff of his adorable Santa’s hat, I was filled with this overwhelming feeling of affection. Even though I was nervous as hell, it was so fucking nice to see him. I never would have predicted I’d have felt that way. He still smelt exactly the same. That unique, intoxicating, masculine scent I once loved so much. I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed it until that moment. “Nice hat!” I said, playfully. AJ rolled his eyes and his mouth broke into a little grin. It was still as gorgeous as ever. “Back home for Christmas then?” he asked. “Yep!” I replied. “Back in boring Little Denton!” AJ said, with a knowing grin. My heart fluttered like crazy. He had said those very words to me the day we’d bumped into each in the meat aisle of this very store. Clearly he’d remembered. I realised in that moment how ironic it was that I’d always found Little Denton so boring as a teenager. How I’d been so desperate to move to London at the very first opportunity. And yet, both the most amazing and the most heartbreaking thing had happened to me right here in the place I grew up in. “Still working at the leisure centre too?” I asked. “Yeah!” he replied. “Nothing changes much round here!” I said. AJ had said those words to me that day too. The cute, heart melting grin he was giving me told me he very much remembered that too. An elderly woman who’d picked up a tub of the Quality Street from the display and was studying it was suddenly trying to get AJ’s attention. “How much are these, love?” GAAAHH!! Five fucking pounds! It says it on that big plastic sign in big letters right in front of your bloody eyes. “Five pounds!” AJ said, cheerily, with a big, warm smile. God. He was still such a little fucking charmer. The woman’s mouth then broke into a mischievous little grin as she then placed her hand on AJ’s wrist. “My grandson, Simon! He’s into all this muscle building stuff!” Then she looked at me and gave me a cheeky wink. AJ shot me an amused look. “Awesome!” he said to the woman, grinning wildly. I bit my lip and tried not to laugh. “I keep saying to him, ‘You’re getting too big, Simon!’ But he won’t listen!” AJ was smiling and nodding and the woman was shaking her head and chuckling to herself. As she walked away, me and AJ looked at each other and exchanged amused grins. “Think Simon goes to Scorpio’s?” I asked AJ. And then he made a sound I never expected to hear again. He giggled. One of his cute, little giggles I used to love so much. And God, I wanted so much in that moment to be back where we were in the summer. Even after everything that had happened, the chemistry between us was very much still there. Looking at AJ’s cute, smiling face as we exchanged a personal joke, this incredibly warm feeling washed over me. Just for one moment, it felt like nothing had changed between us. And then I remembered that it had, and suddenly my stomach was twisting and my whole body felt heavy. A scary looking woman was walking in our direction and glaring at AJ with her eyes narrowed. I’m pretty sure it was the same woman who’d interrupted us when we’d bumped into each other that afternoon in the meat aisle. “AJ!” she said to him, sternly, as she walked passed. AJ looked at me and this sudden look of disappointment flickered across his face. “I’d better …,” he said, nodding to the people looking at the Quality Street display. My heart dropped. “Yeah!” I said, understanding that I needed to leave him to it. “Good to see you, anyway!” I said, my voice shaking a little. “You too! See ya!” he replied, with a look of sadness in his eyes. And then it was suddenly over, and I was walking away, not knowing if and when I’d ever see AJ Jones again. Christmas Day was pretty much always the same with my family. My nan would come over in the morning. We’d open our presents. My mum would make sausage sandwiches for everyone’s breakfast. We’d probably have a Bailey’s or a Bucks Fizz each not long after that. My mum would say that lunch would be ready by two o’clock. We’d all know it would be more like three o’clock, which my dad would make jokes and sarcastic comments about. We’d watch whatever films were on TV in the afternoon while still wearing our paper hats from our Christmas crackers. Probably one of the Harry Potter films for the four-hundredth time and me and Kayleigh would know almost every line of dialogue that was coming next. That Christmas was no different. Except for one thing. The whole day I had been thinking about my encounter with AJ Jones. Had been going over it in my head a hundred times. How he still looked the same, apart from his arms, which I could have sworn were slightly bigger than the last time I saw him. The expression on his face when he’d first spotted me. The way his ears had stuck out underneath the white fluff of his cute little Santa’s hat. The way he’d grinned at me like he always had done and given me one his little giggles as we’d laughed and joked at that adorable woman, who’d brilliantly told us about her muscle building