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    Disclaimers: It’s my first story so criticism is welcome While there is not much of it in this episode, there will be A LOT of violence in future installments. You have been warned. The Police Brute – Episode I Life is meant celebrated, to be enjoyed, to be lived. It is the constant pursuit of happiness, the search for a greater purpose, which keeps us going everyday. But what if you don’t believe there is any greater purpose for you, if you don’t think there is any happiness to be found in your life? Then you end up like me. A short, single and skinny gay police man with no friends, who spends his free time thinking about ways of killing himself. I wasn’t always like this. My life used be close to perfect, until I turned 14. That is when I realized I was gay. From there on it was all downhill. First my parents disowned me and kicked me out of the house, when I came out to them on my 17th birthday. After taking one glance at my parents, everyone could have guessed that this ultra-conservative couple would not tolerate a gay son, but I foolishly thought that they would change their views for me, their only son. Being young, dumb and broke I did what I could to survive, even if it meant doing the unspeakable. It started as a job on the side, once every two weeks, but it quickly turned into a daily affair and I have to tell you, being a young gay prostitute was not easy. I got mistreated, abused or just flat out robbed. When I turned 21, I decided it had been enough. The almost four years of hard, dirty work were finally over. I took all the money I had saved during that time and started college. College was another beast which I had to tame, but after what I had endured it seemed like a walk in park. Still I had problems connecting with people, especially men. Sadly college was over before I could learn how to get over my anxiety. Next up was the police academy. The experiences I had made on the street, had made me want to fight the grave injustices of this world. That was another foolish idea of mine. After 20 weeks I finally got my dream job and it was the shittiest thing in the world. I got overworked, underpaid and after some time I even forgot my original goal. That brings me to a day, that started like any other. I got to the station and waited for my partner, so we could start our patrol. He was late so I slowly got bored and started thinking of ways to end my miserable life. In the end I came to the conclusion that I would chicken out of it like usual. After what felt like an eternity, my boss, Alex came over to me and I thought he was going to tell me my partner called in sick or something, but he just stood there for a few moments until he finally muttered:” Pete...he-he got into a car accident last night. He didn’t make it.” I knew I was supposed feel sad or something, but truth is I didn’t really care for him that much. Alex let me go home to mourn for the weekend. Instead of mourning I watched old comedies on Netflix. When I walked into the station on Monday, I unknowingly began a new life. The first sign came when Lenny, our secretary handed me an XXXL uniform. “Um, I didn’t ask for a new uniform. Besides this one is kind of oversized,” I told him, as I tried to hand back the uniform. “The uniform isn’t for you. It’s for your new partner,” he replied. “Not to fat shame, but don’t people need to meet certain health standards to work here?” I asked. “You’re gonna be surprised,” he smirked. “Your new partner is waiting for you in your office, but first Alex wants to see you. In his office” That was the second odd thing that happened, because Alex barley ever let people into his office. A working theory was that he was secretly a cam-guy, but I believed he was just hiding the fact that he doesn’t do any actual work around here. Turns out I was right. But after arriving in his office I was too preoccupied by other things to realize that. Alex was sitting at his desk, his face plain as if he’d just seen a ghost. Or to be more precise, he was sitting in front of what used to be his desk. Now it was split in half, with dents all over it, looking like someone had broken it in half using their bare hands. I took a seat and instantly felt that something heavy had sat in the chair before me. “John I know these past few days have been hard for you with the passing of Pete, but we have already found a replacement,” he whispered, visibly shaken. “Good,” I replied. “Is there anything wrong?” “Your new partner is...intimidating,” Alex muttered. “He insisted on getting you as a partner, because of a...em...special quality of yours.” With those words he escorted me out of the room without saying anything more. Now I was confused. I approached my office with caution, breathing heavily, scared of what awaited me. Once I arrived at the door, I pulled down the handle and slowly started to push it open. Suddenly a deep, masculine and sensual voice came from inside the office. “You don’t have to be scared. I don’t bite,” he shouted. I stepped inside, only to witness a behemoth of a man who was stripped down to his underwear sitting on my chair. He stood up, so that I could see him in his full glory. The 260lbs man had a face that would give most models a run for their money. Lush black hair, sparkling blue eyes, beautiful lips, a sexy five o’clock and the most gorgeous jaw in the history of man kind. It only got better from there. His neck was as thick as some peoples thighs, with veins snaking over his boulder like shoulders, to his biceps. But calling them biceps was gravely downplaying their monstrosity. They were at least 23 inches with peaks worthy of the Mr. Olympia Stage. I was already drooling before I had even seen the best part. His chest was made of two globes, throbbing at every breath, threatening to explode out of their own skin. Hiding underneath the two balloons were eight stone hard bricks. You would think a man this big would have a huge gut, but no. He was ripped to the shreds with veins protruding out of his abs. Then I looked below his waist, a waist that was no wider than my own, and dropped the oversized uniform I was holding in my hands. Between his two mighty legs, which were almost as thick as my body, was an unbelievably huge bulge, almost visible through the giants thinly stretched underwear. He walked up to me, until I was in arms reach of his body. He lifted his left bicep and flexed it, at which point I let out a slight scream. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a faggot,” he said, as a devilish smile crept over his face.
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    hey man. If that avatar is you, then damn! Great work, bud.
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    Part 6 for these guys. Stay tuned, more to come for them a few stories down the road.. We’ve finished dinner and Jay insists on doing the dishes and cleaning up. He tells me to go out onto the deck and relax and that he’ll be out in a bit. Who I am to argue with this big lug. If he wants to clean up, good for me. I slap him on the ass and walk out of the kitchen area. I open the sliders to the deck and walk over to the in-ground fire pit. Gratefully Stu had an electronic ignition installed or I’d be here for hours trying to get it lit. I get the fire going and sit down in one of the heavily cushioned recliners near it. With the sun setting and a steady ocean breeze, it will be a cool pleasant night, great for sleeping, among other things. I think back to Jay’s comment that this is where we met and most of our happy memories are at the beach and beach house. I had to ruin it by mentioning the unpleasant memory I have of it. But he is right, if it had not been for that incident, we’d have never met. Now I am deep in my memories, thinking back to that fateful day. It was a day similar to today. Beautiful weather, warm temps, warm water, some awesome sex. I’m forever happy Jay and I eventually met. I had just finished classes and was a few days away from graduating with no career plans. I was taking one last weekend off and wanted to spend it at the beach, just relaxing and cruising for hot guys. I had no house to stay in, just the bags in my car, my curly hair, and a positive attitude. I was getting a degree in computer science, but had no prospects for a job. My parents were giving me three months to get my ass in gear and find a job. They would support until the last day of the third month and then I’d find my bags waiting for me on the curb. