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    Authors Note: Can’t really tell my wife that I’m narcistically in love with my own muscles. Or that I get off on growing. Even after 20-years of lifting. So here you guys go. Some fiction from fact. P.S. I still kept the shorts. ========================= RIIIPPPPPPP “DAD! I think you’re growing too big!” My teenage son, Danny, squealed as my swim shorts blew apart. Those squats I did this morning must have really paid off, I gleefully thought. Not to mention those three protein shakes. “No such thing, champ!” I proudly responded. Giving him a mighty flex of my colossal-sized muscle arms. We were at the community pool together. On a hot day too. All the families, parents and kids, were already staring at my super sized bodybuilder physique. But when the shorts began to go, that’s when people really began to look. “Besides, kid... Ladies love when a man is built like an Ox!” I continued to mentor my son. Seeing all the hot moms drool. The skinny or fat fathers enviously compare. Looking down I did look fucking enormous. Especially my legs. Monstrous even. 34-inches of skull crushing man muscle to be exact. Yet I still wanted more. A lot more... “But, Dad, you’re almost bigger then an Ox!” Danny, weeped. I always loved when the kid would say shit like that. With his jaw flat on the floor. The whole crowd onlooking. How could I not continue to arrogantly pump and flex each muscle masterpiece. *POP* *POP* Watching the threads of my shorts literally pull apart. It was times like these I couldn’t help but devilishly day dream that I was actually growing bigger. Bigger by the second. Just like all the movies and comic books. Some greedy little growth monster. Feasting upon every minute. RIIIPPPP RIIIIPPPPPPPPP “Ooooh, yeah! Just look at all that power, son!” I arrogantly stated. Still displaying my awesome show of strength. Bigger and bigger my legs seemed to grow though. As if the pump was boundless. Endless. Even my child crushing butt muscles (the absolutely massive watermelon-sized muscle glutes) seemed to reach such unprecedented proportions, my swim shorts couldn’t help but detonate around the back as well. *SNAP, SNAP* “Like... who wouldn’t want to be this strong!?” I grinned in response to my butthole blowout. Totally high off the power. Even drunkenly hugging my face against all 28-inches of bicep. I knew my swim shorts were about to completely go. Yet I just couldn’t seem to stop myself. “In fact, I wouldn’t mind growing double this size!” I openly confessed. “DOUBLE!?!” Danny, weeped once more. “Oooooh, yeah, son...” I groaned with a final flex. “Maybe even triple...” It was in those last insane words that everything fell apart. Feeling like a total beast as my legs swelled beyond any previous measure... RIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPP ...“Whoa!!! That guys huge!” - “He’s like the Hulk, mom!” - “I’ve never seen muscles so big!”... I could hear people of all ages spout there praise. Like that rush of being on competition stage. Only multiplied. Making the blood even rush to my dick. So excited by own my muscle prowess. And while I know you might be wondering about the clothing situation, I had luckily prepared for such an occasion. Having previously destroyed three pairs of pants in public, tons of shirts and underwear, I figured I should always wear a pair of posers before ever leaving the house. Today’s color was bright green. “OH-GOD!!!” Danny, squealed this time. With his usual low teenage voice reaching an all time high. I couldn’t help but grin as his eyes got lost amongst all the colossal valleys of leg-muscles. Realizing, more then ever, that each leg totally dwarfed the width of his entire physique. “I think you might be the biggest bodybuilder in the world, Dad!” Danny, could hardly speak. “Gettin there, champ!” I chuckled at his response. Continuing to flex proudly as an even bigger crowd of people showed up. “Jesus, Clark... I’ve never seen anything like it! How much are you weighing these days?” That was our next store neighbor, Nathan. Who quickly made his way to the front of the line. He was by the far the second biggest dad there. A gym rat himself. Puny by comparison. But then again, who wasn’t. Oh and that was me by the way - Clark. “About 340 pounds...” I responded with another titanic flex. “Still growing like a teenager though...” I confidently boasted. Especially after seeing, Nathan, linger his gaze around my triumphant man-bulge. If only I could grow bigger down there too, I delightfully thought. 9-inches was honestly beginning to look small against all this muscle. ...“He’s bigger then Superman!” - “Can I feel your muscles?” - Would you mind taking a picture?” The crowd continued. About a dozen people felt up my muscles. It didn’t matter what age. Even, Nathan, queerly felt up my tree-sized muscle thighs for a bit. My king sized biceps. And nearly half the crowd took pictures. When we finally got back to the locker room, I was on cloud-nine. I honestly thought the day couldn’t get any better. The week for that matter. Feeling as if I had just experienced a fantasy, rather then real life. And yet little did I know, the day was far from being over... RIIIIPPP RIIIIPPPPPPPP “Oh god, Dad! Not again!”...
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    Next chapter! Slightly longer than the previous ones. Some of you might notice a little nod to one of my past stories in this one. Sixteen I couldn’t deny that every time I had been at Scorpio’s Gym with AJ, I had gotten a kick out of the fact that I wasn’t just out in public with a bodybuilder, but one so utterly huge and cute. At Scorpio’s, though, people were so accustomed to seeing AJ, and lads even bigger than him (6’3 regional champion bodybuilder Mark Green for a start) that the image of a real life bodybuilder barely caused a second glance. This was not the case when AJ and I took a trip to Tesco. I was shocked at just how many looks and stares AJ received. And he wasn’t even wearing a vest. He seemed completely unfazed by it too, presumably because he worked here and probably experienced that level of attention on a regular bases. I, on the other hand, was completely unprepared. There were times when it annoyed me a little. Particularly if someone stared at him just a little too hard. But mostly, I kind of loved it. There was a certain look most people had when they saw the waddling bodybuilder bulging out of his tight, black t-shirt. A sort of mix of awe and intimidation. It was like they knew he had power. That he was something special and someone to be in awe of. Someone they would never be themselves, or even get close to being. “Can I ask you something?” I said, when I was sat back in the passenger seat of AJ’s car, clutching the bottle of work discounted vodka we’d just bought. “Does it ever bother you? People staring?” A cheeky, almost smug grin emerged on AJ’s painfully cute face. He shook his head. “Nah! It kinda just comes with being a bodybuilder!” I got the impression he really did love any and all attention. “It would be worse if I was taller! Imagine how many stares Mark Green gets when he waddles round Tesco’s?” “Mmmm,” I agreed, smiling and imagining some terrified elderly woman gawping at 6’3 muscle monster Mark as he filled up his entire trolley with egg boxes. “Which means you’ll definitely get loads of attention when we’ve transformed you into The Cookie Monster!” I giggled. “Do you think The Cookie Monster will have a waddle?” “Oh, deffo! And if he doesn’t, I’ll teach him how to do one!” he mischievously replied, while giving me his most utterly gorgeous grin. AJ’s mum and step-dad weren’t home. For some reason, the fact we were home alone gave me a strange kind of buzz. I still hadn’t seen Andy yet. I was dying to know what my first male crush looked like now. “And I wanna see you wearing that hoodie!” AJ said to me as we climbed the stairs to his bedroom. I grinned like crazy. I wasn’t sure if I’d have the nerve to go to a hardcore bodybuilding gym wearing one of their branded hoodies. Or anywhere for that matter. Maybe I’d just save it for our nights in at AJ’s watching Dom and Cole. I suddenly had an image of me and AJ on his bed, watching TV and cuddling up to each other in our different coloured Scorpio’s Gym hoodies. The whole evening with AJ had this electric sort of energy, but I probably felt it more than ever when I was sat on his bed drinking possibly the strongest vodka and coke I’d ever been poured. “Oh my God! That’s so strong!” I exclaimed. He gave me a mischievous grin and I couldn’t help thinking about our texts from a few weeks before, when I’d teased him for always having being a bad influence on me, even at school. The alcohol hit me during our second episode of “Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug”, which also happened to be one of my all time favourites. I had a feeling I was going to love it even much after that evening. “And I thought Naomi’s vodka’s measures were strong!” I said to AJ, interrupting the episode. AJ bit his lip and flashed me one of his cheeky grins again. “She’s coming back to Little Denton tomorrow for the weekend,” I informed him. “Ahhhh, awesome! What are you gonna get up to?” “Hmmm. Think we’ll probably just go for a pub lunch Friday. Just hang out. Saturday night we’re going into town.” “Gay pubs?” he asked. “Of course!” I replied. “Think they’d let me in?” he asked. I looked at him and he was giving with this cheeky little grin, but it felt like there was something else in his expression too. A strange hint of seriousness. It was almost like he was genuinely eager to know the answer. The question surprised me. AJ at a gay pub. I’d never really imagined it before, but suddenly I was. Suddenly I was imagining him in a gay pub with his ridiculously huge arm wrapped around me. People looking at us in awe and intimidation, wondering how the hell someone like me had bagged a huge, gorgeous bodybuilder boyfriend. “You’d get mobbed!” I scoffed. He furrowed his eyebrows. “Why?” he said, a mischievous grin emerging on his face. “You know why! Bodybuilder! Huge biceps!” Oh God. I definitely wouldn’t have added the “huge biceps” if I hadn’t been drinking. AJ was beaming. “They’re not that huge!” I playfully shook my head and just carried on grinning. “I have heard guys are a lot more likely to be impressed with bodybuilders than girls are!” AJ exclaimed. Something suddenly twisted in my stomach. My mouth was trying to curl into a smirk and I was desperately trying to prevent it. I decided not to respond, and just focused on the last part of Dom and Cole which was playing on AJ’s TV. “I still can’t believe you’re interested in the whole bodybuilding thing!” AJ said. Fuck! “Why?” I said, a little nervously and not looking at AJ. “I dunno. I just never would have guessed!” When the episode had finished, instead of putting on another one, AJ played around with his laptop and put some music on. I couldn’t help grinning when the early noughties dance song from the car journey started playing. “I’m the same boy I used to be.” I was momentarily disappointed when AJ sat back down on the bed. Because instead of sitting right next to me, he sat near my feet with his back against the wall so he had a better view of me. “OK, Noah, genuine question!” he said. “I know we joke about it, but would you really wanna be a bodybuilder?” Oh God. This time I couldn’t stop my mouth from curling into a smirk. I was nervous but also incredibly excited at the prospect of discussing such a thing. “Ummm … I would,” I confessed bravely, but feeling a little embarrassed, “but maybe just for, like, a day?” AJ giggled. “I can understand that!” The statement took me by surprise. I furrowed my eyebrows. “I thought you loved being a bodybuilder?” “Oh, I do! I just sometimes wish I was, well … normal!” he said, giving me this earnest and adorable smile. “It just gets a bit tiring at times. I’ve often thought it’d be cool if my body was like some sort of suit that I could take off and hang up in the wardrobe for a while, until I’m ready to be a bodybuilder again!” I couldn’t believe it. I’d fantasised so many times about being a huge, shredded muscle bull. Wondered what it would be like to be a flexing bodybuilder, strutting around on stage in a pair of tiny posers. I’d never imagined for one second that an actual bodybuilder might be doing the exact opposite, and wishing he were more like me. “Or maybe you could have some sort of superpower!” I suggested. “So one minute you’re a regular sized guy, and then, when you feel like it, you could transform into a muscle monster!” AJ beamed and laughed. “Yeah! That’d be a pretty awesome superpower!” I looked at the pictures of the hardcore, freakishly conditioned muscle monsters on AJ’s wall. Chris “Freaky Peaks” Jackson blowing up his insanely sized, nickname earning biceps. Blaine Holton cranking out a massive most muscular with his wide open. And AJ, himself, squeezing out his own crab most muscular in his shiny, lime green posing trunks while sticking out his tongue in the most brilliantly cocky fashion. And a familiar question entered my head. A question I’d been too nervous to ask AJ before. But now, with the atmosphere of the evening, the alcohol, the Scorpio’s Gym hoodie, and after weeks of cheeky, funny bodybuilding related banter over Facebook, I finally had the courage to ask it. “So, what’s it like being on stage at a bodybuilding show?” My heart started beating faster. The whole of AJ’s mouth curled into an excited, gorgeous grin. “Ahhh, mate! It’s the BIGGEST fucking rush!” FUCK!! I started to swell instantly. “I mean, it’s hard work. Really knackering! But you sort of push passed that. And once you do? Fuck! It’s just … bonkers! Knowing you’re in super shredded condition, all the months of training and dieting and … other things, leading to that moment. The audience going mad. Cheering you on. It’s just you and your muscles. All on display. And a bunch of other super shredded muscle freaks, of course!” Fuck, fuck, FUCK!! I was rock hard. “Posedowns are the best!” he added, still grinning excitedly. God. I loved how much AJ loved talking about bodybuilding. “That’s when you’ve finished all the compulsory poses and you and all the other bodybuilders just hit random poses across the stage for a few minutes!” Not only did I very much know what posedowns were, but they were amongst my favourite kind of muscle videos to watch on YouTube. And often guaranteed to leave my boxers shorts in a sticky mess. “Posedowns are just your chance to go crazy. Really let rip. Just pose and flex your fucking glutes off! And be a bit cocky with it!” he said. I couldn’t stop smiling. What a fucking rush it was to hear AJ talk so openly and candidly about what it was like to be a shredded freak, flexing his muscles and cranking up the attitude on stage. “Was that one taken during a posedown, then?” I teasingly asked, pointing to the picture of AJ on the wall. He did his cute, little giggle. “I honestly didn’t plan to be that cocky! It just sort of happened. I got a bit carried away in the moment, I guess!” I raised one eyebrow. “Hmmm. I believe ya!” I teasingly said. “Ahhh, mate. I can’t wait to see your face!” he said, animatedly. I pulled a confused face. “What?!” “When I spontaneously squeeze a most muscular. Right in your face!” FUCKING HELL!! I rolled my eyes and shook my head, all the time unable to hide the fact that I was grinning like crazy at the re-mention of the idea AJ had teased me about earlier that evening. And suddenly I was wondering what my reaction would be if AJ did make good on his promise by taking me by surprise and flexing in my face. Just the mere thought of seeing him squeezed into a most muscular up close made my dick swell and my heart pound. Fuck! It would undoubtedly be completely amazing. But there was something about the prospect of it happening which also made me nervous. Because what if my reaction or facial expression gave away the fact that I was a beef obsessed muscle addict, who was turned on by nothing more than the image of shredded, flexing muscle lads and bodybuilders? “It’ll be when you least expect it!” he teased. “I bet I wouldn’t even flinch!” I said, defiantly. He continued to look at me with a gorgeous, cheeky grin. “We’ll see!” A little later and AJ was pouring me another drink when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I did a little groan out loud when I saw it was a text from Eddie, then immediately felt like a dick and regretted it. “I hope you don’t have that reaction when you get messages from me?” AJ asked. It was such an absurd comment. I couldn’t help smiling at the irony of it. If only AJ knew what kind of effect receiving that notification did to me. It was interesting though, because when he said it, he had a cheeky smirk on his face. Almost like he knew I very much didn’t have that reaction when he messaged me. “Who is it?” AJ asked, curiously. Oh God. This was completely uncharted territory. Talking to AJ about boys. But the alcohol and the atmosphere seemed to be breaking down all the normal walls. I sighed. “Just this guy I’m kinda seeing.” “Oh yeah?” AJ’s voice was slightly odd. A little distant. It even seemed to break a little. He had this weird look on his face too. I wasn’t sure if he felt completely comfortable with the conversation. Maybe he wasn’t used to hearing gay guys talk openly about dating? It was almost as if he was trying to cover up the fact that he was bothered by it, but not doing a very good job. “Well … he’s more of a friend, to be honest. Well, that’s the way I see it anyway!” His face seemed to relax instantly. In fact, his mouth even curled into a little smile. He clearly wasn’t out of his depth anymore. Or maybe he was just simply getting used to hearing a guy talk about dating other guys? It probably was a little weird for him, I reasoned. “And what does he think?” he asked, with one eyebrow raised. I pulled an “eeeek” face and he grinned at me in response. “He likes you!” AJ guessed. I playfully rolled my eyes and sheepishly grinned. “I do kinda like him back! But there’s liking someone. And then there’s liking liking someone.” He furrowed his eyebrows. “Oh-kaaay.” I sighed. I was feeling brave. “Maybe you’ve never had it. But you know when … you just can’t stop thinking about someone?” Oh God. I almost couldn’t believe what I was saying. My heart was pounding. AJ’s expression suddenly turned serious. “Yeah,” he replied, nervously. He looked a little weary, even a little embarrassed, but seemed to be relating to what I was saying. If only AJ knew I was talking about him. “And the idea of seeing them just … makes your stomach go, like, crazy? Like butterflies?” I continued. AJ was looking at me. He cheeks suddenly looked rosey again, like they sometimes did, and I couldn’t quite work out whether it was the heat, or whether AJ was actually blushing. He still looked a little weary about the whole conversation, but the left side of his mouth curled into a coy and adorable grin, like he was reminiscing about one very such (extremely lucky) girl he’d felt that way about. And it was funny, because in that moment, I could feel them more than ever. Those fuck off massive butterflies. “Eddie’s a really nice guy, though,” I continued. “That’s his name, Eddie. Just …” AJ finished the sentence for me. “No butterflies!” I grinned. “Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! I mean, he knows I’m going back to uni in September.” And then another weird expression washed over AJ’s face. Almost like a look of disappointment. Sadness even. It passed really quickly. Was it because I had reminded him I was going back to London in a few months? Which would be completely fucking adorable. And probably make me like him even more. But surely he didn’t value our rekindled friendship that much? I got the sense he really liked hanging out, but I was sure that AJ had a ton of friends to hang out with here in Little Denton. And ones he probably had a lot more in common with than me. Maybe it was the fact we had known each other for so long? Attraction aside, I definitely felt a strong sense of sentiment towards our friendship. Maybe he felt the same. A question came into my head. I was nervous to ask it. I almost didn’t want to, but curiosity got the better of me. “How about you? Been seeing anyone lately?” As soon as I said it, something twisted in my stomach. I suddenly didn’t want to know. AJ shook his head and groaned. “Nah! I can’t be bothered!” I grinned. I liked that answer. I really liked it. “I was seeing this girl last summer.” My stomach twisted again. The thought of AJ with a girl. Fuck! Hearing him mention it. I hated it. Because it made me realise that AJ would never be anything more than a friend. “I dunno, though,” AJ continued. “This is probably going to sound really bad, but I think I was just seeing her for the sake of it! It was almost, just, something to do!” I couldn’t help but laugh. “That did sound really bad, didn’t it?!” AJ asked. I thought about Eddie. “Mmmm. A little! But … I totally get it! I think I might even be doing that with Eddie a bit!” “We’re terrible human beings!” AJ said, laughing. “I didn’t even like her that much!” he continued. “All she seemed to care about was the way people looked. She was always going on about these reality TV people. Always showing me pictures of them on Instagram and telling me how amazing they looked. Who gives a shit about someone who was on last year’s Love Island? And whenever I talked about bodybuilding, or anything I was actually interested in, she’d sort of just glaze over and then quickly change the subject. Usually to her!” I had an image of this girl. Blonde, petite, really pretty, but gobby, shallow and completely self involved. Loving the fact that she’d bagged herself a sexy bodybuilder boyfriend with an insanely hot body, but not really caring about AJ at all. Not noticing all of his little quirks. The way the left corner of his mouth was always curling into this gorgeous, excitable grin whenever he talked about muscle or being a bodybuilder. The way his cheeks often looked more flushed than usual. Not noticing how great he smelt. Not wanting to constantly protect him and make him laugh and do anything to make him happy. Not wishing she could spend every moment wrapped up in his arms. I was suddenly filled with an overwhelming, almost sickening hatred for this girl. “Well, she sounds likes a real keeper!” I said. AJ did one of his cute, little giggles in response. “And you know, I was seeing her for three months and she never once asked me about my name!” “No way!” I replied. “Yep! I mean, it’s usually one of the first things people ask me about. What does AJ stand for?” AJ’s expression then turned uncharacteristically serious again. “Can I ask you a question?” he said, slightly cautiously. “Of course!” I replied, intrigued. He looked nervous again. And a little weary. For some reason I felt a pang of nerves. I had no idea what AJ was about to ask me. “When did you know that you liked lads?” “Ummm … probably when I was about twelve or thirteen!” AJ looked surprised. “That’s pretty young!” he said. “Mmmm. I don’t think I really admitted it to myself until I was older, though. It’s not really something you think that deeply about when you’re that young. I always just, sort of, pushed it to the back of my mind. And then when I was about fifteen, I just thought, yeah, I’m gay!” “Was it, like, one specific thing?” AJ asked. He seemed a little more confident about tackling the subject. “Or one particular guy?” Oh God! My mouth curled into an amused grin. I couldn’t help it. AJ furrowed his eyebrows. “What?” “Do you really wanna know?” I asked. And all of a sudden, AJ looked nervous again. Did he think I was about to say that he was the reason I realised I was gay? “Tell me!” he gently ordered. I groaned, and put my face in my hands, unsure of whether I really wanted to make the confession I was about to. I screwed up my face and closed one eye. “It was Andy!” AJ furrowed his eyebrows. “Andy, who?” “Andy, Andy!” I exclaimed, with my eyes wide open. His mouth curled into an “O” shape. “Noooo!” he said, shocked but clearly amused. “What, you fancied my mum’s boyfriend?!” I nodded, embarrassed but also getting a kick out of confessing my old secret crush to AJ, while also loving his surprised reaction. “Why Andy?!” “Erm … the bike, the leather gear, the shaved head, the body!” AJ’s mouth seemed to erupt in a coy but cheeky grin. “There’s a LOT of gay men who would fancy Andy!” I informed him. AJ was beaming. He seemed to be loving my confession. “I’ll have to let him know that! He’d probably love it!” “Don’t mention me though!” I said, horrified at the thought. AJ shook his head. “I can’t believe you used to fancy Andy! Do you think you still would?” “Erm … I dunno! Has he changed much?” Still grinning, AJ took his phone out of his pocket. “I’ll show you!” he said. I felt a rush of excitement at the thought of seeing a recent picture of my first male crush. AJ handed me his phone with a mischievous grin. “Oh, wow!” I said, as I looked at the picture on the screen. It was Andy, alright. But he definitely looked different. His face was rounder. He still looked pretty big, but more stocky, rather than muscular. He even looked like he had a bit of a belly underneath the white t-shirt he was wearing. He was less The Rock, more Ross Kemp. And yet, there was still something there. An undeniable sexiness. Even if he did look a fair few years older and wasn’t so in shape anymore. “He doesn’t go to Scorpio’s much anymore!” AJ said, as if he was reading my mind. “Still fancy him?” I made a jokey face. “Errrmm…” I replied. AJ giggled in response. “So what’s drunk Noah like?” he asked, as he poured me another vodka and coke. “You’re probably about to find out!” I said. He handed me back my now filled glass. “Thanks, Arthur-John!” I said, cheekily grinning. I thought AJ would wince, but he didn’t. He almost looked like he was blushing, and had this adorable little grin on his face. I suddenly gasped dramatically. “I haven’t tried on my hoodie!” I exclaimed, jumping up. AJ giggled as I picked up the bright blue hoodie folded over my backpack. I don’t think I’d ever been more excited to put on an item of clothing. It fitted me perfectly. I looked at my reflection in the mirror on AJ’s bedroom wall. My very own Scorpio’s Gym hoodie, given to me by AJ. My gorgeous, cute, funny AJ. “Think I could get away with going to Scorpio’s in it?” I asked AJ. He was smiling. This really warm, adorable grin. “Of course, mate! You don’t have to be a shredded muscle freak to wear a Scorpio’s hoodie!” “We can be hoodie buddies!” I said. AJ bit his lip. His grin was almost coy. “Shall we watch another Dom and Cole?” he asked. I sat on AJ’s bed, still wearing my hoodie. I didn’t want to take it off. AJ manoeuvred himself so he was sitting right next to me, both of us facing the TV. “Aren’t you hot in that hoodie?” AJ asked. “A little!” I said, shrugging. It was worth being hot for. Sitting so close to AJ, being on his bed in the hoodie he’d given to me, feeling the buzz of the alcohol and the events of the night, I felt this incredible warmth. It was the perfect night. I remember realising in that moment that in the two years since I’d left home for university, this was the happiest I’d felt. Right now. Which was the biggest irony in the world. I’d been dying to leave Little Denton and to live in London. And now I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be. Or anyone I’d rather be with. And then something happened. One of AJ’s legs pushed into mine. Fuck. It felt like an electric energy shot straight through me. I knew it was an accident. That AJ would move his leg away as quickly as it had met with mine. Only he didn’t. His leg stayed there. Pressed against mine. Fuck, fuck, fuck! My heart started to race. Seconds passed. Only they felt more like minutes. It was like my whole body was fire. Because AJ was touching me. I felt like I wanted to die. A thousand ecstatic little deaths. And all the time, my mind was racing with questions. What is happening? Why isn’t AJ moving his leg? Is he touching me on purpose? Is he feeling anything even close to what I’m feeling? And the biggest question of all; what the hell does all of this mean? Something funny happened in Dom and Cole which seemed to break the tension and AJ finally moved his leg. I couldn’t look at him. I was terrified to. I just sat there with my eyes transfixed on the TV, watching the rest of the episode on the most euphoric high. Because I was sure, certain even, that something was actually happening with me and AJ Jones. I didn’t know what it was. I knew that it was probably messy and complicated. But there was definitely something there. And I’d never felt more excited about anything.
