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    This is my new story I've been working on. As usual, I'll be posting it both here and on my "Muscle Addicts Inc" blog. It follows muscle addict, Noah Cook, who is back at his parents in the small town he grew up in over his summer break from uni. A few weeks in he bumps into his old school friend, AJ Jones, who is now a competitive juniour bodybuilder with ridiculously huge arms and massive muscle tits that bulge underneath his work shirt! The pair then start to rekindle their friendship over the course of the summer. This story references every bodybuilder from my "Charlie's Secret" story, so if anyone read that one, you might recognise a few names! I've also been working with a really amazing illustrator who's doing some illustrations of the characters and designs for the story. They're more for my blog, but I'll share here too when they're ready! 😊 AJ & NOAH Prologue I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I saw AJ Jones. It was the first day back at school after the summer holidays. There was a sense of excitement amongst my classmates. Not just because everyone was seeing their friends again, but because, for the first time ever, a new boy was joining our class. I spotted him standing in the middle of the playground looking completely lost. He was shorter and smaller than all of the other boys in my year group. He had brunette hair. Green eyes. And he was nervously chewing on the sleeve of his purple school jumper. I really didn’t know what it was about this boy, but I was transfixed. It felt like the whole world had turned to black and white and he was the only thing left in colour. I knew two things in that moment; that AJ Jones was special, and that I wanted to be his friend. I had no idea at the time just how special he’d end up being. One I've often wondered what goes through the mind of a bodybuilder when he’s standing on stage in competition. Thick slabs of muscle bulging off his frame in every conceivable direction. His obscenely developed body parts like balloons of muscle that have been pumped and blown up to an unreal degree. All shrink wrapped in dick thin skin which struggle to contain the sheer mass underneath. Each body part separated by lines, rips and cuts the majority of humans don’t see on their bodies in a lifetime. His whole body painted dark bronze and polished with oil. Not one single hair below his neckline. Completely naked except for a minuscule, thinly strapped, brightly coloured posing pouch. To some, the most grotesque and horrifying image in the world. To others, the most erotic. So erotic the mere thought, let alone the image, of is enough to cause ejaculation. What must it feel like to be one of the most muscular men on the planet? To look down and see nothing but excessively huge mass? To see two enormous plates of pec muscle hanging over thick, blocky abs which burst through your stomach? To see gigantic sized quads with muscle separation you’d normally only see on images of anatomy charts? And just how big of a rush would it be to flex and show off your superhuman slabs and mounds of muscle as an audience of hundreds before you ogle, marvel and stare at your freakiness? As I lay on my bed with my laptop open in the bedroom I’d grown up in, watching a video of Blaine Holton, one of the biggest and most well known professional bodybuilders in the last five years, flexing on stage in a guest posing spot, all of those questions were running through my mind. What did this absurdly handsome, square jawed, thirty-something American bodybuilder feel when he was standing at the edge of a stage flexing his impossibly huge biceps for a cheering audience of non muscle freaks? Pride at what he’d achieved by pushing his body to unspeakable limits and building his biceps to twenty plus inches? Power at the knowledge that he was the biggest and most muscular man in the room? “Noah …” And what did this two hundred and fifty plus pounds muscle bull think when he cranked out an abs and thighs pose on stage and looked down at his own inhuman physique? Was he freaked out by the mounds of crazily detailed mass staring back at him? Turned on, even, by the bronzed painted lumps and bumps of thick, freakish muscle and shiny, posing trunk covered bulge? Did he ever wonder whether he’d taken his physique too far? Or was he so accustomed to seeing the image of his own huge muscle that he felt absolutely no different to what the average built person saw when they looked down at their body? “No-aaaah …” And just what was going through the mind of one of the world’s best bodybuilders as he walked off the stage and made his way through the audience of fully clothed, average built spectators, hitting poses and flexing his muscles as they gawped and stared and frantically took pictures of the spectacle before them? Did he realise how many of them would have loved to be in his shoes, even for just one minute? Did he wonder how many of the audience members before him would have loved to get their hands on his ridiculously developed muscles? Was he drunk with power, basking in the glory of being a roided out muscle freak? Or was he dying to flee the theatre so he could be all alone and spend the night staring at his own freakish creation in the mirror, whilst squeezing, touching and worshipping every inch of his insanely shredded, beyond human slabs of muscle? “NOAH!” ARGHHHH!! I slammed down the lid of my laptop, sprung off my bed and opened my bedroom door. “WHAT?!” I yelled in frustration. Whenever I went back to my parents, I always resorted back to being a teenager. Wanking off to bodybuilders in my bedroom and shouting at my mother. Often for no, or very little reason. “I just want to ask you something! There’s no need to shout like that!” my mother said calmly from the bottom of the stairs. Five or so years ago I wouldn’t have felt any guilt about shouting at my mother for interrupting me watching a video of a flexing, roided muscle bull in my bedroom. Now, I felt like the world’s biggest dick. “I’m busy!” I replied, my tone deliberately lighter. “Ooooh, you’re always busy,” she groaned. “God knows what you do on that computer!” Hmmm. Wanking off to videos of bodybuilders on YouTube. Wanking off to pictures of bodybuilders on Instagram. Occasionally chatting to other like minded muscle addicts about wanking off to bodybuilders on Twitter. My mum asked me if I’d do her a favour and go to Tesco to pick up a few things for dinner because she had to go to and visit my nan. I said yes, partly because I felt guilty about snapping at her, but also because doing this favour gave me a reason to leave the house. A sense of purpose, even, for the afternoon, which made me feel completely pathetic. “Fancy shouting at your poor mother!” she said. Then she did a pretend sob which I couldn’t help but smile at, even though I was still annoyed that she’d interrupted me watching a video of Blaine Holton strutting through an audience in nothing but his shiny red posers, just as he was cranking out a brutal most muscular in the face of an extremely lucky audience member. I’ve always found it amazing how easily we forget things. And how our memories have a habit of only selecting the positive when thinking about a situation we’re no longer in. In all of the times I thought about spending the summer at my parents, I never once factored in the possibility that they might annoy me, or that I might grow bored. The irony was, I had been looking forward to being back home for a few months. But all I had wanted during those first few weeks of my summer break was to be back in London. Why is almost every place inherently more appealing when we’re not actually there? As I walked into my local Tesco a feeling of dread hit me. I had this sudden, strong intuition that I was going to bump into someone I knew. If it wasn’t someone shopping there, it would probably be one of the workers. When I was in sixth form, half of my year seemed to work there, including my best friend Naomi. Maybe if I tried to avoid eye contact with everyone in a blue Tesco work shirt I’d reduce the risk of having to make small talk with a classmate I never really liked who was also back from university for the summer. Or someone who hadn’t gone to university at all, and had spent the past two years working in a supermarket. Fifteen minutes and no familiar faces later, I was heading towards the self service checkout and that’s when I saw him. Every single secret lover of huge, freaky muscle will be familiar with the incredible rush that comes with seeing a real life bodybuilder in a public setting. It’s such an incredibly surreal and amazing experience. To be walking down the street, or boarding a tube, or even walking down the meat aisle of your local Tesco and be suddenly faced with an excessively built and muscular man. Or even a genuine, bona fide bodybuilder. Exactly like the one I’d suddenly spotted, with his back to me in an extraordinarily tight fitted blue Tesco polo shirt, conversing with a well to do looking elderly woman, who was gawping at the frighteningly muscular lad before her with a look of sheer horror. I couldn’t stop staring at him. Everything but his height was big. His shoulders ridiculously broad, his back absurdly wide and the rear of his upper arms indecently muscular. Even his perfectly round arse looked huge as it struggled to contain the material of his extremely tight, black work trousers. Fuck! I could tell he was young, even from the back. A mini muscle bull in the making. A potential juniour competitive bodybuilder. Working right here in my local fucking Tesco. Practically fucking bursting out of his work uniform. I didn’t think I’d ever been that sexually attracted to the rear image of anyone before. Even the back of his head was hot. With his short graded, light brown hair, which got thicker at the top. And his mini bull neck. GRRRRR! Ridiculously, my heart started to pound as I got closer to, surely, the beefiest shelf stacker in Tesco’s employment history. Once I’d walked past him, I’d be able to conspicuously turn around to catch a glimpse of him from the front. But I didn’t need to, because the woman he was talking to was walking away, and when I was barely a few metres away from him, the potential competitive juniour bodybuilder turned around, my heart leapt into my throat and my stomach violently lurched. Because standing in front of me, now a mini mountain of muscle in a tight fitted Tesco polo shirt, was my old school friend, AJ Jones. “Noah?!” FUCKING HELL! I felt like my legs were going to give way. My mind just couldn’t cope with what was happening. The walls of reality seemed to melting before me, because standing in front of me was a huge and insanely fucking cute bodybuilder with tits which strained through his polo shirt, and a pair of the most enormous and outrageously muscular arms I’d seen on any lad of any age in person. And that bodybuilder just so happened to be one of my old best friends from school. “It’s AJ!” he exclaimed. “Hi!” I nervously replied. “Sorry! I do recognise you. You just look … different!” About a hundred pounds of arms, tits and arse different! AJ smirked. A cocky, adorable and gorgeous grin. To match his oh so gorgeous face. Oh God. How can AJ Jones be gorgeous? How can AJ Jones be a fucking bodybuilder?! “I get that a lot,” he said, nodding and pursing his lips. “I think it’s the hair!” I laughed and he grinned back at me. A warm, nostalgic feeling came over me and, just for a moment, he wasn’t this ridiculously buff muscle boy whose arse I’d not long been checking out. He was AJ, my old friend from school, who I hadn’t spoken to since we’d drifted apart and found new, very different friend groups about seven or eight years ago. “What are you up to now?” AJ asked. “I’m at uni,” I replied, looking at the lucky Tesco name badge sat on his unfathomably thick chest. Ha! I win, I thought. And then immediately I hated myself for thinking that way. “Which uni?” “Goldsmiths, in London. I’m back home for the summer.” “Back in boring Little Denton!” AJ said, playfully rolling his eyes. Boring Little Denton. Where nothing ever happens. Except for the boy who used to eat Tipp-Ex at school growing up to be the type of obscenely muscular, roid munching bodybuilder you regularly blow loads over. Fuck. “Nothing changes much round here!” he added. It was such a ridiculous statement that I couldn’t refrain from making a joke. “No, you look exactly the same as you did at school!” Then it was AJ’s turn to laugh, which made me blush, and feel ever so slightly giddy, because I just made a bodybuilder laugh. A bodybuilder whose upper arms looked about twice as thick as mine. I tried not be obvious, but it was almost impossible to be in such close proximity to a guy that muscular without my eyes veering south of his face. How on Earth had Tesco found a t-shirt to fit AJ? Not that it had fit. One single most muscular and his tits would have probably ripped straight through the material. And his arms. Fucking hell those arms. What did those biceps look like flexed, either side of his absurdly cute face? He hadn’t stayed on for the sixth form, so I hadn’t seen him for four years. I hadn’t even heard about him. He definitely hadn’t been working at Tesco at the same time Naomi had because she would have mentioned it. What had AJ been doing in the past four years that had caused such an extreme transformation? Presumably, spending an enormous amount of time in the gym, consuming a shit load of calories and probably taking a course of steroids, or two. Maybe I hadn’t won after all. Because he looked like THAT, and I looked like, well, me. I had one physical advantage over AJ, though. The same one I’d always had, even when we were younger. I was about four inches taller in height than him. He’d always been short. Right from that very first time I’d spotted him in the school playground, right up until the time he’d left school at sixteen. Maybe he was on a mission to be as wide as he was tall? At this rate, he’d probably succeed. He’d be ripping up the stage with the likes of Tommy “The Tank” Foster and all of the other notoriously short but stacked 212 class competing bodybuilders in no time. AJ Jones. A flexing bodybuilder. Seriously, what kind of cosmic, fucked up shit was going on? “AJ! Can you jump on till seven please?” A hard faced and slightly scary looking woman had interrupted us. AJ pulled a face as she walked away. “I’d better go!” he said. My heart sank. This couldn’t be it. Surely, the universe wouldn’t give me something so mind bogglingly amazing and then just swipe it away from me less than five minutes later? “Good to see you again, mate!” AJ said, with a genuine warmth. Ask for his number! Just ask for his number, I thought. But I couldn’t. It didn’t feel appropriate. And so, I watched AJ Jones walk away with an ever so slight waddle, his thighs visibly thick under his work trousers, his back impossibly broad, and his arse so big and beefy it bordered on obscene. AJ Jones, the bodybuilder. AJ Jones, my old friend from school. AJ Jones, who used to eat fucking Tipp-Ex.
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    Three A panic like no other shot through me when I opened up AJ Jones’ Facebook profile on the train full of passengers. Because staring back at me was a picture of a shredded bodybuilder, covered in bronzed competition tan, standing on stage in nothing but a pair of shiny lime, green posing trunks and cranking out a crab most muscular pose with his mouth cheekily wide open. FUCKING HELL. I shiftily glanced around. The woman sitting next to me was too engrossed in her own phone to have spotted the picture of the grotesque looking muscle freak that had just popped up on my screen. Phew. Panic over. But then something else set in. Excitement. Adrenaline. Bewilderment. Because, as expected earlier that day, AJ Jones, who wanted to be my friend on Facebook, was a competitive bodybuilder. Oh my fucking GOD. And I was dying. BURSTING, in fact, to see his profile picture again. I wanted every single person in the train carriage to fuck the fuck off so I could look at the image that was imprinted on my brain. That muscle. The attitude. The shiny lime green trunks. FUCK. It felt like the longest train journey ever, but when I was finally home and in the comfort of my own bedroom, I was able to see the picture again in all it’s otherworldly glory. I almost couldn’t believe what I was looking at. AJ Jones, my old friend from school, on stage at a bodybuilding show, flexing his muscles and cranking up the ‘tude in a pair of the nastiest posing trunks imaginable. As I fully delved into AJ’s Facebook page I discovered a whole host of amazing pictures. AJ flexing backstage with various other shredded freaks in competition tan, cheeky bathroom selfies he’d taken while flexing and holiday snaps of him, either topless or bulging out of tiny vests. But none were as surreal or incredible as the various pictures of AJ on stage showing off his shockingly shredded, mass packed physique. Brutally huge, round boulder shoulders, outrageous sized biceps, brilliantly detailed quads, gorgeous shaped tummy popping abdominals, a pair of the thickest, chest popping muscle tits and a set of obscenely developed, beautifully round glutes barely contained by the shiny material of his posers all stared up at from my laptop screen. He really was a like a mini Mr Olympia in the making. And the ‘tude. Fucking HELL the ‘tude. AJ always had a fun, cheeky, mischievous side when we’d been friends at school. That had evidently resulted in AJ The Bodybuilder being a cocky as fuck poser on stage, pulling cheeky, animated facial expressions with every single pose he hit. If his mouth wasn’t arrogantly wide open, a huge, proud and admittedly gorgeous grin was plastered on his scrunched to buggery face. His tongue even made an appearance in a few cheeky shots. As I looked at a picture of him hitting a front lat spread on stage while outrageously pulling up the straps of his shiny, lime green posing trunks, his whole gloriously bronzed painted body shredded and bulging with thick, developed mass and his lips pursed into an arrogant expression, I completely forgot that I was looking at a guy I used to have sleepovers with. I was just looking at an insanely hot, shredded bodybuilder flexing his muscles on stage. And, like the majority of times I look at shredded, flexing bodybuilders, I was rock hard and insanely turned on. I couldn’t stop myself. I had to wank off. I needed to spunk a load to the cocky, roided up muscle freak on my laptop screen, who’d transformed and moulded his physique to become something barely human. And so I looked at his astonishing beef. The crazy veins snaking down his arms. His rock hard, gorgeous shaped ab blocks. His thick tits jumping up to his chin. Those insane fucking quads. That shiny, lime green poser bulge. That absurdly hot expression on this impossibly cute face. And I came. Fucking HELL did I cum. The most tremendous load in my boxers. FUCK YEAH! And then? Panic. Guilt. A slight feeling of wrongness. Because I’d just spunked off to AJ fucking Jones! What the FUCK?! What would he think if he knew? Surely he’d be weirded out. We were friends once. And now I was wanking off over a picture of him on the Internet. When I woke up the next morning, sober, but my head still thick and cloudy, I was considerably kinder to myself about the whole situation. So we were friends at school? Well, now he’s a fucking bodybuilder, I reasoned, and an obscenely hot one at that. What kind of muscle addict would I be if I hadn’t been turned on by him flexing on stage with his poser straps pulled up? Still, I vowed to not wank off over AJ again. It was a relatively easy task. Even if I did get a hard on every time I even thought about AJ’s pictures. Which was a lot in the days which followed. Every now and then I would take a sneaky peek at his profile again. I even wondered whether he’d message me. “Good to see you the other day, mate. Hey, here’s an idea. Wanna come round to my house and watch me flex in my shiny, lime green posing trunks? Cheeky, cocky facial expressions and all!” Pant pant fucking pant! He didn’t message me, of course. Because why would he? I was just an old school friend he’d bumped into one day at work. I probably rarely factored into his thoughts at all. My encounter with AJ had sparked something else in me, though. That overwhelming desire to be a bodybuilder had subsided, but I was suddenly both eager and motivated to join the gym again. I had been so good at going during my first year of university, but then I’d come home for the summer and I’d just slipped out of the habit. But this summer would be different. It was the perfect time to get back into it again. The Little Denton Leisure Centre probably didn’t have the best of gyms, but it was both cheap, and within walking distance of my parents’ house, so it would have to do. As I was rushing to get ready on the morning of my induction to the gym, I received a text from Naomi. “OH MY GOD! I just saw AJ Jones on your Facebook. I can’t believe that’s him!!” I smiled instantly when I read it. I hadn’t wanted to share our encounter with Naomi the previous Friday, but I was suddenly keen to talk about it. “I KNOW!! I actually bumped into him in Tesco. He works there now and he’s huge! It’s fucking bonkers.” Three dots appeared on my phone to tell me she was replying. “Really? Haha! I bet you had a right perv. He’s just up your street.” Ridiculously I blushed, but I loved how up front she was. As always. I became friends with Naomi not long after AJ and I drifted apart at school. When you’ve been friends with someone for that long you can pretty much say anything to them. “Hmmm. I guess he has gotten kinda hot.” And then I sent my favourite emoji. The cheeky looking one with the one eye closed and tongue sticking out. If AJ were an emoji, he’d definitely be that one. Three dots. “I know you too well.” And suddenly I missed Naomi like hell. I completely understood why she’d stayed in Brighton over the summer but there was no question the following two and half months would have been a lot more bearable if she had decided to come back to Little Denton like me. Sure, there were a couple of my school friends also back home for the summer who I’d already met up with once or twice, and I obviously now had my potential new gay friend Eddie to hang out with, but none of them could really compare to Naomi. None of them really knew me like she did. Our texts had also made me feel a lot better about the AJ situation. More specifically, my new found, overwhelming attraction for a boy who’d decided to transform himself into the kind of shredded muscle freak I’d been going nuts over for years. I hadn’t been to the Little Denton Leisure Centre since I was a kid. And yet, as soon as I walked in, the strong scent of chlorine was so familiar that it felt like I’d only been in there the day before. I informed the guy at reception (a rather fit and slightly beefy looking lad in a tight, black, work t-shirt) that I was there for my gym induction. He gave me a form to fill out, told me to take a seat and that someone would be with me shortly. The form asked me what my goals were for joining the gym. I ticked “To build muscle” and “Improve fitness level” and wondered why there was no option for “To become a shredded muscle freak and stand on stage flexing in shiny, lime green posing trunks”. I was so engrossed that I hadn’t notice the person I was waiting for had arrived and was now stood over me. “Alright, Noah!” OH MY FUCKING GOD! I recognised his voice instantly. I looked up and was suddenly right back in the meat aisle of Tesco. The walls of reality melting away, my mind racing, adrenaline pulsating through my body and strongly suspecting that I may never be in the presence of a human being so incredibly hot again. Beaming down at me with that oh-so familiar and gorgeous grin, his obscenely developed upper body bulging out of a similar black t-shirt to the one the guy on reception was wearing, was the junior competitive bodybuilder whose picture I’d wanked off to just five nights before and who I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about since.
