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    Here is the next installment to the Polo Club Story - There will be a two page epilogue coming in the next week, and then rewards delivered to patrons on Patreon - including a PDF of the full comic for download!
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    Brian Salk was walking down the street in a tight-fitting T-shirt, the kind that clung to him so snugly that you could see all of his muscles beautifully pressed against the fabric. People who saw him thought he lived a charmed life as one of the world’s youngest self-made billionaires, at 25 he was the latest wonder kid to make it big in the tech industry. He was on the cover of magazines and billboards. The media was taken by his other talents as well, particularly his prowess as a body builder. Shirtless photos of “the Billion Dollar Six Pack” were everywhere. That combined with his ability to speak 10 languages, play piano and violin like a virtuoso, and his status as a chess master made him into quite the modern-day renaissance man. Brian didn’t mind the attention. He liked people checking him out. It was the closest he could get to imagining what being in a relationship was like. His father, to whom he felt he owed everything, did not approve of his son being in a relationship, not because he was gay. His sexuality was common knowledge and all of his “brothers” were (something that was not common knowledge). Rather he and the old man shared a secret, the key to all of Brian’s successes. A secret that if the world were to know, could end Brian’s freedom forever. Brian was the last of the “Children of AIM” (AIM being the Army Institute of Mutagenesis). A military agency devoted to the development of the American Supersoldier. After a disaster that led to the catastrophic quarantine of an entire town, and the “loss” of one of the founders of the program, the project was deemed as too dangerous to continue. The three remaining super soldier subjects or, “Children of AIM” as they were known, were sent to various families within the United States to be raised as normal children. However, Dr. Gregory Salk was unable to say goodbye to the child he had created undertook to raise the boy as his own son and hone his abilities for the good of humanity. His superior intelligence and athletic prowess were the result of billions of dollars of secret investment. But Brian had abilities that went far beyond that. As a gift from his treatments at AIM, he could change his body size and musculature at will, a skill that would have made him nearly invincible on the battlefield. As he was now a free man, that particular talent was no longer strictly needed. It did however come in handy in another of Brian’s hobbies. You see, Brian always felt the need to give back to society, so he led another life, the life of a crime fighting hero. A life that was about to be tested once again. “Hey Brian!” came a familiar voice. “Huh?” he said, looking around. “Oh! Hey Jake!” Jake’s father owned a bank and as his son, he managed all of his charitable work. Being a philanthropist himself, Brian ran into him all the time, which was torture because Jake was the most gorgeous man that he had ever seen and the young billionaire was head over heels for him. To make matters worse Jake was openly gay and single. Brian hated having to keep his feelings a secret. To be fair, Brian only thought he was keeping it a secret. Anyone with half a brain could see the way he blushed whenever Jake walked in a room or fumbled for words. Or the way his package bulged up whenever Jake touched him. “I was just grabbing some coffee big guy,” Jake said, walking over, casually placing a hand on his friend. “You want to join?” “Yeah well… I… uhhh coffee sounds nice… you ummm like coffee?” In truth he’d been on his way to a meeting but those fingers on his arm made him temporarily forget anything about that. “Uh… yeah…” Jake chuckled. “We had coffee together at Autism Gala, and that cancer event before that. For a genius you’ve got a lousy memory.” He said gently prodding his large friend in the side. “Oh right… yeah sorry…” he said, blushing and scratching the back of his head. Soon the thoughts began again. He had a condo in this neighborhood. He could just take Jake up there and they could have glorious… “Earth to Brian.” His thoughts were interrupted by a slightly impatient Jake. “You want to join or…?” “Oh… yeah… sure…” he stammered. “Excellent.” Jake took Brian by the arm, effectively leading him like a puppy. The two walked a few blocks together and were having a great time enjoying their coffee when Brian’s highly engineered hearing picked up a disturbing sound. “Gimmie da cash or I use your guts to paint dese bricks!” That was followed by the sound of someone pleading. “Crap…” He pulled out his phone as cover. “Look I’m really sorry, I’ve got to run!” “Always on the run…” Jake sighed. Without another word Brian jumped up from the table. As soon as he was out of Jake’s line of vision he ducked into an empty alley and pulled a spandex wrestling mask from his back pocket and placed it over his head. Then he pulled off his shirt and pants, stuffing them away into the backpack that he always carried with him and hid it in a corner of the alley, revealing nothing but a tight stretchy bottom. Clenching his teeth and concentrating on his body, his already impressive biceps began to bulge out, his famous six pack bulged into an eight pack, his back muscles went into a state of upheaval as his traps and delts began to broaden. His pecs ballooned out, forcing his nipples even lower. His clingy shorts were stretching against his inflating bubble butt and thighs. He was becoming… The Tank. As his body swelled with more and more muscle he began to grow taller, passing 6’ 6’’ then seven feet. The rush of power flowing through his veins was incredible as pound after pound filled into his body. He passed the 8-foot mark with 800 pounds of raw muscle with arms and legs the size of tree trunks, abs bulging out like grapefruits, with lats that pushed his arms outward. Time for action. He bounded away after the sound, leaping over the street as agile as a deer, darting from alley to alley as if he were flying until he came upon what he was looking for. Three guys had a Somali immigrant pinned to the wall. “I told ya, if ya don’t buy de insurance in dis country, bad t’ings can happen!” “Please… I wont have enough to feed my kids if I pay that much!” he begged. “Sounds like your company needs to go out of business.” It wasn’t the best line but Brian was working on that part of the job. “What da hell?” One of the thugs looked up just a trash can came hurtling at them, knocking two of them off their feet. The remaining one looked up at the behemoth standing before him and realized his worst nightmare had found him. The bulging, masked goliath took a few steps toward him. “De Tank…” he muttered, legs shaking like noodles, and pulled out a gun. Before he could get off a shot, The Tank had slammed a massive elbow into his gut, sending him flying into a nearby chain link fence. He turned to the immigrant. “Get out of here!” But there was no need for that. He’d already taken off down the alley. Brian reached down to the two thugs he’d knocked down with the trash can and picked them up by their shirts. “Now I want to get one thing clear with you punks.” He growled, his voice deep and booming. “There’s gonna be no insurance racket in this town as long as I have anything to say about it. So if I see you again you better have a new occupation.” Suddenly there was a loud bang and flash of pain in his left arm. He knew it instantly, he’d been shot… again. The man he’d knocked into the fence had gotten up and pulled out another gun. He effortlessly hurled the two miscreants on top of his assailant and walked over to the pile and picked up the dropped hand gun as a steady trickle of blood ran down his arm. “You know, that just pisses me off,” he said crushing the weapon in his other hand. “You better be pretty glad I’m not like you.” He said dropping the useless pile of metal. Unhooking a belt from his waist, he stretched it out and wrapped around the three of them. “That ought to hold you.” He said clipping it together, causing a light to begin to flash. Once locked it was nearly impossible for them to get out. The homing beacon would alert the police, and an electronic USB stick would play a recording of the event. He might even make the news tonight, he thought as he bounded away back to the alley where he had dumped his clothes. When he got there, he flexed his arm until the bullet popped out. They never went in very deep. Shrinking back down to his usual size, he pulled a compression bandage out of the backpack and wrapped it around his arm. Bullets didn’t do much damage when he was ‘tanked out’ (as he liked to call it) and his modified body was pretty good at healing without a scar but they did hurt. It was like getting stung by a giant hornet. Quickly getting his clothes on he headed up to the condo he owned in the neighborhood to get cleaned up, sending an email to his colleagues that he was sorry to have missed the meeting. He had five new text messages but one of them in particular was difficult to answer. It was from Jake. “See you around, handsome. Maybe one day you won’t be too busy to hang out.” It bit him to the core. He felt like he would have given anything to have been able to finish that cup of coffee with him. ‘But then that man might not have been able to go home to his kids.’ He heard his father’s voice in his head. That evening, his walk back to Mid Town where he and his father made their primary dwelling on several floors of a skyscraper was a lonely one. “You really could have built me to make the bullets hurt less,” he told his father Gregory that night as the 65-year-old gently attended to the wound. The old man laughed. “You should have seen how some of the other super soldiers reacted. Some of them had better healing than you do and they would scream and run away at the mere sight of a gun.” “Maybe that’s what I should do,” Brian grumbled. “You’re the one who chose to be ‘The Tank’. I would have been just as happy for you to devote your life to computers, arts or science,” his father said. “But I’m proud of you. Every person you save makes my life’s work seem more worthwhile.” He smiled and then added, “Also if you wouldn’t grow so large you wouldn’t make such an easy target. I’m sure you don’t have to be so massive to deal with street thugs.” Brian chuckled. “Do you want to take away the one really fun part of my life?” His father sighed. “I suppose not.” “I met Jake today for a coffee.” Brian threw in as casually as he could. “Oh? How’s his family doing. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen his father.” “They’re fine I guess. I… mostly forgot to ask,” Brian said with a sigh. “You know… we do a lot of charity work, we should plan an event with them or…” “Brian…” his father said, sealing the wound with a special adhesive he’d invented for his son. “Is that really a good idea? I know how you feel about him. There is such a thing as tormenting yourself for no reason.” “Well I wouldn’t have to torture myself if you’d let me see him,” Brian retorted. “And what would he think of us?” Gregory said, “What would he think of our life?! Of who and what you really are?” He sighed and patted his son on his uninjured shoulder. “The army is clear on this. If people find out about AIM through you, they will ‘reposess’ you. It took everything in my power to get them to release you to me when you were 18 months old… I don’t have the connections that I used to have.” “Well what if he doesn’t know?” Brian asked. “I don’t have to tell him!” “Son you grow in your sleep sometimes… It took me four months to design a bed that you wouldn’t break when you were 12. When you get too “excited” you start to morph. These are things you just can’t hide from a partner.” “Well, why can’t you just fix those things?” Brian said. “You come up with solutions to everything else.” “I gave you a mind easily a match for mine, and it’s still young and in its prime. If anyone could fix the kinks of the super soldier program it would be you,” Gregory said. “But I think that Pandora’s box is left closed. You are the last of them… and the most functional I might add.” He said with a bit of pride. “Right now I’d give anything to just be normal. To finally know what it’s like to truly be with someone,” Brian muttered. “I know it’s hard… I’ve had to make the same sacrifices you have. You’re all I’ve got.” The big guy heaved a remorseful sigh. “I’m sorry Father. You’re right.” “Why don’t you stay in tonight.” His father said, patting him on the back. “You’ve done enough for one day. I’ve got something I need to work on in the lab.” Brian was left alone to look out over the city lights. While he was designed to easily be able to go many nights without sleep, and he often did, this particular day felt like it needed to end. So he went to bed. That night he tossed around in his sleep. His dreams were troubled by visions of masked men dressed in black, hunting him down. He jerked himself awake in bed with a loud “No!” and looked down at his swollen body, buffed up by the fear in his nightmare. The pounding of his heart echoed his head. He’d only gained about 100 pounds in his sleep this time. “Perhaps Dad’s right… I just can’t control this.” His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. “Uh… yes?” The door opened and to his shock, Jake stepped into the room. “I heard you shouting and I thought you might need some company.” “How… how did you get in here?” Brian stammered pulling the sheets over his naked body. His dream growth shredded anything comfortable he could sleep in. “Does it matter? I’m here now,” he said walking over to the bed. “Do you want me to leave?” “No… no… I just don’t get…” Brian was fumbling with his words as Jake pulled off his shirt and began to crawl on top of the sheets over to him. He’d seen that lovely chest before, at socials where there was a pool. His cock was throbbing, he’d wanted to touch that body so often and here it was crawling into his bed. Jake climbed onto of his massive target and straddled him before licking those massive pecs which began to swell under his touch. “Fuck… no! I can’t… not in front of… awww fuck.” It felt so good. Jake pressed his lips against Brian’s’ and massaged those nipples as his inflating pecs pushed them downward. “Mmmmm, that’s a neat trick. Why didn’t you tell me about it before?” Jake said licking Brian’s traps, making their veins pop out as they bulged into his face. “Didn’t… think… you’d understand…” Brian said, gently pulling down Jake’s pants so he could feel that luscious ass of his. “I only understand that I’ve never wanted anything more,” Jake said, pulling down the sheets and driving his cock into Brian’s massive abs. “God, you’re incredible,” Brian moaned as his abs bulged around the cock that was riding up and down the slit between them. “Wanted this for so long,” he said, growing taller as the man he’d wanted to be with more than any other began to move up and down his massive frame. His balls began to swell larger than fists as his cock began to grow, poking Jake in the back. “Seems like someone’s ready to play,” Jake said reaching and stroking the massive rod. “Never… done this… before,” Brian moaned. “Let me show you how it’s done,” Jake whispered and mounted the giant member and slowly slid himself down on it. Brian’s balls were so excited that they began to swell like mad first to cantaloupes then to basketballs. His cock grew to 24’’ and Jake had to balance himself on the giant balls to ride it. Brian could feel his ass expanding into an enormous bubble butt. Jake took notice and reached down to squeeze it while he could still reach it. His fingers spread the massive ass cheeks expanded in his hand. The reinforced bed was beginning to creak and strain under the new weight as Brian’s biceps grew larger than Jake’s entire torso. He passed 8’ 6’’ as his balls swelled to the size of beach balls. Each of his massive pecs weighed over 100 pounds of raw muscle as he bounced them in delight. Jake felt the expanding lats pushing even further out from Brian’s massive sides. As he was skewered on the enormous dick like a toy. Pre-cum started to gush out of that giant cock, overflowing Jake’s ass and spilling out down his enormous shaft, completely soaking the bed. “Awww fuck I’m gonna cum!” Brian shouted when suddenly an alarm went off. He opened his eyes as one of his massive balls slid off the cum soaked bed and bounced onto the floor, stretching his sweaty nutsack. A jet of cum blasted him in the face as his balls unloaded onto no one but himself. He was alone it had been a wet dream. His body had expanded so much that the bed alarm had gone off to wake him. Brian had passed the 1000-pound safety limit. He coughed a little as another massive blast of cum covered his face and chest in spunk. He laid there panting for a moment, unable to shrink just yet. The hottest thing he’d ever imagined had just happened and it wasn’t even real. He idly rubbed his cum soaked nipple wishing so hard that Jake could be there but he’d proven his father’s point. As globs of jizz rolled down the bedsides he realized that being intimate with anyone was going to mean revealing his true identity.
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    I had fun writing this one and thinking of making it a series. Let me know what you think. “I want to be the biggest freakiest bodybuilder to ever exist.” I muttered to myself as I dozed off to sleep. I was abruptly awoken by my alarm and quickly jumped out of bed. I grab all my gear and hit my injections first off. I mean I’m a solid 220 and at 5’9 that’s pretty impressive. The guys at the gym definitely take stalk in who I am, but I really just want to be a freak. I grab my mass gainer shake and chug it down. The squeeze into my gym shorts and tank and off I go. I get to the gym and I’m definitely feeling leg day. I start heading to the squat rack when I see Jake one of the jocks that works out at my gym. He smiles and waves. “Hey Jay! You going to get freaky today?” he chuckles. Instantly I get hard. I don’t know hwat it is about me growing and getting huge but its all I want. “Fuck ya Jake! Can’t be a little twink like you!” I laugh and kept walking. I get to the squat rack and start loading on the weight. 1 plate. Then 2 on each side. Then 3. And I begin my working set. Getting low and deep feeling my ass spread when I hit the bottom of the hole. I squeeze on the way up knowing the my ass is growing along with my legs. “thank you for the muscle growth I’m receiving. Thank you for making me the biggest muscle freak of all time.” I repeat to myself as I rep out 10 solid reps. I go to rack my weights when I feel a hand on my shoulder. “Excuse me?” a deep voice grumbles behind me. I turn around and see the biggest and tallest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. He looks like a muscle morph and my head only came up to his top row of abs. “uhhhhh ya..” I said nervously. “I heard what you were saying. Is it true?” he growled at me and looked me deep in the eyes. His eyes were gorgeous an amber brown with flecks of green. “I’m sorry what was it I was saying?” I asked trying to hide the erection happening before me. “You want to be the biggest muscle freak of all time?” he grinned. Holy fuck even his teeth were flawless. Pearly white and perfectly straight and his lips were so perfect. He smiled even more seeing me blush and then licked his lips a little. “I’m Amos.” He said “I want to make you the biggest muscle freak ever. Even bigger than me.” What the fuck?! I thought to myself. He has to be 6’9 and 390lbs. How the hell is he going to make me even bigger than him? “I’m 7’4 and 465lbs to be exact and I can make you even bigger. Only if you want it thought. I can’t have someone say they want it and then not be willing.” He said gazing into my soul. I felt my whole body twitch. His amber eyes almost glowing as he smiled the most beautiful smile. “Yes sir.” I said instinctly. I couldn’t think of anything else to say to him! Yes your majesty. Yes your pefect god of a man. What would I say. Amos chuckled to himself and looked down at me again. “get under that weight, but I want you to drink this first.” He handed me a milky shake. “Just a sip.” He smiled but something in me had to prove myself to him. I grabbed the shake and chugged it. It was the sweetest shake I’ve ever had. It tasted like nothing I’ve ever had. A dribble of the milky shake went down my lip. “You passed the test.” Amos grinned at me “Hold on.” Amos said leaning in and licking it off my face. I about fell back wards, until my brain switched. “lift the fucking weight jay.” I said to myself I got under the weight. “give me 20.” Amos growled. I felt his hand sliding down my back and onto my ass. I felt his massive paw squeeze my bubble ass and my whole body began to feel instantly pumped. I see in the mirror all my veins beginning to burst through my skin. My brain just shuts off. I look up behind me and see Amos smiling his beautiful smile. I see him mouth “LIFT BEAST!” and I start pumping the 315 squats. 5…..10…..15……20..35….50…100! I rack it. I look in the mirror. My shorts are so tight that the seams are starting to stretch. I squeeze my legs hard seeing the striations starting to come out. Veins popping all over. I look up into the mirror and notice my look is more animalistic and sexy. I hit my front quad again and I hear the rip on the side of my shorts. Amos pulls me close to him from behind. “bathroom now.” He growls. I quickly obey and get to a private bathroom. Amos walks in behind me locking the door. “this is the beginning my beast. Do you know what that shake was made of?” Amos says slowly undoing his shorts. I shook my head no, whatever it was though was the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. He takes out his keys and tosses them on the ground. “pick those up for me boy.” I turn around and bend over hearing the loudest rip. I quickly get up and seeing Amos licking his lips behind me in the mirror. I’m beat red, but something takes over me. I squeeze each glute. Feeling them bounce up and down. Then I hit my hammies stretching down. I reach around and feel each muscle popping out. “Oh fuck you’re perfect.” I hear Amos groan. “You….oh god…..fuck…. Jay…. Fuck…..” I hear him grunting from behind me. I turn around and see his shorts straining against the biggest cock I have ever seen. “GET ON THE SCALE I MUST KNOW!” Amos yells. I obey quickly and get on the scale. I slide the scale to 220 and its to light. 230……still to light… finally I hit 243….. scale levels out. “YOU’RE THE…..OH FUCK…..ONE….OH FUCK….JAY QUICK!” Amos is leaning back not even touching himself. “you must suck down every drop.” Amos grunts grabbing my hair and pulling me towards him. I rip his shorts down and am instantly smacked with the thickest longest cock. Veins snaking down it. At least a beer can thick if not more and so long. It had to be 16 inches. I see the thick pink head leaking cum. “I’M GUNNA BLOW SUCK!” Amos screams. I latch onto the head of his cock only getting a few inches in when I feel the same familiar taste of the shake from earlier. My body goes into an instant craving and I begin licking and sucking harder and faster. “OH FUCK JAY OH FUCK! Say youre mine.” Amos begs. Having his cock in my mouth I swirl it with my tongue. I look up. My eyes locking his. “I’m yours, master.” And quickly I slide the mammoth member down my throat. “FUUUUCK!” I hear him roar and I feel torrents of cum shooting into me. I don’t even gag because his cum is so amazing. Its silky almost and tastes so sweet. I need more. I begin sucking harder and harder. Grunting breathing heavy. Feeling my body pulse as I suck more of his godly cum down my throat and finally I feel it come to a stop. I lick the last few drops of cum off his mammoth cock. I lick it off my face. And stand up looking in the mirror noticing every vein in my body is bulging out. “you’re mine now.” Amos said reaching around and pulling me close. I feel his hot breath near my ear. “you want to be mine don’t you?” I moan hearing his growl so close to me, but something hits me and I turn around. “Not as bad as you want me. Daddy.” I look up at him and grin devilishly. “oh fuck you’re perfect.” Amos chuckles. “You have to earn me as your boy. Make me a freak and we will see if you get to enjoy yourself like that again. Understood?” I say to him. HOLY FUCK WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME! Hes utter perfection but I can tell he’s loving every second of it. “Understood my boy.” Amos smiles. I turn to leave and feel him jerk me back and locking my lips kisses me so passionately. “I’ve looked for you for my whole life. I won’t let you go.” He whispers while I feel his tongue dance with mine. “then don’t.” I whisper back.
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    Here's a little Christmas present for you all. This is the last chapter for this story (for now at least). I have other stories in the works so stay tuned for those. Epilogue It’s barely 5 a.m. but I’m already awake. I run my hand over my naked torso and feel the cum-soaked remnants of last night. I look around at what used to be Alan’s trendy loft. Gone is most of the furniture and in its place, the most state-of-the-art gym equipment available. There are mirrors on every wall and piles of weights scattered in every direction. Across the massive space, I see Alan who’s clearly been awake for some time. He steps out of the squat rack with a the bar loaded with 315lbs and starts to curl the weight. Even from thirty feet away, I can see his 30 inch plus biceps swelling with incredible power. After 15 solid reps his pace slows but he continues to perform prefect reps with the huge weight. My cock is at full mast as he slams the weight back onto the rack. He hears me stirring in the bed and turns to face me. Even though I have been with him every moment for the last six months, I still marvel at his sheer mass and vascularity. He smiles and slowly starts moving towards me. Each step causes waves of mind-bending muscle to swell and expand as his 485lb body approaches. His gargantuan thighs ripple and swing around each other as they battle for room to move and his calves visibly swell with each step. The closer he gets, the more extreme his vascularity becomes. There isn’t a place on his naked body that isn’t covered in thick, pulsing veins. He stops moving ten feet from the bed and slowly raises his outrageously pumped arms and performs a double bicep pose. As he flexes every muscle on his body, I let out a load moan which only spurs him on. His biceps swell even larger as his lats erupt from either side. My eyes trace the veins from his throbbing cock up his pumpkin-sized abdominals and over his deeply striated pecs. From this angle in bed, I can barely see his eyes over the bloated chest muscles. He releases the pose and stands at the end of the bed. Without flexing a single muscle, the veins on his body appear to pulse and grow before my eyes. I start to stoke my cock at the sight that both turns me on and horrifies me. Never could I imagine someone could be so massive and ripped. Alan’s skin looked transparent as his muscles slide and ripple with every movement. I roll off the bed and visibly struggle to stand up. I face Alan and place my hands on his biceps as he flexes them. I moan again as I feel the massive slabs of muscles tense and grow. I lean forward and kiss Alan passionately as he continues to flex and unflex his mammoth arms. “They are growing Steve” he says in my ear which causes a drop of pre-cum to leak out of my cock, “they’ll be as big as yours soon.” I smile and raise my right arm so it’s right in Alan’s face. I turn my head and marvel as it erupted and swells to it’s full size. I can’t help but release more cum at the sight. “These are still bigger.” I reply. “Everything on you is bigger Steve and I’m in awe every moment of every day.” Alan says and sits on the end of the bed. I can tell he wants a show and I’m happy to oblige. I take a few steps back and facing Alan, I slowly move my hands together at my waist. Before they meet, I can feel my upper body inflate. My pecs press together and the intense pressure sends a jolt through my body. My blood-engorged forearms graze my obscenely thick abs and my biceps collide with my chest and there is an audible slap as they make contact. When my hands finally meet, I apply more pressure and feel every muscle explode in size. I can’t help but let out a groan. I stare at Alan’s face and see the awe in his eyes, which only makes me flex harder. My only goal is to shock Alan with a level of extreme muscularity that even he can’t comprehend. “No holding back! I’m going to show you just how massive I am.” I say. “I see how massive you are Steve and it’s amazing.” “No. Watch me grow for you Alan.” I say. Alan’s eyes grow wide as I lean forward and transition into a most muscular pose. I let out a scream so loud the mirrors rattle. My whole body trembles as every muscle balloons around me. I close my eyes and flex harder than I ever have before. As each muscle inflates, I feel the pressure on my joints as my powerful muscles try to pull me apart to accommodate their size. The intense sensation causes cum to drip and run down my quads. I manage to manoeuvre myself to see my reflection in the mirror behind the bed. I’m unrecognizable to even to myself. I feel a wave of fear at the sight. I look inhuman, only twisted muscle and veins. I see Alan’s face and he’s afraid too. I summon more power and flex harder. I feel like my skin is about to split open as I swell larger. I scream out of horror and lust. I know my arms have surpassed 35”, my chest well beyond 72”, my forearms easily reach 25” around as my waist solidifies at a relatively small 36”. From the pressure between my quads, I imagine they’ve dwarfed their previous size of 42” and my calves have swollen well past 30” in order to support my growing body. I feel Alan’s hot cum splash against my skin and then feel his lips around my cock. As his hands roam over my gargantuan quads, I try to stop from cumming immediately. “My god Steve! You look so incredible! How can anyone be this big and shredded. YOU ARE A FUCKING FREAK!” Alan says as he sucks. I release the pose but my body remains a swollen mass of muscle. I move to the nearest weight and grip it with my hands. I don’t even look at how heavy it is, that doesn’t matter, I need to grow even bigger. I start to curl the weight and smile as it slams into my bloated pecs. Even with my restricted range of motion, I feel my biceps swelling. “Steve! You’re curling 495 pounds!” Alan screams. “MORE MUSCLE. MORE!” I start to curl the weights as fast I can. I hear the plates rattling which only increases my intensity. I feel Alan behind me, caressing my back as it twitches and swells to his touch. I barely register the pin prick on my swollen glute muscle. As the warm dose of steroids floods into my bloodstream, I let out a loud moan. I drop the weight and stalk around the room looking for a bigger challenge. I’m like an animal looking for it’s next meal. I can feel drool running down my chin. “MORE WEIGHTS. MORE MSUCLE!” I scream like a daemon possessed. I move to a squat rack that is perpetually set up for deadlifts. Alan loads it with 10 plates on each side. I lick my lips and wrap my hands around the bar and hoist the 945lb bar like it’s a twig. Instantly I feel my back erupt. Alan stumbles back at the sight and fall to the ground. “Steve!” is all he can say as I start pumping out reps. After 12 reps I rise to the top of the rep and stare at my reflection. I’m shocked by the image. I no longer look human. There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about my body. Every muscle is far beyond the size it was intended to be. The veins that cover every surface are thicker than they should be. My skin is so pale and thin that it slides over my muscles like cellophane wrapped around ground beef. I’m truly disgusting but I only want more. With my eyes on Alan’s shaking body, I hoist the massive weights above my head. Alan is screaming both in fear and awe at the display of power he’s witnessing. “FUCK ME” I grunt. Alan stands and instantly empales my ass with his huge, hard cock. I let out a scream as he penetrates me fully and the huge weight tries to crush my body. I lower the weight to my chest and manage to lift it back up. Pain rips through my shoulders as the huge weight begins to lower again. After a moment’s rest, I start to lift again but the weight doesn’t move. “PUSH IT!” Alan yells and drives his cock in deeper. I feel Alan’s cum fill my ass as I spray my load all over the mirror. As my body convulses, I drive the weight back up one last time before letting it crash down. Alan and I stumble out of the squat rack and embrace each other to remain standing. “You are the freakiest” Alan says as he kisses me. I guide him to the industrial scale at the back of the room. I step on the scale and once again watch Alan’s eyes go wide as he reads off the number. “527lbs!” I catch my breath a few minutes later and as I walk around the gym looking for my exercise, Alan injects me with three more syringes and does the same to himself. I reach down and with one arm under his huge ass, lift his 485lb body off the ground with ease. We kiss for a few minutes before refocusing our attention one the mission at hand. “Next stop, 600lb.” Alan says as I approach the bench press loaded with 1400 pounds. “JUST THE BEGINNING.” I reply and lay down under the massive weight.
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    A porn star learns that not everyone has the same idea when you say you want to be "huge". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chad gripped Blake by his cut waist as he pounded his rounded ass cheeks. “You like that stud?” He whispered into his ear. The jacked bottom groaned and ran his hand down Chad’s side. “Oh yeah babe...” He grunted back. Chad’s massive cock drilled away at his partner’s ass. It would soon be time for Blake to cum. His body was massive, with every inch of him bulging with muscle that flexed and bounced as he bobbed on the other’s cock. Sweat was dripping down the deep cleavage between his pecs. He had done this hundreds of times, he needed to make sure his body was positioned perfectly before he blew his load. Chad’s fingers were moving their way through the dimples and creases of his back muscles, occasionally giving his massive biceps a squeeze. Blake’s thighs were bulging from the action of thrusting himself onto that massive cock. He closed his eyes, pointed his chin up, thrust his head into the other’s neck and shouted and covered his own pecs with his jizz. “CUT!” The director shouted as Blake panted against Chad’s chest. The two relaxed as the film crew went over the footage. “I dunno… we got his cock in there… I keep telling you to shoot it so that it makes his cock look normal.” The cameraman shot back, “Why can’t you just get a cock extender on it?” “Because how do you get a cum shot with a fake cock blocking the jizz? Hopefully we got enough footage to patch things up in editing.” The director shouted indelicately, causing Blake to blush. He hated when people mentioned his… deficits. You see, while Blake had a massive, perfect physique and a face that could have made him a movie star, his cock was about four inches long fully hard. Being a failed actor, porn was the only thing that he knew how to do to pay the bills, though his deficiency meant he had to peddle his ass at a discount. His relatively cheap price meant he got a lot of work though. Many directors could cut the film in such a way that actually hid how small Blake really was, focusing primarily on his perky bubble butt, broad pecs, and insanely handsome face. His fellow actor was losing his sex flush as he toweled himself off but Blake was still bright red as he listened to the conversations of the director and producer as they spoke in the corner. They were talking about him and they didn’t give a damn if they were overheard. “Yeah Tom I know he’s got the best bod for the price but I’m getting tired of cutting great material because that tiny cock’s in the shot. We end up cutting so much I start to wonder what the point is. Maybe we could just shell out the money for someone with the complete package.” Blake hated this part of things. There was no place to go while they talked about this stuff. He had to stay so they could get the odd shots that could be spliced in later during editing. “Alright, Blake! Grab a cock extender for the next few shots.” The director tossed him a strap on cock and it was back to work. It was 8 pm before they were done and Blake could go to his own room in the hotel. He was looking forward to having dinner brought up to him but as he walked into his room and heard. “Alright now give him your best show.” Two guys that he didn’t recognize were fucking each other doggy style on his bed. Given his line of work, he didn’t find it disgusting but it was definitely poor porn etiquette. “What’s going on in here? The filming rooms are down the hall.” Blake said annoyed. “We’re not filming,” came the stranger’s voice. “This show is for you.” Blake walked further into the room until he could see a man in a three piece suite sitting on a chair looking through a rectangle made with his fingers, pretending to record. “I don’t know Blake, they’re listless and unimaginative. They’re not nearly as good at faking it as you are but they do have one asset you can’t compete with.” The two men rolled over and showed off their 8’’ cocks. “Look at them. They’re not as buff as you, they’ve got one third of your talent, and I’d say their faces are quite common. Yet they’d bring home just as much money as you because of those schlongs and they’re not even that impressive as far as porn cocks go.” “Alright, you guys, out!” Blake had enough of being demeaned. He certainly wasn’t going to let it continue in his own room. “As you wish.” The man pulled out a green stone that he wore as a necklace from behind his tie and to Blake’s horror the two men shriveled up until their bodies were no more than smoke-like shadows that were sucked into the amulet. “What the fuck is going on here!?” Blake shouted, suddenly terrified of his visitor. “What did you do to them?” “Them?” The stranger looked up at Blake. “Nothing, they’re fine. I just think servants get in the way when you don’t need them.” Blake turned and ran out of the room blindly down the hall back into the filming room he’d just left. There were four guys running a train on the bed. None of them looked up. “Tom! There’s something freaky happening in this place!” Blake gasped, trying to catch his breath from the shock. “Oh? I haven’t noticed.” Blake looked up and saw the four men were being filmed by the same well dressed man from his bedroom. What’s more, the camera was like something out of the 40’s with a spinning reel. He suddenly realized he didn’t recognize any of the actors on the bed. He stood there stunned unable to process what was happening to him. “You know you’re a rather excitable fellow. You act like you’re being robbed but this is your lucky day.” The man said. “My name’s Jack.” He said turning around so Blake could see his bright green eyes. “I… I… I’m not going crazy!” Blake stammered. “Of course you’re not. At least not yet.” He turned and shouted at one of the people on the bed. “No not like that, pretend you’re enjoying it! I’ve seen more passion at a funeral!” Jack put his eye back up to the camera. “You’re about to lose your mind though. You see, you’ve made plans to go hang out with some friends that you know in LA and you’re all about to get wasted and then do a bunch of coke to help get your mind off the fact that you’re really good at what you do and everyone around you treats you like a piece of garbage. Your friend will invite a bunch of people over and in the drug induced frenzy, one of those guys will take you to a back room and make a wise crack about the size of your cock. Then BANG!” Jack clapped his hands. “A fist to the face, a broken jaw, and you’ll spend the night in jail because you forgot how big you are… everywhere but one place that is.” Blake slowly backed away to the door. “Oh go on then…” Jack said turning to him again. “We don’t have to talk. I’ve got other people I can help tonight.” “What do you think you can help me with?” “Why, the one part of you that isn’t perfect.” Jack said looking back to the camera eyepiece. “The one part of you that god didn’t put that much effort into. The one part… Jesus Rob if you’re going to move like that you’re just going to put people to sleep!” He interrupted himself to shout at one of the men on the bed. “How can you help me with that?” Blake asked. “My card.” Jack looked up from the camera and pulled out a card from his suit pocket that simply said, “Jack the Giver” and handed it to Blake. “Just take it and make your wish.” “I...” Blake started. “Go on.” Jack said. “I wish...” Blake stammered. “I wish I had a huge cock.” The card burst into flames and his cock started to tingle. As the smoke cleared and the sensation in his cock died down he noticed that people were shouting at him. “Blake? Blake! BLAKE!” “Yeah? Huh what?” He looked up and saw his director standing in front of him. There were three guys on the bed who he knew as well as the cameraman who had filmed him earlier. “What… do… you… need?” His director was red in the face. “You’re just standing there burning things while we’re trying to film!” “I… uhh…” Blake slowly turned the door knob and walked out, afraid he had just had some kind of mental break. The director turned to the cameraman. “Jesus if I could work with ONE guy who wasn’t on shit…” Blake made his way back to his hotel room and slowly opened the door expecting to see Jack but the room was empty. “Hello?” He called out but the room appeared untouched. The bed was perfectly made, with no sign that two guys had just been fucking in it. “God I’m losing my mind.” He called down to the front desk and asked if anyone had asked which room he was staying in and they said no one and so he ordered his dinner and had it brought up. After a little food he felt better. “That must have been a hallucination... I’m working too hard.” He looked in the mirror and flexed his biceps, stretching the fabric of his sleeves. He bounced his large pecs in his tight t-shirt. He was a hot man. “Why do I let people treat me like crap? I’m a great catch and I’m fucking good at what I do.” His friends were expecting him and they always had fun when he was in town. First he had to shower. He smelled of sex and lube which wasn’t how he liked to make introductions. Peeling off his tight t-shirt he checked out his hot torso in the mirror. He loved the way his meaty pecs overshadowed his defined eight pack. His bulging traps framed his neck perfectly. He loved that his veins bulged like lightning bolts in his arm. It was the next part he didn’t like. Pulling down his pants. He pulled down on his waistline and prepared himself for the sight of his tiny dick, but when he dropped his shorts to the floor he was surprised. “It’s not that bad...” Perhaps it was the lighting in the bathroom but his cock looked normal. “I don’t know why they can’t just light the room better when we film, it looks fine in here.” He flexed for himself in the mirror, turning himself on as he watched the shadows dance along the muscles lining his abs. His cock hardened and Blake’s mouth gaped. That was no trick of the light. Measuring his cock with his hand (a trick he’d learned from his job), he realized he was every bit of six inches. “I mean… it’s not massive but… I can fucking work with this!” He hopped into the shower checking it again to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. The cock was real. He stroked himself as the shower water ran in rivers between his pecs and around his abs. He stroked himself and tweaked his own nipple until he came in the shower. Holding his dick in his hand, it looked even bigger. It might have been a trick of his mind but… he measured the size with his hand and he was definitely just under 8 inches. “Fuck yeah!” He said to himself. “Give me five years! I’m owning my own studio!” “That’s a big turn around for less than four more inches. I’ll never understand humans.” Jack was suddenly standing in the bathroom. “Holy shit man! You gave me my life!” Blake jumped out of the shower and gave Jack a huge, wet hug, too overjoyed to notice how annoyed it made him. Jack pushed him away and looked down at his water stained clothes. “No touching!” He said taking a moment to recover his composure. “So what are you going to do with the rest of your...” But Blake had already left the room. He had toweled off and was throwing on his clothes and getting ready to hit the town. “So that’s how that feels...” By 11 pm Blake was at his friend’s house surrounded by a group of LA’s hottest. Some of them he knew, most were new to him. A few of those new faces knew who he was though. He’d been in quite a few porn films, and they wanted him to sign their asses. Only his friend Ryan knew about his reputation for being “a little lacking down there.” The rest of them had been fooled by camera magic. After an hour, Ryan shoved Blake into the kitchen to chat with him alone. “Hey, the guys out there are really pressuring me to get you to take it all off but I’ve got you covered man. They think we’re in here talking about it. I’ll go out in a few minutes and tell them that you like to leave work at work.” “Heh, I don’t mind if you don’t. What’s the worst that could happen? My pics get posted and someone sees my dick?” He laughed. “Ugh… yeah…” Ryan said thinking his friend had had too many mollies. The two of them had been fuck buddies for over a year and he knew what would happen to Blake’s reputation if people posted pictures of his small cock all over the internet. “Look why don’t you just take your shirt off, you can make a splash, and they’ll go crazy. There’s no need to confirm any rumors.” Blake laughed, “There’s only one rumor I want to confirm.” He smiled and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Both of them gasped. Ryan was shocked because he’d never seen an 8’’ soft cock before and now he was seeing it on someone he knew to be tiny. Blake was shocked because it hadn’t been that big half an ago when he’d gone to piss. Ryan tugged on it in disbelief. “Shit that thing really is all you! Did you have some kind of surgery or something?” “Heh, does it matter?” Blake said pushing Ryan against the refrigerator trying to make out with him because he had in fact had too many mollies. “Whoah can you even get that thing up like that?” Ryan said pushing Blake back, he wanted his questions answered. That particular question, however, was answering itself as Blake’s piece of meat began to rise up above his waistline. He was speechless, which was how Blake liked him so he peeled off his shirt and bounced one of his massive pecs in his face. Ryan was hypnotized by all of this and merely stroked the giant cock that was in front of him. “Ryan do you have anymore… vod...ka?” One of Ryan’s friends stood frozen in the kitchen doorway. “Well… I’d say you got him to do it.” Blake turned towards the intruder, his massive meat swinging like a sword. “Holy shit is that even real?” “Touch it...” Blake said confidently. “I… ugh...” The newcomer stuttered awkwardly as he reached out and felt Blake’s throbbing veiny cock. Before long Blake had rejoined the party. A few enterprising individuals had taken his jeans, undies, and shoes and ensured that he had no clue where they were hidden. Any awkwardness was offset by the fact that he seemed perfectly at home interacting with people in the nude but people found it difficult to get over how massive he was. Even his porn fans didn’t remember him being THAT big in his videos. The night wore on and everyone got more drunk (and high) and it started to feel natural that they had a naked porn star at the party. They were well connected and this was LA. Soon people started taking liberties. Blake’s cock had long gone soft and people started egging him on to get it hard again. Soon someone reached over and started stroking him. The pleasure caused Blake to roll back on the couch as his cock started to inflate again. “Fuck I can barely get my fingers around it.” The guy said as he worked the massive piece of meat. Blake groaned as several other hands joined in. His cock swelled until it reached his left nipple. The combination of the booze and the drugs made everyone forget that it wasn’t that big the first time he’d whipped it out. Of course several phones were out recording everything. “Holy shit, I didn’t know they got that big!” Someone shouted. “Come on Blake! Do that famous pose you do!” Of course all of Blake’s films had featured him bottoming so his famous pose was straddling someone else. The molly and the attention was really driving him by this point. It was great to be naked in front of a group of people and not have to listen to how his cock was causing problems. So he straddled a hot guy sitting next to him on the couch, thrusting his ass while bouncing his enormous pecs. The guests were stunned but loving it. “Fuck…. I can’t believe this is happening.” “So fucking hot...” “Somebody grab Mike’s shirt!” Mike was the attractive man that Blake was currently grinding against. Several sets of hands quickly made his shirt disappear. He reached around and squeezed the porn stars massive pecs and pulled that ripped back against his own chest. “Ha! Look! He’s into it!” A few more minutes and Mike had all of his clothes pulled off and he was grinding his cock against that massive bubble butt. This seemed too much like an invitation and clothes started flying everywhere. Blake felt all kinds of bodies pressed up against him as an orgy broke out. He felt someone’s cock probing his hole but there were too many guys for him to tell who it was. Soon he felt it slide inside of him. The excitement caused his cock to swell and grow up the cleft between his pecs, getting thicker and thicker. His balls were swelling to the size of fists and those who weren’t preoccupied were frozen as they watched what was happening. They weren’t the only ones. Blake was stunned as his cock bumped into his chin and swelled to the thickness of a 2 liter and still the stranger continued to pound away at his ass. Soon his massive member was pushing up beyond his face and the shaft was growing as thick as his waist. His balls dangled down the couch as they swelled to the size of basketballs. Blake tried to move but the shaft was extremely sensitive and the feeling of his muscles rubbing against it caused him to shoot jets of cum onto the wall. Soon his balls were the size of watermelons and Blake was being pulled down by the massive weight of his cock, growing double the length of his torso. Every movement caused him to spray jizz everywhere. People were backing away in the room fearfully, wondering if what they were seeing was real but the mystery man behind Blake kept fucking away. His cock grew to the end of the couch and bent up against the wall as his nuts grew to 200 lbs a piece. Blake was like an appendage on this massive 10 ½ foot cock. Trying to move only caused more rubbing which caused him to cum more. Everyone stared in silence. Some were wondering how high they must have been to hallucinate something like this for others it simply blew their minds. All but one person seemed effected by the site, the guy who was fucking Blake. Of course to Blake this was obviously no hallucination. He was completely immobile. He’d have to be carried everywhere he went. He was scared and horny as his cock was so sensitive that even the drafts of air in the room made him precum. His struggles made him jizz. The walls and the couch were already ruined. Then suddenly everyone heard the clicking sound of an old movie camera. They looked back to see a well dressed man winding a camera reel. “No no! Don’t fuck him like that! You’ll put everyone to sleep!” So it was that Blake became known as the 127 inch porn star. After five years of making videos of himself hosing rooms down with his fire hose as guys fucked him, he did manage to buy his own studio. He found that spending his new found riches was a little difficult however because trying to move his massive girth simply made him cum buckets where ever he was. So be careful if you should ever get the chance to wish to be “huge”. Huge means different things to different people.
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    2. Friday Evening You walk onto the weight room floor. 6'2'' 245. It's leg day and you see your boy at the squat rack warming up. You smile as your cock thickens. His ass looks so good in those shorts. You think back to your first day together. You walk into your condo and head into your kitchen. Your body still pulsing from the workout and filled with joy and lust from the walk with this new boy Matt. He seems to be a solid kid with a real lust for growth and bear muscle. You strip off your shirt. "Join me, Matty. I want to see what I'm going to be working with" 5'6'' 185 and shredded. Great abs, quads, ass, tris, chest. Pup needs work on traps, bis, calves, and lats. You run a hand down his hard body. Enjoying his beautiful smooth skin. Your blood is pumping in your ears. You open the fridge and grab two containers of liquid egg whites. "Bottom's up, son. This is day one of your transformation" You bring the container to your lips, locking eyes with your boy, and chug the full quart. Some of the liquid dribbles down into your chest hair. The boy impresses and takes the full dose. You palm the back of his head and draw it to your chest. "Lick me clean, boy" The boy begins to worship his new master. The Bear Master who will transform him from a fit pup into a massive beast. You drop your shorts and the hard, dripping bear cock jumps and slaps against your belly. The boy kneels You smile to yourself. The past month has been very good. You and the boy get along well, in the gym, in the bedroom, and everywhere else. You walk up and slap the boy's ass. "Ready for me?" He beams at you "Yes, sir. Just finished 5x5 and 225. Ready to work!" "Good boy, let's see if we can work up to a single at 365 today. Ready for big man weight?" "Hell yeah, Daddy. Let's do this" You rap knuckles and begin. Your rhythmn in the gym is smooth. Limited talk to limit rest. The gym is to work. To grow. To transform. You have taught the boy that we are embracing our destiny to become GODS. The boy will be a beautiful shredded Adonis and the bear will be a massive Hercules. The best that manhood has to offer. You spend 30 minutes at the squat rack and the boy hits 365x2. You burst with pride (and lust) when he fearlessly drops into a second rep after a shaky first. "So fuckin good, Matty. Let's see those wheels" You stand side by side in the mirror, shorts hiked up, enjoying the pump, the size, the blue veins pulsing under the skin. You lean in and whisper "Let's go, pup. You need my seed to grow" He grins at you, adjusts his hard jock dick, and walks ahead of you to the locker room. You are, once again, glad for a tight jock. The bear cock needs to own your growing boy. 5 lbs in a month and you can see it in his traps and arms. You always do like arms that are just a little too big. You undress, side by side. Both of you hard. Turned on. 9pm on a Friday and the locker room is silent. You walk naked together to the shower and he worships you under the spray. Your powerful furry thickness his entire world. His reason to be. His reason to grow. And you take him there, hard and fast, his body smashed up against the cold tile. He cums as you fill him, grunting. You clean up and head home. Satisfied....for the moment.
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    Turn around. Fucking nice ass, man. Bend over. Aw, hell yeah. What a sweet bubble butt. Look how easily you can grab your ankles. Good to know. Turn back around. Slide those tight jeans off boy. Yeah, that’s it, nice and slow. Did you wear the same jock you worked out in, like I told you, too? Yes sir. That’s a good boy. Fucking hell, look at that sweat-stained, full pouch. I bet that smells just like you, man – stanky bad and borderline sour. Grab your pouch boy – lift it up in your hand. Wow, look how big that thing is. Big balls, thick cock, all furry – wanting to just burst from that jock. Squeeze your balls, man. Yeah, that’s nice. Makes me want to play with my big meaty pecs while I watch. Smell your hand. Tell me what it smells like. A locker room. Sweat. Musky. Faint piss smell. My balls. Fucking nice. Lick ‘em. Yeah, all the way in that nice throat of yours. Turn around. Nice and slow. I can’t take all of that ass at one time. Oh Jesus, wait. I gotta calm down. Hold on. Dead kittens. Dead kittens. Drowned kittens. Okay, slow. God, that ass makes my pecs swell and my nips ache. Sweet mother of all things sexy – that is one fine piece of perfect manhood. Reach around and grab your cheeks. Squeeze hard. Fuck, that’s nice. How’s it feel? Big. Full. Round. Hard. Fuckable. Damn, man, you know how to rock my world. You’re being such a good boy I’ll undo one button so you can see a little more of my huge chest. Don’t you dare bend over. I’m not ready to see that puckered hole, yet. That would make me spew like Old Faithful. Keep those cheeks together for now, man. Squeeze that ass, show me how rock-hard you can make it. Yeah, that’s real nice. Now turn around and take that jock off – slow, now, so I can enjoy your cock being revealed to me. Yeah, my tight blue shirt has you rock hard, doesn’t it, boy. Look at you, snaking across that thigh. Let that beast out, man. Oh, dayum, that mushroom head of yours is perfect. Look how it flares out – made for offering pleasure, huh? Long hard rod underneath and then those two, fucking orange-sized, low-hanging balls. Sweet fucking hell, those things look like something I should be swinging around to knock out the bad guys. Your dick makes me want to unbutton my tight jeans and play with myself. Toss me your jock, man. I want to smell it. Think of me as a cock sommelier – I can tell everything I need to know by just one sniff and a little taste of your jock. That’s heaven, right there, man, that’s what that is. Oh fuck, you smell nice. I get a whiff of some hard wood, a lot of fruitiness, and some big-ass balls. Damn, my nose is good. Gotta rub my hard cock now, man. Look at you, I can tell you like my fucking huge arms in this blue shirt, boy. You can’t take your eyes off of them. Yes sir. They’re so huge. They’re all for you, man. For you and that awesome sweet ass of yours. Let me take another big inhale of your sweetness on this jock while you turn around and bend over. Holy fucking hell, there’s that perfect ass again. That thing could give a big man heart failure. Gonna have to have my face up in all of that later on. Need to give the inside of your cheeks some fur-burn as you squeeze my face. Gonna have to undo another button on my shirt for that ass view, dude. Yeah, glance back and get a pig’s view of my big chest, boy. Show me your hole, now, man. I’m ready. Bend over slowly. Fuck, fuck, FUCK! Look at those ass lips puckering for some attention. That’s the entrance to your man heaven. That deep hole can take me to my happy place quicker than anything else in the world. Look how tight that fuck hole is. Looks like it’s all been locked up for a long time. It better be nice and tight, man. Remember, you don’t let anyone go to that sweet heaven – just this big man right here. That’s my hole, dude. No one else’s. You’ve been a good boy, right. Saving that chute for your big man, right? It’s only ever been opened by you, sir. That’s because this big man has the only key, right. My big muscles holding you and my big cock filling you up is the only pleasure you’ll ever need. Look how that thing is begging me to open it up right now. That beautiful hole deserves to see me without my shirt on. Let’s give you a grand view of all my hugeness. Ah, hell yeah, now I can play with my big plugs while I look at that fucking nice ass and that even hotter puckering man hole. Back that thing up here, boy. I need my face in there. Yeah, let’s get that thing nice and wet before I play with it. Man, I can still taste your workout. It was intense, wasn’t it. My spit’s getting that hole nice and lubed. Ready for my finger. Listen to the pig moan as I enter him. Yeah, I can tell that hole is nice and tight. You’ve been saving it for me, haven’t you, boy? Yes . . . unh . . . sir. . . unhhhh. Damn, really tight. I have to use a lot of force to enter that sweet temple of yours. Yeah, try and resist me, man. That’s so hot. Me forcing my finger into you while you try with all your might to prevent it. It’s crazy how much you want it, but your body just naturally knows to put up a fight to make it even more pleasurable. For both of us. My big arm is just too powerful for that nice ass, isn’t it? Yeah, the pig’s really moaning, now that I’m in. It feels nice and warm inside of you, man. Oh fuck, yeah, push that ass back and forth on my finger – show me what you really want. I can feel you loosening up, babe. You’ll be ready for a second massive finger in no time. Just getting you ready for the main event later on. Yowza, just the idea of that makes your ass tighten. God, I love feeling your nice, big, firm cheeks as I finger fuck you. I love using these big things as my pillow when I sleep. How in the hell do you fit these things in those tight jeans? It’s like trying to squeeze a gorilla into baby clothes. Those gurgling sounds your making mean you’re ready for the second finger invasion. We need to open you up even more before you take that big thing snaking down my huge thigh. You know how hard it is to muscle that cock of mine into your hole the first time. It’s like trying to cram an elephant through a keyhole. Yeah, that’s it, baby, fight that second finger. Act like your ass might win, even though we both know it won’t. Remember, my cock head is much fatter than these two enormous fingers. Yeah, slam that ass into my knuckles to get all of those thick fingers. My pig loves it rough, doesn’t he? Yes . . . sir. Please . . . sir. More fingers . . . please sir. Fucking hell, ass man. I’m going to open you up so you’ll plop down on my massive sausage in one swift squat. Gonna fill you up to the brim, mister. You’re going to be screaming and squirming like the pig you are. There’s that third finger for you, Mr. Tight. You’ve got me rubbing myself like a crazy man. I’m breathing so hard I would have burst out of my shirt if I had kept it on. My free hand can’t decide it if wants to shove down hard on my crotch or pinch the hell out of my thick nips. Damn, your man hole is so warm and wet, dude. It’s begging for something bigger, isn’t it? Gonna slam you with my thick rod, dude. Gonna make those beautiful eyes of yours roll back into that pretty little head. Your big beefy giant can’t get enough of you, man. I feel like hugging you so tight you explode. I’m going to pull out now, boy, so you can get up on this sofa, straddle my big body and lower that fucking sweet ass of yours onto my face. First, I need to undo my belt and open up my pants for easy access to my giant tool. You’ve got me leaking like some kind of fucking broken faucet, dude. I’m cranking out so much juice, even my big body can’t contain it all. Yeah, look how fast you jump up on this couch. You wanna feel my furry cheeks up in that ass of yours, don’t you? Let’s give you some beard burn, baby. Let me lap up that nice, sweet, ready hole of yours. Gonna wrap my big hands around your strong thigs and pull that bubble ass into my face. Tell me what it feels like, dude. Aw fuck, sir. Even your tongue is powerful. You force it into me as if I was nothing. Aw . . . yeah . . . sweet fucking hell . . . more sir . . . please . . . more. Damn, dude, that ass of yours taste like candy. It’s like slurping up ice cream. Getting that tight thing nice and wet for my giant manhood, boy. Gonna take you to cock-filled heaven. You’re going to think a railroad tie has been rammed up inside of you. You’ve got me harder than ever, man. Every time feels like the first time. Fucking hell, I can’t get enough of you. Tell me what you want, boy. Fuck me hard, sir! Now! Yeah, got my pretty boy begging for it now, don’t I? Your big man wants you just as much, dude. I’m feeling more powerful than Superman, right now. I’m thinking I could plow through concrete or something even stronger. Gonna conquer your ass, dude, and make you the happiest little pig on earth. Look how stiff that cock of yours is. I’m gonna make you shoot like a cannon in no time at all. Fuck, licking your ass is the nicest thing on earth – besides plowing it hard. God, I needed a good face fuck, today. I’ve been thinking about your ass ever since you left this morning. Fucking you in the shower this morning seems like so long ago. I wish I could go through the day with you riding my cock all the time. How does that sound, boy? Wanna be plugged by my big old donkey dong all day long? Yes sir. Please fuck me, sir. Listen to you whine, dude. You’ll be crying big crocodile tears any moment now. I rammed you hard against the shower wall forever this morning, but here you are begging for more. That ass of yours just can’t get enough of my massive meat, can it? No need to answer, dude, the way your asshole puckers all juicy when I talk about slamming into you is all the answer I need. That ass of yours is almost as powerful as my huge body, isn’t it, son. When I’m in the gym and my body seems like it couldn’t do another rep to save my life, all I have to do is think about your sweet fucking huge bubble butt and I crank out ten more without any problem. You fuel my growth, man. That beautiful ass of yours is why I’m a muscle monster now. Guys at the gym are jealous of me and always want to know who’s my muse for my workouts. When I point to you and say it’s your gorgeous ass, they nod quickly and tell me how lucky I am. I usually flex a big gun and tell them you are off limits – unless they want to feel my full power. I’d rip a guy apart if he even tried to touch you. You want any other guy touching you, boy? No sir. I only want you. Please fuck me, sir. That’s the right answer, dude. You’ve been a good boy. You deserve a nice pounding. Hop down off this sofa and help your big man get his jeans down off of his thick thighs. Once I’m naked we can decide how you’re going to offer me release tonight. Is it going to be a bulging-arms while I hold you for a powerful air fucking, a slamming you against the wall fucking, or do you want to ride your big man like a bucking bronco on the bed fucking? You get to choose, boy – cause I’m going to love it no matter what. I’m going to blast off like a rocket simply because I’m inside you, so you get to please yourself by choosing how this big daddy is going to plow you. Then we’re going to order dinner in, eat totally nude, and I’ll probably give you another intense pounding before we fall asleep for a good night’s rest – exhausted and happy. What’s my baby’s pleasure tonight? Air fucking, please sir. The favorite way for both of us! It’s a win-win. Holy fucking hell, I’m squirting gobs of pre-cum just thinking about how that ass chute of yours is going to feel on my big rod. You’re going to be my big manscicle, dude. Yeah, I’m gonna slide my long stick way up in you. That’s it man, tug hard on those jeans. My massive legs just stretch this material so tight, it takes a lot of work to remove them. Yeah, now that my big cock is freed, you can see how excited I am about that ass of yours. Turn around again, dude. Grab those ankles. I want to rub my dickhead in that crack of yours. Oh fuck, that feels nice. Teasing that hole of yours gets me so worked up I could tear down an entire house with my bare hands. Oh fuck, I can tell that hole of yours is going to be so damn tight. You’ve been waiting for your big man to plow you again, haven’t you? Yeah, boy, that ass of yours is all mine. I’m not sharing it with anyone . . . and I know you’re a good boy – only offering your tight shrine to this muscle god. Right, boy? Yes sir. Only you, sir. That’s it, my little angel, push back on this big man’s hard cock. Tease me, boy. Aw fucking hell, you’ve got me so hot and bothered. My cock aches from wanting that ass of yours. Let’s let that wide tip of mine goad that hole, boy. Yeah, that’s it, tighten that cherry for me. You just can’t help yourself, can you? The thought of all this meat inside you turns you on, but it makes your ass nervous, too. That initial thrust is almost too much, isn’t it? But then, soon after, you start feeling pleasure like you’ve never known before. My plowing fills you and pleases you, doesn’t it, little man? No need to answer, those moans of joy tell me all I need to know. You can’t wait to be dangling in the air off of my big rod. I’m too horned up to tease you anymore, dude. I need the prize right now. I gotta be inside you or I’m going to become like a wild man and destroy something. Let’s get you up in the air, my little fuck toy. Yeah, turn around so this big man can pick you up. God, you’re so light. You float up in the air like a little angel with wings. Your feet dangling in the air as I hold you like you were nothing. Yeah, that’s it . . . wrap those legs around my strong mid-section, boy. You can squeeze all you want. I’m not going to feel a thing, but you’re about to feel pleasure beyond what you’ve ever imagined.
