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    Chapter 1 I had been driving for hours and desperately needed to pee. It was very late, or very early, depending on your perspective. I would have just pulled over to the side of the road, but it was pitch dark on this section of the Interstate. I saw there was a rest stop coming up, just 5 miles ahead. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing it would only be minutes away. I pulled into the rest stop, parked and ran inside. Once inside I gave the place a quick scan. Surprisingly well maintained. I headed towards the urinal. A huge relief, like a weight had been lifted from me and as I walked over to wash up, I took advantage of the time to freshen up a bit. I took off my tee shirt and used some of the liquid soap provided to wash my face and pits- a “pirate bath” as I heard it called. Something to keep me from stinking so bad when I got home. Being on the go for the whole weekend had forced me to postpone my routine jerk off times and I was already horny as hell While I was adjusting my jeans, fussing with my hair and admiring my fairly athletic upper torso, I noticed a vending machine that had all condoms for just 50 cents apiece mounted to the wall. I always wanted to get some, so I pulled out some change from my jean pocket, walked over to the machine and dropped my dirty shirt down on the floor, while I attempted to dispense a few different ones for my collection. Once I had successfully purchased a few, I reached down to pick up my tee that had fallen down and head back to my car. As I put shirt under my arm, I felt this gooey liquid stuff against my right side. My shirt must have soaked up something from the floor and now it was all over my right arm and side of my torso. “Fuck” I exclaimed, and rushed to wash it off. I turned on the water and got some towels wet with soap to do the job. When I raised my arm to access the affected area, the skin had broken out in a rash.I felt this insane rush of energy overtake me. My arm felt hot. “Holy shit” I shouted. Suddenly the heat began to spread, and my nerves seemed to be firing in overdrive. Everywhere I touched with my hands had become super sensitive and warm. My stomach felt queasy and I felt like I this odd sensation move through my body. I felt like I had this insane amount of energy. Had I absorbed some drugs somehow? Was that goo some kind of hallucinogen? Why did I have so much energy all of a sudden? Why was my face flush? I felt this insane rush. I started to get a headache. I started sweating heavily and my heart began beating harder. My muscles were spasming. Flexing randomly and tensing. I felt so overheated. This was it, I thought. I had touched some toxic gunk and was now going to die right here in this stupid rest-stop bathroom. Then something odd happened. My body began to feel like it was swelling. I couldn’t be sure, but it seemed like my muscles were… expanding somehow as they tensed. Each time they flexed and spasmed it felt like energy rushed into them. I looked down at my arms. My biceps were tight, flexing as I stood there in shock. It looked like they were swelling up. Maybe an allergic reaction, I thought. My whole body was starting to grow more muscular, causing my shirt and pants to grow tighter and tighter. I peeled off the shirt rapidly, and rapidly tried to undo my pants. My defined, chest was flushed red and looking pumped. More pumped than ever before… My pecs were pushing outwards, growing into a huge shelf. My shoulders widened and my neck thickened. My arms grew bigger and beefier as my whole body swelled with what must have been close to 50 pounds of muscle within moments. I looked at the mirror again. I didn’t look like myself anymore. I had a huge powerful chest, a thick neck, huge bowling ball shoulders and pumped, defined arms. My ass began pushing against the seams of my tight boxer briefs. I saw my legs were growing along with the rest of me. I looked like a semi-pro bodybuilder who had maybe stayed in a sauna too long. I was red and covered in sweat. My skin tingled. I looked incredible, but it was so unreal. Was I still growing? My vision seemed to be a little blurred and my headache came back with a vengeance. It looked like my beard was coming in… as if I hadn’t trimmed it the day before. And on close inspection, my chest seemed to have more hair as well… and even the hair on my head looked longer. Were my eyebrows bushier? What the hell was going on? I sauntered off as quickly as I could in my new car back to my car. My center of balance had changed. It was hard to sit up normally as my muscles were still spasming and tight. Everything felt unfamiliar. Once the car was started I painfully put the car in reverse and pressed on the gas, but my feet were throbbing because my shoes were too tight.I managed to get the car oriented so I could re-enter the freeway, and tried to get up to speed. Right away I realized that I was so overwhelmed with nervous energy, my headache was so intense, that there was no way I could drive. I carefully pulled off the road and with all my and put the car in park. I lay back in my seat just feeling the seat belt digging into my growing body. I was soaked in sweat. It was like the most miserable kind of migraine. My beard definitely looked fuller and longer in the rear view mirror. So did the hair on my head… and even the hair on my thicker, beefier forearms. I closed my eyes and I think between the overstimulation, the headache and the hyperventilation I passed out for a little bit., because I didn’t notice the highway patrol car that pulled up behind me. My head was slumped over and the officer tapped on the glass me to wake me up. I must have looked like I was having a seizure because he quickly opened my door and then grabbed me. “Sir”, he said as he held me. “Are You OK?” I sort of came to, and he asked me if I could get out of the car. I tried to talk, but was unable to, and I think he assumed I was on drugs. He unbuckled me from my seat belt and grabbed a hold of me. As he pulled me from the driver's seat I took hold of his upper torso, and was squeezing him hard to be able to stand up. It was strange as the nausea, headache and nervous energy seemed to subside as I held on to him, in fact I was starting to feel better, the longer I could make contact with him. My vision cleared, my muscles stopped seizing. Soon I had enough energy to speak and I begged him to help me. However, the officers eyes looked glazed over. Something was freezing him up, causing his whole body to tense up. I could actually feel it. His arm muscles were flexing and seizing just as mine had. He felt suddenly so much warmer in my arms. I could tell he wanted me to let go of my grasp, but it felt good and I wasn’t about to disconnect from him because holding him made me feel so much better. Soon the patrolman sensed that something was happening. His uniform was rapidly getting tighter. His chest began to rapidly thicken out and inflate, and shoulders widened, and his uniform started getting tighter around his growing frame. My grasp was so strong that he couldn’t let go and he began to look somewhat panicked. On his face, thick stubble appeared. His traps seemed to rise thicker. He was wearing a short sleeved shirt and as I grasped his muscular arms I could feel them tense and grow, like thickening cables of steel. It felt so sexually erotic as I was blowing up his muscles bigger and bigger.. Feeling his arms grow thicker and more massive as his whole body gained huge amounts of muscle. I could sense the guy was in shock as his body was growing larger out right in front of him. It seemed only a moment later he was sporting a thick beard that was growing high up on his cheeks. His hair on his head was growing longer. I saw a thick hair spreading down his growing forearms. This 6 foot tall, well muscled highway patrolman was becoming enormous. His uniform was beginning to constrict him. It looked painted on. The buttons looked closed to popping off. His breathing was so heavy, emphasizing his new, hulking pecs. I realized right then and there as my head cleared and my body seemed to feel a little more normal, that whatever happened to me was now being transferred to him… only he was getting even larger than I was. This officer, who had probably been a lean 190 pounds before, looked now closer to 300 pounds of beef, stuffed into a bursting-at-the-seams uniform. This officer had become storage for the enormous amount of energy I needed to get rid of. I could feel my heartbeat return to normal to I had full consciousness now and was fully aware of what I was doing to this man. Soon his form fitting pants were busting apart as his growing ass rounded out. I could see he was losing consciousness. , I lowered his increasingly heavy body down by the side of my car. and tore open his too-tight uniform to reveal his now massive heavy chest. I lowered down and explored his growing, increasingly massive body with my hands, so I could press more energy into his body faster. He now looked to be well over 350 pounds of overblown muscle. So much beef was still piling on to his frame. I continued to push more energy into him, watching him swell and his beard grew as he laid there overwhelmed and unconscious. I couldn't believe how much energy I had to give to him. I continued to strip off his busted pants to reveal quads that were incredibly thick. They had developed a massiveness, a heft. Every muscle on his body was now becoming so overdeveloped he hardly looked real. He was a muscle monster, unconscious on the ground, growing with each breath. I was getting him to the size that people had only ever dreamed about. My dick was throbbing. Something turned me on about seeing this incapacitated officer grow larger and larger under my hands. I was doing this to him. My excess of energy was turning him into a freak of muscle… turning him into the most muscular, most massive man alive. I had the power to do that to him, and I was eager to see that become a reality. Traps grew so thick and massive that they rose to his ears.. His arms started to push out on the ground further from his resting torso as his lats grew wider and wider. His calves looked like the size of watermelons. This man was now inhumanly large, and hair seemed to sprouting everywhere. His chest, arms, shoulders, abs, legs were all growing thicker hair. His beard was now full and again, just like me, the hair on his head was looking longer, as if he hadn’t cut it in two months. Finally, I felt my own energy levels return to a balance. I looked down at the massively overgrown, overbulked, hairier officer sprawled on the ground before me. He couldn't have been much less than a 600 pounds. He looked like an insane morph of a mass monster, only every extreme curve and bulge of his hyper-muscular body was real and tangible. This was a freak passed out on the soft ground by the highway. I checked his pulse. It was elevated but he was fine… He was breathing. His mountainous, hairy pecs were rising and falling. Completely unconscious, unresponsive, but breathing. I debated calling an ambulance right then and there, but how could I explain his condition? How could explain what had happened? If he came to he would accuse me of doing it to him. I was now myself again, albeit, a still much more muscular version of myself. I couldn't help feeling my chest and stomach and admiring how jacked I had become. I was still much heavier than I had been before the rest stop. I estimated I was maybe around 220, 230 pounds. Tiny compared to the unconscious monster at my feet. I slipped back into my car and started it up and took off like the wind down the freeway, wanting to get as far away from where I was- I was confused and deeply aroused. I and just wanted to think and put the last hour of so into prospective. Surely the officer would be ok when he woke up, right? Surely I didn’t do anything to harm him. Was this just a bad dream I thought? I must have been speeding like hell, because before I knew it there was another highway patrol man coming from the opposite direction that was slowing down to cross the median. Fuck yes I was speeding and looking down the speedometer showed me going around 100 mph. Now I was really scared. He caught up with me and made me pull over. Shit, how was I going to explain this reckless driving of mine, surely I was going to jail, I thought. I looked in the rear view mirror as he walked up to the car with his flashlight. He was latin, like me. I checked myself out in the mirror too and I looked ok. I was heavily bearded, muscular, shirtless, covered thick, lean muscle and a hairy chest. Huge quads stuffed into too-tight shorts that showed the massive erection I sported… but I didn’t look or feel like I was on drugs. I felt normal. Ish. He approached the car and was looking in the back with his flashlight before he confronted me. “Out of the Car”, He demanded, and I complied. “Officer I can explain this”, I tried to tell him, but he wasn’t interested. “Hold out your arms” he demanded and I complied. He made me do a sobriety test by walking the line. I tried to tell him I wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but this cop was doing everything by the book. Once he was convinced I was sober, he demanded I find my license and registration, and I quickly retrieved them from my car and gave them to him. He began to write down all my information, I was walking back towards him and I acted quickly and just grabbed his arms tight, catching him off guard. I closed my eyes and concentrated and began to pump energy into him like I did the last highway patrolman. He immediately tried to push me off but I used all my renewed energy to pump energy into him fast. His body was shaking as I watched this young latino cop lose control. His muscles tensing and flexing randomly. I kind of felt so bad doing this to him, but I wasn’t about to get a ticket… I couldn’t afford it. And besides, my throbbing dick couldn’t stop thinking about how hot it would be to blow him up to the size of the other patrolman. He pleaded with me to let go, his voice quivering as if he were being gently electrocuted… which in a way, he was. I just wanted to see his growth and transformation… and maybe, hopefully pass out before I got a ticket. It turned me on so much before, so I tore his uniform open and pulled his chest against mine. I felt his hairy pecs inflate with mass, growing heavy and thick. His shoulders widened and thickened even faster than with the other officer. He stopped talking then and then his eyes gentle closed. He had fainted as I poured energy into him. His huge muscles were getting so pumped now. He was getting heavier, thicker in my arms. I lowered him down by the patrol car, but kept my grip on him. I took off his pants. He was getting seriously big. Only this time I had a clearly view of his transformation, and I knew exactly what I was doing. This dude was gonna become a monster, just like his colleague on the force. His pecs were incredible. I put my head up to them, feeling them swell larger and larger, growing into huge, hairy mounds of solid muscle. I ran my hands over his now 20” arms, feeling them pulse and tense larger. 21”.... 22” …. My hands sped up the growth as I squeezed them…. 23”... and bigger and bigger they grew. I was turning him into a muscle freak. Making them totally freaky made their potentially future explanation of events less believable I figured. If I made them both so inhumanly large, maybe they’d have less grounds to come after me. Afterall, how would anything like this be explained medically? It was impossible. The second officer layed there, growing, his gigantic muscular frame slowly expanding in every direction. He was no doubt over 300 pounds… Then after another minute, probably close to 350… and then larger still. His clean shaven face was similarly sprouting a thick black beard. His chest was growing increasingly hairy. Every hair on his body seemed to get longer and thicker. Something about the energy that I was pumping into him was doing this. I thought about how both of these men would have a hard time fitting back in their cars… and who knows what their futures on the force would be. At their size it’d be hard to take them seriously as anything other than massive, immovable walls of muscle and brawn. And that is exactly what I had in mind for this officer. The excitement and clear image of their overgrown bodies in my mind seemed to speed up the transformation. This officer was becoming a behemoth. A second muscular freak. I checked to see if he was still unconscious, asking him to respond to my voice… Nothing. Still breathing, his massive chest heaving up and down. I was pouring so much energy into this man that it had totally overloaded his system. He could do nothing but sit there and grow ever larger under my gentle hands. I had created a second hyper-muscular, supersized masterpiece of impossibly exaggerated musculature. He was a beautiful, stunning caricature of what a ultra heavyweight bodybuilder could look like… well, one that hadn’t shaved or trimmed any hair on his body… And he was so handsome. The short beard he had grown during his transformation looked good on him As I stepped away I couldn’t help but admire his beautiful face framed by two supersized traps on either side. He had to be 5 feet across at the shoulders. So much muscle to feel, to squeeze, to worship. He was just perfect. Again I ran back to my car and raced off. I was in awe of myself and what I could accomplish. I had proven that I possess an individual power that could be incredibly useful… maybe even profitable. Most noticeable was how fucking horny I was. My cock had grown along with my balls and I felt like I could shoot off a whole quart of thick cum. As I drove along however, the reality of my situation came to me like a pie in the face. I wasn’t at all normal anymore, that gooy shit at the rest stop had transformed me into something else. Something inhuman, or alien. I was no longer the same Juan Ballesteros was just a few hours ago. I still looked like Juan, but I now had the ability to pump men into the most outlandishly hairy muscular freaks imaginable … But I did this without their consent. And mostly while they were unconscious. Perhaps they had even been in pain…. and that made me someone who was assaulting and hurting others, and transforming them against their will.. Even if it was hot how they turned out. These young men had friends and families and would never be able to explain what had happened to them. They’d be stared at as total muscle freaks wherever they went. Their careers on the force were probably over. I pondered this all the way back to San Diego. It was late when I got back to my apartment, and I immediately took a shower. I must have showered for half an hour, then dried off and too a good look at myself in the mirror. I looked so hot, so much bigger than normal. My beard was so dark and thick. I looked like a the perfect Latino muscle bear. I got a fresh pair of boxer briefs and a tee shirt, which was now skin-tight against my buffed up frame. I couldn't help but jerk off thinking about the men I had transformed. Their new, huge, hulking bodies. Their gigantic muscles flexing and bulging with each move. Fuck they looked so good. I came pretty quick, and holy shit did I cum. I don't think I had ever cum so hard or so much. It took me a while to dry off. I cleaned up and got into bed. I was exhausted from all the physical stress to my new body and feel asleep. ___________ Author's note: I recently created a thread about asking folks about the possible name for the opposite of the mythological creature of succubus/incubus. I am still unsure of what this name should be, but there are some good candidates on that thread. This particular story was heavily inspired and modelled after a gay horror story about an incubus. Being the MG fan that I am, I thought it would much better to turn it on its head and re-envision it as a man who transforms into the wellspring of nearly endless masculine energy. C
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    Preamble: Here's the first two parts of a new series I've been working on. A big thank you to @rolling24, who besides commissioning the following multi-part series and inspiring me with idea's, also made ton of spelling corrections and other improvements. Cheers! Dad, The Homewrecker. PART 1: Despite our best efforts, some places on our globe remain shrouded in mystery, tempting us from afar with intrigue. Like, for example, the bedroom of a failing marriage. ----------- “Dad….” Luke called out meekly, intense pleasure shooting through every fiber of his body. Fuck. It was hard to focus while Macy was giving you a blowjob. Images of the bedroom formed a whirlwind in his mind. But his dad remained the one point of clarity, visible through the mist. While Macy was giving her husband a blowjob, Luke’s father was stretching open her pussy with great expertise. She was thankful her husband’s penis didn’t take up as much space as the equipment his dad packed, making it a lot easier to let out moans of pleasure. “Dad.” Luke tried again, his voice now rising above the involuntary crescendo of moans from Macy and the brutish grunts from his dad. His dad still didn’t seem to have heard him. Maybe the ecstasy clearly etched on his face while he fucked his latest conquest completely dominated his mind. Luke focused on his dad’s body again. The effect was unmistakable this time. He had to tell him. Through the smoke of bodily odors and sex he tried making eye contact with his father. He could see his brown eyes shining as their gazes met, on opposite sides of the same woman, his wife. His dad just pulled a smirk, cockily raising his right arm into a bicep flex. Of course, Luke didn’t need to tell him. He had probably figured it at himself at this point. Luke was mesmerized by the bicep flex, you could see it most clearly there. With the sound of his dad’s heavy balls slapping against Macy’s body as background noise, both men watched the already flexed peak slowly rise higher and higher, inches of brawn magically flowing into the muscle by the minute. The effect slowed as Luke’s Dad’s dominant humping tapered off. Son and father made eye contact again. “I’m fucking growing.” His dad said in between heavy breaths with a confident grin. Luke came. ----------- 48 HOURS EARLIER. “I’m a bad little cop. I can’t help but ogle all the hot secretaries, and I like toying with the bad girls I arrest.” A small uncomfortable silence lingered before the reply. “No, this is not it.” There was a little rummaging in the box of props. “Your scores are terrible, you only look at my bulge in class, but if show me your tits I might give you a passing grade…” This time the answer came much more quickly. “Nope, doesn’t do it either.” More rummaging in the box of props. “Girls like you shouldn’t mess with guys like me. We both know we won’t be able to cage our... Desires.” The replier hesitated for a moment, gently avoiding a hurtful comment. “I’m sorry Luke, I don’t think this is gonna work for me.” Luke seemed disappointed by the response, and he shoved his set of role-play props in the closet. Macy stood up from the bed and put her bra and underwear back on, dissatisfaction with the night’s results evident on her face. “Did I at least spark something in you?” He asked, while the couple was on opposite sides of the room, getting ready for another sexless night. Macy asked herself if the image of her chubby husband hanging over her, playing various roles, saying the corniest lines with the worst acting had ignited any arousal. “No,” she replied. Luke’s cheeks went scarlet. He had been so sure role-play would be the answer. He jumped into the bed and quickly covered himself up with the blanket, his belly jiggling wildly in the process. Luke stared at his wife while she prepared for bed. He knew most men would kill to have a wife as good-looking. She was voluptuous and beautiful, with an hourglass figure few women could emulate. A few years back they had been the resident power couple on their college campus, both of them sexy and virile. Him strong, muscular and wide, her curvy and enchanting. Now one of them was slacking, and it wasn’t the woman who looked like she hadn’t aged a day since college. It was the man who couldn’t resist a donut each morning, who ate through an entire tub of ice cream while waiting for his wife to get back from her modeling gig, who hadn’t set a foot into a gym since his days on the football team. “We can just try regular sex.” Luke proposed with an eager tone, desperate to please his wife. Macy gently smiled while she looked at her soft husband in bed. He tried his best, there was no denying that. “We already did so last night. I know about your stamina.” Macy quickly kissed him on the forehead. “Honestly, it isn’t that big of a deal, most women go without an orgasm for years.” “We’ll give it another whirl soon then, yeah?” He saw the unused strap on his wife had bought still protruding from the box of earlier discarded role-play props. The sight made him slightly uneasy. “What other option do we have?” she asked, while stepping into bed. And then the doorbell rang. -------------------------------- Luke opened the front door, ready to tell the idiot who thought it was a good idea to ring doorbells after midnight to go to hell. But the big shadow in the cold night air wasn’t just your regular old idiot. “Dad?” Luke called out in disbelief. He almost couldn’t believe the man standing in front of his porch was his old man, he hadn’t heard from him in months. “Lukey! Kiddo. Sorry to drop in on you like this at… 8pm? But...” “It’s 1:30AM.” “Right! 