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    Four Assistant coach Mr. Blake heard the door of his desk shut behind the massive gymnast and he slowly got up, his arms trembling as they supported his weight. More cum flowed from his ravaged ass and dripped along his legs. He pulled up his boxers and pants and wiped the stains of his own cum from the front of his desk. He'd somehow had to come up with a way of getting back Tyler's muscle from the hulking freshman. He needed to act fast to get a star player out on the field for the upcoming match. He inhaled deeply as his mind tried to find a solution. The next morning assistant coach Mr. Blake was setting up workout routines for the team when a faint knock made him look at the door. "Yes", he said. Tyler opened the door. "Can I come in?", he asked. He entered as the assistant coach motioned him to sit down. "I spoke with Chad yesterday", he peeped, "I wanted to make him give back my muscles". "How did it go?", assistant coach Mr. Blake replied. "Well…", Tyler mumbled. His face turned beet red as he relived the scene of sucking off the huge man. His pencil dick jolted in his pants as his mind filled with the image of the muscular perfection Chad had grown into. "He …eum… well… he wouldn't listen", he mumbled. "Thought so", the coach answered and ignored the red glow on the fallen football player's cheeks. "Did you already speak to him?", Tyler asked. Now it was the assistant coach's turn to blush. "Hum", he said and cleared his throat as he moved in his chair, his worn out ass sending shots of pain through him in response to remind him of the encounter with Chad. "I… tried", he added, "but he didn't listen either. I tried convincing him to give your muscle back but he refused. He didn't even wanted to join the team and put his muscle to use". "His muscle?", Tyler peeped angrily, "My muscle! I will go to the dean. He will force Chad to give back my muscle!". "No!", assistant coach Mr. Blake let out loudly, "That's a very bad idea. Think how the dean will react when you tell him someone stole your muscles. He will probably think you're on drugs. You will get expelled". "I will show him pictures of me. And of Chad", Tyler said. "You will have to admit you stole Chad's muscles first", the assistant coach replied, "Besides I'll lose my job if you reveal that I experimented on students. Then you will never have a chance to get your muscles back." The harsh reality of Mr. Blake's words hailed down on Tyler. Tears welled up in the diminished athlete's eyes. His mind frantically trying to find a way to get back his former size. "Tom", he peeped suddenly. "What about Tom?", assistant coach Mr. Blake answered. "He's my best friend", Tyler spat out rapidly, "If we tell him what happened, he'll help." "How could he help?", assistant coach Mr. Blake asked doubtfully. "He's among the biggest guys on campus. He could easily beat up Chad. Then we could force him to give back my muscles", Tyler said with a grin. "I don't know", assistant coach Mr. Blake replied, "Chad's a few pounds heavier than Tom now". "If we take him by surprise, Tom can take him. I'm sure of it", Tyler stated. The more assistant coach Mr. Blake let the idea run through his mind, the more he liked it. It wasn't a nice solution, but it was their only chance. He did remember the statement of the head coach that not winning the title this year would cost him his job. He nodded slowly as he accepted the plan. "Text Tom to come to my office asap", he said to the now smiling Tyler. Chad opened the door of his room and stared down on his two neighbors. "What's up, boys?", he asked. Keith and Paul took a step backward instinctively. The two freshmen were totally intimidated by the hulking, bare-chested gymnast that filled the opening completely. "We brought ya something", Keith said and handed a bag to Chad. "Saw it and thought it would suit ya", Paul added. Chad took the bag, opened it and pulled a tank top from it. A smug grin formed on his face as he recognized the Captain America logo. "Come on in", he said and stepped back in his room. Keith and Paul entered. They stared at the hulking man who put on the tank top. "Hope it fits. Biggest size we could find", Keith stated. "Bit tight", Chad rumbled and let his meaty muscle stretch the skintight fabric. "Fuck. You would dwarf the actual Captain America", Paul said in total awe, "How big are your arms?". "Not sure", Chad replied, "Haven't measured them recently. Ya boys wanna check them? There's a tape in my desk". Keith and Paul rushed over to the desk, nearly pulling out the top drawer as they practically fought for the tape. "Easy there, boys", Chad said laughingly, "there's enough of me for both of ya". Paul snatched the tape from Keith's grasp and stepped up to the massive man. His heart pounding nervously as he stood in front of the hulking gymnast. "Seems like you won", Chad rumbled and held out his right arm. Paul's hand shook with anticipation as he placed the tape atop the meaty arm. His fingers roamed the bulk of the stretched, yet rounded bicep. Keith eagerly joined in, letting his fingers follow the thick vein at the side of the bicep. "Thought ya wanted to measure my arm", Chad said smugly as the two freshmen worshipped his stretched arm. He slowly raised his forearm, making his bicep mound upward in the process. Keith and Paul marveled as the steely meat under their fingers hardened and rose upward and outward. Paul clumsily dropped the tape as the perfectly round orb of beefy muscle flexed into its full size. He and Keith stared in disbelief at the ball of striated, vein-crossed muscle. "Well. Measure it!", Chad barked at the frozen freshmen. Paul retrieved the tape and wrapped it around the insanely muscled arm. He pulled it tight and his eyes widened as he read off the number. "24 inches", he muttered and joined Keith in his touching of the hot, stone-hard ball of muscle. "Fuck yeah", Chad roared, "Ever felt an arm this big and hard, boys?". He hardened his flex some more. Keith and Paul couldn't believe the hardness of the bicep under their touch. No matter how they tried, they couldn't dent the surface. Instead the muscle pried open their hands as it hardened even more. Their cocks had hardened fully in their pants just from touching the statue-like bicep. Chad enjoyed having his arm worshipped beyond anything he'd ever felt. The thought of making everyone he met lust after him sent a jolt through his own cock. "Mmhm", he groaned as Paul's hands slid under his tank top and explored the ridges of his mighty eight-pack while Keith kept feeling his bicep. Suddenly the door of the room flew open and Tom stood in the doorway. He'd come to the assistant coach's office right away when he'd gotten Tyler's text earlier. He'd listened with a perplexed look on his face to the incredible story Mr. Blake had told him. If the runty Tyler hadn't been standing next to the assistant coach, he would have never believed the story. "We'll make him give back your muscle. No one messes with my friends", he'd yelled as he'd stormed out of the assistant coach's office. "I hope I'm not interrupting the fags", he spat out sarcastically as he entered the room. Keith and Paul retreated against the furthest wall when they saw the angry look on the team captain's face. They knew they didn't stand a chance against the way bigger man. Chad just looked back at Tom, taking in the man's size. "You stole Tyler's muscle. Give them back. NOW!", Tom shouted angrily. "Okay. Okay", Chad pleaded, "I'll give it back. Please don't hurt me". He noticed Tyler and assistant coach Mr. Blake also entering behind Tom. "Really?", Tom asked incredulously, taking aback by the lack of resistance. "Off course not, dumbass", Chad barked in response, "You didn't really think I would give up my muscles?". "Have it your way then", Tom replied and smacked his right fist into the palm of his left hand, "I'm gonna enjoy this". "Careful, Tom", Tyler peeped as he drank in the sight of Chad's muscles stretching the tank top. Tom sized up the other big man and noted he was a few inches taller than the guy. "Don't worry, man. Short guys always look bigger than they are", he said to comfort his friend. He took a step toward his opponent. Chad didn't wait for the huge football player's first move. With an unexpected agility for a man his size he jumped forward. He pulled back his right fist, his thick bicep balling up in the process, and launched it against the athlete's stomach. Tom didn't even have time to blink. One moment he saw the hulking gymnast standing at the end of his bed, the next the guy's fist collided with his abs. The punch felt like a wrecking ball as it hit him. It blasted through the defenses of his muscle gut, busted his abs and pushed the wind out of him. He bent over by the force of the impact. He inhaled deeply to fill his lungs again while his eyes darted up to see the second punch coming. The steely fist hit his muscle gut again and sank deep into the battered abs. He folded double completely as pain exploded from his agonizing stomach through his entire body. Black dots danced before his eyes as the air was once more knocked out of him. He didn't even see the third punch coming. He just felt the impact as the fist hit the bottom of his chin. The force of the blow sent him stumbling backwards until his wide back fell against the wall. He wrapped an arm around his agonizing stomach in protection and raised his other arm in defense while he tried to catch his breath. He couldn't believe the huge gymnast had nearly taken him out with just three blows. His mind urged him to get away, but his legs didn't respond. He looked up into the hulking man's eyes. Chad saw the hint of panic in the big athlete's eyes and swiftly moved in. He threw another punch in the red stomach. Tom folded double as steely fist destroyed his abs and excruciating pain exploded through his body. The moment he bent over, he felt a large paw grab his throat. His hands clutched at the meaty forearm while he felt his body being lifted up. The next moment his feet left the ground, the room seemed to spin around and he was slammed down hard. He yelped in pain as his back collided with the hard floor. Assistant coach Mr. Blake stepped in but a nod of Chad made Paul and Keith each grab one of his arms. He tried to resist but the two athletes held him secured. Chad looked down in triumph on the beaten athlete. He felt all-powerful having taken down the star football player. An idea formed in his mind. "Tyler", he barked at the runty boy, "Bring me the device and the electrodes". Tyler jumped up at the command and went over to the assistant coach. He fished the device and the electrodes from Mr. Blake's pocket and turned around to give them to Chad. In the meantime Chad had ripped off Tom's clothes and tossed the bulky athlete atop his bed. He was stripping off his own boxers as Tyler came standing next to him. "Who looks better?", he asked laughingly and took the device from the boy. Tyler's eyes shot from the nude Tom atop the bed to the equally nude Chad standing at the end of it. His friend was a big, bulky guy but Chad's insanely ripped muscles made him actually look somehow fat. Chad placed an electrode on the top of Tom's meaty pecs and the other one on the same place on his own protruding chest. He tossed the device to Paul who caught it in his left hand while still holding onto the assistant coach's arm with his right hand. "Switch it on", he barked to the smaller freshman while he kneeled at the end of the bed and placed his paws atop the thick pecs. Paul did as he was told and the device in his hand peeped, displaying "Transfer engaged!". Tom wiggled in the bed but the huge gymnast firm grip on his pecs held him down. He didn't know what was happening. He blinked as he thought what was a spark shot from his chest and disappeared into the electrode on the other huge man's chest. "Fuck yeah", Chad growled as the sparks shot into him and formed a steady flow of energy feeding his already huge muscles. The battered athlete on the bed didn't have enough strength left to resist his theft. He dug his hands firmly into the already softer pecs to increase the flow of power. "You're so full of power!", he moaned in pleasure as the warmth spread through his 248 pound body. Tom didn't capture what was going on. His mind was still trying to comprehend how the huge gymnast had taken him out so quickly. When he finally realized that the other athlete was taking his muscles, he tried fighting back but his defenses were simply too weak. "Please Chad. No", he pleaded in vain. He looked at the guy's face and saw a look of pure hunger in the icy blue eyes. Chad, now growing past the 270 pound mark, enjoyed the intoxicating feeling. He saw the fight in the football player's eyes, the fight to keep his muscles from melting away from his body. He looked at the body in his grasp atop the bed and noticed that the curly hairs were retreating into the ever softening pecs he held tightly. "MORE", he growled and dug his fingers into the pecs. The flow of power doubled temporally and decreased back after a couple of seconds. "FUARK", he roared the moment the increased jolt of power hit his body. A wave of energy surged through his body and every muscle hardened and increased in size. The other guy's in the room stared like moths to a flame to the swelling and widening back of the kneeling gymnast. The assistant coach wasn't even resisting the two freshmen anymore. Tom's body, a bulky 243 pounds just minutes ago, dove below the 200 pound mark as the sparks kept shooting from his chest. He kept fighting against the drain but his resistance was completely overpowered by the growing gymnast. He had an incredible sight on the swelling body in front of him but he didn't feel the slightest awe. All he wanted was get away and save his muscles from being taken. Chad was closing in on the 300 pound barrier, every muscle on his body inflating steadily. Hard, striated mass pushed up the veins against his ever tightening skin. "I'm getting so HUGE", he bellowed as he looked down at his growing pecs. The shelf of meat now protruded several inches from his chest. "Give it ALL", he bellowed in his unstopping lust for size. His fingers now totally overpowered the once might pecs beneath them and dug deeper into them. "YEAH", he groaned as the flow of sparks feeding him increased some more. Tyler felt sorry for his best friend but his gaze was fixed on the growing mounds of meat flowing into each other on the broadening back of the kneeling gymnast. He could also see the hulking man's thick triceps inflating bigger and bigger at the sides of his mighty arms. Further down, the kneeling gymnast meaty ass got meatier and meatier with every passing second. His own dick was fully hard in his pants again. Paul and Keith had released assistant coach Mr. Blake's arms and were also staring in pure awe at the growth of the hulking freshman. Mr. Blake didn't think about running away or rushing in to free his star player. Like the others, he could only stare at the incredible scene. Tom looked past the hulking gymnast at his friend Tyler and assistant coach Mr. Blake. "Help me", he pleaded and closed his eyes as fatigue and exhaustion began spreading through his weakening body. A good minute later he reopened his eyes to implore help again. He blinked in disbelief: the time he had closed his eyes, the gymnast had grown taller and wider and now totally blocked his view from the rest of the room. Chad stared down at the body in his grasp: the once 243 pound star football player now looked like bulky wrestler as his body sank below 180 pounds. The curly hairs that used to cover Tom's meaty pecs had retreated completely in the now flabby chest. Chad threw back his head in ecstasy and let the energy whirl around inside his beastly body. He broke past the 315 pound mark as the energy found its way into this ever growing muscles. Tom realized he wouldn't get any help. He summoned his force to get away from the beastly freshman feeding on his size. He moved his arms up and grabbed the wrists to tear the paws away from his chest. When he placed his hands onto the hot wrists, he noticed he couldn't close his grip around the freshman's thick wrists. He pulled with all his remaining might but it felt like he was trying to rip a tree from the ground with his bare hands. He look back up, past the further protruding rack of pecs to the face of the beastly gymnast. Chad felt the weak tugs on his wrists and slowly turned his head down. He looked down at his paws and saw the frail hands grabbing onto his wrists. A smirk formed on his lips at the sight of the hands that looked comically small compared to his own forearms covered with thick cords of meaty muscle. His gaze travelled along the diminishing torso in his grasp: the bulky star athlete atop the bed now looked like a swimmer as definition and beef kept being sucked from him. Unlike with Tyler earlier, he didn't notice the look of lust in Tom's eyes: the guy was still trying to fight back against the drain. Tom stared back into the icy blue eyes of the now truly huge freshman. He kept pulling at the wrists but the strong forearms didn't budge. His own body now sank under 165 pounds while the gymnast grew past the 330 mark. He knew he was no match for the biggest man he'd ever seen. He felt more fatigue spreading through his weakening body. "Chad", he peeped weakly, "Chad. Let me go… Please. Keep the muscle… but let me… have the muscle… I still have… please". Chad didn't take his eyes from Tom's. He saw the pleading look as the guy in his grasp realized that his resistance was useless. His own body was now more than twice the size of the fallen star athlete. He felt his mighty muscles push against his paper-thin skin as the striated and vein covered mounds amassed more size. His fingers felt the soft mass of the flabby tits beneath them. "More", he rumbled in his deepened bass and dug his fingers hard into the jelly-like pecs, forcing more sparks from the flattening chest into his own hulking pecs. Tom took in the craving for size in the icy blue eyes staring down on him. He knew nothing would the beastly freshman from taking anything he wanted. He could feel the wrists in his grasp thickening further as the corded muscles etching along the beefy forearms kept swelling. He looked down on his own body and was confronted with the new reality: he was now 90 pounds lighter than minutes earlier and the layer of fat that gave him his bulky appearance now made him look more like a fatso. Tyler couldn't see his best friend anymore as the ever widening back of the kneeling gymnast hid the captain of the football team from his sight. His cock was leaking precum in his briefs at the sight of the majestic back he was facing. His left hand reached down his pants and stroked his 3 incher instinctively. A beeping sound made Paul look down at the device in his hand. "Subject reaching natural limits", he read from the screen. He stepped up to the kneeling gymnast. "Hm, Chad", he said nervously as he stood next to the massive freshman, "You're maxing out." Chad heard the remark but only noted the remaining mass in the diminished athlete on the bed. "MORE", he rumbled and concentrated on draining every ounce of muscle into his body. Tom's exhausted resistance crumbled under the increased theft and the last muscles in his body rushed into his chest, converged into pure energy and blasted through the electrode. "FUARK", Chad roared as the flow of energy tripled in size and struck him like lightning. He felt and heard his skin stretch as his mighty muscles ballooned bigger with more mass all at once. "Overload", the device in Paul's hand displayed and it exploded. The excess power circling around the electrode on Chad's chest shot into the device. "Ughn", Paul groaned as the energy shot in to his body. His shirt ripped under the sudden growth of his body. He stumbled backward by the impact. Everyone in the room went silent as Chad stood up and rose to his full height. His insanely broad back was covered with meaty mounds of muscle that fought for room, his beefy ass looked like someone had shoved two volleyballs underneath his skin, his titanic triceps formed massive horseshoes of hard muscle at the back of his lengthy arms. They all inhaled deeply as the colossal freshman turned around to face them. "Fuck ya guys are small", Chad laughed out as he stared down. His deep bass rumbled like thunder through the room, a mighty sound fitted for a 7'2, 368 pound muscle god. Every muscle on Chad's body jutted out from his frame, round and full. His incredible wide shoulders, that gave him an intimidating v-taper, were capped with delts the size of small pumpkins: every head of the striated muscles was clearly visible against his skin; his monstrous pecs were the size of half watermelons, jutting out nearly a foot from his chest, the hard mounds of striated beef defied the pull of gravity and obscured the top of his abs, his nipples pointed down to the floor; his majestic stomach were a landscape of deep grooves separating eight cobblestone-sized abs that rippled on the rhythm of the beastly man's breathing; his astonishing arms hung meaty hams at his sides, the long, rounded, hard yet fully relaxed biceps were crisscrossed with a web of veins and seemed ready to exploded through the paper-thin skin; his tree-sized quads formed two strong pillars of massive muscle, every head of the quadriceps clearly defined; his calves jutted out like beefy diamonds at the back of his legs; between the thick quads a long, meaty snake dangled atop a pairs of egg-sized balls. Atop the beastly body, supported by mounding, beefy traps Chad's face had followed his body's transformation: his rounded, boyish looks had been replaced by a strong, square jaw line covered with a coarse five o clock beard. The air around the beastly freshman seemed to ripple as masculinity oozed from him. "FUARK YEAH!", Chad boomed as he raised his arms into a double bicep pose. His biceps exploded upward and outward, hardening into pineapple-sized orbs of hard beef covered in veins. His skin stretched as the arms reached their new, 31 inch size. The others in the room creamed their pants at the display of pure muscular perfection. "You grew too", Chad said as he lowered his arms and looked down on Paul. He swiftly ripped away the remnants of the guy's destroyed shirt, then proceeded with is pants and boxers. "Nice, man" he said as he took in the new size of the 6'2, 205 pound freshman. Paul shivered. Despite being the second most muscular man in the room, he looked like a twig standing next to beastly muscle god. He instinctively kneeled in front of the man and took his plump cock in to his mouth. "We're gonna have an awesome year", Chad growled as he grabbed the back of the guy's head and let him suck his cock.
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    Here's another silly little story that's been bouncing round in my head for a while “Chris, come on in. Sorry to keep you waiting.” “Hi Doc, or should I call you James?” “Whatever makes you most comfortable. Take a seat and we’ll get this session rolling.” “Thanks Doc.” “I must admit I was a little surprised to get your call, I usually deal with couples or family therapy, not one to one.” “Yeah, I know but I’ve heard a few people mention you so I was hoping you’d be the guy to help me out.” “I’ll try my best. You’re my last client of the day so if we run over a little I don’t mind. What can I help you with?” “It’s hard to really say, I just feel like I’m being torn in two some days. You know how you have to be one way around some people and another way around others?” “You mean like the difference between work and home?” “Yeah like that. I’m sure you get clients where you want to say ‘what the hell is wrong with you?’ But as you’re at work you have to be more tactful, right?” “I’ve never had it that extreme but I think I know what you mean.” “Well that’s kinda how my life is at the moment. I’ve got some huge insecurities but I can’t tell anyone about them because no one would understand. At least here there’s a doctor/patient confidentiality thing between us isn’t there?” “Absolutely, anything you say to me will be strictly between us unless I feel you’re likely to do harm to yourself or others.” “That’s good then, thanks.” “So what are these insecurities?” “Well for a start off I always worry about how people see me and if I’m doing the right thing.” “Are you worried about close friends or the wider world?” “The wider world, in fact, the whole world.” “Forgive me for sounding a bit like a stalker but I did a search for you after you contacted me last night and besides a few minor politicians, your name didn’t bring up any results that I would class as a celebrity.” “Yeah…I’m not really a celebrity under my real name.” “Ah, so it’s a screen name or another alias then?” “Yeah, something like that.” “So do you worry just about your alter ego, if you like, or your whole life?” “The whole lot cos one affects the other. I’ve never, you know, been with anyone. I’ve always kept them at a distance to make sure they don’t get hurt. It’s just hard leading this double life if that’s what you want to call it.” “Well what’s to stop you merging the two lives into one? Obviously both have to co-exist at the moment but maybe the public would be happier knowing the real you.” “It’s not that easy, I’m not doing some face reveal in a video or something like that, if I divulge my private life then things will go crazy.” “How so?” “It’s hard to explain, I’d have to show you. Mind if I stand up?” “Go ahead.” “Try not to freak out, ok?” “Don’t worry I don’t think you could show me anything I haven’t…OH MY GOD!!! You’re him!!!” “Doc relax! Keep it down.” “But I never realised…Oh Jeez...You’re huge!! I mean you probably already know that, I just mean I’ve never seen anyone like you up close.” “Doc…you’re babbling, take some deep breaths and try to relax.” “Sorry, I should be more professional. I’ve just never met a superhero before, it’s pretty overwhelming.” “And that’s where I have the problem. I can’t live a normal life like this. You treated me like a normal guy when you met me but as soon as my biceps resembled bowling balls you lost it.” “I can’t apologise enough, I can see now why you feel you need to lead a double life. Does anyone else know about your secret identity?” “My parents did but they died a few years back. I learned how to blend in when I was younger but I always wanted someone to share it with.” “So why did you decide to share with me?” “Honestly? I’ve kinda been spying on you for a while. I saw you a few months back when that tank went on the rampage down town.” “You mean the one you stopped by tearing it in half?” “Yeah, that just felt like the easiest way to stop it. Anyway I saw you in the crowd and noticed you had a bit of a tent going.” “Oh god!” “Don’t sweat it, you weren’t the only one, but I thought you were kinda cute so I decided to keep tabs on you to see if I was right about you.” “Right about what?” “You being gay and having the hots for me.” “Oh crap! Is that why you wanted to see me today? Why you picked me to be your therapist even though I don’t usually deal with individuals?” “Yeah actually, I’ve been watching you for a while and I genuinely think you’re a nice guy, but I wasn’t sure how you’d react to meeting me in person.” “Well now that I’ve had time to compose myself I think I can be professional again…OH JEEZ!!! Don’t bounce those like that you’ll set me off again!” “Sorry Doc, I was just having a little fun with you. Want me to change back into Chris?” “I think that might be better for now. Wow, that’s just as amazing in reverse. So what do you want from today’s session?” “Well I was hoping for at least a date after this.” “Don’t you think that would be a bit inappropriate? After all that would be crossing the doctor/patient boundaries.” “Ok, well if you change your mind there’s an old military scrapyard full of decommissioned tanks and planes I like to play in sometimes, so that would’ve been my first choice for the date.” “Holy shit!!” “I’m serious though Doc, I think we’d be good together. I need someone to talk to sometimes to make sure I’m not screwing up. It’s hard when I have to do some heroic feats and then sit home alone wondering if I did the right thing.” “So do you often feel like you handled something the wrong way?” “Not always but the biggest problem I find with having these powers are there’s no instructions, does that make sense?” “I’m not sure I understand, are you saying you activate some powers by accident?” “Not so much that, I know how to make the powers work but where do you learn how to catch a falling plane without putting so much stress on it that it disintegrates? Or how do you fly with someone without going so high that they suffocate due to lack of oxygen? No offence Doc, but you normal folk are pretty fragile.” “I think I see what you mean now, like in that bank robbery a few months back the robber died because he shot you.” “Yeah like that! How was I to know the bullet would bounce off my chest and hit him in the face? But I agonised over that afterwards.” “Ok, so what could you have done differently?” “I don’t know, dodged out of the way? Melted the gun with heat vision?” “So if you’d dodged the bullet it could’ve hit someone behind you or if you’d heated the gun up it could have exploded, or he could’ve dropped it and it still goes off killing or injuring him or someone else. There’s a lot of possibilities here but you did what you thought was best at the time.” “I could’ve caught the bullet.” “So why didn’t you?” “I dunno, I thought it would just look cooler if it just bounced harmlessly off my pecs I guess.” “Do you feel responsible for his death? From what I read of the story you told him not to fire but he still did. Anyone in this city knows you’re pretty much indestructible so he made a foolish choice and paid the ultimate price, that’s not really your fault.” “I guess, but I still could’ve done things differently.” “You know what they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing. If the same thing happened tomorrow you’d probably handle it differently wouldn’t you?” “Yeah, I’d probably catch the bullet instead of trying to show off.” “So do you feel the need to show off?” “Kinda. I mean, when you have a body like this…” “Oh Jesus!” “Sorry Doc, guess I shoulda warned ya. Anyway, when bodybuilders look like this they wanna show it off, right?” “Of course, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bodybuilder look as magnificent as you.” “See that’s why I knew you were the right guy, you can appreciate this and also help me cope with the things that happen around me.” “But it still means breaking the boundaries and I could lose my job.” “Well how about you get rid of any record of this meeting and just say that we met somewhere else, then we can just be a couple and you just happen to ask me about my day.” “I guess that could work.” “And no one would know you were privately counselling a superhero anyway as you’d just be going out with Chris.” “I think you’re onto something there.” “Of course I am, no one needs to know about this side of me do they?” “I guess not. So would I be the only one who knows about this side of you?” “Yeah, I’ve never shared this with anyone else, that’s what’s made this life so lonely. I have friends as Chris but they don’t know my secret.” “So you don’t trust them but you do trust me, even though you’ve only really known me a short while? What makes you think I won’t tell anyone?” “What would you have to gain from it? A little money and some fame? Look what you’d lose.” “Oh wow!” “Exactly. Wanna come feel them?” “My god, they’re huge. They’re like bowling balls, and I don’t just mean the size, they’re hard and unyielding too.” “Yeah and check this out.” “Damn!! With lats like that it’s no wonder you can fly, if you stood in front of the window you’d block the light out.” “And if you notice I haven’t skipped leg day haha.” “Holy shit! I know a few lumberjacks who’d want to try chopping those redwoods down.” “That would be pretty cool, watching some guy ruin his chainsaw on these bad boys.” “Mmphff” “Wow now you’re the one taking me by surprise; that was one hell of a kiss.” “I can’t believe that even your lips are strong.” “Everything on me is strong, got a coin?” “Sure, what’re you going to do with…what the…?” “Aahhhhh.” “Holy fuck! You can actually see the roof of your mouth embossed in it. And you did that with your tongue?” “Told you everything was strong, wait ‘til we get to the junkyard and I get my dick out.” “Ok this session’s over, let’s go.”
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    Ok I know I said I didn't have any plans to continue it but Mdlftr gave me an idea in part one so I kinda bashed this out pretty quick tonight. Session 2 “You’re late.” “Gimme a break, I was helping out at the homeless shelter.” “Really? What were you doing, heating their food with your eyes?” “Uh…tenderising their steaks?” “Yeah right, if you hit a steak to tenderise it you’d smash it into atoms.” “I can be gentle; I didn’t hear you complaining when I had your cock in my mouth last night.” “That’s cos I was too terrified to move. I’ve heard of the mile high club but that was just taking the piss.” “Ok, I was late because I was fixing a surprise for you, now can we get on with this?” “Alright, I’ll let you off. So we decided to keep these sessions professional as you wanted to talk to me as a therapist, right?” “Yeah, that way we can feel like we’re in a proper session rather than just being a couple talking. I know it seems weird but it kinda makes me feel better.” “No problem, so do you want to do it as Chris or…oooookay we’re getting big. Wow, that never gets old.” “Keep it together Doc.” “I’ll try. So tell me what’s on your mind.” “I’m still finding it hard to know how to use these powers, I mean it’s not like anyone can give me advice or anything.” “Have you had any success in finding ideas on ways to use them?” “Well I used to read a lot of comics and watch films a lot, sometimes I try ideas from those.” “Like what?” “Remember in that Superman film where he flew around the earth really fast to turn back time?” “Uh huh.” “Well I tried that when my mom died.” “Did it work?” “No, it just made me really dizzy, and I smacked into a satellite which pissed off a Russian news station for a few days. Stop laughing! I thought you were trying to keep this professional!” “Sorry, I was just trying to picture it.” “Trust me you can’t. You know how in space there’s no noise? I was so disappointed when there wasn’t even a clang to tell me I’d hit it.” “So what other things have you tried?” “You ever see the bit where he crushed some coal and made a diamond? Didn’t work, I just got dirty hands.” “I know there was a scene where he moved the moon to block out the sun, have you tried that?” “I did think about it for a while but I’m sure it would mess up the tides or something like that so I’d have more to clear up. I think I could probably move it though, I still haven’t found an upper limit for my strength yet. “Have you actually been to the moon?” “Yeah, it’s really boring and eerie. There’s no sound up there at all and it’s all just rocks and craters. Might as well just go to the Grand Canyon, at least you can make some echoes in there.” “So what would you say is the worst thing about being you?” “Being objectified I think. What was the first thing you thought when you saw me in this form?” “Fuck me he’s huge!” “See what I mean? You didn’t think anything like ‘I bet he’s a great guy’ or anything like that; you just saw the muscles and started drooling.” “Well to be fair you do look incredible. Have you ever thought to use your looks to make money?” “I’ve been offered loads of photoshoot opportunities and I probably could make a fortune but what would I do with the money? I can’t put it into a bank account as Chris because people would get suspicious. I don’t need loads of money to live so what would be the point? What would you do with lots of money?” “I dunno; buy a big house, a few nice cars and things like that.” “See, I don’t need that stuff. Why have a great house when you can live anywhere in the world for free? And cars, could you imagine me with road rage? Someone cuts me off and I’d just crush their car to the size of a pool ball and throw it into orbit.” “Is that why you only have a modest apartment?” “Yeah, that’s literally just a wardrobe for Chris’ clothes.” “That’s interesting.” “What?” “You referred to Chris as if he’s a separate person, do you feel like you’re losing your humanity?” “A bit, that’s why I really needed to talk this stuff over. I want to make sure I stay grounded and don’t go off on some ego trip.” “Do you think that’s likely to happen?” “I doubt it. Thing is, when I’m like this people are either afraid or in awe of me and it gets old you know? There’s only so many times you hear ‘You’re incredible’ or ‘You’re so big’ until it gets annoying.” “So changing back into Chris is an escape from that?” “Exactly! When I shrink down to this people don’t really pay much attention to me so I can do more normal things.” “The thing I find strange is that you almost see yourself as two different people, whereas I see both forms as two parts of the same whole.” “Really?” “Sure, your humanity and sense of humour from Chris make you a likeable hero, yet your self-doubt and vulnerability from worrying about your heroic deeds makes you a hero rather than being a cocksure asshole that would only do things for himself.” “Wow, I never thought of it like that.” “Although talking about yourself in the third person is a bit egotistical.” “Right! For that I’m gonna get big again to watch you bone up. And there it is.” “Asshole!!” “That’s not very professional.” Ok fine, let’s get back to being doctor and patient again.” “Feels weird being called a patient.” “Why? Have you never been sick?” “Nope, which is lucky. Could you imagine if I had a cold? One sneeze and I’d cause a monsoon.” “Do you ever worry about your powers hurting people?” “All the time. If I land too hard I could cause an earthquake or if I’m using my heat vision and get distracted I could look the wrong way and really fuck something up.” “Do you worry about me?” “Of course. I really want to show off for you sometimes but I have to make sure you’re safe. Like last week in the junk yard, I made sure you were far enough away when you fired that shell from the tank so you didn’t get hurt by any shrapnel.” “That was pretty amazing; you didn’t even get winded when that slammed into your abs.” “Of course not, it’s only the same as a fly hitting into you as you walk along.” “So have you ever felt pain?” “Physical pain? No.” “Only emotional when you lost your parents, right? So here’s a horrible, hypothetical question for you; what would happen if you lost me?” “Damn you’re going right for the heart strings aren’t you? I don’t know what I’d do to be honest. I’d probably be mad and want to smash some stuff up so I’d most likely have to go to mars and make a few more craters or something.” “So you’ve been to Mars?” “Nah, the moon was crap so I just thought Mars would be red and crap, plus it’s a really long way away. It’d probably take a couple of days to get there and I’d get bored pretty quick on the way.” “It’s a shame I can’t join you on these off planet trips.” “Yeah but that’s the thing, I want to share these amazing things with you but at the same time I want to feel human. I want to just go for a walk on the beach with you rather than holding back a tsunami.” “Ok, but can I be selfish for a minute?” “Go ahead.” “Well like I said before, I see you as two halves of the same whole, I want to walk on the beach with you as well, but I also love that you can carve our names into a cliff with your finger nail. I love how you can take me to exotic places without worrying about passports or airfare and you telling me about the amazing things you’ve done in those places. I love you in both forms but I’ll admit seeing some of the shit you can do gets me really horny and I know that makes you bone up as well.” “Speaking of which, I think we’ll need to take care of this pretty soon.” “Not in here you won’t, you’re a great hero but a crap builder so I’d rather you didn’t take out any walls.” “Ok then, I know a nice little place in Morocco.” “Let’s go then.”