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    Chapter 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14262-the-librarian/ Chapter 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14459-the-librarian-chapter-2/ Chapter 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14606-the-librarian-chapter-3/ Chapter 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15004-the-librarian-chapter-4/ Chapter 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15434-the-librarian-chapter-5/ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Time for a dirty chapter 😈 Chapter 6 Austin used his connections to secure an open penthouse room and the soon the pair were walking into a spacious suite. Tom was thoroughly impressed. “Wow, this room is awesome. I love the giant tub in the middle of the the room.” “Oh yeah big man, I hope we can spend some time in there together later tonight.” Austin walked up to Tom, wrapped his arms around the large man and the two furiously made out. Hands and arms explored the tight clothes and bulging muscles, slipping inside the garments and feeling taught skin pulled over large hardened mounds of sinew. Tom leaned down to kiss the shorter man and his long tongue explored the younger stud's hot mouth. Austin seemed to melt into the larger man's torso. After what seemed like an eternity Austin pushed him away. “If we don't slow down I'm going to blow just from making out with the hottest dude I've ever seen.” The compliment made Tom glow with pride. He subtly flexed forcing the fabric of his clothes even tighter, something Austin noticed. “Tom, you looked so huge and pumped. C'mon man. Now that we're alone, let's see some real flexing. Put some REAL muscle into it!” Tom smirked at his new friend. “Sure, buddy. I would love to show you these big muscles of mine. But first, you show me yours. I'm going to sit on the bed and you show me what you got.” Now it was Austin's turn to smirk. “Ok, big man. Sit yourself down and observe.” With a slight sashay as he stepped towards Tom, Austin began reaching down to grab the bottom of his shirt. He slowly lifted the shirt up to his pectorals, revealing a deep cut six pack. Tom's mouth fell open as he gazed upon the tanned, etched-in-stone abdominal muscles. “Oh, does the big bodybuilder like my fitness model abs? Watch when I actually FLEX them!” Seemingly impossible, the stud's abs seemed to become even more pronounced. Tom couldn't help it and reached out his big hand to feel the bumps and ridges and deep gaps in between the muscles. As Tom pulled back Austin lifted the shirt up and over his head and tossed it aside. Tom couldn't help but praise the view. Austin's body was spectacular. His muscles were not bodybuilder-sized, but he looked like a fitness model who had decided to do some extra pumping up. Smooth, golden, unblemished skin and deeply etched muscles filled his vision. The man was fitness perfection. “Wow, Austin. You have an amazing body. I can't believe you only weigh 185 lbs, you look so much bigger.” “It's my low bodyfat percentage. Makes my muscles appear larger than they are. Perfect for pleasing giant sexy muscle men like yourself.” “Oh yeah, buddy. This giant muscle man is definitely pleased. Now strip out of those shorts, boy!” “YES SIR!” Austin playfully replied, undid his double D ring belt, undid his fly and slid down the cargo shorts, leaving him in a small strained pair of green Aussiebum briefs. Of course, the sight of the bodybuilder sitting the bed nearly bulging out of his clothes meant his own manhood was nearly bulging out of his briefs. The young man's leg muscles were revealed and they were just as perfect as his upper body. Tom groaned and palmed his own massive bulged as the Austin stepped out of his shorts. “HEY BIG MAN! Hands off that!” Tom smirked, “Heh heh, little buddy. You can't make me do anything...but for you I'll stop since you are so cute.” Austin sniggered, stepped forward and began to give Tom a lap dance. It was obvious Austin knew how to dance and Tom wondered if perhaps the young man had at one point supplemented his income with some stripping. He fluidly ground his tight butt onto Tom's crotch as he reached ahead and felt up the larger mans pecs and arms. He leaned forward and continued their make-out session from earlier. Soon, Austin's own impressive 7.5” cock was sticking up from the waistband of this A-bums. Tom growled in pleasure. “Oh fuck, Austin, that feels so good.” “Not half as good as the way you are making me feel. Cripes, how fucking BIG is that log digging into my ass?” Tom GROWLED, wrapped his arms around Austin and stood, lifting the younger man with him. He twisted around and threw Austin onto the bed. The sudden activity surprised and then thrilled the pumped fitness model, who lifted himself onto his elbows and gazed upon the massive librarian. “Fuck yeah you are one strong stud. Please show me that body, Tom. I HAVE to see those muscles, I can't stand it any longer. Shit! I can see the outline of that huge cock snaking down your right leg! It's so huge! But first, start up top, BIG MAN. C'mon, stud, those clothes are just aching to burst off. Finish what you started earlier, flex out of those clothes!” Tom stood there soaking up the words of the young man. It may have been the combination of the extra scoop of growth powder he took before he headed out and his raging libido, but somehow he just knew it was possible. He held up his arms slightly and looked at his forearms, veinier than he had ever seen them. A couple of the larger veins looked to be as thick as pencils. He glared back at Austin. “You want to see me flex, little buddy? You want to see these big muscles? “Fuck yeah. Show me, please. I beg you.” Austin began fingering the exposed portion of this cock. “HANDS OFF LITTLE MAN.” Tom growled, echoing the smaller man's demand from earlier. Austin flinched and eagerly complied, loving the larger man taking charge. Tom slowly brought his arms up and flexed. The massive muscles of his biceps and triceps filled the sleeves, but they held on. Tom went on to perform a posing routine, mimicking the bodybuilders he had spent hours watching on Youtube. His posing was amateurish, but it only endeared himself to Austin who thought to himself that Tom was so huge and muscular that even with an unrefined posing routine he could easily win a regional bodybuilding show simply due to his size and conditioning. As the posing routine continued Tom felt his already warm body heat up. His blood was pumping furiously into each muscle with each flex, filling them with more size. His delts bulged outward. His traps seemed to rise. His pecs pressed even harder against the front of his maroon shirt. As he flexed his quads, the pumping leg muscle only pressed the big dick even harder against the fabric, so hard it was almost painful. Tom could feel it. It was subtle. Subtle enough that he figured Austin wouldn't notice, but he knew it was happening. He wasn't just getting a pump on with his gritted flexing. His muscles were growing. Austin watched with rapt attention, his own lower abs now smeared in a precum at the spectacular muscle show he was being given as his energized tumescence dripped. Sweat began to saturate Tom's clothes. Tom clenched his teeth and flexed a titanic abs-and-thighs pose. That was when the first tearing occurred. Both men looked down to spot the source of the noise. They both see that his legs had ripped his shorts! A seven inch gap had opened up vertically long the wide outer sweep of both legs. “FUCK YEAH! MORE!” Tom roared in pleasure. He reached down and finished the job, grabbing each pant leg and yanking outward, easily ripping the now ruined shorts completely off. “OH MY GOD!” Austin yelled as he gazed upon the massive legs. The type of legs you see at a Mr. Olympia show, maybe even bigger and harder! But the thing that most caught his eye... Tom too was wearing Aussiebums, a bulging red pair. Although his own red briefs were far to brief fohis manhood. Tom's cock was poking out the right leg of the briefs and held against the incredible thigh. Austin gazed upon the massive pouch, still obscenely bulging from his lemon-sized testicles even though a big chunk of his cock was exposed. “Tom, it's so fucking big! Holy shit!” “Oh yeah, I'm big all over, little buddy! And guess what, I'm only about HALF HARD! HAHA!” Austin moaned as he pumped out more pre onto his abs. He had to close his eyes and grit his teeth to fend off blowing right there. He regained control and opened his eyes to see Tom grinning back at him. “Shall we continue?” “Ye...ye...yes, please,” Austin panted. Tom resumed the posing routine, focusing on his upper body now. Side chest pose. Most muscular. Back double biceps, he felt his already massive pump seem to pump onto itself. It was time. Tom gritted his teeth and growled something fierce, slowly bringing each arm up into a super-powered front doubled biceps. “GRRRRR YEAHHHHHHH!” Simultaneously both peaks exploded the sleeves. Tom unflexed and re-flexed the biceps again, opening up the tear further. Suddenly the sound of more tearing filled the room. Tom felt a coolness near his armpits. Underneath the enormous arms, Tom's lats had exploded out of the side revealing thick tanned back muscle. “FUCK YEAH! I'M GETTING SO HUGE! LOOK AT ALL THIS MUSCLE!” Austin watched, mouth agape, yet incredibly turned on. “SO HUGE TOM! You are a muscle monster. C'mon big man, finish off that tiny shirt! It can't hold those titanic muscles! Show me a lat spread!” Tom whipped around and gave Austin a back lat spread. His back widened...and widened...and when Austin thought it could not widen any more, it did! Another deafening rip exploded along the vertical ridge of Tom's erector muscles. Both men shouted in excitement. Tom turned back around. Austin looked down to see Tom's cock even thicker and longer, he had to be at or near full erection, as the massive dong reached even further down his gigantic leg. Tom then flexed his right leg, then his left leg. Then with another sneer he flexed both his legs muscles AND his kegel muscle. His thighs suddenly ballooned and his massive cock shot upward, disintegrating the sexy underwear! A “thwack” was heard has his bulbous cockhead flopped upward and smacked against the third row of his abs, smearing the shirt that was hanging on, just barely so. “Please, Tom. Rip off that shirt. I need to those pecs, those delts, those abs. Please!” Austin begged the bodybuilding librarian. With the shirt no longer taught against his pec due to the tear in back, Tom reached up both hands and grabbed the neck of the doomed shirt. He slowly began to pull outward. He was so strong that he didn't need a forceful yank, a slow and steady pull would do the job. A tear formed at the nect and began to extend downward. Huge, massive, pumped pecs and royal gorge in between began to come into view. Then row by row of eight pack abdominals. Finally Tom sped up the motion and completely ripped the shirt off, leaving his entire godly torso exposed. He growled one more time and crouched down into a most muscular pose, veins exploded all over this body from effort. Tom could feel ALL his muscles expand another ½ inch to one inch in size. Austin could take not more. Without even touching himself, just the sight of Tom's herculean flexing body caused his cock to explode a gob of semen onto his chest. The sight of the hot young man blowing and his own growing muscles caused Tom to blow too. Only Tom's explosion was more like a high pressure hose. It shot out and joined Austin's own cum on his torso, easily eclipsing the younger man's volume. Three, four, five more jets of jizz launched out and covered the young stud in front of Tom. Tom caught his breath, stepped forward and lowered himself onto the smaller man, their cum smearing their muscular torsos. Austin could feel his body being pressed deeply into the mattress from the muscular weight, a feeling that caused his cock to twitch again. “Tom, fuck that was amazing. You were flexing so hard, getting all pumped and huge I swear you look bigger. I've never blown from not even touching myself!” Tom chuckled, his deep voice rumbling through his chest and into Austin's. “It was a good pump for sure.” Tom leaned forward and sensuously kissed Austin. “Well, little buddy, I hope you are up for more?” Austin grinned like a Cheshire cat. “Oh yeah, big man. The night is young!” ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A few minutes later the two enjoyed a nice warm shower together with plenty of sudsy muscle fun. The two hot men dried themselves off in front of the large mirror. Once dry, Tom hung his towel up leaving him fresh, dry and naked. “Wow. Just...wow, Tom. You look even bigger completely naked than you do with clothes on. And you looked pretty damn huge when I first saw you. How much do you weigh?” “Honestly not sure. I know the last time I weighed myself I was about 260 but I've making some great gain lately.” Tom purposely omitted the fact that the last time he weighed himself was just a couple of days ago at the Dr.'s office. “Well these suites come with everything, there's a scale under the sink, how about we find out?” Tom chuckled as his naked friend slid the fancy electronic scale out. He stepped on. “Shit, dude. I'd say you've made some gains. You are 280!” Tom closed his yes as blood began to flow back into his massive soft cock. In just two days he had packed on another 20 lbs. He wondered how much of that came just from his intense flexing session with Austin. The ripped 20-something drooled as the massive dick grew. “Geezes, you are just all man. Pure manhood. Huge everywhere! So sexy.” Austin got on his knees and began to worship the still growing phallus. He used his hands to massage the lemon-sized testicles while his tongue slicked up the sides of the shaft. Finally, before the cock grew too massive he swallowed as much of it as he could. Austin considered himself to be an expert cocksucker, but even he had his limits. Once titanic Tom has reached full hardness he could only get about 2/3 of the fat salami down his throat. Tom moaned in pleasure. “Oh yeah, Austin. Suck that fat cock. Is it the biggest cock you've ever seen?” “Mmmm hmmmm.” “Fuck, your vibrating voice feels so good. C'mon man, I know it's huge. Bigger than any man you've ever seen. Take as much of it as you can. Use your hands to work the part you can't swallow. Therrrrrrre you go. Good man.” Tom watched his godly physique in the mirror. He gave himself a double biceps pose and popped his pecs, admiring his size. He was now looking like a contest shape pro bodybuilder, only much leaner and no sign of any roidgut. He was nearing muscular perfection. He rubbed each of his nipples for extra stimulation, causing his dick to swell even more and gagging Austin in the process. Austin blew Tom for another 10 minutes before he pulled off. “My god Tom, just how fucking BIG is this thing? My jaw is sore! I could grab it with three of my hands! It's gotta be closing in on a foot. And so THICK too. Look, my fingers are nowhere near to touching when I try to encircle it.” “I guess I'm just blessed down there. Always have been.” Austin grinned and stood up and gave big Tom a deep kiss. He reached down and grabbed Tom's cock and led him from the bathroom to the bedroom. “I can't wait any longer, Tom. Put that big dick in me.” Tom hesitated for just a second, something Austin noticed. “What's the matter big guy? I got some condoms when we checked in. I made sure to get the Magnum XXLs so we're all set.” “I know, I'm sorry Austin. It's just...um. I haven't really done this before.” “Hey man, no worries. I'm not going to be one of those clingy guys. This is just two jacked guys enjoying each others bodies, inside and out. If you have a boyfriend or husband...or a wife or girlfriend...you don't have to tell me-” “It's not that. It's. Well, I'm sort of a virgin you could say.” Austin stared at Tom stunned. “What?!? How? Fuck man, you are the hottest guy I've ever seen! I'm sorry, that was insensitive. But you've never had sex?” “Never with a man.” Austin relaxed. “Oh. You are a GAY virgin. Ok that's a little more believable, though hardly! Dude, you could seriously have ANY man you want. Well, big stud, I would feel honored if I can be your first fuck.” Austin and Tom made out some more. Austin was a master at teasing Tom's huge body. Licking his nipples, pecs, his biceps. Teasing his cock and balls with his hands while in the process. He once again grabbed Tom by the cock and pulled him to the bed. He ripped open one the giant condoms and slid it onto the incredible shaft. Tom was amazed at how TIGHT the max sized sheath was, which only excited him more thinking about how he was growing all over. “Ok, big man. I need you to listen closely. I want you to fuck me with that huge cock of yours, but you are so damn big I need you to be careful. You could hurt someone with that giant fuckstick if you aren't careful. So please, take it slow with me ok?” “Will do, handsome.” Austin used extra lube to slick up the massive shaft and his own hole. He laid back on the bed and put his heels up on Tom's shoulders. “Ok Tom. For the love of god, please go slow.” Tom could sense the young stud was nervous. He lined up the plus sized head of his cock with Austin's hole. This was it. Decades in the closet and Tom was finally going to have sex with another man. And not just any man, another sexy muscle stud. Tom pressed against Austin. It wouldn't budge. He added more force, feeling his hard cock press back against his pubis. Worried that his cock would bend in half Tom reach down to the hold the middle of the shaft steady, admiring how thick it felt in his hands. With another shove the head popped in. Austin's face contorted in pain and Tom stopped with the head just inside. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Fuck. SHIIIIT! It's sooo BIG! OW. Hold on big man, give me time to adjust. Holy moley. Okay. Okay...give me just a bit more... FUUUUUUUCKK!” Tom shoved in another couple of inches. He was now in far enough that he himself was feeling the intense pleasure form Austin warm tightness. So much tighter than any woman he had ever been with. Tom moaned in pleasure. It took every once of muscular strength he had not to shove all the way in, it felt so damn good. Tom opened his eyes and looked down at Tom. When he was sure Austin was ready Tom shoved in another couple of inches. Austin's face contorted again but not as much this time. It seemed Austin was becoming used to the intruding member and starting to find it pleasurable as well, which Tom noticed. Taking his cure, he took the lead. “Oh yeah, Austin. Feel that big dick in you. I know, it's so damn big, just like my chest, biceps, quads, back, dels...EVERYTHING. How about another inch or two... UHHHHH, there we go. You are doing so well at taking my giant man cock. Fuck you are so tight!” “Fuck! I've never felt so filled in my life. And I know there is more to go. My body is shuddering all over. You are such a stud. Give me a couple more. OOHHHH YES! FUCK! SO GOOD! FUCK ME TOM!” Austin grabbed the bed in his wrists and pulled with all his might. Tom then began to retract his inches and slide them back in, fucking the tight fitness model below him. In and out he went as Austin praised his huge cock, his huge muscles, his handsome face. As he thrust he slowly went deeper and deeper, sending Austin into a quivering frenzy with each new record insertion. Tom own muscles spasmed and flexed as lightning bolts of orgasmic pleasure electrocuted his body. “I'm ready, Tom. Go all in! Show me your muscle power!” With deep grunt Tom let his 280 lbs body lean forward fully into Austin. He was in balls deep and both men screamed at the sensation. “FUCK ME TOM! RAM IT IN ME!” Austin shouted and Tom began to pile drive the young stud. He pistoned in and out. His quadriceps exploded into deep cut musculature and his enormous glutes flexed as he brought the massive head all the way to the opening and shoved nearly a foot of muscle cock back into Austin. Over and over. As Tom held Austin's ankles sweat dripped off his erect nipples onto Austin's abs like a leaky faucet. “FLEX FOR ME TOM!!” With one monstrous shove that banged the bed against the wall, Tom sank himself as deep as he could into Austin and threw up a titanic double biceps pose. “FUCK YEAH STUD! WELL OVER TWENTY INCHES OF BODYBUILDER STUD!” Both men EXPLODED in orgasm at the same time. Austin's own dick unloaded a sloppy load into the grooves on his abs. Tom continued to slightly thrust as he filled the condom. He hoped the rubber had a big enough reservoir to contain his uber sized load. Finally, after what seemed like five minutes of endless orgasm. Tom leaned forward, rested his giant chest onto Austins and gave him a deep, romantic kiss. “Tom, thank you. That was amazing. I'm sure that no man will be ever to fuck me like that again. I hope you enjoyed yourself, stud.” “Oh I did, little buddy. In fact, I'm up for some more fun if you are willing.” Tom felt Austin's mouth widen into a smile even as he kissed him, knowing that this wild night was far from over.
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    Plus Shipping and Handling Todd and Kevin were in Kevin's room reading his latest comic. The ad: 'Tired of being small? Do bullies kick sand in your face? Do the girls laugh at your scrawny physique? Well no more! For just $9.99, plus shipping and handling, we will make your dreams come true!" Underneath was a drawing of a skinny dude and in the next frame he was shirtless and flexing his large arms with girls hugging him and jealous guys standing at a distance. Kevin laughed, "What a joke! Do they really think people are going to go for this?" Todd shrugged, "It doesn't cost much and wouldn't it be cool to be a little bigger? You've seen Jeff at school. He was puny 2 years ago as a freshman and now he's a monster." "Not from a comic book ad, doofus, since he started here he has been lifting every day sometimes twice a day and I think he's on the juice now." Todd blushed, "Seriously? Where did he get it? He'll get caught and thrown out!" The school was very strict: "ZERO TOLERANCE! No illegal substances will be consumed or injected or utilized in any fashion while a student at Midfield State!" Kevin stared at Todd, "Dude! No one enforces that. They only use that to shut down parties and shit!" "I might send them 10 bucks and just see what happens. What can it hurt?" "Plus shipping and handling. Then they ship you nothing and they make off with your money and you are coming to my dorm begging me to buy you food. That is what it can hurt!" Todd wasn't giving in that easily, "Kev, you always said you wanted to be a bodybuilder and I think that would be cool, too. Let me borrow this comic and send off for this. If it is nothing, then I buy you dinner. If it turns out to be something then....then...." He paused thoughtfully. "Then what? I buy you dinner?" "Not so fast. I will need to think on it. Especially if I get bigger and you just get jealous." Kevin playfully punched Todd, "Yeah, until then I get to hit you. But sure." Todd grabbed the comic then Kevin put his hand up, "Hold on a minute. That is a Captain Silverback #1, mint condition, so don't cut it. Just make a copy and send in the copy of the form. Ok? If you ruin my magazine, then I will seriously hurt you." Todd nodded and smiled. TWO WEEKS LATER: Todd jerked awake. The banging started again. He staggered to the door still half asleep and popped it open. Kevin was standing there in sweatpants and a T-shirt smiling then he got a look of mock horror on his face pointing at Todd's crotch. "Whoa! I surrender! Put the cannon away!" Todd slept nude and had a 9" boner sticking up. "Shut it. Just get in here" Kevin sniggered and moved into the room as Todd crawled back under the covers. "Two weeks was what they said. Today is the day and you got nothing! Those guys took your money!" Todd sleepily opened an eye and looked at his clock, "It is 7 AM on a Saturday morning. Mail hasn't even been delivered, probably won't come until 2 or 3. So that means you can get out of here, and I can go back to sleep." "Uh uh, no way. Did you forget?" "Forget what?" "We agreed that no matter what happened with that ad, that we were going to start lifting today. So...." with a dramatic flourish, Kevin jerked the covers off of the bed, "Get your tired ass up! Go do something with the snake monster there and get dressed. Time to get big!" Todd curled into a ball with his back to Kevin, "Fuck you" "Ha ha! You wish!" He smacked Todd's bare ass leaving a large red hand print. "Ow! Shit! Stop!" Todd started to laugh but was interrupted by a loud bang on the door. Todd sighed, "What the hell with this early morning door shit! Go see who it is since you are so awake and dressed" Kevin shrugged and moved towards the door, Todd reached down to the floor and pulled the cover back up. Kevin opened the door and looked out. No one was there. He started to close the door again, then spotted a small square package on the floor. The address simply read: Todd Hogan Midfield State Dorm 27 Room 414 He picked it up. Shook it. Then brought it in and closed the door. He glanced over and saw that Todd had completely covered himself up. "Hey!" Nothing "Hey! Doofus! You got a package!" From under the covers came a muffled, "Snot time for mail. shutup" Kevin pulled the covers back again to an angry , "Stop!" from Todd "You.Have.A.Package!" Kevin held it up. Todd sat up looking confused. "Well, go ahead open it. Maybe it is your 'dream come true'" Todd turned the package over in his hands glanced puzzled at Kevin. Shrugged. Then began to tear at the wrapping. The box inside was brown with a picture out of a sci-fi movie. A man held a 1950s style ray-gun pointing it at a muscular man, with yellow lines to indicate rays coming from the gun. The label read "The Bodybuilder Ray Gun. One shot from this gun will make you the envy of everyone you meet. No returns, refunds, or guarantees" Kevin started laughing hard, "A bodybuilder ray gun? You have got to be joking! That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of!" Kevin was wiping tears from his eyes as Todd carefully opened the box. The disappointment was evident on his face and when he saw what was inside, his face fell even further. Kevin guffawed. "Oh my God! It is a plastic toy! Does it make sounds too??? Pew! pew! pew pew! Oh my God!" Inside was a brightly colored thing that looked just like the plastic toys that you can find at Wal-Mart. A large red trigger and a yellow bulbous body with what looked like a pointer at one end and green rings. Then an antenna device sticking up from the top. It was about 4" long and weighed all of 3 ounces. Todd sat up in his bed, even his boner had started to droop in disappointment. Kevin stood in the middle of the room, still laughing. "I guess you owe me dinner and I want a steak dinner tonight, bucko!" Todd wasn't even listening. He lifted the thing out of the box to see if maybe there was something else there and hoped it was just a gag gift. He turned it over and over. Looked at the bottom where a plastic seam ran all the way along the length of the tube. He shook it and there was a loose rattle inside. "And it is broken on arrival as well, " Todd said in disappointment. Kevin realized his friend was really hurt and stopped laughing for a moment, "Dude. I'm sorry I made fun of you. It was only 10 bucks." "Plus shipping and handling". He was still feeling the plastic seam and flipping the thing around. "Look I can split it with you, probably around 8 bucks a piece to cover everything. Sound good?" Kevin started to take his wallet out, when Todd touched the trigger and a yellow ray shot silently out of the end and hit Kevin right in the stomach. In a panic Todd let go, but the ray continued for another 15 seconds or so. Kevin yelled, "What the fuck? What did that just do?" Todd looked startled, "I don't know! I'm sorry. I thought it was just plastic and would make a noise or something. Did it hurt?" Kevin was rubbing his stomach where the ray seemed to hit him. "Not really. Just kind of warm for a moment. Be careful with that....ugh...oh shit" Todd stood up in alarm as Kevin's eyes rolled back and almost closed and he shuddered. "You ok, man?" Kevin was breathing hard, "Yeah! Fuck yeah! I feel really good!" Todd looked down and noticed that Kevin's sweat pants were tenting out. Todd pointed, "Dude, seriously?" Kevin smiled and took more deep breaths, "Yeah. I feel awesome....ugh" another spasm passed through him. Todd grew even more concerned then gasped, "What's happening to you, bro?" It looked like very slowly, Kevin was filling up with air under his clothes. Kevin took several gulps of air, and smiled as his dick became very prominent through his sweatpants. "I....(breath)...I think I'm turning into...(breath)....a bodybuilder" And he grinned. Todd stared, Kevin's arms weren't just sticks anymore. There was a vein running down each one and the T-shirt was beginning to stretch out. Kevin's 5'7" frame was actually starting to swell up. Kevin looked at Todd with a shit eating grin on his face as he felt his clothes grow tighter. He gulped more air, then said "I feel so fucking strong" Where his flat chest had been two pecs were beginning to push out against his shirt. Kevin laughed suddenly, "You like this, don't you!" Todd's 9" boner was at full mast again and no way to hide it, so he just said, "Yeah, bro. Looks like you enjoy it, too" Kevin shuddered again as his back began to spread out pushing his thickening arms away from his sides. There was a loud pop and the side of one leg of his sweats burst apart. his legs had swollen so large that they couldn't be contained any longer. Kevin grinned. His face was filling out as his neck swelled into the size of a large bull. His traps rose up around it. There was a snap and his arms and back grew massive. The rear of the shirt had just ripped apart. Kevin looked like he was having an orgasm. Todd had started to stroke his dick, unconsciously. A deep double pop and Kevin stumbled forward. He grinned, 'That was my butt. I just tore through my boxers....ugh...and the sweats. " The other pant leg exploded sending cloth flying and it hit Todd. Kevin jerked his arm up and the T-shirt sleeve just burst. His shoulders broke through the seams around the edge. Todd began to stroke more frantically, "Bro! Bro! This is the fucking shit!" Kevin's chest finally stretched the front of the shirt to its limit and two massive pecs popped into view and the rags of the shirt fell to the ground revealing thick abdominals like massive bricks stretching the waist of the sweatpants to the limit. Kevin shuddered again, groaning, "Fuck I'm huge and I'm not done, yet!" He grunted and his stomach bulged like a roid gut causing the sweatpants to finally burst free and fall to the ground. His boxers underneath were ripped apart so only a string was holding them on like flimsy hand towel. His calves had turned into massive diamond shaped balls on the back of his legs and his quads were so huge he couldn't walk normally. His chest, back, and arms swelled into new dimensions. The thick muscle beast shuddered again and moaned loudly, "Oh fuck, stand....by" and he came. A violent first shot hit Todd in the face. And then he continued to cum for nearly a minute. He drenched them both. He finally opened his eyes and sighed with a smile, "I guess you win." Todd was still stroking and at those words, released his man seed into the mix with Kevin's. Todd looked at his best friend, "Jeff would be so jealous of you, right now. But shit, it's my turn." He picked up the gun and pointed it at himself. Took a breath. Looked at Kevin who smiled and nodded. Todd squeezed the trigger. Nothing. He squeezed the trigger again. Still nothing. "What's wrong with it?" Kevin said, "Maybe I need to do it. Like you can't do it to yourself or something." He started to walk, stumbled a bit, then laughed, "I need to get used to this muscle." He adjusted himself, walked over and picked up the gun, and heard a slight crack sound. Todd panicked, "Don't break it, dude! It's just plastic and you are strong as fuck now" "Sorry." Kevin managed to get his now sausage thick fingers around it, pointed it back at Todd and pushed the trigger. Nothing again. Todd yelled, "Damn it! I paid to get big and it isn't fair!" Kevin yelled, "Fuck! I have to find clothes! I can't walk around like this!" Todd suddenly smiled, "Let's see what we can do. Because I will need some as well, when we get this thing working again." Kevin got a sly look, 'If we get this working again, I think I want to try another dose." Todd put the gun on his dresser in the open box and they began to rummage through things to find something that would fit Kevin. Without either of them noticing, the gun began to glow slightly. the end.....?