1:30. Just got back from a business trip from Hawaii. This gorgeous gay couple I was counseling was having difficulty finding the male G-spot so I---” “Look, my evening hasn’t been great. I’d appreciate it if you could just get to the point.” Luke said, with a face that confirmed he was pretty tired of his dad’s endless tales of the sex therapy he provided. “Riiiight... So, you know the girl I was dating?” Luke nodded, unsure what his father’s love life had to do with his sudden reappearance. “Welllll. She kicked me out. Turns out I hadn’t told her we were in a polyamorous relationship. Crazy how that happens. Anyways, I just need a spot to rest my head for a few days until I get an apartment.” Luke just raised an eyebrow in reply, hoping his dad wasn’t asking what he thought he was asking. “... I was hoping that spot could be here? I’ll sleep on the couch. Or on the floor. All the nearby motels are full, I’m kinda out of options.” Luke sighed in exasperation. He turned his head and stared at the starry night sky for a moment. Luke couldn’t look his dad in the eyes while he thought. He had to make a rational decision. Luke rather wouldn’t have dealt with his dad for another moment if he had any option, but he was family…. “Sure. Fine. Whatever. Come on in.” Luke said with a shrug, like the decision had been entirely out of his hands. There probably was some truth to that. Men like Luke don’t say no to men like his dad. As his dad stepped out of the night black and into the warm lighting of the house, part of the reason Luke preferred not to talk with his dad became obvious. Because where Luke was all soft and flabby with a thick layer of fat, any vestige of his college football body long past, his dad continued to have a body that radiated masculine energy to some extent. He hadn’t given in to his every whim as Luke had and it clearly showed. Matt looked good for a man his age. He had maintained his quarterback build from thirty years ago with a strict gym regimen. Even though he had a good layer of chunk covering him it was clear he still muscular and handsome. His dad couldn’t be faulted the unfortunate difference between them, but Luke always blamed him a bit for having to reside in his more muscular shadow. At least the few inches of height Luke had on his pops gave him a few coat hangers to hang his masculine pride on to. He couldn’t help but long for the college days when he dwarfed his dad with his own muscularity, but those days were now long gone. “Matt! It’s been too long!” Macy squealed while she ran down the stairs. Luke tried to not to blame his dad for his obvious ‘excitement’ upon seeing Macy. The way her rack bounced up and down as she rushed down the stairs was unintentional, but Luke could see how a red-blooded man like his father was aroused. The pair exchanged quick hugs, and Luke thought his dad’s eyes rested on Macy’s body just a second too long. “Did I just hear correctly you’ll be staying with us for the next couple of days?” She innocently asked. She had a certain shine and glimmer to her most people didn’t have at 2am, and her beauty contrasted sharply with her husband’s sunken and pudgy face. Matt let out a short uncomfortable laugh while scratching his mostly bald head. Luke was reminded with a grin how much his dad disliked being in anyone’s debt. “Yeah, Lukey was kind enough to let me have the couch for the next few days. I hope you don’t mind.” Macy quickly waved her hands in giddy excitement. “Of course not! We haven’t chatted in forever, it’s about time I got all caught up with my father-in-law. There are some blankets in the cupboard Matt, I imagine you’ll probably want to hit the hay.” Luke was glad his dad nodded and head towards the couch. He’d feel a lot better about having his dad strutting around his house if his wife wasn’t wearing her revealing nightgown. “We’ll catch up tomorrow dad. Good night.” “Good night kiddo.” ----------- When the couple was again tucked in, the events of the evening replayed in Luke’s head. Some part of him felt like he had made a terrible mistake. He’d put his foot down this time, and not let his father walk all over him. “This time will be different” Luke softly mumbled while sleep slowly caught up with him. He stretched out his arms and gently spooned Macy. His big body may fill him with self loathing, but at least it was good cuddle material for his wife. While he brought her in for a hug he noticed how tense her body still was. She was wide awake. “Everything okay hun?” Luke asked as he drifted further and further away. “Luke. Babe. We need to talk.” Immediately Luke was brought back to reality. He felt a bit anxious. “Alright,” was all he could mutter. “I’ve been thinking about my little… predicament. I know we’ve been trying really hard, but it feels like we aren’t getting anywhere, so II did some googling today….” Please don’t suggest strap on. Please don’t suggest strap on. Please don’t suggest strap on. “... And I think we should bring someone else into the bedroom.” Luke shot up in surprise. He definitely hadn’t been expecting that. He could get behind it though. Another sexy woman crawling over him, that’d be sure to finally be able to push his wife over the edge. “Who do you have in mind?” Luke asked with as much innocence as he could muster. He had his mind on their sexy, young neighbor girl. Her husband had been deployed for the past few months, and she looked horny enough to even fuck Luke, fat rolls and all. It helped she was always watching whenever Macy was sunbathing in her bikini. The thought of the two women making out was already flashing through his mind. Luke’s last attempt at eating out Macy had gone rather horribly but the neighbor looked like a girl who knew her way around those parts. “I was thinking Matt.” Luke’s blood turned ice-cold right away. “My dad?” he practically screeched in disbelief. “Calm down. Yes, it’s a little weird. But honestly, anything besides a guy isn’t gonna do much for me.” “Okay. Fair enough. But still, my dad?” Macy shrugged. “Do you know any other guy as sexually liberated as him? He has a fling every other night. One woman could not be enough for him. I want this to be a one time thing, and your dad is the only one I know who sees sex as just sex. Do you wanna get in some internet weirdo?” Luke had to admit she had a point. He couldn’t count his dad’s ‘girlfriends’ in the last month on one hand. Slowly, Luke felt his wife’s gentle and tender hands interlock with his. “Only say yes if you’re okay with it hun.” Macy softly said. But in her eyes Luke could see a certain kind of desperation. Their sex had been dull for months. He hadn’t heard her orgasm for nearly a year, and he was sure she had been faking it for a while before that. They used to go at it daily, even when Luke had turned into a blob, but Luke’s sex drive was slowly drying up while hers was still very much active. Luke couldn’t imagine the amount of hormones raging through her body, a woman like her needed to be pleased. “Okay babe.” Luke said with a gentle smile. The idea of his dad in the same bedroom as him, fucking the same woman, was still really weird to him. But Luke also knew it’d be good for her. He had heard the female orgasm was kind of like an engine, after a kick start it could be relatively easy to reactivate. And as unfortunate as it was, his dad was the best man for the job. And hey, maybe his dad wouldn’t even succeed in getting her off, wouldn’t that be a blow to his ego as self certified sex guru. The couple looked at each other and smiled. After one awkward encounter maybe their troubles could be behind them. Finally, after a long, eventful evening, Luke dozed off. “And whenever had a little awkwardness killed anyone?” He softly mumbled while the world faded to black. ---------------------- The events of the night before suddenly jumped back into Luke’s mind when he found his dad jerking off on his living room couch. First Luke calmed down somewhat while remembering that he had voluntarily provided lodgings to his dad. Then he was severely freaked out because his dad was lying completely nude and jerking off in his living room. He wanted to scream out but hesitated for a moment, the sight intriguing him. He could see why his dad was such a lady killer, he had the body to pull it off. Perhaps he’d was best categorized as a having the build of a coach, with thick juicy pecs and the faint outline of abs. All of it covered in a slight layer of grey fur. And of course, there was the thick cock he was jerking off in a slow rhythmic motion. Luke found himself a bit jealous of his dad’s member, because he looked to be packing an inch or two more than Luke. In fact, seeing his dad lay there say comfortable in his own skin flared up quite a few of Luke’s own insecurities. Luke stopped his pondering and brought himself back to reality. “Dad? What the fuck!” Matt didn’t seem the slightest bit dazed by the interruption of his son. “Hey Lukey! Morning.” He said, while not looking up from his jerking. Luke had prayed his dad had grown some inhibitions since they last slept under the same roof but that clearly wasn’t the case. He knew that sexual self-confidence was probably just as attractive to the younger women Matt slept with as his masculine body. It was annoying to deal with if he was your dad though. “There’s a bathroom upstairs. If you gotta take care of your morning wood, do it there. There you aren’t in the view of the neighbors.” Luke calmly explained, trying not to look while his dad let out a few more grunts of pleasure. “Alright. Alright. I’ll go do this out of view…” Matt smacked his hard member in his hands, the sound plastering a grin on his face. “Wanna join me? Often during therapy sessions I recommend guys jerk off with their friends, helps the bonding experience as well as activate…” “Normal dad’s don’t jerk off with their sons. Don’t be weird.” Matt let that hang in the air for a moment, considering if he should go with his reply. “Most dads don’t fuck their son’s wives either.” He said in an amused tone. Luke felt his blood turn cold. “How did---.” “Macy. She asked me if I’d be willing to fuck her as she left for work. I’m glad she did, it’s gonna be a reallll fun evening.” Matt said while slapping his son on the back with the hand he had just seconds earlier being using to jerk off with. There was a smirk on his face but it didn’t seem cruel, rather one of genuine excitement. Luke cringed and winced, but he was thankful he himself didn’t have to be the one asking his dad if he’d be up for the threesome. “Alright, I’m gonna take care of this.” Matt said pointing as his cock before bounding up the stairs with a confident whistle. As Luke heard the slapping of his dad’s balls between his trained thighs Luke reminded himself to kick him out as soon as possible. Probably the worst part of the jealousy that raged through Luke while he heard more grunts of pleasure emerge from the bathroom upstairs, was knowing his dad didn’t mean to make Luke feel bad. Matt had always been completely relaxed with nudity, his many, many sexual partners and countless hours of discussing intercourse in lecture halls had dissolved any restraint about sex and being naked. He didn’t mean to make his son feel bad about his fat and sexless body, but feeling bad was all that Luke could do while he compared himself to his more virile dad. Luke sighed, and hoped the eight hours of office work that were ahead of him would take his mind off things. PART 2: They decidedly did not. “Threesome?” He heard the snack lady ask while she strolled past his desk. Luke felt his blood turn hot. “What? No.... I wouldn’t do that kind of thing. Happily married. Who told you? My wife---” He stuttered and stumbled. How could she know? Did the whole office know? Did everyone know? Was his life over? Should he moved to Texas? India? The snack lady looked unfazed. “Tea, want some?” She asked again, shaking the kettle she had on her cart. Ah. He had just misheard. Shit. Luke mumbled something along the lines of ‘No thanks’ and she moved the cart along. He knew that mishearing ordinary conversation probably wasn’t an indication of confidence, yet still he didn’t feel like pulling out of the night’s upcoming plans. Part of that was desperation, part of it knowing there weren’t that many alternatives that didn’t tap into his wife’s fetish for fucking men with dildo’s, and part of it a certain….morbid curiosity. Luke’s phone buzzed with a text. It rarely did that. “Hon, grab some dinner near work and only walk into the bedroom at 8pm sharp. I want both my studs walking through the door at the same time. -Mace” Luke smiled a little, his wife could be one kinky fucker. And being called a stud made him feel a little better while chomping down a donut. --------------------- Luke quietly looked at his dad again under the dim light of the lamp. Matt’s handsome square jaw and stubbled face looked intensely into nothingness. Luke was reminded again of how much better his dad looked in his fifties than he himself looked now in his thirties. He tried not to let that bother him, especially as they were so close to the big moment. Both men were standing in nothing but their briefs, so Luke had ample time to scan up and down his dad’s body. He didn’t even look that great, but he carried that body with such confidence he didn’t need to be ripped like a model. “At least I’m not 5’9.” Was all Luke could think while he looked at his own belly with discontent. “Come on in boys.” Macy’s songbird like voice sang from the other side of the door. The two men quickly glanced at each other. Father and son. An unusual couple, but Matt had enough gentle warmth radiating about him that Luke felt somewhat put at ease. His dad was just treating this as fun. Luke reminded himself he should do so too. With a last nod of consent both men entered at the same time. Macy laid there, temptingly and tantalizingly nude with just a then sheet covering her exquisite body. She was a goddess. Luke suddenly felt bad that he’d never shared her before. Her figure was beautiful. They had been each other's first the initial semester of college a dozen years back an neither had been with anyone else. Luke placed himself in front of Macy’s ‘entrance’ and softly pushed his bulge covered in sagging tighty-whities against her. He had hoped the display would be a tease, but it looked more like he was just pushing his belly into her. “Lukey, baby, I want you up here.” Macy said with a wink and a gentle tap next to her head. Luke took his new position with a little unease. His wife stripped him of his unflattering garment, his cock jumping into the warm air of the room with eager excitement. Macy’s eyes were completely focused on Luke’s hard cock and Luke’s cock alone. Macy stretched out her hand and slowly jerked it, her small her hands making the average piece of equipment look bigger. Luke tried focusing on the way his wife’s eyes beautifully sparkled while she stared at the piece of meat in her hands. But he found his gaze alternating between his wife’s curvy form and his masculine dad, who was standing at the end of the bed. Matt’s gaze was firmly planted on Macy’s hot body, his big chest heaving while he rubbed his bulge through the fabric of his stylish and tight underwear. Luke thought he’d be a whole lot more weirded out by his dad standing there if he hadn’t seen him naked and in a state of arousal so many times. Seeing him slowly getting himself hard felt strangely… Normal. With a gruff his dad stepped out of his underwear into complete nakedness. Macy didn’t even look, her eyes were still plastered firmly on her husband. It was something Luke was thankful for, he knew how much of a thing she had for muscular guys, and his dad somewhat fit into that category. Luke wanted nothing more than for his eyes to roll back and to be lost in a wave of pleasure, but he couldn’t pull away from the sight of his dad preparing to enter his wife. Matt pulled out a condom, and rolled it onto his completely hard dick with a single casual hand and the expertise of someone who did it often. Luke felt jealousy burn in him again. Why did his shit genes not endow him with a thick seven and a half inch tool like his dad had swinging between his legs instead of saddling him with an average five and half? Slowly and gently his dad entered, without pause. Macy took it like a pro, her vagina was made for cock. Without even a glance at Matt, she directed Luke onto the bed and pulled his cock into her mouth, licking up the small drop of pre at the tip, savoring the taste. Luke felt like he was on top of the world, his model like wife giving him a blowjob with an expression of pure pleasure plastered on her face, undoubtedly because she had the honor of servicing his great cock…. Then Luke remembered there was another man inside of her, and he was much more likely to be the source of the pleasure. His feeling of greatness was shattered by the large silhouette of his father standing on the edge of the bed. Luke pursed his lips in dissatisfaction while he looked at the guy standing on the other end of Macy, a man with a trained physique and superior endowment, who Luke knew was much more virile than he currently was. Luke once again found himself not looking at his beautiful wife, but at his dad. Part of him hoped he could spot some secret technique that he could replicate to give his wife the pleasure Matt was currently providing. That would mean her new moans of pleasure weren’t just a consequence of a bigger, better cock. Then Luke spotted something awfully strange while looking at his dad’s silhouette. He knew people said sex is the best work-out, but he had never thought to take it seriously. His dad looked a little leaner than just a few minutes ago. Like he had burned a half dozen pounds. Clearly all of it had been fat, because the abs that were now on display looked great. His pecs looked a little deeper and square too. Luke was just about to comment on it when he felt himself going over the edge. It had come suddenly, but then it almost always did with him. He didn’t even get to shout that he was cumming before shooting his small dribble into his wife’s mouth. A wave of tiredness washed over Luke following the encounter. He always felt drained after sex. He threw himself back onto the bed. At first he closed his eyes as sleep always came seconds after he came. But the sound of Macy’s soft moans and his dad’s grunts were too overwhelming to ignore. “Now it’s just you that needs to come.” Matt said smiling while lifting Macy up in his arms. It was the first time that Macy really looked at her father-in-law while getting fucked by him and her faced showed she clearly liked what she saw. Matt increased his pace and depth, making Macy’s eyes roll back in their sockets. Matt closed his eyes as he drilled her, savoring the feeling of stretching yet another woman open. Luke was the only one aware of the remarkable scene unfolding while Matt’s cock continued to firmly push into Macy. Because it almost appeared as with every thrust his dad made, he seemed a little bigger than before. It’s effect was nearly unnoticeable, but due to Matt’s rapid pace he slowly seemed to inflate with the tiniest part of a pound. And it wasn’t fat, mind you, it was the most masculine of compounds. Muscle Luke could see that after ten minutes of continuously fucking his wife, his dad seemed a bit beefier. Proportionally more muscled. Luke didn’t think about how that was odd and against every law of nature he knew till the screams of pleasure from his wife suddenly dragged him back to reality. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck? Oh fuck!” Macy yelled out while experiencing an orgasm for the first time in forever. Her stiffened body loosened as she rode her wave of bliss into cloud nine. Matt gently laid her on the bed and pulled his thick cock out of her. He didn’t seem to have noticed yet that his arms looked just a tad beefier and more muscular than before. Luke bit his tongue. Whatever he saw, he assured himself, it probably wasn’t real. A trick of the light, or whatever. People don’t just grow, right? Matt looked at his rock hard dick. He still hadn’t cum, but he felt like he was just a few tugs away from exploding. He looked Macy directly in the eyes and then gave his baby maker a firm squeeze. “Fuck yeah.” He growled with a grin, while he shot his load into condom. Luke thought his dad’s dick looked just a hair longer than a few minutes ago, had he not been fully hard when he entered? Matt carefully peeled the tight condom off his rod, and looked at it cluelessly for a second. “You got a bin?” He asked. Luke stared out into the distance, the entire last minute feeling more and more like a dream and haze. He only registered the question had been aimed at him after a few seconds. “Oh! No. Just put it on somewhere on the desk.” Luke said with a slight, dismissive wave of his hand. He just wanted to catch some rest before he started seeing weirder stuff than growing dads. Matt shifted his naked weight from one leg to another in front of the desk, not certain where to put the stretched-out cum-filled rubber. He ended up hanging it over a picture so it wouldn’t drip out over the table. Luke wasn’t sure if he intentionally chose to hang it over a honeymoon photo, covering Macy’s face with the worn out condom. “Thanks for the fun and a great lay” Matt said as he winked at Macy with a chuckle. A girlish giggle from Luke’s wife was the only reply. “We’ll see you tomorrow dad.” Luke said, while firmly looking at the door. “Oh. Before I forget, Lukey. Mind grabbing me a tub of protein from the store tomorrow? I’m gonna be apartment hunting and super busy, but I’ll need some after my heavy lifting session tomorrow. Don’t want this body getting soft!” “Get your own protein. Dad.” Luke said with snark and sleep invading his voice. Matt’s eyes flared for a moment and Luke thought he had made a terrible mistake. He was fully prepared for a speech about what happened if you ignored requests from the better men in the world. The more muscular men. The more hung men. The men that fucked your wife. But such a speech did not come. “Good night, Lukey.” His dad said with a shrug. Luke looked at the variety of bodily fluids slathered over his wife’s puss. He did not feel like saying “Good night” back. -------------------------- Quietly Luke shut the door on his car. It was 6am and he had tried to be as quiet as possible while he had sneaked around the house. He had originally just wanted to sit in the living room and watch some TV till it was time to leave for work, but he had forgotten his dad had taken over the couch. So instead he sat in the car. The scenery was better too, because it was a place that didn’t involve seeing memories of his dad in every bit of furniture. Memories of his dad growing and swelling with muscl---. “No.” Luke mumbled to himself. He wouldn’t give in to spectral images just yet. People don’t just grow. He had to take his mind off things. He slowly kicked the car into gear, driving to the nearest 24H grocery store. Yet still images of his dad were all that filled Luke’s mind. His heavy breathing. His muscles slowly inflating with each and every thrust... Luke turned on the only piece of distraction he had readily available in his car, the radio. “...To close of the midnight show, here is Lizzo, with her hit new single ‘Juice!’." Luke wasn’t familiar with the tune but considering it was designed to be an earworm, it didn’t take long for him to sing along unapologetically loudly. “Ain’t my fault I’m out here getting loose.” Luke sang, while tapping on the steering wheel with his fingers. “Gotta blame it on the goose, gotta blame it on my juice baby.” The rhythm was infectious, and Luke almost forgot about the pickle he was in. Almost. Because while he waited for the traffic light to turn green, his mind conjured up strange daydreams and images. Daydreams that were more akin to remnant’s of nightmares. Instead of being in the car he suddenly found himself outside his bedroom door, peeking timidly into the room he had spent countless nights. The colours were hazy, washed out and vague, but what he saw inside burned into his eyes nonetheless. His wife was being held suspended in the air by one man’s beefy arms. Another big man was standing in front of her delicate body, stretching her passage wide open with his superior manhood. Luke couldn’t see their faces, but he didn’t need to, he knew who these men were. They were his worst fears personified. The fear that sooner or later his hot wife would get powerful men worthy of her delicious body. Luke felt sick. When he had first lost his football honed body to rolls of fat, this was a common nightmare for him. But he hadn’t seen it for a year or two. Had the threesome reawakened his anxiety? But he had consented to his dad’s participation, so why did he still feel so… Defiled? Luke felt his mouth go dry. Besides the deep horror, some of the vision inspired awe, he had to admit it. It’s in our human nature to love seeing the best our species has to offer during their most intimate moments, straight porn of guys with big dicks is popular for a reason after all. And jeez were these men and his wife perfect together. The man railing her was much bigger than Luke had been in his prime, with muscle cascading over muscle to form a thick and solid build that would be the envy of any man. His wives mewling sounds coupled with the juices cascading over her thighs, convinced Luke this modern hercules was big everywhere. Luke’s goggling was interrupted by a sudden sharp scream of pleasure coming from his wife. Luke knew it was all a daydream but it certainly sounded very real. He made eye contact with this dream version of the woman he was married to. Her mouth formed into a cruel grin, and she opened it to speak. But the sound that left her throat wasn’t the voice of Macy. It was the voice of Lizzo, singing her new hit single. “Ain’t my fault I’m out here getting loose. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my--- HONK Luke jumped awake again with a startle. The traffic light was green again, and clearly the people behind him wanted to get on with their day. He quickly pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store, rubbing the temple of his head trying to figure out where those strange dreams kept coming from. ------------- Even when he pushed his shopping cart through the isles there wasn’t much else Luke could think about. He threw in some croissants, breakfast was his favourite. He passed by the tub of protein his Dad had requested. He halted for a moment in front of it. He could be the rebellious little devil and disobey his dad’s request, but there was no harm in helping him out, just this once, right? He threw the tub of protein in his shopping cart. While he did so he felt a strangle electric shock travel through his body. Luke clicked his tongue and pulled his face into a frown while an uncomfortable thought lingered in his mind. He suddenly thought hadn’t been daydreaming or experiencing left over nightmares at all. It was something more powerful. More primal. Not just a simple conjuring of the mind, instead it was a warning. A word of caution. An exhortation. Luke felt a chill travel through his spine while he sought the exact word to describe the alien feeling. A premonition. ------------------------------------- Continue to part III
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    It has been a long time since I tried to start a series, or even a one shot story. so I am a bit rusty. Hopefully I will be able to continue this. and I also hope you guys like it. not much growth to begin with but I had to start somewhere. Plus I am always short, sweet and to the point. I tend not to draw things out too much. hopefully you can get into the story. LD My New Job I never like starting new jobs. It is always awkward, the walking around meeting new people, shaking hands of perfect strangers. And being 40 and in not the best shape of my life is somehow worse. You can just feel the judgement in people’s eyes. It was all too weird and uncomfortable. But, little did I know that it was only going to get weirder. After a good fifteen minutes of walking around shaking hands and meeting the people that worked in the offices of Übermenschliche, which I found out means superhuman in German. The place makes products that are extremely tough and resilient to damage. There are several lines of products in the company, most of them are for different types of things that are needed in the home; Housewares, indoor and outdoor furniture, even items for your pet. I was walking around with my new boss as we were heading into my department, Shipping and Receiving. I have been hired to help overhaul and implement a new system to help with inventory control and help with the shipping processes. And that is where I met the young man that was going to change my life. “Harding, this is your new partner back here. Allen Scott meet Harding Montgomery. Harding Montgomery meet Allen Scott. Allen is going to be helping you get this back area organized and help with all the shipping orders” I stretched out my hand. “It is a pleasure to meet you” Harding looked down at me, a slight scowl to his face, he extended his meaty hand. He clasped his hand around mine. I looked at how my hand was dwarfed by his. I continued to scan up his arm, I can see thick brown hair sticking out from underneath the sleeves near his wrists. I go up his arm, and notice how full the arm fills the sleeve. His arm was slightly tense and with a slight bulge to it. I looked at how his torso was slender, a true inverted triangle. His chest was full and heaving with strong mass. He was breathing weird, almost like he was gasping for air. The navy blue of the polo he wore matched his eyes as I finally looked at his face and in his eyes. He had a slight look of shock on his face. He pulled his hand away and lightly rubbed his hand. “Nice… Nice to meet you. I look forward to working with you” His deep baritone voice seemed nervous. How the hell is someone that is around 6’5” and must be 350 lbs solid… nervous around me? The rest of my day was filled with filing proper papers for my employment, getting my id badge created, setting codes up to get into the alarm system, and passwords to get into the computer system. During the midday break, I ran out to the food truck to grab a sandwich and a drink, and while fishing for my wallet, a deep voice spoke behind me, “Susan, add his to mine. I gotta take care of the new guy.” I turned around to say thank you, expecting some space between me and the person who paid for my simple meal. There wasn’t. I turned and ended up face first into a very deep musk smelling, navy blue polo. I backed up and ended up backing into the food truck. I blushed. “Oh Harding, You didn’t need to do that. But, thank you. I will get you next time.” He gave a small smile and a nod, and then paid for his food. I turned to leave so I could eat my food back at the workstation I was at, and I could feel his eyes upon my back. I finally finished my paperwork and all the computer processes and made my way to my car. There wasn’t very many left. I was guessing mostly other office personal finishing up their work. I started the small trek to my vehicle, when I saw the lights of a truck turn on and the engine turned over. The truck made its way over to a parking spot near me, and the window slowly went down. Seated in the driver’s seat was Harding. “Hey Allen, You wanna grab something to eat, so that we can get acquainted?” I looked at him, seeing his calm demeanor and slight smile. “I am so sorry, I really can’t. I just moved into a new place and I need to get stuff unpacked and sorted. Raincheck?” He looked at me, frowned, his brows scrunched together. “Yeah, Sure. I guess.” He put his truck in reverse and took off. His truck sped off so fast the tires squealed. I got into my car thinking that the exchange was odd and left for my place. Traffic was light and when a vehicle turned onto the road behind me, I thought nothing of it. I made my way to the little flat that I am renting, when a familiar truck pulled in behind me. I got out of my car and Harding got out of his truck. He looked mad. “Allen, I am trying very hard not to be angry with you. But, you have to understand that I don’t usually get turned away. Do you think that you are better than me? Look at you, you are at least fifteen years older than me, You are out of shape and I am physical god… And you turned me down… and when I touched you…” He shivered. And then he did something I wasn’t expecting, he grew. Not much, but, enough I could tell. The buttons that held the collar of his polo strained against the push from his chest, the fabric stretched across his impressive biceps and triceps. The seams made a slight scream around his wrists. The shiver went down his body and his waist tightened slightly as his glutes and quads began to swell. His calves filled up the lower part of his already tight blue jeans. He looked at me and I gulped down air.
