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    Trying something different between chapters of ‘Flex for class’. The scenario and protagonist for this are lifted from a fbb worship story I found on literotica called Best Seat On The Plane. This has always been a scenario I’ve dreamt of, so rewrote with a male bodybuilder and embellished a bit. I hope the original author doesn’t mind. Original story is here: https://www.literotica.com/s/best-seat-on-the-plane Plane Muscle John was sitting in Chicago airport at his gate, waiting patiently for his flight to Washington D.C. He had a conference the next day and was flying in the night before. Looking round at the people waiting for flights, he spotted a man who immediately stood out to him. His cock jolted in his pants at the sight of a huge bodybuilder less than 10 feet away. John had a secret love for well built men, the bigger the better. He had no idea why he loved men with muscles so much, but he learned over time not to fight his passion but embrace it. The crazy thing was, he had never met a bodybuilder before! His only experience was looking at pictures on the internet, or occasionally seeing one on the street or in a shopping centre. He always dreamed about what it would be like to meet one, and maybe even feel their muscles. The man he spotted was standing at the end of one of the aisles of seats looking at his phone. He was definitely a bodybuilder, and looked absolutely massive from where John was sitting. After the initial blur of seeing his presence from the corner of his eye, what John noticed was the size of his legs, which were visible because he was wearing mid length black shorts. His legs looked smooth with huge quad muscles, the bulges of which remained visible even under the material of the shorts. Just from standing there he could see incredible definition. When he would shift his weight from one leg to the other his muscles would contract and harden. His calves were also well defined and thick with size. He was wearing a lightweight long sleeve jacket, but he could see big round shoulders and beefy arms. The jacket draped around the waist, but everywhere else it hugged the man’s upper body tightly and was tautly stretched around his huge delts, arms, chest and back muscles. The bodybuilder swung round, now exposing to John how wide he was from the back. The seams of the jacket showed signs of unthreading due to the huge forces on them. He swung back and resumed poking his phone. Without thinking John got up to get a better view of him. He was pretending to do something with his phone as he got within a couple of feet. Just being this close to his incredible size was getting John excited as he positioned himself behind the mountain of muscle. He looked bigger than any man John had ever seen, or maybe it was because he had never seen such a huge bodybuilder this close before. John was an average man, standing 5’9” tall and weighing 150 pounds. Standing this close to the bodybuilder he had never felt weaker or smaller, the bigger guy having at least 5 inches on him. He was handsome too, with olive skin and a shaved head. His facial features were quite intense and masculine with hazel eyes. John couldn't place his nationality but guessed at French or Mediterranean. Trembling, he took a closer look from the side, and could see he was holding his ticket in a meaty hand. He could just make out they were on the same flight and his seat was 1A. John was disappointed their seats weren't closer, but bristled at the thought of sharing a plane with this goliath. But then he got an idea! It was a long shot but worth a go. "Hi may I help you?" The woman behind the counter asked. "Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade to first class?" John asked. "Let me see." The attendant started punching on her keyboard. "The farther up the better, something like 1A." John was hoping this would be enough to get close. "1A is taken but how about 1B. The upgrade fee is $199." The attendant offered. John's heart nearly leapt out of his chest it was beating so fast. He tried his best to calm himself so he didn't look crazy, but he was sure his legs might give out any second. "That would be perfect." He said. What a small price to pay to get the best seat on the plane he thought to himself. He walked back over to the seats to sit down and calm himself. He made sure that he could still see the muscular man from his vantage point. As he held his phone still looking at it, he could see massive mounds bulging under the sleeves. He had to be a super heavyweight John thought. The wait to board the plane seemed like it took forever as John sat impatiently sneaking peaks at the man. Finally the announcement was made that pre-boarding would begin. He looked over to see the muscle bull stand and make his way to boarding. Watching so much dense hard muscle move like this in real life was surreal! John tried to casually get up and fall in in line behind him. The way his heart was racing he was sure it was less than casual. He was directly behind the guy now, taking in his massive frame. His shoulders were so wide and round John couldn't believe his eyes. He must have been in off season to be this big, and yet he still had great separation in his legs. It didn't take long to get through the line and soon they were making their way down the jet bridge to the plane. The bodybuilder walked with confident, heavy stomps in front of John, his arms hanging away from his body due to his huge lats. John couldn't take his eyes off the calves that flexed with every step, and his dick chubbed in his tight briefs as the sight. As they approached the cabin door, passengers boarded the plane and were greeted by the attendant. The muscle man however, had to turn side on to walk through. John could not believe how thick this guy’s upper body was. Side on he was as wide as a normal man! John had never flown first class before and felt like royalty. In front of him, the bodybuilder was already putting his carry-on in the overhead compartment and taking his seat by the window. John put his luggage above as well and looked down to see the man struggling to take off his jacket. What an amazing sight. He looked hard as a rock and bulging all over. He wasn’t contest ready as John thought he might have been before, but not in the depths of off season some bodybuilders got into. He had that jacked roid cycle look, like he was constantly swelling up. Underneath the jacket he had on a tight fitting white t shirt. His arms, shoulders, and chest were exploding out of it. He must have felt John staring because he looked up and gave him a warm smile. "Is this your seat?" The huge man asked, pointing to 1B. John realized he was staring and snapped out of his trance to take the seat next to him. His voice was masculine, deep and… French! Good guess “.... um, Yep! 1B! ….That’s me!” John sank into the seat, mortified at what he had said. He didn't know what to say or do and just sat in his seat looking straight ahead, dick throbbing and twitching between his thigh and jeans. "Can I get you something to drink?" The flight attendant bent down to ask them. "Sure I’ll have a water." "I'll also have a water." John reflexively responded. He was so nervous as he sat there looking straight ahead. He realized that the guy might be thinking he is one of those closed minded people that disagree with his lifestyle. He was trying to think of anything to do or say but his mind was blank. The flight attendant came back with their waters and John and the man thanked her. The seats in first class were a little bigger than back in coach, yet the muscular man was so big he filled the entire seat and still managed to push up against John's shoulder and arm. John was in a light oxford button down, but the electricity off feeling the man swelling up against his shoulder was palpable. He found himself leaning away because he was so nervous to even touch him. The huge muscle mountain must have caught on… "Hey, I'm Alex by the way." he had his hand extended toward John in a greeting. It was huge, thick and looked textured through years of work outs. John took it and the man shook his hand firmly. "um...John." "Nice to meet you John, are you heading to D.C for business or pleasure." he asked in a deep French accent. John was so thankful he was breaking the ice with casual conversation. His hazel eyes had a kindness to them that instantly made John relax a little. "Business, I am attending a conference tomorrow." He offered. "What is your business?" he asked. "I am a software engineer for a mid-sized company. We provide contracting services for telecom companies mostly." "Interesting." he said. John was sure this must have been the most boring conversation, but Alex had an honesty to him that made even John’s boring job sound like it was fascinating. John was doing everything in his power to maintain eye contact. He wanted so badly to sneak a peek at Alex’s gigantic body but knew that he needed to play it cool. "How about you? Business or pleasure?" He asked. "A little of both, I have never been to D.C. so I am hoping to see the sights. The company I work for has it's headquarters there and I will be doing some training on Monday." "Oh, so you have the whole weekend to enjoy the city." "Yes, that's the plan." he said. "I lived in D.C. for about 5 years, it is a great city to explore." John offered. "Any suggestions? I didn't really plan anything, I just decided to fly in early and look around." John was more relaxed now as he was talking to Alex about something he knew about. People were still boarding the plane as John started telling him all his favourite spots in the D.C. Alex listened to everything he was saying with rapt attention. John was 30 and was pretty sure Alex was around the same age. His skin had that mature look to it but with no visible signs of aging, yet given his muscle size he must have been bodybuilding for a long time. “Sorry you have to be sat next to the big lug by the way. I’ll try not to squash you too much!” Alex offered with smile and a giggle, a routine John felt like he might have had to do before. He was as charming as he was big! “Oh! No problem. Anyway, I hardly take up any space” “Thank you John! Some people… are not so nice about it” “Well, it’s fine by me” John smiled, relaxing back into his seat and no longer feeling awkward at feeling Alex’s awesome body swelling over the armrest in to him. In fact, it felt amazing. The cabin doors were closed now and John felt the familiar feeling of the plane backing up away from the terminal. Alex took a deep breath, his incredible chest and shoulders swelling upward and outward, pushing against John so that he could feel the dense thickness of muscle again. They were silent for a few minutes as Alex looked ahead. "John, I have a confession to make." Alex said. "What’s that?" John asked, intrigued. "I don't fly very much and I get nervous when the plane is taking off. I am usually fine when we are in the air, I just… I need to get through the first part." he was gripping the armrest showing thick ropes of muscle popping out on his forearm, a bead of sweat on his forehead. John’s eyes widened at the sight as he snuck a peak when Alex wasn't looking. He must have lingered too long because when he looked up, Alex was looking at him through the corner of his eyes with interest. "It helps me to talk. It takes my mind off it." he continued. "OK, well, I’ll see what I can do." John said. "Also…” Alex paused, “You can ask me about my muscles, it's OK. Most people don't know what to make of me or are too scared to ask." He was so forward and honest. John wasn't sure how to respond. Should he come clean and be honest, or hide his true feelings on the subject? “Oh, well people can be intimidated to talk about that sort of thing!” John offered as a halfway house. “And plus, well you are huge!” Alex only nodded back. "Actually Alex. I… I have a confession as well." John finally said. "What is it?" Alex asked with authentic interest, pleased to be distracted. "I am a huge fan of bodybuilders." John said. Alex’s face softened hearing this, and he temporarily forgot about the take off. "How big of a fan? Who was the last man to win the Mr Olympia?" Alex quizzed him, half joking, half intrigued to see how genuine John was being. "That's easy, I could list every man who won Mr Olympia." John retorted. "OK smarty pants, list them for me." And off John went listing every Mr O from Larry Scott to Phil Heath, even throwing in the odd fact or personal favourite along the way. "Wow, that's better than I can do, I think you proved your point." he looked at John surprised. "So when you were giving me those funny looks before..." Fuck! How far back had he noticed? "Sorry about that. It's just that you’re clearly a bodybuilder and I was kind of… awestruck." John admitted. “I’ve… never been this close up to a guy as big as you before. It’s … well, incredible” he gulped. Alex nodded his head understandingly. "I am a bodybuilder; I have been training hard core for over 12 years now." he said matter of factly. "Wow, that's amazing. I have the most respect for your discipline. I workout with weights on and off but can never keep the focus to achieve what you have. Have you ever competed?" John asked. "No, I do it for myself. I have never had the courage to get up in front of a huge crowd like that." "I am sure if you did you would thrash the competition." John stated Alex looked over at him and smiled. "Thanks; I really appreciate an expert like you saying that. What else do you want to know." he offered. "How strong are you?" Alex’s smile got even bigger, as he turned slightly in his seat, the view of his body getting wider and wider to John. "Very strong." he said confidently, leaning toward John as he said it. John just stared back and gulped. All this talk about Alex’s muscles was getting him hard, but the way he leaned toward him now sent blood pumping through his cock. "I have never completely maxed myself out because it can be dangerous, but I don't think there are many men who come even close to my strength." "Really?" John was looking at him with his eyes wide and mouth open. "Really." Alex answered. "How much are we talking?" John asked. "I have pushed out over 500 lbs. I had spotters, but I did it completely unassisted." "Whoaaa." John was completely shocked. "I can squat 700 lbs. safely, but I wouldn't want to go higher." "That's...crazy." John managed to say. He looked down at Alex’s massive legs. They were like tree trunks and dwarfed his own legs by comparison. Up close they were slightly hairy, covered by paper thin skin. Three large mounds were visible on the top of each leg and John could only imagine how they would look if he flexed. Alex saw him looking at legs. “I have to wear shorts most of the time. Trousers and jeans tend not get round these” he said, patting his thigh lightly. Alex listed off some of his other accomplishments which were just stupendous. He had the strength of a powerlifter but the definition and thickness of an off season bodybuilder, which made for the most amazing combination. John’s dick throbbed as Alex described some of his feats of strength. There was one occasion where Alex had been spotting another guy on the bench. The man was struggling on his last set pressing 100kg. Alex had lifted the bar off him with one hand. Some of the other members noticed and challenged him to curl the weight with one arm. He had knocked out ten reps with almost no effort. On another occasion, someone had parked the front of their car across two parking bays. Alex had lifted the front half of the car and dragged it across into one bay. The airplane was lining up on the runway now and getting ready to rev the engines for take off. Up to this point Alex hadn't noticed and been completely relaxed talking to John. The plane started to accelerate and Alex couldn't help but notice the plane was preparing for take off. He closed his eyes and pushed his head back in the head rest again. His entire body seemed to tense up and John couldn't help but notice how much bigger his arms swelled up. He had a vice grip on the armrests again, causing his forearms to harden and flex. His upper body exploded with muscle as he tensed up. His biceps bulged, showing massive size and formed into huge mounds the size of grapefruits. His pecs looked amazing as they stretched the white cotton even further as they swelled up. His tight white top did nothing to hide Alex’s huge muscles, especially now as the fear taking over his body made him swell up bigger than ever. His chest was fully flexed, almost hitting his chin. John was drinking in every second he had to get a good look at his body. Alex’s shoulders were massive and looked like they were carved out of stone. Suddenly he was snapped out of his hypnotised state, as a disturbing sound filled the air. It was like metal popping. Alex’s grip on the armrests was getting tighter, his thick strong fingers digging into the steel. John’s mouth dropped open at what he was seeing. Alex was crushing the armrests in his hands. The first class plane seats were constructed of thick steel plates, but right now, Alex was crushing them in his hands like John would a juice carton. Alex’s huge forearms had so much power in them, he had nearly formed a fist. His face was scrunched up and he was emitting a low pitched growl, like he was about to set a new world record for a strength record. John tried a relaxation trick. He counted back from 10, and told Alex a fact about D.C in between each number, assuring him that when they got to number 1, they’d be up in the air, flying smoothly. John made each fact a little longer. Alex continued to scrunch up the inch thick steel plates into a ball, and was now breathing very heavily. It made John’s cock swell and release precum. Alex had not lied when he said there weren’t many men as strong as him; and now John was seeing it first hand. The relaxation technique was working though, and Alex’s face gradually returned to its handsome relaxed position, his eyes still closed, his pumped chest still flexed, touching his chin. The plane was almost done climbing as it started to level out. John looked at his handsome face and could see his full lips were slightly parted, his breath almost panting. His muscles started to relax as he calmed down. He lowered his head and opened his eyes looking over to John and gave him a warm smile. "Thank you for taking my mind off flying. I would have been a mess if it wasn't for you." he said as he reached over and squeezed John's hand. John flinched slightly. This muscle bull’s hand had just crushed an armrest into smithereens, and now it was wrapping round his own. But Alex knew his strength, and was gentle to his smaller friend. John's hands were in his lap trying desperately to cover up the raging erection he had from the sight of Alex’s feat of strength. Alex’s big hand lingered on John’s for a couple of seconds as he looked into John’s eyes and finally removed his hand. He felt so relaxed with John, and found himself enjoying a flight for the first time in his life. "It was my pleasure, I enjoy talking to you." John said as he returned a smile. “buuuut, something’s a mess!” he added, nodding to the armrests. Alex gave another broad smile “c’est risque professionnel” he retorted, like this might not be the first time something like this happened. “Wow. That is some occupational hazard!” John replied, running his hand over the crumpled up remains of the armrest. Alex raised his eyebrows, impressed he didn’t have to translate for his new companion. Nevertheless, he wanted to move the conversation to John for a bit. He changed gears. "So tell me, when did you become a fan of bodybuilding?" "Uh...since I was born I guess. I have memories of admiring muscle on men as far back as I can remember." John admitted. "Really?" Alex was getting more intrigued by the minute "Yeah, it's kind of a rare thing I guess; to see someone of your size and musculature, so there are a few vivid memories that stand out. Once I remember being at a restaurant when I was very young, maybe 10 or 11, and there was a waiter that had a visible bicep bulging through his white shirt. He wasn’t a bodybuilder like you, but I noticed it bulge even more when he was carrying the heavy trays of food around. I remember watching him the whole time just waiting to see if I could get another view of his bicep." Alex was nodding his head as he looked at him with interest. “So, how do you know it’s muscle you have an interest in and not tight white shirts?” To John’s delight, Alex bounced his pecs one at a time as he said this, emphasising just how tight his shirt was over his gargantuan body. John teetered. “I never thought of that! Next time I’ll ask the waiter to try a different shirt on, so I can check your theory” Alex treated him to the most adorable little chuckle he had ever seen. John’s heart began to flutter as he continued. It was almost therapeutic having never talked to anyone about this. "To a lesser extent, I also remember World’s Strongest Man at a young age. The strongmen looked amazing to me; the way their huge bodies loomed over the presenters, and the incredible amounts of weight they could move. It was like waking up for the first time when I saw them” “So then, why do you say to a lesser extent?” Alex asked. “Well, only a few strongmen had the amazing physique of a bodybuilder, and they tended not to be the strongest ones. In fact, I’ve never been aware of anyone who combined the physique of a Mr Olympia with the raw strength of a World’s Strongest Man…” John somewhat trailed off realising that he might now be sitting next to the type of man he just described. He paused, not sure if he should continue. He didn't want to scare Alex off. "I know what you mean, I had similar thoughts, although from a different perspective. As a boy I remember seeing really huge men and I found their strength fascinating. Especially feeling like I could be even bigger and stronger than them one day. So when was the first time you saw a bodybuilder?" Alex asked. "I was a teenager, flipping through the channels and stumbled upon a Mr O competition. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. The men were amazing, like… prize bulls! I remember seeing Nasser el Sonbaty for the first time and being in complete awe that a man could have muscle development like that." John froze. “Muscle bulls”! Would Alex take that as an insult? "Who won that year?" Alex asked. John continued, relieved "I remember like it was yesterday, it was an interesting time that I came in the middle of. It was Dorian Yates. Remember, I had never seen men with muscle like this before and I remember being very confused. To me it seemed obvious that Dorian or Nasser should win, their muscles were unreal, like nothing I had ever seen." "Oh yeah, that was the time they were trying to shift away from the muscle freaks." Alex added. "Ha! I don’t think it worked. All I knew at that moment was how incredibly muscled and strong they looked." "Then what?" Alex prodded. "As a teenager I had just witnessed the most incredible sight I had ever seen. Now I was looking for more. I found a store that sold what I think was the greatest magazine at the time. Flex. It was really hard to find where I lived, but it was awesome. Then, at school there was a boy who got into lifting weights. He got pretty big, but again, never approached IFBB pro level, like you” John didn't tell him about some of the videos he used to order. Mostly workout and lifestyle videos the Olympia contestants used to release in the 90s. John would whack off to them, loving being able to see these huge monsters pump up and pose, grunting all the while. "I kept my eye open for anything else on TV, but it was like the well dried up. There were a few smaller shows that I found, but that was pretty much it. Now years later I know that I came in at the end of its initial popularity, or at least it's exposure was limited." He finished. “And how did it make you feel, John?” Alex asked, his eyes twinkling and intense. “Uuh. Good. I felt good. Seeing them was like art”. It was the best compromise he could think of to say at the time. John was quiet, he felt like he had done a lot of talking and was curious what Alex had to say about what he said. "I love how you describe your passion for muscle. So simple and pure. I agree with you, it's like art. I feel like I am an artist molding my body. For me I didn't see a bodybuilder till I was almost 14. I already knew it was something I wanted and seeing it for real changed my life. At the gym they had pictures of bodybuilders and I would look at that and dream of having muscles like that for myself. Feeling my muscles grow and thicken at that age was amazing! It's hard to explain, I have just always wanted to be well built and strong as a … ox." He gave John a smile and a wink at the last bit. "It's just who we are so why fight it." John commented, as much to himself as to Alex. "So what about you, you look like you are in shape, how do you keep so nice and trim?" Alex asked. "I have been working out, on and off for about 5 years. I would love to be huge myself but my body just didn’t respond. Couldn’t keep the weight on." He said, dejected. "Maybe you just need the right teacher, who have you worked with?" Alex asked. "Nobody, I just do my own research and try to figure it out myself." John admitted. "I think we just found the problem. I have always had people helping me at my gym, nothing beats someone with experience." "How long have you been training?" John asked. "I have been hard-core training for about 12 years now. I had a pretty good base when I started, I was already a very strong boy. I started lifting when I was a teenager. When I was about 16, a bodybuilder at my gym started to help me train and I got the right diet and exercise program and started to really make gains." he said proudly. “In two years I was bigger than most of the other men who used the gym. Some didn’t like an 18 year old boy being one of the biggest and strongest guys there, so I learned early not to take offence if people objected to my big muscles.” Alex really liked talking about his past, and John was hanging on every word. To hear how Alex was able to transform his body into the man he saw before him was the most fascinating story to John While Alex was talking about his life, the trials and tribulations of growing so huge, he would move his hands around for emphasis. John would try to catch a glimpse here and there when he thought he wasn't looking. Alex either didn't notice or didn't care because he didn't mention how John’s eyes were darting all over his body. It was incredible to watch his biceps grow and form as he moved his arms around. The conversation drifted to other topics and the pair started to really hit it off. Pretty soon they were joking and talking like old friends. There seemed to be a mutual connection; John couldn't help but notice Alex would reach out and touch his hand or leg. It was like lightning when he touched him. The pilot came over the cabin speaker to announce that they would be landing in D.C. in about 20 minutes. John could see Alex tense up with the news as he pushed his head back in the seat to try and calm himself. John felt what was left of the shared armrest. How had Alex crunched this up like Play dough? It was solid steel to John, albeit it now with the dips and grooves of Alex’s fingers. Alex held John’s hand over the hand rest, and after a few seconds of pleasure at this feeling, John thought it might be best to get his hand out of the way. Alex spoke. "John, can I ask you something?" he said. "Sure." Alex lowered his voice, and again, leaned in close to John "What would you do if I flexed my arm for you?" John was too shocked to even respond as he sat there contemplating what to say. He could no longer, and no longer wanted, to hide his excitement at the mere mention of Alex’s muscles. He instantly got an extremely hard erection. And this time Alex didn't hide the fact that he noticed. He looked right at John’s crotch and smiled at him. Alex continued, "The way you talk about bodybuilders and muscle… I have a hunch you would really enjoy it. And I have another confession:" he paused "I would enjoy it too." John swallowed hard staring back into those alluring eyes. "I would… yes, I would like that." Alex looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to them. The other passengers were snoozing or focused on their devices. The flight attendants were doing their last minute checks and taking their seats around the corner. He stretched his arm out over John’s body, the back of his fist grazing John’s hard on. Slowly and with intent he pumped his bicep up, 1, 2, then 3 times, flexing hard the last time, the round hard muscle pushing the fabric of his stretchy T to it’s limit. "Go ahead.” He said “Touch it." John reached his shaking hands round cupping Alex’s amazing peak with one, and feeling the huge hanging tricep with the other. It literally felt like a rock was under his skin. With both hands wrapped around he couldn't touch his fingers because of the immense size. He slid his hands up feeling Alex’s shoulders, again it took both hands to span his incredible size. He could feel the ripples of muscle forming ridges and valleys all along his boulder sized muscle. "That feels so good." Alex whispered. "Do you like what you feel?" "It's better than my wildest dreams." John whispered back. Alex moaned and started pumping his bicep making it slowly grow and swell up more. John moved his hand back down so he could feel the transformation. These had to be the biggest arms he’d ever seen, he knew they were big but seeing them flexed he couldn't recall anything so huge. John let out a moan of pleasure as he felt Alex’s rock hard bicep under the warm skin. He could feel the power emanating from his arm as it stood unmoving and flexed. Alex had been watching his muscles pump up, and John’s hands moving over them. Now he looked up to take in his admirer’s face, and felt his heart flutter for the impact he knew his power was having. Alex held his other hand over John’s on his bicep. Him, feeling John feeling his bicep. “What do they feel like John?” “They’re… they’re so incredibly hard. Big and hard. I can feel how powerful they are just by touching them” “Hmmmmm…” Alex purred at John’s description “John, feel my strong forearms too” His hand clasped around the huge thickness of Alex’s immense forearms. They were bigger than most guys biceps. Alex moved his fist around, rippling the cords of muscle and veins around in John’s hands. “Squeeze it. See if you can make a dent” John gripped the wrist and upper forearm with all his strength. He didn’t move Alex’s muscle one iota. Then suddenly he was squashing the muscle as Alex stopped flexing. The doughy muscle still felt powerful and grainy. Then BAM! Alex flexed again and they were rock hard. His fist was still straight up in the air flexing as he opened his hand and reached over to caress John's cheek. John whimpered at his touch, his lips parting. Alex moved the hand behind John’s neck and squeezed slightly, then began pulling the smaller man towards him. They both started leaning in and locked lips in the most passionate kiss John had ever had. Alex’s lips were full and strong as they connected together with the feeling of so much emotion. It was like they were two lost souls that finally completed each other. The plane was rocking in it's final approach but in that moment they were in their own world. They kissed passionately for a couple of minutes until Alex pulled back before things got out of hand. They were forehead to forehead now looking at each other as they were coming down from their high. "Wow." Was all Alex could manage to say. "Yeah." John said back between heavy breaths. Alex took one of John's hands and placed it on his massive chest. John could feel his heart racing beneath multiple layers of dense muscle. "Do you feel that, my heart is racing right now." Alex said. John nodded emphatically as they were gazing at each other. Alex's chest started rising and hardening under John’s hand. The shirt looked like it was stretching to it's limit as his pecs were pushing out, causing the shirt to push down like his pecs couldn't be contained. John felt all over the hard ripped surface of Alex’s chest, enjoying the deep valley between the two enormous mounds. Alex playfully bounced each pec, alternating back and forth causing them to rise and fall. He never stopped looking at John as he watched the pure wonder and enjoyment he was able to give him with his body. He could see the spell he was casting on John as he truly transported him out of reality. Alex relaxed back into his seat to allow John to calm down before he got too excited. John looked up and met his gaze. They both leaned in again and shared another passionate kiss. The plane had landed now as Alex realized for the first time that he had made it through with no worries. The first time ever. John put his head on Alex’s shoulder as he wrapped his arms around the massive arm like it was a teddy bear. He felt safe and protected. "Thank you for taking my mind off the flight. I have never been so good during a landing, I didn't even notice we were on the ground." he said. "Are you kidding me. You just made my biggest dream a reality, I should be thanking you." John replied. They sat there content for a moment before Alex spoke up again. "John, would you...do you want to hang out when we get off the plane?" John looked up stunned. "Yes, whatever you are up for I am in." He wasn't sure what he had in mind but the thought of spending more time with Alex was all that mattered to him. "I didn't really plan out my first couple of days, I was just going to take a chance, I don't even book a hotel." "Uh...well I can help you find a hotel." John offered. "Where are you staying?" he asked. "The Washington Hotel on K street" John answered. "How about we share a cab and I will see if they have any rooms available." "Sure." He responded. They were like two love birds cuddling and chatting as the plane made its way to the gate. They were the first to exit the cabin and hurried down the jet bridge. Once in the terminal John took charge having been here so many times. Alex was happy to let him be in control, relaxing at not having to worry where he would go or what was coming next. The airport was small and close to the city. Neither of them had checked baggage so they walked to the exit where they got a cab to the city. Alex took John’s hand in the cab, gently squeezing it. John got hard again, remembering that just a few hours earlier that same hand had demolished a solid piece of metal. They didn't talk much in the cab but continued holding hands and looking at each other every once in a while exchanging smiles. It was past rush hour so took no time for the cab to get to the hotel where John was staying. John paid the cab and the pair walked into the hotel lobby making their way to the front desk. John went first and got his arrangements all set. After he was done he pointed out a seat where he went to sit down and wait for Alex to see if he could get a room. He watched Alex at the counter still amazed at how handsome he was as he talked to the hotel desk clerk. It didn't take long and soon he was walking toward John at the bench. His quads were massive and John still couldn’t believe how they bulged with each step. "They are all booked up." he said. "Oh.. What do you want to do?" John asked unsure how to play it. "Would you mind if we go up to your room so I can figure out what to do next?" he responded. "Of course, sure. Let's go." They made their way to the elevators. Alex took his hand as they walked and gave it a little squeeze as he looked down at him. "Thanks for helping." "Whatever you need, I'm here to help." As they were standing waiting for the elevators John could feel an electricity in the air. Alex was standing close, his freakishly thick forearms brushing against John’s. The bell dinged. They were joined by others in the elevator, so neither of them talked but they kept looking at each other, smiling. Alex pressed his body against John’s and rubbed his back lovingly. The doors opened and John led the way to his room. He swiped the card to unlock the door and opened it for Alex as he motioned for him to go in. Alex strode in and John followed, flipping on the lights to get a good look at the room. The minute the door swung shut, Alex turned around to face John. There was a pause of a few seconds as the two men took each other in. Then, Alex moved forward and effortlessly picked John up so he was holding him in his arms. John wrapped his arms around Alex’s thick neck as they drew in to kiss. This was even more passionate than on the plane as their tongues explored each others mouths. Alex’s jaw and even tongue felt muscular to John. He was certainly a dominant kisser. The sexual tension had been building and was finally being released as they let go of their inhibitions. "I want to show you my body." Alex said, panting. "I think you will be blown away." John nodded vigorously at this suggestion, once again lost for words at Alex’s amazing frankness about the power his body would have. Alex set him down on the bed and took a step back “You like muscle? Watch this” Alex said with cock of his head. Then, he slowly raised his arms and flexed. Two loud pops were head as the sleeves of Alex’s jacket popped at the peak. “Nnnmmgh Yeah!” He growled “What about bodybuilder shoulders?” He brought his arms down into a most muscular. Two more pops were heard as his delts exploded through the jacket. He turned around and intensified the pose. A long rip suddenly appeared on the back of the jacket and continued to grow as Alex flex harder. He grabbed what was left of the material and tore it off his body. Crossing his arms over his body, he slowly peeled off his shirt, revealing freakishly developed muscles covered in a light layer of hair. He unbuckled his belt and pushed the waistband down slightly, but the shorts stayed put, clinging around his huge butt muscles and thighs which would not allow them to drop. He nodded down at them, indicating John should take them off. Tugging the shorts off over Alex’s immense thighs felt incredible to John. And he couldn’t help noticing that Alex was tenting in his tight grey briefs, a spot of precum showing through. When he was done he stood there, body tensed like he was standing on a bodybuilding stage letting John drink him in. He was massive but had nice definition; the off season roided look was John’s favourite. His shoulders were extremely wide with big round delts. Sitting on top of his shoulders were gigantic, thick round traps that were bulging on either side of his 20 inch neck. John could see huge lats flaring out on his sides causing his arms to hang outward instead of down. They were so wide it made his waist look small even though John could tell it was thickly muscled. He looked like he had at least an 8 pack and his waist was nicely bulging with the beginning of an HGH belly. His obliques were so thick the gaps looked like they could fit John’s entire hand. His chest was wide and massive with undulating rock hard pecs. The smallest movement would make his chest twitch and ripple. His massive tree trunk legs balanced out his frame. John could see deep grooves separating each individual muscle making him look like a living anatomy chart. "You need to get more comfortable." Alex commanded as he moved closer to John and started taking his clothes off until he was down to his pants, like Alex. John’s massive erection was screaming against his cotton underwear and Alex grabbed onto it with both hands and started stroking it lovingly. His own erection was the crowning glory of his thick muscular body. It was so pumped that the briefs material was stretching away from his body, creating a gap between the waist band and his blocky abs. "I think we need some oil" he let go of John's erection, opened his bag and pulled out a little bottle of oil, handing it to John. "Rub me with this." he ordered. John wasted no time pouring it into his hand and started rubbing him all over. He loved how Alex’s skin was like supple calf leather stretched tight over grainy rock. John was in heaven feeling every inch of Alex’s hard physique. Not even flexing Alex’s muscles were still hard. "Oh my god your muscles are magnificent. Your arms look like they could be as big as another bodybuilders legs." He said as he tried to wrap his hands around Alex’s gigantic arm. "John; they are! I think my measurements are closest to Dorian Yates at the peak of his 95 off season right now, when he was in his prime. Except two areas, our height and waist size are different. He was 6 feet and I am 6 foot 3 and my waist is about 36 inches right now." Alex brought his arm up and flexed it, showing it's full size which was breathtaking. "I am proud to say my arms just this week hit the 23 inch mark." John stood there completely in shock by his measurements. It made sense because he could see Alex was huge, but hearing his size just stopped him in his tracks. "When I was 16 I already had really nicely developed arms that measured 12 inches with a nice little bicep peak. I started training serious and grew about an inch a year. I never plateaued and still feel like I can grow even more.” He flexed a most muscular, letting out an intimidating groan. “I don’t know. I must have good genetics or something. What do you think?” He flexed an arm up in front of John’s face who was taking in every detail. Alex rubbed some of the oil off his body and grabbed ahold of John’s erection again, stroking it up and down with long strokes working the oil in through the cotton fabric. Alex pinched the front of John’s oily, pre cummed underwear with one hand then both. He pulled apart and ripped the front open like it was tissue paper. John’s dick sprung out, leaking another glob of precum. "I want to flex for you John, but I need a good pump first, will you help me?" he asked staring down into John’s eyes with an alluring power. "Y..Yes!" John stammered. "Call me your Giant Muscle Bull. I think it is fitting." he ordered. "Yes my Giant Muscle Bull!" John responded. Alex stood up straight and covered his face with the remains of John’s briefs. He took a deep breath, held it in, then let out a deep, powerful sigh. He repeated this three times, while rubbing his cock on the outside of his own underwear with his thick thumb. He threw the remains of John’s briefs on the floor and layed on his belly in push up position. "I need more weight for my pump, lay on my back while I do a couple of sets." John did as he was instructed. He laid on Alex’s back feeling the incredibly hard muscles beneath him. His cock slid nicely between Alex’s hard butt cheeks over his sweat drenched underwear, and he could feel him tightening and loosening giving the most incredible sensation through his dick. It was like Alex was giving him a hand job with his butt. He put his hands on Alex’s massive shoulders to steady himself as he started pumping up and down with slow controlled reps. It was like some new incredible sex position John had never done as he rode this muscle beast up and down. His butt flexed with every exertion continuing the incredible feeling on John’s cock. After 20 reps he paused. John took this opportunity to feel around his arms and shoulders, amazed by the hardness. Alex moaned underneath him at the sensation of the smaller man massaging his muscles. "Mmmm...that feels so good, I love it when you touch me." he said breathlessly. John rested his face between the two massive trap muscles and not being able to resist anymore started to kiss them uncontrollably. Alex moaned with pleasure at being kissed and worshiped. "Hold on tight for another set baby." he said. With no hesitation he raised them up again starting slow and building speed. John took his advice and wrapped his arms around Alex so that his hands came underneath. He cupped his massive pec muscles with his hands and held on tight. The feeling of Alex’s rock hard chest under his hands and the way his cock was being rubbed by Alex’s cotton covered butt was beginning to prove too much for John, who could feel a huge load brewing in his balls. Alex was pumping them both up and down in a smooth rapid pace. His pecs felt like massive boulders with ridges running all along the surface. After some reps he finally stopped and dropped down to his belly again. He began grinding his dick into the floor, the alternative movement squeezing John’s cock even more between the hard butt cheeks. "Hold on tight." he said. With John still on Alex’s back he got to all fours and stood up as if he wasn't carrying a thing. John wrapped his legs around Alex’s waist. He held on tight around Alex’s swelling muscular neck as Alex lowered himself into a squat position and straightened again. John's cock was rubbing up and down with every dip which was enhanced by the oil. Alex did 20 dips with John on his back and showed no sign of slowing down. John was starting to moan as he felt himself getting close to a release. It was like the thick muscles running down the bodybuilder’s back were made to massage John’s cock. Alex must have sensed how excited John was getting and stopped his squats. "Come here baby, let me help you and get an arm workout at the same time." he motioned for him to come around and face him. John was amazed at how effortlessly Alex was able to lift and move him around like he was light as a feather. They kissed once more, enjoying the feeling of being in each other’s arms. They did that for a couple of minutes and then Alex brought him up to readjust. This time he held him so that John was cradled in his huge arms with his cock standing straight up like a flagpole. They paused and stared at each other for a moment, John not quite believing this man could hold him so easily like a child, Alex thrilled to be holding such a grateful worshipper in his arms. It was a curling position for Alex and he lifted John and wrapped his mouth around John’s cock and started sucking while he curled him up and down plunging his cock into his mouth with each rep. After a couple of blissful minutes John started shaking and moaning uncontrollably. Alex stopped the reps. “Where baby? Where do you want to cum?” “Abs, rub me against your abs!” John held himself back. He could have cum any time in the last couple of hours, but these last few seconds were the hardest. Alex knew what to do. He repositioned John against his body in the most loving bearhug, one hand under John’s butt, the other around his body, pushing the smaller man’s cock into the ridge between his blocky abs. He rubbed John’s entire body effortlessly up and down the ridges of his thick hard belly. John grabbed a hold of Alex’s pumped rock hard biceps. “You like that baby? You like these jacked hard muscles??” “Uuuuuuh! UU” John forgot language. He forgot everything but the huge hard muscle man now giving him the biggest orgasm of his life. He blew his initial load and it was so powerful it shot up through the gap between Alex’s thick pecs. Another load of cum oozed out, flowing like lava through the ridges of Alex’s 8 pack. Alex held John tight in his bear hug, enjoying John’s shaking, convulsing body. After a few more seconds he dropped John on the bed and seemed energized by the whole thing. "Oh yeah." he said as he raised his arms up and struck a huge double bicep pose. He looked from one bicep to the other admiring his own body, relishing in the reaction he had just had on the other man. John looked up amazed at the sight before him, as Alex’s cantaloup sized biceps stuck out looking harder than ever. Each bicep had a thick vein that ran along the top and made them look even taller. “350 lbs of rock hard French beef! You wanna touch these muscles again baby??” The sight of his amazing biceps made John hub the last few globs of cum out of his still throbbing cock. He never considered himself a stud in bed, but Alex's amazing body had him so turned on he felt like he could go all night. "Wow, it looks like someone is ready for round 2." Alex said as he was eyeing John’s erect penis. Alex struck another pose, this time bringing his arms down and in front so his traps and pecs were flexing. His chest exploded with shredded muscle forming huge basketball sized mounds. His cleavage pressed tightly together looking like it could crack a walnut. John's eyes were wide and his mouth hung open as he was mesmerized by Alex’s amazing size and development. "Like art?" Alex asked him. "Yes, the most amazing art I have ever seen. You are beautiful my rock hard muscle bull." Alex smiled and struck another pose. He brought his arms over his head and stuck out one of his legs. John didn't know what to look at first. His arms looked even bigger as he put at them on either side of his head. The peaks were bulging out and one of his arms looked bigger than John’s head. He moved his waist around in a sexy slow motion dance flexing his abs and obliques. Each square shaped muscle stuck out in perfect symmetry showing 8 clearly defined abs. Framing them were thick obliques that ran the length of his sides and formed a V down to his now fully pumped dick. The fabric of the tight grey pants had small tears appearing, as his thick muscular cock strained for release. His massive leg was stretched toward John and he could see each quad muscle bulging out causing deep valleys between them. Each muscle was etched with striations that ran up and down showing every muscle fiber in detail. He continued to move from one pose to another giving John the most amazing personal pose down. He moaned and grunted with each pose, getting himself more and more worked up at the power his powerful body was having over his small admirer. "Come to me John and worship my muscles." he commanded. "Yes my Bull" He replied as he stood up to join him. His massive erection was standing straight up as he stood next to Alex. Alex continued to pose for him as John eagerly started to caress and feel him all over driving his cock into Alex’s powerful thighs and obliques. His body was as hard as it looked. John’s hands glided over the smooth oiled skin feeling every detail. They were moaning in unison as each of them were aroused by the other. John thrust his cock against Alex’s tenting grey briefs. They were now soaking wet with sweat and the cum of both men. Alex moaned as he allowed himself to finally flex his cock. As they pressed their bodies together and started to grind, Alex nearly climaxed; his thick muscular dick stood to full attention. He tore off the remains with his hands as he had with John’s. He grabbed the back of John’s head and rubbed the briefs over John’s face. “Take that in baby! Smell your big strong muscle bull’s manly stench. Does it turn you on?” John nodded and moaned, his hands reaching out for Alex’s body to steady himself. Alex threw the pants to the side and John started to kiss Alex all over his body, running his tongue along the deep grooves that his huge muscles formed. The more into his body he got the more Alex responded. It was like he was giving Alex an orgasm without intercoarse as he was roaring for more. "Your muscles are so beautiful and hard!" John said between kisses. Alex responded with an orgasmic moan. He was precumming hard now as he was begging for John to continue. He was flexing harder than ever now, relishing the feeling of hands worshipping his thick dense muscle. His eyes were closed as a feeling of ecstasy washed over his whole body. "Taste me! Touch me!" he demanded. John was kissing Alex’s chest which was exploding with muscle, his huge nipples were engorged and hard. John’s arms were reaching around Alex, holding on to his rock hard glutes so he could grind into him harder. “NNgh.. AAAAAAAaaaaaaargh! FUCK” Alex boomed as his muscular cock exploded cum all over his small worshipper. Alex, who was still moaning aggressively, let out a final thick volley of cum. As he came down from his orgasm, he reached down and started to stroke John's cock. Then, he reached round and grabbed John’s butt. Lifting the smaller man off the floor, he rubbed John’s dick all around his rock hard obliques. He threw John down on the bed and climbed on top of him, letting his weight crush his admirer, feeling their cocks rub against one another. John continued praising his muscles which Alex loved. Alex would flare his lats out so that John could grab onto them like handles. Then he would pinch Alex’s shoulder blades together which would cause all the muscles to bunch up forming a mountain range down the middle. They were orgasming again, not being able to control their desire for each other. Alex was grunting uncontrollably at the peak of another orgasm as John was building to another big release. "I'm cumming!" John yelled with a shaky voice. His hips were thrusting up and into Alex as hard and fast as possible, Alex’s massive 350lbs of muscle providing the most wonderful resistance. Their twitching cocks exploded against each other. Alex reached down and wrapped his big strong hand around both cocks, gently rubbing them both. "I love your cock. I want to feel it grow in my mouth." Alex said. The mere mention of the fact that Alex loved his cock was causing John’s cock to start growing again. Alex moved down and placed John’s semi hard dick in his mouth. Alex moaned in response to his cock filling his mouth. He started licking John’s shaft like a lollipop. "You're just so amazing, I can't contain myself." John responded. He felt like a stud having just cummed twice and already fully erect again. Alex couldn't get enough of sucking his cock as he licked him all over and was moaning with pleasure. Reluctantly he finally took one last suck and started working up the length of John’s body, crawling like a cat on the prowl. His massive body loomed over John as he stared down at him with his amazing hazel eyes. Everytime he looked at John with those piercing eyes it was like time was standing still, he was temporarily paralyzed by their beauty. Alex leaned in and the two shared a passionate kiss. John started to explore Alex’s shoulders and arms as he held himself above him. Everytime he touched Alex he was in sheer awe by his size. "I want to please you my giant muscle bull. I want to make you orgasm again." He begged, realizing Alex had made him cum twice now and he wanted badly to return the favor again "I already have twice my sweet baby, but I would love more attention." he said and rolled off him to lay on his back to allow John to do whatever he wanted. John climbed on Alex and started to kiss all over his chest and fondle his hard pecs. His nipples were still hard as he licked and sucked them all over. As he was fondling his pecs he marveled at how much bigger they were than he realized. Alex loved all the attention and was moaning with pleasure. He reached down and slid his fingers round his dick and started to masturbate. Alex pulled John’s head against his chest as he started to build toward another climax. He was a sexual machine as he begged him to keep sucking his nipples. In no time he was grunting and moaning as another orgasm began to brew in his body. He was breathing heavy now causing his abs to flex and harden showing his incredible development. John ran his hands along Alex’s sides feeling the ripples of his hard obliques as he ran his tongue down the deep valley between his bulging roided abs. John was moaning with delight as he kissed all over Alex’s hard stomach. Alex loved it and was going wild with ecstasy. “John, come up here” Alex started “talk in my ear” Alex was furiously beating off, getting close to cumming again. John was happy to obey his instructions. He talked intently into Alex’s ear as he continued to feel the bodybuilder’s chest and abs. “Alex. You’re my big thick muscle bull and you turn me on so much” John said, as he grinded his dick into Alex’s body “I love feeling your huge muscles and rubbing my dick against your bull body” “Hhnnnnnggh..” Alex had never been this turned on in his life “When you put your arms around me, I know you could crush me with your immense power and strength. You’re so strong and it makes me wanna cum all over you” “Fuuuuuuck YES! Keep going” “On the plane, I was precumming at the sight of you strong hands crush those armrests like they were nothing. I loved looking down at our legs. Yours are double the size of mine. I love licking them and tasting you manly sweat. I love feeling your 350lb frame on top of me. Your lumpy muscles pressing into my weak body. You make me feel like a small boy standing next to the biggest muscle daddy. I love smelling the testosterone leak out with your sweat as you jack off. I love worshipping my big hard bodybuilder” "OH FUCK...YEES! Suck it, SUCK IT" Alex growled out as his ecstasy hit another level. John moved down and placed his mouth around Alex’s pulsating cock, feeling it pump and swell against his tongue and cheeks. Alex reached down and held his head steady as he started to buck uncontrollably into John’s mouth. He was moaning as if possessed, waves of pleasure spreading through his body. John felt his entire throat and mouth fill with shot after shot of ropey cum. Alex’s body juddered and shook as he let out an almighty roar. He had never felt a sensation like this sweet new man had provided. "Uuuuuuuh!! Come here baby." Alex beckoned for him with open arms. John crawled up and the two embraced in a passionate kiss. "You are the perfect man!" John exclaimed. "You are MY perfect man!" Alex responded. They continued kissing with renewed vigor. An unbelievable bond was forming between the couple, the closest thing to love that could be formed in less than 24 hours. Alex’s hand came to rest on John's butt as he spread his legs open to draw him in. John's fully erect and eager penis slid up against Alex’s as the two became one. John lay on Alex, completely spent, his dick throbbing into a semi again as Alex continued to hold him with his massive arms. John felt so safe and content as his full weight lay on top of Alex’s body. "That was the most incredible sex I have ever experienced." Alex admitted. "Me too, you are the most amazing man I have ever met." John replied. They laid like that for a while completely content until they finally had to get up to clean themselves off. "You know you are staying the night here right?" John said to Alex as he was washing his hands looking at his magnificent reflection in the mirror. "Yes my baby." Alex said as he wrapped his arms around John pulling him into a tight embrace. Later they were cuddled in bed, Alex was on his back with one arm around John, the other occasionally flexing or caressing his new lover’s face. John was draped over him with his head on Alex’s chest. They were content laying there enjoying each others touch. Alex broke the silence. "I am really glad you asked me to stay, I have never felt such an amazing connection with anyone like this." "I feel so lucky to have you with me. You are smart and handsome and driven" John said with admiration. Alex chuckled and squeezed him. They looked in each others eyes and shared a deep passionate kiss. "You are the man of my dreams. I have always fantasized about a man who would love my body like you do and worship my muscles. In case you hadn't noticed I get really turned on by the way you react to my body." Alex admitted. "Then we get to fulfill each other's fantasies my bull. You said you still haven't plateaued, how big do you want to get?" John asked. "As big as possible." he said, giving John another kiss.
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    Since his dad had the day off, Danny borrowed his Range Rover to drive up to college for his first wrestling practice. "Dad, I'm taking the Rover," Danny said as he grabbed the keys on his way out to the garage. "What?" said his dad. "But I'm going to need it later." "You can use my old Honda. I'm too big for it now." "Danny, put those keys back," said his dad, although his voice did not have the authority in it that it used to. Danny stopped in the doorway, but he didn't turn back. He was wearing his singlet with a pair of sweatpants. He'd had to special order a size 5XL singlet, and even at that, it was a little snug. His backspread was broader than Craig Golias's. "Tell ya what, Pops," he said. "I'll arm wrestle you for them." They both knew it would take at least 6 men his dad's size to win that contest. "Never mind, take it. But just this once," said his dad, diplomatically. "Ok, if you insist, "said Danny on his way out. "You should probably upgrade to a Hummer soon, cause even your car is a tight fit for me now." Danny took off out of the driveway, and headed to school. A trucker almost drove off the highway when he saw Danny's arm hanging out the window of the car. Especially when Danny flexed it at him. "You'd think he'd never seen a 24" peak before," Danny said to himself. When he got to the gymnasium, some of the wrestling squad was already there. As he walked in, he heard murmurings like "holy shit," "Jesus" "look at the size of that guy". Danny chuckled to himself. This was going to be so much different than when he'd gone out for wrestling in high school when he was a soft chubby kid. Even the head coach was taken aback, because the last time he'd seen Danny he was in civilian clothes, not a singlet, which tended to show off every inch of his mass. Plus the fact that Danny had gained 30lbs of muscle since they'd first met. His shoulders were half again wider than the next biggest heavyweight guy on the squad. As Danny sauntered over to the other wrestlers, the coach thought to himself 'If we don't win state this year, I'm never going to.' He started pairing the guys off into sparring partners. Danny was the only one left, when Jack walked into the gym. "You're late, Dick. I mean Jack," said the coach. He'd told his wife just last night that he got at least one every year, a kid that he would nickname 'Dick Head'. They were always the cockiest jocks, who took their athletic abilities for granted, because they'd been blessed with them since they were in grade school. Guys he liked to take down a peg or two. This year, he had a good chance with Jack. "Meet your training partner, Jack. This is Danny." Jack looked over at Danny, and took a step back. "What? Coach, this guy is way outta my weight class." "Yeah, I can see that. But you were late, and he's the only guy that's not paired up yet, so there ya go. Maybe he'll get you to work a little harder." Hopefully, he'll knock the cocky out of you, thought the coach. "Now, stretch out for a little bit, then let's do some skill drills, guys." As the practice went on, things didn't go well for Jack. Danny mopped the mats with him. What little Danny remembered from his short stint in high school wrestling came back to him quickly. And every move Jack tried on him, he powered out of easily, then used the move on Jack, to great effect. A half hour into it, and Jack was gasping from breath. He'd been flopped all over the gym floor. Flipped and flopped, like a sack of flour. Except for a slight shimmer of sweat shining on his body, Danny was fresh as a daisy. He started putting Jack in holds, then flexing as he held him pinned in place. The coach noticed the showboating, and would normally call a wrestler out for it, but he was enjoying this. Whenever he got a chance, Danny would dig his big knee into a vulnerable part of Jack's body, like his lower back, his ankles, his elbows. Danny could see why Dwayne liked fighting. As he pinned Jack to the floor face down, with his elbow pressing hard into Jack's scapula, Danny leaned into his former bully's ear and said, "Try and move, ant." All Jack could do was grunt a muffled 'fuckkk'. It made Danny's groin throb with pleasure. He picked Jack up, threw him over his shoulders, and started doing lunges the full length of the gym. Back and forth, back and forth, till his quads where burning and bloated full. Then he tossed Jack back to the mats, and starting working him over again. After an hour of abuse, the coach called for a break, and Jack had to crawl to the edge of the mats to recover. Most of the guys on the team had been watching Danny manhandle the state champ like a ragdoll. During the break, they asked him questions about his training and diet. Danny flexed as he answered them. More than one of the guys boned up in their shorts watching their massive teammate show off his size, especially when he pulled the straps of his singlet off his huge shoulders and rolled it down just past his waistband of his jock strap. There was a gasp when he pulled his sweats down to his ankles, exposing his tree trunk quads. His muscular development was far beyond anything they'd ever seen. He let them feel his muscles, and even though they were all in great shape, none of them had ever felt muscle this hard. Even the coach couldn't hide his hardon. "Ok, guys, let's call it a day. Go hit the showers. Danny, let me talk to you for a second," said the coach. Danny pulled up his sweats and came over to him, and the pheromones coming off his big muscle made Coach's hardon pulse with his increased heartbeat. "I like what you were doing today, Danny," as he realized that even Danny's hands were twice the size and thickness of Jack's, " but try not to break him into pieces. I'm still counting on him to win a state title in his weight class." "Ok, Coach," Danny said, clenching his big fists until he heard the knuckles crackling. He felt like fighting five Jacks at once. But then Jack came limping over toward them, keeping his distance from his huge wrestling partner. "Coach," said Jack, "you make me practice with him again, I'm quitting the team." His skin was all ruddy and welted from Danny's holds on him. "Shut up," snapped the coach. "You'll lose your scholarship if you do that, cause I know you're not here based on your academics. Stop being a pussy, and go hit the showers before I have Danny bounce you around the gym like a basketball. " Coach gave Danny a wink, and as Jack hobbled away, grumbling, Danny flinched at him. Jack flinched away in fear, and scurried to the lockers. Danny and the coach laughed. _ . _ Meanwhile, back at Danny's house, Dwayne knocked at the side door. When Danny's dad answered the door, Dwayne said, "Hey, Mr K, how you doing?" Danny's dad stepped back a little and looked Dwayne up and down. "Who are you?" he asked, not recognizing Danny's long time friend, who, the last time he saw him, was 5'6" and about 120lbs soaking wet. The guy at the door was a good 5'11, 200lbs of strapping, zero body fat, muscle. "Mr K, it's me, Dwayne," he said, muscling his way past Mr K and into the kitchen. He was wearing a sweat-soaked UA shirt that clung to his torso like a second skin, showing every rippling muscle. He gave off a thick scent of sweat and pheromones that filled the kitchen. He strutted over to the fridge, opened it, and grabbed a bottle of water, and guzzled it down. "Help yourself," said the older man. "Thanks, Mr K," said Dwayne, ignoring the sarcasm. Then he walked from the kitchen into the family room. Mr K could see, right thru Dwayne's nylon running shorts, how perfectly rounded his glutes were, as they rolled with every step he took. And he could see the extreme V-taper of back. If Mr K hadn't seen his own son's transformation in the last month or so, he would never believe that this was the same nerdy kid that used to hang out around the house. "It's kinda hot in here. Mind if I take off my shirt?" said Dwayne, stripping his shirt over his head without waiting for an answer. He balled up his wet tee and tossed it on the couch. He stretched out his torso, raising his arms over his head. Glistening muscle rippled out all over him. He wore a thick chain around his neck with a Superman "S" medallion hanging from it. "I just came from a CrossFit competition. I heard about it on the radio, so I signed up as a walk-on. I won every heat. Crushed it. Didn't even know what half the events were, but the guys there were real friendly about showing me. The chicks too. Most of them seemed to know each other, and they were all real interested in getting to know me, find out where I trained, what my routine was. You shoulda seen their faces when I told them I'd never done any of it before. Funny how those jock types never seemed to notice me before, except to mess with me. Now they notice me though. You okay, Mr K? You look a little pale." Danny's dad was in the doorway, leaning against the jamb. He was in awe. He noticed how perfect Dwayne's teeth were, straight, white, sparkling. But weren't Dwayne's teeth crooked and sort of yellowish? Suddenly, Dwayne grinned, and ran his tongue across his dazzling pearly white teeth. "Dwayne, are you... reading my mind?" "Not really, I'm just reading your expression. I saw you looking at my teeth, and I know you were thinking 'didn't he have shitty teeth before?' And 'wasn't he a skinny weakling who I used to enjoy intimidating when he came over to visit my son, even though I'm the adult and should know better?' So I guess you could say I'm sort of reading your mind." Then he flexed his rock hard pecs at him. Mr K had to admit it was true, he had thought those things of Dwayne. Mr K had been very athletic, and even now, had a hard time not feely disdain for men or boys who were not. He'd felt that way about his own son, as hard as he tried not to. "Check out my abs," said Dwayne, changing the subject, and clenching his 8pack that was stone slab flat. "They're a little tighter than yours now, Mr K. Watch this," he said, and flexed his gut muscles. Each brick in his 8pack clenched and squared off into 4 striated blocks. "Looks like I got a 32pack, don't it?" he said, strumming his fingers up and down the muscle. "Yeah," said Dwayne, "looks like bullets would bounce off them. And maybe they would. " He pinched some ab skin and tugged on it, and it pulled up like tightly wrapped cellophane. When he let go, the skin snapped back into place. "I have a fight tonight, Mr K. You should come watch." "A fight?" said Mr K, barely able to form words as he stared at Dwayne's densely packed muscularity. "What kind of fight?" "An MMA fight. My first official one." Dwayne plopped down in Mr K's favorite leather lounge chair. "Fuck, I'm horny," he said, adjusting himself in his sweats. "You ever feel so horny that you could pick up a piece of furniture and fuck it?" "Maybe," said Mr K. He couldn't believe how handsome Dwayne had become. He looked like a heavily muscled, Russian Zac Ephron. His eyes were so clear and sparkling blue. And didn't he used to wear thick nerdy glasses? "I used to, yeah. My eyesight has improved," said Dwayne, casually. "My eye doc says I've got 20/5 vision now. Like an eagle." "You are reading my mind!" said Mr K. "Again, not really. Just saw you looking at my eyes. Why don't you come in for a closer look?" And Mr K felt himself being drawn toward Dwayne, aching to be closer. to catch his scent, to feel the heat coming off him. "Why don't you get on your knees, Mr K?" And Mr K felt his knees almost buckle underneath him as he went down to the floor. "Come over here and put your hands on my legs," said Dwayne. His voice had become deep and sexy, like a hot male porn star, with a drawl of extreme confidence. Dwayne reached into his sweats and pulled out his big dick. It plopped out, half-engorged and swelling fast. His musky scent hit Mr K like a drug. "Feed off me," said Dwayne. "I bet my muscle batter will help get rid of your dad paunch." Mr K was taken aback. He didn't have a dad bod! Yet, he knew he did. He just hoped he was fooling people by sucking his paunch in as much as he could. "You're not fooling anyone. Now feed off me," said Dwayne. And Mr K went down on him, aching for that big perfectly shaped cockhead more than anything he'd ever wanted. Dwayne grabbed him by his ears and guided him for awhile. He wondered if he should tell Mr K that he was sucking the same big cock that had been up Danny's ass the night before, but he decided not to. Instead, he let go of his ears, and grabbed onto the arms of the lounge chair, arching and bucking into Mr K's face. His cockhead had become vastly more sensitive to touch, and the pleasure of being serviced by an eager mouth made every powerful muscle in his body tense up. The sensation was transcendent. He arched his head back on the chair, his powerful neck bulging out wide. His strong, veiny hands pushed on the arms of the chair until the wooden frame snapped underneath the leather with a muffled Crack. Dwayne's precum was flowing freely out of his big helmet head, lubing up Mr K's throat, and it didn't take long before Dwayne was spewing out a huge load of hot cream, flooding Mr K with his muscle batter. "Awwww, yehh," growled Dwayne, as he spewed and spewed, rope after rope of thick paste. Mr K did his best to drain every drop of it. "Nice," said Dwayne, pulling Mr K's head off his hardon. "We'll have to do this again, soon," he said, stuffing his still hard python into his shorts. "I gotta get going for my fight. Sorry about your chair, Mr K. I'll pay for it with the money I'm gonna win tonight." He grabbed his shirt, balling it up into one hand. As he walked thru the kitchen, Dwayne looked around and said, "You know, if you ever want to remodel in here, let me know. I'd love to rip out these granite countertops." He put his fingers on the edge of the granite and lifted up. There was a loud crunching sound as the countertop lifted upward about an inch. "Yeah," said Dwayne, "these are loose. Time for an upgrade, Mr K." Then he left. Mr K watched from the kitchen door as Dwayne jogged down the driveway and up the street. He put his hand on his paunch, and thought it already felt flatter and harder. It couldn't be though, could it?