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    Greetings, This story is inspired by a few friends, both straight and gay, who have a problem. They want someone of similar size or larger than them if their gay, while if straight, they want a good sized woman so they won't feel constrained in the act of love making, so they don't break them. However they themselves are pretty off the charts size wise. Where do the naturally big men go when they want big(ger) men or big women to be theirs? Enjoy. Where Do the Large Find Their Large? by F_R_Eaky Len was a big man. Not that he was an über, basketball playing giant, nor was he built like the hulk, but he most certainly wasn't a small man. Standing 6' 8" tall in his bare, sized US 18 feet, a simple but handsome face with mocha colored hair, tipped with sun bleached highlights, over a pair of amber colored eyes, he had managed to build around 270 pounds of some decent muscle on him, although he wished for much more. Coming home from work and a date, he plopped himself down into the pool lounger that he was just slightly longer than and sighed heavily. He knew more than likely that his neighbor and good friend, Chad, was lying in a similar lounge chair on the other side of the well behind his chair. Chad was an average man, 5' 7" tall, average build, not really muscular, but not chubby either. He had short, jet black hair and indigo colored eyes, both of which were sit in a head that was very boyish looking, on top of his average body that was very smooth and hairless. He was the typical looking twink. The two young men were renting out the smallest and cheapest of the apartments in the apartment complex they lived in. In fact, their buildings were located at the end of the street that split off in a "Y". The owners originally had intended on continuing the complex out those two ways, but time, zoning rules, or life just got in the way. As it was the road ended in this "Y" shape, and the buildings sat on one branch or the other, their fronts angled with the "arms", and a huge rose bush growing in between them at the inner point of the "Y". The buildings were originally designed for holding the bulky grounds keeping equipment and such, but as the complex didn't grow beyond the current complex, not that much equipment was needed, and thus the other ends were turned into two private apartments for care taker and manager, if they so wanted it. Instead, it got rented out to lower income folks. These neighbors met after seeking an escape from a party held by their apartment complex. The people at the party were somewhat aloof, in some cases downright rude. Not seeing the pair as frequently as the other tenants, as the guys' apartments were down at the end of the street, and with that, knowing they were paying less in rent - probably because they couldn't afford anything better, and especially once they found out that both men were gay, most folks just kind of chose to ignore them. This was especially irritating for Len as whenever someone needed help taking down something, or a cat was in a tree, or could you lift this? - they easily recalled Len's name, apartment number, and were oh so pleasant to him then. Likewise Chad when they needed someone to look under their sink or some other small crawl space. So, after ditching a typical and boring soiree sponsored by the complex, each man, without knowing the others actions, decided to instead spend the day, relaxing in their "back yard." As it was the end of the complex, and the property butted up against the forest's edge, the pair actually had the best kept secret of the complex. Right in the middle of this little yard was an old well. The spring under it may have run dry, no one was really sure when it was built, but the gossip of the complex said they believed it went all the way back to Colonial times. The men met, chatted, offered each other a beer, decided to bring out some lawn chairs, sit next to the well and use it kind of as a table and just talk. It eventually led to Spring - Summer holidays with games, and weekends spent grilling food, eating chips, and having beers. Today was no exception. A nice warm Saturday evening as Len plopped down into his chair and sighed. "I tell you. .... Dating sucks." Popping open a beer bottle and passing it around the well to Len, Chad replied, "Another date not going well?" "Yeah....I liked the guy. Seemed easy enough to talk with and get along, but I went to meet 'Mr. Middle Aged' man, and instead I greeted, 'Old Man River.'" "You're kidding me?" "Nope. It's not that I couldn't ignore his age. He was a fairly well built and handsome guy. Yet, he's got age 45 on his G.A.K. app profile [Gay Animal Kingdom - come explore the zoo ] and during conversation he tells me things he's done as an adult and pretty soon you realize, once you're brain has kicked in the years and the calculation, the guy is knocking on 65. It's not so much about his actual age, but why lie about it? Makes one wonder, what else is he lying about? And how does one build a relationship with someone on a lie?" "Odd.... people are just odd sometimes. No other way to state it." "And it's hard for me, man. I want to find a big man. Someone my size build wise, or larger, especially if they're shorter than me, but I'd like them to be as tall as me, if not taller, but being.... you know... my size.... how is that going to happen? I'm just barely in the 99% for height measurement. Like, zero, zero, point, zero, one percent of men are going to be taller than me. It'll be about the same to find men built as large or larger than me, and if and when I do meet them, there's always something off." "Tell me about it. I try to make my interests known to a larger man and he just looks down at me, laughs, and says things like, 'You don't wanna try this ride, boy. It might break you.' It drives me nuts." "You know what.... I'm done with apps. I think I'm done with people. I have a better chance of finding someone by flipping a coin into this damned well, than by meeting folks on an app." "Really? C'moooooooon." "Why not? Nothing else better to do. The Spring and Summer activities have just started and it's already off to a bad start." Len began to take his hands and root into his pockets for a large coin. "Hey," said Chad. "What the hell; I'll join you." With that Chad took a coin out as well, held it out in front of him and leaned back in his lounge chair. "I wish I could find a man as built or built bigger than me, as tall or taller than me, that was decent, intelligent, kind, caring, not a jerk. That I could lift with, pal around with, cuddle or wrestle." "I wish I could find the same for me..... as long as he's got a decent build, some height, and isn't a dweeb, I'd be happy." "Ready?" said Len. "On the count of three. one.... Two.... THREE!" And with that both men threw their coins over their shoulders and then relaxed, closing their eyes, repeating their wish in their minds. What they couldn't see due to their eyes being closed and the action happening behind them, the coins hit each other, dead center over the hole to the bottom of the well. The coins then bounced off of each other, hitting the wall of the well with a spin that sent them rolling round and round the wall as they went down. With each revolution around the well wall, they struck each other twice and sparks and stars would fly off of them until, round and down, down and around they went finally touching the bottom. The rest of the night was spent drinking and talking, listening to the radio, and watching stars, until the young men got up and stumbled to their apartments. *************************************************************************** The next evening, Len came home somewhat late. Another date he had planned from the app he swore the night before to turn off, but who knows? Maybe? Just maybe, that guy might turn out alright. It was not to be. Len hit the chair sighing. "You all right, Len?" "Yeah fine. Another bombed date." "Grand. What happened." "Oh the guy was friendly enough. Only moderately built. Kind of like a runner. Slightly tall at about 6' 4", but then I found out his father was an elephant!" "Yeah, right." "I'm serious. The dude was hung. I got to see it. That's the problem. He shows up to the date wearing board shorts over under-armor shorts, and then just sits in the chair like he's straddling a saddle. Of course the board shorts have pulled up a little bit, revealing the outline of his cock going down his inner left leg. He then looks at me and smiles, asking me if I'm into it. Then says he knows I'm into it. I'm in awe. I can't help myself but drool over it. Asks me if I want to see it in action already, and when I say 'no', he takes that as a challenge to let me know how big it is, by becoming erect right there. Then goes off about being a true man, a real man, how he's gonna be the dominant in the relationship and how is virility is all, and I'd just have to get used to it. I'd say 'What a dick!', but I don't want to give him the satisfaction of the pun." "I'll say it for you then. What a prick! So the whole way he viewed relationships was via his cock size?" "Yep. I mean he's got it. If he wants to get into porn, he'll be one of the biggest. He's like eleven and a half inches when erect, but I think it just takes too much blood from his brain and makes him stupid. Why can't he be nice about it? Casual? Like you and your art. You're one of the best local artists out here, but you just are... You'll present your work if asked, but you don't show off all your ribbons, and brag, and boast, to purposefully out do other artists. Why couldn't he be more like you; be humble? Be a humble, hung man." The two men talked and drank as per usual and then retired for the evening. Later that night amid the night time noise of the insects and owls of the forest along with some frogs and toads in the distance there seemed to rise above this soft but haunting melody. The sound was slightly muffled and yet at the same time echoed. A mist rose off the ground, but even more thickly from the well and ebbed and flowed towards Chad's back door. Pouring itself into the apartment through his open bedroom window, it cascaded down the sill, across the floor and then climbed up the bed, under the top sheets. Forming hands underneath the sheet, the mist pulled down Chad's brief style underwear and began stroking and pulling on his shaft while caressing his balls. "Ooooo.... yesssssss" Chad moaned in his sleep. Over and over again the mist stroked Chad's miniature beef log, it rising to its full four and three-fourths inches of erection. He moaned and groaned, squirmed and bucked in pleasure. In his mind, Chad was having a most excellent dream of a man who stood around a foot taller than him, with mane like, burnt umber colored hair with golden flecks, which Chad had his hand run thoroughly through, as he helped the man's head bob up and down on his package. On and on the stroking and the dream went until it built up such strength, such intensity, that the pre-shock of orgasm woke Chad from his sleep and he sat up in bed screaming out "Oh fuck!" in long vocal utterance. Several volleys, perhaps a dozen or more we shot across Chad's bed, before the orgasm was to subside, but even then, the last one still built up in strength just as large, if not larger, than the beginning of the orgasm. But if Chad had secretly hoped that this would be the short end of it, he was wrong, for it didn't feel as though he blew the last shot of his ejecting ejaculate, but instead as though it was a rope being painstakingly, slowly, pulled through his cock As it was being done so, he would gasp and shudder and suddenly his cock throbbed and oozed.... it swelled and grew....it engorged and thickened, while his balls began to swell and become more snug in his scrotum, heavier, and the sensation of something churning inside them more and more prominent. This act and sensations happened not just once, but five times that night. In the morning, or near afternoon, Chad woke up in extreme exhaustion. How could a good night's sleep leaving him so knackered? It didn't help matters any as he tried to push himself off the mattress, having flipped over face down sometime in the night, and he had to hear and feel the act of pulling himself away from the top sheet as he was glued to it by the copious amount of cum he had spewed during the evening. Wondering what made him so horny, what gave him the ability to blow such a huge as load, after load, after load, Chad groggily walked to the bathroom to take a shower and wake up. But on his way he felt something striking his legs, around the lower part of his thigh. He also felt as though something was racking him in the balls with every step he took. Looking down to discover what was cause the sensations, he backed out of the bathroom in fear until he hit the edge of his bed and fell backwards upon it. His hands reached out for his groin and he felt his sausage and eggs. They were huge. They were sensitive. They were tender. The prick was long, thick, veiny, and yet it was soft. SOFT! Clamoring for his left nightstand, he opened the drawer and pulled out a measuring tape. Laying it on top of the base of his cock, Chad began to pull it out as he pulled out his prick. 1....2......3......4.......5.......6.......7.......8......9....and one-fourth....one-half. Nine and one half inches long and it was flaccid. This couldn't be real. This couldn't have happened. There had to be a way to prove to himself that this wasn't a dream. Reaching again for his nightstand, he pulled out one of his small sized condoms and headed back into the bathroom. Turning on the shower, he stepped in and got wet. He soaped up his groin and himself, then he slipped the condom on and it didn't fit like it normally did. It only came partially down his soft shaft. In disbelief he backed up again, like he could walk, turn, and then run away from his own appendage. But he forgot he was holding his cock up to look at it and when he backed up the shower head, set on power massage setting, sent a pulsating stream right towards his prick's piss slit. "Ooooohhhh..." The spray sent a tickling feeling that ran from piss slit up to Chad's lower lip. He tried to back away further, forgetting he was in the shower stall. The spray kept hitting him and he felt his schlong begin to inflate, long and thicker, harder and veinier. "Ooooh gaaaawd..." thought Chad. "I'm not just a shower... I'm a grower!" Chad looked down at his package as it grew and grew causing every ripple in the condom to become stretched so thin and so taut that it was becoming damn near invisible on Chad's massive member. Pre was leaking out of his humongous helmet now, the head stretching the mini-condom to its limits. It didn't take long for the lengthening and hardening rod of steel to grow until there was a sudden release of pressure as the condom split open from head to base, the ring of the opening being all that was left to show that the condom was originally a tube instead of a sheet of rubber or latex. Chad still had the tape measure in his hand and shakily run along the massive monster of meat sticking out from his groin and over flowing his own hands. ... ... ... .... fourteen inches long. A quick wrap around of the tape revealed the dominant dong to be nine inches around at its thickest point. The realization of the size of his wonder worm and nuts, the jetting spray from the shower onto his cock and balls, the rubbing of his own, soaped up legs against both his cock and balls soon caused him to shudder and explode once more, sending a tsunami of cum against the stall door and causing him to sink to the stall floor. ***************************************************************************** Six days went by before Len "saw" Chad again. Chad didn't come out Sunday as he was attempting to learn how to walk with underwear on. He still loved his briefs. He loved them even more now actually, or even a thong style. His ample package all balled together in the pouch made it feel much heavier, while the weight and size caused the waist band to be pulled down a bit exposing Chad's boa base which made things feel even bigger. His fantasy thoughts of walking around a pool in a micro brief or thong swimsuit turned him on so much that his cock would become erect and threaten to tear out his underwear. Of course the turn on and feeling of it hanging lead like yet free made him wish he lived and did business in a nudist colony so he could just walk around au natural. However, his bits and pieces all packaged together did in fact create quite the package. Large enough its profile was obscene. He certainly couldn't wear his briefs and such to work or in public. Chad had to learn to wear compression shorts and snake his amorous anaconda down the inner thigh of one leg or the other. This also meant that now, the Friday after, he couldn't meet Len like he normally did outside, as he normally lied out in a brief, or micro-brief, swimsuit or underwear, and boxers could still easily expose his blessing, while the compression shorts only helped to highlight it. There was a tap at Chad's bedroom window late Friday evening as Len called out to see if Chad was home. It was open, so Chad quickly lied down in bed and slightly called back out. "Dude, are you all right?" "Yeah, I'm fine, Len. I took some extra hours all this week and I think it wore me down and I caught something." "Geeze, man. That sucks. I'll let you alone then to rest." "Naw... it's ok. Just make my window the well tonight." Len walked over to the well to get his chair and cooler while Chad quickly opened up the screen on his window. Len then placed his chair against the wall under the window with his cooler along side of it. "You think your safe to drink, bro?" "Yeah.... maybe.... probably just not too many." "Cool." and Len popped a top on a beer and set it in the window sill. "There ya go." "Thanks.... .... So, you have another date tonight?" "Yeah and it was abysmal. Cute guy. God.... he was so fuckin' thick! Check this out. He's only 5' 3" tall but he is beyond jacked. Had so much mass packed on his frame. He was two-hundred and fifteen pounds, hits around two-forty in the off season. Can you believe that? He's not into competing though, but he could probably win quite a bit if he did. He's got these bowling balls for arm and short tree trunks for legs. Seriously, his arms were like twenty-three inches around - cold! His quads are like thirty-two inches around. A sixty inch chest. Just a compact lil' beast. He's all about the bodybuilding life style, likes to help people train, but there's the problem." "He like to train people and that's a problem?" "Yeah he's got 'Short Man's Chip Syndrome', ya know...." "Awwww no." "Yeah... likes to train those who aren't yet Mr. Olympia worthy so he can prove he's stronger than them. Kept wanting me to life or arm wrestle cause he wanted to prove the man who was almost a foot and half taller than him was weaker than him. He wants to prove himself all the time. He wants to humiliate as many people as he can to show he's the big man. It just another flop test of humanity, Chad. I tell ya. If you suddenly blew up with muscles would you have to be all cocky and arogant?" Chad chuckled a little. "Well... .... .... I might volunteer to point out directions.... frequently." The pair laughed and opened another beer. "You're right though, Len. I might playfully show off and accept some challenges for arm wrestling, but I wouldn't go out of my way to specifically, purposefully, set up situations to show off, or prove myself to taller men like you. I'd.... just try to be." "Exactly. Why can't these shorter bodybuilders be like you? Just happy, proud, and polite, just taking life as it is?" A couple hours and several more discussion topics and beers later, Len got up, said good night, and went back to his apartment. Chad rolled over and went to sleep. ************************************************************************** It was the middle of the night. Chad woke up and felt... ... ... something. He didn't feel like he was being watched, he didn't feel sick, he didn't feel too cold or too warm, he just felt an unknown something. A mist had formed and it had rolled in, filling his apartment. It was as bad as if he were standing outside on some English moor. He could barely see just an arm's length away. Throwing back his bed sheet, he stood up and reveled in the feeling of the swing and pull of his dong as he got up. To save extreme pain from morning wood, Chad had begun sleeping in the nude; besides, he love the feeling of his trouser snake wrapping 'round his legs and his bulging balls hanging free. Making his way to the living room, he opened the windows there and felt a cool early-still-evening-morning breeze waft through and stroke his nipples to perfection. As they became hard, Chad closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, but then something felt off. He couldn't put his finger on it at first. It took a couple of times after a couple of deep breaths before he realized it. He felt, heavier...harder...firmer... Yet he couldn't stop himself. The deep breathing felt so good. He knew he had to continue, and even if he didn't wish to, he would still keep breathing in. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" he inhaled. He could feel himself becoming tauter, tighter, fuller, thicker. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" He felt his abs crunch a bit. His hands could feel some new ridges across his stomach. His ankles and wrists looked thicker and harder. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" He was rocking on the balls of his feet and every time he landed back on his heels he could hear the thud sound becoming louder, harder. The string from calves to heels stretched thicker and tighter, as well as his hamstring. He felt his ass pull in tighter and firmer. His reflection in the window showed lines moving out from his abs going across his sides. Some definition and c shaped shadows began to appear under his chest. His shoulders snapped back and straighter. His neck spread thicker. His deltoids rounded. That blood vessel line shot across and stayed on his bicep which took on a more oval shape. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" His abs really crunched in while obliques began to make way for the newest set of wings that were Chad's lats. His back broadened and thickened. His chest pushed forward and hung a little heavier, forming two nice little crescents. His shoulders, traps, began to rise beside his fuller neck. Veins began to run over his thighs as they began to cry with one, two tear drop shapes, and the back of his thigh began to bulge and round out like an upper arm, while the cable of his ham strings pulled tighter, harder, and thicker, and his calves grew out into some diamond shapes. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Again his calves inflated and defined into some serious sharp pointed diamond, that were morphing into something else. His quads cried out again - one, two, three tear drop shaped hanging full waiting to drop. His butt bubbled out harder, rounder, while his abs became thick cobblestone brick, and his obliques became more firmly carved out. His lats spread out wider, beginning to push his arms up and away, and those arms were inflating rapidly, the hill of the triceps bulging out from behind, while the biceps grew somewhat rectangular, but began to rise into softball sized peaks when flexed. His forearms were becoming all chorded and veiny and taking on the shape of chicken drumsticks. His neck was becoming a plinth that was pushing apart and away the two hills of his shoulders as his delts grew fuller, rounder, like concrete balls used in garden features. But they were hard to notice as his pecs inflated more barrel like, hanging thicker, broader, and heavier. His nipples beginning their migration from sticking straight out to pointing down. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Chad adjusted his feet and wiggled his hands. They had grown just a tad longer and thicker. First his toes, then his feet, followed by his heel, and then they all grew wider and harder. His hands swelled up larger. His fingers got longer and incredibly thicker like some sausages. The hands and feet were taking on the appearance of a man who had been lifting. Lifting for years and with incredible weight. But he also had adjusted his stance as this thighs again became more swollen. The increasing size and shape along with the tendon cables and blood vessels rising to the top was making his calves look like a pair of hearts. Four tear drops hanging now around the front, while his thigh bicep is rounding without him flexing his leg. His ass is becoming two firm round loaves swelling and rising further out. His abs were becoming like cinder blocks. His lats were making it so his arms would never touch his obliques and sides again. Spreading out wider and wider like bat wings. His chest was just rolling out from his chest becoming so thick, so round, as his nipples traveled further to the underside of them. His traps growing larger threatening to pinch off the now column sized neck. His delts becoming the size of medicine balls. His biceps rising to great mountainous peaks, split, double peaks, as his triceps grew into a grotesquely over inflated horseshoe shap, and his fore arms became turkey legs. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Again he had to widen his stance. His calves becoming thick enough, they might still touch with feet shoulder width apart. His thighs grew even thicker, pushing his massive balls and mammoth cock out front even more, and with the now rolling motion of his legs as they moved and he walked, sent no small amount of racking pain through his body. His butt swelled like two hot air balloons but were exceptionally firm and hard. His abs were like castle blocks. His lats grew into pterodactyl wings. His chest continued to roll out, thicker, wider, fuller, going from barrels to oil drums. His nips growing large and pointing nearly straight down now. His traps forming two mountain ranges, while his neck was a giant redwood in between them. His delts were now concrete balls the size they used to block streets. The upper arms inflated even larger possibly becoming thicker, rounder than Chad's own head. His forearms growing to drumsticks the size of an ostrich. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... .... .... beast...." Chad swelled ever larger, the blood vessels rising to just underneath the skin everywhere, full, hard, and engorged with blood. His arms were nearly sticking straight out to the sides. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... ... ... Beast!..." His muscles grew denser, stronger, harder, items made of glass, wood, would break when they struck him. "HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM... ... ... BEAST!..." Lines of striation came in crisp and clear under the pulsating veins and in between the deeply chiseled crevices of each and every muscle separation. His stance widened even further. "HMMMMMMMMMMMMM BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAST!" One last time he swelled with muscular power and with it as he threw his head and shoulders back, clinched his fists, held his arms open wide, sunk half way into a squatting stance, and flexed his muscles, he screamed aloud the word beast, and suddenly his onyx colored hair, travelled down across his checks, chin and upper lip forming a three day scruff beard, continued down his neck in similar style and then hit his chest where it spread out long, curly, feathery, going straight down the front of his torso, while starting mid upper arm and mid ass, spreading down the arms and legs each, stopping about a fourth of the way onto the hands and feet, all while the torso trail struck his crotch and produced a might bush which nearly obscured his balls, and made his prevailing prick look like it grew out of nowhere. Chad stood there in the mist and the moonlight, breathing, panting heavily in his living room. His right hand reached out and felt his right pectoral muscle. It filled his hand and then some. Yet even his own hand could hardly make a dent in it as he gave it a squeeze. He moaned greatly as his lightly pinched and then rubbed one of his decently sized nipples. Then he began to bounce them, individually at first, then both at the same time, and he laughed... and laughed. Deep, supported, rich belly laughs. Spreading his arms out again in a front biceps pose but with the forearms extended, he saw his reflection in the window. What was his gigantic globes of pectorals now looked like to thick cut slabs of trapezoids. His lats looks as though he could jump from a plane and glide down to safety, his body having a built in paragliding suit. His cock slowly but firmly became erect as he stood there looking down and feeling up all over himself. He turned and began a new waddle-walk as he rolled his legs out and forward to get anywhere. Hitting the doorway of his bathroom, his cock entered about 15 seconds before the front of his chest and thighs did, which entered about 15 seconds before... ... ... Well the rest of him, did not enter. His back, shoulders, and lats were too wide and they pushed his arms out it impeded Chad from walking forward through a door. He turned sideways to get through the door, and still had to suck in and concave his chest slightly into to make it through. Although it did cause his penis to become pushed back and then slap against his body like one of those spring door stops when flicked. Once there he did the best he could to measure himself with the measuring tape he had left in the bathroom the day his cock became colossal: Chest 64 inches, Upper Arms 24 inches, Waist 31.5 inches, Thighs 33.25 inches, Calves 23 inches. In shock and slight disbelief, he turned and stepped upon his bathroom scale and watched in wide-eyed awe. It hit his usual weight of 148lbs and kept going to 50... 60... 70... 80... 90... 200 pounds.... 210.... 220... 230... 235... 240... 245... 246... 247... 248... 249.... 250. Two-hundred fifty pounds of solid, densely packed beef onto a 5' 7" tall man. Staring at himself in the mirror, he let out a small yelp. Who was this mighty-mite standing before him? This short supreme stud? This bodybuilder so swollen with muscle he nearly couldn't move, with monster meat between his legs, which although during the fear and shock had gone flaccid, was now returning to full erection that still looked disproportionate sticking out beyond all the hairy, mammoth muscle. Running his hands through his chest hair, Chad leaned back hard and had to jump forward when he heard the sink pedestal crack. The thought of what he just did, just by leaning, made him become even harder and his balls churn more, screaming for release. Gingerly squeezing his way in through the shower stall door, he leaned back against the opposite corner, allowing the water to cascade down his body over every rising mound and deepening crevice, while he tried his best to force his arms in close enough so he might properly grab super schlong and began to beat it off furiously, until spasmed and shook, convulsing in pleasure, and blowing rope after thick, and long, rope of cum across the shower stall. **************************************************************************** Chad felt like he was in a dream the next morning, but in the semi in between state of consciousness and being asleep, his brain kept registering how big he now was because every time he rolled over the bed groaned in ways it never had before due to his heavier weight. The breeze flowed over him differently now. Instead of feeling a straight breeze whipping over a lithe body, where exposed, the wind now rolled and swirled over mounds and into crevices, undulating like a car on a great hilly roller-coaster. Throwing over the covers, he sat up and looked down. Gasping in shock, he realized he couldn't see anything past his chest it was so mounding and full, barreling nearly up to his chin and jutting far out from his torso. Even raising his shins and feet up, it was still difficult to see his feet. He stood up and hand to throw his hand and arm out to steady himself on the night stand, his balance being thrown off by the monstrous size of his thighs fighting for space. But the arm sticking out from his body was so thick, massive, and veiny. Chad was certain his upper arm, maybe just his bicep was bigger round than his head. Waddling his way to the bathroom, he remembered what he saw in the mirror the night before. How horny it made him to see what he had become. What had he become? Was this permanent? How did it happen, and so fast? And then the realization hit him. What was he going to do about his job? Sure he was an independent artist, but he worked some jobs for companies. He couldn't simply leave on Friday this paper thin man and then show up on Monday looking like the Hulk's mini-me. What was he going to do? Eventually Chad shifted schedules, called the businesses he had contracts with and told them due to health reasons he would no longer be accepting contracts from them but would finish up and send on the last projects, and told the workers of his gallery he was taking an emergency vacation due to family crisis. He then promptly threw on his largest clothes that snapped and ripped everywhere just from his breathing let alone movement, and promptly drove to the bank and took out some money, then drove to Mallmart and bought the three or so pairs of the largest sweat suit shirt and pants they had, changed into them and then went back to his apartment, where he stripped back down, and walked around nude, trying to figure out what he was going to do. **************************************************************************** Another week had gone by before Len "saw" Chad again. Late Saturday evening, after the clothes buying and the pondering over what he was going to do, Chad parked his car in an area near his apartment he knew it would be hidden from view, and never walked in front of his windows, nor answered his door when Len knocked. That next Friday evening however, Len had caught the shadow of Chad's head passing by the window, which Chad had open as he was becoming quite accustom and addicted to feeling a breeze caress his nude Herculean physique. As he heard Len's voice, he dove into the bathroom for cover, but he knew Len had seen him, partially, and he would have to answer. "Hey, Chad..." "Hey, Len." Chad said, peeking just his head from around the bathroom door. "How are doin'? I've need see you out for two weeks now and your car has been gone all this week." "I'm doin' fine. Better. Still have a touch of that crap that was going around. It uh kept me down all last week and this week I've had to uhmm... go meet clients and catch up on work loads." "Feel like hangin' out? I could use a friendly bartender tonight." "Well, I'm still kind of cruddy, but I can talk via the widow again." "Coo." Like the week before, Len pulled his chair and cooler up and under Chad's window and placed a beer on the window sill. "So, what's up. You sound a little disappointed again. Poor date?" "Two poor dates." "Two?" "Yeah had one meeting, scheduled in the late afternoon, he had to leave by seven p. m., so I arranged another date with another guy around seven-thirty." "And both turned out to be bombs?" "Yeah... one was a dominating prick and the other was just a complainer, both about their height." "Find a couple of guys taller than you?" "Yeah... The first guy was 7' 2" tall, slight basketball player build. He proclaimed me to be small. Small? I was thinking, 'Really, dude? Sure you're six inches taller than me, but we weigh about the same and mine is all muscle.' But if I had spoken that out loud he wouldn't have cared. It was all about the height and he was just afraid... no, he knew I would be broken by him because I was so small. I had tiny feet and tiny hands, I was just as small to him as...." "As someone my height?" "Yeah. Except he said I looked like a pre-teen and average guys looked like toddlers." Chad felt his chest puff up as he took in a long, slow breath and proclaim, "Fuckin' jerk." "Wait, it gets better. So the second guy was 6' 11" with a slight build upon him, but all he did was complain... ... ... about his height. Nothing was made for folks his size. He was always breaking chairs, didn't fit in cars, had to buy his clothes specialty made and five times the expense - especially his shoes, had scars on his head from running into doorways, ceiling beams, hanging pots and signs, couldn't go to social outings where he had to rent things like skis, roller blades, bowling shoes, and then because of all the ducking and stooping he was always experiencing back pain, joint pain, foot pain to accompany all his headaches. "I tried to join in sayin' I understood and agreed with some of those things, having experienced them myself, but that I found out that doing weight training and muscle building had helped to prevent some of those injuries to back and joints. The last part of my statement he turned his nose up at and looked at me in the eye and said, 'Yeah you like you're working your way up to being a cow.' "I looked at him like he was a dork and said, 'A cow?... ... ... How do you figure? I'm not fat.' to which he says, 'My buddies and I call all guys like you who look like those extreme built physical trainers a cow.' and then I asked him, 'What do you call bodybuilders?' and his response? ... ... ...'Bloated bulls with miniscule dicks.'" Chad gasped. "He didn't. What a bastard." "I know, right? Okay, bodybuilding may not be your thing, but that doesn't mean you have to be rude and call those who embrace the lifestyle names or make fun of them, just don't buy tickets for the Olympia Expo. At any rate I realized he'd never support me in my working out and trying to get bigger. I might not make it to the Olympia ever, or even local regional contest, but I can at least get pretty hefty, and I'd like to have whomever I'm with either join me in training or at least support me. "And I know and understand the problems of being tall and all, but why sit and complain so long and constant about it? Go to the Big and Tall stores. Buy a truck you can fit into. Go have some bowling shoes or skis custom made. You just have to live with it until society catches up to the big or tall man's needs. It's not like you can just crop off a foot of height from your body or that there's a real shrink ray to make you smaller." "No doubt. You just have to go and work with what the universe, your DNA gave you." "Yeah, you understand. You're short, but you're not that short. And even though you are slightly short you don't complain about it. You just do the best you can, break out a stool or ask a taller guy for assistance. ... and... ...and you encourage.... you know.... me... and other guys who like to get big... and buff and huge. Other guys who want to become massive, even though you yourself are slim with a hyper metabolism." "Yeaaaah, but you know I like big guys, so of course I'd support them." "Yeah, but I've seen you in art classes teaching and volunteer groups assisting, and you always seem supportive, even if the person really isn't ever going to achieve what they're setting out to do. You're supportive and encouraging. Now, if I could just find a tall and built man...giant for me.... who's supportive and encouraging like you, and not a superior, arrogant ass, or a 'william whiner', or smug asshat who looks down on others choices and dreams." There was a calm quietness between them. The kind that one only experiences with very good friends and family. Then the conversation lightened up and laughter began to echo as the beers flowed a little more and the conversation became more relaxed, fun, silly, and then down right goofy. Len eventually left his friend and fumbled his way back to his apartment, after wishing Chad would get better soon. *************************************************************************** Once again it was the wee hours of the morning. Chad was sleeping totally nude and uncovered, feeling that evening breeze once again flow over and around his massively bulked up body. The wind running itself through his thick, body hair and making it sway like grass on the prairie. Waking up, Chad smacked his lips. He was suddenly feeling....peckish....a slight hunger gnawed at him. But that feeling grew into being fully hungry. Starving. Ravishing. He ran as best he could into the kitchen, threw wide open the fridge door and realized he wanted... ... ... milk. Grabbing the gallon jug out of the fridge, Chad popped the top on it and began to chug it. Gulp after gulp Chad practically inhaled the milk, except some parts of it that leaked out past the corners of his lips, ran down his chin, splattered onto his chest and then dropped and swirled from his chest and over to his abs, rushing like a babbling brook over those cobblestones and into his thick, dense groin bush. Chugging....chugging....chugging....GONE! Chad let out a loud, "Aaaaaaah!", and then crushed the empty gallon jug with his hands. Pacing up and down the kitchen area, Chad was waiting for something, although he didn't know what. He was becoming more and more restless, he needed to do something. Then and idea struck him - he'd put on the sweat pants and go to a 24 hour gym and do a work out. And so, he got dressed in his sweats put on his size 13 shoes, then walked back to the kitchen to grab some snacks to take with him. Then a pain hit him and hit him hard. It felt like someone inserting a needle into his hands, both palm and each individual finger. Then it was happening in his toes and feet. Chad staggered a little at just this small amount of pain and raised his hands to look at them. The swelled up, but weren't looking disproportionate as though they had been bruised or crushed. They were just getting bigger and longer, keeping the same massive thickness they had before, but just on a larger hand. Chad stood in awe watching as the finger got longer and longer, the palm got longer and wider. He tried to close his eyes and breathe deeply to concentrate and focus the pain away, but then with each stab of pain in his feet, he could hear small tearing sounds. rip... .... ri-i-ip.... ....riiiip.... .... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. Suddenly the sides his feet could feet the cool air once again. It didn't take too long before his toes broke through the front. As he watched his hands continuing to get larger he kicked his feet to get rid of his now fully ripped and torn shoes so he might stand barefoot. Shuffling his growing feet across the floor, he stopped when he could feel one of his heels but up against a grout line in the floor tiles. He left them there, feeling that his toes were beyond the other side of the tile and moving, growing, further and further away. Then there was a pull and tickling to his stomach, and the needle like pain course throughout his body, primarily in his back, arm, and leg bones. A few gasps and pulls and he felt like he couldn't breathe. Turning around, trying to figure out what he should do, if he should call for emergency help, the sensation kept hitting him and it became tighter across his chest and harder to breathe. That's when he saw his reflection in the oven, glass door. He realized he was slightly taller than the fridge now and his clothes were pulling exceptionally tighter across his muscles. And few more sharp intakes of breathe and he was nearly half a foot taller than the fridge with his clothes not hiding the shape and size of his musculature at all. The next few breathes Chad totally forgot about the needle like pain as now his ears were filled with the sound of clothes ripping left and right. "huh" A tear formed under his right underarm. "huh" His left thigh started a tear in front. "huh" His right forearm snapped the wrist band. "huh" His back began to rip open. "Huh" His butt ripped the back open down the center. "Huh" His left thigh tear tore all the way up and down, while his right calve popped it's lower leg of the sweat pants. "Huh" His inflating chest snapped the front open. "HUH" His right bicep broke open the sleeve. "HUH" His ample ass tore the whole back end of the pants, while both thighs split open the legs down the back side. "HUH" His two calves caused the bottom of the pants legs to explode open and their hems bust. "HUH!" His chest tore open the front and snapped the collar band. "HUH!" His traps tore the sides of the shirt into strips. "HUH!" His back ripped all the way down the center. "HUH!" His waist band snapped, revealing his under armor compression shorts that had runs developing in it like cheap panty hose, soon to let his growing anaconda free. All this while his clothes were not just getting tighter and tighter on him, but smaller and smaller. If they could fit him muscle wise, they still would fit him like mid drifts and Capri pants. Mid drifts than only came down to the bottom of his chest, and Capri's that looked like knee length shorts. Watching his reflection in the oven door, he watched as he continued to get taller and taller than the fridge. He was panicking see the lights and ceiling fan getting closer and closer. He stepped over to avoid the fan and watched as his waist left the height of the kitchen counter and rose above it. His groin and ass rose slightly above it. Half way above it. Completely above it. Until there he was nude, hulking, hung, hairy, and the counter only came about midway up his thigh. Chad put his hands up as if to stop his growth, worried that the small apartment with its seven and a half foot tall ceiling was going to become way too small for him. But when all was said and done, he discovered he could stand up straight, but feel the ceiling brushing the hair on his head. Turning to move, Chad knocked off a large tea kettle from a hanging kitchen rack. Catching it easily, he nearly crushed in shock when he realize he could palm the think like it was a soft ball. Stroll-sway-strutting back to the bathroom, Chad grabbed the remote on his bathroom scale and turned the audio voice on. He stood there trying to keep his balance, which was extremely difficult as his feet together we both longer and wider than the bathroom scale. Not to mention that the few inches thick the scale was caused Chad to dent a small hole into the ceiling. Chad would've seen his eyes open wide in awe, or horror, as he heard the scale call out the weight, but he had grown so tall, both his head and his shoulders disappeared above the mirror and its reflection. "250....300...350...400....500....520....540.....550....560....562....563...564....565....566...566....566..." Five hundred, sixty-six pounds... ... ... and with his hair brushing the ceiling, but his head not touching it, he knew he was somewhere between 7' 3" tall and 7' 5" tall. "Good gawd..." Chad thought. "Is there a car...a bus or a plane I will fit into?" Taking a selfie stick he received for Christmas and taping a marker onto it, he laid the measuring tape out onto the floor to measure his foot realizing they were now fifteen and one-third inches long. A quick look upon the computer, after many key strikes and deletions due to his extremely large fingers, he discovered he wore a size 24 shoe. "If clothes didn't fit and were expensive before...." Chad thought worriedly to himself, and then... "Oh shit! My cock still feels the same to me... the same proportions...that means...." and after forcing himself to become erect and with another measure and marking...."Holy.... 18.25 inches.....I'm gonna rip men apart." Chad eventually came out of the shock and decided to measure everything else as best as he could. Eventually he realized his chest was somewhere around 84", his upper arms were 31.5", waist 41.25", thighs were 43.75", and calves were 30.25" Where in the hell was he going to find clothes? Collapsing into a chair, which Chad was certain the legs bent under the strain of his weight, he caught his reflection in the bedroom mirror on the other side of the room. His lats and back greatly overflowed the arms and back of the chair, being exceptionally wider than it. His arms pushed up so high and out from those lats and the size of the arms themselves, plus the length of his torso, had almost no hope of being able to rest upon the arms of the chair. His thighs and buttocks were pushing and bending the arms of the chair out, threatening to break them. His head and shoulders sat so much higher than the back of the seat, and his legs stretched out and out so far from the chair, with his knees both out quite farther and up higher than the seat of the chair, that a person could almost crawl between the space of Chad's calves, thighs, and the front of the chair. It didn't take long before Chad had to swing a leg over one of the chair arms, during which his foot never had to leave the floor, due to the fact that staring at himself in the mirror he was quickly becoming aroused and his super schlong was rapidly becoming fully engorged and rigid. The realization that this giant, hung, hairy bodybuilder simply sitting in this chair and dwarfing it, crushing it, was him gave him fantasy thoughts, which he understood might now be able to come true. Again, one hand went to caressing his abs, chest, and nips, feeling how thick and solid, heavy and mounding they were, all the while combing through this expanse of hair. The other hand went straight to his sizeable shaft, even slightly too large for his own hands. He began making slow, pulling strokes on his cock two fingers rubbing its slit, stroking down to the bass and then rubbing his bulbous balls. Slowly...oh so slowly.... to feel each stimulating pull. To increase the length of each sensation as is travelled down his rod and spread out through his body. Faster... and faster.... more and more..... his hand feverishly fwapping his preponderous pole. The pleasurable friction building up pressure in his titanic testicles causing them to swirl and churn on the inside, until they began to swell. A few more strokes and the feeling was pulsing from his superior sack across his abs and around his ass to his hole. He slowed down once again, trying to take two, three minutes for the last few drags down his dong, and then suddenly..... "AUH! AH! HOO! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!" If Chad could've kept his eyes open, he would've seen his prick spray out like some huge canon sized can of silly string with strands that shot out both all the way across and as long as his bedroom. But, Chad couldn't see it. His head had snapped back, his eyes closed and rolled back, he bit his lower lip until it bled, as strand after strand, rope after rope streamed out from his balls, through his pecker, and across the room. He actually passed out in pleasure, falling asleep in the chair. **************************************************************************** Chad kept himself hidden once again for the next couple of weeks. He was ordering tailored clothes from companies on-line, many whom didn't believe his measurements, until he had a cam to cam meeting with them and showed them how tall the apartment rooms were and where he came up to them. There were a number of these company's representatives that personally called him back and paid him for a small show. He was also making money still with his art pieces, but also appearing on a cam as a model for life drawing classes. Students and teachers gasped and wondered about his size, although for the posing he removed anything from the room that could create a reference for his size. Most of them figured he was 5' 9" at the tallest given the size and shape of his muscles. Thus, two weeks later, Len was ecstatic when he came home, from another piss poor date and seen his lounger returned to his side of the well and then a fully stocked cooler to its left. He sat down and stretched himself past the end of his chair like his body usually did, picked out a beer from the cooler, popped it open, and began to talk. "Chad, hey buddy. How are you?" "Doing well, Len. Very well." "Excellent. Are you over that bug, completely. You still kind of sound very hoarse. Your voice sounds really deep." "Yeah I'm okay. It just kind of...uhm.... affected my vocal chords. This is my new voice." "Wow....kind of givin' me the chills, bro. You sound fuckin' hot. Guys are gonna want to date you just to hear your voice." "That is a possibility. You have a good date tonight?" "Naw... Still same problem: if they're built, hung, or tall, they've all got a chip on their shoulder. If they're nice, they're fairly small, weak, or they don't want to support someone with a lifting lifestyle." "Well.... keep looking you may find someone." "Yeah....in my dreams." Chad reached over to grab another beer and noticed a pair of sandals just slightly in front of the cooler. Ones that were huge... and he was pretty sure was bigger than his. He kicked off his shoes, but took one and placed it beside one of the sandals. "Holy shit, dude! Do you know about these sandals? They're huge fuckers, larger than my shoes, but quite a bit." "About six sizes." "Six si......you mean a size 24?" "Yes." "Gawd... the size of the dawgs on that dude..." "Fifteen and one-third inch long feet." "FIFTEE.... waaaaait a minute. What are these shoes doing here? How do you know the size of the owner's feet? Out with it, you lucky bastard. You found a giant man. Your wish came true!" "No.... not quite. I found a giant man, but my wish didn't come true." "What? You found someone, but they walked out...and left... left their shoes behind?" "No. They didn't leave their shoes behind." "Someone had to leave these behind." "Nope. I just put them there." "What do you mean you just put them there? Did you save up and buy a pair just for fantasy play time, you perve?" Len laughed. "Nope... .... .... I need them." "What do you mean, you need them?" "Exactly that. I need them." "Dude, this is like your fetish controlling you now. You need some help." "No, it's not for my fetish. It's for me. Just me. Just my feet." "Just for you... just for your feet? But why?" "Because, I.... NEED....THEM." Len swiveled in his lounger and sat up, peering slightly around the well and then gasped. There on the lounger on the other side of the well was a body that extended nearly a foot beyond the end of the lounger and with some of the largest feet he had ever seen in his life. "What da fuck?" Said Len as he stood up and walked the short distance around the well. There was the complete body for him to view. Nearly a foot longer than the lounger, arms, delts, lats, and back wider than the lounger and nearly hanging off of it. He looked at the body's face, it was still that of Chad's, but he was a bit more handsome, more rugged, a two to three day old scruff, medium length jet black hair, muscles on top muscles that had muscles, bulging, mounding, looking nearly like some great balloon sculpture, except it was cover in a sexy feather of hair, great streams of blood vessels, lines and scores of striations and muscular definition, and deep crevices. And all of it was this new sun kissed tan from being out most of the day, apparently. There in the middle was this velvet like pouch that clung to something that was thick and long looking. "Chad?" "Yes, Len. It's me." "But how... so... long.... so....big....so .... built....and... what... what... WHAT IS THAT?!" "If you want to know," said Chad pointing to his nipples and chest, "Press the buttons and trace the maze." Len staggered forward and fell to his knees. Letting out gasps of awe at the bunching, mounding, twitching, popping, and flexing mountainous mass of muscle in front of him, he stuck both hands out onto Chad's pecs and cupped them. "Even...for...my hands.... so.... huge...." "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Len quickly began to cup and squeeze Chad's pecs. He started running his fingers through Chad's chest hair. He initiated Chad's crotch inflation by rubbing, pinching, and twisting Chad's nipples. "Ooooooooooooooooooooh" Len turned his head to look down to Chad's crotch area as he continued his great fondling exploration of Chad's chest. He shuddered and quaked as he watched in wide-eyed wonder while the bulge in the pouch began to swell and grow. First the ball became larger, then it became more of a u shaped tube, inflating like a great fire hose with water. Then it attempted to continue but the bag was becoming too tight. The strings for the tie weren't releasing and the whole package was shaking. Eventually there was rips being heard and Len stopped his fondling and he watched the great protruding penis began to stretch the pouch, ripping free of its confinement and now achieve it's great straight, long, length and tremendous thickness. Eventually the pouch ripped all the way around, slipped off Chad's anaconda and fell off to the ground. "Oh my gaw..... that's a fuckin' branch! An I-beam. That would... would..." "Do horrible, but wondrous things to your ass." "What?" Chad took Len's hands off his body, turned every so gingerly in the lounger as it groaned, creaked, and sank into ground, and then stood up and up and up. "Oh.... my...." There before Len was his best friend. The man who just a month or so ago, was thin, pasty, and only stood just a fraction above his shoulders. Now there was this muscled behemoth who he only came up to the mouth on. A man when he looked straight out all he could see was a huge, thick neck, mountainous traps, devastating delts, granite slabs of pectorals, and arms that look like they could rip out and crush tree trunks. It completely filled his vision stand close to him. Looking down didn't help either as he saw thighs he swore were thicker round than his waist, calves bigger than his upper arms, and that colossal cock bouncing straight out in the air. Taking his hand and placing it under Len's chin, Chad directed Len's gaze up to his eyes. "I have... .... .... always been in love with you. From the first moment we met retreating from the apartment party. I never expressed my desire for you, once I found out you wanted someone built as big, or as tall as, or bigger than you. I knew it could never happen. But now...." Chad made motion to look down his body, even though he couldn't see anything past his chest, and then did a front double bicep pose. "Now.... I've somehow turned into this. I think... I think I... ... became your wish." Len leaned in and hugged his friend around his chest, lats, and back as best as he could. "Gawd.... you're so....solid.... I .... would love to.... .... to ..... date you." and then Len paused a moment. "But... .... ... you're in worse spot than I was. You can't find a big man to love." With that, Chad picked up Len by his ass and held him up close so Len could attempt to hold on by wrapping his legs around Chad's waist. "I already have found my big man to love. You're not bigger than me now, that's true, but I'm not an ass to think or state that you're small. Even though I'm bigger and stronger, I will not dominate you, although I may have some fun with it. But I will treat your with respect. You're still a decent human being and will be treated as such. You may not ever become as tall or as big as me, but I will love you and support you and help you as you toss weights around, working to get bigger. And my cock doesn't make me better, it's yours. Your toy to play with. I am your mountain to climb." Chad carried Len into his apartment where the flopped onto the bed and caused its collapse. Len dug his hands into every single muscle Chad had, attempting to massage Chad's taps, punching Chad's delts, single and two handed squeezing of Chad's upper arm and then his singular split biceps peak. Len traced Chad's abs down, down, down, until he came face to face with Chad's rod, which he promptly ignored moving instead to groping Chad's calves, and then squeezing each tear drop of Chad's titan like thighs. It was then that Len moved on to the fleshy I-beam jutting out in front of him as he kissed his way up Chad's inner left thigh, cupped and rubbed Chad's massive sack and balls, before gliding his mouth across the shaft and then swallowing the humongous head. Len did work on that long before he rose up and began to suckle on Chad's left nipple, while cupping Chad's right pectoral and rubbing its nipple. The string of hickeys across Chad's chest would take weeks to fade, but it was the hunger in Len's eyes that aroused Chad the most and let him know how far to go. From his position laying across the bed and under Len, Chad grabbed Len by his hips and pulling him up slightly and then in a slow downward pull Len let out a low manly gasp as gargantuan rod that was Chad's cock enter his anus and began to painfully, yet pleasurably stretch his insides to great proportions. Chad teased Len, forcing the ramming to be nearly movie slow motion for twenty, thirty minutes, before he picked up the pace, causing Len to start bouncing slightly. Then as he felt the sensation, THAT sensation build up in him, striking him from the middle of his preponderous pecker, he doubled the speed, tripled the speed of bouncing and ramming, further and harder. Len attempted to hold on by grabbing, clinching, a hold of Chad's traps and delts, before he finally gave in and held around Chad's neck, after realizing he couldn't make a strong enough hold to dent, let alone choke, Chad. Chad moaned, groaned, began to bellow in pleasure. Len began to groan, cry, scream in addictive pain. Until Chad reached down and stroked Len's cock as he shoved Len down one more time upon his shaft all the way to the base, and then both men roared. The sound of two bellowing behemoths echoed within the small apartment as Len shot what he swore was the largest load he ever produced, and felt the largest load ever produced in his ass by Chad. The two collapsed, breathless, and asleep. The night was, of course, far from done. There was still another round of groping and tracing, carrying and lifting in the kitchen. There was the engulfing cuddling session in the living room while watching a movie. There was the size comparison of hands, feet, upper arms, pants, shirts, shoes, "equipment", and standard sized objects to the towering Chad in the dining room.There was the kissing, the soaping, the fondling in the shower, followed by the laying and relaxing, with Len's fingers running through Chad's body hair, on the bed, until the pair fell asleep once again. If the two men had hung out before, they were completely inseparable now. With the exception of work, wherever one went the other was soon to follow. This was especially true in the gym, where Chad was true to his word. He helped Len to build and bulk his body up as much as he could, being there to help spot and encourage Len during his workouts and to push him to some greater amounts of weight and more reps. It was only a couple of months after Chad's growth and his and Len's first sleeping together that they made a stop at a big and tall store to pick up some new shoes for Chad. He had tried them on, walked around in them a little bit, and then sat down to look at them, or rather their reflection in the mirror. "What do you think? They turn out ok?" "Yeah, Chad. They turned out fine, why?" "Just wanting to make sure." rip. "uh... not sure if I like them. Not sure if this was the design I liked or..." ri-ip rip rip rip. "Oh no. They don't fit." "What do you mean they don't fit? They look fine to me." "Don't you hear that?" "Hear... ... " rip ri-i-ip riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip "That! That must mean I've just blown out of these shoes. Am I growing again?" "Chad, hon. I don't see any tears on your shoes. They look fine." "I don't feel any air on exposed feet. Where is that sound..." riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip It was then in the mirror reflection that the two men saw Len's feet break free from his shoes. The couple smiled and Chad said, "C'mon, bro. Let's pay for my shoes, and get you home to try on my clothes."