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    If your story was based on a real incident, that makes it even HOTTER! Welcome to the site, big guy. Yes, the site has a gay bent, BUT the website title is "Muscle-Growth.org", not "GayMuscle-Growth.org" or "StraightMuscle-Growth.org". If you are in muscle and muscle growth then you are more than welcome! Especially if you post hot stories like this one! There are quite a few straight and bi guys who hang around so you'll fit in nicely. Many of them come for similar reasons, they are married or straight, but find that women just typically aren't into and appreciate big muscles like men do. Like how so many women think the really big bodybuilders are "gross" while we men can appreciate a massively built physique. Hope you'll post more! And maybe someday be willing to share a pic or two! ;).
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    Dad’s Changes - Part 1: Pick Up Although Dad and I always got along well when I was growing up there were times I’d look at the other younger dads and wish mine was more like them. I’d see them at the park playing with my friends; young, sporty and cool dads. My dad was definitely not what you’d call young and cool; a maths teacher with grey receding hairline, a bit of a pot belly and the cheesiest Dad jokes imaginable. Although he was a bit older he was still pretty active. He’s always the first on the slopes when we go skiing, always the first to give a track a go when mountain biking and he’s always keen to take the boat out and go fishing. This year is a milestone year for us both. I turn thirty and he has just hit retirement. I guess it’s to be expected that it’s a time for big changes for him. More time to spend on his passions, like his boat and fishing. So with some annual leave owed to me I thought it was a good time to head down from my home in the city to see how retired life was treating him. In the usual spot at the station he was there is his ute, the name we use for a pick up truck here in the South Pacific. I threw my bag in the tray and came round to give him a hug. When I rounded the cab I did a double take; the man getting out was undeniably Dad with his blue eyes and bristly moustache but everything else about him felt just a bit different. Was that definition in his forearms when he reached around me to give me a hug? Was his stomach now suddenly flat and his hair thick and full? It wasn’t until his arms were around me that I felt the strength. Dad was fit! Where did this come from? What happened? We got in the ute and started driving back home. I couldn’t take my eyes off Dad. Everywhere it was evident things had changed, all over he was toned and built. While I looked him up and down I realised Dad was speaking to me about some project he was working on but I couldn't focus at all on what he was saying. Finally I noticed we’d pulled over and Dad had a giant smirk on his face. ‘Notice a few changes huh son?’ I nodded weakly. ‘This change of lifestyle has really done me a world of good. I feel like a new man!’ ‘Well what’s changed Dad?’ I asked. ‘Well since work finished I joined the local gym down the road, just to fill in some of my spare time I guess. I didn’t think it’d make any difference but I have time on my hands now!’ He grinned So ‘I met a couple of nice guys there and they set me up with a bit of a programme. I never guessed it would make much of a difference but I guess what I’ve been doing has been working.’ As he said that he flexed his arm in front of me and my eyes fixed on the sizeable mound that appeared through his t-shirt fabric. ‘This is crazy Dad!’ I finally muttered without taking my eyes off his biceps. Like a zombie I reached out and give his arm a squeeze just to see if it really was real. It was hard, really hard and in response to my touch Dad gave it another flex. I could tell that there was more than just a little definition there. ‘So as you can see I’ve been growing! All over too! Everywhere except for this I guess’ he said patting his tight belly ‘Even my hair has been growing back in!’ Looking at him I could see he was right. He did seem bigger all over. ‘Even this has been growing’ and he gave a quick squeeze of his crotch. My mouth dropped. My eyes had followed his hands to his crotch and watch him squeeze his package. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. His pants were tight and full. And his package seemed to be growing more right under my eyes. Unconsciously my hand had still be squeezing dads bicep. But I felt it move towards his crotch. I couldn’t stop it. I had to give it a squeeze myself. Dad must have realised what was coming next. He didn’t stop me, instead he moved his hand to give me full access. My hand wrapped around the bulge that was pushing out my dad's chinos. It felt meaty, full and burning hot. I felt the bulge throb under my touch and proceed to grow even larger. I felt dads arm wrap me around my shoulders. I felt the strength in his arms and shoulders as he pulled me in closer. ‘Who would’ve guessed your dad would get bigger at my age.’ I felt myself sink into his embrace and felt his strong arms and hard chest against me. I realised I was now squeezing dad’s cock through his chinos. And then I realised my face was now right next to dads. His silver moustache framed his full lips and his blue eyes pierced right into me. I felt myself in slow motion falling into him. Our lips met and I felt a shock of electricity. Never before did I ever have any thoughts or feelings about my dad in this way. Never would I have ever imagined here I would be, on the side of the road in my dad’s arms, kissing him… But something had changed. This wasn’t the dorky unfit maths teacher I once knew. This was a strong dominatinate man I was unable to resist. I felt his arm reach up and grab the back of my head as I feel into the passionate kiss. His tongue entered my mouth as I felt his moustache against my lips. His kiss intoxified me. Dad moved my hand from his crotch and slowly began to loosen the button and unzip the fly. With his pants open I couldn’t help but stare at the huge throbbing member now visible through his white y fronts. It was incredible. Clearly far too big for the confines of his underpants. He slid his thumb under the waistband and slowly pulled his undies down and under his balls. I was mesmerised by the cock that stood in front of me. Pushing the 9 or 10 inch mark easily and with a thickness to match. His balls not only matching in proportion looked so hefty they must have been at least double normal size. Despite being overwhelmed by the sight of this magnificent cock I couldn’t help but notice other changes that had taken place with Dad. When he lowered his pants he also pulled up his shirt to make room for his hard cock. His exposed belly which only months ago poked out over his belt line now rippled with hard abs clearly defined on either side of his silver snail trail. His legs either side of his huge smooth balls were now equally large and defined with muscle. I felt my hand explore this new found muscle and run up his rippled abs and push his shirt up higher. As more of his torso was revealed I began to get a sense for just how dramatic the changes actually had been. Where only months before I would have expected to see some soft hairy man tits my hands now found hard and pointed nipples sticking downwards from two large, round and muscular pecs. My mouth left my dad’s lips and found one of his hard nipples. I heard a deep moan from him as I sucked and nibbled on the rock hard nipple. Dad slightly arched his back in response to my touch which just accentuated the ripped torso he now possessed. I found my lips leaving his hard nips and travelling down his ripped abs until I was met with his huge throbbing, angry looking cock. I felt a desire like I’ve never felt before. This was it, the point of no return. Things would never be the same after this. I decided in that moment to put aside my doubts and follow my instinct. I had to wrap my mouth around that huge cock, my whole body compelled me to. I opened my mouth wide to take in the huge flared head of his cock and slid my lips down his shaft. I could clearly feel the veins running down the length of his cock. Dad let out a deep guttural moan as I filled my mouth with his burning hot member. Before I’d even reached halfway down his cock my mouth was already stuffed completely full. I began bobbing up and down on dads huge thick rod and a rumbling sigh of pleasure escaped his lips. ‘Ah son!’ Dad sighed, ‘you really are a natural at this. Yeah suck on your daddy’s thick cock!’ Hearing Dad talk to me in that way turned me on even more than I already was. I needed more of his cock. Despite his girth I knew I wanted to swallow him fully. On the next downward stroke I pushed further till his thick head was right at the back of my mouth and squeezed him down my throat. Slowly I swallowed inch after inch until all the remaining inches of his 10+ inch cock were either in my mouth or down my throat. I felt my lips brush up against his pubes and the smell of his balls intoxified me. ‘Fuck son!’. He roared and he grabbed the back of my head with his meaty hand and began guiding my head up and down on the full length of his cock. On the upstroke I’d try to swallow whatever air I could before my throat got stretched wide on the next downward stroke. Gradually I could feel his tempo pick up and suddenly he gripped my head steady and held me in place and began face fucking me hard. Tears rolled down my checks and my lungs screamed from the lack of oxygen but despite this I was loving the power and dominance my changed Dad had over me. My own cock which I’d ignored till now begged for release. I slipped my hand under the waistband of my shorts and lowered them letting my own 8 inch cock free. I’ve always been proud of my cock, and it’s one of the biggest of all my buddies but next to dads huge impressive cock it didn’t compare at all. I started stroking my cock as Dad fucked my throat. He reached his arm down behind me and grabbed my ass. ‘Hot ass you got here son’ he said as he gave it a squeeze. His finger slid down my crack as he explored my ass further till he found my smooth and tight pucker. He played with my ass lips and the entrance to my hole. This was driving me crazy and I moaned with a mouth and throat full of my daddy’s cock. He lifted his hand to his mouth and spat on it before finding my crack again and sliding straight into my hole. He started sliding in and out of my hole with his fat middle finger. I arched my back in pleasure and his cock slid out of my mouth. ‘Fuck yeah Dad.’ I groaned. He took no notice of this and just grabbed my head and slammed it back on his cock. He slid another finger in my hole. And before long he was finger fucking me as hard as as he was fucking my throat with his cock. I was amazed at what my dad had become. I would’ve never imagine he would anything other than the old Dad I knew, let alone become this dominant, massively hung and hugely muscled daddy. Dad lifted me off his cock and then pulled off my t-shirt and shorts. I suddenly became aware that we were still just parked up on the side of the country road halfway back to his house. Every so often a car would drive past. But Dad didn’t give a shit. He didn’t care that his own son was sucking his cock in plain sight if anyone cared to look in the cab of his ute. He was a changed man now and his body had needs and no one was getting in the way of those needs being met. Dad picked me up in his strong powerful arms and positioned me over his lap face to face. It was only now that I really began to appreciate the muscle mass Dad had stacked on in such a short time. His pecs stood out like a shelf and his nips pointed down. His traps bulged and his neck looked so thick. Lifting me up had made his arms bulge to the point where they looked like they were growing right in front of my eyes. He had me kneel either side of his thick legs. He spat on his hand and spread his spit between my ass cheeks and slicked me up. He began lowering me down onto his cock. Due to my own sizeable cock I’m usually the top when it comes to sex but my dominant muscle daddy didn’t give me a chance to protest. I knew his huge muscle cock was about to spread me wide open and there was nothing I could do to stop it. His big head slid along my crack till he found my pucker. Next thing I knew he pushed me down forcefully onto his cock. I instantly felt the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. The pain of being torn apart by this huge cock was mixed with pure lust from feeling my newly muscle daddy penetrating me for the first time. I let out a sound that was halfway between a yell of pain and a moan of pleasure and Dad proceeded to rock me up and down on his huge shaft as more and more of his hot cock slid into me. ‘That’s right boy. Let’s see you take all of you dad’s cock inside that tight hole of yours, that’s a good boy.’ he growled as he roughly pushed me down the final few inches until I felt his balls hit my stretched puckered hole. He pulled my face down into his and we kissed roughly. He grabbed my ass to bounce me up and down on his cock. I felt the whole length of his massive cock as I slid up and down upon it. Once he had got me into a rhythm he took his hands off my butt and put his arms behind his head. This caused his shoulders and biceps to bulge massively more than I imagined possible. The sight of this turned me on so much I began fucking myself even faster on his fat cock. My hard cock slapped on his ripped abs and a drop of precum formed at the head. He reached down and swiped this off my cock and rubbed it on his lips. He then pulled me down and kissed me letting me taste my own precum on his lips. As we kissed he pinched my nipples hard which caused me to shudder all over and let out a deep moan. I was so turned on I began pounding myself on dad’s cock faster and harder than ever. I pinched his big hard nipples too and he let out a groan to match my own. His cock deep inside of me seemed to be pulsing and growing even larger and harder. Every downward thrust felt deeper and my hole felt more stretched out that ever before. He grabbed my butt and spread my cheeks wide and started slamming into me with more force than I felt like I could take. All I could feel was my ass pulsing around his enormous cock and his own cock hot and pulsing inside of me. I couldn’t take it any longer. I screamed as my cock started violently unloading all over dad's chest. This caused my hole to tense tight around dad’s cock and this sent him over the edge too. While my own cock continued to unload I heard Dad let out a roar and I felt his cock explode inside me. More and more he pumped into me I couldn’t count how many times he shot deep inside me. He pulled me down and kissed me hard and as he did he fat cock slid out of my abused hole still pumping load after load. My whole body felt weak and I collapsed into his arms. When my mind cleared I realised my whole body was twitching all over. My hole was gaping and out was spilling copious amounts of my own daddy’s cum. ‘Dad that was amazing!’ I exclaimed as I lay in his arms. ‘It was son, you took my cock like a champ!’ With that he reached down and ran his fingers over my abused hole and collected the cum that was dribbling out of me. He brought it to his lips and took it in his mouth. I kissed him and we shared a sloppy cum filled kiss. Finally Dad lifted me off his lap and sat me back beside him on the seat of the cab. I looked down at his cock. It looked massive. It was at least 12 inches now of thick pulsing man meat. Then I noticed all over his body it looked like he had just blown up in size. He looked bigger all over. ‘Dad what the hell is going on. You look even bigger than before!’ ‘Son I’ve got somewhere to take you before we head home, and that might shed some light on some of these changes I’ve been going through. In the meantime, why don’t you lean down here and clean this up.’ Without a second thought I leaned down and started licking up my cum from his abs and his cum that had spilled all down his fat cock. ‘That’s a good boy’ Dad said as he started the engine of the ute and pulled into the traffic.
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    Finally found some time to get away today. I’m honestly blown away by all the comments and likes. I’ve been a long time lurker here. Usually just to get off. But these fantasies are getting harder to keep to myself. This particular one haunting me since the beginning of summer. The real indecent wasn’t as dramatic. But my swim shorts did tear twice in one day. Front and back. No posers underneath though. Figured I would make the story a little more decent. For now at least. The neighborhood pool got quite the eye-full. On a different side note, I have a pretty good relationship with my wife. With 3 kids in real life. And we fuck regularly. But she just doesn’t appreciate my muscles/body the way I want her to. Maybe even need her to. Finding myself confused when attractive guys at the gym, people at the pool, even my own teenage son pays more notice to my bodybuilding then she does... Can anyone relate? Anyone else find it difficult to confess there need to be muscle worshipped?