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    Hi everyone!!! Hope you enjoy my new story. Ive actually written the entire thing as one long story, but I'm going to break it up into portions since it will be much easier to read that way. Hope you like it. I got the concept from guy Ive been chatting with on here, Mr Alice, and then just let my horny post-workout self do the rest. I have two endings... one that is crazier then the other, but still not sure which one I'm going to post. We'll see!! Enjoy!! I Want What I Want Part One *** Top Secret *** Official Transcript of recording found at Ground Zero: New York State. For clarity and ease to the reader, moments where only action takes place as well as lapses in time will be notated. Although encrypted, this file MUST be deleted once reading is completed. When the full examination of recordings has been finished, you may request to view it. approval will be made on an as needed basis. Time Stamp - Start of Recording. Friday February 15, 2019 7:19 pm. Professor Grant Jennings: Okay. Hi. I figured this might be quickest and easiest way to get the information out. What I’ve helped unleash on the world... the destruction... the deaths... I don’t know how to stop it... I can’t stop it, so I’m hoping someone, with the help of this recording might be able to... but I doubt it. Maybe I’m simply doing this to ease my own conscious. That’s probably most likely what this is. Please know I’m not a horrible person. That’s not how this started. I wanted to help. I really did. All I’ve ever wanted to do was help. I’m going to edit together all of the recordings I took, and in some instances where no recordings are available, I’ll simply have to tell you what happened. You’ll have to trust me that all of it is true. Why would I start lying now? This is being filmed on my IPhone, but it will also be instantly imported to my cloud drive. My name is Grant Jennings, and at 37 I’m the youngest, and in my humble opinion, the most brilliant designer and programmer of nanotechnology living at the moment. Living... As you may know... or maybe you don’t, there has been many advancements in DNA or gene editing but on very small levels. Malcolm Kind Laboratories, who had become aware of my work with genome editing or gene editing nanotechnology, had hired me right out of Grad School. The work I had been performing with MKL has been in perfecting technology to promote the growth of missing or ill formed limbs, skin, and in some cases, internal organs. It was all a dangerous and highly guarded project that anyone at MKL would have denied even existed. We had incredible success on mice, monkeys, and finally on a gorilla where we were able to regrow more then half of its body. It was going great at MKL, but a little too slow and safe for me. I’ve never been a very good team player, and the idea of working for a lab bothered me somewhat, but the money they supplied had enabled me to have quicker advances then I had even shared with them. If they wanted real progress, they’d needed to break into my office in the basement of my home; that was where real magic was happening. Unfortunately, my boss was well aware of that. I was first summoned to Malcolm Kind’s office in NYC two years after my initial work had begun. I’ll skip all that you know about Malcolm Kind. Yeah, he was the richest man living, yeah he could be a tough business man, but I never saw that side. What I did see was a man scared of death... and when we met, he was indeed dying. His body was riddled with cancer, and all the finest doctors in the world gave him less then five months to live. ** An explosion rocks the camera and sends Dr. Jennings to the floor. The lights flicker on and off for a moment, but then come back on ** DJ: I have to hurry. Okay. All you need to know was MK was dying and he wanted my help. In exchange of a sum... a large sum... he wanted me to use him as the first human Guinea pig using my technology. He didn’t just want the cancer destroyed... he wanted all of his internal organs renewed... reinvigorated. And to make a long story short... I was able to do it. In a fairly short period, all of MK’s internal organs were that of a healthy twenty year old. Money and science had helped him beat cancer and partially beat the hands of time. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop him from being killed in a skiing accident one year later. That is where Benjamin Kind enters the picture. Three weeks after the funeral of his father, Benjamin summoned me to his father’s mansion outside the city. I had never met Benjamin before, but had heard of him as the much loved but much misguided only son of the trillionare. We met in the library over coffee, and after a few formalities with the 34 year old, he came right down to business. “My father,” he said, “trusted you with his life. He told me everything that you did for him... and I’m forever grateful that you were able to help him in the way that you did. Now that he’s gone... I also want your help... but more in a vanity project sort of way.” “ At this moment I’m the richest man alive. I have everything I could ever want, except one thing: an incredible body. My father didn’t pass on the best genes. As you can see, I’m short, overweight, balding, and have awful skin. I’m willing to give you 60 million to change all of that. Make me into what I want to be.“ I remained quiet while he talked, not that he gave me a chance to get a word in anyway, but the thought of 60 million dollars??!! I could finally do what I wanted to do. I could help my family... assist brilliant kids who didn’t have the resources for good schools or higher education. I could do so much with 60 million... “I blame my parents for my shortcomings. They should have been wiser with who they reproduced with for the sake of the race, but unfortunately they hadn’t thought about that. So, it’s up to you and I to fix all of their mistakes. You have the brains, and I have the money.” “So... Where would I want you to start? You’re a guy so it probably will only take you one second to guess what the first trial I want to be. I’ve been dreaming of this for years... I’m going to be honest with you, Grant. My cock is nothing but small to average. It’s about 4 inches in length and 2” in girth when erect. When soft, it isn’t even worth measuring it’s so small. So, I want you to change that.” Benjamin has been pacing around the room while he was talking, but now he sat next to me... so close I could smell the coffee on his breath. “In my pants, Grant, I want a real ass ripper. I want the kind of cock that would make another guy stop and think twice maybe three times whether or not he wants me to go through with the act of letting me fuck him. My cock would make it nearly impossible for a guy to give me a blow job because the head itself is just so damn thick!! No matter what I wear, my VPL is always visible, and wearing a speedo or even square cuts is impossible due to there not being enough fabric to cover my meat and balls!! I want a cock where, when I step up to a urinal, I stand back so everyone can catch a good glimpse of my massive horse meat and let loose a stream that would make a fire hose jealous. I have enough money not to care what the world thinks… and I want to be a freak of nature… you have no idea how freakish I want to be… and my cock will be the starting point.” “Two years ago I found this picture online... “ Benjamin pulled out his phone and scrolled through it until he found the picture he wanted to show me. “I think it was on Tumblr, when they could show such things... It’s my dream cock. It’s obviously morphed and doctored, but it’s length and girth and... sheer power is simply incredible. I must have jerked off a thousand times to this picture just imagining what it would feel like having it between my legs... feel it’s pull when soft... feel how heavy it is when hard. Yeah...only something like this will do for me. I want you to give me this.” He stopped talking and waited for my response. “Mr Kind...” “Ben. Please.” “Ben... of course it’s possible. It’s just... I’ve never...” “You never rebuilt a whole man’s insides, but you could do that for my father. You’re a brilliant man...” “Thank you... it’s just...” “60 million transferred into your account right after this is done... and then One hundred and fifty million, transferred after you give me the body I want. What do you say?” What do you say to that? You say yes!! 60 million to give a guy a huge cock he’s fantasized about, and then 150 to give him a great body? Who would ever say no to that? What harm was there in giving him what he wants? Now you all are paying for my greed… “Great!! We’ll start tonight. I’ve had portions of the lab closed and everything you’ll need transferred into the basement. I also took the liberty of having your clothes and personal items brought to the house so you can start prepping everything that will be needed.” “How did you know I was going to say yes?” “ I wasn’t going to give you the option of saying no.” That night, I infused Ben’s body with 15,000 microscopic and computerized “viruses” that would invade and alter his system as required. It was a long process for him to sit on his ass as the drip delivered 15 million dollars worth of technology induced fluids into his system. Yes. 15 million dollars, but that was a drop in the bucket for MKL. They’ll easily be able to get that money back come tax time... if there ever is a tax time again...I tried to distract him with Netflix, but he continually found it difficult to sit still. Four hours after the initial delivery began, and the last drop of LRS was in his system, I brought the ‘bots’ online. Although it was late, Ben wanted to continue with the first trial, but the ‘bots’ needed to map his entire body first. That was completed around 5:00 am the next morning. Here is what it looked like. ** Dr Jennings moves the IPhone. On a computer screen are two images. One is a naked 3D rendering of Benjamin Kind’s body. The other is another rendering, this one showing the interior: bones, veins, organs, etc. ** Fucking amazing, isn’t it??!! Even to me it’s scary how accurate it is. The ‘bots’ had gone through every mm of his body, reading and processing his DNA, body mass, bone density, organ size and density, until they had a complete working map. As he looked at it the next day, all Ben could do was comment how easy it was to see his flaws reflected on the screen back at him. That afternoon, preparing for our first trial run, I went through the diagnostics to verify that all of the ‘bots’ were still online and ready for their commands. Everything appeared to be in working order, and all of the bots were signaling back to the host which meant everything was online. Perfect. After that, I took the image Ben had given me of that massive cock and balls and dragged the picture from my desktop into the upload portion of the program. Once the picture was imported, I let the program know exactly what organ it was so it would be able to properly judge proportions when it created the 3-D image. This program I had been working on at home could take any image of a body part, map it, create a 3D rendering, and come up with the DNA it would require to create it... alter the users original system to accept it as if it was always its own... and grow it. In this program, I had a library of approximately 50,000 different body parts to pick and choose from, or you could upload a specific one. This library could also help to build a proper image even if you only have a front or side view using the examples in the library. We only had a front shot of that cock, but once the program knew what it was, it was able to put the pieces together and create the complete thing. I’ll show you a picture of it. ** Dr Jennings positions the IPHONE in-front of the computer screen. ** There you have it. The 3D image of Ben’s monster cock. The statistics put it at 12.8 inches by 7 with the glans being 3” long and a whopping 8” thick. A thick finger-sized vein runs up the right side of it, with additional sizeable ones branching off of it. The testicles were simply enormous as well, about the size of kiwis. It’s was massive... so sizeable that... fuck... would Ben think it was too much even for him?? No way!! It was exactly what he always wanted... what he had dreamed of. But first, he required some alterations to be made.... to improve upon it. First he had me edit the function of both testes to ensure they produced a nearly unthinkable amount of both pre and cum. He wanted to be leaking like a faucet when hard and blowing like a volcano when he ejaculated. Okay. That was easy to program. Then I took the cock rendering and had it merged it with his DNA. Moments later, it showed up on his 3-D rendering. As soon as Ben saw it, he began hopping up and down like a kid at Christmas. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck yes!!! Look at that!!! Fuck!!! I want that soooo bad!!! That cock and balls will be the most ultimate part of my body... as if the rest of me didn’t grow because it was too busy growing this GodCock!! Fuck it! That’s what I’m talking about!! Just... maybe a little bigger.” I shifted the size to make it 13.2x7.5 with a head 4x8.5. “Much better, Grant!! Love it more freakish!” Once he was happy with it, I had the computer write the command to alter his DNA to grow what he wanted. It took about 2 hours to process. Longer then I had anticipated, but the entire strand was finally complete. ** Dr Jennings points the IPHONE at the screen again ** As you can see from the updated 3D image, the muscles in his groin area had become enlarged to enable his new cock to stand at attention when hard. Also, and this was surprising, you can see when soft that it had a foreskin that was only able to cover about half of the head when soft. That hadn’t been programmed, which was strange, but being a guy who’s cut, Ben loved the idea of having foreskin. He thought it would be a new experience and one he was really looking forward to. Hell!! Having that whole massive cock and balls was going be a new experience for Ben, and one he couldn’t wait for. So... Ben wanted to know... what were we waiting for? The DNA code was prepared and the bots were ready to alter the strands already in his body. All I needed to do was type in the command and it was a go. With one command I did it. With one command I began the downfall of our planet. Every nonobot in Ben’s body was now working in tandem to alter his DNA and replace it with the one where he would possess that cock. I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take. The trial tests on animals took a few hours before visible signs of change were obvious, but never having done a full test run on a human made the timing an unknown. Ben was horny from the get go. He talked about wanted to jerk off right then and there, but he waited. “I never want to touch that little cock again. Soon I’ll be rid of that mistake and replace it with one fit for the man I’m gonna be.” Those were his very words. I remember them like they were yesterday. We waited and waited, Ben wondering if everything was working properly, and I kept informing him that it was. Finally at 11:38 pm, Ben let me know that something was starting to happen. For scientific purposes, I recorded the entire thing. Here it is. None of this footage has been altered. ** Here Dr Jennings has attached an additional file timestamped at 11:40 pm. Benjamin Kind is sitting on the couch of what is presumably the makeshift laboratory. He is naked. Sweat is beading on his forehead. He appears anxious and excited. ** ⁃ Describe what you’re feeling for me, Ben. ⁃ Okay. About ten minutes ago I started feeling a little something in my balls. I don’t know how to describe it... but it felt like an engine starting up. Now it’s only getting stronger. I feel like my balls are... ugh!! Damn that hurt. It’s really getting strong now. It feels like my balls are just churning away... filling up... getting heavier. If you look at them, they do look like they are slightly bigger in size. Not by much but a little. They... fuck!!! This is really starting to hurt now. The feel like their swelling... growing... Grant... look!!! My balls are!!! Fuck!!! They’re growing!!! Buddy!!! Look.. you can totally see that they are... Oh yeah!!! I’m... finding it harder to talk... I just feel so.... so horny. I don’t think I’ve ever been this fucking horny in my life!! Argh!! It hurts. It hurts a lot. It feels like I’m getting kicked in the groin... over and over again... but it also feels so good. I don’t know if you can understand... but it feels... fucking amazing. ⁃ I’m sure you can see, Grant, but my cock... it’s getting so hard. It’s never been this hard before in my life!!! And my balls... you can totally see now that they are much larger. They’re both pulling down on my sack. Blowing it up like a water balloon. ** Benjamin laughs as he winces in pain. ** ⁃ Who would have thought getting bigger balls would hurt so damn... FUCK!!!! Look at the size of these bad boys!! I can grip one of them with my hand. It’s like an XL egg right now. ** Benjamin Kind closes his eyes and starts to breathe heavily. ** ⁃ Fuck fuck Fuck!!! ** A large amount of pre-ejaculate squirts out of Ben’s penis. ** ⁃ Oh my God!!! That felt amazing!!! Shit!! It shot across the room!! ** Benjamin Kind laughs ** ⁃ I can already feel it building up again. Oh God!! Oh God!! Here it comes!! **. An even larger amount of pre-ejaculate squirts from Ben’s penis ** ⁃ Fuckin hell!! What the fuck is... AHHHH!! ** Benjamin grabs onto his penis as it shoots squirt after squirt of pre-ejaculate. This continues for 10 ejaculations. Still breathing heavy, Benjamin stands and begins to pace around the room ** ⁃ My cock and balls are growing!! I can’t fucking believe this... ⁃ Maybe you should sit down, Ben ⁃ This is almost too much... no! It’s not enough! I fuckin love it!! Here it comes again!!! ** Benjamin falls onto his knees and begins to moan loudly. Ben’s penis begins to squirt pre-ejaculate in larger and larger amounts until it begins to look like a constant stream. His penis continues to throb over and over, noticeably getting thicker. Benjamin wraps his hand around his penis and begins to stroke it. ** ⁃ I... can... hardly... speak... My balls are... sending out... a continuous river of pre! Is this... supposed to... happen... ⁃ Ben… come over here and sit down… This could be a complication from altering the testicles processes… ** Benjamin laughs while looks down at his penis and tries to control where it is spraying. ** ⁃ This is gonna... be a... bitch for the... servants...to... clean up... tomorrow!!! ** Benjamin laughs even more. He watches as he strokes his penis, smiling at the camera. ** ⁃ Can you see this, Grant?? Every time it squirts it’s getting thicker... FUCK!!! Oh yeah. It’s getting much thicker. I can feel it... argh!!! I can feel it... ** Benjamin’s penis abruptly stops flowing. ** ⁃ What the fuck?? Benjamin closes his eyes tight, starts to pant, and scrunches his whole face as he screams; His entire penis begins to swell like a water balloon at bursting point, when a massive amount of pre-ejaculate is suddenly emitted from his penis. This continues for nearly ten minutes of the recording.** ⁃ I can literally feel and hear the flesh ripping and repairing itself as it gets thicker and more eminence. My heart is beating so fast... more and more blood keeps getting pushed into my cock. Fuck!! Look at how thick it’s getting. I can hardly get my hand around it!! I fuckin love this, and I love the fact it’s only getting bigger!!! ⁃ Here it comes again... even stronger!!! My balls are churning more and more... I’ve never felt anything like this before. I can actually feel and hear my balls churning!!! Look at them!!! I don’t think I can even close my legs anymore... I... ** Benjamin grabs onto the couch as he begins to arch his back ** ⁃ It’s getting... so heavy!!! I can feel it starting to pull on my groin. It has to be at least 7 inches long now. Five more to go!!! Look at it!! So thick!! Hah!! I can’t even get my hand around it now at all!! Look at the space between my thumb and middle finger!! This would tear a guy up already... and it’s not even as thick as it’s gonna be. ⁃ This whole room stinks of bleach!! I don’t think there’s a surface I haven’t covered in pre. It just doesn’t stop coming! My body just keeps producing more and more... an endless supply... forcing my cock and balls to just keep growing. ⁃ You’re a fucking genius, Grant Look at this thing!!! Come on, baby!! Keep getting longer!! Keep getting... ⁃ FUCK!!!! ⁃ My cock head!! It feels like its gonna rip in two!! Blood just keeps getting pumped in, forcing it to swell. Argh!! The piss slip is starting to tear... getting so much longer as the head takes over the growth... getting so massive! I’ve never seen a head so meaty. The piss slit has gotten much longer... and keeps ripping to accommodate the size of my head. Look at me covering the head with my hand!! It’s thicker then my palm... so bulbous and still growing!! ⁃ Fuck!! A shot just went through my balls like lightning. It’s all happening so much faster now. My sack has nearly doubled in size to accommodate the two kiwis residing there. And my cock... two hands doesn’t even start to cover it!! ⁃ Growing so quickly now. One second it’s nine inches, then ten!! Keep growing!! Keep growing!! I’m becoming a total freak with a cock like this... but I love it!! Damn!! Where’s all the blood coming from to fill this thing??!! ⁃ I need to fuck! I need to fuck sooo bad. I need to fuck over and over again... I don’t think I’ll ever really be satisfied again! I’m going to always be constantly horny. ⁃ Here comes another surge!!! Here... it... FUCK!!!! Growing so... my voice?! What’s happened to my voice?! It sounds like it just dropped!! How can that... there!! It’s happened again!!! My voice is getting so deep... so masculine... sounds like it dropped an octave!!! so... FUCK!!! ⁃ I’m thicker then 2 Liter now... my voice just oozes sex!! I love it!! ⁃ My cock looks exactly like the picture!! Even two handed I barely cover it! ⁃ Something else is happening... my balls are churning more. Can you hear that?? So loud!!! My cock is nearly 13” and so thick!!! So... thick!!! My balls are even bigger then kiwis! Swelling even larger. No way I’m gonna hide any of this in trousers! I don’t think I’ve even got underwear that will fit this beast!! ⁃ So hard... so colossal... just looking at it makes me want to get fucked by it! I want to suck it... get fucked by it... over... and over... and over... ⁃ My cock and balls are pure sex. Fuck... I’m pure sex!! I think I’m... I’m gonna... balls churning more... I’m gonna blow... need release... need to empty these... ⁃ FUCK!!!!!!!! ** Benjamin Kind begins to ejaculate continuously for eight minutes. During this time his cock continues to lengthen and thicken even more, the head blowing up to unthinkable proportions. As his ejaculations begin to become less frequent, Benjamin keeps stroking his penis and laughing. When he speaks again, his voice rumbles in a deep bass. ** ⁃ It worked even better then we thought!! I’m even bigger then predicted. It’s thicker then my arm! I have the monster cock of my dreams!!! My voice!!! So deep... so sexy!! Like my cock!! I cum like a fire hose, and I’m as hard as a steel girder. It would take four of my hands to cover this cock!! You’re a fucking genius! And if you can do this... imagine what else you can do!! I can have the body I’ve always dreamt of. The existence I’ve always dreamed of. You’re gonna make my dreams come true, Grant. You’re gonna make me into a God!! ⁃ One step at a time, Ben. We need to look at why you’re much bigger then you were supposed to be... ⁃ Measure it!! ** Dr Jennings sets the phone down so that Benjamin is still in view. He walks over with a tape measure. ** ⁃ It’s... 14.6 inches long and...8.8 inches wide. ⁃ Yes!!!! ⁃ The head itself is... 5 inches long and 9.6 wide. ⁃ Fuck!!! My head is bigger then my old cock used to be!! My balls. Look at then. Like two oranges fighting for space in this sack. I wonder how big I am soft...but I haven’t been soft yet!! ** Benjamin laughs and then winces in pain again. ** ⁃ What’s wrong, Ben? ⁃ Nothing!! Everything is great!! I have to go... ** Benjamin starts to leave the room but stops, leaning against the wall. Professor Jennings runs up to him. Benjamin starts laughing. ** ⁃ I can just feel it growing again, Grant. It hadn’t finished growing... look at it!!! Fuck!!! Getting so massive... ⁃ We need to go run diagnostics on this, Ben... ⁃ It’s still getting bigger!! Don’t freak out, Grant!! It’s what I want... what I’ve always wanted... I’m a fucking living morph!!! ** Benjamin winces again. When he speaks, his voices is even deeper then before. ** ⁃ I need to fuck!! Need to fuck right now!!! Need to fuck all night!! Balls are already starting to fill up... churning. Fuck!! Getting blue balls!! That can’t be right!!! Starting to hurt already!! Just a reminder that this cock and balls were built for constant use!! ** Benjamin starts to move around the room, in and out of the frame. ** ⁃ Gonna go fuck, Grant. Find some poor soul and tear his ass apart. Got to fuck! Now!! Right now!! Not sure what I can wear... this won’t fit in any of my trousers... fuck it!! Let them see the massive bulge of this God cock!! Let them see I’m packing and what they’re getting!! ⁃ Ben, you can’t. We need to figure out what’s going on!! ⁃ Want me to fuck you, Grant?? That what you want?? ⁃ No... I... ⁃ Then get out of my way... all I can think about right now is fucking... getting off...FUCK!!! It’s still growing... and my balls!!! I’m gonna... ** Benjamin grabs onto his penis with both hands as he begins to ejaculate once again for four minutes, moaning and stroking as he does. When he finished, he looks at Dr. Jennings and laughs! ** ⁃ Measure me again ⁃ It’s... 15.4inches long and...9.7 inches wide. ⁃ Yes!!!! ⁃ The head itself is... 6.4inches long and 10.2 wide. ⁃ It’s a fucking monster, Doc, and I have you to thank!!! I’ll see you tomorrow, Doc... not too early... I think I’ll be too busy... sleep all day... the servants will take care of you. I have some great ideas what we’re gonna do next. I can have the body I’ve always dreamt of. The existence I’ve always dreamed of. You’re gonna make my dreams come true, Grant. You’re gonna make me into a God!! Gonna go fuck!! Talk more later!! ** Benjamin starts to exit the sitting room, his penis hard and still leaking. He stops and turns back to the camera. ** - Don’t be worried, Grant. You have no idea how amazing this feels. Ive never felt so alive… ** The recording ends ** That night I went through every diagnostics and everything was working properly. There was no reason why Ben’s penis and balls had grown to the size they now were. If I knew then what I know now... I would have destroyed that program right then and there. But I didn’t... and we didn’t stop... and now... fuck... what the fuck has Ben become? What’s he finally going to be??