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    The Day After Christmas I’m not exactly young. I’m 36 with blond hair and blue eyes, 6 feet tall and a muscular defined body. I don’t have a bodybuilder physique but I wish I did. Anyway I was in my home waiting for a stud I met to come over. We met at the wedding of a mutual friend. He knew the bride and I knew the groom. He was coming in to the wedding reception as I was leaving to attend a family Christmas gathering. We were introduced and we toasted the happy couple. I lingered and we agreed to get together for a drink. Naturally we exchanged phone numbers. Brad was a true hunk of a man, around 40 but looking ten years younger, more than 6’6” tall and about 280 pounds of rock hard muscles with a chestnut hair and intense green eyes. The day after Christmas I opened the door and the massive man looked me up and down. Without a word he took my hand and placed it on his massive bulge never breaking eye contact. He continued staring at me until I looked down in submission. With one hand on my chest he moved me back and entered my home. I locked the door and he replaced my hand on his cock. I cautiously explored his crotch with both my hands as his cock continued getting bigger and harder. His fingers opened the buttons of his dress shirt revealing his huge buff body. In a trance I undressed myself following his lead. I couldn’t believe how his huge dick was stretching the silky white underwear until it was like a second skin around his shaft. He dropped his shirt and pants very quickly and then slowly lowered his underwear to his knees. My jaw dropped; I never saw such a massive cock. It was very long, uncut, and very thick. He held my shoulders as he invaded my personal space telling me he was completely turned on by my physique, handsome face, and blue eyes. In a trance I led him directly to my bedroom bypassing the food and liquor I had set out to entertain and seduce him. He turned down the bed and smiled. We wrestled in the dark, kissing, exploring, and jousting for dominance. Eventually he immobilized me on the bed face down. I never had a chance. He pinned me and lowered his whole body on top of mine. He was so heavy I could barely breathe. With one hand he put a glob of K-Y in my ass crack even though I was already well lubricated inside. I had cleaned out and lubed up inside anticipating being fucked but not minutes after he arrived. There was no foreplay with Brad unless you count the wrestling. I was trying to slow him down but it was like standing on the tracks trying to stop a freight train with one hand that was traveling at full speed. He began teasing my ass with his fingers, and then he placed the head of his pole in my crack and begun pressing it against my butt hole. I already understood that resistance was futile and tried to relax my hole as much as I could. I began begging him to enter slowly so I could adapt to that monster cock, but once the head was in he shoved what felt like the rest of his cock in without pausing. He groaned in my ear. I was paralyzed by the pain but he told me to relax and to breathe. He told me to trust him because he knew how to use his weapon. I don’t know if he penetrated me fully on that initial entry. My guess was no because he pulled his cock out slowly leaving just the head inside and then plunged in deeper. He pulled back, added lube, and then pushed back in again slowly and carefully. His lips whispered in my ear as his chest weighed down my back. With each thrust he was nailing me to the bed. All I wanted to do was breathe better but in trying to move I arched my back more so that my butt was more easily fucked. The end result of my move was that I made it easier for his huge cock to go deeper in me. He was truly hung like a horse and he was taking great pleasure shoving his cock in deeper and deeper with each thrust of his hips. He was kissing and biting my neck and I could tell that it was a big turn on for him feeling me writhe under him. Inch by inch he penetrated me deeper and deeper with each thrust. We were both sweating heavily from the lovemaking and I was intoxicated by his musky odor. This was nothing but pure sexual lust. I thought that he was fully inside me when he suddenly lifted his chest and pressed with both hands on my back. I lifted my butt even more and he pressed his cock in even deeper until finally his ball sack was slapping my butt. He lowered his chest to my back again and wrapped his huge arms around me. I was in heaven. I was moaning with pleasure while he was sucking my ears and licking my neck. He slammed his cock into my ass repeatedly until I thought he was going to cum. Then he pulled out and he flipped me onto my back. Half his cock was back in me before his big hands closed around my ankles. He spread my legs wide telling me that he wanted to control me completely as his cock was again going in balls deep. He brought my legs together and then, with the back of my thighs imprisoned between us, he pressed his huge body against mine passing my legs over his broad shoulders. By pressing my knees close to my shoulders my hole was in the best possible position to be fully penetrated. He was pinning my body to the bed with his broad shoulders and huge hard chest and at the same time he was thrusting his dick inside me by just moving his hips. Faster and faster he thrust in and out massaging my prostate with each stoke until I was about to cum. But I didn’t. Then I realized I was being edged. He knew full well what he was doing and how to make my pleasure unbearable. With each urge to climax he would change tactics. I was so lost in lust I didn’t know he was doing it. I was clawing his back begging him to fuck me deeper and then he paused and smiled. I began pulling on his butt to get his pole thrusting back inside me. “Want more?” He knew the answer. He knelt up between my legs with his hands again imprisoning my ankles and his dick still in my ass. He grinned and began massaging my prostate from inside with little flexes of his shaft. Then he began thrusting rapidly in and out but never fully out. I was overwhelmed with pleasure as my orgasm built. He continued until I could take no more and the cum damn burst without anyone even touching my cock. I never had an orgasm that intense. My over stimulated prostate was pumping loads of cum over my head and onto my body while my ass muscles were constricting around his dick. My ass was milking his huge cock driving him completely wild and I sensed his shaft becoming even harder and thicker. I could almost feel the flood of his cum traveling up his shaft then pumping into my body. His back arched and he roared. His climax seemed to last forever. I really thought his supply of cum was endless. Then he began to relax. He looked down at me and his sweaty body crushed me as we embraced. His cock, which was still inside me, pulsed with an aftershock. I awoke an hour later spooned with my back against his chest and his gigantic arm around me. I felt his hard cock pressing into my ass crack. I moaned and kissed his massive bicep. “That was just a small sample of what my cock can do,” he whispered. “I could fuck your perfect ass all night long. Are you ready for some serious fucking?” he said with a chuckle. “Will I live?” I teased. “From now on you’ll live like you never lived before,” he said forcefully. “This ass is mine from this moment on.” “Yes Sir,” I said as I wiggled my ass against his cock. His arm tightened around me and his body trembled. Over the years Brad has been a man of his word and I’ve never regretted letting him into my life. This is a special time of year for us since we first met at that wedding the Saturday before Christmas. No matter what the season just knowing he is on his way home still makes me super horny, but when holiday decorations appear and Christmas carols fill the air when he takes me in his arms it is magical. Yes we participate in gatherings with friends and family but sometimes our eyes meet in a crowded room and waves of lust will wash over me. I feel as though somebody was about to be tossed on the table and worked over, then Brad would smile and I knew it was time to say good night to the host. It was time to go home and celebrate.
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    I found this story written by Myoder does anybody know if he still writes? Bull BY Myoder I'd never met my uncle Jim. My dad told me that he was always the black sheep of the family and that was about all I knew of him. Now, at 35, I decided I'd track him down. I found out that he had a ranch and after a few calls I finally reached him. On the phone, he had a deep voice (it actually made me crazy it was so deep, so masculine, but I'd never let him know). I arranged to come out to the ranch on day in the summer. The sprawling property was impressive. Cattle and a small farm patch with hay and wheat growing. I didn't know what to expect of my uncle, I'd only seen a photo of him as a boy - dark tossled hair and a clear attitude that said "don't take my picture, jerk!" I found a ranch hand and asked where I'd find my uncle Jim. "Jim?" he asked. "Don't know any Jim." "Jim Reynolds? He owns the place." "Oh! You mean Bull! He's out in the field with the cattle. Take that truk over there you'll find him over that way." He pointed toward a large open space. I could barely make out the dots of cattle in the distance. I hopped in the old truck and headed out. My heart started pounding at the idea of meeting a long lost relative. Who I found in the field was more than anything I could've expected. There standing among a herd was my uncle Jim - Bull as they called him - and I could see why. At 55, he stood a good 6'7". He looked like he weighed well over 500 lbs and all of it was muscle. He had a mane of thick dark hair with grey at the temples, a full beard and bushy eyebrows. His face was weathered and worn from years in the sun. He was wearing a flannel cowboy shirt, the sleeves torn off to accomodate the mass of his incredible arms. His biceps bulged and twisted like huge iron balls. His triceps were like two massive horseshoes, his forearms easily 25inches around and corded with thik muscle under a coat of dark hair. His shoulders had to be 3 feet across. The front of the shirt was open halfway to his navel, exposing huge hairy pecs - grey and black hair matted with sweat. His thighs were thick with muscle and his ass was big and firm. He was imposing and huge - and I could feel my dick getting hard at the thoguht of the what filled the enormous bulge in his jeans. "Uncle Jim?" I called. He looked over and started toward me extending his hand. "You Mike, then?" he asked. His grip was strong. He was being gentle, I could tell he did know his own strength and was being careful not to hurt me. He smiled. "So, you're my nephew. Hmmm." He looked me up and down and I felt embarrassed. "Well my brother produced a fine young guy. Guess good looks run in the family." He laughed and looked like he was staring at my crotch. Did he notice my growing hardon? I thought I sawthe bulge in his pants getting bigger. "Just working on getting these steer in that pen. Hold on." He ushered a few of the steer into a fenced area, but two moved off, not wanting to go. He walked over to them and grabbed them by the horns. Then he slipped his massive hands and arms around them and lifted. His neck was thick and huge, his traps swelled beside his ears. His biceps and triceps bunched and flexed as he hoisted the two huge steer in his arms. He walked them over to the pen and lifted them over the fence. At least 1000lbs in each arms and he lifted them like they were little dogs! "Get in there, you two!" he grunted as he put them down. He turned to face me and gave his pecs a flex, the massive muscle bouncing under the fabric. "Helps if you're strong in this work, Mike." He flashed a big smile. "You married?" Uh oh, I thought. That question. Do I tell him I'm gay, or do I leave it alone? "No," I said. Leave it alone. "You?" "Was for a while. She left me for one of the ranch hands. Go figure. She thought I was gettin too big - lifting weights and building up. But shit! When you get this big, you just gotta get bigger! Sides, most women don't appreciate a really huge man." He lifted one of his massive arms and flexed it. The bicep peaked as big as my head and his triceps hung low and hard in an incredible arch. His shoulder was as big as a basketball and every muscle was striated.My cock leapt in my pants pushing out my jeans. "Just 33 inches there, Mike." I gulped. "Man! Really?!" "Sure is! Here feel it." He held it in front of my face. I could smell his sweat and felt his breath on my face. He looked into my eyes while I reached up acn touched the huge muscle. He twisted his fist around changing the mass and dimension of the muscle in front of my face. He breathed harder as I grasped the bicep and squeezed. Then he whispered, "Squeeze it real hard, Mike. Try and crush it." I squeezed as hard as I could but didn't dent it. "Real Man's arm there, boy," he whispered, "you like that? I can by that crotch that you do." I stroked my cock in my pants. "Let it out, son." he whispered in my ear. I unzipped my jeans and my hard 7" dick sprang out and slapped against my stomach. "Mmmm, yeah real pretty little dick, Mike." He kept his arm flexed and grabbed my dick with his other hand, stroking me gently. His huge hand almost entirely enveloped my hard cock. His fingers slipped under my crotch and hisindex finger found my hungry asshole. I groaned as he fingered my hole. Now my hands were all over his huge body. I ripped open his shirt and started running my fingers through the fur on his massive pecs. He flexed them while I squeezed and probed, licked and stroked his muscle. He leaned down and his mouth met mine, his beard scrathing my face histongue probing deep down my throat. I reached for his zipper and pulled it down. His semi-hard cock flopped out. It was already about 9 inches long and as thick as my wrist. I felt the weight of it- heavy and thick. He stood up straight and I took as much of it as I could in my mouth. It continued to grow while I licked and sucked and stroked it. "Yeah. Suck my big dick, Mike. Make that cock huge! Yeah, Big muscle man's dick." He threw his head back and his cock thickened and hardened even more. At full mast he was immense. Thick with a huge head and dark veins roped over the monster dong. "Fuck Bull! How big is this?!" I asked. "Fifteen. When I'm real excited 16. Like it, Mike?" "Oh man!" I went down on the huge prick and sucked as much as I could- which wasn't much. It was huge. It throbbed and flexed in his excitement. Every muscle in his massive body flexed while I sucked him and stroked his huge dick. I could feel his big, hairy balls pulling up and expected him to shoot, but he stopped me. "My turn," he said. He picked me up in one huge hand and thrust his finger in my ass. I sat on his hand and he pumped me back and forth, sucking my dick and finger fucking me. I reached down and felt his massive biceps as he went to work on my throbbing dick. "Yeah, Bull. Suck me, Stud. Flex those big fuckin muscles and suck me real hard. He picked up speed and grunted and groaned as he sucked my dick. I could feel me getting close. "I'm gonna shoot, man!" The giant muscle man pumped my dick deep in his throat and clamped down hard as my jism gushed out. He kept sucking me till I was dry, then he put me down. I grasped his massive dong and pulledon it hard. He groaned more and more as I stroked his dick. "Make it shoot, man! Make Bull's dick shoot." I squeezed his monstrous, hairy pecs and stroked his hard 16" dick. Then he hit a double biceps pose and I squeezed the inhuman arms. His masive dong bounced and bobbed while I felt his incredible arms. I saw his huge balls contract up and his huge muscle cock sprayed a massive load for feet and feet while I squeezed his arms. He picked me up and held me straddling his waist and kissed me deep and long. That was the first day I met my Uncle Jim - Bull. •
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    Part Seven - Finale “Look at that artwork, boy,” Mr. Dennis said, as he surveyed all the multiple cracks of varying sizes throughout the room. “My powerful punch sent cracks to every room in this house – both the floors and walls. I bet an even stronger tap could bring this whole place tumbling down. Now, that would be hot to see. I’m a one-man wrecking crew, Thomas. I’ve always wanted to redo this place. I could make the doors taller and wider – and make the rooms a helluva lot bigger to accommodate my new body. Your super powerful silver-haired muscle gramps needs a house befitting of his monstrous muscles, don’t you think?” “Yes sir,” I replied, weakly – still recovering from watching him put his giant fist into the concrete floor as if he had been punching through paper. “You make me think of the gods on Mount Olympus, Mr. Dennis.” “What? That weak old wimpy Zeus doesn’t come close to competing with your massive man, boy. Even his powerful lightning bolts would bounce off this body like little gnats. I could probably toss the mountain and all the gods on it into space with one arm, boy. You’re going to have to start dreaming much bigger and much stronger than just a Greek god, son. Talking like this makes me leak pre-cum, Thomas. Look at that thick gob of super-spunk. I bet there’s enough swimmers in that big old drop to impregnate an entire country. Gotta fuck the wall, son. Sorry to interrupt our conversation, but when a man needs to pound, he’s just gotta pound.” Mr. Dennis walked over to the wall of the great room attached to the kitchen. It was the thick wall already peppered with holes even with my shoulders, where he hand pounded freely before. Watching the man reach down and force his sky-stretched thick log to stick out straight was almost too much for me to handle by itself. And then, when he pressed the fist-sized head of his cock against the wall, I moaned out loud. Plaster, concrete, and no telling what else was simply pushed away as his dick head plowed into the solid wall. I thought of a superfast train pummeling through a tunnel – but actually, his cock was making its own tunnel. The man grunted and it sounded like the foghorn of an ocean liner. The long, thick cock slammed into the wall like it was simply sliding into whipped cream. The entire frame of the house seemed to loudly creak and rock back and forth as his giant rod ripped into what was clearly a foundation wall of the house. The entire wall pulled slightly from the ceiling as Mr. Dennis shoved powerfully against it. And then the wall screamed as Mr. Dennis colossal tool started moving up – taking the entire house with it. The whole foundation of the place was being ripped from the floor. Finally, the wall gave up and the cock simply ripped upward through concrete, wood, plaster, and pipes as the house went back down to rest in its original place. “Fucking just lifted a three-story house with just my cock, son. Never dreamed of that when you were making your daddy juice, did you, Thomas?” “No sir,” I replied, but my voice was shaky and soft because I was so astounded by what the man had just done. “I’m going to take out chunks of three walls when I blast a load this time, little man. I can feel it. You’ve turned me on so much and fed me so well, that I’m going to ejaculate like cannonballs being shot through plywood. Fucking hell, I might take out entire walls, son. This daddy feels so jacked he could probably move a continent. Yeah, how about I make a new super country called Dennisland. Yeah, that would be cool. Right now, however, I just gotta get off or I’m going to bring down this big house with just one jerk of my dick. Here . . . it . . . uh . . . comes . . . Thomas . . . cover your ears . . . arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” A hundred sticks of dynamite would have been softer and a lot less destructive. Mr. Dennis’ crotch slammed into the wall as he orgasmed. A huge chunk of the wall was pushed into the other room – creating a big hole just before the massive loaded cannon released its missile like volleys of cum. I could see his thick powerful semen detonate into the wall across the guest bedroom – knocking a huge gaping opening there and then repeating the same destruction in three other walls as his spunk traveled back through the house. Wardrobes, shelving units, and much more were obliterated by the blast from his super-strong, huge, grampa cock. You would have thought a fireplug had been untapped by the amount of juice spewing into the other rooms. Finally, I could uncover my ears because I could hear that Mr. Dennis had stopped screaming and the explosions had ceased. “Sweet mother, that was a tsunami, Thomas. Your gramps-daddy just tore out half of the house with his orgasm. If you had been riding my cock I would have sent you into orbit. I’m going to have to learn to control my powerful tool if I’m planning on ever pounding you. I wouldn’t want you to look like the splintered remains of my grandmother’s solid oak armoire. It took four men to carry that thing into the house. I demolished it with one mega-blast from my super tool. I’m gonna have to start plowing solid rock on the side of mountains. It will be one good way to make caves. Who knows, we might have a new career in mining. You okay, there, little fella? You’re as white as a ghost.” “You’re not human!” I replied, amazed at my own exclamation. “Well, Thomas, I am flesh and blood. Although, my flesh is super hard - much stronger than any armor - and my blood is probably beyond the boiling point. I still have feelings, dude. Anyway, this is what you wanted, right. Okay, so I’m about a hundredfold more powerful than you ever dreamed your super gramps would be and I’m certainly a helluva lot bigger – but that doesn’t change the fact that you created me. You made me in the image of your dream senior lover. I just kind of got enhanced a little along the way.” “A little!” “Okay, maybe a lot. But you love me this way. I can tell by the way that your cock hasn’t subsided since you got here. It’s just going to take you a while to get used to everything I’m capable of, that’s all. Hell, I’m not used to the destruction I can cause – so how would I expect you to be. Don’t you just want to sit back, though, and enjoy the muscle ride, Thomas. Wasn’t it always your dream to have some senior muscle daddy telling you what to do and taking care of your every desire. Well, look no more, my little friend. Mr. Dennis is all those dreams times a thousand. My cum, alone, can bring down a house. Just imagine the real power in these arms and legs, boy. You want to jump to some far away city for dinner? I’m pretty sure I can do it. Want to move some building that’s blocking your view? Just ask and it shall be done. Want me to intimidate the crap out of some guy – or better, yet - some gang? Well, the pleasure would be all mine. Just name what you want, Thomas, and your newly enhanced Mr. Denis will make you spew in pleasure as he gets you whatever it is. You’re going to be around powerful muscles for the rest of your life, man. You’re going to get to feel my hardness whenever it pleases you . . . and whenever it pleases me, too. Talk about a match made in muscle heaven, boy – you and I are never going to tire of seeing what this silver-furred body of mine can do. How does that sound, boy?” “Almost too good to be true, sir,” I replied. “That’s the way I want to keep you, Thomas – always amazed and just a little bit frightened. I’m like having an atomic bomb as your friend, dude. Incredible power just waiting to be unleashed. Let’s get you some much-needed sleep, my worn-out little lover, but tomorrow we start ‘Operation See What Mr. Dennis Can Do.’ You’re going to love me testing my limits. Almost as much as I’m going to love it. Come, let this big man carry you to bed so you can dream some muscle dreams wrapped up in his huge, powerful arms.” I walked into his outstretched humongous biceps and into my muscled destiny.
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    This is a quick story about the little son's reunion with his giant daddy. ************************************************************************************************************************************ Everything is complicated in the life of a person my size. Simple everyday things like grabbing something off a shelf becomes hard work. Being only 4'9” tall is like being a dwarf, almost an ant, when I'm around my dad and my little brother. (Yes, my little brother is much bigger than me). Every time I visit them on the farm, I'm the target of weird jokes like John's and the beanstalk. My dad is the biggest giant and I hear his deep voice echo through the house. "FE ... FI ... FO ... FUM ... I'm smelling daddy's puppy" I left my Big Papa's house to work after I graduated high school. Then I graduated from a community college and today I'm a good accountant in a small business miles away from my family giants. It's embarrassing to live around people who are more than twice their size, so I preferred to live away from them. My dad can't understand that I needed to get this far. He calls me every day asking if I have eaten and slept well and if I'm taking a coat when I leave for work. I am still a baby to my Big Papa. For him, the family has to be united. It had been a while since I had spoken to them. Almost 4 months without news and refusing my father's calls. My dad was upset and sad with me, and I even understand how he feels, but everything is complicated for someone my size. I feel so emasculated beside them and it's like my manhood goes down the drain when I'm close to both of them. So I regained some of my courage and decided to go visit them for the holidays. I locked the door of my little apartment, an apartment adapted for someone 4'9” tall, and went down the stairs of the building. The taxi is already waiting for me. With some difficulty, I got in the car. I don't do very well getting on high cars. The driver looks at me strangely, as if to understand my small size. I'm used to getting those looks already, so I don't care. I point forward and speak at once. “For bus station please” I inform the driver. *************************************************************************** It was almost eight hours and travel from the city where I live to the city where my father's farm is. I got off the bus right in front of the entrance to the dirt road. Now it would be a thirty minute walk to the farm. I looked at the sign and saw the name of the farm carved in wood with the drawing of a flexed muscular arm that read: "Rhodes Family Farm." Yes, my last name was Rhodes, like the colossus. This is so ironic when it comes to me, a little human. For my brother this surname is more appropriate as it is a 9'5” tall colossus. Walking along the path, past big trees, with my backpack on my back, I decide to rest a little under a shadow. I pull out my canteen and drink some water. I close my eyes and keep feeling the warm breeze of the place, at least I'm under a tree. I rest my head against the tree trunk and take a deep, relaxing breath. Minutes pass and I hear the rustle of fallen leaves on the ground. I open my eyes and realize I'm looking at the biggest, most swollen bulge I've ever seen. I quickly get up, grabbing my backpack and stepping back. I needed to look closely, to see exactly who it was. I swallowed hard when I saw the size of that man's thighs. They were huge thighs about the size of the tree trunk I was lying on. I looked up at the groin and something pulsed from inside the man's jeans. (How can there be any clothes that contain that huge thing?) He wore jeans, torn and dirty, at least he looked dirty. From the cracks in my pants I could see that his massive thighs were covered with thick hair and his groin gave off a strong smell, and a tuft of thick hair also protruded from his pants, a masculine smell of sweat from working all day. I looked down at the man's feet ... I don't think I can call this man anymore ... man. He was huge and above world average for a big man. He was a monster, a titan, a colossus. His feet were so large that my two feet together were still insignificant near those furry, strenuous odor feet. He flexed his toes and crushed some dry leaves and ants that walked unaware and unaware of the giant. I swallowed hard when I saw his huge toes. Panting, I almost gave in to the urge to throw myself to the ground and sniff his foot. It was all so strong that I almost gave in to my macrophilic instincts. "Hey, little buddy... are you lost?" The hairy colossus bowed, its great mass descending from the heavens straight to me. Your hairy pecs filling my vision more. His face framed in a thick, black beard. His eyebrows shot up in surprise and his brown eyes almost jumped from his giant head when he recognized me. The same thing happened to me ... I mean, my eyes almost jumped when that manly square-jawed face stared at me closely. The giant stepped back without taking his eyes off me. He tried to say something but couldn't. Approaching his thick index finger, thicker than a sausage, he touched my forehead and gently brushed my hair. “OH SHIT! BEN is that you? My big bro is back! ” The giant's expression began to change. From a surprised face a smile full of tenderness sprang to his manly face. I watched as massive, protruding vein arms wrapped around me and lifted me into a hug. I touched his biceps, and they were bigger than basketballs. His forearms, larger than hams and still a thick layer of dark hair covered his arms. It was hot. I felt my head being pressed against something that was so hot and smelled strongly of sweat. You pair of huge hairy pecs. My head was buried in the crack, or rather, my head was buried in the valley between the hairy giant's pecs. His sweat slipped into the cleavage of chest soaking all over my face. It was inevitable not to taste a little of the hairy giant's sweat. "Hmmmm ... please ... hmmmm" I tried to say but I'm useless. “Awwww… my little brother is back! I LOVE YOU SO LITTLE BEN ” That was when my chip dropped and I began to realize that in fact, that hairy giant, with hard jaw, manly face, hairy and sweaty pecs, thick and hairy thighs and calves, with giant feet was nothing more than my little brother, Brock I was hot from the heat that Brock's massive body emanated. He squeezed me for a few more seconds before pulling my head away from the cleavage of his hairy chest. Still lifting me in the air as if I weighed less than a packet of cookies, he caresses my hair and with eyes full of happiness, bent and kissed my forehead. His thick beard brushed my nose as his thick lips curled into a kiss that almost swallowed my head. “Arrgg… Brock… is that you? Damn… you're huge, ” I choked out. “Hahahaha! This is your little brother, Ben. What do you think of me?” He flexed a biceps that was bigger than a basketball when flexed, bigger than my head. “Holy fuck, Brock! Your arms are thicker than my head. ”I touched his biceps. “I have worked a lot outside. On the farm there is a lot of weight to carry and I can always have a pump at the end of the day. ” He stopped talking, and with his eyebrows together he stared at me for a few seconds. "Why are you here? You didn't come to fight Dad or me, did you? ”His voice was hoarse and dark. "Oh God! No, Brock, of course I won't fight. I want… well… I want to apologize for so long without talking to you ” I shrugged and lowered my gaze. I was embarrassed and still raised in Brock's massive arms, I was far from the ground, but when I swayed my feet I felt something hit me. I tried to look down past Brock's pecs and saw that my feet were on top of the bulge that inhabited Brock's groin. It was fat and large and throbbed under torn jeans. This was even bigger than a rainforest snake. "Jesus Christ," I whispered, scared. “Good!” He smiled happily again. “Dad will be happy to have his eldest son back. The old man is kind of sad missing you ” Brock set me down, but then thought it would be better to carry me. Each step of Brock was like six steps of mine. He had a point, even though I felt terrible about being a made man, but having to be carried by his younger brother like a baby just to keep up later. I didn't fight, but was frustrated when Brock carried me into his arms along the farm access road. “Brock… I'm so sorry,” I swallowed. “I didn't want to spend so much time talking to you guys… I love daddy, but I was feeling suffocated… with all your size… and fuck! Look at the size of the thing you have between your legs. ” I covered my mouth quickly knowing I had said a big bullshit, but Brock smiled and flexed his big cock. He really wanted to show me how big he was and that I could do nothing but accept the fact that he and Dad were giants everywhere. He looked at me like he wanted to prove that point ... and he did it. “We're big, Ben… it's our nature. We are HUUUUGE ” Brock let out a short roar and flexed his pecs, arms and ... cock. His cock almost tore at his pants. I wasn't ready to see, at least not then, my brother's titanic mast. We walked in silence along the way. Sometimes Brock would stop for some fruit and ask me to put it in my backpack. Well, it wasn't so hard for him to get the fruits almost in the crown of some trees. After a walk that lasted at least twenty minutes, we arrived at my father's farm. A very green place, an orchard stuffed with green apples, a great pasture for cows and for Lance, the farm's breeding ox. The barn was in the background, almost on the small hill. The farmhouse was big, huge, to fit my father and brother inside. Made of oak logs, the house resembled Paul Bunyan's storybook. Brock set me down on the porch of the house and said he would call Daddy. Brock stepped back, his footsteps sending little tremors across the porch as he left and went near the barn. I approached the porch guard, climbed on one of the logs so I could better see where my brother's giant was going. That was when he entered the barn and quickly left with my father. They both looked like a younger version of each other, my father actually looked like a more mature and taller version of Brock. He wore a black and white flannel shirt, like a chessboard. Her leather boots were worn and his jeans were faded. With the sleeves of his shirt folded, his hams-size, fur-covered forearms were visible. Dad had a shiny bald head, a thick gray beard, a gray hairy chest. His tired, manly face gave way to a happy smile as he spotted me on his porch standing on one of the logs. His heavy steps quickened. He spread his arms as he approached the porch and at 12ft he covered more space with his quick steps. Within seconds he descended the barn hill and climbed onto the porch. My jaw almost dropped when I saw Dad in front of me. Its bulge was almost three feet above my head. If near Brock I looked like a child, near my father I was like a little doll. I could smell his strong smell from one day hard work on the farm, which came from his swollen groin. The balls were struggling to stay in my jeans and I swear I saw them fluttering as he approached me. His leather boots gave off a strong odor that almost made me pass out. I swallowed hard as I lifted my neck to try to see past the beer gut and the pair of massive hairy pecs that were on the bridge making the shirt burst. How are there clothes to contain so much mass without breaking? "D-daddy ... I ..." I gasped and before I could, my dad leaned over and took me in his arms. Tears were in his eyes as he squeezed me in his embrace. And just as it was with Brock, my face was sticking in the valley of my father's pecs, but now they were bigger, more massive and hairier and sweaty pecs. I had a lot more of Dad to admire, but what I remembered. He was huge. “OH SHIT HOLY! My little boy is back home. Let's have a party with everyone in town ... I want everyone to know how good it is to have my puppy back. ” Dad hummed with me in his arms, his pecs flexing in my face as he spoke. I was beginning to choke on all that hard, hairy mass squeezing my face. I think he had noticed that he was choking me because I just grunted. He lifted my head from the valley of his pecs and met my eyes. Dad had brown eyes, almost honey-colored, and with tears welling up in the corners, he sniffed his nose and stared at me for a while before kissing me. And with your kiss, I say that half of my head went into your mouth. "Dad ... it's hard to breathe ..." I choked. "Oh ... sorry ... hehehehe ... I'm excited to have my son back" He called Brock and with me still in his arms, we entered the house. Dad sat on the couch, and I swear I heard the couch creak with its weight. Brock sat in an elk-horn armchair in front of us and I was sitting on my dad's lap. His thigh was so big that I could sit there all day. With a giant hand behind my back to protect me if I dared to fall, Dad began to talk about how he missed me. I tried to apologize, but he wasn't interested because he said there was nothing to be sorry about and that everything was fine again. I stared at my dad for a few seconds as he tore up in happiness and realized that I missed him too and everything in that place. "I love you, Daddy" I snuggled into his massive hot torso. “Awww… I love you too, puppy. The giant daddy will always be here for you, my little boy. ” "And the giant brother too." Brock nodded and smiled. I was at home, not only for New Year's parties, but because I loved how big they were always, massive, imposing and affectionate. I felt back home where everything is big and I'm a squirt, but I'm protected by two muscle beasts, two loving giants. THE END
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    "Fucking Rhett," Jake muttered under his breath. He didn't want to be on this camping trip. He wasn't what you would call "outdoorsy." This whole roughin' it thing wasn't for him. But Jake was really bad at saying no to Rhett. Standing 6’1” and built like a college football player, Rhett was the quintessential guy next door — neatly-cropped blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, a square jawline every guy envied. Jake wasn’t half bad looking himself, but he was no Rhett. Jake always considered himself average, but in doing so he downplayed the subtle charm of his boyish looks, tan skin and tousled brown hair. Shorter at 5’9”, you could tell he missed a few days at the gym. He was by no means fat or out-of-shape... in fact, compared to the general population he looked pretty dang good. Jake was just a little soft in the middle, lacking defined muscle tone. "Straight skinny, but gay fat" as the saying goes. This was evident whenever the two would go to gay clubs: it was very apparent who commanded attention on the dance floor. Jake’s relationship with Rhett was complex: they had been best friends since college, but Jake secretly harbored two somewhat contradictory feelings that complicated things: an unhealthy amount of jealousy over his buddy’s good looks—jealousy that was also underscored by a heavy and pervasive lust for his friend. For years, he had fantasized about undressing the studly Rhett, ripping off his tight shirt to reveal Rhett's perky pecs and hard-earned cobblestone abs. When they worked out together it was all he could do to not pop a boner. Just seeing his friend sweat, his muscles bulge with striations as he pumped iron on the bench press was enough to put him under a spell. A spell strong enough to convince him to say yes to a camping trip he *really* didn't want to go on. At Rhett’s insistence, the boys had set up camp near the entrance to a ravine at the base of the Snokeridge Mountains. It provided some shelter from the wind, but the creek had dried up for the season and the closest water source was a slow-flowing river a half of mile from the camp site. The boys had spent their first day hiking to the spot, setting up the tent and then fishing by the river. Even after fishing all day, Rhett had only caught a small little trout; barely enough for one person, let alone two young men who had been hiking all day. “Jake, why don’t you take the fish back to the site and get a fire going. It's not much, but we can eat it with the hot dog buns I brought," barked Rhett. Rhett was in charge of food, which was a mistake considering he's not great with details. Hot dog buns? Got it. Relish? In the cooler. Mustard? You bet. The actual hot dogs? Forget about it. "Sure thing," Jake snapped back, an attitude in his voice. As he went to pick up the fish from the shallow pond Rhett had dug to keep it fresh, Jake tripped and fell head first into the river. "Goddamit!" he yelled, soaking and shivering. He quickly snatched the tiny fish and did an about face toward the mountains, avoiding eye contact with Rhett. "Hey dude, it's not a big deal. The fire will warm you right up," replied a chuckling Rhett. Ticked off by the long haul back to camp and Rhett’s lack of planning, Jake began stomping his way back to camp. Sopping wet and getting colder by the minute, Jake heard his stomach growl. Starting the fire, cleaning the fish... it would be at least an hour before they were ready to eat. "For fuck's sake, I'm never doing this again." About two thirds of the way back to camp, Jake stumbled across a small clearing. In the dead center of the clearing sat a small berry bush standing peculiarly by itself. It stood perfectly straight as if the main branch grew at a 90 degree angle from the soil. Its striking foliage was an interwoven mix of bright green and maroon, and it made a perfectly cylindrical topiary — which was quite odd to come across in the wilderness. It reminded Jake a bit of the perfectly-coiffed rosebushes from the old Alice in Wonderland movie, only there were no flowers for the card soldiers to paint red for their queen. Though odd, it was enchanting. There was no other word for it. Jake approached it carefully, though he didn’t know why. No one was around for miles. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that the small bush only produced a few dozen berries, their iridescent purple sheen almost glowing on the branches. He had never seen such brightly colored berries in his life. *gurgle* His stomach growled again. “So hungry...” complained Jake out loud. But they could be poisonous, he thought. What was that old limerick we learned at nature camp? White and yellow, kill a fellow. Purple and blue, good for you. Red, something, something, dead? Jake looked at the berries again. I’ve never seen a more purple shade of purple, truly, he thought. With that, he quickly plucked a handful of berries from the bush, ignoring his normally-reticent instinct and surrendering to his increasing hunger. “Here goes nothing,” Jake said as he downed the handful in one fell swoop, the juice dripping down his fingers. The taste was sweet, but tinged with a heavy musk. It wasn’t bad, per se, just odd. Either way, it satiated his hunger (albeit briefly) and he decided to continue on this journey back to camp, puny little fish in tow. Jake could tell he was nearing the ravine because he entered a familiar thicket of trees. All of a sudden his stomach started making a different kind of noise. This time it was a low rumble instead of a gurgle, and was accompanied by a sense of warmth that he could only describe as prickly. It slowly started to spread across his body. "Oh shit," Jake exclaimed out loud, worried that he had in fact consumed poison. There must be some kind of antidote in our first aid kit, he thought. When I get back I’ll just take it preemptively and hopefully... "Ouch!" Jake's head had hit a branch, odd given that he had been careful to clear the branch just a minute before. He went to rub the goose egg quickly forming on his crown but he realized something felt off with his hands. The warm prickly feeling intensified. Bringing his hands into his line of sight, he noticed the berry-stained fingers on his right hand thickening and lengthening before his eyes. Not to be outdone, his left hand did the same, fingers puffing up into large, masculine digits, the palm of his hand increasingly resembling a large catcher's mitt. "What the fuck..." stammered Jake, thinking perhaps that hallucinations were confirmation that he had poisoned himself. Just then he noticed how tight his boots were. Like painfully tight. Sitting down to remove them, he tugged and tugged at the leather hopelessly trying to free his cramped feet from their prisons. With labored breathing and a surprising show of force and strength, Jake managed to extricate his left foot from the confined space. He was too late for his right foot. *rriiipppp* A large big toe poked through a rip in the leather, followed by two more toes as they lengthened before his eyes. Soggy, threadbare socks strained until the pressure was too much and they too gave way. He couldn't believe what was happening but he welcomed the relief felt by his now-free feet. The prickly feeling intensified, spreading inward from his feet and hands. It was then that Jake noticed his clothes felt tight. His pants appeared to be painted onto his skin and his crotch was... cramped. His nipples, erect from the cold and excitement, poked furiously through the fabric of his wet shirt. His usually modest chest felt rounder, thicker, sturdier than before, jutting out ever just so yet proudly over his torso. Running his hands across his torso revealed a surprise: no longer did he feel soft in the middle. While Jake couldn't feel abs, his stomach was firm and taut. Excited, Jake jumped up quickly to get a look at himself but his quick ascent from the forest floor resulted in his head smacking into another branch. It suddenly dawned on him that he was growing taller. "Holy shit, I’m getting bigger," he uttered in disbelief, rubbing the knot on his head. Jake's large, meaty hands felt foreign to him, as did the thick forearms they were attached to. Rubbing his hairy arms, he was surprised to feel firm biceps, the hardness surpassing any pump he had ever gotten at the gym. He could feel them grow larger, bulging outward and testing the elasticity of his shirt sleeves. Another branch graced Jake's hair. He had to move before he gouged out an eye. It must have been the berries, Jake thought and turned back toward the clearing he had just left. His line of vision, now higher by at least a foot, was dizzy and caused him to stumble clumsily out of the thicket. Away from the trees and in the bask of the evening sunlight, he surveyed himself. Though he could tell by the growth was slowing, he had to be nearing 6'10". The new vantage point startled him, but he wasn't complaining. He had always wanted to be taller. It dawned on him that he was now significantly taller than Rhett. Jake's body—despite being larger and more muscular than just minutes before—still paled in comparison to Rhett's finely-honed physique, but he was happy to have at least one advantage on his friend. As if on queue, Rhett stumbled into the clearing with two fish in hand. "Jake?! What the hell happened?" he stammered in disbelief, dropping the fish on the ground. "I, I don't know man," replied Jake, realizing that his voice had deepened in tone. "I was really hungry, like really hungry, and I know it's stupid to eat things in the wild you know nothing about, but I just couldn't wait for dinner tonight..." he rambled. "So I just ate a handful of these berries," pointing to the bush. "Jake, what a stupid thing to do. But why are you so tall? And big? I... I don't understand," babbled Rhett as he rapidly looked Jake up-and-down, a look of sheer confusion on his face. Truth be told, Jake was liking this new dynamic. For once, Rhett wasn't in control. "Dude, I think the berries did it. I've never seen berries like this before. After I ate them, a warm feeling spread across my body and I started growing. The berries, they like, shine on their own. Take a look," replied Jake. Rhett walked over to the bush, and eyed the berries suspiciously. Jake was right, these were unlike anything he had ever seen. He looked back at Jake and then at the berries once more. A devilish smile spread across his handsome face. Jake immediately regretted telling Rhett about the berries. Jake finally had something he had wanted for ages: an edge over Rhett. He was significantly taller than Rhett, and stronger than he'd ever been. He felt alpha towering over his friend and loved the feeling. If Rhett ate even just a few berries, he would quickly surpass Jake in height and his already studly body would grow and harden into god-like proportions. He couldn't allow that. Rhett reached out to pluck the last remaining handful of berries from the bush. But Jake was too fast. Owing to his now larger limbs and increased strength, it was just a matter of seconds before Jake had tackled Rhett to the ground. "What the fuck, man?!" shouted Rhett, taken aback. "You've... always been... the bigger one," huffed Jake as he struggled to pin down the shockingly strong jock. "I'm... not going to... let you have this on me again!" "You're already... a giant. I just... want... a berry or two," Rhett growled, fighting back. "I want to be... big too!!" The dynamic shifted again and he flipped giant Jake onto his back. However, Jake had a height advantage and used it swiftly. Maneuvering his long legs, he pinned Rhett's torso and flung him on his side. Firmly planting a meaty hand on Rhett's chest to hold him down, he reached his other arm toward the bush and ripped off the branch with the few remaining berries. "For years, it's been Rhett-this and... Rhett-that," hissed Jake. "For ONCE, I'm going to be the center of attention. I want... other guys to lust after ME." "Jake, you're being fucking unreasonab..." Rhett started to say, flailing his arms in vain. "I won't let you have this, you can't have this on me," Jake snarled, years of pent-up jealousy dripping from his lips, a black fury in his eyes. "Jake, don't, just let..." Rhett started to say, but Jake was too quick. He popped every last berry from the branch into his mouth, chewed once and swallowed them en masse. "FUCK YOU," screamed Rhett, as he summoned the strength to break from Jake's firm grasp. Rhett wound his arm back and *WHAM* punched Jake square in the chest. "What the FUCK is wrong with you?!" Rhett screamed as he lobbed another blow, hitting Jake in the abdomen. Jake wheezed and toppled back onto the ground, caught off guard by Rhett's swift motion. "You couldn't just let me have one, dude?!" Another blow to the stomach. Jake coughed and sputtered, but then suddenly lay still. "It's happening," Jake spat out between coughs, the warm prickly feeling spreading across his body. "It's happening." Rhett stepped back, not sure of what would come next. Spread out on the ground, Jake's body quivered. First came the feet. The right boot, tattered though still clinging onto his large foot, exploded from all angles as both of Jake's feet doubled in size. Hands grew slowly at first, and then quickly, doubling in size as well. Legs thickened as pound upon pound of muscle packed onto Jake's frame. His pants, fighting a losing battle, gave way to powerfully thick thighs. Arms lengthened sharply, the sinewy veins of his muscles becoming more apparent by the second. Wider and wider his back spread, lats reaching insane proportions and causing his shirt to tear in several places. Jake's tight lower back was lifted from the soft grass and it quickly became clear why: his ass was growing wide, thick, hard and firm. White underwear, dirty from the forest floor, clung on for dear life. Stretched out not only by his increasingly huge bubble butt, Jake's cock stirred to life. It too had grown to match his body and quickly stood at attention, jutting out like a tower, 90 degrees from the beast's growing frame. Thick, juicy abs formed as his torso lengthened and grew hard. His body was becoming nothing short of incredible — the impossibility of his increasingly-giant frame aside, Jake was filling out nicely. He looked like a hardened wrestler and was quickly on his way to becoming an amateur bodybuilder. Rhett couldn't believe what he was seeing. "I, I... don't... what is this?" he stammered, realizing that while scared of his rage-fueled friend, he was also a little turned on by the whole thing. "I'm getting fucking huge!" yelled Jake, sitting up and tearing away the remains of his shirt. "I can feel it, I'm going to be HUGE." Standing up, it was clear that Jake was well over 8' tall. Taller and taller he grew, inching up higher as the muscles of his body reverberated with growth. "Look at me!" he commanded Rhett as he rubbed his inflating pecs. "Look at what a fucking stud I'm becoming!" He laughed maniacally as he reached down with his large hand and with one swift motion ripped off what remained of his underwear. Fondling his balls (now the size of grapefruits) with one hand, he used the other hand to stroke his massive cock. Despite his incredible size of his hands, he could barely fit his mitt around the thick, red member which was spewing pre-cum. Rhett, now sporting a full hard-on, stood there in disbelief. He was now staring directly at his friend's naked body, eye level with his torso and unable to process that it was Jake who stood before him. Jake was lost in the overwhelming pleasure he was getting from stroking his insanely-large cock. He snapped out of the haze when he realized the prickly feeling had stopped and he was no longer expanding in size. With his hand clasped firmly around his cock, he stood massive in the clearing nearly 9' tall — a mountain of a man with bulging muscles everywhere you looked. An sly grin spread across his face. "Suck my cock, Rhett," Jake demanded. "Whaaa... Jake, I don't wa..." Rhett stammered in reply, stepping back. "I don't give a fuck what you want. And your puny little cock is giving you away. You want this," Jake bellowed, pointing a fat finger toward his cock. "Besides, do you really want to piss me off?" Jake took a step toward Rhett, placing his inhumanely large hands on Rhett's back and shoving him toward his pulsing member. Rhett, understanding the predicament he was in and admittedly more turned on than he'd ever been, opened his mouth wide in anticipation. Jake's cockhead, red and angry with a need to release, was the size of an apple and leaking with pre. There was no way his mouth would fit around the swollen glans. "Oh, come on, Rhett. You've been with plenty of guys. You should know how to suck cock properly," Jake taunted. "I cguamph fuiiut iith inh myei..." Rhett tried to spit out the words, his mouth full. "Use your hands, little guy," Jake continued, abruptly shoving Rhett's head another inch onto his massive member. Rhett reached out and started stroking the giant cock. It quivered with each stroke. Jake moaned — deep, guttural and animalistic. He didn't care if anyone heard the noise; he was a god now. "Fuck yeah, Rhett. You're... my little bitch now. How... ohh... does it feel... *grunt*... to be the little one?" Jake stammered between moans. It was clear he was getting close. Rhett was scared. If he could barely fit half of Jake's cock in his mouth, there was no way he was going to be able to swallow his load. He would choke. Rhett was sure it would be massive. He had to think quickly. He reached up and tweaked Jake's large nipple. It was clearly sensitive because Jake started bucking his large hips. Squeezing the cock another inch into his mouth and working it with his tongue, he bobbed up and down and used the other hand to fondle Jack's huge sack. This drove him over the edge. The cock quivered again and the balls tightened. Jake was about to shoot. Before he could unload, Rhett used both of his hands to give one final stroke and then pushed himself off and away from the quivering cock. Jake exploded. "AHhHhhhH!" he yelled in ecstasy as rope after rope of thick cum spewed from his cock. His balls pulsated quickly as he wildly unloaded volley after volley into the clearing, each spurt completely coating large patches of the soft grass. Rhett shielded his face with his arms but could still hear as pump after pump of the thick, creamy jizz landed in the grass around him with a soft and muted plop. With a look on his face that could only be described as somewhere between euphoria and bewilderment, Jake collapsed to the ground. Panting and still dribbling cum from his half-hard cock, he lay there unable to process the explosive orgasm he just had. A few minutes into the daze, he closed his eyes and dozed off to sleep. Uncovering his face, Rhett looked around and was immediately overwhelmed. He too passed out from the shock. The soft grass caught his fall and he was out like a light. As night fell, the two slumbered peacefully next to the bush in the clearing — Jake exhausted and spent from his growth, Rhett stupefied and unsure of what to make of the day's events. Puddles of cum surrounded them, slowly seeping into the ground. An owl hooted peacefully as the moon shone brightly above. ********** Morning light broke and Rhett jerked awake. Images of his friend Jake growing into a behemoth passed through his mind. Still in shock, he was sure that the events of the previous day had just been a weird nightmare. His jaw, however, still hurt from the night before. There's no way, he thought. Turning over, his worst fears were immediately confirmed: the giant form of his friend lay peacefully on the other side of the bush, a slight snore and the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest indicating that he was fast asleep. Rhett sat up and his eyes caught the berry bush. He wished it wasn't barren so he too could grow giant and give Jake a taste of his own medicine. Surveying the clearing, it appeared the puddles of cum that had pooled in patches across the grass had disappeared overnight. However, in the dim dawn light Rhett could just make out something peculiar in their place: little seedling shoots sprouted across the clearing, their fledgling stalks a striking mix of bright green and maroon...
