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    Hi guys, I've been lurking here for a while, and this seems like a really cool community. I was inspired to attempt writing a muscle-growth fetish story. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think. I don't know how much time I will have to write, so unfortunately I can't say when part 2 will be ready. *** Part 1 *** John sighed as he looked himself up and down in the mirror. He was sick of how plain he looked. 5’9”, skinny arms, slight belly, no muscle definition. Maybe 170lbs. He felt painfully average. He looked at the campus gym flier on his desk. There was a picture of a smiling, ripped athlete on the cover. Thick corded arms poking out of a bulging, campus-branded tank top. John had made a couple of aborted efforts in the gym in the past. Would this time be any different? With a sigh, John sat down and dialled the number on the flier. What did he have to lose? *** “Coach, you gotta agree. I am outgrowing this team.” Coach raised an eyebrow. “You're telling me you want to make varsity next semester?” “Hell yeah, Coach!” Coach had to admit that Jordan had improved a lot since he'd joined. The brawny teenager had the right build for a linebacker, but when he joined all he could do was throw his weight around. Maybe that worked in high school, but not so much at the collegiate level. Still, he trained hard and learned quickly. Coach had to admit he had talent. “Ok, kid. I’ll consider it. But you know, you’ll have to take your training to the next level. No more of this crap on the weekends.” “Shit, coach. What are you saying?” “Watch your language, kid. I’m saying you’ve put on 30 lbs so far this year, but how much of that was liquid calories?” “No way, Coach. That’s not fair. You know your varsity team drinks like fish.” “Yeah, but they know how to keep the weight off. Look, kid, I can make you a deal. If you can lose 15 lbs before the start of next semester without your strength going to crap, I’ll put a word in for you.” “Oh man, Coach! Thanks! I won’t let you down!” Truthfully, Jordan had never spent a lot of time improving his diet. But he had friends who had cut before. He was 220 lbs and 6’2”, it couldn’t be too hard to lose 15 lbs. *** John wasn’t totally new to the gym, so induction was pretty simple. He had a free trainer session to get him started. His trainer looked like a strongman, exactly the kind of build John dreamed of having. “Do you have a goal, man? Just trying to get fit?” John was distracted by the hairy, brawny forearms of his instructor. “Um, I wanna be less scrawny, I guess.” “A grower eh? Ha, I’ll give you the same program we give the football team. You need a nutrition plan?” “Uh, sure. Honestly, I don’t really know what I’m doing with my diet.” “Hey, don’t sweat it. We all start from somewhere. It’s $17 for a meal plan if you want.” Screw it. “OK, sure, that sounds good.” “Sweet! Ok, let’s go into my office and talk nutrition and programming...” *** The first two weeks of the cut went amazing. Jordan was eating 2500 calories, which was a 500-1000 deficit by his calculations. He looked and felt amazing. He couldn’t stop smiling in the changing room at the campus gym. He’d had abs before, but they were really cut now. He could tell that he was destined for the brick abs you see on the fitness magazines. He also noticed more vascularity on his forearms. They were one of his favourite body parts, naturally veiny but they were responding even better to the cut. Not only that, but his lifts had actually gone up dramatically. He didn’t know how to explain it but somehow he had broken a plateau. He was already one of the strongest players on the team, but now he was varsity material for sure. At the end of the second week, he confidently stepped on the scales in the locker room to check his progress. 228 lbs. Well, that was confusing. But maybe the scale was busted. Or maybe it was just a fluke. Like, the wrong time of day or something. There’s no way it could be right. He had missed the biggest kegger of the semester for this. No way he could have GAINED weight. He was on his best behaviour. It had to be a fluctuation - tomorrow it would be down for sure. *** The first couple of weeks, John was sweating like a pig after every workout. His form was sloppy at first but he got into it pretty quickly. The bigger problem was honestly the nutrition. His trainer had him chugging gainer shakes every day until John felt like he was going to throw up. Still, every weekend he did the prescribed meal prep; every morning he measured out his shakes and supplements; every meal got logged in the food diary. And after a couple of weeks, he did feel stronger. His lifts were going up and his arms weren't quite as scrawny as before. But his daily weigh-in hardly changed since he started. In fact, it had gone down slightly. John had gotten noticeably leaner - 165lbs down from 175. His PT said this was fairly normal for beginners and probably just "newbie gains". But just to be sure, he'd upped John's daily calorie intake by another 10%, so it was now sitting at a little over 3000. John had never eaten so much food so regularly, so he was pretty confident this would work. *** Jordan had been dieting for 6 weeks. He was eating so little now that he felt dizzy after every workout. He had started logging his meals and he was barely eating 1500 calories. But he was still gaining weight, albeit slowly, sitting at 232 lbs. He was freaking out. The semester was almost over and there was no way he could meet his target. Well, not without taking performance enhancing drugs... but then he'd fail any tests, for sure. When he looked in the mirror, it didn't make any sense. He was obviously in the best shape of his life. He looked big and cut, with more vascular forearms then he had ever seen. With a growl of frustration, Jordan resigned himself to confronting the coach about this next time he got the chance. *** John had run out of calories to add to his diet. It felt like his life had revolved around eating, or meal planning. At least, until the time he ate too much and threw it back up. That incident caused him to go back to the drawing board. Was this fitness thing working for him? Well, he couldn't deny he was in the best shape of his life. He had a six-pack for the first time. Admittedly it was a pretty slim six-pack, the kind of thing you see on athletic teenagers, who play soccer but never set foot in a weight room. Still, he was proud of it. That, and he was the strongest he had been in a long time. But something was off... His progress in the weight room had plateaued way earlier than the internet seemed to think it should. Yeah, you can't compare yourself to every guy in the gym, but still. Most full-grown men should be able to squat 200 lbs, right? So why couldn't he he break past 175? But the real worry was the amount of weight loss he'd gone through. Despite eating WAY over his resting metabolism, he'd somehow managed to LOSE 10 lbs. How is that even possible!? He had looked online and seen some freaky stuff - tapeworms and drugs that make people burn crazy amounts of calories. Could something like that have happened to him...? No way... that had to be paranoia. He would just go talk to his PT. He must have run into this problem before. *** "Coach!" The man was benching iron by himself after practice. He had been expecting to have the gym to himself. With a loud grunt, he heaved the weight into the rack. Jordan had never seen so much weight loaded onto a bar in real life. The bar was visibly bending under the pressure. He did a quick bit of mental arithmetic on the plates stacked on the bar - that was, what... 350 lbs total? "What's the big idea, kid?" "S... sorry coach," Jordan mumbled. Coach's former linebacker physique was pumped and intimidating. "Listen, can we talk about the varsity team..." "Oh yeah, how's that going? I heard from your teammates that you're a changed man. Your performance has improved lately as well." "Coach, I know you're not going to believe this. I tried, I really did. But I haven't been able to lose the weight you wanted me to." "Huh?" Coach was confused. "How is that possible? You're, like... the most cut guy on the team right now." It was true. Jason was noticeably more vascular, with a more defined 6-pack, than anyone on his team. (And, truthfully, most of the varsity team as well.) "I don't know what to tell you, man. I've cut so much food I feel like crap all day. I get dizzy every time I work out. I think something might be medically wrong with me." Coach frowned and crossed his thick, hairy arms. "Geez, ok. Look, let me book an appointment with a doctor and we'll get you checked out. Until then, stop going to gym and I'm going to pull you from the team." Jordan looked devastated. "Sorry buddy, I have a duty to take care of you. It won't be a long break. Who knows, the extra recovery might be good for you." The jock sighed in frustration. It wasn't what he wanted to hear. But Coach was right, and he knew it... *** John's trainer got him a bunch of bloodwork done and a physical at the campus medical centre. The physical confirmed what John had thought - the young man had anomalously low body weight, not dangerous exactly, but lower than would expected of a normal man his age, especially given his physical regimen and diet plan. The working hypothesis was that John had an eating disorder. His vomitting incident was evidence that his body had started rejecting food. The most likely explanation was psychological. John was admittedly confused by this. If anything, psychologically he felt the opposite. He was actively trying to get huge! But the doctor said that the brain worked in mysterious ways... So, John waited to hear back from the clinic. Sometimes, he felt despondent. The doctor said that if it was an eating disorder he might have to be hospitalised and fed intravenously. But for now, they were waiting for some bloodwork to rule out some more obscure alternative diagnoses. In the mean time, John kept working out and eating as much as he could force himself too. He was sitting at 162 lbs, down from 175 at the start. He still looked healthy - he even had vascular forearms for the first time in his life. But he did feel noticeably lethargic and weak. Every time he finished a gym session, he was so exhuasted he had to crash onto his bed as soon as he got home. He wasn't sure how much longer he could keep lifting weights like this. *** Jordan was the most restless he'd ever been in his life. He had been training weights since he was 15 and taking a break was driving him crazy. Usually he enjoyed taking time off, but then normally he had hobbies to distract him like skiing or surfing. But Coach had forbidden it. He had way more energy now that he was eating a normal diet. But he couldn't spend it doing stuff he enjoyed. He spent a lot of time alone in the house. He found he had a lot of sexual energy, so he hooked up with a few girls from around campus - some friends of friends, some tinder matches - but it didn't satisfy him for long and it was a lot of effort, so more and more he found himself jerking off by himself. Of course, to start with, his masturbation was fuelled by porn. But as the days passed, watching women's bodies wasn't doing it for him any more. And men's bodies didn't exactly do it for him, either. There was really only one body that turned him on, and it was his own. There was no question that Jordan had the best natural body on campus. By this point, he was 250 lbs of 19 year-old beef. His 48" pecs jutted out over his killer 6-pack. He had a perfect adonis belt and thick arms. Naturally hairless except the wispy growths in the pits beneath his wide shoulders. His 34" waist gave him perfect proportions. He could easily give up football and do bodybuilding instead. Fuck, he knew some guys on juice who were competing, and he was already bigger than they were. Jordan spent many evenings in his room practicing flexing his muscles. It was honestly bothering him slightly. Until recently, he would get laid regularly, and masturbate every once in a while as a backup. Now, it was reversed - he found admiring himself to be a lot more satisfying than having sex with women. They just didn't excite him like his own physique did. *** After about 3 weeks, Jordan and John both got a phone call telling them to come to the medical campus immediately. When they arrived, a pair of hospital staff escorted them deep into the facility. Along the way, John noticed a bunch of biohazard warnings. The two of them sat in a waiting room for 10 minutes. John was in awe of the muscular stud in front of him. He looked like a wet dream made into flesh. He was wearing shorts, trainers and a tank top, that left very little to the imagination. Jordan didn't really pay much attention to the small, unimposing Jordan. He thought that he looked kind of gay. "Twinks", Jordan thought to himself, "that's the skinny gay thing, right?" Eventually, they were called into a doctor's office. An athletic, middle-aged man greeted them. He had quite a serious expression, and spoke solemnly to the two students in an Eastern-European accent. "Boys, you can call me Doctor Ben. You've been called here because you both had bloodwork done, and the results were quite unambiguous. I'm afraid to tell you that you've both been infected by a virus. Unfortunately, it's an extremely rare disease for which there is no known cure. It seems to exclusively target men, preferentially young men. "The good news is that we believe it is not life-threatening. Typically, the infection lasts 2-4 months before leaving your system. You will need to be quarantined until the infection runs its course. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to continue your studies - you will have to repeat this year's education. "The virus is known as 'adonivirus', a reference to the Greek god Adonis, although the name can be misleading. The virus takes over cells primarily in adipose and muscular tissue, although it has a preference for muscle tissue. How the course of infection progresses varies depending on the immune response. "The body naturally tries to fight the infection by 'eating' its own fat and muscle tissue. The body no longer needs as much energy from food, and it will reject food if you try to overeat. Eventually, the body wastes away to the point that the virus can't sustain itself, and it dies out. The body will slowly recover, but the enhanced metabolism can persist for many years. Although it sounds bad, the long term survival prognosis is quite good, and people who survive the initial infection are typically able to maintain a healthy body weight. "However, for some people, the virus operates very differently. If your body lacks the right genes for fighting the infection, the virus can grow unchecked. "The virus starts by infecting the muscle and adipose tissue. Once there is no tissue left to infect, it begins to compromise the entire endocrine system - that's the body's hormone system. The goal is to maximise the body's ability to gain muscle mass. In extreme cases, the virus has been known to have other side effects as well, that appear to enhance the body's ability to grow beyond its natural limits. "Eventually, the virus population grows out of control and burns itself out. We still aren't sure how this happens. Unlike the immune system response, the changes that the virus makes are permanent. "In the past, doctors have tried to limit the effects of the virus, for example by artificially restoring the hormone balance in patients. However, this approach backfired - the virus simply redoubles its efforts, resulting in even more severe body changes. So, the best practice is to try the opposite approach, and 'cooperate' with the virus until it burns itself out, through weight training. "In both cases, you will need specialist nutrition and exercise plans. Because this disease is so rare, only a handful of medical practictioners around the world are able to treat it. I am the most senior expert on the virus in the world, and the government has asked me to treat you. Until I give the all-clear, you are legally forbidden from leaving this facility. "I have been studying this virus for 15 years, and I was flown here specifically to prepare this facility for you. The truth is, we have never had two cases this early in the disease lifecycle. If we are better able to understand this disease, it could be life-changing for millions of people. Not only other people who become infected, but if we are able to reverse-engineer the mechanisms that the virus uses, we could revolutionise the way that we treat obesity and frailty around the world. "For this reason, we would like to recruit you into a research study on the effects of the virus. If you agree, as an added incentive, we will waive your tuition loan and give each of you a $150,000 one-off payment. I want you to know that we are completely serious about this opportunity. "We will need to do regular checks on your blood and vital organs, and occasional body scans. But our interventions will be purely observational. We don't intend to deviate from existing treatment best practices. "Anyway, you don't have to decide right away. We can talk about this more tomorrow morning. I have prepared the paperwork for you to review in your sleeping quarters. Unfortunately, I only had time to properly quarantine a single bedroom. So, until I am able to prepare a second room, you will have to share. I must remind you that, although participation in this study is voluntary, your quarantine is not. "I'm sorry boys, this must be a lot to take in... if you have any questions, I would be happy to talk you through them..." *** John's head was spinning when he was dropped off in his room. The concrete walls were painted a clinical white, except for one wall of mirrors. There was a lot of space, two hospital beds and a couple of desks, as well as two wardrobes. Apparently John had been processed faster than Jordan, because the jock wasn't there yet. Next to each bed were some stacks of cardboard boxes. John opened one and found it contained a bunch of his clothing and possessions. There was a note attached to it. "John," it said. On the back, it said "Unfortunately, you won't be able to take any of this back with you after you leave. It will need to be destroyed. We will pay to replace them. Sorry. - Dr. Ben" None of this felt real to John. He dug through his stuff until he found his laptop. It worked fine, and the room had campus WiFi. He tried to call his parents, but they wouldn't pick up. He left them a message asking them to call right away. John was exhausted - not just from the events of the day, he was also generally fatigued, these days. Eventually, he passed out in bed, unable to keep his eyes open, waiting for Jordan to get in. *** Dr. Ben had run a full suite of physical exams for Jordan, almost as much as Coach had run when Jordan had first signed up to football. It was the first exercise Jordan had done in weeks, but he crushed it. He didn't get out until after midnight, but when he got into his room, he was still pumped with energy. His roommate looked like he was fast asleep when he got in. Jordan peeled off his sweaty atheltic gear and chucked it on the ground, trying not to wake him. The lights had been dimmed, but he could make out a whole wall of mirrors. Sweet, he thought. This place was even better than his old room! Chucking off his trainers and socks, the teen whipped out his semi-hard, 8-inch cock. Nothing to quickly burn through some energy than a quick flex and jerk-off, right? Jordan had always been pleased with his above-average endowment, it rounded off his physique perfectly. He wondered if the little twink had woken up and was watching, and it make his dick twitch. He put on a show for the mirror. Starting with a double bicep pose, his 20" arms bulging, his pits slightly damp from exertion, his large cock jutting out from his 34" waist. Then he followed it up with a most muscular. He could swear he looked bigger than last time. The realisation went straight to his cock. The huge mirror made his physique look even more awesome. As he bounced his pecs, his dick jumped to the rythm. "God, I hope the little runt is awake," he though to himself. "Oh, jesus. I'm so powerful. God damn..." After a few minutes of this, his cock erupted hands-free, all over the floor, making a faint, sloppy slap with each jet. Jordan hadn't thought about how to handle it. So as he came down from his post-orgasm high, he grabbed his used underwear and wiped it up as best he could. Although, there was a lot to get through. Jordan collapsed on his bed, naked, on top of the covers, his cock still half-hard - it was never fully satisfied these days - and thought to himself about everything. He was gonna have to break it to his parents that he wouldn't make varsity this year. Would he even be allowed to play sports now? Geez, what was he going to do with his life? After a few minutes, though, the post-orgasm high faded and Jordan faded into a comfortable night's sleep.
