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    Chapter 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14262-the-librarian/ Chapter 2: The next couple of weeks seems to fly by with Tom riding high on his gains. It seemed that every workout he was increasing his weights and/or repetitions. Every time Ron was there with him he only felt motivated to push that much harder. And with Ron training him, he was being forced to keep perfect form, taxing his muscles to the brink. During and after his workouts, he felt like he a pump that lasted for hours after. This in turn led to an increasing intensity of his jack-off sessions as he watched his growing muscles in the mirror. After one particular grueling session with Ron, Tom almost couldn't resist taking his cock from out of his shorts on the drive home. It was after a shoulders and arms workout that had his upper body pumped and vascular and his libido had been sent into overdrive by his young hunky trainer. “Dude! Look at your shoulders man! With those veins it looks like you got worms under the skin!” Ron stood behind Tom as he completed his last set of lateral dumbbell raises. He re-racked the weights and glanced at himself in the mirror, sweat dripping of his brow. Ron stepped closer, just behind him and to the side. Ron reached forward and put both his hands on Tom's pumped delts, giving them a squeeze. “Fuck, bro! You look so damn wide and pumped! Your delts feel like boulders!” Ron squeezed Tom delts with his young hands, his forearm muscles dancing as he did so. Ron began to run his pointer finger over each shoulder as well, tracing the pulsating veins just under the taught, warm skin. “Tom, buddy, you definitely didn't have these veins last week! Look at them crisscrossing your delts. Damn stud, you are gonna make me feel small soon, look!” Ron removed his hands from Tom's shoulders, stood back, and yanked off his muscle shirt. Tom's arousal grew as the young stud stripped off and praised him. They again examined themselves in the mirror, Tom struggling to maintain control. “See, man! Even I don't have those veins in my shoulders! I mean, I'm not pumped like you right now, but even I don't get veins like that!” Ron flared his lats and moved his arms to show off his own stunning deltoids, sending Tom into a fever pitch. “Hey, man let me show you how to do a lat spread, then you can really show off that incredible width you are developing.” Ron sucked in his waist, lifted his elbows and somehow made the muscles under his armpits expoded outward. Tom sucked in his breath as Ron expertly manipulated his ripped body. “Holy shit, Ron. How the hell do you that! Damn you look so good doing that,” Tom stammered as he stared his ripped, surfer stud trainer. “I'll show you, Big Library Man!” Ron relaxed his pose and again stepped behind Tom. Once again Tom felt Ron's hands on his body. From behind, Ron placed his hands on Tom's lats. “Ok, big man, these muscles that I'm touching, think in your mind how to flex them and only them.” It took a few tries, but eventually Tom figured it out. As he stared at himself in the mirror he audibly gasped as finally made the mind-muscle connection and flared his lats. Ron chuckled proudly as his older protege mastered the move. “Haha, yeah stud! Just like that! Shit man, being so tall and having such a tiny waist, you have a great V-shape! I'm almost disappearing from view standing behind you, big stud! Look at this wings, bro!” Once he was at full spread, Ron again reached under Tom's arms and gave his 'wings' a good, hard, long squeeze. "Fuck", Tom thought. It felt so good to have this young stud feeling up his own growing muscles. Tom couldn't help it as his dick continued to reel out. Trying not to draw attention, he dropped his arms and turned away from the mirror, trying to angle himself away from Ron. He thanked his buddy. “Wow, Ron. You are teaching me so much. I can't believe I can actually do a lat spread!” “Sure, thing man! You are growing so fast. Damn, if all my clients have the sort of progress that you do I will be in very high demand once I get my certification!” “You are an awesome trainer, man. I've never felt so big and strong in my life!” Tom turned and faced Ron and gave him the lat spread he just learned, not realizing that he was still half-fluffed. Ron gave his pose an approving grin and examined him from head to toe. It was then that Tom realized his state and again turned away quickly. As he glanced back at Ron's face, Ron seemed to be giving him a knowing smirk. It was after that workout that Tom, barely making it home, shot not one, not two, but three loads remembering how his studly, shirtless trainer had his hands all his buffed body and how he only wanted more. More size, more vascularity, and yes, more of Ron's hands feeling him up. .. Back at the library, Tom had been getting more and more attention for his improving body. At first it embarrassed him, but he was slowly learning to enjoy it. Most of his coworkers were female and they were none to shy about commenting him on how his clothes were fitting. This even after he had upgraded all this shirts to size XL. “My, my, boss. If you weren't gay I would be jumping your bones right now,” Susan had said to him one day in his office. Tom sat in his chair and she had noticed how his chest pressed firmly against a new burgundy Oxford shirt he had just purchased. He had even had to leave the top button undone to fit his burgeoning shelf. “Susan, that is not professional.” “Whatever you say, boss.” She replied airily as she stepped out of his office. Tom couldn't help but lean back and clasp his hands behind his head as she left his room. He enjoyed how the fabric stretched tight against his arms. He couldn't bend his arms too much for fear of busting the seams of his new, larger wardrobe. As he lifted hard and grew, Tom continued to utilize the handsome chiropractor from across the street to keep his joints, particularly his back, nice and loose. Dr. Ottoman also couldn't help but notice the gains as he massaged his spine. “Wow Tom, I can really feel all the new thickness in your back. You must be 10 lbs heavier than when you stepped in two weeks ago.” “Fifteen pounds, actually,” he replied. “Holy hell! Whatever you are doing, keep it up. If you keep growing at that rate I'm going to have to get a stronger table!” Tom couldn't help but grin as his face rested on the pads of the chiropractor's table. .. That entire week at work Tom was battling a new problem as well. It seemed along with his improving body we was feeling an increase in his testosterone levels. Consequently, we was constantly finding himself aroused at work. He often had to retreat to the safety of his office as he felt his manhood plumping down the right side of his trousers. Due to his blessed stature, there was little he could do to hide the tumescence once it began to grow in his slacks. The following Friday Ron had invited Tom to the Flex Plex for another one-on-one workout. That day Ron had decided to change things up and they both did something new called giant sets for their legs. As a tall man, training legs was a struggle for Tom. He loved the look of having two, massive, column-like legs packed with quads, hams and calves, but on his long frame he was worried that he would never be able to fill them out like the shorter lifters. Ron noticed his apprehension as they began the workout. “Hey bro! Don't worry. We'll get those wheels massive and jacked! I know how to work legs, I've got some decent legs, see!” Ron has hiked up the hem of his shorts and FLEXED his legs in front of Tom. He had glimpsed sightings of Ron's legs and figured that they were well developed like the rest of him. But the smooth, tanned striated quads that Ron flexed left Tom panting, which Ron noticed. “Hell yeah, man! I've got some great legs, if I do say so myself. The chicks love my quadzillas! All those years playing soccer gave me a good base. Pretty soon your legs will look like mine, just do as 'Trainer Ron' says!” Tom heeded Ron's words and they proceeded to have the hardest workout of Tom's life. Ron had even pushed Tom so hard that halfway through the workout Tom had to sprint over the large trashcan and purge his stomach. “Awesome man! Your first puke while lifting! That means you are gonna be a BEAST!” Tom sure didn't feel like a beast as he upchucked. But Ron's praise gave him comfort as his stomach turned. Once he was empty he washed out his mouth and returned to the weights. Deep squats. Leg presses. Straight leg deadlifts. Walking lunges. Hack squats. All the major movements were performed. Tom was happy to note that as hard as he was working, he was using weights heavier than he ever had on each exercise. His legs were blowing up and he knew it. Once the workout was over the two hobbled into the locker room on their weary legs. They grabbed weight machines and walls as they walked to steady their massively pumped legs. Tom thought for sure he could feel his thighs rubbing against each other as he gingerly walked. Once in the locker room he began to disrobe to shower. Ron, already shirtless, walked over to Tom with something in his hands. “Hey big guy. You ever take your stats? “Ummm...you mean height and weight? Yeah, I track my weight of course...” “Haha, nah man. Your measurements! Chest, biceps, legs, you know?” “No, I haven't.” “Well shit, Tom. I'm a bad trainer! I should've done this before you started turning into He-man. Luckily I got this tape measure in my hand!” he said with a grin. Before Tom could protest Ron had Tom to stand up. Ron reached around Tom and slid the tape around his waist. Tom excitedly realized how close he was to having this ripped, surfer stud giving him a hug with his tanned, muscular body. He couldn't help but feel himself plump a bit as it happened, a recurring problem he was having around his trainer. “Ok, big man, write these down in your workout notebook. Then we can take measurements every month to see your progress. When you stepped on the scale earlier what was your weight?” “It was 219 lbs.” “DAAAAAAMMMN, BRO!” Ron whistled. “You are becoming “Tom the Beast'! Shit, you outweigh me by over 30 lbs now, no wonder I feel so tiny around you!” Tom couldn't help but chuckle. “You feel tiny?! Seriously Ron you are so jacked and shredded it's nuts. Your body is just about perfect and your muscles are so ho...” Tom just barely caught himself before he said something controversial. “You muscles are so hard and ripped. I'm jealous of YOU!” 'Nice save', he thought to himself, unconvinced that is was. In the mirror Tom was sure he could see a smirk on Ron's face. Was it possible that Ron was catching on to his deepest secret? “Well, thanks bro! But seriously, brah, you aren't far behind me on the ripped-ness. And you obviously got me in size you giant 220 lb monster! Alright, hold your hands up.” Ron slid his hands up Tom's torso and pulled the tape taught around his pecs. “46 inches, not too shabby! Ok, Tom, now flex that huge python. Damn bro, it feels like granite! And look, you've even got a natural split in your biceps. Fuck dude, as they grow you are going to have some incredible peaks.” Having Ron squeeze and measure his biceps was once again sending his libido into overdrive. The young trainer's infectious praise, combine with his exposed torso were sending pulses of blood to his crotch. “17 inches. Awesome man! Anything over 16 inches and people will notice big arms. Mine are 17.5 inches, they may look a little bigger than yours because I have a smaller frame, but yours are right there behind mine. Check out these canons, Big T!” With that Ron bent up his right arm and FLEXED his glorious peak right in front of Tom. As if in a trance, Tom reached out and felt the muscle. It was euphoria. The warm skin felt stretched over the hot surfer's softball size lump of muscle. He exhaled as his fingers squeezed the mound with no hope of causing any indentation. It was the first time he was ever felt another man's muscle and his brain was in overdrive. More blood rushed to his cock, he could only hope that his baggy gymshorts and the fact the Ron was mostly behind him would hide his state. Ron dropped his arms and slid the tape down to Tom's waist. “34.5 inch waist, nice and tight. We'll see if we can shrink that down a bit. And I can see the abs starting to show up, dude! Ok now, let's check out those wheels!” Tom panicked. Ron grabbed the tape and started to step around him to the front. As Ron did so, Tom quickly reached down and hiked up his gym shorts, simultaneously holding his lead pipe cock to the side and using the bunched fabric to obscure it at his waist. “Tom, bro! I can see that leg pump in your legs. Wow, for a tall dude you've got some great legs. When these monsters start to fill out say 'goodbye' to jeans!” Ron sat on the bench in front of Tom. With his hormones raging, Tom's mind raced as he noticed the sexy surfer kneeling in front of him, imagining the scenarios. Ron wrapped the tape around his thighs, just under Tom's hands. “A nice set of 25 inch thighs, bro. Mine are 26 and a half. One of the few advantages of being shorter, makes your legs bigger. But, those are great measurements, big man! You can let go of your shorts, now!” Tom froze. Luckily, he was already covered in sweat from his workout as his sweat glands went into overdrive. Ron stood and looked Tom straight in the eyes, and repeated with a sexy grin, “You can drop the shorts...stud.” Time seemed to freeze as Tom stared down at the sexy jock in front of him. He slowly released the leg of his shorts, which fell. Then, Ron grinned, reached forward and down and wrapped his right hand around the unmistakable cloth-covered erection. Ron raised his eyebrows as his hand found the shaft. “HOLY SHIT, TOM! Haha, you are already a big fuckin' beast down there!” The flood of emotions was threatening to crash his central CPU as he comprehended the situation. He couldn't help but think that Ron was messing with him. As a man of an older generation, he couldn't help but think of the bullying and general persecution he knew his type had endured throughout his decades of life. Tom quickly stepped back from Ron. Ron just chuckled. “Hey buddy, Tom, it's ok. I know how you feel. Working out and getting jacked, it's the hottest thing in the world to guys like us. I've seen a ton of guys with boners in here. All the serious bodybuilders are so jacked up on hormones that they often throw wood after a killer workout. Of course, hardly any of them have wood the size of yours, you lucky dude, haha!” Just then they heard voices entering the locker room from the main floor. Ron quickly instructed Tom to follow him. They walked to a door a the opposite end of the locker room. “Posing Room ” was written in large block letters. They entered and Ron quickly shut and locked the door. The room was small, about the size of a typical bedroom. There was a small sink, a trashcan and a shelf with a stereo on one wall and another wall was completely covered in mirrors. “There we go, safe and sound. This is a posing room. There's great lighting in here so you can get a great view of your muscles.” Ron looked in the mirror and began to contort his body into various poses, keeping Tom's rod at full mast. A double-biceps pose. An abs-and-thighs pose. A side chest pose. Ron grinned back at Tom. “It's also a great place to...relieve pressure.” With that Ron turned and began to slide down his own gym shorts, leaving him in some straining black spandex Under Armor briefs. Ron was aroused as well. Tom just stared in lusty awe and complete silence. It felt like it had been hours since he had last spoken. “C'mon man, you better join me. I don't think that thing is going to go down soon unless you take care of it.” Ron then grabbed his tight briefs and yanked them down. He stepped out of his garments leaving his entire fitness model physique exposed to Tom. It was, in a word, beautiful. Ron's own impressive cock quickly filled out to a full, thick 7 inches. It was cut and perfectly shaped, just like the rest of him. Ron stepped forward and yanked down Tom's shorts, who was still in his zombie-like trance. Ron then hooked his fingers in Tom's own workout briefs and slowly pulled them down. This time the large cock inside offered some resistance. Ron had to the pull the fabric out away from Tom's pelvis to clear the large tube and balls. Eventually the large shaft sprang out and thwacked against Tom's waist. This time Ron couldn't hide his awe. “Holy fuck, dude. You've got a huge cock. I get no complaints, by you got me beat by at least an inch. And you look even thicker than me.” Finally, Tom's over-stressed brain rebooted. Unbelieving of the fantasy-like situation he found himself in, he asked, “Ron, are you...are you gay?” Ron chuckled, unable to hide his amusement. “Gay, straight, bi, does it really matter? Are YOU gay?” “Um...uh...yes. Yes I am.” Ron could see the struggle in Tom's eyes as he admitted. “Hey man, that's cool! I know lots of gay dudes. People of your generation get so caught upon labels. Don't get me wrong bro, nothing gets me off like a smokin' hot, fitness model chick with a tight waist, long legs and some full, round, natural tits." Ron thrusted his hips, pantomiming fucking, causing his engorged cock to bob. "But I've have my share of fun with some bros as well. I don't think it's possible to be into the fitness and bodybuilding world without having an appreciation for the male body. Now come one, big guy, join me in releasing some tension.” Ron slowly began to jack his own dick, standing right next to Tom. It was the hottest thing Tom had ever seen. So much better than the muscle guys he had seen jacking off on cam on the internet. Right here in front of him was the real thing. Tom began to masturbate his own superior dick, watching sweat trickle down the young jock stud's chest and into the deep groves of his abs. He watched how the veins in Ron's biceps and forearms danced as his hand manipulated himself. Ron gave him an approving glance. “Fuck, yeah Tom. Jack that big dick of yours. A fucking growing muscle beast stud. Soon you are going to be a huge, sexy bodybuilder with a big cock. You are going to drive all the little men crazy with your huge muscles and cock.” Ron suddenly picked up the pace and quickly ejaculated, shooting a jet of jizz a couple of feet up in the air. Tom admired the sexual strength of the young stud as he himself edged closer and closer. After he finished, Ron stepped closer to Tom. “Jack that big dick stud. I'm going to turn you into the muscle monster I know you want to be. Soon you will have arms even bigger than THIS!” Ron quickly flexed a titanic double biceps right in front of Tom. “And your will pecs like these monsters!” Ron then alternately bounced each pec. While jacking with his left arm, Tom instinctively reached out his right hand to cup the mass of Ron's right pectoral. “Yeah, Tom. Feel that mass. That is mass that you will soon have. A chest shelf so huge you can rest a book on them!” Ron ended the statement with a most muscular pose, baring his teeth and growling with masculine intensity. Tom felt the chest muscle in his fingers instantly tighten into hard granite. That did it. Tom threw his head back as three ropes of cum exploded from his firehose cock and right onto the buff surfer's abs. Tom put his hand on Ron's shoulders to balance himself as he finished the most powerful orgasm he had ever had. As he came back to earth Tom caught his breath and rested his hands on his weary legs. He then looked up to see Ron, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Ron looked down at his wetted abs and flexed them even harder and deeper. He then reached down and scooped up some fresh jizz with his finger and brought it up to his mouth for a taste. “Damn, Big Tom. You even taste good!” He said with a wink. The sight nearly made Tom's cock re-inflate instantly. "That was fun, big guy. I'll go check the locker room to make sure the coast is clear." As Ron stepped away Tom could only hope for more situations like this that his growing body was bringing to him.
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    MUSCLE DADDY a romantic muscle growth story co-written by @Astromuscle, @canon & @raphi0508, with the inspiration of @Marquis Whew, finally I am back I thought when I set my bag down on my dorm bed. Too bad that my old roommate got suspended cause it got out he was taking roids. As I unpacked my belongings, before I had to attend my first class this afternoon, I thought back and remembered how cool it was to live with my old roommate. He was 5ft11 and weighed 200lbs at the beginning of college, though he told me secretly he wanted to grow with the help of steroids and that he had a good source. True to his word he did grow. At the beginning he had the body of a typical high school football jock. Nice bulging 17’’ arms, wide shoulders, pretty solid and ripped legs and a nice bubble butt. And best of all was his big bulge. In those three years everything changed for me. He grew 40lbs of pure muscles in just one year. After three years, he weighed an astounding 270lbs and had developed the body of an Olympia-level bodybuilder. Watching him grow, arms getting bigger and more defined, chest getting puffier. I was horny a lot, and I often jacked off just thinking of him. He was also the reason I discovered I was gay. He became very confident in his body, needless to say. He began strolling around naked in our room, and I got many mental images to help me jack off to. Pumped muscle, huge roid gut, and thankfully the roids didn’t seem to affect his junk, hanging large from his body. The problem with him was that he was as straight as an arrow. Nearly every week he had another girl with him in bed, and word was afterwards every girl couldn’t help but talk about his huge cock. I couldn’t blame them he was huge, at least 10’’ from what I could tell from him strolling around our room, not concerned that I was staring wide eyed., I wish I had gotten the chance to feel the large cock, make it inflate, and cup those large balls in my hand. Maybe the college found out about his steroid abuse because it got to be too obvious. As he left we promised each other we would stay in contact, but life came in my way and I had to earn money during summer. Now the new and hopefully last college year has started, but I am sure I will find some time to meet him again soon. I wonder if he continued to grow in the meantime. I drifted away from the things I had to do and got a boner. I hope that I will have enough time before my new roommate arrives, to get off, because hiding my 8.5’’ boner is not easy. Maybe my new roommate is a small dweeb, then my hard on would probably go down fast enough he wouldn’t see it. Suddenly some knocks on the door made me jump up surprised. Even more so I was shocked as my new roommate walked in. Fortuna was generous with me, because he was the most massive guy I had ever seen. He had to turn sideways to get through the doorway. In front of me stood the most impressive and beautiful man I saw in my life until now. The large man squared himself to me after having entered, effectively cutting off my view of the door. Each arm was carrying suitcases that were making his forearms bulge, each muscle standing out, held in place by a net of veins crossing each other and drawing my eyes up his arms, huge biceps and triceps thickened around his arm, a muscle hoody hid the rest of the body a little although i could see some big pecs heaving out from his chest, the hoodie draping over it, hiding whether he had abs, or a gut. My penis twitched at the thought of ripping off the shirt to find out. After a second sizing me up he dropped his bags with a loud thud and reached out his hand. “Hi, I am Mark. I’m guessing we will be roommates this year. Nice to meet you”. I reached out and we shook hands. Damn he has such a strong grip. His hand was larger than mine, thick muscular fingers didn’t give at all to my pressure, and I could feel weight lifting calluses. I was sure we could become good friends. He let go of my hands and bent over to pick up his bags. My penis jumped again. His back is so wide and that ass looks so hard, where do I stare...I quickly shoved my hand into my pants to shove my penis to somewhere less conspicuous while he had his back turned. I had to move to let him by as he passed I noticed my eyes barely met the top of his shoulders, seeing his large delts pulling the fabric of his hoodie forward and back as he carried the heavy bags. After we both had finally unpacked we sat down and started to talk. Mark told me that he is here because he got a Football scholarship, but he also told me that he really wanted to do bodybuilding instead, like his dad does. He enthusiastically described how big his dad was and how small he was compared to him. He also mentioned that he got the good genes of his dad, and expects to start growing bigger soon. The muscle talk made me pretty horny again, I was very thankful that I was sitting down. During our talk we both found out that we have most of our classes together, even the first one of the new year. We continued talking for a while, until we had a sudden shock because we had nearly missed our first class While I was getting ready Mark suddenly dropped his jogging pants to change into jeans. If I thought my old room mate was big, then Mark was a freak. His quads, calves and bulge were huge. I couldn’t stop my jaw from dropping. Mark had been in a rush, but noticed me sitting in awe. He smile confidently at me, turning to give me a better view., “Pretty impressive, huh? You can thank my dad’s good genes for this thing too, though he is much bigger.” Then he gave me a wink, causing me to blush. I used far more willpower than it should have taken to close my mouth. Once he stopped teasing me and got ready, we both left for class. During the year, we got even more connected. We got to be pretty close friends. Unfortunately for me again, he was also straight. I tried not to let on that I was gay, hoping it would make him more comfortable. If he knows I’m gay he might not take off his pants in front of me anymore either, which would be a tragedy. We both started to workout together after Mark mentioned he really needed a spotter at the gym, and so our friendship got closer because of it. I was unsure how good of a spotter I was being, but Mark didn’t seem to mind, and he spotted me in turn. Luckily I was also benefiting from the workouts growing more athletic myself and began sporting some good pecs and my arms were gaining some definition. Throughout the year I also got to see more of Mark. When he had arrived I had only seen those heavy arms of his, and later his privates. In retrospect I had wished I could have noticed his legs at the time, but I had been hyper focused on his manhood. As it turned out I didn’t need to worry, since much like my last roommate, Mark had no boundaries. I got many opportunities to appreciate Mark’s entire body as he would stroll around naked in our room. Is this a jock thing? I don’t walk around in the nude. Maybe I would if I looked like that I guess. His wide back held his arms out away from his body a little, a nice V-taper going down to his ass. I also discovered he did indeed have a flat stomach, abs like bricks holding up the large chest and shoulders with a solid foundation. His ass was muscular and even at rest you could see the muscles through any slight amount of fat he may have housed there. Large, powerful quads came out of his tight waist, bounding up and coming in tight to his knees. Diamond calves pressed hard against his skin behind his shins, more veins becoming apparent as if the skin needed help to contain the muscle. If I thought Mark had even one atom of gay in him I would worship those muscles in every way my brain could come up with, but sadly I had to settle for keeping some tissues near my bed for when he walked into the bathroom for a shower. During our workouts Mark could not stop talking about his dad, and the more often we worked out the more he told me about how big his dad was and how much bigger he wanted to grow. Mark said one day he hoped to get bigger than his dad, but he told me he wasn’t sure if he ever could. This was one of the only times Mark seemed insecure about anything, and I comforted him telling him one day he would surely outgrow his old man. Despite my word the more he talked about his dad, the more curious I got and the more I wanted to meet the man who could supposedly dwarf the muscle man in front of me. Was it really possible that his dad was that much bigger than Mark? Mark was already an alpha jock. Thinking about his dad being even bigger made my cock grow bigger in my pants every time. Luckily I wore tight spandex under my workout clothes at the gym, where Mark gushed the most about his dad the most. It kept my cock and balls in place. Thank god. As the end of the semester came around, Mark suddenly asked me if I would want to join him during spring break. We could continue working together at his house, in his dad’s home gym. I quickly agreed, mind taken up by the idea that I could finally meet his huge dad. “I would love to join you. You need a spotter after all I guess.” He smiled at me and I blushed. God does he realize that I’m gay? ...to be continued...
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    Chapter 5 - Mitch Lifts I was sitting on my car drinking my third protein shake when the front door opened and he emerged. I had been waiting in the gym parking lot for close to two hours hoping to see Bruce. I needed to see the bastard again. As he exited the gym I felt my 260lb body tense and flex. The feeling of rage didn’t last long though. I hadn’t been the only one growing these last two months. Bruce looked absolutely MASSIVE. My jaw dropped as the behemoth waddled to his truck. He wore a string tank that barely covered his overblown upper body. He wore a tiny pair of shorts that displayed his gargantuan quads in all their glory. My mouth went dry as he moved across the parking lot. The last time I saw him he weighed around 340lbs but the monster I was now watching looked to be closer to 360lb. I started to feel physically sick as I continued to look. Bruce finally made it to his truck which was parked about 50 feet from my car. He walked around the vehicle to place his his gym bag in the passenger seat but stopped dead in his tracks. The car parked next to him was only a foot and a half away, not leaving enough room for Bruce to access his door. Even with my windows closed, I could hear him swear. He dropped his gym bag and turned beet red. His entire body swelled with size as he stomped around to the back of the car. With his back to me, Bruce bent down and placed his hands under the car’s bumper. “There’s no way!” I exclaimed. With a load grunt Bruce started to lift. His outrageously wide back erupted before my eyes. Instantly, a grotesquely huge network of muscles and veins covered every visible inch. Within seconds, I could hear the metal of the car moan as it started to rise. Bruce’s titanic body shook as it displayed an incomprehensible amount of power. A few moments later, the steroid fuelled mutant was standing straight up holding the back of the car two feet off the ground. As if that display wasn’t enough, Bruce then started to shuffle the car to the right! He somehow was able to take three relatively steady steps before letting the car come crashing down. He stepped away from the car and I sat speechless looking at his pumped up body. Just standing there I could see every muscle group flexing and pulsing independently. His back looked like a bag full of snakes. Unable to control myself, I reached for an empty shaker cup and threw up the contents of my stomach. Fortunately, Bruce was too focused on his demented display of power to hear me retching in my car. With the vehicle no longer preventing his movement; Bruce picked up his gym bag and tossed it into his truck. He waddled around to the drivers side, got in and drove away. I sat trembling in my car for well over five minutes. When I finally started to regain my senses, I realized tears were running down my face. I waited another 10 minutes before I felt calm enough to drive home. I was able to avoid Mitch on the gym floor and quickly made my way upstairs to the apartment. It was an hour later when Mitch came upstairs to find me curled up on the sofa sobbing uncontrollably. “Andy!” Mitch screamed and ran to my side. He wrapped his huge arm around me and I told him what had happened. When I had finished Mitch was shaking himself with a look of total disbelief on his face. “How could he just move a whole car like that?” Mitch stammered. “I told you Mitch; Bruce is a freak. I’ve never seen anything so insane. Plus his size. Fuck Mitch, he’s gotten so HUGE.” Mitch tried to calm me down but I saw that he was just as shaken as I was. I finally fell asleep in his arms and he carried me to bed. I woke up a few hours later to the sounds of metal clanging from the gym. I looked around the apartment but didn’t see Mitch. I looked at the clock and it read 1:47 a.m. I crawled out of bed and walked down the stairs. Mitch was in the far corner of the gym. He was stripped to just his underwear and was covered in sweat; clearly he’d been down here a while. He was standing over a bench that had five 45lb plates on each side. He was breathing heavy as he laid on the bench and began a set with the 495lb weight. With barely a grunt, he hoisted the weight and started to pound out incredibly fast reps. No matter how often I’ve seen Mitch lift, I was always stunned by his pure power and aggression when it came to the weights. He finally racked the weight after 25+ perfect reps but didn’t sit up. Instead, he took three deep breaths and started lifting the bar again. By the time I made my way over to the bench, he had completed another 20 reps. Sensing my presence, he racked the bar and sat up. I marvelled at the shear size of his pumped chest. Each overly developed globe carved itself into the man’s rugged jaw. If he wasn’t so powerful, he would be choking himself by just breaking. “What are you doing Mitch?” “What does it look like Andy? I’m working out and I’m not going stop until I’m big enough to rip Bruce’s head from his body with just one hand.” He said and pounded his fist into his freakishly pumped chest. He hit himself so hard the walls of the gym vibrated. I’ve watched Mitch workout enough know that this was way past his normal level of intensity. A pang of fear actually ran though my body as I watched him lay back down and start another set. This time he didn’t stop until he hit 35 reps. By the end, his whole body was shaking and the clanging of the metal weights was deafening. Mitch rolled off the bench and slowly stood up. He barely looked in my direction as he waddled to the cables. He looked like a man possessed. “Mitch. Calm down! I didn’t ask you to deal with Bruce.” I pleaded. “I know you didn’t but do you think I’m going let that asshole affect you like he did today? FUCK THAT!” “I get that you are upset Mitch but Bruce is my fight.” I said. “I know you want him for yourself Andy and I want that too but after you told me what he did today do you think you could hurt him? I know that sounds harsh and I’m sorry. You’ve been making incredible gains but I won’t let me hurt the man I love.” Mitch replied. “Love?” Mitch stopped adjusting the cables and looked at me. He walked towards me, pulled me close and kissed me. “Yes. Love. I love you Andy.” “I love you too Mitch.” I said and continued to kiss him deep. When we finally stopped, Mitch stepped away and started to set-up for his set at the cables. I stood by and suddenly felt happier than I ever had in my whole life. Standing feet away from me was the biggest, strongest, most caring and incredible man I had ever know. I also realized that Mitch was right. After what I had witnessed today, I knew I would never be able to inflect the type of pain on Bruce as I wanted to. But Mitch could. He was almost the same weight as Bruce and I had no doubt he was as strong. I moved closer to Mitch as he set the pins at the bottom of the weight stack. I grabbed a 45lb plate, removed the pin and inserted it though the plate. With the additional weight added I moved to face Mitch. “Show that fucking psychopath what real muscle looks like” Mitch just snarled and started to move the huge amount of weights. I watched in awe as his already massive chest grew infant of my eyes. He performed countless reps and when he was finished, a puddle of sweat had collected at his feet. He stumbles away from the cables and bounced his swollen pecs as he looked for his next exercise. My cock was threatening to rip out of my underwear as I followed Mitch around. I was aching to lift but I knew this workout was more for him than me. The giant man set his sights at the far end of the gym, near the leg machines. I was confused as it appeared that he was working chest but said nothing. As we got closer I suddenly realized what he was going to do. I almost spoke up in protest but I knew better than to break his concentration. Mitch moved into the squat rack and grabbed the empty weight bar. He stepped out and positioned himself in front of the mirror. He lifted the bare 45lb bar and placed it across his heaving shoulders. I stood speechless as my suspicions were confirmed. Mitch was about to bend the fucking squat bar using just his chest! Mitch planted his feet and started to apply pressure on the huge metal bar. Instantly his mammoth body started to expand (as did my cock). Thick veins appeared on every exposed inch of flesh. His arms doubling in size as they applied enormous pressure. Mitch’s body began to shake and he started to emit loud grunts. For close to two minutes, the bar did not relent. Mitch took a deep breath and refocused his efforts. With one mighty roar, he applied more strength to the thick metal bar. I had to lean against a nearby weight rack at the sight. The shear force being applied to Mitch’s neck would have surly snapped a smaller man. Just as it appeared that he might have bitten off more than he could chew, there was a deafening screech as the metal started to bend. I let out an audible scream and Mitch bellowed a primal roar. Once the movement began, the bar started to move much faster. As Mitch came to truly realize the herculean feat he was accomplishing, his body responded by growing even larger. As if willing itself not to be defeated, his outrageously massive body swelled to epic proportions. He barely resembled a human. Thick slabs of muscle filled my field of vision. His already razor sharpe definition seems to increase to frightening levels. Every striation became more pronounced as sweat poured off his exposed flesh. Thirty seconds passed and the ends of the bar were less than four feet apart. Suddenly the pulling motion that had done the work until now was changing to a pushing motion. Mitch’s chest would now have to take over. With one more wall-shaking scream he mounted one last attack on the metal bar. Feeling like he might need some additional assistance, I produced a full syringe. Due to the extreme exertion he was placing on his body, Mitch could not respond but he was able to shake his head to communicate that his did not want the shot. I stood in stunned silence and watched the impossible unfold. Mitch let out a tortured scream as he willed his already mammoth chest to defeat the twisted metal bar. As if watching a computer generated movie affect, Mitch’s chest started to expand. Defying all that was humanly possible, the gargantuan muscles doubled in size. The split down the middle had to have been 12” deep and I could have placed my whole hand into a single striation. As accustomed as I was to see his glorious chest flex, I was suddenly struck with terror, unable to comprehend how he was able to get any bigger. The pathetic metal bar never stood a chance. The gap between the ends shortened to less than 2 feet. It would have go further if it wasn’t for Mitch’s hyper-pumped showers blocking the way. Mitch was breathing heavily as he lifted the bar over his head and tossed it to the ground. He squared his shoulders and positioned himself into a most muscular pose that caused me to cum on the spot. His eyes were wild with lust and his chest seemed to be flexing on it own; unable to return to it’s “normal” state of rest. “Few more work outs like that and that bitch Bruce won’t know what hit him.”
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    Chapter 4 - GROW The next few weeks were a blur. I quit my job and started working at the gym with Mitch. I moved out of my apartment and in with Mitch. Mitch taught me about nutrition, meal prepping, supplements and gear but it was the works outs that were the real education for me. Our first work happened the same day we first had sex. Once I woke up after my first dose, Mitch and I went back downstairs and started training. Before that day, I thought I knew what a hardcore workout was; I didn’t have a clue. We trained chest for over four hours. I threw up multiple times and by the end, had to be carried upstairs where I collapsed on the apartment floor. Over the next few weeks, I started to build up my stamina. Maybe it was the steroids or maybe my overwhelming desire to grow and impress Mitch but in no time, I was itching to lift again. The pain in my muscles was present 24/7 but I learnt to love it. Mitch was impressed by my determination and regularly complimented my focus. “Damn Andy, you’re hitting those weights like a man possessed. I guess you still have your sights set on that asshole Bruce.” he said to me one day as I completed my fourth set of squats. Just hearing his name made me turn red in anger. I slammed the weights onto the rack, shaking the whole machine. I grabbed two more 45lb plates and slapped them onto the bar. “You sure you can handle that weight?” Mitch asked. “Spot me!” I yelled. Mitch settled in behind me and I let out a primal scream as I lowered the bar. The weight felt incredibly heavy and I was worried I had made a huge mistake. “I got you Andy but you can move this weight yourself. Focus on getting revenge on that prick and use those quads to lift this weight.” he encouraged. I let out another bellow and somehow managed to lift the weight for one rep. I was about to rack the bar when I felt a pain in my left ass cheek. I looked at Mitch in the mirror to see him toss an empty syringe away. My eyes went wide as the drugs flooded my system. “LIFT” Mitch screamed. My body went stiff and to my own amazement, I started to lower the weight again. The pain in my quads became so intense I started to scream at the top of my lungs but keep lowering the weight. My ass was nearly to the floor when I started to power the weight up. It was at that moment when something snapped in my head. Maybe it was the heavy weight, the vision of Bruces massive body making me feel powerless or the intense cocktail of steroids coursing through my body but I suddenly felt unstoppable. I pressed the weight back up and without a moment of hesitation, started to lower it again. The speed of the reps increased until I was pumping out rep after rep. I lost count after ten and would have kept going if it wasn’t for Mitch grabbing the bar and forcing me to re-rack it. I stopped and spun to face him. My eyes were wide and wild. I got right into Mitch face and screamed “Why did you make me stop! I could have done more!” Mitch smiled and placed his huge hands on my shoulders. “Calm down. You know I’m not the enemy.” I shook my head and suddenly became aware of what I was doing. “M-mitch, I’m so sorry.” “No need to apology. It was my fault for injecting you mid-rep. But you have to admit, that was an incredible feeling.” I couldn’t help but smile. It was an incredible feeling. “It also appeared to have worked” Mitch said and pointed to my quads. I looked down and almost screamed. I had put on about 5lbs of new size in those first two weeks with Mitch but when I looked at my quads after that brutal set I saw that the seams of my sweat pants had split. Not only had my quads burst out of the once baggy fabric, but their surface was covered in a light network of veins. While they were nowhere near the size I wanted them, it was first time I felt like I had crossed that line and was starting to really grow. I looked up at Mitch to see him beaming with pride (and lust). I was usually speechless at the sight of his hulking form but now I saw something else; my future. I stepped closer to him. Leaned in for a hard kiss and stepped away. I reached down and with one fluid motion, ripped the remaining fabric of my pants away. “Shot me up again.” I said. Mitch just starred in stunned silence. “NOW!” I commanded. Mitch tentatively produced another needle. While he prepped it, I loaded two more plates to the squat bar. “N-no.” he muttered. “Don’t worry, you’ve got me right?” I said and positioned myself under the bar. I eyed the weight and realized I had no fear of not being able to left it. I glanced down at my insanely pumped quads and waited for the needle to pierce my skin. Mitch pressed the syringe and positioned himself behind me. As the liquid started to pump through my veins I felt heat radiating throughout my body. with a grunt I lifted the weight off the rack and stepped forward. The weight should have drove me to the ground but I planted my feet and started to lower the weight. I made eye contact with Mitch behind me and said though gritted teeth “Nothing can stop me.” Needless to say, after that day in the gym, my training took a turn. I attacked the weights with even more intensity. There were days when Mitch was done working out but I was still going. We adjusted my steroid intake and I doubled my caloric intake. Mitch watched in awe as my determination reached new levels. Not surprising, my weight started to increase much faster. Two weeks later I was tipping the scale at 240lbs. I was awake before Mitch one morning and had just devoured my first meal of the day. I stood in front of the full length mirror near the bathroom of the apartment. I lightly caressed my swollen pecs. I was lightly flexing their new size and marvelling at how powerful they felt. I started to hit a few poses and was surprised at how big I was looking. “Looking like an amateur bodybuilder stud.” I heard Mitch say from the bed. I laughed and turned to hit a side chest pose. My chest inflated and my arms and shoulders solidified. “I don’t want to look like an amateur. I want to look like a pro.” “I can’t believe how good are looking already.” Mitch said. I stopped posing and turned to the giant man laying in the bed. I moved closer and raised my arms into a double bicep pose. “You like this new mass?” Mitch lowered the sheet to show me his rock-hard cock in his hand. “Fuck yeah!” I licked my lips and flexed harder. My arms trembled and I flared my lats out even wider. Mitch started to stoke faster. I maneuvered my left quad and flexed the growing muscles. I lowered my arms and clasped them at my waist. I felt my chest, arms and shoulders get hard. Mitch let out a low moan and keep stroking. I was instantly aware of the affect my growing body was having on the massive freak laying in front of me. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever had thought I could arouse a man as massive as Mitch. “With your help, there is nothing stopping me from growing massive” I said “I’m going to reach 400lbs of the freakiest muscle you’ve ever seen.” With that, Mitch closed his eyes and spewed cum all over his heaving, massive chest. I dropped the pose, walked over to him and kissed him long and hard. I then reached into the drawer of his nightstand, grabbed three full syringes and walked towards the staircase to the gym. “See you downstairs when you’re ready. Time to grow this little body.” As I descended the stairs, I heard Mitch moaning again. --- The next month passed like a blur. It consisted of nothing but weights, gear, food and fucking. My growth was off the charts; even Mitch was surprised. I weighed in at 250lbs in just one month with Mitch. Not only was I gaining weight, my vascularity was getting more extreme by the day. I was out buying food when I saw Carl walking down the street. I had to look twice to even recognize him. The last time I saw him, he was being humiliated by Bruce at the gym. At that time, I guessed he weighed 255lbs but the man I was now looking at was a shell of his former self. He looked like he had lost close to 30lbs. I had never spoken to him before but approached him nonetheless. “Carl?” He flinched when he heard his name and stopped short. “I’m Andy. I used to see you working out at the gym. I haven’t seen you in a while…h-how are you doing?” I asked carefully. Carl always had a look of confidence about him and rightfully so, he was a very well known bodybuilder how was clearly on his way to becoming a professional. But the man I was now talking to look small, weak and scared. He stammered and eventually responded “I-I guess I’m ok.” “What did he do to you?” I asked, know full well Bruce had not stopped tormenting him. Carl’s eyes grew wide and he looked over his shoulder “Wh-what are you talking about?” “I was there Carl. I saw what that monster did to you. Making you lick his calf.” Carl’s eyes filled up and suddenly he was crying; right there on the street. He went on to tell me that days after that fist incident, Bruce made Carl’s life a living hell. His torment ranged from mocking him during his workouts, to out lifting him at every chance he could. He even went so far as to mock him on social media to the point where Carl’s supplement sponsor cancelled his contract. Carl then went on to tell me he had all but quit the gym. I tried to offer him some comfort but eventually Carl walked away telling me there as nothing I could do to help. I remained standing on the street watching a guy I was once intimidated by walk away looking like a scared little kid. I felt a new level of rage boiling in my gut. My whole body was tensed to tot he point where I heard the seams of my baggie sweats start to rip. I abandoned my errands and headed back to the gym and ended up working out for four straight hours. Mitch tried to calm me down later that night but all could think about was teaching Bruce a lesson. --- “260 fucking pounds!” I screamed and stepped off the scale and turned to embrace Mitch. “Unreal Andy! I’m so proud of you.” I was feeling more than pride. I was feeling unstoppable. I had gained 35lbs in a little over 8 weeks. I knew it was nowhere near where I wanted to be but I knew there was no stopping me. I placed my hands on Mitch’s massive glutes and with a grunt, I hoisted his 368lb body off the ground. I heard him quietly gasp as he realized what I just did. The massive man felt incredibly heavy in my arms and the feeling of his massive muscles in my arms was downright intoxicating. I managed to move his incredible bulk and place him on a nearby bench. I walked to the rack of nearby barbells and lifting the 250lb one off the rack. Mitch stared at my with wide eyes as I retuned to face him. With my eyes staring into his I started to curl the huge weight. I gritted my teeth and caught my reflection in the mirror in front of me. A few weeks ago I wouldn’t have been able to see myself with Mitch blocking the way but with my increased mass, I could now see my shoulders and traps being reflected back. I also noticed the network of thick veins criss-crossing my face, neck and shoulders. I hit 10 reps and showed no signs of stopping. “Push it down” I said to Mitch. The big man stood and placed his huge hands on the metal bar. Instantly it felt like the weight had tripled and I let out an agonizing scream but continued to curl the weight. I reached the top of the rep and immediately started to lower the weight again. This went on for five more reps until my whole body was shaking. I dropped the weight and lifted my arms and hit a double bicep pose. Mitch stepped aside so I could get a better view of my reflection. It was now my turn to gasp. Standing there in the mirror was no longer my reflection. It was now that of a legitimate bodybuilder. I looked like I belonged on the stage at the Mr. Olympia. I dropped my arms and looked at Mitch. He was smiling widely and was rubbing the bulge in his shorts. I took a step towards him and he opened his arms thinking I was going to embrace him but what I did next shocked the both of us. I lowered my upper body and stuck my shoulder into his granite hard abs. I wrapped my hands around his tree trunk sized quads and lifted. I let out a primal grunt as his incredible mass settled on my shoulder. My quads trembled with effort but managed to lift us both upright. I caught a quick glimpse of us in the mirror and felt my cock spew at the sight. I adjusted my grip on Mitch’s tense body and started to march towards the stairs. Mitch was too shocked to speak, I only heard a quiet moan as I started to move up the stairs. Every step was excruciating and by the time I reached the top the pain was unbearable. With my final burst of power, I hoisted Mitch off my shoulders and dropped him on the bed. I grabbed both of his meaty quads and pulled him towards me. I momentarily marvelled at the shear size of his quads and claves before slamming my cock into his waiting ass. Within minutes, we both spewed our loads. Mitch’s cum hit the ceiling as he roared in ecstasy. I was collapsed on his still trembling body and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
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    Destiny - Worship My New Muscular Roommate (Part 1) Part 1 “Hi! I’m calling about the ad in the Pennysaver.” With those nine words, my life, as I knew it, would be forever changed! Of course, I didn’t realize this at the time, nor was I aware of how this man on the other end of the line would completely take over every aspect of my life. “Hi there! How are you” I asked. “I’m doing good, thanx” he replied. “So, you’re looking for a roommate?” “Yeah and the sooner, the better” I exclaimed. “Cool, I wanted to see if I can come by and take a look at the apartment.” His voice was deep and masculine, yet I could definitely detect a friendliness about him. It was one of those voices that I just knew belonged to a hot guy and my instincts are usually right! “Sure,” I quickly replied. “When is a good time for you?” I so hoped he would tell me he could come today! “If it works for you, I can come over right now.” “Yeah, that sounds great” I replied excitedly. “Awesome! What’s the address?” “It’s 265 Palmer Street. Do you know that area at all?” “Yeah bro! I think I know where that street is. I’m only a few blocks away! I’m just leaving the gym on Main Street and getting into my car. I should be there in about 5 minutes!” Oh man! He’s coming from the gym. He’s definitely going to be hot, I thought to myself. “Great! So, I’ll see you in a few minutes! You can park right in the driveway.” “Sounds good! See you in a few!” “Ok, bye.” Thank God I cleaned the house this morning, I thought to myself as I hung up the phone. I really hoped he would wind up liking the house. Even though we had only spoken over the phone for a few minutes and had never met before, I found myself being inexplicably drawn to my potential roommate. I had no idea what he looked like. Heck, I didn’t even know his name, so why was I feeling this way? It couldn’t just be that he had a sexy voice or that he was coming from the gym. Well, I would get my answer in a few short minutes once he arrived! I decided to go outside and wait for my potential housemate to get here. I went outside and was greeted by the warm sunlight on my skin and a slight breeze blowing through my hair. It was a beautiful mid June afternoon…one of those days that just seems to put everyone in a good mood. Knowing that he’d be here any minute, I became more and more anxious. I started to pace back and forth in front of my house. My palms became sweaty and little beads of sweat began to form on my forehead. Oh gosh, I’m going to be a big, sweaty mess by the time he gets here, I thought to myself. Suddenly, my worried thoughts were interrupted by the sound of hard rock music growing louder and louder. I looked to my right and saw a beaten up white Honda slowly heading towards my house. I couldn’t make out what the person behind the wheel looked like, but he was driving way too slow to just be passing through the street on the way to his destination. It must be him, I thought to myself. He’s probably trying to get a look at the addresses on the houses. The car continued to inch towards my house as I walked down the driveway to see if it was him! The closer I got to the sidewalk, the more that the sun seemed to blind my vision. I could make out that the car had stopped in front of my driveway, but still couldn’t make out who was driving the car. It just had to be him! I waved in the direction of the car and decided to call out to him. “Hey!” “Hey! What’s up, bro?” I would have recognized that voice anywhere! “Just pull into the driveway,” I replied as I stepped to the right, out of his way. Damn this sun! I was beginning to wish it wasn’t such a beautiful day after all. As the car moved forward up my driveway, I followed excitedly behind it, anxious to see what he looked like. I walked towards his car door and stopped. Damn it! He must have rolled up the windows and, of course, they were tinted. I smiled as I heard him turn off the car. This was it! I was finally going to see what my possible housemate looked like! Nothing could have ever prepared me for what stepped out of that car! “Hey! How’s it going” he asked me in that deep voice of his as he stuck out his hand. I was practically unable to speak! My mouth was dry, my legs felt like jello and I became lightheaded. Somehow I managed to shake his hand and utter one single word. “Hey!” My God, was he gorgeous! He looked like he stepped right out of one of my late night fantasies. He looked to be about 6ft tall and around 165 pounds. He had short brown hair and the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. And his face! I don’t think I had ever seen anyone with a face as gorgeous as his. His skin was slightly tanned and he had a flawless complexion. He had to in his late teens. What really attracted my attention were his arms! He was wearing a baggy dark blue sleeveless t-shirt. I’ve always been obsessed with biceps, particularly defined and peaked biceps. His had the most defined arms I’d ever seen! While they were not huge, you could tell that he must work out alot. They looked to be as solid as steel! When he shook my hand, his right arm tensed up and his bicep bulged slightly. I could see several veins pop out as he firmly gripped my hand. “I’m Kyle! Nice to meet you, man.” “I’m Ben! It’s a pleasure meeting you.” I sound like such a dork, I thought to myself. Being in Kyle’s presence, I felt completely inferior to him. I would not say that I’m unattractive, but I’m nothing like Kyle. As he smiled at me, I remember losing complete feeling in my legs. He had a smile that could make you melt, but I found myself unable to stop staring at his arms. Come on Ben! Just calm down. You gotta make a good impression on him! He can’t catch me staring at his arms! Right then, I knew that I had to do everything possible to get him to move in with me! He was perfect! “Do you want to come in and see the house?” Of course he wants to see the house! That’s why he’s here. Stupid! “Sure Ben! Let’s go! I held the door open for him as we entered the house. When we walked into the living room, his eyes lit up. “Wow! This is a great place you have.” Yes! He liked it! “Thanx Kyle!” I offered him a long list of drinks, but he said he preferred water. I brought him a large glass of water and invited him to sit down on the couch. I wanted to find out as much as I possibly could about Kyle! “So Kyle, tell me a little about yourself.” “Well, I’m 18 years old, I just graduated from my high school in Philly a few weeks ago. I wanted to move to NY and I saw an ad on Craigslist from a guy looking for a roommate. I had money saved from a huge graduation party my parents threw me. I replied to the ad and I moved into the apartment a few days ago. It’s over on Coddington Street. The place is a dump! There’s roaches crawling around everywhere, there’s no hot water, no heat, the guy who lives next door got arrested for killing his girlfriend, my roommate is a junkie. I gotta get out of there as soon as possible! Umm, what else do you want to know.” He chuckled. “Wow! Kyle, I’m so sorry.” “Yeah man, it’s not at all what my roommate described in the ad. When I saw your ad in the Pennypincher and it said that you were looking for a housemate and that the rent was really cheap, I had to call you. So, how much is the rent anyway?” “Kyle, you seem like a really good guy! Can I be honest with you?” Why was I about to spill my guts to a complete stranger? “Sure Ben! No doubt!” “The truth is I’m not looking for a housemate because I need the money. I just really hate living in this big house by myself. My parents died a few months ago in a car crash and left me this house. Actually, they left me all of their houses, but I sold the rest of them. I was living in an apartment in Denver at the time. I had a really hard time dealing with their deaths. I quit my job, pushed away all my friends and moved here to NY to live in this house. I just wanted to get away from everybody I know and all the condolences and memories and just be by myself and not stay in Denver anymore, which is where my parents lived most of the time. I really don’t know why I picked this house out of all of them to move into. I think it may be because I have no memories of them in this place, so it hurts less. I had never been in this house before until I moved here last month. Also, it’s the smallest of all the homes. I was never into the whole lifestyles of the rich and famous thing. God, I don’t know why I’m telling you all this!” “I’m glad that you feel you can talk to me” Kyle said sympathetically. “And I’m so sorry for your loss and everything you’ve had to go through.” “Kyle, I don’t mean to freak you out or anything, but I feel drawn to you. Ever since I heard your voice on the phone. That’s why I feel like I can confide in you.” “Dude, I feel it too! I feel connected to you. I feel like I was meant to meet you.” I struggled to find the right words and then, it hit me. “It’s almost like it’s destiny! So Kyle, if you want, you can move in here rent free and you can move in today! I’d be really happy to have the company.” “Really? Dude, you’re awesome!” Suddenly, Kyle jumped up from the couch and ran over to me. He extended his hand to me and I placed my hand in his. He pulled me up off the couch, threw his arms around me and gave me the biggest bearhug I had ever been given in my life. I struggled to breathe as he squeezed harder and slapped my back with one hand. That would definitely leave a handprint, I thought to myself. I was in heaven! He smelled incredible! It was a combination of sweat and cologne. By far, the most intoxicating scent I had smelled thus far! He finally released me from his tight grip. “Damn, you’re strong” I exclaimed. “Yeah, I am! Check out these guns!” With that, he performed the most incredible double bicep display I had ever witnessed! They looked to be about 16 inches. Not the biggest biceps in the world, but definitely the hottest! My eyes widened, my jaw dropped, the room started to spin and my legs seemed to buckle. My God, those biceps were more incredible than I could have ever imagined. The peaks were amazing. How did he get his biceps so defined and so peaked at such a young age? They looked as hard as boulders! I wanted to grab them, carress them, lick them, suck on them. And his pits…damn, they were hot! I wanted to bury my face in his hairy pits and lick every drop of sweat I could find in them. I felt movement in my crotch and quickly threw myself back down on the couch. “Wow!” was all I could say. “Wow!” “You like that, Ben? GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!” Another double bicep, only this time, he was flexing even harder and more intensely. They seemed to peak even more! A vein popped out on top of his right bicep. “You’re incredible” I blurted out. I hoped that hadn’t scared him. Quite the opposite, he seemed to enjoy it. “Thanx” he replied as he concentrated on flexing his right bicep. He stared at it intensely and continued to flex hard. “Yeah” he muttered under his breathe. He extended his arm and slowly curled it towards him a few times, trying to get a good pump. “Come on,” he growled. The vein continued to bulge out even more. He eyes remained focused on his bicep. He gritted his teeth, lowered his eyebrows and growled. He had an angry expression on his face, but this was not anger…it was intensity! He flexed harder and harder before switching over to his left arm. I felt faint. It was at that moment that my attention was drawn down to his crotch. My God! How had I not noticed this earlier? He was huge! Even though he was wearing baggy grey sweatpants, there was no concealing the fact that Kyle was very well endowed. Then, to my amazement, the bulge began to grow! I looked up at Kyle’s face and saw an expression so animalistic, so intense, that it almost frightened me. He seemed to be almost possessed by the sight of his flexed biceps as he continued to flex harder and harder. His face was red, there was sweat pouring off of his forehead, veins were appearing everywhere…on his neck, his forehead. There were all kinds of animalistic growls coming from him. His eyes were so passionately focused on his biceps that nothing could have teared them away. I watched as the crotch in his pants grew larger and larger and seemed to tent out more and more. “Fuck yeah!” he growled as he began boucing his left bicep over and over again before holding it in a tight, hard flex. “GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!” Was this really happening? Was my new house guest getting this incredibly turned on by his own biceps right in front of me? The answer was, of course, yes! To say that I was rock hard would be an understatement! The pain was unbearable! This was the most turned on I had ever been in my life! All I wanted to do was whip out my cock and jerk off right then and there, but somehow, I managed to restrain myself from doing so. All I could do was sit there, transfixed by Kyle. It was the sound of the grandfather clock ringing that finally brought us both out of our respective trances. “I’ll be right back” I blurted out as I bounced off the couch and ran to the bathroom. I couldn’t help it! I had to relieve myself of the agony I was feeling in my crotch! I quickly unzipped my jeans and began to jerk off with incredible speed and force. It was the fastest it ever took me to cum, but also the largest blasts that I had ever unleashed. I felt as if the copious shoots of cum would never stop, but eventually, they did. I cleaned myself up and went back to the living room to face Kyle. “I’m sorry,” we both said in unison, which caused us to chuckle. ‘You first” I offered. “Dude, I’m so sorry about that. I get so intense when I flex. I get carried away. All of the girls I’ve dated or messed around with got really freaked out by that…by me. They all think I’m weird or psycho, they get so fuckin’ freaked out that they run out of my place scared shitless. I can’t change though. I get so fuckin’ turned on by my own body…especially my biceps and arms. In fact, my body is the only thing that turns me on. When I flex, it’s like I become another person or an animal It’s like I’m ossessed. I’m sorry if I freaked you out. I understand if you don’t want me moving in. No one that’s ever been in my life ever puts up with me for long. They all get scared away…girls, friends, family. I’m gonna go now.” “Dude, are you kidding me? I fuckin’ loved it! You’ve been up front with me, so I’ll be up front with you. I just ran away from you to go jerk off in the bathroom. It was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced! You are incredible!” I hoped I hadn’t said too much. Shit, why did I confess all that to him? “Dude, are you serious? Really,” Kyle asked. “Yeah…really!” “So, you’re gay?” “Yeah. I hope you’re ok with that. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to jump your bones in the middle of the night or anything.” We both laughed. “Nah bro, that’s cool. You’re the first person that I’ve met that hasn’t been scared off by me.” “Scared off? Are you kidding me? Kyle, I have to be honest with you. One of my big fetishes is biceps and flexing…and muscle worship…all that good stuff!” “Haha! I guess we know now why we were so drawn to eachother” Kyle laughed. “But what’s muscle worship?” “Ummm…we’ll get into that later. Right now, we gotta get you out of that horrible apartment and into your new house! Oh wait, you haven’t even seen the rest of the house yet.” “Dude, I don’t have to! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this! You really don’t want me to pay you anything,” Kyle asked. “You can repay me by putting on a little show like the one I just witnessed,” I laughed. “Haha, right on! But Ben, you haven’t seen anything yet! I was trying my hardest to tone it down. I’m warning you…I can get a lot more intense sometimes. A lot more intense! And you haven’t seen me pump iron yet. That’s pretty crazy too!” “Kyle, I look forward to it. You have no idea just how much!” “Haha. Ok, just don’t say I didn’t warn you!” “So, you must work out all the time, huh?” “Yeah…every day actually. I want to be huge, dude! Right now, I feel small. I mean, I know I’m really hot and I turn myself on by flexing, but I want to be massive! I’ll do anything to make that happen!” “Wow Kyle, that’s awesome! I can’t believe I’m going to get to watch you grow!” “Ben, you’re going to have ring side seats. I’m gonna get so fuckin big, dude! Massive! You just wait and see!” “I can’t wait to see that!” “Oh, you will Ben! You will! I’m gonna get extra big for you! It’ll be a way of thanking you for all that you’re doing for me. I’ll get real massive for you!” “Wow” was all I could say. “I’m gonna get fuckin’ huge,” Kyle repeated. I was soon going to find out exactly how huge Kyle could and would become! Kyle and I got into his car and I was immediately engulfed in the powerful scent of his sweat. I enjoyed it immensely and tried to deeply breathe in as much of it as I could. We drove over to that crummy apartment that he had been staying in so that he could pick up his belongings. He was right…the place was a dump! Thank God I was getting Kyle out of there! Since Kyle knew from the minute he had moved in that he could not live there for very long, he had not even bothered to unpack. He grabbed his 2 suitcases and we were in and out of there and back at the house in a flash! I grabbed a suitcase, Kyle grabbed the other and we went upstairs so that I could show Kyle his new bedroom. The look on Kyle’s face was priceless as we entered the room. He was grinning from ear to ear as he looked around the room and took in his new surroundings. His smile almost made me melt. “Welcome to your new room, Kyle” I said as I placed his suitcase on the floor. “This is incredible! This is like twice the size of my old bedroom in Philly. I don’t know what to say, Ben. Thank you. Thank you so much! I don’t know what I would have done if I had to stay in that awful apartment one more night.” “You’re never going to have to find out, Kyle. This is your home now. I hope you’ll stay for a long time.” “Well, if you’ll have me, I will! I definitely will! You’re the first person who accepts me, who’s not freaked out by me. You’re a true friend, Ben.” I think my heart literally skipped a beat. Then, it was back to reality. I had to keep reminding myself that Kyle is straight and that we were not partners or lovers. I found myself falling for this guy very hard and very fast, but I had to make sure that I wouldn’t forget the fact that all we will ever be is friends. Very good friends! Maybe, it’s just lust I thought to myself. My mind wandered back to that image of Kyle flexing this afternoon in the living room. He said that it could get much more intense. I wondered what he had meant by that. How could it possibly get any more intense than that? I would soon find out! “Kyle, I gotta admit, I can’t stop thinking about you flexing this afternoon.” “Yeah? You liked that?” His face lit up. “I still can’t get over that. I’m so used to people being scared of me like I’m some kind of monster or something. They think I’m a weirdo or they’re embarrassed by me. I’ve had to deal with that shit for the last 3 years or so…since I started working out and all of this crazy stuff started. You don’t know how good it feels to know that you actually like it and that I don’t have to try to keep it in check.” “Kyle, it’s the exact opposite! I want to see more! I’d love to see more! So, you said all of this started about 3 years ago? How so?” “Well, I started lifting weights when I was 15 and it completely changed my life! My dad bought me a weightbench and some free weights. I started seeing the results of my workouts almost immediately. My arms got harder, more defined. I started to flex all the time and I mean ALL the time! At school, I’d go into the bathroom, lock the door and flex my biceps for a good 10 minutes or so every morning and then again in the afternoon. I just couldn’t wait until I got home from school when I could lift weights and flex nonstop afterwards. I would flex in the mirror and jerk off to my image. Sometimes 2 or 3 times in one night.” Oh man! I started to feel some motion in my crotch, so I immediately sat on the bed. “Yeah, when I turned 16, things got a lot worse or better depending on how you look at it. My flexing got completely out of control. My arms started to get bigger and a lot more defined. I would spend hours staring at myself in the mirror while I flexed. I started talking to myself in the mirror, talking to my biceps…crazy shit. I’d try on all these different shirts to see how my arms looked in them. They were all tight polo shirts with really small short sleeves or sleeveless shirts. In fact all my t-shirts that had sleeves, I cut all the sleeves right off. My favorite shirts are wifebeaters… always have been, always will be. Really tight ones. I think I have one in every single color that exists.” He laughed. God, I couldn’t wait to see him in a wifebeater! “Yeah man, I became obsessed! At school, my morning and afternoon flexing in the bathroom breaks became longer, I’d eat lunch real quick and then run to the bathroom to go flex. Each time I went into that bathroom, I jerked off to myself while I flexed in the mirror. Can you believe that? In my school bathroom! I would just get so hard and so turned on that I had to jerk off right then and there. I’d imagine myself getting bigger and bigger! At first I was able to hide all this from my friends and family. Sure, I wore sleeveless shirts almost all the time, even in winter, but everyone just thought it was me being cocky since I’d been working out and gotten bigger. They thought I was just showing off. They didn’t realize how obsessed I was becoming…or should I say possessed…possessed by my body. “Sitting in my desk in class, I’d stretch constantly to show off to all the kids in class. I always caught them staring….girls, guys, even some of the teachers. I loved it! I’d hold that stretch for a pretty long time, savoring every second of it. I loved feeling everyone’s eyes on me. I got a kick out of seeing some of the guys adjust themselves or put their hand on their crotches. Haha! I made such a big show of it too…grunting and growling. Everyone knew when I was stretching. Haha!” I sat there savoring every word that came out of Kyle’s mouth. I had never enjoyed a discussion as much as I was enjoying this one, even though it was pretty one sided. “I can’t believe I’m telling you all this. Dude, I hope I’m not boring you.” “Boring me? I’m loving it! This is the most fascinating thing I’ve ever heard in my life! Please, keep going.” I urged Kyle to continue. “Well, I really started developing at 16. Like I said, my arms got bigger and more defined, my chest started to stick out, my pit hair grew in more thick, my ass and legs started to really get real muscular, my feet got longer and wider and my cock….fuck, my cock got big that year. It got real thick and real long. Compared to how big it is now, though, it was pretty small then.” And with that, Kyle grabbed his crotch. Oh man…what I would give to see that cock right now…to kiss it, lick it, suck on it, choke on it. The sound of Kyle’s voice brought me back to reality. “My workouts became more intense. I’d scream like a fuckin’ animal as I lifted that weight. I wanted to grow bigger and bigger….I needed to grow huge! I still do! I never had any interest in girls. All my friends would be dating and shit, but I only wanted to stay home and either lift or flex in the mirror. It got to the point where I was jerking off to myself like 6 or 7 times a day.” “Wow,” I exclaimed! “Hard to believe, right? Well, I did it! So, my friends all had girlfriends and all the girls in my school wanted me, but I didn’t want any part of that! I just wanted to jerk off to myself! In fact, I’ve never jerked off to anything or anyone other than my body and myself. I’m just not attracted to anyone. Nobody can compare to me…NOBODY! Well, rumours started flying around the school that I was gay. I didn’t want that, so I forced myself to start dating and messing around with girls. That brings me to when I turned 17. Things got even crazier! All my friends were having sex and I didn’t want anyone to think I was gay, so I forced myself to start having sex with these bitches I was seeing. The thing is, I couldn’t get hard, so I had to flex my biceps and feel myself up to do so. I needed to be in front of a mirror. I would force these sluts to feel my biceps, kiss them, talk to my biceps, lick my pits, tell me how hot I was, how big I was, how I was the best they’d ever had. Now, that got me hard. Haha.” When I said that the hardest I’d ever been was earlier that day when Kyle flexed in the living room, I was wrong. This was, by far, the hardest I’d ever been in my life. What Kyle had just described was muscle worship taken to the ultimate extreme. “Kyle, all that stuff you made those girls do…that’s muscle worship,” I explained excitedly. “Oh shit! Really? Cool! So, that’s what you’re into,” Kyle asked. “Ummm….yeah,” I replied shyly. Kyle pondered what I had just told him. I wished I knew just what he was thinking. “Continue with your story,” I urged him, anxiously. “So, I’d tell these chicks to keep their mouths shut about what we would do when we were together. Shit, Ben, I was really out of control with them. I’d fuck their faces so hard while I flexed in the mirror! I’d think about how big I’m going to get and I’d pound them harder and harder. They’d choke, cry, throw up. Bro, my cock fucking exploded in size that year.” I wondered to myself just how big Kyle’s cock had grown now. Damn it! I wish I could see it right now! “From what I know, the girls never told anyone about our nights together. Well, some of them didn’t even stay in the room with me very long. They got the fuck out of there as soon as they could and looked terrified whenever they saw me after that. I used to love to walk around the locker room naked after gym class. All the guys’ eyes would bug out of their sockets when they saw my huge cock. Haha. You had to see the looks on their faces. Alot of them would get hard right then and there and try to cover it up. It was awesome! I could see that look in their eyes. That desire, envy, jealousy, lust. They wished they could look like me, they wished they could be with me, they wished they could BE me! I’d run home after school every day and flex so hard in front of that mirror. I’d kiss my biceps, lick them. I’d even kiss the mirror. I started posing in different types of underwear too…briefs, boxer briefs, thongs, jockstraps. They’re always too tight on me. They couldn’t contain me even then! I looked fuckin’ hot in everything I wore. My workouts got crazy intense that year. I think the whole fuckin’neighborhood knew when I was pumping iron. They could hear me roaring. I felt so fucking strong! I just wanted to lift more weight and do more reps, more sets. That’s when my arms really started to grow and the peaks grew right along with them. The shirt sleeves of my school uniform got tighter and tighter. Around that time is when I found my new hobby!” “Oh?” I wondered aloud. “Yeah. I became obsessed with making my biceps burst through my shirt sleeves. God, that gets me so fuckin’ horny. What a rush! I love hearing the fabric of the sleeves tear. I love seeing my huge biceps break through the confinements of those tight sleeves.” Shit! It’s as if this guy was going through a checklist of all my fetishes. I wouldn’t be able to contain myself much longer. It felt like my cock was ready to burst! But, I was dying to hear more! I had to hear more! “Let me tell you…I spent so much fuckin’ money on shirts, it’s unreal.” Kyle chuckled. “I became more and more vocal in front of the mirror and much louder. My parents caught me kissing my biceps, jerking off in front of the mirror while flexing, bursting out of my shirt sleeves. Who knows what else they saw or heard? The next thing I know, they send me to a shrink.” “Oh shit!” “Yeah, and they took away my weightbench and weights, stopped giving me money, took the lock off my bedroom door, threw out most of my clothes. They completely flipped out! But, I found ways to work around all that. In no time, I had the shrink in the palm of my hand. I would flex for him and he would pay for my gym membership and tell my parents that I was greatly improving. Haha!” “No way! Kyle, are you serious?” “Yeah, man. I learned to be careful and quiet during my flexing routines at home. I’d do it in the bathroom, since there was still a lock on that door…heehee. And when my parents would go out, then, I could really let loose. When I was at the gym, I told my parents that I was at some after school program or at therapy. They were so happy that I had improved, that they threw me a big graduation party last month. I made some good money. I knew I was going to move away from home right after graduation, but I didn’t know where or how. I just knew I had to get away so I could really be myself and do the things that I want to do…the things I need to do. I decided on NY because I’ve heard it’s a really open minded place. I was hoping to find a roommate who would be ok with who I am. This whole flexing thing and lifting hard and wanting to grow is a huge part of me. It’s hard to have to keep it under wraps all the time when it’s dying to come out. You don’t realize just how intense it is, Ben. I’ve been trying to sugarcoat it for you. It can get pretty freaky. I just hope you mean it when you say you can handle it.” “Kyle, I promise you, I can handle it. In fact, I look forward to it! This sounds incredible!” I continued to digest everything that Kyle had just described to me about the last few years of his life. “Wow! So, I can really be myself here and let loose? I don’t have to keep this thing under control?” “Nope! Feel free to let loose” I laughed. “Dude, this is awesome! You don’t know how many friends I’ve lost. They all thought I was psycho. They got sick of me flexing all the time. They said I embarrassed them in public because I’d always flex. When we’d pass by any kind of mirror or window, I had to stop and flex. They always got pissed off. Some friends they were, huh. A lot of my guy friends would get jealous because their girlfriends all wanted me. All those chicks practically drooled whenever I’d flex.” Kyle laughed out loud. “Kyle, I can assure you that you’re not going to lose me as a friend. Never!” “Thanx bro! Same here!” “Kyle, there’s one thing I’m confused about. You were saying about how you love tight shirts and wifebeaters, but why are you wearing that baggy, sleeveless shirt?” I giggled. “That was really bugging you, huh?” Kyle joked. “I had to wear it to go to the gym earlier. My crackhead ex-roomate happened to have a gym membership and I pretended to be him. It’s hard to lift weights in really tight clothes and they won’t let you go shirtless, so I wore one of the only baggy shirts I own.” “Aahh, that makes sense.” “I guess I lost my gym membership, huh. I can’t say I’m that disappointed because I really can’t lift the way I want to in any gym. Did you hear about that dude who got kicked out of his gym for grunting or something like that? Shit, I’d probably get escorted out in handcuffs and put into a patrol car.” We both laughed out loud at that scenario. “I don’t know what I’m going to do, Ben. I miss my own little private gym in my garage back in Philly before my parents took it away. Do you think you’d be ok with me buying a weight bench and putting it in your garage or something?” “I have a better idea,” I replied as I got up off of the bed. “Let me transform the basement into your own personal gym. There’s nothing down there anyway. You can lift as hard as you want, grunt and roar as loud as you want, I’ll have huge mirrors installed all around the room, buy you all sorts of equipment. It’ll be great!” “Whoa, whoa, whoa there Ben. Slow down, buddy. You’ve done way too much for me already.” “Kyle, I want to do this for you. It would make me so happy! I want to watch you lift harder and harder, cheer you on, watch you grow bigger and bigger, grow huge. Please let me do this! I have loads of money and it would really help get my mind off of all the shit I’ve gone through these last few months. Come on….pleeeeease?” Kyle chuckled. “Well, how can I say no to that? Thank you, Ben. Thank you so much…for everything. I appreciate this more than you know. I’m so grateful to you!” Kyle walked towards me and stretched out his arms. As I moved closer to him and he wrapped his arms around me to give me a hug, I got a whiff of the musky, masculine smell of his armpits. Fuck, they smelled good! What a huge turn on. It was the scent of a jock, the scent of sweat, the scent of a man who had been pumping heavy iron earlier that day…the scent of power. His arms felt so strong, and so hard as he squeezed me affectionately. I never wanted him to let go and felt disappointed when he did. But maybe we could have a relationship after all, I thought to myself. I mean, he’s not straight. He’s not gay either, but that was a minor detail. Kyle was only attracted to himself and I had no problem with the fact that he would never be attracted to me. I knew that Kyle wanted to be worshipped and I knew that I could provide him with the kind of worship that nobody else could ever give him. The kind of worship he had only dreamt about. By confiding so much in me, I gained a tremendous amount of insight into what I could do to please Kyle and make him happy. I would do anything he wanted me to. Even though we had just met, he already held an incredible amount of power over me. His wish would be my command. Even though we were only in the very beginning stage of our relationship, I could already sense that my life would no longer be my own, but his as well. What I wanted, he could provide me and what he wanted, I could provide him. I had already agreed to do so much for him and I knew that this was only a sign of things to come. Yet, I had never felt happier in my life! I truly wanted to make Kyle happy and he was making me happy. He wanted to be worshipped, I would worship him. He wanted to get huge, I’d help him get huge. I could already see what the future would be like and I couldn’t wait. Looking back on it now, I was in no way prepared for what would take place in the near future. I could never have predicted the metamorphosis that Kyle would undergo. “Ben, I’m going to grow so fucking massive for you! You’ll see!” “I have no doubt about that, Kyle, and I’ll help you!” “Ben, I feel it coming on. I’ve been holding out for way too long, dude! These last few months, I haven’t been able to let it out as much as I need to. I gotta flex! I can’t hold back anymore.” Finally, I would get to see more of the amazing show I witnessed this afternoon, but with more intensity as Kyle kept putting it. “Are you sure you’re ready? You won’t get freaked out?” “I’m ready, Kyle! You won’t scare me or push me away. It’s destiny, remember? We were meant to meet and be in eachother’s lives! Flex for me, Kyle! Show me what you’ve got!” And with those words, the last bit of my freedom of choice that I had left, the last bit of my life that still belonged to me, was gone. It all belonged to Kyle now, though we both didn’t realize it at the time. Soon, everything would belong to Kyle! this actually happening to me? Staring at this incredibly ripped and muscular 18 year old jock standing in front of me in his sleeveless blue shirt, I had to pinch myself to make sure that this wasn’t all just a dream! Ouch! Nope, not a dream…all real! I felt like the luckiest man alive! In all of my 25 years on this earth, I had never thought that I’d ever be given the opportunity to get this close to such a beautiful male specimen. I was about to receive my very own private flexing show from a guy who looked like he jumped right out of my ultimate fantasy! But this wasn’t a fantasy, this was reality! Not only would I get the pleasure of seeing Kyle flex for me whenever I wanted, but he was my friend and even better, I would be sharing my home with him! Could life get any better? Yes, it could…and would! My cock sprang to life with anticipation of what was to come. “You want to see me flex my guns for you, don’t you?” “Yes, Kyle…more than I’ve ever wanted anything before!” “How bad do you want to see me flex?” “Real bad, Kyle! I need to see you flex…please!!!!” ****************************************** Whats next? Wait for the part 2 (final part) tomorrow. Feel free to comment