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    Sorry for the wait guys but here's part 2 The twinky guy from last night had given me his number, Cameron his name was. I called him asking if he was busy that evening and he was free, time to put my theory to the test I thought. He agreed to come over again that evening and I decided to wear the tightest top I could find, hoping that I may be bursting out of it later - wishful thinking but OMG so hot! "Evening big guy" he said when he arrived. "That tops looking a bit tight for you! Sure you don't want to take it off for me!" "I'm sure I will" I replied, hoping that I wouldn't need to. "But was hoping you would worship me again with it on, that's why I wore something extra tight" "Mmmm sounds hot.... get flexing then!" I started simple. Bicep flex, he kissed it, licked it, hands running over it. Then I felt the warmth rushing through me again. It's happening, I thought. I was right! This turned me on more. I flexed my chest, puffed out my pecs, he was soon grasping my mounds of muscle. I could feel the fabric starting to tear as I tensed. "Worship all of me!" I cried. Needing more! And he ran his his hands over my thighs, ass up my back and then I heard the tshirt rip at the sleeves, then the back. "FUCK this is hot" Feeling the size difference for sure this time, I picked Cameron up, threw him on to the bed and fucked him like I'd never fucked anyone in my life. With him grabbing my muscles the entire time. ** When I woke the next morning I could feel the difference, I was definitely bigger. Cameron lay on my chest and he began to stir. "Omg he said. Last night was just..." "I know! I don't mean to be rude but I need to head out early. Do you mind heading soon?" He looked a bit taken aback but he nodded "Sure, just as long as I get to come back" "Of course!" It would be useful to have such an eager worshipper on tap. "But not tonight. It's just a busy day for me. But soon" "No worries" he said. And bless him he was up and out within 10 min. In which time I was already in front of the mirror. I looked like a well built fitness model. Biceps to be proud of, two round pecs. Thick thighs, bubble butt. I flexed, I was so turned on by myself! But I wanted to be bigger. Now I had proof of what was happening, it was time to see how big I could get...
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    Two As I handed my mother the shopping I’d picked up for her, I wondered if she’d ever seen AJ Jones at Tesco. She shopped there every week, sometimes more than once, so all logic said that she must have done. Maybe she hadn’t realised it was him considering the last time he’d been at our house he’d probably weighed about fifty pounds. I contemplated telling her that I’d ran into him but, rather absurdly, even just the thought of mentioning my encounter with AJ caused my cheeks to go red. “Have you stopped shouting at your mummy now?” she said playfully. I grinned and rolled my eyes. “Oh, erm … don’t forget I’m going out tonight,” I cautiously said. “Who with?” she asked, inquisitively. Oh God! “I told you yesterday. Someone from school!” I replied, perhaps a little too defensively. “Hmmmm!” she said in a suspicious tone while narrowing her eyes. I didn’t know how, but my mother almost always knew when I was lying. “Are you sure you‘re not meeting someone from one of those Internet gay sex dating apps?” GAAAHH!! “You can tell me if you are, Noah! You know I’m broad minded!” Fucking kill me now! I groaned and left the room. I knew it was ridiculous. Twenty years old and lying to my mum about what I was doing and who I was going out with. The annoying thing was, she was right. I was meeting a guy off the Internet, but as if I was going to confess that to my fucking mother. It just didn’t feel right to talk about those types of things with her. No matter how “broad minded” she claimed to be. I thought about texting Naomi on the train and telling her about AJ. Naomi was the only person who knew about my love for huge, muscle freaks. She’d even bought me my very first muscle magazine when I was fifteen. “You won’t believe who I ran into at Tesco’s earlier. AJ Jones. And oh yeah … he’s a fucking BODYBUILDER!” But something stopped me. I didn’t feel ready to tell anyone about my encounter with AJ Jones. It almost felt too special to share. The truth was, of course, I’d barely been able to stop thinking about it since. Usually I’d be slightly nervous about meeting a guy off the Internet, but all I could think about was AJ Jones standing in the meat aisle in his blue Tesco work shirt. And his massive tits. And those fucking guns. And that grin. And how fucking cute he was. How impossibly fucking cute. Oh God. When did AJ Jones get so cute? When did AJ Jones get so HUGE? But I was feeling something else too. Something I always felt when I saw an excessively muscular guy in public. It wasn’t so much envy. More a desire that was so strong it was almost overwhelming. A desire to be that muscular myself. To look in the mirror and see a bodybuilder looking back at me. If only for just one day. I only ever felt it when I saw muscle in real life, and it usually passed quite quickly. But that time it wasn’t. It was lingering in my mind. Because it wasn’t just some stranger I’d seen on the tube or walking down the street. It was AJ Jones, who was once the smallest kid in the class. I was almost relieved when I was stood outside of a gay pub in town, the nerves of my Internet date had finally kicked in and I was no longer thinking about AJ. There’s always the risk that an Internet date could go horribly wrong. No matter how much you talk to someone on the Internet, or how many pictures of them you see, you can never really prepare for what it’s going to be like to be face to face with them in the flesh. And then there’s the worry of what they’ll think of you. What if you’re a massive disappointment and their hearts drop the minute they see you and you’re not quite what they were expecting? Usually you can tell if that’s the case. There’s a look they give you. God, I hate that look. As soon as I saw Eddie walking towards me, however, all of those worries seemed to slip away. The first thing that struck me about my date was how ridiculously confident he seemed. He may have been extremely good at hiding it, but I couldn’t see any hint of worry, nerves or disappointment in his face as he approached me. It relaxed me almost instantly. “Have you been here before?” Eddie asked me as we sat on a sofa having just bought the first round of drinks. “No. I like it though!” I replied. “I know it’s kinda trashy, but it’s a lot more relaxed than somewhere like The Underground. It’s a more mixed crowd. And there’s no attitude.” I told Eddie all about university and the English Literature degree I was studying for. About being at home in Little Denton and how I’d applied to do some work experience placements at some publishing companies in London but was probably going to spend most of the summer bumming around and wanking off to videos of muscle freaks (only I left out the part about wanking off to muscle freaks). In turn, he told me about the office job he’d had since he’d graduated from uni the year before, about the acting group he was a part of, and a little bit about his geeky but rather adorable affiliation with superhero films. And it was easy and comfortable and I was having a much better night than I had anticipated. As we continued talking, I started to see a whole summer of possibilities opening up ahead of me. Because this was what I needed. A nice, friendly, slightly geeky and admittedly rather charming gay guy like Eddie to go drinking with while I was stuck back in Little Denton. “I have a bit of a confession,” I said as Eddie came back with a third round of drinks. “I’ve never seen a superhero film!” “WHAT?! How is that possible?” “Actually, no. I’ve seen bits of one of the Spiderman films!” I replied. “The one where he looks in the mirror and he’s suddenly all buff?” I kind of love casually talking about things like bodybuilders, muscle guys and muscle growth with people. Partly just to see what their reaction will be, but also because I love playing dumb and innocent about such things, while secretly thinking, “HA! You have no idea about my rampant love for excessively shredded bodybuilders in tiny, shiny posing trunks. How often I check my Instagram for new pictures of my favourite freaks, how many bodybuilding related channels I’m subscribed to on YouTube and how many pairs of boxer shorts I regularly blow loads into over competition conditioned, attitude packed beef monsters. Fuck yeah!” Eddie grinned and nodded along. “That’s a classic scene. I think a lot of teenage boys who watched that film probably fantasised about that happening to them!” And with that comment, I was suddenly thinking about AJ Jones again and wondering whether he was one such boy. Maybe that very scene was responsible for AJ’s transformation into the mini mountain of excessively built muscle mass I was faced with earlier that day in the middle of Tesco? I almost couldn’t quite believe what I said to Eddie next. “That’s just reminded me of something that happened to me today. I saw an old from school who I haven’t seen for years. He was always so tiny. Really short and skinny. And now he’s fucking MASSIVE. Like … practically a bodybuilder!” I felt a rush of adrenaline, not only at saying the word “bodybuilder” out loud, but talking about my encounter with AJ with someone. “Wow!” Eddie replied. “Maybe he got bitten by a really big spider?” I grinned. “He was kinda hot actually,” I confessed, blushing slightly. “Which was a bit weird, ‘cause he was, like, one of my best friends at school!” “So that’s what I’ve got to compete with?” Eddie asked flirtatiously. “I’d better start going to the gym then!” And with that comment, my summer of possibilities suddenly didn’t look so likely. Or at least not with the possibilities I had imagined. Because Eddie wasn’t interested in meeting someone to hang out and go drinking with. He fancied me. Of course he fucking fancied me. Because the guys I’m never attracted to always do, and the ones I think are hot very rarely ever reciprocate the feeling. Not that Eddie was unattractive. At all. He was handsome in his own way. Nicely built, stylish brown hair and a cute smile. Bookish and smart looking. The type of guy you wouldn’t immediately find super hot, but once you got to know, became increasingly more attractive. And maybe there was something there. And so, when he leant in to kiss me before I left to catch the last train home to Little Denton, I reciprocated. And it was kinda nice. And I definitely felt a bit of chemistry. But I really did just want to meet a local gay guy to go drinking with. There is something I love about catching the train home when you’re slightly pissed and you’re buzzing from a night out. Even if you’re in a carriage full of drunk people. I’d already received a text from Eddie when I checked my phone. “Great to meet you, handsome. Hopefully we can meet up again soon! x”. And I smiled, because I’d had an awesome night out and Eddie was great, and I had wanted to see him again. Plus he’d called me handsome. I switched on my mobile data and received a new Facebook notification. As soon as I opened it, all thoughts of Eddie disappeared. My heart leapt into my throat as I read the words in front of me; AJ Jones has requested you as a friend.
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    Here's the first illustration for the story, as explained in the first post! It was done by an amazing illustrator who goes by the name of "Reeddune"! He has an Instagram here if anyone wants to see more of his work. He's done one more, and there may be more if he has the time to do them! 😊 And the next part of the story is here... Four “Ready for your induction, mate?” An almost crippling shyness crept over me as I looked up at AJ Jones. It was something I hadn’t felt the Friday before when we’d bumped into each other at Tesco. Maybe it was the fact that since then I’d shot a load into my undies over a picture of him blasting a front lat spread on stage in his shiny, lime green posers. “Oh, hi!” I said with a tone of surprise. I was almost certain that I was blushing. And God, was I nervous. But I also couldn’t help feeling an almost overwhelmingly giddy rush at seeing Little Denton’s only junior competitive bodybuilder again. “Yeah - I work here too!” he replied. “Typical Little Denton You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone you know! Have you finished filling out your form?” I handed it over to him as he sat down in the chair next to mine. Sitting so close to AJ, it felt like my whole body had turned to mush and I was about to melt into the chair. I literally couldn’t suppress my smile from the buzz I was feeling at being in the presence of a man so ridiculously fucking huge and hot. His body was just fucking insane. His upper arms were literally twice the size of mine. Even his forearms were bigger than the average lad’s. Thick and strong looking, completely hairless and with a number of extremely hot, modestly thick veins running underneath his gorgeously smooth skin. The size of his shoulders was extraordinary too. Bulging out either side of his frame, stretching out the sleeves of his black t-shirt (possibly both tighter and hotter than his Tesco’s shirt). And his chest. Fucking hell! I swear he could have balanced a glass on it. As he studied the form, I also couldn’t noticing just how absurdly fucking cute he was. Much more so than in his pictures, or even when we’d bumped into each other the week before. Is it possible to someone to get cuter in just five days? He was so fucking masculine but still charmingly boyish, with his cute little button nose, slightly sticky out ears and blemish free skin. Even his thick, bull neck and freshly cut, nicely styled hair were turning me on. Everything about AJ just radiated a hotness. So much so that I began to swell. Fuck! Trying to hide a semi in your jeans in the middle of a Tesco’s is relatively easy, but sitting next to a bodybuilder in a fairly intimate manner wearing nothing but baggy tracksuit bottoms with no one else around prevents a considerably tougher challenge. I crossed my wrists together and buried my hands in my crotch to try and conceal it, hoping and praying it went down by the time we actually had to stand up. “Oh wow, you still live at Hayes Avenue!” said the hottest lad I’d ever seen in my entire fucking life. “Yeah!” “Do you still have the big swing set at the bottom of your garden?” “Yeah!” I replied, grinning. It felt incredibly surreal to be discussing the contents of the garden of the house I’d always lived in with someone whose biceps were THAT obscenely huge. But then, AJ had been in that garden countless times when we were younger. And with it, I also felt this amazing buzz at discussing something so personal with a guy who, on occasion, strutted around a bodybuilding stage, flexing his shredded mass and pulling funny faces as he tugged on the straps of his shiny, lime green posing trunks. “How about you?” I asked. “Do you still live at Pickford Road?” AJ informed me that his family had moved house a few years before. He still lived about a fifteen minute walk from my parents’ house, but now in the opposite direction. I pictured the area he lived in and suddenly started to wonder what AJ’s bedroom looked like. Did he have pictures of bodybuilders on the wall? And just where in that room did he keep his posing trunk collection? FUCK! I pressed my wrists down harder on my crotch. My erection definitely WASN’T going down. “OK, improve fitness level…” AJ was reading from my form. He then suddenly pursed his lip and pulled a face. “Ooooh. Mate! It says here you wanna build muscle?” My stomach suddenly twisted with nerves. I had no idea what AJ was about to say next. “Sorry, mate, but I might have to get one of the other guys to help you out there. I’m afraid I don’t know much about that!” OH MY GOD! And suddenly he was beaming at me cheekily, and I was laughing in response at probably the funniest and most outrageous thing he could have said, while simultaneously being reminded of just how funny AJ was. I couldn’t believe he actually just referenced the fact that he was a mini muscle bull of a bodybuilder. And I couldn’t help veering my eyes down, once more, to those enormous upper arms and wondering what it would be like to watch them explode and flex before my eyes. I was suddenly dying to ask him just when and how the hell he’d transformed into such a beast, but I didn’t quite have the nerve. I twisted my face up, instead. “Hmmm. Yeah - aren’t gym instructors supposed to at least look like they go to the gym?” I raised one eyebrow and looked him and down. AJ laughed in response. “What, and be one of those big, muscly, bodybuilder guys? EURGH! No thanks! I mean … GROSS!” I laughed and blushed simultaneously, partly at indulging in friendly banter with AJ about how big he was, but also partly just because he’d just said the word “bodybuilder” out loud. If only he knew just how much of an interest I had in the world of huge, freaky muscle. And just how many bodybuilders, professional or otherwise, I could name. “So, today is just about signing you up, and running through the machines with you. I take it you’ve been to a gym before?” As he asked the question, his eyes veered to the exposed part of my regular sized, none freakishly muscular right upper arm, which made me feel incredible self conscious. “Yeah!” I sheepishly replied. “OK, so it’ll be more just familiarising you with the machines. Make sure you’re using them properly. There’s a few other things to go through at the end too. But then you’ll be all set.” As we headed towards the gym, hard on gone but in very dangerous risk of returning at any given moment, AJ made the most absurd comment. “I feel like a midget next to you!” I grinned in response, while thinking how utterly ridiculous it was that someone like AJ was comparing himself unfavourably to me. Because, yes, I had a few inches of height on him, but he was about five times cuter and about a hundred times more muscular than I was. He had the kind of body that made grown men cum in their pants just at the mere thought of it. As we climbed the stairs to the gym, I was able to get my first decent glimpse of AJ from the back that day and FUCK, I could actually see his pumped lats bulging underneath his stretched t-shirt, which had “Little Denton Leisure Centre” written across the back. His waist was impressively small too. And underneath that, sticking out and covered up by his nicely filled out tracksuit bottoms was his big, round, munchable bottom. It was possibly the hottest rear view of anyone I’d ever seen and I was suddenly panicking because my dick was starting to swell once again. Luckily the gym was packed, which completely killed my semi. AJ talked me through every machine and it was probably the hottest demonstration of anything I’d ever witnessed. It also gave me the perfect opportunity to marvel at the bulging muscle hiding underneath his gym clothes. I watched his quads bulge at the leg curl, his chest squeeze together at the pec dec, and best of all, I watched his biceps erupt and swell in the bicep curl machine. Even just being next to AJ was absurdly hot. And gave me a rush like no other. He was unequivocally the hottest and biggest lad in the gym. In fact, no one else even came close. And I felt like the luckiest person in the room because I was with him. And because I get to be so close up to that ridiculously developed, bodybuilding stage worthy body. “You know, I’ve seen your mum in Tesco’s a few times. I’ve said hi, but I’m not sure if she recognises me!” Exiting the gym, AJ and I were walking back down to the reception area. “Hmmm. It must be the hair!” I said, referring to AJ’s joke in Tesco the week before. He giggled. This really, cute little giggle, which, somehow, didn’t quite match with his incredibly masculine appearance. “Hey, how’s your sister, Kayleigh, these days?” “Yeah, she’s good! She’s a nurse now. She lives in Bristol.” My sister absolutely adored AJ when we were friends. My mum too, in fact. “I think you’d have a bit of a shock if you saw her now though. She’s erm … a little alternative. Loads of tattoos! Which my parents love,” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. “Think she’d be shocked if she saw me?” AJ asked with a cheeky grin. “Ummm … yeah! Just a bit!” I couldn’t help but blush when I said it. I was beginning to get the impression that AJ got a bit of a kick out of the fact he’d transformed himself into a monster. Which both excited me, and somehow made him even hotter. We sat back down in the reception area. “As shocked as you were last week?” AJ quipped. The question surprised me. I guess shocked is one way of describing how I’d felt when I’d come to face to face with a competitive bodybuilder bulging out of his work uniform, who also happened to have been one of my best friends at school. I suddenly felt a surge of bravery, so I took the plunge and asked the question I’d be dying to earlier. “So, erm … how did you - ? I mean, when did you …” but AJ interrupted me. “Stop being able to walk through a doorway without having to turn sideways?” FUCKING HELL!! I released a short, loud laugh. “Well, I was gonna say when did you start going to the gym, but …” I replied. AJ did his cute little giggle again. “Erm. I think it was around Year 11. Do you remember Andy?” My heart suddenly expanded. “Yeah!” I replied. Did I remember Andy? It was such an absurd question that I almost wanted to laugh. Andy was AJ’s mum’s motorbike riding boyfriend. He was built like a brick shit house, had a head so bald it would make any boiled egg look hairy and was almost always walking around wearing leather biker gear. I can still hear the creaking noise of his leather trousers whenever he’d walk through the house and I can still most definitely picture his big, meaty thighs and thick, round arse bulging underneath the material. Andy was like Little Denton’s very own answer to The Rock, the reason I realised I was gay, and possibly the sole purpose why I now have a thing for muscular men, bald heads and leather gear. “Well, he took me to a gym called Scorpio’s. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it?” I’d absolutely heard of Scoprio’s. It was a gym about five miles North of Little Denton with a reputation for being the kind of serious, hardcore gym inhabited by bodybuilders and guys on steroids. I couldn’t help being amused at the image of small, skinny sixteen year old AJ Jones going to a place like that, being surrounded by a bunch of meat monsters. “I know it’s got a bit of a reputation but there’s a great group of lads in there. It wasn’t ‘till I left school that I really got into it, though. I guess I just kinda caught the bug. I remember seeing these huge, shredded lads, some of them just a few years older than me and I just really wanted to be like them! A couple of them, Andy’s mates, kinda took me under their wings and, well … three years later and I was competing in a bodybuilding show!” I suddenly remembered the pictures of AJ competing in his shiny, lime green posers from his Facebook profile and quickly placed my hands over my crotch again. “How many, ummm … shows have you done?” My heart was pounding as I asked the question. I was actually conversing with a genuine bodybuilder about competing in shows. “Three so far! My last one was a few months ago. The pictures on my Facebook profile - they’re from this year’s show!” he said, grinning. I blushed at the mention of the Facebook pictures, one of which I’d creamed off to just last week. “Did they freak you a little?” he asked, with an almost devilish smirk. “NO!” I replied. “I mean - it’s not something you see every day, but, I was more wowed than freaked out. I mean - I know it takes a huge amount of work and dedication to get to that level.” “It does!” he said nodding, looking surprised and impressed. “Most people don’t really think about that. They just think I look like a freak. Which I do! I mean, that’s kinda the look I was going for.” And then I really did start to swell. Fucking HELL! “It’s a pretty awesome look!” I said. Oh God. You did NOT just say that. AJ looked surprised, but he was grinning. I felt a surge of panic. Why would a guy like me who hadn’t been to the gym for a year think that bodybuilders looked good? Maybe because I was a raging homosexual who regularly dumped loads into my undies while watching YouTube videos of shredded bodybuilders like AJ flexing their outrageously developed muscles. “Maybe I should take you to Scorpio’s!” Oh my fucking GOD! “We’ll get you shredded in no time, Noah!” Hell fucking YES, AJ. Take me Scorpio's. Make me huge. Get me shredded. Turn me into a freak so I can stand on stage next to you and pull up the straps of my shiny, lime green posing trunks (just like yours!) as I show off my ripped slabs of crazily conditioned muscle and a crowd of adoring non-muscle freaks cheer and shout at the freakshow before them. FUCK YEAH! “OK, mate, so it’s £14.99 a month and you can cancel any time, which I guess you’ll be doing when you go back to uni?” It was, apparently back down to the business of signing up to the gym. “There’s one other thing we do here which I need to tell you about. It might sound like a sales plug but hear me out! We offer personal training sessions at £25 per session. I know it’s expensive, but when you sign up you get the option of having a session half price, with no obligation to have another one. It’s totally up to you, but if you wanna build muscle, you might actually benefit from having one. And the trainer’s here know what they’re talking about. Especially the one who’s a bodybuilder!” He then cocked his head and did this cheesy, but totally adorable grin that seemed to fill half of his face. “Hmmmm,” I said. I wasn’t hugely interested at first, until the moment he revealed he was one of the trainer’s, and then I was suddenly extremely excited at the prospect of spending another hour in the company of the impossibly hot, mini muscle beast sitting next to me. “Do I pick the trainer?” I asked. “Yep!” he replied. Then he did the cocked head, big cheesy grin face again and pointed to himself with both fingers and I laughed out loud. “OK! Training session sounds good. I want the guy over there on reception!” His mouth fell open slightly then he grinned. “OK, but you’ll never get abs with that guy. Or biceps as big as these.” Pant pant fucking pant!! “OK, I have a slot free this Friday at 10?” AJ said. “You did want me, yeah?” he adorably then added. “Yeah!” I said, laughing. “Friday sounds good.” “Awesome!” he replied, with his biggest grin yet. And my whole body felt like it was about to burst with excitement. Because on Friday morning I would get to see AJ Jones again. Gorgeous, cute, funny, huge AJ Jones. Maybe the summer wasn’t going to be so boring after all.