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    Hello all, Part 2 of Adverse Reaction. I hope you enjoy, will need ideas for my next story, so please feel free to message me with suggestions. For the next few days, Nick avoided me wherever he could. I didn’t see him for several days initially following the unusual events that took place in the gym shower. I had continued to grow all the way back from the gym at a much slower rate; it seemed over the next few days that I also continued to grow increasingly more powerful in the gym. My lifts were going up and up and so was every part of me. I couldn’t believe how strong I was getting, it was like a dream come true. However, despite clearly trying to avoid each other it was inevitable that we would bump into each other in such a small flat. That day came almost 8 days after the shower incident. I was struggling to squeeze myself into my old clothes. My slender jeans and slim fit tops were now discarded in the back of my wardrobe as they split when I put them on. Either that or they fought with pecs for space or dug into my arms and shoulders with incredible discomfort. Now I had to settle for baggy jeans or baggy shorts and my old hoodies or sports jerseys. Unfortunately I owned very few, and all my shirts now, began to stink of man after about 4 hours of wear. Apparently whatever my body was now kicking out, it smelled strong and powerful, just like the rest of me. I waited for a day when Nick wasn’t in. It was a plan that required patience, but I found that my new persona was hungry for a change in the dynamic at home. I grinned as my phone chirped. I looked down and opened up the grindr profile, I had paid extra to have the full app and get the notifications, because it was all part of the major plan. My grin was because, some new pics of me had sent my sexual appeal into the stratosphere and I was enjoying my new found appeal by fucking tight ass like a man in a desert, drinking water, for the first time in months. One new revelation out of all of this, was an increasingly dominant and slight sadistic streak in the bedroom, which had proceed to have grown only stronger in keeping with my outward appearance. I loved to watch down over my newly minted pectorals to see them suck me off, their eyes fixed on mine. The power of it. I knew I was getting hooked on it as a sensation. However, I also knew my plan involved me having to put that to one side, to achieve what I wanted. Knowing what I liked as a dominant in the bedroom, I began to talking to fellow dominant muscle guys. Guys who could gift me the very thing I craved. More power. Posing as a fit, athletic submissive, I found it tough to find the right dominant. Until today. I knew my housemate was out. The timing was perfect. This guy was just right. Arrogant and rude. Older by 15 years. Married with kids. Bulging with muscle and hung to fuck. I couldn’t steal from a guy like me, I had to take it from someone with ego, someone who looked down on me. Someone who only saw me as an inferior male specimen. The phone chirped again. As was the plan, he was coming right over from the gym. I had to be ready for him, on my knees, wearing a sports vest and a jockstrap. I looked over at the bedside table. There waiting for him, fresh from the gym, was an ice-cold, orange coloured protein shake. As I heard the handle of the front door turn, I was on my knees, I picked up the protein shake and held it out in front of me. If this worked, well… This was going to be amazing. He entered. He said nothing, but snatched the shake and kicked me backwards onto the floor from my kneeling position. I dulled the malevolent look in my eyes and watched as he drank the post-workout shake as I had offered to have ready for his arrival. If it tasted of anything, he did not express it. I watched his thick, powerful arms hold the shaker aloft. Sweat streaked his huge physique, he wore only a black string vest and some loose red gym shorts. He kicked off his shoes and stepped towards me. I could smell his fresh, fierce gym scent. My face in line with his crotch, I could smell his uncut cock. Suddenly it kicked in the light polyester shorts. It surged towards me, huge. Bigger than Sam. He growled as I massaged his legs, the organ pulsing to life, growing hard and thick. Moments later, he had lost control, grabbed me by the vest and the jock, shouldered his way into the bedroom and dumped me on the bed. Only, this was Nick’s room. I didn’t have time to correct things, as this guy was on me. Using me for his own pleasure. His cock pulsed down the length of my back, he grabbed me by the neck and I felt the searing pain of his cock enter me. It was brutally painful and I grunted, but he stifled it with one big sweaty palm over my face. He rammed my face into the bed, forcing my ass up. My hands gripped the edge of the mattress and I was forced to breath in my housemates acrid stink, which would have previously made my own cock harden. But I was becoming a different creature now. I wanted to fight back and push this asshole off me. But I wanted to grow. I had to be right, it had to be this luminous orange shit Sam had been necking everyday. The guy behind me, grunted and laughed at my apparent pain. His organ really was monsterous and he was damn strong. I could hear the wooden bedframe, creak, that unmistakeable sound of wood splitting as he ploughed me. Nick’s furniture moved across the floor between each, titanic thrust. Then it happened, I felt his cock thicken, and then thicken again, straining my hole. I felt him began to fire round after round into me. The change, was immediate. I felt it inside me. Like a spark to a freestanding pool of diesel. I ignited. My head rose up. “Oh fuck yes… FUCK…. YES….” Was about all I could utter as it ripped through me. Energy, masculine energy suffused my limbs. I felt my ass kick back, my thighs bulge with new mass. Fuck, I felt strong. My back cracked and I lengthened up the bed. I grinned as it hit my shoulders. I was no longer able to hold onto the roleplay fantasy as I felt my shoulders undulate and widen, lats surging in power. “Yes… I’m g-growing… This is fucking amazing…” I felt the softening cock slip out from me. I rolled over and saw the expression in his face. It was a face I had not seen before, a mixture of revulsion and desire. He loathed watching me grow but desired it for himself. He was torn, he felt drained, he wanted to leave, but he needed to know how too. I extended my longer legs over the bed, sprung forward with my strengthening arms and stood in front of him. I grinned at him only now slightly less tall than him, but in a split second, the margin vanished. I growled again. My pecs surged and thread of my vest creaked and split at the shoulder. I inhaled deeply and the split widened into a tear, revealing the bulging mass beneath the fabric. Another tear, this time from below. He looked down and went pale. His prior former glory, soft and hanging limp, looked smaller than he had every seen it. It’s mass, very obviously being siphoned into its opposite number as my small jock was being shredded by the growing mound of my package. I laughed as it tore open the jock at my right hip and my newly grown organ fell forwards, thick, large and pointing menacingly at him before it pulsed larger again. My nuts beneath, not left out from the transformation. I brought my arms up and flexed, they bulged with power. My features refining, my masculinity surging as he, went the other way. His previous bulging ripped physique, was still big, but much softer. He was shorter, looked less masculine but I mostly seemed to have drained him of his cock, which looked woefully average now. He looked between my taught biceps and his own softer upper arms as I flexed, I was captivated my their shape and bulge, a big thick vein now across the surface of my left bicep. I looked back at him. “Now fuck off, or I’ll take more…” His trainers made a plastic squeal as he made for the door, stumbling twice over his now, too large shoes. I grinned, turned to Nick’s mirror and flexed. This was amazing. It would be several more days before I could take this new found ability and turn it back against Nick. Had I felt any pang of morality about going through with it, it seemed to evapourate with my last growth. I considered, I was becoming no better than Nick or the asshole who just saw me as a convenient hole, but somehow, I didn’t seem to mind. ********* It was on the day when I had no more clean sports jerseys to wear that I squeezed my newly bolstered frame into the biggest tee I had. Instead of looking ridiculous, I looked incredible. I was never going to hide myself again I snickered, watching myself in the bathroom mirror, my biceps straining the sleeves, chunky veins emerging from beneath the cuffs and my new enhanced pectoral shelf straining the shirt. Just looking at myself made the sleeping organ in my jeans pulse. As I was about to flex in the t-shirt, I heard the door to the bathroom swing open and Nick stepped in. He was dressed only in a towel. “I need a shower” “Yeah, I’m nearly done Nick, you can wait 2 minutes” My blood burned as it pumped through me. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I had stood up to Nick, this was incredible. He looked at me malevolently. As I finished tusseling my hair with wax in the mirror, I gazed admiringly as my biceps swelled at bulged as my hands worked on my coarse, thicker hair. I glanced across in the mirror, Nick was watching my arms too as our eyes never met. “Right, all yours bro…” I grunted and exited the shower, smiling at the unmistakable hardening of Nick’s thick organ against his towel. He would never before have gotten aroused by me, but I couldn’t be sure if it was his protein that caused it, or whether Nick had always been secretly attracted to muscular jocks. As I walked out of the bathroom, it dawned of me that Nick would be in there for some time. His room would be unguarded. Checking over my shoulder, I crept into his room. The scent of his room more familiar now that my own bedroom was developing its own masculine scent. A quick glance across the counters and floors, did reveal that Nick had been entertaining Jenna recently. He left the very thing that I wanted, just lying there. I grinned and got to work. I traced the edge of my water bottle with a finger through the car ride, its precious cargo the only thing I could think about. Nick’s malicious gaze continued to drift from the traffic ahead onto my swollen arms, the size and obvious power, stretching the sleeves of my previously baggy t-shirt, whereas his underarmour hid what he had clearly lost very well. He had managed however, to quite easily convince himself, he was no less of a man than he was the previous week. As we arrived at the gym, as we exited the car I took my first gulp of my water bottle, the lemon juice not really disguising the digusting taste of his ejaculate. I loved the feeling of pure energy as it burned down my throat before setting a raging fire within my gut. More suddenly than I expected I began to feel myself grow as we crossed the car park, I could feel the arms of my t-shirt dig into hardening biceps, my burgeoning arm reached down to readjust my package which was becoming rather uncomfortable in my new jock, I bought to replace the previous one. “Stop playing with yourself…” Nick scolded his voice breaking as he did so. I loved the feeling, watching him wilt as I grew stronger and stronger. It was hard to avoid the temptation to drink all of the contents of my shake, but I resisted. I walked over to an empty weight bench, the agreed exercise to be shoulder press. After a quick warm up, I grabbed his usual working weight and hefted it over to him. He looked a little anxiously at the large imposing dumbbells before turning his face into a snarl. He hardened the look as he got his arms into the perfect start position with a little help. I stood back and took another big swig of the potent protein shake. On his second rep and his arms visibly twinged as his muscle thinned, his face strained as his arms struggled. “Bro…” he struggled growing red in the face As his face glowed so the change rocketed through me, I could feel my chest swell outwards. My tee was now edging towards dangerously snug. The end of my shorts were now rubbing the top of my knee and not the top of my calf as the flourishing muscle and elongating limbs, pulled them vertically. I positioned myself behind him, and applied a very firm pressure from beneath his elbows to help with the weight, but he still struggled, the contours of his elbows feeling flatter and softer. His weakening arms inched upwards a little more before stopping, as his muscle ebbed, it felt like I was draining it right out of him. Nick’s arms collapsed and the heavy dumbells came clattering to the floor, he leaned forwards onto his knees totally spent. Before we switched seats I took another big swig of the shake. My weight was less than Nick’s but much more than I would normally throw around. I hefted the weight into position, getting one up with the help of a quad, as the undeniable cracking of the hem of my shorts resounded in the air of the gym. I pressed the weight, from my stance I could feel the bulge in my underwear swell, the feeling of wellness and masculine power bolt through me as I pressed the weight, after the second rep, it felt light. It felt like the worlds best pump. But I knew better, I was growing still. I racked the weight, and grinning, watched Nick’s face fall as I grabbed more weight. I restarted shoulder pressing the heavier dumbells, now matching Nick’s weight, it was tough at first but it got slowly easier as I felt my growth continue but at a slower pace. The delts fought back hard against the taught fabric, the power of the muscle winning out on the fifth rep, as two seams cracked. The protuberant muscle tearing the fabric apart. I grinned at Nick who looked white with shock. The sixth rep, forced the muscle to bulge larger again, the stronger, harder, steely muscle tearing more of the seam like a knife through butter. I felt the pressure around that shoulder relax and I grunted a lewd moan, feeling the sinew burst from its cloth prison. “Oh fuck yeah… growing…” I grunted. I turned to the mirror, bringing both my arms up displaying their new expanded form. As I gently flexed, more cracking was audible. I drank in my new form, whilst openly taking long stares at Nick, he seemed weaker by the second where as I was empowered. My skin seemed to glow with vitality, my features more masculine and edgy and my eyes sparkled. I couldn’t remember, ever feeling this good. I think, looking back on it now, objectively, this would probably have been enough to address the power balance in the flat, to bring things back to an even keel, but something inside me had grown stronger too. I felt that “evens” wasn’t enough, I didn’t even wrestle with the desire, I simply gave into it, to the temptation to take more, to feel the power course through me again. I chugged some more protein shake and suggested some lateral raises. Nick for the first time, seemed almost defeated but agreed. I watched as we moved over to the smaller free weights. I watched Nick gingerly pick up the 8kg. “Shoulder injury…” he coughed, by way of an excuse for not using his normal weight. I watched as he began the exercise, his weakened musculature, struggling with the small weight. His arms shook and sweat seemed to pour out of him. I grabbed heavier weights and began exercising next to him. My eyes firmly locked onto the powerful body I barely recognised in the mirror, Nick looked on, watching striations burst out of my skin into prominence. Exhausted he let the weights hang by his side as I grabbed heavier ones. By now, I could feel others in the gym watch as my shoulders swelled and veins pulsed over the surface. I wracked the dumbells and brought my arms up into a flex. The swollen arms and shoulders, openly tearing the arms of my vest with audible cracks. “YEAH!” I roared, totally absorbed in this power, not caring how the transformation was affecting not just my body, my whole personality. On reflection, how many of us could be in this situation and not take it all, how many of us would turn down the opportunity to be elevated above others. Maybe, the old me could have turned back on it, but the testosterone tearing through my body, urged me on, pressing me to turn the knife in Nicks wound. At least, I tell myself it was that. Before I could pose again, Nick was gone. I glanced over to see him slip back into the changing rooms. I grinned, casually following him, sauntering through the gym, as other guys eyed my new form, probably the first time they’ve ever noticed me over my flatmate. In the changing rooms, Nick stripped and hurried into the shower. I could barely stop myself from grinning as my ruined workout shirt hung off my surging frame. I gently peeled the remains off, letting it drop to the floor as my chest caught my eye. Not only was it distended with muscle, but a fine coat of hair was now generously coating it, only adding to overstate the power and evolutional masculinity behind such a display. My thickened legs were swelling as I padded from foot to looking in the mirror, eagerly flexing my now bulgy and rounded biceps, the forearms crammed with veins and distended with a sickeningly thick spread. I chugged down the last of the precious shake. My eager guzzling causing the odd drip to land haphardly on my swollen pectoral shelf. Even as my left hand casually quested for it, I felt it absorb into my skin. It was like my body was adapting to Nick as a source of food. With my legs rolling over each other, I made for the shower. I knew Nick would want to once again try and put me in my place, with the only advantage he still had. I deliberately entered the shower, facing an opposite shower head to Nick. I felt the familiar surge within me, the change was coming, and this would be a big one. I knew Nick had his back to the shower head, as he always did, any excuse to show off his almighty package to anyone who would glance at it. I glanced out of the corner of my eye, his once proud muscle, softened, his hard look now distinctly puffier and flatter. His once thick neck, now looking thinner and less impressive. His typically rounded biceps looking more fusiform and slender. Yet, I was still aware his package had remained large. In his rush to get into the shower, he hadn’t appeared to notice the other changes to his body. “You think that I wouldn’t notice Sam?” He said suddenly, as I felt my back begin to furtively thicken. “Notice what bro…?” I asked innocently, turning halfway to face him. “You stealing my protein powder… It’s really good stuff bro, but I’ve hidden it now. I’m not sharing anymore with you, so enjoy the growth, because believe me, when I get back on it, I’m gonna make your life pure hell” He grinned at me his features malevolent. His hand reaching down and palming his thick, long piece of meat, grabbing the base, he gave it two quick tugs. If he registered that it didn’t seem as big, or as long as usual, his face didn’t reflect that. “However big you get, you’ll never be bigger than me where it really counts” He said laughing. But his laughter died away when I turned to face him. He drank in the image, watching, as my muscles seemed to bulge bigger. His mouth moved wordlessly as if trying to speak but unable. I felt the dragon roar up within me as power streamed through my body. I felt my legs lengthen, taking my growing profile in higher, I couldn’t believe how strong, how powerful I felt. “Alright fine…” I said finally, breaking the silence “But… I think you’ll find Nick… that I’m the one bigger where it counts and if I’m bigger, you have to suck it…” I continued Nick, his eyes darting between my chest, abs and, what was now a bigger than average flaccid cock. “Heh, I’m still bigger bro, you got yourself a deal. And if I’m bigger I guess that means you have to suck mine!” he grinned. “well… alright then…” I said feeling my growth slacken off again He began massaging his cock, it would have been impressive by anyone’s standards, of course, anyone that hadn’t seen Nick before this week. Now as I played with my own thicker, longer tool, it felt great as it engorged and grew hard as steel, the whole throbbing pole feel amazing in my hand, better than ever before. What I presume Nick used to feel. My bigger, swollen balls, pulsed with energy, my skin on fire. To my surprise, Nicks cock thickened obscenely, hanging lower and lower as he caressed it with a fist, soon it grew harder and began rising up, pointing straight at me. My sword rising to meet the opponent, like the calm before a joust or fencing tournament. He stepped forward, my eyes angled downward to meet his, I was growing taller. Again if he registered this, he chose to ignore it. Instead, he grabbed my big thickening pole and pulled me in closer toward him. But I grinned as I felt his purple, engorged cock head jab into my abdomen. My own cock, falling just a few millimetres short to do the same to him. I watched Nick return the smug, arrogant look plaster all over his face again. “Heh, you know, I’m gonna enjoy this…” he smiled, placing a hand on my thickened and bulging shoulder. I tried to look dismayed as I sank to my knees, the flexion making my quads bulge and distend. I’m not certain if Nick noticed much of what was happening, but glint in his eye suggested that somehow he was oblivious. I gazed upward, with as much of an innocent intent as I could muster, made all the easier as he gently slapped his cock against my mouth. I didn’t even have to time react as he bucked his now seemingly slender hips forward and penetrated my mouth with his thick organ. I concentrated on supressing my gap reflex and kneading the rigid shaft with the breadth of my tongue as he firmly handled the sides of my head for his own pleasure. As he thrust in, I could feel the last of the effects of the tainted protein shake start to slacken, but things were already accelerating toward my eventual victory as I watched Nick sneer, his legs buckle and toes curl. His insistent and powerful thrusting increased in intensity but weakened in power. I could take his cock more manageably in my mouth; I knew my grip on his legs strengthened as those very legs diminished. Then I felt it, before he knew about it, before even the tidal wave of his cum hit me. I felt the spark of power deep within me, grow hot and brighter with every passing second. I focussed on feeding that sensation and sucked hard on his cock and it felt like the dam burst within him as his cock pulsed and rope after rope of his thick white ejaculate launched into my mouth. I felt like I had the energy to run a marathon or move boulders, as I continued to suck hard on his organ. Within seconds, my thickened musculature began to grow again as I took everything Nick had to offer. I glanced up at Nick, his head back, totally gripped in pleasure, his eyes half closed. I watched as I saw his chest weaken, his abs lose definition, and his thighs lose the impressive thickness. I knew his cock was shrinking too as my mouth now held his whole length easily. I also knew exactly where it was going. On my knees, my now impressive slab of meat between my legs was hanging over a bigger pair of bull balls and grazing the wet tile beneath my legs, with every passing second, I felt it reel out and rest on the tile like a python. I couldn’t physically wait to see the new me, but I could feel myself growing larger and stronger by the second. The feeling was indescribable, save for the undeniable and unassailable power that coursed through every inch of my body. As pleasure washed over him, he placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked up, as he looked down, curious about the sheer size and breadth of the rugged, rock hard shelf he had gripped on to. As our eyes met, I licked the head of his cock clean and pulled the much shorter, dare I even say small, cock from my mouth and grinned up from the floor at him. He said nothing, as his eyes darted around my newly enhanced body. In a split second, his cock bucked and he came again, only managing two single ropes this time as it shot out and hit my chest. He watched as it absorbed into my skin and my pecs swelled even more freakishly than before. My shoulders widened and a involuntarily growl escaped my throat as I grew again. He fearfully stepped back, that’s when he noticed his transformation, in the opposite direction. “Whu- you… you took it?” “You gave it…” “No… I would never give it…” His voice sounding hollow and almost childlike “How…?” he ventured “I think it’s your protein, it’s nothing I’ve done” I said flatly I rose to my feet. I had grown so large, I put my final height at maybe 6’4, maybe more, my muscle, huge, thick, maybe 250/260lbs easily, eager and desperate to be used. I looked down at him, gone were the protuberances of his muscle, the towering, masculine height. His cock limp and shrunken. Despite this, his wolfish good looks remained, and the innocence in his face made his eyes sparkle even more. There was little more to say. He took one last look at what used to be his before turning and running. By the time I had gotten back to the flat that night, he was already gone. His stuff was mostly packed, he’d left most of his clothes, since they no longer fit him but he’d packed the important stuff. He left the weights and the bench. But I suspected that now they would be too light for me. I walked into the kitchen, not unhappy with my current situation. I wore only a pair of sweat pants, my big, muscled physique clearly on display, my obscene bulge displayed through the thick cotton fabric. I smiled as realised Nick left all his food, kitchen supplies and his vast array of supplements. But, on closer inspection, there was a gap above the refrigerator, my new vantage could show me that there was a footprint where something used to be. Nick had taken the experimental protein shake with him.
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    When Danny moved into his dorm room, Jack had already been there for a couple days. Jack wasn't there when he arrived, so Danny did a little reorganizing. It didn't take him long. He moved the two twin beds together and made them one. Then he scooped all of Jack's clothes out of the closet and tossed them into a heap on the floor. He hung up the clothes he had brought, which were 3 stringer tanks and two pair of sweatpants. He put his UA briefs and a couple of posers into a drawer. He was done by the time Jack showed up. "What the fuck are you doing here?" Jack said, annoyed. "Hey, Roomie," said Danny with a big grin on his face. "You're not my....where's Tip?" Dwayne's sister had made good on her promise to switch Tip to another dorm without either of the jock buddies knowing about it. "Tip decided to move on," said Danny. He was shirtless, and his massive frame filled the small dorm room, making him look even bigger. "You're rooming with me now." He flexed his huge arm in the wall mirror that was next to the closet. Jack was stunned as Danny's peak rose up and up. "24+ inches," said Danny, squeezing his arm harder. "Looks bigger than your quad, little man." Jack gulped hard, seeing that huge arm. No wonder Danny could pile drive him all over the wrestling mats. "What are all my clothes doing on the floor?" asked Jack. "I need the whole closet," said Danny, as he continued to watch himself flex in the mirror. "You've only got a couple things in there!" cried Jack. "They need space to air out," Danny said, rolling his fists and watching his 18" forearms bunch up with ropey muscle. Despite his straightness, Jack started to chub up in his pants at the sight of his roommate's brute size. "Why are the beds pushed together??" asked Jack. "Dude, you think I'm gonna fit on one twin bed? Look at me. I need them both." Danny hit a latspread, and his wings flared out wider than the two beds together. "Where am I supposed to sleep?" "That's not my problem. Anyway, there's a nice pile of clothes in the corner, sleep on that." Danny heaved out his 68" chest, then leaned toward the mirror, and ran his fingers along the striations in his pecs. "Damn it," said Jack, pulling out his phone. In a flash, Danny grabbed Jack's wrist with his left hand and squeezed. Jack's knees almost buckled as he dropped the phone. Danny snagged the falling phone with his right hand, then he shoved it into the deep muscle crevice between his big pecs. The phone nearly disappeared into his cleavage. And when Danny flexed his chest, the phone did disappear into it. Then there was a muffled crunching sound as Jack's phone crumpled from the hard muscle compressing it together. Danny pulled the broken phone from between his mounded pectoral muscles and tossed it across the room. "What are you doing this for, man?" asked Jack, his heart pounding hard, both from fear and from awe. Danny walked into Jack, pushing him back to the wall. He grabbed Jack in a one-handed choke hold, and slid him up the wall until the were eye to eye. Danny leaned into Jack's face until their noses were an inch apart. "Funny," he said, "I used to ask you the same thing." When Danny saw the puzzled look on Jack's face, he said, "You don't remember me?" He leaned in closer, their noses nearly touching. Jack shook his head No. "Danny the Dork doesn't ring a bell for ya?" Jack stared hard into Danny's eyes. He choked out "Dude...no way. That kid was a fat butterball....." But then Jack realized, the face did seem familiar. The jaw had squared off and bulged with muscle. The brow was more pronounced. It sat atop a 24" column of neck muscle. But still. "Dude, no fucking way. How?" "I started lifting," Danny said simply. "You like the look, Jackie? I got 200lbs plus on you now, all of it muscle." "I'm not into it, man," gurgled Jack, starting to squirm. "Oh yeah?" Danny pressed his 8pak abs into Jack's hardon and pinning him more firmly to the wall. "I'm feeling something that says different." "You're choking me, dude," said Jack, trying to change the subject. But he couldn't help bucking against Danny's thick ab wall. The firmness of it felt so good. Danny pushed against him harder. "Dude, I could snap your neck like pretzel stick," said Danny. This made Jack even harder. "I did it 'cause I liked you," choked out Jack. This made Danny let go of his throat hold. Jack stayed pinned against the wall by Danny's chest and abs. "What?" asked Danny. "I liked you, man. I couldn't hang out with you because, you know how it is. So I just teased you a little, that's all." "You call pissing in my shampoo and telling everyone about it is 'teasing'?" said Danny, darkly. He pressed Jack harder into the cinder block wall. "What?" Jack struggled to think. "Oh man, that wasn't me. That was Tip. He just told everyone I did it. He was always doing shit like that. I liked you. I always felt bad for you when you got picked last for every team in gym class. It was either you or that other kid, what was his name?" "Dwayne." "Yeh, him. I picked on you to make you tougher, 'cause that's what my dad always did to me, told me it'd make me a better man. And look how it worked, Danny. I'm a state champ wrestler, I haven't lost a match since freshman year. And now you're a massive muscle beast. Look at the size of you." And with that, Jack put his hands on Danny's bullneck and started groping it. "God man, the strength in your neck alone. Fuck. I bet I can't even choke you." Jack wrapped his hands around Danny's neck and pressed into it with his thumbs. They didn't dent into the muscle at all. "Geezus, man," said Jack. "I got a real strong grip, but it's like I'm pushing on marble." Danny swelled with pride, and his dick swelled too, as Jack tried to choke him harder, with no effect. Danny flexed his neck, and felt Jack's fingers being pushed apart. Farther and farther apart as his neck swelled and his traps rose up and merged with it like an ox yoke. "Dude, your power...." Jack was getting harder too. He leaned into Danny's face and kissed him. Danny was taken aback, but he kissed back. The two of them kissed hard and long. Jack's precum made his dick slide up and down Danny's hard abs more and more smoothly. He groaned as he felt how muscular Danny's tongue was as they French kissed deeper and deeper. When Jack finally broke the kiss, he put his hands on Danny's soccer ball sized delts and said, "Man, make me your bitch. I never done it with a dude before, but I want you to breed me with your size and power. I want it in me." "I hated your guts for so long," said Danny. "No you didn't," said Jack. "You wanted me, just like everybody else. Look at me, man, I'm perfect. And look at you now, you're beyond perfect. You're a fucking god, dude. You got muscle on your muscles. You make me look scrawny." Jack started groping Danny's lats. "Oh man, you're a god..." Danny's heart was beating so hard that it made his gums throb. Holding Jack like this, so close, he realized that the cocky jock was right. He had always wanted him. He lusted for him as much as he hated him. And now he had him in his arms. The emotions were so confusing, but he was so turned on he could barely control himself. He had to fuck something, why not this perfect physical specimen that he could flop around like a rag doll? "Yeah?" said Danny. "You want me to pop your cherry, Jackie?" Jack almost came. "Yeh, man. All my life, I've been the one in control, the alpha. Take that from me, man. Own me. Bruise me up like you did at practice, only deeper." Danny picked Jack up, spun him around, and bent him over on the desktop. He pulled Jack's shorts down around his ankles. Then he pulled off his own shorts, then his jockstrap. His dick popped out, bigger and thicker than Jack's by about half again, his big veins pulsing as they pumped him full staff. He wasn't sure he bought Jack's whole story, but it didn't matter. He was going to fuck him with the full power of his huge glutes and thick tree trunk quads. He spit in his hand and lubed himself up with it. His dick was so sensitive now, he could stroked himself all day. But instead, he scooped up his precum and slathered Jack's hot bubble butt with it. Then he popped his big helmet into the wrestling jock's tight hole. "Fuckkk," both of them groaned out at the same time. Danny sank in deeper. And deeper. Down to the root. Then he started bucking rhythmically, grunting with each buck. Jacked gripped onto the desk, which banged into the doorframe over and over again, harder and harder, until finally, the frame of the door cracked when one of Danny's powerful thrusts smashed the desk into it. Danny lifted Jack off the desk and started air fucking him, his huge powerful arms pumping Jack's 200lbs body up and down on his dick. Up and down he went, while Danny's 415lbs of rock hard beef powerfucked his hard jock ass. The temperature in the small dorm room had soared from their body heat, and sweat poured off both of them, dripping onto the floor. Danny slammed Jack back down on the desk to finish inside of him. He pinned him down with one big hand in the middle of Jack's back. Jack had never felt such complete pleasure. Such total lack of control. Such freedom. Being bred like a bitch, and he loved it. "Danny. Danny. Danny," he said, over and over, as Danny rammed past his prostate again and again, his sweat dripping off his chin and his pecs, all over Jack's back. "Godddam you mutherfucking hot little sonofabitch........" Danny roared as he came deep inside Jack. "Aww geeezus fuckk Danny," moaned Jack, as he busted all over the desk from the feeling of pressure from Danny's big club inside him, and the hot muscle batter filling him up. They stayed the way they were for awhile, both breathing deep and heavy. Danny finally slid out of Jack, and even that feeling almost overwhelmed Jack with pleasure. He stayed on the desktop while Danny picked up one of Jack's shirts from the pile of clothes and wiped his dick off with it. He tossed the shirt aside, then picked up one of Jack's tee shirts and wiped his own sweat off with it. Then he used the tee to wipe off Jack's back. Then he lifted Jack up in his arms like a babe, and laid him on the clothes. "Looks like it's going to be a fun semester," said Danny, flexing his 24+ biceps, fresh sweat rolling down his thick lats as he stood over Jack. "You're telling me," sighed Jack, sinking into his pile of clothes. -- . . -- -- . . -- Meanwhile, back at home, Dwayne was warming up for his fight night by jogging thru the park. He didn't have on his weighted vest, so he felt like he could almost take off and fly, he was feeling so strong. It was going to be Dwayne's first fight, but his gym manager had lined him up with a guy who was 11-0. "If you beat this guy," the manager told him, "you're on your way." Dwayne laughed and said, "Oh, I'm on my way already." As he jogged out of the park and onto the street, he noticed a guy on a bike headed in his direction, riding on the wrong side of the road. Dwayne realized in a second that it was Tip, his former tormentor. "I guess he didn't get his car fixed yet," Dwayne chuckled to himself. He couldn't believe he was running into him again. Dwayne purposefully headed right towards him. When Tip looked up and saw the shirtless Dwayne coming at him, he started to wobble wildly on his bike. He veered up and over the curb, and ran right into a telephone pole, falling off the bike onto the sidewalk. Dwayne sauntered over to him. "You should be more careful, dude," said Dwayne. "And you should wear your helmet tighter. Look, it fell right off." Dwayne leaned over and picked up the bike helmet. "Leave me alone," said Tip, rubbing his scuffed up knee. "Funny, I remember saying that to you a bunch of times in high school," said Dwayne, rolling the helmet around in his hands. "You never listened. And now, your helmet is all busted up." Tip looked at the helmet, and said, "No it isn't, it's barely scratched." "Look a little closer," said Dwayne. He leaned over and put the helmet in Tip's face. Then he snapped it in two with his bare hands. "How about that? Where'd you get this cheap thing?" he said, tossing the broken pieces aside. "Fuck," said Tip. "And your bike...Man, it's completely mangled." "No it isn't," said Tip. "The front tire's just a little bent. I could probably still ride it." "You're not looking close enough," said Dwayne. He picked the bike up, and every muscle on his rippling torso tightened up as he bent the frame in two. "See," he said, "the tires are touching each other. Let me try and fix it." He bent the bike frame back and forth a couple of times, until it snapped apart in his hands. "I hope you didn't pay much for this cheap thing." "Fuck man, I paid $800 dollars for that just last week. Fuck. You gotta pay me back." "Oh, I'm paying you back alright." Dwayne looked Tip over. "You didn't break any bones in your fall, did ya? 'Cause I'm seeing some broken bones." Dwayne leaned over and grabbed Tip's upper arm with his left hand. He lifted Tip up off the sidewalk like a marionette. Then he dug his fingers into Tip's arm muscle. Tip yelled out in pain. "Yeah, this bone might be broken, man, this shouldn't hurt so much when I squeeze it." He yanked Tip's arm back and forth. Then he pulled Tip in close. "Maybe you're right, the bone's not broken. But you're gonna have some real deep tissue bruising on this arm, bro. Look at the veins on my forearm, popping out all over, feeding my muscle with crushing strength. You feeling it, Tippy?" "Yes, yes. God, stop man!" Dwayne let go of Tip's arm. Tip back away quickly, holding his arm, and leaned against the telephone pole. He looked over at the street. "Don't try it," said Dwayne. "Try what?" "Running into the street to get away. First of all, you'd probably get hit by a car. Secondly, I'd snag you in under a second, because I'm 5 times faster than you now." "How'd you know...." "Cause I'm reading your mind, Tippy. And it's scary in there. All full of cobwebs, slowing down your synapses. Nothing much going on except simple vapid thoughts." Tip was starting to get panicky. He thought about his father's gun. "You can try and shoot me, dude, but it won't work," said Dwayne. "This muscle is bulletproof." Dwayne rubbed his hand down his hard muscled torso. "I'd just pick up the bullet and crush it flat between my thumb and index finger." He picked up a stone from the sidewalk, held it in front of Tip's nose, and cracked it with his two fingers. Then he ground it together between his fingertips until it crumbled into grit. Tip flinched back. Dwayne almost wondered if he really might be bulletproof. "Don't worry, dude, I won't hurt you. Although I could. Look at my arm," said Dwayne, bringing up his right arm and flexing it. The biceps peaked up high and hard, with a muscle density that Tip had never witnessed before. "Now watch this," said Dwayne. He stared at his peak, and willed it to grow. He smiled as the top of his arm rose up another half inch, another peak on his already high peak. "Aw yeah," he growled in satisfaction. "And look at the abs, Tippy. They look like they're flexed, don't they?" Tip nodded his head up and down weakly. "Well, they're not." With that, Dwayne clenched down on his abs, and his 8pak exploded with striations, into what he called his 32pak. Tip slid halfway down the telephone pole, stunned, his face even with Dwayne's wall of shred. "That's a sight to behold, isn't it, boy?" Dwayne said, looking down at the deflated bully. Then Dwayne had a thought. He remembered how Mr K went down on his knees after Dwayne wished for it. He wasn't sure at the time if it was just coincidence, that Mr K wanted to crawl over to him on his knees to pleasure him, or if Dwayne had influenced him with his mind. He'd been studying some hypnosis, and they said you couldn't make anyone do something that they didn't want to do, but he wondered. So without saying a word, he stared at Tip, and he thought to himself, "Hit yourself, Tip." And he watched as Tip slowly made a fist with his right hand, then punched himself in the face. "Whoa," said Dwayne. Then, he thought to himself, "Hit yourself harder." And Tip punched himself in the nose, this time harder, and it knocked his head back into the pole. A small tickle of blood came out of his nose. "Holy shit," thought Dwayne. He felt his dick thicken in his shorts. He wondered if he ordered Tip to blow him right here on the sidewalk, if he would do it. But he had no interest in that. He sensed that Tip was an easy mark, not worth much of his effort. Instead, he reached up on the telephone pole behind tip, and grabbed onto the lowest climbing rung. It was rusty with age, but still sturdy. Dwayne bent it back and forth with his hand, until it snapped off. "fuckkk," said Tip, not quite believing his eyes. Dwayne looked at him and thought, "hold out your arm," and Tip's arm went up toward him. Dwayne took the thick rung in both hands, then bent it around Tip's wrist until the ends crossed. "There's a little bracelet for you to remember me by, pinhead," said Dwayne, as he tightened the iron rung around Tip's wrist. "Don't try and take it off though, because if I ever see you without it, my feelings will be real hurt. I might think you're breaking up with me, and I wouldn't like that." The defeated look on Tip's face made Dwayne feel bad for him. Poor dimwitted jock never thought anyone would get the best of him. Payback can be a bitch. "Why don't you get going now, dude, before I use your bike frame to decorate you some more." Dwayne picked up the busted frame and handed it to Tip. "I have a fight to get ready for," said Dwayne. The befuddled Tip watched the powerfully muscled former nerd jog away down the street. He couldn't believe he was ever able to pick on him. He wondered who would be stupid enough to step into the ring against such a freak.
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    There is some daddy/son between consenting adults in this. Can move into unfiltered if any objections. Post. Man. “Nah mate. This delivery’s ‘Factory to Building’, says so here, look” God this guy was a bellend “Yep. I totally appreciate that. I’m just wondering if you wouldn’t mind carrying it the extra few metres? There’s a twenty in it...” I hated stooping to a bribe, but there was no way I could lift a washing machine on my own, let alone carry it up a flight of stairs. These guys only just managed to get it off the van, and there were two of them! But they wouldn’t be swayed. They had at least agreed to leave it at the bottom of the ramp to my building. Putting all my weight behind it I began pushing it up the ramp. Inch. By. Inch. 20 minutes later, it was 2 metres further up and I was shattered. I hadn’t even thought about how I’d get it up the stairs once in the building. How heavy was this thing? I googled, curiosity getting the better of pragmatism; knowing how heavy it was wasn’t going to make this easier. There it was on the website: ‘96kg / 211 lbs’ The other residents wouldn’t be home for another 6 hours and no one else was around. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! I sat on the steps next to the ramp and threw my head into my hands. Why couldn’t I just turn my pants inside out like a NORMAL person? Who needed clean clothes anyway? What was wrong with the laundrette? “Not gonna get much washing done there lad.” Thanks for that hot take anonymous Scottish man. Good contribution. “Need a hand?” Even with a second person helping, I couldn’t have lifted a bean sprout right now. My back was killing and I was shattered. I looked up to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and get on with whatever Plan B was, but HOLY FUCKING HELL! It was the Postman, but not as I knew it. Just a few feet in front of me stood the biggest mountain of muscles I’d ever clapped eyes on. Absolutely fucking ginormous. He wasn’t as ripped as a bodybuilder, but still had densely packed muscles. He was one of those you could tell was naturally large, and had built on what nature had started. Neil, our regular Postie used one of the trolleys to deliver the post. His uniform hung loosely off his skinny frame, and you got the impression he had trouble delivering a DVD. Not this guy. The red Royal Mail polo shirt looked shrink wrapped onto his massive upper body. He was carrying a huge postman’s shoulder bag, the black strap of which cut across his body, right between the thickest pec meat I’d ever seen. They were like two big breeze blocks, flat on top and nearly up to his chin. His arms were ridiculous, two hams hanging out of his shirt. The short sleeves of the polo had no option than to bunch up under his armpits. The Royal Mail uniform designer must’ve read my mind from the future, as the bottom half of the outfit was those long shorts / trouser affairs that ended at the calves. Which was a good job in this guy’s case. You didn’t get calves likes these from just working out; these were genetic lumps of granite. They looked like fat people calves, only rock hard, with a split down the back and angled edges. The rest of his legs were almost equally on display. The black material was so tight you could see the teardrops of his thighs and dimples in his incredibly muscular butt cheeks. There was some padding around his face, but you could see he had a wide jaw and good features. A well kept beard, button nose, buzz cut hair round the back and sides, short on top, and deep set brown eyes capped by thick black eyebrows. And right now he was looking at me with concern. “Oh! could you?? I’ll have to find someone else to help though, I think I put my back out getting it that far” He looked at me, then the machine, then at me again, the same concerned look on his face, his eyebrows furrowed. When his neck turned I could see thick cords of muscle throb and twist under the skin, with a vein bulging at the side. “Let’s take a look shall we?” He said, I think to himself. As he shifted his weight from one foot to the other it was like every muscle in his body flexed and bulged. Watching him move over to the washing machine I felt my cock thicken between my thigh and jeans, the rough denim stimulating me even further. It was a sensation I loved. His body in motion made it chub even harder against the fabric. He was somehow stiff but fluid at the same time. As he turned I noticed that side on, his jutting out pecs and traps made him wider than I was head on. I could just about see veins in his biceps and triceps, and these became more apparent as they snaked down under his hairy forearms. When I saw him from the back, a bit of precum leaked. His lats bulged out freakishly. From shoulder to shoulder I think was two of me. I took the opportunity to stand up and quickly readjust myself, and noticed he must have had about 4 inches on me in height. He sidled up to the washing machine and it suddenly looked tiny. At his broadest point across his chest and shoulders he was several inches wider than the package. He seemed to be sizing it and getting ready to do a deadlift. “Oh, well you won’t be able to lift it on your own. It’s too big and heavy. It took two men just to get it off the van and they struggled. Plus I just checked and it weighs.. ninety….. six …… kilos” “Where to lad?” As I had been talking, this brick shit house of a man had slowly bent at the knees and placed his arms around the package and fingers underneath it. Showing no signs of struggle or resistance he slowly extended back up, his legs growing in size and bulging out further as he did so, veins appearing on his massively swollen calves. The package had been lifted up as if it was on a forklift. Slow and steady until he just held it there. “Uuuuh sure. This way” “Can’t see a thing lad, you’re gonna have to guide me.” He wasn’t wrong. The only way to do this was to stand by him, hand on his back and push him in the right direction. Even though the weight looked like nothing to him, there was a sweat patch running down the back of his shirt. I placed my hand on it and could feel the deep ridge between what felt like two columns of portland stone. I gulped and began to sweat a little myself. “3 steps forward and turn left” I began Relegated to directions and opening doors, my muscle beast of a postie had made light work of picking up a 96kg package and carrying it up a flight of stairs. If I had picked up anything like that shape, it would have been flat against my face. This guy’s rock hard pecs meant the box was some 10 inches from his. They were making two dents in the packaging as he crushed it into his body for traction. He looked like he was exploding with muscle inside his tightening red shirt. And the smell coming off him was intoxicating. Aftershave mixed with sweat mixed with cotton shirt mixed with man. I kind of wished I lived on the 4th floor. “Just down there is fine” I pointed to a spot in my hallway “Sure?” “Yep, it’s gonna go in that cupboard eventually” He lowered the package down as smoothly and easily as he had picked it up and gave a big sigh, his chunky round delts heaving upward and flexing his traps as he did so. I started to babble “Oh my god, thank you SO much. The delivery guys just… and I was there going... and when you turned up I thought, well..! But then you just...!!” He started to chuckle and I shut up. His deep Scots drawl and reassuring tone was authoritative but warm; paternal “Lad, it’s no problem at all. More than happy to assist. Anyway, helped me get a bit of a pump on I think.” He flexed his pecs twice in quick succession looking down at them, then began pumping his biceps like he was curling weights. He was swelling up in front of my eyes. I tried to play it as cool as possible, my dick screaming to be pulled out and yanked. “Really? You made it look so easy!” “Yeeeah, well… truth be told I can handle a lot more than that. But you know, a pump’s a pump isn’t it” he did a cocky raise of his eyebrows and a mini pump of his arms again. I couldn’t stop the words leaving my mouth. “Seriously?! How much more?” He leaned in and winked “Much. MUCH. More.” he growled I stood there looking stunned, precum dripping into my waistband, not a clue what to say next. “When they installing that for you then?” He nodded at the machine. “They’re not!” I answered proudly. “Gonna do it myself!” He gave me the same concerned look, his brow furrowing as it had before. God that was hot as fuck. “Laddie, you’re gonna unpack that, which means lifting it *out* of its packaging, move it into the cupboard *over* that skirting board, then keep it tilted at an angle with one hand while you install it wi’ the other?” Oh... “Umm… yeeeees?” He chuckled again, his immense shoulders bouncing up and down. He brought a calloused hand up to his forehead in mock despair, giving me another shot of his forearm. Lightly covered in hair it was now throbbing with veins. It was so satisfyingly thick at the bicep end I wanted to reach out and bite it. Huge and thick, it bulged even further to in the middle, like a melon was in there, then dramatically tapered down to his chunky wrist. His hand and fingers were thick with fat and muscle, and looked like they could crush a cricket ball. “Look, I’ve still two more routes to deliver, but if you’re in at four I can come by and set that up for you” “For real?” “For real” I mock refused “No. I couldn’t accept, you’ve already helped me out so much” “Lad, it’s on my way back anyway, and I don’t want to go home thinking about you trying to install that thing if you you’ve put your back out!” Leaning in close again he added, “And anyway, I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer” I froze at how dominant and manly he was, completely taking control of the situation. I loved that he was inviting himself back to my flat, seemingly without my permission. Somehow I found the words. “See you at four then!” He held out a giant paw to shake hands. My own nearly got lost in it. His palm had a beautiful raw texture to it, like rough denim. We introduced ourselves to each other. I couldn’t believe it when he told me his name! “Patrick” Then he began to crush my hand slightly and pulled me very close toward him as our hands shook. His voice was low and pretend intimidating, “And No. Jokes. About. You know what!” then he smiled, his eyes twinkling. “Oh, I don’t know any Scottish jokes” I deadpanned, sidestepping the ‘Postman Pat’ issue he probably had to deal with 100 times a day. He began to chuckle again, each time his muscles bunching up in ways I had never thought possible. “See you at four then!” He said, releasing my hand and leaving. After he left I stood there for a moment, not quite believing what had happened. I raised my hand to cover my mouth. Oh god. It smelt like him. Notes of his cotton polo shirt… his cologne… his sweat. It was all over my hand. I threw myself against the door and began to buck my hips uncontrollably. I was breathing him in, remembering how strong he was, how sweet he’d been, how handsome. Fuck those calf muscles. Lightly covered in hair. Could you imagine dropping to your knees and just fucking the split in them. Imagine doing that as he did calf raises, making them harder and jerking off your dick with the movement. Fantasy mixed with reality now, as I imagined him in my apartment; he was holding me in his huge arms, crushing me against his rock hard body like he’d crushed the package against it, the smell coming from his chest as he rubbed my face into him. I reached up for him, he picked me up of the floor, kissing me passio... I came violently in my jeans as I lost control of the fantasy, my hips still pounding. *** “It’s called power building. We mostly train for size and strength, but we try and stay nice and hard and in good shape too.” He said, slowly flexing his arm in the polo shirt. Good lord, how had I got here?! After my impromptu door wank I’d cleaned up and excitedly paced around waiting for 4 o’clock. He turned up at 4:10. Those last 10 minutes some of the longest and most stressful of my life. “Apologies for lateness; Mrs Fortescue at 42!”. Did he make that up? Was that Postman humour? “Oh are you? No worries, I didn’t notice anyway” I lied He took his bag off, the movement of which was like a bodybuilder posing, only his muscles seemed so much blockier, denser, harder, and he looked strong as two bodybuilders. He was nearly soaked through with sweat from his rounds in the sun. “You mind if I freshen up a bit?” “Sure. Bathroom’s just there” He turned sideways to go into the bathroom and shot me a little smile. Maybe I shouldn’t be goofily watching him go in and out! PSHHHHHHHHH He was taking a shower!!! My mind went into overdrive. That thick powerful body was being soaped up by those chunky muscular hands. Fuck! That sweaty man juice was pouring down his body into my drains. The shower stopped and I realised he’d be in there, rubbing a towel all over his rock hard body, that hairy chest, that blocky stomach. He’d be drying his round butt muscles, towelling of his cock and balls. His odour would be soaked into the towel for me to smell later. Maybe he was flexing in front of the mirror now. Pumping his muscles up for me. He’d wrap the towel around that powerbelly mid section, leaving his heaving upper body slightly damp, then strutt out t... “Cheers mate” he came out of the bathroom, back in his Postman’s uniform. “Let’s get this bad boy installed shall we?” *** I didn’t know someone unpacking a washing machine could be so sexy, but it was. There was no dithering or indecisiveness. The box was held together with strong industrial plastic straps. Patrick would just snap them apart in his hands. When he had to unpack from the other side, he would pick the whole thing up and turn it round in his hands. The whole thing was unpacked and set up in 15 minutes; he even plumbed it in and crushed the packaging up into a tight little ball for me. “No more dirty nickers now eh lad” he winked at me again and I died a little. “I honestly can’t thank you enough! Is there anything I can get you? Tea, coffee” He rubbed his stomach and said “I am a bit peckish; don’t suppose you got any scran going begging?” “Yes of course! Didn’t you have any lunch” “Well, yeah, but not since two hours ago!” “OK, well I can make an early dinner?” I offered He chuckled “this ain’t dinner time lad!” “Okaaaay.. I can make us a few chicken sandwiches for a snack if you like” “Perfect!” He smiled How many did he want. Two? Three? He suddenly looked a little embarrassed. “I don’t suppose I could have ten..” he hunched his shoulders apologetically, his traps bulged up around the girthy chords of neck muscle, reaching up to his ears. “TEN?!?” I guffawed “how’s that not your dinner?” “Hey!” He replied in faux indignation, like I’d called him fat “I just like sandwiches” he replied in a silly bashful manner, totally juxtaposed with his hench figure. I chuckled. “And anyway” he continued, all puppy dog eyes. “it takes a lot of calories to get muscles like this” He shot me a bit of a most muscular, bumping his fists together, biceps swelling up, a crease appearing in his shirt between the two goliath pecs as they pumped upwards and squeezed together, traps flaring up even more. He looked over his body at each of his swollen muscles, then up to me, gauging my reaction. I hadn’t waistbanded, and my cock sprung up to full length. In that one moment I could actually feel my balls producing a thick load of cum. “I better get started” I murmured, turning to the kitchen in order to hide my throbbing cock. I invited Patrick to take a seat and watch TV as I made sandwiches. He sat on my couch, which was a two seater. When I looked over, it almost looked like he was in an armchair. He sprawled out in a manly fashion, an arm on each rest, his beefy legs spread out. Mercifully conversation turned to his work. Turns out a Postman has some VERY interesting stories! He was funny and charming and had a knack for the anecdotal. My hands had been shaking as I started prepping the food, but as we chatted I got more and more relaxed. I used a whole loaf of bread and made 14 sandwiches, some salad and mayo, some peri peri sauce, others with seasoning and spices. I moved over to the couch and Patrick shifted over to the right, leaving just enough space for me to squeeze in. His eyes shone when I put the food down. “Fuckin crackin!” He said rubbing his hands together. As we ate, I couldn’t stop glancing back and forth between us. I felt tiny next to this behemoth, totally miniscule. We probably looked like one of those ‘comparison’ pics I often wanked over. I loved seeing a jacked up roided bodybuilder looming over some reedy fan. And now that was us. But in real life I noticed other things. Patrick’s big work boots must have been a size 12 compared to my size 8 Converse. This close up to his legs I realised how “20 inch plus calves” actually made you felt. Like a little boy in my case. I wanted nothing more than to reach down and grab one. And while I sat on top of the sofa cushion, Patrick sinked all the way back into it, till he got to the wooden frame. Seeing him enjoy the food so much really made my heart soar. He wasn’t just an insane muscle freak. He was a total sweetheart. I felt butterflies in my stomach and ordered myself to stop. I’d been here before and it was never what you thought it. The hunky plumber really had just left his spanner behind. The broadband man hadn’t turned out to be an IFBB pro bodybuilder. And this guy was just being decent and now having some sandwiches. Just.. save it for the wank bank later. He hoovered up what remained of the plate, including mine, which I hadn’t really touched. “That were smashing lad!” He said, a broad, heart melting smile on his face, still chewing. “Really? Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed them so much.” He started to stretch out, his legs and arms flexing straight in front of him, his chest swelled further upwards to his chin, making the last button on his polo shirt stretch at its hole. I’d never seen pecs that angled and square before. As he stretched harder the top formed an actual shelf of thick hard muscle, his chin disappearing into the dip between them. He started to vibrate in that way you do when your body’s really feeling it. His leg muscles were swelled up so thick and hard I was sure the fabric might tear. Then he began to relax back out of it. “Ooooooooooh, bout to pop though, d’ya mind?” He asked, already unbuckling his belt and top button of his trousers. His belly swelled out, engorged with food but still densely muscled on the surface, even if there wasn’t a six pack. As the top of his trousers came loose and his tucked in polo shirt was lifted, I noticed a strip of hair that ran down from his belly button and disappeared into a pair of grey briefs. Stop staring. As we sat there after our snack, I noticed Patrick rubbing his pecs with a meaty paw, emitting a low groaning sound as he did. I could barely take it. “Y’alright?” I ventured He glanced to me then back at the TV, rubbing his chest the whole time. His thick fingers weren’t denting the huge slabs of meat at all. “Oh aye lad. Intense chest pump yesterday you know” Talking about his muscles made my stomach turn and dick lurch. I was so awkward but wanted to know more. “Sooo… you’re some kind of bodybuilder or something?” I asked, realising what a hideous question it was. He sat up next to me, his beefy shoulder and tricep bulging into my tiny body, emphasising to me how huge he was. “Call me a bodybuilder again and you’ll know about it” he growled, squinting “It’s called power building. We mostly train for size and strength, but we try and stay nice and hard and in good shape too.” He flexed his arms, the left one bulging right into me like if a boulder could swell. My mouth went dry and my mind blank. I sat up straight and tried to focus on the TV. Patrick relaxed a little in contrast to my awkwardness, his arms dangling between his legs, our shoulders still in a row. He leant sideway, nudging into me “Hey” he said, breaking the ice. We turned to face each other. With a cocky raise of his eyebrows he asked, “you wanna see a trick?” *** I came back with the three 50 pence pieces, pretty sure this was the riddle you showed 5 year olds to explain molecules, tapping one with the other to make the third move without being ‘touched’. That, or “look how dirty your ears are! TA-DAH!” “I can’t imagine what this will be” I intoned, sarcastically. He smiled at me as I handed the coins to him and he pretty much threw one back right away “Catch!” He cried There was a sudden disconnect between what my brain was expecting and what I caught in my hand. I looked down. It was… a curled up 50 pence piece. Patrick was watching the TV, and flipping one of the coins over his knuckles like a gangster. People usually did that with £1 coins, but his fingers were thick enough that it worked just fine. He looked up at my slack jawed face, feigning ignorance at the whole thing. “Hmm?” He grunted “You… did you? … but you couldn’t even have time!” My brain ruminated as I sat back down next to him. “Hang on sec, have you got a bunch of these in your pocket ready to go?” I exclaimed, holding the rolled up 50p between us. Patrick cracked up and leaned right into my body as he giggled. I placed my hand on his bicep to steady us both. The feeling of his rock hard bicep under my fingers and his immense body vibrating against mine sent shockwaves through me. This was the first time I was touching a man’s muscles. And no amount of imagining it or jacking off to bodybuilder videos could have prepared for how good it felt. He grabbed the 50p as I held it, his rough hand wrapped around my fingers. I felt sick at how much he was turning me on. Patrick steadied himself up and placed the coin on the table, where it rolled back and forth for a bit. “Ok! I need a glamorous assistant” I pointed questioningly to myself, still in disbelief and he gave a nod, his brow furrowed again. “Would sir like to check that this is indeed a coin of Her Majesty’s Royal Mint?” He held the coin between us, and I went to take it from him, my hand now wrapping around his thick fingers and the coin. I tried to pull the coin away but he pinched harder and it wouldn’t budge. He sniggered smugly as I tried harder and harder. “Patrick!” “Sorry” “Ok. Yes this is in deed a coin of etc. Etc. Etc.!” I said, handing it back. Every time our hands touched my body yearned to be wrapped up in his arms. His strength was radiating in waves from his body. I felt small and weak, but at the same time protected and safe. “Watch” he said, pinching the coin between thumb and finger in each hand. “This time I’ll do it slowly so you knows there’s nos cheatin!” His melon sized forearms suddenly took on a grainy texture. They seemed to swell up an inch. He turned his face to look at me, gauging my reaction as I focused on the coin. He began to twist, and the cords of his thick forearms rippled, veins bulging out from them. The coin bent like paper in his strong fingers. He kept his eyes on my shocked face and placed the twisted coin down next to the rolled one. “Good trick?” He enquired, his face intense now My mouth just dropped open “You ready for the finale?” He said, excitedly. I nodded Patrick rolled the bottom of his shirt up slowly, revealing more bulging stomach muscle, his eyes still drinking in my reaction. He took the final coin and placed it on his tummy then pushed it up til it was out of sight underneath the tight confines of his uniform. He pulled his arm back out and rolled his top back down. “Finger” he ordered. He grabbed my whole hand, keeping my finger extended and moved it toward the valley between his immense pecs. They seemed to be moving on their own as he breathed, heavily now, rising and falling, twitching slightly. My finger came into contact with the centre of his polo shirt, right between his pecs, and I felt the cold hard 50p piece beneath. He had wedged it between his pecs and was holding it there easily with a light flex of his pecs. “Now push in” he commanded. I pushed, and immediately felt the coin bend beneath my touch. “Nnngh.. yeah, keep pushing” . Patrick was sweating slightly, and looking at me menacingly, a look of pride and determination on his face. “Uuuugh. Yes, push it” he moaned, as the coin folded in more. I understood why he had used my finger; to make sure it folded inward, and so that I could feel the sensation of metal being crushed by muscle. My other fingers brushed the surface of Patrick’s right pec. It was harder than the coin. His eyes widened like a wild beast and nostrils flared. “Ok take it away.” He barked. I did so, and my finger and the fabric of his shirt just managed to escape as the coin’s opposite sides started to turn in on each other. “YeeeEEAH uuuuugh!” He was growling now, and turning red, beads of sweat appearing on his forehead. He brought his arms straight out in front of him to tighten the gap between his pecs and flexed his whole body hard. He bulged with muscle, his hands in fists as he bought his forearms towards each other, folding the coin flat. He was still looking at me, handsome and terrifying in the equal measure. “Aaaah!!! FUCK” he roared out. He started to bend his arms now, his biceps growing in front of me, actually swelling up bigger with each flex. He stood up and loomed over me, pushed his body slowly into a fully committed most muscular pose. “Mmmmmm… ngh.. Ngh… NNGGGH” He grunted as he flexed, harder, harder and harder into his pose, veins now covering his neck. The top of his pecs were pushed right up and peaked through the widening gap of his polo shirt, also bulging with veins and peppered with short hairs, the fabric stretched around his gargantuan body. All the while staring at me. “Yeeeeeeeah…” he growled loudly, bringing his fists together in the pose. His legs were flexed as well and the fabric was stretched so tight round his thighs I could see veins through the fabric. His whole body was like a map of London made from veins, some thick, some thin, wriggly and pulsating all over. He was bending down and forward in his most muscular, his face coming closer to mine. He growled through gritted teeth, spitting some saliva on me. “Now fucking, see, this!” He moaned In a second, his face softened. He stood up straight and let out a big sigh of relief. Then, raising his arms, he pulled his shoulders back as far as his densely muscled body would allow. His chest opened up and the chunk of metal dropped to the floor with a clunk. He raised his eyebrows cockily and nodded to the floor, indicating I should pick it up. It was right between his feet. I felt dizzy as my trembling hand reached down, between his insanely developed calf muscles, still popping with veins from flexing. The metal was warm and felt weightier than a 50p. It had indeed been completely folded in half leaving no gap. It wasn’t flat though. It had a distinct little wave in it. Oh fuck! It was the shape of the striations between Patrick’s pecs. I held it in my hands, trying to fathom the strength in his body. A man standing just a few inches away from me could crush a 50p piece between his pecs. My body started to double over on itself, a little like the coin, as I desperately tried not to cum. He sat back down, leaning further into me than ever, took the coin from my hand and placed it next to the other two. A role, a twist and a wave. I leaned past him, over the table. I turned to look at him, our faces a few inches from each other now, then back over the table. I leaned closer to the coins, looking at the details that had been smudged away by pressure. Did the twist have fingerprints in it? And then OOOW FUCK! My back spasmed and I threw my hands down on the table to steady myself. Patrick’s big meaty right paw came down on my slender hand to steady and reassure me. An intense moment of pleasure through the pain. He was by my side in an instant, crouched down next to me. “Your back?” He asked, concern in his voice. I screwed my face up to answer ‘yes’. He immediately took control of the situation. “Listen. Push up with your left arm and roll into me. Don’t try to sit or stand” he instructed. I did as he said. I found him effortlessly turning my body over as I rolled into him, and found his arms wrapping round me, lifting me up. “Put your arm around my neck”. I did so, and it came into contact with the beefy girth of his pumped traps. He stood up like I weighed nothing more than the shirt on his body, holding me in exactly the position I had spasmed, ensuring no new pain entered my body, and moved quickly to my bedroom where he laid me down on my side. “Ok, how’s this; let me know if there’s any pain” A strong hand was on my left shoulder and squeezed it powerfully, his thumb making small circular movements on my neck. His right hand began rubbing my back over my shirt, gently. Slowly but surely, his touch got firmer, and the pain began seeping away. I let out a moan of relief. “That good?” He checked Good? This was fucking fantastic. “Mmhmm!” “Ok, stretch out flat”. I’m not sure why he said it, as he was now moving my body for me, his hands moving my shoulders up, then pulling my legs down, finally pushing me flat face down on the bed. He stopped for a moment. I heard him move around a little behind me. Then he removed my shoes. He resumed rubbing my back again, kneading it, squeezing my shoulders which drove me crazy and occasionally grazing my neck. My cock started to stiffen again. This was crazy to me. Normally being such a visual person I wouldn’t have thought it would happen. But feeling his hands on me now, hands that could crush metal be so gentle, and his musky smell now returning since his intense flexing, I couldn’t help popping wood. “Uuuuuuuuuh” I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t sexual, it was just the best massage I’d ever had in my life. I felt Patrick giggle a bit “That doing it for you?” He asked “Oh Patrick it feels fucking amazing!” I replied “Oh yeah?” “Seriously, better than ever” I really did. All the pain had melted away and my back felt fantastic. “Ok take it easy lad. I’m gonna fix you up ok. You’ll have no more back trouble after this” He bought one of his colossal thighs right up between my legs, the tear drops of the leg nudging my balls. I had to spread my legs and raise my butt to accommodate the sheer size of it. I sensed his other leg leave the floor and kneel on the bed, supporting his weight above my body.. “One of the physios taught me this and it’s magic” he whispered in my ear. A huge paw scooped up around my neck and grabbed the opposite shoulder. My neck felt the blood pumping through his swollen forearm. Another slid between my rib cage and the bed. As his powerful muscular arms grew tighter around me, I began to feel Patrick’s huge pecs press into my back a little. It felt wonderful, but.. I was suddenly reminded of the washing machine from earlier, and how Patricks chest had popped holes right through the packaging. “Umm… Patrick.. buddy? Are you sure about this” He drew a deep breath through his nose. When he spoke, his voice seemed to break, like he might be angry. “Do you think I’d hurt you lad?” He whispered I could hardly well say ‘Yes’ if I thought he would. But I trusted him. “No, sorry” He spoke again. “This only lasts a moment. It shouldn’t be painful, but it can be intense. You won’t hurt any more after this. If it does start to hurt while I’m doing it, say immediately won’t you?” “Yes” I said, softly. “Ok, here goes” He rocked his hips forward and put the weight of his lower body on mine. My throbbing dick was forced into the mattress and pulsated at the feeling. At the same time, Patrick began to flex and blow out his powerful stomach. I felt a pop at the base of my spine. He applied more weight and started to flex his right arm around my rib cage. His hand was on the other side and pressed in. Two more pops. My cock lurched beneath me and my hips bucked once, as much as Patrick’s weight would allow. As my butt rocked up I felt Patrick chubbing. I was sure there were only two layers of fabric between us now. My jeans and his cotton grey briefs. He must have removed his trousers during the massage. My hips involuntarily pumped back and forth once more. Patrick’s body started to stretch out as it had on the sofa earlier, his thighs rubbing past mine. He applied more weight and began rolling his pecs slowly and gently into me. Then more weight was applied as he flexed them hard into my back. I felt a row of pops as Patrick crushed my body, aligning my spine using his dense symmetrical muscles. I let out a whimper as I tried to rock my hips back and forth. They barely moved a few millimetres under Patrick’s immense mass of muscle. But the sensation was enough for cum to start backing up in my shaft. I could feel the veins on my dick throbbing, trapped between myself and the mattress, the head grinding into the rough denim of my jeans. I was sure I could feel Patrick’s dick swell harder too, even between his briefs and my jeans. More weight, and now his left arm was flexing around my neck and shoulders. I felt two pops between my shoulder blades and let out another whimper. By now, Patricks thick bearded jaw was pressing up against my cheek and I could hear a ticking sound like a croak coming from his throat. He was fully stretched out and on top of me now, and the sensation of his muscular body on top of and all around my body began to overwhelm me. His smell was filling the room. Sweat, cotton and man. I inhaled deeply, remembering my wank from earlier in the day. My hips where lashing back and forth wildly and I began to feel Patrick thrust his hips against my butt. The feeling of the pops up my back and my throbbing erection meant I couldn’t stifle noise any more and I let out an intense moan. Patrick’s thrusts and bear hug intensified and it started to approach more than my body could cope with. “mm.. mm.. mm..” Patrick was emitting a low grunting sound as he thrust his hips and squeezed harder “...Patrick” “Mm.. mm.. huuuh” “Patrick!” I wimpered again “HUuuuuu” “Patrick it’s hurting!” Patrick’s bear hug got no tighter. He locked his arms into a rigid square of beef around me, allowing me to breath, but not much else. He took two last thrusts into me and stopped solid. His body froze and started to vibrate intensely, like it had earlier when he stretched out on the sofa “Hnnnnnnnnnnnngh uuuuuuuh” it almost wasn’t a sound, more like one long low guttural moan. I felt a moist sensation seep through my jeans to my butt. Patrick unwrapped his arms and pushed his weight up off me. He began tenderly rubbing my shoulders again. “Feeling all fixed?” He murmured. Whaaaaat??! OK, my back felt fixed, but you wanna tell me that was therapy? Oh god and I was precumming hard now. “Yeah… Feels amazing Patrick” “Good” he moved his hands around my rib cage and I couldn’t help but giggle a little. I heard Patrick moan behind me as my body wriggled against his. “Your back all better?” He asked caringly “Yeeeah. It feels so good” I cooed. Patrick moved his hands back to my shoulders and rubbed firmly. He was half whispering, half growling now. “How does this feel?” I squirmed at the pleasure that rippled through my body as he worked my shoulders and let out a little squeal. Patrick gulped “How does this feel?” He grabbed my neck in his paw, his other hand groping my body all over. I felt owned “That’s really nice” my head was spinning with pleasure “And how does this feel?” A pair of wet lips pressed into my neck and paused there. Thick hairy beard and soft moist mouth. I felt the tip of his tongue on my neck, and then he pushed his lips together and kissed me. His mouth came close to my ear “You taste as sweet as you look son” He whispered. I moaned loudly. I my cock was building up to a huge ejaculation. “Come here baby” Patrick growled menacingly as he flipped me over in a single movement. He was on his knees leaning back now, a scary look in his eyes, a half smile on his face. I looked down at at his crotch. It was one of the biggest loads I’d ever seen. His powerful orgasm had shot a huge load right through his briefs and my jeans, and a huge gob of cum was still dripping down the outside of his briefs along the outline of his cock which was getting hard again. Patrick began unzipping my jeans and ripping them off me. His face lit up like Christmas when he saw my throbbing precum soaked briefs stretched over my twitching cock. “Oh son what’s this. Getting turned on by dad’s big muscles are ya?” He flexed a grotesque double bicep, exploding out of his red polo shirt that was sopping with sweat again, grunting and bucking his hips up at the same time. Since we first met this morning he looked like he had packed on an inch of muscle. He threw himself down on all four and began rubbing my cock with his belly. My briefs were barely there now, but the sensation of his muscular belly under the texture of his red polo shirt was getting me ready to squirt. He leaned back on his knees, straddling my thighs and struggled to remove the red top from his body. “Help me son.” He roared. I leaned up and helped him peel the shirt off, brushing his lats during the process. He placed a meaty paw on my chest and threw me back onto the bed. “Mmm… like touching your daddy’s muscles son?” I nodded and moaned yes. “Yeah you do. You’ve wanted to feel daddy’s thick hard pecs are all day haven’t you?” “Oh fuck yes daddy” I went to grab my dick in one hand and squeeze a pec in the other, finally allowing myself the release that was surging inside me, but Patrick caught both and slammed down on top of me. “Not yet son”. He said, licking my neck. He straddled right over my crotch, so my dick was pressing up into his taint and balls, and pinned my arms to my sides with his legs. “Aaaaaaaa fuck daddy” I moaned. Patrick’s eyes went wild again. “Do you like that son? Do you like feeling your daddy’s 350 lbs of sweaty muscle massage your boy cock like that?” Patrick’s dick was fully hard again, twitching of its own accord in his cum soaked grey briefs as he spoke. He grabbed and started throttling it over the fabric. “What are you anyway son? 160, 70?” “I … I dunno. 11 stone” I answered. Patrick jacked off even more severely “Oh son. You don’t know your pounds from your stone? Well let daddy learn you. I’m 25 stone or rock solid muscle. And you’re my weak little 165 lb boy”, he said, getting even more worked up and grunting between breaths. “I weigh more than twice what you are and am 10 times stronger”. He flexed his other arm, looking down at me watch it swell. Patrick was rotating his hips around as he said this, and bucking his hips up and down, his cock swelling in his clenched hand. Sweat was dripping down his face and body. He threw his body on top of me and we finally had our first proper kiss. It was passionate, terrifying, dominating and liberating all at once. Patrick loosened his grip on my arms and spread his weight back over my body again, his legs still either side of me pumping his dick into mine. My hands found his biceps and groped around madly. “Fucking crazy for dad’s rock solid muscles aren’t you son?” “Oh daddy. You’re so fucking big and strong!” Patrick thrust even harder, stimulating both out cocks at the same time. “Yeah son. Feel daddy flex his muscles for you” Patrick flexed another intense most muscular into my body and growled. “You’re so weak and tender son. Daddy’s got you now though. He’s gonna protect you in his powerful arms and huge chest. Squeeze your little body in lad!” I was juddering at his words, one last effort at holding my cum back. “Feel that chest son. Touch your daddy’s muscular hard chest!” “I’m gonna cum daddy!” I moaned Patrick’s face looked ecstatic to see me reaching my climax. He bear hugged and kissed me, his sweat dripping down his face into my mouth. He pressed 350lbs of muscle against me, moving a huge leg in between mine, so I was thrusting up against his veiny thigh. My thrust became erratic and uncontrollable. My arms wrapped tight around his thick lats as I got ready to unload. Looking deep into my eyes he whispered “daddy loves you” “Uuuuuuuuuuuh. Fuck!” Just like his, my ejaculation rocketed through my briefs and into him. He smiled warmly at me, as he moved his hand down and wrapped it round my cock. “Huuuuuuuuu uuuuh! Shiiiiit” I was nowhere near done cumming, and now felt his rough textured palm enveloping my dick over my briefs, rubbing up and down. I grabbed a thick swollen thigh in my left hand and squeezed my right hand tight around his which was still rubbing my cock. I squirted another two thick volleys of cum right through my briefs, covering his bulging forearm. He looked as happy at this as I felt, my entire body shaking from the orgasm. “Mmmm… good boy”. He purred in my ear and started to kiss my face all over. He started up grinding into me again. “Ok son, talk to daddy, tell him how much you love him” “Completely daddy. I love how you take care of me” Patrick moaned loudly at this, and his hand flew back to his dick to beat off. “Aaaaw yeah. That’s right! What else” he muttered through gritted teeth. “You’re so big and strong. I love when you put your arms around me and make me feel safe and protected. I’m your small weak boy. I love that I have your big muscles to look after me.” “Aah FUCK.. yes! Keep going” “You’re my big strong daddy and I love you” Patrick popped up onto his knees, shaking all over, his muscles bulging with power. He grabbed my face with his free hand and forced his thumb in my mouth where I sucked it. “Take daddy’s fucking seed son!” He roared. His dick exploded ropes of thick warm jizz all over me, the first shot hitting my face, then massive globs landing all over my shirt. A final dribble surged up like a fountain, running down his hands and onto my balls. He fell back on top of my body and wrapped me up in a huge bear hug. He let out a long low satisfied sigh and it vibrated through me. He began kissing my face all over again, finishing in a long kiss on the mouth, our tongues and lips going crazy for eachother. We lay there for a while. Patrick was breathing heavily and the sensation of his body rocking against mine made my cock swell again. He rubbed it, gently, as if he possessed it. “I want to see you again” Patrick finally said. “I wanna see a lot of you again” he added. He held me tightly now in the spoon position. “You’re special to me, do you know that?” He kissed my neck again, the same spot where he had first kissed me. “I haven’t felt like this for a long long time son. I thought I might never feel like this again” he said. “Patrick?” I turned my head to face him. “I’ve never felt like this. I never thought I would” “How so son?” His brow furrowing in that way I knew I would never be able to get enough of. “Safe” Patrick’s cock swelled, and he breathed in deeply, his face betraying a multitude of emotions. We kissed again and lay there. After a few minutes I felt his cheek smiling against mine. “So apart from all day tomorrow when you’re calling in sick to work, when am I going to see you again?” He asked His fingers found my ribs and he started tickling my sides, making me wriggle against his hard body. “Stop it!!! Ummm… I have a dishwasher coming next week?” I joked “Hmmmmmmmm…” he moaned and pulled me in tighter. “Make sure they leave it outside”