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    A year long wait for Part Six, sorry, school got ahead of me and when I was finally free I wasn't in any mood to write. This part is mostly filler and some plot, more transformations to come in the next part though. Thanks for reading. Read Part One HERE Read Part Two HERE Read Part Three HERE Read Part Four HERE Read Part Five HERE Liquid Manhood Chapter Six Chris lay awake in bed, staring at the ceiling deep in thought. The room was still dark, but dim light shone through the gaps in the curtains. The light illuminated the cause of Chris’ thinking, a large tent in Melvin’s bed sheet, and two massive feet that hung out the end of that bed. A couple of months ago Melvin had been a small runty nerd who Chris could twist around his little finger, but then Melvin took some of the magical elixir home. Now Melvin was more confident, he was questioning Chris’ decisions more and he was keeping Chris awake with hour-long fuck sessions every single day. The only benefit to being kept up so late is that Chris had the time to think over the events of the past few days. That first day when he found out what had happened to Melvin had been the hardest. Hearing that deep voice over the phone made his heart drop, but he nearly died when he found Melvin. Melvin had directed Chris to come talk to him at some apartment, his nerdy roommate opened the door in just his underwear. He was now tall, built and from the look of the bulge in his briefs, hung like a donkey. Seeing Melvin had only added fuel to the theory that the elixir had a plan of its own, that the changes it caused weren't random. That in fact it mattered on what sort of person you were, an undeserving person would end up as unappealing, but a deserving person, as Melvin appeared to be, would end up owning mouthwatering pecs with big silver dollar sized nipples, abs you could wash clothes on and a bulge that looked like it could feed a small village. The conversation between the two roommates was awkward mainly because Chris could see the four girls who lived in the apartment had been fucked senseless for what must of been several days. From where Chris sat he could see the girls in a sleeping cum stained heap on a bed in a bedroom, the doors having been pulled off its hinges, they all had smiles on their faces. A smile which matched Melvin’s smug smirk, he knew the situation between them had changed. Melvin though didn’t rub it in that he was now a towering stallion compared to Chris, which Chris had expected. Instead he talked about what had happened to him and what he’d thought was going on with the elixir. In the days following Melvin’s marathon fuck session both boys shared their theories on how the elixir affected the user. Chris’ theory that who you were mattered held more water then anything Melvin offered. It was nearly confirmed when Chris and, the now meathead, Melvin found out what happened to the people dosed by the water bottles from the school gym that Chris had tainted. The equipment manager Thaddeus Stern had ballooned into some ebony black beast of muscle and manhood, he was instantly recruited by football team to his own delight. Yuri was also dosed too, and to Chris’ delight he didn't end up huge. Instead the slim swimmer had swelled into some hairy bear. A gut of muscle and fat replacing his toned abs. Melvin didn't think the change was that bad, Yuri looked pretty intimidating, an opinion which seemed to be shared by others. Yuri had been recruited to the football team too. The third person to be dosed had surprised Chris. Coach Peters had changed and it seemed to have knocked him out of the funk that losing his football team had caused. His flabby gut had been sucked in and tightened, his hair darkened and his face lost a good 20 years of wear and tear. The man who now stomped around campus in a sweat suit with a big cigar in his mouth was nothing like the old Coach Peters. Scary was the word that Melvin had used after he'd been cornered and almost forced to join the football team by the new Peters. He was rebuilding the team and taking anyone who even looked like they lifted weights. Chris though was half attracted to the new barrel chested daddy like-coach. He would have expected that Peters to get the bad side of the elixir, but instead Peters’ love and loyalty to the boys on his team had instead made the elixir turn Peters into a better man than he already was. Chris’ reminiscing was ruined by the loud wet slapping coming from Melvin’s bed. The big lug had thrown back his blankets and was fisting his Pringles can cock with both of his meaty fists. Chris just rolled over and buried his face into his pillow hoping Melvin would only jerk off once this morning. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Good workout today man” Thaddeus’ Barry White-like voice said Both he and Sean were standing in the locker room of the school gym, they had it to themselves as the other patrons seemed to flee the room when they both came in sweaty from their workout and stuffed into gym shorts that looked close to bursting. They'd both showered on the far side of the showers from each other, both trying to sneak in a quick wank, though it was hard to keep two massive muscle men jerking wrist fat monster cocks secret. Neither of them brought it up, even thought they’d both cum at the same time. “Yea, good lift” Sean agreed, pulling on his shirt The two muscle men were both buttoning up their shirts, both having the same issue of pulling the shirt together over their pecs. Thaddeus with his glistening ebony pec pillows and Sean with is fire-red furry slab like chest. Sean and Thaddeus had met soon after Coach Peters had recruited them both for football team and they’d become fast friends. Mainly it was due to them being forced together as they were both of similar size, but they shared an intense interest in video games, so a friendship had blossomed. A tv bolted up to the wall loudly played some sporting news show, the announcer worriedly talking about the removal of some big name athlete from the Dallas Cowboys because of some sort of disease. Sean had seen the guys face all over the internet and he’d even jerked off a fair bit to the guys modeling pics. Sean gave up on closing his shirt, his entire hairy pec cleavage on show. The button just below his pecs barely holding the shirt closed. “You coming round mine tonight to game” Sean asked pulling up the zipper of his jeans again Since his last growth spurt Sean had found a guy on Craigslist who was selling a tonne of clothes in sizes that could actually contain him, but now after a couple of months of actually working out, playing football and slowly growing he was beginning to outgrow them. Thaddeus, was himself just stuffing his overpacked undies into some jeans. He pulled the zipper up and gave his hefty bulge a good grope with a big black hand. “Nah man” Thaddeus chuckled deeply “Got a date tonight” Sean laughed “What again… did last nights go so well” Thaddeus left their gaming session last night with some cheerleader under this arm. The big black stud had been grinning ear to ear earlier when they started their workout, so it must of gone well. “Yea, yea, it did, nearly broke her bed” Thaddeus laughed, doing a little thrusting movement with his hips “But its not the same girl… her friend" “Slut” Sean laughed lightly punching Thaddeus’ shoulder Thaddeus packed up his gym bag and seemed ready to leave, obviously eager to get to this date. “Yea pretty much, I used to be some pathetic virgin” the black stud laughed “But since my growth spurt I've been getting pussy every day… even multiple pussies sometimes” Sean felt his eyes roll, Thaddeus just laughed at his reaction. The two friends said goodbye and the black beast thudded out of the locker room, leaving Sean to struggle to get his clown feet into sneakers that were falling apart because they were at least a size too small. The walk back to his dorm room was quick, but it was a constant barrage of stares as he stomped across campus. He knew his heavy bulge was bouncing from thigh to thigh with each step and his pecs were dangerously close to launching the remaining buttons of his shirt across the path ahead of him. Sean was struggling with his keys at his door, his big meaty fingers fumbling over the tiny, little pieces of metal. “Sean” a quiet voice asked Sean turned to look and just saw an empty corridor. Then he looked downwards. A nervous yet smiling brown haired boy stared up at him. It was the guy he’d brought all the old clothes from. A guy of barely 5ft2 who for some reason owned clothes ranging from XXL to XXXXL, Sean didn’t ask why. “Hey... Ben right” he asked, hoping he’d got the name right Ben nodded as Sean turned away from his door to look down at Ben. The smaller guys eyes widening as he stared at the thick overhang of Sean’s pecs. Thankfully his eyes weren’t looking down to the overstuffed bulge of his pants which was shockingly close to Ben’s eye level. They were silent for a few moments, Ben just watching as Sean’s pecs slowly heaved with each breath. Sean broke the silence “So, why are you here” He knew that Ben didn’t live in the dorm. He loved in one of big frat houses on the other side of campus. Ben muttered something, sounded like he was nervously gathering his words. “Just… just... wanted to see if you wanted to hang out” Ben asked, smiling slightly Sean wondered if Ben had actually wanted to ask something else, but the sight of Sean’s hulking hairy form had knocked all the confidence out of the little guy. Sean chuckled slightly “Sure, I was going play some games, but we can hang out” Sean opened his door, the gust of warm musky air washed over them both. Ben actually squeaked in surprise. “It's only a single-player game, but I’m sure we could find you something to do” Sean said, letting Ben pass into the room Sean followed him in, giving his big bulge a quick rearrange before closing the door and trapping the little guy. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Do you have any books on witchcraft” Barrett asked up to the librarian Without even looking pass their glasses and down to the runty Barrett, they muttered a floor number. Barrett had gotten used to being ignored since his fall from grace. He quickly headed up the stairs, taking two at a time, which was a stretch for his short skinny legs. Luckily no one would recognize him, he wasn't the Barrett anyone on campus would recognize. A few months ago Barrett had received an email about his campuses links to magic and witchcraft, since then he’d been researching the subject. He’d read more books and written more down in these months then he’d ever done in his life. It had started as a simple way of passing the time and maybe distracting him from his diminished body and from the housekeeper's son cleaning the swimming pool shirtless, but it had become a desperate passion once AJ returned home. The doctors had said that AJ had a muscle wasting disease, the same thing that the doctors has said to Barrett. AJ had lost his position in the NFL and returned him a broken man. AJ was nearly as small and runty as Barrett was and was getting smaller all the time. His personality shift was more dramatic than Barrett’s had been, Barrett regularly could hear AJ crying himself to sleep. When AJ was a towering beast Barrett had never even heard a single word spoken in a unsure tone, let alone seen him shed a tear. The CDC had even visited the house to check it out for any environmental causes, they found nothing. Just like they’d found nothing at the athletic department on campus. Barrett had actually stopped off to see how things had changed. It was just the same as Barrett had left it, without any reminder that Barrett had ever existed. The CDC had even kept an office on campus, but they didn’t seem to be doing anything. Just some guy sitting alone in an office bouncing a tennis ball off the far wall. The suddenly collapse of his brothers obscenely manly physique and the CDC’s continued inability to find a medical cause had only pushed Barrett closer towards witchcraft and magic. It had knocked Barrett out of his depression, he’d become more active, more set on finding an answer. He’d be researching anything and everything that could link to his and AJ’s situation. Quickly moving away from any sort of scientific explanation and focusing almost entirely on the thin hope that something beyond explanation had caused his and AJ’s predicament. He came to the correct floor, wheezing, he was so unfit now. He moved through the cases and desks looking for some sort of sign directing him to his answer. The floor was pretty much empty of students. Just one guy with long black hair sitting at a desk with headphones on. Barrett stopped to stare at his guy, he was well built. Large pecs straining at his shirt and thick arms gripping the table. Barrett bit his lip, muscle really got to him, his little cock hardening in his pants. The guy let out a moan and Barrett could see a hand was beneath his shirt feeling up his pecs. Barrett knelt down to check under the table, having to look between the legs of chairs and desks between him and the big guy. A blond haired head was moving back and forth between the guys massive jean clad legs. Barrett let out a gasp and scurried between some bookcases. He heard a sloppy sounding slap and a guy, probably the blond, taking in deep breaths. “Zach, did you hear something… I think someone is here” one voice said between deep breaths “No one is here” another deeper voice said “Get back to sucking bitch” There was slapping sound and a return to wet sucking noises. Barrett was sitting on the floor, his back leaning against a bookcase. His cock rock hard at the sound of the blond struggling to deepthroat whatever this Zach had between his legs. Down the line of books, Barrett saw a massive ornate bookcase. Leather bound books of various sizes filled its shelves and a sign above in posh looking gold lettering read. “Tiberius J.J. Haber Occult Library” Barrett jumped to his feet, for the first time thankful that he was small, his feet making no sound as he moved. He ran down the aisle towards the bookcase. As he approached he saw how run down the bookcase was. The golden sign was faded, the wood chipped and in placed moldy. The books were covered in thick dust, but Barrett saw a few finger marks. A couple of books on the middle shelf had been touched recently, but only those books. He strained to reach up to them, again hating how small he was now. “Did you see that guy… getting a blowjob in the library” an insanely rich and deep voice boomed from down the aisle “From a guy…” another voice stated sounding annoyed “Damn” the deep voice muttered “I mean, nothing against gays, Chris, you know that…” The other guy, Chris, just sighed loudly. Barrett fell back to another set of shelves and hid behind them as the two men approached. One was tall with strong features, almost model like in his movements. The other was a brute, towering nearly as tall as the bookcases and nearly as wide as the aisle. The massive dude had a hand down his shorts and was obviously scratching at his balls. Chris though was inspecting the occult bookcase. Chris gently lifted the middle books away from shelf and tapped at the wood behind them. “Good, it’s still jammed” Chris said returning the books to their place “Huh” the big guy said, he’d been busy sniffing his hand after scratching his nuts “The compartment where we found the magic book… we jammed it so we’d know if someone else found it” Chris said, trying not to raise his voice at the giant guy The big guy's viking like face made an expression of understanding. His heavy lantern jaw moving to make an ‘oh’ sound. “It’s still jammed so whoever was asking about witchcraft never found it” Chris mused “Wait… how’d you know someone asked about that” the big guy asked “I paid the librarian to call me if someone did, why do you think we even rushed over here” Chris said smirking arrogantly “We don’t want anyone finding out what we did… well not till I’m your size” Chris gave a playful backhanded tap to the big guy’s abs which were showing through his shirt. The two turned and left, Barrett’s head spinning, could magic actually be real, what where they are hiding. He waited for the big guys wide back to vanish around a corner before slowly he started to follow them. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Sean was laying on his front on his bed. It was too small for him. His pecs were hanging off the end and he was awkwardly propping his meaty arms on the edge so he could play his game properly. His big mits pressing buttons and his TV loudly sounding out the gun shots of his character. “You ok back there little dude” Sean asked peeking over his shoulder to Ben Ben was laying between Sean’s legs, the big guys legs bent and pressing down on Ben’s back. Ben’s face was pressed between Sean’s rounded muscle ass and his tongue deep between the cheeks. “Just slap my ass once if yes, twice for no” Sean said, trying not to chuckle Ben’s little hand flew up and slapped the rock solid left cheek of Sean’s ass and then fell back to gripping at Sean’s thigh. “Good boy” Sean said returning to his game “In a bit I’m move across to my gaming chair, you can suck or sit on my dick if you like” Sean’s cock was rock hard and laying between his legs and throbbing against Ben’s tummy. “Well you going suck or ride it either way, I’ll let you choose which happens first” Sean’s let out a deep moan and almost crushed his controlled as Ben excited assaulted his asshole with his talented and surprisingly large tongue. ——————————————————————————————————————————— On opposite sides of campus, two groups of friends were meeting. One a group of young men who were busy planning the next phase of their Homes for Humanity project. The other a group of young men planning which news agency’s website they were going to bring down with a denial of service attack. They were in similar number and a similar makeup of guys, just different in personalities. But one thing that these groups shared was that the refreshments at their meetings tasted weird.
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    First time posting and first story. Hope people like it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Houston, Part 1 My name is Trevor and growing up I was a larger guy. Now, I am 24 years old, 6 feet tall, and 280 pounds of mostly fat and some muscle. My family didn’t accept me being gay so I packed the essentials into my car and took off. I ended up in Northern Texas in one of those towns that is small, as in everyone knew each other, but large enough to have some bigger chain stores. I found a cheap apartment and got a job as a cashier at the locally-owned supermarket. Despite feeling inadequate, since I had a bachelor’s degree, I gladly accepted the money that the job provided. On my second day of work and my fifth day in town, I met someone that would change my life. —— At the check-out line, I have a good view of every patron entering and exiting the store. At about 10 in the morning, a man walked in. He was about my height and looked like he was in his late 40s, but he was probably 260 pounds of muscle and about my height. He was a solid wall and he was wearing a tank top that showed his hairy, massive pecs and huge biceps. Very good looking. He was followed by an even bigger, better looking, and younger man. Guessing, the younger man was about 26 or 27 years old. They looked like a father-son duo coming in for their weekly food supply. The son was absolutely stunning. He was about 6 inches taller than his dad and I; probably had about 30 pounds on his dad, all muscle. He was wearing a similar tank top but instead of jeans, he was wearing basketball shorts. He had a sprinkling of red hair across his chest and in his pits that matched the hair on his head. As he and his dad walked through the store, I tried my best not to appear that I was staring and the younger muscle stud’s huge biceps, jutting pecs and ass, and noticeable bulge in the crotch. The stud had amazingly sexy bluish-green eyes and brownish-red hair. They spent about 30 minutes going through the aisles. As I was checking out an older lady who insisted on paying the exact change, the duo got in my check-out line. The father was looking through the cart and it appeared they forgot something; he left to go find it and as I was still helping the old lady, I was blinded. Blinded by the stud stretching his arms up over his head and his shirt riding so high up, I saw his furry 6 pack of abs and his defined obliques; I even saw some pubes sticking out of his waistband. I popped an erection right there. I looked away to finish assisting my current customer. However, when I next looked over at him, he was staring at me with a cocky grin. He stepped up to the register as I began ringing up his items and started up a conversation with me. “You’re new in town. What’s your name?” “Trevor.” “Well, Trevor. My name is Houston and,” the older man walked up and joined him on the other side of the register, “this is my dad, Ian.” Staring at the two of them, I couldn’t help but focus on their nipples. Ian’s were pushing against the thin fabric of his tank and Houston’s were hard and exposed, almost staring at me. I almost dropped the milk carton by missing the counter because I was so distracted. Ian continued their introduction. “Nice to meet you. I own the gym in town and we live behind it in the small house. We come in about 3 times a week, so we will be getting to know each other.” He paid with a debit card and started loading the bags into his cart. As he was loading, Houston pulled out a business card and wrote something on the back. “Here is the business card for the gym. I work as a personal trainer, so come by if you want to get in shape.” In a whisper, “my cell number is on the back if you want to hang out sometime.” —— That weekend on my day off, I walked over to the gym. Upon walking in, the receptionist greeted me, but Houston came over before the guy could say much more. Houston looked amazing. He had a light sweat and I could smell a musky odor emanating from his body. He was wearing a tight black tank top with the gym logo on the back and black leggings. Houston’s pecs were very prominent and I could see his 6 pack through the shirt. His ass was very perky and round and hot and his thick quads pushed the bulge in his leggings forward. Houston asked if he could show me around; I agreed. He pointed out the cardio room and the weights room. He showed me the steam room, the locker room, and the showers. He showed me Ian’s office. Moved to another room then spoke in a whisper again. “This room is not well known. My dad built it for his bodybuilding days and you are the fifth person that has been shown the posing room.” The posing room was completely mirrored, had hardwood floor and one wall had sofas and bean bags and some ottomans. Houston dropped into one of the large sofas and motioned for me to join him. He pulled out a laptop. And started asking me some questions. “What is your ideal body? Like what is your ultimate goal for working out here?” “I want to be big. I want to be pro bodybuilder size, like bigger than you.” “Okay. Dream big and I believe I can help you as your trainer. So what is your weight goal?” “I am around 280 lbs right now. But it is mostly fat. So my goal is to be about 300 to 320 lbs of muscle with low body fat.” “Wow. So this will be a major lifestyle change for you, which I can also help with.” Houston kept taking notes. “We will need to take body measurements and before photos for motivation and progress tracking. Any questions for me.” I asked the two questions on my mind. “Will you show me how to pose and what is the cost?” Houston chuckled. “Well, for the cost, I will train you and give you guidance for free if you pay for your food and supplements and if you come in during any days off, including half days. As for the posing, I can give you a preview now and I can work with you in terms of posing as part of the training.” While Houston got off the couch, he pulled his shirt off and dropped it where he was sitting. As he walked away from me, I admired the details in his back, the span of his lats, and the sprinkle of hair on his shoulders and upper back. He took his shoes off and started to explain that there were 8 classic poses. “The first pose is, what I believe to be, the most popular. Front double biceps.” Houston had turned around and flexed both of his arms. I hid the hard-on that popped up but couldn’t stop staring. Houston had a nice layer of hair on his pecs and abs and well-maintained bushes in his pits. His biceps were large and his nipples were large and erect. I thought it was cute that he had the signature “outie” belly button. Houston continued with the posing; hitting the Front Lat Spread and the Side Chest. My dick just ached more and more, watching him pose was my fantasy come true. I thought I couldn’t get more turned on, but then Houston peeled off his leggings. He had a jockstrap on underneath. He hit the Side Triceps, then turned around and hit the Back Double Biceps and Back Lat Spread, calling out each pose as he hit it. Like I said, I felt like I could cum at any moment. Houston’s ass was as delicious as I imagined. It had a light coat of hair and was framed well in his jockstraps. I couldn’t get over the definition and size of his quads and hams and calves, also covered in hair. He announced the last two poses he would do: the Front Abdominal-Thigh and the Most Muscular. As he turned around, I was shocked by the size of his hard cock. The head was poking out of the top of his jockstrap and looked like it almost came up to his outie. The arch of his cock pushed the fabric away enough to see his red pubes, even more than what I saw in the grocery store. He kept the forest trimmed well enough. He finished the Most Muscular and chuckled. “It’s been awhile since I made myself hard posing. I apologize.” I barely got out, “No prob.” “You mind if I take care of it here?” “No.” Houston sat back down next to me, pulled off his jockstrap, and started to rub one out. “You can join me if you would like.” I was already hard and felt a little self-conscious, but I pulled my very average 5 inch dick out and started to rub one out as well. As I got close to cumming, I found enough courage to ask him the question. “How big?” His responded in two ways. “This morning I weighed in at 285 pounds and my dick is 8.5 inches long and 2 inches wide.” At those numbers, I came the most I ever had all over myself. This was also the first time I ever came in front of another person. I got cum all over my shirt. Houston noticed that I was finished and did, in my mind, the unbelievable. He forced the back of my head down to his crotch with his large might hand. I opened up and sucked his cock. He worked my head up and down. On the third push down, I took his whole cock with barely a gag. His pubes smelt sweaty and amazing. We went another couple of minutes before I heard him starting to gasp. The next thing I know, I felt a hot, sweet taste in my throat. I swallowed his entire load. As we cleaned up, Houston passed me a tee and struck up another conversation. “So, as an FYI, I am gay and this wasn’t some fling between us or me using you. I purposely stretched so that you would see my abs in the store that day. I thought you were cute.” I was speechless, with the whole jaw hanging open and everything. This big guy was into me. He continued on. “Well, I will still train you and if you want to be 315 pounds of muscle then I will get you there. And I think it will be a lot of fun to tumble in bed with a cute bodybuilder.” Finally, I found some words. “I never actually admitted to anyone that I am gay, my family found porn on my computer and threw me out. And you are the first guy I have done anything with. I must be dreaming.” “No dream. Just you and me in the posing room. I will talk to your boss and see about cutting your hours back so you can train more.” “Well, okay. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Houston came up and pecked my left cheek with a kiss and replied “Tomorrow for sure.” I walked home and showered off. I did some sit-ups and push-ups, had dinner, then watched some TV till around 8pm. I stripped off, climbed in bed and jacked off to my mental snapshots of Houston, his muscles, and his cock.
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    [If you like this story, pop over to my tumblr at brandedx2.tumblr.com or come check out my Patreon--with loads of free content!--at www.patreon.com/brandedx2. Also I'm looking to do commissions so drop me a line!] MAXI-TEST 2000 Weeks later, after it was too late, they tracked down the source: a shipment of MaxiTest 2000 aerosol cans delivered to the supplement shop inside Global Gym. The new test booster was designed to be administered as an inhalant, but there was a flaw in one large batch of the container that caused a slow leak. Global Gym’s massive order of MaxiTest (nearly five hundred cans) slowly spread through the ventilation system the day it was delivered, dispersed throughout the gym before the packages were even opened. They were shelved empty, and unbeknownst to the staff or the clientele, nearly everyone on the premises had absorbed a massive dose of the product within a day. Most people were only exposed for a couple of hours, and so the effects weren’t that noticeable. I just did thirty minutes of cardio that day, so I got barely any of it. The guys hit the hardest were the guys who worked there and the trainers, some of whom spent over twelve hours with clients, absorbing MaxiTest with every breath. Of course, at first nobody noticed a thing, except the few angry customers who returned their empty cans of MaxiTest 2000. The entire shipment was sent back, and the company issued a recall after the complaints, but nobody knew what effect the leaked product would have. The first thing I noticed was Tony, the pro physique competitor, swinging his plumped up arms around even wider lats. He was never as big as the bodybuilders, always near competition shape with perfect aesthetics, but now his whole body had a fuller look to it, even his face, his dark Italian features now spread over a wide blocky head set upon now bulky traps that swallowed up his neck. He still strutted around with his usual cockiness, but his body looked like it’d been inflated with an air hose. Most noticeable was his ass, which, in compression shorts, now bulged obscenely out from his body, bouncing like two huge balloons with ever step. His ripped abdomen had swollen out as well, still ripped and veiny but now thick, almost as wide as his blocky shoulders and bowed out like a turtle-shell. He was obviously uncomfortable with the sudden burst of mass, knocking people with the mass of his huge buttocks and finding severe reduction of his range of motion. Twice I saw him tumble sideways while doing walking lunges, struggling to accommodate his blown-out thighs in his new gait as well as his wider top-half. Tony wasn’t alone, either. Rick, the young guy who worked the front desk, spent all day trying to yank his t-shirt down as his doubly-wide shoulders pulled it away from his shorts. At one point I watched him reach for a dropped pen from the floor; his shirt split down the back. Red-faced, he tried to shrug it off, but obviously the normally fit-but-lanky kid had an extra thirty or so pounds on him. Mario, another Global Gym employee and a big beefy bull before the MaxiTest leak, kept having to turn sideways to fit behind the desk. After a couple weeks he’d swollen to the size of a commercial fridge, filling out even his triple XL shirts. He stood in front of the front desk, nodding as people walked in the door. It was clear he could no longer fit behind it; it looked to me like he couldn’t clap his hands if he wanted to. The size just kept coming for a lot of those guys. A big powerlifter named Andreas just stopped showing up one day. I’d watched him the weeks before he disappeared swelling like bread-dough, setting new PRs every day but unable to tie his own shoes. The last day I saw him struggling to squeeze his bulk into his car, and watched him frustrated behind the steering wheel which looked crushed by his swollen gut, his arm and shoulder hanging out the window. Then there was Paul, a pro bodybuilder in his 40s who stood about 5’2”. After awhile he could only get around by wobbling from side-to-side. He kept training clients, though, barking out, “More reps!” while he stood there, a little cube of solid muscle with a crew-cut on top. It was what happened to Robbie that got the authorities involved and started the investigation. We all knew something was up, but most guys, like I did, assumed these big muscleheads had just gone overboard with the juice. The guys who were most exposed, nervous about what was happening to their rapidly overswollen bodies, were too nervous to talk to anybody about it, and most were terrified that it wasn’t going to stop. But Robbie, the massive superheavyweight who had just won his pro-card two days before the leak, had the most miraculous change of anyone. Most of the other guys expanded outward with their new mass, but Robbie, who was in contest shape, just got bigger but maintained his leanness. It was almost beautiful watching him show up to train his own clients every day looking like an exaggerated anatomy chart. But one day it went to far. I was the one who found him. It was almost closing time, the gym nearly empty. I was headed into the showers and I saw something through the steam. It looked as big as a car, almost spreading from one side of the open shower room to the other. The big lug stood there, faced away from me, arms and legs splayed out like he was a big broad X, each limb about as thick as Paul. His head looked comically tiny on his body, which, as I got closer and could see through the steam, I got a better look at: every muscle on his body had expanded to massive size and density. Even the minor stabilizers would put most guys’ biceps to shame with their size and the perfection of their shape. But all together, he was a splendid display of musculature the size of a small sedan, his ass alone bigger than the bumper on an SUV but covered in veiny skin the thickness of that of a dick. I just stood there marveling, imagining that I could only hug around a third of him if I even dared to get so close. I was shocked out of my trance when I realized the unbelievable hulk was whimpering! “Who’s… who’s there?” he sniveled, unable to turn his head to look. He’d turned on two showerheads, probably trying to get as much of his mass wet at once as he possibly could before he expanded those last few inches into immobility. I shut each of them off with a squeak as I nervously walked around to the front of this unbelievable naked man, and as I was naked myself, I struggled to keep my arousal hidden as well. Just the smell of him, like an entire NFL locker room exuding from a single massive man, had me hazy with desire, but I put it aside when I saw the terrified look on his face. It was clear he’d been crying, but amazingly the muscles on his head had grown as well, nearly squeezing his eyes and mouth shut with their size, only adding to his panic. It was a far cry from the lantern-jawed blue-eyed Clark Kent I’d always seen him as. His pecs expanded into a shelf at least three feet from his face, and I doubted he could see his nipples, let alone his feet. His abs were the size of gold bars, but I could barely keep my eyes on them because of the massive appendage below them: his cock, which I couldn’t help but compare to my own leg, in length and girth, stood rigid above two football-sized testicles that swung gently in front of him, pressed forward by the six-feet of quads that spread densely on either side. I couldn’t believe he was erect—and throbbing! I kept reminding myself, this man needed my help, he was terrified… but my brain was smoldering with the pure sex of the situation. “I need… I think I need help…” Robbie whimpered out his bulky cheeks. “I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want anybody to see me like this…” I could see his fingers and toes gently wiggling and I wondered if he was able to move otherwise. “How much can you… move…” I said, trying to fathom what I could possibly do to help this man out of the predicament. “I can’t… not at all… please help…” he begged. Suddenly emboldened, probably by the giant man’s helplessness, I reached forward and placed a single hand on his pec. It felt like warm steel, but he moaned at the contact and I watched his huge dick bob a few times while he groaned through gritted teeth. “Oh god… Oh god, I’m so friggin’ sensitive… Don’t touch…” I didn’t mean to but my arm brushed against his massive pulsing dick as I stepped away from him. He squealed, his breathing shallow and rapid, and his eyes shut tight as precum poured out of the massive knob like it was a chocolate fountain. Poor guy had so much testosterone going through him, that must have been agony, I thought. My own cock was a steel pole, but my real motivation was that I couldn’t let anyone else come in and see him in this state. “I’m just gonna take care of this,” I said softly, approaching his vein-mapped cock like it was a venomous python, “and then I’ll call 911, okay big man?” He just whimpered again—had he gotten bigger since I’d come in? That poor guy. Just my breath on his huge organ had him grunting, so I decided to tease him a little bit, gently blowing up and down its massive length, watching precum burp and spew. Using that copious substance as a lube, I started working my hands up and down its length. First I just tickled with my fingers but when I put some force into it, I realized it was like massaging a leg. So I thought, “What a great idea.” I worked my hands up under the head and put some finger, digging in my fingers like it was a deep-tissue massage. Robbie’s deep voice hit soprano squeaks as I did that, his whole body seeming to tense and flex at once, like a huge angry ocean of muscle. I stopped my devilish ministrations on his dick for a moment to take all of him in again. That’s when I noticed, very slowly, like a redwood, he was starting to fall. There was nothing I could do; gravity took hold and I stepped back to avoid being crushed. He toppled back, hitting the tile with a thunderclap of wet flesh. His eyes darted around, terrified at this new addition to his predicament, but he was still just as immobile. Amazingly, I noticed that his overblown back and his impossibly huge glutes were so swollen that there was a space beneath him, under his (relatively) narrow waist, large enough that a full grown pit bull could’ve walked underneath him without touching him. God, that smell coming off him drove me wild… Without thinking I hopped up on top of him, planting a foot on each of his mountainous pecs, and leaned forward to face his monster organ that pointed straight at me. I tongue-kissed the hole like it was a mouth, slurping up the sweetness that spilled out of it by the quart while poor old Robbie went completely non-verbal behind me, barely able to even form guttural noises. Then I couldn’t help it—I’d never have the chance again—I leaned forward and pressed my boner into his piss-hole. It was a tight fit but there was more than enough lubricant; in fact, the flow of precum was so much that it was a struggle to press against it, but still I pumped my ass, feeling his pecs rising and falling below me, using my hands to knead his cock-head while I thrusted… When he came, he roared—I thought he was already flexed to the max but his whole body pulsed so hard I was knocked off my feet, and I nearly drowned in the torrent of cum that blasted out all over me. He came with such intensity that I barely noticed the full-body orgasm that rocked me at the same time. It just kept coming, Robbie dissolving into a low groan, me sprayed with hot load for nearly thirty seconds. I tried to stand but found his body so slick with cum that I slipped forward, finding myself face down on him, nearly eye-to-eye with him. I could hear and feel the drum of his giant heart thudding beneath me, his chest rising and falling in rhythmic waves. So much heat came off the man that I wanted to shut my eyes and relent to my blissful post-orgasmic lethargy and just fall asleep, my tongue gently lapping at him, but I came to my senses and got up. Robbie still needed help. I’d need to grab the owner (thank God he hadn’t walked in just now!) and we’d have to call the paramedics and probably several fire departments just to get big Robbie out of there. But first—first I had to hide the poor guy’s shame. I owed him that much after what I’d done to him. I started turning on the shower heads, splashing us both with water and rinshing us clean, thankful Robbie hadn’t fallen over the drain. He’d calmed considerably, and as I rinsed his face clean, I saw his once-panicked eyes had relaxed, looking sleepy now. His breathing had calmed, and he looked almost dazed. “Th-thank you…” he whispered, and I leaned forward and placed a kiss on his mouth.
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    Chapter 7 “What are we going to do with him Mitch!” I screamed, clearly freaking out. Mitch paced near the front door. He had locked the gym and pulled the blinds down. “I don’t know Andy. He won’t be asleep forever! Wait!” Mitch yelled and took off running upstairs; leaving me downstairs, alone with Bruce. I glanced at his unconscious body. Even motionless he was truly massive. My mind was still not able to comprehend how he was growing so fast. He was massive when he humiliated me at the gym but just a few months later he dwarfed even himself. It was then that I saw his duffle bag near the front door. I rushed over and opened it. Inside was some gym clothes and different supplements. I rummaged around a little more and found Bruce’s wallet, keys and something else that caused me to drop the bag. There at the bottom was a small case that looked like it would contain eye glasses. With shaking hands, I opened it and let out a gasp. Inside, were six syringes filled with a bright blue liquid. Could this be the gear Bruce was using to get so huge? My thoughts were interrupted by Mitch depending the stairs. I pocketed the container of syringes, the wallet and keys and walked over to Mitch who was standing over Bruce’s limp body. “I found these.” Mitch said holding up a syringe of milky white liquid. “They’re muscle relaxers. Maybe they will keep him asleep until we can figure out a plan.” “Fuck Mitch! That’s not a solution!” I screamed. “I KNOW Andy but what other choice do we have?” Mitch said and jammed the needle into Bruce’s beachball sized shoulder. He injected the solution and stood back. “Mitch; I need to get out of here.” Mitch spun around and looked at me “Andy! I know you are freaking out, I am too, but you can’t just run away. I won’t let him hurt you ever again.” He said and moved to embarrass my trembling body. I stepped away. “I’m not running away Mitch! I know he can’t hurt us, I just don’t know what the FUCK we’re supposed to do! My mind is racing! I just need to get some fresh air.” I said and quickly grabbed my sweater off the floor and put it on. “Ok-Ok. Go get some air Andy but listen; don’t worry. Everything is going to be ok.” Mitch said with a smile. I know he was trying to assure me but at that moment, all I wanted to do was get out of here. I was outside before I realized I still had Bruce’s wallet, keys and above all else; his gear in my pocket. I raced to my car, opened Bruce’s wallet and started to drive in the direction of his house. The further I got away from the gym, the calmer I felt. My stomach was still aching thinking of Mitch being there alone with Bruce but at that moment, I just needed to get as far way as possible. Ten minutes later I was staring at the front door of Bruces condo. With a shaking hand, I unlocked the front door and stepped inside. His place was huge and far nicer than I had expected. I had assumed Bruce’s obsession to gain more and more size meant that he would not be concerned with trivial things like cleaning and decorating. I wandered around his living room, there were stacks of bodybuilding magazines on the coffee table and a number of empty protein shakes. I moved to the kitchen and discovered multiple cabinets filled with various supplements. His fridge was filled with cooked meat and other typical bodybuilding food. Down the hallway I discovered a office. His computer was turned off. Next to it was a stack of writing journals. I flipped though the top one to discover Bruce’s workout logs. I flipped to back and found his last workout listed. It had been chest day. My jaw dropped as I read the phenomenal numbers he had recorded. His eighth and final rep was a staggering 675lbs! He was doing flys with 110lb dumbbells and five sets of cable flys using 120lbs for 50 reps. My mouth went dry as I placed the journal back on the desk. It was at that moment I noticed the small college fridge in the far corner. I opened it to discover it filled with full vials of the same blue liquid I had in my pocket. I walked further down the hall and found his bedroom. While the bed was un-made, it was as organized as the rest of the house. I opened the top drawer of the night stand and let out an audible scream. There on top of the TV remote was a huge dildo. I opened the second drawer to find something just as surprising, a magazine containing naked images of some very large, muscular men. “Bruce is gay!” I yelled. My mind could barely handle this new information. Never would I have imagined that sadistic asshole was also gay. I knew he was turned on by muscle, that much was clear; but I just assumed it was his own mass that got him aroused. I flipped thought he magazine and marvelled hat how huge some of the models were. Even though they all paled in comparison to Bruce and Mitch, they are far bigger than typical porn stars. Some looked bigger and more conditioned than the current Mr. Olympia. It was at that moment my fear finally dissipated. My mind had been racing ever since I drove away from the gym but suddenly I was calm and focused once again. Bruce was gay. Of course; it made perfect sense. He was clearly closeted and ashamed and took that isolation out of those around him. Maybe he focused his torture on those that he found attractive. Maybe his response to feeling aroused by other men caused him to lash out and attack us. I knew this didn’t excuse his horrible behaviour but it certainly started to make sense. I walked into the adjoining ensuite bathroom. I splashed water on my face and looked at myself in the mirror. I took a moment to admire the increased mass I’ve added recently. I stepped on Bruce’s scale and smiled when it displayed 267lbs. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the container. I opened it and looked at the blue liquid swirling inside. I knew it was reckless but I saw no other choice. If this was what was making Bruce so huge, it was my only option to surpass him. With one steady motion, I jammed the syringe into my right thigh. My eyes went wide as I injected the liquid. Instantly an intense burning sensation started to move thought my entire body. I stumbled and had to sturdy myself on the sink to stop from collapsing. A minute later the burning subsided and I picked up one more syringe. I hesitated for a moment before jamming it into my left shoulder. Again, the pain was almost too much to bear. I let out a loud scream as I doubled over. I held tight to the sink and within another minute, the pain started to weaken. I stood and looked at my reflection in the mirror again. I knew it was not possible to have grown but I could swear I felt bigger. What was definitely apparent was the feeling of power coursing though my veins. “No wonder Bruce is always so confident! I felling like I could bench press a car!” Suddenly I was overcome by the sensation that I was going to pass out. I staggered out of the bathroom and managed to lay down on the bed. Seconds later, I was completely unconscious. --- Mitch could not take his eyes of the sleeping body of Bruce. He still had not idea what his plan was. He paced the gym floor for what seemed like hours until he heard a low growl coming from Bruce. Mitch approached the lifeless body and saw Bruce’s head start to rise. His eyes were closed but it was clear he was coming to. Mitch looked worried but was confident the chains would hold the monster in place. Slowly Bruce became more awake and aware of his surroundings. He opened his eyes and looked down at the heavy chains wrapped around his upper body. He tried to move but found that he was completely immobile. As panic set in, Bruce started to howl with rage. “What the FUCK HAVE YOU DONE?” He yelled. Mitch moved closer. Standing over Bruce and looking as imposing as possible he said “You need to be taught a lesson you roided out freak.” “I’ll teach you a lesson you motherfucker!” Bruce replied and tried again to get free from the chains. Mitch stepped closer again and landed a few powerful blows to Bruce’s face. The sounds of the impacts echoed throughout the gym. A trickle of blood started to drip from Bruce’s nose. “I bet you feel pretty fucking tough hitting a man who’s tied up.” Bruce said. “You weren’t tied up when I knocked you out the first time.” Mitch said. “I’m starving. I’m going to grab some food…don’t go anywhere” he said and laughed. As he ascended the stairs, he heard Bruce try again to get free from the chains no avail. Upstairs Mitch grabbed a plate of chicken and beef and started to eat. He mixed a protein shake and sat at the kitchen table. He took one bite of food when he heard a gut-wrenching scream that shook the building walls. He dropped his fork and ran down the stairs. Bruce was still surrounded by the thick metal chains but he had maneuvered himself so he his feet were now planted on the ground. He was still near the ground so he looked like he was at the bottom of a squat. His whole body shook and sweat was dripping from his forehead. Through gritted teeth he looked at Mitch and said “I can’t decide whether I should just break these chains or tear out this beam to get free. Part of me wants to rip the beam apart but that might cause the whole building to collapse. That might hurt me a little.” Mitch moved closer, looking for something to subdue Bruce. Sensing his plan, Bruce let out another primal grow and slowly started to rise. His more than 40” quads shook from effort. Garden-hose thick veins erupted across their surface. Is was a truly sicken sight to witness. Mitch froze, unable to focus on his task. Eventually Bruce was able to spread his legs a little farther apart, giving him better leverage. As he did this, he was able to rise faster until he was almost upright again. He was breathing very fast but showed no signs of stopping. With one final effort, the giant man stood straight up. His legs looks unreal. Each muscle fibre stood out in frightening contrast. Their size seemed to have tripled and their vascularity was truly grotesque. Mitch covered his mouth to suppress a gag. “FUCK. Feels like I just squatted a tractor trailer for an hour. Thanks for making me get a nasty pump old man.” Bruce said. Mitch snapped out of his trance and picked up a 50lb dumbbell and swung it at Bruce’s head. The impact was extremely hard but Mitch recoiled in horror as Bruce barely registered the blow. “I’m done pretending you have some power behind those puny muscles old man.” Bruce said and squared his massive shouldered. The heavy chains dug into his flesh, making him look even wider somehow. Then it happened; Bruce started to flex. His traps were the first to swell. They rose upwards and swelled outwards at the same time. Within seconds, they grazed Bruce’s ears. Next it was his forearms. With his arms pinned to his side by the chains, only about six inches of forearm flesh was exposed but what was started to writhe and twitch. Sausage thick veins visibly pumped blood into his extremities. Finally, Bruce flexed his chest and lats. Though fully contained within the confines of the chains, Mitch could see him widen. In a truly horrifying scene, the links of the chains started to stretch. “YEAH thats right. My muscles are bending FUCKING METAL!” Bruce screamed. Mitch franticly looked for a way to stop Bruce but it was too late. With one final roar that shook the glass windows, Bruce flexed harder than even he thought was possible. It wasn’t the metal clamps that held the chains that broke, it was the metal chain links them selves. In at least four separate spots, the metal failed and shattered. With a load crash, the remaining chains fell to floor. He stood panting and sweating until he caught his reflection in the nearby mirror. Even he was taken aback. Before him stood the more inhumanly massive specimen ever imagined. No; it wasn’t even imaginable, it was something straight out of science fiction. Wiped away was any sense of his formal humanity. He was looking at a sheer mountain of pulsing muscles and veins. He didn’t even have to move or flex to display his incredible definition and size. His fascination was short lived as he re-focused on Mitch. “Look old man; clearly I’ve proven to you that you can’t fucking take me on. I know that hurts your ego. Most people probably look at you and think you are indestructible; hell, you could step on stage and win the Mr. O. tomorrow if you wanted; assuming I’m not on-stage with you.” Mitch was once again overcome with rage and lunged at the hulking beast. With a flip of his wrist, Bruce grabbed Mitch’s meaty forearm and started to apply pressure. Mitch let out a howl. “What did I tell you? Did you not see what this muscle just did to those metal chains. Besides, the extreme pump I’m experiencing right now feels fucking incredible. I think you unleashed some extra level of the gear I’m on.” To prove his point, Bruce squeezed harder, causing Mitch to drop to one knee in pain. “So here’s what’s going to happen. I could leave right now and we both know there’s nothing stopping me but there’s no fun in that. I want to take full advantage of this opportunity. You and I are going to workout. If you don’t drop dead, I’ll walk out of here so you can try to catch up to my size. But if you so much as THINK about trying to knock me out again; I’ll rip your arms off your body.” Knowing he didn’t have a choice, Mitch slowly nodded his head. “Good choice. Where’s your little boy toy?” Bruce asked. “He went out for a bit.” “Too bad. Little guy would probably be cumming non-stop during this.” He said. “Looks like you are a pecs man. Let’s bench.” Bruce waddled towards the bench press and Mitch followed. He loaded the bar with 5 45lb plates per side. Without hesitation, he laid down on the bench and hoisted the heavy bar and started to preform perfect reps. “495lbs feels fucking light. Check out the mad pump in these pecs already.” Bruce taunted. At 15 reps, he racked the bar and sat up. His blood-filled pecs looked incredible. To emphasize their shear mass, he flexed them repeatedly. He stood up and motioned for Mitch to start his set. Mitch lifted the bar with ease and started to crank out reps. Bruce appeared behind the bench and leaned in. “Just in case you didn’t listen before” Bruce said and placed both hands on the bar. Instantly, Mitch was unable to move the weight. Applying a fraction of his strength, Bruce pressed the bar down until it sat on Mitch’s heaving pecs. “I could crack you in two right now old man.” Having made his point, Bruce let go of the bar, allowing Mitch to complete his last three reps. Mitch jumped off the bar and started to scream at Bruce “What the FUCK is your problem? Why are you such an asshole.” “Because I can BE.” Bruce yelled back “The bigger I get, the less I give a fuck about other people.” Mitch just shook his head as Bruce loaded two more plates onto each side of the bar. He noticed a look of concern in Mitch’s face and chuckled. “Too heavy for you?” “Fuck you. Add one more.” Mitch commanded. Bruce smiled and complied. There might have even been a look of admiration in his eyes… “765lb is a lot of weight. I’ve only lifted for a few reps before. Think you can handle that?” Mitch didn’t respond, instead he positioned himself under the weight. With a primal grunt, he lifted the weight off the rack. The weight fell fast but Mitch was able to keep it under control. Bruce positioned himself over Mitch to spot him if needed but to his surprise, Mitch didn’t need help. The older man stared at Bruce and continued to lift the massive weight. At four reps his arms were violently shaking. His chest was swelling with unheard of levels of muscle. Just as he thought he could not move the weight again he heard Bruce speak. “COME ON! PUSH IT!” Mitch screamed and managed one more rep before slamming the weight down and sitting up. “FUCK” was all Mitch heard from Bruce. Catching his reflection in the mirror caused Mitch to smile. His once titanic chest was bulging to a new level of huge. Mitch tried to flex but the pump was so intense, he could barely move. “My turn” Bruce said and nudged Mitch out the way. He grunted and started to lift the massive bar. With staggering speed, Bruce cranked out eight reps before starting to slow down. He managed three more reps before letting the bar crash. He leapt from the bench and flexed his pecs. “They have to be over 80 inched now!” he screamed. Not one to back down from a challenge, Mitch got under the bar again and started to move the huge weight. Bruce looked on in shock as the massive older man cranked out six easy reps. He managed to reach eight before racking the weight and sliding off the bench. He was panting heavily but didn’t waste any time. He rolled onto his stomach and started to do push-ups. After preforming 30 in quick succession he struggled to get to his feet. He looked at Bruce and started to pose. Bruce never felt intimidated by another man but Mitch’s swollen and pumped chest caused him to worry. The sight before him was straight out of his wildest fantasies; a body so huge it caused him to feel small. Mitch’s upper body no longer looked to be of this planet. His brutally pumped chest almost eclipsed his head. His mammoth shoulders quivered and swelled. His powerful lats where so inflated, they came into view from his back. Bruce could always control his attraction to other men in public but Mitch’s fully-flexed body was too much for him to handle. At that moment, there was only one thing Bruce wanted; Mitch. With a primal look in his eyes, Bruce advanced on the massive man. With surprising speed, Bruce pounced on Mitch. He wrapped his hulking arms around Mitch’s inflated chest and leaned in for a kiss. Mitch shoved Bruce hard and stepped back. “What the fuck are you doing?” Mitch yelled.
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    PREFACE This story is dedicated to Gunshotuk. The new grower Part 1 You shivered again, at the sight of him, and pleasure crawled delightfully inside your flat belly and your leather trousers, but you were focused enough to ask him: "How do you afford this?" The question wasn't unwarranted. It was dark outside, and you hadn't seen much of it, yet, but the manor was large, surrounded by a well-kept park, and expensively furnished. Two glasses of whisky-and-water stood on the glass-table, and your cigars lay in an ashtray. He caused a chirping sound, when his expensive leather-combats rubbed against the leather sofa, and he rose to a standing position, before he answered your question. "I have an accommodation where I work. This is my workplace. Quite nice, uh?" That playful smirk again. He was big, and he knew it, and he liked what he knew, but he also seemed to like your reaction to it all. His powerful leather-clad legs were wide apart in a confident stance. He had kept his laced boots on his feet indoors. His veiny and impossibly brawny forearms were crossed over his chest, and his head was cocked in an angle, that asserted his dominance and yet invited you to upcoming and unknown fun. "Work?" "I'm a bodyguard. Don't let us talk work now, innit? I liked what you did to me in the SUV. Why don't you go on with that? Or do you need some encouragement?" Mischief glittered in his icy blue eyes, and his cocky smile returned, revealing his perfect teeth. Your legs felt weak. If you needed encouragement? His entire presence was encouragement: His broad shoulders, protruding from his camo-patterned training-vest; His impossibly narrow waist; The hints of a six-pack through the fabric of the vest; His glossy black combat-trousers of leather; The dimple in his chin; His pug nose; His smooth shaved head with a mohawk; The scents of anti-perspirant, leather and cigars. When you kissed his tattooed shoulder, it felt like kissing a warm boulder covered by leather, and you could sense his aroused breathing envelop you with whiffs of whisky and cigar-smoke. Another wave of arousal billowed through your body, and you could feel his big, powerful hand cup your groin and squeeze you into rapture. Powerful and veiny arms lifted you, bodybuilder-sized bicepses carried you effortlessly, and, in that ecstatically aroused state, it didn't matter where he took you. Your head rested against his chest. His cheeks feeling like warm and soft sandpaper against your kissing lips. It was too good to be true: How you had found each other on a website for men who like fantasies about impossible muscle-growth, how you had met at a gay bar, south of the central part of City, how he had brought you to this luxurious manor outside town ... You shivered and moaned: "Oh, Stud!" Your hand was inside his vest now, its stretchy synthetic fabric against the back of your hand, your palm on Stud's impossibly firm and powerful pecs, trying to squeeze his pec, failing to squeeze his pec ... You both moaned -- he in a deeper voice than your's. His working-class pronunciation of words, and his hints at a past in The Marines, had almost driven you crazy back at the bar, and you were surprised, that he had found you worthy to worship his brawn. You both sat down somewhere else in a place dimly lit. You explored his biceps and triceps, kissing his steel-hard arms and exploring his wide back with your hands. You could sense the bulge in his leather-trousers as you sat on it. He put a band of fabric around your head, you heard a weird noise, but as you turned your head to ask him, he removed it without a word, kissing you with lush and confident masculine lips. A hint of the soft sandpaper again, as your lips touched. You understood, that, at these testosterone-levels, Stud was unable to keep a smooth shave a full 24 hours. His strong arms carried you again. Carried by the bad-boy. Carried by the ex-marine. Carried by the perfect man. Stud -- the monument of brawn. You didn't deserve to snog this ... this ... this masculine perfection, but he seemed enthusiastic about it. Oh, fuck, yes, Stud! Unreal! So good! Somewhere dark or dim. He returned you to the floor, but kept his embrace. His protective and comforting arms surrounded you, with the potential ability to crush you by its sheer strength and power. One of his big hands sank down to squeeze one of your buttcheeks through the leather, and press your leather-clad throbbing bulges towards each other, which caused you both to throb faster and with more power. It felt like your arousal rose forever into unknown levels of pleasure. Both of you emitted grunts and moans. Stud suddenly said a few comprehensible words in his rough and sexy drawl: "Ready for activation. Activate!" You felt confused. "What did you say?" "Sorry I haven't been entirely honest with you. You have been recruited." "Recruited?" "By our little team." "Team?" Felt so good. You weren't in an investigative mood right now. You just wanted to feel more of Stud. Recruited. Sounded like some of the stories and role-plays you and Stud had discussed online on that website. Pity that such things couldn't happen in real life. Stud, on the other hand, continued to speak: "My friend, Swag, is going to join us." Join us? You felt a sting of jealousy, but then you felt several things at the same time. An unknown, but pleasant, feeling stirred inside you. It swiftly filled your entire body -- torso, arms, legs -- and mixed with your arousal. You moaned again. Join us? If that Swag was a quarter of what Stud was, it would still be an awesome threesome: Average you with two musclemen. Perhaps not a bad idea, after all. And that new, unknown feeling again. Spreading. It almost felt like after a workout. Your muscles felt pumped. Felt good. And where was that 'Swag' fellow Stud was talking about? The feeling of pump and pleasure felt stronger now. You yelped. "You see, the formula I put in your beer back at the bar must have begun to work now. I took a third dose myself. You are going to become like me." Become like Stud? Impossible! Utterly few men would be able to reach the level of masculine perfection of Stud ... You felt how your short-sleeve shirt began to feel uncomfortably tight around your neck and around your chest. Someone moved in the shadows and the dim light. Wow. Felt so good. You felt more physically present. Heavy, strong, light at the same time. And warm. Uncomfortable shirt. "Is he a grower?" Stud directed his question out in the dark corners of the indistinct basement room. A voice even deeper, than Stud's replied: "He is a grower. He might even be a better grower than me." The shape, that must be Swag, emerged from the shadows. He was even taller than Stud, way beyond two metres tall, and broad shouldered as a bear. He was clean-shaven and his head was smoothly shaved, too. His eyes were playful like Stud's, but there was steel in them, and confidence, and courage, and a latent wrath resting in them, ready to flare into unstoppable destructive action, if needed. There was also protectiveness, and loyalty. Swag was a mound of impossible brawn and masculine power. Your eyes widened. Swag stood with his legs widely apart in a confident stance, put some sort of head-band around his head, and said: "Intensify" And it did. The nameless feeling inside you intensified, you felt yourself widen, harden and expand, and you could feel Stud's chest expand, pressed against your widening and hardening back. Stud's growing, hard leather-clad bulge rubbed against your hardening, growing leather-clad glutes, and you both moaned. Stud moaned: "YES! Allow me next step in my evolution!" Stud's big palms explored your growing pecs, and his soft lips explored the stubble on your cheeks. "Oh. Yes. Grow with me, recruit! I love to feel you grow with me, and see you grow with me, and the feeling of your hard, manly torso pressed to mine as we grow beyond ... beyond ..." He moaned louder now, and you could feel his leather-clad bulge grow even harder and bigger now, rubbing against your trousers. The scents of anti-perspirant, male sweat, warm leather, whisky, pre-cum and cigar-smoke were very intense now. Swag watched you, and let out a moan. His veiny and hairy forearms ended in big paws of hands, and he let one of them cup his own leather-clad bulge, and squeeze, as he felt the power affect him, and as he watched you and Stud erupt into monuments of engorged muscle-mass. You could feel the seems of your shirt and your trousers lose the struggle against your ... your ... OH FUCK, YES! Against your bulging brawn. Every trace of subcutaneous fat you may have had before had disappeared, and your bulging brawn had ripped your shirt apart. Your eyes widened at the sensation of your monster quads forcing themselves out of your tight leather-trousers. You could feel the sensation of room-tempered air to your naked skin, as you stood in the midpoint of the room, only dressed in your boots and your jockstrap. You mumbled to yourself: "This isn't happening. This isn't happening. It's too good to be real. It's SO GOOD. Fuck! What's HAPPENING TO ME?" Sweat trickled from your brow, from your back and your veiny pecs. Stud's hand and arms were around you: Supporting you, admiring you, caressing you, and his whisky-breath -- manly stubble to manly stubble -- whispering in your ear: "The Power-field need direction. Human brain-activity directs the power-field. The headband on Swag's head ... He's good at directing the power ... OH FUCK! Really good at it ... Can you feel it? He's a grower. Swag's big like that, because he could force the power to change him like that, though he was big already before all this, but not like now. WOW! Did you feel that?" Your low body-fat was now unable to hide the definition of your swiftly growing muscles. You let your right hand explore the impossible physique you had developed in a matter of ... You were uncertain about time now. It could have been minutes. Or hours. You looked like Stud, now. Like Stud had looked back at the bar. Now, Stud had grown further. Even more. More. Into something ... Impossible. Closer to Swag's level. And Swag was growing into ... Into something impossible. Impossibly magnetic. And attractive. And masculine. And huge. Like a sexy shaved Hulk. You moaned again. Stud moaned again. Swag bellowed. You were becoming what Swag wanted you and Stud to become. Become the masculine fantasies of a masculine mind. Become... So good. So big. So huge. Yeah, look at you. Look at all three of you! Perfect symmetry beyond elite bodybuilders. Size beyond Strongman competitors. Your mind... So confident. Felt so ... Wow. All that rage and lust inside ... transforming into a physical shape ... Into ... Fuck, yes! Built of boulders! Steel-hard! Growing into what Swag want you to be ... Swag approached you. He had got a second headband in his hand. He put it on your head. You could feel tiny electronic equipment inside it. You could sense Swag's imagination. Imagination about what he dreamed to become. What he dreamed you and Stud to become. Your boner spasmed. Yes, you longed to become THAT, but what if all three of you became ... became THIS? Swag bellowed again, as he sensed your fantasy about his and your future physique. Both his mind and your mind were nurtured by decades of action heroes, of game characters, of famous bodybuilders and wrestlers, of super heroes. Your imaginations blurred together into a shared fantasy about perfect muscles, perfect male handsomeness, perfect masculinity. You bellowed together, and you could hear Stud grunt in your ear: "FUCK! Can't believe it! Can't believe this feeling pumping inside me! The power-field! So much more intense now! The effect on me! And its effect on you two! Can't ..." He swallowed. "Can't believe ... So ... Uhnnnnnn! Boss promised me the next step in my evolution, but this is..." Stud panted. Stud swallowed. "This is more than next step. This is ... Oh fuck! This is ... WOW. We are all turning into ... YES, MORE! MORE!!!!!!!" Stud ripped his clothes apart, as his brawn erupted out of the tatters. You were drifting into an unknown state. Your imagination and your body began to blur. Your physical surroundings felt like it was brimming and buzzing of a voluptious empowering force. You and the towering, hulkish, bearish Swag were creating yourself and Stud into ... into ... UH! UHNNNN! Yes, Stud was right. It all felt so good. But who was Boss? Did he mean Swag? With sadistic glee, you pushed Swag into the next level of muscle-pleasure, and it caused Swag to drown your imagination with the next level of masculine perfection. Your fertile imagination added to it, fine-tuned it, boosted it, and sent your minds into the power-field, directing your growth further. Growth. Empowerment. Evolution. Super-human strength. Super-masculine mass. You ... YES! Felt so good. Swag growing into what you wanted him to be. You, growing into what Swag wanted you to be. Stud, growing into what you and Swag wanted him to be. All of you. Together. Becoming heavier, brawnier. "YES! Next level! BEYOND next level! Look at these fucking Hulk-muscles! Look at you, lads! We are ... Can't believe ... Boulders upon boulders of mass ... Mega-mass ... And the power streaming into me ... Can't take anymore! Can't take ... But don't stop, for fuck's sake! Don't stop! Need more! Crave more! The urge... THE URGE!!!" Stud's aroused and excited voice turned you and Swag on, and added to the force of your combined minds. You entered a state of prolonged orgasmic reveries of ultra-masculine perfection, and you didn't know for how long your unrestrained anabolic hypertrophy had went on, when you came to your senses, and found that your thoughts had become flesh, and that you were three impossibly powerful men standing in a dimly lit room. The door opened, and Boss entered.