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    Part 7 By Richard Jasper Six weeks into Clark’s program it was clear that Shawn’s wasn’t the only dick that was growing. David and Bryce had each added two inches to theirs, which were now up to 12 and 10 inches respectively. Ditto, Drew and Sam’s had grown 1 ½ inches in length apiece and were now 9 ½ and 10 ½ inches long. As for Shawn, his 13-incher was four inches longer (and quite a bit thicker) than it was before he and the others came under Clark’s sway. Of course, the dick growth was nothing compared to muscle growth. All of the guys were now over 400 lbs. of solid muscle and Shawn, the outlier as usual, had just passed 500. He was also up to 6’2” tall, which made him four inches taller than when they had started. Ditto, Drew had reached 6 ft., just an inch taller than he had been but satisfying nonetheless. In descending order of weight, they were now: Shawn: 510 lbs. @ 6’2” tall. David: 455 lbs. @ 6’2” tall. Drew: 450 lbs. @ 6 ft. tall. Bryce: 440 lbs. @ 6’2” tall. Sam: 425 lbs. @ 6’4” tall. Clark, meanwhile, was up to 725 lbs. His chest was 12 feet in circumference and his shoulders were 7 feet across, which made him wider than he was tall. And yet he remained perfectly proportioned. “I’m not sure how that works,” Shawn muttered to himself and having been asked to measure. Clark chuckled. “You’ll know soon enough.” Of the five retainers, Sam, who had been the biggest, had grown the least, gaining “only” (as he was apt to complain) 175 lbs. Which, interestingly enough, was exactly the same amount as Clark, who he seemed to be pacing pound for pound. Drew and Bryce had nearly doubled in size, gaining 210 and 215 lbs. respectively, which put them at 450 and 440 lbs. They were now smaller than David who weighed in at 455 lbs., more than double his starting weight of 205 lbs. And Shawn, at 510 lbs., had nearly tripled in size, having gained 330 lbs. total. Sam, his complaints notwithstanding, was completely turned on by his and Shawn’s reversal of fortunes. “I used to outweigh you by 70 lbs.,” he said. “Now you outweigh ME by 90 lbs. That’s so fucking hot!” Considering Sam had his arms wrapped around Shawn’s 40-inch neck and his legs wrapped around Shawn’s marble-carved torso while Shawn was air-fucking him with 13 x 10 power tool it was a wonder Sam was capable of thought much less human speech. The boy really does talk too much, Shawn thought. “You make me feel like a little girl,” Sam continued. “A little girl who can bench 3000 lbs. for reps,” Shawn grunted. “About half what you can do,” Sam purred. Shawn picked up the tempo. Sam’s eyes rolled back in his head and Shawn came at last. Then he threw the 425 lb. teen stud over his shoulder and carried him back to his brother, who was busily fucking David. “Make sure he eats when he wakes up,” he called over his shoulder as he headed out to the gym. He and Drew had a date with a Hummer. +++ Twelve weeks after embarking on what he thought of as his program, Clark surveyed the 1 ½ tons (and a little more) of man meat seated around his common room table. The five men had exceeded his expectations in every possible way. Every single one of them was as big or bigger than he was on the day he met them and all of them were stronger than he had been. Clark himself had achieved his stated goal. At 6’4 and 850 lbs., he was far and away the largest, most muscular man this world had ever seen. And he was three times stronger than he had been three months ago, now benching the functional equivalent of 12,000 lbs. The only thing about him that hadn’t changed was his dick. At 16 x 10 it was still the stuff that porn stars dream of. But the guys were catching up. Like Clark, each of them was capable of benching at least 10 times his own weight. Ditto, each of them had a porn star dick more than 10 inches in length. At 6’4, Sam was still the tallest but at 550 lbs. he was the smallest – and yet he was exactly the same size Clark had been when he encountered him that summer day three months previously. He could bench the equivalent of 6,000 lbs. and his dick was now 12 x 8, three inches longer and two inches bigger around than it had been that August day. Drew, at 6 ft., was now the shortest but he outweighed Sam by 50 lbs. He wasn’t too chuffed that at 11 x 7 his was the smallest dick inasmuch as he could bench 7,500 lbs. Bryce, at 6’2, weighed the same as Drew but he wasn’t quite as strong, benching only 7,000 lbs. On the other hand, he continually reminded himself, I have the bigger dick. It was 12 x 7, the same length as Sam’s although not quite as thick. David was deliriously happy with his gains. At 650 lbs., he had more than tripled his starting weight, which made him 100 lbs. heavier than Sir had been, and he could bench 8,000 lbs., about double Sir’s 1RM back in the beginning. And his 14x10 dick was bigger than anyone’s (except Shawn’s, that is.) Shawn was quite simply phenomenal. Having grown to 6’2” in height, he now weighed 750 lbs., only 100 lbs. less than Clark, who was two inches taller. He now exceeded his mentor in two measures, strength and dick-size. The latter was 16x12, the same length as Clark’s but two inches bigger around. And Shawn could bench 15,000 lbs., which was 25% more than Clark could manage. It was also 20 times his own body weight. Clark stood and addressed his retainers. “It is time. You have done well. Remove your clothes and follow me.” The CONCLUSION is here... https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15614-growth-by-association-now-with-part-7/?do=findComment&comment=190744
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    Part Three: The sinker I kept flexing for myself on the way to the gym, anticipating a new wave of muscle growth. Earlier, I had made a large omelet and a regular whey-and-banana shake for breakfast and took just a mouthful of that special water bottle to wash it down. If I figured right, I now had several more pounds of hard muscle coming to me soon. I walked into the gym feeling strong and confident and flexed my muscles that were itching to grow more. I turned a couple heads and got a couple looks and wondered briefly if I was turning into an egotistical meathead. I flexed my chest again and felt the muscle writhe against the bands of the tank. I spotted a guy that I had thought looked big before, but I was less impressed now. Were we about the same size now? He looked back and seemed to acknowledge a fellow lifter in me. I gave a slight nod back, thinking I would soon outclass him. In the locker room, I tried to put on my lifting gloves, but they didn't fit anymore. Then, I suddenly realized my body was growing thicker and heavier and stronger once again. It was like one good pump on top of another, building me up in half a minute what would normally take a year of hard training. I flexed and felt over the larger bulges of my arms and chest and watched thick veins emerge over the ripped muscle. I was about to worship my even more massive legs when a couple guys came in talking about their workout. I was struck by how similar they were to Tom and I, a couple of bros keeping in decent shape. I was so ready to leave that status quo behind. I flexed my ripped softball-sized bicep again and noticed one of those guys glancing over. I guessed I had already left that behind. I took another swig from the water bottle and left it in the locker about half full. I looked in the mirror and my clothes didn't look too big anymore, in fact my shorts were already riding up my thick legs. I was definitely bigger than that guy I saw earlier out in the gym. I thought about showing off my glorious body some more, both for myself and for anyone watching. But I was also curious to see what my muscles could do now, and experience a real pump. Of course, I was also about to grow some more again anyway. I wasn't sure where to start. Between the workout with Tom and the one I did on my own, I already did exercises to hit most of my body in the past couple days, but everything felt fresh and primed. I spotted the pull-up bar that was near a mirrored wall. Tom had a strong back from swimming as a kid and could always do more pull-ups than me. I flexed the already thick wings of my back and decided that was a good place to start breaking my PRs. Plus, I could check myself out more in that mirror. I gripped the pull up bar and felt my chest fly up to meet it. I nearly let go in surprise at how easy that was. I did a few more, then a few more, and felt my back pumping with blood. I swung into a muscle up, which I was never able to do before, then did another and struggled with one more. My triceps also flared with a huge pump and even my chest felt plump with power. I hopped off the bar and marveled at my reflection as I hit a few quick flexes. I looked huge like an amateur bodybuilder and now filled the XL tank pretty decently. I looked down at my legs which ached to feel the same pump. I thought about using the Smith machine since I was solo, but went over to a squat rack instead. I loaded up a plate on each side of the bar, then decided to add another. This was about as heavy as Tom and I would go, but I did a couple air squats to warm up my knees and my legs felt like rockets. Even though I expected the weight to feel light, I was still surpised as I easily completed 10 reps without much of a struggle. I also relished the feeling of the bar against the now thick cushion of my traps. I was adding another pair of plates to the bar when I felt another wave of growth. It felt more intense this time, maybe because I already had a slight pump, maybe because my clothes were becoming tight across my bulging body. I felt the straps of the tank stretch tight over my rising traps and across my expanding chest. My shorts were clinging tightly around my huge ass and riding up into my crotch from my even thicker legs. I also squirmed a second as my posture shifted and my arms and legs were forced wider. I hopped back under the bar and repeated another 10 reps with the increased weight, but had to slow down a little to keep my balance and good form. I added another plate to each side for my next set, going heavier than I ever thought I would. I glanced around the room and wondered if other people noticed me gaining another dozen pounds of muscle in the past few minutes. I saw my reflection in a mirror and stopped in awe. I was huge: bigger, wider and harder than almost anyone I'd ever seen in person. I turned back to the 315-pound bar, ready for another set. The bar's weight pulled down towards the ground on my shoulders but my legs fought against that gravity, keeping the lift-off and first squat steady and controlled. I took a deep breath at the top of the first rep and went down for another. Then, I heard the back of my shorts rip apart and I nearly fell over in shock. Thankfully, I was able to control the weight all the way up and rack it. I felt back with my hand to confirm the hole in my shorts and it was not small. I looked around and nobody else seemed to notice, or they were avoiding embarrassing the guy who just squated 6 plates. Since I needed something I didn't have, I went fishing. "Do you have a pair of 2XL shorts in the lost and found?" I asked, and indeed they did. "Yeah, that's the one." I walked away from the front desk with dark green shorts that I was happy had a drawstring to fit around my still tight waist, trying to take smaller steps that wouldn't open up the back of my ripped shorts too much. I changed quickly in the locker room, pausing a few moments to feel over most of my body and the hard, thick muscle that bulged all over it. I flexed my arm and chest again in the mirror and looked like I belonged in a muscle magazine. Well, maybe not on the cover, but maybe some amateur up-and-coming story or an unknown model for a workout routine. I went back towards the squat rack, but it was occupied by someone struggling with four plates total on the bar. Was that the guy I spotted earlier when I first came in, who I thought was big? I hadn't noticed how top-heavy he was, with legs that probably looked like pencils next to mine, but even his upper body looked mundane compared to the beast I had just seen in the mirror. His best feature was his chest, and so I was inspired to head to a bench for the next test of my body's strength. The only unoccupied bench already had some decent weight on it: a couple plates on each side. It looked abandoned and I paused for a bit, swinging my arms and stretching them behind me, before sliding back on the bench and hefting the weight above me. I felt my pecs and triceps engage and they felt eager. The first couple reps felt awkward, then the next couple actually felt easier and then I felt my pecs flex and pump and drive out more reps in a delicious way. I got to 14 reps before I racked the bar; already planning to add more weight. "You wanna work in?" a guy's voice asked as I sat up. This guy was huge. I don't remember ever seeing him at the gym, and he would have stood out, as he did now. "Oh sure," I replied, realizing he was the one who had loaded the weight. "I didn't see anyone here." "No worries, just went for a water refill," the guy replied as I stood up off the bench. "My name's Matt," he added. I introduced myself and we shook hands. I noticed I was just a little taller than Matt before he slid under the bar and cranked out 12 reps. The guy was strong and jacked, and wore a tight string tank that hid little. I glanced at my own body in comparison. Was I that big, too? Maybe, almost. "Going up?" he asked. "Sure," I replied and moved to grab a 25, but Matt grabbed a 45 and loaded it on one side, so I did the same on the other. He might have caught my hesitation. "I'll spot ya," he assured me. I struggled with the weight, my arms shaking a little to control the bar, but I completed two reps on my own. Matt's presence was both reassuring and a bit intimidating. "Think about your muscle," Matt prompted from over my head. "Squeeze that bar up with every fiber of your chest." I couldn't help notice that Matt's pecs flexed and danced as they responded to his thoughts, whether intentionally or not. Matt helped with the next rep as I tried to follow his advice, but it felt awkward. "One more," he prompted. With a bit of desperation, I thought about my chest and the thick fibers flexing and working and growing. I let out a growl as something clicked and the press changed from being about the weight to being about my muscle and my will to grow. "Again," I muttered before Matt had a chance to rack the bar. The next rep was tough, slow, agonizing, but wonderful. It was a battle I never even thought about losing, because I decided I was going to grow to meet the challenge. Matt helped rack the weight and I opened my eyes to see him leaning over the bar at me with a smile. "Great set," he remarked, and I felt his beefy paw smack onto my right pec with a quick mix of pain and pleasure. "Nice pump." I felt the pump, but not like I had in the past, just enjoying the bloated size. It was like I could feel it from the inside, feel the muscle yearning to grow into that bloat. I flexed the thick mounds and marveled at them for a few seconds before Matt interrupted, "My turn?"
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    Had a killer workout on monday!
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    True Confessions About a year ago I decided that I was interested in publishing some of my stories -- probably a combination of ones I had already written plus several new ones -- in an e-book format. As most of you know, I've been writing them and posting them online (i.e., giving them away, as almost all of us do) for the better part of 25 years now. I'm at an age where the idea that someone actually plop down 99 cents for a collection tickled my vanity. So I put out a call for assistance and received a reply from someone (who will remain nameless) who offered some very useful suggestions regarding story length, collection length, number of stories, the importance of decent cover art, and so on and so forth. As I said, very useful info, and I gladly put it to use. Naturally, as soon as I had that series of online conversations I went into my procrastinatory mode for the better part of year but a few months ago I got cranking and early this month I shared the stories with my would-be mentor, and... Crash! Burn! Awoogah! Dive! Dive! Dive! He didn't like them much at all, thought only one of them (a re-tread) was worth publishing as it stood, and confessed to having detected an "Arpeejay Formula." I was gutted, naturally, and told him never mind, and published the four new ones here, their natural home. And "Won the Day" three or four days in a row, which told me two things: (1) At least some of you like my stories enough to read them, which I already knew. (2) He Who Shall Remain Nameless may have been familiar with my reputation within the group but he clearly had never read any of my work or he would have know long, long ago that there was an Arpeejay Formula because... Of course there's an... Arpeejay Formula! Duh! It's pretty much: -- Describe the protagonist, paying special attention to age, height, weight, and other distinguishing physical features. -- Have him start growing (a MacGuffin may or may not be employed depending on my mood; I pretty much gave up on them a long time ago and left the "why" unexplained but occasionally something like Vegemite will pop up as in "Summer Vacation.") -- Stats, stats, stats -- Throw in some other characters, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, sometimes into growing, other times not. -- Stats, stats, stats -- Eventually they'll get around to sex, although my sex scenes tend to be perfunctory at best. -- Stats, stats, stats -- The protagonist almost always falls in love with someone but that love may be thwarted by circumstances -- Stats, stats, stats -- And a pat "That's all of the story for now" ending. And then there are the signature elements, namely: -- Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue -- White space white space white space -- Extremely short paragraphs that speak to my history of being a newspaper reporter before I was a librarian -- Witty / sarcastic / snide asides -- Pretty much complete absence of dramatic tension (I gave up almost all drama when I came out in 1993; I figured my life was dramatic enough as it was...) -- Tremendous reluctance to have sad / unhappy / or even ambiguous endings Is this literature? NO Is this the proper way to construct an engaging, leave them begging for more short story? NO Do people get off on them? Well, to what extent that's true I don't really know, of course, but I've been told by more than one reader on more than one occasion that THEY usually wind up having a "happy ending" during the course of reading one of my stories. Is that good enough? You betcha! Especially when you consider that my stories originated in stories I wrote for myself in my married to a woman, deeply closeted, had never had sex with a man and couldn't quite imagine it life that lasted until I was 35 years old. In those days, porn for me consisted of furtively-purchased-then-hidden-and-ultimately-tossed muscle magazines and longed for and discreetly viewed at 2 a.m. episodes of American Muscle Magazine on ESPN or whatever. Am I going to change the formula? Not on your life. Mostly because I like it, mostly because within the confines described above it seems to work, mostly because I don't aspire to anything more than that (at least most of the time. My story RESET is a bit of an exception.) Presumably this news will be reassuring to the people who actually bother to read my stories, disappointing (albeit unsurprising) to those who read them only to cluck disapproval and scoff, and totally irrelevant the overwhelming majority of M-G members. Ultimately, and I think this is true of most writers here, I'm writing for myself. Any more (unlike those antediluvian closeted days) my stories don't do it for me. But as far as I can tell, the more stories ANY of us post, the more stories are likely to be posted. Which ups the likelihood I'm going to read a story by one of YOU that gets my motor running. And that's the REAL reward. Thanks for reading for my stories, thanks for writing YOU stories, and thanks to CMiller and all the rest who make it possible for both to occur. xoxo Richard
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    Decided to swap part 3 and 4 around a bit so here goes 17 inch biceps - not bad I though to myself after measuring round them. Defos room for some more size though I thought. I had decided to not call Cameron that night. I wanted to go out see who I could attract with my new body, see if I could get some other cute guy to worship me, grow me. I got hard just thinking about it every time. I bought a new t shirt for that evening(muscle tee, tight fitting, obviously) and felt a lot less insecure about wearing it than I would have done in the past. It clung to my body with little room to spare and I loved it. Walking in to the bar I got a few more looks than usual, good start I thought to myself and I pitched myself at the bar hoping to attract a cute, young guy(It was student night) "Can I get you a drink?" I heard from behind me and I turned round expecting twinkboy number 2. What I didn't expect to find was a well muscled, 6 ft 2 stud standing there. "Err...." "Don't worry if you're not interested dude, I can go find someone else if you would rather but I do think you're really cute!" I was back to being the cute one. But to this hunk, I suppose I wouldn't mind "A drink sounds great!" I said "Sorry, not used to guys like you chatting me up" "Really?" he said. "You're a handsome guy and look like you've a decent body, practically bursting out the top there!" "Thanks, truthfully I've just made some decent gains recently so I'm still not used to it" "Fair enough dude. But embrace it, be proud of the work you've put in" - Yea, it's been a struggle I thought "Just don't become too cocky, some guys might find that hot but trust me, it won't be the right guys!" Holy shit, this guy looks like a god and seems like a decent human being. "You're right" I said. "But we're complimenting me and you're standing there with those... how big are those arms?!" "Around 22 inches" he said, smiling at the attention "I was in to wrestling in high school and dropped it for the gym, more in to bodybuilding now" "Well, it's definitely working" "Thanks, maybe you can come back to mine and I'll show you all the progress I've made" That line. I was his, he knew it. I downed my drink and we were off. He stayed in a flat with another student, he filled me in in the car that he was doing a phd in biochemistry(yea he was smart too but to be honest, all I could think about was that body). "Drink first or shall we just go to the bedroom?" "You're not making me wait any longer" I laughed. He dragged me to the room(I kind of wish he carried me) and pulled me in and we were kissing, my hands running over those pecs, up and down when he stopped. "Right, it's cool if you say no but I really get turned on by some muscle worship, I think it's so hot" What are the odds, I thought to myself but could be killing two birds with one stone here "Sure," I said. "Do you want me to flex or.." "No, I actually kind of hoped you would worship me.... I know that sounds really vain but I find it so it, and it turns me on when a guy is so in to the body I've been working for" This muscled guy wanted to show off for me, I get to feel every inch of that sculpted masterpiece and he is worried I'm not in to that, I laughed. "Of course, I think it's so hot. Now flex those arms" His arms flexed were amazing, I licked it right round, I was getting chills through me. I ran my hands over the big slabs of meat that were his pecs. He tensed them, making them rock solid. I ran my hands down his abs, caressed his bubble butt and over his monstrous thighs. I was on my knees, he was towering over me, looking even more immense from this angle. I continued for a good while, much longer than Cameron had done with me(then again there was a lot more to this guy to worship). He was loving the attention and when I couldn't hold any more I kissed him again and he lifted me up. He was hulking and pounded me till I passed out. The next morning I woke, lying over his huge body. I really think I underestimated this guys size last night. He was looking more like a pro bodybuilder. He really did well. I crept to the bathroom while he slept and there I caught myself in the mirror. I was smaller. Not just smaller. But even smaller than when I met Cameron. I still had muscle, my arms looked about 14 inches now but I had definitely shrunk. Was what happened to me just temporary or.... "Morning" I said. Back in the bedroom. "Morning" he replied. "Last night was incredible, thanks for treating me like a god" "No worries," I said. "Listen this might sound weird but any chance I could measure your arms before I go. I think it would just be really hot to know how big a guy I worshipped last night" "I told you dude, I'm 22 inches.... but I don't have any objections" He pulled out the measuring tape and I measured round - 24 inches! I had grown him last night.... and he took the size from me...