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    Happy Father's Day by F_R_Eaky Chapter Three: A Keg & A Six Pack for Father's Day. Chapter one: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12542-happy-fathers-day-by-f_r_eaky/ Chapter two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12560-happy-fathers-day-chapter-2-by-f_r_eaky/ The phone rings. Oisin reaches out to pick it up and instead sends it flying off the end of the table. Cursing, he picks the phone up off the floor staring at his arms and hands in disbelief; he's been fumbling and tripping and knocking things over all day yesterday, and this morning is only mildly better. He has this thought, sensation that he's taller, bigger, stronger, but not by much. Something around four inches taller or so, although his feet and hands have gotten much larger and his build has become a bit beefier. Seeing his reflection in the glass of his cupboards, he's distracted from the act of answering the phone, absentmindedly setting back down on the table. He's in just pajama bottoms although they are riding slightly high on his legs, still comfortably snug. He is shirtless as the pajama top felt a bit off...tight?...confining? He turns sideways and looks at his reflection. He does his best attempt at a side chest pose. Then he faces straight on and attempts to put his arms straight down, but they're being held up by his back or is that lats? He has lats? "Have I gotten more muscular?" he thought to himself. "I don't recall being this built before?" Running his left hand over his pec, he inhales a quick breath as his fingers glance over his nipple, and then they continue down...down...down... his waist. No six-pack, but still slim, taut, and solid. His toes are being tickled and he realizes his feet are extended past the tiled area onto the carpeted. He wonders at this and backs his heel to beginning of a tile and sees his foot is the exact same length as the floor tile. Suddenly a rush is felt through his body. His groin is feeling very hot and his cock and balls are beginning to feel more and more cramped inside his briefs and his pajama bottoms. In a matter of moments he is looking down and staring wide-eyed at the decent sized tent his pajama pants are producing. The ringing of his phone again wakes him up to real life and he bends down to retrieve it and answer. "Uhm....Hello?" "Uhmmm Hi. This Lorcan Kiley. I'm trying to reach Oisin Shanahan...." "Oi... hi, Lorcan. This is him. How are you? Still planning to come over today?" "Yes, but I have a question for you." "I may have an answer. What is it?" "Well.... I don't want to seem presumptuous or cheeky, but.... I met this guy yesterday, not that I'm wanting to cancel, and he's not boyfriend material or anything... He's about your age, all alone in the world too, and well... ... .... He had a guy set him up for a supposed romantic date yesterday only to leave a note saying he was an ancient leprechaun and not worth dating." "No, he did not." Oisin gasped. "Aye. Not only that, but he and a bunch of his friends had hung back to watch when he read the note, then laughed at him and sped off in their car." "So you were thinking he might need a bit of a pick me up." "Aye. I told him I was coming over to your place today, but I didn't say he could come along, but I wondered... Two sonless guys and a fatherless young man, all single, no family...might be better with three to make the time go by ignoring all the father's day celebrations." "I appreciate the call, and I don't mind. Invite him over. Wasn't making anything fancy. Shepherd's Pie to be exact. I can just break out a larger cooking dish after I pop round the corner to get some more meat and veg." "Deadly. I'll call him and let him know." "Alright. See you two around one. Slán." " Slán." ************************************************************************** The phones rings. Cian opens his eyes and immediately shuts them, pretty sure that someone has instantly jammed needles into them. Groaning he opens his eyes a second time and watches as the room spins and rocks back and forth a bit; his vertigo is not acting correctly. He feels the ring of the phone pierce his ears more than he hears it. He stands up and tries to walk but he wobbles a bit. "My legs feel like rubber.... why are my thighs rubbing together so much? I can't walk straight." Cian thinks to himself. Stepping over huge piles of clothes he fumbles his way to the living room where his phone is, but upon walking he hears a deep resounding thud... thud... thud... coming from somewhere as if a man of goodly size was walking extremely heavy, very heel-toe like. He wished whomever it was would stop as it was making his head pound even worse. He stopped his walk to sense if it was coming from his neighbor upstairs. ... ... ... They stopped. He started to walk again, the heavy footfalls began once more. Cian looked up at his ceiling and called out, only slightly, "Oi! Ya bastard! Trying walking through ya flat instead of traipsing around like yer stompin' out bugs!" The phone rang again and he grabbed it from off the table somewhat angrily. "Oi, it's Cian." "Hi, Cian. This is Lorcan. They friendly guy from the beach yesterday." "Oh... yeah.... I remember." "Well, I spoke with my friend and he's fine with you coming over, if you'd still like to." "Sure... I still have to return your towel. Surprised you called me, given my abrupt departure." "It's ok. You didn't look to well. Might have been the heat." "Aye... the heat." "Well, since it's my first time heading to this guy's place, I'd like to pick you up around eleven if that's ok with you." "Sure, yeah, fine..." "Alright, see you then." "Aye..." Turning to head back into the bedroom, Cian clipped his foot on the table leg and staggered into his bedroom doorway only to tumble forward after slipping upon two empty bottles of Bushmills Irish whiskey. "OOF!! OW!! FUCKIN' TABLE! ... .... .... .... How the hell? ....I was fairly far away from...." Cian grabbed his foot, but still lying eye level with the floor looked across it to see almost his entire wardrobe laying, scattered on the floor. He stared at it in wonder and slowly his hand reached out to pick up one of his shirts. It was split in so many places. All of his shirts were split in so many places. Down the chest, down the back, busted sleeves, ripped out arm pits.... Nothing was whole. He then picked up some pants and some shorts. Many of them had their waist buttons missing. Most of them had tears in the crotch, at the butt, down the outer seems near the thigh, some even had split cuffs or hems. After picking up one pair of pants, he noticed a piece of paper on the floor, a couple of pieces taped together in fact, and there was writing, calculations, and the outline of a foot. Calculated the foot would be 30.5 cm long (12 inches) and need a UK size 13 (US 14) shoe. Shakily Cian sat up and swung his foot around and placed it on the paper... .... ... it was a perfect fit. Scampering in a backwards crawl from the paper as if it was some horrific thing, he slammed into one bedroom wall and sat there shaking and breathing heavy. It took a bit of time before he realized his stubbed foot was hurting and bleeding slightly. Walking weavingly into his bathroom, he broke out some medicine and bandages to clean and dress his foot. When he when he stood up however, he became motionless. Looking deeply into the mirror, he turned his head around to see if someone else was there. He stepped forward slightly and tapped on the glass and wave his hand in front of it to see if it was t.v. image or if someone else was standing on the other side of clear glass. His hands went up to his cheeks to smack them, then they progressed down over his chest as his breathing became rapid and his pecs heaved up and down. They then glided over his arms, down his waist line, across his thighs. This wasn't him...was it? Memories began to flood his brain of him coming home, after he made sure the coast was clear and once here, sitting down and belting a few back before looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. He then tore through his closet like a raging animal, trying this shirt on, with those pants and yet he couldn't successfully get them up or down to where they were supposed to be. Everything popped or snapped or ripped or tore. And shoes!... ... ...His feet covered his shoes now. His toes extended about one maybe two inches beyond the shoe. There was no way of ever getting them to fit in his size 5s again. Cian felt his heart rise up in his throat as he looked at his body in the mirror, then through the doorway to a couple of posters of particular rugby players, then back to the mirror, then back to the posters, back and forth, back and forth.... Suddenly he felt a good hard smack against his abdomen wall and looked into the mirror, then straight down. "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!" ` Splashing some water on his face, Cian went back into the living room, still fumbling his way, grabbed the phone and hit "dial last number." "Hello, Lorcan. It's Cian. Uhm.... odd request. I..... er..... I....that is uhm..... I... I had a break through... IN! .... I had a break in last night. No... I'm fine... just the gobshites went through and uhm....took knives or scissors or something to all my clothes. ... .... .... No, I'm fine. I wouldn't of noticed ... I kind of got really fluthered last night. Anyway... I kind of need to have some friends pick me up some clothes otherwise I..... I'm.... I'm going to be in the nip all day and I don't think they allow that usually outside of a man's house. Could we make my pick up closer to half past eleven or quarter till noon? ... .... ... Alright. Thanks." ************************************************************************** Lorcan and Cian arrived about a quarter till one at Oisin's home. It wasn't any bother them arriving early, he let them in and they sat in the living room. They had the tele tuned in to a rugby match, but they weren't paying a lot of attention to it. They were giving out a little background info, making lots of small talk, as folks do when they're newly acquainted and making friends with one another. They discovered a fondness of several card games and so Oisin broke out a deck and they continued to chat and play while the shepherd's pie continued to cook. When it was done, Oisin went into the kitchen to get it out of the oven, along with some bread and another side dish, as well as a pitcher of an ice cold drink to have with dinner. Cian went in to assist Oisin and Lorcan asked where the plates and things were to set the table. The three sat having a good time and a good dinner, joking and even playing some cards at the table with occasional screams at the t.v. to some rugby player or a referee. Eventually though they decided it was time to retire back towards the living room and they got up to clear the table. "Oi, Oisin. Gotta say that was an excellent shepherd's pie." "Thanks, Cian. It was my mother's recipe, or her mum's, or her mum's mum's mum's mum." "hahaha. Old family recipe." "Something like that." "Only thing we need now is a good Guiness or something like it to sip down while watchin' the rest of the game..." "Or playing cards." said Loran. "I still need to earn money back from you two or I'm not going to have enough to last me through the semester." Everyone had a good laugh at that and then Lorcan said he'd go grab the beers for Oisin and Cian, when suddenly both of them blurted out a very loud and firm no. Everyone stood there looking at one another for a moment or two before Oisin said with a smile, "That is you set the table, it's our turn to get things." "Okay, but it is supposed to be father's day, so you two grab your beers, and I'll clear the table and do the dishes. How about that. At least I can kind of feel like I honored the day." Cian and Oisin laughed lightly and agreed, grabbed their beers and sat down to relax in the living room while Lorcan went to wash dishes in the kitchen. They sat kind of silent for a moment before Oisin looked over at Cian and calmly asked, "So...what did you look like before?" "What?" "What did you look like before Lorcan poured you a drink through his magical cup?" "Whaddya mean?" "Well, you're a pretty big guy." "Yeah? So are you?" "True but I wasn't until about two days ago." "So?" "So.... you don't look like a guy who would have a rude note left for him calling him an ancient and tiny leprechaun not worth dating." "Oh..." and Cian looked away and down at the floor. "You also said 'no' a little to emphatically like I did, so I assumed he must have poured you a drink and you changed. He did the same to me." "You mean you weren't always kind of rugby looking?" "No... I was only 172.72cm tall and 9.14 stone." "So... what? Guys gonna find me interesting now because I'm kind of tall and built?" "I would've found you interesting even if you weren't tall and built?" "Yeah, right." "No, seriously. I have a thing for red headed guys. I just think they look great." Cian blushed so his cheeks matched the color of his hair. Still looking down he softly said, "160 centimeters tall...just under 8 stone.... but I was cut as hell...." Oisin smiled, "Like an anatomy chart? You could see all the individual muscles?" "Yeah....they just weren't huge and bulgy." "I still would've traced the hell out of them with my finger tip." Cian blushed again. "And now? Thirteen and half stones now at 188.88 centimeters." and Cian did a double bicep pose in the chair. "We're a matched pair then." "What?" "I'm the same.... 188.88 centimeters or six feet tall and thirteen and half stones or one-hundred and ninety pounds. And....I'd definitely jump you in a heartbeat. You really act all tough and macho, but you've got a great soft side, too." Cian blushed a third time, but blushed so hard his entire body turned red. "So uhm.... can I ask a personal question?" "I don't know we know each other that well, but why the hell not? Go ahead." "Did your... you know.... down there..." and then Cian hoarsely whispered, "your shillelagh?" "Oh.... that... yeah.... it did....Yours?" "Yeah...." "Ah...." "Ah...." "You measure?" "No. In total disbelief. Afraid to..." "So it's...." "Kind of out there, yeah." "Mine too." "Really?" "Yeah." "Ah." "Ah..." They sat there in silence for a number of minutes. "You know..." said Cian after a long pause, "I could go for you too. I like you dark guys. Thick dark hair, deep dark eyes, really tan skin, nearly looking more Spanish, kind of exotic." It was now Oisin's turn to blush. Cian continued. "Did he...Lorcan that is.... ask you what kind of guys turned you on?" "Yeah.... he did?" "Is uh.... that.... when the....changes started happening?" "Yeah..." "Yeah... .... ... me too." "Yeah?" "Yeah." "Ah." "Ah...." The silence hung heavily in the air once again before Cian finally broke it. "So you like big guys too?" Oisin sat up on the edge of his seat. "Oh yeah." "Like football or rugby players?" "Bigger." "Bigger?" "Yeah like bodybuilders." "Bodybuilders?!" "Yeah and not just amateurs, like pros. Seasoned pros. The ones at the top that are winning the Mr. Olympia." "Ooooh yes.... like like someone who is a superhero or specifically about ready to blow into the Hulk." "Oh gawd, yes." The two men began to shift in their seats. They could feel their new clothes beginning to close in on them like they were wearing apparel made from shrink wrap. "Do you feel.... warm?" "I feel hot!" "You look hot. Even hotter than just a minute ago." "So do you." And together they looked at each other and stated. "Lorcan." "The iced drinks..." "When he was setting the table...." "Poured the drink...." "Through his goblet." They sat there for a moment, being very fidgety, feeling their growth slow down as their clothes became just a little bit tighter. "Cian." "Aye?" "Your clothes are beginning to fit like under-armor exercise clothing." Cian swallowed hard. "So are yours..." "You want to continue?" "Fuck yeah! You?" "Come on... let's not reward him with a show. Let him be surprised." Oisin motioned for Cian to follow him and took him to his bedroom. Once he shut the door, Cian practically ran into him, kissing him fully, deeply on this lips. "Fuck this is so hot, you growing, me growing...." "You wanna grow for me big boy?" Cian growled. "Come on, tell me how big you like your men." "Awww fuckin' huge man...." "Hmmmmnnnn yeah....with arms as big as cannon balls?" "Oooooh uhuh....yes fucking bigger than your own head!" "Oh shit! uh damn that hurts, but feels so good..." "So powerful...." "So manly...." "FUCKING ALPHA!" The two started groping and feeling their bodies and individual muscles. It didn't take too long before their sleeves were ripping up to their deltoids, their chests were splitting their collars down to their navels, their lats and back were flaring out ripping the armpits wide open, and the backs began to be pulled apart screaming in tears and rips. Also too their butts were bubbling out causing the back of their jeans to explode. Their thighs started busting side seams. Their calves started making the bottom of their jeans round out and remain up, clinging to the large bulbous, diamond hard shape. "How tall....huh huh huh huh huh.....Oisin do you like your men?" "Very tall...." "Like American footballers?" "Taller" "Like wrestlers?" "Taller!" "Basketball players?" "The tallest of basketballers!" "OOOOH shite!" "Hmmmmmnggg fuuuuuck!" The rest of their shirts begin to rip and shred away along with their pants, which lost all hold on top as their bodies inched their way up and swelled out broader and thicker with the new height. Their waist buttons popping and smacking the other's new crunching and bunching abs and obliques, bouncing clear across the room. Their feet swelled and lengthened as well as thickened into huge manly feet made for extremely tall men and tall men that lifted huge amounts of weight. The sides of their shoes just grew out and rolled down to lie flat on the floor before suddenly ripping open straight across both sides of the shoe as their toes stretched and lengthened ripping out and pushing forward the front of their shoes until the fronts rested underneath the balls of their feet. Oisin let out a small hurt noise as his head hit the bottom of the door frame and continued to grow past it. Cian growing at the same rate, still lip locking Oisin as their conversation and grope fest continued. "How do the muscles grow, Oisin? Does the weight spread out over the new height?" "No... it grows with it.... " "Uggggghhhhnnnnn" "Oooooh daaamn..... they keep the size proportionately become hugely built giants." "Like the hulk?" "Like the hulk..." "Definition?" "Total.... one can identify each and every muscle, very cut, extremely defined." "HMMMMMMMM AUUUUCH! And.... and..... how well can you see the density?" "OOOOOOOH.... GAWD..... full..... FU-HULL! aaaahhhh huh huh huh huh full of striations, so many lines..." "Awwww maaaaaannnnn...." "How... how....huh....how about veins?" "Fuuuuuuck yesssss. I love to see veins.... how they highlight the shape of an upper arm riding across the peak from valley to valley..." "ShhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiIITE!" "How they move into the chest looking like tubes filling the pectoral muscles with something causing them to swell out thicker, fuller, broader, heavier." "Oooooh...." "Hmmmmmmm." "What kind of man do you really love, Oisin?" "OOoohhh oh...oh...oh.... a.... a.... RED.....huh huh huh....a red head.... extremely tall.....extremely built......like totally white... not pasty white like an albino, but that natural white that make his red hair just stand out.... ..... extremely cut, tight waisted, totally smooth, except maybe..... maybe a little bit of hair around his nipples, a good bush under the arm, and around his cock. .... augh and long haired.... like down to his shoulders so his bangs can playful....uh-HUH! .... huh huh huh....playfully hide his eyes with what almost looks like a theater curtain but more natural color." "Oooooh" Cian began to moan and groan as his body began to morph and change just slightly and his freckles began to fade away on his upper arms and face, but his red hair began to become more vivid, but slightly darker into something like wine color, nearly burgundy, and then the hair under his arms and near his underwear's waist band began to grow in thicker and thicker and small sprigs of hair grew out in the center of his chest and the spread out and feathers ever so lightly but more dense from that center to around his nipples. Oisin backed his head away and looked Cian for a moment then erotically whispered in ecstasy, "Fuck..... like an alabaster statue of some new Greco-roman god, only much more developed... like three times the size of Heracles...." The groping and growing continued as they rolled around across the wall, their arms, shoulders, elbows breaking holes into the plaster, knocking pictures off, and breaking off sconces. "And you? Cian? What is the love of your life like?" "Some.....huh....huh.....someone.... someone who is just as tall as I am....just as big and strong as I am....extremely tall.....extremely built.....but that off season build.... or with what they call a roid gut..... a..... big.....huge.....bulbous.... medicine ball..... of a stomach....that still has the lines of his abs creasing in there........even though he's got that extra twenty....thirty pounds of weight.....his jet dark hair hanging long in the front but no longer than his ears in back, a style that flutters and flies up in the breeze but masks and makes his deep dark, smoky eyes play peak-a-boo..... ...... the same dark hair that creates a five o'clock shadow by noon and he usually just winds up keeping it as a three-day scruff looking beard.... .... along....along with..... body hair that grows in thick....but not so thick as to hide his muscles and definition....but still enough to know.... you're dealing with a man.... a bear!..... it grows and feathers out sparsely across his upper arms and thighs but then grows in thicker as it goes down his fore arms and shins....and of course up the center of his abs and chest up from his groin and feathers out across the great expanse of his chest, and across the obliques. He looks like a cross between a hairy power lifter and an off season Olympian." It was now Oisin's turn to moan and groan and buck as he grew and grew and his muscles grew slightly larger and a little smoother than Cian's, followed by his stomach distending more and more outwards as Cian looked down, moaning "oh fuck yeah!" over and over again as he places his hands over the growing gut, stroking, caressing, and cupping it. Oisin looked up at Cian and smiled broadly. They locked lips again until Oisin broke it off to ask Cian seriously, "And you man's shillelagh?" "I bet.... hmmmm mmmm nnnnrffff..... I bet just.....huh huh huh....just like yours..." "Like a bat?" "Oh yessssss.... I want my man to squeal ever so slightly... to know I'm filling him to the maximum...." "Like soft it's hanging down almost a two thirds down our thigh...." "And it's not just a shower...." "It's a grower...." "Like another three to four inches longer...." "And growing so thick...." "And hard...." "And veiny...." "Like our muscles....oooooohOOOOOOH!" "AAAH AH AH AHHHHHHH! yes... Yes....YES LIKE OUR MUSCLES!" "And our balls?" "Big and pendulous.... but still pulled up slightly tight to us...." "Hanging enough to be see and peaking on either side of our mammoth soft rod...." "And full of so much come....we need to jack off daily..." "OH! Twice daily!" "With enough spoo each time...." "We cause average men to nearly choke on the amount..." "They're stomachs actually full!" "AAAAUUUUGH!" "oh! Oh! OH! OOOOOOOOOOH!" And the pair groaned and writhed again this time as their cocks grew out like snakes coming out from a hole, the head followed by more and more of the body, slithering out longer and longer. But this time, the snake is wrapping around inside a pillow case as their cock became caught up in their now already too tight of underwear. It then became a bit painful as their balls began to swell and inflate, pushing out more and more forcing their cocks to push back at them and their underwear leg straps to cut into them until finally snaps and rips and tears were heard and the two men stood there with extreme cocks swaying and swinging against their undulating thighs. Cian backed away from Oisin and grabbed a hold of his underwear's waist band and grunted, once only, and jerked to snap what was left of his underwear clean off. Oisin growled at Cian and did the same. The pair then began to stand up and down on their tip toes and their pants hems that were just barely clinging to the top part of their calves just blew apart in one clean rip and the pair was now totally naked. The two stood there staring each other down, smirking, smiling, at each other with lust and devilish grins. "Cian?" "Aye?" "Are you a top.... or a bottom?" "I'm verse...." Oisin moaned loudly at the answer and moved in to embrace Cian hard. Pushing Cian towards the bed, he suddenly flipped them around as he whispered in Cian's ear, "As it was wrong for you to be dumped, be the alpha tonight. Take me....TAKE ME HARD!" The duet of mighty, mountainous men fell backwards onto Oisin's full sized bed. The frame groaned and snapped instantly. Cian and Oisin stopped and looked around, then busted out in huge fits of laughter and shrugged. Oisin flipped himself around to lay the length of the bed, his feet and legs sticking out and over from about the knees down. They were both about as broad as the bed or mattress and their combined muscular weight definitely made it so flat it looked like it was only a few inches thick. The sight of how small the bed was made the pair moan and laugh and very quickly, almost too quickly and very painfully achieve full erections, upon which Cian smiled at Oisin, who raised his hips and buttocks in the air and nodded in the affirmative. It was said that the grasp and groan of pleasure as Cian entered into the exceedingly tight hole of Oisin was so loud it was heard up to three houses away, despite closed windows and doors from all houses. Cian began his motion driving his rod in and out, just a small amount as first, but more and more as he worked up steam and speed. The pair looked like they were one of those old fashioned individual oil rigs that dot some areas of America drilling for oil. The hammer rising up causing a piston to pull out and then shoves it in as it comes back down. There would have been bed springs squeaking and making noise, but as they flattened them, instead it was the sound of large thumps slamming against the hard wood floor. Lorcan, looked up at the ceiling from the kitchen sink every now and then, but then went back to work washing the dishes for the fifth or tenth time. Eventually the two men were screaming in ecstasy, Cian filling Oisin until his spoo spurted out in great spurts from Oisin's hole, until he pulled his pecker out. Oisin spewing his goo all over Cian's thighs, abs, chest, neck, face, hair, until he looked like a bucket of white paint had been dropped on him. Once down, the two laughed and laughed in deep bass voices that shook the windows and echoed through all rooms of Oisin's house. They wiped each other off with the sheets, that nearly were like beach towels to them, and then continued to grope each other and pinch their nipples, lightly stroke their cocks, until the motions got slower and slower, and soon the mega men were fast asleep.
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    Greetings... the first two chapters are going to be a little slow, but the third will have a great amount. For the now here is chapter one. - Frank Happy Father's Day by F_R_Eaky Chapter One: A Pint of Dark Guinness Thirty-eight year old Oisin (o-sheen) Shanahan stepped across the threshold of The Clurichaun Pub and immediately wished he hadn't. The pub was so packed a single person couldn't move without everyone else having to shift like pieces of a Chinese puzzle square. Being only 172.72cm (5' 8") tall and 9.14 stone (128 pounds) The brown haired and eyed, slender man of dark complexion, was practically pushed along with the tide of folks streaming into the pub and up to the bar. Truth be told, once he made it to the door, there was no turning back, he was going in whether he wanted to or not. The crowd kind of just picked him up and carried him to the bar, where he decided to go ahead and make the best of it ordering a pint of Guinness and then trying to find a spot to sit or stand. Eventually the crowd just sort of pushed and then squeezed him out of the general area and he landed on a bench inside one of the snubs, kind of like a private drinking box, at either end of the bar. Taking a napkin to wipe off his hand and the table underneath his glass, Oisin stared into the crowd and thought to himself as he took his first drink, "Well, at least I have room to sit or stand. Might as well relax, have a couple, and then work up the energy to push my way out the door." He was sitting there taking his second sip, when his mind became relaxed enough to take in all his surroundings. It was a nice rectangular shaped snub, albeit a bit skewed like the rest of the building, with time and age looking almost like a parallelogram, with paneled wainscoting and frosted glass for windows probably dating from the Victorian period. Pictures, postcards, and brick-a-brack off all kinds hung on the walls and the ceiling making a most interesting collage of historical artifacts. But the thing Oisin took the most notice of was the fact that there sitting in the snug corner opposite of the doorway was a young man. He was average build, kind of tall around 183 cm (6' - 6'1") tall, 12.7143 stone (178 pounds), with sandy brown hair, which although primarily cut short, hung in long bangs in front of one of his hazel eyes. The young man appeared somewhat catatonic. "Oh!" exclaimed Oisin. "I am sorry. I didn't see you in here. Kind of got pushed." "It's all right." "Are you meeting someone? I can leave if you..." "No... it's all right. Just came in here to get away from the college. A lot of guys all talkin' about goin' home to see their da' and goin' huntin' or fishin' or dinner, somethin'. Got sick of hearing about it, so I decided to bunk off the rest of the day and came here." "What's got you so troubled about father's day?" "I don't have one." "Oh.... sorry. ... ... ... He's deceased?" "No." "Just up and left ya?" "No. My father is still alive but him and me mother called me a bowsie, said I was banjaxed, ... hell even a whore. They discovered their son was a fruit, a poofter, and so I was kicked outta da house and me father said I was now disowned, unless I grew a proper pair that chased after skirts." "ouch...." The pair sat there in silence for a few minutes before Oisin turned and said to the young man, "Well...welcome to my world. Unfortunately I cannot tell you it gets any easier. You can get some fun and some happiness once you find a right group of friends to be around or people to work with, but there will always be that one. ... ... That one jerk or group of a-holes that just has to make sure you and everyone else knows that you're the devil incarnate and goin' to hell for your man to man handling ways." "Kicked out as a child when your parents found out?" "No. It was a bit after college before they found out. Actually still talk with my dad; my mother's the one who self-righteously religious. I still send her stuff: cards on mother's day, gift and card on her birthday, about three presents and homemade Christmas cake on Christmas. My dad's said the gifts and cards are stacked up in a corner, unopened, left to collect dust." "And the Christmas cakes?" "Dad says she's shellacked them and is building a garden wall out of them." The pair laughed Oisin stuck out his hand. "My name's Oisin, lad. What's yours?" Taking Oisins hand with firm handshack, the young man replied, "Kiley. I'm Lorcan Kiley." "Nice to meet you Lorcan. What say we have a couple more while waitin' for the crowd ta die down, and just kill some time." Lorcan shook his head in agreement and Oisin motioned for the barkeep to send two more Guinness their way. After half the second set was down Lorcan shifted his bag from the seat to the table top so he could stretch out a little. It was then that Oisin noticed a small, tin, lock box dangling from a chain clipped to the backpack. "Don't tell me you carry your money in that lil' box." Lorcan looked over to his bag. "Nah, but it does hold my most prized and valuable possession." "An what would tha' be?" Lorcan reached over and fiddled with the combination until he could open the door and then pulled out a small golden goblet that was tarnished with age and slightly dinged up a bit here and there. "That looks interesting." "Yeah...I found it when I was a kid. It was near a holy well. I took it home, cleaned it up. Figured I'd turn it over to a museum or sell it to one one day, but for the now, I'm holding on to it." "You could probably sell that for a pretty good penny. The detail on the craftmanship is equisite. An' near a holy well, ya say? How do you know it's not a magical item?" "Oh, I think it is. I think it's so small because it's a fairy goblet." "What makes ya think that? Why do ya think it's magical?" "Watch." With that Lorcan asked for an empty pint glass from the bartender, after which he took Oisin's glass of Guinness and began to pour the contents into the goblet and then letting the contents empty into the empty glass. Lorcan then passed the newly filled glass over to Oisin with a wink and a smile. Oisin took it a little warily. "Yer not tryin' to drug a middle aged man and have his way with him are ya?" Lorcan laughed... "No. Just try it." Oisin took a sip, let it sit in his mouth, swallowed, and then set back in his seat and smiled. "Wow....it....tastes better. I'm not sure how. It tastes the same in many ways , an' yet, it tastes better than Guinness normally does. But, that's can't be magic, must be some kind of mineral or something leechin' into the drink when you pour it over that." "I don't know. I only know every time I've drunk something that's been in it or passed over it, it tastes really, really good." The two sat there sipping their ales for a while before Lorcan started the conversation up again. "So, you said earlier ,'you can find folks you like to hang around with.' Have you found folks you like?" "Oh, yeah. A couple of friends some gay, some straight, all willing to go to a club or pub of either type. We switch it up every weekend." "And what about a partner... lover. Do you have special man at home?" "No... why? You tryin' to apply?" "No... just wonderin'." "Well, I've not met my Mr. right just yet. I've not even met a Mr. right now, for that matter. Probably because I'm a bit picky." "In what way?" "I like.... well. I like big guys. But most of the times they keep to themselves, to someone their own size that is." "Well, how big do you like them?" Oisin thought about his answer, but seemed to be lost in thought. The room tilted a little bit and his ears felt hot and tingling. There was soon kind of a ringing or static noise in his ears, and his vision appeared to white out to him, but he continued to answer anyway. "I like them built... like the gods. Ya know.... like those sculpted figures of Greco-Roman times, only they're bigger..." "How much bigger?" "Much bigger... like jacked up footballer..." Oisin felt himself inhale, or so he thought. "No.... like a personal trainer...a gymnast..." Oisin felt his shirt pull tight and taught across his back and his chest. "Who am I kidding, built like American footballers, wrestlers, bodybuilders." The shirt now pulled tighter in the front. Oisin swore he could feel gaps developing between the buttons on his dress shirt. "So you like those short stocky guys that carry muscle so well..." "Aye.... no.... well... I like them if they're huge and built, but I prefer a man who's tall." Oisin felt his legs tingle and become restless. "Tall like me?" "That's fine, but I like 'em taller. You know basketball tall...as tall as a doorway or standing above it." Oisin felt his pants hem move up his legs, his waist band move lower and hug tighter, while his shirt tails became slightly untucked from the waist band. "And do these big and tall men have huge thick hands and feet from tossing and lifting weights around?" "Oh gawd...yes.... I love it when they have huge bear like hands and massive feet..." Oisin winced slightly as he felt his college ring pinch his fingers and his shoes begin to pinch and cramp his feet. "And are they really strong?" "Yessssssss they don't just work out for size they go for density and strength. A build that says they can crush rocks with their bare hands!" Oisin felt like he became more solid, heavier somehow as his shirt and pants shrunk just a tad more snug and suddenly the pint glass he had in his hand just shattered. "oh...OH! What happened?" "I think you got a chipped or cracked glass there, Oisin. It must have given way." said Lorcan, who tossed some napkins to Oisin. "All right... and uhm....what were we talking about?" "Just life. You living alone all this time as a bachelor, me starting out in that life. What your dad did for a living and how you get along. How I'm without one." "Oh... yeah... I uh... need to leave to go get cleaned up. I've soaked my clothes through." Oisin finished wiping down the table, pushing all the pieces of broken glass to the center before gathering his things to get up and leave. He nearly stepped out of the snub before he turned and looked at Lorcan. "Hey...I know you're probably not looking nor asking for a replacement dad right now, but uhmmm, you don't have a family to go home to for the day and I don't have any kids and it's good to talk with someone your age. Makes me feel more connected to the rest of the world, the next generation...." "So?" "So would ya care to come over to my place Sunday? It's.... it's not a date or anything like that. We can just watch the tele, deal some cards, just....talk... and I can have a reason to fix a big meal." Lorcan sat there staring at Oisin a moment and then a slight smile grew across his face. "I'd like that. It'll keep my mind off my parents and will give me some place to be other than my room in an empty dorm. But one condition.... As it is supposed to be father's day and you're the older gentleman, I should make something or bring you something." "Nah... well, if ya want to, no ties or anything like that. Bring something ta drink or a side dish. Here's my address and we'll see you around....what? One? Two?" "One would be great." "One it is. Take care. Slainte, Lorcan." "Slainte, Oisin." Oisin turned to go and make his way through the slightly lessened crowd but not before someone looked at him and cried out..."Oi... look at the brawler? What happened footballer? Gain some size since ya last put on some dress clothes?" Oisin looked confused at the guy and walked out the door of the pub thinking to himself, "These shoes feel a tad tight."
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    CHAPTER 20: BEYOND The next morning we packed up, squeezed into our pickup and arrived back home by noon. Dr. Jock had left us a message that he wanted to see us that afternoon. After we chowed down on another ridiculously tasty, totally unhealthy lunch Dad and I made our way to the clinic sans Ted. As we made our way into the doc's office he jumped up out of his chair. “THERE THEY ARE! THE TWO CHAMPIONS!” We appreciated the congratulations and asked Doc how he knew. “There was a live stream on the internet. Since I couldn't make it in person there was no way I wasn't going to watch online.” Since we knew our stats Doc went straight to giving us our treatments. Afterward he sat us down and told us he had some big news. “Chad, I have a proposition for you. What I have seen from your development is truly amazing. If you would let me, I would very much like to study your condition in further detail.” Dad glanced at me with an unsure look, “Um...well, Doc, I don't know. I don't really want to become one of those guinea pigs.” “I completely understand your concerns, Mr. Graves. However, let me assure I have no intention of poking and prodding you over and over again. In fact, I think you would quite enjoy what we would like to study.” Intrigued, my father listened on. “I have a very good friend in the sports performance testing lab at the University in Crofton. He and I would like to collaborate on a study. Chad, we would like to take a closer look at your physiology. Yes, there would be a few blood and tissue samples, but really, we want to see just how strong and sturdy your body is. The university has a lab with magnetic weight machines that can generate forces and poundages much higher than the weights at UrbranFlex.” My father was now looking more excited. “Well, that's sounds cool. I have noticed it's been getting harder to really challenge myself at the gym. But Doc, Crofton is an hour away. I don't think I will have time to commute an hour each way every day after I get home from work.” “Ah, Mr. Graves and that is where I would like to step in. I honestly believe there is something special in you. I'm certain you can advance my own research in trying to find a cure for muscular dystrophy. And of course, Mr. Graves, for your participation, the university and I would compensate you.” “Compensate?” Dad's eyes went wide. “Yes, of course! Chad, whatever you are making at your construction job, we are willing to add 20% to that if you will help us out.” Both Dad and I let out a gasp at what we had just heard. Doc just chuckled, delighted at our reaction. “And, Mr. Graves, if that weren't enough, I'm prepared to give Jed here a $5000/year scholarship for his schooling as well.” Dad and I were floored, for several moments we both just stared at each other, stunned. We turned and both looked at Doc, who was just as thrilled as we were to deliver his good news. “And yes, boys, I am being very serious. Chad, you would not only be helping me out with my own research, but potentially this could help out a lot of sick people in the world who have muscle wasting diseases.” “Doc, so you are telling me that you will basically pay me to work out and test my strength, as long as I let you study me?” “Yes, Mr. Graves. That's the basic idea, my big friend!” My father was lighting up at the prospect. He originally had some some reservations, but once Dr. Jock mentioned the scholarship I knew the deal was sealed. “Ok, Doc, I'm in!” Pops responded enthusiastically. “Great, Mr. Graves!” If you are available I would like to start this week!” Doc had given us an address in Crofton and told us to meet him on there on Tuesday morning at 10am. We spent the rest of Sunday afternoon lounging around. We decided to wait until tomorrow to get back to the gym. That afternoon Dad slinked away while I was taking a nap, saying he had some errands to run. When I woke up I headed into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Dad was sitting there, squeezed up next to the table with his massive bulk. He stood up, towering over me as I entered the room. On the table was a huge carrot cake, my absolute favorite. “HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY BIG GUY!” I chuckled at the irony of him calling me 'big guy', but I loved it. He then produced a fairly large cardboard box. I opened the tabs, it was a new laptop computer! “What is this?? Oh Sweet, Pops!” I set the box down and jumped up into my fathers arms. Of course, he easily caught me and squeezed me and I was surrounded by warm, stony muscles on all sides. “No problem, Sport. I was so disappointed I could get you a laptop last year, so I'm so happy to give you one now. I made sure it was top of the line, for all your engineering calculations, 3D models and such.” I was stunned as I continued to examine my new computer. Dad snickered, reach down, ruffled my hair, and joked, “just make sure you don't bog it down with porn!” Later that evening we slowly began to experience something new: Notoriety. My phone was constantly buzzing with text messages and notifications, mostly from my in-shape friends and buddies. Apparently, my father's posing routine video and our interview had gone viral on most workout related websites. At about 8:00pm that night there was a knock on the door. It was a reporter from the local news station. A beautiful, leggy black woman that I recognized from channel 5. They had seen our video online and wanted to give us a quick interview for the next day's newscast. We agreed and the young journalist interviewed us right there in the living room. Of course, at one point she had us both take our shirts off and pose next to each other. I had gotten used to posing next the giant man, so I wasn't too emasculated when he dwarfed me as we posed for her. As she watched us I could tell she was visibly aroused, biting her lip and struggling to speak. And, of course, I was not surprised when she showed back up our house later that evening to “hang out” with my father. On Monday morning my father went and resigned from his job. I had decided last week to end my summer job at the hardware store so we were free to do as we pleased. At noon, another male reporter showed up, this time from the newspaper. We gave another interview for a story that would be in the paper tomorrow. That evening we worked out with Ted where my father had to break the news that he wouldn't get to lift with Ted on the weekdays anymore. Ted wasn't thrilled but was happy for Dad and I. On Tuesday we loaded up and headed to Crofton. Doc gave us a tour of the labs, which included a huge weight room with tons of recording gadgets and large magnetic weight bars and plates. My father looked like a kid in a candy store at the thought of really testing his strength in here. First things first, they took my fathers' stats, which were nearly identical to those of the show, except he was now 18 lbs heavier! “Holy cow! I guess I'm getting fat!” my father joked, even surprised himself at the numbers. Ted would later explain that bodybuilders tend to put on a lot of junk weight right after a contest. Based on how much Dad and I had been gorging ourselves on in the past two days, it made sense. I watched as Doc and the lab technicians put my father through a chest workout. With the help of the magnetic weight, we found out my father was able to do a one rep max bench press of 815 lbs! His pecs were looking as pumped and as huge as I had ever seen then, straining the poor strings of his tank top. Those extra carbs and calories had really filled his frame, making him thicker and wider with muscle than ever before. The rest of the week went much the same. I decided that I wouldn't go with my father everyday to Crofton for his testing. On those days I just lifted with Ted in the evening. My father and Dr. Jock even began to carpool. Every day Dad would come home like a first-grader bringing home a report card full of A's. The first time I saw him each day, virtually every conversation began with him saying. “Guess what I lifted today!?” Followed by him revealing some ungodly weight amount and flexing of that day's exercised muscle. Another thing I noticed, my father was fully back out on the market. Although I noticed another emasculating trait as new woman would come to visit our house each night. It started on Thursday. When I answered the door and beautiful, tall, buxom, brunette woman was there in a tight red dress. She was very much in-shape, she had the body of a top level college volleyball player. As she stepped inside I noticed she had to be an inch taller than I was! The next night, there was another woman who was even taller! She had to be 6'4” or so. I answered the door and stared up into her pretty, youthful face. I guess she was in her mid-20's. My shirtless father stepped up behind me and I saw her eyes glaze over with lust as she looked UP at him. “Oh my. You weren't lying about your stats in your profile, were you, big boy”. Dad sexily chuckled and replied, “Oh no, ma'am. If anything I may have listed myself a bit on the small side. Don't mind my son here, please come in.” “AWW this is your little son. He is just the cutest little thing. I can see where he gets his good looks from.” It was as weird as any moment I had been through during my father's growing journey. Here was was this HOT young, giantess, referring to me as 'little'. I asked my father the following morning about all the amazons stopping by our house. He snickered, “Yeah, I've instituted a new personal rule, the ladies must be this tall to ride.” Dad said as he held his flat hand near his nipples. I gulped as I realized his hand was not much lower than my own eye line. “The smaller women just cant, well, take me. Like, AT ALL. And a lot of them become terrified when they actually see what I'm packing. Hell, even with that tall broad last night I could only get about ¾ of the way in and-” “DAD! I don't need to hear these details.” He snickered at my embarrassment. “Sorry, Son. We both know it really big. And now I need big, tall women to satisfy my urges.” I could only utter 'gross' under my breath as he chuckled some more. A few days later Dad came home looking disappointed. “Why the long face, big man?” I asked. “Well, now that I'm finally getting to lift weights that actually test me, I squatted 1150 lbs today, by the way,” he winked and my jaw fell. “I am putting on more muscle than ever but for the first time since I started I'm not getting any taller. Still just 7 ft 5.5.” I jumped up out of my chair roaring with laughter. “Oh you poor thing. You might be stuck at the tiny height of 7 ft 5.5 in,” I egged him sarcastically. Pops lightened up and playfully grabbed me, lifting me in the air. “Shaddup you little twerp! Or I'll stuff you in my armpit, hehe.” “NO! GROSS!” I protested heartily. He chuckled and mercifully set me down. He stepped right up to me and raised his right arm, exposing his muscle pit, in which the hair was already growing back. In fact, with his ridiculous level of testosterone he already was starting to regain the lightly furred look he had before we shaved him down for the contest. I stared up into the cavernous armpit as he cockily grinned down at me. His rich, musky scent flowed down over my face from above. “Be careful little boy, if you make fun of the beast I'll stuff you in there!” he laughed. We settled into our new routine. It was awesome not having to work. Now we had much more time to prepare food to keep our bodies fed and full. Which meant dad was still slowly but surely packing on muscle. He was actually starting to look like an off season pro-bodybuilder. He had graduated up to size 10XL clothes, although he usually just wore shorts in the house since clothes were such a nuisance. The following Friday was just a little over a week before I had to return to school. I was actually starting to get bored at home so I decided accompany Dad to the lab that day. I watched him do a killer back workout. The whole time he exercised the little lab technicians hooked up sensors and wires to his body to take data. It was every sci-fi looking. Pops told me he had gotten used to it. I could tell he also enjoyed playing with the little lab techs. Flexing whichever titanic muscle they were sticking sensors to. I noticed they were all male, and I wondered if it was because none of the woman could contain themselves being around such a giant, muscular, stud. After his workout we headed into a different room that had a large CT Scan X-ray machine. “Every two days they give me a full body scan and check my stats and vitals,” Dad explained. He laid down in the machine and slowly was slid into the huge cylinder. A few minutes later he was pulled out and we joined doc in the adjacent computer room. Doc examined the screen which had a colorful full body 3D of my father. He began interpreting the screens. “Well, Chad, I have some exciting news for you. Your height has increased up to 7 ft 6.25 inches.” Dad pumped his fist like an overexcited teen boy. “Seriously, doc? I was worried I was done growing This is awesome! That's ¾ of an inch in just two days! What do you think Jed, your big daddy is now a bona-fide 7 and half footer!” “Congrats, big guy! So doc, Dad is still growing then?” Doc looked at the screen more closely. “Yes, he is still growing. In fact, ¾ of an inch in two days is quite a jump. Although...hmm...” “Is something wrong, doc?” I asked. “No! Everything looks nice and healthy, per usual.” Doc manipulated the computerized image and examined it in ways that were way over Dad and I's head. “But, Mr. Graves, it looks like you may be experiencing your final growth spurt. I can see that your growth plates are just now beginning to fuse. So the good news, you will likely shoot up a few more inches in the next few days but then it looks like your height growth will finally end.” “How tall do you think he'll get, Dr. Jock?” I asked. “Hmm...more than likely another four, maybe five inches.” “Ohhhh,” Dad said lowly from his towering height, with a distinct disappointed tone. Doc and I were wondering what he was thinking. “I guess I was just really hoping I could hit 8 ft tall.” Before I could rag him again about being such a 'shorty' he looked down at me, huffed and cut me off bemusedly. “I know, I know! I'm already super tall, Jed. But it would've been cool to top eight feet.” I smiled WAY up into Dad's handsome eyes. “Eight feet would've fuckin' been awesome, but you are still a giant to me and pretty much everyone else.” Dad patted me head and gave me a colossal single-arm biceps pose, the triceps up over my face. From down here below I couldn't even see the top of his biceps peaks. “Thanks little buddy. I guess I'll still be big enough as just a seven footer!” “Ok, one more thing Chad,” Dr. J began, “for most of next week I will be out of town so you will not need to come in next week until Friday.” “OK doc. I can just lift back at UrbanFlex with Ted and Jed.” “Excellent. Yes, please don't stop your workouts, we don't want to interrupt any of your progress, stay consistent.” The final week before I was to return to college Dad and I enjoyed a little stay-cation at home. Ted was thrilled that we all got to workout together and we all had a blast. Due to his internet fame, my father was now basically a bodybuilding celebrity. At first, we had a hard time beginning our workout as so many people came up to talk to Dad, asking him his stats, and of course, if he would flex his gigantic muscles. He played along for a while and then politely asked for us to be left alone so we could lift. That week also continued a parade of gorgeous, very tall women in an and out of our house. It was incredibly emasculating during these visit knowing that I was the shortest human in our household. I felt like was 5-years old again hanging out with two towering parents. The tallest woman that showed up was a 6 ft 6 in, late 20's blond who had an absolutely HUGE rack to go with her towering height. That night I imagined Pops playing with them and giving her the titty-fuck of her life with his gigantic rod. I became very familiar with my noise-canceling headphone during these evenings, as I did my best drown out the roaring masculine grunts and shrill squeals of orgasmic delights emanating from his amazonian conquests. During that week, it also became evident that Dad was indeed growing. Everyday he looked a little taller and a little thicker. He now basically had to squeeze though each doorway sideways due to his incredible muscular bulk. He had lost some of his contest definition, but he still had to be no more than 12% bodyfat. His muscles has completely filled back in and always looked pumped to the max. “Damn Jed, I feel absolutely massive! Especially in this shrinking house. We might have to start looking for a bigger place. I'm getting a little tired of having to hunker down so far and squeeze through all the doorways. I can barely fit in the shower any more. I can only shower one half of me at a time because I'm too dman wide for the shower.” “Yeah I bet it's getting rough for you, big guy. I can tell you are packing on the mass and I can tell you are in your last growth spurt. Pops, you look like an offseason pro-bodybuilder! I mean, look at your freakin' biceps!” “Yeah, little buddy. THESE LITTLE THINGS” Dad brought his arms up to give me a double-biceps pose. As he did he accidentally punched the kitchen light fixture with his right fist. It jingled and swayed violently but luckily nothing broke. “Oops! See what I mean. I can barely move in here without running into something. I'm just getting so huge!” “Yeah you are, big man! Hell, look at this, my eyes are actually BELOW your chest now, Dad! Hey Pops, can I measure you arms? I can't believe how much bigger they look since the contest.” “Oh you wanna measure these little things right here, little guy, haha?” Dad flexed his bicep at his side, right in front of my face. “Well, go get the tape, Son.” I complied and pulled the measuring tape out of the drawer and wrapped it around his right arm. I could help but squeeze it and grope it with my hands as it was in front of me. “Geez, Pops! Even though it's not as shredded it's still hard as granite!” Dad reminded me that his arms measured 28.5 inches at the contest three weeks ago. I wrapped the tape around. Holy cow dad! You arms are just a hair over 30 inches! Dad snickered and grinned down at me. “Oh yeah little buddy, is that it? But you didn't tell me to FLEX when you measured.” I felt his already hard arm tighten into what must've been the hardness of a diamond. The tape pulled from my hand. “Measure it now, Sport.” “32.25 inches! Holy shit Dad. Your flexed biceps...they...they're MONSTROUS!” “Haha thanks Jed. I always did like big arms.” Dad repeatedly flexed both biceps, one after the other. I couldn't help but reach up and attempt to squeeze the massive ball of sinewy flesh that was now above my own head as he flexed. “Now I got some big arms of my own, and they are only going to get bigger! I may not get any taller, but I still got plenty of room to pack on even MORE MUSCLE now!” “And your chest, no wonder you can bench nearly a half a ton!” “Oh yeah, look these beef titties, Son. Boom, boom, boom...” Dad 'boomed' as he alternately bounced his pecs. Now that his pectorals were above my head, the point of view while watching them bounce was mesmerizing. Looking up and seeing his nipples rise and fall, all that meat tense and loosen, it was almost hypnotic. The next day was the Friday before I had to leave for school so Dad and I headed to Crofton to meet up with the Doc at the strength lab. That day, both Dad and I got to engage in a delt workout with all the lab's fancy gym equipment. Docs was surprised when he saw my father for the first time in a week. “Well, Mr. Graves, I see your final growth spurt has taken hold. You have definitely inched upward AND outward since I saw you last week.” After the workout we made our way into the side lab for Dad's CT scan. As we entered the X-ray room Doc asked, “Hey Jed, before you go to college, would you mind if I scan you and take a blood sample for our files? Since you are the closest DNA match to your father it would be nice to have some data to compare to.” “Sure thing Doc. You are giving me a scholarship so it'd be the least I could do.” The doc took my blood and then I hopped in the CT machine. It was my first time inside one and I have to say I was a little bit claustrophobic. And this was even an over-sized CT machine so they could accurate get readings only my father. Once the scan was complete my father and I switched places. “Thank you Jed, we'll store your data on file. Your data will act as a good control set for our research on your father's phenomenal growth,” Doc explained as the machine buzzed and scanned my hulking horizontal father. Once complete Doc retrieved Dad and they squeezed back into the computer office. Once again Doc began zooming in on various sections of the 3D image that had been generated on the screen. “Well, Chad, it looks like your growth plates have finally fused, and only after 36 years!” he chuckled. Dad sighed and shrugged his bowling ball shoulders and traps. “Well shoot, Doc. Fun while it lasted. It was sure fun watching you guys and world shrink around me! So what's my final height? 7 ft 10? Did I make it to 7 ft 11? Damn, that would be awesome.” Doc clicked button that brought up a small window with some more data on it. “Well, Chad, unfortunately, I'm afraid you didn't grow as I had assumed...” Dad slouched slightly down, his body language displaying his disappointment at hearing that news. “Well, that's Ok. I guess any thing over 7 ft 6 is still super tall, right Son?” I reached up and patted him on the shoulder to comfort him and nodded. The doc the smirked at me before looking up at Dad's frowning face. “Chad, the result was not was I expected...because you are officially 8 ft 1.75 in tall!” I watched my father's handsome face as realization slowly swept over it. His mouth slowly opened as his jaw dropped, he eyebrows raised and his eyes went wide. “ARE YOU SERIOUS DOC? YOU BETTER NOT BE SCREWING WITH ME.” The doc snickered as my Dad fidgeted with excitement. “Mr. Graves the number is right here on the screen. And a CT scan is the most accurate way to take height, so it's a true number!” “Pardon my French doc, BUT FUCK YEAHHHHHH!” Dad raised his arms in sort of a victory pose. He had so, so wanted to reach that magical value of 8 ft tall and he thought he was going to come up just short. The revelation that he surpassed that number gave him the power rush of all power rushes. With his arms raised dad realized he could actually touch the 10 ft high ceiling panels on the lab room. “GGGRRRRR YEAH! I'M A FUCKING EIGHT FOOT TALL MUSCLE GIANT! NO WAIT, OVER EIGHT FEET TALL. YOU SAID I'M NEARLY EIGHT FOOT TWO! GOD I FEEL SO...SO GIGANTIC!” Doc and I let Dad enjoy his moment, smiling with him and sharing in his excitement. “So, I'm over TWO feet taller than the average man! Wow, no wonder everybody looks like a toddler when I'm out in public!” At that moment I was happy to share some of my nerdy, pub quiz knowledge with him, “Dad, the average height in the US is like 5 ft 9. That means you are almost two AND A HALF feet taller than the average US man!” “Oh yeah, Sport. I LOVE the sound of that. The average man would be looking at my bellybutton! What a bunch of shorties! HAHAHA! I can't imagine being that short...or that small! Of course, I'm not only massively tall, look at my muscles! I look like a fuckin' pro-bodybuilder! Man, I would TOWER over those puny Mr. Olympia guys! Maybe that is my next step, haha!” Eventually Dad began to calm his excitement down. We gathered our things and headed out to his huge pickup to drive home. He had an extra bounce in his step as we walked, he held his head up even higher, puffed his chest out even further. I caught him staring down at me and finally asked, “What's up, Pops?” “Nothing, Son. I just can't believe than I am two whole feet taller than you. I mean, you look so small compared to me. I feel like I am 25 years old again and you my little 10-year old boy. It's making me a little sentimental, especially since I have to send you off to college again tomorrow, little buddy.” I turned and reached around his waist and hugged him again. “I love how HUGE you are dad. You're my hero. I've always looked up to you and now I REALLY LOOK UP TO YOU!” Dad patted my back before we climbed in the truck and headed home. The next day we loaded my stuff up into the truck and started driving to my college town. I had decided to move me into a small apartment just off campus. Once again, having the worlds strongest daddy made the move relatively easy. He carried all the big items by himself, of course, without breaking a sweat. Once everything was in place I sat down on the couch to rest. My feet were killing me from all the hauling and stair climbing. I wished I would've worn better shoes. My feet must've swelled from all the work because I was having trouble pulling my shoes off my feet. A moment later Dad joined me in my new living room and his phone rang. He answered, “Hello this is Chad. Oh, Hey Doc! I'm good, just finished helping Jed move into his new apartment... Uh huh...is that so? Ok will do, Doc. Yep, I'll see you back in Crofton on Monday. Bye, Doc!” “What was that about, Dad? What did the doc want?” Dad grinned proudly down at me. “The Doc says he reviewed your CT scan. He says your growth plates haven't fused.” END ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Well there you have it, my first story. Wow, I can't believe I started this way back in January! Thanks for all the compliments so far, I've really appreciated all the positive feedback I've gotten. Please, let me know your thoughts on that last part or the entire story in general, I would love read what you have to say. I will start working on a new story very soon. In the meantime I will focus on some of my own muscle growth! I doubt any of my future stories will be nearly this long, but expect more of the slow, semi-realistic growth that I so love. THANKS FOR READING!
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    Happy Father's Day by F_R_Eaky Chapter Two: A Pint of Guinness Red Chapter one: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12542-happy-fathers-day-by-f_r_eaky/ Kilterry Pier. There's not a lot to look at or much of it, but during the summer they sometimes have a beach with a life guard watching for swimming, and it's about the closest thing for sea swimming near Limerick, Ireland one can get. Cian (Kee-ahn) Brennan was walking, no, pacing up and down the small pier looking for something, perhaps someone. Finally after his third attempt of walking to the end of the pier, he saw a note that was taped to one of the posts. He opened it up, read it, and then in disgust flung the note from himself like he was tossing a frisbee so hard he hoped it would skip across the Atlantic to Canada. Immediately after there were a series of snickers and giggles coming from the brush and a group of young, college aged men took off running, piled into a car and drove away. Upon hearing the laughter Cain spun his 1.6 meter tall (5' 3"), lithe but well defined frame around to see the back of the car as it left. Flipping his beautiful, red hair that was somewhere between burgundy and pumpkin... just a deep, rich, muted color but one could still tell he was a redhead, out from in front of his sparkling emerald eyes, he screamed at least to one of the young men, "That's right leave ya, wanker! I di'na really want to be with ya anyway! Was gonna call it off, ya ejiot gob-shite!" And taking his sandaled foot, he scuffed the road as hard as he could in a great swift kick. "You look like a man who could use a drink." Cian spun around again and there sitting on one side of the pier was a man with long brown hair, hazel eyes, sort of tall with an average build. "Yeah go on make the jokes about red heads being hot tempered...." "Not at all. Just a warm day and you look angry about something. Figured a drink could help cool you off, at least in one way if not both." Cain stood still for a moment, his head cocked, looking at the young man. Finally he shrugged, "Why the feck not? Not doin' anything else ta'day.... What do ya have?" The young man popped open a small cooler and pulled out a can. "Guinness Red Harvest Stout." "That'll do..." There they were for a few minutes, Cian standing drinking his stout, the young man sitting in his folding chair drinking his. Cian polished his can off in a few brisk minutes. He was angry and he wished there was a bar located here so he could get good and pissed. Not too long after the young man asked him, "So what do you feel like doing?" "What with you? I don't feel like doing anything with anyone. I feel like takin' this can and crushing it between my head and hand, like it's collapsible." "Well, that might hurt, but it's your body." "Naw, I can not do it. Don't have enough strength in my neck or arm muscles to do so. I may looked ripped as hell, but there's practically no muscle." They stood there for a few minutes again in silence, before Cian spoke again. "Look, I'm sorry for making it sound like doin' somethin' with you was not worth my time. No reason for me to be a wanker because some maggot hurt my feelings." "What did he do to you anyway? I didn't even see him come near you." "It was the note... .... he left me...that I flung into the sea. ... .... .... I met him at a club last night. Yeah, I know... a man in his forties headin' out to a club." "I would think you'd be a pub man." "I would, but... .... ....I'm a gay man. Hard to find another one at a pub, sometimes, so I also head out to the clubs still. I'm not trying to find a shillelagh to shag just for the night. I'd like to have a long term relationship. Find someone I like, he likes me, see where it goes. I didn't think he was going to be the one, but when a younger guy comes up and hits on me, a forty-three year old man, it's kind of an ego boost and turn on all in one, ya know? Ach...listen to me askin' you that. I don't even know yer orientation, you don't even know who I am and I'm unloading my burdens like you're some barkeep." "It's alright. Everyone needs an ear to listen once in a while. My name is Lorcan." "Please ta meet'cha. I'm Cian." "So Mr. Arse-Shite hit on you last night, and that took you where?" "Nowhere.... as I just found out. At first he flirtin' with me like I'm the king of the fairies ready to grant him three wishes. Then he makes his move and practically pushes me into a back, dark corner of the pub. Once there we're sittin' in a booth and he's makin' out with me like come the mornin' it's judgment day. At one point I nearly thought we were gonna shag right there. Anyway... towards the close of the club, I'm thinkin' I'm gonna get his name or his number, instead he apologizes to me and says he can't go to my place or bring anyone home for the night as he has an important meeting early in the morning out at Ballylongford for some reason, tourism or something... but he'd be driving on his way back around eleven, and said to meet him here for lunch at noon - a picnic on the beach." "And he turned you down." "Yeah, with a note. A note! Fuckin' gobshite. An' he cannot even be polite about it. Fuckin' writes to me, 'Sorry, I don't date old leprechauns, ya short, elderly bastard.'" "Ouch... that is harsh." "Yeah... drive damn near an hour to get out here for that? I could've stayed home." Lorcan nodded his head in agreement. "So what's a young man like yourself doin' out here?" "I decided to go out to the middle of nothing to get away from all the well wishers for tomorrow." "Tomorrow, what's.... that's right it's father's day. What's wrong with father's day? Recently lose yours?" "No. ... ... ... he lost me. He found out I'm gay." "Oh.... .... ... one of those." "Aye." "So you're no in the mood to hear or see folks celebrating with their fathers right now." "Nope." "Well, picked a fine place to get away from everyone." Cian sat down on the ground next to Lorcan and after a few minutes finally looked up and over to him and said, "So you're out her t'day. What are you going to do tomorrow? That's when most of the guys will be out with their dads." "I'm actually headed to a new friend's house tomorrow. He's an older gay man, not too unlike yourself, no children, heard my story and decided to invite me over. Gives him a chance to cook and we could just talk, play cards, watch the tele, whatever. That way neither one of us has to see everyone celebrating. What are you doing?" "Nothing. Although I was kind of hoping for a weekend long date." "I think that note stated otherwise." Cian smirked, "You think?" and then he chuckled. "Not doing a thing. Both my parents are passed, never married, no kids, so no reason for me to celebrate." Lorcan nodded. "Wanna hang out with my new friend and me? I would need to ask him, but a fellow gay man in the same situation might as well make a group event." "Or our own private support group." Both of the men laughed and then Cian looked out to the sea, pondered for a moment and then said, "Sure, why not. Let me give you my name and number, then you can call him first, then call me if it's alright, and I'll come by, pick you up and we can head there. Deal?" "Deal." and the two shook hands firmly on it. The two sat there for a few minutes more when a glint caught Cian's eye and he stared at a backpack sitting under Lorcan's chair. "What is that?" "What's what? The beach isn't that desolate there's only one thing to see. Cian chuckled, "Smart arse. That thing on your back pack. Looks like some kind of jeweled key fob." "Oh that... that is the most precious thing I own. It's a tiny goblet I discovered near a holy well in my home town. Figured it must have been an offering or some kind of special token. It's a real tiny goblet. Thought to myself, when things are at their lowest and I have no money, I can sell it to a museum or something." "Well, that is an interesting find." "Yeah... it makes things taste better too." "Really...does it now?" "No joke. Here let me pour you another in a cup and you tell me." And with that Lorcan pulled the tiny goblet out of its case, pulled a can of Guinness out of his cooler, grabbed a cup, and proceeded to pour the Guinness into the goblet letting it cascade into the cup. After the can was drained and the cup filled, he handed it off to Cian. "Now tell me if that doesn't taste better." Cian took a swig and then looked at his glass in bewilderment. "That's gotta be some kind of parlor magic trick. You somehow switched ales on me." "Nope. Honest all I did was let it flow over the goblet." "That is amazing." The two sat sipping their ales for a while enjoying the day in quiet when Lorcan suddenly asks, "So what kind of man is mister right for you?" "What, you thinking of applying for the position?" "Ha ha ha ha... no.... just askin'." "I don't know... I'm kind of a paradox. I like bigger guys, but there can be some problems with a short and tall guy, so I kind of like my man to be the same height, although finding short guys like me is a tad more difficult." "So if you could have your fantasy man and it didn't matter the physics and logistics of getting intimate, he would be?" "Tall! ... ... aha....he'd be tall, like nearly a giant." "Like big men do ya." "Well, I've grown up being short all my life. Course I'd like to see or be with the opposite, especially if I could be the top. Taking a big tall guy and making him mine." Cian shifted in his sitting position a bit. He thought the couple of ales and summer heat must be getting to him and he felt like he had a dizzy spell, moment of vertigo. "And would this big man have big hands and feet." "Yeah.... slightly larger than average to body ratio so you can feel them. Like Kodiak paws grabbing you, holding you, while his feet, bare foot, so thick, so muscular, veiny....oooh...." Cian's sandals seemed to become smaller and tighter around his feet. He began to feel his tank top rise further up his abs. "So tall man, with big hands and feet..." "Yes...." Cian closed his eyes and swallowed hard..."Really tall man, like those giant like basketball players, or guys from the Viking legends or American tall tales. uuuuuhhhhh." The tank top bottom rose up higher on Cian's abs, his nips began to rise up, out, and over the tank top's top. One...two of his toes on each foot began to grow between his sandal straps and go past the shoe size. Meanwhile the rest of the sandal became form fitting to Cian's foot, shape and had begun to roll over the sides of the sole. His shorts' hems began to crawl up his thighs. "What about muscle? Super cut and lithe like yourself?" "No....super built, like Mr. Olympia or bigger and extremely cut and shredded. I just oooooh..." Cian felt his pecs swell out just a little bit, pushing the tank top's top out over the abs like a ledge or a shelf, pulling the top further down and threatening to move past his nipples and chest so the tank top suddenly was caught under the pecs and not really hiding them. And the sides began to tear away as Cian's lats began to fill and spread out, while his arms, delts, traps, neck, chest, thighs, and calves began to swell with new found size. "And are they built just for size or do they have maximum strength to them?" "Ooooh.... uhm....maximum strength, really dense, hard muscle, totally shredded, and veiny....uhm.... and....auuuuuuuch...." Again the tank top and shorts shrunk on Cian. The straps of the tank top began to snap, the fabric tore down the sides. It looked almost as if Cian were busting out of a woman's tube top instead of a man's tank top. His shorts began to rip up the sides due to the increase in muscular size, and in length of his thighs. His feet grew a little larger, wider, the side straps of his sandals now snapping or pulling loose from the sole. "And what about down under.... does your man fit the wives' tale of big feet and hands big...?" "Of course he does.... I mean I want him to have a bat. Long... thick..... hard.... throbbing....veiny.....So when I allow him to fuck me, I feel it all the way to my soul. And his balls have got to be like tennis ball size. Massive cum producers, so when he blows in me or I suck him off, I won't need dinner I'm so fuuuuuuuuuull.....FULL! oh gawd.... full...." Another surge as the tank top fluttered off of him. Yet another surge happened and this time the growth was all in his crotch, his cock and balls growing to full potential, filling out his basket further and further from his body. His crotch and zipper area of his pants extending farther and farther out until the zipper just pulled apart. It happened at the same time as his waistband button snapped, the shorts ripped all the way up the sides, and with the broken zipper the shorts dropped by the wayside, leaving basking gloriously nude in the summer sun. "Oh!.... .... I..... my GAWD!..." Both Cian and Lorcan stood up at Cian's exclamation. Cian was now just a hint shorter than Lorcan was and looking a bit built like an amateur rugby player. Looking around quickly, Cian yanked the beach towel from under Lorcan's cooler and hastily wrapped it around himself. "I.... I'm sorry... I don't what happ.... da fuck?! I.... I'll give this back to me tomorrow, if you call. I need to go...." Performing a tuck-tie of the beach towel around his waist, Cian quickly grabbed the remains of his shorts, pulled out his car keys, and ran as fast as he longer legs could take him, to his car. Opening the car door he hurt himself in several ways trying to get it like he normally did, but that wasn't happening now. Cursing at the car, he sat down sideways into the driver's seat and then adjusted the seat back a few notches. Shutting the car door, he slammed on the gas and drove off, sweating profusely and looking down at his body when not observing the road.