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    Fifteen “Oh, here he is. The dirty stop out!” my mum said to me when I arrived back home the next morning. Far from being annoyed though, I couldn’t help but grin in amusement. It was going to take a lot to threaten my good mood on that particular morning. “Who’s this friend then? You haven’t told me his name!” I groaned. “Just someone from school!” “Oh yeah. You think I was born yesterday? You don’t have to lie to me anymore, Noah. You’re an adult now!” “It’s Reece Miller!” I replied, with a mischievous smirk. “It better not be!” she exclaimed, sharply. As I retreated to my bedroom, she shouted after me. “Tell him he can come round and meet your mum any time!” I could still smell the scent of Eddie’s flat on my clothes. I was so relieved to finally be able to take them off and change. I hadn’t regretted going home with him, but I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to do it again. I didn’t hear from AJ for the rest of that day, which wasn’t unusual. But when the evening of the next day came and the weekend was almost over, I had started to get a little anxious. I was starting to regret sending him the blushing face emoji when he said he’d hold my hand at my first imaginary bodybuilding competition. It had been suggestive. Whereas what he’d said had very most likely been completely innocent. Fuck! But I couldn’t help thinking that it was kind of on odd thing for a straight guy to say to another guy. Wouldn’t another, “I’ll look after you!” have sufficed? Unless he thought it was acceptable to write what he did because I was gay? Then regretted saying it afterwards? Maybe I was completely over analysing the whole situation? I took the plunge and messaged AJ. “OK, I’ve just thought of THE perfect nickname for when I’m a muscle freak!” I grinned as I sent it and felt a jolt of excitement at the thought of a reply back. But nothing came. Fuck. Okay, he was obviously busy, I reasoned. Probably at the gym, or maybe even working. But when nothing came back an hour later I was seriously starting to worry. Hours passed with no reply. It was agony. I was starting to wonder whether it was all over. That whatever had been happening with AJ and I had come to an end. But it wasn’t just the fact that AJ wasn’t responding to my message that was making me anxious. It was just how much it was worrying me. The awful way it was making me feel. In fact, it was scaring the fucking shit out of me. Maybe I’d gotten way too in over my head with this AJ thing? Maybe I liked him too much? If I was feeling this way just because I hadn’t heard back from him for a few hours, how would I feel if he really did grow bored of our friendship and decided to put an end to it? Or if we did carry on as friends, but he one day announced he’d met a girl he really liked who we wanted to introduce me to? Maybe I needed to end this now, before things got out of hand? And so I switched off my phone off tried to put all thoughts of AJ Jones out of my head. Tried to reset my mind back to three weeks ago, before he’d come back into my life in the most brilliant and unexpected way. Before all the cute, funny messages and trips to Scorpio’s. Before the pictures of him flexing in his posers. Before the spontaneous most muscular he’d squeezed whilst standing over me at the gym. Before he’d playfully hit me with his pillow whilst sitting next to me on his bed and told me he’d be there to hold my hand for my very first bodybuilding competition. It didn’t work, obviously. AJ was the first thing I thought about when I went to sleep and he was the first thing I thought about when I woke up the next day. As I switched on my phone, I was praying to see that notification I loved so much. And when I did, I felt the most incredible wave of relief and happiness wash over me. It was stronger than I would ever have predicted. “What? Better than Noah “What’s Cooking? Shredded Fucking BEEF!” Cook?” And then he sent the AJ emoji. Literally. Couldn’t. Stop. Smiling. “Hehe! Yep! MUCH better than that!” I replied. And then I typed another message. “Get this...Noah “The Cookie Monster” Cook!” The nickname had come to me the day before. I was pretty proud of it, and was fairly confident that AJ would love it too. I wasn’t wrong. Two shocked faced emojis appeared on my phone, followed by another message from AJ. “OMG! That’s fucking AWESOME!!” I used the eyes tight shut with tongue out emoji. I wasn’t going to use the blushing face one again. I wanted to keep things as platonic and non flirtatious as I possibly could. “Genius in fact!!” AJ typed. “Watch out, fuckers! The Ripper and The Cookie Monster are coming!” “Hehe! HELL YEAH!” I replied. Three dots. “You up for Scorpio’s Wednesday?” My heart leapt. Yes fucking YES!! “Sounds good!” “I have a shift at Tesco’s in the afternoon, though, so I won’t be going till about six. Is that okay?” AJ messaged. “Yeah, that’s fine with me.” “Shall I pick you up from yours?” OH FUCK! I panicked. The idea of AJ. Here at my house. NO!! I could not let my mum see him. I didn’t want her to know about AJ. And I couldn’t handle all the questions she’d ask and the opinions she’d no doubt have about how huge and beefy he’d gotten. Or whatever words she’d use. “Or I could meet you at Tesco?” I reasoned. Say yes. Please say yes! Three dots. “Nah. It’ll be easier if I just pick you up.” BOLLOCKS, BOLLOCKS, BOLLOCKS! I reluctantly agreed. I’d literally have to stand by the window waiting for AJ to pull up and then make a dash for it in hope that my mum didn’t see him. Surely he’d just wait in the car, anyway? Surely he wouldn’t come to the actual door? But that dilemma aside, I was happy. Because I was going to get see AJ again. And, despite the radio silence the night before, and the worries and confusion about the hand holding comment and the blushing face emoji, all was apparently fine. I had no idea whether AJ had actually been ignoring me, whether he was just genuinely busy, or whether he just simply wasn’t in the mood to chat. Maybe it was best that I didn’t think about it. Wednesday came and it was the hottest day of the year so far. There was no way AJ would be turning up in his bright red Scorpio’s Gym hoodie, which made me feel even more nervous at the prospect of my mum seeing him. The realisation of just what I was doing seemed to hit me just as I lingered by the window in the living room. My dad on the sofa watching the news. My mum in the kitchen doing the dinner. A competitive bodybuilder was coming to my house to pick me up in his car. Fucking HELL! When did my life get so utterly fucking awesome? As soon as AJ’s car pulled up, I dived to the door. Please don’t beep the horn, I thought. Please don’t fucking beep the horn! “I’m going. BYE!” I shouted. I heard my mum say something but I slammed the door and dashed up the drive. I had no idea if she was peeping out the window as I got into AJ’s car. I didn’t have the nerve to look back to see. I almost couldn’t believe how excited I was to see AJ. I couldn’t keep from smiling. He looked pretty happy too, to be fair. “Oh my God!” he said, in a faux shocked manner as I put my seat belt on. I looked at him, confused. “Is it? It can’t be! IT IS … The Cookie Monster!” I laughed. God, he looked gorgeous. I mean, he always looked gorgeous. But that day, sitting in his car, he looked even more so than usual. It was everything about him. His face, his slightly rosey cheeks, his smile, his eyes. God. I liked him so fucking much. As predicted, AJ wasn’t wearing his Scorpio’s Gym hoodie. He was wearing something even better. The outfit he’d been wearing the afternoon I’d bumped into him for the first time in four years. His tight, blue, Tesco polo shirt. His arms looked fucking ginormous bulging underneath and around the sleeves. “Love it, mate! It’s the perfect nickname!” he said. And then something happened. I looked at his huge, bulging arm, and he caught me. Fuck! He didn’t say anything, but I knew he’d seen me looking. He’d been smiling anyway, but his grin seemed to suddenly take on a slight, cocky, smugness. “What are we training today?” I asked, now facing forward. “Arms, baby!” AJ replied. It was a laddish “baby”. Like, “Yeah, baby!” “That okay?” he asked. “Yeah. Fine!” I said. I suddenly flashed back to Eddie’s comments in the Chinese the Friday before. “Oh, one of my friends actually said my arms looked bigger at the weekend!” AJ grinned. “Awesome! They definitely do!” he said, which made me blush. It felt different being with AJ during an evening. Like uncharted territory. I didn’t know whether it was that, or the heat, but it felt like there was a different vibe to when we usually met. A different kind of atmosphere. It felt new and exciting. Even more exciting than usual. “Oh. Before I forget, there’s erm … something in the back seat for you.” AJ’s tone was casual, but I couldn’t help detect a slight hint of nerves in his voice. Confused, I turned my head to see what looked like a folded up, bright blue jumper of some sort. And then I realised what it was. My stomach did a somersault and my heart expanded in my chest. Fuck! “What? This?” I asked nervously, picking it up and bringing it to the front of the car. “I know the guys who run the gym, so ...” he said. He sounded a little less nervous than before. I held it up in front of me. My very own, bright blue, Scorpio’s Gym hoodie, to compliment AJ’s red one. I couldn’t believe AJ had done that for me. Had been so sweet and considerate to get me my very own hoodie. My heart was literally melting. “Oh, wow. Thanks, mate!” I said. I couldn’t stop grinning. I cautiously looked at AJ. He was gently biting his lip. He looked kind of coy, but he was smiling too, clearly pleased that his gesture had gone down well. “I got you a medium! Is that okay?” he adorably asked. “Yeah!” I reassured him. I didn’t know what else to say, but I didn’t feel like any more words were really necessary. I spent the rest of the journey clutching my gift from AJ. I didn’t seem to want to let go of it. “So …” AJ began, changing the subject. “I’ve been thinking about your idea for a spin off series. AJ and Noah in the Land of Beef?” “Yeah?” I said, still on a high from AJ gifting me my very own Scorpio’s Gym hoodie. “Yep! And I’ve had an idea for an episode. AJ and Noah … switch bodies!” OH MY GOD!! “So AJ’s just a regular sized lad. And Noah’s a competitive bodybuilder!” he explained. FUCKING, FUCKING YES!! I couldn’t stop grinning. “I’m liking it!” I said, enthusiastically. Which was a severe understatement. I loved it so much I could barely breathe. “I thought you would!” he said, with a huge, proud, gorgeous grin. “The question is …” AJ continued, “how would Noah react to suddenly being huge and jacked?” Oh fuck! I instantly started to swell in my trackie bottoms. “Hmmm …” I began, playing along. I was kind of nervous to answer, but not half as nervous as I would have been a few gym trips ago. I was definitely getting more confident at talking about bodybuilding related stuff with AJ. And it still excited me as much as it always had to do so. “Maybe he’d suddenly get really, really cocky?” I suggested. AJ was beaming. “I can see that happening! Imagine if he just literally couldn’t stop flexing? GRRRR!” Oh fuck! The idea of me flexing (even a fictional, animated me). The “GRRRR!” My swelling quickly resulted in me having a fully grown hard on. Thank God I had my new Scorpio’s Gym hoodie in my lap to hide it. “What about AJ, though? How do you think he’d react to losing all his muscles?” I asked. “Oh, he’d be gutted! He’d probably do everything he could to get huge again!” “I reckon Noah would tease AJ a bit, too!” I mischievously suggested. AJ beamed. “What, like, keep hitting poses right in front of him? Hey, AJ. Cop a load of these GUNS! BOOM! Front double bicep!” OH JESUS! AJ was killing me. I suddenly felt a burst of bravery. “Or a most muscular?” I suggested. Saying the words of an official bodybuilding pose out loud to an actual bodybuilder gave me such a fucking rush. “You remembered!” AJ said, impressed and grinning. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt. Like I was tricking AJ. Lying to him, even. “Yeah! One of those. Right in his face!” I said. “Fuck yeah!” AJ said. And then he did one of his cute, little giggles. “Can you imagine if I actually did that to you?” he asked. OH MY FUCKING GOD!! My eyes widened in shock, but I couldn’t mask the huge grin at the thought of AJ cranking out a big most muscular mere inches away from my face. FUCKING HELL! I had absolutely no idea how I’d react if that were to actually happen, but I suddenly couldn’t think of anything I wanted more. “I reckon you’d shit yourself!” AJ cheekily said. Hmmm. That, or fucking cream in my PANTS!! I playfully screwed my face up, still unable to mask my grin. “I bet I wouldn’t. I’d probably just be like… er, mate, what the fuck are you doing?!” AJ couldn’t stop grinning. He really seemed to like the idea of shocking, surprising or just plain terrifying me by blasting out a pose and flexing his muscles in my face. “Maybe I’ll do it!” he mischievously said. “When you least expect it!” I didn’t respond, but spent the rest of the car journey feeling like I might burst with excitement. Because I was pretty sure that AJ was crazy enough to follow through with through with the idea. The changing room at Scorpio’s was surprisingly busy. Much more so than on our previous trips. Presumably because of the time of the day. At least three rather meaty lads said hello to AJ. Normally we’d just dump our bags into AJ’s locker and head out to the gym. But something else happened instead. AJ started to undress. Right in front of me. Fuck, fuck, fucking, fuck, FUCK!! I had no idea why I hadn’t anticipated it. Of course he was going to undress. He was wearing his fucking Tesco uniform, for fuck’s sake. It happened so fast I barely had time to think. But before I knew it, AJ Jones was topless. A competitive bodybuilder, mere inches away from me with his torso on full, unclothed display. JESUS CHRIST! Surreal was just one of the ways I could have described seeing AJ’s torso in the flesh. It was almost like I’d slipped into another reality. Or like the normal world had drifted away and I was suddenly in a scene of a film. As for his body. Holy fucking HELL. It was even more gorgeous and even more muscular in the flesh than I had expected. He really had moulded his body to become something not of the norm. I knew what I was looking at was something special. Something that you wouldn’t encounter on a daily basis. And something that was suddenly having the most incredible effect on and power over me. His tits were outrageous. Perfect even. Round and thick. Even his pink little nipples looked bigger than the average man’s. His abs weren’t as shredded as I’d seen them in his competition shots, but they were still very much there. Six, beautifully shaped bubbles of muscle, bulging through his super soft skin. What I wouldn't give to kneel down and gently kiss each of those abdominal muscles. To worship them in the way they deserved to be. I even loved the shape of his cute, little belly button. I was almost relieved when he put a tight fitted, black t-shirt on, instead of his usual vest. But also a little disappointed, too. Then his work trousers came down and holy fucking quads! His thighs were so crazily thick. It was like the muscle just hung off the bone. I spotted a few faint lines, obviously left over from his competition condition days. His calves were outrageously developed, too. And then there was his arse. Fucking HELL that arse. Two beefy, round, overdeveloped buttocks stuffed into the cutest crisp white boxers shorts with a bright green waistband. I didn’t even attempt not to stare. I just couldn’t not. I was transfixed. Curiously, AJ didn’t make eye contact with me as he changed. Maybe he felt a little shy doing so? Which was hard to believe considering how much he loved to show off his body on stage. And in pictures. Maybe that cockiness was just saved for the stage? Because he definitely seemed a little shy. Even a little nervous. That seemed to fade once AJ was fully clothed again, but a slight awkwardness seemed to linger afterwards. And then I wondered again whether AJ really did know I fancied him? And was even feeling a little uncomfortable at the thought of me checking out his half naked body? Checking out his arm in his car was fine, a nice little ego boost even, but ogling his naked torso in a changing room was just a step too far? A thought which caused a horrible, sick feeling in my stomach. Or maybe I was just being my usual neurotic self, reading way too much into the situation and just needed to chill the fuck out for once in my life? The awkwardness seemed to break when, en route to the gym, AJ asked me a question with a mischievous little grin. “Ready to get those guns even bigger?” It wasn’t just the changing room that was busier. The actual gym was packed. It also had a completely different atmosphere that it did during the day. The number of hot, fit, muscle lads was increased for a start. As were the testosterone levels. Grunts, groans, laddish banter and raised voices filled up the gym. AJ seemed a little different too. Still his lovely, funny, cheeky self, but just a bit more serious and a little less relaxed. Which, I guess, lent itself to the atmosphere of the gym. I didn’t know what it was about that particular trip to Scorpio’s. Maybe it was just being with AJ on the evening, maybe it was the fact he’d picked me up from my house, or that he’d gone out of his way to get me my very own Scorpio’s Gym hoodie, but when we were finished with our training and back in his car, I couldn’t help feeling like our friendship had suddenly been taken to a new level. I loved being at the gym with AJ. But there was something about being in his car sat beside him that felt really special. When it was just the two of us. And on that particular evening, it felt more special than ever. “I love this song!” he said, turning the car radio up. “It reminds me of being a kid,” he added. I loved it, too. It was one of those really uplifting, early noughties dance songs that got played to death on release, with this earworm of a line repeated over and over again over the top of this gorgeous, euphoric synth that you never wanted to end. It felt like the perfect song for that moment. I’d listen to it again when I got home, but I knew it wouldn’t sound the same without AJ next to me. I couldn’t help thinking how ironic, but fitting some of the lyrics were to mine and AJ’s situation too. “I’m the same boy I used to be.” “See, this kind of music just makes me wanna go out!” I said. AJ grinned. “God. I’d actually love a drink now! Is that really bad considering I’ve just been to the gym?” he asked. I pulled a face. “When is drinking ever bad?” I knew the answer, of course. When you’re a two hundred plus pounds mini muscle bull and future 212 pro bodybuilder like AJ Jones, who’s training to get shredded abs and line plastered quads so he can show them off on stage in his shiny, lime green posers while pulling all manner of shamelessly cocky facial expressions. “Okay,” AJ firmly said. “I propose we go to Tesco’s, get some alcohol, go back to mine and watch Dom and Cole!” It was possibly the single greatest proposal I’d ever had.