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    A L I E N: Antares (Original Story) Part ii - The Musclegrowth Saga Continues! (link to part one - higher in thread) ———————————— http://www.patreon.com/gymjunkiemuscle ———————————— Rewards range from $5 a month for access to basic images, comics and the blog feed all the way up to $50 a month where you can make special image requests, give input on what stories will come next as well as other rewards not mentioned here! I am still just $50 away from hitting my second monthly goal! Monthly Pledges go to helping pay for more and better software improvements as well as helping supplement my progress in the gym as well.
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    PREFACE Earlier today, Arpeejay, the pensées of whom I gladly listen to, analysed the way he often write stories. It became obvious, that many of my stories follow a formula, too. I decided to make fun of my stories in another of them. There is a place for gravity, regarding certain matters, but life become boring, if we take everyday things too seriously. The Hialmar Formula He had been afraid of the Badboys since he began secondary school. As in so many other schools across the country, the male pupils aged 14-19 were rather evenly divided in Poshboys, Badboys and Normies. Wherever and whenever a bunch of several years older Badboys stood clustered in the schoolyard or in the school hallways, he walked in semi-circles to avoid them, or took an entirely different route to his lecture room. When he had reached the age of 14, his former circle of friends had split: Some had taken up Poshboy style, some had remained average, and only a few of his former friends had become Badboys, probably in an attempt to rebel against their parents. He hadn't been able to afford the style of the Poshboys, and the mere thought of becoming a Badboy was unthinkable to him, and filled him with revulsion and shame. Thin and frail, he had joined a gym in the later part of Upper Secondary, but never achieved much. During university days, he now and then encountered adult Badboys who worked as bouncers or guards, but the style was rarely seen among the students themselves. It was years later. He had left university a few years ago, and was on his way home from a humdrum job, that payed the rent, when he found himself at a bus stop in one of the allegedly bad parts of the city. The bus was late, and he was standing at his usual bus stop. He could see a group of muscular Badboys approaching, the youngest of them perhaps freshly out of Upper Secondary, the oldest of them probably over 30, and sporting a tattoo from the armed forces. His cheeks burned, when he reluctantly admitted to himself, how dangerously handsome they looked, and a part of himself, which he didn't want to acknowledge, stirred alarmingly in his gut. "Those shoulders! That bull-neck!", he thought. What happened next, happened too fast for him to react and take every detail in: A black van stopped at the bus stop, and the big Badboys dragged him into the van. There was nothing he could do to stop them, because of their impressive and overwhelming strength. He could feel a sting in his arm, and then everything went black. When he awoke, he was tied to something resembling a dentist's chair. Leather straps held his hands and legs in place, and he was naked and vulnerable. The doors opened. A tall Badboy, probably above 2 metres, entered and stood in front of him with his legs wide apart, and with his beefy arms crossed in front of his massive and powerful chest. Silently, the Badboy leaned over his captive, and fastened instruments at his captive's temples. Then he opened his mouth, and spoke: "Me and me mates in the Wolf-and-Bull Bunch are the biggest Badboys in town. You will join us, Normie." "Why do you think, I would ever join you?" "I like, that you talk back. You've got guts under that Normie surface. As for your question, your dick betrays you." He didn't have to watch it. He could feel, how hard he was in the presence of the looming powerhouse of a Badboy. There was an arrogant and tough-looking smirk in the Badboy's face, but his eyes had a glint of amused mischief. Then, the Badboy pressed the button. The chair moved backwards into a dark metallic chamber, and the gate in front of him closed like an iris. He was inside the metallic chamber, like a foetus in a womb, preparing for birth into a new and entirely different life. A whirring and buzzing noise increased. He felt dizzy, weightless, and then ... THE PROTOCOL began its relentless re-programming of his DNA and mind. He tried to resist. He screamed in fear, but when the feeling of GROWTH began to stream through his muscles, his resistance broke down, and his mind snapped. Out of the blank state of his mind, his new self was emerging: The confident, cocky and posturing Badboy he had so long repressed. THE PROTOCOL caused his body to adapt. His bicepses grew into croquet balls ... galia melons ... volley balls ... His pecs into IMMENSE and powerful MOUNDS of muscle. The feeling of his shoulders' increasing size, firmness and brawn drove him crazy. His legs ... Uh! Those calves! His traps and his bull-neck throbbed of power, and his entire physical presence felt ENGORGED by strength. Unrestrained! Unlimited! Indomitable! Virility itself flowed through his veins, and he felt ready to join The Wolf-and-Bull Bunch. YES! The Wolf-and-Bull Bunch! The bunch of biggest Badboys in town! He and his new mates! The biggest there is! The biggest there is! THE BIGGEST ...
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    Spanish version in here. My parents always educated me in the culture of effort, so none of my friends were surprised that at twenty-five years old I bought my apartment. I had worked hard to get enough money, doing extra hours, working freelance on weekends and saving everything I could spending as little as possible. I asked for a loan from a bank and that was it. I moved as soon as they gave me the key and for six months I enjoyed the solitude. After that time I decided that the same thing I had done to get half the department I could do to get the other half and for that I was not going to skimp on anything. If I went back to do freelance, some extra hours and rent the room that was empty, then it would not take me long to collect all the money I needed. So I told my friends that I had a room available for rent. Several friends were interested but none had enough money to pay for the place, it was not that I charged too much, what happened was that none had a job that still allowed them to live alone. The days passed and one morning I got a message from Fran: -Hey, I was told you're renting a room! I need to leave my old house! Who was Fran? We had been partners in my previous job where I was a developer and he was a tester. He was a guy with whom we always joked. I could not say he was cute, maybe if you just see his face you would not say that, but he had something in the way of being that was seductive, in addition to having a body ... what could I say? A huge chest. He was not what I would call muscular, he only had the perfect proportions, he did some sport and liked to take care of himself. He practiced wrestling and that should keep him quite trained. He knew that I liked men, but he never cared. He was pretty clear that he liked women so he always pinched someone's ass to annoy him, even me! In him it was as normal as giving you a slap. However, everything that he trusted with men, with women just vanished. If a girl liked him too much he could barely talk to her. I also remember a lot of girls “he did not like" that were as hot for him as me. More than one got to suck his cock in the bathroom of a party. The idea of living with Fran excited me from the first moment. I imagined him naked in my bathroom and the idea alone was enough for me to cum. The next week he dropped his bag in the empty room and settled in. At first things were pretty normal. We both had breakfast together and then both would go to work. I came back in the afternoon and enjoyed a few hours just to work until nightfall just when he arrived. The best moments were when he walked around in his underwears. He had a huge chest, just as I remembered, marked and wide. Fran was a good head taller than me so if we met in the bathroom I had the perfect image of his muscles. —Careful, little man! -he told me when I stomped into him. That was hot! Fran needed to save money but unlike me he did not have the will to work and not spend. He went out with friends and spent too much money outing. I was not surprised that he could not save money. I knew from a friend he used to pay for sex and apparently he needed to have too much sex per week. Another thing he used to do with his beautiful body was wrestling, so he had those ridiculous spandex suits that looked great on him. They highlighted his broad shoulders, his chest and his cock. I imagined him struggling with that clothes with some other man dressed the same and the idea was enough for the whole night. Things started to change one afternoon that he came angry from training. The coach had told him he needed to gain weight to compete in the tournament. —How much do you have to gain? —asked. —I have to be 176.37 pounds —he answered me. It did not seem so much to me and I told him so. -More than 20 pounds of muscle! —He said as if it were something obvious— You say that because you never gained a pound in your life! I bet you cannot lift 10 pounds in the gym! To gain so much muscle, I would have to eat a lot of meat. Do you know how expensive is it?, I would also need to take supplements that are very expensive and also go to a nutritionist. I can not pay for all that! Beyond that the idea of him becoming more muscular excited me and it did not take me even ten seconds to imagine a version of Fran stronger and more muscular ... with a huge chest and bulging arms ... it was also true that I wanted to help him, at least for him to learn to be rigorous to get what he wanted. Then I offered him that if for a month he could focus all his efforts on this challenge and use his money only for his goals then I would help him. How? For a month I would not charge him a rent. —Really? —he asked. —But only if I see that you take it seriously. —Of course!! You'll see! I'm going to become a beast! I do not know if it was my words or the desire I had to enter the tournament but something in his attitude changed overnight. He stopped going out with his friends and he went every day to the gym. Our kitchen got filled with supplements and the refrigerator was full of meat, chicken, vegetables and other things I did not even know the name of. Every day after work he went to train and came to eat. Now he cooked for the both of us and he ate impressive amounts of meat and carbohydrates. He took his supplements rigorously and went to sleep to get enough rest. In a few days I noticed the difference. After every of his showers I could see the changes. Muscles over muscles appearing on his back that had suddenly grown a few inches. His shoulders became rounder and his chest marked as if he suddenly wanted to get out of his body. His arms became bigger and his legs began to turn into hams. What also began to happen is that he took longer showers, after which he always said with a smile and winking at me: —I had to care of this beast —he would say while he scratched his cock under the towel. And just as he masturbated every day, I did the same thing later ... imagining his body, his hard and strong muscles and especially his huge chest as he grew up. The month passed soon and one morning he told me: —I won 10 pounds. 10 pounds? It looked like he had won 20! All his muscles had grown larger. —What happens is that I lost some fat and gained more muscle mass. And to emphasize his point he flexed his arm. It was huge. —Congratulations! I knew you could do it! But instead of smiling he became serious and said: —Double or nothing? —What? —Double or nothing! We make another month like this and if I do not get to gain another 10 pounds I'll give you all the money back ... —… and if you do gain the 10 pounds? He took some time to think about it —I do not pay the rent for two months ... Beyond the fact that the difference between receiving and not receiving that money was important, the idea of seeing him grow even more was making me horny. —Deal! —I said and I shook his hand. Fran squeezed hard. The next month was crazy. For some reason that I do not know Fran stopped wearing t-shirts from one day to the next. Every day I saw his huge muscles walking around my house. His legs all marked, his abs and his huge chest (every day bigger). Every day he cooked larger quantities of food that he ate in front of me. When he finished, he would hit his belly and smile. It was like watching him inflate in front of me. His showers were endless, it was too obvious that he was masturbating like crazy. And me after him, thinking about him and how huge he was now. The night before the end of the month he brought a scale. —Tomorrow is the big day —he said and went to sleep. Next morning when I got up he had already made breakfast. He was getting up even earlier than me.He was wearing only calvin klein drawers that marked his cock… —Do you read? —he said to me standing on the scale. —200 pounds —Ha! —he said and climbed off the scales, flexing both arms. "I'm a beast!" Then he started eating. I still did not understand what had happened, I was too sleepy. It took me a few seconds to do the accounts, I had gained more than 10 pounds, right? The next two months he had won to live for free were more of the same. I got to believe that he had gone crazy, he was a totally different person. He was obsessed with the amount of food, with the hours of sleep, with the amounts of weights for each exercise. But all that seemed to be working as he grew more and more every day and not only his muscles were bigger, Fran was getting taller. One night when he came out of the shower I saw his hair brushing against the door frame. But not only that, his shoulders too. He had to buy new clothes because the previous one did not fit his huge muscled body. His arms were too thick and his chest seemed way bigger. When the two months that he had won for free ended, something suddenly changed. The following week he wore T-shirts every day. I had become used to to seeing his impressive body full of muscles walking around the house ... that huge chest that I imagined all the time growing more and more ... On the fifth day I said: -Hey, Fran, is there something wrong? -Why? —He asked, lifting his face from the plate of food. -Oh! I don’t know ... I mean ... you're acting kind of weird ... -Me? Why? -I don’t know ... I mean ... -I could never say what I was thinking ... I did not even know what I was thinking ... Then Fran smiled. -Are you asking me why I do not walk more without a shirt? -What?! No, of course not! -So? -Nothing ... fuck off ... That night he sat in front of me with his huge plate of food and told me seriously. -Ok, I need money ... I looked at him without understanding. -My salary is to low… and I need money. -And what are you going to do? He looked at me seriously: -I want to make a ... deal ... -A deal? -Yes… - What kind of deal? -Well ... did you see ... you saw how I ...? I looked at him waiting for his answer. -Did you ever pay to see someone? Or something? -What? What are you talking about? -Come one! You know what I'm talking about! A stripclub! -Fran, I don’t follow you ... but no, I never went to one of those places. -Well, it's a place where you pay to see girls ... or guys ... dance naked ... you know, naked ... I looked at him without being able to believe what he was saying. Under the table the cock became hard in a second. —Are you telling me to pay you to see you naked? -Something like that ... -said smiling. -WHAT?! - inside my chest my heart was jumping for joy but at the same time I did not understand what was happening. -Don't get any wrong ideas! Think of it as a ... win win… I need money ... and you ... and you like men ... I mean ... given that I like gitls with big tits I figured that maybe you liked guys ... with big muscles and strong ... like me ... -Are you crazy? -No!! Think it like this ... it's like you would sponsor me ... you would give me a hand ... and in return I let you see my body ... my muscles ... Come one! You're not going to tell me that you want to see the muscles I have! - ... -Imaginate this ... I come back home after training ... and I'm all hard ... I have all my muscles huge ... so hard that I can barely move my arms .... Don’t you want to see how strong I am getting? "You're crazy ..." I said and got up and went to sleep. That night I could barely sleep and I jacked off 5 times before sunrise. I woke up destroyed. Fran was eating breakfast. I sat in front of him trying to wake myself up. -You didn’t sleep anything, right? -No… - How many times did you jacked off? -Five… -Five?! Ha! Does my muscle body turn you on that much? I said yes with my head. -Ha! Crazy! I asked him: -How long? Fran looked at me and smiled. -Whatever you say. -Okey ... let's try for a month and see. He got up and came to me. He lifted me up as if I weighed nothing and hugged me, pressing me agains his huge muscled chest. Then he released me and took off his shirt with the most impressive movement I ever saw in my life. With both arms he grabbed the bottom of his shirt and as he was raising a flag he took off his shirt. His perfect abs appeared one after the other and then his huge chest ... strong and big… -You’ll see! -He said while flexing both arms- You are going to enjoy every day of seeing my muscles! I'm going to be huge! I'm going to become the most muscular man you saw in your fucking life and I'm going to walk in front of you for you to see it. He ruffled me with one hand and went to change to go to work. That month was crazy. Fran grew like a beast. Every day I saw him get bigger and bigger and he no longer just walked around without a shirt, but every so often he flexed both arms and said: -How about my muscles, little man? Do you like what you see? I'm getting huge! I was speechless, seeing the impossible size of his chest. That's how it had to be a man's chest! At the end of the month, he not only weighed almost 220 pounds, but he also was two heads taller than me. When we met in the bathroom he would say things like: - How’s the view from down there, little man? Am I too big? How many times are you going to jack off today after seeing my muscles? -And flexed his huge and strong chest- I bet I have the biggest chest you ever saw in your fucking life. In the gym there is no one who has tits like me —he said and while he massaged his chest with one hand— You don’t know the strength I have in my chest, I bet you I can lift more than ten times your weight. When I finish training, my chest is so hard that I can hardly put on my shirt. Do you remember the fighting suit I had? Can you imagine how would I look like with these muscles now? Would you like me to wear it? Without thinking I said that if ... -Ha! What a fag you are... That night I jacked off without stopping until my cock ached. When the next month arrived I told him: -How do we continue? I just wanted to see him without a shirt ... every day bigger and more muscular ... I imagined him having to duck to go through the door. -Lets do this ... What do you think if we make an arrangement by weight? - By weight? -Yeah! Instead of me not paying you rent ... you pay me for every pound ... -Per pound? -Look at this, I already did the numbers ... you are now "giving me" this money that is equal to the total rent ... right? If we divide this number by my weight ... this is the result ... do you follow me? So I thought maybe we can lower the price a little bit per pound ... that way I would have to gain approximately ... mmm ... 40 pounds more to continue without paying ... do you understand? I grabbed the sheet where he had done all the math and I looked at him while thinking: 40 pounds more of muscles? Fran was already huge… he could appear on the cover of any sports magazine. Could he gain more muscles? -You encourage me to grow and you ... you can see it ... what do you think? -He said and winked at me- Can you imagine how my body will look like with 40 pounds more? What happened that month changed everything. I had imagined that Fran would continue to grow as he had been doing until then ... maybe a little slower, but everything would be more or less the same. I was very wrong. That's when I saw what the anabolics could do. At the end of the first week he suddenly inflated all of his muscles and kept them tense all the time. It was as if his muscles acquired another quality, another strength. At first I did not imagine what was happening, but some things started to get my attention. He was more aggressive ... -Look fag, look at the size of my arm —he said and flexed his arms before looking at me over his chest as if looking at a piece of shit- This is how a man should look like ... not like a little shit like you Sometimes he would got too close and "unintentionally" pushed me: -Uh, sorry little man, I didn’t see you down there. Sometimes I forget how huge I am. Or sometimes he just told me: -Are you enjoing what you see? How’s it feel when you see me without a shirt? Do you get horny by looking at my chest? You don’t have an idea how strong I am. In the gym I'm working like a bull. After each of those phrases I could only lock myself in my room to jack off. On the last day of the month, at breakfast, he said: -Come on, little man. You are going to weigh me. He stood on the scale but did not even look over his chest to look. -What does it say? I crouched to see. -275 pounds ... -Haha ... I told you ... I could not believe it. Fran was huge, a mountain of muscles. —You owe me this —he said, showing me a piece of paper with some numbers. -What?! -It was what we had arranged ... the arrangement was per pound and do you see how it says here that if it weighed 260 you paid me exactly the same as the rent? Well, now I weigh 10 pounds more than that. And you owe me this money. It's not much… I could not believe it and I stared at him with my mouth open. -What happens? you don’t want to pay me? His face changed suddenly. He took a step forward and I stepped back. I was against the wall. - You realize that it is not a very good idea not to pay a 275 pound muscle man, right? Look at the arms I have ... Do you know what I can do with all these muscles? That was enough for me to run out and get my wallet. I brought the money and put it on the table. He looked at it still angry and after a second he changed his expression. With a smile he said: -I was fucking with you, little man. Keep it, these 10 pounds of muscle go on my own. Enjoy them, —he said and made his chest go up and down.