grandson, Simon. I had been thinking about the way he’d smelt. And the way he made me feel. The same way he’d made me feel in the summer. And I’d thought about that gut wrenching feeling I’d had when I’d walked away from him. It was a few hours after our Christmas dinner that it happened. Harry and Hermione had just used the time turner to save more than one innocent life when I heard my phone ping in my pocket. I took it out, thinking nothing of it, and my heart suddenly felt like it had stopped. Because, for the first time in four months, AJ Jones had sent me a text message. I jumped up and shot out of the living room. In the hallway, alone, I looked at the text. AJ had written three words. “I miss you.” Fuck! My heart was suddenly expanding and filling up my whole chest. I dashed up to my bedroom, closed my door and sat on my bed, smiling and staring at the message. Scared but excited at what had happened, while not knowing what to do or how the hell to respond. And then my phone pinged again. AJ had sent me another text. “I miss our Facebook messages.” And then he sent another. “I miss teasing you about being a future shredded muscle freak.” A huge wave of nostalgia swept over me, mixed with an overwhelming feeling of happiness. I grinned wildly into the phone and felt like I was melting into the wall I was leaning my back against. “I miss thinking up awesome bodybuilder nicknames with you.” I couldn’t believe what was happening. Couldn’t believe what was coming through on my phone. Text after text from AJ Jones. “I miss calling you The Cookie Monster.” “I miss taking you to Scorpio’s.” “I miss watching Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug with you.” “I miss lying on my bed with you.” And then I was suddenly crying. Staring into my phone in disbelief, as AJ continued to text me, tears running down my cheek. “I miss kissing you.” “P.S. I promise I’m not drunk!” And then I was laughing, while still crying. “I miss flexing for you.” “I miss seeing your face when I hit a most muscular.” And then my dick started to swell in my jeans. I was crying and laughing and getting a bloody hard on. All at fucking once. “P.P.S. Really, really, REALLY not drunk!” And then he sent the AJ emoji. I hadn’t used that emoji for months. “I miss the way you used to kiss my head every time you cuddled me.” “And I miss the way you made me feel.” I remembered what he’d text Naomi that afternoon in his bedroom when he’d told her we were together. He makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. And then another text came through. “Things I’ve never felt before.” And then the messages stopped. And the tears stopped. And something rose up in my chest and seemed to take over my whole body. I knew what I had to do. I didn’t even stop to think about it. There was just one obstacle to overcome first. I hovered by the kitchen door. My mum was tidying up while everyone else was sat in the lounge. “Mum. Is it okay if I just pop out for a bit?” I cautiously asked. She spun around, looking flabbergasted. “What do you mean?! Pop out where?!” she asked. I wasn’t surprised at her reaction. Going out on Christmas Day in our family just wasn’t a done thing. I thought about lying to her. Telling her that I was going to see Naomi. Maybe I could spin a lie that I’d forgotten to give her her present. But it didn’t really seem necessary to lie to my mum anymore. Not after what had happened the day I’d found out AJ had cheated on me and she’d put her hand on my leg and sat on my bed. It felt like we’d reached a bit of a turning point that day. I was still a little dubious to let her in on the whole truth though. “Just to see someone!” I said, my stomach twisting, a little. She narrowed her eyes and looked at me suspiciously. “Let me guess. Someone from school?” That was the lie I had spun that night I was going on my first date with Eddie in the summer. Only this time it was true. I blushed a little, but smirked too. My mum knew exactly which friend I was going to see. “Don’t be too long! It’s Christmas Day!” she ordered. But both her voice and her expression were soft. And then she gave me this affectionate grin. “Thanks, mum!” I said, grinning back. Then she playfully rolled her eyes. Which I thought was kind of funny, because it was usually me doing that to her. I had always thought that if I was ever stood on AJ’s doorstep again I would be filled with nerves and anxiety. But I wasn’t feeling that at all. Maybe the adrenaline and excitement of what was happening was overriding everything else? Or maybe it was just my sheer single minded determination of what I was doing? My heart fluttered as the front door opened. Even before the person behind it was revealed, I knew it was him. He looked so surprised standing in the doorway, his huge body bulging underneath his painted on jeans and the most adorable purple coloured Christmas jumper with a big snowman on it. He was even wearing a little green paper hat from a Christmas cracker. “Noah!” he said, with