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    New chapter. I'm going to try and go back to posting these more regularly, like I was doing at the beginning of the story. And because it was a while ago that I shared them I'm going to re-post the couple of illustrations my mate did for me too (here's his Instagram if you wanna see more of his stuff)! Starting with the illustration of AJ... Twenty Four “So I’m thinking of quitting both of my jobs and taking up a new one!” I was lying on my bed and dreamily grinning into my phone screen as AJ messaged me during his break from a Tesco shift. “Hehe! Oh yeah?” I messaged back, playing along. Three dots appeared. “Yep! It’s quite an unusual job though!” “I’m listening!” I typed. I had no idea what AJ was going to say next, but I was fairly certain it was going to be something awesome, cute and funny. I wasn’t wrong. “Get this. A full time Noah Cook Snuggler Upper!” Heart melting. Body bursting. Could AJ be any fucking cuter or more adorable? I sent through a series of emojis. The shocked face, the monkey holding his mouth and the blushing face with eyes wide open emoji. “Hmmm. I think I’ve heard about that position! Apparently there are a few requirements for the role!” I typed. “Yeah??” AJ messaged back. “Yep! Apparently you can only apply if you’re a VERY cute bodybuilder with massive tits, huge guns, gorgeous abs and a habit for flexing while cheekily sticking your tongue out!” AJ sent through three of the AJ emoji’s. “Noah! I’m actually kind of blushing here! But I erm…think I might qualify?” And he adorably followed it up with the blushing face emoji. “Oh, you definitely do!” Three dots. “So my abs are gorgeous?” “Haha! Yep. I love your abs!” “GRRRRRR!! Will have to crunch ‘em for ya!” “Ummm…FUCK YEAH!!” I replied, excitement surging through me and my cock instantly swelling. “I’ve actually been thinking about posing for you quite a lot!” AJ then messaged. FUCKING HELL!! I sent through three shocked face emojis. “Hehe! I actually kind of can’t wait!!” AJ messaged. “Erm … excuse me while I just spontaneously combust with excitement. HELL YEAH!!” I replied. “I keep thinking about how you reacted when you were feeling my flexed bicep. Your face. How turned on you were. What it did to you. How you had to shoot your load right there and then. It was the HORNIEST fucking thing! And I LOVED that my muscles had that effect on you!” Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck FUUUUCK!! I couldn‘t believe what I was actually reading on my screen. “It was HANDS DOWN one of the hottest fucking experiences of my life!!” I replied, feeling a rush at how open and honest I was being. “Just wait ‘till I pose for you!” AJ messaged. ARGGHHHH!! My head felt like it was going to fucking explode. I suddenly had the urge to make a further confession. “There’s actually something else about bodybuilders that really does it for me!” I messaged, my pulse quickening. “Tell me!” AJ ordered. “Well I kind of have a bit of a thing for posing trunks!” I bravely typed, followed by the blushing face emoji. As three dots appeared on my phone, a series of imaginary replies from AJ quickly flashed into my mind. “That’s weird!” “You’re a freak.” “I don’t wanna see you anymore.” And then his actual message came through. “OMG!! Haha!! REALLY??” “Yep!” I replied, with the blushing face emoji again. “Hmmm. You know what?! I’ve always thought posers were kinda sexy!” FUCK! My heart leapt as I read those words. “Really??” I replied. A part of me couldn’t help wondering whether AJ was just humouring me. But another, much bigger part told me that he was being completely genuine. “Yeah! There’s definitely something hot about them. I totally get it!” AJ typed. “They’re hot as FUCK!!” I typed, followed by the AJ emoji. “They’ve got to be the shiny ones though!” I added. “Of course! That goes without saying!” AJ typed. “So, erm … do my lime green ones do it for you?” It was such a ridiculous fucking question that I couldn’t suppress a giggle as I looked at the message. “Ummm…HELL YES!! They’re so hot it borders on insane!” Three of the AJ emojis came through. “Well now I know what I’ll be wearing when I pose for you. Although I was kinda planning on wearing them anyway!” Fucking. Fucking. FUUUUUCK!! My cock was juddering and I reached down and gave it a squeeze through my jeans at the thought of AJ posing for me in his shiny, lime green trunks, which, incredibly, he was teasing he was going to do, presumably fairly soon. Holy fucking HELL! And then a text came through which suddenly pulled me out of my thoughts and made me quickly release my hand from my throbbing hard on. “Oi! You didn’t reply to my text!” It was Naomi. She was referring to the message she’d sent me the day before when she’d asked if everything was okay between AJ and I. I guess I’d found it easier to just ignore her after AJ had asked me not to tell her what had happened between us. “Sorry! I was with AJ!” I text. “Ooooh!! What’s going on? Did you talk about his Facebook messages?” Shit! Fuck, bugger, shit! I usually told Naomi everything. How was I supposed to lie to her? But AJ had asked me to not to say anything. So that was exactly what I was going to do. “He said it was all a bit of a blur.” It wasn’t a lie. AJ had said that. About ten minutes before we were wrapped around each other on his bed naked. “Oh! Are you OK with that?” she text back. I paused. “I’m happy with how things are.” Also not a lie! “Hmmmm. Well I still think something’s gonna happen between you two!” And I smiled. If only she knew the truth. “Off gallivanting again?” my mum asked me the day after as I was filling up my water bottle in the kitchen with my backpack slung over my shoulder. I was waiting for AJ to pick me up in his car to take me to Scorpio’s. It would be our first trip since we’d confessed our feelings towards each other and slept together. An excitement was pulsing through my body, because I was about to see my cute, gorgeous AJ again for the first time in two days. “Ummm … if you mean am I going out, then yes! To the gym, if you must know!” I informed her. “Hmmmm!” my mum said, eyeing up my backpack with one eyebrow raised. “I hope you’re not taking this gym thing too far!” I screwed up my face. “How would I do THAT?!” “Well I wouldn’t like to see you getting too buff! You look fine as you are!” she replied. I smirked and rolled my eyes. And then she said something which made my whole body jolt while I prayed for the ground to swallow me up whole. “There’s a boy who works at Tesco’s …” Oh God. “He’s only about your age. A lovely lad …” Ohgodohgodohgod. “He’s really friendly. Always saying hello …” She’s talking about AJ! She’s fucking talking about AJ!! “And he’s got such a nice face! But, ooooh, Noah. He’s soooo muscly!” Oh my FUCKING GOD. “You should see him! His arms are out here!” And then she bought her arms and elbows up so they were sticking out either side of her in imitation of a big, built bodybuilder and I wanted to fucking DIE. “Please don’t get that big, Noah! You wouldn’t want to look like that, would you?” I rolled my eyes and quickly shuffled out of the room, hoping she hadn’t noticed that my face had gone bright red, while all the time repeating the same thing over and over in my head; That did not just happen. That did NOT just fucking happen! I was more nervous than ever when I spotted AJ’s car pulling up at the top of the drive. I quickly and quietly sneaked out. Why couldn’t he have parked down the road like I’d asked him to? I honestly think part of him wanted to make me squirm. But also I think maybe it was a little bit of a payback thing. I had a theory that he was secretly a little offended by the fact I wouldn’t let my mum see him. Maybe he feared I was partly worried about what she’d think of the fact he was now a bodybuilder? Embarrassed, even? Maybe in a small way he’d actually been right? “Oh my GOD!” I groaned as I jumped in the passenger seat and put my face in my hands. “What‘s up?!” AJ asked me, giggling. I shook my head and gave him a little smirk. FUCK! He looked as huge and gorgeous as ever in his tight, blue Tesco’s polo shirt. GRRRR!! I was so fucking happy to see him. “You won’t believe what my mum just said to me! Drive NOW and I’ll tell you!” I said. AJ was grinning and looking at me curiously. He twisted his head and peered at my house through the car window. “Is she looking?!” GAAAHH!! He turned back to face me. “It’s just … I really wanna kiss you!” FUCK! I melted. God, I wanted it too. He put his hand on my leg and I instantly started to swell. Then he leaned towards me. Worried about the possibility of my mother peeping through the window, but also feeling a surprising rush at the propsect of being caught, my whole body tingled as my lips met AJ’s and we kissed. “Fuck!” I whispered, as our lips parted, and I anxiously looked to my house for any sign of my mum with her hands to the side her eyes, pressed up to the window. As AJ started up the car, he cheekily shook his head. “This is gonna be TORTURE!” he said. I giddily grinned. “What?!” I asked. “You KNOW what!” he said. Then he looked me up and down and bit his lip. It was so fucking sexy. I did know what, of course. Being at Scorpio’s, being in public, even just being in a car and not being able to kiss each other, touch each other and do all of the things we’d been doing the past week in his bedroom. If it was going to be torturous for AJ, it was going to an absolute killer for me. I told AJ what my mum had said about him before I’d left, emphasising the fact she’d called him lovely, really friendly and that he had a nice face. All of it amused and flattered him. “I can’t believe she doesn’t recognise me!” AJ exclaimed. “I can!” “I’m sure she’d come round once she got used to me being a monster!” he said, with a cheeky grin. “Well she loved you when we were kids,” I reassured him. “Awww! Did she?” he said, with a coy smile. “Of course! And my sister. You were cute, cheeky, little AJ. And now you’re cute, cheeky, HUGE AJ. With twenty inch biceps! And arms out here!” I said, imitating the way my mum had stuck her arms out. AJ laughed. “Oh, my mum mentioned you too, by the way! She was like, Awwww, I’m so glad you’re friends with Noah again!” “Awwww!” I said, feeling fuzzy inside. “I love your mum!” “Oh, she did question why you went bright red when Andy walked in, though!” I laughed and shook my head. “FUCK OFF!” I was half expecting AJ to kiss me again in the car park outside Scorpio’s, so I couldn’t help feeling a stab of disappointment when he didn’t. Maybe he felt it was too risky, and that someone would see us? Being with AJ at Scorpio’s definitely felt different now that things between us were no longer just platonic. It had felt a lot more fun too. He’d given me a couple of cheeky, knowing grins when he’d been getting undressed in the changing rooms. And he’d teased me about the pictures of the shredded freaks on the walls of the gym; asking me if I thought various bodybuilders were hot, and whether I’d like to see certain guys flexing in their posing trunks. And as AJ had predicted, it was fucking torturous. Being with him as he pumped up in his vest. Not being able to kiss him, wrap my arms around his huge mass, nuzzle into his thick, bull neck or cheekily squeeze his flexed bicep again. But all the time there was this incredible excitement, because I knew that there was a very good chance I would get to do all, or at least some, of those things when we’d go back to his afterwards. “Is your mum and Andy home?” I asked on the car journey back, my stomach twisting as I waited for the answer. “Why?! Wanna perv on Andy again?” he said. I grinned and rolled my eyes. “Erm … I think they’re home.” he added, casually. A little too casually, I thought. My heart dropped a little. Was the prospect of being home alone not an exciting one for AJ like it very much was for me? And just when was I going to get the noisy posing (FUCKING HELL!) he’d teased me about? Maybe it would be better if it was a spontaneous thing? But none of that doubt could take away the giddiness I was, and had been, feeling all evening. Because I was with AJ. And I would still get to kiss him and touch him and maybe even squeeze his flexed bicep. It would probably just be a little more restrained than if we were at his house alone. The first thing I noticed when AJ’s house was in sight was that Andy’s motorbike was parked on the drive. But then I noticed something else. “Your mum’s car isn’t here?” I questioned, as we pulled into the drive. “Nope!” AJ replied. And then he looked at me with this devilish grin. “They’re not gonna be home ‘till late!” FUCK! “Oh, and look at that …” he continued, looking down at his body. “I’m all pumped up!” FUUUUUCKKK!! My cock instantly swelled and I felt like I was going to explode with excitement. AJ gave a playful sigh and shook his head. “If only I had a cute, horny guy with a massive thing for bodybuilders to pose for!”
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    Next chapter and here's the second illustration my mate "Reeddune" did for me. Feels fitting to include it in this chapter given what AJ is wearing! 🙊 Twenty Five I groaned into AJ’s mouth as his tongue danced with mine and my hand slipped down and gripped on to one of his huge upper arms. Fuck! I was pinned up against his bedroom door. We’d barely been able to keep our hands off each other since we’d entered his house. “FUCK!” I cried as AJ cheekily flexed his arm and the freakish ball of marble-like bicep muscle exploded under my fingertips. Freshly pumped from the gym, it felt even bigger and harder than the last time. I probably could have exploded in my undies right there and then. If AJ hadn’t already confessed how much he loved the effect his flexed muscle had on me, I would known in that moment, anyway, by the smug, excitable look on his face. AJ was clearly getting a huge kick out of how much feeling his flexed bicep wowed and turned on me. “Go to the bathroom for two minutes!” he ordered, with a devilish grin. I gave him a confused but excited grin. “Whyyyy?” I asked suspiciously. “Just do it!!” he cheekily demanded. I kissed him and obeyed his order, highly suspecting that I was going to walk back into the room to find AJ in nothing but his shiny lime green posing trunks (FUCK). I was a little gutted when I returned to find him still wearing his trackies and a vest. I looked around the room and narrowed my eyes. “What was all that about?” He playfully shrugged, wrapped his arms around my back, pushed his huge, pumped, muscle tits into my regular sized chest and kissed me passionately. How could one man turn me on, arouse me and excite me to such a degree that AJ did? Whenever I touched him. Whenever I kissed him. I felt like I was constantly on the verge of exploding with ecstasy. We’d soon switched places, and it was AJ who was up against the door. His vest had come off, most of my own clothes had been removed, and I was bending down so I was faced with his huge, hard dick, sticking out and bulging through his gym trackies. Fuck! I wanted to worship that dick with my tongue. I wanted to make him blow. Harder, faster and more intensely than he’d ever done before. I wanted to make his toe curls. His eyes roll back. His whole body quiver and burst as he exploded in my mouth. I grabbed the waistband of his trackies and gently pulled them down. Instead of being faced with the material of whatever colour boxer shorts AJ had been wearing that day, I was faced with something which made my heart skip a beat; the bright and inexplicably shiny material of AJ Jones’ lime green posing trunks. FUCKING HELL!! I looked up at AJ, wide eyed and excited. His gorgeous, bumpy ab blocks, huge, hanging tits and a smug but oh-so-gorgeous grin staring down at me. As I’d suspected, AJ had banished me to the bathroom so he could take off his underwear and put his posers on. Hiding them under his clothes to surprise me was something I definitely hadn’t predicted him to do. The trunks were so much shinier than I anticipated they would be. Without a doubt, they were the horniest clothing garment I’d ever come into contact with. Much hotter than the leather jeans Andy had been squeezing his big, meaty arse into. I squeezed AJ’s hard on, which was tenting the obscenely shiny posing trunk material and he groaned. I gently took it out of it’s lime green poser wrapper and there it was; the most gorgeous cock I’d ever seen, juddering and sticking out from the ridiculously muscular body of the most beautiful boy I’d ever been with. AJ gave the hottest little groan and sank his fingers into my hair as I put the head of his thick, hard cock in my mouth. As I danced my wet tongue around the rim, I looked up to see AJ in some sort of state of euphoria. It was the sexiest image. Seeing a bodybuilder in posing trunks, freshly pumped from the gym in a state of arousal because of me. I wanted to spend the whole night worshipping AJ and his cock. To make him cum over and over again. I felt him pull back and I looked up to see him still aroused and in a state of bliss, but gently shaking his head as he giddily smirked at me. I knew what it meant; that he was dangerously close to cumming but didn’t want to do so just yet. “Sit on the edge of the bed!” AJ gently ordered. I obeyed, and he followed me. Kneeling down on the floor, he helped me get my trackies and boxers off and began to suck and play with my fully erect cock as I ruffled his hair. I could tell by AJ’s face that he really loved sucking me off. He always made these hot groaning noises too as he did. It was like he couldn’t get enough of it. It was so obscenely fucking sexy. “GRRRRR!” he growled, giving my hard, wet cock a firm squeeze. While I was still perched on the edge of his bed naked, AJ stood up, his expression an insanely hot mixture of determination and arousal. He then adjusted his trunks so that his cock was nestled back in the shiny, lime green pouch of his posers. Oh God, I thought. This is it. He’s gonna fucking do it! He’s actually gonna pose for me! And then he did. The very thing he’d been teasing me about the last few days since I’d confessed how much bodybuilders turned me on. AJ, the posing trunk wearing bodybuilder who I’d not long been kissing, lifted both of his arms up either side of his head and, twisting his gaze from side to side to get a good look at both of his arms, cranked down into a front double bicep. He released an obscenely hot grunt as he did so and his face suddenly contorted into an arrogant and obscenely hot grimace. It was the horniest and most surreal image. A proper bodybuilder flexing just for me! FUUUUCKKK!! AJ looked from his flexed biceps to me, his mouth curling into this sexy, smug little smirk, as I watched on in sheer awe and excitement. He relaxed from the pose, a cheeky, excitable grin on his face. AJ was clearly loving putting on a show for me and showing off his muscle. He then curled his fingers around both of the straps of his shiny green posing trunks, and with his lips pursed, he blasted out a front lat spread pose. “OOOOH!” he outrageously grunted as the lime green straps hoisted up and AJ’s tits jumped and twitched. “FUCK!” I exclaimed, in response. I couldn’t help it. A cocky grin emerged on AJ’s face as he continued to hold the pose and look down at me. He then made the most outrageously cocky move; he cheekily exclaimed, “YEAH!” and animatedly nodded his head. He looked like a man possessed as he played the part of a cocky, flexing bodybuilder. As he twisted to one side and transitioned into a side chest pose, AJ let out the hottest and most inexplicably hot grunt. “EURGH!!” Fuck! I couldn’t hold back any longer. Watching AJ pose in front of me while displaying the cockiest and most animated attitude was such an insane turn on, that I reached for my throbbing hard on and began to wank off. AJ’s eyes widened in surprise and excitement as I did so. “Fuck!” he ushered, at what was suddenly unfolding. AJ spun around and cranked his arms down into a back double bicep with a loud grizzly, grunt, which sounded a bit like, “HRRYEEAHH!” Fucking HELL! I loved how much he was getting into it. It made the whole thing just so much hotter. My eyes were transfixed on one thing only; the big, round gorgeous cheeks which made up AJ’s obscenely beefy arse, spilling out of the shiny, lime green material of his posers. I wanted to do so many things to that insanely hot arse. If AJ would let me. “OOOOOH!” AJ exclaimed as he opened up his back in a back lat spread pose, making it look wider than it ever had. He spun back around to face me, still wearing that excitable and cheeky grin. AJ then stepped closer to me, reached for my left free hand and, with an excited smirk, placed it flat over his stomach. His skin was soft and slightly sticky. I could feel the bumps of muscle underneath, and the ridges which separated them. He then threw both of his arms behind the back of his head and I knew exactly what was coming next. His face transformed into the most outrageously cocky grimace. “HSSSSS!!” AJ cranked down into an abs and thighs pose. His gorgeous, block-like tummy muscles crunched and exploded underneath my hand. I was feeling and touching the hard, flexed abs of a real life bodybuilder. “FUCK!” I cried in response, continuing to wank off. I was so close to cumming. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it in any longer. AJ bought his arms back down and, clamping his fists together, cranked down into a most muscular pose with a short, sharp, grizzly growl. His biceps popping, his shoulders looking bigger and rounder than ever and his whole upper body exploding with incredible mass. “Oh God! I’m close!” I cried, as I continued to plunge up and down on my throbbing cock. “Fuck!” AJ exclaimed, excitedly. He reached for my hand again and placed it over one of his upper arms, my fingers gripping the huge, solid, un-flexed muscle. He lifted both of his arms up and then cranked back down into a crab most muscular and I felt his warm, hard, marble-like bicep erupt and explode in my hand. “ARGGHHHH!!” he shouted loudly in my ear as he hit the pose. It was all too much. The attitude. The noise. The exploding bicep underneath my grip. “OH GOD! OH FUCK! ARRRGGGHH!!” Still squeezing AJ’s huge arm with my other hand, I screamed as my cock exploded and thick ropes of cum erupted from the head. I couldn’t stop groaning. I just kept cumming and cumming. The orgasm didn’t seem to stop. “FUCK!!” AJ exclaimed excitedly, while also releasing a few chuckles, when I’d finally stopped. “Oh God!” I panted. I was a mess. A sweaty, heaving, cum soaked mess on a post orgasmic high. I started laughing too and buried my head into AJ’s abs as he placed his hands around my back. I looked up at him. He was beaming down at me. I could tell he was still on a high from having someone cum over his flexing muscles. “Fuck!” he said, shaking his head. “That was so hot!!” I melted and grinned back at him. And then something else stole my attention. AJ was tenting his lime green posers. I grabbed the straps and pulled them down. Now it was AJ’s turn to blow his load. He groaned loudly as I swallowed his cock. I don’t really know what came over me in that moment. Just as AJ had turned into an animal when he’d been stood over me hitting pose after pose and flexing his muscles with attitude, I’d turned into some kind of horn crazed beast, determined to make the beautiful bodybuilder before me cum as hard and fast as possible. It didn’t take AJ long to give me exactly what I wanted. “I’m gonna cum!! Noah! OH GOD! ARGGHHHH!! AHHHHHHH!!” AJ shouted as he exploded in my mouth. I loved how he called out my name just before he came. Just as he’d done the first time. “That was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had!” AJ exclaimed, once he’d collapsed on the bed next to me and wrapped me up in a cuddle. “FUCK!” he added, like he couldn’t quite believe how good it was. AJ’s huge chest was heaving up and down as he tried to catch his breath. I giggled as I gripped his waist and tangled my ordinary sized legs with his thick thighs. “So … how was the posing?” he asked. “Hmmm!” I said, in a jokey, unenthusiastic manner. “It was okay, I guess!” I said, playfully shrugging. I looked at AJ and gave him a knowing grin and he squeezed me tight and grinned back. “I think you could do with a bit of practice, though!” I added. His eyes playfully widened. “Oh, really?!” “Mmmm. You could be a lot cockier for a start. And a lot noisier!” “Okay, I actually don’t know whether you’re still joking now!” AJ said, grinning, I squeezed his waist and gave him a reassuring grin. “I fucking LOVED it!” His mouth curled into an adorable, dreamy grin. “I kinda got that impression! I loved it too, by the way. And seeing your reaction. FUCK!” “Yeah?” I asked, biting my lip. “Mmmm. Seeing you crazy over my muscles! GRRRRR! Just makes me wanna get bigger. And more shredded!” FUUUUUCK!! “I would one hundred per cent support that!” I said. AJ giggled. “You know you could have just asked to feel my biceps weeks ago? I would have let you!” I pulled a face. “As if I would have had the NERVE to do that!” “Well, that guy in the toilets of the pub did!” That guy in the toilets isn’t falling in love with you, I thought. “Don’t feel like you have to stay yes, but … how would you feel about staying over tonight?” AJ asked me. Fuck! My heart expanded in my chest. “Isn’t your mum coming back later?” I asked. AJ shrugged. “Yeah! She won’t think anything of it, though. She’ll probably ask us if we’re having a sleepover!” he said, rolling his eyes. I laughed. I could just imagine AJ’s mum saying that to us. “I’d love to!” I said, looking at AJ lovingly. He dreamily smiled at me and gave me a squeeze. “Mmmmm! Will be nice to wake up with you! My mum and Andy go to work really early too. And I get pretty horny in the morning!” I raised one eyebrow and grinned at him. “Oh, by the way. I haven’t said this to you yet, but you have a really hot arse!” I said. AJ’s eyes widened in surprise and he chuckled. “It’s been said before!” he said cheekily. “Yours is cute too, by the way!” For some reason, his statement really surprised me. I furrowed my eyebrows. “Have you been checking out my arse?!” I asked playfully, thinking about that very first time we’d been reunited in Tesco when I’d been doing that very thing with AJ. He mischievously grinned. “A couple of times! It looks especially good in your gym trackies! It’s really cute and pert!” Then he reached his hand around and gave one of my arse cheeks a gentle squeeze and my body tingled. “Well, yours is … FUCK! For a start, it’s HUGE!” I said. AJ beamed at me in response. “And also looks good in your gym trackies. And your work trousers. And your shorts. And your painted on jeans. And your shiny, lime green posers! And … OK, it pretty much looks hot in EVERYTHING!” AJ laughed. “Mmmmm!” he said, squeezing me. “Do you think we could just stay in bed for the rest of the week? Fuck Tesco’s. Fuck the Leisure Centre. Fuck Scorpio’s. Actually, maybe not Scorpio’s. I’d lose all my muscle. And then I wouldn’t be a bodybuilder!” I didn’t really think about what I said next. If I had, I may not have said it. “I’d still like you just as much!” I told him. And I very much believed that I would. As soon as I’d said it I felt sheepish. AJ furrowed his eyebrows slightly, like he wasn’t really sure whether to believe me, but the corner of his mouth curled into this cute little grin, and neither of us said anything more about it. AJ had been right about his mum. She’d been fine with me sleeping over. Being in AJ’s bed with the lights off, cuddling up to him under the duvet while my legs wrapped around his and he held me in his arms, being completely engulfed by his mass and his incredible scent, I couldn’t remember a time when I’d fallen asleep feeling happier or more content. But when I woke up at around five am the next morning, still in AJ’s bed but untangled from him, everything silent and still, I suddenly felt this crushing anxiety. Because I knew that whatever was happening in that moment with me and AJ wouldn’t last. That there were only so many weeks left of the summer, and then I would be going back to university, where I wouldn’t get to see AJ every day. And then, lying awake, staring at AJ’s back as he slept next to me, my thoughts started spiralling, and I couldn’t seem to stop them. I wondered whether me and AJ could make it work once I’d gone back to London. Maybe I could come back every weekend, or AJ could come down and visit me, when he could get the time off work, obviously. But would it be the same as what we had now? And would AJ even want to try and make it work? And even if he did, what would happen in a years time when I’d graduated? I’d been certain of what I wanted to do when that time came for so long. I was adamant that I wanted to get a job in publishing. That was why I was doing an English Literature degree. That was why I’d applied to do a number of work experience placements at publishing houses at the beginning of the summer, none of which I’d heard back from. And almost all of those jobs were in London. Being anywhere else, moving back to Little Denton, it had never been an option. But where would that leave me and AJ? Should I give it all in to be close to him? Could I persuade him to move to London? Would he even want to? He had his life here in Little Denton. His jobs. Scorpio’s. And all of his friends and family were here. It wasn’t like I could just really ask him, either. Just a few weeks earlier he’d been terrified to even admit that he had feelings for me. And even now we were sort of together, he wouldn’t let me tell anyone. Not even my best friend. Asking him if he’d maybe move half way across the country just to be with me would probably guarantee that he’d run for the hills and never want to see me again. I wanted so much in that moment to stop time. Or somehow make it so the summer just repeated on a loop, over and over again. I wanted to be twenty years old forever, lying next to the boy who made my heart want to burst and my head want to explode. The sweetest, most wonderful boy, who excited, aroused and turned me on more than anyone I’d ever met. I finally managed to drift off back to sleep. When I woke up a few hours later, AJ’s arm was tightly wrapped around me, his scent more powerful than ever, those early morning anxieties had faded and all of those questions were now buried somewhere deep at the back of my head. I didn’t know what was going to happen, or what would become of us, but there was one thing in that moment that I knew for sure. That I’d fallen in love with AJ Jones.