— We continue then with the same arrangement ... that do you say? But this time we clarify that no matter how much weight I win, you do not have to give me money. Ok? I was still shaking. I said yes. -But if you want we can add these prices as well… And he gave me a sheet with prices. He looked at me with a smile. I looked at it without understanding anything. -Let me explain ... this number here is the price for touching ... and this is the muscle group. For example, if you want to touch my chest for a minute, it will cost you this much ... do you get it? My head had suddenly stopped. -What happens? Do I have to explain it again? It's easy, little man! The idea is that you pay me to touch me. Or you tell me that you don’t want to touch these muscles? Look at my chest ... well, thats the price. He stood up and went to change to go to work. That day I called the office saying I was sick. I jacked off until I thought I was dying. Then I slept and when it was almost time for Fran to return home I went for a walk. My head did not stop spinning, something like this had never happened to me. I was just lost ... It was crazy ... I mean, it was a lot of money. The truth ... what was I thinking? I was not going to pay to touch him! It was ridiculous! When I came back home he was finishing eating. I put the money on the table and took a deep breath. Fran smiled, wiped his mouth with his hand, moved the chair back, spread his legs and looking at his chest with a wicked smile he said: -Its all yours. Even sitting down he was a good head taller than me. I was a little kid in front of a muscle giant. I approached shaking and rested both hands on his huge chest. It was much harder and softer than I had imagined. It was impressive, almost as big as my two pillows. It was heavy and every time I lifted it it fell again. Suddenly he flexed hard and it was as it became a rock. I started to massage it ... -Do you like it, little fag? Do you like to touch my muscles? This is a man's chest should look like! I ran out and locked myself in the bathroom a second before I came. I had not even touched him for a minute. So you could imagine how everything went. I never thought something like this could happen to me. Every day that I came back home and I told myself that I was not going to pay more ... that I would wait until next week ... well, for three days ... I would hold on until tomorrow ... Every day I paid to touch him. And the same thing happened every day. - Do you like my arms? -He said and flexed them while I touched him- Press hard, come one. Squeeze like a man! Ha, imagine the strength that I have that you can not even squeeze a centimeter ... Squeeze harder, fag! Look at the little hands you have over my big muscles! I touched every part of his huge body and when I touched him several times he brought a new sheet with "promos"."Full body" or "after training" or "in pose". I tried them all ... and at the end of the month I realized that I had spent all my salary. I could not believe it, but at the same time I could not stop ... The next day it was Fran who said: - Now I can’t, lets do it tomorrow. He put a shirt over his huge muscle chest and left. That night I could not sleep and I had to jack off until everything hurt. At dawn I heard him came back, but he was not alone. -Shhhh, keep it quiet… my friend is sleeping ... -he said in a low voice. Five minutes later the girl began to scream while he fucked her in his room. I tried to jack off but I only managed to get tears out of my eyes. Fran started bringing girls almost every night. Some of them I had to meet them because he invited them to dinner and others just heard them scream ... one ... two .... three ... four ... five times ... Fran was fucking like a machine. Surely he was taking advantage of all the money I had given him for touch him to pay for those women ... I was sure that they were whores… One morning after we had breakfast Fran, me and one of those girls. The moment she left I asked: -How much did you pay? Fran looked at me smiling. His body was immense. I had not touched those muscles for several weeks and could only imagine how hard his muscles would be. He stretched his arms letting me see the size of his muscles. He was huge, I had never seen such a big man. He let out a laugh. -I don’t pay ... -I don’t get it -I'm not the one who pays ... I looked at him without understanding. He stood up to go to his room ... his back was a mountain of muscles doing a perfect job. When he came back he brought a box. Inside, it was full of bills. -They are the ones that pay. -What….?! Are you jocking? How much…? -Ha! What? Do you want to know how much it costs to fuck with this mountain of muscles? He said and his chest went up and down and then flexed his arms ... My God, they were huge! I was speechless. -Haha, what a fag you are ... This is the price. It was impossible for someone to pay ... that a girl would pay ... it was a lot ... would he accept credit card?Was it also for guys? —Let me show you — he said and my heart almost stopped. But it was not what I imagined. He sat on the couch and turned on the notebook. I sat next to him. He put the notebook on the table and played the video. He laid back and ran his hand over me, pressed me against his body, my cheek tightened on his chest, and said: -You'll see the show. The girl was on the bed moving back and forth. It was filmed with a cell phone. Fran filmed her body from above and then he filmed himself. All his huge, sweaty muscles glowing in the dim light of the room. It was a compilation in which one girl was fucked after another. Some against the wall, others crushed under his muscles. It was fucking amazing…. but what was amazing was the size of his cock. It was impossibly large… He moved his huge hand over my pants and began to touch me. -Its better without this -he said and took off my pants in a second. My cock was at full mast … well thats a way of saying ... I never had a big cock ... well, okay ... I have a little one ... Fran laugh and began to jack me off with two fingers. Each of his fingers was bigger than my cock. -It's like a little fish -he said in a mocking tone- Does ever get hard? The truth was that I never got too hard ... I was about to say something when I saw what was happening in his pants. It was as if he had put two bananas ... three bananas in his pocket. -Do you want to see a reals man cock? —He said and with his other hand he moved mine to touch his cock. I came up in a second. -Uhhgg! Shit! —He said and wiped the semen on my shirt— Come here ... take care of this ... And he took off his pants. The biggest cock I ever saw in my life appeard in front of my eyes. —Big as the rest of my muscles ... —he joked as he looked at me and looked at his gigantic cock— are you going to stay there? With shaking hand I grabbed his cock. It was so big and so hard that I could not close my hand. —Use both —he said. And I grabbed it with the other one. He leaned back. —Stronger. His cock was bigger than my arm, it was just huge and I could not imagine who could stand ... which girl could resist to be fucked with such a big cock. -Stronger, little man. His entire body was covered which huge, hard and shiny muscles. Even naked it was as if he had an armor on and his cock was a sword ... a cannon. -Stronger ... come on! I was squeezing with all my strenth, but he hardly felt it. He stood up and lifted me with one hand. He carried me to the bathroom, turned on the light and stood in front of the mirror. All his musle body was shining in the light of the bathroom. He sat me in his cock and said: - It's as if it were your cock ... Jack off! I grabbed myself to his cock to keep me from falling. -Imagine that you grew a huge cock like this ... Come on ! Imagine that you can fuck one girl after the other ... they all want to to suck your cock ... they want to touch your muscles -while saying that he flexed both arms- Imagine that you are the most muscular stud in the world, stronger than a bull and harder than a tank. Imagine that you start to earn money out of just because everyone wants to touch your muscles and you just grow and grow and you get stronger every day and you're hard all over and you can fuck for hours and hours and come and come and come. Ahhh ... I'm huge. Look at the muscles I have, little fag. Look at the size of my muscles.I'm a beast ... do you know what beasts do? They fuck ... He lowered me from his cock and left me on the floor in front of him with his cock pointed at my face. He was the biggest muscle giant I had ever seen in my fucking life. -Look at me, little fag ... look at the size of my muscles ... imagine what I would do I would fuck you with this cock ... I would break your ass ... you could not sit in your fucking life again ... do you want to try it? I bet you want to suck my whole cock ... -Yes… -Haha, what a fag you are ... okay then, this is on my own. He held my head with one hand while he approached his cock to my mouth. It was huge, it was too big, it was impossible that I would be able to open that big. -So, little man ... haha, I'm going to break your jaw ... I'm huge ... I breathed through my nose trying not to drown ... - What's up, little fag? Am I too big? This is what happens when you try to suck the cock of a giant like me. ahhhh ... I would break your mouth just because you are a fucking piece of shit ... Look at the size of my muscles ... This is how a man should look like ... Not that little shit you are ... Look at my arms ... Look how strong I am ... Open that mouth or I’ll broke it with my huge cock! I bet you're dying to touch my muscles ... Sorry, little fag… you can’t afford it. I'm too big, too hard, I'm too strong. And then he came and I got choked and everything turned white and then black ... The week after that Fran quit his job. When I came back from the office (as fast as I could) I found the garbage can full of giant condoms and women's clothes. Fran had become a prostitute ... With the money he earned, he began to buy designer clothes, perfumes, computers, cell phones, all expensive things and to top it off he bought a truck as big as himself. He was earning so much money that he gave me some: -Buy yourself something, little fag. But I just wanted to pay him ... I wanted to touch his huge back ... Now that I barely reached his waist, Fran had become a huge, strong and muscular god ... and in my pocket I was pressing the money I had taken from the bank. One day I found a sheet of paper with the new prices on the floor ... Not even a month's salary would be enough to touch him for a minute ... Fran had become a VIP prostitute ... The women who slept with him were millionaires. Women who only existed in magazines and on television. And Fran fucker them all. He had his regular clients who loved him, who touched his chest and went mad with his strength, with the huge cock he had. When we had breakfast together, many times one of them would drop a bunch of money on the table just to touch his muscles while he was having breakfast. -Do you like my body, bitch? —he would say while flexing. One night he arrived with three women. Just by seeing them you could tell they were older, maybe forty years old. With huge tits and full of money, gold everywhere. He took them to his room and started to fuck them ... I realized that because they started screaming like crazy. But after a few minutes they stood silent and then Fran came into my room ... naked. It was as if a mountain of muscles suddenly passed through the door. His entire body was shining, covered with an oil that made him look even bigger .... and his cock ... gigantic ... hard as a club ... a huge anaconda in front of me… And I was lying in my bed ... -I need you to do me a favor ... -he told me from above his incredible muscles ... he was a beast- I need you to film me fucking ... —What? —They are clients of mine and they want to have a video of me fucking them… He said that and left (bending down trying not to tear the wall apart). I followed him. In her room the clothes were lying all over the floor and in his bed were the three women, naked, with their huge tits and asses and faces and bodies all covered in semen. -Awww look how cute your little friend is ... - said one. -How beautiful! Are you going to do us a favor? How cute! -We want you to film him ... and his muscular body while he fucks us ... You're beautiful, Fran ... A stud ... -Film his chest, look at the huge chest he has ... what a macho! -Film his cock, look at that cock. - Me first! —Cried one and Fran grabbed her against the wall, squeezing her with his muscles as she sucked his chest that was crushing her. -Film his back, look at that back full of muscles ... look how strong he is ... -Look at those legs ... My God ... he is a beast ... And Fran fucked them all two times and I filmed everything. When he finished he approached to me and I backed up until I was against the wall. He took my cell phone out and started watching the video. His cock full erect still dripped on my head, his muscular and huge legs prevented me from any movement. His body smelled to sex. And his whole body was shining. —Well done, bitch ... I'm huge, -he said and with one hand he ruffled me pressing me agains his legs and then he layed down on the bed with the three women. The four of them watched the video while they touched him and kissed him and bit him. -Thank you, beautiful! —said one and threw me a kiss. -What a good eye! Look how your body looks, Fran! You are huge! Look at these arms! But one of them said nothing and looked at me. She had big eyes and a look that understood things. She licked her lips and said: -How can we thank you? -while he touched Fran's chest. She ran her hand over those huge pecs and then grabbed Fran’s still hard cock. -Fran, how can we pay your friend? -Pay him? -He looked at me and winked at me- I think he's already happy to see me fuck ... -Aw, really? Is him one of those? - Pretty, do you like the muscles of your friend Fran? Did you see how huge he is? Look at this chest! There is no man with such a big chest! How hard! Aw, Fran, you're huge! -Fran, how much do we owe you? -There's the price list, -he said, pointing to the wall while still watching the video. The woman with the big eyes stood up and went to the wall. she read the price list and then looked at me. -Girls ... -she said and returned to the bed- How about we give our little friend a gift? -A gift? -Asked another and when the first one whispered in her ear, she smiled. -A huge and muscular gift! -Aw, yes, would you like that little man? Do you want to know what it feels like to be fucked by the most muscular man in the world? Look at the size of this cock, look at the shoulders he has. Look at his chest and these arms. He is a huge stud and fucks like a god. -Here, Fran. This is for ours and this is for your friend ... we want a complete service ... so he can enjoy all your huge muscles ... Fran stood up and came up to me crushing me with his legs. -It seems it's your lucky day, little bitch -he said while masturbating the cock full of semen- You'll be able to enjoy my muscle body ... -he said and he lifted me up and sat me on top of his cock, but before he tore off my clothes. I felt his gigantic cock against my ass and everything in me got wet. His chest pressed me against the wall, I tried to push him with my hands but it was like pushing a wall, a mountain full of muscles. Fran was all hard and hot. - What's up, little one? —said one of the girls. Both approached Fran and began to touch his huge legs. - Don’t you want this? Don’t you want to touch your friend's huge muscles? Look how big he is. Look at the chest he has. Look at these huge arms, look at how big his muscles are. Uh, you're so huge, Fran. Touch his chest, give it a try. - What a weakling you are! —said Fran. - How does it feel to be sitting in the biggest cock that you’ll ever see in your life? -one of them asked. - Do you realize that his is going to break your ass? -asked another. -Try to defend yourself from me, -Fran said, pressing me against the wall. -Come on!, push, push harder, hit me!. What happens? Am I too big? Am I too strong? -Break his ass, Fran. -I'll show you, little shit, how a real man fucks. Uh you are so going to like this -Fran said, flexing both arms. -Fran, we want you to put all your strength in breaking that little ass he has. -Ha! —Frank laughed- I'm going to kill him just by opening his ass with my cock. I have it too big for such a small ass -and then looking at me with a grimace said- Come on, little man, touch me, touch all my huge muscles. Ugh, I'm huge. -I hope you're prepared, kid, -one of them said- You're going to be raped by a 400 pound stallion. And that was the last thing I heard, before Fran broke my ass with his huge cock.
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    Part 4 By Richard Jasper Part 3 can be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15614-growth-by-association-now-with-part-3/?do=findComment&comment=190159 The next day and the day after that proceeded in the same fashion, although on each successive day the guys were able to handle more weight more quickly and were quicker to recover. Clark’s lifts, needless to say, were insane. For his deadlift he used a platform that held a Hummer. For his squat, he used a John Deere tractor. A BIG John Deere tractor. The guys, for the most part, were busy loading and unloading the barbell Clark used for curls, overhead extensions, shoulder press, etc. His “high volume movements,” as he called them, despite the fact there was never less than a thousand pounds on the bar. And at the end of each session, there was an hour-long lunch provided by Honore. Returning to Fitness World it was all the guys could do to focus on their regular clients. On the third day, as they were in yet another limo (as far as they could tell, they were never in the same one twice), Shawn interrupted the jabber. “What is in Honore’s food?” he asked. “I’ve gained 22 lbs. in three days. Check it out!” He flexed an 18-inch bicep that was just over 16 inches the day of their first visit to Clark’s estate. “Shit,” Sam said. “You’ve got me beat! I getting excited about having gained 13 lbs.!” That prompted the rest of the guys to check in: Drew: 15 lbs. Bryce: 16 lbs. David: 19 lbs. “Fuck,” Sam grumbled. “You’re all growing faster than I am!” Drew tapped him on the shoulder. “You’re still bigger than all the rest of us,” he said. But not for no long, Shawn thought to himself. Not at this rate. +++ A week later… Sam and Drew were loading the 10-foot bar. Clark was doing seated shoulder press, which meant five plates on each. Five 300 lb. plates. Which Sam and Drew were handling with ease. Meanwhile, Bryce, David, and Shawn were now curling the 200 lb. plates between sets. Clark was pleased with their progress. In 10 days: Sam had added just over 40 lbs. He was now in the low 290s. Drew had gained 50 lbs. and now weighed as much as Sam. Ditto, Bryce had gained a bit more than 50 lbs. At 277, he was closing in on Drew and Sam. At 265, David was up an even 60 lbs. But it was Shawn who had surpassed Clark’s expectations. He had put on 75 lbs. of solid muscle. At 255, he was only 10 lbs. lighter than David, who was four inches taller. And even though all of them had body fat percentages in the single digits, Shawn was the leanest by far. Technically speaking, he was still the smallest of the five but he looked like he could walk through a brick wall. And he was stronger than either David or Bryce. As for Clark, like Sam he had gained just over 40 lbs. “Within spitting distance of 600,” he told his reflection in the mirror after the guys were gone. “Exactly according to plan.” +++ That evening after work the guys all assembled at the house Bryce and Sam shared. “What do you think is really going on?” Sam asked. He was shirtless, as were all the other guys, which was often the case these days. Any more the five of them only wore shirts when they were “in public.” They had dispensed with them in Clark’s gym on the third day. They were drinking beers and eating nachos while a chick-on-chick porno played on Bryce’s 70-inch HD television. “I don’t know,” Shawn replied. “But I fucking like it! I mean FUCK, look at me!” David reached over and rubbed Shawn’s hairy pecs. Shawn’s chest was up to 54 inches and his arms were up to 22. “You look fucking awesome,” David said softly, flicking Shawn’s thumb-sized pierced nipples. “Look who’s talking,” Bryce said. “Your eight-pack is turning into a ten-pack!” David stood and did a vacuum pose. “265 lbs. and a 31-inch waist,” he said. Drew slapped David on his bubble butt. “Shawn’s is 29 inches, dill weed.” Sam shook his head. “I don’t understand how we can weigh the same and your arms are an inch bigger,” he said to Drew. Sam’s were 24 inches, Drew’s were 25. Shawn rolled his eyes. “He’s five inches shorter than you are,” he said. Drew nodded. “Which reminds me,” he said. “Is it just my imagination or are we eye-to-eye now?” Shawn nodded. “Apparently I’m growing up as well as out.” David rested his big hand on Shawn’s crotch. “Dewd,” he said. “This is getting bigger, too, am I right?” Shawn pulled it out. It was already fully hard. “10 x 8,” he said. “An inch longer, an inch bigger around.” David looked Shawn in the eye. The shorter guy nodded. David dove onto Shawn’s cock. The other three pulled theirs out and started beating. The chick-on-chick porno was forgotten. Part 5 is here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15614-growth-by-association-now-with-part-4/?do=findComment&comment=190261
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    6 months in to the gym and I was doing pretty well, I went from being a complete twig - and I mean a twig to someone who at least could flex their arm and a ball of muscle would appear, but I was plateauing. I was eating 4000 calories a day which worked well at the start but now all that was doing was maintaining what I had already and I was struggling to eat any more. I was chuffed with looking like I had something but I always wanted so much more. I was out during the week, local gay bar with some pals, wearing a muscle t - OK I wasn't big big, but I wanted to show off what I had and I'm a decent enough looking guy, the night went on though and no one was really peaking interest, well, no one was peaking my interest who would give me the time of day. "Rum and coke please" I said to the barman. "Can I get that for you?". I turned around and there was this young twink. I didn't used to be in to twinks but since I had bulked up a bit, I enjoyed the size difference, made me feel bigger than I was. And not to mention. This guy was pretty cute. "Go on then" I said back, grateful at least that someone half decent was taking an interest. "That t-shirt looks great on you by the way!" - Score! I thought to myself, it's always a risk a muscle t, if you aren't muscled you can look stupid. "Thanks man, compliments and a drink, where have you been all night?" We actually got on pretty well, chatting away, I noticed he kept looking at my chest and arms, it felt good and eventually I said. "Want to come back to mine? For a night cap?" "Oh really?" He cried. "Yea man sounds great!" "Come on then!" We got back to mine shortly after and one drink later, we were making out on the couch. I could feel him rubbing his hands all over my body, squeezing my chest, feeling my biceps. Not feeling my abs because sadly when bulking, it's hard to maintain abs, but he seemed to be enjoying it. "Can I ask you something? I don't know if you'll be in to it..." he said, breaking away from me" "Yea, go one.." I said sceptically. I hope he's not in to like urine or something. "Would you take your top off and flex for me. You just have such an amazing body!" This caught me by surprise. I'd always wanted to be worshipped, but it was usually the really big guys that got worshipped, my mediocre biceps didn't usually draw THAT kind of attention. "Yea, sure" I said, smiling "Really!" he cried, looking excited. I took my top off and posed. It felt a bit embarrassing at first, I didn't think I was big enough to be doing this poses, but he loved it. Soon I got in to it, he ran his hands over my flexed biceps, I flexed my chest. He loved the chest and I loved that he loved it. Then I felt it, I was getting so turned on by this. I am a big guy, he knows it, I know it. I could feel a warmth running through my body, through my muscles. My flexed arm looked bigger than it had before. Maybe I wasn't giving myself enough credit before. Couldn't think about that now, it was time to show this little guy what these muscles could do. The next morning we woke up, he looked even more twink like today. "Woah!" he said when he woke. "I don't think you were this big last night, or I was drinking too much" "Haha, you really were getting in to the muscles weren't you!" I flexed for him again and he rubbed his hands over it, taking it all in and that warm feeling spread through me again. "Careful," I said. "You're getting me turned on again and I'm already running late for work." "You sure you can't call in late?" he asked, pleadingly. Man he looked so cute but I'm not that type of guy who just calls in sick. "Nah, sorry. I really do have to make a move but let's definitely meet again, for round 2!" "I'd like that," he said. He got ready surprisingly fast, brownie points that he didn't just hang around unnecessarily and then we were saying goodbye at the door. "How would you like one more flex before you go?" I said looking down at him, he definitely seemed smaller than last night. "Yea go on!" he laughed. Running his hands over my chest, shoulders, back. I felt a warm glow go through me for the third time and felt amazing. This guy was certainly giving me an ego boost. We kissed goodbye and I went in to the bathroom to start getting ready, that's when I actually caught my reflection in the mirror - I looked good. At first I was thanking the guy for giving me an ego boost and making me feel better about my size but as I looked closer, it wasn't just my ego. I was bigger. I flexed, for myself this time and my bicep looked a few inches larger, my shoulders were more defined and my chest was certainly rounder. I think I looked slightly taller too. What was going on? I wasn't complaining, I looked great, but people don't grow that fast! I thought back to last night, thinking about him, did he do something to me. Then I remembered that feeling when he was worshipping me, every time he did it, I felt bigger, more confident, what if I actually was bigger each time. Well, there's only one way to find out. Time for round 2! To be continued.....
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    Not even hitting back, but it is looking pumped anyway!