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    Chapter 6 - The Meeting “Scale fist, then measuring” I instructed. The digital display flashed 372lb and Mitch let out an ecstatic moan. “FUCK Mitch. I knew you had packed on some size but that’s incredible!” He just grunted and stepped off the scale. I got down on the floor and wrapped the measuring tape around his left calf. I started by caressing the smooth skin and marvelling at how small my hand looked in comparison. I wrapped the tape around the huge muscle and blurted out “23 inches”. Mitch moaned with satisfaction. I moved up to his keg-sized quad. Even standing up straight, his hamstrings showed amazing definition. I took a moment to stare at his equally inhuman glutes. He must have noticed because suddenly they flexed and deep striations appears all over them. I bit my lip and wrapped the tape around his leg. I couldn’t help but notice how wide I had to part my arms to wrap the tape around them. “39 inches” I exclaimed. I swear there was an audible rumble as Mitch flexed his quads hard. From my vantage point, I could no longer see his knee from the slabs of muscle hanging off him. “Again” he said. I looked at the tape and let out a groan. “41 inches!” “FUCK” was all Mitch said. I stood to face the massive freak. With a little smirk, I wrapped the tape around his waist; purposely grasping his glute as I did. “34 inches.” I licked my lips before continuing. I slid the tape under his arms (which he didn’t even have to raise because his enormous lats already pushed his arms unnaturally high). I had to physically move to his side to locate the end of the tape; there was no way I could reach it otherwise. I centred the tape between his beachball-sized pecs; resisting the urge to lean in a bite his exposed nipple. My hands started to tremble as I read out the number “65 inches! That’s 5 and a half feet of just pec and lat!” I screamed. Mitch just chuckled and lightly flexed. Just that simple movement caused me to loose my grip on the tape and it fell to the floor. I picked the tape up and wrapped it around his right arm. It was hanging un-flexed at his side. “27 inches” I said. Without a word, Mitch extended his arm and glanced at his forearm. Just that small movement caused a flood of newly exposed veins to appear. I ran my hand over the hard, smooth surface while exhaling slowly. I adjusted the tape and said “22 inches.” “My god you are truly massive” I said with a mixture of lust and fear. “One more week” Mitch said and waddled the kitchen, took out a full tray of chicken and started to devour it. “You think he’ll show?” “Absolutely” I replied “when he sees an invitation from the owner of an hardcore gym asking if he would be interested in a free membership along with a spokesperson gig, he’ll jump at the chance.” With a mouth full of food, Mitch laughed. “One more week and I’ll be 380lbs.” I couldn’t help but let out a moan. I would doubt that anyone could gain that much size in such a sort time but if anyone was able to do it, Mitch could. --- I was too nervous to sleep. Bruce was supposed to be at the gym later today. Mitch on the other hand, was more than ready. He weighed in at 382lbs the night before. He was so turned on by that number, he shot a load all over the scale. The monstrous freak had spend most of the night and morning, posing in front of the mirror. As anxious as I was, I could not help but get distracted as Mitch swelled and flexed. I had just cum for the fourth time. “You think Bruce can match this mass and power?” Mitch said as he raised his 27 inch left arm. With his right hand, he rubbed it’s smooth, veiny surface. Mitch approached me as I lay in bed and scooped me up. His mind-bogglingly huge body completely surrounded me. With a simple movement, he hoisted me up so my cock was level with his mouth. I placed my hands on his flexed arms. I marvelled at how steady they were while holding my entire bodyweight. “One final meal” he said and engulfed my cock. I placed my hands on his outrageously thick traps and felt them swell as he flexed. With one long, powerful suck, I filled his mouth with a huge load of cum. Mitch licked his lips and lowered me to the ground. He then produced four vials of steroids. “Fill me up with every last drop” he commanded. I filled the first syringe as Mitch watched impatiently. It took six syringes before the drugs were all injected. My hand was physically shaking as the last drop was injected. Mitch stumbled back as the intense cocktail flooded his system. He had never had such a massive dose. His nostrils flared and his eyes went wide. He steadied himself and stood to face the mirror. With a load grunt he hit a most muscular pose. His entire body swelled to mind-boggling proportions. He looked like the most extreme photoshopped image found on the internet. Hell, he looked like a fucking mutant. Even my most extreme fantasies could barely come close to what was directly in front of me. We were both immediately hard again. I started stroking myself vigorously as Mitch’s huge cock stood a full mast and started to drip pre-cum. With one final grunt, Mitch flexed even harder, his whole body shaking violently as a huge load of cum started to spew without him having touch it. He dropped the pose, scooped me up and carried me to the shower were I spent an hour cleaning and worshipping every inch of his magnificent body. We had just gotten dressed when the buzzer at the front door of the gym sounded.I shot a anxious look at Mitch. He leaned over and gave me a long kiss. “Show time.” --- Mitch was wearing his largest sweatshirt and baggiest pants. It obscured his staggering mass as best it could but did nothing to conceal his unnatural width. I stood back as he walked to front the door and let Bruce in. I heard the two men exchange a quick greeting and then Bruce appeared. He too was wearing large, over-sized clothes that did very little to hide his mass. Seeing him this close-up made my mouth go dry. He waddled into the gym and started to survey the equipment. He glanced across the room and made eye contact with me. With my added size it did not appear that he recognized me. Mitch approached and stood next to Bruce. I momentarily felt my knees go weak as the two behemoths stood so close together. “Nice place. What type of sponsorship deal are we talking about?” Bruce asked with his trademark level of cockiness. Mitch moved between me and Bruce. “We’ll get to that” he replied “let’s talk about your reputation first.” “My reputation?” Bruce asked. “Yeah. Word around town is that you have a bit of an attitude problem. I’ve heard you like to pick on smaller guys.” Mitch said in a calm voice. “Yeah, so; who the fuck cares? Besides; everyone is smaller than me.” Bruce said and unzipped his sweater. He struggled to pull the sleeves over his arms but within seconds he had shed the shirt and tossed it to the ground. He squared his shoulders and looked at Mitch and myself. I couldn’t help but let out a gasp. Bruce looked enormous. “Cracked 392lbs yesterday” Bruce said “That’s right. I’m the biggest fucking freak you’ve every seen. No one can even come close to this.” To emphasize his point, Bruce raised his arms into a double bicep pose that defied all logic. Thick, vein covered arms exploded with size. His titanic lats flared multiple feet from his sides. His tiny waist flexed and constricted to minuscule proportions. His entire upper body swelled. If Big Ramy was standing next to him he’d look like a malnourished child. Mitch flashed my a look of concern but tried to regain his confidence. “Fuck Bruce. You are one massive freak, that’s for damn sure but you should be careful making clams like that.” In one swift motion, Mitch tore his shirt off. He squared his shoulders and hit a brutal most muscular pose. His mammoth body exploded with muscle and power. Bruce didn’t look the least bit surprised. In fact, I swear I saw a look of desire in his eyes. “Damn old man, I figured you had a good body under that shirt but I wasn’t quite expecting that.” Mitch released his pose and dropped his pants. He took a step back and flexed his 41 inch quads. I couldn’t help but get hard at the sight. Bruce looked Mitch’s outrageously massive body up and down but didn’t look phased. Instead he placed his hands on his hips and flexed. His upper body morphed into a network of muscle and veins as he swelled even bigger. His traps pressed against his ears as his chest inflated until it appeared to stick three feet from his body. He extended his left leg and growled. I looked at the once baggy material only to realize it was suddenly skin tight. Even thought the heavy fabric, I could the outline of hundreds of veins. With another primal growl, the seams started to rip. Though gritted teeth Bruce said “I said NO ONE is bigger than me.” And with that, the seams disintegrated and exposed quads and calves well beyond anything either of us had ever witnessed. I looked on in horror as Bruce was now clad in only a small pair of posers. He adjusted his position and moved into a full body front lat spread. His quads and calves looked to shake just to support his massive frame. His already inhuman lats grew and spread well past his 5’11” height. The effort it took for him to control so much muscle was visible on his face but he was somehow able to talk though the strain “392lbs, 26” calves, 44” quads, 36” waist, 30” arms and 74” chest.” I couldn’t handle it any more. I moved to Mitch and placed my hand on his shoulder. “Mitch; we’ve made a mistake.” Bruce relaxed his pose and stood breathing heavy. Each breath seems to cause new muscles to swell and flex. “What the fuck is going on here?” He asked. “Oh I see, you too are together aren’t you?” “That’s right” Mitch said “Don’t you remember him?” Glancing at me. “Why would I remember this little guy” I felt Mitch tense “You humiliated Andy here a while ago at your gym. You destroyed his confidence. It was until he met me that he was able to start building his body into the BIG stud you see today.” Bruce stepped closed and looked me over. I could see him searching his memory. “Oh yeah! I remember this little bitch. He couldn’t handle the sight of my massive body and sprayed a load all over himself and the gym floor. Man that was a fun day. Fuck, I was small back then. I can’t believe you haven’t cum again at how huge I am now.” “ENOUGH!” Mitch screamed “You need to me taught a lesson.” Bruce laughed loudly “You think you can do that old man?” With staggering speed, Mitch moved towards Bruce and tackled the giant man. He drove his huge shoulder into Bruce’s shredded abs. The impact shook the walls of the gym. Bruce was driven four feet back where he stumbled on a weight bench and fell over. Mitch wasted no time, he pounced on Bruce, straddled his mid-section and started to land powerful blows to his face. Mitch then stood up and grabbed a 45lb weight plate. I watched in fear as Mitch’s rage took over. He raised the plate over his head and slammed it onto to Bruce’s huddled body. It ricocheted off the big mans shoulder and crashed onto the ground. Mitch gabbed more plates and continued to throw them at the motionless heap on the ground. After a few minutes, Mitch stepped away, breathing heavily and looking as pumped as ever. His eyes were wild with anger and triumph. It was at that moment I started to hear a low chuckle coming from Bruce. I looked down and saw the huge man roll onto his back. He slowly rose like he was performing a sit-up. As he moved, his laughter got louder. With an astounding display of power, the 392lb monster jumped up so he was standing. I stumbled back at his display of agility. How could so much muscle be that nimble? Aside from some red marks from where the metal plates had made contact, he looked unharmed. He squared his shoulders and his body swelled to mind-boggling proportions. “That all you got?” He asked. I’m sure my face was white as a ghost but Mitch seems unfazed. He reached for another weight plate and hurled it at Bruce. With lightenings speed, the massive man caught the weight with one hand. He grabbed it with both hands and started to bend it. Without any hesitation, the thick metal bent to his will. His monstrous forearms swelled with incredible power as the plate was reduced to a twisted metal ball within seconds. “You two think you can hurt this body? Like I said, I’m the BIGGEST FUCKING BEAST on the planet!” He screamed and lifted his arms over his head. He hit a victory pose that would have won every bodybuilding show ever held. There was no visible space between his forearms, biceps, shoulders, neck and traps; just a wall of muscle. Mitch made another move towards the big man, hoping catch him off guard as he flexed. With one slight movement of his right arm, Bruce caught Mitch around his thick bull-neck. I yelped in horror as Mitch came to a hard stop. With little effort, Bruce started to lift. Mitch’s body rose a foot off the ground. Bruce’s arm and shoulder swelled with power but looked to have no problem holding Mitch’s 372lb body off the ground. Mitch tried to pry Bruce’s hand away but his grip was like a vice. “You’re definitely the heaviest man I’ve ever lifted but you are still light as FUCK for me.” Bruce said and a maniacal look came over his face. Mitch was gaging as Bruce turned to look at me. “Strip!” He commanded. I hesitated but Bruce applied more pressure to Mitch’s neck. I quickly complied. I removed my sweater and sweats and stood clad only in my briefs in front of Bruce. “Looks like you’ve put on some weight. Too bad I still outweigh you by over 100lbs.” As if he forgot that he was still holding Mitch, Bruce let him drop. Mitch stumbled back but remained on his feet. He rubbed his red neck. “So let me guess; you two thought you could lure me here to get some kind of revenge. I bet you thought your beefy man here could take me on. Well, I have to give you credit, if there was any hope of taking me down, this big guy would be your best bet. Too bad NO ONE can take me on.” Bruce roared and moved towards the nearest bench press station. The bar was loaded with four 45lb plates per side. He eyed the 405lb weight. He grabbed the metal bar and with little effort, hoisted it off the rack and started to curl. Instantly his already massive arms swelled to new size. He stared at his 30” arms with lust. Each rep caused the muscles to bunch and flex. Their already staggering size was eclipsed by new, scarer growth. He was lost in his self admiration and did not hear Mitch approach. With a deafening growl, Mitch swung his huge leg and connected with Bruce’s incredibly dense lower back. There was a load smack as Mitch hit the beast with all his power. Bruce rocketed forward, causing the weight to crash onto the ground. Bruce however, stayed standing. He spun around to find Mitch already in position for another attach. Mitch had grabbed an empty squat bar and was swinging it like a baseball bat. With a gut-wrenching crash, the heavy metal bar made contact with the side of Bruce’s head. The monster’s eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed on the floor. I was too shocked to move. It was Mitch’s voice that brought me back to reality. “ANDY! Grab his feet!” Mitch screamed. I ran to help. Mitch placed his hand under Bruce’s arms and started to drag him towards the far wall. I couldn’t help but notice the strain on Mitch’s face as he moved the massive man. I grabbed Bruce’s feet and within seconds, he was propped up on the wall. “What now?” I asked in a panic. Mitch looked around the room and settled his stare on the weight chains hanging on the far wall. They were used when doing dips and made from industrial grade metal. “The chains! Hurry and bring them over here.” When I returned with the chains, Mitch had moved Bruce to a nearby metal beam. It was over three feet wide and was part of the buildings support structure. He grabbed the chains and started to wrap them around Bruce’s still unconscious body. With four separate pieces of chain wrapped tightly around Bruce, Mitch searched for something secure them. He returned with a number of metal weight plate clamps, used to secure weights on the bar. With little effort, Mitch started to bend the heavy metal. He twisted four clamps around the metal chains. Bruce was secure. The chains were wrapped so tight, Bruce’s ample muscles showed indents. Mitch stood up and I immediately moved to embrace him. His skin was sweaty and warm while every muscle in his body twitched with anger. “Are you ok?” I asked. “I’m fine. I can’t believe how powerful this freak is.” Mitch said and wiped sweat from his face, exhaling deeply as he did. “What do we do now?” “I don’t know. He’ll wake up soon. FUCK!” Mitch replied, clearly frustrated and without a plan.
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    This is my first ever story. I really welcome any feedback. Please be gentle. Part 1 and 2 (updated) ______________________________________________ Part 1 XXL BIRTHDAY SURPRISE For my birthday my friends promised me a night I would never forget. We headed to the airport and checked in the Airline that flew us to Austin, Texas. Seated in first class the surprisingly all male and athletic looking stewards approached wearing tight and revealing uniforms that showed off their perfect and tight physique and barely covered their massive bulges (yes it seemed like everyone of them was either heavily equipped, sporting a semi or stuffed a big sock down there). They asked what the group wanted to drink. Everyone ordered and then it was my turn. This really huge steward came up to me with a smile and I jokingly whispered “I’d like to have your huge cock”. The steward just kept on smiling broadly, leaned forward unbuckled my seat belt and brought me back to the gallery. He pulled the curtains, made sure no one was following us and started playing with his jumbo bulge, leaned against the wall and told me… ”it ain’t gonna suck itself, get down there” and so I did. I opened the belt, the jeans and then pulled them down. I couldn’t stop getting aroused by the heavy masculine smell of a worn jockstrap. I put my nose on it and started to take the huge and seemingly growing bulge into my mouth and started massaging it with my the jockstrap down and was hit in the face by a massive and beautiful cock. I looked up and said “8.5 inches?” - the steward replied “close. It’s 9.5 fucking inches.” What a great start to my birthday. _____ We landed at about 7:30pm and a limousine pulled up with a back sticker on it saying “Everything is bigger in Texas”. Out of the limousine came the driver wearing a skin tight tuxedo that left nothing to our imagination and he came around to open the door for us. The driver’s name tag read Carlito, was a short but inhumanly muscular bodybuilder and had a cock so huge that it produced an obscene bulge. As each guy entered the car they took a good look at Carlito, but no one said anything but me. I opened my mouth and asked politely, “may I” pointing to his huge bulge. Carlito reciprocated, “No, get in”. Feeling ashamed that I even asked something as bluntly as that, I pouted as we drove to the city. The other guys were laughing, drinking having a good time but I felt bummed that I missed my chance at something so hot. Suddenly the car stopped and the passengers door was opened. Carlito asked if anyone needed to use the restroom. His eyes were glued to me as if to invite me to join. The guys all declined so I happily chimed in and told him good idea. On my way out Carlito started smiling, leaned into my ear and said, “now It’s your turn sexy fucker”. Luckily the place was deserted, we went to the nearest restroom and locked the heavy door. Now that we were alone, I reached down into my pants and found that my own huge cock was rock hard. Carlito made big eyes, leaned back onto the wall and I stepped up in front of him and kneeled down. The bulge was even bigger now than I remembered it. Slowly I started undoing his pants and taking out what looked like a morphed version of a monster cock. “Fuck you are huge”. Carlito just smiled and closed his eyes. I was wetting the cock with my hungry tongue and started massaging his balls. They seem really full and heavy at the size of small oranges. Carlito’s cock keeps growing until it’s at a 90° angle pointing straight at me. It must be as thick as a coke bottle by now and longer than the steward’s cock. “Holy shit. I thought you were a shower and not a grower. This cock must be way over 10 inches.” With that I tried to suck the cock head but it was a huge challenge so I had to use both my hands to jerk off his huge cock. I was in heaven as the longer I sucked and massaged his cock the bigger it seemed to grow. Impossible I thought. All of a sudden Carlito turned around and said “Fuck me right now”. I was disappointed for a little bit until I saw his massive and hard muscled glutes. With some spit I rimmed Carlito’s hot ass and went with my tongue in and out hearing that he likes that grounds with pleasure. I reached back into my pocket and took out my XXL condom, slipped it on my cock and put the cock head towards his hungry hole. I slowly inserted the first 4 inches. Then some more until I was halfway in. And then I started rocked my hip back and forth and he arched his neck up to look at me. Carl had a huge cock but he couldn’t remember the last time he was fucked so deep by a bodybuilder built like me and a cock as big as mine. The two of us bumped ass to cock for about 7 minutes before I blew a massive load deep inside Carl’s ass… ...and as I said to Carl ”do you like it, do you like the way I feel, do you like my huge muscle body pressed onto yours….” Carl leaned back and whispered… “I like how you move but I’m nowhere near finished. I didn’t cum yet.” Just then one of my friends came up to the restroom and asked “are you guys ok in there? We need to hurry up as we cannot miss the dinner”. I thought what a shame, I am dick deep in the biggest bodybuilder ass, cum flowing out his ass cheeks and he was even about to return the favor. I slowly pulled out inch after inch and then said “we will continue this. I can’t get enough of you”… Carl paused for a moment and said…”we will meet again pretty soon. I am sure about that”… I looked Carl directly in the eyes and said “hopefully sooner than later”. I leaned in for a kiss and Carlito returned the favor. What he did next was the hottest thing. While kissing he started hitting a most muscular pose. His body exploded in muscles. Veins visible. As I was still kissing him my hands had to do the work of exploring and worshiping his body. It almost felt like he was growing with every new flex he was doing. My cock was rock hard again. Was I dreaming or was he really growing? I broke the kiss and looked at the naked huge bodybuilder in front of me. What a sight. I sadly had an appointment with my friends so I walked back to the car and Carl just stood there with his massive erection and pumped up huge body. With one last jerking movement and one last look at my huge ass he tried to get dressed. Yes the pumping and flexing really made Carlito grow. Luckily for both of them they had to leave and stop flexing. Otherwise Carlito wouldn't know how big he would have grown. He also went back and squeezed himself into the car and drove off. After only a couple of minutes he pulled up to the restaurant and we got out. For some unknown reason to us Carlito stayed inside the car but made sure to hand out his personal card to me without the others noticing and then drove off. I really hope I will see this guy again. Was he really growing back there? We entered the restaurant and I knew, whatever happens tonight, it was already a birthday I will never forget. ______________________ NEW (03-07-18) Part 2 AIRLINE DELAY Our ride to the airport was smooth and gate check uneventful. Sadly Carlito was busy that morning so he couldn’t drive us. But I sure called him and asked for a ride back. It was the waiting in the executive lounge that got me all horned up. There were two huge bodybuilders waiting with us that i recognized as Iain Valliere and the other was his Russian twin brother from another mother Andrey Skoromny. They were both chatting about supplements and their newest gains. Just then the airline announced a 2 hour delay and apologize for any inconvenience. My friends decided on taking a nap at the VIP lounge, but I was to riled up and couldn't fall asleep. I also overheard a conversation between Iain and Andrey about using the time and letting off some steam at the airport gym and sauna. Before hearing their decision I made me way to the gym, knowing they will follow behind me. I thought it would be a good idea to stack up on some protein shakes before the gym and so I went to the nearby supp store. That’s when they caught up to me and apparently had the same idea as me. Waiting in line to pay my goods out of nowhere Andrey commented on my physique and asked if I also competed. I felt flustered but replied that I didn’t and only aimed to grow bigger. We chatted some more until it was my turn to pay. Outside I waited for them to say goodbye and that it was nice to chat with them. This time it was Iain to ask me if I was not also on the same airline that had a 2 hour delay. I grinned and answered with a short yes and then told them that I was about to use that time to relax my muscles at the gym’s sauna. Iain looked at Andrey, they both smiled broadly and told me that I should join them as they were also heading that way. Of course I willed in to that offer and the three of us walked to the airport gym. We all entered the locker room to find it empty. Andrey was the first to peel down his pants to reveal a sweaty bulge. The jock he put on at the hotel was wet and formed around his swollen cock. When he pulled his jock down his erection snapped down then up slapping him in his taught 8 pack abdomens. I caught that action, but Iain was too busy on his cell phone arranging a pick up from their arrival at their destination. The look on Andrey’s face was pure evil. He grinned at me and stepped forward. He grabbed my crotch through the jeans I was wearing. As expected I was rock hard. We stepped into the shower stall and tore what remaining clothes we had on, off. Andrey leaned in and whispered into my ear. “We saw you checking us out and listening to our conversation. Want to find out whose is the bigger guy? Iain’s or me” I was stumped. Andrey called Iain over and told him to drop his pants. He did and to the pleasure of both of us Iain was not wearing briefs. So, his cock, erect as usual, was pointing straight out. Andrey walked over to Lain and stood alongside him. It was time to settle this debate. I walked over and sat my big muscled ass on the bench. Both guys walked over to me. I looked straight ahead. I really wanted to get this right. I looked at both of them and then down to their cocks, taking each cock in my hand and wrapping my palm around each shaft. It felt good and my own cock grew slightly. Andrey’s cock was thick. The veins that lined the underside were pulsing with blood. The head of his cock was translucent. Small blue veins shown slight and they were pulsing. The black trimmed pubic hair was cut close to showcase his heavy balls. The left one hung lower than the right. Iain was next. I reached up and grabbed it. I got a feeling in his stomach that made me lean back and then forward. Iain's cock was thick, not fat. The kind of cock that when you are at the urinal and you look to your left you think to yourself, that’s impressive. Damn. His hand formed the letter C and when he grabbed it. His fingertips were no where close to touching. The warmth from his dick made me sweat. Judging the girth alone it pained me to say but Iain won this contest hands down. Next was the length and the only way to judge this contest was to open wide and have each guy shove their cock to the back of my throat. Andrey went first and it slid in really easily and in less than a second I felt the cock slid down to the back of my throat. I gulped and it slid down even further. Andrey pulled out and Iain stepped up. My mouth was ready. The head of Iain’s cock touched my lower lip when a fourth guy walked into the locker room and sat alongside me. It was elite athlete and IFBB Pro bodybuilder Kevin Jordan. He had watched the whole thing from the lounge at the other end of the shower room and said the only way to fairly determine the winner was to have him do the judging. With that he pulled a cloth tape measure from his briefs and ordered each one of the guys to line up. Andrey stood tall, shoulders back and Kevin measured 7.75 inches long and close to 6 inches around. Next Iain stepped up and Kevin said “no contest here you are easily 7 or more inches.” Lain cleared his throat and said simply, “7 1/2 in girth Kevin, 7 1/2”. Kevin took the measuring tape from cock base to tip and measured a clear 8 1/2 inches. Feeling good he smirked at the other two and I was next. I stepped before the judge and Kevin dropped the tape measure. When he came back up my erect cock hit the top of Kevin’s head and in one move Kevin opened his mouth and placed his hands on my ass cheeks and pulls me forward. The cock felt good in his mouth. Kevin knew how to suck cock. The slurping sounds and hot breath made me even harder. The other two guys started kissing and rubbing each other’s chest. Kevin was deep on my cock when he pulled out and grabbed the tape measure, first the length 9 1/2 inches and then the girth 8 solid inches. “Fuck” he yelled…”dude that cock his crazy long and thick. Clearly you are the winner up to now.” I replied easily, “I know that but the contest was between my two buddies.” With that the elite athlete and IFBB pro bodybuilder Kevin Jordan stood up. He dropped his briefs and what fell forward startled all three of us. Iain took a step back and I looked towards the ceiling. When I brought my head back down to look at it, Andrey was on his knees with what seemed to be a baseball bat fucking the back of his head. He was being skull fucked by a battering ram. He pulled his mouth off the swollen cock and sat back on his hands. Kevin took his own manhood into his hands and stroked out a load that was epic. Thick milk covered the floor. All three were in awe. With that release, Kevin took a step back turned and said “sorry guys’ the clear winner is walking away. My 11-inch dick and I need a shower. If you are not still in shock feel free to join otherwise can someone please clean up my load…” ..to be continued ?
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    Musclave - a tribute to myoder - by theardes This is a tribute to my favorite author myoder - if you´re still out there, this is for you! The doors of the company settlement opened and I went in. The say that I was nervous would be the understatement of the century. But then everything had been arranged, everything had been paid for and there would be someone very unhappy if I did not show up. There had been rumors at first, then the changed men had started to appear in talkshows. There had been a pill developed which increased muscle mass and strength, with the sideeffect of increasing sexual interest as well. When it had first been discovered there was a little of the scientists DNA mixed into the pill by mistake. His collegue who took the pill, also by "mistake" had developed a unconditional love and obedience towards him. As they found out that seemed to be an essential part of the growing process. They started selling the pill to willing men. At first it was very expensive, but over time it became afordable to us non-milionairs. The government regulated the use, you had to prove that you were able to provide for your muscleman after the process and he had to undergo it willingly. The company started a website to match potential growers with thier would-be-masters. So I met Nathan. He was a blond, blue eyed, 19 year guy out from the midwest. Standing at only 5´4 I could kiss his forehead when I leaned down. He was athletic, but slim, weighting arround 140 ibs since his 16th birthday. His desire to build muscle had driven him into the gym on a regular basis for the last 5 years and his muscles were hard and defined, but he had not been able to put on the mass he desired. We had been found compatible by the profiling of the company and had met two weeks before to see how we´d get along in person. He proved to be a great guy. I was his senior by 15 years and still we immediately clicked and talked for hours on hours. I had done well for myself in the last years and it brought me joy to invite Nathan to two more dinners. I really thought I had found a soulmate. As I approached the front desk I was greeted by an young woman working for the company. She explained to me that Nathan and I were to stay here overnight, a room had been provided. He would take the pill here and, because the company considered it to be safe, he would not have to be monitored through the process. Still there was a chance for everything, so if we needed anything we´d just have to push a button. Then she guided me to the room. Before I entered the gave me the pill. I had given a blood sample before and this pill was specialy made for Nathan. As I went in I saw a big hotel-like room. It had a bathroom with a huge shower, a small kitchen with all kinds of food and a huge bed. Next to the bed was a workout station with heavy weights and a bench. The tv was running and Nathan sat on the bed. He wore a white poloshirt and blue sweat pants. His hair had a crew cut. As he heard me coming he turned it off, stood up and ran towards me, kissing and hugging me. "I´ve waited for an eternity!" I looked at my watch, he could not have been here longer than half an hour. He spottet the plastic vial with the pill inside it. "Is that...?" he asked. I kissed him back and told him yes. I felt him shaking a little. Everything was about to change. "You know it is okay if you don´t want to go through with this." I told him as I sat on the bed. He sat next to me and put his hand in mine. "I´ve long thought about this. I´ve told my family and my friends so they would not freak out. To tell the truth I´m terrified, this will change everything. As long as I can remember I always wanted to be big." He flexed his arm and his small, hard biceps sprang up. I touched it. "I´ve only known you a small time and yet I really trust you. I think it will be wounderfull." I kissed him. "I think so too Nathan. The modifikations at my house are done, you will fit into it now." He grinned. "I still can´t imagine how it will be." I pulled out the vial and rattled it. "Only one way to find out." I popped the top and handed Nathan the pill. "They call them enhancers, reacting in the brain and stimulating the center that gives us muscle power and energy. More bulk that I had ever dreamed off..." I handed him a glass of water and hugged him. "See you on the other side." His face turned stern and he popped the pill into his mouth and swilled it back with the water. Then we waited. It always took a minute or so work we had been told. "I feel warm." Nathan said. Er stood up and streched his arms. "A little weird, but - ompf - incredible." I stood up and put my hands arround his right upper arm. I could feel the muscle growing. He looked at me and grinned, than he flexed his biceps. It was clearly bigger, and getting bigger as well. His polo shirt started to ride up his abs. He had washboard abs before, but know they were getting bigger as well, growing and the cuts deepening. I helped him to get out of the polo shirt as it began to become painfully tight arround his arms and chest. A cracking sound from his back had me worried for a second, then I noticed I was looking him into the eye, he was getting taller. His chest began to fill out, as I put my hands on his pecs they soon began to be pushed outwards. He took me in his arms and I could feel his back getting broader as well as his pecs pushig against me. All the while he grew in height. "Thank you." he growled, his voice becoming deeper as his ripcage expanded. His legs began to expand the fabric of the sweat pants. Before they could tear he pulled them down and stepped out of them. I went on my knees and put my hands on the growing collums of his quads. He sighed and growled as my touch gave him pleasure. The pill was working at full speed now. His skin started to get a healthy glow, a slight tan as his hair began to grow as well. My hands cupped his calves which began to put on a grotesk ammount of mass. I looked up at the towering muscle giant above me. "I think Nathan is no more" I quietly said "you look more like a Nate to me." He looked down at me. "Yes master. I am Nate, your muscle slave." He began to hit poses to show me his body, changing the poses based on my reaction to them. He really wanted to impress me and give me pleasure. I had to sit back on the bed as I began to feel light headed with this HULK showing off in front of me. His briefs looked painfully stuffed with the enhanced cock and as he tried to pull them off, they ripped and his cock sprang free and hit him on the abs. A small drop of precum was visible as he rolled his pecs which had grown a slight coating of golden fur on them. I was sure he was not able to see the base of his cock over his giant pecs. "Fuck! Look at me!" he said, flexing his swollen biceps which popped up to the size of a bowling ball. "These guns have to be the biggest on the planet" Feel them Master! Please feel them. You made me so fucking huge - I love it!" He bend down and I felt the massive arms as he flexed his biceps over and over. A biceps the size of a bowling ball hardened under my hand. I moaned and put my lips to it, kissing the muscle, then licking the fingerthick vein on it. "Yes master, worship my muscles. You made me so huge. I love it!" He smiled at me. The look in his blue eyes reminded me of the dog I had when I was a child and was about to give him a treat. "Master..." I felt a little light headed. My hands moved to his gigantic pecs and he flexed them for me. I felt the flesh harden under my hands. "You like that master?" I licked the muscles on his chest. "I want to flex these big muscles all night for you. I have to see how strong I am now. My I?" I looked confused for a moment but nodded. His face lit up like a christmas tree and he basicaly jumped over to the weights. I stood up and followed. As he began to curl the heavy dumbells I estimated his height to be arround 6`11. He let out small sounds of joy as he continued to put down the weights, moving to the heavier ones and pumping out curls in perfect technique. With a dumbell the size I usually see the big guys at my gym doing bench press with he turned tome. His biceps were now swollen with blood, the veins on them as big als fingers. "Fuck yeah!" he shouted. "You like this, master? This turns you on? Fuck!" he licked his lips "You´re turning me on master - watch my muscle!" My cock was rock hard. "Get naked for me! Please!" he begged while still curling the massive weight. "I have to see you naked! I need to be fucking powerful for you!" He put on of the dumbells down as I started to undress. I took of my clothes slowly, watching him squirm with lust. When I came to my briefs he had started to bend the dumbell back and froth with excitement. "Show me your ass, master? Please! I need to see your ass!" I showed him and he groaned, his cock jumping a little. "Fuck! Fucking! Hot! Ass! I need it. I need my masters pussy arround my huge cock!" Nathan truly was no more. Massive Nate looked down at me, his eyes were wide with lust. "I need to fuck you master, I need to be inside you!" His eyes were pleading. "Let me be fucking powerfull for you!" I had an idea. "Nate, your muscle cock is huge, show me how powerful it is!" "Yes master", he said. Looking arround he took a big plate of 50 ibs and put his cock through the hole. It didn`t budge. He added more plates. When he added three times my bodyweight his cock was pulled down a little, then he started flexing it and it stood. His face showd no sign of strain. "You like this, master? My big muscle cock lifting this fucking weight! That turns you on?" I gasped. His cock bobbed up and down like there was only a small towel on it. He had his hands on his hips and kept pumping the weight with his massive muscle cock and I just about came watching this. Then he slipped the weight of his dick and came to me. I looked up, past the barrels of pecs to the beautiful face of my muscle slave. He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. Feeling me opening my mouth his powerful tongue pushed into my mouth, exploring it gently. While kissing me he picked my up and carried me to the bed, carefully putting me on it. "Master, I need to make love to your beautiful body!" He gave me a passionate kiss and moved down, kissing and licking my body. I felt his huge arms and wide shoulders, ran my hands through his gold mane as his mouth send chills through my body. He gave me the puppy eyes look again and took my hard cock into his mouth, sucking me gently, then harder. He lifted my legs and looked at me for a sign of approval. I nodded once and he dove down and his tongue found my ass. I moaned as he tongue fucked my ass. The he sat up and draped my legs over his. He took a bit of lube from he nightstand and lubed up his cock. His huge fingers, easily as big as the biggest cock I had taken before, played with my hole. When he touched my prostate I tensed up, but he stopped before I came. "Oh yeah! Master - you like my big fingers playing with your hole? Getting you ready for my big cock!" I nodded again and he shifted his body, pressing his cock head gently against my asshole and the he kissed my deeply and increased the pressure. I held onto his wide lats as he entered me. The feeling was incredible. It did not hurt at all, I felt complete. He really knew how to use his massive muscle cock. His eyes were closed, his face showing the pleasure he was feeling. "Yes, fucking my masters ass. Fucking incredible. I´m going to make you feel really good master!" He continued to fuck me slowly, then he sat back and flexed his cock in my ass. I felt the head deep inside me pushing against my abs as his cock lifted me of the bed. When I made contact with his huge pecs, my cock pressing against his abs he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. Putting me back down the fucking became faster. My hands held onto his forearms, bigger then my own legs as I looked at all that huge mountain of man - the power radiating from Nates body, hard as rock, a slight coating of sweat. He flexed his cock over and over, lifting me of the bed each time and stimulating my prostate like I had never experienced. I reached up and felt his thick traps and gigantic biceps. "It´s all for you master!" His face looked strained, he was getting close. "I´m your fucking slave! Gonna fill you up!" I felt his cock swell a little bigger and then he moaned as I felt him cumming inside me. He pressed his mouth on mine, still moaning and cumming in hot waves deep inside me. My own cum flew onto his shelf like pecs and drippled down over his abs. I had not touched my cock and it spewed for half a minute. He kissed me again and we lay there, his huge hulking mass keeping me safe. We took a shower afterwards, but I was too exhausted to worship him, so after getting clean (and groping a little) we dried ourselves and went back into the bed. I curled up against hin, he put his huge arms and one tree like leg arround me, pulled me to his broad chest and kissed my head. Stroking the slight coating of hair in his forearm I fell asleep. When I awoke I was alone. My clothes had been packed and my luggage was waiting beside the door of the room. The woman from the front desk knocked on the door and told me it was time to check out. I dressed, a little confused where Nate had gone and went back to the entrance. He was waiting for me there. His golden hair was pulled back into a ponytail. He wore a white polo shirt that streched over his gigantic muscles, the blue jeans straining to contain his huge quads and calves. I wondered how he managed to stuff his cock into the jeans. His biceps bulged and he flashed me a heartwarming smile as he openend the door for me, picked up my luggage and followed me out of the building.
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    For your reading pleasure. Thanks for being an awesome space. “You can do this. You can do this. You can do this.” The thought runs through my head like a mantra as I climb the stairs. I find myself at the door to his loft before I realize I'm there. I clench my fingers into a fist in a final effort to steel myself and raise my hand to knock. The door rattles noisily as it slides open. His eyes widen in surprise at my hand in front of his face, still poised to rap on the door. “Whoa – that was quick. People don't usually make it up the four flights that fast.” I look at him and shrug, doing my best to act non-chalant. “What's wrong, out of breath?” He grins toothily at me and gestures to come in. “Not yet.” Well yes, but not from the stairs. Fucked if I was going to let on how he has me panting and terrified at the same time. Of course, he had answered the door in nothing but shorts. We were the same height at 5' 10”, probably even the same foot size, but everything else was different. He was clearly the bulkier one. His profile listed him at 175 but he looked a little bigger in person. He was carrying a little extra bulk from the winter but that did nothing to hide the thickly muscled core underneath. The dark hair dusted across his chest trailed down his abdomen thickening above those shorts that did everything to accentuate the reason we were here today. The fabric outlined the meaty shape of his dick so clearly, he had to be going commando. “This isn't going to be much fun if I'm the only one who's getting naked.” He slides the door shut behind me, audibly sliding the pin in to lock it. “I've got the heat cranked so we don't have to worry about any extra...shrinkage. Bathroom's to your left if you're shy to start.” I ditch my shoes and head left, closing the bathroom door most of the way behind me. I manage socks and pants first, only getting tangled in my own clothes once. I turn to face the mirror and start unbuttoning my shirt, getting halfway down before my hands start to tremble. Cursing inwardly I stare at my hands, willing them to stop while I slow my breathing to help focus. My head snaps up at the sound of wood creaking behind me. There he was, right arm raised and bent to brace himself in the doorway leading to his bedroom. I didn't even notice the other door in my distraction. He looks me over slowly, feet to head, finally making eye contact in the mirror and before approaching from behind. “Hey.” He turns me toward him and rests his forehead against mine. “Here..” He slowly grips my hands to steady them. Together, we finish undoing the buttons. He pulls the shirt off my arms, hanging it off a door handle. It was unexpectedly intimate and incredibly kind. “Do you forget how to undress yourself often?” His smile colour the words softer than they would have been. “Well, no, I just-” Fuck. The heat rising in my cheeks means I'm blushing, something I don't do often. I hate blushing. “I may be a little nervous. You?” “Terrified.” “But you're not even-” “Home turf advantage” I groan. So corny. “And we both know I'm going to win.” “Oh, yeah?” I step back from him then, raising my gaze defiantly. “You remember the rules, right?” He steps back and crosses his arms. I swear he's flexing to make sure I notice the taught balls of muscle that swell. “Oh I remember, all right. Looks like someone's been hitting the stair-master to draw out the inevitable as much as possible.” I preen at the comment. Once we decided to get together and compare in-person instead of online, I had upped my cardio and tightened my diet. I had meant to drop the weight for a while and this real life meeting gave me the extra inspiration to finally do it. I was a lean 152 pounds now, down from the 160 my profile listed. A simple run over my lower body with clippers meant things everything was trim and neat. My upper body was bare until a triangular stripe of dark blonde flaring down below the navel. I also have the sense to wear briefs that flatter my average endowment in the front and really show off the work I put into my ass. “ I just wanted to accentuate the difference as much as possible, you know?” I'm smiling now, finally finding the vibe that prompted us to agree to this in the first place. “It. Worked.” At that he drops his shorts and steps out from them, fondling his sack gently after he does. About four and a half inches flaccid, his ample cock is forced forward to drape over his thick, heavy sack. The balls are a quite a bit tighter against him than I'm used to seeing them on cam; maybe he was telling the truth about being nervous. I raise an eyebrow at him and hook my thumbs in the band of my briefs. Slowly drawing them down, I watch his eyes widen as the material cleared my soft cock. His lips part slightly and his breath hitches as I finish sliding them over my feet and stand up for him to appraise. I barely clear three inches soft. It looks bigger because I took the time to trim, but a quick glance down at himself re-affirms that, while I'm almost textbook average, he, quite clearly, is more. Hips forward, he takes an involuntary step toward me, ready to compare the two together. Blood is already starting to redirect itself toward his thickening member. I clear my throat and he steps back again, imploring me with his eyes. “The Rules, remember?” “But we could just-” he starts to protest. “Trust me?” He sighs and nods before turning around to lead me through his bedroom and back into the open space of the loft. The furniture is all moved to the sides and a large mat covers the empty floor. He has the shades drawn down so the neighbours won't be getting a free show. Every light is on, lending the space a garish arena-like feel. I make special note of the island counter that separates kitchen area from the rest of the space – it could be of special use later, depending on exactly how this night plays out. “Wow. Do I even want to know why you happen to have a wrestling mat this size? Where would you even keep this?” That gets a chuckle but he stops just past the bedroom door and gestures with his chin to the other side of the room. I pad past him to turn to face him, legs bent and ready to spring. “That's quite the bed you just led me by. Pretty big, even for you, isn't it.” I smirk to drive the barb home. “Custom-order.” His voice is a little rougher now. We're both almost ready for the chase. “Guess you need something custom to hold the gigantic fucking weight of your sack. I mean, really, are you even strong enough to lift that thing up when you have to take a piss? I think you might have to start doing some extra curls to handle it.” We're quickly heading full dark, no stars now; just our symbiotic kinks centred on his glorious endowment. He quickly rises to the bait. Literally. His cock rapidly approaches full mast, the skin stretching tight around the tip. It's so damn pretty. He glares and crouches down a bit to lunge at me. He gets a bit of a glazed look, clearly plotting what he's going to do if he fully wins. To win though, he has to catch and pin me first. His lip curl into a sneer and he bonafide growls at me,”I. Am going. To own. You.” “You bet your sweet fucking ass you are.” The words come out as a taunt, even though I'm already saluting his victory. It's on then. The temperature in the space rises noticeably as the chase begins. He isn't slow, but he doesn't stand a chance with all the cardio I've put in. Leg day is my favourite and, while I might not squat several hundred pounds, I have put in more than enough hours to add quite a bit of extra bounce to my step. I only have to outpace him for ten minutes for me to be the one to choose how I get to worship him tonight. I tease him through every sprint, every jump, every panting breath. He tries to banter back about my inadequacy but, really, we're here to 'talk' about him and we both know it. “Careful you don't throw out a hip with that thing!” “Awww, is your big thick dick slowing you down? Too much resistance keeping you from getting enough speed to catch me?” “Shut. Up. Pissant.” “Muffin.” Like that's going to happen. The rules specify he wants to know how big he is and for me to mock him about it. I'm not about to forfeit any time soon. The whole experience is like a football drill crossed with an intense zumba class all from somewhere in special-hell. We're both covered in a sheen of sweat and breathing hard from the constant exertion. He went flaccid right after the start – all the movement quickly solving any erection distraction problems that may have occurred. The flopping up, down, and side-to-side of his endowment could be comical if it wasn't so mesmerizing. We're closing on six minutes now – maybe I'm better at this than I thought? “Does any body else hear a helicopter? I swear I hear a helicopter....” Past eight minutes and approaching nine. The idea that I might call the shots is a little shocking. I had every expectation that I would lose. “What kind of host are you, leaving your mammoth cock out on the floor like that? Shouldn't that be draped on a couch before I trip on it or something?” And then 'or something' happens – kind of. I technically trip. There's a sensation of my foot connecting with something warm, soft, and heavy but when I look, there is nothing there. I tumble face-first to the mat, confused, and flip myself over onto my back. He's already there, looming over me with a face-splitting grin. He drops into full straddle and his splayed hand pushes hard on my chest, pinning me to the mat firmly. “Gotcha.” I squirm uselessly. “You have any other tricks to try or are you ready to call it?” I relax and then try a sudden lunge forward but he already anticipated that. He slams me back to the mat, this time pinning my shoulders down and keeping my legs from bracing against the floor for any leverage. I feel somewhat like a pretzel and seriously turned on. “You win.” He leaps to his feet instantly but with a hand extended to help me up as well. I gladly accept and the heady sensation of someone pulling me to my feet causes me to stumble against him. He catches me easily, holding my arms at my sides while keeping me flush against him. The heat of him is sublime, the aromas from our mutual exertion sending a lightning rod to my groin. We're the same height so it's awkward... for me. The weight of his larger equipment forces my struggling cock straight down. I try to wiggle out of his grip but he holds me still, mouth curled up in a slight smile. “Anything wrong?” “I can't, uh” “You can't what?” “I can't get it around....” “Oh? Does something have you pinned?” He's totally gloating. It makes me harder than I thought possible. “Hnnnhnn” “Maybe you need to do some curls.” “Dick curls? That's not a thing.” I was getting pretty desperate. “Bet you it is. What do you want to bet?” He sounds very confident, like he has a dick-curling-guideline page bookmarked on his laptop or something. “Or maybe we should make sure you stay the bigger man?” “I have no doubt about that. You ready for this?” “Fuck. Please?” I'm practically begging and he hears it. It's not like he's fully soft against me and he's starting to fill even more of the limited room down there. He finally lets me take the smallest step back, freeing my hard-on to spring up at it's full size, just brushing his skin. It's a pretty average five-and-a-half inches long and the same around. We both stare down as he expands freely between us now, his bigger rod gobbling up the new space. His bobbing cock knocks mine aside and under itself as he thickens and lengthens more, taking over the gap to accommodate its superiority. I can feel his slick tip straining against my skin - the sensation is sublime as his foreskin drags itself even wider around the head. “You might, mmmm, want to move back a bit. I'm not. Done. Yet.” He finally lets go of my arms and poses with them behind his head. His cock stretches inexorably toward me as it continues to increase in size. He has to be getting close to his full seven-and-a-half inches. He's wider than me as well and my smaller cock is totally eclipsed; I can only see it if I glance from the side. The moist tip makes contact with my pubic bone again and I can't help letting out a moan. I rock ever so slightly against it, sure that he's done but I'm wrong. It pulses back and widens just a bit more. I am absurdly close to cumming. “You were right about the Chase. I don't think I have ever been this hard. Your smart mouth might even make me harder than seven-and-a-half. What do think about that?” “Fuck. Me.” He smirks at that. Not like my response was unexpected. “If you're lucky. Guess I closed the gap...again. Fuck, just look at me.” And I do, of course. There is no denying my absolute worship as I take in the flexed frame of his arms, his heaving chest, the spectacular trail down his abs, and, finally, the monolithic main event pushing against me between his meaty quads. It's physically digging into my pelvis now, ever harder and precious like diamond. He flexes his hips just slightly against me and the unbelievable happens. I stumble back and fall on my ass. The view is godlike, looking up at him like this and I moan again. His eyes go glassy and wide with unbridled lust – he just knocked a person to the ground with the size and strength of his fucking manhood. His first volley catches us both by surprise. It launches over my head almost entirely, a little of the trailing end catches me on the cheek. My mouth reflexively opens wide in shock and anticipation. He grips his cock for the second volley – he has excellent aim and now I've presented him with with an obvious target. It splashes against my lips and into my open mouth. That's more than enough for me to release my own shot up at him. I spray against his legs a few times as he lets loose at me with the rest of what he's got. The third makes contact against my chin spilling upward into my mouth again. Number four and five paint my chest and torso. He pushes out a sixth load and soaks my balls and cock. Seven is finally a dribble but even that makes its way onto my left ankle and heel. “Wow.” He finally manages to pant out. “Yeah. Wow, alright.” I have to lick my lips and wipe my face clear before I'm able to reply. I slowly get to my feet and cup my softening dick in my hands. The smell of him is everywhere - I have never been so thoroughly and utterly marked. “Um, you need to get over here.” There's an edge of fear in his voice. “Hey, I'm right here.” I finish clearing what I can from my face as I come closer. “Good, 'cause you, uh, you need to see this....” He's still holding his hard cock firmly in one hand and it isn't softening. The head of it is pulsing, the skin drawn taught and engorged with blood. The pulsing isn't just that though. His dick swells more, inching it's way ever closer to me with each second. It broadens in his hand, forcing the fingers apart. He starts making a low keening sound in the back of his throat and his eyes begin to flutter like he's cumming again. I brace him by the shoulders as his cock spools out inhumanly between us – when is it going to stop? His body gives a final tremble and his eyes widen as he glances down. He now has more than twice the cock I do – it might be obscene if I wasn't so hard from it. He touches the tips of our cocks together and the size disparity is comically overwhelming. His face breaks out into the largest smile. “I don't know what you did, but thanks? Like the upgrade? Wanna touch it?” I barely get a finger on the fat, meaty shaft before I'm cumming again against his tip. It's more of a dribble this close to my last one but he takes the obvious appreciation in stride and pulls me for a hug. “I'll take that as a yes.” The hug is a little strange with his gigantic erection pressed up between us. It's only a momentary reprieve. We start to feel his dick pushing upward between us and rush to take a step apart. “Umm, you're not quite done yet?” And that's when I notice it. It isn't his cock getting bigger, it's him. His eyes have already risen so I'm looking just below them, then his nose comes into my line of sight, then my gaze falls to his mouth as he continues to grow, and then, at last the top of his chin fills my field of vision. I have to tilt my head back to see his eyes now. “Fuck. Yesssss.” He closes his eyes in bliss as his body starts to gain mass next. The winter bulk melts inward so his already significant muscle mass stands out sharper relief beneath a thinner layer of flesh. His traps rise up a bit and the delts round out significantly to cap his frame. His already ample chest broadens further and the serratus start to pop into view down the sides. The biceps swell into higher, broader peaks in balance to the horseshoe expansion of the triceps. His lats flare out deliciously down to the taper of his waist while his abdomen sculpts itself into a gorgeous six pack. His quads are even more corded now and the calves have a diamond pattern below the skin. The growth ebbs to a halt leaving him a comic-book super-porn version of the already attractive man he was. I reach out in wonder to turn him around but he tackles me to the floor without warning. He straddles me again, this time with his knees pinning down my shoulders. His new-and-improved mammoth tool finally softening directly in front of my face. “Kiss it.” Fuck did I want to. I close my eyes for what feels less than a second. Would that even be safe right now? What if he grew more, while on top of me? Would he just crush me into the floor? My panic must have been unmistakable because I hear his voice prompting me back to reality again, just like with the shirt before this began. “Hey, get out of your head. Open your eyes aaaaand, there you go. Not that tough, right? I don't think it'll bite. And really, you kissing my big dick is totally the kind of thing we've role-played online 500 times. Now there's just, more of it. So, here.” He leans down a bit to make it as easy as possible in my pinned state and my lips meet that gorgeous, swollen glans. The skin in scorching and salty. I tease the tip of it with my tongue milking out some remaining semen. He takes a sharp breath in and I feel his cock stretch into my mouth. He pulls back quickly and leans back on his haunches. “Easy there, I don't think we're ready for what might happen if you do that yet. You remember what I said earlier?” Huh?” I'm entranced by his heavy, pendulous endowment swaying with each movement. “Eyes up here.” He grips my jaw and moves my head so I look him in the face. “Who owns you?” “What?” This wasn't exactly my brightest moment. “I said, Who. Owns. You?” He's growling again. “You do. You won.” It was a theme we often used. My final submission to his superiority – thank fuck he wasn't an asshole. It seemed even more fitting now that he was, well, this new version of himself. “That's right, you're mine.” With that he leans back on his heels, grips my by the chest and stands up with me in his hands. “Hmm, that was easier than I thought.” “Easier than you....?” I limp over to the island to steady myself. “Did you even look at yourself to see what you look like?” “Not...really? It's not like there's a mirror in here or anything.” He's right of course, but shouldn't he have been able to see some of it? “Bathroom. Now.” I start toward the door without waiting to see if he follows. “Mmhmm?” “Stop weighing your junk from hand to hand like a slinky and come look at yourself.” “Yeah, but it's soooo heavy.” He shoots me the dopiest grin. “So's the rest of you.” “Is that a fat joke?” “Just get in here, you dork.” “Fine.” I hear his heavier footfalls approaching the door. He steps into the room and really looks at all of himself in the mirror. “Is that all me?” “Uh-huh.” “Holy fuck! Really?” “Well it sure as shit isn't me, so, yeah.” “That sass though. You sure that's such a great idea right now?” He flexes an arm into a curl in my direction, pitifully failing at a scowl. “Seriously? Get on your scale. We have to see this. Do you have a tape measure anywhere? Bedroom maybe?” He hustles to get on it, I have his full attention now with the numbers. “Right there, top drawer.” Of course he kept in his bathroom. I fish it out while he steps gingerly onto the scale. “I can't. Fuck. I'm...I'm 260 pounds....” “Mmmm. Sweet daddy fuckballs!” “Did you just say sweet daddy fuckballs?” “Shut. It. Stand straight against the wall.” He complies, silently for once. He's taller than I thought – this could be a bit of a challenge. “Need a stool?” He teases. “You'd like that, wouldn't you?” I look around the room for something to make a mark with. “...Maybe.... I mean, I'm already this big so what's a bit more?” Bullseye! Tweezers would do to scratch the paint the tiniest bit. “Okay step out from the wall.” He hovers over me as I stretch the tape from the floor to my mark. I suck in an audible gasp. “Well, what is it?” I turn to look at him, shock and awe apparent. “Six feet, four inches.” His giant dick is coming to life now. “Holy fuck! That's like six inches more I was!” Up and out his member comes. Fuck that thing gets huge. “And 260 lbs.” Full on cock surge from him now. “That's like half a foot taller than you. And 110 pounds heavier.” He eyes me up and down, calculating something while he gently strokes himself harder. I am positive it will be something devious. I also don't fail to notice the switch from inches to feet to describe how much bigger he is than me. “I'm measuring that next, aren't I.” “Mmmhmm” He smirks and keeps stroking. I hold my breath as I do it. I don't think I would be able to stop fondling it if I were breathing normally. It was hot, thick, heavy, the skin blissfully silky to touch. Pulling the tape against it causes a final surge to its magnificent size. The flesh is unyielding as I wrap the tape around his giant fucking hard-on. It takes conscious effort to let out the breath I forget I was holding. I look up at him in full, mindless reverence. “You're 11 inches long and 7.8 inches around. I can't...I can't even....” He leans forward and grips my ass with his larger hand. Lifting me up onto my tip-toes so he doesn't have to lean down as much, he places his lips next to my ear to whisper. “I don't know what happened tonight but, you know what?” His voice is lower, throaty, indescribably sexy. I quiver at the sensation of the sound and breath against my ear. “Um, yes...no...I don't know?” Fuck. Words were not going well again. He was holding me so tight to himself that I felt the corners of his mouth raise into a smile. “I. Want. More.” I was so fucked. Was beyond so fucked because I knew what was coming next. “You want to help me get more, right?”
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    Part One: The hook Tom was a big goof, but I couldn't have gotten where I am without him. We had started working out together several years ago at the same corporate gym. Neither of us had been a jock in school, but we both shared what we knew about working out and developed some routines we both enjoyed. A few years and a couple of jobs later, and we stayed connected enough to usually find a gym convenient for both of us and workout a couple times a week together. Tom was never very serious about anything, but he almost always showed up at the gym when he said he would. We hung out a couple times after a workout, grabbing a bite or watching a game, but outside of the gym we really didn't share much in common. We both made decent progress over the years, sharing similar goals to look good naked with lean, athletic bodies, even if we never played an actual sport. But lately, I had started to feel like Tom was holding me back, keeping me from pushing my body to the next level. I looked at the bigger guys at the gym with a desire that Tom didn't seem to share. Sure, I didn't have to stay with the same weights that Tom used, and with dumbbells I sometimes went a bit heavier than Tom. But, even when Tom encouraged me to go heavier, it felt a little like betrayal of the routine and the comfortable relationship we had built. "Fuck, I forgot shorts," Tom exclaimed as we were unpacking our gym bags in the locker room. "I guess I gotta go fishing," he said with a grin. I chuckled along and lightly shook my head as Tom went back to the front desk. It started as a joke. Tom lost his watch at the gym just a week after joining. As I left after that workout, he went to the front desk to ask if it had been turned in. The attendant showed him a crate of belongings and dug out a couple watches. At our next workout, Tom grinned wide as he showed off his new watch. We hardly ever saw the same person twice at the front desk, and about once a month Tom would decide to "go fishing" and say he lost something. He could give a detailed description of the item he "lost" because he would try to remember some of the contents of the crate each time they brought it out. One time, he randomely got a lock that he didn't even know how to open. "I'll google how to crack it," he said then. As Tom went fishing for shorts, I started my warm up on the treadmill. He came over soon with a child-like grin, pointing at his black shorts that looked a little small and short but showed off his legs pretty nicely. "They have a whole other box for clothing," he whispered. "This one looked clean." The next week, Tom gave me a tank top that had "Do you even lift, bro?" on the front. At first, it felt odd that Tom bought me a gift, especially one that was a size or two too big for me, but then I realized he had gone fishing for it. He assured me that he had washed it at home and bugged me to try it on. He laughed at how low and baggy it fit on me. I don't think he realized how much I wished I had the huge muscles to fill that XL tank. I don't think I really realized it until then, either. The next day I did a workout on my own and I had a growing frustration that drove me to go heavier than usual. Without a spotter, that meant mostly using machines rather than free weights, but my muscles felt a good, deep burn that I hadn't gotten in a while. I looked again at one of the bigger guys with jealousy that almost felt like anger. My thoughts were distracting me while I showered and changed. I thought about confronting Tom, either sharing with him my true desire and hoping he'll support me, or telling him I'm moving on, or was there a third option? I saw another new person at the front desk and in my restless frustration I decided to go fishing. "Hi, I, excuse me, I lost a, um," I fumbled. I thought of what I wanted, really wanted to get, and blurted out, "jar of muscle growth formula." As I froze and felt my face turn red, the attendant laughed. "I saw that and thought it was funny," she replied, then turned and bent down to a lower shelf and produced a generic screw-top white plastic jar that had a piece of masking tape on it that read "Muscle Growth Formula". I was stunned and tried to smoothly say, "Thanks" with a forced chuckle. Trying not to look as awkward and confused as I really was, I grabbed the jar, placed it in my bag and headed out the door.
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    I am perfection itself. More than that. I almost feel perfection is an insult. There are many people that say they are "perfect", but there is only one of me. And I am more than any other man can ever hope to be. A lot of people don't believe that I really exist. That I am, in fact, a real human being. They think I'm just a photo, an image created by a particularly horny and talented artist. But I'm real. I know you want to see me. But I wouldn't want you to. Because, if you did, you might not survive the experience. You see, I am an enormous man. It's sometime hard for people to even recognize that I am human, that I'm not some God who descended on this Earth and took human form. Looking at my body is like gazing up from the floor of the Grand Canyon. It makes you realize just how tiny and weak and insignifant you really are. When you stand before me, the top of your head just grazing the bottom of my pecs, and look up, all you see is my massive chest, just two beautiful round heaving mass of muscle that flex and roll and grow with every breath of my lungs. My pecs totally eclipse your body, blocking out the sun, their size so impossibly, unbelievably huge that their bulging mass occupies every inch of your sight. You take a big step back, and tilt your head up thirty degrees. Now, you are staring straight into my nipples. They're perfectly shaped, so thick and dark that you feel an overwhelming need to kiss them, to lick and such on them. Breathing, eating, living, loving - you forget all these things. You forget your family, your friends, your children, your husband or wife. Because my pecs overpower them, just with their sheer existence, the way they subtly sway and bounce like a hypnotic lapdance. You grab them, then gasp, realizing that despite their elastic appearance, they are as hard as rock. You grab tighter, then try to punch them, but your hands fail to even dent my liquid iron chest. I chuckle - a sound so deep, so powerful, so masculine that you soak your pants right where you stand - and then hug my arms around you. You freeze - not because of the shock, but because you literally cannot move. My muscles are so impenetrably hard that, if you closed your eyes, you would really believe you are trapped between rock cliffs on a mountain. You feel how strong my muscles are - that if I evenly accidentally flexed a little bit too hard, your bones would shatter like cheap plastic. Even my veins are harder than your muscles, you realize, as the vein atop my left bicep rhythmically crushes your right rib with every pump of blood. I'm pumping out so much heat, you feel like you're in an oven, my body warmth alone causing you to sweat. My arms are literally wider around than your torso is, and unlike your torso, my arms are pure muscle. I remove my left arm, relieving your upper body of an intense amount of stress, and then extend it, fully straight at a horizontal. Even held this way, completely relaxed, my arms boast size proportionally obscene. With my almost nonexistant bodyfat, you can see every single muscle head - the deltoids, the bicpes, the triceps - and the way they lazily roll over each other, bowling balls of unfathomable size, every time I make the slightest move. I twitch, and my tricep erupts, flaring out to a size that proportionally would make Mr. Olympia green with envy. Then I flex my bicep, slowly, savoring the growth of the half-moon muscle until it peaks. I gaze upon it lovingly. These are my favorite muscles. They are perfect. Nobody has ever developed arms like these in the course of human history, and nobody ever will. Then I turn my sight towards you, and you subconsciously, meet my gaze. And then you forget. You forget that I am the tallest, largest, most powerful most muscular man on Earth. You forget who you are, where you are, why you are here, what you are doing. You only see my eyes. The most beautiful things you have ever seen. My gaze is so powerful that I gain complete control over you, just with my eyes. What color are they? You forget what colors are. They are deep as the blue ocean, mysterious as the green forest, intoxicating as brown wine. You feel yourself about to cum, so overwhelmed by my unfathomable beauty, a beauty that Narcissus himself would desire. But my eyes tell you not to. Just with a single glance, I override your brain's most primal needs, override your body's nervous system, and take control. I tell you to look at my face. You moan, heart yearing with sadness. How can anyone have such full, thick lips, you wonder. Such flawless cheekbones. Such a powerful jaw. This face cannot be real. If it were real, then the human condition is to be inferior. You despair. Nobody could ever be so beautiful. No other human being, none of the billions that walk on this Earth today or in the past or in the future, none of them could improve upon my perfection. If I were to reproduce with another, my offspring would only be tainted by my partner's inferiority. I must be fake, you tell yourself. It's your brain's protection mechanism, the way you preserve your own ego, the way you preserve the egos of the billions of humans around the globe. But then I do something that proves to you, indisputably, that I must be real. I give you a kiss. Your consciousness, for all intents and purposes, ceases to exist. You are only able to experience understanding because of the tiny thread of human awareness that my eyes have gifted you. You cum, over and over and over, producing new jism like a firehose, unloading at a rate that ought to be biologically impossible. My lips have filled your body with extreme sexual fulfillment, the likes of which nobody has survived. You are wracked with endless orgasms, the only thought imprinted in your mind is the feeling of my soft lips, the way my saliva tastes like sweet honey in your mouth. Satan himself could not grant a tenth of the pleasure that I gave you from that simple kiss, an action so easy and effortless and yet so incredibly deadly. You're alive. Your body refuses to shut down. The power of that kiss, even just the memory of it, is far greater than the pull of the afterlife. I still control your body, even as it shakes and vibrates like an out-of-control fucktoy. I unsheathe my cock. Had you been conscious, you would have died instantly, the mere vision of such a terribly huge fuckweapon too unbearable for the human mind. I place your open mouth on my cockhead and push it down, ripping your hyperextended jaw in half as my penis slides between your lips, fracturing the bones of your skull. I groan in approval, enjoying the massage your rapidly quivering body provides my cock, as I slowly slide myself further and further inside you. Muscles tear, bones shatter, a once-powerful human body broken by just the force of a single massive penis. My cock makes it all the way through you, and your body disintegrates, but not before you witness my own ejaculation. In those two seconds, I unleash more cum than you have in the entire past hour, despite the fact that you have been cumming constantly. I smile at you. You die, happy, gazing into the most beautiful face anyone has ever known.