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    Next chapter! Just to clarify something for the non-British readers, the word "tea" is often used for dinner/supper in some areas of England. Twenty Three “You spunk so much!” AJ exclaimed, as I gripped onto him in post orgasmic bliss. “It’s like a bucket load every time!” I giggled in response. “Mmmmm!” he said, before kissing me. He cleaned me up with a balled up t-shirt and sneaked off to the bathroom, flashing me a cheeky grin as he left. I don’t really know what came over me in that moment, but I suddenly felt this overwhelming wave of emotion. It suddenly came to me that I’d never liked anyone as much I liked AJ. What we had, what I felt for him, even just being with him was amazing. More so than I could have ever imagined. I think it all just felt a bit much though, because my eyes were watering and I was sure that I was on the verge of tears. Maybe I was even a little scared? “You OK?” AJ asked me as he came back to his bedroom. “Yeah!” I replied, as if nothing was wrong. Because why would it be? AJ perched on his bed, now in a pair of shorts and a vest, while I was still lying down completely naked. I felt vulnerable, but I kind of liked it. I felt like just fully giving into my emotions, and accepting that both AJ, and my feelings for him had this insane power over me. I was his, to do whatever he wanted with me. I gripped my arms around his waist and lay my head in his lap and he gently ruffled my hair. I could have probably just lay there like that all night. And then a question came into my head. Was AJ feeling even half of what I was? I couldn’t be sure exactly, but I had a strong intuition that he was. There was something in the way he touched me, looked at me and kissed me. “Wanna go down and say hello?” he asked, still playing with my hair. “Mmmmm!” I replied, twisting my head up to look at him. “I think it’s just my mum. Andy should be hope soon though!” And then his mouth curled into this mischievous, knowing grin and he cheekily raised one eyebrow. I smiled back and playfully rolled my eyes. I had a feeling he wasn’t going to let me forget my confession that I’d had a crush on his mum’s boyfriend in any sort of hurry. I felt a giddy rush of adrenaline as I followed AJ down the stairs, him flashing me this excitable grin. It was like we were two naughty school boys again up to no good. Stealing bookmarks or making prank phone calls to our teacher. Even though I was on a high from the events of the afternoon, I was still a little nervous to see AJ’s mum again. “Oh, hello, Noah!” she said, giving me one of her big, warm smiles that filled up half of her face. “What have you boys been up to?” OH GOD! AJ shot me a knowing smirk. I’m sure I blushed. “Just hanging out!” he replied. “Does Noah want to stay for tea?” I bit my lips and tried not to laugh. It was such an adorable offer though. I kind of loved AJ’s mum. “Mum!” AJ groaned. “We’re not twelve!” And I loved how embarrassed AJ got. Mrs Jones tutted. “You’ll always be my little baby. No matter how big and muscly you get!” And then she looked at me and gave me a mischievous grin. Like she was getting a kick out of embarrassing him and letting me join in the fun. “KILL ME NOW!” AJ replied. He rolled his eyes but he was still grinning. I was smiling too, while simultaneously being filled with the fuzziest feeling at watching AJ adorably squirm as his mum embarrassed him. And then I heard the rattling of keys and my heart shot straight into my throat when I heard a deep voice and the front door closing. “Andy’s home!” AJ said, animatedly. The cheekiest grin on his face. “You remember Andy, don’t you, Noah?” You little fucking bastard! I turned around and there he was. My first ever male crush, plus eight years and a couple of extra pounds. OK, his face was rounder and his midsection was bigger, and he was now in his early forties rather than his mid thirties, but the big, bald man in the leather gear in front of me was, undeniably, still rather fucking sexy. And much more so in the flesh than in the picture AJ had shown me on his phone the week before. Andy nodded and said hello, seemingly unfazed that a mate AJ knew eight years ago was suddenly back in his life. AJ was giving me this sly smirk, clearly enjoying watching me squirm. As Andy walked out of the room I couldn’t help but get a cheeky look at the thing which used to have a strange, overwhelming effect on the thirteen year old me; his big, meaty arse filling out his tight, creaking leather trousers. Granted, it was a little less pert than it used to be, but it was still very much there, filling out a pair of leather trousers (though presumably ones with a slightly bigger waist size). And it was still a pretty damn fucking horny sight to behold. AJ was grinning at me like crazy and shaking his head as he closed the bedroom door behind him. “What?!” I asked him. “You still fancy Andy!” he exclaimed, clearly amused. I shrugged and cheekily smirked at him. “It’s not my fault your mum has good taste in men!” AJ let out a short, loud laugh. “That’s just WRONG!” he said, before grabbing my hand and leading me to his bed. I sat down, and he climbed on top until he was lying flat on top of me. His huge, heavy muscle mass sinking into my body. “Are you trying to flatten me?” I quipped as I gripped on to his back. “Oh, so now you don’t like the fact that I’m a pumped up bodybuilder?” Fucking GRRRRR!! “Cause your dick says something different! Are you ever NOT hard?!” AJ outrageously asked, wriggling his crotch against my now erect cock. I was feeling brave. “I’ve got a huge, gorgeous bodybuilder lying on top of me. Of course I’m fucking hard!” AJ giddily grinned at my compliment before going in for a kiss. “So I’m gorgeous?!” he said, his eyebrows twitching up and down. I rolled my eyes. “Yep!” I said, feeling a little sheepish. AJ grinned at me more. The most heart melting grin. Cheeky, mischievous and so fucking sexy. “I think you know you are!” I said. He playfully shrugged. “Mmmm. I guess I’m kinda hot!” he replied. I giggled. “Cocky too!” I cheekily said. “Oh, I’m definitely that! Especially when I’m flexing. Which you didn’t seem so bothered about earlier if I remember rightly!” I rolled my eyes and giddily grinned at him. “So …” AJ began, “this thing about you being turned on by bodybuilders ...” Oh fuck! “Hmmmm,” I replied, a little nervous, but mostly excited to be discussing my love for huge, flexing muscle freaks. He bit his lip. “You said you like watching them flex?” My heart fluttered and I cheekily grinned. “Yeah!” “So, what would happen if I posed for you?” OH MY FUCKING GOD!! My cock juddered like crazy under the weight of AJ’s body. I opened my eyes in excitement, then had a sudden urge to be playful. “Honestly? I’d probably cum in my boxers in twenty seconds flat!” I said, matter-of-factly. AJ howled. “Fuck!” he said, looking excited. “Does it really turn you on that much?” he asked. “Yep!” I replied. He bit his lip and nervously looked at the door. Fuck! Was he thinking of doing it now? “I might have to put on a little show for you then!” he said. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! “Maybe when we’ve got the house to ourselves again, though?!” he suggested, pulling a cautious face. I felt a mini wave of disappointment, but couldn’t suppress my excitement at the thought of AJ posing for me. Whenever that might be. “Then we can be as noisy as we want!” he said, raising his eyebrows. FUUUUUCK!! My whole body was buzzing with excitement. “Oh, I like that too, by the way!” I said. “Bodybuilders being noisy when they pose!” AJ excitedly grinned at me more. “Yeah?” he said. “Yep! Like … grunting and groaning!” I said, loving every second of sharing this information with AJ. “Huffing and puffing!” I continued. AJ giggled. “I can do that!” he said. “Maybe even a few shout and yells as you crank out a most muscular?” I added. His eyes widened. “Hell yeah!” There was a pause as we both just gazed at each other smiling. “Mmmmm!” he said, looking at me lovingly. “When did you get so cute?” My heart fluttered. “So I’m cute?” I said. AJ chuckled. “You know you are!” I pulled a face. Not only did I not think of myself as cute but I rarely ever believed it when other people told me I was. Compliments like that always just sort of ricocheted off me. On the other hand, whenever people told me I wasn’t good looking, or cute, or just average, I very much believed what they were saying with conviction. “Or maybe you don’t!” AJ said. “Which makes you even cuter!” I gave AJ a coy grin, and then his lips met mine. “You haven’t cum yet!” I said teasingly as I squeezed his back. AJ bit his lips and pulled his face. “Hmmmm. Mum and Andy though!” I wrinkled my nose. “You can make it up to me next time,” he said. “After I’ve posed for you!” A little later on and I was cuddled up to AJ with my head on his chest while we watched an episode of Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug. “You’re really cute with your mum, by the way!” I told him. He released a playful groan in response. “So … now my mum’s embarrassed me in front of you, does this mean I get to talk to your mum?” “Ugh! It’s not just that! I know what she’s like. She’ll go on and on about you. She makes such a big deal out of everything. And she’ll jump to all these conclusions. She’ll think you’re this mystery boyfriend she keeps accusing me of having!” There was suddenly an awkward pause. Maybe it was because I’d said the word boyfriend. “Why does she think that?” AJ asked. I couldn’t help but notice an ever so slight sense of fear in AJ’s voice. My stomach twisted. Was the idea of him being my boyfriend really that scary? And then I reminded myself that all of this was incredibly new for AJ. I was only the second guy he’d ever been with. Of course the idea of having an actual boyfriend was a scary notion for him. “Erm … probably because I actually go out of the house!” I replied. “So of course she’s jumped to the conclusion that I’m seeing someone.” “Well you kind of were seeing someone, to be fair!” AJ said, referring to Eddie. “And you kind of still are!” he added, giving me a squeeze. I looked up at him and he gave me a coy, little grin. “Yeah, that’s the annoying thing. Her suspicions are usually right!” AJ giggled. “Do you think you’ll see Eddie again?” My stomach twisted a little. Not if you don’t want me to, I felt like saying. “Ummm … probably not!” I replied. AJ seemed to be trying to suppress a grin at my answer. “Maybe just as a friend?” I suggested. AJ raised an eyebrow. “Is that really gonna happen though? I mean, you could tell him you just wanna be friends, but ... I dunno, that’s not really an easy thing to do when you like someone!” I looked at him and gave him a knowing grin. “I managed it! Although I did think you were completely off limits!” I added. The side of his mouth curled into a cute little grin. “I’m just saying …” AJ began, “it’s very hard to be around you and not wanna cuddle the fuck out of you!” My heart melted. It was one of the cutest things he’d said to me. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I reached to get it out. It was a text from Naomi. “Hey. How’s The Cookie Monster?” I chuckled and showed AJ my phone with the message. He let out a short, sharp laugh in response. “LOVE IT!” he said. “She’ll be teasing me about that forever!” I told him. “She won’t be laughing when you’re a shredded monster! GRRRRR!!” I grinned and shook my head. “She wants to know if I’ve heard from you!” I said after we’d exchanged a few texts. “Oh, right!” AJ replied. Fuck! There was something serious about the tone of AJ’s voice which made my chest tighten. “Just, you know … since what happened Saturday!” I explained. AJ looked a bit wary. Nervous, even. “What does she think happened?” “Erm … I don’t think she knows about us!” AJ nodded. I could tell he was trying to act cool, but not doing a very good job of it. Suddenly everything felt weird and serious and awkward. “Would you rather me not tell her?” I asked. I suddenly felt a bit sick. “Ummm … maybe just wait a bit?” he suggested. I could tell he was nervous about my reaction. I nodded, completely failing to hide my concern and disappointment. “Sorry!” AJ said. “This is all just so new to me!” He looked so sincere in that moment. I could tell he was nervous, not just at the idea of someone knowing about us, but for fear of hurting my feelings. And seeing this, suddenly telling Naomi what was happening between AJ and I didn’t seem to matter. “It’s okay! I get it!” I reassured him. “Yeah?” he asked, warily. I gripped his waist, bought my face up to his and kissed him gently. “Mmmmm” he said, as my nose rubbed against his and the pang of disappointment that AJ wasn’t ready to tell anyone about us (whatever “us” was) fading and being replaced by an overwhelming feeling of euphoria that me and AJ were even an “us” in the first place.
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    Twenty Two “OMG! Did you hear about the latest episode of AJ and Noah In The Land of Beef?” I grinned ecstatically into my phone as I read AJ’s Facebook message. I’d woken up that morning wondering whether the night before had been some kind of dream. Or whether I’d slipped into some crazy teen film where the slim, bookish muscle addict gets the hottest and biggest muscle guy in town. Like some kind of warped, British muscle addict version of Sixteen Candles. “Oooh, no! What’s it about?” I typed, playing along. Three dots. “Get this. AJ and Noah…GET IT ON!!” I sent through the monkey face covering his mouth emoji then followed it up with text. “What, you mean…” and then I sent three more emojis. The two boys holding hands, the aubergine that people use as a dick and the water splash. “HAHAHA!! Yep!” AJ typed. “Was it a hit with viewers?” “Oh a MASSIVE hit! One viewer in particular loved it!” And then he sent two emojis. The blushing face with the eyes wide open and the best one of them all. The AJ emoji. Three dots. AJ was tying another message. “People have been asking me all morning why I look so happy, by the way!” I melted as I pictured a giddy looking AJ waddling around Tesco and bulging out of his tight fitted, polo work shirt with a huge, giddy grin on his painfully gorgeous face. All because of me. “Hehe!! My mum actually asked me a similar thing. I think she’s a bit suspicious! Even more so than usual!” And then I sent the eye rolling emoji. “Haha! Oh shit! My break’s over. Better get back to work!” AJ typed. He sent a frowning face emoji and my heart dropped. But his next message was about to pick me up again. “See you at about five!” Fuck! We hadn’t discussed plans to meet up again that day. I sent him three question marks while all the time feeling incredibly excited. “Oh yeah. Forgot to tell you. You’re coming round to mine later.” AJ messaged. Fucking, fucking YES!! I loved how cheeky and forthright AJ was being, but I couldn’t resist playing along. “Oh, AM I now?” I messaged back. “Yep! Unless you want me to pick you up at yours so I can have a chat with your mum?” “DON’T YOU DARE!” I typed. Three dots. “HAHA!! See you at mine then!” And then he sent me an emoji he’d never sent before. The one with the face blowing a kiss with the little heart near it’s mouth. “Oooh, I can’t keep up with you!” my mum said as I stood in the kitchen after informing her I was going out. “Yesterday you were miserable as sin and today you look like the cat who got the cream!” Hmmm. Or the horn crazed, beef obsessed muscle addict who got the huge, cute, gorgeous bodybuilder! I rolled my eyes and shook my head but couldn’t help smiling at her comment. There was clearly no point trying to hide how happy I was. “Am I ever gonna get to meet this mystery boyfriend?” she asked. “NO! Because he doesn’t exist!” I informed her. “Well someone’s got your head in a tizzy. I hope he’s worth it!” I smirked. Oh, he’s definitely worth it, I thought. Fucking HELL is he worth it! I couldn’t stop grinning as I stood on AJ’s doorstep waiting for him to answer the door. I wondered in that moment whether it was possible for someone to spontaneously combust from excitement. Never did I anticipate AJ to open the door wearing nothing but a pair of the cutest, bright red boxer shorts and an excitable, mischievous grin. His perfectly round muscle tits and gorgeous, tummy bursting ab blocks on full, glorious display. As soon as AJ had shut the door, he’d spun around and was wrapping his huge arms around my back, pressing his outrageously muscular body against mine and kissing me with an intense passion. This can NOT be happening, I thought. Maybe I’d fallen asleep on Sunday night and hadn’t woken up since? Maybe the previous twenty hours had all been one long, amazing dream where the huge, gorgeous competitive bodybuilder I’d spent the past month pining over decided that, against all odds imaginable, he actually wanted me back? “Hello!” he cheekily said as we parted lips, and were both just looking at each other, still fully embraced. “Hey! Nice pants!” I exclaimed. He giggled. One of his cute, little giggles I loved so much. “I didn’t think it was worth getting dressed!” he shrugged, with a straight face, before his mouth curled into one of his heart meltingly gorgeous grins. Pressed up against AJ’s body, his abs pushing into the fabric of my t-shirt, sinking into his enormous arms, I was rock hard. My cock was pushing into his crotch. Fuck! “Mmmm!” AJ said, with a cheeky raised eyebrow, as he squeezed me tighter still. “We’ve got about an hour before my mum and Andy come home!” AJ informed me, excitedly. He withdrew from me, wrapped his fingers around mine and led me upstairs. I followed him, my heart bursting in my chest, because I was actually holding hands with AJ Jones. I don’t know what was a hotter sight. His bare, gorgeously tanned and obscenely muscular back or his enormous arse stretching the bright red material of his cute little boxers. Fucking GRRRR. As soon as AJ’s bedroom door was closed, my back was pressed up against it and his body was pushed against mine and we were kissing passionately again. My hands running over him, exploring his muscle bull body. Feeling the lumps and bumps on his incredible back and gripping into his enormous upper arms as my throbbing hard on pushed against his. He lifted up my t-shirt and practically pulled it off my body, then unbuckled my belt and pulled off my jeans. It was like he couldn’t wait to undress me. The day before I had mostly been in the driving seat. That day, however, AJ seemed to want to take charge. “Fuck!” AJ exclaimed as my hard cock stuck out a mile through my black boxer shorts. And then he bent down, squeezed my cock and gently tugged it through the material. I released a whimpered groan and as I gripped onto AJ’s shoulder blades with both hands. He then pulled down my boxer shorts, freeing my fully erect, throbbing cock, before gripping onto it and giving it a few tugs. There was no doubt about it, AJ was most definitely taking charge. And I had absolutely no complaints. If AJ was nervous about what he did next, he definitely didn’t show it. Squeezing my cock near the base, he placed his lips around the head and began to gently dance his mouth and tongue around it. Given he’d never done it before, he was exceptionally fucking good at working my cock with his mouth. And he seemed to be enjoying it too, given the cute little groans he was making. I ran my fingers through his soft hair. It was such a beautiful image. Looking down and seeing his huge boulder shoulders, thick traps and lumpy, muscular, tanned back. AJ looked up at me, with my throbbing head still in his mouth and I gave him this ecstatic little grin. When he finally freed his mouth, he exclaimed, “Fuck! This is so horny!” He seemed to be studying my cock. Looking at in awe and admiration. It was like I was watching him explore his sexuality before my eyes. I was watching him discover that a hard, throbbing, cum filled cock can be so immensely horny. Even fucking beautiful. And then he placed his lips on it once again and started sucking. He clearly loved sucking it as much as I had loved sucking his the day before. Soon after, AJ’s cute, red boxers had come off and we’d made our way to his bed. As amazing and special as being with AJ had been the day before, there had definitely been a slight weariness on both of our parts. That seemed to have diminished that day. It felt like both of us were a lot less inhibited with each other. Even though I’d seen and felt AJ’s incredible body less than twenty hours before, I was no less amazed by it. I couldn’t quite fathom just how huge and muscular the body intertwined with mine was. I placed my hands on AJ’s rock hard shoulders. Felt the huge muscle struggling underneath his abnormally thin, lightly tanned skin. And then I was feeling the thick pec muscle bulging through his chest. Huge and obscenely developed. Fuck! And then my hand slid to one of his arms. A crazily thick, outrageously huge arm. I dug my fingers in and squeezed, releasing a little groan as I did. I looked at AJ, his cute face mere inches away from mine. He had this smug, even slightly cocky, grin on his face. He seemed to be enjoying the fact that I was exploring his body and feeling his muscles. I pressed my forehead against and rubbed his nose with mine, all the time squeezing his arm still. I’d never worshipped muscle before, but it suddenly felt like that was what I was doing. I was totally amazed by his body, and just how huge his arm felt in my fingers. AJ looked at me, then down at the arm I was clutching and gently bit his lip. And then the most incredible thing happened. With my fingers still gripped on his arm, AJ gently flexed his bicep. “FUCK!” I exclaimed, as a huge, ball of rock hard, marble-like muscle erupted under my fingers. “Oh, FUCK!” I said, again, barely able to believe what was happening. AJ looked surprised, but excited. “Yeah?” he asked me in a sexy, hushed tone, as if asking me if him flexing was doing it for me. “Fuck yeah!” I exclaimed, still squeezing the insane bicep muscle before me. And then AJ flexed harder in response. Fuck, fuck, fucking, fucking, FUCK! I was doing the thing I had fantasised about doing since I’d looked through my very first muscle magazine at the age of fifteen. I was squeezing the flexed bicep of an actual, real life, competitive bodybuilder. And it was every bit as surreal, amazing and immensely erotic as I had always imagined it to be. “Oh God!” I groaned as AJ flexed harder. He seemed to be getting a kick out of my reaction. All of a sudden, he gently pursed his lips in a slightly cocky manner, as if to say, “Fuck yeah! Feel that huge fucking bicep, boy!” He bit his bottom lip and released this sexy little grunt. “God yeah!” I exclaimed, further. His pursed his lips more, his face turning into arrogance grimace. He grunted louder as he flexed. This obscenely hot, cocky, little grunt. Holy fucking HELL! “Oh God!” I groaned. My dick was going mad. Juddering and leaking pre cum. I reached for it with my other hand and started pounding. I just couldn’t stop myself. “Yeah?” he said to me, as if asking if I wanted him to grunt more and be cockier. “Fuck yeah!” I said. There was no holding AJ back then. He flexed harder, looked me straight in the eye, scrunched up his face, snapped open his mouth and released a hush, “YEAH!” right in my face! Fuuuuuck! The bicep. The attitude. It was all too much. “OH GOD! I think I’m gonna cum!” I whimpered, as I pounded harder. I couldn’t stop it even I’d wanted to. “GRRRR! YEAAHH!!” AJ growled, as he screwed up his face and continued to flex his bicep. It was the final move to tip me over the edge, “OH FUCK! OH GOD! ARGGGGGHHHHH!” As I squeezed AJ’s rock hard bicep, and looked at his gorgeous face, contorted in the sexiest and cockiest manner imaginable as my toes curled, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and a fountain of cum pumped out of my cock. I couldn’t stop groaning. Loud shouts of orgasmic pleasure as my whole body juddered and spasmed underneath the huge, hard, warm mass of AJ’s body. AJ started laughing and I was laughing too. “Thank God no one’s in!” he exclaimed. “Oh God! Fuck!” I was panting, out of breathe, but still laughing. I gripped onto AJ’s body. I was a hot, sweaty, cum soaked mess, stuck to the obscenely muscular body of the boy who’d just fulfilled one of my muscle worship fantasies and made me spunk with a single flex of his bicep. I winced, bit my lip and looked at AJ wearily. I was on the most post orgasmic high, but feeling slightly nervous about the fact that I’d given away just how much power his muscles had on me. “Sorry! I just really needed to cum!” I explained. AJ was grinning like mad. “Don’t apologise! God! That was fucking HOT!!” “Yeah?” I asked, still a little nervous but excited at his reaction. AJ nodded. “Fuck yeah!!” And then he did a gentle “Mmmm!” in my ear. I sunk my head into his warm, thick neck, and gripped on to his muscular back. I was back where I had been the night before. The place I just wanted to stay forever. “So … I’m guessing you kinda like my biceps?” he added, with a cheeky grin. Oh god! There was no point trying to play anything down at that point. “Ummm … just a bit!” I replied, giving him a sheepish grin. AJ couldn’t stop grinning. I knew it was time to confess