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with them. I needed to get my ass in gear and find a job. I had done well in college, but working wasn’t at the top of my list. And since they also knew I could be a slacker, the three month time frame was set up. My family had known I was gay for a while and supported me, which made life easier. They’d met all the boyfriends I’d had through high school and college and supported each relationship. If one ever went south, they wouldn’t coddle me. They’d say, “It happens to heterosexuals too, so get up, dust yourself off, and get back out there.” This went a long way in helping me become a strong outgoing person. I like to meet new people, regardless of their sexual preferences and talking just came naturally to me. I’d chat up anyone and if we were attracted to each other, great. If I found out they were straight, again, great, I’d just made a new buddy. In a weird way, Jay and I met up because of my outgoing personality. ** I was at the beach, but was hitting the local gym before heading to the water. I have a great body, weigh 165lbs, 5’11”, tan, trimmed chest and pubic hair, nice pecs and arms, and some pretty good abs, yeah, ok, I have a six pack and like to show them off. Who wouldn’t? So I’m in the gym in a tank top and board shorts just running through a quick upper body routine to get a pump on, then will head to the beach to see what I can snag. I spot a cute looking guy on a flat bench looking over at me. I walk over to say hi ask see if he needs a spot. He’s got the bar loaded to 225lb. He’s a bit bigger than I am, probably 6’1”, 200, good looking body, but he seems to have fallen off the workout wagon and is trying to get back on it for the summer. He sees me coming and I see him look me up and down and think “good, he plays for our team.” “Hi, I’m Max, do you need a spot?” “Yeah, that’d be great. I’m Shawn.” “Cool, need a lift off, how many you going for?” “Yeah, a lift would be great, going for 5.” “Ok.” I get behind the bench and get into position. “3, 2, 1.” And we lift the bar off the supports. He gets thru all 5 with little effort and re­racks. I catch him staring up my t-shirt at my abs and chest. I stand still so he can get a good look and then slowly move back so he can see my face. He smiles up at me. “Nice curls.” I say to him, “Thanks, let me know if you need help with your next set.” He nods ok. I go back to my routine and try to keep my eye out for him. I see him around, then don’t see him for a bit, then he’s back. I’m doing bicep curls on a preacher bench with a 35lb bar and 2 25lb weights and he walks between me and the mirror. He looks down and asks if I need help. I nod sure and he gets into position and helps me on my final two reps. After I rack the bar, he casually lifts it up and curls it a few times, flexing his biceps at the top of each rep so I get a good look at his arms. They’re pretty nice, not the biggest I’ve seen, but I’d slobber all over them if he wanted me to. I feel a boner starting and slyly look up at him and shift my body so he can see what’s happening. A slight grin appears on his face and he sets the bar down and casually rubs his crotch. We’re looking each other in the eye. He raises an eyebrow ever so slightly and I give just the barest nod yes. We head to the bathroom. We get in, he locks the door, and turns to face me. He raises his right arm to a full flex, puts his left hand behind my head, and gently pulls me to the face of his bicep. I lick my lips and go to town once I’m close enough. I’m getting it nice and wet when he grabs my right hand with his left and moves it to his crotch. I start to massage his dick thru his shorts. He lets out a soft moan and I take ahold of it and start to yank it. “Blow me.” He says quietly into my ear. I get on my knees and gently pull his shorts down. His dick pops free and springs up. Nice 7 inch unit. Pretty good thickness, kind of hairy for my tastes, I wonder if he trims up. I start to blow him and put my hands on his ass to pull him closer. I spread his cheeks a bit and move my left hand towards his hole. I’m about to stick a finger in his hole and he reaches around and grabs my hand. I look up to his face. He gently, but firmly says, “Sorry, not on the first blowjob.” And he winks down at me. I nod ok and continue to blow him for another 2 or 3 minutes. I have a good motion going and his body suddenly gets stiff and I know he’s ready to blow. I pull off and yank him a few times. He cums all over my chest. He sighs and leans back against the wall. I get up, grab some paper towels and wipe my chest off. I wet some more and reach down to clean him off and he stops my hand and takes the towels from me and cleans himself off. “Sorry, I am super sensitive after I blow, and like to clean myself off. Hope you don’t mind.” “Not at all.” I say back. He finishes cleaning up and begins pulling up his shorts. “You heading to the beach?” He’s checking himself out in the mirror and glancing over at me. “Yeah, after I’m done here and shower up. You?” “Yeah. I’ll look for you in about an hour?” “Ok. I have a blue and green umbrella” “Nice. See you later Max. Oh, thanks for helping me out” And he winks at me, unlocks and opens the door, and walks out. I stare at his ass. I am staring so intently, I almost missed a huge muscle guy walk by and out of the gym. Couldn’t tell much from my view, but he had blonde hair which was shaved short. I go back to watching Shawn’s ass as he crosses the gym floor. I head to the locker room, shower up, put on a fresh pair of board shorts, and drive over to the beach. It takes me a good 15 minutes to find a parking spot. I feed the meter, load up the cart, and head down. I’m walking along the path through the dunes and see a couple of guys watching me from a really nice house on the path. I think to myself, “Wonder how much that house cost?” Someone from the house yells to me, “Nice cart.” I glance over and wow, now there’s a nice looking guy. My height, looks to be 185lbs, muscles, wavy black hair. He’s got a buddy with him. His buddy looks pretty fucking hot as well. About 6’1”, same weight, muscles too, and long blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. Guessing both guys are a few years older than I am. I yell back, “Thanks.” And pause for a second. “All by yourself?” The black haired guy asks. “Hope not, met a guy at the gym and he is on his way.” “Good for you.” The pony-tailed guys says and smiles at me. “Thanks.” “We’ll be down in a while. If you are still alone we can hang out. I’m Stu.” Says the dark haired one. “This is Kenny.” And he waves to me. “I’m Max.” “Nice to meet you Max.” “You too Stu. And you too Kenny.” I say looking at each of them. Pretty good 3-some material right there. I continue on my way to the beach. I find a great spot near some rocks and set up my umbrella, spray myself down with suntan lotion, and settle into my chair. The ocean is right in front of me, big, blue, clear, and inviting. I am in a trance watching the waves and feel so at ease. Life is good. I get up and wander down to the water’s edge, wade into the water, and dive in. I swim around for a few minutes to cool off, get out, and head back to my chair. As I’m drying off I see Shawn heading in my direction. He’s got 3 buddies with him. Hmm, could be fun. One has a backpack with a baseball mitt and bat in it. Another has a just a mitt. Nice, athletes, they should have some stamina. “Hey Max, good to see you again.” Shawn says walking up and shaking my hand. “You too Shawn.” “These are my college buddies, Ash, Bull, and Larry. We played ball together.” The guys are checking me out, but not in a sexual way, more like they’re sizing me up. “Hey guys, what’s up?” “Not much.” Larry says. He’s the one with just the mitt. Bull has the bat and mitt. Ash doesn’t have a backpack or bag with him and he’s shirtless. Ash seems to be my height, but definitely has more muscle, probably weighs 225lbs. Lats are flaring, nice quads and abs. His pecs are huge and his nipples are right at the bottom, where the muscle curves back to his chest. His nips are prominent and he has a huge areola around them. This guy works out. I don’t see the signs of a roid body. He’s got nice black hair a bit of facial hair and a smooth dark brown body. He’s also got a couple tats on him. One on each bicep and another one on his left quad. He’s staring at me and seems to be undressing me with his eyes. Bull is definitely the biggest of the 4 of them. He must be 6’2” and 240lbs of muscle. His chest is pressing against his t-shirt like it wants out