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    Hope you like. Seems like Part 1 was well received. I’m in my office paying bills for the gym and thinking about Davey. I have not seen him around recently, which is weird. After our first meeting and fun in the sauna, shower, and locker room, I’d have thought he’d be back in the next day. But three days have passed since the last time I remember seeing him in the gym. I pull up his account and see he has not cancelled it like he thought about doing. I see his cell number and hesitate to call him. “My gym, my rules”, but I need to be sure I’m not invading his privacy. Fuck it, I dial. What if something’s up? It wouldn’t hurt to check on the kid. The phone rings four times. He picks up on the fifth. “Hello?” He sounds groggy, like I just woke him up, but different. “Hey Davey, it’s Ty from the gym.” I say in a positive upbeat voice. I pause and wait for a response. None comes. “I haven’t seen you in the gym in the past few days and wanted to be sure you were ok.” Still silence. Something’s up. “Dude, you ok?” “Yeah.” He says quietly and with the same groggy sound. My chest tightens. He’s clearly lying, but he hasn’t hung up on me. I ask a few other questions, but am met with silence. “Anything else?” He asks. He doesn’t sound angry that I called, but I can’t put my finger on what’s up. He hangs up. I’m now looking at my phone thinking back to our meeting. Did I do or say something which would cause this? Did he say or do anything which would make him like this? “Oh Fuck, fuck, fuck. No…no… no.” I whisper. I get his address off the computer, jump up, and race out. My assistant sees me running out. I yell to him that I’ll be back. I frantically drive to Davey’s condo. It’s not far from the gym. I screech to a stop and manically look around for his front door, number 69. There it is, up on the second floor. I take the steps two at a time and run down the breezeway. I stop at the door. I gather myself and think, “Don’t pound, it will scare the shit out of him.” I knock. No answer. I knock again a bit more intensely. I hear footsteps and then someone stumbles and falls. “Fuck.” Clearly Davey’s voice, but it still has the groggy or foggy sound to it. “Who is it?” “Davey, it’s Ty, please let me in. I just want to make sure you’re ok.” I try to keep my voice even, not panicky. “I’m fine.” Clearly he’s lying. I hear him get up and stumble around some more, but he’s not coming to the door. “Leave me alone.” “Can’t do that bro.” “Sure you…” and he falls again. He doesn’t curse or call out. Uh-oh. I put my hand on the door knob and turn. Locked. Fuck. I look around for a spot for him to hide a spare key. No door mat, no wreath on the door, nothing on the top ledge of the door frame. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I am tempted to break his front window, but that would lead to more issues. I see a pot on a table under his front window. The plant has not been watered in a few days. I grab it and look at the bottom, nothing, damn it. As I’m putting it back down, I hear a clink in the pot, bingo. I crush the pot in my hand and the key falls out. I grab it and quickly put it in the lock. I burst into the room and see Davey lying on the sofa. He tripped over his coffee table and fell onto the sofa. The coffee table is turned over and magazines and remotes litter the floor. There is an overturned glass of water on the carpet and a plate with some sort of day old food. I walk to him, see he is still breathing and turn him over so he is face up. He looks like shit. Unshaven, smelly, in shorts and t-shirt. He’s got dark circles under his eyes, but I don’t smell alcohol, which is good. I glance around the room. It’s average size for a condo in this area. Neatly furnished, nothing too out of whack. I glance into the kitchen, nothing there, then peek in the bathroom. Fuck, an open pill container. Clonazepam. A few pills on the sink, a couple left in the container. I rush back into the living room with the container. I sit him up. His eyes painfully open. “Dude, how many did you take?” I ask holding the container in front of his face. “Just a couple.” I can’t tell if he’s lying or not. He starts to gag. Need to get him to the bathroom, now. He can’t walk, so I scoop him up and carry him. We almost get there when he gags again and vomits on me. I turn his head so he doesn’t swallow any of the vomit. I ignore the mess on me, gently turn him over, and set him down in the tub, face down. I am supporting his neck and midsection so he doesn’t collapse and bang his head. He gags again and throws up. I see two pills come out. I look down at my t-shirt and see another one. He starts shaking and I hold him still. He gags again and throws up. No more pills. Thank god. He steadies himself using the sides of the tub, but I don’t let go. I move his hair out of his eyes. I debate calling 911. I look at him and see he wants to sit up. I maneuver him to the side of the tub and I lift him onto it. He’s facing in, I’m sitting next to him facing out. I put my hand on his legs and gently squeeze, “Do I need to call 911? How many pills did you take, Davey?” “Four, today. A couple yesterday and the day before.” “Fuck dude, why?” “It was a bad few days. I needed some stress relief.” He says with some irritation in his voice. “You couldn’t come talk to me?” He turns and stares or glares at me. I can’t really tell which at this point as his eyes seem unfocused. I continue, “I know we just met, but after the locker room, I thought you would have known you could talk to me.” I wave at the pills and say, “This is some serious stuff you were taking.” “I know, I’ve taken it before.” Now there’s a slight anger to his voice, but also a sadness and loneliness. He leans over and gags again, but it’s just dry heaves at this point. I rub his back softly. I need to remember I just met this guy and cannot be telling him how to live his life, but I’m not going to let him fuck it up. I reach over to the sink and get a cup of water and hand it to him. He washes out his mouth and spits it into the tub. He turns the water on to wash it away with the vomit. I say, “Sorry. Yes, I remember you telling me you had been on medication for anxiety. I thought you said you were doing better.” “Yeah, well, crazy few days. First the gym, then the ‘ex’ calls and taunts me, so things just kind of spiraled out from there.” I pat him on the chest, “I’m sorry. I’ll say it now and it holds true from now on, you will call me if something comes up.” I am staring right into his eyes and he is looking back with a gratefulness which means the world to me. “No more of this popping pills, got it?” He nods yes. “Fine. Can you stand up?” He shakily gets up. I support him and I feel his hands grab my left forearm. “You need a shower.” I say with some playfulness in my voice. “Can you handle doing it by yourself or do I need to wash you off?” He says he’ll do it himself. I say, “Ok, stand still.” I pull his shorts and underwear off and I simply rip the t-shirt off. It’s covered in vomit and no good anymore. I turn the shower on and let the water get warm. “Are you sure you don’t need my help?” He shakes his head no. “Ok, I’m going to clean up a bit. If you need me, just yell, I’m no more than two steps away.” He takes his hands off my forearm and leans under the shower. He pulls the shower curtain shut. I quickly straighten up the bathroom. I take my t-shirt off and toss it in the trash. It’s got a big vomit stain on it. No use cleaning it. I stare at myself in the mirror. I break into a sweat and shake for a minute. I grab the cup of water, refill it, and down it. I think to myself, “Pull yourself together.” I look back into the mirror and take a few deep breaths. Better. I go back into the living room and straighten up. Pick up the trash, clean up the spills, and throw away the plate of food. I wander into the kitchen and do the same. When everything seems back in order I walk down the hallway and peek into the bathroom. He’s still in the shower and I can see him through the curtain. Still standing and seems to washing himself off. I go back to the living room and call the gym. My assistant, Kenny picks up. “Hey Kenny. I’m going to be out the rest of the day. I’ll try to be in tomorrow at some point. Can you hold down the fort?” “Yeah, everything ok, you left like a bat out of hell.” “It will be. I’m helping a buddy through a tough time.” “Ok, call if you need anything. Want me to take your appointments for the rest of the day?” “If you could, that’d be great. If not, call Jay, he’ll help out.” “Ok, I saw him and Max come through a while ago.” “Thanks. I’ll be in touch.” I go back to the bathroom and hear that the shower is off. I nudge the door open and Davey is brushing his teeth. “How do you feel?” “Better.” He says, sounding better. “I’ll be in the living room. Come out when you’re ready.” I shut the door and go back to the living room and pick up a magazine. Muscle and Fitness. Of course. It’s pretty good jerk off material with a few ‘okay’ articles. It’s basically Playboy or Penthouse for the gay man. I hear the bathroom door open and shut and bare feet pad down the hallway to what must be his bedroom. A few minutes later I hear him coming back. He sees me sitting on the sofa, comes over, and sits down next to me. He’s put on a new t-shirt and shorts. He is facing forward and quietly asks, “Why?” “Because I think I’m beginning to care for you.” I say seriously, “and I think you’re cute as shit.” I add jokingly as I am tussling his disheveled hair. He turns to face me and he blushes. “I’ve known a lot of people, seen a lot of crazy shit, and sometimes I can’t help myself from being the knight in shiny black armor.” I say flexing a bicep and wiggling my pecs. He giggles. Good. “I think you need to rest and let the medication work its way out of your body. I’m spending the night.” He starts to protest, but I put my hand on his shoulder and say, “Go ahead and try to kick me out. Given the shape you’re in right now, I doubt you could take the trash out.” I arch my eyebrow at him. He sighs and settles back. “Fine. You know where the kitchen is, grab anything you’d like.” “Do you want anything before I eat you out of house and home?” “Just some stale bread and water if you can scrounge it up.” He’s got his sense of humor back. That’s good. “I’ll see what I can do.” I rummage through his fridge, not much left. I am able to put two salads together and take them back into the living room. He says thanks and picks at the salad. After a few bites, his appetite seems to have returned. His plate is cleaned off. He leans back again. He closes his eyes. After a few minutes, his breath has deepened. He’s sound asleep. I clean up the plates and sit back down next to him. I sit there and wonder if I made a mistake? Should I have called 911 and let them take care of this. Would he be in better hands, be getting better treatment? Davey tries to scoot closer to me and his breathing indicates he’s out for the night. I put my left arm around his shoulder and pull him close. He instinctively puts his right hand on my thigh and snuggles in. I did the right thing. After an hour of just sitting on the sofa watching him sleep, I twist my way out and lower him so he is laying on the sofa. I walk to the bathroom, take a leak and look in the mirror. I take another few deep breaths and sigh. I check my phone and see a few texts. One from Jay and some others. Jay is making sure everything is okay. I write back and say it is and I’ll see him in a day or so. Everyone else can wait. I walk back into the living room, gently pick Davey up and carry him to the bedroom. King size bed, naturally. I set him down, pull back the covers and slide him under. I strip off my shorts, leaving me in my boxer briefs, slip under the covers as well, and pull them back over us. I pull him close to me again and he is still breathing deeply. Good. I doze, then drift off as well. I wake to the sound of cars outside. I keep my eyes closed for a minute and say a silent prayer that Davey is ok. I open my eyes and he is not next to me. I glance around to see if rolled away from me, but he is not in the bed. The bedroom door is open and I can see down the hallway to the living room area. I don’t see him, but then I hear the fridge door open and shut. I exhale, not realizing I had been holding my breath. My chest relaxes. I get up, throw my gym shorts back on and remember I no longer have a t-shirt. Eh, shit happens. It’s not like he hasn’t seem me shirtless. I walk to the bathroom, take a leak, wash out my mouth, and head to the kitchen. I need to approach this carefully. Last night was one thing, but today may be something completely different. I take a deep breath and walk in. “Hey Davey, how are you feeling today?” He looks up from the counter where he is making toast, walks over to me, and just hugs me. I melt. I see a tear roll down his face and I start to well up too. He asks, “Why? I think I asked last night, but it’s kind of hazy.” He is still hugging me. “Because I think I care for you. And now I know, you’re cute as shit. Last night I only thought you were cute as shit.” He laughs and hugs me tighter. I reciprocate. After a minute we separate and his face is a bit red, but only from the tears he recently shed. I wipe them away. He nods towards the table and I see he made some eggs and bacon. We sit down and start to eat. I see he is looking at me from across the table. I can tell he wants to say something, but is not sure of how to say it. To make it easier for him, I look up and say, “Just promise me you will call me first if you feel your life going sideways again.” “But we barely know each other.” “Dude. Look at me.” I look him in the eyes and continue, “do I look like the kind of guy who makes empty promises?’ He shakes his head no. “Like I said last night, I’ve seen a lot of crazy shit and sometimes I can’t help playing the hero.” I smirk at him. He smiles back. “But honestly. You’re right, besides some amazing sex a few days ago and me helping you out last night, we don’t know each other, yet…” I let the last few words hang in the air. We keep looking at each other. “I would like to get to know you better, if you want to.” He glances down. Have I gone too far, too fast? “If you’re not up for it, just say so, and we can stop it right now. But for the record, I’d like to get to know you.” He’s still looking down, but is blushing. “Even though I’m a pill popping depressed wreck?” “Dude, stop it.” I say sternly. “Last night is what it was. Today is a new day. You’re here and alive.” “But if you hadn’t shown up…” “Yeah, well, be grateful I am persistent. Enough of this morbid bullshit. I need a shower and a new shirt. I know where your shower is, but do you have a shirt to fit me? I am just a little bigger than you are…” I say puffing out my chest and flexing my pecs and arms. He finally laughs. “I may have something lying around.” “Good, let me check in with the gym, and then I am going to get a shower.” I get up, put my dishes in the sink and go into the living room. I call and Kenny picks up, “Did the place burn down?” He laughs and says no. He asks if I’m ok and I say yeah. I say I may be in later today. He says cool. We hang up and I wander to the bathroom. I turn the water on and wait for it to heat up. Once it’s nice and hot, I strip, step in, and pull the curtain closed. I stand under the showerhead and let the hot water soak me from head to toe. I am still questioning if I’ve done the right thing. I finally decide I did, and put it to rest. I hopefully have a new boyfriend. I start to lather myself up when I hear the curtain pull back and Davey says, “Mind if I join you?” He is sporting a rock hard boner. I grin and nod yes. He steps in and stands behind me. He hugs me again and I feel his hands pull himself closer to me. I intertwine our fingers and he grabs ahold. His dick is riding my crack and he gently slides it up and down. I tense and loosen my ass cheeks to match his movements. His dick slips into my crack and he slows the motion, holding it. I tense my cheeks and he moans like he is in heaven. He slides his dick lower and it goes between my legs. I tighten my legs and he starts to thrust. It’s nice motion. I gently push back to meet his thrusts. He pulls on my abs, trying to bring me closer to him. He lays his head on my back and every once in a while lays kisses on it. He resumes running his fingers up and down my abs. I tense them and he slows his movement, fingering each abs and valley. He sighs. I sigh. His dick is still between my legs going back and forth. He moves his hands further up my body, to my pecs. He grabs the nipples and starts to twist them. I let out a low moan. He lets go and starts playing with my pecs, scraping his fingers along the muscles. I tense my pecs and they become hard. He feels up the granite and playfully pounds on them. I move my hands around his body and grab his ass and increase his back and forth motion letting know to speed it up. He obliges. He slides his dick out from between my legs and turns me around. He looks up into my eyes. I see a gratefulness and yearning in them. Now it’s my turn. I lower myself and slip my dick between his legs. He puts his arms over my shoulders. I lift him up. We are face to face. He moves in and gently kisses my lips. He pulls back and comes at me again. This time there is more urgency. He presses his lips to mine and puts his hands behind my head and pulls me closer. As he is kissing me he is sliding his hips along the length of my dick and moaning the whole time. We stop kissing and I say, “Bed. Now.” He nods. We disengage, turn the water off, and get out of the shower. I pick him up under his armpits and make our way to the bedroom. We step into the room and I look him in the eyes and ask, “Toss or set?” He stares at me blankly. I explain, “Would you like me to toss you onto the bed or set you on it?” “Toss me, muscles, toss me.” He says happily, feeling up my biceps which I flex for him. I decide to have a few minutes of fun and really get him going, before I toss him over to the bed. I lift him up and swing his legs out and maneuver him into a curling position. I start to curl him and he hooks his left arm around my neck for support. I look down at him and ask, “You really think I’m going to let you slip out and fall?” “No.” And he moves his hand off my neck. I laugh heartily and he smiles back up at me. I resume the curls. I get to about twenty and based on the erectness of his dick, he’s impressed. I lay on the floor and motion for him to come lay on my chest. He gets on and I put my hands on him, testing for the right balance spot. “Hold still so you don’t wobble off.” He nods ok. I start to bench press him. “Remember when I was tossing 545lbs around a few days ago?” “Yeah.” “This is what it feels like.” “I like it.” “Figured you would.” On my last press, I push up and actually toss Davey up a few inches. He free falls back into my hands and says whoa. I keep my hands on his chest and work my way back to a standing position. “Little stronger than you thought?” He nods yes, amazed at what I’m doing with him. I press him a few times over head and his dick looks like it’s about to explode. Can’t have that. Not yet at least. I bring him back down to the curling position, lean over for a kiss, which he is happy to supply. I ask if he’s ready. He nods yes. I toss him the last five feet and he lands in the middle of the bed, face up. I walk up to the edge and he crawls over, stands up, and leans down to kiss me on the top of my head. We laugh. I give him a strawberry on his abs, which he tenses, to show off. He starts to back away, but I wrap my arms around him to keep him close. He doesn’t struggle too much. I lick the space between his pecs, wetting it. I pull his legs out from under him and he falls backward onto the bed. He scoots backwards so he is in the middle of it. I begin to crawl up the bed and overtop of him. He stares at me like I’m an incoming storm. I have a cockeyed grin on my face and when I reach his dick, I lick it likes it’s ice cream cone that’s starting to melt. He puts his hands over his head and arches his back in pleasure. I keep at it and move a finger towards his hole. I slowly circle it and then gently push it in. He opens his mouth, but no sound comes out. I continue to push it in. I’m two knuckles in and begin a slow in and out motion. I’m still licking his unit which is sticking straight up in the air. Again, it’s very impressive for a guy his size. I leave his dick and continue up his body. His dick slaps me on the side of my face as it falls to his abs. I lap at his bellybutton. It’s an ‘innie’, so I push my tongue into it and deposit some saliva. I wash my tongue over his lower ab area and he tenses his muscles again. Pretty nice. I rub my free hand over them and massage them. I kiss each ab and he sighs. It’s almost as if nobody has admired or worshiped him before and he is one hot fucker. I briefly think what, “did his ‘ex’ do to him to put him in this state?” That’s a conversation for later, now I need to make him feel like he is the center of the universe. I continue to worship his abs and move my finger in and out of his ass. I stick a second finger and begin to relax his hole. I move my mouth up his body and am now right below his pecs. I eye his chest and see he does have a nice tight chest and his nipples are small but pronounced. I lick one and he doesn’t move. I try the other one, but still nothing. He leans up, cracks a smile, and says, “My nipples aren’t sensitive at all.” I eye him and begin to nibble on one. He shakes his head and continues, “You could pretty much bite them off before you get a reaction from me.” “Damn dude, what fun are you?” I say as I pretend to get up to leave. He stares at me as I pull away from him. I’m about to pull my fingers out of his ass when I stuff a third one in and fall back on top of him. I don’t crush him, but give him a good scare. He punches me in the shoulders and says, “You’re pretty funny. You had me there.” I lean down and give him a sloppy kiss on his lips. “I’m here for the long haul, if you are.” Davey nods yes. I kiss him again move back to his nipples. I say, “Let’s see what I can do about these guys. Maybe nobody worshiped them like I’m about to.” I attach my lips to one and put my free hand on the other. I start to ravage both; licking and sucking one with most of my might and playfully twisting and messing around with the other one. After another few minutes of what would be absolute torture to me, he looks at me stone faced and says again, “Dude, spend your energy elsewhere.” And then cracks the faintest smile and says, “I’ve got some ideas if you need help.” “No, I know what I’m doing.” I say in return and move my lips off his nipple, but continue to play with his chest. I gently insert a fourth finger into his ass. He lays back down and starts to breath heavily. “See.” I say and he just moans. I move back down his body, licking and lapping as I go. His body is pretty much covered in my saliva but he could care less. He puts a hand on the top of my head while it is still in reach and delicately massages my scalp. I moan and he moves his hand down to my ear and softly caresses the outer ear and ear lobe, then he starts rubbing the lobe between his thumb and index finger. I put my mouth back onto his dick and slowly swallow it, coating it with spit the whole way down. I move my tongue all around it and gently start to suck it. He takes his hand off my head and interlocks his fingers with the ones on my free hand. We hold onto each other. I move my body so that my dick is in position to enter him. He looks me in the eyes and says, “I’d still like you to use protection.” I nod. “I have magnum condoms in my bed stand along with some lube.” “Of course you do…” I laugh. Instead of removing all my fingers and ruining the moment, I simply unlock our fingers, shove my hand under his back, lift him off the bed, and back towards the bed stand. He reaches back into the stand and gets the supplies. I pick him up again and move him back to the middle of the bed and set him down. He hands me the supplies. I use my teeth to open the packet and then expertly slide it on with one hand. I grab the lube and squirt a big glob onto the tip of my dick and squeeze more onto the hand I have inserted into his ass. I work the lube into his ass and then lean over him. “I promise I will not hurt you. If it gets too painful, just say so, I will back out.” He leans up and gently kisses me. I position myself, pull my fingers out, and quickly put the tip of my dick at his hole. I gently push and realize he is not as tight as I expected him to be. I insert my head with an audible pop. His eyes start to roll around and his arms spread to his sides as he grabs ahold of the comforter. I lean over him again and put my hands on either side of him and slowly push my dick in. He’s taking it like a pro and I ask how he’s feeling. He grimaces and says, “It’s bigger in real life.” I laugh. “Just hang on. You’re doing great.” He sticks out his tongue. I get ¾ of the way in and he lets out a yelp. I instantly stop. “Too far?” He nods yes. I back off a bit. He relaxes. I now know his upper limit. I begin my thrusting and make sure I don’t go past the pain point. Davey has released his death grip hold on the comforter and now is trying to apply one to my triceps. I tense both arms and the horseshoes appear on the back of my arms. He feels them up as a way to distract himself from the action at his ass. I start to pick up the pace and his grimace turns to a contented smile. He relaxes his death grip on my triceps and reaches for his dick with his left hand. He starts a slow tugging motion. He uses his right hand to grope my chest, abs, and arms. It’s like nothing is off limits to him. I don’t mind and actually enjoy that he is getting comfortable with me. I smile down at him. He reaches his right hand to my face and caresses my cheek and jawbone. He is doing it very softly and gently, like he’s afraid I’ll get upset if he gets too rough with me. His hand finds its way to my ear and he starts to pull me down on top of him. I look at him quizzically, making sure he wants me completely on top of him. He releases his left hand from his dick and puts that hand on my back urging me to lay on him. I comply and let my full weight settle on top of him. He sighs and wraps his arms as far around my back as they will go. He shuts his eyes and hugs me intensely. I see a tear escape his eye and know it’s not from pain, but for something else, which I cannot figure out. I slow my rocking movement and just lay on him. I am careful my full 220lbs are not crushing him. He releases his hug, opens his eyes with the most grateful look I have ever seen from a guy, and again moves his right hand to my ear and jawbone. I lift my body off his but slowly lean down and kiss him. I gradually start my thrusting motion. He moves his left hand to my face and now uses both hands to caress my ears and jawline. Another tear forms and rolls down his cheek. I hesitate my thrusting motion and looks at me with a ‘don’t stop’ look. I continue. Once I’m back up to pace, he lifts his legs and wraps them around my waist, granting me easier access. I up the movement. He sighs and grabs him dick again and starts to yank it more urgently than before. I lift my right hand and put it on his dick as well, slowing his movements. He squeezes his ass muscles tightly and tries to yank himself like if he doesn’t cum he’ll be in trouble. We didn’t have this issue last time, what the fuck happened in the past few days with his ‘ex’… I definitely need to figure it out, but not now. Now, I need to make sure he gets what he wants and if he wants to cum, I want to make sure it’s an explosion on both ends. I pry his fingers off his dick and wrap my hand around it, completely engulfing it. I continue with the vigorous yanking motion and he sighs. His eyes roll around the sockets and suddenly I feel his whole body tense up. This is it. I give his dick a few good solid pull and feel his balls tighten, pull up, and then his cum explodes out of his body. He lifts his head an inch or so off the bed and his first shot coats my chest, chin, and his face. Once the shot is done, his head falls back onto the bed. His second shot nails my abs. His body twitches. Third shot is less powerful, but spills onto his abs. The last volley dribbles out and over my hand. I thrust my dick into him 3 or 4 mores times and unleash a torrent of cum into the condom. He feels my explosion and wiggles his ass around trying to get more of me into him. I push in another few inches, going past his pain spot, but he doesn’t feel the pain at this point. His brain is overloaded with pleasure. I carefully lean down onto his body, wrap my arms around him, and roll over so he is on top. I slosh him around the pool of cum he left on me and he giggles. He leans up, puts both hands on my chest, and slowly pulls himself up my body, extracting my dick from his ass. When the head gets to the entrance of his hole, it seems to be stuck. He gives his hips a quick, sharp jerk forward, and my dick comes out with another audible pop. He looks down into my eyes with a gratifying look and says, “My shiny black knight.” I puff my chest, toss up a double bi while lying there, and reply, “Just for you.” He leans down for one final kiss and says, “I guess we do need to take a shower at some point. And you need to get back to your life.” “My life can wait, because I hope it’s going to be ‘our life’ from now on.” He tears up again gives me the slightest nod yes and I let a tear escape my eye.
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    So, here is the part 2 (final part). Hope you like it. **************** -From the last paragraph in the part 1- PART 2 “You want to see me flex my guns for you, don’t you?” “Yes, Kyle…more than I’ve ever wanted anything before!” “How bad do you want to see me flex?” “Real bad, Kyle! I need to see you flex…please!!!!” Come on Kyle, flex already, I thought to myself! This suspense was killing me…not to mention the rock hard dick in my pants! Kyle hadn’t even flexed an arm yet and I was already fully aroused! Kyle seemed to be enjoying teasing me, but I was starting to get impatient! “Ok, I guess you’re worthy enough to see these!” And with that, Kyle brought both of him arms up to his shoulders and performed an amazing double bicep flex. He let out a deep grunt as he turned his head to the right to admire his left bicep. Once he had finished admiring the definition of his right bicep, he turned his head to the left to admire his left bicep. He then slowly lowered his arms as he turned his head in my direction. He raised his chin up slightly and gave me a cocky grin. “You like what you see so far?” “Oh God, yes! Kyle, please flex for me some more,” I begged. Kyle raised up his right arm and flexed it fiercely, while letting out a terrifying roar. He stared at it intently. This is when I first noticed how the look in his eyes had changed drastically. Gone were the kindness and friendliness they reflected only minutes earlier. In their place were fire, intensity, lust, passion…even rage. It still amazes me how quick his whole demeanor had changed! As Kyle lowered his tight fist halfway and brought it back up towards his shoulder as if doing bicep curls, I managed to pull my eyes away from his arm to take note of the expression on his face. He almost looked as if he were extremely angry. His eyebrows were lowered, his face was turning a deeper shade of red every second, his forehead was scrunched up, creating wrinkles and his teeth were clenched. If I hadn’t been so turned on, I would probably have been very scared of Kyle right about now. “Look at this fuckin’ arm,” Kyle ordered as he continued to pump up his right arm before finally raising it up to a fully flexed position. “Look how fuckin’ hot that is, Ben! Boom!” With that, Kyle hit another double bicep flex. All I could do was stand there wide eyed, completely motionless, unable to move as I stared in amazement at Kyle’s incredible biceps. The bulge in my pants must have been very noticeable to Kyle! I know he enjoyed the power he had over me at being able to turn me on simply by flexing. That same, cocky grin came over his face once more as he took 2 steps towards me. At this point, Kyle was standing so close to me that I could feel his breath and body heat on my skin. Others would have had a serious issue with Kyle over personal space violation…but not me. I was in heaven! Besides, I don’t think I would have been able to bring myself to take a few steps back even if I tried! Kyle stared down at me, directly into my eyes. They appeared to be a deeper and more vibrant shade of blue than they were earlier. Being this close to him, I was able to fully appreciate just how beautiful and flawless Kyle’s skin and complexion were. I noticed beads of sweat all across his forehead and above his lip before I stared back into his eyes. I have to admit that his constant staring made me feel very uncomfortable. I felt completely inferior to him in every way, so it was very difficult keeping eye contact with him. Kyle was relentless and never broke away. After a little while, I realized that Kyle would not back down and so, I tried my best to keep staring into Kyle’s eyes and succeeded as it became less and less of a struggle. I noticed him raise his arms in a double bicep pose through the corner of my eyes, but our eyes never tore apart from each other. I inhaled a powerful, masculine odor coming from Kyle’s underarms. It was obvious that Kyle had not showered after his workout at the gym. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! It’s very difficult to fully describe or even understand what exactly occurred at that intimate, seemingly uneventful, moment between the two of us. On the surface it appeared to simply be Kyle and I staring into eachother’s eyes, but in reality, it was so much more! It felt as if Kyle was staring deep into my soul and actually snatching it away from me. Looking back now on that significant moment we shared, I wasn’t too far from the truth! After what seemed like an eternity, Kyle finally broke away from my eyes to stare at his left bicep. “Yeah! Look at that,” he muttered under his breathe as he focused on every inch of his bicep. Kyle them shifted his gaze down to his crotch, so I followed suit. Holy shit! Kyle was packing some serious meat down there! I was able to fully appreciate the size of his package from this angle. I remained fixated on Kyle’s packed crotch as it continued to tent out further and further. I wound up determining that Kyle was not wearing any underwear. Oh boy! What I would have given to see Kyle’s cock growing without those stupid sweat pants covering it up. Damn! Just how big is that monster anyway? I would soon find out! Suddenly, Kyle turned around and walked towards his suitcase on the floor. He whipped back around and ordered me to close my eyes. I quickly did what I was told! Just what did Kyle have in store for me now, I wondered! “Ok, open them,” he commanded. I’ll never forget the sight I was treated to when I opened my eyes. Standing in front of me in all his glory, with that trademark cocky smile plastered on his face, was Kyle wearing the tightest, short sleeved, black button down shirt I had ever seen anyone wear before! The tight sleeves only reached about halfway down his biceps. The shirt itself only reached down to his mid abs. This was the first glimpse I had of Kyle’s stomach and it left me dying to see more! He had a thin patch of hair on what I saw of his incredibly ripped abs and a treasure trail that left me silently pleading to head down it’s path. “How do I look?” “How do you think you look?“, I answered back, playfully! “I think I look like the hottest fuckin’ stud you’ve ever laid eyes on,” Kyle confidently replied. He was right! “You ready to see what these babies can do,” Kyle asked as he shifted his glance from his right arm to his left arm. “Hell yeah,” was my response. It was then that I realized that Kyle had a lot more in store for me that night! He seemed to be pacing himself all this time, knowing full well that he couldn’t let himself get too out of control with his flexing before he had done all of the things he wanted to do that night with me. As much as I was on cloud nine, I know that Kyle was just as enthusiastic as I was about his showing off for me. He had never before met anyone who would worship him the way I would and the possibilities must have been endless in his mind! He knew I would give him anything he wanted, do whatever he wanted me to do. What Kyle wanted the most in this world was to grow! And grow he would…and grow…and grow…and grow…and grow…and I would be the one to help make his dream come true! “Watch this,” Kyle ordered. I, obediently, agreed! Kyle began to flex his right bicep with incredible force and held it in that position. He stared at his bicep intensely. “Come on,” he growled. “Rip, RIP!” The sleeves of Kyle’s shirt struggled to contain his bulging biceps while he continued to stare at his flexed right bicep with determination in his eyes. The veins that covered his entire arm popped out prominently. “COME ON! RIP THROUGH THAT FUCKIN’ SLEEVE,” Kyle shouted. “COME ON! FUCKIN’ RIP!” His arm began to shake violently. All kinds of animalistic grunts and growls exited from deep within Kyle’s body. Just how much longer could Kyle possibly hold that flex for? Kyle’s pumped biceps were begging to be released from the confinements of those impossibly tight sleeves. He continued to flex and flex and flex until… RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! As Kyle’s perfectly peaked bicep proudly burst through the helpless sleeve of his shirt and the sound of fabric tearing echoed throughout the room, Kyle let out a thunderous roar that could probably have been heard from 2 blocks away! Kyle continued flexing his bare bicep in celebration of his victory. “Fuck! That shit always gets me so fuckin’ horny,” Kyle exclaimed as he grabbed his crotch. Wow! He was right! That beast had to be standing at full attention now. It looked massive! I’d never seen a bulge stretch that far out in sweat pants before. “I feel so fuckin’ big, bro! I’m fuckin’ superman! I gotta bust out of this shirt! Where’s a mirror? I don’t see any mirrors in here!” Kyle had a worried look on his face as he spun his whole body around and back again, desperately searching for a mirror. “There’s a full length mirror right on the door! Here, I’ll close the door so you can see,” I promised, as I quickly ran towards it. “And I promise you…I’ll have huge mirrors put in all over the walls of your room,” I added as I shut the door, revealing the huge mirror attached to it. Kyle’s entire face lit up. A huge smile appeared on his face that went from ear to ear. “Sweet,” was his reply. Kyle walked over to the mirror, stopping only two feet in front of it. I quickly followed and stood just behind him, slightly to the left so that I could take in the full view of Kyle’s reflection in the mirror. All of the doorways in my house were unusually wide, which meant that the mirror was also just as wide. That cocky smirk of his reappeared on Kyle’s face as he gazed at himself in the mirror. “This sleeve is history,” Kyle promised as he stared at his left arm and began to perform a most muscular pose that only seemed to increase in intensity with each passing second. “GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” And with that, Kyle’s left bicep exploded out of the restraints of it’s shirt sleeve! I had no choice but to rub my crotch in excitement. I figured that Kyle was so busy lusting over his exposed biceps, that he would not even notice me trying to get some sort of relief from the awful pain I was experiencing in my pants. “FUCK YEAH,” Kyle roared, as he continued his most muscular pose. My God, were his arms defined! Huge veins covered the majority of his incredible arms. His peaked biceps bulged out proudly. “FUCKIN SHREDDED,” Kyle boasted as he continued to flex. “Come stand in front of me!” I immediately did as I was told. Suddenly, Kyle placed his hands on my shoulders and forced me down on my knees. He grabbed the collar of what remained of his button down shirt with both hands and let out a terrifying roar. With one quick pull of both hands, Kyle ripped off his shirt. Each of the buttons of the shirt began to fly off one by one. One of the buttons actually flew right off and hit me directly in the eye with incredible force. Oh God! Of all the luck in the world! Here I was, kneeling before the hottest guy in the world, finally shirtless, but I wouldn’t be able to actually see him because I was blind! Thankfully, my vision returned and all I had to suffer through was a little bit of pain and not being able to open up my right eye for a few minutes. Through my left eye, I looked up and was able to witness the amazing sight of Kyle hitting a double bicep pose as he towered over me. My God, he looked amazing without a shirt. It was everything I had imagined… rock solid pecs that popped out, eightpack abs, an “inny” belly button, a thin patch of hair on his stomach which formed a treasure trail. It took all of the strength I had in me to restrain myself from licking every inch of Kyle’s incredible body. I wanted to get up off of my knees and feel Kyle’s big biceps. I wanted to go back down on my knees, lower Kyle’s jogging pants and suck on his massive cock as if my life depended on it. It took all the willpower I had, but I managed to keep myself from succumbing to any of my desires. I wasn’t completely sure if Kyle was ready for me to worship him yet or how he would react if I did. I remained on my knees and continued to stare up in awe at Kyle’s muscles as he continued to flex. Kyle brought his right bicep up to his face and stared at it wide eyed. He then began to kiss and caress it sensually. His bicep remained tightly flexed as he started to lick every inch of his bicep, tasting it’s power. I watched as his tongue slowly moved up and down and all around the peak. Damn, how I wished that was my tongue! My focus shifted to Kyle’s packed crotch as he rubbed it with his left hand. I did the same to mine. Now only a mere couple of inches away from my face, Kyle’s cock was now bigger and harder than before! It had to be fully erect! When would he finally give in and lower his pants to stroke his cock? The answer was…not yet. I watched with lust as Kyle began flexing his left arm, while kissing and licking it. The only sounds that filled the room were Kyle’s soft, sensual moans of pleasure. I found myself rubbing my crotch more and more frequently, regardless of whether Kyle saw me or not. I truly could not help myself! It was a miracle that I hadn’t whipped it out and began jerking off yet, but I was still worried about what Kyle’s reaction would be. I wish I would have known then what I know now! “Who’s the hottest fuckin’ guy in the world,” Kyle demanded to know as he hit a double bicep pose. “You are,” I immediately answered. “Fuck yeah,” Kyle roared as he flexed harder. “Don’t you forget it!” “Who’s got the hottest fuckin’ biceps on this earth?” “You do!” “Who does?” “You!” My God! I wouldn’t be able to contain myself much longer! “It’s about time we kick this up a notch,” Kyle exclaimed. “Get up!” I quickly rose to my feet, anxious to find out just what Kyle had in mind. “You said earlier that you’re into muscle worship and stuff.” I nodded my head enthusiastically. “You think you’re ready to worship this muscle…this body? You think you can handle it,” Kyle asked as he performed his favorite pose, the double bicep flex. “Yes!” I answered, while nodding again. “Kyle, please let me worship you! I’ll do anything and everything you want me to do!” Kyle crossed his arms and raised up his left eyebrow. “I’ll do things to you…for you…that no one else could do! I’ll worship you as the stud that you are! You are the hottest guy in the world! Nobody has a body like yours…nobody! Please let me worship you!” Kyle smirked. I could tell he was loving all of the praise I was bestowing upon him. “Dude, you think I’m hot now? Just wait until you see how big I’m gonna get! Then, I’ll really be a fuckin’ stud! I’ll be the ultimate man!” “I know you will and I’m going to help you!” “I wanna be fuckin’ massive, Ben! MASSIVE! Even huger than that! I need to be a fuckin’ monster! I won’t be happy until then!” “I’m going to do everything I can to make that happen, Kyle! I promise you!” “Yeah, I know you will. You’ve become addicted to my body, Ben. Your addiction is only going to get worse and worse the bigger I get. Your worship will grow more and more as I grow. You’ll do anything for me…anything I want! And what I want more than anything in this world is to grow! That’s what you want too now, isn’t it Ben?” “Yes, Kyle! Oh God…more than anything!” “Yeah, that’s right! You want that as much as I do! You want to see me become a fuckin’ beast, don’t you?” I nodded my head, excitedly. I was very confused as to what was happening to me! It felt as if Kyle was hypnotizing me in a way, but I knew that couldn’t be the case. I was fully awake and coherent. And it wasn’t as if Kyle had waved a pocket watch in my face and started counting backwards from ten. Kyle lifted up his chin and smirked before announcing, “I think it’s time we take this to the next level!” I had no clue what Kyle had in mind, but I was desperate and eager to find out! “Fuck yeah! I’m gonna be a fuckin’ monster! GGGGGGRRRRRRRR,” Kyle roared while flexing both of his biceps. “Nothing and nobody will be able to stop me!” This was all too much for me to take! My cock was in excrutiating pain. If I didn’t relieve myself soon, I would probably pass out! “It’s time for you to worship me, Ben! Show me what you can do! Worship this muscle hunk standing before you! Worship this amazing body of mine the way it deserves to be worshipped!” Finally! I had Kyle’s permission to do anything I wanted! I knew exactly where I would head to first! My lips attracted towards Kyle’s right bicep as if they were a magnet inches away from a refrigerator. I was immediately hit with the powerful scent of Kyle’s rancid pit. I inhaled as much of his masculine scent as I could before proceeding to kiss every inch of his incredibly peaked bicep aggressively. “That’s it…kiss that fuckin’ huge gun! Worship it!” I continued to abide by Kyle’s wishes. His bicep was pulsating with power as he flexed it harder and harder. I couldn’t kiss every inch of it fast enough. It was burning hot! It felt as if Kyle had a fever, though he was in perfect health. All of that flexing Kyle had been doing must have raised the temperature of the skin of his upper arms significantly! I slowly began licking all around his bicep with my tongue, trying to fully savor the magnificent taste of it. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Kyle was clearly enjoying my worship! Perhaps, he was even enjoying this more than his own, self worship sessions! The sight of Kyle’s thick, dark pit hair and the masculine odor that his pit was releasing proved to be far too inviting for me to decline! I forcefully buried my entire face in his pit, greedily breathing in the smell of his sweat. Before I knew it, I had stuck out my tongue and proceeded to lick up every tiny bit of sweat I could find in his pit. I must have licked every square inch of his pit. My tongue glided up, down and all around in desperate search of more sweat. He tasted divine…though I can see how it may be too salty for some, but not for me! Soon, I was chewing and sucking on his pit hair as well. I even found myself ripping out a few strands with my teeth and swallowing them! Kyle, meanwhile, was in his glory! He continued to let out moans and growls of approval. I remember hearing him say “oh yeah” or “fuck yeah” over and over again. Suddenly, Kyle grabbed a patch of hair on the back of my head and pulled me out of his right pit before ramming my head right into his flexed left bicep. My face slammed into his bicep with such force that I was sure my nose was going to be broken. I couldn’t breathe! I soon realized that was because Kyle was pressing my head so hard into his bicep that I was suffocating. I distinctly remember hearing Kyle chuckle as I began jerking my whole body around, desperate to escape his clutches and breathe in some air. It was no use…Kyle was just too much stronger than me! I gave up. I began seeing stars…and then…..he released his grip! Without missing a beat, I dove right back into worshipping Kyle. In between kissing and licking Kyle’s left bicep with more passion than ever, I tried to breathe in huge gulps of air, in an attempt to restore the flow of oxygen to my brain. “Fuck yeah! Worship that huge gun,” Kyle ordered, “Bam!” And worship it, I did! Kyle even bounced his bicep up and down for me, while I licked it. “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom,” Kyle uttered with each bounce. I noticed through the corner of my eye that Kyle never took his eyes off his bicep. Once Kyle was completely satisfied with my worship of his bicep, he grabbed the back of my head and sent it plunging into his left pit. Yummm…fresh sweat! Again, the smell was very overpowering, but I loved it! I moved my head around in a circular motion, completely covering my face with his pit sweat. It was then I realized that I had officially become a “pig!” I licked up the remaining sweat with my tongue and swallowed every drop. “Fuck yeah! Drink up all my pit sweat! It tastes good, huh?” “It tastes amazing, Kyle,” I replied in between licks. “Good, cuz you’re gonna be cleaning my pits with your tongue every day after I lift, you got that?” “Yes, Kyle! Of course, it would be an honor!” “That’s a good slave!” Had Kyle just call me his slave? “And you’re gonna be worshipping my biceps all the time too! Whenever I say so!” “Yes, sir!” Wow! Kyle was really getting into this! But then again, so was I! I had been doing things today that I had never before imagined doing to, with, or for any other man! “Yeah, you’re gonna worship them good!” With that, Kyle put his hands behind his head and stretched. His biceps seemed to bulge out more prominently than ever in that position. He turned his head from side to side and admired each bicep. I took this opportunity to place a hand on each one of Kyle’s biceps to grab them. I squeezed them as hard as I could, making Kyle flex even harder. He sure loved to show off! My God…his biceps felt like granite! Nothing could ever dent those guns! “You love those rock hard biceps, don’t you Ben?” “I love them, Kyle!” “You’d do anything for them, wouldn’t you? You’d do anything and everything you could to make them bigger…to make me bigger…wouldn’t you?” “Oh God, yes! I’d do anything!” “I need tons of supplements and protein shakes and food. Will you buy me all that stuff on top of the gym you’re installing for me downstairs?” “Of course I will, Kyle! I’ll buy you anything you need to help you get big!” Staring at Kyle’s big biceps and hairy pits, it was impossible to deny him anything…not that I would ever want to! Kyle removed his hands from behind his head and lowered his arms. “It’s time for you to worship these pecs, slave,” Kyle ordered. He then began bouncing his pecs up and down, which sent me into overdrive. I immediately cupped each of his pecs with my hands and grabbed them. They were rock solid already, but when Kyle began flexing them, they felt like steel! I let go of his pecs and began to cover every square inch of them with my kisses. I then, sensually, licked all around each of his hard nipples. I slowly began to kiss each nipple, before passionately sucking on them. Kyle’s approving grunts let me know I was doing a good job. Kyle, then, grabbed hold of my hand and placed it on his abs. I lowered myself to be able to properly worship them. I ran my hands up and down his abs, slowly. This was definitely an eight pack if I ever saw one! This was clearly a guy who must do hundreds of situps and crunches every day! He probably wouldn’t even feel anything if I had begun punching him in the stomach right then and there! Kyle lifted up his arms and placed his hands behind his head so that he could properly flex his abs for me. The definition was startling! Kyle’s razor sharp abs were begging for me to worship them. I stuck out my tongue and licked each ab with devotion, starting from his lower abs and working my way back up to his chest. Kyle then pushed me back slightly and looked into my eyes. “You’re going to worship my big, sweaty feet now,” Kyle announced. Kyle kicked off both of his shoes and I was immediately hit with the powerful odor coming from his feet. Once Kyle removed his socks, the smell only intensified. Kyle ordered me to drop down on my knees and I obeyed. It was then that I saw for the first time just how big his feet were. I had been distracted by Kyle’s other body parts throughout the day, so I had failed to take notice of his feet. “Shit Kyle! Your feet are huge!” “Yeah, I know!” Kyle smirked as he glanced down at them. Not only were his feet very long, but they were also extremely wide. “How big are they anyway,” I asked. “Size 15 wide.” “Wow!” Kyle then began playfully wiggling his toes. Each movement only seemed to release more and more foul odor in the air. “You like these huge feet, don’t you?” “I love them, Kyle!” I sure did! I loved the length and width of them, I loved how meticulously cut his toenails were. I loved the small patch of hair on each foot and the 2 or 3 strands on each toe. I loved that they stunk to high heaven because Kyle had worked out so hard earlier in the day! “Kiss these big, manly feet!” He didn’t have to tell me twice! Though I had never done it before, I kiss, licked and worshipped Kyle’s feet as if I were a pro at it! Judging by Kyle’s moans, he definitly approved! “Lick in between my toes, slave!” I obeyed Kyle and slid my tongue in between each of Kyle’s toes. When I had completed my orders, I looked up at Kyle and saw him flexing his right bicep. This dude never got tired of flexing, I thought to myself. I loved how in love with himself Kyle was. The truth is…he had every right to! Once Kyle realized that I was staring up at him in complete awe, he lifted up his big foot and began rubbing it all over my face. “You love this massive foot, don’t you?” “I do, Kyle…very much so!” “You love their smell, don’t you Ben?” “They smell amazing, sir!” “Fuck yeah…like a real fuckin’ man.” Once Kyle grew bored with rubbing his foot in my face, he placed his foot on my shoulder. “I hope they keep growing, Ben….longer, wider, bigger.” “I hope so too…I really do!” Kyle began increasing the amount of weight and strength he was applying to my shoulder. I was much too weak to sustain all that pressure and soon found myself collapsing backwards onto the floor. The sound of Kyle’s laugher filled the room. He then actually placed both of his feet on my chest and stomach and actually stood on me while hitting a double bicep pose. “GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR! FUCK YEAH! POWER, BABY,” Kyle roared. I grimaced and cried out in pain. If it was this painful worshipping Kyle now, what would it be like when he started growing? Somehow, I thought to myself, I’d enjoy finding out! Kyle must have realized the extent of the pain he was inflicting upon me and seemed to snap out of his trance. He quickly hopped off of me and extended his hand to help me up. “Ben, I’m so sorry. I go overboard sometimes. Damn it! I’m so sorry dude. Did I hurt you?” I regained my composure, took Kyle’s hand and he helped me onto my feet. “No, Kyle. I’m fine! Really! I loved it! Tonight’s been incredible!” I noticed that Kyle’s eyes exuded genuine concern and worry. The intense look in his eyes was gone. The nice, friendly Kyle was back! Damn it! I hadn’t gotten to see his legs and most importantly, his cock! I looked down at his crotch and was devastated to see that he was now flaccid. Fuck me! “Are you sure, dude? You looked and sounded like you were in pain.” I was in pain, but I was not going to admit that to Kyle! I wanted our worship session to continue! I wanted to feel his muscular legs and suck on his monster cock! “I’ve never felt better in my life, Kyle!” Seeing the concern in Kyle’s eyes, I realized I had to think quick. “Kyle, please flex for me! I gotta worship those huge biceps again. I gotta feel how hard they are. I need them! I need to taste their power! Kyle, you’re the hottest stud in the world! You’re the ultimate man! Show me how you put every other guy to shame! Show me who’s got the hottest guns in the world!” I was desperately hoping I had pushed all the right buttons. I got my answer! “FUCK YEAH! I’m the ultimate fuckin’ man! The hottest guy to ever live! BOOM!” With that, Kyle performed a terrifying double bicep pose. I noticed the intense look in his eyes was back. I was pretty proud of myself! “All man, baby!” Kyle flexed his left bicep and grabbed his crotch with his right hand! Damn, he had gotten hard fast! I don’t think my hard on had ever softened once throughout the night! I went to work on worshipping Kyle’s biceps and pits once again, though I was desperate to see his cock. I decided this was it! “Kyle, I have to see how huge your cock is! It looks massive! Please let me see what a real man looks like!” I hoped that I had not gone too far this time! Kyle looked me right in the eyes. “Dude, once you go there, there’s no goin’ back! I just wanna warn you.” I didn’t even have to think about it! “I know, Kyle…I understand!” The truth is…I didn’t, but I was more than willing to find out! “You wanna see a real man? You want to see what every man wishes he had?” “Yes, yes, Kyle…please!” “Good! Hopefully, your eyes and mind will be able to handle it!” Good God, was it that huge? I mean, it sure looked it…but the way Kyle was talking… Before I knew it, Kyle had lowered his sweatpants and kicked them off of his feet. He crossed his arms and a cocky smirk appeared on his face. Kyle just stood there in all of his magnificent glory. “HOLY SHIT,” I screamed out as my eyes practically popped out of their sockets and my jaw practically hit the floor! “IT’S FUCKIN’ ENORMOUS!” “Fuck yeah,” Kyle growled. “It can’t be that big! How is it so big,” I asked out loud. Kyle continued to smile from ear to ear. My mind struggled to comprehend how Kyle’s cock could be this huge. It wasn’t only that his cock was super long, but it was also unbelievably thick. The fact that Kyle was uncut only seemed to increase it’s size. “This is unreal!” With each statement that left my mouth, Kyle’s monster appeared to harden more and more. He apparently loved hearing how big he was and got turned on by how amazed I was at the size of his cock. Amazed…that was an understatement! I had to know how big it was! “Kyle, have you measured it?” What was I asking…of course, he had measured it! If I possessed that massive meat, I’d be measuring it every day! “Sure, I have! But, I want you to measure it for yourself. I want to see the look on your face! You got a tape measure?” My eyes darted from right to left as I struggled to remember where I had put that damn tape measure. I believed it was in a drawer in the kitchen. “I’ll be right back,” I promised Kyle as I bolted out of the room. I ran down the stairs and darted for the kitchen. I rummaged through a couple of drawers before finally finding the right one. I quickly raced back up the stairs with the tape measure and into Kyle’s bedroom to find him flexing in the mirror, of course. “I’M A FUCKIN’ GOD,” Kyle roared as he hit a double bicep flex, his favorite pose. Thank goodness Kyle was still in self lust mode! It meant his dick would still be hard and I’d be able to properly measure it. My reemergence in the room did not break Kyle’s concentration one bit. I walked over to Kyle and kneeled down before him, in silent worship. “Can I measure it, Kyle?” “No! Not yet! You haven’t worshipped my legs yet!” Oh my gosh! I was so distracted by Kyle’s monster that I didn’t even pay any attention to his legs! I placed the tape measure on the floor next to me. Damn, his legs were hot! So masculine, so powerful, so hairy, so defined! They were everything I knew they’d be! This just confirmed that every single inch of Kyle truly was perfect! Kyle began flexing his upper legs for me. I put my hands on each side of his right upper leg and squeezed. My God, were they powerful! I didn’t know that legs could feel that solid! I loved the feeling of his leg hair on my hands. The hair just added to his masculinity! I slowly ran my hands up and down his leg, pretty much feeling it up. Kyle loved it! “Yeah, I got big, powerful fuckin’ legs, don’t I?” “Oh God yes! Kyle, you have the hottest legs I’ve ever seen!” Kyle grabbed the back of my head and rammed my face into his rock hard upper leg. I immediately licked and kissed every inch as fast as I could. The sound of Kyle grunting only made me worship his legs even more! Kyle suddenly turned around, so I could worship his backside. Needless to say, his ass was amazing! Kyle began flexing it, so I reached out and grabbed a cheek in each hand. It felt firm and muscular. I squeezed harder and then proceeded to kiss and lick it. I even, playfully, bit into his right butt cheek. I couldn’t help myself! I then noticed that Kyle had begun flexing his calves, so I worked my hands down to grab hold of them. Just like every other body part of Kyle’s, his calves were extremely hard and defined. The more he pumped them up, the more they seemed to pop out and feel harder in my hands! Of course, I just had to lick, kiss and carress them…so, I did! Suddenly, Kyle lifted up his foot, placed it on my shoulder and pushed me away from him. “It’s time for you to measure my massive cock now, slave! I want to see your reaction when you find out just how much of a man I am!” Finally! This was it! I quickly grabbed the tape measure! My hands trembled with anticipation and excitement as I prepared to measure Kyle’s enormous endowment. I found myself fumbling around with the tape measure and actually dropping it on the floor. Damn my stupid hands! Why won’t they just stop shaking? I shook my head in disgust. Kyle seemed to get a kick out of the situation and chuckled out loud. “Look at you, dude! You’re a mess! I guess you’ve never been around this much of a man before. GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR,” Kyle roared as he performed a double bicep flex and admired himself in the mirror. Then, to my utter delight, he began bouncing his huge cock up and down while he continued to flex. Oh man! As much as I loved Kyle’s performance, this certainly was not going to help me regain my composure or keep my hands still. “Dude, will you measure my damn cock already.” Shit! Kyle was getting impatient! “Yes sir!” I took a deep breathe and placed my right hand underneath the top part of Kyle’s cock. “Holy shit, Kyle! It’s so friggin heavy!” “Fuck yeah! I love it! That’s what a real man’s dick feels like!” I had never felt a cock that heavy in all my life! It had to weigh about 5 times what mine weighed! I thought to myself how good it must feel to possess such a heavy cock…to hold that much weight and mass in your hand every time you take it out to pee. I imagined what it must feel like to walk and carry that much meat in your pants. I pictured how amazing and empowering it must be to view the expressions on people’s faces the first time they lay eyes on a monster like that. The jealousy, the lust! No wonder Kyle was anxious to see my reaction! As Kyle’s huge penis lay in my hand, I began to curl my fingers around it. My God, was it thick! I was just barely able to grip my hand around it! “Damn, Kyle! It’s so fuckin’ thick! How can it be this thick?” Kyle smirked down at me, proudly! He was loving every second of this! “Just luck, I guess,” Kyle shrugged, feigning humility. I took in the view of Kyle’s magnificent penis with extreme awe, amazement, desire, and envy. What a beautiful sight it was to behold! Kyle’s big, round balls only seemed to accentuate his manhood! I loved how they hung low and were covered in light, fuzzy hair. I was beyond thrilled that Kyle wasn’t one to shave his pubic hair. It only increased his masculinity in my eyes. The large patch of brown pubes above his cock seemed so inviting to me. I tightened my grip around Kyle’s cock, which caused him to utter a deep, approving moan. “Fuck yeah! Squeeze that fuckin’ monster! How does it feel to hold that much mass in your hand?” “It feels amazing, Kyle! I’m at a loss for words!” “Yeah? Well, you better not be at a loss for words when you have to read off what the tape measure says,” Kyle warned me. That was definitely his way of telling me to get on with it! I just couldn’t help myself though…I was mesmerized by the glorious view! I took the tape measure and placed it underneath Kyle’s big balls, right where his cock began. His balls were sweaty. They were begging to be cleaned by my tongue, but that would have to wait. Both Kyle’s cock and balls felt burning hot to the touch. I still could not get over how big and thick Kyle’s dick was. It felt good in my hand. Kyle was fully aroused, which was made obvious by how rock hard his cock felt. He could cause some serious damage with that weapon, I thought to myself. How right I would turn out to be! I placed Kyle’s entire huge, heavy cock on top of the measuring tape and followed with my eyes to the point where his cock finally stopped. “HOLY FUCKIN’ SHIT, KYLE,” I cried out in disbelief! “This…this…this can’t be right!” Kyle just looked down at me and smirked. “Jesus Christ! Kyle, this is unreal!” My mind struggled to accept what the tape measure read. “Go ahead, Ben! Say it! Tell me how huge it is! I wanna hear you say it out loud!” “Kyle, your cock is 16 inches long! 16 inches!” My eyes continued to open wider in shock and disbelief. “Fuck yeah! The biggest stud in the world!” All I could do was switch from looking down at the tape measure to looking up at Kyle’s face. “I’m the ultimate fuckin’ man! GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR,” Kyle roared while hitting a most muscular. He then switched to his favorite pose, the double bicep flex. His eyes never left his reflection in the mirror. “Measure the girth, dude!” Kyle didn’t have to ask me twice! I happily and excitedly followed his orders and wrapped the tape measure around his penis. My jaw dropped and my eyes grew wide in amazement simultaneously. “Damn, Kyle! 10 inches! I can’t believe this!” “Believe it, little guy! I’m a big boy! I’m the ultimate fuckin’ stud!” Of course, this was followed by more flexing from Kyle. At this point, I felt like a dog in heat. My mouth watered for Kyle’s beast! I wanted it in my mouth right now! I would give him the best blowjob he’d ever had! My own dick was aching as I continued to stare hungrily at Kyle’s manhood. I rubbed my crotch hoping to gain some relief from my agony. I had never been this hard for this long in all my life! “Fuck! I wish it could grow bigger….longer, thicker!” “But Kyle, look how unbelievably big it is already,” I tried to reason. “I DON’T CARE! IT’S NOT FUCKIN’ BIG ENOUGH FOR ME, OK! I WANT EVERYTHING ON ME TO GROW! MY DICK, MY ARMS, MY LEGS! I WANT TO BE A FUCKIN’ MONSTER! I WANT TO HAVE THE BIGGEST COCK IN THE WORLD, THE BIGGEST BICEPS IN THE WORLD, THE BIGGEST PECS, THE BIGGEST FEET! I WANT TO BE THE TALLEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED! I WANT TO BE THE STRONGEST MAN ON EARTH! I WANT TO BE A FUCKIN’ BEAST!” Wow! I had obviously hit some kind of nerve with Kyle, trying to convince him he was big enough! I would make sure never to do that again! I was quite intrigued by some of the things he was saying! I had already known that Kyle wanted to get bigger and stronger. I had even promised to do everything in my power to help make that happen! But some of his goals and desires were completely unattainable! How could he possibly make his feet or cock grow bigger? Perhaps it was slightly possible that his feet could grow a tiny bit more, since he was only 18, but no way would they grow big enough to become the biggest feet in the world! I guess there were some options available to Kyle if he wanted to make his penis larger, but if he really wanted to possess the biggest in the world, the only option I could think of was saline injection. If Kyle really wanted to do it, I wouldn’t think twice about paying for the many, many injections it would require for Kyle to own the largest penis in the world. I just couldn’t see him heading down that route though! The tallest man in the world thing really seemed unreasonable…though the macrophile in me would have loved that. How would he ever accomplish that one? It was doubtful, by this stage, that Kyle would grow much taller…if even at all! I decided not to press the issue at that time. “FUCK YEAH! LOOK AT WHAT A STUD I AM NOW! LOOK AT THIS BODY ON ME,” Kyle roared. “IMAGINE HOW MUCH HOTTER I’LL BE WHEN I’M EVEN BIGGER! I’LL BE A FUCKIN’ GOD!” Kyle flexed his left bicep, kissed it, and began to stroke his cock with his right hand. I continued to rub my crotch. As Kyle’s flexing increased in intensity, so did my rubbing. The veins in Kyle’s neck and arms bulged out more prominently with each flex. “I’M GONNA GET SO FUCKIN’ MASSIVE, BRO! YOU CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE HOW MASSIVE I’M GONNA GET! I’M GONNA BE SO FUCKIN POWERFUL, STRONG, MUSCULAR! EVERYONE’S GONNA WORSHIP ME THE WAY YOU DO!” Kyle’s monster cock curved upward and began throbbing with excitement. This was, by far, the most turned on I had seen Kyle all day. All his talk about growing was affecting him in a way I could not have imagined. “YOU THINK I’M BIG NOW? JUST WAIT! JUST WAIT! I’M GONNA BE A FUCKIN’ MONSTER! GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!” I was in no way prepared for what happened next! While gazing at every inch of Kyle’s body in silent worship, I was suddenly jolted out of my trancelike state! Kyle grabbed both of my shoulders with his hands and pushed me down. The back of my head hit the floor with a resounding thud. I winced and cried out in pain. Before I knew it, Kyle had lowered himself down and climbed on top of me. He sat on my chest and squeezed his legs together, crushing my sides. Damn, were his legs strong! I imagined this was Kyle’s way of letting me know that I was his prisoner and I would not be going anywhere! I have to admit, though…I was a willing prisoner! I looked to the left and right and was treated to the gorgeous sight of Kyle’s powerful, hairy legs squeezing me with all their strength. I let out a painful moan. “WHO’S THE ULTIMATE MAN,’ Kyle asked me as he hit a double bicep flex and crushed me harder. “You are, Kyle,” I managed to reply through my pain. “FUCK YEAH! WHO’S GONNA GROW TO BE A FUCKIN’ BEAST? WHO’S GONNA BE UNSTOPPABLE?” “You are!” “FUCKIN’ RIGHT! AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT!” I looked up at Kyle’s face and was almost frightened by what I saw! His face was completely covered in sweat and had become a deep shade of red. His eyes were filled with a determination and intensity I had not seen so strongly before in them. His eyebrows were lowered and his mouth showed no sign of a smile. His lips were closed tightly. I looked directly in front of me and saw Kyle’s monster cock a mere couple of inches from my face, throbbing more wildly than ever! “OPEN WIDE, SLAVE!” Oh my God! Was this really happening? More importantly, how the heck was I going to fit that thing in my mouth? Sure, I had given blowjobs before, but those guys were only about half as big as Kyle or smaller! The sizequeen in me had always fantasized about sucking on a cock that big, but I soon realized it was going to be a much more difficult task than I had ever imagined! Little did I know at the time just how impossibly difficult it would eventually become! I did as Kyle commanded and opened up my mouth as wide as I could. Kyle laughed a cold, taunting laugh. “YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO OPEN UP A LOT WIDER THAN THAT!” Well, since Kyle was having his fun at my expense, I decided to have my own little fun with him. I, playfully, closed my mouth, tightened my lips, and nodded my head no. Perhaps that hadn’t been such a good idea! Suddenly, Kyle grabbed my jaw forcefully with his hand and squeezed my mouth open. The next thing I knew, he had powerfully thrusted his massive cock head into my mouth. I was immediately hit by the strong, musky, masculine scent seeping from Kyle’s crotch. None of the expensive perfumes and colognes in the world could hold a candle to Kyle’s powerful jock smell! His swelled head forced my lips to widen even more. My muffled cry of pain caused Kyle to smirk down at me. When our eyes connected, the fire and intensity I saw in Kyle’s eyes sent a shiver down my spine. Kyle flexed both of his biceps and grunted as he admired his reflection in the mirror. I reached out my hand in an attempt to feel his rock hard bicep, but I couldn’t reach. Thankfully, Kyle lowered his flexed arm for a few seconds and allowed me to grab hold of it. “FEEL THAT FUCKIN’ BICEP,” Kyle roared. “FEEL HOW HARD IT IS! CAN YOU FEEL ALL THAT FUCKIN’ POWER? CAN YOU?” I tried my best to nod my head yes, which was difficult to do with Kyle’s huge cock head stuffed into my mouth. “WHAT’S THE MATTER? GOT YOUR MOUTH FULL?” Kyle laughed out loud heartily. There was something quite maniacal about the tone of his laugh and the look in his eyes. “I’M GONNA GET SO FUCKIN’ HUGE, DUDE! A FUCKIN’ MONSTER! GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” Kyle hit a most muscular pose as he roared. I shuddered when I imagined what Kyle would be like when he got even bigger as I felt his cock head throb and swell in my mouth with excitement. This caused my mouth to widen even more. Pleasuring Kyle was going to be quite painful, I feared! “FUCK YEAH! A MONSTER! A BEAST!” With that, Kyle thrusted forward violently, sending two thirds of his cock plunging into my mouth and down my throat. His cock was burning hot! Though I enjoyed having that much mass in my mouth, I gagged loudly, causing Kyle to smile cockily and increase the force and speed of his thrusts. I shut my eyes tight in agony, but a couple of tears managed to escape and trickle sideways down my cheeks. “NO ONE AND NOTHING WILL BE ABLE TO STOP ME! I’LL DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT!” Kyle continued to flex his biceps and stare at his body, lustily, in the mirror. I felt Kyle’s cock continue to swell proudly in my mouth. My mouth, lips and jaw were in agony! I desperately attempted to remove the image of my lips splitting apart and bleeding profusely from my head. No, that was not going to happen, I thought to myself. Just relax and enjoy it! That was easier said than done! “SO MUCH STRENGTH! SO MUCH SIZE! SO MUCH MUSCLE! SO MUCH POWER!” Kyle closed his eyes and rolled his head back in ecstasy, continuing to thrust forward and forcing more and more of his monster cock into my mouth and down my throat. My gagging became much more violent and unbearable. The animalistic cries of agony coming from my throat seemed to be like music to Kyle’s ears as I watched the smile of his face broaden. I didn’t know how much more of this I was going to be able to take! The pain was becoming more and more unbearable and it was an increasingly difficult effort to keep myself from throwing up. The only good thing was that I didn’t have to physically do anything except lie there as Kyle fucked my face. My mouth, forced open to it’s fullest extent, was providing enough of a grip on Kyle’s morbidly obese cock to give him as much pleasure as he would get from jerking off with his hand. I hoped that it was giving him even more pleasure than that. As much as I wanted to suck on it as if my life depended on it, I just couldn’t! It was far too huge! Kyle continued to roar, grunt and flex. All I could do was lie there and stare up at him in awe. I tried not to focus on the pain and instead stared at Kyle’s amazingly defined abs, which rippled more prominently with each thrust. The masculine scent of his sweat grew stronger and stronger as the minutes went by. After what seemed like an eternity, I felt Kyle’s cock rumble in my mouth. Uh oh! This was it! “YOU’RE GONNA DRINK UP EVERY LAST DROP OF MY MAN JUICE!” Kyle ordered. Yes sir, I thought to myself. I wouldn’t have had it any other way! “I’M GONNA WARN YOU, SLAVE…IT’S GONNA BE A LOT!” Oh man! Well, I was sure I was up to the challenge. I was wrong! Kyle’s humongous cock swelled to new heights, the rumbling and throbbing increased, his thrusting became much faster and more forceful, his breathing grew heavier, his abs rippled more definely, his grunting grew louder, and then… “HERE IT COMES!” I prepared myself. “FUCK YEAH,” Kyle roared, his voice louder and deeper than I had ever heard it! Suddenly, Kyle’s monster cock exploded in relief, unleashing a massive torrent of cum down my throat. I greedily attempted to swallow it all, just as Kyle had commanded me to do. It tasted delicious! I had been lucky enough to dine at some of the finest restaurants in the world, but given the choice, I would choose Kyle’s man juice over anything on their menus every single time! A second and third blast quickly shot down my throat, just as copious and forceful as the first. I savored the divine taste of his thick, warm cum as it swam deep down into my stomach. It became much more of a struggle to swallow as Kyle blasted a fourth and fifth time. By his sixth and seventh shots, I had begun choking and trying to cough, but I couldn’t since Kyle still had his massive member lodged in my mouth and throat. When his eighth and ninth ropes of cum blasted out, I was desperately struggling to breathe and cough and at the same time, swallow as much of Kyle’s juice as I could! These sounds I made must have delighted Kyle enormously because I heard his roars intensify and grow much much louder! I remember feeling huge amounts of his cum escaping through my nose and out of my nostrils. Damn, when was this going to stop? Kyle was like a machine! By the tenth blast, I had begun to see stars. I was slowly being suffocated by Kyle’s cum and choking on it! When Kyle blasted his eleventh load, I began twitching my whole body around in a desperate attempt to escape Kyle’s grasp. This only made him squeeze his powerful legs into me even tighter. By the twelfth blast, I was prepared for death! I had given up on my attempt to flee from Kyle’s clutches. I had no more energy left in me. My vision was beginning to become blurred and the room started to spin. The last thing I remember seeing as I looked up was Kyle hitting another double bicep pose and smirking down at me. Then, everything went black! “FUCK YEAH” was the last thing I heard! I was startled out of my sleep by the sounds of loud, animalistic roars echoing throughout my bedroom. I quickly sat up in my bed. Ouch! Good God, my entire body ached! I felt as if I had been hit by a truck! My back hurt, my head, my jaw, my throat, my chest, my nose. I looked at the clock on my night stand. 9:15 am, it read. I noticed that I was still wearing the same clothes I had on the previous day. The majority of the front of my shirt was covered in dried up, white stains. Why hadn’t I slept in my pyjamas, I asked myself. More loud grunts and growls continued to fill the room, followed by a deep yet ear piercing “FUCK YEAH.” “Kyle,” I whispered to myself. At that moment, I remembered everything! Images and memories of the previous day’s events began to race through my head. I laid back in my bed with a huge grin on my face. I almost had to pinch myself to be fully convinced that this was all really happening to me! I heard the shower water turn on. Kyle must be done flexing for now, I thought to myself. I began to go over everything that had transpired the day before. I closed my eyes and thought about Kyle’s amazing body. I instantly got hard as I pictured Kyle flexing his peaked biceps while admiring himself in the mirror. I could almost smell his sweat in the room. I loved how Kyle was so into himself. Ha! That was an understatement! Kyle was in love and lust with himself! And who could blame him? He knew that there was no one else who could compare or measure up to him. It only made sense that he wouldn’t be attracted to anybody but himself. I also loved how obsessed Kyle was with growing. Remembering everything he had said to me the night before about wanting to be a monster sent me over the edge. I began stroking my cock vigorously. I fantasized about Kyle’s biceps peaking higher and higher, his pecs swelling, his horse cock exploding with size…getting thicker and longer. I imagined Kyle’s big feet growing in width and length, his height doubling, tripling. I let out an ecstatic moan as my cock unleashed a huge torrent of cum. Smaller blasts continued to shoot out. This was by far the largest amount of cum I had ever unleashed. It paled in comparison to the seemingly endless gallons that exploded out of Kyle the day before, but it was still impressive. I grabbed a bunch of tissues from the box on the nightstand and cleaned myself up. I decided to take a quick shower, so that I could prepare breakfast for Kyle. I knew it would come in handy one day having a personal bathroom connected to the master bedroom, I thought to myself. As I showered, it suddenly occurred to me that I could not remember going to my bedroom and getting into my bed the previous night. I chuckled to myself as I blamed it on the lack of oxygen to my brain while choking on Kyle’s cum. After my shower and shave, I quickly got dressed and opened my bedroom door. The sound of the I Love Lucy theme song blaring from the tv downstairs clued me in to Kyle’s whereabouts. I hurried down the stairs and entered the living room. The wonderful aroma of Kyle’s cologne filled the room. I was treated to the glorious sight of Kyle, sprawled out on the couch, with his hands behind his head. He was wearing the tightest white wifebeater I had ever seen anyone wear and a pair of navy basketball shorts. His biceps bulged as he stretched. His pit hair looked soft and shiny. His long, hairy legs looked so powerful. His huge, bare feet rested on the edge of the couch. I watched as Kyle put his right hand down his shorts. I loved how Kyle had quickly made himself at home and how comfortable he felt in his new environment. As soon as Kyle saw me, a warm smile spread across his face and he quickly sat up. His pecs appeared to be straining the fabric of his shirt to it’s capacity. “There’s my buddy! Good morning sleepy head,” Kyle joked. “Good morning Kyle! You…you look amazing in that wifebeater,” I blurted out. “Yeah, I do, don’t I,” Kyle replied confidently. “Check this out!” Kyle raised up his arms and treated me to an incredible double bicep flex. “Grrrrrr.” I had to think quick! As much as I would have enjoyed another worship session with Kyle, I didn’t think my body could withstand it so soon after last night. I still had aches and pains all over my body. I couldn’t let Kyle switch over to his “possessed” state! “Kyle, how did I get to my bedroom last night? I don’t remember leaving your room or climbing into bed.” Kyle chuckled. “I had to carry you into your room and lay you on your bed. You were completely out cold.” “Really? Wow! Well, thanx so much for doing that, Kyle! That was so sweet of you!” Kyle laughed out loud, heartily. “Dude, it was the least I could do. I almost killed you last night.” The expression on Kyle’s face suddenly changed to one of genuine concern and remorse. “Ben, I’m really sorry about last night. I told you that I get real out of control sometimes. The last thing I would ever want to do is hurt you. Sometimes, I just can’t help myself. It’s like something else takes over me when I start flexing really hard. I just get so intense. I’m really sorry.” Kyle hung his head low. I could tell that this was something Kyle had gone through many times before. He must have had to apologize to many people in his life for his actions. As Kyle had told me the day before, he had lost many friends because they just didn’t want to deal with him. Was he afraid that he would lose me too? Seeing Kyle look so sad practically broke my heart. I had to get it through to him that he would never lose me! Also, I had to show him just how much I enjoyed that other side to him. “Kyle, listen to me, buddy. You’re never going to lose me…never! I know that most people in your life haven’t been able to deal with that other part of you, but I’m not like them. I told you this already and I mean it…I love how intense you get!” Kyle’s eyes and entire face lit up as he looked up at me. “Really? You mean it? Even after seeing just how crazy I can get?” “Hell yeah! Kyle, I loved every minute of it! Last night was incredible! I’m not going to lie…I’m in a lot of pain today, but it’s so worth it! You’re amazing! And I don’t think you get crazy, so don’t put yourself down like that.” “Yeah, I don’t think I get crazy either, but everyone else seems to think so. Fuck them! They’re just jealous that they don’t have the amazing body that I have.” “That’s the spirit, Kyle! Now, I don’t want you to ever feel bad or feel that you have to apologize to me. I want you to feel totally comfortable living here. This is your home too now! You can do whatever you want to do! I think you’re so incredible, Kyle!” “Well, you’re pretty great yourself, Ben! Thank you for everything! You’re the best friend I’ve ever had! You’re the only person who’s ever really accepted me for who I am and isn’t freaked out!” “Kyle, I think everyone who’s been in your life is nuts! I mean, look at you! How can anyone not accept you for who you are?” We both laughed out loud. Kyle suddenly turned serious and began flexing his right bicep, while staring at it intently. “Yeah, I’m a fuckin’ god!” Uh oh! Time to change the subject! “Kyle, I feel like such a terrible host!” I sat down on the couch next to Kyle. That seemed to snap Kyle out of it. He turned to me with a puzzled look on his face. “What do you mean? You’ve been awesome, dude!” “Kyle, I never showed you around the whole house, I passed out before I could make you dinner. You must be starving!” Kyle laughed. “Ben, it’s completely fine! Last night, I explored the house after I put you in your bed. I love it! I think it’s great! I’m really happy here! After that, I heated up that leftover pizza in the fridge. I hope you don’t mind.” “No, of course not! Make yourself at home! I just feel horrible that I didn’t take better care of you!” “Dude, you’ve been awesome! You can’t help it that you passed out. I was just too much of a man for you to handle last night!” We both laughed. “Don’t sweat it, Ben. I really appreciate everything you’ve done. I love it here!” “I’d do anything for you, Kyle,” I blurted out. I really had to start thinking before I spoke. Kyle wasn’t in his “possessed” state. I had to watch what I said. I wasn’t sure what was acceptable to say when I wasn’t worshipping Kyle. He quickly put me at ease. “I know you would. What I want more than anything…what I need more than anything…is to grow massive!” “I’ll do anything to make that happen, Kyle! Everything you said last night about wanting to grow into a monster was intense. I think that’s so hot!” “I gotta make it happen, dude!” “Well, the first thing we have to do to make that happen is turn the basement into your own personal gym!” Kyle’s entire face lit up at the thought of his very own personal gym. “You can have as much equipment down there as you want! It’s a pretty big basement, so I think you’ll be happy!” “I know I will, Ben! Thanx so much for this! I promise that I’m gonna grow extra huge for you! You’ll see! Nothing and no one can stop me!” “I’d love that!” I winked at Kyle. “Good because I want you right by my side every step of the way! I want you right there next to me every time I lift, watching me get pumped and grow bigger and stronger every day. I want to see the devotion in your eyes grow as I grow. I want to see shock and disbelief in your eyes as I grow into a fuckin’ beast. FUCK YEAH!” With those words, Kyle hit a double bicep pose and gazed adoringly at his muscles. Boing! Oh man! My focus shifted to Kyle’s packed crotch as I watched his manhood force his shorts to rise up higher and higher. All I wanted to do was whip out my cock and jerk off right then and there! I managed to contain myself…just barely! “Yeah! And the huger I get, the more your worship for me is gonna to grow right along with my body. When I get really fuckin’ massive, everyone’s gonna worship me! I wanna feel everybody’s eyes on me! I’m gonna have so much fuckin’ power! I can almost feel it already deep inside of me. It’s just waiting to come out! Boom!” Another double bicep flex. I practically salivated as I watched Kyle kiss and lick each of his biceps slowly. God, I had never heard anyone talk like this in all my life. He sounded like one of those studs from the growth stories I would read on websites like The Evolution Forum or Coiled Fist. But this wasn’t a hot story or fantasy…this was real life…my life! Even though I hated to do so, I had to bring myself to snap Kyle out of his possessed state. I felt that we were heading down the same path as the night before. Most of my body parts still couldn’t handle another worship session with Kyle so soon after our previous one. “So Kyle, we better get moving and get you all that gym equipment right away!” That did the trick! Kyle immediately stopped concentrating on his arms and turned to look at me with a huge grin on his face. “Awesome! So, I can really get anything I want?” “Absolutely! And I don’t want you settling for anything less than the very best! Buy as much as you want! I want you to get all the equipment that you think you’ll need to grow as huge as possible. It will be my pleasure to do this for you.” “Ben, you rock! I won’t let you down! Your mind can’t even begin to comprehend how huge I want to get!” “Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea!” We both chuckled. “Seriously dude. I mean it! I’m gonna grow massive!” “I know you will, Kyle! Ok, so here’s what we’ll do. I’ll give you my credit card and you can drive down to the sporting goods store. You must have seen it…it’s right next door to the gym you were at.” “Yeah, I know exactly where it is! This is awesome!” I grabbed one of the credit cards from my wallet in my back pocket and handed it to Kyle. “Buy anything you want, as much as you want. Offer them whatever it takes to have them deliver the equipment tomorrow! In the meantime, I’m going to have mirrors installed today all over the walls of the basement for you. I’ll have more mirrors put in your bedroom too! There’s this guy I know who did a lot of work in the house for me when I first moved in here. His name is Jim. He’s got a lot of guys working for him. He’ll definitely be able to hook me up today!” Kyle looked down at the credit card in his hand and looked up at me. “You really trust me with this?” “Of course I do Kyle! I trust you completely!” That was the truth! I did trust Kyle whole heartedly! I couldn’t explain it. Most people would have thought I was completely nuts! In reality, I barely knew Kyle at all! We had only just met one day earlier, but ever since I had first heard his voice over the phone, I was inexplicably drawn to Kyle. I felt connected to him. I felt that it was destiny that had brought us together! Kyle flashed me a warm, caring smile. “You can trust me, Ben! You’re a great guy, you know that? I’ve never had a friend as awesome as you before! Thank you for everything that you’re doing for me!” “Well, you’re pretty amazing yourself, Kyle!” The expression on Kyle’s face suddenly turned very serious. “Ben, you know I’d never really hurt you right? I mean I know I can get really intense, but I’d never cause you any real harm. Never!” “I know that, Kyle! I believe you and I trust you! Now, go! Go buy your dream gym! While you’re out, I’m going to call up that guy, Jim and cook you a huge breakfast made for a king! I hope you’re hungry!” “Believe me dude, I’m always hungry! You gotta see how much food I can eat!” “Awesome! So, I’ll see you in a bit! Have fun!” “Thanx, Ben! See you later!” I watched as Kyle ran out the front door excitedly! He couldn’t wait to go buy all that gym equipment! I loved seeing Kyle so happy and excited! I would do anything to please him, I thought to myself. I quickly walked over to the phone and called up Jim after I heard Kyle’s car drive off. As predicted, he promised me he would have the mirrors installed that day and would have the job completed before night fall. He assured me that he would send only his very best workers to complete the job. He told me to expect his guys at my house in a couple of hours. As I walked towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Kyle and me, I stopped to stare at myself in the mirror. I felt pathetic! Being around Kyle had caused me to feel completely inferior to him in every way. I stared at my 5ft 9, 125 pound frame in the mirror in disgust. I had never felt this bad about my appearance before meeting Kyle. I lifted up my shirt and sighed . I had no definition at all to my abs. I rolled up my sleeve and tried to flex a nonexistent bicep muscle. At least I was somewhat good looking. Nothing like Kyle, but I could definitely not say that I was ugly! I just wished that I had more of a tan. My black hair and dark brown eyes were in stark contrast to my pale complexion. I quickly walked away from the mirror and into the kitchen to cook breakfast. About 45 minutes later, Kyle called me to let me know he was just leaving the store. There was so much excitement and happiness in his voice! I quickly placed all of the food I had prepared on the kitchen table…cheese omelettes, bacon, bagels, pancakes, hash browns, sausage. Perhaps I had gone a bit overboard, but I just wanted to make Kyle happy. Besides that, I wasn’t yet sure of what he liked or didn’t like when it came to food. A few minutes later, I heard Kyle’s car pull into the driveway and the car door slam shut. I walked towards the front door just in time to see Kyle walk in, grinning from ear to ear. “GGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR,” Kyle growled as he hit a double bicep flex. “I hope you made lots of food because I’m starving! I need to eat a lot to make these muscles of mine grow!” I was then treated to a most muscular pose. “Wow! Someone’s in a great mood,” I joked. “Hell yeah! Dude, you gotta see all the great equipment I bought! I’m gonna be huge in no time! They said that they’ll be delivering the stuff tomorrow morning around 10!” “Awesome, Kyle! Come on, let’s go into the kitchen!” We entered the kitchen and Kyle’s eyes opened wide when he saw the breakfast feast I had prepared for him. “Wow! Ben, you weren’t kidding when you said you were going to make a big breakfast!” “Well, I want to take great care of you!” “You’ve been awesome, bro! Thanx for everything! I’m gonna warn you though…me eating ain’t pretty.” Kyle and I both chuckled. We sat down to eat and I watched in amazement as Kyle devoured plate after plate of pancakes. He looked like some kind of wild animal! In between bites, Kyle rattled off to me the list of items he had purchased at the sporting goods store for his new gym. He was so excited about it. Even though I didn’t know the slightest thing about gym equipment, his enthusiasm was contagious! I watched in awe as Kyle continued to wolf down another omelette and bagel, more bacon, hashbrowns and sausage. “Wow Kyle! You sure can eat!” “Yeah, I warned you it wasn’t pretty! I need all of this food to grow! I have incredible metabolism! Instead of getting fat, like a lot of people, I can turn all this food into muscle!” Kyle continued gulping down glass after glass of orange juice and milk. “That’s incredible, Kyle! You’re incredible! I’m gonna have to do more food shopping soon!” Kyle winked at me as he reached for more bacon. “Kyle, how much do you weigh anyway?” “170 pounds, but I plan on being a lot heavier soon…all muscle,” Kyle replied as he flexed his right bicep. “I’m going to do everything I can to help make that happen! I’m definitely going to have to do A LOT more food shopping!” I giggled. “And how tall are you?” “6 feet,” Kyle answered in between bites of a bagel with cream cheese. As I struggled to finish my omelette, Kyle let out a loud, rumbling burp. “I’m stuffed,” Kyle exclaimed as he patted his stomach. “Any more food and I won’t be able to move!” I still couldn’t get over how much food Kyle had eaten! There was barely anything left on the table! I guess I hadn’t gone overboard after all! “Yeah, I’m done too!” “Dude, you barely ate!” “I don’t have a big appetite at all. I guess that’s why I’m so thin! I’m actually pretty full!” As I cleaned off the table, I explained to Kyle how I had called up Jim about having the mirrors installed and how the workers would be arriving soon. “Before the guys get here, I’d like to go downstairs to move some boxes out of the way. There’s not much down there, but I just want to make sure that there’s no junk in their way while they work.” “Sounds good, Ben! I’ll come down with you and have a look around. I didn’t get around to going down there last night when I was exploring.” “Cool! Let’s go!” As we walked down the basement stairs, we were both completely unaware of what was about to take place down there! I would be the one to set in motion a chain of events that would have devastating consequences for so many people in the days and weeks to come! Kyle was about to become a very happy man! THE END
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    Marketing In the past, he had once underwent a CT scan. The machine reminded him of that experience, when the movable bunk entered the cylinder. His lean and fragile body rested on the removable paper-blanket, and his naked body was exposed to the dry and cool laboratory air, except for the camo-patterned jockstrap one of the sponsor companies had donated en masse to the lab --- the logotype ostentatiously visible on the waistband. His ears had blushed, when he entered the lab from the locker room, only dressed in this underwear, a surgeon-green blanket and flip-flops, exposed to the gaze of Dr. Bulgakova, Mr. Gruffydd, the Brigadier and Mr. Wolfensteen. Dr. Bulgakova was a stern, but professional, head of research of the project, but, despite her professionalism, he felt embarrassed to be almost naked in the presence of a ten year older woman: Too young to be of his mother's age, young enough to be interested in more appealing men of his own age, and he felt inadequate. Mr. Gruffydd was a lab assistant of his own age: A shy and cute nerdish little boffin. Gruffydd was ok. It had been a boost to his self-confidence, when Gruffydd asked him for training advice, which was a first. The Brigadier was terrifying and impressive at the same time, and, in a sense, it was flattering, that the armed forces were interested in the experiment, but the knowledge, that the Brigadier encountered much more fit and much more strong men every day, caused an awkward feeling to flutter in his stomach. Mr. Wolfensteen caused a similar reaction inside him: The head of the marketing department of a company producing sport nutrition wasn't the average pen-pusher, but a suitable public face for a company helping (or pretending to help) gymrats all over the world to attain their goals, and Mr. Wolfensteen's shirt struggled to keep its wearer's shoulders and neck inside. It was a relief, when he let the flip-flops go, Gruffydd removed his blanket, and he could hide from their gazes inside the machine. The bunk moved, he entered the cylinder, he was surrounded by the machine. It was too late to change his mind now. He had been given the opportunity to opt out, but he had signed all these forms, and now he had to undergo the experiment and stay silent about it. It had sounded so good: "Want to get big? Apply to testing. Generous pay." Years after years at the gym, and still remaining like this. Get his studies payed for testing growth supplements sounded appealing. Too late to change his mind now. Surrounded by the machine. Lack of knowledge caused him to be worried. He knew enough to feel expectant, excited. His heart rate increased. He could hear his heartbeat in his ears. Big. His willy grew in his jockstrap. Not knowing enough. Fluttering in his stomach. What would actually happen? What would actually happen to him? What if there were dangerous side-effects? He was the prototype of ... He didn't finish his line of thought. The humming began and intensified quickly. Though he hadn't felt a thing, when The Formula had entered his bloodstream an hour ago, he now felt his blood vessels burning painfully, and he had to struggle, to not let out a scream. Burning. Painfully. And he heard a sick cracking noise, like bone grinded to bone, which it actually did. He let out a yelp. Something was wrong with his spine and his clavicles. Sick. Cracking. Noise. His arms. Legs. Sick. And for an unknown length of time he blacked out. Sick noise. But another one. Not cracking. Not cracking anymore. More like ... like someone stuffed raw beef inside a leather sofa. And no pain anymore. Actually felt rather good. Yeah, good. SO GOOD! His veins were still warm, but not burning anymore, like a painless, delicious stream of electricity flowed through his system. Painless. Delicious. Power stream. Through him. All of his veins. All of him. Power stream. His traps. Traps felt good. Bigger now. Power stream through his legs. Wow. Quads now. Power in his hamstrings. Power in his calves. Felt broader, wider ... Delicious power stream through his entire back. Humming sound. The sound became louder. Humming and buzzing sound. His body felt like it was buzzing, too. Fuck, yeah, so good. Becoming a real bruiser. Buzzing power stream through his biceps, triceps and forearms, making him more massive. Fuck, it worked. It really worked! It wasn't just scientific guesswork ... It. Made. Him. Bigger. YES! WORKED! BIGGER! BUZZING! POWER! "Intensify the settings, Dr. Bulgakova." "There are safety protocols to consider. We must evaluate this experiment, before we go further." "Our shareholders want to see results. What happens beyond next three-month-report is of no consequence in business. Results now. Intensify." "My scientific conscience dictate ..." "My company is able to withdraw financial support, and what would happen to your scientific project, then?" The machine continued what it was made to do. The voices outside either fell silent, or were drowned in the loud humming sound of the machine. Delicious. Humming. Sound. His body hummed, too. And buzzed. Empowered. His pecs felt meatier, stronger, more powerful. And they buzzed, too, above his granite-hard six-pack. His neck turned into a bull-neck. He moaned. The buzzing. The power. So good. Bigger and bigger. The machine hummed louder now, and his body hummed more intensely, too. FUCK! Yeah, grow this gym-lad. Grow this bruiser you are creating! Give me more! Cram more of it into me! Make me your thuggish brawn-titan! I want ... UHNNNNN! Felt better than anything he could ... UHNNNNNN! Yeah! More! THIS is what I need! THIS is what masculinity feels like! THIS is what it is like to BECOME masculinity! Wild and savage instincts awoke inside him, hidden and repressed deeply inside him, but he knew, that the machine hadn't created them, just released them and amplified them. Amplifying ... YES! AMPLIFYING HIS RAW STRENGTH! HIS MASS! The machine hummed even louder now. He couldn't control himself now, and writhed in growth-frenzy and pleasure. His cock was a steel-hard power-rod tenting inside his camo-jockstrap, and his entire muscle mass had achieved steel-hard qualities. His now bulging mega-mass was covered in veins, and every vein pulsed of humming, buzzing POWER. His steel-rod throbbed. His pecs, biceps and traps throbbed. His entire body throbbed, engorged by forced, voluptious hypertrophy. When the feeling increased even more, he couldn't stop himself from roaring in unrestrained, confident, asserting, ecstacy. Outside the machine, Mr. Wolfensteen lit a cigarette. Dr. Bulgakova watched in fear. The Brigadier had fallen silent in awe. Mr. Gruffydd had a wet blotch around his fly. Mr. Wolfensteen enjoyed the show. The test subject was now bigger, than any roid-head Mr. Wolfensteen had ever encountered in his career. The behemoth of a lad inside the machine, would be the perfect poster-boy for his company's new product line, if the Armed Forces would allow it, and they would. Money talks. This test result would soon become very good for marketing. Probably a good idea to book the photo shoots and video shoots already. They would become a marketing success, he was sure.