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    Fourteen “Wow! Noah, your arms look bigger!” I was sitting opposite Eddie at a Chinese restaurant in town and I’d just taken my jacket off. I couldn’t suppress a smug grin at his compliment. “The gym’s going well, then?” he asked. “Yeah! I’m really getting into it.” I hadn’t told Eddie about my trips to Scorpio’s with AJ. The idea of doing so made me oddly nervous. I guess I was worried if I started talking about AJ I’d give away my feelings for him. “Although my mum keeps moaning that I keep using all the milk for my protein shakes!” I said, rolling my eyes. “Protein shakes? You’re turning into a right little muscle boy!” he said, which made me grin even more. Shortly afterwards I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I was instantly filled with excitement. What if AJ had sent me a message? Or even another outrageously hot picture of himself posing in his trunks in the middle of his garden? I didn’t want to be one of those people who sat in restaurants or bars playing with their phone instead of talking to the person right in front of them. But still, as Eddie told me about the latest play he was putting together with his acting group, I couldn’t stop wondering what was waiting for me on my phone, and if it was a message from AJ. When Eddie retreated to the toilet I eagerly took my phone out of my pocket. I felt deflated when I saw that the vibrating was just caused by a text message from Naomi, which I momentarily felt guilty about, before realising that Naomi would completely understand. I hadn’t told her that I’d been going to the gym with AJ, either. Or that I‘d been messaging him on Facebook. I kind of liked that no one knew about us. It made whatever we were seem just that little bit more special. When Eddie came back I was still texting. “Sorry! Best friend. She’s coming back next weekend.” “Awww! That’s cool.” My phone pinged again. “Oh, she says I should invite you out next Saturday!” Eddie grinned and raised one eyebrow. “Oh, that’s nice of her. Tell your friend, thanks.” I smiled and playfully rolled my eyes. “Wanna come out with us?” “Sounds fun!” I knew Naomi would like Eddie, and vice versa. Pretty much everyone gets on with Naomi. I found it kind of weird how most of my friends were really outgoing. Maybe that was exactly why I got on with them. Because they were the opposite of me. I wasn’t convinced that two introverted people really worked that well together. “Ooooh! I can probe her! Find out some gossip!” Eddie’s comment reminded me that he really did like me. I felt a stab of guilt that I didn’t entirely feel the same, but also couldn’t help feeling flattered that someone felt that way about me. It was a nice feeling. The thing about going out with Eddie was that it was always so comfortable, easy and fun and we always ended up having such a great night out. And he was so charming and nice that I started to wonder whether I did actually like him, or at least could grow to like him. And even though I wasn’t exactly feeling butterflies, even though I’d spent the past three weeks thinking about another guy, there was something there between us. I couldn’t deny it. Which is why, whenever he made a move to kiss me on our nights out, I always reciprocated. “You know I like you, don’t you?” Eddie said to me a few hours later while we were sitting down in the pub we went to on our first date. His fingers intertwined with mine and my knee was pressed against his. It felt nice. And for the first time in weeks, I actually wasn’t thinking about AJ Jones. I guess it may have been my cue to tell him I liked him too, but I didn’t. To be honest, I’d never exactly been that forthcoming with guys. Even the ones I really liked. It wasn’t intentional. I guess I just wasn’t very good at talking about that type of thing openly. But also, a lot of the time, I wasn’t really sure exactly how I felt. Guys seemed to fall for me hard, and very quickly. And I very rarely felt the same. “But you know I’m only here for the summer?” I said. “I’ll be going back to uni in September.” “I know!” he said, gazing at me. “I’ll worry about that then.” And then we kissed again. Only, for the first time, it was actually me who initiated it. Which obviously pleased Eddie, because he couldn’t stop smiling afterwards. Surprisingly, I didn’t hesitate when he asked if I wanted to go back to his. My only concern was the tirade of questions I’d receive from my mum the next day. Eddie lived in a studio flat. It wasn’t the nicest of places, but it had a certain character. And would have cost at least twice as much to rent in London. Most twenty-something Londoners would have killed to have been able to afford a place like Eddie’s. Probably a fair few thirty-something’s too. I couldn’t help grinning as I looked at his DVD collection. “It’s pretty geeky isn’t it?” he said. “A little!” I said, playfully. “I make no apologies and give zero fucks!” he said. I chuckled. Along with pretty much every superhero film ever made and a vast number of box sets of sci-fi series, he had a surprisingly large number of Disney films, which, for some reason, I found utterly adorable. “OK, you get big points for the Buffy box set. What’s with all the Disney films, though?” “Oh!” he said, a little coyly. “It’s erm … a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I dunno. I just love them!” I grinned. “Awww! That’s actually really cute.” “Hmmm. A bit like you then!” he said, wrapping his arms around me from the back. We ended up on Eddie’s bed soon after. We started off just kissing with our arms wrapped around each other. Then we undid each other belts and our jeans came off not long after and we started fooling around with each other. Neither of us took our t-shirts off for the entire time. It was a little awkward and fumbly. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it felt a bit mechanical. Like I was just going along with it for the sake of it. I didn’t cum, either. Eddie did. We giddily laughed as soon as he had and he jumped off the bed to clean himself up. When he came back, we started talking about which Disney films we liked and the moment sort of went. I had no desire to try and get it back either. Touching Eddie, lying in his arms afterwards with my head on his shoulder was kind of nice, even just to share an intimate moment with him. Nothing was really going on with my insides though. No fluttering. No fuzzy feelings. And definitely still no butterflies. His flat also had this weird kind of smell to it too that I couldn’t quite place. It wasn’t like AJ’s bedroom. I loved the smell of AJ’s bedroom. I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore head and an overwhelming urge to be back in my own bed. I fumbled for my phone in the pocket of my jeans lying on Eddie’s floor to check the time and saw the very thing that made my whole body want to burst with adrenaline. AJ Jones had sent me a Facebook message. I excitedly unlocked my phone, Eddie asleep next to me. AJ hadn’t just sent me one message. He’d sent a series of messages in the past hour. Fuck! “Guess what I’m doing? Watching Dom and Cole...STONED!” “It’s ducking MAD!” “Fuvking.” “FUCKING. ARGH!” “Noah. You up?” “You’re missing it.” And lastly, a single crying face emoji, sent just ten minutes before. Something twisted in my stomach when I saw that crying face emoji. I had the sudden, overwhelming urge to wrap my arms around AJ and make him feel better. Which was absolutely absurd. Because it was a fucking emoji. I could have easily just ignored AJ’s messages. Put my phone back into the jeans of my pocket and gone back to sleep. But I couldn’t resist. I suddenly wanted nothing more in that moment than to talk to AJ. My gorgeous, cute, little AJ. Careful not to wake Eddie, I took my phone and sneaked off to his bathroom. “I’m up!’ I texted. Three dots. “YAY!! Cookie! The Cookster! Ickle Noah Cook!” Sitting on Eddie, toilet, gazing at my phone, my heart just wanted to burst. It was the happiest I’d felt all night. “Hehe! You’re wasted!!” And then he sent three of the AJ emoji’s. I suddenly had the urge to tell him exactly what I’d named that emoji in my head. If there was ever a time to say it, it was probably then. “This is so fucking TRIPPY!!” AJ messaged. “Hehe! POTHEAD!!” “I’m watching the one where they go into Dom’s dream and they’re being chased by the massive doughnuts.” “I LOVE that episode!” I replied. He sent me the smiling and blushing face emoji. “They should bring it back. Do a revival series!” I typed. “OH MY GOD! YES!!” AJ replied. An idea suddenly came to me in that moment. Just popped into my head. I decided to run with it. “Or a spin off!” I typed. And then I quickly followed it up. “How about...AJ and Noah in the Land of Beef?” “OMG!! HAHA!! I LOVE IT!” My heart expanded. I loved it when AJ reacted in such a way to something I’d said, or messaged. “What would the Land of Beef be like then?” AJ messaged. “Full of shredded muscle freaks!” I typed, my cock growing hard at the mention of the thing that turned me on more than anything else in the world. “HELL YEAH!!” AJ replied. “Except maybe my character.” Then I sent the blushing face with eyes wide open emoji. “Hmmm. Maybe not at first. What if you started out as a regular sized person then slowly transformed into a monster throughout the series?” AJ brilliantly messaged. “Erm...FUCK YEAH!” “Hehe! The season finale could be your first bodybuilding show!” “GRRRRR!! You’d be competing with me, obviously!” I replied. “Of course!” And then AJ sent a message which made my head feel like it was going to explode. “I’ll be there to hold your hand.” Fuck!! My heart began to pound. I knew that it was most likely just an innocent comment, but something was racing through my head. What if it meant something more? Was there any minute possibility? Any remote chance, that there was something more to that comment? None of us were typing. I tapped the blushing with eyes wide open emoji, unsure of whether to send it. Fuck it, I thought. There was a pause. Three dots. And then no dots. Nothing. Fuck! The emoji had been too suggestive. He probably thought that I was flirting. Fuck, fuck, FUCK! And then it came through. One single emoji. The AJ emoji. I stared at my phone for the next few minutes. Neither of us were typing anything else. It felt like the right time to call it a night. It felt like a good note to leave on. The next morning I woke up with only one thing on my mind. The last thing AJ had said to me. “I’ll be there to hold your hand.” “Morning! You look happy!” Eddie said to me as he wrapped his arms around my waist and back. The ecstatic grin I’d been wearing as I’d thought of AJ had transformed into a sheepish smile as I looked at Eddie’s face, just inches away from mine. I felt like such a dick. “Were you okay last night?” he asked me. “Yeah. Why?” I asked, surprised. “I was only half asleep but it seemed like you were in the bathroom for ages.” FUCK! “Erm. I think I went a few times,” I lied, feeling like even more of a dick. “My bladder’s terrible when I’ve been drinking.” “Well, thanks for a good night, handsome,” Eddie said, his arm still gripped around my back. I smiled and closed my eyes. My whole body was buzzing. Bursting with excitement and happiness. Not because of the guy I was lying next to, his face mere inches away from mine while his arm wrapped tightly around me. But because I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of holding AJ Jones’ hand. And the next two chapters are mostly all AJ and Noah together in person! 😁
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    Part One I sighed heavily as I sat out in my car, staring ahead at the neon yellow and purple lights. I had joined the Planet Fitness about a month ago, back when I had been excited about my decision to embark on this journey of growth. The place was huge, with over three levels of equipment for me to get lost in. And the promise of a judgement free zone had really suckered me in. I was, in fact, quite obsessed with growth. I'd dreamt of building a body like Ferrigno or more recently someone like that kid, Jeff Seid. But at five foot six and barely a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet, it was proving to be more of a challenge than I had originally thought. No matter how many calories I consumed in a day, I couldn't seem to gain any weight. My endurance had improved exceptionally, I could lift smaller amounts of weight for longer periods of time, but nothing I did seemed to bring on any change. I was fed up and broke from constantly trying new supplements. I was on the verge of quitting and not to mention, the whole anti-bullying campaign had turned out to be a joke. I was such a dumbass, thinking things would be different here. I had even signed up for the elitist ‘black’ membership, and look what that got me. A whole fat lotta nothin’. With a shake of my head I stepped out of the car, turning slightly to slam the door behind me. I longed for a day when the vehicle might actually rock back and forth from the force of my own power. But I knew that could only happen if I actually dragged my ass inside. There were no magic potions or pills that could help me, and I really didn't have the money for ‘juice’. I was going to have to rely on good old fashioned hard work, here. And with a signed contract that agreed to an automatic twenty-three dollar withdrawal a month, I wasn't about to let that money just circle the drain. I threw the hood up on my jacket as I headed in, wishing that I could just shrink in on myself as I trudged up the stairs towards the locker rooms on the second floor. I had found that if I waited to work out until after nine, the real gym rats were usually gone by then-- probably tucked into their nice warm beds, cuddling a different woman every night. Needless to say, women didn’t usually give me a second glance, much less a first. “Fucking hell.” I blew out a breath as I rounded the corner by the free weights. I froze in my tracks as my eyes landed on Brandon and two of his muscle-headed goons. My arch-nemesis must have gotten a late start tonight, I thought. Easily the three biggest guys in the gym, and they knew it too. At five-ten, Brandon wasn’t the tallest of the three, but he was the widest and probably out muscled Nathan and Jeremy by thirty or forty pounds. I had found myself standing in the middle of a three-decker-muscle sandwich more than once, and let me tell you, it was not a pleasant place to be. I quickly snuck back behind the wall, and prayed I hadn’t been seen. Thankfully, there was more than one way to the locker room. I pushed open the doors to an area I had never been through before. Infrared saunas lined one wall and massage chairs another. I couldn’t help but smile a little, I had forgotten they had these here. A massage actually sounded quite nice right about now, but it would have to wait. I kept walking, my eyes focusing on a sign at the end of the hall. I realized then that I had yet to use the ‘elite members only steam room’ perk either. My hand reached out for the handle, but the door didn’t budge. Evidently, I needed to swipe my black key card in order to get in. “Holy shit man, check out your pump!” Sweat broke out across my upper lip as I fumbled with the key hanging around my neck. It would be just my luck that Brandon and his buddies would be heading this way. The door lock released and not a moment too soon. As I slipped inside, the steam immediately enveloped me. I blew out a breath as the three large figures passed by without a second glance. It didn’t take long for me to figure out I wasn’t alone though. As I slowly turned around, I suddenly found my eyes widening in disbelief. It was too dark to make out any faces, but through the mist I could see a hulk of a man kneeling before what appeared to be a goddess of a woman. With his heavily muscled arms wrapped tightly around her, I watched her bite down on her lip as she squirmed in his grasp. I heard the soft moans she tried to hold back as her long legs wrapped around his narrow waist. A moment later she was arching into him, the man’s mouth latching onto more of her breast. It was then that he let out a deep, animalistic groan of his own. It was almost erotic in a sense as he finished sucking on her tit. I could feel myself stiffen as his tongue gently swirled around the darkened skin before lapping at her nipple. I couldn’t take anymore. My lungs gasped for air as I burst from the room. My member was still rock hard, but I couldn’t let myself explode. If I thought the torture from Brandon was hell now, I could only imagine how much worse it would be with a large stain in the front of my pants. At the sound of running water, I continued on my way to the locker rooms yet again. I quickly shoved my stuff into the first one available before darting back out towards the equipment. I took a seat and moved the pin up to a weight I felt more comfortable with. Today I had planned to hit my chest, and if I was feeling good enough afterwards, maybe some tris. I tugged on the cords, the weight gliding easily enough. But I was unfocused today, the steam room incident still had me up in arms. It was on my third or fourth rep when a massive body suddenly blocked my line of view. “It’s good to see you’re still here, man,” the deep voice sent shivers down my spine. As I looked up, and up, and up, it dawned on me that Brandon wasn’t the Alpha anymore. “Jayson?” I could feel my eyebrows scrunching together as I looked up at the other man. “What the hell happened to you?” I found myself blurting out. What I really wanted to know though was what the hell was he on? I was dumbfounded as I gazed up at the monster before me. He hadn’t been nearly this big a few weeks ago, but I was sure it was him. I’d never forget those baby blue eyes. “Just a new supplement I’ve been trying out.” He shrugged like it was no big deal. I admit I’d only seen him around the week back when I first had joined, but the gains he had made were impossible, and probably illegal too-- right? Right? He was so fucking huge, now. I watched him load up an impossible amount of weight before laying down underneath the bar. It seemed dangerous and stupid, to do something like that without a spot. However, as I watched, it became obvious he didn’t need any help as the weight moved effortlessly up and down in his capable hands. I shook my head as I tried to go back to concentrating on my own work out. But god-- those muscles. Those arms! My eyes involuntarily travelled back over to those incredible wings that seemed to overhang each side of the bench. It wasn’t fair, I thought. He had grown so much in such a short amount of time. I wondered what it must be like to be such a beast. “Well if it isn't the shrimp!” I could feel the color drain from my face as Brandon suddenly appeared on my left. His smile was as wicked as the cheshire cat as he pressed down on the bar I was using with a single hand. “It’s lucky for me you’re here actually,” he said. “I was wondering if I could borrow your face since my ass is on vacation!” I barely had time to notice Jeremy and Nathan closing in on my right before Brandon lifted me up by my baggy shirt. I remember thinking that I really needed to get my testosterone levels checked before bringing my hands up in defense of Brandon's gigantic fist. I waited for what felt like a million years, but surprisingly, the pain never came. “Put him down,” Jayson rumbled. “Unless you want your membership revoked.” Slowly I slid one eye open and then another. As I had suspected, Brandon was no longer the biggest man around. “You think I really care?” A cocky Brandon snorted in response. “There’s plenty of other gyms out there. And better ones too.” “Good--” Jayson nodded. With a smirk of his own, he brought his arm eye level with Bradon’s face. “--then maybe one day, you’ll be able to grow as big as me.” It was all we could do but watch in amazement as he pumped his massive arm. The bulge seemed to grow taller and harder before our very eyes as veins wider than my finger crisscrossed over the reddened peak. “Yeah, maybe one day,” Jayson taunted. “But not any time soon. I feel like I’m going to hit a huge growth spurt tonight.” I could feel the lines in my forehead crease for the second time that day. No body just grew overnight. But the way he said it-- so confident. The first of the goons to snap out of Jayson’s trance, I watched as Jeremy gripped Brandon’s shoulder before whispering something in his ear. Shortly after, the three nodded at each other in some sort of unspoken bro-code, eyed Jayson warily and then headed down the stairs. As they disappeared from my line of sight, I could feel my shoulders slump forward in relief. “Stick with me kid and you'll be alright.” My body jerked forward from the force of Jayson’s thump against my back. “Easy for you to say,” I mumbled under my breath. “But you’re not the one getting tossed around like a rag doll all the time," I pointed out. Jayson studied me with an intense scrutiny then, his blue eyes boring into the depths of my soul. “You wish you could be as big as me, don’t you?” he asked. I could barely nod my head as he shoved his arm in my face. With a whimper on my lips I could feel myself growing stiff. The peak of his bicep swelled to even greater proportions then before-- seventeen and three quarters, or maybe eighteen inches now. I longed to be that big. I wanted-- no I NEEDED to be that big. “Bigger,” I muttered, my voice barely above a whisper. “Stronger,” I groaned. I found a blush creeping up my neck and cheeks as Jayson lowered his head. “What did you say, little guy?” he asked. A smile tugged at his lips. “I want to be bigger,” I said again. “Even bigger than you.” My feet had suddenly grown very interesting as I lowered my gaze. I had, for the first time in my life, just spoken my deepest, darkest desire out loud and practically to a stranger. As if things couldn’t possibly get any worse, Jayson’s large hand tightly grasped my shoulder. “Follow me,” he said, and it was almost pathetic how quickly I obliged. It felt like I was trailing behind a large silverback gorilla as we re-entered the area with the steam room. Like a lightbulb going off inside my head, I suddenly became fully aware that Jayson was the man in the mist. For a second I began to have my doubts when he told me to wait outside. I found myself asking what I was even doing here as I watched his impossibly wide back struggle to fit through the door. I ran my hands through my hair, tugging on the ends with a grunt. Was I really willing to risk jail time over this, or liver failure? Hell maybe even cardiac arrest? I turned my back towards the steam room but couldn't walk away. There was truly nothing I wanted more. “She said she’ll see you now.” I startled a little at the sound of Jayson’s voice. As I attempted to brush past him, his vice like grip tightened around my upper arm. “She’s kind of doing this as a one time favor for me though, alright?” I nodded my head, but in all honestly I had no idea what I was signing up for here. As my eyes flicked over Jayson’s powerful body-- once again, I decided in that moment though, I was willing to find out...