to AJ just how much I liked his biceps. Not only that, but I suddenly really want to. I took a deep breath. “Okay, I have a bit of a confession!” I began. My chest tightened a little. I wasn’t completely sure whether I was doing the right thing, but I had a feeling I knew what AJ’s response was going to be. Furthermore, I was actually excited to see his reaction. “I … kind of have a bit of a thing for bodybuilders!” I confessed. “NO!” AJ said, sarcastically, pretending to be shocked. I giggled and playfully rolled my eyes. I knew he didn’t fully understand what I was confessing. “Well … not so much a bit of a thing. More like a big thing!” Oh God. I suddenly felt nervous again. “Okay!” AJ said with one eyebrow raised. “How big are we talking?” I winced. “Like, I kind of know the names of all the big pros!” “No way!” AJ said, excitedly. I nodded. “I knew the names of all those guys before you told me!” I said, gesturing to the pictures of the shredded, competitive bodybuilders on AJ’s wall. “You’re kidding!” AJ said. “Why didn’t you say?” I pulled a face. “Well, ‘cause then you’d have questioned how I knew them! I guess I was worried you’d figure it out. That I was … turned on by bodybuilders!” I concluded, a little sheepishly. And then his mouth curled into this big, gorgeous, mischievous grin. “Turned on, huh?” I blushed a little and nodded. “So … what is about them?” he asked. I felt like laughing. Because it was such a fucking absurd question. “God! Erm … everything! Just, like, the look of a huge, shredded bodybuilder in competition. Pecs! Abs! Biceps! Seeing them on stage. Watching them flex! It just … does something to me! Just the thought of a bodybuilder makes me hard! Even just the WORD bodybuilder makes me hard!” I’d never seen AJ look so excited. “Fuck!” he exclaimed. “I can’t believe this! I mean, I knew you liked my body, but not THAT much! I never would have guessed flexing would have turned you on either!” “It doesn’t weird you out?” I asked, cautiously. “FUCK NO!” he exclaimed. “God, I love that you feel that way about muscle!” I couldn’t ever remember feeling happier than in that moment. I remember thinking how fucking perfect me and AJ were for each other. “So, have you been with bodybuilders before?” AJ asked. I scoffed. “NO! You don’t exactly get many gay bodybuilders waddling around!” AJ was beaming and looked pleased with himself. “So, how was it feeling your first flexed bicep?” he cheekily said. I grinned. “Fucking amazing!” “Yeah?” he said. He looked down and gave a cheeky little flex again. I chuckled and gripped it, but the second I did, I wasn’t laughing anymore. Because I feeling AJ’s fully flexed bicep again and it was just as surreal, just as incredible and just as insanely horny as before. “Fuck!” I exclaimed as I gripped the ball of rock hard muscle. He growled and then giggled and relaxed. “You know that was a first for me too earlier?” AJ said. I looked at him confused. “I’ve never sucked a guy’s cock before!” he confessed. I cheekily grinned. I had known that already based on what AJ had told me about his one experience with a guy. The one from Scorpio’s who’d sucked him off in the shower. “So … how was it?” I asked, teasingly. “Fucking HORNY!” he exclaimed, with a tone of surprise. As if he hadn’t expected to like it so much. “Mmmm! In fact …” he said, with the sexiest and most mischievous expression, before shuffling his whole body down the bed. I bit my lip and grinned as AJ’s head reached my groin. He gripped the base of my cock, which was suddenly becoming hard again, and placed his lips around the head with an insanely sexy, “Mmmmm!” Within seconds I was rock hard again as AJ worked his mouth and tongue around my wet, throbbing cock, while squeezing the base. I groaned, sank my fingers into his soft hair, and placed my other hands on his thick, muscular back, digging my fingers into his soft, warm skin, and feeling the rock hard muscle bulging underneath. And then we heard a rattling noise and the sound of the front door, my heart leapt into my throat and AJ suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. He looked up at me, slightly worried. Someone had come home. “Fuck!” he said in a hushed tone, before his face softened into an excited and amused expression. Presumably at the notion that he was getting up to something with a boy while either his mum or step-dad was in the house. I pulled an “eeeek” face and then grinned back at him. AJ let out an annoyed groan and quietly reshuffled back to my face. “Sorry!” he whispered. “It’s OK!” I whispered back, grinning. He put his head on my chest and we lay there holding each other. With his head facing down, AJ reached for my cock again and gripped the base. I whimpered in response. He turned his head and looked up at me with a mischievous grin and he began to wank me off. I released a groan, and he quietly giggled and then shushed me. “Wanna cum again?” he whispered to me. “Yeah!” I whispered back. AJ bit his lip, the sexiest expression on his face and continued to wank me off. I sunk my head into his neck and gripped on to his back. As I got closer to cumming I started releasing whimpers and groans. I couldn’t help it. He shushed me again and gently placed his hand over my mouth. I was completely trapped, under the weight of AJ’s huge muscular body and with his hand over my mouth. I was helpless. Completely at AJ’s mercy. I had no choice but to lie there and just endure the pleasure he was giving me. “I wanna see you cum!” he whispered into my ear. I released a muffled groan under his hand as he plunged up and down on my cock. I whimpered and groaned into his hand, trying to be as quiet as I could and he gripped his palm and fingers tighter to suppress the noise as ropes of cum erupted from my cock and shot over both of our naked bodies.
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    So, I was talking with my friend the other day. She is a very direct girl, who doesn’t hold any secrets - perfectly blunt, in every way - and she is like that when she approaches men. She can afford to be because she is 26 years old, average height for a girl, intelligent, funny and hot - the full package. I will not name her here. One day, at a gym that she frequents with her boyfriend, with whom she is in an open relationship, she decides to approach this incredibly handsome guy, who also is a devoted gym-goer. He too seemed oh-so-very much like a good deal. Young, witty, but also very tall (198 cm, or 6'6 in retard units) and, clearly, quite strong. Through her telling, my friend recalled the ease with which he did pull-ups. This is his Instagram pic, I was told. At some point my friend started up conversations with the guy, whose name is Philip, she tells me, and through the weeks of getting together at the gym and through Facebook comments, she saw that she has a lot in common with Philip, especially when it comes to their preferences for genres in movies and books. She also noticed that he is into her. One day, they decide to get together after the gym. With my friend there is no beating around the bush. They went straight to his place - no dates, no romantic walks. She had already learned his humor, likes and dislikes. She wanted to know his primal side now. What is he like when passion takes hold of him? She got more than she bargained for. “Can you imagine what he must’ve looked like after the gym that evening? All that testosterone brimming inside him…” my friend recalled. She remembered him being larger than ever before due to the pump he was having. Veins were jumping out of him. Probably looked like this other pic from his Insta account. When they got into his bedroom, my friend couldn’t help but marvel at how the entire place was well organised and tidy. The bedroom was spacious, so he had set up a pull-up bar and a heavy-looking punching bag. There were also quite a number of large mirrors, which made the room appear bigger than it actually is. Another set of mirrors was near the bed - one on the wall on the side of it, and the other stuck to the sealing above the bed. By the time they got to the bed, their clothes were shed. This is, by the way, where she finally got a good look at his beautifully shaped ass. At first, he was being very gentle with her as they were starting foreplay and kissing. However, at some point, my friend said that she started to goad him, so that he would become more rough with her. I think she likes it that way. After a slap here, a wicked laugh there, he grew increasingly - and visibly - annoyed… He wasn’t amused at all. He grabbed her by her arms and forcefully picked her up with great ease, as if to correct her behaviour. Then, he laid her back onto the bed with some frustration. She described his face as barely containing anger and remembers his loud breathing. He got up, nude, with every muscle and every vein visible on his large tight body, and he walked furiously across the room in circles. The muscle mass on him, combined with his imposing height, makes him weigh at around 115 kilos - nearly twice her weight. His steps were booming. He then took a sturdy metal chair from a corner of the room and placed it in front of the bed. Still annoyed, he said to her “come here.” She could tell from his tone that he was in no mood for hesitation, so she got up from the bed and walked up to the chair. He impatiently turned her away from himself and picked her up off the floor onto the seat, so that her behind would face him. It looked to her that this was his version of foreplay, so she was still looking forward to what may come out of this all. He entered her vagina with his decent-sized dick and thrusted strong enough that her knees were no longer touching the chair, which was there to support them in the first place. It felt good, albeit a little violent. While she was moaning, she looked up into the mirror by the bed and saw that Philip was focused solely onto himself in the reflection. She said that she thought at the time “Fuck, I’d be looking at myself if I were as gorgeous as him”. He was staring into his own eyes and into the glistening muscles of his own large and powerful body while practically holding her 60 kilos constantly in the air. He was going like that for several minutes. When he finally turned his focus to the girl he was thrusting, she felt that he was getting a bit flaccid. Not too much, for he was still a clear presence inside of her. Philip leaned over her back and stretched his arm down, next to her head. He was again gazing at their reflection in the mirror, but now he had a renewed hardness to his dick. My friend said that she was enjoying the feel of his strength imposed on her, and said that it was even more than she had hoped for. He certainly knew how to move down there, not just simple thrusts. She was genuinely enjoying it, but she was still able to see that Philip was actually focusing now on the monstrous size of his own arm when put next to her significantly smaller body. He flexed it so that the peak of his bicep would be right next to her head. She remembered how she rubbed her head against his bicep and feeling that rock-like hardness. Then, she told me, something unexpected happened. He got out of her, then proceeded to put her back on the bed. He placed the chair on the bed too, so that it was above her head. Now he was above her, and she was facing him, and their sex organs reunited. He was straddling her like a mighty lion, and he appeared inhumanly large above her. All she could see were his stone-hard abs and huge pecs as they were thrusting up and down, along with her entire body. Here comes the weird part. He looks down into her eyes. She was feeling a mixture of ecstasy and fear in that moment. He was insanely hot, even in this moment of bestial mindlessness, yet everything that was going on escaped even her wildest fantasies, and I can tell you, my friend has some wild imagination. It was in that moment when he grabbed ahold of the chair and, while looking into my friend’s eyes, proceeded to crush it! It was here that fear completely took over in my friend’s mind. Crushing that chair is no small feat. According to my friend, it had a steel frame with elements of hard wood and was quite heavy and solid. Philip squeezed it with his powerful hands while relentlessly looking into my friend’s eyes. Soon, the chair’s frame gave way to his pressure and started to grind and crack loudly. By this point my friend was petrified with terror at what she was seeing. Philip was practically turning from a prince into a savage monster before her very eyes. He groaned with his deep and booming voice as he was distorting and destroying the chair. He was looking with his cold unyielding eyes deep into her while he was doing it. He pinned the frame of the chair next to the girl’s petrified naked body and ripped the bars towards himself. She could do nothing but watch silently this monstrous display of power because she was helpless. The strength that was needed to pull and rip the steel outward was bordering inhuman. Looking at those dark, cruel eyes of his, she was actually afraid… that he was going to switch the chair with her at some point. Philip got off of her and violently launched the remains of what used to be a chair onto the wall, shattering it into bits that scattered on the floor. His wrath wasn’t subsiding, though. He then furiously launched hits at his punching bag. The whole building was shaking at the shockwaves that his punching produced. His precise movement and enormous strength with which he was hitting made it evident that had the bag been human, there would be no more life left in it. During this unbelievably intense moment, my friend’s wits came back to her, and she thought of a way to prevent things from escalating. She got off the bed to her feet and silently said his name in a calm manner. “Philip?”, in response to which he stopped his punching and looked at her. His chest was heaving from deep breaths, and his pumped up muscles were covered with sweat. She approached him carefully, barely containing her shivering, knowing full well that he might lunge at her. This time, however, she had gotten to know him a bit. She took his large hand and brought him to one of the mirrors. The blood was coming back to his cock at the sight of his own reflection. In that moment, he was a personification of power - a god of strength and beauty. Every muscle fiber was bursting on him. He was enormous, bigger than life. He wanted to turn around towards her, but she stopped him from doing that, lest he get some new ideas. She stood behind him so that his frame would completely eclipse her from the mirror. Only her hands were visible because she was caressing his muscles gently. He realised that it felt good that his god-like body is finally receiving some worshiping. His dick was insanely hard now. He looked at himself as the petit female hands were passing over the massive landscape of his sculpted V-shaped torso. He flexed his arms and allowed my friend to feel the enormity of power emanating from his hard lats, triceps, and biceps. He knew that nothing could stop him in this moment if he went on a rampage, but getting some love and appreciation for the body he had painstakingly built over the years felt much more rewarding. He could no longer contain himself. His breathing and his twitching stiff cock became a signal of the fact that he could no longer fight his sexual urges. My friend realised that, so she jerked him off. When he laid down on the bed, she gladly sucked him because she was relieved. He came in a torrent of sperm. My friend told me about this with clear fear and disbelief at the events she was describing, but I, for whatever reason, felt like it was the sexiest thing I had ever heard. She says that they are still friends, and I still see his comments on her posts, but she said that that day’s experience is something she is not eager to repeat… I barely contained my breathing as she was describing all of this to me. What did you feel? This is based on true events that happened more than half a year ago. Here is another picture of “Philip”. I hear that he finally understood what a beauty he is, so now he took to modelling.
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    hi guys, reading this I'm really excited, finally found something that could help me match my bulge to my legs, going to buy my first pump
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    Had a pretty awesome pumping session last weekend.
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    Just wondering from the guys with the expertise on here, and if there's any PTs around - if I wanted to compete, what advice would you give me to get in good condition from how I am now? What areas of my body need work? And how long of a process would you say it would take. It's honestly been a secret ambition of mine, just to get on that stage, but all my life I've lacked confidence and self esteem, hopefully someday soon I'll fully commit myself to my goal.
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    Sun 29 Oct - 7PM 15 Mins Later after the swap Sun 29 Oct - 7.15PM Mon 30 Oct - 10AM Mon 30 Oct - 3PM Tue 31 Oct - 11AM Tue 31 Oct - 11PM Just after the party OH YEAAA....
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    Forced to be bro Coach pushed the button again. Josh's fear didn't fade away. If anything, it increased. But it was now increasingly mixed with something else. A, now familiar, fourth warm wave of heaviness, and yet lightness, spread through his body in a pleasant way, and he became aware of his body in a new way. Heaviness. And yet lightness. He was soaked in the ugly-smelling cold-sweat he had exuded, when he struggled and resisted Coach. It had been to no avail. Coach was bigger than Josh, the sort of man Josh had aspired to become. Now, he found himself strapped to a chair in the locker room, an IV needle inserted in his arm and weird electrode-looking stuff fastened to all his major muscles, and temples even. Coach had probably gone insane, and Josh feared for his life. God knows what unsafe substance Coach allowed to enter Josh's body? And the electronic equipment? Weird ideas by a weird man. Coach pushed the button again. Heaviness. And yet lightness. Body. The terrified incoherent chatter in Josh's mind ran in all directions. He felt dizzy, nauseous. His compression shirt clung to his waist, chest and shoulders in a sticky way. His feet felt heavy inside his trainers, and he could sense the scent of his athletic socks, as they clung to his calves: The honest sweat after a workout, reeking in the locker room. Male sweat. The testimony, that he had done his best, and performed well. Coach pushed the button again. Heaviness. And yet lightness. Body. In a pleasant way. It had happened after the others had already left. Josh had been delayed – on purpose, as he now realised. He knew, that Coach wanted to increase his (and the other members') performance, and some sorts of supplements (not all of them entirely legal) had been part of the routine for some time, now. But this sort of drip-plus-electrodes was something unknown and entirely new, and Josh felt rigid by fear. Side-effects? Consequences? Forced to undergo whatever Coach wanted him to undergo. Coach pushed the button again. Wave. Heaviness. And yet lightness. Body. In a pleasant way. It actually felt rather good. One part of him began to relax. The excitement of another part of him had just begun to increase. He felt so present. Bodily present. In the chair. His arms resting in the armchair. His bum at the seat. Thinking of that, his glutes felt warm, too. Hot and sore, like after a leg workout. Legs. Thinking of that, his quads and hamstrings felt hot and sore, too. Like some pump going on. Which was actually a nice feeling. Coach pushed the button again. Warm. Wave. Heaviness. And yet lightness. Body. In a pleasant way. Relaxed and excited at the same time. Bodily present and resting. All his muscles felt hot, sore and firm. Like after a workout. His socks clung to his calves. Calves felt like concrete blocks now. He was unable to lift his legs. He felt so relaxed, so he couldn't move his back. Hot, sore and firm back. His compression shirt expanded, tight around his widening back, expanding chest and bulging shoulders. The expanse of his back, chest and shoulders defined and limited by the compression shirt – a definition and limit now changing. Moving. Expanding. Redefining former definitions and limits. Hot, sore and firm chest. Hot, sore and firm shoulders: All three parts of his shoulders. Rear, middle and front. Bulging. Bulbous. Hot and sore. Felt good. Coach pushed the button again. Warm. Wave. Heaviness. And yet lightness. Body. Spread. In a pleasant way. Yes, it literally felt good. Why bother? Why worried before? Felt pumped. Felt growing. Felt like a real bruiser taking his medicine. Wow. Bigger than coach now. Biggest. Not so sore any longer. Better. Felt better. Hot and firm body. No: Hot and hard body. So good. Shoulders and traps. Growing in all direction. So good. Huge. Ravine forming between his pecs. Oh, fuck, yes, deeper! Deeper! Continuing between abs. Pain. Good pain. Harder. Harder abs. Narrow waist. Heat in quads. Expanding. Heat in hamstrings. Expanding. Heat. Burning heat in calves. Socks expanding around his calves. Shorts felt uncomfortable. Mostly uncomfortable. One aspect of his shorts felt comfortable: His meat inside the jockstrap. Throbbing inside the jockstrap. Throbbing against his shorts. Big legs. Oh, fuck, his arms, too! HIS ARMS! Coach pushed the button again. Warm. Wave. Heaviness. And yet lightness. Awareness of. Body. Spread. In a pleasant way. He shuddered in the chair now. Shuddered by the power that flowed into him, shuddered by growth, shuddered by the FEELING of it. Fuck yeah! Look at this! Thug brawn! Real bro! Jock power! Not sore. Heat. Heavy and light. And power. This strength. So good. Deff. Changing limits. Expanding all over! Real ace, innit. Wait until I show up at home and show Olivia THIS. And the throbbing python. Impress her. This bro. With bro muscle. No, more: Muscle-god. Felt awesome. Becoming more. Becoming... Oh, fuck, so AWESOME! Like he was built of bowling balls, footballs. Medicine balls. Melons. GRANITE GLOBES! Fuck, look at this! Look at me! LOOK AT ME! Coach pushed the button again. Heat. Wave. Heaviness. And yet lightness. Awareness of. Power. Body. Spread. In a pleasant way. His body spasmed and convulsed in a sweet way now: Yeah, real sweet, innit. How would he be able to think about numbers, figures, stats now? They didn't matter. BIG was what mattered. BIG. BIGGER. HUGE. Steel-hard. More! Yes! More! The heat. The pleasure. The growth. Muscle-god heat. Muscle-god pleasure. Muscle-god growth. It didn't matter, that Coach had a hard-on in his tracksuit bottoms. Look at me, you insignificant shit! Look at this muscle mass! Tremble before me, you bloody wanker! Tremble before this MASS MONSTER! So good. His shorts ripping apart. Unable to resist his ENGORGED quads and POWER hamstrings, letting the throbbing jock out. I'm AWESOME! All body throbbing now. Throbbing of power. Throbbing of growth. Muscle-god power. Muscle-god growth. Wow. The compression shirt. Couldn't take it anymore. Not with THIS back and chest inside! Exploding out of my clothes! Unable to contain me! No limits! UNLIMITED GROWTH! Expanding. HARD! HARDER! INVINCIBLE! These traps! This bull-neck! Love it! The scent. My bro sweat. My jock sweat. My muscle-god sweat. Fuck, yeah, inhale my ultra-testo, fukking tosser. The URGE! More! Need more! Must have more muscle mass! The definition! Unbelievable! These veins! Pump beyond pump. Even better! Bulging all over. Muscle ecstacy! UNLIMITED STRENGTH! Ripping these weak straps apart. Don't stare, dweeb. I will remain in this chair. I will sit on this THRONE OF GAINZ and ABSORB all ultra-gear and all POWER juice you can cram into me. His instincts told him to flex. He flexed. It felt good. Coach looked scared now. It felt good, too. Obey me! NEED MORE!!! Coach pushed the button again. Heat. Wave. Heaviness. And yet lightness. Awareness of. Power. Body. Muscle. Power. Spread. Pleasure. The being, that had been Josh, was now unable to think coherently, even less speak coherently. As it rapidly indurated and spread in all directions it moaned and groaned. Grunted. Roared. Bellowed. It had the power inside it. It embodied power. It was power. It was strength. It was masculinity. It was brawn. It was mass. It grew, gained, bulged and expanded. Its roars and bellows intensified. The scent of sweat and pre-cum was very intense in the locker room, now. Coach pushed the button again. Heat. Wave. Growth. Gainz. Heaviness. And yet lightness. Awareness of. Power. Bulging. Body. Engorged. Muscle. Coach pushed the button again. Power. Spread. Pleasure. Coach pushed the button again. Coach pushed the button again. Power. Oh, fukk, look at me Coach! Pleasure. Power. Uhnnnnn. Pleasure. Uhnnnnnn. Power. Fuck, yes, MORE! Pleasure. Fukk, can't belive... Innit? So... Power. Pleasure. Power. Pleasure. Power. Pleasure. Power. Pleasure. Power! Pleasure! Power!!! Pleasure!!! Power!!!!! Pleasure!!!!! POWER!!!!!!! PLEASURE!!!!!!! POW... Oh, fukk!!!!! Uhh! PLEASURE!!!!!!!! PLEASURE!!!!!!!! PLEASURE!!!!!!!! PLEASU ... Coach pushed the button again.