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    Thanks for the positive feedback. Here is Part 2. ------------------ Houston, Part 2 After a couple of months of working out with and dating Houston, I woke up one morning full of energy and ready to clean my apartment for Christmas Eve. First though, I rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. As I was taking a piss, my cock felt heavier than normal, not by much but it was a just noticeable difference. I measured it and it was 5 and a half inches. My cock was a half inch longer than when I moved here. I couldn’t explain that at all. I am 24 and shouldn’t be growing anymore. I stuffed my cock back into the worn-out, gray briefs that I was wearing and took note of my reflection. As of yesterday morning, I weighed 240 pounds. I had lost quite a bit of fat and gained some muscle. I had the beginning of abs and my pecs were firmer and wider and not so pointy and droopy. My biceps measured a little less than 16 inches and my quads and ass didn’t giggle so much when I walked. I have always had wide shoulder but now I had back muscles to match. Thanks to the Armenian side of my family, everything had a nice covering of dark hair and the only reason I wasn’t completely hairy was because of my Filipina grandmother. I turned my attention back to my crotch, the bulge wasn’t huge but it wasn’t hidden from view by my belly anymore. I heard Houston waking up from my bed. No, we haven’t fucked yet. He hasn’t pressured me and I hadn’t said anything. Mostly it’s because I am still hesitant, due to being a virgin. Sure, we jack off and suck each other off all the time but no anal yet. Anyway, he got out of bed and strode to the bathroom. The effect it had on me was enhanced because he slept naked and so his semi-hard cock led the way. He saw me checking him out in the mirror and came up behind me, wrapping his arms around me. Shortly after our first time together in the posing room, I discovered that he was 24 years old and 6 feet 7 inches tall. And since then, he has gained 15 pounds. At 300 pounds, Houston was HUGE. It is hard to describe his size; his biceps pushing against mine and his huge pecs against my back. His erect cock against my ass was boner inducing. He reached his large hands down my briefs and started to stroke my cock with one hand. With the other, he massaged my balls and it didn’t take long till I was cumming all over the countertop. We then hopped into the shower together. Once the water woke Houston up a little, I asked him about his traditions for the day. “Usually, dad and I take the day to clean up the gym since everyone is off with their family for Christmas’ Eve. Then we get a big dinner cooked and then enjoy some hot chocolate.” I kept bumping into the big man as the flinging of water and soap bombarded my face from his soaping up. I grabbed onto his obliques to keep both of us steady. “Well, that is nice. Why don’t we do dinner here and I can get some hot chocolate at the store?” “My dad makes the hot chocolate himself. He uses milk from our family farm and adds a little too much rum. But that would be nice, dinner here.” I began caressing his expansive pecs, every so often flicking his perky nipples. “I’ll start on the laundry and take out the trash. And begin cooking around 2 or so.” I worked my way down to his large cock and knelt down to suck him off. Houston was very easy to get off in the morning. He came down my throat and we dried off. I admired his hairy ass as his briefs got stuck. He worked them up and over his cheeks, then had the same trouble with a pair of jeans. He cooked us a healthy breakfast and gave me a long, tongue-filled kiss before he left. —————————————————- Around 4:30, while the steaks were on the grill, I checked my emails. Surprised I had gotten one from my father. It was the basic “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and your mother is still not okay with you being gay but I have come around” type of email. Around 5, I heard Houston and Ian enter the apartment. It basically sounded like thunder, the heavy footfalls on the wooden floors. Houston gave me a quick peck on the cheek and asked where I needed the most help. “Can you finish the mash potatoes? Milk, butter, salt, pepper, bacon, and cheese need to be added.” Houston got to mashing the potatoes. Ian came in and the kitchen was getting a little crowded with all three of us. But before I knew it, Ian was throwing out all of my dairy-based products that I had just bought. “Ian, what are you doing?!? I need all of that for the dinner” “Didn’t Houston tell you? I only use dairy products made from my family farm. It is better than the crap milk from industrial farms. I’ll give you the money for everything I threw out, but from now on I will be giving you all the milk and cheese you need, especially if you are going to be feeding my son.” After that very direct command from Ian, I avoid all further milk talk. As Houston and I set the table, Ian began making his hot chocolate in a crock pot that he brought over. I noticed the large amount of milk that he started with and the equally large amounts of rum and chocolate added in. The three of us sat down to eat. I sat with Houston to my right and Ian to my left, at the head of the table. Ian thanked me for the hard work I put into the food and we began to eat. As we got to talking, I noticed that Houston would scrape any extra cheese from his food. I made mention of it and Houston spoke up first. “My father thinks I am a picky eater but really I don’t like cheese.” Ian piped in. “Or milk or yogurt or extra butter. I couldn’t get him to drink a glass of milk growing up or eat Mac and Cheese. What kid doesn’t like Mac and Cheese.” I chimed in. “Well, don’t worry about the food going to waste. I love milk and cheese and yogurt.” Houston made a funny face, almost as if he couldn’t believe me. To show him wrong, I took all the extra cheese from his plate and ate it while staring him down. The three of us ate probably more than we should have; guessing enough for regular 6 people. We moved to the large coaches near the fireplace. As Houston and I got settled, Ian handed me a large, yellow envelope. He told me to wait to open it. Ian grabbed three very large steins and filled each one with hot chocolate. The steins made Ian’s hands look small. I had to rest mine on my lap and lift it with two hands. Houston’s seemed to fit his hands perfectly. Once everybody had gotten settled and had a couple drinks of hot chocolate, Ian gave me the okay to open the envelope. “This is my Christmas gift to both of you. I know I may be a little presumptuous, but I believe you two are truly meant for each other.” Inside the envelope was the property deed for the gym. Houston and I were listed as grantees. Also the bank account information for the gym as well as the business license. Houston was speechless and I broke down crying. This was more than I deserved. After some forceful hugging on my part, I saw that there was still one last item in the envelope. It was a smaller envelope addressed to me, with a note attached. “Open and read alone. No Houston.” So I tucked it back into the yellow envelope and hugged Ian again. Ian informed us that he was taking a trip and didn’t know when he would come back. Jokingly, “I may fall in love with Hawaii and never come back.” Settling down again, I found my head resting on Houston’s pec. His heavy, muscled arm draped across me and I occasionally turned my head to get a whiff of his musky scent. Houston and I had finished off the contents of our steins and Ian got up to serve us some more. However, I noticed something strange when he came back. Ian’s shirt seemed tighter; it was only noticeable because he was wearing a button-down. His shirt was being pulled tight enough that I could see his hairy pecs underneath; which it wasn’t at dinner. I glanced down and Ian’s crotch looked bulgier than it was when he arrived. So what if I glance at my boyfriend’s father’s crotch every so often. 
I felt warm and contributed it to the alcohol and resting against my larger, hairy hunk of man. Before I knew it, I had finished off the stein for a second time and Ian got me more. Houston asked for more, but unfortunately I got the last of it. Houston pouted, I offered some of mine, and he declined saying it was okay. He has had 14 years of the wonderful drink. By the time Ian got around to leaving, his top two buttons were undone and his jeans looked like they wouldn’t survive the walk to the car. But my mind definitely could be playing tricks on me; I had some alcohol after all. Houston got me to bed and I passed out. ————————————————— I woke up Christmas morning with a hangover headache and it felt like pressure was being applied to my body. I got out of bed and staggered to the bathroom. I flipped on the light and was shocked by the person in the mirror.
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    How does a big guy like me turn out to be the luckiest man on earth? By finding his soul mate, that’s how. I met Max at the beach one day a few years ago and we saved each other in different ways, but weirdly in the same way. Ever since Max’s beach nightmare, he doesn’t want to go back to the beach. I keep asking, saying it would be fun and help him. He put me off three times, so on my fourth request, I literally picked him up and put him in the car, which I had already packed, and bungee tied to him to the seat. Our neighbors think we’re nuts and up to some weird sex-capades. I told him, “We’re doing this. Stu is letting us use the house for a few days.” He looked at me with mixed emotions of astonishment and anger. The drive would take about 90 minutes, enough time for him to vent his anger and finally accept we were doing it. We start out and he doesn’t say a word for the first 15 minutes. I pull over and remove the bungee cords. “Why? You know I feel about the beach.” “Yes, but remember the beach is also where we met.” I gently say. “Do you never want to go back and relive those happy memories?” “Well, they weren’t all happy.” “True, but once we got past that incident, I remember a lot of fireworks going off that night.” I put my proverbially foot on the ground and say, “Stop being such a grump, we’re doing this.” I put my right hand on his thigh and gently squeezed, letting him know everything would be ok. He tries to push my hand off, but I squeeze a bit harder and hold on. He eventually puts his hand on top of mine and intertwines our fingers. After a few minutes he releases my hand and puts it up on the back of my neck. Uh-oh, here he goes, hitting one of my soft spots. He runs his left hand very sexually thru the short hairs on my neck causing me to become aroused. “That’s just mean Max.” “Yeah, well, get used to it Jay, remember I’m a grump today.” His voice betrayed him and I knew we’d have nothing but fun once we got there. I had double checked the weather all week and three times last night and this morning. It was going to be an almost perfect day. High 80’s, low humidity, no clouds, water in the 70’s. Packing was easy, 2 overnight bags, umbrella, cart, towels, cooler with drinks and snacks. Oh, and suntan lotion. My fair skin needs to have lotion applied on a regular basis and Max was always willing to help out. We continued the drive. We talked about the gym, Ty and Davey. Max said it was awful but was glad Davey was going to be ok. Ty is lucky to have found him after everything he’s been through himself. I agreed. Max also remarked that Cam and Ming were looking to have dinner at some point and what did I think. I said fine, but remember that Cam was allergic to fish. We pull up to the beach house around 10am. Not bad travel time for a Friday morning. We lug everything into the house and sit down to relax for a minute. Max heads to the bathroom and I walk out on the deck. I can see the ocean over the dunes and I lean against the railing taking in the bright blue water with occasional whitecaps meant swimming would be great. The salt air and the screech of seagulls. All this is why we love the beach. Hopefully today will be the final step in Max getting over the dream. I am still lost in my thoughts when he walks up. He puts his left arm through my right arm hugs closer to me. We turn to face each other and I gently kiss him on his lips. He reciprocates. He puts his right hand on my bicep and softly massages it. I give it a small flex and he rubs the balled muscle. He leans his head on my upper arm and shoulder. “This is why we love the beach.” I say to him. He nods, turns his head to my arm, and lightly kisses my bicep. He nods to the chair and we go sit. I sit first he gets in my lap. He puts his right arm around my neck and his left hand is massaging my chest thru my t-shirt. I tense my chest because I know he likes rubbing my pecs and nipples when it’s stone hard. He gives my nipples a few tugs and I sigh. I put my right hand in his curly hair and start to play with it. He sighs and I lean in for another kiss. “We could just sit here, or go inside and play around.” He says as one last attempt to stay away from the beach. “Don’t make me carry your ass down to the ocean and throw you in. You know I can and will, little man.” I say sternly back to him. He looks at me incredulously to see if I’m serious or not. I’m not, but I need to make him do this, so I give him a stern look. “Also, no more ‘fun time’ until you get sand in your hair and ocean water in suit.” He laughs at me and pats my chest, “Ok big guy. Let’s go get this done.” I smile back and say, “Damn, I really wanted to carry your ass down there and throw you in the water…” He leans in for one last kiss. “Who says you can’t?” and he jumps up and goes into the house. I get up and walk in after him. Good. He’s making sure the cart has everything in it. When he’s satisfied, he heads out to the deck and down the ramp to the trail. I follow, locking up. Once we’re on the trail between the dunes, he puts his left hand in my right and squeezes. I squeeze back, reassuring him. We get thru the dunes and the beach and ocean open up before us. What a view. Blue sky, clear blue water, light ocean breeze, and very few people. We wander down and set up in an area where there are not too many people, so we’ll have a bit of privacy. I push the umbrella into the sand with one shove and Max just stares at me. I look up, grin, flex my 25 inch bicep, and jokingly say, “At least they’re good for something other than carrying your ass around.” Max just rolls his eyes. We strip off our t-shirts and someone lets out a cat-call. Max immediately yells thank you to whoever whistled. I just laugh at him. Always the joker. I grab the spray lotion for him and paste lotion for me. I call it paste lotion because if feels as if I’m putting a layer of paint on when it’s applied. Max stands with arms out and I spray every exposed piece of skin. I spray some into his hands and he rubs it on his face. He looks at me to see if it’s been rubbed in completely. I nod yes. He takes my lotion and squeezes out a good amount and gets to work. Now I know he always has other intentions when applying lotion, but I try not to cave to his attempts, but this guy is good and sometimes I can’t help myself. He starts at my feet and works his way up. Calves and shins, back then front. Quads and thighs, same. He is careful not to lift my board shorts too much as he knows people are watching. Now my upper body. Lower back. He takes his time and I can tell his is groping his way around. “Speed it up back there, it’ll be dark by the time you’re done.” “Calm down big guy, you don’t want me to miss any spots do you? Also, I might as well be rolling paint on a house for as big as you are.” We both laugh. He moves up and coats my upper back and shoulder and the back of my arms. I flex my triceps and he takes his time applying the lotion there, with the casual grope. He comes around to my front, leans up, and gives me a peck on the lips. He puts an ungodly amount of lotion in his hands and starts to apply it. “Really Max? You trying to use one full tube of lotion on me?” He cocks an eyebrow, leans up, and just kisses me again. His hands are around my navel and the top of my board shorts. He spreads the lotion around. I flex my abs to show him I can be just as playful as him. He takes his time spreading the lotion on each brick hard ab and in the valley between them. He kisses me again and rakes his fingers across the abs. I put my enormous arms on his shoulders and let my fingers play with his curly hair. He is still working my abs over and the tips of his fingers dips into my shorts, coating the area right below the top of the shorts. I eye him with a look saying ‘careful buddy, public beach’. He grins evilly and slowly pulls his fingers out. He moves up my front to my upper abs and lower pecs. I flex my pecs and he licks his lips. I nod ‘no, not here’ and he groans. It is my turn to flash an evil grin. He punches my abs in retaliation, catching me unaware. Not that it hurt or that I felt it, but the sensation of him punching me was arousing. I blow a breath of air out and thru his hair. The curls float up and settle back down, he smiles at me. He is spreading lotion on my upper pecs. He motions for me to take my arms off him so he can finish. He gets my clavicle and starts on my biceps and forearms. Someone yells out, “I can help you with those if you want.” I laugh and Max yells back, “I’m good, but thanks for the offer.” I toss up a double bi pose for whoever yelled and they immediately whistle back. I grin and Max says “Show off.” I blush and he leans for another kiss. “And remember, you’re all mine.” And he pats my chest again. I grin again and say, “Right back at you.” And I put my arms around him and haul him in and up for a sloppy kiss. I lift him up a bit and walk us to the umbrella and towel. We sit and stare at the ocean. “Nice isn’t it? How are you doing?” “Fine. I think I’ll be ok. Thanks for doing this, even though I was a grump about it.” He puts his left hand on my right thigh and squeezes it and tries to dent the muscles. “It’s what I’m here for.” I say and tense and loosen the muscle. He leans over for a kiss and he puts his right hand on my cheek to pull me a bit closer. We are tongue wrestling and swapping saliva. I put my right hand on his back and then I lean back hauling him down with me and he is at my side. He repositions himself so he is right on top of me. I put my hands on his waist and he puts his hands on my chest again. I slide him back and forth over my flexed abs and he moans and an erection starts to show. I giggle and so does he. He plays with my nipples, pulling and twisting them. I tense my chest and he ups his movements, sensing they will cause me to become aroused. He is correct. All of the sudden we hear, “Get a room.” And realize we’ve taken it one step too far. We both blush and Max stands up, getting off me, pushing his obvious erection down the leg of his board shorts, I try to the same, but it’s still clear I’m ‘excited’. He see the bulge and licks his lips. I say, “Not until your ass has been in the ocean.” He nods toward the water and I nod ok. We head down. Max dives right in, as if he were born to water. I on the other hand can be a big sissy about it. I walk in slowly, getting used to the water an inch at a time. Max is playing in the waves, swimming around like a fish, and his curly hair is plastered to his head. He sees me slowly making my way in, wades back toward me, and starts to splash me. He gets me completely wet and says, “No reason for you to take your time now, Jay. Come get me…” and he splashes me again, turns, and dives thru a wave, popping up on the other side looking at me with a huge grin. He’s right, so I make my way all the way in and dive thru a wave. I come up and Max is right next to me. We swim out a bit further and I stand up. The water is about pec high on me and Max is bobbing with the waves to keep his head up. I put my arms out asking if he’d like me to hold him, and he says, “You gotta catch me first.” He turns and starts to swim away. Now, I’m no Michael Phelps in the water, but can get around. Max on the other hand, might as well be Phelps. He is swimming circles around me, popping up behind me, splashing my head, and ducking down before I can reach him. I can see him in the clear waters, but he sees me as well and can see when I move toward him. After about 10 minutes of trying to catch him, I pretend to stop and just stand there looking out over the ocean. I feel the water around me stir and quickly turn and throw my hands into the water and haul Max up. “Look what I caught.” I say to him. He laughs and squirms in my arms. I have a firm grip on him. I have my arms extended and start to haul him in for a kiss. I look him in the eyes and say, “Remember when we were making out and you licked my nose?” He nods yes with a silly ass grin on his face. I say, “Well this is for that…” and I heave him over my head about 3 feet. I catch him on the way down and toss him about 6 feet away from me. He slashes into the water and comes up laughing. I am laughing as well. He swims back to me and says. “Again!” Just like a little kid. I pick him up again and turn him around, so he is facing away from me. “Ready?” and before he can respond, I throw him 10 feet from me. I see his legs and arms flailing. He is laughing the whole time. He splashes again and comes back for more. My little man. I pick him up, haul him for a kiss. He wraps his legs around my waist and arms over my shoulders. We just stand there and let the water wash around us. The current isn’t too strong so I don’t have to put too much effort into keeping us still. He pulls back and gives me the ‘one more time look’. I roll my eyes and he takes it as a yes. He starts to climb up my body. His crotch is right in my face for a split second and I can feel he’s got a boner going on. He swivels around and is sitting on my shoulders. He pats me on the head and says go under. I duck into the water and he puts his feet on my shoulders. He taps my head again and I piston up and shoot him 15 feet into the air and 30 feet away. I’m glad I did not use my full strength or he may get hurt. He’s flailing again, but has enough time to pull his legs in and does a cannonball. He splashes down but he does not come soon enough for my liking so I start to head in his direction to make sure he’s ok. I get about half way there when he pops up spitting out water and gasping for breath. I reach him, haul him to my chest, and put my arms under his ass to support him. “You ok buddy?” I say in a concerned voice. “Yeah, big guy.” He says patting me on my chest. “I was too busy laughing and when I hit the water I took in a mouthful.” I grin back at him and move his curly hair out of his eyes. “I forgot how strong you are.” He says squeezing my arms. I blush. “Can we just stand here?” He asks. I nod yes, and pull him closer to me. He puts his head on my shoulder and whispers, “I love you.” Into my ear. I hug him a bit tighter in response and say, “Love you too Max.” I feel his boner is getting harder, so I move my left hand up his board shorts and gently play with his balls. He sighs and licks my earlobe. He starts to move around, rubbing is erection across my abs thru his suit. I tighten them up and pull him closer. I can clearly feel his boner and increase my play with his balls. His body tightens and he blows his load right there. I lean back, his head comes off my shoulder, and I look him in the eyes and say, “That was quick.” He grins and says, “I was overly stimulated.” He pulls in for another kiss. We wade in the water for another 10 minutes and Max says, “We need to reapply lotion, you’re getting a bit red.” I nod ok and start to walk us back to shore. When we get close enough Max gets out of my arms and starts to walks back up. I casually walk up behind him, pick him up and say, “Now I get to throw your ass into the ocean, as I promised.” And I gently heave him 15 feet into an oncoming wave. He laughs the whole way into the wave and pops up on the other side with a huge grin on his face. I turn away and walk back to the blanket. He comes up a minute later, slaps me on the ass and says, “You do realize I will get you back for that…” “I certainly hope so.” I say while leaning down for a kiss. He puts his hands on my forearms and leans up. “Now where is that paste?” He asks. He digs it out of the bag and waits for me to towel off. He begins to reapply. He goes much quicker this time. I spray him with his lotion and we both lay down on the blanket to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Max reaches into the cooler and brings out some water and a couple apples and pretzels. We snack and just relax. “Thank you.” He says again as he is playing with the short hairs on the back of my neck again. “Anything for you buddy.” He rolls onto his back and I drape my right arm over his chest, basically trapping him on the blanket, and he knows it. He uses his fingers and traces circles on my forearm and bicep. I tense my bicep and he massages it with his hand. He licks his lips and I know he wants to get playful, but is restraining himself. His touch feels wonderful and I am glad I am lying on my stomach to hide my bulge. I glance at him and say, “Maybe I should change into my posing suit.” His eyes get huge and he vehemently shakes his head no. “That suit is just for our ‘fun time’. No one else gets to see you in it, but me.” I put on a pouty face, but he says, “Nice try big guy, but no.” I remove my right arm from his chest and run my fingers thru his drying curls. He sighs and closes his eyes. I continue to play with his curls and he starts to drift off to sleep. I roll over onto my back, scrunch closer to him, and put my left arm around his shoulder. He lifts his head, I slip my arm under it, and he uses it as his personal pillow. I drift as well. ** I wake and Max is not next to me. I carefully roll over, I don’t want to hurt him if I he moved to a new spot while we napped. Nope, not here. Where did he go? I lean up and scan the beach, but do not see him. I check the water and there he is, splashing around again. I check my watch and it’s around 3. Enough time to jump back in the water. I wander back down to the water and wade right back in then dive thru a wave and pop up next to Max. He is surprised to see me and comes over to me. “I thought you’d be out for hours, the way you were snoring.” “I don’t snore.” “No, you rattle the shingles on all the houses in the neighborhood.” He eyes me sharply. He isn’t lying, but I won’t admit to it. “It’s around 3, what do you want to do?” “Can we just hang out for a little bit more and then head back to the house?” “Sure.” And he swims into my arms. He turns around so we are both facing the ocean. I cup his ass in my right hand and put my left arm under his left shoulder and across his chest, holding him to me. He puts both his arms on my left arm and plays with what little hair I have there. He tries to skooch closer to me. I pull him closer, lift him a bit, and put my head on his right shoulder. I lick the back of his ear and play with his hair. He says, “Careful big guy, I can feel you’re getting excited, and were still on a public beach.” “Well, you are just so damn cute, I can’t help myself.” “Yeah, I have to agree with you…I am damn cute.” I release my arms and he drops into the water. He pops up laughing and I scoop him up again. I toss him over my shoulder and say, “Time to head back.” We get back to the blanket, dry off, pack up our stuff, and start to walk back. We get to the dune path leading to the house and Max puts his hand in mine again. I gently squeeze and he squeezes back. We get back to the house and rinse off outside. We get inside and Max says he will unpack the cart before going in for a shower. Now, if that isn’t dropping a hint at what he wants, nothing is… I head off to the bathroom and turn the shower on. Stu did it right when it came to the shower. It’s a huge walk-in shower with three heads and a bench. There’s room for 6 people, but that’s another story. It’s a bitch to clean, but well worth it, given the fun we’ve had in it. The water is about perfect when Max walks in. He’s stripped off his suit and has a huge erection, and walks right up to me, locks his lips on my right nipple and begins to suck and nibble on it. So much for cleaning off first. I reach down to take my suit off and feel his hands push mine away. I reach for the master controls and turn the water off. No use wasting it as this may take a while. He continues to suck my nipple and puts his right hand on my left bicep. I gently start to flex it and he starts to massage the muscle, coaxing me to flex harder. He’s always loved my biceps and will eventually move his mouth from nipple to bicep. I bring the muscle up to a full flex, all 25 inches and he sees it out of the corner of his eyes. He moves from right nipple to left nipple and then moves to the bicep. I flex my right arm and he instantly puts his left hand on it, massaging that one now. His lips are so soft and tender. He moistens them, purses them, and goes back to work on the face of my left bicep. He uses his tongue and slobbers all over the muscle. His saliva is warm and he lets some of it drip out of his mouth onto the muscle. It coats whatever hair I have on my arm. He uses his tongue to slop it around, first the face of the bicep, then the triceps, and finally down to where my arm meets my shoulder. My dick is getting harder, but is constrained by the suit. He feels my erection, lowers his left hand and fumbles to undo the drawstring. He maneuvers his hand into my suit and wiggles it around loosening the shorts. His hand seems to accidently rub the top of my dick and the light hair I have there. Once the drawstrings are loose enough, he pushes the board shorts down and I kick them off. Our erections are putting off heat and Max takes a hold of mine and starts a gently jerking motion. I lean back my head and sigh. He hears me and intensifies his slobbering on my bicep. His jerking motion stays the same, so I guess he is in this for the long haul, not a quickie like he had in the ocean. I giggle and he stops and looks up at me. I shake my head ‘no’, and he goes back to work. When he feels my bicep is sufficiently worked over, he moves back to my nipple and moves his other hand down to my dick. He’s now two handing me and it feels awesome. I spread my legs a bit, to secure my stance, then reach my hands around Max and lift him up, turning him upside down at the same time. I shake him a bit and say, “To get some more sand out of your hair.” He laughs. He puts his hands on my thighs to steady himself and to get into the right position to take my dick into his mouth. I could easily lift and move him into position, but I let him adjust himself. When his mouth is dick height he starts to swallow. The feeling is incredible and I shudder. His soft tongue massages the top of my dick and the veins crawling over it. He’s about half way down the shaft when it hits the back of his throat. I slowly and gently lift him up an inch or two and he swallows more. He hums and starts his back and forth motion. I hum in return. His ass is right below my face. I tilt my head down and lightly lap at his hole. He puckers it open and shut for me. I grin an evil grin, which he cannot see, and begin to dart my tongue along the area between his balls and hole. He is so sensitive there, it makes my job easy. As I roll my tongue along the area I can just feel his hands squeeze my thighs in response. I’ve got him going, but I don’t want him to cum too fast, like when we were in the ocean. I slow my motions and just tickle his hole. I occasionally blow onto the hole which causes him to pucker it. He continues to deep throat me and is doing an excellent job. I am leaking pre-cum at a steady pace and he is sucking it down, and is looking for more. My dick is coated in his saliva and he shows no signs of slowing down or wanting to be turned up right. His weight is negligible to me. I could hold him like this all day and never tire. I tense my biceps for fun. I tighten my abs and chest and rub his body up and down them. He controls his dick and thumps it against my rock hard pecs. Some pre-cum escapes and dribbles down my chest, abs, and into my crotch area. He just adds it to the existing wetness as if nothing has happened. Time to get this party into gear. I let a droplet of spit fall onto his hole and then massage it around with my tongue. He is moaning loudly. I dart my tongue at his hole just as he opens it and push it right in. He pauses his motion and wiggles his ass around, getting used to my tongue in his ass. Once he is comfortable with my tongue he starts to ravage my dick by changing the speed of his movements. He’ll swallow me as far as he can go very quickly and then pull off very slowly, sometimes raking his teeth lightly along my dick and the raised veins. He also stops at my mushroom head and swirls his tongue around it, firing up all the nerve endings, making me quake internally. I’ve got a good grip on him and he knows he isn’t going anywhere. He moves one hand off my thigh and puts it under my balls and starts massaging the area. He takes his other hand off my thigh and places it along the remaining exposed shaft and is now blowing me, jerking me, and massaging my balls. I shut my eyes and force myself to think of something else or I’ll cum immediately. I try to think of puppy dogs, creamed broccoli, or spider webs. Anything to get my mind off the mind-blowing blow-job he is giving me. In an effort to slow him down, I shove my tongue deeper into his ass and wiggle it around, widen the opening. He senses my intentions and tries to clamp his hole shut. Nice try little man, but I force my tongue deeper and he is now straining with all his might to keep me from invading him any further. Once he realizes it is a lost battle, he picks up his pace and is blowing me at a feverish speed, His head is bobbing on and off my dick so fast, I am amazed he hasn’t choked or bruised his throat. He’s stopping jerking me and that hand is now clamped around my dick and he is using it as support. His other hand is still working its magic as well. Even with the manic pace his mouth is going at, the hand massaging my balls is doing so ever so lightly and casually. I finally give in and blow my load into his mouth. The first volley catches him unaware and nearly pushes his head off my dick, but he clamps his mouth shut and sucks for dear life. Oh god that feels good. My second volley is not as strong, but he is still sucking like a Hoover vacuum. I pull my tongue out of his ass when my third and fourth volleys shoot. He senses the emptiness and has renewed vigor. He puts both hands back on my thighs and sucks both volleys down with ease and then continues to suck me, trying to a 5 volley out. I go rigid and with all my might, force one more volley out. It’s a big one and it smacks him in the back of the throat. He slurps it up. I turn him up right, but he is still attached to my dick. He is softly cleaning it off and as he pulls off, he lays kisses on it. I rub my hands thru his curls, lift him up, and kiss him. I back us up to the bench and I sit down. I stand him up on the bench and his dick is mouth level to me. I swallow him to the hilt on one motion. He moans and puts his hands on my head for stability. His left hand reaches down to my neck and starts playing with my neck hair again. He’s trying to get me fired up again, and it is working. I concentrate on my job at hand, blowing him just as expertly as he did to me. I want his load. As I continue to blow him, I place my right hand on his ass and easily insert 2 fingers. He inhales at the invasion, but does not clamp his hole shut to try to keep me out. He begins to move his body in step with my motions and soon he has a good face fucking motion going. I insert a third finger. I raise my left arm and flex the bicep to the full 25 inches. He sees the arm and reaches down with his right hand grabs ahold of the muscle desperately trying to dent it. I won’t allow it and flex even harder. I know this turns him on so much and it may be just enough to push him over the edge. He squeezes with all his might, but I just hum at him. He takes offense to this and up’s the ante with his left hand massaging my short hair. Now it’s a power struggle. Can I get him to blow before he gets me sprouting a flag pole again? Either way we both win. I sense my dick is on the rise again. I need a rest, but need to complete the task at hand. I swallow him deep and begin to massage his dick like he did to mine. I rake my teeth over it, swirl my tongue over his head, and deep throat him as much as possible. He grows tense. This is it. He grabs my head and pulls me as close to him as possible. He blows. I never move my mouth. I just let him cum right down my throat. I swallow every drop. I remove my fingers from his ass and slide my hand up his back to support him. He slides down my body and seats himself in my lap. His dick is softening, mine is half mast, but I’m content. He lays his head on my chest and I run my fingers thru his curls. After a few minutes, I stand us up and turn the water back on to rinse us off. Not sure why as round two will probably be just as messy.
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    It was my second day going to the new gym. I had taken the standard tour a few days ago. I moved to town about a month ago and had been checking places out since then. This one was the best. Lots of free weights and all the newest machines. Plus, a bunch of hot looking muscle guys. I’m 5’11”, 175, straight dark brown hair, light brown eyes, a nice smooth body, tight abs, nice size biceps, and decent pecs. I keep in shape with a religious exercise routine. I’m at the gym 6 days a week, weights mostly, but will do some cardio or swimming once or twice a week, just to shake it up. I also play a lot of sand volleyball which helps work out my calves. So I’m sitting on the decline bench, getting ready to start my set, and see a cute guy with curly brown hair across the room doing some lateral shoulder lifts. I see him glance my way, then look away. He continues his routine, not looking back at me. I cannot keep my eyes off him, he is so cute. His ass is firm and round. He’s about my height and weight. Man, I’d love to get with him. “Don’t even think about him.” Says a deep masculine voice from my side. I turn to see a 6’2” 220lb muscle god standing next to me. Muscles covering his dark brown skin, shaved head, skin tight tank top, basketball shorts, which are nice and loose. Tree trucks for legs, tapering down to some pretty decent calves. Chest and pec bulging. His nipples are protruding and firmly standing out. I wonder how sensitive they are rubbing against that t-shirt. Biceps must be 24 inches when he flexes. Right now, they’re not flexed, but still looking huge. Hmm, if not the cute curly haired guy, maybe this one… “He’s already got a boyfriend and you don’t want to get him angry.” Says the muscle man. “Really?” “Yeah. See the blonde guy over there is the blue and white t-shirt?” “Yeah.” I see the guy, 6’3”, close cropped blonde hair, bright blue eyes. Man, oh man. He rivals this guy in the muscle department. He’d be fun to get into bed. Marble plates for pec, softballs for biceps, trim waist, pretty good package from what I can see. “That’s his boyfriend. See the guy on the far side of the gym in the green shirt with his leg in a cast?” “Yeah.” The guy was big, like 6’4”, 250lbs. Most of it muscle, but the beginnings of a belly. “Well, his name is Scott and when he tried to get busy with curly one day, and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, Blonde came over, and let’s just say, if I and a couple other guys had not intervened, Scott would have a cast on the other leg and both arms.” “Oh.” I said quietly. “Yeah, oh.” He repeated back. “It started out politely. Scott saw Curly and walked up and started to talk to him, very nice and easy. When he started to intrude into Curly’s space, Curly backed away. Scott kept after him, crowding him, asking why he wasn’t interested in him. Curly says he’s got a boyfriend and Scott says, “Is he as big as me?” flexing a bicep to 19 inches. Curly quietly says “Yeah.” And this is when Blonde comes over. He’d been watching from the far side of the gym and when he sensed Scott was not backing down, he walked over. Blonde asked him to leave his boyfriend alone. He moved between Curly and Scott, but Scott didn’t get the hint and put his hand on Blonde’s arm to move him out of the way. Blonde didn’t budge, but instead grabbed Scott’s arm, twisted it around his back so fast it was a blur. He had Scott in a hammer lock and proceeded to lift him up off the ground. His bicep wasn’t even flexing. Scott was as light as a feather to him. Scott was in excruciating pain and started to cry out.” Blonde slowly lowered him down and with a steeliness in voice whispered to him “Do we understand each other?” Scott had nodded yes. Blonde slowly released the hammer lock and started to walk over to Curly. Scott reached for a twenty pound dumbbell, threw it, and it glanced off Blonde’s back and caught Curly on the shoulder. It knocked him down. Blonde slowly turned around and his blue eyes were now on fire. I, as well as a couple other guys, saw what was about to happen but Blonde was quicker and more brutal than I thought he could be. Without saying a word, he grabbed Scott by the waist, hefted him up a good foot off the ground, starting right into his eyes with an anger that caused me to start running over. He tossed Scott 5 feet away like he a wet towel and was on him as soon as he hit the ground. Blonde got in two solid punches to Scott’s midsection and Scott was curling up trying to protect himself. Blonde grabbed a leg, easily pulled it away from Scott’s fetal position, and simply snapped his tibia in half. Scott shrieked in pain. Blonde was going for the other leg when we got to them. It took three of us to pull him off Scott, and I think it was because he let us pull him off. He immediately got up, walked to Curly to make sure he was ok, and they left. He never even heard Scott crying out in pain. “Oh.” I said again quietly. “Yeah, oh.” He repeated. “So anyway, if you like to keep you bones as they are, give them a wide berth. They’re both really nice guys and great to get to know, but remember, Curly and Blonde are together.” “Got it.” We exchanged names and he asked if I needed a spot. I said not now, but would in a few sets as I worked up the weight. He said cool and to look for him when I needed the spot. He turned to walk away and tightened his ass cheeks as he walked back to his bench. I got to work, all but forgetting about Curly. I started with the standard 135lb, ran thru 2 sets. First set regular grip, 10 reps, second set was wide grip to work the outer chest muscles. Another 10 reps. Toss 15lb on each side, up to 165, same routine. Pull the 15’s, put a 25lb on each side, 185. Do 5 regular grip, rest, 5 wide grip. Feeling pretty good. Getting a good stretch. Add the 20 to each side, up to 225. Now I look for my new buddy. I see him a few machines down. He looks my way and I nod at him. He nods back, walks over and gets in position. “You need a lift off? How many?” “No, 5 or 6.” I close my eyes, take a deep breath and exhale. Tighten my core. Open the eyes, tighten the grip, un-rack and lower the bar. Then I push up. Feels good. Push out 3 reps easy. He senses me slowing and adjusts his stance to help if I need it. I push the 4th with a couple big breaths of air. Prep for the 5th rep. He’s staring right into my eyes with a look of determination. I lower the bar, rest it on my chest briefly, then push. I get it about half way up and start to slow. His giant hands come down to the bar and slide under it, just in case. I’m exhaling profusely and my back it arched as far as it will go. He says, “Take your time, straighten your back a bit, use the leg supports for leverage.” I listen to what he says and do it. With the new leverage, I power up the bar and feel I can do one more. I slowly lower it to my chest. I get everything set, legs pushing on the supports, back not completely arched, deep breath in. I start to exhale and push. It’s a nice slow smooth motion upward. I get to the top and blink letting him know to re-rack. He pulls it back with a clang. I lean up from the decline position and say thanks. He nods. All the sudden we hear a weight machine let out a loud clang and turn to see two guys doing standing bicep curls. A red headed guy about my size has dropped the weight and is grinding his ass into a huge muscle guy’s junk. My new buddy chuckles and says, “Looks like he’s found some new friends” I glance back over and see there is not one, but two red heads. Man, some guys have all the luck. “You know them?” I ask. “Yeah, the big guy is a buddy. The red heads are mischievous. Not sure who I feel more sorry for.” I laugh. “You doing more?” “Yeah, give me a minute to rest up and add some weight.” “K” “You need any help?” “Nay, I’m good, but thanks. Let me know when you’re ready.” I get up, hit the water fountain, check out some of the guys and see the twins are heading out with the big guy. I walk back into the bench area and see my new buddy on a flat bench and 4-45 plates and each side, 405lbs. He settles under the bar, no spotter around. He lifts the bar up, lowers it to his pecs, and powers out 10 reps with ease. I stand there, jaw open. He re-racks, leans up, and he sees me. He twists his mouth into a “Yeah, I know” look. He playfully bounces his pecs and winks at me. I start to sport a boner. He sees it and grins. He gets up, tosses a 35 on each side, 475, and lays back down. Again, no spotter, but he pushes thru another ten reps. I’m still standing there, full woody going on. He gets up, walks over, cups my erection, and says, “You may want to sit down for a second or you may pass out due to lack of blood flow to the brain. It all seems to be in your dick right now.” He laughs, smacks me on the ass and heads to the fountain. I walk back to my bench, add another ten to each side, but feel inadequate compared to him. He walks back and stands behind my bench. “Take your time, deep breaths every time. I know you can get this.” I get into position and he moves over the bar. I can see right up his shorts and see his package. I get distracted and take my hands off the bar. He asks, “What’s up?” I jokingly say, “My dick.” He says, “No shit.” I explain I am looking right up his shorts and it’s distracting. He laughs and say, ok. He adjusts his stance. I lean back down, grip the bar, close my eyes, deep breath. I un-rack, power thru 5 reps. He stands there and doesn’t move a muscle. I’m about to rack the bar and he nudges it back over my chest and says, “2 more little man.” I am now sweating profusely. I slowly drop the bar and begin the upward push. Chest muscles straining, biceps quaking, and legs pushed into the supports with every ounce of strength. I get the first one done and he still has not moved. I begin to lower the bar and it seems to have gotten heavier. I rest it on my chest for second. Deep breath and start to push. I get 1/3 of the way up and falter. I look up to him, he leans down, puts his hands under the bar, and says to keep going. I am breathing fast and furious. I am still struggling to push the bar up. It’s about ½ way up and not moving. It starts to drop, He grabs it and curls it up out of my hands and racks it. “Nice job. You’ll get it next time.” He says with confidence. He puts his huge hand on my pec and gives it a playful pat. I flex it instinctively. I reach my hand back thru and machine and pat his calf. He glances down and flexes it for me. I can feel the horseshoe shape in the muscle and massage it with me fingertips. He leans forward a bit, causing the muscle to flex just a bit more. A grin appears on his face. “I’ve got some more sets to do. You should finish your workout too.” “K.” Is all I say. He moves back to his bench, pulls the 35’s and adds a 45 and 25 to each side, 545lbs. Man that is a fucking lot of weight. I see he has asked Blonde to spot him and I stand way back to watch. He hefts the weight off the rack, biceps flexing, chest expanded, core tight. I imagine I’m sitting on his lap and feeling his dick get hard while I grind it, all the while he tosses the weight around like it’s nothing. Woody sprung and I snap out of it. He begins his set, dropping the weight to his chest, rests it for a brief moment, and then pushes it up, nice and smooth. I get the feeling he is not even close to maxing at this point. He does nine more reps, Blonde has not moved. He racks the bar, leans up, sees me, and says something to Blonde who then glances over to me and smiles. Blonde says something back to him and they both laugh. Now I feel small and turn to go to the pec fly machine. I get the feeling I am out of my league here. I start my set at 90lbs and easily go thru the first set. Adjust the weight to 105 and use my feeling of inadequacy to push thru that set of 10. Water break. I start to sweat and am twitching a bit. Fuck, not here, not now. Keep my eyes down and start to rethink if joining this gym was the best idea. I get back to the machine, up the weight to 120 and get thru 10 reps. It was harder as I was sidetracked by overthinking what was going on here. Couple weird people, broken bones, possessiveness. Not really what I wanted in a gym. I decide to finish the week and then cancel the membership. I walk to the windows, look outside, and take several deep breaths. Palms on the windows, shut the eyes, breath in thru the nose and release with a nice long exhale thru the nose too. 10 breaths this way. Calming down, feeling better. I wander over to an adjustable bench and start to do some pec flies. Start at 45lbs in each hand. I get a good motion going and check my technique in the mirror in front of me. I see my new buddy checking me out. I try to ignore him. No use getting into something which would only last a few days at best. I see he is moving toward the dip machine and has a belt and a couple 45lb plates with him. I decide to super set my flies with some push-ups. I do another set with the 45’s and drop and do 20 push-ups. I am really feeling the burn in my whole chest. It feels great. I get back on the bench and have upped the weight to 60lbs. I start my set when I see Curly walk over and arch an eyebrow asking if I need a spot. I nod no and he wanders off. I finish my set and see him talking to Blonde and my new buddy. Now my mind is really out of it. I decide the rest of my workout would be for shit as I am too distracted. I head out and see them watch me go. Stupid anxiety. I had suffered from it for a number of years, but with the change of jobs and moving to a new city, I thought I had gotten over it, guess not. I get to the locker room and sit on a bench to calm down some more. A few more deep breaths and I’m relaxing. I strip out of my workout clothes, grab a towel and my IPod, and head for the sauna. Thank god it’s empty. I lay on the bench, turn on the music, and close my eyes. The music is soothing and my brain slows and muscles relax some more. I am in my own world, thinking about my ex, and glad I made the change to the new city to get away from him. I am breathing deeply and feel the stress leave my body. I feel a hand on my leg and bolt upright. My new friend is in front of me looking me in the eyes. “Are you okay?” He asks. “Eh, I’ve had better days.” “Oh, sorry to hear. It looked like you were having a good day a little while ago.” “Yeah, but sometimes they can turn on a dime.” “Can I do anything?” I am silent. “Did I do something? You seemed anxious to get out once you saw me talking to Blonde and Curly.” “No.” I say evasively. I glance up at him. His dark eyes piercing mine like he is probing me. “Come on dude, give me some credit. I know we just met and we barely know each other, but I believe your feeling up my calf after your declines meant a bit more than “Thanks”.” I blush. “Ok, I’m not sure this gym is what I’m looking for.” “Why?” He asks. I proceed to list the three items I noticed and he just stares at me and breaks into a grin. I think he is laughing at me again. I get up to leave, and he puts his hand on my forearm and again asks what’s up. “I don’t really like to talk about it, but let’s just say I used to take medication to keep me on an even keel, but have been off it for a while cuz I thought I had rounded a corner and didn’t need it.” He arches an eyebrow and says, “Are you going to go all Hulk on me?” “Not that bad, but sometimes the little things can set me down a dark path.” “Dude that sucks.” “Yeah… A fun filled adventure. You should try it sometime. ” “What happened today, if I can ask? Like I said, you seemed pretty good and then just left.” “Yeah, I saw you and Blonde at the flat bench and saw the weight you were tossing around. I know I’m not in your league.” I wave my hand at his chest, arms, and abs. “But, when you and Blonde looked over at me and then seemed to laugh, I felt my insecurities creeping up. Then Curly comes up to me out of the blue seeing if I needed a spot. Knowing he’s with Blonde and off limits, it just pushed me over the edge.” I take a couple deep breaths and close my eyes to focus on something other than him. “Dude.” He says calmly. He’s staring into my eyes with a look I couldn’t pin down. “Please let me get this out, you asked.” “Ok.” He’s put his hand on my thigh, but it’s just resting on it, nothing sexual. I get a feeling he’s trying to help me steady myself. “I just got out of a relationship and moved to a new city to start over, yeah cliché, but he was the main reason for my anxiety and being on meds.” I pause. “I wanted to start over and just join a gym. Working out has always been my way to cope, well, working out and meds, but being off the meds has made me feel better, more clear in my head, if that makes sense.” He nod yes. “Well, when you walked up and struck up a conversation, it felt nice, normal. Then you started describing Blonde, Curly, Scott, the twins and the other guy, and I just pushed it away, you know, just gym drama and bullshit. But when I saw you tossing the 545 around like it was nothi...” He kissed me. He pulls away and says, “Dude, you’re babbling.” He laughs. “Well…” I say and he kisses me again, this time more passionately. “What are you doing?” “Shutting you up and hopefully calming you down.” He puts his left hand behind my head and leans toward me. He has a twinkle in his eye and is asking if it is ok if he kisses me again. I nob my head ever so slightly, saying yes. We start slow and sensual, wetting each other’s lips, tongues tentatively probing the other’s mouth. He moves his left hand down my back to my ass and pulls me closer to him. I wrap my arms around his neck. We come up for air. I’m definitely calmer in my head, but am sporting a major boner. “Can I ask one question?” He nods yes. “What were you and Blonde laughing at after he looked at me?” “Your woody. Dude, for someone your size and weight, you’ve got the goods that would make any guy happy.” He arches his eyebrow and puts his hand on my boner and tugs it a bit. “Feel better?” I move in to kiss him again. I run my right hand up and down his chest and abs. He tightens his core and everything gets hard. The towel I was using to cover myself looks like a circus tent. He glances down and giggles. I put my left hand on his right bicep and he gently flexes it. It gets hard in my hand and I sigh, exhaling warm breath into his mouth. He licks my lips again. I run my left hand up and down the bicep and move it to the triceps and gently rake my fingers over the muscles. Now it is his turn to sigh and exhale. I smile while we are kissing and he uses his left hand to pull me closer. “Is this the best place to do this?” I ask. “My gym, my rules. Nobody is going to bother us here, I 'm sure of that.” I pull back, “What?” “Oh, did I forget to mention that?” He says with a snarky smile. “How do you think I know so much about all the guys and their business?” I arch my eyebrow to match his. “Would you prefer the shower?” He asks. “Yeah. It’s getting a bit hot in here, and not just from your smoking hot muscles.” I lean in and kiss his right nipple and begin to suck until it is rock hard and poking straight out. He leans back and I move to the left one and do the same thing. I tenderly nibble it. He sighs. I suddenly stop and get up and walk out. I catch him staring at me as I leave. I playfully say, “Well...come on big guy…shower time, or are you just going to sit there all sweaty?” He jumps up, catches up to me, picks me up, and tosses me over his shoulder so my face is looking down his back. He casually smacks my ass and I reach down and slap at his. He laughs and carries me to the largest shower and turns the water, while still holding me over his shoulder. When he feels the water is the right temperature, he pulls me back over his shoulder and holds me by my waist under the showerhead. His biceps are slightly flexed and I am holding on to them for stability. I can tell he’s just showing off and has a lot more power in them. My boner seems to increase at just the thought of what he can do with his strength. He looks down, sees the rating erection and licks his lips like he’s about to start eating an ice cream cone. I get completely wet and shake water at him so he gets wet too. I can see his dick is full length and I use my thighs to gently massage it. He looks right into my eyes and pulls me in for another kiss. I start to squeeze my hands and he smiles and flexes his muscles just a bit more. “Muscle pig.” He says. “Dam right, and proud of it.” I laugh back continuing to play with his muscles. He turns so the showerhead is behind him, puts me against the wall, and moves his hands to cup my ass. We are still kissing passionately, tongues intertwined and swapping spit, and he moves closer, trapping me between the wall and himself. His dick is between my legs, probing my hole. I’ve put my hands around his neck, and he moves his hands so he is holding me up by my lats. I move my legs around his waist and interlock them behind him. He hefts me a bit and his dick is now completely under me and my body is in the valley between his dick and his abs. He moves his hands off my lats and puts them behind me, so he is hugging me. He’s not too tight, but I know I’m not going anywhere unless he says so. It feels safe. I feel safe and let out an emotional sigh. He picks up on it, stops kissing me, puts his lips next to me left ear, and softly blows warm air into it. I shudder. He asks, “Feeling better now?” I lick his left earlobe in response and he says, “I’ll take that as a yes.” He lifts me up a bit more and I can tell he is positioning me so he can enter me. “Not without protection big guy.” I pull back and look right into his eyes. “I’m clean, and I’m sure you are too, but…I want to stay that way and we don’t know each other’s history. Sorry if that is prudish.” “I get it.” He slides me down so I am back in the valley between his dick and abs. “Hold on.” I look at him quizzically. He turns off the shower, opens the shower door, and proceeds to walk us back into the locker room. He lifts me off him, sets me down, and gets a couple towels. I’m thinking, this is it, dry off and go home alone. Dammit, I’ve scared him off or he thinks I’m nuts. He hands me a towel and I start to dry myself off and he coughs. I look up at him and he says, “The towel is to dry me off, little man, not you…” He gives me an evil grin and just stands there, completely naked, arms and legs spread, basically inviting me to do what I want. “Boing” goes my dick and he just laughs. All he says is, “Be gentle, I bruise easily.” We both giggle. I start at his feet and work my way up and around him. Front of this calves, move to the back. He leans up to his tippy toes so the horseshoes in his calves are on full display. I take my time and make sure I get a good grope in while drying them. He seems to enjoy it. I move up to his quads and thighs and move the towel around pulling off every bit of water. I move to the front and slowly and methodically dry off his dick and ball sac. I caress his balls thru the towel and put my face as close to his dick as possible without touching it. I gently blow warm air on his dick and it expands a bit more. I promptly stop blowing on it and move to his backside. He groans and now it is my turn to crack an evil grin. “Maybe I’ll come back to it.” I cup his ass cheeks and he flexes so they are hard as granite. I massage each one and push the towel into his crack. He relaxes his flex and the towel slides in easily. I make sure to dry each side and the whole area around his hole, then down to the sensitive underside where it meets his balls. I stand up while keeping up the drying motion and softly kiss his spine. He groans again arches his back. My hard-on is raging and I’m dripping pre-cum at a steady rate. I know I’ll be blowing a load soon, maybe too soon if I’m not careful. As I dry his back off, he spreads his lats and I am amazed at how huge they are. I move my hands to either side of them and just feel the muscle and power they possess. He then thrusts his chest out and crunches his back together creating a ravine between the two sides. I run my hand up and down the area, just feeling the hard muscles. He relaxes and I move to his front again and start to dry towel off his lower abs. By this point our bodies are completely dry and this is just foreplay. I rub the area right above his very erect dick and work my way up his concrete abs, which he is flexing playfully. I run my fingers thru the valleys and over the ridges between each ab, softly caressing each muscle. I move closer and while I continue to finger his abs, I start to suck on his left nipple. He groans again and tilts his head backwards. I increase the sucking motion and move my left hand up to begin to play with his right nipple. I slowly move my hand around the sensitive outer area, then put the tip between my thumb and forefinger and gently twist it. He moves his left hand up and puts it behind my head and pushes me a bit closer. I increase the sucking and have started to slobber on him as well. He brings his right hand up and uses it to pinch my fingers so I am twisting his right nipple even harder. I think, “Works for me.” And I proceed to twist away. He is moaning continually. He moves us back to a bench and he sits down. I am still attached to his chest. I easily lifts me up and places me in his lap. My legs are splayed to each side of his waist. His dick is still rock hard and is now behind me thumping my lower back as he flexes it. My dick is between us and is rubbing across his abs, which he has flexed hard. He moves his hands back down to my ass and starts the massage my cheeks and slide me up and down his body. I take my mouth off his nipple, my hand off his other nipple and begin to enjoy the ride. I put my arms around his neck and pull in for another kiss. He’s waiting for me, with lips he recently wetted. We lock lips, he frees one hand and maneuvers it to take ahold of my unit. He starts to stroke it, I sigh. He is still using his other hand to move me up and down his body. Fucker is strong, I’ll give him that. I lean back and say, “Careful big guy or we’re going to need another shower.” “I hope so.” And he proceeds to pick up the pace of his stroking and my eyes roll into the back of my head. He’s now yanking me roughly, but it does not hurt. I’m grinding my hips, keeping pace with his motion. I move my arms from his neck to his biceps and lock on. He flexes them again. I dig deeper into the muscles, but he laughs and flexes harder so I am not denting them. That feeling combined with everything else launches me over the edge. I spew four loads. First one lands right on his chin and throat. Second one, smack dab in the valley of his pecs. Third one coats more of his pecs and dribbles down to his abs. Last one is just a sloppy mess on his hand. He slows his jerking motion, but I suddenly feel my back is getting wet. He’s blown his load as well. I look at him and say, “I would have helped you out with that.” He contently says, “Trust me kid, you did…you did.” I lean in for another kiss and splash my cum over more of his body. He doesn’t seem to mind. He’s waiting for me lips. I say, “Maybe I’ll give the gym another chance.” “Good to hear.”