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    It was nearing the last week of Boot Camp for new recruits and Master Sergeant Bill K. Peterson, nickname Buff, was not happy. One of his recruits was not passing so far and it was dragging down his efficiency rating. He ordered the guy Alex P. Thompson to a private work out with the Sarge. When he arrived he had him strip naked. ‘Look at you! You are a disgrace… so fat and weak! Pathetic! Now boy I’ve got something for you and you’ll drink UNDERSTAND?” Alex nodded “Yes Sergeant Peterson.” The sergeant handed him a filled plastic mixer shake. Drink it all down like a good piggy.” Alex drank it down and it didn’t taste too bad. When he finished he burped “Excuse me.” Alex started to feel dizzy “UH Sergeant can I sit down… I’m not feeling well.” “No boy we’re gonna wait and see what that experimental muscle supplement does to you!” “Experimental but Sergeant I don’t..” “Shut your trap boy! It will either fix that disgusting body of yours or kill you and I don’t care which!” Alex felt his stomach groan and heave and he felt weak. He tried to remain standing but collapsed in a heavy sweat. His gut swelled out like a balloon but then his pecs expanded to match.’”UGHHHHH IT HURTSSS SARRRGE!” “Suck it up boy! No pain no gain!” shouted the drill sergeant. He watched the boy gain muscle all over and his cock and balls grow to monstrous size. “Looking better boy.” “ROWWRRRRR” bellowed the convulsing man in a far deeper voice than before. His feet wouldn't fit in his shoes anymore as he grew past 7 then 8 feet tall and become a huge man with a powerlifter build. Finally the growth had stopped and clad in only rags the transformed man stood up tower over his sergeant. “Now I had no idea this would happen. Maybe I should see if there is an antidote.” A huge hand grabbed the sergeant by the shoulder. “I don’t think so… BOY! You see I like my new size and I plan to keep it. Since you’re the only one who knows what happened I’ll take care of you first!” The drill instructor paused scared for the first time in years. “What are you gonna do to me boy?” He asked defiantly. “OH I’m gonna make you my happy cock loving bitch! Get over here boy!’ he demanded. “I knew you were a pantywaist when I saw you! I don’t fag shit and I’m not about to start now! “MPs ! Get in he…” A colossal hand clamped down over the sergeant’s mouth cutting off his yell. “OH no boy! I’m not done with you yet!” In a quick move Alex tore off the sarge’s clothes exposing his firm bubble butt. “He he you look good enough to fuck so I think I will!” Alex slammed his cock into the sergeant’s round ass and began fucking him hard. The military stud resisted with all his might but he was powerless against Alex’s new strength. Eventually Alex let go of Bill’s mouth as the yells of pain became moans of pleasure. “Yeah that’s it boy you love taking daddy’s cock don’t ya?’ “I… I mean…. Oh fuck yes uh sir!” cried Bill. “I knew you would. Now boy I’m gonna cum and when I do two things will happen. The first is you will become my submissive bitch cock whore. The second is you will get all the fat from my body making you into a sexy cub while I become a lean muscle god! How does that sound boy?” “UGH.. won...Wonderful Sir!” the moaning was growing louder. “Okay boy brace yourself! I’m gonna cum now so enjoy your last seconds of life as a straight dominant stud! Alex bellowed and unleashed a geyser of cum that inflated Bill’s belly like a water balloon. His ass enlarged and he lost years. The wrinkles around his eyes faded and he looked like he did at 18 when he joined the military. A fat hairy ball belly and tiny cock were obvious now as were his jumbo bear balls. Nowhere near as big as his new daddy’s but a good size to produce semen and testosterone. Alex began to orgasm as he lost fat and grew even more huge muscle. His hairy barrel chest attested to his new status as a muscle daddy bear and that thought made him cum several more times until his former leader became absolutely fill with his seed. His face aged to a mature 40ish sealing him in his new role as a daddy. Finally he regained control and his cock softened just enough to slip out. The new cub looked around amazed and as he stood up he realized he was now only 5’3” and fat as a bear. He began to cry but Alex hauled him up to his massive chest and kissed him. “It will be okay now boy. I’m a gentle daddy to my cubs. You’ll do fine okay cub?” “yes sir” said the new Billy in his more alto voice and he snuggled closer to his daddy’s chest inhaling his incredible musk. “Now boy why don’t you call those MPs… you could use some cub brothers right boy?” Billy smiled and agreed. In hours his daddy would literally command the base. The End
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    I'm on the run from you again, even though in the end we both know you'll find me. You hate it when I leave, hate coming home to find my bags packed and an empty house. But I can’t stop. I’ll never stop. Maybe one day you'll quit coming after me, just forget about me and finally let me go-- But today is not that day. And quitting is not in your nature. My stomach churns as you stand with a scowl just outside the door. It's been battered in, partially destroyed and nearly hanging off the top hinges. Fists clenched by your sides, I watch as your massive chest heaves with every shallow breath. I’ve never noticed before how you needed to turn slightly in order to move your shoulders past the frame. You just barely cleared the top as well. Another four more inches or so and you would have needed to duck. As your eyes lock onto mine, I immediately begin to feel like your prey. Though everything in my heart screams for me to run, my brain knows better, knows to stay still. A low, beastlike snarl suddenly tears from your lips, and despite the sheer size and power in your body, I know you’re also built for speed. “Damon--" My head is swimming as I stagger slightly, but this only seems to anger you more. I can sense your disappointment in me, knowing I've had a little too much to drink. The air grows impossibly thick as the hair on your forearms seems to stand on end. I almost think my mind is playing tricks on me, until the top buttons on your blue dress shirt suddenly shoot across the room. You're furious, muscles pumped and primed, coiled in anticipation with what I might do. “How many times do I need to tell you, baby girl? You can run, but you can't hide.” Your voice is deeper than normal, but it always seems to take on that edge right after one of your fights. It causes a shiver to shoot up my spine. Even as I watch you angrily stalk forward. "Not here," I beg. "Please, not in front of everyone." As my eyes dart towards the back door, I can feel you move close. "Damon," I warn, gulping as you stare down at me from your towering height. A cocky grin spreads across your face as your eyes roam my body, clouded over with lust. You step towards me as I step back, but the glint in your eye screams that you enjoy a good chase. I've seen that look before, its the same one you get in the ring right before you annihilate your opponent. "You know running from me will only make it worse," you growl. You start to make your way around the table, but I counter your movements, doing the exact opposite of everything you do. I finally find myself right where I want to be but you snarl in response and my eyes grow wide. The room fills with gasps as you easily flip over the solid, oak table between us. "You better get him to chill the fuck out," a friend hisses in my ear. I can't help but wonder when the woman had got up from her seat. "Damon--" I try again. But I know talking to you is pointless after a big match. The beast inside you demands control-- it feeds off of dominance as adrenaline and power flow through your veins. I shiver slightly as you continue to study me, watching my every move with calculated precision. In the blink of an eye, I suddenly find myself unceremoniously tossed over your shoulder. I scream for you to put me down, and when that doesn’t work I switch to calling you every name in the book. You’re like the Terminator though, as you continue on your way through the tiny, brick house. I even knee you once in the chest, but all that earns me is a chuckle and a sharp slap on the ass. "Don't break any more of my shit!" My friend yells as you kick open the back door. I can hear some of my other friends voice their concerns but I know nobody will dare to get in your way. "Are you sure she'll be ok?" Someone else asks. The question is met with a sarcastic assurance. "Did you see all the yummy muscles on that man? I'm sure she'll be just fine," another giggles. It isn’t until you storm out the back door, that you finally let me down on my own two feet. ‘Own’ seemed to be a relative word here though. You may have set me down for the time being, but your arms never once loosen from around me. And with that, I don’t spare another second. My hand reels back before slapping you hard across the face. “What the hell, Damon,” I screech. “You can't just come in here like that and think--" "Baby, I'm sorry." I watch you sigh before running both hands across the top of your close cropped hair. "But can you at least just tell me what it is that I’ve done?" I snort looking back up at you as the same fight that we’ve had for the past five years comes full circle again. "You know exactly what.” I narrow my eyes, the tone in my voice sharp with irritation. “I mean geezus Damon, you practically kill people for a living." My hands run up and down along my arms as the cool Chicago winds whip all around us. "I saw you land that KO tonight. They’re calling it another career ender. But congratulations!” I clap my hands sarcastically. “You’re still the undefeated champ.” “And what exactly would you like for me do?” Your voice raises incredulously. “Lose?” With a shake of my head, I spin away from you. If I don't, I know my eyes will betray me. My body most definitely too. "I just-- I don't know anymore, D," I mutter. My arms hug my chest as the cold begins to seep into my bones. Of course I don’t want you to lose, but fuck. The guy you destoryed tonight was just a twenty year old kid. At six-foot-two and two hundred and sixty-four pounds, I know you’re at the top of the heavyweight division, and strong as a fucking bull. Your thirty-two undefeated wins are impressive, but how long until someone steps into the ring stronger, faster, and younger than you. You move up behind me then and I immediately feel your warmth. Your big, bulky arms encircle me again, but this time I don't have it in me to pull away. "I know I'm not perfect," you begin. "And I promise I'll probably make over a billion more mistakes." I can't help but smile as my head leans back to rest against one of your massive pecs. "I’ve been thinking about this for a while now,” you begin, pausing for a moment as your arms tighten around me. "And if it means that much to you, I’ll retire at the end of the year." My head jerks to the side but your arms keep me from turning around. “Are you serious?” I ask. I can feel your strong fingers dig into my hips, spinning me around to face you as you nod. Even in the dark of night, I can see that your pupils are entirely blown. "Damn, baby. I need you so bad.” As you take a step back, I notice how your muscles seem to ripple under the moonlight. "So what's the problem?" I ask. "You're drunk--" "I'm not that drunk," I argue. But as your eyes focus on me, seemingly weighing your options, I know you won't touch me again. At least, not without a little bit of coaxing-- "I swear to god, Damon Alexander. If you don't get your ass over here and take advantage of me right this second, I will go to the nearest bar and have my way with the first man I lay eyes on--" With a roar that shakes me to my core you immediately move in front of me. Your large hands grip my thighs as you lock my legs around your narrow waist. "Don't you ever leave me again," you rasp. Your mouth leaves a sloppy trail of kisses across my collarbone while your large hands completely cover my ass. I can only moan in response as you press yourself against me. If it wasn't for the fact that your strong hands were keeping me immobile, I know I would have ground myself against you. "Promise me you’ll stop running." You groan, giving me exactly what I want as you move your hips against my core. I hiss slightly as you suddenly slam me up against the siding. After your first couple of fights, I had quickly learned to be prepared. As you came down from the rage of the adrenaline you were always so primal, so rough and raw-- it was just lucky for you that I fucking loved it. "I'm gonna make you scream my name so loud," you growl. Your breathing is so ragged it causes moisture to pool between my thighs. “People all the way up in Canada will know who you belong to,” you warn. As I feel your thumbs hook around the waistband of my panties, I know what’s coming. There’s a sharp sting against my legs and without even looking down I know you’ve shred my g-string. I might have been mad about it too, if I could focus on anything but how much I needed you right now. As far as I was concerned, the faster you could soothe that growing ache in my belly, the better. "Wet for me all ready," you goan. As you look me in the eye, I nod my head with a whimper. Excitement suddenly shoots through me as you balance me in a single hand. Your unrivaled strength, even as you’re working your pants down furiously over your muscled thighs, is such a turn on. As your fat cock springs free, I moan as I feel it pulsing between us. Sometimes I still can't believe that you, this huge beast of a man is all mine. All. Ten. Fucking. Inches. I bite down to keep from screaming, my vision blurring as you pierce me in a single thrust. It’s slightly painful at first, your engorged, rampant dick bottoming out as it fills me to the hilt. Slowly-- steadily-- relentlessly and with an insane amount of power, I can feel you pull your entire length out of me before ramming home again. Without a doubt you're making sure I'm forever wrecked for another man. At some point the pain gives way to pleasure and I try to enjoy the ride as I pull you closer. I want to feel every one of your hulking muscles pressed against me. I had never felt more safe in my life until I had met you. "Oh god," you hear me breathe as the tension builds deep in my core. I’m so fucking close, you can feel my walls starting to clamp around you. "Damn, baby. You feel so fucking good," you growl before suddenly quickening your pace. You begin pounding me faster, and then harder-- the scent of your musk fills my nose. "Cum for me," you order. Your voice is harsh as you push the words between clenched teeth. Immediately my body begins to obey and waves of pleasure slowly overtake me. Not too long after I can feel you lengthen inside. Your large hands hold me up by the ass, squeezing and yanking me down in sync with your pounding. Any second now I know you’ll explode. As if on cue-- "Oh god. Yes. Oh fuck!" You chant. As a second orgasm crashes into me, I toss my head back and as predicted I come screaming your name. My body convulses around you, shaking and tensing as euphoria floods my senses. A moment later you follow and with a final grunt you empty your seed inside me.
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    VERY Nice! As usual, I look forward to seeing how this will unfold!
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    Well, this took me a while. Hey, guys! Sorry, it took me so long to actually get this up onto Muscle Growth. Just a warning: I'm still editing some parts of the chapter. It's not perfect, after all. But, while I'm editing, I'm going to try to work on a sort of side chapter that goes alongside this one, and maybe some other works that I want to play around with. If you guys have any ideas or requests on things that you want me to write about, post them in the comment section and i'll consider! But, for now, Enjoy! ------------------------------------------- Chapters 0-2: Chapter 3: Yours As he guided me towards where the shower stalls were, told me about the things that he’ll do to me. I was like a dog to him – a dog that was getting disciplined for pissing all over his owners’ floor. The things he told me… All I could do was confirm my submission to his will as he dragged me along by my hand, and I loved every second of it. I was a bit bigger than Elliot, but the power and the dominance that emitted from his presence beat me and chained me down. I couldn’t find it within myself to fight back against him. But, even if I could, I don’t think that I really would have. After all, for me to pass up being destroyed by this stocky, cocky man and to be able to stare deep into his light blue eyes while he fucked me would be foolish. Possibly even a sin. Once we approached the shower stalls, Elliot playfully pushed me inside one of them. He forced me up onto a wall and leaned himself up against my back, gently kissing my neck as I groaned softly. I encouraged him to continue, as he started to nibble my ear. “Get started on washing, and we can take this a step further” Elliot said. His kisses started to get softer, and soon he took his lips away from mine. He turned to the shower faucet and set it to release a warm stream of water “Clean yourself” Elliot said bluntly as he leaned himself against the wall nearest to him. He stared intently at me, a smirk forming on his face, as he motioned me to the soap. I stared at him for a few moment – admiring the formation of his upper body and the length of his dick. My mind slowly started to go blank, until I released that we forgot out rags. “Elliot…” I said hesitantly. “What is the matter” Elliot said, the cocky smirk being replaced with a look of confusion. “Do you mind getting me my rag?” I said, chuckling a bit to hide my embarrassment. At that moment, a wave of embarrassment fell across his face. He got himself off the wall and started walking towards the stalls entrance. “Aww, shit” Elliot said as he made his way out of the shower. “Where was my mind? Please, Give me a few seconds, babe”. Elliot rushed out of the shower stall, but not before giving my ass a nice slap. I silently wished that he would stay and keep doing that, as I got off easily from things like that. He was out of the shower fast, though, so all I could have done at that moment was just lay myself against the wall and fantasize about how Elliot will fuck me, stroking my cock while thinking of such. “Shit…” I heard Elliot say from outside the shower. “Hey, what’s happening out there?” I asked as I opened the shower curtain. As soon as I pulled away the shower curtain, my face became pale. Me and my fiancé – both of our dicks dangling and erect- standing in front of Derrick, who seemed to have started to get ready for a shower himself. Derrick stared at both of us, his eyes just darting between me and Elliot. “The actual fuck are you guys doing?” Derrick said in a quite manor, caught in the middle of being afraid and surprised. I just stood there, contemplating why god thrusted us in this position. I looked at Elliot to see how he would handle this situation, as my mind was blanking out. All Elliot did was stand there, looking dumbfounded at Derrick. It became just the three of us staring at each other, not moving or speaking in any way. This continued for a good few seconds, until Derrick decided to break the silence. “I guess what Elroy said was true” Derrick said, as he wrapped his towel tighter around his waist. I stared down to notice that a bulge was forming under Derricks towel but didn’t stare long enough for Derrick to realize what I was doing. I became a bit more flustered from what I saw, which caused my boner to get a bit larger – large enough for Derrick to notice. “I think I’m going to leave” Derrick said as he tried to get his stuff ready. “Woah, woah, there Derrick…” Elliot said quickly. “You sure you don’t want to join us?”. At that moment, my whole world froze. It was like that one sentence was enough to halt the flow of this worlds reality. I was wondering if Elliot had lost his mind when he said that, especially when it’s so that he’s asking Derrick out of all the people in the world. I was about to scream at Elliot to get his clothes back on, but I stared down and saw that Derricks boner was getting significantly bigger, to the point where even the towel was forming a tent over it. “Come on, dude! I see the bulge. This could be our little secret” Elliot coaxed Derrick as he started to approach him. Derrick didn’t even move an inch, but instead started staring straight at Elliot’s dangling dick. “I mean…I would think that this would be a bit much for the first day on the job, don’t you think, Elliot?” Derrick said, as he unwrapped his towel, exposing his throbbing member to me and my fiancé. It was decorated in veins and looked a bit larger than what I had ever imagined. As soon as Elliot was in front of Derrick, the both looked down at the packages that they had. Both seemed impressed with what the other got, and I was just standing in the shower, wondering about the hell was about to happen - if it was going to be so that I was going to have sex with both Derrick and my fiancé. I just kept silent as I watched this all play out. “Ha, well, you guys are really giving me really something hard to turn down. You guys look pretty good, but I’m afraid that I’m going to have to pass. Feeling tired from my workout, and I need to get home to start unpacking again.” Derrick said while laughing. I could still detect that he was a bit bothered, but he did try his best to hide it. “I got to go take a shower, though. Don’t let me disturb you guys. But just keep it down, yeah” Derrick said, weirdly winking at both of us. He picked his towel up and slung it across his back. He walked away, but in a fashion that made it so that he was presenting his ass to both of us. “What the actual fuck was that?” I thought to myself as I saw Derrick walk away from us. Elliot chuckled to himself as he watched Derrick walk into one of the shower stalls. It didn’t take him that long to brush off what happened and resume getting the rag that he promised me that he would get. But, for me, the whole event was still playing on loop in my mind. How Derrick saw both of us naked, how he showed us his dick, and how he practically teased us as he walked away just kept haunting me….it was all too surreal. “Got it now, babe. Took a while, right?” Elliot said as he came walking back into my bathroom stall. He still had the same smirk that he had with Derrick plastered across his face. “Okay, wait, Elliot, what the hell was that? Why did you…” I asked. But before I could have finished my questions, I was cut off by Elliot’s lips enveloping mine. I struggled with him a bit, but I soon became putty in his hands when he started playing with my nipples again. “Do it” Elliot demanded. “Yes, sir” I conceded. Elliot took back up his position against the wall, and I started to clean myself up for the fucking that was going to be unleashed on me. I presented my ass to my fiancé as I washed it down, and he came up to me and cupped the entire package. “Here, let me help you with that” Elliot said as he took the rag from me. I didn’t say anything, but I leaned myself against the bathroom wall and popped my ass out for him. “Good boy…” Elliot said as he delivered a quick slap onto my ass. He placed some extra soap on the rag and started rubbing it against me. He massaged both of my cheeks, causing me to quietly groan to myself. “You like that don’t you? Want me to go a bit farther” Elliot leaned over me and whispered in my ear. “Please. Keep going” I said, wanting this moment to keep going for as long as possible. Elliot then took the rag and placed a single finger under it. He placed more soap on it, rubbed it in, and then leaned himself over me, placing his lips close to my ear breathing softly. He then slid the rag in between my butt cheeks and started teasing my asshole. “Ahh, fuck, dude” I groaned a bit louder as he slowly penetrated me with his fingers. He pushed his fingers in and out of me, with each time causing me to groan even louder. Then, he pushed his fingers deep into me, and started swirling them around. “Aww, fuck, man! Please, just fuck me!” I begged Elliot as I screamed out in pleasure. “Not yet…” Elliot said as he pushed his fingers further down inside me. He continued to swirl and push his fingers around, specifically looking for something – my prostate. It only took him a few more seconds to finally locate it, and, once he did, he pressed softly on it. I arched my head back, and let out a quick yelp, only to find myself losing all the feeling in my body. I slumped up on the wall - my legs more spread then how it was before. “Please…please…” I said every time he hit that spot. “Please…what?” Elliot said, as he ravished my prostate without restraint. I started to blank out from the amount of pleasure that I felt when he did that, only to be tapped on the back of my head by Elliot. “Please what?” Elliot asked again. “Please, sir. Please, fuck me. Please…” I begged the dominant as the thoughts that bounced around in my mind was drowned out by the pleasure I was feeling and the sound of Elliot’s breathing. “You want this? C’mere” Elliot said as he took my hips into his hands and pulled me closer to him. I propped my ass up for him a bit more, and he thanked me by delivering a nice slap onto them. It was only a few seconds after that quick sensation that I started feeling something hard grind in between my butt cheek – shaking and pulsating like a rod energized with electricity. I participated in this – rubbing my butt against his cock as he grinded himself against me. After a while, he moved himself away from me. I tried to look over to where he was to see why he stopped, but, before I could have even turned my head, I felt the head of his cock right on my asshole. I froze for a moment, but then melted as his cock got slowly pushed into me. The feeling was so intense – the emotional, the mental, the physical. “There we go.” Elliot dragged out as he placed himself deep in my ass. He had it lay in there for a good few seconds, but then decided to start what I was waiting for. He pulled a bit out, and then, with great force, thrusted his entire cock right in me – hitting my prostate with great force. “AW, SHIT!” I screamed, forgetting the fact that Derrick was a few stalls away from us. I didn’t care however. How I didn’t care, as the feeling was just too much to keep within me. “Yeah, that’s what I want. Fucking scream for me, baby” Elliot demanded as he repeatedly pounded me. His thrusts became faster every time he heard me scream from him hitting my prostate. He was relentless – slapping my ass and pounding me while cursing to himself under his breath. “Hit me harder, dude! Fuck my ass up, Elliot!” I screamed to Elliot as I pushed my ass onto his crotch every time he re-entered. Elliot’s thrusts became more powerful as time went on, but he soon became bored of the position that he was using to fuck me. After a few more moments, he completely took his cock out of me walked over to the wall behind us. He sat down on the shower floor, leaning his back against the wall while motioning me to come over. I remained silent as I followed him to where he was, as I knew exactly what he wanted. I soon found myself standing over him, taking a somewhat dominant position before I ended up submitting myself again to Elliot. Before I could have knelt, Elliot quickly placed his mouth where my cock was, and took it all into his mouth. I just stood there, silent and frozen as a statue, as I looked and watched him pleasure me with his mouth. He continued to do this until I felt an orgasm coming my way, which, at that point caused me to push his head off me. “Shit, I’m about to cum” I said softly, gripping my dick to prevent myself from orgasming too early. “You better get down here then” Elliot said as he looked up at me with pleading eyes. I didn’t hesitate to do what he said. I knelt and placed my ass above his hardened dick, which was throbbing harder than ever before. I helped position his dick to where my hole was located, and gently lowered myself down on it. I kept lowering myself to the point where his penis head was touching my hole, where, at that moment, I just took his whole dick in without issue. Sitting myself on top of my fiancé, I started jumping up and down on him. “Yeah, like that, babe! Don’t stop…” Elliot cheered me on as he took in all the pleasure that he was receiving. He soon became putty in my hands as I started to dominate him. “Suck my nipples” I demanded. Just like how I gave in to his demands without waver, he did so with me. He leaned his head over and took my entire right nipple into his mouth, while flicking, rubbing, and pulling the other. The pleasure from the nipple play and the prostate massage made me lose my mind, and I ended up bouncing up and down on his dick like there was no tomorrow. “I’m about to cum” we both said in Unison as my nipples were getting played with and while his dick was getting worked. Both of what we were doing got more intense, and the pleasure just kept on increasing with each passing moment. I felt my orgasm quickly coming up, and, with a final thrust of my hips, I let all the fluid that I kept inside of me drain all over the face and hairy chest of my fiancé. I let out a large scream, a scream that could possibly heard from miles away. I kept thrusting my hips as I did this, and it didn’t take long after I ejaculated for Elliot to do the same. “Goddamn” Elliot said as he delivered a final thrust into me. I felt his dick filling my ass up with his own cum, and I let out a low grown to express my pleasure with it. I jumped on his dick a few more times to help drain him out, and, after I felt that he was done cumming, I took his dick out of me and leaned in deliver a passionate kiss onto him.