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    I am very new here, and I have lurked for quite a while. After reading these amazing stories, I thought I would try to write one. I know it's not as good by far as the amazing writers and their stories on here now, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. This story is about a future where men can grow very large and the social changes that occur to accept them. But also there are some men that have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future, and this could happen when love gets in the way. Unwilling Chapter 1 "Ya got some dust on top of your refrigerator." That was Jess observing as he was rummaging the kitchen for food. Always hungry, always with the wisecracks. "Well, since you are up there, why don't you clean it? There is a paper towel roll right there", I shot back. "Don't we have a cleaning person? I mean they are not doing a good job and are screwing us then." Jess answered. I gave up a long time ago trying to get in a back and forth with Jess. He was impossible in college and still impossible as my now "temporary" roommate. "Temporary" because he has been with me since we graduated from college one month ago. Not that I am complaining. Jess is at his now peak size, 10'6" and a bit over 1200 pounds. He has a massively muscled giant football lineman physique, and he needed my loft studio space so he could move around without bending over and breaking doorways. Having him around has it's perks, such as now because he is squatting down to rummage the lower cabinets and the beachball glutes on this guy are stretching his compression shorts to the breaking point. Jess is only half of my impossible giant problem; our other old college roommate Davis is the other half. Davis is on his way over from a pickup basketball game. He is more the refined guy compared to Jess. He played basketball in college and is less cocky and much smarter than Jess. His growth GK "growth kick" took him from a 6'6" basketball player in college to a now whopping 12'. He lived a couple of blocks away in a new building with the newer 20' ceilings and sized up things to go along for a giant life. Me? I'm Linus. I paint and therefore have the required hipster loft space with 20' ceilings and an entire floor of an old factory. Everything is open, I like it like that, and Jess seems not to mind it either, but beggars can’t be choosers. He's living rent-free, has a place to sleep, and he gives me untold amounts of amusement with his goofiness and wise-cracks. Money is pretty good for me; my paintings are selling well. I have some cash in the bank, and I like helping Jess out. Davis helps also slipping Jess an occasional amount of money and getting him out of the loft when I need to get into my deep painting jags. Compared to these two behemoth college buddies, I am a petite 6' even and 185 pounds: pretty good shape, good gym body. When I was in college with Jess and Davis, and they were regular sized, I never imagined things would turn out this way. The GK came into being over-night. One day at the beginning of our senior year amid all the drug commercials on tv suddenly there was a new one for GK from Van Semec Pharmaceuticals. It was pretty basic, a lovely wife in a suburban setting gazing at her husband with a smirk, wondering what it would be like to have a much larger husband. Cut to the next scene, and a 9' monster husband is strolling down a country road with his now pleased wife. Then the list of endless drug requirements and side effects that make US television a drugstore with gaps for programming. GK scared me instantly. I have a natural aversion to drugs, and I have a hard time taking even pain medication, let alone a shot. And this shot first required a genetic test. Then you were deemed ok to take a GK shot or not. If you were ok, the higher the score, the bigger you would become when you got the shot. Then a 30 day wait, and then you were off to the races. Jess and Davis saw the commercial the first time with me in the dorm room. Jess was slumped on his bed from football practice with his hands down his shorts, and Davis was clipping the toenails of his size 16's. They both became glued to the set, as did most guys that saw it the first time. Davis and Jess were so excited they called the 1-800 number as the commercial was on a second time in 10 minutes. Those two were on hold for two hours to get their names onto the genetic test list. They got their test dates from an email, and a couple of weeks later took the test. Jess scored a big 81 out of 100, Davis scored 85 out of 100. A week after the results they got the shot. They both hit their target heights by graduation. But as the GK craze settled down, guys were sorted into groups with the new sizes. First, there were no change guys who would not take the test, like me. Then the group of guys with low scores that received the drug that gained maybe half a foot, guys with high scores that hit the 9-foot mark, which made 9 feet the new 7 feet, and then the big score guys like Jess and Davis that were true giants of giants. Some guys, maybe about 10 in all worldwide got a bit higher scores than my buddies, and they hit close to 13 feet which were the tallest. So I’m the lucky one with two supergiants as my best friends, one a roommate, one not, but both eating me out of house and home. The elevator is running, and that means Davis is on his way up. The elevator is a freight elevator and can handle both Jess and Davis at the same time thankfully. "Howdy my man, and howdy you huge ass freak! “Davis booms as he opens the freight elevator doors and does a duck under the door. He looks spectacular. He has his basketball shorts on, and they cling to his mighty thighs and huge bubble ass as he walks past me at my painting easel. He is broad, but not fat. His body is a massive muscular thick basketball player look with long, long legs and aircraft carrier broad shoulders. The wood floor creaks as he passes by, he eats the distance across the loft in huge strides. He comes up behind Jess close, and since Jess still has his back to him, Davis slaps one of his mega ass checks. Hard. "Mothefucker, don’t wallop me!" Jesse yelps. "You are an enormous wimp. Good grief", Davis says as he walks to the couch and flops his 900 pounds on it. Thankfully I had individually sized sofas made to contain these two. "Are you STILL looking for food?" I ask Jess. "Because you have not checked the three new refrigerators on the far side of the loft just delivered two days ago and are full of food just for you." "Oh yeah! I forgot" Jess says and lopes off across the studio, the floor shaking. "That's going to keep him occupied for a while," says Davis. "By the way, I ran into Gabe at the game, he said hi and was wondering when you would get on board with the GK." "We went over this Davis, I paint. Why do I need to be bigger to paint? Would I be able to paint if I was, say 9 feet? My hands would be gigantic!" "Well, it would help if you took the GK test just to see," Davis said with an arched eyebrow. "Davis, I got you and my freak roommate as giants, I can have all the giant I want with you two." "I guess you gay creative types need to do your own thing, and I won’t press it anymore, but you would meet a bunch of giant gay guys though if you think about it." “Right, and having a giant cocked guy would be for someone my size helpful how?” “I’m just trying to help you, buddy. You know I’m there for you no matter what. It's our job to get you laid". “Thanks, now can you go get our child out of the refrigerators?” We both cracked up. “He should be back by now with something to eat.” Just then Jess comes back with three trays, and I had to put three 10-pound lasagna trays in the oven to cook for Jess, Davis was holding back as he was not a bottomless pit for food. Jess consumed the trays in record time, leaned back on the couch and propped his legs up, lifted his muscle shirt to expose a mammoth muscle gut with deep ridges and smacked himself. "Good feed" he sighed. “Well, I am glad you are full. Finally!” I then finally went back to my painting. They were both immersed in the new Giant Football League press conference. I was lost in my painting but could hear Jess complain about how unfair it was that everything was upsized to accept the more significantly larger players, and Davis agreed as basketball was doing the same things, raising the hoops and making the court and ball much bigger. I thought it was goofy. Bigger players, bigger venues and equipment? It was still the same just bigger. Why did they not like it? Maybe they expected a player to hit a basket just standing there like he was putting an orange in a tall trash can. How exciting was that to watch? But that was just me. I was getting into a deep zone with my painting and filtering out everything when I was lifted by my armpits. "Cuddle time!", they both were yelling as Davis had me up in the air and was carrying me to the couch. “Guys! No! Come on!” I protested. “It's cuddle time, and you know it," Davis said a matter of factly and deposited me on the couch between him and Jess. He swung my legs over Jess' midsection, and he sat down and propped me up against his midsection, and four massive, powerful hands held me in place until I finally relaxed, and when they felt that they eased up a bit. "Isn't this nice?" Jess asked Davis, "our tiny cuddle bear loves this!" “Yes, he does!” Davis replied smiling and nodding while patting my head like I was a plush toy. I sighed and relaxed more sinking into the space between them, the heat and mass of Jess' midsection warming my legs, my back warmed by Davis' torso, the top of my head tucked under his chest. It was lovely sleeping between and on these two large meat pillows, and I was starting to drift off when my phone rang. It was Harold from the loft below. He wanted to come up and talk. He was upset. He was was a good guy, a bit lost, and very wealthy from a trust fund that he inherited. I knew he was having trouble with a guy he was seeing, a non-giant. He asked if Davis and Jess were up there with me, he is terrified of them both, as he is a very tiny 5'1" and he could not take the GK drug. I held my hand over the phone. "Harold wants to come up, can you two PLEASE not scare him like last time? He's a great guy, but you can’t scare him.” Jess and Davis looked at each other and replied in unison, "Yes DAD!" I knew this was a bullshit answer. "I mean it!" No fucking with him. You two beasts got it?" They both nodded and smiled. "Harold, come up, and no they will not scare you like last time. They are great guys; you know they would not do stuff to you unless they liked you. You know that right?” "I know," Harry softly replied, "but they are so fucking big!" The elevator made a tone, meaning it had reached my floor, and with that signal, Jess and Davis quickly extracted themselves from the couch and rushed over to the elevator to what I hoped would be a gentle greeting. My mistake was trusting these guys. The doors opened, and Jess grabbed poor Harold before he knew what hit him, swept him up to his chest and exclaimed, "My turn to eat a person!" Davis took the cue, "No! You ate the last guy, and he's mine to eat!" Then Davis reached out and started pulling on Jess, acting like he was going to take his prize. Poor Harold was petrified. I ran over and reached up to Jess' tree trunk forearms and started pulling. "Put him down NOW!" I shouted. Jess slowly lowered Harold to the floor with a disappointed look and I pushed Harold towards the couch. When he was clear, I reached up on each side of me and gave the two beasts a quick nut punch at the same time. AWWW!!! Fuck! They both yelled, and both acted as if they were in great pain. I walked back to the couch and sat down with Harold. Jess and Davis slowly lumbered over still acting injured as they flopped in their previous spaces on the couch.