  23. 12 points
    Home of the Gods Part Eight-Finale by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13486-home-of-the-gods-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13487-home-of-the-gods-part-two-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Three: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13490-home-of-the-gods-part-three-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Four: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13502-home-of-the-gods-part-four-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Five: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13527-home-of-the-gods-part-five-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Six: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14012-home-of-the-gods-part-six-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Seven: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14350-home-of-the-gods-part-seven-by-f-r_eaky/ Fabian woke very late in the morning. Hoisting himself off the floor, he stretched and massaged himself as the unheated concrete floor seeped cold into his body and his new larger muscles and bones ached with a larger amount of stiffness. He nearly fell over and down again, attempting to walk forward, but learning he needed to do a side kick kind of step allowing his burgeoning thighs to roll forward and around one another. Not to mention his arms felt so big and heavy and swung too much weight when he tried to compensate on his balance. It also didn't help that his arms almost couldn't swing back and forth due to the size of his lats and broadness and thickness of his pectorals. He decided to walk to the bathroom and shower, curious as he heard it running and he remembered not finishing it before being... .... ... could one call it an attack? Before being attacked the day before by three of Gabriel's friends. After walking a few steps he spun around and looked at the door. He swore to God he heard someone pounding on it furiously as though trying to break in by breaking the door down. He didn't hear or see anything. Turning to walk back to the bathroom he heard the pounding again, stopped turned and looked... ... ... nothing. He turned away again, but thought before he began to walk and then took off for the bathroom, pausing and smiling when he realized the noise was the sound of his twenty-one inch long, thick, muscular meaty feet slapping the floor when he walked. But then he heard an actual bang. It sounded like pounding on the delivery truck door that went down the wall and finally to the people entrance. A couple of extreme pounds later and suddenly there burst through Gabriel, looking extremely pissed and screaming at the top of his lungs. "You somehow manage to make my boys go mental. Screaming about some giant Olympian bodybuilder. That's it. You may be a little taller than me, Reid, but I am gonna take... you.... .... .... down?" Gabriel had taken a goodly number of steps into the warehouse before he noticed the hulking figure that was now Fabian. Standing at what was a few inches below the point of where Fabian's lats began to flare out from his abdomen and obliques, Gabriel took in the view as Ian loomed over him and did a most muscular, flaring out his neck, traps, and shoulders, while ballooning out his chest and upper arms. Gabriel whimpered just a little and then slowly backed away before making a dash for the door and running out of the warehouse. Fabian chuckled to himself. "I didn't even have to say anything. I actually didn't have to say a word." He turned and began to walk back towards the bathroom, feeling his cock inflate longer and heavier as the thought of just posing at Gabriel made him turn and run. By the time he made it to the bathroom doorway, it was fully erect and his head was preceding him into the bathroom by nearly two feet. Suddenly there was a tug and a pull on his massive member and when Fabian finally walked through, he looked down to see Reid smiling, holding his cock, and standing right at the point where his lats flared out from the rest of Fabian's body. "You know...anything that sticks out two feet or more from the vehicle carrying it has to be tagged with a red flag. That's the law." "It's already got quite the red head. Isn't that enough?" "It is for me" said Reid smiling as he continued to pull Fabian into the shower, which he had finished up when he woke up earlier. Reid had some personal fun as he helped lather Fabian up, groping and cupping all of the new mountainous muscle bellies that covered Fabian's body. Truly, if he was normal height, he'd be one of the biggest built bodybuilders ever with enviable genetics everyone hoped and wished for. Reid then went through and traced every crevice, attempted to massage Fabian's muscles, before he finally tried to help massage any stiffness out of Fabian's muscles due to sleeping on the cold concrete floor. Eventually he took in Fabian's cock head as best he could, licking and stroking it until both he and Fabian needed to stay in for another shower to get cleaned up. Afterwards, they finished putting together Fabian's new make-shift bed and lay down upon it, talking. "You had me a bit worried, Fabe. As the changes occurred you kept going on about strength and power. I thought you were going to become an asshat meathead." "I was a bit overpowered and overwhelmed by the sensation. C'mon, Reid, you can't tell me you never felt good about standing head and shoulders over most males, or that your stronger and better built than them. I've seen you slightly show off. You like it when you can use your size to play the hero." "I try not to be arrogant about it though, and you were just in full self-lust and power-worship as your body blew up and grew. And who plays the hero now?", Reid said despondently. "Some protector I'm gonna be. You stand just over three feet taller than me! And I know you love to top. When your cock first grew it was fine. Felt great. But now.... You're so big and big and BIG! If we're gonna make out... .... I think I'd have to fuck your cock." "Hey....hey..." said Fabian softly. "We'll figure out some way to make it work out. And just because I'm bigger..." "So much bigger..." "That doesn't mean you still can't stand up for me. And out of all the pricks that are Gabriel's friends, only one stands taller than you, and he's definitely smaller built than you. You're almost a foot taller than average males and bigger built than most sports stars. Don't think of yourself as week and useless to me. You remember the first time you actually hefted a really good decent amount of weight?" "Yeah..." "And the pump it gave the body part you were working out?" "Yeah..." "Or how your clothes felt so much tighter, or better yet the time you first ripped out of shirt by accident?" "Yeah..." said Reid now laughing lightly. "Or the time you finally realized you stood taller than your old man, or most of your school mates?" "Yeah...." "Then think of it from my point of view. I was a very scrawny, 5' 2" tall man. Even average guys towered over me. Suddenly I'm growing up and up and up, my muscles are filling out and out and out. I see average men getting smaller, tall men becoming average - child size, and I can feel a power in my body that's growing more and more the bigger I get. It's just like those feelings you experienced, but they were happening all at once and kept going and growing for like so much... ... ... It was just.... such a huge rush. Such a glorious feeling filling me up." "I can tell." said Reid smirking and reached up and gave Fabian's once again erect cock a pull down to the bed top and then allowed it to spring up and smack Fabian in his abs all the way to just below his chest. Both the men chuckled and then with a gleam in his eye, Fabian grabbed Reid and pulling him, Reid's back to his chest and abs, finally rolled over on his side to lay down with Reid engulfed by his body. Reid lay there feeling the heat pulse through Fabian's cock on his back. "C'mon, love. You gotta let me go." "Spoon." "You're going to make me late for work." "SPOON!" "Really, Fabe, someone has to pay for this warehouse." Fabian lowered his voice as deep as it could go and then softly growled in Reid's ear, "spooooooooooooooooooon." The pair lay there until there was just enough time for Reid to get dressed and get to work on time, but they both wished the moment could last forever. **************************************************************************** That night, started one of the worst times in Fabian's life. It was going on 9 p.m. and Reid was at least three hours late getting home from work. At ten after nine there was a loud thump against the regular door, followed by the sound of several people banging on the truck delivery door. This was followed by the sound of many running footsteps and tire squeals. Fabian cautiously went to the regular entrance door and saw the bottom of it had a large dent inwards. Opening the door, he saw the reason, a large cinder block with a note that read: "You're a giant strongman. That doesn't mean you don't have a weakness. You may not venture out because of your size, but your lover does." At twenty after nine, Reid stumbled through the door, low moaning Fabian's name. There was a gash on his brow in between his eyebrows, both eyes were black, his lips were swollen and if he did move them, blood was coming out of his mouth and hiding his teeth. One hand was black and blue and it seemed attached oddly about halfway up the arm. He had trouble breathing, his work uniform was torn, one shoe was missing, once there he couldn't walk, and his delivery van that he drove home in was nowhere in sight. Immediately Fabian went to dial the emergency number, cursing his new size as his much larger digits constantly pressed more than one number every time he attempted to dial on the much smaller cell phone. Finally he grabbed a pencil and began to use that and called an ambulance. The EMT's arrived to discover Reid just lying inside the warehouse. Fabian knew how the scene would look if he had stayed there. Giant bodybuilder - man beaten to a pulp. He would be blamed and arrested. He left running down into a nearby aqua duct and hiding under the bridge where a road passed over it. Reid wound up in the hospital for two weeks. Punctured lung, three broken ribs, concussion, broken ocular bone, one tooth removed, broken arm, sprained ankle. He was released but still laid up for another three months or so while waiting for bones to heal. Fabian had to take care of things for him on his own. He checked his personal account and then had to make friend with a local whom he not only felt he could trust, but, of course showed what man his size could do if the guy just took off with the card and spent his money. They guy helped move in a restaurant sized refrigerator and enough groceries to store in it. Later Fabian used it to buy some building supplies, only he wasn't going to build onto the warehouse structure. Cinder blocks, mortar, I-beams Fabian used to first make a "bench" that could support him, his weight, and any weight he worked out with. Then he began to build walls onto the ends of the I-beams, small ones at first, then medium, and finally some larger ones. Fabian was seeing red. They had beaten up Reid and he couldn't do anything about it. Well, he soon would. Fabian used the wall and beam segments he bought to make something akin to a set of weights and he began to work out... and work out... and work out. He kept his muscles engorged with blood as much as he could, allowing only for proper rest to ensure growth. He ate until he thought his stomach would burst, and hoped he could transfer all of it to his already enormous muscles.... and he did. Fabian watched on the scale as his weight went up and up....ten pounds....twenty pounds..... forty pounds.....eighty pounds.... one-hundred pounds. He had trouble walking before, now he really swayed side to side as he kicked his legs around one another. Just ten pounds over the seventeen hundred pound mark. One-thousand, seven-hundred, ten pounds of pure muscle. But that wasn't all that Fabian did. Shortly after starting his workouts, Fabian began to noticed odd things. The basket he had been presented with on his induction to the tribe had increased in size and now housed his newly sized cock and balls regardless of whether flaccid or erect. He began to wear it most of the time to keep his cock out of his way when lifting. Some of the cinder blocks had been used to make another shallow pool in the bathroom and a very large natural stone had been placed in the back part of said pool. Wild, tropical flowers had begun sprouting and growing in parts of the bathroom, so Fabian knew he had begun chanting again. Mid-spring is when Reid was finally able to come back to the warehouse, still looking a little tired and drained of color. He opened the door and walked in, staring at the odd sculptures that Fabian had made out of the cinder blocks and I-beams not knowing they were new weights for a giant man, and then out of the corner of his eye saw the massive, Titan like frame of Fabian as he stood up from his make shift bed. Reid wasn't sure what to say or to ask. He was stunned by how much larger, beefier Fabian looked. How much heavier he sounded when he walked. But it was the odd look in Fabian's eye that left Reid speechless and motionless. It was a mixture of a blank stare and determination. Fabian reached out and grabbed Reid like he was a child, carried him into the bathroom and then placed Reid in the small pool like area next to the actual shower. He placed Reid with his back against an very tall, thick, stone, the top of which poked up and out of the floor, a smooth round boulder with a crack in the top. Torches were lit everywhere within the bathroom, followed by bundles of incense of some kind, with a very heady and very musky in aroma. Invisible drums began to be beaten and Fabian began to sing chants louder and louder. He made sweeping motions with his feet upon the ground and urged Reid to do the same. Reid began to mimic the movement out of fear of a what behemoth sized, tranced Fabian might do to him if he did. Soon, Reid's legs were as though they were made out of rubber, stretching out instead of being moved in a sweeping motion. His vision began to blur and his head swooned as the bathroom seemed to heave and undulate, warping, skewing in shape and form. Suddenly the floor beneath him began to feel warm, very warm. Warm enough he began to hop dance instead of making the sweeping motion he had been instructed to perform. At this Fabian began to scream, but not in terror, more in ecstasy, as though moaning in orgasm, and in an orgasm so great he might just expel their own soul when cumming. Fabian had been wearing his basket to hold his genitalia and took it off. Reid knew Fabian had become endowed after his last battle with Gabriel's friends, but he still marveled now at the ginormous 16.25 inch, flaccid hung member of Fabian and at how much longer and thicker it became after growing to a 2 foot long erection. Reid knew that Fabian must be spending most of his time walking around nude or in a pair of pants sporting the most obscene bulge ever seen on a man. Erect Fabian's penis didn't stick up like many men's erect penis do, but instead stuck straight out and bobbed as if it was a divining rod made for dowsing. Still hop dancing, his back and arms against the tall rock formation behind him, to help support him in his dance as his head began to swoon more and more, his eyes becoming heavy and tired, Reid began to feel hot and extremely bothered. For some reason he was being turned on. Fabian came forward and removed his shirt, pants, and underwear, and Fabian had already removed his shoes before entering the bathroom. With his small, flaccid cock now flopping around free it began to grow and lengthen to its mighty and full erect status of 7 inches. The heat was growing in him. He felt the heat rising up his body, and felt the heat rising up the stone as well. He thought he felt the air caressing his balls and tugging at his cock. Warmer and warmer he and the rock became, and the hotter they got, the hornier Reid grew. The feeling became so powerful Reid was convulsing more than he was dancing or stomping, the shock waves of pleasure riding over him. Suddenly Fabian let out groans and gasps of ecstasy, his mighty cock having grown even more incredibly long and thick, now spewing forth ribbons and ribbons of cum into the small, wading pool in which Reid was standing. Fabian fell forward upon his knees, taking his hands and rubbing his seed into the ground, groping and massaging, as though fondling some massive muscle or body. The heat kept building and building, Fabian and Reid were sweating profusely. Reid swore he was getting burned on his feet and back as the temperature began to rise higher and higher in the pool floor and the stone. Eventually the ground rumbled and a great gushing sound could be heard followed by a great torrent of water streaming over and down the great rock behind Reid's back. Fabian rose up and backed away as the water cascaded over Reid, drenching him, coating him, and filling up the small wading pool. Striking the pool, part of the water began to hiss, evaporating into great clouds of steam, upon which Reid's head snapped back, he jerked and convulsed, and felt as though someone, something, reached through his dick, into his balls, and pulled out his cum in great strands that felt large enough to be ropes for a sailing ship. Gasping for air, sinking to his knees, Reid saw Fabian approach. "I am Kali'iti'nui no more. I am now, Tanakamaunga - man mountain. We believe that the gods reside in our penis. Although most men of this tribe are raised since birth, being taught exercises and have weights hung to make their penis grow and grow in order to house more gods. You and I were not raised so, but that does not mean you cannot come to greatness, for look what has happened to me. You who so wished to heed the words of the chief and be my protector as he so ordered of you, shall find a way to do so. For your acts of bravery and loyalty, I have made you one of the tribe, and thus at least one god will come to reside in your cock and grant you happiness and prosperity in some form, or so I hope. I thank you. Be blessed, you who have sought to protect me, physically, mentally.... emotionally. You shall take my old name, Kali'iti'nui, meaning small giant, for among most men you are tall and built in stature, and your courage and heart is as big as the men as large as mountains." With that Fabian washed Reid's genitals and groin area with some of the geyser water that erupted from the stone, and then reaching out his hand, grabbed a newly formed basket made by the wild flowers, vines, and ivy growing all around the bathroom. He then placed the basket upon Reid's genitals and tied it around Reid's waist. Reid smiled somewhat punch-drunk like and attempted to say thank you, but fell unconscious into sleep and some of the best fantasy dreams of him and Fabian he ever had of his life. The next morning Fabian woke up to discover the other side of his bed was empty. He could've sworn he had woke from a trance and helped place Reid into bed with him. Walking to the bathroom, he discovered Reid was sitting cross-legged in the ritual pool. His eyes were slightly rolled back, and eventually Fabian could hear a chant coming across Reid's lips. " Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga..." Fabian knew it was not the name of the God of Gods in the Ulpooin pantheon, but he couldn't tell Reid who it was, and Ke'atuka'ine, God of Gods, wasn't communicating any information to him from his cock. Not too long after, Reid simply woke up, took a shower, kissed Fabian and his abs good-bye and reported for work. Around four in the afternoon, Fabian received a knock and a note taped to the entrance door of the warehouse. It was from Gabriel and told him he and his friends were aware that Reid was back to work and that if Fabian didn't meet them downtown, in the back alley behind Reid's workplace, Reid would receive the pummeling of his life, or more likely his death. Fabian was to surrender himself over to Gabriel and his gang for Gabriel to do as he wished, or Reid was through. Fabian nearly broke the door off exiting the warehouse at four-fifteen. Fabian arrived to the back alley and came upon a scene probably similar to what had happened to Reid four months or so before. Reid, as per usual had worked late, making sure he had delivered all his packages and cleaned out his delivery truck. A car was parked behind the delivery van, meaning Reid couldn't leave to go home, other than by foot. That way wasn't an option as Gabriel and his friends had surrounded his way out and had pulled him into the sort of courtyard area created by the loading docks for the delivery service. He had already received a couple of good blows, and being so soon from his recent recovery, he was already swooning from the attack. It was at that moment that Fabian in a very tight pair of hand-made shorts, stepped out of the actually alleyway and its shadows to confront the men. "Ganging up on folks again. With me joining in, I'm pretty sure Reid and I can take you all down." Gabriel spun around to see Fabian and in a flash had pulled out a gun and pulled the trigger. It was an odd sound and sensation happening. It didn't sound like a gun had been fired, and Fabian didn't feel something pierce his flesh and burn going through. Instead it felt like he received an injection, and the world felt as though it was turning and his vision was blurring. "I knew you wouldn't stand by or come quietly and I don't know how you got to the size you did, but I know we couldn't take you, especially when your smaaaaaaaaall boyfriend, who isn't too small to us, except for DeWayne and possibly Fernando, would attempt to join in and take us down. So.... I got an elephant tranquilizer. Figure that'd at least incapacitate you if not make you sleep for the trip I'm going to take you on. But while you're there kneeling in your stupor, my boys and I are going to make sure Reid learns his lesson by sending him back to the hospital again and then he can watch helpless as we carry you away. We've got a tow truck and everything to help hoist you into a truck. Continue, boys." And with that the friends of Gabriel continued their fist-to-cuffs on the already dazed Reid. Arjun kicking Reid in the balls. Michael smacking Reid against the face or boxing his ears. Fernando punching Reid in the gut, while DeWayne bopped him on the head in between Gan Otkai yanking on Reid's hair. All the while Fazzah screamed at him and joined Gabriel in kicking and hit him any way any where possible. Poor Reid was beaten right back to the same condition that they had left him in earlier in the year, and they laughed as they moved to grab Fabian and take him away. But suddenly there was a burst of steam from underground. It came together and made a wall separating the men from Fabian and their ability to exit. The sound of drums filled the air and a chant began to be heard. " Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga..." Fernando turned around to stare at the collapsed Reid, figuring it was his voice doing the chanting.... He was right. "Ga..ga...Gabriel..." He hoarsely whispered. All the men turned around to see Reid currently kneeling on the ground, his mouth barely moving, but his word's clearly audible, although, none of the men standing knew what it was. " Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga.... Ke'atutel'malsaga..." The men suddenly wished they could back up and out of the area as they began to see and hear Reid's body snapping and coming back into correct position. The cuts on his skin healed up and the bruises went away. Slowly but most definitely surely, Reid began to stand up and did so firmly planting his strong stance. The still connected hose Reid had used to help wash down his van suddenly came to life and stood almost straight out of the nozzle it was connected to. The steam was collecting in the are forming a pool of water beneath Reid. The pounding drum sound became louder and louder filling the air with a rhythmical din. When Reid appeared totally healed, water erupted from the standing hose and fell in a cascade upon Reid's head and washed over his body. "Auugh!" Reid moaned. "Hmmmnff!" Reid blurted again. "Ohhuwah!" And now Reid seemed to be thrusting his hips. Over and over again, Reid thrust his hips and each time the basket of his groin swelled larger and larger and larger. Reid kept moaning and thrusting and his packed kept growing becoming obscenely obvious. His pants grew tighter and tighter in the crotch area. Three mounds were forming, one that looked like an extremely large banana was being carried and underneath were the other two grapefruits. Reid finally let a long low scream out as if he was still growing and couldn't take it, and everyone present watched as Reid's cock tore open the teeth of the zipper on his cargo shorts and then flopped out. And it wasn't just his pecker; his balls helped spread the opening and rip it further apart as they fell and dropped out as well. Reid's cock had grown enormously long and thick and his screams of pain trailed off into a sigh of relief and then a laugh of pleasure. Reid's schlong was growing and getting longer and thicker, and his balls were swelling as well. So heavy...so round.... his prick so long...so thick....so hard.... so veiny. It grew and grew until Reid was just as hung and virile as Fabian ever would be. Reid began to laugh pleasantly at first and then almost a little maniacal, as if some stream of an idea washed over his mind. This was replaced by small gasps and grunts as Reid began to jerk his feet up and down, side to side, stomping and stomping. The seven gentlemen who had just beaten him up stared at his feet to try and see what was happening and then they began to see. The sides of his work boots began to bulge out and curl over the sides of his sole. One large ridge formed in the front of each shoe, soon to become a row of one large and four smaller bulges pushing the front of the shoe over the front of the sole. The heel began to stretch very tightly and Reid's ankles started overfilling the holes that were where the feet entered. In another few moments one could hear and see the straining, exceedingly taut laces snap in surrender, followed by the odd, low, ripping sound of hard leather as Reid's feet out grew his shoes by one, two, four, eight, sixteen, twenty, twenty-four sizes to become thick, meaty, muscular, 21" long man feet. Michael, the man with the giant paws and feet for a man of just 6' 2" or so tall, noticing what might be happening, broke his hypnotized stance of awe and ran to take Reid down. He might of succeeded, but Reid's hands had grown equally as much as his feet had and he swung his arm to deliver his own smack down. Michael was knocked senseless and about half way across the square loading area. Reid's balls had been throbbing, increasing in size and then shrinking, pulling up. Every time they had done so is when Reid's hands and feet got bigger. They started doing so again and as Reid moaned and groaned in greater pain while grabbing a hold of his legs and arms, a small cracking and breaking sound was heard and Reid stood taller....and Taller....and TALLER....and TAAAAAAALLER! His socks which had shrunk from just under his calves with the growth of his feet to just above his ankles shrunk down further to just under his ankles. His shorts moved from his knees to one fourth the way up his thigh, half-way up the thigh, too looking like 1970's sports, short shorts to almost like brief underwear, except despite his trim build his waist snapped the button and now his fly was pulled excessively wide apart. His shirt hem rose and rose above his waist, above his abs, beyond where his lats come in and stopped just under his chest. Not that you could see that because having already been fairly muscular and now three feet taller, every button had been popped off the shirt as his chest stretched the shirt open. The sleeves rode up and up over his mighty upper arms, over his delts, and if the front of the shirt was complete it would've gone from a short sleeve shirt to sleeveless muscle shirt. Swaying a bit as the pain settled from his massive growth spurt, Reid bent forward causing his back to rip the shirt down the back and thus only hang on him via his shoulders. His neck had snapped the collar as well. Shucking the shirt off of his body, he smiled as he noticed that his bending forward had caused his bubble butt to blow out the back of his cargo shorts. He then reached and yanked what was left of his shorts and underwear off of his body as well as using his long toes to pull the now tiny socks off of his feet. He closed his eyes and breathed in a few deep breaths, feeling the cool spring breeze caressing his body. Before any of the now six men could move, Reid began to do small shouts, like power lifters and bodybuilders make before they hoist a weight up. "Uhp..." And Reid suddenly did a side triceps pose. "Ommmph" And into a side chest. "hoop!" Lat spread. "hnngh!" Most muscular, crab shot. "Hup!" Abdominal crunch and front thigh extension. "Hep!" Front double biceps pose. "Hooch!" Back double biceps pose. "HRRRR!" Back, Thigh Bicep, and Calve pose. Over and over and over again Reid kept cycling through the poses and each time he did so, his muscles swelled bigger....larger....thicker....harder....fuller....denser....broader....veinier.... His calves inflated into giant pulsing hearts and finally a throbbing diamond shape. The thighs ballooned and grew into a collection of swollen tear drop shapes like a bunch of water balloons. His abs formed bricks fit for the Great Wall of China, while his obliques bunched and formed such as to look like a great lattice work was plastered on Reid's sides. His lats grew out so wide and thick it looked like he could jump from a plane and join para-gliders without the need for the special winged suits. His arms flared out more and more at greater angles from his body as his upper arms inflated and grew until one swore he had a football stuffed in where his biceps should be. A pair of thick muscular shapes looking like Clydesdale sized horseshoes hanging off the back of the arms. Forearms so thick and powerful they matched the size of Reid's calves. Shoulders that were so full and round and with such density, surely they were world globes stolen off of statues of Atlas holding up the world. His chest barreled so thick and round, so wide and full, he could see nothing standing directly in front of him. Even his erect cock had a hard time sticking out beyond it to be seen. His traps rose and rose like some great range of mountains and his neck swole as thick and round as segments from the Giant's Causway. Reid now strode over to the side of the building, kicking his legs out to the sides in order to move forward. Grabbing a hold of a large iron bar embedded into the brick building, he ripped it free from the mortar and then proceeded to bend it into an arch. He growled as he did so, his voice lowering and lowering in extreme bass tones, while with each degree the bar bent, the hair on Reid grew out and out, thicker, fuller, feathery, until his red hair hung halfway down his back and his hair glistened like glitter all over his body. Throwing the bar in front of Gabriel and his friends, Reid raised his hands above his head and struck a victory pose. At the same time several glowing balls of light came down and anyone watching swore they entered Reid's cock through is piss slit. Once that was done Reid turned and glared with a smirk while bellowing out a name. "GA-BRI-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!" It echoed throughout the little loading square, and as Gabriel realized he was looking up to Reid as much as he did to Fabian, he actually pissed his pants. "I am not Reid.... I am NOT Kali'iti'nui..... I AM MALSAGAMAUNGA - MEANING TWIN MOUNTAIN!" The god that had inhabited Reid at his initiation by Fabian was Ke'atutel'malsaga, the god of twins and he had chosen to make Reid Fabian's fraternal twin, so to speak, in order for him to be able to protect Fabian, for it takes someone of equal size and strength to protect another man so large. Another spray of water streamed out of the hose, splattering all over Fabian, and the heavy drowsiness he felt began to leave him. His vision cleared, his heavy body, although still feeling heavy, was light enough for him to manage it again. Standing up behind the six men, Michael only just now coming to from Reid's smack down, Fabian growled and struck a most muscular that cause the men to scream and wish for a way out. The drums that had quieted down quite a bit began to pick up their rhythm and loudness. Gabriel's posse began to hold their hands over their ears and look around in bewilderment. Fabian and Reid oohed and moaned in both pleasure and pain as their cocks throbbed so hard, they stuck straight out of their bodies without any bobbing whatsoever. "Friends of Gabriel," Spoke Fabian, "Leave and leave now. Correct your ways or know that we will be here to take care of you. Go.... .... .... NOW!" Fabian's words echoed so loudly it took a good five minutes and several blocks of reverb before the echo faded away. The pair was pretty sure that all six men pissed their pants as they quickly ran away leaving Gabriel all alone. As the drums thundered away, Fabian and Reid began approaching Gabriel, stroking their pricks. Gabriel turned and turned, basically spinning round and round, beginning to whimper and cry. "Two great acts...." "...have been done..." "...in order to...." "...bring us into...." "...the fold...." "....Great acts...." "....do not come...." "....without a cost...." "....some kind of...." "....sacrifice must be made...." "...We will gladly...." "...take a soul....." "...who cannot...." "....be redeemed...." And at that moment, Fabian and Reid stood their ground and suddenly bellowed in ecstasy, and released a load of great, long, strands of cum that spewed in great loops around Gabriel and once coated, as Fabian and Reid moaned and shot off more of their load, Gabriel shrank....as the pair grew....as Gabriel shrank....and the men Grew....and Gabriel became smaller.... and they giants got ever bigger...... For each inch the gods took from Gabriel, they seemed to give two, four, or six inches to Fabian and Reid. By the time all was said and done the hulking forms of Fabian and Reid stood twelve feet six inches tall, twenty seven inch long size US Mens 59 shoe feet, and weighing three-thousand, three-hundred, ninety-three pounds, with cocks that had grown to three feet long. The once decently sized and bullying Gabriel was now only 5' tall, exceptionally thin and week, and just barely stood mid-thigh to Fabian and Reid. The giant pair of men bent at their waist so they could see Gabriel and whispered in growling tones, "You can go now." Gabriel did not have to be told twice. He gathered up his now ill, extremely loose fitting clothing and ran as best as he could back to his apartment where it is said he wept and wept and made a decision never to leave, and especially not to do missionary work. Meanwhile back at the square Reid approached Fabian and the two muscle giants began to grapple and wrestle one another. Eventually the two pulled one another into the other and began to kiss deeply, passionately, frantically. The mammoth manhoods began to rise and become engorged with blood, and they backed off a bit to hoist them up, cock heads between their pecs, and then move back together, holding one another and grinding their hips so their erect phallics began to rub each other up and down. After several minutes of frotting, Fabian picked up Reid by Reid's ass, flinging and wrapping the massively mounding legs and meaty feet of Reid around his waist. In this position he pushed Reid towards Reid's truck, causing the back doors and much of the roof to cave in, followed by the tires blowing out, once almost 7,000 pounds or three and half tons of male muscle collapsed upon the delivery van floor. With the small amount of height difference, Fabian took advantage and plunged his prestigious pecker into Reid's cavernous hole. Reid's neck arched as his head tilted back. He reach up to grab around the driver's seat for support and wound up pulling it, breaking it free from it's stationary position in the van. The two thrust and rocked, twisted and pounded. Whatever part of van's shelving that didn't collapse when the two fell into the van, their motion now knocked, dinged, and bent, deforming the pieces from ever being usable again. Reid pushed on the walls while grunting and moaning in pleasure and pain. And behold, the van's wall's did bulge out in massive mounding bulges with gigantic hand prints in the center. The front of the van was taking a beating as well, for with each thrust Fabian was giving, he pushed the van into the loading bay wall. Headlights, grill work, bumpers, were no more. In what seemed like hours to them, Fabian finally started herky-jerking out of control. The spasm of sexual bliss was washing over him and with one last thrust he shot a load so powerful, so large, that Reid swore it came up into his mouth a bit all the way from his ass. The very thought of which had him spewing over his head to coat the front of the van and shatter the windshield. The pair went home to the warehouse, which was now a bit cramped, but luck was on their side, actually. Six other gods came to reside in the protruding penis of Reid. The gods of: luck in chance, money, plant fertility, crafting arts and technology, stamina, and handsomeness. By the time they were done with Reid, he had the face of a modelesque, GQ man, with the body of a giant bodybuilding, muscle god, and knowledge of electronics and furniture making as well as financial savy. It wasn't long until Reid was financially independent, and then they bought a much larger warehouse and converted it into something that nearly looked like a grand Edwardian mansion with furniture built their size so they looked somewhat normal when they had flex and sex shows on the internet. That proved to make them very rich financially. Which was good, as folks passing by at night in front of their house swear from time to time they still hear the savage beats of the wild jungle drums and that more and more shadows are cast upon windows of very large, tall, and hung men.
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    Part 3 I knelt down to pull off my laces but my feet weren’t having it. They stretched out and popped each lace, getting a little slowed down by the knot but eventually they broke free of their confinement. “Dude, scoot over, I have to sit down.” Jess slid over, his hand never leaving his cock, and I plopped down next to him. My couch groaned underneath the added weight. I hadn’t spent much on this couch, I wasn’t worried about what was going to happen to it. I could feel the bones in my feet clack against each other as they continued to swell. My socks ripped and my toes pushed through the holes. I could feel my feet fluctuate as they would stretch, then widen, and then stretch again. I looked ridiculous. My feet, now about a size 22, looked more like flippers than actual human appendages. Luckily I knew the rest of me would catch up. My tibias began to lengthen and I watched the hem of my pants slowly rise, getting caught on my calves and finally giving in, bursting as the mass of flesh continued to grow. My femurs stretched out and I let them push my feet across the floor, long toes curling and stretching as I let the painful pleasure slowly wash over me. It was like having a Charlie Horse and the best orgasm at the same time. I felt my hips stir and my ass began to expand across the couch cushion, I could feel both ass cheeks against a seam. If my ass was this big I was going to be huge. My pants ripped and I pulled them off, exposing the stretching and expanding of my legs beneath. No need to rip off any underwear, I hadn’t been wearing any. My balls rolled and swelled, bumping against each other, fighting for the decreasing room between my expanding thighs. My cock was pulsing and I could see it stretch. I heard a slight gasp and remembered that I had a big man sitting next to me. Jess didn’t waste any time. He grabbed my cock and began to lick it, twirling his tongue over my growing head. He began to suck it and slowly made his way down, filling his mouth with my growing member. I felt him gag as my cock shot up faster than he expected, shooting into the back of his throat. He didn’t seem to mind and neither did I. I could hear my joints crackle as I flexed and stretched with the added pleasure. My back began to slide up the couch; I could feel my ribs expanding. In a weird way I could almost feel my organs grow too. I put my hand on Jess’s head, stoking his hair. My fingers bulged and stretched, increasing the area I could stroke. My knuckled popped and quivered as they swelled in size. I could feel my palms stretch. My arm grew down as my torso continued to stretch up. I could feel my spine stretch my head higher; I could feel the pull of my skin as it tried to keep up. My jaw bulged and I could feel my cheek bones swell. I felt my teeth shift and I hoped that all those years of braces weren’t going to go to waste, but they seemed to stay straight as they grew. My body gave one final spasm, and I could feel everything stop. I looked down at my body, stretched almost to the other side of the room. I had to be over 7’. I didn’t have much time to think, Jess was still working on my cock. I rubbed his massive back with my giant hand, rubbing my huge thigh with the other. This felt so incredibly good. I flexed my ass to thrust my cock deeper into Jess’s throat and the couch gave a final groan and collapsed beneath us. Jess didn’t seem to notice but if we were going to have giant sex, we weren’t going to do it here. “C’mon Jess,” I said, rubbing his neck, “let me show you the bedroom.”
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    Still trying to figure out where I am going with the story. Here is a short addition. ---------------------- Houston, Part 3 I was muscular! I looked more like an amateur bodybuilder than I did yesterday. It took me a moment to notice I was naked. Houston probably undressed me before putting me in bed. My pecs were more rounded and thick with muscle and I actually had a six-pack. My quads were thicker and more defined and I couldn’t believe my ass. Before it was large because of the fat on it and now I had a thick, muscular ass. I had decent sized calves and forearms. My biceps measured at 17 inches and had the beginning of some decent traps, delts, and lats. My dick was now about 8 inches long and 1.5 inches wide when erect and my testicles were about the size of golf balls. Sadly, I wasn’t as big as Houston. I realized that my cock had a wicked curve to it when it was hard though and it leaned a little to the right. I jumped on the scale and I was 250 pounds, now with very little fat and a lot of muscle. I felt more confident and rather horny this Christmas morning. I waltzed on back to the bed and the morning light was coming through the curtains enough for me to check out Houston. He was bigger too. He was laying in that weird position between side and stomach sleeping; it was perfect to marvel at the width of his back, huge and cut. If I wanted, I could trace the separation between his traps and his lats down to his obliques and up to his shoulders. His glutes were even bigger and his legs were extremely thick. I tickled the sole of his foot and he sleepily rolled onto his back. As Houston rolled, his cock swung in an arc across his body and made a thumping noise against his left leg. It too was larger; by my guess it was about 9.5 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. He had the hint of an eight pack and his pecs were large enough that his nipples were no longer pointing away from his body. I massaged his hairy, muscular legs and worked my way up to his large-egg sized testicles. I sucked on one of his testicles and Houston gave a deep moan of pleasure. I kissed my way up his abs and then suckled on his right nipple; this time rewarded with a firm “oomph” from my boyfriend. I worked up his pecs and brushed my lips with his thick, short stubble. I kissed his chin and then forced my tongue into his mouth. At this point, I was straddling Houston’s abdomen with my legs and his cock was poking at my ass. I felt like rewarding his patience with me. “ Fuck me,” I whispered into his ear. “Are you sure?” He was still hesitant. “Yes, but you have to wear a condom.” “Okay.” ——————————— After fucking for an hour, we showered. We measured each other and w had both gained an inch in height. I was now 6’1 and Houston was 6’8. He weighed in at 310 pounds, 60 pounds heavier than me. We both tried to find clothes that fit us, but for Houston everything was tight and showed off some hair and muscle. As for me, I had my fat clothes that still fit, only now all the waistbands were too big and the shirts bulged in different places. Houston began making breakfast and I went to clean up the living room. I found the card from Ian and decided to open it. The card was very interesting. Trevor, I asked that you read this letter alone because it contains a secret that I haven’t told Houston yet. To start, I purposely caused Houston’s dislike of milk with some classical conditioning. When he was young, every time he would pour himself a glass I would secretly but a chemical that made the milk taste bad. The reason is because I didn’t want him getting too big. I don’t know why, but the milk from our farm makes people grow larger. I slowly reduced the size of our farm when I figured it out myself. There are still 4 cows that need milking and the milk, no matter what form it is in, will make people grow when ingested. Houston shared with me your goals and I believe that you will make the right decision on when to tell him this secret. Grow as big as you would like, just take care of the gym and my son. Merry Christmas, Ian I basically have had my secret desire answered. I can get as big as I want. The first thing I do is go to the kitchen and pour myself a large glass of milk. I drink it all down and pour myself another. I set the second glass aside and waited to drink it with breakfast. As we ate food, I could feel the tingling throughout my body. That afternoon, on Christmas day, we went to our gym and worked out. I mixed my pre-workout, my workout, and post-workout shakes with milk; I had that tingling feeling grow. Houston broke all of his old records and I broke all of mine. At the end of 3 hours, my boyfriend was done, but I felt like I could keep going. For Christmas dinner, we had a combination of leftovers and Chinese. I washed everything down with 2 glasses of milk. Houston’s Christmas was getting to fuck me. My Christmas present was getting to fuck him. I fucked Houston in all sorts of different positions, my sexual stamina was low but it was boosted by the milk. I went for about an hour before collapsing in exhaustion. I cleaned up, had a glass of milk, and went to bed. —————————- The day after Christmas, I was larger; 6 feet and 2 inches tall and weighing in at 265 pounds. My cock was about 9 inches long and 2 inches wide. Before I had dreamed about being larger than Houston, and now thanks to his dad, I could be.
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    by Brandedx2 (Like this story? Find more tales of huge guys getting taken down a peg at my tumblr and if you have a custom tale you want me to spin up for you, let me know! I do commissions.) People could tell, Rob knew. He had clients to train, he still had a workout to get in himself (if it even mattered, now), so he was stuck there at Global Gym. He had a reputation at Global as the biggest bodybuilder in a gym full of heavy competitors. He was also known as one of the most approachable guys in the gym, imposing in stature but by all means a gentle giant. He had a number of fans in the gym’s clientele, as well as the gym’s owner Clem and his idolizing son Terry. Everybody cheered when he got his pro card the previous year, all in agreement that there wasn’t a more deserving athlete around. Rob was used to having all eyes on him. But after what Tuck had done to him that day, those eyes made his veins cold. Between clients Rob eyed the scale outside the locker room. He’d been avoiding it all day, terrified of what it was going to tell him. He tried to let his eyes, the way his body felt, be enough, but he had to know. He hopped on the scale and looked down: 240. That morning, when he’d weighed himself after getting out of bed, he’d been 284. He’d walked in the gym that size. And then, standing in the locker room, he heard the shrill laugh of his least favorite “client” and turned around to see skinny, tattooed little Tuck in his usual tight wife-beater and cargo shorts, cracking his knuckles and looking Rob up and down with a look that always made the big bodybuilder shiver. “…just a little bit?” Rob said, side-eyeing Tuck, wishing he could get away from the little guy who was inching closer to him. “…just for a little while?” “Big fella!” Tuck said with a laugh. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you didn’t like having me around. Yeah just a little, yeah just for a little bit.” Rob looked around quickly to make sure no one was around when it happened (Tuck probably didn’t even care—he didn’t care about much) and then Tuck, wiggling his fingers wildly, reached out and poked him. He felt a sudden chill, and just like that, the size drained right out of Rob and into Tuck (forty-four pounds, he would find out later). His shorts fell to the ground and his tank top hung down like a dress without the rest of his bulk to fill it out. By all accounts he was still a big man, but nowhere near the massive size he’d been a moment before. Tuck looked like a heavy-weight prize fighter with all of the extra mass, and he’d even got taller. He shadow-boxed a bit, flexed his new muscles while Rob sadly examined his own diminished form. Tuck gave him a shove (he stumbled forward, not expecting the sudden force and his own lack of mass) and then took off. Rob had clothes he kept in the bottom of his gym bag for the times that Tuck “borrowed” from him; they were his old workout clothes from several years before, back before he’d gained the mass that made him a terror to the superheavyweights onstage. He remembered being that size and feeling big, but going back to it was too much. What was worse, the smaller shorts and t-shirt still looked baggy on him. Rob was used to stretching XXXLs to the limit, and he couldn’t even fill out an XL. Tuck had taken more that day than ever before. There was nothing Rob could do to fight it. Tuck had all the power. He had to play nice and wait until Tuck was done playing around with his mass, until he decided to give it back. That feeling of weakness was almost too much for Rob to bear. “What’s up big man?” said Leon, a big powerlifter and Rob’s occasional lifting partner, taking a break from his heavy squats. Leon used to say Rob was the only guy big enough to spot him. Rob nodded back as they passed each other, terribly aware of the difference in their sizes. Rob hadn’t felt that small next to somebody in awhile. Later on his client Carlos turned to him during posing practice, while holding a front double bi, and smirked in his direction. “Hey, Big Rob, my guns are looking big as yours, no?” Carlos took a step toward him to compare. Rob backed away and swatted at him. “In your dreams, buddy,” he said. “You’re good. Hit the locker room.” Meanwhile across the gym, Tuck was curling a loaded barbell with sloppy form, showing off for a few spandex-clad ladies doing lunges nearby. Girls had always been the core of Tuck’s objectives in stealing size from him, Rob noticed. At the end of the day, Rob paced around the locker room, a little panicked. He hadn’t seen Tuck in a couple of hours, and after searching the entire gym Rob couldn’t find him. “Oh, hey Rob,” Clem said, walking through the gym about to lock up. “I didn’t know you were still here. I can leave you the keys if you still want to work out.” Rob felt a pit in his stomach. What if Tuck took off this time? It would take years to build all that size back, if Tuck’s power even allowed that possibility. “Uh… Thanks, Clem, I think I’m gonna hang out here for a bit if you don’t mind.” Clem smiled and tossed Rob the keys. “You in a heavy cut phase or something?” Clem said, looking him up and down. “You look like you dropped some pounds.” “I’ll be bulked back up again soon enough,” Rob said, praying that was the truth. Tuck strode in with a loose swagger over an hour later. Rob would’ve knocked the kid out if he wasn’t so terrified of the kid. “Sorry, Bobby,” Tuck said, scratching his crotch. “I was plowing this chick out in the parking lot just now. She could not get enough of this!” he said, gesturing to his physique. “Oh, man, what’d you think I wasn’t coming back? Bobby, you wound me, buddy. You really wound me.” Rob shrugged and feigned a smile. “Naw, I knew you were coming back.” “I suppose you want to go back to normal,” Tuck said. Rob bit his lip and clenched his fists. “Man, you are such a big baby sometimes, Bobby. You’re lucky I love you.” Then he flicked Rob right in the forehead. Rob’s mass returned in an instant, and he felt a sudden pain all over as he burst through his clothes. They fell to tatters and Rob stood there, massive and naked, his posture finally relaxing after a brutal day. Tuck burst into riotous laughter at the sight of the giant man exploding out of his clothes. “Bobby, you are ridiculous, buddy!” said Tuck, once again five feet and a hundred pounds. He walked out of the locker room and Rob patted himself down, thankful to be himself again. That was all Rob heard of Tuck for awhile. Usually he could count on a visit from Tuck every month, whenever the little guy was itching for girls at the gym, but several months passed and Rob was relieved to find that Tuck didn’t come around. His career started turning up, as well: he got a huge sponsorship deal, a photoshoot with Flex magazine, and Clem asked him to be the face of Global gym. The first day it was unveiled, Rob looked humbly at the larger-than-life size poster of himself, twenty-feet tall, outside Global gym. He couldn’t believe where his hard work had taken him, and he couldn’t have asked for a better place to do work. Terry, Clem’s beefy son, greeted Rob at the door. “Your picture looks awesome!” Terry said with stars in his eyes. “Thanks Terry,” Rob said warmly. “One of these days you’re gonna be up there.” “There’s Big Hollywood!” Leon said and punched him in the shoulder. All eyes in the gym were on Rob. He couldn’t feel prouder, until he walked into the locker room and saw Tuck standing there. “Bobby! You’re a big deal now, aren’t ya!” Tuck said, arms crossed, a sly grin on his face. “Aw, Bobby, you always clench up when you see me. If I didn’t know better I’d think you weren’t happy to have me around!” Rob looked around quickly to make sure the locker room was clear. “Uh… Tuck, I… what do you… doing?” Tuck smiled. “Relax, big Bobby.” He pulled out a wad of cash. “This time we’re gonna train. Regular. Big man teaches little guy how to lift weights. Deal?” He extended a hand. Rob, relieved, shook it. “Finally want to start adding some mass of your own, huh?” Tuck handed over the cash. “Look, Tuck, if you’re really serious, I can take over your diet, your supplementation… Hell, I can get you juice if you want it. Just say the word, buddy.” Tuck started stripping out of his clothes, stood there naked, a little awkwardly close to Rob. “See, thing is, Bobby, there’s this chick out there right now who will blow your MIND. Huge tits, ass like heaven, body that looks like it was built to fuck… Man, she’s got me DROOLING, Bobby, but she’s only into massive guys. Like big giant freaks your size.” Rob grinned as he put his gym bag in the locker. “Don’t worry, Tuck. I won’t steal her from you.” Tuck, still naked, bounced his eyebrows. “Oh, I’m not worried about that one bit, big Bobby.” Then he grabbed a handful of Rob’s big back. It hit Rob hard this time, like needles everywhere. His body compressed so fast everything was a blur, and he found himself stumbling around, his arms and legs suddenly tangled up. His head ached for a moment, and he felt like he was going to throw up… then the vertigo passed and he looked around, shocked at how much bigger the locker room had gotten. His tank top and compression tights were tented around him, and as he stood he watched his whole body slide through the neck hole. His body—that couldn’t be his body! Still tan, but tiny all over, a size he’d never been even in adolescence: shoulders, arms, legs, chest, all so narrow and bony. Even his dick was tiny now, and he put one tiny hand down to block it. He felt exhausted, and like he was moving in slow motion. Then he noticed the huge shadow cast over him. “Fuck YEAH!” roared a low, bovine voice. The sudden eruption scared Rob so much he tumbled over, his little heart pounding rapidly at the sight before him: Tuck was ENORMOUS, every part of him bloated with massive muscle, skill covered in tattoos which made the presentation all the more intimidating. Tuck aggressively hit a crab shot and grinned at the mirror—Rob had never seen anybody so big! Terrified, he scrambled backwards, eager to get away from the giant man stomping and flexing and growling. “Where do you think you’re going?” Tuck said, tossing his old wife-beater and shorts at Rob. “You agreed to a training session. Only it’s gonna be me showing YOU how to move weights, little man! Get dressed little guy. I’m gonna borrow your old clothes—seeing as you couldn’t use them for anything but a circus tent!” Tuck gave his now-massive cock a swing. “Hopefully I can fit all this in there,” he laughed as he pulled on Rob’s clothes, which fit like skin. “Let’s go little guy.” Rob felt like he was going to be sick as he walked out on the floor. He had to take two steps just to keep up with giant Tuck’s long stride. All eyes were on them—or rather, they were on the massive tattooed beast Tuck had become. Rob was shaking. He was terrified that someone would recognize him, but as he walked out, he realized nobody was even looking at him. That was almost worse. “Grab some dumbbells, little man,” Tuck barked. “Time to do some curls.” He crossed his arms and smirked down his chest at Rob. Rob headed over to the weight rack—how much would he be able to lift? He looked toward the smaller weights. He reached for the 20s, but a young guy—a guy who had asked for Rob’s autograph and some lifting advice the day before—elbowed him out of the way and grabbed them himself. Rob grabbed the 15s and walked over to Tuck, who tilted his chin at him. “What are you waiting for? Curl!” Tuck growled. Rob strained. He couldn’t believe he could get his arms to bend. “I… I can’t…” he said quietly, shocked at how soft and high-pitched his voice was now. Tuck laughed and slapped his knee. “Are you serious? You can’t even curl those?” He walked over and grabbed some 80s. “Lemme show how to curl, little guy!” His form was sloppy but his massive physique still impressed everybody around. Tuck winked at a blonde fitness model nearby. Her name was Catherine, Rob knew; she did only go for monsters. She’d been flirting with him a lot that week, and he’d thought about giving her his number. “Go get some water,” Tuck said, racking his dumbbells and heading over to Catherine. Rob was stunned by the height of the water fountain, which was now at about eye-level to him. He stood on his tiptoes to reach it, barely getting water in his mouth. He turned around and ran into what felt like a brick wall—it was Leon, who looked GIGANTIC to Rob now. “Watch where you’re going,” Leon said politely, yanking little Rob to his feet with one hand. Rob glanced across the weight room and saw beastly Tuck, now making his pecs dance while he chatted with Catherine. He had a little time, he figured, so he quickly headed to the locker room. His gym bag felt massive to him as he fished it out of his locker—it was bigger than he was now! He had to text his clients and reschedule before they showed up. As he struggled with the zippers, he felt a hand on his shoulder. “That doesn’t belong to you, sir!” A strong hand yanked little Rob away from the bag, and another yanked the bag away from him. It was Terry, who was now twice the size of Rob. Terry gave little Rob a shove. “Theft is grounds for termination of membership.” “I-I wasn’t stealing!” Rob pleaded. “I was just… I thought it was mine.” “What’s your membership number?” Terry asked with an eyebrow raised. “0-1-6-1-1,” Rob blurted out, suddenly realizing Terry had no doubt memorized his number. “Uh-uh,” Terry said, grabbing Rob forcefully. “You’re outta here.” Rob begged him to stop, told him he could explain (even though he had no idea what he would say) but still Terry very easily dragged little Rob to the door while everyone in the gym stared at the scene. “My coach!” Rob begged, pointing at Tuck, who was too wrapped up in Catherine’s admiration of his giant body to notice. “He’ll explain!” “Nope,” said Terry, shoving Rob hard. “Beat it, or I’m calling the cops, reporting you for theft and trespassing.” Flat on his back outside Global Gym, Rob stared up at the giant image of himself at full-size and burst into tears. It was too much. He looked up and saw Terry on the phone inside and quickly pulled himself to his feet and walked to his car. He tried the locked doors, realizing that his keys were inside, in a bag that belonged to someone he didn’t look like anymore. He walked around to the opposite side of the car and crouched down as it began to rain. Everything would be fine, he told himself—as soon as Tuck set things back to normal, everything would be fine. Hours later he saw Tuck strutting from the gym, holding Catherine’s hand. Rob stood up and sprinted for the two—but they were on Tuck’s crotch rocket before he could get there. Tuck sped away, never even acknowledging little Rob, stood there in shock, wondering if he was ever going to see Tuck again.
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    Having dated a bodybuilder and been the smaller guy I can say the biggest difference with normal size guys is the sex drive. My muscle guy was almost permanently horny but especially when he came home from the gym. Multiple times a night was pretty much the norm. I found his size very very comforting. There was also a confidence about him that I’ve never sensed from any other guy I’ve dated. He wasn’t an arrogant prick but just very self assured in who he was. Not sure that was due to his body, may have just been his natural personality but combined with 220lbs of muscle it was incredibly sexy!
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    And the bump has been heard.... I kinda let this story die after taking a break for exams, but I have the next part pretty much finished and should of posted it a few months back. No promises, but maybe next week.
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    Thanks @LHF!! @bodybuilderjim inspires me too!! Heres an updated pic. Hope you don;t mind the pup hood. :-)
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    Myfaceisitchy made art inspired by your story which I would be willing to bet you've seen by now.
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    This is a story I wrote years ago for my "Muscle Addicts Inc" blog. I've been going over it and making a few tweaks here and there and thought I'd share it here as I work on it. It's far from perfect but some of you guys might like it, or parts of it anyway! CHARLIE’S SECRET One My name is Charlie Steatham and I have a secret. It’s not a secret because it’s something I’m ashamed of. On the contrary, it’s something I love having. A part of me I wouldn’t ever want to change. It’s just not the kind of thing that would really be appropriate to tell a person in most given situations, or the kind of thing the majority of people would really understand even if I did. Let me tell you how I came to discover I even had this secret to keep. It was one Saturday afternoon back in England. I was home alone and innocently flicking through a magazine my parents bought weekly, which specialised in, of all things, radio and television listings. I wasn’t really reading it, just half heartedly turning the pages, stopping every now and then to linger on the odd thing which caught my attention, unbeknownst to me that I was about to stumble on to something which would have the strangest, and most incredible effect on me. An effect like nothing had ever had on me before. Something which would lead me to a world I never even knew existed. I remember feeling my eyes physically widening when I first saw the picture, and how it felt like my heart actually stopped beating for just a millisecond of time. Staring at it, I couldn’t quite get my head around what I was seeing, and why it seemed to have me so completely transfixed. Staring up at me from the page, was the most grotesquely muscular man I had ever seen. Every single one of his body parts was enormous. From the neck up he just looked like an ordinary man, he was handsome for sure, with nothing particularly special about his features, except for the fact his skin was a dark bronzed colour with an oily shine, but from the neck down, his whole body was a mass of gigantically huge, almost cartoon-like balloons of hard, smooth, muscle, bulging so much they looked as if they were about to burst. Every muscle was deeply separated, and most had a number of thick, wiry veins running across them. I had seen muscular guys before. Movie stars and athletes with six packs and tight, hard toned bodies, but the man in this image was something else entirely. He didn’t even look like a human being. He looked like a new superior species of the human race. A sick experiment gone wrong. Some kind of otherworldly creature, computer generated for a superhero film. As this monstrously massive muscle freak of nature, completely naked except for a small, shiny, green pouch covering his genitals, his hands resting on the top of his enormously thick legs, biting down on his lower lip and his face contorted into an almost arrogant but hugely proud expression, like he was having a whale of a time simply just possessing that freakishly huge, anatomy chart like body, stared up at me from the pages of this incredibly ordinary magazine in the living room of my parents incredibly ordinary house, I was completely and utterly hypnotised. My heart was pounding, my mind was racing, and for some reason, my penis was rock hard, twitching and pushing against the material of my boxers and jeans which were now struggling to contain it. This thing which had unexpectedly intruded on me from another world seemed to have this incredible hold and power over me, and I had now idea why. It didn’t feel wrong, but I knew that whatever this effect it was having on me was, it definitely wasn’t of the ordinary. After staring at the image for what seemed like hours, I forced myself out of my muscle obsessed trance, and tried to focus my mind on something else, but I couldn’t. My mind had been invaded, and my thoughts completely taken over by the image of that freakishly huge mountain of enormous muscle. I needed to see it again. I took the magazine into my bedroom and lay on my side on the bed, my upper body perched up by my elbow, the magazine next to me, flat on the bed. I flicked through the pages to try and find the image, and when I did, it was like I was seeing it for the first time all over again. I had no idea what was happening to me, all I knew was that in front of me was something so amazing and special. I had never desired anything more than this specimen of extreme muscle mass. This huge, hulking mountain of thick, superhuman muscle with his air of incredible power, extreme arrogance and hyper masculinity was the most beautiful and sexually provocative thing I had ever laid eyes on. I reached for my throbbing hard on, bulging and straining through my jeans, gently squeezed and started tugging. Soon enough I was popping open the buttons of my jeans and my white cotton boxer encased hard on was sticking out. I tugged and wanked, all the time staring at the muscle freak before me. Staring at the huge mounds of croquet ball shaped muscles which popped from his arms and fought for space with his perfectly smooth and insatiably thick chest, which looked like it was made of marble, but had tiny, wiry veins spread across the upper half. Staring at how his deeply carved shoulders ballooned like two watermelons trapped under bronzed tinted skin, which tightly stretched across the enormous, smooth muscle and looked unhealthily thin. Staring at his six beautifully shaped stomach muscles which looked like they had been carved with a knife. Staring at the incredible mass of lines and ripples etched into his tremendously large, hard looking leg muscles, and while staring at this presumably once ordinary sized man who’d built and moulded his entire body to extreme proportions and made himself look like a member of an entirely new, superior species, who looked up at me from my bed with an expression of complete and utter self satisfaction, and his air of incredible power and arrogance, my entire body seemingly shook, the most pleasurable sensation I’d ever had consumed my entire body, I let out a loud groan of ecstasy and my boxers filled up with a wet creamy liquid. Staring at a picture of, who I later found out was one of the top professional American bodybuilders of the time, hitting a most muscular pose on stage at a bodybuilding competition in probably the best condition of his career, I’d masturbated and made myself cum for the first time in my life. From that moment on, I’ve been completely obsessed with huge, freaky muscle. Nothing turns me on more than the image of competition ready, monstrously muscular, indecently shredded bodybuilders who live and breathe for being huge, who love nothing more than to climb into small, brightly coloured posing trunks, made of the shiniest material imaginable, and to stand in front of a camera, or an audience, and flex, tense and squeeze their cartoonishly big, deliciously carved, deeply separated balloons of thick, hardcore muscle mass, looking both impossibly beautiful and inhumanly grotesque in equal measures, loving every single moment of showing off their phenomenally built, superhero-worthy, circus sideshow freak-like bodies. As one can imagine, it’s a fantasy that stubbornly stays at that; a fantasy. How many ripped and peeled competitive bodybuilders sporting biceps bigger than the size of the average man’s head do you see walking round your local supermarket? None. And how many jacked and shredded muscle freaks one week away from competing at their fourth bodybuilding show of the year do you see on a Friday night at the local pub? Absolutely zero. Of course, there have been some very rare, and exceptionally brilliant moments where I’ve encountered fairly big guys sporting some pretty decently sized muscle, one or two of whom could have easily stepped onto a bodybuilding stage at some point, at various places, and of course, those moments will probably be forever etched into my memory, but for the most part, genuinely huge muscle guys, and certainly bodybuilders like the one in the magazine I found all those years ago, and the ones I have spent countless hours watching and viewing ever since, still remain an extremely elusive and rare breed. The world of extreme bodybuilding is an exceptionally small one, to which I have no ties or belonging to. Except for finding the courage to attend a bodybuilding show which I’ve yet to do, it’s a world I didn’t think there was much chance I would ever step into. That was, until today. Or to be more precise, two Tuesday’s ago, when Professor Walsh (officially my favourite lecturer from the university in California I’m temporarily studying at for a term) presented myself and my fellow students from my Video and Audio Production Techniques class with a list of the options for the first, one day work experience placement of the semester. This is a day where every student on the course has the opportunity to participate in the filming of various types of film, television and video productions. Every student has to select three options, and the Professor tries her best to assign the student to one of their choices. This is not always possible though because, as you can imagine, some of the options are more popular than others and there are only so many students allowed on each placement. Some of the students, usually the louder, more extroverted ones, were intent on getting the big gigs like production on the set of a film, and popular television talk shows. Personally, I was happy with anything that would give me some experience. Copies of the list were passed around to raised voices and excited chatter. I scanned the list to see, sure enough, a well known television talk show, work on an independent film, the set of a fairly well known cop show from cable who were filming in the area, work for a local news television station, and some more fairly obscure productions. Although nothing was particularly standing out as something I had a real desire to do, it all sounded pretty exciting. And then, as my eyes steered down to the bottom of the page, they suddenly widened, my heart leaped into my throat, and I almost couldn’t believe what I saw written on the last line, as the very last option; Filming Backstage at a Local Bodybuilding Competition. My head was spinning. Was this really happening? Was the universe finally providing me with an entry into this world I never thought I would enter? I kept checking the list, looking at the words again, just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, and sure enough, there it was. My opportunity to be at, and take part in the filming of an actual bodybuilding competition. I suddenly pictured myself backstage at a bodybuilding competition, in a space packed full of massive, bronzed painted muscle men wearing nothing but tiny sized, thinly strapped posing trunks, each pair shinier and brighter than the next. Every single superhuman muscle brute of a man intensely pumping up his shockingly huge muscles, grunting and huffing with every lift as their huge slabs of man meat strain and bulge through their completely hairless, drum tight skin, and me, standing next to a cameraman, closely filming every single pump of a massive, competition conditioned All American muscle freak, mere inches away from his blown up balloons of bulging, rippling muscle. The fact that I was looking at the opportunity to be in the presence of the kind of muscle bulls I’d been wanking off over for years and to see their enormous, freaky muscle up close in person was mind blowing. However, it terrified me just as much as it excited me. The two days which followed were spent agonising over what to do with this opportunity I’d been unexpectedly faced with. My mind was completely split in half. It felt like two voices had invaded my head, one voice saying, “You have to do this. This is a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity and you will never get this again. It will absolutely amazing, it will blow your mind and you’ll get to see real life, genuine muscle freaks pumping, flexing and posing close up. Deep down you know you want to do this, and if you don’t, you will always regret it.” Meanwhile, the other voice was shouting, “Don’t be stupid, you can’t do this. You will make a fool of yourself. You will feel uncomfortable and nervous. People will look at you and think you are strange. And how will you explain your reason for wanting to do this to your classmates, and Professor Walsh?” One minute, a certain voice would sound clearer than the other, and I would make what I thought was my final decision. But then, out of nowhere, the other voice would suddenly shout up again, and I’d start to doubt my decision again. Even on the day of handing in our choices, sitting in Professor Walsh’s class, with five minutes to spare before the lesson came to a close, I still hadn’t made my final decision. I also knew that if I selected the bodybuilding competition, there was a very good chance I would get the placement. I couldn’t say for definite, but I knew it was fairly unlikely that any of my other classmates would select it as an option. There were a couple of guys in my class with a little bit of muscle on them who clearly went to the gym, but I would have been highly surprised if any of them had a genuine interest in bodybuilding. It was, without a doubt, one of those obscure placements to make up the numbers which nobody wanted to end up on. Well, almost nobody. Professor Walsh was wrapping up the lesson. “OK, class, you might have noticed this red box at the front of my desk.” This was it. My time was up. “By now I presume you’ve all made your three choices for next weekend’s work experience placement”, Professor Walsh continued. “If you’d like to place your completed sheets into the box as you leave. Please keep in mind, you are not guaranteed a place on any of your choices. We will do our best to assign you to one of your choices, but due to limited spaces on each placement, in some cases this will not be possible.” My classmates had started to shift and while everyone was getting out their sheets and gathering their bags in order to leave, I was staring at my sheet with my pen anxiously hovering over it. Two of my choices had been ticked, which just left one. The words “Bodybuilding Competition” leered up at me, testing my every nerve and ounce of bravery. My pen was wavering from the tick box next to it, to the box next to the option of “Production on a Music Video.” The voices in my head both clearer and more frantic than ever, one in battle with the other. Bodybuilding Competition Charlie, you HAVE to do this! Music Video Don’t be stupid. You will make a fool of yourself. Bodybuilding Competition Just imagine it! Real life, genuine muscle freaks pumping, flexing and posing close up! Music Video You will feel uncomfortable and nervous. People will look at you, and think you are strange! Bodybuilding Competition Deep down you know you want to do this, and if you don’t, you know you will ALWAYS regret it! And with one quick motion, I ticked the box next to my third and final option, and my fate was sealed. My heart was pounding as I approached the box on Professor Walsh’s desk, and my hands were shaking slightly as I dropped the sheet in. The second after, I glanced up to see Professor Walsh looking at me behind her desk. A friendly smile was trying to mask an expression of curiosity and slight confusion. She had clearly noticed my anxiety and I felt a sharp, brief pinch that I might have been rumbled. The incident quickly faded from memory, and as I left the classroom and walked along the corridor, the strongest emotion of elation, sheer pride and an overwhelming feeling that I had just done something amazing came over me. I had just taken one step closer to that crazy, amazing world of huge, freaky muscle I never thought I would ever be able to enter.