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    Not me (I wish) but I stumbled on this picture while on tumblr today. Don't know everyone is into siliconed cocks, I imagine we all are since we pump, but I thought this was just too gorgeous to not share. Massive, heavy, thick as hell. Size matching nicely with the guys thighs. Gorgeous bulge of cock meat.
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    Astromuscle: Ok @canon and I have both been a little on the busy side but as promised, here's the second part. The Visit As I got there, Mark showed me around his house: his and his dad’s bedroom, the bathrooms, a jacuzzi, an office room and a big living room. The kitchen was also very roomy and there was enough food in it to feed an army. After the first pass through the house he opened a new door and told me to follow him downstairs to a private room. What hit me first was a very manly smell that caused me to get hard instantly. I was really surprised to not only find another bedroom but also a fully equipped gym with a huge mirror wall, a small juice booth with a lot of supplements and a big sofa in the corner of the room. Looking around I noticed that the bench and the squat rack were loaded and the bar was slightly bent from the heavy weights. I asked him if all the heavy weights and protein powder were his. He just smiled knowingly and said that he usually works out at the college or the nearby gym and not here. Everything I saw here was his dads’. I just looked at him in shock with my mouth open again. Suddenly after checking his phone he tells me that one of his friends had an emergency and needs a lift somewhere and asks if I would want to come, or if I'd prefer to stay and try to get settled. I told him that I would stay here and get comfortable, and I went over to the other room in the basement, which was supposedly my room. As I set down my bags and made my bed I hear Mark head out the door. Now that I am alone I walked around the gym, imagining how big his dad must be, using the ridiculously heavy weights I can see in the room. I start getting a boner as I see some used briefs and a torn tank top on the floor. My eyes almost pop out of their sockets when I see the shirt is a 3XL. It couldn’t be Mark’s, big as he was it would drape over him like a canopy. I step closer, picking it up and smelling the fabric. It has such a sweaty, manly smell and my penis gets hard at the combined scent and thought of what someone who wears that must look like, not to mention rip it. My cock keeps growing down my left leg, pinned inside my pants. I may not be big in other areas, but having a large cock was definitely something i revelled in. It would always makes me feel very proud of myself, especially recently in the gym locker room. I eventually decide I want to take a tour upstairs again, going up and finding the main laundry. My mind is racing about this legendary dad who must be a true beast, and now my eyes pick up on things I hadn’t done before. One whole cupboard was filled with every supplement I had heard of, and some that I didn’t even recognise. One even looked foreign. As I keep looking I went to the fridge. I had noted earlier that it was full, but looking closer I now saw that while there were some fresh produce, I saw a lot of meats of different varieties, as well as cottage cheese, greek yogurt. The cupboards had tuna and flaked chicken, lentils, beans and rice. I was never a bodybuilder myself but I did know enough out of sheer lust for them to know exactly what most of this stuff was. My god this is all protein, and high carb foods. Building blocks of muscle. Next I moved on to the living room. One large couch sat across from a very large TV. The couch itself looked very well used. It was odd, since it didn't look old per say but the middle cushion sagged down and looked about as flat as a pancake. A couple shaker cups littered the table, all empty and some of the dumbbells from downstairs were also up here. The lowest weight I saw was 80lbs and my dick did a twitch, trying to free itself from my pants. It took me both my hands and heaving back to lift the weight adequately, which sent my mind reeling. Ok so his dad brings weights up here for while he’s watching TV. If this is the lowest weight then it must be for the smallest muscles. Does he bicep curl these monsters?! I take my dick out of my pants and begin massaging it as I look at the den of someone who I figure must be from my imagination. I close my eyes a little as I slip into my own thoughts trying to visualize Mark’s dad. Picturing a masculine muscle guy like Mark and then morphing his muscles big enough to handle the weights around the house. *Boom* A loud noise came from the back door into the kitchen. I can hear heavy footsteps, and am not sure if it’s my roommate or not, but I know if anyone sees me like this I’m going to be in trouble. I shove my cock haphazardly into my pants and rush down the stairs as quietly as I can, though it didn’t end up being that quiet. I make it downstairs, winded. Looking down I noticed my cock is still half way down my left leg. I try to cover it up and make it disappear, but having a big cock also has some disadvantages. I hear the footsteps thumping again and it is making my heart race. My heart beating isn’t exactly helping the boner go down. God damnit. I listen now and think that the footsteps and creaking sound louder than when Mark left, making me think this must be the dad. My penis twitches, as if trying to find a way out so it can see for itself. I hear the footsteps approach the top of the stairs, and the stairs creaking heavy as he comes down them slowly. I go to hide in my room, too shy to be seen alone here with a huge boner, but too interested not to peek. One massive foot slams down into view, extending over the edge of the stairs. I can hear the stair creak as I watch even the shoe seem to cry out as weight is being transferred to that foot, the next foot comes down, this time I get to see the calf. The dad was clearly wearing shorts because his calf was exposed. Or he’s naked I think but shove the thought away, he’s wearing shoes after all. The man’s lower leg is thick and strong, and becomes so much bigger halfway up where his calf starts, exploding out in all directions. I can see the muscles bunch and work as weight moves to that leg instead. Two more steps and the bottom of his quads came into view, even his knees were thickly built, but it was still not enough to prepare me for how big his thighs would be. They came out hard at the knee, bulky and thickening as they travelled up his leg to what I was beginning to think of as the promised land. Unfortunately that’s where his shorts started and I couldn’t see the upper half of his thighs. I was so disappointed. I realised he was still coming down the stairs and turned away from the door. I was breathing heavy even just at what I had glimpsed. That was the biggest person I had ever seen in my life, bigger than any person I had seen in the gym. His size put him up there with the biggest that I had masturbated to online even, and he was real, just on the other side of the door. My cock was twitching into overdrive and I became scared I might cum right there. I had to turn around and take a break from watching him. Then I could finally hear him stepping down onto the landing and walking around a little. “Mark? Are you down here?” His voice was so deep, manly, almost like a growl. It had a little roughness to it, but otherwise it was a deep bass and strong. I almost moaned but I caught myself and covered my mouth. I prayed he wouldn’t come in here and see me like this. After a minute of walking around and moving some things around I can hear a grunt.I figured the dad must have started lifting some weights, and my curiosity got the better of my common sense. I slowly sneak over to the door and I turn to get a better look at what is happening inside the weight room. What I can see, I can barely believe. Right in the middle of the weight room stands the most massively muscled beast I have ever seen. My eyes didn’t know where to look at first, because all I saw were bulky muscles on top of more muscles. All of this was made even more clear because he was not wearing a shirt. The only clothing was the shorts that half covered his massive thighs. His back was so thick and wide, lats coming from so far out and curving down and in to a narrow waist. I was wondering why he didn’t fall over. My gaze fell lower, back to his quads. Holy shit. Those are fucking tree trunks. His thighs each were almost bigger than his waist. You could clearly see the outline of some really heavy Hamstrings, striations leading into his shorts. At the other end of where I knew those lines would lead were two globes that formed a large, hard as steel ass big enough the shorts looked like they were straining to hide it from my view. I followed the spine up his back, muscles exploding out to either side as they grabbed hold of the bones for support, but came out after for space to hold their mass. Huge traps popped out at the top of his back, and converged on the back of his head. If he had a neck, I couldn’t see it. To either side were two massive shoulders formed on that were almost the size of small watermelons and anchored two of the biggest, most ripped and vascular arms I have ever seen. He was doing curls, and swear I could see his arms swell up bigger with every rep. His triceps were so visible and thick, they were blocking my view of his biceps a little. Each curl was accompanied by soft moans and grunts that made my cock throb and twitch hard. Looking at that muscle beast was like seeing a living and breathing 3D anatomy chart, and I was studying it like I was about to take a final exam. After what seemed like an eternity, Dad put the weights down with a loud boom and went straight into a double biceps pose. FUUUUUCK. Those bicep peaks are almost higher than his head. He turned around slightly to find the best lighting to show off his huge guns, making the shadows between his biceps and triceps even darker and more pronounced. From where he was now I could see his face. He had a military cut head, cleanly buzzed that lead into a trimmed and well kept beard, thick but shorter. The square jawline was still visible and made his face look so much harder. Altogether, he was the picture of masculinity and handsomeness. He turned towards the mirror again and began shaking his quads. I could hear the muscles move on his leg left and right until he flexed them, at which point the thigh became a solid mass of crevices and peaks of strength. Fuck he’s so fucking massive. Is he even human? Big, thick muscular legs were always a huge turn on for me, and his were like something beyond what even I had dreamed were possible. He straightened up and stretched a little and my heart skipped a beat. He might be leaving the room, and there I was in the doorway, staring at him pose without making a sound or introducing myself. My heart almost stopped as I thought he caught me. Then I was shocked to see what happened next. Before my eyes I saw the dad lower his shorts and pull out a semi hard cock. It flopped big and heavy into his hand, almost as big as the silicone dick men online, but I’ve heard that doing that takes away the sensitivity, and judging by his face at his own touch that was not the case. He swirled it around once or twice with one hand, the other posing and cupping his own muscle until finally he was at full mast, magnificent and huge jutting from his body. Veins twisted around it more so than on his arms, which I hadn’t thought possible, leading to a mushroom head that looked so swollen at the tip of it all, adding an extra 2 inches to the length. His hands were clearly big but even still his dick was large in them. He brought down both hands on his dick and even then couldn’t cover the whole shaft. He begins jerking it off, and before I even realise mine is out of my pants and I’m doing the same. Eventually the dad returned to posing and jacking off, making the whole display hotter as I stroke my member, trying to savour what I saw without making noise. Eventually the beast reaches down and his hand goes to his asshole, putting one large finger in. I moan and my body buckles, ready for the next part, although everything shuts down when both our eyes open at the noise. Dad looks at me, dick in his hand, and steps back, falling over and hitting his head on a bench. OMG I don’t know which is worse, the first time he saw me I was jacking to him, or that now I hurt him. I tuck my dick away as best I can in a flash and rush over, nervous but also needing to check if hes ok. “Man I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have been doing that, you were just working out and-” I decide it might be better to stop talking about it and I help him up, biting my lip at the feel of his back muscles hard and flexed in my hand and the heaviness of his weight as I try to help him. “Fuck man where did you even come from?” He shakes his head. “You can’t just jack off to the sight of people man. Who are you even?” As I was about to say something we both hear footsteps coming down the stairs. “You down here Dad? Tommy?” We both look at each other and then at our hard dicks. I panic and grab a heavy dumbbell nearby, just lifting it enough to clear the Dad’s body and get it to the other side of him, taking my body with it. I land over his crotch with my own, both our dicks rubbing together as the weight thuds on the other side. “Shit man I’m so sorry.” I look over at the dad from where I am as Mark enters the gym room. “I thought I could handle the weight, I guess I was just cocky, and maybe wanted to try to show off, you were throwing these weights around like it was nothing. I should just go probably.” The dad looks down at me, confused but when his son enters the room and doesn’t notice their boners he clues into what I did. “Buddy listen, it’s fine I guess I can see where you are coming from, can’t say I might not have done the same in your position but man you gotta do things the right way. Talk to me and tell me where you are at, and we might be able to work something out, but promise me you will never try something like that again.” “I promise sir.” My god did he imply he might be gay? He may have been keeping up the act, but what if he meant it! Mark coughs a little form where he stands. “Were you going to get off him Tommy?” I look down at our crotches, neither of our dicks having gone down at all, especially with the added pressure of the other dicks against it. I reach the hand away from Mark down on the dad’s abs, as if for support then i fake a slip. My hand shoots down the dad’s shorts and I grab his dick, it’s so veiny and huge, and pulses at the new visitor but I try to keep my head. I quickly shove it around and behind one of his thighs. It offers some resistance but it’s long enough that I manage it quickly and recover my hand. I get up, facing directly away from Mark and tuck my dick into my waistband and over it with a thankfully loose shirt. I turn to Mark, seeing if my trick had worked. “Mark, your dad hit his back pretty hard off the bench just now. Do you have like some muscle relaxing gel or something?” Mark thinks deeply for a minute. He doesn’t seem to notice we are rock hard, that’s a good sign at least. After a moment the dad pipes up, “In the upstairs medicine cabinet. The boys right. Could you go grab it for me please Mark?” Mark nods and heads off up the stairs. “That was some quick thinking there Tommy. I’m Rent by the way.” He holds out his large hand and I shake it, enjoying how hard and calloused it is and how big it feels against mine. “You are the new roommate I hear so much about. Not much for first impressions are you?” I look terrified now that Mark is gone. I have returned back to this giant of a man, the man of my dreams and fantasies berating me because I couldn’t keep it in my pants. That is until he reaches down and grabs my dick with one hand, his own with the other, and begins jacking us both off. “What are you doing! I’m so sorry but I’m really confused now!” My mind is racing, the big man’s actions not matching his words. “Mark is going to be back down here any second and these beasts aren’t going to go soft in that time unless we cum. We were both at the edge anyways.” He picks up the speed he is going, ripped bulbous biceps lengthening and tightening with each motion. He plays with his chest a little and smiles as he looks over at me and shows off. That proved too much for me and I came on the floor in front of me. Now Rent began to focus more on himself. He spread his legs and began using his other hand on his dick as well. I could hear Mark upstairs and knew we didn’t have too much longer. I go over to Rent and put my fragile thin arm next to his. Mine looks like the bone that MIGHT be strong enough to support the sheer muscle Rent had. I put my leg against his for good measure and show him how big he is. “You’re so big, I can’t believe it. I can’t even compare, your arm could hold 5 of mine, legs too.” Rent grunts as his eyes roll back. Thick white goop shoots from the end of his cock against the wall and floor. I so want to enjoy the sight but I already messed up once today because of my lust and I was not about to do it again. I grab some nearby towels and make quick work wiping up our mess. As I pass I nudge Rent who is coming back to his senses. “Hunch over, you’re hurt remember?” Rent nods his head, traps stretching and then bunching at the movement and he bends over as if his back was weak. Seems more just like a realistic representation of how that big upper part would weigh down over that thin waist. Those abs are big, but it looks ridiculous to think they can hold up that giant piece of perfection. Mark comes back just as I drop the towels into the hamper, the hamper itself has a scent I recognise as a cum smell. Clearly this was common fair, except for the interruptions. The idea of him coming down regularly to work out and then worship his own muscles was so hot I felt my dick ask if it was time for round 2. I pushed the idea from my head and started to think of gross things that would keep me soft. Mark hands over the gel stuff to his dad and gets a thank you. Rent excuses himself to go apply it, saying he should cut his workout short due to his back. “Thanks for this Mark, and it was… interesting meeting you Tommy. Welcome to my home.” He smiles a little and leaves. “Do you want to work out then?” Mark asks. “Man I think after how badly I botched that I better call it too. I don’t feel hurt, but I don’t want to risk it” Mark wished me well and I went over to my room. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and my mind was exhausted. I crawled into my bed for a nap. I fell asleep with a boner at the thoughts of living with Rent, and also at the sounds of Mark working out in the other room.
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    I had been spending over 2 hours in the gym and my armpit stank was starting to get real bad. Even i could smell it now. I took a whiff of both my right and left pits and smiled to myself. Because i know that the stinkier it was. The better. Because all the other inferior men in the gym were just dying for a breathe of it. After a few sets of the dumbell press i got up and flexed my chest and arms. Oh how that muscle pump felt so damm good. Looking around me at all those taller guys i smirked to myself. Yea i might be a short 5′2 whereas they’re all giants in terms of height. But when it comes to muscle mass there is only one giant here. And thats fucking me. Its almost comical to look at how puny and weak they are. I can tell how jealous they are of my incredible muscles whenever i walk past. I can catch them gazing longingly at my bulging chest and tanned golden skin. And i love rubbing it into them. I would walk around the gym like i owned it with my shoulders and arms extended far out to make myself look even bigger. Its almost funny how i can make fun of their scrawny ugly physiques while at the same time giving them gym advice by humiliating their body shape at the same time Weaklings deserved to be humiliated. People often say that being tall was a prized genetic trait that could earn you a better sex life, higher pay in the corporate office and the ability to get respect from people around you even without doing anything. But I say being tall is a genetic curse. Being a 5′2 short bodybuilder has allowed me get huge and strong way faster than taller guys. I didnt need to eat as much to get large and I can easily throw up like 250 on the incline bench and it would still feel light as a feather to me because when you have shorter arms like me you need less distance to push weight up, so it makes bodybuilding so god damm easy. I say being short is to hit the Genetic Lottery. Random tall guys around me whimper and kneel before me hoping to kiss the ground i walk on. Gym goers purposely try to get closer to me in order to get a chance at a whiff of my pit stank. These so called taller men even give me the respect i deserve by making sure they bend down ever so slightly so that they might appear shorter. So is being tall a prized commodity? Fuck No. Tall men may be tall. But at the end of the day they end up being weaker, scrawnier and smaller physically. Tall men are Inferior Short men are they’re Superiors Of course not everyone agrees. And one of those retards is my roommate Shayne. He claims that height is a commodity that can only be achieved during puberty whereas muscles can be built at any age. So height was more prized and hard to get than muscles and strength. He says I should have focused on getting taller in the past because in the short run it may be easy to bulk muscle at my height but ultimately he believes tall muscled men have a larger potential to be stronger, better looking and have more Alpha in them. Obviously he still believes in the fantasy that tall men can build muscles. He should hit the gym to see all the tall skinny men struggle before short buff men like me. Science is proof that Short men are better. He was not much of a looker compared to me and he mostly tried to stay out of my way in our room. But i could tell that he was secretly jealous of me. t was pretty obvious how he would eye my large bulky chest and veiny biceps before shifting his gaze to his own body and giving out a sad sigh to himself. He had been trying hard to put on some muscle for years in an effort to become the “tall bodybuilder” he wishes to be but his efforts have always backfired. He continued to grow even taller before hitting a plateau at 6′2. As i said. Tall men such as him were cursed to live out their fantasies of being a hunky golden bodybuilder only in their minds while he will forever be forced to see short men like me become the hunks he can never ever be. I don’t see it as a bad thing though because he was practically my in-house entertainment. I would constantly flex my muscles, lay down on his bed showing off my glorious pecs and just licking my lips in a sexy way to humiliate him and get a jealous reaction from him. Oh how i enjoyed seeing his teary eyes as he looked longingly at what he can never achieve. ^cocky laughter^ Of course i wouldn’t waste showing off my muscles to skinny men like him. I would rather join bodybuilding competitions and show off these amazing biceps of mine to audiences who actually deserved it. But it was on such an occasion signing up for one of these bodybuilding competitions that would have me begging Shayne unexpectedly for help. You see i have always thought myself as being 5′2 in height which was the min height to join the prestigious Campus Mr Olympia competition. However it turns out during the official height measurement that i was actually just 1cm lacking in height. FUCK! I had to think of a way to get that 1cm in height fast! And i just happened to know of one… I had known of a way to trade certain aspects of your body from someone else before. I believe his name was Goggletann? In fact he even showed me how he became a buffed up muscled head by draining entire muscles from another bodybuilder many years ago. He claims that there are many things one can drain from someone else. But you have to agree to a trade of. For example Goggletann paid the drained bodybuilder a large amount of cash for all his new muscles. But where was i going to find some random tall guy to give me 1cm of height? Shayne! Explaining to Shayne my predicament. He opened his eyes wide in bewilderment before laughing and brushing it off as a joke. I explained clearly to him that i would trade him anything for a meager 1cm of his height. I had to spend an extra hour of convincing before he actually started to believe me. The little dumb fucker thought i was just playing a trick on him! When asked what he wanted as payment he thought to himself for a moment before replying how much of my muscles was worth getting from him giving me 1cm of height. And quite frankly i had no idea myself. But seriously how much could 1cm of height be worth? Its probably just a weeks worth of my muscle gains in the gym. Nothing i would fret about. He agreed. Even to the way the trade had to be done… We had to suck each other off to get the trading started. I of course did not hesitate and went first. I needed the height so damm badly even though i couldnt take the idea of sucking another man’s cock. Not to mention a lower inferior skinny scrawny weak man’s cock. Yuck! It was my first time playing with a man’s cock. But even i had to admit. It was strangely erotic and sexy to see his small piece of meat throb and get hard. Placing my tongue on his cock head I caressed it with my tongue making sure that he was going to be pleasured to the point of maximum ejaculation. I wanted his 1cm of height so damm badly that when he shot i swallowed it all without hesitation. Now it was my turn. And i was gonna make it worth my while. I had not fucked anyone in a week so why not fuck this little shit’s mouth while im at it? I demanded he lie down because i wanted to be literally on “top” and to be taller. I made sure his little pussy mouth got fucked hard. Plus i cant deny i got alittle too hard from humiliating him. To see him in a position physically lower than me yelling in pain as i chocked his throat with my monster meat. Oh how it pleased me greatly. When it came time to shoot i wanted this to be an experience both he and me would remember. Me as the dominant muscle top. And him as a humiliated pussy weakling bottom. Just like how it should be. We put our underwear back on as we awaited the changes that would come with our body trade up. Not that it would be a big change anyway so i got my cap and sunglasses back on hoping to hit the gym as soon as the changes were completed. And it happened. We both could see before our very eyes. I was losing a small amount of muscle mass while he was gaining some. His chest begin to bulge and his arms were literally being pumped up. His shoulders were extending out and even he was in shock of how much muscle he was gaining. I ran for the height measurement wall to see that i was now officially a cm taller! FUCK YEA!! But turning back i noticed things were getting out of hand. I had already given him some of my muscles and he had given me a cm of height. Why was he getting even bigger? He looked confused for a moment as well as he tried to comprehend his still growing chest. I hate to admit but he was starting to look…..good. Looking down on my own body I realize that my shoulders had now gotten smaller dramatically. I was still large golden and muscular, but even i could tell that i had lost close to a year’s worth of muscle gain. Fuck was happening?!! I started to touch my body all over hoping to prevent any more muscles from leaving me. But the deal for the trade had already been completed and I could see that what was once mine was quickly being given to Shayne. The look of confusion in Shayne’s eyes were also changing. Now it looked like he was being pleased and a cocky smirk was already starting to show on his face. A golden tan spread across his body starting from his crotch area already seeping through under his skin changing his pale muscled body into a tanned beach hunk’s body. A closer inspection of my body made me realize that where his body was becoming golden i was becoming pale as fuck! And without me even realizing my glorious tattoos were also being transferred to him. I was still left with some muscles but it was fast disappearing as well. Was this a fucking dream? No it cant be! It was just a simple trade for 1cm worth of height. FUCK IS HAPPENING?!!! I took off my shades and cap in disbelief. As i gazed up at the epitome of male beauty before me. He now had everything i had always secretly wanted to be. He was Buffed as fuck He was Handsome as shit He was a Golden Glorious Hunky Fucker But most importantly….. He was also Tall. Something i never could be........ “The fuck is going on!!!!” I yelled in my slightly higher pitched voice. He looked at me for a moment, eyeing me up and down from head to toe and back to my face before breaking out in a snarky arrogant cheeky smirk. “Height is a commodity that can never be achieved again after puberty whereas muscles can be built at any age. So my height was more prized than your so called beastly bodybuilder muscles. 1cm of my height was worth all your muscles, all your masculinity and all your golden tanned skin….” He put on my prized cap, flashy sunglasses and expensive shoes before striking out a bicep pose. Smirking before me i could see his growing arrogance now fully in control of his new body and mind. “Look whos the Bodybuilder now....Shorty....." "Still think being short is winning the genetic lottery”? Does the short bodybuilder deserve his end? Does he deserve his body back? Is the new taller bodybuilder too much of a bragging douchebag now? Does he really deserve his new muscles? Would you prefer to be tall and skinny or short and muscled in RL?