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    The unneeded sequel to Mark/iplier's growth. Even though he was already the biggest, I thought of more ways to grow the handsome stud further beyond his size. Part 2 is called Like, Subscribe, Ring the Bell, Comment and Donate. There won't be anymore parts. I think this story already shows the maximum size anyone could ever grow. I have more stories planned. Also I would be down to talk about guys growing too so hit me up in the message board. Would love to talk about hyper growths such as these, as well as canon characters growing infinitely huge too! Mark had been sitting in deep space. With the vast knowledge and power he had, he could control everything ever. With his immense power and size, it was no joke to call him the Ultimate God. All because he received an unprecedented amount of likes on the new hit website, Castpha. No one on Earth knows the magic that causes men to grow, but more and more muscle growth and macro lovers use the site to watch other men grow bigger. Previously, the only way to grow someone is through liking a livestream of said user. But due to overwhelming popularity and support, a giant update had hit the wave. Not only to livestreams can grow men behind the screen, but videos make guys grow too. Castpha has also begun to implement features from Youtube. The subscribe, bell, comments and donations are now allowed on the site. But growths from each selection have different effects. 1 like would give a man a pound of muscle, or 10 likes for 1 inch of height. Subscribing now would add on 15 lbs per like and 1 foot every 10 likes. Ringing the Bell gives 100 lbs per bell and 2 feet every 10 bells. Commenting goes wilder as it adds 200 lbs per comment and 3 feet every 10 comments. Lastly donations. The most effect ever. Every US dollar grants a guy 500 lbs or 10 dollars grants a guy 5 feet of height. Due to the new implementations, some cheeky hackers have increased the subscribe, bell, comment and donate counts to the same number as the like count, a whopping 10(infinity)J(J^(InfinityJ) + 1000J) + 11(infinity)^(infinity x e) x infinityJ(J^(InfinityJ + 1000J)) for each section. With the sudden increase in numbers, Mark is about to experience the growth of a lifetime. Mark had already predicted this, for his infinite knowledge has led to this moment. But he didn’t want to stop such a mega growth event. He wanted to experience it all. In a split second, Mark experience a huge burst of power, growth, and intense lust. He immediately came to the pleasure of his growth. Endless pools of cum began to burst free from his 10 cocks. His growth became more intense as the seconds passed. His already incomprehensible muscles were swelling at an astounding rate. His muscles multiplies too, adding layers and stacks of muscles above one another. Each muscles so profoundly huge and hyper, all the brutish art you see online could barely scrape the surface of how immense Mark has and is becoming. His body exploded in size, immediately dwarfing his previous size in no less than a split second. His cock and balls, his pecs, his roided gut, swelled even faster than the rest of his body. His soles, shoulders, ass, chin and hair, growing so abnormally large. His hair covering his entire body, leaving almost no skin seen to the eye. His head could not be seen anymore from the swelling body. His back and traps exploded in size, spreading, stretching and growing, creating an even bigger wall that what once was. His 4 nipples had become so gargantuan, he couldn’t even wrap a quarter of a nipple with both hands combined. It was so long it had grown to be almost as long as each cock. Soon even more extremes had occurred. His power as the Ultimate God had increased exponentially. A living creature could not comprehend this much power. Not even he could control the unfathomable power he was bestowed. Despite his sheer size, the power of a god is the ultimate power to control the omniverse and beyond. His increasing power would be too much for even he to handle. His body glowed in spectacular fashion as the power of infinites of Gods welled up inside him. His brain too was experience an extreme growth. Like his power, his intelligence had been increasing so much and so fast that he could barely even comprehend the knowledge that he had. Soon enough, his body had begun to undergo even more extreme changes. After every second, multiple pairs of cock and balls burst out from his body. Each cock, taking a whole different shape than that of a typical human being. Soon enough, hundreds of different types of cocks began to sprout all at once each second, no cock looking the same. The rest of his body began to undergo a similar change. Like an amalgamation of creatures, Mark’s body began to change as such. His back sprouted multiple types of wings. Tens of tails began to sprout from the top of his ass, all looking different. He developed even more arms and legs and pecs. Some arms looked human, others looking like animal arms. He had grown horns, claws, gills, you name it. His body was now not only wanting to become a massive god, but a combination of every single creation of god himself. Every single characteristics of every single living creature’s species in the whole Omniverse and Beyond had began to form onto mark’s body, creating the biggest fusion of living creatures there ever was. Now he looked and was the combination of God and All his creations. With him having the characteristics of every species ever in the Whole Omniverse and Beyond, he had developed all traits, attributes, skills, magic, benefits, you name it. There are about a million species alone on Earth. Imagine, the amount of species that Mark had developed from the Omniverse and Beyond. It was utterly incomprehensible. Even at the same height, due to the changes on his body, he had gained too much mass for the same height he stood at. His back was covered in wings, billions of them. He had billions of horns on his head. He had magical elements circling around his entire body. He had elements of fire, water, arcane magic, dream magic, ALL TYPES of magic or power surrounding him. He had an uncountable amount of arms and legs, all of different species. He now had all types of organs for all types of species. Basically he had everything on his body. But the true remarkable thing are his cocks. Infinites of cocks and balls forming the largest mushroom forest ever conceived. His body and height also exploded in size. What was once thought to be the biggest being ever now grew so much that Mark’s previous size practically didn’t even exist anymore. He couldn’t even pinpoint on comprehend his previous size he was just that big now. His mass also imploading. Though he had infinite density, he was barely close to looking like a black hole. Even more so, it appeared that even his density was far beyond infinite. It was due to the sheer power in his body, preventing him from collapsing. When all is said and done, his growth finally halted. He had finally became the True Ultimate God ever. His body, mind, power, mass, all truly at its peak. Mark was now finally, the most powerful living being alive. Nothing could ever outgrow him ever...
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    (All payments are un-refundable, cost and period of swap are non-neogioatable. Swapcation Corp is not liable for any personality lose caused by the swap. Purchaser will be responsible for any damage to the host’s body or property during the course of the swap) Though Swapcation Corp is best known for its award winning Student Exchange and Resurrection Program, it makes the bulk of its profits from the selling of body swap holidays. These are a few of the most viewed Christmas Holidays for this year. Pietro- London, England- 24th to 26th December- $40,000,000 Viewed- 3.7 million times Interest- 0 Applicants This is our most viewed Christmas getaway, he claims to be a famous model. We at Swapcations don’t recognize him though, but can’t deny he is gorgeous. For the price of 40 million dollars you can get two whole days in London in Pietro’s body. The price is high, but the product is top notch and to sweeten the deal several of Pietro’s model friends are prepared to partake in sexual activities, but non-disclosure agreements must be signed before the swap can occur. Conditions include, strict adherence of Pietro’s workout and diet plan, no drinking, no fast-food and no sex outside of agreed partners. Thaddeus- Baltimore, United States- 24th to 31st December- $20,000,000 Viewed- 3.1 million times Interest- 35 Applicants A simple physics major trying to get a head start in life, Thaddeus has already paid off his college tuition and brought the grandparents who raised him a new house. Just don’t tell them how. Thaddeus wants to get out of swapping and focus on his studies, but we talked him into one final swap. He is our premium ebony stud. While he is all brains, he is also all brawn. At 6′6 and 260lbs of ripped black muscle Thaddeus is the guy to be this Christmas. His 11inch beercan fat (don’t worry we checked, and it is) cock is ready for a long Christmas of jerking off or fucking. Thaddeus currently has five girlfriends and two boys who suck him off, and anyone who swaps with him is welcome to fuck them all, just make sure they don’t find out about each other. Conditions include, spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Thaddeus’ grandparents, wearing a condom during any sexual activity and not calling any of his girls by the name of another of his girls. Axel- Malmo, Sweden- 24th December to 17th January- $8,000,000 Viewed- 2.7 million times Interest- 93 Applicants Have you ever wanted that picture perfect christmas with all the family in a lovely home, if so, then Axel is the body for you. A veteran swapper of 20 years this 50 year old father of 6 (all boys, three conceived during swaps) is a favorite among our community. Normally Axel rents his body out on those long weekends when he’s having to look after the kids alone while his ex super-model now fashion designer wife is away for a show, but this year he wants a break from Christmas and the 17th birthday of his youngest son on the 16th January. Axel himself is a Viking through and through. Having spent his early years in the army and later as a lumberjack the man is a man's man. At 6′4 he only just outsizes his sons, but they still can’t beat him at wrestling or out-lift him in the home gym. Conditions include, regular workouts with his sons, regular sex with his nymphomaniac wife, not having sex with his son’s gorgeous girlfriends and since an incident last swap not jerking off into the protein shakes Axel makes for his sons. Stefan- Fort McMurray, Canada- 24th December to 1st January- $12,000,000 to $6,000,000 Viewed- 2.2 million times Interest- 145,928 Applicants Stefan is a swapper who has truly embraced Swapcations. A young man of only 22, yet he is 6′8, hairy and built like and we quote from a satisfied customer “a fucking bull”. Stefan is offering a truly special Christmas, not as him, but as his sex slaves. Four beautiful boys, between the ages of 20 and 24. You will live in his boys for a few days, which is why prices vary. All the boys have followed Stefan’s gym regime (he is a talented gym trainer, who’s programs are also available for purchase) and have focused on developing perky asses to cushion Stefan’s animal like sex style. All boys are also former divers or gymnasts, making this an excellent getaway for those with a fetish for size difference, as Stefan is over a foot taller then all of them. Stefan offers the warning that he is a demanding man, with a large appetite for sex and doesn’t react well to being told no. Conditions include, never wearing clothes, continuing the boys workouts, general chores around the house, being good company and never saying no to Master Stefan.
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    Mr. Gamboli I was at the gym in the town where I grew up and went to high school. While working out I heard a name I knew and that made me smile. Mr. Mike Gamboli was my math teacher for three straight years while in high school and he was the one that turned me and about ten other guys on to bodybuilding. Mr. Gamboli was pure Italian with olive skin and dark curly hair. Years ago he worked part time at this very gym and he started a program to encourage guys my age to stay fit for a lifetime. The program was designed for us to learn proper lifting technique, proper nutrition, and to learn our limits as well as safety. I think that all of us stayed with the program and continued to lift in college. I knew I would never join the pro bodybuilding ranks because I was built like a swimmer or basketball player. That didn’t mean I wasn’t buff and muscular, I just didn’t have the muscle size it takes to win contests. A few years ago Mr. Gamboli moved away and it is rumored that he doubled his salary in California… the Mecca of bodybuilding. Now he was returning to New Orleans for a bodybuilding contest and I had a ticket for the main show on Saturday. The business I had in my hometown was resolved so I headed to New Orleans mid week and when in New Orleans you eat, drink, and then drink some more until it is time to eat again. And when you need a coffee break how can you have French Market coffee without a plate of beignets (doughnuts) covered with powdered sugar. Then you go to supper and afterwards you have to go to Pat Obrien’s for a Hurricane (rum punch drink). You fall into bed and do the same thing again the next day. I was stumbling into the hotel around midnight planning to crash. I was waiting for an elevator when I heard my last name being called. I didn’t see anybody familiar and was about to step on the elevator when a hand clamped onto my shoulder. “Stevens?” “Mr. Gamboli?” “Looking good Stevens,” he replied as he looked me up and down. “Are you staying here in the hotel?” “Third floor,” I smiled. He held up his room key envelope. The number on the front was 321. “I’m in room 325.” I grinned. “I heard you are competing in the bodybuilding contest.” “Yep. Hey why don’t you come to my room and we’ll catch up over a beer… water for me,” he chuckled. “And call me Mike.” “As long as you call me Lenny and not Stevens,” I said. “Agreed,” he said as the elevator door opened. As we rode up together we traded information about our lives since high school all the way to the room. Do I have to remind you that a beer is just as acceptable at midnight as it is for breakfast if you are in New Orleans to party? I planned to sleep until noon anyway. Mike was teaching college now and I told him I was a CPA working in Memphis. I didn’t bother to tell him I just resigned from the firm to start my own business. Once in the door Mike immediately excused himself and ran into the bathroom. I drank some bottled water he handed me and sat on the sofa. “Hey Stev… Hey Lenny I need to jump in the shower. Be right out.” “Take your time,” I muttered. Five minutes later he came out drying his hair. “Holy fuck Mr. Gamboli!” I gulped. “What you never saw a naked man?” he laughed. “The name is Mike!” “Your body is ripped! Fuck yeah! Damn you are huge!” “Contest ready,” he corrected with a big grin. “How do you conceal the sausage?” I asked looking at his cock and balls. He had at least eight inches of soft man meat hanging between his legs. He stopped right in front of my knees making no attempt to cover up. “Um-mm M-Mike,” I stuttered. He tossed the towel and straddled my knees until we were practically cock to cock. “Young Lenny Stevens all grown up. What are you about 6’3” or so? I know you want to run your hand all over my body. Have you come out of the closet yet?” he asked. My mouth was dry and I drained the water. “I knew you were gay back when you were a sophomore,” Mike added. “M-Mike,” was all I could vocalize. A grunt of urgent lust escaped my lips when I looked down at his hardening Italian cock. I felt hot all over. My skin tingled and I wanted to rip off my clothes. “The first sign that the formula is working is sweat. It has a sweet odor,” he said as he lifted my shirt. I let him take it off. He opened the empty water bottle and started gathering sweat off my chest, arms, and face… anywhere he could reach. “W-what are you talking about,” I slurred. “The first dose has been dormant since the graduation party. Remember the glass of punch the guys at the gym club raised to those of you that graduated? That was my gift to all of you for participating. All of you have huge potential Stevens. Wait until you see yourself. Wait until you see what is in store for your physique.” My mind couldn’t comprehend what he meant. It was like a riddle. I was filled with lust for his muscles. I leaned into Mike’s chest and found one of his hard nipples with my tongue. I licked and chewed pausing only to attack the other nipple. My hands meanwhile were feeling and worshiping every inch of Mike’s hard physique. I heard the man begin to groan with pleasure. Occasionally he would start grunting when I got overly aggressive. “Yeah, man that’s right, that’s how to do it. Suck!” I saw that his cock had stretched to obscene proportions. I lowered my mouth to his twelve inch shaft and hungrily licked the pre-cum that was flowing like water. Suddenly I felt dizzy. I had succeeded in removing my shirt but Mike was sitting on my legs which felt like they could burst into flame at any second. I opened the zipper to relieve the pressure on my cock. It was so hard it hurt. I was beginning to lose consciousness when I felt his cock shoot in my mouth. I dreamed that I was being carried somewhere in Mike’s huge arms. I imagined being thrown into bed and being smothered by hard sweaty muscles. The next afternoon the maid found me still sleeping in the darkened room. Seeing me in bed she backed out of the room and slammed the door. That didn’t do anything for my throbbing headache. I felt like I was still drunk because I couldn’t balance. I knew I had a beer or two with Mr. Ga… Mike but beer doesn’t get me this drunk. I crawled to the bathroom to take a long piss. I began to wash my hands but couldn’t find soap so I flipped on the light and froze. The man in the mirror was a hulking 6’3” figure whose shoulders could nearly span the bathroom doorway. His physique bore little resemblance to the body that rented this room 30 hours earlier. He had a thick corded neck and muscle-knotted shoulders, massive square pecs and awesome flaring lats that were pushing his 24” arms away from his body. There were rock hard abs as flat as a board, serratus fingers on his ribs, and outstanding obliques that formed an Adonis belt around a tiny waist. There were huge 38” thighs and a cock that would make any porn star jealous. The heavy low hanging ball sack contained golf ball sized gonads and the soft uncut dick was at least six inches long. He was perfectly hairless from the neck down and a shock of dirty blond hair covered his head and hung to his shoulders. “What the fuck have you done with Leonard Stevens,” I asked my reflection. My voice was an octave lower and sounded so sexy it sent a chill though me. “Fuck, I like what I see,” I said as I began flexing. My cock rose to a length of ten inches and I stepped into the shower to stroke one out. That orgasm brought me to my knees in the tub. I licked the cum off the tile and then started the water to wash my stink away. Drying the new body I realized that none of my clothes would fit me. Digging through the suitcase I pulled out a 4X tank top and basketball shorts I use as workout clothes. I had shower sandals for my feet. I had to find a sports store to buy some sweats and clothes. Anything would look better that what I had on. Maybe I could find a big and tall store too. I called Mike’s room and pounded on the door but there was no answer. On the way downstairs to the parking garage I asked the maid to clean my room. I had to re-learn how to get in the car because my shoulders were so wide. People in the lobby were gawking at my pecs but I have to say the cleft between my pecs was awesome. I moved the seat back because my chest was too close to the steering wheel. I couldn’t see my back but it too felt very thick as I leaned into the seat. It was strange that my body didn’t fit. Returning to the hotel I was mistaken for a contestant. They seemed very disappointed they wouldn’t see me posing on stage almost naked. Mike never answered his phone or his door and I was beginning to think I imagined him being there in the hotel until I saw him on stage Saturday night. He did very well but wasn’t in the top ten in his weight class. I began to believe there was some politics going on when I saw a couple of the guys in the top ten. Mike had a better body than they did. After the winners were announced and knowing Mike was backstage I got a chair out of my room and sat in front of his door. I needed an explanation. “You’ve been avoiding me,” Mike said smiling broadly as he approached. I thought about getting violent and trouncing him. “No, I’ve been looking for you,” I said. Then I saw Mike scanning my body and he began hyperventilating. He went down on one knee and held onto the arm of the chair. He looked faint. I knew he needed food and probably water too. “Len,” he said as he lifted his head. “You are more beautiful than I remembered. You were so young and untouchable… Help me into the room.” Mike took a long hot shower and I helped him wash off the body makeup. Room service came with steak dinners a few minutes after were got out of the shower. As we ate Mike explained that the formula was a two step process. He also told me that the water bottle contained a double dose of his muscle growth formula. He planned to use that bottle of the formula to help win the contest because it would have temporally made him super buff as if he were super dehydrated. “You let me drink the whole thing,” I grinned. “You had almost drained the bottle and there was no use stopping you,” he said. “What happened after I passed out?” I asked. “Fortunately for you, nothing. Fucking you would have negated any muscle growth. It may have even killed you. Three days is what you needed to make the muscle growth permanent and that is why I disappeared on Thursday and Friday. I avoided you all day today. “And what happens after the three days is up?” I inquired. Mike stood and dropped the robe he was wearing. He sat across my knees facing me and began undressing me. “We fuck, and fuck, and fuck!” Mike growled. “The muscles are now permanent as is your cock. I’ve waited almost ten years to fuck you,” he said kissing me. “I can stay in New Orleans the whole summer,” he said as he led my naked body to bed. “And I can locate my new business anywhere in the country,” I added. He didn’t respond because he was too intent on kissing and lovemaking. It was days before I was able to fill Mike in on my plans to start a new business. As we flew to California Mike began talking about the other nine guys that were in the gym club. He said that he would offer each one of them the formula and that we might have to use our physiques as an example of what was possible. My cock hardened at the thought of my high school buddies Tom and Ed having a physique like mine. The possibilities seemed endless. Of course there were some negatives to taking the second dose of formula like having to explain the overnight explosion of muscles and a libido through the roof. Then there was being able to cum all night long. Also the aging process slowed down. That was why Mike moved to California. He explained that he only aged about one year for every ten. He thought it had something to do with the immune system since he never got sick; not even a cold. I sat back pondering the possibility of being a hundred years old and looking like I was thirty, muscular, and in the prime of my life. “Want to join the mile high club?” Mike whispered as they turned off most of the lights. I must have looked puzzled. “We could trade blowjobs,” he said wiggling his eyebrows. “Why Mr. Gamboli!” I said as if shocked. “I’d love to…”
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    I had mixed feelings about letting my cousin Eddie move in with me. I hadn't seen him for several years, since I graduated college and moved out of town. He had moved in with us when he was 13 and I was 18, just about to finish high school, so we didn't exactly hang out much. Especially since I was kind of an egghead, and he was a jocky kid, even then. We didn't have a lot in common. So when my sister called to ask me to take him in for awhile, I wasn't sure. "Come on, Jack," said my sister Ann. "It would only be for a month or so. Two at the most. He just got out of jail and is having a hard time...." "Wait....What? He just got out of jail? What for?" "It was only for 3 months. He got into a bar fight. From what I heard, someone was bothering a friend of his, and Eddie beat the guy up." "Jesus, Ann. How badly?" "Pretty bad, I guess. The guy was in the hospital for awhile, but he's OK now. But you know how Eddie was always big for his age. Sometimes he forgets his own strength. Remember how he put that pull-up bar in the dining room doorway, and would do chin-ups for hours?" "Yeah, I remember." How could I forget. The kid would do set after set of chin-ups, then strip off his shirt and check himself out in the big mirror over the dining room breakfront. At 13, he already had the exaggerated V torso of a twenty year old gymnast. "And then he did all that wrestling," Ann said. I remembered that, too. As a freshman, he had pinned the coach in his very first practice. The story flew thru school about how the new kid had trounced Coach Eakins. When he got home from school that day, I was in the kitchen. He opened up the refrigerator, grabbed a gallon of milk, and downed the whole thing. "Time to get huge," he'd said. Defeating the coach had fed his ego, too. He'd looked me up and down, like he was sizing me up. He was already slightly taller than me, and clearly much stronger. "Wanna wrestle?" he'd asked me, then sort of laughed, and sauntered out of the room. He'd continued to grow after that, and in his junior and senior years, he was state wrestling champ in the heavyweight class. About the last time I saw Eddie, I'd come home for a couple of weeks after college. I was watching TV in the family room, when I realized someone was standing in the doorway. I looked over and saw him standing there in a pair of sweat pants and shirtless. He took a bite out of the apple he was holding, and said, "Wanna wrestle?" At the time, I was 22 and around 170lbs. He was 17, 5'11, and around 245lbs, bulked and thick, but solid. Before I could even answer, he just sort of laughed and walked away. "And since you moved away," Ann continued,"he's gotten into powerlifting. He's gotten bigger." "How big?" I asked. "Well, he really shot up in height. I'd guess he's around 6'6". I'm not sure how much he weighs, but he's kind of massive. He got even bigger during his three months in jail." Probably from all the prison roids, I thought to myself. "And you want him to move in with me?" "Oh, Jack. It's not like he's going to beat you up, you're family. Besides, he was provoked that night. He only hit the guy once or twice. He's just so strong." "And what's he have to come here for?" "Because you're the one in the big city, and he needs to find a job as part of his probation." Great. "OK, but only because you're asking me to. You owe me one, sis." That next weekend, Eddie showed up. I looked out when I heard a truck pulling into the driveway, and saw a big red Ford pickup. As Eddie climbed out, I couldn't believe my eyes. He had definitely gotten huge. He had on a stringer tank and baggie sweats. He grabbed a big duffel bag out of the back of his pickup, and started walking toward the house. It looked like Dennis Wolf was walking up my sidewalk. Big blond strapping musclehead. I opened the front door before he got to it. "Hey, Cuz," he said, looking me over. "Long time no see." Gone was the blocky shaped heavyweight build that he had in high school. Now, at 6'6" and easily 320lbs, he had the pronounced V torso of an advanced, elite bodybuilder. His delts were the size of soccer balls, and I'd never seen such overly developed traps. The stringer tank highlighted the size and rise of them, as they swelled up into his thick bull neck. "You still look the same," he said. I wasn't sure how to take that exactly, since I'd gained 20lbs of muscle since college, and at 5'10, 185lbs, was in excellent shape, albeit puny next to my massive younger cousin. "Come on in," I said, stepping back from the door and letting him in. He seemed even bigger as he ducked his head thru the doorway and stood next to me in my small entranceway. "Sorry if I smell kinda ripe," he said, lifting his arm and sniffing his armpit. "The air is broken in my truck, I've been sweating like a pig the whole way here." And he was right, he was definitely ripe. His scent filled the room like a pheromone. I noticed that his tank top was soaking wet with sweat, and watched as it rolled down from his armpit, down his lats into the wet waistband of his sweats. "You want to take a shower?" I asked him. "That'd be great, Cuz." "Come on upstairs. I'll show you your room and you can get cleaned up." I headed to the stairs with Eddie following me up. "This is my room on the right. Yours is down here on the left." He looked into my room for a second, then came to his room. He looked inside. "Dude, that's a twin bed. You think I'm gonna fit on that?" He had a point, although I thought, as a guest, he might have at least tried it out. "I didn't expect you to be quite so big, Eddie. Besides, this is the only guest room I have. Didn't you have to sleep on a bed this size in jail?" He frowned down at me. "No, I just slept of the floor of my cell. It made me tougher." Then he knocked into me with his big shoulder and sent me slamming into the door jam. "Jerkoff," I said, rubbing my arm. He just laughed. "Hey, I know, Cuz, let's wrestle for your room." I looked at him as he stripped of his soaked stringer and tossed it to the floor. The thick muscles of his torso were etched and striated. I backed away from him into the bedroom. "Come on, Cuz," said Eddie, motioning for me to come at him with his hands. He crotched over into a wrestling stance, and he was still taller than I was. "You and the wrestling thing again. Forget it, man, you could take two guys my size." Eddie smirked. "More like 3 or 4," he said. "It's my room," I said. "Not for long," he responded. Then he lifted his arms and flexed them up. "Check it out," he said. "twenty-four inches of cousin-crushing pythons. I tell you what, Cuz, if you can get by me and get to your room, you can keep it." "Fuck yourself, juicehead, I'm not fighting you for my own room." I turned as if I was going to look out the window, but then I turned back and darted towards him. I ran around his left side, and made my way for the doorway. I was halfway thru it when I felt him grab me by my belt and hurl me back inside. He tossed me one handed, like a bowling ball, and I flew into the far wall and bounced down onto the twin bed, hitting the edge of the frame so hard that it bent down in the middle. Eddie laughed. "See that, the fucking little bed won't even hold a shrimp like you." He came over and straddled me in the bed. My face was pressed up against his big pecs. He had veins snaking across his chest, pencil-thick veins, especially on the upper roll of his mounds, snaking like the Mississippi, on their way to his huge delt caps. He was wet with sweat, as if he'd just come out of a rainstorm. "You fucking reek," I said, as I caught a good whiff of him. He shifted to his right, opened up one deep pit and pulled my face into it. I almost gagged. The stench reminded me of the locker room in high school, where the big dumb jocks would wear the same clothes to gym class for weeks at a time. That ripe, jocky smell of test and growing muscle and over-ripe sweat. The bed frame continued to sag as Eddie leaned into me, until the middle was touching the floor. The legs began to bend inward. "All that tren is making me sweat buckets," he laughed. "But also making me insane strong. I could fold this frame in two with you in it," he said, and I felt his muscles start to flex and ripple. His upper arms were as big as my quads. I choked on his funk, but I couldn't help breathing it in deeply. "Instead, I'm calling dibs on your room," he said. I moved my head out of his steamy pit and tried to push his weight off me. He leaned closer into me. "Push harder, Jackie," he growled into my ear. I pushed harder and harder, but it was like trying to move a bank vault. I pounded on him with my fists, with no effect except to make his sweat splatter. He ground his heavy leg against me, and I could feel his cock pressing into me thru his sweats. It felt like the size of one of those rolls of cookie dough you buy at the supermarket. I could hear his breath deepening. I looked up at his face, and he was staring right back at me, sweat dripping off his nose. Neither of us said anything for a few seconds, but then, at the same time, we both went "Whhhoooa." Eddie pushed himself off me and got up off the bed. He stood with his back to me and adjusted himself in his sweats. His huge back muscles rolled with muscle even from this slight motion. "That was weird," he said without looking at me. Then he picked up his duffle bag and headed out of the spare bedroom, turning down the hallway toward my room. "Hey, ya big Ox," I said, "where am I supposed to sleep?" When he didn't answer, I struggled my way out of the broken bed. I looked at it for awhile, then pulled the mattress out of the twisted metal, and laid it out flat on the floor. When Eddie came back to the doorway, he'd stripped down to a pair of tighty whities, which looked like the kind he used to parade around the house in when we were growing up. In fact, they looked old enough to be one of those pairs, with holes along the waistband and more of a gray color than white. They stretched out so tight on him, they looked like mesh wear. "Aw, geezus, Eddie," I said. "I'm gonna take a shower," he said, leaning against the door frame, adjusting himself in his too tight briefs. "If you move my duffle bag out of my room while I'm in there, I'll mess you up, Cuz." I couldn't help but stare at the size of him. Especially his quads. A good 32 inches of pure hard muscle, and, like his pecs, snaked with veins. And the biggest calves I'd ever seen. He saw me looking at them, stuck his left leg forward, shook the quad muscle back and forth, then flexed it hard. The muscle tightened up like granite. "Fuck," I said. "Anytime you wanna wrestle for your room back, let me know," he said. Then he walked down the hall to the shower. I heard him chuckling. While he was in the shower, I went downstairs and tried to do some work on my iPad. I wasn't getting much done. I couldn't get my mind off the big galoot who'd just taken over my bedroom and was now living with me. I should have thrown him out right then and there. But I had to admit, I liked the idea of a huge powerful alpha galoot living with me, taking what he wanted, telling me what to do. I wasn't thrilled that I liked it, but I did. When I heard him come out of the shower, I went back upstairs. Eddie was in my room, with a towel wrapped around his waist, flexing in the big mirror above my dresser. "Oh yeah, I am gonna like this room," he said. He flexed into a most muscular pose. "Geezus, Eddie," I said from the doorway. "Yeah, you believe this size, Cuz? And I'm just getting bigger. Bigger every week." He flexed down harder. "Have you ever seen how big your back is, man?" I asked him. "Not lately. Why?" "Let me show you." I still had my iPad in my hand. I held it up. "Stand there relaxed, I'll take a picture." Eddie stopped flexing and shook out his arms, then stood full upright. I took a shot of his broad back. "Now do a lat spread," I said. Eddie eagerly complied, bringing his shoulders up and back, putting his hands on his waist and digging his thumbs into his lower back. "Bam!" he said, as his lats opened up and out. I took a couple of pics. "Take some more," he said, and he leaned forward, then stood back up and spread his back out even farther. "Get a good shot of these bat wings," he grunted thru his flex. I took some more shots. He stopped flexing and said, "Take some more relaxed shots." So I did. His back muscles, just from that short amount of posing, were popping out thicker and more pronounced. His arms, hanging at his sides, were being pushed up higher by his swelling lats. I took a bunch of pics from different angles. When I was done, I pulled the pics up on the screen, and started scrolling thru them. Each one was better than the last. "Lemme see," said Eddie, coming over to me. We both leaned over the iPad as I showed him the shots. "Oh, yeah," he said, very pleased with himself. "Look at that shit. Fucking huge." He walked back over to the mirror and checked himself out some more. Then he undid his towel and let it drop to the floor. "Aw man, what the fuck?" I said, turning aside. Eddie laughed. "What's the matter, you never seen a dude naked before. Besides, I have to get dressed. I gotta go out tonight and get laid. I'm so fucking horned up." I tried not to check him out naked, but I couldn't help a sneak peak. His big schlong swung between his quads like a pendulum. "I thought all those roids woulda made your junk shrink," I said. "Not for me, little Cuz. My dick's twice the size it was before I started." He cupped it in his hand and bounced it up and down as if to weigh it. "My balls mighta shrunk up a little, but they were always too big to begin with. You wanna see?" Then he cupped them up too. "Jerkoff," I said, going toward the door. "Get dressed." He laughed as I headed downstairs. Ten minutes later, Eddie came downstairs. He had on a pair of jeans that fit his big legs and glutes like they were tailor-made. He had on a shirt that looked two sizes to small, so that it highlighted his mass. "Hey," I said after looking him over, "is that my shirt?" "Yeah," he said, grinning. "I found it in your closet. You don't mind, do you?" It was a $300 dollar silk Versace shirt that I had splurged on for going out clubbing. I had only worn it once. It was two sizes to big on me, but I had liked the way it looked until my friends told me it looked too blousey. Eddie was about to rip right out of it, it was so tight on him. It totally magnified his size and power. "No, it's cool," I said, resigned. It looked way better on him. "Just one thing," I said. I got up and went over to him. I reached up and unbuttoned the top two buttons, which were about to pop off anyway. The shirt spread open like a lotus flower, exposing a broad V of thick chest muscle. The seams on the sleeves were straining, the silk so tight on his arms that I could see the big veins on his arms showing thru the fabric. "Thanks, Cuz," he said. "You wanna come with me?" "No, that's ok. I have an early day at work tomorrow. Maybe next time." I gave him the address of a club in town I thought he'd like. He grabbed his keys and went out the door. I heard his truck start up. I had the ipad in my hands before he was out of the driveway. I pulled up his pictures. I'm sure I had my hand on my dick before he had turned off my street. His back was so huge. Dennis Wolf huge. Big powerful wings. This was so wrong, jerking to my cousin. I couldn't help it. Biggest strongest muscle I'd ever been near. Back muscles so big they looked morphed. Goddammit. Can see his huge glutes even thru his towel. So big. Look at him. Superheavyweight cousin. So wrong. Looking bigger in each pic. Spreading his back out like a pro. Big cocky ex-con musclehead cousin. Look at his spread...so wide...arms jutting out to his sides. Each picture better than the last. I used my fingers on the pad to bring his back up even closer. Till his lats and traps filled the whole screen. oh my god what an Ox......a whole screen of thick, moprhed back muscle..Then I thought of his scent..his pungent jocky musk..so thick and vile, yet I couldn't get enough. I couldn't hold back either, as I let my jiz spray to my own kin, came so hard, felt it from my toes on up. Sprayed to my forbidden lust for my genetic freak cousin. I'd never had a better orgasm.
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    4. Sunday Afternoon - Matty's Time You gaze into the mirror as your veiny jock dick plows Ace. He is prone on the bed as you open him up. Your arms and chest fight for space. Your Bear Master has helped you build so much mass. You have become what you've always dreamed, A Jock God. 5'6'' 225. Your whole focus is on how massive you are, how your muscles harden with each thrust. Ace grunts and moans underneath you. Forgotten meat serving your needs. The jock dick explodes. You roll off Ace, your tall and lean wolf. 6'0'' 200 and lean. He isn't as big as you and the Bear. By a long shot. He's built for speed on the bases and has the fullest tightest ass that can never get enough. You slap his ass as you walk out into the kitchen and see your Master. "You done in there, boy? Ace must be wore the fuck out. Drink this and join me in the garage" You chuckle and take the carton of egg whites. Reminding you of that first day. You notice him immediately. Bearded and oh so handsome. But you never imagine that a beast like that would be into a smooth pup like you. You work hard but your eyes are always drawn to him. His obvious power. His thick chest. The way he benches 315 with ease fills you with both lust and jealousy. You finish your lift and see the object of your obsession working arms. Fuck, he is so thick. What I wouldn't give. You sigh with longing and head to the locker room. When you exit the shower, you see the Bear at the sinks and he is even more stunning unclothed. Thick thick chest over a strong masculine belly. Big arms, big ass, big, Big, BIG. You cant help yourself and walk towards him and take a sink across. When you look up, he is looking straight at you...and then he flexes those massive arms. Thick tricep hanging down and a thick softball peak. You stare. You are stunned. Your cock is immediately hard as a rock. And before you realize it, he is gone. You try to pull yourself together. What did that mean? Is he just a cocky meathead? Could he be into you? You head back to your locker and dress. Then hide so you can see the exit. You wait til the Bear leaves. You head out and stand behind him waiting for the elevator. But he doesn't turn around, doesn't acknowledge you. Fuck. It was probably too much to hope. He's so tall and big. You know you're handsome and strong and lean. But not usually one who catches the eyes of the muscle bears who drive you crazy. You stare at his thick, thick ass. God, he is so strong. You enter the elevator. It keeps everything in you not to stare at him but you don't want to be a fuckin creeper. Then he speaks and your heart leaps. Is he flirting? Should I flirt back? Panic and desire and need and uncertainty flash through you in an instant. and you make a choice... "....like you" You smile as you think back on how insecure you were and how much you've changed. You are 40 lean lbs bigger, you live with your Master and your fucktoy, and now you get to head to your garage gym to grow even more. Your master wants you on stage at 240. He says you'll get to own his ass if you win. You've gotten a real taste for topping and dominance with Ace so now that thought drives you. But still, you cant wait for that 8 inch bear cock to seed you and own you after heavy squats. 5x5 at 400. "Hey Daddy, let's do this" The jock dick thickens.
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    Happy New Year, all! Here's the next chapter of the story. Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out. Enjoy! Chapter12 Seth pulled back from kissing Eric and looked into his eyes. As Eric looked up at him, Seth could see the lust and desire in his eyes. Both of them were breathing heavily. Eric could see that Seth was feeling the same way that he felt, at that moment. "Wow!" Eric exclaimed. "Seth, you sure the hell can kiss, man! That was incredible!" "Fuck yeah, it was!" Seth replied, his chest still heaving. "You're not bad yourself." "Thanks." Eric said, sliding his hands down Seth's arms, resting on his biceps. "There's only one problem." "What's that?" Seth whispered, still looking at Eric with that lust filled expression. Eric slid his hand up and rested it on Seth's cheek. "I want more of you." Eric revealed. "Right now." And with those words, Eric put his hand behind Seth's head and pulled him down to lock lips with him, once again. This time, their kissing became, not just more passionate, but more aggressive as well. Their hands began to explore each other bodies. Eric's hands slid down and grabbed Seth's massive muscular ass in his hands. In response, Seth flexed his glutes, making Eric squeeze his ass harder. "My God, Seth!" Eric whispered, as Seth started kissing his neck. "You have the most incredible muscle ass I've ever felt!" Seth slid his hands down Eric's torso, feeling up his back and lats, before his hands came down to get a feel of Eric's ass, in his tight fitting Wranglers. "Thanks." Seth said. "I'm glad you approve. Lots of squats with heavy weights, along with lunges got me this big ass." Seth gave Eric's ass a firm squeeze as well. "You have a nice ass yourself, handsome." Seth said, softly. "And you're the first man I've ever told that to." "Really?" Eric said, his eyes closed, and mouth slightly open. "What else do you like about my body, my sexy Cowboy?" Seth stopped kissing Eric and, putting his hands on Eric's shoulders, spinning him around, pulled Eric's body back into his. Seth then slid his hands under Eric's shirt, feeling his rock hard abs. "Well, besides your sexy little ass," Seth whispered I into his ear. " I like your abs." Eric flexed his abs tight as Seth finished saying that. Seth rubbed his hands up and down Eric's abs. "Oh fuck, Eric!" Seth whispered, his eyes closed in ecstasy. "Your abs feel so incredible!" "Mmm." Eric moaned. "Enjoy them all you want, Babe. I love having them massaged. Your hands feel so good. Now, play with my pecs." "Your wish is my command." Seth said, after kissing Eric's neck again. Seth's hand slid up to Eric's pecs, in which he felt them, as Eric flexed them. Seth squeezed Eric's nipples, gently, eliciting a horny moan from Eric. "Oh yeah!" Eric moaned. "Don't stop, Seth. Please, don't stop." Seth spun Eric around and began kissing him again. He wrapped his arms around Eric's torso and literally lifted him up. Eric wrapped his arms around Seth's massive shoulders and also wrapped his legs tight around Seth's waist. Seth walked over, to the bed, with Eric still wrapped around him, and laid him down on it, his body resting on top of Eric's. Eric could feel his dick getting harder and harder, as his lust for Seth grew even more evident. At the same time, Seth rested his full weight upon Eric, his dick pressing against Eric's hard member, within his jeans. Eric closed his eyes, in ecstasy. How long had he dreamed of this moment? To have a hot, sexy, muscular bodybuilder, all for himself. He never thought it was possible, but here he was, laying on his bed, with the most gorgeous, muscular man he'd ever seen, who was also attracted to him, too. Eric continued to kiss Seth, as he felt Seth begin to grind his now hard cock against Eric's. Eric ran his hands up and down Seth's triceps, feeling Seth flex them as he did. "Oh, Seth!" Eric breathed, as he looked into Seth's face. "I want you. So bad." Seth's expression mirrored Eric's. He looked into Eric's piercing blue eyes and felt like he was seeing him, for the very first time, all over again. Only now, he knew he was attracted to Eric and didn't need to question it, anymore. "I know." Seth said, in a sexy, low voice. "I want you, too." Realization then came upon Seth's face and he sighed heavily. "But not here. " Seth revealed, and got up off of Eric, leaving Eric confused and still sporting a raging hardon. "What?!" Eric exclaimed, sitting up, still having that breathless feeling. "Why not?" Seth looked down at Eric. "It's getting late and we need to get back to the farm. Seth revealed to him. "And it'll be more private and more comfortable for me to be with you, there." And with those words, Seth began changing out of the jersey and shorts Eric had lent him, and back into his sleeveless plaid shirt and tight Wrangler jeans again. Eric sat up, just as Seth was pulling up his jeans, over his massive glutes and quads. Eric noticed that it did take a little effort from Seth to do it, given the fact that his muscle size made it hard to put the jeans on quickly. "Man, I'd forgotten what a challenge it's becoming to put on regular jeans." Seth said. "It looks like I'm going to have to invest in the stretchy kind of jeans now. I think I'm starting to put on too much muscle." Eric was surprised to hear Seth say that. "Are you serious?" He asked Seth. "Seth, there's no such thing as too much muscle." "I meant for these jeans." Seth explained. "I'm off-season now, so I have a harder time fitting into jeans than I did when I was leaner. " Eric got up off of his bed, and stood next to Seth, gazing at him. When, Seth saw his face, he stopped fumbling with his belt and put his hand behind Eric's head. "Hey, don't look so disappointed." Seth said, leaning in and kissing Eric's forehead. "We will pick up where we left off, later tonight. After all, I promised you a hot, sexy, posing session and I'm going to deliver on that." "You promise?" Eric asked, wanting that more than anything. "I promise. " Seth replied, flashing that sexy smile of his. "Trust me, man, it'll be worth the wait. You'll get to worship all this amazing muscle, privately, just the two of us." Eric nodded, smiling. He was really liking Seth, more and more, all the time. "And besides, If I'm going to flex for you, I gotta be pumped." Seth told him. "I need to hit the weights a bit, tonight, so you can enjoy these muscles of mine at their biggest and hardest." "Now you're talking!" Eric grinned. "But you know the waiting is gonna be torture for me, don't you? " Seth grinned as he buttoned his shirt and zipped up his jeans. Then, he fastened his belt. "I'm sure it will be." He said, to Eric, still grinning. "But just be patient. Evening will be here before we know it." "Yeah, you're right." Eric said, turning to grab his cowboy hat off his desk. Seth turned and grabbed his own off the end of Eric's bed. He put it back on his head, just as Eric finished putting his on. Seeing Eric, with the cowboy hat on, again, Seth smiled. "I still can't believe how hot you look in a cowboy hat and Wranglers." He said. Eric smiled, his cheeks turning red. "Well, I thought I needed to make a good first impression as a farmer's helper." "Well, you definitely achieved that." Seth replied. "Are you ready for your official first day, on the job, tomorrow?" "As ready as I can be, I guess." Eric said, shrugging his shouders. "I just hope that I can perform the job to your liking. The last thing I want is to disappoint you." Seth reached out and put his hand on Eric's cheek, stroking it, lightly, with his thumb, as Eric looked into Seth's eyes. "You won't. " Seth assured him. "You'll be fine. I have faith in you." Eric brought his hand up to Seth's, which was still resting on his cheek, and caressed it lightly. "Thanks." Eric whispered. "I really needed to hear that from you." "Anytime." Seth said, gazing into Eric's eyes. The two of them stood there, gazing into each other's eyes. Seth's hand was still rested on Eric's cheek. Eric moved in closer to Seth and reached up and traced his thumb over Seth's bottom lip. Seth watched Eric and saw his eyes looking down at his lips. Seth knew exactly what Eric wanted at that moment. Seth leaned down and started kissing Eric's soft lips, once again. Eric threw his arms around Seth's massive shoulders, and kissed Seth back with a fiery passion. His hands gripped Seth's arms tightly around his biceps, which Seth contracted, as he had his hands around Eric's waist. As Eric was kissing him, Seth felt Eric's hands move from his arms to rest on his pecs. Automatically, Seth flexed them, as he always did, when he was being muscle worshipped. At times, Seth realized that his muscles seemed to have a mind of their own. There were times, he would flex without even thinking about doing it. It's like his body had a mind of his own and his muscles just seemed to follow suit. Within moments, both men were getting turned on again. Eric reached back and slid his hands over Seth's ass, again, giving it a hard squeeze. When Seth flexed his glutes, Eric could feel their size and shape right through his jeans. Now, he knew why that girl had been so shocked by how massive and muscular Seth's ass was. After flexing his glutes, Seth pulled back and looked Eric, in the face. He could see how turned on Eric was, by the look on his face. And the way his cheeks were flushed. Seth smiled, in amusement, as he turned his face away. Eric frowned. "What's so funny?" Eric asked him. Seth turned back to him. "I love how your cheeks get flushed when you're hot for someone. " Eric rolled his eyes, but couldn't help but smile. "And I noticed that they also get flushed when you're upset." Seth mentioned. "When you almost got into it with Joey downstairs, I noticed it, too." "Yeah, it's true." Eric said, nodding. "Amy knows that about me, too. Aside from my parents, she knows me better than anyone." Seth nodded. "And hopefully, I'll be one of those people, too." Seth said, bringing his hands up to rest on Eric's arms. "Well with all the time we're going to be spending together, this fall, we're going to get to know each other a lot better. " Here, Eric walked around, behind Seth, and wrapped his arms around him and rested his hands on Seth's rock hard abs. He slid his hands under Seth's shirt, feeling his abs. "And a lot more intimately, Babe." Eric whispered into Seth's ear, just before bringing his lips into Seth's neck, kissing it. Seth closed his eyes, the feelings of lust and Eric's affections, starting to overwhelm him. "Oh my God!" Seth whispered, as he felt Eric's hands move up to his pecs and start playing with his nipples. Eric lightly pinched them between his thumbs and forefingers, eliciting another loud moan from Seth. "You keep that up, and there is no telling what might happen." Seth warned him. "I might end up taking you, right here and right now." "That's what I'm counting on." Eric said to him. "I can wait for the muscle worship session, tonight, but I can't wait for release. I have to get off to your muscles and I have to do it, now." Seth raised his eyebrows, and turned his head towards Eric, in shock. "Seriously?" He asked, starting to chuckle a bit. "You're that horned up? " "You better fucking believe it." Eric said from behind him. "And I've never not had it taken care of, so, will you help get me off?" Seth turned back to Eric and looked him, in the eye. "You do realize that I've never sucked a dick before, right?" Seth asked him, then added. "I'm not sure I'm ready to try that just yet." "You don't have to." Eric told him. "Just take your clothes back off and get in the bed with me, and straddle me at the waist and flex your muscles above me, while I jerk off, and blow my load. And since I never got to admire how hot you looked in that jock you're wearing under those jeans, I thought I'd get off to the image of you, flexing in it. " Seth, his eyebrows still raised, now made a strange face, but with a smile to go with it. "OK." Seth said. "I guess the sooner I get you off, the sooner we can get back to the farm." Seth then proceeded to take his clothes that he'd just put back on, back off again. Eric walked over to the bed, and took his clothes off, before climbing on top of the bed. In his boxer briefs. He laid down, on the bed, on his back, and proceeded to start jerking his already hard dick in his hands. He watched as Seth removed his jeans and then his boots, until he was standing there, in nothing but his jockstrap. "Alright." Eric said, in a low voice. "Come over here, sexy man, and show me those big, beautiful muscles." "Hell yeah!" Seth said, smiling that cocky, yet charming smile of his. "I love it when you talk sexy to me." Seth walked over and climbed into Eric's bed. Straddling Eric's waist and sitting back on his heels, Seth put his hands on his hips and looked down at Eric. "What would you like to see, first?" Seth asked Eric. "Front double biceps, Gorgeous!" Eric said, continuing to stroke his hard cock in his hands. "Good answer." Seth said, and prepared to do Eric's bidding. Seth raised his arms up slowly, outstretched them to the sides, his palms up. Curling his fingers and making his hands into fists, he slowly curled his arms into a double biceps flex. Eric watched, in awe, as Seth's bicep peaks increased in size and took their full shape right in front of him. Seth looked from one bicep to the other, and then looked down at Eric, giving him that look that said "Worship all this fucking muscle." "You like these biceps, Eric?" Seth said, his voice sounding deeper and more serious than he'd ever heard before. "Fuck yeah, Seth!" Eric whispered. "I love them, big man!" Seth nodded, his expression serious. "Good." Seth said. "Now, I want you to stop stroking that dick, and start worshipping these big fuckers. Right now." Hearing the tone in Seth's voice, and seeing the serious look on his face, Eric immediately stopped stroking and stared at Seth, his mouth open, in shock. He realized what was happening. Seth was showing a more dominant side to his personality, and Eric didn't know whether he was afraid of Seth, at the moment, or turned on by him, even more. "Well, come on." Seth ordered. "These bíceps won't wait all night." Eric sat up and started feeling Seth's biceps, in his hands. Eric could feel how hard and peaked Seth's biceps were. They seemed to feel more and more incredible each time Eric had had the chance to feel them. "That's it." Seth said, then leaned down, closer to Eric, his right bicep still flexed. "Now, kiss it." Eric brought his lips to Seth bicep and started kissing it. Then, he started French kissing it. "Yeah, kiss it!" Seth whispered. "Lick it! Fuck yeah!" Eric, by now, wasn't nervous by Seth's dominant attitude, anymore. In fact, he was more crazy about Seth now than ever. One thing he was learning about Seth, is that there was never a dull moment with him. The more Seth revealed about himself to Eric, the more Eric became intrigued by him. He knew that he would never be bored of Seth, if he became his boyfriend. Seth always seemed to know how to keep things interesting. "OK, now worship these big pecs." Seth ordered. "Squeeze them! Get your hands full of them!" Eric did as he was told. He grabbed Seth's huge pecs and pushed upwards, feeling how heavy they were, just relaxed. Then, he squeezed them, just as Seth began to flex them. Eric felt the softer feeling, relaxed pecs become so rock hard that Eric felt like he was grabbing onto solid mountain rock, except with the feeling of human skin. Seth's pecs were so hard, Eric couldn't put a dent in them. But, regardless, he kept feeling Seth's pecs up, while he started bouncing them. Then, he decided to bring his mouth to Seth's right pec and start sucking his nipple. "Awww, fuck yeah!" Seth groaned, in pleasure. "That's it, Eric! Suck that nip! Make love to these pecs! Eric brought his mouth to Seth's left pec and started sucking and lightly biting on it from time to time. Seth started groaning louder, which Eric took to mean that he must have discovered one of Seth's hot spots. He loved having his pecs and nipples sucked and played with. "Oh God!" Seth growled. "Now, I may need to get one off, too. This shit's gettin' fucking hot!" "Well then, don't fight it, Seth." Eric breathed. "Get off with me. Share this experience with me." Seth looked down into Eric's eyes. They were so piercing blue that Seth could feel his heart beat start to quicken a little, anytime he stared Eric in the eyes. "My God, Eric." Seth whispered. "I've never felt this way before. I never knew that I would enjoy being with a man as much as I am, being with you, right now." Eric smiled, as he started to get a little teary eyed. Seth's words were really having an effect on him. "I know we haven't really "done" anything yet, but with you, I know I'm going to enjoy the ride." Seth continued, putting his hand behind Eric's head. "I really want to see where things, between us, could go." Eric nodded, as a tear slid down his face. "That's what I want, too, Seth." Eric said, softly. "I would be so honored to share this experience with you. Everything from the hot muscle worshipping, to whatever our relationship becomes. I want to enjoy it all." Seeing the tears sliding down Eric's face, Seth's face took on a look of concern. "Hey?" Seth whispered, wiping Eric's tears away. "Why the tears, man?" Eric shrugged, yet smiling profusely. "They're happy tears, Seth." Eric told him. "I'm happy that you weren't too good to be true, after all. When I thought you were totally straight, I thought that my chances of having a relationship with you, was next to impossible." Seth smiled. Eric looked up at Seth, stroking his cheek lovingly. "Seth, can I ask you, something?" He asked. "Sure." Seth said, as he stroked his fingers through Eric's thick dark hair. "When did you first realize that you had feelings for me?" Eric asked him. Seth's eyes lowered as he thought about it a moment. Then, he looked back up at Eric. Last night, right after dinner, when we were talking by your car." Seth admitted. "When we almost kissed." Eric's eyebrows raised at that revelation from Seth. "You've wanted to kiss me, since last night?" Eric asked, completely thrown. "Why didn't you? I wanted to do the same thing." "I wasn't sure what I was feeling then." Seth told him. " I was confused, I mean, I knew that I was drawn to you, yet, I didn't know why. I thought at first maybe it was just because you liked my body and my muscles, but I wasn't sure. And I realized that whenever you got real close to me, I just had this strange feeling urge. Kind of like a feeling of longing, but something more than that. But, until I was sure what I was feeling, I didn't feel that it would be right to have kissed you and possibly led you on, if I wasn't sure of myself." Eric nodded. He could relate what Seth was feeling. He had been feeling the exact same thing, that night. "Well thank you for that." Eric said, rubbing Seth's arms up and down. "I can relate. I wanted to kiss you, so bad, when we were standing by my car. The chemistry felt right at that moment, but then you stepped back. And that's when I got the feeling that you were as attracted to me as I was to you, at that moment. I replayed that moment, over and over, in my head, the whole drive back to college, that night." Now, Seth was the one intrigued. "Really?" He asked Eric, then grinned. "You were that hot for me, huh?" In response, Eric hit him in the chest, causing Seth to start laughing. "You are so cocky, you know that?!" Eric exclaimed, between fits of laughter. "Yeah, maybe." Seth agreed, then added. "But that's why you like bodybuilders like me." "True." Eric nodded "Just promise me you won't ever get too cocky that it's perceived as arrogant. That's not who you are." "Oh, don't worry." Seth said, seriously. "If I was arrogant, you'd have known it when we first met. You wouldn't have wanted anything to do with me. I've seen many arrogant bodybuilders when I was competing, and some of those guys I'm fine with not seeing again." Eric then laid back in the bed, his horny mood now gone, and motioned to Seth to lay down, too. Seth laid all 225 pounds of his muscular body, on top of Eric, supporting himself with his hands, his triceps flexed, in response. Eric laid his hands, under Seth's arms, coming to rest on his lats. "Do you think you'd ever compete again?" Eric asked. Seth thought about it a few seconds, then shrugged. "Maybe." He said. "If I had a really good reason to, I suppose." Eric reached up, with one hand and started running his fingers through Seth's soft golden blonde hair. "Do you miss it?" Eric asked. "Sometimes." Seth began said, nodding his head. "But what I miss most about it is flexing and performing on stage, and the fans. Regardless of what kind of business you're in, without customers, or fans, you don't work. I learned to always remember my fans because they are the ones who will make or break my career. But I stopped bodybuilding at the time when I really could have found out, because my dad died." Eric nodded. Just then, someone's phone started ringing. Eric looked at Seth. "Is that your phone?" He asked. "Yeah, it is." Seth said, getting up off of Eric. As Seth turned, Eric got a good view of Seth's ass, in that jockstrap as he bent down to get his phone out of his pants pocket. "Hello?" Seth asked. "Seth, it's your mother." Deborah said, on the other end of the line. "What's taking you boys so long to get back? It's getting late and it's almost time for dinner." "Hi, Mom." Seth replied, turning to look at Eric. "Actually We're just getting finished packing up Eric's clothes. We'll be on our way back, shortly." "Ok, but get here as soon as you can, Honey." Deborah said, sounding worried. "Rudy just informed me that one of the cows may be pregnant. She's been laying in her stall for the last few hours and hasn't gotten up, since." "Alright,. Mom." Seth told her. We're on our way back, now." "Alright, Son." Deborah replied. "We'll see you two, soon." Seth hung up his phone, and looked at Eric, with a disappointed look on his face. Eric sat up when he saw it. "Seth, what's wrong?" Eric asked. "We have to leave, right now." Seth revealed. "There's a problem with one of our cows in the stables. She's been laying down in her stall for most of the day and hasn't gotten back up since. Mom told me that she and Rudy suspect that the cow might be pregnant." Eric sighed, in disappointment. But he knew how important the farm was to Seth "Alright, come on, let's get changed back into our clothes. He said. Eric stood up and grabbed his clothed again, which he started putting back on. Seth was already getting dressed. Seth finished buttoning his jeans and turned to Eric, who was putting on his jeans. "I'm sorry that you're not getting the release you needed, but I promise to make it up to you, tonight." Seth said, ad he put on his sleeveless shirt. "It's ok." Eric assured him. "You don't have to apologize. I know how much the farm means to you and the work is important." Seth put his hands on Eric's upper arms and pulled him in for a kiss, which ended up being quite a few kisses. "Trust me." Seth told Eric. "It'll be worth the wait. Tonight, I'm going to pump up my muscles so they're extra hard and veiny for you, so that you'll have the best muscle worship session of your life." "I trust you." Eric said, smiling, as he pulled on his shirt. "And I'm looking forward to our time together." "That's my man." Seth said, as he put his cowboy hat back on. "Now, let's get going." Eric finished putting on his shoes, and Seth put on his boots. After doing that, Eric turned and grabbed his duffle bag, that he'd packed his clothes in, and he and Seth left the dorm room to head back to the farm.