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    Oh boy, it has been quite a while since I 've worked on this story. This update comes in two parts. This one is the plot-heavy one. Feel free to skip through at your leisure if that is not your jam. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V -- The Well We have lingered in the chambers of sea By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown Till human voices wake us, and we drown. - T.S. Eliot, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" The clouds were painted flat and grey against the sky, leaving a muddy warmth in their wake. The pale morning light that made it through lent a calm air to the morning, the blue-hued rays filtering through the needles of trees. It was a day like any other. I waited outside Charlie’s house for him to leave for class. I had no plan. Short of makeshift handcuffs, I was out of ideas. He could probably knock me out at any time, and I had no idea how he did it. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to ask nicely. He opened the door wearing a white wife beater that was just tight enough to show his abs through the fabric. When his verdant eyes turned to face me he looked amused. “You look different, little man,” he said. I stared at him blankly. I wasn’t sure what to do. He chuckled. “What is it you want from me anyways? You made your wish and it has nothing to do with mine.” He said. “What are you talking about?” I inquired bluntly. “I never made any wish. Frankly I have no idea what’s going on…although I’m not complaining, I guess,” I stated, rubbing my thick hands across the deep, shredded crevices of my abs. God, what was happening to me. “Sorry, that’s become a force of habit lately,” I mumbled. “You’ve never been to the well?” Charlie asked. “No. What well?” I asked impatiently. “Then what happened to you?” He seemed genuinely interested, the amusement on his face giving way to curiosity. And he clearly knew a lot more than I did. It couldn’t hurt to share. I described the metal bug, the insatiable desire to lift, the ravenous hunger, the euphoric growth, the second bite, and the dream. Well, the relevant parts of the dream. I also left out the parts about Delilah. He gazed at me intently before breaking into a smile. Then he took a deep breath. “Well, so much for class today. We’re going on a field trip.” Charlie said, dropping his backpack inside the door and then shutting it for good. He stretched and I could see the soft shadows of his triceps that I had felt in my dream. I was bewildered. Apparently my ignorance was enough to warrant his help. “Get ready for a bit of a hike. It’s not too far, but more than a quick walk.” After that he started ahead off without me, and I jogged to catch up. I followed him quietly as he led me through the neighborhood to a trail into the forest. It was a path I had run a few times before. Tall evergreens surrounded us, soft and inviting in the pale morning light. I spoke up once and he looked at me stolidly, telling me to “Just wait until we get there.” The rest of our trek was conducted in the relative silence of the forest. Only the frogs made sounds as they fell asleep for the day. I tried to focus on our surroundings instead of gaping awkwardly at his chiseled backside. I worried he would catch me staring and knock me out. Maybe I was just being paranoid. Squirrels ran through the leaf litter and up the trees, eying us cautiously as we made our way up the path. After about forty minutes we came to a unique collection of ovoid rocks that were stacked against one another, and he led us off the path to wade through the remnants of a trail overrun with forest scrub. I was forced to watch him as he guided us through, and I found that the longer I focused on him the less I was able to focus on anything else. There was a certain magnetism about the way he moved, confident and alluring. My eyes ate up his every motion hungrily. Everything about him was perfect. His back sculpted like the smoothest stone, his walnut colored hair reflecting beautifully in the sunlight, the beefy heads of his calves separating every time he took a stop, the sweat rolling off his caramel tanned skin, his clothes hugging his tight body with every motion. Amongst all the beauty of the forest, including my own, he outshined us all, a guiding light in the darkness. His radiance enraptured me, made me feel whole. A branch swept across my face, forcing my attention away from Charlie. The trance was lifted, and the rest of the world came rushing back into view. I felt on my face where I had been struck but could not find a cut or any pain. Another part of the transformation, I guessed. I wondered silently if anything could hurt me. When I looked back up at Charlie he seemed like an ordinary person again. Still just as attractive, but I was no longer transfixed by him. I found that if I stared for too long, however, I started to lose clarity again. It was best to focus elsewhere and follow the sound of him moving through the scrub. The last of the wildflowers were wilting in the mild summer heat. Another half an hour of trekking found us in a small clearing that was mostly shaded save for a few sharp slivers of sunlight that pierced through. Charlie stopped and took a long, deep breath. Leaf litter from the surrounding trees covered the ground, but few plants grew here. The ones that did had long, thin leaves almost like needles and vibrant red flowers that let their stamens out towards the ground. In the center of the clearing stood a stone structure resembling a well. The clean cut stones were a deep, mottled grey that I did not recognize. The well overflowed with water, and it spilled into a shallow pool of the same stone that encircled the structure. The water that flowed out seemed unnaturally dark, like it refused to let any light leave its shallow prison. A wooden covering was held by thin posts ornately carved with various animal and plant designs. It looked like it had been built long after the primary structure by someone other than the original architect. A small wooden bucket hung from the roof as well, although it did not seem to serve much purpose. “Welcome to the wishing well,” Charlie said with false ceremony. “I…don’t get it, honestly. Why are we here?” I said, perplexed. “Just go up to it. You’ll have to take your shoes off and put your feet into the water to look inside. Then you’ll see.” I agreed reluctantly. The whole structure, although simple enough, gave me an ominous feeling. Light and sound seemed to move oddly through the clearing because of it, sometimes enhanced and sometimes subdued but never what was expected. The well itself had a certain Lovecraftian alienness about it, as though whoever built it had tried to create something familiar but had failed in the details and instead made something entirely foreign. I steeled myself for whatever fate awaited me, taking my shoes off before the water. What the hell, I thought, rubbing my cheek where the branch had hit me. I am practically invincible now, anyways. The inky water was smooth and cool on my feet. The flow from the well gave me the impression of wading through the tide rather than standing in a pool, and I noticed that the water drained into holes along the pool’s stone edges. The closer I came to the well the more everything around it seemed to go dark in my vision. Soon the only thing I could see was the stone and the water, and my feet moving through it. The rest of the world had faded into a giant expanse, endless, vast, and humming with a vibrancy of life despite its emptiness. I rested my hands on the well, feeling the cool rush of dark water flow over them, and looked inside. Images swirled and began to take shape and form against the darkness. Soon I was a part of them, as though I was in a dream. I could not tell at first if the visions I saw were scenes from the future or memories. At times they felt like both. Each one was a snapshot from my life, not always in order but generally progressing forward. They came slowly at first, then faster and faster until they began to blur together. Important moments and small moments rubbed up against one another in a ceaseless barrage: graduation from university, a gentle kiss from a stranger, my election to head of an engineering firm, the desert view from atop a tall rock, my sister’s funeral. In every image I was the same age, and as time sped past I was oblivious to its effects. I traveled the world and experienced more than most do in a lifetime, summiting mountains and skyscrapers, exploring though canyons and across highways until I felt there was no more to see. I met others, many of them, from all walks of life. I talked with them, laughed with them, loved them, fucked them. I grew from each of them, and I cherished every one of them. In the midst of my travels, in a dark city alley lined with high adobe walls, I found a mirror. The humid air and sandy floor of the alley faded as I gazed into it. The reflection was my own, but I had grown to titanic proportions. At least twice my current size, and all muscle. The shelf of my pecs eclipsed the sun for those who stood under me, and the strength a single arm was enough to topple buildings. I was invincible, the epitome of eroticism and power. In the mirror’s visions, I filled my time with prodigious displays of my boundless strength, lifting ships with the flick of my wrist, stopping bullets and tanks that would stand in my way, eating and drinking and fucking whomever I pleased. I was indomitable in the world of men, a god for others to worship. I looked away from the mirror and continued on my own path. But the visions from the mirror stuck with me, haunting me. Time continued its march and I moved with it effortlessly, but the others did not. I watched my friends and loved ones die, and new ones sprang up to take their place. The stars continued to turn overhead, but I stopped counting the revolutions of the earth and the numbers of days that passed. Time was just an excuse for everything not to happen all at once. I watched the world change as my body refused to age. The seas rose and dried up, technologies advanced beyond what I thought possible, the natural world around us dwindled and was restructured in our image, countries rose and fell in what felt like minutes, and soon we left the earth behind. Eventually I jumped across stars with the rest of our species through the grandness of the cosmos, watching patiently what became of us as we traipsed from galaxy to galaxy. And just when I felt myself start to slip into a boundless infinity a hand pulled me out from the well. I inhaled sharply, as though I had just been rescued from the bottom of a pool. “What did you see?” he asked calmly. “I was immortal. I saw everything.” Charlie regarded me cautiously. “That’s a new one. Must have been why you were out for so long. “Look, just be careful. The well shows you the wish you want, but it doesn’t always grant it. Mostly it works out, but sometimes it fails and things get tricky. That’s probably where your bugs came from, too. Whoever made that wish may not have even been bitten.” I paused, considering what monstrous incarnation of eternity would spring forth from the well to grant my own wish. Finally I regained the courage to speak. “What did you wish for?” I asked. “I haven’t. I’m like you. The product of someone else’s wish.” I stared at him blankly. “When my mom was young she found this well by accident. Just like you and everyone who comes across it, it showed her what she wanted most, although she didn’t know it at the time. She says she saw the most beautiful woman in the world, one that no man could resist. When she asked the well to make it real, a branch grew from the water and offered her a fruit. “She got her wish. Not only was she beautiful, but men became obsessed with her. She drove them mad. And when she spoke, she could ask them to do anything she wanted.” “Like what you did with me?” I asked. He nodded. She had asked to become Helen but had become a Siren instead. And apparently it was heritable. “The way her wish was granted, she never knew if men loved her or were just lost in a trance. But she managed to fall in love with my dad, somehow, and they lived together long enough to have me. “Then one day while he was working on his car he cut his arm pretty deep, and when he looked at her she was a stranger. It took him a long time just to remember who she was, and after he couldn’t even look at her. They split after that. That’s the short version anyhow.” “What happened to her?” I asked. “She still lives here with me. She rarely goes out now. Too many eyes watching. Now she only talks with the others who have been to the well. Most of them online. They tend to scatter.” “What about you, then? Have you ever looked in the water?” “No, I haven’t. Too risky. I don’t have it even a quarter as bad as she does,” he said, gesturing down to his body, “And you can barely even look at me for more than five minutes.” I blushed. I wasn’t sure if he had noticed. “I have my whole life to think about what my wish will be. There’s no rush.” “So I could wish for everything to go back to normal?” “I don’t know. Whoever or whatever built this well doesn’t seem to need it anymore, so we can’t ask questions. We only know what we know from the wishes we’ve made. “Look, I only brought you here so you could understand what’s happening to you. It probably would have drawn you here anyways, even if I hadn’t shown you. That’s what happened to me, sort of like your dream. I can’t stop you from making your wish, but you should know it doesn’t always go according to plan.” I thought to argue, but it was useless. He had made up his mind. And so we left the clearing and headed home in silence once more. The siren’s son led me from the water, safe to dry land. -- The night was dark from thick cloud cover and an absent moon. I had spent all day packing, throwing away most of my clothes that wouldn’t fit anymore. I was already a day and a half late, and I tried to rush but I found it hard to focus. My mind was preoccupied with the well. My head buzzed with the wish that I would make, what, if anything, I would tell Delilah, and the behemoth that had stared back at me in the mirror. If I wanted to, I could ask for it. But that was someone else’s wish, I had to remind myself. Although, even still… I loved the way the downcast lighting reflected off of my body, the way every single crevice formed by my impressive musculature made a deep shadow. I thought about how I could make men cum just by letting them worship me, how even my fingers had the strength to bend metal with ease, and how the hard flesh under my skin was now akin to the metal that I lifted. Pre leaked ceaselessly from my hard cock as I subtly flexed and explored what my body had become. -- My flashlight barely lit the forest path as I made my way out to the well. I got lost a few times, having to turn back before I found the rock formation I was looking for. I stumbled my way through the trail, freshly beaten by our steps from this morning, and found my way to the clearing. The red flowers glowed with a soft phosphorescence in the darkness of the night. Only a few scarce stars were visible overhead. I took a deep breath, removed my shoes and placed my feet into the water. The temperature had not changed, and against the cool night air it was warm on my feet. The infinite expanse opened up to me again, my surroundings even darker than the night I came from. I saw the same visions pass before my eyes, including the mirror. And when it was done I stood silently for a few moments, the weight of eternity on my shoulders. Then I made my wish.
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    So I started writing this on another site and was convinced to post it here too. It will not be everyone's cup of tea, but hey, I think it's hot! This story will not nearly be as long as my last either, which is fine by me. We'll get to the action much quicker. ************************************************ Chapter 1: Recruited I’ll never forget the first time I met Coach in person. It was February of my senior year of high school and I had just arrived home from my after school workout. As I walked in the door there he was, sitting at my kitchen table, chatting with my parents. I had exchanged a few emails and phone calls with him in the past couple of weeks, but to meet him in person was an especially exciting event. Not just because he was a local celebrity and one of the most sought after young college football coaches in the country, but because of the opportunities he brought with him. But first, let me back up. The previous Fall, I enjoyed a surprisingly successful football season, racking up several accolades and honors. All of a sudden I was soon receiving some recruiting interest from the smaller universities in our region. This was all very surreal to me as never in my life did I think I, Mason Jackson, was good enough to extend my football playing career past high school. Not only did I question my own skill, but I played of the smaller high school in our state, which don’t tend to get the type of exposure needed to get recruited to the bigger schools. Even then, I thought I was too small to play college ball, being only 5 ft 10 but a solid 175 lbs. Granted, I played defensive back, which are always the smallest guys on any football field. The position I play is out in the backfield, which is mostly open space. Primarily, my job is to keep the faster players from the offense from catching passes. So being smaller, faster, quicker and more agile was an advantage for my position compared to the big, lumbering beasts who played at the line of scrimmage. Regardless, thanks to my own high school coaches, my name had gotten out there for the college coaches to review. It was exciting to receive the attention I was getting even though it was mostly from smaller universities. Of course, my parents were thrilled that I now had a chance to attend a school on scholarship. Being a straight A-student, I was already in line for some financial assistance, but a full-ride athletic scholarship was not something I was going to squander. But no offer was more exciting than the one I received for Biltoft University. Bilthoft University was the major college in our area of the state. It was located in a college town about 50 miles from my home. It was a smaller major, private university that was heavily invested in academics. Over the decades it had built up a reputation as being one of the top academic universities outside of the Ivy League. Of course, being our local university, I had grown up following all the Biltoft sports teams, along with the majority of my family and friends. The men's sports teams were known as the Brutes. The Bilthoft Brutes. While most of Brute teams experienced average levels of success, for most of my life the Brute football program had a sad existence. Apparently, the football team was quite good for about a 15-year era in the 60’s and 70’s but then went into a dark period for about three decades. During this time it was common for the team to only win two or three games per year and there were even a couple of winless seasons in that mix. During this period, the university powers-that-be invested very little into the success of the football program. Most of the school's resources were directed o expanding the academic profile of the school. At its heart, being an institute of learning, this certainly wasn't a bad thing and it contributed geatly to the school's academic profile. With this philosphy, Biltoft had even become one of the top universities in the world for its research in particle and quantum physics. So, while no one could really argue that a school shouldn’t spend most of its money on academics, it wasn't being realized that a lot of extra potential revenue was being missed that even a mediocre football program can generate. Revenue that could then be used for both athletic and academic improvements. So, as a result the football program languished for nearly three decades. Since Bilthoft was so heavily focused on academics, many of the football players recruited during this time were, well, nerds as well. Basically the university took in any smart high school football players they could get, regardless of skill level. For three decades the school's mascot was never more ironic. The Brutes, the hulking, muscular mascot betrayed the frail and weak (by college football standards) players on the Brute football team. During this time the university's squad picked up a derisive nickname, the “Bilthoft Boobs.” Although no one knew it at the time, the future of the school would forever change in the late 90’s when it recruited a tall, wiry, hardworking local linebacker named Mitchell Wood. Like most of the school's recruits at that time, young Mitch was virtually unknown. Mitch Wood's main intention was to attend Bilthoft for a biochemistry degree. He was of course, very intelligent, 4.0 GPA, valedictorian of his class you name it. He was a good player in high school, but did nothing that would indicate the star player he would develop into. After his college career, in various interviews Mr. Wood would talk about how most of his success could be traced back to when he really discovered the weight room his freshmen year. As he progressed through his four years at Bilthoft he lifted intensely and developed into one of he best defensive players not only in the school's history, but in the entire country. His startling physical development, combined with his impeccable intelligence, helped him become a beast on and off the football field. He set many of the Brute defensive and weightlifting records and still holds many of those records even to this day. There was even talk that, if he had been on a better football team, he could have been a contender for the Heisman trophy. By his junior year, he had NFL scouts chomping a the bits to draft him. The star Brute player had even led the team to its first bowl game appearance in 21 years. But, alas, halfway through his senior, Mitch Wood was felled by the all to common ACL injury. He still could potentially have rehabbed himself in time for that year's NFL draft and that was his original plan. However, he fell in love with the idea of coaching while sidelined with injury. He elected to forego the draft to the disappointment of many agents and finish out his college career to get his biochemistry degree, which he did that spring. The following year Mitchell Wood took a position at a local high school teaching chemistry and, of course, coaching the school's football team. His impact was immediate. His teams continuously improved and in just a few short years developed a new high school dynasty, even winning multiple state championships. Back at the University, soon after his time at Bilthoft had ended, Mr. Wood's impact was still being felt. Having had one of the the best players on the country leading the team to even moderate success had begun to weigh on the university's board. The younger members of the board began to realize how a successful athletics program can actually compliment the school's academic profile and not hinder it. The new revenue that Mr. Wood was a catalyst had began to weigh on the minds of the board. It was just a couple of years after Mr. Wood had left that program began to regress again and so the board decided to take action. They fired the football coach in search of a new direction. Of course, still being a relatively low-tier football program, the school knew they would not be able to bring in any high profile coaches. Thus, they decided to take a risk and hired Mitchell Wood, the formal Brute star and high school coaching phenom, to be the new coach at the tender age of 27. Coach Wood was absolutely thrilled to take over the position at his alma-mater and graciously accepted. Much like his high school teams, he quickly turned the Brute football program around. As a man hugely into weightlifting, he immediately revamped the team's strength and conditioning program. He was unusual in college football in that he assumed the shared role of head coach and also strength and conditioning coach. Very soon the brainy jocks on the field began to look bigger, faster, stronger and harder. After a 1-11 season the year before, Coach Wood led his first collegiate team to a 7-5 season and its first bowl game since he played. It was a stunning turnaround for modern college football. In just one year the average weight of a Brute football player increased by a full 25 lbs of solid muscle! It wasn't long before the school lost it's derisive moniker and soon the players were being known as the “Bilt Brutes”, a fun play on words that perfectly reflected the physiques underneath the Brute jerseys. His second season the team went 9-4, earning the school's first top 25 ranking in four decades. The third season they played for a conference championship and in his fourth season the Brute football program brought back its first conference championship trophy if FIVE decades! His stratospheric success then led his teams to back-to-back 11-2 season and top 10 rankings. Unsurprisingly, with his meteoric rise to success many of the historic powerhouse football schools clamored to hire him away from Bilthoft. But, every year coach rebuffed their offers, saying he owed everything to the Brutes and that the now 33-year old coach was happy to build a new powerhouse football program. What was even more surprising regarding the team's success was the Coach Wood kept with the schools proclivity to recruit the most intelligent players to maintain the school's high academic status. With the recent success on the field, the athletic profile of the average Brute recruit rose as well, but Coach had a knack for finding diamonds in the rough. The highly intelligent, but ultimately undeveloped players for which he considered himself to be when we first recruited out of high school. And so, this philosophy led Mitchell Wood to my kitchen table. He saw me walk into the kitchen and I immediately froze in star-struck awe. Even though I had been exchanging messages with him I had no idea he was coming to my house. He stood up and up and turned to face me and offered his hand in greeting. “It's nice to meet you, Mason.” Other than his celebrity, the man was simply overwhelming. From seeing him on TV I knew he was a big, burly man, but seeing him in person really illustrated that point. He had to be 6 ft 5 in, maybe 6 ft 6 in tall. He must've had a late growth spurt because I thought he list as a couple of inches shorter during his playing days. The other thing that astounded me was his muscularity. He was not just big, he was buff! I knew he was a seriously lifter from researching his history once he started contacting me. I had found out that he had even competed in some amateur bodybuilding contests back when he was just out of college. With some internet digging you can even find a few photos of him flexing up on stage from about a decade ago, looking huge, jacked and shredded. But now, the man in front of me was even bigger and more powerful than the young man in those photos. He was wearing a dark blue polo shirt (the team's colors) with the Brute logo, a “B” with two cartoon biceps flexing on each side, plastered over his overdeveloped chest muscles. The tight blue polo was tucked into tan khaki slacks which were also tight due to his muscled glutes, quads and hamstrings. Not to mention that he seemed to be very well developed in the crotch as well. The man seemed to have it all. He had hugely muscular arms with a pencil thick cephalic vein running over his biceps and vascular forearms. It looked like with one accidental flex he would burst the seams of his polo. He was in fantastic shape. He had the type of build that suggested he could still compete in bodybuilding with just a few weeks of dieting and conditioning. His head was topped off with matching white baseball cap, his signature accessory, with the Brute logo on the front. Being straight, I still couldn't deny that he was an amazingly handsome man with a rugged visage and chiseled jawline. He had a dark fu-manchu mustache which complimented the deep dark brown sideburns that stretched down from under his hat, framing his face. The fu-manchu added to his intimidating presence, but once he smiled warmly and shook my hand, I saw there was no reason to fear. “Nice to meet you, Mason. I'm Mitchell Wood, but I hope you'll call me 'Coach'”. I shook his huge hand which seemed to swallow up my own. I could feel the scratchy callouses on his palm, no doubt built up from years of gripping the knurling on weightlifting bars. His voice suited him perfectly, it was deep, rumbling and masculine. “It's nice to meet you Mr. Wood,” I began. “I'm a bit surprised you have expressed so much interest in me.” He chuckled down at me and gave me another friendly smile. “I see you are modest too. I have been watching your high school tapes and I am very impressed. You were a special player to your team, a great on-field leader. I fully believe I can help you develop that and that you would be a great asset to our program.” He was very charming too. This guy was the complete package, the perfect man. “Son, I am here to formally offer you a invitation to play for the Bilthoft Brutes.” I committed to play for the Brutes right there on the spot. *********************************************************** Chapter 2: A New Season I was seated in a large room with about 75 of my football playing peers early the following August. It was still three weeks before school officially began but the athletic teams were allowed to move onto campus early for practices. The room was abuzz with excitement as we waited. Finally, the coaches began walking in and stood at the front of the room. Coach Wood, stood front and center wearing what I would soon discover was his trademark outfit. On his feet he was wearing large white sneakers. Even from afar I could tell he had big feet, I'm guessing at least size 15. The bottoms of his legs were covered with white athletic tube sock. The socks came up to encircle to the largest diameter of his massive, protruding calf muscles. Traveling up from his calves his muscularity and pulchritude became more and more evident. The exposed, striated legs were covered by thin dark hair. Above his knees coach's quadriceps exploded outward in relief, the heavy muscle of his thighs so large that they threatened to cover up his kneecaps. This was clearly a man that had focused on squats and deadlifts to build up those tree trunk legs. A few inches higher coach was wearing mid-thigh length khaki shorts. I suspected the reason coach opted for short khakis was as utilitarian as it was aesthetic. The short shorts allowed his massive legs the freedom to move with causing much chafing, but it also gave his adoring fans a chance to ogle some of the beefiest legs you can imagine. Upward still, the legs of the shorts joined at the crotch where a sizable bulge was unmistakable. Coach was certainly a man whose large stature was in proportion everywhere. Above the shorts Coach was in his typical shirt. A tight, light grey, light fabric t-shirt that had “COACH” printed on the front chest in large block letters. His heaving pectorals were so large that the middle of the shirt was slightly sucked into his muscled cleavage, thus slightly distorting the word “COACH”. Hanging just in front of those beefy muscle pillows was Coach's whistle, the noise of which we would soon become well acquainted to. Due to his tremendous bulk, the t-shirt was tight everywhere else too. Well, except at his waist. Our new coach obviously made an effort to keep his bodyfat relatively low. Further up, on the sides of his chest and under his arms his lat muscles pulled the fabric outward whenever he extended his arms or stood with his fists on his hips. Even further up, you couldn't help to be amazed at his arms. We all knew coach was a bodybuilder in his former years and his arms certainly led credence to that fact. They were enormous and sinewy, each with that large cephalic vein prominently sticking out over his unflexed arms. And you certainly couldn't ignore the huge meaty mass of his triceps hanging from the bottom of his arm, adding to his arms' intense size. I longed to see what his arms looked like when flexing. On top of his chest stood his fire-hyrdrant neck, framed by two huge triangular trapezoid muscles. On top of his nekc sat his amazingly handsome, rugged face with his classic fu-manchu mustache and matching side burns. Completing the outfit he wore a white ball cap with a large blue “B” with two flexing arms, the logo for our Brute football program. As we settled down Coach began to speak. “Men, welcome to another year at Bilthoft! I look around this room and I see champions. Some of you may still be champions are in the making, but you all have what it takes to succeed. ARE YOU READY FOR A NEW SEASON!” The room erupted in hoots and hollers from all the players, the room was buzzing with competitive testosterone. The coach raised his hands to silence his players and then went down the line and introduced us all to the various position coaches. In general, each player would only be working with one or two of these position coaches plus the head coach during practices. “Ok boys, head to the locker and suit up for our first practice!” One of the seniors sitting in the front row piped up before anybody moved. “YO, COACH! YOU GOTTA SHOW THE NEW GUYS!” Coach grinned at the senior lineman who had addressed them. “Show them what, Jamal?” “C'mon Coach. Every year you end the first meeting showing us those huge GUNS of yours! It looks like you've been lifting even harder since spring practice ended. IT'S TRADITION, COACH!” Laughs and snickers could be heard throughout the room. Coach and his assistants were chuckling too. It was easy to tell why everybody loved Coach. Off the field he was a very easy going, playful, charming, and endeared himself to almost anybody he met. “Well, Jamal, I upped my caloric intake in the past couple of months and switched my lifting routine around a bit to see if I could put on some more mass. You guys have all been getting bigger so I decided I needed to put on some size too. Need to you keep you fella's in your place, haha.” Coach began bending and unbending his arms at his sides, smirking at Jamal as he spoke. “I've put a solid inch on these pythons, can yo believe that?” “Shit yeah Coach! You are looking monstrous. C'mon show 'em to us. You've got the ball cap with the flexing arms, all us upper-classmen consider your first meeting flex to be the real start to the football season!” Sheepishly, Coach replied, “Well, I don't know, Jamal, maybe we need a new tradition...” The room noise began to grow as the players protested playfully. Coach was toying with us all and we knew it. Catcalls, whistles and claps poured out from the crowd of jacked up young men: “Show us, Coach!” “Let's see it.” “I don't think your arms are any bigger!” “Flex 'em big guy!” Coach chuckled at looked at the ground with his hands on his hips. He loved that his huge powerful body was such a motivator for his players. Well, boys, let's go suit up and have a great practice. I think this is going to be a special year. Work hard out there on the field, lift hard in the gym, study hard in the classroom and big things will come, and do you know why, boys?... … BECAUSE WE ARE THE BILTHOFT BRUTES!” Coach suddenly raised both arms into a herculean double-biceps pose. The enormous mass of his biceps exploded upward seriously testing the fabric of his tight, grey t-shirt sleeves. The huge hamlike muscles of his triceps simultaneously pulled the shirt downward, filling the tortured sleeves with pounds and pounds of muscle. His biceps were freaky! They looked like they belonged on a champion pro-bodybuilder, the peaks were amazing! The room exploded in a masculine frenzy of cheers as we all admired our colossally buff coach and also hyped ourselves up for our first practice. Coach finally lowered his arms, “OK boys, time for practice!” As we dressed for practice the upper classmen couldn't stop talking about coach. “Holy cow, bro! His arms were HUGE! He's always been jacked but I can't believe he put on even more muscle since we last saw him.” “Shit, bros, I hope he trains us like he trained himself, I would love to put on some more beef too!” I knew Coach was big and buff, but the last time I saw him in person he was in slacks and a polo shirt. Of course, I didn't see him flex when he recruited me so I didn't have much to judge by. I took my teammates at their word that coach was even bigger lately. That first week of practice was one of the hardest weeks of my life. Coach worked our asses off. Even though he was so huge and intimidating and could've easily used fear to whip us into shape, he was such a great motivator that the thought of disappointing him was enough to make us give him 110%. Of course, that didn't stop him from yelling like a terrifying beast when he was displeased. But, there was never any threat of physical violence, he truly was like our huge, intense football father out there on the field. In the afternoons we would lift weights with our team unit. That is, for me, I lifted with all the other defensive backs. As coach was the strength coach as well, we was right there with us to teach us proper technique and push us to lift heavier and heavier weights. Since the outdoor practice in the hot summer sun usually left his grey t-shirt soaked with sweat and clinging to his lumpy muscles, he usually changed into a sleeveless shirt for the lifting session. This of course fully exposed those ENORMOUS arms. Once we were done lifting, the seniors again couldn't help egging him on about his huge pythons. Matt, the starting senior safety and captain of the defensive backs, always seemed to be the instigator of our group. “Damn, coach! How big did you get over the summer?” he asked. Coach just laughed at his players. Since the defensive backs were the smallest guys on the team, Coach towered over all of us and was also far more muscular. “Oh, Matt, about the same size, I guess, haha. 6 ft 6, just like always!” Coach teased. “Ah, C'mon coach you know what I mean. How much do you weigh now big man?” Now that our lifting session was over we gathered around to hear Coach out. “Well, Matt, let's go see.” We followed him over to the electronic scale that was in the corner of the weight room. Coach stepped up on it and we all watched the small screen as the numbers were calculated. “Well, little men, it looks like I'm up to 305 pounds!” “DAMN COACH! YOU ARE A FUCKING MONSTER!” Coached just stepped off the scale and looked down at us proudly. “That's what, another 25 lbs since last winter, right?” Matt asked. “Yep, Matt. I told you this new routine has really been helping me grow. It's the same routine I got all you on right now, so I expect the same result from all of you! I want to see all of you put on 25 lbs by the end of the season, GOT IT BOYS?” “YES SIR!” We all shouted in unison. However, Matt still wasn't satisfied. “Hey, Coach one more thing, you said you put a solid inch on those canons, how big are they now?” Coach just chuckled down as his senior captain. “Bigger than yours, Matty. Bigger than yours.” Matt, however, knew just how to play to Coach's competitive side. “Yeah I figured they gotta be like 20 inches or so. I mean, they didn't look very big last winter.” Coach smirked and stepped right up to Matt, who, at 5 ft 11, only came up to Coach's chin. “You think these monsters are only 20's?” “Yeah Coach, can't be that big, haha. Maybe 21s, but surely no more,” Matt grinned back. Coach chuckled and walked over to a bench press station that still had 225 lbs loaded on the bar. He grabbed the bar and quickly performed ten perfect barbell curls and set the bar down. He made it look like he may as well have been curling a broomstick. The peaks up his arms exploded in size as he curled a weight that many of us struggled to bench press, pumping them and filling them with nutrient rich blood. “Hey, Jackson,” Coach turned to look right at me. “Why don't you grab that tape measure hanging by the scale and we'll see how good a judge of size Matt here is” Since I was closest to the scale, I turned and saw the tape measure that he was referring to hanging on the wall. I grabbed it walked over to Coach. “Why don't we measure Matt's guns here first.” Matt laughed. He was one of those cool, relaxed guys who had virtually no shame so he cheerfully stepped up to the plate. “Sure, Coach, but don't feel sorry when my huge guns make yours look like pipe-cleaners!” I walked up to Matt and he raised his right arm, gritted his teeth and flexed his bicep as hard as he could. I wrapped the tape around his arm, which for his size was quite impressive. I announced the number as 16.5 inches. Coach patted him on the back. “Not to shabby Matt. Nice job. Ok, Jackson, why don't you do the honors and measure this little pipe-cleaner right here.” Coach stepped up to me and FLEXED his enormous arm right in front of the me. Gasps and whispers emanated from the other defensive backs as we watched the huge lump of muscle surge upward. I froze for a second, partially in fear and partially from awe, before stepping up to Coach with the tape. I placed one end of the tape on the very peak on his biceps and held it with my finger. It felt like pressing on warm granite. His arm was so huge that my hands looked like a toddlers as I wrapped a tape around his arms. I pulled the tape tight and read the result. “Just a hair under 24 inches.” “HOLY SHIT COACH!” Another stunned teammate shouted. “Those are like, pro-bodybuilder size arms! And your arms aren't fat, they're fucking jacked!” Coach dropped his arm and stood up proudly in front his players. “Well, Matt, it looks like you need to do a few more curls before you can match these babies! But, seriously, gentlemen, great lifting session today. Now after you shower make sure you head to cafeteria to refuel your spent muscles, otherwise you won't grow. Then rest up and we'll see you all tomorrow. Great job my little Brutes!” During that first week on campus it also became apparent just how popular Coach was outside of the athletic department. We all knew he was a smart guy and he could often be seen eating lunch with the scientists in the physics laboratory. It was quite a site to see, this huge, buff man, eating lunch with short skinny, nerdy looking scientists. And they genuinely all got along. One time when I was in physics lab I overheard him speaking with this scientist friends and he was able to converse with them even at their own level of quantum physics technobabble, language that went right over my head. At that moment it really sank in just how intelligent Coach really was. About a week before our first game something happened on campus that would forever change the dynamic of Bilthoft University. School had just started and so campus was now full of students. While I was sleeping in my dorm on Monday morning my room suddenly rattled. At first I thought it was an earthquake but then I remembered those are quite rare here in the midwest. About 15 minutes later my phone buzzed with an automatic text message from the university: [Students. There has been a minor explosion at the physics lab. The University is still investigating but thankfully we do not believe there have been any major injuries. Please stay away from the physics lab as we continue to investigate and clean up.] Of course, as soon as I read this I ran outside, as did most of my dorm mates, and walked over the physics building. The campus police had already ran some yellow tape around the building and were keeping us all at a safe distance. We could see there seemed to be a small blowout of one of the outer brick walls and fireman were milling about. We soon realized that, as the message had stated, it seemed like true disaster had been diverted. That afternoon I received another automatic text message from the football coach's account, telling us to meet in the team meeting room before practice today. The team filled in the small auditorium, wondering what the occasion might be. The offensive coordinator, Assistant coach Harvey, an older 45 year old man, walked into the middle of the room. We were all wondering where the head coach was. “Gentlemen, I have some unfortunate news. Now, before I set you in panic, know that Coach Wood is doing well. Unfortunately, he was in the physic lab this morning when the explosion occurred. I don't have all the details, but the scientists and the doctors have been monitoring his condition as a precaution. I have been told that there is no reason to worry at this point. As such he will not be at practice today. I will be leading practice. I want you all to work harder than ever had to make Coach proud when he hopefully returns tomorrow.” All the players took that to heart and we really did try our best at practice. But, there certainly was a bit of somberness among the entire team. We couldn't help but feel at least a little bit worried about our beloved Coach's condition. Of course, for the rest of the day, the local news media was all over the story and had gotten wind that coach was involved. As the speculation ran rampant, it certainly didn't help with our anxieties. The following day my roommate, also on the football team as a wide receiver, and I went to class still wondering about the fate of our coach. Later in the morning we received another team message: [Practice will begin at it's normal time. Coach Wood is doing well and will be in attendance] Instantly we all felt better and looked forward to having Coach back on the field with us. No doubt we were all curious as to just what happened in the physics lab, as the details from the local news was still spotty. Later that afternoon the team had gathered in the locker room to change into our practice gear. I was chatting happily with my defensive back buddies, talking about how we couldn't wait to see Coach. We were speculating if we was even going to be able to participate or if he was just going to watch while he recovered from his injuries. Facing my locker, I had just pulled up my jockstrap and football pants when the locker room grew quiet. Suddenly I felt a large presence near me. This was not uncommon, as many of the guys on the team were in excess of 6 ft 5 and 300 lbs, but this felt different. I turned to look at my locker neighbor, Derrick, “Yo, Derrick, why is everyone so quite all of a sudden?” I glanced at his face a saw his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide, staring upward at something behind me. I slowly turned around and saw one of the most incredible site of my life. There was Coach, standing a couple of feet behind me, in the middle of the locker room. He had his hands on his hips, with his elbows flared out in that quintessential superman pose. Coach was...big. I mean, even bigger than he was before. WAY BIGGER. I now understood why the room was silent. Coach allowed us all to take him in...and there was A LOT to take in. He had a cocky smirk on his face as he looked out around the locker room and saw all his players staring way up at him. Since he was standing right near me I took note of the true size of this man. I was standing straight up and noticed that my eyes were just about even with the waistband of his khaki shorts! That meant that his legs alone were now almost as tall as I was! And Coach had of course retained his immense musculature. At his new size he probably now had more muscle in one of these meaty thighs than my entire body! My eyes followed his torso upward. He was wearing his typical tight coach shirt, tucked into the relatively small waistband on his coach shorts. From my vantage point down below I could actually see the underside of his heaving, fabric covered pectorals. His flared elbows and monstrous arms we now well above my head as well. I actually had to step back just slightly to see his face, which at close range was obscured by his muscled chest. Finally my eyes gazed upon his ruggedly handsome face and ballcap covered head. I noticed his head was right near the light fixture hanging from the high ceiling. He was a towering colossus of dense muscle. Being this close to him I had never felt so small in my life. A shocked murmer began to roll through the locker room as the players began to regain their speech functions. I heard several shocked phrases from my teammates: “Holy Shit!” “He's fucking HUGE!” “Look at the size of his arms! His chest is massive!” Finally Coach spoke, “Gentlemen, once you are dressed, please meet me in the auditorium for a quick team meeting!” With his new size his already deep rumbling voice was even lower. You could practically feel his voice vibrating in your chest. After he spoke he slowly turned and sauntered out of the locker room, having to hunch over to exit out the 8 ft tall doors, leaving his stunned team behind to finish dressing. Once he was gone Derrick and I shared a look. He spoke first, “Holy shit, Bro! Coach was already a big guy, now he's a GIANT!” The entire team quickly dressed and we made our way into the team meeting room. Coach was standing up front, dwarfing the assistant coaches. One we had all filed in coach spoke up. “Gentlemen, as you know, yesterday there was incident at the physics lab. Dr. Martin, the quantum physics researcher was showing me around the lab when we both heard a lout explosion. The next thing I know this weird green energy beam is blasting me right in the chest and rubble is all around me. Dr. Martin thankfully was able to quickly shut off the energy beam generator. Dr. Martin and the fireman rushed me to the hospital just to make sure I was ok while the fire department cleaned up the destruction. While at the hospital it became apparently that my clothes and I were, well, growing. Once my growth had stabilized the docs checked me out and allowed me to head home. Dr. Martin is going to continue to monitor me to make sure there are no adverse reactions to the that quantum laser beam that blasted me so there is no reason for further worry. Men, I am still your Coach, I'm just a bit bigger now.” One of the senior lineman couldn't resist replying. “A bit bigger, Coach? You are a GIANT!” The room erupted in laughter, and the coach just smiled handsomely. “How tall are you now?” “Haha, you lineman are always so obsessed with stats. Well, little men, as of last night your big coach was measured at 9 ft 10 in tall!” Coach proudly puffed up with massive chest as he announced his new stat. He obviously was enjoying his new stature as much as we were. The lineman couldn't contain his awe. “DAMN COACH! You gotta show us, Coach.” “Show you what?” Coach cockily grinned. The lineman replied, “C'mon Coach! You know what we want to see. Especially at your new size. Let's see 'em!” My teammates were now hooting and hollering up to our leader, showering him with encouragement. The giant man at the front of the room gave us a sheepishly look. “Alright men, let's go out there and have a great practice today. Work your little asses off, give me everything you've got. WE ARE THE BILTHOFF BRUTES!” Coach quickly brought up with arms into the most gargantuam double-biceps pose in the world. The sleeves of his strained shirt retreated upwards into the gap between the peaks of the muscle and his boulder like deltoids. At his new size his there was no doubt he had the biggest, buffest arms on the planet. We knew it was going to be a great practice. ************************************************ Hope you like!
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    We've all seen those shirtless studs on Instagram.... have you ever wondered what really motivates them? I have most of this story written, and will post it in 3-4 Chapters over the next few weeks. I can modify/make changes if there are any comments. Enjoy..... Day 1: Aidan Hunter Aidan Hunter was 25 and unemployed. He lost his job downtown when the Radio Shack closed. He felt like a total loser. What a stupid idea to start a career at that shitty place, he thought. He spent his days scrolling through his Instagram feed, looking at hot guys and fitness trainers, trying to get some motivation. Aidan would sometimes comment or ask nutrition and training advice. But he never got a response. They get hundreds of comments on every photo, why should they respond to me, he thought, glumly. And he really did need motivation. At 5’ 8”, he weighed a doughy 180lbs. His skin was wan from being indoors all the time, and he had no energy. He was looking for a new job, but having no luck, and it really discouraged him. And to make matters worse, his mousy brown hair was already starting to thin out. Who is ever going to hire a loser like me, he thought, as he looked himself in the mirror. His grandmother knew he needed a boost of some kind. One day, she got the idea to buy him a 3-month membership in the local gym. You need to get out of the house and be active, Aidan. I hate to see you sitting at home alone all day long, she said. Aidan reluctantly took the membership and went down to the gym. Day 1: Zac Smith Zac Smith was the polar opposite of Aidan Hunter. At 23, he had it all: a huge two-bedroom condo downtown, a brand new Lexus sports car, and a thriving business as a personal trainer. He stood 6’ 3” and weighed in at 240lbs of rock-solid muscle. He was in such high demand as a personal trainer that he only had to work 12 hours a week, earning $400 an hour. Zac had always been fit and handsome, and had grown comfortable trading on his looks. All I have to do is smile at a girl, or flex a bicep for some queer, and they just give me shit. Zac wasn’t the least bit self-conscious about using his body. He grew up poor, raised by a single mother who had to use her looks to keep food on the table for her growing son. Zac didn’t judge her for it. You have to use the gifts God gave you, she would always tell him. He agreed wholeheartedly. He also had an Instagram account with over 100,000 followers. And in reality, this is really where he made most of his income: through product endorsements. All I have to do is take off my shirt a couple times a week, pose with some product, and they send me money, he would laugh to himself. Suckers. He also had some “clients” who were extra-generous. Most of them he never met in person. He would simply mail out a generic training plan, with some casually sexy demonstration photos. Then he set up an Amazon wish list with everything you can imagine on it: groceries, clothes, work out gear, racing bikes, electronics. One client even bought an all-expenses paid vacation for Zac. First class only, was his stated requirement on Amazon. All he had to do was flash his dazzling smile, and whip off his shirt. And the sad queers, sitting at home perving over him, would just send him stuff. Day 2: Aidan Aidan got to the gym after the morning rush was over. He knew his way around the equipment, but he didn’t want to run into anyone he knew from school. Look at that loser, they would think. Nothing to do all day but go to the gym, and he’s still fat. Much to his surprise, he looked up and saw Zac Smith with a client. Aidan and Zac were a couple years apart in high school, although they hung out with different crowds. Aidan had been following Zac on Instagram, and was impressed with his build. Maybe he can give me some tips, Aidan thought. He stood up and waved just as Zac walked by. But Zac didn’t even look his way. He was staring at his phone, checking his Instagram account. He glanced up for a second, and just kept walking. It’s like I’m fucking invisible, Aidan thought. Aidan turned on the treadmill and started to run slowly. He was working up a good sweat and decided to increase the speed. The treadmill took off faster than he was expecting, and then stopped suddenly. Aidan lost his balance and almost fell, twisting his ankle in the process. He was really pissed and decided to go home. Day 2: Zac Zac never woke up earlier than 9am. He would do his crunches and then post some casual selfies. Do something today to make you better tomorrow, he wrote, a lame caption he copied from another account, as he grinned into the mirror in just his briefs. He added the usual hashtags: #jacked #flex #chestday #biceps #abs #gains. In reality, planning those selfies took a long time. He would take several shots to test the light, using any number of selfie sticks that he owned, and then try to angle his torso so his abs or chest or jaw would be prominently displayed. Show these fools some skin, add a pointless inspirational quote, and let the money roll in. He posted the photo and within minutes he had over 500 likes. Today he had an 11am client. Some rich old queen who just wants to look at me for an hour, he laughed. I basically get paid $400 for counting three sets of twelve! Gotta remember to wear the extra tight shorts today. He was always checking his Instagram account to see how many followers he had. Getting to 500,000 followers would yield six-figure endorsement deals, and maybe even an underwear modeling contract. A million followers would likely lead to a television show. There was no telling how far his body and looks could take him. The day he broke 100,000, Zac posted a dozen shirtless selfies, all with some variation of “So grateful to all my followers! Choose to see the glass half full! #abs #gains #muscle #teamZac. See link in bio.” And on that day, that link led to his Amazon wish list, which now had a $110,000 Lexus sports car on it. Within an hour, someone had bought the car for Zac. His benefactor was a handsome 40 year-old television executive named Jesse. Zac was wearing his tightest polo shirt when he went to pick up the car. A blow job would be really nice too, said Jesse, dangling the keys in front of Zac. Sure said Zac, laughing. Go ahead and suck my fat dick. This wouldn’t be the first time he let a guy go down on him. Oh no, you’ll be sucking me, said Jesse. And if you are good, I can send some very lucrative endorsement deals…. And maybe some TV appearances to you. And with a body like that, how could you not be an underwear model? Zac hesitated for a minute as he did the calculus in his head: but he quickly decided in favor of the car. This payday can be worth millions, he said, trying to justify it. He wanted to make a really good impression, so he stripped slowly in front of Jesse, revealing his rock hard 8-pack first, then his enormous 52-inch chest. In just his briefs, Zac got on his knees and sucked off Jesse, who blew a huge load of cum down Zac’s throat. Zac didn’t really enjoy swallowing cum, but like Mom always said, Gotta use the gifts God gave you. And when it was all over, Zac was driving off in a new sports car, and with the business card of a very important TV producer. Next: #Boomerang
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    Something i did quite some time ago but never posted on the new site. Been thinking of doing a part 2. What you guys think Enjoy. “Fuck boy, are you done yet? Mom and Dad’s gonna be home soon!” Quickly as I could I wiped the plates without even noticing if they were even clean enough to be used. I turned around hoping that he wouldn’t come in. My eyes, in a panicked state shifted between the wet plates and the kitchen door. “That’s it. You need a beating….” My eyes wide open and my hands wiping the plates dry, I finally saw his shadow creeping in through the door. And yet as frightened as I was I took a plate and dropped it on the floor on purpose. A sharp glass shattering sound pierced my ears. I looked down and said quietly to myself “Hopefully this works out…” But before I knew it I was hurled up suddenly. Someone had grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me up. My frightened little eyes stared up. Before me was a handsome face of masculine proportion and fine facial features. And yet the atmosphere of authority and power loomed around him. His piercing greenish blue eyes stared directly at me as his full sexy lips gave out an arrogant grin before speaking. “Hello, brother” Nearly wanting to cry from the state of helplessness I was in, I nonetheless restraint myself. My whole body stranded in mid-air as his muscular arms continued to hold my collar up. My brother had always been growing normally for his age. But after puberty he just shot like a bamboo stick. He grew to a height of 6’2, his shoulders broadened out, his chest seemed to have been pumped up overnight and don’t even get me started on his cock. Being so much bigger than me, it was natural he liked to call me derogatory names like boy and pee sized. But the one name that I hate being called was “little brother” Simply because, I wasn’t. At 20 and being older than him by 5 years it was shameful and humiliating how much of a man he was than me. I felt like a puny wimp next to his bodybuilder physique and jealous of his good looks and perfect face. It even went up to the point when I would not even wear shorts or sleeveless tees when I go out with him because my body looked so bad compared to him! There was a time when I was the big brother, the leader, the one in charge. I tormented him and made him do stuff for me. I would make him compare my muscles and my once larger cock to him and laugh at his short height. Those days are over now. And our roles have completely reversed. Like it or not. I was now the weak little brother and him, the strong dominating big brother. “Eh boy! Look at me when I’m talking to you” I struggled vainly against his big veiny arms as I spoke in a frightened tone “Please put me down….please….you’re hurting me” He gave out a short laugh before dropping me on the ground. Unzipping his pants he pulled out his 7 incher and huge sacs. “You know what to do now my baby brother…” Whenever he made me suck his cock I would feel humiliated yet there was always this rush of warm blood and erotic sensation of using your tongue to rub the erect penis of a real man. But today was different. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for some time now… As I moved my head slowly towards his little monster my tongue reached out to slowly caress the head of the piece of flesh. I licked it around as my lips advanced quickly into his stick, before long my mouth was fully immersed in his long piece of flesh. Hearing him moan loudly and knowing it would be over soon I turned up the heat a little, vigorously rubbing his foreskin with my lips. His moan reached a climax as he yelled out in ecstasy. The explosion was so huge that I pulled out immediately. My face was hit like bombs as I opened my mouth to savour the tasty protein shake. My brother moved back as he looked for a chair to sit on. Exhausted from fucking my mouth he lied back and closed his eyes. Sensing this to be a perfect chance. I grabbed a small plastic bottle out of my pockets and filled it with his cum that had fallen on the floor and my face. Before filling it quickly with water. I shook the small vial and placed it back in my pocket. “Eh baby, I’m feeling tired now. You clean up this mess and I’m gonna go take a shower, You hear me BABY BROTHER?!” “Yes sir. I will sir” I bowed down my head as I answered, knowing that addressing him with authority usually makes him feel powerful and good. As he left the kitchen I quickly cleaned up the broken glasses and cleaned my face. I looked at the cloak and grinned to myself. “It’s time for another role-reversal, with you sucking my dick instead….brother…” I put on a jacket as I left hastily. Walking 2 streets away from my house was a gypsy shop. Small and unimportant looking, it was however cosy inside and who could resist potions that make you attractive, getting you the one you love or……… stealing your brothers muscles….. “Have you got it” The middle aged lady turned and reached out her hands with her palms wide open. “y…y..ye…yes Mdm” I nervously replied as I dropped the bottle of cum and water mixture to the lady. “You better not be having second thoughts about this now! You can only steal muscles from someone of the same blood as you, and you got the perfect specimen in your house!” I reassured myself knowing that I would most likely leave my brother in a pathetic short and skinny state after I drained him. “Think about how hot you would look, how handsome your face is gonna be and how tall your height will be, don’t worry…” I sat down on a chair as I watched the lady pour the vial of cum onto a shallow bowl next to an idol of a naked horned man. She uttered words as the liquid seemed to shake on its own. “Oh boy oh boy, you’ve waited for this for a long time, its time I finally get to become the BIG brother again…….It’s time to set things right again……” The lady continued uttering, finally reaching a climax as her voice grew louder and the movement and shaking of the liquid moved even greater. Her eyes opened and for a few seconds she just looked at me motionless. “I can’t do it” She placed her hands on the table. “What do you mean you can’t do it?!” I yelled at her. “I paid you good money” Taking a deep breathe she calmly replied. “You can’t steal your own muscles. You need a new spell for reclaiming stolen muscles. Are you sure this is his fluids?” In a confused and dazed look I yelled back at her “Yes! This is his! I don’t get it, whats happening?!” She replied “This vial of bodily fluids does not have your brother’s essence. It’s your essence instead” “You’ve been ripped off all these years my dear boy”
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    Slumber Party Stud "Hey, Ann," said Sandy. The two college girls had been friends growing up, and now, they were in the same university. It was midnight, and the two had organized a so-called 'slumber party' with the girlfriend gang. They rented out a nearby home for the night. It had eight beds, even though there were only seven girls, so one of the beds was unoccupied. "Tell me, Ann... what's the most important attribute in a man?" Ann blushed. "Geez, I don't know. My ideal man would be kind, generous, intelligent..." "Haha - but seriously. It's just us girls here. Tell us what you REALLY want in a man." Ann shrugged. "Well, alright." She stopped, putting her finger on her thin chin, thinking for a moment. "To me, the most important thing is the face. I've always been attracted to celebrities with baby-smooth soft skin and masculine jawlines. And the eyes... that's the best important part. I want a man with beautiful eyes. Each iris the color of the sea, a mystic shade in between blue and green, reflecting light and making it sparkle like the ocean waves. Large, wide eyes, like those of a baby. So powerful that when you look into them you can't look away, you forget who and where you are because you're so lost, so fascinated by this man's irresistible gaze. As you stare at him, you run your hands through his soft, heavenly blond hair, and then the next thing you know you have juice running down your legs and ruining your dress because of just how unimaginably gorgeous he is." "I like the way you think, girl!" said Emily. "But to me, there's something even more important than the eyes, and that's the lips. My ideal man would have naturally thick, heavy pink lips, lips with the suction power to suffocate you when you kiss them. He would have an angelic smile, with straight white teeth, the kind of smile that makes you actually weaken at the knees and moan because your body wasn't prepared to experience the sexual pleasure of witnessing such a unthinkably perfect face. And he would be an incredible kisser - doesn't matter where you kisses you - your lips, your neck, your waist, your boobs - when he kisses you your heart stops and your pussy explodes like a volcano because of how impossibly good he is with his lips." "Fucking yeah!" shouted Candice. "But what's even *more* important is what comes OUT of those lips! If I'm dating a guy, he better have a deep voice! My dreamland husband would have a voice so deep it fucking rattles the windows. Barry White and Morgan Freeman would sound like goddamn sopranos on helium compared to this man's earth-shaking, crotch-wetting tones. He wouldn't be able to even introduce himself without giving you a fucking orgasm." Lara rolled her eyes. "Y'all are thinking about this way too hard. Looks are important, but size is more important. I'm not gonna' date a man that stands at least a foot higher than me - and at 5'8, that's a pretty tall order! Hell, two feet would be even better. I would love a guy eight feet tall - so big that even when I'm wearing my stiletto high heels, the top of my head would only barely reach the underside of his heavy, meaty, powerful pecs. Professional basketball players wouldn't be able to make eye contact without craning their necks, and ordinary men would feel like tiny children in his presence. My guy wouldn't even need a perfect face or a sexy voice - he would dominate the entire room as soon as he walked in it. I don't care if you're straight or gay, man or woman, asexual or a horny monster - there's no way you can turn your head away from a man that big!" Kathy nodded. "That's right! BIGGER is BETTER! I'm a muscle junkie myself - my ideal man's got cannons so big, you wonder if he's got enough skin on his body to cover all that surface area. While his triceps are making his sleeves explode, his biceps are making your brain explode. He would have so much muscle, it would be like you put Mark Wahlberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, and Dwayne Johnson into one man, and then force-fed that man steroids until he puked. His guns would be so massive, even a simple act like turning a page would cause his arms to erupt in muscle. Even when perfectly relaxed, his biceps would peak with a height that a flexing bodybuilder would kill to achieve. His grip would be so strong that they imprinted his fingerprints in dumbbells, and his handshakes could crush bone as easily as we crush paper." "You're an arm girl, Kathy, and I like that." Sandra said. "But there's a lot more to muscles than his arms. For instance - legs! I hate how guys these days always skip leg day. Think how amazing it would be to have sex with a guy with legs the size of Jay Cutler. No, not the size of Jay Cutler's legs - I'm talking about quads that are so big and thick with muscle, you could fit Jay Cutler's entire width inside of there! Calves so big they deserve to be called bulls, so strong that he could outrun your boyfriends' favorite sports cars. After he finished outrunning them, he would stack those cars on top of each other and start squatting them, for fifty perfect, phenomenal reps, his incredible rock-hard bubble-butt ass just grazing the floor before he flexed and brought his legs back to perfect straightness. And think about how hard he could fuck! He'd thrust with enough force that you wouldn't be able to walk for a month." Everybody turned to the last girl, Irene, expectedly. She shrugged, and just said, "I'm a single girl. I like dick. If my guy's got a three-foot boner, I'm happy!" Suddenly, the walls started shaking, and an unfathomably deep, "Hello, bitches" echoed within the cramped room. A godlike being emerged from the mattress of the eighth bed. The girls turned to the bed and gasped, hearts stopping, cunts bursting, orgasms never-ending, feminine fluids flooding the floor, as they witnessed the impossibly erotic sight of the man they had created.
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    Chapter 3: A BIG Practice Session As we headed to the field my teammates and I could not stop talking about Coach. He was HUGE! Almost 10 ft tall! He was now the tallest man in known history! And he wasn't one of those ridiculously tall, stretched-out people who have medical problems, he was proportionally packed with muscle. It was amazing to watch him have to hunch way over and turn sideways to get through the 8 ft tall doors. He had to be happy that the doors in the athletic complex were MUCH taller than the standard 6 ft 8 doorways. I pondered if he would even be able to enter a typical American building or house again. The team assembled on the field and we took ten minutes to really stretch out to avoid cramps in the summer heat. It was still August and today was going to be particularly warm, the temperature had already broken 90 and we were sweating immediately. Many water breaks would be needed to stay hydrated. Coach sauntered up to the front of the group and led the stretches. His voiced BOOMED out his instructions. With his new size, his deep voice was even more powerful. Before if you were at the back the group you might have trouble hearing him. Not any more. He could easily be heard even the back row where the rest of freshmen and I were. After stretching, the different units of the team separated for our individual unit practices. After about an hour, Coach broke from the lineman and made his way over to our side of the field. He took a position near the goal post. I noticed the button on top of his ballcap was just barely underneath the crossbar. He smiled proudly down at us, “And how are my little defensive backs doing today? Let's see you run some drills, boys!” We lined up and practiced batting passed balls away from each other. After a good 15 minutes of drills Coach was looking pleased. Since it was hot out Coach's shirt had begun to darken with perspiration. First the crevice between his mountainous pecs and the underside of his arms, and then the rest of the shirt began to turn dark grey. “Sure is a hot one today, boys!” Coach whipped off his hat used it to wipe the sweat from his brow. “You boys go grab a drink and be back in 5 minutes.” Panting heavily we ran over the pipe fountain and lapped up the water. When we came back we were treating to a new site. Our huge leader had tossed his hat on the ground, crossed his arms in front and grabbed the bottom of his sweat soaked t-shirt. He began shimmying the tight, wet garment up his massive torso. Soon, row by row of ripped, brick sized, lightly haired abs were exposed. My teammates and I all gathered around stunned at what we were seeing. Once coach got the shirt up to his pecs things got a lot more difficult. His chest was so massive and the shirt was so wet it clung to his pumped muscles like Saran wrap. Finally, he was able to pull the shirt out and over the protrusion of this chest, exposing his coaster size dark nipples. Next he revealed the deep caves of his hairy armpits as he continued to work the shirt upward. With the shirt now up around his head, he reached an impasse. The shirt's clingy wetness, combined with the size of his mighty arms and shoulders had locked his arms upward and in place, his face hidden behind the fabric. It was the first time any of us had seen Coach's torso exposed and from seeing his abs, lats and pumped pecs, he was just as powerfully built as we had imagined. Even though he was thickly muscular, each ab and oblique muscle was clearly defined. The canyons and crevices between each ab muscle was so deep I could have easily slipped my finger in between them. With heavy, deep grunts, Coach continued to shimmy his waist back and forth, almost like he was doing a stripper dance. “DAMNIT...TOO TIGHT. CAN'T GET THIS TINY SHIRT OFF!” He growled. By now the fellas and I couldn't help but snicker at the incredibly impressive, yet funny sight of Coach being stuck with his shirt wrapped around his arms and head. Matt, laughing his ass off couldn't resist giving some advice. “Just rip it off, Coach! Shit, with those huge pythons you know you can!” Coach chuckled from behind the fabric, his heaving pecs bouncing slightly as he did. “Matty, this is only shirt that fits. These are the clothes I was wearing when I got hit with that energy beam. They are growing with me. I don't have any other clothes so I can't rip it!” Matt joked, “Man, Coach, it must suck to be a giant! “Haha. No way, Matt. I LOVE being BIG. I've always wanted to be...grrr...BIGGER. I love it...well, except not being able to GET THIS DAMN SHIRT OFF! Come over here and help me pull this off, boys!” Matt and I went up to Coach to help, our head level with his full crotch. “Uh, Coach, we can't reach that high to your shirt,” I said. “Hehe, you can't? My goodness, you guys are LITTLE! Here, I'll help.” Coach thumped down on his knees. Even on his knees we are only level with his shoulders. Matt and I stood in front of Coach as he leaned forward. We each grabbed a side of the shirt and pulled with all our might. Finally, the wet fabric unglued itself from his biceps and our captain was freed. Coach let his arms fall to his side and his titanic meaty chest exploded outward. With a cocky grin Coach slowly began to stand to his full imposing height, seemingly growing in front of us as his head rose higher and higher. His body was godly. His muscles were fully pumped and bulging, with just a bit of vascularity. Whatever Coach had done to tweak his workouts was paying off in spades. We all stood there with our mouths open. “What's the matter boys, you never seen a REAL man with his shirt off before! HAHA!” Coach brought his fists together at waist level, crouched down slightly and gave us a tremendous most-muscular pose. Each muscle in his upper body tightening into shredded relief. “GRRR...yeah, boys. I'm feeling GOOD today! Take a look at this beef! I don't mean to brag little men, but you all looking so SMALL just makes me feel so BIG and POWERFUL!” He then crunched down his torso squeezing his tremendous abdominals and obliques. Coach finished his impromptu posing session with a front lat spread. With a bright, excited smile exposing his perfectly straight teeth, he again grabbed his waist with both hands, flexed his chest, tightened his abs and began to flare his elbows out wider, then wider...then WIDER! His lats seeming growing outward under his armpits. At full pose he looked to be as wide as four us little guys standing side-by-side. With a sigh he relaxed and instructed, “Alright boys, let's finish practice with some conditioning!” Coach blew his whistle and instructed the team to line up on the field like we had for stretching. We always finished each practice with some form of sit-ups and push-ups. As we regrouped the linemen were whistling to Coach, teasing him about walking around shirtless. “So now that you're huge you just couldn't resist showing off, eh Coach?” “What are you talking about Johnson. I've always been HUGE!” Another quick biceps pose. “But no, it was just hot and until I can get some big man clothes made I don't want to ruin my only shirt! Line up men!” Coach always performed these exercises with us as well. First he led us in doing four sets of 50 sit-ups. Then we flipped over and began push-ups, which Coach at the front bellowing out the count. Again we were going to do four sets of 50. During the last set, we all dropped from exertion at the count of 50. However, as we caught our breath we all looked to the front of the group and saw our leader continuing his set! And it looked like he was going even faster, his triceps hardening and flaring with each rep. “WOO!...I'm feeling...it today!” he said in between presses. He passed 100 reps and kept going. Sweat was now dripping from his muscled cleavage his like a opened spigot. At 150 reps we began to notice something strange. Coach's pumped muscles were looking even bigger. We looked back and his feet seemed to be sliding backward over the turf of the field. As we watched, shocked, it dawned on us. Our already huge Coach was GROWING EVEN BIGGER! “200, YEAH!” Coach shouted out. I don't think he noticed what was happening because he was so focused on his set. He kept going as shocked whispers began to circulate among the awestruck footballers. Before our eyes he was getting longer...getting thicker...getting BIGGER! Soon I noticed the length of his forearm was almost as long as I was tall! “300!” When he pressed up to full extension, his torso was now above our eye level! A breeze began to blow over us from the amount of air being displaced by his up-and-down motions. With the breeze, we were washed over by Coach's musky scent, a powerful, masculine mixture of sweat, deodorant, locker room and bar soap. “400!” He began to slow just slightly. The teammates and I began to cheer him on, urging him to keep going. Still his elbows rose even higher and his feet pushed further back, leaving two skid marks on the field that would need to be fixed by the grounds crew. Coach's triceps and pecs were swollen red as they were engorged with muscle building blood. Veins exploded in relief across his torso from his effort. With the team roaring with cheers of encouragement, he squeezed out ten final excruciating reps, making it an even 500. He let himself fall to the ground with an enormous THUD. We could feel the ground rumble as his weight made impact. Coach caught his breath as he laid face down on the turf. “DAMN BOYS!...THAT'S...THE MOST...I'VE EVER...DONE!” Coach pushed himself up and leaned back so that he was sitting on his calves. He exhaled and looked straight down to examine his new pumped pectorals. He brought his arms together in front of him, causing the heaving masses to bunch and bulge upward. “WOW, THAT WAS SOME PUMP, LITTLE MEN. MY CHEST FEELS ENORMOUS!” He then used his hands to brush off the tiny bits of turf that had stuck to his sweaty, hairy torso. Finally he turned to look at us. We watched as confusion swept over his face. He had gotten used to looking down at us, but this was...even more! And he was still just resting on his calves. After a few seconds of stunned silence from everybody, Coach asked. “WOAH, DID YOU GUYS SHRINK? WHY ARE YOU ALL SO...TINY?” His voice was noq even deeper and sultrier and sent chills down our chests. Finally, I got the courage to speak up. As Coached titled his head way down and locked eyes with me I couldn't help but feel some fear due to his size. “Coach, we didn't shrink! You...you...GREW! AGAIN! While you were doing push-ups!” Coach took his eyes off me and began to look around the stadium, taking note of his new perspective. As his new size dawned on his the side of his mouth crooked into a cocky grin. Coach brought his right leg out from underneath and planted his foot flat on the ground. His kneecap was taller than I was! With that cocky grin never leaving his face, he kept his eyes on his little players as he slowly stood up. His handsome fu-manchu-ed face rising and rising. We watched as his humongous bulge rose well above all our heads. As he straightened his back, his abs looked to be twice as high as the tallest player on the team. As pushed his chest forward to stand up straight, his capped head continued to rise...and rise...and RISE! As he reached final height, he proudly thrust his chest forward, the meat pillows shielding his face from those of us who were standing close by. Finally he was fully extended as we stood FAR below him, mouths agape. He put his hands on his hips in a classic superman pose, only our superman was MUCH, MUCH bigger. “DAMN YOU GUYS ARE TINY!” He boomed. Coach broke his gaze from us and took in his surrounding from his new, even more elevated position. He chuckled deeply, obviously pleased at the ultimate superiority he was feeling. He raised his right arm and pointing it across the field. His arms extended out way past the first few row of crowded players. We looked straight up to see his massive flexed triceps looking like it was 20 ft up in the air. “WOAH, I'M SO BIG I CAN SEE OVER THE SOUTH END ZONE GRANDSTANDS OVER THERE!” Coach lowered his arm and looked back down at his stupefied team. I was standing just in front of most of the players. He spotted me again, having to lean over to look over his pec shelf, and said, “MR. JACKSON, DON'T MOVE” Coach brought his right foot forward and slowly placed it just to my left and then repeated the movement with the other leg. My teammates who didn't have the mental fortitude instinctively backed up as Coach stepped forward. I was now standing right in between the two biggest feet in the history of man. On each side of me were two rippling, powerful columns of hairy leg muscles. I looked straight up to see the crotch of Coach's khaki shorts soaring above me. I quickly noticed the bulge of Coaches shorts seemed to be growing. He was getting aroused thinking about on his new size! Coach again moved his butt back and leaned forward to look straight down at me standing in between his legs. “WELL LOOK AT YOU, MR. JACKSON. YOU LOOK LIKE A LITTLE ACTION FIGURE TO ME. CAN YOU EVEN REACH THE HEM OF MY SHORTS?” I reached up and it was confirmed, I couldn't. I would have to jump. So I did and swatted the lowest part of the shorts, also grazing the firm flesh of his inner thigh with my hand. Suddenly, Coach's legs shuddered. I panicked as the huge masses quaked all around me. Thankfully, it stopped as suddenly as it started. “MR. JACKSON, THAT TICKLED, HAHA!” He glanced back down at me, “MR. JACKSON, PLEASE JOIN YOUR TEAMMATES, I WOULD HATE TO ACCIDENTALLY STEP ON ONE OF MY OWN TINY MEN.” I retreated back to the group. Coach looked out again proudly at his team. “WELL BOYS, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BIG COACH NOW?” Coach turned to the side and performed a titanic side chest pose. His sun-splashed sweaty chest leaped upward and collided with his strong chin. His biceps and triceps expanded even more as he pressed the arm meat against his side. Next, Coach turned and gave us the most intimidating, most gigantic double-biceps pose the world had ever seen. At least, that's what we all assumed. Coach's biceps were so far above us that we really couldn't even see the split peaks. We could only see the incredible triceps leading up to his massive armpits. Coach lowered his arms and grinned happily down at us. Instantly we all raised our hands and clapped and cheered. Coach, being the playful giant that he was, chuckled and gave us a bow. Even bowing down his massive torso was still feet above our own heads. I noticed my neck was starting to cramp from having to crane it upward so much. Jamal, ever the devil's advocate, wanted to see more and shouted up, “I think you're pecs are looking kind of small there, Coach!” “IS THAT SO, JAMAL? ARE YOU SURE, LOOK AT THESE HUGE BEEF TITTIES? SHIT, MY CHEST IS SO BIG I ALMOST NEED A BRA FOR THESE THINGS. HEY WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS, LITTLE MEN...” Coach connected his hands in front of his waist, looked down and started BOUNCING his pecs, one by one. As he did he couldn't help but add sound effects. “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM...” he thundered. “WAY BIGGER, AND HARDER, THAN YOUR LITTLE GIRLFRIENDS TITS, HAHAHA!” Once again we all cheered. From 15 feet below it was mesmerizing to look up and watch each pectoral slowly rise, harden and flex into a massive lump of granite sinews, then relax and have the process repeat on the other side. We all then noticed that a huge tumescence began to snake toward and down the right pant leg of his tight khaki shorts. Coached soon noticed as well and we all saw his keg sized head blush deep red. It was as intimidating as it was amusing and adorable. He reached down to cup his growing bulge. “HEHE, SORRY BOYS. BEING THIS MASSIVE IS GIVING ME A BIT OF A POWER RUSH...” Jamal, the big lineman, shouted back up, “Nothing to be ashamed of Coach. That thing looks like a monster! Be proud, big man!” Coach snickered as he reached into his shorts to readjust himself. “WELL THANKS, JAMAL. YEAH, I'VE NEVER REALLY BEEN SMALL ANYWHERE,” He winked down at us. “NOW, THIS THING WOULD SCARE AWAY AN ELEPHANT!” We all laughed at the thought, knowing it was true. While we couldn't help but laugh, I imagined that all our our manhoods shriveled up a bit at the emasculating thought of just how big Coach's giant schlong was. No man could ever match up to that. Even if Coach were his normal 6ft6 size, the rumors were that he sported an incredible 11 inch cock. Coach looked around again. “I WONDER JUST HOW BIG I AM.” He turned away from us and sauntered over to the goalpost. From behind, at eye level we were treated to a view of the biggest, hardest, diamond shaped calves you could image. Looking further upward, his enormous, trouser filling muscled ass greeted us. Further up we took in the incredible hills and glens of his power-built pack, so huge and wide that a movie could've been projected on it. Coach was known for being a deadlift machine and he had a THICK back and enormous neck-encasing trapezius muscles to prove it. Coach swaggered over and stood next the field goal post, staring at the bars extending toward the sky. Soon I took off running over to him to get a closer look myself and then the rest of the guys followed my lead. As I neared him I noticed the cross bar of the goal post was about mid thigh to him. I knew a field goal post cross bar was supposed to be 10 ft off the ground. With my hand on my chin I started running some calculations in my head. Coached shifted his feet and looked down at me, and I noticed his big hand was on his chin as well. It seemed we were both running the numbers. “WHAT DO YOU THINK, MR. JACKSON?” “I think you are about 25 ft tall, Coach!” “YEAH, THAT'S WHAT I WAS THINKING TOO. YOU KNOW WHAT'S FUNNY, I'M STANDING NEXT TO THIS GOAL POST I DON'T LIKE THAT IT'S STILL TALLER THAN ME. NOW THAT I'VE GROWN I WANT MORE, HAHA!” I shuddered at the thought of him being even bigger. Soon I noticed some of the players climbing up on the goal post itself. Matt was the first to shimmy up. “I have to get a closer look at you, big man!” Matt shouted up as Coach chuckled and watched the little men climb up closer to his level. “HEY, I LIKE THIS. SEEING YOU GUYS UP TO MY LEVEL. WELL, ALMOST TO MY LEVEL!” I noticed that even standing up on the crossbar Matt's head was just level with the top row of his encyclopedia sized abs. “IT WAS STARTING TO HURT MY NECK HAVING TO LOOK WAY DOWN AT YOU LITTLE RUNTS, HAHA.” Now that the team had become more comfortable with his new imposing frame, the players began surrounding Coach, visually inspecting him and comparing themselves to his titanic body. Coach, of course, loved the attention and being his little players' hero. After a few minutes he decided it was time to move on. “WELL LITTLE MEN, AS MUCH FUN AS I'M HAVING SHOWING OFF MY 25 FOOT TALL MUSCLE GIANT BODY, IT'S TIME FOR YOU BOYS TO HIT THE GYM. HOPEFULLY THESE HUGE MUSCLES OF MINE WILL GIVE YOU SOME MOTIVATION. SO HIT THE WEIGHT ROOM AND TRY TO PUMP AS BIG AS ME!” Coach punctuated this remark with a classic one arm biceps pose, right near Matt up on the field goal post. From Matts position he got a great look at colossal, pro-bodybuilder level arms. “Damn, Coach. The distance from the peak of your massive arm to the bottom of your triceps is almost as tall as I am!” “YEAH MATTY? IS THAT WHY YOU LOOK SO DIMINUTIVE COMPARED TO MY GUNS?” Coach stepped forward just slightly and lowered his arm, bringing it right to Matt's level. “I THINK YOU'RE RIGHT, MATT. LOOK AT THAT HUGE MASS OF MUSCLE!” Matt then reached out and hugged Coach's biceps! “You guys, it's like hugging a wrecking ball!” He shouted down to us as Coach chuckled. “ALRIGHT MEN, CLIMB DOWN FROM THERE BEFORE YOU HURT YOURSELVES. JACKSON, WILL YOU PLEASE GO FETCH MY SHIRT? LET'S HIT THE GYM. GOOD PRACTICE BOYS!” ******************************************* Let me know what you think!