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    Had a great pump and workout the other day
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    (I realize this might not be everyone's cup of tea, but stay with it - you might enjoy the ending.) He had his brutish face next to mine – close enough that the rough whiskers of his day-old beard were scratching my neck as he whispered in my ear. Stiff bristles scraping in a way that made the hair on my arms tingle and my toes curl. “The sound of bones breaking makes me cum every time. It’s such an incredible turn-on – destroying someone with my bare hands. Care to find out, squirt?” He squeezed my body tighter and I let out a muffled cry – partly because of pain, but mostly because he crushed the sound out of me. Two of his thick fingers were shoved down my throat and it prevented me from breathing normally - that and the fact that his other huge arm was wrapped around my mid-section compressing my body like I was nothing more than a tube of toothpaste. It felt like my spine was about to snap in two, but he didn’t care and his arm drew in harder, like a giant belt tightening around a tiny delicate waist. “God, I’d love to hear your backbone pop like a heavy two-by-four being broken apart between my big hands. I bet your own cock would gush real hard even as your body sent messages of intense pain to your brain. You’d have the best orgasm of your life and then your body would go limp – unable to ever feel anything again. I could break you so easily, little man.” The apelike power-lifter flexed his huge biceps harder against my ribcage and it immediately felt like I was pinned against the wall that was his chest by the front end of a big truck. To add more insult to his unyielding domination he bit at my neck with his teeth, making sure to clamp down hard enough to leave marks that would surely stay for days. I thought about how crazy it would be to be snapped in two, unable to move afterwards, and have intense teeth indentions up and down your neck. Whoever found me would probably attribute my demise to some powerful vampire who had lost his fangs. “Listen to you gasp for breath, puny one. That makes my balls churn out tons more hot jizz than normal, which pumps hard into my growing cock like lava swelling up from deep inside the earth. Yeah, feel how your tight little ass twitches at the idea that the big fat log pressing up against you right now hasn’t even reached its full size. I doubt that cock of yours will actually be able to outlast your spine. I bet your bones shatter before you even get a chance to spew, but my own dick will unload so much he-man cum inside your body that you’ll gain five pounds on the spot. I wonder if I shoved my rod far enough up into you that I’d actually feel my giant arm squeezing the bulbous tip as I break you in two. That would add a little more umph to my eruption – knowing I speared you like a human shish-kabob!” I figured if the big man didn’t actually end up cracking me to pieces I would definitely require the help of a chiropractor over many visits to get my back into some semblance of its original alignment. I was like a flimsy toothpick on the verge of splintering in this man’s thickly muscled arm and he knew it. Dark spots were starting to form in my eyes and I accepted that everything would be going completely black pretty soon – either from unconsciousness or death. I tried to suck in some air, but his arm was just too powerful. He was applying pressure on my body that you’d usually reserve for bulldozers, a herd of elephants ramming into a small tree, or those machines that smash cars into little boxes. One pleasurable part of being compressed like a discarded crumpled Kleenex was that the guy’s enormous hard cock was slammed against my ass crack so tightly that I got a glimpse of what it would be like to be plowed by his huge member. That was truly keeping me alert for a lot longer than either of us expected – the feeling of his huge tool prying my cheeks apart as his powerful gun pull so tightly that my torso was beginning to feel almost paper thin. “I should so finish you, dweeb, but I’m not done having fun with your little body. There are so many other bones that could be broken before snapping your back.” Suddenly, the big arm released me and my oxygen-deprived frame fell to the ground – a blob of gasping frailty. It was good to be alive, but I immediately missed his powerful arm showing off its strength and his huge teasing cock ramming into me. I couldn’t move – at all. At first I thought it was because I was paralyzed – that he had actually broken my spine - but then I realized it was actually because his giant foot was pressing against my lower back and ass. An equally impressive size-16 shoe had replaced his huge piece of meat and I loved the feeling it gave, just as much. I couldn’t have pushed my body up from the floor for anything in the world. The pressure from his humongous leg pushing down through his foot was ten times greater than that of his enormous arm. I suddenly realized I’d be a goner in mere minutes – his foot easily smashing my body to smithereens. “Oh god . . . fuck yeah . . . feel how my giant foot squishes your pathetic body against the floor. I’m barely putting any pressure on you and you couldn’t move to save your life. You’re nothing but a little cheaply made toy ready for me to destroy it with no effort at all. Oh fuck . . . that . . . gets me . . . so . . . hot.” I didn’t understand his staccato patterned speech until I felt the giant foot rocking back and forth roughly against my back and ass. It suddenly dawned on me that the big man was busy pounding his meat. I could hear his fist flying up and down on his hard shaft – the guy was intensely turned on simply because his massive foot was stomping me like a bug. His breathing was now so hard that I could actually feel wafts of what seemed like hot air blowing against my back as he exhaled – and his head was over six feet from my body. He was a bull blowing steam while it charged. The pressure from his foot was beyond unbearable. I could feel my body starting to be compressed into something that would eventually be unrecognizable. Pain seemed to be taking over every part of my being – even the pieces that weren’t under being crushed. “I . . . unh . . . unh . . . could so . . . oh fuck . . . squish you . . . unh . . . unh . . . like a . . . fucking . . . ant!” My back began to make crackling sounds like some kind of children’s cereal. I was ready for total submission – the dreaded ending - and then the intense pressure suddenly stopped. My body still ached unbelievably but I could tell that something important had caused the big man to pull his foot slightly away. That’s when I heard and felt the spattering of something thick and warm hitting my back, neck, ass, and head. The huge dude was shooting off like some large gaudy fountain in a Roman piazza. I felt like I was caught in a torrential thunderstorm where huge hot raindrops were smacking hard – everywhere - around me and on me. The loud howl released from the giant beast, coupled with the waterfall of cum, caused me to suddenly shoot off like a cannon, as well. My weakened body was not too destroyed to blast out an eruption to match that of the dominator above me. My ass shot up off the floor as my stomach sucked powerfully inward so my cock could spew forth a tsunami of thick juice. I cried out forcefully, as well, but my animalistic growl sounded like a purring kitten compared to the big man’s ear-splitting orgasmic moan. Pellets of his dense-as-a-milkshake cum continued to whack down around me long after my body finished ejaculating. It seemed that even this man’s semen was much more robust than mine – as if orgasms were proof of our size difference, as well. Finally, the bull’s breathing returned to something close to normal – for a beast as big as him, that is - and his giant foot nudged my side roughly. “Go get yourself cleaned up, punk. It’s your lucky day. I spared your weak little bones the fate of being crushed into fine dust. I’m feeling generous.” I kind of painfully half-slithered half-crawled to the bathroom down the hall – and washed off my abused body, amazed at the amount of dried he-man paste that plastered my back. The semen seemed hard as cement as I tried to scrub it off – another bizarre testimony to the man’s virility. I could see bruises starting to form across my chest, ribcage, and back. I also knew I’d be sore for a few weeks. When I came back into the living room the big dude was already chugging down his third beer – still standing huge and nude at the bar, which snaked proudly from a corner of the room. He was one of the biggest and thickest thugs I’d ever seen – with arms that resembled beer kegs and a chest with enough hard meat that I was only able to get my arms halfway around his body when we hugged. He turned his face toward me as I walked in and I was again struck by the fact that the guy was brutishly handsome – in the same way some people found pit bulls cute. When he spoke it was louder than he needed to be – as if he couldn’t control his voice the same way he couldn’t control his muscles. “How much do I owe you?” “A thousand.” “You are worth every penny, dude. You’re simply amazing.” “I told you you’d like the foot thing, big man. I knew it would get you off.” “How do you know me so well?” “It’s my job to know what makes my clients happy.” “I wish you’d let me be your only client. You know I don’t like sharing you.” “Not this again, bruiser. You know I hate it when you start talking this way.” I was over by the chair now – using it for balancing as I put on my shoes. He was staring at me in that puppy dog way I knew so well and was absent-mindedly stroking his still semi-hard cock, probably re-living the intense fun we had just had in this very room. “Can I see you again tomorrow, honey?” “I don’t know, big man. I’m starting to think you’re getting obsessed.” Suddenly, he was on the floor in front of me – down on his knees with his big hands latched around my now loafered feet and he was kissing both shoes wildly. I rolled my eyes at what had come to be a regular post-ejaculation plea. “Oh please. I’ll do anything. I’ll pay anything. I’ve never gotten off this much in my entire life. You make me the happiest guy in the world. I need you, man. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t see you. If I’m obsessed it’s only because you’re the hottest thing ever. Please say yes to tomorrow night. We can go to dinner anywhere you want. I’ll even send the car to pick you up. I need you so much.” The beast at my feet was one of the strongest men in the world. It was official. He had trophies along one wall of this room in his penthouse to prove it. I’d watched him lift cars and big round stones, pull big trucks, hoist huge logs above his head, and a lot more on television numerous times. He’d always text me to let me know when he would be ‘performing just for me’ – as he liked to put it - and then he’d sign off by sending five or six smiling faces blowing kisses. He also told me to watch for when he’d reach down and blatantly adjust his big package – that was his secret message just for me and he did it every time he competed. This was his way of saying hello. I usually got quizzed about it after the show had aired – as if he were checking to make sure I had been watching. Some of the announcers on sports channels had started calling this particular moment ‘The Grab’ and many bloggers had started posting gifs of the big guy doing it over and over. This action seemed to make him more popular than any other strongman in history. “Get up off the floor. It’s unflattering. You’re acting like a love-struck elementary schoolgirl. You can pull sixteen wheelers the length of football fields, for goodness sake. We’ve talked about how unbecoming this is. If you want me to keep coming over, big man, you’ve got to get ahold of yourself. You need to act like the huge man you are.” “I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m so scared of losing you.” He stood up and towered over me. His thick body oozed strength and masculinity and, yet, he was head-over-heels in love with me and that fact seemed to zap every ounce of testosterone that existed in bulging muscles. I had been able to get him to play a certain part when we were roleplaying during sex – and he had gotten really good at it – but most of the time he frantically worried that I might stop caring for him. I had tried to get him to act like the back breaking, foot stomping dominator all the time, but he couldn’t do it. He wanted to be that guy who opened doors for me, showered me with gifts, held my hand in public, and even begged me to wear matching shirts. It was a little disconcerting seeing such a behemoth cowering at your feet. I needed his attitude to match the outside package – even if just for a few minutes. “Flex for me.” He shot his huge arms immediately into a double biceps pose. My wilted cock rocketed hard in my jeans as quickly as his thick guns sprang upward with what could only be called menacing power. The dude was simply huge behind comprehension. Even his hands were massive to the point where people always said they were morphed in pictures – and yet there had been absolutely no alteration. I took him through a litany of memorized esteem boosters – a praxis of muscledom, if you will, to help him be the man I wanted him to be. “Who are you?” “I’m your colossal beast.” “And what do you do?” “Anything I want to.” “And who am I?” “My plaything.” These statements were not emitted in the bone-chilling growl he used mere minutes ago when he showered me with his cum – an eruption produced simply because he could have destroyed me with one foot. No, these answers were spoken as if he were a child trying to please a teacher. The tone of his voice and his internal demeanor was in direct conflict to the enormous guns flexing powerfully beside his much-higher-than-my head. I marveled for a few seconds at the disconnect – here was a man that could snap me in two with little effort, actually break my bones into little pieces, but his eyes and his aura were groveling for my affirmation. He was desperate for my approval - my love. I stared at his gorgeous massive body and was tempted to entice him back into a brief sexual scene where he’d dutifully play the role of a pornographic Hercules ready to rip me apart with no more energy than what is used for an afterthought. It was so tempting to have him become monster again – just to please me. There were, however, other tricks to be had that evening. There was more money to be made. “At ease, beast, at ease. I’ll let you know about tomorrow night. Maybe I can squeeze a couple of hours in with you – that is, if you promise to not throw down all this wimpy ‘I need you’ crap. Can’t you try to be the beast even when we’re not roleplaying?” “I . . . I want to . . . for you, man, but . . . it’s just too difficult. I really do need you. I . . . I love you.” “Whoa, whoa, whoa! What have I told you about letting that phrase flow across your lips so easily? You’d have us checking out china patterns tomorrow morning if it was your decision. That phrase is a sure sign it’s time for me to go. I’ll text you tomorrow afternoon, big guy. And do not – I repeat – do not start sending me love messages the second I step out of this condo. I mean it. You wait for me to text you tomorrow afternoon. That will be your sign that I am awake and ready to respond to all your bullshit. You understand me, beast?” “Yes . . . sir. Can I . . . ask . . . uh . . . one favor, though. Will you . . . um, please text me that you’ve gotten home safely?” I stood there dumbfounded by the fact that a guy who could probably smash through thin concrete walls if he really wanted to would be sheepishly asking me to let him know I had driven a short fifteen minutes on one-in-the-morning empty streets. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I’d probably see two more guys before the sun came up, so I did what I always did. I placated the guy. “Okay, I’ll text you when I’m home – but you’re only allowed one ‘sweet dreams’ reply after that. I mean it. You hear me, beast?” He nodded his head. I was at the door but he beat me opening it – as he always did. His need to please me, to take care of me was even more powerful than all of his huge muscles combined. He had now fallen into a ‘what will I do without you for the next twenty hours’ silence, which I had gotten used to. I stepped into the hallway and turned to look toward him. I needed my last image to be that of the Beast, not the love-sick puppy.. “Right arm” He immediately flexed the humongous gun hard – as if his life depended on it. It was a magnificent display of masculinity and strength. I shook my head a little. I was baffled by the fact that someone who could toss my entire body around as easily as most people bounced a beach ball in their hand could be so desperate for my affection. His arm clearly looked like it should – like it possessed the power I knew it did. It was wild to know that his strong gun could easily break my bones into tiny fragments and, yet, it would never ever cross this guy’s mind to actually hurt me. He simply played a role because I ordered it, because I knew it would help him get off. I turned and walked toward the elevator, knowing the massive beast-puppy was following – like a giant shadow thrown behind me by the bright lamp in the hallway.
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    Thanks a lot Mr. CJ Excellent as always. Probably we need a lil bit longer muscle worship session. F*ck yeah haha... Thanks once again.
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    Wow I never saw this topic before. Tons of replies, too many to get through in one sitting. Just wanted to chime in. Cock and ball (siliconed) and nip pumper here.