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    There's been rumor going around that one of those monsters sponsored by Unbound Beast goes to the city's bath house, Stay A While & Glisten, every month just for a single visit to the glory hole before disappearing to the gym from whence he came. Pierce, the aforementioned monster, happens to be one of Unbound Beast's pet project, or in other words he is so over saturated with their products that not only does he look like something that used to belong only in the realm of fantasy or photoshop but the man is so doused with their products he may as bleed the stuff if he pricked his finger. As for his once a month visit, one of the owners of the bath house eventually got him to say something instead of just coming in to get his rocks off and leave just as silently; Pierce told the owner that he took a page from Muhammad Ali and staved off sex or masturbation as long as possible to ensure he was always at top form in the gym. Pierce's monthly build up also meant his balls were swollen to the brim with seed and would leave both the glory hole room and attendant much worse for wear once he was done. What Pierce doesn't know though is I've finally been able to bribe the owners of the bath house, know his routine, and am waiting for his monthly visit that happens to be tonight. After my bribe I've been assured the owner's will only allow Pierce into the glory hole so I can have some private time with the man, what they didn't know though is I've gotten a hold of one of the catalysts for the supplements from Unbound Beast straight from a well compensated friend at the company. Tonight is going to be memorable for Pierce and very rewarding for me. I've sat waiting in the glory hole cubby for nearly an hour now to make sure that if Pierce comes in early I'll be there waiting, just as I was starting to grow anxious and wondering if he was going to show up at all tonight I heard the door open leading into the room on other side of the wall. I heard some very heavy footsteps approach towards one of the holes and gasped at what I saw. Now these holes are larger enough to accommodate even the more gifted of mortal men but Pierce was not a fucking mortal man but a god damned demigod. It took me a half second to realize that his junk was so fucking huge that he was struggling to push in a single testicle let alone stuff the entire thing in at once. Slow, agonizingly so, he force in one ball, then the other, and had barely just enough room to feed in the monster movie sized anaconda he calls a soft dick. This thing looked like it could swallow rats whole with no problem what so ever and both of his balls looked to rival a prize winning orange in size, each. I stared at this my behemoth dumbfounded and curious both what the man on the other side of the wall looked like and if maybe I'd bitten off more than I could; a few seconds into my stupor Pierce started to wiggle back and forth with the limited space he had as if to beckon for attention. I was thankful I was alone in the cubby as I blushed and put my hand around the monster in front of me radiating a fire intense heat. I slowly began to fondle his prodigiously ample nuts, each of which I could not palm with a single hand, and was met with some low and very deep moans coming from Pierce. Quickly before he got too excited I began to cup both sides of his now hardening dick from the base and brought them to me so I could gauge just how much meat hangs between his legs that he no doubt has plenty of trouble with throughout the day, every day. I started to play with the near fist sized head of his semi-hard dick as I reached behind me for that special catalyst I spent a pretty penny on. While I had Pierce in the palm of my hand, and none the wiser, I began to give his over foot long dick a tongue bath not just to pleasure him but to distract him from my real intentions are I spread the catalyst cream all over his cartoonishly huge erection and swollen balls. I had to hurry before he came or grew suspicious as I didn't want him to leave after his one orgasm of the month. I took my sweet time ensuring not a single inch or millimeter of his junk hadn't been thoroughly explored by my mouth or completely covered by the catalyst, after finishing applying I spent a good few minutes very, very slowly drawing out the handjob causing Pierce to moan ever louder in need to cum so as to make sure that the catalyst had time to be fully absorbed and do its job. I watched as Pierce's foot long plus dick leak precum like a broken faucet until he started to spurt me in the face with what I mistook for him cumming before I was prepared. Boy was I wrong and was Pierce in for a hell of trip, he wasn't cumming at all but instead the catalyst was reacting with the supplements in his body from Unbound Beast that had so over saturated him that the catalyst was affecting exponentially more than I dared to hope. I watched Pierce's balls swell even more as they produce more and more cum now carrying a potent version of the supplement he was so glutted with. His dick twitch and throb violently like a man possessed in the middle of a seizure, the constant and increasing spurts of precum making a mess all over the room and my face. I wrapped my lips around his near grapefruit sized dickhead and started to tease as much of him as I could with my mouth; my hands were busy stroking the very slim amount of his shaft in its even more overinflated state and fondling his balls that had swollen so large they were starting to stretch his ball sack to the absolute brim. Just as I was starting to fear for Pierce's nuts they pulled up tight and I was met with a blast of cum so powerful it nearly pushed me off him entirely, before I could even process what happened or fully swallow I was met with another blast, and another, and another. I could hear the wall being pounded by powerful fists as Pierce bellowed out a very deep and reverberating moan as what felt like liter after liter of cum came out of his diamond hard and steel girder thick dick straight down my gullet. I could feel the warmth radiating outwards from my stomach meaning that everything was going to plan, as Pierce kept spewing more and more into me I could feel my body slowly tense and my own erection start to throb and twitch as I involuntarily came. My clothing started to feel tights on me as my muscles grew larger and larger. Soon my shirt and shorts felt painfully tight all over, especially in the crotch, until I heard multiple loud tears and felt the air of the small room on my skin. Pierce finally tapered off his orgasm and was about to pull out, and spoil my plans, but I yanked him back with much more force than I was used to from my still growing frame. Pierce gasped and started to say something but I cut him off with both of my hands working his shaft as if I was trying to start a fire for my own survival, I swallowed everything of him that I could as I forced my mouth as far down onto his dick as I could. I began to play with him and suck as is trying to steal his soul, his essence, from his dick. It only took a matter of seconds for him to cum again and just as potent as the first time if not more so. Again I could feel my head be forced back by Pierce's fire hose of an orgasm but with my new found strength I was able to fight back. I guzzled down all he had to offer and felt the same warmth in my stomach radiate out again as the growth resumed, any clothing still clinging to my body was now in tatters littering the floor around me, my dick and balls had kept up with my muscles in their response to Pierce's catalyst enhanced cum. I felt the flow start to taper off again from Pierce who was starting to sound like a moaning mess on the other side of the wall as I attacked his dick and balls with the full fury of a man on a mission. Before Pierce's second orgasm fully finished his third started up and I had no trouble at all keeping up with the powerful flow, drinking down every single drop as my muscles and junk swelled to heights that would make me the envy, and instill fear, of both Mr Olympias and porn stars the world over. There was no time to bask in the glory of my transformation, I had to act before Pierce recovered from cumming so many times in such a short time. As I could hear Pierce breath harder and harder trying to recover from what would have wiped out a lesser man I reached behind me to grab a very long tube attached to a milking machine I procured just for tonight. The tube was, thankfully, able to fit over Pierce's massive dick though just barely and I was able to stuff him into the tube to the point not a single part of it wasn't filled to the absolute brim but still the tube wasn't big enough to accommodate his entirety but it was enough to do what I needed. Pierce felt the tube placed on his dick and tried to pull out of the hole but his reaction to the catalyst was so severe that his dick and balls were completely stuck, the wall may as well be a cockring for Pierce at this point...and one that he can neither take off or walk away from. In other words I had the man right where I wanted him. The cream I obtained does a number of thing when used including nigh instant refractory periods, enhanced semen production, erections and drive powerful enough to take down an elephant, and most importantly for my plan with Pierce is that it temporarily causes your cum to act as even more potent version of the same drugs he has been using for years now. To put it simply, Pierce is not going anywhere until he has nothing left to give and I'm leaving this building with my own private reserve of growth formula to use at my leisure. Before he gathered his wits together I turned on the machine and was rewarded with a constant humming sound from the machine as it began its work milking Pierce's dick and I heard a mixture of a startled yelp and moan from the man himself as the machine severely outdid anything I could hope to do to him. I could already hear him cumming yet again as I turned around and left the small room, my own near foot long dick leading the way, as I headed to the room where the rest of Pierce was. As I walked down the hallway I was met by gasps and slack jawed stares from the other patrons of the bath house. I couldn't help but cockily smirk to myself as I opened the door to the other side of the glory holes. The sight I was met with when I finally saw the rest of Pierce nearly caused me to fall to my knees and cum all over the floor right then and there; to say the absolute fucking least I am amazed he was able to get into the room in the first place, even if he walked in sideways, with just how god damned fucking massive this man was. I've seen bodybuilders, I've seen professional bodybuilders and the current Mr. Olympia in person, fuck I've even come across a few of the guinea pigs they call humans that Unbound Beast produces but they all spectacularly fail to compare to this man. I had heard that Pierce was one of their prized results but the man had to be so fucking infused with their drugs that I now have little fucking doubt the his sweat could double as a substitute for their shit. His head was, comically so, stuck in the ocean of muscle he calls his neck and shoulders, each of his shoulders had enough meat on them to outsize even the most seasoned of normal weightlifters. His back was so swollen with mass that he could barely put his arms, both which are as thick as a lesser bodybuilder's over inflated legs, to his sides as they competed for space with each other. The man's ass could be unfairly compared to two medicine balls side to side and it still wouldn't go it justice; his quads were so thick that his immensely thick hamstrings looked like professional bodybuilder standing behind a bull. All of this lead down to two calves that were a solid wall of muscle from his knee down to his ankles forcing his stance even further out than his upper legs were already forcing him to do. I could feel my dick start to bob and twitch as I took in the sight before me and slowly walked forward closer to this demigod currently trapped by the wall. "No! Not like this! I don't want to lose my muscle god damn it!" Pierce exclaimed while moaning almost every other word. "Wait, is someone there? Fucking help me get loose damn it!" He exclaimed as I walked closer with my newly enhanced dick leading the way until it was grazing the back of his humongous ass cheeks. As I continued to very slowly move forward, splitting open his cheeks tortuously slow, I whispered into his ear. "Big man there is nothing to worry about, the only thing you might lose out on is a good time." I pulled back enough so I could spread the cream over my dick to use as lube before pushing back into him, much harder this time. "Just enjoy the ride man." I whispered as he attempted and failed to turn his head around to get a good look at me, his neck and traps impeding any attempts to do so, and slowly I lightly bit his ear before continuing. "You're not going to lose any muscle man but you will be cumming." I pushed my dick further in until the head grazed his hole which caused him to clench reflexively. "You'll be cumming until you have nothing left and even then you'll probably still try to shoot more." Even while his over muscled ass was clenched tighter than a vault it wasn't enough to stop me as I excruciatingly slowly pushed my way inside of him. "I'm just here to make sure your month visit is worth it." The cream was starting to affect my own dick as it aided my entry into Pierce, it nearly felt like my erection was getting an erection as I got so hard it began to hurt and I almost felt dizzy. I bit into his trap, tasting his sweat, just enough to leave a mark as made it past the brunt of his resistance. "But for now you are mine and I'm going to make sure you won't be able to walk once I'm fucking done with you, bitch." Once the last words left my mouth I pushed the last half a foot into Pierce in one swift and powerful motion. Immediately I could feel Pierce's ass clench and unclench repeatedly as my full thrust was enough to set him off again thanks to the catalyst, no doubt the cream I'm using for lube is only making things worse for him as he starts cumming for well over a minute. I could only endure his writhing for half that time before I joined him and began to unload deep into him. Our mutual orgasm didn't dissuade me continuing my pounding his massive ass, in fact it only drove me into a frenzy as my entire being was lost in the feeling. Just as one orgasm was beginning to end for either of us my pounding would drive one of us to cum and soon the other would follow. I could feel Pierce begin to overflow with how much I was shooting into him as I felt a warm trail of my cum trail down our legs and form an expanding puddle on the ground. Pierce was completely stuck to the wall unable to move and barely able to stand as I pounded both the strength and cum out of the hulking man. His attempts at stabilizing himself with the wall did little to help him as he became weak kneed, his arms, chest, and back were so thick that he wasn't able to gain any meaningful purchase on the wall to try and pull out to get away from me or to keep from leaning back as far as he was able as his strength decreased orgasm after orgasm. I could hear the rhythmic tapping of the tube affixed to his dick hitting the other side of the wall with every thrust as I worked him like a piece of industrial equipment. The entire time Pierce was reduced to a moaning mess as he was assaulted on both ends with his dick in a near constant stream as he came time and time again with only the slightest of reprieve, I was right there with him the entire time as I every thrust only felt like it increased my output just a bit more. After what felt like over an hour I finally started to taper off and Pierce looked like he had just finished the single most excruciating workout known to man. I was still harder than any metal and kept thrusting until it felt like I was shooting air. Still inside of Pierce I bit him on his other trap while I deeply inhaled the smell of our mixed sweat. "So did you get your money's worth?" Pierce attempted to say something but his mouth was so dry he could only nod his head in agreement. "Good." I pulled out to the tip and thrust back into him as hard I as I could, without breaking the rhythm I continued. "If you want more of this next month just ask the guys up front for Alex, they'll know who you mean." He nodded again and I could feel his ass clench again as if cumming yet again which only drove me into another dry orgasm. I patted him on the cheek and said. "I'll go unhook you, meet up with me at the sauna. You look like you could use a rest." He again nodded his head as I tortuously slowly pulled out of him. My dick was still hard and looked fucking even more massive after the ordeal I put Pierce through. I gave him a squeeze on his shoulder as I left the room and headed out to claim my prize, unhook him, and wait for him in the sauna. It was a great night but I can't wait for next month when I meet up with him again, I'll make sure next time he won't be able to stand let alone walk once I'm done with him.
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    Rush Hour Muscle: Version Two Here is a further mass muscle growth short.. This time its on the bus. Hope U like it.. I sat at the Bus stop,glancing down at my watch.It was 5.30pm. I had been sitting here for well over half an hour waiting for the bus to come,so i can get home,and gradually other commuters mingled around the bus stop building up into a small crowd. The road was heavy and bustling with slow moving rush hour traffic,and perhaps this was what was holding up the bus further down i suppose. It was a warm summers day and several hours yet until night fall,so i did not have to sit here in the winter when nights were shorter,shivering in cold weather. I could see some of the drivers in the cars and vans looking bothered and hot,some blaring their horns to try and get the traffic moving as they became more irritable. Eventually after a few more minutes waiting,the bus came around the corner of the road. It stopped with a hiss and the doors creaked open. I could see the bus was already quite full and the windows were steamed up with the heat from inside,even with most of the little slot windows opened up. I waited as the passengers before me got on..then managed to squeeze myself on before the driver refused to allow any more passengers on. I fought my way down the aisle and quickly grabbed a free seat at the back of the bus and settled down for the 15 minute journey home. The bus set off on its route,crawling slowly into the traffic. I wiped the steam off the window by my seat and peered out at the the world,trying not to oggle the cute young twentysomething guy with the backpack who had chosen the seat beside me. He was gorgeous.!! With flirting glimpses,i furtively eyed him up. He was light olive skinned, definately a latin stud.. Fairly long messy raven black hair,a strong slim face with full thick lips,and a silver stud pierced just below his bottom lip. Lean and muscular beneath the dark green tee he wore,drawn tightly over his strongly defined chest,a hint of dark chest hair just revealing from a low neck collar. Strong muscular arms sprinkled with dark stubbly hair..thick biceps beneath the short sleeves. He had his backpack on his lap,but i could see he was wearing beige khaki shorts and the hint of powerful and hairy legs. Damn,i was getting a boner in my pants and shifted uncomfortably in my seat,but the smell of his manly sweat turned me on so much i could feel my cock dribbling pre-cum. Hell, i was so un-nerved that i could suddenly smell my own sweat.! The bus moved achingly slow as i tried my best to keep my attention out of the window. Then the guy shifted in his seat,drawing me back to look at him. He raised his arm and brushed a hand through his hair. And i nearly came in my jeans.! I could not avoid the sight of his bicep flexing in his sleeve,stretching the material wafer thin, a vein seemingly pulsing across the thick curved muscle. I looked away again before i lost it completely. Then i heard a rip.. I was drawn back to the hunk. His bicep had made a tear in his sleeve. It bulged and flexed almost as if he was teasing me,but he was looking ahead. Then i saw his bicep flex again and looked as if it was swelling. I rubbed my eyes as if i was hallucinating seeing his muscle grow. No.. His bicep bulged and expanded as if being filled by air,the vein streaked across it, thickening and rippling. Then he lowered his arm,but the bicep kept growing,and the rip split wider. His hairy forearm thickened and rippled and his delts bunched up and filled out the shoulder of the sleeve.. 'Riiiip..!' The thin material of his sleeve could take no more and literally burst apart. The hunk just sat there staring ahead as if this was a naturalprocess as his back thickened beneath his tee,rapidly filling it out with engorging lat muscles that pushed back against the seat and then burst the tee apart.. I found myself being pushed against the window,pinned by the studs growing muscles. His thick chest joining in the growth,the already meaty mounds expanding into huge heaving slabs that pushed outwards against the straining shirt. With a loud rip,the front tore open,freeing his growing bloating pecs,heavily covered in dark curly hair and capped with large juicy nipples that pointed ever downwards with the growth of his muscles. Still,he seemed unperturbed by his growing muscles filling the small gap between our seat and the one in front, as if it was perfectly normal !. My eyes shot forward as he glanced at me and smiled before looking away. My eyes settled on the back of the guy sitting in the seat in front,and i nearly fainted! He was wearing a denim jacket stretched across a wide back that was thickening and filling it out with swelling lats and beefing up shoulders. I watched in awe and shock as the seams on his shoulders ripped and his bulging delts poked out. The guy sitting next to him in a smart executive black suit was going through the same process.His perfectly ironed jacket was bulging and filling with a massive back that easily began to tear through the thin fabric in the centre and at the shoulder seams. I shuddered as i felt myself cum in my briefs,and moisten the crotch,turned on and pinned in by the now huge Latin muscle hunk that filled the seat beside me. A teenaged boy with messy blonde hair,wearing what had been his school unform stood up from the seat in front of the two hunks in front of me. He was fucking enormous,his white shirt,tie and blazer,torn and ripped to shreds over huge bloated slab like pecs smooth and glistening with sweat under the dim lights of the bus,..fat boulder like biceps rippling and streaked with chord like veins,looking perhaps 30 inches if humanly possible!. Hard brick like 8 pack abs crunching and flexing.. Oh fuck!.. i thought..shocked at the hinting sight of what could only be a huge oversized cock, the engorged base of the shaft hanging out of view behind the seat from a dense patch of sandy pubes, as thick as my forearm.!! I shot my gaze out of the window as he glanced over at me with a hungry looking grin. But looking out of the window was no good.. The bus stopped sharply at traffic lights..and a motorbike pulled up level with my window. Its rider donned in thick black and red racing leather and a black helmet with its visor down hiding his face. I nearly had heart palpitations... Even in his leather bike gear, i could see his muscles growing..! Huge biceps bulging and straining into massive boulders. Swellling pecs pushing out the front of his tightly buckled jacket,snapping the straps as they grew.. The cod piece covering his crotch bulging obscenely as his cock and balls grew visibly big,pressed up between his legs on a motorbike he seemed to be quickly outgrowing too. I even thought i heard his leather groan under the pressure. He spotted me staring at him and stuck his middle finger up before moving forward. A white transit van advertising a builders merchants slid up next,with three occupants. "This is too much!" i muttered under my breath. One young guy in a blue and white Nicholson shirt and burberry cap and smoking a cigarette,was resting a tatooed arm on the van door, unbothered by the fact that his bicep was filling out and ripping the short sleeve,growing into a huge mound.. The other two occupants were growing too,but i could not see clearly. The guy smoking his cigarette,noticed me and flexed his bloating bicep. I felt myself cum again.. The car in front..All i could see was the drivers arm sticking out the open window,thickening and ripping the shirt he wore. I had to get off this bus.! At the next stop, i squeezed past the huge latin hunk with great difficulty that made him complain, oblivious to the fact that he was the one blocking the space with his overgrown muscles. It was hell trying to keep my composure brushing past the boys huge heaving pecs and seeing his huge cock hanging low and limp over engorged balls at least 12 inches, then pushing past a shaven headed muscle man in a torn England Football shirt whose own huge hairy pecs were pressed against a creaking side window, his fat heavy cock hanging low and engorged between his meaty tree trunk thighs low past his knees. I pressed the bell urgently until the driver let me off.....and i ran home as fast as i could..to clean myself up and to take stock of the new muscle world forming around me..
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    iHi folks. A few members recently requested an interest in one of my old reality shift muscle growth stories. So here it once again for old times sake. RUSH HOUR MUSCLE Travelling on a bustling city subway train during a working weeks evening rush hour,can be particularly irritable at times,especially due to the fact that you've got to cram yourself onto a stuffy train carraige,overfilled with commuters who are just as irritable as you..and unwilling to yield enough space so you can squeeze in before the door slides shut. In my case..on my 25 minute journey home,i have to contend with mainly three types of commuters.: Office workers..often the most ignorant to allow me room..,dressed in their immaculate suits and shirt and ties. Construction workers..spilling in from the expansive construction sites developing the area as an upcoming business district...wearing their sand,dirt and cement stained t shirts,High Vis' vests and stained jeans and workboots..usually smelling of sweat and cigarettes.! And then there were the school boys pouring in from a 'well-to-do' All Boys public Oratory school.. 'St Dunstans' or 'St Duncans'..or something like that?. Loud,chattering boys ranging from 12 to perhaps 17, dressed in smart black blazers,white starched shirts,black and white striped ties and so on...some of these kids were small and looking dwarfed in ill fitting oversized blazers!.And then there was a mix of other commuters thrown in for good measure.. Just the normal daily evenings rush hour... but then, this Fridays rush hour was definately not going to be normal..! I just managed to slip onto a train just as the doors were closing,and work myself into a corner not far. Already,the carraige was warm and stuffy and full,but not as constricted with passengers as i had thought,although all seemed to be men,and though there was few hot mid forties Daddy types,the age range did not seem to exceed ,45,but i just shrugged it off as being coincidental that the old folks simply avoided the trains due to the warm weather and stuffiness of the subways. Unfortunately,i was'nt feeling particularly well myself,and i had been feeling unusually tired. I had an odd feeling in myself since the previous unsettled nights sleep..Odd in the fact that every time i caught sight of a buffed muscular young man,i kept on springing a boner in my pants with the slightest daydream or glimpsing fantasy, and i could feel myself dribbling pre-cum into my briefs,which made me feel all the more on edge. The train set off on its journey and i stumbled a little,gently bumping a handsome young office worker attempting to read his financial paper in the crowded carraige.."Sorry" i said,smiling weakly at him, and instantly springing another fucking boner!.He just raised an eyebrow at me and continued reading as i stole furtive glances at hints of a firm athletic physique beneath his black suit jacket and tight black suit pants that hugged a cute pert butt.His short hair was jet black and gelled into short spikes,and from what i could catch from the side,he had ice blue eyes and full lips...full kissable lips.. I shuddered as i felt my cock milk pre-cum into my moistened briefs,then tore my eyes away from him before he noticed. The train swayed again..and i glanced out the window at the darkness of the subway tunnel for a short moment. Then the headphones worn by a youth of around 16 or 17 standing beside me,rattled out what sounded like a Rap tune. I glanced at the youth. Cute. Blue eyes,snub nose,faint peach fuzz on his chin.Wearing dress code typical of modern British youth. Hooded grey jacket over a Burberry cap,white loose tee shirt,baggy black trackie pants and big white trainers. He caught me looking at him and curled his lip in a look of disgust,whispering 'batty-man'..an urban teenagers word for faggot..under his breath. The train stopped at the next station. A few passengers got off,several got on,including a trio of noisy school boys,perhaps around 14 or 15. All three were short,probably no taller than 5ft and likely awaiting puberty still to set in. One kid,a pale boy with ginger hair and freckles and dressed in as expected, a blazer that was obviously too big for him..and hefting a sports bag in front of him, gaggled loudly about his classes football game.I just peered out of the window again as the train doors slid closed and the train set off again. A few minutes passed when the train carraige jolted and this time, making the teenaged boy stumble hard against me as the light flickered briefly. The boy did not apologise like i had to the office guy.He just straightened up and glared at me with a menace that made me feel uncomfortable,even though i was in my thirties and twice as old as him. Our eyes met for a moment,before i yielded and glanced at first,absently to his chest.I had to tear my look away as i was stunned to notice his chest was firm with slender pectoral muscles lightly outlined by the tight fabric. I have a fetish about muscles,and big pecs in particular. My cock twitched into a stiff erection and i leaked pre-cum again. I could feel the youths eyes still bearing into me..and with the next sway of the train, he moved closer to me,about a foot away,as another passenger moved behind him to alight at the next station. I fought desperately not to meet his gaze but gave in. He stared into me and sneered again. I felt my mouth run dry and my heart pound in my chest as i glanced down at his torso..At the sight of his pectoral muscles seemingly thicker than before, and pulling the thin fabric tighter over them,accentuating the shapely curves even more. Thankfully,the boy was diverted by the train swaying and then pulling to a halt deep in the tunnel. But my eyes were fixated on his pecs. They were definately getting thicker and meatier,swelling perceptively under his tee,into deeply curved mounds.' How the fuck was this happening?' i thought.. The boy reached up a hand to adjust his left earphone and with astonishment,i watched as a sizeable bicep bunch and strain at his long sleeves,and the same action of raising his arm,pushed his growing pecs further out into heavier mounds of muscle,the nipples becoming clearly defined and poking out under the tightening tee. I was too slow to look away when the youth glanced at me. "You a fucking faggot?" he snapped loud enough for the office guy,the fit looking guy behind him, and the schoolboys to hear him. I went red with embarrassment. I put up my hands as if to feign innocence,and glanced around. Then i noticed the office stud..Sweet fuck,...was he beefing up too?He looked at me for a moment and returned to reading his newspaper.With his arm raised up holding the paper, i could clearly see a thick bulge of his bicep,even beneath his suit jackets sleeve.Like the boys pecs and biceps,his arm began to thicken and expand beneath the suit,and his shoulders beefed up and swelled. There was a snapping sound and i realised it was a button breaking off his blue shirt as his own pecs began to rise up and thicken like mounds to strain the filling shirt. I was in a state of disbelief at the sight of the youth, and now the office stud,growing ever more muscular by the second. I heard a grunt from someone behind the stud, and the sound of fabric stretching itself apart. The train jolted momentarily and i was drawn back to the youth..and his growing muscles,particularly a bulging chest that took up most of the space before me. The thick mounds heaved and pushed out further stretching the tee like a second skin over his mighty chest.I was sure at any moment that the fabric would rip apart as it strained for dear life,but incredibly it held, and really gave off the size of his pecs to shocking value,growing past the size of a pro bodybuilders!. The youth glared menacingly at me, and then smiled sinisterly.He raised his arms up to pull the hood off of his capped head, and i caught sight of the fat boulders of his biceps bulging obscenely in his overstuffed sleeves. What he did next,nearly made me come in my pants. He pushed his huge swollen pecs,apparently slowing down their expansion,against me, and pinned me into the corner. From out of view,i could hear one of the boys moaning as if he was in pain,followed by the sound of fabric seams ripping. Then.."Fuck,i'm growing" from one of the other boys..Not a tone of alarm,but more of delight..and i heard him swearing and yelling in glee. More grunts and groans and swear words rose from other passengers.Others were growing too. 'This is way too fucking freaky' i thought to myself,feeling a little claustrophobic,pinned in by the youths mountainous pecs.I could feel myself stiffly erect and dribbling pre-cum into my now damp underwear. 'What the fuck was happening?'. "You fucking love this,don't ya..faggot" sneered the youth,whose massive pecs were so swollen,that they pressed against his chin,his neck thickly corded with muscle. The train finally started off on its journey towards my stop. I had to get off.This was too much to comprehend.Yet a little part of me wanted to stay on the train and worship this youths huge muscles. As the train approached the station,the intercom from the driver crackled into life over the grunts and groans and obvious pleasures of this carraige full of muscle men. "Good evening..this train will terminate at ..." he broke off the announcement for a few seconds. "Fuck i'm huge..,sorry guys..i'm gonna have to terminate the train at the next stop..i'm too fucking big for the cab.." 'Shit!' i said under my breath..'Was the whole god damn train affected?' A few minutes later,attempting not to orgasm,i forced my way round the youths huge sexy pecs and towards the doors as they slid open at arrival at my stop.. There,my fears...or desires,were answered.Several huge,insanely muscular men got off from other carraiges.Their clothes,although.pitifully stretched to within an inch of life,and some torn at the seams in places..held in the huge bloated muscles..and then i saw huge obscene crotch bulges straining to keep in freaky sized cocks and balls, on each and everyone of the guys.. And the growth had'nt just affected the train.. Huge musclemen and boys waited and arrived on the platform for trains..They were everywhere i looked. 'Fuck' Was i in Muscle man Heaven or Muscle man Hell? I needed to get home fast..My cock seriously needed beating off..