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    The next day at school it was gym class and Sammy and the rest of the class were changing into their speedos for swim class. Sammy and his nerd friends having small, skinny bodies whereas the jocks were tall, had six packs and pecs without looking like bodybuilders, flexing and showing off their muscles to each other. Dan hadnt shown up yet, probably too busy enjoying his new life as a Supergod, Sammy thought to himself. The rest of the class hasn't a clue, Sammy just couldn't wait for their reactions when Dan finally showed up to show off his new strength, powers and most of all, his body. As the class had made their way out to the pool the coach took attendance and noticed that Dan was missing. "Where's Dan? He ill or something?" "No I'm right here coach!" and with that the whole class turned around to see Dan walking out the walkway from the changing room, clad in nothing but a pair of tight crimson red posing trunks, his Herculean muscular quads bouncing as he strutted through to join the rest of the class, flexing his basketball size pecs and then his bowling ball size biceps as the rest of the class stared in awe, most trying to hide their erections. "What is the meaning of this, Dan?! That's not appropriate swimwear! Have you been taking steroids?!" The coach barked at Dan. Dan just turned and smirked back at the coach, striding toward him, imposing his mammoth figure over him as he looked down on the athletic swim coach who used to boss him around. "Hey you know what coach, I think it's about time you...cooled off" and then Dan took a deep breathe and blew out ice cold air all over the coach, essentially freezing him solid. "Whoa dude! You just froze the coach! What are you?" Said Chad, one of Dans jock buddies. "You are now looking at the new superman boys! Your new god!" Dan said, raising his arms with emphasis on the word god, then raising himself up in the air, showing off his ability of flight. "And now that I've given you a demonstration of what i can do boys, you can all spread the word throughout school. I'm bringing in a whole new world!! HA HA HA!" Dan boomed before he raised one arm up and kept his body straight in classic superman pose before he flew out the building making a giant hole in the ceiling. The class couldn't believe what they just saw, neither could Sammy. They quickly took the coach to the school nurse who hadn't a clue what to do with him and returned to the showers. Sammy however, was still too in awe of Dan and trying to contain his erection in his trunks, decided to wait behind to shower by himself, he could also feel something churning in his stomach and wondered if it could be from Dans cum he swallowed the night before. Haha imagine if I gained superpowers too, thought Sammy. As Sammy went into the showers after the rest of the class left, he stripped off his speedo letting his throbbing cock fall free and started lathering himself up under the shower, and started gently whacking himself off when one of the jocks, Brett walked in. "Hey little Sammy, guess you got all boned up over the new and improved Dan too, huh " Brett said as he walked in, pointing his pretty impressive cock straight at the startled Sammy who tried to cover himself up. "Brett what do you want? " "What do you think Sammy? I'm a testosterone fueled man and I need release, and your ass looks good enough for it" Brett said as he grabbed Sammy and forcibly kissed him, he then dragged Sammy across the room and sat on a bench, motioning for Sammy to hop on his cock. Sammy couldn't resist, he was so horny from the sight of Superdan he slid himself on Bretts cock beginning to moan as he continued to imagine Dan, but also imagining becoming a supergod himself as he began to moan some more. Brett was enjoying bouncing the nerd on his hard cock too, even though Brett considered himself straight he was still so hard from Dan and his display of strength and superpowers that even this nerds ass will do to satisfy as he started pumping harder and faster. Sammy was loving it and really getting into it, when suddenly he felt the churning in his stomach again as Brett pumped more and more before releasing a hot load into Sammy "ohhhh man!" They both said in unison as Sammy then released his own load on Brett too. But Sammys stomach still churned, and then began to hurt as Sammy quickly hopped off and collapsed on the floor as the pain worsened. "What the fuck? What's wrong? I wasn't that big was I? Haha" Brett said. The pain then suddenly stopped and Sammy stood up, but something was different. Like he had a realization, a newfound knowledge. The cum the nerd had swallowed from Dan the night before had a whole ton of potency krypton power in it and all it needed was a trigger, and the sexual energy and Bretts cum was just the trigger it needed to give Sammy the knowledge of this and what he suddenly was capable of! "HAHA no don't worry Brett! You weren't too big! Not at all! But don't worry...I soon will be....what did you call me before, Brett? Little Sammy? Well get ready to meet MASSIVE SAMMY!!! HAHAHA" And with that Sammy spread his legs a little and squatted a little, clenched his fists so hard and concentrated "GRRRRRR!!" , and concentrated "ARGGGGHHHHH" , and sure enough the potent Krypton energy inside him was released! And Sammy began to grow with extreme pleasure as he felt his back widen, his chest balloon out, his body gain mass all over! "HAHAHA! YESSSS! THINK I'M A NERD NOW BRETT? GET A LOAD OF THIS!" and Sammy concentrated more, and more and began to inch up and up and up, reaching 8 feet tall! His arms became the size bigger than any bodybuilders and his shoulders made him look like a tank! Sammy concentrated even more and a 6 pack ballooned out "hmmm a little more" and Sammy concentrated again forming a nice irresistible 8 pack! And finally concentrating some more, his limp cock became thicker and longer, and his cock hardened once again as Sammys eyes changed colour to a reddish hue and he grinned. A massive cocky grin as he looked down, and down at Brett before flexing a double bi. "WHAT DO YOU THINK OF LITTLE SAMMY NOW BRETT? " Brett was in shock again. First Dan, now Sammy as two massive super muscular freaks, he became instantly hard again as Sammy continued flexing before fishing out an XXL size bright red speedo from the lost and found and slipped it on before going back out to the pool and looking at the hole Dan made before "SUPERGOD HUH? HAHA! I'M COMING FOR YOU DAN!" Boomed Sammy as he squatted down flexing his legs, arm extended and jumped high then flew after Dan! "HAHA YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN FLY NOW DAN! I'LL SHOW YOU WHO THE TRUE SUPERGOD IS!" Sent from my Samsung device
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    1. The Fight Vientiene, Laos, Southeast Asia In the heat of the early evening the crowd is filtering in to the functional and simple building. Once used as an official military post for storage, there are many unfilled rooms with stark light bulbs and sawdust or dirt, sometimes blood on the floors. Coming in from the twilight, meandering towards the largest room of the complex, are a mix of business men from downtown, gambling degenerates, a few power drinking Western waywards, mobbed up badasses and some wannabe fighters. Tickets stamped, three security checkpoints, room after room, following the humming of noise from the main fighting area, passing one official after another and then moving in to a seating section arranged by class or distinction. The higher rollers at the top on cushioned seats, most of the mass on planks of splintery wood and the poor folks standing within a roped off area on level with the fighters. Kapono is a wiry and but well-dressed figure for whom the fighters work for. He earns money for the bosses through gambling bets placed on fights. The fights come in several forms including evenly matched same gender, unevenly matched same gender, and intergender. There are three general rules that each fighter is to obey; no police, no help and no rules. A winner is determined when an opponent is unconscious or worse. There is a "master", who serves as something of an official and he begins the match and calls an end. However he is mostly there to incite the crowd and cause excitement. Seu is of American descent. His parents were military and were estranged since his birth. Seu has been under the authority of Laotian kingpins since the age of 12, the last time he saw his dad. To his knowledge his father is back in Arizona, USA and living on a Reservation, as he was part Apache Indian. Raw willpower, ingenuity, unbreakable spirit and size and strength were some of the inheritants from his father. Both of his parents were never pinned down, they were always into the wind, unbound by rules or even loyalty to friends or family. Seu sits in a tiny room where there are weights in the form of 4 dumbbells of various sizes. There is a pull-up bar in the doorless frame of the room entranceway. On a small counter sits barely passable food and water. There are hangers for clothes still there from the military days and a bench to sit on along one wall. By now Seu has been in this room 10 minutes. He arrives for these fights later than the others. He feels no need to prepare. He loves to fight. It’s IN him. There is no mental preparation. He fights anywhere, anytime. It’s second nature, the way a shark is always hunting. Seu doesn’t know his opponent and doesn’t care about his opponent. Typically he is involved in what they call a squash match. Bets are taken in many forms. Under these circumstances the wagers may be regarding the duration of the match more so than the decided winner. Even the nature of the condition of the loser is wagered upon. Anything the customer wants. Kapono appears in the doorway, Seu doesn’t look at him. “Three fights. You stay out and come back after the third fight. Do good,” he says from over his shoulder as he shuffles away. Into the room comes a small girl, as is the ritual. These girls are typically early 20’s or younger, sometimes much younger. Seu doesn’t really know where these girls come from and in his three years of these fights he has never seen the same girl twice. This is part of the protocol. Each fighter has a visit from a girl about 10 minutes before a fight. The girls are instructed to do as the fighter commands. Seu looks her up and down. These girls always were naked underneath a neck to knees robe to cover themselves. He never varies from his pre-fight ritual. He motions to her and says, “come behind me.” She obediently moves behind the boy. Even at 18 years old, Seu has been a man physically and mentally for a long time. From the sitting position, the small girl’s chin is just above the top of Seu’s head. “Put your hand on my chin,” Seu demanded. She did. “Put your other hand on my head, here,” Seu motioned with his hand. The girl placed her free hand on Seu’s head. “I want you to snap my neck, like THIS,” and Seu jerked his head hard to one side. The girl backed away slightly and Seu said sternly, “NOW.” She re-gripped Seu’s head and as instructed forced his head to one side. “Harder,” he said, annoyed. Maintaining her grip, the girl pulled harder. “Harder, harder, harder, harder.” The girl clenched his head and in the same direction, twisted his head hard enough that she thought it might come off. She heard a crack that startled her. “Now the other way.” The girl snapped Seu’s head in the opposite direction with the same force. Seu wasn’t pleased though, and made her repeat this three times until his neck cracked again. The girl was tired and fell back a step. Seu deliberately stood up. The girl’s jaw fell open as her eyes followed him into his standing position. When Seu was 14 he 183cm tall (6'0"). At 18 he is 195.5 (6’5).” The girl thought his back looked bigger than a table. She became aroused, although didn’t visually react. Seu turned to face the girl and he kicked aside the stool that he had been sitting on. The girl noted only just now, that he was Western and was intrigued by his white, yet brownish tanned skin. This is partly from Seu’s Native American descent. Seu had on worn-down black sweatpants and issued boots. Footwear was for whatever reason required and actually the one and only clothing requirement. Nudity is not even against the rules in this spectacle. The boots were similar to military style above the ankle, but not as rigid or heavy and relatively comfortable. He wears a size 15. The girl had a fleeting thought of the men she has fucked and how Seu’s size compared. Unknowingly, she had her hand on her crotch. Not rubbing, but just there. Seu stepped close to the Loatian girl who, experienced with these encounters, stood her ground waiting for instruction. The young girl’s eyes were just above his navel. She was very aroused. The girl had never seen muscle like this. Aside from his strong jaw and boyish looks, his shoulders were so wide. They were strait, leveled off and muscle capped on the sides. She looked up at his shapely lats and powerful pecs. Seu’s pecs stood out over 10cm (4") from his chest. She had never been with a man who had as well-defined abs without even flexing, as he. His narrow waist exploded into an outline of powerful thighs that she imagined, under his shabby sweatpants. His biceps had a slight vein down the middle, cold and unpumped. “I want you to pull my cock,” Seu ordered, looking at her directly. His black hair was 7.5cm (3") long and spiked strait up on top, making him appear even taller. The girl cupped her hands to spit in to them but Seu objected, “No, raw.” Seu gripped the sides of his sweatpants and briskly pulled them down to just above his knee, revealing full nudity. The girl gasped and put both hands over her mouth. Seu’s cock was semi hard and over 20cm (8") in that state. She had never seen such a thing. She slightly crouched over and grabbed her crotch hard from arousal. The girl crossed her legs, looking as though she needed to pee and was holding it in. Seu didn’t break from his glare. The girl opened her robe by undoing the loosely tied sash, but did not slip it off. She approached Seu and confidently gripped his cock with her hand. Realizing her fingers did not touch around it's size, she put her second hand on it and began to stroke from base of shaft to the tip. Seu looked down at her without emotion, although his cock immediately twitched in her hands and expanded upon her touch. "More force," he said robotically. The small girl tried to strengthen her double grip and intensify her stroking, while containing her own arousal. "Give me more force," Seu said. With her shoulders rocking back and forth and her head bobbing, the girl was putting her whole body now into working his cock, which was somehow matching her pressure with equal resistance. The cock became so hard, slanted upwards, that it almost didn't move despite her efforts. This had an effect on her of heightening her arousal but also a feeling as though she was not doing fulfilling her expectation. She thought Seu wanted to climax, but in fact his control over his own orgasm was infallable. The girl could do this endlessly and he could maintain a pulsating erection and not come close to orgasm, if he was so inclined. Seu's intention here was to take off the edge. He constantly felt the urge to become hard and then soft and then hard again. It consummed him. At this time Seu stepped forward pushing the girl backwards with a stumble. He backed the girl, still cock in hands, against the wall. She felt overwhelmed. Seu grabbed a handful of her hair and aimed her glare up towards his. He held this position momentarily and then released the girl and stepped away. Seu pulled his pants back up from around his knees and put the waistband around the end of his cock to hold his big member in place. From a hook on the wall he grabbed a long-sleeve white compression shirt and wrestled it over his ripped torso. Seu exited the room and turned down a dimly lit corridor and up a set of stairs. The girl dropped down to her knees once left alone and began to pleasure herself. After some familiar twists and turns, Seu began to hear the hum of the crowd from the fight room. Kapono emerged from the shadows. "You feeling good?" "I'm always fucking good bitch." "Three fights. Hurt them if you can," Kapono reached up and placed his hand on Seu's shoulder. Seu is rebellious and can be contrary, but Kapono has had a hand in raising him since he became a teen. He might be the only person Seu respects. "How bad should I hurt them?" "Ahh, give them a show," Kapono answered. "One's a Russian. I don't like any of these guys." Seu grunted in response as they approached a tattered curtain where on the other side contained the large fighting room. The edge of his cock was still peaking up from this sweatpants waistband but covered by his compression shirt, notwithstanding the bulge. Dimlee, The Master, raised his hands while positioned in the middle of the fighting area to bring the crowd to a hush. "I will now announce the next fight" he spoke in very good English. "There is sure to be BLOOD!" Dimlee spun around in circles as he addressed the crowd. "Remember there will be no interference and remain away from the fighting area." "For our next match of the evening we have one of our most dangerous fighters!" Seu waited behind the curtain with contained anticipation. He was thirsty to hurt some one. Kapono had left Seu to summon the other fighter. "Born in America but raised right here in the streets of Vientiene, at the age of 18 years, standing 190.5 cm (6'5") and with a weight of 99.8 kg (220lbs), UNDEFEATED, unbeatable, with a heart of stone... The Laotian Tiger, SEU!!!" Seu brushed aside the curtain and with his head narrowly clearing the door frame, he stepped out into the hot light rigs that were set up around the fight circle. The crowd was full of energy and there were so many cat-calls of one sort or another that they molded into one inaudible buzzing of sound. Seu stood tall in the fight circle, with no expression on his face. He folded his arms tightly across his chest. Even from the crowd you could see the biceps exploding from his sleeves. "His opponent makes his first fight in the country of Laos. From Vietnam, where he is a champion fighter in his region... he is so lightning quick that he will catch a deadly snake with his bare hands...162.5cm (5'4") and 55kg (122lbs)... here is Duong!!!" Across from Seu the curtain flew open and the diminutive Vietnamese fighter appeared. Duong wore tights cut off at the top of the thigh. He had no shirt on with a toned but thin body. The fighter leapt out into the fighting area and pointed directly in Seu's vicinity. Then he made a motion to drag his thumb across his throat left to right to indicate impending doom for his opponent. Seu was motionless and expressionless, arms remaining folded. Master Dimlee now stood between the two fighters. Duong was jumping up and down in place. The official put his fist high into the air then quickly down to his side and with every fiber of his being screamed "FIGHT!!!" Duong sprang towards his motionless opponent. As the fighter approached the giant boy, the difference in size was shocking. Seu dropped his arms. Duong, his eyes level with Seu's pecs, delivered a blow to Seu's stomach. Seu didn't move an inch, absorbing the punch, unflexed. Duong grabbed his throbbing wrist. In one motion, Seu cupped both hands on the sides of Duong's head and drove the Asian boy's face into his chest, instantly breaking his nose. Seu pulled the small boy's head away from his chest revealing several blood spots shading his white compression shirt. Then he slammed the boy's face into his pecs again. Seu's muscles seemed to want to burst out from every centimeter of his shirt. Seu slammed Duong's face into his rock hard pecs a third time and the boy appeared to lose consciousness. With an expression completely void of fear, mercy and strain, Seu repeatedly smashed the helpless Vietnamese boy's bloodied face into his pecs. After several more blows, Seu's shirt was heavily bloodied and the Asian had become dead weight in Seu's hands. Holding Duong's weight, Seu continued to break the boy's face against his chest. Finally he stopped and simply held the dead weight of the Asian in his hands. The boy's body was limp, arms dangling at his sides, heels up off the floor being held on his toes by Seu's strength. Seu released his grip and Duong dropped to the floor like a rock and lay there face down, bleeding from his nose and mouth. Seu looked up at the crowd who were waving their programs and betting tickets in the air and cheering or hissing. His opponent lay there motionless at his feet. Seu stepped over Duong with one foot on either side of the prone boy, standing over him, to show his dominance. The crowd responded by chanting his name. Master Dimlee approached the fighter and raised Seu's arm up in the air. Seu moved away from his opponent. Duong was briskly carried away by two men, vanishing into the corridors. Seu reset to his starting position, standing tall and folding his arms. Dimlee raised his arms to attempt to silence the stirring of the crowd. "The Laotian Tiger's next opponent, is a man from right here in Laos. He is a jungle man who is as tough as a nail in a coffin! He is called "The Cage!" Many in the crowd remember this name. "This man began fighting as a small boy inside bamboo cages and is known far and wide. Standing 178cm (5'10") and weighing 70kg (155lbs)... here comes... THE CAGE!" Seu's Asian opponent appeared from the shadows with little expression and moved robotically. The Cage was tall for a Laotian and carried himself confidently but with little muscle. As a teen he was well known in Vientiene fighting circles, but now at the age of 31 was not fighting regularly anymore. He wore boxing shorts, no shirt and was heavily tatooed. Upon entering his place in the fighting circle, The Cage displayed a double bicep flex that showed no difference between flexed and unflexed biceps. He rotated around to acknowledge the crowd who mostly showed indifference. Dimlee stood between the two fighters and raised a fist in the air to signal the fighters to be at their ready. "FIGHT," he spat out at the top of his voice. The Cage moved towards Seu but was stopped in his tracks at the first sign of movement from his opponent. Seu lowered his arms and grabbed his balls and gave them two quick pulls. His nostrils flared. He punched his chest hard which made an audible thud heard even up in the highest seats. Seu raised both hands and waved his fingers motioning to The Cage to approach him. The Cage then apprehensively raised his fists and moved in on Seu. He reached up and swung at Seu's head which he easily dodged. Seu grabbed the Asian man's neck prompting The Cage to put both hands over top of Seu's. With his other hand, Seu took hold of the top of The Cage's leg and with no effort at all he pressed that Asian man over his head. Seu held the man 274cm (9") high in the air. The Cage began to kick his legs while still trying in vein to loosen Seu's grip around his neck. Seu walked in a complete circle around the fighting area wanting to show off his power. He had no expression on his face. Centering himself in the fighting area, Seu lowered and then threw the man so far that his feet landed outside of the designated fighting area. The Cage landed with such force that it kicked up a cloud of dust as he lay in agony on the floor. Immediately a group of men were standing over The Cage, screaming instructions and motioning for him to get up. One middle aged man shouted in Laotian, "fucking get up! Pussy girl! Get the fuck up!" Seu stood in place waiting for his opponent to stagger to his feet. The Cage, with one hand on his back was moving towards the center of the ring. Seu took a large step forward and drove his fist directly into the center of the Asian man's chest. This caused a sucking sound as air escaped from his lungs and knocked him back off his feet and onto the ground again. The Cage lay there, without even enough air in his body to clutch his chest. Dimlee moved in and knelt beside the broken body laying on the ground. He placed his hand near the sternum of the Asian. Dimlee stood up after diagnosing the situation. He pumped both his fists in front of him and with spit and excitement he screamed, "he is broken! He... Is... Broken!" Dimlee pointed in Seu's direction, "WINNER!" Seu slammed his fist into his hand causing muscle to ripple from head to toe. He bellowed, "bring me a fucking challenge!" He turned to the frenzied crowd behind him and repeated, "I said bring me a fucking challenge!" Three teen boys came into the circle to unforgivingly lift The Cage by his feet and torso and carry him back into the medical area. Dimlee, looking to build excitement amongst the gawkers, took a que from Seu. "Ladies and gentlemen, our Laotian Tiger wants a challenge," he paused to allow time for cat-calls from the crowd. "Russia... Russia... has answered the challenge! Just 22 years old. Standing 178cm (6'0") and with a strong 88kg (195lbs)... making his first fight in Asia..." At that time a teen boy who is a worker in the fight club came tumbling thru the curtain as though he had been pushed. Bounding out behind him was Morosov, Seu's next opponent. Morosov walked defiantly into the fight circle interrupting Dimlee's announcement. The Russian badass approached Dimlee and said with broken English, "get the fuck out of my way." Dimlee knew it was on. He raised his fist and screamed "FIGHT," while blood vessels throbbed in this neck and temples. The Russian was filled with courage and couldn't wait to embarrass his younger opponent. He confidently approached the taller wunderkind and put his finger directly in front of Seu's nose. "I am going to crush you." Then he beamed into a wide smile and ran his fingers through his shoulder length, platinum blonde hair. "Then I will fuck your ass in front of all your little Asian girls, ha ha ha." The Russian was muscular but not as big in any area as his counterpart. Yet, his confidence was unwavering. Morosov moved a step closer to Seu. They are now touching eachother at the chest and unflinchingly meeting eachother's stare. The Russian opened his mouth, "This night I will make you..." and Seu commenced the fight. The giant boy put one arm around the back of Morosov's head and the other beneath his legs and effortlessly lifted the Russian into a cradle carry. With the Russian in his arms, Seu began to flex his biceps and chest and tightened his grip. Morosov tried to power out of the hold by straining every muscle in any direction. Seu increased intensity, as the 18 year old began to overpower this Russian man. Morosov's head was being pushed into his knees. His air flow was being cut off by the pressure around his head and neck. He began to not be able to keep his eyes open. Feeding from the strength being drained from the body of his opponent, Seu flexed even harder while the Russian wimpered in his arms. With a last effort, Morosov attempted to gather his strength and power out one more time. Seu matched and then overpowered this effort and flexed harder. He was crushing this Russian. Dimlee sensed that Morosov may be helpless and approached the fighters. From his short stature he could barely see over Seu's forearm and read the face of the Russian. It appeared the Russian was barely breathing and his eyes were closed. Seu had little expression on his face. He showed no mercy, while pulling all the strength out of his Russian opponent and devouring it. The feeling made Seu's cock twitch. Dimlee was pulling at Seu's forearm. Seu barely noticed. The Russian was in dire condition. The Master then motioned towards a portion of the crowd where emerged a young Asian boy under the employ of the fight club. He wore a backpack which he unstrapped and shuffled through the contents of. Seu had not lessened this grip at all and the Russian had faded, no longer even fighting for freedom. From the backpack, the Asian furnished a hand taser. He met Dimlee's eyes and The Master said, "hit him... HIT HIM!" The boy approached Seu and put the taster in the small of Seu's back and the electric current was transfered. Seu didn't budge. The boy repeated this, now holding the taser against Seu's skin for 5 seconds. Seu was impervious to it. "Again," Dimlee screamed with panic. The boy put both hands around the taser and drove it as though he was stabbing with a knife, into Seu's bicep. Seu's muscle strain only intensified, not weakened by the taser's effect. The boy looked up at Seu who met his glare and stuck his tongue far out of his mouth. Dimlee stood back nervously as he was in fear they would lose the Russian and send back a corpse. The taser boy pulled the weapon from Seu's bicep and attempted to place it on Seu's tongue. However, he missed his aim as The Tiger was so much taller and ended up tasering Seu's neck. At first Seu withstood the electric current of the taser. The boy held the taser in place 5 seconds. Now 10 seconds. The taser was getting hot in the boy's hand. After 15 seconds Seu dropped the Russian to the floor, still stuck in the fetal position he had been held in. The taser boy dropped the taser and began to hold his hand which felt like it was on fire. Without even placing a hand on his taser-burned neck, Seu turned to the taser boy and picked him up on one shoulder. Seu's bicep popped as he held the boy with one arm. He then took three steps and slammed the poor boy down into the floor boards. The taser boy was immediately unconscious. Already workers had come and carried the twitching Russian away to the medical room. Seu rose and stepped towards Dimlee. Keeping the show rolling, Dimlee grabbed Seu's arm and threw it up in victory. "The Laotian Tiger boy... the unbeatable... Seu!!!" Dimlee called some workers over to tend to the taser boy. Seu bathed in the favorable cheering and emotion from the crowd. As he strutted around the fighting circle he continuously bounced his pecs without moving his arms even slightly. Seu had dominated three men tonight thoroughly. They weren't just beaten physically, but they were humiliated. Seu felt some satisfaction from draining the manhood from his opponents. But his sexual appetite was now on his mind. It felt as though it was growing beyond his control.
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    CHAPTER 4: Double As the rest of the team headed inside the training complex, I made my way over the other side of the field to pick up coach's shirt. As I picked it up, I noticed that it didn't seem any bigger, unlike Coach. I grabbed the sweaty garment, Coach's manly sweat stench washing over me, and headed back over to Coach standing near the goal post. “Here's your shirt, Coach Wood. But I don't think it will fit you any more...” Coach crouched way down and took the shirt from my hands. He picked it up and held it out in front of him. I was right. While I would've been swimming in his shirt, to him it looked like a toddler's t-shirt. “WELL DAMN, THIS LITTLE THING WOULDN'T EVEN FIT ONE OF MY LEGS!” Coach boasted. “THE REST OF MY CLOTHES GREW, THOUGH. GUESS I'LL JUST HAVE TO GO SHIRTLESS UNTIL I CAN GET A NEW SHIRT MADE!” I shouted up at him, “I don't think anybody would have a problem with that, big guy. And if they do, what are they gonna do?!” “HAHA. DAMN RIGHT. THERE'S NO MAN ON EARTH WHO CAN MATCH UP TO THIS!” Coach crunched down into a most muscular pose right over the top of me, filling my vision with nothing buy hairy, ripped musculature. I was amazed and showered him with praise. “Damn Coach, imagine if you competed in a bodybuilding show now at your new size! That would ROCK!” Coach relaxed his pose, chuckled, and reached down and patted the top of my head. My skull fitting easily in just the palm of his hand. “THAT'S WHY I LIKE YOU, JACKSON. ALWAYS WORKING YOUR ASS OFF AND ALWAYS MAKING ME FEEL GOOD. ALRIGHT LITTLE GUY, HEAD INSIDE AND GET TO LIFTING WITH YOUR BUDDIES, I'LL BE IN A FEW.” I made my way into the locker room, cooled off and changed into my lifting clothes. After refueling in the team's cafeteria, 45 minutes later it was time for the defensive backs' lifting session. We headed into the weight room and were greeted again by the sight of our towering, muscular colossus of a coach, our eyes about level with his knees. I took notice that it was good thing the weight room was a cavernous, warehouse type room. It was thankfully large enough that our captain could still stand inside. Even then, Coach's head looked to be less than 10 ft from the ceiling. I briefly wondered how he even got inside until I remembered the garage door at the other end of the building. Today we would be doing Olympic lifts. Hang cleans, clean and jerks and snatches to really work on our explosive power, which is ideal for football. As we took turns doing our lifts, Coach would walk along the line behind us. It was crazy to look in the mirror in front of us and only be able to see his massive crotch hovering about our heads. The mirror was far too short to expose anything above his waist. And nothing was more motivating the hearing his voice booming down encouragement. “NICE JOB JACKSON. REMEMBER TO USE YOUR LEGS. REALLY USE YOUR LOWER BODY TO DRIVE THAT WEIGHT ABOVE YOUR HEAT. TURNAROUND AND I'LL DEMONSTRATE.” I turned around to looked up and watched as Coach brought his arms up to his shoulders like he was pretending to hold a barbell on top of his chest. “MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT AND STICK OUR ASS OUT AS YOU CROUCH DOWN...” Coach began to squat down, his huge muscle ass filling the khaki shorts to the brink, his quads and hamstrings exploding in relief, his huge chest puffed out from his exaggerated arched back. “WHEN YOU GET DOWN SO YOUR LEGS ARE PARALLEL TO THE FLOOR, EXPLODE UP WITH YOUR LEGS AND THEN PUSH YOUR ARMS UP TO GET THAT WEIGHT ABOVE YOUR HEAD.” Coach quickly stood up straight, his head rocketing upward far beyond comprehension. As he extending his magnificent arms his fists accidentally PUNCHED the ceiling! One of his hands collided with a light fixture sending small shards of glass raining down. I instinctively ran under the nearest thing I could, Coach Wood himself. “WHOOPS!” Coach exclaimed surprised. After the glass bounced harmlessly off his chest and fell to ground I heard a booming chuckle. “DAMN, I FORGET HOW SMALL THESE BUILDINGS ARE. HOW SMALL AND FRAGILE THEY ARE TO A BIG, STONG MAN LIKE MYSELF, HAHA! WHERE'D YOU GO JACKSON??” “Down here, Coach!” Coach leaned over and saw me huddled underneath him. He grinned when he saw me. “HEY LITTLE GUY. SORRY ABOUT THAT. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE YOU QUICKLY FOUND THE SAFEST PLACE. UNDERNEATH MY MASSIVE PECS!” Coach playfully bounced his colossal pecs as I stared straight upward. “YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN ONE OF MY SMARTER PLAYERS, LITTLE GUY. THIS IS JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE!” “Thanks, Coach! You'll just have to be careful in this world that was made of us little guys!” “I KNOW, I KNOW. BUT DAMN I TELL YA, IT EXCITES ME TO KNOW THAT I'M OUTGROWING YOU GUYS AND THESE LITTLE BUILDINGS. I'M LOVING THE POWER I'M FEELING.” I looked at him nervously and he quickly saw the look of trepidation on my face. “BUT DON'T WORRY, JACKSON. I WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING TO MY PLAYERS. YOU ARE ALL LIKE MY SONS. I JUST WANT TO MOTIVATE YOU TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!” I smiled warmly up at him and he gave returned a handsome smile, putting me a ease. “GREAT WORKOUT MEN, SHOWER UP! WE WILL BE HAVING A TEAM MEETING IN THE FIELDHOUSE TONIGHT AT 7:00PM. I'LL SEE YOU ALL THERE.” And with that, Coach stomped over the garage door, opened it and ducked down through it and into the hot summer air. ---------- A few hours later my roommate and I left our dorm and headed to the fieldhouse. The fieldhouse was a huge cavernous building, about the size of 1.5 football fields. It allowed us to practice inside during inclement weather and during the cold winter as well. We made our way inside and saw shirtless Coach towering over the growing mass of players at the other end. Jamal, of course, pointed out the obvious. “Coach, are you just gonna hang out shirtless all the time showing off your huge muscles or what? Put a shirt on man!” Coach chuckled down at Jamal. “WELL, JAMAL, UNFORTUNATELY I DON'T HAVE A SHIRT THAT FITS. I SPOKE TO DR. MARTIN, THE PHYSICS PROFESSOR. HE SAYS THAT SINCE MY BODY IS THE MAIN SOURCE OF THE GROWTH, ONLY THE CLOTHES THAT I AM WEARING WHEN I GROW WILL GROW WITH ME. SINCE I HAD MY SHIRT OFF WHEN DOING PUSHUPS IT DIDN'T GROW WITH ME.” We all nodded as he explained. Like our leader and Dr. Martin, we were still learning all the ins-and-outs of what was really going on with our growing leader. Coach smirked down at Jamal and stepped right up to him, Jamal slightly backed up in intimidation. He knew Coach wouldn't do anything, but when a 25 ft tall bodybuilder moves toward you you can't help but shirk a bit in fear. “BESIDES, JAMAL, WHY WOULD I WANT TO COVER UP THIS MUSCLEBEEF! BOOM!” Coach quicly turned sideways and executed a graceful side chest pose. This hamstrings and arms tightened and his chest shelf bulged up like a filling balloon. Jamal shouted back up in response, “Damn, Coach, looking JACKED! I guess you're right. If I looked like that I would NEVER wear a shirt either!” The crowd of players laughed in response. We all completely agreed. “WELL LITTLE GUY, AS YOUR COACH ITS MY GOAL TO GET YOU UP TO MY LEVEL...WELL MAYBE NOT MY NEW LEVEL, BUT CLOSER ANYWAY, HEHE! SO, ANYWAYS BOYS, THE REASON I CALLED YOU HERE IS THIS IS WHERE WE WILL CONDUCT OUR TEAM MEETINGS FROM NOW ON. THIS SPACE WILL ALSO SERVE AS MY OFFICE AND LIVING SPACE. AS YOU CAN SURMISE, I'VE BECOME SO DAMN HUGE THAT I'VE OUTGROWN OUR TINY LITTLE AUDITORIUM AND I'VE DONE THE SAME TO MY HOUSE. THE DEAN IS WORKING TO BRING ME IN SOME BASIC AMMENITIES. AND I WILL BE ABLE TO HIDE A BIT IN HERE TOO. AS YOU CAN IMAGINE, THE PRESS IS GOING WILD AT THE THOUGHT OF A GIANT FOOTBALL COACH. ” We looked over to the tall, open garage door and saw men bringing in several mattresses. It looked they would be linked together to serve as a his makeshift bed. We watched them complete the bed as coach went over this weeks routine in preparation for our first game. They also brought in a huge, hastily built wooden bench, obviously meant to give coach something to sit on. They brought in some more crates for our leader to do whatever with and soon left and closed the garage door. After more discussion Coach began to bring the meeting to a close. “SO, IF YOU NEED ANYTHING I WILL BE IN HERE. THE DEAN HAS INSTALLAED A BUZZER ON THE DOOR THAT WILL ALERT ME WHEN YOU WANT TO COME IN. THAT'S ALL I HAVE BOYS, NOW IF YOU WILL EXCUSE ME, I NEED TO FIGURE OUT HOW I'M GOING TO GET SOME FRESH CLOTHES. WE'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW FOR PRACTICE, MEN!” We began filling out the side door as Coach kicked off his shoes and socks. Being at the back of the group and a freshmen, I let the upper classmen exit first. Before I stepped out I turned to see coach facing away from us and sliding down his khaki shorts! He was wearing a dark grey jockstrap underneath. His giant, lightly haired ass muscles were exposed, each framed by the straps of the jock. He turned and saw me, the last player left in the room, staring,. He gave me a grin and spoke, “HEY JACKSON, BEFORE YOU LEAVE COME HERE PLEASE.” Coach turned to face me as he spoke, revealing a fabric covered, bulge that was obscenely large, even for a man of his size. He had his hand on his hips as I walked toward him, the bulge looming high and higher and bigger and bigger as I approached. Clad in just his jockstrap, standing in front of me was the most perfect, most masculine man in the history. Clearly the rumors about him being mega-hung were true. Finally, I stopped about 5 ft in front of him. Any closer and his face would've been obscured by his bulge and/or pecs. “Yeah, Coach?” “JACKSON, IF YOU WOULDN'T MIND, WOULD YOU TAKE MY CLOTHES TO ASSISTANT COACH HARVEY? HE IS GOING TO GIVE THEM TO THE MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT FOR WASHING. THESE ARE THE ONLY CLOTHES I'VE BEEN WEARING FOR THE PAST COUPLE OF DAYS AND THEY ARE STARTING TO STINK. PLUS I CAN'T FIT IN THE ATHLETIC OFFICES ANYMORE.” “Uh...um...sure, Coach! But, what are you going to wear?” “THE SERVICE GUYS BROUGHT ME A COUPLE OF SHEETS TO WRAP AROUND MY WAIST. HEHE, IT'S JUST LIKE THOSE TOGA PARTIES WE USED TO HAVE IN COLLEGE!” I imagined what a buff, young, 21 year old Coach looked like at a college toga party. Even if he weren't as muscularly developed at that time, he no doubt would've put any other frat bros to shame with his body. Coach then shocked me by leaning forward, grabbing each side of his jockstrap and slid it down his legs. He kicked up his left leg, then his right to step out of it. Awestruck, I saw his soft, cut dick flop down nearly 2/3 of the way to his knees! And it wasn't just long, it was THICK. The reason his bulge was so pronounced is that he obviously had to curl up his soft cock within the tight fabric of the jockstrap pouch! Plus, his ball were also enormous! Now, at his size they looked bigger than basketballs! Coach then slowly stood up, smirked and tossed the jockstrap to me. The huge, towel sized garment flung toward me and I instinctively reach out and caught it. It was still damp from his sweat and I was dampened by his masculine crotch essence. I was still staring, awestruck at my giant, naked, bodybuilder football coach. He notice my gaze and broke the silence, chuckling, “YEAH, JACKSON. I KNOW. EVEN I AM SURPRISED AT HOW BIG MY JUNK IS. IT ACTUALLY KEPT GROWING UNTIL I WAS 25 YEARS OLD, BELIEVE IT OR NOT.” Mercifully, Coach then turned and grabbed a bedsheet off the ground and wrapped it around his waist like a towel, shielding me from the incredibly emasculating site of his huge cock and bull balls. “THERE WE GO, NOW I'M AT LEAST SOMEWHAT DECENT. DON'T WANT TO CAUSE A STIR IF SOMEONE WALKS IN, RIGHT?” Coach winked down at me. “Yea...yeah Coach!” I stammered as he chuckled. “Would you hand me your shorts and socks and I'll take them to Assistant Coach Harvey.” Coach picked up the rest of his soiled garments, stepped up to me and piled them in arms. “THANKS, JACKSON. LET'S HOPE I DON'T GROW AGAIN WHILE I'M LIKE THIS OTHERWISE I'LL REALLY HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! He thanked me and I exited the fieldhouse and completed my task. I couldn't help but replay the incredible show of pure manhood that I had just seen. As a football player I was used to seeing lots of junk in the locker rooms and such, but I had never seen anything as impressive as Coach's equipment. The following morning I went to class and I couldn't help but notice all the news vans parked along the athletic complex. Obviously the word had leaked out. I wasn't surprised, it had to be darn hard to hide a 25 ft tall muscle man. A couple reporters noticed me with my official athletes' bag and came over to try to interview me. I decline and sped up my walk to escape them. I heard similar stories from my teammates throughout the morning. After morning classes we notice the campus police had been pressuring the news vans to leave to allow us our privacy and we were very much thankful. After I ate my lunch I made my way back to the stadium for practice. The locker room was abuzz as we all shared our stories of being harassed by some of the reporters. Several of us noted that they better be careful, Coach certainly would NOT be happy with them if he knew they weren't leaving us alone. We dressed and made our way to the field and few minutes later the assistant coaches joined us, followed by out titanic head coach. His clothes must've been washed because he came out in his signature sneakers, socks, short khaki shorts, whistle and ballcap, looking as buff and as powerful as ever. Even after seeing him yesterday the first look was still awe inspiring. “GOOD TO SEE YOU ALL BOYS! NOW, I'VE BEEN HEARING SOME OF THE MEDIA HAVE BEEN GETTING IN YOUR FACES. IF ANYBODY MESSES WITH YOU LET ME KNOW!” Coach's face a had slight sneer on it as he spoke and the effect was terrifying. I would not want to face the wrath of a giant muscle man. “ALRIGHT BOYS LINE UP FOR STRETCHES.” After his introduction practice resumed as normal. Well, as normal as it could be with a huge coach looking after everyone. At his new vantage point he was able to see all the units working no matter where he was standing on the field. And he let us know too. Even when we was standing over next to the defensive lineman, he noticed one of the running backs goofing off at the other end of the field. “PORTER! YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS BACK TO WORK!” He boomed across the field. Jeremy Porter blanched in fear and instantly got back to his drills, giving 110% effort for the rest of the day. Once everyone realized there was no hiding from a 25 ft football Coach, the intensity of practice as a whole kicked up another notch. And we were already known for practicing hard thanks to Coach's methods. After the unit practices we gathered together to practice our team plays. At one point he became displeased with our center's stance. “YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOUR THREE POINT STANCE, YOUR FEET ARE FAR TO NARROW! I NEED YOU TO GET DOWN LIKE THIS!” Coach stomped over, bent his knees and leaned straight over the center himself. He let his hubcap sized hand fall on the ground. “LIKE THIS! SEE HOW MY HIPS ARE WIDE AND READY TO EXPLODE FORWARD!” I could see the lineman of the defensive side of the ball stare up at his rippling body in fear as they imagined what it would be like to have to go against someone like Coach. “THEN WHEN YOU HIKE THE BALL YOU EXPLODE FORWARD, BRING YOUR HANDS TOGETHER AND PUSH THE DEFENSIVE GUY AWAY...LIKE THIS!” Coach the lunged forward and GRABBED the nearest defensive practice player, Billy Morton! With the small (to him) man in his huge hands, he LIFTED him up and pushed him out at arms length, pretending that he was pushing a man that matched his own size. Billy yelped, terrified at so easily being manhandled and brought 15 ft up in the air as if he weight no more than a feather. Coach set Billy back down. “THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME DEMONSTRATE BILLY, TAKE A WATER BREAK.” Billy was shaking as he went to grab a drink, I wondered if he had maybe pissed himself from the events. Jamal, never the one to keep quiet, voiced his awe, “Damn, Coach you picked him up like he was an action figure!” Coach turned and grinned down at Jamal. “JAMAL, SON, LOOK AT ME...” Coach flexed his enormous biceps up by his shoulder, “...AND LOOK AT YOU LITTLE MEN. YOU PRACTICALLY ARE ACTION FIGURES TO ME. I PROBABLY GOT MORE MUSCLE IN ONE OF THESE BICEPS THAN YOUR ENTIRE BODIES! PICKING UP ANY ONE OF YOU IS NOTHING!” Coach was starting to sound arrogant, but I guess when you look like him, you can back up that arrogance. For the next 45 minutes we ran our team plays to the coach's satisfaction. Then it was time for our conditioning. More situps and pushups. This time, Coach elected to stand at the front and direct us unlike yesterday. A few minutes later we were left panting and heaving for the effort, our abs, arms and chests burning. Once we caught our breath Jamal once again spoke up. “Hey, Coach, what's the deal? You always do situp and pushups with us! What's the matter, are they getting too hard for you now that you've put on some weight?” “IS THAT A CHALLENGE JAMAL?” “Heck, yeah Coach! Let's see what you've got, big guy!” Coach chuckled and slowly got down on all fours. If there was one way to manipulate Coach, it was to challenge him. “TELL YOU WHAT JAMAL, LET'S SEE IF I CAN DO 500 LIKE I DID YESTERDAY. ONLY, I AM GOING TO NEED SOME MORE RESISTANCE. FOR A BIG MAN LIKE ME PUSHUPS AREN'T MUCH OF A CHALLENGE ANYMORE,” Coach looked around at us and grinned. “ALRIGHT, ALL YOU FRESHMEN, CLIMB UP ON MY BACK, NOW!” The 16 of us freshmen all looked at each other, frozen in place. “I'M SERIOUS BOYS, HOP UP, YOU'LL BE SAFE, TRUST ME!” With that, Coach let himself fall flat on the ground. Us freshmen made our way over and clamored up on top of his beefy back. His warm, thick skin felt like taught leather underneath our hands and feet. Because he was nearly perfect in every way, there was no hair on his back, just smooth, tanned, hard, lumpy muscle. After the last of us had climbed on, Coach instructed, “OK SPREAD OUT EVENLY UP THERE, UP AS CLOSE TO MY SHOULDERS AS YOU CAN. I'VE GOT A MASSIVE BACK SO THERE SHOULD BE PLENTY OF ROOM FOR YOU ALL. OK, NOW STAY OUT OF THE CENTER OF MY BACK, WHERE MY BACK MUSCLES WILL PINCH TOGETHER. I'D HATE TO ACCIDENTALLY SQUEEZE ONE OF MY PLAYERS.” Coach felt us maneuver around. I took the highest position up by his shoulders. Just in front of me was the drop off from his front delts that led to the ground. We all had to squeeze in just a bit but there was still just enough room as we covered the expanse of his upper back. “OK BOYS GET COMFY. HANG ON TO EACH OTHER, IT MAY BECOME AN INTENSE RIDE!” And with that Coach began. Up and down. Up and down. It felt like being an enormous seesaw. I hoped that none of my fellow freshmen suffered from seasickness. To steady ourselves we all linked arms. Coach's form, like every part of him, was flawless. His huge back bunched and bulged underneath our butts as he continued the movement. The upperclassmen were hooting and hollering the whole time, encouraging their hero to pour it on. “Yeah, Coach! See if you can make those tinies fly off your back, like a bucking bronco!” “Damn, look his form! Looks at those triceps and pecs swell, bro!” “Is it hard with all those men on your back?” Coach, with his perfect form had his head up the entire time, watching his players praise him. “NOT AT ALL LITTLE BUDDY. I CAN BARELY FEEL THEM BACK THERE. IN FACT I FEEL STRONGER AND MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER!” Coach smiled cockily and exclaimed as he passed 100 reps. On top of his back we all began to notice his skin warming up. Soon our butts began to dampen as well as sweat began to form on his back. At 200 reps we also began to notice something else. For some reason, all of us freshmen began to slowly drift away from each other. I wondered if we were just sliding around on his sweat but then I saw it. His back was stretching WIDER! And not just wider, longer. I heard more gasps from the players still on the field as they realized what as happening. Coach was growing. Again! He moaned deeply as the feeling set in. “OHHHH YEAH BOYS. I'M FEELING IT AGAIN! GETTING TALLER...AND BIGGER...AND STRONGER! YEAHHHH!” Once again the toes of Coach's feet were sliding along the grass. The groundskeepers were certainly not going to be his biggest fans as they would again have to repair the turf once he was done. Some of the freshmen began to panic and started to slide off his back. Since his back was now covered in sweat, many simply slid off his torso as if they were riding a slip-and-slide. I remained perched up near his shoulders as he continued. I looked to see his handsome face just a few feet away from he, his head growing and expanding keeping up with the rest of him. At one point he glanced to the side and looked right at me and he gave me a wry grin. “300 reps!” the quarterback shouted. “Fuck Coach, you are growing too big!” A couple of more players shouted in unison. “HAHAHA. NO SUCH THING AS TOO BIG, LITTLE MEN!” I turned around and noticed that I was the last player left perched up on him. I surmised that's why gave me a smile. Coach was now getting so big that I was able to swing my legs around and rest my feet on the top of his pec shelf! I turned to Coach's saucer sled sized ear and spoke, “Keep going Coach! Blow them and everyone out of the water. It's your destiny to be our GIANT!” “OH YEAH, JACKSON, THAT'S WHY I LIKE YOU SO MUCH, LITTLE BUDDY. STEADY YOURSELF, WE'RE KICKING THIS UP A NOTCH!” Coach then nearly doubled his pace. I steadied myself by reaching out a hand and putting it on his thick, taught neck. Up and down he went, his whistle bouncing off the ground at the bottom of every rep. “400, big guy!” Coach continued to swell, thicker, longer, taller, mightier. When coach was at full extension the drop off his shoulder was now nearly 20 ft and I was feeling some vertigo. Way down below the players were again awestruck and Coach's massive chest took up more and more of their vision as it pumped and expanded wider and wider. “STILL WASN'T DONE GROWING BOYS! DON'T KNOW IF I EVER WANT IT STOP NOW! HAHAHA! I LOVE THIS! At 500 reps Coach let himself fall to the ground. BOOOOOOM! The field rumbled as his massive tonnage made contact. The players instantly backed up from the small earthquake he generated. I slid off his sweaty deltoid, coating my back in his musky, salty wetness. Once I had backed away and joined the crowd of players, Coach tilted his head forward and smirked. He slowly put one hand on the ground and began to push himself up onto one knee. On just one knee he looked almost as tall as he had a few minutes ago. He was now far, far, bigger. The top of his kneecap was now nearly twice as high as we were. We only came up to about mid shin on him! If I were behind his leg I would been staring at the biggest, hardest calf muscles imaginable. He slowly extended his leg up to a standing position, the quadriceps muscle flexing and threatening to cover his kneecap with its mass. Up higher and higher he rose as our necks craned further and further back. From his happy smile I could tell he was getting more and more excited as we shrank further and further before him. Finally after what seemed like and eternity he had reached his full height. It looked like he had again doubled his height. I estimated him to be about 50 ft tall now! “MY LITTLE PLAYERS. YOU ARE ALL SO SMALL.” Nobody said anything. “HEHE...OR I GUESS IT'S JUST ME THAT HAS GOTTEN TO BIG!!” Coach stomped his foot down for emphasis and the ground shook. We instinctively cowered. “HAHA! SORRY DIDN'T MEAN TO SCARE YOU! I JUST WANTED TO SEE YOUR FACES. KNOW THIS, I WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING TO ANY ONE OF YOU!” We shook our heads in acknowledgment and relief. Looking around, Coach spotted Jamal. “NOTHING TO SAY NOW JAMAL? WHAT DO YOU THINK?” Jamal nervously stepped forward. “Coach...you...you...you're HUGE!!! You are like a GOD among us tiny men. I'm one of the biggest linemen on the team and I feel like a mouse next to you.” While grinning down at Jamal coach bounced his pecs and flexed his right arm. “WELL, JAMAL, HONESTLY, YOU ALL LOOK LIKE LITTLE MICE TO ME! YOU BARELY REACH MY CALF MUSCLES! LOOK HOW BIG MY PECS ARE COMPARED TO YOU GUYS! YOU COULD PROBABLY LIVE IN MY BICEPS ITS SO HUGE! LOOK AT THIS MASSIVE ARM!” Coach bragged as he flexed and unflexed his arm. “MY LEGS MUST LOOK LIKE SEQUOIAS TO YOU GUYS! BEING THIS BIG IS AWESOME!!!” Once Coach had finished his self appraisal at his new size he dropped his hands on his hips and proudly stood tall above us. “ALRIGHT BOYS, THAT WAS ANOTHER GOOD PRACTICE. HEAD INSIDE, ANOTHER LIFTING SESSION AWAITS!” **********************************************
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    Hey guys! Started this story a loooong time ago. Finally decided to finish it. It's weird and I like that. Hope you do to. To see more of my stuff (and to show your support!) please consider following my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MuscleNexus. Enjoy! In a small dark room on the forty third story of MaxoVision Tower, Henry woke up. His asthmatic coughing echoed around the dorm as he pushed his wiry frame out of bed. His feet slapped on metallic flooring, instantly chilling him. He crossed his arms around his hairless torso as he approached the aluminum sink in the corner. He wetted his hand under the tap and smeared the number ‘3’ off his smudgy mirror. Without much attention to detail, Henry lifted his tube of toothpaste and made strokes to write a ‘4’ on the surface in its place. 24 days, that’s how long he had been in the dank little room, and he was no closer to finding out the reason for his imprisonment than the he was when he had first woken up there He rinsed the toothpaste resin from his hands and cupped them under the facet. He was jolted to alertness with the chill of water splashed onto his face. He regarded himself with a furrowed brow. He was 18, had just graduated from high school, and was looking forward to beginning university in the fall. His perfect grades had netted him a place in Harvard. All that had been dashed however, when he found himself in this mysterious dark dorm. Self proclaimedly, Henry was ‘one for books and not for looks.’ His body had been entirely nondescript when he was kidnapped. Kidnapped… “Is that what happened to me?” He wondered aloud. The past 23 days had not seen it change at all. He was provided consistent offerings of food from a slit under the door that seemed to keep his weight at exactly the same spot. While his weight remained the same, he did notice one odd change. He pulled at his side and his skin stretched miraculously far before snapping back into its original position. Henry frowned once again, he had never heard of any disease that could do this to someone, but he was pretty sure it was not a sign of good health. At any rate, it didn’t actually change his appearance and didn’t bother him for any other reason than its oddness. A loud and deep grunt echoed through the hallway beyond Henry’s metal door. He gulped. There was something else that was unusual about this place. He lived with giants. Once a day for the past 23 days, his door had swung open, and Henry was forced to leave and hide, or be found by one of the hulking beasts that roamed the dimly lit corridors of his prison. So far, he had been successful. He knew that there were others like him in there, normal people. He heard their yells and cries of fear when the doors were unlocked and the beasts were allowed to roam free. He had also known one for a brief ten minute before he was taken by one of the creatures. He had only captured glimpses and glances at the creatures that terrorized him for one hour during the day. He was able to evade them, but if they couldn’t see them, he couldn’t see them. Hiding was key because they could any normal man and take him in an instant if they wanted to, and that seemed to be all the mindless things wanted… He had always been able to make it back into his room shortly after the warning bell that announced that their doors could once again be shut and locked. But there had been one close call… On one of his first days in the mysterious institution (what else could it be called), Henry allowed fear to overtake him and sprinted for his door after hearing the warning chime. His light but loud footsteps had attracted the attention of one of the beasts, bringing it around the corner to come face to face with Henry just as he was turning into his room. He heard it and smelt it before he saw it. Great slapping thuds of footsteps that instantly struck panic into Henry’s heart. And the smell of sweat and musk, overpowering to the point where Henry felt lightheaded and nauseous. He only had about two second to observe the charging creature before he lept into his room and slammed the door. Those two second were all he needed. It looked like a half-naked man, but muscled beyond compare. Henry had time to register thickly corded legs that pumped their way ever closer to him and two globular and hairy pecs heaving in the dark. Henry’s last view before slamming the door was a comically broad stubbled jaw and empty, hungry eyes. Henry vaguely knew what happened if they caught you. He had seen it happen to another unlucky runner. The man had been outrun by one of the creatures. The beast had pinned him down and positioned his massive tool over the small man’s ass. Henry didn’t have time to see the rest, but he saw the results days later in the halls. His friend had become another mindless creature, a fate that was almost more terrifying than death to Henry. “Brraahhhh!” The chimes echoed as his door clanged open. Henry was immediately roused from his memories by the roar of the creatures in the dark. He knew he couldn’t stay in his room long, so he slipped into the dark along his regular route. 23 days later and his feeling of horror still hadn’t subsided from the situation. He inched along, wall to wall. Listening intently for the sign of laboured breathing and heavy footsteps. His heart lurched as he turned a corner and spied one of the men’s mammoth backs, glistening with sweat, lurching through the darkness in the distance before darkness shrouded it from sight. Henry counted to ten before slowly turning to go in the opposite direction. Ten minutes later and there was no sight or sound of the creature, and Henry was beginning to relax. He was nearing his door and he knew the chimes would sound soon. As if on cue, the loud buzz filled the hallways and then left Henry in silence once again. He quickened his pace as his door came into view. And then, his worst fears were realized. One of the muscle creatures appeared out of the darkness opposite him, and infront of his door. He could see its intense gaze and tensing muscles as it prepared to charge. Henry broke into a sprint towards the creature and his door. “Damn!” He thought. The beast smiled in the dark as he watched his prey barrel towards him! Henry’s mind raced as he evaluated his options. Turning around and running wasn’t an option, he’d be caught. He just needed to get to his door. He held his breath and braced as he neared the incoming wall of muscle at breakneck speed. At the last second he dropped down to the ground in a skid as two vein-corded arms swiped the air inches above his head. He could smell the beast as he passed underneath it, his nostrils filled with the thing’s musk. Henry skidded into his room and turned to see the door slide shut and then an impossibly loud thump as the creature slammed into it. He grimaced as the creature roared in frustration. Propping himself against the door, henry shut his eyes and let out ragged gasps, he was safe. He waited a moment to catch his breath and calm his beating heart. There had been at least a minute of silence. He opened his eyes and groaned at the site of his crotch. He was sporting a modest tent in the black briefs that he had found himself in 24 days before. This wasn’t unusual, running in the hallways was the only time that he really did anything physical, and well, he was 18. Henry always felt disgusted with himself for his body’s untimely urges, it reminded him too much of the hungry things outside his door. Nonetheless, he realized he would be done with that business sooner if he just dealt with it then and there. He fished his modest cock out of the briefs and began stroking. The wave of pleasure was immediate and intense. He gasped as a small stream of precum erupted from his swollen manhood. He used the extra lubrication to begin stroking faster, his dick felt hard and sensitive. He unconsciously brought his hand to his sweat drenched chest and began rubbing. He looked down at himself. His daily escapades in the hallways had done him well, the two modest pecs and the hint of abs that he sported now were more muscle than he had ever achieved before. His legs showed the same amount of development, decent quads jutted to the sides above thick diamond calves. Henry groaned as he stroked. He no longer wanted to just get it over with, he couldn’t remember the last time he was so turned on! He instinctively wiped the sweat away from his lips and roughly stubbled jaw with a hairy forearm. His mind only had a second to be confused by the odd appearance of hair on his forearms and stubble on his jaw when he realized that he had wiped more than sweat away from this face. He stood up to look at his pale and sweaty reflection in the mirror. A line of gooey liquid ran across his face as well as over and in his mouth. His eyes widened in renewed horror. Had the creature leaked precum on him? In him? Would that be enough to turn him into… Panic welled in Henry’s tightening chest. He rubbed it instinctively, barely noticing the appearance of soft hair on it. A new form of lust gripped him as he cupped a meaty pec in his hand. He began squeezing the muscle and flexing it. Squeezing and flexing. Squeezing and flexing… He broke his gaze from the blurry growing image in the mirror to look down at his body. It almost looked the same as it had that morning. A little more muscle, a little more hair, but certainly nothing like the hairy behemoths that chased him in the halls. Henry shook his head and took a few small gulps of air, reassuring himself that he wasn’t actually growing. Feeling ridiculous, he pulled the briefs back on and sank onto his bed. He stared at the ceiling and listened to the muffled noises coming from outside his room. That night Henry dreamt of hallways, running, and muscle. Every now and then he would catch a glimpse of a bloated, veiny quad or ham-like forearms swinging into view. His? The next morning Henry tossed himself out of bed immediately after waking. He took a few resolute steps to the mirror and studied his reflection. A breathe of relief escaped his lips-he hadn’t changed. Henry plopped back on his bed and waited for the alarm that would signal another day running from beasts. Henry started from the scrape of his food tray sliding across the concrete. He realized he wasn’t very hungry. He felt his belly and thought he was bloated even. The thought of more food made him grimace so he pushed it back through the slot. Nobody seemed to care that he wasn’t going to eat, so he continued to wait for the alarm. He estimated only half an hour until go time… He listened as his stomach gurgled away. He was feeling fuller and fuller by the minute. “Ugh,” he groaned. He sat up and sighed, the uncomfortable feeling wasn’t going anywhere. “How am I supposed to run like this?” He thought. His brow ruffled in concern as the tightness around his abdomen worsened. ‘Riiiiip.’ Henry gasped as he felt his shirt give way. He looked down at a hairy, blocky gut. The sight was totally foreign to him. “What…” Was all he was able to mumble before more of his body was wracked with more cramps. He doubled down onto the floor, letting his palms and new-grown belly slap onto the cold concrete. “Urgh.” He could feel beads of sweat rolling down his face and the back of his neck. He watched in panic as they splashed on the concrete. Horror gripped him as he began to suspect the worst. Glancing to his left he noticed veins practically pulsing on the back of his hand, and rising up his sweat-slicked arm… “Oh god,” he breathed as he stared at his arm. His gaze rose along a bulging ham-like forearm, to a hose sized bicep vein, and then to a mass of vascular skin and muscle that was his biceps and triceps. “No no no no no,” he mumbled to himself, the syllables coming out deeper than he intended. It was becoming harder to think. He pushed himself over onto his back and lay panting at the ceiling. He desperately pawed at his shifting body. His widening hands gripped even wider pecs. He could feel a new covering of sweat-matted hair and the crevice in the middle of his chest becoming deeper. He felt the weight of his pecs pulling to each side of his body as the muscle seemed to pile on quicker and quicker. He let his massive hands fall down to his abdomen. The hairy gut was still there, but now it was textured with blocks of hard muscle. His thickening fingers (they would never be able to use a smartphone properly again) fell in and out of the trenches of his abs. Henry groaned with resignation for what he was becoming as his hands felt striated quads under the straining fabric of his briefs. He used his overdeveloped abs to prop himself into a crunch. His eyes widened with wonder and horror as he watched his lower body transform. The briefs stretched to translucency as his quads sweeped ever wider. He noticed his vantage point rising as his ass grew thick with muscle. He gingerly traced his now brutish fingers along the veins that webbed his thighs. His calves were covered in dark hairs that were slicked down with sweat, allowing criss crossing veins to be visible under the fur. Like his hands, Henry’s feet were stretching and thickening, becoming practically beast-like. He grimaced and began to groan as the briefs became overloaded with muscle and, he noticed, a rapidly growing package as well. “Urrgggghhhhhhhh,” he groaned deeply. The groan turned into a gravely growl, and then a full-blown roar when the briefs finally gave way as monstrous quads, dick, and balls spilled out. Henry was cemented in place on the ground as all human thoughts receded forever. He sniffed the room, smelling the musk baking off his body. An alarm rang out and he tossed his bulk onto his monstrous feet. The beast’s hairy, gargantuan body met a gust of cool air as the door slid open. He sniffed once. Twice. And then lumbered into the labyrinthine hallways. Every now and then he would catch a glimpse of a bloated, veiny quad or ham-like forearms swinging into view. His. The beast stopped. Did he hear a footstep? He grunted and swung his head to see a tiny man at the end of the hall. The beast didn’t recognize the man’s fear, he only smelled his sweat and felt lust swell through his own body. He began walking towards the petrified man, and then broke into a lumbering run. With meaty slaps echoing in the hallway, the smaller man’s hesitation was broken and he dove away from the incoming behemoth. He cringed from a thunderous crash, a roar, and what sounded like falling debris. He looked to his side to see a hole in the wall with bright light streaming out. “Fuck that,” he thought before splitting off into the darkness of the hallways. The beast looked out into a vast white nothingness. As his eyes adjusted to the hot glare of a morning sun, he began to make out the vision of a sprawling cityscape. He rose to his feet, letting pieces of plaster slide off his body. A blur of motion caught his eye as drones laden with video cameras twirled and swooped in front of his vision. Henry resurfaced long enough to know where he was. The beast hung his head and pounded softly on the glass with meaty fists. He was in Tokyo, and the newest member of MaxoVision’s infamous transformed pornstars. A billboard floated past his window confirming his thought, ‘The company that brings you the porn of the future, MaxoVision!’ Find more stories like this and other muscle growth art on my Patreon page.