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    BIG COCK BRO Asked: What Up Goggletan Brah! I’ve been having some problems with my short and skinny roomate. Basically it started when I told him to stop worrying about his looks and just try hitting the popular club down the street from campus. I know that only the best looking dudes (like me) get in but seriously im just sick of him complaining about my “Big Dick Privilege” What is “Big Dick Privilege” anyway? He’s just using it as an excuse whenever i tell him to work out and get a hot body like me and he tells me that because he is born with a small dick he is at a disadvantage. He claims that because i have a big dick i am socially able to get chicks and have way more sex which has lead me to an increased confidence and testosterone surge. Thus causing me to grow muscles faster, bigger and also get taller than guys with baby dicks like him. Seriously? What shit is he smoking? I know i have a big bulge as you can see from the image attached below. But I bet he’s just jealous of me so he comes with all sorts of nonsense “Big Dick Privilege” shit to discredit me. He’s just one self-conscious loser nerd! I mean seriously… look at me! Look at those pecs! Damm i look hot! Plus every girl whom ive fucked told me im just naturally handsome and many guys even confessed how much there’re just jealous of how confident i am and wish they could be as cocky as me. Its not just my large cock man. I am just born to be a stud and my room mate simply needs to understand that. You may be a pussy small dicked boy. But I’m the top dog. Im the Alpha Just face it. Anyway he said he wanted to prove a point and I suspect that I’ve had clothes stolen from me in my locker and my dorm room. First it was my XXL sized underwear then my large Nike shoes and my other tight tees and gym stringers. Now even my sporty sunglasses have gone missing. I know he has a baby dick and he is so much smaller and shorter than me, so what is he doing with my clothes? I mean my clothes are all pretty stinky and sweaty from my hours in the gym anyways. I don’t know what kind of a point he’s trying to make but any idea what he is planing to do with them? Get him to return my clothes ASAP. I need to look my best for the gym next week. Also please tell him to stop asking me to “Check My Privilege” There ain’t no such thing as “BIG DICK PRIVILEGE” Goggletan Reply: Hello Big Cock Bro! Interesting theory your room mate has. Its not a new theory and i have actually heard of a growing movement promoting it. But yes i agree with you. Its complete nonsense. Why would your hunky big cock have anything to do with your muscled hot sexy body and life full of sex? Some people are simply jealous and you should pay no heed to his complaints because he is simply a lazy short skinny loser who deserves to be ignored. Anyway back to your stolen clothes. At first I would guessed that he is stealing your clothes to sell them to guys who like sniffing the reeking stretched out clothing of a tall hunky young guy in his sexual prime such as yourself, but on second thought I think something more is at work. You said he is trying to make a point and i think he is indeed using your clothes as scientific experiential template for a way to make his point. You mentioned he stole your underwear first? Did you notice if his cock bulge was getting any bigger recently? Or if he was wearing your underwear? I know Its hard to notice especially since he is so small and skinny. He is almost socially unnoticeable through jock eyes as cool and studly as yours. But I’m sure in a couple days your gonna see him wearing clothes that look a lot like yours, and a couple days after that you might see a tall, powerfully built uber hunky stallion wearing clothes that seem to look a lot like yours. You might not notice it initially, but that stud will be your roommate who will still be wearing your underwear with his now much larger cock I am telling you this in advance because the changes will come very fast and you should prepare yourself. His shoulders will broaden considerably and soon he will be much taller than you As much as the physical changes will come, so will the mental changes. Your room mate will start to speak in a more cocky tone of voice and he may even start ordering you around…. I can tell you’re gonna have a rough time with your roommates change, I mean I know I’d be showing off that big cock bulge if I was him. So get used to waking up to his overstuffed cum stained stinky briefs hanging over your face, I mean ‘your’ briefs, but he’ll be wearing them…. You should also realise that soon he will be taking “your” clothes more and more often now that he has taken your role as the “top dog” room mate and he will need to adorn his new body with the appropriate clothing to show off as much of his new muscles as he can. He wouldn’t need your permission when taking “your” sunglasses as well considering how much you don’t need it anymore. Those cool jock sunglasses of yours just wouldn’t look right on your face anymore. They belong with the muscled hunks such as your bodybuilder room mate now. Now I can’t say if you’ll change, I’m not sure what scientific chemical formula he is using. But if he is doing what I think he is doing, get as much enjoyment out of your hunky body as you can soon….. You wanna go to that exclusive club that admits only the best looking guys like yourself? Better go tonight. Wanna take some selfies of yourself posing in your sexy underwear revealing your huge bulge and get a ton of likes on instagram? Better do it soon. Wanna wear your flashy gym stringers and parade your hot body down the gym and show off your muscles as you smirk in your cocky style to the other guys smaller than you? Better flaunt now! I just hope that this reply gets to you before all the changes happen and you get to enjoy the most of your body so you won’t need to complain to your now beastly room mate to “check his Big Dick Privilege” But then again its complete nonsense and you don’t believe in “Big Dick Privilege” don cha brah?? Well neither does your BIG DICKED roommate
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    Die neue Woche startete vorbereitet. Wir wussten, dass Ende der Woche Jan über Hundert Kilo wiegen würde – unbeachtet von allen in seinem Umfeld. Was mich an diesem Punkt auch ein wenig wunderte. Ich war der Einzige, der sich an all das erinnern konnte und den „Vorher-Nachher“ Vergleich hatte und ziehen konnte. Wahrscheinlich, weil die Mail von mir kam und ich selbst das alles genutzt hatte. Aber zurück zu unseren Vorbereitungen. Wir wussten nicht ganz, wie sich die zuästzlichen 40 Kilo verteilen würden und deshalb hatte ich noch am Sonntag ein paar meiner Klamotten zu ihm rüber gebracht. Dann würde es nicht ganz so auffallen. Aber wir wussten auch sicher, dass wir bald neue Kaufen mussten. Ich hatte nur bis 3XL bei mir zu Hause. Jan würde das spätestens in der nächsten Woche tragen und in Woche drei zerreissen. Ohne Anspannung. Wir spekulierten darauf, dass sein Dad vielleicht was locker machen würde – wobei das auch das größte Problem von allen war. So wie der gute Papa auf mich reagiert hatte konnten wir nur schwer abschätzen, was er zu seinem Sohn sagen würde, der mich um knackige 70kg übertreffen würde. Montag Laut unseren Rechnungen war es so, dass Jan pro Tag durchschnittlich 5,5kg zunehmen würde. Ungeachtete der Tatsache, was er zusätzlich essen würde und wenn er noch trainiert. Ja... Jan hatte tatsächlich vor so lange zum Fußballtraining zu gehen, bis er nicht mehr mit kam. Schnelligkeit war ein Ding der Vergangenheit. Aber er bekundete schon Interesse an Football.... In der Schule am ersten Tag sah man nicht viel. Er hatte jetzt seit Sonntag insgesamt 11kg zugelegt. Das Shirt saß um die Brust etwas definierter, der Biceps füllte den Ärmel etwas besser auf. Alles nichts dramatisches. Dienstag Sport Tag! Nach unserem kleinem Intermezzo der letzten Woche sah ich nun Herrn Becker wieder. Er wirkte in seiner ganzen Erscheinung autoritärer und uns gegenüber reservierter. Jan war jetzt mit 75kg in einer Liga, wo man schon von einem light-weight-junior-Bodybuilder sprechen konnte. Das 6pack war höchst definiert und man konnte sogar schon die letzte Reihe sehen und der Weg zum 8pack war deutlich zu erkennen. Die Taille war schlank, die Brust schon deutlich massiger, breitere Schultern und die Fußballer-Beine waren größer denn je. Aber all das erregte in der Kabine kein großen Aufsehen. 75Kg... ich bitte euch. Ich war mit meinen 150kg immer noch eine Augenweide. Aber.... Jan gewann recht viel Aufmerksamkeit durch seine Beule in der Hose. Gestartet mit schlaffen 10cm konnte er jetzt schon knapp 13cm vorweisen. Zusammen mit größerem Umfang und größeren Eiern. Und so wie Jan grinste, gefiel es ihm. Sport an sich war unspektakulär und nur das Duschen wurde durch ein paar Sprüche interessant und den ein oder anderen, der seinen Harten verstecken musste, als Jan und ich zusammen mit schwingedem Gehänge in die Kabinen kamen. Donnerstag Ich bekam relativ früh eine Whatsapp von Jan in der er um ein Gespräch vor der Schule bat. Sein Dad.... Als Jan auf mich zukam musste ich schon schlucken. Ja, ich sah in jeden Tag, aber als dieses 100kg Fußballer-Muskelpaket auf mich zukam, wurde mir ganz anders. Ich wurde augenblicklich hart, konnte es aber ganz gut verstecken, da ich auch merkte, dass Jan niedergeschlagen wirkte. Das Shirt, das er anhatte, war bereits eines von meinen und wirkte (noch) recht gut passend. Die Hose machte keinen Hehl daraus, dass sie nach diesem Tag in die Tonne konnte. Die Oberschenkel versuchten alles um den Stoff zu sprengen und die Beule in seiner Hose war so prominent, dass ich mich fragte, ob das nicht weh tat. Als mein „Kleiner“ dann bei mir stand erzählte er mir sofort, dass sein Dad heute morgen schon einen Ausraster bekommen hatte. Er beschuldigte ihn Steroide zu nehmen, Drogen und was weiß ich nicht noch alles. Er hatte wütend sein Zimmer durchsucht und ihm eine sehr lange Standpauke gehalten, dass solche Muskel-Freaks sich ihr Leben nur kaputt machen und noch andere, erfundenen und fadenscheinige Gründe. Wir unterhielten uns noch eine ganze Weile vor der Schule und verblieben dann so, dass er Freitag nach der Schule mit zu mir kommt und zumindest Freitag auf Samstag bei mir übernachtet. Dann konnte er mal auf andere Gedanken kommen. Meine Eltern hatten nichts dagegen und ich hoffte, dass ich sie noch aus dem Haus bekam. Ich brauchte Sex.... Freitag Ich bekam erneut eine Whatsapp mit einem einzigen Inhalt: „110kg.“ Jan hatte sogar 3kg mehr zugenommen als berechnet. Aber er hatte auch Training die Woche, am Sonntag ein Spiel und Alter... er war fast nur noch am Essen. In der Schule lief soweit alles gut und auch der väterliche Zwischenfall von gestern war vergessen. Meine Eltern freuten sich, dass sie einen Schulkameraden von mir kennenlernten. (Früher hatte ich nie jemanden mit nach Hause gebracht und daran konnte sich meine Mutter wohl noch erinnern.) Ich meinte, dass wir ein bisschen Playstation spielen wollten und mit anderen Joysticks... Ich wartete nach der 7. Stunde an der Treppe auf Jan und konnte nur in der Entfernung seine Stimme hören, die relativ laut und ungehalten war. Die Neugier siegte und ich ging dem nach. Versteckt (sofern das für 150kg Muskeln möglich war) belauschte ich ein Gespräch zwischen ihm und Sven. „Alter. Du platz noch bald. Mach mal ein bisschen langsam. Oder willst du so ein Freak werden wie Dori?“ „Sein Name ist David und was kümmert es dich?“ „Ergreifst du jetzt etwas Partei für das Steroid-Monster?“ „SVEN! Sei nicht so ein kompletter Arsch. Ok? Es gibt halt Leute, die stehen auf Muskeln.“ „Ja... die lecken auch Schwänze.“ „...“ „Alter... Sag jetzt bitte nicht, dass du den Schwanz von dem im Mund hattest.“ „Fick dich, Sven. Ich dachte echt, wir wären Freunde.“ „Das waren wir, bevor du wie ein Hefekloß aufgegangen bist und dich entschieden hast 'ne Schwuchtel zu werden.“ Dann hörte ich nur, wie jemand auf den Boden fiel. „JAN! Was fällt dir ein! Spinnst du!“ „Halt dich einfach von mir fern, Arschloch.“ Dann stampfte Jan wütend weg und ich versuchte schnell wieder auf meine ursprüngliche Position zu kommen. Als Jan kam und das Gesicht hass-verzerrt war, wollte ich schon ansetzten etwas zu sagen, aber der Fußballer meinte nur: „Du hast doch alles gesehen. Was hättest du getan?“ - „Ich... ehm... also... ich....“ Jan rollte mit den Augen und meinte: „Alter.... du bist ein fucking Bodybuilder. Denkst du echt, so ein Gebüsch kann dich verstecken. Sei froh, dass Sven mit dem Rücken zu dir war.“ Ich holte tief Luft und wechselte sofort das Thema. „Wollen wir uns einen Döner holen?“ Jan nickte nur und wir liefen schweigend in die Innenstadt. Es wurden zwei Döner für jeden und als wir auf den bedrohlich knackenden Plastikstühlen saßen seufzte Jan deutlich und fragte: „Wie war das bei dir? Waren deine Eltern auch so kacke und dein bester Freund ein Arsch?“ Ich lächelte und meinte: „Meine Eltern fanden es auch nicht so gut. Aber... du hast einen guten Freund an deiner Seite. Sven wird sich wieder beruhigen. Und im Notfall schicke ich ihm auch den Link.“ Ich zwinkerte und auch Jan konnte leicht lächeln. Wir gingen dann nach Hause und bereiteten uns auf einen Spiele-Nachmittag vor....
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    Dude i love this i am looking to get silicone in my cock and balls hopefully soon i have done saline and love the size and weight but i want to walk around with and nice big thick cock like this all the time being pushed out by my growing thighs.
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    Chapter 8 "And that pretty much sums up our week," Ethan concludes with a smiling glance towards Joshua as they both lounge casually on the therapist's couch. The familiarity of these counseling sessions together has allowed the couple to really open up about their issues more so than when they were attending separate sessions and could wind up blaming each other for the issues. "That is good to hear," the therapist nods with a faint smile. "It seems like you've managed to overcome some pretty significant obstacles using the techniques we're discussed here." "I think they've really worked for us," Joshua adds with a smile and nod. "Now let's talk a little bit about your part in this," the therapist turns his attention primarily to Joshua. "How could you have better handled the situation of the past week?" "Are you kidding?" Joshua is shocked by the assertion. "I watched my boyfriend as he was groped and hit on by a club full of drunken fans and when he told me that he was sleeping around WHILE WE WERE LIVING TOGETHER not only did I forgive him I didn't even say he had to stop doing it... I'm friggin' boyfriend of the century here!" "I'm referring to earlier than that," the therapist indicates with an illustrative scrolling motion of his pen in thin air. "At the time you were in the first bar which is where I believe the problem surfaced. We've discussed this before - your passive-aggressive approach to conflict." "I don't follow," Joshua shakes his head. "This is a prime example of your dynamic together as a couple," the therapist elaborates. "First there's a relatively minor disagreement. You Joshua don't say speak up because in your mind you're just letting it pass or choosing not to pick a fight that's not worth fighting by not saying anything at all. This in turn provokes Ethan, whose emotional dependency craves feedback even if its negative, to escalate things and become emotionally manipulative in order to provoke any kind of response that will satisfy his emotional void. Now with a big issue that is worth fighting, when your response is an aggressive emotional outburst, both of your programmed reactions are reinforced by those of the other one and a sort of feedback loop of accusations and reprisals will ensure... and neither of you come off as the bigger man in that situation... it's really more a race to the bottom maturity-wise. Does that sound like a pretty accurate summation of how that evening played out?" "Damn!" Ethan proclaims, hearing it summed up so obviously in retrospect makes him realize it's true. "Exactly," Joshua nods in agreement. "We've addressed Ethan's part in this type of melodrama before," the therapist continues, "but I think you will agree that most of the past week may have been avoided if you Joshua had just spoken up at that first incident and gently rebuked Ethan's undesired behavior. When the problem is small, it only takes a small voice to end it before it becomes a big problem requiring a bigger voice. Ethan, how do you think you would have reacted if Joshua had simply said, 'No reason to get jealous, I'm just talking to a friend'?" "I think I would have chilled out," Ethan nods with a gentle pat on Joshua's knee. "I think that's what I did," Joshua defends. "I mean, I'm not trying to shift all the blame here to Ethan but I didn't just shut down and pretend nothing was wrong." "I remember him saying he was going to go take requests for the sloppy drunk at the end of the bar," Ethan adds his account of the event in question. "That's not what I said at all!" Joshua shoots back, raising his voice a little. "This right here," the therapist interrupts, "is where you both have to decide to shut it down before it flares up." "We DO do that," Joshua recognizes the pattern of behavior in their relationship's approach to conflict resolution. "Now that you can see it," the therapist concludes, "you can commit to fix it." He smiles and rises to signal the end of the session. "I want to thank you both for your time and commitment during these sessions but unfortunately I'm going to be unable to continue seeing you." "Why?!" Ethan is surprised by this sudden unexplained announcement. "All I can say is that there are other factors at work which preclude me from continuing your treatment," the therapist explains as he walks the couple to the door, "and I'd be happy to refer you to another therapist where you can continue making great progress." The therapist reaches up and places a firm hand on Ethan's shoulder, fixing his eyes with a firm stare. Ethan is immediately struck with the realization that he's seen these eyes elsewhere but he puts that thought out of his mind for the moment. "Let me suggest that you seek out someone on your own and not be referred by the corps to someone of their choosing." The therapist gives the most subtly slow nod of the head to assure Ethan is reading the insinuation in his tone of what he is not saying but what he is meaning to convey. Ethan nods his understanding. "What was that all about?" Joshua asks after the door closes and they are left standing in the therapist's waiting area. "I don't know," Ethan ponders distantly, "but I think there is someone who desperately wants us broken up." He digs his phone out of his pocket and begins thumbing through his messages for clues. "Who would want to do that?" Joshua asks. "I have my suspicions," Ethan murmurs and then turns his head as a news report on the waiting room television catches his attention. "Police have identified the body of the young woman as that of the ambassador's missing daughter, who was last seen a week ago in Amsterdam," the newscaster reports. "Her body was discovered in one of the canals in that city and medical examiner reports show that the body remained submerged for several days, making her time of death difficult to determine but probably shortly after she went missing. Police have no leads at this time and have not indicated if there is any evidence of foul play. More on this story as it develops." "She looks familiar," Joshua stares at the stock photo of the victim being displayed which was taken before her demise. "She was at the rave," Ethan replies softly, a pit of anguish forming in his stomach. "Was she..." Joshua points his hand downward towards his crotch. "Mm-hmm," Ethan nods, confirming Joshua's intonation that the dead girl in the newscast was the one Ethan had to reprimand for getting too familiar with his junk. "You can't think that you had anything to do with that?" Joshua hisses as he physically pulls Ethan out of the waiting area into the empty corridor to prevent anyone in the waiting area from indiscreetly eavesdropping. "I think someone wants me to think that I did," Ethan inhales sharply to puff out his chest as he draws himself up taller in an iconic superhero pose while in his mind he continues trying to put the pieces together and come up with a likely suspect. "And I think it's time to get to the bottom of this." Ethan stands heroically for a moment with Joshua looking on in bemusement and no one else around to appreciate Ethan's bravado. Ethan drops the bluster and his shoulders as he leans downward to kiss Joshua. "I need to go... see you at home?" "Don't be too late," Joshua smiles and they part to go about their separate agendas. Ethan jets off across the country and a few moments after leaving Joshua he arrives and lands in front of a Planet Bigness gym. The global chain is known for its brightly colored Blue and Orange paint scheme, its Wuss Alarm which sounds if a member isn't giving 110%, and for catering almost exclusively to superheroes and hero trainees. Occasionally a few professional athletes also come by if they want to rub elbows with the superheroes or feel like getting their asses handed to them in comically one-sided shows of strength. While Ethan doesn't make a habit of attending a gym thanks to his preternaturally superhuman strength, many of his superhero friends are regular members so he is confident he will find who he is looking for here. Ethan strides in with a look of supreme confidence and authority. Another benefit of being globally famous is that people stop asking for identification so as he breezes past the front desk the clerks all know exactly who he is and are likewise concerned that the determination displayed on his face is not in preparation for a grueling workout session. In fact, as he marches through the gym almost everyone stops what they are doing and stares in consternation of the determination on Ethan's face and the potential chaos that could result from it. There are even a few individuals there who easily dwarf Ethan in size and stature but are not foolhardy enough to presume that their physical size equates to sheer power on par with Ethan's. A few quickly depart or run to the locker room. Itchy is among those in the gym and in spite of being physically unremarkable by comparison he shows the most testicular fortitude of them all by stepping forward and literally blocking Ethan's path in an effort to slow his march towards certain decimation. "Ethan," Itchy puts his hand up against Ethan's chest and Ethan stops to look down at his friend, "think about what you're doing." "I'm just here for a little chat," Ethan growls but also grins and winks, ensuring only Itchy can perceive his brief break in character. Itchy comprehends that Ethan's tour de force is for show and steps aside. Ethan resumes stomping across the floor to a solitary figure who seems oblivious to what is presently going on throughout the rest of the gym. He is bent over at the knees and waist, facing the floor, with free weights in both hands doing slow, methodical dumbbell rows to hit his back muscles. He has earbuds in and a raucous gym mix blaring to keep his focus on the workout. Ethan stops and reaches down, placing his large hand against the back of the man's neck. He immediately tries to stand up, feeling as if someone just dropped a 45-pound plate on his shoulders, but his attempt is impeded by Ethan's overpowering grip. He drops the free weights in his hands and Ethan closes his hand, enveloping the back of the man's neck from his traps to the base of his skull and pulls him up from his bent over position to standing upright. Now looking forward at a mirror, the expression on the man's face is one of disbelief and horror as he sees the towering frame of Ethan as the dominating force that's trapped him in his clutches. "Lance," Ethan replies coldly and evenly, "we need to talk." The man's appearance begins to morph from that of this current visage to the familiar face of Ethan's best friend Lance. He reaches up and pulls his earbuds out but he can do no more than that without Ethan's consent, including even being able to turn around to face his friend so they converse to each other's reflection in the mirrored wall before them. "I don't know what you think is going on," Lance begins but immediately gasps as Ethan's hand closes tighter around his neck and then he feels his feet slowly rising off the floor as Ethan effortlessly thrusts him into midair. Ethan rotates his wrist and pivots Lance's entire body around like a marionette doll so that he can fix his stare on Lance's eyes directly. "I think you're trying to drive a wedge between me and Joshua," Ethan replies evenly, determined to keep his wrath in check. "What I can't figure out is why." "I swear I'm not doing anything like that," Lance replies with a pleading tone in his voice. Undoubtedly Ethan's vise-like grip is exerting immense stress on Lance's spine but Ethan is being careful not to snap Lance's neck with his bare hand... yet. "Don't bullshit me!" Ethan roars, and Lance inadvertently pisses himself in terror at hearing Ethan's 'power voice'. "You texted me to come to Amsterdam knowing I would slip back into being the old Ethan, the playboy Ethan that Joshua would hate, and then you drugged me and dropped me in bed with a couple of male prostitutes." "I swear the motel thing wasn't me!!" Lance pleads. "I checked my messages," Ethan roars as he shakes Lance a little for emphasis, causing Ethan's neck to pop several times as he dangles helpless from Ethan's untiring grasp. "I supposedly sent a text to Nick but there's no text to any woman." "A woman?" Lance reels at this new information and then his eyes get wide as he reaches a profound conclusion. "I think I might have the piece of information you're missing." Lance hastily offers, hoping it will spare him from Ethan's wrath. "What is it?" Ethan demands. "Its... it..." Lance struggles and attempts to move his arm but Ethan's grip is disrupting his motor skills and he's essentially paralyzed in his suspended torture. "I can't reach for my phone but I think there's something you should see." Ethan looks down towards Lance's gym shorts and with his free hand begins patting down Lance's groin to locate where his phone is located. "Hey! Buy a fellow a drink first!" Lance squeaks out as he feels Ethan's paws all over his shorts. Ethan is in no mood for levity and growls at Lance's attempt to soften his temperament. He thumbs across the screen to scroll through Lance's pictures until he begins seeing pictures of an all-too-familiar scene of himself with Nick and Tony doing unspeakable things to him as he lay unconscious. Ethan's rage peaks as he concludes Lance DID concoct the scenario and Ethan's growl grows into a roar. "No, NOOOO!" Lance screams as Ethan's