surprise. “Hi!” I said, with a nervous grin. AJ bit his lip, but his mouth curled into this big, happy grin. His cheeks were all flushed and rosy. “Have you got a thing for Christmas hats?” I asked. AJ’s eyes veered up and he suddenly whipped the paper hat off his head in embarrassment, which was so fucking adorable. Then his mouth curled back into a little grin. He no longer had his shaved head. His hair was back to the way it was before, though not as styled and preened as it usually had been. It was more fluffy like it was the day I bumped into him at the gym when he hadn’t expected to see me. It was kind of perfect. “Come in!” he said. My insides fluttered as I stepped inside AJ’s house. He closed the door behind me and we were stood close to each other. I wanted to touch him so badly. He had this coy, little grin on his face. It was like he couldn’t stop from smiling. And there they still were after all this time. Those fuck off massive butterflies in my stomach. All one hundred, thousand of them. The door to the living room opened and AJ’s mum appeared. “Oh, hello, Noah!” she said, surprised. A look of curiosity crept over her face as she looked at the two of us standing in the hallway together. It was almost as if she knew something was going on. Then her mouth curled into one of her big, warm smiles. “This is a nice surprise! Merry Christmas!” she said, leaning forwards and kissing me on the cheek. I could hear Harry Potter coming from the TV in the living room and behind her shoulder I could see Andy sitting down. Apparently even on Christmas Day he wore his black leather biker trousers. “Merry Christmas, Mrs Jones!” I said. “We’re just gonna go upstairs, mum!” AJ said. And then, trailing behind AJ, I felt that all too familiar rush of excitement as we ascended the stairs to his bedroom. His room looked exactly the same, apart from one thing. He’d changed the picture he had of himself stuck to his bedroom wall. Gone was the shot of him hitting a crab most muscular in his lime green posers while cheekily sticking his tongue out. And in its place was a picture of him hitting a similar most muscular on stage with his mouth wide open in the shiny pink trunks I’d bought him. It was from the guest posing spot he’d done at the bodybuilding show during the weekend we’d spent in London. I couldn’t quite believe where I was standing. That I was actually back in AJ Jones’ bedroom. Stood just a foot away from him as his thick chest bulged through the purple wool material of his cute Christmas jumper. He still looked happy. But nervous too. Even a little unsure. I suppose I couldn’t blame him. He’d sent me all those text messages. Opened up to me in the most wonderful and brave way. And I hadn’t responded to any of them. I knew what I had to do. I knew it was my turn to make the next move. “Thanks for the texts!” I said, my stomach twinging with nerves. AJ’s mouth curled into an adorable, coy grin. I stepped towards him and gently put my hand on his waist, feeling the soft material of his jumper on my skin. And then his muscular body was leaning into mine and his oh-so gorgeous face, with his cute button nose and his rosy cheeks was coming closer. And then my whole body exploded with joy as my lips met his and I was doing the thing that I had longed to do more than anything since the summer had come to an end. I was kissing AJ Jones. When we parted lips, we just smiled at each other, our foreheads touching. My hands were gripping his impossibly broad back and his ridiculous arms, which definitely felt bigger than before, were wrapped tightly around me. His scent and incredible mass engulfing me for the first time in four months. “Merry Christmas, Arthur-John!” I said. AJ’s grin grew wider. “Merry Christmas, future shredded muscle freak.” “Is it my imagination, or did you get bigger?” I asked, still squeezing him. His grin transformed into a cocky little smirk. “I’m bulking!” he said. My chest fluttered with excitement. “I’m competing next year!” he explained, with his eyebrows cheekily raised, knowing exactly what kind of effect those words would have on me. “Wanna help me tan up backstage again?” I grinned like crazy. “God yeah!” I exclaimed. He grinned back and then it faded. And then he was just looking at me with this pensive expression on his face. Like he couldn’t quite believe what was happening. He inhaled and exhaled and his huge chest heaved up and down. Almost like he was releasing the last four months of heartache from his body. Still wrapped tightly around him, I looked back at him. AJ Jones, the bodybuilder. AJ Jones, the boy I fell in love with. AJ Jones, who broke my heart. If he broke it again, I’m not sure it would mend. He nuzzled his face and head into my neck. “I can’t believe you’re actually here!” he said. I never really left, I thought. But I didn’t say anything. I just sunk my head into his thick, bull neck and squeezed him tight. This time I wouldn’t let him go. THE END
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