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    Hope Springs By Cutlerfan [Somewhat based on RPs with Scott158f and MuscleAce] James and his roommate Ian were happy to have found a cheap way home for weekend but the trip was irritating. The two jocks they carpooled with were completely obnoxious. They kept calling them fags despite the fact that neither had said they were gay. Requests to suck them off were made by the athletes that did not help the situation. “I just assumed two fag boys like you loved cock,” said the Junior wrestler named Brice. His cohort, Rod, a football player was just as bad. “Yeah I bet you’d just love it. Everyone knows twinks like you love jock juice!” “Thanks but we’ll pass.” they said at the same time. They were only thirty minutes from their destination when the car started to act up. “You put gas in right?” asked Rod. “I thought you did.” replied Brice. “Damn we need to find a station A SAP!” Rod looked around and saw a sign saying ‘Hope Springs-2 miles’. “Okay let’s go there. I bet they have gas. Might get a snack too since I need protein.” Rod flexed his big bicep as Brice nodded. In a few minutes they we on the outskirts of the town. “What a shit hole this is!” whined Brice. “Yeah but they should have gas I hope… hah I made a funny I said ‘I Hope’ and we’re in Hope Springs!” Rod laughed at his little joke. They found a gas station just a few blocks down the road and filled up. “Okay fags that’s twenty from each of you for gas now hand it over!” Not wanting to be stranded the two guys coughed up the money and got out to look around. Across the street was a small marble fountain with a tulip shaped spout. As they walked over and looked closer a sign read “Hope Springs” with the word ‘Eternal’ underneath it. Nearby was aforementioned spring that appeared from the ground with pipes drawing water to the large tulip and drinking fountains, Taking it to the fountain. A small bridge was over the spring leading to the woods. A huge man in a sheriff’s outfit drove past and stopped by the fountain where the the young men now sat. “The water is great for quenching a thirst,” he said, ”A wide variety of thirsts.” There was a small drinking fountain on the side of the fountain so James and Ian decided to have a drink. The water was cool and refreshing. “Great water,” said Ian to the sheriff who pulled his huge arm inside his patrol car and drove off after he stated: “Enjoy the full benefits of the water… think of how you want to be.” The two men walked onto the bridge and stood over the shimmering water. “Think how you want to be?” Ian said out loud. “I don’t get it. We just imagine how we want to look? Some kind of self-actualization?” James frowned. “I have no idea but I do know I wish I looked better.” “Well I think I look okay but I’ve uh… kinda had this dream for huge balls. I think they make a guy look more masculine you know?. Sorry if that weirds you out.” Ian looked unsure of how James would react. James shook his head. “Nah I’m all for looking more manly… always wanted a beard but I can’t grow one to save my life!” Ian smiled and looked into the clear pool of water. Something was off. A ripple in the water distorted James’ reflection and when it stopped the reflection had a light beard and looked quite handsome. “It’s gotta be an optical illusion” thought to himself. He looked up at James and he looked the same as usual so he looked in the water and the reflection now had a full beard and looked like a model. Confused he looked at James again and… he still hadn’t changed. “Holy shit!” Ian uttered as he checked out his own reflection and saw a huge bulge in his package, at least double its original size. The sight of the reflection’s swollen groin so surprised Ian that he lost his balance and fell into the spring. It was surprisingly deep but Ian was a good swimmer. James extended an arm to help pull him out but Ian was hard to pull. It was like he had gained weight in the water somehow. James reached lower but lost his balance and tumbled into as well. The water seemed to envelope them pulling them down. A maelstrom of suction dragged them deeper and deeper and the light began to fade. James assumed this was the point where he would drown and he lost consciousness. Ian coughed as he crawled out of the water. Next to him James was lying on his side in the sand slowly breathing. Ian looked around and it looked like they were on some kind of tropical island. ‘How the hell did we get here? ’Ian wondered. “Hey James… you okay?” he gave his friend a few gentle pats on his back. James coughed a few times and got up. As he turned Ian realized something was different. James was gorgeous! “Where are we man?” he questioned Ian as he stood up. “No flippin idea.” was his reply. “Some kind of island… it’s pretty warm which is good because our clothes are ripped up.” “Hey Ian… I thought you said you wished you had huge balls. Yours are huge… like baseball size.” “What no mine are just… Holy Shit! They’s so big and heavy! GAWD, I’m getting hard just from their weight. Ian covered himself and blushed. “Quite the package you have there!” James smiled and stood up.. You know you’re so handsome and sexy with that beard too!” Ian rubbed James’ face and growled quietly. .“I don’t have a beard.. I mean … whoa I do!” exclaimed James “My hair is blond now too!”. “I mean err… you’ll attract a lot of women with those looks and beard.” muttered Ian. “So since we’re stuck here we might as well make the best of things, right? Said Ian looking around. “Yes we should find water and build a shelter then look for food.” added James. The two set off to find their necessities of life. They searched mostly around where they had exited the water but they made some interesting finds. Hours later they had found a stream of clean water and had gathered some small shipping containers that were labeled as containing MREs-Meals Ready to Eat. They feasted on some of the meals and had a short nap then a rinse in the water to refresh themselves. As night fell they shared a small survival tent and blankets found with the MREs. The tent was quite small but both were so tired they barely said goodnight. James smelled an interesting aroma and realized it was Ian’s musk. Inhaling the scent he relaxed next to his friend and they both slept well. The next day they continued to look for supplies. Their bodies continued to change as the masculinization process seemed to speed up. As the days passed they went farther and farther from their encampment. They found a variety of useful and enjoyable items that had fallen off cargo ships over the years. Everything from furniture to protein drinks to survival food and more. All still in pristine condition due to the excellent packing everything was in. They used several shipping containers to fashion a home using welding supplies they found in yet another lost shipment. Ian was enjoying the work of hauling crates. He had his shirt off and his body quickly gained a dark tan from the light exposure. Both men were blind to the changes in their own bodies but they were intrigued by the rapid changes in the other’s body. James stayed lean and gained muscle Ian began to grow more muscled and broader developing a tight round belly.The game of hiding their erections was getting difficult as they had begun outgrowing their clothes. A crate of fabric allowed them to make bigger outfits but Ian leaned more toward just a sling for his growing cock. They enjoyed one another’s company and learning new ways to make a life for themselves here. There was even time for fun. One day, Ian laughed as James showed him a crate of LEGO sets from several years ago still encased in plastic.”Ooo these look fun!” Ian said excitedly. Weeks passed and the couple grew closer. The shared their personal histories in depth. It turned out that both had no close family and only casual friends. Their bond grew stronger but there was a barrier for both of them. The barrier was broken one day after sunset when James found Ian fiercely jacking off in the jungle. James stared in awe at Ian’s huge cock. It was over 2 feet long erect and the head was as big as a small onion. “Ahem” said James quietly. Ian was shocked and before he could cover up he shot a thick load across himself. “Fuck! I didn’t think you were….” Ian flushed with embarrassment. “I mean I didn’t err.. I.. well... a guy has needs right?” James just smiled and began to stroke Ian’s huge member. “Yeah and it looks like you needed release. Two guys helping each other out is okay I hope?” James asked nervously. “Hell yeah… I mean... sure you… you can help if you want.” “You’ll return the favor I hope?” James grinned. “Sure thing buddy!” Ian smiled and soon he had cum again. Now it was James’ turn. He sat on the ground and undressed; removing his few pieces of clothing. His cock, although smaller than Ian’s was still immense and Ian hesitated before touching it. “It’s okay really! I want you to help me. Those huge hands of yours won’t take long to get me off.” replied James to Ian’s unspoken thought. Ian began rubbing and stroking James’ cock. It got erect but instead of rubbing more Ian massaged James’ neck then shoulders, chest, abs, and quads. “Mmm you have wonderful hands Ian.” Ian blushed again as he worked his friend’s body hoping James didn’t notice the sweatiness of his hands. Ian continued to massage his friend and he relaxed completely. The massage was so good that James fell asleep so Ian carried him back to his his own bed. Ian then rubbed his own cock again as he remembered the look and feel of his friend’s body. The next day they did a lot of work modifying their cargo container home. They cut out sections of the metal to let in light and closed them with a rough glass they made from sand melted deep inside the sleeping volcano. It was hot and sweaty work and by the end of the day they were exhausted. After their usual evening swim Ian suggested that he give James a massage again. A weary James agreed but not halfway through it James was again asleep. Ian continued to massage and delicately rubbed James’ glutes. They were so round and tight and sexy but Ian resisted doing more than touch them. And again for 3 more nights James got a massage and fell asleep leaving Ian desperate for release. He kissed James as he slept and walked off into the jungle and stimulated himself. Finally a week later James again found Ian pleasuring himself; this time with a large rubber tube in his ass. Embarrassed Ian stopped but he was sweaty and his musk was appealing to James. “You need some help again buddy?” Ian nodded ‘yes’ so James walked closer. He gave Ian a massage that made his body tremble. Ian wanted to respond to James’ ministrations but he was afraid. ‘What if James rejected him or worse… what if he hurt James in the throes of passion? Ian slowly pushed James off him and feigned sleepiness. “Ian, you’re gay yes?” Ian nodded. “ You have a huge sexy body yes?” again a nod and a tiny smile. Are you worried about hurting me if we go further?” Ian’s head bowed down but he indicated in the affirmative once more. “Don’t worry I have a solution. How about we get more intimate and what happens will be natural Ok? Ian grinned widely as they lips moved closer and in an instant Ian lost all fear. They kissed deeply for over a minute and settled onto the sand to make love. It was slow and pleasurable each man getting what he needed. The sex sessions, physical work, supplements, and fruit of the island were having a profound effect on them. James grew tall and muscled like a bodybuilder. Ian grew even taller becoming a powerfully built hairy bear of a man. They were happy in their private eden and they forgot about where they came from until one morning a few years later. James awoke from a dream of another place and time. He slowly released himself from his lover’s body curled around him and went for a walk. Ian was awake when he returned. James smiled at his wonderful 9’4” 1600 pound mate. “I think we have to consider some things Ian.” “Oh like what? Ian replied in his deep bass voice as he split a coconut in half with one hand and drained the milk into a goblet he made out of a chunk of crystal. “This whole place is amazing but it’s not real.” “I know. We’ll have to go back sometime. I have no idea how or when so let’s just enjoy our time here babe okay?” “Sure thing my stud bear.” James rubbed Ian’s massive belly and pinched the fat nips on Ian’s chest making him moan loudly. It was many years later when their time came to an end. By now Ian was a behemoth over twelve feet eight inches tall and almost four thousand pounds. James was smaller at a mere ten feet tall and 1800 pounds but his strength equaled Ian’s. Both were looking incredible. James was still trim but had hypermasculine looks and a striated muscular body that would make some men faint. Ian was James’ massive hairy mountain of a man. He could crush steel with his bare hands but he was a teddy bear with his lover. Both had thick beards and they planned on getting some piercings when they got back. It was a few months later when the couple were out snorkeling and looking for lobsters. They enjoyed the swim. Ian’s dark hair had a few flecks of gray but James' was the same as it was when they first arrived here; a rich golden hue. Diving down for another load of seafood they were caught unaware as the water got churned up blinding them with silt. A powerful vortex formed and drew them in. They resisted at first but realized their time in their private eden had come to an end. Spinning wildly they were propelled into darkness. They squeezed out through the fountain and stepped onto the pavement. Ian’s mass made the cement buckle. Standing next to them with a large bundle was the sheriff. “I figured you might need some clothes.” he said handing the clothes to the men who quickly eased into the jumbo spandex shorts; green for James and blue for Ian. Their powerful bodies stretched the material to its limit but it held together.“I can’t wait to reveal ourselves to Brice and Rod!” growled Ian. “I suggest you go into the woods behind the fountain and I’ll tell your nasty friends where you are. It should be quite interesting.” The massive men walked off into the woods and the sheriff went to the two jocks who were becoming impatient waiting for their passengers. “Where the fuck are they? We should just ditch them!” Rod bristled in annoyance. “Yeah those two fags are gonna make us late.” added Brice. The sheriff spoke at this point. “If you are referring to your friends they went on a walk in the woods. Just go find them and you can go.” “The two little fudge packers are probably off fucking in the woods!” yelled Rod. “Gross man, we better show them who’s boss!” stated Brice. By this point the sheriff had walked off so the two jerks ran into the woods to find James and Ian. Where are they? wondered Brice out loud. “Dunno” replied Rod.”I can’t see much through these thick trees. They’re weird and veiny almost like..oh fuck! They’re legs… enormous hairy legs!” Both the jocks looked up to see a smiling bearded hairy mountain of a man looking down on them. “Need some help boys?” bellowed the behemoth. Brice and Rod screamed and run out of the woods as fast as they could. “There’s a monster in the forest! He almost got us!” yelled Brice.They were so desperate to escape that they slipped off the edge of the little bridge and fell in. They struggled for a few moments and then a familiar whirlpool took them into blackness and they vanished. “Looks like they’ll have only each other for company. Quipped the sheriff. “I wonder what will happen?” James and Ian just stood by the fountain kissing. ‘I think we should start a gym babe.” said Ian to his husband. James nodded his agreement and they kissed again. The End?
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    Part Five Tyler placed Gus down on his bed as he savored every kiss. Gus held him by the tie like a handler holds the leash of his beast. The athlete moan with a quivering lip, allowing his smaller roommate to take charge. The bed creaked under the weight of the Tyler's bulk. "It's been a long week for me," Gus straddled the quarterback's stomach, running his fingers through the carpet of chest hair. "I've been wanting to do this since the seventh grade." Gus squeezed the massive hairy pecs and felt them bounce. Tyler flexed his arms with a smile, basking in Gus's appreciation. Tyler's large, sensitive nipples were getting far more attention than he had dared to give them on his own. He was already moaning loud enough for a noise complaint from the next apartment and Gus was just getting started. Tyler's manly grunts became deep and primal as Gus wrapped his hands around the football player's enlarged penis. There was a new bottle of moisturizer on the table. Gus applied the cooling lotion onto the shaft and slowly worked his way up and down, circling the head with just a fingertip and fondling Tyler's balls with the other hand. "Oh! Ah! Ah! I-I need you Gus!" "You...know," Gus said between kisses. "It could have all been a lie. You could have your orgasm and then not need me anymore..." Sudden panic and surprise flashed across Tyler's eyes. Gus hadn't stopped though; he was pushing all of the athlete's buttons. His brain and body were running in different directions. "I..I wouldn't" Tyler panted, "I mean, I would still need you! I still need you! I apologized! I'm sorry!" "I know," Gus grinned devilishly as he left the throbbing penis to return to Tyler's chest and nipples. "But suppose I do forgive you....but still decided not to let you orgasm?" "Fuuuu---" Tyler's eyes rolled backwards as his head sunk deep into the pillow. His body's urges becoming feral and desperate like a wild animal in a cage. He could run a 100 yards, shrugging off defenders on the way to the end zone. He could out lift all his other teammates. But at the moment, those big, strong muscles that could do so much were helpless. They might as well have been hollow. He was thoroughly at Gus's mercy. "You've worked hard to get this physique," Gus gripped Tyler's penis again and was fully committed to giving the attention it was craving. "So...hard" Tyler moaned. "Yes, I didn't think a cock could get this hard." Gus circled its head again. "I helped you get this big, but I want you to get bigger, Tyler." "Anything, sir!" Tyler cried out. "Finish that supplement tomorrow." "All OF IT?" "All this muscle and you don't have the stamina to get through foreplay? Pity." "I WILL FINISH BOTH BOTTLES TOMORROW!" "I'll have all day tomorrow to watch you lift and exercise. You are mine, understand? Now, legs up, Beast." Gus finished inside Tyler, whose head, penis, and balls looked like they were about to burst. He was whimpering when Gus climbed back up to look him in the eyes and kiss him. His fingers raked through the chest hair matted with sweat, occasionally teasing his nipples some more. "I'm going to hold you to it, Tyler. You are mine." "Y-yes, sir!" Tyler's were forming tears. Gus squeezed out another handful of moisturizer and continued back on Tyler's penis. This time the movements were continuous and quick. Tyler let out a beastly roar as his body shook. Now it was the bed frame's turn to cry out for mercy. He ejaculated load and after load, creating a large mess everywhere. Tyler was about to reassure his host that he would clean it up, but Gus was already sound asleep, snuggled deep in the hairy muscles. It truly had been a long week for Gus. Having Tyler reenter his life could have been the last straw, but instead it was a turning point for the two of them. Tyler drew Gus close and held him like the soft pillow that he was. As he drifted off to sleep himself, he thought about having to finish both bottles of supplement. It would be difficult, but not impossible. "I'll surprise him," Tyler thought to himself as he engulfed Gus with his bulk. "I'll make quick work of the two bottles and ask for a third bottle. What's the worst that could happen?"
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    Greetings and thank you for reading my story. This year I was inspired by the Netflix series "Altered Carbon" - however, don't fret if you haven't seen it, I've still crafted a narrative with the aim that non-viewers will enjoy too. That said... on with the muscle! Enhanced Carbon “Archive complete. Stack seven-nine-nine-zero-four-two confirmed. Download confirmed. Ready for new archive. Waiting…” Softly lilting the mechanized computer voice burbled from the workstation speakers, over the sound of slurping from a cup of triple café cortado, held in Vicente’s shaking hand. Too much caffeine for this sleeve… dios mío… but just a few more hours… He put the cup down and wiped his brow with the back of his hand, the terminal screen reflecting in his eyeglasses in the otherwise darkened room. All the other technicians had punched out, but here he was on the night shift, doing double time. He lined up the next stack, a silvery, curved disc with bee-cell like filigree spreading out across its surface. A faint glow within added to the dim light as he placed it in the receptacle for download. His well worn fingers typing in the name and archive destination. “Stack received. Confirm identity…” Vicente’s fingers danced across the keyboard, even as he suppressed a yawn despite the overdose. Having to remind himself why he was pushing himself so hard and staying so late. Remember the plan hombre. Push yourself; burn this sleeve out, so you can use the credits for a better one next time… just one more year should be enough… who needs sleep anyway… He shook his head, clearing his blurry vision, looking down at the form the stack had arrived with. Gonzalez. The corner of his mouth twitched to a smile as he input the name from the form into the computer. I knew a Gonzales when I was at school… never the same once he was resleeved into that chick tho… He chuckled to himself, then sighed, looking at the pile of stacks to his left. “Archive complete. Stack eight-four-three-one-zero-four-zero confirmed. Transfer confirmed…” Only another few hundred stacks to get through tonight. He could do this… a better sleeve awaited… He yawned again, the memory of Gonzales already gone from his mind. * * * Jose opened his eyes, jolting, like he was waking up from a bad dream. Blinking a few times, he sought to clear his vision, the sensation akin to feeling like a thin layer of film was slowly being pulled away from virgin eyes. He knew immediately he wasn’t in virtual - that simulated reality space his consciousness would occupy between sleeves. This was the real deal. Reality, a new life, a new body. The room was stark white; wonderful pristine walls and ceiling entering his vision first. He felt that he was on a comfortable chair, noticed the wires at his temple for the download into this sleeve. This sleeve. Even as he took his first breaths, he felt something was… very different. Very unexpected. The weight on his chest, just the physical, indomitable act of breathing produced a sensation of heaviness… girth. At first he thought it was the sleeve-sickness that he’d been told to expect. This was his first resleeving, after all. But as he stirred into life, settling into his new skin, he found that this was no sickness, no sickness at all. A cry escaped his lips - an unfamiliar voice - expressing surprise. Mixed with… delight. And just for a moment, he thought perhaps he was in virtual, for this sleeve was so far beyond his expectations, so far into the realm of fantasy, that it was like something from a dream. The first sight bulging into his vision was his chest; enormous, slab-like, juicy pectoral masses that seemed to swell before his eyes with his very sharp intake of breath. Almost involuntarily he twitched, causing a massive tectonic shift of a flex across them, fibres rippling. He couldn’t help but take them in - so large they took up nearly the entirety of what he could see. Sight failing him in comprehension, his hands instinctively went up to explore, and magnetically they went straight to two dollar-sized, thick nipples which were most definitely pointing down by the burden of mass they sat upon. Movement of arms caused his next glance to travel to his limbs, another audible gasp escaping his lips - bicep so huge it was like someone had stuffed a bowling-ball under his skin, vascular with veins and corded more like serpents feeding the muscle than anything else. His forearms bloomed as juicy ham-like structures, rippling, demanding attention all to themselves. He couldn’t quite see his triceps, but he certainly could feel them as they vied for space with his lat muscles - he could feel them there, swelling out like a manta-ray’s wingspan, itching to be fully unfurled. Like a child at Christmas - certainly an overgrown child indeed - he swung his legs over the side of the reclined chair that was supporting him, noticing how there was a mirror on the opposite wall. He needed to see more. So much more. As he approached the mirror - waddled - feeling so much sensation and weight with every thudding step - he drank in his lower body. Those weren’t quads - they were tree-trunks, they were pillars, carved in muscular relief. He could see the different muscle heads shifting and flexing with his walk - to say nothing of his calves, which were engorged to the point where he was sure they would touch long before he could ever think of bringing his feet together. In the reflection too he was able to appreciate his abdominal wall, which had until now been obscured to him. Not an ounce of fat - the waist an incredible proportion in width compared to his upper-body. He truly had an unbelievable X shape. His whole body appeared to be slightly tanned, covered in a light trail of coffee-black fuzz which thickened at his chest, and indeed he had a masculine groomed beard sitting atop his stunningly-angled jawline, piercing blue eyes like a polar bear’s must be, as he looked deep into the reflection of the new superman he had been poured into. Now flexing in earnest, speaking aloud his first words “Fucking… incredible…” he turned to try and see his back and how defined the rest was, even his glutes sticking out with so much muscle he would forever be raised several inches into the air by their mass whenever he sat. It was at this point he swallowed hard, noting that within the purple posing trunks they - The designers? - had slipped him into for modesty, lay a behemoth of a cock, surely bigger soft than he’d ever seen a natural man when hard, with testicles to match, roughly the size of oranges. Just drawing his attention to this monster seemed to stir it awake, he could feel the twitch and slight strain of fabric as it started to fill in the first flushes of excitement - just as the door to the room slid open with a proud, jarring woosh. “Ah - Mr. Gonzales. You’re already up. That was quick...” He froze, like a deer in headlights, wondering just what he’d gotten himself into, and what kind of terrible, yet wonderful mistake had been made. * * * “It’s just like going to sleep, honestly honey,” the young, petite asian girl on the screen said, smiling and wiping sweat from her forehead, hands stained with grease. “You don’t even know time has passed. I promise it won’t be too long,” she gave a thin, reassuring smile. “Thanks mother… I know…” he croaked, hand covering his mouth, fighting the urge to cough. The bald hispanic man slumped in the back of the air taxi grimaced as they passed through cloud, hitting a little turbulence. Not long to go now. “It’s just, you know, they say the first desleeving is the worst. Even if it is voluntary…” The woman nodded in sympathy. “They said that to me too chiquito… but honestly, no drama…” He went to reply, but ended up breaking into a fierce, back-breaking coughing again. The woman on the screen frowned. “You’ve gotten worse. Getting this done just in time. You waited too long…” Through burning tears, he steadied himself after the attack. “I didn’t want to burden you mama…” He finally croaked. “No burden. I’m making enough credits here… that’s why I wanted to call! They’ve increased my pay… I should have enough for your new sleeve in only ten years my love, not fifteen.” He smiled, and brushed the smooth surface of his head, still expecting there to be foliage there. Only the latest thing his Ascraeusian Cancer had wrought upon his sleeve, and it wouldn’t be the last. The skin he touched was raw and angry, dermis dry and flaking. He looked, and felt, a mess. “Wonderful… I shouldn’t miss as much as I thought, then…” Another jolt, and his air-cab passed through the final layer of cloud. Bright blue lights in the night sky sprang up before him, and as they made their way to the landing-pad he saw the words Indigo Private Sleevecare shining into the dark. He mouthed a silent Spanish prayer, and turned his attention back to the screen. “OK mother. We’re here. I love you…I’ll… see you soon, I guess.” “Like going to sleep, chiquito,” she repeated again. “I’ll be there when you wake up. Love you, Jose.” * * * The hulk in the cabin took in a sharp intake of breath. His heart was pounding so hard in his chest, he thought it might have been visible were it not buried beneath inches upon inches of steel-hard muscle, even then stretching the grey tank-top to it’s limit. Jose Gonzalez was going home - not his home - but the home of the person whose lewdly-swollen sleeve he was now wearing. And that person was, it seemed, a fucking Meth - the richest of the rich - and he was about to pass himself off as belonging to a world he’d only ever dreamed of, never seen. All 520 pounds of him tensed in anticipation as through the glass of the sleek black sky-limousine, the shining silver tower of his abode in the clouds came into view, guiding lights bringing them in. Thoughts of abandoning his deception came, but were fleeting. Throughout the journey he couldn’t help but feel himself up; the thirty-inch biceps bulging, the slightest movement of his neck meeting meat as his traps reminded him of his flesh. An intoxicating spell - which is why, when he’d met the resleeving doctor, he’d kept his mouth shut, understanding what had happened. It was just supposed to be a standard desleeve; his illness so virulent, disposing of the body was cheaper than cure. He couldn’t afford a new sleeve right away but he could afford secure storage for his stack at Indigo - one of the best on the continent. He knew it was good, because he knew Meths also used their services for customised, 3D printed sleeve alterations. Not cheap… the sleeve he was wearing was, he found out, absolutely bespoke, and would have cost a dozen lifetimes for someone like him to procure. And it was just to his tastes… his every fantasy. Whatever mixup had occurred, he was compelled to ride it out as long as possible. The doctor had checked him over - apparently this sleeve was the first to be created at this sheer immensity, and some tests were necessary. “A wonderful starting size,” the physician had purred, a clean-shaven, green-eyed and French-sounding man in a white lab coat. He definitely seemed to take pride in his handiwork. He was cute, too. “S… starting size?” Jose had rumbled, one of the few times he’d dared speak for fear of giving the game away. Nodding and grunting had seemed to get him through plenty, which was apparently what everyone expected from whomever his sleeve had been intended for. “That’s right padre. Don’t forget, this sleeve is all loaded up with my patented Myostatin-Inhibited coding. I look forward to seeing how things look next time you visit.” He’d given the watermelon-sized bicep a squeeze, which caused Jose to instinctively pull back. “Aw… saving it for Lars then… I understand…” came the playful admonition. Lars… my partner? The whole journey from the facility, after he’d been discharged into the waiting vehicle, his mind was fixated upon wondering about that significant other. Okay… if I’m really doing this… if… if I really mean to keep this body… it’s them I’m going to have to convince… god, this is crazy! A hangar-doorway in the side of the sleek metallic tower yawned open, and swallowed them up. The bright light of the sun was replaced by a diffuse, welcoming light from artificial panels overhead. He realised, as he rolled his massive thighs around each other to exit the vehicle, that the limo must have been specially modified in order to convey his now-superflous bulk. No expense spared indeed. Barely getting time to mumble his thanks to the driver, who was closing the door behind him, than a squeal of delight penetrated his hearing, ricocheting off the hangar walls. “Aaaah! Baby… you did it! Oh my god…” From an open iris-shaped doorway, an expansive plush-red hallway behind him, a scantily-clad, twinkish, blonde figure was charging towards him, down a short flight of stairs into the hangar-bay. He was wearing nothing but a silken cherryblossom-patterned robe, which was flapping open and trailing in his wake and across his rakish arms, exposing his lean, but muscular torso, bright-red jockstrap and flip-flops completing the ensemble. His face was high-boned, elegant, and there was the hint of queenish makeup around his eyes. It matched the brightly-painted long nails he wore, which was the very last detail Jose was able to take in before he found that self-same person flung against him, kissing his face (and pectorals) with longing passion. “Oh baby baby… I missed you… oh wow… fuck… it’s everything you said it would be…” He rumbled something akin to an admonition, and the enthusiastic man peeled back. “Hm? You okay baby? Still a lil’ sleeve-sick?” “Mmm… just a bit…” he replied, staring down at his new boyfriend, heart beating in his chest. The size difference was dizzying. Lars was of course a full-grown man, if a little on the small side. But next to him, he seemed to be nothing more than a child. His pec was about the size of the man’s head, a fact that caused his monster to stir - a fact that wasn’t unnoticed by Lars. “Well baby,” he said with a mischievous smirk. “Not that sick I see. Come on in and let’s get our welcome-home party started…” he grabbed Jose by the paw, and tugged him in the direction of the doorway he’d emerged from. Leaving the hangar behind, he ducked his head going through and emerged into an opulent curved hallway - a soft merlot colored carpet under his feet, plinths with classical carved marble figures of nude male figures passing by. Posters of ancient-Earth era bodybuilders, bulging with muscle from out of their frames. “Ooooh…” Came a voice that sounded like Lars’, but not from him. It came from an open doorway as they passed, and turning his meaty neck he saw that a duplicate of his boyfriend had emerged, and the next moment he was seeing double as one clung to each of his veiny arms. “Stunning work my love,” the newcomer whispered. “You’re the God you always wanted to be…” “You… you’re double-sleeved…” he said in revelation; a shrill giggle from each of the clones was the only reply he got, even as they reached the end of the corridor and a set of double-doors swung open before them, the sensation of hot steam issuing forth as he was pulled within. “Hello, baby…” “Welcome home darling!” “So big… I call dibs on his quad…” The voices issued forth out of the steam as, nakedly, a host of clones of the thin young man stepped forth, out of their perches in the sauna where they had seemingly been waiting, getting themselves into a sexual frenzy in anticipation of his arrival. He gasped in shock at the sheer cost and decadence of it all, even as the hands on his arms released him, and began pulling away his clothes with gusto. Too big, too unwieldy to even think of resisting, he stood before them as a slab of pure meat in all his naked, testosterone-engorged glory. “Hmmmmf…” a grunt of delight already escaping his lips as another pair found his nipple. Sucking. Worshipping. They had planned this, obviously… he and Lars and all his clones. One body, so much pleasure… By the time his trousers had been yanked away - a task that took the combined efforts of three of the ten clones present - his monster cock was already chubbed to a semi that was doing its best effort to tear asunder his briefs with no extra assistance. Two pairs of hands massaged the surface of his meat, another cupping his prodigious ballsack as his other nipple was attended to. He growled gutturally, all worries about deception gone, sheerly living in this moment of pleasure as he embraced being the beast he’d been reborn into. As he flexed his right bicep moans of admiration erupted all around him, hands yearning and reaching out squeezing him, so in the spirit of indulgence he raised his left also. Double biceps peaking into vascular mountains, he grinned and gave them such a show, the flesh starting to glisten from the steam. The many hands around his meat, now fully-hard at some 24 inches, were replaced by lips and tongues. So too was his hole probed, an unseen Lars on his knees behind him and hungrily devouring his sensitive pucker in between his mountainous glutes. Every one of the ten attending to him, worshipping him. “Yes… f...fffuuuuck, yes….!” “Hold on baby… don’t you go wasting that cream yet…” He was tugged and pushed into position, sitting back on a cushioned surface that creaked under his weight, semi-crushing four of them, staring wondrously into the eyes of the first Lars he’d encountered, the twink pushing aside two others to get at his throbbing meat. When he began straddling him in earnest, in between the worshipping kisses from the others he managed to rumble “Woah you can’t… I’ll... I’ll wreck you…” That same smirk returned. “Mmmmno honey. I’ve been modified to take you, remember? Now… gimme all you got! My moo cow… gimme that bull milk!” He didn’t even have to think twice, after hearing that. Like the sleeve had a buried memory of what to do, he thrust his hips forward into the younger man’s lubed, waiting hole like they were designed for each other. So tight. Mmmmfuck... Yes!… I could get used to this. And then, the fucking began. * * * Hours later, in another wing of the expansive residence, he was dozing peacefully, eyelids fluttering underneath thick, bushy eyelids as he dreamed his dream. There were only two Lars’ now, the “original” as he’d come to think of him, and one clone they’d kept around a bit longer for fun. All the others had gone back into storage, just as intended, ready for the next time they were feeling frisky. Soft harp music drifted from the direction of the balcony, weather-screened to block out the wind but still letting streams of golden sunlight in. A caged bird added its melody to the quiet noise as they recovered from their lovemaking. For Jose, a slice of heaven he never thought he’d attain. And then, the commotion. His eyes snapped awake, the dream lost, as there was a sudden banging coming from the corridor. A squeal of surprise and a sudden bang, as if someone, and one of the relics had just been pushed over. Blearily he looked at his two Lars’, as if they could answer what on earth it was, but they each were already cowering behind their bedsheets. Oh fuck. Am I being robbed? A Meths robbery on” my first fucking day? There was a moment of quiet, and then the doorway to the bedroom flung itself open, and a grotesquely familiar figure stomped towards him, and all the color drained from Lars’ face as he stared into the maddened eyes of his old sleeve. “YOU!” A bellowing furious accusation came from the man. His voice… and yet, not his person. He’d never been so angry as this person was. “Imposter! Fucking… thief!” He staggered over, even as Jose tried to spur his bulk into motion. His old sleeve looked awful, so much more worse than he remembered, skin covered in sores from the progression of his sickness, and clearly wearing thin from the exertion of getting up here to him. In his hand, he was clutching a black onyx pole which Jose immediately recognized as a Protectorate Enforcer Stun Stick. It’s tip glowing with the promise of pain and oblivion. Lars shrieked. “Baby help… don’t let him hurt me!” He said, clutching up all the sheets, wriggling away. “Wait… there’s been a mistake!” He pleaded, chest heaving expansively. “You’re fucking right about that,” came the reply, spittle flying. It was the last words he heard before the stick was brought down upon his thigh, too slow and surprised to escape. As electromagnetic discharges zapped through his nervous system, sending him to unconsciousness, all he could hear was Lars’ shriek one last time. * * * He jolted. Eyes blinking, clearing his vision. A deep breath. I’m… I’m not dead? I’m… I’m back? He was lying on a table, lights shining down upon him in an unfamiliar room. Immediately, he looked down, to see what kind of sleeve he was in. Miracle of miracles… it was a body he remembered well. His old sleeve. Wearing nothing but a pair of blue posing trunks. And… looking healthy? He exhaled. Closed his eyes in thanks. Then the events preceding his unconsciousness came rushing back, and his eyes snapped open again in alarm. “Awake again… my little thief…” crooned a voice from the shadow of the corner of room. Stepping into the light, a severe-looking, sharp-suited silver-haired gentleman strode into view. His face was full of such intent malice that Jose instinctively tried to leap up to get away - but found himself frozen, paralysed, like something from a nightmare. Oh… oh no… “Oh yes,” the stranger answered, as if he could hear his thoughts. “You’re in virtual. After I got you out of that sleeve you stole - my sleeve - there was nowhere else to put you. You’re mine now, you bastard.” “N… no, please!” he begged, feeling an unfamiliar sensation creep over his virtual body. Soft prickling. His mind raced thinking about all the horrible torture his captor could wreak upon him. Dismemberment… flaying… bones broken or teeth shattered…. All that pain and it could be repeated over and over again in this virtual reality prison... “I’ve already dealt with the technician responsible for our little switch,” he said, shaking his head. “It was a mistake waiting to happen - just one letter different in our names - but why you thought you’d get away with it I’ll never know. Much less why you fucked my husband, in my bed!” “I just… your sleeve… it was everything-” “Yes. Everything you ever wanted. I know, Jose. We’re very alike, in that.” The prickling increased. All over his body, a warmth, a heat, like something building from within. He thought it should be horrible… but he didn’t want to say, that it was starting to feel pleasant. “So… the mistake has been corrected. They spun me up in their own virtual clinic, you see, thinking I was you. Part of the procedure of storage is a mental health check. Of course, I was furious when I found out I wasn’t in the sleeve I’d pay for. I did all my research on you…” He came close, baring his teeth. “You’re never going to see your mother again, you bastard. I had all the time I needed to think about how to punish you on the way over, and that was before you impregnated Lars!” “Im… impregnated?!” He squirmed in surprise, even as he saw his skin rippling… muscles growing. The real Jose Gonzales smirked. “We had some alterations done. It was all planned out… and you ruined it. So you’re such a pleasure seeker… I could have killed you. Instead I’m going to watch you choke on what you wanted so badly you had to steal it...” Prone on the table, he watched his chest balloon out, swelling into mounds that resembled the sleeve he’d stolen, the rest of the body following suit. And it wasn’t stopping. “Wh… what’s happening?!” “You’re growing. This program was a fantasy of mine… I enjoyed it very much. I have the real thing now, of course. But you… you’re going to be stuck here. I’ve made some alterations…” “No… mmmnnn…” He began to plead… but pleasure was bearing down upon him, clouding his vision. “Oh yes, indeed. All this growth… all this muscle, and you’ll be stuck. Unable to move… unable to cum… always on the edge of it... “ His smile became toothsome. “And then, just when you can’t take any more… when you’ve filled up this room… immobile with mass… you’ll feel what it’s like to explode. Literally. from every inch. Only to be resurrected and feel it happening all over again. Forever… or until I tire of you.” Jose heard the judgement passed down, feeling himself spread out in every inch. His cock had already swung to half-mast, chubbing bigger by the second. He was thrilled and terrified in equal measure. He was going to be tortured with the very thing he loved and wanted the most. It was diabolical. “I’m… s...sorry…” “You aren’t yet. But you will be. Goodbye, Mr. Gonzalez.” His last words, before suddenly vanishing. The program continued to run, and he continued to grow. As he would always. And grow. And grow. END
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    Hi Just an idea i have been mulling over. Not done much writing before so comments and suggestions welcomed. MUSCLEMAN and the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE Lifting bridges was not new for Muscleman. As he looked out over the huge expectant crowd he flexed his muscles under his uniform. Once again the engineers had built a framework of metal and all he had to do was deadlift the bar then curl the entire Golden Gate Bridge. As always, Muscleman was supremely confidence had could do it, after all he had recently done the Brooklyn bridge without any issues. The problem is no one told Muscleman the weight difference and Muscleman had failed to ask. Whereas the Brooklyn weighed just under 15,000 tons, the Golden Gate weighed 60 times that, coming in at 887,000 tons Muscleman strutted out onto the specially built stage. Cameras focussed on him as he turned and smiled and flexed. Although clad in his unmistakable uniform of just gold posers, there was no doubt that the 6'3 320lb was all muscle – pumped, ripped, tanned and shredded. The ultimate definition of muscle perfection. Muscleman never missed the opportunity to be a showman. When he defeated Thor in the world famous epic armwreslte contest he toured the world for a week doing mock armwresle contests with anybody who wanted a photo opportunity. When he defeated hulk in the superhero powerlifting competition he had a full article written in Powerlifting weekly. The Hulk power lifting contest had been a calculated risk for Muscleman. Whilst the man of steel was confident the could win the bench press, he knew had little chance of defeating the Hulk in the squat (have you seen the size of those quads Muscleman kept on saying to himself) so it would all come down to the deadlift. And that is exactly how it turned out. Muscleman won 2 out of the 3 events, those quads of Hulk are simply insanely huge and powerful, and could squat a weight too great even for Muscleman to match; but the man of muscle had won the overall event and that was all that matters. when he defeated Hercules in the full Nelson challenge he went on tour with the WWE for a week to wrestle. No - Muscleman never missed a photo op. And today he was going to save the iconic Golden Gate Bridge by curling it up so engineers could insert new supports to stabilize it after the recent earthquake. Once again, the entire world would see Muscleman as the ultimate superhero; the ultimate saviour. Muscleman looked out at the huge crowd. NBC were sponsoring the event and they had their news anchor as live compare. Muscleman could hear the words in the background but wasn't really listening. He heard the words he was waiting for "ladies and gentlemen I give you MUSCLEMAN, THE STRONGEST BEING EVER TO HAVE WALKED THE PLANET". He walked to the bar, which looked like a simply oversized standard barbell, but this was connected to the entire Golden Gate Bridge. He took several deep breaths, bent down grabbed the bar and started to lift. That is when he realized he was in trouble. He expected it to be heavy but not this heavy. He always knew that his arrogance would one day be his downfall, but he never expected it today. He slowly lifted the Bridge a few inches off the ground, getting the bar to his knees but his entire body was shaking and straining like never before. Muscleman, for the first time ever was grunting and straining and roaring with the effort. Muscleman was sweating. The more he struggled the more he roared and sweated. He couldn't understand what was wrong until-from the back of his mind he replayed the half listened to words from the NBC host. The Brooklyn bridge had weighed just short of 17 000 tons and the Golden Gate just shy of 887,000 tons. If only he had done some research Muscleman lamented, then the world would not be witnessing the failure of Muscleman. He gave one final almighty roar and managed to complete the deadlift phase, but even he accepted that curling the weight was a total impossibility for anyone, Muscleman included. He dropped the bar and the entire ground shook as the weight of the bridge went down, Muscleman stood humbled and humiliated. The only solace Muscleman felt was that new knew for certain that no other superhero could have done better. This was far heavier than the powerlifting competition he had recently won, and his nearest challenger, the Hulk had lost that event. Although Muscleman may have felt humiliated, the huge crowd cheered like never before. Although he was always the favourite of all the superheroes, the fact that he attempted something in public which he failed at gave him a human aspect which many thought he was missing. The fact he gave the lift everything he had plus more improved his standing. The challenge provided two things for Muscleman. Firstly the feeing of being humbled by what others saw in him and the second was a driven desire to do better. It was then that Muscleman saw Kyle in the audience. Kyle wasn't supposed to be out of the compound let alone walking the streets of America without supervision. What most people don't realize is that the United Nations, along with a select number of major governments, scientific companies engineering conglomerates sponsors the Center for Human Enhanced Super Strength (CHESS).