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    Thanks to Dredlifter for the idea suggestion of this little thing - or maybe it will wind up being a big thing. I haven’t written a story like this in a long time - at least 4 years. I hope you will bear with me for a slow burn introduction here and getting my “verbal” chops back into shape. But the fun stuff will start coming next chapter. I am open to any and all feedback as I want to re-hone my writing abilities. Critiques are welcome -------- To Protect and Serve - Chapter 1 - The First Morning Prelude: Just imagine - You’re standing at attention with your peers in your best Class-A Uniform. All around you in the auditorium your friends, family, and fellow officers who can come are here to see the solemn occasion. A freshly earned, freshly shined badge has just been pinned on your chest by the Sheriff. You raise your right hand and take the oath. The oath is a bit different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but we boil its meaning down to one phrase - “To Protect and Serve.” So many have taken the oath. Some who took it did little things that made a big difference, while some risked their lives and paid the ultimate price. And some … well … some are special. This is the story of one of those special ones - no, he is even more than that. Though it was not his intention nor mine, he went beyond special. How do I know? He saved me. He has given me a life I could never have dreamed possible that first early morning. And what happened to him? Well, a transformation that is better in the telling. To those who take the oath as seriously as he did; To those who give it a new and bigger meaning as he did; to those who change more than they can imagine by repeating those words as he did, this story is dedicated. This is the story of what could happen if you could protect and serve many thousands of people, and just one man, me, in ways beyond your wildest imagination. ~ Gabriel York ----- A deceptively small man hung his duty shirt onto a dry cleaners hanger and placed it in his locker. As he stood bare chested in the cool air, he appeared to be hiding his body, but he had nothing to be ashamed of - having a lithe but very tight build under that shirt. Nicely shaped, mounded pecs accompanied hard small orange sized biceps. A tight 6-pack graced his lower abdomen to an impossibly small looking waist. He was way better than most men of his age, no “dad bod” here to be sure. But, the man always felt self-conscious in the locker room despite the room being empty. He wasn’t one of THEM, something that had haunted him since high school. He lifted one booted foot and then the other onto a wooden bench before him. Loosening the laces and pulling the side zipper, he removed each boot. He held them in his hands like precious artifacts for just a moment, remembering the first time he put these on. Soon it would be his last, he mused. His time could go on as long as he wanted. But -- he questioned why. What had he done to stay on? What good had he really done? REALLY made a difference? It took but a few more minutes for him to put on his civilian duty clothes (a departmental polo, slacks,and loafers), secure his badge to his belt, and close his locker. Most locker rooms were replete with all sorts of combination locks, but not here. A few men and most of the women officers used them, but it wasn’t exactly necessary. You couldn’t be in a much safer place after all. Deputy Sergeant John Declann closed his locker for the millionth time and went to collect his personal sidearm from the gun locker clerk. He had no sooner than entered the hallway from the locker room, he heard a truly tremendous booming upper bass voice: “WHOA, ONE SIDE DECLANN.” Declann immediately pulled back into the doorway and looked up … and up, to see 5 men in a tight formation with shields and cell-entry equipment. Each one of them was every bit of 6 foot 4 inches plus - although tactical boots always made you look taller than you were. They were more like 6 foot 2 without them - but still, they all out-weighed John by at least 60 pounds of muscle. At his 5 foot 7 inches in height and in normal shoes, he felt positively TINY seeing them pass by. That was sort of the point of those uniforms - to try and intimidate anyone who saw what was coming - and it always did, at least it did Declann. They were in helmets and wore thick padded vests, under which were black t-shirt with black BDUs and those boots below. While those clothes were technically “loose,” they did little to hide every oversized muscle in their massive bodies. Gigantic arms stretched forth from sleeves that seemed to be straining to the breaking point. 2 pairs of arms were thick, powerlifter looking, and 3 more were supremely cut muscle. The CERT - Cell Extraction and Response Team - blew past him looking like they were heading to Mary-pod - the maximum security section. No doubt it was to remove an offender from a cell for morning counts who did not want to be removed. There was no question, he WOULD be removed, no matter what it took. The injury inflicted was entirely the offender’s choice. And, that amount of muscle and its overwhelming power could do plenty of that. Declann had tried out for both the CERT and SWAT teams years ago. But at his 165 lb, it was deemed he just did not have the physical size necessary. “You have all the skills needed and more Deputy Declann,” he had been told. “You should be proud of that. But some other officers just beat you out in the scores. And we need you on the streets. That is where you belong.” Funny, he thought in a moment of jealousy. It was always those guys who were of larger than life proportions that got the spots, even if their skills were not as good as his. After the group had passed, Declann walked down the hall toward the sallyport and stopped. He always did it at times like this, halting at the Officer’s Gym. He looked inside. It was rather quiet, normal at 0545 and shift change. Still, he could see some of the remnants of workouts by the big guys on the force. 45 pound plates left on the sides of incline bench press rack. What looked like 5 plates on a side on the bar on the squat rack. Dozens on the leg press sled. It was a bit of a mess, in truth, but most well used gyms were. Now, Declann was no physical slouch. He always kept in shape and his skills honed as the primary martial arts instructor for the Sheriff’s Office. He could have done well in that room, even though he was pushing 40 years old. Could have grown. But, he sighed and went on. There was just a part of him that never wanted to face big men in the gym. The injustice of being mocked for his smaller size and unfamiliarity with the equipment the one time he went in blazed in him still all these years later. He guessed the big men thought it was good natured fun, but it hurt Declann deeply. So, he kept to his body weight fitness room and small dojo set up in the garage at home. That made him feel less conspicuous. When it came to them, John always saw himself as a small man in boots that were a size too big. And yet - to so many others, he wasn’t that at all. He was everything that made police work an honorable profession. --- John Declann had wanted to be a police officer for as long as he could remember. Since his youngest days, he had been fascinated by police dramas on TV, how they always seemed to catch the bad guy no matter the odds. How they always saved people in distress. In his mind, there was no better calling. No better way to spend his life. He had the mind to be anything he wanted. He excelled in most subjects in school and was a top flight musician. But, those pursuits were not where he heart lay. He was a cop at heart by his teenage years, and he did everything he could to prepare himself. He took JROTC through high school, where he picked up his interest in martial arts and started Aikido lessons. Though he wasn’t the best team sports, he blasted through the competition at his dojo. He became quite fit from the military style calisthenics workouts he adopted during ROTC summer camps. And, that fitness matched perfectly with his blooming skills with his hands and feet on the mats. Before high school was over, his featured had matured into those of a very fit, handsome young man with striking brown eyes. And he had his first degree black belt, the first degree of many. It took a nearly a year after graduating high school to get his first small town commission to the force. He spent his first 18 months in the jails, and then took and passed his Colorado POST exams. He had been a road officer ever since. Now, he was a Sergeant in the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office - an area not unknown for large scale crimes as it held the University of Colorado. “The Berkeley of the East” though had its full measure of minor offenses. But the area wasn’t exactly the worst gang spots in Denver either. He had for served with true distinction for nearly two decades since - being decorated for bravery multiple times for saving civilians lives under fire. He had saved those intent on suicide. He had even delivered a baby once in a convenience store, and the story made the local news. He had had plenty of hands-on run ins with offenders, but he gave way more than he got, never having much more than a bruise or a black eye on occasion. He just never saw what the community and his immediate superiors did - a good man, serving the people Boulder and the kids of the University the best way he knew how. --- John went out to his car - an unmarked Dodge - cranked it, and began the slow crawl toward the Turnpike then Wheat Ridge. One of the things he learned in his own initial officer training long ago was to never live in the county you worked in. It could always lead to problems with local offenders. So, it was up and over the Flatirons toward home. Even though traffic volume was already increasing as it spread toward Denver in the morning rush, his mind wandered as if on empty roads. He made the necessary turns though the city and came proximate to the University entrances, but was running his schedule through his mind. He was due for a weigh in at the doc’s today. And they usually took his measurements too. Height, waistline, all that stu -- John’s senses caught something in the barely lit dawn. Someone moving way too fast to be normally jogging to the right of his car. Moving toward campus. John slowed his vehicle and his brain went into observation mode. It captured the scene in moments with his practiced eyes and mind. A young man -- looking to be just outside of college age but could still belong to the University. Short, black hair. Trimmed beard. White button down shirt and navy slacks. Looked like there was some money invested in those clothes, certainly not cheap. Behind him, perhaps eight or so paces, was running - and running faster than the first - a white young man, shaved head, jeans and ratty t-shirt, tatted with jailhouse tattoos that stood out even under the fading street lamps. And, then John caught sight of a gun in the rear waistband of the second’s jeans. Semi-auto by the outline. Instinct took over. John turned his car in an instant, hit the flasher toggle for his lights, and wound with wildly fast, yet practiced precision toward the danger. Less than 20 seconds later, John pulled his car to a stop where his instincts said he could cut this off. “Boulder County Sheriff's Office -- ON THE GROUND NOW” John yelled as he leapt from his car and drew his weapon virtually simultaneously. The running suspect didn’t listen, just as John had expected. He instead broke his pursuit of the well-dressed man and taken off toward a side alleyway. But, John was good at his work. The offender was fast, but John - was FASTER. He holstered his weapon as he calculated his movements nearly autonomously. He had chosen his intercept point well. John calculated the takedown, knowing an almost undisputable, universal law - 95 percent of offenders have no idea of how to fight, and the remaining 5% seldom need to fight. And this one looked like the former. It took a few seconds, but just a few, for the whole pursuit to be over. Exactly two PPCT strikes and a normal compliance take down and the suspect wa on his back, with John twisting his arms and putting the handcuffs on. He never even had to hurt more than the punk’s pride. Once secured, John kept his knee in place just under the lower shoulder blades, cuffed arms resting on his quad, knowing a bodyweight advantage and leverage would be critical with this man who slightly outweighed him. “What’s your name?” John demanded as he patted down the suspect and quickly removed a 9mm weapon and several baggies of what looked like methamphetamine. “Fuck you” was the response. John smiled a bit and gave a half chuckle under his breath. He loved this a bit too much when it happened, and some mischievous streak in him just drove him to do it. “OK, Mister Fuk Yu. I am placing you under arrest for possession of an illegal firearm and possession of controlled substances. You have the right to remain silent …” John mirandized the “Mr. Fuck,” pulled him up to his feet, and maneuvered him the few yards to his car. He put the offender in the back seat and locked the door of his unmarked. The guy was going nowhere. Now, to more important matters. John made his way toward the young man being pursued - who had by now stopped and was almost collapsed on the sidewalk. Declann withdrew his cell, called 911, and requested uniformed officers to his location. He was upon the man on the sidewalk just as he hung up. John immediately knelt down to do a quick assessment of his condition. There were no obvious signs of trauma at the first once over. He then took a more careful look at the victim’s features. While he certainly wasn’t of student age, he was still under 30, John guessed. And, he was a very nice looking under 30 to boot. Blue eyes setting off dark, intense features. Old enough to just have the barest hint of a wrinkle at the eye but nothing else. John noted a rather slim body - the size of his own would have been were it not for his training in Aikido and Krav Maga. John felt a twinge of attraction.Yes, John was bisexual, but no one cared among his superiors anymore. Besides, he had always kept that part of himself separate when on duty. “You OK Sir? I can’t see any obvious injuries. Do you need an ambulance?”John asked as he came and sat down at the man’s level. “Thank you . . . . officer, thank . . . you.” The man panted in reply with a pronounced British accent. “I was . . . just going toward my . . . lab . . . after my tea . . . when this fellow . . . started chasing me screaming at . . me. ” The young man was now gathering his breath, becoming easier to understand. John was a bit surprised to hear that English accent coming from him. Not unheard of, but still unusual in Boulder. “Did he assault you in any way?” The Englishman finally looked up to see John’s slightly older but obviously concerned and kind face. He visibly relaxed as he looked into John’s light brown eyes. “No, he never caught me but he was close. I am not exactly in running shorts and shoes here. But thanks to you, I’ll be OK. I do not know what would have happened if you had not arrived when you did.” “With what I found, I suspect he wanted to mug you. You are rather well dressed for campus, if I may observe. And, forgive me, if he heard you accent, you may have looked like an quick target as a tourist. When the uniform officers get here, you will need to give a statement to them, or you can give it to me if you prefer. We need to make sure this scumbag gets what he deserves.” “Of course. Anything I can do to assist, although I would be much happier speaking to you.” the man said giving just a hint of a smile. It was then that the uniformed officers in their black and white vehicles showed up. John excused himself for a moment, let the uniforms know what was going on, and allowed them to take the offender back to the jail for booking. John then returned to the man still sitting on the sidewalk. Pulling out a notebook he kept on him for times like this, John got all the pertinent information as he had done thousands of times before. Name, description of what happened, when, and why, if he knew. Any details the young man, who he had come to know as Gabriel York, may have remembered before, during, and after. As he took the statement, John became even more convinced this was an attempted mugging, perhaps for more drug money, maybe even more if that weapon came into play. Knowing he had all he needed, John said, “Finally, is there a way we can contact you if we have further questions. The staff from the District Attorney's office will be sure to want to speak with you about testimony if it comes to that. Although with the evidence we have, this one will probably plea. This is not his first time in jail.” Gabriel reached into his pocket for a very expensive-looking leather wallet and removed a business card. “This is my lab contact information. I am easiest to reach either here on campus or with my secretary. My other lab is ...a… well ... it is easier to reach me here. Again I can’t thank you enough, Sergeant.” “Believe me, Dr. York, it was my pleasure. I am just glad you are safe and sound.” John said. “Are you OK to go on your own or would you like me to escort you to your lab? I would be happy to do so.” “Thank you sir, but I think I’ll be fine. My lab is just over the hill in the Biological Sciences building.” Gabriel replied. “OK” John said, handing Gabriel a card of his own with his name, rank, and contact information on it. “This is my card. If you need anything or remember anything else, please do not hesitate to call me anytime, day or night.” ‘Of course. Sergeant Declann.” The Englishman arose with a friendly hand from John. Almost as an afterthought as he was leaving, York turned around. “Oh, Sergeant Declann, by the way. I do ….ah… certain work down at the Federal Center in Denver. I will have to report this incident to my superiors there and to the British consulate. In case there is testimony or something as you said. They may wish to speak with you. Just to make sure. You understand?” John nodded. Ah, he works with the feds as an international scholar of some kind, and the red tape must be dealt with. “Of course. No problem at all. I’m proximate to the Federal Center half the time anyway.” York nodded an ascent and turned again to walk away. John stood a moment watching - and admiring - Dr. York move until he was sure he was alright AND that he was moving toward the Biology building. He turned around and began to make his way back to his car. As he did, he looked down at the card: Gabriel York, MD. PhD., FACS Research Director/Professor of Medicine Advanced Bio-neurological Applications Project University of Colorado School of Medicine Hmmm, John thought. He looked a damned sight young to be in such a prestigious job, a full professor under 30 and with two doctorates at least. And a fellow of the ACS -- so why talk to the Consulate? John’s “detective sensor” started to sound off in his mind. This advanced applications thing wasn’t a program he was familiar with, but there were so many new research projects on campus these days. But, as soon as the “alert” came, he let it go. Probably a government grant given what he said about the Federal Center. John was reviewing the incident in his mind for his own after action report as he pulled onto the highway. Suddenly, there was a loud roar of a horn and air brakes. John never even saw the tractor trailer that plowed into his car, crumpling it in an instant like so much tissue paper and driving it 30 yards down the highway. *** Two Hours Later *** Trauma room one at the University of Colorado Hospital was abuzz with activity. At least a dozen doctors, nurses, and specialist technologists in yellow plastic smocks and shields hovered over a trauma bed doing a myriad of tasks to the man laying there. “What do we have?” the lead trauma surgeon said as he came into the room and took up control of the life-saving operation. On of the smocked figures raised up and stepped back, raising his shield. “John Declann, caucasian male, age 39. Boulder County Sheriff’s Deputy. MVA - car versus tractor/trailer. Passenger was in a seatbelt with airbags deployed but required extraction by fire-rescue. Initial assessment shows superficial cranial abrasions, with most likely a simple concussion. No evidence of other cranial, brain, or upper spinal injuries. Seat belt bruising pattern is highly indicative of internal organ disruption, but nothing so far on physical examination and plain films of the abdomen. Lacerated and collapsed left lung, reinflated with chest tube. Pneumothorax proximate to same lung injury also responding. Initial x-rays show compromised T-12 vertebral body and possible pelvic fracture. No apparent lower limb trauma beyond cuts and bruises from extrication from the vehicle. CT scans are coming up now for the spinal and pelvic injury areas. This was a driver’s side T-bone crash. I think that this guy’s level of fitness is why we’re talking about saving his life and not pronouncing him. ” the lead resident efficiently rattled off. The lead surgeon took a look at the patient, and agreed with the resident’s assessment. John was alive because of his trained, flexible, body and more than a little random chance. But what kind of life was it going to be? The doctor walked over to the computer terminal screens and pulled up the CT scans. The pelvis showed a simple left side Ilium fracture. Non-displaced. Something the orthopods could deal with easy enough. He then flipped to the scan of John’s spine -- and frowned. “Fuck,” he said under his breath as he looked. He sat down on a stool and zoomed, in, out, rotated, and closely examined the different views provided by the technology. The burst fracture was unmistakable and at precisely the worst spot for leg function. As he walked back to John, the doctor barked orders to the residents and nurses, while he removed an ink pen from his pocket. He ran the pen up first one foot and then the other. Goddamnit, he thought. The veteran doc’s heart sunk even more. “Get neurosurg here stat. Tell them severe impact, burst fracture at T-12, CT visualization and reflex response indicative of cord injury.” The room went silent for a moment before carrying on. It was always hard to treat an officer. Much less for this. The supervising physician turned and again just looked at the radiology. The soft tissue injuries were no walk in the park, but were easily fixable, recoverable in just a few weeks, the pelvis in a couple of months, except …. that. There was no hope for that, in his experience. This man would be paralyzed. Five minutes later the head of neurosurgery looked at the same CT scans, and came to the same conclusion. No hope. They could do an exploratory, check and see if by some miracle there was just pressure on the cord from a fragment, but not likely. Better to just do a vertebral stabilization with the orthopods, but his chances to recover function … Declann had been stabilized and was ready for transfer to have his lung laceration repaired. As he was about to be moved, another man in a white coat burst into the trauma room. One look from him toward John, and his eyes moistened. “I...I...can’t believe it.” the black haired man wept at the side of the bed. “I had to be sure.” The man almost looked skyward, “Why him?” Gabriel tenderly wiped a finger down John’s cheek. “Gabriel?” the head of neuro looked up. “What are you doing here? Do you know this man?” “This man, he saved my life this morning, not even four hours ago. Kept me from getting mugged by this man with a gun. Everyone heard the crash and when I saw that the wreckage was his car. Is he going to be OK?” Gabriel was out of breath and had obviously lost clinical detachment between the events of this morning and the shock of seeing the officer who had been so kind and patient with him lying there. He would have been removed if treatment were still going on, but it was basically complete save moving him to OR. The two attendings just nodded toward the computer screens with the radiology still on it. Gabriel walked from John’s head side, looked, and was overcome with remorse and guilt. Had he just been at his normal time, 15 minutes later, none of this would have happened. But, he just HAD to check on a minor experiment. And now, this man lay here because of him. Gabriel zoomed in to the machine’s maximum sensitivity. He looked again and again. Through a choking voice, Gabriel looked around and almost whispered. “Jack, can you send me these scans please? To my secondary lab.” The lead neurosurgeon looked horrified, searching for a reason not to. “Gabriel. You can’t be serious. You know I can’t do that. It violates protocol, federal law--” Gabriel cut him off, almost angrily “Jack you know I can take care of that with one call to Washington.” “What are you going to do?” Jack asked, never having seen such anger in the young, brilliant surgeon and scientist. “IF I can, if there is anything I can do, I am going to try and help this man.’ “You can’t have a man as a lab r--. I can’t sanc---” Jack stumbled. Gabriel stood to his full height, taking on an almost military bearing. “You know I can and will go over your head if I have to. I will have him removed if I must.” Gabriel took a breath and seemed to calm a bit. “Jack I am not promising that I can or will do anything, I do not know if there is anything to do. But I have to try. I owe it to him. He is here because of me. I have to try or I’ll never forgive myself.” Jack knew Gabriel could follow through on his threats in an instant. He had seen some small manifestations of Gabriel’s connections to political power before, and he knew that interference in hospital functions was the very least of what he could do. As much as Jack detested it, with this kind of anger Gabriel could bring down the mountain on top of his whole hospital. But, as it was, there was nothing anyone could do for Officer Declann, not even York. Jack just silently waved his fingers in a gesture of defeat, nodded an ascent, and transferred access to Gabriel as primary attending physician. “Thank you Jack. I owe you about 10 times over for this.” “I WILL HOLD YOU TO THAT,” the older surgeon replied, his voice suddenly sharpened. “And I insist on one thing. Before you present him any of those things you do that I do not have a clue about, you will at least get his consent.” Gabriel looked like he had been shot himself and his voice shook, “I would NEVER do anything to harm him.” York turned on a heel and left the room, walking out of the ER doors, and toward his car in the parking lot. As soon as he was in the vehicle with the door closed, he pulled from his pocket an encrypted cell phone with just one number it could access, locked to his fingerprint. A male voice answered in military precision, “Yes, Doctor York?” “Codeword Ariana. I want the full computer network prepped for simulator study based on some CT scans that will be coming from CU Trauma ER shortly. Run the program with emergent parameters and stand by to report when I get there. Not a proof of concept level scan, Don, but full cellular level calculations. I am leaving the hospital now. We have 24 hours at the most to complete simulations. And...ah.. Don. This is important to me, personally.” “Yes SIR,” the sharp voice on the other end said. Gabriel could not quite understand what he was feeling, this pull toward this man. He didn’t know the man existed six hours ago. Sure, there was guilt and anger and sadness. But, he just could not remove from his mind those eyes he saw this morning. Those haunted, caring brown eyes. Something about him. This John Declann. He did not know what. But he saw it in his eyes. He deserved more than this, and Gabriel would find out why. He would make it happen, he willed it to happen as he drove toward the freeway. This good man would walk again.
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    “You can’t blame me, doc. You made me this way,” the behemoth said as he twisted the crowbar into something resembling a pretzel. “I just can’t get enough.” It was true. I had created the monstrous super-powered mass of muscle standing in front of me. It’s not like Jeremy hadn’t wanted to be huge and strong, though. I had merely granted him his wish. I had not anticipated, however, how the growth and the increased power would make him crave feats of strength and sex like some kind of madman. I certainly wasn’t complaining. Having a six foot four enormous man going shirtless, flexing, showing off his strength, and begging to make you orgasm all the time was quite a nice way to live – even if it could be exhausting. “Um, and what am I going to do now if I ever need a crowbar?” I asked as he finalized the destruction of the tool by folding it over on itself so many times it was now just a blob of metal. “Here’s your crowbar, mister,” he said, holding up his little pinkie. “There’s more power in that little finger than there ever would have been in this weak thing.” He squeezed the blob hard so the metal seeped out between his fingers like clay – leaving finger indentions, thick and deep. Veins popped out all over his forearm and that long dense one snaked beautifully across his tensed huge biceps. He made destroying a crowbar look like child’s play. I looked at the humongous body that the serum had made. Lats flared out like wings, traps ballooned up mountains, pecs shot out like some kind of muscled 3-D morph, and biceps – not even flexed – looked like skin covered bowling balls. The two-day growth of fur on his face looked thicker than if I had been trying to grow a beard for months. And the intense stare shooting across the counter told me he was already in need of sex again. It was only ten in the morning and he’d already had his way with me in the bed and shower. He reached up and squeezed one of his already hard nipples. He gritted his teeth as he squeezed his fingers hard enough to crush bricks – bringing only pleasure to his nub. “Want me to hold you in the air this time,” he asked – knowing full well I understood it was time for him to get off. “You know me so well,” I responded. The guy masturbated multiple times during the day – usually by shoving his rod through concrete, metal, or hard wood – but that never satisfied him the way my body could. He called me his ‘sex toy’ and that’s kind of what I was. I enjoyed every minute of it, though. He was never a bully and if I ever said no, which was never, he would have certainly respected my wishes, but plowing me every which way he could brought him the kind of satisfaction that reminded me of lions roaring after the kill or huge gorillas pounding their chest when they won a fight. I didn’t just please him; I gave him reason for his huge body and incredible strength. After the first injection of the serum he had freaked me out a little by growling like some kind of untamed beast, growing about fifty pounds of muscle in about ten minutes, and ripping a chunk of bricks off of our fireplace and crushing them as easily as Styrofoam. I had anticipated only a slight growth and an even slighter increase in his power. I had obviously severely miscalculated the results. When he had finally calmed down I had asked him how he felt and all he kept saying was ‘fucking incredible.’ “Up you go, slugger,” he said and I felt the ever familiar joyous rush as my feet left the floor. Jeremy was now so naturally masculine it seemed that every pore on his body radiated dominance in the same way that other guys did something as simple as sweating. He never had to raise his voice or tense his muscles to come across as powerful – a musk of manhood hung around him constantly, making me get a little stiff wood simply because he entered the room. To be hoisted into the air at any time he desired had simply become a common occurrence. I was still in awe of his power, but it didn’t surprise me or seem out of the ordinary. Jeremy had become a superman – the experiment had succeeded beyond our wildest imagination. “Ready, honey?” he asked and I simply nodded my head, knowing full well what was coming next. Luckily, I had never been penetrated by something metal or wooden, but I had a funny feeling that Jeremy’s hard cock was ten times stronger than anything of the sort. I don’t think a steel girder could have felt more powerful than the tool invading my hole at that moment. His powerful hands easily held my body in place as the tip of his raging hard-on poked me like a torpedo blasting through the hull of a ship. The combination of being held aloft, running my hands across his hairless hard body, and his more than expert plowing usually made me lose my load on his third or fourth thrust. He was just too much to handle. My legs would wrap around his waist like I was some kind of human belt and often he could let go with his hands and just have his mighty cock hold me in place as he bucked his crotch back and forth. To watch the man orgasm was probably akin to seeing the birth of a star. The serum had made him a giant cum factory – his balls seeming to churn out juice the way a major power plant produced electricity. Striations, veins, bulges, and the like burst out all over his body to the point you thought he might explode. And then came the animalistic scream so intoxicatingly primal it usually made me cum again, instantly. His legs sometimes trembled slightly from the exertion. And there I was still sitting on his hard spear like a human popsicle. His cum sped into my body, spread through my bloodstream, and instantly gave me the same kind of high you’d get from a good workout or three espressos. “Fucking hell, you turn me on,” he said – similar expressions of appreciation always followed his explosions. He was now moving around the room – my body still penetrated by his powerful third leg. There was usually a trip to the shower where he’d grab my body and spin it in every direction under the water to get me squeaky clean. He knew he should always let me soap up his big body – groping his muscles being a huge thrill for both of us. He then toweled me dry and sometimes even dressed me, himself, as if I were his doll or something. A trip back to the kitchen with me in his arms for food was always next. And then he needed to do something powerful. Ejaculations made him need to show off his strength. It was one of my favorite parts of having sex. Unfortunately, we were running out of tools for him to destroy – the crowbar having been one of the remaining items for him to bend and crush. “If I promise not to hurt it, can I lift the car?” he asked. “I gotta do something to release this power surge your ass created in me.” It wasn’t really a question. He knew I expected his need for feats of strength post sex. It had been one of the surprise side effects of the serum. He also knew I’d come close to spurting out another load watching him do whatever it was he chose to do to show off. Seeing him lift the SUV would probably send me over the top. He stood there, staring at me – the dark wall behind him making his pumped up body stand out even more than it already did. I went over and kissed his pec – my way of saying it was fine for him to press the car in the air. My little experiment had been a big success – a very big, masculine, powerful success. Jeremy swooped me back into his arms and we headed outside.