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    Part 2 I was awken by my phone vibrating. I looked over and saw that it said “Master Amos”. I quickly answered. “hello?” I grumbled. “Get up now. Food is at your door. Eat and meet me in the gym on the floor in 2 hours sharp. And wear what I sent you.” Amos growled then hung up. My cock lunged straight up. I grabbed it. My phone vibrating again it was Amos. “No cumming.” Click. Holy fuck I thought. How did he know? I got up and walked over to the mirror. Fuck I looked good. 250lbs. solid ripped muscle. My pecs had that glorious overhang. I saw veins snaking through my arms. I raised them up and flexed. “HOLY FUCK”. I looked better than a pro. My biceps raised up and came to the most insane point and separation. I then kicked back and hit my triceps. FUCKERS! They are so fucking shredded and massive. I looked down and noticed my cock hanging a little lower between my legs and my balls looking fuller. But then immediately I noticed my legs…… holy son of a bitch. These would make tom platz gasp. Striations everywhere but they had to be the size of my waist each. My bulging legs. Fuck I want to cum so bad, but I can’t. I need to eat. I run to my door and rip it open. There standing in a jock strap is what looks like a fitness model muscle twink. About 6’5 210lbs. Beautiful boy. “Good Morning Master, I am your new managing slave. Alpha has given me direct orders to feed you and clothe you then escort you to his private gym.” The slave looked down at me. “Uhm….ok whats your name?” I asked staring at the Adonis before me. “Call me Adonis.” He said with a smirk. “Welp that was fucking easy I chuckled. Come on.” He shoved me back against the wall. Throwing a collar on me. “shut the fuck up and eat do you understand?” he said shoving me toward the table. Damn this guy was strong. He forced me to the table and then began setting 4 plates of meals and 3 drinks on the table. “you will eat all. If you don’t. I fuck you and then force feed you. Understand.” Adonis said patting my face. Which felt more like a slap. I just nodded up at him. I thought he was suppose to be my slave. I began shoveling food in me holy fuck it tasted good. I finished one plate. Then quickly moved on to the others. Guzzling down the first drink. Adonis sat across from me and I could see his jock strap was stirring. “Alpha is right. You are the chosen one.” Adonis said licking his lips. I kept shoveling down the food and finished everything. “More.” I grunted. “MORE?” Adonis yelled. “That’s over 6000 calories!” “did I fucking stutter. More. Get alpha on the phone I need more.” Adonis’ jockstrap snap and his cock lunged out. Smacking up underneath his pecs. “HOLY FUCK!” I yelled. It was massive. He was massive. “oh fuck jay… You can’t do this to me. Alpha will be very disappointed.” Adonis said stroking his cock. “did you just use my real name? aren’t you suppose to be my fucking slave?” I walked over to him…well at this point it was an extreme waddle. I grabbed him by the hair. “I’m your fucking master. Now get me food.” I ripped off the collar that he put on me. “I only obey Alpha Amos. Not some fucking twink.” Shoving him to the ground. I looked down for the first time. OH FUCK! I can’t see my feet. My pecs are to big. Fuck I’m starting to leak. “MORE FOOD!” I scream “yes master yes master.” Adonis screams quickly grabbing his phone. “Alpha! Alpha please help Master wants more food!” I wait to hear Amos’ response. “well get him more food you fucking idiot. Whatever he wants. GET IT and I want him drink 4 more shakes.” Amos hangs up and suddenly I get a text on my phone from Amos. “fucking idiot you should be fed as much as you want. He is to help you grow and if he denies you growth you punish him. Understand?” I finish reading it and smirk. I punish him….. well let the punishment commence. “oh fuck yes Amos”. I respond. Adonis returns with 5 more meals and 5 shakes. I eat it all down within 15 mins then look at Adonis. My arms begin to feel tight along with my chest. “How long until I have to be at the gym?” I demand slamming down the last cup of Amos’ juice. “1 hour sir.” He whimpers. “Good.” I stand up and stomp over to him. I see his eyes fill in terror. I grab around his waist. “Master still hungry bitch.” I growl. I lift him up so his big cock is right at the perfect angle for my mouth. “NO YOU CAN’T! YOU CAN’T! YOU’RE NOT READY FOR THIS!” Adonis screams and began kicking me but he felt more like a kid than anything. God was he really 210 lbs? “Oh yes I can.” I suck down his cock feeling it snake down my throat. I begin pulsing him in and out letting my shoulders and arms do the work. I notice the veins are bulging and getting darker and bigger. “NO SERIOUS UHHHH FUCK OH SHIT! NOOOO ALPHA! NOO!!!” Adonis screams shooting load after load in me. I feel it expanding my gut “OH FUCK! I wasn’t suppose to do that oh fuck!” Adonis screams and pouts. I set him down but when I do I notice hes smaller or I don’t know. But I’m now instead of staring at his chest I’m staring at his nose. “take me to the gym now.” I demand. “You need clothes sir.” Adonis suggests. He pulls out a racer back tank top and a pair of lycra shorts. “put them on me.” I demand patting his face like he did to me. I feel him stratch the tank top over grazing over my bulging muscles. “oh fuck…. You’re so perfect.” I hear him mutter. He grabs the shorts and I step one foot at a time. He slides them up but then we get to the tear drop of my quads. “Oh fuck…. These are to small.” Adonis groans and I see pre cum leaking out of his cock again. “get them on now.” I scream at him. He immediately begins fighting to get them on. He gets behind me and I can feel him trying to pull them up. I know they won’t fit and I know they are going to rip. But fuck this was so hot. This little muscle twunk pre cumming from just the site of me. I me fuck this morning I looked amazing. I wonder what I look like all filled out from the food. Whatever. I’ll see at the gym. “OH MY GOD. JUST PULL THEM UP!” I scream shoving him to the ground I grab them and pull them up instantly and the shred at both seams. “OH GOD NO NOT AGAIN!” Adonis’ cock lunges up and I quickly grab it sucking down the what felt like gallons of cum down my throat. Fuck it tastes so good. I pick up my phone and call amos. “NOW WHAT!” Amos screams into the phone. “my clothes don’t fit. Want me to come naked to the gym? “ I chuckle. “no fucking way…. Those were 5xls….. you were suppose to grow into them.” I can hear amos’ voice quivering. “I’m coming over now.” Amos hangs up. I see Adonis trying to clean up everything and suddenly turns to me. “I COULDN’T HELP IT YOU’RE… YOU’RE… YOU’RE A FUCKING MUSCLE FREAK!” and he quickly disappears to my bedroom. I chuckle. Fuck I’m only 250. I look good but come on. I waddle over to the couch and sit feeling the weight of the couch sag. I lean back and close my eyes. I start to meditate. I see myself. Growing and expanding. I see Amos in front of me. Slowly getting smaller… or am I getting bigger. I soon see his pecs are eye level. Then his mouth. Then his eyes. Then I’m looking down at him. He’s reaching up to me. He’s mouthing something…. “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON OVER HERE!” I hear amos scream from behind me. “alpha I’m so sorry but I couldn’t keep up I mean look.” Adonis pleads at Amos’ feet. I stand up and turn around. “HOLY FUCK…….WHAT….HOW… OH MY GOD…”. Amos moans and I see his cock lunge and begin fighting against his tight lycra. “oh god…. You’re ….” “I’m fucking starving. I gotta break this 250.” I grunt. Waddling towards him. Fuck when did Adonis become my height! “boy have you seen yourself?” amos groans. I see his cock now straining his shorts. I raise my arm and flex. It raises high enough for me to lick it. “OH FUCK ALPHA AGAIN! I NEED TO CUM!” Adonis screams. Just then something comes over me. I lunge toward Adonis. Grabbing him around the waist. I latch onto his cock which now is no struggle for me. I stroke it with my tongue while grunting. “holy shit….he’s surpassing what I even thought was possible!” I hear amos say. I feel Amos come up from behind me. “Boy you can lift that twink with one arm. Flex the other for him. Show him the god you’re becoming.” I hear my Alpha say. So I obey. I flex and then feel the lunge of his cock down my throat. I feel the hot cum filling me full. I feel my body pulsing and getting more and more pumped. I feel my ass expanding. I feel Amos grab my pecs. He leans in and whispers in my ear. “boy… I have to fuck you now. I can’t wait. I’m sorry boy you’re to… oh fuck….. you’re perfection. You’re what I’ve.” He rams his massive pole into my ass. I roar out tossing Adonis to the wall. He scurries to get himself up. “I’ve always dreamed I would find you, but this is surpassing my wildest dreams.” He grunts while pulsing. The interesting part was I felt my head fall onto his shoulder, I could have sworn I only came up to beneath his pec last night at the gym. “breed me and claim me Amos. CLAIM ME!” I scream squeezing my ass on his cock. I feel his whole body shiver. “no fucking way.” I hear Adonis scream. “no fucking way you make him cum.” “watch me bitch”. I grunt towards Adonis who looks even tinier to me. I hear Amos grunting and moaning. I hear him go between “you’re mine” to “I’m yours”. Fuck I can’t take this anymore. “CUM GOD DAMNIT”. I scream while hitting a most muscular and clenching my ass. ‘JAY NOOOO! OH FUUUUUUCK! NO THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! OH FUUUUUUUCK” AMOS screams. I feel a geyser of cum filling me. I feel my stomach build with pressure. I feel my body get an instant pump like I just pushed it so hard on a work out. oh its almost euphoric fuuuck. I feel my cock rise up and slam my pecs. I feel my biceps pulse. I feel everything in me just radiate heat. But the best pump was my ass. It felt like it was growing right there getting bigger. I hit a most muscular pose and scream out!. "AHHHHHHHHHH I FEEL LIKE A GOD!" I see Adonis slack jawed at the sight in front of him. “Jay….what have I done?” I hear Amos say behind me. I feel his cock slide out of me. I turn around. I’m staring at the most beautiful man in the world. “You’re mine jay. Adonis, grab all his belongings. Call and quit his job. He’s moving home. Please prepare the boys. We need the syrum injected into all of you.” Amos says. “Yes Alpha.” Adonis quickly begins on his list of commands. “Jay……You ready for your new life?” Amos says sweetly while smiling into my blue eyes. “Yes sir but…”. I respond and look down. “I haven’t gotten a chance to work out this body since I hit 250 sir. I want all the guys at the gym to see me at 250 and how amazing I look.” I say squeezing his big biceps. “boy…… you can never return to that gym.” Amos says in a low but seirous voice. “you can’t return to your life ever.” “but why… Its only 30 lbs.” I say looking up into my Masters eyes. “No its not….. ADONIS GRAB THE SCALE AND A MIRROR.” Amos says. Adonis runs out with the scale. “theres no mirror Alpha maybe I can take a photo and he can see.” Adonis responds with a quiver in his voice. “wait! Aren’t you 6’5 adonis?” I say looking down at him. “Yeess.” He says ashamed. “what the fuck is going on?!” I roar. “on the scale now boy.” Instantly I obey to Amos. I see the numbers fly up and down and up and down and then I hear a beep. “Oh fuck.” I hear both Adonis and Amos say. “WHAT AM I 255?!?!” I scream. “uhm…. You’re….” Adonis tries to utter the words but instantly becomes hard. “MORE! I WANT MORE!” I scream lunging for him but Amos stops me. “350. Jay you weigh over 350 lbs and by the looks of it it’s pure fucking muscle” Amos says. I look up at Amos grin. “Good one sir”. I laugh. “Adonis take the photo of us side by side.” Amos commands. Adonis pulls out his phone snaps a pic and comes up to me. I look at the picture and instantly pass out.
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    This story is a continuation of my last story "Week of the Omeganomicon" which follows the story of Tom. If at any point you become confused about this I suggest taking a look through that one here: The Gamma Jack pulled into the driveway exhausted and angry. For three years he'd been hunting for the secrets of alphabetrium, and alas his final clue as to their whereabouts which brought him all the way to the amazon jungle, had fallen up short. With no where left to turn, he returned to his highschool career, annoying, at age 20 I'm old enough to start up my own business, but am still forced to pursue yet another year at high-school no less... Grabbing the essentials he entered the apartment and flipped on the light.... What in the fuck? Is all Jack could muster... The entire apartment was decimated as if some beast had torn through the walls and furniture. What in the hell happened here? What the FUCK Tom? What did you do? But after storming around he couldn't find him. Anywhere. He called the police and began searching through the rubble for anything that might be of worth. That's when he saw it. Virtually unscathed by the event was this book. Jack knew it well. The Omeganomicon, created by the last great Omega as a torture method for betas and a secret siphon to amass great power if you were clever enough to manipulate someone into sacrificing a part of themselves for you. I'd seen five of these before, some much thicker than this one, so I know it was already missing information and on any account would be worthless to me, I don't see the need to sacrifice anyone to cheese my way back into alpha-dom. No, what was Tom doing with that book? Is it possible? Jack began slamming his head into the wall debris repeatedly. IDIOT ! he yelled at himself, I TRAVEL ACROSS THE WORLD TO FIND A CROSSOVER TECHNIQUE, and ONE JUST SO HAPPENS TO DESTROY MY APARTMENT WHEN I LEAVE IT?! It was then that he saw something shiny.... It was a camera with a recording of everything that happened... Including Tom's transformation from friday night. As well as the intense event with lisa from school. (She had stopped in front of the camera to pose for it) Hmm.... Lisa huh? ... Wait... Thats when he got to evening on saturday, and saw Mike and Lisa dragging Tom's immense body out. But... But why would they... Then the final scene began to roll, as the camera fell under some debris, where it had perfect view of a different camera, same type and style, set up in Tom's room, and on sunday morning, Lisa came and retrieved the other camera. Jack thought it through, Lisa had retrieved the wrong camera, thinking there to only be one, unaware of the camera Tom had set up to record himself which she took in place of her own. Why would she need to ... wait.... it can't be... He rewound the video to Saturday during the bit with the blowjob on the patio and watched it. Of course... The Omegaplane.... He couldn't believe it! His luck! He got to view the ritual right in front of him. That's why she came back for the camera.... Well that's one reason, I'm sure evidence of what destroyed this house is also motivation enough for her, but the dance of which she uses to reach the Omegaplane.... That is sacred. It is only meant to be passed down from Master to Apprentice. Tom stared at Lisa, this was his ticket, and she'd led him straight towards him, soon, he'd turn everything about his life around. The story of Jack's life was quite bizarre. At the young age of thirteen, jack was the newest son of a powerful Alpha family. He was soon to be taught the secret arts of Alphabetrium, but first he had to be tested to see if he were a jock at all first, and not just a beta, completely secretly. For his final test, he was to seduce his prom date into any form of sexual act. He got her all the way to bed, but despite this, he did not want to go through with the act, saying he just wasn't really all that into sex. Jack is what we call a Gamma, where an Alpha is typically a straightforward system, there do exists weird outliers called Gammas. They possess the mindset of an alpha, but despite being completely functional, simply are not interested in sex. Sex, of course, is considered the most sacred act one can perform to an alpha, and thus those whom reject that are outcast-ed. Jack was shunned by his parents and sent to prep school to never see them again for seven years. Prep school was cruel, restricting meals to simple carb diets, with very little protein intake. Despite working his hardest for five years, Jack just became starved as despite his effort, only maintained an average body. However, there were factors beyond the school's control. Deep down, Jack was still an alpha, and while he had no desire to massage his cock, he had a relentless thirst for power. Raw power, influence, magic, science, information, control, worth, he yearned for it. And after just five years, managed to use the profits of selling off his self-made online business to transfer to this school and live a life of his own control. From here he began his own department of Alphaology at the highschool, he researched a variety of strange artifacts he'd heard his father discuss with his mother during their sexual sessions and learned all about the secret link between Alphas known as the Alphaplane. All he needed now was a means of visiting the plane so he can use it. This however, was a problem. The only way to cross into the Alphaplane is for two alphas to have sex. The thought of inquiring power aroused jack plenty, but finding a partner was much harder. Alphas don't worry about finding new partners as they naturally attract each other, but if your sexual compass is shattered, it's much harder to pinpoint who has the skill necessary to cross over. He'd even spent 30,000$ on a trip to the amazon to meet a retired alpha priestess who as it turned out couldn't help him. How was he going to find her? And even if he could, how would he convince her to let him in? He stared at the camera, and grinned evilly. Two days later Lisa was enjoying a nice day at the gym when a voice spoke to her directly. "Hello Lisa". "Do I know you loser?" "Ouch... Harsh, and no I don't think you do. I'm Jack." "Look I'm pretty busy and I'd appreciate it if you'd fuck off Jack." "Cute, most just tell me to Jack-off, I think they like the word play, but I'm afraid you're going to want to pay attention to this one. It's about Tom." Lisa froze. Her hands ran over her far-too-tiny bikini only to realize her phone was in her bag. "Oh, I'm afraid you won't be calling to help Lisa. See, I'm Tom's Roomate, and you'll have to understand there was a BIG concern for me when I got home a couple of days ago. And look, don't worry, I've already cleaned up the mess. Tom was a fucking douche anyways, and I really don't care what you did with him or who's reaping the reward. What you should be more concerned about is this. " Jack held up her camera and tossed it to her. "Amazing coincidence, Tom just so happened to have the exact same tape recorder set up in his room as you did in the living room, I guess when you went back to get this you accidentally grabbed his instead, see it's interesting. This tape shows you almost entrancing Tom when you first start to suck him on the patio, see those odd motions you make with your hips and throat, and I just so happen to know these acts are sacred to an alpha priestess... God knows the punishment for this getting out would mean exile... " Lisa was frozen. She could feel it. Jack was legit. And she was in no position to not follow his demands. "What do you want?" Jack pointed at the video, "THAT, I want to experience that. I want you to help me cross over into the Alphaplane, I need to see it. All you need to do is fuck me once, you can come over later today, and let me see the power of dominance in it's rawest form." "You're blackmailing me into sex?" "Call it what you like, just know I have three secret associates somewhere else in the world, If I can't respond to each of them tomorrow, a copy of this video will go viral, and we both know what happens to both of us if that happens....Better if this just never gets out" "You're pathetic. But sure, I'll stop by after my jog, like you said, better if this just never gets out." Later that day Lisa arrived at the location Jack designated, inside a few associates lead her down an elevator into some kind of laboratory. "What are we doing here?" "What can I say, I have my fetishes. Now... how about we get started with this..." "It won't work..." "Hmm?" "It only works for alphas, you need a specific mindset, and powerful enough body to cross over." "Not big enough for you babe? Fine." Jack walked over to an intercom and ordered "Project 22" be brought to him. "The effects of this technology are temporary, and won't last for more than a day before causing a series of nasty side effects for several months due to my body's inability to produce alpha energy. But I don't think that will be a problem anymore..." Jack said this as he stabbed himself with a golden syringe into his left ass cheek and began to strip. That's condensed alphabetrium there, it's an artifact I found years ago, it's incredibly condensed in crystalized form, but it will eventually fizzle out of existence once my body absorbs it long enough. Lisa suddenly became more and more turned on as she watched Jack slowly hulk out into the size Ethan used to be. "Hows this?" Lisa just rolled her eyes and went to work. Pretty soon her hair turned golden and the two began to hallucinate vividly. Pretty soon Jack found himself staring down at his own roided out body pounding Lisa like a toy. "This good enough for you?" she asked. "Perhaps for a while, I want to explore this reality as much as I can before we finish." Jack spent hours in the slowed space making record and jotting down notes about different observations on what he could do before finally talking to Lisa. "Alright, I've understood enough, there's just one more thing I'd like to see. The connection." Lisa backed away. "You can't possibly know about that..." Jack just stared at her before rolling his eyes. "Whatever, don't help, I know how to get there myself". Jack grabbed a syringe from the drawer and stuck it into Lisa's breasts forcing them to lactate which he greedily lapped up. Lisa could only watch in horror and protest as Jacks mind ascended into the Plane. He stood there frozen for minutes as the sounds of his physical form became more and more powerful and loud. Finally, she became relaxed as he returned normally. Jack then declared that that was enough and pushed a button on the wall, which after a few minutes brought in associates to separate the two from having sex. As they returned to their physical bodies, Jack reviewed the data his men had just brought him, then smiled, and turned towards Lisa. "Consider your video erased for good, your help has been invaluable, and this data is supurb is there anything else you'd need?" Lisa was confused. "What data?" "Oh did no one tell her? This whole room is lined with state-of the art motion detection which record and analyzes every small movement in this room. If your eyelash twitched, this room knows it's exact coordinates." "What are you going to do with this information?" "Do? I think you mean "DID" baby." He then pressed a button on the wall revealing a chamber within. "Meet Ellie, she's your replacement. Any time we need more data or tests to run, we can get there with just her." Lisa had never seen this girl before, but soon realized why, Ellie was a machine. "She's learned everything you did inside and out and can replicate it at whim." Lisa was then lead outside the room before snapping back, knocking two guards unconscious and grabbing Jack by his neck. "You know... I haven't cleared your blackmail yet..." Jack said grinning evilly. Lisa glared, quickly dressed herself, and took a nice long stare back at the Ellie device. Once she'd left, Jack called a meeting with his second in command, Conner. "How well did that turn out?" "Wonderful sir! In a matter of weeks we'll have what you want prototyped." "Good, the painali the artifact caused me will torture me for days as I revert back from this form." "Sir.... If you don't mind me asking, what is the goal of this? It seems like a lot of work for this "Connection" what does it do?" Jack smiled. "Well on top of being a wondrous scientific advancement, I believe I can harness the power of the Connection and absorb the combined knowledge, alpha-energy, and will of the combined mindset of the alphaplane." He knelt down to Connor and whispered to him secretively "This power will allow me to transcend this world and become the most powerful being known to man." before laughing hardily as he walked away. End of Part 1/5, stay tuned for the continuation!
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    Below is my new story. I've been quite busy so it's taken me a little while to get this out... but here you go. It is my own take on the Bully revenge story... with a twist. I got the idea when a friend of mine visited an herbalist to assist with his low sperm count. The rest I just imagined after working out. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!! Thanks. Simply Winning Justin has seen the storefront hundreds of times on Charing Cross Road, but had never thought about entering it until the downpour of rain made it a requirement. It had been pissing down all week, a common March occurrence in London, and one that Justin was usually always prepared for. He just never had expected Gavin to take the umbrella right from his hand and stroll away. Justin had worked for the same accounting firm for the past fifteen years, and although he found it possibly the most boring of careers, it fit who he was. Maybe Justin was not the most exciting person, and maybe he might follow the same routine day in and day art, but he was a good person and had a big heart. When Gavin joined the firm last year, Justin saw his whole world change, and not for the better. The younger, larger, and more boisterous man appeared to enjoy making Justin’s life hell. It started small: pens would disappear from his desk, files were moved, his rubbish bin would be tipped over, and salt would be put in his tea if he walked away from it. They were all harmless, and no one would admit it was Gavin, but Justin knew it was. Then the attack’s got worst: clients would be given to Gavin when they were rightfully Justin’s, the personal assistant that they had once shared soon became Gavin’s alone, the hard drive on his computer had been wiped clean three times, and now today, Gavin was given the promotion to partner that was rightfully Justin’s. When Justin had confronted Mr. Webber, the founder, the excuse he had been given was that Gavin was a much more self confident man, and that impressed clients. They felt assured in his presence. Sure, Justin was great and they were happy with his work, but Gavin just brought something extra... more confidence... a spark. Justin couldn’t argue with this. In fact, He agreed with this description. Gavin was more confidant then Justin. He did have a spark. He should!! Gavin had an athletic build where Justin was slender... Gavin had thick brown hair where Justin was thinning on top, going grey, and couldn’t grow a beard at 40... Gavin was tall where Justin was short, and Gavin exuded sex appeal where Justin has none. The two men just couldn’t compare. Justin knew Gavin would always win; that was the way the world worked. These were the thoughts spiralling through Justin’s head as he opened his umbrella to go grab lunch. He usually brought his lunch everyday, but he had woken up late and forgot it as he ran for the bus, so today he would just have to treat himself. It had been raining all day, and it appeared to be coming down harder now then ever. He was just about to head out into the downpour when a hand grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. He looked up to see Gavin standing next to him. ⁃ I’ve got a lunch date, mate. Justin just stared at him wondering what that had to do with him. He realised what when Gavin grabbed the umbrella and began walking down the street with it. ⁃ Thanks, mate! He called back to Justin with a small wave, leaving him alone. Justin thought about going back to his desk and not having anything for lunch, but he was so angry, and didn’t want to give Gavin the satisfaction of seeing him run back inside. Also, he did need to buy another umbrella... Justin’s short walk up Charing Cross Road on his quest for lunch and an umbrella couldn’t have been more miserable. The rain proceeded to come down harder and harder, and the wind was blowing it all in his face. Of course, a bus roared down the street, throwing water and mud onto him, soaking his shoes and trousers. Each block that he walked got him wetter until Justin simply couldn’t take it anymore, and ducked into what he thought was a used bookstore. Instead, it was the Chinese herbalists Justin passed by everyday. As the water puddled around him, Justin looked at the many posters that cluttered the wall advertising a better life through reflexology, or medicinal tea, or acupuncture. Among the many claims were pictures of the human body and how their ailments could be cured easily. The most impressive object in the whole place, undoubtedly, was the immense wall stacked with drawers, labels announcing the many herbs that were hidden inside. ⁃ Can I help you? A man of around 60 or 70 entered from a back room-with a teacup. He looked Justin up and down and smiled. ⁃ Trying to get out of the rain? ⁃ Yeah... I...kind of lost my umbrella. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m sorry... I’m drenching your floor. ⁃ Easily dried! Come. Take a seat. I just made some tea. ⁃ No really... that’s okay... ⁃ Sit!! Sit!! I’ll be right back. The older man ducked into the back room and began fumbling around for a second teacup as Justin sat on the white hard-back chair. Within moments, he was back and had deposited the cup in Justin’s hands. The tea smelt spicy and refreshing and after a sip, Justin knew this was exactly what he needed to make him feel human again. God, he thought... I really am English if a simple cuppa could cure all of my problems. Not realising it, Justin smiled at the man. ⁃ What? ⁃ No... Nothing. Thank you so much for this, Mister... ⁃ Huang. ⁃ Huang. I really appreciate it. It’s been a rough day. ⁃ I understand completely. ⁃ This is really very good... your own blend? ⁃ Fortnum and Mason. ⁃ Right. Jason and Mr. Huang sat in silence for a few minutes drinking their tea. As was custom, and to keep his hands busy, Mr Huang began sorting some of the herbs that sat on the desk into paper packets. ⁃ So, those herbs are better then Western medicine? ⁃ Much better. Western medicine has learned a lot from the east, but unfortunately don’t give us the credit we deserve. ⁃ It must be healthier... being all natural. ⁃ Much better for you, much better for the environment, and much better using what the Earth created for us. You take vitamin every day? ⁃ Yes. ⁃ This here... this combination is much better then any vitamin you find in a store. Take it. ⁃ I couldn’t. ⁃ Take it! It’s a present. ⁃ Thank you. How do you... ⁃ Dissolve one packet in warm water each morning and drink. ⁃ I’ll try it. I never like taking tablets anyway. ⁃ Cure all of your problems. ⁃ I wish!! ⁃ You never know. What ails you? Maybe I can help. ⁃ You’ve helped enough already. This tea was perfect. Now, I really should be getting back to work. Justin stood and handed the teacup to Mr. Huang. ⁃ Thank you for the vitamins. ⁃ My pleasure. Are you sure there isn’t anything else you need? ⁃ Unless you could give me a complete over haul, I’m happy with this... and the name of the tea. This time Mr. Huang smiled. ⁃ Ginger and Sicilian Lemon Infusion. ⁃ Wonderful. I’ll need to stop in and get some. Have a great day, Mr. Huang. ⁃ And you. Justin opened the door, but stopped when Mr. Huang called out to him. ⁃ How much of a complete overhaul do you need? ⁃ Believe me! I need everything done. The small man quickly ran around the desk and closed the door before Justin could open it further. ⁃ Sit down. Sit down. Let’s talk. ⁃ I really need to be going. ⁃ You want an overhaul... I can give you an overhaul. Now, what do you need? Mr Huang sat down, removed a pad and paper, and began writing. ⁃ Honestly, I probably just need a psychiatrist. ⁃ That can help...yes... ⁃ I’m bothered by this guy at work. He took my promotion. ⁃ I see. ⁃ Maybe he deserved it... I don’t know. ⁃ Big jerk? ⁃ Everyone loves him. ⁃ Everyone except you. ⁃ Exactly. I think he’s an asshole. ⁃ Right. ⁃ He’s perfect. He’s athletic, has great hair, straight teeth, perfect completion... ⁃ Right... As Justin spoke Mr. Huang began writing more and more on the pad. ⁃ What else? Go on. ⁃ He’s just simply perfect. That’s it. That’s all I can say. ⁃ And you’re not. ⁃ Please!! ⁃ If you could have what you want... what would it be? ⁃ I don’t think you can give me a new body. ⁃ Humor me. Justin looked at the man and finally took him in. Mr Huang was just as slight as he was. Mr Huang wasn’t balding, but was grey haired. Mr Huang didn’t have a very muscular built. Maybe he would understand. ⁃ I just want to win, Mr. Huang. One day I’d just love to win. ⁃ I can do that. ⁃ Can you? Mr. Huang put down his pen and looked at Justin. ⁃ My wife and I have been married for 48 years. ⁃ Congratulations. ⁃ For the first five, we tried to have children. No luck. We tried and tried. Nothing. She went to the doctor and had many tests. She was healthy as a horse. I went to the doctor and discovered I was the cause of our problems. Low sperm count. I cried to my father who was an herbalist before me. He made me a tea that solved all of my problems... maybe too well. Mr. Huang stood up and in front of Justin grabbed the large penis that lay hidden in his trousers. ⁃ In one day I grew six inches, and my testicles were as strong as an oxen. Four weeks later, my wife was pregnant with our first child. ⁃ Wow. ⁃ I have eight total. ⁃ Wow!!! You really are a stud! ⁃ My wife can’t keep her hands off it. ⁃ Well, I’d definitely want one of those!! ⁃ Of course!!! Mr. Huang went back to writing, sure that his story had opened a door. A few moments later, he knew that it had. ⁃ All my life I just wanted to be big. Muscular. Hairy. A real mans man. You know those guys. ⁃ Of course. ⁃ They ooze testosterone and walk with a swagger and get every guy or girl in the room, ⁃ Guy? ⁃ I’m gay. ⁃ And you have a partner? ⁃ No, but I’d love one. And with that between my legs I bet I’d have a lot of them. Both men laughed. ⁃ Seriously, if you could give me just that, I’d be happy. ⁃ A partner? ⁃ No. A bigger penis! ⁃ Ah! Right! Of course! Describe your ideal man. ⁃ Tall... hairy... muscular... self-assured, simply takes up the room. ⁃ That’s what you’d want for yourself? ⁃ For me? I thought you meant for a partner. ⁃ No. If you could build the perfect you, what would it be? Humour me. ⁃ Honestly, all that and more. Not just tall, really tall. Not just muscular, huge. Not just big down there... simply massive. ⁃ I think I understand. Mr Huang got up and for the next ten minutes, Justin watched as he removed herbs from different drawers, measured them, put some in a packet, and put the rest away. Everything he did was so precise and with such thought. Several times, he would stop, think, look at Justin, and then run and grab some additional herbs from another box. When he was nearly finished, he stopped what he was doing. ⁃ When you heat water to make tea, how do you do it at your house? ⁃ In an electric kettle. ⁃ Okay. I just need to factor that electricity into how potent this mixture is. Mr. Huang added more of one herb to the packet and removed a little of another. When he was finished, he approached Justin with what looked like a large tea bag. ⁃ Now...this is very simple. After work, you will go home. You will get undressed. You will heat a mug full of water in your electric kettle and you will bring it to a complete boil. You will place this sachet into the mug and pour the boiling water over it leaving only a pinch of room. You will set the timer on your phone for three minutes. In three minutes, you will remove the tea bag. Do not ring it out. Just remove. Then you will drink the tea while it is still hot. Do not drink it cold. Drink it all down. I promise it will taste awful. Tomorrow morning you come back here and tell me how it went. ⁃ That’s it? ⁃ That’s it. ⁃ And this should... ⁃ It will. I promise. ⁃ How much do I owe you? ⁃ Come back tomorrow and tell me how much it was worth. That’s what you’ll pay me. ⁃ Thank you so much... for everything. Even if this doesn’t work, you don’t know how much I appreciate your kindness. ⁃ It will work. Have faith. For once you are going to win. Despite the rain, Justin walked back to work with a smile and a spring in his step. Perhaps what Mr. Huang had proposed could be the answer to all of his problems. He did say his cock had grown six inches just from drinking a tea, and what reason would he have to lie? He hadn’t asked for any money, and he had been nothing but nice since the moment Justin had walked in his door. No. Justin had faith in the old man. Taking the plastic bag Mr. Huang had placed the large teabag in from his coat pocket, Justin smiled thinking of all that his future could hold for him. Opening up the plastic bag, Justin smelled it. It smelt sharp and earthy. It was a good smell. A strong smell. This is how Gavin must smell after a hard workout, he thought, taking another deep inhalation. Makes me want to lick his pits... his chest... Justin found he was getting hard simply from aroma of the teabag. I’m going to win, he thought. Justin was beginning to grow impatient with his watch as the time moved slowly to 4:00 pm. Soon, he thought. One more hour and I can go home and see if this works how I imagine. Justin smelled the inside of the baggie again and couldn’t help getting hard from the aroma. ⁃ Justin... Mr. Webber would like to see you in his office regarding the Cuan audit scheduled for next week. ⁃ Thanks, Angela. I’ll be right in. Justin grabbed the files and his laptop and spent the next hour and fifteen minutes going over the most boring and mundane of audits. It didn’t matter, though. It didn’t matter that his life was boring. It didn’t matter that he hadn’t gotten the promotion. It didn’t matter that he hadn’t bought an umbrella and would have to walk to his bus in the rain. No, what mattered is that tonight he would drink that tea and tomorrow he would be the man he always wanted to be. With a slight skip in his step, he walked back to his desk, set the laptop and files down, and felt all of the colour drain from his face as he realised the baggie was gone. Frantically looking in his coat pocket, under his desk, and in the drawers, Justin began to panic. Where could it be? His phone rang. ⁃ Hello? ⁃ Can I see you in my new office, Justin? It was Gavin. ⁃ I don’t think... ⁃ Now. ⁃ Of course. Justin felt a cold dread as he walked down the silent hall to Gavin’s office. It was after five and most of the staff had gone home. ⁃ Come in and close the door. Justin did as he was told. Gavin stared at him with a smile on his face, and before him sat a mug. No... it wasn’t a mug. It was bigger then that... enough to hold two cups of tea. ⁃ Have a seat. Justin did. ⁃ I felt it was important to talk about your future... under me. I... one second. I’m suddenly quite parched. Gavin lifted the huge mug in his hand. ⁃ One of the first things I need for you to do is order teabags. It seems we’re all out. ⁃ Wait! ⁃ What? ⁃ Please don’t do this. ⁃ Do what? ⁃ Don’t drink that. ⁃ Drink this? Gavin looked at the mug in his hand and then at Justin. ⁃ I’m doing this to make a point, Justin. You’ve kept me waiting nearly an hour since I made it. Can you believe that this tea has sat for nearly 55 minutes... but I’m a patient man. I knew sooner or later we would sit down and chat... I waited so long. In fact, by the time you got out of your meeting...this cheap teabag had completely disintegrated leaving loose tea behind, but it doesn’t matter. No. What matters is the point. See, Webber felt pity when you cried on his shoulder, and he wants me to mentor you... groom you to assist me. Can you imagine that? You assisting me? I don’t need any assistance... well Angela did assist me in microwaving this to make it good as new, and now... now I’m ready to finally make my point. I don’t need any assistance... SIP ⁃ You should start looking for another position as soon as possible... SIP ⁃ God, This tastes like shit!!! I don’t need losers on my team. SIP ⁃ I will always get what I want. Always!! Justin watched in horror as Gavin lifted the large mug to his lips, and in eight huge gulps, drank the entirety of what closely resembled sludge down. Gavin even went so far as licking the entire mug clean, swallowing any residual herbs that might have remained. Smiling at Justin with a cocky grin, he proceeded to pick bits of herb out of his teeth. ⁃ Do you understand, Justin?? Do you understand the point I just made? Gavin stood up and crossed over to the window. As Gavin walked, Justin could hear the tea sloshing in his stomach. ⁃ That was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted, mate. I fuckin hate herbal tea. It’s for fuckin pansies. Next time bring in some Earl Grey. Fuck!! Gavin opened the window and leaned his head against it, breathing in the cool rainy air. ⁃ Are you okay? ⁃ I’m fine!! Just drank that shit too fast. It was still hot. Gavin belched and belched again. Scratching his face, Gavin turned around, faced Justin, and benched a third time. ⁃ Much better!! Exactly what I needed! ⁃ I think I should go. ⁃ Don’t be ridiculous. We’re just getting to know each other!! Gavin scratched his face again, and then his stomach. ⁃ I want you to take tomorrow off. Tell Webber you’re ill. You might as well take home all of your shit since you actually won’t be coming back. Gavin scratched his right arm, then his left, and then his stomach again. As he continued to speak, he intermittently continued to scratch himself. ⁃ On Monday, you’ll tell Webber that it will probably be for the best if you didn’t return. I’ll tell him that you deserve a six month severance package... for all that you’ve contributed... which I’m sure he’ll agree to. I’ll... I’ll... Gavin stumbled a little and proceeded to lean against the desk. ⁃ …rooms spinning... Justin jumped up from his chair and went over to Gavin. ⁃ Maybe you should sit down... ⁃ GET YOUR FUCKIN HANDS OFF OF ME!! Justin could only watch in awe as hair began to erupt from Gavin’s face until he had the darkest five o’clock shadow he had ever seen. Gavin began to scratch even more now, pacing around the office. ⁃ FUCK!! It feels like someone’s sticking needles in my entire body. What the fuck are you looking at? ⁃ You’re... You’re face... ⁃ What about it? Gavin moved his hand to his face, and for the first time recognised that he had suddenly grown more then a days growth of hair. It was more like three days of growth... and as he crossed and looked at his reflection in the window... four days. Gavin moved closer to the window and took in a giant gulp of air, watching as slowly the hair growing on his face was gaining length and body. He rubbed his hands through the growth and Justin could only believe he was marvelling at how it felt. In less then five minutes, Gavin Costa had the beginnings of a beard growing on his face. Looking down at his hands, Gavin saw that they were also getting a covering of dark hair. Panicking, Gavin ripped off his shirt and tie and stood half naked in front of Justin. Gavin could only look on in shock as his chest, stomach, and arms also joined in on the sudden influx of hair growth. Gavin continued itching himself like crazy, but Justin suddenly realised he didn’t look angry anymore. It was obvious to Justin that it itched like crazy as it grew in, but apparently, Gavin couldn’t be happier. In fact, Gavin had a wide grin plastered on his face. Within minutes, his five o’clock shadow had developed into a proper three weeks worth of growth. Gavin could now run his hands through the beard and tug at it! His chest also had a thick pelt growing on it, traveling down to his crotch. ⁃ What was in that tea? ⁃ I... ummm... I.., ⁃ What the FUCK was in that tea???!!! ⁃ It was from this herbalist… ⁃ It’s supposed to be doing this? ⁃ I guess… ⁃ You guess??? ⁃ I just... Gavin grabbed Justin by his suit jacket and began to roughly shake him. ⁃ What was in that tea??!! ⁃ It was supposed to make me more of a man. ⁃ Really??!! What the fuck is it gonna do to me?? Gavin threw Justin back into the chair and continued wandering around the room. Justin did wonder what it was going to do to Gavin. He had broken so many rules already, and it had been made specifically for him... not someone who was already the epitome of a man. Gavin kicked his shoes and socks off, and pulled off his pants to admire his newly hairy legs and the treasure trail that was going down to an excessively hairy crotch. ⁃ I always wanted more hair on my body!! Guess my wish came true!! He looks amazing, Justin thought. Maybe a little too much hair now, but he could always trim or shave what he didn’t like. What did matter to Justin was that it looked like Gavin now had even more testosterone pumping through his body then ever before. Gavin lifted his arm to flex his bicep, admiring the thick and black underarm hair that had grown in. ⁃ Bet you’re enjoying the view. Like how I look? ⁃ I.... ⁃ If it was supposed to make you more of a man... and it’s already done this... tell me what else is its gonna do? ⁃ I don’t know... taller, more muscular... a bigger penis... ⁃ Fuck yeah!!! I think today just turned out to be the best day of my life!! Imagine this cock even bigger! It’s already pretty large already! Gavin was strutting in front of Justin when it appeared like the wind had been knocked out of him... as if a mule had kicked him squarely in the stomach. He quickly leaned on the desk for support. Through gritted teeth Gavin asked, ⁃ What the fuck is happening now? As the kicks and the spasms continued, Justin could make out the fine outline of abs beginning to protrude under Gavin’s skin. With each punch, Gavin’s abs became larger and thicker, taking on serious size. Running his hands over his spasming abdominals, it was obvious Gavin loved the way the cobblestones felt with a layer of hair over them. He couldn’t stop feeling them, and soon he was putting one finger in the crevices between each ab, then two, then three. Gavin’s waist became thicker, straining the briefs he was wearing, but he was also becoming leaner as well as any fat that had once settled over his abs disintegrated to allow more room for muscular growth. Fingering the fractures between each abdominal muscle began turning Gavin on as Justin saw his cock begin to get hard in his ripped black briefs. ⁃ My body looks insane with such abdominal definition!! If that shit is doing this to my core... fuck me!!! I’m gonna be a beast!! Fuck!! He spoke out loud as he felt his own hairy stomach and slowly massaged the head of his cock through his briefs. From his shit-eating grin, it was obvious to Justin that Gavin loved the feel of all of this size just above his cock. Even a deep Adonis belt, which had never existed before, began to form on his body. Gavin cried out as he felt another jolt, but this one came from lower down. He stopped stroking his cock head and moved his hand down to the bulge below that was slowly increasing size. Wanting to see for himself what was happening, Gavin swiftly tore the half ripped black briefs from his body and threw them in the corner of his office. ⁃ Balls starting to grow... you can’t imagine how good this feels... Letting out wave after wave of testosterone... I feel light headed... too much happening at once... Justin didn’t know how large Gavin’s testicles had started that morning, but as he watched Gavin orgasmically feel himself up, it was obvious that they were beginning to look much larger in his tightening sack then a minute prior. Within minutes, Gavin’s balls had doubled in size. As his testicles swelled and erupted, and as the feeling of pure pleasure began to expand around Gavin’s whole body, he began to moan, quiet at first but growing in fervour. ⁃ My body feels so fuckin alive!! I feel like I’m hooked up to some supernatural power source and it’s just getting stronger and stronger!! FUCK!!! You can’t believe how I feel!! I can’t even describe it... I’m... I’m becoming the epitome of a man!! No one will understand what I’m going through!!! It’s almost getting too strong!! ⁃ Maybe we should get a doctor! ⁃ Are you fuckin crazy?! And have them possibly stop this?? ⁃ It’s just... you broke a lot of the rules. The tea bag was only supposed to be in for three minutes... you weren’t supposed to microwave it... who knows what could... ⁃ ARGH!!!!! Fuck!!!! My balls!!! ...giving off so much heat... balls feel like they’re burning... Fuck!!! They’re on fuckin fire!!! Gavin’s balls had continue to swell and were now the size of two large oranges, and still growing larger. Gavin placed his hands on his ball sack, but it looked to Justin like he could barely touch them. ⁃ So much testosterone building up in these balls now!!! When it’s released... FUCK!!!! Gavin’s balls continued to swell, and it wasn’t long before his sack began to stretch, giving more room for growth. As Gavin was reviling in the ecstasy of his growing balls, he soon became aware that his quads were beginning to both swell. ⁃ Oh, fuck yeah!!! Look at my quads blow up!! Before, his legs had been those of an avid football and rugby player. Now they were both beginning to take on that muscular look that comes with year of serious lifting in the gym. Within a few minutes, both were so thick with muscle that he had to widen his stance in order not to crush his balls between them. ⁃ My quads are nearly the size of my waist and still growing!!! Justin... my man... when this is done... I think Im gonna be a fuckin beast!!! Come on!!! Grow bigger!!! BIGGER!!! Gavin was nearly screaming at the top of his lungs for more growth when both calves began to swell as well. ⁃ What do you think of these legs, Justin? So huge and powerful and all fuckin muscle!!! I can feel it spreading to the rest of my body, now! The rest of me’s gonna grow to... match... my... legs... ARGGGHH. Gavin reached up and grabbed his neck. Justin was concerned that something had gone seriously wrong since it looked as if Gavin was having trouble breathing, but realised fairly quickly that it was simply his neck joining his legs and exploding with muscle. Quickly his shoulders and deltoid muscles joined in and began to expand, growing rounder and more dense. Gavin’s shoulders looked to Justin that they were getting both broader and thicker, and in no time at all they were definitely nearing the width of a door. Justin’s penis was painfully hard as he watched Gavin going through his remarkable transformation. Gavin’s own cock was hard as well and had started leaking pre-cum. His hands were traveling all over his body, massaging, caressing, and worshipping himself. ⁃ I’m like a power plant getting ready to explode!! When Gavin spoke now, his voice was deeper, more commanding, and oozed sexuality. His hands kept returning to his cock and huge balls, slowly stroking himself, enjoying the feel of his own body. Looking directly in Justin’s eyes, Gavin wiped the head of his cock with his fingers, brought it to his face, smelled them, and then licked them clean. ⁃ Taste so fuckin good!!!! Was his voice even deeper then a moment ago? It couldn’t possibly be, but Justin was sure that it was. How long has this been going on, he wondered... and when will it end? How will it end?? Gavin began to massage and squeeze his nipples as his pecs began to swell. ⁃ Oh yeah... that’s it... No amount of hair could hide the musculature of Gavin’s blossoming body. His pecs, easily classified as merely athletic before now pulsed their way into the epitome of power. Each pec grew so immense so quickly that Justin wasn’t sure if Gavin could even see his feet anymore. The crevice in between those mountains of manhood was so deep and so dark with hair that it looked to go on forever. His nipples, grown large and virile, feeling the weight of being attached to such mass, were forced to point down toward his abs. Gavin panted in delight as his muscles continued to grow. With the birth of his colossal chest, his arms proceeded to become engorged with muscle as well. Justin watched in awe as Gavin’s biceps and triceps ballooned in his arms until they were nearly as large as his own head... and still they grew. Gavin’s forearms became as thick as his calves had once been, and as he flexed his upper arm, he began to run his tongue up and down the peaks. Enamoured by his own growth, Gavin could only whimper as the growth of his lats forced his arms further and further from his side. Although his waist was thick with muscle from his abs, his upper torso proceeded to widen until Gavin had an indefinable wasp waist! As every muscle in his entire body continued to swell with more and more growth, thick hose-like veins began to erupt over every inch of his body. To Justin, Gavin’s skin looked paper thin and threatened to easily split if any more mass was added to his body. Veins traveling down his abs wove there way over his pubis and down into his penis. Gavin could barely speak as his cock proceeded to thicken, being engorged further and further with blood. Gavin did his best to grab onto it and stroke it, but the thickness proved to be a challenge for his average sized hands. No sooner had it become thicker then a pint glass when it began to lengthen, a flesh anaconda replacing the admirable penis he had once had. Using both hands, Gavin proceeded to stroke himself, gaining speed and fervour, his moans bellowing throughout the room. ⁃ Look at me!!! Every inch so massive... so strong... so masculine... I feel... I feel... FUCK!!!!!! I feel like a fuckin... ARGHHH!!!!! Gavin’s penis head swelled even larger and proceeded to erupt everywhere. Gavin, lost to his immense orgasm let go of his cock, allowing it to shoot cum all over the walls... all over the windows, and all over Justin. When he finished after continually cumming for nearly three minutes, Gavin collapsed against the desk, forcing it to slide into the wall and causing an immense hole. A minute later, unable to handle his muscle mass, the wooden desk disintegrated beneath him. The only thing Gavin could do as he fell to the floor was laugh. ⁃ What do you think of me? Gavin’s voice floated on the air, filling the entire office, and oozing sex and virility. ⁃ Incredible... ⁃ That’s all you can say? Gavin has some trouble getting up from the floor, but Justin didn’t help him since he knew there was no way he could assist in lifting such weight. Eventually, Gavin was able to manoeuvre himself into a sitting position, hoist himself onto his knees, and then stand. His shadow completely covered Justin as he moved toward him, his entire body involuntarily flexing as he walked. ⁃ There are no words to describe what I’ve become!! I always led the pack, but now I am the epitome of the alpha male. Look at this cock!! It’s longer and thicker then your arm!!! Gavin stood inches away from Justin, his immense body radiating heat and masculinity. His cock was hard once again and leaking onto the floor. ⁃ Lick it. You know you want to. ⁃ I can’t. ⁃ DO IT!!! Gavin placed his hand on Justin’s shoulder and forced him to the floor. On his knees, Justin looked up at Gavin’s cock defying gravity by sticking straight up. ⁃ Try and put your mouth around the head... now... Nervously, Justin placed one hand and then another on Gavin’s penis, feeling it pulsate and breathe beneath his hands. Through the veins, Justin could feel the gallons of blood being pumped in and out to keep it as rigidly hard as it was. I’ve never felt anything like this before… its so hard yet feels so smooth… it practically feels alive… Even with both hands he couldn’t encircle it. The veins that crisscrossed the entire length were thicker then Justin’s own fingers. ⁃ Suck me. Justin tried to pull the cock down to on level with his own face, but discovered he wasn’t strong enough. ⁃ Let me give you a hand. Gavin took his own hands and proceeded to force his cock down till it was parallel with the floor. Justin opened his mouth, and as he got closer to the head, knew there was no way he would ever get it in his mouth. ⁃ Lick it. Justin did as he was told, running his tongue over every inch of the head. Gavin kept one hand on his cock but placed the other behind Justin’s head so he could manipulate him wherever he wanted his tongue to go. With his tongue, he began to work the sensitive area right under the glans. Gavin breathed in and out, his cock proceeding to leak even more. ⁃ Tongue fuck the slit. ⁃ What? ⁃ Stick your tongue in the slit. Justin moved his tongue to the massive mouth-like slit of Gavin’s penis head and began to lick it. ⁃ Stuck it in! Justin forced his tongue to enter Gavin’s slit. ⁃ Deeper! Tongue fuck this cock!! Justin felt Gavin’s hand force his head forward till he had no choice but to put his tongue deeper into the slit. Pre was leaking all over his face as Gavin forced him in further. ⁃ Oh yeah. That’s it. Tongue fuck that cock. Fuck yeah!!! Feels so good!! Imagine if... this had... been you?! You bursting with... with... all of this muscle... and power!! Your body covered in hair... reeking of sweat and testosterone. Your balls... your balls... don’t stop, Justin... I... I... Fuck... I’m... Fuck.... As Gavin was talking, Justin began to hear a cracking sound coming from in front of him and behind him. Focused on what he was doing, he didn’t pay it much heed till it proceeded to get louder and louder. ⁃ ... I’m fuckin growing!!! My whole body getting taller!! My fingers getting longer... my hands swelling... Justin could feel Gavin’s hand that was on the back of his head getting longer and thicker, covering more and more space each second. Justin looked down and realised that Gavin’s feet must have doubled in size and were continuing to grow. ⁃ ... growth so strong... every part of me getting bigger... taller... thicker... stronger... Within a few minutes Justin could no longer kneel any longer and had to stand to reach Gavin’s cock. Looking up, he saw the behemoth in ecstasy as he stretched taller and wider and gained more and more muscle mass. ⁃ Almost too much... so much growth... getting so tall... muscles expanding... nearing the ceiling... need it to stop... becoming a freak… do I realy want this… NO!!! I don’t want it to stop... so massive... Justin only comes up to my abs now... even the hair on my head is getting longer now... how much do I weigh... can’t see below my pecs anymore... my head’s gonna hit the ceiling... so much power... I’m gonna cum... oh fuck... of fuck... OH FUCK!!!!!! Gavin screamed at the top of his lungs as his colossal penis began to ejaculate again. As his cock spasmed, it hit Justin in the face and sent him flying to the floor. As he looked up, all Justin could think of when he saw Gavin was Goliath. He was simply that massive... his shoulders so broad, his torso like a marble sculpture, his arms and legs so thick, and he was nearly as tall as the ceiling. What else could the Biblical giant have on Gavin? ⁃ I need to get out of here! I need to show this body to the world. Gavin began to move toward the office door, but Justin was quicker and blocked his path. ⁃ We need to get you some clothes first... you could get arrested if... ⁃ I doubt I’ll ever wear clothes again!! Who would want me to??!! As if he were swatting a pesky fly, Gavin easily moved Justin to the side. When he opened the office door, Gavin ripped it right off its hinges and held it in his hand. Admiring his own strength, Gavin took his other hand and began to fold the metal door in on itself. Once he had folded the length in half, he placed it on the floor and proceeded to fold the top into the bottom. Pre was flowing from Gavin’s cock as he took the metal square that had once been a door and simply crinkled it into a ball and threw it into the corner with a bang. Gavin looked down at Justin and grinned. ⁃ I thought that would test me, but it was too easy... barely felt anything. I have to be the strongest man on Earth!! With his hands, Gavin ripped the metal doorframe from the wall to try and make it easier for him to get through, but he was still too tall and too wide. Finally, he simply pushed his way out of the hole that had once been a door, rubble falling down onto him, the dust coating parts of his sweaty body. Even his ass is pure muscle, Justin thought as he followed the behemoth lumbering down the hallway, trying unsuccessfully to make his way to the main room without taking down all the walls. In his dreams, he had never imagined a creature as muscular and as sex filled as what Gavin had become. A scream from one of the remaining PA’s greeted Gavin as he finally made his way into the core of the building. ⁃ Not the reaction I expected... but I like it!! Several remaining employees, including Mr. Webber ran into the room to see what the commotion was about. They were greeted by a grinning and flexing eleven foot, 1,500 pound, hairy, and hard version of their coworker. Mr. Webber was the first to speak. ⁃ What the hell happened to you? ⁃ My appearance finally matches what I always was inside. ⁃ ...how??? ⁃ You wanted an Alpha to lead your firm into the 21st Century... and that’s what you got!! Justin could see that several of the employees were turned on by Gavin’s new size, but Mr. Webber wasn’t having any of it. ⁃ Get out of this building before you take the whole thing down with you! I’ve never seen such a disgusting display of... ⁃ You call this disgusting?? Gavin flexed his entire body for the onlookers. ⁃ GET OUT!! ⁃ You’re just jealous, old man!! Gavin reaches down and easily lifted Mr. Webber up till hey were eye to eye. Urine quickly fell onto the floor from where Mr Webber had relieved himself. As he spoke, Gavin shook Mr. Webber so forcibly that Justin worried that he could easily kill him without even realising it. ⁃ I am the future!!! I think from now on there’s no need for you ever to come in again!! I run this firm now!! I make all of the decisions!! Don’t you agree with me, Lionel?? ⁃ I...I... ⁃ I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!! ⁃ I do... it’s all yours... ⁃ That’s what I... what I... Gavin stumbled backward and threw Mr. Webber to the floor. ⁃ Happening again... power welling up inside my body... even... FUCK... even stronger then before... Justin could only watch in astonishment as Gavin proceeded to commence growing again, this time even faster then before. ⁃ I was always meant for more... ALWAYS... always meant for greatness... and now... now... FUCK!!!! Getting even stronger!!!! The remaining employees ran outside to get away from what would certainly bring the entire building down around him. Justin remained rooted to his spot, knowing he had to see it through to the end. ⁃ How can it keep getting stronger... but it is!!! Never felt this kind of power before... this kind of strength... Gavin’s head slammed into the ceiling. Justin ran into the foyer to avoid the rubble that was falling down around Gavin. None of this seemed to bother Gavin as Justin heard his bass laugh echoing around the entire building. From the foyer, Justin could only see Gavin’s massive feet and his buttress-sized legs. No... they surpassed mere buttresses. They were thicker then that... thicker then redwoods... massive, muscular, and hairy behemoth legs that were now beyond description. The entire building shook and began to fall apart around Justin. Not prepared to die watching Gavin grow even larger, Justin ran outside to join the mass of people on the street gawking at the immense form as it forced its way out of the building, taking it down with him. Gavin smiled, as he looked down at the world around him, his massive cock leaving puddles of pre on the street. The hair on his head was even longer now, down past his shoulders, and his thick beard cascaded over his pecs and down to his abs. His testicles, simply enormous, and audibly churning inside producing an endless supply of sperm and testosterone. Gavin, who had once been athletically handsome before now appeared far more primal, his eyes deep set, his eyebrows bushier, and his body covered in hair. For fun, Gavin gyrated his hips and watched his cock knock down an entire building. The moment after he had accomplished this feat, he began to moan and shot cannon fire of sperm onto the street and the onlookers below. Once his orgasms had finished, Gavin moved into the street to have more room to stand. Trying to get away from the monster invading Charing Cross, a bus and two cars ran into his legs. The automobiles were destroyed, but there was barely a scratch left on Gavin. Kicking the bus to the side, he took down further buildings around him causing panic and chaos, which only appeared to turn him on more. Lifting a car that had been abandoned by its driver, Gavin effortlessly raised it up to his head to stare at it, then grinned, formed a ball out of it with his hands, threw it up in the air a few times, and then hurled it into The London Eye. ⁃ Always hated that fuckin eyesore!! Police arrived on the scene, uselessly staring up at the mega man. His growth had finally stopped, but he now towered over the world 35 feet in the air. As before, any movement caused nearly every muscle in his body to flex, sending what appeared like currents of pleasure through him. As he stood there admiring the view, he stroked his cock, an appendage that was now longer then his own arm. ⁃ Have you ever seen anything like me??!! Look at me and know that there is no one more powerful then I am!! I declare myself King of England!! Try and stop me and you’ll see nothing but destruction. Worship me, and I might let you live!!!! Gavin laughed and licked his own pre covered hand. ⁃ None of you will ever know how intoxicating this feels!! I have no peers... no equal... I am the greatest, most beautiful thing to have ever lived!!! Justin... if you’re down there... find that guy and get more if what you gave me!! I’m gonna want a mate soon!!! Justin tried to hide his face from the crowd so they wouldn’t recognise it was he who had assisted in creating this magnificent abomination. In the back of his mind, he wanted to be Gavin’s mate... feel him take control and fill his ass with his cock. Fuck... he thought!! He is so beautiful!!! ⁃ Can you smell me down there? My own scent is turning me on!! Here, let me help you smell me!! Gavin reached down and picked up an onlooker from the street. The man began to scream as Gavin raised him up off of the ground and brought him to his right hairy pit. ⁃ Lick my pit!! Smell me!!! You’ll never be as much of a man as I am!! The man did begin to lick Gavin’s pit, nervous at first, but then with more and more passion. ⁃ Good boy!! Maybe I’ll let you worship my cock later. Gavin lowered the man to the ground who just lay there, convulsing in orgasmic lust. ⁃ All of this growth has made me hungry. Bring me food!!! Lots of it!! And Guinness! I want barrels of Guinness!! Bring me this and I’ll... YES!!!! Gavin’s voice was suddenly even deeper and filled with more lust for power then ever before. Justin watched Gavin sway on his feet and recognised what was about to happen again. ⁃ Too late!!!! It’s building up inside me again... each time even more powerful then the last!!! Soon you’ll be nothing but ants beneath my feet... unimportant... Justin covered his ears as Gavin let out a deafening roar. His body was once again pulsating with power, swelling and growing larger with growth. Gavin’s quads had gotten bigger then ever before, resulting in a loud crack of his pelvis snapping and then repairing itself to enable more room for growth. Several buildings were demolished as Gavin stumbled around trying to maintain his footing. His pecs were so mountainous now that they totally prevented him from seeing what lay below them. Justin watched as his co-worker flexed for the crowd beneath him, long resolved to being the god he was quickly becoming. As his feet became larger then the cars below him, Gavin intentionally leaned over and swiped at any building in his way that prevented him from standing on solid ground. The police forced the crowd to safety, away from the falling debris. As he was moved all he could hear were the shouts from Gavin above, loving what he had become. ⁃ YES!!! RUN!!!! THIS GROWTH IS STRONGER THEN ANYTHING I’VE FELT PRIOR… MY MUSCLES EXPLODING WITH MORE AND MORE SIZE… MY COCK BIGGER THEN SOME BUILDINGS!!!! GETTING SO TALL… SO MIGHTY!!! THIS IS WHAT I WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!!!! IM THE MOST POWERFUL CREATURE ON THIS PLANET!!! NO ONE EQUALS ME!!!! NO ONE!!!!! Gavin rocketed up further, his size quickly multiplying. Cum fell onto the street like rain as he ejaculated over and over again. Justin kept an eye on him as he ran up Charing Cross Road. Surely, Mr. Huang would help him if he claimed to be doing it to help the city. Someone had to stop this monster... He would say anything to get what he wanted. He knew that now. Once he had the teabag, he would let it sit in a giant mug for over an hour, microwave it, and swallow it all, including the herbs. This time he would win... he would join Gavin… and together they would get what they deserved. Yes… today he would win.