now, but no nipples are visible. Hopefully they will perk up when I suck and nibble on them. Arms look to be around 21 inches and have veins crawling all over them. Now there are some arms I could go to town on and blow a load or two. I see some acme on his shoulders. Uh-oh, roid boy. He could be violent in bed. Need to take care. Larry, is just looking around, like he’s looking for someone else. He’s the smallest of the three. My height, but maybe 150. Not skinny, but not as muscular as the rest of them. He as a bunch of tats all over him. Arms, legs, and I can see one or two through his t-shirt. He looks over to Shawn and something unsaid passes between them. Something is off here. Ding, ding, ding. I need to play it cool and see if I can get away. I ask, “You guys want to set up your stuff and relax for a while.” “Sure.” Says Shawn. He tosses his backpack down onto my blanket. Bull and Larry do the same. Ash walks to my chair and sits down. He looks up to me and says, “Shawn says you helped him out at the gym today.” He flexes a pec slowly, showing me his muscle control. A slight grin appears on his face. Fuck, play it cool. I easily say, “Yeah, he needed a spot when he was doing some presses.” Ash looks at me evenly says, “Not what I meant Max…You know the kind of help I’m talking about…” and he rubs his crotch and I see a rather large bulge form. He tenses a bicep and grins up at me. “Shawn said you like big biceps. Will these work?” and he tosses up an impressive double bi pose. I nod and say, “Very impressive Ash.” Larry adds coldly, “We know you gave him a blowjob. We think we each deserve one too, right guys?” Bull and Ash nod. Shawn is hanging back with an evil grin on his face. He’s looking around with Larry to make sure no one is nearby. “Guys, I’d be happy to help you out if you leave me alone afterwards. I don’t want any trouble.” I look over to Shawn and ask, “Do this often?” Indicating to the other three guys. He laughs and says nastily, “Only when I find a queer at my gym. Dude, you guys need to stop coming to our gym, it’s for straight guys. You gays need to get your own. We don’t need you staring at us, it’s fucking disgusting.” I hold my tongue. I instead say, “Like I said, I’ll blow each of you if you just leave me alone afterwards.” “Maybe, bitch.” Ash says as he leans up in the chair and is about to get up. “Hey Max, these the friends you were talking about?” It’s Kenny from the house in the dunes. “Fuck off princess.” Bull says. “Mind your own business. We’re having a conversation with Curly.” Kenny says, “Hmmm, looks more like you want to beat him up and then probably rape him.” As he points to the bat and mitts. I am dumbfounded. My mind didn’t even consider they’d rape me, but now the bat and mitts make sense. “But you wouldn’t be able to do that here on the beach. How were you going to get him off the beach with you? Gag him and tie him up? There are too many people around and he’s onto you.” “Again, fuck off queer.” Bull says rather loudly, as he reaches down for his bat. Ash gets out of the chair and walks toward Kenny. “Bull, Ash, calm down.” Shawn says evenly from behind us. Bull and Ash stop and everyone turns to him. He looks at Kenny and says, “You did hear Max say he was willing to give my buddies blowjobs, so I don’t see what you’re concerned about. We’ll let him be after we’re done with him, promise.” And he gives a smart-assed grin. He continues. “Ash, why don’t you and Max’s friend hang out down here for a while? I’ll send Larry and Bull down once they’re done and it’s your turn.” Ash walks over to Kenny and puts an arm over his shoulders and squeezes their bodies together. Ash outweighs Kenny by 35lbs. Kenny plays it cool and evenly looks at Shawn and says, “This isn’t happening.” “Yes, it is.” Shawn says back flatly. Ash knocks Kenny’s knees out from under him and Kenny is on the ground. Shawn looks at me and says, “Up to you Max. Ash could do some serious harm to your buddy if I tell him to. You coming along?” I stubbornly say, “Ok.” Kenny looks at me shaking his head. “Good, let’s get the party started.” Shawn says clapping his hands together. “Ash, the guys will be back as soon as possible. Try to keep your muscles under control.” “No promises Shawn.” As he flexes a bicep in Kenny’s face. Ash and Shawn laugh. Larry leads us off the beach followed by Bull, myself and Shawn in the back. As we pass the house where I met Kenny, I see Stu come out the door. “Hey Max, Kenny went down to meet up with you. Did he find you?” Shawn says back, “Nope, didn’t see him.” And pushes me along. I look up to Stu with a frightened look in my eyes. Stu just turns and goes into the house. He shuts the door and I hear him yell to someone named Jason, but we’re past the house before I hear anything else. We get to Shawn’s van and he pops the side door and slides it open. He waves for me to get in. I glance inside and see it is pretty much empty, except for an old mattress covering the metal floor. As I get in, I turn to see a huge guy coming down the path. He must be 6’3” and 250lbs of muscle. Buzz-cut blonde hair, the clearest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, no shirt on, gym shorts, and flip flops. Fuck, it’s the guy from the gym earlier today, who I only saw from behind. As Shawn starts to slide the door shut, the guy puts his left hand on the door and it instantly stops. He says in a deep voice, “Max, Stu said you left some stuff in the house and to go get it.” He looks at Shawn and says, “Leave him alone Shawn.” Shawn responds. “Don’t have a problem with you Jay, but stay out of this.” Bull comes around from the back of the van and says, “Back off muscles, he’s coming with us for some fun.” Larry is a few steps back from Blonde and is eyeing him up. Blonde doesn’t even look at Bull and just says to Shawn, “No, he is not.” And Bull swings the bat. It hits Blonde on the shoulder, the bat shatters, but he doesn’t even flinch. He looks at me again and calmly says, “Max, I need you to go into the house. I’ll be right behind you.” I stare at him. He nods his head and I jump out. Shawn reaches for me, but Blonde’s hand is quicker, fast as a blur, and he’s got Shawn’s hand in his. He starts to apply pressure and Shawn starts to contort his face in pain. “Please Max, go now.” I start up the path and see Stu coming down. I meet him halfway and he says, “Don’t worry, Jay can take care of himself.” He ushers me into the house and locks the door. We start going up the steps to the main level. I hear a muffled sound like a hammer hitting metal. It must be the guys at the van, but I have no idea what would make that type of sound as the van was pretty much empty. I’m freaked out about what just happened and my mind is racing, “What about Kenny? They left him with Ash, who is lot bigger than he is.” I’m looking around, wanting to get back down to the beach to try to help Kenny. Stu grabs my shoulders, turns me to face him and says, “Kenny’s no fool. And Jay will be on his way down there in a minute to help him.” “But there were three of them at the van, what if they overpower him?” I start to babble and am getting sweaty. “Yeah, it could be an issue, but Jay knows what he’s doing.” Stu is remarkable calm and is looking me right in the eyes. I stare at Stu without knowing what to say. I hear Larry yell out in pain, then go silent. I look at Stu again and he just nods to a chair in the living room area. I sit down tentatively, on the edge of the seat. Have I gone from frying pan to fire? My brain is spinning. I can feel my heart beating what feels like a thousand times a minute. Fuck, I’m 22, I was almost beaten up and raped, but now, who knows what. Something tells me I’m going to be ok, but I’m having a hard time processing what’s just happened to me. Stu says, “You feel ok, you look a bit pale.” “I feel….” And I get up and run out onto the deck and throw up over the railing. “Guess not.” Is all Stu says from behind me. “Stay there. Let me get you some water.” I stand there and throw up again. I feel a bit better and see this Jay person walk past the house towards the beach. He has purpose to his step. I see the spot where Bull’s bat hit him. It’s a bit red, but that’s it. Jay disappears over the dunes and is walking toward where I had set up my umbrella. Stu comes back out and hands me the water. “Like I said, Jay can handle himself.” “I’m beginning to believe you.” 4 minutes later Jay and Kenny are walking back. Kenny has my cart with all my stuff. Jay is carrying Ash over his shoulder. Kenny turns and comes up the ramp