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    Oh boy, it has been quite a while since I 've worked on this story. This update comes in two parts. This one is the sexy one. A short summary of previous parts will be posted below. Part I Part II Part III Part VI -- Metamorphosis As soon as I closed my eyes I found myself drifting in a vast darkness. Everything was black and empty except for a dull, growing warmth inside me, like I was on the cusp of a fever. Time was hard to gauge here. I passed what could have been minutes or hours through the emptiness before the pulse in my veins began to rise. Slowly at first, but then stronger and stronger until it was near bounding. At the same time my muscles swelled and tightened to their own rhythm, every fiber burgeoning with more power from each flexion. The pleasure of each muscle filling out to its rightful proportion was exhilarating, almost orgasmic. Pre leaked out of me in streams and floated aside me through the abyss. I was lost in a tranquil euphoria, becoming something greater. More immeasurable time passed before the transformation slowed to a halt, and I realized that I was still dreaming. The darkness faded into a blue sky, my body falling gently into a field of tall grass. I opened my eyes slowly. The sun shone radiantly, casting its bright light over my body and a few crimson flowers that each rose like its own little sun from between the long blades. The warmth of the grass pressed against my now cool skin, the bristles soft against my hard flesh. I laid there calmly, basking in the afterglow of my metamorphosis. When I lifted my head and sat up, Charlie stared down at me. His expression was almost mischievous, like a little kid caught doing something he knew he shouldn’t. His feet dragged through the tall blades as he stepped towards me, pushing me back down with his foot as his body towered over mine. Even when he lifted his foot his confident gaze was enough to hold me in place. Something about him was spellbinding, commanding. My titanic strength was useless before it. He kneeled down on top of me and I felt the softness of the grass on my back mirror the smoothness of his skin on mine. Every muscle on his body was solid, smooth, and flawlessly proportioned. Running my hands across his triceps I felt each curvature as they flexed with the simplest motion. His eyes shone marvelously and effortlessly. Our lips touched. The physical separation between us faded as we continued to explore each other. I guided my hands along his burly arms while our lips played with each other’s, and then he ran his nose thorough the deep crevice of my solid abs, his fingers gently toying with my erect nipples until he brought his tongue back up to meet them. In an instant I rolled us over and pressed him down, forcing my tongue into his mouth. I was stronger, and it thrilled me. I pinned his arms on the ground and held his legs down with my massive quads, rubbing my dick slowly on top of his. Our abs slid across each other as my dick throbbed in anticipation of my load. Suddenly his lips left mine and he gazed into my eyes with a sort of smug expression. He guided me gently with his hands, and I could not help but yield to his touch. He flipped us back over. He stared at me again with that overwhelming confidence, and then started to kiss his way down to my cock. I leaned my back onto the stone well that had appeared behind us, as objects sometimes do in a dream. Just as he started to reach past my apollo’s belt, I let out a deep groan… -- I awoke to rain pounding on the roof. It was heavy and full and warm with summer. I stared at the fine grains of the wood of the ceiling for a long, hard minute before I was convinced that I wasn’t dreaming anymore. My heavy breathing and the drops on the windowpanes were the only sounds that filled the room. The paltry, muggy light of dusk gave me just enough light to see the vague outlines of the walls. Apparently I had slept for a long time. The blankets had tangled from my tossing and turning, and I carefully unraveled my cocoon of sheets to find freedom. A sharp inhale filled my lungs, my chest expanding outward proudly to let the air rush in. Even without seeing it, I felt thicker, stronger, more powerful. My muscles moved like steel under my skin. When I flexed them I felt as though I had the strength to lift buildings and move mountains. The sheets tore as I gripped them in anticipation. Fuck. I flipped the light switch on to guide my way to the bathroom, swelling with the suspense of my image in the mirror. To my horror, I found my body hadn’t changed at all. My heart fell out of my chest. All of my work had been for nothing. My cock head begged to differ, however, flaring larger than any I had ever seen and standing atop a dick that was one and a half times its original size. I had gone from just above average to well endowed, with thickness to match. When I touched it lightning ran through my body. But I held on, stroking gently. Watching myself jack off in the mirror was still something to behold. I lifted my 18 inch arms and watched each belly stand out in relief, chiseled, rock solid, perfection. My abs crunched down and formed a cobblestone eight pack. Fuck, I was starting to get weak in the knees. I grabbed onto the shower certain rod for support. Instead the metal bent in my hand, removing the rod from its holds. I fell on my butt and the rod clanged on the floor. Without getting up, I picked up the warped metal and gave it a quick bend with just my right hand. My left stayed dedicated to stroking off as I twisted the metal into whatever shape I pleased, watching the muscles on my forearms danced as I contorted it like it was nothing more than a piece of paper. It was exhilarating, knowing the strength I had in just my fingers. My cum reached the ceiling from the floor as I came. Good thing I was just tall enough to reach up there now. I kept playing with the rod as my cock finished its final spurts. A note for the iron bug manual: a full bite grants you Priapus’ cock and Hercules’ strength. Good to know. And then I had an idea. -- Two hours later I found myself in a big city, noticing the streetlights' reflection off of my old beat up truck and a few scattered puddles on the ground. The apartment building I was looking for seemed to rise up stoically out of the cement, featureless and foreboding for its onlookers. I felt the cool, fresh night air run across my hard flesh as I walked inside. The lights in the lobby flickered fluorescent and bright, in stark contrast to the melancholy world I had just left. A shell of safety and warmth. I took the elevator to the third floor and walked the long, sparsely decorated hallway down to room 304. When he opened the door he smiled at me. I’m sure he was surprised at what he found, since I had used pictures from two transformation cycles ago to find him. “Come on in,” he said, his deep voice complementing the hypermasculine stature that stood proudly before me. Head shaved, white skin, shirt that looked tailored to show off the size of his chest and the slimness of his waist. I guessed he was between 32 and 35, his face showing the subtle signs of aging that were combated by a life dedicated to lifting and fitness. He turned around and left the door open. I liked the way he walked. It was a mixture of that arrogant jock sort of saunter and the stilted, muscle-bound waddle of bodybuilders. His confidence was exuberant. That was going to be fun to break. He was just finishing dinner. In a large red cast iron pan, some inedible-looking green paste was still frying. He offered some to me. I looked at him and gave him a sly smile. “I don’t really watch what I eat,” I said, my expression falling back to the cold, elusive demeanor that I had adopted since the metamorphosis. He started to coach me on the impacts of diet on fitness and health and my attention drifted. I noticed his chest bounce every time he made a gesture. I could tell that he liked the way it stretched the fabric. Every movement was proud, calculated. I got up and moved towards him, him still going on about the lean muscle he had gained on his current diet. I took his wrist in my hand. It was solid, doubtlessly from years of lifting and perfecting his body. I wanted him to resist me, to give him a hint of how this night was going to go, but his hand moved with mine. I lifted my shirt and placed his rough fingers along my abs. “Does it feel like I need to go on a diet?” I said. He whistled, and a horny grin followed. “Okay, fair point,” he said. “Let’s head to the bedroom,” I said. He didn’t hesitate any further. “Wait, I need to use the bathroom first,” I lied. “Sure. It’s just around the corner there,” he said, pointing behind me. I watched him practically skip his way down the hall. He had a nice ass, perky and firm. Hi torso twisted to get through the doorframe. Meanwhile I took a quick detour to the garage. I got lucky. It was full of weights. I took a few minutes making preparations for the night. When I came back I found him with his shirt off, trying to look casual but clearly giddy with anticipation. I had to admit, his body was even more impressive without clothes on. Slightly marred by age, he still had a tight six pack and his lats stuck out noticeably from his sides, making his waist seem more trim. I could even see some of the striations in his pecs. He could compete as a lightweight bodybuilder if he wanted to, and maybe he had. “You like?” he said, lifting up his bicep. Probably over 18 inches. Bigger than mine. I smirked at him. “Sure, it’s alright.” He must have thought I was being sarcastic. “Where do you wanna start, big guy?” I said, playing to his pride. Having waited long enough, he pressed his lips into mine, softly. His lips were practiced, and his tongue moved skillfully in and out of my mouth. He led me over to the bed, but before he could lay on top of me I flipped us around and pushed him down onto it. He scrambled to take off his shorts and underwear and I took off my shirt slowly, letting him savor every moment of the reveal. I may not have gained much in size, but there was something of an unspeakable strength and dignity to my body. Every part of me was like iron, the flesh just barely containing the strength that lay under it. I stood over him for a few silent seconds before I revealed the metal bar I had kept hidden in my waistband. Normally it would be twice as long and more suited to hold weights, but I had torn it in half for what I had in mind. His expression was a mixture of confusion and curiosity. I bent the bar into a U shape right in front of him. It was like wire. I barely even felt the resistance. Without warning him I grabbed his wrists with my hands. He was in shock for the first few moments, but then he remembered that he should struggle. It was kind of cute. He thought he was strong, that I couldn’t possible keep him in my grip. It turned out the power in my fingers was more than he had in his entire upper body. I took the bar and put it around his burly wrists, clamping the metal shut with just one hand. The horror on his face was juxtaposed with his throbbing erection. Even if he didn’t understand what was happening he sure liked it. “How do you feel?” I asked, crushing off the loose ends of the bar and tightening down the space between his hands to form makeshift handcuffs. “What are you?” he responded, exasperated. “I honestly don’t know,” I replied. “Does it really matter?” I noticed that with his hands stuck together it made his chest stick out. Even while he was indisposed, the fullness and definition in his pecs were still admirable. My dick hardened at the thought that I had incapacitated him with so little effort. I reached down for his cock that was sticking out of his boxers. He was leaky. Hell, I would be too in a situation like this. There wasn’t a single part of my body that wasn’t worthy of salivating over. I threw him a few poses while I had him as my captive audience. Then I drew his throbbing member from its cotton sheath and whistled at what I found. At least eight inches, hard as stone, head throbbing with anticipation. Gaining momentum, I lifted him up off the bed and hefted him over my shoulder. Then I pressed him up with one hand. The metal dragged along my back as I lifted him, and I could feel the indentations my fingers had left. He stared at me with an expression of wonder and lust. I smiled at him and brought him back down towards me, allowing our lips to meet. Then I worked my tongue down his neck, past his nipples, across his abs until they met the head of his cock. I was pleasantly surprised that he lasted for more than a few minutes with my tongue wrapped around his head. I took my time, never letting him drop an inch even as he started to leak. When I felt him getting close I held him with both hands around his waist and started rubbing his cock against my chest. The idea must have really riled him up, because he came almost immediately. I laughed as his rather prodigious volume splashed up against my chin. Some of it found its way to my lips. It was sweet. I tossed him on the bed to marinate in his own juices while I went to wash off. But before I got in his shower, I spread the substantial volume of semen that I had earned across my chest. I liked the “oiled” look, the way the lighting made every fiber in my already awesome chest stand out even more. Turning the water on, I took turns bouncing them up and down as I washed them. I went slowly, admiring the absolute control I had over every muscle in my body. Soon I was touching myself all over… My cum stained his ceiling. I was sure he wouldn’t mind. When I got back to the room he lifted his bound hands towards me and begged: “Please, officer?” I obliged, twisting the metal off of his wrists without a drop of sweat. “Can I see you again?” he asked, almost pleading. I frowned. “Sadly, I’m moving tomorrow. I was supposed to leave yesterday, actually, but some business came up. If I’m ever back in town, you’ll be the first person I call.” I left him on the bed, still soaked in his own cum, dazed from what I had done to him. I felt sated. It was time to get some answers. Part V
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    Friday night, Michael and I had experienced our orgasmically explosive muscle transmogrification. As such, we decided to stay in all of Saturday and...explore :-) "I can't think about anything but muscle anymore dude," I told Michael as we sat on the couch watching tv mindlessly. "I used to try to catch peeks of you undressed to see what parts of you had toned up or beefed up." "Don't think I didn't notice, dude. The times you'd burst in to brush your teeth after I showered and had a towel on...or the times I wouldn't have a clean shirt and would go through the house in just shorts to grab some from the laundry. You always seemed to somehow show up wherever I was then." I was a little embarrassed. He noticed and said, "Now the only peaks to be concerned about are these!" And he subtly flexed the arm next to me, making the cannonballs sleeping under his skin fire to life, the veins writhing like ants under the heat of a microscope. And son of a gun, if I didn't shoot my load involuntarily again. "A little excited there, huh, champ?" He winked and smiled, his face only more beautifully chiseled after he reached what must have been absolute zero bodyfat in his cheeks. I'd swear if you dropped an apple on his face, his cheeks and jawbones would cut it into perfect pieces. "Yeah...I guess...so..." I said breathlessly. I laughed and involuntarily flexed my abs, which were so ripped I'd swear you could hear the abs bumping against each other. And then Michael creamed his pants again. "So Michael, what's going on? We seem to be...incredibly fertile, in many ways. I know we don't have the unbridled sex drive and testosterone as teens anymore, but this...the growth....the frequent spurting..." "Oh, that. Don't worry about it. Remember that oil we used when we stripped down last night? Testosterone and growth hormone in its purest form. I knew you dreamt of this....and I dreamt of it too. Both for me...and you." Then he got a sly look on his face. "But you've got to do something for me now." "Anything. You name it. Absolutely anything." "Ha! I knew you'd say that, brother! This'll be fun for all of us. We need to set some house rules." He reached over to get some paper from the table in front of the couch, and when he bent his abs looked like they would pop out of his body. When he moved his arm forward, it was like a thousand ropes tensed on top of his meaty masses of pecs to hold them onto his body. And his shoulder's exploded effortlessly like a bomb going off. "Rule 1. We'll shave each other's chests. Love trails are optional." He winked. "I can go with that, Michael! Anything to get my hands on those tatas." "Cool! I hate hair on my chest, and with all the bone dry striations i've got, I want them all to be visible at all times. Ok dude, your turn for a rule." I pondered for a moment. "Rule 2. Who ever gets home first gets to undress the other." "HA! You really DO want your hands on this!" He threw his head back in laughter, his razor sharp Adam's apple looking like it would cut through the paper thin skin that kept those obscenely thick veins from popping off the body. "You know, you don't have to make reasons to get a piece of this." So I took the hint and reached over under his pectoral overhangs, which are substantial. I lifted them up and down...second best wrist workout I'd ever had. His nipples...I didn't notice until now that nipples were much more erect and pointed straight down. And they were longer too. I flicked them around, and they were like little vienna sausages attached to two massive granite boulders. With each flick, Michael came in his pants. Which was a trip, so flicked each one two more times. Same result each time. "Ok, dude...as much fun as this is...that last bit wore me out." He leaned his head back. "I don't think I can walk for awhile, I am that wiped out." I laughed, "You must be too tired to make rules then! I guess I get to finish." "Ha! Sure, dude, whatever you say." "Rule 3: no shirts allowed." "I don't..." Michael started, exhaustedly. "No, it's a thing. Besides, check this out." I grabbed one of my favorite t-shirts. I put it on and the thread tickled my nipples. I was an XL in a medium shirt. "Practically painted on dude, and when I stretch like this..." and I hit a lat spread, flaring the sides out like cobras...and exploding the t-shirt into a million shredded threads, as Michael moaned. "Well...no shirt will survive anyway." "Ok, I'm going to make a rule. Rule 4. We need to practice controlling our...enthusiastic engorgements down below. Or this house will permanently reek of salt and we'll go through sheets and underwear at a record rate. And I'm not sure the landlord will like it. HA!" "Michael, sometimes you're a surprising prude!" And with a tease I reached over and rubbed in his masculine cleavage, which was at least two inches deep. But Michael was ready for me. He flexed his pecs together, and it was like a steel trap had closed on my finger. I yelped in pain...but it was the best kind of pain. Oh, the power in those man-tits had just been thrust upon me. "Dude, you really dig pecs, don't you?" "Yup. If I had ever had the opportunity given to me to wish for one muscle group to be bigger, I'd have gone for the chest. I love a big chest. I love seeing it on others, and I love having one now myself." "That's awesome dude." He rubbed each of my chesticles, like Mr. Miyagi showing the wax-on/wax-off movements. I practiced my testicular control...and I withstood it for a moment, which was better than the instantaneous cumjob I had been doing. Michael continued, "I love your big bulging manly mounds too." Then he chuckled. "I hope you like more of them, because you're going to get more. Right....now." And right on cue, a familiar heat hit me, localized to my pecs. Localized to my GROWING pecs. These puppies were engorging themselves, just like my netherregions. I was having pectoral erections. I'd swear the bulging on top of my zero bodyfat chest allowed me to take my heartbeat simply by looking. The veins throbbed rhythmically, hypnotically. My nipples got harder than ever, and darkened three shades. Oh, they were tight. I was afraid blood was going to spurt out of them if they got any tighter. And each nipple was about an inch longer. I could have cut glass with those. And finally, a modest field of dark soft hair sprouted across my chest. It wasn't bear like, more like a nicely groomed chest garden. But I wasn't a fan of chest hair, so I'd shave it off tonight. Then I remembered..."Hey, Michael....Rule #1! You get to shave my chest!" He smiled tiredly. "Let me go get my razor." "Nah, we can let it go till morning. Rest up. But when morning comes, I wonder if your chin will be sharp enough to cut it!"
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    In this chapter, Chuck hits the gym, bigger and stronger than before, and learns to control his newfound abilities. Chapter 3 Chuck pulled up to the gym, still feeling great from fooling around with his fuck buddy Clint. He felt pumped and energized, more ready to hit the gym than he had felt in months, motivated and ready. He hurried from his car into the gym, the cold winter air causing his breath to steam into white plumes as he walked. As he walked into the locker room to drop off his coat, he couldn’t help but grin at how snugly his Underarmour shirt was hugging his shoulders and arms. He hadn’t lifted in a while, so why was he feeling this great pump already? It had started when he felt that tingling buzz when he was fucking Clint, a feeling of energy humming into his body. What was that all about, he wondered as he locked up his coat and went to step on the scale. The metal scale clanked as Chuck got on, and he adjusted the levels towards the usual 210 or so he expected. He set it there, and it still wasn’t balanced. Chuck decided to take his shoes off, as maybe that was throwing it off, but that didn’t make any difference. His clothes didn’t weight much, so that couldn’t be it either. He adjusted it down a bit—maybe he had lost weight recently from working so much?—but no change. He adjusted it up slowly, first to 215. Still nothing. Then to 220. No way, he hadn’t been 220 ever. Still nothing. “Hey, you guys know if anything is wrong with this scale?” Chuck asked a few of the other guys in the locker room near the scale. They just shrugged and went back to changing. Chuck’s stomach fluttered. What was going on? Had he… somehow gotten bigger? He felt pumped, his clothes were tighter… but how? He moved the level on the scale until it balanced out. 225! He had gained 15lbs since he last weighed himself a couple days ago. Chuck reached up and adjusted his Gophers hat, rubbing a hand across his bald head, his bicep bunching into a bigger, harder peak than he remembered having. How the fuck had this happened? He couldn’t have just gained 15lbs out of nowhere; he hadn’t been eating THAT much lately, and god knows he hadn’t been to the gym. 15 pounds didn’t just come out of nowhere, so what was going on? Maybe the scale was just wrong? But that didn’t fit with how pumped and swole he felt, didn’t fit with what he saw in the mirror earlier this morning. He couldn’t help but grin. He tensed his pecs and swung his arms back and forth in excitement. He was bigger! Just what he had always wanted. He felt that same buzz from earlier shiver through his body as he thought about getting bigger, and he grunted. Suddenly all he could think about was growing more and getting pumped up. It was time to hit the weights. He walked out into the gym and got to work. It was chest and tris day, and he started with some warm up weights on the flat bench, using 35lb dumbbells to get the blood flowing. They were way too easy and felt light even for a warm up. He worked his way up, feeling sweat start to spread over his body, feeling strong and energized, more pumped up than he ever remembered feeling at the gym. 45lb, 60lb, 70lb dumb bells; they still felt too easy. Every lift felt good. He looked at himself in the mirror after his 4th set and almost gasped. His chest had never looked so good, pumped up and swollen with muscle. He grabbed the 80lb dumbbells, more than he had ever used when doing dumbbell bench press, and cranked out a set of 8, easily a PR for him. He dropped the weights with a satisfying *clunk* and sat up. He looked down at his chest, pecs engorged with blood, and tensed them one by one. He normally couldn’t do the pec bounce thing, but right now it felt natural and easy. A chuckle escaped his lips as he felt his heavy pecs dancing under the Underarmour, which hugged his furry skin tightly. Chuck went about his workout and every exercise was like the first; weights felt lighter than ever, he felt like he wasn’t getting tired, and he put up PRs everywhere he went. Pec deck, incline bench, dumbbell flies, tricep pull downs, skullcrushers, everything felt great. Two-thirds of the stack on the pull down machine clanked down as he finished a set, more than he had ever done, and he looked in the mirror again, his tris swelling out into horseshoes of muscle, looking hard and strong, blond-red hair (had there always been so much?) covering part of his upper arm. His pale skin was ruddy with effort, and slick sweat made his arms shine. He was so locked into his workout that Chuck didn’t notice the other guys in the gym as much as he usually did. He definitely wasn’t the biggest guy in the room, which he liked; it was nice to check out the other big meatheads in the gym, and it usually kept him motivated watching the bigger guys lift. “Hey, would you mind giving me a spot?” Chuck snapped out of his reverie as an older, bigger guy in a grey tank top approached him and asked. Chuck grinned. “Sure, big guy, no problem,” Chuck said and followed the guy back over to a bench press. The other guy was a regular, and Chuck recognized him; probably 245lb and muscular, like he had been lifting for 30 years. He had 315lb on the rack. “What’s your name again?” Chuck asked as the other guy laid down under the bar and shifted his weight to get in position. “Dave,” he said and got his hands in position. “I’m gonna go for 8 or 10, help me out on the last few reps,” he said to Chuck as he grabbed the bar and started lifting. “Sure thing,” Chuck said and he put his hands in position under the bar, near Dave’s hands. Chuck had always admired this guy but never had the courage to introduce himself or say anything; he was in such better shape than Chuck and was much stronger. But that was the old Chuck. Not this new Chuck, who was riding high on newfound confidence. “Four, five, six, you’re looking good bud, keep going,” Chuck said, encouraging Dave, who was focused and huffing with effort. Chuck was jealous of how big Dave’s pecs were, how they tensed and squeezed as he lifted. Chuck wanted to be that big, or bigger, way bigger, and all of a sudden he wanted it so bad. Chuck HAD to get bigger than Dave, and he felt that familiar tingle surge through his whole body. “Seven, eight, come on, a couple more!” Chuck said and moved his hand closer to the bar. His hands brushed against Dave’s, and suddenly Chuck felt electric, an intense buzz shooting up his arms from where his hands connected with Dave’s. Chuck felt amazing, warm throbbing euphoria surging through his arms and into his body, and he felt every muscle of his body tense. “Whoa, shit, little help,” Dave said as he suddenly faltered, the weight almost pushing down on his chest before Chuck caught it and lifted it up. The bar slammed back into the rack, and Chuck backed up. “You alright, bud? Sorry I almost didn’t catch it in time,” Chuck said, walking around the rack. Dave sat up and shook his head. “I don’t know what happened, I was feeling great and then all of a sudden I just lost it, felt like I had no energy to get those last couple,” he said. “Weird. Glad I asked you for a spot, though, you got it. I think that’s a sign that I should be done for the day,” Dave said as he stood back up. Chuck compared their sizes as Dave stood. Dave looked noticeably less pumped up than just a moment before; his shoulders and traps seemed smaller, his arms less pumped, his chest didn’t have that nice fullness they had before. He was still a big guy, but not like before. “Heh, yeah man I know what you mean. I’m having such a good day today though, think I might try to push it a little longer,” Chuck said as he suddenly realized he didn’t feel tired at all, even after having lifted for the last hour. Dave shook his head and smiled. “Yeah man you look good! Haven’t seen you in a while but you look like you’ve been making some good gains!” “Yeah, you think?” Chuck asked, and looked down. He looked bigger. He felt bigger! “Yeah man, I guess you’re right!” Chuck looked back at Dave and realized Dave didn’t look much bigger than he did. “Anyway, have a good rest of your workout,” Dave said and he turned to head towards the locker room. Chuck went back to the pulldown machine and looked in the mirror. He looked jacked, bigger than he had ever been, and way bigger than he had been earlier this morning. He grabbed the pulldown bar and started another set. It was easy. So easy! It had been a PR just a few minutes ago, and now he was cranking out another set of 12 like it was normal. He didn’t even feel tired; he felt like he could lift for hours. He finished his set and took a step back. His shirt, a large, felt uncomfortably tight and showed off every bulging mound of muscle, especially his pecs and tris. What was going on? Everything was normal until he had thought about wanting to be bigger than Dave, tapping into the desire to be bigger that had been in the back of his head all day. He had felt that weird tingling feeling, and then he had accidentally touched Dave’s hands when he was spotting him. THAT’s when the crazy good buzz went all throughout his body, like… like energy was flowing into him from Dave. He looked up and saw Dave heading out of the gym, looked tired and worn out. He waved to him and Dave nodded and trudged off. He looked noticeably less pumped, even smaller, than he looked when he asked Dave for a spot. Almost like he had lost 10lbs… Chuck decided to go back into the locker room. He had to test something. Had to see for sure. He walked fast back to the locker room, an excited tightness in his chest. He got into the locker room and stepped onto the scale after he took his shoes off. 200. 215. 225. The scale balanced at 235lbs. Chuck stepped off the scale, dumbfounded. It didn’t seem real, or possible, but there it was. He had grown 10lbs in the last hour somehow, and he was pretty sure it was from touching Dave. A shiver rippled up his spine as he realized this, like something inside him was telling him he was right. “Holy shit,” Chuck said to himself as he realized the impossible was somehow true: he could drain people of their energy and steal their size to make himself grow bigger. “This is some sci-fi shit,” Chuck thought to himself as he clenched and unclenched his right fist, feeling a tingle rush along his skin. He looked up and saw another guy changing at the locker next to his. He was smaller than Chuck, but had plenty of muscle on him. He looked like he had just showered. Chuck had to test it. Chuck stepped up to his own locker, pretending like he was looking in there for something, and bumped against the other guy. The other guy adjusted his weight to move away from Chuck. Nothing happened. “Sorry bud,” Chuck said and he closed his locker. Hmm. So it wasn’t just from contact. What was he missing? Maybe this was all just in his head. But then he remembered… when he was spotting Dave, he hadn’t felt the tingle until he started thinking about how jealous he was of Dave’s size…thinking about how badly he wanted to grow…how he NEEDED to get bigger, that urge in the back of his head that had been there since this morning silently screaming at him for MORE. He decided to try again, but this time he would focus on his desire to get bigger. As soon as he thought about growing, he felt the tingle ripple up and down his skin, like he had switched something on inside of himself. He stepped over to the sink and again “accidentally” brushed against a guy who was heading back to the showers, a chunky overweight older guy. Immediately, as soon as he made contact, he felt something, felt a rush of energy into this body, so fast it took his breath away. His shirt was cutting into his arms and chest now, his pants feeling uncomfortable against his waistline and his boxer briefs pressing hard against his thighs, bulge, and round butt. The Underarmour rode up, exposing a sliver of furry belly. His beard seemed fuller and his forearms looked swollen and hairy. He immediately went back over to the scale. 240! It worked. It was true… somehow, it was true. What could this have been from, Chuck thought to himself, excited and scared and confused and elated. “Researchers at the U of M are investigating a possible theft in some research equipment at the new 3D printing lab that is currently under renovation,” the TV in the locker room suddenly blared. Chuck looked up and saw a picture of the construction site had been working at all week. “Authorities say experimental nanotechnology has gone missing in the last few days and are claiming that the construction company in charge of the project might be at fault,” the news story continued. They droned on as Chuck went back over to his locker. Chuck looked down at his hands and remembered what had happened yesterday… that weird canister…the blue mist that had knocked him out…that oily substance that was somehow all gone when his boss found him. Another shiver rippled up Chuck’s spine and he knew it was true. Whatever he had been exposed to was inside him and had given him this power. A rising panic suddenly filled Chuck’s mind—what the fuck was wrong with him, was it going to poison his body, how would he get it out?—but it was suddenly snuffed out and replaced with the overwhelming need to get bigger. To feel that buzz again, to have more energy, to get more! He shook his head and wondered why he was so worried about it, when all that really mattered was getting bigger. He clapped his hands and adjusted the chubby in his shorts as he decided he wanted to lift all day. He had never felt more energized, never felt better in his life! He brushed by one more guy on his way back out to the gym, feeling a little surge of size pump into his body, 245lbs and ready to smash some PRs. THAT’s what mattered! He took off his hat and adjusted it—it suddenly felt too tight on his head—and sauntered off to the squat rack, his bigger shoulders and lats and thighs causing him to walk a little differently than he had been this morning. He fit his maroon and gold U of M hat back on his head and he grabbed a 45lb plate, lifting it up and racking it onto the bar. Chuck spent hours lifting, getting sweaty and ripe, stopping only to get a protein shake from the bar at the gym. He didn’t feel tired until late afternoon. He resisted the urge to drain more size, even though he wanted to; he could feel it, like an itch that needed to be scratched, but he didn’t want to cause a scene. At least not yet.
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    God damn, had to share this! Anybody else ever feel something like this? OK, so it was a fantastic, and incredibly weird night. Had a first date at the gym, yeah met her on Tinder, was meeting up this evening at the gym and showing off the beast in action and getting to see her fantastic form…GOD I love leg day. Squats are the best. That said, fuck me..it was..wow. So we finish up, my quads so goddamned thick, so meaty and full, fighting for room in my pants with my growing hardon watching both her AND my own ass in the mirror (I’m a narcissistic beast, what can I say!) and she says to me we should hit up the massage chairs, I’ve never tried em before, but figured..why not! It’s a huge black chair that just completely engulfs me, I loved it! I’ll admit, I’ve had a VERY bad experience with a masseuse before. The guy was BRUTAL and almost dislocated my shoulder, but god damn this thing was EVERYTHING I needed. With so many settings, like Shiatsu, lower back, BODY STRETCH (THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT, remember it for later.) I just hit all the buttons and start relaxing. And it is amazing, these tiny little hands working over my thick muscled frame, the pleasant burn and ache warming and spreading as it kneads and paws my sweatsoaked frame! I won’t lie, I’m letting out little moans, it’s almost sensual! And then I feel it..subtle at first! Starting with my calves! feeling the leg rests getting tighter, pressing against my calves as the heat moves up my legs, my pants VERY VISIBLY bulging now, not just the still pulsing quads but the fucking beastcock sliding down my inseam, digging into my thigh! The chair is literally growing tighter around me! God ALL over too! My pants getting altogether FAR too tight as the material is stretched and pulled as the chair keeps seemingly shrinking around me! My ass, those glutes worked til they were on fucking FIRE, the chair is getting so TIGHT around them! My moans are getting WAY louder, my date very much noticing as I’m trying to play it off, my mind (still a bit confused from being up so early, still a bit panicking) Is racing “What is HAPPENING to me..what the..GOD the chair is getting so TIGHT this..this CANNOT be real. This CANT be happening! oh god I’m getting so FUCKING HARD this is fucking INCREDIBLE! The sensation now has moved up my back, spreading to my shoulders and neck, pulling my shirt tighter across my frame as the walls of the chair squeeze and seem to SHRINK around me! Now, I’ve been working HARD, this beast is toning up, losing the musclegut and fuck I love the leaner, more veined and ripped up beast I’m becoming, but as I’m sitting there, the chair growing tighter around my lower back it’s forcing what’s left of my musclegut UP, making it swell and STRAIN against the shirt I’m wearing, fucking tight as a drum and SO FUCKING hard just like my cock which is fit to fucking burst! "GOD no it’s GROWING again I was..SO fucking lean too! FUCK what’s..WHAT?” I’m breathing in short shallow breaths like a beast about to fucking cum, it’s FUCKING amazing. My thick arms pressing my chest up and OUT as the chair seems to be made for a fucking TODDLER now, like..if I MOVE my body’s gonna BURST out of it, send its shrapnel flying! My pecs so FULL my musclegut back at full fucking BEASTMODE and I feel as BIG as I’ve ever fucking felt! And it’s all happening HERE. on a first fucking date! TRYING to make a good first impression, thought I knocked it out of the fucking park just with the leg press alone but now..GOD not here. NOT NOW. I’m getting so fucking hard I can’t even FOCUS on what she was trying to say to me “IM SO BIG. GOD I’m so fucking BIG” staring at myself in the mirror across the gym, every part of me looking so PUMPED the veins up and down my arms and chest so BIG standing out so hard, my date is a fucking droned out wall of noise as I’m about to fucking LOSE IT! “GOD i’m IMMENSE i’m a FUCKING GIGANTIC MUSCLE GUTTED THICK COCKED HULKING FUCKING BEAST GOD!” AND THEN BEEP. the cycle of the chair ends, and the inflatable air cushions all deflate simultaneously, saving me from bursting outta my pants and making a HUGE mess. Yeah, I’d selected the Body Stretch which along with the massaging, grips your whole frame and stretches..and god damn, for that 15minute period, I was GROWING. I was literally outgrowing the chair, picturing my date impaled on a cock bigger than her little thighs swelling up through the fucking ROOF! I was UNSTOPPABLE! It was amazing and I’m ABSOLUTELY doing it again next time. Also, as a foot note, the look on her face, staring at me, body trembling, muscles pumped bigger than right after the workout, veins throbbing, face and neck bright goddamned red and a bulge you couldn’t hide with a half dozen hands. It was fantastic. No word yet on if there’s gonna be a second date though haha, she’s not replied to me at all yet.. Share your experiences too guys!
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    Dalton was board he sprained his ankle 2 days ago so could not go to the gym luckily he was not on any sports teams but looked good enough to be part of sig delta pie the best frat on the college campus. So he just wandered around the house having already played 20 c.o.d matches. he was really having a lame day all the other bros were at the gym. So he thought he would go check out the attic. Now at sig delta pie, there was a legend about the attic and how creepy it was apparently there were things up there that would do awful unspeakable things to you if you went there sometimes during Hell Week they make the pledges stay the night up there after telling the horrible things that would happen to them. Now while he was good looking enough to be in the frat he had nothing on the rest of the boys all of them weighing over 250 pounds of muscle with veins and stations all over the place. He was thinking about all of this as he opened the trap door. He stepped into the attic it looked far less creepy in the day than when he was a pledge and being forced up here. “might as well look around it would kill some time,” Dalton said after a while he walked over to a wardrobe and inside were pairs of briefs that felt strangely good he should try one on he thought. Now while he was the weakest of the frat bro’s he was a risk taker always doing stupid things all the time no part of his being was cautious. As soon as he put them he felt really warm as His feet slowly from a size 7 to a 10 to a 15, as his calfs expanded from kinda good like someone who went to the gym regularly to perfect diamond calf's that would make his bro’s. Jealous as he thought this a voice spoke inside his head said “be careful what you think over the next few minutes or you might become a villain" He felt the briefs cup his cock and balls perfectly As soon as he put them he felt really warm as His feet slowly from a size 7 to a 10 to a 15, as his calfs enlarged from kinda good like someone who went to the gym regularly to perfect diamond calf's that would make his bro’s. Jealous as he thought this a voice spoke inside his head said “be careful what you think over the next few minutes or you might become a villain bro ” as Daulton’s legs lengthened slowly taking from an already hot 5.5 to 6.5 making him one of the biggest guys in the frat his thighs inflated with muscle that would make a bodybuilder jealous. He now could run at the speed of sound for an unlimited amount of time. Afterward, his already developed abs became godlike while this was happening his feet and legs were being encased in a purple spandex like material. His pecs puffed-up from someone who went to the gym a lot to someone who was on their fourth cycle of roids then kept going to superhuman proportions Meanwhile the purple spandex spread to his and crotch under his briefs. Giving him the power of never-ending energy.Next His shoulders broadened and grew out till they were the sizes of 80’s shoulder pads, His neck widened to that of competition bodybuilder. Next, his traps increased to the size of bowling balls. Meanwhile, the spandex was to cover over his abs so tight it was like a second skin. Next his guns exploded Into the size of watermelons as well as his triceps thickening as the purple suit reaches his pecs also giving his now enlarged hands gauntlets. He now possesses the power of super strength. After most of the changes have occurred Dalton Runs to a Full-length mirror “I have got to this bro.” Dalton Speaks in a voice like a husky man beast. “ New me is awesome.” He speaks again as He starts to stroke his new 20-inch cock through his spandex suit. As Dalton is doing this something scans his brain looking through all the good and the bad things Dalton has done in his life. After a few minutes, a voice speaks in his head. “ You are caring and kind and always take jokes in your stride. However, you can be selfish and bemoan your lot in life. You want to use your neww size to dominate and take but don’t like it when things go too far and will do anything to keep the status quo. You are now an anti-hero a person who will steal and cheat but will always have to help others.” Dalton’s new costume changed into a tank top and compression shorts as he exited the attic reality also warped he was now the frat leader everybody looked up to and loved and feared him in equal measure. To be continued.
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    Chuck decides to visit his fuck buddy Clint again, shows him how his new size-draining powers (to the detriment of Clint), and then fucks Clint hard. Chapter 4 Chuck woke up the next morning with the biggest, hardest morning wood he could ever remember having. He stretched in bed and felt all the new, thick size that had been added on to his body. He realized he didn’t feel sore at all from lifting yesterday, just bigger and harder. He reached down and squeezed his cock, moving it around and feeling a dribble of precum leak out. He threw the sheets off and stumbled over to the bathroom. He had jerked off a couple times last night, and dirty clothes and towels dotted the floor of his disheveled apartment. He didn’t care. He just wanted to get to the mirror and see his new gains. “Awww hell yeah,” Chuck grunted as he saw himself in the mirror. The new size was still all accounted for; it hadn’t been some crazy dream! He had weighed himself when he had gotten home, a solid 245, a 35lb gain from when he woke up yesterday. He shook his head, still baffled by it, and clenched his fist. He felt his skin tingle as he thought about wanting to grow more; it still worked. He flexed his right arm, bringing it up and seeing his shoulder and bicep bulge with new size. His pits stank; he hadn’t showered after the gym yesterday. He brought his arm down and tensed his pecs, watching his chest swell out, feeling the new muscle tense. He grinned as he exhaled, and noticed the new hair on his shoulders and spreading onto his back as he twisted around, admiring his thicker lats. He reached down and jiggled his tummy, clearly bigger than it had been yesterday, and laughed. He didn’t mind a gut… in fact, he kind of liked it the more he looked at it. He was already paunchy before, but there was just more of him now. His cock bounced to attention as he admired his new size, and he realized who he wanted to call to help him take care of that. He tapped on his phone and called Clint. “Hey Chuck, why the phone call instead of a text?” said the twink over the phone. Chuck ignored this question and focused right on what he wanted. No point beating around the bush. “Clint. I need to come over and show you something and fuck that tight little ass of yours again,” Chuck said. He wasn’t sure why he was being so straightforward, it wasn’t like him. But it just seemed to make sense. “Ho ho, well well, somebody must be horny. Back at it again two days in a row? Usually it takes weeks to hear back from you again,” Clint said. “I’m still all stretched out from yesterday,” Clint teased. “Good,” Chuck grunted. “You’ll need it. I need to show you my gains,” Chuck said, admiring the way his right bicep bunched up in the mirror as he held up his phone. So much bigger than yesterday. “Your ‘gains’ huh? You bears and your lifting, haha. But yeah, I’m not sure how much bigger you could be than yesterday, but sure, come on over,” Clint said. “I’m on my way,” Chuck growled and hung up. He backed up, noticing how much bigger his thighs were in the mirror, and squeezed a drop of precum onto the floor. A ripple of anticipation hummed under his skin. Chuck thumped loudly on the door of Clint’s apartment. It was in a nicer neighborhood than his, and the door was still decorated with Christmas lights from the month before. The train ride over felt like an hour because he was so horny and eager to show Clint his gains. It didn’t help that seeing people on the train made him tempted and hungry for size. He constantly had to keep himself controlled and resist reaching out to the nearest stranger and taking a little bit of size. As much as he tried to distract himself by looking at his phone or thinking about something else, his mind kept wandering back to getting bigger and wanting more size, like a song that was stuck in his head. Finally Clint opened the door. “Well hey there big fella, get in here. Twice in two days! You’re going to have to take me out and start calling me your boyfriend if this keeps up!” Clint teased as he led Chuck inside. The TV was on in the living room, a news report that Clint moved to switch off. “U of M officials are looking into the possible theft of an experimental 3D printer technology that transfers energy into matter. The substance is thought to be a major breakthrough for 3D printing, enabling factories of the future to create matter from a power source. The nanotechnology division says they have no explanation for—“ Chuck shrugged off his heavy work jacket and kicked off his boots. Both felt very snug. He was wearing an XL red flannel shirt, one of the only XL shirts he owned, and the baggiest jeans he had. Even with the loose-fitting clothes, he was clearly much bigger than he had been the day before, which Clint realized with a gasp as he turned around. “Jesus, Chuck, you weren’t kidding! Do you have a great pump from the gym or something, a new pre-workout powder, or maybe some kind of severe allergic reaction?” Clint joked and stepped closer, reaching out and feeling up Chuck’s arms, shoulders, and chest. It was all real, thicker and harder and beefier. “Nope, little bud, it’s all me,” Chuck grunted matter-of-factly, and he tensed his muscles. He grinned. He liked Clint admiring his muscles. It made him feel even bigger. “What the fuck… how is this real? Like, no one gains this fast, honey, and I’ve known plenty of muscle marys over the years,” Clint said as he continued to feel Chuck’s new size under the flannel. Chuck noticed that Clint didn’t seem as tall as he didn’t yesterday. “I do,” Chuck said. “I don’t know if you’d believe if I told you how, but I’m bigger than yesterday by a lot.” “Define ‘a lot’” Clint said as he moved his hands down to Chuck’s tummy and rubbed that too. “35 pounds,” Chuck said. “Bullshit, show me,” Clint said and started tugging at Chuck’s shirt. Chuck grinned and felt his cock throb. He was enjoying stringing Clint along. He backed up and unbuttoned the flannel and then struggled out of it, his thicker shoulders and upper arms catching a bit, until all he had on was a tight tank top. The straps stretched over his traps and pecs, and they didn’t quite cover up the bottom of his furry tummy. His shoulders, dusted with a new layer of hair, stuck out to the sides like softballs, round and hard. “No way, you gotta get on my scale, this is too much,” Clint said excitedly and pushed Chuck towards his bathroom. Chuck just laughed and sauntered further into Clint’s apartment. “I just calibrated this thing yesterday because I thought it was broken, apparently I lost 15 pounds since I last weighed myself? Must be from all the yoga,” Clint said and beckoned Chuck to stand on it. Sure enough, the scale blinked and then read 246. Clint stared at the scale, and then at Chuck. Chuck just grinned back at him. “Told you, bud,” he grunted and stepped off the scale, bumping into Clint and forcing him back. “I’m a good, what, 90 pounds bigger than you now?” Chuck growled and leaned against Clint. He felt the tingling, his body wanting to take more, a fuzzy static feeling in his head, but he took a deep breath and held back. For now. “F-fuck, how the hell… this is so hot, but so weird,” Clint said, a little freaked out but obviously turned on, if the rapidly hardening cock pressing against Chuck was any indication. “How?” was all the usually verbose Clint could manage. “I can take size from people,” Chuck said like it was the simplest thing in the world. “I know it sounds impossible, but I just concentrate on wanting it, and then I feel this tingling, and the energy flows into me. I got exposed to some stuff at work last week, and ever since then… yeah. I don’t know how else to explain it, but I tested it out at the gym yesterday, and well…look,” Chuck explained, and then reached down to take off his tank top. He lifted his hat off, then pulled the tank top up over his head and threw it onto the floor, revealing his bulky torso, heavy, hairy pecs swelling up and down as he breathed, bigger all over. He fit his cap back onto his head and relaxed his pose, showing off his new size. “See?” Chuck said with a shrug and a grin. Clint shook his head. “This is…amazing! I mean, I don’t believe you, but it’s hard to deny… this!” Clint said and rubbed his hands up and down Chuck’s burly chest and shoulders, squeezing his solid traps and delts. “Hehe, yup!” Chuck said and suddenly picked Clint up, grabbing him from under his arms and lifting him up. Clint yelped but didn’t resist. He felt light in Chuck’s arms, and he bounced the skinny twink up and down a little, hefting his weight as he carried him back to the bedroom. “I’m stronger too! Light weight!” Chuck boomed with a smile and tossed Clint onto the bed. “Like I said, I’m a growing boy,” he purred as he flexed his arms into a double bicep pose as Clint looked up at him. Chuck lowered his arms and adjusted the swelling cock in his jeans. “I gotta see this for myself,” Clint said as he scooted closer to Chuck. “I mean, if you can actually do this, you gotta show me. I can stand to lose another 5 pounds, all my friends will be jealous, haha,” Clint said as he looked up at Chuck. Chuck’s heart raced, his whole body buzzing in anticipation. His mind felt fuzzy, and all he could think about was taking the size from this skinny little twink and growing bigger. He shook his head, took a breath, and looked down at Clint, who was taking his shirt off. Clint was already really skinny… should he take even more? He licked his lips and moved to unbutton his jeans. “You sure, bud?” Chuck asked. “I’m from Missouri, the Show-Me state, so you gotta show me!” Clint said playfully. “So how does it work?” he said. “Like this,” Chuck said and pushed Clint back onto the bed, pressing his 245lbs down onto Clint’s lean body and pinning him underneath. Clint was skinny but warm, and Chuck could feel the energy radiating from Clint as he pinned him down. He imagined himself growing and growing, giving into the desire for more, and felt the familiar buzz of energy flow into him. “Oh man, jeez I feel it, like I feel numb and tired all of a sudden, what the hell,” Clint groaned from underneath Chuck’s beefy frame. Chuck grunted in pleasure and started bucking against Clint’s smooth skinny body, his legs and ass clenching and flexing as he rubbed his cock and gut against Clint. “Oh fuck, feels good!” Chuck breathed as he took more size. He felt himself getting heavier, saw his forearms swell thicker as he pinned Clint’s shoulders to the bed. “Chuck, that’s enough, you’re taking more than five pounds,” Clint whimpered and tried to push the bigger bear off of him. Chuck didn’t budge a bit. He was too heavy, too strong, too big. He just grunted with each thrust, an animalistic, guttural sound. “Chuck! Stop!” Clint yelled. Chuck shook his head. “Can’t, bud. Feels so good. Need more,” Chuck grunted between breaths as he pressed harder and harder into Clint, smearing precum all over the twink’s abs and chest. The feeling of energy pouring into his body was intoxicating. His shoulders spread out wider and rounder. His pecs swelled thicker, hanging down over Clint’s shrinking body. His belly pressed harder against Clint’s flat stomach. He adjusted his legs, which grew thicker and longer, and ground against Clint with renewed vigor. He sighed and grew bigger, and felt his cock expand. “Chuck, no, I want to be skinny, not emaciated!” Clint whined as he tried to wiggle out from under Chuck. Clint reached up and tried to push Chuck away. Chuck grabbed Clint’s frail wrists and pinned them down above Clint’s head easily. Clint pushed against Chuck’s hands, trying to push off again, but Chuck pushed down harder. “Gotta get bigger, bud. Just—unf—a little more,” Chuck said as he leaned more of his weight onto Clint and pressed against him, feeling the current of energy surge into his body. His musky pits were right in Clint’s face. “No, Chuck, stop!” Clint whimpered from under Chuck’s growing bulk, and he thrashed, trying to escape Chuck’s grip. He looked up and was surrounded by Chuck’s huge body, Chuck’s eyes staring blankly, his face and neck thicker than before, his hat making him look like an oversized ex-college jock. Chuck pressed into him hard, feeling his stronger body crush Clint against his bulky torso. Clint tried escaping again, but this time Chuck hardly had to exert any effort to keep him down. He was too strong, and Clint was too weak. “You should—mmph—should be careful what you wish for,” Chuck said, not cruel, just indifferent. He needed to get bigger, and Clint had size to give. It was as simple as that. Finally, Chuck let go of Clint and sat up, then stood, rising up taller than before and looking down at Clint. Clint looked pathetic, frail and weak, skin and bones. He rolled over and groaned, feeling like he was waking up from a bad hangover. “What the fuck did you do to me?” he moaned. “I got a little carried away I guess,” Chuck said flatly, hefting his thicker cock and heavier balls. “You look small, bud,” he chuckled. “What…how much did you take?” Clint said, and rolled over, seeing Chuck for the first time. He gasped. “Jesus, you’re big,” Clint said in awe. “Yeah,” Chuck grunted. “Much bigger. Feels good! Probably put on 30lbs, I guess,” he said and flexed his traps and chest. They exploded with new size. He straightened out to his full height, feeling his wider shoulders and back spreading out, hefting his rounder, fuller gut. He felt an inch or so taller. He reached up and felt his beard, thicker and fuller, his jawline meatier. His whole body tingled with new power. Clint groaned. “Fuck, I haven’t been this light since middle school,” Clint whined as he rolled off the bed. He stood up, and to his surprise only came up to Chuck’s chin. “What the fuck!?” Clint yelped. Chuck grinned down at him. “I’m like 5’6” now, and you’ve gotta be almost 6’!” “Yeah, I’m bigger all over!” Chuck boomed and stepped closer to Clint, comparing their heights. Chuck towered over Clint now. “You’re just a little guy now. God, I’m more than twice your weight now too, huh bud?” He looked over at the full-length mirror in Clint’s bedroom and couldn’t help but laugh at the size difference. Chuck hefted his meaty right pec in his hand and tensed his huge bicep, admiring his own size in the mirror. His cock throbbed angrily as he saw just how much he had grown. “Fuck yeah,” Chuck said and suddenly shoved Clint in the chest, knocking back onto the bed. “Oof, hey, what are you doing?” Clint said as Chuck descended on him, his huge body making the bed creak ominously. “Still really horny, bud, gotta cum,” Chuck said and grabbed at Clint’s hips, flipping him over on this stomach. “And you still got a hot ass for me to fuck,” Chuck growled and moved into position. “What!? No, Chuck, you’re too big and I feel like I just got run over by a car, what are yo—ooof!” Clint gasped as he felt Chuck’s massive cock poke against his tight hole. “Jeez, so tight, gonna feel amazing in there, bud,” Chuck grunted and reached for the lube on the bedside table. He squeezed a bunch into his hand messily and stroked his massive tool, slicking it up. He grabbed Clint again as the smaller guy tried to move away and pulled him back towards his mammoth cock. It throbbed and leaked precum. Chuck smeared lube all over Clint’s hole. He needed to fuck badly, and Clint was right there for the taking. His spine tingled, the humming in his body begging him to take more size, but he held back and focused on pounding his friend instead. “Uhhhnngg, fuck,” Chuck groaned as his 7” cock plowed into Clint. The twink yelped unintelligibly in pleasure and pain. Clint’s hole resisted at first, but soon gave way to Chuck’s mushroom head. The size disparity between them made it a very tight fit. Clint’s ass clamped onto Chuck’s thick cock like a vice, and Chuck felt waves of euphoria wash over his bigger body. He started thrusting into Clint, slow at first but picking up speed as Clint’s ass loosened up. He was big now. Huge! Like the size he always dreamed of, the size of powerlifters and strongmen, and it had taken all of 24 hours and taking a little bit from just a few people. He saw himself in the mirror again and uttered a guttural groan that filled Clint’s bedroom. He was a fucking alpha now, huge and powerful. He looked down at the twink underneath him and grinned. He was in total control. A thought echoed in his mind. This was only just the beginning. He needed more. More size, more energy, more growth. He would get more. A vision flashed in his mind of himself, twice the size, 10 times the size, bigger than any man alive. It was all that mattered. Chuck’s musk filled up Clint’s bedroom, and a sheen of sweat gleamed on his body as he pounded away. Chuck grabbed at Clint’s hips and pulled him back hard as he thrust in, generating more pressure. Clint felt so light in his hands, his big hands which easily gripped most of the twink’s waist. Sweat dripped off his forehead and onto Clint’s back. He huffed and puffed and grunted like an animal as he reached climax. “Oh fuck!” Chuck groaned and he exploded into Clint, seed spilling out of the twink’s ravaged hole and onto the mattress. Chuck pulled out as Clint groaned and then stood to his full 5’11”, 275lb stature. He took a deep breath and felt his chest expand. He had never felt better in his life. He turned to the mirror again and walked closer, admiring the way his muscles twitched with every move. He examined the thicker, denser hair that covered his meaty pecs and jiggled the bulky meat of his thick thighs and calves. Cum dripped down to the floor of Clint’s bedroom. He adjusted his hat and pulled it down further on his brow. He looked awesome. “What the fuck did you do to me, you freak?” Clint groaned from the bed. He was curled up pathetically. Chuck looked back at his fuck buddy. He knew he should feel bad, should feel wrong about taking what wasn’t his, should feel some sense of guilt over what he had done. But he didn’t. Any semblance of that feeling was overridden by the simple thought that he needed to grow bigger, and he was horny. Clint had size to give, and had an ass to fuck. Getting what he wanted obviously seemed more important than Clint’s feelings; he had no reason to feel he had done anything wrong. He grunted as he reached this conclusion, and scratched his chest. “Don’t feel bad, little guy. Look how big I am now!” Chuck boomed, his voice deeper than when he had arrived just a few minutes prior. “Awesome, right?” Clint whimpered and started crying a little, despondent over losing almost 50lbs to Chuck in the last two days. “Just leave, you asshole, and never come back!” Chuck hardly heard him. He was too busy flexing in the mirror, admiring the way his bicep peaks looked and jiggling his fatter, furrier belly. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your size, bud,” Chuck grunted as he grabbed his jeans and sauntered off to the bathroom to collect the rest of his clothes. Chuck grinned as he felt how his thighs rubbed against each other now. He stretched the tanktop over his huge frame, but it only came down to his belly button. He managed to get the flannel shirt on, but it was so tight he couldn’t button it up. His jeans were even more problematic; he hiked them up the best he could but couldn’t jip them up at all. Despite this, he smiled; it was all just a sign of a how much bigger he was. He slipped his coat over his shoulders and pressed his bigger feet into his boots until they squeezed in. They seemed comically small. It would have to do for the trip back to his apartment. As he walked down the stairs and headed back to the train station, he felt his new bulk bouncing up and down and he grinned.
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    In this chapter, Chuck plays around with his fuck buddy Clint and starts to tap into something new and unexpected. Chapter 2 Chuck awoke the next day feeling good. He was still a little weirded out by what happened at the construction site the day before—the strange mist knocking him out and getting into his lungs, then disappearing by the time he woke up—but he didn’t feel any worse for wear. He thought about going to the doctor, but it’s not like his insurance would cover anything even if he was hurt. If anything Chuck felt strangely energized, like he had a little bit of a buzz going. He also felt very horny, he realized as he squeezed his thick 6 incher through the sheets of his messy bed. He bit his lip and growled, and his mind instinctively turned to thinking about getting bigger and stronger, about admiring big, muscular guys. He grabbed his phone and opened up Tumblr to start looking at size comparison pics—nothing turned him on more than seeing a big guy totally outsize someone next to them. He sighed and grunted heavily as he sat up, pulling his dick out and stroking softly, thinking about how hot it would be to be a foot taller and hundreds of pounds bigger than somebody, pounding away at a tight fuck hole, lifting them up and down… Chuck opened up Scruff on his phone and decided to message his buddy Clint, a friend he sometimes fooled around. “Feelin’ horny this morning, wanna cum over?” Chuck typed and hit send. Chuck was still pretty deep in the closet, especially with his family and guys at work, but he chatted with guys on Grindr and Scruff and occasionally had them over. Clint was a skinny, furry otter who liked Chuck’s beard and relatively thick build; he liked to hook up when he “wanted to scratch that bear itch”. Whatever Clint thought of him, Chuck didn’t care. He just liked getting his dick wet with the help of a smaller guy every so often, and got off on the size difference between his 210lb frame and Clint’s lean 170lbs. Clint was taller than him by a few inches, but it didn’t matter once he was underneath Chuck. Chuck’s phone chirped, and he smiled. Chuck opened the door and Clint walked in. “Hey big guy, thanks for texting,” Clint said as he slipped off his shoes and set his Starbucks on the table. “It had been a while and I have just been dying for a good fuck, the last couple weekends at the bar have been SO dead, I mean just it’s the same old faces every night and Liam wouldn’t shut up about…” Clint yapped and yapped as Chuck kinda tuned him out. This was the flip side of having him over for a fuck, but it was usually worth it. Looking at Clint, Chuck felt the buzz he had woken up with intensify, and his cock chubbed up more in his sweatpants. When Clint finally paused to breath, Chuck interjected. “You wanna get on with this, or what?” Chuck said gruffly, stepping closer to Clint’s slender frame and wrapping his arms around him. “Well well, aren’t we just hot to trot this morning? You’re looking good, bear!” Clint said as he turned to him and squeezed Chuck’s shoulders and arms. “You feel a little bigger!” Chuck growled. He liked hearing that, even though he wasn’t sure if it was true, since he hadn’t made much progress at the gym lately. “Thanks bud, I try but it’s hard with my work schedule,” he said and flexed a little, feeling happy to get attention. He started thinking about what it would be like to be bigger, and he felt his whole body buzz with sexual energy, like what he felt this morning but amplified. “I don’t know how you work construction, ugh,” Clint said as slipped out of Chuck’s arms and started walking back to the bedroom. “It just sounds exhausting and dirty, no thanks. I get tired enough at Starbucks!” Chuck shrugged and followed Clint, staring at the otter’s tight ass bouncing as he walked. Chuck scratched his beard and smiled, feeling his cock swell even harder. “Your ass looks good,” Chuck says hungrily, licking his lips. “Heh thanks big guy, you know I try to keep it tight for you,” Clint purred and took off his shirt, revealing the hairier-than-you’d-expect chest and tummy. He was lean and flat-chested, even skinny; 170lb is pretty thin on a 6’1” frame. Chuck followed suit, removing his tank top and moving in to make out. Copper colored hair covered Chuck’s chest and tummy in swirls, a tinge of grey starting to creep in from the top of his pecs. His paunch bounced a bit as he threw his shirt onto the ground. He slipped off his sweatpants and boxers, legs showing some muscle. Their tongues wrestled and Chuck rubbed his beard against Clint’s smooth face as they kissed. “Hehe, that tickles!” Clint said and pulled away, falling onto the bed. “You bears and your beards, grr!” he said in an exaggerated tone. “You like it, admit it,” Chuck said and followed Clint onto the bed, pressing his weight against the skinnier Clint. “Maybe a little, short stack,” Clint said and they kissed for a while longer, both of their cocks swelling up harder. Chuck pressed against Clint, feeling the skinny arms and chest pressing against his own bigger bulk. Chuck felt big for the first time in weeks, and compared the size of his arm with Clint’s. “Look how damn skinny you are, little otter,” Chuck said and flexed his relatively big arm next to Clint’s. “I’m a lot bigger than you!” Chuck said, pumping himself up and feeling a tingle run down his spine again as he thought about getting bigger. “Yeah big guy, bigger than me for sure, hehe!” Clint giggled and compared sizes. “Your belly’s bigger too, you know!” he zinged, jiggling Chuck’s tummy around for emphasis. “Eh, I don’t mind that at all, gotta get bigger all over!” Chuck growled, getting into it more now, and he felt his body tingle harder than before. “Yeah Chuck, I bet you wanna turn into a REALLY big bear, don’t you?” Clint said, rubbing his cock against Chuck’s and egging him on more, the hair on both of their chests scratching against each other. Clint knew what buttons to push. “Yeah… YEAH!” Chuck growled and wrapped his arms around the skinny otter beneath him, squeezing hard. For a moment, Chuck lost himself, caught up in the thought of growing bigger and bigger. He imagined himself at 250, 275, 300lbs or maybe even bigger someday, thick and strong, muscular and fat, a big muscle bear like the guys he saw on Tumblr and World’s Strongest Man shows, making guys like Clint look like waifs. He wanted to be bigger, more than he ever knew, the sudden, powerful desire for it all-consuming, and he gripped Clint tight, feeling a shiver run up his body. “Unnnngggghhhh wow you squeeze hard, bear!” Clint moaned, feeling Chuck bear hug him, feeling a sudden weird numbness spread through his body. He grimaced as a tiredness and lethargy wash over him, like he was high or drunk but not in a good way. Chuck, on the other hand, felt euphoric, imagining himself growing more, surging with more energy, becoming powerful and huge, losing himself in the fantasy as he squeezed the comparatively smaller Clint, who somehow felt smaller and skinnier in his grip as he bear hugged him. All he could think about was growing bigger—why had he never realized until now that it was the most important thing to him? He needed more, had to get more, could feel his body buzzing and tingling, couldn’t hear Clint asking him to stop squeezing so hard… He shook his head, got his bearings and released Clint, who gasped as he got his air back. Chuck sat up in the bad, blinking hard and coughing, feeling the last euphoric tingles shiver up his spine, realizing his cock was harder than it had ever been in his life. “Jesus Chuck that was some bear hug, I feel totally drained!” Clint said, getting his breath back. “That felt so good… you’re even bigger and stronger than I thought!” Chuck growled at that, feeling his pecs pulse, feeling like he did after a good workout, pumped and energized and horny. “Yeah, stronger than I thought too… damn, never felt anything like that before, I feel… amazing!” “You seriously look great, Chuck!” Clint said, reaching up to feel Chuck’s pumped up pecs and shoulders. “What can I say, fucking you makes me feel great! Now turn over and let me go to work,” Chuck ordered, feeling an authority he had never felt. “Ooh yeah, boss me around big guy, yes sir!” Clint said playfully, his ass puckering for it as he turned over and presented himself. Chuck lubed up his cock, which throbbed angrily, looking red and swollen, bigger than Chuck had ever seen it. He loosened Clint’s hole up with rough fingers, getting even harder as he contrasted the skinny otter’s thighs with his own thick ones. “Here comes your big bear, bud, get ready!” Chuck grunted and plowed into Clint, who moaned loudly. “Fuck, you feel tight, just how I like it!” “Yeah, fuck me big guy!” Clint groaned. Chuck looked down at his buddy, bent over and submissive, looking small next to his thicker frame. He felt strong, powerful, big! He fucked slow at first, feeling his thick cock plug Clint’s tight hole, pistoning in and out. Chuck flexed his pecs and arms as he fucked, his muscles feeling plumper and thicker than this morning. Was it just his imagination, or was he pumped up from sex? Whatever this new feeling was, he loved it. Chuck pounded into his buddy hard, harder than ever, his thick cock feeling swollen in the tight ass of his friend. He reached forward and grabbed his Clint’s hips, lifting up and adjusting his friend’s weight more easily than he ever remembered being able to and pulling him back farther onto his throbbing cock. “Unnnggg fuck me harder, Chuck, yeah you big fuckin’ bear!” Clint groaned, getting his bear fix, probably more than he expected. “Yeah, I love when you call me big bear, little guy, gonna pound you HARD,” Chuck growled, and thought about growing even bigger. He gripped Clint’s hips and pounded, machine-like. He closed his eyes and imagined himself even bigger, growing thicker and stronger, his cock stretching out Clint’s hole until it wouldn’t fit and again realizing he needed more size. As soon as he thought about that, he felt the familiar tingling feeling spread through his body again, making him feel euphoric, taking his breath away. It was all that mattered, being bigger, needing more, feeling powerful and strong, more more more big big big now now now… “Unnnggg Chuck, you’re making me so…ung…light headed,” Clint whimpered as he felt a cold numbness once again overtake him, Chuck’s cock filling him up even more. “Fuck me harder!” “Hhhhaaaaahh, fuck yeah,” Chuck breathed as his train of thought returned, and he felt tingles surge into his body, making him feel bigger, heavier, stronger. He looked down at himself, pecs fuller and rounder, his little gut bulging out more, bigger balls slapping against Clint’s ass, and he grunted deeply, feeling himself getting closer to climax. “Gonna get so damn big, fuck!” Chuck yelled as he exploded into Clint, cumming harder than he ever had in his life, his seed leaking out of Clint’s tight hole and oozing onto the sheets. They both panted and groaned for a while before Chuck removed himself from Clint with a slick popping noise, grunting and sighing as he did. He backed up, breathing heavily, and sauntered over the bathroom, his legs feeling plump and hard. “Holy shit,” was all Clint could manage. “Yeah, bud. That was awesome,” Chuck said as he grabbed a towel from the bathroom and tossed it over to Clint. “You really stretched me out, man, you felt…thicker than before,” Clint said groggily, like he was high. “Yeah man, I felt extra good today, super hard,” Chuck said and turned to grab a towel for himself in the bathroom. As he did, he saw himself in the mirror. He was noticeably bigger all over. His shoulders were wide, capped with round delts, curving up into bigger traps. His pecs looked thicker as he took a breath, and his belly paunched out a bit rounder. He raised an arm up and flexed his bicep, and it bunched up with more size than he remembered having. He grinned and laughed, not knowing what was going on but feeling amazing. “Hoo man I’m gonna be walking around like a cowboy today,” Clint said as he got up gingerly and walked over to the bathroom. Chuck moved past him to make way and noticed Clint didn’t seem that much taller, maybe an inch or two difference. Wasn’t Clint like 4 inches taller than him? What the hell… As Clint closed the door to leave, Chuck shook his head. He still felt bigger, pumped up, and energized even now that he had come down from his sex high. What was going on? He went back into the bathroom, looking himself over. It wasn’t a trick; he looked bigger. Maybe he just hadn’t noticed these gains before? Maybe he was just full from dinner last night? Whatever it was, Chuck felt good about his size for the first time in years…but he also felt more motivated to get huge than he had ever felt in his life. It was like something had unlocked in him, an intensity of his desire to get big he had never felt before. Any excuses he had made for himself earlier seemed silly to him now; what could possibly be more important than getting that energized feeling and growing more? He felt it deep in his bones, and it stuck around in the back of his head even as he ate his breakfast and put on his clothes. As he slipped into his shorts and pulled on his favorite Underarmor gym shirt, he swore it felt tighter than he remembered.