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    Conclusion By Richard Jasper Part 7 is here... https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15614-growth-by-association-now-with-part-7/?do=findComment&comment=190472 Clark led the men to the manse’s freight elevator. Each of them had used it a time or two, usually when taking delivery of some new piece of equipment for the gym. As such, it was QUITE large, being able to accommodate vehicles the size of a Hummer (for larger vehicles, there was a series of ramps and tunnels that led from the surface to the underground facility.) Each of them, moreover, had puzzled over the buttons on the panel. In addition to the three levels of the house itself and six more buttons for the various sublevels, there was one marked “OL” at the very bottom. Shawn, for one had always assumed that “OL” was really “0L” – for Zero Level – and he wasn’t beyond pushing it just to see where it might take him. But the button never lit up. Now, however, Clark pushed the button and they began to… In point of fact, it was very hard to tell what was going on! At first they seemed to being going up rather than down. Then it seemed like they were moving sideways. Then very quickly forward, followed by a slower retreat. Then they were clearly spinning, although none of them felt the need to hold onto anything. And at one point it felt like they had been turned inside out although at that point the lights had cut out so there was no visual evidence to corroborate or disprove the sensation. Finally, after what seemed like hours but they later determined was about 4 ½ minutes, the elevator stopped and the doors opened. They were looking across an oval athletic track, the track itself composed of exquisitely manicured white sand, surrounding an equally manicured lawn of green grass. There were two classically constructed marble buildings at each end of the track, marble stadium seating climbing up a hill overlooking the track, a stone-paved walkway lined with cypress trees leading down from the track. Craggy mountain peaks dominated the skyline. It was brilliantly sunny, pleasantly warm without being hot, and not the least bit humid. It was a stunning visit, especially after such an unexpected passage from the manse. Shawn was the first to recover. “Where are we?” Clark smiled and spread wide his huge arms, encompassing the field, the mountains, all of it. “Olympia,” he said. “Welcome home.” +++ The stadium’s seating began to fill up with people, men and women, all of them beautiful, all of them dressed in what Shawn recognized as classical attire. At the same time, two groups of people entered the stadium, one group exiting from each of the “temples” at either end. It was only when they entered that Shawn realized that the “temples” were twice the height necessary for normal human beings. So either the people entering the stadium, even though they appeared to be perfectly proportioned, were midgets, or the people in the seating were… “Giants!” he breathed. Clark chuckled. “Well, no,” he corrected. “Giants are quite a bit taller. The gentle folk in the seats are half again or twice as tall as the likes of you and me but Giants, no, they are not.” Shawn turned and looked Roger Clark up and down. “Who are you – really?” Clark squeezed his young friend’s shoulder. “Be patient,” he said. “All will become clear shortly.” The other two groups joined Clark’s in the middle of the field. Unlike Clark’s, they were mixed male and female. Giving first one group and the other his full attention, Shawn noticed: The group on the left was led by a short hairy man with extremely well-developed legs. The eight or 10 men and women in his group, also nude, were… Well, how to describe them? The women were voluptuous. Very pretty, yes, but mostly you noticed that their secondary sexual characteristics – boobs, hips, ass – were all highly exaggerated. The variations from one to the other were skin color, hair color, eye color, face shape. From the neck down they were all human avatars of sexuality. Same thing with the men. Handsome enough but what you really noticed was that they were all hung like donkeys. Their balls were likewise overdeveloped. Unlike the women, there was a bit more variation with respect to their bodies. Tall and lean, short and thick, smooth or hairy, they were all indisputably male. Looking at the hairy man for the fourth or fifth time, Shawn finally noticed that his massive hairy legs ended in hooves, not feet, and that small horns nestled in the curls on his head! The group on the right was led by what appeared to be an extremely young man, really barely more than a boy. Tall and well-proportioned but clearly still retaining some adolescent baby fat. He was blond, blue-eyed, pink-skinned, and – truly? Really? – wore a pair of diaphanous wings. Except that he wasn’t really wearing them -- they growing out of his shoulders! The men and women who comprised his group were much more varied in size, shape, and appearance, except for one thing: All of them were drop dead gorgeous! Any single one of them could enter the world’s most rarefied beauty contest and win hands down against any opponents, male or female. Shawn turned his attention back to the seating. A truly magnificent man, extremely well-built and clearly twice as tall as Clark, with a man of silver hair pulled back into a queue and a glorious beard that hung to his magnificent chest, stood in a pavilion in the middle of the seats. “Pan! Cupid! Hercules! What have brought before us?” His voice filled not just the stadium, but the whole valley. It echoed often the mountain peaks. “Pan?” “Father Zeus,” the hairy man replied. “I bring you the most voluptuous human beings on Earth. No one can match them in giving and receiving pleasure.” Father Zeus nodded his head. “Pan,” he said. “You have done well.” Next the youth spoke. “Father Zeus,” he said. “I bring you the most beautiful human beings on Earth. No one can look upon them without being entranced by their beauty.” Father Zeus nodded his head again, a sly smile crossing his lips. “Cupid,” he said. “You and your brother Pan have found the best of the best.” Next he gave Hercules a stern look. “And you, my son?” Hercules gave his charges a glance before turning back to his father. “Great Zeus,” he said. “I bring you average men who have become the strongest, most muscular men on Earth.” At an unspoken signal from Clark, the men spread out. Zeus descended from the seating and walked among them. The Father of the Gods was, at least in this incarnation, approximately 12 feet tall and weighed close to a ton. It was a lot like being examined by an elephant! He spent the longest time in front of Shawn. Without prompting, Shawn went into a classic bodybuilding posing routine, displaying every aspect of his insane musculature. Zeus appeared to be muttering under his breath (and counting on his fingers?) Zeus returned to the pavilion. “Pan, Cupid, you have brought the best of the best,” he said. “And for that I am grateful. But the laurel wreath must go to Hercules for he has MADE the best of the best, and shown that the best can, in fact, be made.” The giant people in the stadium stood and applauded. Pan and Cupid and their charges bowed and then departed, as did Zeus and the other – what? – Gods and Goddesses? Only Hercules and his men were left on the field. Only Shawn had the courage to speak. “Now what?” he asked. “And what do we call you, Sir?” Hercules chuckled. “You may dispense with the ‘Sir,’ and call me ‘Ercole,’ the one of my names I most prefer.” The men gathered round him. “As for what happens next,” he said. “You have two choices. First, return whence we came but in doing so return to what you were before I met you – with no memory of what has happened since then.” “Second, stay here with me in Olympia. I can only promise you freedom, luxury, and the potential to grow beyond your wildest imaginings – provided you are willing to do the work.” Shawn spoke for all of them. “As big as Father Zeus?” he dared to ask. Ercole smiled. “You noticed his examination, did you not? He is well aware that if you – all of you -- were his height you would ‘blow him away,’ as you so colorfully put it. And, yes, I fully expect you to reach his height – or more – if you decide to stay.” At his words, all six men – Ercole included – were hard as rocks. “And will we get to have sex with you?” Ercole grinned. A great, big, totally HUMAN grin! “I thought you would never ask!” Then he kissed each one of them, starting with Sam and ending with Shawn, in turn. A great, big, totally mind-blowing kiss. Shawn spoke for the rest: “That settles it,” he said. “We’re staying!” THE END
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    Part 6 By Richard Jasper Part 5 can be found here... https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15614-growth-by-association-now-with-part-5/?do=findComment&comment=190261 “Fuck,” David exclaimed when Shawn dropped his shorts. “Well, yes,” Shawn agreed. “I thought that was why I was dropping my shorts!” David shook his head. “It’s bigger,” he said, pointing at Shawn’s monster. “It’s bigger than it was two days ago.” Shawn shrugged his massive shoulders. “It’s about 11 x 9 now,” Shawn said. David’s eyes bulged. “It’s bigger than mine!” Shawn just grinned. “You didn’t REALLY think you were always going to have the world’s biggest dick, did you?” “Besides,” he added. “I’m a growing boy.” David looked up and down at Shawn’s 270 lbs. of fur-covered muscle. “You’re a growing DADDY,” he corrected. Shawn laughed. “You’re four years older than I am!” David sank to his knees and looked up at the big stud. “Age makes no difference, Daddy,” he said, then went down on Shawn’s monster. David’s howls of pleasure echoed up and down the hall that night. “I should have picked a cottage,” Drew said, covering his ears. +++ Twenty days into the program… Clark was pleased with the progress he and the retainers had been making. At 635 lbs., he was about 10 lbs. heavier than he had anticipated. He had planned on 25 lbs. of muscle per week and was doing a little better than that. Clearly I will need to taper off at the end, he reminded himself. It would not do to exceed the limit. As for the guys… They were all within 20 lbs. of each other, which was somewhat remarkable given that when they started Sam was 250 lbs. and Shawn 180 lbs., a spread of 70 lbs. Now, though… David, Bryce, and Sam, the tall guys, were 325, 330, and 335 lbs. respectively. All of them had chests over 60 inches, all of them had arms over 26 inches. All of them were benching over 1,000 lbs. for reps. (Sam was still complaining about being the slowest growing of the five, or he was until Clark pulled him aside and explained that it was owing to his youth. “Unlike the others,” he pointed out. “You’re still an adolescent. When your muscles mature you are likely to outstrip all the others. Be patient.” Which is all it took, of course. “Sir, thank you, I will be patient!”) It was the shorter guys, Drew and Shawn, who were winning the growth sweepstakes, once again demonstrating that shorter guys have some built in advantages in that department. Drew was now the shortest of the five but he now packed 345 lbs. of solid muscle on his 5’11 frame. As for Shawn, once again his gains were spectacular. He was now 6 ft. tall, two inches taller than when they had commenced the program. And he was now 350 lbs., making him the heaviest of the five. In 20 days he gained 170 lbs. of muscular mass, nearly doubling his size. Likewise, he was far and away the strongest of them, now routinely benching 1,500 lbs., more than four times his body weight, for reps. His 35-inch waist looked tiny compared to his 70-inch chest and 38-inch quads. His grainy, veiny 30-inch arms were surely the largest the world had ever seen – aside from Clark’s that is. Shawn could step on any bodybuilding stage on the planet and blow away the competition just standing there. When he flexed… It was typical for the guys to pose after a particularly arduous workout but Clark put a stop to that when the sight of Shawn’s engorged 30-inch monster arms pushed all four of his companions over the edge. The fact that Shawn’s 11 x 9 weapon was fully hard the whole time didn’t help matters. Even Clark himself was fully aroused by the sight, although unlike his retainers he did not lose control. It did not go unnoticed by Shawn, whose gaze was focused solely on Clark’s massive erection throughout the entirety of his posing routine. Otherwise, the routine that had been established continued apace. Mornings consisted of assisting Clark with his impossible workouts, followed by one of Honore’s impossibly delicious / nutritious lunches and supplemented throughout with shakes, smoothies, energy boosters, and so forth. Afternoons were devoted to guys’ workouts, each one heavier, more intense and more phenomenal than the day before. They worked out together and separately, constantly shifting the pattern in ways that were intuitive and effective without being in any way predictable or repeatable. All of which was followed by another meal, often with Zoe and/or other members of Clark’s household staff, joining them. And then the guys would retreat to the pool or the hot tub or the sauna or the steam room or the massage tables, always coming together – somewhere -- as a group for an hour at the end before retiring for the evening. It was then that the bed-hopping began. The night after Shawn fucked David the first time, David fucked Drew, and Shawn spent the night with Bryce and Sam, who fucked each other (the brothers were very close indeed, it appeared!) before Shawn fucked each of them in turn. Then it was Shawn’s turn with Drew, David’s turn with Sam and Bryce, followed by Drew’s, and about once a week they wouldn’t even last and just had a collective gang-bang around the pool. (As it turned out, Sam, the youngest, was the one who ALWAYS got fucked, Shawn was the one who NEVER got fucked, and the rest were versatile.) “Why won’t you let any of us fuck you?” Drew said one night as Shawn held him up against a wall with one hand and ravaged his nips, pits, and neck. “Mmm’sav’m’sef,” Shawn muttered. Drew put his big hands on Shawn’s mountainous traps. “Say again?” Shawn pulled himself away from Drew’s oh-so-delicious nips, smacked his lips, and repeated himself. “I’m saving myself,” he said, then blushed. Drew looked at the young hunk. “You mean…?” Shawn just gave him a look. Drew’s mouth made a perfect “O.” He nodded. “If anyone goes there,” he said. “It will be you.” More to cum…
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    Part 5 By Richard Jasper Part 4 is here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15614-growth-by-association-now-with-part-4/?do=findComment&comment=190234 Two days later a Fitness World corporate executive swooped in and fired all five of the guys. That was the same day Sam and Drew broke 300 lbs. for the first time. “You’re clearly doing some serious PEDs,” the VP for Assholery said. He was 5’9, 160 lbs. soaking wet, with a bad haircut, and very impressed with his Ju-Jitsu yellow belt. “Because there isn’t any way you could have grown this quickly otherwise,” the Veep continued. “It’s against company policy and, besides, you’re scaring the customers. All of you take your things and go.” Drew called Clark. “Sir, there’s been a complication,” he said, then explained. Clark told Drew not to worry. “A limo will be there to pick you up in 10 minutes,” he said. “If you need more time to gather your belongings, do so. But come here before you head home.” At the estate, Clark welcomed the men to his study, which was 2000 square feet of marble floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, abstract expressionist paintings (Shawn was pretty sure one of them was a Pollock), floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and scattered throughout the modernist furniture half a dozen sculptures (was that a Giacometti?) “It may not seem so at the moment but this is good news,” he said, without preamble. “Fitness World was keeping for itself half of what I was paying. The full amount will now go to each of you individually. After today’s session, Zoe will meet with each of you to get the pertinent information to set up direct deposit or however you prefer to receive payment.” He continued. “That said, in addition to the current contract, I would like to offer each of you the opportunity to add you to my cadre of personal retainers,” Clark said. Shawn raised his hand. Clark nodded in his direction. “Sir, excuse me, but what exactly does that entail?” Clark studied his perfectly manicured nails. “Mostly it involves what we are doing now, plus being available for other services as necessary,” he explained. “The services will vary in type and duration but they will be mutually agreed upon in advance and never with less than 24 hours notice.” The guys looked at each other. Sounded like a sweet gig. “The salary is $15,000 per month,” Clark added. “For as long as you remain on the payroll. In addition, healthcare, including vision and dental, is full covered. Plus anyone who remains on the payroll for five years will be permanently vested in the retirement plan, which I think you will find very generous.” The guys gaped. $180K was more, MUCH more, than any of them was ever likely to earn as a personal trainer or even as a Fitness World exec like Asshole Veep. And they were Millennials. Jobs with benefits? What were those?! “Sign me up!” “Ditto!” “You bet!” “I’ll take it!” “Sir, THANK YOU for your confidence in us!” And then Clark floored them with one last perk. “The retainership also comes with free housing,” he said. “In addition to the manse, which has several vacant apartments, the estate has three empty cottages suitable for sharing. Whether you take advantage of this perk is, of course, entirely up to each of you.” The guys just stared. “For reals?” “Fuck me!” “Sweet deal!” “I don’t believe it!” “What’s the catch?” The last was from Shawn, of course, the ever practical one. Clark chuckled. “No catches,” Clark said. “On many occasions I have found it useful to have retainers on site. Whether you choose to exercise this option is entirely up to each of you.” He looked directly at Sam. “And I will get back to you later on that suggestion, Mr. Dunbar.” Sam “Fuck me!” Dunbar turned bright crimson. Following their meeting, Clark herded the young men to the gym where he had yet another surprise. “Today we will forego my usual routine,” he said. “Instead we will do individual assessments on each of you. Again, bench, deadlift, and squat.” The group groaned. “But…” “We’re not…” “…warmed up!” “And besides…” “Yesterday I…” Clark held up his shovel-sized hands. The guys immediately ceased their chatter. “You will have plenty of time to warm up,” Clark pointed out. “And plenty of time to recuperate between each session. And Honore…” – the guys perked up on hearing the chef’s name – “has prepared a special pre-workout drink for each of you.” That’s all it took really. They benched in descending order according to size: Sam and Drew, then Bryce, David, and Shawn. The 1RM results were: Sam: 750 lbs. @ 300 lbs. bodyweight. Drew: 810 lbs. @ 300 lbs. bodyweight. Bryce: 720 lbs. @ 288 lbs. bodyweight. David: 720 lbs. @ 278 lbs. bodyweight. And then there was Shawn: 945 lbs. @ 270 lbs. bodyweight. “Fuck me!” David exclaimed when Shawn re-racked the weight. Shawn shrugged his massive shoulders. “Maybe later, OK?” The guys laughed. After lunch, the guys explored the apartments and the cottages. Unsurprisingly, Bryce and Sam picked a cottage to share. Apparently the brothers couldn’t really imagine living anyway other than together. Drew picked the apartment closest to the elevator. David kept looking at the two-bedroom apartment and extolling its virtues to Shawn. Finally Shawn pulled him aside. “You do understand that I really like you, right?” Shawn said. David nodded, fearing where the conversation was going. “But I think I really need my own space, man. I only just figured out – mostly thanks to you – that I’m into guys. I’m afraid I’m not ready for a boyfriend!” David sighed, then chuckled. “On the other hand, about that other question…” The two bumped fists. “Your place or mine, Big Man,” Shawn said. “I’m good to go either way!” Not that I’ll be calling him that much longer, he thought to himself. He was within 8 lbs. of David’s weight and having grown another inch taller he was within 2 inches of David’s height. Next week I’ll be bigger than he is, Shawn thought. His big kielbasa stirred in his shorts. He grabbed David’s massive arm and pulled him in for a kiss. “I guess I misspoke,” Shawn said when they came up for air. “I meant to say: I’m good to go RIGHT NOW!” Part 6 is here... https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15614-growth-by-association-now-with-part-5/?do=findComment&comment=190346
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    Part 2 By Richard Jasper Part 1 can be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15614-growth-by-association-now-with-part-2/ The next morning, Drew assembled the candidates in the conference room (no, most suburban gyms don’t have conference rooms; Fitness World wasn’t “most suburban gyms…”) In addition to himself and Sam, the other guys were: Bryce Dunbar, Sam’s older brother. 22 y.o., just out of the Marines, 6’2 and 225 lbs. of muscle, not quite as big as his baby brother. He had blond hair instead of brown, blue eyes instead of green, but otherwise it was quite clear to anyone that they were brothers. David Patterson, 29. Like Bryce, he was 6’2 but at 205 lbs. his look was rangier, probably thanks to slightly broader shoulders, longer arms, and narrower hips. With his dark chocolate skin, modified Afro, and hands that could palm a basketball, he would have looked at home in the NBA, or as he was always put it (since this comparison was pointed out to him all the time), the Shorter NBA! Shawn Tomashevski, 25. The smallest of the six of them. At 5’10 he was as tall as Drew but he was only 180 lbs. All of it in the right places, of course, with nice wide shoulders, a good thick chest, and veiny arms. Plus he had a 29-inch waist and an eight-pack to die for. Floppy dark brown hair, a well-trimmed reddish brown beard, and bright blue eyes completed the look. And Rogelio “Roy” Jimenez, 27. An inch taller than Drew and Shawn, he split the difference in their weight. At 210 lbs. he was more of a power-lifter than a bodybuilder, with broad shoulders, a thick chest, and a 36-inch waist. He had straight black hair, lively dark eyes, a pencil mustache, a killer tan, and the whitest teeth anyone had ever seen. “What’s this all about?” Shawn asked. Sam gave Drew a look. “We have a special, very lucrative contract from a very wealthy client,” Drew said. “He wants us – and I mean all of us, if we’re up for it – to train him four hours a day, six days a week for the next three months.” Sam raised an eyebrow. “He wants US to train him?” Drew nodded. “Jeez, wotta concept!” The other guys looked quizzically at Sam. “You guys aren’t going to believe this guy until you actually see him,” Sam said. “He’s literally twice my size.” They scoffed, of course. “I think you need to revisit the meaning of the word ‘literally,’” his big brother said. Drew shook his head. “No, actually, in this case he doesn’t. He IS literally twice Sam’s size. In fact, twice his size and a bit.” Shawn, who was always quick on the uptake, piped up: “So we’re getting paid a butt load of money to train someone who is morbidly obese? How fun!” “I said he was twice Sam’s size,” Drew countered. “I didn’t say he was morbidly obese. He weighs 550 lbs., or so he claims, and I believe him. And as far as I can tell there’s not an ounce of fat on him.” !!! Drew’s statements drew hoots, guffaws, and snorts of derision from his team. Except for Sam, of course, who had seen him. “Knock it off,” Sam barked. That shocked the shit out of the rest of guys. Despite his intimidating size and musculature, Sam was about the nicest guy you could hope to meet. He was never sharp with people, mostly because he was so happy being handsome, huge, hung, and horny. “You gotta see this guy to believe him,” Drew continued. Clark arrived just then. Later on Shawn recalled that it was like watching the Queen Mary II coming into dock. Clark was neither slow nor awkward but his pace and movements were deliberate, as if long experience had taught him that sudden moves or abrupt changes in direction might destroy his surroundings. Or crush people. “Welcome, Sir,” Drew said, standing up as Clark entered the room. The rest of the guys, who like most guys their age had a tendency to slouch unless they were at a job interview, likewise jumped to their feet. Their expressions ranged from awe to envy to lust to, in one case, outright fear. “Gentlemen,” Clark said, acknowledging them with a nod. “Be seated.” They sat. “No doubt Drew here has told you that I want to acquire your services for the next three months,” Clark continued. “But aside from the time commitment, he hasn’t told you the particulars because I haven’t shared them with him. I will do so now.” Clark surprised Drew and the rest by pointing out that the first condition was that they be able to train with him off-site. “This gym, suitable as it may be for its typical clientele, won’t suffice for my needs,” he said. “Fortunately, I have a fully equipped – dare I say, ‘specially’ equipped – gym at my home, which is a just a mile from here.” Six pairs of eyebrows went up. “Considering the nature of the contract, Sir, that should not be a problem as far as Fitness World is concerned,” Drew offered. Clark nodded his head, as if he had known what the answer would be. “The next point is that you won’t be training me so much as you will be training WITH me,” the Giant man continued. “You may find it improbable but I have been training longer than any of you have been alive. There is really nothing you can teach me. But I need people to change plates and to assist me in setting up various devices.” The men squirmed. Helping someone, even someone as large as this man, change plates wasn’t exactly why they had become trainers. “Keep in mind,” Clark added. “That these are specially designed plates. The smallest weighs 100 lbs. and they go up in 100 lb. increments from there. The largest weighs 300 lbs. Also, in order to handle the weights involved, the bar I use weighs 200 lbs.” !!! That’s insane, Shawn thought. Unfuckingbelievable, Sam told himself. I gotta see this, David muttered under his breath. Holy Canoli! Bryce spluttered internally. Mami! Roy quailed at the concept. “The point of our efforts is for me to grow,” Clark said. “I am entering a competition in three months and at that point I will weigh 300 lbs. more than I do now.” This time the guys couldn’t keep their mouths shut. “No fucking way!” “You’ve gotta be joking!” “That’s impossible!” “I’ll be a goddamned motherfucking son of a bitch!” “I think I just shit myself!” That last was from Roy, who fled the room, and was never seen again. Literally. Not at Fitness World, not in the entire state. A few months later, Abby, the receptionist, received a post card saying that he settled at a religious retreat in New Mexico where he was taking up holy orders. “I see that we are down to five,” Clark continued. “Fortunately, my plans are such that five of you will work as well as six.” The men composed themselves (i.e., they levered their jaws back into the closed position.) They were sitting at the conference table like a bunch of school boys. “As for your concerns, let me assure you that I will achieve my goals,” Clark added. “As you can see, the physique I have already achieved is already beyond what most men can comprehend. And yet I have done so. What I propose to accomplish in the next three months is completely doable.” And with that he rolled back the right sleeve of his tent-like yet skin-tight polo shirt and flexed. No, let’s be clear. He… FLEXED It’s a wonder the ceiling didn’t cave in, the walls along with them. Clark’s arm was gigantic (they later learned it was nearly 48 inches in circumference.) A stupendous mass of granite-hard muscle with a peak that went up and up and up, such that his ham-sized hands would have been able to finger the peak if they hadn’t been blocked by the girth of his vein-covered 40-inch forearms. Sam, Drew, Shawn, David, and Bryce stared for a full minute. And then they spurted. “I will take that as a YES,” Clark said. “Report to my house tomorrow at 8 a.m.” Part 3 can be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15614-growth-by-association-now-with-part-2/?do=findComment&comment=190159
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    ^I'm glad you both @RosieWorships and @CentralNJmuscle are both on this forum. I'm bisexual and love reading stories and real life experiences of straight muscle guys rocking a woman's world. One of my favorite things is domination, but not necessarily in a cruel form. When I read stories about woman being pleasured more than they ever have in their life by some huge muscle stud it is like it is an indirect domination that the the stud has over all the woman's previous lovers, if that makes sense. This being a mostly gay forum, stories like this are fairly rare so I love when they pop up.