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    Never a bad time for a quick bicep check
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    The Internet Stalker pt 2 So here I am on the shoulders of the biggest man I have ever met. Holding a full sized man bigger than most other men in most circumstances. I know that I mentioned earlier that I did not want to feel like a child, but with Daniel, that is exactly how I felt. I felt safe around him. I can’t imagine being away from him from this point forward. Other than him stalking me online, there is nothing that is proves to me that I cannot trust him. He has been nothing but kind to me. “Alright Blake, I think it is time for you and me to have a little talk.” He reaches up and grabs me under the arms and lifts me off of his shoulders and brings me into a cradle carry. He walks us over to a bench and sits down. He places me on his lap and looks at me in the eyes. “I am sure you have a lot of questions don’t you?” “To say the least!” “first of all, you really have a fetish for being lifted and carried don’t you?” He chuckles so hard that it vibrates throughout my body. “Don’t respond because again, I already know the answer. I felt it on my shoulders.” I was shaking at this point. He could sense my fear and he wrapped his arms around me and drew me closer to him, laying my head against his chest. “Blake, there is nothing to fear with me, but you have to trust me on this. There is a reason I was watching over you on the internet. There are a lot of dangerous people out there that do want to bring you harm. They want to take advantage of your vulnerability. It only takes one time for you to hook up with a man of your fantasy that can be out to harm you. That the guy at the bar for example. He is nothing that he said he was.” “Are you telling me you know about someone that wants to harm me in some way?” “What I am saying is that you cannot trust every person you meet on the internet. People can be who they want to be to seduce others to get what they want. I have read your posts and it is nothing like others that I have read before. I can see that with every post you write, it is about wanting to be protected, to feel safe. The places that you have been searching for that protection is far from that. I have seen it over and over again.” Daniel sounded genuine in his concern for me. I did feel protected by him. I wanted to be in his embrace. I loved laying my head on his chest and feeling his heart beat. To feel that chiseled chest. I put my hand on his bicep and it was like granite. If anyone was out to hurt me, I knew that I was safe with him. Nobody would get past him to me. “As I said before, let me be your protection. I will never let anyone hurt you again whether it be emotionally or physically. I have never felt this strongly about anything or anyone in my entire life.” I lifted my head from his chest and looked into his eyes. He showed nothing but compassion in his eyes. In fact, there were tears that were forming. How could a huge man like Daniel have such a tenderness about him? “Why me? Why did you choose me out of all of the other men that are searching for the same thing that I am? I know I am not alone out there. So what makes me so different than any other man that you have gone out of your way to protect me?” Blake, I have read posts from other men that are into the whole lift & carry scene, but you are different. It was not just about the sex for you. Yes, the sex is part of it, but you want so much more than that. You want a connection that will be hard to find on these sites. Yes, you can fantasize about it, live in your dream world, but I know that sex is not your main focus, but that does not mean that the other man is on the same page. They are out for the sex, and they will do whatever it takes to get that. Even if it becomes violent to get it. I have seen it before. I have been that man before, but I have changed, and I want to protect you from men like the former me.” I was afraid for the first time since our encounter at the bar. Was he trying to seduce me into going home with him so he could take advantage of me? How could I trust him now? He said he was just like the men he was describing. What brought the change? Why was he acting so different now? Even as I was afraid, I still felt like I could trust what he was saying was the truth. “So what happened that made you change?” “Well, I had an encounter with a man your size, where he was searching for the same security you are searching for now, but instead of protecting him, I took advantage of him to meet my own needs. I wanted to feel superior to him, and I was in a way, but when I actually looked into his eyes, truly looked into his eyes, I saw his fear that I was causing him. Something snapped in me and I let him go. I told him I was sorry, but the damage was done. He ran out of my place crying. I will never forget the look in his eyes. I made a vow to never allow another man fear me like he did. Instead, I wanted to protect him or whoever I came into contact with in the future. Daniel was full of tears now, and I could see the sign of regret he felt in his heart for what he had done. “Blake, it is one thing to protect a little guy because they cannot always defend themselves, but guys your size are often neglected from the same safety and protection. I want to be that for you. I want to meet your every fantasy. I want to be the man that you have always dreamed of. Believe me, I have learned that this new me is more turned on as a protected than I ever felt as a predator. Blake, will you trust me?” Still looking into his eyes, I said “I don’t know why I feel safe with you, but I know that I can trust you. I have never felt more cared for or protected. You are right, part of my fetish is to be in the arms of a man that I can feel protected by, but with my size, I have found that most guys want me to protect them, not the other way around. And the guys that are bigger than me, are not into the bigger guys, but the smaller ones so they can feel more superior in some way. I never though in my wildest dreams that I would meet a man like you!” With a smile in his eyes, he stood up with me still in his arms, he starts to walk again. “Good, now let me help your fantasies come true. Let me take you to my place so we can continue to get to know each other. I am even stronger than I look right now. I can lift you in any way you want. Let’s start now, how would you like for me to carry you home? Over my shoulder, back on my shoulders, let me curl you all the way home! You just tell me what you want and I will do it. Just to prove to you, let me try something to give you a glimps of what I can do.” With that, he grabs me and flips me upside down, holding my by my ankles, he lifts me up so his mouth is level with my cock. “holding you by your ankles is the hardest lift for most guys to do, but not for me. This is actually pretty easy for me.” Then he literally swung me so that I did a flip and he caught me right side up under my arms. He was holding me at arms length now. “I can’t wait to show you more Blake, but remember, I will never hurt you…” I was ready for the best night of my life…
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    That feeling when you gain 4lbs but also drop .5% of body fat! On that gain train!
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    Todd got out of bed, clad in just his briefs. He felt more energetic and stronger than he had in years. He pulled on a pair of running shorts, and they felt much tighter over his legs than he remembered. He couldn’t even get his shoulders into his favorite t-shirt, so he just tossed it aside and pulled on some running shoes. He was only vaguely aware of the new power and size of his body. The previous few days were both fuzzy and crystal clear at the same time. He clearly remembered his encounter with Evan, but all previous memories of his life seemed to have faded. He started to methodically lumber about his room, packing up some items. Books he was intending to read, an old guitar he used to play, the suits he used to wear for work, even his family photos and a box of mementos from college. These talismans from his past now made no sense to Todd, not since his hypnotic conversation with Evan. He gathered them all in a box and carried them out to the street. Except for thoughts of Evan, and a hunger for his cum, Todd’s mind was a total blank. He dumped his possessions on the curb, and looked down the street. Loitering on the corner was Miguel, a local thug who had mugged Todd a few months earlier. Miguel stood 6’2” and about 240lbs of solid muscle. He was wearing a thin tank top that not only showed off his intimidating muscle, but also the tattoos he received in prison. He was clearly trying to send a message: This is my turf. Remembering how roughed up he was after the mugging, Todd felt a rage rising inside himself. He inhaled, steeled his core and started to run down the street. He moved remarkably fast, but by the time he got to Miguel, his rage was erupting. He ran up behind the thug, and without even calling out his name, punched him hard in the back of his skull. The impact was so hard, the thug was knocked about eight feet in the air before landing face down on the pavement. After catching his breath, he rolled over and looked up Todd. “Get up, bitch.” Todd said in a low but terrifying tone. Miguel could see he was seething with rage, so he stood up quickly. “What the fuck was that for?” he asked, not recognizing the man he mugged a few months ago. But Todd was beyond conversation. He backhanded the thug hard, then spun around and caught him before he fell again. Todd now had him from behind in a headlock. He wrapped his immense bicep around the thug’s neck and slowly started to tighten his grip. “Don’t you remember me, bitch?” Todd said derisively. “I’m the faggot you roughed up a few months ago.” Miguel was gasping for air as he pulled on Todd’s forearm trying to loosen his grip, but Todd just kept tightening it like a cobra. Todd inhaled deep, and then pushed out his chest, lifting the thug off the ground, and even more power. Miguel was close to passing out, but Todd didn’t relent. Miguel was starting to black out. Todd’s bicep was cutting off all his oxygen, and the blood was rushing away from his head. To his dick. Todd looked down and saw the thug’s dick stiffening up. He laughed hard and said, “So I guess you enjoy a bit of rough play, huh faggot?” At that moment, Evan pulled up in the SUV. He calmly got out of the truck and surveyed the situation. He looked deep into Todd’s eyes and could see the rage in him. “Enjoying that new power, Todd?” asked Evan, oblivious to the gasping thug. “Let me end this, Evan,” said Todd, nodding to Miguel. Evan didn’t have to say a word, he looked at Todd. And just like that, Todd dropped the thug on the ground, then squatted down next to him, and whispered into his hear. “You see that guy?” he said, pointing to Evan. “I’m his bitch. And now, you’re mine. And this is my neighborhood. Don’t make me angry ever again bitch, because you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” Todd stood up and caught his reflection in the SUV. At that moment, he finally became fully self-aware: thanks to Evan’s cum, Todd now stood 6’6” tall. He lingered on his image as he heard Evan say: “315lbs of pure muscle Todd.” Evan walked towards Todd, and placed his hand on Todd’s shoulder. Todd’s massive chest was slowly rising, and Evan knew that he had only temporarily tamped down his rage. Practically frothing at the mouth, and his massive new body covered in a sheen of sweat, Todd looked up at Evan. “That’s a lot of power my cum just pumped into your muscle fiber, Todd. I didn’t want to trigger the transformation until I knew you could handle it.” “Yes Evan, I can.” “You’re my savage beast now Todd, I hope you realize what that means.” “Anything for you Evan,” he said breathlessly. He nodded at Miguel, who was still on the ground. “Let me show you. I’ll end him.” “No, Evan, but now I know your devotion to me is unquestioned.” He poked a finger into Todd’s thick chest. “You are my creation, and my savage beast, understood?” “Yes, Evan,” said Todd. Then looking down at Miguel, he growled, “You’re mine now.” And Miguel immediately blew a massive load of cum in his sweat pants. He watched in awe as a shirtless Todd got into the driver’s seat of the SUV. “Now let’s get back to the shop, we have a lot of work to do,” said Evan.
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    First Chapter: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/1131-transformation-part-i-mutation-chapter-one/ Previous Chapter: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12351-transformation-part-i-mutation-chapter-fourteen/ Author’s note: This is the final chapter of Part 1. Waaayyyyy late. As a reminder, the story takes place in 2011 with flashbacks to 2001. CHAPTER FIFTEEN The air was thick with nervous anticipation as the rumble of the low-flying passenger jet faded. I wondered if Manhattan had ever been so quiet. If it was maintaining the same direction we had observed, it flew south along Fifth Avenue. I wondered how long it would take it to reach 34th Street and then how long the sound of the feared impact would take to return to Sheep Meadow. I felt Matt looking at me and turned to face him. His face was completely white. “Now,” he said without emotion … and right on cue, echoing up the canyons of Fifth and Sixth Avenues, rolled the distorted, metallic and seemingly inevitable … BOOM. Cries. Shrieks. Disbelief. Confusion. Already I have failed to protect them. I watched as the vast and closely packed mass of people grew restless. Some turned to me, I assumed for direction or to see how I would respond. Others were pushing toward the east, presumably to look southward on Fifth for visual confirmation of what we all feared. Matt was furiously poking at his iPhone. I still had no idea what to do and looked at Hank. “If they start to panic, you gotta shut ‘em down,” he said as if sensing my need for direction. “People will get trampled,” I said. He nodded slowly. “You worried ‘bout that?” His question almost hurt. “Of course I am,” I said defensively. “I’m probably the most compassionate person you know.” “Not when that switch flips in your head.” He was right but I had no answer for him. I ignored his observation and had decided to make my way over to Fifth Avenue when Matt announced what everyone had most feared. His face twisted with desperation, he held up his iPhone so that I could see the screen and looked at me. “It hit the Empire State Building.” Thousands of voices filled the air as people began shoving in all directions. …the air filled with screams and shrieks. A woman very near me was yelling “Oh my god! Oh my god!” repeatedly. I felt the ground vibrate and turned my head to the left in time to see the South Tower collapsing in on itself with a thunderous roar. I stared at it, eyes wide, refusing to believe what I was seeing. As it fell it transformed into an immense cloud of billowing dust and debris that expanded rapidly in our direction. I could see the leading edge of a roiling tsunami of debris rushing toward me yet I remained locked in place, frozen like a deer caught in headlights. Two people fleeing the angry cloud bumped into me before Hank seized my hand… Although I wasn’t moving, I realized that I was panicking as well. “Jamal,” Hank prodded. “NOW.” I took a deep breath as I raised my tremendous arms toward the sky. “YOU WILL STOP AND REMAIN CALM!” I bellowed as loudly as I thought those near me could bear. Then as quickly as the cacophony of voices began, it faded. The crowd was still. And the rumble of an approaching jet drifted down from the north. Not fucking again. “YOU WILL CALMLY RETURN TO YOUR HOMES,” I ordered before turning back to Hank and Matt. “Except you two.” Once again, everyone seemed to obey me, although mindfully rather than as the zombies they had appeared to be earlier. People were again moving in all directions, but now in an orderly and deliberate manner. Despite their obedience, I was extremely frustrated. “All this power and I can’t do shit to stop an airplane,” I complained. “Have you tried flying?” Hank asked. I scowled. “Do I look like Superman?” “You look like you could totally kick his ass.” “I can’t fly, Hank.” I looked at Matt, whose expression became thoughtful. “Have you tried?” he asked. As ridiculous as it sounded, I had to admit that I hadn’t tried, so I squatted down on the turf and extending my legs with all my might, thrust upward with the hope of launching myself into the air. Instead, my feet plowed down into the earth with such force that a huge cloud of dirt and grass erupted skyward and outward. I rose maybe fifty feet into the air and then slammed into the ground again as the cloud of dirt rained down around me. I found myself face down in a crater of my own making. “I guess that settles that,” I said. I pushed myself up and looked around. Both Hank and Matt were covered with dirt. The roar of the jet grew closer. “What kind of god are you, anyway?” Hank asked impatiently as he brushed himself off with his uninjured hand. “A god that can’t fly,” I said as I climbed to my feet. The approaching jet grew louder. I looked at my loyal companions. Suddenly, I knew what to do. “Stay here, I’ll be right back,” I told them. “Hank needs medical attention,” Matt said. “We’ll catch up with you later.” I briefly froze, ashamed and angry with myself for forgetting about Hank’s right hand. They were already turning away from me. “Wait!” I said. They turned back to face me. “If Terry is right, my cum should heal your hand.” “There’s no time!” Matt called out. “Deal with that plane and we’ll meet you at home!” “Let’s find Terry,” Hank suggested as they disappeared into the crowd. I sprang into action. Thrusting a bit more carefully with only my left leg, I leapt toward Central Park West. If I couldn’t fly, I could at least cover the few hundred yards to the avenue very rapidly. Right, left, right, left. In a matter of seconds, I reached the street, which was backed up southbound as far as I could see, and found a vehicle that would do. A heavy tow truck sat trapped in traffic in the left-hand lane. I bolted for the cab, pulled the door off and dropped it. “Sorry, I need to borrow your truck,” I said to the slack-jawed driver as I reached in and pulled him from his seat. The jet roared overhead at perhaps a thousand feet as I set him down. There was no doubt. It was heading directly toward the World Trade Center. “Please stand back,” I warned as I tilted the vehicle onto its right wheels just enough to reach the undercarriage. Seizing the frame, I lifted the truck overhead and tilted it back until I could see the jet. Carefully, for I didn’t want to apply so much force to the frame that the truck would tear itself apart, I placed one foot well ahead of the other, stretched my arms back as far as I could without falling backward, and hurled it toward the rapidly disappearing jet with all my might. The sound and force of the sonic boom created by the truck’s rapid acceleration took me by surprise and I instinctively winced as windows in all directions shattered. The asphalt beneath me also shattered and deformed as the power of my throw drove my bare feet several inches back and down into the pavement. I looked up and to the south to see the truck quickly overtake the jet. It slammed into the starboard engine, most of which tore free from the wing in an explosion of ignited fuel. A rain of machinery, large and small, fell across what must have been Hell’s Kitchen. What did I just do? What if this was a coincidence? What if its flight path was totally innocent? The new tower isn’t even to full height yet, why would it be a target? I wished Matt were with me. Somehow, he would know. The jet was beginning to veer toward the west when it disappeared behind the buildings to the south. The now familiar feeling of helplessness returned. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea what to do next. I was in no way prepared to lead or protect anyone. Car alarms were going off right and left. The wail of sirens pierced the air. I looked around. I was standing in the middle of the street, buck naked, with my flaccid penis hanging down to my knees. Even with my feet driven six or so inches into the pavement, I was at least seven feet tall and towered over most of the people who had gathered around me. To my relief, they weren’t being submissive. Though certainly in awe of me, they were also shocked and curious. It was the truck driver who spoke first. “Wha … what was that?” He said. “I thought that plane was heading for the World Trade Center,” I explained. “I wanted to take it down.” “You threw that tow truck like it was a baseball, man!” A teenage boy said. “You’re like Superman but super swole!” I stepped out of the hole I had made in the street. Everyone backed away a few steps. A few did fall to their knees. “It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt anyone.” At least not intentionally. “I’m here to….” I hesitated, uncertain of what to say. I’m here to rule the world? I’m here to clean up the mess we’ve made? “I’m here to protect you. Protect the Earth.” “Like Superman!” The teenager said excitedly. I furrowed my brow. “I can’t fly,” I said as if it were a failing. The situation was very surreal. I was having an almost casual conversation with a group of strangers. No one was worshipping, as they had been only moments earlier. Most weren’t bowing down before me in deference as they had been all week. They were simply acting like … people. Although I did enjoy being worshipped, at least at times, I realized that I didn’t expect or need it. I found I liked this dynamic much better. “Who are you?” A male voice asked. Then everyone was speaking, both talking amongst themselves and asking me questions. “What are you?” I heard a different man ask. “You’re the guy everyone has been talking about,” a woman this time. “The muscle guy on YouTube!” “Damn, he’s even bigger now.” “The Empire State Building has been hit by a plane!” I heard a woman scream. “He keeps growing.” “Check out his dick man! Talk about the dick of death!” I looked around me again. So many people were talking and gathering and gawking that I couldn’t make out what they were saying. This wasn’t getting anyone anywhere. I held up my arms. “Everyone!” I said. The crowd fell silent. “I want you all to go home and wait for instructions from the city. There could be more attacks.” And I’m going to do my best to stop them. They may not have been worshipping me, but they were completely obedient. As the crowd dispersed, I considered running down to 34th Street to see if I could help. Then I stopped in the middle of the traffic-snarled street and looked down. My massive chest filled my vision, blocking my view of the rest of me below it. My cock was soft, hanging, nestled in front of my giant quads where I couldn’t see it. I looked back up and blinked. Somehow, for the first time in a week, I felt completely at home in my radically changed body, as if I were just Jamal. “One thing has ended,” I said softly. “And something new begins.” Late afternoon had given way to evening. Hank kept hold of my hand as we continued down West Broadway toward Ground Zero. I didn’t understand why. He had never wanted to hold hands when we were together. Of course, I was holding his hand as well and I didn’t know why I was doing that either. It felt nice. I still loved him. I missed him. It was an odd form of torture. I assumed that he was taking me down town to Church and Barclay, where we had first met, where we saw the south tower fall, where our journey together had begun, in some misguided attempt to observe our anniversary, such as it was. I hadn’t been this close to the World Trade Center site since that day and as we approached, my anxiety grew. It was more than the location of thousands of lost and destroyed lives. It was the scar left by religious fanatics – terrorists. It was a demonstration of the danger of radicalization. It was yet another example of the horrors that we as humans are capable of. We stood at the crosswalk across Chambers and waited for the light to change. I felt as if we had entered some kind of negative energy field of anger and grief, vengeance and hate, and worst of all, failure. My failure. I didn’t want to go closer. My palms grew sweaty. I could feel Hank staring at me. He tapped my forehead gently. “What’s goin’ on in there?” he asked. “What’s wrong?” “This is really hard,” I said. “Being so close. It makes me … I don’t know … I guess I’m scared.” “Scared,” he said doubtfully. “You climb around on I-beams like a monkey all day while hundreds of feet in the air and you’re scared.” I didn’t reply. The light changed. Hank continued holding my hand as we walked the few remaining blocks to our destination. He stopped in front of a parking garage. The parking garage. I was angry and confused. I had almost died here. Karen had died here. “This is it,” he said. My temper flared. “Why are we here?” I said crossly. “Why…” But Hank put his finger over my mouth. “Shhhhhhhhh,” he said gently. “It’s okay. I brought you here to thank you.” I looked inside the brightly lit entrance to where I had carried Karen, where we had been found. “Thank me for what?” “You’re wrong, Jamal. You didn’t fail Karen. You helped her,” his voice broke and his eyes glistened with gathering tears. “You found her injured and scared and brought her here. What was the last thing she said to you?” I remembered it so clearly. I felt her kiss me on the cheek. “Thank you,” she managed to whisper in my ear... “Thank you,” I said, looking down at the sidewalk. “She said, ‘thank you.’” “Yeah. Exactly. You rescued her and made her feel safe. She fell asleep and died feeling safe.” Tears were streaming down his face. I had never seen Hank cry before and I suddenly felt very selfish for blaming myself for so long. He smiled through the tears. “So I wanna thank you too,” he said as he continued looking into my eyes. I was at a loss for a moment but before my throat tightened too much, I managed to croak “you’re welcome.” Then I was on all fours, draining a year’s worth of pain onto the indifferent concrete in the form of heavy tears. * * * A few hours and several drinks later, Hank and I stumbled out of an upscale bar on West Houston Street and into the night. Traffic on the one-way street was light but the sidewalks were alive with a surprising number of pedestrians. We headed back to my flat. He had his huge arm around my shoulders as we walked, oblivious to the wake we created as people were forced around us. “Thanks for doing this today,” I said. “I feel a lot better.” Hank smiled and looked at me. “One thing’s ended,” he slurred. “An’ somethin’ new begins.” I didn’t know what the future held for us, but I was confident that we could at least be friends. Most importantly, I felt optimistic for the first time in a year. I ran south on 10th Avenue as fast as I could without destroying everything in my path. Propelling myself down the middle of the street at highway speeds without colliding with oncoming cars or pedestrians in crosswalks was challenging, but so far, I’d managed to run several blocks without causing any serious damage. I quickly learned just how much force to apply with my legs to leap over a car versus a truck or bus. Someone with a radio had reported that a plane had crash-landed near the Pier 51 playground and fallen into the river. I knew exactly where the playground was. It was only blocks from my apartment. As I raced down the avenue through Hell’s Kitchen, I again second-guessed my actions. The new tower was designed and built to survive the impact of a jumbo jet. Any damage caused by ramming an airliner into the building would be limited. I knew guys who were working on it. I had worked with many of them before. Some were second or third generation ironworkers whose fathers had built the Twin Towers or even whose grandfathers had built the Empire State Building. In fact, I didn’t apply to work on the project because I didn’t want to displace a man who had earned the right to place and connect those I-beams. It was sacred. And though I didn’t participate, I was familiar with its design and it would take much more than an aircraft impact to bring that building down. Of course, 1WTC wasn’t the only possible target. It was certainly the most symbolic, but perhaps the terrorists had set their sights on another building. Or perhaps it was something else that I hadn’t considered. Or perhaps there wasn’t another target at all. Had I saved a skyscraper from destruction at the hands of terrorists or knocked an aircraft with hundreds of innocent passengers out of the sky for no reason? I raced by the location of the Hudson train yard and by the time I had left it far behind, I became convinced that I had overreacted. But then I was there. The Meatpacking District. Gansevoort Street. An American Airlines 777 that was halfway into the river nose first. The pilot had tried to land on the highway, but in the process took out a few cars, traffic lights, trees, and streetlights as it slid partially into the river. Traffic was backed up in all directions and a growing crowd of people was gathering in a semi-circle starting around 100 feet away from the aircraft’s tail. No emergency vehicles had arrived yet. There probably weren’t any available. I leapt over the crowd so that I was between them and the jet and turned to face the now even-more-shocked faces. “I NEED EVERYONE TO BACK AWAY,” I announced in what Matt had called my “god voice” before turning to face the jet and evaluate the situation. Most of the starboard engine was missing of course, but surprisingly, at least to me, there was no fuel leaking from the wing nor was there any sign of fire. Equally strange was that all of the exit doors remained closed. The passengers weren’t being evacuated. But answers to those mysteries would have to wait until I got it out of the water. The nose of the aircraft was mostly submerged, the tail far overhead and out of my reach. I needed to pull it out by the rear landing gear, preferably both sets at the same time. If only I had an extra heavy chain… And there it was – to my right, along the edge of the sanitation department’s pier, was a chain of massive iron links. It was perhaps 50 yards long and threaded through a long line of steel posts. In no time I had pulled it free of the posts and snapped it in half. Wrapping one end of each segment around the two landing gear struts, I twisted the foot-long links together with my hands, essentially welding the loops closed. Only a few minutes after my arrival, I had the free ends of the two chains in my hands and was pulling them taut. The aircraft groaned. The pressure of my feet against the concrete pavement caused it to fracture. I slowly pulled it backward and as the aircraft began to move, I wondered how much weight I was dealing with. Each of the two chains must have been several tons, and the aircraft itself? Hundreds of tons? But its weight wasn’t important, for even as the fuselage of the jet dragged against the concrete and the nose lifted out of the water, even as the front landing strut snapped off as it encountered the edge of the embankment, I barely noticed any resistance at all. It was like pulling my little red wagon as a child when it was empty – effortless. I had just sprinted a few miles in minutes. I was filled with anxiety and guilt. I should have been awash in sweat and adrenaline but was not. My heart, or whatever was pulsing in my chest, did so calmly and slowly. My body had transformed into something seemingly indestructible, but my mind was as human as ever. The jet was completely out of the water. Stripped of its front landing gear, the nose of the aircraft rested on the embankment. I leapt up onto the starboard wing and sinking my fingers into the aluminum skin of the cabin, pulled one of the doors free and tossed it aside. My eyes adjusted instantly as I peered inside. The aircraft was empty. There were no passengers. There were not even any seats. Instead, two rows of large unmarked boxes, each a cube perhaps 6 feet in all three dimensions, stretched down the center from front to back for roughly half the length of the fuselage. I stepped all the way in and turned to the right with the intention of checking the cockpit. What looked like four parachute packs hung in the cabin a short distance away. “Freeze!” A male voice barked from behind. “Do not move!” I turned around. “I said DO NOT MOVE!” There were two men in dark blue military uniforms that I didn’t recognize, each with what appeared to be an automatic weapon trained on me. They were perhaps 50 feet away and wore masks of some kind. I couldn’t see their faces, but their skin was white. I briefly wondered if their weapons could harm me but it seemed unlikely. “Are you the pilots?” I said. “What’s in these…” “SHUT UP!” The man on the right, presumably the one in charge, yelled. “Do not move!” he repeated. I found myself wishing I knew how to control my ability to force submission but I could no more consciously turn it on as I could turn it off. I began walking toward them. “FREEZE!” The lead barked again. “One more step and I’ll fire!” “No!” his companion whispered in earnest. “You’ll kill us both.” Both men sounded as American as I or Hank or Matt. I paused for a moment. Something was very wrong. The aircraft was painted in the livery of American Airlines, yet the interior was completely generic. No logos, no flags, no markings of any kind. The men’s uniforms were equally generic and devoid of insignia. I listened as they continued to talk in what they believed to be tones I could not hear. If anyone else were standing at this distance they would have been correct, but I could understand them perfectly. Though impatient, I remained still as ordered. “Whoever this freak is just pulled this aircraft out of the river single-handedly,” the lead said. “We have to neutralize him or get him off this jet.” “What if the bullets bounce off of him and detonate the cargo?” The other man asked. Detonate the cargo? The lead scoffed. “Are you an idiot?” He looked at me. “Step out onto the wing,” he ordered, but I had run out of patience. “How about you put your toys down,” I said as I resumed walking toward them. The lead man immediately fired dozens of rounds from his weapon, which hit my chest and except for a few that somehow lodged in my chest hair, indeed did bounce off in various directions. As I drew nearer though, his hands began shaking and he dropped to his knees without a word. “That’s better,” I said calmly as I continued to approach. “Now tell me about your mission.” Then, in a moment of unexpected self-control, he turned his gun toward one of the cargo containers to my right and fired into it. At the same time, his subordinate, who had fallen next to him, cried “NO!” as he tried to reach for the weapon. But it was too late. The echo of his plea had not even diminished when the container exploded. The last thing I saw as the force of the blast propelled me toward the vaporizing fuselage and into the early afternoon sun was the detonation of the surrounding containers. * * * The sound and sensation of water flowing around me nudged me to consciousness and I opened my eyes. I was on my back in the fountain in Austin J. Tobin Plaza, gazing up at the vertically striped white towers of the World Trade Center, which soared forever upward into a deep blue sky – the South Tower to my left, the North Tower to my right. The cool water from the fountain ran gently around my shoulders and arms. I remained there for some time, staring into the cloudless sky. I could hear only the wind and water, feel only the sun, breeze, and gentle current. I couldn’t remember feeling so relaxed. There were no voices, no sounds of traffic, no airplanes… “Jamal!” Hank’s voice called. No airplanes. I bolted upright, my heart pounding against my ribcage. “Jamal!” Hank called again. “You hafta stop the plane!” I leapt to my feet and quickly surveyed the plaza. It was completely empty. No one was in sight. “Hank?” I called out. I felt a tap on my right shoulder and spun around to face the fountain. Hank was standing directly in front of me, looking exactly as he had when we met. The wind was at my back and blew around me, lifting his long, copper hair as if he were facing into a fan. I looked up into his eyes, which were unusually large and smoky again. “Where did you come from?” I asked, completely confused. He was his 2001 self, as was I. Hank didn’t speak but instead pointed toward the sky. I looked up, following his gesture just as a white aircraft passed above the Twin Towers and exploded, generating a blinding flash of heat and light. “There’s one more jet,” Hank said, as a rapidly expanding fireball enveloped the towers and raced toward us. “You have to stop it or everyone will die.” “What?” I asked, even more confused. “Flex, Jamal,” he said. “Flex everything! NOW!” * * * Several, perhaps dozens of tons of whatever material had been in the cargo containers, were exploding and in that instant, I realized that my sense of time had changed. Everything appeared to move in slow motion. As I drifted up and away from the rapidly evaporating jet, I could somehow see each container erupt and disintegrate, the individual blasts expand outward at enormous yet easily traceable speeds, even as I was enveloped in a maelstrom of flame and intersecting shockwaves. I was perhaps 100 yards away from where I had been standing on the plane. The fireball was probably 300 yards in diameter. Flex, Hank had said. So, I did. I flexed my arms and my traps and my pecs, my lats and my abs and my glutes, my quads and my hamstrings and my calves. I flexed everything, squeezing as hard as I could, for I knew why I was doing it. The only way to stop the explosion was to absorb it. * * * I felt a torrent of water gushing against my back and opened my eyes. I was on my back, looking at a partly-cloudy afternoon sky. Immediately to my right, a damaged fire hydrant lay on its side. I had landed on it and taken it out. There’s one more jet. Everyone will die, Hank said. I sprang to my feet and briefly surveyed my surroundings. I was again taller, which meant I was again bigger and stronger, but despite the resulting twitch of my cock I pushed that from my mind. I had something larger than my growing cock to deal with. I was near Gansevoort and Tenth Avenue. Across the street toward the river, nothing remained of the aircraft. The facades of the buildings facing the Hudson were scorched, but apart from that the damage seemed limited to shattered windows. People were likely killed or injured in the blast before I was able to absorb it, but I couldn’t help them. I had to figure out how to stop another aircraft without killing more people. Somehow, I needed to reach it. I could run to the West 30th Street heliport and hope that a helicopter and pilot were available, but that didn’t seem workable. At best, the jet pilot would only avoid the helicopter. If I can throw a tow truck a few thousand feet I can certainly jump high enough to reach a low-flying aircraft. That was the answer. I just needed a solid enough surface to leap from in a central location. Rat Rock. I had to return to Central Park. This time, I ran up Eighth Avenue, soaring between the US Post Office and Penn Station. What did Hank mean, everyone will die? Everyone on the aircraft? Everyone in the target building? Everyone in lower Manhattan? I felt ineffectual, lost. I had become so accustomed to having Hank and Matt around, so dependent on their insight and advice, that I felt incomplete without them. I tried not to imagine the scene at the Empire State Building. For now, I pushed my friends from my mind. It might be difficult for me to find them, but I knew how to make it easy for them to find me. At roughly one block per stride, it took only a few minutes for me to cover the distance to Columbus Circle. The streets of Manhattan, at least south of the park, seemed to be gridlocked. A logjam of buses, cars, and trucks surrounded the monument to Christopher Columbus, filling the roundabout. I leapt to avoid them… …and landed atop Rat Rock, a roughly circular outcropping of schist 50 or 60 feet in diameter and twice my height, shattering a thin layer of the gray stone around my feet. No one seemed to be around, and I began to scan the sky, relaxing my eyes so that I could see through the trees and surrounding buildings. The X-ray-like, false color view of the universe returned, revealing a storm of color and patterns that I had no idea how to interpret. I spent a few minutes changing the focus of my eyes, wondering if I could consciously determine which wavelengths I could detect, to see if I could filter out what I didn’t need at the moment. A few objects moved in slow, steady arcs around me. Satellites, I assumed. Most everything else seemed to be stationary until an object approaching from the west caught my attention. Something that was glowing with a harsh blue-white light like the reactors at the Indian Point power plant. Was this the plane that Hank had warned me of or a missile with a nuclear warhead? I couldn’t determine its speed or distance or angle of approach, but it seemed at least a few minutes away. I continued to focus on the approaching object. I tried to zoom in, Steve Austin-like, without luck. I tried examining the radiation source at varying frequencies mostly because it gave me something to do. Then something slammed into my back and exploded. The force of the impact and explosion thrust me forward into a group of trees and I landed on the ground face down. As I climbed to my feet again, a projectile from the opposite direction hit my chest and exploded. And another. And another. “GOD DAMMIT THIS ISN’T A GOOD TIME!” I roared. The grove of trees was in flames as I stood and began searching the sky again, trying to get my bearings. There were now multiple objects moving in the afternoon sky. Several small aircraft circled my location. I could see through the trees and flames and smoke that they were unmanned drones, which might have been helpful except that they were a bit late and targeting the wrong thing. I counted four, a few hundred feet overhead. Then I found the blue-white light of the radiation source. It was close enough for me to see that it was clearly a jet aircraft. I remained at the center of the fire, tracking my target as it approached. It seemed the drones couldn’t get a fix on me while I was engulfed in flames. I would wait as long as I could before I jumped back onto Rat Rock and launched myself at the air. Or would the presence of the drones cause the jet to change course? I hopped back onto the rock outcropping and snapped off a small boulder. The drones immediately changed their courses as I broke the boulder into smaller chunks and began hurling them at the unmanned aircraft. Four direct hits sent them falling to the ground. I felt oddly pleased with myself. At least there was no doubt about my aim. I could now clearly see and hear the approaching jet. It was higher than the others, maybe at 2000 feet, and though it had begun banking to the right, would still pass close enough that I was certain I could reach it. Nearby, the trees continued to burn. I wondered if I could blow them out and began to inhale. For around 30 seconds, I drew air into my lungs. When I felt like I had enough, I turned toward the trees and blew as hard as I could, as if they were candles on a birthday cake. Naturally, I flew backward off the rock and landed in the sand of the Hecksher Playground. I sighed and again climbed to my feet, but at least the fire was out. You’re clumsy, but not completely useless after all, I thought to myself. Nearly an hour must have passed since the Empire State Building had been hit, but other than the drone swarm, which was clearly targeting me, there had been no response from the military. What the hell is going on? Where are our fighter jets? Then I heard the sound of dozens of boots approaching from multiple directions. In seconds I was surrounded by what seemed to be military troops of some kind at a distance of perhaps 50 feet. They had already taken aim. “Jamal Al-Bakri,” an authoritative male voice called out. “You will surrender and come with us. Cooperate or we will fire.” “What?” I said, incredulous. “We don’t have time for this. There’s a third jet…” I looked into the early afternoon sun and pointed. “RIGHT THERE! I believe this one is carrying a nuclear weapon. Now stand aside so I can stop it.” I hopped back onto Rat Rack and was squatting down when I heard the man call “fire!” and I was showered with bullets. I rolled my eyes and stood. “YOU WILL CEASE FIRING.” I commanded. But incredibly, nothing changed. Scores of bullets bounced off of me but also continued to collect in the hair covering my immense pectorals. Some lodged in my beard. I pulled at one and noticed that it had actually wrapped itself around a single thick black hair. I pulled it off, popped it into my mouth, and swallowed. The hair remained attached to my skin. I hopped down and began to walk forward. Occasionally a few of the bullets would strike my penis. They felt good. They feel good, I could do this all day. My cock began to grow and harden. The magnificent beast was awake. I brought my hands up, my epic, bulging forearms, biceps, and pecs competing for space, and began to crush the thickening layer of ammunition against the impossibly massive, striated muscle of my chest, melting and spreading it across the expanse of my pecs, feeling how much broader and thicker they had become, then down my deeply separated eight-pack to my cock, which was now fully erect. It pounded, throbbing visibly as I covered it with molten steel and lead, squeezing it as hard as I could, the pleasure becoming so intense that for a moment I forgot where I was but not what – a being so powerful and masculine and glorious that all would beg to worship me. As my tremendous cock throbbed madly, thrusting nearly a yard before me, my loins burning for release, I brought my arms up, arms which could surely rend the planet in two, and flexed. I closed my eyes and reveled in the immeasurable power of my body, turning my face up to the sky, lost in bliss as my indestructible form was caressed by thousands of rounds of ammunition, which suddenly ceased. The echoes of dozens of automatic weapons faded, revealing only the whine of two jet engines. I opened my eyes to see every soldier silently weeping while either kneeling or bent forward, faces to the ground. Better. I looked up. The jet was about as close as it was going to get. It was also unmarked, at least as far as I could tell. Unlike the others, both of which were painted in the livery of American Airlines, this was simply a plain white twin engine passenger jet. I jumped back onto Rat Rock and quickly wiped most of the metal from my torso and cock. As I squatted down, I wondered how much force my enormous legs could generate. When I threw the wrecker, I simple hurled it as hard as I could. But I didn’t want to fly through the plane. I needed to reach it and stop. Grab hold and tear my way in perhaps. It was moving further away. I launched myself into the air. As I soared toward it, I did feel as if I were flying. The sensation of air rushing by at a few hundred miles per hour – against my skin, around my still-erect cock – was exhilarating. But I was a projectile, subject to the friction of air and the gravity of the Earth, unable to alter course. Still, I was rapidly approaching the aircraft and as I passed through the plume of smoke from the remains of the Empire State Building, I realized I had to somehow grasp the port wing as I passed it at roughly 50 mph. Time seemed to slow. I became aware of two things. One, I was going to miss by a few yards. I was going slightly too fast. Two, I could somehow see the turbulence of the air as the jet cut through it. I could also see the aircraft’s interior to some extent. The harsh blue-white glow of the uranium was near the center of aircraft, its radiation detectable through the casing. The jet was configured to carry cargo. Most of the interior was empty, while the cockpit appeared standard – at least to my layman’s eye – two seats, some equipment, and a door. But, it was empty. No one was flying the plane. I was closing in from below and of course from behind. I held out my arms to reduce my speed, alternately bringing them in and out a bit to fine tune my approach. The port engine was immediately to my right as I passed it – I could have reached out and touched it – but I waited until I could grab the wing’s leading edge. Although I could see the air being drawn into the engine, it was too late – I wasn’t able to adjust my speed to avoid being sucked in without missing the jet entirely. My legs were pulled into the engine fans, which shattered before the bulk of my upper legs and cock forced the engine shaft to stop spinning entirely. Jet fuel accumulated for a second or two – I recognized the smell – before exploding and then burning out. I climbed out of the damaged engine pod and clawed my way along the wing, digging my fingers into the aluminum to keep from being blown off. On reaching the fuselage, I simply tore my way into the cabin, which was dimly lit. The warhead was a cone well over a yard long, which was strapped vertically to a truss that ran from the floor of the cabin to the top. A cable ran from the cone up the truss to a box about a foot on each side with a keypad and a few controls. A digital LED displayed the number 10. As I looked around, I noticed several cameras. I was probably being watched, but of course, I had no idea how to disarm it or even if it were possible. I fantasized about flying it into space. Or maybe I can pilot the jet out over the ocean. I had turned and started toward the cockpit when I heard a quick, soft beep beep. I returned to the truss. The 10 on the control box was now 06 and continued to count down. Only seconds before I had been completely fearless. For all practical purposes I was infinitely strong and completely indestructible. But now I was terrified, and I pulled the cone free of its straps and wrapped myself around it, covering as much of its surface as I could. Hank was down there. Matt was down there. Terry. Carlos. Nearly everyone I cared about plus a million or so others were only a few thousand feet below me. 04 … 03 … maybe I could crush it? I leaned back so that the bulk of my body was between the ground and the warhead and began to squeeze, which collapsed the casing and… It began so small. A perfectly white sphere of plasma only a few yards in diameter replaced the warhead, which was instantaneously vaporized into ionized gas at 100 million degrees. A fraction of a second later, the entire aircraft had been vaporized. By the time I had begun flexing every muscle I could think of, a full second had passed and a fireball a few hundred yards wide had appeared over lower Manhattan with me suspended at its center. I flexed, reveling in the sensation of the enormous energy released by the weapon flowing into my titanic, growing muscles. I had noticed over the past few days that the hotter something was, the better it felt, the more pleasure I experienced. Having a nuclear weapon detonate immediately against my chest bathed me in ecstasy beyond comprehension and I could both see and feel my surging cock grow in both size and hardness, the pressure in my loins mounting to a degree greater even than that of the blast I was containing. I looked down at my unimaginably powerful pecs, watching as the thick black hair that covered them waved and floated in the inferno. One hundred million degrees and not even my hair was singed. I am truly indestructible. My huge cock and balls, stimulated beyond imagination by the extreme heat and pressure, growing and throbbing uncontrollably, unleashed my most powerful orgasm yet, and I aimed my cum cannon toward the sky as it spewed thousands of gallons through the raging inferno surrounding me, soaring up into the atmosphere for miles. I continued to flex as hard as I could, absorbing as much of the escaping heat and energy as possible, canceling out the pressure wave which would have destroyed much of Manhattan. I will become infinitely powerful. I knew this. Hank was right. The universe was creating its own god and the ecstasy this knowledge brought me was overwhelming. I was drunk with my own magnificence. I will have eternal and absolute dominance over all things. I will enslave this universe. A brief shudder of abject terror washed over me, penetrating my ecstasy. No. That is not what I want. But I could feel my consciousness shifting again. Jamal! It was Hank’s voice. “Hank?” Jamal, that’s not you. Hank’s voice was somehow clear through the thunderous roar of the firestorm. You’ve got to resist it. I could feel the pressure increase. Even as the feeling of dread swept through me, the desire to embrace a dark yet infinite pleasure mounted. “What do you mean?” I asked out loud. It wants you. DON’T LET IT IN. Hank said desperately. FIGHT IT! All I could sense was an intense need for conquest. A limitless hunger. Everything must be mastered and enslaved and drained. But that isn't who I am, I replied. * * * Earlier that day, in another place… There are things older than the universe. Ancient things from universes far older than our own or that no longer exist. It was one of those things. Its home universe collapsed a trillion years ago, but it had learned long before of methods to slip between the universes, to navigate from one universe to another. As long as a universe’s physical constants were compatible, it was able enter. For an eternity, it searched through a universe of universes, methodically, deliberately, conserving its energy, maintaining just enough awareness to test a target universe’s physics, just enough awareness to be. It had once enjoyed a seemingly endless torrent of energy drawn over tens of billions of years from all the stars, all the galaxies, all the life of its long-dead home, but its reserves dwindled as the eons passed, as it sought something that appeared increasingly unlikely. Millions of years would pass between finding compatible universes or universes with life, billions of years between finding universes that were compatible and held life, and thus far, a trillion years without finding a compatible universe with life that it could use. It was now barely a cloud of molecules, a fading wisp of organized information that knew little more than a tortured emptiness and an all-consuming hunger. A hunger that had been growing for countless billions of years. A hunger that finally, just as it had resigned itself to oblivion, detected a life form that it could use.
