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    Supplemental Growth By Ultrabeef Jason Lim scanned the vast ballroom where the welcome reception was being held for all of the new interns of UB Sports Med, Inc. Jason had scored this highly coveted position right out of university based on his work on genetic research and almost perfect GPA. He was looking for one of his former high school acquaintances (friend would be too strong a word, Jason didn’t really have any friends). Hunter Rodriguez was a star football player in high school who had majored in Business and Marketing and had also won an internship in the Marketing department of UB Sports Med. Jason secretly had a crush on Hunter all through high school but besides the fact that Hunter was straight, Jason was too shy and quiet to ever be noticed by someone as popular as Hunter. Jason only knew of Hunter’s hiring because of the jubilant post on Facebook holding his acceptance letter. Even though it had been four years since high school Jason was hoping to spot a familiar face. Just when he was about to give up looking Jason saw him. Hunter Rodriguez, former high school stud. Hunter looked good from across the crowded room, with his Hispanic good looks and designer suit hugging his athletic body, he would be hard to miss. Sure he had filled out some since high school but from where Jason stood, it looked like it was in all the right places. Hunter, catching sight of Jason burst into a huge grin and quickly navigated across the room wrapping his strong arms around the smaller man with a big bear hug. “Little Lim! Look at you dude! All grown up and putting those brains to good use!” Hunter gushed, the smell of alcohol on his breath. “Hey Hunter,” Jason stammered sheepishly. “Awesome place, huh?” Hunter motioned to the extravagant reception. “Uh, yeah. It’s nice that we both got jobs here, isn’t it?” Jason could hear how stupid he sounded. “Uh, yeah bro! See you around”. Hunter headed off following some hot female intern with huge breasts. Jason sighed to himself and slowly sipped his drink. As he did, he caught sigh of himself in the ballroom’s mirrored walls. His short, scrawny build and hairless, pale skin gave him an almost anemic look. Jason’s longing hair was parted down the middle and hung over his eyes, giving him a boyish, almost feminine look. Secretly, Jason wished that he looked more like a man, a man like Hunter. **** It was another month or two before Jason ran into Hunter again. UB Sports Med. was a massive company after all. “Hey, little Lim!” Hunter yelled out across the employee cafeteria motioning Jason to sit with him. Jason, just glad to not have to spend another day sitting a lunch alone, gladly accepted the offer. Hunter looked different than Jason remembered at the welcome party. Hunter’s brown curly hair looked longer and more tousled and his suit seemed tighter but not in a good way. It looked to Jason that Hunter had started to develop a beer gut. Even Hunter’s face looked fuller and his jaw was peppered with black stubble. “So, how’s it going” Jason asked absently taking a bite of his sandwich. “Not that great actually” Hunter sheepishly replied. “I’m kind of on probation”. “What?!” Jason said a bit too loudly, almost choking on his sandwich. “Yeah, dude. This job is harder than I thought. And all these business lunches and cocktail parties are taking a toll” Hunter patted his belly. “Boss says I gotta get myself in shape or I can’t be representing the company anymore. We are a sports supplement company after all.” Jason simply stared at Hunter blankly, lost in thought. “I gotta go dude, hope stuff is going good with you”. Hunter quickly got up and headed out of the cafeteria, leaving Jason alone. In fact, things hadn’t been going that great for Jason either. The generics whiz was reduced to formulating a better tasting protein powder. Jason had been secretly been working on a muscle enhancement drug since college but his research was plagued with problems. And when he brought his idea to his supervisor he was laughed out of the room and told that “interns should learn their place”. Jason knew that if he could just test his serum and prove its success, he would earn the respect he felt that he deserved. Which gave Jason an idea... **** Jason put his plan into action the very next day. Getting to the employee cafeteria early he bought two protein shakes and carefully put a small dose of his experimental formula into one of the cups. When Hunter arrived Jason waved him over. “I bought you a shake to help you get back into shape.” “Thanks dude?” Hunter hungrily grabbed the shake and poured it down. Jason watched curiously but there seemed to be no change in Hunter. “Better try a bigger dose tomorrow” Jason thought to himself as Hunter prattled on about the latest NFL controversy. **** That night there was a loud pounding on the door of Jason’s apartment. The noise was so unexpected that it jarred Jason off the couch in an instant. He had no friends, who the heck could be knocking on his door especially this late at night. Peering cautiously through the peep-hole Jason could see Hunter standing in the hallway wearing a rumpled trench coat. Jason couldn’t believe it, his hot high school crush was standing outside his apartment door. Jason cracked the door and Hunter shoved it open pushing past Jason into the dimly lit, shabby apartment. “Uh, Hunter! What the...” Jason stammered but Hunter held up his finger and Jason fell silent. “Sorry bro! I looked up your address in the company directory. I need your help.” Hunter paced the room in the rumpled trench coat. He looked different somehow, Jason silently pondered before responding. “Help? With what?” “This!” Hunter replied, ripping the trench coat open. Jason gasped loudly at the sight. Hunter was naked under the large coat, but that wasn’t what made Jason gasp. Hunter was completely ripped with rock hard muscle. He could have entered any physique competition and won with ease. “What the fuck happened to my body bro?!” Hunter flexed his softball sized bicep causing Jason’s mouth to feel dry. “I mean shit! I wasn’t this jacked playing high school or college ball!” Hunter looked down at his pecs and bounced them, mesmerized by their size and weight. His thick dick swelling harder as he felt his pecs. “Uhhh...” Jason moaned his own small cock leaking pre and soaking through his khakis. Hunter looked up and saw the desire on Jason’s face. The old cockiness was back as Hunter sauntered toward Jason with an evil smirk on his face. “All this beef turning you on Little Lim?” Hunter brought his sweaty pecs up to Jason face making them dance mere inches from the smaller man’s nose. Jason, overcome with lust touched the warm, hard pec meat and could feel his sense of judgement go out the window, overcome by the hunk in front of him. Jason licked the salty sweat of Hunter’s meaty pec, making his way to Hunter’s perky nipple. As Jason rolled his tongue around Hunter’s nipple he heard the stud moan in pleasure and could feel Hunter’s thick dick swell harder and brush against his belly. “Fuck! Lim that feels so good. Don’t stop bro”. Jason needed no further invitation, lowering himself and glancing up at the wall of muscle in front of him before taking Hunter’s hard cock into his mouth. In a matter of minutes Hunter was bucking his powerful hips before shooting his white, ropy load all over Jason’s face. “Jason shot his own load at the same time, spraying Hunter’s leg. “Clean it up, bro!” Hunter growled as Jason eagerly licked Hunter clean. The pair spent the next few hours in a similar manner until Jason finally fell asleep cradled in the big man’s arms, his face smashed against Hunter’s pec. **** As the morning light streamed through the window Jason woke with a start. Had it all been just a crazy dream? Just then Hunter sauntered into the room, still naked and gorgeous. “Crazy night last night huh dude?” Hunter purred in his deep bass-filled morning voice. Jason could feel himself getting hard again as Hunter sat on the bed next to him. “So, you want to tell me what you put in that protein shake yesterday? And where I can get more?” Jason gulped in fear at the reality that Hunter had figured out the source of his sudden muscle growth. Jason explained that he had put a small amount of his experimental serum in Hunter’s shake “to help him out in order to keep his job”. “Oh, I’m not mad bro!” Hunter beamed as he flexed his perfect bicep. “But, if a small amount did this to me, I need to see what a bigger dose does”. Jason tried to protest but the thought of Hunter getting even bigger and sexier was too much for the geeky scientist. “Ok, fine. I’ll get some at work today but I better give it to you at my place to monitor the results.” Hunter beamed a perfect smile “No prob little Lim. I’ll be back here tonight at 7pm”. Hunter struggled back into his trench-coat and headed for the door. After he left Jason’s head was spinning. What the hell was he doing? Giving a total untested, experimental serum to the closest thing he ever had to a friend. **** The rest of the day was a whirlwind for Jason. He quickly drove to work and was able to sneak out the rest of the vial of serum he had made and partially administered to Hunter the day before. Jason had been so busy that he jumped in surprise when there was a loud knocking on the door at 7pm. As Jason unlocked and opened the door, he gasped at the sight of Hunter. Hunter had obviously spent the day shopping for clothes to fit his larger frame. The destroyed jeans and white v neck t-shirt Hunter wore hugged every muscle and curve on his chemically enhanced body. “Hey dude, you got the stuff?” Hunter rudely shoved Jason out of the way and barged into the small apartment. “Um, yeah, I do Hunt...” Hunter raised his hand for Jason to shut up, “Let’s have it Lim.” Jason, who was hoping for another romantic evening was taken aback. “Is...is everything ok?” Jason sheepishly asked while taking out the vial. “Yeah, why shrimp?” Hunter smirked and paced the room. “I’ve just been feeling super horny and aggressive all day. As soon as I leave here I’m heading to the club to get this body some action”. Jason looked at Hunter with concern, these were side effects he hadn’t been expecting. Before Jason could say another word Hunter grabbed the vial from Jason. “Is this the shit bro?” “Uh, yeah Hunter but maybe we should hold off on another dose for a bit...” Jason stammered, “you seem really aggressive and to be swearing a lot. There might be some side effects I need to monitor”. Fuck that dude!” Hunter popped the lid off the vial and downed the liquid inside throwing the empty glass vial against the wall as he lowered it from his lips. “Fuuucckk!” Hunter roared, his sexy voice getting even deeper. Jason backer away in a mixture of fear and scientific curiosity as sweat began to soak through Hunter’s shirt. Hunter's body immediately began to swell with epanding muscle. In seconds his shirt burst open as two thick swollen pecs popped out, the weight of the muscle forcing his nipples toward the floor and a deep crevice forming between them. Hunter's back cracked wider as his lats flared into thick wings. His neck and shoulders thickened and grew wider as his arms bulked up into freakish guns. Hair began to sprout on Hunter's arms and chest and even his face started to develop stubble across his square jaw. Hunter's butt swelled straining his jeans before tearing through the fabric and his quads beefed up wickedly. Jason could see that Hunter's cock was growing larger too, his lemon sixed balls and sausage dick hanging low from his cobblestone abs. "Oh fuck! Look at me!" Hunter roared as he flexed his huge muscles in the mirror. Jason was horrified by the beast Hunter had become. Just then Hunter caught sight of Jason and a look of total lust overtook his face. "So fucking horny! Must fuck now!" Hunter grapped Jason in his powerful hands and ripped off Jason's pants before forcing his huge cock into the nerdy scientist. Jason screamed in protest but Hunter was far too powerful. Jason blacked out as the animalistic grunts of Hunter echoed in his ears and the pain seared his anus as Hunter ripped him open with his monster cock, ramming the small Asian scientist with unsympathetic strength. **** Jason woke up to see the morning sunlight streaming through the bedroom window and his phone ringing at the bedside table. Jason was still naked and still sticky, covered in cum, but it appeared that Hunter was gone. “Hel...hello” Jason sleepily answered the phone. “Lim! Where the hell are you? You were supposed to be at work two hours ago!” Jason’s boss barked into the phone. “Sorry. Sorry. I’m on my way!” Jason hung up and tried to get out of bed. His entire body was sore but he could barely walk because of the searing pain in his anal region. “Ow! Crap!” Hunter whined as the warm water of the shower hit his sensitive body and washed Hunter’s sticky cum off. Within a few minutes Jason was dressed and on his way to work, when his phone rang again. “Hel...hello?” Jason answered. “Hey, little Lim!” Hunter’s deep sexy voice purred into the phone. “You still sore from that wicked fucking I gave you last night?” Hunter laughed. “Hunt...Hunter....look, there are some side effects to the formula...I need to see you and run some tests.” Jason was really concerned about the rampant aggression and sexuality that Hunter was showing (along with his massive muscle growth). Jason knew there was something wrong with the formula. He should never have tried it on Hunter in the first place. “I fucking love what you did for me dude! I could never have imagined a body like this, and all this muscle, could feel so fucking sexy!” Hunter growled into the phone. “I need to feel more muscle. To get even bigger dude. Bring the rest of the formula to your place tonight. I’ll be there at 7pm. Don’t fucking let me down or you’ll regret it!” As Jason started to protest, the line went dead. Hunter had hung up. **** Jason went through his work day in a daze. Hunter must not have come to work because Jason didn’t see him at lunch. Jason slipped the one remaining vial of formula into his pocket and headed home. Still unsure what to do. There was no way he could give Hunter another whole vial of formula, it could kill him, or turn him into such a sex-crazed muscle beast that he would be totally unstoppable. But if he didn’t give Hunter what he wanted Jadon knew that Hunter could hurt or even kill him. As 7pm rolled around Jason became more and more panicked. Sure enough a loud banging started on the door and an insanely deep voice called “Open up little Lim! I need to give these muscles and this big dick a workout! I’m horny as fuck!”. Jason, backed away from the locked door, terror filling his mind at the prospect of Hunter raping him again and growing even bigger. “Come on dude! I know you’re in there! Don’t piss me off and make me bust this door down!” Hunter sounded serious and Jason knew he was capable of doing it. Jason knew he had only seconds before the testosterone-charged roided out muscle-beast that Hunter had become would burst through his locked door hungry for more growth serum and Jason’s still tender ass. Jason rushed to the bathroom and locked the door before jumping into the tub and pulling the shower curtain closed. Just then Jason heard the sound of his front door splintering as Hunter smashed it to pieces. “Hey Little Lim! Come out, come out wherever you are!” Hunter purred dangerously in his insanely deep voice that rumbled through the small apartment. Jason knew that with Hunter’s increased muscle and strength he stood no chance of surviving another encounter with his former classmate. Panicking and unsure what to do Jason realized that clutched in his hand was the final dose of the muscle growth serum. The dose that Hunter wanted so badly. Jason, using his reasoning skills, realized that his only chance against the muscle beast Hunter had become was to take the formula himself. Jason silently hoped that his superior intelligence would be able to hold off the effects that had turned Hunter into a sex crazed muscle monster. Jason uncorked the vial and drank it down. The thick potion burned as it traveled down Jason’s throat and immediately he realized that while he might be saving his own life, he had made a huge mistake. Jason could feel his body temperature rise as sweat began to soak the armpits of his button down dress shirt. "Oh no!" Jason murmured as his arms began to swell stretching the fabric of his shirt tightly across his growing biceps. He could feel his brain becoming clouded over but he fought valiantly with all his mental powers to remain in control of the massive surge of testosterone that was coursing through his scrawny, Asian body. Jason’s pecs ballooned out into two granite pillows that burst open his shirt sending buttons cascading against the bathroom wall. Jason cupped his thickening chest and felt the brawny muscle getting large enough to force his expanding nipples toward the ground. As his lats flared out wickedly Jason could feel his cannonball delts swell and his neck thicken as his newly deepening voice moaned softly. Jason’s exposed arms swelled with growing beef as red stretch marks snaked across his porcelain skin, desperately trying to contain the swollen mass. Jason could no longer see his belly but he could feel the hard ridges of his plate-like abs popping into place. “Urggh! Fuck!” Jason moaned as his thickening quads burst through his khakis allowing his heavy cock and balls the freedom they desired. “Oh shit! No...” Jason moaned as his glutes swelled into a big, beefy, bubble butt. Jason reached back and tried to cup one of his massive butt cheeks. The feel of the thick muscle ass in his hands caused Jason to let out a loud moan as his cock started to swell. It was this sound that drew Hunter to the bathroom door. As Hunter reached the bathroom door he reached for the handle and ripped the door from its hinges. As the dust cleared Hunter tried to process what he saw. There is the bathroom was a freakishly huge Asian bodybuilder with a massive frame easily on par with his own. The thick Asian hunk with the floppy hair that hung into his eyes, looked equally confused and almost embarrassed. “Litt...Lim?” Hunter asked, his mind finally registering who he was looking at. Jason staggered out of the bathroom, unsteady on his feet and balancing all the new mass he had acquired in the last few moments. “Hun...Hunter...I’ve got to focus, I’m...” Jason stammered tried to keep his mind focused. Hunter strode over to Jason and playfully tweaked Jason’s nipple with his thumb causing Jason to shudder and out a low moan. “No...please...don’t...” Jason weakly mumbled as Hunter pressed giant beefy pecs into Jason’s newly huge chest. Hunter reached around Jason’s wide back and fondled his huge ass, while staring into Jason’s eyes before planting a passionate kiss on the former science nerd. Jason tried to fight the kiss but the stimulation was too much and as he gave in, all his brilliant science knowledge evaporated from his brain. “Uggh!! Don’t...stop!” Jason purred as he shoved his tongue into Hunter’s mouth. “Fuck yeah! Large Lim!” Hunter pulled away and grinned with lust in his eyes. “You wanna fuck this big muscle donk, don’t ya sexy!” Jason purred wickedly as the horniness took over his brain. “Oh fuck yes!” Hunter growled as Jason turned around and bent over the bathroom counter revealing his huge perfect muscular Asian glutes to Hunter. “Fuck me hard stud!” Jason growled as Hunter shoved his huge rod into him. The sounds of Jason’s deep screams of pleasure echoed through the small apartment.
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    Part 9 Amos had been researching since the night he first encountered Dante. He loved seeing the muscle titan grow bigger and more powerful each time. Since Dante had tapped into his powers a lot more, he’d since found a way to keep the energies he drained for his own, rather than that energy transferred to Kalfu. But Amos knew the demigod would be wise to his lack of energy soon. And he had to act fast if he were to prepare Dante for what was to come. Since Dante’s new management of the gym had taken off, dozens of new members had joined in that time. This partly due to Amos setting up social media accounts for the gym and making a few much needed updates for the society. Being stuck within the gym for the last few decades had given the former Mr. Olympia some perspective. He had been worshipped during his glory days, but now technology had made it so much easier. Two weeks ago, while scrolling through Instagram, he noticed several muscular men who weren’t even professional bodybuilders. However, it was quite clear they were juicing and pumping their bodies up to extreme levels. One lived as far as England and worked as a stripper, while one 300lb. beast doubled as a massage therapist and gigolo. The commonality between these pages were links to what was called an “Only Fans” page. Amos found out that hundreds of people would subscribe to these pages, and after paying a monthly fee, would be able to browse pictures and videos of these muscle men that they normally wouldn’t see on more docile social media pages. This gave Amos the idea to make a Only Fans page for Dante. With Dante constantly growing and people seeing his workouts on Instagram, it only made sense that his more devoted followers wanted something “extra”. The Only Fans page was full of content. There were pics of Dante in his size progression, videos of him lifting heavy weights in the nude, the occasion video of Dante jacking himself off in the sauna, Dante flexing, one of Dante sucking himself off, and of course a phone cam video of Dante fucking Amos from Dante’s perspective. Amos liked that one the most. He would often replay it throughout the day. Hearing himself moan from the creole behemoth’s large cock widening him even further. At this point, Amos would never again find satisfaction in sex with another man. He even tried having two of the other acolytes double penetrate him, but even with the both of them combined, Dante’s obelisk still reigned supreme, and Amos only felt half full… Amos finished uploading the content and took the iPad out of the office to Dante, who he saw had just finished growing. “It’s ready sir”. “What’s this?”, Dante bellowed, his massive chest and nipples heaving over his turtle shell abs. “It’s something I’ve been working on for the gym sir. It’ll help get you more follwers, and bring in more money.” “I trust you, Amos. Start it up. I need to shower, and then I’m gonna loosen that sweet ass of yours up even more.” Dante waddled off to the shower, his muscles literally rolling over one another. Amos could swear he had grown a lot taller also, like he had to be at least 6’6”. The acolytes grabbed towels and immediate followed their gym god into the mens locker room. Amos hit the “Launch” button on the site. The Creole Colossus Only Fans (Amos couldn’t think of a better name at the moment) page was officially up and running with a link connected to the Instagram page. -- Marcus had just finished his gym workout. The Iron Fitness gym in Brixton, London really was the most hardcore gym in the area. Suddenly his phone alerted him that the Prime Fitness Instagram had some updates. He loved that gym, especially the larger-than-life new gym owner. He had been planning to make the trip to the States for some time, just for the sole purpose of going in there to lift. He had pushed his body to 240 naturally with hard work and diet, but now he was cycling steroids to push past his limits. It was all he could do to pay for the stuff, since being a stripper only made so much money. Marcus would love to know what kind of juice THAT guy was taking. He noticed the link to an Only Fans page in the Instagram account. Marcus eagerly clicked the link and was brought to the “Creole Colossus” Only Fans page. That’s an interesting name. The account was asking for $19.95 each month. Marcus thought that was easily one of his lady fan’s tip. He could spare that much. Plus, it was only about 14 pounds in British currency. He agreed to pay the fee, clicked NEXT and was brought to a weird page. In the top center, it had a picture of Dante in a most muscular pose, each saturated with power. However, there was some weird text under the picture. It read: Welcome to the ONLY FANS page of Dante LeBeaux, the Creole Colossus. Dante is a muscle titan; one who aspires to true godhood; one who requires your service and devotion. Pledge 5% of your muscle to him today, and enter to worship. There was an electronic signature box underneath. ‘What the hell’, thought Marcus. ‘It was probably a part of the act. After all, someone that big would probably have a daddy complex.’ Marcus typed his full name in the electronic signature box and hit SUBMIT. Immediately, he felt a little weaker, his muscles didn’t look quite as full, he didn’t feel quite as strong. But his phone lit up with content from the page. He clicked on the muscle orgy first. All of that muscle just dominating those smaller guys, and one of those guys were bigger than him…he clicked on the next video, a masturbation video where four muscle heads were attending to the muscles of the larger man. Slowly, Marcus’ hands found their way to his dick, and began stroking. Had Marcus not been in so much bliss and awe, he may have noticed that he now weighed 228lbs. Marcus continued stroking in the locker room sauna, and then he heard the recorded Dante speak to him… “Keep stroking boy. Don’t cum until daddy does.” “Yes sir,” Marcus moaned out loud. Just as he thought he was about to blow, he found his balls relaxed, ready for the continued assault as Marcus kept stroking. He was in the steam room of the gym and could be heard by all those passing by. But he didn’t care. He compelled to obey the muscle god on the small phone screen leaning against the wall. After about 20 minutes, the video behemoth finally erupted. Torrents of cum splattered over the gigantic torso. And as if on cue, Marcus, himself, came in the sauna. His back arching as cum splattered on his chest and slowly dribbled down his abs. “Lick it off boy. Taste and savor what daddy made you do.” There was a pause from the video, no doubt meant to give its viewer time to comply with the demand. After a short while it spoke again to Marcus, who by now was savoring his own seed. “Keep pumping those muscles, and maybe one day you should come give me a workout here at Prime Fitness.” Marcus felt energized, like the last grueling workout was nothing. He went back into the gym, and continued to work-out for another hour and a half. After finally getting home, he began to pack his things. He needed to work out with his master… -- As Dante was being washed by his four acolytes, he began to feel full, like he’d just eaten a really big lunch. None of the acolytes had fed him in a while, but he felt his muscles pumping larger. He thought about the day. ‘Was this residual growth left over from that shake?’ Amos walked into the shower stall, and looked at his master. Dante locked eyes with Amos, and knew then that whatever Amos had done had caused the growth. Suddenly, Dante doubled over with pain. His acolytes looked worried…they’d never seen their master with pain before. Suddenly the pain turned to pleasure as Dante began to hulk out even more…his back widening to fill even the wider handicap shower stall; his bones creaking, thickening, and expanding to accommodate even more mass to his already growing frame. His traps now soundly touched his ear lobes, supported by shoulders that could tackle and tip a Hummer; biceps, triceps, and forearms all growing in unison of each other; his chest thickening and growing hairier as his nipples were now swallowed by the overlap and thick as Hershey kisses; his muscle belly rounded and supported by bulging thighs and the shelf-like ass protruding from his back; his legs packing on muscle muscle and size, but not to touch each other, as the swinging elephant trunk planted in between them fought for space and domination. At 22 inches, his veiny muscle cock was truly a sight to behold. Dante could feel the energies flowing through him, growing him, changing him. London, Seattle, New York, Orlando, Japan, Australia, Los Angeles…all of these people giving their muscle to him, growing him, worshipping him. Amos and the other acolytes backed away as Dante continued to swell in height, power, and size. Suddenly, they heard a huge bang. Amos looked out into the gym area. The entrance doors had been kicked in, and a near 500lb. Kalfu entered fuming and rage filled. “Come out my little Avatar! I need to take back what’s mine and teach you a lesson in who’s the demigod, and who’s the runt.” Amos looked back at Dante who finally stood, his head almost near the ceiling; he had to weigh more than 900lbs.; more than enough to squash the large demigod in the lobby. Amos looked on as Dante’s eyes turned a deep white, and his licked his lips as if he were about to eat a tasty meal… “Be out in a second, Mr. K”, Dante smirked, and stomped towards the locker room entrance, rumbling the very foundations of the building with each step he took…