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    This is a quickie that I just hashed out real quick. Enjoy! Coltin and Tyler had been best friends since they were in diapers. They were born a month apart and their families were very close so they literally grew up together. They went to the same school growing up from kindergarten to senior year. They were inseparable. People even thought that they were brothers, because they actually favored each other a little bit. So it only made sense for them to be roommates when the opportunity arose. They both decided to go to University of Memphis, obviously. They couldn't go to different schools. So they also planned on being roomies. They got moved in everything put in It’s place and wanted to go for a walk around campus. They were walking around the University Center as they spot a group of guys playing some football in the big field in front of the UC. "Man those guys are JACKED.", Coltin blurted out. Tyler laughed and agreed. It was no secret that Coltin longed for more size but it just wasn't in the cards for him. He wasn't a bad looking guy by any means, though. In fact, he had quite a handsome face with a nicely trimmed beard with reddish blonde hair. He had a very lean, toned physique dialing in around 170lbs at 6'2. But he wanted more. He observed how these guys playing in the field wore workout shorts that stretched perfectly over their taught butt and beefy quads, how their pecs had a slight bounce to them when they ran. He wanted just a portion of that. That's all and he would be happy. Tyler, on the other hand, just preferred to look at it. He was content at his current physique level, which was pretty close to Coltin's with just a little extra flab. Coltin was definitely the more active, sports-oriented of the two. "Dude just go talk to them and see if they'll give you any pointers on bulking up.", Tyler told Coltin. Coltin sighed, "I feel like I've tried everything there is to try, but I guess it wouldn't hurt." Coltin jogged out to talk to one of the guys and Tyler watched as the guy he talked to gestured for him to join them. Coltin pointed back to Tyler, not wanting to ditch him. Tyler gestured back that he was going to run into the UC to grab a bite to eat and cool off and encouraged him to join them. After about an hour, he glanced out the window to see Coltin still outside playing football with these jocks. He was getting bored so he just shot a text to Coltin, telling him that he was going back to the room and that he would see him there later. Later that night, Coltin returned to the room, a sweaty mess. He seemed excited. Through his heavy breathing, he managed to get out, "The guys want me to try out for the team and they said they'll help me bulk up!" "Dude that's great! I'm excited for you man!" A few weeks had passed and Coltin came in from an intense workout from the gym, looking extra pumped. Tyler had no idea what kind of regime those jocks were putting him through, but he could already tell that whatever it was, it was working. Coltin still had his lean physique, but you could tell that his chest was just a little bit thicker, arms bulged just slightly larger than they were a few weeks ago, and his legs looked more defined. His shirts started to fit him better. "Bro that workout today was killer. You should join us some time. You could use some extra muscle." Tyler chuckled, "Nah man I'm good.", thinking that he would rather do just about anything else instead. "Suit yourself dude. They've gotten me up to 180 as of this morning.", as he raised an arm and flexed casually, prompting a decent size bicep to stand at attention. And he smirked. "This is the heaviest I've ever been. And I don't plan on slowing down." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The semester flew by, Christmas break was just around the corner. Coltin was close to breaking 200. He was looking beefier than ever, clothes stretching over his thicker pecs and beefy arms. He had really wanted to break 200 before going home, but he wasn't complaining. He'd managed to pack on around 23lbs of muscle in a semester's time. Tyler thought it seemed like he was putting on the weight a little faster than he thought possible, but he just shrugged it off. Coltin was to go home for break, while Tyler went with his family to California for most of the Christmas break. His family had gone to San Diego for Christmas every year for as long as he could remember. So as they parted ways, Tyler gave his best friend a big hug goodbye, as it would be a little over a month before he saw him again. It was a couple of days before school was to start back for spring semester when Coltin got a phone call from his buddy, Tyler. "Hey man I got some news. My mom had the bright idea to go out on the rocks today when we were visiting La Jolla Cove and a wave hit and swiped her off the rocks." "Jesus Christ Tyler is she ok!?" Coltin gaped. "Yeah man she's fine, but she's in no condition to travel right now so I'm stuck out her indefinitely until her condition gets better. The doc says it could be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months." "Man that really blows! I miss you man! Tell your mom I send my regards and that I hope she gets to recover sooner rather than later." "Will do man. I'll keep you posted." They hung up and Coltin just sat there. He couldn't believe it. He and Tyler had never been apart this long and he wasn't sure what he was going to do without his best bud at school with him. I guess it would give him more time to focus on his workouts and football practice. So school resumed a few days later and Coltin did nothing but go to class and go to the gym. He was determined to break 200lbs soon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It ended up being close to April before Tyler's mom had recovered enough for them to travel back home. He and Coltin had tried to stay in touch over the last couple of months with updates on his mom, but it was tough. Tyler decided he wanted to surprise Coltin, so he didn't tell him that he was on his way back to UoM yet. He entered the hallway of the dorm building and he could hear voices further down the hallway. One of them sort of sounded like Coltin, but the voice was muuuuch deeper, so he knew it wasn't him. He made his way down the hall and as he rounded the corner, he was met with the largest human being he had ever seen. The beast was facing away from him talking to someone else, who was completely obscured by his massive back. His body almost stretched to both sides of the hallway. He had on what had to be a XXXXL tank top that was hanging on for dear life. The massive bodybuilder heard someone round the corner and turned around. His eyes lit up with surprise as he saw that it was his best friend, Tyler. "Buddy! I didn't know you were coming home!, boomed the man in his deep, bovine voice. Tyler, on the other hand, was steadying himself against the wall upon realizing that this behemoth was his best friend Coltin. The man standing before him could've eaten 3 of the previous Coltin's. He tried to take it all in slowly. His face looked exactly the same. Same old Coltin. He was the same height as before, just four times as wide. Attached to his head was the thickest bull neck that Tyler had ever seen. No wonder his voice had dropped so many octaves. His neck was threatening to be swallowed up by a set of massive traps on either side, tugging at the straps of that poor tank top. If he shrugged, his neck was sure to disappear completely. His shoulders were the size of beach balls. And his chest. Holy fuck his chest. It was magnificent. His pecs were so thick and juicy, any woman would be jealous of his cup size. The tank was so tight, he could see his quarter size nipples were erect and pointed straight at the ground, completely overshadowed by his mammoth chest. The slightest twitch in his body sent them bouncing. His back was so thick and wide, it was physically impossible for his arms to go past a 45 degree angle. Speaking of his arms - they had to be at least 30 inches around. 30 inches of pure muscular power. His forearms were probably bigger around than my legs, so fucking big. His hands were so thick and meaty, Tyler wasn't sure he could even use a cell phone anymore. At least Siri was a thing now. His eyes wandered next down to his midsection, where he saw that the tank was bulging out from the size of his massive muscle gut, but even with the size of his muscle gut, he still had that incredible V taper due to the massive breadth of his shoulders and back. Fuck. And his quads. Fuck. The slightest shift in his weight caused them to writhe and contract with pure power, stretching his mesh workout shorts dangerously close to the breaking point. They were the size of redwoods. His feet are spread wide and still his legs are fighting for space, his massive calves still touching. This man that was Tyler's best friend was so massive, he was still speechless. His entire body was covered with a good amount of reddish blonde hair. He could see it swirling out from underneath his tank and down his massive forearms. "I....er....uh." Tyler couldn't even form a sentence. Coltin gave a big, hearty laugh causing his enormous pecs to bounce. "I guess I grew a little bit while you were gone, huh?" boomed Coltin. "Fuck man. A little bit?! Are you on drugs dude!?" This made Coltin laugh again. "Roids? Bro roids wouldn't have even worked this well. I took something a little more....natural." grinned Coltin mischievously. "How? What?....How much?" Tyler had so many questions. "Well I have to use a packaging scale now, but this morning I weighed in at 447lbs. Tyler. I've gained almost 300 lbs of fucking muscle bro." With that, he flexed his mighty biceps. Tyler swore he heard a boom as his arms exploded in size. He wasn't ready for the size of those amazing arms flexed. He swooned and grabbed onto the wall for support. He watched as Coltin slowly made his way to his best friend, swinging one massive tree trunk around the other. Tyler knew that he had to touch him. He wouldn't be able to convince himself that it was real until he could feel that amazing muscle with his own hands. As he approached, he marveled again at the fact that Coltin hadn't seemed to have gotten any taller. Tyler had always been slightly taller than him and that was still the case. This made Coltin look even more massive. 6'1" is fairly tall, but when you have this much muscle packed onto that frame, there just isn't anywhere to put it all. He ran his hands underneath the tank top through the thick carpet of hair over his bulging muscle gut. It was hard as a rock. He caressed his massive pillow pecs, marveling at how rock hard they felt, despite them looking plump and juicy. A moan escaped Tyler's lips. He'd never felt this way about a man, much less his best friend, but he was so turned on by all this....this beef. It was clear that Coltin was feeling hot too, as Tyler glanced down, his eyes bugging out. He realized that Coltin's body wasn't the only thing that grew. The outline of a giant sausage the size of Tyler's arm was slowly expanding underneath his gym shorts. Tyler was also just noticing how fucking gorgeous his ass was now. He didn't think it was humanly possible to have such a large voluptuous ass that was simultaneously rock hard with muscle. Tyler moaned again and before he could even think about it, he shot a load right there in his jeans as he finally passed out from shock. The last thing he remembered, was the feeling of Coltin's massive hands catching him before he hit the ground. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tyler groggily awoke. He had had the craziest dream that Coltin had exploded into a massive muscle monster. He saw a mass move in the corner of his eye and his eyes shot open. It wasn't a dream. His massive best friend was sitting on their couch waiting for him to come to. "Jesus Christ bro. You just about fill out that whole couch by yourself." exclaimed Tyler. "Heh. Yeah It’s just about the only thing I can fit on these days." "Ok so I have to know. What the fuck happened. Last I was around, you were just working out with those jocks. Did they have something to do with this?" "Fuck yeah man. You should see them now. I look tiny compared to them, but I'll catch up to them eventually.", he smirked. "You mean you're not done!?" shouted Tyler "You're a fucking freak man! You're already past the realm of possibility!" "Hell yeah man. All those guys are pushing past 600 now, but they're growth is starting to taper off, so I know I'll catch up in no time. Anyways. We were all working out over the break when one of the guys walks in looking fucking massive. He had probably gained 60lbs since the last time we had seen him just a few days ago. He then told us what he had discovered. Cum makes him grow." "The fuck?" Tyler said, completely grossed out. The thought of drinking another dude's jizz made him gag. "Just his cum or just cum in general?" That was when Coltin really started smirking "Anyone's. We all tried it out on each other. After we figured it out, it was like a nonstop orgy for weeks, basically. The only reason those guys are so much bigger than me is because they had a head start." Tyler couldn't believe what he was hearing. Coltin wasn't gay. At least he wasn't a few months ago? He then started thinking about earlier when he came at the mere feeling of Coltin's muscular body. Tyler had always been satisfied with his body, but after feeling Coltin's burgeoning muscles, he was kind of curious how it would feel to have that much power on his frame. He then looked back over to Coltin and stared at his mammoth cock, licking his lips slowly. Coltin could see the glint in his eye and just smiled. Tyler got up and made his way over to Coltin and struggled to pull his shorts down over his beefy quads. Coltin's enormous tool sprang free and stood at attention, seemingly beckoning Tyler to service it. He struggled to get his mouth around such a massive instrument and began pumping it in and out. It was so thick and long that he could only get about 6 inches of it down his throat-less than half of it! He heard Coltin's deep voice groan in ecstasy and he felt his cock throb. Next thing he knew, a hot jet of Coltin's jizz was shooting into Tyler's mouth and down into his stomach. He held on tight, not wanting to miss a single drop. You know, just in case Coltin was right about this drinking cum making you grow thing. He ingested so much, he felt his shirt start to tighten around his belly as it filled up with an obscene amount of cum. As the flow seemed to lessen, Tyler removed himself from Coltin's cock and stood up and he heard a sloshing noise. He had so much fucking cum inside of him. He looked down and his belly was bulging out like a frat boy beer belly. He waddled over to the recliner, suddenly really tired and fell into a deep sleep. Coltin stayed exactly where he was. He did not want to miss the show that was about to happen. He smiled to himself, realizing he hadn't told Tyler one last detail. Tyler probably just ingested in one sitting the total amount that Coltin had over the past few months, mainly due to the size of Coltin's baseball size nuts. This meant that Tyler was going to go through a pretty massive growth spurt and Coltin couldn't wait to see it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tyler was awakened by a strange gurgling noise. He sat up and realized that the noise was coming from his bloated belly. Before Tyler could do anything else he felt a burning sensation over his entire body. He glanced over at Coltin who was looking on with extreme interest, eyes twinkling with excitement. He felt his shirt getting tight again. He looked down and gasped when he realized that his belly was slowly growing and it began to feel harder and thicker, like Coltin's had felt. But that wasn't the only thing causing his shirt to get smaller. His once nonexistent pecs were bulging and groaning as they expanded, fighting for the limited space that was underneath his medium size shirt. He felt his back and shoulders sliding across the back of the recliner as his arms seemed to explode with mass. He felt his body being pushed upward by the sudden growth of his butt. By now, his shirt had been absolutely obliterated by his increasing mass. His jeans lost the battle soon after to his increasingly massive thighs and calves. He groaned and marveled at how much deeper his voice had gotten, though it was nowhere near Coltin's boomy voice - yet. Suddenly he heard the poor recliner groaning in protest of the incredible weight that it was now trying to support. Before he could even think about trying to get up, the recliner just disintegrated under him as he plummeted to the floor. Coltin was laughing his ass off at this point, all of his muscles bouncing, but he quickly returned his attention to Tyler because it seemed that he was still not done growing. Tyler was sprawled out on the floor at this point, still expanding. How much more was he going to grow? He had to be nearing Coltin's realm of musculature surely. His back continued to widen and thicken as he could feel it rubbing across the carpet and simultaneously pushing him further off the ground. His chest had long since grown large enough for his entire view in front of him to be obscured, as he lay on the floor. Finally it felt as if his growth was coming to an end. He stood up, with effort, trying to keep his balance. He definitely wasn't used to carrying so much extra weight. He could feel pure power coursing through his body. It was absolutely intoxicating. He clenched and unclenched his fists, watching the cords of muscle in his forearm flex and unflex. He looked to each side and felt like his width stretched at least two feet in either direction. His biceps had to be close to 30 inches. He made eye contact with Coltin and immediately felt something in his unbelievably tight boxers stirring. How they had even managed to stay intact was beyond them. At first he thought he was just getting a hard-on, but it became clear very soon that it was so much more. He felt his cock expand to It’s usual size, but it didn't stop. His cock and balls kept lengthening and thickening, causing the bulge in the front of his boxers to push further and further out until they finally gave in. HIs enormous cock burst free and shot up and smacked right in the middle of the deep valley of his pecs. Coltin practically dove onto Tyler's cock. Because of the transformation that he had just gone through, Coltin barely got his mouth around Tyler's enormous member before he came. And boy did he ever come. Coltin didn't think it would ever stop, but he managed to catch every last drop. Coltin immediately felt the all familiar burning sensation in his muscles. He immediately began to swell even larger with power and muscle. He actually shot up a couple of inches, so that his body could handle the extra mass that it was about to hold. His body widened and thickened all over. Forget doorways. Hallways were going to be an issue from now on. Tyler marveled as Coltin's already massive body just kept pulsing and growing. He heard Coltin's voice drop another octave as if that was even possible. As the growth slowed, Coltin was breathing in and out heavily, causing his enormous pecs to bulge in and out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They eventually made their way to the scale and weighed themselves. It took some time and work, seeing as neither of them could fit through doors comfortably anymore. Even turning sideways proved to be a problem, because of the thickness of their chests. Tyler's cock hardened instantly as he watched Coltin waddle in front of him, seeing both shoulders grazing both sides of the hallway at the same time. Tyler had gone from a measly 180lbs to an unbelievable 452lbs - just past Coltin's previous weight. Coltin had gained another 200 glorious pounds, pushing him past even his football friends at 650lbs. He was the largest and most powerful human being on the planet. And he knew that his best friend and lover, Tyler would be joining him very soon. University of Memphis was about to have the strongest football team it had ever had. THE END
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    Part 3 By Richard Jasper Part 2 can be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15614-growth-by-association-now-with-part-3/?do=findComment&comment=190056 A limo pulled up in front of Fitness World at 7:45 a.m. sharp. “Really?” Shawn asked. “Believe it,” Drew replied. The guys jabbered the whole 10 minutes it took to get from the gym to 11001 Safe Harbor Drive. “Whoah,” David said. “Look at that gate!” The driveway was half a mile long. They later learned that Clark’s estate covered 20 acres, rather large by their suburban Midwestern standards. “I’d hate to plow this one,” Sam observed. And then they saw the house. “Holy Guacamole,” Bryce exclaimed. You know that house where the Parrs hid out in Incredibles 2? It was like that, only more so! Sleekly modern, verging on UFOesque, all glass and steel and native stone and imported hardwoods. An honest to God butler, Jenkins, met them at the limo. “Follow me, gentlemen,” he intoned. The five of them followed Jenkins across a vast receiving room and around a screen to a bank of elevators. They descended at least six floors, or so the lighted buttons would have had them believe, and when the doors opened… “Wow!” Shawn exclaimed. The space they encountered was roughly the size of a football field with a ceiling that was a good 30 feet tall. Everywhere they looked there were racks of weights and squat racks and bench stations. Except these weights started at the size of truck tires and worked their way up to tractor tires. And the racks and stations looked like they could support tanks and jet aircraft. “Welcome gentlemen,” Clark’s deep voice filled the room. He was standing in the middle wearing a pair of oversized Timberland boots (later on they found out they were Size 20EEEEE) and thick woolly socks. And nothing else. “As you see,” Clark continued. “I prefer to work out in the nude. I encourage you to join me if you feel inclined to do so. But that’s entirely up to you. I know very few men your age who feel comfortable with nudity in the presence of other people, especially other men.” The men just stared. Not only was Clark the biggest and best built man any of them had ever seen, he was also hung like a porn star (not that anyone of them would have admitted ever having watched porn, much less porn with extra-hung guys.) Clark’s equipment was just as phenomenal as the rest of him. It was clearly soft and also clearly more than a foot in length and as thick around as a jar of pasta sauce. Shawn, the smallest of all of them, started to pull off his shirt – then stopped when he saw his comrades staring at him in shock! How bizarre, he thought. It’s not like all of us don’t routinely pose shirtless in the locker-room! He stayed his hands. Clark emitted something that sounded like a cross between a snort, a grumble, and a guffaw, but then began his instructions anew. “Today we will just be going through the basics,” he said. “Bench press, squat, and deadlift. I will do a warm up set for each, then pyramid up to my current one rep max. I will divide you into two teams for adding and removing plates, with the fifth man – the swing man – to supervise and/or pitch in as needed.” Clark led the guys to workout station that was clearly set up for bench press except that the stanchions looked more appropriate for an Interstate highway bridge and the 10-foot steel bar perched thereon was six inches thick. “As I said earlier,” Clark continued. “The bar weighs 200 lbs. I’ll start with a warm-up set of 1,000 lbs. so, Shawn, David, I will need the two of you to add four of the one-hundred pound plates to each side.” It took the two men about five minutes to do it. By the time they’d finished, they both felt like they’d put in a full day of working out! “As time goes on, you will find that easier to do,” Clark said. Then he approached the bar from behind the bench, lifted it off the bench, and curled it 10 times! SPURT! “Clean up on Aisle Insanity,” Shawn muttered. Clark chuckled. “Changing rooms are over there,” he said, nodding to a set of cubicles in the middle of the vast room. “I took the liberty of providing shorts, shirts, socks, and undergarments for each of you.” When the guys returned, he pointed to Bryce, who had been designated swing man. “Bryce, I want you to give Shawn and David a hand removing these plates. Then I’ll do my warm-up bench set.” He nodded to Drew and Sam, the two beefiest of his attendants. “Once the hundreds are off, I want the two of you to put four of the 200-lb. plates on each end,” he said. “If need be, you may want to assist each other.” It took the two of them 10 minutes to do the job. “Shawn, David, be so kind as to add a hundred to each end.” Once that task was completed, Clark reclined on the extra-wide bench. Given that the man’s shoulders were 5 ½ feet across, the four foot span of the bench was somewhat narrow but he seemed comfortable. He put his giant hands on the bar and lifted off. Twenty perfect reps. I just saw a human being bench a literal ton of steel for 20 reps, Shawn said to himself. Fucking A! The other guys just stared. “For my next set, I will have to load the bar myself,” Clark said. “To speed things up, I think we’ll have two guys unload the plates on each end. Shawn can assist Drew, David can assist Sam.” After unloading the bar, the four were near exhaustion but they stood at attention as Clark picked up the tractor-tire-sized 300 lb. plates, one in each hand, and slapped eight of them on the giant bar. Then he added a 200 lb. plate on each end for good measure. “3000 lbs.,” Shawn announced. Clark winked at him. “I see you’re a lightning calculator, Mr. Tomashevski,” Clark said. “Good job!” He then proceeded to crank out 10 perfect reps without breaking a sweat or even breathing hard. “You can leave these for now,” Clark said. “For the final set we will use the benching platform.” Clark nodded towards the center of the room where a shiny red Ford F-150 was ascending into the room. It continued above floor level, stopping at about shoulder height. Four steel cables descended from the ceiling. “I will need each of you to attach one of the cables to a corner of the benching platform,” Clark said. “Bryce, if you would be so kind to move the portable bench into position.” Looking up at the underside of the platform upon which the truck rested, the guys noticed yet another 10-foot bar, twin of the 200 lb. monster they had just been loading and unloading, welded to the bottom. “The chains are to keep everything balanced,” Clark said. “While I do the lifting!” He positioned himself on the bench, nodded toward some unseen monitor or sensor, and lifted his hands in the air. The platform slowly lowered until Clark was able to grasp the bar. Another unseen, unspoken signal and the tension was released from the chains. Clark was holding an F-150 and the platform on which it rested in the air. He slowly lowered the entire assembly to his chest, paused, and BOOM! Exploded upwards. Then he did it again. And again! “The curb weight of an empty F-150 pick-up is just over 4,000 lbs.,” Shawn told his fellows. “Add in the platform and it’s closer to 4,500 lbs.” After the third rep, the chains snapped back into place and the truck ascended again above head level. Clark slid off the bench, stood, shrugged his mountainous shoulders, extended his gargantuan arms in front of him, and squeezed his ridiculous, striated pecs. Hard as rock, Clark’s fully-engorged 16-inch monster dick reached to just under the eight-inch deep cleft that separated one concrete pillow of a pec from the other. “Seems my max on this one has gone up,” Clark told the awestruck group of men. “But I don’t have another vehicle handy to try for a 1RM. Well, not the right size, anyway. So that’s enough for today. Time to eat!” The men followed Clark to a modern, spotless, utilitarian but sophisticated dining space where a long white table was set with six places. An elderly, extremely elegant African man stood at one end of the table. “This is Honore, my chef,” Clark told them. “If you have any dietary restrictions, please let him know. Otherwise I think you will find his cooking superb. And very, very nutritious.” Clark and his “trainers” gorged themselves for an hour. “Gentlemen,” he said. “That was a good first session. I trust you will be able to pick up the pace tomorrow. Honore’s cooking has been known to do wonders for strength and stamina. It certainly has done so for mine!” Clark nodded and left the room, passing as he did so a svelte blonde in a charcoal gray suit with a pencil skirt, white blouse, an Hermes scarf, pumps that would set a guy back a month’s salary, and a pair of large horn-rimmed glasses. “I’m Zoe,” the beauty said. “Mr. Clark’s personal household assistant. He asked me to escort you back to the entrance.” Entrance, Shawn thought. I’m entranced alright! Not a word was uttered as they followed Zoe to the porte-cochere, where a different limo awaited. “Did that really just happen?” Sam asked when they were seated. He was rubbing the big bulge in his shorts. “Yep, it did,” Drew said, rubbing his bulge. “I don’t know what was in that food,” David added, fondling himself. “But it’s making me fucking horny as hell.” “Holy frijoles,” Bryce said, sticking his hand in his shorts. Shawn said nothing. He pulled out his engorged cock. He might have been the smallest guy in terms of weight but with a 9 x 7 cock he held his own in that department. “Dudes,” he said. “I’ve never done this before in front of a group of guys. But I’ve gotta beat off.” Four other cocks came out of four other pairs of shorts. “Eww, dude,” Sam said. “Eww, dude,” David said. “Eww, dude,” Bryce said. “Oh, goddamn,” Drew said. “I’m gonna jizz,” Shawn said. And they did. Part 4 can be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15614-growth-by-association-now-with-part-3/?do=findComment&comment=190234