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    Below is my new story. I've been quite busy so it's taken me a little while to get this out... but here you go. It is my own take on the Bully revenge story... with a twist. I got the idea when a friend of mine visited an herbalist to assist with his low sperm count. The rest I just imagined after working out. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!! Thanks. Simply Winning Justin has seen the storefront hundreds of times on Charing Cross Road, but had never thought about entering it until the downpour of rain made it a requirement. It had been pissing down all week, a common March occurrence in London, and one that Justin was usually always prepared for. He just never had expected Gavin to take the umbrella right from his hand and stroll away. Justin had worked for the same accounting firm for the past fifteen years, and although he found it possibly the most boring of careers, it fit who he was. Maybe Justin was not the most exciting person, and maybe he might follow the same routine day in and day art, but he was a good person and had a big heart. When Gavin joined the firm last year, Justin saw his whole world change, and not for the better. The younger, larger, and more boisterous man appeared to enjoy making Justin’s life hell. It started small: pens would disappear from his desk, files were moved, his rubbish bin would be tipped over, and salt would be put in his tea if he walked away from it. They were all harmless, and no one would admit it was Gavin, but Justin knew it was. Then the attack’s got worst: clients would be given to Gavin when they were rightfully Justin’s, the personal assistant that they had once shared soon became Gavin’s alone, the hard drive on his computer had been wiped clean three times, and now today, Gavin was given the promotion to partner that was rightfully Justin’s. When Justin had confronted Mr. Webber, the founder, the excuse he had been given was that Gavin was a much more self confident man, and that impressed clients. They felt assured in his presence. Sure, Justin was great and they were happy with his work, but Gavin just brought something extra... more confidence... a spark. Justin couldn’t argue with this. In fact, He agreed with this description. Gavin was more confidant then Justin. He did have a spark. He should!! Gavin had an athletic build where Justin was slender... Gavin had thick brown hair where Justin was thinning on top, going grey, and couldn’t grow a beard at 40... Gavin was tall where Justin was short, and Gavin exuded sex appeal where Justin has none. The two men just couldn’t compare. Justin knew Gavin would always win; that was the way the world worked. These were the thoughts spiralling through Justin’s head as he opened his umbrella to go grab lunch. He usually brought his lunch everyday, but he had woken up late and forgot it as he ran for the bus, so today he would just have to treat himself. It had been raining all day, and it appeared to be coming down harder now then ever. He was just about to head out into the downpour when a hand grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. He looked up to see Gavin standing next to him. ⁃ I’ve got a lunch date, mate. Justin just stared at him wondering what that had to do with him. He realised what when Gavin grabbed the umbrella and began walking down the street with it. ⁃ Thanks, mate! He called back to Justin with a small wave, leaving him alone. Justin thought about going back to his desk and not having anything for lunch, but he was so angry, and didn’t want to give Gavin the satisfaction of seeing him run back inside. Also, he did need to buy another umbrella... Justin’s short walk up Charing Cross Road on his quest for lunch and an umbrella couldn’t have been more miserable. The rain proceeded to come down harder and harder, and the wind was blowing it all in his face. Of course, a bus roared down the street, throwing water and mud onto him, soaking his shoes and trousers. Each block that he walked got him wetter until Justin simply couldn’t take it anymore, and ducked into what he thought was a used bookstore. Instead, it was the Chinese herbalists Justin passed by everyday. As the water puddled around him, Justin looked at the many posters that cluttered the wall advertising a better life through reflexology, or medicinal tea, or acupuncture. Among the many claims were pictures of the human body and how their ailments could be cured easily. The most impressive object in the whole place, undoubtedly, was the immense wall stacked with drawers, labels announcing the many herbs that were hidden inside. ⁃ Can I help you? A man of around 60 or 70 entered from a back room-with a teacup. He looked Justin up and down and smiled. ⁃ Trying to get out of the rain? ⁃ Yeah... I...kind of lost my umbrella. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m sorry... I’m drenching your floor. ⁃ Easily dried! Come. Take a seat. I just made some tea. ⁃ No really... that’s okay... ⁃ Sit!! Sit!! I’ll be right back. The older man ducked into the back room and began fumbling around for a second teacup as Justin sat on the white hard-back chair. Within moments, he was back and had deposited the cup in Justin’s hands. The tea smelt spicy and refreshing and after a sip, Justin knew this was exactly what he needed to make him feel human again. God, he thought... I really am English if a simple cuppa could cure all of my problems. Not realising it, Justin smiled at the man. ⁃ What? ⁃ No... Nothing. Thank you so much for this, Mister... ⁃ Huang. ⁃ Huang. I really appreciate it. It’s been a rough day. ⁃ I understand completely. ⁃ This is really very good... your own blend? ⁃ Fortnum and Mason. ⁃ Right. Jason and Mr. Huang sat in silence for a few minutes drinking their tea. As was custom, and to keep his hands busy, Mr Huang began sorting some of the herbs that sat on the desk into paper packets. ⁃ So, those herbs are better then Western medicine? ⁃ Much better. Western medicine has learned a lot from the east, but unfortunately don’t give us the credit we deserve. ⁃ It must be healthier... being all natural. ⁃ Much better for you, much better for the environment, and much better using what the Earth created for us. You take vitamin every day? ⁃ Yes. ⁃ This here... this combination is much better then any vitamin you find in a store. Take it. ⁃ I couldn’t. ⁃ Take it! It’s a present. ⁃ Thank you. How do you... ⁃ Dissolve one packet in warm water each morning and drink. ⁃ I’ll try it. I never like taking tablets anyway. ⁃ Cure all of your problems. ⁃ I wish!! ⁃ You never know. What ails you? Maybe I can help. ⁃ You’ve helped enough already. This tea was perfect. Now, I really should be getting back to work. Justin stood and handed the teacup to Mr. Huang. ⁃ Thank you for the vitamins. ⁃ My pleasure. Are you sure there isn’t anything else you need? ⁃ Unless you could give me a complete over haul, I’m happy with this... and the name of the tea. This time Mr. Huang smiled. ⁃ Ginger and Sicilian Lemon Infusion. ⁃ Wonderful. I’ll need to stop in and get some. Have a great day, Mr. Huang. ⁃ And you. Justin opened the door, but stopped when Mr. Huang called out to him. ⁃ How much of a complete overhaul do you need? ⁃ Believe me! I need everything done. The small man quickly ran around the desk and closed the door before Justin could open it further. ⁃ Sit down. Sit down. Let’s talk. ⁃ I really need to be going. ⁃ You want an overhaul... I can give you an overhaul. Now, what do you need? Mr Huang sat down, removed a pad and paper, and began writing. ⁃ Honestly, I probably just need a psychiatrist. ⁃ That can help...yes... ⁃ I’m bothered by this guy at work. He took my promotion. ⁃ I see. ⁃ Maybe he deserved it... I don’t know. ⁃ Big jerk? ⁃ Everyone loves him. ⁃ Everyone except you. ⁃ Exactly. I think he’s an asshole. ⁃ Right. ⁃ He’s perfect. He’s athletic, has great hair, straight teeth, perfect completion... ⁃ Right... As Justin spoke Mr. Huang began writing more and more on the pad. ⁃ What else? Go on. ⁃ He’s just simply perfect. That’s it. That’s all I can say. ⁃ And you’re not. ⁃ Please!! ⁃ If you could have what you want... what would it be? ⁃ I don’t think you can give me a new body. ⁃ Humor me. Justin looked at the man and finally took him in. Mr Huang was just as slight as he was. Mr Huang wasn’t balding, but was grey haired. Mr Huang didn’t have a very muscular built. Maybe he would understand. ⁃ I just want to win, Mr. Huang. One day I’d just love to win. ⁃ I can do that. ⁃ Can you? Mr. Huang put down his pen and looked at Justin. ⁃ My wife and I have been married for 48 years. ⁃ Congratulations. ⁃ For the first five, we tried to have children. No luck. We tried and tried. Nothing. She went to the doctor and had many tests. She was healthy as a horse. I went to the doctor and discovered I was the cause of our problems. Low sperm count. I cried to my father who was an herbalist before me. He made me a tea that solved all of my problems... maybe too well. Mr. Huang stood up and in front of Justin grabbed the large penis that lay hidden in his trousers. ⁃ In one day I grew six inches, and my testicles were as strong as an oxen. Four weeks later, my wife was pregnant with our first child. ⁃ Wow. ⁃ I have eight total. ⁃ Wow!!! You really are a stud! ⁃ My wife can’t keep her hands off it. ⁃ Well, I’d definitely want one of those!! ⁃ Of course!!! Mr. Huang went back to writing, sure that his story had opened a door. A few moments later, he knew that it had. ⁃ All my life I just wanted to be big. Muscular. Hairy. A real mans man. You know those guys. ⁃ Of course. ⁃ They ooze testosterone and walk with a swagger and get every guy or girl in the room, ⁃ Guy? ⁃ I’m gay. ⁃ And you have a partner? ⁃ No, but I’d love one. And with that between my legs I bet I’d have a lot of them. Both men laughed. ⁃ Seriously, if you could give me just that, I’d be happy. ⁃ A partner? ⁃ No. A bigger penis! ⁃ Ah! Right! Of course! Describe your ideal man. ⁃ Tall... hairy... muscular... self-assured, simply takes up the room. ⁃ That’s what you’d want for yourself? ⁃ For me? I thought you meant for a partner. ⁃ No. If you could build the perfect you, what would it be? Humour me. ⁃ Honestly, all that and more. Not just tall, really tall. Not just muscular, huge. Not just big down there... simply massive. ⁃ I think I understand. Mr Huang got up and for the next ten minutes, Justin watched as he removed herbs from different drawers, measured them, put some in a packet, and put the rest away. Everything he did was so precise and with such thought. Several times, he would stop, think, look at Justin, and then run and grab some additional herbs from another box. When he was nearly finished, he stopped what he was doing. ⁃ When you heat water to make tea, how do you do it at your house? ⁃ In an electric kettle. ⁃ Okay. I just need to factor that electricity into how potent this mixture is. Mr. Huang added more of one herb to the packet and removed a little of another. When he was finished, he approached Justin with what looked like a large tea bag. ⁃ Now...this is very simple. After work, you will go home. You will get undressed. You will heat a mug full of water in your electric kettle and you will bring it to a complete boil. You will place this sachet into the mug and pour the boiling water over it leaving only a pinch of room. You will set the timer on your phone for three minutes. In three minutes, you will remove the tea bag. Do not ring it out. Just remove. Then you will drink the tea while it is still hot. Do not drink it cold. Drink it all down. I promise it will taste awful. Tomorrow morning you come back here and tell me how it went. ⁃ That’s it? ⁃ That’s it. ⁃ And this should... ⁃ It will. I promise. ⁃ How much do I owe you? ⁃ Come back tomorrow and tell me how much it was worth. That’s what you’ll pay me. ⁃ Thank you so much... for everything. Even if this doesn’t work, you don’t know how much I appreciate your kindness. ⁃ It will work. Have faith. For once you are going to win. Despite the rain, Justin walked back to work with a smile and a spring in his step. Perhaps what Mr. Huang had proposed could be the answer to all of his problems. He did say his cock had grown six inches just from drinking a tea, and what reason would he have to lie? He hadn’t asked for any money, and he had been nothing but nice since the moment Justin had walked in his door. No. Justin had faith in the old man. Taking the plastic bag Mr. Huang had placed the large teabag in from his coat pocket, Justin smiled thinking of all that his future could hold for him. Opening up the plastic bag, Justin smelled it. It smelt sharp and earthy. It was a good smell. A strong smell. This is how Gavin must smell after a hard workout, he thought, taking another deep inhalation. Makes me want to lick his pits... his chest... Justin found he was getting hard simply from aroma of the teabag. I’m going to win, he thought. Justin was beginning to grow impatient with his watch as the time moved slowly to 4:00 pm. Soon, he thought. One more hour and I can go home and see if this works how I imagine. Justin smelled the inside of the baggie again and couldn’t help getting hard from the aroma. ⁃ Justin... Mr. Webber would like to see you in his office regarding the Cuan audit scheduled for next week. ⁃ Thanks, Angela. I’ll be right in. Justin grabbed the files and his laptop and spent the next hour and fifteen minutes going over the most boring and mundane of audits. It didn’t matter, though. It didn’t matter that his life was boring. It didn’t matter that he hadn’t gotten the promotion. It didn’t matter that he hadn’t bought an umbrella and would have to walk to his bus in the rain. No, what mattered is that tonight he would drink that tea and tomorrow he would be the man he always wanted to be. With a slight skip in his step, he walked back to his desk, set the laptop and files down, and felt all of the colour drain from his face as he realised the baggie was gone. Frantically looking in his coat pocket, under his desk, and in the drawers, Justin began to panic. Where could it be? His phone rang. ⁃ Hello? ⁃ Can I see you in my new office, Justin? It was Gavin. ⁃ I don’t think... ⁃ Now. ⁃ Of course. Justin felt a cold dread as he walked down the silent hall to Gavin’s office. It was after five and most of the staff had gone home. ⁃ Come in and close the door. Justin did as he was told. Gavin stared at him with a smile on his face, and before him sat a mug. No... it wasn’t a mug. It was bigger then that... enough to hold two cups of tea. ⁃ Have a seat. Justin did. ⁃ I felt it was important to talk about your future... under me. I... one second. I’m suddenly quite parched. Gavin lifted the huge mug in his hand. ⁃ One of the first things I need for you to do is order teabags. It seems we’re all out. ⁃ Wait! ⁃ What? ⁃ Please don’t do this. ⁃ Do what? ⁃ Don’t drink that. ⁃ Drink this? Gavin looked at the mug in his hand and then at Justin. ⁃ I’m doing this to make a point, Justin. You’ve kept me waiting nearly an hour since I made it. Can you believe that this tea has sat for nearly 55 minutes... but I’m a patient man. I knew sooner or later we would sit down and chat... I waited so long. In fact, by the time you got out of your meeting...this cheap teabag had completely disintegrated leaving loose tea behind, but it doesn’t matter. No. What matters is the point. See, Webber felt pity when you cried on his shoulder, and he wants me to mentor you... groom you to assist me. Can you imagine that? You assisting me? I don’t need any assistance... well Angela did assist me in microwaving this to make it good as new, and now... now I’m ready to finally make my point. I don’t need any assistance... SIP ⁃ You should start looking for another position as soon as possible... SIP ⁃ God, This tastes like shit!!! I don’t need losers on my team. SIP ⁃ I will always get what I want. Always!! Justin watched in horror as Gavin lifted the large mug to his lips, and in eight huge gulps, drank the entirety of what closely resembled sludge down. Gavin even went so far as licking the entire mug clean, swallowing any residual herbs that might have remained. Smiling at Justin with a cocky grin, he proceeded to pick bits of herb out of his teeth. ⁃ Do you understand, Justin?? Do you understand the point I just made? Gavin stood up and crossed over to the window. As Gavin walked, Justin could hear the tea sloshing in his stomach. ⁃ That was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted, mate. I fuckin hate herbal tea. It’s for fuckin pansies. Next time bring in some Earl Grey. Fuck!! Gavin opened the window and leaned his head against it, breathing in the cool rainy air. ⁃ Are you okay? ⁃ I’m fine!! Just drank that shit too fast. It was still hot. Gavin belched and belched again. Scratching his face, Gavin turned around, faced Justin, and benched a third time. ⁃ Much better!! Exactly what I needed! ⁃ I think I should go. ⁃ Don’t be ridiculous. We’re just getting to know each other!! Gavin scratched his face again, and then his stomach. ⁃ I want you to take tomorrow off. Tell Webber you’re ill. You might as well take home all of your shit since you actually won’t be coming back. Gavin scratched his right arm, then his left, and then his stomach again. As he continued to speak, he intermittently continued to scratch himself. ⁃ On Monday, you’ll tell Webber that it will probably be for the best if you didn’t return. I’ll tell him that you deserve a six month severance package... for all that you’ve contributed... which I’m sure he’ll agree to. I’ll... I’ll... Gavin stumbled a little and proceeded to lean against the desk. ⁃ …rooms spinning... Justin jumped up from his chair and went over to Gavin. ⁃ Maybe you should sit down... ⁃ GET YOUR FUCKIN HANDS OFF OF ME!! Justin could only watch in awe as hair began to erupt from Gavin’s face until he had the darkest five o’clock shadow he had ever seen. Gavin began to scratch even more now, pacing around the office. ⁃ FUCK!! It feels like someone’s sticking needles in my entire body. What the fuck are you looking at? ⁃ You’re... You’re face... ⁃ What about it? Gavin moved his hand to his face, and for the first time recognised that he had suddenly grown more then a days growth of hair. It was more like three days of growth... and as he crossed and looked at his reflection in the window... four days. Gavin moved closer to the window and took in a giant gulp of air, watching as slowly the hair growing on his face was gaining length and body. He rubbed his hands through the growth and Justin could only believe he was marvelling at how it felt. In less then five minutes, Gavin Costa had the beginnings of a beard growing on his face. Looking down at his hands, Gavin saw that they were also getting a covering of dark hair. Panicking, Gavin ripped off his shirt and tie and stood half naked in front of Justin. Gavin could only look on in shock as his chest, stomach, and arms also joined in on the sudden influx of hair growth. Gavin continued itching himself like crazy, but Justin suddenly realised he didn’t look angry anymore. It was obvious to Justin that it itched like crazy as it grew in, but apparently, Gavin couldn’t be happier. In fact, Gavin had a wide grin plastered on his face. Within minutes, his five o’clock shadow had developed into a proper three weeks worth of growth. Gavin could now run his hands through the beard and tug at it! His chest also had a thick pelt growing on it, traveling down to his crotch. ⁃ What was in that tea? ⁃ I... ummm... I.., ⁃ What the FUCK was in that tea???!!! ⁃ It was from this herbalist… ⁃ It’s supposed to be doing this? ⁃ I guess… ⁃ You guess??? ⁃ I just... Gavin grabbed Justin by his suit jacket and began to roughly shake him. ⁃ What was in that tea??!! ⁃ It was supposed to make me more of a man. ⁃ Really??!! What the fuck is it gonna do to me?? Gavin threw Justin back into the chair and continued wandering around the room. Justin did wonder what it was going to do to Gavin. He had broken so many rules already, and it had been made specifically for him... not someone who was already the epitome of a man. Gavin kicked his shoes and socks off, and pulled off his pants to admire his newly hairy legs and the treasure trail that was going down to an excessively hairy crotch. ⁃ I always wanted more hair on my body!! Guess my wish came true!! He looks amazing, Justin thought. Maybe a little too much hair now, but he could always trim or shave what he didn’t like. What did matter to Justin was that it looked like Gavin now had even more testosterone pumping through his body then ever before. Gavin lifted his arm to flex his bicep, admiring the thick and black underarm hair that had grown in. ⁃ Bet you’re enjoying the view. Like how I look? ⁃ I.... ⁃ If it was supposed to make you more of a man... and it’s already done this... tell me what else is its gonna do? ⁃ I don’t know... taller, more muscular... a bigger penis... ⁃ Fuck yeah!!! I think today just turned out to be the best day of my life!! Imagine this cock even bigger! It’s already pretty large already! Gavin was strutting in front of Justin when it appeared like the wind had been knocked out of him... as if a mule had kicked him squarely in the stomach. He quickly leaned on the desk for support. Through gritted teeth Gavin asked, ⁃ What the fuck is happening now? As the kicks and the spasms continued, Justin could make out the fine outline of abs beginning to protrude under Gavin’s skin. With each punch, Gavin’s abs became larger and thicker, taking on serious size. Running his hands over his spasming abdominals, it was obvious Gavin loved the way the cobblestones felt with a layer of hair over them. He couldn’t stop feeling them, and soon he was putting one finger in the crevices between each ab, then two, then three. Gavin’s waist became thicker, straining the briefs he was wearing, but he was also becoming leaner as well as any fat that had once settled over his abs disintegrated to allow more room for muscular growth. Fingering the fractures between each abdominal muscle began turning Gavin on as Justin saw his cock begin to get hard in his ripped black briefs. ⁃ My body looks insane with such abdominal definition!! If that shit is doing this to my core... fuck me!!! I’m gonna be a beast!! Fuck!! He spoke out loud as he felt his own hairy stomach and slowly massaged the head of his cock through his