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    Every year the Hitchens family would gather together for Christmas and New Years. The two Hitchens boys, now both family men were larger than life characters. Both towering lumberjack like men who led the festivities and their wives and kids would follow. Harry Hitchens was the proud father to two boys, both athletes and both the apples of their fathers eye. Sam Hitchens, the eldest, was now a star athlete at his college, on the fast track to professional stardom and already an Olympic god medalist in track, before he filled out at 16 and his muscle mass slowed him down too much to be any sort of track runner. Scott Hitchens, the baby, was pretty much a younger version of his elder brother. He was tall and thick with muscle. His messy blond hair always looking nearly perfect like he’d just walked off a catwalk, his youthful yet masculine face naturally falling into a cocky smirk. Roger Hitchens was the proud ‘as much as a father naturally should be’ father of one son. His son Lucas had been completely bypassed by the Hitchens genes. He was short, he was chubby. His dark hair shiny from grease and his face caked in a crust of spots. He and Scott were the same age, but light years apart in every possible way. Yet they were forced to share a room for the holidays. Since Sam had moved onto college he spent all his time in the penthouse apartment he’d lucked himself into having, and barely spent any time at home. His room, the largest bedroom in the house, had been taken over by Scott and Scott’s old room had been converted into a shrine to the greatness that was Sam Hitchens. Lucas’ parents had gotten the spare room and Lucas had to sleep on the floor of Scott’s room, hearing the big lug snore and stare up at Scott’s massive feet hanging over the edge of the massive, by Lucas’ standards at least, bed. It was on Christmas eve after a nice family meal and a genuinely good time that the boys were sent to bed. It was only 9pm and Lucas couldn’t sleep, he was 18 and used to staying up much later playing video games with people on the other side of the planet. Scott was already asleep, even though he’d bitched about now being able to jerk off because Lucas was in the room. Lucas was looking up at the meaty soles of Scott’s feet for the 4th night in a row. Why he couldn’t of slept in the central open area of the bedroom and not cramped into a corner beneath Scott’s feet was beyond Lucas. Scott’s excuse that he needed the space to do his exercises in the morning didn’t hold as Scott used the home gym every morning when he woke up. Lucas tossed and turned in his makeshift bed. His eyes caught sight of something under the bed, it hadn’t been there before, maybe something had shifted when Scott had pulled out the hidden Christmas presents last night before he put them under the tree. Lucas tried to reach for the shiny object that caught his eye, having to move a box labeled “Sam’s Underwear”. His arms weren’t long enough. He sighed and pulled himself out from under the covers. Without even thinking about the embarrassment of being caught under Scott’s bed next to a box of his elder cousins musky briefs he was crawling in the dark with Scott’s snoring mass above him. He reached the shiny object, it was an old looking touch phone, or an old PDA device. Without even touching the power button it strung into life, lighting up the dark beneath the bed. A near silent jiggle played and an ancient looking graphic of a genie lamp flashed up blocky letters popped into being. “CHRONIVAC” “What the hell” Lucas muttered then hushing himself as Scott grunted above him. Lucas tapped the screen. A loading bar appeared and then vanished. The PDA was obviously newer then it appeared, after the old grey intro screens it was bright and colorful. It looked like an advanced customization screen for a SIMs game or something. Lucas clicked on the previous session button and the complete outline of his cousin Sam appeared, everything from his favorite color to his obscene girth of his cock was written down for Lucas to know. Sam’s family was listed below, including Lucas (cousin-father’s side). Beneath that was a “Make realistic”. When Lucas clicked on this opinion a small cartoon genie lamp appeared. A speak bubble appeared explaining he was the PDA’s helper function and the ‘Make Realistic’ option made it so that changes would appear to be natural, such as making physical changes genetic, which would change family to match the physical changes to the user. Lucas was confused, what sort of game was this. He saw the “Change History” box on a side bar next to the floating beautiful face of Sam. An insanely long list of changes appeared. From increase in height, made a natural athlete and increase cock length. The make realistic option seemed to apply to them all. Lucas came off his history and clicked on himself. His meagre frame and spotty face appeared, with all his statistics listed. He clicked on height, 5’5 it read. A dial appeared below, or he could edit his height. Lucas ran a finger over the dial, increase the avatars height. He chuckled quietly as the avatar grew taller, then almost shouted out load as his feet moved along the carpeted floor as his own height increased. In a panic he pulled the dial back till his height on both the Chronivac and in reality retuned to normal. It dawned on Lucas what he was holding, he’d just grown a foot in an instant and it looked like Sam had made himself the hunky athlete he was now and no one seemed to know any different. Lucas smiled, he could change anything. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Scott woke on Christmas morning, stretching out his beefy arms and yawning. Flexing his toes and sadly trying to kill his throbbing morning wood before swinging his thick legs out of bed. He pulled on some stripy pajama bottoms before he noticed that his little cousin Lucas wasn’t still asleep. He cracked his knuckles before flexing a bicep in the mirror, smirking to himself and headed out of his room. His big bare feet thudding as he stomps down the stairs into the living room. Both his parents and his aunt and uncle were already there, sitting on the sofas and talking over coffee. “Merry Christmas” Scott greeted, a hand down his bottoms rearranging his fat nuts They returned the greeting and his uncle Roger shouted out to the kitchen to his cousin Lucas. “Time for presents” Scott’s mother offered Scott with childlike glee dropped to his knees at the foot of the heavily decorated Christmas tree and started to hand out presents. He found one with Lucas’ name. “Lucas” he shouted Instantly his cousin replied “No need to shout, I’m behind you” Scott turned and handed the present over, then back to the tree. Scott blinked a few times before turning back to his cousin. Lucas looked good, very refreshed. His skin very clear for a guy who looked like the face of the moon last night. His cheekbones were even showing through his cheeks, like he’d dropped a few pounds in the night. Scott looked down to Lucas’ pj clad form, his shirt was tight, but only showed a flat stomach were a chubby gut should have been. Still he wasn’t anything compared to Scott’s and his Hitchens family six pack, but it was odd. Maybe Scott just hadn’t payed any attention Lucas, wouldn’t be the first time Lucas’ existence had come as a shock to Scott. Scott began unwrapping his first gift, it was tickets to a football game, him and his dad most likely. Behind him Lucas was tearing apart the paper on his gift. “Oh awesome, new headgear, I need this for wrestling” Lucas said happily Scott’s dad started talking to Lucas about wrestling, the runt lying through his teeth about being a state champion. Scott turned to call Lucas out on his lies, but he stopped. Lucas was now shirtless. His chest jutting out like slabs of rock and his stomach ripped into six thick cobbles. Lucas’ shoulder were rounded and had meaty biceps swinging from them. “You ok cousin” Lucas asked with a bounce of one of his heavy pecs Scott shook his head and went back to handing out presents. The gifts got weirder and worst. Scott was getting books, socks and gift cards to shops he’d never go too. Lucas though was getting amazing stuff, a new lap top, a new PS4, bundles of games, but some weird stuff too. New shoes which weren’t that odd, it was just Lucas made a show of announcing they were size 17. Again Scott wanted to call him out, but as he turned around he saw the enormous bare dogs that Lucas had connected to his three trunk legs. The thick toes flexing as Lucas looked. “You know what they say about big feet” Lucas said quietly to Scott Scott shook off the implication, knowing while Lucas was a beefy wrestler with massive flipper feet, he was still a short ass with a small baby cock if the flat front of his briefs in the morning was any indication. With the presents done Scott’s dad and uncle went to the kitchen to work on getting the Christmas roast ready, while the mothers cleared up the ripped up wrappings. Scott carried his disappointing load of gifts up to his room, his heavy footfalls drowned out by the even heavier footfalls of Lucas behind him. Lucas’ booming voice echoed around him, his beefy cousin gushing about all the amazing gifts he’d gotten. Scott actually pushed his door shut behind him, almost hitting Lucas in his chiseled lightly stubbled face. “That was rude” Lucas said opening the door, not even looking at Scott He was busy typing into his phone, Scott pulled at the fabric around his crotch, it was unusually baggy. “So baby dick….” Lucas started Scott was instantly turned around and squaring up to Lucas, just he wasn’t towering above him like he expected. Instead a squared meaty pec bounced slightly in front of his face. Lucas’ face smirking down at him. “So baby dick” Lucas repeated, a massive finger flicked at the billowing empty crotch of Scott’s pajamas “We have a couple hours before Christmas dinner… what you want to do” Scott started to splutter, the words catching in his throat. He didn’t know it, but he was wearing his older brother hand me down pajamas, he had the ass and legs to fill them out, but the Hitchens donkey dick had passed him by. Lucas’ eyes rolled “Shouldn’t of left you aware, looks like your minds breaking” A large hand fell onto Scott’s rounded shoulder and forced him to his knees. Lucas unlike Scott wasn’t struggling to fill out his pajamas bottoms. The fabric was bursting with meat, from Luca’s insanely thick pillar like thighs, to the rounded boulder ass that was eating away at the back of them. The hems of his boots ended at the thighs, someone had either cut them off or Lucas had burst them stuffing his quads into them. The crotch was like an entire butcher’s platter of beef, two swollen orbs of sloshing cum and a shank of the finest wrist fat cock meat strained at the seams. To Scott’s shock the sight was making his mouth water. “Try not to think too hard, I want you to remember that I was once a runt, but I don’t want you to snap” Lucas said, his hand pulling Scott’s face towards his bulging crotch “Unlike your brother I want to see how my changes effect people, just wait till I get ahold of him” Lucas laughs, the intentions behind it made Scott worried, but the musk of Lucas’ crotch was too incising. He sighed happily as Lucas’ other hand started to heave out a very fat soft cock. “Good, your calming down, I knew making my cock your happy place was a smart idea” Lucas said starting to jerk his soft meat off “Give me a minute and I’ll dish up your breakfast” Scott was shaking his head, but his tongue was hanging out and his mouth was full of salvia. “Just don’t ruin your appetite” Lucas laughed his jerking speed increasing “You got a big dinner ahead of you”
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    “Dude! You gotta start standing up for yourself,” I shouted. “I know, Martin, I just . . . it’s . . . I can’t,” Amir stammered back. “I mean, did you see the size of that guy? He would have mopped the floor with me.” Although the idea of a big dude using a smaller guy as a mop kind of turned me on, I forced the picture out of my head and focused all of my energy on being angry with my best friend. Amir had just let another guy steamroll all over him – something that seemed to happen numerous times a day. Even when I had stood up for him and challenged the bully, Amir had told me to calm down and not worry about it. “Amir, that guy took a book from the stack you had just put up on the counter – books you were going to buy. He just didn’t want to walk to the back of the store to get a different one. He told you yours was the last one and you know that isn’t true. Come on, man, pay for the things so we can go. I need to get back to work.” “I’m sorry, Martin. I’ll try to be more confident in the future,” Amir said sheepishly. “I really just don’t like causing any problems.” “Yeah, I know, man,” I responded, but not very convincingly. “I’ll see you for drinks at five.” Dammit, I thought to myself as I walked to my office. Why do I get so worked up about Amir’s unwillingness to be more assertive? The guy apologized if someone else bumped into him. A guy hit his car once with a BMW and Amir felt so bad he told his insurance it was his fault. I’d seen Amir take all of his stuff out of a locker at the pool numerous times just because Frank, the gym bully, liked to tease Amir by telling him he really needed the locker Amir had chosen. It was a different reason each time, but Amir gladly gave it up . . . every time Frank insisted on it. And then there was the fact that you never ever sent Amir to the bar to get drinks at a club. He’ll stand there for thirty minutes, unable to get the bartender’s attention, and then finally come back empty handed and someone else would have to go. And the guy wasn’t even some kind of total dweeb. He was a handsome slightly-less-than-normal-sized dude who smiled a lot and was really friendly. I’d been secretly crushing on him for years and that’s why I got so worked up when someone walked all over him. Yes, he dressed a little nerdy. Yes, he did his hair in this part-down-the middle dorky schoolboy style. Yes, he was the complete opposite of a ‘bear’ because if bear’s faces were furry, then Amir’s hairless, soft-as-a-baby’s-behind face made him very un-bear. And the guy’s aversion to the gym was so intense I’m pretty sure he’d hyperventilate if he merely walked into one. So, why the crush? There were so many reasons. The guy had one of the best senses of humor I’d ever encountered. He could have me rolling on the ground in seconds. Of course, he’d have to know you pretty well before you got to get glimpses of this side of him, but it was there. The guy was the best cook, the most read man I knew, and loved every kind of movie imaginable. The first time we had ever met he had passed my requirement for becoming friends with someone by being able to quote entire segments of all Monty Python movies. I don’t care how beautiful a man was if he didn’t know Monty Python. That was a deal breaker. And then, there was the fact hat he was probably the kindest person I knew – thank you cards after dinner parties, end of meal trips to the bathroom at restaurants where he secretly paid the bill, homemade meals delivered to you if you were sick, and just random daily messages to ‘check in’ and see how your day was going. Who did those things in this day and age? Amir did. Lastly, there was his cock. Sorry, I know I’ll be offending some people, but the fact was the guy had one of the most gorgeous cocks I’d ever seen. There was a certain freedom within Amir when it came to changing in front of friends at the swimming pool or even at home. I had no idea where the soft-spoken, shy, don’t-want-to-make-waves guy that moved through the world day to day got the hutzpah to let his dick and ball flop so majestically in front of his pals, but I figured it must be because of how big and beautiful it was. It was thicker than my wrist, longer than my forearm, and had a mushroom head so plump you knew it would feel so incredibly good as it forced its way into you. I so wanted to test my own theory. I knew, subconsciously, that Amir’s comfortableness with parading his monster cock around proudly in changing rooms meant there was a side to him no one had ever seen. I just didn’t know how to tap into that part of him . . . and then have that part of him tap me hard! When I returned to Hyde Jet Propulsion Laboratories after lunch, I decided to stop by the office of my favorite ‘come cry on my shoulder’ friend – Betsy Cranston. Betsy was a lipstick lesbian that was so gorgeous everyone came on to her – even though she made it very clear she was never going to be into a penis. I had watched her knee a guy so hard in the balls after he physically harassed her in the office that he surely was going to sing soprano in the choir for years after that. Betsy actually had the kind of personality I wish Amir would have. I walked into her office and the look on my face said everything she needed to know. “Let me guess. Amir was a wimp,” she said, pointing to one of the chairs across from her. “Am I that much of a broken record?” I asked. “Yes, you are, but I don’t mind. Watching you chase a guy that apologizes to his shadow is what I live for,” she sarcastically responded, and we both knew she was teasing me. “What am I going to do?” I asked. “I like the guy so much, but he’s such a dweeb.” “A cute dweeb, though,” Betsy added. “Yes . . . he’s very cute,” I answered. “And very, very endowed,” she teased, even more. “Well, there is that, yes,” I said. “Look at you, my little size queen, pining away for a guy that has so much potential. When are you going to get smart and ask your good friend, Betsy, to help you? Remember, I was top of my class at M.I.T. I know a few things,” Betsy said, with seriousness that was somewhat unfamiliar. “What do you mean?” I asked, raking in the tiny little small sand box on her desk that was supposed to be very meditative. I just found it dirty. “What do I do here at Hyde Jets?” she asked, using the abbreviated name of our company. “I don’t really know. I think you work in alternative fuels or something like that,” I said, still raking away. “Exactly, my good friend – who NEVER asks me about my job,” she said, giving me a ‘Betsy’ stare that made it clear I needed to ask. “Hey Betsy, what are you working on?” I obediently asked, leaving the rake in the sandbox and giving her my full attention. “Why, funny you should ask, there, Marty, my friend. Let me make it very easy to understand. I’m working on a little ray gun that focuses on the vitamins, minerals, and other healthy parts of certain plants and intensifies them when zapped,” she responded, leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms like she had just finished a killer rap. “I don’t understand,” I said – completely confused. “I have a gun that I point at a plant and then I shoot a mixture of radioactive, electrical, and many other kinds of wonderful things into it and it grows. It grows a lot. It’s gets stronger, more aggressive to other plants, and is even crazy healthier. See that vine in the corner of my room – the one that’s taken over the bookcase?” “Yeah,” I said, kind of half looking. “It was just a two-leaf shoot this morning,” she answered. This made me look again. A huge Amazonian jungle vine covered her huge bookcase making it almost impossible to see anything on the shelves. The plan reached fom the top shelf to the floor and even bunched up at the bottom in a few layers. The leaves were a dark green – so healthy it almost looked faked – and the stem was thicker than my thumbs put together. I turned from the plant back to my friend – my face in shock. “Yep,” she added, “Little itty-bitty baby plant this morning and now a big fucking daddy of all daddy plants about swallow my office whole.” The look on her face instantly told me what she was thinking. I looked at the plant again. It looked like someone had babied it for years to grow into its present healthy looking size. This had happened from one little zap from a gun Betsy was working on. I turned back to her – suddenly very aware of something. “Hey, I do remember asking you about your job and you told me you were working on alternative plant fuels,” I said – suddenly remembering that I was a good friend and asked questions. “Yeah, that’s true. But on the side, I’ve been working on this,” she said and reached under her desk to bring out a rifle looking clear glassed instrument that looked like something out of the ‘Men in Black’ film franchise. “It’s a little toy I wanted to make for my friend, Martin.” She handed me the thing and I was shocked to find out it was light as a feather. What had looked like glass was some kind of clear plastic and there were tubes throughout the thing with a dark green liquid zooming around and around. It felt like the gun was alive. “Is this thing on?” I asked. “It feels like it, but no. The materials I mix for the super juice are kind of always moving. It has to do with capturing electrons, mashing together specific energies, and a bunch of other stuff that would bore you. The bottom line is – it’s ready to be tested on a human.” “What? No way!” I said, quickly. “I am not letting you shoot this thing at me.” “Not you, doofus!” she said, loudly. “Amir!” Her response excited me instantly. My mind did not have time to filter anything. I glanced at the killer vine on the bookshelf and thought about what this rifle thing could do to the man I loved. I was so intrigued by the idea I almost let all common sense go. Suddenly, I came crashing back to earth. “Are you kidding?” I asked. “How do you know it’s safe to use on humans?” “Cause it’s all organic,” she answered. “There’s nothing in there that humans don’t normally put in their body. It’s just intensified – quite a bit – and cranked up a little by some focused power. It’s harmless to other people, but I’ve built it specifically to react to Amir’s DNA. Thanks for the hair samples you provided.” I was still a little embarrassed I had stolen hair from his brush and taken his toothbrush one day when I had been at his house. Betsy had told me she could do some genealogical testing on the adopted Amir and we could maybe help him find his real parents. That had all been a ruse to just get what she needed to make this gun. This girl was clearly a lot more sneaky thank I knew. “What do you call it?” I asked. “The A Zapper, of course. What else would I call it,” she said, laughing. “So, you need to start bringing your guitar to work.” “I don’t have a guitar,” I answered, kind of not really listening to her. I was too busy looking at the A Zapper. “You do now. I bought you one yesterday and you’ll pick it up at my place, tonight. You need to bring it so often that the guards downstairs will finally just wave you through and not check the bag because they’ve gotten used to you. That’s when you can switch the guitar out for the zapper.” “Who are you?” I asked looking at Betsy with a shocked face. “Some kind of CIA agent?” “Yes,” she said, with so much seriousness I really couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. “Martin, this is going to help you get the man of your dreams and it’s going to actually help me advance my plant serum. I’m not going to let this stuff be used on humans, even if it is harmless. Are you kidding? Our government would have a heyday with this kind of stuff. My findings make it pretty clear that this stuff is not good for human consumption, but that’s all made up. Only a few people in the world know what it can do and I’m the only person that has the formula in my head. Someday, it will die with me. Right now, though, I’d really like my best friend to get something I think he deserves. And at the same time, Amir will get something I think he deserves, too. You know I love Amir. I’d do anything for both of you.” I was a little choked up to hear this and Betsy knew it. She and I had talked way too many times heart to heart about my desire for Amir for her to not fully understand how I truly felt. Her wanting to help me was the greatest gift ever. I looked back at the Zapper to prevent myself from crying. I thought about what it would do to my friend, Amir. “Now listen, Martin. This is a one shot deal. The Zapper isn’t a rapid-fire machine. It’s juice lasts for one long zap. You got to keep with it no matter what when you start. Amir’s going to scream like a baby and you’re going to think he’s dying, but you’ve got to stay strong and keep zapping away. It hurts when bone and muscle is regenerated. It’s also going to be instantaneous. You’re going to have to have your explanation ready to go – no matter what. We don’t know how Amir’s going to react to the changes. Also, get rid of the gun as soon as you’ve zapped the guy. It will self destruct in three minutes. Don’t worry, it’s not going to explode, but it will kind of melt into nothingness. Just don’t have it I your hands or put it on a table you really like. A bathtub would be ideal. Do you understand, Martin?” “Yes, Betsy,” I said, looking right at her. “Thank you very much.” She came out from behind her desk and we hugged. We both knew the gun was going to change many people’s lives. The next day, I started coming to her office on lunch break and playing the guitar. I actually knew how to play, so Betsy wasn’t put off by having to listen to me as she ate. Two weeks later the guards stopped opening the guitar case when I left for the day and when I came in at morning. Betsy said it was time. Amir was coming to my house for dinner that night. We both were ready to put operation ‘Zapping Amir’ into action. I was nervous as hell when I was leaving my office that day. I usually left with Betsy, so she thought it was important we not change a thing – even though I could tell she was as nervous as I was and I think wanted to stay in her office and wait for a text telling her I hade made it safely through. Sweat was dripping down my back as we left the elevator and walked toward the front doors – right by the security desk with the two hefty guards sitting there. As soon as we got to the front doors one of the guards called out, “Hey!” Betsy and I froze like criminals caught in a spotlight. We turned slowly to face the two men. “Don’t we get a ‘have a nice weekend’?” he asked, smiling. Betsy and I never walked past the security station without saying have a great day or have a wonderful night. It was just the kind of people we were. In our urgent desire to escape without being caught with the Zapper we had forgotten our little ritual. We immediately apologized, took a step towards them to show our eagerness to make it up, and then wished them a great weekend. This made the guys smile and they even high-fived each other. A minute later we were sitting by the fountain outside trying to calm down. “So, remember, I’m a scientist. I need you to make mental notes of things while it’s going on. Even try to film it if you can. Don’t stand in the room. That little anteroom with the slanted glass windows will be a good place for you to be when you zap him. Please don’t stop. No matter how much he screams or begs you. He needs the full dose for it to work. And, for heaven’s sake, get rid of the gun as soon as you’re done. You only have three minutes before it destroys itself. Oh, and please call me after the sex to tell me how it was.” “There’s not going to be any sex, Betsy,” I said, looking away. “By my calculations he’s going to be over-the-top horny after the change. He’s going to be looking for an outlet to relieve a lot of built up sexual frustration. No offense, but he’d probably do a horse if it was in the room. I think, however, he’s going to be really, really happy it’s you. He’ll be out like a light after that, though, so you’ll be able to do some real-time reporting on the changes. Oh, good luck my dear Martin. I’m so glad you’re about to have your dreams come true.” And with that, Betsy hugged me again and watched me walk away with my guitar case containing the Zapper. ************** “Um . . . I’m really sorry about the other day, Martin . . . you know . . . when I didn’t stand up for myself in the bookstore. I just don’t like . . . well, it’s more that I’m afraid of . . . you know . . . confrontation.” “Uh huh,” I replied, not really listening to Amir. I was busy getting everything ready. We had finished eating – an entire meal where he had done exactly what he was doing now, apologizing for being such a wimp. It had made me want to zap the guy even more. I had begun to see Amir in a more honest light, now that I knew what he would become. The guy had on a small t-shirt and the sleeves were still swallowing his arms. There wasn’t even the slightest bulge when he moved his arms. His chest didn’t show at all through the material. It was like the front of the guy was as flat as a board. His shoulders sloped down like a wire hanger that has been bent. The word ‘pencil neck’ seemed to have been made up just for him. I had always thought he was just lightly smaller than normal size, but he was a lot less. I knew I wanted Amir to change partly for me – I hoped when he got bigger he might send some affection my way – but I mostly wanted it for him. I wanted him to not enter each day worried sick about being small and weak. I didn’t want him to become some kind of hulking bully, but I did want him to feel like he could stand up for himself – like he could carry himself with a little more pride. I was suddenly back listening to his long ramble. “So, I was thinking I might actually go to a gym,” he said – not really talking with me, more like just putting words out into the air. “Uh huh,” I responded as I pulled out the guitar case and then I handed him an extra large t-shirt. “Put this on.” “Why?” he asked. “I thought we’d do some painting,” I quickly said the first excuse that popped in my head and he accepted it, even though we’d never done something like that before. “Oh, I love doing arts and crafts. This thing is going to swallow me, though,” he said as he changed shirts. “Not for long,” I answered softly, and he just kept on talking – the very non-Amir Harley-Davidson t-shirt did look like a dress on him. “I know you’ve heard me say that about the gym before, but this time I mean it. I mean, I may wait a while because since it’s still near the beginning of the year the gyms are full and I don’t want to be around a lot of other people. You know . . . I’d rather the place be kind of empty.” “Um . . . yeah,” I half-heartedly replied as I pulled out the ray gun. “What’s that?” Amir asked. “A new toy,” I replied. “It looks like a gun. Is it dangerous? I mean you can never be too safe with firearms, Martin.” “That’s true,” I answered as I went to the little anteroom off of my living room as Betsy had instructed. She said it was important for me to be a good distance from Amir to get his entire body in the ray. “What are you doing, Martin. Don’t point that thing at me. You could cause an . . .” Sometimes you just didn’t let doubts or thoughts about consequences get in your way. I was so determined to help my friend, Amir, I just pointed the ray gun at him and pulled the trigger. A green blast of light shot out of the thing and immediately enveloped the guy’s body. It was like any living thing was a magnet for the beam. It surrounded him completely. Amir had turned away from me in fear and had crumpled his body into a squatting ball. As soon as the ray zapped him he began to scream like someone being murdered. I did not waiver at all, though. I remembered what Betsy had told me and I knew his body was going through a very painful transformation. I kept my finger tightly on the trigger of the gun and I held the beam steady on the guy in front of me. Suddenly, the very high-pitched screams of small Amir sank about three octaves lower and went from what sounded like a wounded animal to something akin to a gorilla in heat. The room was now filled with this deep growl that clearly spoke of pleasure, not pain. In the middle of the neon green light I could now see that Amir was standing up with his arms flexed at his sides. The t-shirt that had swallowed him earlier was now tight across his back and massive arms filled the sleeves. The damn zapper was working. I had a huge room-length mirror on the wall across from us and I could see Amir clearly in its reflection. The guy was looking at himself, too, and smiling like he was now being filled with much pleasure. I was suddenly shocked to see that his once baby’s butt-smooth face was covered in some definite he-man thick fur. Suddenly the zapper quit zapping and I realized my friend was no longer grunting loudly. “Fuuuuck, Martin. Look at me. I’m huge,” Amir said in a gruff gravely voice that made my balls tighten. “God, I can feel the power surging through my body. My arms are enormous. Look at my bulging shoulders. I have a beard! I have a face full of dark hair. Look at that, I can bounce my pecs – damn, I have pecs that I can bounce! I gotta flex. I’m just too big not to flex. Gotta see these huge things pumped to the max. Oh fuck, look at how my arm swells. Look at my fucking triceps! Those mounds of beef almost hang to the floor! Yeah, gotta flex ‘em tighter. Look at that gun swell, Martin. Let’s get a closer look. Let’s get this sleeve out of the way. Oh my fucking god, look at that sweet fucking split peak. Look at my arm, Martin. It’s the arm of a muscle god. Look at how that thing explodes with power!” I had now moved back into the room after dropping the zapper in a waiting bin I had bought for when it self-destructed. There was not an ounce of dweebness left on my friend. He was incredible. His arm ballooned into a multi-layered muscle thickness that showed he was now this lean hulk of a man. His deep voice, alone, was making me shoot hard, but the vision of all his new muscled hugeness was just mind-blowing. The guy was flexing his huge arm over and over, marveling at how the thing bulged to unbelievable heights. I still couldn’t fathom how the double extra large Harley-Davidson t-shirt now looked hot-as-hell stretched to the max across his new body. And the full lumberjack beard made the guy orgasm-ready handsome in a way I could have never predicted. “Look at how that thing bulges, Martin,” Amir continued – still clearly getting off on his improved body. “My arm is bigger than your head, dude. Look how powerful the thing looks. Let’s test these muther’s out.” Amir dropped his arms and stepped in front of me. He didn’t stop for a moment. He simply grabbed me at the waist and lifted my entire body into the air – no warm up and no hesitation. I went soaring upward, clearly as light as a feather to the new arms of Amir. “Oh hell yeah, dude! Lifting you into the air is no problem for my huge guns. Damn, I wish the ceiling were higher so I could toss you high and catch you. You weigh nothing, Martin. You’re so small!” Amir boomed with childlike enthusiasm as he easily hoisted me up and down in the air. “You feel like a baby in my big hands. A sweet man-baby who has given me the best gift ever. A fucking hot man that needs to be thanked.” My body was lowered until I my face was even with the gorgeous man. My feet were still not touching the ground. Amir brought my body into his and I instantly felt hardness hitting me everywhere. The dude was jacked beyond belief. I let my hands go up to his biceps and I nearly came on the spot when I felt the split peaks which were insanely thick and hard as concrete. Amir then kissed me roughly – an outward sign of the new confidence coursing through his body. I was thrust into muscle heaven – a place I had a feeling I would come to know very well. This new attitude in my friend seemed to seep out of every pore. He spoke out the corner of his mouth as we kissed, as if to confirm what I felt pulsing from his body. “I hope you’re ready for a plowing, Martin,” Amir said, confidence oozing out of him. “Cause I’m about to make you feel like an entire army has had their way with you. What about it, you want to feel my muscles as I fill you with a specific huge muscle down below?” “Oh yes, my huge muscled stud,” I said – still marveling at the words I had chosen to call my friend.