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    Sorry for such a delay in between chapters. Hope the next instalment is worth the wait. Just a reminder: Wee Jock and Sir are heading back from the gym, where they bumped in to Red, who knows Sir. Chapter 6 We got back in to Sir’s car, his massive, pumped up frame filling the space even more than on the drive here. I could feel heat radiating from his left arm. Sir pulled out the carpark and started driving back in to town. “Well that was a good warm up, Wee Jock. Tell me, how long has it been since you’ve been on a gym floor.” “A couple of years. I was a member at uni, but I didn’t go often except to swim.” “You did well. You continue to impress me. I hope you didn’t mind when Red joined us at the end.” “… actually… that was fucking hot.” Sir turned his head briefly and cocked an eyebrow at me before returning his gaze to the road. “Being flanked by two giant muscle men showing off for each other? And then the pair of you looking at my tiny wee pumped up arms? You’re damn right that was fucking hot!” “Your arms aren’t as wee as you think. And those were some nice veins when you got your pump going!” I had to shift myself in the seat to adjust my growing cock. Hearing Sir’s praise was such a turn on. “I can’t compete with the two of you! Look at you. You’ve got veins all the time!” Sir extended his left arm across me, in front of my face, then flexed it. The bulging muscle only about a centimetre in front of my nose. “You mean these veins?” I reached up and ran my finger tips along the veins on his biceps. The vascular structure providing the only leniency on offer on the granite limb. I barely had a few moments before Sir moved his arm to the gear stick. The bunching of his muscles as he shifted gear was mesmerising. I reached out to feel his left thigh when my lustful thoughts were interrupted. “Not whilst I’m driving, Wee Jock.” It was only another few minutes before we pulled up in front of his house. These houses were old, built decades before people owned cars. So on street parking was a premium. I assumed there must be some strict permit system in place. The driver door thumped closed. What was I doing thinking about parking spaces? I was getting nervous again. I fumbled with my seat belt so I could catch up with him. I was so busy with the mechanism I didn’t realise the passenger door had opened until I felt his arm reach over me to unfasten me. Sir then reached his right arm around my back, hooking under my armpit, and with the left arm grabbed my backpack and my legs, and lifted me out the car. I may be wrong, but I’m fairly sure I felt his back bump against the roof of the car when he lifted me up. I clung on to his shoulders as he stood up straight, kicked the car door shut, and started walking up the couple of steps to his door. As we reached his front door he used his left hand to unlock it, and remotely locked his car which beeped at us approvingly. He dropped my backpack and pushed the door shut behind us, and walked through to the bedroom without bothering to turn on the hall lights. In his bedroom, he placed me on the bed, as he turned on the various lamps around the room. He then stood in front of me. I was now lying on my back, propped up on my elbows, eager to see what was going to happen. The giant stood before me, looking directly in to my eyes as he started rolling his shoulders forwards. I couldn’t hold his gaze long as I was too distracted by watching the various heads of his deltoids writhe under his skin. He brought up his right arm and flexed his bicep, and with his left he ran his left index finger slowly down from his wrist, to his elbow, and then along the ridge of the cannonball, tracing the cephalic vein back up to his shoulder. “I guess you’re right, my veins do stand out.” “Yes, Sir, they do.” “Do you like that?” “Oh yes. You’re arms are amazing, and the veins just emphasis how powerful they are.” “What about my chest?” Sir motioned his hands towards himself. “I may have forgotten how impressive your bare chest is…” I said with a smirk. “Let me remind you. And then you can tell me what you think.” Sir reached for the bottom hem of his vest and with one movement pulled it up and over his head, tossing it to the foot of the bed. Then, with a slight turn, he dropped forwards on to his hands and started pushing out press ups. After a few minutes he leapt up, his chest flushed and pumped, before hitting several variants of most muscular pose. “You’re chest is huge. I can’t believe the definition. I could fit my forearm in the gap between them, and you’d still be able to crush it. I love seeing the mass of muscle clinging to your chest jump to solid attention at your command.” I was enjoying being a bit more verbal with Sir, and he was clearly enjoying it too. His pecs weren’t the only thing jumping to attention as I praised him. Sir grinned as he brought his hands up behind his head and crunched his abs. I took the invitation to start discussing them. “Your whole torso looks like it’s been sculpted from my wet dreams. Your abs remind me of the climbing wall, I bet I could hang from them. And your obliques, well they are like a runway guiding me down to the monster in your pants.” And boy was that monster awake and hungry! The bulge in his shorts was ridiculous. And his wasn’t the only painfully hard erection in the room. With a bit of a grunt Sir stood straight again. He was panting heavily, like a bull about to charge. I could see in his eyes he was fighting control. He took the two steps over the the bed and picked me up by the tshirt, both fists clenching the neck. “Time to undress.” He said, and pulled his hands apart. The collar of my t-shirt gave way and my t-shirt tore right down the middle. Sir gave a last last tug at the bottom hem. He turned me around and ferociously pulled the destroyed shirt off my back whilst pushing me face first in to the bed. His hands were immediately on the waistband of my shorts as he started pulling them off me, almost taking me off the bed at the same time. In a few seconds my socks and shoes were thrown over Sir’s shoulders, along with my shorts. I was now wearing nothing but the white jock strap, half hanging off his bed, arse on full display. Almost as soon as my feet hit the floor, I felt Sir lunge in to me, his hands grasping on to my thighs, his face pressing up against my crack with such force that my own face was pressed in to the mattress. He started kissing and licking all around my hole, his teeth grazing along my cheeks. I was rock hard, leaking precum again, as I spread my legs, allowing for better access. Sir gave a playful bite on the inside of my right cheek before abruptly stopping and standing back. “Stand up” he commanded. It took me a second to catch my breath, and convince my legs to bear my weight again. When I stood and turned around, Sir was standing in a double biceps pose, legs open and slightly bent. At some point he had removed his shorts and was also naked apart from a neon green designer jock. This guy clearly had a fetish for them, and I wondered how many I’d get to see on his statuesque frame. His hole body was flexed. Each head of his quads clearly defined from the next. His biceps showing short valley between the two muscles before one overlapped the other. His pecs overhanging the deep grooves of his abdominals. “You said you could climb me… go for it.” Sir smirked and winked at me. My eyes widened as I took it all in - this sexual climbing frame. I started in front of him on my knees, reached up and tucked my fingers between his first and second row of abs. Sir relaxed a little and once my fingers were in place he tensed again. Although it wasn’t a deep hand hold for climbing purposes, I knew my fingers weren’t coming out until he relaxed again. I pulled myself up, my feet tucked behind me, and I was amazed I could hang off him like this. I let my chest slide up over his engorged package, and I could feel dampness of his precum as well. Sir moaned as I rubbed my body along his confined erection, he was clearly enjoying this as much as I was. Now with my two arms flexed, I rested some weight on my left elbow digging it in to his obliques. I would have found this uncomfortable, but Sir coped with it easily with his superior size and strength, I would have to jump on his tensed stomach before it bothered him. I started trying to ease the fingers of my right hand out from between his abs. As I thought, they were in there pretty tight. Sir shifted slightly, leaning himself to his right, and loosening his grip on my hand, without relaxing his whole stomach. I freed my hand, shook my fingers out a bit and reach a little higher to the mighty overhang of his pecs. I placed my finger tips above his nipples, my knuckles folded over them to get the best grip, and pulled myself up. As I ascended his body, Sir relaxed his abs enough for me to move my left hand up to his traps. I scaled this mountain of a man, pulling myself up to be face to face with him. “Wow,” Sir said cooly. “I thought you’d have stood on my thighs. You do continue to impress me, Wee Jock.” I grinned “I’m not done yet.” I pulled myself up over is left shoulder and then down his back. I gripped his thighs as I brought my legs around over the side of his neck, before tucking them under his arms. I tried to grip him with my thighs, but he was just too broad, and I couldn’t get purchase. Sir chuckled “Am I too big for you?” He lowered his arms and flexed his lats, trapping my lower legs, holding them firm. “Too big to conquer, but nothing’s too big to try.” I replied. With that I lowered myself down and pushed my hands between his thighs. Sir, yet again, obliged and shifted his stance, opening his legs wide enough for me to pass through. As I lowered myself under him, I could feel Sir begin to lessen his grip on my calves, allowing me to tug them free. But at that point I was face to face with his perfect, muscular arse, exposed by his neon green jock strap. I gently bit his right cheek. Sir gave a gasp, and immediately tightened his grip on my lower legs. I continued my traverse around his body, reaching my hands under and around his thighs. I kept kissing and nibbling his perfectly formed gluteals. As I reached my arms through his legs, hooking on to his thighs, Sir squatted slightly in order to open his legs up for my passage. I started moving myself between his legs, like ships passing under the great Colossus of Rhodes, but as I passed, my face came across his hole. I couldn’t help myself. I ran my tongue along the sensitive tissue adjacent to it. Sir gave a sharp intake of breath and he jolted upright, inadvertently trapping my head between his thighs; his grip on my ankles simultaneously tightened. “Woah!” Sir exclaimed. I couldn’t help myself, I darted my tongue out again, running it three hundred and sixty degrees around his tight hole. “Nnnng… that’s not something I…” my tongue ran directly over his hole, tasting the sweat from the work out. Sir’s grip on my skull tightened slightly; I started massaging his right thigh with my left hand whilst I kept my tongue working on his hole. I squirmed my right arm through a bit more so that I could reach up and start massaging his turgid cock. I could feel a damp patch of precum seeping up at the head of his shaft. Sir’s breathing got heavier. After a few deep breaths, I could feel Sir grabbing hold of my left ankle. With a swift shift of weight, he was holding my ankles in his armpit and hand, and his right arm was now reaching between his legs, and grabbing my right upper arm. He then released my ankles and pulled me up by my right arm, pulling me between his legs, stabilising me with his now free left hand. It was all very quick, causing a head rush. One second I was upside down, hanging on to Sir’s amazing body, rimming his arsehole; and the next I was being held like a doll in front of Sir’s face, dizzy and disorientated. “I don’t remember instructing you to do that.” Sir said with stern expression. “I couldn’t help myself…” “That’s not something I allow.” “You didn’t seem to find it to objectionable?” Sir grinned, tumbled me upside down and brought my knees over the back of his head, my own exposed hole close to his mouth he said in his low, deep voice: “I am in control. Your hole is mine. And you will suck what I tell you to suck.” Sir crunched his abs, bringing my head down on his over packed crotch, the neon green fabric damp and stretched. “Now suck it!” Sir shouted before driving his mouth in to my arse, my erect cock, trapped within the white jock pouch, rubbing in the grooves between his pecs. I obeyed Sir’s command, opening my mouth and started to mouth and kiss the engorged cock within the jock. I added my saliva to the precum soaking in to the fabric around his mushroom head and worked down his shaft to his large balls. All the while Sir’s tongue was lapping at my hole. “I said suck it! Not kiss it!” Rather than pulling the jock down, I pulled the fabric aside, exposing only his head. I licked at his frenulum and around the corona, spreading his juices, before pushing my puckered lips against his tip. I applied pressure and Sir flexed harder, slowly thrusting his hips forwards and up, pushing his cock against my mouth. As the pressure increased, my lips parted and slowly he entered my mouth, his flared head popping over my tight lips. I pulled the jock further to the side and started bobbing my head back and forth along his shaft, getting about half way along with each descent. Sir held me right up to his mouth, slurping at my hole as if it were an ice cream on a hot day. His tongue running around, and across my now eager hole. His throbbing member filled my mouth, as I grabbed hold of the shaft, desperately trying to fit more and more in to my throat. But due to our height difference, I couldn’t get any more in whilst my hole was against his lips. My own cock forced between his pecs, leaving my sticky juices against his sternum. When I reached down and gave Sir’s balls a tug, he came up for air and growled. He allowed my body to drop on to his shaft, my nose touching the sift skin of his ballsack, and he stood up straight. “Suck.” He commanded. I was enjoying the more verbally domineering side of him. “Yes, Sir!” I shouted as I caught a breath before diving back on to his rigid cock. Sir raised and lowered my body, once again using me as if I were an animate sex toy. I could feel my throat descend on to his head over and over again, causing me to produce copious amounts of saliva. His own fluids mixed with mine, as they coated his shaft, and dripped down his balls. I could feel the blood pulling in my head, and the pressure building the longer I was being pumped upside down. After a few minutes I made a very loud gasp as I disengaged from his cock. Sir kept up the rhythm for two more pumps, his rock hard, slippery dick poking me in the face, until he seemed to come out of his trance. Sir turned and threw me down on to the bed, arse over tit. It was forceful, but controlled. I was lying on my back, head towards him, overhanging to bed. Sir stepped back for a second, took off his now soaking neon jock and stood up, stroking his huge erection as he took a few swagger steps towards me. He stood over me, both hands stroking his cock at once, flexing his pecs. He had to lean over so that I could see his face. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” I obeyed. Sir took one more step forwards and lay his large, lime sized balls on my tongue. He didn’t have to ask, I started lapping at them, whilst he stroked himself. Sir started moaning and giving me encouragement. “Oh yeah. Lick them. Suck on my balls.” I opened and and took one of them in to my mouth, giving a gentle suck as he pulled away. “Uh!” He grunted encouragingly as it popped out my mouth. Sir grabbed his stiff cock again, tapping the side of my face with it. “Open wide.” I obeyed. Sir’s large, wet head touched my lips briefly before withdrawing again, leaving a trailing strand of precum between my mouth and his tip. He broke the strand with his right index finger and then placed that finger on my tongue. I started sucking on his finger. “I said open wide.” I could barely open my mouth before Sir thrust his cock deep in to my throat. He placed a hand on either side of my head and pulled me back slightly so that my head was hanging off the bed a little more. My throat and mouth now formed a straight line and whilst holding my head, Sir thrust harder and harder in to my throat, without withdrawing enough for me to breathe. He was grunting so hard I didn’t think he’d notice that I was struggling to catch my breath. I started gagging, I started grabbing at Sir’s wrists whilst trying to shake my head out of his grasp. It felt like minutes, but I know it was only took a few seconds for Sir to let go of my head, grab my wrists, and withdraw his long shaft from my mouth. I gasped for a few deep breathes. Whilst I was recovering, Sir pulled me off the bed, flipped me over and threw me back on the bed, chest down. I felt his broad, hard, body press against my back. Sir leant in and whispered in my ear. “I am in complete control. I know just how far to push you, Wee Jock. And judging by how hard you’re straining that jock, I know you’re enjoying it. Aren’t you, Wee Jock?” I nodded my head. “Answer me!” Sir commanded before grasping my left earlobe in his teeth and tugging so that my head twisted. “Yes, Sir!” I exclaimed in between pants. “I’m yours to use.” Sir let go of my ear. “Please, use me.” “Oh, I’m going to use you alright.” Suddenly I was being pulled back to the edge of the bed, my painfully hard dick dragging underneath me. Sir gripped me by the upper thighs, pulling me to the edge, and lifting my arse up at the same time. “On your knees. No, chest on the bed.” He pushed my back down, putting some of his weight in to. I pushed my arse up, presenting myself to him. “Spread your legs, show me that hole. Yeah, that’s it. That hole is mine.” “It’s yours Sir,” my voice slightly muffled by the mouth full of sheets. “Take it.” Sir let go of my back, I could feel him rubbing his cock against my cheeks. He must have been dripping with pre, as the next thing I felt was one wet finger circling my hole. An involuntary moan escaped my lips as I arched my back more, presenting my eager hole to my commander. I could hear rustling behind me whilst Sir started probing me with one finger. After around a minute Sir withdrew his finger and I felt a dollop of cold lube being dropped down my crack. I could feel his head running up and down my cleft before being pushed against my hole. Sir started applying pressure. When about half of his head was in, he grabbed the waistband of my jock with both hands, pulling it tight. “You better hold on.” I didn’t have to see his face to know that he would have a cocky grin on his face. With one steady movement, Sir sank his monster cock in side me until I could feel his thighs against mine. After a brief pause, as if to emphasis the fact that he was balls deep in me, he then started pulling back and thrusting back in to me. He wasn’t kidding when he told me to hold on. I had to brace my arms against the bed, and Sir was using my waist band to pull me back almost as much as he was thrusting in. The sound of our flesh slapping against each other was punctured by Sir’s grunts and my panting. Each trust was filling me, almost forcing the wind out my lungs, causing my to struggle with my breath almost as much as when he had been skull fucking me. I kept sliding up the bed with the power of Sir’s thrusts. And Sir kept having top pull me back on to his cock. A few minutes in, he let go of my waist band, hooked his hands under my armpits and with his enormous erection still inside me, picked me up. He walked me across the room and almost threw me against the wall. My face and chest were pressed hard against the wall and I braced my arms against it. Sir started thrusting in to me again, and as I pushed my arms back to get a bit of room, he grabbed my left arm, brought it round my back and held it there, putting his weight in to me, so that once again I was caught between the solid wall and the pounding of his body. He held my forearm just below the point of pain, but he still had complete control. His right hand gathered up the waist band of my jock again, using it to control my hips like the reigns of a horse. Sir’s rhythm got faster and harder. I could feel the pressure in my prostate building, the precum now dripping down my confined shaft and balls. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I came. I kept trying to vocalise it, but I was panting so hard I couldn’t form the words. I made ungodly noise between a moan, a grunt and a yelp as I shot load after load in to my now stretched out jock. After about the fifth spasm of climax, Sir pulled out and almost dropped me to the floor. I don’t know if it was intentional, but my legs couldn’t bear my weight. Once I was on my knees, he spun me round with one hand, the other I saw quickly pulling off the condom and throwing it to the other side of the room. His fists became a blur as he furiously wanked himself off. During those few short seconds I could see his pecs and abs clenching as he pumped his mighty shaft. Sir started making gasping noises himself, his abdominals seemed to spasm of their own accord twice before the hot white liquid started spurting out of his flared head. Although I was a few feet away from him by this point, it still landed on my upturned face. I instinctively opened my mouth and extended my tongue. Ropes of cum were now landing on my face and body. After Sir’s ecstasy had subsided he seemed to regain control of his body again and smiled as he looked at me: on my knees, still with my mouth open and tongue out. I must have been covered in his jizz. He extended a hand towards my face and rubbed thumb over my cheek, gathering up a huge dollop of cum. He then placed his thumb in my mouth and on to my tongue. Remembering my instructions from earlier, I fought the urge to suck his thumb clean. “Good lad, you take direction well.” He wiped his thumb on my tongue, and withdrew his hand. “Now hit the shower.” Sir waved in the direction of the en suite before walking to the bed and slumping down on it softening erection slapping against his abdomen, still extending past his belly button. I stumbled in to the bathroom. I braced myself on the sink and took a few deep breathes to gather myself before standing up straight and looking at myself in the mirror. I was covered in cum. I grinned at myself, before peeling off the stretched white jock strap. I showered off, half expecting Sir to join me, but he didn’t. I grabbed one of the enormous white towels to dry myself off and wrap around my waist before going back in to the bedroom. Sir was still lying on the bed, looking half asleep as I went to collect my backpack from the hall. “Where do you think you’re going?” Sir asked. “I was going to get my bag. I’ve got a change of clothes in it.” Wait, were we about to do round two? Was I going to be allowed to sleep over and we could go at it again in the morning? “I don’t think so.” Sir started to stand up. He picked up the neon green jock he had been wearing, his vest and shorts. “You think I don’t know you took my underwear?” I felt the blood drain from my face. I opened my mouth to try to speak, but couldn’t think what to say to make it sound any better. “Since you like wearing you like wearing my clothes so much, you should wear these home.” Sir handed me the clothes he had been wearing. “Um… ok. I’m sorry?” I took the bundle and pulled out the green jock. I wriggled it on under the towel before letting the towel drop. It fit pretty well - Sir may be massive, but his waist was small and trim. Next I put on his shorts and vest. They were a different story. I turned and looked at myself in the full length mirror. I looked like a child wearing hand me down clothes. The shorts hung to my knees. Sir’s thighs had stretched them tight, I could have had three or four of my legs in there and still had room. The vest hung from me, the neckline dropping past my chest, exposing my nipples. The sides that had gripped sirs lats swung like wing flaps on me. My reflection was both ridiculous and somehow arousing. It once again emphasised the difference between us. Sir came to stand behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders. “You can lick out my arse when you can fill those clothes. Until then I hope you settle for being the best fuck in Glasgow.” Sir said as he patted me on the shoulder and gestured towards the door. I was getting hard again. That was mighty praise indeed. I fumbled for my socks and shoes before heading out the house. “So will you text me again?” I dared ask before I left. “There’s not many out there that can take me, let alone let me pound them the way you do. That hole is mine. You’ll be hearing from me.” And with that he closed the door on me. But I still walked home with a spring in me step - after all I was the best fuck in Glasgow!
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    I grew up with muscle and strength having a major presence in my life. When I was 8 years old my dad built this amazing weight room for my brother (who was 17 at the time) who played football. His team mates would come over to lift and they rarely wore shirts. Lots of showing off: flexing and strength feats. I remember watching one kids muscles pop when he deadlifted 455 pounds. And then what it sounded like when all the weight crashed to the ground and how the ground seemed to shake. The teams tight end was 6foot 7 super muscular super strong and super arrogant one day he walked over to me shirtless with his six pack and as he approached I could see the outline of a massive cock in his mesh shorts . As he towered over me I bent my neck back to look up at him and when we made eye contact he bounced his pecs and had a cocky grin. He loved talking/ bragging about his size and how he loved leveling smaller guys on the football field. (Supposedly when he was 18 he started exotic dancing and had a reputation for fucking married housewives and the mom of one of their team mates) this was the start but more things happened i took naturally to swimming so I spent my summers in little speedo briefs. We had 2 guys that were 15 and 17 and they were absolutely chiseled muscle gods. Always bouncing their pecs, flexing bi’s And posing/ flexing for pictures. Girls on the team would squeal and grab at or take pictures of their pecs, delts, arms, and butts more motivation then in college it just went crazy for me. I became friends with wrestlers and other muscle jocks. I was swimming and lifting and eating properly and getting muscular. I loved locker room and shower time (we had one of those open rooms with shower heads along the wall with no privacy dividers). I became very comfortable and confident being completely naked and wet around muscular jocks with incredible bodies. One summer I lived with a group of athletes in a house and we all had great bodies. When someone would bring a hot girl around, we would all show off and a few times a few of the girls would “make their rounds” fucking each of us. This was where I had my first threesome with another guy (we took turns - while one fucked her, she sucked the other guy’s cock.....I put her on all 4’s and fucked her doggy style and loved watching my room mates muscles while she sucked his cock when I was 25 I was swimming at a big time Y aquatics complex (in a small speedo briefs of course- I was in major league show off mode at the time at 6ft 198 pounds of completely ripped defined muscle, people would say “you look more like a bodybuilder than a swimmer” and I was contemplating competing) as I exited the pool to go to the locker room a youth swim team was assembling for practice. I went to the locker room and as I turned down my row of lockers a kid came darting around the corner and bumped into me. He was lean and fit but small. He stepped back and I could see his eyes fixated on my chest shoulders and arms. As I was checking my phone he came back and pretended to need something from his locker. Out of the corner of my eye I could sense him staring. I put down my phone and turned to look at him and he nervously pretended to not look. I said “dude, it’s ok” then I turned towards him and hit a double biceps and said “you like?” - he was bright red and nodded yes with a dumbfounded look on his face. He left. 20 minutes later I’m over on the other side at the sink (there was a wall that divided the bathroom but it didn’t go all the way to the ceiling) he came back again with 2 of his friends and I heard “he must of left- you should have seen him he was effing jacked” so I yelled “I’m over on this side at the sinks” - the three of them came around the corner- I said “here ya go” and bounced my pecs then hit a double biceps ....it was fun
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    Part 6 for these guys. Stay tuned, more to come for them a few stories down the road.. We’ve finished dinner and Jay insists on doing the dishes and cleaning up. He tells me to go out onto the deck and relax and that he’ll be out in a bit. Who I am to argue with this big lug. If he wants to clean up, good for me. I slap him on the ass and walk out of the kitchen area. I open the sliders to the deck and walk over to the in-ground fire pit. Gratefully Stu had an electronic ignition installed or I’d be here for hours trying to get it lit. I get the fire going and sit down in one of the heavily cushioned recliners near it. With the sun setting and a steady ocean breeze, it will be a cool pleasant night, great for sleeping, among other things. I think back to Jay’s comment that this is where we met and most of our happy memories are at the beach and beach house. I had to ruin it by mentioning the unpleasant memory I have of it. But he is right, if it had not been for that incident, we’d have never met. Now I am deep in my memories, thinking back to that fateful day. It was a day similar to today. Beautiful weather, warm temps, warm water, some awesome sex. I’m forever happy Jay and I eventually met. I had just finished classes and was a few days away from graduating with no career plans. I was taking one last weekend off and wanted to spend it at the beach, just relaxing and cruising for hot guys. I had no house to stay in, just the bags in my car, my curly hair, and a positive attitude. I was getting a degree in computer science, but had no prospects for a job. My parents were giving me three months to get my ass in gear and find a job. They would support until the last day of the third month and then I’d find my bags waiting for me on the curb. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with them. I needed to get my ass in gear and find a job. I had done well in college, but working wasn’t at the top of my list. And since they also knew I could be a slacker, the three month time frame was set up. My family had known I was gay for a while and supported me, which made life easier. They’d met all the boyfriends I’d had through high school and college and supported each relationship. If one ever went south, they wouldn’t coddle me. They’d say, “It happens to heterosexuals too, so get up, dust yourself off, and get back out there.” This went a long way in helping me become a strong outgoing person. I like to meet new people, regardless of their sexual preferences and talking just came naturally to me. I’d chat up anyone and if we were attracted to each other, great. If I found out they were straight, again, great, I’d just made a new buddy. In a weird way, Jay and I met up because of my outgoing personality. ** I was at the beach, but was hitting the local gym before heading to the water. I have a great body, weigh 165lbs, 5’11”, tan, trimmed chest and pubic hair, nice pecs and arms, and some pretty good abs, yeah, ok, I have a six pack and like to show them off. Who wouldn’t? So I’m in the gym in a tank top and board shorts just running through a quick upper body routine to get a pump on, then will head to the beach to see what I can snag. I spot a cute looking guy on a flat bench looking over at me. I walk over to say hi ask see if he needs a spot. He’s got the bar loaded to 225lb. He’s a bit bigger than I am, probably 6’1”, 200, good looking body, but he seems to have fallen off the workout wagon and is trying to get back on it for the summer. He sees me coming and I see him look me up and down and think “good, he plays for our team.” “Hi, I’m Max, do you need a spot?” “Yeah, that’d be great. I’m Shawn.” “Cool, need a lift off, how many you going for?” “Yeah, a lift would be great, going for 5.” “Ok.” I get behind the bench and get into position. “3, 2, 1.” And we lift the bar off the supports. He gets thru all 5 with little effort and re­racks. I catch him staring up my t-shirt at my abs and chest. I stand still so he can get a good look and then slowly move back so he can see my face. He smiles up at me. “Nice curls.” I say to him, “Thanks, let me know if you need help with your next set.” He nods ok. I go back to my routine and try to keep my eye out for him. I see him around, then don’t see him for a bit, then he’s back. I’m doing bicep curls on a preacher bench with a 35lb bar and 2 25lb weights and he walks between me and the mirror. He looks down and asks if I need help. I nod sure and he gets into position and helps me on my final two reps. After I rack the bar, he casually lifts it up and curls it a few times, flexing his biceps at the top of each rep so I get a good look at his arms. They’re pretty nice, not the biggest I’ve seen, but I’d slobber all over them if he wanted me to. I feel a boner starting and slyly look up at him and shift my body so he can see what’s happening. A slight grin appears on his face and he sets the bar down and casually rubs his crotch. We’re looking each other in the eye. He raises an eyebrow ever so slightly and I give just the barest nod yes. We head to the bathroom. We get in, he locks the door, and turns to face me. He raises his right arm to a full flex, puts his left hand behind my head, and gently pulls me to the face of his bicep. I lick my lips and go to town once I’m close enough. I’m getting it nice and wet when he grabs my right hand with his left and moves it to his crotch. I start to massage his dick thru his shorts. He lets out a soft moan and I take ahold of it and start to yank it. “Blow me.” He says quietly into my ear. I get on my knees and gently pull his shorts down. His dick pops free and springs up. Nice 7 inch unit. Pretty good thickness, kind of hairy for my tastes, I wonder if he trims up. I start to blow him and put my hands on his ass to pull him closer. I spread his cheeks a bit and move my left hand towards his hole. I’m about to stick a finger in his hole and he reaches around and grabs my hand. I look up to his face. He gently, but firmly says, “Sorry, not on the first blowjob.” And he winks down at me. I nod ok and continue to blow him for another 2 or 3 minutes. I have a good motion going and his body suddenly gets stiff and I know he’s ready to blow. I pull off and yank him a few times. He cums all over my chest. He sighs and leans back against the wall. I get up, grab some paper towels and wipe my chest off. I wet some more and reach down to clean him off and he stops my hand and takes the towels from me and cleans himself off. “Sorry, I am super sensitive after I blow, and like to clean myself off. Hope you don’t mind.” “Not at all.” I say back. He finishes cleaning up and begins pulling up his shorts. “You heading to the beach?” He’s checking himself out in the mirror and glancing over at me. “Yeah, after I’m done here and shower up. You?” “Yeah. I’ll look for you in about an hour?” “Ok. I have a blue and green umbrella” “Nice. See you later Max. Oh, thanks for helping me out” And he winks at me, unlocks and opens the door, and walks out. I stare at his ass. I am staring so intently, I almost missed a huge muscle guy walk by and out of the gym. Couldn’t tell much from my view, but he had blonde hair which was shaved short. I go back to watching Shawn’s ass as he crosses the gym floor. I head to the locker room, shower up, put on a fresh pair of board shorts, and drive over to the beach. It takes me a good 15 minutes to find a parking spot. I feed the meter, load up the cart, and head down. I’m walking along the path through the dunes and see a couple of guys watching me from a really nice house on the path. I think to myself, “Wonder how much that house cost?” Someone from the house yells to me, “Nice cart.” I glance over and wow, now there’s a nice looking guy. My height, looks to be 185lbs, muscles, wavy black hair. He’s got a buddy with him. His buddy looks pretty fucking hot as well. About 6’1”, same weight, muscles too, and long blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. Guessing both guys are a few years older than I am. I yell back, “Thanks.” And pause for a second. “All by yourself?” The black haired guy asks. “Hope not, met a guy at the gym and he is on his way.” “Good for you.” The pony-tailed guys says and smiles at me. “Thanks.” “We’ll be down in a while. If you are still alone we can hang out. I’m Stu.” Says the dark haired one. “This is Kenny.” And he waves to me. “I’m Max.” “Nice to meet you Max.” “You too Stu. And you too Kenny.” I say looking at each of them. Pretty good 3-some material right there. I continue on my way to the beach. I find a great spot near some rocks and set up my umbrella, spray myself down with suntan lotion, and settle into my chair. The ocean is right in front of me, big, blue, clear, and inviting. I am in a trance watching the waves and feel so at ease. Life is good. I get up and wander down to the water’s edge, wade into the water, and dive in. I swim around for a few minutes to cool off, get out, and head back to my chair. As I’m drying off I see Shawn heading in my direction. He’s got 3 buddies with him. Hmm, could be fun. One has a backpack with a baseball mitt and bat in it. Another has a just a mitt. Nice, athletes, they should have some stamina. “Hey Max, good to see you again.” Shawn says walking up and shaking my hand. “You too Shawn.” “These are my college buddies, Ash, Bull, and Larry. We played ball together.” The guys are checking me out, but not in a sexual way, more like they’re sizing me up. “Hey guys, what’s up?” “Not much.” Larry says. He’s the one with just the mitt. Bull has the bat and mitt. Ash doesn’t have a backpack or bag with him and he’s shirtless. Ash seems to be my height, but definitely has more muscle, probably weighs 225lbs. Lats are flaring, nice quads and abs. His pecs are huge and his nipples are right at the bottom, where the muscle curves back to his chest. His nips are prominent and he has a huge areola around them. This guy works out. I don’t see the signs of a roid body. He’s got nice black hair a bit of facial hair and a smooth dark brown body. He’s also got a couple tats on him. One on each bicep and another one on his left quad. He’s staring at me and seems to be undressing me with his eyes. Bull is definitely the biggest of the 4 of them. He must be 6’2” and 240lbs of muscle. His chest is pressing against his t-shirt like it wants out now, but no nipples are visible. Hopefully they will perk up when I suck and nibble on them. Arms look to be around 21 inches and have veins crawling all over them. Now there are some arms I could go to town on and blow a load or two. I see some acme on his shoulders. Uh-oh, roid boy. He could be violent in bed. Need to take care. Larry, is just looking around, like he’s looking for someone else. He’s the smallest of the three. My height, but maybe 150. Not skinny, but not as muscular as the rest of them. He as a bunch of tats all over him. Arms, legs, and I can see one or two through his t-shirt. He looks over to Shawn and something unsaid passes between them. Something is off here. Ding, ding, ding. I need to play it cool and see if I can get away. I ask, “You guys want to set up your stuff and relax for a while.” “Sure.” Says Shawn. He tosses his backpack down onto my blanket. Bull and Larry do the same. Ash walks to my chair and sits down. He looks up to me and says, “Shawn says you helped him out at the gym today.” He flexes a pec slowly, showing me his muscle control. A slight grin appears on his face. Fuck, play it cool. I easily say, “Yeah, he needed a spot when he was doing some presses.” Ash looks at me evenly says, “Not what I meant Max…You know the kind of help I’m talking about…” and he rubs his crotch and I see a rather large bulge form. He tenses a bicep and grins up at me. “Shawn said you like big biceps. Will these work?” and he tosses up an impressive double bi pose. I nod and say, “Very impressive Ash.” Larry adds coldly, “We know you gave him a blowjob. We think we each deserve one too, right guys?” Bull and Ash nod. Shawn is hanging back with an evil grin on his face. He’s looking around with Larry to make sure no one is nearby. “Guys, I’d be happy to help you out if you leave me alone afterwards. I don’t want any trouble.” I look over to Shawn and ask, “Do this often?” Indicating to the other three guys. He laughs and says nastily, “Only when I find a queer at my gym. Dude, you guys need to stop coming to our gym, it’s for straight guys. You gays need to get your own. We don’t need you staring at us, it’s fucking disgusting.” I hold my tongue. I instead say, “Like I said, I’ll blow each of you if you just leave me alone afterwards.” “Maybe, bitch.” Ash says as he leans up in the chair and is about to get up. “Hey Max, these the friends you were talking about?” It’s Kenny from the house in the dunes. “Fuck off princess.” Bull says. “Mind your own business. We’re having a conversation with Curly.” Kenny says, “Hmmm, looks more like you want to beat him up and then probably rape him.” As he points to the bat and mitts. I am dumbfounded. My mind didn’t even consider they’d rape me, but now the bat and mitts make sense. “But you wouldn’t be able to do that here on the beach. How were you going to get him off the beach with you? Gag him and tie him up? There are too many people around and he’s onto you.” “Again, fuck off queer.” Bull says rather loudly, as he reaches down for his bat. Ash gets out of the chair and walks toward Kenny. “Bull, Ash, calm down.” Shawn says evenly from behind us. Bull and Ash stop and everyone turns to him. He looks at Kenny and says, “You did hear Max say he was willing to give my buddies blowjobs, so I don’t see what you’re concerned about. We’ll let him be after we’re done with him, promise.” And he gives a smart-assed grin. He continues. “Ash, why don’t you and Max’s friend hang out down here for a while? I’ll send Larry and Bull down once they’re done and it’s your turn.” Ash walks over to Kenny and puts an arm over his shoulders and squeezes their bodies together. Ash outweighs Kenny by 35lbs. Kenny plays it cool and evenly looks at Shawn and says, “This isn’t happening.” “Yes, it is.” Shawn says back flatly. Ash knocks Kenny’s knees out from under him and Kenny is on the ground. Shawn looks at me and says, “Up to you Max. Ash could do some serious harm to your buddy if I tell him to. You coming along?” I stubbornly say, “Ok.” Kenny looks at me shaking his head. “Good, let’s get the party started.” Shawn says clapping his hands together. “Ash, the guys will be back as soon as possible. Try to keep your muscles under control.” “No promises Shawn.” As he flexes a bicep in Kenny’s face. Ash and Shawn laugh. Larry leads us off the beach followed by Bull, myself and Shawn in the back. As we pass the house where I met Kenny, I see Stu come out the door. “Hey Max, Kenny went down to meet up with you. Did he find you?” Shawn says back, “Nope, didn’t see him.” And pushes me along. I look up to Stu with a frightened look in my eyes. Stu just turns and goes into the house. He shuts the door and I hear him yell to someone named Jason, but we’re past the house before I hear anything else. We get to Shawn’s van and he pops the side door and slides it open. He waves for me to get in. I glance inside and see it is pretty much empty, except for an old mattress covering the metal floor. As I get in, I turn to see a huge guy coming down the path. He must be 6’3” and 250lbs of muscle. Buzz-cut blonde hair, the clearest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, no shirt on, gym shorts, and flip flops. Fuck, it’s the guy from the gym earlier today, who I only saw from behind. As Shawn starts to slide the door shut, the guy puts his left hand on the door and it instantly stops. He says in a deep voice, “Max, Stu said you left some stuff in the house and to go get it.” He looks at Shawn and says, “Leave him alone Shawn.” Shawn responds. “Don’t have a problem with you Jay, but stay out of this.” Bull comes around from the back of the van and says, “Back off muscles, he’s coming with us for some fun.” Larry is a few steps back from Blonde and is eyeing him up. Blonde doesn’t even look at Bull and just says to Shawn, “No, he is not.” And Bull swings the bat. It hits Blonde on the shoulder, the bat shatters, but he doesn’t even flinch. He looks at me again and calmly says, “Max, I need you to go into the house. I’ll be right behind you.” I stare at him. He nods his head and I jump out. Shawn reaches for me, but Blonde’s hand is quicker, fast as a blur, and he’s got Shawn’s hand in his. He starts to apply pressure and Shawn starts to contort his face in pain. “Please Max, go now.” I start up the path and see Stu coming down. I meet him halfway and he says, “Don’t worry, Jay can take care of himself.” He ushers me into the house and locks the door. We start going up the steps to the main level. I hear a muffled sound like a hammer hitting metal. It must be the guys at the van, but I have no idea what would make that type of sound as the van was pretty much empty. I’m freaked out about what just happened and my mind is racing, “What about Kenny? They left him with Ash, who is lot bigger than he is.” I’m looking around, wanting to get back down to the beach to try to help Kenny. Stu grabs my shoulders, turns me to face him and says, “Kenny’s no fool. And Jay will be on his way down there in a minute to help him.” “But there were three of them at the van, what if they overpower him?” I start to babble and am getting sweaty. “Yeah, it could be an issue, but Jay knows what he’s doing.” Stu is remarkable calm and is looking me right in the eyes. I stare at Stu without knowing what to say. I hear Larry yell out in pain, then go silent. I look at Stu again and he just nods to a chair in the living room area. I sit down tentatively, on the edge of the seat. Have I gone from frying pan to fire? My brain is spinning. I can feel my heart beating what feels like a thousand times a minute. Fuck, I’m 22, I was almost beaten up and raped, but now, who knows what. Something tells me I’m going to be ok, but I’m having a hard time processing what’s just happened to me. Stu says, “You feel ok, you look a bit pale.” “I feel….” And I get up and run out onto the deck and throw up over the railing. “Guess not.” Is all Stu says from behind me. “Stay there. Let me get you some water.” I stand there and throw up again. I feel a bit better and see this Jay person walk past the house towards the beach. He has purpose to his step. I see the spot where Bull’s bat hit him. It’s a bit red, but that’s it. Jay disappears over the dunes and is walking toward where I had set up my umbrella. Stu comes back out and hands me the water. “Like I said, Jay can handle himself.” “I’m beginning to believe you.” 4 minutes later Jay and Kenny are walking back. Kenny has my cart with all my stuff. Jay is carrying Ash over his shoulder. Kenny turns and comes up the ramp to the house. Jay keeps walking down the path, out of sight, to Shawn’s van. Stu meets Kenny at the top of the ramp and gives him a kiss and asks, “You ok? Everything ok?” Kenny glances to me and looks back to Stu and pulls him in for another kiss. He then whispers something in his ear. “Fuck.” Is all Stu says and Kenny just nods. Stu turns to me and says, “Where are you staying? Where is your car?” I stumble over my answers, “My car is about 4 blocks away. I don’t have a place to stay. I was hoping to meet someone and well, you know...” Now, I’m totally embarrassed. “I should go. I think I’ve caused enough problems and don’t want to drag you guys into it. I can just head to the police station and file a report or something.” “Too late Max.” Kenny says. I look at him quizzically. “Jay knocked out all guys.” My mouth just falls open. “But, they will be ok. He’s driving the van back to the gym and will leave the guys in the van to recover. As for the police, we can handle that for you. We know the local cops pretty well, plus once they hear our version, you should be in the clear. It may be best if you stayed here for the rest of the day and tonight. I need to follow Jay to the gym and drive him back. Stu will take you to get your car, ok?” I nod yes, what else can I do? Stu and I jump into his SUV and head out. “What did I get myself into?” I mumble quietly. “Don’t worry too much about it Max. The police shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Shawn and his buddies on the other hand...” I glance over to him, “You know them?” “We see them around town and they have a reputation for not liking gay men. Not sure why, and really don’t care.” “But I saw Jay at the gym today? And Shawn told me he doesn’t like gay guys at his gym?” “Would you mess with Jay?” “I guess not.” I say confused and Stu picks up on it. “Jay doesn’t like to go to that gym for the reason you just mentioned, but he also says it’s the best one in town, so who’s going to argue with him? He’s said Shawn doesn’t like when he comes in, but gives him a wide berth.” Stu gives me a reassuring pat on the shoulder and says, “Looks like we got to you just in time. Kenny saw them walk past the house and figured he’d head down to make sure they weren’t the ‘friends’ you were waiting for.” “Yeah, Kenny saved my life.” I say. I continue, “Sorry about throwing up near your deck.” “Not to worry. I bucket of water will wash it away.” Stu laughs. “Least of my worries today.” We get to my car, I fumble with my keys and Stu looks at me and says, “You sure, you’re going to be good to drive back?” “Yeah. I just need to take a few deep breathes.” I get out and lean against my car. I look over to Stu and say, “I think I’ll just take off, Stu. It may be best for everyone if I disappeared.” Stu gets out of his and stands in front of me. “Max, I’d like for you to stay the night with us. You’re in no shape to drive home and you already said you don’t have a place to stay, so…” I hesitantly say, “Ok.” Stu leans in and gives me a gently hug. I tentatively hug him back. We get back to the house and Kenny and Jay are there. I walk in and Kenny walks to me and gives me a hug. “You ok buddy?” he asks. “I’ll make it. Still a bit un-nerved.” I respond with a bit of a joke in my voice. I see Jay sitting outside on the deck. He’s put a t-shirt on. “Is he ok? He took a bat to his shoulder.” Both guys nod yeah. “Can I talk to him?” They look at each other and nod yes. I walk out, sit across from Jay. He looks up and I say, “Thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but it’s all I can offer.” He puts his giant left hand on my right thigh and gently squeezes. I can feel the restrained power he has. “As long as you’re ok, it’s all the thanks I need.” And he softly applies pressure. I put my hand on top of his and we look each other in the eyes. His blue eyes are alive and sparkling and he seems to be looking right into my heart and soul. I think to myself I’d never have a shot with this guy. He’s all muscle and good looks. He’s got to have someone waiting for him. “I hope Bull didn’t hurt you. He was a big guy and the bat shattered when it hit you.” “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just need to massage the area and put some ice on it.” “Your boyfriend around to help you out with the massage?” I ask very innocently. “Don’t have one right now.” He says evasively. I try to keep my jaw from falling off. He sees my astonishment and says, “Being a big guy can be a turn-off to quite a few people, believe it or not.” “Yeah, I have that problem all the time.” I say very jokingly and puff out my chest. He looks up and smiles a genuine smile. “Good one, curly.” The way he says curly just makes me melt. He reaches over and puts his right hand in my curls and plays with them. It feels great. ** The next thing I remember is waking up in a dark vehicle and being rocked from side to side. I hear Shawn’s voice, but cannot make out where he is. He’s yelling at someone to turn and the van rocks to the left. I roll over and bang my head on the side of the van. I almost pass out again. Fuck. We ride along for another 5 minutes and the van comes to a stop. Doors open and shut. The side door slides open and I see Shawn and Bull, both bruised and angry. Bull just grabs my leg and pulls me to the opening, punches me in the stomach, lifts me over his shoulder, and carries me to where ever we’re going. More doors open and shut I see we’re back at the gym. Shawn locks to doors once we’re in the gym. We make our way thru the gym floor and he opens another door and we are going up some steps. There must be an apartment above the gym. Shawn turns some lights on and I squint. My head hurts. Shawn yells, “Ash, wake up.” Bull drops me into a chair and from behind me someone throws a rope over my head and they tie me to the chair, must be Ash. Duct tape is put over my mouth. Shawn appears in front of me. His cuts and bruises are worse than I though. He slaps my face a few times and taunts me saying, “Well, well Max, looks like we have you back for that fun you promised us earlier.” And he smiles a crooked smile. “Don’t worry, we’ll be alone for a while. Jay may be big and strong, but a shovel to the back of his head knocked him out pretty nicely.” I just stare at him. “Kenny and Stu were easier. Bull just punched them out, little queens.” He almost spits out the last two words. He goes on, “But first we need to make some changes. Your hair for one.” He looks at me shaking his head. “It’s gotta go. ‘Curly’ may be a nice nickname, but these curls are just too much. You need a manly haircut.” He’s tugging on my hair with some force and straighten out the curls. “Yeah, they go first. Ash, grab my scissors from the drawer.” I hear the drawer open, some rummaging around, and it shuts. Ash hands them over my shoulders. I keep my eyes open. No use struggling or showing fear as there is nothing I can do at this point. Snip, snip, snip…and my hair falls to the ground. He’s taking his time and mocking me every so often. “You really thought you’d get out of giving us blowjobs? Well, Larry is not able to participate, but you can make it up to Bull and Ash. They might be bruised up, but trust me, they’re horny as fuck, and not just horny for a blowjob, but an angry horny and your ass and mouth will help them work out their aggressions.” He continues snipping off my curls. He’s almost done when we hear glass break below. Shawn stops, looks up suddenly, looks to Bull and Ash, points at the door to the stairwell, and says, “Lock that door and move the sofa in front of it.” Shawn bends down and just picks up the chair I’m in and carries me back to a bedroom. He’s stronger than I thought. Bull and Ash move the sofa into place and follow us in. They shut this door, lock it, and the two of them move a heavy oak dresser in front of the door. I hear footsteps on the stairs and Jay calls out, “Max, you in there?” I cannot answer. “Shawn, God help you if you’ve done anything to him.” Bull starts to yell, but Shawn shushes him and yells back, “Jay, just go home and never come back to the gym and we’ll call it even.” There is a pounding on the door and it sounds like a sledgehammer hitting it. Shawn calmly says, “Bull, there is another bat in my closet. Ash, break off a table leg or two.” Pointing to a table in the corner. The pounding gets louder and the walls shake. I hear drywall and two by fours cracking. The guys in this room are starting to sweat. The apartment door sounds like it explodes and the floor rumbles as Jay just propels the sofa out of his way. “Last chance Shawn. I’m coming into the bedroom whether you want me to or not.” “Fuck you Jay. You come thru and I will seriously hurt Max.” The wall next to the door disintegrates into dust and rubble and Jay appears. He’s got on the t-shirt from when we were on the deck, but it’s all torn up. There is a nasty looking bruise on the right side of his face and some dried blood on his cheek. He’s got some cuts and blood dripping off his arms and hands. His eyes are on fire, with a rage I’d never seen in a person before. Bull swings the bat at him, but Jay grabs the bat in mid-air and it comes to a sudden stop. Bull tries to pull it back, but Jay just looks at him with an anger and contempt that would send most sane people running for cover. He simply wrenches the bat out of Bull’s hand and crushes it with his fingers. With his other hand he lifts Bull up by his shirt and tosses him against the wall which is 5 feet away. Bull bangs his head and is down, but is not out. Ash charges Jay with the table leg as a spear and Jay easily swats him into the dresser. The sound of Ash’s body hitting the dresser tells me he’s broken some bones and is knocked out. Jay picks up the table leg and holds it out in front for Shawn to see. He calmly says, “Shawn, let him go or else.” And he snaps the leg in half. His muscles never moved, his voice never wavered. It’s like he was breaking dry pasta in his hands. I’m now beginning to see why he didn’t want me around when he first saved me. His power is incredible and for me to see it must bother him. He probably doesn’t like to use it unless it is absolutely necessary. Well, I think this is one of those times. Shawn is standing behind me and casually says, “One more step and I…” and Jay moves like a blur and is behind me. I hear Shawn’s body hit the back wall and he moans in pain. Bull is up and moving toward Jay from behind. I try to rock the chair over. It tips and I crash to the floor banging my head just as Bull is about to pass me. He trips over me and lands right behind Jay, at his feet. Jay turns around, sees me on the ground and Bull trying to get up. Jay reaches down, grabs Bull and says, “Let’s go for a walk little man.” He looks at me, gently removes the duct tape from my mouth and says, “Max, I will be back in two minutes, stay calm, this is almost over.” “Not like I can go anywhere.” Jay smiles a sad smile and runs his hand along the side of my cheek. “2 minutes.” He picks up Bull by his waist, hefts him over his shoulder and walks out the opening he created. I hear them go down the steps into the gym. It sounds like Jay is knocking Bull’s head against the stairwell walls on purpose. They reach the bottom of the steps and a few seconds later Bull yells out in pain. Oh God, what did Jay do to him? A minute later Jay is coming back up the stairs. He appears in the opening again. “You’re 5 seconds late. I’m disappointed.” I smile at him. He grins back, walks over, frees me from the chair and helps me up. He looks at me to see if I can walk. I can. He makes sure Ash and Shawn are still out cold and we walk thru the opening he made, and start down the steps. I wobble a bit and instinctively grab his arm to steady myself. He puts his left hand on my shoulder to steady me. We get to the bottom and he directs me to the door, but I see Bull pinned to a rack machine with a Titan Battle rope wrapped around his body with his arms pinned to his side. He’s yelling at Jay and screaming in pain at the same time. Jay ushers me out of the building. “Do you need to go to the ER?” There is concern in his voice and eyes. I shake my head no. He starts the car and we drive away. “What about you? You took a shovel to the head according to Shawn.” “Yeah, but it would have taken a lot more than that jackass hitting me with a shovel to put me down for any length of time.” He waved his hand at the building behind us and continues, ”Plus I think I was running on pure adrenaline once I saw they took you from the house.” “That’s one big dose of adrenaline you were on.” He blushes and I turn the conversation away so as not to embarrass him anymore, “How are Stu and Kenny?” “They’re fine. I’m sure they’re in the shower together, massaging each other’s bruises.” I stare at him. I put my hand on the side of his face and he puts a hand on my leg and gently squeezes. I run my hand along his face and feel his stubble and see the bruise forming. I move my hand to the back of his neck and the buzzed hair. I gently play with it. He moans and says, “Careful.” And glances down to his crotch. I see the bulge and look back into his eyes. We come to a stop light and he smiles at me and leans over. I meet him and give him a kiss. He hesitantly returns it and applies more pressure to my leg. We break the kiss and he starts to drive again as the light has turned green. He softly puts his hand on my head and neck. “I’m sorry I did not get here in time to stop Shawn from cutting off your curls. Now I have nothing to run my fingers thru.” “They’ll grow back big guy. Hopefully you’ll be around to watch it happen.” “I wouldn’t miss it.” And he playfully rubs my head. We drive the rest of the way in silence. We pull in to the driveway and he says, “Let’s get you in the house and get you cleaned up.” He runs his hand along my cheek and the back of my neck. I continue to play with the short hairs on the back of his neck. “But I’m not tired and I bet you still have some of that adrenaline running thru your body.” I ogle him up and down and he blushes. I nod at his bulge and say, “I could help you with that as long as you don’t put me thru a wall like you did to Shawn.” He laughs out loud and says, “I didn’t put him ‘through’ the wall, he just became part of it for a few seconds.” Now it’s my turn to laugh. We get out of the car, go into the house and up the steps to the main floor. The lights are off, but we see Kenny and Stu are on the deck, in a lounge chair, in each other’s arms. They see us in the kitchen area and we walk to the sliders. I ask, “Are you guys ok? I’m sorry I’ve caused you so many problems today.” They nod and Stu says, “Max, it’s cool. We’re just glad Jay was able to get to you in time.” “Well, almost in time.” I say rubbing my newly hacked up head of hair. Stu suddenly sees what’s happened and they both get up and come over to me. Kenny mockingly says, “Jay, how could you let this happen to Max?” He gently runs his hand over my scalp. ”Now we can’t call him curly and it’s your fault.” Jay just rolls his eyes. Stu winks at me. I feel Jay’s arm come around my waist and he pulls me back into the house and he starts to close the sliders. He says goodnight to the guys and leads me up to the next floor. He takes me to the bedroom he’s staying in. It’s a nice big room with a King Size bed and an attached bathroom with a large stall shower. I see someone has put my bags in the room as well. He takes his tattered t-shirt off. The windows are wide open. I can hear the waves crashing into the beach, the crackle from the fire pit below, and crickets playing their songs. There is also an ocean breeze and it is cooling the room. I feel a slight chill. Jay sees me shiver, walks over, closes the windows, and puts his arms around me and pulls me in for a hug. I put my head on his chest and notice he has very little hair there. Wonder if this holds true for the rest of his body. I feel him delicately kiss the top of my head. He rubs his hands up and down my back warming me up. I turn my head and kiss his pecs. He tightens the muscles and they turn to stone. I continue to kiss them. He releases his hug, lets his chest relax and walks us to the shower. He turns the water on and while we wait for it to hear up, we strip each other naked. This mostly involves Jay tearing my t-shirt, shorts, and underwear off in about 2 seconds, and me struggling to pull his shorts down over his huge dick. Once I free his monster, I let out a soft whistle. He blushes and turns away. I walk back around in front of him. I look up into his blue eyes and he glances down into my deep brown eyes. I put my right hand on his dick and he flinches ever so slightly. I put my left hand on his right cheek and rub the stubble and blood caked on it. “What?” I ask softly. He sits down on a bench and looks down. “Still trying to figure things out.” He say embarrassingly. “Oh, Jay. Why didn’t you say something? I can shower alone and sleep in another room if you’re uncomfortable. I just thought you were out based on the way Kenny and Stu talked about you, you know…” “Not sure where I am. I know how I feel and how I want to feel, but sometimes…” He trails off. He looks up to me and continues, “Kenny, Stu, and some other guys HAVE been great in helping me, but I have a hard time when it gets to the sex stuff. I’ve been with women, but not with a guy, so when you asked about me having a boyfriend, well, I always use ‘being big’ as my excuse.” I stare at him and think, for everything this guy has done for me today, I gotta help him as much as I can without coming across as an asshole. “Can I ask some blunt questions Jay? I’m not trying to be mean or rude, I just want to help you get to the bottom of this.” He nods ok. “Are you afraid you’ll hurt someone with that?” And I point toward his dick, which is now flaccid. He nods yes, but looks toward the floor. “Are you afraid of someone taking advantage of you because of your size and muscles?” He shrugs his shoulders. “Are you afraid of me giving you a mind blowing blow job?” His head snaps up, “What?” “Just making sure you’re not drifting away in your own self-doubt.” He eyes me up. “We all have or have had the same issues when we discovered who we are. You have nothing to be ashamed of, Jay.” Now it’s my turn to my hand on his chin and lift it up so he is looking at me. “Let’s start with taking the shower together. Have you ever done that with a guy?” He tentatively shakes his head yes. “Ok, then it should not be too bad. Mind you, I will be washing you, so if that bothers you, you need to let me know, so I can slap you around some.” I smile a mischievous grin and he chuckles. “You don’t think I’ll do it, do you?” And now he is smiling. He gets up and turns to step into the shower and I slap his ass as hard as I can. My hand is stinging and he glances over his shoulder and calmly says, “You ok back there? I thought I felt something hit me, but could be mistaken.” “No, I’m good.” I say as I shake my hand out and massage my palm. I step in behind him and close the door. He turns away from me and puts his head under the shower and soaks his hair and body. I grab the soap, lather up my hands, and begin with his back. I reach up to his shoulders and spread my hands wide and rub circles on the area. I take care to be gentle around the red area where Bull hit him the first time with the bat. I include his upper back. With the denseness of his muscles I feel like I am rubbing a stone wall, and now I know why getting hit with the bat and shovel didn’t faze him too much. I continue on and move to his mid-lats and sides. His back tapers down to a proportionately sized waist. I carefully move my hands around the area and he seems to enjoy it. He bends over slightly and his bubble butt sticks out. I lather up some more and rub both cheeks and slide my hand into his crack. Damn, not a hair to be found on this guy. Wonder how much he shaves off and how hairless he really is. I move to his legs and realize they are tree trunks. No wonder I couldn’t squeeze them when we were in the car. I finish his back and ask if he minds turning around so I can do his front. He slowly turns around and I see his dick is erect. My jaw drops open, my eyes bug out, and my hands go to the shower wall for support, it’s fucking bigger than before. He blushes and turns away from me. I grab his bicep and coax him to turn back. This time I have a normal face on and move closer to him. I lather up again and start with his face. I lean up and gently wash the caked on blood off his face, and lightly stroke his jaw and neck. He closes his eyes and hums softly. His dick bobs up and down, slapping me in my abs and lower chest. I move down to his clavicle and upper chest. I rub circles on the muscles again and he tenses his chest and pecs as I run my hands over them. He seems to be scared of me touching him in any kind of sexual way. I slow my movements and just let me hands rest on his chest. His breathing evens out. His chest relaxes and I start my cleaning again. I move to his lower chest and abs. I count an 8 pack. Even un-flexed, they are fucking incredible. Each one a brick and prominent. I rub my hands over them carefully. He blushes and looks away. I move one hand to his chin and turn it back to face me. I lean up to my tippy toes and gently kiss him on his cheek. He smiles and runs his hands up and down my back. I move a bit lower and softly take his dick into my hand and just wash it off. I don’t want to get too playful yet. Need to see how this goes. I glance down and see he doesn’t have any hair on or around his dick and balls. “Are you completely hairless? Or do you shave it all off?” “I shave my pits and privates. Everywhere else, I’m pretty much smooth as a baby’s bottom. I do have a light amount of hair in some areas, but it’s so faint and sparse I don’t bother with it.” “Lucky you. Have you seem me, I might as well be wearing a winter coat on my chest if I don’t trim it up regularly.” He puts his left hand on my chest and caresses my chest hair. I puff out my chest and hold my breath. He laughs and pats my pecs. “Impressive big guy. I may have some competition.” “Damn straight little man.” We both laugh. “I’m done with you. How comfortable would you be helping me out?” He nods ok and takes the soap and lathers up. He gets behind me and squats down and starts at my ankles and works his way up. His arms are so big and long, he doesn’t need me to turn around, he just reaches around me when has to. He skips my privates and moves up to my abs and chest. Here he slows and playfully rubs my abs and squeezes my pecs. I tense up my pecs, but they are nowhere near as hard as his were. He lightly pulls on my nipples and I sigh. I can feel his erection behind me, right around my lower back. When he reaches around me, it is pressed into my body. I really want to get my lips on it or have him try to shove it up my ass, but again, I need to go slowly. He gets to my head and I turn to face him. He puts both hands on my face and caresses both jaw lines and cheeks. He delicately rubs my earlobes and I feel my erection grow stronger. He grabs the shampoo from the side shelf and gets a nice lather going and delicately puts both hands on my head. He swirls his hands around in a circular motion with his fingertips massaging my scalp. I sigh and move closer to him. I reach my arms out and around him and hug him again. His body tenses for a split second, but then relaxes. He continues to massage my head and my upper back. The soap and shampoo run down my back thru my crack and then down my legs. It feels so right. He lets one of his hands wander down my spine to the top of my crack. On the way up he runs his thumb up my spine, raking it across each vertebrae. I shudder and melt into his body. My dick releases a shot of pre-cum onto his lower abs. I think he feels it because he moves his body to spread it around. I release my hug and move under the showerhead to rinse off. He does the same once I’m done. We turn the water off, step out of the shower, and grab some towels. I offer to dry him off, but he declines. Damn, I thought we were making progress. I walk back into the bedroom and rummage through my backpack for a pair of shorts. I slip them on and see him standing there, completely naked, fading erection, muscles glistening, and I want to run over and jump into his arms. Fuck it. I decide to do it. I drop my shorts to my ankles, step out of them, and take three steps and jump up. He catches me with a surprised look in his eyes. I start to kiss him. He hesitantly returns my kiss, but I keep at it, lightly kissing him, then more aggressively. I put my right hand behind his head and keep our lips locked. He doesn’t fight me. He moves his hands under my ass and cradles me. I wrap my legs around his waist, trapping my dick against his abs. His dick it sliding along my crack. He starts to return my kisses and finally open his mouth. I slip my tongue in and massage the inside of his mouth. He sighs, moves one arm from my ass to my back, and tries to pull me a bit closer. Now my dick is being crushed. I release our kiss and ask, “Better?’ He nods yes. I can see his eyes are more at ease. I continue, “Good. Now, can you please release the vice grip on my back, my dick is being flattened against the brick wall you call abs, and I kind of need my dick…” He softly chuckles and says, “Got caught up in the moment and wanted you as close to me as possible.” “Ok, but I don’t want to become part of your body.” He laughs. I nod towards the bed and he walks us over and sets me on the edge. I gently heft his dick and he stands ramrod still and I look up at him and say, “It would be a bit easier if you relaxed a bit. You’re so tense your dick is as hard as a steel beam. Not that that’s a bad thing, the steel beam thing, but…” and I gently bat his dick on the side and it doesn’t move. He lets out a deep breath and seems to relax a bit. I take his tip into my mouth run my tongue over and around it. I kiss it several times and lap at the pre-cum which is oozing out. I notice he has not made a sound the entire time. I glance up and see his eyes are shut and he is holding his breath. Oh boy, I need to try to calm him down some more. I put more in my mouth and swirl my tongue around the mushroom head and the area right behind it. I know that area is full of nerves, so I want to stimulate him there and see what happens. I massage the area for a few minutes. He suddenly tenses and I think, Oh fuck, then boom, he unleashes a torrent of cum. The first shot pushes my head off his dick, but I catch most of it in my mouth. I reach my hand out and grasp his unit and pull myself back up. His second shot coats my face. I get my mouth back on him in time for the third volley. Which is still powerful and I grip his dick as hard as I can so I am not pushed off again. His final shot dribbles out onto my tongue. I swallow. I look up to his eyes and he looks down with something between embarrassment and unfettered pleasure. I pat him on his abs and wink at him. He slowly breaks into a smile. He reaches down and picks me up by my armpits and brings my face to his and he plants a sloppy gentle kiss on my lips, coating part of his face in his own cum. He doesn’t seem to mind. I put my hands on his biceps to steady myself and notice he’s not even flexing. I massage both bi’s and wink at him. He stands me up on the bed and tosses up the most incredible double bi pose I have ever seen. I take three quick yanks on my dick and explode all over his abs and chest. Now it’s his turn to wink at me. I jump back into his arms and wrap my arms around his neck. I pull as close to him as I can and smear my jizz all over his body. He sighs. He turns around and sits on the bed. I release my hug and he scoots back so his head is on the pillows. He puts his hands behind his head and playfully flexes his biceps. I crawl up his body and plop my butt on his midsection. I lean down for more kisses. I plant my hands on his pecs, he flexes them, and they turn to stone, like they were in the shower, but different. Now he is getting playful. The stress and anxiety are melting away. I gently tug on his nipples while still kissing him. He hums. Both our dicks are still erect. Mine just from the shear excitement of the situation. Not sure about his. Will need to find out. I continue to kiss him and start to move my ass down toward his dick. When I bump into it, it’s still hard as a steel beam. I cock an eyebrow at him and he only winks back. Good for me, a man who has staying power. I unabashedly rub my ass along the length of his unit and he flexes it and it thumps me a few times. I lean up and reach behind me and tug on it a few times. He just lays there and smiles. I softly ask, “I want you to put it in me, but only if you are up for it.” And I tug him savagely a few times. He slowly nods yes and says, “I just don’t want to hurt you Max.” I pat him on the chest again and teasingly say, “I’ll be fine. It’s you I’m worried about. My ass has been known to bring most men to tears.” And I wink at him. He grins back, leans up, grabs me by waist, and slowly puts me on the tip of his unit. “No condom?” I ask. “I trust you Max.” and he applies the slightest bit of pressure and his mushroom head pops into my ass. I gasp and he starts to pull me off. I nod my head no and he stops. I put my hands on his forearms. I wiggle my ass a bit and start to descend the steel beam. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…I loosen my ass as much as I can and suddenly I’m half way down. I am sweating profusely and I realize I have death grip on his arms, but he doesn’t seem to notice. He’s released my waist and is letting me work my way down. I continue to wiggle and I’m three quarters of the way down. I can feel the veins on his dick pulsing in my ass and he is spurting pre-cum into me like a dripping faucet. I’m at my limit and clamp my ass shut to keep from going any further down. I release his forearms, lean forward just a bit, put my hands on his chest and start my back and forth motion. He is staring into my eyes. They are now twinkling with the joy I was looking for. I move my left hand to his right cheek and softly massage him. He leans up, kisses me, and says “Thank you.” I kiss him on his nose. My motion is slow and deliberate at first, so he can get comfortable with his dick in my ass. I continue to wiggle around and he sighs and arches his back. He runs the fingers of his right hand thru the hair on my chest, twisting the hairs, and softly pulling them. He puts his left hand on the side of my head and plays with the coarsely chopped hair there. His movements are so gentle, it is weird to think back a few hours this incredible body of muscle was bursting through walls and throwing guys around like they were rag dolls to rescue me. Because these memories are so fresh and vivid in my mind, my dick becomes rock hard. The thought of those muscles and what they can do, spooks me and turns me on so much at the same time. I have to take a second to put each feeling in its own special place. I want to see him twist metal easily, throw around hundreds of pounds of weight like it’s nothing, and lift me up with one hand just to show off. But at the same time, I want to cuddle with him on a carpet, in front of a roaring fireplace, in the mountains, during a snowstorm. I want him wrap his big arms around my lower back, pick me up, and hug me like I’m the only one in the world. I want to fall asleep with him under warm covers where we lay face to face and make out with long sloppy, messy, saliva filled kisses until we both pass out from exhaustion. I want to use his biceps as pillows and have him play with my curly hair when it grows back. Fuck, I want to spend the rest of my life with this mountain of muscle. This is the guy I want to take home to meet my family and finally say, I’ve met the man of my dreams, and not because of his muscle, but because of who he is. This man saved my life twice in one day and wanted nothing in return. He treats me with respect and likes me for who I am. I pull myself out of my revelry and see he is staring at me with a quizzical look on his face, like where were you just now. I just shake my head and lean down and lay a peck of a kiss on his nose. I ask, “Are you ready for the grand finale?” He nods yes. I smile and evil smile and he gets a giddy look on his face like he knows the biggest present in the room on Christmas morning is all his and he has no intention of sharing it. I pick up my pace and lean down to nibble on nipples. They turn hard and erect. I lap at them, coating the area with saliva. Jay is taking it all in and his body seems to be completely relaxed. I keep up the pace for a good 5 minutes. I can tell he is at ease with fucking me and I’m used to his steel girder in my ass, so it’s time to blow these fireworks. I move my ass backwards with a couple quick savage thrusts. Now it’s Jay’s turn for his eyes to roll into the back of his head. I squeeze his dick with all my might and am pumping him as furiously as possible. He starts to squirm under me. I keep up the vicious pumping action and beat on his chest a few times for good measure. He only laughs and says. “That the best you got curly?” I beat on his chest harder and he continues to laugh and says, “Come on little man, give me your best shot.” I stop beating his chest and continue to apply pressure on his dick by constricting my ass muscles as tightly as I can. He puts his hands on my waist and says, “Here, let me help you.” He gently, but firmly lifts me up, almost all the way off, and slams me all the way down his rod. I am now fully embedded and have taken him to the root. Oh fuck, it feels good. I wiggle my ass some more and tense my ass muscles again. I try to milk him from within and it seems to work. I reach one hand around my body and start to fondle his hairless balls. I massage them and then move to the area between his ball sac and his hole. I slide my index finger across this area several times and he starts to shudder. I keep it up and brutally bang my ass into his midsection and lower abs. He suddenly grabs my waist and does one more up and down motion. He takes his hands off my waist and places one on my shoulder. He explodes into me. I think if he hadn’t been holding me down, I’d have been shot off his dick about 2 feet. The first two shots coat my sides. I don’t think there is enough room for more. I lean forward and start to pull myself off him to allow room. His third shot literally pushes me 2 more inches off him. His final volley has the strength of what my first shot would have. Thinking of my own dick, I look down to see he had wrapped one of his hands around it and was jacking me off. I came all over his chest and abs. Jay has a smile a mile wide. His smile makes me smile as well. I fall onto his chest and he pulls my head to his. I say, “I think I love you Jay.” He grins and replies, “Good, because I’m pretty sure I love you Max.” **** I come back from my memories and see Jay has come outside and is on the chair across from me, just staring at me. He says, “You were a million miles away, weren’t you.” I get up, walk over to his chair, and sit in his lap and say, “No, just a few feet in fact.” And I glance up toward the bedroom, then lean down to kiss him.