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    Part Eight What’s with the worried look, dude? My big rod scaring you? You wouldn’t be the first, man. I’ve intimidated quite a few men with my huge meat. It just kind of screams of pain, doesn’t it? Yeah, that’s one hundred percent man beef, that is, dude. That’s the kind of rod that makes you feel like you’re being slammed by a bull or a rhino . . . well, something big and powerful, that’s for sure. You’ve been rubbing my horse-dick like a pro so far, cowboy, so I know you’ll be able to ride it when I’m bucking you up and down like the rodeo champion I know you can be. Don’t worry, my big strong hands will keep you in place. You’ll be flying up and down, but I won’t let you get away . . . where’s the pleasure for me if that happens. Having your body slamming down so I’m all the way up inside you is going to give this big man so much pleasure there’s no way you won’t be happy, too. Cause if the big guy’s happy then everybody’s happy, right dude? Yeah, there’s that familiar good boy nod. Your inhibitions are starting to disappear as my big cock teases that ass crack, aren’t they? I can tell your body is begging for me to plow you . . . even if your head is still doubting it. Well, as they say, there’s only one way for you to find out if you like it or not. Yeah, lift that body of yours into the air. Look at you, dude, reaching back to position all my hugeness directly under your hungry hole. Oh, fuck yeah, lean back and push that puckering gateway against my rod. The head’s huge, man, so it’s going to be a big shock at first and there’s going to be a lot of pain, but you’ve got to be brave and keep going. There’s a mountain of pleasure just waiting past that first intense plunge. You’re going to feel joy and satisfaction like you’ve never known. Let this big muscleman take you to cock-riding heaven, dude. Yeah, push back . . . that’s it . . . steady as it goes, dude. You can do it. That’s a face of pain, man, but it will change to a face of ecstasy soon enough . . . I promise. That’s my boy, keep pressing down and keep squeezing those butt cheeks together – you’re giving your big man a mighty dose of pleasure and he’s about to return the favor. It feels like you’re trying to stuff a telephone pole inside you, but I promise that will fade away soon. It will all be pure pleasure soon enough, just keep opening yourself up. Damn, dude, you’ve got one tight ass. I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten to plow something so hell-bent clenched. Don’t worry, my gobs of pre-cum have that ass of yours well-lubricated. You’re about to let my cock do some exploring in that chute of yours. I’m covered in goosebumps, dude. You’re giving me the kind of bliss I’ve never known before. I knew you’d be a great fuck, but I never guessed it would be the kind of delight that would make me want to explode so soon. Ah yeah, the head’s in, dude. Look at the relief on your face. Rest a few minutes, dude. Let your ass get used to my massiveness. Yeah, that’s it, breathe in and out . . . in and out. Relax onto my pole, man. Feel the meat beginning to bring you pleasure. Now it’s my turn to do some work, dude. My tight-as-hell abs are strong enough to make my crotch become a plowing machine. Don’ worry, we’re going to start out slow – whoa, just listen to that big-man moan you just let out. Didn’t know you had that in you, dude. Let my big ocean liner creep up your canal, dude. My super hard ass cheeks are lifting you into the air as my big pole presses into that hole of yours and opens you up like the good boy you are. Yeah, throw that chin into the air and let your eyes roll up into that pretty head of yours. I can tell you’re starting to see what all the fuss has been about. You’re starting to wish you’d given up that virgin ass a long time ago. But then you might not have had the pleasure of this big man and all his muscles being your first fuck, dude. You’re going to be happy you saved yourself for me. You’re going to be begging for it all the time. Damn, I’ve never felt an ass so lovely, man. I’m inching into you slowly and your hole is fighting me all the way. It’s like I’m plowing into concrete. We’re almost all the way to my furry crotch dude. Soon, you’ll be resting with all my swollen hardness inside of you. We’ll stop for another break, just so you can adjust to having a fireplug sticking up inside you. And then we can let all hell break loose. We can start thrusting like there’s no tomorrow and send your body up and down on my magnificent tool until you shoot off like your own Fourth of July. And then, just to make sure you never forget your first time, I will fill you with some hot, muscleman, gooey spunk that will make you feel so good inside you’ll think you’ve done gone to heaven. You won’t want the spurting to stop and for a second it will seem like it never will. I’m going to fill you up with my man-ness, dude, so we’re tied together in a way you’ll never forget. I’ll be the fuck you’ll judge all other fucks by for the rest of your life . . . and nothing will ever compare.
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    CHAPTER 2 - The Boy and His Beast [Growth scene] Brad woke up on a bed. Jake’s bed. He moved his head in a daze. “I guess they sprayed something on that rag,” Jake said from a chair. He’d been watching Brad. “Yeah, no kidding,” Brad replied. His head didn’t hurt but everything felt foggy. “Did you call the police?” “I did.” Replied Jake. “It was actually a little scary. I thought they might be mad at me because I couldn’t catch the people who did this to you.” “They’re not gonna be mad…” Brad’s voice trailed off. He let his head hit the pillow, and stared up at the ceiling for a short minute. He knew Jake wasn’t experienced but why would the police be mad? It was their job. It looked like Jake thought they would be. “Your shirt tore,” said Jake, nervously. “Oh did it?” replied Brad quickly. “Yeah, uh,” said Jake, “I got my biggest sweater for you, but I don’t know if it’s big enough.” Brad looked a little annoyed. There was a silence. Jake clearly knew something was up, but wasn’t sure how to ask. He got up from his chair and sat next to Brad on the bed. He leaned close to the man, and the man leaned back. They touched. It was weird, but for some reason it made sense. Brad’s face softened. They’d both had a weird night. For a couple moments, they just stared around the room, feeling each other’s heat, acknowledging each other’s confidence— Brad’s standing up to the creep at the bar, and Jake’s hospitality. The moments passed, and the quieter sounds of the evening started to become loud. Jake started to notice the faint buzz of his lamp. There was a cricket stirring outside. Both of them were breathing at different speeds. “Do you wanna,” started Brad, and then he stopped. “Hm?” “Can we take our shirts off? I wanna tell you something.” The sentence didn’t make sense, but it felt strangely okay at the moment. It was a man to man thing. Plus, Brad’s shirt was tearing. Jake slid his shirt from over his head, and then rearranged the hair that it displaced. He giggled. His normal sized torso looked very small in comparison to Brad’s. Brad let out some chuckles and grabbed the bottom of his shirt. “When I get excited,” Brad said slowly, “whether by anger, or pleasure, or god knows what, I start to get bigger.” Jake nodded, slowly, then quickly. Brad looked at him. “No questions?” Brad said, confused. He let go of his shirt. “No, I understand. It’s… like the Hulk, except different.” “Right. Right.” “I got it.” “But... isn’t that strange to you?” “I mean, yes, but,” said Jake. “I’m used to strange. When I found out I was gay, I thought I was a mutant of some kind, though it wasn’t a superpower. I just felt different and wrong.” Brad looked on in amazement. “You don’t believe me.” “No, I do. Your shirt didn’t just tear itself.” Brad couldn’t stop staring. What was this kid thinking? Where was his mind? He couldn’t figure the kid’s brain out, though its aloofness was pretty consistent. “I, I guess I believe in a lot of things already, so it’s not like, super weird for me to accept this kind of thing, you know? Like, I always wanted to believe in Harry potter. I actually…” said Jake. “What?” “I actually fantasize about a lot of things.” Jake replied, almost solemnly. Brad blinked. “That’s like, what I like, you know, sexually.” The word sexually stopped Brad’s thoughts, then he breathed. Jake’s lips pushed together and he looked away. Apparently what he said was kind of vulnerable. “Can I show you something?” Brad said, quickly. Jake’s lips relaxed. “What?” said Jake. “Yes. You gotta… you gotta, you have to make me feel good, and I’ll do it.” “Okay,” said Jake, rather interested. “What do you need me to do?” “Uh, well I gotta get excited,” Brad ruminated. Jake thought for a moment. “Well Brad, I’m actually really in to you,” said Jake, “I think that having something like this is incredible. And I appreciate you helping me get into the bar tonight.” Brad’s eyes flicked to Jake and he softened. “Jake, that’s really sweet.” “Yeah. I mean, you’re not growing, but I just… I needed to tell you that.” “Mmmm,” Brad replied. He nodded. “Let’s see. Uh, I really like your arms. They make me feel comfortable. Like when you held on to me back then.” Jake just stared straight forward. “You’re incredibly smart and insightful. I’m glad I get to think about things with you.” Brad’s mouth curved into a short smile. Jake continued. “I want you to just grab my throat sometimes so I can feel you hold me.” “Mmhmm,” Brad stated, again. Nothing was happening. “And, well, I kinda fantasize about you a little bit,” said Jake, his face becoming a little red, “I wanna hold you and make you into my dad.” “You know what,” Brad interrupted, “this is great. I’m just going to accept everything you’ve said. I appreciate it. But it’s not exciting me the way I need it to. Let’s try something else.” Jake was a little embarrassed by this, his face turning red. “It’s not that I don’t like it,” Brad laughed. Jake looked around sheepishly. “I just…” Brad started putting his arms around Jake. Jake recoiled slightly but then let it happen. Brad closed his eyes, which felt strangely innocent to Jake. They allowed themselves to fall back onto the bed. Jake was laying on top of Brad, both of them breathing there for moments. Jake could feel Brad under him, with his back and his butt. His head rested in a comfortable spot on the older man’s breast. Brad started to feel his friend on top of him with his hands, starting with the ribs, and then up to the upper parts of Jake’s chest. He gently grazed the small and firm muscles of Jake’s breasts and then cupped them in his hands. Jake smiled slightly, and breathed out a quick snort of air. It felt good. “How’s this?” asked Brad softly. It was incredibly playful, but somehow romantic. Jake didn’t care whether or not Brad started to grow. “You’re just exciting me dude,” Jake laughed. Brad smiled. Brad then grabbed Jake by the sides, much like a kid holds a doll, and they repositioned themselves on the middle of the bed. They lay there for seconds, Jake being felt up, not hating it. Brad folded his hands on top of Jake’s belly and kept them there. He let his legs wrap around the smaller friend cradled in his chest. Jake waited for some kind of response, but was distracted by how comfy he felt. There was a low exchange of heart beats that felt sure and strong. Jake almost started to drift off to sleep. It was so nice. And then it started. It was slow at first, but soon Jake started to feel it happening. From behind where his head lay on Brad’s chest, Jake could hear a low growl, like a dog’s, rumbling in the man’s lungs. Jake didn’t really believe what was happening at first. It was one thing to believe a concept, and another to feel it. The torn shirt started to break again, and Brad’s body started to pulsate with each heartbeat. “Mmmm, ughhh,” growled Brad. It was starting now, and it felt good. Jake held onto Brad’s arms, still folded on his chest. He could feel the expansion from his back, the pec muscles starting to widen, thicken. Jake could feel his own heart beat quicken. It was amazing, and it was impossible. It turned him on. He stared straight forward and let Brad do his thing. “Uh, UH! Uah!” Brad was thickening, each one of his limbs, slowly. Each muscle was getting pumped with blood, until they started expanding. Jake could feel a burst of growth at the end of that sentence. Suddenly, with a deep and low moan, Brad had grabbed Jake’s sides and started to feel him up, more violently now. “Uhnn. Uhhn. Uhhn.” He started to moan like he were being pounded from the back. Brad’s pecs were cushioning outwards, they flexed and prodded like they were being worked out. Brad’s neck muscles stiffened and expanded, and the arms that suspended him above Jake started to gain muscle. It was a lot for jake to take in. Brad’s face was right next to his own, and he was just panting, trying to gasp in more air. “Dude,” said Jake. At the sound of his voice, Brad started to shake. “Uggghhh!!” Was the throat cry that emerged. Jake turned to face the sound. Brad’s eyes were closed, and his face was flushed red. There was a vein in his forward that had expanded, to compensate for all of the blood flow. Jake looked down across his familiar room, and saw Brad’s legs flex outward. They were pumping too- if Jake didn’t know any better it looked like it might hurt, the way the legs were sticking up like that. But Jake could feel a growth starting further up, at the base of his legs. Brad was starting to get erect. He liked what was happening. Jake stared at the two trunk legs that were starting to spread farther apart as they got bigger. Brad’s thighs were filling up his pants. “Oh, oh SHIT,” Brad said. Jake looked back at him. “My pants. I forgot to take them oooOOOfff.” Brad couldn’t stop the next force of growth, which caused him to groan mid sentence. Jake understood immediately. The pants were tightening around the increasing legs. He quickly got up and unbuckled Brad’s belt. There was a release as Brad’s midsection burst outward. Jake felt a little strange taking this man’s pants off, but if he didn’t, they might break. He quickly unzipped the pants (the top button was already unbuttoned) and tried to peel them off of the legs that were quickly becoming trees in his room. The bed started to creak. Jake realized after pulling the pants midway off of the legs that it was hopeless. Brad’s legs had expanded too much. The pants were just going to have to tear. “Ah, Ah, AH!” Brad’s heart beat was incredibly fast now. “Well shit,” said Jake, "your pants.” It almost sounded like Jake was trying to lighten the mood. Though, it didn’t sound like Brad could hear anything. When Jake looked back up at the expanding mass of a man sitting on his bed, he felt like he was being absorbed. The towering mass of a man that sat where Jake slept was pumping, larger, and larger. Brad’s eyes opened and stared at Jake. Jake’s heart quickened, though he knew that he was strangely safe. Brad suddenly started to growl and then lunged out at Jake. It startled Jake quite a bit, and suddenly he was pinned gently under the body of this huge, hairy, muscular man. Brad was still growing. Jake was breathing, this time a little fearfully. Brad sniffed the cheek of the small adult underneath him, panting. Jake looked at the man and touched his nose to Brad’s. Brad recoiled, confused by the sudden expression of affection, and then smiled, a toothy, animal smile. A large burst of growing, let out of Brad’s body, his whole being turned on by the thought of being loved by the small man below him. The animal in Brad and the person in him were both activated. Pumps of blood shook the entirety of Brad’s body, and his abs flared out. Brad flexed his upper body in a display of pride, and then curled his body backwards. The growing was pushing his glutes out, and his crotch started to move in a thrusting motion. His pants finally tore off of his calves, but he was too in the moment to care. Brad put his face close to Jake and stuck his mammoth behind up in the air. It was bulging, outward, upward, widening as Brad started to thrust it inwards and back. He couldn’t control the hormones he was feeling. Jake was lying face up on the ground of his room, pinned under a monster of a man that was his boyfriend-dad only a couple of minutes ago. The large man was steadily growing, bigger and bigger, threatening to swallow Jake inside his enlarged chest. They were both immensely into it. “You, you like?” Brad said slowly, garbled. Jake nodded, paralyzed. It sounded like Brad was paying attention to something else, like a bodybuilder, fully in his body, not as articulate with his brain. “Do you want to, you want to, do you want to feel me? Feel my guy?” [Sex scene] This was confusing to Jake at first. His guy? Then Jake remembered they were both gay, and that an expanding man usually implied that all parts of him expanded. Jake’s face turned red again, but he nodded eagerly. This was so surreal, so terrifying. But he wanted to see what was going on underneath. He let Brad push his enlarged torso upwards, so that he was sitting upwards. Brad his grabbed the strained underwear and tore it off. He let out a groan of satisfaction and relief. Then the tower fell. It was amazing to watch. Brad was semi hard, so the long piece of flesh fell with a flop. It was so stupid thick. Just excessive. Brad looked proud; he sneered a bit when it made a thud on Jake’s naked chest. Jake started to lose his ability to see. This couldn’t be real. “To-Touch it.” Brad said, almost out of breath. Jake flared his nostrils, and soon the animal inside him took over as well. He let himself grab the pillar of Brad. It was starting to get hard, but it wasn’t fully there yet. His fingers wrapped around the soft, yet firm cock. He was just about able to wrap his whole hand around it. There was about an inch of space between his thumb and fingers. It was huge. And this one was different. There were so many ridges and details. The veins on Brad’s penis protruded widely, and they curled this way and that. He was surprised by how many blood vessels there were. Brad wasn’t just expanding- his body was rapidly producing more of itself. Jake clutched it and moved the skin up and down slowly. He noticed that the head expanded with blood as he did this. Brad was liking it. Jake looked up at Brad, and was shocked when he saw the eyes above the 6 foot torso staring intently down at him. “Keep going,” Brad said, in a strangely caveman-like way. His voice was so deep- there was a vibrato that vibrated Jake’s body when he spoke. Jake nodded. The slab of meat on his stomach had to have been about a foot long. Jake pictured a ruler, and thought about how he would describe this to a friend. He wanted to take a picture, but his phone wasn’t in his pocket and he didn’t want to break the moment. The penis was long, generously sized. Jake could feel the heat of the cock on his stomach as he grabbed it and stroked it in long, intentional movements. He went slow at first, admiring how long and how thick it was. It was pretty much the size of his arm. “Ah. Ah.” Brad started. Jake looked at the head of the penis and touched his finger on the slit. The head almost burst outward when it felt this. Jake blinked. Brad was getting more and more aroused. He wanted to play with it, to please Brad. Up and down, he moved the skin of the shaft, feeling the ridges underneath the skin. Jake liked that he was making Brad feel the same thing he was. He started to move faster, up and down, up and down. Brad was panting and letting out short groans. He gripped the cock with his other hand and did the pumping with both. He looked at Brad, whose mouth was wide open. Brad was sweating and breathing, and his pelvis was thrusting forward, his animal side trying to inseminate another being. He was thrusting subconsciously, and it was pretty cute. Jake went up and down, again, and let his right hand twist around the head. Then he let himself move it a little faster, and felt his own penis press up against the surface of his pants. Jake’s penis was filling up as well, though it wasn’t as large as the snake of a cock he was holding. Jake moved his head up and sniffed the tip of the penis. It smelt faintly of fish, prominently of Brad’s skin. Brad started to shake. Jake put his mouth over the head and gave it a wet smooch. Brad let out a laugh and a moan. Jake laughed too. Brad started to bounce up and down, filled with excitement and pleasure. They were both enjoying each other. Brad was almost fully erect now, and the pressure of his penis kept it suspended in the air. Jake pulled himself back out from underneath Brad, and took his pants off. As he went to grab the penis again, he was met by Brad’s giant hands. Brad was holding onto Jake like a small doll, and suddenly Jake felt a little fear. Brad breathed down on Jake and gripped his hips firmly. Then he started to touch him, all over. Jake was surprised by how eagerly Brad was gripping him. Why was he so interested in his average body? And yet it felt good, and right, to be touched like that. Brad was really into Jake. It wasn’t just a ploy. The hands greedily gripped onto his legs, and Jake shifted a little to respond. It wasn’t every day you felt a monster grip you like this. And this monster was really excited. Brad awkwardly waddled on his knees towards the young adult, and the two met close together. Jake could feel that Brad was feverishly hot, still expanding, though less quickly. The pumps of his heart beat were still fast, but they seemed more full, more deep. Brad bent over and put his normal sized head next to Jakes. He sniffed at Jake’s ear and then sucked on it awkwardly. It felt like a kiss and slobber at the same time. Jake swallowed. It was so innocent. Brad clearly wasn’t as tactful as he was usually- his coordination was clearly a little off. So this time it was Jake who was fully aware of what was happening, and Brad was the idiot. Jake caught Brad’s face and gave him a quick peck on the lips, smiling. Brad took a moment to process this, and returned with a lick. Surprised, Jake cocked his head and laughed. Brad continued to curiously feel his boyfriend up, and then he got to Jake’s dick. “Can I,” Brad said, “can I touch… you there?” Jake almost frowned. He wasn’t upset. He was filled with emotions. Brad was clearly able to rip him apart if he wanted, and yet he was still willing to ask for consent. Jake felt so honored that it almost made him slightly sad. Jake took a hold of the monster hands hesitating around his small penis, and directed them to what was under his briefs. It was incredible. They were touching it, cradling it, together. Quickly, Brad took off the black briefs Jake was wearing and bent down. Jake was looking at Brad’s eyes, which lowered to meet the pink organ between Jake’s legs. Then, like an animal, Brad slurped the flaccid penis into his mouth and started to suck it back and forth. He brought one of his mammoth hands to steady Jake’s legs and the other to direct it. Jake helped him out. It almost looked comical, to see the huge mound of body bending down to digest something so normal. Jake was fully hard now. Then, Brad picked him up, holding him by the thighs like they were chicken drumsticks. Jake was in the air now, and Brad was sucking his penis— up and down, up and down— like he were downing a bottle of wine. Jake was almost hitting the ceiling, and when he went up, he hoped that his head wouldn’t hit. It felt so good, like he was being ingested by the beast in the middle of his room. He could feel the semen stirring in his body. Jake placed his hands on top of Brad’s head, like Brad was the servant in this situation, and rolled his eyes back in ecstasy. It was so pleasing, to be inside this man like he was, to be held and moved up and down, like he didn’t weigh anything. The thrusting continued, and Jake helped Brad suck by thrusting his own pelvis back and forth. Brad was “mmming” every now and then, breathing heavily all the while. Jake was so turned on. “Ahhhh,” mouthed Jake. “Uhnnnngh,” moaned Brad. Brad started to shake Jake a little more violently, quickly enough so that Jake had to hold onto Brad’s head for stability. ----- That's as far as I've gotten for now.
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    ‘Where exactly did you hear about this guy Clyde? I don’t feel comfortable going to someone I have never met before in my life.’ ‘Don’t worry about it Melvin, I was reassured by Elliott that he was legit. I mean he used to be like us: small, feeble, and unable to defend himself against anybody. Now he is insanely big and looks absolutely gorgeous. Nobody picks on him anymore and a lot of the women are fawning over him. In fact, they have been fighting each other since they laid eyes on him.’ ‘Fine, but the instant I get a bad vibe there, I am out of that building.’ The two scrawny college-aged men arrive at the facility they were told about from their college friend and immediately begin to scope out the surroundings. ‘Are you kidding me Clyde? This place is on the outskirts of town in a scary neighborhood. Why the hell would he have an office here? I mean…..’ ‘Shut up Mel and just go inside the front door, okay. Remember you said you would give him a chance right?’ They both go in and notice that there is no receptionist, just a handful of chairs located on the left side of a door. They both look around and continue to banter back and forth about trivial stuff that really has very little to do with anything in particular. The side door opens and a well-dressed, red-skinned, black-bearded stud stands in the doorway. He grins at them before he speaks. ‘You must be Clyde and Melvin right? Yeah, your friend Elliott has told me about both of you. Why don’t you come in and have a chat with me?’ Clyde walks slowly into the next room while Melvin doesn’t budge. Clyde turns around and makes a mean face at him before cocking his head in the direction of the red-skinned man. Mel snarls and follows behind. They both take seats in front of a desk while the man goes to sit behind it. The room looks extremely clean with shelves of books just like you would find in a law firm. They both look at each other and their eyebrows rise. Clyde speaks. ‘So are you a lawyer or something? We were told that you did favors for people, it doesn’t seem like a lawyer would do this kind of work.’ The man chuckles a bit before looking in the nerdy man’s direction. His crystal blue eyes sparkle as he flexes his well-toned muscles on the table which bulge against the crisp white shirt and black tie he is wearing. Both of the young men swear that they heard a seam rip as he does this. The man sits back in his chair and undoes the first button to show off the thick black fur just beneath it. Clyde is mesmerized by the man’s skin color and is trying to figure out how he could look like that. ‘Uhhh…..I would like to ask you a personal question. How did……’ ‘I was born this way Clyde,’ the man interrupts before he even gets the words out. ‘I am actually from a family of four men with the exact same skin color. Two of my brothers are doctors, I am a therapist, and my other brother is a judge. We all try to make the world a better place of course, but it doesn’t come freely. Let me introduce myself, my name is Abel Darkori. I am a licensed medical therapist who turns people’s lives around. I like to think of myself as a fulfillment specialist. I help you reach your potential by unlocking it from your soul.’ ‘WHOA! Clyde I don’t like this one bit. I am leaving!’ Melvin proceeds to get up, but Clyde stops him. ‘SIT DOWN MEL! I came here to make a change and I intend on doing it as soon as possible. You and I both know we can’t go back to that school like this. Those assholes have put us in the hospital too many times. Let’s just hear what the man has to say before we make any rash decisions, okay?’ Melvin groans as he slouches in his chair and looks away from Abel. The well-built therapist gets up and walks behind them before putting his hairy red arms on the sides of the chair behind their heads. He tenses his forearms as they strain against his shirt. Clyde’s eyes lock on to them as he tries to control himself. He feels his crotch jump a few times before his face blushes. The therapist smiles before he speaks again. ‘It is okay to be skeptical Melvin. This is a decision you can’t take lightly. Your friend Elliott was equally concerned about being here. I’m not sure how long you have known him, but he did once look like you and also spoke of the hardships that you and Clyde are talking about. I am positive you will not feel the same way after you leave this place today guys.’ Abel takes his hands off both chairs and moves directly in front of the two young men. He sits on the front part of his desk and kicks his dress shoes off being letting out a big sigh. He turns to grab two folders and gives them to Clyde and Melvin. ‘Open these up guys and read the form inside carefully. Once you are done I want you to tell me exactly what you are thinking. This is entirely confidential and won’t leave this room.’ Clyde immediately skims over the information while Melvin sits there staring at the words and groaning. Abel can see that this will require a bit of effort to get the uninterested young man to cooperate. He turns his attention back to Clyde since he knows that he is having a lot more success with him. The therapist grabs two pens sitting beside him and hands them to both men. Clyde starts to put his signature on the line at the end of the contract, but Abel stops him. ‘Whoa there Clyde…..don’t be too hasty. You did notice in the last paragraph there that you must give up a part of yourself to fulfill yourself did you not?’ He turns to look over at Melvin who is shaking his head. The red-skinned therapist knows he will need to convince him that he won’t regret this as he attempts to explain to Clyde what his true calling is. He turns his attention back to the much more receptive young man. ‘Clyde, are you willing to give up a part of yourself to me? What I mean is…..you must be open to being a part of the Fire Guild just like your friend Elliott accepted. I gave him the same option I am giving both of you to turn around and walk away. The guild is made up of young men like yourselves who were treated poorly by others and have fulfilled their destiny through physical means.’ ‘I am willing to take the chance, Elliott told me a lot about the guild and it sounds like heaven to me.’ Melvin groans again and attempts to badger Clyde. ‘What are you thinking Clyde? The Fire Guild? This doesn’t sound good at all. I am starting to think this is the stupidest thing I could have ever been a part of in my life. I am going to go outside and call a cab you are out of your mind.’ Before he can even get out of his chair to put the folder down, Clyde signs the contract which makes Abel put his arm out to stop Melvin in his tracks. The therapist takes the folder out of Clyde’s hands and puts it on the other side of his desk. He takes his pen and does the same with it. ‘Have a seat Melvin, I know you are quite skeptical of all of this but your friend has decided to take the risk and won’t regret his decision. *gets up from the desk* Let me go into the bathroom over here so I can get the process started.’ When he goes into the side bathroom, Melvin tries to go out the same door he came in and realizes it is locked. He gets irritated and sits down on the floor located beside it. Abel comes back in wearing only his black briefs which gets a big moan from Clyde who immediately stares at his gorgeous hairy red muscles as they glean in the sunlight. The man’s massive tree trunks do little to conceal the thick hose that bulges in his underwear. He returns to the same spot on his desk where he was before and looks directly at Clyde who is now completely transfixed on the well- built man’s tempting body. ‘It is time to move on to the next step Clyde. Don’t be shy if you feel the need to be involved in what happens next. I am currently in the process of fueling my brain with the necessary formula that will be used to continue the transformation sequence. Let me pull these briefs off before it gets too messy.’ Abel sheds his briefs as a stream of precum dangles from the head of his thick red rod. Clyde’s breathing intensifies greatly as he feels his own brain being stimulated. Melvin watches from behind as he trys to hide his own bulge. The therapist kicks his briefs to the side as he moves over to touch the college student’s head with his cock as precum coats the side of his face. ‘You can go ahead and taste it Clyde, it isn’t the final product but you can still feel a nice rush go straight to your brain.’ The young college student’s eyes are now quite fixated on the bloated rod as he moves his head back to where the cock points directly at his mouth. Abel grunts a few times as his balls appear to be expanding. ‘Ohh yes Clyde…..that is exactly what you should be doing. I can feel my cock transforming into its full size.’ Abel’s cock swells as the veins stretch to accommodate the 12x12 shaft. His piss slit gapes open as a flood of precum begins dumping onto the floor. Clyde reaches out to feel the enormous shaft in his hands before placing two fingers into Abel’s slit. The therapist smiles as he feels his balls stretching his red skin to its limits as they turn to a blackish color. ‘Go ahead and fuck my slit with your fingers Clyde and taste the goo. It feels so soothing after building up so much pressure down there. It doesn’t take too long before it decides to unload so don’t wait too long.’ Clyde runs his fingers along the inside of the therapists bloated shaft and realizes he can slide them all the way in. He feels the river of precum being pumped past them as he finally pulls them out. Abel grunts as two massive strands of the goo follow Clyde’s fingers to his mouth. Melvin lightly moans to himself as he sees his friend lick both of his fingers. He moans tasting the sweet mixture which sets his brain on fire. He nearly passes out from the rush as he involuntarily reaches for the monster shaft with both hands and starts stroking it rapidly. The therapist’s breathing intensifies as his mammoth cock flings rivers of precum all over Clyde’s face and shirt. ‘Good job Clyde. Are you ready to fulfill your destiny? It is going to be quite messy so don’t worry about what happens next. In a few minutes you won’t care either way.’ Abel’s giant pole starts contracting as the cum starts to drown the young man in his chair. It also flies into the air and hits the wall directly behind him. Melvin scoots out of the way so he doesn’t get hit with it. The therapist rears back on the desk to let the flow continue as it envelopes Clyde completely. After releasing nearly a gallon of the white river, it stops pumping cum and retreats back to its original shape on Abel’s body. Clyde sits motionless in his chair which worries Melvin who jumps to his feet to go over to his close friend. The red-skinned man stops him from moving any closer to him as he grabs his arm to prevent him from touching the cocooned student. ‘STOP MELVIN! You haven’t signed the document yet, if you were to touch him, you would be in a lot of trouble.’ After a few seconds, Melvin can hear Clyde breathing again as the cum absorbs through the fabric of his clothes and burrows underneath his skin. As it does this, the college student starts swelling as his muscles all begin growing all over his body. The popping sounds are followed up by a lot of creaking and stretching as Clyde moans deeply feeling himself changing from the inside out. His loose khakis and polo struggle to deal with the mass that is quickly filling up every single centimeter underneath the fabric. He is not in agony and is completely embracing the whole transformation as Melvin notices his good friend’s head and face are getting quite muscular as well. Abel moves away from Clyde to give him more space as the young college student grunts when the buttons on his shirt fly off and his engorged new pecs explode out the front as seams and fabric shred within seconds. The space in his chair fills just as quickly as Melvin notices a massive roadmap of veins running up and down his friend’s arms as his biceps, forearms, and triceps appear to be doubling up on each other. The massive bulbous shaped muscles stretch his skin to his limits as his legs make quick work of his pants. The seams echo around the room as his bloated tree trunks massacre every square inch of them as the chair he is sitting in begins to struggle against how wide he is getting. He laughs as he flexes his giant guns and destroys the armrests in his chair. He decides to stand up as his tattered outfit falls to the ground revealing his incredibly powerful new frame. From behind, Melvin stares at the mountains of muscle twitching on his friend’s back. His thick meaty ass puts thoughts into his head he has never had before about Clyde, let alone another guy. Abel can see what kind of effect this is having on Melvin which makes the red-skinned therapist grin. Clyde turns around to look at Melvin which absolutely stuns the small college student when he sees how different his friend looks now. The formerly rail-thin 21 year old now has 24” guns, a huge set of beach ball-sized pillows with quarter-sized nipples dangling towards the floor, a perfectly-aligned rack of 8 abdominals, a swollen 10” pole with golf-balls hugging his ballsack, which leads down to two wonderfully vascular redwoods with the biggest calves Melvin has ever seen before. Clyde’s size 14 feet still sit on top of the remains of his sneakers he was wearing when he came in to the office. When he walked in the door, Clyde was clean-shaven but now he is sporting a nicely-groomed black beard. His perfectly defined face now sports a dimple in his chin as his bluish-green eyes sparkle. He smiles at Melvin as he bounces his pecs and biceps before slowly flexing them. His veins engorge with blood as his muscles rise into two huge melon-sized mounds. He moves his head to the side and motions for his good friend to come over and feel them. Melvin is a bit in shock though as Abel slowly walks over to him to put his hand on the young man’s shoulder. ‘Now you can see what I can do for both of you. Clyde was completely open to letting his inner beast out. Not everyone is the same I know, but I knew exactly how to bring him out. Why don’t you go over and take a look at him Melvin? He is still the same guy you have known for years. He is just fulfilling his destiny now.’ Abel nudges him a bit to make him move towards the big hunky man. Clyde is still flexing his huge guns as Melvin walks around the broken chair and behind the big stud’s back looking over his new muscles and making unusual gestures with his face. He looks over at the therapist and begins to put his hand out to touch his friend’s back. Abel shakes his head no and motions for him to keep his hands to himself. The extremely muscular 21-year old smiles at him as he comes back around to the front and shows off his perfectly aligned teeth. Melvin is quite attracted to him and moans loud enough to where the therapist can hear him. Abel walks over to him to stand by his side. ‘So…..Melvin are you convinced yet? Clyde is looking quite amazing isn’t he?’ Melvin is still shocked by what has happened. His close friend is physically powerful and incredibly attractive. He looks at the therapist to ask him a question. ‘He is still the same guy isn’t he? I haven’t heard him say a word yet.’ ‘Oh yes. I think he is just trying to enjoy the first few moments after being reborn basically. Why don’t you say something to him if you want to?’ The skinny 20-year old turns back around to face Clyde again as he looks him directly into his eyes. ‘Clyde? Please say something, I just want to know if you are still in there.’ ‘What are you getting on about Mel? *notices his deep baritone* WHOA! Oh my gawd, my voice is insane! *laughs as he stops flexing to relax his body* Yeah, I can’t believe that my personality is still the exact same. I was a bit scared at first because it felt like my head was being lifted off my body. Literally, I lost feeling on just about everything. After my head finished growing, it felt like I had just woken up from the most erotic dream I have ever had, except that it is totally real.’ The big stud turns to look at Abel. ‘Can I not touch Mel? I have noticed that he is not allowed to be in contact with me.’ Abel walks up to him and runs his red hands up and down his gigantic torso. Melvin makes a few noises that suggest he is thinking about something. ‘I can touch you Clyde because we are part of the same guild now. Melvin has not signed the contract yet so if he touched you, he would most likely die. The contract protects him from any kind of harm, of course he becomes part of the guild which means he would have to do things to maintain his look in the best interest of the guild. *turns to look at Melvin again* Okay, it is decision time Melvin.’ The nude red-skinned man walks back over to the desk and points at Clyde. He motions for him to stand over to the side so that he can have Melvin sit back down in his chair again. The half-aroused college student is still a bit unsure about the whole thing but sits back down in the other chair, the one he was sitting in before. Clyde stands about ten feet from the desk as he wipes streams of perspiration off his head, chest, and legs. He looks down and notices that his cock is dripping as well which sort of takes him off guard a little bit. Abel shakes his head. ‘Did you really expect that you wouldn’t be leaking Clyde? You wanted to be this way after all right? *looks for Melvin’s contract again and hands it to him with a pen* Okay, you have already read the terms correct? I just need you to sign your name Melvin. After that, you can touch your friend over here all you want. He really wants you I can tell.’ Melvin once again pauses to read the contract again just in case he missed something. Clyde looks at him with a confused look on his face as the skinny young man glances at him. He seems visibly upset and can’t seem to make a decision. Abel moves back over in front of the desk again and stands just far enough away to let Melvin take in his scent. The therapist looks him deep into his eyes and appears to be calming him down somehow. The young man’s breathing slows down a bit as well. ‘Just relax Melvin and do what is best for you. I sensed your apprehension even before you ever walked in here. Clyde is an open book and it shows since he freely allowed himself to change into the muscle stud he is now. You are having trouble keeping your eyes off him. Even now you are trying not to look at him because in your mind you have always wanted Clyde to become a muscle freak because he has always been your true love. By signing your name on that document, you can fulfill your destiny by joining him and becoming the strong, intelligent man that wants to be unleashed. You won’t regret it, trust me.’ Melvin puts his hands on his head for a few seconds before taking the pen in his left hand and signing his name to the line where his signature goes. He hands the folder and the pen back to Abel and stands up to pace back and forth for a few minutes. The therapist goes over to try and relax him once again by rubbing on the young man’s back. The college student calms down and turns to look at Abel and Clyde as the huge musclebound stud involuntarily flexes his immense arms, pecs, and legs to show his skinny friend what he could have if he would just let himself be free. ‘It still doesn’t feel right to me Abel. I signed the contract, but yet I am still so stressed out about this. Is that supposed to happen?’ ‘For you Melvin, it isn’t quite the same. You want to feel empowered both inside and out and that is fairly normal. Elliott was equally apprehensive himself about this and that was eased once he let his more dominant side take over. I don’t have the power to change you, you and Clyde do. *points at the giant musclehead across the room* It is all about the two of you now and where you will go next with this.’ The concerned 20-year old slowly walks over to his massive 21-year old friend and tries to keep his distance. Clyde puts his hands out to touch him but Melvin moves backwards. He stumbles and nearly hits his head on the desk behind him. Clyde tries to catch him but Abel motions for him to not help in any way. The stunned man nearly loses his glasses as they shift sideways on his head. He rearranges them again to face his well-muscled friend. He looks into his blue-green eyes and wants to move towards him to just touch his muscles but feels a twinge of stress once again. Abel walks over beside the two young men to speak. ‘I think you have pretty much figured out the catalyst Melvin. Your touch on his body is the trigger which is why your brain and stomach are reacting so much. The contract is signed now all you have to do is start the process. Clyde is desperately wanting you to do this, look down at his penis.’ Melvin notices his friend’s cock getting bigger as it attempts to touch his pants leg. He feels the heat against his thigh which ignites his own cock as it reacts as well. He moans lightly and loses his concentration just a bit as he feels a few drops running down his leg as Clyde’s cock does the same spilling precum close to the same area. He feels himself being drawn to his big friend now as he places both of his hands on Clyde’s mammoth pecs. The big man flexes them as they press into his fingers. He can feel vibrations flowing through them as the feeling runs up into his arms and throughout his body. He starts making strange noises as swelling and stretching sounds radiate from his hands and forearms. He can see the muscle fibers, tendons, and veins engorge as his loose plaid shirt gets a bit tighter on his upper body. Clyde grunts feeling his friend growing as he continues to pump his energy into him. Melvin’s feet are tearing through his sneakers and socks as his pants now cling to the growing beasts from beneath the surface. The small cock he was hiding before is stretching its way down his right leg against restraining fabric that is cutting off the circulation in his lower body. He moans loudly feeling his back doubling up on itself as his shirt pulls tightly against his widening lats and torso. The top two buttons on his plaid shirt fly into Clyde’s face as he laughs in his deep baritone. Two emerging pec pillows destroy the front of his shirt as they flop out exposing the top of his new six-pack. His massive new guns shred his shirt in half as two hose-sized veins lead up to his nearly soccer-ball sized shoulders as his shirt flies off his upper body revealing the rest of his thickly muscled torso. He lets go of Clyde’s chest to reach down to rip his pants off so his lower body can finish its dramatic transformation and finally breathe. His cock shoots a few strands of cum all over Clyde’s left leg as the big man lifts Melvin up into his arms to hug him and to press his 11-incher up against his friend’s monstrously thick glutes. He places one of his thick hands on Melvin’s head to feel him finish changing as his face slightly changes from its soft appearance to a firmer and manlier form. His glasses stretch to their limits as Clyde slowly pulls them off before they break in half. A forest of fur grows up from Melvin’s patch just above his cock all the way up to his neck. A reddish beard follows along the curves of his face as Clyde finally leans down to locks his lips on his good friend. He pushes himself inside Melvin as the 20-year old feels his virginity being eradicated as his body fully embraces Clyde’s cock moving completely inside him. The two huge studs moan loudly as they have sex for the first time in their new powerful forms and move their way over to the desk where Clyde lies down. Melvin remains on top of him and knows his role as the power bottom as he hops up and down on his incredibly hunky lover. Abel can see that they need their alone time and leaves to go back into the bathroom to leave the two huge studs alone to their devices. After a very trying beginning to the session, Clyde and Melvin are letting themselves go to embrace the desires that were deep down inside them all along. Before he can close the door to the bathroom though, Clyde yells for him to come back in. Abel peers around the corner to smile and shakes his right hand at him to show that he isn’t going to get involved in a threesome. The big top makes a few puppy sounds which get a laugh out of the red-skinned therapist but he reiterates that he can’t get involved in what they are doing. ‘While it is tempting Clyde, I can’t be part of what you two are doing right now. Maybe later when you get more acquainted with the guild we can arrange something together.’ Abel shuts the bathroom door as Clyde goes back to pounding his well-muscled friend into oblivion on the desk.
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    New Years-The Countdown to Midnight The first person to enter your home after midnight foretells the kind of luck you’ll have in the coming year. A tall, dark, handsome male bearing gifts is said to bring the best luck. - A quote from my mother. The countdown to midnight was about to begin. Paul slowly opened the plastic canister that contained the wine we ordered. The sampler arrived via special delivery on New Year’s Eve morning and we had been chilling it all day as instructed. We had ordered four wine samplers for the midnight toast instead of getting a bottle of Champagne. As he twisted open the lid there was a hiss and a mist surrounded him before it began to fill the room. I would have run for help but my feet were bolted to the floor by what I witnessed. First his body shivered; it was as if a chill ran up his spine. His arms doubled their muscularity and then tripled in size before they came into sharp focus and a huge vein rose on his biceps. Then his shirt bulged as massive pecs appeared. Threads were popping all over the place but that wasn’t what amazed me the most. Paul started growing taller and taller. He grew from 5′7” to 6′6” as his body morphed into perfectly proportioned muscularity. Then the cloud overtook me and I inhaled the musk-like mist. It was man odor mixed with leather and coconut oil and fresh cut lumber. It was new mowed grass, pine woods, and salt air with an undertone of perspiration from a hard gym workout and the pheromones of sexual excitement. My spine shivered and my cock grew hard in my briefs. Internally I heard bones creaking and cracking and my physique begin to expand with incredible speed. I was growing taller as my pecs exploded on my chest. Like Paul, my arms were in the twenty four inch range yet my belly was tiny and remained as flat as a cliff. My back and lats were getting massive. I shoved down my shorts and they caught on my thirty six inch thighs but at least my cock and balls were free. Judging by what I felt on my thigh, I think my cock doubled in length; in fact both my fists couldn’t cover the length of my shaft. Paul stumbled toward me and began ripping off my clothes. I followed his lead and ripped his clothes away also. Crashing together we kissed and hugged. We had been gym rats for several years but always retained swimmer physiques no matter what routines we used or what supplements we took. It was as if all our years of hard work had been applied to our bodies in just a few moments. “Happy New Year!” we both said in unison as the New Years Eve fireworks began to explode in the sky. Paul stood behind me with his arms wrapped around me. His hands roamed over my chest and abs and occasionally he stroked my cock causing pre-cum to erupt. Then as the fireworks finally approached his cock breeched my ass and he began to thrust. The fireworks going on outside in the harbor couldn’t hold a candle to what was going on inside our condominium on the 26th floor. It was as if a fireworks display ten times as intense as what we were watching was going on inside me. As Paul’s cum filled me, a river of my seed was splattering against the window. It was my turn to explore his body. I led Paul to the bed where we kissed. I turned down the bed and Paul slid in pulling me on top of his massive physique. Chest to chest we kissed as his hands explored and caressed. As my hard shaft touched his hole, spurts of pre-cum lubricated the pucker. Thrusting I entered his hot ass and pre-cum was firing anytime there was the slightest resistance. Paul moaned as my balls touched him. His fingers pulled me closer for a kiss filled with so much passion I thought I would burst. “Fuck me,” Paul whispered and I did. How long was inconsequential but as our mutual orgasms exploded I saw fireworks that put the New Years display to shame. They may have been in my head but then Paul touched my cheek. His eyes searched mine. “Fireworks,” he said. “I saw fireworks as we made love,” he groaned and pulled me hard against him. “I did too my love,” I whispered in his ear. They say that the love and joy you feel as the New Years begins is a precursor of the year to come. The best love is the kind of love that awakens the soul. That pure love makes us reach for more and in turn ignites a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That is what I hope we have forever. Come to think of it the first person to enter my ass after midnight was Paul. I hope that foretells the kind of luck we’ll have in the coming year. After all he is a tall, dark, handsome male bearing gifts.