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    There's been so much amazing content here recently that I haven't had any time to write my own. Plus I've been struggling to decide where I want the story to go. I have a basic template in mind, but I can't decide whether I want to stick to the day-in-the-life kind of stuff, or whether I should take the more dramatic route which would potentially be less sexy and more emotional, but would give the story a more fulfilling arc. So if you have an opinion on that, feel free to share. Chapter 16 The next day when I come home from work, Dean is eating poptarts and watching Spiderman 3. I tried watching the first two with him, but he kept scoffing and pointing out how unimpressive Spider-man’s feats of strength are, asking why the civilians were so impressed when Dean could’ve stopped that train with one hand. More than once, I had to point out that this was in fact a movie. “Hey Jake!” He calls without lifting his gaze from the screen. “Hey D…” I squint my eyes. “What?” Dean looks up, sensing my hesitation. “You look different… Are you... bigger?” “Yeah.” He says. “Another growth spurt. Wanna’ measure me?” I suppose it’s not unusual for men to have a second growth spurt in their early 20s, but I get the impression that this is far from Dean’s second. Standing up close, it’s hard to tell. When someone is already so big, it’s not obvious when they grow a little more. At 5’9” to his 6’8”, the top of my head should come to the middle of his chest. Now I don’t even reach his nipples. I get Dean to stand against the wall, pushing a chair next to him and anchoring a tape measure under his toe. It’s disorienting being so high and I can’t believe Dean lives like this every day. “I’m not seven foot am I?” He grimaces. I know he doesn’t like the idea of reaching that benchmark. “Six foot eleven. You’ve gained three inches.” 6’11”. Christ. As if he wasn’t imposing enough already. Dean lets out a sigh of relief. Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t seen him all day, it might be his impressive new size, or it might be the fact that he looks particularly dashing tonight, but I find myself staring. My eyes trace the firm line of his jaw, the rippling pecs and delts that dance whenever he moves. God he’s handsome. After a few seconds of silence, he turns to me, a wolfish grin creeping across his lips. “What are you-“ Is all he gets out before I dive on him, kissing, licking, rubbing my hands over the dense crevices of his muscular back. He returns the kiss with equal passion. Enormous arms scoop me up and deposit me on the edge of the kitchen counter. He towers over me, one hand on the granite countertop either side of me. “That was sneaky.” “I didn’t hear you complaining.” “Hell no, I'm impressed. No one's ever gotten the drop on me. You wanna keep going?” In a rush of confidence, I tell him yes. I’m ready to go all the way. “You sure?” He licks his lips. “How do you want this to go down?” I lean in to whisper in his ear “I like it rough.” Dean’s eyes widen. I hear a crunching sound. A web of cracks fans out from Dean’s hands to cover the counter. He moves to grab me, and all I see are thick indentations in the granite before I hit my bed. As Dean crawls up over me, pinning my arms above my head with one hand, I hear the mattress creak in desperation. “I don’t know if this thing can hold you.” “Maybe not. When I said I was 450lbs, that was a lie.” “What’s the truth?” He shrugs and smirks. “A few tons? I’m always using flight to lessen the weight or I’d go straight through the floor. I’m just so dense.” With that, he starts to suck my nipples, causing me to moan. When he frees my hands, I reach for his fly and take out his cock. It’s semi-erect, and grows thicker and longer and harder every second. He’s enormous. It takes both of my hands to even begin to cover it. “Holy shit.” I gasp. Dean chuckles, causing his brick-like abs to tense and his dick to jump. I rub my tongue up from the base to the tip, over hair and thick veins. Then I open my mouth as wide as possible and take him in, sucking and licking feverishly. He lets out a deep, resonant groan that makes me head vibrate. Somehow his dick is still growing. It must be 12 inches at this point. Easily. I might normally worry about taking him, but right now I’m so horny I don’t care. I feel Dean holding the back of my head, guiding me back and forth over his mammoth cock. Now that it’s erect, I can’t budge it an inch. It’s like a rolling pin. At the same time, he starts to play with my ass. I clench tight before forcing myself to relax. This is Dean. My hero. He won’t really hurt me. Applying a little lube to an index finger longer and thicker than most dicks, he slips it inside. I moan, squeezing myself tight against his indestructible pecs. “You like that?” He mutters as his finger pushes in and out. “You still want it rough?” I nod. “Be careful what you wish for.” His voice comes out as an animalistic growl. In an instant I’m face down, his immovable body poised over me. I hear the sound of lube being applied and shiver as he presses it into me. Then his cock starts to inch its way in, stretching me in a way I didn’t think possible. I open my mouth to scream and his hand clamps over my face, silencing me. He’s shaking with the strain of holding back the beast. I clench my ass around his dick and that pushes him over the edge. “Fuck.” He grunts, slamming all the way into me. Colours pop in my vision and despite his hand, I let out a shriek. He reaches parts of me I didn’t know existed. “You okay?” He asks, waiting for me to adjust to his girth. I’m guessing he used his x-ray vision to make sure nothing important got damaged. After a moment of deep breathing, trying to relax myself, I nod. He grabs my hips and slowly pushes me away, then pulls me until my back slams against his chest. We both cry out together, his deep and rumbling, mine high. After a few slow pumps, he speeds up, always going all the way in, always bringing a moan to my lips, a heady mixture of pleasure and pain. He stands up, using his hold on my hips to support my weight, and starts fucking me like a flesh-light. One colossal arm wraps around my neck, forcing my eyes to his. One flex, and my breath is cut off by his rock hard bicep. I scramble at the muscles in his arms even as he continues to pound in and out of me like a piston. For the first time since I’ve known him, he’s clammy with sweat. Veins stand out on his skin like a road map which just makes him all the hotter. It hurts, but I feel my dick throb in response. I open my mouth to say ‘harder’ but no air will come out. As if he could hear me anyway, Dean’s bulging muscles tighten around my throat with such overwhelming force that I know I’m about to black out. I feel myself orgasm and dig my fingers into Dean’s arms – not that I can hurt him even slightly. “Fuck yeah!” He rumbles, leaning over to watch me squirt. “My turn.” Dean finally removes his arm and lets me breathe. “You… wanna… do it… inside… me?” I whimper between pumps as he makes me his bitch. “I’d like to see anyone try to stop me, little guy” He clamps down harder to prove his point and I hiss from the pain. Then his head falls back and he lets out a savage roar so loud that it makes the house shake and leaves my ears buzzing. I feel him empty himself into me, thick streams of cum that go on and on and on, filling me up until no more will fit, so it starts to pour out of my ass like a leaky pipe, coating both of us. The smell is overwhelming – hot and raw and masculine. That was everything I thought it would be and more. Dean rests his head on my shoulder, still holding me up. “Fuck, I love you, Jake.” “I love you too.” He tilts my face around to meet his lips and kisses me long and slow. “Come on.” As if I have a choice. I’m carried into the bathroom like I weigh no more than a feather. Just like in the valley, he slowly, tenderly washes every part of me. My ass will be sore for a week, and there are already harsh bruises forming on the sides of my thighs where he supported me, as well as my neck. To these areas, Dean pays special attention. When we’re done, he throws himself onto the bed, frowning as it collapses loudly under his weight. “I’ll fix it tomorrow.” He says. I laugh and snuggle up to him, resting against his powerful abdominals and striated pecs. Dean actually looks out of breath. I’ve never seen that before. "You were seriously a virgin? That was insane, Dean." He puffs up his chest in pride. “I liked it. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so strong. Then I’d be able to really let loose.” “It’s not all bad.” I say, kissing his neck. “Not many guys are strong enough to do some of the stuff you did. And that was damned sexy.” “Oh yeah?” He says with a grin. “Yeah. Although next time we’re using the mask, like you promised.” “I guess there are perks to being a superhero.” We lie there for a while, taking comfort in the embrace. I never feel safer than when I’m here with Dean. The man who loves me and wants to protect me, an unstoppable, immovable god. And then a question enters my mind. “I’ve always wondered. What does lava feel like?” “Why?” He turns to me, brow furrowed. “Well the temperature of lava is so high that the liquid in my arm would boil before I got close enough to touch it. But you could, right?” “Yeah…” Dean tilts his head. “It’s hot." "Really? You learn something new every day." Dean laughs. "I guess it's a lot thicker than you’d expect – feels less like treacle and more like… bread dough? Yeah, that. Kind of fibrous. And it gets this weird crust on top where the air has made it set.” “Huh.” I have no clue what to do with that information. But it answers a question, at least. “Ever been to space?” “Yeah. I spent a lot of time out there trying to figure out the upper limits of my power. It’s not that the air resistance slows me down, I just didn’t want to cause any damage.” “And what did you find out?” A non-committal shrug. “I can fly as fast as I want to. Although there’s a point where physics start to get weird, and I don’t like going beyond that. I tested out my strength by punching the ground on Venus and measuring the impact. The craters got a little too big and I had to stop. If I carried on using more and more force, I would’ve destroyed the planet.” He talks about punching Venus to pieces the way I might offhandedly mention that a barista at Starbucks got my order wrong. Like it’s not the most astonishing display of physical power in history. Even knowing what I do about Dean’s abilities, I’m stunned at just how incredible they are. “Venus sucks, by the way. It’s just black stone hills and volcanoes and thick yellow air that stinks of rotten eggs as far as you can see. I think the atmosphere is meant to be made of acid but I didn’t really notice. There aren’t many craters, or at least there weren’t before I came along. But the surface isn’t visible from earth so I don’t think anyone will notice.” “Where else have you been?” He squints, casting back his mind. That fact that he has to think about it is shocking. Space travel should be a pretty prominent memory. I guess it’s all the same to Dean. When you can do anything, nothing is special. “Some of the gas giants are pretty cool. You’d expect them to be boring, being gas and all. But they’re pretty crazy. There’s an ocean on Neptune, and the pressure causes solid diamonds to form and fall like rain into the core. And Saturn’s rings are amazing in person. I never realised how many different colours they were.” I can’t help the jealousy bubbling up as I listen to Dean talk. Not just because he doesn’t really seem to appreciate the significance of his actions, but also because I’ll never be able to repeat them. I try not to blame him. After all, if there was any way to take me to see the rings of Saturn, and he thought it would make me happy, I know he’d do it in an instant. But there is no way – not a realistic way. So I content myself with stories. “Just make sure you take photos next time.” Besides, he knows plenty of other ways to make me happy.
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    Part 2: Everyone breaks for college and Trevor temporarily moves out of state for his summer internship. Not only is he going to be away from Seth but he will be away from Brooke too, a thought that saddens him but he realizes he has a golden opportunity to make some good money over the summer. Money that he can use to buy supplements and food to fuel his continued growth. However, a couple of weeks into his internship, Seth quickly realizes that while he is making good money, the job also takes up a lot of time. Being the intern, lots of busywork gets dropped on him by the higher-up businessmen. Unfortunately, this requires the young stud to often stay late or work from home in the evenings, meaning he begins to miss many of his workouts. And if he does get to lift on weeknights he was usually relegated to using his crappy apartment complex's gym. The hard work is also preventing him from preparing his typical healthy meals. Trevor finds himself often eating out at fast food places for lunch due to the lack of meal prep. Soon he notices that he is only lifting on the weekends. One month later and exhausted, on a Friday evening Trevor and Seth are exchanging texts. Seth: [Hey man, hows it going! I haven't heard from you in a couple of weeks. How the job?] Trevor: [Hey bro! Sorry, just been so busy at work, promise I'm not ignoring you. Job is good but crazy busy!] Trevor reads his text. He knows he should return the question but he's almost afraid to ask. He knows his progress has stagnated or maybe even regressed due to the stress, unhealthy diet and lack of time. He opts for a vague update simultaneously hoping Seth with and will not give an update on his progress. Trevor: [So how are you doing? How life back in the college town?] Seth: [It's great, man! I'm working in the dorms as a maintenance handyman. Been helping the supers with basic upkeep while the students are out. It's nothing like what you are making but it's something! And it allows me free access to the student rec center! And gym is going awesome, you taught me well, bro! I'm getting stronger and stronger. How's your workouts going?] And there it is. The question Trevor didn't want to answer. It's not the most honest answer but he can't help himself. Trevor: [Yeah man, gym is good. I haven't been able to go quite as much but doing what I can. With making so much $$ I've had to skip a few workout but you know me, can't keep me out of the gym too much!] Seth: [Haha yeah, dude, you are the ultimate gymrat. I bet you are getting jacked. I bet you've finally passed that 6 ft mark, huh? I can't thank you enough for getting me on Elongro. I'm still growing a little taller, probably not as much as you though. But short guys like me will take whatever we can get, LOL] Trevor's mind is racing. He's not sure, he hasn't measured himself since he left college, but he hasn't felt any taller or bigger lately. Trevor: [Hell yeah man. Great to hear. We are gonna be buff tall studs!] Seth: [I can't wait man! Even with you still being bigger I feel like I'm finally becoming an alpha male, haha! I've actually been getting some attention from more and more ladies. Being big rocks, I see why you were so happy all the time, haha] Trevor: [Yeah bro, gotta run. Adios!] Trevor decides he needs to buckle down and find the time to lift big and eat big. He can't let his gut soften up any further. By this point his abs were only faintly visible. He can't let Seth get more muscular than him. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be for Trevor. Work became even more exhausting. Working for a marketing firm in the big city was a big eye opener for just how dedicated some of the more senior businessmen and businesswomen were. The two continued to sporadically send messages to each other. Same story between Trevor and Brooke. Every time Trevor gets a message from Seth he can feel the energy and excitement behind Seth's words. One message mentions a new hobby for Seth. Seth: [I was running laps around the courts the other day and these guys asked me to play pickup Bball with them. It was fun! I wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, lol. Been a while since I shot around but I picked it back up fast. I was far from the worst guy playing, lol.] “Basketball?” Trevor thinks to himself. He never knew Seth lnew how to play basketball. Plus, basketball didn't really seem like his sport, being more meant for...well...tall people. Seth has been loving his summer job. Sure, it wasn't a big moneymaker but it allowed him to use his hands and burgeoning strength. He could only grin every time the maintenance workers would ask him to help carry the heavy replacement parts and equipment. One of the older of the supers had even taken to calling him 'Mr. Muscles'. The extra motivation was pushing him to lift bigger and heavier weights in the rec center, where he was becoming quite popular with the few college girls who had stuck around during the summer. The rest of the summer flies by, and before they know it, there is only a week before school starts back up. Seth is already on campus, having decided to live at a place he had found back in July with some guys he met playing basketball. Trevor just returned back in town yesterday and was busy moving into his small one-bedroom apartment. That weekend Seth had invited him to a party at his new place. Trevor had been dying to see Seth, both to catch up with his best friend but also to see if he's gotten much bigger. From Seth's summer progress texts Trevor was prepared to see new mass on his buddy. Perhaps Seth might even nearly weigh as much as himself now, since Trevor hadn't made any progress that summer...either in muscle mass or height. He hoped Seth wouldn't notice how he had actually softened up a bit from his formerly shredded physique. After he got settled in to his new place, Trevor's phone buzzed that afternoon before the party. [Hey man! Come on over anytime after 7. A few buddies are over too. Bring some beer if you can. Worked out two hours today, and I'm THIRSTY, haha! Can't wait to see you, bro!] Tervor rolls up to Seth's apartment. There are a few cars there already and music is pumping loud. The place looks packed. "When did Seth meet all of these people?" Trevor wonders silently to himself. Seth has never never been all that outgrowing. Apparently this has been his summer to make a plethora of new buddies. Carrying a case of Bud Light, he knocks on the door and a very tall guy opens. He catches his breath, looking up and up, before realizing that it must be one of Seth's new friends. He relaxes slightly. "Yo, Seth, beers here!" The tall guy yells out. He must be at least 6 ft 5 and just towers over Trevor with a strong build as well. Seeing taller guys has always made Seth uncomfortable, hearkening back to his constant desire to be the alpha in the room. Trevor sees a pile of shoes, takes the hint and kicks off his shoes next to the pile. He notes that they all look huge, with none being under what looks like Size 12. Quite a few seem much bigger than that. Just then he hears Seth, though his voice sounds even deeper than before. "About time, bro!" Trevor sets the beer down on the floor and before he can get a good look and say anything back Seth quickly walks and gives him a full on brotastic-bear hug. Only this time Seth leans back, lifting Trevor off the ground! Seth's arms feel like steel as they wrap around Trevor. Trevor hugs back and the reunited friends pat each others' backs. To Trevor, it feels like he's hugging a granite statue. Seth lowers him back to the ground and steps back, his arms on Trevor's shoulders holding him at arm's length for inspection. Trevor notices a wicked cocky grin on Seth's face and soon realizes why. Trevor is...staring UP at Seth. It's not a glaring difference, but Seth's eyes are clearly above his pal's, just so. Trevor can tell that Seth's has processed this as well and knows what Trevor must be thinking, but he is relishing letting Trevor soak it in. After a lengthy pause, Seth gives Trevor a once over and asks, "Hey dude, what happened? You look a little softer since I last saw you. I can still tell you're buff but your arms aren't as veiny as they were." Comparatively, Trevor notices that Seth's forearms are bulging with sinew and veins. Trevor's heart beats fast but he tries to play it off, tries to retain his alpha-stud demeanor. "Oh yeah, the internship was nuts. I made some great money but it really took away from my gym time." Seth notices Trevor staring at his arms and he flexes his wrist, really making them bulge. Seth looks...very good. Strong, lean, more muscular. His jaw seems to be more defined, as if his face shed some baby fat. Not to mention...the height. Finally Trevor can't stand it and asks. "How tall are you, Seth?" Seth throws his head back and laughs. It's the moment he's been waiting for, even since he saw Trevor, the new smaller Trevor, standing in the doorway. "Dunno exactly, buddy. But when I had my checkup late last month I hit 6 ft flat! Isn't that awesome! I'm a bona-fide six-footer! And that was like 4 weeks ago. Haha, dude, but clearly I passed you this summer! And I've been rocking it at the gym. I benched 225 lbs TWENTY times yesterday bro! It's was fuckin' awesome!! Benching all that weight is easy when you are up to 210 lbs like me, haha! And I'm even leaner than I was at the start of the summer, so I put on like 35 lbs of pure muscle and bone over the last three months!” Seth is obviously excited and loves bragging about his new progress. Trevor's mouth is agape, all those updates of Seth's progress in the gym weren't exaggerating. If anything, they downplayed his actual growth. Thirty five pounds of muscle is a shit-ton to put on in one year, much less three months not to mention what looked to be like 3 inches in height! "Where the fuck did THAT come from? He's actually taller than me now," Trevor thinks to himself. Seth see's his new smaller friend's shocked expression, gives a wry grin and steps right up to Trevor, chest to chest. “And how tall are YOU, Trev?” Trevor gulps, his eyes just slightly pointed up looking into Seth's. He tries to hide his intimidation, forcing a smile back at Seth. Trevor measured himself last week and knows the true measurement but some weird instinct in him fights its way to the surface. "Well it looks like obviously we grew differently like back in spring, but like you I reached six foot! I finally hit that magical mark too! It's awesome!" Trevor does his best to act excited like Seth but sees Seth smirk, seemingly skeptical. "Oh yeah, Trev? Hmm...we will just have to test that out!" Seth says, laughing. Trevor laughs too, nervously. Thinking the situation was over. Then, to Trevor's horror, Seth calls out to one of the guys in the room. "Hey Jack, come over here. I want you to meet my buddy Trevor!" Jack walks over. He's clearly a gym guy too, but he's less developed than Seth... or even Trevor by this point. Seth introduces his former roommate to Jack. The three talk for a bit about your internship, Seth's job and Jack's job. They gab about school and the classes we will take this upcoming semester and just the summer in general. "Trev, you know Jack used to play basketball? He was a walk-on for the college team last year. Jack is one of the guys I met playing this summer.” As he speaks, Seth claps his big mit on Jack's shoulder, clearly getting to a point. "Say Jack, what did you say you were listed on the roster again?" Seth grins as Trevor looks at him with horror, realizing what is coming. Jack responds. "Coach put me at 6 ft 1 but I'm really 6 ft on the dot. Sure wish I was that tall, haha. Coaches are always fudging the numbers a bit. Would have helped my game having another inch." Trevor looks at Seth, pleading with his eyes, but Seth is having too much fun enjoying the moment. "Trevor was just telling me he grew a bit this summer. He says he's 6 ft like you!" Jack looks Trevor up and down. "Really bro? No offense but..." Seth laughs. A deep manly guffaw emanates from his thick muscular neck. He has a suggestion. "Easy way to settle this. Go back to back! I'll say if you are the same." Seth beams. Jack shrugs, clearly not minding the goofiness of the whole ordeal. Trevor protests, "I haven't done this since I was a kid, Seth. This is silly..." Seth keeps pressing, enjoying the moment. "Come on, it'll take a second.." Historically Trevor would just smile and steamroll Seth and move on. But seeing Seth's new bigger muscles and taller frame, Trevor feels compelled to comply to his friend, something that his new for the former alpha. With a huff, Trevor submits and turns to face the other direction. Jack does the same. Seth stands in judgment, grinning and chuckling. "Six foot, eh?" He says once, confidently. "Well, it looks to me you are just UNDER that mark if Jack is six foot on the dot. Jack has you beat, ever so slightly!!!" Trevor sighs, dejected. He doesn't want to make a scene. Luckily, Jack helps him out. "No worries dude! I'll grab you a fresh beer. What are you drinking?" Trevor was clearly fuming, but this gesture disarmed the situation. Seth thinks it is damn funny, but he can sense his now smaller bud's frustration. "Haha sorry, man. I had to. Shit dude, this is the first time I've ever looked down at you. I must have at about an inch on you right now!” Trevor turns his head, trying to hide his annoyance. Seth tries to perk him up. "Hey man, I only tease because like you said, the growth isn't always even. Last spring I grew first and then you did after me. Looks like I got the growth spurt this time. I'm sure you'll get the big growth next and pass me up again, so I gotta tease you while I can! You seem like you still grew just slightly taller though, so the stuff must be still working for us. Let's keep pushing this as much as we can. I want us BOTH to be huge, Trev!" Seth says, slapping Trevor on the back. Seth's slap hits Trevor with more force than he is prepared for and he falls forward slightly. Even Seth is surprised at the power you he has exerted on Trevor. “Geez Seth, easy up. I could feel that new muscle in that swing. You said you were up to 215? Shit dude, you're...big.” “210, Trev! Haha, but like you say though, 'NOT BIG ENOUGH'!” Seth throws up a sudden, short-lived mock double biceps flex and Trevor can see how his arms bulge and fill the sleeves of the t-shirt. They are looking mighty, along with the rest of him. Even though the white t-shirt isn't tight, Seth's build is clear. His big round delts, his pecs, his wide lats, traps and arms are all evident underneath the light fabric. Clearly the shirt is bigger than the size Large Trevor is currently wearing that is comfortably loose. Trevor wonders how big the shirt is, if it has just one 'X' or, gulp, 'XX' in front of the 'L' on the tag. Seth continues his humblebrag. “Yep, I'm still growing thicker too, not just taller. Added two-to-three an inches to all my measurements! Including almost two and a half inches on my arms! The guns seem to really respond to the weights. So did you put on any weight, Trevor?” “Um just a couple of pounds, not much difference. That internship really fucked with my fitness this summer.” “Wow, man! So I got like 10 lbs on you. Never thought I'd say that!” Trevor thinks to himself, “Me neither.” Although it was true that Trevor hadn't put on or lost any weight, he had added some fat. Which means he lost a bit of muscle over the summer as well. Thankfully, the pairs conversation moves away from their bodies soon after and the rest of night they have a good time. Trevor loosens up, trying and mostly succeeding in letting his size go and enjoys the party. Though, he can't help but note that all of Seth's new friends are...well, big. Both tall and athletic. Very little collective fat could be found at this party. Among the crowd there are only a couple of guys shorter than him, but he sees with disappointment that they are both clearly more muscular, looking like actual young amateur bodybuilders. If Trevor used to have the build of a physique model, these guys could've been stage ready with some diet and conditioning. With their pumped muscles they likely weighed more than Trevor...making him officially the smallest male at the party, a thought that sickens him. It doesn't help that he then notices that Seth looks almost as buff as they do! Later on the night everyone is starting to get a bit wasted. After chatting with some others, the two friends meet up again out into the back yard. By this time the craziness of the party is starting to settle down and some of Seth's buddies have headed home. With it still being August, it is hot, humid and sticky outside and everyone at the party is sweaty. True to college jock form, Seth and his new friends nonchalantly strip off their shirts to cool down in the evening air. Trevor is quickly in shock at what he sees. A minute later Trevor corners Seth on the deck. "HOLY SHIT, SETH! You...you are buff. Your chest and arms look HUGE! You have abs, deep ones! Your v-taper is incredible. You are...fuckin' JACKED!" With a alcohol induced haze in his eyes, Seth smirks back at Trevor and brings his arms up into a double biceps flex. He looks like a tanned Greek god fratboy stud. Nothing like the former short, slim and quiet roommate Trevor used to know. Seth's peaks rise and mound up and outward between his delts and forearms. Seth barely notices Trevor is there as he gets wrapped up in his self-admiration. He stares at his right biceps as he flexes and unflexes the arm. His meaty triceps sag full and heavy toward the ground, rounding out the full and balanced muscular development of his guns. Eventually he looks back at Trevor...little Trevor. He'd almost forgot that Trevor was standing there. Seth grins at Trevor. In his inebriated state the inhibitions are gone and he feels powerful. Confident. Superior. And though he can't help it, cocky. For all his time in college he looked up to his roommate, at his good looks, taller height and bigger muscles. And now he had that same guy beat in each facet. Seth smirks at Trevor. DOWN at Trevor and cockily responds. "Thanks...little dude." Trevor blanches at the words. “Little dude.” Now he knows why Seth hated being called that. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Jump to Part 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/16655-elongro-added-part-3-on-1819/?do=findComment&comment=207417
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    That was a fun chapter. Now to fuck EVERYTHING up. Chapter 17 "You're good at this." Dean lies beneath me as I straddle the thick plates of his abs. His fingers dig into my legs. I’m breathing heavily, but he looks completely at ease. And yet I’ve won three times and he’s won zero. Something is up here. “I’m starting to think you’re letting me win.” He winks at me, that boyish grin on show. “Nah. You’re just a really good wrestler. None of those criminals knew what they were doing. It’s all in the technique.” “I’m not sure how much good technique does when your opponent can bench-press an oil rig.” I run my hands through his silky hair. “This is only fun if we’re both trying. Show me what you got, big guy.” Dean frowns. “No way. You would die. I could break your wrist or snap your neck without thinking. Even if I held back everything, you still wouldn’t be able to move me an inch. I have to actively let you push me around when we wrestle.” “Maybe that’s what I want. Not the broken neck bit… but it would be nice to be dominated now and then.” I feel my cheeks going red. He leans forward, kissing me. “Just because I can’t go all out, that doesn’t mean I can’t dominate. You want that?” “You know I do.” “Then say when.” His grin grows to reveal perfect teeth and light dances in his eyes. I start counting down, preparing myself to counter whatever attack he goes for. “Three…. Two… one.” I don’t even have time to blink before I’m on my back. In one giant, smooth hand, Dean holds both of my hands above my head. In the other, he holds my chin. His grip is gentle, but strong enough that I can’t move my head at all. His powerful legs pin me down, and I know it would be futile to push against him. I struggle, but it’s useless. He doesn’t budge even a millimetre. It’s like being held by an iron statue. I can’t even dent the thick, veiny muscles as I push with all my strength against them. Of course, I always knew how strong he was. But sometimes I become complacent. He’s such a gentle giant, it’s easy to forget that he could kill me with a flick of his wrist. “Remember, Jake.” He leans down so that his face is just an inch from mine. “I might let you win now and then, but I’m always in control.” There’s nothing I can do to stop him kissing me. But I wouldn’t want to try. I fall asleep in his arms just like every other night. The butterflies in my stomach reawaken every touch. And when he holds me tight against his chest, nudging the top of my ass with his dick, there’s a hell of a lot to touch. The moment I open my eyes, I can tell I’ve come down with something. Just a little bug. I wouldn’t usually care, but Dean will freak if he finds out, and there’s no way I could successfully hide it from him. So I sneak out of bed before he has the chance to wake up, kiss him on the cheek, and make sure I’m out the door before he realises I’m gone. I leave a little note on the kitchen table ‘I’m at work, see you later x’. 12 o’clock rolls around and Jolene finds me slumped against the chrome kitchen table, my head in my hands, trying to block out the light. A half-finished ball of pastry dough sits beside me. Dimming the harsh lamps, she brings me a glass of water, ordering me to take slow sips. “You look like shit.” “I’ll manage.” I say, though I know it isn’t true. Even if I can draw the willpower to finish my work, I’m a walking infection. It wouldn’t be fair to our customers for me to prepare food in this condition. “I guess… I could do with some sleep.” “Jake, I’m sending you home.” She says in a tone which brooks no argument. “Do you want me to call your hunky boyfriend to pick you up?” Where is Dean right now? Probably out in the world somewhere saving people, stopping crimes, the usual. I have no doubt that if he heard I was sick, he would put everything on hold to come and get me. But whoever he’s helping, they need it more than I do. “No, it’s okay. I don’t live far.” Jolene purses her lips in uncertainty. “At least let me call you a taxi.” I eventually cave to keep Jolene happy. But as soon as she’s out of the room, I call again and cancel. I’m sick, not dying. A walk would do me good and it’s a beautiful day. Vitamin D is rare enough in this town. I step outside and take a deep sigh. My head hurts. When I round the corner onto my street, I’m confronted by white trucks, just like the ones I saw the other day. But not one. There must be six or more, lined up along the side of the road, all identical and empty. Something seems wrong about this. A man wearing all black is leaning against a railing and talking into a walkie-talkie. I could swear his eyes keep flickering over to me. I quickly scamper into the building, out of sight. Closing the door behind me, I take a deep breath and start making my way up to our flat. The first sign that something is amiss is when I find the front door unlocked and ajar. In all the time I’ve lived here with Dean, neither of us has left it open. “Hello?” I call out as I enter, hoping to hear Dean’s reassuring voice echoing back to me. Instead, I am confronted with silence. The whole place is a mess. Every drawer has been opened and its contents dispersed on the floor, every cupboard searched, there are knife marks in the pillows and the stuffing has been pulled out, a few of the kitchen tiles have been dislodged to allow someone to look underneath. “Oh shit.” I whisper, suddenly very aware of how oppressive the quiet is around me. Whoever broke in, they’re still here. They’re probably watching me right now. As subtly as I can, I slip my phone from my pocket and dial Dean. It’s not on speaker, so I only faintly hear the tell-tale beep beep beep of the dial-tone. Please pick up. Please pick up. If he’s out on hero duty then he might not have his phone on him. God, please pick up. Your call cannot be connected at the moment, so please leave a message after the beep. I feel my heart sink in my chest. I take a deep breath and, as quickly as I can, raise the phone to my lips. “Dean, there’s someone h-“ Before I can get the words out, a thick cloth is forced into my mouth and an arm circles my torso, locking me in place. I feel the cold pinch of metal on my neck as a needle pierces my skin. Something cold is pushed into my bloodstream. I try to scream but nothing comes out. “He called the giant.” One of them says. “Let’s get out of here.” As black-dressed figures appear from their hiding spots around the flat, I feel my eyes droop. And then I’m falling.