briefs. From his shit-eating grin, it was obvious to Justin that Gavin loved the feel of all of this size just above his cock. Even a deep Adonis belt, which had never existed before, began to form on his body. Gavin cried out as he felt another jolt, but this one came from lower down. He stopped stroking his cock head and moved his hand down to the bulge below that was slowly increasing size. Wanting to see for himself what was happening, Gavin swiftly tore the half ripped black briefs from his body and threw them in the corner of his office. ⁃ Balls starting to grow... you can’t imagine how good this feels... Letting out wave after wave of testosterone... I feel light headed... too much happening at once... Justin didn’t know how large Gavin’s testicles had started that morning, but as he watched Gavin orgasmically feel himself up, it was obvious that they were beginning to look much larger in his tightening sack then a minute prior. Within minutes, Gavin’s balls had doubled in size. As his testicles swelled and erupted, and as the feeling of pure pleasure began to expand around Gavin’s whole body, he began to moan, quiet at first but growing in fervour. ⁃ My body feels so fuckin alive!! I feel like I’m hooked up to some supernatural power source and it’s just getting stronger and stronger!! FUCK!!! You can’t believe how I feel!! I can’t even describe it... I’m... I’m becoming the epitome of a man!! No one will understand what I’m going through!!! It’s almost getting too strong!! ⁃ Maybe we should get a doctor! ⁃ Are you fuckin crazy?! And have them possibly stop this?? ⁃ It’s just... you broke a lot of the rules. The tea bag was only supposed to be in for three minutes... you weren’t supposed to microwave it... who knows what could... ⁃ ARGH!!!!! Fuck!!!! My balls!!! ...giving off so much heat... balls feel like they’re burning... Fuck!!! They’re on fuckin fire!!! Gavin’s balls had continue to swell and were now the size of two large oranges, and still growing larger. Gavin placed his hands on his ball sack, but it looked to Justin like he could barely touch them. ⁃ So much testosterone building up in these balls now!!! When it’s released... FUCK!!!! Gavin’s balls continued to swell, and it wasn’t long before his sack began to stretch, giving more room for growth. As Gavin was reviling in the ecstasy of his growing balls, he soon became aware that his quads were beginning to both swell. ⁃ Oh, fuck yeah!!! Look at my quads blow up!! Before, his legs had been those of an avid football and rugby player. Now they were both beginning to take on that muscular look that comes with year of serious lifting in the gym. Within a few minutes, both were so thick with muscle that he had to widen his stance in order not to crush his balls between them. ⁃ My quads are nearly the size of my waist and still growing!!! Justin... my man... when this is done... I think Im gonna be a fuckin beast!!! Come on!!! Grow bigger!!! BIGGER!!! Gavin was nearly screaming at the top of his lungs for more growth when both calves began to swell as well. ⁃ What do you think of these legs, Justin? So huge and powerful and all fuckin muscle!!! I can feel it spreading to the rest of my body, now! The rest of me’s gonna grow to... match... my... legs... ARGGGHH. Gavin reached up and grabbed his neck. Justin was concerned that something had gone seriously wrong since it looked as if Gavin was having trouble breathing, but realised fairly quickly that it was simply his neck joining his legs and exploding with muscle. Quickly his shoulders and deltoid muscles joined in and began to expand, growing rounder and more dense. Gavin’s shoulders looked to Justin that they were getting both broader and thicker, and in no time at all they were definitely nearing the width of a door. Justin’s penis was painfully hard as he watched Gavin going through his remarkable transformation. Gavin’s own cock was hard as well and had started leaking pre-cum. His hands were traveling all over his body, massaging, caressing, and worshipping himself. ⁃ I’m like a power plant getting ready to explode!! When Gavin spoke now, his voice was deeper, more commanding, and oozed sexuality. His hands kept returning to his cock and huge balls, slowly stroking himself, enjoying the feel of his own body. Looking directly in Justin’s eyes, Gavin wiped the head of his cock with his fingers, brought it to his face, smelled them, and then licked them clean. ⁃ Taste so fuckin good!!!! Was his voice even deeper then a moment ago? It couldn’t possibly be, but Justin was sure that it was. How long has this been going on, he wondered... and when will it end? How will it end?? Gavin began to massage and squeeze his nipples as his pecs began to swell. ⁃ Oh yeah... that’s it... No amount of hair could hide the musculature of Gavin’s blossoming body. His pecs, easily classified as merely athletic before now pulsed their way into the epitome of power. Each pec grew so immense so quickly that Justin wasn’t sure if Gavin could even see his feet anymore. The crevice in between those mountains of manhood was so deep and so dark with hair that it looked to go on forever. His nipples, grown large and virile, feeling the weight of being attached to such mass, were forced to point down toward his abs. Gavin panted in delight as his muscles continued to grow. With the birth of his colossal chest, his arms proceeded to become engorged with muscle as well. Justin watched in awe as Gavin’s biceps and triceps ballooned in his arms until they were nearly as large as his own head... and still they grew. Gavin’s forearms became as thick as his calves had once been, and as he flexed his upper arm, he began to run his tongue up and down the peaks. Enamoured by his own growth, Gavin could only whimper as the growth of his lats forced his arms further and further from his side. Although his waist was thick with muscle from his abs, his upper torso proceeded to widen until Gavin had an indefinable wasp waist! As every muscle in his entire body continued to swell with more and more growth, thick hose-like veins began to erupt over every inch of his body. To Justin, Gavin’s skin looked paper thin and threatened to easily split if any more mass was added to his body. Veins traveling down his abs wove there way over his pubis and down into his penis. Gavin could barely speak as his cock proceeded to thicken, being engorged further and further with blood. Gavin did his best to grab onto it and stroke it, but the thickness proved to be a challenge for his average sized hands. No sooner had it become thicker then a pint glass when it began to lengthen, a flesh anaconda replacing the admirable penis he had once had. Using both hands, Gavin proceeded to stroke himself, gaining speed and fervour, his moans bellowing throughout the room. ⁃ Look at me!!! Every inch so massive... so strong... so masculine... I feel... I feel... FUCK!!!!!! I feel like a fuckin... ARGHHH!!!!! Gavin’s penis head swelled even larger and proceeded to erupt everywhere. Gavin, lost to his immense orgasm let go of his cock, allowing it to shoot cum all over the walls... all over the windows, and all over Justin. When he finished after continually cumming for nearly three minutes, Gavin collapsed against the desk, forcing it to slide into the wall and causing an immense hole. A minute later, unable to handle his muscle mass, the wooden desk disintegrated beneath him. The only thing Gavin could do as he fell to the floor was laugh. ⁃ What do you think of me? Gavin’s voice floated on the air, filling the entire office, and oozing sex and virility. ⁃ Incredible... ⁃ That’s all you can say? Gavin has some trouble getting up from the floor, but Justin didn’t help him since he knew there was no way he could assist in lifting such weight. Eventually, Gavin was able to manoeuvre himself into a sitting position, hoist himself onto his knees, and then stand. His shadow completely covered Justin as he moved toward him, his entire body involuntarily flexing as he walked. ⁃ There are no words to describe what I’ve become!! I always led the pack, but now I am the epitome of the alpha male. Look at this cock!! It’s longer and thicker then your arm!!! Gavin stood inches away from Justin, his immense body radiating heat and masculinity. His cock was hard once again and leaking onto the floor. ⁃ Lick it. You know you want to. ⁃ I can’t. ⁃ DO IT!!! Gavin placed his hand on Justin’s shoulder and forced him to the floor. On his knees, Justin looked up at Gavin’s cock defying gravity by sticking straight up. ⁃ Try and put your mouth around the head... now... Nervously, Justin placed one hand and then another on Gavin’s penis, feeling it pulsate and breathe beneath his hands. Through the veins, Justin could feel the gallons of blood being pumped in and out to keep it as rigidly hard as it was. I’ve never felt anything like this before… its so hard yet feels so smooth… it practically feels alive… Even with both hands he couldn’t encircle it. The veins that crisscrossed the entire length were thicker then Justin’s own fingers. ⁃ Suck me. Justin tried to pull the cock down to on level with his own face, but discovered he wasn’t strong enough. ⁃ Let me give you a hand. Gavin took his own hands and proceeded to force his cock down till it was parallel with the floor. Justin opened his mouth, and as he got closer to the head, knew there was no way he would ever get it in his mouth. ⁃ Lick it. Justin did as he was told, running his tongue over every inch of the head. Gavin kept one hand on his cock but placed the other behind Justin’s head so he could manipulate him wherever he wanted his tongue to go. With his tongue, he began to work the sensitive area right under the glans. Gavin breathed in and out, his cock proceeding to leak even more. ⁃ Tongue fuck the slit. ⁃ What? ⁃ Stick your tongue in the slit. Justin moved his tongue to the massive mouth-like slit of Gavin’s penis head and began to lick it. ⁃ Stuck it in! Justin forced his tongue to enter Gavin’s slit. ⁃ Deeper! Tongue fuck this cock!! Justin felt Gavin’s hand force his head forward till he had no choice but to put his tongue deeper into the slit. Pre was leaking all over his face as Gavin forced him in further. ⁃ Oh yeah. That’s it. Tongue fuck that cock. Fuck yeah!!! Feels so good!! Imagine if... this had... been you?! You bursting with... with... all of this muscle... and power!! Your body covered in hair... reeking of sweat and testosterone. Your balls... your balls... don’t stop, Justin... I... I... Fuck... I’m... Fuck.... As Gavin was talking, Justin began to hear a cracking sound coming from in front of him and behind him. Focused on what he was doing, he didn’t pay it much heed till it proceeded to get louder and louder. ⁃ ... I’m fuckin growing!!! My whole body getting taller!! My fingers getting longer... my hands swelling... Justin could feel Gavin’s hand that was on the back of his head getting longer and thicker, covering more and more space each second. Justin looked down and realised that Gavin’s feet must have doubled in size and were continuing to grow. ⁃ ... growth so strong... every part of me getting bigger... taller... thicker... stronger... Within a few minutes Justin could no longer kneel any longer and had to stand to reach Gavin’s cock. Looking up, he saw the behemoth in ecstasy as he stretched taller and wider and gained more and more muscle mass. ⁃ Almost too much... so much growth... getting so tall... muscles expanding... nearing the ceiling... need it to stop... becoming a freak… do I realy want this… NO!!! I don’t want it to stop... so massive... Justin only comes up to my abs now... even the hair on my head is getting longer now... how much do I weigh... can’t see below my pecs anymore... my head’s gonna hit the ceiling... so much power... I’m gonna cum... oh fuck... of fuck... OH FUCK!!!!!! Gavin screamed at the top of his lungs as his colossal penis began to ejaculate again. As his cock spasmed, it hit Justin in the face and sent him flying to the floor. As he looked up, all Justin could think of when he saw Gavin was Goliath. He was simply that massive... his shoulders so broad, his torso like a marble sculpture, his arms and legs so thick, and he was nearly as tall as the ceiling. What else could the Biblical giant have on Gavin? ⁃ I need to get out of here! I need to show this body to the world. Gavin began to move toward the office door, but Justin was quicker and blocked his path. ⁃ We need to get you some clothes first... you could get arrested if... ⁃ I doubt I’ll ever wear clothes again!! Who would want me to??!! As if he were swatting a pesky fly, Gavin easily moved Justin to the side. When he opened the office door, Gavin ripped it right off its hinges and held it in his hand. Admiring his own strength, Gavin took his other hand and began to fold the metal door in on itself. Once he had folded the length in half, he placed it on the floor and proceeded to fold the top into the bottom. Pre was flowing from Gavin’s cock as he took the metal square that had once been a door and simply crinkled it into a ball and threw it into the corner with a bang. Gavin looked down at Justin and grinned. ⁃ I thought that would test me, but it was too easy... barely felt anything. I have to be the strongest man on Earth!! With his hands, Gavin ripped the metal doorframe from the wall to try and make it easier for him to get through, but he was still too tall and too wide. Finally, he simply pushed his way out of the hole that had once been a door, rubble falling down onto him, the dust coating parts of his sweaty body. Even his ass is pure muscle, Justin thought as he followed the behemoth lumbering down the hallway, trying unsuccessfully to make his way to the main room without taking down all the walls. In his dreams, he had never imagined a creature as muscular and as sex filled as what Gavin had become. A scream from one of the remaining PA’s greeted Gavin as he finally made his way into the core of the building. ⁃ Not the reaction I expected... but I like it!! Several remaining employees, including Mr. Webber ran into the room to see what the commotion was about. They were greeted by a grinning and flexing eleven foot, 1,500 pound, hairy, and hard version of their coworker. Mr. Webber was the first to speak. ⁃ What the hell happened to you? ⁃ My appearance finally matches what I always was inside. ⁃ ...how??? ⁃ You wanted an Alpha to lead your firm into the 21st Century... and that’s what you got!! Justin could see that several of the employees were turned on by Gavin’s new size, but Mr. Webber wasn’t having any of it. ⁃ Get out of this building before you take the whole thing down with you! I’ve never seen such a disgusting display of... ⁃ You call this disgusting?? Gavin flexed his entire body for the onlookers. ⁃ GET OUT!! ⁃ You’re just jealous, old man!! Gavin reaches down and easily lifted Mr. Webber up till hey were eye to eye. Urine quickly fell onto the floor from where Mr Webber had relieved himself. As he spoke, Gavin shook Mr. Webber so forcibly that Justin worried that he could easily kill him without even realising it. ⁃ I am the future!!! I think from now on there’s no need for you ever to come in again!! I run this firm now!! I make all of the decisions!! Don’t you agree with me, Lionel?? ⁃ I...I... ⁃ I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!! ⁃ I do... it’s all yours... ⁃ That’s what I... what I... Gavin stumbled backward and threw Mr. Webber to the floor. ⁃ Happening again... power welling up inside my body... even... FUCK... even stronger then before... Justin could only watch in astonishment as Gavin proceeded to commence growing again, this time even faster then before. ⁃ I was always meant for more... ALWAYS... always meant for greatness... and now... now... FUCK!!!! Getting even stronger!!!! The remaining employees ran outside to get away from what would certainly bring the entire building down around him. Justin remained rooted to his spot, knowing he had to see it through to the end. ⁃ How can it keep getting stronger... but it is!!! Never felt this kind of power before... this kind of strength... Gavin’s head slammed into the ceiling. Justin ran into the foyer to avoid the rubble that was falling down around Gavin. None of this seemed to bother Gavin as Justin heard his bass laugh echoing around the entire building. From the foyer, Justin could only see Gavin’s massive feet and his buttress-sized legs. No... they surpassed mere buttresses. They were thicker then that... thicker then redwoods... massive, muscular, and hairy behemoth legs that were now beyond description. The entire building shook and began to fall apart around Justin. Not prepared to die watching Gavin grow even larger, Justin ran outside to join the mass of people on the street gawking at the immense form as it forced its way out of the building, taking it down with him. Gavin smiled, as he looked down at the world around him, his massive cock leaving puddles of pre on the street. The hair on his head was even longer now, down past his shoulders, and his thick beard cascaded over his pecs and down to his abs. His testicles, simply enormous, and audibly churning inside producing an endless supply of sperm and testosterone. Gavin, who had once been athletically handsome before now appeared far more primal, his eyes deep set, his eyebrows bushier, and his body covered in hair. For fun, Gavin gyrated his hips and watched his cock knock down an entire building. The moment after he had accomplished this feat, he began to moan and shot cannon fire of sperm onto the street and the onlookers below. Once his orgasms had finished, Gavin moved into the street to have more room to stand. Trying to get away from the monster invading Charing Cross, a bus and two cars ran into his legs. The automobiles were destroyed, but there was barely a scratch left on Gavin. Kicking the bus to the side, he took down further buildings around him causing panic and chaos, which only appeared to turn him on more. Lifting a car that had been abandoned by its driver, Gavin effortlessly raised it up to his head to stare at it, then grinned, formed a ball out of it with his hands, threw it up in the air a few times, and then hurled it into The London Eye. ⁃ Always hated that fuckin eyesore!! Police arrived on the scene, uselessly staring up at the mega man. His growth had finally stopped, but he now towered over the world 35 feet in the air. As before, any movement caused nearly every muscle in his body to flex, sending what appeared like currents of pleasure through him. As he stood there admiring the view, he stroked his cock, an appendage that was now longer then his own arm. ⁃ Have you ever seen anything like me??!! Look at me and know that there is no one more powerful then I am!! I declare myself King of England!! Try and stop me and you’ll see nothing but destruction. Worship me, and I might let you live!!!! Gavin laughed and licked his own pre covered hand. ⁃ None of you will ever know how intoxicating this feels!! I have no peers... no equal... I am the greatest, most beautiful thing to have ever lived!!! Justin... if you’re down there... find that guy and get more if what you gave me!! I’m gonna want a mate soon!!! Justin tried to hide his face from the crowd so they wouldn’t recognise it was he who had assisted in creating this magnificent abomination. In the back of his mind, he wanted to be Gavin’s mate... feel him take control and fill his ass with his cock. Fuck... he thought!! He is so beautiful!!! ⁃ Can you smell me down there? My own scent is turning me on!! Here, let me help you smell me!! Gavin reached down and picked up an onlooker from the street. The man began to scream as Gavin raised him up off of the ground and brought him to his right hairy pit. ⁃ Lick my pit!! Smell me!!! You’ll never be as much of a man as I am!! The man did begin to lick Gavin’s pit, nervous at first, but then with more and more passion. ⁃ Good boy!! Maybe I’ll let you worship my cock later. Gavin lowered the man to the ground who just lay there, convulsing in orgasmic lust. ⁃ All of this growth has made me hungry. Bring me food!!! Lots of it!! And Guinness! I want barrels of Guinness!! Bring me this and I’ll... YES!!!! Gavin’s voice was suddenly even deeper and filled with more lust for power then ever before. Justin watched Gavin sway on his feet and recognised what was about to happen again. ⁃ Too late!!!! It’s building up inside me again... each time even more powerful then the last!!! Soon you’ll be nothing but ants beneath my feet... unimportant... Justin covered his ears as Gavin let out a deafening roar. His body was once again pulsating with power, swelling and growing larger with growth. Gavin’s quads had gotten bigger then ever before, resulting in a loud crack of his pelvis snapping and then repairing itself to enable more room for growth. Several buildings were demolished as Gavin stumbled around trying to maintain his footing. His pecs were so mountainous now that they totally prevented him from seeing what lay below them. Justin watched as his co-worker flexed for the crowd beneath him, long resolved to being the god he was quickly becoming. As his feet became larger then the cars below him, Gavin intentionally leaned over and swiped at any building in his way that prevented him from standing on solid ground. The police forced the crowd to safety, away from the falling debris. As he was moved all he could hear were the shouts from Gavin above, loving what he had become. ⁃ YES!!! RUN!!!! THIS GROWTH IS STRONGER THEN ANYTHING I’VE FELT PRIOR… MY MUSCLES EXPLODING WITH MORE AND MORE SIZE… MY COCK BIGGER THEN SOME BUILDINGS!!!! GETTING SO TALL… SO MIGHTY!!! THIS IS WHAT I WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!!!! IM THE MOST POWERFUL CREATURE ON THIS PLANET!!! NO ONE EQUALS ME!!!! NO ONE!!!!! Gavin rocketed up further, his size quickly multiplying. Cum fell onto the street like rain as he ejaculated over and over again. Justin kept an eye on him as he ran up Charing Cross Road. Surely, Mr. Huang would help him if he claimed to be doing it to help the city. Someone had to stop this monster... He would say anything to get what he wanted. He knew that now. Once he had the teabag, he would let it sit in a giant mug for over an hour, microwave it, and swallow it all, including the herbs. This time he would win... he would join Gavin… and together they would get what they deserved. Yes… today he would win.