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    To respond to Jaypat, YES, I've had both situations- the unsolicited request for absolution from me, and my own request for absolution. In the first case, a co-worker who is around my age, who also has kids and works the same schedule I do, remarks on my working out (I carry a gym bag to my office) and says, "That's good, man. I just don't have time. But you keep it up." The other, more recent scenario was me complimenting a co-worker who changed into workout clothes before he left the office, "You inspire me, man. I may not do anything about it right away, but you inspire me to work out. Good for you!" With all the instagrams out there of amazingly jacked and built dudes, seeming "just being amazingly muscular and cut" - it's easy to feel like a fat, skinny, worthless slug for just being normal! The reality of course, is LIFE - many instagram pictures capture a moment in time from months or years ago, when someone momentarily achieved a pinnacle of perfection, with just the right lighting, flexing, bodyfat levels and rest. In addition, people get sick, start and stop jobs, school gets in the way, etc. Kudos to all of us who start and stop, start and stop, start and stop, start and...............
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    Part 1: Part 2: Hey, I’m Cody Baldwin. My friends on the rugby team call me CB for short. Yea, it’s my initials, but it also stands for Cannon Ball. At 6’ 1” and a solid 190lbs, I’ve been known to take out the entire defensive line of opposing rugby teams. I’ve seen that nerd around campus. He always has his huge backpack full of textbooks. I was on the quad playing ultimate Frisbee with my buddies when I saw walking towards me. I knew if he didn’t move, I would have to slam right into him. He wasn’t veering from his path, even after I yelled out, “HEY NERD,” so I started to run faster, actually aiming for him. I was going to teach him a lesson. Boy, was I wrong. I slammed into him and it felt like I was running right into a brick wall. Or the side of an aircraft carrier. Literally, I bounced right off him, and he didn’t budge an inch. I was sprawled out on the grass, my head was spinning, and I was seeing stars. After a minute, I looked up, and he was standing over me. Towering over me. He had dropped his backpack and taken off his hoody. And holy shit, he was built like a fortress wall. Enormously wide shoulders, powerful chest, and softball sized biceps. He leaned down and with complete ease, hoisted me up to my feet. His massive hand steadied me on my shoulder, and he firmly held me in place for a few seconds. He said, “Just wait til your head clears a bit buddy.” I couldn’t break free of that grip if I wanted to. He stood at least 4 inches taller than me, and easily outweighed me by 40lbs. I had completely underestimated the nerd. He let me go, and as bent over to pick up my Frisbee, I walked over to pick up his backpack. I couldn’t budge it off the ground. He smiled, unzipped it for me, and let me peek in. He was carrying around 8 45lb plates from the gym. “Can you do math, bro?” he asked derisively. He easily hoisted it up onto his shoulders, as I stood in shock. “That’s 360lbs,” I said. “The equivalent of two of you, right?” he said, smiling. Without waiting for an answer, his massive arm pulled back and he hurled my Frisbee clear across the campus. “Go fetch,” he ordered me. “And bring the Frisbee back to my dorm room. Bowman Hall, room 810.” “The nerd dorm?” I asked, stupidly. He leaned in, his eyes narrowing, as he put his massive hand on my shoulder, and started to squeeze just a bit. The crushing grip made my knees buckle, and I could tell he was holding back. “That’s the last time you call me a nerd, UNDERSTAND?” I nodded in terrified agreement. I found the Frisbee almost a mile away, and trotted back to Jimmy’s dorm room. He answered the door in tight sweat pants and tank top that looked painted on his massive frame. “You’re in my chemistry class, right Cody? From here on, I’m going to do all your papers and work assignments. Now, don’t get the wrong idea – I’m WAY smarter than you. I can do that work in just a few minutes. And I’ll get you to memorize all the material so you’ll pass the exams.” “Thanks Jimmy, I don’t know what to say,” as my voice trailed off. “In exchange, I control your diet. You’ll be my science experiment. I’ll get more muscle on that frame of yours, and you won’t have to worry about academics. Deal?” Jimmy said, offering me his massive hand. “Deal!” I said, my eyes irresistibly drawn to the bulge in his sweat pants. “Is that my first meal?” I asked sheepishly. Jimmy laughed, “Maybe you aren’t such a dumb jock after all. Yeah, time to get on your knees and give me head.” I hesitated for a few seconds, and Jimmy just held up his massive flexed bicep. “You won’t get this big, Cody, but I guarantee you will bulk up. I won’t chase you if you run out of here, even though I’m much faster than you. But I think you are hungry for some muscle.” And before I knew it, I was on my knees with Jimmy’s fat 9-inch dick down my throat. The next few weeks, I spent all my free time with Jimmy in the nerd dorm. My GPA inched up to 3.85, technically making me the smartest guy on the rugby team. I didn’t really know all that much, it was just memorization drills. Oh, and Jimmy was right – I have bulked up. I’m up to 205lbs now, and I’m the most terrifying rugby player in the state. If only people knew it was because I was kneeling for a muscled nerd.
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    Traps are finally coming in! Time to. Blast some arms!
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    One "Looking good, man. Someone's trained his ass off during summer". Tyler pulled the tight shirt over his head and turned around to see Tom the star quarterback strut into the locker room. The two of them had led the football team to victory last year and now, during their senior year, they were ready for a repeat. "I wish I had abs like yours", Tom said as came over to his buddy. Tyler grinned. Even though they were both straight and had been dating the hottest cheerleaders for months, they admired each other's well-trained bodies. Tyler was proud of his physique: at 6 feet and weighing 187 pounds of muscle, he was the number two on the team. His chiseled face and low body fat gave him the natural looks of a fitness model. He flexed his abs, making the rows of muscle harden some more. His tanned skin adding depth to the grooves of his six-pack. "Wow", Tom uttered playfully. "No match for my size, though", he added as he took off his own shirt and bounced his heavy pecs. He totally outsized his roommate: standing 6'5, he towered over the guy and outweighed him by a good 55 pounds. "243 pounds of beef since last week", he said and flexed his nearly 20 inch arms. "Big but not ripped like me", Tyler replied and pointed at his teammate's muscle gut. The strong, yet rounded abs were covered with some fat. "Difference between a man and a pretty boy", Tom stated, "The ladies like 'em big and hairy". He smiled down at the smaller guy as he played with the fur atop his meaty chest. "Let's go to the gym like coach told us", he added as he got into his workout gear and swaggered over to the gym. When the two stars of the football team entered the university's gym, a guy in his late twenties looked in their direction and came over. "You must be Tom and Tyler", he said, "I'm Mister Blake, the new assistant coach charged with the lifting program. Seems like you guys didn't waste summer on partying." Tom and Tyler grinned. "What do you want us to do? I'm eager to throw some weight around", Tom said. "How about some chest?", the assistant coach stated and followed his star athletes to the bench press. The personal workout routines worked wonders for the team that went on a victory scroll. During the eight match Tom got injured and would be out for two weeks, risking to lose the game against their big rivals. The day after Tom's injury, Tyler was asked to join the assistant coach in his office. "Seems like you'll be leading the team", Mr. Blake said as Tyler sat down before his desk, "Are you up for it?". "I guess so", Tyler replied, "It won't be easy to fill Tom's shoes. The guy's a beast on the field. I mean he's more than 50 pounds bigger than me." "What if I could make you as big?", the assistant coach asked matter-off-factly. "I'm not taking steroids", Tyler stated. "Come on, son. Like steroids could make you grow 50 pounds of muscle till our next game. I'm talking about this", Mr. Blake said and took a small phone from his desk. "Something a good friend of mine working for the army sent me. It can tap into the electric pulses of the muscles and transfer it into another person. Still very experimental." Tyler looked incredulously at the device. "Transfer muscle? Sounds pretty insane to me. Besides, who would agree to give up his muscle?". "Let me worry about that", the assistant coach answered, "So, ready to grow really big? Big like Tom and dominate on the field?". Tyler still doubted but his desire to grow big chased the caution from his mind. He nodded. A smile formed on Mr. Blake's face. He got up, walked to the door and let another guy enter his desk. He locked the door and returned to his chair. "Tyler, this is Chad one of the top gymnasts of Orchid University. He's agreed to join the muscle stimulation project. Good, guys take off your shirts and pants." Tyler stood up and noticed he totally outsized the gymnast. Being 6 feet himself, the 5'2 athlete came up to his chin; his 187 pound of ripped muscle eclipsed the guy's 148 pounds. He was surprised by the size of the guy's torso: the gymnast's shoulders rivaled his own in width and the guy's thick arms seemed just a tad bigger than his own 16,5 inchers. "Miring my torso", Chad asked with a smirk and casually flexed his right arm. "17 inches", he said, "biggest guns on the team". Tyler was taken aback by the guy's cockiness. Usually smaller guys, especially freshmen like Chad, were easily intimidated by his body. This obviously wasn't the case with the gymnast. Tyler looked at the guy's boyish face. "Right, guys. Let's get started", the assistant coach intervened. He placed an electrode on Tyler's chest and one on Chad's. "You might feel a mild tingling sensation", he added and activated the 'muscle-app' on the device. "Feels funny", Chad said, "Like a tickle in my muscles". "Yeah", Tyler replied. Suddenly a mild crackling sound was audible as if static electricity hung in the air. A small spark shot from Chad's chest, flew through the air and shot into the electrode on Tyler's chest who was standing in front of the coach's desk. "What's happening?", Chad yelled out as more sparks left his body. "Oh yeah", Tyler grunted as the sparks now shot like small lightning bolts into his chest. Warmth spread through his body and he felt his muscles suck in the energy. He leaned back, scattering the objects atop the desk as he laid down to let warmth and energy fill his body. "I'm getting smaller", Chad peeped in horror as he felt a strange weakness come over him. He looked down and saw his well-trained torso slowly melting away. He tried to get away, but the weakness in his limbs prevented him from moving. More sparks escaped his body as his muscles condensed into energy, flew through air and shot into the footballer. "Oh yeah", Tyler grunted again as another wave of energy hit him. He felt his muscle swell and harden under his skin, like a pump after a hard workout. Mr. Blake stared in awe at the growing athlete atop his desk. Veins appeared all over the footballer's heavily muscled body and transferred the energy directly into his hardening muscles. His skin stretched as it adapted to the increasing size of the growing muscles underneath. His athlete's body now was at least 25 pounds heavier than before, making him look like an amateur bodybuilder. Tyler had closed his eyes in pleasure, enjoying the feeling of his growing muscles stretching his skin. "Oh fuck, yeah", he groaned as the electric sparkles kept raining down in the electrode atop his swelling chest that grew higher with every passing second. Chad felt his body weaken with every spark that escaped him. He was now down below 120 pounds and getting scrawnier and scrawnier. His mind kept fighting against the transfer, his natural aggression trying to form a barrier against the theft. He felt nothing but hate as he stared at the growing man atop the desk. Mr. Blake couldn't take his eyes from the gradually enlarging athlete. The sparks now formed a small, nearly transparent cloud above the football player that shot lightning bolts of power into the electrode. "Ah", Tyler's moans got a faint painful dimension as the pleasant warmth in his body began turning into a burning sensation in all his muscles. By now, he had gained 40 pounds of muscle. His meaty shoulders stuck out from the sides of the desk, his wide back making him broader than the desk; his thick arms closing in on 20 inches while they hung relaxed at his sides; his pecs formed two meaty plates rising up atop his chest; his abs had grown into an eight-pack; his legs thickened to support his new size as they hung down from the desk, their bulk making his boxers slide upward. The pain in his body, a mild burning sensation as if he'd trained too long, intensified and got more painful as more energy kept shooting down into the electrode. A beeping sound tore the assistant coach's attention from his growing athlete to the device in his hand. "Subject reaching natural limits" he read from the screen. "AH", Tyler let out a louder, more painful grunt. The pain in his body was getting unbearable. His muscles began developing a red blush under his tight skin, crossed with stretch marks as it was pulled tightly around the hard meat underneath. Spasms shot through his mighty torso as energy kept flowing into him. The cloud hanging above his thick chest got darker with every jolt that flew into it from Chad's weakening body. The sparks still shot down into the electrode but the excess energy crackles around it as the footballer's body seems unable to absorb it all. "Euh… no… more… please", Tyler groans in pain as it feels like his entire body is cramping up. The assistant coach hears the pleads and tries to end the transfer. He pushes the app to deactivate the device. "ERROR", the screen announced and a blinding flash fills the room.
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    I don't want to paint myself as huge, because I'm not. But, that being said, I hit the gym pretty hard and you can tell. Recently, I've noticed an odd phenomenon at work. I'll be standing there at a piece of office equipment, maybe a photo copier or a fax machine or a printer/scanner, and a coworker will come up, usually for the same reason I'm there, and just start telling me why he doesn't go to the gym. Usually its a guy in his early to late 30's who's starting to look a little dumpy. I don't do anything to instigate the conversation. I don't comment on his physique, or talk about working out, or flex or anything. I'm just standing there doing my thing, and out of the blue they just start explaining to me why they don't go to the gym. Usually, they're too busy dealing with the job and their families. One guy just told me he didn't see the point to busting his ass in the gym. "Why?" he said, "I mean why?" I'm dumbfounded because I don't know what to say to these people. Usually I say something like, "It's not for everyone," or "I know life can get crazy sometimes." I never admonish guys for not going to the gym. I'm not that guy. I know it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and maybe even a touch of insanity to do what I do and there's no way I expect everybody else to do it too. After all ,I gotta have some guys to be bigger than (and there are more of those every week I promise you ) I was just wondering if this happens to anyone else who works out? Does anyone else have guys come up to them looking for absolution for not hitting the gym?
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    Part I: The Rocks Rolls Off The Mountain “I got you by the balls, don’t I” Andy asked while grabbed the big man’s testicles. The massive man from Iceland was screaming like a child, his huge hand swallowed Andy's wrist as he was pulling, trying to get free from that powerful grip. Andy was a bodybuilder from Scotland with huge arms and a grip like Iron. The mountain pulled and just made the pain worse. The Mountain kept screaming as Chris walked him around, laughing at his cries of pain “It’s not the only one part of your body that my friend and I will squeeze”. Chris, a 265 lbs South African bodybuilder, a dense and compact body, carved to the bones with a pair of quads that would have made Branch Warren feel as an amateur, stopped beside Andy and watched with delightful pleasure the face of the huge strongman in pain “Doesn’t he fucking sound like a child screaming like that?” Chris asked Andy with his strong South African accent. “Fuck yeah, children are stronger than this pile of shit” replied Andy. “Look at his face, look at the pain in his eyes; you don’t look like a mountain now, do you?” Chris said, looking at Bjornsson’s face. His mouth was wide open, screaming loudly. Chris slapped the giant's face repeatedly rocking his head with hard brutal strikes as Andy relentlessly crushed his testicles “I can make them pop, one at the time!” Andy said and doubled the crushing pressure of his grip forcing the Mountain to his toes. “Please, forgive me, please!” Bjornsson screamed. The Icelandic strongman ground his teeth in humiliation and frustration at being manhandled and taunted by two men half his size. His mind turned with plans of revenge and hopes for mercy. Chris stripped down revealing his blue posing trunks under his gym shorts. “Watch this Thor” Chris said. Chris flexed his huge quads, revealing massive quads with inhuman definition! They were thirty-two inches around and looked like woven bands of steel under his furry skin. "Imagine these wrapped around your body, killing you, crushing you to death." Chris pointed out Thor was still in Andy’s grip, screaming. “Chris, look at this” Andy said watching his friend. Andy released his grip on Thor's manhood just before throwing an uppercut shot at amazing speed, driving into Thor's open gut. So distracted with the relief of being released, Thor made no move to defend his core. Andy's fist punched deeply into Thor's abdominal wall like a spear into his stomach. It sunk entirely into Thor's body up to his forearm. Andy smiled as Thor froze, breathless, trembling and wide eyed from the sudden pain running through him. The mountain felt wet all over his private and rivulet tearing down from his right legs, the mountain went wet, pissed him, he was humiliated by whom he called dwarf some minutes before. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” screamed Andy looking and smirking at his friend Thor’s body was shaking, spit blood. Gore drooled slowly from Thor's mouth onto Andy's arm and chest. Andy violently pulled his fist from Thor’s gut and grabbed his throat pulling them face to face. Thor's blood ran down Andy's serious face slowly. With his other hand Andy punched the mountains face with a hammering rain of fists! "You stained me with your FILTHY blood! How DARE you!?" The violence was cruel and shocking. Thor fell to the floor in a wet splatter as Andy released him. Groaning and unable to speak, he rolled on the floor in agony. Andy stripped himself like his friend did staying only with a pair of shiny metallic grey posers. He flexed, every movement was a feast for every bodybuilder’s fan. His body was ripped to the bone, a massive, dense and compact body, a soul dedicated to the art of iron and at the same time a deadly machine. His proud and arrogance was drawn all over his face. Thor was trying to stand up but his face and his stomach were still sore. Chris rolled on 165 lbs concrete Atlas stone over this friend. “What about showing the shitty Mountain a bit of your fucking strength” Chris asked. “Fuck yes” Andy said with proud on his face. Andy took the ball and placed it over his massive quads that turned rock hard solid, his hands over the hips, his face smiling and smirking. Suddenly his face became serious and with a loud noise, the ball exploded between his quads. Pieces of concrete fell off on the ground. Andy destroyed the Atlas Stone. The Icelandic strongman was on all fours position, he was shocked watching at that scene and was wondering how it was possible that a small bodybuilder could have such power. “Dear God, Andy, your power is unbelievable” Chris said. “Fuck yeah, I am Scottish, we are fucking strong” Andy replied. “Indeed, you fucking are” Chris said. Chris walked towards Thor and stopped in front of him, towering he stated: “I would love to ride you like a horse, you are going to be my stallion” Andy laughed out and loud, Chris jumped over Thor’s back grabbing his hair and screamed: “Dirty horse, let’s go for a ride, hi-ha” Chris was moving like he was over one of those mechanic bulls where you have to stay until you fell off from him. The South African bodybuilders was loving that moment, laughing and screaming for the fun. “Chris, what about squeezing the Mountain?” Andy asked “Oh fucking yes, I was waiting for you to ask” Chris replied Chris squeezed Thor’s ribcage as Andy was helping the friend to lock his ankles, the pressure was increasing minute after minute. Those quads were becoming harder and harder wrapped over Thor’s ribcage. Chris was grinding his teeth in a demoniac face of pleasure. Those huge and hard quads were a human grinder; there was no way to unlock the ankles from that position. Thor was slapping the floor like he when in a wrestling match you scream out for submission. His mouth opened on a silent scream, seeking out oxygen. His ribcage was being compressed as he couldn’t breathe properly, tears coming down from his eyes; the Mountain was in total domination. “The strongman is crying” Andy said, looking at his friend torturing the big guy. “Do you want to scream for your mummy big lad?” Chris asked Thor with a sarcastic tone of his voice. Thor screamed loudly as his ribs began grinding under the python embracement. “Fuck yes, this is music for my ears” Chris said as he heard the ribs cracking under the pounds of pressure of his scissor. Andy applauded when he heard that noise. “Isn’t my fucking friend a myth? Isn’t he the master of domination” Andy said walking over the yard. The yard was a green open space where hours before the competition for the strongest man in the world was concluded, crowning Hafþór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson the strongest man alive. Other strongmen were there witnessing the carnage the two bodybuilder were consuming, none of them willing to help the strongman. 5 Hours Earlier. Hafþór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson won the competition as strongest man alive in the planet. He was standing on the podium holding his trophy with proud over the air. “After this amazing day of strong people, I want to announce our two guests today. Please welcome to the field, Andy Polhill and Chris Fitzpatrick” the host screamed out on the microphone, walking up and won on the edge of the green field, waving his right hand over the air. Thor rolled his eyes as he heard the announcement and he thought. Bodybuilders don’t fit in this competitions, it’s not about how big you are but how strong you are. The guys stepped to the green yard with cockiness, wearing only their posing trunks, Andy in Metallic Grey and Chris in Shiny Blue. They started their routines, aggressive and with attitude. They flexed their muscles to the maximum showing what dedication can do and build. The crowd went mad watching those two little guys that compared to the strongmen; they were like two little dwarves. The guys flirted with the audience and the strongmen; Thor was irritated by such arrogance they were stealing the moment to him. I will make them pay, he thought. They are no match to me, they need a lesson, he thought. The Mountain was 397 lbs and 6’9’’; no one could stand a chance against him. He was too huge, too big and too strong even for a strongman but, never underestimates you opponent, great surprises might occur when you are not expecting them. The show went on for several minutes. Andy brought the Caber Toss to his show, one of the specialities of the Scottish Highland Game. The host was talking during the entire bodybuilders’ show but while Andy was about to toss the log a shrills sound interrupted the event. Annoyed by that stupid show, Thor took the microphone from the host’s hand and spoke: “Thanks guys, you showed yourself to the audience enough, go back to your cages” The crowd went silent and Chris spoke raising his voice: “Cages, do you think we are animals” “Well yes, you are like dog during the beauty competition, not more” said Thor. Anger escalated in Chris’s body. Andy place the log on the green ground, in a vertical position, he then shifted it in horizontal over his shoulder and pulled the log down, after some seconds the log broke in two pieces. The crowd moaned a synchronized “WOW”. “You will end up like this log, Thor, if you don’t moderate your tone” Andy said. “Do you really think I am scared” Thor asked. “You must be” Chris replied. Thor stormed towards the two guys.
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    First, because it’s erotic fiction, not the real world, and it’s not endorsing a real-world moral scheme if the bad guy wins... second, because our sexual fantasies are shaped by our perceptions of power and of what’s illicit. So It turns out a lot of decent guys (many who’ve also been bullied) end up with fantasies of being a dominant asshole themselves, which they’ve never been and won’t be. Meanwhile a lot of other guys love the fantasy of being overpowered and dominated by dominant assholes, which they’ve never experienced and wouldn’t even tolerate in real life 🤗 fiction, maybe even more than real-world roleplay, is a very safe place to explore those feelings
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    Part 3 for these guys, but more to come.... “Hey Ty.” Ian and Colin say in unison as they walk into the gym and check in. They eye Ty up like he’s piece of meat. He notices their stares and flexes a pec and tenses his bicep to get a reaction from them. “Gentlemen.” He responds. He looks them over and says, “You guys look different?” “Yeah, a little surprise for Eddie. Is he here? We’re supposed to meet him for our workout session. Core and legs tonight.” Ian said flexing his abs and puffing out his chest. Ty looks at him admiringly. “Not yet.” Ty replies and then points his finger at the two of them and says sternly, “I don’t want any more trouble from you two, got it?” “Yeah, yeah. We hear you Ty.” Colin says breezily. “Should I dial 9-1- and wait to hit the last 1? You know how he gets with surprises.” Colin walks past Ty, patting him on his chest and says, “We’ll be fine big guy, trust me.” “That’s what worries me.” Ty says rolling his eyes. “I’m keeping my eyes on you two, especially you Colin.” Ian and Colin hit the locker room, change into their workout gear, chat with Ming and Cam as those two head to the sauna area, and then head up to the exercise floor. They see Jay and Max and stop and talk to them for a few minutes. Colin remarks that Max should cut off some of his curly hair and Jay laughs and says, “That’ll be the day.” Eddie walks in. He sees them and walks over to them. Jay and Max say hi to Eddie and wander off. “What the fuck you kids do? G1, tell me.” Eddie is staring at them, but he can no longer tell them apart. “We’ll come clean, after the workout.” One of them says resolutely. Eddie starts to get red. The twin continues, “After last week, we decided to make it harder for you to tell us apart. We’re both still sore and don’t think the rough sex you had with us was fitting compared to what we did to you. We came clean about how we cornered you, but we think you took it a bit too far with us.” Eddie just stares at them. “Fine. Let’s do this.” His brain is turning. “What’s our workout for tonight?” “Core and legs.” One of them says. “Fine. Gets you asses over to the decline crunch bench. Grab a 25, 35, and 45lb weight and the 25lb medicine ball on the way.” They get to the bench and Colin hops on first, before Eddie gets a chance to call one of them out. “Start with the 25lb weight. 15 reps, starting with the weight extended over your head. You come all the way up into a sit-up position and then go all the way back down with the weight hitting the ground on the decline. Well? Go! What the fuck you waiting for, an invitation?” Colin starts the set. Eddie standing over him. “All the way down. The weight hits the floor or the rep doesn’t count, got it?” “Yup.” Colin runs thru the set, only having to do one extra rep. He jumps off and Ian gets on and takes the weight. He starts and gets a good motion going. He’s at ten reps when Eddie tells him to slow down. He’s moving too fast. He needs to go slower so all the muscles in his core are activated. Eddie puts his hand on Ian’s midsection and explains that the slower you go, the more the ab muscles work and are stressed. This is what causes them to tighten up. Going fast doesn’t do anything. Ian nods in understanding and does the last 5 and then 5 more. Eddie nods in approval and runs his hand over the abs getting a good grope in. Ian smiles and looks at Colin who grins back. Colin gets back on and Eddies tells the other one to grab the medicine ball. “You toss the ball to him when he is going down. You toss the ball back when you reach the top, and not before. Also, extend the ball over your head for the entire movement.” He stands to the side and shows them what it should look like. They both nod and Colin gets started. He is 5 reps in when Eddie yells, “Slow the fuck down. Jesus Christ. This is not a contest to get the set done the fastest. You’re here to work. Start over.” Colin thinks about saying something, but sees Ian giving him the “shut up” look and decides to bite his tongue. He starts over and does 15 reps nice and slow. He is definitely feeling the burn. He gets off the bench and Ian gets on and does the set nice and slow. When he is done, Eddie nods and says, “Better.” “My turn.” Eddie says. He grabs the 35lb weight and hops on the bench. He looks at the guys and says, “You.” Nodding to Ian, but not knowing which one he is. “When I’m in the decline position, you’re going to punch me 3 times in the abs. Got it? And I mean punch, not some sissy slap or hit.” He balls his left hand into a fist and punches it so hard into his right hand the sound it makes causes some of the other guys to pause their work out and look over. Ty wanders by and Eddie just nods and says, “Just showing the kids what a real punch looks and sounds like.” “K.” Is all Ty says. Eddie starts and when he is declined, Ian gives him 3 rapid ab punches. “Not too bad, boy, but don’t hold back next time. I want to actually feel you hitting me.” Ian smiles a wicked grin only Colin sees and on the next rep he unleashes 3 rocket fast and sledge hammer hard punches. “Good boy.” Is Eddie’s only response. The set continues and Ian is sporting a pretty impressive woody due to the excitement of punching Eddie. “You.” He says pointing to Ian. “Get the medicine ball and toss to me.” He nods to Colin, “You’re in the puncher position. Let’s see if you are any better than him.” He says waving a hand at Ian. The set starts and Colin holds nothing back. Three punches to the abs when Eddie is declined. “Not bad.” The set continues and Eddie’s abs are getting rock hard and red from all the punches. Now both Colin and Ian are sporting woodies and Eddie is showing signs of one as well. He jumps off the bench and Colin gets back on. Eddie hands him the 35lb weight and says, “Same as the first set, but if you fuck up a rep, you get to do 2 extra reps to make it up.” He looks at Ian and says, “You, kneel down at his head and when he is in the decline position, put your hands on the weight making it harder for him to raise back up.” Colin starts the set. Ian puts pressure on the weight as instructed. Eddie is watching them like a hawk. On the 11 rep, he starts to falter. Eddie starts barking at him to keep moving. “You, stop holding the weight.” Colin finishes the set. He slowly gets off the bench and says to Ian, “It’s harder than you think.” Ian nods and settles in for his set. He gets to 9 and starts to falter. Eddie gets red and starts yelling at him to man up and push thru it. Ian gets to 15 and Eddie says he needs to do 4 more due to screwing up 2 reps. Ian’s core is burning up, but he does the four more without complaint. He slowly gets off the bench and wanders off for some water. “Did I say you could get some water?” Ian looks him in the eyes and responds evenly. “Fuck you.” Eddie walks closer and loudly says, “What was that?” grabbing Ian’s crotch. Ian reaches out and grabs Eddie’s dick to show him two can play the game. Colin is standing close by in case things start to go sideways. Ty and Jay are also looking over. Max has stopped his set and glances over to Colin who nods ever so slightly that everything should be ok. Max makes eye contact with Jay and nods that everything is fine. Eddie releases Ian’s crotch and Ian releases Eddie’s. They back away from each other. Eddie grabs the 45lb weight, gets the bench, and says. “One of you on each side. When I’m declined, both of you will punch my abs 4 times each. Got it?” They nod and the set starts. When Eddie is declined, the guys go to town. Eddie revels in the feeling of the weight in his hands and two guys punching him, trying to abuse his abs. He’s not even flexing his abs yet and they think they’re hurting him. He starts to sport a boner just thinking about it. The twins see his boner and each start to sport one as well. After 20 reps Eddie drops the weight and leans up. He pulls the twins close to him and cups their asses. “You kids better be ready for some fun tonight.” The twins look at each other and give him a non-committal look. “Fine. Next set, oblique crunches. I’m sure you guys have done them.” The twins nod. “Good, go do two sets of 50. And after that do 5 sets of side planks, holding each for 45 seconds.” They nod again. They wander off to do their sets and Ian says to Colin, “What do you think?” “If we survive, we’ll tell him.” He glances behind them to make sure Eddie is not following them and says, “What the hell were you thinking telling him to fuck off? He looked like he was going to put his fist thru your chest.” “Dude, he just pissed me off and I had to let him know we can’t be pushed around.” Colin just shrugs his shoulders. They do the exercises and walk back to find Eddie deep into squats. They see a squat rack next to his and it is loaded with 135lbs. Ian walks over and starts his set. Eddie just grunts. He’s lifting 295lbs and can’t be bothered. He lowers his ass as far as it will go, loudly grunts, and pushes the weight up for the last rep. He racks the bar. His thighs are exploding and Colin wonders what his starting weight was. Eddie nods to him and says to strip the 35’s put another 45lb on each side with a 25. Colin stares at the bar doing the math in his head. “365, boy” is all Eddie says, but he casually flexes his legs to show the musculature and striations. Ian has finished his set and Colin walks over and does his warmup set. After they finish, they see Eddie has laid out 45’s to be added. They toss them on and start their second sets. Eddie is motoring thru his set and starting to huff on the pushup. Ian is staring at his bubble ass and Eddies sees him in the mirror and says, “Only if you’re a good boy.” Colin has finished his second set and Eddie says to toss 25’s on each side for a total of 275. This is closing in on their max weight. Ian settles in and ducks under the bar. Colin get behind him, but Eddie moves over and pushes him out of the way. “No offense buddy, but if he falters, the weight has to come off his shoulders as quick as possible and I think I’m better equipped to do it, don’t you?” He flexes his biceps and they spring up to 23 inch mounds. Colin nods fine. Eddie gets so close to Ian that his woody is nearly poking him in the ass. Ian smiles a crooked grin, hefts the weight off the rack and takes a few steps back. Eddie backs up with him. Ian starts his set and Eddie is matching him movement for movement, his arms are around Ian’s core to support him if he falters. Ian gets to 10 reps and starts to move forward to re-rack and Eddie says, “Not so fast. You owe me 3 more. Your ass wasn’t low enough on 3 of them.” Ian’s legs are burning, but he knows he cannot say no. He backs up and very slowly does 3 more, each one slower than the last. On the last one Eddie has put his arms around his core and is supporting him and helping him lift the bar. He re-racks and Eddie pats him on the ass and says, “Nice set.” Ian nods to him in the mirror. Colin then steps into position and Eddie does the exact same thing. Colin gets thru all 10 without incident. Eddie pats his ass as well and winks at him in the mirror. Colin winks back and grinds his ass back into Eddie’s crotch. Eddie moves back and announces last exercise. The twins are a bit confused as Eddie is cutting their workout short. He sees their confusion and says, “Don’t worry, your workout is kind of over, but mine is still going.” They look at each other and Eddie says, “Everyone over to the incline leg press machine and start tossing 45’s on each side.” The twins do as he says. They load the bars up with 5 plates and each side and Eddies laughs at them and says, “I said to load it up, does this look loaded up to you? This is a good warm up weight. Let me rip off a set while you two go get 3 more 45’s for each side. Let see who can finish first. Me doing the set or you guys getting the plates…Go.” The twins scramble to find 6 more plates and when they get back, Eddie is standing there, thighs exploding with muscle. “Guess I won. Hmm, I wonder what I get for winning. While I think about it, put the weights on the machine.” The boys load the weights onto the machine. When they’re done, Eddie walks up, picks up Colin, and sets him on top of the machine. “Part of my prize. Sit tight and don’t fall off.” Colin grabs the sides of the machine and Eddie sits down. He looks up and cocks an eyebrow, Colin nods he is ready. Eddie unlocks the platform and slowly lowers it until his thighs are pressing against his abs and chest. He growls and pushes the platform back up. 885lb (720 + 165). Both twins spring instant boners. Eddie powers thru another 14 reps, locks the platform and gets up. Colin starts to move to get off and Eddie says, “Um, where are you going? I’m only half way done. You.” He says pointing to Ian, “Come here.” Ian moves over and Eddie easily lifts him onto the machine next to Colin. Ty has been watching the show and comes over and says, “Eddie, do you really think this is safe?” Eddies says, “I know you own the place, but this is only 1050lb, not even close to my max. If it makes you feel any better, get Jay over here and you guys can spot me. Actually, get Jay and Max over here and I’ll toss Max on for my last set.” Ty looks at him disturbingly, but grunts ok. He tracks down Jay and Max and explains what Eddie wants to do. Jay laughs and looks at Max who nods sure. They head back to the machine. Jay gets into position on one side while Ty is on the other. Eddie glances up at the twins, nods, and unlocks the platform. He lowers it and sees their eyes go wide. He puts on a show and easily powers thru 15 reps. Before he racks the platforms, he does 10 quick calf raises, basically shaking the platform and tossing the twins around. Ty says enough and Eddie locks the platform and gets up. He flexes his thighs, quads, and calves. The 3 little guys sprout boners and Ty and Jay nod with approval. Eddie moves to lift Max up and Jay steps in and says, “My boyfriend, I’ll put him on, no offense.” Eddie backs up, lifting his hands in surrender and says, “Ok.” Jay sets Max on the platform with Ian and Colin and makes sure all three guys are safe and won’t fall off. He gives Ty a nod and Ty tells Eddie, “No fucking around dude. Do the set and get the guys off.” “Fine. Everyone ready?” Nods all-round. Eddie grows silent and tense. He’s about to lift 1215lbs. and he knows it. Closing in on his max. He stares past the guys on the platform and only sees the ceiling behind them. He grunts and unlocks the platform. His legs bend and his thighs are hitting his chest again, but this time it’s due to the total weight and not him showing off. He lets loose a low rumble and slowly starts to push the weight up. Ty and Jay are coaxing him on, but he has all but blocked out all noise. The guys on the platform are holding on tight and their eyes are bulging out of their sockets. The sheer power he’s exerting is overwhelming to them. He gets thru 5 reps and starts to slow on the 6th. He powers it up, but has to lock the rack. He has nothing left in the tank for a 7th rep. As he stands up, everyone is cheering. Ty is lifting the twins off and Jay gets Max down. Jay walks by, pats him on the shoulder, and jokingly says, “Nice job, almost a manly weight.” Eddie scowls. Ty walks up and asks, “Show over?” Eddie just nods yes. Ty slaps him on the back and wanders off. Eddie squats down to recover some more. He looks up to see the twins in front of him. The one on the left says “Ian, or G1 to you.” Eddie glances to the other and that one says, “Colin or G2, whatever you like.” “How can I be sure you’re not fucking with me right now, as some part of your weird games?” Ian playfully says, “Meet us in the sauna when you’ve recovered and we’ll show you.” And he and Colin wander off. Eddie just stays in the squat position. Ty walks back over and says, “Whatever you do, don’t hurt them. They’re nice kids and just want to have some fun with you so you show off your muscles.” “I know, but it’s much more fun to spice it up.” Ty just stares at him. “Fine, I won’t break any bones or leave any visible marks.” “Dude, hurt them in any way and you and I will be having more than just words.” Ty says as he stands up to his full height and puffs out his chest and spreads his legs in a show of superiority. “Ty, I said fine. Jeez.” Eddie waits a few more minutes and then heads to the locker to strip and grab a towel and some supplies. While he’s there, Ming and Cam come in from the sauna area. Ming lets a sexy whistle fly and Eddie just stares at him. Ming says, “the boys are waiting for you big guy. Have fun.” “Yeah, yeah, fuck off Ming.” Ming gives Eddie a pouty look and heads to the showers with Cam. Eddie walks to the sauna area with his supplies. When he opens the sauna door, he sees the twins embracing and kissing passionately. They don’t seem to notice he’s there. He clears his throat loudly and Colin says, “Yeah, we see you Eddie. We’re just getting warmed up. Come in and shut the door, you’re letting the warm air out.” Eddie shuts the door and walks to the bench. The twins turn to him and get off the bench and approach him. They get on either side of him and let him wrap his arms around them, pulling them to his body. They start to feel him up. They start at the top of his thighs and quads, each using both hands to massage his striated muscles, working out the knots and kinks from his recent show. Eddie just sighs. The guys keep moving up and down his legs making sure each muscle is worked over. They then move up to his crotch and gently massage his dick and balls. Ian takes his balls in hand and softly rolls them around his fingers, occasionally pulling on the loose skin. Colin is steadily yanking on Eddie’s cock, trying to bring it to full mast. Eddie is standing ram-rod still and has a faraway look in eyes. They can tell he is trying very hard to stay soft and frustrate them. They look at each other across his chest and nod ever so slightly. They move their hands from his crotch area and move them up to his abs and core. They begin softly rubbing his abs, rubbing their fingers across the muscles and valleys. Eddie takes their cue and flexes his abs. They come into sharp relief. Colin leans over and starts to plant wet kisses on the muscles. Ian, not to be out done, locks his lips on Eddies left nipple and begins swirling his tongue around. He occasionally uses his tongue and teeth to pull at the nipple. As he does this, Eddie puts his hand on the back of Ian’s head and tries to pull him closer, so he is plastered onto his chest. Eddie also puts a hand on the back of Colin’s head and pulls him into the valleys in his abs. He flexes his left pec and abs at the same time and both twins moan with pleasure. Colin is slobbering over the abs, wetting them down in anticipation of what’s to come. Ian is still sucking on the left nipple, but has moved his left hand up and is now mashing and on Eddie’s right nipple. Eddie is loving it. He leans his head back and a loud groan escapes him. He pulls the twins off him and pushes them back to the bench and says, “Ok guys, I see you shaved yours bodies completely hair free to get back at me. I get it. I’ll play nice. Now, how will I be able to tell you apart?” Ian pulls a marker from under his towel and turns to Colin and draws a big number 2 on his chest. Colin takes the pen and puts a number 1 on Ian. “Work for you, big guy?” “Yup.” Ian tosses the marker back on the bench. He and Colin start to crowd Eddie again. “Show us your strength big guy” Ian says. Eddies reaches around them again, pulls them close, squats down, and simply stands up. The twins are a good 8 inches off the ground and Eddie is just standing there with a shit-eating grin on his face. “You thought I was showing off last time? Just wait boys, just wait.” He takes two strides to the bench, and sets them on the higher bench. He gets on the lower one and lays on his back. His dick is pointing straight up. He says, “G1, get a condom and lube from my stuff and get me ready.” Ian quickly hops down and does what he is told. Colin in the meantime slides off the upper bench and straddles Eddie’s midsection. He begins grinding his ass against Eddie’s junk and uses his hands to massages his pecs. Eddie just puts his hands behind his head and enjoys the feeling. He tenses his pecs and Colin starts to pound on them playfully. He leans down and begins to kiss Eddie and also places his hands on Eddie’s biceps. Eddie playfully flexes his biceps and they expand to their 23 inches. Colin feels the hardness of the muscles and increases the ferocity of his kissing. Ian in the meantime has been putting the condom on Eddie and lubing him up, generously. He the fingers on his other hand to get Colin ready for the incoming 2x4. When he’s done with both of them, he bangs on Eddie’s dick to let him know. Eddie jostles his hips in response. Eddie pulls his hands from behind his head and places them on Colin’s chest, pushing him up slightly. “You almost ready for the show to start G2?” Colin nods yes. Eddie lowers him for another quick kiss and this presses him upwards like he is doing a flat bench press. He lowers him back down, kisses him, and raises him up again. He does this 8 more times and then says, “No offense kid, but you’re kind of light. G1 get on G2’s back, face down so you can watch me and my muscles.” Ian carefully gets on Colin’s back. Eddie says, “Just insert your dick into his ass. Wouldn’t be the first time and it will give you some stability.” The twins giggle and Ian just shoves his rock hard dick into Colin. “No lube?” Ask Eddie. “”Nope.” They say as one. Eddie sets his hands on Colin’s chest again and feels around for the right points so the weight is evenly distributed. He give Colin another kiss and winks at Ian. “Here we go.” And he presses the boys up slowly. Their chests raise up, but their feet are still on the bench. Eddie lowers them to his chest. Colin leans down and he and Eddie kiss. Eddie does another press and lower. On the way down he shifts his dick around so it is at Colin’s hole. He nudges it toward the hole and starts to push it in. Colin’s eyes go wide and Ian can also feel the added pressure. Colin says, “Whoa dude, I cannot take both of you.” Eddie looks him in the eyes and says, “Don’t you even want to try? It may be fun.” “Maybe another time. My ass is still recovering from out last encounter.” “Fine.” Eddie says, a bit disappointed. “How about this.” He wraps is arms around their backs, twists his body to the side of the bench and stands up again. Ian’s dick is still wedged into Colin, who is pressed to Eddie’s chest. The boys are a good foot off the ground and Colin moves back in for another kiss. He puts his arms around Eddie’s neck for support. Eddie puckers up and starts to ravage his mouth and face. Eddie now swings his dick so it is in position to enter Ian. He slides his hands down Ian’s back, puts his left hand on his ass and promptly sticks two fingers from his right hand into Ian’s ass. Ian opens his mouth in shock and lets out a yelp. All Eddie says is, “Gotta get you ready buddy.” Ian nods blankly. Eddie grabs his unit and starts to move it towards Ian’s hole. Ian frees a hand, and puts it on Eddie’s dick and helps him. When he realizes he is too low, he says, “Eddie, you got to move my ass up a bit or you’ll never get in.” Eddie simple flexes his left bicep, which was still on Ian’s ass, and raises both guys up another 4 inches. “Far enough G1?” Ian moves Eddie’s dick into position and starts to lower himself. “Yup. Go slowly, muscles. We got time, no rush.” Ian feels the dick slowly enter him and he lets out a long guttural, “Ahhhhh… Yeah, right like that. Oh, hold on… Ok, now lower us down.” Eddie complies. Colin looks him in the eyes and says, “Come on muscles, show us what you got. This can’t be it.” Eddie laughs at the challenge, leans back, and bucks his hips. Ian is now firmly mounted and moaning happily. He looks Colin in the eye and brings his right arm into a full bicep flex and puts it right next to Colin’s face. Colin moves his left hand from Eddie’s neck and puts it on the bicep from the backside of it and starts to massage the muscle and squeeze it. Eddie laughs and says, “Hold your horses little man, I’m not done yet.” And with that he releases his other hand from Ian’s ass and brings it up and does a full double bicep pose. Colin is amazed. He moves his right hand to Eddie’s left bicep and starts a dual massage and squeeze fest. Eddie laughs again, and says, “Come on G2, I thought with all our workout sessions, you would have developed some strength by now. Come on, squeeze those biceps like your life depended on it.” Colin starts putting all his strength into squeezing them. “Hey, I can just barely feel you now.” Eddie taunts him. Eddie then moves in for a kiss and continues to hold the pose. He bucks his hips to make sure Ian is still alive. With the motion, Ian moans again and puts his arms around Colin’s neck so he doesn’t fall off to a side. “Yeah, I bet that feels good back there.” Eddie says. Ian moans again in agreement. He is sweating profusely, and not just because they are in the sauna. The feel of his dick in his twin and of Eddie’s in ass is driving him to new highs. He starts to grind his ass back into Eddie’s hips and pulls Colin down with him. When he tries to push up, he finds that Colin’s added weight makes it damn near impossible. He tries again and Eddie says, “Need some help back there G1?” “Yeah, some.” Ian gurgles out. “Ok, hold on.” Eddie looks at Colin and says, ‘”This is your stop, time to get off and wait for the next ride.” He lifts Colin up, off Ian’s dick, and sets him on the bench. “Now don’t go anywhere. Here you can still play around with this.” As he flexes his right arm. Colin’s eyes go wide and he latches his lips onto the bicep and starts slathering it with saliva. “Good boy.” Eddie turns his attention to Ian, “Better?” “Much, thanks.” “No problem. You sure you’re ready? This is going to make the first time look a Sunday stroll.” Eddie says as he puts his left hand back under Ian’s ass. “Bring it muscles.” Ian says mockingly and moves in for a kiss. Eddie meets him half way and uses his hand to lift Ian up and down his dick. Ian wraps his arms around Eddie’s neck and locks his legs around his waist. Eddie starts to raise and lower his hips in a nice slow motion. Ian gets moving with him. They’re undulating and kissing and moaning into each other’s mouths. Colin takes him mouth off of Eddie’s arm and moves around behind him. With his second arm free, Eddie places it on Ian’s other ass cheek and is now free to raise and lower him as he pleases. He flexes his biceps, lifts Ian up, off his dick, and brings Ian’s dick up to his mouth. He swallows it to the hilt in one fluid motion. Ian puts his arms on Eddie’s shoulders and head to steady himself. Eddie easily moves him back and forth, in and out of his mouth. “Hmm, nice flow of pre-cum G1. How about we see if I can get you to blow your load down my throat?” He engulfs the dick and pulls Ian as close to his body as possible. His nose is against Ian’s lower abs, his tongue is lapping at his dick, and he moves his right hand back to Ian’s ass and inserts 3 fingers and moves them around like they belong in there. Ian lets out a guttural roar and tries not to cum, but Eddie is stepping up his game. He moves a forth finger into his ass and is moving his mouth and lips with incredible speed and pressure. Ian is in heaven. Eddie swallows him one last time, sucks on the dick like he’s an industrial strength vacuum cleaner and pushes his thumb into Ian’s ass. Ian’s load explodes out of him with such force Eddie’s mouth is pushed back a few millimeters. He’s impressed and continues sucking. He removes his fingers from Ian’s ass and gently cups his ass cheeks. The next three shots follow the first one down his throat. He slowly moves Ian’s dick from his mouth, licking off and remaining cum. Ian passes out and practically falls over Eddie’s shoulder. Eddie chuckles and lifts him up by the waist and sets him down on the sauna bench. Colin scoots over to make sure Ian is ok. He is. He looks up at Eddie with partial fear and partial anticipation. Eddies dick is level with his mouth. He rips off the condom, engulfs it, and starts to work on it. Colin has never seen a dick so veiny and thick. He puts both hands on it, trying to encircle, but cannot. Eddie just laughs and flexes his dick. Colin is lifted up. He holds on and Eddie raises and lowers him a few more times. Colin lets go and stands up. He moves closely to Eddie and leans up for a kiss. Eddie puts his left hand behind Colin and pulls him close, enjoying the kiss. He cups Colin’s ass and lifts him up so they are at eye level. He pulls his right arm into a flex and moves it into Colin’s view. Colin sees it, but is no longer interested. He’s into the kissing and is trying to devastate Eddie’s mouth and tongue. Eddie is playing along, having some fun. He lowers his right arm, swings it around and inserts 3 fingers into Colin’s ass, like he did to Ian. He finds Colin is looser and opens easily for him. He smiles to himself. Should have started with this one. He backs up, sits on the bench, and grabs a condom and some more lube. With Colin sitting on his lap, it is easy for him to put on the condom, lube up, and then move Colin’s hole into position. He inserts his dick with a steady motion, careful not to push too hard. Colin is grimacing, but taking the rod slowly. Eddie moves up close to Colin’s left ear and uses his tongue to massage the earlobe. Colin sighs and slides down his dick a bit. “Just another few inches G2. You can do it.” “Dude, you’re shoving a fucking 2x4 into my ass.” “Try 4x4” Eddie laughs. Eddie turns Colin’s head bit more and sticks his wetted tongue right into his ear and laps at the inner ear. Colin starts to squirm and the rest of Eddie’s unit slides in. Eddie moves his left arm up a bit and pulls Colin a bit closer to him. He stands up, bucks his hips, and wedges the final bit of his dick into Colin’s ass. Colin is very still, getting used to the feeling. Eddie is patient. When Colin starts to wiggle his hips, Eddie knows he can start moving him up and down. He moves more slowly, deliberately, making each thrust count. Colin has an arm around his neck and one on Eddie’s bicep. Eddie has a hand on Colin’s ass and puts his other hand on his dick and starts to jerk him off, nice and slow, with movements matching his thrusting. Colin is in heaven based on the look on his face, which is flushed and covered with sweat. After 5 minutes of this, Colin is starting to tense up, which Eddie recognizes as he’s about to blow. He quickly lifts him off his dick and swallows Colin’s dick, just like he did to Ian. Eddie does a couple quick in and out movements and sucks on Colin’s dick like he wants to suck it right off his body. Colin is so close. He puts both arms around Eddie’s head and tries to pull him even closer, so more of his dick is in his mouth. The dam breaks, Colin screams and releases his load directly into Eddie’s throat. Eddie gulps 4 times and the load is done. Colin tries to pull his dick out of Eddie’s mouth, but he continues to suck, trying to get anything left in Colin’s dick out. Once Eddie realizes the last drops have been swallowed, he lets the dick slip from his lips, but he encircles the mushroom head and rakes his teeth on it a few times. Colin shutters and releases another smaller load. Eddie grins and he slurps it down. He finally releases the dick and says, “I knew you had more in you. I just had to coax it out.” Colin looks down, smiles, and asks. “You need any help with yours.” Glancing down at Eddie still rock hard dick. “Eh, sure. How about this.” And he slides his unit between Colin’s legs and begins to flex it again. Colin grabs onto to Eddie’s arms to make sure he is not bounced off. Eddie grabs Colin’s waist and just slides him back and forth along the length of his unit with ease, like he is using a washcloth to clean it off. Colin twist his lower legs together, creating a tighter seal for Eddie’s unit to slide thru. Eddie appreciates the new tightness and leans down to kiss Colin. They are kissing when Eddie sense his load is near. He picks up the pace and Colin is rocketing back and forth along the length. Eddie peaks and brings Colin as close to his body as possible and lets his load explode out of him. The first two volleys hit the far side of the sauna. The third one coasts the floor. The last one dribbles down and creates a puddle. Eddie is still rock hard, but can tell the boys are done for the night. He lifts Colin off and gently sets him next to Ian, who is just regaining consciousness. Eddie quickly picks up all the towels and supplies, leans over and gets one twin in each arm, and picks them up. They exit the sauna sideways and Eddie heads for the shower area. Ty, who is cleaning up, sees them coming and says to Eddie, “There had better not be a big mess in there or your ass is mine. Also, are they still alive?” Eddie replies, “Jeez Ty, give me some credit.” Ty just stares at him. Eddie smiles and says, “Yeah, they’re still alive, but sauna may need a good scrubbing down. Have Kenny or Stu do it, they love shit like that and just add it to my bill.” Ty just shakes his head again. “Get them home safely.” “Yes, sir.” Eddie mocks him. He gets into the locker room, sets the guys down on a bench and squats in front of them. “G1, G2, you guys still with me?” They mumble back, “yeah.” “Did you have fun?” “Not really.” G2 says with a big smirk on his face. “I was expecting more muscle.” Eddie leans his head back and lets a roar escape him. “Next time little men, next time.” And he pats both guys on the shoulders.
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    Here's the next instalment - I hope you enjoy. I've got a few more chapters planned for after this... Chapter 4 Sal had not long left for work when I heard the doorbell ring and smiled. I knew instantly who I would find waiting outside my house – I was only surprised that Karl had managed to keep away this long. Perhaps he was waiting for Sal to leave? It had been two days since I’d first used the AlphaScent and undergone my massive transformation. Sal and I had barely left the house in this time, fucking over and over like animals – her desire for my huge muscles and massive cock were insatiable. In between the fucking and muscle worship I’d noticed that the effects of the AlphaScent began to wear off after exactly 24 hours, my muscles slowly shrinking and my cock diminishing back towards its previous size. If I re-applied the spray just before this time though my size was preserved but I was disappointed to notice that I didn’t get any bigger. I was hoping the effects of the scent might be cumulative. As I padded down the hall towards the front door I felt supremely confident, another positive side-effect of the AlphaScent. I opened the door to find Karl standing on the doorstep, an angry look on his face as I’d expected. “Give it back!” he shouted, his fists balled, veins popping out on his clenched hands. I immediately noticed that Karl was smaller than on our previous encounter – slightly shorter, and his immaculate smart white shirt looser fitting. He was still big though and I guessed that if we measured up there wouldn’t be much between us in terms of height and weight. Perhaps he was already muscular before he started using the AlphaScent? Or maybe the longer you used the scent the longer it took for the effects to wear off? “Hi Karl,” I replied, totally relaxed. “It’s good to see you,” I added, smiling. “You’ve cost me 3 sales so far!” Karl said, still shouting, anger flooding off him in waves. I could see though that his eyes betrayed his outward emotions and were slowly drinking in my new appearance, flicking up and down to take in my colossal size. I was purposefully wearing a sleeveless blue gym top and matching tight shorts which nicely emphasised the width of my quads. The huge bulge in the front of them also left little to the imagination. “Give it back to me you little bitch,” Karl roared. I was pleased to notice that even his voice sounded less masculine than before. “Little…?” I smirked, casually resting one arm up against the doorframe so that my bicep was gently flexed and my hairy pit exposed. “Yes, you fucking little…” Karl started but I saw the exact moment that he was hit by the full effects of the AlphaScent. “Just give it…” he tried to continue lamely. I decided to reinforce the effects of the scent by running my other hand down over my swollen pecs and the tight ripped abs pushing through my muscle top. To Karl, I knew I looked the epitome of masculinity and having been through it myself, I could imagine the war going on in his head. “Why don’t you come in Karl?” I asked casually, my hand briefly running over the bulge in my gym shorts. I saw his eyes follow my hand as it continued down and pulled up the tight band of fabric, exposing even more of my quads. “No..I…” Karl mumbled, still staring at my massive legs. I knew I had him. I stood back from the door, making space for him to walk through and watched as he slowly entered my house, as if in a trance. I led him into the living room and indicated for him to sit on one of the two sofas whilst I remained standing in the middle of the room. “I tell you Karl…” I started, “…being this big is A-ma-zing.” I brought my right arm up as I was speaking, flexing my bicep hard and seeing the huge muscle pop, a thick vein snaking its way across the surface. I noticed Karl’s eyes widen in response and an obvious bulge start to form in his smart work trousers. Straight away I hit a double bi, both arms pumped and vascular, watching as his bulge started to swell even faster. “Ha,” I barked. “Look how you’re getting hard over my muscle body!” “N-n-no,” Karl stammered, quickly putting his hands over the bulge in his trousers, trying to cover it. He looked pathetic – I could hardly believe this was the same guy that had totally dominated me less than a week ago. “Mmm,” I moaned, still pumping my huge guns. “Look how big these biceps are Karl”. I kissed each one in turn then proceeded to lick slowly over the giant peaks of muscle, relishing the feeling of the solid fibres beneath my tongue. “Fuuucck,” Karl moaned under his breath, unable to help himself. “You liked that didn’t you Karl?” I teased. “Watching this muscle GOD worship his own muscles. You wish that could be your tongue don’t you bitch?” “N-no way Joe,” Karl replied, trying to push himself away from me as I took another step closer. “Say Karl, why don’t we cut the bullshit? I can see that you want me,” I boasted, reaching forward to squeeze the sizeable bulge in his trousers. “No…please…mmm…stop,” Karl moaned, unable to hide his pleasure at my touch. I stood up straight again, letting go of his cock and grabbing the bottom of my muscle top with both hands. I pulled it up slowly, inch by inch revealing more of my ripped torso to Karl. I knew this would drive him crazy and sure enough, once I’d got the top up and over my head, I looked down to see Karl with a look of frenzied desire on his face. I stood only a foot away from him, just in my tight gym shorts. “Look at these abs, Karl,” I said, slowly running my hands over them, tracing the outline of the cobbled 8-pack. Karl didn’t reply, his face a picture of confusion. I could imagine the war going on his head. I decided to take things to the next level and really push his limits. “And Karl…I know that this is what you want more than anything…” I said, running one hand down under the waistband of my gym shorts, squeezing my semi-hard cock. “No…No way,” Karl stammered, trying to look confident as he made to stand up. I rested one hand on his chest and pushed him back down with surprising ease – either he wasn’t really trying or he’d lost a lot more muscle mass than I’d thought. Maybe it was a bit of both? “Why pretend you want to leave Karl when we both know you don’t?” I gloated. With that I leaned forward, putting one hand on the sofa either side of Karl’s head with my legs straddling his so that I was towering over him. I then positioned my bulge against his, feeling his rock hard cock through the thin fabric, and started to grind my pelvis in small circles. “Oh…fuck…No…please stop,” Karl moaned as I teased his cock. I ignored him, continuing to grind my cock up against his, smirking down at him and noticing how my abs tensed and relaxed with every movement. “Joe…please don’t.” I ignored him still, taking one of my hands off the sofa to flex my bicep just inches from his face. “Oh fuck,” he moaned, staring at my huge peaked muscle. “That’s it Karl…there’s no point resisting…I can feel that you want me,” I whispered in his ear, still grinding up against his hard cock. “Mmmmm…fuck…that feels good,” Karl groaned, unable to help himself, as his eyes feasted on my muscle body. I stopped grinding, and rested back on Karl’s quads so that I had both hands free, an idea coming into my head. “Right…let’s see what’s going on under here,” I growled, grabbing his shirt at the collar. “No please Joe…don’t,” he begged. I ignored him, pulling down with one swift movement and ripping all the buttons of his shirt so that it lay open, framing his torso. I immediately saw why he hadn’t wanted me to take his top off. “Fuck…what happened?” I laughed, looking down at his exposed chest and abs. Don’t get me wrong, Karl still had some muscle but he was more of an athletic swimmers build than that of the amateur bodybuilder he’d been before. Clearly the shirt had been hiding some of his huge losses. “It’s the scent…” he moaned, “it’s nearly all worn off.” “HAHA…Well there’s no doubt who’s the Alpha now!” I roared. “Look at the difference between us!” I flexed my pecs, the huge mounds of muscle bouncing right in front of his face, a stark difference from his now pathetic chest. Karl looked mesmerized as he watched the dance of my muscles. “FUCK bitch,” I roared, “you love watching me flex these HUGE MUSCLES!” I flexed my biceps hard again, loving how they popped up, veins exploding over the surface. “I’M A FUCKING MUSCLE BEAST,” I boomed, still looking down at Karl’s pitiful body, getting turned on by the comparison between us. “Oh fuck,” Karl moaned in response, looking up at the beast I’d become. “Tell me you want this MUSCLE GOD!” I ordered. Karl was silent, transfixed, still a bit confused. “TELL ME!” I roared, grabbing his hands and resting them on my huge pecs. With that, Karl could control himself no more. “Oh FUCK YES…I want you…YOU HUGE FUCKING MUSCLE BEAST!” he screamed. I grabbed the back of his head, feeling no resistance as I pulled in him into my hairy pit. “Lick out my pit bitch,” I boomed as I felt him get to work, moaning as he did. Karl feasted in my pit before I let him lick across my pecs, sucking on each nip in turn as he looked up at me. “Worship this body,” I moaned, lost in the amazing feeling of having another man (and Karl at that) appreciate every inch of my musclular torso. His hands were exploring my shoulders and biceps as he tongued my pecs and I flexed each muscle as I felt his hands run over them. Soon, my own cock was rock hard and aching for release from the confines of my gym shorts so I pushed myself back, standing in front of Karl again, leaving him panting on the sofa. “Take them off,” I ordered, knowing he would understand exactly what I meant. Karl immediately dropped onto his knees in front of me, grabbing my gym shorts round the waistband and pulling them down. “Oh fuck,” he gasped as my big thick cock slapped up against my abs, “you’re fucking huge.” He kept pulling the shorts down, taking a few seconds to stretch them over my wide quads before they fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. I stood in the middle of the room, totally naked, as I looked down at Karl. “Worship your muscle GOD,” I ordered, looking down at him as I crossed my arms, a total alpha. Karl moved in towards my rock hard cock. “I don’t think so…” I barked, pushing him back, “I think you should start with my feet and work up”. I was determined to humiliate Karl even more than he’d humiliated me. Karl didn’t even hesitate, immediately leaning forward to start licking my big masculine feet. “Mmmmm…yes…that’s it,” I moaned, looking down at my new muscle slave. Karl’s tongue worked over my toes, licking between them. “Fuck, you like that don’t you slut?” I taunted. He nodded in response, not breaking from his worship to speak, still licking my feet all over. He then concentrated on each toe in turn, sucking them into his warm mouth. I moaned in pleasure as he did, unable to stop myself, the feeling was so amazing. Soon, Karl had begun to work up my tight calves, licking and kissing the mounds of muscle clearly visible beneath what little body fat I had. His tongue traced the veins leading up my legs, moaning as he did, his hands exploring ahead to feel the huge thick muscles in my quads. “Mmmm…fuck you love these muscles,” I moaned, flexing my quads as his hands explored them. I ran my own hands over my pumped, swollen pecs, still not used to the feeling of rock hard muscle beneath my skin. My thick throbbing cock ached as I looked down at Karl, reduced to a muscle slut at my feet, his head only filled now with my scent and thoughts of worshipping my muscle body. “Tell me what you are Karl,” I ordered. “I’m your muscle slut,” he moaned without hesitating, now kissing and licking my thick quads. “FUCK yeah you are,” I replied, wrapping my hand round my massive manhood. “And I know what you want even more than my huge muscles,” I added. “Mmm yes Sir…please…let me suck your big cock,” he begged, his hands resting on my solid quads as he looked up at me. I grabbed the back of his head with one hand and my cock with the other, guiding the two together. Karl opened his mouth obediently, his eyes crazed with lust. I slapped my rock hard cock against his cheek with as much force as I could manage. “Ahhh…oh FUCK…yeah,” Karl moaned. I slapped my thick cock against his face over and over, amazed at how fucking big it looked. “Oh man…my cock is HUGE,” I roared, as it thwacked against his face, starting to leave a mark with the repeated hits. Soon I realised that my manhood was aching for release and so I began to move it towards Karl’s hungry lips before resting the heavy meat on his wet tongue. “Alpha turned slut,” I said simply as I looked down at Karl and began to guide my aching cock past his lips. Karl didn’t reply, his eyes wide and his mouth already full with my throbbing cock head. I let out a low guttural moan as I felt his lips stretch to take my manhood, his eyes wide. “Oh FUCK,” I moaned, even more turned on than I had been with Sal. I felt my cock hit the back of Karl’s throat and he started to gag and splutter, trying to pull away as his reflexes took over. “Oh no you fucking don’t slut,” I said, grabbing the back of his head and holding him down on my cock as I continued to advance it. He put his hands on my tree-trunk quads, trying to push himself back but he was no match and I barely flexed my biceps at all to hold him there. “Take it Karl…take my fucking COCK,” I roared as he continued to struggle. My cock was now sliding down his throat and there was still much more of it to feed him. I looked down to see his panicked eyes. “Ha…this is your first time sucking a cock too isn’t it?” I mocked. Karl nodded in response. “But you want it don’t you slut,” I continued, determined to maximise his humiliation. He nodded again. “HA…Karl the cock whore,” I laughed, “who would have thought it?” Soon, my cock was balls deep in Karl’s mouth, his gag reflex overcome for the moment, and I held it there. Karl’s eyes bulged as he began to panic again, realising that he couldn’t breathe, but still I held him. “Oh FUCK…that feels GOOD,” I roared before finally dragging my cock out of Karl’s mouth. He immediately gasped for air, coughing and spluttering before I slammed my cock quickly back in again. I began fucking his face hard, building up a rhythm as my cock slid in and out of his mouth, my balls slapping hard against his chin. Slowly Karl adjusted to the massive size of my cock and I watched as began rubbing his bulge through his trousers. “Fuck…you hungry little cocksucker… you fucking love this HUGE MAN DICK,” I thundered, still slamming hard into him. Karl nodded and moaned in response, the transformation from alpha to cock whore nearly complete. This ignited a primal response in me and I began pounding him harder and faster, loud bestial grunts leaving my lips. I was still holding the back of his head hard on my cock and looked down to see my huge pumped biceps flexed, veins popping up as I continued to fuck. A sheen of sweat was glistening on my engorged pecs and arms, topping off the image of a total alpha muscle stud. I moaned as I felt Karl start to explore my muscles whilst he took my thick cock. His hands worked their way up from my quads, running over the ridges between my abs until he found my pecs. I flexed for him as he squeezed them, looking down to see his hands dwarfed by the colossal mounds of muscle. “FUCK…look…at…those…pecs,” I grunted between thrust of my cock, “they’re so FUCKING BIG!!” With that, I felt myself getting closer and closer to climax, knowing that if I continued as I was now very soon I’d be shooting a huge load down Karl’s waiting throat. But I had other ideas. Without warning I pulled my cock out of Karl’s wet mouth, at the same time pushing him backwards onto the floor. “No…please…Joe,” he begged, hungry for my manhood to be back in him. I stood in front of him smirking as I looked down, slowly jerking my thick cock. I loved how it felt underneath my fingers, throbbing and rock hard, my thumb teasing my aching cock head. “You’re Pathetic,” I spat at Karl as he lay on the floor at my feet looking up at me, “a pathetic cock whore.” “Yes Sir,” Karl moaned, biting his lip as he looked up at his God. “You know who the alpha is now, don’t you slut?” I asked, his humiliation nearly complete. “You sir,” he replied, “you’re a fucking Alpha Muscle God.” “Mmm that’s right slut,” I moaned, still stroking my throbbing cock. “Please Sir…” Karl begged, looking up at me. “What, slut?” “Please cum for me,” he continued, desperate. “What was that bitch?” I snorted, smirking at him. “Your cock slut needs your muscle load,” he begged, hunger in his eyes. “Mmmm…yeah he does bitch,” I replied, stroking my cock faster as I looked down at Karl. “Say it again,” I ordered. “I need your muscle load Sir,” he pleaded, now on his knees in front of me. I stroked my cock faster still. “Again!” I grunted. “Please Sir, shoot your huge muscle load over me,” Karl moaned, unable to keep from rubbing the bulge in his trousers. “Fuck, yeah…” I moaned, stroking even faster. I felt my heavy balls begin to tighten. “AGAIN!” I roared, a God needing to unload. “PLEASE SIR, GIVE ME YOUR ALPHA LOAD,” Karl shouted in desperation, his voice weedy and pathetic in comparison to mine. “YES…FUCK….I’M YOUR MUSCLE GOD,” I bellowed, huge ropes of cum shooting out of my massive cock as an orgasm flooded my body. “FUUUUUUCK!” I roared as rope after rope of cum landed on Karl, covering his face and torso. He had his mouth open, trying to swallow as much as he could, but still it was overflowing, streaming down his chin onto his tight chest. “EAT MY LOAD YOU CUM SLUT,” I ordered as waves of pleasure crashed through me. After what felt like minutes my cock stopped bucking. Karl was totally covered in my muscle load - from head to toe there was not a body part that had been spared. I leant forward, scooping up some of the cum from his chest and abs and bringing it to his lips, watching as he hungrily sucked on my fingers like the slut the AlphaScent had made him. Within a few seconds his body started to buck and writhe as he had the most intense orgasm of his life, embarrassingly shooting his load into his pants without even touching himself. “Don’t be here when I get back,” I ordered simply, as I went to take a shower, leaving this previous Alpha on the floor still covered in my cum.
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    WOW thanks man! I've always seen the story ending here, but since it's getting a little attention I've sketched out an idea for the sequel. As I've seen it, reality doesn't shift, but since the transformations are so dramatic, nobody recognizes the new "versions" of the two. Thanks for the bump, and thanks for liking my story!