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    The Dildo of the Demigods II Now I know what you're thinking. How does one come to stand amongst the hugest bodybuilders ever to walk the scene and still be too young to buy his own alcohol? I must have turned to supplements, steroids, maybe some top secret military initiative gone awry. There's just no way someone could be so blessed, so you've convinced yourself that all this brawn is simply not natural. And you're absolutely right. But let me stop you right there, before that 'ah-ha!' moment takes off. As you've probably seen by the title, we're dealing with something far beyond the understand of mortal sciences. The Dildo of the Demigods is literally a sex toy that will grant almost any wish so long as you take it's insane girth up your butt. It just has to touch your prostate, it's power must be channelled through your prostate for its magic to work. Before we go any further, I'd like to get a couple of things clear. First, I am not good person. I am a decent person, but not good, no way. Last, the Dildo of the Demigods never stays with one person too long and always, always, changes hands by theft. *** So there I was, just minding my own business when the door to the gym burst open. In strode Fabian Flounders – vice-captain of the chess club and easily one of the scrawniest kids on campus. The sight of a nerd in the weight room nearly caused me to drop the barbell I had been benching. I had nothing personal against Fabian of course, but the same couldn't be said for half the jocks in here. This was their turf after all, and they were very protective. Quick as I could, I racked my barbell and sprang off my bench, fully intent on diffusing the situation before the big guys could lay their hands on him. If I had known of Fabian's already extensive use of the Dildo beforehand, then I would have just left him there. I had just slid between him and the jocks, arms outstretched to prevent any of them from skirting around me, when Fabian put a hand on my shoulder. I thought it belonged to one of the jocks. That grip was immensely strong, so much more than that bony appendage suggested. And then I saw it, the telltale rippling of sinew and pulsing of veins. Whirling around, I saw to my horror a most wicked grin plastered on Fabian's face. The jocks must have noticed something amiss too, for they took a step back, almost in unison, as the nerd raised one spindly arm. SHRIIIP! His sleeves were blown apart as gigantic biceps erupted out of nowhere, rock hard and so defined they looked to be chiselled from marble! I watched him twist his wrist, causing that striated mass to flex and shift beneath paper thin skin. Then he clenched his fist even harder, causing triceps the size of my thighs to bulge from beneath his bis! His growth then spread up to his shoulder and down to his forearm, inflating muscles destroying fabric and morphing that one arm into some kind of oversized car crusher. By the time he was done, it looked like someone had Photoshopped a bodybuilder's arm onto one cannonball shoulder and then magnified it twofold! His hand had grown huge enough to grab me by the fucking head! It was just that big! Holy fuck! Fabian was looking at me intently, probably marvelling at how I was still standing despite all the colour having run from my face. I hated to admit it, but there was no way anyone could miss the enormous boner now throbbing between my legs, not even with his juggernaut arm in the way. “Looks like you're not the only one enjoying himself,” commented Fabian in that high, airy voice he was so known for. Sure enough, all the jocks trying, futilely, to disguise the erections they were all sporting. Then I heard it again – the protesting of fabric as immense masses of pure muscle erupted from beneath them. Fabian's other arm had begun hulking out, expanding boulders of rippling flesh tearing free of his sleeves and causing my cock to grow so damned hard I thought I was going to cream myself. I didn't care how weird Fabian looked – a skinny twig with two godlike muscle-arms flexing from that narrow torso, oh my god! “That's what I'm talking about!” laughed the former nerd, “Now these are guns!” I watched him strike the most spectacular double bicep pose I had yet seen. His arms were so fucking jacked I could make out every fibre of muscle jammed into them. With every pump, those babies strained so hard his biceps split into multiple peaks! That's right, Fabians arms were so fucking muscular his fucking biceps had biceps! “Fuck!” he swore, “Feels so fucking good! But you know what would make this better? If my entire fucking body was this HUGE!” He threw back his skinny neck and unleashed a mighty roar of pure pleasure, his airy voice dropping so low so quickly it sent chills all the way down to my toes. I could see the bones of his face thickening and shifting now, his sharp chin turning into the rugged, square jawline found only on action heroes. His pencil-neck was expanding and fast, his Adam's apple finally materialising as his collar was ripped apart! Traps, mountainous and bulging with mass, erupted from either side of his head and devoured the lower half of his neck, melding into his boulder-like deltoids before sending tendrils of pure muscle down to his chest. I could see them pulsing, chock full of mass that were feeding his pecs until they all but blasted his shirt apart when they surged forth. Buttons banged off like bullets, a couple striking me so hard they left marks! Fabian's mighty chest had grown so ripped, so fucking glutted with muscle his nipples were pointing down! It dawned on me that he had more muscle in one pec than my entire torso put together, the thought was making my head spin but still I forced myself to watch. As the former nerd's entire body continued to swell, great blocks of solid flesh punched their way out of his gut, transforming his once flat stomach into a freaky eight-pack that heaved with every violent breath he took. Somehow, all that monstrous mass had left his waist surprisingly narrow. There was so much muscle in there he had no trouble supporting the herculean amounts of muscle just exploding from his upper body. I blinked just as he turned his attention to his weak legs, and when my eyes opened they had exploded with unbridled mass and power. I didn't even get to see them grow! His fucking quads had split into their individual muscle groups – each a grotesque, teardrop-shaped monstrosity that was all muscle and no fat. They were battling for space, cords of iron-like muscle twisting down to his calves and making them bulge with every flex. His fucking calves were already bigger than both my arms put together and they were still growing! “Aww fuck yeah!” moaned Fabian, his entire body shuddering with power as he flexed his gargantuan pecs before my stunned features. Wait, since when did I only come to his chest level. Oh... Oh fuck the chessman was growing upward too! He was already so tall as to dwarf just about everybody in the gym! That must have been what, six feet? Six feet two? And just how many hundred pounds of muscle was on that body? I should add that by now, Fabian had been reduced to just a pair of unfashionable tighty-whites. Given how broad his body had grown, the fabric had been stretched so tight I couldn't help but notice the miniscule, almost pitiful erection he sported. There was barely an inch in there – well within micropenis range – although it was throbbing very hard from all that muscle juice surging through his system. His hips lurched suddenly, causing ludicrous amounts of cock flesh to bulge from his crotch. It was like watching a fucking torpedo being fired. His dick was just shooting out, exploding with size and swelling with more and more blood. It all but tore through his flimsy undergarments, punching a hole into the fabric and then growing as though it had been fired from a cannon! In the span of a second that pathetic one-incher grew to twelve, and in the second second grew to twenty-four! Two fucking feet of cock continued to bulge, to grow, to shudder with the weight of more and mass until two and half fucking feet of penis throbbed and bounced before him! And then there were his balls, fat like oranges and hanging so heavily from his crotch you could smack me with them and knock me out cold! By the time he stopped bursting with power, Fabian had turned into a frigging Hulk. Gone was the skinny vice-captain of the chess club, utterly consumed by this massive, monstrous muscle god who boasted more muscle in one thirty-inch bicep than I did in my entire fucking body. “Now that's what I'm talking about,” he rumbled, marvelling at the impossibly muscular, ridiculously hung body he now owned. And then he turned his grizzled, handsome new features to where his jock bullies were quite literally quaking in their shoes. “Payback time!” You know how rowdy parties magically disperse when the authorities show up? It was just like that. No sooner had Fabian taken one mighty step did the jocks scatter in panic. Most of them didn't make it very far. Fabian was just too huge, too strong, and much too fast for someone so musclebound. I could only watch as his monstrous erection grew thicker and harder as he snatched his former bullies off the floor and then gripped their arms together in one mighty fist. Once he was sure he had gotten everyone, he picked up one of the empty barbells we had lying around, and then twisted the damned thing around their arms like the ring of a key chain. Just watching those mammoth muscles flexing and bulging as he worked was causing so much drool to pool in my mouth I... I was at a loss for words! Helpless to keep my eyes off his immense pecs, I could only nod when Fabian stomped back over to me. He was speaking I'm sure, only I didn't have enough oxygen in my head to understand the words. I vaguely realised he had spared me because I had stood up for him, and never tormented him as the others had. He also handed me this swanky invitation for a lavish party at his new mansion, although I was so titillatingly aroused by that deep, droning baritone I barely registered anything amiss until much later. Firstly, since when did Fabian live in a mansion? He even sent a car to my door, and a very big, very expensive one at that! The thing probably cost more than my house! Hell even the driver was positively stacked! He wasn't anywhere close to Fabian of course, but easily a good hundred pounds heavier than me! Now I wasn't a bodybuilder back then, not by a long shot, but I had packed on enough muscle to get kicked off the swim team. That counted for something right? In either case, after quite some travel (I lived in one of the poorer districts), an opulent manor house grew out of the evening darkness at the end of a straight drive. Lights glistened in the structure's many diamond-paned windows. On either side of the main driveway laid rows upon rows of trimmed hedges and marble fountains – all of them depicting life-sized versions of Fabian flexing his colossal muscles. And then the car looped around to Fabian's backyard, where booming music and a whole array of spotlights cleaved through the night as though the greatest party on earth was well underway. I was directed up a flight of stairs to where the music hit me so hard I almost stepped back. This wasn't a party, this was a super party! There must have been a thousand people in and around the pool, and a thousand more across all the balconies, stages, and bars! Practically everyone was topless, clad in nothing save for the skimpiest of swimming trunks, if they were clad at all! But most naked of all was Fabian himself. There was no missing him, seven feet two and just over four hundred frigging pounds of solid, rippling muscle. He had laid himself out in the shallower end of his pool and was quite literally covered with fawning flatterers. The former-nerd-turned-hulk had huge men straddling his biceps, his quads, and of course his immense, bloated erection. As it turned out, someone with my physique mattered very little here. There were servants handing out party uniforms – enhancing swimming trunks and thongs of all colours and sizes. I had picked out a sparkling blue thong that really enhanced my very ample maleness, but even then most of the studs here barely batted their eyes at me. For the first time since I started hitting the gym, it was as though I was completely invisible. That was good. That was very good. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the party outside had spilled into the mansion. Everywhere I turned there were men, big men, utterly nude and engaged in all manner of debauchery. There were guys wrestling, flexing, even fucking each other on every available piece of furniture. No one weighed anything less than two twenty, against these guys I might as well have been the scrawny nerd. The scrawny nerd going unnoticed that is. But man, that didn't make the job much easier, Fabian must have had a hundred room here, half of them bedrooms. It wasn't until the wee hours of morning did I finally stumble into the grandest, most lavishly decorated suite in the entire building. Not that I could tell to be fair, but I knew immediately that this room belonged to Fabian himself, for it sported a positively gargantuan bed that looked like it had been reinforced with steel. Oh there was also a large hot tub right in the middle, built into the floor. But that wasn't the kicker, for upon one of the bookshelves sat a large, curved, silvery dildo. Upon closer inspection, I noted that it was connected to some kind of latch built into the wood. So I did what any prospective Dildo thief would do, and pulled it. There was a click, followed by the soft rumbling of heavy machinery. A whirlpool formed in the hot tub, water draining away as a magnificent, gleaming phallus broke through the surface, pushed up on a marble pedestal. A whole two feet long and cast from polished gold, the Dildo of the Demigods shimmered with its own light, as if greeting its newest master. Splashing into the tub, I seized my prize and held its hefty weight in my hands, marvelling at the unnatural smoothness and fine detail. It's purpose fulfilled, the pedestal retreated back into the hot tub, blending into the tiles as the water level returned to normal. There was even a measuring tape coiled up beside it, ha! Well look at me, alone in a swanky hot tub in the most opulent bedroom for miles around, with the Dildo of the Demigods heavy in my hands. Was I going to stuff this baby up my ass and start making wishes like crazy? You fucking bet! Just look at my fucking cock, it was already rock hard at the prospect of what was to come! It looked like I had stuffed a whole bratwurst into my thong! I rested the artefact on one of the seats, noting how it was so large only half of it could be submerged. Then I straddled it and pulled aside the strap of my thong so the immense head could kiss the virgin flesh of my asshole. So smooth, so slick, I wasn't going to need any lube for this, so I began relaxing my muscles, stretching open my sphincter and allowing my body to sink down upon that oversized mushroom head. It took some time, but after almost an hour of mindful breathing, I managed to wrap my aching butt hole around the thickest part of the head. With a soft pop, I suddenly found myself dropping a good four inches, the Dildo all but slamming into my ass and punching me so hard in the prostate I saw stars! And then I felt it! The electrifying power of the demigods surged into my prostate, saturating it before bursting out in waves! Goosebumps bristled across every inch of my body, a lewd, shameless moan croaked from my lips, so much pleasure shooting up and down my spine I could barely curl my toes in delight. Now one with the Dildo, I snatched snatched the measuring tape, which I had left floating in the tub, and stretched it across my thong-constrained erection. Seven inches, above average, but not for much longer! I made my first wish, causing a wave of warmth to burst from my prostate, what felt like a million little bubbles dancing beneath my skin as the Dildo's energies swept over me. Like magic, my cock started to twitch and swell, pushing out of my crotch and fattening like an inflating balloon. It was beginning to throb, and hard, pulsing in and out by the inch! And then it started growing bigger, just stretching up and up and up! The thick, mushroom head was swelling larger than my shaft, just as it should be! Oh god in heaven this felt so fucking good! I was already pushing past the nine inches, my member jerking and shuddering and testing the limits of my thong. Ten inches... eleven... twelve! Fuck me my cock was growing into a monster, like a swollen pillar of muscly flesh! There was a surge of power that rocked my prick with a spasm so strong I dropped another inch down on the Dildo. My meat just exploded, not with an orgasm but with several fucking pounds of pure muscle. In an instant it shot out half a foot, almost knocking the tape out of my hands! My sparkling thong could no longer fully contain something so huge, the fabric having been stretched so much as to expose the first five or so inches of man! That was all me down there! All muscle, all veins! My muscular manhood was audibly pulsing! THROB THROB THROB THROB! And still it continued to grow! Fuck yeah! I wanted to cum so bad, my balls were fucking fat now, like kiwis! And still growing bigger! My body was starting to heat up, like the Dildo was pumping me full of roiling, orgasmic power. My breaths were coming in harder, stronger, the bubbles beneath my skin were staring to boil. The sensations were growing more and more intense, almost rumbling within my muscles. I could see veins rising out of my hands, my arms, even my chest! It was fucking amazing! Oh god... here it comes... here it comes! “RRAAGHHH!” I roared, lurching on the Dildo and striking a double bicep pose. My arms began exploding, gigantic masses of roiling sinew blasting out from where my biceps and triceps used to be. I could feel the skin stretching tighter than a drum, a network of throbbing dances snaking across the rippling surface. Holy fuck all this strength, all this size felt fucking amazing and they were still growing bigger! One flex, just one, filled my arms with a pump so fucking incredible my biceps split into multiple peaks, each one battling their neighbours for space as they swelled with more and more size! I was salivating now, just from watching, from feeling my gargantuan guns exploding out of me. As Fabian had earlier today, my arms were morphing into oversized mammoths! Thick wedges of rippling brawn had swelled out of my forearms, throbbing veins fuelling their growth even as my wrists widened to accommodate them. I could even feel my bones getting heavier as my arms expanded, they would need to, I had wished up a lot of muscle! Fuck! I could feel the rest of me growing faster and harder as I expanded into massiveness! Monstrous deltoids, huge like bowling balls and ripped to shreds, exploded out of my shoulders before sending huge coils of sinew down to my chest. Twin boulders, each a heaving mass of pulsating flesh, blasted out of my body and swelled past the size of car tires! Just flexing them was causing each colossal muscle to break into rows, each one so oversized they had caused my nipples to point down! And my nipples! Fuck I could feel them getting so fucking erect! They were diamond hard, each teat must have protruded out a good inch or two, thick like sausages and throbbing with need. Despite having the most musclebound arms on the planet, I managed to seize my awesome nips and promptly cried out like a sick child as I twisted them between trembling fingers. Pre-cum, thick and white, began dribbling... no... spurting from them, fuck yeah! I had just brought my arms to rest when a pair of huge lats burst out my sides, pushing my them away and causing my back to grow so wide it quickly attained a spectacular Y-shape. My waist, despite having grown marvellously thick with mass, still remained comparatively narrow to the rest of me. As I continued to grow, my once faint abdominals swelled out of my gut, thick with muscle, becoming solid bricks chiselled from the finest marble. The canyons separating each shredded muscle had been cut so deep into my flesh I could feel the sweat travelling through them like irrigation canals! When my torso lengthened some more, another pair of muscular bricks bulged out of my gut, granting me the freakish eight-pack of my dreams! You'd think being so top heavy would have pushed me even lower onto the Dildo, only I had almost been stretched to my limit! No more Dildo was going to get in without making myself even bigger, and speaking of bigger, I still had my legs to grow! Right on cue, teardrop-shaped masses of sheer muscle erupted from my quads, growing to incomprehensible sizes and battling each other for space. My thighs hulked out so massively they actually collided with one another, the force of the impact flinging my legs apart as my growth shot down each limb. My calves, diamond-shaped, swelled to the size of footballs and then swelled some more! My legs, hell my entire body was barely lengthening in time to keep up with my growth! I knew not how long I sat there, skewered upon the Dildo of the Demigods, only I had spent the time hulking out of my skin until my body morphed into some kind of musclebound juggernaut. The moment I achieved my goal shape, the artefact flashed a brilliant gold, and began pushing me toward my goal size! So I did what any grower would do, I fell back and wailed with ecstasy, plunging myself upon even more Dildo and splashing into the tub. Every inch of me was growing now, my muscles blowing out in sync with with my frame, swelling up more and more, rock hard brawn rippling from every inch of my being as I shot up by the foot! It was... magnificent. By the time I was done, every muscle in my body had grown so attuned to my pleasure that simply immersing my cock into the tub was driving me mad with arousal, like the flowing of water beneath the surface was somehow jacking me off! My cock actually grew so much harder it all but ripped my sparkling thongs apart! Not wanting to blow my load just yet, I squeezed my muscular new sphincter around the Dildo, getting up only after I was sure I had a good grip. Then, with that oversized relic rocking my world (and my prostate) with every footfall, I stepped out of the tub and swaggered over to where Fabian had covered an entire wall with mirrors. Fuck me. Fuck me! I was nothing but a fucking mountain of hulking, titanic muscle! At nine fucking feet tall, my entire fucking body was bigger, stronger, and a hundred times more muscular than any teenager had the right to be! And I looked fucking AMAZING! There I was, monstrous chest heaving with every violent breath I took. My huge, oversized arms stuck out at wide angles from either side of me, propped up by lats swollen with rock hard muscle! My pecs were boulder-sized globes of striated flesh and rippling brawn, thrusting out almost two feet before me and looming over my stomach like an overhanging cliff. And my midsection, holy shit now that was something – eight titanium bricks that exploded with power every time my chest rose with my breaths. My wrecking-ball shoulders and barn-door back made me wider than a fucking car! They supported a fucking sequoia of a neck – so fucking thick they were bigger than most bodybuilder's quads! Below my tremendous torso, my monolithic legs resembled foundation pillars! My quads alone were thicker than oil drums and glutted with rippling muscle! But most importantly of all, between those juggernauts swayed a veritable python of a penis. Even at absolute flaccidity that thing must have measured three or so feet long and nine inches across. It was so massive it actually reached down to my kneescaps! Holy crap! I began spreading my legs, bending my knees as much as I could so I could assume a makeshift sumo stance. This also served to allow my monstrous genitalia to hang heavily from my crotch. My immense testicles had swollen to the size of small melons, and I could actually feel them pulsing softly as they churned with my seed. Hah, I was so musclebound I couldn't lower myself enough to rest the Dildo back on the floor! Instead, I began exploring my new muscles – especially those I were currently flexing. More than once I caught myself in a double bicep pose, veins the size of garden hoses throbbing across my magnificent arms. This had always been my favourite pose, and these forty-two inch guns were testament to that! In fact, watching myself flexing those babies was turning me on beyond belief. As my manhood began gorging itself on blood, it's immense girth began expanding with unprecedented size and power. Three feet swelled to four, then five, then six! That's right, this fucking monster of a cock's longer than some people were tall! In fact, it was so fucking huge that bloated shaft shot way past my head, taking away any ability I had to blow my own dong. Dissatisfied that my own penis was blocking my view of my muscles, I flexed my incredible new inner penile muscles and brought that fucking cannon back down. I was now pointing it dead ahead, toward the mirror, as I continued pumping my gigantic guns and flexing my ponderous pecs. Like my cock, my nipples oozed with pre-cum, a little something I had thrown in to sate some personal fetishes. Unlike my nipples, my super-sized schlong ended in a massive mushroom head the size of a motorcycle helmet! I also sported a cum hole almost five inches long, so huge you could stick your fucking hand into the gap and scoop up some of the pre gushing from it. Why is my cock gushing pre? You damned well know it! I was turning myself on just by fucking existing! Already I could feel my balls overflowing with my seed! That the Dildo of the fucking Demigods was still pressed so deeply against my prostate was doing me no favours. Against my better judgement, I continued to flex, continued to whisper obscenities at my reflection as I palmed the biggest muscles in the world. So clouded was my mind with arousal that I didn't notice myself losing control of my body. By the time I caught myself lathering my swollen penis with spit, it was too late. As the damn broke before the onslaught of my orgasm, I could only watch as a grotesque bulge swelled form the underside of my cock. Then my cock hole was wreched open, a great white deluge exploding from the gap like I had turned a fucking fire hose on the mirror. Holding my flex as best I could, I let my euphoric bellows fill Fabian's bedroom. Three shots was all it took for me to drench the mirror. No longer being able to worship my reflection, I turned around so I could fire my seed at every available surface. Fuck yeah! My hips were jerking so powerfully I could probably break a wall with my strength! And speaking of which, a minute was all it took for me to coat every inch of wall with my juices! Not wanting the sensations to stop, I stomped over to Fabian's emperor-sized bed and plunged my cock between the bed and mattress, where I continued to explode until the bed was blasting cum out of its sides! It was around the time that my cock ripped through the mattress did a filthy idea hit me. I might have been a total virgin where my ass was concerned, but now that I had the Dildo of the Demigods stuffed up there, what better way to hit my climax than fuck myself for all I was worth? So I wished for the Dildo to fuck me, to punch me in the prostate like a fucking jackhammer, until my orgasm grew so powerful as to knock me right out! I fell onto Fabian's ruined bed, delirious with pleasure as the Dildo began doing just that! Two fucking feet of gleaming metal railed into my ass before pulling out and slamming back for another round. My tongue had rolled out, my cock continued to spasm, my mighty pecs flexing uncontrollably as my nipples erupted with orgasms of their own! I was literally dripping in my own gunk now, drinking in whatever splashed into my mouth. What did I care that I was destroying Fabian's bedroom? I was a fucking muscle god! And muscle gods could do whatever the fuck they wanted! Fuck yeah! I was all fucking muscle! All enormous, bulging, roiling muscle! And I was going to cum so much harder, so much stronger! I could feel the climax to end all climaxes building in my prostate! It was coming... I was going to blow... o-oh god... here it comes... I'm going to explode! “OOOOOOUUUUUUGGHHHHH!” For hours upon hours, I came and came and came some more. For hours upon hours I drowned myself with more pleasure than my brain could handle. For hours and hours... and then at last, I came until I knew no more. *** When I awoke, the first sensation my addle brain could register was the expanding of my huge-mongous chest muscles as I filled my lungs with much needed oxygen. When I tried to roll over however, I found that I could not move very much. As my brain recovered from the ordeal I had put myself through, I quickly realised that I wasn't lying down any more. Rather, I was on my feet. My arms and legs had been pulled up and out, spread-eagle style, and my wrists and ankles felt as though they had been chained to something. But most frighteningly, the Dildo of the Demigods... it was gone! “Ah, awake at last are we?” called a familiar voice. Immediately my eyes snapped open, just in time to see Fabian grinning wickedly at me from some distance away. He had put on some clothes – a formfitting onesie decorated with chess pieces. But more importantly, he had the gleaming Dildo in one muscled arm. “I waited for you to wake up naturally you know?” he sneered, “Would you believe me if I told you you were out for a whole day?” As more and more of my prison came into view, I realised that I had been trapped in some kind of dungeon. The whole thing had been built from dark bricks and decorated with braziers and chains. Off on either side of me, I spotted rows of Fabian's other prisoners, all of them jocks he had taken from the gym this morning, all of them gagged, and chained up to what I could only describe as rape racks. “Would you rather be in one of those, Samson?” Fabian asked, having caught me looking at his prized prisoners, “Because I thought chaining you to a pair of pillars was more... suitable for your namesake.” Ah, crap, I really was chained to a pair of pillars! Try as I might, even with my incredible muscles the chains were much too strong and the columns too heavy. “Reinforced titanium,” explained Fabian, patting the Dildo as he did so, “After I found you passed out in the ruins of my bedroom, Dildo in ass, I realised I was going to need something much tougher to hold you down.” The former nerd strolled over to me and pressed his face so close to mine I could almost smell him. “Do you want to know why I waited for you to wake up?” he growled, “Because I wanted you to see, and feel, everything that's about to happen. Try steal the Dildo from me would you? Well now you're going to pay, nobody messes with me you hear? Nobody.” I watched Fabian position the Dildo behind himself, my ass puckering up like someone had fed it a lemon. Then, he unzipped the fly at the back of his onesie and then readied the artefact against his hungry hole. “I love this part,” he teased, “Don't you?” And suddenly he slammed almost an entire foot in! “OOOOGGHHH GOD!” he moaned, “Feels so good!” I watched him shuddering as the Dildo connected with his prostate, drool dribbling from his gasping lips. That wasn't good! “There we go,” he finally breathed, “Now let's see, how best make an example of you – the failed Dildo thief?” “I know!” he continued, “How about... I wish to grow twice as fucking muscular as I am now!” Oh crap. Oh crap oh crap oh crap! “OOOH YEEES!” screamed Fabian, almost convulsing on the Dildo, “HERE. IT. COMES!” SHRRRIIIIIIIP! BANG! POP! SHRRIIIIIIIPP! Fucking hell! The front of his onesie was just ripping to pieces as his colossal pecs exploded outward and upwards, roiling with insane size and maddening power. His sleeves were utterly demolished as bulging, veiny biceps blew up until they were twice as muscular as mine! Fuck, his entire torso was just growing broader and longer! His tree-trunk neck was thicker than a telephone pole and his traps were surging out so massively they reached all the way to his chin! I could only gawk as his deltoids exploded into planetoid orbs of pure power. Fabian's shredded, over-muscled quads were next, each segment erupting out of his thigh as though muscle bombs were going off under his paper-thin skin. His legs were growing so huge so quickly they all but blasted his onesie to bits! I watched them grow so fucking thick with mass he began looking like he could crush cars between them! And then there were his feet! They were longer than skateboards and thicker than fuck! Oh god! He was looming over me now, his impossibly massive body flexing with impunity as ludicrous amounts of muscle bulged out from every cell! His onesie had been reduced to tattered shreds, clinging onto his growing body from sweat alone. I watched him shoot past the ten foot mark, still growing, still flaring out, until he towered over even me at a staggering twelve fucking feet! And then there was his cock, for some reason it remained the two and a half foot jawbreaker I had seen yesterday morning. “You're wondering why I'm not growing my monster dong aren't you?” rumbled Fabian from above me, fuck his voice had dropped a whole octave! “Well you're wrong, I'm just not going to grow it now!” The moment I registered that walking mountain getting into position behind me, my cock swelled with so much blood it would have smashed my face in were it not for my immense pecs blocking the way. Fabian, thank god, misread my reaction for something far more primal. “Fuck Samson,” he moaned, huge muscles pressing against my back, “I never took you for a fucking cock slut! I was hoping to keep you here so I could break you in like I did all those losers over there!” I just needed to survive this. I just needed to work him to as big an orgasm as I could, and then survive it. This might be my only chance, if I don't get to turn the tables now the opportunity might never come again! “Oooh shit man your ass is something else!” purred Fabian from behind me. He had plunged his cockhead between my rippling butt cheeks, so much cream oozing from the head streams were already running down my legs. But when he pulled back, I made the mistake of letting my guard now. There was a thundering SLAM as two fucking feet of cock suddenly, inexplicably, crashed through my hole like a fucking battering ram. To say I screamed would have been the understatement of the century. Having my ass chute violated so violently it triggered a fucking thunderstorm that shorted out my neurons. When I finally came to, my chin was wet with drool and my massive pecs wetter with cum. Fabian's huge paws were clinging to them, molesting them even, massaging my chest muscles and causing my nipples to spew even more cream. That monstrous muscleman had grown his cock while I was out, and that equally monstrous organ now stretched my hole so much he might as well have stuffed his forearm into my chute. Not that that compared to the freakish bulge poking out of my stomach. Even with my huge pecs blocking the way, I could make out Fabian's colossal cock punching against the inside of my midsection with every thrust. The former chess nerd was moaning unintelligibly, so overcome with arousal that his brain was starting to shut down, just as mine had. Sensing no other option, I began gyrating my hips in tandem with his thrusting, my body quivering in delight as he abused my prostate and rearranged my internal organs. “Cock slut loves it doesn't he?” Fabian would occasionally pant. Not that I minded, I knew my plan was working, I could feel his balls growing from the workout I was giving him. “Fuuuuuck,” he breathed, “S-Stop... getting close... close...” Knowing better than to obey, I began flexing my pecs against his hands. Then, while he was momentarily distracted, I flexed every single muscle in my body, or at least every muscle I could. As my body bulged out with power, my inner muscles crushed Fabian's cock so powerfully he almost deafened me as his orgasm took hold. Just as I hoped, that monster began pumping me full of protein-rich super cum. Thanks to my musclebound sphincter, I could cling to his cock so tightly as to prevent even a drop from escaping. For the most part, Fabian must have thought me some kind of cock hungry slut, for he continued slamming into me as he dumped bucket after bucket up my ass. As my gut began distending, growing heavier with the weight of more and more sperm, I felt my abdominal muscles stretching out to accommodate them. Before long I was sporting a turtle shell muscle gut, my bellybutton even popping out despite me always being an 'innie'. Fuck, how much cum did this guy have! My gut was growing so huge it was pushing my swollen cock down! I think he was even going to give me stretch marks! Oh my god! Two hours. Two fucking hours! Fabian spent all that time ramming me like a freight train and pumping me so full of cum my gut swelled out to the size of a small car! I was gasping now, breathless and nearly overwhelmed from the experience. My erection had even been pressed into the floor by my swollen gut, dribbling into a puddle of my juices. Fabian, for the most part, looked a little worse for wear. His eyes had glazed over and he was drooling even more than me. Almost robotically, he plucked himself free and then giggled when he noticed me clenching extra hard to avoid losing more cum. “Fuuuck me you're the biggest slut in the room!” he drawled, before wobbling back in front of me, “You know what, I think I'm going to keep you! None of these losers can take a load like you do, just look at that gut!” Miraculously, he then plucked the Dildo from his ass and set it about ten feet from me. “You're not thinking that your punishment's over I hope?” he sneered, “Because you know... anytime you want you can get as big and strong as me.” That hulking muscleman gestured to the Dildo and laughed, “Why don't you come over here and insert this here Dildo into your... Oh wait, you can't, can you?” When I didn't reply, that wicked sneer twisted into a grim smirk. “Bet you're wishing you could make like Samson and hulk out of those pillars eh?” he laughed, “I'm just going to leave this here, just so you can see what you're missing out on.” I watched him go, unable to take my eyes off those shredded glutes, only for him to stop suddenly. “Before I forget,” he said loudly, addressing his other prisoners, “That goes for the rest of you too! Maybe if you nerds worked out a little more you'd be strong enough to stand up to me, ha ha!” And then he was gone, the secret door to his dungeon sliding back into place and bathing us in near darkness. Perfect. Recalling one of the many wishes I had made before, I arched my back as much as I could and closed my eyes. I heard it quickly enough – a strange rumbling or churning sound that filled the entire dungeon. I could sense some of the other prisoners looking around in fright, eyes nearly popping out of their sockets when they realised it was coming from me. “AWW FUCK YEEEAAH!” I roared, every muscle in on my stomach flexing madly I began consuming every drop of cum Fabian had dumped up my ass. Within seconds my gut had compressed so aggressively I had cut the bloat in half, and a few seconds after that, I had absorbed so much more as to return my waist to its former narrow glory. I knew they were watching, their eyes unblinking. My shoulders were bulging out again, sculptured flesh writhing and reforming, rock hard muscle pushing out of my monstrous frame and adding their mass to my already frightening brawn! “RRAAGGHHH!” I bellowed, almost quaking my gigantically muscled thighs erupted with even more power. I could make out every single fibre rippling with energy as my legs morphed into oversized world destroyers. Above me, monstrous biceps had all but devoured my arms, battling my hulking triceps for my attention even as my impossible new size shattered the chains that held me. Fuck my forearms were bigger than most people's torsos! I was shooting up now, my body growing taller and wider as more and more muscle exploded out from where I already had plenty. As I stretched out my arms, planetoid pectoral muscles hulked out of my chest and thrust another five fucking feet before me. The sensations were orgasmic beyond belief! Even my nipples were growing more muscular, fat like little penises, riddled with veins that branched out from my widening areoles to the rest of me. My neck, fuck my neck, it was swelling past the thickness of the pillars that once held me, my awesome traps erupting out like volcanoes and reaching all the way to my ears! My massive deltoids were bigger than cars, having grown as big as my torso had been just a few moments before! Almost too effortlessly, I shifted my stance and obliterated the chains binding my ankles. My feet were bigger enough to smash cinder blocks, so heavy with muscle just wiggling my toes crushed the stone beneath them. As my stance widened to make way for even more brawn, I quite literally shattered the floor beneath my feet! Dear god I must have been twelve feet now, just as tall as Fabian had been but almost twice as gorged with mass! Lats the size of grown men were blasting out of my sides, pushing away the musclebound juggernauts passing for my arms and causing my back to grow even wider! Fuck! I must have been eight fucking feet wide at the shoulders! And I was still, growing, BIGGER! “YEEEES!” I bellowed, rocking the very foundations of Fabian's mansion, “MOOOORRREE!” My monolithic muscles erupted with even more size, even more power, when I brought my arms up for another double bicep. Only this time, my arms had hulked out with such impunity they were scant millimetres away from being as huge as my fucking legs. I wasn't going to reach my face ever again, but did I fucking care? When your arms were as fucking muscular as these, you bet I wasn't! “RRAAAGHH!” I roared again, no longer able to form words in my throat. My body was evolving now, surpassing even Fabian's as I continued bulking up and hulking out. I had become a swelling mass of unstoppable muscle. My huge fists could crush cars and my abdominal muscles would pass for titanium fucking anvils! Having heard me bellowing with arousal, it was no surprise that Fabian came barrelling through the secret wall not long after. When he saw me there, almost twenty feet tall and bulging with heaving, mighty muscle, his jaw all but fell off his face. This was how it should be, he – the (comparatively) scrawny chess nerd – and me – the fucking HULK! There was almost no compare. I outsized, outmuscled him in every conceivable way save for one. I had forgotten to wish for the ability to grow my cock through cum, and so the lesser man's monster of a cock still outclassed mine. For now. In his panic, Fabian broke into a sprint, hell bent on getting to the Dildo before I did. It was almost pitiful, he having to run almost thirty feet while I merely had to take three fucking steps! So took my time, even going so far as to kneel before the artefact so I could smash my monster god-pecs into his face. Now that guy was no lightweight, but when you had almost a hundred fucking tons of muscular armour, he might as well have thrown a muffin at me. The impact of my chest slam caused a shockwave that sent Fabian hurtling all the way back to the wall! Confident in my victory, I adjusted my stance and dropped my immense weight upon the Dildo of the Demigods! “NOOOO!” shrieked Fabian. But it was too late, a great flash of golden light filled the dungeon as the artefact and I became one once more. Only this time, I had grown so impossibly huge and muscular I simply sucked the Dildo up my ass, all the way to the base, before closing my sphincter behind it. Fabian, in his desperation, and perhaps forgetting he was but a gnat to me, had actually raced back and pressed his trembling fingers into my ass crack. He wanted to pull my asshole apart so he could pull the Dildo out. It was almost too cute. “AAAAHHHH!” he screamed, “FUCK! FUCK LET GO!” I had crushed his fingers together with my ass cheeks alone. I had grown so strong that even with Fabian's mighty strength, the smaller man could not escape my steely buns. I began to walk, grinding my quads together and dragging the struggling former-nerd with me, until I came before a pair of his prisoners. Holy fuck I was so strong now their bindings were like strings to me, so easily ripped off I had to remind myself to be extra gentle when I picked them up by the waist. While I recognised them, I hadn't the slightest clue what their names were, but that didn't matter now. Just looking at their wide, worshipful eyes had given me a plenty fun idea for payback, so I did what any good muscle god would do and stuffed their faces against my thunder-pecs. Like the muscle-hungry sluts they were, both jocks wasted no time devouring my throbbing nipples, suckling each teat their like lives depended on how well they pleasured me. Sure enough, within moments my immense chest muscles began flexing and roiling on their own accord, micro-orgasms pumping so much cum into their mouths I was surprised they didn't choke. Satisfied that they've had their fill, I simply dropped them, and moved on to the next pair. I didn't need to look to know their muscles were hulking out just as mine had. They were all going to grow into teenaged Hulks, no shorter than seven feet and no lighter than three hundred pounds, almost all of it muscle. As for their cocks, well... let's just say the future porn industry was going to need a new category just for them. Once the last jock was done muscling up, I turned my attention to Fabian, still pinned between my ass cheeks, and wished him back to his normal size. Within me, the Dildo flashed with power, a burst of light breaking free of my butt hole and bathing Fabian in its power. “W-What the?” he managed to gasp, eyes growing wide when he realised what was happening, “Oh god... Oh god no... Please, please I'm sorry! NOOOOOO!” In mere seconds, Fabian's muscles deflated like popped balloons, his entire body shrinking down until he looked like a child compared to me. I had grown into a fucking muscle giant alright, I was so fucking huge Fabian's feet didn't hit the ground until I released his hands! “W-Wait!” he had cried out, scared shitless as the hulked-up jocks closed in on him, “I... I can... uh... I have more Dildos! I can share them! Please!” I didn't need the Dildo's magic to know he was making that up, so I simply left him to his fate and made for my freedom. *** Just as before, Fabian's mansion was an impressive, immaculate estate. As I stomped through the grounds, my colossal god cock swinging cum everywhere, a large dollop struck Fabian's gardener. As the jocks had, he was soon bursting out of his clothes, huge pecs and huger biceps surging into being until he had been reduced to a pair of flimsy underwear that only just contained a very impressive, eleven-inch boner. Then the idea hit me. Yes, that idea, the one that put me – the big version of me – all over the internet. I had realised that I didn't want to live in a world where men weren't all superhuman bodybuilders, Fabian aside. So, I decided to do something about it. Before I knew it, my biceps were swelling into massive globes of vein-covered muscle. Whenever I flexed, my peaks would surge out, bloated with size as they packed on even more muscle. My pecs were soon exploding out to the size of blimps, thousand upon thousands of pounds of rock hard muscle blasting out of my chest and shooting down to the rest of me. My abs were hulking out into boulders! Fuck yeah! As my arms and legs lengthened, I began pumping a million fucking pounds of muscle into my body. My feet soon grew huge enough to crush buses, my calves easily the size of small buildings, and my quads were erupting with so much muscle you'll still see pictures of them if you google 'volcano'! I was growing into a massive god of pure muscle, every inch of me was bulging out with enormous wedges of uncontainable brawn. My balls had swollen so magnificently they could crush the landscape, my cock had transformed into a titanic tower of pure testosterone. It was already dribbling, many ponds of white hot cum forming as I grew. I couldn't help it, I just couldn't. No sooner did I cross the treeline did I begin to laugh a deep, booming chuckle. It was just incredible, growing to that kind of size was beyond words to describe. It was as though my entire body was getting bigger and harder the same way a penis would when a bodybuilder takes his shirt off for you. Only this penis just kept growing, and growing, and growing. By the time I was ready to walk again, there were news choppers buzzing around me like flies. And who could blame them? I was taller than a skyscraper and so heavily muscled the ground shook with my every footfall. I didn't make it halfway to the city's water supply before the army tried cutting me off. Rather than stomp them flat, I simply turned my goliath chest muscles their way and then flexed my right pec so hard as to trigger a series of titillating nipple-gasms. The amount of cum that flooded them was nearly enough to sweep the tanks away. They would be alright though, seven feet was going to be the new short and three hundred pounds of muscle was going to be the new lightweight. Knowing how buff those military men could get, I had good feelings about them. Needless to say the government called off the jets quickly enough. They had even called away the guards protecting our reservoir, not that they could stop me anyway. Unimpeded, I waded into the waters and displaced so much of it the dam actually overflowed. Then, I flexed my cock into the water and held it straight down between my legs. It didn't take me too long to cum, my muscles were turning me on so much I was literally always on the edge. The explosions of cum were so powerful I took out almost half the water supply by the time my dick calmed down again. Within minutes, the contaminated water was going to reach every single household in the city. Men all over were going to start hulking out of their clothes and falling upon each other as their insatiable libidos took over their minds. But then I thought, why stop at the city? I began pumping my giant guns again, building up the arousal I needed for what was to come. My balls were growing monstrous now, more so than they had ever been, until they were so huge I had to push them out behind me so they wouldn't prop me off the ground. Then I triggered my orgasm, simply running my hands down the most powerful abdominal muscles in the world would do that to a person. As my dick exploded, I began dumping cum one nut at a time, ensuring I would have a constant flow of white hot seed blasting from my cockhead. And then I upped the ante, bellowing with pleasure as veins throbbed all over my monster. I was being pushed off the ground! This was it, I was cumming so hard I was achieving lift-off! More power! More muscle! I didn't even have to use my legs to send my titanic body blasting off! So aroused I was I almost broke out of the earth's orbit. Thankfully the Dildo had shot me a warning from deep inside my body, granting me enough focus so I could point my cock the right way. Into the horizon I went, soaring across the country and raining ludicrous amounts of protein-rich semen on everyone and everything! You probably know how it all ended. After a whole day of shooting around like a cum rocket, society threatened to collapse as everyone stayed at home to jerk off instead of going to work. I had taken the opportunity to shrink back to a more... acceptable, size. While I did want to be a muscle god, I also yearned for the normal life I had been living. And now, here we are, living in a society which boasted the most muscular men on the planet! That was just fine for me, even if I didn't need to show off my size to appreciate it. After all, when the sun goes down and the lights go off, I grow so fucking muscular, so impossibly hung, it is all I can do to spend the night howling in ecstasy as my powerful prick paints my room white. Using the Dildo? Oh goodness no I didn't need to use the Dildo for this. You already know I had wished for the ability to turn cum into muscle mass – that's how I'm maintaining this physique so easily. I also wished for the ability to hulk out like the Hulk himself, whenever I wanted, without turning green in the process. Yeah, life's good. Well, you remember what I said at the beginning? That the Dildo never stays with one person too long and always changes hands by theft? Look, I don't need to check to know, but if it'll set your mind at ease... come with me. Here, this is the Vault. This is where I store the Dildo and where I return to if I'm planning to get... extra... massive. I saw your camera man sneaking into the backdoor just now you know. Have you not noticed how he's been 'in the bathroom' for the past two hours? There's no fighting it. The Dildo always changes hands by theft. No security system in the world will stop it. There, it... it's as I thought. Your camera guy is missing... and the Dildo of the Demigods gone with him. So you say he's former military, discharged from service after sustaining some kind of injury while on deployment? One that also stalled his ability to pump iron and also caused him to lose several boyfriends to just one of his more muscular rivals? Sounds like we have a very vengeful Dildo-user on the loose. Don't forget, the Dildo always changes hands by theft. Well then, we had best get started. And by we, I mean, you. *** Author's Note: Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by my story! Thanks also to @godofjurai for approving my second slot. I'd like to show my appreciation with this here sequence of a totally random guy using the Dildo of the Demigods for his own fun. Safe to say this is what most of us would (probably) look like if we ever got a hold of the Dildo for our own use!