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    What the fuck happened with that chapter? I can't believe all these posts and comments!! It means so much to me that so many of you are enjoying this story! I honestly never imagined this kind of feedback! OK need to pull myself together and get my feet on the ground cause, who knows, you might all hate the rest of it! 😳😅
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    I would know that, sorry 😕 WHERE DO THOSE GUYS DISAPPEAR TO?
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    Ok, as teased, I'm gonna try posting two chapters in one go. I hope it's not too much. I'm sure you guys will let me know anyway! 😊 Eleven “So, when do I get my own Scorpio’s hoodie?” I was in the kitchen messaging AJ on Facebook a few days after our trip to the infamous hardcore bodybuilding gym. “Hehe! We can get you a hoodie!” Then he sent the emoji with the big, teeth bearing grin. Three dots. “I’m thinking blue? To match your posing trunks when you get them!” I was dreamily gazing into my phone and grinning like crazy when my mum walked in the room. “Oooh, I’d love to get hold of your phone to see who you keep talking to!” Usually I’d have rolled my eyes at this, but for some reason, my mum wasn’t annoying me as much as she usually did. I’d been finding it hard to get annoyed or feel negatively about anything since I’d rekindled my friendship with AJ. “I’m just surprised you didn’t go out last Friday!” my mum said. Eddie had been busy all weekend but we’d been texting each other and he was keen to meet up again soon. There had been one specific occasion when my phone had pinged. I’d excitedly picked it up expecting to see a message from AJ and got a kick to the stomach when I saw it was a text from Eddie instead. Which was so fucked up. A nice, handsome, gay guy was texting me and I felt nothing but disappointment that it wasn’t a Facebook message from a straight bodybuilder that I’d normally go gooey eyed over. “When’s that Naomi coming back, then?” my mum asked. That Naomi! My mum always talked about Naomi as if she was a bad influence. Granted, we were prone to going a little over the top when we went out drinking together, but I didn’t exactly need much encouragement. I smirked and shook my head. “The weekend after next!” My mum groaned. “And I suppose you’ll be out boozing in town?” “Ummm … yes?” “Oh great!” she replied. “As usual, I won’t be able to sleep until you’re home.” I groaned. It was kind of sweet that my mum worried about me so much, but also pretty ridiculous considering how old I was. And the fact that I was out all the time when I was down in London. And when I went to visit Naomi at university in Brighton. “I don’t ask you to stay up worrying about me. I don’t think dad will be doing that!” “Oh, he definitely won’t! He probably won’t even notice you’ve gone out.” I don’t think my dad knew what I was doing or where I even was half of the time. He definitely didn’t seem to care half as much as my mother. Not in a bad way. He was just a lot more chilled out than she was. He pretty much just let me get on with things. I sometimes wished my mum was more like him. My phone pinged. AJ had sent me another message. My heart filled with excitement, as it always did when AJ messaged me. I couldn’t open it in front my mother. I didn’t want my face to give away anything more that it already had. “So, when are you next gym’ing it?” I presumed the gym in question was the one at the Little Denton Leisure Centre. We hadn’t discussed the possibility of going to Scorpio’s again. I had been wondering whether to take the plunge and suggest going myself, but I didn’t want to overstep my mark. Or worse, make AJ feel like he was obliged to take me again even if he didn’t really want to, no matter how much I was itching to see him again. But was there a possibility I was going to get another invite? I messaged AJ back. “I was thinking of going tomorrow.” “Well I’m going to Scorpio’s again on Tuesday if you fancy it? But I must warn you, it’s leg day!” My heart leapt and an almost overwhelming happiness surged through me. I was going to see AJ again. YAY! I typed a message. “I’d love to!” But that seemed too eager, so I erased it and wrote another. “Sounds good! Leg day though? GULP!” “Hehe! You’ll be fine. Once you’ve regained the use of your legs in about one week’s time.” “Double fucking GULP!” “HAHA! See you Tuesday, matie!” “Awesome!” Then three dots appeared but quickly vanished. Like he was writing something else but changed his mind at the last minute. And all I could think about for the rest of the day were those dots. What had AJ wanted to say to me, but didn’t quite have the nerve? My second trip to Scorpio’s with AJ was a lot like my second date with Eddie. There were no nerves, no doubts. Everything felt easy, relaxed and fun. Apart from the actual leg training, of course. We joked again about our potential bodybuilding nicknames, and AJ, once again, teased me about overcoming my stage shyness and wearing blue posing trunks (fuck!), which embarrassed and excited me every single time. He looked his usual gorgeous self too, in his bright red “Scorpio’s Gym” hoodie, and a black vest which outrageously had the words “BEAST MODE” (FUCKING HELL!) written on the front and, although slightly baggier than his green khaki one, still brilliantly showed off his stupidly hot, crazily developed upper body. 6’3 muscle monster Mark Green wasn’t in the gym on this occasion, but there were still a few big lads in there. One particular guy had been unnecessarily noisy with his training. Grunting and groaning loudly with every rep. It was the most incredible fucking turn on. A genuine muscle bull grunting and growling as he pumped up his muscles, all in an attempt to become an ever bigger muscle monster. Fuck yeah! AJ had called him a “noisy bugger” but I got the distinct impression that, much like me, he very much approved of his behaviour. Up until that day, most of my conversations with AJ had been light and fun. Banter about me being a potential future bodybuilder, picking nicknames, buying trunks and getting posing tips from Mark Green or reminiscing about stupid, funny stuff that happened at school. None of our conversations had been particularly deep or serious, but on the drive home from our monster leg training session, convinced that I probably wouldn’t, as AJ had predicted, be able to walk for the following week, that was about to change. “So, how was the sixth form?” It was funny, but I couldn’t help thinking that there was a very slight hint of nerves in AJ’s voice as he asked me the question. He seemed a little nervous in general. Though I wasn’t really sure why. “Erm … it wasn’t too bad, actually. I mean, the work was hard, but it felt a lot more relaxed. The teachers were a bit more formal with us,” I replied. AJ nodded. “I wasn’t sure whether you were gonna stay on, actually!” AJ said, surprising me. He seemed a bit more relaxed, but I could still hear a slight nervousness in his voice. Maybe I was just imagining it. “Why?” “Well … just, after all that shit you got in Year 11!” My stomach twisted, but oddly, I felt a pinch of excitement too. AJ was referring to me being outed to the whole school by my then supposed best friend, Reece Miller. It was the first time the subject of me being gay had come up in conversation. Maybe that was why AJ was so nervous? I couldn’t imagine him having many gay friends so maybe he just wasn’t used to discussing such things. “Hmmm. Yeah, but most of that stuff didn’t really bother me, though! I mean, the stuff the lads used to do, like holding their arses if I was walking behind them, or quickly putting their backs to the wall. God! It was so fucking childish and pathetic! It made me wanna kill myself!” AJ’s mouth curled into this big, adorable grin. It was almost as if he was impressed by my attitude and what I was saying. “You handled it really well!” he said. My heart seemed to stop beating. Just for a second. What the fuck?! I couldn’t believe that AJ had even noticed. Or had paid any kind of attention to me at that point. Me being outed in year 11 had happened years after we’d drifted apart. Had AJ still cared about me at that point, even though we weren’t friends and didn’t even speak to each other? My chest expanded and I couldn’t help smiling at the prospect that he had. AJ caught my expression and gave me this coy little grin in return, while gently biting his lip. It was like he knew what I was thinking. And what the reason behind my smile was. “I think I was more pissed off at that little shit, Reece!” I told AJ. “Ugh! I never liked him,” AJ said, surprising me again. “I always just thought he was a bit of an inferior version of me!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. More further evidence to back up the theory that AJ still cared about me long after we’d been friends. I had always assumed him hadn’t thought about me much at all, but I had clearly been wrong. I loved what AJ had said about Reece. It almost sounded like he’d been jealous of him. I was literally melting into the passenger seat of his car. “He was gay too, though, right?” AJ asked. I scoffed. “Ummm … YES! I’ve seen pictures of him on Facebook. He’s camp as fuck now!” I informed AJ. “It’s funny, you two were about the same size and height at school. And he’s still a scrawny little fucker, and you’re now practically a monster!” AJ howled and grinning wildly in response. “Well when you’re a monster too, mate, you can send him a picture on Facebook and be like, “Remember me? Your old best friend you royally fucked over? Well, look at me fucking NOW!” I grinned in response. “Hmmm. It’s kinda funny though. When all that stuff happened and everyone was talking about me. Well … I don’t know if this is gonna sound really fucked up, but … I kinda liked the attention!” I confessed, completely surprising myself. I don’t think I’d ever actually admitted that to anyone before. Not even Naomi. AJ was grinning like mad. “Hmmm. Liking attention.” He then shook his head. “Nope. I can’t relate to that!” And then we both laughed and grinned at each other again. I was feeling brave. “I kinda wish we’d stay friends,” I said, blushing slightly. “Yeah. That was kinda my fault wasn’t it?” he said. A small part of me wanted to tell him that yes, actually it was. Maybe the thirteen year old in me who was gutted that one of his best friend’s decided he wasn’t good enough for him anymore and fucked off to hang around with a bunch of much cooler and more masculine lads? “Hmmm. It happens though, doesn’t it? People just grow apart. I think we lasted pretty well to be friends for as long as we did!” “Remember our sleepovers?” AJ asked. “They were legendary!” I grinned. “We used to stay up for as long we could watching TV.” “What was that one cartoon we used to watch? The really bonkers one with the two friends?” AJ asked. “God. What was it called?” I grinned. I knew exactly what TV programme AJ was talking about. “Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug!” “YES!! That was awesome!” AJ replied. “Did you know it has, like, a huge cult following? There’s a forum on the Internet where people discuss the best episodes to watch when you’re stoned!” “No way!” AJ exclaimed. “Actually, yeah. I reckon it would be good to watch when you’re stoned! Have you tried it?” “No,” I said, laughing. “I would, though.” “We should do it!” FUCK! The very idea of me and AJ doing any such thing excited me more than I could care to admit. “Sounds like fun!” I replied, my heart fluttering. “Man, I really wanna watch an episode of Dom and Cole now!” he exclaimed. I never thought that AJ would be the type to get all nostalgic about old cartoons he watched when he was a kid. It was so fucking cute. “I actually went through a phase of watching it not long ago!” I informed him. “Really?!” AJ said, grinning. “That’s awesome!” “Yep! It’s on Netflix.” “No way!” AJ said, surprised. “OK, what are you doing right now?” OH MY FUCKING GOD! My heart started to pound. “Erm … nothing!” I replied. “OK, you’re coming to mine and we’re watching Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug!” FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! “Ummm … OK!” I nervously replied. My head was fucking spinning. AJ Jones was inviting me to his house to watch Netflix. Was this really happening? The idea of it seemed to send my whole body into a state of excitement. Me and AJ, sat side by side, watching TV in an intimate setting. Fuck! “Awesome!” AJ said. He was grinning uncontrollably. The most gorgeous and adorable grin. He clearly couldn’t wait to watch an episode of a show he used to love so much. Or maybe it was the idea of the two of us watching it together like we did when we were younger? Of recreating a childhood ritual with an old school friend? Whatever the reason, he could barely stop smiling for the rest of the car journey. Twelve My heart was pounding as we pulled into the drive of AJ’s house. I was actually going inside AJ Jones’ house. What the fuck?! As we got out of the car, I noticed Andy’s motorbike was missing. “Is your mum still with Andy?” I knew they were because I’d spotted his motorbike the week before when AJ had driven us to Scorpio’s the first time. AJ laughed. “Yeah, mate. They got married a few years ago!” “Awww!” I said. I hadn’t expected it, but I felt a warm, fuzzy feeling at the news that AJ’s mum and Andy had gotten married. It was so bizarre. AJ lived in a completely different house to the one I used to visit when I was younger, but it had the exact same smell as the old one. I hadn’t thought about that smell for years. I was suddenly twelve years old again, having a sleepover at my mate, AJ Jones’ house. “Mum!” AJ called. For some reason my stomach twisted in knots at the prospect of seeing AJ’s mum for the first time in years. And then she appeared. It was so weird. A complete blast from the past. She looked almost exactly the same as I’d remembered. Just a little greyer. “Remember Noah from school?” “Of course I remember Noah!” she said. AJ’s mum had one of those smiles that seemed to fill up half of her face. “How have you been, Noah?” Oh fine, Mrs J. I’ve mostly just been perving over your son’s indecently huge, outrageously muscular body and spending every waking moment thinking about how much I wanna kiss him, touch him and cuddle up to him. Oh, and by the way, your now husband, Andy, was solely responsible for about 80% of my teenage wanks. Ker-SPLAT! “Erm … good thanks!” I replied, still slightly nervous. I always seemed to get that way around people from my past who I hadn’t seen for years. I guess I worried that the newer me wasn’t what they were expecting. That they thought I’d turn out better than I had. “AJ said you’d been hanging out. How’s your mum, Noah?” It felt rude to groan. “Yeah, she’s fine. Same old!” “Still a legend, then!” AJ said. Oh God. Like all of my school friends, AJ thought my mum was awesome. Probably because she always made them laugh by embarrassing me so much in front of them. I felt annoyed by AJ’s reaction, but also strangely proud. Like, “Go, mum!” “I hope AJ’s not getting you into all this bodybuilding stuff?” she asked. The word sounded so strange coming from her lips. She wasn’t exactly the type of person you’d expect to hear it from. The right side of AJ’s mouth curled into a mischievous grin in response to his mum’s question. “Yep! I’m turning Noah into a shredded freak!” OH MY FUCKING GOD! I blushed furiously. Mrs Jones shook her head. “First I have to put up with Andy, then my son gets into it!” Poor Mrs Jones. Surrounded by lads who just wanna get huge and shredded. “Yeah, you’ve only got yourself to blame. Shacking up with a bodybuilder when I was an impressionable teenager!” AJ teased. It was weird to see that version of AJ. The version his mum sees. He was still cheeky and funny. Just, more restrained. And a little more well behaved. His mum didn’t seem to annoy him like mine did, either. Despite her comments, I got the impression Mrs Jones didn’t really interfere or disapprove of what AJ was doing all that much. She always had seemed really easy going. Maybe that’s where AJ got it from? As I followed AJ up the stairs I could barely wipe the smile from my face. I still couldn’t believe what was happening. I didn’t know what was more responsible for the warm, dizzy feeling surging through me. The fact that I was back in AJ Jones’ house, or the fact I was following the huge, gorgeous, competitive bodybuilder I’d fallen head over heels for to his bedroom. The first thing that hit me when I entered AJ’s bedroom was the pungent smell. Masculine, boyish and insanely fucking sexy. I was turned on instantly. As I’d imagined, there were pictures of shredded bodybuilders in competition on the blue walls, which were doing nothing to tame my raging hard on. All of the bodybuilders were famous pros, apart from a picture of AJ himself, on stage and flexing out a crab most muscular with his eyes jammed shut and his tongue sticking out in the most outrageous fashion. I don’t know why I loved the fact that he had a picture of himself on the wall. It was so cocky, but just so typically AJ. I also couldn’t help feeling a rush at the discovery that many of AJ’s favourite bodybuilders were also mine. Including, apparently, Blaine Holton. The bodybuilder in the video I’d been watching the morning I’d bumped into him at Tesco. Thank God I had my backpack to hold in front of me to hide my erection. “Sit down, mate!” Fuck! Still buzzing, I perched on the edge of AJ’s double bed. I recognised the blue duvet from the picture he’d sent me of his lime green posing trunks. A pair of trunks which were no doubt tucked away somewhere in this very room. I suddenly had an image of myself frantically rummaging through his chest of drawers when he went to the toilet to try and find them. Not that I actually would. AJ had picked up his TV remote and was navigating through Netflix. “I can’t believe I’m about to watch Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug! I used to love this show so much. It is on here. Oh my God!” It was so fucking adorable how excited AJ was about seeing an old cartoon he used to love. Though pretty much everyone our age loved and got excited at the mention of this childhood classic. “Budge up, future shredded muscle freak!” As I manoeuvred to the left side of the bed, and AJ plonked himself down next to me, I could barely wipe the smile off my face. I would never have imagined that simply sitting next to someone on their bed would give me such a rush of excitement. But then I also never imagined I’d be sitting on the bed of a painfully gorgeous competitive bodybuilder like AJ. To the left of me, I had the likes of Blaine Holton and Chris “Freaky” Jackson, inhuman muscle monsters flexing in competition on AJ’s wall (FUCK) and to my right, I had the boy I was fast becoming infatuated with, and attracted to more than anyone else I’d met in real life; an actual bodybuilder (DOUBLE FUCKING FUCK). AJ looked over at me in that moment and I felt like my heart had actually stopped beating for a moment because he clearly caught me grinning. I panicked, but then his mouth curled into the most adorable little grin in response. It was almost as if AJ was enjoying our encounter as much as I was, which was surely next to fucking impossible. But while AJ was clearly just enjoying hanging out with an old school friend he used to have sleepovers with, I was feeling happy for entirely different reasons. “Oh my God! I remember this one!” AJ exclaimed as the episode started. “Is this the one with the rabbits who can’t stop partying?” “YES!” AJ exclaimed. “I loved this episode!” I couldn’t believe how close my body was to AJ’s. Just sitting next to him on his bed was so mind bogglingly erotic. His huge thighs just inches away from mine and his enormous shoulders close to my regular sized ones as we were both propped up against his wall. My knees were bent. I didn’t dare put my legs down because he would have seen my huge hard on poking out of my trackies. When the episode had almost finished, AJ caught me looking at the assorted pictures of hardcore bodybuilders on his wall. “Is it really bad that I’ve got a picture of myself on my wall?” AJ asked. “Hmmm. It’s a bit cocky. But I can’t say I’m exactly surprised!” I cheekily replied. AJ did one of his cute, little giggles. “So, which of those guys impresses you the most?” Oh God. My heart started pounding and I suddenly felt nervous. “Other than that cocky little fucker in the lime green posers?” AJ cheekily added. I grinned. “Ummm …” I began nervously. “This guy looks pretty awesome!” I said, blushing and pointing to the picture of Blaine Holton. AJ beamed. “Hell yeah! That’s Blaine Holton! He’s a fucking MONSTER! Abs like bricks. Massive pecs.” FUCK! My hard on was juddering furiously listening to AJ describe one of my favourite muscle freaks in such an incredibly hot manner. “His glutes are huge too!” JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! “Sorry! Glutes are the muscles in your arse!” he said with a devilish grin. As if I didn’t bloody know! “He’s got that bubble look which I love! Like his muscle’s really POP?” You’re fucking killing me here! “I think I’ve got that a bit,” he added. And he really fucking had! I really wanted to reply and share some of the many, many thoughts that were racing through my head on the selection of muscle bulls on AJ’s bedroom wall, but I just didn’t have the nerve. “OK, check out this guy’s biceps!” AJ said pointing to famous pro bodybuilder, Chris “Freaky Peaks” Jackson. I blushed furiously. I was so fucking nervous and I hated it. “Wow!” was all I could muster. “They’re INSANE! Imagine having biceps like that?” And then he made this deep, growling noise. Like an actual, “GRRRR!” which caused pre-cum to seep out into my boxers. Fuck, fuck, FUCK. “You’d be too shy to flex ‘em,” he said, teasingly, as he looked at me with the most adorable little smile. His joke gave me some much needed confidence. “Hmmm. What’s this guy doing on your wall, though? I don’t think he’s gonna be winning any competitions any time soon!” I said, pointing to the picture of AJ cranking out a crab most muscular. “Cheeky fucker!” AJ reached round, grabbed the pillow he was propped up against and playfully hit me with it on my legs. “Why’s he sticking his tongue out?” I added. “Cause he’s a cocky little shit. And he thinks he’s a lot bigger than he is!” AJ playfully replied. “Hmmm. I dunno. He looks pretty big to me!” As soon as I said it I blushed, but AJ looked at me with this gorgeous, dizzy little grin. I wanted to melt. Amazingly, it felt like something was happening between us. Something way more than just two friends sharing a moment. And then I told myself that it wasn’t. Of course it fucking wasn’t. “Shall we watch another episode?” he asked. “Deffo!” AJ reached for the remote. As we sat watching another episode of “Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug”, it felt like my whole body was buzzing. I would have given anything to manoeuvre down, move just a few inches closer to AJ, wrap my arm around his waist and bury my head in the bright red material of his “Scorpio’s Gym” hoodie. Resting my head and sinking my face into his indecently pumped chest as he cuddled me and kissed me on the head. I wanted it so much my heart almost ached. But this was good enough. Just being here with AJ. In fact, I couldn’t believe how happy it made me just to be with him, sharing this moment, laughing along to our favourite childhood TV programme. Sharing all these moments that I knew I wouldn’t be able to forget. There was literally no where on Earth I would have rather been in that moment, and I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I had felt that way. Who would have thought that one single trip to Tesco would have led me to that?