grip clamps down, cracking his neck in several places and severing his spinal cord. After a moment of rigidity, Lance's body falls limp in Ethan's grasp. Ethan stands there for a moment as his rage subsides and suddenly he realizes what he's done and rage is replaced with a profound sense of loss. Ethan drops to his knees and begins wailing as he gently brings Lance's body closer and embraces him instead of menacing him. The entire gym is looking on in pity at Ethan mourns the loss of his best friend by his own hand. Itchy walks up and stoops next to Ethan, placing an empathetic hand on Ethan's forearm. He also places another hand on Lance's broken neck. They kneel there motionless for a moment and Ethan's turmoil subsides as he feels a strange sensation in his arm where Itchy is touching him. The sensation grows in intensity for several moments before subsiding. In another few seconds, Lance's eyes flutter and he re-awakens as if he'd only been asleep for a brief nap. "What just happened?" Ethan asks as Itchy slowly lets go of both men and stands up next to them. "You just gave some of your life for Lance's," Itchy explains. "What do you mean," Ethan is confused by Itchy's explanation. "It's similar to a transfusion," Itchy explains, "where some of you ends up saving his life. In this case, you're invincibility is what healed his injured neck whereas his injury is not even significant to your body." "How is that 'my life' though," Ethan is still a little unclear what Itchy's healing ability required of him. "Well I needed to give him back some years of life to replace those you took from him," Itchy explains further, "and since you're supposedly going to live for a couple thousand years anyways, what's twenty years or so to save the life of your friend?" Ethan smiles at Itchy and then embraces Lance tightly, grateful he was returned from the dead. "Dude!" Lance speaks up, "will you quit flirting with me?!" "You asshole!" Ethan laughs at Lance's wit, which apparently even death cannot stifle. "So wait, did I get anything from him?" "And I only have twenty years left to live?" Lance is suddenly very concerned. "Very likely," Itchy smirks as he starts to walk away, "but I was focused on saving his life so I wasn't really paying attention to what powers he may have transferred back to you in the process... and not necessarily," Itchy smiles at Lance with that last part, "but truly none of us knows how long we have so don't let that affect how you plan to live your life." "Man, I'm sorry," Ethan begins to apologize as he lets Lance slide out of his arms. "You should be," Lance grins, "it may not be broken anymore but my neck is still stiff! Seriously though, what I was trying to tell you is that a couple of days ago these pictures all showed up on my phone but I didn't take them." "Then who did?" Ethan asks as he returns to looking at the pictures again, this time scouring them for any small detail which might be a clue. "I think..." Lance hesitates, "it was Svetlana." "Your girlfriend?!" Ethan gasps. "But why?" "I don't know," Lance shrugs and winces with the motion, "but I do know that she and I have a shared mobile phone plan and part of that is it syncs all our pictures in the cloud so she may not have realized that all these pictures would end up coming to me too." "What is her goal here?" Ethan tries to figure out the mystery. "Who is she working with? Or for?" "She reports directly to the Colonel," Lance replies, offering as much as he can regarding Ethan's situation. "Beyond that, I don't know. Maybe she's gone rogue or aligned herself with some other faction but apparently she's been playing us both for chumps." "How so?" Ethan asks as he stands and gently helps Lance to his feet. "I genuinely came by that morning to help you," Lance explains, "but now in light of this it's pretty obvious that she had another agenda and just used me to get to you... and do you know what 'loverboy's kryptonite' is?" "I have no idea," Ethan shrugs. "Well I think she was trying to be vague," Lance suggests, "but I think she was referring to you as lover boy and that means whatever it was she gave you is your kryptonite - something that you are susceptible to." "I don't know of anything I'm susceptible to," Ethan ponders. "Apparently she does," Lance concludes. They both ponder for a moments and look at each other as they should in unison, "THE COFFEE!" "Of course!" Lance waves one hand in the air dramatically. "SHE went and got the coffee, she left me at the Grand Canyon and she contacted your boy toy in order to frame you." "So she must have sent the pictures to Joshua," Ethan deduces. "I wonder why he hasn't mentioned it?" "Are you sure he received them?" Lance asks. "I'm going to find out," Ethan turns and begins to leave, but turns and gives Lance another big hug of gratitude. Lance pats his big friend on his big back in support. "Okay!" Lance finally fidgets to escape Ethan's grasp. "Stop being such a girl!" "I'm sorry I ever suspected you," Ethan chuckles. "Never mind," Lance smiles, "go save your man!" Ethan sprints through the gym and rockets off the parking lot with a sonic boom that drowns out the cheers and applause of the other gym-going onlookers. A minute later and across the country, Ethan alights atop his portico landing pad and breezes through the double doors, making his way through the gutted-for-remodeling upstairs and down the staircase to the main level where he finds Joshua curled up in a wicker chair in the sunroom. Ethan can immediately see that Joshua is holding a tablet and may be scrolling through his email when he looks up as soon as he hears Ethan approach. "Anything interesting?" Ethan tries to broach the subject lightheartedly. "Very," Joshua taps on the screen and holds up the tablet for Ethan to view one of the images recently emailed to him. Ethan is unsure what Joshua's reaction to this latest revelation so he doesn't reply for a time, waiting for Joshua to break the silence. "How come we never do that?" "What?" Ethan half-chuckles. "This is obviously you completely out cold but this guy riding your dick still seems to be enjoying himself anyways," Joshua cracks a smile to let Ethan off the hook. "So you want to assault me in my sleep?" Ethan chuckles now that he's sensing Joshua's mood is one of levity. He takes a seat in the other wicker chair. "Honestly I think that's the only way I could take you," Joshua laughs. "I've been doing my homework about being in a physical relationship with a super-being... well, as much material as there is on the subject and most of its contained in a single article by Larry Niven about the difficulties of Lois Lane having Superman's child... but part of it still applies to us." Joshua gets serious. "Look, I know this is either someone's revenge plot against you or is meant to drive us apart but it's not going to work." "For starters," Ethan responds, "I've already told you about this incident." "Yes," Joshua nods, "and it's also so obviously staged. Must be the work of an amateur." "Perhaps," Ethan nods, not letting on that he knows the identity of the perpetrator. "And I know," Joshua leans in and puts a hand on Ethan's knee, "that we've already discussed these types of things are bound to happen - them trying to get to you through me. So as long as we continue to be honest and open with each other, we're not going to let them come between us." Ethan leans in to meet Joshua halfway between them and kisses him passionately, encouraged by Joshua's renewed commitment to their relationship. Ethan gently tugs the tablet from Joshua's hand to set it aside on the chair and takes each of Joshua's hands in his own, standing up and pulling Joshua to his feet along with him. They continue to kiss for several minutes and Joshua can feel Ethan's prodigious package swelling against the crotch of his pants. Meanwhile, Ethan's oral expertise is quickly overwhelming Joshua's senses as Ethan's more powerful tongue flits and probes every corner of Joshua's mouth. Joshua makes a few inroads with his own tongue to 'ward off' Ethan's intruding proboscis but Ethan can easily force Joshua's tongue back or pin it to the bottom of his mouth in a dance of tonsillic domination. At the same time as Ethan is dominating in their little scrimmage of tonsil hockey, Joshua wriggles his hands from Ethan's grasp. Ethan relocates his hands, one cupping the back of Joshua's head and the other in the small of Joshua's middle back as if taking position for a ballroom dance. Joshua slips his hands down between them and wrestles with Ethan's pants to release his emerging python from its confinement. Ethan instinctively bucks his hips away a little bit to allow Joshua's hands space to work and within seconds Ethan's entire body begins to quiver with anticipation as Joshua's hands begin caressing his throbbing cock through the thin fabric of his briefs. Ethan may have the strength advantage but Joshua has learned Ethan's weaknesses in order to 'tame the beast' so to speak. Joshua eventually bends his knees a little, dropping down from Ethan's grasp and pulling his face away from Ethan's as Ethan is left glancing down at Joshua's retreating face. Joshua sinks to his knees before Ethan and pulls back Ethan's open pants, practically peeling them from his skin as they cling to Ethan's taut, sinewy quads. Joshua keeps his upward gaze fixed on Ethan's eyes while his mouth begins tracing the outline of Ethan's prodigious member through its cloth confinement. Joshua grins a little as he sees Ethan's eyes close, being overwhelmed by the intense arousal of Joshua's mouth and the feel of his breath on his belly as Joshua thoroughly sucks the fabric wet with his saliva until its practically transparent. Ethan slows leans his torso and shoulders forward, putting both hands in front of him to brace against the large glass door frame for support as Joshua's mouth rubs up and down, up and down along the quickly upswinging shaft until it is straining uncomfortably against the waistband. Joshua gently rolls back the elastic band and Ethan's half-protruding glans emerges with a bounding spring from its confinement. Ethan is struggling not only with the extremely arousing stimulation of Joshua's foreplay expertise but also with the situational awareness that if his loses control of himself he could easily damage Joshua's house so he's fighting with himself to try to keep his responses in check. Joshua can sense Ethan holding himself back and distances himself for a moment to let Ethan's autonomic responses subside a little. Ethan slows his breathing a little and opens his eyes to glance down at Joshua still stooped at his crotch. "What's wrong?" Ethan asks, wondering why Joshua stopped. "You look like you're already about to blow," Joshua smiles, "but you're holding back." "I kinda am," Ethan admits, "but I also think we can take this somewhere else." "The bedroom?" Joshua asks. "Better," Ethan grins and reaches down to guide Joshua back to his feet. Ethan pushes open the glass door and retakes Joshua in his strong arms, embracing him tightly as he steps outdoors and gently lifts off, carrying them both into the sky. Joshua looks down to watch his house falling away at his feet, then his neighborhood, then the city, and finally the entire coastal region all the way to the Atlantic. He glances up at Ethan with a mild look of concern and Ethan smiles back at him. "Don't worry," Ethan reassures, "you'll be fine as long as you're close to me." "It's not falling that I'm worried about," Joshua replies, looking above as the atmosphere thins and the sky grows more brilliant as a result. "Won't I run out of oxygen or freeze or something if we go too far?" "Not so long as you stay close," Ethan smiles and leans in to resumes kissing Joshua passionately. Fully confident in Ethan, Joshua enjoys the exhilaration of making love in the upper atmosphere. Other people can brag about the exotic locales around the globe where their loves have taken them but Joshua knows the membership of the 'sky high club' is exceedingly limited indeed. As they reach the edge of space, Joshua begins to get a sense of what life must be like for Ethan, unconfined by the restriction of gravity. The couple holds each other at arms' length and begin unbuttoning each other's shirts, then taking turns removing them from each other's bodies and letting go where the garments simply float nearby without dropping back towards the ground. Ethan's pants were already around his quads so Joshua uses the freedom of weightlessness to pivot himself upside-down in relationship to Ethan and work the pants the rest of the way off of Ethan's dense, trunk-like legs while Ethan takes advantage of the unique position to also unbutton Joshua's pants and with a single deft jerk they slide off Joshua's body and are flung off into space in some random direction. Now both in their underwear, Ethan cups his hands on Joshua's hips and positions him so that Joshua's crotch is within face reach which puts Joshua's face approximately at Ethan's crotch in a zero-gravity 69 position. In seconds both men are hungrily tearing at the other's underwear with their teeth and then devouring each other's erection. Joshua takes as much of Ethan as he can manage without gagging, and then gags a little anyways as he bobs his mouth up and down on Ethan's thick, veiny meat. Ethan can easily take all of Joshua in his mouth and proceeds to get him as hard as possible by closing his lips firmly around the base of Joshua's rod and applying a mild (for Ethan) amount of suction which makes Joshua swell to proportions he has never achieved before on his own. Joshua groans in exquisite agony as the intensity of Ethan's penis pumping method is straining the suspensory ligament in his groin, already pulled taut by Joshua's own erection but slowly being stretched by Ethan's extremely acute method of sucking. Joshua is unsure if there is any risk of permanent injury but at this point he is too sexually aroused to care. Back on earth, the twittersphere is blowing up about the erotic guy-on-guy sky peepshow captured by several alert young sky gazers and there's suddenly a surge in purchases and online interest in telescopes as people begin clamoring to get a peek for themselves. #StarSucking begins trending around the world and people on other continents who are not yet in view of the sexy space show are forewarned in order to get ready as soon as it comes into their field of view. Conspiracy theorists immediately begin to post conjecture aimed to discredit the possibility of sexual acts in space. Ethan sort of flips Joshua's body over and then pulls him back close, with Joshua's back against Ethan's chest. Joshua turns his head to look over his shoulder and Ethan leans across to continue kissing him, tasting his own precum on Joshua's lips. Meanwhile, Ethan's erection is so full that its pressing up against the bottom of Joshua's nuts as it searches for a place to unload. Ethan looks into Joshua's eyes and without speaking a word Joshua consents to Ethan attempting to enter him, a first in their relationship. Ethan licks his own hand, dousing it in saliva, and reaches down to gently rub it around Joshua's ass crack to prepare him for penetration. Pushing Joshua away a little, Ethan maneuvers Joshua's body into the optimal position and slowly presses him downward until Joshua's cheeks are being pushed apart by Ethan's fat cock head. Joshua closes his eyes and remains calm but prepares for what he expects to be an incredibly painful experience. #OMFGBigSpaceDick and #StarFucking are trending across the internet to let people know how the zero-G tryst is progressing and pretty soon half the world's population are enamored to know every detail about these sexual space pioneers although very few have a high enough resolution telescope to make out any identifying features of the orbiting space-lovemaking couple so their identities remain a mystery. As Ethan slowly presses Joshua down onto his thick cock, Joshua brings his knees up towards his chest and clutches the backs of his own thighs in order to spread himself as wide as possible to receive Ethan. Joshua moans with sensual satisfaction, surprised that he's not in more discomforting pain or being literally split into two pieces by Ethan's superhuman penetration. Ethan proceeds slowly, gently, and pausing with each inch he inserts inside of Joshua to give him time to adjust to the increasing fullness of having Ethan inside of him to that depth before continuing to plunge any inch deeper. #HesDoneThisBefore compliments Ethan's technique in allowing his bottoming partner to adapt as he gradually enters them. Reddit and blogs begin overflowing with posts, mostly from cocky young guys bragging about how their own sexual exploits are just like this and then countered with challenges to post pics and prove they're as big as they claim to be. Ethan begins increasing the rhythm of his thrusts and it's indistinguishable whether Ethan is thrusting his pelvis into Joshua or simply bobbing Joshua's body up and down on his staff. In either case, Joshua is overcome with the deep throbbing sensation of Ethan's hot, heavy hard-on probing his guts so deeply. The stroking action on his prostate overwhelms him and Joshua shoots his first ample load in a wide arch out into space with a guttural groan of satisfaction. Ethan slows for a moment and looks over Joshua's shoulder where both of them watch Joshua's creamy white spunk float in midair in several globules until it drifts a little ways away and quickly freezes into glistening crystals of space cum. Joshua looks over his shoulder at Ethan with a grin of amusement and Ethan smiles back with pleasure knowing that Joshua is enjoying the experience as much as he is. Ethan resumes pounding Joshua's ass as hard as he risks without actually injuring Joshua. Alternating between techniques ranging from long, sensitive strokes and aggressive rapid ass-pounding thrusts, Ethan is able to coax three more loads from Joshua although by the fourth load Joshua's reserves are getting low and it doesn't make a dynamic a shot but is deeply satisfying nonetheless. Ethan is also on the verge and has been wanting to shoot a load very badly but knows of Joshua's concern whether, like every other aspect of Ethan's physiology, his ejaculation will be superhuman on its power and volume. Ethan wraps both arms around Joshua tightly and pulls him as close as he can with Joshua's back to his chest in case Joshua is right and these are their final moments together before Ethan pulverizes Joshua's insides with hypersonic cumshots. Joshua closes his eyes as Ethan groans and pumps an ample amount of cum into his ass to the point that Joshua feels like his stomach is full as if he's just gorged himself on an enormous meal. After almost a minute of cumming, Ethan's flow subsides and the thick cream lubricates his pole as he slowly pulls himself out of Joshua's bowels, leaving Joshua with an intense feeling of emptiness after having all of Ethan's enormity inside of him. A cloud of intermingling cum floats all around them as Ethan and Joshua's loads swirl together and randomly meld or split apart as they gradually drift away from the couple in all directions and finally crystallize in the coldness of space. As they themselves casually descend back into the atmosphere and swoop across the skies towards their house, Joshua begins to realize that they're both still naked because they've left their clothes up in orbit. "Don't worry," Ethan assures him, "I'll go back for them after I drop you back at home." "So were you really not sure if I'd survive your ejaculation?" Joshua asks. "Were you really willing to turn me into human swiss cheese just to get off?" "Give me a little credit," Ethan chuckles. "I would never hurt you for one thing, and for another, you know I've banged other people and they all survived so I knew it wasn't going to be like a shotgun blast up your ass!" "Oh yeah, duh!" Joshua shakes his own head with the obvious realization. "Niven simply didn't know what he was talking about," Ethan chuckles as they alight on the portico landing pad. Joshua hurries in but Ethan is less self-conscious and casually strolls into the house.
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    Jeeez!! All this enthusiasm and demand for more of my story! Ugh! I hate it more than AJ hates being gawped at when he's waddling round Tesco's and he's bulging out of his tight fitted work uniform! 😜
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    I was surprised, the locker room was filled with so many mirrors around to the point where it could get confusing but i had a feeling i was definitely going to like this place alot. Pulling my arms up I stretched my triceps while making a loud groan. Oh god I loved stretching. Not only did it feel fucking good as i felt my tense muscles pulling and getting bigger. But as i looked at the mirror and saw the alpha beast that i was with my cap turned backwards frat boy style and my flashy sunglasses adorning my handsome face i couldn’t help but congratulate myself on being such a muscle stud. I knew i was vain but can you really blame me? When you’re born with such looks and such a strong body it would be an absolute sin not too admire yourself in the mirror all day while i did my stretches. I think i’ll just squeeze in a few bodybuilding poses while i’m at it too. Perhaps i was too busy to notice but the door leading into the locker room opened as i was gazing into the mirror. In walked a much smaller guy as he turned his gaze to me. He smiled politely before asking “You must be the new Quaterback?” I smirked to myself while relaxing my bicep pose “Junior Quaterback. My name’s Clayton. And i assume your the new waterboy too?” He nodded his head and bit his lips as his eyes shifted from my left bicep to my right. Not a surprising thing considering most people liked admiring my muscles. He replied while flashing his eyes over my pecs which were almost completely exposed by my skimpy gym stringers. “Yep same as you. Lance here, first year in college as well.” Staring up at my face i caught Lance trying to look at my eyes which were shielded by my mirrored sport sunglasses. “I have been told one of my duties were to assist you. And seeing your shoes look muddy, might i ask if you would like me to clean them for you before practice?” I looked down at the much shorter boy who might even be older than me. “Well sure, go ahead. Don’t mind them being really stinky as i did a jog yesterday in them. But since its your job i think you’ll just have to get used to my manly stink from now on.” I kicked back on a bench and let Lance do all the work. He knelt before me like a servant attending to his master and calmly removed my shoes as its stink filled the room. I would like to say I felt embarrassed by the smell but i like to think of it as a manly trait to have. He turned the shoes around and noticed the shoe’s size. “Hey Clayton i was thinking of buying some new shoes. Mind if i try wearing your shoes to test out your feet size?” I lifted my brow and twisted by head alittle to let him know it was fine. While he tried on my shoes I looked at the mirror and did a double bicep pose. Man it felt good to look at my own godly image. Lance must have noticed me from below and smiled to himself. “You do like to admire yourself in the mirror huh Clayton? But I don’t blame you. In fact if i were you, I would do the same” I snicked to myself while passing a look of agreement to my new serf waterboy. Before putting my arms down I accidentally pushed my cap of from my head. With his quick reflexes Lance lunged out and grabbed my cap just before hitting the wet ground. I breathed a sign of relief as i knew the water on the ground would have stained my white cap just before Lance spoke again “Hey this is a nice looking cap. May I try it on?” I turned my head towards Lance “All yours buddy!” He fitted my cap snuggly on his head and turned it around fratboy style as well. As i stood up to continue stetching, Lance also stood up from the ground. I was surprised how tall he was. Well he was still slightly shorter than me but i did not realised when i met him the first time how tall he actually was. Maybe it was my sport shoes that made him taller. I shrugged to myself and looked directly into his eyes knowing he could not see mine. For some reason i enjoyed looking at him wearing my cap. It was like looking at myself in the mirror. And you know how vain i was when it came to my own reflection. He smiled at me before lifting his arms as if to gesture me. But before it could reach higher than my waist i felt a cold spill of water all over my thick muscular thighs. I looked down to see that Lance had accidentally spilled some water from the bottle i was carrying over my red shorts. “I’m so sorry Clayton! If you don’t mind i can swap my shorts with yours. I’m really sorry!” It all happened so fast but i was just eager to remove the soggy shorts from myself and have a good training later when it started. So we both stripped our respective shorts and traded them with each other. Pulling up my new pants I was so enthralled to see the reflection before me in the mirror. I looked up and saw the powerfully muscular man as he smiled back at me. I always knew i was good looking but damm. My smile today was incredibly charming! If there was one thing that did not lie, it was your own reflection. I did a few poses but my reflection did not look as good as it was supposed to. Most likely because it was wearing a shirt. So i traded my my gym stringers with it hoping that i could reveal more of my glorious muscles in the mirror. As my reflection pulled the stringers down his incredibly sexy body I marveled at every inch of his bulging aesthetically pleasing muscles. He turned to me and flashed a smile before lifting an arm and flexing it. It was incredible. To see that huge bulge gaining in mass as he played with it. This was why i loved posing in the mirror. Looking at my own reflection was the best thing in life. I lifted my sunglasses on my forehead to better see the beautiful mass before me. But looking at it without the tinted lenses of my sunglasses something felt weird. It felt like this was not my reflection at all. Before i realized it a hand swept across my face and took my sunglasses of my forehead. My “reflection” put the sunglasses over his eyes and continued charming me with his smile. No longer able to look into his eyes through his mirrored sunglasses now, I turned my head away and faced a different direction and looked at the scrawny guy infront of me. I looked closer Taking my shirt off i was shocked to see that he had taken his shirt off as well and was mimicking my every move. I whispered to myself “Who is that?” A hot breathe came upon my neck and whispered into my ear in a deep sexy voice “Its the New Waterboy” -------------END------------- What would you do next if you were one of them?
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