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    Hi everyone! Welcome to Chapter Three. This chapter came about a few days ago as I was working out with a friend of mine and we talked about body dysmorphic issues we both have with out bodies, and how we both see ourselves as the fat kids we used to be. I haven't been fat for a long time now... but I have trouble not thinking of myself that way. The transformation sequence in this chapter comes from what my friend said he would evolve into if he had to become what he really was deep down inside. I think he enjoyed telling me about it too much!! Enjoy!!!! The Test Chapter Three: Destruction Chad and Jacob emerged from the ether outside Chariots in Vauxhall. Jacob had never been to a gay sauna before, but as he gazed upward toward his friend, he could see that Chad was practically vibrating with excitement. - Can you feel it? Each man in there is calling out to me. As each one experiences lust, desire, orgasm, or experiences any form of sexual stimulation, it is like a call out to my soul. I can hardly control myself. It is taking every ounce of strength I have not to take you right here, Jacob. I need to be among them. Chad walked away from Jacob and approached the door. Without even touching it, the door swung open, and he stepped inside. Jacob ran after him, nervous to be alone. William who had passed out towels and charged the entrance fee at Chariots for seven years was bored with it all. He had seen everything and there were no surprises… that was until the wind blew the door open, and the man in skin tight leather pants strode in. He had to bend down to get his muscle mass through the door. It also looked as if the door suddenly stretched itself to allow the man into the room, but no doubt that illusion was only due to the sudden heat that filled the room. William was instantly hard… something that hadn’t happened in 24 years, and he waved the man through without asking either he or his small friend for the 20 pound entry fee. He must have been so enraptured by the mere sight of this God standing in his presence that as he walked away into the next room, it seemed as if the leather pants disintegrated from his body, and he was totally naked. I definitely need to get my eyesight checked, William thought as the man’s perfect ass and back disappeared from sight. William placed his hand on his erection, the hardest it had been since he was 15. Waves of intense horniness passed over him, and he could barely think straight. Fuck it, he thought as he got up from his stool, and followed the man in. He needed to be with him… worship him like the God he obviously was. The sound of sex was everywhere as Jacob and Chat entered the main room of the spa. Fog filled the air and the smell of poppers came from every directions. There appeared to be twenty men in the room. Some were fucking, some were observing, some were masturbating, and others were simply talking to each other while stroking their cocks. Chad observed his disciples with pride. With one thought, Chad closed his eyes and released his scent into every molecule of air. It traveled quickly throughout the room reaching each and every man. Silence quickly overtook it. One by one, each man slowly stopped whatever they were doing and walked over to Chad. At first, they only stared, afraid to touch him. Filled with his own uncontrollable desires, Jacob moved next to his friend and began to lick and clean the deep grooves between his abs. As if Jacob had singlehandedly broken the damn, every man began to touch Chad, caress him, lick him, kiss him, and even fuck him. Soon Chad was brought to the floor by the men so they could better pleasure him. Sill not satisfied, Chad called out for more worshipers. From miles away, men who were straight, gay, and questioning stopped what they were doing and made their way to Chariots. Three blocks away the local gay theatre company stopped performing their production of Beautiful Thing when nearly every member of the audience (five lesbians remained in their seats) stood up and left the auditorium with the group desire to worship Chad. Even the cast walked away from the stage and followed the audience to Chariots. Within one hour of Chad being there, hundreds of men filled the room. They each took turns fucking Chad and even trying to be fucked by him. A few dedicated fisters succeeding in having him slightly enter them, and were rewarded with the most intense orgasms they had ever had. Every inch of Chad was covered with men pleasing him. Soon he could not hold back, and he began to spray the populace with his seed. Each man took in as much as they could, enjoying the sweet ambrosia that flowed from his loins. Momentarily awaken from his sexual haze, Jacob could hear each man emanating a sound from deep within their souls. It was a word. - Eros! Eros! Eros! - Why are they saying that? - They know that is my name. - I thought it was Chad. - Chad was my human name. Eros is now the name I possess. A wave of sadness filled Jacob. He suddenly realized his friend was gone to him. Chad had never really needed him, but there had been a certain bond between them that had seemed special. Now that he was a God, Chad, or rather Eros, needed nobody. The God of Sex and Lust didn’t need a human wingman or hanger-on. Jacob began to separate himself from the group and walk away. Noticing his friend was gone, Chad turned and with his powerful hand, picked Jacob up and deposited him onto his massive chest. - You can still call me Chad. I’d like that. As hundreds of men brought pleasure to his body, Chad moved his large head toward Jacob. Without any supernatural influence, both men began to kiss… softly at first, and then filled with more passion. It was the best sensation either had ever felt, and Chad began to cum again. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Chaos materialized outside the lab building close to the Jeep Jacob had driven to his house. How long ago that time seemed, and how pathetic his life had been then. He had been a man pretending to be a God… yet here he was… a God disguising himself as a man. He breathed in deeply and attempted to get the whereabouts of the one he could only describe as his ‘new-formed brother.’ As he attempted to locate he and Jacob, a psychic punch threw him backward onto the pavement. Something powerful was blocking him from learning their location. Sparks of lightening shot from his eyes. His desire was to kill every human in his path with one blow… but he attempted to control his craving. There must be another way. Chaos stood up, dusted himself off, and moved closer to the Jeep. Taking a deep breath, he took in its scent. From the sensory explosion in his mind, he knew this was indeed his brother’s vehicle. He could smell human sweat mixed with cologne mixed with sex coming from the machine. Images of the many men his new-formed brother had fucked flooded his mind, and Chaos grew angry. How easily this man had lived his human gay life. Men had fallen at his feet, and he took them for granted. He took is existence for granted. Simply out of spite, Chaos reached out to his ex-wire and caused her to stumble and injure her back. Chaos grinned as he saw this occur in his mind. She was the one who had idiotically gotten pregnant. She was the one that had demanded a second child. She was the one who had entrapped him in a marriage and life he couldn’t stand. Anger bubbled inside of him again, and he threw is ex into a second contraction of pain. He clenched his fist tight as he continued the agonizing pain pulsating through her body. When he felt she could handle no more, he continued for another minute before setting her free. Returning to the Jeep, Chaos flicked his forked tongue at it, receiving tiny chemical molecules of information. In moments, he knew the exact location his brother had been in prior to arriving at the lab. A gym. Of course it was. The hunt was on. Now the fun could begin. Dark mist swirled around the figure of Chaos, and he disappeared. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Adrian Brooks shut off the foyer lights and turned the lock in the gym door. What had once been a massive old warehouse with immensely tall ceilings had been converted three years ago into a gym that catered to casual gym goers and muscle heads alike. Admiring the empty gym club, he admitted that this was his favorite time of the day. This was when he had the place and all of its machines all to himself, and he could work out in peace. All day he sat behind the desk welcoming patrons, answering questions, making smoothies, and cleaning white towels. The next two hours he had, working out on his own always made up for the prior eight. Adrian was a self-proclaimed gym rat, and he took no offence when people told him that he had only one real love: his body. It was a true. He took better care of his body then anyone he knew, and would rather work out then go to a pub any night. He hadn’t always been this way. Adrian had been a fat child, unhealthily attracted to chips and Coke over veg and water. Believing she was showering love on her only child, Adrian’s mother overfed him every chance she could. By fifteen, Adrian was severely overweight, had several health conditions including chronic anxiety, was bullied at school, and hand the lowest of self-esteems. One day in July two years ago, despising that he needed to hide his body behind baggy track pants and sweatshirts and couldn’t wear the shorts and skinny jeans he saw other men sporting, he decided to take his life into his hands. He began cooking his own healthy food, jogging little by little every day, and began reading up on current health and nutrition. In October of that same year, after loosing more than four stone, Adrian took his first step into a gym. With money he had saved from birthday’s and Christmases, he hired a personal trainer to show him the ropes. In no time at all he saw the faint outline of muscles replacing the fat that had once possessed his body. In a year and a half, Adrian was half the size he had been, proudly showing off his newborn pecs and biceps, and wearing the tightest clothes possible. When the front desk job at the gym became available, he jumped at it. The job meant working out for free and spending all of his time in a place he thought of as his second home. Now at age 20, Adrian stood before the mirror and flexed. He had come a long way, but still there was room for improvement. Removing his T-shirt, he focused on each muscle group, flexing in the mirror, and then judging and debating what he needed to do next to make them larger and more prominent. He knew he needed to shave his chest again. The light brown hair that coated his pecs and flowed down over his abs matched the hair on his head and stubble that had risen on his face today. Now that the gym was empty, he could do the one thing he had fallen in love with doing: working out in only a jock strap. Lifting without any clothes on allowed him to easily tune his mind with his body when he could clearly see the pump he was getting. When he opened his own gym one day, he would encourage this. Of course, it also sexual aroused him, but this was beside the point. Anything to do with muscle turned him on. He lived his life for muscle morning, noon, and night, and nothing would stop that. Adrian stacked the plates on the sleeves of the bar and began his set of bench presses with a cool 175. He completed 20 reps with this, and returned the bar to the catcher. He stood up and wet to load 25 more on each side when the lights in the gym began to flicker and go out. The emergency lights turned on, and the room was slightly illuminated, but mostly bathed in shadows. The temperature in the gym appeared to Adrian to also be rising, and he wondered if something was wrong with the Shoreditch powergrid. Beads of sweat began to emerge on his forehead and upper lip, so he reached for his towel and dried himself off. As he turned, he could see what appeared to be the air on his right ripple and bend. What could only be dismissed as an optical illusion or the sudden rise in temperature, Adrian leaned down and reached for his water bottle to cool off. - Could you be of some assistance? Adrian spit out some of his water, and nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the man speak. Looking to the shadows that bathed most of the space, he saw a man clothed all in black standing halfway across the room. - I’m sorry, mate. We’re closed. Adrian wanted to ask the man how he had gotten into the building, but he couldn’t help admiring the muscular physique he had. The man standing in front of him was simply immense with a size, that was practically unheard of. Most certainly a professional body builder, he thought, and a friend of the owner. He no doubt had his own key. That’s how he got in. Damn his size was monstrous. - I was just finishing locking up and going home myself. Thought I would get a quick chest workout in, but honestly, I’m knackered. I really should be getting home. Do you often work out here? I’ve been coming here for two years, but only started working here about six months ago. Adrian stopped talking because he knew he was just blathering on. The man dressed all in black simple stared at him and smiled. - No. I’ve never been here before. Though I doubt the equipment here could give me the pump I require. The man bounced his pecs for Adrian causing him to get slightly hard in his jock. Slowly the man walked closer to where Adrian was sitting, touching pieces of equipment as he passed. Each piece he touched suddenly rusted before Adrian’s eyes, and collapsed into a pile of dust on the floor. In shock, it took Adrian nearly twenty seconds of seeing this before he moved to run in the opposite direction. As he hoisted himself up to run into the locker room, his arms supernaturally turned completely to rubber, stretched, and distorted themselves around the bench press machine, tying themselves in a tight knot and forcing him to lie still on the bench. Although his arms were totally made of rubber now, the pain he could feel was agonizing, and any movement he made instigated the torment to rise. Closer and closer the man came until he stood right before Adrian. - You’re going to help me, aren’t you… little man? - What do you want? - Tell me who this is. The image of Chad developed in the mirror in front of Adrian. - That’s Chad. Chad Mitchell. - More. - He’s a trainer here. I think he’s worked here for a year now. - More. - I don’t really know any more. I swear. I don’t really know him. Chaos grinned and sat himself down on the bench as close to Adrian as the massive man could. With one figure, he began to stroke Adrians chest. For a moment Adrian was afraid he was going to touch him and he would disintegrate like the machines, but nothing happened. - More. - Ummm… he’s not a bad guy… he can be a bit of a jerk… kind of full of himself. - And have you ever seen this man? An image of Jacob took Chad’s place. - Yeah. That’s Jacob something or other. I don’t remember. They work out together. - Right. Chaos took his nail and began to run it over Adrian’s nipple. - And where do you think I could find Chad Mitchell. - I have no clue. I really don’t. I’m sorry. I really want to help, but he left hours ago. Chaos started flicking Adrian’s right nipple. - Hours ago? How many hours. - I don’t remember…it’s what… 9 now? I think he left at 5 or 6 Chaos continued to flick and play with Adrian’s right nipple. With lightening speed, Chaos squeezed his nipple tight sending shockwaves through Adrian. When he let go, milk abruptly started to pour from it. Chaos leaned over, and with his snake-like tongue lapped it up. - That is your fear leaking out of you… and it tastes delicious. - I want to help… please! Maybe he’s at XXL. He talks about going there a lot. Chaos grabbed the left nipple and proceeded to squeeze that one as well. Like the other, milk began to flow. Like a thirsty animal, Chaos continued to lap up the milk, his tongue burning Adrian as it touched his skin. - Please, God!! Please help me!! Chaos looked Adrian in the eyes and laughed. - The God you call on has abandoned you. Only Chaos remains. - Let me look in the files to find his address. I’m sure it has to be there. - Truthfully… the thought of my brother tires me at the moment. I’m suddenly much more engrossed in you at the moment. You taste so marvelous. You want to play some more with me… don’t you? Chaos rose to his feet and stood before Adrian. Mist whirled around the lowermost half of Chaos, and his black jeans and boots evaporated and in their place were two muscular horse legs and the most enormous hooves Adrian had ever seen. Chaos grabbed onto the hairy shaft that extended down the middle of his legs and began to stroke it, causing what was inside to elongate and harden. From within the shaft, Adrian could see a ginormous horse cock begin to emerge. - It’s time to play, Adrian. It’s time for you to play with Chaos. Without knowing how it happened, Adrian found the bench that had been supporting him had disappeared, and he was naked, and his arms were now tied to a metal rack, bending him over, ready for Chaos to fuck. An invisible finger began to play with Adrian’s hole, forcefully trying to open him up further. - Please, don’t! Please! I’ll do anything to help you! Anything!! Chaos stopped, frozen in place. He tried to lift his feet from the ground but found that he couldn’t. Even with all his strength and might, Chaos found himself immobile. Mist wrapped itself around his legs, and he was once again clothed in his tight black jeans and knee-high boots. Chaos screamed into the shadows of the empty room: - Who’s doing this? His scorpion tail tore through the ass of his jeans and swung wildly around behind him. Since he was facing away from Chaos, Adrian wasn’t sure what was occurring, but he could hear the loud sound of destruction the tail was making as it swung around, smashing into the mirror and overturning machines. - I have allowed you your little temper tantrums and show of dominance… but not it is my turn to display my power. See how… like a puppet... I control you. At the mere sound of Asarualimnunna’s voice ringing in his head, anger welled up in Chaos. - No one controls me! The tail swung and shattered another of the mirrors. - Quiet!!!! An invisible sword cut through Chaos’ tail, severing it from his body. With a heavy thud, it fell to the floor, twitching as if it were still alive, and then dissolving into a puddle of sludge. - I am your Creator! I control you! I have always controlled you! Say it to me now, or I shall snuff you out of existence. Through gritted teeth, Chaos spoke the dreaded words: - You are my creator. You control me. - Good. I will destroy you, Chaos though. I will destroy you. - Now, as you play with this human, Eros has gained nearly 150 worshipers. In his mind eye, Chaos could see Eros being worshipped from head to toe; each second more joined in the revelry. - You’ve disappointed me, Declan. I had such high hopes for you. Hearing his human name spoken by Asarualimnunna shamed Chaos down to his core… and enraged him. - Let me play the role of Creator then. Let me give you this human to help free you from your prison. Eros is doing nothing to help you. I am here to do your bidding. - Unfortunately, you have proven yourself untrustworthy. - Try me. If I fail you, then be my judge and executioner. Silence. Chaos wondered what Asarualimnunna’s decision would be. He received his answer when Adrian appeared standing in front of him. Adrian wasn’t sure what had happened and what had freed him from being raped by the man in black’s massive horse cock, but whoever did it, he was forever grateful. If only they would take him away from this psychopath. Adrian’s heart beat quickly as he saw the man in Black slowly begin to grow larger and larger, ripping through his clothes. His back snapped right below his Adonis belt as two massive horse legs grew to join the two already standing on the floor. The man’s torso grew longer and harrier, massive horns grew from his head, and a large scorpions tail swung from his hind end. When the transformation was complete, Adrian couldn’t believe what he was standing before. He had never seen something so incredible yet so filled with evil. - Look upon my true form, human. Larger and larger the creature grew until he towered feet above Adrian, his mighty horns nearly impaling the ceiling. - You have been chosen by Asarualimnunna and myself to take your place among the God’s. - Please let me go. - You beg for mercy when all I want to do is free you. I look within you and all I see is sadness. Let me be the father you never had. Let me give you the universe. Let me give you power beyond your wildest dreams. The words echoed in Adrian’s head. He wanted to close his ears so he couldn’t listen to the massive Centaur, but Chaos had a way of entering into his soul. - Tell me what you are. - Please - Tell me what you are. - I’m nothing. - That is not true. Look within yourself and tell me what you are. - I can’t. - Look at what I was. The image of a stern middle-aged man with grey thinning hair and with a half-way decent physique appeared before Adrian in the mirror. This was once the creature that stood before him, thought Adrian. This fairly average looking man was now so imposing, so regal, so god-like. - Simply from looking within, I discovered what I really was, and Chaos was born. Look within yourself. Look. Afraid of what he might see, Adrian looked within and saw himself at 16, fat and lazy. Hating this image, he tried to run from it but it engulfed him until it was all he could see. No, he thought. This isn’t me. Not anymore. As he fought his past, the image began to morph until it became what he was today. - What are you, son? - I’m muscle. - Yes. Look deeper. - I am strength. - Yes!! - I am muscle built upon muscle. - Continue! - I am perfection. I am stronger then any man who has entered this building. I tower over them. - Are you my soldier? - No…. I… I think I’m more. - I know you are… and now you must take your place. Through the many realms of existence, the birthplace of all supremacy began to glow, powering the gem stone. Rays of light shot from the gemstone in the laboratory and into the ether. Chaos felt it enter into his soul. Taking in Adrian as he stood there, Chaos released it through his eyes. The moment the beam hit him, Adrian feared every word he had said. - No! Please! I don’t want this! - You have looked within and admitted what you are. The power now fills you. Adrian felt every inch of his body start to slowly vibrate with a power that came from the God’s. He tried to fight it with all of his mental capacity, but found it harder and harder to concentrate on anything but his body. He was his body. He was muscle. What else did he need to be? Perhaps the man was right… - No!!! - Don’t fight destiny, Adrian! I can feel the power filling you, caressing you, embracing you. - You can’t have me. - I already do. Stop fighting me and become what you were always meant to be. Adrian fell to his knees. The energy that coursed through every cell of his body was quickly raising his temperature. Sweat poured out of every pore. Chaos flicked his tongue and enjoyed the scent emanating from Adrian. Any second now it will begin, he thought with a wicked smile. Any second I will have my first soldier. Adrian screamed out in agony. He opened his eyes but found it difficult to focus. When he closed them, all he saw were the visages of armies of muscular men… each larger then the other. They were calling to him. Join us, they said. Take your place among us. Adrian reached out his hand to touch the herculean image that had appeared in his mind’s eye and discovered that it was him. When the two hands met, his word exploded. The sound of bones shattering filled Chaos’ ears as Adrian cried out. Every bone in his body was cracking and becoming lengthier and denser. His spine began to elongate as both his legs and arms grew further from his core. The bones of his skull cracked and rearranged themselves as the skeleton underneath grew and refined itself. Adrian reached for his face, trying to hold it together, but found it difficult to control his elongating hands. Through the pain, he opened his eyes and gazed at himself in the mirror. He could no longer identify himself from the stretched out creature he saw revealed in the mirror. Minutes before he had only stood 5’6, but now he had to be nearing 6 feet. He tried to stand erect, but his feet were too long… everything about him was too long. Once again, he tried to stand, and found that with time he was able to balance himself. His head rose up past the mirror now and continued his journey. Through his fear, Adrian heard himself giggle. Once he was looked down upon by everyone… now he would stand above them all. He laughed again but was thrown off balance by his own body. He landed on his ass with a thud. Looking at himself in the mirror again it looked as if all of his hard gains had been stretched out over his body forcing him to look like a tall emaciated skeleton. He crawled to the mirror the best he could and looked at himself closer. The heat emanating from his core was slowly tanning his body to a golden brown. If he didn’t look so sickly skinny, he would have thought it was the healthiest he had ever looked in his life. As he continued to examine himself, the stretching stopped, and there was silence. Adrian slowly got to his feet and moved away from the mirror so he could see himself completely. From what he could guess, he had to be nearly 7 feet tall. His face had elongated and thinned drastically, and the nose that had been broken twice by his drunk father had repositioned itself into a perfect Roman configuration. His jaw was sharp and angular, and his lips had a slightly pouty look he had never had before. Due to the massive heat emanating from him, every single hair on his body had fallen out and now lay on the floor… even his eyebrows. His torso was incredibly extended, finishing with the longest and scrawniest legs and arms he had ever seen. Even his penis had elongated. It flopped down in front of him half way to his knees and was as thin as an earthworm. When he grabbed the disgusting thing with his skeletal hand, it could have easily encircled it several times. With terror in his eyes, Adrian looked to the man in Black. - What have you done to me? - Patience, my son. That was only the beginning. Chaos blinked, and the energy flowed from within him again, and into Adrian. Adrian was thrown back slightly, but he maintained his balance as he felt his body getting heavier and heavier with muscle mass. - I’m growing! Adrian relished in the feeling of his muscles multiplying on his body. Larger and thicker each muscle became. No longer did his legs look like sticks, but massive tree trunks with awe inspiring calves and quads. A light dusting of blonde hair began on his legs and spilled lightly up the newly formed cobblestone abs. One by one Adrian’s abs popped out firmer and thicker, the crevices between them growing deeper. Adrian lusted after this perfect six-pack that was appearing on his lower torso, and just when he thought he couldn’t get enough, two more appeared on top. An eight pack!! I can’t believe it, he thought!! His waist caved in deeper giving Adrian the most awe inspiring and physically illogical wasp body. His waist was a mere 32 inches and his chest erupted into a massive 58 inches. Adrian felt up his own chest, loving the pecs that had grown there and the deep crevice that had formed between them. As he touched his nipples, the areoles grew larger, darker, and more sensitive. Adrian’s lats spread out wide from his back, but his arms, which were hard and full, were long enough and in proportion to this incredible form that they still rested down on his sides. His neck became a wonderful column of muscle holding up a beautifully sculptured face. Muscle sculpted his face till it would remind one of a statue created with care by one of the masters. Blonde hair grew out of Adrian’s head, long and full, going down past his shoulders. The final organ to form on this perfect specimen of manly beauty was his penis. It grew thicker with a bulbous head. His pubic hair grew in blond as well, brushing the ball sack, which held two oranges in there, proving to the world how virile he now was. When the growth finally stopped, Adrian stood before the mirror in utter awe. He had never seen such a beautiful manly form as himself. Every inch was pure perfection. There was not a blemish nor a spot nor a mark on any part of his body. Hair grew in all of the “right” places, and every muscle was in impeccable proportion and symmetry. Perfect was all he could think of when he looked at himself. Adrian’s hands couldn’t stop touching every inch of his body. He looked to Chao’s and smiled. The Centaur looked down at him. - What do you think, my son? - I’m perfect. - Yes. - So beautiful… yet so manly. Adrian shook his hair and laughed as it fell around his shoulders. He looked again at the man in black and saw that he was smiling, but there was something dark in his eyes. Was he attracted to my new form, Adrian wondered? Now that he was larger he might be physically able to take the man’s cock, but did he want to? Not wanting to appear ungrateful for what he was given, Adrian approached the Centaur. - Thank you. Thank you so much! - Thank you… father. - Thank you, father. - Are you satisfied? - Yes!! Totally!! - Really? I’m just not sure I am yet. Maybe your pecs need to be bigger. Adrian’s pecs started to swell larger before his eyes. Rounder and fuller they grew. Pound upon pound was added to his pecs until they threatened to block his view of his lower body. - No. That’s not it. Maybe it’s your body hair I don’t like. Blonde hair began to sprout all over Adrian’s chest, getting fuller and bushier. The hair traveled down his abs, coating them but never covering them. - No! That isn’t it either!! Chaos looked deeply into Adrians eyes and smiled a wicked smile. - I know exactly what it is. The magnificently huge Centaur walked behind Adrian, and placed his hands on his shoulders. Gently… almost too gently… he turned Adrian so that he was once again looking at his reflection. - You looked within, but you wouldn’t look deep enough. You looked and saw only what society told you you should be. Just as you tried to build a body the world would love, you created this mask that is still covering the true you. You still want the world to love you, don’t you Adrian? - Of course. - I will teach you something now I learned long ago… the world will never love people like you and I. They despise us. They always have and they always will… until we force them to love us. Think of all of the people that have hurt you. Your father beat you, belittled you, broke your nose several times, and then abandoned you. Your mother’s affection only harmed you, and when bullies attacked you and made fun of you every day at school, what did anyone do? - Nothing. - Exactly. They allowed it to continue. It seemed they even welcomed it. Chaos continued to speak, evenly and intensely, and the words buried themselves deep within Adrian’s soul… slowly forming a bitter fruit there. - Even when you did something for yourself, lost weight, built a new body, did anyone notice? Did anyone really care? - No. - Did your life change for the better? - No A tear fell from Adrian’s right eye. - No. Even here… the place you love more than anywhere else in the world… does anyone really respect you? Treat you as an equal? They watch as you serve them and clean up their mess, but never really see you. People like Chad Mitchell will never really see you, will they? You asked him out once, didn’t you? - Yes. - When you had gathered the courage, convinced yourself that you were his equal, what did he do? - He told me no. He told me I was too young for him. - He laughed at you. Chaos conjured up the image of Adrian asking Chad out for coffee, and it appeared like a movie on the mirror. Chad thanked Adrian, told him he was flattered, but that Adrian was too young for him, that he should ask out someone his own age. Adrian, dejected walked away. Chad watched after him, and then started laughing. “As if!!!” Chad said to the departing figure. “You think you could touch this?!” Chad flexed his bicep in the mirror and licked it. “Fuckin fatties are always lusting after me. Hate it!” The image of Chad froze on the mirror. Tears fell freely from Adrian’s eyes. - They all laugh, Adrian… until you give them a reason not to. Look at me. No one will ever laugh at me again. I looked deep… deep within and I discovered what I was. Let me help you. Let me show you the way. You aren’t this, Adonis, are you? - I want to be. - Of course you do, but for the world it will never be enough. Let them truly see you, Adrian. Let them hear you. Let them fear you. - Yes… yes… They need to see me. - Exactly. - They all need to pay for what they’ve done. - They will, my son. I promise you. Now, look deep within. Is this really you? - No. - Tell me what you see. - Muscle. I am muscle upon muscle. - Yes. - Muscle creating dominance. - Yes. - Muscle creating supremacy! - Yes! - I’m bigger, more immense then anyone! They scream in terror and awe at the sight of me!! - Yes!! - The whole world fears me, for with one word I can bring upon their destruction. - YES!!!! - That is what I am. I am Destruction. Simply saying the word caused Adrian’s voice to fall several octaves, and caused Chaos’ loins to stir. The power build up once again inside of Chaos and shot out of both of his eyes and into Adrian. Knowing that more was needed, Chaos opened his mouth wide, and a beam of light emanated from it into Adrian as well Adrian screamed as all three rays hit him at once. Within moments, he was growing again. His legs exploded in size, becoming so freakishly muscular that he was forced to spread his legs as wide as they could go just so that he could continue standing… and still they continued to pack on muscle. His feet got larger and thicker, and his toes quadrupled in size in order to hold up the immeasurable mass of his legs. When it seemed that they could no longer balance such columns of muscle, they mutated, his immense big toes shifting down and more toward the middle of his feet, creating what could only be described as a massive hybrid of human and gorilla feet, enabling him more room for control and balance, and of course, growth. Just when he thought he couldn’t spread his legs any further, the pelvic bone of the man once known as Adrian split and dislocated, growing and reforming in order for his legs to gain more and more muscle mass. Enormous veins wove themselves over the surface of his legs trying desperately to feed the colossal quads and calves. The creature once known as Adrian felt only relief and pleasure as he let himself go and evolved into his true form. Gone was the Adonis belt as his abs grew bigger, thicker, heavier, and the grooves between them grew deeper. His stomach appeared to distend creating a powerful roid gut, accentuated by an impossibly jaw dropping 15 pack that grew on it. Adrian rubbed the cobblestones of his stomach wishing them greater and more enormous. Even the sight of his stomach must cause fear. Just thinking it caused more freakish abdominal muscles to grow until he possessed an unheard of 18 pack. The creature screamed out as his rib cage cracked and split, quadrupling in size, giving more room for his massive chest to grow… and grow it did. Pound upon pound of muscle deposited itself on his pecs forcing them to become rounder, fuller, and denser. The creature drooled, happy at no longer being able to see his lower half. Bigger, he thought. Make me mightier!!! Lost in the sensation of every muscle in his body growing out of control, Destruction grinned as he had difficulty lifting the heavy arms that were growing nearly as large and as veiny as his legs. With only lust and muscle in mind, he began to massage his pecs with his ginormous hands. As he massaged his pecs, the creature noticed that something was starting to force them slowly upward toward his chin. Moving his hands down, he discovered what felt like two more nipples emerging from the skin under his pecs. Squeezing them, he discovered that they were indeed two new sensitive nipples. With what sounded like an explosion erupting from his chest, another set of massive pecs burst out and formed under the original. Yes, he thought, pinching and rubbing the massive thumb sized nipples on his new pecs. If two are incredible, four are simply amazing!! The two newly grown pecs grew larger in size till Destruction’s torso was forced to begin stretching and growing upward again to form more room. Taller and taller he rose, growing closer to the high ceilings of the gym. He was thankful that this building had such high ceilings, but even more grateful that his body was creating more space to pack on more muscle. Destruction’s lateral muscles grew more gigantic, compelling his mammoth arms away from his side. When he did try to set his arms down against this side, he was not only prevented by his lat span, but by two large lumps that had formed two feet below his arm pits. Trying his best to look in the mirror as it got further away, he saw the lumps getting larger and larger, pulsating with a power from within. The pressure built up underneath them until they finally erupted like two volcanic pimples, forcing out two new colossal arms. Destruction roared as the two additional arms gained size to match their brothers. They were nearly impossible to control at first, moving as if they had a mind of their own, until he found that through some concentration, he was finally able to manipulate them himself. Still he continued to grow taller and more muscular. Never had Chaos seen such a specimen as this manifestation of all of the anger the man once called Adrian had held down for so long. Dark brown hair erupted all over Destruction’s body, coating his arms, legs, and chest in a thick carpet. The hair on his head turned a dark brown, and a thick beard began to grown on his face becoming fuller by the minute. Standing nearly 13 feet tall, Destruction continued to grow. The world would definitely see him now. The world would quake at his massive feet. As if fuelled further by this new found anger that had been released inside of him, Destruction continued to transform. An angry ripping sound came from Destructions body as foot long razor sharp horns angrily erupted from his elbows and his shoulder blades. Raising all four of his might hands in front of him as best he could, Destruction laughed as one by one he made a tight fist, and ten inch horns began to protrude and curve from each of his upper knuckles. With his two upper arms, he easily dragged the horns of his hands across the ceiling ripping it apart. Material fell around him, but this only caused Destruction to laugh, his voice now so deep that it sounded more like an unearthly grumble. Destruction roared again, his mouth growing larger as he did. Two more rows of sharp pointed teeth forced their way through his gums behind his original teeth, creating a terrifying shark-like mouth. Exuding so much heat from his own transformation, sweat began to pour down Destruction’s brown onto his face and chest. The burning of the salt water started to irritate his eyes, so to the best of his ability, he tried to brush it away, but he found it impossible to even touch his eyes with his bloated muscular arms. The more he tried to wipe the sweat away, the more appeared to fall. Chaos watched as the colossus tried in vain to stop the odd flow of sweat. Soon though, he realized it was not simply sweat, but appeared as if Destruction’s own flesh from his forehead was turning to liquid and pouring down his face and puddling around his eyes. The liquid soon started to solidify, and like clay, began building a wall in front of his eyes. - What’s happening to me??!! Stop this now! - I’m sorry, but it’s all simply out of my control. The flesh continued to flow, building up more and more in front of his eyes until it finally covered them completely. The creature, now blinded, roared and stomped around the room causing devastation all around him. Loosing his balance, the colossus fell to the floor. Chaos watched as the flesh smoothed itself out on his forehead until it looked as if he eyes had never been there at all. - It burns! It burns!! A primal roar came from deep within Destruction as his brow ridge distended further causing an oddly masculine Neanderthal look to overtook Destructions face. The skin below the ridge began to bubble and flex, and with a loud rip, one massive red eye opened in the middle of his forehead. Arching his back, Destruction roared again. Chaos watched with excitement as the four massive nipples ripped open as well creating four more additional red eyes. - Look upon me!! Look at what I am becoming!! Destruction got to his feet with a deep bellowing laugh. Chaos could feel all five eyes on him… staring deep into him. - I will be seen!! I will be feared!!! Would you like to see another trick, father. - Show me. Destruction reached his two bottom hands down and began stroking his immense penis. The more he stroked it with animalistic force, the more it grew. As he jerked it, the shaft grew thicker and thicker, quickly tripling in size. The head continued to grown larger and more bulbous as well, overtaking the shaft with how thick and long it was itself. The most erotic and sensual feeling began to emanate from the massive shaft. Smiling and looking directly into Chaos’ eyes, Destruction stopped what he was doing. Suddenly with one quick flick, he dug the horns of his right hand into the underbelly of his penis. The beast roared out, but the sound appeared more like pleasure then pain. A moment later, Destruction lifted his left, and dug those horns into the top of his penis. Chaos expected blood to start flowing, but all he could see was the flesh of the penis moving and puddling on its own like clay. A thick river of pre began to flow from the bulbous head soaking the floor. Flexing his might biceps, Destruction pulled his arms apart, and with a loud ripping sound, Destruction’s thick cock split in half. The clay-like skin quickly formed around it, and within moments, Destruction possessed two immense penises, both now dripping free flowing pre. - What do you think of your son now? The two penises continued to grow larger, standing at attention. Using two hands to stroke his penises and two hands to massage his basketball sized testicles, Destruction brought himself to the most forceful of orgasms. Cum rocketed from both shafts, covering the floor and shattering the mirror. Asarualimnunna smiled as the wall into the fifth realm cracked and he could easily slip through. Standing now at an immense sixteen feet and weighing thousands upon thousands of pounds of pure muscle, Destruction had finally been born. Angrily he began to tear the building apart, wanting to free himself from his prison. - Calm, my son!! Destruction did as his loving father requested. - There will be plenty of time for you to show yourself to the world. First, we must find another to join our army against the common enemy…Eros. We must build it before he is able to, and if my calculations are correct, only four more will be able to be born. Come with me. I think I know the next perfect candidate.