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    Ten As soon as we got inside Scorpio’s, a giant of a muscle man at about 6’5 passed us. Although he was completely covered up by a black tracksuit, he still looked like an absolute tank. He was built like a brick shit house with a scary looking tattoo running up his neck. “Alright, AJ!” As soon as we’d passed him, AJ shot me a cheeky grin. He’d obviously wanted to see what my reaction was, and could probably tell from the look of my face that I was rather terrified at the sheer size of the monster he’d just said hello to. I doubt my expression had given away the fact that I was also rather turned on by the encounter, though. “OK, he probably would put you into a protein shake and eat you for a meal!” AJ said, grinning. The guy at reception wasn’t quite a monster, but he was still fairly muscular. Not to mention fit as fuck. I felt instantly shy in his presence, and, stupidly, couldn’t help but feel giddy when AJ introduced me as his “old mate, Noah”. It was only when we were walking into the changing room that the nerves made a comeback. “Oh, remember when I told you I could probably get away with just wearing my lime green posing trunks at the gym?” AJ asked me, with a deadpan face. OH MY GOD!! “Well, I’d thought I’d give that a go today!” JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! I was literally speechless. AJ’s expression then softened and he giggled. “Your face!” he exclaimed. “As if I fucking would!” It wasn’t just the idea of AJ wearing nothing but his posing trunks, but the mere fact that he’d mentioned his “lime green posers” to me that made my heart leap into my throat and caused me to furiously blush. But I couldn’t help smirking too. What a fucking rush to hear AJ joke about wearing just his outrageously coloured trunks. God, I loved it. “I really could if I wanted to though!” he exclaimed, raising his eyebrows. Already wearing my gym clothes, I threw my backpack into AJ’s locker and he did the same. My heart pounded as he then started to lift his bright red hoodie up and over his head. Fully expecting to see him wearing a t-shirt like me, I almost gasped when he revealed himself to be wearing just a tight fitted, khaki green vest instead. FUCKING HELL!! It was the most of AJ’s body I’d seen in the flesh since we’d been reunited two weeks before. Free from any t-shirt material, his arms looked more monstrous than ever. Thick, outrageously developed and obscenely muscular. I couldn’t get over the size of his shoulders either. It was like two half watermelons had been shoved underneath his brilliantly tanned, silky smooth skin. The top of his pecs peeked out over the top of his vest too. Thick cushions of chest meat, with a deep groove separating them. It was the most amazing, mind boggling and hottest image, and it was right in front of me. I couldn’t help but look. As much as I tried not to, my eyes just kept going back to the mini muscle monster in front of me, and the slabs of crazily developed mass bulging off his upper body. I dread to think what my face must have looked like in that moment. No doubt part fear, part intimidation and part amazement. AJ seemed to notice that the reveal of more of his body had had an effect on me too. It clearly wasn’t the first time the sight of his muscles had caused such an effect on someone. Far from looking uncomfortable or surprised though, I got the sense he not only expected me to have such a reaction, but he was getting an ever so slight kick out of it, too. Try as he might, AJ just couldn’t mask a cheeky, smug, and incredibly sexy smirk. What AJ didn’t know was just how much of an effect his body was having on me, and just how special it was for me to be in the presence of a competitive bodybuilder spilling out of a little vest, and walking into a hardcore bodybuilding gym. The atmosphere seemed to completely shift the minute AJ took his hoodie off. It was like his body just exuded this incredible, unspoken power. He was a huge, freaky bodybuilder who’d pushed his body to insane limits, and I was just this average built mere mortal, lucky enough to even be in his presence. The actual gym at Scorpio’s was nothing like I had expected it to be, either. I had imagined some dark, dank, hellhole full of old, dirty weights and packed full of meatheads grunting and screaming with their reps and throwing heavy weights around. Instead, it was a large, clean space with white walls and a grey floor and an array of impressive weight machines, about three times the amount of the Little Denton Leisure Centre’s gym had. The main clue that it wasn’t a typical high street gym were the plentiful pictures of huge, shredded, competition conditioned bodybuilders on the walls. Many famous, big name pros, and most of whom I recognised. It was so surreal to be in a public space looking at images of the kind of hardcore, freaky bodybuilders that I usually only ever saw sitting at home on my laptop or phone. Trailing behind AJ and checking out his thick upper back, I couldn’t help but giddily grin at where I was, and exactly who I was there with. AJ clocked my grin and gave me a suspicious smirk. “You OK?” he asked. “Yeah!” I replied sheepishly. He continued to look at me suspiciously, all the time flashing me a cheeky grin. God. If only he’d known what was going through my mind. “So, is it what you were expecting?” he asked he as we walked through the gym. “Erm … sort of!” “Not that scary really, is it? Well … apart from the pictures of the huge freaks on the wall!” OH MY GOD. I gave AJ a coy grin. “Hopefully I’ll be up there one day! Will you still wanna message me on Facebook when I’m a three hundred pound muscle monster, Noah?” HELL FUCKING YES! And there went my pants. Twitching away again. Twitch, twitch, fucking twitch. “So, I know you were planning do legs today, but do you wanna follow my chest routine instead?” AJ asked me. “Erm … sure!” “I didn’t wanna take you here and then abandon you. Thought you’d feel more comfortable if we stuck together?” Thoughtful, sweet, considerate, cute, and oh yeah, bursting with thick, solid, crazily developed muscle mass all over this fucking body. AJ Jones, could you BE any more fucking perfect? Many lads in my position would probably have felt inferior training with AJ. But considering I’d never been the least bit competitive, had next to no ego and had never had even the slightest inclination to be anything close to an “Alpha male” (some bodybuilder I’d make!) I had absolutely no qualms about the fact that every time I took over a machine after AJ had used it I had to lower the weight to about three times lighter than he’d used. Or that every single one of his muscle groups were twice as big and muscular as mine were. The more AJ trained, the more pumped his upper body became. By the end of the session his chest was bulging and his arms looked they were about to burst. And then one brief but utterly amazing moment unfolded. Something that will stay in my memory forever. I was taking over the bench press from AJ. Seated and looking up at AJ standing over me as he studied his reflection and his freshly pumped muscles in the large mirrors covering the end wall of the gym. Then, in one split second, he bought both of his forearms up, placed his fists together and flexed into a quick most muscular pose. FUCKING HELL! It was possibly one of the hottest fucking things my eyes had ever seen. And the craziest thing was, when he looked down and noticed that I’d seen him, he looked slightly embarrassed. It was bonkers, adorable, and just made me like him just that little bit more. Five minutes before we’d finished, AJ excitedly turned to me. “So, mate, remember I said you should get some tips from Mark Green about how to overcome shyness?” “Umm … yeah?” I curiously replied. “Well now’s your chance!” My heart jumped into my throat. “That’s him over there!” AJ excitedly said. I looked over to where AJ’s attention was, and sure enough, sitting on a leg incline machine, was 6’3 regional bodybuilding champion and all round muscle monster Mark Green, looking like an absolute brick shithouse in a black tracksuit. He was even more handsome than on video. Still rough around the edges, charmingly daddy-esque, as bald as anything and just all round fucking hotter in the flesh. “Wanna say hi?” Oh God. My stomach did a somersault. “Oooh … I dunno!” AJ grinned. “Awww. Come on, mate! He’s a good lad!” As Mark finished his set, AJ dragged me over to meet him. I nervously followed, my stomach in knots. “Alright Mark, mate!” AJ said. I noticed that AJ seemed to suddenly become a lot more laddish when he spoke to guys that weren’t me. “Hi, AJ!” Wow. He was a lot more soft spoken that I would have imagined. It was bonkers. Then I’d remembered what AJ said about him being really gentle and kinda shy. “The bodybuilder version of you”. Small talk followed and I stood there feeling like an absolute gooseberry. Mark didn’t even acknowledge me until AJ introduced me. “This is my mate, Noah. It’s his first time here!” We awkwardly said hi to each other. I felt instantly nervous the minute he looked at me. He really was fucking huge, even covered up. An absolute mountain of a man beast. I knew exactly what was hiding under that tracksuit too. Slab after slab of huge, hard, working class British beef, ready to be flexed and squeezed. Fuck yeah! It was almost fucking ridiculous how much I was turned on in his presence . One simple double bicep pose from this guy and I’d probably cream in my pants on the spot. “Noah wants to be a shredded freak like us!” OH MY FUCKING GOD!! I blushed so hard, and Mark grinned at AJ. “Well, you’re in the right company with this one,” Mark cheekily said, referring to AJ. I nervously smiled back. All my social ability seemed to have gone out the window. As we walked away, I felt the biggest rush. I had just met, and spoken to a genuine muscle monster and regional bodybuilding champion. “So, now you’ve met the bodybuilding version of you!” AJ said, with a gorgeous grin. I giddily grinned back at him. As we headed back into the changing rooms to the sound of showers running, I suddenly wondered whether AJ was going to whip off his vest and use the facilities. The thought of seeing AJ in nothing but a towel, his gorgeous, lumpy bumpy abs bursting through his little tummy excited me as much as it did terrify me. How the fuck was I supposed to hide my overwhelming attraction to him if he were standing right in front of me with his freakishly muscular torso on full display? I was almost relieved when AJ simply popped his bright red Scorpio’s hoodie on instead. The moment his body suddenly wasn’t exposed, the atmosphere seemed to shift back to how it was before. He was no longer this huge bodybuilder in a vest ready to pump up his enormous muscles. He was the cute, gorgeous, funny AJ I’d been exchanging messages with on Facebook again. “So …” AJ mysteriously said, playing with his phone. “I promised to show you a picture of a super duper shredded bodybuilder, didn’t I?” Oh God. My pulse quickened, though I was more excited than nervous. “I warn you now. You will be shocked. You might even wanna throw up!” he said, barely able to mask a smug grin. I was grinning like mad at the comment, but I also suddenly felt oddly nervous about what AJ would make of my reaction. The image of a super shredded bodybuilder wouldn’t shock me anywhere near the degree it would for others, because I was so accustomed to seeing them. I would probably have to fake a shocked reaction in case AJ got suspicious. He held his phone out for me, then quickly pulled it back to his chest. “Hmmm. I’m actually not sure I wanna show you this,” he said. I couldn’t help thinking how fucking sweet it was that AJ was worried about freaking me out or scaring me. AJ winced, bit his lip and cautiously held out his phone for me again and I was suddenly faced with the rear image of one of the most freakishly conditioned muscle freaks I’d ever seen. A thousand lines in his inhuman glutes and the most prominent and craziest Christmas tree lower back just above his shiny red posing trunks. As it turned out, I didn’t have to fake a reaction at all. I guess that’s one of the most amazing things about freaky muscle. No matter how many images I see, I still have the ability to be freaked out, shocked or blown away by seeing a particular image of extreme muscle for the very first time. I must have looked so shocked. AJ was looking at me nervously, but he looked excited too. It was so surreal looking at such an image in public and actually in front of someone who was waiting for my reaction. My heart was thumping. I had no idea what I was supposed to say. “Pretty freaky, huh?” AJ asked. I nodded. “That is … WOW!” AJ was grinning like mad. “You never know, mate. That could be you one day!” he teased. I bit my lip and sheepishly smiled and AJ giddily grinned back at me. My chest seemed to expand. As I handed his phone back to him, I felt a surge of bravery. “Hmmm. It does look a bit like something from an Alien film, though!” AJ did one of his cute, little giggles as he took his phone back. “He’d probably love you for saying that! Oh, and I’ve got something else to show you before we go. You’ll laugh when you see it!” he mysteriously said to me with a cheeky grin. As we headed out of the changing room, AJ lead me to a place left of the reception area of the gym. There were several booths, with one or two rather big lads sat in tracksuits and a bar where a guy was offering protein drinks. We walked past all of this and headed straight for a wall at the back. My heart jumped into my throat when I saw what was on it. A big drawing board featuring tons of pictures of competitive bodybuilders. All tanned and shredded and flexing on stage. Fuck! “Recognise him?” AJ said pointing to a picture of a trio of young bodybuilders. None of them particularly huge or in shape. But I did, in fact, very much recognise the bodybuilder in the middle. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed. It was AJ. But not as he looked now. He looked younger, more baby faced, and had about half the muscle mass he owned that day. He looked half way between the AJ I remember from Year 11 at school and the mini roid monster standing beside me in that moment. “That was my very first bodybuilding competition two years ago.” “You look so young!” I said. “And you look … nervous!” “I told you I was!” he said. There was no outrageously cocky facial expression or any such evidence of the cheeky attitude I’d seen in the recent Facebook photos of AJ on stage. Instead, he looked like a rabbit in a headlight as he tried with all his little might to squeeze out a most muscular pose. “Look at those posing trunks too! God, they’re awful!” AJ exclaimed. And they really were. Black, matte and oversized. “Aaaaand … here I am again, over here,” AJ said, directing me to a photo a few steps to the left. “Much better!” he said with a mischievous grin. And there it was. A recent picture of AJ, huge and shredded, his lips pursed in animated, arrogant fashion as he hit a front lat spread and pulled up the straps of his obscenely shiny, lime green trunks. Not just any picture, either. The exact same picture from his Facebook profile I’d wanked off to just two weeks before. Fuck! I blushed as I remembered this fact. A dozen questions went through my head. I wanted to ask AJ if he’d set out to buy the shiniest, brightest and nastiest posing trunks he could find. I wanted to ask him exactly why he occasionally pulled the straps of those very trunks up. And I wanted to ask him what it was like to compete. To stand on stage, huge and jacked, caked in tan and showing off his superhuman slabs of muscle mass. I wanted to ask him all of those questions that had been racing through my head as I’d been watching that video of Blaine Holton in a guest posing spot two weeks before, about half an hour before I’d bumped into AJ in the meat aisle of my local supermarket. But I couldn’t. The words just wouldn’t come out. And so I reverted to the cheeky, humorous banter we’d been indulging in all week over Facebook. “What would happen if you turned up to a shift at Tesco’s wearing those?” AJ released a short, sharp laugh. “I’ll tell you what, mate. When you’re a shredded muscle freak, we’ll both go into Tesco’s wearing just our posing trunks and we’ll see what happens!” I grinned. “Hmmm. Deal!” I looked at AJ in that moment, both of us giddily grinning at each other. I just wanted to reach out, wrap my arm around him, bring my face to his and kiss him, before burying my head in his shoulders and just sinking my body into his. I knew that no such thing was ever going to happen, but I couldn’t help it. Something twisted in my stomach in that moment. I knew I couldn’t stop the feelings I was having for AJ, nor did I even want to. I could no longer deny it to myself. I was falling hard for AJ Jones.