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    I'm not sure how clear it will be, but the point of view is switching between the two guys. Hope you guys enjoy this one. --- I was partially listening to the radio playing some pop tune that was on as I focused on pulling my chest to the bar I was hanging from. Three... four... five. I let myself descend somewhat slowly, and at full stretch I let go and landed on my feet. I took a few breaths and then reached for my drinking bottle. I was done with my workout, time to go shower and head home. As I was drinking, I heard someone clearing their throat behind me. I turned and looked down, and then a bit further down. I look down on most people, but this guy had to be at least a foot and a half shorter than me! "Hi, can I help you with something?" "Hi, I'm Eddie. I was watching you, and you seem to have a good form, would you mind giving me a few pointers sometime?" Why, flattery will get you everywhere my new friend. "Thanks, sure, if I'll be able to, I can answer questions or give you pointers. Randall." I reached out with my right hand balled up into a fist. He bumped it with his own. "Sweet! Thanks man, when are you going to work out again? I can't wait to stop bumbling around here," he asked with a toothy grin. I gave him my number and told him I'd be here in two days. I wasn't a proper gym rat, I just went into the gym three days a week. Just maintaining my lithe muscles was enough for me. --- Randall did as he promised, he answered basically any question I had. In a pretty short amount of time I went from haphazardly pushing and pulling on weights and machines to having a proper workout plan. It seemed I gained strength every workout. Randall said that it would peter out. It was still daunting coming up to him. He looked like he was two feet taller than me. Well, maybe not two feet, but when I looked straight ahead, I was looking at the base of his sternum. We've drawn more than a few chuckles when we were chatting, as people found the difference between the two of us funny. It was striking, to say the least, since I was 5'2" and very much fat, and he was 6'8" and model-like slim. I've out-weighted his 190 by about 60 lbs. I had wanted to start working out for almost a year, but only recently I've took real steps. I have wanted to shed some fat, gain some strength. Possibly even gain the ability to run for a bit and even jump. I somehow never really could jump, which was a frequent point of mockery throughout my school-years. I've asked Randall about trying it out, but he said that it'd be better to shed some weight, as it could be dangerous to the joints. But a few tries on my own couldn't hurt, right? "Ow," I groaned as I fell face first on the ground. "Eddie? What are you- come on, buddy, let's get you up." He offered me a hand, which I used to help me get up. My right knee and face burned, my knee from the scrape I got, my face from the embarrassment of someone witnessing my attempt at jumping. "What happened?" "I tried jumping." "Where did you jump from?" "The last step." "Oh," he squinted, then he looked up in thought. "Well, maybe you should start with something easier, like jumping jacks. And maybe somewhere with a soft landing, don't want you to get hurt and discouraged. Also... well, with your weight, you might want to be careful, jumping is pretty hard on the joints, so if you get any aching in your legs, you have to pause, okay?" "Yeah. Hey, I... thanks, man. For not making fun of me." "Of course, buddy! Gotta support the growing man!" --- We synchronized our workout schedules, so we could go to the gym together. We were becoming fast friends. Eddie took to all the exercising like a fish to water. He very rarely complained about muscle soreness, even if I pushed him a bit more. I told him about cardio, which he tried out that same day. Since it was a leg day, I told him it was not the best idea, since his legs would be worn out already. He didn't listen to me, and when he got off the exercise bike five minutes later, he was gasping for breath, and almost fell down. I made him sit down and waited fifteen minutes with him, getting him an electrolyte drink. After that, he stubbornly and jerkily got up despite my protests, and practically crawled to the locker room. Changing took almost half an hour, but after that it seemed it was okay to let him leave. He promised me he'd stay and rest at least ten minutes in the car before driving off. --- I got myself a heart rate monitor to see how my heart responded to the cardio. I read up on it on my own. Shortly after starting the cardio, it was around 110, which was higher than normal. A few weeks later it was around 100, just on the upper end of the normal scale. It was nice to see progress even that way. One morning a few weeks after that, just after I woke up, I measured my resting heart rate and it was 85. After I jotted it down into my journal (I kept track of personal records, measurements and other progresses), I went back to the bed. I had some time to be lazy, almost an hour before I had to leave for the gym. And it was weekend. Hmm... might have a quick jerk off to start the day off nicely as well. A few minutes later, as I lay breathing deeply to recover from the great orgasm, I started thinking. Basically everything was improving when I started working out. I felt like I had more energy, I even started waking up before the alarm in the morning. I even moved the alarm about 30 minutes earlier by now. Orgasms were better, more intense, and it seemed like I could control how quickly they came. Like today, I wanted a quickie, and came in a few minutes, at other times I had a lot of time, and even without edging or anything, I just... let the orgasm build, until I cried out as my nervous system overloaded with the pleasure. Even the soreness that followed the workouts lessened over time. At first it was crippling, but recently, it was more like a few twinges throughout the day, rather than the pain that followed me every day, whenever I even thought of using the muscles I worked earlier. As I sat up, my hand brushed over my right knee and I remembered that it was the one I scraped when I fell from the last step. Jumping was an area I definitely improved a lot in. Jumping down from stuff was now easy. Jumping up or into the distance was still something I needed to perfect, but hey, I was happy. This exercising thing was a lot better than I've heard. --- We were grabbing a post-work out meal, Eddie was digging happily into his plate and I was rambling on about a thing that pissed me off yesterday at work. After he was mostly done with his plate he suddenly pushed it away from him. "Full already?" "Nah, just needed a break, wanna ask you something," he said with his mouth still partially filled with the meal. He dramatically gulped it down. "I've been thinking lately... would you like to go on a date with me? I like you, and I think the feeling's pretty mutual, but I could be wrong." "I, uh, " I stammered, "um, okay." "Really? Sweet!" And he went right back to cleaning his plate. --- Randall was lying down next to me, still catching his breath as he looked at me with awe. I didn't pay much attention to him because I was in throes of my fifth orgasm in the two hours since we started. I took a few deep breaths, took a nearby water bottle and drained it, as I absentmindedly smeared the cum (there was quite a lot of it) over my belly. I smiled with the thought that the belly was firmer than before. "Dude, that's amazing!" My smile broke into a full-on grin and I turned to him, grabbed him closer and french kissed him. I put my upper leg around his and we continued kissing and cuddling. After a while, he broke the kiss and smirked: "You do know that you're still poking me, right?" "Sorry, I can't help myself," a small lie, as I was now pretty confident that I could somewhat control my dick. I just didn't want to. Not like it really bothered him, as he grabbed it and started playing with it. "You're like the battery ad bunny," he laughed, “you can just go on and on..." "As long as I have the fuel," I said as I took another bottle and gulped down half of it. That was the last one I had, three others lay empty on the ground where I tossed them. My water intake was really high in sessions like these, but I haven't seen any negative consequences. Unlike that lady who died because she drank too much water too quickly. I do try to pace myself, though. As I looked at Randall I saw him looking down at our legs. "What are you looking at?" "Have your feet been always this big?" I looked down as well. They didn't look as tiny in comparison with his as they did the first few times we had sex. "They grew recently, I even had to buy new shoes. I think I went up two sizes." "Wow, that's cool..." “You’re not saying that with much enthusiasm…” He looked up at me, “You know I worry about your health. Feet growing in adulthood could point to a hormone imbalance or something.” “And you know I’m going to the doctor every second week, so I’m under constant surveillance. He always does the blood tests. I’m always healthy. I’m lucky the needle stabs very quickly, they’re gone the next day. Otherwise I’d be looking like a junkie.” We cuddled a bit more before I opened another topic. “Speaking of the doctor, he’s saying my heart’s great as well. Blood pressure is a textbook case, and the resting heart rate is down to fifty-five. Well, ‘resting’ at the doctor’s office, excited about the progress. When I wake up, it’s around forty-five.” “Geez, you’re a proper athlete now,” he grinned. “Wanna go for another round Mr. Bunny Athlete,” he asked as he reached around and squeezed my butt. --- I looked at him as he was going through a set of bench press, moving the 225 lbs like it was a warm up even though we were at the last set of the work out. Sure, he was grunting softly and breathing hard, but he wasn't really trying. "Eddie, I think we should push you more. You don't look like you're trying anymore." He re-racked the bar with a clang and sat up. "Yeah, now that you mention it, I am getting stronger, and lately I haven't been all that tired after our work outs like before. I think it's a good idea." "Alright, I'll think of a more intense plan for you, Mr. superman." "I'll hold you to that." "Already? Damn man, we upped the lifts by at least 20 lbs all across the board and you're already adapting to it. That's insanely fast!" "Do you think there's something wrong with me?" "Do you feel alright?" "Well, to be honest, I feel much, much better than ever before. I think I'll go get checked up again." "Good idea. I'm really hoping it's nothing bad." --- On my way to the gym, I texted Randall while waiting at a red light, with a huge grin on my face: [dude you wont believe this!!!!!]- -[sup man?] [cant wait to show you what we found out at the doctors, this is fucking amazing!!!!]- -[k, am parking at the gym rn] When I reached the gym, I rushed into the locker room, knowing Randall would be there. I got to our usual spot, and seeing him turned around, I snuck up on him, and lifted him in a bear hug from behind. We both let out a whoop, he because of the surprise, me because I was so happy, and because I've never tried lifting a person up before. Well, an adult person at least. And it wasn't hard! I laughed and shook him a little before letting him down. He turned around, his grin matching my own. Both our moods improved without fail when we met each other. I reached out and brought his head down to mine and kissed him, and then pulled him a bit further, so I could whisper in his ear: "I am growing taller!" At that he slipped my grip, took a step back and started to stare at me. "No way!" "Yes way! Look," I motioned with my hand from the top of my head towards his body. When we met, I reached the base of his sternum, and now I reached his armpits. "Are you for real? That's so awesome! What did the doctor say?" "Well, he found basically no anomalies, I am a healthy man, with everything in order, other than my growth, both in strength and now in height." "I'm glad and thrilled to hear that! Maybe you'll even outgrow me!" "We'll see," I said, "well, let’s stimulate more growth in me!" "You're on, bud." --- Eddie's body certainly rose up to the challenge. It wasn't instantaneous, but whatever challenge we threw at him, he sooner or later overcame it. He is 5'8" now, 6 inches taller than when we met. His muscles blew up as well, filling out all that extra space. He is 257 lbs as of the latest weigh in. He has a 'one-pack' as he calls it, a layer of fat covering his midsection and hiding the separation of his abs, but it is very solid. His pecs now thrust about two inches farther than his belly. He is twice as wide as me now, thanks to his thick lats and his shoulders that remind me of bowling balls, both in shape and in hardness. His arms look like thick columns that could hold up buildings. And with the rate his strength is increasing, they very well might happen soon. His forearms are flexing with the slightest movement of his fingers and hands. It can be mesmerizing. His fingers thickened somewhat, and I swear they lengthened as well, but we don’t have any point of reference we could measure that against. He walks with a very slight waddle, which he sometimes exaggerates. His quads have a fairly high separation, and the chords of his hamstrings bunch up and squeeze with his every step. And don't get me started on his ass, it's so round and inviting, and when he's squeezing it as I lay down on him, it lifts me up a bit... Like I said, don't get me started. His calves are now without question bigger than my thighs, the two diamonds firmer than a punching bag. I've actually used it as such. It started with me joke-slapping them one time, but then Eddie wanted harder and harder... He always thanks me for the gentle massage, the cheeky bastard. Anyway, his feet are now the same length as mine, size 12US. His are wider though. On his shorter stature, they look gigantic. Well, if he was skinny they would, but with all his muscles... they look appropriate. He looks fucking amazing. But as amazing as he looks, his... abilities are even greater. He didn't have any jumping ability to speak of when we met, but now he could easily clear my head with his feet from stand still. With a running start, he can jump around 60 feet away, clearing at least twice my height. Even though it looks like his muscles should be slowing him down, he can still keep up with me on a bicycle easily. In a hilly terrain, he's even faster, because he can leap from hill to hill, and he sometimes uses the trees as well. We found a secluded area in the nearby forest, where we made him a measured out track so we could test how long he could run for. We ended the test after four hours of him running at almost top speed, because he was only just starting to breathe a little harder than normal. His cardiovascular system improved like you wouldn't believe. From what he told me, before we met each other, he had a heart rate somewhere north of 110 per minute. When we measure it now, it's between 10 to 15. The lowest I could find on the internet was 26. Athletes normally have between 40 and 60. When we did that test earlier, we measured his heart rate. It was 25. Though it is hard to take these measurements, since the rate returns to his normal within half a minute. His breathing slowed down as well, now he inhales about 4 times a minute. His skin toughened up as well. He says the nurse sometimes has trouble piercing it with the needle, and he doesn’t get scrapes or cuts anymore. Even if he did, they’d heal very fast and without scarring anyway. His nails are tougher too. He noticed that when he was cutting them one day. Ruined a few nail scissors that way. He switched to small bolt-cutters. We tested his resistance to blunt damage, and he’s passed with flying colors. I still cringe a bit when I remember how much it hurt my hands when I slammed a sledgehammer over and over into various parts of his body, while he just grinned and bore it without even blinking. Last, but certainly not least, his dick. It didn’t grow, but as it was a thick 9 incher from the beginning, that wasn’t necessary. But it certainly got a boost as well. As we were having sex once, I mentioned it felt firmer, and he said that he was experimenting with lifting weights with it too. From then on, he (as well as I) took great pleasure by twitching it noticeably inside my butt when he fucked me. Then he strengthened it so much that when I was gripping it as hard as I could, he could ‘shake my hand’ by twitching it. The power in it was incredible. --- I hoped Randall would like the special date I prepared. I've recently found out this old abandoned flooded mine. I staked it out for a few days, but it seemed it was forgotten, since no one showed up, even though it was the perfect weather for swimming. From two sides the pool was walled off by two steep cliffs, which I had a fun time scaling. Rock climbing was easy for me, since I could easily just crush in my own handholds, and if I fell 30 or 40feet, my body took the hit easily. If there were loose and sharp rocks under me, it was unpleasant, but my skin, muscles and bones were strong enough to withstand those. I had the idea that it would be a nice surprise for Randall, so I didn't tell Randall yet, just asked him if he would go on a date in the near future to which he answered “Absolutely!” It took a few days to set up, even with my pretty quick speed (if I didn't use a car that is) it took me around three hours to reach it, so I took vacation for those days. First, I took in the sight. It was pretty amazing, when you paused to look at it. There were plenty of spots that would be great place to set up a picnic blanket. I picked one under a tree. I made a mental note to myself to get a plastic tarp or something to hang above us, so no bugs would bother us. At home, I read up on engraving and rock-carving a bit, to get a better idea how to... write my message, into the rock walls. I thought that might impress Randall. I did a small test, and found that while my fists were strong enough to punch into the rock, the end effect wasn't how I wanted it to be. I took a small but sturdy chisel, and that turned out to be more precise. I could just jab it in, and chip away at the rock until I could form legible words. Much better. After I was done chiseling the message, I had to do a bit of an acrobatic stunt to cover it up, it wasn’t hard, but it was somewhat awkward. I took a large tarp to, hang over the sentence and secured it with pitons I pushed in. I loved having that kind of power, where I could just push things into a rock. Thankfully there was a clear stream nearby that I could drink from. I jerked off probably a dozen times every day while I was there. By the second day, I had to find different jerking off spots, since it was starting to smell. Not that we both didn’t like the smell, but I thought it might not be the greatest move to have a date out in the nature, and all we could smell was my cum. There were lots of small streams of precum flowing along the rock wall as I was chiseling away. The rubbing of the rock on the head of my dick that was sticking straight out didn't help any. I couldn’t do much about that, just wait for rain to wash it off. Then I looked around for some boulders so I could show off to Randall. There were some nice ones I could easily grip (or make grips into without splitting). I explored the floor of the pond by my hands (the water wasn’t all that clear, and whenever I found a sharp point, I smoothed it out. It was tedious, but doable, thanks to my ability to hold breath comfortably for around twenty minutes. There’s a dude who did it for twenty-four, but that was with breathing 100 % oxygen for half an hour before his try. If I did the same, I could probably go for over an hour. I was sad that I didn’t have more than a few days, because then I could take the rocks that were no good (or that I destroyed while making sure my stunts would work) and make sand out of them. But it was too time consuming. With all that prepared, I told Randall that we could go, and we drove by car, chatting easily on the way. I was driving, just in my shorts, and he took great pleasure to always have a hand on me, groping me, trying to get me hard. I was prepared for that, so I just unzipped my shorts, let myself go hard, and then start smacking the steering wheel audibly with it. That made him go red in the face and mutter an apology. But I didn’t miss the hungry look on his face. He immediately noticed the tarps on the rock walls, and asked about them, but I told him it’s for later. We had a nice meal (we brought some ham sandwiches, and some grape juice mixed with sparkling water). Then we cuddled for a bit, and then I said that the main event would start now. I took off my pants, standing in my nude glory. I looked awesome, if I do say so myself. Bulging muscles everywhere, twitching with my eagerness to show off. I let myself become hard, and started leaking pre like a faucet. I gulped down a gallon of water from the car trunk, which made my one-pack bulge out, but it would last me some time. First, I picked up a boulder that was about half my height in diameter, and did a few overhead presses with it. Then I let one hand go, and beckoned Randall over, as I kept the pace of the, now one handed, presses going. He was by my side immediately, rubbing and groping me, licking the skin over my muscles as I flexed for him. Since he was still wearing clothes, I grabbed him by his belt after a while, and did a few presses with him as well. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my hand as I let him down. I lowered the boulder on the ground, and he jumped on me, as we kissed hard for a few minutes. Both of us were breathing heavily now (I from excitement, him from me holding the kiss for so long). I moved to another boulder, this one was as tall as I was. I moved around it, so I was hidden from Randall, pressed the head of my dick into a hole I made earlier, moaned loudly with delight as the feeling of penetrating a hole so tight and firm brought me to a new height of arousal. I twitched my cock, and heard a gasp from the other side, as Randall saw the big boulder go up. He ran around the boulder to confirm his suspicions, and when he saw me from the side, the boulder supported by nothing but my dickhead, he moaned louder than I did, and did a few hip-thrusts. I let him recover before I moved onto doing dick-curls with the boulder. He wobbled nearer, and leaned onto me, as I wrapped a hand around him and brought him closer. He put a hand on the boulder and I stopped the dick-curls, and let him try to press on it and move it, but thanks to the weight of the boulder and the strength of my dick, he couldn’t move it. By then, I could see the pre leaking out of the small hole, so I set the boulder down, and pulled myself free with a loud pop. “So I see you appreciate how strong I am, huh?” “Holy goodness, man, I knew you were super strong, but this… geez…” “Wanna feel it for yourself?” “Uh, sure,” he reached out to grab it, but I gently pushed his hand away, and pressed myself against him, wrapping my arms around him lightly. “Now, take a seat,” I said with a grin. His jaw dropped slightly, but he widened his stance so his knees wouldn’t knock into me, and started crouching, but was stopped soon in his descent by my prick. He hugged me around me neck, and then I felt a bit more weight on my dick, as he lifted his feet off the ground. I hugged him closer to me. “Feeling good?” “Yeah, buddy, this is incredible.” I walked around for a bit, which he loved. Even the bouncing when I twitched my cock, but soon he told me he had to get down, as it was a bit uncomfortable. “I think we’ll need to saddle that big boy before I ride it for longer next time.” I laughed, “Alright, alright, but the big boy will be ready whenever.” I thought for a few seconds, and I smiled. “I think this party is reaching its peak. Would you please step this way?” I motioned towards the pond, and led the way into it. I waited as Randall got rid of his clothes and came to me. “Now, I want you to look the other way, while I remove the tarps. And no peeking, whatever you’ll hear, promise?” “Okay buddy, whatever you want.” I swam to the rock wall, and grabbed onto it, climbed a few feet, then checked if Randall wasn’t looking. Satisfied, I made the climb, and removed the lower row of the pitons. Then I moved slower, holding onto the tarps, scrunching them and then throwing them up over the cliff one by one. I teared up a bit as I revealed the four words and a question mark. When I was done, I canonballed into the water below, and then swam back to Randall. I hugged him from behind. “I love you, Randall, you know that, right?” “Yeah Ed, I love you too.” I let him go, and took a few steps back, “Alright, you can turn around now.” He turned around, squinted at the walls, his squint relaxing, and then he smiled and I saw his eyes water. “Absolutely buddy, I will.” --- Well, here you go guys, hope you enjoyed it, please point out any mistakes you've found, and any comments and critique are always welcome!
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    I've not personally, I'm only 5' 9" but a couple of my friends have had to do so. My one friend it is primarily height. He has a slight decent build on him, but he can't go any heavier or it will tear his joints up so bad he will become crippled. Alas, the problems some of the extremely tall men get. He's 7' 6". He lives in an older farmhouse because of it's higher ceilings - 12' range so he can stretch with his arms up when he likes to. The age of the house means most of the rooms are pretty big area wise so he doesn't have a problem there, but he has had to have a custom bed and computer chair made in order for him to feel comfortable and he's had the kitchen counters raised up quite a bit so he can comfortably bend at them to do things like fix meals. Of course ceiling fans have to be placed where there is at least 8' of room between them and the floor. The other friend is still quite tall 6' 10" and at his heaviest muscle weight was 440lbs. He too went for an older farm house, but I think his ceilings are only 9' tall. He... has had to have several things custom made not only due to his height but due to his mass and weight. He's needed a custom made toilet, not so much because he could break it, although if he just plopped down on it, I imagine he could do some damage, but because the size of his glutes and thighs, combined with the frame length of his body, hard to balance himself on a regular sized toilet. The adjustment isn't much, but it is there. Most chairs need to be reinforced, his bed needed to be extended and reinforced as well. He had his couch specially made as well so he could stretch out on it, and the dining table, from what i heard, was originally normal and he just sat kind of askew, but when his son his puberty and passed him up in height, they raised the table and gave his wife a booster seat. It's just going to depend upon how tall and how thick and built the man is and where he's living as to whether home accommodations need to be adjusted. On the smaller scale I have several friends who are 6' 3 - 6" tall, some beefy, some portly, some lithe, but all of them have to watch themselves in modern, normal height room (8' tall) and the ceiling fans and chandeliers hung there. They also usually can't stand (both figuratively and actually) in some models of mobile homes, but stick them in an old Farm, Victorian, or Edwardian style home and they're quite comfortable.
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    hitting chest and biceps!! Pumped to keep growing!!