to the house. Jay keeps walking down the path, out of sight, to Shawn’s van. Stu meets Kenny at the top of the ramp and gives him a kiss and asks, “You ok? Everything ok?” Kenny glances to me and looks back to Stu and pulls him in for another kiss. He then whispers something in his ear. “Fuck.” Is all Stu says and Kenny just nods. Stu turns to me and says, “Where are you staying? Where is your car?” I stumble over my answers, “My car is about 4 blocks away. I don’t have a place to stay. I was hoping to meet someone and well, you know...” Now, I’m totally embarrassed. “I should go. I think I’ve caused enough problems and don’t want to drag you guys into it. I can just head to the police station and file a report or something.” “Too late Max.” Kenny says. I look at him quizzically. “Jay knocked out all guys.” My mouth just falls open. “But, they will be ok. He’s driving the van back to the gym and will leave the guys in the van to recover. As for the police, we can handle that for you. We know the local cops pretty well, plus once they hear our version, you should be in the clear. It may be best if you stayed here for the rest of the day and tonight. I need to follow Jay to the gym and drive him back. Stu will take you to get your car, ok?” I nod yes, what else can I do? Stu and I jump into his SUV and head out. “What did I get myself into?” I mumble quietly. “Don’t worry too much about it Max. The police shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Shawn and his buddies on the other hand...” I glance over to him, “You know them?” “We see them around town and they have a reputation for not liking gay men. Not sure why, and really don’t care.” “But I saw Jay at the gym today? And Shawn told me he doesn’t like gay guys at his gym?” “Would you mess with Jay?” “I guess not.” I say confused and Stu picks up on it. “Jay doesn’t like to go to that gym for the reason you just mentioned, but he also says it’s the best one in town, so who’s going to argue with him? He’s said Shawn doesn’t like when he comes in, but gives him a wide berth.” Stu gives me a reassuring pat on the shoulder and says, “Looks like we got to you just in time. Kenny saw them walk past the house and figured he’d head down to make sure they weren’t the ‘friends’ you were waiting for.” “Yeah, Kenny saved my life.” I say. I continue, “Sorry about throwing up near your deck.” “Not to worry. I bucket of water will wash it away.” Stu laughs. “Least of my worries today.” We get to my car, I fumble with my keys and Stu looks at me and says, “You sure, you’re going to be good to drive back?” “Yeah. I just need to take a few deep breathes.” I get out and lean against my car. I look over to Stu and say, “I think I’ll just take off, Stu. It may be best for everyone if I disappeared.” Stu gets out of his and stands in front of me. “Max, I’d like for you to stay the night with us. You’re in no shape to drive home and you already said you don’t have a place to stay, so…” I hesitantly say, “Ok.” Stu leans in and gives me a gently hug. I tentatively hug him back. We get back to the house and Kenny and Jay are there. I walk in and Kenny walks to me and gives me a hug. “You ok buddy?” he asks. “I’ll make it. Still a bit un-nerved.” I respond with a bit of a joke in my voice. I see Jay sitting outside on the deck. He’s put a t-shirt on. “Is he ok? He took a bat to his shoulder.” Both guys nod yeah. “Can I talk to him?” They look at each other and nod yes. I walk out, sit across from Jay. He looks up and I say, “Thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but it’s all I can offer.” He puts his giant left hand on my right thigh and gently squeezes. I can feel the restrained power he has. “As long as you’re ok, it’s all the thanks I need.” And he softly applies pressure. I put my hand on top of his and we look each other in the eyes. His blue eyes are alive and sparkling and he seems to be looking right into my heart and soul. I think to myself I’d never have a shot with this guy. He’s all muscle and good looks. He’s got to have someone waiting for him. “I hope Bull didn’t hurt you. He was a big guy and the bat shattered when it hit you.” “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just need to massage the area and put some ice on it.” “Your boyfriend around to help you out with the massage?” I ask very innocently. “Don’t have one right now.” He says evasively. I try to keep my jaw from falling off. He sees my astonishment and says, “Being a big guy can be a turn-off to quite a few people, believe it or not.” “Yeah, I have that problem all the time.” I say very jokingly and puff out my chest. He looks up and smiles a genuine smile. “Good one, curly.” The way he says curly just makes me melt. He reaches over and puts his right hand in my curls and plays with them. It feels great. ** The next thing I remember is waking up in a dark vehicle and being rocked from side to side. I hear Shawn’s voice, but cannot make out where he is. He’s yelling at someone to turn and the van rocks to the left. I roll over and bang my head on the side of the van. I almost pass out again. Fuck. We ride along for another 5 minutes and the van comes to a stop. Doors open and shut. The side door slides open and I see Shawn and Bull, both bruised and angry. Bull just grabs my leg and pulls me to the opening, punches me in the stomach, lifts me over his shoulder, and carries me to where ever we’re going. More doors open and shut I see we’re back at the gym. Shawn locks to doors once we’re in the gym. We make our way thru the gym floor and he opens another door and we are going up some steps. There must be an apartment above the gym. Shawn turns some lights on and I squint. My head hurts. Shawn yells, “Ash, wake up.” Bull drops me into a chair and from behind me someone throws a rope over my head and they tie me to the chair, must be Ash. Duct tape is put over my mouth. Shawn appears in front of me. His cuts and bruises are worse than I though. He slaps my face a few times and taunts me saying, “Well, well Max, looks like we have you back for that fun you promised us earlier.” And he smiles a crooked smile. “Don’t worry, we’ll be alone for a while. Jay may be big and strong, but a shovel to the back of his head knocked him out pretty nicely.” I just stare at him. “Kenny and Stu were easier. Bull just punched them out, little queens.” He almost spits out the last two words. He goes on, “But first we need to make some changes. Your hair for one.” He looks at me shaking his head. “It’s gotta go. ‘Curly’ may be a nice nickname, but these curls are just too much. You need a manly haircut.” He’s tugging on my hair with some force and straighten out the curls. “Yeah, they go first. Ash, grab my scissors from the drawer.” I hear the drawer open, some rummaging around, and it shuts. Ash hands them over my shoulders. I keep my eyes open. No use struggling or showing fear as there is nothing I can do at this point. Snip, snip, snip…and my hair falls to the ground. He’s taking his time and mocking me every so often. “You really thought you’d get out of giving us blowjobs? Well, Larry is not able to participate, but you can make it up to Bull and Ash. They might be bruised up, but trust me, they’re horny as fuck, and not just horny for a blowjob, but an angry horny and your ass and mouth will help them work out their aggressions.” He continues snipping off my curls. He’s almost done when we hear glass break below. Shawn stops, looks up suddenly, looks to Bull and Ash, points at the door to the stairwell, and says, “Lock that door and move the sofa in front of it.” Shawn bends down and just picks up the chair I’m in and carries me back to a bedroom. He’s stronger than I thought. Bull and Ash move the sofa into place and follow us in. They shut this door, lock it, and the two of them move a heavy oak dresser in front of the door. I hear footsteps on the stairs and Jay calls out, “Max, you in there?” I cannot answer. “Shawn, God help you if you’ve done anything to him.” Bull starts to yell, but Shawn shushes him and yells back, “Jay, just go home and never come back to the gym and we’ll call it even.” There is a pounding on the door and it sounds like a sledgehammer hitting it. Shawn calmly says, “Bull, there is another bat in my closet. Ash, break off a table leg or two.” Pointing to a table in the corner. The pounding gets louder and the walls shake. I hear drywall and two by fours cracking. The guys in this room are starting to sweat. The apartment door sounds like it explodes and the floor rumbles as Jay just propels the