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    [Please don't expect a quick finish to this story. I have a long way to go. I'm trying to get back to it.] The Second Full Moon (continued) Instantly, a picture of Manfred flashed through my mind. It was the guy’s beautiful smiling face. I have no idea where it came from and why it impacted me in the way it did, but suddenly the darkness that surrounded me evaporated. I was brought back to the room with such an intense clarity that it frightened me. I comprehended immediately what I had intended to do to the two men and I released my grip and let their bodies fall to the ground before me. My shock at what I had been doing was so great that I panicked. After noticing that both men were moving slowly and loudly sucking in needed air, I gathered my clothes quickly and dressed as I ran from the hotel room. I was fully dressed by the time I exited the hotel. I started running down the street, wanting to be home more than anything in the world. I didn’t allow any other thoughts to enter into my mind. It was too difficult to think about what I had just done. I wanted to stay focused on getting to my flat. I took a few wrong turns and ended up on some unfamiliar quiet street. I finally stopped because I knew, in my present state, I’d never find my way home. I needed to calm myself down. I leaned against the wall and noticed I was breathing deeply. I forced my thoughts to return to Manfred, having realized that his face helped me to focus. My body started to fully recover from its trip into dominance-ville as soon as I thought of Manfred. My breathing slowly became normal and my heartbeat slowed. I no longer felt the urge to cause intense pain or destroy something. I stood back up and looked around, hoping to see something familiar. It was only then that I heard the footsteps – slow heavy thuds from somewhere quite close. At first I simply thought someone was coming down the dark street, but then I sensed something sinister and harmful. That now familiar uncontrollable reaction where my body moved into defense mode based on some unconscious awareness returned and my muscles tensed up as if readying for a fight. The fear of what had just happened in the hotel room was still too fresh in my mind for me to clearly distinguish safe feelings from desires for showing off some new intense inner power. I decided quickly that I did not want to meet whoever or whatever was moving methodically towards me. I promptly began to run in what I hoped was the opposite direction. My mind was now a lot clearer and I let my instincts guide me – listening for sounds, looking for lights, and following cars. Soon I was on a busy familiar street and knew the way home. I continued to look behind me to see if I could catch a glimpse of the person that had been pursuing me, but I saw no one that seemed to be watching me. As soon as I reached my building I quickly entered my flat, doubled locked my door, undressed as I moved to the bedroom and fell into bed – somehow re-energized and drained at the same time. I looked at the clock and saw that it was beyond three in the morning. I soon fell asleep and for the first time in a while my night was not filled with dreams. It was clear that my body needed time to fully recover from the trauma of the evening. At first I thought the buzzing noise was the soundtrack to a developing dream. It took me a few minutes to realize someone was at the front door of my building trying to come up to see me. I instinctively jumped out of bed and ran to the intercom system by the front door. It took me a few seconds to fully realize what I was doing. I pressed the appropriate buttons to release the door, not even caring to find out who was visiting. I then waited for the knock on the door of my flat. When I opened it, Jim was standing there with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. “Hiya, sexy. Do you always greet people at the door totally nude,” he asked with a teasing smile. It was only at that moment that I realized I had nothing on. I was still a little dazed from being awakened so early. I merely moaned out loud and quickly made my way back to the bedroom and slid back into bed. I heard Jim close the front door and follow me. I lay on my stomach and closed my eyes as soon as I had the covers back over my legs and butt. I felt Jim’s warm, clothed body sit on the bed beside me. He started running one of his hands up and down my back. “I think someone must have had a fun night. Is Mr. Anthony a little hung over?” he asked in a jovial spirit. “A little,” I mumbled back, “and it’s too early to get up!” “Too early?” Jim questioned and then added, “It is two in the afternoon, my dear friend.” I glanced at the clock on the side of the bed to confirm what Jim had said. I then turned to look at him, instantly reminded of his manly beauty and gorgeous smile. An inner warmth spread through my body to match the nice feeling his big hand was causing as he gently caressed my back. I stared at him for a few minutes and watched his eyes follow his hand as it roamed slowly over my body. He pushed the sheets and blanket down and allowed his hand to grab my firm ass cheeks. My cock was slowly coming awake and responded to his fondling by beginning to harden. “I do not see how it is possible Anthony, but your back seems to be more muscled than just two days ago,” Jim purred appreciatively. “I think it’s just tightened a little harder since you arrived – like other things that are getting hard between my legs,” I replied softly. “Maybe,” Jim responded, “but I do believe you are actually bigger than before.” “I . . . um, did something last night . . . that . . . uh . . . I’m not too proud of,” I changed the subject – without even really knowing why. I think I just needed to tell someone about my scary evening. “No need,” Jim said as he placed a finger against my lips. “There are no rings on our fingers, Anthony. I told you to go out and have a good time. Let us not muddy what we have with confessions or regrets. I know a growing boy like you needs to go out and sow some wild oats every now and then. It is fine for you to let off a little steam or exert a little youthful power – for now.” I smiled at Jim’s choice of words. If only he realized how much power I had actually exerted less than twelve hours before. The memory of how good it felt to tighten my grip around the necks of those two men and lift them off the ground shot through my body for a split second, but then it turned to fear as I thought about their faces beginning to turn blue as they gasped for air. I slid my hand across the bed and let it move to Jim’s crotch. Feeling his hard-on through the fabric of his pants made my need for confession and my fears disappear. I squeezed his stiffness and loved how it made the man emit a low masculine moan that made my toes curl. For a surprising brief moment the image of Manfred’s face materialized in my mind. This confused me terribly and I desperately wanted to force myself to focus only on Jim. I immediately came up with a plan. I lifted my upper body off the mattress with my other hand and unzipped his pants at the same time. With the quickness of what could have been a well-seasoned hustler I had his large hard cock freed and sticking straight up in the air. “Ummm, a little meat before my coffee,” I whispered, not taking my eyes off of his pulsing dick. As soon as my warm mouth and tongue welcomed the head of Jim’s fullness, the man’s body tightened everywhere. I could sense that his ass cheeks tensed with an intensity that gave the man wonderful pleasure. His left hand quickly came up to my head and he grabbed a fistful of hair, pulling slightly in response to the stimulation. I immediately tasted his sweetness as a gob of pre-cum spurted from the slit of his dick head. I opened my throat fully and welcomed his shaft completely, allowing my nose to be buried in the fur beyond the fabric of his pants. “Bloody hell, Anthony,” Jim groaned, “Slow down or I am going to explode.” I suddenly had a burning desire to please the man – to submit myself to him. I knew it was somehow tied to an opposite feeling from the night before. I had wanted to dominate the two men at the hotel completely – to even cause them pain. It had stemmed from my insatiable need to how off an awakening power within me. At this moment I felt a strong urge to suppress that power by letting Jim lead me. I wanted to somehow fight against the part of me that almost crushed windpipes and easily lifted two grown men off the ground. I wanted to do something to make up for the sins of the night before – to cleanse my conscious of all guilt, even though I knew that was impossible. I thought if I served this man by giving him pleasure it would balance out the horrible need to dominate from earlier. This also caused me to not care about Jim’s plea for me to slow down. I quickly pulled my head back up and then slammed it down, causing his rod to be buried deep in my throat a second time. The man was again filled with pleasure and he moaned uncontrollably in response. This only fueled me on even more. Soon I was sucking like a trained expert and burying my face deeper into his crotch each time. With only about eight head bobs back and forth on his hard meat I sent him into orgasmic ecstasy. I had no warning about the gusher he would produce, except for the loud joyful cry that escaped his mouth just before he unloaded a ton of his juice down my throat. I quickly swallowed like my life depended on it and didn’t miss a drop. I think I knew instinctively not to get his suit pants stained. I kept his cock deep in my throat even after his body stopped convulsing. I loved how he felt inside of me and I knew the warm wetness of my mouth pleased him, too. After a few minutes his hand released my hair and returned to stroking my back lovingly. I pulled my mouth from his cock and blew on it as it deflated – to help dry it off before I stuffed it back into this pants and zipped him back up. I looked up at his smiling face. “This is turning into the best lunch break I have ever experienced,” Jim cooed. “I certainly got filled up,” I replied. “Being around you, my good sir, just seems to cause my body to produce an abundance of thick semen,” Jim added, with a definite twinkle in his eye. “I’m flattered,” I answered, smiling in return. “Can you come back later?” “Wild horses could not keep me away, dear Anthony,” he quickly responded and that image made my body tingle because of my reoccurring dreams. “It seems I owe you some take-away from last night and then for dessert I think I will repay you for your gracious afternoon delight. How does that sound?” “It sounds so good that when you return I think I’ll take the dessert before the meal,” I teasingly replied. “Well, you have been a good boy, Anthony,” Jim said. “Except for whatever it was from last night that caused you to stay in bed until two. But, as I said before, I will overlook that and gladly offer my services as dessert upon my arrival in a few hours. For now, though, I must be going.” Jim leaned down and kissed me on the forehead, checked to make sure his zipper was completely closed, and then slid from the bed. He reached out and gave my ass a heavy whack, which caused me to arch up in joyous response, and then he left the room. I heard the front door shut behind him and the memory of his presence lingered along with his manly muskiness. I felt a joy and security that had not existed in my body for almost over twenty-four hours. I ran my hand over the space where Jim had lay and loved how it was still warm from his hot body. I stared at my hand as I moved it along the sheet and slowly the memory of what it had done the night before crept back into my mind. I looked at the v between my thumb and forefinger and remembered how the man’s neck had felt so fragile as I squeezed. I balled up my fist and marveled at how big and beautiful my hand was becoming. My flaccid cock became fully engorged quickly and a familiar feeling of power started to take over my thoughts. I looked at my forearm and loved how it seemed so muscular. I began move my crotch up and down, causing my hard pole to rub against the bed – sending shivers of pleasure up my spine and deep into my ass. My breathing became heavy and I started to wish I had someone in bed to force into submission. The only thing that saved me from spiraling down into the darkness of the night before was hearing the front door open again. Thoughts of Jim immediately brought me out of my masturbatory revelry. “Are you back for seconds?” I yelled out, hoping that Jim might come and relieve the pressure of my raging hard-on. There was no answer and I quickly became alarmed. Memories of the footsteps in the dark street the night before came streaming into my head, causing my cock to deflate instantly. I heard noise in the living room and still there was no answer. I jumped out of bed and didn’t even stop to grab clothes. Before I stepped into the other room I heard the front door slam loudly. I moved with more speed now and after glancing around to find no one in the flat I opened the front door and looked down the hallway in both directions, carefully hiding my naked body. There was no sight of anyone. I shut the door and double locked it. I took a second look around the open space of my flat to make sure no one was hiding. It was then I noticed that the Lancelot glove was gone from my mantelpiece. At first I found this incredibly odd and looked around to see if it were just misplaced, but quickly saw that it was, indeed, gone. The person that had entered my apartment after Jim left had come for one thing – the glove. It crossed my mind that it had been some common thief that had grabbed the first thing he saw as soon as he heard my voice, but then I realized so many other things had been available – my laptop, my wallet on the dining room table, and many other items – that it became clear they had taken what they had come for. I was baffled beyond belief and that suppressed even my anger or fear at what had just happened. I thought about calling the police, but realized the glove had been a gift and I had no receipt or anything else to show them. The sudden ringing of my phone caused me to jump and I had to retrieve the thing from my pants in the middle of the floor. “Hello,” I answered, without even glancing to see who it was. “Anthony, my dear,” came Martin’s joyful voice, “How are you?” “Um . . . fine Martin,” I replied, forcing myself to focus on the caller. “How are you doing?” “Splendid, my boy, splendid,” he answered joyfully. “Listen, I only have a few seconds, but I wanted to make sure you could come to my place for dinner on the twentieth. I am going to have a little gathering of friends and, of course, you must be there.” “Of course Martin,” I responded without even thinking since my mind was still elsewhere. “I’d love to come. Is it for a special occasion?” “Nothing momentous, my dear fellow, only this month’s full moon,” came the reply, and as before, I was baffled by this infatuation with this specific celebration. “Well I know how happy that seems to make you, Martin, so I’ll look forward to it. Can I bring anything?” I asked. “No, no, no – that is very kind of you, my boy, but there is no need,” Martin quickly responded. “Oh, do you mind if I bring someone?” I added, hopefully. “Yes, feel free to bring that dear sweet Jim. It will be good to see him,” Martin said and I was instantly excited about bringing a date to his party. “Thank you, Martin,” I replied and then added, “Hey, you won’t believe what just happened. Someone came into my place and took the glove I got at that antique store you sent me to. Isn’t that bizarre? They didn’t take anything else. And to think I was just in the other room!” “You mean they took Lancelot’s glove, Anthony?” Martin asked. “Yes. Is that not the craziest thing?” I answered. “It is indeed,” He said. “But not to worry, my good man, the glove has already served its purpose,” he answered. “Well, I must go. I will see you on the twentieth, Anthony, if our paths do not cross at Halfway to Heaven before then.” “Thank you, again, Martin,” I responded. “I hope I see you before the party.” As soon as I hung up my mind became crowded with puzzling thoughts. Had I told Martin that I was dating Jim? Did Martin already know Jim? It was possible he met Jim through Manfred. And what in the hell had Martin meant when he said the glove had already served its purpose? I was about to drive myself crazy with all these thoughts when the phone rang again. This time I looked down and saw that it was Manfred – my heart leapt with joy and I answered quickly. “Hello, Manfred.” I sounded a little too eager. “Hello Anthony. How are you,” he asked, in that voice that mysteriously made me giddy with pleasure. “I’m great,” I replied, trying to calm myself. “What’s up?” “I just wanted to call and say I am sorry for leaving so abruptly the other morning,” he answered, and it surprised me he was being so honest. “I was caught off guard by, um, you and Jim being together and I did not know how to react. It was rude of me and I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am.” “That’s very nice of you, Manfred,” I said, trying to hide my excitement at his words. “I didn’t think about it a second time. I’m glad to hear from you. I hope nothing prevents us from being friends – me dating Jim or anything else.” “I feel . . . um . . . the same way, Anthony,” he added quickly. There was something about the tone in Manfred’s voice and the call itself that made my heart beat faster than it did before he called. I felt a certain amount of frustration that the man could still cause this kind of feeling in me and, yet, there was some mysterious connection that made me desire him. I tried to make myself focus all thoughts on Jim, but Manfred’s face dominated my mind. His voice also caused an unfamiliar energy to well up inside me, but extremely positive and pleasurable. I found it impossible to block the man out of my mind completely. “I was also calling to see if you might be available for lunch one day,” he asked cheerfully. “I know we’ll probably see each other at Martin’s party in a couple of weeks, but it would be fun to connect before then.” “Um, of course. That sounds great,” I replied hesitantly. “I’ll just need to . . . you know . . .” “Check with Jim first?” Manfred questioned. “Well . . . yes . . . yes, I think I should.” I answered and suddenly everything felt very awkward. “That’s fine,” Manfred said and I could hear slight disappointment in his voice. “You check with him and then just get back to me, okay? I’ll look forward to it, Anthony. I hope you have a great evening.” “You too, Manfred,” I replied and then he quickly hung up. The different emotions running through my head caused everything of the last twenty-four hours to temporarily be pushed to the side – my brazen dominance of the two guys the night before, the mystery thief that took the glove, Martin’s comments about the glove, and so much more. I found myself constantly returning to Manfred for some unknown reason. I showered and fixed something to eat – and then tried to focus on my upcoming evening with Jim, but the discomforting conversation with Manfred and the feeling he caused within me kept nagging at me all afternoon. Jim arrived around six with Chinese food. I gave him a long kiss when he arrived that turned into an hour-long snogging session on the couch, which culminated with him returning the favor of the earlier blowjob I had given him. We were lying there with our bodies entangled in post-coital bliss when I broached the subject that I really wanted to avoid. “Manfred called this afternoon,” I said softly, as stroked the back of Jim’s head resting on my chest. “Did he?” he asked and I heard all sorts of hidden emotions in those two words. “He wanted to know if I’d go to lunch,” I added hesitantly. “And what did you say?” Jim pushed further. “That I would have to check with you first . . . well, actually he figured it out and said it before I could,” I replied. Jim turned to look up into my face. He was smiling. My cock began to come to life again as I gazed into his eyes and re-connected with his masculine beauty. My answer pleased him and that energized me. I knew there was still a slight panging in my heart for Manfred, but I was working hard to make my desire for Jim to overcome it completely. Here was a man that wanted me and Manfred had rejected me . . . saying I wasn’t his type. I knew I was slowly turning into what Manfred liked, but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing part of me still pined for him. I lifted my head off the sofa cushion and kissed Jim’s forehead. “Jim, one. Manfred, zero. I like the score so far,” he said softly. “I told you, it’s not a competition. I am not Manfred’s type,” I emphasized back. “And I told you I have a feeling you are becoming his type,” Jim answered. “I think we should eat now,” I responded – changing the subject on purpose. “Good idea,” Jim said, getting up from the couch after he quickly licked the nipple near his face. “And for the record, it’s fine for you to have lunch with anyone you want. As I said to you yesterday, there are no rings on our fingers. Let’s just take this one day at a time and enjoy the journey. We’re in no rush.” “Such a wise man,” I answered and took a swipe at his ass, loving how the loud smack echoed in the large room. We ate our dinner at the dining room table totally nude. It was very erotic and I loved how the big windows of the room probably put us on display for many neighbors. The enhancements brought on by my workouts were helping me to be comfortable with my body. Jim fondled my cock throughout the entire meal and said his goal was to keep me hard for hours. It was definitely working. Later, as I cleaned off the table, Jim went to floss and brush his teeth like a good little boy. He came into the kitchen later holing a small piece of paper. “What does this mean, Anthony? ‘Beware full moon midnight powers unleashed.’ I found it in the medicine cabinet,” Jim said looking at the paper. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Well I was brushing my teeth and I pulled out this paper. When I leaned down to spit I saw the reflection in the mirror and noticed what the letters say when read backwards,” Jim added as he took a pen and some paper from the counter and reworked the letters and phrasing in reverse order. I looked at the words and marveled that I hadn’t noticed something so simple before. It still didn’t make much sense, but I loved how Jim had figured out the mystery so easily. I then explained to Jim how I had found the note inside the glove I had purchased at an antique shop on Maiden Lane. I then told Jim about how the glove had been taken from the apartment just that afternoon. “That is an incredible story, Anthony. I cannot believe someone was in the flat after I left today. I think maybe I need a key so I can lock the door behind me,” Jim added with a devilish smile on his face. “The shop, though, must be somewhere else. I know this neighborhood like the back of my hand and there is not an antique store on Maiden Lane.” His words brought back my conversation with Martin and my frustration at not being able to find the shop a second time. I brushed it off by saying I probably got the name wrong and we went back to discussing the piece of paper – deciding it was some fun note that had been placed in there one night when someone wore the entire armor outfit for a costume party. We then continued to make up other fun scenarios – involving espionage and secret codes, secret love letters between two people, and other fun stories. None of these ideas, however, eased a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that had appeared as soon as Jim pointed out what the note actually said. I returned it to the medicine cabinet later that night and forgot about it as soon as Jim and I began an intense lovemaking session before bed. The next two weeks seemed to fly by – mainly because of my time with Jim, my workouts at the gym, continued sightseeing, and occasional phone conversations with Roger, still in the states. Manfred and I never found a day to meet for lunch – mysteriously, Jim seemed to be able to take a longer lunch break each day and we usually met at my place for some mid-day delights, both in bed and in the kitchen. The sex seemed to improve every time we met and I started to believe it had a little to do with the improvements happening to my body in response to my workouts. I was starting to fill out many of the clothes that Martin had bought me as a gift, but most of what was called the ‘second phase’ wardrobe were still too big. I looked forward to the day when I was able to say those outfits were starting to feel tight. I, however, was still very excited about my changes. Jim loved my new size almost as much as I did. He often found ways for me to show off my budding strength – repeating the feat of push-ups with him on my back, doing pull-ups with him hanging on to my waist, and one night allowing me to press his body into the air a couple of times when I was lying on the bed. The morning of Martin’s party Jim had to leave for work early. He had started staying at my place most nights, since I lived so near his office. We were able to get in some quality crotch rubbing before he jumped out of bed to shower. I loved watching him walk towards the bathroom – mainly because of his gorgeous ass, but also because of his tree trunk quads. I was slowly beginning to think this was the man that I might spend the rest of my life, even though every time I had that thought there was a certain pull on my heart in an opposite direction. It was unclear to me as to wear that tugging came from, but I knew it was there. Jim stepped into the bedroom immaculately dressed in a Ted Baker suit – and it was one of my favorites. “You’re wearing that suit to work so you’ll have it on for the party, aren’t you?” I asked teasingly. “Well, my competition will be there, remember,” he said, straightening his tie as he looked in the mirror and then glanced at my reflection to see my how I reacted. “You have no competitors,” I screamed after placing one of the pillows over my head. “You say his name sometimes in your sleep, Anthony,” Jim replied with a very serious voice. I took the pillow away and looked at him with a face that I was sure showed my surprise. Jim had never mentioned this before. So many thoughts ran through my head – why on earth would I say Manfred’s name in my sleep, did I dream of the man and not remember, why wasn’t I calling Jim’s name out, and so much more. I was embarrassed, confused, and ashamed. I sat up and held out my arms to the man. “I don’t know why I do that,” I said with a voice that equaled his seriousness. “I really like this, Jim. I really want this. I did have a thing for Manfred but it seems like such a long time ago, now. As a matter of fact, it seems like eons ago. Please don’t view him as competition. How can I convince you that he and I are not going to happen? I promise you.” “It does not bother me, Anthony,” Jim said as he chuckled. “I just like to watch you squirm.” I tossed the pillow at him and immediately acted like I was sulking. He came around to my side of the bed and bent down to kiss my forehead. I reached out and grabbed his cock through the fabric of his pants and squeezed hard. He tried to back away but I held on. “Ow, Anthony,” he yelled, “that really hurts.” “Good,” I replied. “You deserve it.” I let go of him and he reached down to straighten his pants and to hopefully ease the pain I had caused. He walked to the dresser and began to gather his keys, his name badge, and other items. “I am sorry, Anthony, that we have to meet up at Martin’s place, but I am afraid I will be cutting it close on getting there on time,” he said as he stuffed his phone in his coat pocket. I have a meeting near there late this afternoon, so I think I’ll be there by the time you all finish cocktails. I do hope I will not arrive and find you and Manfred snogging in one of the bedrooms.” “Out, out, damn spot,” I yelled and pointed to the doorway. “Oh, I see we are channeling Lady MacBeth, now, are we?” he quickly added as he laughed. “I always knew there was a drag queen inside you just screaming to be released.” I struggled briefly to throw off the sheet and covers as I got out of bed. This gave Jim enough of a head start to run out of the room and get the front door opened as I entered the living room. He turned towards me at once in the hallway and blew me a kiss before he moved away quickly. “Do not forget to lock the door behind me, good sir. See you tonight!” he yelled as he disappeared. I didn’t follow him into the hallway – mainly because I wasn’t wearing anything. I heard the coffee maker giving off noises that said it was finishing brewing. I smiled to myself when I realized that Jim had once again thought of me and prepared the machine before we went to bed. He was always so thoughtful that way. I opened my laptop and sat at the dining room table sipping a cup of coffee as I read the morning news. My mind kept drifting to Jim and then it landed on the fact that I called Manfred’s name out in my sleep. I spent a few minutes wondering what my actions meant, but then I realized it was almost time for my session with Quan at the gym. I quickly changed clothes, tamed my hair, and jogged to the place. “What the hell are you eating, Anthony?” Quan asked as we took measurements. “What do you mean?” I asked. “I mean you keeping adding pounds, mate, and none of it seems to be fat,” he replied. “I want to know your secret.” “Well, I do tend to eat a lot of fish and chips,” I answered truthfully. “I do not think that is it,” he responded, “since that usually gives a guy a spare tire around the waist. You have actually added some to every part of your body. I swear, looking at the chart and where you began you would think I was either incorrect when I first inputted your information or you are officially the first genetic miracle man that responds to lifting weights with the kind of gains most men dream of. I just do not understand what is going on. And your strength is off the charts abnormal for a man your size, and especially for a guy that just started working with weights.” “I think it might just be because I have the most awesome trainer, ever,” I shot back with a smile. “I may be good, but I am definitely not this good,” Quan said, scratching his head and then writing something on the chart. “It’s funny you would bring all of this up today, Quan,” I added with a slight whisper. “I’ve felt weird all day – like there’s some kind of power surge racing through my body every now and then. While we were lifting I started to actually feel like a new batch of incredible gains are going to happen soon. And the feeling was . . . um . . . it was kind of…” “Trust me, I understand, Anthony,” he replied. “A certain part of you hasn’t softened since you came in.” “Yeah, sorry about that,” I said, turning red. “There’s just something about working out that gets me all excited. It’s really embarrassing.” “As I have told you before, mate, it happens to the best of us,” Quan added and returned to his chart, shaking his head back and forth as he looked at the numbers. “I am actually scared to see what you are going to look like when you come next week.” “Only time will tell, sir,” I said as we shook hands. “Only time will tell. Have a great day and I’ll see you then.” “You, too, Anthony,” he called out as I walked away. I ate a late lunch, did a few errands, texted some obscene comments to Jim – just to get him riled up at work, cleaned my flat, and then readied myself for the party at Martin’s. I was bummed that Jim had to come to the party late – I had hoped we could go together. I hopped on the Tube and was at Martin’s place right on time. It had been a while since I visited his place and I was instantly reminded of what a great house it was – old, majestic, and almost magically castle-looking. It was exactly what I thought a big London place should look like. There were actually quite a few men at the house when I arrived. I knew some of them from the last party at Martin’s house and some had been at Manfred’s dinner party, as well. I was ushered into the den, where everyone had gathered for drinks. Suddenly Manfred was standing in front of me.
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    Chapter 4: Josh sat in his room, holding the genie's bottle. He contemplated exactly what he should wish for, considering what Marc had said. He could simply wish for his party to be the best in history, but there was something so tempting about the idea of making other guys grow. He finally decided to rub the bottle. "Cutting it a bit close aren't you?" asked the genie as he materialised. "Only a minute until midnight, very nearly missed your wish for the day." "Yeah, just having trouble deciding what to wish for." Josh said. "Running out of ideas so soon?" "Hardly, more like too many ideas." laughed Josh. "Well, you'd better hurry, only 10 seconds left, or you'll be down one wish." Josh thought quickly, weighing his options, but in the end, his dick won out over his brain. "I wish I could make other guys grow." The genie smiled, and there was a part of Josh that didn't like the way he was smiling, it seemed… sinister. "Done." he said. "So I can just think about making a person grow and it'll happen how I picture it?" asked Josh. "I'm sorry." said the genie, but his smile made it seem a little insincere. "But you didn't wish for that, and it was my understanding that I get to decide how wishes happen." "What?" asked Josh "Then how does it work." "You'll have to find out tomorrow." And with that, the genie's muscular form dissipated into smoke and he returned to the bottle. Josh awoke the next day to find that he had slept well into the afternoon. "Master Hartley," came a voice from the foot of the bed, "if you don't get up now, you won’t be ready in time for the party." Josh sat up quickly, realising how late it was, and quickly climbed out of his bed realising that he was once again, naked. The voice belonged to the same butler as the day before, who smiled and turned to leave saying, "I'll leave you to get ready on your own." Remembering his wish, Josh quickly focused his mind on the butler's tight body before him. He pictured clearly in his mind the butler's tight ass expanding before him, the already huge muscles becoming bigger than his tiny underwear could handle. Nothing happened. "Grow." thought Josh. "Come on, get bigger." Still nothing happened. Josh gave the genie's bottle an experimental rub to see if he could question him, but to no avail. He eventually gave in and went to wash up. After cleaning his own incredible body, Josh put on the clothes that had been left out for him, first came a small red speedo, which barely stretched over his cock. Looking in the floor to ceiling bathroom mirror, Josh saw that it closely resembled a g-string, and had to quickly look away from his own incredible ass cheeks, lest a boner rip the thin material to shreds. He crammed his massive diamond quads through the leg holes of some Hawaiian patterned board shorts that had also been left and began to admire himself again. He was struck by how similar he looked to the fitness models who competed in similar attire, though he was definitely larger. He threw his reflection a flex, watching his huge pecs swell with ease, the enormous nipples curling underneath due to the sheer volume of muscle. He was quickly reminded not to get turned on as his swelling dick slid free of the speedo, causing it so slap back onto his balls somewhat painfully. Heading downstairs, after adjusting his package of course, Josh found a trail of balloons, ribbons and party decorations which led him onto a huge ballroom. The room was magnificent, the roof was filled with black and white balloons, and the walls were mirrors from floor to the bottom of the second storey balconies. Long tables were covered in all sorts of party food and the end of the room was entirely open, leading out to a huge, glittering pool. At the centre of the ballroom stood what looked like an incredible fountain, from which poured shimmering, dark pink fruit punch. Josh was drawn to the structure and walked over to it. While admiring the vast streams of punch pouring from the fountain into a large glass dish, Josh felt a tingling in his crotch. The tingle grew into an itch, and after a matter of seconds felt like a fire, burning up and down his cock. Josh quickly whipped his dick out, and it quickly extended to its full footlong state, but underneath it, his ballsack was actually filling up as he watched. It swelled full of cum, causing Josh's jaw to drop as his sack reached the size of a basketball, and then all of a sudden the fire that Josh felt turned into ecstasy and he watched in awe as his balls contracted against his crotch and an enormous cumshot fired itself out of his dick, flying through the air and splashing gloriously into the punch bowl. "Shit!" said Josh, quickly stuffing his well endowed self back into his clothes and looking around, trying to think what to do. "Master Hartley the guests are arriving," came the butler's voice, "I recommend you come greet them." "Shit." said Josh under his breath once again, but he followed the butler to the mansion's incredible lobby. Spilling into the lobby was every single guy Josh had ever seen at his school, all in varying swimwear, and, luckily for Josh, all following the instruction of the mocked up signs in the lobby which read "Shoes, Shirt, No Service." Josh greeted various guys that he recognised, including the entire swim team that seemed to be travelling as a pack, and eventually met up with Marc who boldly wore nothing except his own school speedo. "Hey, happy birthday." said Marc, handing him a small bottle with a ribbon around the neck. "Thanks." said Josh, looking at the clear liquid inside. "It's oil" said Marc, answering the unasked question, "for your… muscles…" His voice trailed off and he began to look at his feet. (Or perhaps to check that his throbbing erection wasn't visible through his speedo, but every detail of it was clearly outlined.) "Oh, awesome." replied Josh. "I've always wanted to try this stuff." Which was sort of true, however he hadn't ever expected to be big enough to use it. Marc and Josh's conversation had brought them back to the grand ballroom, which was now filled with barely clothed, muscular bodies grinding up against each other. Thankfully Josh saw that the room was pretty much empty in the vicinity of the punch bowl. However his attention towards the refreshments seemed to draw Marc's attention. "Oh, hey punch!" he said excitedly, rushing over to the bowl before Josh could stop him, and quickly downing a small plastic cup of it. "It tastes strange." "Good strange or bad strange?" asked Josh, hesitantly watching for a reaction. "Definitely good, it's really sweet, and fruity, but there's something else that I can't put my finger on." he absentmindedly picked up another cup and downed that too. "God, I'm so thirsty all of a sudden." Halfway through his third cup of the punch, he suddenly spluttered, as though someone had punched him in the throat. He dropped the cup, and the punch splashed over the ground, and his hands clutched at his throat. "Are you ok!?" cried Josh, and the whole room's attention flew to Marc. Marc nodded, and moved his hands, or more, his hands moved outwards as his neck was rapidly thickening. His whole body began to writhe and swell before Josh's eyes. His speedo got smaller and smaller as a waist exploded around it, it fought bravely against the enormous muscular bubble butt launching outward from within, but with a sharp crack it flung off like a rubber band and slapped one of the swim team in the face. What emerged was a monster of a dick, as long and thick as Josh's own forearm, but with a mushroom head like a clenched fist at the end. Marc's body was quickly ballooning to match the swollen protrusion which was currently pressed hard into his own face. His pecs appeared around the dick, looking as though they were growing for the express purpose of caressing the thick, veiny member. His average balls were soon nothing of the sort, as they blew up quickly to the size or oranges, then grapefruits, larger and larger, until their sheer weight pulled his hefty cock from his face to point at a 45 degree angle, and his ballsack rested on the floor. His burly legs looked comical forced outwards by the huge balls, but his arms matched their angle as his new biceps were pushed out just as much by his triangular lats. Sitting atop the massive mound of muscle was Marc's head, looking stunned, surrounded by so much muscle that his back muscles were even visible if he tilted his head down even slightly. Apparently forgetting his audience, he reached his swole arms forwards and, fighting his own musculature, wrapped them around his humongous cock. He pulled it towards his body in some kind of incredible bear hug, and slid his biceps up and down the shaft. He pulled his mouth against the slit of his dick as he cried out in pleasure, and cum blasted into his mouth, down his throat and over his face, until the orgasm caused him to let go of his cock and shower the crowd in his spunk. The crowd stood amazed at the growth that had just happened, until one guy ran forward, pushing past Marc's massive form, and plunged his face into the punch. This triggered the movement of the crowd, most of which scrambled to drink any of the precious liquid before them, but some just chose to get their hands on some flesh and worship Marc's 9 foot tall frame. Josh suddenly realised how his wish must work, and smiled, tearing his swimwear off his rock hard cock with one swift movement, and making his way into the crowd before him.
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    Hey all. This is an old story that i wrote with a furry OC of mine long ago. I edited some stuff and basically made it a bit better, hope you guys like it! ------------------------------ "Hmm...should i?..." Esval was staring at a red pill that he was holding in his paw. The pill seemed to have a slight grow to it. This pill and thirteen more was given to him from a random guy he met at the gym that day. The only thing the guy said to him about those pills is that "he would be in heaven", and that "He would want a lot more than those 13~" Winking, the man leaved the gym, and stood there with 13 pills he got no idea what were for. He was, sadly, the only one left in the showers and the gym, as it was kind of late, around 9:50 PM "...Ah, fuck it, what's the worse that can happen?" Being confident, he shallowed the first pill. Just when it touched the bottom of his stomach... "...H-HUH?!, RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!" He let out a powerful roar, suddenly feeling energy flowing into him. The energy turned into pleasure, his whole body seemingly experiencing a powerful orgasm, and suddenly, he starts to grow. First was his chest, blowing like a balloon, in no time covering part of his view. Then his arms, his biceps growing as big as those pecs, before being followed by his legs, becoming as thick as tree trunks from an average tree. His back grew wider and wider, when suddenly his boxers broke apart, as if they were wet paper. And they seemed to be, as his cock was leaking pre-cum like a half open faucet, and it seemed to be growing. "S-so..M-mUCH! I-i must *groan*...n-NO! I-I NEED MORE!" Screaming to the top of his lungs, he flexed his arms, rejoicing in the orgasmic feeling. His cock was growing fast. From an already above average 8 inches soft, it slowy grew till it got stuck between the mountains that were his pecs. The cockhead was extra sensible, as he let out his biggest moan when it touched the bottom of his pecs, and kept ascending, almost reaching his muzzle. Craving, his mind beginning to be lost in the sensations, starting stroking the huge cock, his dick launching small shots of pre that he happily licked. "O-ooh...O-OOOH!" he was close, very close to cumming, he could feel it, slowy working from his also grown balls through his dick. Moaning, craving, he stroked his dick one last time, before a geyser of pure cum was launched from his dick into the ceiling, landing on his face. Suddenly, the growth and the cum stopped without warning. Panting, looking at his dick that now could be licked and sucked by himself with small effort, he smirked, most of his normal thoughts returning. He now stood at 9ft. "God...I'm so big...bigger than my usual growths..." Esval had been born with the ability to naturally grow his muscles slightly, but this...this was far more powerful. He felt his cock getting hard again, now as thick and wide as a twink's waist. Smirking, he is about to have some more lustful fun, before he feels a sharp pain on his stomach. "Wh-?!" Without warning, he started to shrink, all of his muscle dissapearing like nothing, until he was back to his starting size. Even when Esval was already buff, that growth had been the best feeling of his life! "Damnit...wait..." He looked behind him, and found the bottle with the rest of the pills. Grabbing them and looking closely, he could see some pills shining brighter than others. "Hehe..." Grabbing the bottle and putting it on his bag, he looked for some new underwear and shorts before leaving the showers. Tonight he was gonna grow again. Bigger and bigger, and would later find the guy that gave him those pills. "Guess i found my new hobby~" ------------------------------------------------------------- And that's the story! Will try to upload stories in here sometimes. Hope this one was hot enough for you guys!
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    Ok I didnt really explain how my life is hell with this kid. Ethan may be my nest friend but he gets me into a lot of trouble. I am a popular kid in Western Emerald high school. But I wasnt one of them snobby asshole kids tho. I was cool withpretty much everybody. I had my main squad: Rachel, Jacob, Don, Ethan, and Rebekah, but I also squad hopped. I was cool with: the goths, the nerds, the rednecks, and the sport guys, well most of them... I was cool with the basketball guys the volleyball girls and pretty much every other sports except football. The football jocks HATED ME. The hate is one sided too, since i dont hate them even though they try and beat my ass. Don was on the team and the only person that likes me. I guess I got a lil bit leverage from those assholes. Now why do they beat my ass? Because just about everybody knew about Ethan's power and the jocks who want to beat his ass come to me and either 2 things will happen: Either they ask me to get him for them or they beat my ass and send me his way so he can fight him. Usually B but sometimes A happens. But there was one instance that was so crazy I couldn't avoid talking about it. Friday after school, Me, Ethan, Jacob and Rachel hang out after school to get easy seats for the football game against Northern Emerald high school. The biggest game of the year. We have the biggest rivalry against them. Its so big, we got other schools in the county putting money on either schools. We tend to hang out on the bleachers for 3 hours before the game starts talking about a lot of shit. Some football players are practicing plays for their game. One of them Derek AKA our best running back notices us and comes up with plan. He lines up for a field goal but instead of kicking it straight he kicks to the sides and hits Jacob, square in the face, and gets a black eye. We all look to see the players laughing at us "Aw whats the matter? Did I hit you? Are you gonna your boyfriend Ethan to come kick my ass?" Derek says laughing. Ethan doesn't take that too kindly. He yells back "Do you want me to fucker?!" I tell him "Sit the fuck down Ethan. Don't worry about him" Ethan gives Derek an angry stare before he turns back on us. "Are you OK Jacob?" Ethan asks. "I'm fine" Jacob replied. Yeah he really doesn't look fine. Fast forward to after the game we end up winning the game 35-28 and people made a lot of money betting on us, and lost a lot of money. Me and the crew go to the parking lot and talk a lil bit more before we go home. And Derek, Don and 2 more players just happen to follow us out. This isn't good news. I tell everybody I got to use the bathroom real quick and head out. Rachel, Ethan, and Jacob seemed confused about that for some reason. "Heh heh heh. Ay Don is that your boy walking over there? Seems like a bitch to me" Derek asks. "Yeah. That's my friend Randy." Don replied. "And the shirtless guy over there with the short black hair, that's ethan?" Derek asks. "Yep thats him" Don says. "I got something for his ass. I'll be back" Derek says with an evil smile...
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    Happy New year to everyone who sees this.
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    "Hey mister, if I pick you up over my head or toss you in the air and catch you, will you take me home and offer me lunch?"
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    "Sarge sas I have to wear the vest. He says I can't let the other guys know bullets bounce off of me. He says it will freak them out. You're not freaked out, are you pal. No . . . you're into my super strength. You're still thinking about how I ripped that tank apart - scaring the crap out of those two enemy soldiers. Want me to lift you again, bud?"
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    Christmas Eve and the Night After I stumbled in from the Christmas party barely alive… actually the hangover was so bad I wished I was dead. I had been deposited in front of my building by my so called friends; those same friends that fed me those extra strong drinks at the office party. Those same friends who were supposed to get me home took me to an after party at their friend’s house. It was a great party but unbeknownst to me they were spiking my cokes. They knew I wanted to be home by midnight to put out milk and cookies for Santa–well actually he prefers eggnog and chocolate cake. I know because he told me so himself seven years ago when I met him. Yeah, yeah I know, fourteen year old kids aren’t supposed to believe in Santa but I did. He wasn’t what I expected. He doesn’t look anything like the roly-poly pictures depicting him. In fact he is young, handsome, and muscular. Think about hauling millions of toys into houses. So I have this standing appointment to meet Santa at midnight every year on Christmas Eve. Last year Santa promised something special for this Christmas. He pointed out that I would be twenty one and that I would learn the true meaning of giving and receiving. What actually happened was that by midnight I was passed out on the floor of a bathroom and didn’t wake up until the sun was high in the sky on Christmas morning. Entering my apartment I saw that there was nothing under the tree. I felt even worse that I stood Santa up. Maybe he was pissed since he didn’t leave anything for me. I went into the kitchen for water to hydrate and when I opened the refrigerator the container of eggnog was half empty and the cake was cut. “So you were here!” I said to the open refrigerator. “It was a wild night,” I heard from behind me. I whipped around and stopped in my tracks. I didn’t know the guy sitting on the stairs drinking eggnog. “Who are you? How did you get in here? What are you doing here?” ”Elf Adam. I came with Santa. Waiting for you,” he answered. “I missed him,” I sighed as I plopped in a chair. I wanted to cry but sobbing would make my head hurt worse. Adam stood and tossed a pill down my throat before he placed an oxygen mask on my face. He told me to breathe deeply. I knew the only thing that would cure me was time and sleep. “This isn’t oxygen. This is a real cure,” Adam chuckled. “Fezeaejh anta mmmsoey” I spoke into the mask. He pulled off the face mask. “Tell Santa I’m sorry when you see him,” I said to Adam. “Tell him yourself.” “Should I write him a letter?” “No, when he finished the toy run he came back here instead of going home. He knew what your friends were doing so they are on the naughty list.” “So I missed him twice?” I said as I slumped back in the chair. “Not really. He is sleeping upstairs waiting for you,” Adam said calmly. “What!” I jumped up and realized that my head didn’t hurt. I ran up the stairs and burst into my room. He held up the covers and I crawled into bed with him. By the time the blankets touched my body I was naked. That had to be Santa magic. “Sorry…” I began. He put his finger to my lips. “You could have taken a cab home,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “Time for your 21st birthday Christmas present.” Then up in the bedroom there arose such a clatter! Adam ran up the stairs to see what was the matter. He stood at the door with a smile on his face and walked to the bed at a very slow pace. Santa was huffing and puffing and ready to cum when Adam approached and asked Santa to save him some. Elf Adam quickly joined us in bed who knew that Elf could give such great head. His eyes–how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry! His cheeks were like roses, his nose, lips, and tongue worked over my cherry! His droll little mouth was drawn up for a kiss, and the red of his lips begged to give me great bliss. He had a broad muscular chest and a flat little belly, that flexed when he thrust, to deliver cock jelly. Santa thrust and he thrust over and over again and started cursing and swearing with bad words like darn, and spit, and oh gosh cazan. He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, and filled my ass full, then turned with a jerk. And wiping the sweat from his face and his nose, giving a nod to Adam, up from the bed he arose. Once on his feet he was so lively and quick, I confirmed in a moment that St. Nick had a huge dick. Adam will train you until I return In a month maybe two to test what you’ve learned. More rapid than eagles, his coursers they came, and he whistled and shouted and called them by name: “Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen! To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall! Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!” Merry Christmas everybody!
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    To all our members, my friends, and family (yes, I have family on here) I wish you all the merriest of Christmases, and a most prosporous 2020!! And, if you're dragging your ass getting it into the gym (even just to drool) here's some inspirational music from our friends at TSO.
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    Everything is OK, Lefty. I'm just dealing with some personal issues. If I can't work on it soon and have the chapter released before Christmas, It'll be sometime after the new year.
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    Part Five The enormous hand holding me off the ground was attached to a muscled forearm as big as my leg, which was attached to a bigger-than-a-beach-ball biceps covered in jungle vine veins. I got the feeling I was being held off the floor higher than I could jump. My feet still swayed back and forth from the shaking that arm had given my body just a few seconds ago. My head was still spinning from being jarred so viciously. I glanced down and saw trunks so filled with muscled sinew and striations it didn’t seem possible they were legs. My upper torso wasn’t as wide as the individual quads I gazed upon. And then there was the thick as a rolled-up beach towel and long as a yardstick third leg arching out from massive hairy coconut balls in a way that made you think of big cranes on top of skyscrapers moving heavy stuff in the air. It wasn’t a cock, it was a one-eyed anaconda that looked like it could wrap around me two times and squeeze the shit out of me. The idea of my ass trying to withstand that battering ram made me even more light-headed. Master bricklayers could have learned a thing or two from the chiseled bumpy-as-hell rack of abdominal muscles that served as the core for the monstrous being in front of me. I thought about swinging my foot as hard as I could into that gorgeous mid-section, because I knew it wouldn’t do a thing and it would be fun to try. Stone walls or slabs of concrete wouldn’t have been able to take the kind of abuse I knew that stomach could. The expansive waterfall of flesh that was the chest in front of me cascaded out like a tidal wave of muscle. It was as wide as the grill of a Mack truck and looked as hard as a wall of thick granite. Pecs as big as couch cushions came to mind. Forget about the term bull neck, what I beheld was a dinosaur neck. Redwoods weren’t as thick as this muscled barrel-like support. And then there was Mr. Dennis’ gorgeous face – still masculine wrinkles and age appropriate spots, but the chiseled jawline and strong flared indented cheeks made it clear that something spectacular was below all that beauty. He hadn’t just grown bigger, he had morphed into something around seven feet tall and probably weighed the same as a smallish elephant. I still couldn’t tell what emotion was revealed on his face. I knew my own showed how excited I was with the changes of this man, but I wasn’t sure if he felt the same way. “Made me into your dream man, huh? More like dream freak! I won’t be able to fit into bathroom stalls anymore! Even the big ones made for wheelchairs! Cabs won’t stop to pick me up because the springs of their vehicle will be shot as soon as I get in. Doorways are forever going to be a problem!” “I’m sorry. I didn’t know the formula would work so well.” “Sorry? Why the fuck are you sorry, Thomas? Look at me! I’m a dream freak! Who, in their right mind, wouldn’t want this? I’m huge and strong as hell! I leaned against the fridge this evening and accidentally smashed it into something as thin as a door. I can hold you in the air forever and not even feel slightly strained. Sorry? Man, I’m a senior behemoth and it’s all thanks to you. Give me a hug, little fella.” My face was slammed between two huge slabs of muscled beef and then squeezed tremendously by Mr. Dennis’ thick pecs. Talk about a face massage, I was pretty sure bones were being compacted. Big arms, feeling more like full man-sized bodies than limbs, hugged me so hard I couldn’t take a breath. It was like I was in a straightjacket made of muscle. The man’s heartbeat was so strong it sounded like I was inside a bass drum being banged continuously. The giant crane of a dick hardened into a curve under my ass and it felt like I was sitting on a steel girder. The monstrous man let out a loud animalistic growl as he held me. “I so want to plow you right now, Thomas, but I know I can’t. I haven’t learned how to control my strength. I’d rip you in two. I’ve ripped three doors off their hinges thinking I was opening them lightly and I crushed the toaster in one hand just trying to move it. I’ve got to figure out how to control this new freaking power.” “I know, as a matter of fact, big guy, I can’t breathe. Your arms are crushing me,” I said loudly into the deep cavity between his monstrous pecs – I could have sworn there was an echo. “Oh, sorry, little man,” Mr. Dennis said, lessening the iron grip he had on my body, “it barely registered that I was squeezing at all. It’s going to take me a while to get used to all of this muscle and strength. You’re just so light and small, like a small child or a doll.” “That’s okay, we have all the time in the world. I’m just glad I can breathe, now.” “I still don’t believe it’s me when I look in the mirror. Less than twelve hours ago I was this older man with a sagging, good-for-my-age body and now look at me. It’s quite a new me. “Tell me about the change,” I said, tilting my head back and trying to see his face over the massive pecs, thankful that he brought his head forward so we could look into each other’s eyes. “It was orgasmic, Thomas. You would have loved it. I was taking a nap and suddenly the room got very cold – like I’d been suddenly shoved into some large freezer. I woke up and realized it was my own body that was freezing. I didn’t understand what was going on, but I also couldn’t move. Every part of me felt like cold stone and wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I tried. Then, without warning, different parts of my body started to pop bigger and bigger and bigger. It was like I was made up of hundreds of kernels of popcorn – that kept on popping bigger even after the initial pop. With each growth blast, I received a pleasurable jolt to my crotch. Within a minute I couldn’t see over my now massively protruding chest. It was also the moment I figured out you had done this to me. The conversation last night at dinner, the fact that I never pass out from drinking but I did with you, and the baffling disappointment you displayed this morning suddenly all made sense. You had chosen to play Dr. Frankenstein with my body. Even if I had wanted to be angry with you, every time my cock received a glorious pump of bliss and I grew freaky huge I began to realize I was going to love the changes when they were finished. That led to me just laying back and enjoying the show and how it made me feel.” “Damn, I wish I could have been here to see that.” “Yeah, like I said, you would have loved it. Seeing this old man body swelling up to monster size with each pop. I watched as my arms bulged with each spasm until they were bigger than softballs, then bowling balls, and then finally the humongous mounds smothering your body right now. And talk about veins! My arms are covered with rope-sized, blood pumping strips that look powerful all by themselves. Feeling my abs pop out in stone-like rows was pretty awesome, too. I couldn’t see them change, because of my massive pecs, but I could feel it. My stomach tightened and then started to have little explosions as muscle became harder than stone. I was able to move my mammoth arms by then so I alternated from pinching the hell out of my enormous nipples, flexing the big guns for my own enjoyment, and raising my upper body so I could watch my legs pop out to their new magnificent size. And then my cock started to grow. First, I got a hard-on that felt like steel and then the thing started to pulse bigger each time my heart beat. I watched with utter joy as I went from nice dong, to king dong, to a fucking-no-way-that’s-ever-fitting-in-a guy’s-mouth dong. It’s now bigger than my old arms. That thing could cause some major damage and I can’t wait to try it out. Hey, I don’t remember you being so small, Thomas. My biceps are about three times bigger than your head. “I’m not small, you just turned into something akin to a grampa Hulk on steroids. I feel like someone has built a stone fortress around my body.” “I’m thicker and more powerful than mere stones, boy. When I was done growing I knew I needed to test this body’s strength and I knew just how to do it. In the basement, I had an oven-sized old bank vault cemented into the wall, years ago. I misplaced the damn combination and have never been able to get in the thing since. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to walk with quads bigger than wine barrels, but then I started doing that bodybuilder waddle, rocking side to side, and was able to make it downstairs. I knew it would be too easy and over too quickly if I just ripped the door off the fucking thing, and I wanted to have more fun than that. I rammed my fist through the solid concrete wall on both sides of the safe. I kept pounding away until I could reach my big arms through the holes and grab hold of the thing at its back. I then pulled and wrenched the entire box out of the concrete, taking out half the wall at the same time. I was holding this vault - that had taken six men to lift into the wall - as easily as I’m holding you right now. It wasn’t until the aroma hit me like a freight train that I realized I had shot a big load as I freed the safe from its resting place deep in dense concrete. I then just let my gargantuan arms start to squeeze solid steel. My immense biceps dented in the side of the safe pretty quickly – the thing wasn’t able to withstand me just flexing my guns. Then I squeezed harder and the safe just exploded open. It was like I had stuck some dynamite in the thing. The back blew off, the sides squashed in, and my pecs smashed the front of the thing so hard you could see where one of my nipples easily popped through the steel. I tossed the destroyed thing on the floor and looking inside I suddenly remembered I had never put anything in it. That didn’t matter, though, I had only wanted to destroy the thing. “Mr. Dennis, you’re gonna have to be quiet for a little while. My poor body can’t handle seeing your changes, being held by your titanic arms, and hearing this story at the same time. I’m going to explode.” “First of all, Thomas, you don’t tell me what to do,” Mr. Dennis said, teasingly – sort of. “I’m way too massive to be taking orders from someone as small as you. Just look at this arm and you’ll see what I mean. And secondly, you better get used to spewing all the time, cause I’m going to manhandle you any way I like and you’re going to have to watch and hear about my feats of strength all the time now, son. This is all your own fault, so you’ve got to live with the consequences. Dr. Frankenstein’s morphed gramps is in charge now and you’re just my little plaything.” The elder man’s face was beaming. It was quite clear that he meant every word he was saying, even if it was said with a twinkle in his eye. And he was quite right. It was time for me to alter my perception of reality to include a mentor, coach, and daddy that was super huge, super strong, super hung, and super ready to make me bend to his wishes. No regrets was now to be my new motto – not when it came to Mr. Dennis. He squeezed his immense biceps into my small body – teasing, but also making it very uncomfortable for me. “Understand, sport?” “Yes sir, Mr. Dennis.” “That’s a good boy. Do what your super muscle daddy says and you’ll be fine. You’ll be more than fine.”