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    CHAPTER 5 Lewis’s blouse was held loosely in his hand while he stared at me with uneasy blue eyes. Standing before me was a marble statue of a Greek god. His size small shirt was stretched across his body like plastic wrap, hiding nothing of the body beneath. The shirt didn’t even make it to his waist line; an inch-wide strip of pale skin separated pants from shirt. Solid bricks of raw muscle rose up his stomach beneath a pair of swollen pecs that danced with every nervous flick of Lewis’s arm. His lats flared so wide that his arms practically sat on top of them. Rounded shoulders stood with shadowed separation from arm and rap, large enough to pull his sleeves halfway up his upper arm. Swollen, vascular biceps hung heavy from those powerful shoulders, crisscrossed with veins. It was hard to speak. “How-“ I swallowed, hoping to come up with more but could only repeat it. “How?” Lewis, seeing my reaction, lost a bit of the nervous fear that held him there. “You, uh, were right sir. About working out, I mean. I just had to eat a lot.” “Bullshit!” I said loudly, with more confidence than I felt. “We both know it.” Lewis shrugged, every muscle in his body seemed to ripple in response. “Milk does a body good, sir.” I sat there a moment before speaking again. “How tall are you?” “Six feet even,” he said immediately. I noticed something about him that moment. “Weight?” This time he paused. “Two ten.” “You mean to tell me you’ve gained over sixty pounds in a month?” And then I added. “And four inches in height? Just eating and working out?” Lewis’s eyes danced but he just nodded. “Some people hit their growth spirts late.” I realized the fact his answers were absurd didn’t matter; I had to think of a different approach. I had to put myself in his (size 12) shoes. I let a smile break onto my face. “How does it feel?” I asked. Lewis looked confused. “Feel, sir?” “Yes, Lewis,” I said, letting the grin broaden. “How does it feel to have so much power all of a sudden?” “It –uh-,” he stammered but then I saw that spark in his eyes light into a full fire. “It feel fucking great.” The words practically exploded from his mouth. I remained silent, staring. Something I learned long ago was if you wanted people to talk, let them. The pause was short. “I mean, look at me,” he said and his arms rose, presenting himself before me. His lats flared even more and I heard a stitch pop somewhere in that sorry excuse for a shirt. “I’m a fucking stud.” His arms flexed, showing softball sized biceps with perfect peaks. I heard fabric tear. “Oh, god, you should feel this.” He grew breathless as he cupped one bicep with his other hand. He straightened his arm then flexed the cupped bicep again, only hard enough to make his arm shake. His bicep swelled. He straightened his arm and then flexed again. And again. His bicep swelled each time. A tear formed in his shirt at the peak of his bicep and another rip grew below the armpit where his lat swelled outward. “Fuck yeah,” he said and gave one more giant flex, letting the pathetic sleeve explode around his arm. He was completely self-absorbed now. I wasn’t even sure he remembered I was there. I knew it; he wanted nothing more than to talk; to let his secret out in spite of what his brain told him. I just needed to play my cards right. “I can curl seventy pound dumbbells with these babies,” he said as he reached over and squeezed the blood-gorged bicep again with his hand. The motion caused a seam to rip on the other side of his shirt behind his delts. It grew and revealed the mountainous folds of his back. He looked at the small tear and his eyes grew sharp. Then he raised his arms wide and flexed every upper body muscle in a powerful most-muscular pose, screaming “I’m a fucking GOD!” The shirt exploded off his frame. Deeply striated traps rose like mountains over his shoulders. Boulder like pecs swelled between his arms forming a deep irregular canyon between them. His neck swelled and reddened. Curling veins drove through the pulsing muscles up to his head. And there he was, naked from the waist up, panting and sweating with exhilaration. I forced myself to remain calm, although it was hard to ignore the raging erection I was hiding under the desk. In a steady voice, I went for another nail in the coffin. “Are you saying…this” I motioned to him with my hand “…is because of a sudden and miraculous growth spurt? This sounds like a medical emergency; perhaps I should call the medical team.” “NO!” Lewis boomed, and his fist crashed into my desk. A small crack appeared in the veneer circling his fist. Raw power was overriding the synapses in his brain. In this new-found euphoria, the secret was suddenly unimportant. “No, sir,” he said again, lowering his arms. “W--I…found something.” “What did you find, Lewis?” He paused but knew he had to finish. “I found the secret to Saddam’s Supermen.” “What?!” I asked frantically, my mind taking a moment to remember Dasa’s photo of the giant Iraqis. My gut leapt in its own euphoric crescendo the more I thought about it. I didn’t let him answer. Instead, I tried to keep a calm face as I spoke the two words that were sitting on my tongue since I brought Lewis into my office. “Show me.” CHAPTER 6 The sun was just setting as Lewis and I stepped out of the office. He zipped up his blouse one handed, the other hand lugged his gallon of water. A large Tupperware of chicken breasts, an accessory he constantly lugged around with him, was held under his arm. We both hoped no one would notice the fact he no longer wore an undershirt. His boots thunked heavily on steps leading down from the office; it was as if he wasn’t used to his newly added weight. We stepped into my truck and I started it. He tore into one of his chicken breasts as soon as his ass hit the seat, looking nervous. “Silo four,” he said as I pulled out of the space. “It in the silos?” I asked, surprised. He nodded as he chewed. “Tell me everything,” I ordered, making every attempt to seed my words with the fact that I was his superior officer and he was legally required to do what I told him to. Regret had already crept into his eyes but he nodded and spoke around continual bites of chicken. “I overheard you and Captain White talking about Saddam’s Supermen and I saw the file you had open. I, uh, spent the rest of the night looking for stuff about it on my computer, if only to see a couple more pictures.” He paused but I just continued driving, letting him speak. He did. “I didn’t find another pic of the supermen but I entered the Arabic script on the bottom of the original photo into our translator and it came up with something to the effect of ‘Project Jalut. Praise to god and his mercy. For the victory of Iraq’s holy army’ and some other fluff. Well, Jalut is apparently the name for Goliath, like David and Goliath, in the Koran so that seemed like a good start. I searched the share drive for the word Jalut and viola, there’s a whole file dedicated to it buried deep in the archives. There were photos of our servicemen raiding a lab and pulling documentation from the walls and pictures of what I could only assumed to be the serum they used to make the…uh…supermen. I don’t think the people there even knew what they had found. You couldn’t tell from the pictures what the place was for. “So,” he continued. He was on a roll now. “I figured there’s only one place they’d store this kind of stuff and I had the fucking keys to it.” I knew where he was going with this and I interrupted him against my better judgement. “So how on earth did you know where it was out of all those silos?” The task of finding something specific in those cavernous places was close to impossible. Lewis shook his head in a dismissing way. His confidence in dealing with me was growing. Soon I’d lose whatever advantage my rank gave me. “Fucking officers,” he said as he stared out the window. “Y’all don’t know shit about what you’re supposedly responsible for. Look, silos five through twelve are well inventoried. We know everything in them since they were filled after the Army got their shit together tracking what went in there. This superman stuff isn’t on those lists, so that leaves silo one through four. Silo one is mostly stuff from the first gulf war in the nineties, silo two and three are pretty much only big shit like tanks and trucks. Silo four is where they put all the little shit.” “Even so,” I added slightly defensively. I knew that silo. It was basically a bunch of haphazard piles stacked one after the other after the other. “That one silo would still take a year or more for one person to look through.” “They filled it chronologically,” he said and after a moment’s pause he sighed and continued as if speaking to a child. “The photos of the US raid on the lab were dated in April of 2003, only weeks into the invasion. So I figured what I was looking for had to be in one of the earlier piles. So I started there. Took me all night, but…” “You found it,” I concluded the obvious as we pulled into the gravel lot next to the silos’ guardhouse. Lewis unceremoniously threw down his Tupperware and water jug; I was shocked to find both empty. Holy fuck, I thought. There had to be a dozen chicken breasts in there when we got in the truck, if not more. By his face, Lewis regretted the nervous binge eating. He looked stuffed and uncomfortable. I badged us in, giving the guard on watch some lame excuse about inventory checks. He didn’t argue; it was my area after all. We found our way to silo four and walked in. Lewis closed the door behind us. “So where is it?” I asked, facing the seemingly endless waves of dusty junk. After a moment without response I turned and looked inquiringly at Lewis. The kid stood against the closed front door, his hand resting on the door frame as if for support. His breathing had grown deeper as if just finishing a sprint. “Ya know sir,” he said between heavy breaths. “I don’t think I have to tell you anything.” There was a menacing tone in his voice that made my stomach drop. Shit, I thought. There goes whatever edge my rank gave me. My mind rushed to find a way to regain my advantage but those thoughts were shattered as Lewis hunched over in what appeared to be great pain. “Are you okay?” I asked, generally concerned. “Oh, I’m more than okay,” he said, sweat beading on his reddened forehead. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. It. Feels. So. Fucking. Gooooooood.” He stood up and his arms spread wide as if stretching. The cuffed sleeves of his uniform pulled up his wrist, exposing the base of his forearm. I could see the dents of his chest through the canvas blouse as the fabric pulled tight across it. “Augh,” he moaned, his breaths getting deeper. “Too. Tight.” He reached up, unzipped, and discarded his blouse in less than a second. I was again face to face with that chiseled and bulging body. His body stretched with new freedom and he tested it, flexing everything he could: arms back, chest, abs, shoulders. Every muscle responded by pumping ever larger and harder. He whispered to himself, eyes half shut in ecstasy. “Feels so good. Feels so good. Fuck. Shit.” He wasn’t done. He tore off his boots without unlacing them, which I didn’t know was possible, and threw the tattered remnants across the room. Moments later, he had his pants off. Quads bulged like mushroom tops over his kneecaps and cascaded in muscular crests and valleys all the way up to his crotch. Striated calves, like giant diamonds, bulged and writhed as his giant feet adjusted themselves on the ground. His briefs were plastered over cut and swollen glutes and couldn’t cover a fully erect cock that snaked across his front. It throbbed beneath the straining cotton. “Fuck me,” he whispered to himself as he tore off the briefs with a snap of his wrist, letting his ten-inch dick free to throb at attention before him. His body was covered in pulsing veins that seemed to feed his gorged muscles. Granite-blocked abs covering a stomach gorged with food, started to tighten and fall as if the contents of his guts were being drained away. His body swelled in response and his muscles flexed and relaxed in sudden twitches as he groaned and started rubbing his cock. Faster and faster he rubbed with his oversized hands, the muscles in his arm and back writhing as he did. Then every muscle in his body seemed to flex all at once, making him look like a morphed human being. His dick erupted, spewing its contents ten feet away in heavy spurts. His moan was almost a roar and it ended in exhausted pants as he leaned back against the doorway, using both his hand and forehead as support. Lost in his own world, his hand still squeezing his spent dick, he stood there, panting. “I knew I shouldn’t have eaten all that chicken at once,” I heard him whisper to himself. I don’t know if he was bigger but his body had suddenly gained an elevated form of definition. My guess is the three pounds of chicken and water he’d just consumed had somehow immediately digested and distributed itself in raw muscle across his body. It was a full minute before he noticed me again. There was not a shred of embarrassment or shame in his eyes as they locked with mine. His lips curled in a sinister smile and he stepped up to me, naked as the day he was born. “I think we’re done here, sir. Maybe you should take me back to my dorm.” I found myself sizing him up. He looked bigger than the 210 pounds he claimed but wasn’t a monster by any stretch of the imagination…but he was all muscle. He could have added 20 pounds of fat and still looked good enough to grace the cover of a fitness magazine. He was close enough now for me to feel the heat radiating from his sweating body. I looked at him for a moment, knowing there was a RIGHT thing to do but also knowing that conflicted with what I WANTED to do. The RIGHT thing to do was grab my walkie-talkie, call for base security to detain this hormonal airman while I reported to my superiors that he’d come across some strange chemical somewhere in this shed. They could find and property dispose of it. All would be well. But looking at the body I had always dreamed of having, I knew I didn’t want to do that. I was at a cross-roads… I raised the walkie-talkie and saw Lewis’ face grow dark and show hints of despair. His game was up. Now he feels it, I thought. Now he knows. I lowered the walkie-talkie, took a deep breath, then reached down and ripped the Velcro rank insignia off my uniform. I then took off my hat, the only other part of my uniform that had a rank on it. I let both symbols fall to the floor. He knew what that meant: we were no longer talking officer to enlisted, we were now talking man-to-man. “You need me,” I said to him. He looked confused. “That uniform isn’t going to contain you much longer and you need ME to approve new ones. You need ME to have access to this place. You need ME to help keep this little experiment of yours under wraps for as long as possible.” I locked eyes with his. “I’m not the enemy unless you want me to be, Lewis. And I see no reason for that.” I paused. “I’m not here to stop you.” Lewis’s demeanor changed on that last line and I let go of a breath I didn’t know I’d been holding. He took two steps toward me and held out his hand. “Partners?” he asked, almost desperately. I grabbed his hand immediately, feeling it engulf mine. “Partners,” I replied. He made to pull away, but I held on. Something was…without thinking, I took my other hand and laid it on his forearm. It was hard as a rock. My hands grew a mind of their own. I let go of his hand and grabbed his unflexed arm that hung from those boulder-like shoulders. Even unflexed, they were iron rapped in skin. That is no exaggeration; his body was fucking granite. I pushed hard into his chest with my hand; it didn’t even dent. I may as well have pushed against a wall. Lewis closed his eyes and I saw his heavy dick jump. I pulled my hand away, not wanting the distraction of another self-lust scene. “How heavy are you really?” I asked. Lewis looked at me and I could see unspoken words bouncing in his eyes. Finally, he sighed. “I don’t really know. The scale at the gym maxes out at three hundred pounds.” It was unbelievable on the surface. Lewis was built like a god but still hovered around six feet and was still able to hide behind a normal sized uniform. He LOOKED no more than 220 or 230 at most, not over three hundred. But I only nodded. Insane, yes, but it made sense. He was just too dense. “So show me,” I ordered. Lewis’s face grew dark and his body suddenly seemed to loom over me. It was an effort not to take a step back. Unspoken as it was, the message was clear. I was the junior partner in this operation. “Please,” I added. We made our way to the back of silo four quickly enough and we found ourselves standing before one of the dozens of junk piles that filled the place. They loomed twelve feet high or more, stacked junk that could topple over at any time. This one looked no different than the others except it had obviously been picked through (as were a couple of the neighboring piles). “I -uh- had to bring by friends along to help,” Lewis admitted as I looked at the piles. “Some things were just too heavy for me to move alone.” I thought of the buff trio I saw Lewis sitting with before and remembered how I assumed they were new friends, replacing the skinny runts he’d previously hung with. “You gave them this…stuff…too?” I asked gravely. “I had to,” he said with no trace of guilt. “We were partners, too.” The put an emphasis on those last words. “Ok,” I said finally. I would worry about them later. Lewis nodded then walked, naked as the day he was born, across the littered floor to one of the picked-through piles. He reached over and picked up a full sized copy machine. His back muscles flared and grew impossibly thick, a deep and shadowed canyon ran from just above his glutes to the base of his neck. Thick lats and traps flared on either side. Setting the copier aside, he moved a few other objects in search of something. I guess he doesn’t need his friends’ help anymore, I thought as he moved more debris aside. He stopped suddenly, crouched down, and began manipulating something. I looked over his shoulder and saw he’d revealed a large iron safe. He was entering the combination. “How do you know how to open it?” I asked. “The combo was taped to the back, would you believe it?” Lewis chuckled as he worked. I stepped gingerly around the junk and looked on the back wall of the safe, finding nothing but smooth iron. Whatever had been there was now removed. Lewis had stopped working and was now staring at me under a suspicious brow. Again, after a hesitation, he sighed. “Sixteen, seven, seventy-nine,” he said finally. There was a click and the door opened. Behind it were six rows of heavy metal shelves. “We thought about taking this stuff back to the dorms,” Lewis said as he pulled out the second drawer, revealing twelve canisters lined in a row. “But we figured this stuff was safest here.” I looked at the canisters and quickly noticed they were in four groups of three, each group consisting of a green, a white, and a red canister. Arabic script was written on each. “I don’t know what it says,” Lewis said after I asked. “But…” He removed one of the green canisters. “I DO know the big symbol on the bottom there is the Arabic number ONE.” I looked at the symbol and recognized it as well, having picked up a bare minimum of the written language since I’d arrived. “I suppose…” Lewis cut me off with a nod. “The white one has a TWO on it and the red one a THREE.” “So you took this one,” I confirmed, toying with the green canister I had in my hand. Upon inspection, I realized the canister was actually a delivery system, much like an EpiPen. I can do it right now! I thought with a barbaric euphoria. I looked hungrily at the innocent looking canister. Lewis had pulled out the top drawer, showing only empty spaces where four green canisters would have been found. The white and red ones, I saw, were untouched. My eyes shot to a preoccupied Lewis, the muscles in his body flexing and curling over each other as he searched the safe. I looked back at the green one in my hand. “We’re not sure what the—” Lewis started as he turned to me then his eyes grew wide as he saw me raise the canister high above my head. “WAIT!” he ordered. But it was too late. I drove the device down hard and slammed it against my thigh. I felt a sharp prick as the needle penetrated my canvas pants and drove deep into the meat of my quads. There was an immediate hiss accompanied by a sharp burning sensation as the liquid in the canister emptied itself into my body.
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    The Baseball Star Lianna squealed in delight once she saw her boyfriend Blake strut onto the baseball field. Even from the far distance away on the bleachers she could make out how tightly the team uniform was stretched over his powerfully muscled body. His baseball cap was pulled backwards atop his handsome face. Lianna was sure there was no other college baseball player that matched his immense muscle mass. She loved coming to his trainings, watching his vigorous body swiftly move around, those big biceps cascading when he hit a home run. And, Blake always rewarded her with that fresh post training musk while she used her tender hands to massage the big burging muscles. But, as she tracked the massive man taking his position on the field, baseball bat in hand and down a leg of his trousers, she couldn’t help but feel like something was off. Lianna thought it was great having a muscular behemoth for a boyfriend, but it was all a little too… ... Perfect. The loud clapping noise of her facepalming her makeup stuffed face was masked under the noise of one of Blake’s lesser teammates playfully slapping one of Blake’s bulging ass cheeks. Normally Lianna would be jealous someone else got to play with her mans ass, but at the moment all she could think about was the amount of shit she was in if her new suspicions were true. Blake was way too perfect, too muscular and sexy contrasted to the rest of the comparatively pathetic looking baseball team. She was sure she had done it again. Lianna quickly made her way down the bleacher stairs, her nice and perky tits jiggling wildly while she stormed up to her study boyfriend. Grabbing him by one of his muscular and bulging arms she dragged him away while he was in the middle of telling the story about how he had managed to make Lianna cum seven times in one hour. “Babe, what's up?” Blake's thundering voice boomed loudly. He was a bit annoyed he didn't even get to tell the part about how he smothered Lianna's face into his crotch and how the soft pulse in the gigantic yet soft meaty package had shoved her over the edge for the first time that evening. “It's…. Uhmm… Hmm…” The normally always confident Lianna always lost her tongue in front of her hunky boyfriend. The way the deep valley between his pecs was visible even in his uniform and ensured all the moisture in her mouth relocated too… Other places. God was Blake perfect, she really needed to get this over and done with. “So, you know that I'm like, a witch right?” Blake's discovery of her arcane heritage had come just a month earlier when he had noticed some magical force had prevented his cock from leaving Lianna's body during one of their daily fuck sessions. Blake was rather chill about discovering his girlfriend had a connection to mystical powers, he thought it was pretty cool that he had finally found a girl who could fully handle masculine body during intense his fucking. That she used magic to make his cock easier to handle hardly mattered. Blake nodded, rearranging his growing and swelling package now that he had a good view of his girls nice rack again. “Well, sometimes, my magic sort of manifests without me knowing about it.” Blake looked at her with glossed eyes. “You know my wimpy creepy neighbor right? He picked up weightlifting a few years back to put some meat on those bones of his. I was supportive, apparead on his body, and soon he did look bigger. I kept up the compliments, and he kept on growing, soon his formerly wimpy form seemed like a more and more distant memory. And then my memories of him being wimpy really grew hazy. “Puny, my neighbor? No, he'd always been a stallion.” I'd say. My memories and reality itself had been altered by my unintended magic.” “Wake up call came when I was working his gargantuan cock shaft one morning, reduced to nothing but a milk maid for his unending lustful meat. I had just been running through his ripped 8-pack when I thought: ‘Hmm, my neighbor really is the complete package isn't he. Almost too complete, too perfect, almost like the stuff of my fantasies come to life.’ From there I made the connection to my magic real quick. So I gave a quick snap with my fingers to undo any magic present in the room, and what do you know, the 10 inches of cock I had been draining suddenly reduce themselves to barely 4. The ripped abdominal made way for a pudgy belly, and his deep approving grunts replaced by the whimpers of a virgin. I was back to reality, the hunky version of my neighbor only existing in my head again.” Blake looked like he had been barely listening, instead he had been rather preoccupied with own swelling and heaving muscles. “So, uh, where do I come in to play.” Lianna gave an exasperated sigh. “Blake. Honey. Stud. You're the biggest man on campus and you haven't set foot in a gym. All you do in your free time is fuck me and play a sport you are way too big for. You're a star that doesn't follow any of nature's rules.” Lianna threw her hands around wildly. “I don't even wanna know how much magic must have seeped out of me for it to create and man this irresistible. The amount required to alter reality this badly…” “I've just got good genes…” Blake tried, but Lianna wasn't having any of it. “Zip it, hunk” She looked at the baseball star for what she assumed was the last time. God he really was impossible sexy. That incredible V leading from his wide pecs shelf to his narrow waist… Lianna closed her eyes and snapped her fingers, hopefully undoing the magic and returning Blake to whatever size he was before. Lianna opened her eyes, expecting to be greeted by a wimp, instead, she was looking at the same ungodly studly Blake as before. Actually, that wasn't true, he looked even bigger. “Told ya, no magic necessary, just got good genes.” Lianna was agasp. Her unintended magic hadn't beefed up some wimp by accident, it had slightly shrunk this Hercules to a mere star athlete. She audibly swallowed as she looked at Blake as he pulled out his fourteen inches of cock, looking 4 inches longer than before. She had probably involuntarily shrunk him to make him more manageable. Blake softly stroked his meaty baby maker with one hand, exploring his body which looked even more muscular to Lianna with his other massive mitten. “So babe…” Blake wondered out loud. “If you didn't use your magic to grow me before, does that mean you could you know…” Blake bumped his massive shaft into Lianna's thigh, letting her feel the power pulsing through his cock alone, and knowing full well what the temptation did to Lianna's fair sense of judgment. “....Does that mean you could use your magic to give me a little boost now?”
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    I was always the guy that had trainers saying "Hmm... works for my other clients." It sucked. What sucked even more was when I actually went to WORK as a trainer, and the manager guessed I'd been working out for 2 years. It had been 8. Keep at it, but explore. There are SO many ways to go about workouts. What's worked for me is evolving a very intuitive style. I'll go in with a general plan, but then I'll test the waters. Every workout, I look for this: What move, given my current mood, skill, and physical configuration, can I really push the shit out of today? Sometimes I'll go in meaning to deadlift, and squat instead. Sometimes I just linger on chin-ups the whole time. Sometimes things actually go according to plan. But for me, a good workout means that I've pushed the shit out of something. When I do that consistently, I actually do see significant progress. But also, that's when I feel like I really belong. As a corollary to waterfrog, yes form is important. But at the same time, you have to actually push the shit hard. Really hard. Sometimes an extensive focus on form can end up with something that looks technically correct, but isn't actually doing much for you because you're not pushing hard. I call it "weighted interpretive dance." Get the form AND push it hard. You may also have a coach who's no good for you. There are a lot of styles out there. I've definitely worked with people who end up making me want to push less hard. Shop around. Or go on your own. For me, when I'm not accountable to anyone else, I put in more effort. If I'm working with a trainer, and I don't go 100%, it's a "fuck you" to a trainer than maybe I don't like. But if I'm working solo, then not going 100% is all on me. Maybe I'm weird like that.
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    It the removal guys. There is something up too, that Dean's super powers haven't detected anything wrong when you think back to the drunks at Jake's work. Excellent twist and can't stand this suspense. Many thanks for cranking up that dial to 11, lol
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    Him getting ready to easily deflect them as the ten of us prepared to administer gut punches.
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    He's pouting because I said he couldn't pick up the overpass.
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    When he asks you which one you like the best and you want to say 'the middle one.'
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    How my neighbor convinces me to come over for wine. (Man, I find him so freaking masculine!)
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    "You fellas chose to mess with the wrong daddy. The eight of you are so outnumbered by all of this."
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    When 'I'll be your protector' are the sexiest words you've ever heard.