sofa out of his way. “Last chance Shawn. I’m coming into the bedroom whether you want me to or not.” “Fuck you Jay. You come thru and I will seriously hurt Max.” The wall next to the door disintegrates into dust and rubble and Jay appears. He’s got on the t-shirt from when we were on the deck, but it’s all torn up. There is a nasty looking bruise on the right side of his face and some dried blood on his cheek. He’s got some cuts and blood dripping off his arms and hands. His eyes are on fire, with a rage I’d never seen in a person before. Bull swings the bat at him, but Jay grabs the bat in mid-air and it comes to a sudden stop. Bull tries to pull it back, but Jay just looks at him with an anger and contempt that would send most sane people running for cover. He simply wrenches the bat out of Bull’s hand and crushes it with his fingers. With his other hand he lifts Bull up by his shirt and tosses him against the wall which is 5 feet away. Bull bangs his head and is down, but is not out. Ash charges Jay with the table leg as a spear and Jay easily swats him into the dresser. The sound of Ash’s body hitting the dresser tells me he’s broken some bones and is knocked out. Jay picks up the table leg and holds it out in front for Shawn to see. He calmly says, “Shawn, let him go or else.” And he snaps the leg in half. His muscles never moved, his voice never wavered. It’s like he was breaking dry pasta in his hands. I’m now beginning to see why he didn’t want me around when he first saved me. His power is incredible and for me to see it must bother him. He probably doesn’t like to use it unless it is absolutely necessary. Well, I think this is one of those times. Shawn is standing behind me and casually says, “One more step and I…” and Jay moves like a blur and is behind me. I hear Shawn’s body hit the back wall and he moans in pain. Bull is up and moving toward Jay from behind. I try to rock the chair over. It tips and I crash to the floor banging my head just as Bull is about to pass me. He trips over me and lands right behind Jay, at his feet. Jay turns around, sees me on the ground and Bull trying to get up. Jay reaches down, grabs Bull and says, “Let’s go for a walk little man.” He looks at me, gently removes the duct tape from my mouth and says, “Max, I will be back in two minutes, stay calm, this is almost over.” “Not like I can go anywhere.” Jay smiles a sad smile and runs his hand along the side of my cheek. “2 minutes.” He picks up Bull by his waist, hefts him over his shoulder and walks out the opening he created. I hear them go down the steps into the gym. It sounds like Jay is knocking Bull’s head against the stairwell walls on purpose. They reach the bottom of the steps and a few seconds later Bull yells out in pain. Oh God, what did Jay do to him? A minute later Jay is coming back up the stairs. He appears in the opening again. “You’re 5 seconds late. I’m disappointed.” I smile at him. He grins back, walks over, frees me from the chair and helps me up. He looks at me to see if I can walk. I can. He makes sure Ash and Shawn are still out cold and we walk thru the opening he made, and start down the steps. I wobble a bit and instinctively grab his arm to steady myself. He puts his left hand on my shoulder to steady me. We get to the bottom and he directs me to the door, but I see Bull pinned to a rack machine with a Titan Battle rope wrapped around his body with his arms pinned to his side. He’s yelling at Jay and screaming in pain at the same time. Jay ushers me out of the building. “Do you need to go to the ER?” There is concern in his voice and eyes. I shake my head no. He starts the car and we drive away. “What about you? You took a shovel to the head according to Shawn.” “Yeah, but it would have taken a lot more than that jackass hitting me with a shovel to put me down for any length of time.” He waved his hand at the building behind us and continues, ”Plus I think I was running on pure adrenaline once I saw they took you from the house.” “That’s one big dose of adrenaline you were on.” He blushes and I turn the conversation away so as not to embarrass him anymore, “How are Stu and Kenny?” “They’re fine. I’m sure they’re in the shower together, massaging each other’s bruises.” I stare at him. I put my hand on the side of his face and he puts a hand on my leg and gently squeezes. I run my hand along his face and feel his stubble and see the bruise forming. I move my hand to the back of his neck and the buzzed hair. I gently play with it. He moans and says, “Careful.” And glances down to his crotch. I see the bulge and look back into his eyes. We come to a stop light and he smiles at me and leans over. I meet him and give him a kiss. He hesitantly returns it and applies more pressure to my leg. We break the kiss and he starts to drive again as the light has turned green. He softly puts his hand on my head and neck. “I’m sorry I did not get here in time to stop Shawn from cutting off your curls. Now I have nothing to run my fingers thru.” “They’ll grow back big guy. Hopefully you’ll be around to watch it happen.” “I wouldn’t miss it.” And he playfully rubs my head. We drive the rest of the way in silence. We pull in to the driveway and he says, “Let’s get you in the house and get you cleaned up.” He runs his hand along my cheek and the back of my neck. I continue to play with the short hairs on the back of his neck. “But I’m not tired and I bet you still have some of that adrenaline running thru your body.” I ogle him up and down and he blushes. I nod at his bulge and say, “I could help you with that as long as you don’t put me thru a wall like you did to Shawn.” He laughs out loud and says, “I didn’t put him ‘through’ the wall, he just became part of it for a few seconds.” Now it’s my turn to laugh. We get out of the car, go into the house and up the steps to the main floor. The lights are off, but we see Kenny and Stu are on the deck, in a lounge chair, in each other’s arms. They see us in the kitchen area and we walk to the sliders. I ask, “Are you guys ok? I’m sorry I’ve caused you so many problems today.” They nod and Stu says, “Max, it’s cool. We’re just glad Jay was able to get to you in time.” “Well, almost in time.” I say rubbing my newly hacked up head of hair. Stu suddenly sees what’s happened and they both get up and come over to me. Kenny mockingly says, “Jay, how could you let this happen to Max?” He gently runs his hand over my scalp. ”Now we can’t call him curly and it’s your fault.” Jay just rolls his eyes. Stu winks at me. I feel Jay’s arm come around my waist and he pulls me back into the house and he starts to close the sliders. He says goodnight to the guys and leads me up to the next floor. He takes me to the bedroom he’s staying in. It’s a nice big room with a King Size bed and an attached bathroom with a large stall shower. I see someone has put my bags in the room as well. He takes his tattered t-shirt off. The windows are wide open. I can hear the waves crashing into the beach, the crackle from the fire pit below, and crickets playing their songs. There is also an ocean breeze and it is cooling the room. I feel a slight chill. Jay sees me shiver, walks over, closes the windows, and puts his arms around me and pulls me in for a hug. I put my head on his chest and notice he has very little hair there. Wonder if this holds true for the rest of his body. I feel him delicately kiss the top of my head. He rubs his hands up and down my back warming me up. I turn my head and kiss his pecs. He tightens the muscles and they turn to stone. I continue to kiss them. He releases his hug, lets his chest relax and walks us to the shower. He turns the water on and while we wait for it to hear up, we strip each other naked. This mostly involves Jay tearing my t-shirt, shorts, and underwear off in about 2 seconds, and me struggling to pull his shorts down over his huge dick. Once I free his monster, I let out a soft whistle. He blushes and turns away. I walk back around in front of him. I look up into his blue eyes and he glances down into my deep brown eyes. I put my right hand on his dick and he flinches ever so slightly. I put my left hand on his right cheek and rub the stubble and blood caked on it. “What?” I ask softly. He sits down on a bench and looks down. “Still trying to figure things out.” He say embarrassingly. “Oh, Jay. Why didn’t you say something? I can shower alone and sleep in another room if you’re uncomfortable. I just thought you were out based on the way Kenny and Stu talked about you, you know…” “Not sure where I