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    I woke up and sat up on the mattress in my spare bedroom, where I'd been relegated to sleep by my big muscleheaded younger cousin Eddie. It was just getting light outside, and I had to be at work early, so I got up and took a quick shower. After I was done, I realized that all my clothes were in my old room. I went down the hallway and went into the room. Eddie had left the windows open, so it was light enough to see him sprawled out on my bed. He was laying on his back, and only half covered by the bed sheet. He was breathing in and out deeply, and I could see his huge chest swelling up and down. One of his legs stuck out of the sheets and hung down over the edge of the bed like a fallen tree trunk. Only this tree trunk had thick veins that I could see even thru the dim light of dawn. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some socks and underwear. As I put them on, I noticed a big pup tent in the middle of the sheet, where it covered Eddie's morning wood hardon. It stuck straight up like a flag pole, and looked the size of one of those souvenir baseball bats they give out at stadiums on bat day. Figures the big ox would be hung like that. The whole room even smelled like him...scent of big dumb jock mixing with the fresh air from outside. It was making me whoosy. I went over to my closet and pulled out pants and shirt. As I put on a belt, I watched Eddie in my bed. The light had grown brighter and I could see just how massive he was. He practically filled the whole double bed with his big frame. I wanted more than anything to go pull the sheet off him. But I had to get to work. Had to get to work. I picked up a pair of shoes, and carried them out of the bedroom with me. As I stepped into the hallway, I heard Eddie grunt and stir a bit. I looked back and saw his hand go under the sheet and start to stroke himself. "Aw yeh, so huge, so huge," he mumbled to himself in his sleep. I tiptoed down the stairs and into the kitchen. I could barely think straight. I almost forgot to put water in the coffee maker before I turned it on. I could hear my bedsprings creaking upstairs as Eddie pounded himself harder. I could hear him groaning and grunting. I hoped the coffee maker would drown out the sounds but it didn't. I dug around for something to eat, and because of Eddie's purge of my kitchen last night, I could only find a stale FiberOne bar. I choked it down as I listened to him growl out "fuckk yeahhh, oh fuckk yeahhh." I was surprised my bed didn't collapse under his bucking superheavy weight frame. He must have been awake by now, because he just kept going on and on. It sounded like a porn movie was being filmed up there. The thought of Eddie pounding a porn star into oblivion with his 350-some pounds of muscle was making me crazy. Then I noticed my old shirt laying on the floor. The shirt that Eddie had flexed out of last night, shredding it into ribbons, as if the silk fabric was made of paper toweling. I picked it up and smelled it. It reeked of his musk. I felt like a perve, getting off on breathing in my cousin's scent, but it was so good. I had to lean against the kitchen counter to keep my balance. Then I saw the cookie sheet that he had dented out with his muscleball gut. I put my hand on the rounded metal and felt the hardness of it, all lumpy like a kettle drum. I rubbed it and thought of Eddie's hard stomach. From upstairs, his grunting had become deeper and more rhythmic, like a rutting ox. I could hear the headboard pounding into the wall. I leaned against the counter's edge and realized that I was rock hard in my dress pants. I went into the half bathroom off the kitchen, whipped out my dick and starting jerking off. As I heard Eddie growling in ecstasy, I pushed my dick down and shot into the toilet. Cum went all over the seat and the back of the toilet. I wiped off the seat with my ripped up shirt that I was still holding, then I tossed it into the wastebasket. I composed myself a little bit, then shoved my dick back in my pants and washed my hands. As I came out of the bathroom, I heard Eddie coming down the steps. He reached the bottom, and we saw each other. All he had on was a pair of faded briefs with a Superman logo on the front, his dick still swollen and stuffed inside like a club. He was so massive. And while he still had a rounded roidgut, it had definitely flattened out some since last nights gorging of food. His huge shoulders almost touched both sides of the hallway. "Morning, Cuz," he said, rubbing his big hand all over his huge chest. His pecs glistened with his own jiz. He moved his hand down and spread some on his gut ridges. His bed head hair was tossled in every direction. "Had a huge wet dream, man," he said, yawning. " I made a mess of the sheets upstairs. You're gonna have to change them. And I hit the wall behind your bed pretty good too. You're gonna want to wipe that down." "Eddie," I said, "I have to go to work. I'm late as it is." "Yeh, and I can see why," he said, nodding at the small wet spot on my pants from my still-leaking cock. "Shit..." Eddie laughed. "Hey, you got any money for food. I'm starving." I pulled out my wallet and handed him a 20 dollar bill. He looked at it, then looked back at me like I was a complete dipshit. "Dude, that's not gonna cut it for what I'm gonna eat today." "Geezus, Eddie," I said, but I pulled a credit card out of my wallet and handed it to him. Part of me resented paying for his food. The other part of me wanted to see him grow even bigger. "Yeah, that's more like it," he said, sticking the card in his waistband, right above the "S" in his briefs. "Sure you don't want to stick around and watch me stuff this muscle again?" Then he bounced his pecs at me. It was an unbelievable sight. His big chest thickened and rolled, up and down. He had complete muscle control over the huge mounds. His chest must have measured 62" cold. "I have to go," I said, heading towards the kitchen. Eddie put his big arm across the doorway, blocking my way. "Make my bed first," he said. "I'll make it when I get home tonight," I said. I tried to duck under his arm, but he lowered it. He put his hand on the doorframe and I saw his ropey forearm muscles ripple and heard the wooden frame crackle a little from his grip. "Make it now, Cuz. I might wanna nap later, and I hate crusty sheets." We looked at each other eye to eye. "I'll do it this one time," I said, and, mustering some courage, poked him in the middle of his chest with my index finger, "but only because I'm going to change my pants, too." I poked him again, partially to make a point, but mostly to feel how hard his chest was. And it was hard as Corian countertop. Eddie looked down at my finger, then grabbed hold of it with his hand. He moved my finger over to the nipple of his left pec and rubbed it on the big nub that jutted out like an oversized pencil eraser. It was so firm that my finger barely made it move. "You like that, Cuz?" he asked me. When I didn't answer, he got a big smile on his face. "You know I'm just busting you about making the bed. You take things too serious, Jackie. Besides, what was I gonna do, beat the crap outta you? I only outweigh you by about 150lbs." Then he let go of my finger and flexed his right arm. A massive triceps ballooned underneath his rising upper arm. An arm that must have measured 23". He saw the look on my face and laughed. "You better get to work, little dude, before I change my mind." I squeezed myself between the doorway and my musclebound younger cousin. I went out to my car and got inside. I started the car, and looked in the rearview mirror. My face was wet with sweat, and I realized my shirt was already soaked thru, too. I turned the air on high, and sat there for a second before I pulled out, hoping that once I got to work, I could get my mind off Eddie for a few hours. On the drive downtown, I called my sister. She sounded concerned when she answered her phone, since I almost never called her this early. "Jack?" she asked cautiously. "Sis," I said, "I don't know what I'm going to do about Eddie." "What?" she said. "Why, what happened? He's only been there one day." "Yeh, well, he's already eating me out of house and home," I hedged. "Good lord, Jack. Give the kid some time to find a job. I'm sure it'll be fine." "And he already made me move out of my own bedroom," I added weakly. "He did what? You let him........" "More or less. He sort of broke the bed in my spare room. Speaking of which, how is it that the kid is so goddam huge? No one in our family looks like that, and Uncle Ed was such a little guy." There was silence at the other end of the line, until my sister finally said, "Jack, you do know that Eddie was adopted?" "He was what??" "Adopted. I thought you knew that." "No, I can't say that I did." Then I said, "Where'd they get him from, Chernobyl?" That would explain the mutant genetics for freak muscle. "I'm not sure exactly, but I do remember them going to Russia to get him." OK, so maybe not mutant, but I'd seen some of those massive eastern European bodybuilders. No wonder he was so big. "This doesn't mean you won't let him stay?" asked my sister. "No, no, not at all." Maybe even the opposite. "That is unless he crushes the rest of my furniture." My sister laughed. "Go to work, Jack." she said, and we got off the phone. I got to work alright, but spent most of the day thinking about my finger rubbing across my massive adopted cousin's huge chest and hard nip. And the size of his arms. And the veins in his quads and calves. His sheer size It was all I could do to sign into my computer or take a phone call. At lunchtime, I went to the employee cafeteria. I sat at an empty table where someone had left a copy of the newspaper. I started leafing through it absentmindedly. Toward the end of the paper, I came across an ad for open auditions for anyone interested in becoming a pro wrestler. The Fastest Growing Pro League in the Country, it said, was looking for fresh talent. Anyone could come down and try out, and would even get a chance to meet Vinny the Viking, one of their best wrestlers. The tryouts were that night, at a high school gymnasium that was about two miles from my house. What a perfect job for a massive cocky musclehead like Eddie, especially with his background in wrestling, powerlifting and bodybuilding. And he'd have to travel a lot, so he wouldn't be around my house taunting me with his muscle. I could barely wait to get home to see if he'd want to try out. I tried calling, but he didn't answer, and I didn't have his cell number. I went back to my office after lunch, but by three o'clock, I couldn't take it, so I ducked out and headed home. As I pulled in, I saw Eddie's truck in the driveway. His two back tires were flat. That seemed weird. I went in through the kitchen door, I saw the counters covered with protein powders and mixes, and various other supplement bottles. Then I saw Eddie out the window in the backyard, which was filled with weightlifting equipment. I walked out onto the back deck. He was in his stringer tanktop and cargo shorts, doing deadlifts in the middle of the yard. It looked like the bar had four 100lbs plates on each side. When he was done with his set, he dropped the bar down, and the plates sank about six inches into my grass. "Hey," I yelled from the deck. When he looked up at me, I said, "Where'd all this stuff come from?" There were benches and plates all over the place. There was even a rack of dumbbells that looked like they started at 60lbs. Eddie waddled over to me. "I got it today. Cool, huh?" "How did it get here?" "I put a lot of it in my truck, but ruined my back tires. I had them deliver the rest." "How did you pay for it?" I asked, sensing the answer. "I used that credit card you gave me. You might now wanna use it for awhile, I had to pay extra to get same day delivery. Plus, I had to buy you a new scale. I crushed the one you had. Besides, it only went up to 330." I was feeling lightheaded, so I put my hand on the railing of the deck. I can't say that I was surprised that he didn't ask me to use my card, but it still pissed me off. Plus, it was about 95 degrees outside. On top of that, Eddie was standing in the yard, which was three steps down from the deck, so I was seeing him from a new angle. Was it possible that he was bigger than he was yesterday? Eddie's traps were so huge, I could barely take my eyes off them. I don't think I'd ever seen veiny traps before. Eddie noticed me looking and he rolled his shoulders up. "Some pump I got going, huh Cuz? Been working on it since noon." "Eddie, it's 3 o'clock," I said, staring at him in awe. "Yeah, I love a good 3 hour workout. And, I'm using a new preworkout powder. Shit is kickass. That, and the peptides I injected. Makes me feel like I'm growing every minute." I wasn't exactly sure what he was talking about, but as he walked up onto the deck, I heard the steps creaking under his weight. After three hours of working out in the 95 degree heat, he looked liked he'd just stepped out of the shower. "Check it out," he said, stripping off his stringer. "I been doing deads for the last 45 minutes. I am stoked. I stepped back to take in the size of him. He was huge. He looked like Bane...the one from the Arkham Origins video game, not the little one from the Dark Knight movie. I was dizzier than ever. Then he hit a lat spread, jamming his fists into his waist and pressing in, making it look smaller, even as his back muscles opened up and widened. Now I could see why they were referred to as cobra hoods. His almost looked more like thick umbrellas, spreading out and out. I knew my mouth was hanging open, but I couldn't help it. "Wild, right? And I feel so fucking strong, like I need to crush something. But check out my hamstrings, man. When I do deads, they pop out like ship rope." With that, he unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles, then kicked them off. He had on a pair of bikini briefs. He turned around and bent over, grabbing his ankles with his hands. "Look at those hammies, Cuz." His thick hamstring muscles popped out like they were in high def. His massive glutes were rounding out and striated, and practically swallowed up the backside of his tiny briefs. His big calves bulged out and pressed together in the middle, making them swell out at me even more. "Touch these hamstrings, Jackie, you won't believe how hard they are." The next thing I remember was waking up on a chair on the deck. Eddie was kneeling down in front of me. "You okay, Cuz?" "What happened?" I asked. "You blacked out a little. Went down pretty fast. Scared me a little. Must be the heat. Here, drink this." He handed me a bottle of water. His face was only a few inches from mine. I noticed that his ears were slightly cauliflowered from his years of wrestling. I wondered what it'd be like to gnaw on them, feel the gristle of the damaged cartilage against my teeth. Then I noticed how thick his neck was...wider than his head...from all those years of doing bridges for wrestling practice. I took another drink of water, and said, "Hey, that reminds me." I pulled the ad out of my pocket that I'd ripped out of the paper at work, and handed it to Eddie. "What's this?" he asked. "Read it and tell me what you think." He stood up and towered over me as he read it. He stank from his workout, such a virile, funky stank that it gave me goosebumps, despite the heat. "Dude," he said. "when is this?" "Tonight." "Oh, yeah. That's perfect, man. I been aching to mess some losers up. You're taking me, Cuz. I wanna show you what this muscle can do." The thought of it made both of us start to chub up.
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    Definitely have more planned for Brian and his "growing pains". I have another story that I need to finish first before I get back to this series though. Also, thanks for all the feedback. You guys are what keeps all this going
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    Here's a sweet little supernatural romance story about a literal spiritual battle that takes place at a hospital. https://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/beginnings/guardian-angel.html
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    Ese fin de semana hago programas pero nunca me lo encuentro a Toto. Fue muy extraño lo que pasó el viernes a la tarde y poco a poco empiezo a sentir que ni siquiera pasó, que imaginé todo. Llega el domingo y después de almorzar me llega un mensaje de Toto. - Te fuiste sin avisar el viernes pendejo. No era que te gustaban los musculos? Si no querés que te cague a trompadas vení a las tres de la tarde a la playa. Si no te veo vas a tener que tener cuidado en el colegio.- Leí esto y me asusté. Miré el reloj y todavía me quedaban 15 minutos para llegar a la playa. Por suerte vivía cerca, así que me apuré y me dirigí ahí. Llego y la playa estaba vacía por suerte. Lo busco a Toto y no lo encuentro por ninguna parte. Decido sentarme y esperarlo. Con el sol sobre mi cabeza me adormezco y me quedo dormido. Abro los ojos y esta todo oscuro. Siento que me falta el aire. Estoy apretado y muy caluroso. Levanto la cabeza y me choco con unos pelos chivados. Muevo mis brazos y siento una carne, fibrosa, musculos. Toto. -JA JA putito te levantaste!- tras decir eso se levanta y puedo observar que el mamut estaba tirado encima mío en cuero, y mi cara había quedado debajo de su enorme agujero axilar. Yo sigo acostado y el gugante se levanta. Está usando solamente un traje de baño azul que no deja nada a la imaginación. Los huevos y la pija enormes se notan, y sus dos tetas y panza lo hacen colosal. - jaja Toto eso te queda pintado!- -Y mirá que no viste este culote todavía.- se da media vuelta y sus dos nalgas inmensas ocupan toda mi visión. Tiene el culo más jugoso del mundo. Me siento y se me para la pija. A pesar del tamaño se nota a través del traje de baño y Toto se da cuenta. -Mirá que tenemos acá! El amiguito del maní quiere jugar! JA JA. Te voy a aplastar puto.- muy lentamente veo como Toto con sus doscientos kilos de musculo y grasa instala su culote sobre mi ingle.
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    Los dos gigantes empiezan a chapar y cada tanto me miran de reojo. Yo solo observo las moles hacerse de todo. Estan completamente desnudos y yo tambien. Sus cuerpos me intimidan. Sentado en la cama tan solo llego a la altura de sus vergas. Se abrazan y tras un ultimo chape me dicen: - putito! Levantate! No seas maricon ni que el pedo haya sido tan fuerte! JA JA. Abro los ojos y lo veo al viejo de Toto mirandome desde sus dos metros de altura, todavia en calzones. Busco a Toto, pero no esta por ninguna parte. Me doy cuenta que sigo cambiado. ¿Habra sido un sueño? - Qué pasó?- pregunte desconcertado. Lucho me dijo que me estuvo mostrando un poco de su cuerpo, y que después del pedo me desmayé. -Perdon putito, pasa que hoy comi tacos y me pegaron pal carajo. Esta panza y este culote son capaces de todo.- se acaricio las partes nombradas y se sento en la cama. Me levante del piso y me sente al lado de el. La cama se inclinaba hacia su cuerpo debido al peso y me deslice hasta estar tocandolo. Mi cabeza no llegaba ni a sus hombros. Aun asi, acoste mi cabeza contra su brazote calido. -Tanto te gusta el tamaño enano? Que es lo que mas te gusta de mi? Mi verga? O mis musculos? O mi cara masculina?- -todo...- balbucee. -JA JA JA- me dio una palmada y me tiro de la cama. -Perdon chiquitin, no mido mi fuerza con los maníes. Veni sentate aca, mas comodo.- me subio a sus gamba derecha, donde me sobraba mucho espacio, y me recoste contra su panza. Si miraba hacia arriba solo veia sus tetonas. -Que estabas soñando cuando te desmayaste?- su voz grave me daba cosquilleos. Le conte mi sueño, de como aparecia desnudo y los observaba a el y a Toto chapar, apretarse y estar a punto de hacerlo. -JA JA JA, que sueño raro.- empece a sentir que algo se levantaba debajo mio. -Chiquito dejame que te bajo que tengo que ir al baño a echarme un cago. Si queres despues te lo muestro. Anda con tu amigote ahora que por falta de diversion se debe estar pajeando. JA JA, o morfando el gordo ese.- Me levanta de su piernota y me deja en el piso, esta vez parado y se levanta de la cama. Puedo ver su ereccion debido al tamaño inescondible, aun asi la tratade disimular poniendo su mano delante de la ingle. Antes de irme a buscar a Toto veo como su culote sube y baja mientras se dirige al baño. Salgo del cuarto y cierro la puerta no sin antes escuchar unos ruidos guturales provenientes del baño. Miro mi reloj y ya son casi las 12 de la noche. Hoy salia con mis amigos! Busco mi mochila a las apuradas, y no me da el tiempo para despedir a Toto. Salgo de la casa en direccion a la mia, y me olvido de lo que sucedio hace unas horas.
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    Ok, I know some of y'all are waiting for the aftermath of elliot chasing DeMarcus and Jacqui, and to see what Grayson is about to do in the alleyway, and how ethan really got his powers, BUT, one of my top 5 favorite Nsfw muscle artists, Sinewypendels, just released a new artwork AND. I. JUST. CANT. STOP. THINKING. ABOUT. IT. I've had a boner for 12 hours now. I just had to make a story about it. Invert walked outside to a canyon or wasteland, or wherever the fuck he went to release some tension. He didn't cum for about 2 months, and for whatever race him and his family was, it's like he never nutted at all, IN HIS LIFE. he passed no nut November but that was a big mistake. His brother vesmir took part in nonstop nut november and he came EVERYWHERE. He was nicknamed "Mt Ves-uvius" he was a literal cum volcano with a 4ft cock. 4FT COCK! He was cumming holes in concrete walls. Yes you heard that right. He was cumming so hard, he was putting holes in concrete walls. Invert had a 7FT COCK. Only god knows the kind of damage Invert can do when he cums. Invert picked a spot and braced himself. He put the band of his short and tucked it under his swollen, veiny, balls. They were so fucking vascular. And his soft 2ft dick started to grow. Waves of pleasure shot through all out Inverts body. He clenched his fists and bent his arm downwards. When his dick finally grew to 7ft, his arches his back. All his muscles grew as big as he could flex. And his dick, OMG his dick, his 7ft dick was so fucking swollen and veiny, his dick was a muscle itself. His dick stood at attention for 3 mins before the laser shot out. "I'm gonna fucking..." Invert says while he slightly buck his hips for 2 more mins before he finally... "CUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!"
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    Chapter 6: David Scott Matt was coming down from his high, and felt possibly even more shame than usual; he thought he saw someone just around the corner as he was jacking off, but because the beast inside (as he called it when he masturbated as he seemed to lose control every time) had taken over, he didn't care. In fact, the beast rather liked the idea of someone watching, and even had fun deciding if it was hotter if they were terrified or in awe. Matt on the other hand, now in his right mind, was still as big as a building and did not want to be. He sighed, and decided to maneuver his bulk that was still tight in between two buildings to grab his pants he'd nearly destroyed. In his hand they looked like they belonged to a Ken doll. He carefully poked his finger in one of the pockets but it was slightly too big. He rolled his eyes in exasperation and turned the pants upside down, shaking it over his palm. Out came his wallet, keys, and cell phone that looked ludicrously small in his huge palm. He pinched the tiny electronic device with his hand with the pants, which were now balled in the folds of his palm, and squinted at the tiny screen that was dark, but thankfully he'd set up his phone to turn on if it made contact for several seconds. But now the problem was activating the voice control, which was just an app on the home screen. Sure, it was the largest icon, but he was fifty feet big, so he had to strike his finger with precision. Thankfully it opened, and he sighed with relief. “CALL CLYDE,” boomed his tired voice, and the cell phone did so. Gerald stumbled through the crowd of beautiful shirtless men who normally he would stare at, but nothing could compare to what he'd just witnessed. His legs were weak after cumming harder than he ever had before, and he felt a bit like a pinball bouncing and bumping into people. It wasn't long before he found Clyde at one of the picnic tables set up in front of a bunch of food trucks. He was talking on his phone with someone, nodding along fervently. "Okay. See you soon. Love you too. Bye." He hung up and looked at Gerald sit down. "That was Dad," he started. "He's going to have a little difficulty getting smaller, so he's going to clean up and go meet with fans. Told him we'd meet up with him in a bit." "Cool, I'll just go get some food first," Gerald said, joining the lines. He looked back at Clyde, who was the polar opposite of his hunky dad: so skinny even Small shirts seemed to be tents on him, short enough to look Gerald in the chest, and his personality was so uneasy, probably from being overshadowed literally by his father for his whole life. He may be an adult, but he was no man. And yet Gerald's mind wandered to a possibility: Matt was 18 when his power manifested, and so is Clyde. The difference is Matt had sex to make his happen - was Clyde a virgin, or did he need to have sex again as an 18 year old? As Gerald ordered, he hatched a scheme that in the span of seconds became his purpose in life: Matt was unlikely to take another partner as Erika was everything to him and now Clyde was, so Gerald would not only become great friends with Clyde, but he would make sure he had sex to realize his full potential. And as Gerald brought his food back to the weakling of a man waiting for him, he hoped he could also awaken gay feelings in Clyde so he could be the boyfriend of the second Giant. "I'm really sorry, guys," Matt said in shame, his head hanging low as five firemen sprayed the dried cum off of his massive body with a fire hose down below. The lead firefighter turned off the nozzle and yelled, "It's really no problem. Not like we haven't seen naked men before." The other firemen nodded knowingly, and the lead continued, "On that, could you run a hand along your abs to make sure we got it all? And uh...we need to get at your privates." Matt's hands had been doing their best to cover his schlong, but semi-erect it was about ten feet so his hands could only cover so much. He sheepishly removed his hands and ran them up his wet bricks of abs, and as he did so the third fireman back blushed and adjusted his stance. The lead turned the water on again, and they aimed it directly at the hairs, going back and forth. Matt didn't know what to do with his hands, so he placed them on his hips then crossed them across his chest, and in doing so the third fireman was teetering on his feet. The one behind him kneed him in the back and shouted, "Get it together!" Once satisfied with the pubes, the lead redirected to the shaft, which twitched, and Matt concentrated on thinking of anything else as these nice men didn't need to be sprayed back. In truth, it felt like a water gun with constant flow to him, so not bad, but as men know, those things are sensitive. Once the water was off, Matt ran a hand all over his groin and then gave a thumbs up. The firemen dropped the hose and took up a towel that would cover a swimming pool from their truck, which Matt bent down and thanked them for. He rubbed the excess off of himself and threw the towel aside. "We only brought your 20 footer and 100 footer," shouted the lead fireman. "Since you can't shrink, you'll need to grow again." Matt nodded and told them to stand back. He grabbed the black cloth they'd dragged out of their truck, and set his feet in the leg holes of the shorts, bringing them up to his waist. They fell beneath his knees and he looked like he was in a commercial for weight loss as he could probably fit another man his size in the waist as he held it out in front of him. With the firemen a safe distance away, he shot up, gaining several feet a second, and in moments the shorts were snug against his glutes and his waist and barely reached halfway down his thick thighs. He squatted down to test the fabric as one would do when buying new clothes, stretching out the red number 100 on his thigh, and stood back up with a thumbs up. The firemen packed everything back into the truck with Matt waiting for them to go so he didn't accidentally step on them - they hardly passed his ankles and the truck was barely a third up his calf. The driver did a series of three-point turns in they alleyway even though he should have just backed up the way they came. "GUYS," started Matt, crouching down. "DO YOU WANT A QUICK RIDE?" After a moment, he saw four hands protrude from the windows with thumbs up, and he nodded. He shoved his hands under the truck and lifted it to his chest, and considered his options out. There was the alley between the buildings where he and the fire truck had come through, but the only other option would be stepping over the buildings, which would mean taking off his shorts again and growing even more. His whole upper body cleared the roofs just fine, but his big ass turned on its side would have trouble squeezing between the two buildings. It was the best option though, so he took one step to get to the buildings, turned his body to the side, and wedged his butt and crotch in the tiny opening, praying he wouldn't cause damage. Thankfully they were brick and didn't sound or feel like they were giving way, so he swept his massive left thigh to the left and slid, scraping his butt and crotch on either building. He looked down at the truck in his hands that were feet above the building in front of his crotch and shrugged apologetically, and after a few more slides his ass popped out the other side and seemed to re-expand in all its firm glory. He set the truck down to face the police barrier at the end of the street, saluted in thanks, and thundered toward the crowd. Clyde and Gerald just finished eating when they felt a familiar rhythmic rumbling in the ground, and they looked around for the Giant. Clyde pulled out a pamphlet he got for the day's events and pointed to a street not far from where they were. "Dad's probably here," he said simply. "Since this event is for him, and his whole thing is being humongous, the police blocked off streets so he could move without causing damage. Should be here in a minute." On cue, the 100 foot Matt Hahn's torso turned onto the far end of the street they were on, and he bent over, peering at the crowd, obviously looking for Clyde. "Come on, let's make this easier for him," Clyde said jumping up. Gerald looked up at Matt, who was blushing and waving at the tiny people beneath him. "Although…" Just as Clyde was starting his thought, Matt spoke up softly. "HEY FOLKS, HAVE YOU SEEN MY SON AND HIS FRIEND?" It was Clyde's turn to blush as dozens of people turned to point in his direction. Even though he was probably ten blocks away from the blocked off street, Matt looked up and scanned for a second, then smiled and said, "THANKS." Matt stood back up and the two made their way down a clearing path through the street, with the huge eyes locked on them the entire time. It was like the two were little more than babies playing under the watchful eyes of their dad, only the dad was gigantic. They finally got to the barrier and Matt crouched down. "Banana?" Clyde yelled at his dad, who nodded. Gerald assumed after a lifetime of being different, the two had a sort of code they used, and "banana" had to be the experience Matt had of not being able to come down after his own "banana" was stroked. Cute. Matt glanced at a nearby clocktower and said, "I'M EXPECTED TO BE IN THE CITY SQUARE IN ABOUT A HALF HOUR. WANT TO GO WITH ME AND JUST HANG OUT THERE?" Clyde and Gerald nodded and he carefully placed his palm down so they could clamor on. As they were about to clamor on, Gerald held Clyde back. "What's up?" he asked, concerned. With a glance up at the Giant looking down at them, Gerald replied, "We just ate, and I think I may get sick on this ride. The city center isn't too far from here - let's just walk off the food." Gerald thought he saw a quick genuine smile from Clyde, who nodded and turned to his dad. "Dad, changed our minds. We'll meet you there." Matt's eyes widened and he simply said, "OH...OKAY." He stood up to his terrifying height and took measured rumbling steps away. The two began making their way through the crowd and side streets and Clyde said, "I actually prefer walking, I just know Dad likes hanging out with me. He's a little clingy," he said with a chuckle. "But honestly, every time he carries me, it intensifies my feeling of being emasculated." Good, he's opening up, Gerald thought. This will be easy. "You've got your own great qualities too you know. Very easy-going and funny. Plus you're handsome, muscles or not." Clyde gave him a true smile then and said, "Thanks for saying that. But it's really hard not to be overshadowed by your literal giant father." "Sure, but as you said, you are your dad's world. He was ready to tear a city apart just to hold you. So if there's a hierarchy of who the world should look up to, I think I'm more in awe of who the Giant admires." The two walked in silence for the next few minutes, each letting the conversation sink in. Gerald patted himself on the back for flattering Clyde, thinking he was certain to have planted a seed in Clyde’s mind for the position of being best friend...or more. It didn’t take them long to find the city square - all they had to do was follow the rumbling and the giant head above the buildings. When they came to the clearing of the plaza, they saw Matt was positioned right behind a stage of half-naked men competing in a city bodybuilding competition. It looked like they were finishing up, since there were only six up there and the other buff men were milling about. Upon seeing them, Matt waved, but blushed immediately, and Gerald quickly saw why: it was hard for a Giant to do anything discreetly, so about a hundred faces turned to see who just arrived. Clyde blushed just like his dad and nervously waved at the crowd, and quietly muttered, “Dad’s such a goober.” The two took seats in the back of the chairs that were set up facing the stage, and watched for a few minutes as the men posed their beautiful bodies. “Did your dad ever compete?” Gerald began, thinking he’d keep at his plan while he watched beautiful muscles. “Nah, for one thing, he’s never really been comfortable with his body. And he only was this way nine months before the government found out about him...apparently he just worked a lot of odd jobs while Mom was pregnant.” “I’m sorry you never knew your mom,” Gerald said. Clyde coughed and replied, “I do wish I’d known her. Dad says she was amazing. Funny, smart, beautiful...and most of all, understanding. I think she…” he trailed off, but Gerald sensed a deep feeling about to be voiced. He needed to hear it. “What do you think?” Gerald encouraged. Clyde took in a deep breath and glanced up at his dad, who was watching and obviously trying not to look bored as he looked at the men posing beneath him. “I think she would have been really helpful to have around growing up. It wasn’t until I was a pre-teen I really was around Dad as much as I am now, and that was kind of an awkward time to really get to know him. Going through puberty was disheartening around a giant muscle man, but…” He glanced up at his dad again. “I think it was even worse realizing I was gay.” He turned to Gerald expectantly, who held a firm nonchalant expression on the outside, but inside had a burning sense of accomplishment and hope. “I’ve never told anyone that, not even Dad. I’m so scared what he’d think.” “Oh come on, your dad loves you.” “Would he accept me if he thought I got off thinking about him?” “Do you?” Gerald asked, genuinely curious, and not sure what to think if Clyde answered a certain way. Thankfully, Clyde replied, “No. I think he’s handsome, but I’m not into muscles. Plus, I think it’s either upbringing or genetics that sort of stamps out incestuous feelings.” People began clapping all of a sudden, and the two noticed that the final rankings were being announced. As each man’s placing was announced, they accepted their medal then turned to shake Matt’s finger. Just beyond the stage, Clyde noticed a familiar face that was clapping along with everyone else and smiling. He tugged on Gerald’s arm and said, “Hey, it’s Mr. Scott! He wrote Dad’s biography!” Gerald nodded, a little bit annoyed that his enchantment over Clyde was fading and they were returning to the real world. They sat back down and listened to the closing statements for the competition, and it was announced it’d be followed by a book signing by David Scott. He took up the mic and said, “One more round of applause for these talented young men!” After the applause died down, he started again, “Hey all, I’m David Scott. Matt’s invited me here today for a Q&A about The Normal Life and then I’ll be hanging around for a bit in case you want books signed by me or him. But, before we begin, let me maybe try to clear up some of the questions you might have by telling you the story of how we met.” He looked up at Matt, who was squatting down just behind the stage, and who slapped his face in shame. “Oh come on, Matt, it wasn’t that bad.” With that, David started his story. FLASHBACK David casually unboxed the new shipment of supplements and placed whey proteins of all flavors on the shelves, only vaguely paying attention to the entrance. He worked in a vitamin store in the mall, which didn't tend to be a common place for people who needed supplements to go, at least in his experience, so he spent much of his days behind the counter writing stories on a legal pad behind the counter. As long as the shelves were stocked and he helped every customer that walked in, the owner didn't care what he did. Being a sophomore in college, this was an ideal gig, getting money and having time to do homework at the same time. His friends all got free food from their restaurant jobs or some lucky ones were even interning and getting better benefits, but David was fairly content with his discounts on supplements, as he was one to go to the gym fairly regularly. It only kind of showed underneath his red polo shirt and black slacks that he wasn't a stranger to working out; he was wiry, but nothing to write home about in his opinion. Sometimes muscular men would come in the store and go right for what they needed, and if David asked if they needed help, he'd inevitably get some variation of a look or scoff as if to say, "YOU help ME?" So he learned to just say hello and let him know if they have questions while positioning himself behind the counter in a way as to admire the musculature he didn't have himself. Being gay, working in a supplements store at all was probably the best perk for his raging hormones. As he opened another box, he heard two people chatting and enter the store. First he recognized the owner, whom was grinning ear to ear, and immediately behind him was a man a full head taller and nearly three times wider, which was saying something as the owner worked out a fair bit himself. David dropped the box to the ground and faced his boss in a questioning manner. "David, this is Matt," he said, using his arms to Vanna White the man behind him. He's a new hire, and I thought I'd put him on the same shift as you for the time being, so he can learn the ropes." David bravely extended his hand first, and was met with a warm, goofy smile he didn't ever expect from men who looked like this. His hand was crushed by Matt's grip, but he ignored the aching, entranced by his new coworker. "Nice to meet you, I'm David," was all he could think to say. The owner clapped his hands together and said, "Well! I had the whole morning lined up for interviews, but I didn't expect the first applicant would be perfect, so I need to make some phone calls. David, get him a very large shirt from the back, and Matt, jeans will be fine today, but please pick up some slacks for tomorrow. I'll be back in a bit to see how you're doing." He rushed out of the store excitedly, and Matt and David stared at each other for a moment awkwardly. "So...shirt?" Matt asked, rubbing his hands together nervously. David nodded and went to the back where they kept extra employee uniforms. The largest he found was 2XL, but he doubted even that was sufficient, and he kind of wondered how a supplements store whose aim was to make men large did not stock shirts for large men. He shrugged and came out to the store, where Matt was looking at the merchandise. David held up the shirt for him, and they shared a telepathic conversation of doubt about the shirt, but Matt took it and thanked him politely. "You can try it on in the back," David said helpfully. Matt sauntered to the back and shut the door, and David shook his head in disbelief. Shouldn't that man be competing in professional bodybuilding competitions, or personal training, or modeling? Maybe this was a side gig? Minutes later, the door opened, and David couldn't help but laugh at what he saw. He saw every single detail in Matt's torso: every abdominal muscle protruded, his obliques were well-defined, the sleeves kind of reached the tops of his triceps yet barely, and worst of all his pecs were so big there wasn't even a chance the buttons would fasten. Despite all of this, Matt had managed to get it on without tearing it, although his arms were stiff as if he knew one wrong motion and the whole thing would shred. Matt saw David trying his best to contain his laughter but failing and couldn't help but laugh himself. "I guess it's a little small…" Once he took hold of himself for the most part, David shifted his own shirt around to read the tag. "Ah, you seem to be in luck that the owner is a man of the 80s," David began, letting go of the tag. "The shirt's partly made of lycra." David slapped Matt on the shoulder, noting that it was essentially like slapping a rock with just the slightest bit of softness, and said, "Alright, I won't make you move too much, but lemme show you what we do here." Matt's shirt only lasted a couple of hours before even the lycra couldn't save him: he twisted to see a customer walk in and the shirt tore several inches down his back. At least he felt he could breathe now, he thought. The owner walked in eventually and actually apologized for the small shirt, and after making a phone call, confirmed another branch of the company that was nearby had a larger size, and asked that he go pick it up after work. Just after their relief came in, a college girl who didn't seem to have any reservations about eyeing Matt, Matt excused himself to the back and called Erika. "Hey, Erika, I'm still not going to be home for a while," he said apologetically. "I need to get my uniform at another store, and I don't know if the bus goes that way or not. Might have to walk it." David, having also walked in at this point, waited for what had to be newlyweds do their loving goodbye, and said, "Hey man, I know we just met, but if you need a ride to the other store, I can help. My car's not humongous, but you should still fit." Matt looked up hopefully. "I don't want to put you out. I'm sure you would rather do something else now that you're off." David shook his head. "Nah, it's fine, and you seem cool." "I still need to get some slacks in the mall though…" Matt said. David shrugged. "Okay, maybe I'll get some new ones too." They smiled at each other and got changed together into their normal clothes. David went out of his way to not look at Matt, even though he desperately wanted to. By that evening they had both gotten slacks (during which David thoroughly enjoyed Matt shoving his butt out for many of the pants and squatting while he asked if it made his butt look too big), got the new shirt (where it was no surprise the store had a larger shirt, as the man working when they got there looked to be probably 400 pounds of fat), and the two bought some take out as Matt invited David inside to eat with him and Erika. As he opened the door to their small one bedroom apartment, Matt slid in sideways being too wide for the door frame and yelled, "Erika! I brought a friend home!" "Matt, I said no pets...oh." Erika's eyes widened as she came out of the kitchen to see David. "Sorry, Matt's just been begging to have a cat, and we can barely afford to eat ourselves. Anyway, hi, I'm Erika." She smiled sweetly and extended her hand, which David took and introduced himself. "Well let's not hang out in the hallway, it's already cramped with just Matt in it." She walked into their small living room and landed on the couch. She had a slight belly that pressed against her blouse, but she was just the tiniest thing, especially sitting next to her husband whose bulk obscured David's view of her completely. As they settled on the couch and got started eating, David asked normal getting-to-know-you questions. "How long have you two been married?" Matt's mouth full of food, Erika replied behind his back and at David, "A few days. It'll be a week on Saturday." David's eyes widened. "Did you get a second job to save up for a honeymoon?" Matt looked over, confused. "Second job? That's my only one. At least right now, although I agree I should probably get another." At this, Erika slapped his bicep and said, "Hey, we'll see how this one goes, but we're going to be okay." David could see Matt swallow his argument with more food, probably not wanting to fight in front of a guest. "When you walked in, I was sure you were a professional trainer or competitive bodybuilder or something. And if you're not, you could be, and it'd pay better than at the store." Matt shifted uncomfortably. "I don't really know how to train others I guess. And I don't like the idea of posing in my underwear in front of hundreds of people." David had glanced around their place as he walked in, and he remembered the picture he saw of Matt and Erika hanging in the hall, except Matt was shorter than Erika and rail-thin. He said, "Hey, I saw that picture of you when you were smaller. You trained yourself to get big, so just teach others the same techniques." With this, Matt's eyes widened and Erika buried her face in her hands. "What?" David asked, seeing something wrong. "Was it something I said?" Erika quickly said, "No, no, you're fine. That was just when we were sixteen, and Matt doesn't like talking about the testosterone the doctor prescribed. You can see he was pretty small then." Matt looked over at her, and she surreptitiously elbowed him in the ribs. "Yeah, I uh, had a disorder and I got some help," he breathed. "Couldn't tell you how I did it though...oh shit." He stopped mid-thought and looked down at Erika with a knowing look. Her eyes widened, and he got up clutching his stomach. "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a little ill. Maybe just ate too much. Excuse me." He said it all quickly and stepped over their coffee table and raced to the bathroom. Erika looked over at David, who had finished eating, but was examining his food container, as if he could see bacteria or signs of food poisoning. "Matt's got a weak stomach. It's like a side effect of his doctor's treatments or something. He might be in there a while." "Oh, um, does he need anything? I can run out and get some medicine-" "Nah, he'll be okay." She prayed David would take the hint, and he did. "I guess I'll just head out then and let him rest. Just let him know he can call in sick tomorrow if he needs to." He and Erika got up and walked to the door. "Thanks, I'm sorry to cut this short, but I know he appreciates your help today." "No problem. It was nice to meet you." David said, walking out the door. As Erika closed the door behind him, he swore he heard some loud inhuman groan, and he felt bad for Matt's stomach. Inside, Erika wiped her forehead and walked to the bathroom and opened the door. The light was on, but it was mostly dark inside, as Matt's shoulders were pressing against both walls and the ceiling, blocking the light. His clothes hung around his muscles, shredded to rags, and he had his arms tucked closely into his midsection, trying to make himself smaller although his mass was pressing against the walls. His enormous member stuck out in front of Erika's face and she smiled weakly. "Close one," was all she said. Matt's eyes were watering and his face red, as if he was straining himself. Erika looked at the walls her husband's arms were cracking and sighed. "I knew we wouldn't be able to keep our deposit." She bent down and tapped his calf, which was blocking the cabinet under the sink, and he did his best to move as she reached in and pulled out some petroleum jelly. She took a large gob of it and rubbed her hands together. "We have to make this quick, or you're going to destroy the bathroom if you grow any more." With that, she massaged the pole in front of her as a masseuse would massage someone's back. He tried taking his own hands to wrap around it, but at this point his muscles were simply too big to move much at all. But Erika spent the next few minutes rubbing with all her might, getting sweaty with her effort of massaging it quickly, and the sound of the walls creaking made her double her efforts. With another loud groan and her husband tensing, a stream of white shot out like a cannon into the hallway wall. Erika reached over and wiped her hands on the towel hanging, and Matt caught his breath. "Thank you," he said pathetically, crying. She shook her head and smiled. "Only for you, Matt." As his crying got harder, she caressed his knee and said, "Hey, we will figure this out." She kissed his knee and walked out. Looking at the goo on the wall, she pointed and said, "But you get to clean that." A few weeks later Matt was at work with David, and they'd become good friends, probably because David knew not to bring up anything to do with Matt's muscles anymore. He quickly learned that Matt really didn't have any idea what he was doing with supplements, as customers had questions as simple as what was the difference between protein powders and he pulled answers out of thin air without any reasoning. The owner had hired him solely on his mass, to hopefully attract people to the store, and it certainly worked. So when some ogling man or woman would see Matt stocking shelves and came in, David would take over immediately if he was free, and Matt would listen closely to be able to help customers himself later. It was a good dynamic. They also seemed to be in sync in terms of down time. When not stocking shelves or helping customers, David would be doing homework or writing, and Matt enjoyed doodling. They often joked that they should do a children's book together. After a month or so had passed however, the owner put Matt on the second shift with the college girl, with a transparent goal that a hot girl and a hot guy working together during peak hours would increase profits considerably. Matt quickly learned that this girl had gotten through life on looks alone and didn't contribute anything intellectually. Her name was Lisa, and she had no filter, particularly when telling Matt how hot he was. Despite him telling her he was married and keeping his ring in her line of sight as much as possible, she would twirl her hair and stick her own prodigious chest out. When behind the counter together, she did not know personal space, and would even grab around Matt's python arms occasionally. Matt knew the owner would be displeased if he spent all of his down time in the back room, but he made it his mission to organize the mess back there to have an excuse to not be around Lisa. He loved Erika and when Lisa opened her mouth, it was easy for him to know there wasn't a prayer she would take him away from Erika, yet perhaps due to teenage hormones or due to his unique problem, this girl certainly stirred up his loins. He would go home straight after work and take care of his yearnings, and he knew even more that Erika was for him when she'd joke about when he was going to make this woman happy. Erika wasn't at all jealous, since she'd known Matt since they were young kids, and furthermore she knew he wanted to have sex with her more than anything, but to alleviate Matt's pressures, she'd hang out at the store with him as much as she could. Lisa did not like this, and would tell "funny" stories about things like her having to tell Matt his underwear showed when he stocked the top shelves. Erika would then tell stories she knew to be untrue about when Matt lifted her into bed and they'd go all night, and that's why he was late one time. It all came to a head one day when Lisa met Matt at the food court before their shift. He was eating pizza, minding his own business, and she sat down next to him very close. She was yapping about college or something, and he just chewed faster. In his carelessness however, a bit of sauce dropped onto his shirt, and she theatrically exclaimed, "Oh no! I'll get it!" Before he could understand what she was doing, she had taken a napkin and was wiping the sauce off his chest. She sneakily, or so she must have thought, moved the shirt he was wearing to the crevice between his pecs and rubbed a little harder. "I think you got it," Matt snapped impatiently, but she just took a few more seconds rubbing before taking the napkin away with her eyes still glued on his chest. "Wow, your chest is amazing." "Thanks, grew it myself…" he said, stuffing an enormous bite of crust in his mouth and wiping his hands clean. As he got up and took another look at the flirtatious girl, he felt the problem get worse in his groin. Without even a goodbye, he fled, judging the store to be closer than the communal restroom. As he raced into the store, he tried to nonchalantly wave hello at David, who looked up happily to see his friend, but Matt went to the back and shut the door quickly and locked it. He rounded the corner behind a shelf of excess items and quickly got undressed and grabbed his hardening dick. He furiously whacked it, knowing Lisa was coming soon and David was off in only a few minutes. He was getting close, but he knew he was in trouble: his head was nearing the ceiling, and he wouldn't be able to come back down for at least an hour. As he shot his load, he heard the worst sound he could imagine: the door unlocked. "Matt?" called David. He took only a couple steps, and was able to see his friend's naked bulk taking up almost all of the corner of the back room. His jaw dropped and Matt's heart sank. "David, please don't be scared, just please keep Lisa out and I'll explain later." He tried whispering this the best he could, but his voice was deeper than James Earl Jones, and he worried Lisa would hear anyway. David stood there stunned for a moment, but he turned when he heard footsteps and sprang to shut the door as he told Lisa, "Matt's changing, give him a minute." He came back to Matt and took a few long breaths before saying, "Shrink back down." "I...can't. At least, not for a while," Matt said ashamed, and suddenly realized he should be covering his willy. David nodded and looked to the other end of the back room. "The alarm will sound, but you should go out that way and, I don't know, hide behind a dumpster or something until you can return to your normal size. I'll work your shift until you get back, and I'll just tell them you were having food poisoning issues." He put an emphasis on "food poisoning" as he must have connected the dots in his mind to when he had dinner with Matt and Erika. "I...thank you." Matt stomped his way carefully, collecting his now ill-fitting clothes, and quickly opened the door, poked his head out to verify the coast was clear, and shoved an arm then pulled his torso through the teeny doorway. David closed it behind him and exhaled deeply. Matt went straight to a dumpster and collapsed behind it, fairly certain he was still small enough to hide there. He buried his face in his hands and shook his head, not sure what was going to happen next. An hour later, Matt walked into the store as he was before, where David was busy helping a customer and Lisa was looking bored behind the counter, but she leapt up when he came in and yelled, “Matt! Are you feeling better?” She ran toward him, but he held out his hand to keep her away and looked at David, who briefly glanced at him but his look had no indication as to how he felt. Matt waited another few minutes for the customer to leave, then David asked, “Are you feeling okay for your shift?” Matt nodded and tried to convey his gratitude through his eyes, but David just nodded and said, “Security just came and yelled at us. Told us even if you had to throw up you should just go to the bathroom. Anyway, I think I’m going to go home. But I’ll call you after you’re off to see how you’re doing.” With that, he nodded at Lisa, who waved lazily, and he walked out. Thankfully, Matt’s shift went quickly and with Lisa handling most of the customers. He asked her to lock up the store since he was feeling queasy, and she obliged. He ran out to find a payphone and called David to say he’d be home soon if he wanted to come over. David agreed and Matt caught the next bus home. When he got home, he heard Erika and David talking, and his heart sank even more. He walked in to see them on the couch, both looking concerned. “Don’t worry, Matt,” David said, standing up. “Erika told me everything. I’m not freaked, just kind of...astounded, I guess.” He shrugged. “Didn’t think superheroes actually existed.” Matt’s eyes widened. “I am no superhero.” David shook his head. “Nah man, not yet, but you haven’t learned to control your power yet! Once you do, you’ll be a real-life Hulk!” “I don’t think the Hulk grows when he gets horny,” Matt said looking away. “You can probably learn from him though,” David said. He turned around and hefted a cardboard box onto the coffee table. He opened the lid to reveal a stack of The Incredible Hulk comics. “Bruce Banner had to learn to control his anger. And you, like any other teenage boy, have to learn to control your urges.” Erika stood up, clutching her growing belly and said, “He’s getting there. You didn’t know him before; you’d have thought he was asexual. Whatever happened to him increased his sex drive a lot.” She went up to Matt and hugged his arm, patting his chest. “Well now that I know, I can be your sidekick,” David said while grinning ear to ear. “We’ll be sure to be put on the same shift - like you suddenly get some responsibility making it impossible to work afternoons, or I suddenly have morning classes, or something. And I can run interference.” Matt smiled and shook Erika off gently. He took a few steps and enveloped David in a hug. “Really, thank you.” David wrapped his own arms around the big man, but hardly made it around the back. “Of course man. It’s not your fault. But now you have an ally.”
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    "Those are puny boy punches, fellas. Come back and play with this muscled pops when you can put your fist through a concrete wall. Maybe I'll start to feel something then."