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    "Enjoy your workout " that is what I heard when I walked into the gym today. I let that sink in for a minute and I thought "yeah I will enjoy my workout". I hear a lot of people say that they don't like working out, that it feels too much like "work". I have realized that I LOVE working out. I love everything about it. I love eating and knowing I am fueling my body when I eat properly. I love planning my workouts. I love trying new exercises, new grips, new rep ranges. I love trying to make each rep harder to do then the last. I love thinking about my goals. Visualizing myself pumped from an intense session. I love buying gym clothes but even more I love wearing them. I love putting on that stringer in the locker room. I love knowing that a few years ago I would never be caught dead wearing one in public. Now I love getting pumped and flexing during my workout while wearing one. I love leaving the gym and walking down the street, pumped in my stringer. I love that feeling. Even though it is hard. The gains come slowly and there are set backs, but I love that each meal, each workout, each motivating thought is driving me to my goal. So to those who are just starting out or those who have stopped or have had set backs, don't give up. Keep pushing. Learn to enjoy your workout. If you stick with it you will reach your goals. My goals keep changing as I grow and I am sure I will never be satisfied but I will be happy and proud of my achievements. I may even act a little cocky, flex in public, wear stringers on the street, flex for admirers or just be plain happy that I feel like a bodybuilder. And on that note, I AM a bodybuilder. I have gone from 145 lbs to 190lbs. I have watched my strength and size go up over the last 10 years. I may not be the biggest, leanest or strongest but I have built my body and that I am proud of. So enjoy the workouts cause I know I sure will!
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    Hey guys, my first story on the forum, hope you enjoy, will post up a part 2 shortly. “Sam… SAM, GET IN HERE!” I hadn’t realised that I been instinctively cowering when his voice boomed across our flat. My friends first pointed it out when my hulking roommate invited himself out for drinks with us. It did come as a bit of a surprise to me when they told me this, mainly because Nick had never actually hit me or even threatened to, it’s just that I felt, like somehow, Nick could just bend my will. One of my closest friends at the time said I shouldn’t cower, like a puppy, but stand up to him. I could hear the strain in Nick’s voice though and I hurried into his bedroom. The sight and smell assaulting my senses as I entered; the smell of man went right up my nose in the first inhalation. It was sweat, stale sex, rich testosterone and damp, a kind of damp that you can only find in a student rugby players bedroom. It made my cock kick in its loose, thin, cotton sweats. Then of course, there was Nick, dressed only in a pair of boxers, with his weight bench sat upright, holding one of his 45kilo dumbells in both hands and grinning devilishy at me. “Dude, shoulder press… hand me the other 45!” his dark brows and long but spiked hair giving him a wolfish look. Dodging an empty takeaway carton, a discarded jock, a heap of college notes and at least one used condom, I picked my way to the dumbbell. The smell intensified as I got nearer to him. “Come on man, gotta get this done before Jen gets here” he grunted. I bent down, carefully raising the heavy dead weight. I hefted it over to Nick’s waiting hand as he got into position. I licked my lips as his biceps bulged as he flexed his arm into position. Both his thick pecs flattened out and his delts swelled freakishly, choked with veins from a pump. “Stand back” he ordered. I would like to say I watched, to say that I spotted him, but Nick was a tornado of male energy. A guttural roar emanating from his chest as he flexed the weight soaring toward the ceiling, his form disturbingly accurate. As his arms reached the maximum height, the clink of the dumbbells and the exposure of his forestry of pit hair, made my organ start to pulse in my shorts. As he went for more reps, so the smell escaping from his pits intensified over and over. The room filled with his scent. Looking back, I think that is one of the things that made me capitulate to Nicks demands as my flatmate. As the grunting continued, his shoulders and arms steadily bulging bigger from the pump, I quietly left the room wordlessly. I crept back to my smaller bedroom, put my hand gently on the top of my strictly average, rigid member, and felt it fire off into my pants. My legs weakening, I sank to the floor. My own varsity swimmers physique, feeling childlike compared to Nick’s hulking body. Soon, Nick’s girlfriend would be here, and I would be listening to them go at it for a few hours. I realised that I should probably try and get some sleep before it all kicks off. After cleaning up my own mess I walked down to the kitchen for a pre-bed snack, as I did, I thought about how Nick and I started off fairly evenly matched, how we were actually good mates who moved into this small, penthouse flat, off campus together. The weight set, the benches, bars, all bought with combined part time job salaries of both me and Nick. Now I barely get to use it. As I walked into the kitchen, I noticed his array of proteins adorning the top of the fridge. Is that all it took to make him bigger than me? Irritable, I escaped back to my room, snack in hand. I woke with a start. The all too familiar, rhythmical banging of Nick’s headboard against his wall had woken me. I decided against languishing in bed, getting a semi from the image of Nick’s powerful body fucking Jenna, his fitness-model cover girl. I skulked off to the kitchen and started making pancakes. Down the corridor of the tiny flat, I could hear Nick step up his rhythm and the grunting got louder. “He’s close…” I thought, before immediately regretting it, as I felt my cock thicken. I poured the milk into the blender and turned it on, which nicely drowned out the noise of Nick’s big finish. As I waited for the mixture to thicken, I again glanced up at the top of the refrigerator. Nick was reasonably busy, so I reached up and pulled down the white looking container. I had listened to Nick extol the virtues to protein, and pre-workout and whatever happened to be flavour of the month at the time. But this… this I didn’t know about. Which was out of character for Nick. I looked over the label, it was plain white with black text. Plenty of scientific writing, this was clearly not something picked up off the supermarket shelves. I couldn’t really argue with the results though. Nick had been getting bigger and bigger, much stronger too, all in the last few weeks his progress seemed to have jumped. But he wasn’t just getting bigger, he was getting leaner too. Most of all, Nick was getting bullish, ordering me around, demanding stuff, doing whatever he liked with little consideration, his new strengthened frame easily backing up his command of me. As that last thought lingered in my head I decided I should try some of the shake. Quickly, not wanting to get caught by Nick, I spooned two tablespoons of powder into a protein shaker and quickly poured water in on top. As I was shaking it, excited to see if I could catch up to Nick, I realised the sound of the blender had been masking the sound from Nick’s room. I reached and clicked the blender off and the swirling pancake batter came to a stop. I could hear the sound of my own breathing, and feel the beating of my heart inside my chest. But nothing else, Nick was clearly finished with his girlfriend. I had to get the stolen protein shake back onto the shelf before Nick came into the kitchen. I hefted the white tub into my hands and raised it above my head. “Dude… you made me a post-fuck shake!” I, almost froze at the sound of Nick’s voice, but managed to get the tub back on top of the fridge. My heart pounding at the thought of being discovered, sinking to the level of deception to try and catch up with Nick’s recent gains. As I turned to face Nick a further reality dawned. Stood there, semi hard, straining his boxers, a wet spot visible, his thick muscular topless torso, hard and glistening with sweat from his recent exertion. Nick’s look was not truly one of thanks. He observed me from underneath his thick dark brow, his bulging muscle giving him a menacing look. “Thanks for making it for me, but next time, don’t… it’s special stuff, only designed for me…” Nick almost growled through gritted teeth. “Tomorrow… you…me… college gym… chest day…” Nick continued between big gulps from my protein shaker. Thumping me on the chest with a meaty paw. I said nothing, as I watched the behemouth, swig the luminous orange coloured shake, small droplets escaping as Nick guzzled greedily, landing hapharzardly on his bulging pectoral muscle. “OK!?” Nick yelled, eyes narrowing, before belching loudly. “Yeah, sure Nick, sounds good” Nick eyed me for a few more seconds, turned on his heel and bounced off back to his room. I quickly retreated to bed, the pancake mixture left languishing in the blender. Tomorrow would be a heavy one. The next morning, I was awoken by the deafening bangs on my bedroom door. My head raised from my pillow to find my unimpressive dick had been erect and oozing all night, probably as a consequence of the thought of a gym visit with Nick. This crush had come out of nowhere, but it seemed to be growing stronger the bigger Nick seemed to grow. I dragged myself to the kitchen; Nick was already there, his tight muscle tank straining to hold back his bulging chest. “Time you got up lazy…” grinned Nick “Ready to go?” I croaked “What do you think little man?” he grunted, pulling a crab pose bursting with ripped muscle. As we walked to the campus gym, across the very quiet and expansive campus, the cold bit into my skin, but Nick seemed not to notice. Somehow, the elements only sought to make Nick even more brutally masculine and dominating. Reaching the gym, we headed straight for the weights section, deserted except for a lone American football player grunting softly between reps of squats. I did my level best not to stare at Nick, but mostly failed. His deep golden tan and his coarse dark hair gave him a wealthy exotic appearance, even as he began to warm up his veins pulsed and distended as his a gentle swell began in his muscles. “Chest today…” Nick said visibly bouncing ready to exercise. I berated myself for once again not suggesting a different body part. I only ended up working chest and sometimes shoulders because these are the exercises that Nick wanted a spotter for. I loaded up the bar precariously with extra 20kilo plates just for Nick. Trying his best to ignore me, Nick swung himself down on the bench and got into position in order to begin the workout. In this position, I was rewarded with the vision of the swell and heave of Nick’s chest. Nick on the other hand, would have had to settle for my crotch disturbingly close to his head. “Ready?” Nick grunted, and grabbed the bar, not really giving me time to react. As it transpired I was not immediately required. The new 20 kilo plates seemed like only an extra 5 to Nick’s mounding chest. He couldn’t help himself but smirk as the weight, no doubt felt lighter and easier to manage, than expected. I watched as Nick revelled in the all too familiar sensation in his chest, the pump soared through him, his triceps bulging as his chest bloating from the impact of the weights resistance. Again he pressed it up with ease, his big python plumping down the taught rugby shorts. This had quite literally meant, that whatever he was taking, maybe that new shake, had made him even stronger since last week. “woah dude… this is insane…” I said quietly murmuring watching the spectacle unfold. I watched on, Nick’s chest bulging and swelling as he grinningly pressed the weight, seemingly with growing ease. His arms didn’t shake and his form didn’t falter. His triceps flared, the veins distending along his arms giving him a look of sheer unstoppable power. He racked the weight without any help from me. When it was my turn, plates came off and I got into position, my head now close to Nick’s obscene bulge in his sweats. Not only did it look big, but this close, I could smell the incredible scent of the contents of his jock and it make the usual feelings bubble to the surface. I did my usual workout, my pecs fraught with effort and arms struggling with my usual weight, I watched Nick spot me, as my arms shook with almost half the weight he used, I looked up to him grinning down at me. This gave me the strength to finish my last few reps, but still, it served only to highlight the growing disparity in our muscle strength. The rest of the workout, I was feeling increasingly unhappy seeing Nick blow through all of his maxes and continuing to set new personal bests. I watched, uncomfortably as he nailed every chest exercise with greater than ever strength, amazed as he seemed to cope with anything thrown at him. I was so envious of his success, I figured I had to make a drastic change in my life or I’d get left behind. As I watched Nick strip for the shower, a common ritual after our workouts, that actually, maybe I needed to even the score. Later that night, Nick was out of the flat on a romantic date with his girlfriend. So I sneaked into his room while he was away. If Nick was taking this experimental supplement, there had to be some physical proof, letters, brochures, consent forms; there just had to be something to give me a clue. I needed to get on the trial. As I picked my way through Nick’s room, I found a cryptic letter from the andrology department of our university, now, SCU wasn’t exactly known for its research but, clearly, they were getting something right. However, before I had chance to read the information, I heard the familiar rattle of keys outside of the flat door, in a panic, I threw the letters back into the draw and slammed the draw shut, however in doing so, the cupboard rocked backwards then forwards. I looked upwards, in time to see the contents of one of Nick’s used condoms flow back out of the untied end and splash onto my forearm. I didn’t have time to react; I just bolted from Nick’s room out into the corridor and ran straight for my room. As I closed my door, I could hear Nick and Jenna come home and begin some post-date “activities”. My breathing calmed and my pulse slowed. My attention was drawn to the burning sensation on my right arm; I looked down to see the bright red streak across my supinated arm. I kept looking at it, it was red, and glowing, but there was seemingly no evidence of the disgusting contents of the used rubber. I was feeling hot all over, not just from the burning sensation on my arm, my clothes didn’t feel right on me. In the privacy of my own room, I shucked my clothes and went over to the mirror. I felt a spasm in my gut, then, suddenly, an intense warm glow spread through my body. I looked at myself in the mirror, my pecs hardened, abs tightened. I looked on in amasement, feeling sheer power tear through my body. My traps seemed to thicken, my delts pushed out from shoulders, giving them a fuller, rounded look. I was even convinced I was taller. I felt my legs precipitously thicken, I watched the inner head of the quadriceps surge into view, which only happened when I flexed, and yet, I wasn’t flexing. I looked up at my face, for the first time since I started college, I felt that I looked handsome and healthy. A grin unconsciously spread across my face. I had no idea how this happened, but I absolutely loved it. I posed for a little while longer. Feeling the bulge and play of my newly developed musculature, the heady experience of being taller, if only a fraction… Best of all the sensation that I must have a semi, except my cock was fully flaccid. I gyrated my hips watching the new piece of meat bounce around. It got hard easily and I wrapped my hand around it. My legs nearly gave way as my cock began firing round after round across the room, ribbons of pure white spunk blasted out and still my cock bounced in front of me, as if to fire again. I tucked the raging pole back into my strained boxers and glanced in the mirror. “Fuck yeah” I grunted, trying to flex my abs. Only, I’d never sworn into the mirror before… or actually… in many years. My stomach growled so I went to the kitchen dressed only my boxers. The bulge still present as I walked, for the first time, it seemed to bounce up and down gently as I walked along. I got into the kitchen, surprised to find Nick there, sat alone at the table, also dressed only in his boxers. He looked pale, and not in his usually arrogant vigour. The pale palour even made him look a little less masculine than normal. “You ok bro?” I said, sounding surprisingly manly. “Yeah, yeah, just had a bit of a funny turn…” Said Nick cryptically. The next morning, I woke up for the gym. I casually wrapped my hand around a raging morning erection, the cock, seemed bigger and stronger than I ever remembered. I brushed my hands up my thinner waist, across my flat stomach to the new shallow contours on my chest from my thickened pectorals. My hand found its way to the alarm clock, but it seemed I had awakened before my alarm clock, before Nick had the chance to wake me. I felt incredible after last night’s dramatic turn of events. Not only mentally but physically. I could feel energy just seem to stream out of me, I was ready to lift. The thoughts of stealing Nick’s new experimental protein shake could not be further from my mind at the moment, as a night’s sleep and deliberation had led me to the conclusion it was probablyresponsible for the effects of his potent spunk. I dressed, in front of the mirror, looking at my new body. I smiled as I quickly gave my arms a flex and my fresh, new biceps jumped up in my arms, now slightly less egg like, now definitely more fusiform in their appearance. Quietly dressing and walking out into the corridor, there was no Nick waiting with an annoyed glare, so I made for the kitchen. Nick’s half eaten breakfast was still on the table as he was filling up his protein shaker. “Y.. you’re up?” he croaked. I looked at him, he looked sleepy and tired. He rubbed his eyes and kept blinking at me. He was haphazardly dressed and his hair matted down to his head from the sweat of his night time activities with Jenna. “Are you ok dude?” “Err, just feeling a bit rough.” He answered, still staring at me. “Dude… did… you look like you, *ahem*, you’ve been making progress in the gym…” He continued, still staring at my chest. “Yeah, I think you might be right dude.” I replied, desperately avoiding the urge to show off my chest by flexing in front of Nick. He prepared his shake and we headed out. In the car, as we drove, I could feel Nick’s eyes stealing odd glances at me. I began to regret wearing the sleeveless top as I wasn’t sure if he was actually paying attention to the road. I could feel my balls tingle at the thought of a workout, I couldn’t wait to test my new muscle and I couldn’t wait to show Nick that I was capable of catching him up. As we arrived at the gym, he turned to me before we exited the car. “How did you do it dude?” “Do what Nick?” “How did you get bigger, we only worked out together yesterday, and now, you’re bigger… how?” “Nick, are you ok? I’m the same, just been working out hard.” “Dude, seriously?” “You’re delusional, now drop it” I growled with an uncharacteristic aggressive tone in my voice. Nick clearly got the message and promptly stopped asking questions, but his dark stare intensified. In the gym, Nick’s chest workout was woeful, his lifts were slightly down, he grunted and flailed with his usual weight and made much use of me as spotter. Clearly this bothered him, because he was getting progressively sharp in his statements as the hour wore on. When he had first removed his hooded jumper, he looked sick and, almost smaller. I however, was having a great workout, I loved the feeling of my chest bulging outward, the stretch of the fabric against it, the surge of the feeling of power and pride throughout me, setting new strength goals, took all my focus not to get rock hard. Whilst this was going on Nick, eyed me jealously. I could feel his cold dark eyes burning into me as he reluctantly spotted me for a new personal best. Before we could hit the showers, Nick insisted we do a flat bench press. I felt this was more of an exercise to prove a point instead of the training value of adding in another heavy set, complex lift at the end of the workout. As I pressed the weight up, I felt my body burn with exertion, I felt amazing. I added almost 10kg to my previous bench from yesterday, even with exhausted pectoral muscles from the previous hour workout. Nick racked up his usual weight, and through much straining and gritting of teeth and of course, some help from his loyal spotter, was able to do a few reps at his usual weight. As he racked the weight, it was clear the point he was trying to make, had not been as clearly illustrated as he had hoped. As he stared at me I obliviously fondled my swollen chest muscle. “What?” I asked “Nothing, lets hit the showers…” he said grinning for the first time today. Nick’s mood seemed to improve here as we entered the changing room. As he rather quickly undressed, I rolled my eyes, knowing what was coming. “Coming to shower?” he asked, grinning at me, as he intentionally groped his thick, soft cock, though wanting me to believe it as a mere adjustment for comfort. I undressed at the normal speed, grabbed my towel and followed him into the shower. As I walked in, I watched him slowly lather soap into his thick musculature. His soft cock, swinging gently back and forth as his arms worked above him. I turned my head, to glance at his cock, figuring the water must be colder than usual, as it seemed a fraction smaller than usual. As I got myself under a shower head, I looked over at him again. He was looking at me, but our eyes didn’t meet, he was looking downward at my groin. “Dude, come on, you took some of my protein didn’t you?” he said unexpectedly “Look, Nick, I didn’t…” “Listen, I told you to stay away from it.” He grunted, his eyes looking cruel with a darker hue. I glanced down at me, across my now swollen pecs, my flattered stomach, to my soft cock, I then glanced over at him. His cock looked back to its old size if not bigger, as our eyes met. I realised, that his cock was thickening. Never before had I seen Nick like this, his skin flushing, his cock becoming increasingly aroused. “You uh… need a hand there bud?” I snickered. Within a second he was on me, his powerful hands grabbing both my shoulders. When they wouldn’t yield he dragged me, hanging onto my smaller frame, causing us to collapse to the floor. I struggled against the huge bulk of his weight on top of me. A leg each side of my chest, he positioned himself on top of my pectorals, his big, thick cock growing up and outwards towards my face. His cock brushed my lips. “Is this what you wanted? Stealing glances at me all the time? Well, how does it feel now? Enjoying?” He grunted, thrusting his hips forward at the upward inflection of each question. He took hold of his long, engorging rod and smacked my lips with it. “Please st-“ before I could finished speaking, the salty, musky flavour of Nick’s thick member exploded forth as he sunk the head into my open mouth. His powerful thighs extended on top of me as more of the colossally large pole slid into my mouth. I tried to speak, but the organ took up all of my mouth, I tried to remove myself, but his huge legs pinned me. As he held himself up with one of his mighty arms, another steadied my head as he began driving the mammoth shaft in and out of my mouth. As he began pumping, I could feel a familiar burning throughout my limbs that I felt the other night after getting his cum on my arm. I could feel the precum drip down my throat, rather than fight this, I knew to let it happen, I would reach my goals, and Nick, total unknowingly, would help me. If I hadn’t had his huge rod in my mouth, I’m not sure I could hold back the grin I would have had on my face. I felt trapped as his mammoth legs pinned me, as he pumped himself into my face. I had to focus on breathing, but I could feel his pre already start to work on me, the power swelling within me like a tide. Nick was absorbed in sating his carnal urge, I brought my arms up around his muscular waist, I watched as the veins snaked and squirmed their way to the surface of my biceps, muscle fibres thickening, the individual muscles becoming visible in my forearms. I felt great, I wanted this, I urged it to happen. He grunted above, clearly enjoying himself, just as the effects of his pre began to slacken, I felt his hips increase speed an intensity. As his orgasm ripped through him, I could feel his seed fire into the back of my throat again and again. Greedily, as best that I was able, I sucked down as much as I could handle, gleefully knowing it would be my flatmates undoing. He grunted once again and then withdraw his mighty organ from my slickened mouth, shook the last remnants of his pure white spunk onto my chest. “You tell anyone about this… and I’ll end you…” His powerful body swaggered off back to the changing room, but yet as I watched him leave, I thought I could see a little less definition in his expansive back. As I lay there on the shower floor, I felt the seed I had just swallowed get to work on me. Slowly it burned in my guts, filling me with ever increasing power. I knew then, his act had given me strength beyond anything I could have achieved in a year of gym visits. I felt my ass thicken, broaden and push me up from the floor, I felt less of the floor as my back broadened and dense muscle moved in to cushion the bone. I jumped up, my stronger powerful legs growing at a pace. I glanced down to see my pecs swell, my flat stomach, flatten even more, the first hints of my abdominals erupt from beneath the skin. I grabbed onto the shower bar as more power bolted through my body. I felt the room lower as my entire body lengthened. My mouth let out an involuntary grown as my neck muscles bulged, reaching my arms up to explore my thickening neck, my new, stronger biceps bulged with power. I raced into the locker room, but I was alone, Nick had long since left, I looked into the mirror and didn’t realise the new, taller, stronger and all round more masculine Sam staring back. I pulled a double bicep pose, amazed at the sheer size and power contained within my arms, I’m not sure the average person on the street would consider them big, but I was on my way. They had to be 15 inches around, I estimated. Best of all, the familiar hardening of my cock, had a most unfamiliar quality to it. Looking down, my erection strained the now tighter swimmer trunks, the bolder individual leg muscles fought the elastic. I as I slipped down, the apparently looser waist band, I was more than happy to see my usually unimpressive erection, looked super hard, but also both longer and thicker. My bigger balls pulsed below it, urging me to lift, urged me to fight and to persue. I resisted however, and redressed myself and made for home, I had a plan. (to be continued)
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    Part 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1510-belly-down/ Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1525-belly-down-part-2/ Part 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1530-belly-down-part-3/ Part 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/3401-belly-down-part-4/ Part 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7002-belly-down-part-5/ Part 6: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7146-belly-down-part-6/ Part 7 “Good work, Hans, but watch yourself. 283” said Coach John as he confirmed the weight on the old scale. Normally, I would have stuffed my chest out at the proclamation of my name but, in all honesty, I was beside myself as I turned and aimed my big body toward the mats. No matter how much my big, veined arms pulsed or my rolling legs bulged or my abdominal muscles flexed, I still wasn’t truly satisfied. I wasn’t going to be satisfied until my training exceeded the progress I’d seen from the little red-headed pipsqueak. Speaking of the devil, I halted in my tracks as I nearly collided with something shorter than me but almost as wide. I scowled at the face not many inches below mine but quickly brushed past the owner as I continued my passage. Just as I left the exit, my minions in tow, I heard numbers I’d been dreading. “264, Kenny. Goddamn, you’ve gotten big.” “Yeah, sorry, Coach. I’ve been hungry for more like a beast” came the deep and booming voice of Kenny. I need to be stronger, more powerful, I thought with vigor. I grabbed my Powerade from one of the benches as I passed the doorway. “Hans, wait. That’s not yours! You had a red Powerade! That one’s—“ My comparatively tiny lackeys collided with my bulging back as I halted in my tracks. All it took was a single glare of my flaring blue eyes to halt them. They knew who was boss. No one beneath me was allowed to question my actions. Without breaking eye contact, I ripped the lid of the bottle and guzzled the blue liquid as if it were the victory I’d craved from my opponents. My chin dripped with the little I missed and trickled down my hulking bare chest like a river. Without thinking, I threw the now empty container at the trash can, uncaring of whether it made it or not, and pushed through the double doors to train. I am and will always be the best— “Ugh, Miststück” --- Kenny turned at the loud roar from behind him, turning from the coach. “Kenny! Attention!” Kenny quickly returned back to his standing position on the machine judging his weight. “You’ve got your info, you’re too big to shrink down to a lower class so you’re going in for heavyweight. Off my machine!” roared Coach John. Kenny leaped off, something that seemed pretty odd on someone with as much weight as he carried. It had only been a few months since he was a midget at almost less than 100 lbs. With 264 pounds on a 6’3 frame, he was definitely a big guy by most standards. The other team members often moved around him in fear of colliding with his meaty tonnage. The last person to do so slammed into him like a car collision and was sent to the floor 6 feet away. Proud of yourself? If half the things you thought were audio recorded, any Psychology class would think you’re a narcissist. We’ve got other things to deal with. Was that my imagination, I thought loudly. No, I felt that too. Something’s up. That felt….. familiar. What does that— Don’t worry about that, it’s late. We’ve got to go fight crime or else who will stop the meteor from hitting Tokyo?! Just shut up, Kenny said as he also left the room, his teammates still lined up to be weighed. Neither he nor Nick noticed the Powerade bottle, only the strange energy coming from the locker room’s exit. Had they noticed the bottle, they’d have noticed the strange coloring. Or the demonic energy coming off of it. Or the demonic ritual circle burned into the bottom. --- The gym was dark as the staff had left all but a few of the facilities open for one of the college athletes who’d insisted on remaining. Normally they would have insisted but it’s hard to deny 6 and a half foot giant like Hans. The German hulk of a man roared as he tumbled on the wrestling mat like a monster looking for prey. His mental imagery of his enemies was what pushed him through the grueling hours of training, his big sweaty body pulsing with strain and power. Each muscle was wrapped in tanned and bulging reddened skin that stretched the tight signlet with each movement. His proportions, especially for someone his size, exuded girth and power that most couldn’t acquire without as much genetic advantage and hard work as he coveted. Hans fell flat on his round butt cheeks as he exhausted himself practicing a grapple using a dummy the team liked to use for learning new moves. The plastic doll was mangled from use but definitely far more so after Hans exerted his power onto it. His thick knuckles squeezed and bent the object like a cobra. Hans had worked against the doll for hours, since the time his weight was recorded. Still he wasn’t satisfied. His eyes glazed over with the vision of Kenny taking down opponents over the months. The little wrestler had grown into a power house and rapidly chased Hans in strength and size. Hans had been doing his best to train against those weaker than him in his weight class but he was too strong for any one of them to be worth a challenge. His two lackey-friends were amongst those weaker members and, although they were good at throwing their weight around, both were easy to overpower with their bodies being mostly fat. Hans was against the wall now as all the odds were against his progression. He was too strong, too big, and too good for anyone to train with and the new rival to come out of his former bully target was fast approaching him. This frustration seemed to almost choke him and send tears to his eyes. His parents had sent him cards congratulating him no his success in America and hoping for him to continue to advance in the ranks until he was the best of the best. But he wasn’t just muscle, he used his brains like a scholar. He knew that, at the rate Kenny was going, he could and would approach his size. Where could this growth spurt have come from? He’d doubled in size and was quickly reaching the ceiling of weight class. Hans couldn’t afford to grow more than 2 pounds with the same restrictions. He wanted more power but his body was already giving him plenty and, with a few years, would give more but not at the speed he wanted. College was short and success was within reach. Hans sat up from his sprawled position, his veins bulging desperately to produce blood and his sweat dripping onto the mat. He lifted his hefty body up and quickly lunged for the dummy when something felt wrong. “Wha—“ I—Can—You------- Big------------ Hans’s brow wrinkled and his blurry, tear covered vision shook. Something was speaking into his mind like a voice over a radio. He hadn’t noticed his body was not only numb from the pain of training but from general lack of feeling. One moment he saw colors in view and the next, they all smoothened to over in blue, as if he put colored contact lenses on incorrectly. Hans roared a german swear word as his big pecs squeezed and his big biceps flexed and his hands reached as if grabbing a ball in the air. His body convulsed for a full minute and his face reddened with the strain before…… nothing. Hans felt as if he was between being awake and being asleep. He looked up at the ceiling, all of the color returned. He sat and looked down at his hands as if nothing had happened, his legs still entangled with the plastic dolls body. Suddenly, Hans felt his entire arm bulge and, as if a bomb were in his arm, his arm bulged out of proportion with the rest of his body. “What the—“ You don’t need to use another weird German swear for this, right? I honestly couldn’t handle it. Hans felt his body parts bulge in odd places as his portions distored to something other than human. The muscles grew like balloons, tightening against one another as each joint was quickly filled to capacity with power before being widened and stuffed again. You’re quite a specimen. I could just fill you full of muscles and you wouldn’t pop until you were tall enough to crush a freight train with your pinkie toe. Excellent! Hans couldn’t concentrate on what the suddenly loud and strangely proper voice said to him as he tried to control his body. The muscles coming into him were hot to the touch and filled him with as much power as there was weight. We’ll have to keep you on the minimal output for now though. You’ll get too big for belief at this rate. Then that red idiot will spot me instantly. I’ll have to take precautions to avoid his detection. Hans tried to scream but someone refused to allow him to do so as his muscles filled his huge body until even his height of 6 and a half feet tall was filled to the brim. It was only when his singlet tore down the middle of his chest and his now gigantic feet blew his shoes that the growing ended and he was able to breath again. Muscle filled his vision in almost all directions. His shoulders scrapped his ears and his traps pushed his head forward. Han’s square jaw couldn’t be lowered as two unnaturally round cinderblocks the size of watermelons swelled beneath and restricted his movement. He couldn’t see below but, feeling the difficulty moving his other limbs, he had grown terrifyingly big, too large for the clothes he’d recently bought at the Big & Tall store nearby. He felt power from his tight abdominals and round arm muscles that he’d never before felt. Every movement of his thick and colliding thighs was an orgasmic feeling of utter power unlike anything he’d ever experienced. His thick forearms were thicker than any bicep and were veined like an ant hill diagram. Just as he felt all the power and energy enter his brain, something long and thick slapped his stomach, both surfaces hard enough to make a thud audible throughout the gym. Hans gasped as he witness a big, drooling cock head glaring at him, the foreskin pulled back as it couldn’t contain such a leviathan. Don’t worry, I’ll make this ride equally enjoyable. Humans don’t have many needs. Sex and power, correct? Hans struggled to agree as the contact of skin made him moan and even moving his torso stroked the godly phallus. So, which do you think is appropriate to balance out this power? Take some power off the top or make you taller? Hans was close to orgasm as he felt his spine tingle and then snap as if it were stretching itself. To Be Continued…..
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    First Part here. Conclusion to the first part. Hope you enjoy it My arms tensed, my teeth clenched and sweat dripped from my forehead down to my face. An anger swept over me like never before. An anger that could only be caused by betrayal and thievery. I gazed at the middle aged gypsy woman with burning eyes as i tried to contain my anger. “I want it back!! I want my body back! I want the life that was promised to me!!” WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO MEE?????? She calmly reached for a tea cup and took a sip of the drink before putting it down. “Dear boy, there is a way. But….” She eyed me up and down for a few seconds before giving a light laugh “You have to literally “steal back” your essence from him. But looking at you now….Hmm… lets just say you certainly are not in the best physical shape” Tears were beginning to fill my eyes. This cannot be happening. I was born an alpha stud only to be reduced to this for the rest of my life? It cannot be…. I relented and pleaded with her. “Please i will do anything. Please….!!!” Maybe it was my annoying squeaky voice or maybe she really did feel some pity for me. But the next thing she did astonished me. Giggling to herself before looking at me with wide eyes. “They will know what to do. Good luck boy. Oops….i mean stud….” Weaving her fingers around the small statue with the horned man she recited a few mysterious verses. The room seemed to get alot hotter and steamy. Before i realised i looked around me and noticed the visibility in the room had plunged and a fog was engulfing everything around me. I squinted my eyes as i noticed 2 large figures approach me through the smoke. As fearful as i was i wondered if the woman had something terrible planned for me. And what did she mean by “Steal my essence back?” The smoke had cleared and before my eyes were 2 sets of very large and sculpted pecs. Both chest were so large and in my face that i had to take a step back. They must have been tall if my eye level were at their chest. I slowly lifted my head and was greeted with the sight of 2 angelic faces. As handsome as the heavens with bright cocky award winning smiles and sharp noses with bright eyes. But yet there was something devilish about these 2 beings. I tilted my head up further, horrified to see horns protruding out of the foreheads of both men. They’re skin were red tanned and their hair jet black. They smiled at me sincerely before bowing before me. “We are your guardian devils. At your service sir” I was speechless For at least 3 seconds i stared at their handsome faces unable to decide if i was to be afraid or to be turned on by their good looks and sculpted bodies. Some sense returned to me before i quickly looked around my surroundings to realise that i was actually back in my room again! Whatever that strange misty fog had done, it had also transported me back home. One of them looked at the other before nodding his head “Well we don’t have much time sir. Let's get the deed done.” He winked at me cheekily before both of them ushered me out of my room following closely behind me. Everything was dark and before i knew it i was in my brother’s room. By now my eyes had already become well acquainted with the darkness and i could see clearly his room. There he was on the king sized bed sleeping soundly. I could smell the strong manly sweat from him and the musky protein shakes that were around the room. I approached his body carefully as i noticed his perky butt protruding out of the bed sheets. Still unaware of what exactly i had to do I just knew i was finally back for my revenge. And knowing my guardians were behind me provided me with a sense of relief. I mean they should be behind me right? I turned around hoping to catch their gaze. But to my shock. It was complete darkness. I turned my body around looking frantically from left to right. Had i been tricked? Was this all a trap? A million thoughts entered my mind as I heard a sound shuffle behind me in the direction of my sleeping brother. “Hey bitch….” Sweat filled my forehead as i turned my head around. Before me was the god of the brother i had known for such a long time. His height towering over me. His chest pumped confidently with his signature cocky smirk looking down upon me. But worst to come as i looked over both his shoulders. It was dark. But a pair of shine came from my behind both his back. A shine that could only come from an award winning smile. And even though i only came across both these smiles 5 minutes ago I knew I had been betrayed. They’re horns slowly came closer and i could see they’re smirks. All 3 of them as they towered over me. “Suck my cock baby” My brother gloated as he tilted his head higher to make himself appear even taller. I could feel tears swell up in my eyes as i begin to choke on my saliva. Perhaps i was destined to be a skinny short pathetic loser for all my life. Even the people i sought help from have abandoned me. Perhaps it's time to surrender to my destiny…. I fell down on my knees as i slowly opened my mouth. Anticipating his giant meat in my mouth any moment. I tried to pull back my tears and swallow my saliva. I closed my eyes and prepared to acknowledge once and for all my inferiority. “AHHHHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I shuddered to myself as i heard the scream before me. Opening my eyes I was shocked to see my brother on his knees instead. He looked at both my guardians with a face so terrified i swore he must have shat and peed his pants 2 times over. He than looked at me and yelled “HELPPP MEEEEE…...gggrrrrrrrrr” One of my guardians quickly shoved his erect penis into my brothers mouth. It was clearly too huge for my brother’s mouth as he closed his eyes tightly before opening them again. He was still trying to say something. But nothing came out except for muted panicked noises. I got on my feet quickly, too shocked from the sudden turn of events. As i walked even closer to my kneeling brother, his eyes turned up to me. And for the first time i saw something i have not seen in years. Not since he hit puberty and outgrew me. I saw the fear. I saw the wide eyed little boy begging for mercy. I saw terrified little drops of tears accumulating at the bottom of his eyes. I looked at my guardians. One with his dick in my brother’s mouth, the other tying a faint glowing rope around his arms leaving him completely helpless. Still trying to resists, he was still making random noises from his cock filled mouth. What a beautiful sight. I simply loved it. One of my guardians grabbed my brothers hair and pulled it tightly up causing him to scream. Abelt a heavily muted one. He dragged my brother to a table and forced his upper body down. He proceeded to spread his legs revealing a tantalizing small butthole. Still with a cock in his mouth i could almost hear my brother pleading with me. It seemed like he was screaming “Please….” I lowered my face closer to his and looked him in the eye. By this time his eyes were swollen from tears and they were desperately looking to the side at me. His mouth was dripping with saliva and pre cum unable to swallow, it was all just leaking out from the side of his mouth. I smiled softly at him “What is that brother? Are you begging me?” He blinked a few times causing a river of tears to flow down his cheeks. “spspsppppppllleaaaaseeeeee…….eeepleeaaaaseeeeeeeee ….nuuuuuuoooo nonooou” I licked my lips “What is that my dear brother? Are you begging me to fuck you??” I placed my ear close to his face as his muted pleas continued “Alright brother you deserve a good fuck after all these years” I grined to myself as i walked to his back and looked at both my guardians. They nodded at me and with a horny grin. Almost like they were totally enjoying what was happening and hoping to see what was about to unfold. I pulled my pants down and stuffed my tiny dick into his hole hard. It wasn't the sexual pleasure that was the best. Instead it was a psychological one. To hear his muted screams as i fucked him hard on the table. What could be better? For one male to force another to his submission. And ironically for one alpha to lose his position to someone smaller and weaker than him. My guardians were chanting softly in a weird language for a while now and the chats were getting louder. For some reason the chants were making my fuck extremely enjoyable. With each thrust of my cock into his warm meat hole the sensation was getting more and more enjoyable. Coincidentally my brothers muted noises were also getting louder and seemed to sound more desperate with each fuck. While my guardians were chanting it seemed they were having some fun of their own as well. The one with his dick on my brothers mouth was savagely face fucking him hard causing the noises he made to sound like it was “vibrating” The other guardian was playing with my brothers balls, occasionally his muted noises would seem to sound like screams which probably meant his balls were being squeezed. Such music to my ears. The sensations to my throbbing cock was simply amazing. Something i have never had the privilege to try all these years due to my small dick. But wait…. I begin to notice something different about me. With each thrust that i pull my cock out it seemed to be getting bigger. I gazed at my arms and was shocked to see how big they were. Veins were flowing down my arms and my biceps were literally getting “pumped up”. An energizing energy washed over me from my cock. It was sensational. It was amazing. It was…. EXPLOSIVE. I closed my eyes as i knew what was going to happen next. I could feel my feet grow. I felt my shoulders broaden themselves out. I could feel my knees expanding. The sensation of my face remoulding itself. It was what i had been waiting for all my life. Rope after rope of cum i released into my brother’s meat hole. At that very moment my guardian pulled his dick out of my brother’s mouth allowing him to scream like the little bitch he truly was. From a deep manly voice it changed quickly to a squeaky pathetic plea. “NOOOOO…..PLEASEEEEE…….I BEG YOUUU…..NOOO…..” I pulled out as quickly as i pushed my initial thrust in. I could feel how much bigger my cock was now compared to his hole as i gasped for air. I covered my face to push away the sweat i had accumulated from all that fucking. As i removed my hands and opened my eyes i was greeted with a small silhouette in the darkness. A small boy lying on the ground. His face was somewhat recognisable but it was too unattractive to look at. Plus his face was filled with white semen all over. So i glanced at his body. Skinny, with bony features. He curled up at a corner sobbing quietly. Looking over at a mirror I saw before me a handsome imposing man. A combination of a world class bodybuilder with the face and grace of a fashion male model. My guardians approached from behind me as i could see their reflections through the mirror. They looked at each other before nodding their heads. And before i knew it. They were gone. I sat down on a chair and placed my feet on my brothers head as he willingly accepted his new position in the family. I knew i should be feeling bad about this. But hey, i’m just Setting Things Right….. *wink Hope you enjoy it. Did both brothers deserve their ending? Let me know.
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    Hard to find but not impossible. My partner is bigger than me and arguably has even more drive than I do to get absolutely huge.
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    The first time I saw huge muscle was as a junior in high school. This kid on the baseball team was built like a fucking tank for 17. I swear he probably shot up but man did he get me hard. I was excited for gym class because I would sneak a peak at his abs and thick neck. He grew even more senior year and his crown jewel became his huge gorilla arms. He would wear sleeveless shirts and his wide shoulders tapered perfectly to his veiny biceps and forearms as thick as my neck. What made it even better was he was in my advanced lifting class senior year so I got to see him pump those muscle mountains almost every other day. Mmm damn
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    Hello everyone. I'm really sorry, I've been busy the last couple of weeks and didn't really know how I wanted this story to continue. But I have an idea of where I want this story to go, don't worry. If anyone has any suggestions, then please let me know as I love hearing your ideas . Thanks again for waiting and I truly hope you enjoy! Part I Part VI Part II Part VII Part III Part VIII Part IV Part IX Part V Part X Changing my Life Part XI We explained everything to the doc. from the incident that happened at the party, to the growth that happened in the shower. The doc listened to every detail. Afterwards he told us that he was shocked to hear about Max taking all the pills. He also warned us that there was no way we could end his growth now. He wanted to see Max for himself. He made us an appointment for the next morning. After our conversation, Max and I went to bed. After the shower incident, I had no problem falling asleep. Neither did Max. That night I dreamed about Max and me, lying on the sofa in the living room. I was lying on top of Max’s thick legs. We were both looking at the television when all of a sudden, I heard him moan. I looked up to see his face. He was biting his lips and closing his eyes. Looking down, I saw his shirt tightening and I felt my head tilting higher and higher. Was he growing? I asked myself when I heard an all too familiar sound… Riiiiiiiip! His bulging pecs pushed the fabric to its limits and exploded out of them. His head was rising up and up, whilst his muscles expanded in every direction. His veins were visible again and they too grew thicker. His moaning increased and he started sweating and panting at this point. I sat up to see his beautiful growing body. I could hear the sofa creaking underneath his growing form. “I can’t take it anymore!” he said when he ripped of his tight shorts off. It didn’t take long before he started working on his growing dick. It seemed to be three times the size of my own. And I was already big down there. His balls expanded and started swelling, making room for gallons of cum to eventually erupt out of a mammoth sized dick. His head was now pushing against the ceiling and with a loud crack the sofa broke. Max’s giant arse was now digging into the floor whilst his head was breaking the ceiling. I still sat on a broken sofa, looking up at a magnificent beast. There wasn’t much I could do then to stare in awe and work on my own growing member. Somehow, I didn’t feel as scared as I used to be. It felt like this was something that I wanted to happen just as much as he did. I got my dick out and started stroking it. It was already painfully hard and leaking pre. Then I heard a loud crash in front of me. Max’s feet tore down the walls to make room for a still growing body. Max’s head eventually broke the ceiling and grew bigger and bigger! “I need some help here babe!” he said in a deeper voice in-between moans. I got up and climbed on top of his bulging legs. Finally, I was in front of the most beautiful dick in the world. I didn’t hesitate and ran up to it. My tongue was worshipping his giant meat. “Oh god, I love you so much!” he screamed looking at me. I got so horny looking at his gorgeous face mounted on to a hot bodybuilders body. He got his giant hand up flexed for me. “You like that babe?” he said whilst winking at me. I came looking at his giant biceps. My cum looked like a little drop compared to his huge drops of pre. It didn’t take long before I heard him scream one last time before a hose of cum hit the ceiling and landed on top of me. He didn’t show any sign of stopping and the floor became a white, hot pool of cum. His legs disappeared and shortly after, I found myself swimming. I looked behind me to see that his giant dick was still erupting cum. Then I was just centimetres away from the ceiling. I held my breath before the cum completely filled the room. I jumped up in bed when I awoke from my arousing dream. I first looked next to me to find Max, still at the same height as before (well you know, still the big version). I looked the opposite side to look at the window. The sun was rising. Beams of light hit my face. My phone buzzed as I saw a notification, reminding me that we had our appointment within 3 hours. I tossed my blanket and wanted to stand up only to find out that my underpants were drenched in cum. I smiled at the sight and walked across the bed, where Max was sleeping. I kneeled in front of him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. “Good morning, sunshine.” I said smiling at him. He awoke with his gorgeous smile on his face and said in his manly deep voice “Morning beautiful.” He tossed the blankets aside only to show me his wonderful body. Glistering with sweat, his bulging pecs were bigger than ever, his abs were even deeper and broader, his titanic sized arms were bigger than I remembered, veins popping up all over his body! He slowly sat up straight on the bed. The wooden frame creaking under his enormous weight. Placing his feet on the ground, I noticed just how big they were. One leg was almost as big as both of mine together (I think I mentioned that before but still)! Not to mention his big dick… it was as long as my forearm! And it wasn’t even hard yet! As he stretched his giant frame, he stood up… and up… and up. I couldn’t get my eyes off of him. He was so big and handsome. To think that this gorgeous figure was my boyfriend, MY lover, it was beyond my beliefs. Still mesmerised at his body I couldn’t speak; “I erm…. I g… got a noti…” before I could finish my sentence, he added; “Yeah I know, I heard your phone too.” Then he walked towards me and tossed his meaty arm around me and squeezed my ass before giving me the most passionate kiss. I could just feel how much more dominant he has gotten in the last couple of weeks. I don’t mind it though. The thought of him being bigger and stronger but still being so gentle and kind, turned me on so much. After the kiss he looked me in my eyes and said “Do you know how happy I am to have you in my life?” I just melted when he said it, my feet were like jelly. He grabbed me, lifted me up and carried me downstairs. I made him a very big meal, starting with 3 eggs, bacon, some sandwiches, sausages, yoghurt and a glass of milk. He ate all of it and afterwards grabbed some leftovers from the fridge. More and more I was feeling pleased with him growing. Seeing him devour so much food was so delightful to watch. When we were finished, we went back upstairs to freshen up and get dressed for our appointment. Max, however, had trouble containing his strength. He broke the doorframe when entering the bathroom, he broke his toothbrush and comb, knocked the light fixture to the ground and broke the handle from the wardrobe. It was exciting but scary at the same time. Being unaware of his strength even made him a bit frightened. In the wardrobe, I helped Max dressing up. The clothes I bought for him that were once loose enough for him, now seemed just big enough or skin-tight. His socks were stretched out and his briefs didn’t hide anything. His dickhead was poking out of them whilst his derrière ripped them off every time he sat down. His trousers were fine, the buttons were hard to close but it worked once we put on his belt. Shirts weren’t an option. The buttons flew off like his pecs were firing them right at me. So we tried just a regular T-shirt. It fitted him nicely. Finally we added some Nike shoes and his look was completed. I backed up for a second to see his entire body with his clothes on. He looked good but you could definitely see that he was no ordinary man. You could easily mistake him for an athlete or a bodybuilder. I must have been staring to long because Max said; “Is my personal shopper pleased with his choice of clothing?” I laughed and replied “You look good Max, you really do.” He walked up to me and kissed me once more. “Thanks to you babe.” I blushed and smiled at his gorgeous face. We packed our stuff and were on our way to the doc. In the car we listened to some of our favourite music. Max and I had different tastes in music. He liked listening to rock whilst I enjoyed pop music. Though we both enjoyed some Michael Jackson, Meghan Trainor and Britney Spears. Singing along was one of the things I enjoyed doing in the car. It made the trip more enjoyable. Max, however, had to put on a show. Singing ‘Hit me baby one more time’, he raised his voice to mimic Britney’s. But due to his much deeper voice, it made for a laughable performance. These were the moments I looked into his eyes and realised that, even though he’s still growing, he’s still that sweet childish boy I fell in love with. Soon we entered Mr. Petrov’s house. Not much has changed since the last time we were here. I knocked on the door and heard from the other end a familiar voice, “I’m coming!” The doc. said. He opened the front door and let us enter. When we entered, I could hear the wooden floor creaking under Max’s weight. I knew that the house was old so I was somewhat worried that Max might break something. However we didn’t spend much time in the doc.’s living area. He directed us back towards his lab. When we entered his lab, there was a chair in the middle of the room with some cables above it. I saw Max’s face. He seemed frightened and sad at the same time. I tried to comfort him by resting my hand on his massive shoulder. He looked back at me and smiled once again. we walked up close to the chair. The doc. asked him to remove his clothes except his briefs. Afterwards he Max looked at the doc. for further instructions. “Max, please take a seat.” The doc. ordered. Max did what he was told and the doc attached the wires to his body. Placing them on his head, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back, … “What is going to happen to me?” Max asked in a sad tone. “I’ll have to take some samples and check your body in order to know what is going to happen with you Max.” The doc said in a serious tone. We exchanged looks and shortly after he asked me to go into the room behind me. I looked around to find a small door with a mirror besides it. “Max, Jake and I will be in that room over there checking your condition. You’ll feel a few shocks but don’t worry it’ll only hurt for a second okay?” the doc. said. Max nodded and looked back at me again. I walked up to him and caressed his cheek. “You’ll be fine babe, I know you will.” I said before giving him a long kiss. I was guided to the small control room where the doc closed the door and turned his head towards me. “Listen Jake, after you told me all about what had happened, I had to bring the both of you here.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “The Max that you know and love, won’t be the same after this treatment.” He said sitting down on the chair opposite the window. “Why! What is going on doc.?!” I was getting really mad and confused now. The doc. sighted and continued; “The encounter you had in the shower with Max, those will only become more aggressive and they’ll happen more frequent. It’s one of the side effects that can occur during this procedure. He would have been able to control this urge by only taking one pill. But since he took all of them, he probably won’t be able to in the future.” He said looking down at his notes. I had to sit down and think about what he just said. I was speechless and sad. Tears began to form in my eyes. “Can’t he learn to control this urge… or can’t you give him some medication to calm him down when it happens?” I started asking, trying to find a solution for his problem. “Listen Jake. He’ll only become stronger and bigger. There’s little we can do about it now.” He said starting his computer and connecting it with this machine in front of us. “Let’s check his body first.” He said. I looked in up to see that the mirror actually was window from the other side. I could see Max all wired up and anxious. I felt like I could scream. If it were true that the Max I know would turn into a beast or a lover that could kill me, was just devastating. I could hear a ding sound and looked down to see a body image on the doc’s computer. It was already recognizing Max’s body and it showed where the cables were connected. I don’t know a lot about technology but it was quite impressive to see. In the left corner of the screen, I could see his blood pressure and his heartbeat along with his weight and height. “I’m going to give him shocks on the places you see here on the screen. I’ll be able to make a rough sketch on how big Max will grow. If you don’t want to look, I understand.” The doc said looking at me. I was a bit confused as to why I didn’t want to see Max but shortly after my answer was given. The doc. selected the dot on the shoulder and it automatically gave Max a shock. I saw him scream and closing his eyes whilst his body was fighting against the pain. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I saw my boyfriend being tortured. I wanted it to end and walked towards the door but was stopped by the doc. “You can’t leave Jake, I know that this must be killing you inside but try to understand that I only want to help you guys.” He said holding my hand really tight in order for me to stay put. I hesitated but eventually nodded and walked back to my place. However I couldn’t watch Max. It was too painful to see him in this state. After the doc. finished, the computer was loading some kind of a chart along with some percentages. I didn’t have time to find out what it said as the doc. placed the computer on his table and took out a syringe. “Is he afraid of syringes?” he asked before walking out. “A little but I’ll calm him down.” I said wiping away my tears and exiting the chamber. As I walked towards Max, it was so hard to see him. He looked exhausted. “Max are you okay?” I asked trying to hold my tears back. “Yeah, I’m okay now.” He said positioning his big frame in a more comfortable position whilst the doc. detached the wires. He looked at me and I looked back at Max. I knew what was coming next. “Okay babe, the doc has to take some blood to run some tests okay. Can you be brave for me?” I asked. I knew he was brave enough already but I also knew how much he hated syringes. He took my hand and squeezed it whilst the doc took his blood. He squeezed my hand so much I had to get down from the pain. “Ah! Max please you’re hurting me!” I screamed. Max looked shocked and released my flimsy hand. When the doc. had the sample he told us that the results would be completed once he gave the machine Max’s blood (or something like that I don’t know exactly what he said). He went back into the chamber and gave us a moment alone. Max tried standing up but he was so tired that even that was hard for him to do. So instead I sat down on top of him and hugged him. “I’m so sorry.” He said and started crying “I never should’ve taken all those pills at once.” I couldn’t hold back and started crying too. “It’s okay babe. I understand why you did it. But we have to be strong now.” I said in between sobs. Then it was silent. We were both so comfortable in each other’s arms that we didn’t need to talk. We were there for each other. That was the most important right now. The doc. returned shortly after and looked surprisingly happy. He approached us with some papers and started talking to us. Max’s body seemed to be growing steadily and would probably reach a height of four to six meters! This was a bit hard to take in. However his body also seemed to have very healthy blood cells. Every time they found a virus or an illness they eliminate them… he believed it had something to do with a self-healing process. “Max, I had my doubts but I think it’s safe to say that you are going to be fine.” He said smiling at the both of us. I never felt this happy in my life. My boyfriend would be okay! I hugged him and kissed him. We started crying again but this time they were tears of happiness. “However, I still want to warn you!” The doc. said in a more serious tone again. “You have to learn to control your strength. If you don’t, you might end up hurting the ones you love.” He said looking at me. I knew exactly what he meant but before I could say anything, Max started talking. “I will doc. I don’t want to hurt anybody. Especially not this little one.” He said playfully squeezing my ass. “Good, now I will keep in contact with you and will require a weekly check-up.” He said leading us back to the front door. I thanked him and told him we would update him on Max’s transformation this time. He thanked us and told us that if we needed anything or needed any help, we could always contact him.
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    The story rolled in my mind, couldn't wait to do more. PREVIOUSLY: Part 1 - My Roommate Grows Himself Part 2 - My Roommate Grows Me with His Lotion Part 3 - My Roommate Grows My Chest Even More, We Find We are Too Easily Aroused, and a No Clothing Rule is Established. Part 4 - Our New Muscle Lives; My Chest Gets Massive; Michael's Abs are Second to None; Oops, our Friend Anna Got in the Lotion PART 5 Anna was wearing one of Michael's size medium t-shirts. And it was tearing down the sides. "What....?" she said, with a little bit of a frightened look on her face. "It's getting...really warm in here." "Anna," Michael started, "that wasn't....body wash..." Anna's lats had begun to pour out of the sides of the shirts like rolling lava, hardening as they moved. I was stunned but came out the speechlessness. "It was what Michael and I have been using to get our..." "Your muscles, right?" Anna asked. She was breathing heavily. SNAP! Her lats had torn the sides of the shirt from the armpit to the shirt tail. I had leaked out in my drawers again, and Michael had as well. Even still, I reached down and grabbed my veiny hard hose and stroked it as I watched what was taking place. I noticed Michael had as well. Our petite Anna, all 5'8" inches and 115 pounds of her, was turning into a powerhouse right before our eyes. I suddenly found myself wishing that she and I had been sharing "benefits" as well. Anna's lats had shredded the sides of the t-shirt, and her arms were pushed out to 45 degree angles. It looked like an army of snakes were under her skin as dozens of veins rolled up from her hands into her forearms and throughout her upper arms. They pumped size and density into her arms as her limbs. "Can we see?" Michael asked, reaching out and touching her arm. She raised it up and flexed the bicep. They leapt to attention, forming softball sized mounds on what were formerly daintly little arms. The tricep underneath looked like someone had implanted a ham in each side. There wasn't a bit of jiggle on her arms at all. She was sporting rock hard guns of granite, covered in miles of veins. STRIP! The sleeve split right up the middle until POP the shoulders of the shirt came apart at the seam. The remains of the shirt fell to the floor. Anna now had an upper body that most athletic men would envy. Her lats forced her arms out at 45 degree angles, her abs left nothing to the imagination. Veins snaked up her abs and fed into her chest. And then Anna noticed... "My boobs! They're...." She gulped for breath, not quite believing what was going on. "My boobs are practically gone!" She reached up to touch them, having to figure out how to navigate the girth of her new arms not quite allowing her to bend like she used to. "And they're...they're very hard." True enough, while she still possessed modest cleavage, her boobs had come to include some of the hardest pecs I'd ever seen on a woman. At that moment I realized all the control I'd worked on with my surprising ejaculations was gone, and I'd been going for the last two minutes straight. Well, tomorrow was a day to start anew. STRETCH! The pants she had borrowed from Michael, elastic sweats, were filling out. They were normally baggy, where Michael used to have about a 40 lb advantage on her. Now, they were plumped up and full, like two condoms full of walnuts. The legs stretch beyond their limits as huge calves split the sweats up the back. Massive sides of beef pushed the legs of the sweats completely off as Anna's thighs hardened up and took on titanic tree trunk like qualities. I'd swear they looked like they were breathing on their own, pulsating with growth. Finally, her backside grew outward as she took on a squat butt. There was no soft fluff left back there at all, it was all dense and hard granite. She reached her hands behind her and rubbed her butt. And with that, her growth steadily slowed. She stood before us, no longer the lightweight friend with benefits, but now resembling a ripped Crossfit competitor, sporting a heavyweight bodybuilder physique. She walked up to me, and scratched the bottom of my pecs. "Wow. These things don't move at all. Nice. I might have to see if we can try them out together later." Then she laughed and said, "Now I see what you've been up to to get all of...this," she said, moving her hands down the ridges of my torso, tracing over the hundreds of striations that were present on my chest. "So, can you control what happens with this stuff, Mikey? Or does it just kinda do its own thing?" Anna started rubbing her rippling abs, and I couldn't help it, I rubbed them too. She purred when I did. "We can't decide what we want it to do, but we can keep it isolated to certain areas. It's pretty much just straight testosterone based muscular growth." He gesture over to me. "You can tell I have snuck in and used it on his chest. Doesn't he look sexy in those things? And he's been using it on my midsection." "Yeah, I can't complain about the results...for either of you." She threw up a double bicep pose. "Or for myself. Wow....this feels incredible, it looks incredible." Then she grabbed the lotion, put some in each palm, and shoved her hand down our underwear and onto our crotches. "Let's have some real fun." TO BE CONTINUED.
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    Previous Parts: Part 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12333-my-roommates-birthday-present-to-himself-and-me/ in which my roommate transforms into a muscle dream for his birthday Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12375-my-roommate-part-2-now-i-get-my-real-gift/ in which my roommate transforms me into a muscle dream as his birthday gift Part 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12502-my-roommate-part-3-new-house-rules/ in which we both discover how easily aroused we are, how fun our bodies are, and establish house rules about required lack of clothing, and my roommate decides to endow my chest even more ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 4 - Just enjoying life! It had been a few weeks now since we exploded. Being muscular was better than I'd ever dreamt it could be, and having my own muscle buddy made it even more fun. We'd both found that we had abandoned many of our former hobbies and much of our lives and replaced them with muscle related activities. For example, Michael had quit his job as an analyst and started flexing on cams for pay as well as getting jobs as an underwear and athletic model. I started training others in workouts (basically showing them what I did before I burst forth) and posing as a model for comic book and fantasy illustrators. I never had a lack of work. Michael was taking it upon himself to shave my chest every morning before I work. I never had to worry about itchy stubble, had always had me smooth as a baby's bottom. He wanted a bit more...and I was happy to give it. Michael liked a perfectly smooth body all over. He did this before our growth, but after it became vital for his new modeling gigs. At least once a week, I'd awaken to find my chest a little bit bigger and my sheets stained with my seed and Michael's. Michael couldn't help himself, he'd put some of the growth lotion on me, just a little bit. I didn't mind either. My profile now resembled that of a cartoon character, the ones that were muscular, but had huge chests that indicated strength. He'd had a little fun, and shrunk my waist down. So I walked around with a 25-inch waist and a 65-inch chest. I got quite the looks out and about, and I got touched quite a few times too. I'd always bounce the pecs for anyone that touched, and if I was out shirtless (which was at least 3/4 of the time) I'd flex them to show off the cavernous foot deep cleavage Michael had helped put onto my frame. Almost all the ladies and at least half the men ran their hands through my man cleavage, and the really daring ones asked me to flex the pecs with their arms buried in there. The first few times, I hurt them, not understanding how to be delicate. But as of late I'd been able to make it a much more pleasurable experience. And I'd find repeat customers out and about who figured my routine out and made sure to show up when I'd be around. Of course, I had been getting nightly practice multiple times from Michael placing his manhood between my mounds. My chesticles enveloped his weiner like oversized hot dog buns, both drenched in salty mayo eventually. As for me, well, I had some fun with Michael too. He always had an obsession with his abs, and so I helped him out. Whenever I'd shave his, I'd slip in a little growth lotion for him down there. His twelve pack was inhumanly and unnaturally ripped. Each ab bulged outward three inches, leaving huge hollowed out scoops on his stomach, the skin so tight his bodyfat must have been practically negative. He loved his abs, and he was becoming world famous online for them. But he still had time for me to poke my joystick in between and have him flex on it. His gutters between the abs were so deep he couldn't clean them, we had to use a spray hose to wash him out. His waist and midsection were practically inside out Michael loved mowing our lawn. Rather, he loved going outside in his shorts and getting the attention of all the passersby. A 30 minute mowing job would end up taking him 3 hours because people would stop by to see those amazing muscles. He'd end up giving people a flexing show, and he'd always come in with at least a few hundred dollars. Sometimes we'd go do it together and I'd earn some extra cash, but he was much more the extrovert than me in those cases. We'd also managed to tame the near constant load blowing we'd been experiencing as well. But we had a setback on that when Anna, Michael's friend with benefits, came over Anna was a fun gal. We'd known her for a good while, and while I never felt "benefits" was a good line for she and I to cross, it was ok for her and Michael to cross it. And they did so fairly regularly...when I didn't have him first. And I'd pretty much had him outside of work commitments all to myself. Anna saw us for the first time yesterday. She showed up at the house, and I opened the door. It had been a couple of months since she and I had seen each other, and because I didn't know who it was, I had put on a bathrobe. She smiled and said, "Hey, looking thick, man! Whatever you've been doing, keep it up, it works for you." I laughed a little and said, "I'll go get Michael." And of course being the fun loving extrovert he is, Michael came out in his boxers, which had gone from being loose fitting trunks to painted on thongs with all that beef stretching and filling it out. "Um...uh...." Anna stuttered, as she gasped a few times. Then she fell to her knees. "Are you ok?" Michael asked with a smile. Anna nodded, panting. Michael had given her an orgasm just by showing up! It's a good thing I wore my robe, that could have been an embarrassing scene for her on our porch in public. "Yes. Just...wow, Michael...I never..." and she slowly stood back up. "Mmm...what's happened? Not that I don't like it...I LOVE it!" "It's a long story. Want to hear it?" Michael asked. "Sure! I'm not going anywhere now!" she said, giggling. And she ran her hands across the veins covering Michael's chest, and around his nipples and down the trail of abs. I don't know if you could call that her first mistake, because I don't know that anyone thought it was a mistake, but as we hadn't yet gotten control over our manseed, there were some...surprises. Mike came twice, once when she touched his nipples, and another when she rolled down his abs. His boxers were immediately soiled to the point they wouldn't dry for a couple of days, even running through our drier. And of course I came at that. And it fired and busted my underwear and shot my robe right off. And Anna....well she didn't know what to think. But she was enjoying it from the smile on her face. Unfortunately she'd been caught in the crossfire. "You boys are something else. I'm digging it, and it looks like you do, too. We'll talk in a few minutes. For now, I've gotta clean off." She took a quick shower and grabbed some of Michael's clothes as hers were covered in spooge. "That's a neat new bodywash you guys have in the bathroom. Smells nice, and I feel energized from it. Where'd you get it?" "Bodywash? We haven't gotten any new bodywash," I said. Then we all heard the sound of ripping fabric coming from Anna's direction... TO BE CONTINUED
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    Tunin tricks ain't that bad... actually it can be kinda fun. I mean, these little white dudes see my muscles and practically drive their cars into a lamp post. I act all nice like, "yo can I flex for you?" and grab my junk, wink, cheesy shit like that. Collect up front and suck 'em off for a while. Definitely make sure they got a good view of my big ass bulge. Tell em to get us a room if they want to see my cock. Again... collect up front. Once we're in the room, time for some fun... No more mr nice guy. Now you got em by the balls. No one in those motels give a shit if some dud is screaming bloody murder. I mean, what's little white boy gonna do? Run home and tell his wife? File a police report? So I take off the j-strap and let him worship my monster cock for a while as I flex. They'll suck it and lick it for a little while, not very well. I get off on the muscle worship, I mean I don't spend all that time bangin iron for nothin. Sometimes I'll oil up a little, shine a light on me like it's a show or somethin. I'll stash some posing briefs under my cap and slip em on. Get posers that are too small so they can't hold it all. Do my posing routine with my dick stickin half out. Make sure you catch em before they pop off, or they'll just leave. Usually by now I'm grabbing them and ripping their pants off. I hate using lube, but my cock is so fat I gotta. No John ever expects to bottom, I guess they think I'm gonna be their slut or something? Yea, this is where things get rough. Got em pinned down poundin like there's no tomorrow. They're screaming, sobbing, clenching their ass cheeks like its gonna stop me. God I love plowin these little fags. I'll flip em onto their back and and keep fucking so I can see their face... look down to see my thick ass cock stretching their asshole wide open, turning them inside out. I already got the money anyway, so I hurry up and finish, blow all over their face before they squirm away. Take the rest of the cash they got, then head back out for the next one.
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    The first time I saw huge muscle was the t.v. series, The Incredible Hulk. I had seen ads and such in comic books before that, but that t.v. series. I was mesmerized. The first time I saw some serious muscle though in person was in high school. Was in the locker room at end of gym class, changing after showers and I hear these guys, a couple who were primo jocks, making comments like "That's just sick." "He's got to be on roids." and "He's too friggin big." They were to my left and behind them was a wall, so I naturally turned to the right to see what or who they were talking about and there he was.... He had hit most everything his eighth grade year and spent all that summer and his freshman year working out - hard, as being only about 5' 11" he knew he needed some muscle size to compete with some of the larger guys on the football team, etc. At any rate, his genetics were damn near perfect for bodybuilding and there he was, all cut and defined, solid, thick build before he started lifting weights and now he looked like a beefier version of a gymnast. Someone we all thought a WWE wrestler looked like or a newbie bodybuilder. His chest was just out there, thick and broad, his legs were huge, butt was bubbled, arms popped and peaked. Among most of the rest of the high schoolers he looked like a pro athlete walking around. He word clothes modestly, but come the end of that school year, his muscles had grown more, his t-shirts hadn't, and when he would lace his fingers together in front of him and then raise them above his head and bend backwards a bit to stretch, we all thought his t-shirts were gonna blow, just rip down the center. Didn't quite happen, although the stretches did always pull the shirts hem up and we could see his abs and on a rare occasion his lats, back and arms in that stretch did pop the sleeve join under the arm.