am. I know how I feel and how I want to feel, but sometimes…” He trails off. He looks up to me and continues, “Kenny, Stu, and some other guys HAVE been great in helping me, but I have a hard time when it gets to the sex stuff. I’ve been with women, but not with a guy, so when you asked about me having a boyfriend, well, I always use ‘being big’ as my excuse.” I stare at him and think, for everything this guy has done for me today, I gotta help him as much as I can without coming across as an asshole. “Can I ask some blunt questions Jay? I’m not trying to be mean or rude, I just want to help you get to the bottom of this.” He nods ok. “Are you afraid you’ll hurt someone with that?” And I point toward his dick, which is now flaccid. He nods yes, but looks toward the floor. “Are you afraid of someone taking advantage of you because of your size and muscles?” He shrugs his shoulders. “Are you afraid of me giving you a mind blowing blow job?” His head snaps up, “What?” “Just making sure you’re not drifting away in your own self-doubt.” He eyes me up. “We all have or have had the same issues when we discovered who we are. You have nothing to be ashamed of, Jay.” Now it’s my turn to my hand on his chin and lift it up so he is looking at me. “Let’s start with taking the shower together. Have you ever done that with a guy?” He tentatively shakes his head yes. “Ok, then it should not be too bad. Mind you, I will be washing you, so if that bothers you, you need to let me know, so I can slap you around some.” I smile a mischievous grin and he chuckles. “You don’t think I’ll do it, do you?” And now he is smiling. He gets up and turns to step into the shower and I slap his ass as hard as I can. My hand is stinging and he glances over his shoulder and calmly says, “You ok back there? I thought I felt something hit me, but could be mistaken.” “No, I’m good.” I say as I shake my hand out and massage my palm. I step in behind him and close the door. He turns away from me and puts his head under the shower and soaks his hair and body. I grab the soap, lather up my hands, and begin with his back. I reach up to his shoulders and spread my hands wide and rub circles on the area. I take care to be gentle around the red area where Bull hit him the first time with the bat. I include his upper back. With the denseness of his muscles I feel like I am rubbing a stone wall, and now I know why getting hit with the bat and shovel didn’t faze him too much. I continue on and move to his mid-lats and sides. His back tapers down to a proportionately sized waist. I carefully move my hands around the area and he seems to enjoy it. He bends over slightly and his bubble butt sticks out. I lather up some more and rub both cheeks and slide my hand into his crack. Damn, not a hair to be found on this guy. Wonder how much he shaves off and how hairless he really is. I move to his legs and realize they are tree trunks. No wonder I couldn’t squeeze them when we were in the car. I finish his back and ask if he minds turning around so I can do his front. He slowly turns around and I see his dick is erect. My jaw drops open, my eyes bug out, and my hands go to the shower wall for support, it’s fucking bigger than before. He blushes and turns away from me. I grab his bicep and coax him to turn back. This time I have a normal face on and move closer to him. I lather up again and start with his face. I lean up and gently wash the caked on blood off his face, and lightly stroke his jaw and neck. He closes his eyes and hums softly. His dick bobs up and down, slapping me in my abs and lower chest. I move down to his clavicle and upper chest. I rub circles on the muscles again and he tenses his chest and pecs as I run my hands over them. He seems to be scared of me touching him in any kind of sexual way. I slow my movements and just let me hands rest on his chest. His breathing evens out. His chest relaxes and I start my cleaning again. I move to his lower chest and abs. I count an 8 pack. Even un-flexed, they are fucking incredible. Each one a brick and prominent. I rub my hands over them carefully. He blushes and looks away. I move one hand to his chin and turn it back to face me. I lean up to my tippy toes and gently kiss him on his cheek. He smiles and runs his hands up and down my back. I move a bit lower and softly take his dick into my hand and just wash it off. I don’t want to get too playful yet. Need to see how this goes. I glance down and see he doesn’t have any hair on or around his dick and balls. “Are you completely hairless? Or do you shave it all off?” “I shave my pits and privates. Everywhere else, I’m pretty much smooth as a baby’s bottom. I do have a light amount of hair in some areas, but it’s so faint and sparse I don’t bother with it.” “Lucky you. Have you seem me, I might as well be wearing a winter coat on my chest if I don’t trim it up regularly.” He puts his left hand on my chest and caresses my chest hair. I puff out my chest and hold my breath. He laughs and pats my pecs. “Impressive big guy. I may have some competition.” “Damn straight little man.” We both laugh. “I’m done with you. How comfortable would you be helping me out?” He nods ok and takes the soap and lathers up. He gets behind me and squats down and starts at my ankles and works his way up. His arms are so big and long, he doesn’t need me to turn around, he just reaches around me when has to. He skips my privates and moves up to my abs and chest. Here he slows and playfully rubs my abs and squeezes my pecs. I tense up my pecs, but they are nowhere near as hard as his were. He lightly pulls on my nipples and I sigh. I can feel his erection behind me, right around my lower back. When he reaches around me, it is pressed into my body. I really want to get my lips on it or have him try to shove it up my ass, but again, I need to go slowly. He gets to my head and I turn to face him. He puts both hands on my face and caresses both jaw lines and cheeks. He delicately rubs my earlobes and I feel my erection grow stronger. He grabs the shampoo from the side shelf and gets a nice lather going and delicately puts both hands on my head. He swirls his hands around in a circular motion with his fingertips massaging my scalp. I sigh and move closer to him. I reach my arms out and around him and hug him again. His body tenses for a split second, but then relaxes. He continues to massage my head and my upper back. The soap and shampoo run down my back thru my crack and then down my legs. It feels so right. He lets one of his hands wander down my spine to the top of my crack. On the way up he runs his thumb up my spine, raking it across each vertebrae. I shudder and melt into his body. My dick releases a shot of pre-cum onto his lower abs. I think he feels it because he moves his body to spread it around. I release my hug and move under the showerhead to rinse off. He does the same once I’m done. We turn the water off, step out of the shower, and grab some towels. I offer to dry him off, but he declines. Damn, I thought we were making progress. I walk back into the bedroom and rummage through my backpack for a pair of shorts. I slip them on and see him standing there, completely naked, fading erection, muscles glistening, and I want to run over and jump into his arms. Fuck it. I decide to do it. I drop my shorts to my ankles, step out of them, and take three steps and jump up. He catches me with a surprised look in his eyes. I start to kiss him. He hesitantly returns my kiss, but I keep at it, lightly kissing him, then more aggressively. I put my right hand behind his head and keep our lips locked. He doesn’t fight me. He moves his hands under my ass and cradles me. I wrap my legs around his waist, trapping my dick against his abs. His dick it sliding along my crack. He starts to return my kisses and finally open his mouth. I slip my tongue in and massage the inside of his mouth. He sighs, moves one arm from my ass to my back, and tries to pull me a bit closer. Now my dick is being crushed. I release our kiss and ask, “Better?’ He nods yes. I can see his eyes are more at ease. I continue, “Good. Now, can you please release the vice grip on my back, my dick is being flattened against the brick wall you call abs, and I kind of need my dick…” He softly chuckles and says, “Got caught up in the moment and wanted you as close to me as possible.” “Ok, but I don’t want to become part of your body.” He laughs. I nod towards the bed and he walks us over and sets me on the edge. I gently heft his dick and he stands ramrod still and I look up at him and say, “It would be a bit easier if you relaxed a bit. You’re so tense your dick is as hard as a steel beam. Not that that’s a bad thing, the steel beam thing, but…” and I gently bat his dick on the side and it doesn’t move. He lets out a deep breath and seems to relax a bit. I take his tip into my mouth run my tongue over and around it. I kiss it several times and lap at the pre-cum which is oozing out. I notice he has not made a sound the entire time. I glance up and see his eyes are shut and he is holding his breath. Oh boy, I need to try to calm him down some more. I put more in my mouth and swirl my tongue around the mushroom head and the area right behind it. I know that area is full of nerves, so I want to stimulate him there and see what happens. I massage the area for a few minutes. He suddenly tenses and I think, Oh fuck, then boom, he unleashes a torrent of cum. The first shot pushes my head off his dick, but I catch most of it in my mouth. I reach my hand out and grasp his unit and pull myself back up. His second shot coats my face. I get my mouth back on him in time for the third volley. Which is still powerful and I grip his dick as hard as I can so I am not pushed off again. His final shot dribbles out onto my tongue. I swallow. I look up to his eyes and he looks down with something between embarrassment and unfettered pleasure. I pat him on his abs and wink at him. He slowly breaks into a smile. He reaches down and picks me up by my armpits and brings my face to his and he plants a sloppy gentle kiss on my lips, coating part of his face in his own cum. He doesn’t seem to mind. I put my hands on his biceps to steady myself and notice he’s not even flexing. I massage both bi’s and wink at him. He stands me up on the bed and tosses up the most incredible double bi pose I have ever seen. I take three quick yanks on my dick and explode all over his abs and chest. Now it’s his turn to wink at me. I jump back into his arms and wrap my arms around his neck. I pull as close to him as I can and smear my jizz all over his body. He sighs. He turns around and sits on the bed. I release my hug and he scoots back so his head is on the pillows. He puts his hands behind his head and playfully flexes his biceps. I crawl up his body and plop my butt on his midsection. I lean down for more kisses. I plant my hands on his pecs, he flexes them, and they turn to stone, like they were in the shower, but different. Now he is getting playful. The stress and anxiety are melting away. I gently tug on his nipples while still kissing him. He hums. Both our dicks are still erect. Mine just from the shear excitement of the situation. Not sure about his. Will need to find out. I continue to kiss him and start to move my ass down toward his dick. When I bump into it, it’s still hard as a steel beam. I cock an eyebrow at him and he only winks back. Good for me, a man who has staying power. I unabashedly rub my ass along the length of his unit and he flexes it and it thumps me a few times. I lean up and reach behind me and tug on it a few times. He just lays there and smiles. I softly ask, “I want you to put it in me, but only if you are up for it.” And I tug him savagely a few times. He slowly nods yes and says, “I just don’t want to hurt you Max.” I pat him on the chest again and teasingly say, “I’ll be fine. It’s you I’m worried about. My ass has been known to bring most men to tears.” And I wink at him. He grins back, leans up, grabs me by waist, and slowly puts me on the tip of his unit. “No condom?” I ask. “I trust you Max.” and he applies the slightest bit of pressure and his mushroom head pops into my ass. I gasp and he starts to pull me off. I nod my head no and he stops. I put my hands on his forearms. I wiggle my ass a bit and start to descend the steel beam. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…I loosen my ass as much as I can and suddenly I’m half way down. I am sweating profusely and I realize I have death grip on his arms, but he doesn’t seem to notice. He’s released my waist and is letting me work my way down. I continue to wiggle and I’m three quarters of the way down. I can feel the veins on his dick pulsing in my ass and he is spurting pre-cum into me like a dripping faucet. I’m at my limit and clamp my ass shut to keep from going any further down. I release his forearms, lean forward just a bit, put my hands on his chest and start my back and forth motion. He is staring into my eyes. They are now twinkling with the joy I was looking for. I move my left hand to his right cheek and softly massage him. He leans up, kisses me, and says “Thank you.” I kiss him on his nose. My motion is slow and deliberate at first, so he can get comfortable with his dick in my ass. I continue to wiggle around and he sighs and arches his back. He runs the fingers of his right hand thru the hair on my chest, twisting the hairs, and softly pulling them. He puts his left hand on the side of my head and plays with the coarsely chopped hair there. His movements are so gentle, it is weird to think back a few hours this incredible body of muscle was bursting through walls and throwing guys around like they were rag dolls to rescue me. Because these memories are so fresh and vivid in my mind, my dick becomes rock hard. The thought of those muscles and what they can do, spooks me and turns me on so much at the same time. I have to take a second to put each feeling in its own special place. I want to see him twist metal easily, throw around hundreds of pounds of weight like it’s nothing, and lift me up with one hand just to show off. But at the same time, I want to cuddle with him on a carpet, in front of a roaring fireplace, in the mountains, during a snowstorm. I want him wrap his big arms around my lower back, pick me up, and hug me like I’m the only one in the world. I want to fall asleep with him under warm covers where we lay face to face and make out with long sloppy, messy, saliva filled kisses until we both pass out from exhaustion. I want to use his biceps as pillows and have him play with my curly hair when it grows back. Fuck, I want to spend the rest of my life with this mountain of muscle. This is the guy I want to take home to meet my family and finally say, I’ve met the man of my dreams, and not because of his muscle, but because of who he is. This man saved my life twice in one day and wanted nothing in return. He treats me with respect and likes me for who I am. I pull myself out of my revelry and see he is staring at me with a quizzical look on his face, like where were you just now. I just shake my head and lean down and lay a peck of a kiss on his nose. I ask, “Are you ready for the grand finale?” He nods yes. I smile and evil smile and he gets a giddy look on his face like he knows the biggest present in the room on Christmas morning is all his and he has no intention of sharing it. I pick up my pace and lean down to nibble on nipples. They turn hard and erect. I lap at them, coating the area with saliva. Jay is taking it all in and his body seems to be completely relaxed. I keep up the pace for a good 5 minutes. I can tell he is at ease with fucking me and I’m used to his steel girder in my ass, so it’s time to blow these fireworks. I move my ass backwards with a couple quick savage thrusts. Now it’s Jay’s turn for his eyes to roll into the back of his head. I squeeze his dick with all my might and am pumping him as furiously as possible. He starts to squirm under me. I keep up the vicious pumping action and beat on his chest a few times for good measure. He only laughs and says. “That the best you got curly?” I beat on his chest harder and he continues to laugh and says, “Come on little man, give me your best shot.” I stop beating his chest and continue to apply pressure on his dick by constricting my ass muscles as tightly as I can. He puts his hands on my waist and says, “Here, let me help you.” He gently, but firmly lifts me up, almost all the way off, and slams me all the way down his rod. I am now fully embedded and have taken him to the root. Oh fuck, it feels good. I wiggle my ass some more and tense my ass muscles again. I try to milk him from within and it seems to work. I reach one hand around my body and start to fondle his hairless balls. I massage them and then move to the area between his ball sac and his hole. I slide my index finger across this area several times and he starts to shudder. I keep it up and brutally bang my ass into his midsection and lower abs. He suddenly grabs my waist and does one more up and down motion. He takes his hands off my waist and places one on my shoulder. He explodes into me. I think if he hadn’t been holding me down, I’d have been shot off his dick about 2 feet. The first two shots coat my sides. I don’t think there is enough room for more. I lean forward and start to pull myself off him to allow room. His third shot literally pushes me 2 more inches off him. His final volley has the strength of what my first shot would have. Thinking of my own dick, I look down to see he had wrapped one of his hands around it and was jacking me off. I came all over his chest and abs. Jay has a smile a mile wide. His smile makes me smile as well. I fall onto his chest and he pulls my head to his. I say, “I think I love you Jay.” He grins and replies, “Good, because I’m pretty sure I love you Max.” **** I come back from my memories and see Jay has come outside and is on the chair across from me, just staring at me. He says, “You were a million miles away, weren’t you.” I get up, walk over to his chair, and sit in his lap and say, “No, just a few feet in fact.” And I glance up toward the bedroom, then lean down to kiss him.