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    Hello all, Part 2 of Adverse Reaction. I hope you enjoy, will need ideas for my next story, so please feel free to message me with suggestions. For the next few days, Nick avoided me wherever he could. I didn’t see him for several days initially following the unusual events that took place in the gym shower. I had continued to grow all the way back from the gym at a much slower rate; it seemed over the next few days that I also continued to grow increasingly more powerful in the gym. My lifts were going up and up and so was every part of me. I couldn’t believe how strong I was getting, it was like a dream come true. However, despite clearly trying to avoid each other it was inevitable that we would bump into each other in such a small flat. That day came almost 8 days after the shower incident. I was struggling to squeeze myself into my old clothes. My slender jeans and slim fit tops were now discarded in the back of my wardrobe as they split when I put them on. Either that or they fought with pecs for space or dug into my arms and shoulders with incredible discomfort. Now I had to settle for baggy jeans or baggy shorts and my old hoodies or sports jerseys. Unfortunately I owned very few, and all my shirts now, began to stink of man after about 4 hours of wear. Apparently whatever my body was now kicking out, it smelled strong and powerful, just like the rest of me. I waited for a day when Nick wasn’t in. It was a plan that required patience, but I found that my new persona was hungry for a change in the dynamic at home. I grinned as my phone chirped. I looked down and opened up the grindr profile, I had paid extra to have the full app and get the notifications, because it was all part of the major plan. My grin was because, some new pics of me had sent my sexual appeal into the stratosphere and I was enjoying my new found appeal by fucking tight ass like a man in a desert, drinking water, for the first time in months. One new revelation out of all of this, was an increasingly dominant and slight sadistic streak in the bedroom, which had proceed to have grown only stronger in keeping with my outward appearance. I loved to watch down over my newly minted pectorals to see them suck me off, their eyes fixed on mine. The power of it. I knew I was getting hooked on it as a sensation. However, I also knew my plan involved me having to put that to one side, to achieve what I wanted. Knowing what I liked as a dominant in the bedroom, I began to talking to fellow dominant muscle guys. Guys who could gift me the very thing I craved. More power. Posing as a fit, athletic submissive, I found it tough to find the right dominant. Until today. I knew my housemate was out. The timing was perfect. This guy was just right. Arrogant and rude. Older by 15 years. Married with kids. Bulging with muscle and hung to fuck. I couldn’t steal from a guy like me, I had to take it from someone with ego, someone who looked down on me. Someone who only saw me as an inferior male specimen. The phone chirped again. As was the plan, he was coming right over from the gym. I had to be ready for him, on my knees, wearing a sports vest and a jockstrap. I looked over at the bedside table. There waiting for him, fresh from the gym, was an ice-cold, orange coloured protein shake. As I heard the handle of the front door turn, I was on my knees, I picked up the protein shake and held it out in front of me. If this worked, well… This was going to be amazing. He entered. He said nothing, but snatched the shake and kicked me backwards onto the floor from my kneeling position. I dulled the malevolent look in my eyes and watched as he drank the post-workout shake as I had offered to have ready for his arrival. If it tasted of anything, he did not express it. I watched his thick, powerful arms hold the shaker aloft. Sweat streaked his huge physique, he wore only a black string vest and some loose red gym shorts. He kicked off his shoes and stepped towards me. I could smell his fresh, fierce gym scent. My face in line with his crotch, I could smell his uncut cock. Suddenly it kicked in the light polyester shorts. It surged towards me, huge. Bigger than Sam. He growled as I massaged his legs, the organ pulsing to life, growing hard and thick. Moments later, he had lost control, grabbed me by the vest and the jock, shouldered his way into the bedroom and dumped me on the bed. Only, this was Nick’s room. I didn’t have time to correct things, as this guy was on me. Using me for his own pleasure. His cock pulsed down the length of my back, he grabbed me by the neck and I felt the searing pain of his cock enter me. It was brutally painful and I grunted, but he stifled it with one big sweaty palm over my face. He rammed my face into the bed, forcing my ass up. My hands gripped the edge of the mattress and I was forced to breath in my housemates acrid stink, which would have previously made my own cock harden. But I was becoming a different creature now. I wanted to fight back and push this asshole off me. But I wanted to grow. I had to be right, it had to be this luminous orange shit Sam had been necking everyday. The guy behind me, grunted and laughed at my apparent pain. His organ really was monsterous and he was damn strong. I could hear the wooden bedframe, creak, that unmistakeable sound of wood splitting as he ploughed me. Nick’s furniture moved across the floor between each, titanic thrust. Then it happened, I felt his cock thicken, and then thicken again, straining my hole. I felt him began to fire round after round into me. The change, was immediate. I felt it inside me. Like a spark to a freestanding pool of diesel. I ignited. My head rose up. “Oh fuck yes… FUCK…. YES….” Was about all I could utter as it ripped through me. Energy, masculine energy suffused my limbs. I felt my ass kick back, my thighs bulge with new mass. Fuck, I felt strong. My back cracked and I lengthened up the bed. I grinned as it hit my shoulders. I was no longer able to hold onto the roleplay fantasy as I felt my shoulders undulate and widen, lats surging in power. “Yes… I’m g-growing… This is fucking amazing…” I felt the softening cock slip out from me. I rolled over and saw the expression in his face. It was a face I had not seen before, a mixture of revulsion and desire. He loathed watching me grow but desired it for himself. He was torn, he felt drained, he wanted to leave, but he needed to know how too. I extended my longer legs over the bed, sprung forward with my strengthening arms and stood in front of him. I grinned at him only now slightly less tall than him, but in a split second, the margin vanished. I growled again. My pecs surged and thread of my vest creaked and split at the shoulder. I inhaled deeply and the split widened into a tear, revealing the bulging mass beneath the fabric. Another tear, this time from below. He looked down and went pale. His prior former glory, soft and hanging limp, looked smaller than he had every seen it. It’s mass, very obviously being siphoned into its opposite number as my small jock was being shredded by the growing mound of my package. I laughed as it tore open the jock at my right hip and my newly grown organ fell forwards, thick, large and pointing menacingly at him before it pulsed larger again. My nuts beneath, not left out from the transformation. I brought my arms up and flexed, they bulged with power. My features refining, my masculinity surging as he, went the other way. His previous bulging ripped physique, was still big, but much softer. He was shorter, looked less masculine but I mostly seemed to have drained him of his cock, which looked woefully average now. He looked between my taught biceps and his own softer upper arms as I flexed, I was captivated my their shape and bulge, a big thick vein now across the surface of my left bicep. I looked back at him. “Now fuck off, or I’ll take more…” His trainers made a plastic squeal as he made for the door, stumbling twice over his now, too large shoes. I grinned, turned to Nick’s mirror and flexed. This was amazing. It would be several more days before I could take this new found ability and turn it back against Nick. Had I felt any pang of morality about going through with it, it seemed to evapourate with my last growth. I considered, I was becoming no better than Nick or the asshole who just saw me as a convenient hole, but somehow, I didn’t seem to mind. ********* It was on the day when I had no more clean sports jerseys to wear that I squeezed my newly bolstered frame into the biggest tee I had. Instead of looking ridiculous, I looked incredible. I was never going to hide myself again I snickered, watching myself in the bathroom mirror, my biceps straining the sleeves, chunky veins emerging from beneath the cuffs and my new enhanced pectoral shelf straining the shirt. Just looking at myself made the sleeping organ in my jeans pulse. As I was about to flex in the t-shirt, I heard the door to the bathroom swing open and Nick stepped in. He was dressed only in a towel. “I need a shower” “Yeah, I’m nearly done Nick, you can wait 2 minutes” My blood burned as it pumped through me. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I had stood up to Nick, this was incredible. He looked at me malevolently. As I finished tusseling my hair with wax in the mirror, I gazed admiringly as my biceps swelled at bulged as my hands worked on my coarse, thicker hair. I glanced across in the mirror, Nick was watching my arms too as our eyes never met. “Right, all yours bro…” I grunted and exited the shower, smiling at the unmistakable hardening of Nick’s thick organ against his towel. He would never before have gotten aroused by me, but I couldn’t be sure if it was his protein that caused it, or whether Nick had always been secretly attracted to muscular jocks. As I walked out of the bathroom, it dawned of me that Nick would be in there for some time. His room would be unguarded. Checking over my shoulder, I crept into his room. The scent of his room more familiar now that my own bedroom was developing its own masculine scent. A quick glance across the counters and floors, did reveal that Nick had been entertaining Jenna recently. He left the very thing that I wanted, just lying there. I grinned and got to work. I traced the edge of my water bottle with a finger through the car ride, its precious cargo the only thing I could think about. Nick’s malicious gaze continued to drift from the traffic ahead onto my swollen arms, the size and obvious power, stretching the sleeves of my previously baggy t-shirt, whereas his underarmour hid what he had clearly lost very well. He had managed however, to quite easily convince himself, he was no less of a man than he was the previous week. As we arrived at the gym, as we exited the car I took my first gulp of my water bottle, the lemon juice not really disguising the digusting taste of his ejaculate. I loved the feeling of pure energy as it burned down my throat before setting a raging fire within my gut. More suddenly than I expected I began to feel myself grow as we crossed the car park, I could feel the arms of my t-shirt dig into hardening biceps, my burgeoning arm reached down to readjust my package which was becoming rather uncomfortable in my new jock, I bought to replace the previous one. “Stop playing with yourself…” Nick scolded his voice breaking as he did so. I loved the feeling, watching him wilt as I grew stronger and stronger. It was hard to avoid the temptation to drink all of the contents of my shake, but I resisted. I walked over to an empty weight bench, the agreed exercise to be shoulder press. After a quick warm up, I grabbed his usual working weight and hefted it over to him. He looked a little anxiously at the large imposing dumbbells before turning his face into a snarl. He hardened the look as he got his arms into the perfect start position with a little help. I stood back and took another big swig of the potent protein shake. On his second rep and his arms visibly twinged as his muscle thinned, his face strained as his arms struggled. “Bro…” he struggled growing red in the face As his face glowed so the change rocketed through me, I could feel my chest swell outwards. My tee was now edging towards dangerously snug. The end of my shorts were now rubbing the top of my knee and not the top of my calf as the flourishing muscle and elongating limbs, pulled them vertically. I positioned myself behind him, and applied a very firm pressure from beneath his elbows to help with the weight, but he still struggled, the contours of his elbows feeling flatter and softer. His weakening arms inched upwards a little more before stopping, as his muscle ebbed, it felt like I was draining it right out of him. Nick’s arms collapsed and the heavy dumbells came clattering to the floor, he leaned forwards onto his knees totally spent. Before we switched seats I took another big swig of the shake. My weight was less than Nick’s but much more than I would normally throw around. I hefted the weight into position, getting one up with the help of a quad, as the undeniable cracking of the hem of my shorts resounded in the air of the gym. I pressed the weight, from my stance I could feel the bulge in my underwear swell, the feeling of wellness and masculine power bolt through me as I pressed the weight, after the second rep, it felt light. It felt like the worlds best pump. But I knew better, I was growing still. I racked the weight, and grinning, watched Nick’s face fall as I grabbed more weight. I restarted shoulder pressing the heavier dumbells, now matching Nick’s weight, it was tough at first but it got slowly easier as I felt my growth continue but at a slower pace. The delts fought back hard against the taught fabric, the power of the muscle winning out on the fifth rep, as two seams cracked. The protuberant muscle tearing the fabric apart. I grinned at Nick who looked white with shock. The sixth rep, forced the muscle to bulge larger again, the stronger, harder, steely muscle tearing more of the seam like a knife through butter. I felt the pressure around that shoulder relax and I grunted a lewd moan, feeling the sinew burst from its cloth prison. “Oh fuck yeah… growing…” I grunted. I turned to the mirror, bringing both my arms up displaying their new expanded form. As I gently flexed, more cracking was audible. I drank in my new form, whilst openly taking long stares at Nick, he seemed weaker by the second where as I was empowered. My skin seemed to glow with vitality, my features more masculine and edgy and my eyes sparkled. I couldn’t remember, ever feeling this good. I think, looking back on it now, objectively, this would probably have been enough to address the power balance in the flat, to bring things back to an even keel, but something inside me had grown stronger too. I felt that “evens” wasn’t enough, I didn’t even wrestle with the desire, I simply gave into it, to the temptation to take more, to feel the power course through me again. I chugged some more protein shake and suggested some lateral raises. Nick for the first time, seemed almost defeated but agreed. I watched as we moved over to the smaller free weights. I watched Nick gingerly pick up the 8kg. “Shoulder injury…” he coughed, by way of an excuse for not using his normal weight. I watched as he began the exercise, his weakened musculature, struggling with the small weight. His arms shook and sweat seemed to pour out of him. I grabbed heavier weights and began exercising next to him. My eyes firmly locked onto the powerful body I barely recognised in the mirror, Nick looked on, watching striations burst out of my skin into prominence. Exhausted he let the weights hang by his side as I grabbed heavier ones. By now, I could feel others in the gym watch as my shoulders swelled and veins pulsed over the surface. I wracked the dumbells and brought my arms up into a flex. The swollen arms and shoulders, openly tearing the arms of my vest with audible cracks. “YEAH!” I roared, totally absorbed in this power, not caring how the transformation was affecting not just my body, my whole personality. On reflection, how many of us could be in this situation and not take it all, how many of us would turn down the opportunity to be elevated above others. Maybe, the old me could have turned back on it, but the testosterone tearing through my body, urged me on, pressing me to turn the knife in Nicks wound. At least, I tell myself it was that. Before I could pose again, Nick was gone. I glanced over to see him slip back into the changing rooms. I grinned, casually following him, sauntering through the gym, as other guys eyed my new form, probably the first time they’ve ever noticed me over my flatmate. In the changing rooms, Nick stripped and hurried into the shower. I could barely stop myself from grinning as my ruined workout shirt hung off my surging frame. I gently peeled the remains off, letting it drop to the floor as my chest caught my eye. Not only was it distended with muscle, but a fine coat of hair was now generously coating it, only adding to overstate the power and evolutional masculinity behind such a display. My thickened legs were swelling as I padded from foot to looking in the mirror, eagerly flexing my now bulgy and rounded biceps, the forearms crammed with veins and distended with a sickeningly thick spread. I chugged down the last of the precious shake. My eager guzzling causing the odd drip to land haphardly on my swollen pectoral shelf. Even as my left hand casually quested for it, I felt it absorb into my skin. It was like my body was adapting to Nick as a source of food. With my legs rolling over each other, I made for the shower. I knew Nick would want to once again try and put me in my place, with the only advantage he still had. I deliberately entered the shower, facing an opposite shower head to Nick. I felt the familiar surge within me, the change was coming, and this would be a big one. I knew Nick had his back to the shower head, as he always did, any excuse to show off his almighty package to anyone who would glance at it. I glanced out of the corner of my eye, his once proud muscle, softened, his hard look now distinctly puffier and flatter. His once thick neck, now looking thinner and less impressive. His typically rounded biceps looking more fusiform and slender. Yet, I was still aware his package had remained large. In his rush to get into the shower, he hadn’t appeared to notice the other changes to his body. “You think that I wouldn’t notice Sam?” He said suddenly, as I felt my back begin to furtively thicken. “Notice what bro…?” I asked innocently, turning halfway to face him. “You stealing my protein powder… It’s really good stuff bro, but I’ve hidden it now. I’m not sharing anymore with you, so enjoy the growth, because believe me, when I get back on it, I’m gonna make your life pure hell” He grinned at me his features malevolent. His hand reaching down and palming his thick, long piece of meat, grabbing the base, he gave it two quick tugs. If he registered that it didn’t seem as big, or as long as usual, his face didn’t reflect that. “However big you get, you’ll never be bigger than me where it really counts” He said laughing. But his laughter died away when I turned to face him. He drank in the image, watching, as my muscles seemed to bulge bigger. His mouth moved wordlessly as if trying to speak but unable. I felt the dragon roar up within me as power streamed through my body. I felt my legs lengthen, taking my growing profile in higher, I couldn’t believe how strong, how powerful I felt. “Alright fine…” I said finally, breaking the silence “But… I think you’ll find Nick… that I’m the one bigger where it counts and if I’m bigger, you have to suck it…” I continued Nick, his eyes darting between my chest, abs and, what was now a bigger than average flaccid cock. “Heh, I’m still bigger bro, you got yourself a deal. And if I’m bigger I guess that means you have to suck mine!” he grinned. “well… alright then…” I said feeling my growth slacken off again He began massaging his cock, it would have been impressive by anyone’s standards, of course, anyone that hadn’t seen Nick before this week. Now as I played with my own thicker, longer tool, it felt great as it engorged and grew hard as steel, the whole throbbing pole feel amazing in my hand, better than ever before. What I presume Nick used to feel. My bigger, swollen balls, pulsed with energy, my skin on fire. To my surprise, Nicks cock thickened obscenely, hanging lower and lower as he caressed it with a fist, soon it grew harder and began rising up, pointing straight at me. My sword rising to meet the opponent, like the calm before a joust or fencing tournament. He stepped forward, my eyes angled downward to meet his, I was growing taller. Again if he registered this, he chose to ignore it. Instead, he grabbed my big thickening pole and pulled me in closer toward him. But I grinned as I felt his purple, engorged cock head jab into my abdomen. My own cock, falling just a few millimetres short to do the same to him. I watched Nick return the smug, arrogant look plaster all over his face again. “Heh, you know, I’m gonna enjoy this…” he smiled, placing a hand on my thickened and bulging shoulder. I tried to look dismayed as I sank to my knees, the flexion making my quads bulge and distend. I’m not certain if Nick noticed much of what was happening, but glint in his eye suggested that somehow he was oblivious. I gazed upward, with as much of an innocent intent as I could muster, made all the easier as he gently slapped his cock against my mouth. I didn’t even have to time react as he bucked his now seemingly slender hips forward and penetrated my mouth with his thick organ. I concentrated on supressing my gap reflex and kneading the rigid shaft with the breadth of my tongue as he firmly handled the sides of my head for his own pleasure. As he thrust in, I could feel the last of the effects of the tainted protein shake start to slacken, but things were already accelerating toward my eventual victory as I watched Nick sneer, his legs buckle and toes curl. His insistent and powerful thrusting increased in intensity but weakened in power. I could take his cock more manageably in my mouth; I knew my grip on his legs strengthened as those very legs diminished. Then I felt it, before he knew about it, before even the tidal wave of his cum hit me. I felt the spark of power deep within me, grow hot and brighter with every passing second. I focussed on feeding that sensation and sucked hard on his cock and it felt like the dam burst within him as his cock pulsed and rope after rope of his thick white ejaculate launched into my mouth. I felt like I had the energy to run a marathon or move boulders, as I continued to suck hard on his organ. Within seconds, my thickened musculature began to grow again as I took everything Nick had to offer. I glanced up at Nick, his head back, totally gripped in pleasure, his eyes half closed. I watched as I saw his chest weaken, his abs lose definition, and his thighs lose the impressive thickness. I knew his cock was shrinking too as my mouth now held his whole length easily. I also knew exactly where it was going. On my knees, my now impressive slab of meat between my legs was hanging over a bigger pair of bull balls and grazing the wet tile beneath my legs, with every passing second, I felt it reel out and rest on the tile like a python. I couldn’t physically wait to see the new me, but I could feel myself growing larger and stronger by the second. The feeling was indescribable, save for the undeniable and unassailable power that coursed through every inch of my body. As pleasure washed over him, he placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked up, as he looked down, curious about the sheer size and breadth of the rugged, rock hard shelf he had gripped on to. As our eyes met, I licked the head of his cock clean and pulled the much shorter, dare I even say small, cock from my mouth and grinned up from the floor at him. He said nothing, as his eyes darted around my newly enhanced body. In a split second, his cock bucked and he came again, only managing two single ropes this time as it shot out and hit my chest. He watched as it absorbed into my skin and my pecs swelled even more freakishly than before. My shoulders widened and a involuntarily growl escaped my throat as I grew again. He fearfully stepped back, that’s when he noticed his transformation, in the opposite direction. “Whu- you… you took it?” “You gave it…” “No… I would never give it…” His voice sounding hollow and almost childlike “How…?” he ventured “I think it’s your protein, it’s nothing I’ve done” I said flatly I rose to my feet. I had grown so large, I put my final height at maybe 6’4, maybe more, my muscle, huge, thick, maybe 250/260lbs easily, eager and desperate to be used. I looked down at him, gone were the protuberances of his muscle, the towering, masculine height. His cock limp and shrunken. Despite this, his wolfish good looks remained, and the innocence in his face made his eyes sparkle even more. There was little more to say. He took one last look at what used to be his before turning and running. By the time I had gotten back to the flat that night, he was already gone. His stuff was mostly packed, he’d left most of his clothes, since they no longer fit him but he’d packed the important stuff. He left the weights and the bench. But I suspected that now they would be too light for me. I walked into the kitchen, not unhappy with my current situation. I wore only a pair of sweat pants, my big, muscled physique clearly on display, my obscene bulge displayed through the thick cotton fabric. I smiled as realised Nick left all his food, kitchen supplies and his vast array of supplements. But, on closer inspection, there was a gap above the refrigerator, my new vantage could show me that there was a footprint where something used to be. Nick had taken the experimental protein shake with him.
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    A football player thinks he's too smart to fall for Jack's tricks but learns you can always be more specific. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The snow swirled around in eddies as Butch Mitchell left the stadium. The fans had all left disappointed. He was a wide receiver and he’d just gotten pummeled out on the field, ever since his injury last year he couldn’t outrun the defense. No matter how hard he tried to sprint, he just couldn’t make his leg go faster. Instead of leaving with the rest of the team, he staid behind to drink in the club house until he could get out of there without running into the fans. Tonight Ken Powers (an opposing cornerback) had taken him down more times that game than he could count. That guy was massive. His team mates called him “the beast”. He towered over everyone on the field and his powerful body ran into people like a train. “If only I could be a muscular beast like him.” He said as his driver took him downtown, past the Christmas shoppers and twinkling lights. It was their last game before Christmas and his family was out watching a musical with the kids. Lately he preferred that they didn’t watch his games. The light turned red and the car stopped by an ice rink and he watched the people laugh and dance on their skates. Their happiness made him feel even more lonely. “God I’d give anything to be like those people.” “Be careful what you wish for, the woman in the Rudolf sweater has cancer.” Butch turned and saw a stranger wearing a three piece suit and hat sitting against the opposite door from him. “Who the hell are you?” He stammered. He didn’t remember anyone getting in the car with him and the doors were locked but he was rather drunk at this point so he wasn’t entirely certain. “My name’s Jack and I grant wishes.” “Oh Jesus… I’m wasted.” He knocked on the driver’s window and told him to let the guy out but when the driver asked who he was talking about, Jack was gone. He decided to get out and walk for a few blocks, thinking the cold air would sober him up before meeting his family. His wife had repeatedly warned him not to show up in front of the kids wasted. He walked up to a park bench without noticing the people around him, unable to see past his own thoughts, filled with the end of his career. Wandering around without paying attention to where he was, he eventually collapsed on a park bench and put his face in his hands. “Why did I have to fuck up my leg last summer? Why did it have to happen to me?” “Yeah… poor guy… about to face unemployment with only five million in the bank. I can’t imagine a worse life.” Butch looked up and saw the guy from the car sitting beside him on the bench. Snow was collecting on his overcoat. “Fuck I’m cracking up.” He said. “I’m seeing things.” “Oh no, I’m very real. My name REALLY is Jack and I do REALLY grant wishes.” He said tipping his hat. “So you’re my fairy god mother?” Butch said sardonically. “I wouldn’t say that,” Jack frowned. “But I’m the closest you’re going to get.” “So I can wish for a billion dollars?” “As long as you have someone else around to wish to so you can get out of prison when the IRS comes after you for tax evasion on your hidden fortune.” Jack grinned. “Ahhh fuck… I gotta think of this kinna shit… what if I just asked for my leg to be like it was before?” “So that your friend Mr. Powers can just screw it up again the next time he tackles you?” Jack added. “Sounds like the perfect use of a wish.” “Ken Powers… that guy’s a muscular beast. I wish I was like that.” He said. “You could be like him you know.” “Yeah and then get kicked out for doping when I gain 100 lbs over night.” Butch said. “You’re learning.” Jack smiled. “What if I could give you your wish without anyone noticing anything has changed but you?” “Huh?” “Your arms could literally burst through their sleeves in front of your mother and she’d ask you why you buy such cheap clothes.” “Really? So you can make me into a muscular beast without anyone knowing that you did it? You could make me bigger and faster than ever?” Jack’s green eyes twinkled as his mouth curled into a grin. “I can do anything.” He pulled out a card and handed it to him. “Just take this and make your wish.” Butch laughed. “Heh, fairy godmother… I’ve already made my wish. Aren’t you supposed to pull out a wand and do a dance or something?” A flash of annoyance passed over Jack’s face. “Alright… have it your way…” He flicked his fingers and sparks flew to the ground. Whirling his hand in the air, the falling snow coalesced into a white wand that he began to twirl around. “You want something more like this? Sala-gadoola-menchika-boola-bippity-boppity-BOO!!” He pointed the wand at Butch and a burst of energy hit him in the chest. Butch felt like a linebacker had slammed into him as he was thrown off the bench and landed face first into a snow man. He slowly felt himself to see whether he was all in one piece before picking himself up out of the collapsing snow sculpture. He looked around but Jack was gone again. Wiping the snow off of him he pulled out his cell phone and called his driver to pick him up to take him home. The next morning his wife woke him up. “Your coach called, he wants to have a talk with… Jesus Butch, why do you sleep in crap like that?” He groggily opened his eyes and looked down and gasped. The loose fitting t-shirt that he always slept in had him in a strangle hold. The sleeves were fraying at the seams. Moving his biceps caused them to rip. Suddenly the wish came back to his mind and he pulled the sheets up to his chin to keep his wife from seeing. She just rolled her eyes and walked out. Butch walked into the bathroom and peeled the tattered shirt from his body and gasped. His arms and pecs were huge. He felt his muscles as they strained against his tight skin. “Fuck… that shit actually worked.” Then his wife walked in and rubbed his enormous bicep. “Sorry to hear about your game last night. Do you think they’ll understand about the leg?” “My leg!” He shouted and pulled off the workout shorts that he slept in, leaving him completely naked. His legs had swelled as well during the night. He stretched the massive sinuous thighs in the mirror. “Shit they’re huge!” “Of course they are… you’ve only been working on them for ten years.” She said not comprehending his surprise. In her mind they’d been that big for as long they had been married. “You don’t see any difference?” He asked. “Oh dear of course I do. You work so hard.” She said, trying to be convincing not wanting to disappoint him. She thought he was talking about some marginal gains that she couldn’t really see. It was clear however that she didn’t notice anything. Then suddenly he noticed his cock was dangling a few inches lower than usual. “Jesus my dick!” He muttered. “Oh you’re ridiculous.” She said, walking out. With her out of the room, he stepped on the bathroom scale and gasped. He was over 320 lbs. He’d grown 97 lbs during the night. Feeling his massive pecs he stared at his new body in the mirror. “How could she not notice the difference?” “Because that’s what you wished for you idiot.” Butch jumped seeing the reflection of Jack suddenly standing in the corner. He quickly grabbed a towel to cover himself. “How’d you get in here!?” He shouted. “The same way I get anywhere.” Jack replied. “Why doesn’t she notice how big I am?” “Of course she notices how big you are. She just doesn’t realize you’ve changed. In her mind you’ve looked like this since college. And it’s not just her mind.” He said pointing to family photos on the wall. He was massive in each of them. “What else has changed?” “Absolutely nothing. You’ve had the same life you’ve always had. Even the clothes you were wearing are the same” Jack grinned pointing to the fact that his tux had ripped in one of his wedding photos. “You better not have screwed anything up!” Butch growled. “Or what?” Jack pulled out the wand from the night before and butch flinched behind one of his 25 inch arms. “Ok ok you don’t have to be like… that.” When he looked up Jack was gone. He walked out into his bedroom with his towel on and grabbed his phone. His coach had called several times. Butch pressed the button to return the call. “Hey big guy. You know I’ve been on the phone with the owner all morning thinking one thing. Why do we have you as a wide receiver? You’re clearly not living up to your potential in that position. I think a big guy like you would make a much better fullback. We want to make the change before the next game.” They spoke for a while until Butch suddenly wondered how his coach knew what had happened, after all he hadn’t seen him since the change. “But how do you know I’ve gotten bigger?” “HA! You’re a bucket of laughs. Also before I let you go, you need to get measured for a new uniform. You look ridiculous out on the field. I got a call from the commissioner this morning and we have to get serious about this. Looking back at it I can’t believe we’ve gotten away with it for so long.” “What?!” Butch asked confused. “Just turn on ESPN. Look I’ve got to run.” Butch hung up and turned on the TV and was shocked to see himself all over the screen. “How did we not notice how ridiculous this man’s uniforms are?” Someone was saying as pictures flashed up on the screen. His shirts didn’t fully cover his abs in any of them. His uniforms were ridiculously stretched some of them were ripped. “The cups don’t even fit him right!” Butch gasped as the outline of his cock head could be seen through the tight shorts. “We checked folks and this goes all the way back to his college years and nobody said anything.” “You see? Only you changed.” He glanced over and saw Jack sitting at the foot of his bed. “The rest of the world doesn’t think you’re any different.” “I… I… don’t get it!” “Of course you don’t Butch… you’re as dumb as a sack of meat! But you will… I haven’t even begun to give you your Christmas wish!” Jack pointed the wand at Butch and he was hurled into the closet. Butch sat up and was pulling the crumpled up clothes off of him when he felt his pecs bulging out even more. He looked down and saw his chest ballooning out with new growth. His arms and deltoids were inflating too as his skin stretched over ever more mounds of muscles. He looked up and saw the shirts in his closet rip and fall off their hangers. His cock snaked down his swelling legs and his balls grew to the size of apples. “Oh… fuck...” He said feeling his pecs pushing his fingers apart as they inflated. He heard a massive amount of ripping as the pants all about him started to tear as his huge muscular butt got wider and wider. Everything he’d ever worn was getting torn to shreds. “What the fuck Jack! Why are you destroying my shit!” “I’m not!” Jack walked over to the door to the closet. “You destroyed each one of these things when you put them on over the years.” Butch felt himself stretching as he grew taller, reaching almost the 7 foot mark but still he continued to bulk as he passed 450 lbs. His clothes were falling around him like confetti. “But I never destroyed anything like this!” “Oh but you did! You clearly can’t fit in any of this stuff but that doesn’t change history. You put this stuff on and it fell apart and then for some reason you had it washed and put back in the closet.” He tossed him his wedding photos, everyone was smiling like normal including Butch, but he was completely naked with shreds of his tux at his feet. His foot long soft cock and softball sized nuts were hanging down his massive thighs. “Holy [bleep] folks! Can you believe they’ve let Butch Mitchel play completely naked for the last ten years!?” “Oh come on man, that’s just the way it goes, the dude’s got a massive body, it can’t be easy to find clothes to fit all that.” Another commentator said. “He’s not the first unusually large guy to play football. Why are we making exceptions for him?” The host asked. “I guess because… well… I mean things have been this way for years and you aint said nothing yet.” Butch looked through the door of his closet to his bedroom TV. Blurred pictures of him getting tackled naked were flashing up on the screen. “What I think you should be asking is why he got sacked so much by guys half his size.” He said. Butch turned to Jack. “What the fuck is going on!?” “I told you before. You’ve lived your entire life the way you have now. According to the rest of the world, you are as you’ve always been. You’ve worn the same clothes (or tried to), been sacked by the same players, done everything the same. But that doesn’t mean the future will be the same. Some people are wondering why you got to hang around naked everywhere other people are just going to shrug and remember that’s the way things have always been.” His wife came into the room and found Butch going through his torn garmets. “Are you ready? It’s time to go to lunch with Pete and Carole.” “I… uhh… was just looking for something to put on...” He replied. “Oh come on, I’m in a hurry, can you just skip the ritual of destroying a pair of pants before heading out.” “But I’m naked!” “You’re always naked… that’s your thing… isn’t it?” She suddenly couldn’t remember if they had ever talked about something so obvious that she had always apparently taken for granted. “I can’t go out like this!” “Like what?” She said scratching her head. “Not wearing any clothes!” “Ummm… you haven’t worn anything for years and suddenly this is an issue now?” She was starting to think about it more. Why hadn’t this come up before? “Look we’re running late!” Thirty minutes later they were sitting in one of the nicest restaurants in town. Everyone was staring. Butch was famous and his physique and exposed skin made him easy to spot. “Jeeze Carole people can be so rude, just because Butchy was on TV all morning doesn’t mean people have to treat us differently.” Pete and Carole were staring at the enormous football player who was turning red. They wondered how they had gone out like this all these years. “So… what’s new with you two...” Carole said trying to turn the conversation. “Well we’re taking Butch to a tailor this after noon.” “A tailor? Wow, you’re giving up the ‘hang loose life’” Pete said, a little relieved. “I mean… I like pants just like everyone else...” Butch replied. His skin was scarlet as he blushed under everyone’s stare. “You’d never know it.” Pete muttered to his wife. The days went by and Butch found an enormous robe that he could wear and cover up while his clothes got custom made. Christmas came and went and it was time for him to show back up at the stadium for their next game. His coach came up to him. “Sorry Butch, the uniform didn’t come in yet. People are starting to have a problem with you going out naked every game. You’re not in regulation gear and the networks are wondering why they let you do this for years. I think you’ve got to stay in the locker room for this one.” The game began and the players ran out and Butch sat in the team hot tub. He felt less out of place that way. He looked down at his massive chest, which was so big that he couldn’t see his abs anymore. “Why aren’t you out there?” He looked up and saw Jack sitting in the opposite end. His body would have been impressive if he hadn’t been sitting across from Butch. “I’ve never understood what people enjoy about these things.” He added pointing at the bubbling water. “What’ve you done!? They’re not going to let me play!” He said pounding the side. “Well… things could be worse. You could be a freak. Now you’re just someone who’s gotten away with something for years that society is rethinking. Your fans will still love you, your haters will still hate you, and you’ll still be rich. What’s the problem?” “I wanted to play football! That’s the problem!” “No, you wanted to be a muscular beast! And that reminds me… we have quite gotten there yet!” He hopped out of the hot tub naked and picked up the wand and dropped it in the water. The water turned purple and started to really froth. Butch wanted to jump out but he couldn’t move. The purple color started to run up his veins and spread all over his body. His pecs bulged out as two new pecs grew in, stacked underneath the other massive set. Butch felt a pressure in his arm pits as two new arms pushed their way out from them. His balls grew to the size of melons, then soccer balls, then beach balls until they poked out of the water. Butch could feel his cock moving up his body, it was slithering all over him like a snake as he began to cum all over himself. A long tail sprouted from his back side and bulked up as his toes arched and he began to growl. Horns sprouted from his elbows. All he could think to do was fuck someone. He turned to where Jack had been standing but he was gone. Then one of the assistants came in and took one look at Butch. “Oh fuck… he’s in one of his moods again.” Butch sprang out of the water, holding his balls in his lower arms and pounced on the guy. In a moment the poor assistant’s clothes were missing and Butch’s massive purple cock was working it’s way into his ass. He groaned as Butch pumped him with gallons of cum bloating out the otherwise fit man. A team manager walked in and saw what was going on. “Jesus… why did we think this was going to work?” Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away Jack was leaning back in a chair in a room surrounded by hundreds of candles watching ESPN. Four men were shouting at each other around a table. "You're telling me that the Patriots have using a four ton monster as a wide receiver for years and nobody considers that cheating!?" "Don't get me started Terry! You've never liked Tom Brady or the Patriots!" "You don't have to like a team to know cheating when you see it!" "Well you never said anything about it when they hired him! You're just jumping on the anti-Patriots bandwagon with everyone else!" So you see, if you've ever suddenly come to a realization that you've been putting up with something ridiculous for a long time and you wonder why, it may be that someone you know has been making wishes from the wrong person.
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    Epilogue When I got back to the room, James had made up Luke’s bed and was waiting for me to crawl into it. I got in and held James on top of me. I was used to being the little spoon, but with my new size, that was going to be unlikely. Once we were cozy under the blankets, James rolled over to look at me and said, “I want to show you something.” He pulled my phone out of his pajamas pocket, and pulled up a picture. “Remember this?” he asked. It was the picture of us in our bathrobes after I’d walked to the help desk with James trapped on my cock. “How can I forget? I think about this picture every time I walk down the stairs.” “The man in this picture is a muscle monster, right?” he asked leadingly. “Unquestionably,” I answered. “You have 85 pounds of muscle on this guy.” “He’s pathetic. Puny,” I said. “And five inches of cock,” James added. “My cock is a whole cock bigger than his. What a tiny dick he has.” James kissed my ear, glad I was pleased with the game. He put the phone on Luke’s desk, then rolled back over. I was ready to go to sleep, but James was obviously restless. “What’s wrong?” I asked him. James never had trouble sleeping. “I’m worried.” “About?” “Everything’s changing, and I don’t want it to.” “We can’t stop things from changing.” “I guess not, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.” “Is this about those internet comments? Because Dave said…” “That’s part of it, yeah, but it’s not just that. Everything is changing. I have no idea what’s going to happen next.” “Anything I can do to help?” “Walk me through tomorrow,” James said. His voice sounded dreamy; he was staring at the ceiling. “Okay. We get up. I’m going to wear what I wore to dinner because it’s the only thing I have big enough to fit me. We have breakfast from the cart as a foursome for the last time, and then go with Dave to the airport. Dave drives there. We bid him goodbye. Give him hugs. Tell him to break a leg and to write.” “I meant to get him a going away present,” James said, cursing himself. “He really likes goldfish. I meant to get him some goldfish for his new apartment.” “They wouldn’t survive the plane trip,” I said. “True. I guess I’ll have some delivered to him once he’s settled in LA.” James sighed. “What comes next after we say goodbye?” “Luke cries. We cry too, most likely,” I said. “I meant after that.” “Luke drives Dave’s car back, and we pack to go home for break. We have lunch with Luke, and if it takes us a long time to pack, dinner too. Luke’s staying on campus for the break—Charles’s orders—so we say goodbye to him once your car is loaded.” “I should’ve gotten him a present too,” James said. “Give him Dave’s goldfish,” I suggested. “Luke doesn’t like goldfish.” “Then their marriage is doomed,” I joked. Without rolling over, James slapped me playfully and asked, “What comes after we say goodbye to Luke?” “We cry again.” “After that,” James said, chuckling slightly. “Actually,” I said, “we might not cry when we say goodbye to Luke. We’re likely to see him again in January, especially if I decide to finish my degree on campus.” “That would be nice.” “Then, we find a way to squeeze me into your car. As soon as we’ve done that, for a while, it’s just you and just me. The two of us alone as we drive to my parents’ house for Christmas. They freak that I’ve gained another 70 pounds. Dad makes a ridiculous t-shirt; I tell him it’s funny even though it’s not. Mom makes me take a drug test; I pass it. We tell them I’ve maintained my 4.0 and gotten all these job offers. Mom forgets all her concerns. We go out for dinner to celebrate. Just drinks if it’s really late.” “And then?” James asked. “That’s the end of tomorrow.” “Then what comes after tomorrow?” “We have a lovely Christmas. We go to your place for New Year’s. Maybe even introduce your parents to my parents.” “I’d like that,” James said. “And sometime over break I decide if I’m finishing my degree on campus, or following Dave to LA, or something else.” “So, you really don’t know yet?” James asked. “No, I do not.” I said honestly. James sighed deeply and admitted, “Wherever you end up, I’ll end up there too. You should let that help you make your decision.” Since James was in such a reflective mood, I finally asked him a question I’d wanted to ask him since the beginning of the semester. “Why did you do it?” “What?” he asked, rolling over to look at me. “Why did you make me so huge?” James seemed confused. “You’re sexier that way. What are you even asking?” “Why did you make the magic?” “I don’t understand.” “Just before I started growing, your eyes flashed gold. And they did it a few other times this year. I mean, how else do you explain everything? The showcase, the soccer team, the calendar, the invitational. And it’s not just me. You got this sudden ability to take all of my cock, your sudden muscle gain.” “I don’t explain it,” James said. “I’m just happy it happened.” “You mean, you didn’t…?” I trailed off. “I didn’t do anything except say the magic words.” “Not even that day I was crying by the dumpster over Victor?” “I barely remember that day.” “You said that a guy like me should have his deepest wish come true.” “Yeah. I was trying to make you feel better, and I was tongue-tied because I was in love with you.” “But after that day, my deepest wish did come true.” “I had nothing to do with that, Chris.” “Really?” “Really.” “Huh.” I lay there silently for a minute. Breaking the silence, James said, “If anyone made any magic, Chris, it was you. The common denominator to all the crazy stuff that happened this semester was you.” “I guess,” I said. “You’re not just saying that, are you?” James shook his head. “Good. Because I love you. And I want your deepest wishes to come true too.” James had a shocked look on his face. “What?” I asked. “Chris, your eyes!” “What about them?” “They flashed gold.”
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    Chapter 2: Emerging from the locker room, the class found the coach looking at his watch and scowling as the guys had taken far longer than they should have changing. He glanced up at them and quickly surveyed the boys in front of him. "Jesus Christ, Sterling," he shot at Liam, "It's none of my business what you do on your own time but what the fuck are you thinking." The class looked at Liam to see that copious amounts of Josh's thick cum was still splattered across his muscular chest, and, like most of the class, his swimwear was stretched tight over a throbbing erection. "Uh, yes sir, sorry sir." Liam said and vanished back into the locker room. "And Hartley, you may be comfortable with your own body but at least attempt to cover up." Josh was taken aback. The coach didn't seem surprised by his enormous size, he didn't even seem to question that Josh had more than doubled in size since entering the lockers. In fact, Josh realised that even the twenty-something guys who had watched him hulk out hadn't so much as asked how it had happened. Still wondering about the strange ignorance of those around him, Josh went and borrowed the largest size Speedo that the school store had available, which he could barely cram his humongous cock into and showed every outline of every vein on his semi-soft member. The rest of the class continued as normal, except that Josh's newly muscle bound body carved through the water like a missile, pulsing with newfound power and crackling with the sheer energy from his growth. Most of the class remained distracted, whether watching the muscles in Josh's back contract and relax as he powered through lap after lap, or ogling him as he emerged from the pool, water dripping off the shelf of his pecs, down onto the cobblestone abs. One student was even shouted as in disbelief by the coach when he was spotted with his hand on his dick, jacking it as he stared at Josh, who threw a quick double bi his way, causing the guy to cum while the whole class and coach watched, followed by his whole head blushing a deep red as he excused himself. The class, and with it, the day, came to an end, and Josh was walking home, scantily clad in his underwear, the only clothing that was elastic enough to stretch over his thick quads. His shirt had met its fate to his broad back and basketball-like deltoids, and he had taken pride in shredding the material by flexing with gusto. Marc walked beside him as their houses were close to each other, and he was having extreme trouble watching where he was going, as his eyes were locked onto the huge package bobbing in the black briefs next to him. This didn't escape Josh's notice. "You like what you see?" he asked Marc, smirking a little and bouncing his new pecs. "How could I not?" he replied, adjusting his pants to accommodate his lengthening cock. "How about you stay over at mine tonight?" Josh offered. "R-really… I wouldn't want to… ok…" trailed off Marc. Dropping his newfound cockiness for a second Josh stopped walking and turned to his friend. "So this doesn't seem strange to you?" "What doesn't?" "Me? That I grew like that in front of everyone? That I'm 3 times the size I was this morning?" "No, I dunno, in any other case I guess it would, but with you it just seems… normal… like it was always going to happen and I don't really know why." This confirmed Josh's suspicions that his wishes made sense to everyone, which was good, he supposed, as it'd be pretty shit if he constantly had to lie or explain himself. Reaching his house, Josh led Marc inside and steered him distinctly at his bedroom, not that it particularly mattered as his father was still at work. As they passed the doorway he reached down and tore his briefs clean off, skipping the effort of sliding them down altogether His 12 inch rod of flesh sprung to attention, nearly smacking the smaller boy in the face. Marc quickly slid his shirt off, revealing a compactly muscular torso, before wrapping both of his hands around the shaft of Josh's cock, which was thicker around than the widest part of any of Marc's limbs. Marc caressed the thick meat in front of him and his mouth was drawn to the deep purple head. He could feel the heat of the blood coursing through it against his lips. He tasted the intense, overwhelming sweetness of the precum oozing steadily from it. His brain was intoxicated by the thick, sugary pre as he felt firm hands lift him, and slowly turn him over, pulling the cock from his grasp. Josh pulled the jean's off Marc's lithe frame and looked at the naked figure in front of him. His thumbs slid between the rounded cheeks of Marc's ass and he pushed his monstrous cock slowly forward, deep into the smaller boy. He heard gasps, screams and moans burst forth from below him as two thirds of his cock had slid inwards. It was as though his whole brain had been changed so that every part of his body and mind experienced the electricity pulsing through his cock. Every nerve in the beast felt thousands of times more sensitive, and he felt like he could count every cell of Marc's insides touching his skin. He places his hands on the hips in front of him and his powerful arms forced Marc's entire body forward and back, caressing every inch of his godlike dick with his ass. With each thrust inward he felt his balls slap into Marc's legs. He noticed vaguely that they had swollen as large as grapefruits, churning out more cum than he could imagine. Marc's ass clenched as Josh fucked him and the thrill it shot through his body brought him to orgasm. He felt his balls contract and cum poured into Marc's ass. The orgasm was more intense than any he'd felt before and lasted for what felt like 10 minutes. Josh could've sworn the smaller boys stomach looked stretched for the sheer volume that had been pumped into him. As his slid his huge dick out he heard Marc breathing deeply on the floor. His dick was only semi hard now, though still longer than it had ever been before his change. Marc left shortly after, walking somewhat bow legged, and Josh turned his attention to the bottle. He rubbed the lamp and once again dark red smoke congealed into the form of a godlike man. "You are satisfied, I presume?" said the genie, looking up and down Josh's naked figure. "It's perfect." said Josh, still astounded by how deep his own voice was. "So your second wish, have you decided on something?" the genie asked, as though Josh needed any prompting. "Yep, I wish I was rich." said Josh. "Really, such a simple wish." The genie looked crestfallen. "Yeah, like, set for life, mansions and manservants level." Josh said smiling. "My Dad's worked so hard for me and he really should get something back, he deserves it." "Of course." His fingers snapped once more and he vanished, so Josh went to sleep. He was exhausted from the eventful day so it took no time at all, despite his intense anticipation of the day ahead.
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    I don't mean to self-promote, but I did a short series where guys get drunk off becoming super powerful. They are all just TF stories, none of them are really linked together. The third part is the one that has the most evil story thread. The Shrine of the Gods I https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6695-the-shrine-of-the-gods-redux-15-ed/ The Shrine of the Gods II https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13170-the-shrine-of-the-gods-ii/ The Shrine of the Gods III https://muscle-growth.org/topic/17904-shrine-of-the-gods-3-the-dark-that-calls-to-me/ Would love to hear if there are any other stories like this. Thanks for starting a thread to collect some of these stories.
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    Part Four “How ‘bout a second one, barkeep, and don’t be stingy,” Mr. Dennis said with the kind of look in his eyes that involuntarily made my ass cheeks squeeze together. “Let’s call it fuel for the hard play to come.” My hands shook a little from my excitement as I poured another bountiful glass of whiskey for the elder stud. I knew he’d be feeling the effects of the sleeping potion soon. I was beyond happy with the way Mr. Dennis had downed his first glass. It was as if he knew what was to come and he wanted it to get there fast, too. This time he sipped his drink, but I noticed the sips were quite big. I needed to orchestrate some things pretty quickly, if I was going to have him set up for the change. “Shall we move to the bedroom, sir?” I asked, winking at the man. “You don’t beat around the bush, do you, son. The bedroom sounds nice, Thomas. I’m suddenly feeling the effects of this Black Bush. I must be turning into a lightweight.” “We’ll soon be changing that, sir.” “What was that, Tommy-boy?” he asked and his words slurred a little. I realized the man was definitely not feeling like himself, for as we walked to the master bedroom he didn’t put his now very familiar hand at the small of my back. As a matter of fact, I had to guide him a little as we got closer to the bed. I was able to take the glass from his hand right before he fell face first on the king-sized mattress. He rolled over and started trying to undo his belt. “Gonna power drive you like a . . . like a . . . I don’t know what it will be like . . . but it will be hard . . . and feel so . . .” His hands fell to his side. His eyes were closed. And his breathing instantly became deep and long. He was out for the count. I needed to make sure, though. I knelt spread eagle over his waist and – after saying ‘forgive me, sir’ – I slapped him pretty hard on his cheek. No reaction whatsoever. The man was in such a deep sleep even a hurricane wouldn’t have awakened him. I wasted no time, I wanted to inject the formula before I panicked or had second thoughts. I unbuttoned his shirt and stopped for a minute to gaze at the nicely gray-furred, semi-firm pecs of the gorgeous man. I ran my hands across his chest hair, imagining what it would feel like when the thing was monstrous and harder than stone. I was impressed that Mr. Dennis still had some partially defined abs – definitely no dad-bod for this man. I got his shirt off and then finished undoing his belt. I pulled his pants and boxers (that was a surprise) down at the same time. His thick, long tool and hairy balls caught me totally off guard. I realized at that moment that, although he had fondled my cock all night long, I hadn’t ever reached over to his crotch to discover the man was packing a more than ample tool. It was surrounded by thick salt-and-pepper curly pubic hair and the instant aroma of sweaty balls made me want to bury my face down there. I refrained, removed his shoes and socks and then pulled his pants and underwear completely off. The man’s beautiful naked body lay on my bed like a virgin being offered to the gods. “Damn, Mr. Dennis, you’re already hot as hell. Just imagine what you’re going to look like when you’re as big and muscled as Lou Ferrigno or even bigger.” I went to the bathroom and retrieved all the tools for the injection. Within a few minutes I was injecting his thigh with the neon-blue formula I had waited so long to use. It suddenly dawned on me that I should have left his clothes on so I could witness them being ripped to shreds as he grew, but then I thought about the fact that he probably wouldn’t want to ruin them. Then I hit myself in my head because he’d never be able to wear them again, anyway. I was now in unchartered territory. I had done such a fantastic job of planning and imagining what I would do up to this point that I hadn’t ever really thought about what I might do after the injection. My projections told me I had a few hours before anything would begin. I propped a pillow under his head and went back to the kitchen to pour me another double shot of whiskey. This time I didn’t use water or ice. I went back and sat on the bed – rubbing Mr. Dennis’ hairy leg as I sipped my drink. “I hope you like your new size and strength, sir. It’s just that you’re everything I could have ever dreamed for in a man. God, the sight of you, now, even before the change, makes me hard as hell. Big, man-sized penis, orange-sized balls, furry tight body, and a face like a grampa angel – what’s not to love? It’s just that I want to give you more . . . well, I want to give us more. I want you to be like my senior-aged Hercules, my muscled master who will keep me in my place and empower me at the same time. I just want a huge daddy – is that so wrong? And who am I talking to, anyway?” I looked back down at the body of the quiet, still man – knowing that the formula was presently beginning its miraculous work as I sat there. The way the stuff would change was very technical and what some people would call magical, but it really just boiled down to cell enhancement and restructuring. He’d become thicker, which would make him become bigger, which would make him become stronger, which would turn him into a sexy gray-haired behemoth beyond heavyweight bodybuilding size. He’d even outsize and out power those huge powerlifters who carried huge round stones to show off. I imagined Mr. Dennis juggling with some of those stones. That thought led to me downing my whiskey, going to the kitchen to get another one, returning to the bedroom and then undressing. I pulled the big reading chair over by the window beside the bed, so I could sit there and have a front-row view of the changes. I sipped my drink and found that my gaze kept returning to Mr. Dennis’ cock. It dawned on me that I wanted it to grow first – how predictable of a gay man, right? The idea of that already gorgeous thick tube of beef getting bigger, thicker, more powerful made me start stroking my own cock. I realized my admiration of the man’s lower parts had made me finish my third, hefty-sized whiskey. I was now completely buzzed, fully erect, and feeling too far away from my older soon-to-be superman. I moved to the bed and laid down beside him. It would be fun to feel the growth as well as watching it. I put my head on his gray-furred chest and listened to his strong heartbeat. My hand had found its way to his thick meat and I was tugging at it without even thinking. I felt Mr. Dennis getting hard and laughed to myself – of course this virile elder man would be able to produce a hard-on even when he was strongly drugged. I continued to fondle him and he continued to get fully hard. The sound of his heart, the heat generated by his body, and the feeling of his thick, hard meat in my hand made me relax more than I ever had in my entire life – I felt so secure and safe – and so within minutes I was fast asleep. To awaken from dreams of the man of your dreams growing huge and knowing that his giant body will be next to you is the sweetest feeling in the world. To realize that your new life – the one you always wanted starts today gives you the desire to make the moment – that life-changing instant – last forever. But at the same time, you really want to take in all the wonderful enhancements that have taken place while you foolishly fell asleep and missed the show. I blamed the whiskey and the fact that I consumed way too much of it. I also blamed how comfortable my dream man’s warm body had felt and the fact that I could fondle his gorgeous dick as I slipped off into another world. There were so many sensations to soak up at the same time. “Good morning, sexy.” The warmth of that now familiar voice matched the warmth of the body beside me, which didn’t come close to matching the heat from the hard dick in my hand. The hard, normal-sized dick in my hand! I sat up quickly and gazed down at the beautiful elder-man body of Mr. Dennis. The body that looked the same as it had from last night – still sexy as hell, but not enhanced, not super-muscled, not bigger than the bed frame. My mind spun out of control. My entire being suddenly went off kilter. I couldn’t control myself and my face betrayed me – it burst into a look of total disappointment and shock that my formula had not worked. My entire faith in myself – in my abilities – as well as my total unbridled excited anticipation of a huge man being in my body came crashing down in an instant. In a series of unfortunate results – Mr. Dennis’ hard-on deflated quickly, the man read my face as a look of horror that I had ended up in bed with him, and the guy suddenly realized he didn’t remember the night after a certain point. I was too self-absorbed in my disbelief that my calculations had been wrong that I didn’t notice any of this. Mr. Dennis was off the bed in a flash – gathering up clothes. “I’ve seen that look before, kid. Alcohol and nighttime made you think you were into an old man, but the morning brings a dose of shocked reality. I’m so sorry to disappoint your drunk fantasies, Thomas.” “You’re the same,” was all I could say at that moment, I was still immersed in my utter disbelief that my calculations were wrong. “What does that mean?” the older man asked, stopping mid-way as he pulled on his pants. His slight angry tone snapped me back to the present moment in a flash. I quickly registered all that had been misconstrued and said up to that moment. I also knew I needed to save this moment. I needed to keep this man in my life. I needed to make a new formula. My brain multi-tasked as I started to talk – assuming immediately that I had stored the formula for too long. It had gone bad. That’s what the problem had been. Homemade potions don’t have expiration dates, but clearly mine had lost all of its ‘juice,’ so to speak. That was the logical explanation for my clear, accurate calculations not working. I, however, needed to save the moment happening presently in my bedroom. “You’re still the same . . . gorgeous man I fell asleep with last night,” I quickly said and I saw Mr. Dennis’ shoulders relax. “I’m so disappointed we both fell asleep. I blame you . . . and that blasted whiskey.” “Come to think of it, I can’t believe I didn’t hold my liquor better – I usually don’t have any problem. Why am I undressed and you are not?” “After you passed out I decided I should be able to . . . you know . . . gaze and fondle the beautiful merchandise,” I said, trying my best to sound all sexy and in no way creepy. “You slut! Taking advantage of an old man,” Mr. Dennis replied, letting his pants slide back down to his feet and then moving onto the bed. The man kissed me hard – clearly, all was forgiven. We were back on track. The kiss was as toe-crunchingly good as the night before. He semi-growled as we sucked face and it was, again, a sound that thrilled me to no end – even if I longed for it to be much deeper because he was much bigger. That would all have to wait, I’m afraid. He pulled his face away from mine and glanced at his watch. “I was hoping for a quickie, Thomas, but I just realized how late it is. I actually have a yoga class I teach at 2:00pm. I need to run, I’m afraid. I hope you can forgive me for zoning out like that, last night. It’s not my style and never happens. How might I make up for it?” “Well, yoga explains the tight body and the flexibility,” I said, making him smile. “You could make up for it by coming back here for dinner . . . tonight?” I said and then tensed up with worried anticipation of what his answer might be. “I’d love to. I’ll bring the wine, handsome,” he answered, smiling and kissing me again. “Now, I really must go. So sorry to have to dash.” “It’s not a problem,” I said, “It will give me time to prepare a new . . . um . . . recipe.” I almost said formula. I knew that I had everything here that I needed to make another batch. I knew it would take a while, but I could do it. Since it was still the weekend, I took the chance that Mr. Dennis would be able to make it another late night. I needed about five hours. “Would eight o’clock be too late? You’re more than welcome to stay over, Mr. Dennis.” “You are a little slut, Thomas. Of course, eight will be fine. I’d love to stay over and try this again…” “Exactly what I was thinking.” “I’ll bring a toothbrush for the morning.” “Maybe a new one, so you could just leave it here,” I suggested, making the now fully-dressed man really smile as he bent down to kiss me, again. “Calling a Lyft,” he said and pulled out his phone. I followed him to the front door as the arrangements were made. Luckily, there was a driver two-minutes away. We stood in the foyer and kissed even more passionately than all the times before. I was full of extreme excitement because I had not totally missed my chance with this perfect man. We would be together, in the way I wished to be, very soon. I missed him, immediately, as he made his way down my driveway to the waiting car. After shutting the door, I jumped into motion to get the formula done early – so I’d have time to fix a meal, as well. It was going to be a jam-packed afternoon. Four hours later, my phone rang and I saw it was the dream man. At first, I panicked that he was calling to cancel, so I answered quickly – just to find out as fast as I could why he was calling. “Hello, Mr. Den…” I began, but was instantly interrupted. “What did you do to me?” said a voice so deep and growling that it instantly made my balls tighten. “Get over here. I can’t even leave my place because I have no clothes that will fit me. I’d have to wear a bed sheet. You have some explaining to do, Thomas. I keep breaking things.” The phone then went dead. I instantly knew it had been crushed by an untrained powerful hand. Luckily, we had discussed where he lived the night before and we had even put addresses into our phones. That’s how confident we had been that the relationship would grow, or maybe it was just the Borolo wine making us hopeful. At this point, I wasn’t thinking about anything but getting to the man’s house as fast as I could – without getting a ticket or causing a wreck. I somehow managed to cut a twenty-five-minute trip down to fifteen. It was the longest quarter of an hour of my entire life. I was at his front door and ringing the bell in what seemed like only two steps. I heard heavy, hot-sounding thuds as someone or something big moved toward the door inside. There was no one at the door when it opened, but then, suddenly, what appeared to be a giant’s huge hand and even more humongous arm came from the side, grabbed me by the front of my shirt, and lifted me across the threshold into the dark foyer. The door shut behind me – closed by another arm that seemed way above my head. Curtains were drawn on all the windows so it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust, but when they did I was stunned beyond belief. “Sweet fucking hell!” “Don’t you sweet fucking hell me, Thomas!” the mega beast in front of me bellowed deeply as he tightened the giant paw at the front of my shirt and lifted me off the ground – shaking me so hard that I flopped around like a fish caught on a hook. “Did you do this to me?” “Yes sir.” “Is it permanent?” “Yes sir.” “Why?” “I made you into my dream man . . . I mean - physically . . . you were already my dream man on the inside. Only, I never dreamed you would turn out this amazing!”
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