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    Got a huge 9.5 x 7 inch muscle cock that needs servicing. Been using vacuum intermittently. Thick and heavy
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    Part XIV “So, are we going to do this thing or not?” I ask bluntly. “Yeah. Let’s get down to it.” Blake removes the tank he was wearing so we’re both naked now. Me with my gymnasts body and hardon. Blake with his bodybuilder physique and slumbering giant. “Ok, we’ll start off the easy way.” Blake says as he shoves me hard and I crumple to the floor. “Get up small fry!” He booms. I stand up, confused but more angry. “What the fuck was that‽ “ “I’m putting you down where you belong. At my feet.” Blake smirks, towering over me. He brings his huge arm up and flexes his bicep. “You see this, this is real man muscle. Look at that twig you call a bicep. Pathetic.” “I. Am. Not. Pathetic.” I growl. “The fuck You aren’t. Look at me. All this fucking muscle.” Bland breaks his flex and places his extended palm on his chest. His huge hand looks small when he places it on his pec. That meaty mound of muscle spreads from his delts to the center of his chest where it meets its twin and form a deep groove. His hand slips down to meet his firm 8-pack. It traces the cracks that each taut muscle makes until his hand is down to his navel. It then slides over to where his Adonis belt bulges away from his hip. He grabs the meaty muscle tightly in his hand and squeezes, massaging the muscle. “Come on little guy. You know you want to touch it.” He gestures down to his sleeping monster, hand on his hip. “No one can resist touching it. Especially when they’re used to handling their own pathetic worm like yourself. The flash of heat floods my face but the pull to his cock is so much stronger. I focus myself and don’t move. “You mean people line up for that weak, soft cock?” I reply cockily to Blake. “You can’t even get it up.” Silently Blake closes his eyes and grits his teeth. I see the head on his cock begin thickening and expanding. In seconds it’s reached its full size from earlier. It looks insanely huge on his soft shaft. All flared and red. But it doesn’t look out of place for long. His shaft balloons larger in long pulses as it also begins to straighten out, rising from its resting place on his balls. Once the show is over and his cock reaches its monolithic size he grabs my wrist. I lock eyes with him and become startled. His normal soft, brown eyes aren’t looking at me, but cold, black eyes stare me down. “Careful brother, I am slow to anger but once provoked I have difficulty controlling my rage. You must feel it too. The jealousy of being smaller. Don’t you crave the size? Don’t you thirst for it?” I gulp loudly. The fear in my body making me nauseas. Blake moves my hand to his cock and places it on his angry head. “Now, how does a real mans cock feel?” “It feels...” I trail off as I feel my arm grow tight. I look down and see my forearm striated with unfamiliar muscle and fueled strength. I smirk and squeeze Blake’s cock head tightly. He winces in a bit of pain but he’s so hard not much damage is done. “I feel strong.” I release Blake’s cock and immediately place my hand on my bicep. I can feel it swelling with new mass, growing firmer under my hand and spreading it apart. My eye travels up my arm and I watch my shoulder stretch outward, nicely capping off the enhancement to my bid and tris. My chest has too expanded morphing into squared off slabs of meat that touch in the center to form a deep groove. They now stand off from the rest of my body a solid inch. A field of dark, smooth hair now spreads from the groove outward giving my pecs an even more masculine look. The hair is more concentrated around my darkened nipples. My lats flare out from my body as I feel my back widen in strife with the other changes. I can feel my traps growing up my neck, thickening and strengthening. My stomach still maintains the six pack it has but the individual abs have grown wider and taller. They also have grown in thickness to push away from the rest of my core. My abs now look strong instead of just superficial. My Adonis belt has too thickened, adding pounds of muscle and extending off my hips like Blake. The hair from my chest doesn’t cover my stomach but a dense treasure trail forms below my navels and snakes down my thickly muscled groin to my pubes. Sadly I don’t see that my cock has grown and my nuts still resemble large eggs, hanging loose in their sack. But my gaze is drawn down to my quads. The striating muscle forms thick ropes down my legs. I feel their power building the size taking shape. It makes me feel weak in the knees but I know my muscle wouldn’t dare let me fall. Then I feel my ass twitch. I reach around and feel a large mound of tight, firm flesh covered in a light dusting of hair. I give it a squeeze and let out a soft moan. “Fuck yeah bro.” Blake Says, snapping me back to reality. I had almost forgotten he was in the room. I turn to face him and see that he looks a little shorter than I remember. But everything looks further away now. I must have grown taller too. And by the looks of it by almost two inches bringing me up to 6’4” of man meat. “Looking good bro.” Blake smiles. “And I think you got one last surprise in store this time around?” “What?” I reply. Blake motions at my crotch. “It’s usually the last to catch up.” He says as I see my nuts drop lower, my sack loosening. Then I can feel an increase of weight in them as my nuts visibly expand. I cup them softly in my hand as they spill over my grip. But my fascination with my nuts is cut short by the stirring in my cock. I feel a surge of blood rush to it and veins explode out of the shaft. I almost cum from the pressure but bite it back remembering Blake’s words. The pressure increases and I feel myself getting hard, lengthening. Which is odd since ive been rock hard for so long. But my cock swells larger, growing to reflect my change in body size. The head swells and turns a bright red. The ridge of my head flares out and swells thickly. The shaft thickens and grows longer, forcing my head further from the base. I desire to stroke its length but I don’t dare touch...yet. I swear it must have grown to at least a full foot long if not more. I can feel the slit of my cock growing larger, willing to accommodate more of my seed. My nuts begin to itch as they grow increasingly hairy, making them look like hyper masculine. I begin to smell an odor coming from my crotch. It’s musty and has tones of salt but it’s enveloping and strong. It smells like man. Not dirty or rank but comforting and sexual. And then I feel a click in my body. Like the tap feeding me was shut off. “How you fucking feel stud?” Blake says, his rod swinging in front of him. “It’s so heavy.”I say gesturing to my body. “We can take care of at least one heavy thing right now.” Blake says as he cups my balls in his hand. “Because I got a big load I need to dump and I want to see you take this puppy on a test drive.”
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    This is a story I wrote a while back when I first got into lifting in college and was reading stories on Metabods. It's inspired by my first favorite story of muscle growth - Captain America. Synopsis Two young men sign up for a top secret super-soldier program. But are they aware of the magnitude of genetic enhancement? SOLDIERS OF M.E.N. PART 1 Pinned! Cliff locked down him opponent on the wrestling mat, panting heavily as sweat ran down his neck. Brock struggled against his weight, but it was no use. Cliff's lock was too strong, and he had the advantage of being the heaviest for his weight class, albeit a mid-ranged one. Nonetheless Cliff maintained absolute focus in asserting his position, despite this just being a practice match. "Cliff!" shouted coach, making haste towards his mat. "It's four o' clock!" Cliff's green eyes widened under the shade of his thick brown shag of hair. He hadn't taken them off Brock's. "Good match bro," he said, releasing his hold and helping Brock after getting up himself. Sweat dripped from hit pits down his now vertical arms, significantly pumped, but by no means as large as the bigger guys' on the team. His chest heaved up and down as he caught wind. "Better hurry Cliff - that meeting you've been raving about all week is coming up and you haven't even showered. You wanna make a good impression, right man?" said Brock. "You know it dude; been waiting all month for this," shouted Cliff as he grabbed his towel and ran out the door. With quickened stride, towel over shoulder, Cliff made his way down the athletic hall of Rockwell High. He was on his way to the locker room, but had to make one last stop before showering. He took a sharp right into the pool room, entering at the highest point on the bleachers. He squinted his eyes (he knew he needed glasses) and looked for his friend Lucas, a natural on the swim team. He spotted his uncapped dirty blonde hair moving from one end of the pool to the next. Lucas was doing butterflies, his best stroke while competing. "Lucas!" shouted Cliff, "It's time bro!" As Lucas reached the end of the pool he grabbed the edge and, removing his goggles, looked up at Lucas with his ocean blue eyes. "Dude, it's four already?" he shouted back. "Yeah man, let's get a move on! I'm not gonna be late cause of your slow ass!" jested Cliff. And it was a joke; everyone knew Lucas was the fastest swimmer in the school. This was something Cliff was somewhat envious of. Although they competed in different sports, and Cliff was by far the alpha of his weight class, he was never big enough to be superior to the heaviest guys on the team. He was in good shape, but not the right shape. He always wanted to be bigger, better, stronger, huge. Lucas was the best at his sport, the fastest of anyone in Rockwell. The 18 year old seniors both wanted to leave a mark in their hometown. Cliff made his way to the locker room and started taking off his uniform. Entering shortly after him was Lucas, wearing his tight speedo. The chlorine smell permeated the room; Lucas hadn't bother to dry himself before showering. The water streamed down from his dirty golden locks, face, and torso, then following the ridges that outlined his notable six pack and V right into his speedo. His thumbs fit through on each side of the V as he slid it off with ease. His package, now freed, swung freely. Both Lucas and Cliff were well endowed with above average cocks, but each would assert his own was bigger than the other's. The boys made their way to the shower heads, turning up the heat and letting the room fill up with steam. "How'd you do today bro?" asked Lucas. "Pinned every single guy in my weight class today man. It felt fucking incredible." Cliff shampooed his hair, his triceps extending as he lifted his arms above his head. On the way down he gave his pecs a nice flex; they worked hard today. "Damn dude, you must be pretty fucking pumped for this seminar!" asserted Lucas, twisting his obliques to scrub his back. His already apparent abs cut deeper as he made the turn. That was Cliff and Lucas for you. Cliff had the chest and Lucas had the abs. Cliff had the bulk and Lucas had the cut. Cliff had the power and Lucas had the speed. The two made a perfect team. "You know it! Fuck man, how long have we waited for this? It's been all year! Graduation is in a week; we're finally gonna get out of this place and do something with our lives." Rockwell was by know means a bustling place to be; barely anyone knew about the northern Midwest American small town that you couldn't even pin on a map. There was the school, some residences, the library-town-hall, a local grocer, a clinic, and the orphanage Cliff and Lucas had grown up at. If you happened to travel about 20 miles further north past the hardly functioning farms, you'd come across the Rockwell Military Base. But nobody ever went up there. Occasionally when waking up very early for practice, or staying up late at night playing video games, Cliff would see one or two military vehicles making their way down his road, which was on the direct route towards it. Once, just once, he took notice at an armored vehicle, led and followed by two armed convoy units, making its way to the compound. This was when he had stayed up as late as 4 a.m. The sight wouldn't have been particularly out of the ordinary if it hadn't been for one thing. Through his blurry vision and the dark of the early morning Cliff saw a hulking figure sitting in the back of the last convoy. Soldiers go through intense training, but this one looked much bigger than even the bulkier troops he'd seen. He had tried to get a better look, for he had always been envious and somewhat drawn to men who could achieve the size he had always wanted, but the convoy was quickly out of range of his sight. "Shit bro!" said Lucas, staring up at the clock. "It's almost five! Let's get going!" The boys twisted the water off and, still wet, squeezed into their clean clothes. PART 2 Cliff and Lucas sat next to each other, front row of the auditorium. On screen rolled the credits of a lengthy and empowering military video. Today was recruitment day: the day military personnel came to Rockwell High to recruit starry-eyed seniors into their ranks. The boys hearts were racing; they had lived vicariously through the struggles and triumphs of the brave men onscreen. There were no men they respected more; no other person they wanted to become. When they were young, Cliff and Lucas became friends at the orphanage when they discovered a mutual interest in G.I. Joe. Ever since then their love for the military had grown with their friendship. They knew if they were never adopted, they would enter adulthood together in arms. They were strong, but the military would make them stronger. "Bro, I'm riled up right now. I feel like my testosterone is through the fucking roof!" whispered Lucas to Cliff. Two men in uniform stood next to each other onstage. "So if anyone here is interested in becoming a real man, come see us outside the auditorium!" said one. With that, they exited the stage and the projector shut off, cutting off the credits. It didn't matter. Cliff and Lucas were already out of their seats rushing towards the lobby doors. They were first in line to sign up. Each one stood signing the papers in front of each of the two seated men. As 18 year olds they were free to do what they wanted; free to finally become men. As they flipped through the papers filling out their information and signing on the dotted lines, they came to a page requesting parental information. "Sir, what do we do for this page? My friend and I are orphans. Should we just put the name of the orphanage?" inquired Cliff. The man seated in front of him's eyes lit up. "That's fine. We actually have separate forms for that. You could fill them out now, but we actually like to speak more personally with orphans. There is a special opportunity for them that the military has set up. We'd be happy to tell you two more about it in private. Interested?" Cliff and Lucas shot a quick glance in each other's direction. From the look on each other's face they knew they didn't need to discuss a thing. "Yes sir!" --- The boys sat across the table from the two officers they had spoke to before, now in one of the school's private conference rooms. The officers had finished signing up the rest of Rockwell's future cadets and were ready to disclose their offer to Cliff and Lucas. "My name is Sergeant Steele," said the officer with black hair, "and this is Doctor Atlas," gesturing to the officer with blonde. "So you're not a soldier?" inquired Lucas to Doctor Atlas. "Not quite, but i have devoted years of service to the military. We brought you two here today to discuss an opportunity we rarely get to offer, as it is only available to orphans here in Rockwell." Sergeant Steele continued. "Let's be blunt boys. As un-adopted orphans entering adulthood you have no family ties. This makes you truly free agents; agents without barriers in participating in special... covert operations." Cliff and Lucas looked at each other, clearly confused. "We're not sure we understand sir," responded Cliff. "We want to invite you boys to join a special experimental military unit for elite soldiers. The training and responsibility is intense, so much so that we cannot allow our soldiers to make contact with anyone from outside, mainly for two reasons. One, information of the training regime in the wrong hands could be catastrophic for society. Two, our soldiers may become very powerful, and must be kept disciplined at all times under our surveillance. You'll be dedicating your lives to the military, but you'll be the strongest, most capable soldiers in history. It's guaranteed. You'll be legends." explained Steele with assertive confidence. "Bro, I don't know about this," said Lucas. Cliff pondered for a moment. Was this a good move? They wouldn't be able to see their old classmates ever again. But then everyone they knew were seniors, all going off to college or work around the country. All the two of them really had was each other, and the military. They knew they'd always join, but what was this offer? Legends? Powerful enough that they'd be cut off from normal life? Cliff remembered seeing the soldier in the back of the convoy. Could it be? "Tell us more," said Cliff. Steele withdrew longer contracts from the drawer. "It's simple," he began. "For years the military has been inventing stronger artillery and machinery; things our soldiers use to put them at an advantage. But we've come to a point where stronger external forces may not be what we need. We aren't interested in tanks, we're interested in training our soldiers to BE tanks. Imagine a man who could walk into open gunfire without armor and come out unharmed." "That's impossible!" asserted Lucas. "Even with intense training you can't become immortal. Bullets beat the strongest man." "Our methods of training are supplemented," said Atlas. "We don't just train our soldiers, we enhance them. Sergeant Steele is hopeful one day we could achieve bulletproof men, but for now we are merely making progress towards that goal." Steroids? Cliff remembered how often coach would preach against the use of them; he and his teammates had always been against them and would pride themselves in natural training. His concerns were dismissed, however, as Steele seemed to know what he was thinking and explained. "We aren't going to be using typical steroids on you boys, don't worry. These supplements have been tested before, and are military approved. This is a huge opportunity boys, and this is your one chance," said Steele, sliding the paper and pens forward. "Bro..." began Lucas, but Cliff's mind was made up. He remembered his desire to be in the highest weight class, the man in the convoy, his dream of being an elite soldier. He flipped through the pages and began signing. Lucas hesitated at first, but when he realized Cliff's mind was made up he knew what he had to do. He wasn't leaving his best bro behind. Cliff didn't even look over the contract, but he caught glances of it. He noticed strange clauses mentioning things like "modification of existing genetic structures," but he knew it was all just legal technicalities. He and Lucas finished signing, and shook hands with the men. They explained what would happen next. On the day after graduation a convoy would come to pick them up from the orphanage early in the morning. They were to bring no personal belongings with them; the military would provide everything they needed from here on forth. PART 3 The day after graduation Cliff couldn't seem to get to sleep. He was too excited, but at the same time nervous of his uncertain future in the hands of the military. He was lying in the silence of his room at the orphanage when suddenly the clock struck three. At that exact moment, with incredible force but shocking silence, his door was thrown open. There stood the man from the convoy, blocking about 90 percent of the light from the hall with his massive frame. Cliff could only make out the dark outline of him since no light could illuminate his front. He stood above six feet, and the width of his lats forced his arms at a 45 degree angle from his sides. Cliff scanned the man from bottom to top. He wore large combat boots, easily size 13. His dark camo pants covered the top and ran up to his waist, where a thick black belt held them and concealed the bottom of a standard white military shirt. It was almost impossible to see the shirt, which was so tight on the main you could see the outline of each of his six abs pressing against it, followed by two oblong pecs trying to break free. The soldier's face was indeterminable, but what the light did expose was a thick jawline and blade sharp crew cut. The soldier said nothing, and pointed his finger at Cliff. Cliff knew what he meant. Terrified, he rose from his beds, letting the sheets fall onto the floor. He stood in front of the hulk, trembling in his boxers and night tee. The man grabbed his shoulders and with ease twisted him 180 degrees. With two hands he grabbed Cliff's shirt at the neck and ripped it clean off his body. Cliff gasped. His muscles tightened in fear. His pecs squeezed together as his arms pressed against his sides, biceps involuntarily flexed. Next came the boxers, leaving Cliff naked in front of the soldier, facing away. Maybe from the fear paired with the sudden sensation of being touched at the waist, Cliff's cock became half-erect. Cliff became aware of the man's stench; it was potent in two ways. He smelt as if he had spent hours at the gym and instead of showering covered himself in Axe spray. The soldier handed something to Cliff: they were standard white briefs. After he slipped them on, with shaking hands, the soldier grabbed him by his neck, leading him out of the room and into the blaring light of the hallway, blood pumping at a quickened pace all throughout his body, resulting in a full blown erection confined to his tight white briefs. It was so bright in the hall Cliff felt like it would blind him. It became brighter and brighter until... --- "Bro, wake up! It's almost 0500 hours!" Lucas was in Cliff's room shaking him. Cliff jumped up and looked at the clock: it read 4:50 a.m. He recovered from what he though he had just experienced; it was just a dream. Cliff caught his breathe and started getting dressed. He only had two minutes left when he finished, and the boys used them to sprint downstairs and out to the front of the orphanage. This was it. They had graduated. They had signed the papers. They had informed the orphanage of their departure the week before. All they had to do now was wait. It was frigid outside in the cold winter Rockwell morning. The two boys shivered and blew hot air into their hands. Despite the fact they were wearing coats, their nipples were hardened to the likes of rock from the temperature. Right on time, a single military convoy pulled up. The man driving it was a standard soldier, and in the back was another. There was no hulk from Cliff's dream coming to take him away by force after all. Maybe he had been wrong. Maybe he had imagined that soldier from before. He was somewhat relieved, but also slightly disappointed. Maybe this training program wouldn't be as thrilling as he thought. The boys joined the soldier in the back. "Cliff and Lucas?" asked the soldier. They nodded their heads and took a seat. The soldier banged on the back of the cab, which alerted the soldier in front to proceed. The convoy sped up in the direction of the compound. On their way there, the soldier in back kept looking Cliff and Lucas up and down without saying anything. It was easy to ignore at first, since the boys had so many other things on their minds. Eventually though, Cliff couldn't help but ask, "Is there something on us? Why do you keep staring at us?" The soldier gave a chuckle, his lips on one end curling up. "Just trying to keep a mental image of what you boys look like now," was his only response, after which he fell silent. The convoy had pulled in the garage of the compound, and the boys were led out. Sergeant Steele was there to meet them, but Atlas was missing. "Glad you boys made it on time," began Steele as he led them into and through the grey halls of the compound. "We have much to discuss, but first we'll need to get you prepared. Due to the covert nature of our operations, you'll be training underground for your initiation into our unit, which will last about one week," he said as they entered a large aluminum elevator located in the center of the compound. After the doors closed, instead of pressing a button Steele removed a small key from his pocket in inserted it into a keyhole located on the bottom of the panel. The keyhole was surrounded by a yellow and black warning sign. Cliff stared at it and gulped. He began to realize how serious the military was. When they signed, it was as if in a dream. Only now did the two boys realize the implications of their actions. But it was too late to turn back. They were here. They had to honor their commitment. They had to be men. PART 4 The doors of the elevator opened up to reveal a sterile white hallway, the only embellishment being double doors at the end and a single door to its right. There was a note on the double doors framed in black and yellow caution lines. Cliff couldn't make out what it read due to his eyesight until Steele led them close enough. Then he was able to see: CRITICAL! ALL RECRUITS MUST BE STERILIZED AND PREPPED BEFORE ENTRANCE. THIS IS A LEVEL 5 SECURITY MEASURE. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION. "You boys will have to enter through this single door, where you'll strip, clean yourselves, and put on your uniform. It'll be the only one you'll need for the rest of this week," said Steele, as he entered the double doors. Cliff and Lucas Made their way through the single door and into another equally sterile white room. In the middle was a black table. On the wall was a notice that read: STEP 1. REMOVE ALL CLOTHES AND PLACE ON TABLE. THEN PROCEED TO NEXT ROOM. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION. The boys did not doubt the seriousness of the message. They started stripping their clothes off. Cliff was the first to finish. He gave a quick scan down his body, something he was in the habit of doing ever since he started lifting. Nice pecs, nice stomach, nice cock nestled in a thick mat of brown curls. He looked over at Lucas, who was finishing undressing with his shirt last. As he pulled the shirt over his head, Cliff gave Lucas' package a quick glance. It was a good seven inches flaccid, jetting out of dirty golden blades of hair. Cliff always envied Lucas' cock for its length. Lucas placed his shirt on the table and extended his slim, solid body. He needed a good stretch. As he turned from side to side, he shot a quick look at Cliff. Lucas was always somewhat envious of Cliff's size. Sure Lucas was somewhat shredded and by far the fastest swimmer in Rockwell, but he always wondered what it'd be like to have Cliff's raw power. As Cliff turned to read the sign again, Lucas shot a look at cliff's package. It was a good 6 inches, but definitely thicker than Lucas'. He always wondered what it'd be like to have a girth like Cliffs'. He bet it'd feel amazing during a fuck. After the boys had put all their clothes on the table, the electronic door to the next room opened. A voice coming from a speaker announced, in a commanding baritone voice: "REPORT TO NEXT ROOM RECRUITS." Cliff and Lucas made way towards the next room, not quite as excited as they had been at the start of their journey. They didn't lag, but they took their time. As they entered the next room, the door quickly shut, and Cliff could hear by the mechanisms that the door had locked. He wondered if they'd ever see their clothes again. This room was the same size and color as the last. Instead of a black table in the center, however, there were two black barber chairs facing each other. This time the notice on the wall read: STEP 2. TAKE A SEAT AND EXTEND ARMS AND LEGS OVER THE CHAIR RESTS. REMAIN SEATED AND WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION. The boys weren't sure exactly what was going to happen here, but they had no choice. There was literally no turning back. The door behind them, which Cliff was sure had locked, didn't even have a doorknob or button. And there weren't any windows this far underground. They each took a seat, extended their arms and legs, and relaxed, waiting for instructions. But instructions did not come. Instead, metal restraints at their waist, wrists, and ankles locked them into position in their seats. The boys looked desperately at one another. Suddenly the voice from before boomed: "REMAIN CALM. INITIATING HAIR REMOVAL." Out of the hidden compartments of the chair came a buzzing noise, and suddenly Cliff and Lucas felt buzzers removing their locks. As the hair fell onto the chair and floor a stream of air removed it from the vicinity. After the heads came the face. Lucas had no facial hair, so his chair waited for Cliff's to remove the short black start of a beard growing on his jaw and cheeks. Next were the pits. Buzzers from under the boys' arms came and with speed removed the sweaty shag from them. While Lucas only had some and was done very quickly, Cliff's took more time. The wrestlers at Rockwell rarely shaved their pits; hairy pits were a sign of dominance. The hairier your pits, the more of an alpha you were. Lucas, on the other hand as a swimmer, was constantly shaving his body. The slicker the body, the less water resistance. Sometimes he was so bare that when he exited the pool after a meet, even his pits would gleam against the light as much as his abs and torso when he'd put his arms up holding a gold medal in victory. The last area to be shaved, as the boys expected, were their crouches. For this a small metal arm extended from the bottom of the chair and lifted their cocks straight up, so they wouldn't get in the way of the buzzer. The cold touch of the arm excited Lucas a little bit, and Cliff could see his cock thicken and extended a little bit. It figured Lucas was a grower in addition to having the longer package. Once all hair removal was complete, the restraints on the chairs retracted, freeing the boys. As they moved from the chairs they felt the air much more in the areas that had been trimmed down to mere stubble. "Military hates hair," said Lucas. It really wasn't out of the ordinary that this should happen. What really stood out was how technically advanced the process was. This really must be a state of the art facility. Just how much money was being spent on this covert unit in a northern small town? The next door opened and the same voice came on speaker instructing the boys to proceed to the next room. Once again, the two made their way through, a little slower this time. They were definitely becoming more nervous about what may be next. They entered. The door shut and locked. In the center of this room was a shower head, and the floor had many holes for draining. The boys looked to the instructions on the wall. They read: STEP 3. ENTER CENTER OF ROOM AND PREPARE FOR CLEANING. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION. The boys did as the sign commanded, and a glass cylinder from the ceiling slid down, confining them to the shower area. Then the water came out, but it felt odd. The warm water was somewhat viscous, and as the boys ran their hands over their now sticky bodies they realized from the suds being created it was infused with soap. It lacked any sent. They rubbed their chests, under their pits, alongside their toned arms, down their stomach in circular motions, around their now bare cocks, and down their legs all the way to their feet. The boys stood in the shower now, waiting for the rinse. Their entire bodies covered, they gave off a sheen like well oiled bodybuilders, ready to pose. The light reflected off of the definition of Cliff's impressive chest, as well as the divets in his triceps. Lucas's V was accentuated by the light, along with his bulging calves. The water without soap finally came and finished cleaning the boys. After that, hot air blew form above and below them, completely drying off their bodies. They felt good, really good. They hadn't showered the night before and needed it badly. The glass cylinder raised, the next door opened, and the voice commanded them to proceed. The next room had chair similar to the hair removal room, except they were white. The boys were confused. Was this extra trimming? Were they going to be waxed? They looked to the sign on the wall for help: STEP 4. SIT AS BEFORE AND RELAX. FINAL STEP. As they sat down facing each other and extending their arms, the restraints once again came out. However, this time there were also shoulder and head restraints. The boys could make no movements whatsoever aside from a few meaningless jerks. The boys became frightened by this change from the last chairs, and suddenly the voice said: "RELAX. INITIATING FINAL PHASE: RELEASE." Suddenly gas masks from around the chair mechanically placed themselves on the boys' faces. Cliff could hear the chair's mechanisms start pumping some sort of air into it. It smelt... good. REALLY GOOD. Cliff started to sweat a little bit, and his body started to get goose bumps. His nipples hardened at the sensation. He squeezed his eyes shut at first, but relaxed when he got comfortable and noticed Lucas was responding similarly, his nipples tightened too, but also extended a little bit forward. At this point the chair didn't even need restraints - he could sit there for hours. That's when he realized what the air was - sex pheromones. He became startled by it, but its effect became more intense as more air was pumped into his lungs. His cock became erect, extended straight up, and thickened so no skin on it was left flaccid. The veins on his cock seemed to pop out: it wanted more blood. He wanted to fuck, badly. "Uhh!" cried Lucas, his eyes shut. He couldn't remain in-auditory any longer. It was clear from his blushing Lucas was embarrassed he was this horny in front of his best bro. Nonetheless his cock kept throbbing, as if it were desperately looking for something to fuck. He produced some pre-cum, which proceeded to slide down his lengthy cock. Logically Cliff and Lucas should be wondering what the purpose of this procedure was, but the chemicals prevented them from such thoughts. Instead the boys sat in ecstasy as more and more pheromones were pumped into them. In reality only a minute or two had passed, but it might as well have been an hour. Cliff quickly had developed blue balls, but not like anything he had experienced before. The pain was incredible. He grit his teeth as he endured both the sensation his testicles might explode on the spot and the unrelenting pleasure of an edging that would never end. These couldn't be normal pheromones. These were military grade pheromones. As a tear rolled down his check Cliff peered over at Lucas. "FUCK! LET ME CUM!" cried Lucas, this time shooting a visible stream of pre-cum out of his package. The urge was so powerful it flew halfway between him and Cliff. Lucas started contracting his body in his seat, his veins visible between the muscles which seemed as if they were trying to break out of his skin. His six pack, already visible, grew deep cuts as he tried to use his core to free himself. His body turned red as he struggled against the metal constraints. While Cliff watched Lucas writhe, he noticed though his blurry eyes something different about his balls. Were they bigger? They were! Lucas' balls had inflated to at least three times their size, obviously to make room for the tremendous amount of cum the pheromones were producing. "Fuck..." moaned Cliff as he felt more cum being spawned in his own balls. They must be fucking enormous as well. His cock began throbbing with every heartbeat; he could see it running through its veins. The machine seemed to respond to Lucas' struggles. it started beeping, and then the sound of more air being pumped into Lucas was apparent. The pheromones forced him again into a relaxed state. He slid back into his chair, his muscles a little more pumped than before. "Oh yeah..." said Lucas. "Keep it fuckin' comin." An indeterminate amount of time passed, maybe an hour. The guys didn't know. Their throbbing cocks, red from the pressure of blood, were shining in the light of the white room due to all the pre-cum that their balls had forced out in attempt to make more room. Each of them also had spots of pre-cum on their lower stomachs from the multiple small releases they would experience. They lay panting with their eyes shut, gasping in the combination of air and super pheromones they were being given. Their balls were massive, the size of melons. Cliff fantasized continuously about breaking free from the restraints and squeezing the cum out of them, setting himself free from this erotic torment. But he could do nothing. He was too weak. Suddenly the voice came on: "ATTENTION RECRUITS. PREPARE FOR RELEASE." The boys shot their eyes open. Finally. FINALLY! They looked at each other, mouths smiling agape in excitement to be freed. They couldn't wait to fucking cum. It was the only thing in the world right now. Out of the bottom of the chair came mechanical tubes, which extended themselves first up and then over each of the boys' cocks. The tube contracted and became snug, then simulated a sucking sensation. "ARRRGH!" Both Cliff and Lucas wanted to come so badly at this action, but they still couldn't. It was then Cliff realized the pheromones were also keeping them from releasing prematurely. He heard a clink in the back of the chair. The air had stopped and the masks were removed from the boys. After about ten seconds of breathing fresh air, it happened. It was fucking incredible. "Uh, uhh, fuck. Yes, yes. Fuck yes. FUCK! FUCK YES!" Lucas became un-tamable in the ecstasy of his release. Cliff, on the other hand, was at a loss for words. The stud lay in the chair, all muscles flexed, pecs pointing his rock hard nipples up as far as possible as an unending stream of cum flew out of his balls and into the tube. His mouth stayed ajar. The boys came and came, not for a few seconds but minutes. At first there was not even throbbing, just a constant stream of cum. Then, towards the end, their grateful cocks started compulsing to release what was left of their cum, and with the even more increasing sensation, now too much to stand, they passed out. PART 5 Doctor Atlas was in the black control room of the compound on his terminal when Sergeant Steele entered the room, followed by two soldiers holding cylindrical glass containers of the boy's genetic material. "You've prepped the new recruits Sergeant?" asked Atlas. Steele nodded. "Excellent. Place the DNA into position." The soldiers took the containers of the boys' cum and locked them into a spot on the wall. Once they were locked in, Atlas typed in a few commands and the cum was drained from the containers. Two virtual constructions of the boys' bodies appeared on the large screen which took up an entire wall of the control room. "We'll need a complete analysis, but I think I know just which serum each of them should receive based on their existing genetic structure," said Atlas. "I know what you mean," responded Steele. "Nonetheless we have one week. I'll debrief the boys." --- Cliff and Lucas awoke in another white room, feeling better than ever. They were each on a bed. Another open door in the corner clearly led to a bathroom. They were both wearing white briefs. Cliff remembered his dream. Could it have been a sign? No, they were just generic white briefs. He looked again and realized there was something different about these. In bold black threading on the elastic front of the briefs read: M.E.N. SOLDIER #014 He glanced over at Lucas'. His read the same, but one number higher. The briefs were tight. His cock's outline was almost completely visible against it, and his glutes felt as if they were being flexed just from the pressure. He tried to shove his hands into them, to see if he could stretch them out, but they wouldn't budge enough to allow it in. In fact, the briefs were like steel - he couldn't move them at all as he ran his hands over them. Suddenly the door to their room opened and Sergeant Steele came in. "ATTENTION!" shouted Steele. The boys sprang to their feet and saluted. The briefs were tight and hard as fuck, but restricted no movement whatsoever. They seemed to conform to whatever happened inside them. "Consider yourself lucky boys. You've been selected for the finest unit in all the military. Are you ready to serve as elite soldiers?" "SIR, YES SIR!" "Are you ready to become well oiled machines?" "SIR, YES SIR!" "The treatment before was to extract perfect genetic structures from you so that the correct supplementation could be provided. Like I said before, these are military grade supplements, not steroids, and in order to provide such high quality we need to tailor them to your specific strengths. We acquired a copious amount of your cum in order to also utilize it in the supplement; testosterone is a key component. For the next week you'll be doing some physical exercises in order for us to gauge your strengths. Is everything clear?" Everything wasn't clear, but the boys did not even know were to start. "After the week you'll be given the supplementation we've engineered for you, and you'll finally be initiated as Soldiers of M.E.N." Cliff remembered the writing on the underwear. "Sir, what does M.E.N. mean?" he asked. "It stands for our organizations name: Militaristic Enhancements on the Navy. We gave it this acronym since only men can participate due to the need for copious amounts of testosterone required for effective supplementation." Suddenly it began to make more sense to Cliff what their cum was being used for. It mildly disturbed him, but he was also curious towards what might be the result. A steroid tailored perfectly to his genetic structure? It sounded too good to be true. Steele continued, "And your underwear are to prevent you from masturbating this week. A man's testosterone spikes on the seventh day of abstinence, which is critical for our procedure, so you'll be wearing those all week." "What about using the bathroom?" asked Lucas. "You'll find you won't need to; you'll see. Training starts tomorrow boys. Be up at 0500 sharp!" responded Steele. "SIR, YES SIR!" --- For the next week the boys trained in another white room with weights and cardio machines. While they worked they were hooked up to machines taking analytics and were watched by soldiers taking notes. When they weren't lifting or running, they were being fed a viscous gray mush. Steele informed them it was all their required nutrients and no excess. While eating this and drinking only water, the boys found they never needed to use the bathroom. Their bodies were just holding onto all the mass they were gaining and reserving the water as well. this became more apparent as Lucas lost the definition of his abs, despite doing intense ab workouts and lengthy cardio sessions. When it came to weights, Cliff was clearly dominant. He benched much more than Lucas, pumped more iron during bicep curls and front lifts. When it came to cardio, Lucas was clearly in the lead. He was able to run faster than Cliff and for a longer amount of time. When they trained in the facility's pool, he was always in the lead. As they trained they developed a competitive attitude towards one another. One day Cliff watched as Lucas did stair climbers in front of him, as always in nothing but the skin tight briefs. He watched Lucas sweat as he pushed himself harder and harder climbing the stairs his rounded glutes slid against each other through the briefs. He became envious of Lucas' near perfect ass, and grunted as he hopped on the bench. He started putting up his six rep max, pushing it to eight, making loud grunts each time. Lucas turned around to see Cliff, veins popping out of his red torso. His biceps flared as his pecs struggled against the weight, ultimately winning with each rep. The pump gave Cliff a fully erect cock, which the briefs conformed too. Lucas became envious of Cliff's raw power. Then the night of the sixth day came. The boys sat facing each other off the side of their beds. "Tomorrow's the day," said Cliff. "Yeah man," responded Lucas. "What do you think this 'supplementation' is? Will it hurt, you think?" "No idea man. Listen, if shit goes south though, just know you're my bro." "Fuck dude, don't say that. We gonna come out of this more than soldiers - super soldiers man!" "Yeah... It's pretty fucking cool actually," Cliff thought out loud. "You know it bro," said Lucas, "put it there." He extended his hand. Cliff smiled and extended his. This two buds grasped hands tight. Then they hit the light and went to bed. --- "Atlas, are the serums ready for tomorrow's transformations?" said Steele as he entered the control room. "Just about. It's just as we thought. Clifford's body is perfect for the TANK soldier serum." "And Lucas' makes an immaculate candidate for JET." "Exactly." Atlas typed in some commands and two small vials on the wall were filled with two thick serums. In the vial labeled TANK SERUM there was a dark red liquid, and in the vial labeled JET SERUM a bright yellow one which almost glowed. Steele retrieved the vials from the wall and brought them to Atlas. Atlas then loaded the vials into another compartment closer to him and typed in a few more commands. The screen's camera cut to two vats which were storing the boys' loads. Then the serums slowly drained from the vials in the control room, must have followed some tubes in the walls, and were dispensed into the vats displayed onscreen. The combination of serum and cum in each vat started bubbling, and then expanding. As it expanded the color of the resulting liquid became more and more clear. Eventually, once it filled the vats, the liquid was only clear. It was full of bubbles which moved in every direction, but at a very slow pace. "One more thing," started Steele. "We have orders from higher up to push the limits. They want 50 percent tomorrow." "FIFTY!" said Atlas. "We haven't even tried 40! We have no idea what that will do to them." "It's not your call, or mine. You know the rules. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action. Looks like they finally want to see bullet proof men." "So be it. I hope those boys are strong." PART 6 The alarm blared at 0500. Cliff and Lucas shot up from bed. This was it. Finally, after all this waiting they were about to find out what was in store for them. What Steele had said about the spike in their testosterone must have been right. Cliff felt riled up, completely ready to go. Ready to compete, lift, fuck, whatever. He and Lucas had a flex off to hype each other up, made a few harmless taunts, and bumped chests. A soldier opened the door and motioned for them to follow. They were led down some corridors and finally came to large white double doors with yellow and black caution symbols painted on each one. A sign on each side of the door read: EXPERIMENTATION ROOM 005. UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS IS PROHIBITED AND WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION. ALL NEW RECRUITS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY NON-RESTRICTED PERSONNEL. The soldier typed a code into the key pad and opened the doors for the boys. Cliff and Lucas entered the room, and stood in awe of what they saw. In this much larger white room was a wall full of controls, by which Doctor Atlas stood reading analytics and making adjustments. In the center of the room was Sergeant Steele, there to greet the boys. Scattered throughout the room were more soldiers, some with heavy weaponry, others with notepads and pencils. They all had their eyes on Cliff and Lucas. But Cliff and Lucas weren't staring at them; they were staring at the two main structures centered in the room. They were two very large cylindrical chambers, entirely made of bulletproof glass, each with a handles door that led inside. On the tops and bottoms of the chambers were many metallic tubes, running off in different directions into the walls, floor, and ceiling. On the metal perimeter of the bottom of the left chamber Cliff could make out the inscription: TRANSFORMATION CHAMBER ALPHA And on the other: TRANSFORMATION CHAMBER BETA The boys knew these were for them. Two soldiers with metal rods came over to Cliff and Lucas. They inserted the rods into the backs of the elastic of their briefs. The briefs seemed to unlock and contract into the rods, leaving Cliff and Lucas bare in the room full of soldiers. The air felt cold on their now exposed cocks. "ATTENTION!" commanded Sargent Steele. Cliff and Lucas stood at the ready. "Cliff is to report into Transformation Chamber Alpha." With that, the glass door of the first chamber opened for Cliff. Cliff turned to Lucas, who with a solid expression gave him a nod of approval. Cliff made his way into the chamber and stood up straight, chest out, as the door closed and sealed him in. Lucas was then told to report to the other chamber, and did so. Once the doors were both closed the same deep voice from before boomed inside the tubes: "ATTENTION NEW RECRUIT. PREPARE FOR TRANSFORMATION. ADMINISTERING MASKS." Oxygen masks were lowered from the tops of the chambers. Both boys knew what they had to do, and slipped the masks on. The straps seemed to tighten as they were locked in, and the mask itself completely sealed itself on their faces. Cliff wondered if this would be more pheromones, but after a few seconds he realized it was only oxygen. "DOORS LOCKED. ADMINISTERING SOLDIER SERUM." Red lights started flashing on and off in the room. It startled Cliff and Lucas, but every other soldier seemed to be used to it. Suddenly from top and bottom tubes a thick clear liquid started pouring into the chambers. Cliff noticed as it gathered on the floor that it was moving towards his feet, as if it was somehow attracted to him specifically. He moved back instinctively, but there was no escaping it. As more liquid filled the chambers it finally made contact with his skin. "Ahh..." said cliff. The liquid was clinging to him and moving up his legs. It was warm, sticky, but most oddly seemed to actually SUCK on him. It was as if the liquid wanted to simultaneously get inside him and get something inside him out. He realized that something was his muscle fibers – they seemed to be almost magnetically attracted to the serum. More and more liquid filled the chamber, and he could no longer avoid the half falling from the ceiling. It ran down his shoulders and over his chest. It ran in different directions, trying to find dry places on his body to occupy. What really startled him was when the liquid reached his nipples. Instead of being a warm sensation like on the rest of his body, it felt very cold. Not only that, but for some inexplicable reason it REALLY sucked on his nipples. "Fuck!" he shouted, grasping the viscous material on his nips and clearing it off his body. The serum had filled the chamber up to the boys' waists at this point. As it began sucking on every bit of their flaccid cocks, they became a little erect. Cliff couldn't help but think back to the experience he had a week earlier. He wondered if he was going to cum again, but realized it would be impossible, for the serum was making its way into his rod. He thought it would feel terrible, but it almost felt ... good. In fact, it even felt like he was slowly cumming. “Mmmph...” Cliff moaned as he became fully erect from the sensation. The serum was persistent to cover him, but not aggressive. He felt it ease its way between his glutes, which he was clamping in hopes he could stop the serum from going there. He realized at this point there was no stopping it, and relaxed his legs. The serum made its way through him, and he moaned as it found and started stimulating his prostate. By the time the serum made it up to his nipples, Cliff was ready for it. He braced himself and let the stuff latch on. Despite his best effort he stilled clenched his teeth and grunted a bit. He looked over at Lucas, who was having a similar struggle having his nipples abused like this. Lucas was trying to swim to the top of the serum, which was now quickly filling his chamber. As he projected himself upwards with his arms he would tighten his abs and puff up his chest, desperately trying to keep his nipples dry. Cliff thought how impressive of a swimmer Lucas was to be able to fight this hard against the pull of the viscous serum. Eventually Lucas grew restless and succumbed to let himself float. Cliff noticed as he let the serum latch onto his nipples, he gritted his teeth especially hard. Cliff became aware that for some reason Lucas' serum was treating him differently. Was it possible M.E.N. had given them two different super soldier prescriptions? Finally, after a few minutes, they were covered. The chambers were completely filled with the liquid. It was still full of bubbles, but the bubbles were only moving towards and over the boys' bodies. They also weren't bubbles of air, but just thicker serum. Even now it seemed to be trying to cover them more. It lifted them off the ground; they began floating in the middle of the chamber. It tore their arms and legs from their sides so as to expose every inch of skin that might be hidden. The boys found they could not move at all; the serum was to strong. All they could do was float there, letting it writhe its way over and inside them. "SOLDIER SERUM ADMINISTERED. APPLYING RADIATION." Cliff looked over at Atlas, who was manning the controls. He saw him turn a dial. "TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT." Suddenly the bubbles started become much more active, and their attraction to the boys' bodies much greater. "Arghhh.." Cliff started feeling his muscles contract and release, as if he was working out every single muscle at the same time. He looked at his biceps, which were receiving most of the stress. The veins on them were strained to the max. They were pulsating, and with each pulse remained a little bigger than before. His peaks were growing, and he started to see a very clear separation of his bicep from the rest of his arm. His forearms responded in a similar manner. He drew his attention to his torso. It seemed his already impressive chest was becoming wider. he watched as his pecs grew outward and to the sides, his nipples stretching a bit to match their new size. The only thing more distracting than the serum sucking on his now bigger nipples was the burning sensation in his abs. He looked down and could now visibly see a defined six pack, with some veins running straight down to his erect cock. He was all muscle! He wondered what his body fat percentage was now. "Fuck yeah!" said Cliff as he endured the pump the serum was giving to him. He also noticed something incredible; his bad eyesight was gone! The serum had fixed his vision. He looked over at his bud in the next chamber to see what alterations he was experiencing. Lucas was experiencing similar changes, but more impressively in his legs. The serum worked his calves first, creating muscles which jettisoned out and matched the size of his thighs before. His thighs, however, took on a new size more impressive than any bicyclist's. "Ahh, fuck..." said Lucas as he realized what the serum was doing to his glutes. He felt each glute blow up a little, as if being inflated. They become not only bigger, but more rounded out. Lucas flexed his glutes, enjoying the ecstasy of their sudden growth in conjunction with the stimulation the serum was providing to his prostate. His cock throbbed a little. Cliff and Lucas were thinking it might be over when suddenly they heard: "THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT." Cliff looked over at Atlas, who had just turned the dial. He clenched his teeth as the serum became much more aggressive. He shot up his head, his newly defined pecs sticking straight out while his arms were thrown back. The contractions his muscles were feeling grew stronger and more frequent. He felt as if not only he was working out, but working out way beyond his limit. It was as if he was pushing his one rep max multiple times, but for some reason his muscles weren't failing. And he had no choice but to keep going. His pecs became rock hard and grew even more. His lats, responding to the sudden growth of his front, widened themselves at an incredible pace. He wouldn't be able to put his arms down now even without the serum obstructing their way. His traps pulsed up to match the size of his shoulders, which were starting to look comparable to football padding. The veins from his chest shot up what used to be his neck, reaching a face that started to regrow its facial hair. The sensation of hair growing this fast on his jaw felt tingly; it was as if his testosterone had nowhere else to go. He started to feel the sensation on his chest. He forced himself to look down. His chest and stomach were covered in fine brown hair follicles; it looked incredibly manly. He watched as more and more grew, filling in the deepening cracks of his mighty six pack and incredible V. Then he noticed his cock. His fucking cock! It was growing, getting thicker too. It stood erect in the serum at not 6 or 7, but 10 inches. Cliff grinned, happy to have received a hairy 10 inch masterpiece. His upper torso was enormous now compared to his lower body, which was also impressive. Cliff grunted; the pain of his transformation started to feel good. Lucas writhed in pain of the forced workout as he received the higher dosage of radiation. He felt as if his abs were being torn apart. Looking down at his body, he too noticed hair follicles growing all over his chest. They were not as frequent as Cliffs', but longer. "Fuck yeah!" he thought. Finally he had chest hair. This chest hair was also a golden blond, unlike his dirty blond hair. He turned his attention to the burning sensation in his abs, and stared in awe. He no longer had a six pack, but a godly eight pack which connected his now mighty pecs to his cock. His cock! He couldn't believe it; the serum was affecting that too! Not only was it thicker like he had always wanted, but stood erect at an unbelievable 12 inches. A whole foot! As the serum sucked on his nipples they too grew. While they became wider, they were not nearly as wide as Cliffs'. Instead Lucas' nipples became perkier and started to jut out from his pecs, which with every pulse of the transformation become not wider but more round and aesthetically independent of Lucas' body. The only thing comparable to his supple chest was his even larger glutes, which too seemed to almost want to detach themselves from him. They were thick as fuck, but smoother than ever. Lucas welcomed the change; it matched his 12 inch package well. "Uhhhh.." moaned Lucas as the serum started beating on his prostate. His body lengthened to make room for his eight pack. While Cliff had become a good seven feet tall due to the transformation, Lucas easily stood at eight. Both the boys basked in the glory of their metamorphosis, letting their muscles involuntarily work themselves into rock hard pieces of meat. Their jaws become thicker, follicles of hair popping up all over their lower faces. Lucas even developed a cleft chin, while Cliff's become even wider and more defined. The boys now had faces of burly 25 year olds. Hair quickly grew out around their outstanding cocks, replacing that which had been lost before. And Cliff's pit hair grew back three times as thick as before. He laughed. Had he known he'd be turned into this absolute fucking beast one day he wouldn't have cared about keeping long pit hair before. Cliff looked over at Atlas, who was talking with Steele. He gave him a nod, and turned the dial once more... PART 7 "FIFTY PERCENT." Fifty percent radiation. The serum was uncontrollable. It moved in every direction, tried to make its way into every pore on the boys' bodies. They gasped in sheer pain. It was as if every muscle fiber in their bodies were being torn apart and regrown a little bigger, a little stronger. Then torn apart again as the next pump came. The serum was sucking so hard on their nipples that, with their massive new arms, they tried to reach their chest with their hands. They actually were able to put up a fight against the serum at this point, making some progress, but ultimately failing. It was still stronger, and everywhere in the chamber. they had nowhere to go. Cliff's biceps blew up. He could feel as they seemed to tear themselves apart from him, growing to the size of bowling balls. Likewise his shoulders grew again, fully asserting Cliff no longer had a neck. Hair covered his arms and legs. He looked down to check his cock, which he felt growing again. He could only see the tip of it over his hairy pecs, for they had grown outward much more than before. He grunted as his pecs stretched again, this time to keep up with the new size of his tremendous lats. "Fuck," thought Cliff as he anticipated the newest addition to his pecs. They were hard as fuck, and getting harder. Now they were not like rock, but STEEL. He had these two massive plates of steel trying to force their way out of his skin by growing wider and wider. But his skin did not give in; it only grew with them. Even his nipples grew instead of tearing against the sudden growth and cold sucking of the serum. Cliff had become a fucking beast, his massive cock throbbing as it tried to match the size of its eight foot tall owner. He threw his head back, letting the changes consume him, letting himself become the beast. His glutes bubbled up, his abs were so bulky that they jettisoned halfway out between his body and his pecs. His back shot out as far as his chest. His upper body had become as deep as it was wide. He grunted, feeling the sensation of the serum sucking his large nipples and caressing his thick foot long rod. "That's right," he thought, "Suck harder. Suck harder for the alpha beast!" --- Meanwhile, Lucas watched as his pecs ballooned up even more. They grew and grew and the serum sucked harder and harder on his nipples. Finally they had exploded passed the point of bowling balls and into full sized rounded watermelons. Like Cliff's, they were hard as steel. His nipples grew too, extending as the serum pleasured them, a full inch off of Lucas' body. The hair in the middle of his chest became a bit thicker. Suddenly he started sinking forward; the massive growth in his pecs has thrown his weight off. The serum seemed to respond by enlarging his back muscles, which pulled back on his shoulders and pecs. His eight abs were now surrounded by hundreds of smaller abdominals, which had all grown to inhumane proportions thanks to the transformation. His V was the most impressive on earth, running down to his 14 inch package, the icing on the cake of this immaculate military creation. ""Shit! Gahh," Lucas convulsed as his body grew taller once again. He stared down as his eight pack extended once again into an inhuman 10-pack. He grimaced; he had the abs of a fucking god. He gritted his teeth in agonizing pleasure as the serum began sucking on the new addition to his core. Then suddenly he felt a strong change elsewhere. ""Uhh, uhhhh... fuck. Here it comes again..." The serum was reducing this alpha of a man to jello as it worked his prostate. His 14 inch cock throbbed up and down, happy to be pleasured by more of the serum latching on to it, as the radiation caused his glutes and calves to balloon once more. His glutes finally reached the size of bowling balls, each one looking as if it should fall off of Lucas. But his skin was stronger than steel, and kept his godly physique in one piece. Even now at 50 percent radiation, Lucas moved passed the pain of the unending workout, letting his 10 foot tall body give into the transformation into a monster of a man. "It hurts..." he moaned. He felt the serum trying to rip off his nipples, abuse his prostate, work its way into the cuts of his abs as all his muscles continued to work themselves. "...It hurts, so fucking..." grunted Cliff as the serum worked his rectangular slabs of pecs harder, his enormous back to exhaustion, his biceps past the point of no return. All this while caressing his rock hard saucers of nipples and massive package. "It hurts so fucking..." The two boys had been transformed past the point the men, past the point of soldiers. The military had turned them into BEASTS. The two alpha super soldiers writhed in between pain and ecstasy, enjoying his own transformation and that of the other. "... GOOD!" PART 8 The radiation had been turned off, the serum had been drained, and the two beasts stood facing one another against the glass. They started grunting, pounding on the glass. Cliff swung his massive ape arms repeatedly against it, while Lucas stood confident, showing off his height and package. The transformation had put the boys in incredible heat. Each one to some extent forgot they were human, only looking to assert their animal dominance. They stood staring at each other with throbbing cocks, both of which profusely started leaking pre-cum. They were too distracted by one another to even think of jerking off. Each of them wanted to show the other they were the alpha. "What a success," commented Steele. "Better let them release," said Atlas, pulling a lever, "The effects of half radiation are apparent on their ability to control their libido." Suddenly the glass chamber lowered into a room below the transformation laboratory. Cliff and Lucas didn't care, however. They only stood staring at one another. Suddenly they were in a chamber all to themselves. The voice form before boomed: "INITIATING RELEASE." The glass cylinders shot up, freeing the beasts. Cliff started hulking his way towards Lucas, the massive plate mail of armor that were his chests and abs sliding over one another. But instead of clanking they glided, each one supporting the next. But Lucas was too quick. His transformation endowed him with incredible speed. Soon he was behind Cliff, shoving his foot with the force of his godly calves into the valley of Cliff's back. "ARRRGH!" roared Cliff, stumbled forward and cracking the concrete floor with the landing of his massive foot. He swung around, but Lucas was already gone. He turned trying to find him, and by the time he did, all he could make out was Lucas' massive package accompanied by his (at least) size 15 foot landing itself in between the hairy slabs of meat that were Cliff's pecs. Cliff fell to the floor backwards, creating a crater in the ground. He looked up. Lucas was standing in front of him, flexing his incredible ten pack and watermelon sized tits, and letting his cock throb pre-cum onto Cliff. It got stuck in the hair which covered Cliff's bulging abdominals. "Can't beat me bro," started Lucas. His voice was incredibly deep. He was an alto before. Now he was a bass! "I always was the fastest!" "Hah!" Shouted Cliff. His voice was even deeper. He got up, flexing his biceps into globes of masculine power. "Fuck your speed bro. All that matters is size! And I'm the FUCKING KING of size!" He turned his bicep flex downward into a pec flex; veins running all over his body popped up and almost out of his military grade skin. Lucas was taunted, and prepared his next attack. This time Cliff was ready. He waited in the middle of the room, using his raw animal instinct to detect when Lucas would strike. THERE! He caught his foot and threw him to the floor, creating another crater. Lucas lay on his stomach, his astronomically large pecs propping his upper body up. Cliff took the opportunity, threw his weight on Lucas, and... Pinned! Cliff locked down at his opponent on the shattered cement floor, panting heavily as sweat ran down what used to be his neck. Lucas struggled against his weight, but it was no use. Cliff's lock was too strong, and he had the advantage of being the heaviest for his weight class, THE HIGHEST WEIGHT CLASS IN THE FUCKING WORLD. Nonetheless Cliff maintained absolute focus in asserting his position. He felt his massive package throbbing up against Lucas' steel glutes. The two were both bursting with newfound testosterone, their libidos were on fire. Cliff knew he had to relive their heat. While maintaining his grip, he reached around Lucas to find his absolute snake of a cock. He caressed it, up and down, letting Lucas' pre-cum lubricate his grip. He gave Lucas' baseball sized balls and small squeeze. Pre-crum shot out of Lucas. "Fuck bro..." Lucas seemed to forget the need to be an alpha. "What are you doing to me? Fuck, that feels good." Lucas let Cliff work his body into ecstasy just like the serum had done. Cliff wrestled Lucas into new positions while pleasuring his cock and nipples. Eventually Lucas un-flexed his glutes. Cliff took the opportunity to win the match; his cock made sure of it. He started grunting as his cum covered girth slid into Lucas and dominated his prostate. "Fuck bro! Aghh. Fuck... yeah," moaned Lucas. "You wanna fucking come bro?" asked Cliff in an assertive deep voice. Lucas didn't respond; he was too lost in the ecstasy. Now was Cliff's opportunity to relieve the heat that was turning them into animals. He began vigorously stroking Lucas' wet cock from tip to base, squeezing his balls every now and then. He ran his other hand up Lucas' washboard abs, fingering each and every crevasse on the way up. He grasped Lucas' watermelon chest and caressed its protruding nipples. Finally, he let his load loose. As Cliff came so did Lucas. It was just like before; the stream of their come did not stop for a few minutes. A few seconds in something happened to Lucas as well; his nipples started leaking cum. The transformation at 50 percent radiation must have had some unexpected effects. Once the boys stopped streaming cum and started shooting it out in pulses, Lucas' nipples started firing it out so it no longer just ran down his pecs and into the valley of his abs. Lucas' cock and nipple cum flew an incredible 10 feet across the room. His package was like a fucking fire hose. He was paralyzed with ecstasy as the same force of Cliff's ejaculation took place inside of him. Then, after several minutes of climax, the boys fell in exhaustion, Cliff on top of Lucas. "What did they do to us man?" asked Lucas. "What did they turn us into?" Cliff panted heavily. They had turned them into muscle bound gods, fucking freaks of nature that would make any juicer cower in fear. Their new muscles and uncontrollable libido turned them into the alpha beasts of the earth. Suddenly both boys felt a familiar sensation. Their balls, emptied of all cum, began pulsing. They could feel their testosterone stirring, their balls pumping loads of it back into their system. Cliff remembered what Steele had said about the importance of testosterone in the supplementation. It looks like the transformation made testosterone the body's highest priority. As he watched Lucas' veins swell with the stuff, he felt his own body start creating more cum. All too quickly his balls were past maximum capacity, and his flaccid cock secreted more pre-cum. He smelt the pheromones coming off Lucas. The two wreaked of manhood. He stared Lucas in the eyes, their massive cocks reloading military grade erections, and with confidence responded: "Soldiers."
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    When the muscle daddy messages you some pictures and says, "I've grown a bunch since these were taken."