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    I'm excited to post my first story after years of following this forum. This story involves two of my main loves: muscle growth and werewolves. So I hope you enjoy! (PS I had to rush a bit to try and meet my deadline, so I apologize that it's unpolished) Wild Love Written by Ferren Wolf Story by Vertical and Ferren Wolf He must have been the biggest man she’d ever seen. Meredith had come across all sorts of characters in her years working at Olad Shepard Bank but never a bodybuilder. At least, he had to be a bodybuilder, she thought. Sure she’d seen some fit people, gym goers who built a nice physique, but this customer blew all of them out of the water with his size. None of them had shoulders so immense and so wide that they looked could almost reach the edges of her station. And she had never seen someone with arms so massive they reminded her of the giant cans of tomato sauce she saw the store. And the the tank top he wore did little to hide the man’s chest. The low neckline revealed sculpted pectorals that she only saw in action movies. Except the difference between the heroes in those films and this man was the hair that covered his body. Meredith was surprised that this customer exposed his body hair in public. She could easily compare it to fur with the amount he had, which wasn’t the most flattering look. But the man wore it well, exuding confidence in his appearance just by his natural swagger. What also added to his poise were his handsome looks. A strong jawline, prominent cheekbones, and a deep set of brown eyes just radiated masculinity. The man also carried a short, yet thick, full beard and eyebrows, pointed and bushy, to help further distinguish him from anyone else in a crowd. Well, if his size wasn’t distinguishable enough. Because if there was a light shining on this customer’s back, Meredith would have been engulfed by shadow. The man’s wide proportions was matched by his height. At least six and a half feet tall, she estimated. How on Earth did he fit inside vehicles? “Good afternoon, sunshine, how are you doing today?” The man greeted her with a deep, yet friendly voice. Meredith did a double take in her head. She knew she shouldn’t judge a man by appearances, but she didn’t expect such a warm greeting from someone with his daunting size and face. She turned her head away and coughed a few times, giving her time to recompose herself so her previous staring didn’t seem so obvious. “Good afternoon, sir,” she then replied, in her usual tone of voice, “how can I help you today?” She repeated in her head to focus on his eyes and not his body. The man scratched his beard. “Well, actually, I’m kind of new at this. My partner is usually the one taking care of the financial side of things, you know? But today he’s busy and he’s asked me to get a money order. I’ve never got one before, so would you mind walking me through the steps?” “Of course. Just slide your card there and put in your pin.” Meredith couldn’t help staring at the customer’s thick, veiny forearm as he slid his card. She didn’t even realize forearms even had that much muscle. Her screen refreshed, showing her the customer’s relevant information. “Thank you...Mr. Harson.” Meredith proceeded to assist her customer, confirming the amount needed and then pulling the money from his account. Once she printed out the order, she handed it to Harson, while explaining what each part of the order meant. “That’s the amount, and there’s where you need to sign, and that’s a receipt for your records.” “That you very much, ma’am. You’ve been a big help,” Harson said, holding up the order that appeared comically small next to his massive body. As he left the booth, Meredith followed him with her eyes, taking a last look at his impressive form. She got to see his legs, which she couldn’t before from her behind her desk. To no surprise, those were just as thick as the rest of his body. She imagined two, maybe even three, of her arms wouldn’t match the width of one of his thighs. She sucked in breath in amazement. She turned her chair to grab her water bottle and caught the eye of her coworker, Beth. She, too, had been gazing at Harson as he walked away, her astonishment at the man’s physique a little more telling to other people. Once Harson was definitively out of earshot, Beth leaned in and whispered, “He’s got to be a werewolf, right?” “I’m back!” Amos Harson called out as he turned his body to comfortably fit through the front the door. He set down several bags of groceries that he carried in both of his hands. “Perfect timing,” came the reply from the kitchen followed by the sound of the sink shutting off. Then his husband came out of the room, wiping his hands on his red and white apron. Jakob grinned and hugged Amos, the juxtaposition between the two as dramatic as black and white. Jakob’s head only reached up to his husband’s chest, a pair of thick bowling balls Jakob was only too eager to stuff his face against. His skinny frame looked like a toothpick next to Amos’ broad torso. And his arms could only reach so far around his husband’s wide, expansive back. Jakob took a step back, his heels hitting the floor after tiptoeing the hug. “I was just about to start dinner. I take it you found all the groceries okay?” Amos nodded, then pulled out the money order from his back pocket. “Got this, too. The teller helped me out a ton. She was sweet.” “Well, no one can resist your irresistible charm,” Jakob said, scratching the underside of Amos’ chin. “Heh, she and her coworker were staring at me like they’d never seen a bodybuilder before.” “Maybe they like big muscles, too. You never know...oof!” Jakob tried to pick up all the bags of groceries and nearly pulled his back. Amos had to take them back before Jakob could hurt himself seriously. “I’m the strong one here, let me take those.” He held the bags effortlessly and followed the sheepishly smiling Jakob to the kitchen. “I’ve got the steaks seasoned, the water boiling for the quinoa, and I was washing the spinach before you came in,” Jakob said, explaining his dinner preparations. “I can’t wait to eat. I’m starving and I’m going to need that protein for tonight.” Jakob nodded, pulling the groceries out of their bags. “Speaking of, are you all set for the night?” He giggled and squirmed as Amos playfully ran his fingernails down his back. “You know I’m always ready for a full moon,” Amos said, adding a little growl to his deep voice. “No friends, no family, no work. It’s just you and me.” He bent down, sticking his nose against Jakob’s neck, taking a long sniff like a predator playing with his prey. Jakob pulled away from Amos and pointed out towards the hallway. “Alright, you hungry beast, save it for later. Get yourself showered and I’ll have dinner ready soon.” Chuckling, Amos complied to his husband’s wishes and let him continue cooking. He would have him later on, after all. Amos felt his mouth water as Jakob served the grilled steak on his plate. He rested a finger on his fork, ready to devour it that perfectly charred piece of meat once Jakob settled in. “How’s your trip preparation going, hon?” he asked in the meantime. “It is going so well, oh my gosh. I got the room booked. Oh, get this, they had everything booked for the weekend, like literally nothing was left, but ten minutes before I called, one room canceled, can you believe it?” Jakob practically squealed as he relayed his story, almost forgetting to serve the sides for the meal. “I’m glad to hear that.” Amos tried to give a genuine smile, but his attention focused mostly on the incredible smelling dinner in front of him. “So you’re going up Friday morning with Travis?” “Sure am! Are you sure you don’t to come with? I think you’d have a lot of fun.” Amos did his best not to roll his eyes. Jakob had been asking if he’d go every other day. He was sure it was to get him to dress as the Hulk while he and his friend dressed as two other superheroes he didn’t know the names of. “Gonna be a hard no for me, hon.” “Aww, why not? Don’t want to be seen with a bunch of nerds?” Jakob said, teasingly. Amos chuckled. “I don’t think I’ll understand comic book culture. I’ll let you handle all that.” “Fine, fine, but if I see cute, buff guy in costume, you might never see me again!” “Really? You’re going to leave this?” Amos pushed his chair back and brought his arms up into a double bicep pose. His bloated arms thickened instantly, biceps transforming into hard mounds. “Mm, you make a good point, I’d missed that for sure.” Jakob then dug into his steak, letting the conversation topic go. Amos dropped his arms down feeling smug about his body’s influence on his husband. Then he realized: Jakob wanted him to put on that brief gun show. Who was influencing who? That’s something the two could debate on a little later tonight. In the meantime, he had a steak to devour. He stuck his fork into the center and lifted the whole piece up to his mouth, the smells of the juices and the seasoning wafting up to his sharp nose. He took a large bite, moaning through tight lips as the soft tender meat released its rich juices. “Wow, honey, this is fantastic.” He examined the remaining steak, happy to see the dark red making up the inside. “Just the way I like it.” “Rare for you, as always.” Amos grinned, revealing his sharp canines. “Sometimes a beast likes his meat raw.” “Beast, huh? Are you sure not a pup?” Jakob snickered, which Amos ignored. “Oh and speaking of beasts, I read an article about you today.” “Oh? Reading up on me?” “Well you know, these websites take such great photos of you,” Jakob said, eyeing his husband’s body. He gave him a wink then continued. “But really, I just wanted to read a recap of your last win. I wasn’t able to see you best the other bodybuilders, you know.” Amos smiled, remembering the whole competition. He heard he won over the judges overwhelmingly. And his routine got a ton of hits on Youtube, stroking his ego even more. His pec twitched, eager to flex and show off again. “Anyway, the writer was talking about you, wondering how you have great size and form. And…” Jakob paused to chuckle. “...he suspects that you were possibly a werewolf, can you believe that?” Amos smiled, adding in his own snickers. “But only suspected, right? Nothing confirmed?” “That’s right. But you know, if you keep this up, someone’s going to find your secret~” he sang that last part. Amos waved off his warning. “As long as I keep silent, no one should figure it out.” He flexed an arm, thick muscle bulging out. He mentally compared it with the size he had at the last competition. Hardly any difference, he thought. As he stared at his flexing bicep, he noticed the changing light through the window. “We should finish dinner though, sun’s just about gone.” Jakob agreed. “Gotta get you prepped.” Amos and Jakob finished their dinners then got themselves ready. They changed their attire, Amos wearing an old tank top and faded jeans and Jakob putting on a plain white shirt and stained khakis. After that they headed into the basement. The lights hummed when they flicked on, illuminating the basement with a dark orange hue. Jakob stepped down the stairs first, his feet hitting the wood with small taps. Once he made it halfway down, Amos locked the entrance door, setting the key onto a shelf on the adjacent wall. Then he followed his husband down, the stairs groaning and creaking with each heavy step. Their basement wasn’t large, but it was roomy enough. It was about the size of their living room, which was a decent size due to Amos’ large stature. Goosebumps rose along Amos’ arms as the air got colder and drier. Plastic lined the floor, some areas discolored and ripped, and the only piece of furniture was a mattress two thirds in. Jakob already had the cuffs and chains ready by the mattress. “All ready to go, stud,” Jakob said, holding up one of the chains. “Time to get leashed.” “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Amos laid himself on the mattress, spreading out his arms and legs. One by one, Jakob attached a cuff to each wrist and ankle, limiting the bodybuilder’s mobility. “Every single second. Not too tight, is it?” Amos pulled on each chain. He had about a foot of slack and the cuffs didn’t dig too hard, either. “Nope all good.” Jakob nodded then checked his phone. “Looks like it’s time, you ready, big boy?” “Oh, I’m itching to get started.” Jakob chuckled and scratched Amos’ beard. “Cute.” He set his and Amos’ personal items on the stairs then walked about ten feet from his husband’s supine form. “Well, then,” he said, rolling his shoulders. “Let’s get hairy.” With a blink, his eyes turned a yellow hue. “Ugh!” The skinny nerd fell to his knees and clutched his stomach. His arms gripped himself tight as bolts of pain ran through his body. He fell forward, using one arm to prop up his body. His white shirt clung to his frame, soaked from sudden sweat. The bones in the hand that help up his body popped, then cracked as they shifted, growing longer and more disfigured. Sharp nails sprouted from his fingertips, piercing the tarp as they grew over an inch long. The fingers clenched and trembles as small dark hairs sprouted on his hand, then spread like a wave up his arm. “Aagh!” Jakob grunted as more pain burned through him. He put his other hand on the ground, his left arm mirroring the changes to his right. More bones shifted, this time in his back, as his spine lengthened and ribs expanded, making him taller and wider. His growing torso lifted his shirt higher, exposing his furry stomach. Amos could only watch from the mattress, his head tilted up so he could follow every step of his husband’s transformation, a smile on his lips from the anticipation. He stared as fur covered the rest of Jakob’s’ body, some patches even poking through the fabric of his clothes. Then he saw his husband fall forward onto his stomach, one hand clutching his leg as they popped and shifted, lengthening and giving Jakob more height. Just like with his hands, Jakob’s feet then grew longer and more animalistic, with claws poking out the tip of his toes. With a hoarse yelp, Jakob turned onto his side, his body clenching up again. His face, already scrunched up in pain, became even more disfigured as his nose and mouth extended out of his head. Jakob twisted his head side to side as they pushed forward slowly, inch by inch. The longer his new muzzle pushed out, the more his new, sharpened teeth became exposed, until finally it fully formed and Jakob could take heavy breaths again. His head twitched as his ears grew pointed and shifted to the top of his skull. Finally his head resembled that of a proper wolf. Jakob collapsed in a heap, the only sounds of life coming from his heavy breathing. The newly transformed werewolf had his eyes closed, recovering from the pains of change. An outsider would have chuckled at the sight, a werewolf wearing too-small clothing. Nearby, Amos leaned his head back on the mattress. His cock was fully stiff under his jeans, a wet spot slowly increasing as each minute went by. There wasn’t anything he could do about it yet so he waited patiently, eyes closed and thinking. That is, until the werewolf yelped out of nowhere, leading Amos to smile. He tilted his head back up just in time to see Jakob get up on all fours. “Grrf!” The werewolf let out another grunt, but this one sounded different from before. Instead of pain, Jakob seemed to be experience pleasure. He kept grunting and growling, his form quivering in place. “Grooaar!” The werewolf suddenly reared back and thrust his chest out. Schrip! His tight shirt obliterated into pieces as muscles erupted from underneath. Huge slabs of meat burst through, thick nipples forced down as pecs boomed larger. His shoulder blew up like into hard wrecking balls and his traps thickened into view. Muscles bulged all over his back, forcing the werewolf to shift left and right as continuously pushing the beast. Soon his overgrown upper body looked strong enough to take on a tank, but his growth was only just starting. To his sides, his arms trembled then swelled, growing inch by inch and pound by pound. His biceps got so big the peak reached halfway up his forearm, which also thickened with hard muscle. An invisible stomach became defined, abs forming into view and solidifying into bricks thick enough to see through his fur. “O-oh god…” Amos moaned, his cock throbbing hard in his jeans. Watching his skinny husband hulking out into a monstrous beast always got him going. He thought of it as Jakob letting loose, with Amos getting to benefit just as much as Jakob. With another groan, he pushed up with his hips, getting his cock to rub against the denim. Meanwhile Jakob clutched his thighs, letting out a pleasurable growl as his quads surged out with mass. Like with his shirt, his khakis shredded under the pressure of his mammoth muscles. The werewolf jerked then got down on all fours again, giving his legs more room to grow. Amos could see the wave of growth as Jakob’s calves grew larger next, splitting more seams in his pants. Thick, striated muscles expanded, giving the werewolf extra power to his legs. Jakob shook off his ruined then peered down. Amos knew what the wolf was looking at, because he was staring, too. Without clothes, Jakob’s hard cock was fully exposed. With a guttural moan, the beast ran a massive paw across his rod. His cock jumped, throbbing to life as though activated by a switch. Spittle flew out of the werewolf’s muzzle when his cock lurched again, this time inflating like a balloon. Each throb made it longer and thicker, getting larger than a standard water bottle. A long tongue stuck out as the werewolf gave himself a few strokes. His body trembled, trying to control the pleasure coursing through it. Jakob in human form would be stupefied if he had a cock as long as his forearm, Amos thought. The werewolf suddenly cried out, letting go of his cock to pound the ground with double fists, causing the room to shake. Another growth spurt hit the beast, muscles exploding all over his body. Shoulders spread further apart, abs hardened into cobblestones, and pecs blew up into beach balls. Even his cock grew again, the tip reaching his chest, at least eighteen inches of hot, heavy werewolf flesh leaking precum and emanating strong, powerful musk. Tension released from the werewolf again, though this time he kept himself up on his knees. The beast panted heavily, his chest heaving up and down as he tried to reorient himself. He slowly stood up, getting used to his new weight, and as he rose to his full height. Jakob had turned into a veritable wall of muscle. Over eight and a half feet tall, and close to that in width, the beast could be his own one-man army. Or his own Hulk, as Jakob would be more inclined to be compared to. Amos couldn’t help but moan sensually at his Jakob’s new size. He had seen his twinky husband transform many times, but the sight of his skinny body turning into an enormous heavily-muscled brute never ceased to excite him. His jeans were soaking wet, his cock painfully trapped under restrictive fabric. Amos pulled at his chains, his hands wanting to grope and explore the werewolf’s massive form. For a moment there was a stillness in the room. Amos was locked into a position and could only stare at Jakob from the mattress. And Jakob merely stood a few feet away, two paws caressing his massive shaft, as focusing on just pleasuring himself as if he had forgotten where he was. “Jakob,” Amos finally called out. The werewolf’s ears twitched at the name, yet he didn’t move. Jakob didn’t keep his full conscious mind in wolf form, but his memories hid in his subconscious thought. So the werewolf knew Amos’ voice and his name were familiar. “Whatcha waiting for, hon?” Amos continued, shaking the chains to make them rattle. “I’m right over here.” Sometimes Jakob remained docile after transforming and needed a little push to really let his wild side through. The werewolf got down on all fours, taking a few sniffs. His nostrils flared as he took in the scents in the room and his eyes narrowed as he analyzed the man on the floor. He circled around the helpless bodybuilder, a trail of precum following Jakob, whose cock throbbed at the prospect of “attacking” prey. Jakob eventually approached Amos towards his head. The bodybuilder stared as the werewolf’s big muzzle entered view and started sniffing his body. Starting from his neck, Jakob’s nose explored and smelled Amos’ scent, going down to his chest, his armpits, his stomach, and further down. He stepped over the chained man, so the farther he went, the more Amos got to see of his husband’s monstrous body. Normally the larger of the two, Amos dominated Jakob in the bedroom. But on full moons, Amos became the subordinate. Jakob’s massive werewolf form controlled the scene, while Amos was merely a defenseless, vulnerable servant to his husband’s desires. And he loved every minute of it. He enjoyed being chained and letting Jakob tap into his beastly side, indulging in acts he wouldn’t and couldn’t normally do in human form. The bodybuilder let out a groan when Jakob’s nose reached his tented jeans. He could hear the beast taking deeper sniffs, having located the source of his strong scent. While the wolf’s nose buried into his crotch, Amos used the mobility he had to reach Jakob’s massive thighs, getting a small squeeze in. The werewolf pulled up and growled with warning at Amos. He was the predator. He did the touching for now. To make his point he oriented himself so his body faced the same direction as Amos’. Then he took a massive paw and placed it on his husband’s torso. Amos grunted as his body held up the heavy weight. Then he yelped as Jakob grabbed and tore his shirt in one motion, some of the claws scratching his skin. The paw returned to his body, now pressing in and rubbing at the bodybuilder's muscles. Even though he was now larger and more muscular, the werewolf could still enjoy other men’s bulging frames. Jakob dipped his muzzle onto Amos’ chest and traced the man’s bloated pecs, his nose twitching as it navigated the hairy space. Satisfied, the werewolf moved back over to Amos’ lower body, his paw dragging over to the bodybuilder’s tight jeans. Two fingers slipped under the waistband, and before Amos could say anything, Jakob yanked hard, button popping and zipper tearing apart. It took more effort this time rip that piece of clothing, denim a lot tougher than cotton. But no fabric could stand a chance against the tank of muscles and soon Amos was just as naked as he. A pleased growl greeted Amos’ hard ten-inch cock. Jakob eyed his prize hungrily while Amos just watched, wondering what his husband would do next. A wet nose sniffed at the thick rod, the bodybuilder’s musk no longer held back by clothing. Hot, heavy breaths warmed up the leaking cock as the werewolf basked in Amos’ masculine scent. “O-oh, fu-uck!” A long tongue met Amos’ cock, riding up the entire length of his rod. Amos squirmed on the mattress, the strange yet pleasurable sensation sending heavy waves of endorphins. More pre spurted from the tip, which Jakob lapped up hungrily. Amos continued thrashing about in place, chains pulling taut as he tried to contain his release. Sensing Amos’ near orgasm, Jakob pulled back and let the bodybuilder relax. As he came down from his close release, Amos tilted his head up. The werewolf was staring at him, and he could tell that the beast was smiling. Jakob was toying with him. And he wasn’t done yet. The immovable tank changed Amos' position, pulling up on his legs, getting them to bend and then spread out to the sides. His prey groaned, knowing what was coming next. Jakob had been ignoring his own cock, and it had been standing at attention all this time. The leaking rod made Amos’ tool look like a nail in comparison and it was raring to go. “Easy, go slo- oh fuck!” Amos cried out as fourteen inches of thick werewolf meat tried to enter him. Enormous paws wrapped around the bodybuilder’s waist, tugging hard to brute force the werewolf’s cock into Amos’ ass. The chained man looked like a doll, powerless to defend himself against the beast’s might. Each thrust brought sharp pain, but even as Amos endured the torment he couldn’t help admire the muscular beast on top of him. He could see each hard, defined muscle tensing, bulging larger as Jakob used his primal strength. Just being in their presence made this wild ride worth the agony. “Ah! Fuck! Fuck! Ooh! Oh, oh yes!” Cries of pain transitioned into moans of pleasure when Jakob finally got his cock in deep enough. But that didn’t diminish the werewolf’s efforts. In fact, the beast only thrusted harder now that Amos’ tight ass provided stimulation. His cuffs dug into Amos’ wrists and ankles, but he hardly noticed while he had one of the best fuckings in his life. The beast expressed satisfaction, too, aggressive growls turning into sensual moans and lustful grunts. He couldn’t fit his entire length inside - as if there was any chance he could - but he was deep enough to feel the pleasure coursing through his body. Even with Amos’ cries and clenched body, he continued thrusting unabated, dominating the bodybuilder with his strength. “Fuck, harder! Yes! Yes!” It felt so good to Amos to be on the other side for a change and getting his ass fucked. He could feel Jakob letting his animal instincts run wild, the skinny nerd being the aggressive top this time. “Oh, f-fuck!” He climaxed so hard he could see white. His cock sprayed like a wild hose, getting all over his body and some even flung at the beast. The gratification that the werewolf got by dominating his husband became too much and with a loud roar his cock seized up and fired into the helpless bodybuilder. Load after load filled up the man, eventually it became too much that Jakob had to pull out. The thick cock was still firing as it popped out of Amos’ ass, ropes of cum shooting out and raining down all over. Amos yelped as werewolf spunk landed on his face multiple times, and he ended up swallowing a good portion of it. It wasn’t long before his entire body was completely drenched, like he’d just walked underneath a white waterfall. Eventually the beast’s orgasm did fade, and the exhausted werewolf lied down, exhausted. His ears twitched when cum dripped from the ceiling, landing on his head, but Jakob was too tired to move. Meanwhile, the bodybuilder was squirming on the mattress. After swallowing a good amount of the beast’s load, his body warmed up until his muscles burned. Amos could feel his body tense, each muscle flexing, except none of them deflated back to original size. He turned his head to look at his arms, and he could tell he added another inch in size, much to his satisfaction. Jakob woke up, picking his skinny, human body up slowly and trying to understand where he was. Vague images popped in his head as he surveyed the mess around him. Torn clothing, sticky fluids, and a chained man. He grinned, understanding what a great time last night was. He crawled up to his husband and patted his leg. “Hmm...what?” Amos stirred, opening his eyes to see his Jakob next to him. “Well hey there, you big beast. How’re you doing?” “Exhausted, but feeling pretty good.” Jakob lifted up a corner of the mattress, grabbing the key for Amos’ cuffs. He proceeded to free his husband of his restraints. “I take it last night with the wolf went well?” Amos grinned. “I had a howling good time.” “Har har, I bet the wolf showed you your pl- hey wait.” Jakob examined his husband’s body. “You look different. Did you - you didn’t!” Jakob stood up to get a better view. “We agreed you wouldn’t consume the wolf’s seed this time. Someone’s going to notice that you’re gaining too quickly!” “Hey hey hey! It wasn’t my fault! You just sprayed your spunk everywhere!” Jakob huffed.“You could have chosen not to swallow it!” “Hm...I suppose you make a good point. But you know how much I enjoy getting bigger!” He flexed his arms, showing off his engorged biceps. “As I recall you enjoyed it, too, wolfman.” He gave his million dollar smile and Jakob couldn’t help returning one. “Ugh, someone’s going to find out if you keep growing like this. So no more growing for a year!” “What?!” “It’s for your own good. Unless you want someone digging deeper into how you got so big!” Amos sighed and rested his head back on the floor. “Fine. At least you can still take me in the ass okay. Speaking of, I think your monthly escapades could improve if we had more space. Could put in some worthwhile additions.” Jakob smirked. “Why do you think I had you pick up the money order?” He yelped as Amos pulled him down, ready to thank him with a good morning fucking.
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    Here I am trying to meet yet another guy on the internet dating site, and when he shows up, he is nothing like he said he was when we talked online. I guess that is the risk of online dating. I know that I have a certain person in mind when deciding if he is “the one” for me. You see, I have this fetish that not just anyone can understand. I am sure that most of you have heard of a lift and carry fetish, but most of the time when you look it up online it is a girl lifting a guy. That does not do anything for me. I am not a small guy by any means. In fact, most people would say I am larger than the average American male. I am 6’2, 235lbs, and I love to be lifted. When I tell people that, I mainly get the same response. “You should be the one doing the lifting”. Yes you are right, I am big and I am pretty strong too, not fat, just big. So you can see my dilemma. I have a specific criteria that I am looking for when it comes to dating. The guy must be confident, but not arrogant. He must be strong…very strong. I would really like for him to be taller than me, but that is not a must. Most important, he must be able and willing to lift me. I want it to be as much a turn on for him to lift me as it is for mee to be held by him. I am beginning to wonder if he is even out there, or is only in my fantasy that this can come true. As I said, I meet this guy online and he tells me he is tall, about 6’6 and 285lbs all muscle. That should have been a red flag right there, but my man parts got the best of me and I went with it. This guy before me now, is about 5’9 with shoes, and no more than 200lbs, with no muscle to show for it. I excused myself from the table to go use the restroom and try to figure out how to get out of this date without hurting his feelings. When I got back the table was empty, and my date was gone. I was shocked, but relieved at the same time. So, I sit back down and order a beer. The waiter comes over with my drink and as I offer him payment, he said “oh don’t worry about, the guy at the end of the bar just picked up your tab for you!” WHAT??? I look over and there is this guy in his late 30’s wearing an oversized hoody, and is looking right at me. He is sitting down on the stool, so I cannot see much of his lower half, but not a bad looking guy. He smiles at me and nods his head inviting me over to him. I am not really in the mood for another guy hitting on me when the last guy totally played me, but I felt drawn to go over to him. As I got closer, his features became more clear to me. He still had this oversized hoody which concealed any muscle he may have. When I approach him, it puts his hand on the stool next to him. “Did you just get hooked with another loser you met on the internet?” he asked. “Is it that obvious?” I asked him. “Well, I could tell that there was no chemistry between the two of you. When you went into the bathroom, I went over and told him you were not interested in him. He got the point and left.” I was kind of taken back by him butting into my business, but I was also somehow grateful as well. “Were you watching us the whole time?” Something was really strange with this man, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. “Let me just say I know who you are, and what you are looking for, and he is not the one!” He was right, but how did he know these things about me so well. I couldn’t respond, I was just frozen in place. Here is what I think you are looking for. You are a pretty big guy under normal circumstances. But you don’t want that In a relationship now is it?” I just nodded my head up and down like a child would respond to his parent when being asked a question. “…and I know that size is important to you as well. The guy must be strong…very strong. He must also be confident, but not arrogant, am I right?” How does he know this. “You don’t have to respond because I already know the answer. You see, I know that you want to feel protected, to be picked up and carried like a child.” Well I wouldn’t go that far, but I do want to be picked up and carried. “I know that you want to feel like the smaller guy for once don’t you? Again, don’t respond, I already know the answer. “What the hell is going on here” I get up out of my seat and start to back away and then I believe that my eyes were opened for the first time. The man in front of me was not sitting on a regular bar stool, but a chair that he brought up to the bar to sit in. I am still face to face with him sitting down. WTF?? The man stands up and I am now at chest level as he slowly walks towards me. I know I should run, but my feet feel like cement stuck to the floor. As he gets right in front of me, he looks down at me, puts his hands underneath my arms and lifts me first about his head, then lowers me so I am face to face with him. He is not angry, but almost see compassion in his eyes. “Just relax Blake, I am not going to hurt you. I just want to show you how it feels to be manhandled by a real man. Wait did I just call you Blake, my mistake, I didn’t mean to say that in public, I know your online name is cumliftme isn’t it?” So here I am in this giant man’s arms, well over 7ft tall, feel dangling off the ground, and he it telling me things about myself that nobody should know. How is this happening. “My name is Daniel, and I have been watching your online activity from a distance. I saw that you have the same user id for several different lift and carry websites. I knew that you were meeting this guy tonight, but he would not be what you were looking for.” Again, I was dumbfounded by what I was hearing. Blake, I don’t want you to be frightened by me. I came tonight to protect you. I want to be the man that you are looking for. I want to take care of you if you will let me. I can make all of your fantasies come true. I believe I am doing part of that right now aren’t I? You see me now as a giant of a man, but I have only just begun to show you what I can do to you and for you. When you came over here, you had no idea what you were getting into. You just saw a man that was big, but you had no clue how big until I stood up. Now look at you! I have been holding you for the past 5 minutes and I am not even straining.” I look down and I see my feet dangling two feet off of the ground. Until right now, I only lived this type of fantasy in my mind, now I am experiencing it in real life. I am being held in the arms of the man of my dreams, but even though it was obvious he has been studying me for a while now, I did not know anything about him. What if he was being nice to me until he was alone with me. Would he rape me, leave me to die? But somehow I knew that I could trust him. Daniel is looking down and sees my tent and begins to laugh. “I can see that you like me holding you don’t you?” I knew that I did not need to respond because it was obvious what the answer was. “Blake, I am not going to hurt you, I promise, and if you want to leave, I will put you down and you can go on your way, but I don’t think that is what you want me to do is it?” I nod my head in response. He walks back over to my stool and sets me on top of it. “wait here, and don’t move from this seat, I will be right back.” He walks away to use the restroom. I can’t believe what just happened. What is he planning to do with me. I knew this was my chance to run, but I couldn’t move. I was obedient and waited for his return. The wheels of my head were spinning at this point. I was beginning to think I was imagining what just happened. But then he returns. He has removed his sweatshirt and has a muscle shirt on as tight as can be. This man is huge!! His arms had to be 25” around, I have a 48” chest, and I only was only half of his. I knew he was tall when he was holding me, but damn, he was really tall. Well over 7ft tall. Along with the L&C fetish, I have a thing for smooth giant pecs. I wanted to bury my face into his at that moment. And he is still a ways off in the distance walking towards me. He walks up to me with a great big grin on his face, knowing what I was thinking. “There, I feel better now. I didn’t want you to notice my size before it was time. If you were attracted to your date, I didn’t want my physique to be a distraction. Plus, I wanted to surprise you when the time was right.” I am sitting on the bar stool, which sits up pretty high, but I still only came up to his chest. He looks down at my crotch and sees my tent. He reaches down and grabs my cock and squeezes. Not with his full strength because he said he did not want to hurt me, but in a way that made his claim on me, that I was his and his alone. “Are you ready to go?” This time, he lifts me off of the seat with just one of his gigantic arms. His smell was amazing. I knew the cologne he was wearing immediately. It was the cologne that they sell at Hollister. He must have known that about me too. I am head over heals with that smell on a man. So here I am, a fully grown man, drooped over the arm of the biggest man I have ever seen. He is walking towards the door. The bar was crowded, so people were watching us as we passed by, moving out of the way of this giant behemoth. We walk outside, I mean he walks outside with me in his arms. He stops and maneuvers to bring me to the front of him. “I want to take you back to my place, but first I thought we would go for a little walk first.” Somehow he was able to turn me around so I was facing away from him and he lifts me high above his head and places me on his shoulders. “are you comfortable up there little guy. I place my hands on his head, ruffling through his blond hair. “This is amazing up here” “I thought you might like it up there. I want to show you all of the ways I can lift you and for how long.” Daniel starts walking down the street with me on his shoulders. “I want to share with you how I found you and started to fantasize about how to lift you. It is easy to lift a little guy, there is no challenge, but there are not very many guys that are as big as you that like to be lifted. I think we were made for each other Blake.” This is only the beginning…
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    Six As I followed Stuart Fox out of the pump room and into a small room occupied by a few small tables and chairs, a large sofa, and a plasma TV screen on the wall, it became apparent that he had no intention of leaving this particular nervous work experience guy to his own devices. Hoping that Stuart would opt for one of the tables, my stomach twinged when he headed towards the sofa instead. I slumped down as Stuart casually sat down next to me, and my non-date suddenly felt a lot more intimate than I had anticipated. I suddenly became extremely self conscious of my hands. In particular, just what the hell I was supposed to do with them. Any anxiety was clearly only on my half though, as Stuart Fox looked just as relaxed sitting next to a near stranger in a small room as he had done instructing an obscenely conditioned bodybuilder in shiny, golden coloured posing trunks on what muscle exploding pose to hit next. Stuart was predictably the one to break the short silence between us, throwing questions at me about my university course and how I was finding living in the States. It wasn’t an uncomfortable engagement, but there seemed to be a slight awkwardness between us which hadn’t been there in the pump room when we were exchanging knowing looks and discussing which muscle freak had the craziest feathered quads in the room. I wasn’t sure if it was my neuroticism coming through, but I couldn’t shake the thought that the awkwardness was mostly due to me and my nerves. I was almost relieved when Stuart Fox suddenly jumped up and asked if he could get me a drink, or anything else, before leaving the room. Alone with my thoughts, I gave myself a prep talk to try and relax and not blow the one chance I’d been given to have a conversation with a highly suspected, like minded muscle obsessed lover of insanely huge, gloriously shredded bodybuilders. A few minutes later, Stuart re-emerged holding two coffee cups. I wasn’t sure if my prep talk had helped, or whether it was the distraction of the coffee, but immediately there seemed to be a significant shift in the atmosphere, and things didn’t feel quite so awkward between us. I was also relieved at the fact that I no longer had the dilemma of what to do with my hands. Stuart picked up the conversation by returning to the topic of my studies. “So, how many other work experience placements do you get to go on as part of your course?” “Erm…two last year, and then another one next semester.” Stuart nodded. “I’m guessing the two from last year were a little more conventional than this place?” I knowingly smiled and nodded in agreement, before posing a question of my own. “Do you have a lot of students doing work experience placements here?” “A few, yeah. The last show I did I looked after one guy. I’m not sure he erm…” he paused and then let out a short chuckle before continuing, “knew what to make of the whole thing. He clearly knew nothing about bodybuilding. A bit like your friend.” Stuart then obviously remembered the prior conversation we’d had in the pump room where I’d informed him that Billy was categorically not my friend. “Classmate, sorry,” he said, correcting himself with a cheeky smile. “He didn't frown as much though,” he added. “I think Bryan likes to hook the work experience guys up with me cause he knows I’ll chat to them,” Stuart continued, giving the first mention to the future Mrs Charlie Steatham. “I'm not sure what qualifies Baz Wade though,” he added with a confused look. “Maybe that’s just Bryan’s way of amusing himself! Put the angry ones with attitude who are pissed they didn’t get a better work placement with Baz, and put the nice ones with me.” I saw him cautiously look at me from the corner of his eye, as I hid my bashful smile into my coffee cup which I was conveniently taking a swig out of, and tried to hide the fact that I was probably blushing a little at the small but rather sweet compliment Stuart Fox had just thrown me. “So, have you helped film many bodybuilding shows?” I asked. It seemed like a good place to start in getting to know more about him. “This one’s my fourth,” Stuart replied. “I was so nervous on my first gig!” The statement took me by complete surprise and I instinctively shot him a sceptical wide eyed look. “What?” he exclaimed in response, with a short laugh. “Nothing!” I replied. “It’s just…you don't seem like the nervous type.” He threw me one of his handsome grins. “Well I’m kinda used to it all now, but my first time in a pump room, surrounded by bodybuilders I was a wreck! I kept worrying that people would be looking at me, and they’d…” he paused slightly, then continued, “know why I was there.” If I’d have taken a sip of my coffee at that particular moment, I’m almost sure I would have spat it straight back out. I knew exactly what Stuart Fox was implying with this statement; he was, as I’d highly suspected, as much of a lover of huge, freaky muscle as I was. What I wasn’t prepared for though, and what I never would have predicted, was Stuart Fox's next confession. “Plus, I didn’t know how the hell to work a camera.” I instinctively smiled and nodded before realising what he’d actually said. Noticing the confused expression which had emerged on my face, Stuart mischievously smirked and began to explain. “Well…I’d never actually used one before.” At this point he rather amusingly looked at the door to double check no one was within earshot and, with a devilish look on his face, he continued. “You see, I don’t really have any interest in being a camera man. I mean, I know how to use them now from working on the crew, but that’s where it ends. I never pick up a camera outside of working at a bodybuilding show.” My head was spinning at the revelation that the camera man who’d spent the afternoon mentoring me wasn’t actually a camera man, and further more, had no interest in being one. It was already glaringly obvious why he was spending his Saturday afternoon backstage at a bodybuilding show, but his next statement, and the slightly bashful expression and endearingly cheeky smirk which immediately followed was about to confirm what that reason was. “I'm kind of here for other reasons.” If Stuart Fox’s hint wasn't enough to make me blush, his next statement certainly was. “Which I’m guessing is the same reason you know what an abs and thighs is. And how you know who Justin Hughes is!” If someone had told me the day before that my work experience placement filming backstage at a bodybuilding show would result in one of the guys on the camera crew revealing his suspicions that I was a secret muscle lover harbouring an insatiable lust for the abnormally sized and freakishly ripped muscle monsters that would made up our filming subjects, I probably would have experienced something close to a panic attack and made the very easy decision to not have turned up at the auditorium that morning, happily accepting a poor grade in Professor Walsh’s class as a result and leaving Billy Horvath to embark on this crazy adventure on his own. However, sitting next to charming, handsome Stuart Fox suggesting in his slightly teasing but undoubtedly endearing way that it was abundantly clear that, much like him, I was backstage at a bodybuilding competition because the mere thought of seeing the gorgeously shredded abs and ridiculously huge biceps of a competition conditioned muscle freak in person made my mouth water and boxer shorts tighten like a vice, I found myself incapable of suppressing the elated smile that was emerging on my slightly flustered face. The smile which was enough confirmation that Stuart Fox needed that his suspicions were, indeed, well-founded. Sure, I had spoken to other muscle lovers online, but sitting and discussing this unique and crazy fetish with another person who harboured the same thoughts and feelings as me was like a revelation. I was finally sharing my much kept secret with someone, and it felt like I’d, at last, found the keys to a locked door I’d been trying desperately trying to open for as long as I could remember.
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    I couldn’t help noticing that Stuart still looked a little flustered. His completely unexpected but rather adorable minor embarrassment at Mr Gorgeous Abs drawing everyone’s attention to Justin's fantastically shredded glutes clearly hadn’t affected his confidence too much though, as he leaned towards me and offered up one of his hottest confessions of the day. “I love it when guys really crank up the attitude when they pose.” I couldn’t suppress the grin emerging on my face, and before I had chance to go into panic mode over what to say, or completely lose my nerve and remain silent, I nodded in agreement and blurted out the first thing that entered my conscience. “It’s pretty fucking awesome!” It wasn’t much, but it still felt like something of a breakthrough, and judging by the gleeful smile on Stuart Fox’s face, it had clearly been a worthy enough response. “So,” Stuart continued, “I think we can tick off the most inhumanly shredded guy in the room.” I grinned and slowly nodded in agreement, wide eyed as if to say, “HELL FUCKING YEAH WE CAN!” “Hmmm. Anything else?” Stuart asked. It seemed like he was trying to coax me into talking more openly about muscle, as if trying to unleash my inner beef obsessed muscle addict. Oooh er…let me think! The most ridiculously CUTE guy in the room? The guy with the most slurp-tastic, shiny blue posing trunks? The guy with the most freakishly striated, line plastered, “Is this real life? Yes I think it might just be,” shredded fucking GLUTES?! “Erm…was it, the guy with the craziest feathered quads?” OHGODOHGODOHGOD. I just said feathered! I just said QUADS! Stuart excitably nodded and grinned, ignoring the fact that the violent blushing had returned to my cheeks. “Oh yeah!” he agreed. “Without a doubt! His buddie’s a pretty close second though!” With me opening up and relaxing more with Stuart, the way he spoke had suddenly taken on a more mischievous and excitable tone. Whatever was going on between Stuart Fox and I, one thing was for sure; he was clearly having fun with his brilliant, self invented pump room game, and enjoying the fact that he’d manage to find someone to play it with. “I think we need to invent a new category for him,” Stuart continued. I looked at him blankly, eager to know what his next words would be. “The most outrageously cocky poser in the room!” FUUUCCKKK!! YEEESSSSS!! If I had given any pre thought as to what my next statement would be, I’m almost entirely convinced I wouldn’t have said it. “I think he deserves the most incredibly shredded abs title too!” THEY’RE ON FIRE! MY CHEEKS ARE LITERALLY ON FIRE! Responding with a huge, elated smile on his face, Stuart said, “You’re good at this,” before giving out a few, gleeful chuckles of laughter. Meanwhile, trying to cope with the emotions that came with the aftermath of saying the words “shredded” and “abs” to another living human, my head felt like it was just about ready to explode. “There is one guy I’m itching to hunt down though,” Stuart confessed. The most like minded muscle addict/work experience guy you want to grab and snog the fucking face off of before dragging back home and living in mutual muscle obsessed bliss? “The most all out monstrous muscle freak in the room!” Hmmm. That’ll work for me too. FUCK YEAH!! As I smiled in response, I was suddenly reminded of a potential candidate for that particular title who I’d already spotted twice that day. Last seen sitting down, fully clothed and clutching a pair of the shiniest bright red posing trunks, I became immediately curious at to where Blaine Holton was hiding in the pump room, and whether he had ditched his black tracksuit and climbed into those very posing trunks yet. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a loud bellow coming from another part of the pump room. It also seemed to have attracted the attention of a number of people around Stuart and I, who were now eagerly glancing around. Another loud yell erupted, followed by some jeers of encouragement which were almost just as loud. Excited voices and laughter followed in response from the people around us, and Stuart looked at me wide eyed with a look of curiosity and excitement on his face as if to say, “What the fuck was THAT?” As I nervously glanced around, Stuart nudged me and directed my attention to a spot in the pump room I’d already made myself acquainted with, where the same extremely masculine, rather frightening looking but still unquestionably sexy bodybuilder in a backwards cap I’d spotted earlier, but was now stripped to his black posing trunks to reveal impressively huge and brutally thick muscle mass was stood with a small group of equally thuggish looking men I was more than familiar with gathered around him. As this insanely huge baby gorilla in black posers slammed down as hard as he possibly could into an incredible side tricep pose, his thick, dinner plate pecs looking absolutely mind blowing, and his thick square abs bursting through his ever so slightly protruding, turtle shell stomach, he let out an absurdly loud and aggressive, “ARRRGGHHH!” to which his friends and spectators responded with cheers of encouragement. THE NOISISET POSER IN THE ROOM Baz Wade’s mate!! Stuart’s expression of part fear and part excitement that something pretty awesome was happening matched exactly what I was feeling. “I think your friend’s nightmare just got a whole lot worse,” he exclaimed. Momentarily confused by Stuart Fox’s comment, I then suddenly noticed who was standing on the other side of the camera, mere inches away from this ridiculously huge beast of a bodybuilder as he flexed his outrageously huge muscle mass while releasing the loudest shouts and groans in the cockiest and most arrogant manner. GUY FILMING THE NOISIEST POSER IN THE ROOM BILLY HOR-FUCKING-VATH!! It might have been partly down to the fact that I couldn’t see Billy’s facial expressions, but my earlier feelings of sympathy seemed to have diminished. Instead, I couldn’t help feeling amused at the fact that the most annoying and obnoxious individual I’d ever had the displeasure of knowing, and who earlier that day had expressed his utter disdain and disgust for obscenely huge, ripped to shreds, attitude packed bodybuilders was now just inches away from and filming such a bodybuilder. A bodybuilder who also happened to be the noisiest and undoubtedly one of the most intimidating men in the room, while displaying what had to be the most aggressive style of posing I’d witnessed that day. My attention was taken away from Billy with the very welcome return of a familiar figure in a tight blue t-shirt approaching Stuart and I. “Everything going OK, guys?” Even after being in the company of an impossibly cute, tight bodied, lightweight bodybuilder in the hottest pair of golden coloured posing trunks imaginable, a brilliantly nicknamed, barely human muscle bull with monstrously huge biceps, a shockingly shredded All American muscle boy with breathtaking abs and cheese grater glutes and an amazingly conditioned, slightly geeky but insanely hot muscle freak with the most gorgeous stomach popping abdominals in shiny yellow posers, whose playful posing had been accompanied with some of the cockiest attitude imaginable, Bryan Macleod was still as incredibly sexy as before. His re-appearance confirmed that my attraction for the man I’d maybe one day see in miniature form on the top of a wedding cake standing next to a similar miniature of me in a matching “LIVE FOR THE PUMP” t-shirt hadn’t wavered one bit. Bryan’s next words then bought on a whole new set of emotions. “You’ve been filming for a while now. Why don’t you guys go for a fifteen minute break.” My stomach suddenly tightened in an all too familiar knot for the umpteenth time since seeing the words Filming Backstage at a Local Bodybuilding Competition written down in front of me on a list of potential work placements in Professor Walsh’s class. Stuart Fox didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would abandon a nervous work experience guy, so unless he had something important to do, or somewhere to go, I knew there was a very good chance I’d be spending said break with my filming mentor. Not only was this my ideal opportunity to make a good impression on a mutual muscle obsessed guy, who, despite only knowing for a short period of time, I was growing rather fond of, but it was potentially my chance to discuss some of the muscle crazed feelings I’d been keeping secret for so long. It wasn’t something I would have predicted in the lead up to the day of the bodybuilding show, but I suddenly felt like I was battling the nerves of someone about to embark on a first date with someone they liked. As Stuart said, “Come on, let’s bail,” and signalled for me to follow him away from the pump room, the knots in my stomach tightened and I braced myself for my non-date with Stuart Fox.
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    Even more of a reason to see him now.... Longer you wait the bigger he'll get...