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    I Just read some of your stories...Litle Mikey series. Great work. Hope for more superstrength and cocky stuff ahead.
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    I am perfection itself. More than that. I almost feel perfection is an insult. There are many people that say they are "perfect", but there is only one of me. And I am more than any other man can ever hope to be. A lot of people don't believe that I really exist. That I am, in fact, a real human being. They think I'm just a photo, an image created by a particularly horny and talented artist. But I'm real. I know you want to see me. But I wouldn't want you to. Because, if you did, you might not survive the experience. You see, I am an enormous man. It's sometime hard for people to even recognize that I am human, that I'm not some God who descended on this Earth and took human form. Looking at my body is like gazing up from the floor of the Grand Canyon. It makes you realize just how tiny and weak and insignifant you really are. When you stand before me, the top of your head just grazing the bottom of my pecs, and look up, all you see is my massive chest, just two beautiful round heaving mass of muscle that flex and roll and grow with every breath of my lungs. My pecs totally eclipse your body, blocking out the sun, their size so impossibly, unbelievably huge that their bulging mass occupies every inch of your sight. You take a big step back, and tilt your head up thirty degrees. Now, you are staring straight into my nipples. They're perfectly shaped, so thick and dark that you feel an overwhelming need to kiss them, to lick and such on them. Breathing, eating, living, loving - you forget all these things. You forget your family, your friends, your children, your husband or wife. Because my pecs overpower them, just with their sheer existence, the way they subtly sway and bounce like a hypnotic lapdance. You grab them, then gasp, realizing that despite their elastic appearance, they are as hard as rock. You grab tighter, then try to punch them, but your hands fail to even dent my liquid iron chest. I chuckle - a sound so deep, so powerful, so masculine that you soak your pants right where you stand - and then hug my arms around you. You freeze - not because of the shock, but because you literally cannot move. My muscles are so impenetrably hard that, if you closed your eyes, you would really believe you are trapped between rock cliffs on a mountain. You feel how strong my muscles are - that if I evenly accidentally flexed a little bit too hard, your bones would shatter like cheap plastic. Even my veins are harder than your muscles, you realize, as the vein atop my left bicep rhythmically crushes your right rib with every pump of blood. I'm pumping out so much heat, you feel like you're in an oven, my body warmth alone causing you to sweat. My arms are literally wider around than your torso is, and unlike your torso, my arms are pure muscle. I remove my left arm, relieving your upper body of an intense amount of stress, and then extend it, fully straight at a horizontal. Even held this way, completely relaxed, my arms boast size proportionally obscene. With my almost nonexistant bodyfat, you can see every single muscle head - the deltoids, the bicpes, the triceps - and the way they lazily roll over each other, bowling balls of unfathomable size, every time I make the slightest move. I twitch, and my tricep erupts, flaring out to a size that proportionally would make Mr. Olympia green with envy. Then I flex my bicep, slowly, savoring the growth of the half-moon muscle until it peaks. I gaze upon it lovingly. These are my favorite muscles. They are perfect. Nobody has ever developed arms like these in the course of human history, and nobody ever will. Then I turn my sight towards you, and you subconsciously, meet my gaze. And then you forget. You forget that I am the tallest, largest, most powerful most muscular man on Earth. You forget who you are, where you are, why you are here, what you are doing. You only see my eyes. The most beautiful things you have ever seen. My gaze is so powerful that I gain complete control over you, just with my eyes. What color are they? You forget what colors are. They are deep as the blue ocean, mysterious as the green forest, intoxicating as brown wine. You feel yourself about to cum, so overwhelmed by my unfathomable beauty, a beauty that Narcissus himself would desire. But my eyes tell you not to. Just with a single glance, I override your brain's most primal needs, override your body's nervous system, and take control. I tell you to look at my face. You moan, heart yearing with sadness. How can anyone have such full, thick lips, you wonder. Such flawless cheekbones. Such a powerful jaw. This face cannot be real. If it were real, then the human condition is to be inferior. You despair. Nobody could ever be so beautiful. No other human being, none of the billions that walk on this Earth today or in the past or in the future, none of them could improve upon my perfection. If I were to reproduce with another, my offspring would only be tainted by my partner's inferiority. I must be fake, you tell yourself. It's your brain's protection mechanism, the way you preserve your own ego, the way you preserve the egos of the billions of humans around the globe. But then I do something that proves to you, indisputably, that I must be real. I give you a kiss. Your consciousness, for all intents and purposes, ceases to exist. You are only able to experience understanding because of the tiny thread of human awareness that my eyes have gifted you. You cum, over and over and over, producing new jism like a firehose, unloading at a rate that ought to be biologically impossible. My lips have filled your body with extreme sexual fulfillment, the likes of which nobody has survived. You are wracked with endless orgasms, the only thought imprinted in your mind is the feeling of my soft lips, the way my saliva tastes like sweet honey in your mouth. Satan himself could not grant a tenth of the pleasure that I gave you from that simple kiss, an action so easy and effortless and yet so incredibly deadly. You're alive. Your body refuses to shut down. The power of that kiss, even just the memory of it, is far greater than the pull of the afterlife. I still control your body, even as it shakes and vibrates like an out-of-control fucktoy. I unsheathe my cock. Had you been conscious, you would have died instantly, the mere vision of such a terribly huge fuckweapon too unbearable for the human mind. I place your open mouth on my cockhead and push it down, ripping your hyperextended jaw in half as my penis slides between your lips, fracturing the bones of your skull. I groan in approval, enjoying the massage your rapidly quivering body provides my cock, as I slowly slide myself further and further inside you. Muscles tear, bones shatter, a once-powerful human body broken by just the force of a single massive penis. My cock makes it all the way through you, and your body disintegrates, but not before you witness my own ejaculation. In those two seconds, I unleash more cum than you have in the entire past hour, despite the fact that you have been cumming constantly. I smile at you. You die, happy, gazing into the most beautiful face anyone has ever known.
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