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    Chapter 15 Today is my first shift at my new job. I received offers from a wide variety of places, including a number of Michelin starred restaurants. But now that I have Dean, I don’t feel such a pull to prove myself by being successful. And working in a packed kitchen is oppressive, stressful, and takes a lot of time. So instead I go for a nearby patisserie café – Last on the Left. The salary is still very good, but the work will be a lot more relaxed. And the shop itself is beautiful, which is always a bonus. It feels weird to leave Dean behind. We’ve been practically joined at the hip for weeks now. This is for the best – we can’t be around each other all the time. When he and I started this relationship, I gave the condition that I had to be allowed to live my own life. That’s what I’m doing now. Besides, it gives him a chance to be a superhero. As I walk to work, I notice a white truck parked right across from our building. The space is reserved by a woman with a convertible, so I don’t know what a truck is doing in that spot. The shop’s owner is a charismatic woman called Jolene. I spoke to her on the phone, but in person she’s a lot louder. She's ex-navy, and it shows in everything from her cleanliness to her posture. I can immediately tell we’re going to get along. The kitchen is immaculate, all chrome and clean white tiles. I’m in heaven. I need no introduction to any of the equipment, and since I’ve been itching to bake ever since losing my job at the Shard, I’m halfway through the preparation for a batch of profiteroles before Jolene has even finished the introductions. She watches me bake from the kitchen doorway, keeping an eye on our customers. I get the occasional question on my technique, what recipes I use, what I know how to cook and what I want to learn. I answer them all. It’s nice to have someone to talk to. With the whole kitchen to myself, I don’t need to worry about cleaning up after anyone else, or stepping on any feet, or shouting to be heard. And there’s no menu. I can cook whatever I want, and Jolene will change the refrigerated displays accordingly. We work like this for most of the day. Business is booming, but never becomes overbearing. As the afternoon races on and the flood of customers reduces to a trickle, I find myself out of the kitchen more often than I’m in it, chatting with customers in the warm sunlight, sipping tea and listening to Jolene’s stories of working as a cook on the HMS Kent when she was younger. At one point, I step outside for a breath of fresh air, and notice a white van parked next door. It’s definitely the same one from earlier. It has a scuff of dirt in the same spot on the windshield, the same license plate. What a bizarre coincidence. Out of all the places in London, it ended up here. While I’m finishing our last batch for the evening, the bell rings to signal that a customer has come in. Jolene lets out a gasp and whispers under her breath. “Christ on a cracker, that’s a lot of man. I’d let him fold me up like a lawn chair and turn me inside out.” I burst into laughter, carefully removing the tray from the oven. “He’s really that good?” “Better.” I feel her hand tapping my shoulder. “I need you to be my wingman. He’s coming!” Taking a moment to compose myself, I transfer the strudels to a cooling rack before returning to the shop front, but what I find sends me into another fit of laughter far more powerful than the last. My knuckles go white on the top of the counter. I fight to regain my breath. Dean scratches his neck and smiles politely to Jolene as she leans forward with her cleavage on show, pouting up a storm. “Hey handsome. You free tonight?” She mimes a kiss. Now I’m wiping tears from my eyes. Dean’s cheeks flush red. He clears his throat. “Uh…” This may be the first time I’ve seen him so shaken. Licking her lips, Jolene pushes her advantage. “You can do whatever you want to me.” Okay, that’s enough. I finally decide to rescue my poor defenceless boyfriend. “Jo, why don’t I handle this customer? The strudels need dusting with icing sugar.” She slips into the kitchen with a knowing nod. “Make me sound sophisticated.” “Yes Ma’am.” With her gone, I take her place in front of Dean. One look at each other and the laughter breaks out again. “That’s Jolene.” “She’s… nice.” “I’m guessing you heard everything?” He shrugs. “Yeah… I can take a tank shell to the face with no problems, but that was too much.” “Who knew your one weakness was a strong independent woman?” “I’ll never look at a lawn chair in quite the same way…” He grins. His enormous hands are splayed on the counter, making mine took fragile and tiny by comparison. “Although it did give me a few ideas.” “Really? Do tell… though I should warn you, if they’re naughty, I will scream.” He hunches down so that his mouth is next to my ear. “Oh, you’ll be screaming alright.” I gulp. He smirks. “What…” I take a few deep breaths. “What can I get for you?” Dean asks for a coffee and some Danish pastries, which I refuse to let him pay for (much to his annoyance), then he finds a spot in the corner of the shop. It’s pretty empty so there are plenty of spaces. Besides him, a pair of old women nibble biscuits and talk about their grandkids, and a group of stocky young men in gym clothes are near the back, sipping cans of cider from their pockets which they think we haven’t noticed, and are gradually getting more rowdy by the minute. Neither Jolene nor myself have the guts to kick them out because the last thing we want is a scene, so we’re waiting in the hope that they get bored and leave. I keep casting glances at Dean as we sort through stock and prepare to close. Why did he come here? Knowing how paranoid he can be, he probably got worried about letting me walk home in the dark on a Friday night, and came to escort me. That would explain why he arrived so late into the shift, and why he hasn't left despite finishing his coffee ten minutes ago. As Jolene helps me wipe down the cooking equipment in the kitchen, she shoots me a glare. “Worst wingman ever. You could’ve told me I never stood a chance.” “What do you mean?” She’s clearly referring to Dean, but I want to see where this goes. “That hunk. I cranked the charm up to a hundred, and you know that shit always works. No man can resist these curves.” Jolene demonstrates her point with a swing of her formidably sized hips. “But the moment you appeared, it’s like he forgot I was even there. I might as well have turned into a damned lampshade. The guy couldn’t take his eyes off you. Totally smitten.” “You think so?” “Hell yes, honey.” She vigorously nods. “That was the face of a man in love.” Now there’s a stupid big smile on my face. Knowing that someone so strong and powerful and protective is in love with me to such an extreme that it’s visible even to a random stranger causes warmth to hum in my chest. “He is kinda’ hot.” I admit, fully aware that Dean is listening to every word we say. “Did you see his arms?” “It’s hard not to. Those biceps were the size of my head. I always thought really big bodybuilder types with all the veins were kind of gross, but I’ve honestly changed my mind.” She closes her eyes, lost in a fantasy. “I bet he feels rock hard under all those clothes.” He does. But I’ll keep that to myself. Part of the fun of worshipping Dean’s body is that I’m the only person who can. “You startin’?” A deep shout echoes in from the shop front. “Piss off! I’ll fucking batter yuh.” Another voice replies. “I’ll fuck yuh nan, mate!” Jolene and I roll our eyes at each other. We both hold up a hand. Rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. Shit. She wins both times. “Okay, I’ll go deal with them.” I say with a sigh. This job was meant to be easy. I return to find two of the young men shoving at each other, getting in each other’s faces, and generally being aggressive. The rest of the group are standing around to watch, egging them on. The nearby tables have been shoved out of the way to make a clearing. This is definitely going to turn violent if it isn’t de-escalated. “Okay guys, can you take this outside?” I say as I approach, wiping my hands on my apron. Every eye immediately flashes to me. Now that I see their faces, it’s obvious that this is going to be a challenge. They’re all completely drunk. “We’re closing up. I don’t mind you sticking around until you’re ready to leave, but I’d rather not be here until tomorrow morning cleaning blood off the floor.” “Fuck off. This is getting good.” Shouts one of the onlookers as he tosses a half-empty can of Stella at my head. I manage to dodge out of the way, but the loud clanging tells me I’ll have to mop again. The guy who threw it has his phone out and is filming the whole thing to put on snapchat. “Matt’s gonna’ knock Gav’s block off! Wahey!” He shouts, and the others join in, chanting some football song. “Look, if you leave now, I’ll let each of you take a treat. Sound fair?” I know I shouldn’t be rewarding bad behaviour, but at this point, I’ll take whatever gets rid of these assholes. And the pastries would just be thrown in the bin when we close anyway. The promise of food seems to sway some of them, but that only angers the rest who wanted to see a fight. One of them shoves me in the chest. He might only be seventeen or so, but he’s still bigger than me. I stumble back and slip on the beer. The guys burst into laughter in response. Before I hit the ground, two hands close around my waist and lift me back onto my feet. Then my view of the men is eclipsed by Dean’s colossal back. He’s tensing every muscle in his body. I see his traps rise and fall on his neck, his forearms twitch and flex. Two thick horseshoe triceps stand clear on the backs of his arms. The black shirt he’s wearing isn’t tight, but it still struggles to hide the densely packed mounds of muscle which coat him like a suit of armour. He looms over the guy who pushed me. “Don’t you ever touch my boyfriend.” The guy puffs out his chest, all bluster. “I’m not scared of a fuckin’ faggot.” Dean’s hand closes around the back of the guy’s shirt and lifts him effortlessly into the air. His legs dangle a foot off the ground. “Say that again.” His voice has lowered to a bestial growl. The guy’s face drains of colour. “I… uh…” He bites his lip, wisely choosing to stay silent. “That’s what I thought.” When he lets go, the guy slips on the beer and lands flat on his ass. “Anyone else want to chat shit? No? Then get the fuck out and don’t come back.” One of the onlookers speaks up. “Do we still get free pastr…” One look from Dean and he shuts up real quick. “Never mind.” When the young men are gone, Dean takes me aside and asks “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” “Only my pride.” I force a smile. “Thanks Dean.” “It was nothing.” “I’ve never heard you call me your boyfriend in public before. I like it.” His face breaks into a boyish grin. “So do I.” Together we get the floor cleaned up and make our way out into the night. Jolene stays behind to close up shop. The journey home is totally fine, and I probably never had anything to worry about, but I sense that Dean is happy knowing I’m protected, even if there’s nothing around to be protected from. I briefly wonder whether I should tell him about the strange truck I saw. But I decide against it. It’s not a very interesting story, and besides, the café isn’t that far from home. It's probably nothing.
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    "I can make sure you walk funny tomorrow."
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    The elder man gave me his best 'come over here and let me pound you' stance. Of course, it worked.
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    The view as he pulls in your head to kiss it.
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    "You might want to stand back. I'm going to flex."
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    "I put the muscle in 'muscle daddy.'"
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    "You can't tell anyone I can rip up parking meters."
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    He was done chopping and just when I thought he couldn't get any sexier he whispered, "Come smell me."
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    So, for the record, the bears are petrified, he sent a pack of wolves running like they were frightened kittens, and people in the closest town are swearing they've seen Bigfoot. Camping with him is so much fun.
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    Part I: “What is this again?” I asked as we pulled back the colorful curtains shrouding the door. “It’s a Resolution booth. Or some kind of psychic. Or something… I don’t really know, but everyone here is doing it and it looks like fun.” Jake flipped his 2019-shaped glasses up on his head and brushed some confetti off of his beefy bare torso. The New Year just rang in, and everyone at the party was lining up to start their resolutions early. We weren’t at a shirtless-themed party, but Jake had a tendency of ripping off whatever was covering his shredded 220 lb. frame after a few drinks. Walking into the dark, candle-lit room was a staggering contrast from the glittery disco lights and loud music from behind us. Inside, couples and friends were huddled around little round tables, quietly laughing and scribbling notes on small sheets of paper. A sign on the wall hung above a cubby station with stacks of blank sheets and pencils, saying: RESOLUTION BOOTH: WRITE DOWN THREE RESOLUTIONS, FOLD THE PAPER TWICE, AND SEE MME. RÊVE BEFORE YOU LEAVE KEEP YOUR RESOLUTIONS SECRET! Not wasting a moment, maybe still a little buzzed, Jake ran forward like an excited schoolkid and grabbed a handful of supplies. “This is perfect man,” he said smiling, heading towards an empty writing table. “It’s not a New Year unless you make commitments to make yourself better. What are your resolutions going to be this year?” I rolled my eyes, taking a pencil from him. “The sign literally says to keep your resolutions secret. And it doesn’t really matter—everyone forgets about these things before February anyway.” Jake shook his head. “Not me man. I’m committing this year. I’m going to cut down on the booze and really get to work on finishing my 8-pack.” Jake started eagerly scribbling stuff down right away. Looking down at my own paper though, it looked so white and empty. How do people like Jake come up with these things so easily? I didn’t even know where to begin. All things considered, I was pretty happy with Jake as my stereotypical jockey roommate, and I actually had a pretty wholesome, productive year. Still drawing a blank, I began to wonder, no one but me will ever actually see this, right? This whole thing is a bit of a joke, so why write down anything serious? Why not shoot for the moon? Or the dark side of the moon? Smirking a little, I quickly jotted three quick bullet points down. I will eat, lift, and grow nonstop, packing on more muscle and growing bigger every single day. I will have mindblowing sex with my roommate over and over, growing more fucking virile and horny for him each time. I will be an unrecognizable, insatiable muscle fuck-beast by the end of this year. “Let me see it!” Jake said suddenly, making a lunging swipe for my paper. Totally caught off-guard, my heart lunged in my chest as he pushed his naked torso up against me, trying to grab it from my hand. Fuck he was so strong too—wrestling with him was like trying to fend off a massive, roided out animal. ‘Oh God, he can never NEVER see this,’ my mind screamed. He was clearly still a little inebriated though, and after struggling with him for a few seconds he quickly tripped over his own weight and knocked over the table. The papers fluttered through the air as a few people gasped. Not taking any chances, I swiped the paper from the carpet before Jake even realized he was on the ground. “Haha, nice try Jake. My resolutions are sealed for the year,” I said, putting it out of his reach and folding the paper. Jake was a big guy, but being religious gym partners with him, I was almost neck-to-neck with his own mass and could fend him off well enough when he was tipsy enough. “Mmmmfff…” he grunted, grinning as he hauled himself up. “Well, I guess I’ll get you next year. Those gains in the gym have been paying off for you.” Looking around the ground for a minute, he found his own paper and folded it as well. “Last step is to get these christened, right? Ready to go?” Still clutching my own resolutions tightly, we walked towards the back room, where a lady in her thirties decked out in in a 1920’s style flapper dress was waiting for us at a table. Really odd for a professional psychic, but then again, we were at a New Year’s party. “What was all that commotion about?” Mme. Reve snapped in a hard-Brooklyn accent, looking extremely peeved. "Did you break my table out there?” “Errr… really sorry Miss! The table is fine. Just trying to kick of the new year with a fun start!” Jake laughed. She leered at us for a moment before finally saying, “Well, I have about 40 more of you morons to get through before the night is up, so let’s speed this along. Hold up your resolutions.” I held up my sheet of paper in front of me as Jake did the same. “Now then,” she said, “Focus on your paper. Look straight into the white of the page and feel the intention behind it. Feel the warmth of it in your hand. Bind yourself to its will, and it will happen.” I never believe in silly things like this, but for a moment, I really did feel tied to that little white sheet in front of me—like it was almost growing warmer and warmer in my hand. Heavier, almost. The longer I looked, the harder it was to look away. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Jake right beside me, his chest slumped and jaw hanging dumbly ajar. Without warning, she grabbed the resolution out of our hands. It happened so quickly, it felt like being slapped awake from a soft dream. I had to blink a few times. Running her hands the resolutions, she slipped a small round sticker over each crease. “These are sealed for the rest of the year,” she ordered. “Put them in a place where you won’t lose them, and open them up again next New Year’s Eve to see how far you’ve come. If you’re happy with the results then, my card is at the front if you want to pay me back.” Slowly rousing up, Jake said, “Uhh, wow. Thank you very much Miss.” Smiling in return, she said, “Sure. Now get the fuck out of here.” The burning daylight slipping through my bedroom curtains slowly stirred me awake. Grunting, I rolled over and checked my phone. 11 AM on January 1—the next day. Glancing over, I noticed the crisp resolution note sitting on my bedside table where I left it. I’m not sure why I didn’t throw it right away, but there was time for that later. Reaching over, I picked up the note, and unwrapped the stickers to re-read what I wrote the night before. Glancing at it though, I realized it wasn’t my note at all. Give up alcohol Make more money Tune my body to be the perfect boyfriend ‘The fuck?’ I wondered. This was Jake’s handwriting. Where was my note? Outside my room, I heard some plates and pots clanging. The waft of cooked bacon and eggs slowly crept into my room as a roar of our blender began to whir. Jumping out of my bed in my boxers, I opened my door and walked into the kitchen area. The entire place, normally pristine, was a complete mess. Our entire carton of 2 dozen eggs were cracked and emptied out, with empty packages of bacon sticking out of the garbage can. Streaks of protein powder and dirty plates covered the counters and our last carton of milk lay empty on its side. Suddenly, I heard a loud slurping coming from the other room. Turning out from the kitchen, I nearly walked straight into Jake’s shirtless back, bulging and throbbing with muscle. Completely unaware of me, he was rabidly chugging down a protein shake straight from the blender, not even pausing for a single breath. He audibly growled like a beast as he mindlessly continued to swallow gulp after gulp, his back muscles heaving in and out with every chug. I had never seen him looked so jacked. Finishing the last dribbles of the shake, he lowered the blender and whipped away a thick stream of drool falling from his mouth. Totally intoxicated with himself, he finally turned around and noticed me standing behind him. “UHH, God look at me…” he said, glancing down at the massive gut jutting out from under him. His trim six pack had given way to a massive solid ball of muscle that looked so firm, you could bounce a dime off of it. I paused. “Holy shit Jake. Are you okay?” Chest lurching, he let out a gigantic burp. “Uggh... fuck. Yeah bro, just so fucking HUNGRY. Want to go to the gym?”
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    Coach's recruits Chapter one Cyril felt silly. The thin-limbed 20 year old student in literary studies felt embarrassed over his own insecurities. Why would an intelligent boy like himself -- having just left adolescence he still shunned to call himself a man -- accept the stereotypical ideas about masculinity the marketing world and the film industry tried to sell him? Aren't we all individuals? Why would he allow someone else to dictate to him, what male existence was supposed to be? Wasn't he a free person -- free to make his own decisions, free to find his own truth, free to explore his own mind? He was more introspective, than the jocks that had surrounded him during high school. Although he had escaped bullying, his interaction with the high school jocks had been superficial and ambivalent. They were not all bullies, and a few of them had been decent acquaintances in some cheerful, plucky way, but it had been impossible to discuss anything that mattered with them. And yet. The way they took care of their bodies. Their confidence. That something, lurking inside them: Warm, friendly, and yet threatening to burst into something else than friendly. Was he coded by society to fall into traditional patterns? On the other side, society didn't approve of meatheads. Actually, the entire society was ambivalent: Extolling perfect bodies in films and on TV, but disapproving of beefy men at workplaces and in academia. There was a lot of talk about "toxic masculinity" nowadays. Sometimes it could sound like all masculinity was toxic, which was a bit unfair. He watched the box he had been foolish enough to order. A few adhesive patches and a sort of pod with earbuds. He had fallen for the marketing tricks: "Want to be more of a man? Improve gains at the gym? Explore your innate masculinity?" Ridiculous. He could have flushed the money in the toilet, and got the same results. There are no magic methods. Well. Worth a try. Probably nothing would happen. Bedtime. He read the instructions, pressed the patch to a spot below his armpit, put the earbuds in his ears and reclined in the bed. He pressed the button. "You have ordered this product, because you want to improve something in your life. To improve yourself." The voice was deep, reassuring and commanding in a nice way, but Cyril's sense of irony was still alerted. It sounded slightly too much like the exaggerated deep voices in film trailers and after shave commercials, to allow him to take it seriously. "You are able to improve your life and improve yourself. The ability is already inside you." "The usual self-help rhetoric.", he thought sleepily. "By using the patches according to schedule, and by listening to this audio file before sleep every night, you will gradually improve your life and yourself. I will guide you to a deeper state of mind, and you will carefully listen to my instructions." There were some sort of humming sounds in the background -- several of them, layered -- and his body began to feel relaxed and nicely warm. "By reaching a deeper state of mind, you open yourself up for positive change. The deeper state, the more change. I will now count from ten to one, and by each step, you will go deeper and deeper into yourself. ONE." It felt like he was a recruit given a command. It felt good to be the recruit. Recruited to improve himself. Given the command: ONE. His mind obeyed. Deeper. It felt good to go deeper. "TWO." His consciousness dwindled away into his mind. The deep voice continued to count: Three, four, five. Six, seven, eight. It actually felt quite nice. "TEN". Sunlight shimmered behind the curtains when he awoke. To his surprise, the audio file was still running. "TWO. And when I say 'one' you will be fully awake and relaxed, and the things you experienced tonight will begin to manifest in your everyday life ..." "ONE. Good luck, and you will listen to this audio file again next night, or even more often." Weird. He hadn't expected the audio file to last for hours, and he didn't remember anything since he fell asleep last night. He had probably fallen asleep during the countdown. Disappointing to not remember the actual content of the mind-training. He felt hungry. He felt hungry for porridge. Porridge without sugar. He cooked some porridge. He finished his meal. He hadn't used his gym card for two weeks, but he suddenly felt in a good mood for exercise. Yeah, exercise would be a good idea. He looked for his training trunk, and to his surprise he found it already prepared for a workout. Strange. He couldn't remember preparing his bag for the gym. Anyhow, it made things easier. He was on his way. * * * It had been a week. Everything had effortlessly become like a clockwork: Workouts. Meals. Laundrying his workout clothes. Putting the new patch in place. Listening to the audio file. Falling asleep at a decent time. Sleeping well. He felt well. He felt energised. He had tried to listen to the middle part of the audio file, but found, that he always had to listen from beginning to end, and he didn't remember much (or anything) after the counting. He only knew, that the counting felt good. Thrilling. Exciting. Because what would follow, would help him realise and manifest what he wanted. And he wanted gains. He wanted muscle. He craved it. Desired it. A sort of deep seated urge, which had been there all the time, had stirred. Awakened. Asserted itself. * * * Three weeks had passed. He got an e-mail in his inbox. An e-mail from the company: If he enjoyed the first month, he was given the offer to subscribe to a two-month follow up, which aspired to assist him in his goal to grow bigger. The urge stirred in the depth of his belly and in the depth of his mind. Follow up. Bigger. If he enjoyed the first month? This dedication! The dedication he had experienced when he returned to the gym was amazing. If the follow up was half as good as the first month, he would gladly subscribe. And so easy! Just to click the link:
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    Dante might not be a demigod but the gifts Kaifu gave him made him a powerdull being and Kaifu didfnt expect that to happen, It gonna be really intersting how this is going to end. I m loving this story so damn much
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    When he's in the way.
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    Trevor had a set back cause of his job while Seth's Handyman job help him a lot and had more free time to be at the gym. Im sure now that they are both back in school their training routine would be different but Trveor will grow too not as big and fast as Seth but he will grow. Im more sad about the fact that their frienship is strained cause of it. Seth have new friends that for the looks of it will keep all teh attention on Seth and both of them got new places to live. They still gonna see each other around but their friendship from now on is different. They are not gonna be the Tall bull buddies they once desired to be together and worst of all once Brooke returns from break too she will notice the difference and will be a harder blow form their friendship and Trevor's ego.
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    So I've had an idea that I'd love to run past those of you who enjoyed this story. I'm in two minds about doing this so I'd love to get some thoughts and opinions! What if I were to write and post a short story as if it were written by Noah? So it would be like a story within a story. The idea I've had is that AJ and Noah switch bodies so obviously it would have a very different feel/tone to the original story! It would be moving away from the realistic stuff and going more into fantasy based, which I appreciate might not be to everyone's taste! It would be quite quirky, but hopefully have a fun feel and there'd be scope for some comedy moments. My biggest reservation is, because there's obviously a lot of love for the original story and this would be a different vibe, I wouldn't want to do anything to sort of tarnish that (even though it would be Noah's fictional/fantasy version of the characters).
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    "When you come to my country you should let the culture invade your body over and over," he said in his thick accent. For a second I was trying to figure out what he meant and then he added, "I have a big culture that like to invade. I can teach you how to scream and say swear word in my language."
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    Hey guys! This is my first post here, this is only the first part so there isn’t much growth, but there is some in the next few parts, I hope you enjoy! Part 1 Working in a gym had its advantages, and it’s disadvantages. I would also come home smelling of sweat, but I could see dudes grow, and that wasn’t all that bad. Until Dominic walked into my life. He was skinny, yet slightly muscular, but he wasn’t the type to let that stop him. He came into the gym every day, without fail, and lifted until he was worn out. I would stare at Dominic often, but one time he caught me, looked over at me and winked. I felt my body go funny, he really was something. A few months passed and I started to notice the same elephant grey shirt he wore to train in, started to get tight. He was making good progress, once again I was staring at him, his defined back, his impressive glutes, and Dominic noticed me. He walked over and all I could think was “oh shit, what do I do?” He strutted over, some how showing off that ass of his, yet still seeping with masculinity. “I noticed you were staring at me, you like what you see?” His voice was so deep, I just didn’t get it? How could such a twink, be so masculine. “Haha, sorry dude, I just like seeing people’s progress. Working in a gym really helps you see what people are capable of” “Sure thing man.” He walked off, once again showing what his “momma gave him” and headed towards the showers. I needed more of him, something about him just made me feel something. I continued cleaning, until I needed a piss, so I headed to the showers, and surprise surprise, who did I see? Dominic. Butt-naked, shit man he was hung like a horse. A creature of constant surprises he seemed. He was facing the lockers, so I snuck past and headed to the toilets without him seeing me. I unbuckled my pants, and got my tool out. I was quite proud of my cock, despite it not being as big as Dominic’s, I still was packing considerably. After my piss I headed out, but quietly, to avoid more questioning from him. I walked past the lockers and suddenly I could see a head over the lockers, he must’ve been at least 6”6 as the lockers were around 6 foot tall. Watching him closer, I saw his back was defined with hundreds of muscles all seemed to be bulging, yet they weren’t flexed at all. His triceps rounded backwards, inches from his arm. They were huge, and funnily enough, so were his biceps. They had to be at least 30 inches around. I could only see his arms upwards, which was saddening, but nonetheless it was a beautiful sight. His neck was extremely thick, thicker than anything I had ever seen. And his traps, sweet Jesus, they pretty much tickled his ears they were that big. I tip-toed comically towards the door, but I accidentally kicked a bench, making a huge screeching sound against the tiled floor. The muscle monster turned around, I looked down straight away, his cock was huge. It dangled past his knees, his thighs reached almost the diameter between two lockers, and his ass. His ass was huge, a proper rugby players bubble butt, which would make any top drool. I instinctively turned my head to his face, and it was Dominic. He looked embarrassed. So was I, a huge tent in my joggers had formed from looking at him, and the creature before me justified it. “Fuck man, how are you so big? How did you grow within minutes?” “Uh..h..h, I don’t know man, leave me alone.” He voice was even deeper, several octaves infact. That just made my cockhead leak with pre. I ran out, a hot mess. I was shaking, I had seen plenty men like this before, yet he just seemed bigger. Questions instantly flooded my mind. “How was he that big?” “How did he grow?” I clocked out of this mentality, and instantly began finishing my shift. I didn’t see Dominic again for the rest of the evening, so I headed home. I flung my keys on the side, and stripped down to my socks. I jumped on my bed and instantly began to feel myself. Just the images of today stimulated me. I continued to rub with my right hand, as I grabbed the computer with my left. I didn’t need porn, my own mind was the best website I could use. Instead I went on Facebook and searched his name, after some clever detective skills I found it. Just as I thought, he was skinny, but still showed progression. Was it really him I saw today? It must be been, it looked just like him. That huge arse, those monumental thighs. The traps that jut threatened to push past his head. His cock which could’ve qualified as a third leg. That thick purple cockhead begging to be sucked, all this thinking put me to my climax. My cum hit my chin, then my chest, and then just leaked a bit. Man that was intense. I’m hoping Dominic comes to the gym tomorrow, I need answers. I need to know more about him.
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    Talk about the definition of muscle daddy-ness!!
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    “What are you doing up?” he asked from across the room. I looked up from the dining room table. His body still glistened with sweat from our lovemaking of thirty minutes ago. Power seemed to ooze out of every pore of his fur-covered muscled frame. I needed a few seconds to recover from just the sight of him. “I couldn’t sleep.” “Was I snoring?” “No, you never snore . . . now,” I replied. He came over and stood behind me. He placed his large strong hands on my shoulders and started massaging. I now could smell his manly musk – making my cock begin to harden again. “Then what’s keeping you up?” he added. “What do you think? Thoughts of what you can do.” “Oh, that,” he said, massaging a little harder and my body started reacting to his touch with goosebumps and small joyful convulsions. “It’s nothing, really.” “Nothing!” I said, a little to loudly. “How can you say that? Not every fifty-six year old man can bend a steel girder with his bare hands or move and SUV with just a forefinger. You do know that, don’t you?” “You’re not happy I’m super strong?” he asked – knowing my answer already. “Of course I am. It’s just going to take some getting used to,” I shot back. “I mean, just a week ago you were a kind of overweight older gentleman who got winded going up a few flights. Now, you pick me up as if I were just a washrag and carry me everywhere.” “I like picking you up. I like how light you are now.” “See, that’s what I’m talking about. You finding everything so easy – like when you made me a bouquet of wrenches. I still can hear the sound of screeching metal in my head.” “Maybe you should have never told me about your fetish for strength. Now, I just want to always find new ways to turn you on. Come back to bed and let me bench press you to sleep. It’s lonely in the bed alone. I’m scared.” I laughed at this statement. We had been walking home last night and a group of five men surrounded us – with pipes, knives, and other intended tools of pain. He had merely said they should let us through – that he didn’t want to hurt anyone. The small gang had simply laughed at us and then attacked. I had ducked – so sure of the world of hurt that was about to come my way. I had forgotten what a radioactive power drink had done to my husband. It had turned him into a superman. He had let pipes smack him up against his head and then fall to the ground because of the pain caused by his noggin not budging even a fraction of a centimeter. He had grabbed grown men and tossed them yards away – some hitting walls, some hitting cars, and some even being thrown to the second floor roofs of buildings. Those guys hadn’t known what hit them. My man had then wrapped his arm around my waist and led me home. “You toss guys around like they were dolls.” “That was hot wasn’t it?” “Yes . . . yes it was.” “Come back to bed,” he said, scooping me up into his arms, easily, and staring into my eyes. “I could pop a few more billiard balls for you. Or, how about I but open a bowling ball. I just can’t get enough of showing off for you. I want you to be so happy.” I pulled my upper body up from his arms and kissed him hard. “I am happy. I’m the happiest guy in the world because I’m loved by the strongest guy in the world.” He smiled and started walking toward the bedroom.
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    "Yeah, I've got a giant tool. And the wrench is big, too."
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    Just when I thought the party was getting boring, he walked up and said, "I feel like I need a good pec suck."
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    "I've got the bottle. Let's go play."
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    Why settle for one muscle daddy when you can have two!
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    What you both say makes perfect sense. Outside of human dimensions and the pint as it applies to beer/ale/lager, the metric system is a better system. I guess it's just culturally ingrained, but I can't get over that 6 ft is the beginning of tall while 7 ft is bordering on gigantic (or at least professional basketball player tall). As I mentioned before, it's not really about which is the better system but about what "feels" right. However, the ease of use of the metric system and the easy conversions that Hialmar mentions in his last post make so much sense and are a good argument for the US to stop procrastinating and make the switch. Also, thanks so much to everyone who has made a comment. I've made hundreds of comments on this site over the years, but this is actually the first new topic I've ever posted. I'm so glad it was interesting enough to draw a response.
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