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    (Hey guys, this story is a collaboration by Mguy and Gaiser. We came up with the story, Mguy wrote it, I did the art work. I may be the one posting the story, please remember to credit and give your compliments to Mguy as well. Enjoy. Mguy: https://muscle-growth.org/profile/183-mguy/ ) Erik got to the gym later than most. It had been a long day at work. As usual he was the last to leave the office, working longer on his projects than anyone else. Not that his co-workers would notice as they routinely left him on his own, not trusting him to be able to think about anything but his next meal. This same isolating social behavior had dogged Erik since high school. Starting out small, Erik took to weights like a duck to water. It was only a matter of time before he fell in love with bodybuilding, and when he did, he fell hard. Never a social butterfly, the discipline required to be a success in bodybuilding isolated Erik at a time when his peers could be their cruelest. Though college was easier than high school on a social level, Erik stuck with his true love, the love of muscle. He took his body to the limits, broke through all barriers, and then went beyond until there was no going back. As he became big and then even bigger, Erik was able to get his way simply by using his muscles to intimidate and at times outright bully others. If people couldn’t appreciate what he had accomplished or shunned him because they thought he was a brainless musclehead, why not give them a taste of what they expected. ”The gym feels cool tonight,” thought Erik, "but I’ll be overheated and dripping with sweat inside of a quarter hour anyway." Walking down the hallway into the locker room, Erik felt like a gladiator entering the arena from the tunnel under the bleachers, the strong, chosen one, ready for all challenges. Erik was at his best when alone. He barely noticed that there was a new kid, who was working the late shift at the gym. As he passed the mirrors, Erik checked out the physique that would give any guy whiplash as he walked by. Erik raised his left arm, creating a peak of absolute perfection as the steely hard bicep bulged skyward. He swung the other arm into a stunning front double-biceps pose. Erik flexed his huge upper body followed by the sound of fabric tearing. His tight dress shirt, once capable of containing his torso, lost its ability to do so. Erik's 23.5 inch biceps exploded out of the seams. The tear in the sleeves grew and opened up like a peeling banana. He began twisting his wrists to show the thickness of his bowling pin forearms. Erik grabbed his left wrist and brought his arms under his chest for an outstanding side-chest pose. His flimsy shirt stretched to its limits as his huge pecs ballooned outwards. The buttons began to vibrate like a glass in an earthquake. Erik struck a jaw dropping lat-spread that defined the letter V. He then did an impressive most-muscular which ripped the shirt collar around his neck and exposed his mountainous trapezius muscles. His massive deltoids literally capped off the top of his V. Erik tore the remains of his shirt off tossing them in the trash not noticing that there was a new guy working the late shift and that he had seen everything. Erik turned his attention to his lower body. Removing his dress shoes, socks and slacks, he flexed his feet, calves and massive quads. He extended his right leg forward shaking his thigh into a rippling mass of superhuman muscle. His quads, like his biceps which filled out the shirt sleeve, filled out the shorts he has squeezed into. His calves were ripped and finished with feet that could only be described as equally ripped and muscular. Erik flexed his hamstrings bulging rearward and his rounded glutes which were high and tight and reeked of power. Before the mirror stood one god of a man: blond haired and 6'2, 265 lbs of rippled striated contest muscle that only top pros achieved – but better. At 25 years old, Erik was proud of his achievement. He flexed so hard that his veins were engorged with blood. Erik took pride in his well developed and defined abs which were hard and taut, forming an 8-pack with very well defined obliques. As Erik flexed, his red shorts grew tighter as his crotch bulged outward. Erik's glutes were stretching out the ass of his shorts. Erik was fucking pumped! He knew he could spew hot cum all over the mirror, but that would have to wait. First Erik needed to attack the weights which would reward him with the muscle he was so in love with. Erik set his bag down pulled out his water bottle, shake bottle, workout log, pen, sweat towel, gloves, and tank top. He slipped the top on adjusting it so that it fit snug accentuating each muscle on his torso and entered the gym. Erik moved through his workout with the precision of a skilled athlete. He instinctively knew what his body needed. An extra rep here and additional weight there. His body hummed like a powerful BMW. Nearing the end of his workout, Erik grabbed the 90 lb. Dumbbells , taking deep breaths…Clang! “Shit, that new kid banged some weights.” Erik looked over to see if the kid was OK and started over. Erik said to himself, "Focus. Fall back and leverage the weights above shoulders. How bad do you want it?" Nine reps. Rest for ten to fifteen deep breaths. Twelve, thirteen go! Heave the dumbbells up. At least four this time, dammit. AAARGH. Four. Drop the weights. Rest again. Longer. Fourteen deep breaths. Three reps, fouuuuuuur, slow slow slow down… fuck! Now extreme stretch with the 35s. Arms hanging off the sides of the bench. Stretched out like a crucifix. Fuck, the pec muscles feel like they are ripping off the sternum … pain… 58… 59… 60 seconds! Chest done! The workout complete. Erik sat up and flexed in the mirror. The tank top stretched so tight that you could see the upper pecs all engorged and vascular. Erik flexed again. He told himself that he wasn't showing off, but hell, yeah he was! "But it’s also good to squeeze and force the blood into the muscle after hitting it," Erik said to himself, "Most guys are too shy to do this, but fuck shy, fuck what anyone thinks. Is this not bodybuilding?" Erik thought about the other guys he had seen while working his way up just flailing about. Erik didn't look down on anyone, but if they want big muscles, why couldn't they be honest and train for that, instead of just doing the same useless crap over and over. Erik focused in the mirror and told himself, “I mean, Fuck! Look at me! You know what I am about. You see me train, and everything is focused on one goal: MASS. You gotta have it in you. They just don’t get it. They want to know my ‘secret’. Fuck Dudes! It’s a feeling, the way you move the weights. Takes years of dedication. Few guys make it that far.” By the time Erik left college, he knew he had crossed over. Erik was a stunning mountain of muscle. Erik peeled off his sweaty tank top, tossed it on the bench, and centered himself in the mirror. He brings his arms up for a front double biceps. Not bad, he says to himself, maybe arms farther back. Yeah, there it is. The peaks were high and sharp. Erik noticed that kid was looking on. “Damn!!!” was all the smaller man could muster. He looked at Erik's legs. “Fuck, your wheels are sick!” Erik jiggled his huge quad muscle like a huge piece of meat from one side to the other, then he tensed “Bam!” His thigh rippled into a solid, corded mass. Stupid bodybuilder tricks. Erik just smiled, and started over. Front double biceps, front lat spread, turn to the side, side chest pose, side triceps… Erik couldn't see his own back, but he did the poses anyway. He hit the “most-muscular” pose, and the look on that twinky gym employee’s face said it all! The kid straightened up shaking out the tension. He looked like he was deciding whether to flee, but in truth he was hooked. “Damn you look good! How much longer till your contest?” Erik gave himself an appraising look in the mirror and snarled, “Fuck! I do this for me!” “Well, you look… good now… to me… “Yeah? Who made you the expert? What’s your name?” "Tim." Tim was not here by chance. He had taken this job in the hopes of finding a big man. Tim wanted muscle – and lots of it. He was working this shift because he had heard about the mysterious mountain of muscle called Erik and needed to check him out for himself. As Tim watched Erik in the mirrors, he took a look at himself in one of the mirrors. He was medium height, on the thin side, but tight and nicely defined. His legs were a little thicker than you would expect from the size of the rest of him, because he was a dedicated biker. His hair was closely cropped and was a light brown color. From an early age, Tim had been fascinated by musclemen, he collected old comics, but paid more attention to the Weider ads in the back of comics than he did to the Marvel superheroes. He had a collection of muscle magazines and YouTube clips, but he always hungered for the real thing. A few times he had been lucky enough to meet up with a guy who was muscular, but only once or twice were they really into showing off. Tim loved the thought of a big strong man posing for him, getting off on how much Tim was turned on by the muscle display. He didn't have to be Mr. Olympia – though that would be great! – he just had to have an attitude! When he first saw Erik enter tonight, Tim's heart immediately started hammering in his chest. The man's back was wide from the sweep of well-developed lats, and tapered down to a taut looking waist. The stud's triceps flexed slightly as his arms swung at his sides as he swaggered down the hall. Thick deltoids capped his torso, and as he turned the corner Tim got a quick look at a broad chest. Tim continued following the guy ahead, and his cock was already beginning to fill out a little. When Tim turned the corner he saw that the big man finishing his work out, he was hooked. Watching Erik pose, Tim could make out the definition of the slightly flexed thick quad muscles and a nicely defined six pack which gave way to the thick muscles of his pecs. Tim guessed that Erik was a tad taller than his 5'10", and far outweighed him and all of that was muscle! Eric looked at Tim, and then he tensed his arm straight down. If Tim had been impressed with the rippling triceps before, now that the horseshoe was fully flexed he became excited. Even from this distance Tim could see the veins in the guy's forearms starkly revealed, and the tie-in between the delts and the triceps was like a chasm between two mountains of muscle. Tim's mouth was dry. He didn't want to get his hopes up, but this guy was so hot. As Erik stared into the mirror, he realized that Tim was quite good looking and had a good build, but there was something else. Erik sensed that Tim had a profound appreciation of muscle. A few more poses validated that thought. Tim was in awe. And what's more – the growing mound in his shorts proved it. Having done every conceivable pose, Erik's body was pumped! All of his muscles bulged with power. Erik knew he had done well as he left the gym and headed to the showers. Tim followed Erik, this time even more in unafraid of the pumped physique that stood before him. Tim started to slowly walk toward the beefy man, who suddenly turned his way, now with a little smirk on his face. Eric immediately flexed his pecs. Tim sucked in his breath as he saw them bunch up into humps of sexy muscle. Erik's arms rested at a different angle than they had before, pushed out by his flared back, and his steps had taken on a rolling gait so that his thighs could get around each other. In the shower, Erik lifted his face to the spray, feeling his biceps flex and grow as he brushed his hair back. Slowly, he let his hands roam down his water-slick body, feeling his pecs as they heaved with each breath. He gently squeezed his left nipple with his right hand, and then twisted it fiercely, gasping with pain and pleasure. The muscle beneath his flesh was rock-hard, his chest two massive slabs. As his right hand played with his nipple, his left dropped below his rib cage, moving up and down his abs, feeling each mound. He flexed, stretched, then flexed again, his whole body absorbed with the pleasure and the feeling of this pumped muscles. He was oblivious to everything as his right hand left his chest and slowly grasped and squeezed his hard dick. A lightning bolt of pleasure filled him at the contact, and slowly he began to stroke. His dick was long and thick. It pulled at his groin and was such an incredible sight which grew with every lengthened stroke. It felt so sexy, and that with his pumped up muscle, made him feel so masculine and powerful. He felt like there was nothing he couldn’t do. The only thoughts in his mind were about how good this felt. His breathing and stroking sped up, as he realized that his whole body felt made for this, for the approaching orgasm. He felt like someone had injected pure sex into his body. The weight of his body and cock made him feel like a lumbering giant, a beast of raw sexual energy, sated for now, but he could feel the stirrings of arousal rising in him. Erik opened his eyes and saw Tim buck naked outside the shower and staring at him, his own hand covering his mound. Erik opened his eyes and grinned lustfully at Tim. "I know you want to touch me," the hunk said. Tim tore his eyes away from the huge muscles and looked Erik in the eyes. "Can I?" "I don't know. What makes you think you are worthy to touch these muscles?" “Fuck!! I am a complete muscleaddict!" "Yeah I can tell," Erik said, and smirked. “I’ll bet you dreamed about meeting someone like me." Tim's heart was pounding. "Oh Fuck, yes!" "Your dream is about to come true,” said Erik, as he flexed his pecs and spread his thick lats. Without waiting for a reply, Erik reached down and grabbed Tim's perky ass in his hands and lifted the smaller man up. Tim placed his hands around Erik’s thick muscular neck and wrapped his legs around his waist. Erik stood in the shower and held Tim up with ease. Tim felt the powerful trapezius muscles as he slid his hands down and moved one over to Erik's shoulder. Tim was getting excited by the feel of the solid flesh underneath his hand. He thought of the power contained in those muscles. “Check out this bicep,” Erik said. He raised his arm out straight and clenched his fist. Tim saw the cords in Erik's forearm appear. Then Erik suddenly brought his fist toward his shoulder and the bicep muscle jumped and thickened into a hard, round mass. There was a small knot on top; Erik worked hard for that great peak on his bicep. Tim felt his mouth going dry as Erik relaxed his arm, then slowly flexed it again, so that the bicep contracted just inches away from Tim's face. "So what do you think?" Erik asked. “Fuck it’s so thick!” Tim said. "Yeah, and cut too. Look at that vein crossing the top there. Just waiting for your tongue." Erik needed no further invitation and his face dove toward the muscle in front of him. He traced the length of the vein as Erik whispered, "Suck it boy.” Tim placed his mouth on the hard peak of muscle which flowed under his lips as Erik relaxed and flexed it a few times. Erik lifted up his arm and Tim’s mouth instinctively travelled down to the hairy pit that was revealed. Tim rubbed his nose and face there, breathing in the musty male scent. Tim’s eyes were wide open as he continued his exploration of Erik's hard body. His hot mouth moved over to Erik's rippling right pec, and the big man tensed it so that it hardened underneath his lips. "Suck my tits, boy! Work this big man's chest!" Tim felt Erik's hand clamp onto the back of his head and then his face was pressed against the unyielding pec muscle. Tim's head was surrounded by muscle as Erik worked his arm behind his head and smashed his face into the side of his muscular chest, and into the armpit. After breathing in the musky scent of Erik’s pit, Tim had to gasp for air through his mouth, not wanting to let go of the nipple he had been sucking on, but needing to breathe nonetheless. Tim reached his hand up to run along Erik's side and around his back as far as he could reach. "Yeah feel those lats. Wide as a handball court," said Erik. He arched his back slightly and spread his lats, which Tim now stroked on both sides. "God, you are so hot!" Tim moaned. "I could feel your muscles all night long." "I bet you could, little man," Erik replied. "A fucking stud flexing, posing – you would spend all week worshipping me if I let you." Tim had a raging hard on at this point. His 7 inch dick was pulsing, pressed hard against Erik’s pecs. His cock stuck out stiffly, a bead of pre-cum glistening at the piss slit. Erik reached over and brushed Tim's hand aside and squeezed Tim's cockhead. After that, Tim was lost to sensation. Erik smirked and said, "Not bad for a little guy,” but in reality, Tim had reached a depth that Erik didn't know existed. Erik knew how to build muscle, but Tim masterfully worked them into a sexual frenzy. Erik lowered Tim he pressed his fingers around Tim’s cock. Tim’s hand brushed against the ridges of the abdominal muscles that rose above the Erik’s pubic hairs. Erik’s cock was not quite erect yet. Tim watched as it grew longer and thicker. It was a beauty, very thick around with a large mushroom head that was a deep purple as more blood pumped into the cock. Veins ran along the shaft, as prominent as the veins that ran along Erik's forearms. Tim saw the heavy balls hanging amid a bush of pubic hair. Tim attempted to encircle the big tool with the fingers of his right hand, while his left continued to play along Erik's solid midsection. The sensations from Erik’s cock and his muscles melded together exploding into a sexual sensation that Erik never experienced. As Erik had been talking Tim had continued to stroke Erik's cock until it was its full rigid length, at least two inches longer than Tim's and much bigger around. Tim looked up from the cock into Erik's eyes. "I will do anything you want, just as long as you flex for me, pose and show off for me, and keep talking!" "For starters, get on your knees before your musclegod," Erik said. Tim immediately dropped down and pressed his cheek against one of Erik’s heavy thighs. His hand caressed Erik's calf muscle, which felt like a rock when Erik stood on his toes to flex it. "You know what to do boy," Erik said coldly. Tim slid his face across the muscular leg, appreciating the definition of the quads, until he was facing the stiff cock. He opened his mouth wide and started to take the dick in. A drop of pre-cum on the tongue tasted slightly salty as Tim took the whole tool into his mouth. Then he began to suck on the big man's dick, taking the balls in one hand while his other felt along the semi-flexed quad muscle of Erik's right leg. "Ooh yeah, baby, you like to suck a muscleman's cock. Love to give me head, make this man feel good." "Mmmmmm," came out of Tim's throat as he continued to work on the rod. He looked up and saw that Erik was looking down at him. Erik's thick pecs jutted out over the rippling ab muscles and Tim reached a hand up to stroke the bottom of the heavy chest muscles. Erik brought his arms up and did a double biceps pose, which made Tim start to emit high pitched snorts. "Jesus, what a stud this guy turned out to be!" Tim thought. "Look at those fucking arms. They are so strong, the way he picked me up like I was nothing!" Erik pulled Tim up to his feet, and the smaller man actually felt wobbly from the intensity of the experience. Erik wrapped his big arms around Tim and squeezed him tightly. Then he brought his face down and started a long passionate kiss. Their tongues were swirling against each other, Erik’s tongue thrusting into Tim's mouth. During the kiss Erik looked directly into Tim's eyes. Erik was hooked. Tim had the whole cock slick with saliva, and had been jerking the base of it while he tongued the purple head. Now Erik put his hands on the sides of Tim's head and pushed Tim forward all the way on his dick. Tim started to gag a little, but then he was able to get a breath and keep up the suction as Erik grabbed his head and held it in place while he used his hips to thrust his cock down Tim's throat. Tim's nose was being slammed into the bush above Erik's cock every time the muscle man powered his crotch forward. He took in deep breaths of the acrid smell and once more tried to look upward. He was grabbing onto Erik's thick thighs to help keep his balance from the onslaught of Erik's hard thrusts. “Enjoying your face fuck?" Erik asked. “Big muscleman shoving his horsedick into your mouth, so you get an idea of what power can do. Yeah, take this cock all the way. I said all the way!" and Erik rammed his dick extra hard into Tim's eager mouth. "Oh yeah man, stroke my balls so I can work up a big load for you. Big load of cum to shoot into your cocksucking mouth. Service this muscleman like he deserves. Oh yeah, feel it, dude. Feel my cum getting ready to shoot. I see you watching me, big fucking muscles flexed, know that you love it man, love to suck a muscleman's dick. Shit, feel my nuts tightening up, here if comes! Unh, unh, UNH, aww FUCK!" Tim felt the first gush of cum out of Erik's cock and made a whimpering noise. He kept his lips firmly clamped around the dick as Erik bucked and squirted more jism into his mouth. Tim was surprised that Erik's leg muscles got even harder as they flexed during his orgasm. As the cum kept squirting into him, Tim looked up again at the rolling ab muscles just above his head, rippling each time Erik shot, his dick now shoved all the way down Tim’s throat. "Shit! Drink my cum," Erik commanded as he pressed Tim's face against his crotch. Finally he released his hold, but Tim kept the slowly softening dick in his mouth. "Oooh yeah, I knew that you would be a good cocksucker. Here's a little reward for you," Erik said. Then he stepped back so that Tim had to reluctantly let Erik's cock slip out of him, a thread of cum and saliva dripping off it. As Tim, still on his knees, looked up, Erik did his version of a most muscular pose. The muscles seemed to explode on his body: striations fanning across his pecs, the three heads of the deltoid muscles starkly exposed, Erik's dense biceps hardened into baseballs, and everywhere a network of veins lay beneath the thin skin. Tim grabbed his own cock in his hand and started jerking it. It felt like he had a nightstick in his hand. He was so turned on from the face fucking service he had just given that this final display of raw muscle was all it took to have him shooting his load after fisting his cock just a few times. The cum flew out of his rigid boner further than he had ever shot before. Landing on Erik’s solid wall of bricks. "You fucking hot animal!" Tim gasped. His eyes were darting everywhere, trying to catch every inch of flexed muscle, and then they lingered on Erik’s face. Erik had a smile again, that look of superiority that made Tim's balls pump as hard on the fourth squirt as they did on the first. Erik stood straight up, flexed his right arm, and sticking his tongue out, licked along the hump of muscle as he looked out of the corner of his eye at Tim. Tim moaned as the last drops of cum dribbled out of his dick. Erik pulled Tim up to his feet, and the smaller man actually felt wobbly from the intensity of the experience. Erik wrapped his big arms around Tim and squeezed him tightly. Again, Erik brought his face down to Tim’s and he locked his lips onto Tim’s and gave him a long, passionate kiss. Erik looked directly into Tim's eyes again, but this time with a tenderness that belied his strength. He knew he had found his man. When Erik released Tim from his grip, Tim raised one hand so that it rested lightly against the huge pec of the man before him. He had also found his man. His muscleman! "God, that was so hot. Fuck you are my fantasy come true! I could give you the adoration you really deserve at my place," Tim said. Erik smiled and said, "Sure, why not?” Erik thought to himself, “Who knew a fucking twink could be so hot!”
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    A few years ago I had a BF although very long-distance who was a bb'er like me. He was about 195, huge chest/lats, 17" arms, slim but muscular legs, dark sexy man beard. I was about 210-215 at the time, 19.5" arms (I think one of the pics in my gallery shows me at this size). We actually met on the bigmuscle site. We emailed, messaged, and talked on the phone constantly, met up when I had business trips although it was very expensive for him since he lives in Nova Scotia. That was when I was my biggest because we talked about growing constantly (he wanted me to be bigger than him), and even though we were apart most of the time physically, my mindset was to grow for him. And grow I did. The times we were together were beyond anything. We'd push each other in the gym super hard, and I would get unbelievably pumped, even reached 20" pumped arms one time. It was really as if we were made for each other. I'd literally produce a male musk that drove him crazy every time I was near him and vice versa. And yes, sex was mind-blowing. I got so aroused with being huge and pumped, growing, and in love with him that I came like a porn star. I've been with a few other men, and he is the only man that has ever affected me like that. There was nothing better than working out and growing with him, and then we'd sleep spooned with my big arms tight around him, breathing in his scent all night. Wow, I really miss it. It was awesome to walk down the street together, two huge guys, and every eye would watch us, male and female. Almost left to marry the guy, but it was just too difficult with him being so far away, and he didn't want to leave his parents who had been having health problems. So if you can find that someone who loves and appreciates the muscle and wants you bigger, that is the best!
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    I can’t be the only one that’s lucky enough to have someone waiting at home to appreciate my hard work. For the last 6 years I arrive home from the gym and he is always waiting to hear about my workout, share a post workout meal, and well a little groping along the way. Off season/ripped up makes no difference he is always supportive. In the end bodybuilding is about me/my sport but there is nothing better than his lusting, or maybe it’s just me in my bikinis or wife beaters that he likes. Whatever -Motivation plus
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    Oh definitely. I have the fantasy of having a buff workout partner and we can flex for each other after a workout and get off on it. Or having a girlfriend who lifts and we just become animals in bed after a workout. The first fantasy is #1 for me though. I always felt only other guys can truly appreciate muscle
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    I like this a lot - love the idea that when i am pumping up, I am gonna have someone worshipping it all later...

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