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    Nate woke up. He was on the ground. Naked. He heard the sounds of animals nearby. It was dark. He shook his head. He was in the woods somewhere. He knew he wanted to get away from Chris and that freaky skater kid that was there. He had to get his stuff and be ready to move back to Illinois when Jennifer arrived. They had dated all through high school. How had he ever ended up with a gay dude? Nate shook his head in disgust. Jennifer had sounded so happy, relieved, and excited when he called. But bigger problems. What was he doing naked in the woods? He looked around for any sign of his clothes, then tattered memories came back. Feeling strange, feeling powerful, clothes splitting, then blackness. He glanced around again as he stood holding his hand over his crotch. Kind of stupid as it didn't seem like anyone was close by, but still... He saw a ratty blanket that someone had discarded nearby. He picked it up gingerly. It looked gross. He sniffed. It smelled gross, too. But beggars can't be choosers as the saying goes. He wrapped the moldy cloth around his waist and tried to pick his way home, staying out of sight as best as possible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Curtis sat on the bed. Staring. Staring. Chris had his back to him staring out the window. Curtis finally mumbled something. Chris half turned, "What?" Curtis mumbled louder, "thanks" "S'okay" Chris nodded without looking at him. "You didn't have to bring me home" Chris just nodded again. "I am so fucked up...I...Lisa left me." "Yeah" All Chris could think about was Nate. Where the hell did this Jennifer come from? Nate never had a girl friend. And what the hell with Curtis? Curtis made another noise. Chris turned. Curtis was crying. Softly. Gently. The tough skater. Chris felt sorry for him. Chris sat down next to him. "The whole world has shifted for all of us." Curtis nodded. Chris patted him on the shoulder, "I should go in case Nate..." Curtis looked up, "In case Nate what? Comes home? He's got a girl friend now. I don't have shit except these really odd feelings for....for...." Chris looked at him puzzled. Curtis turned, "I'm not gay." Chris nodded. "Look, Curtis, I'm going to go" Curtis said nothing, so Chris just left. When Chris pulled up to the house all of the lights were on. He cautiously opened the door. A noise from the back bedroom. "Nate?" The noise stopped. "Nate? Are you normal? Are you...." Nate came to the door with a rotting, musty blanket wrapped around his waist. Glaring at Chris, "What the fuck did you do with my clothes? Where is Jennifer's picture?" "Wha...What are you talking about? I haven't done anything with your clothes and I don't know who Jennifer even is?" A fist caught Chris across the jaw so hard, he could have sworn it broke. He went down. "Don't lie to me faggot!" Chris cringed inwardly at the emotional pain that simple phrase caused. "I...." "None of my clothes fit. I look like a freak? I bet you even threw out my skate board?" Chris reeled from this. "But you don't even skate!" He moved more quickly as another fist swung at him but missed. Chris raced to the guest room and locked the door. "Get out of there!" Nate bellowed through the door. He started banging hard on it. Chris backed away. Terrified at what was happening. "Come out, faggot! You wanted to be in my head, you can be..." He was cut off by a tremendous crash There were loud sounds and more crashing. Chris was having a hard time breathing. The door suddenly burst open and The Guardian stood there breathing heavily. A groan came from behind him. Chris moved to Curtis/Guardian who hugged him and then saw Nate sprawled out on the remains of the coffee table. Chris looked tentatively at Curtis, 'You...you didn't kill him did you?" Curtis shook his head. Chris saw Nate's arm twitch, and breathed a sigh of relief. Chris went over and bent down to examine him. He heard a gasp behind him and turned to see Curtis begin to shrink. Chris touched Nate's arm. The ratty blanket was gone and Nate lay there completely naked. Chris worried that in Nate's current state of mind, that he might not react too well to that so he turned to look for some sort of covering. Curtis gasped again. He struggled to speak, "I.....I....." Chris just shook his head and went to the other room. The one they used to share and laugh in and cuddle in, looking for a blanket. A movement at the door. Curtis had come to watch, still much larger than his normal skater body, but definitely not Guardian huge. "Curtis, help me get these clothes over Nate before he wakes up. He will freak if he thinks he was naked with us in here." "Sure, babe" Curtis rumbled in a deep sexy voice. Chris shuddered as the vibration passed through him. They both attempted to dress the unconscious muscle man on the floor as best they could. Then Curtis reached over and kissed Chris on the cheek. Chris paused and looked at him, "Why are you still not normal?" Curtis shuddered again, "I....I....don't know. Don't you like it?" Chris tried to answer, "My head is screwed up....like the whole world is going bizarre" "He started it." Curtis gestured to Nate. "The Guardian changes everything." "How....how do you know that?" Curtis paused then said, "The Guardian is always in my head like I have two brains." He paused as another tremor of the transformation passed through him. Chris arched his eyebrows, "What?" "You should know as you fucked me up" "I didn't do shit to you, Curtis! If you recall, it was Nate who cursed you after warning you!" "No! The Guardian came to me! I deserve the power. He wants to control....ugggh....." Curtis collapsed on the floor. "Curt! Curtis?" Chris leaned over him. Curtis shuddered and finally looked normal again. Nate was still out. "Chris. This is going to get worse. I'm not gay. But there is this other thing in me that wants you so badly." They both looked down to see Curtis' healthy sized manhood at full mast. "For a skinny dude, you are pretty well stacked there" Curtis blushed. Nate groaned and stirred. "I think we need to get you dressed before he wakes up." Curtis nodded. There was a knock at the door. It was 2 AM. Who the hell could that be? Curtis and Chris froze. They were trying to figure out what to do when a female voice called out, "Nate? Nate, baby doll, I just got in. Are you there? Can you let me in so I can help?" Chris was staring. Curtis said, "I thought you told me she wasn't real?" 'Nate? Open the door sweety! We need to get loaded up and back on the road. Chicago is a long ways away and we have a lot of driving to do." Nate groaned from the floor and his eyes fluttered open. He saw Curtis and Chris hovering over him and glared at them. "You two freaks...." he started. "Nate?! Come on, baby! Don't leave me standing out here." He froze, "She's here! Damn it and I'm not ready!" He paused then called out to here, "Hang on, doll. I'll be right there" Nate turned to Chris and Curtis and said in a lower voice, "You two faggots better get out of sight until we are gone" Curtis groaned. "What is your problem, fairy?" Chris barked at Nate, "Don't talk like that. You know what's going to happen." Nate sneered. He walked to the door. Paused and looked at them, "Get lost" he mouthed. They both went into the guest room and closed the door. Curtis was starting to sweat. Chris whispered in his ear, "Don't do this now." "I don't...have....much control." They heard the front door open and Nate seemed to greet Jennifer like she was real. Well duh, there was SOMEBODY there. Chris sat confused on the floor, while Curtis lay on the bed. The sounds of Nate and "Jennifer" whoever she was moved into the other room. Chris heard a groan from the bed. He turned. Curtis had propped himself up on his elbows and was smiling seductively at Chris. "Come up here and lay down with me, babe" As Chris stared, Curtis chest firmed up and started to bulge out. Curtis just shifted his elbows slightly to keep balance, even as triceps and biceps thickened his arms up. Curtis continued in a raspy whisper, "You like this, don't you babe?" Curtis groaned. Deltoids swelled. Teardrops formed on his thighs. Traps began to rise up. Chris felt his own crotch stir. Curtis lay back again on the bed. Lats slowly spreading out. Calves bulking outwards. Neck thickening. Chris walked over and massaged the swelling chest. They both looked in each other's eyes. Faces moving closer. Mouths opening. Their tongues connected. Curtis groaned as the erotic sensations flooded him and the power of the transformation raced into full fury. Chris leaned into Curtis, their mouths locked together passionately and felt the massive swell of the muscle beast engulfing him.
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    In this chapter, Chuck struggles internally with how much bigger he should get, then goes to the gym, where he uses his new tricks to stay energized throughout the day and grow a little more. Chapter 5: Chuck awoke with a hard on, aching for release. He stretched and realized his full size bed was getting a bit small for him now that he was 275lbs of bulky muscle. He could tell he had been dreaming about growing all night, because it was the first thing that popped into his head when he opened his eyes. He pushed the sheets off and looked down at the mountainous pecs that weren’t there two days ago, covered with a dusting of orange fur and rising and falling with his deep breaths. He ran a hand over them, feeling the roundness and fullness of them, and chuckled. It still didn’t seem real, like a dream, but there it all was when he woke up. He wondered if he should tell anyone else, if he should report it in to the University so he could be tested and to make sure he was still healthy; as great as it was to get so big, he was worried about-- A fuzzy static washed over his thoughts and all he could think about was how badly he wanted it all to grow bigger, more and more, and he lost track of what he had been thinking about before. He remembered: he was getting up to go to the gym. He rose out of bed, grabbed his U of M hat from the nightstand, and walked over to the bathroom, his heavy feet thumping against his hardwood floors. He relished the feeling of his thighs rubbing against each other as he walked. He flicked on the light and grunted in satisfaction of what he said; a heavyweight lifter, or maybe an offseason bodybuilder, burly and big all over. His square jaw was covered in a short-trimmed beard and his piercing blue eyes seemed to glow in the bright lights of the bathroom. He shrugged his shoulders and watched his traps tense up; he brought his arms up and flexed his chest and shoulders, watching the delts puff up into balls of meaty muscle; he raised his arms up higher and flexed his biceps, watching them swell into solid peaks. His pits stank; he hadn’t showered at all yesterday, but he liked the sour muskiness of his own smell, different from before the accident, more like a football jock and less like a lazy loser like he was before. He moved his arms down and jiggled the growing paunch of his tummy. Finally he reached lower and grabbed his hard cock and started stroking vigorously, admiring the way the muscles in his arm and shoulder tensed and flexed and moved as he stroked. He looked at himself, awed by the size and bulk he possessed now, delirious with joy. He had never dreamed he would actually get to this size, and now, in two days, he had it all. Maybe he could be satisfied with this size and not have to— Another wave of static washed over his mind and he couldn’t even hear himself think, couldn’t comprehend anything except the NEED to have more energy and get bigger. His thoughts were flooded by images of himself grabbing other, smaller people, siphoning size from them and draining their muscles, watching their surprised faces as they got skinnier and he got bigger. He imagined himself in the locker gym at his gym, cornering someone in the steam room and pinning them against the seat as he grew. He pictured himself in the shower with another, smaller man, wrapping his huge arms around them and squeezing and crushing them until he felt the energy pour into him. The energy, oh it felt good, he remembered now. It was orgasmic, and he had to have more of it, had to find a way to get more. His cock throbbed and twitched as he imagined utterly dominating someone like he had with Clint the day before and watching them disappear in his grasp. Suddenly his cock exploded, splashing creamy white spunk all over the bathroom mirror, it onto the floor as Chuck twitched and grunted. There was a lot of it, more than he had ever shot before, and he grinned to see the mess he made. He came to this senses a bit and could think straight for a moment, wondering how it could even be possible he was able to do this, how much more he would want before he felt normal again, but soon his mind was once again shouting at him to get bigger. He had to get to the gym and lift all day. He distantly remembered that it was Monday and he should be going to work, but that didn’t seem important anymore. Why would he want to do anything other than get bigger? Chuck cleaned himself and went to get dressed but found it very hard to find anything that fit right. He decided to stop somewhere to buy new clothes first. -- The desk clerk gave Chuck a raised eyebrow as he scanned his gym card. The picture on file didn’t quite match the burly meathead that had just come through the door, but he could sort of see a resemblance… like the guy in the picture was this guy’s little brother or something. The desk guy shrugged and waved Chuck in. Chuck noticed the different way people looked at him now as he walked into the gym. Smaller people gave him a wide berth. The other big guys in the gym gave him a second look, sizing him up, comparing themselves to this new big guy. Chuck got a few looks from people who seemed to recognize him, but then turning away when he looked at them directly. He just smirked and headed to the locker room. Chuck’s bag was full of new gym clothes. He unzipped it and found the new tank tops and shorts he had bought. They were comically too big on him, baggy and loose to the point of nearly falling off, but he had bought them too big on purpose. He knew he would grow into them soon enough. There were stretchy Under Armour shirts, leggings and compression shorts, basketball shorts, stringer tank tops, and stretchy briefs of varying sizes. There was even a new pair of shoes, bigger than the ones he was currently wearing, too big to fit him… for now. He pulled out a tight, white Under Armour compression shirt and pulled it up over his head. It was a 2XL, a bit big for his 275lb frame, and it had some folds and loose spots instead of hugging his body tightly like it should. He’d have to change that. He slipped into some stretchy compression shorts, which were more than enough to support his heavy package, and black basketball shorts. The shorts made his ass look huge, he noticed in the mirror on the way out of the locker room. Chuck walked onto the gym floor and took a deep, satisfied breath. It was only 9am, and he had the whole day ahead of him. The clanking of metal and thumping of bad pop music made him feel right at home. -- An hour later, Chuck was finishing a set of squats. The skin-tight white compression shirt he was wearing was soaked in sweat, and the black basketball shorts he was wearing were hiking up on his pumped up quads. He was still testing the limits of his new strength. He had lifted yesterday too, but he found he was even stronger today. He loved looking in the mirror and flexing after every lift, admiring the new size on his big body. He flexed his quads and watched them bulge out, thick as tree trunks, strong and solid. He adjusted his maroon U of M hat and watched his upper arms swell. They had to be close to 20” now. He was getting tired though, and the buzzing in his head was getting harder and harder to ignore. He wanted to keep lifting, and there was an easy way to score some quick energy. He eyed a muscular, lean black guy racking weights over on the next squat rack. Perfect. Chuck went to grab another weight to add to his bar—he already had been squatting 405—and “accidentally” bumped into the guy, his beefy arm bumping against his shoulder. He reached out and gave into the thrumming need for more size raging inside him and felt a burst of energy surge into his body. “Oops, sorry bud,” Chuck said with a grin as he immediately felt reinvigorated. It was like a breath of fresh air, or scratching an itch he hadn’t been able to reach, or that feeling when the first rush of caffeine hits you in the morning after drinking a strong coffee. It felt right, and it felt good. The black guy backed up to give Chuck space and felt a cold sweat wash over his body. “M-my bad,” he said and he decided to take some weight off the rack instead of putting more on. Chuck went about his workout like this the rest of the day: lifting for an hour, setting new PRs and throwing around weights he had only ever dreamed of, and then refueling on an unsuspecting lifter. Every time it felt like scratching an itch, or getting a drink of water, or blinking… something that felt so natural and so good he wondered why he ever felt bad about taking energy from people in the first place. He did legs—squats, deadlifts, lunges, calf raises; then back and biceps—lat pulldowns, standing rows, bent-over rows, shrugs, dumbbell curls, preacher curls; then shoulders—seated overhead press, upright rows, side laterals, rear delt raises; then chest—dumbbell bench press, inclines, declines, cable flies; then tris—pulldowns, skullcrushers, close grip bench; accessories, core work, even a little bit of cardio. In between lifts he leaned against the weights and looked over his muscles in the mirror, tensing his traps, arms, shoulders, chest, everything. He left sweat puddles where ever he went, evidence of his exertion. People around him stared at the big, sweaty brute in the U of M hat that they sort of recognized but couldn’t quite place, but Chuck didn’t notice. He was too focused on admiring his new size. Every time he felt tired, he just took a little more. He shook hands with a smaller lifter who asked him to spot him; he bumped into a woman getting a drink from the water fountain; he high-fived a trainer he had chatted with the day before. He took and took all day, never getting hungry or tired because the energy filled him right back up. He walked to the locker room, realizing he had to adjust his gait to accommodate his bigger thighs. He was getting closer to waddling now, wide shoulders swaggering back and forth as he walked, barrel chest sticking out in front of him, thighs rubbing together. In the locker room, he weighed himself. He was 290. His sweat-soaked Under Armour dug into his biceps as he tensed them, and the fabric puckered where his delts met his chest, the big muscles fighting for space. The whole shirt felt tighter than just a few hours before. Chuck didn’t even notice that he had been lifting for 8 hours straight. Eventually he noticed another, bigger guy walk into the gym. It was Eddie, one of the biggest lifters who came to the gym regularly. Chuck had always had a thing for the big Latino, admired his size and strength, was jealous of how easy he made it seem, turned on by his huge muscles. He licked his lips like a lion seeing an injured gazelle and felt a shiver tingle up and down his spine. Eddie was still bigger than Chuck by a lot, 6’4” and probably around 320lbs of off-season muscle. Seeing someone bigger than him made Chuck feel all the old insecurities about his size come rushing back. Chuck lifted for another hour and a half, watching Eddie go through his sets on chest and tris. Despite Chuck’s gains, Eddie still outlifted him on every exercise. A seething, angry jealousy filled Chuck as he watched. He needed to have THAT size. He wanted it all for himself. But he held back and avoided Eddie on the gym floor. He didn’t want to make a scene. But he knew the big lifter liked to hit the sauna afterwards. Finally Eddie was done with his workout and he sauntered back to the locker room, his stringer tank top dark with sweat, his tattooed arms shining and pumped. Chuck followed him. In the locker room, Chuck took off his clothes and headed back to the sauna. He felt thick, powerful, and pumped. He took stock of himself in the mirror before following the big offseason bodybuilder into the sauna. Chuck looked like if a college football lineman had spent the last 15 years lifting hard and eating harder, a powerful mix of fat, muscle, and fur. He opened the steam room and walked in.
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    Hello guys! This is my first story and i didnt wrote it in my native language. Hope it dont suck so much! ------------------------------------------------------------------ “You are in charge of the drinks” they said. “Well i guess i will surprise them” i thought to my self. I nocked the door three times and waited for an answer. “Hey Brian, we were waiting for you” Derek was standing in the door with his muscular 6 feet tall body and that goofy pretty smile that melt me down. I came trough the entranse and saw Lian and Jhon waiting in the couch while Derek close the door. “The game is starting” said lian “come on, sit by my side” and so i did.<br> “What did you brought?” “A beer for all of you and sprite me” Jhon made himself to the bottle and opened with his tooth and pour its content in three different glasses. His big biceps bulge while he did that and thogh he was smaller than Derek and Liam he had still a much bigger body than mine. I pretended to open my bottle and started drinking. As the game passed both , their beer and my sprite, started emptying.<br> As i move my ayes across their faces i could start to see the first changes. Lian ,that has always been a muscular guy, seem now deflated and with all his clothing baggy. His cute curly hair and sexy green eyes where still their but his face has lost masculinity. His prominent jaw has disappeared and his previous two day beard is gone too. Though his pants where loose on his legs, now without any muscle, they where tight in his butt that now is the main feature of his body. He wasnt the only one that has been changing, every one else did in similar ways. Derek had lost all his muscle and was left with a puny little body like mines and Jhone was even smaller, the only thing that wasnt smaller in them was their butts that had grown bigger and more prominent . Though every one has notice it, no one wants to mention it mabye because of shame or mabye because of the tension . On the other hand, I didn’t change like the others. My new acquire muscles mad my shirt stretch to its limits. My biceps had noticeable tear a little bit of the fabric and my pecs stand out like balloons. The jeans that i am wearing bearly resist the size of my new grown legs that push the material outwards making my dick bulge even bigger trough the pants. Finally the bottoms gave up and fly across the room. At these point no one was watching the game. My upper body is completely exposed. Black hair made a trail that passed from my pecs to my abs and downwards. “Wha…what have you done!” Said Derek out loud and then toched his throat when he noticed the high pitch voice that had replaced his old masculine voice. I stand up with my new 7feet tall body and walked confident to him. He had gotten smaller than before and his face barely reached my dick. I opened my enormous hand and grabed him by the hair and pulled him towards my bulge. He started licking my pants , i pushed his face away. “I dont know why im doing this… I AM NOT GAY! … But really need to be filled… FILL ME WITH YOUR DICK MASTER” He pulled my pants and boxers down and a one foot long dick slapped his face. He started sucking it and with a little bit of force his jaw adapted. I put both hand in his head an pulled him deep till he was not able to breath. I started fucking his skull rithmicaly. I could see his face filled with a mix of fear and pleasure. While he was desperately gaging, Josh and Lian had been watching at the same time as they were fingering their asses under their pants. They both stand up timidly and walked towards me. I could feel their hand traveling trough every curvature of my muscles. One on eache side they started licking my abs and tavelled with their tongues upward to my pecs. I felt them suck and lick my nippels that for them to reach they had to clime me and gripe their legs around mine and hold tight to my arms. I felt a wave of pleasure travel trough all my body, i felt dominant. “Turn aroun you little faggot, i will destroy your ass” i said Derek pulled his mouth away of my dick and followed my order showing me his bubble but. I pulled him closer and entered my dick completely as fast as i coul make him cry like a little bitch. I fucked him like a beast not caring about all the pain that i was causing to him. “Ow FUCKING YES” i screamed with my powerful voice as i filled Derek ass whith my juice. I felt everyone of them cum with their small one inch dicks not knowing that they were sealing the spell forever
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    Part 1 - My Roommate Grows Himself Part 2 - My Roommate Grows Me with His Lotion Part 3 - My Roommate Grows My Chest Even More, We Find We are Too Easily Aroused, and a No Clothing Rule is Established. Part 4 - Our New Muscle Lives; My Chest Gets Massive; Michael's Abs are Second to None; Oops, our Friend Anna Got in the Lotion Part 5 - That was unexpected! A new muscle friend joins the party. PART SIX Anna, with her bulging muscles on full display, shocked both of us I'd say when stuck her hand down our underwear and smeared the growth lotion she had accidentally used in our shower. Michael and I both knew what was about to happen, and anticipated it with both eager excitement and nervous fear. Neither one of us had really touched our crotches in our growth, we were actually fairly happy with them. Not too small to be sad, not too big to be...in the way, let's say. But that was all going to change. I noticed Michael's more than mine (he's a cutie!). His underwear rapidly stretched outward, like someone stuck a zucchini into it. He was soft, and you could see his new manhood curling around in his underwear like a time lapse movie of a plant bursting forth. It didn't last long, and you could see that Michael had gone from average to about twice that in no time. At the same time, it felt like my groin was bloating and filling up as I felt something sliding downward, barely contained in my underwear too. Michael dropped his drawers and he found that he was about knee length, with a bush that I'd have a good time shaving down. "Mm, nice," Anna said. She had been a sweet little vixen before, but now she seemed to be a raging heated hornball. "Let's see yours," as she turned to me and yanked my boxers down. I was a shade above the knee. This would take some getting used to. :-) -------------------------------------------------------------------- I had made it a habit to sneak in and oil Michael up in his sleep. His abs had become incredibly shredded, and I wouldn't have been surprised if the waist was below 20 inches. I found out later he'd continued to oil himself up once a month. For someone I thought never wanted to be big, he had sure gone all out. Since my words can't do him justice right now, I'll include a pic I snapped from one of his latest skype sessions. I still got a lot of playtime in those ab crevices! Michael had been growing my pecs I found out whenever he shaved me. I made for quite the exciting caricature, as I hadn't been growing myself much. I still gave everyone who wanted to touch a good show, and I can't tell you the number of people who creamed their pants when they touched my meaty bouncy pecs. But I thought it might be time to even things up a bit, as I was wanting to make sure I kept my superhero art modeling gigs. Michael and Anna both helped me out, and we experimented with getting specifically targeted on parts of my body. It came out pretty well, over a month of trial and error. Here's where I stand now. I'm very happy with myself! And Michael has been as well. And in surprise, I was getting benefits from Anna too! Speaking of Anna...she's loving all of this. She moved in with us, and I'd say she's become fairly well addicted to what we've got going. But don't take our word for it.... I can tell in Michael's eyes, in a playful way, he's not sure he can handle being smaller than Anna :-) He brought home a case full of growth lotion last night... Continued....?
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    Thanks guys. I certainly won't say I will never revisit Jed's story. But yes, Chad, Jed and Ted need a break from me so I'm going to give them some space as I see what other stuff I can come up with.
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    Hey guys ove been really busy with my new job etc etc but just want u to know im begining my first cycle next week soo wait to see how much i grow
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    Wow! Thanks for all the twists and turns. As much as l loved reading this last chapter, I was kind of bummed thinking that Jed was going to be left completely out of the growth, and then you dropped that last line on us! The only clue, at least that I saw, was that his shoes were too tight after his move. Just that was enough to get me giddy. The fact that Chad ended up over 8 feet tall was epic as well. I hope that if not for your next story, maybe you will decide to write Jed's story after you've had a break from these characters. I've already said it, but it bears repeating, I'm really looking forward to whatever you decide to write next! Thanks so much for an awesome, epic ride.
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    The text message arrived two weeks’ later. ‘Hey Chris, Thanks again for all your hard work on the YouTube series. Can we meet sometime to discuss future episodes?’ Chris’ first thought was: oh shit, he wants to switch to a new director. Why not go through the normal channels, otherwise? We’ve had a process for the past year or so, and the dates are already set up. What’s changed? I should never have agreed to go in that dressing room with him alone. I encouraged him to use some sort of cranky online serum. Dustin Lance Black’s found out I basically massaged his husband’s hard cock with my bare hands. Even though nothing came of it. Unless… Maybe that was the other option. Maybe that was just a precursor to something serious. Maybe Tom wanted to test how much Chris fancied him. Maybe they were going to a hotel room somewhere, where Chris was going to spear Tom’s tight little arse with his 8” daddy dick. Caught in the world of not-knowing, Chris texted back a cheery agreement and they agreed some time on that coming Thursday evening for drinks in Soho. Just to be on the safe side, Chris headed to his gym in Hackney that afternoon for a work-out so he would arrive at the meeting looking pumped and fit. In spite of his self-doubts, the content producer found himself feeling pretty good. For some reason, his hands and wrists were feeling particular big and strong today, and his grip on weights and pull-up bars was firmer than he had ever known it. He felt like he could lift, pull and swing heavier and better than usual and that small difference lifted his spirits. Afterward, Chris went and sat in the sauna, taking off his glasses, lying back and relaxing in the near-suffocating heat of the steam room. He stroked his hard cock through his towel, thinking of Tom’s hard little prick slathered in oils that smelled of leather and herbs. Another gym-goer caught his eye, a big guy with short, dark hair and thick, defined musculature. Chris didn’t recognise him but the sight of that body, like something off a Men’s Health cover, made pre-cum well up suddenly within the towel’s crisp white folds. With the subtlest look, Chris invited him over. The younger guy looked, over-cautiously, to right and left, before joining Chris in the hot steam, sitting beside him on the bench and running a hand over his chest. Chris reciprocated by massaging one of the young guy’s big, solid pecs and caressing the nipple with his thumb. The young guy worked his hand down Chris’s belly and into his towel. His hand grasped Chris’s hard dick. Chris could feel the guy’s wedding ring on his shaft. “Not here,” he said. “Flip, sorry,” said the other man, letting go. Chris seemed to recognise the voice, which was bizarre given how unfamiliar the physique was. Maybe it was someone off the TV? Whatever, Chris led the other guy at some distance back to the showers, where he slung his towel over a cubicle door. He knew this place was secure and safe. He wiped the steam from his lenses and slipped his glasses back onto his face. The stranger rounded the corner, still looking nervously about. His face was sort of familiar too, now that Chris could see clearly. He was a dead ringer for – “T-Tom..?!” “You didn’t recognise me?” The young athlete’s eyes were wide. “I couldn’t tell how much I’d changed…” “But that’s im-impossible…” “Isn’t it great?” “You look – your shoulders – your chest – your arms – you’re just so –” “Big,” said Tom, pulling the same series of poses they had struck for each other in his dressing room a fortnight before. “I’m big. And it feels fucking good.” He clapped a hand over his mouth. “Oh -- sorry for swearing. It’s a chemical thing, I think. Heightened testosterone. Makes me a little less like my usual self. Dustin says I’m aggressive. Puts it down to steroids.” “He hasn’t noticed how fast this happened?” “Well, I’m with him so much of the time, I think it was too gradual for him to catch,” said Tom. “I seem to just get a little bigger every day. A week ago, everything in my wardrobe was just really tight. Skintight shirts, jackets, trousers, underwear. Then three days ago, I burst the seams on three shirts one after the other. I can only wear muscle-t’s now.” “That’s why you want to meet? To discuss how big the change will be in next month’s Youtube films?” “Also, you’re the only one who I can discuss it with,” said Tom. “You’re the only one who knows why I’m not quite so fucking sweet as I was before. And Chris, I really need to fuck. You. Right now.” “Uh…” Chris didn’t know what to say. His hard cock seemed to grow denser and weightier and more upright than ever. “That’s great, but…” “Come on,” said Tom. “I’ve seen the way you look at me. You loved rubbing those oils into my body, didn’t you? You loved how it felt.” “Of course I did.” “And you took care to rub plenty into my hard dick,” said Tom, “my cute little five-incher. I was listening to the way you were breathing, hot and hungry. I could smell you perspiring. I knew you wanted me there and then. But I was shy. And I’m not feeling shy nowadays.” Chris licked his lips. “Sounds good to me.” “Not only that,” said Tom, “there’s something you ought to see. Because everywhere you touched has blown up, Chris. I’m nearly as tall as you now. I’m pretty hench. My neck is thick. My body is strong. And then there’s this.” He dropped the towel to the floor and his dick sprung free of its folds. It was no longer a cute little five-incher. Curving outward and slightly up, it rivalled Chris’ 8” for length and girth. A fat vein ran from balls to glans. Without a word, Chris dropped to his knees and began to worship it with his mouth. It tasted clean, but as he worked it with his tongue, lips and throat, Chris tasted salty sweetness. He went slow, till strong hands grabbed the back of his shaven head and forced his throat down on its full huge hard length. “Suck my big fat cock,” said Tom Daley, pinning Chris to him as he choked and gasped, and softly thrusting against the roof of Chris’ mouth. He released the older man and Chris tried not to make too much noise as he choked and gasped for breath. He was feeling slightly dizzy, and vaguely aware of the Olympic diver talking, somewhat softly. “I said,” he repeated, “turn the fuck around – Daddy.” Chris was a top. He had always been a top. Ever since college, through the nineties and noughties. Through boyfriends, saunas and sex clubs. He could list the number of times he’d got fucked on one hand. But Tom’s big fat dick felt good in his arse, even without any lubricant but his own spit. On the gym shower room floor, the younger man, with equal strength to the older one, went slowly because of his size, but the pleasure was sublime, and the feeling of being stretched was exciting. And Tom loved it too. “Take that big fucking cock, Daddy,” he said, his nice, polite voice breaking slightly. “Take it. Oh fuck, yes! You like a nice big cock in your arse, don’t you, Daddy?” “I do! I fucking do!” “Good to know,” the athlete replied, beginning to pound him faster now. “Because this doesn’t stop here.” “Oh yes!” “I’m not satisfied just being big,” said Tom. “I want to be a fucking muscle beast. Got that?” “Mmm – yeah!” “And most important of all,” said Tom, “I need to put plenty of that stuff on my big dick, because that can never get too big, too long, too thick…” “Never!” “I’m going to get myself a fucking horse-cock, Chris,” said Tom, his balls smacking off the older man’s arse. “And I’m going to put it deep inside you. You’re going to take it. You’re going to take it all…” Seconds after they both came, spunking all over the tiled gym floor in Chris’s case, and unleashing a tide of hot cum in Chris’s arse in Tom’s case, Chris found himself thinking, “Holy fuck – where do we go from here?” TO BE CONTINUED
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    My roommate Michael was a nice slender man, in his mid twenties. Marathon runner. He was tanned and toned, and I loved catching peeks at his small but tight little six pack and bubble butt. 5'8" and 145 dripping wet, he was a nice tight package of endurance and leanness all put into one. He didn't have much bulk and size to him, but I don't think there was any muscle not visible on him, and his veins were apparent down his arms and legs. He even had a couple of large ones down the v-taper. I was a few years older than Michael, a couple of inches shorter, but the same weight. I had a little more thickness to me, but not much. I didn't like running, and I had to work 24-7 to put on and keep on weight. Michael noticed, and he'd squeeze my little bicep and comment on how tight it was getting. "Dude, those guns are gonna go off any day!" he'd tell me. Usually right after that I'd run to the restroom and get a good wrist workout. It was Michael's birthday, and he told me he wanted. "I want to stay in tonight." "Okay, sure. We can do that. Anything you have in mind?" "Yeah, I want to try a new workout I read about. It involves wrestling." Oh, that's new! "Sure, let's do it!" We'd never wrestled before, and I was a bit nervous. Michael was athletic, I was aesthetic. In other words, there was more strength and experience behind those copper muscles of his. "Strip off...nothing but your gym shorts, dude. And oil up with this." He tossed me a bottle then pulled out his own bottle as he yanked his shirt over his head. I noticed he'd shaved his chest and abs recently. It helped show off his tight little striations on his compact and agile body. He rubbed his hands over his chest vigorously, warming up. We each rubbed down and then he reached over and flicked my nipples. "Those things are beginning to come in. Way to go dude!" I shyly grinned. "One day I'm going to be able to juggle your pecs!" My nipples got a bit warm from the unexpected attention. "Let's hope!" I said with a laugh. And while I laughed, he snuck in a tackle on me and threw me on the ground. He was pleasantly aggressive tonight, I like that! He laid down on top of me, front to front, arms around my rib cage. "Now let's REALLY get started!" And he began to rub his entire torso against mine. What I noticed most was how much our nipples rubbed against each other. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought they were both swollen from the play. Michael was panting, and he got up. I thought he had cum, but the unmistakable seed stain on his underwear wasn't there. He kept panting more and more. His chest heaved up and down, up and down...hypnotically. Then I realized Michael was growing! His pecs were squaring up, and his nipples were darkening and enlarging. He noticed, and did a most muscular pose. All the striated muscle he possessed was getting larger. It was growing everywhere. His chest was pushing his arms apart. Veins were crawling all over his chest. Then they snaked out over his arms which looked like they were going to split Michael's skin and shred it off. He brought his hands up to touch his shoulders, which were now basketball sized orbs of power. But he couldn't - the biceps stopped him. His forearms had veins so prominent they looked like they were made of shattered splintered glass. My little Michael was turning into my monstrous Michael right before my eyes. I involuntarily came at the sight of his engorging body. His abs doubled in depth. I could have lost a coin between his torso bricks. Each one shoved forward as if it was going to stretch through the skin. Just when they reached the point of breaking, they each split in two. His six pack became a twelve pack, and his already tiny waist unbelievable shrunk in on itself even more. What was a 29 inch waist before must have now been 22. But it was covered in raw muscle covering every millimeter. Michael's lats grew into a relaxed position so large the his arms hung out to the sides at 45 degree angles. He had no neck left, it was all traps and shoulders. His thighs had grown so thick he had to keep a constant bow-legged straddled pose. His calves put many men's biceps to shame, and they split into four distinctly separate muscles. His thighs were so jacked the muscles looked like they were held down by a hundred massive ropes, prevented from breaking the skin by a literal net of veins. His bubble butt...well, they weren't bubbles anymore. They had become miniature cast iron wrecking balls. He could have bent a steel post between those things. And his bulge, which had been a modest 5 inches before, now filled out those briefs like biscuits in a can. I was speechless. He smiled. Incredibly, his already chiseled jaw looked like it had drawn inward, and his bone structure was as pronounced as it could possibly be. He laughed and flexed one bicep while rubbing it with the other hand. Then I realized had had at least double in muscularity...but his height remained 5'8". He was insanely thick. I involuntarily came a second time. "Michael, what did you..." "I've seen how you are trying to bulk up. And I catch you when you're staring at me. I like it. I figured you must like muscle, and I'd always wondered what it would be like." He winked. "Now we'll find out!" He stroked my bulge and I came yet again. He placed my cock between his pecs and squeezed and impossibly I spurted my juices another time. Is it healthy to ejaculate this many times in this short a period? "Now it's your turn, brother!" And he grabbed each of my nipples and rubbed. "I can't wait to see what YOU'LL turn into!" END
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    This first chapter is mostly set-up, introducing Chuck and telling how he initially gets his powers. Bear with me, there's lots of growth and sex in the next few chapters! =) Chapter 1 Chuck shouldered the door open heavily and trudged into his apartment. It was late, later than he intended to get home after staying out drinking longer than he had planned. He slumped his work bag onto the clutter on his couch and tossed his gym bag—unused again today—next to it. Sighing and grunting, Chuck sat down and started untying his heavy steel-toed work boots fit for his job at the construction site. They thumped heavily as he tossed them back over by the door. Chuck shrugged out of his heavy Carhartt work jacket, which fell to the floor. He bent to pick it up, rolling his eyes a bit at the “Chuck” name patch his contractor had required him to add, and set it on the bench. Chuck moved his way to the bathroom and unzipped his dirty jeans, pulling out his cock and relieving himself with a heavy breath. He looked in the mirror and sighed, grimacing slightly. He was handsome enough, with piercing blue eyes, pale skin, and a short red beard that caught a lot of peoples’ attention, but he felt deeply dissatisfied with the rest. He had wrestled in high school and did intermural sports in college, but that had given way to an average-looking 5’9” and 210lbs, more extra padding than muscle, and not nearly as big or strong as he would have liked. And at 36 years old, he knew he was getting past his prime. He shrugged his shoulders and unbuttoned his red flannel plaid shirt, revealing some golden red chest hair. He adjusted his hat, the same maroon and gold Minnesota Gophers cap he had since college, revealing the bald surface underneath, and flushed the toilet. His hat rarely left his head, and he pulled it on snugly after zipping up his fly. His stomach grumbled even though he had drank 6 Buds at the bar, and he started digging around in the fridge. On the counter lay old issues of weighlifting magazines and Sports Illustrated, with burly muscular men and headlines for how to gain muscle and train smarter. Chuck liked to think they were motivational, but he rarely found time or energy enough to go the gym, even though he had memberships to two different ones near his apartment. Construction was hard work, especially when it was 50, 60 hours a week sometimes when added to his second job as a part time overnight security guard at an office park. It didn’t leave much time for the gym, and he certainly found it hard to work up the motivation to go after 10 hours or more of manual labor. Chuck thought about making a protein shake, looking at the dust-covered jugs of powder sitting above his fridge, but instead he ripped open a pack of Oreos and grabbed a gallon of whole milk, not bothering with a glass. He carried them over to the couch, pushed aside some empty wrappers and takeout boxes and slumped onto the couch. He flicked on ESPN, where they were showing a replay of last year’s World’s Strongest Man competition. Chuck sighed, feeling envious of the hulking brutes on the screen, and wished he could be big and strong like that. Idly rubbing his fattening cock and stuffing Oreos into his mouth, he resolved to go to the gym tomorrow, but deep down he knew he wouldn’t. Chuck grunted as he set the heavy crate down with his coworker Erik. He flexed his cold, stiff fingers, cursing again at the freezing cold temperatures. Why had he taken this job? Wintertime was usually the offseason for construction in Minnesota, but this job building an extension to a U of M research facility was a notable, and lucrative, exception. Chuck wondered if it was really worth it as plumes of steam rose up from his mouth as he caught his breath. “What the hell do they have packed in these boxes anyway, rocks?” Erik asked, shaking his head. “It’s ridiculous we have to load these in by hand,” he continued. “They said it was sensitive material and they didn’t want anything misplaced. I don’t know, bud. I just do what I’m told,” Chuck grunted as they went and picked up the next crate. “Besides,” Chuck said through clenched teeth, “it’s a good workout!” “Ha, fuck you and your workout, let’s just get this over with,” Erik said and they kept working, carrying them inside the unfinished shell of the lab they were helping build. Lunchtime finally rolled around and Chuck and the rest of the construction team—cold, dirty, and sweaty—moved into the existing, finished area of the site that had been sectioned off for the crew. Chuck found his bag and went off to find some quiet space. He usually liked to eat alone. He found a door marked “Private” and tested it. Open! Finally some peace and quiet from the likes of Erik. Inside Chuck saw machines and equipment he had never seen before. He found a stool and some open space and started unpacking his lunch. While eating, he took a closer look. No wonder this room was usually locked off; looks like it was where one of the 3D printers was. He knew his team was building lab space for another couple printers, and this must be where their first one was kept. Getting up from the stool, he went closer to the printer. Next to it was a small canister, like a CO2 compressed air cartridge but bigger, with a label “NX-1” written in sharpie on some masking tape. “Huh, I guess all types of printers need cartridges,” Chuck said with a smirk, flipping the cartridge in his hand. He didn’t even know how these things worked, but didn’t really care. He got a closer look at the little cartridge when suddenly his water bottle fell off the counter, hitting the floor with a loud smack. Chuck flinched, surprised, and felt the knob on the cartridge twist in his hand. An acrid-smelling blue mist exploded from the cartridge, spraying Chuck in the face, causing him to fall back and sputter. It got all over his hands, face, eyes, and even into his mouth before a panicked Chuck dropped it. The cartridge pinged onto the floor as it continued to hiss and spray mist into the air. Coughing and blinded, Chuck gasped and breathed in more of the gas, inhaling whatever was in there. Chuck tried to stand but found his body felt suddenly numb, weak, and tired, like he didn’t have the strength to get up, all energy drained from his body. “H-help!” he cried, but it only came out as a raspy wheeze instead of the shout he had intended. The room filled up with the blue gas, and Chuck breathed in more of it until he passed out. He awoke a few hours later when his boss found him. “Chuck! What the hell are you doing, sleeping on the job? Unacceptable! I’m docking this time from your pay, you know,” his boss yelled angrily. Chuck was never one to stand up to his boss, even though he wished he did. “S-sorry boss, I passed out… there was a mist that came from this canister, and…” Chuck said, confused and groggy from his experience. “Bullshit, Chuck, just get your shit together and get back to work. Jesus, what the fuck do I pay you for,” his boss hissed and stormed out of the room. Chuck looked around at the room. It was fine, just as it had been when he entered, no trace of blue mist or gas or oil whatever had been spewing out of that cartridge. He touched his face, his clothes. No trace of the stuff. Had he just dreamed it? No, it had happened…but then where did the stuff go? Chuck had no clue. He picked up the small metal cartridge and looked it over. He looked around the room but couldn’t find anything to explain what he had been exposed to. Sighing and setting the canister back where he found it, Chuck packed up his bag and left the room. At least he felt totally normal and wasn’t like coughing or anything. With a shrug, he shut the door, not noticing the back side of the door said “Nanotech Research”.
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    Chapter 14: Reverberation Daniel had told Robert about what they had done the night before. He was a little put out that he hadn't been involved in the pan, but when Daniel insisted that they needed to sneak, and that the floor thumped a bit every time Robert stepped he nodded that he understood. "If that tattoo idea works though, you know I am gonna want to try it for myself." Daniel laughed and then looked over. "Dear god, you would just use it to grow constantly. That's a scary thought." Robert lunged at Daniel, knocking him onto the bed, which he hadn't noticed was behind him. Robert's enormous body took up all the space around him, hard muscle advancing unforgivingly towards him as Robert looked down over it all. "Scary? Here I thought you would say a sexy thought. Besides, if you use it, then I will grow too!" His laugh jostled Daniel a little and filled the room with the deep loud noise. Daniel instinctively shrunk away from Robert, but he then remembered this was his boyfriend. He leaned into his body, grabbing what he could. He used his arm and side to vault/parkour up on top of him. "As long as I can handle you, then it's sexy." Robert reached back and picked Daniel up to bring him around. "Handle me? You think you can?" Daniel laughed as he swung from Robert's grip. I huge smile filled his face. "I know I can. I practiced my moves on Margaret before I came." Daniel punched the air between the two of them to show his point. Robert shook Daniel a little in the air, causing him to swirl and lose his sense of which way was up. Robert set him down and watched as Daniel tried to get his footing. "I don't know, you don't look so intimidating." Daniel met eyes with Robert. There was a fire there now. Robert loved when Daniel got that look. He was always more focused and fun like that. "Gym, 10 minutes. If you can beat me, then I will let you for 1 hour make me do whatever weights, however heavy you want. If I win, then you have to do one fighting lesson with me and Margaret. Deal?" Robert smiled at the challenge. "Your on Dan, but I won't hold back. I apologize in advance if I hurt you." Dan patted Robert on his hips. "Same big guy, but trust me, I can handle myself." Daniel kissed Robert's hip, then ran out the door. Robert eventually trudged his way over to the gym, where he found Daniel practicing a couple kicks with Margaret. Daniel was knocking Margaret's hands away with forceful kicks. Until he swung around and noticed Robert. Both Dan and Margaret stopped as Robert squeezed into the room. It took a lot of effort, but Robert managed to maneuver his body through the small opening. Daniel sat there giggling the whole time. Once Robert was in the room he lifted himself up to his full ___ height. His presence if not his whole body filled up one whole side of the room. His arms stuck out to either side as they raised and lowered with his breathing. Large thick fingers ended each of those hanging pillars, each one muscular and with some veins creeping their way up the back and sides. Robert took a deep breath and then steadied himself. “Hey Margaret, how are you?” Margaret moved to the side of the room, leaving Daniel behind. “I'm ok, thank you. I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna be cheering for Daniel here. Short people have to stick together.” She winked as she leaned against the side wall. Robert chuckled a little in his gut. “Fair enough I suppose. Still can't say I'm not hurt.” Robert raised a mammoth hand to his heart and put on a sad face. Margaret only responded by rolling her eyes at his melodrama. Daniel began to bounce on his feet, trying to get ready. Robert stretched out his limbs, then considered his shirt, and took it off. Beneath it ever muscle was present and bulky. Each one full and powerful as it helped create a massive being facing down Daniel. Daniel was taken aback for a second, not in fear but in elation, before he regained his head. Robert grinned at the shock. “Are you sure you want to do this Dan? You can give in now, and I'll promise your weight training will only hurt a little.” Daniel laughed now, though his voice couldn't carry like Robert's did. “Sounds to me like you're scared Robert. I am going to win this.” Before Robert could respond Daniel ran full tilt towards him. Robert fell back a bit, but held fast as Daniel came in close. Robert went to grab him but Daniel jumped off his hand to move up to his face, which he proceeded to roundhouse kick. Robert recoiled back and Daniel landed rather roughly on the ground, but still on 2 feet. “What the fuck Dan! Ow!” Daniel laughed a little as he walked slowly up to Robert. “Well Rob consider this.” With that Daniel brought his fist back far and used his whole body to drive it into Robert's upper stomach. “Robert that was your soloplex, one of the humans most vulnerable spots. Did you even feel that punch?” Robert bobbed his head from side to side, indicating he felt it, but it hadn't hurt like it should have. “That's what I thought. So ya, I hit you in the head. Shouldn't be enough to concuss, but you might be a little bruised.” Robert still looked down, holding the spot he had been hit, but then sighed and raised himself back up. He got his arms ready, and his muscles tensed. Daniel moved back a little and readied himself too. Robert began to swing down from above, which Daniel dodged out of the way of. Rob's fist came crashing into the ground, breaking the floorboards as if a meteor had landed. Daniel looked at the wreckage of where he had been. Robert's eyes glazed over as he raised his fist back out of the crater, and then looked over at Daniel. Robert shouted as he came at Daniel. He dragged one arm across the ground swiping at him. Daniel stepped in, pressing his body against Robert, passing underneath the crease of his upper arm. As Robert tried to move out of the way Daniel used Rob's knee to vault up and around his back. Daniel used one arm around Rob's head and began to constrict as hard as he could. Robert staggered, and tried to reach him on his back, but his bulky muscles got in the way. Daniel kept squeezing, and Robert's breath began to catch, despite him trying to flex his neck. Robert then jumped in the air, flopping back. Daniel panicked as he felt weightless. Given Robert's size and literal tonnage, this could kill him. As the two began to come down, Daniel held onto Robert's head, but used his legs to kick off Robert's back. Daniel became mostly facedown as the two came crashing into the ground. Daniel hit hard, knees first. He lay there groaning for a second, before looking over at Robert. Needless to say, he had caved in the ground again, but beneath his back there was still space. Robert quickly rolled over and pushed himself back up. He walked casually over to where Daniel was on the ground. Robert's foot came up, and then came stomping down. Daniel summoned all his effort and did a backwards somersault to soar out of the large threatened zone as Robert's foot came down. The floor held this time, which made Daniel think Robert had only been trying to hold him down. Daniel fell to his knees on the somersault, kneeling before the beast. Daniel looked up at Robert, who looked equal parts concerned and disappointed. Daniel smiled up to him as he regained his uneasy footing, and saw Robert reflect it. They laughed a little, before they both stopped and got ready again. Daniel came in fast. Robert tried to swipe for him, but Daniel was too close. Daniel jumped to wrap his arms around Robert's thick neck. Robert got up but Daniel came up with him, and used the upward momentum to headbutt Robert. Daniel let go and began to drop, but this time Robert did catch him in his hand, he brought him up in front of him, and grabbed him with his other hand too. Robert then began to squeeze him. Daniel cried out but Robert continued. “Say I win, and this will be over.” Daniel squirmed, but there was no give to Robert's hard fingers. Daniel after a solid minute, and some pressure from Robert, relented. Robert grinned, and gave him one playful squeeze before letting him down. Daniel collapsed to the ground. He wasn't crushed that he had lost, though he wasn't excited either. What did weigh on him was what Margaret had told him before. If Robert truly was becoming big enough to handle almost any situation would he try too hard to protect everyone. He had to see that some things would be out of control, but would he really see that. Worse yet, could he be arrogant enough to try to become some kind of god. Daniel looked up at Robert, he was imposing enough some people would surely worship him, and he would only get bigger. Daniel was petrified, until a small hand tapped him on the shoulder. “Robert, I know you are a little worn out from that fight, but would you fight me too?” Margaret lightly pushed Dan out of the way, which he followed over to the side. “If I win, I want you to go travel back in time and stop Zeke from killing himself.” There was dead silence. “Margaret... I don't know why he did it, and short of forcing him not to I don't know if I could stop him. I don't know how he would be affected if I physically pinned him down, or what would happen to you” Daniel looked at him, then at Margaret. Margaret looked over and nodded that she had heard it too. “K I will amend it then. If I win you will do all you can to stop either of us.” Robert looked incredibly awkward, rubbing one huge arm with the others equally over-sized hand. “And if you win, I will tell you who the Reaper is.” Robert's gaze whipped so fast at around it's amazing his head didn't get whiplash. Robert's body immediately assumed a ready position almost instinctively. “Margaret, why would you even protect him at all? This fight would be stupid, just tell me who he is.” Margaret began to assume a ready position too. “Because I made a promise. How could I betray someone like that.” With that her hands went behind her back and pulled out daggers. “This fight is not me playing around Robert. How far are you willing to push for your obsession?” Robert's face twisted in a heavy frown. “He murdered so many! I will push will all my growing strength, and if it's not enough I will get more! How can you protect someone like that!” Robert began to charge Margaret, who laughed. “We each know so little. Can you truly be sure of anything?” As Robert came in Margaret slid quickly to his side, slicing him on the way. She got a good cut, surprising Robert. She lifted her dagger up, which had some red blood on it. “Is the world truly that black and white?” She dragged her finger through the blood, getting her finger red. This time Margaret made the first move, coming slowly, almost nonchalantly at Robert. When she went to strike, Daniel averted his eyes. At the door, in the window peeking at them was one eye shrouded in the dark of a hood. As Daniel looked over the hood disappeared. Daniel looked back at the fight. Robert had grabbed a dummy and blocked Margaret, then thrown both over to the wall. Daniel began to move towards the door. Margaret and him had been ready to practice fighting with knives, which is why she had some on her, and so did Daniel. He couldn't believe she was using them on Robert, but he had bloodlust in his eyes, so Robert wasn't who he had been worried about. Daniel slipped out as quietly as he could. The Reaper was nowhere to be seen, so Daniel picked a direction and went down the hall. Daniel made it about halfway down the hallway before he felt cold steel come against his neck and a hand against his mouth. “Daniel, what do you think you are doing?” Together they stood in the hall, motionless. Daniel held his position, even when the hand covering his mouth went away. “Trying to catch you.” The Reaper let him go and spun him around. “Boy, you are run down and tired. You are weak and not worth my time. You wouldn't last 5 seconds against me right now. You have better things to worry about.” Daniel heaved his breath as hard as he could make look natural, while sliding his hand back to his dagger. “Not even 5?” He said as he whipped his dagger out, leaping the short distance between them. The Reaper began to twist inside his arm, increasing Daniel's momentum until he crashed into the wall. Before Daniel could fall over a solid side kick took him in his upper stomach, knocking the wind out of him. “Soloplex you said? Interesting.” Daniel crashed to his hands and knees coughing, and dropping the knife. He could barely breathe as the Reaper pulled his hood down further to block any view Daniel could have. “Kid, I don't lose. You know who else never loses?” He didn't wait for an answer. “Margaret. Wonder what her winning would look like?” Daniel's eyes widened at the thought of Margaret cutting Robert head to toe. The Reaper laughed, then continued. “You are so easy to bait. She won't hurt him, but you do have something to worry about.” As if to accentuate his point, the building shook. It was not big, but it was noticeable. “Daniel, when are we?” The Reaper seemed to be waiting for him as another tremor sounded. “I don't know, it's a Friday I think.” The Reaper laughed even louder in his gravely voice. A huge grin was visible on his face. “You've made it pretty far in your timeline so far by my guess.” A larger tremor occurred, along with a woman's scream. What's the furthest you've ever made it?” Daniel thought back, then he remembered the furthest he had made it. His heart sank. He ran right past the Reaper right passed the Reaper, who dodged out of his way. “What will you decide to do Daniel? This time it truly is your choice.” Daniel didn't even slow to catch what he had said. He ran back into the auditorium to see what he had only seen once before. Robert was growing, easily 30 feet by now, filling the room with his mass. Margaret was pressed against a far wall, screaming as Robert's quad began to approach her, not that Robert was moving it. Robert himself had his eyes closed and was breathing it all in. The world around hims didn't exist beyond what he could feel. Robert's muscles looked like they themselves were too big for him, despite his immense height. He was no longer wearing any clothes and his penis was enjoying the freedom, not to mention the expansion. It was easily several feet long, and showed no signs that it had reached it's max. Robert's face was hidden in the expanse of the rest of him, but judging by his moans and groans, it was easy to guess how he was feeling. Margaret let out another scream, snapping Daniel out of his stupor. Daniel made a beeline over to her. When he reached the other side of Robert's quad, thicker than either of them was tall, he puzzled over how to get to her. He went over to between Robert's legs. He used any hair that was there, as well as the two wall of muscle to work his way up to the telephone pole of a penis. That helped him up the rest of the way, but did make Robert buck a bit. Daniel was very tempted to stay, but It looked from where he was that Margaret was very likely about to get squished. He licked the penis a little, causing a new tremor to drop a ceiling tile. “Maybe soon big guy.” Daniel tried to balance along the top of his quad, made at least a little easier by the many crevices in his leg muscles. When he reached where Margaret was he reached down a hand and heaved her up on top of Robert. He had probably reached 40', if not 50' tall. They both ran along his body, eventually reaching the head. If Robert had had a neck before, he didn't now as muscles simply collided and in some case bulged out from the bottom of his jaw and hairline. His head was suspended many feet off the ground by his insane back muscles and traps that looked like waves about ready to crash down over his head, and anything unfortunate enough to be there at the time. His eyes opened as they reached the top of his very round chest. He began to lean up, using his arms at either side of the gym to prop him up a little. Margaret and Daniel had to grab onto what was probably a collar bone to keep their balance. Robert laughed at the difficulty, which bounced them around a bit. He was still expanding, now truly filling the gymnasium, able to touch all walls simultaneously. Margaret was in a panic. “What the hell is happening?! Which of you dumbasses is doing this!” Robert laughed more, but stopped when Margaret went tumbling. He picked her up and placed her on part of his shoulder that was flatter. “I was mad at Daniel in another timeline, and just started jumping like crazy, so I guess I'm that dumbass.” Robert's legs began to need to bend in order to fit in the room, though it did appear the growth was slowing. Margaret looked over at Daniel. “Well guess what big guy. You in fact lost the fight so you aren't getting to enjoy this bod.” Margaret walked over to Daniel, and reached into his pocket for the stone. As she pulled it out, she was lifted off of Robert's chest by his hand. “Come on Margaret, do you know how amazing it feels to be this big. I can do anything.” Daniel stood up. “No you can't and you are treating Margaret like a bug. Put her down.” Robert looked over, a little disappointed. Daniel simply looked at him with a stern look which had a little worry to it. Robert put Margaret back down, after which she corrected her clothing. Robert looked back over at Daniel. “I didn't mean to make you feel like you are bugs. You are small though.” Margaret moved over to right in front of him. “A promise is a promise Robert, you are going back. Maybe next time you can go outside for this shit so you don't almost squish me to death!” With that she took the stone bits from the baggie, and dumped them on Rob's chest. She looked as if she wasn't sure this would work. Daniel walked over and knelt over. He put his hand on some of the stones. “I will go with you Rob. I agree I don't think we will be able to do anything, but more people might help.” Dead air hung there as both Robert and Daniel looked over at Margaret. Margaret was now eyeing the rocks that sometimes rolled with the rise and fall of the whole landscape that was Robert. Daniel's hand held them from falling. They may as well have turned into snakes for all Margaret saw. Margaret reached down hesitantly and put her finger on one of the bigger ones. “What if we can't stop him?” Margaret asked, barely escaping her lips, even as a whisper. Robert's massive hand came around, and patted Margaret on the back with one finger, taking up a large sections of her upper back. “If you come, he will stop. He tried so hard to save you time and again. Now it is your turn. You can save him Margaret. It's your desire now. Travel back, and make it happen.” Margaret's eyes watered at Robert's speech. Daniel held out his hand, and Margaret took it. She then closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and the stone she was touching turned green.
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    After a fun weekend on the beach, I had a bit of inspiration and this is the start of what I thought would really just be a short scene type of story. Please forgive the typos, grammatical errors and such as I just needed to get this started and posted... I literally couldn't sleep with this story floating around in my head haha. Hope you enjoy! The Grow Fish Part 1 The weather was perfect. You couldn’t ask for a better day on the beach, and it was the 4th of July no less! The local gay beach would be overrun with guys from LA to San Diego, and as luck would have it, I arrived with my boyfriend early enough to secure a prime spot, just up the sand from the wave tossed water front. This was exactly where you wanted to be to watch all the hot, bathing suit-clad guys as they ran into the water in varying degrees of near nakedness. Yes, today would be the perfect start to another glorious Southern California summer! My boyfriend, Jesse, and I had been dating nearly 7 months. Surprising to both of us, considering our much longer history of chatting on and off on Grindr. It took us practically a year to even meet in the first place. I wasn’t in a hurry to date, enjoying new found freedom from my previous relationship… Ok lets call it what it is: I was being a sex crazed man-whore. And with the body I’d been working on over the past couple years, finding some hot hookups was not a challenge! At just a hair under 6 foot, I’d taken my 32 year old rather average and slightly overweight 215 pound body down to a lean, muscular 185. Not that I let it go to my head, really. I was still a bit modest and unused to the amount of attention I could garner from the thirsty crowd of horny males cluttering the gay apps… all ultimately looking for sex, thinly veiled behind a mask of friendship or gym buds, or whatever line they cared to use. But modesty didn’t stop me from enjoying the reward of my hard work! In contrast, Jesse, was all too happy to give me time and space to explore. Apparently, he saw more in me than one night of fun. We did meet last spring, however, and hit it off epically. What originally started as a few dates turned into a couple months, and some really great sex along the way. While he’s not a buffed up gym rat like myself, he sports a smaller, less muscular 5’7” dancer’s frame. The difference is actually what I find appealing… I get to be the big muscular boyfriend, and he loves appreciating my bigger body and how it feels against his own. Sometimes I'd even noticed him proudly showing off his man to his friends via some of my Instagram photos. Eventually, though, he broke it off, saying I was still unprepared for anything serious. We stayed in touch, and after months with a growing sense of desire for something more concrete and a distaste for all the meaningless sex, I asked him out again. With some obvious trepidation and discussion of what he was truly looking for in this potential relationship, we agreed to make it exclusive. Now, nearly 2 years after our initial online conversation, here we were: madly in love, enjoying the sun, sand, and cleverly disguised drinks of Gatorade and vodka with our close friends, under one of a couple hundred canopies, umbrellas and tents that lined the beach. All that remained was to kick back, and mentally undress the horde of sexy men flaunting their bodies before us, while avoiding eye contact with any previous hookups that I preferred not to have to introduce to Jesse as they walk by. Of course, that didn’t stop a few from making their presence known, along with a handful of friends I actually enjoyed seeing amongst the crowd. A couple hours into the day, I saw a couple from my gym. They are a somewhat oddly paired match once you get to know them a bit, but are the sweetest and truthfully sexiest married couple I know. Hell, they even wanted to have me over one evening for some fun, but schedules never worked out in my favor sadly. Nevertheless, both go by Chris strangely enough, both are nurses, and share the same height of about 5’8”. However, thats where the differences start. While Chris #1 is a fiery and outgoing Latino with a leaner build and a wild streak, Chris #2 is a quiet, reserved Asian guy with a thicker muscular body and a go with the flow personality. I honestly never can quite tell what he’s thinking, he just smiles and lets life happen. We stood a while, catching up on each others lives, talking about how I was doing with Jesse and the new relationship, and other random gossip of the day. Chris #1 continued on about their latest adventures at EDC in Las Vegas and all the fun they had, when suddenly he stopped mid sentence. His eyes grew large, as I could tell his attention was drawn away to something happening beyond our conversation near the water. It wasn’t until his usual effeminate exclamation of “oh my god”, that I turned to see what was happening behind me. A rather large fish (what I thought to be an over grown dolphin) had washed ashore, and had a small group of guys gathering around it. Dolphins aren’t an uncommon sight around our beaches. They’re often seen swimming through the open waters, scaring surfers, and delighting tourists, but I’d never seen one this close, or this large. The group of guys around it seemed to be discussing what to do and how to get it back in the water, when two of them bent down to touch it. What happened next set both of my nurse friends running into action, as I stood there mouth agape. Upon contact, both guys appeared to have been shocked with a sort of electrical discharge and flew several feet back from where they were kneeling. Naturally, this caused the other guys around the creature to quickly retreat, leaving it to suffer further on the wet sand alone. About the time that my two friends reached the two that were unconscious, I snapped out of my stupor and joined them to see how I could help. Latino Chris had reached one of the guys and knelt over him, asking him if he was ok and shaking his shoulder to see if he was responsive. However, his arm recoiled when he grabbed the guy’s shoulder, and he yelled, “Shit! I just got shocked.” He attempted to rouse the guy again, roughly rubbing his chest and once again jerking back from an apparent shock. Asian Chris seemed to be having the same experience as they looked at each other, sitting on the sand next to the bodies and discussed what to do. One victim seemed to be breathing while the other next to my Latino friend either was not breathing at all or it was so shallow it was undetectable. He reached up to his neck to check for a pulse and despite some obvious discomfort from more electrical shock, he determined the guy needed CPR. His husband moved over and started compressions as best he could, while Latino Chris performed the mouth to mouth breathing functions. Both would take a few seconds between their duties to back off, shaking their hands or head and release a few expletives due to the jolts they were taking, then return to action. Not even my own CPR training could have prepared me for something like this. You never actually expect to use it, much less face something so bizarre in the process of trying to save a life. Ultimately, the guy started breathing and shuddered back to life after about a minute of CPR. Coughing, he weakly sat up and put his head between his knees, trying to catch his breath and recover from the trauma. The Chris’s fell back on the sand, breathing heavily from the dramatic experience and rested for a moment. The 2nd victim began to stir as well, and we could breath a sigh of relief that it seemed they would be just fine. After a few moments, I gave my hand to my friends to help them up off the ground. To my surprise both of them shocked me! It felt almost like a quick static discharge and it was done. I shook my hand out and laughed, as I asked them if they were ok. Looking up from my hand I realized, at that moment, I wasn’t looking at the top of their heads like I usually do. Instead, Asian Chris was eye to eye with me, if not slightly higher, and Latino Chris was clearly looking down at both of us from a few inches above. My first response was to look down at the sand, as I must have been standing in a hole or they were on the higher part of the beach as it sloped up from the water. But neither was true, and the odd height difference was just the beginning. In fact, I watched as both of their feet elongated slightly, pushing through the sand a couple inches. Then calve muscles developed, pushing out an inch or two on either side of their legs, followed by their quads. Latino Chris’s growth was even more prominent as his legs exploded with new muscle and size. Large tear drop shapes formed as his quads pulsed bigger, pushing into each other and causing him to adjust his stance significantly. My gaze traveled higher as his cute red, white and blue speedos stretched to its limit both in the back and the front. Already decently endowed (he’d once told me he was just shy of 7.5” downstairs), I saw his suit bulge forward like a water balloon. The top opened slightly as his cock grew in obvious length and girth, competing for space against his enlarging balls. A curved portion of his brown hose like penis pushed up and over the edge of his speedos, the head buried somewhere far below visibility, which just served to accentuate his new size. Even in its current flaccid state, I couldn’t imagine it being anything less than 9 or 10 inches soft and already thicker than any cock I’d ever seen. His abs, which had already been well maintained, began popping into greater definition, the valleys between them etching deeper and deeper by the second. The top row was quickly being eclipsed by a growing shadow casted by pecs which had previously been firm and tight, but were now much fuller and stretching all directions into large manly slabs of meat, and pushing out a couple inches from his chest. While his nipples began pointing downward and tanned areolas growing wider than a half dollar coin, the sides of his pecs were beginning to spill out beyond my view, rubbing against swollen and inflating veiny biceps. Large and growing arms attached to thick, rounded deltoids practically the size of my own head, began to flex in response to the growth being experienced. Unexpectedly, I heard him chuckle, the typical effeminate voice I’d grown accustomed to now gone and replaced with a much deeper rumble. I looked up now, further than before, and stumbled back a step, shocked by how much taller he’d gotten. My eyes were just level with his chin, so I had to guess he was close to 6’6” now, maybe more… a growth of practically 10” in just minutes! His face, sitting above ominously sloping, thick traps, was even more rugged. He’d gone from a cute pretty boy, to gorgeously handsome; a look you could only describe as devastatingly attractive masculinity. A grin formed slowly on his lips as he looked down on me. He was most certainly the new alpha between us and clearly enjoying the revelation as he explored his massive body, and I tried not to pass out myself. To be continued...
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    Wow. One of my favorite stories in a while! 1. Great pacing, gradual and really built up to something. 2. That kind of situation is one I've dreamed about, so it got me really into the story from the start. 3. One of the best sex scenes I've ever read. It was so realistic and very long!