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    Thanks for all the kind comments Link to part I & II PART 3: Luke was surprised to see his neighbour standing in his garden when he pulled into the driveway. She was a slight, elusive figure that rarely came out of her house. This had always disappointed Luke, who thought her beauty rivaled Macy. He had been thinking of opening lines in his head, trying to think of a way to show he had a sweet personality to go with his plump body when he saw the reason she was standing dazed in his garden, biting her lips. She was staring through the living room window, where she could clearly see his dad repeating the morning ritual that had startled Luke yesterday. Matt, once again lying on the couch playing with his nude body and cock, in the most blatant and obscene manner possible. Luke immediately discarded any plans for pleasant conversation and rushed inside. “Dad?!” Luke said while he shut the front door. “What did I tell you about jerking off in the living room?” All Luke got as a reply was a groan of pleasure from his dad. Luke made his way over to the couch. He glanced out of the window, and could see his neighbour moving down the sidewalk like she hadn’t been staring at Matt stroke his meat for god knows how long. “Dad?” Luke asked, a lilt of insecurity invading his voice while the man lying on the couch remained unresponsive. Luke found himself once again staring at his father’s naked body, and once again couldn’t help but think the man was a little bigger than yesterday. A few more bumps of muscle here. A bit less fat here. And a bit more size, well, everywhere. An indiscernible change to anyone else, but if you had seen your dad naked as often as Luke had, it was hard to ignore. The rhythmic jerking, an urgent yet sensual motion, and the audible pleasure it created was the only indication that Matt was awake. His eyes were closed, as he likely conjuring up hot images of fucking Macy to fuel his session of self worship. Luke felt like at a loss what to do, he couldn’t just leave his dad lying there, exposing himself like that, but if he was intentionally ignoring him… “Dad. Can you go upstairs? Please.” Without any sense of urgency, Matt opened his eyes. And for a brief moment Luke’s dad looked at him with the same cold glare as yesterday evening. A firm glare filled with dominance and contempt for the smaller man. But then it faded, and Matt’s goofy smile appeared. A lingering, foreboding dread remained with Luke however. “Oh. Sorry Lukey, must not have heard you.” He laughed, continuing his jerking unapologetically. Luke felt disgusted again, though he knew with as many times he had walked in on his dad in the middle of some sexual act he should have gotten used to the sight by now. But beside the usual disgust, Luke felt a certain curiosity and intrigue about his dad’s sexual needs. “Do you really need to do that again?” Luke said. It was more of a thought than anything he really wanted to know. His dad just raised his eyebrows, as if to ask, “You don’t?” “I mean, you jerked off yesterday morning, you, uhm, came last evening. Do you really need to let off steam again? Seems excessive.” Matt shrugged his wide shoulders. “A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I’ve needed to empty my balls at least three times a day since I’ve hit puberty, but for some reason I’ve been even more horned up today.” Matt clearly didn’t intend to brag, but to Luke it certainly felt that way. He was lucky if he got horny every other day. What man nearly fifty still had a sex drive that like that? While he watched his dad lying there, his pecs twitching while he continued his slow stroking without a care that his son watched. Luke knew exactly what kind of man would have a sex drive like that. A masculine man. “Doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of last night though.” Matt remembered with a lascivious smile. Luke felt embarrassed as he recalled the previous night’s events, then quickly remembered his confident and completely nude dad was still jerking off in front of the window. “Well, anyway. Good talk dad. You can take your jerking upstairs now.” Luke said while averting his eyes, fearful his dad had noted his lingering gaze. Matt didn’t move a finger. Well, nothing besides the hand that was providing him with self worship of course. “Hmmm, why would I Lukey? I’m obviously comfortable here.” “But the neighbours….” Matt’s eyes suddenly flared up. “Stop being such a little tiny prude.” Matt barked. Luke imeditialy dropped quiet, it felt like a fatherly scolding and he couldn’t free himself of the feeling that he had done something wrong. Matt caught his tongue before he lashed out again. “I’m sorry.” He said rather sheepishly. “I don’t know what came over me. An excess of male hormones I guess. When you’ve been edging for better than an hour you forget you aren’t king of the world. I’m the guest here.” Matt gave his cock a few last thoughtful tugs and then he athletically jumped up from the couch and strolled to the stairs, his legs jutting out just a tad more than yesterday, his masculine butt even firmer. Again, Luke couldn’t lose the thought that every part of his dad just look a tad… Bigger. He had to ask. “Dad. Do you feel bigger?” Matt didn’t bother looking back. “Besides my natural morning pump? No, don’t think so.” Luke was just about to ask what a ‘natural morning pump’ entailed when he was interrupted by Macy letting out a loud yawn. “Morning Matt.” She said standing there in her thin nightshirt with her eyes half closed. Luke still couldn’t shake the thought something was off about his dad’s body. Yesterday he had been the exact same height as Macy’s 5’9 body. But now he seemed just the tiniest bit taller, was he standing on his toes? Macy scanned up and down the erect nude man in front of her as he smiled at her. Without any warning she went for a hug, Matt’s painfully hard dick pressing into her belly. “Had a good night’s rest?” She asked while pressing her bosom into Matt’s body. Matt could only nod, even the sex guru had been left speechless by the sudden lewd display. Macy skipped down the stairs as Matt rushed to the bathroom, wanting to take care of his boner with greater urgency than before. “I can’t believe you just did that.” Luke said, not quite sure yet how to interpret his wife’s actions. Macy shrugged her toned shoulders. “Honestly Luke, we’ve had a threesome, there are no lines left to cross.” Macy pondered for a moment while staring Luke in the eyes. “You’re a bit of a prude sometimes, you know that Luke?” -------------------------- “And then I said: ‘Little lady, I’ve been counseling your pathetic husband for years on how to deal with the anxiety of being upstaged in the bedroom by a superior man, I think he’ll mind if we fucked!’ Oh man, you should have seen the disappointment on her face! I loved it!” Laughter erupted from the table, though the sound was far from genuine. Luke was only laughing out of politeness, wondering if every single story his dad had from his work as a sex guru had to involve cheating, threesomes and other men’s inadequacy. Macy was laughing just a bit too easily and too loudly, staring at the substantially pumped pec cleavage Matt showed off in his shirt following his intense workout, rather than focusing on anything he said. “You must love your job.” Macy whispered with a sense of awe. “I certainly don’t mind getting up the morning, no.” Matt replied with a grin. Luke, nervous that the two were about to exchange flirtatious comments, decided now was the right time to put away the dinner plates. “Dinner was delicious.” Luke mumbled while giving Macy a quick kiss. The display was meant as a way to rebuff his dad and defend his territory. But the limp gesture failed to spark the passion Matt easily stoked in Macy. It didn’t help Luke’s ego that she was staring deep into Matt’s brown eyes during the brief kiss. “Mmmmmm, that steak was great.” Matt said, while swiping away some grease from his thick 5 o’clock shadow with the back of his hand. “You two little lovebirds go upstairs, I’ll take care of the dishes.” Matt said with sly grin. Luke raised his eyebrows. His dad was many things, but willingly doing dishes which he considered women’s work was certainly not normal. Matt scolded Luke, “What? C’mon little guy, don’t you see the twinkle in Macy’s eye? A day of prancing and posing her sexy figure, nearly nude in front of strange men with camera's has gotten her more than a little aroused. Urges like that should always be encouraged son.” He stared directly at Macy, his thick tongue slowly licking the last bit of grease from his full lips. Luke wondered if his dad was aware that the twinkle sparkling in Macy’s eye was entirely directed at him. Maybe Matt wasn’t aware of the passion he stirred in Macy? But really, would a man of his experience not note the longing glances Macy had directed at him since he fucked her to orgasm last night? Luke’s line of thinking was interrupted when Macy grabbed his hand and guided him up the stairs. The carefree whistling coming from the kitchen while Matt scrubbed away on the dishes floated up to the bedroom, so even though he was out of sight Luke couldn’t help but feel like his dad was standing right there with him. In the dark. Matt’s prediction that Macy was lusting for release had been spot on. She quickly discarded her clothes and Luke felt himself bone up right away, seeing the outline of her beautiful figure. “C’mon Babe, hurry up.” Macy said while she slinked toward the head of the bed. Luke obliged, unceremoniously struggling out of his clothes and assuming the position between her long legs that his dad had taken last night. It did not take long for Luke to fall into rhythm, though his thrusting was a little shaky and without clear purpose. This was his usual approach. It also did not take long for Luke to notice his wife looked bored. He had hoped Macy’s inability to cross the threshold of pleasure was like a guy being unable to maintain a firm erection. That it was just in the person’s head, the result of some deep rooted anxiety. He had hoped that once his dad had given her a taste of pleasure it would be easier for Luke to make her cum. The strained and bored expression plastered on Macy face didn’t support that theory. And a more deeply rooted hope within Luke was that whatever had happened to his dad last night that made him bigger, more muscular and leaner would happen to him too, however slight. Looking down across his sagging hairless chest, he remained his flabby old self. Luke panted like an out of shape office worker as he approached the cusp already. This wasn’t gonna work. He pulled out without resistance, catching his breath while he looked at his average dick with disappointment. “What’s wrong babe?” Macy asked, her voice containing real concern. Luke thought about his options for a second as he held his quickly softening penis. He could just say that nothing was wrong and life would move on. He likely wouldn’t ever be able to give her a thrill in the bedroom without sacrificing his dignity to a strap on. In that scenario she’d never ask for a repeat of last night’s adventure, no matter how pleasurable it was for her. She might feel a constant hunger for Matt but in a few days he’d move out and be gone from their lives for god knows how long again. In a sense, she’d always be the small town timid girl, to shy to ask for big presents. Or. Or he could give her the thing she wanted most in the world right now. But he knew that once could be written off as a fluke. But twice? That’s a pattern, a pattern that could continue regardless of how Luke felt about it. He sighed. Luke might like to think he had options, but knew deep down he really didn’t if Macy was ever going to be sexually satisfied and truly happy.. “Mace. I think we should try with my dad again.” -------- Matt had been calmly sitting in the living room, staring into the void of the evening sky when Luke barged in. The way he had been looking into nothingness, unoccupied, his hands behind his head, lounging like a king, it almost appeared as if he had been waiting. “Done already?” Matt said with a teasing tone that bordered on arrogance. “No. It’s just.... Uhmmm.... We thought that…. Well, since we have you here…. We might as well…” Matt just had to raise his eyebrows before Luke got the hint. “Right, I’m rambling. We wanted to ask, since we have you here…” Luke took a deep breath and just blurted out the rest. “....Do you have any tips to show us in the bedroom. You know, as a ‘guru’ or whatever.” Luke felt proud that his apparent prudish mind had been able ask a question so directly. His dad seemed unshaken. “Oh yeah? Hmmm, I guess so.” “Had he been expecting this?” Luke wondered, or was Matt just so casual about sex that even fucking his son’s wife was not out of the ordinary? Luke didn’t have to ponder that for too long, because before he knew it, he was standing in his bedroom again. Only now his dad was not looming over him in his thoughts, but in reality. “Lesson one kiddo, sex is all about the foreplay. You gotta tease your partner.” Matt explained as he looked at Macy. Slowly he lifted his shirt up, revealing his hairy, muscular body then tossing the shirt at Luke’s feet. After dropping his trousers he slowly groped the significant bulge in his grey boxer shorts for a bit, causing Macy’s mouth to water. Luke looked down to his own pudgy body and much, much smaller bulge and wondered how he would ever tease Macy to arousal. Maybe the reviews for his dad’s workshops stating that it contained little actual expertise besides the bragging of a hung stud had a ring of truth to them. After bouncing his heavy pecs up and down, something that made Macy squirm in delight, Matt finally stepped out of his boxers, revealing his soft, heavy manhood. “Lesson two kiddo, start with the female’s mouth and work your way down, gives you plenty of time to bone up before you pound her.” Luke felt that need for time was rather redundant. He couldn’t look at Macy’s naked form for more than a few seconds without getting rock hard. Only someone like his dad, who had slept with hundreds of women, would need to additional stimulation by such a hottie to get hard. With an expertise that Luke was all to familiar with Macy started to enthusiastically exploring Matt’s plump penis with her tongue. It didn’t take long before Matt let out a groan of approval. Besides the intimidating cock her tongue was getting acquainted with, Macy took time to explore each and every part of Matt’s body: his large, heavy balls, the muscles that made up his thick thighs and glutes, the faintly outlined abs, the protruding set of fur covered pecs. Her small hands swept over all of it, feeling the masculine power just beneath his skin. It was clear Macy’s expertise was a little much for even Matt to handle. After Macy carefully traced one of the veins trailing from the root to the tip with her tongue, his cock looked painfully hard and angry. “Lesson three. Take charge when you need to.” Matt growled through clenched teeth. Without any further warning he grabbed Macy by her hair, and shoved the entirety of his big, thick cock down Macy’s throat. She struggled for a moment, emitting some choking noises as the hefty cock filled so much space. Without regard for his prey’s struggle Matt started pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, using her throat as if it was his personal plaything. Luke wanted to intervene, to make sure his wife was okay, but then he noticed her expression of utter happiness. She even tried to let out some primal moans, but the big cock drilling down her throat was muffling any and all sound. Any hope that Luke had for his own sexual prowess was destroyed when he saw her underwear getting wetter and wetter. He swore he could smell her arousal. Macy was clearly having a good time. Matt definitely was. Luke wondered how such utter disregard for her pleasure could evoke such a strong response within Macy. He had tried every position he knew she liked and even some she didn’t! But his dad just grabbed her by her hair and shoved his cock in. Why did she not get horny when Luke tried his best, but did do so when Matt barely tried at all? Luke only had to look at his dad’s body again to get his answer. Matt was big, everywhere. Women would love him in bed no matter what he did. He didn’t have to try, every woman would want to be his cum dump. “Fuck yeah.” Matt whispered while pulling his drool covered cock out and shoving it back in. It was at this point that Luke again noticed something odd. Odd perhaps wasn’t the right word, because he had seen the same strange sight once before, when the same two people were banging. With every thrust that Matt made, he inflated with size and masculinity. Like a balloon, pounds just seemed to pack onto his frame like a magic trick. “Now, boy. Lesson five. Or three. Or whatever number we were on. When a woman is already on the edge you show her what real pleasure feels like.” Finally Matt let her head go, and pulled his cock out with a plop, Macy resisting his retreat. Her moving mouth reminded Luke of a fish out of water as her lips reached for that fat prick. “Dad. Something seems really wrong with you. You… Grew. Just now.” ------------------ Matt ignored Luke, as he was too consumed with how fucking great it felt to be himself to listen to the latest nonsense coming out of Luke’s mouth. Fuck, Matt had to admit he felt even better than usual, some unknown energy fueling him, making him feel even bigger than he already was. Shit, even my cock looks bigger than normal, Matt thought to himself. Matt took the same position he had yesterday evening between Macy’s spread legs, granting his glorious battering ram prime access to her wet pussy. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Luke timidly crawl up to the position he had been in yesterday, though Macy’s mouth eagerly opening to service the thinnish member pointed toward her face. She couldn’t get enough, even if Luke’s painfully average dick was a downgrade from the beefstick that had just been stretching her jaw. Haphazardly Matt pulled a rubber over his cock, failing to notice how much tighter the thing felt on him while he lustingly stared at all the curves making up Macy’s body. Even though she now had her husband’s dick in her mouth, all Macy could stare at was the man standing between her legs with an athlete’s stance radiating testosterone. With the raincoat in place, Matt firmly pushed into her as she moaned and started pounding away. With each thrust Matt felt an intense burning sensation in his chest. He had felt it yesterday and again today when he fucked her mouth. He assumed it was just the feeling of satisfaction you got from finally getting the piece of tail you’ve been lusting after for years. Matt was not accustomed to women who didn’t beg for it. That’s why Macy’s teasing flirtation had enticed him for so long. Thrust. He chuckled as Macy’s eyes rolled back. Softly he heard Luke’s nagging voice, begging for attention, but Matt couldn’t be bothered to lift his focus from fucking his son’s beautiful wife. At first he had respected Luke’s claim to the girl. But that was when Luke himself had still been a stud. A stud worthy of the young goddess. But for the past few years Luke’s claim had weakened as had his body…. Thrust. A loud moan traveled out of Macy’s lips as Matt held her in place. For the past few years he had considered Macy free game. But despite the palpable attraction between them, she kept true to her wedding vows. Exclusive commitment was understandable and respectable, but Matt thought it was so… Boring. Thrust. Macy mewed like a kitten eliciting a sneer on Matt’s thick lips. Matt had realised that the one thing holding their exclusivity together was their inexperience. Macy stayed with Luke because she simply didn’t know any better. An ‘accidental’ bump at Christmas with Matt’s thick cock must have been an eye opener for her. Thrust. Matt could feel Macy’s whole body tremble with pleasure and he laughed. Out from the mist of thoughts and sex Matt heard Luke’s whining voice again. The big man didn’t feel bad for ignoring it. Despite the fact he was getting his dick sucked, Luke was but a spectator now, watching as his dad easily pleasured his wife. Matt didn’t really mean for that ‘accidental’ nude encounter to dry-up Macy’s pleasure. He had just wanted to show her the world outside of her husband existed, and it was much brighter than she imagined. How could he have known that simply seeing an actual man for the first time in years would ruin Luke's flabby attempts at sex. Thrust. Macy’s pupils were dilated and her eyes were filled with tears as Matt stared directly into them. Of course, it had brought him great joy that he she had chosen him to not only open up this world, but guide her through it as well. Guide her to pleasure she’d never get from fat, lazy Luke, who was content to pursue the pleasure of a donut rather than that of a nubile woman. Thrust The heat in Matt’s chest reached a boiling point and suddenly he became aware a fog had been covering his mind, twisting his perceptions. Those thoughts that had been shooting through his mind felt strangely alien now, like they hadn’t been his own. Matt agreed with them, to an extent. He had always hungered after Macy like she was a delicious meal. But the nude encounter had been accidental, right? I mean, of course he knew exactly what time Macy went for a shower each morning, and he just so happened to forget his clothes… Matt realised what alien entity had been depositing these thoughts in his mind. It was his own deep subconscious, a confession of his guilt. Matt glared through the haze of sex and lust covering the room and finally made eye contact with Luke. The alien voice of his subconscious told Matt of Luke’s real place. The place of any man who was less muscular and less well endowed than him. The place of a man who allows another to fuck his wife. The voice urged him to be dominating. To be more just, to not let politeness inform his actions toward the inferior men walking the globe. Matt resisted. He wasn’t ready to submit to such a cruel way of looking at the world. But then a couple memories flashed through his mind. His son commenting on how he looked bigger. His son lustfully looking over his own father’s naked body. His son watching his father’s larger cock as he stroked it in the living room. Then he remembered the deep powerful sensation whenever he was inside Macy, stretching her open. Matt finally made the connection. Confidently, Matt raised his right arm into a bulging bicep flex. He smirked as his inferior and jealous son looked with glassy eyes at the globe of power. The powerful stench of intense fucking filled the air. And then he could see what his subconscious had been trying to tell him. His biceps slowly inflating with power. Growing bigger and bigger. He didn’t really care how it was happening. Or why. He just loved that it was. The effect slowed as Matt’s dominant humping tapered off. He could usually have gone for hours boning a hot woman like Macy but with his realization found himself incredibly close to an orgasm. Macy gave him a sated smile, clearly content with how many times she had come over the last hour. As she should have been. Matt stared at his arm again, which now looked so much tighter and more muscular than before. Exclaiming ‘Brawn!’ at an very audible volume. “I’m fucking growing.” His dad snarled between heavy breaths. Luke whined as his body gave a weak convulsion and dribbled a few drops of cum onto the bed. Matt joined his enthusiasm, albeit much more triumphantly. He pulled out, quickly ripping of the condom, which was drenched in his pre and her copious emissions. Macy laid there, a vision of contentment and satisfaction smiling gratefully. It was the last kick he needed before the best orgasm he had ever had hit him. He roared. Ropes and ropes of thick cum shot out of his cock at record breaking speeds coating Macy in his seed. There seemed for a moment no end to his pleasure or the contents of his balls. But eventually, after what felt like forever, even his titanic bliss tapered off. But not before he had created a nice thick stain of spunk all over Macy’s chest. Matt had to catch his breath after that epic fuckfest before he could go back to making snarky remarks to Luke. “And that son….” he paused, his new, bigger chest rising and falling as he found his new dominant footing, “....is how a real man fucks your wife.” Matt gloated looking Luke directly in the eye with a smug grin and a full body stretch, displaying his large endowment and far superior physique to his out of shape and modestly hung son. Fully nude he strutted out the door, his softening penis slapping loudly between his thighs with a sound that oozed manliness. It didn’t even register to Matt that he was a few inches closer to the top of the doorframe, or that his width had equally increased. Luke, however, took note. For some reason, as Matt walked down the stairs he couldn’t help but sing a little song. It was the first one that came to mind, one he had heard in the gym earlier today. “Ain’t her fault she’s out there getting loose.” He sang with a whistle. “Gotta blame it on her juice.”
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    Chapter 2 - The Miracle of Denver *** 48 hours later - *** Whirrr…..shhhhhhh. Whirrr …….shhhhhh. Beep. Beep. Beep-Beep-Beep. All around the large semi-circular room, there was constant noise from the medical machines. Breathing machines, movement monitors, heart monitors, IV machines. Sixteen beds all facing a large central nurses station in the Neurological ICU. Staff dressed in all manner of multi-colored scrubs moved about making notes and updating orders. And laying in the middle of it all, John Declann was awake and silently afraid -- afraid of the future. “Look at them,” he thought bitterly. “Look at them move. “Like it was nothing. John almost wanted to scream. It was so much. Too much. Too much noise. Too many people. Too much chaos. He just wanted quiet. He would give his right le-- “But I don’t have a right leg to give anymore,” John spat out in his thoughts. He raised his head from his pillow and looked down. For what must have been the hundredth time since he awakened, he started again with the same useless ritual. He willed his legs to move. Nothing. “MOVE” he thought. Nothing. “FUCKING MOVE DAMN IT.” Nothing. From rage to a plaintive wail. “Please … please … move.” Nothing. “Please……” Nothing. John’s head fell back again to his bed, and a single tear rolled from his eye toward the pillow. “Why, why, why won’t they move?” He begged. But then he could always hear the doctor’s voice as clear as he had heard it yesterday: “I’m very sorry Mr. Declann, but there was just nothing that we could medically do. The damage is just too extensive. Although you may get some sensation back with intensive therapy… I am so sorry, but you are paralyzed from the waist down.” John fumed at those words. He spat on them, cursed them. His rage could have filled the entire room to overflowing if he could have let it out. All he had ever done was try and help people. All he had ever done was try and make a difference. And this is how God or the Universe or whatever thanks him? It makes him an invalid. Helpless. Hopeless. “Why didn’t I just die in that crash?” John thought. “It would have been far more merciful.” Maybe he should just fully “retire” when they let him out of here. Would whatever this is - it certainly isn’t a life - even be worth living ….” As he lay there swallowed by the pain of what he could never feel again, two young men wearing the colors of hospital transport approached John’s bed. They leaned over and said, “Mr. Declann, we are going to move you to a private room just down the way here. The nurses aides need to help you get clean, and we want to preserve your privacy down here.” “Fuck my privacy,” John spat out weakly. “What do I need it for now anyway?” “Mr Declann, please?” the one on the left asked. John relented. Resignation swallowed him as he shook his head no, but said, “OK. Just do what you have to do.” With the efficiency of hands as practiced at this work as Declann’s had once been at his, the two young men disconnected the monitors, released the wall oxygen and pushed John perhaps 50 feet down a corridor and into a small, private room. The two transport men maneuvered John into the center of the darkened room, then pushed his headboard against the wall. They assured him that someone would be with him in a moment. Then, the two just left. John looked around a bit confused. This looked like a hospital room you might see anywhere - a computer terminal, multi-colored plugs in the walls, but - nothing else. He couldn’t see anything that might be used to wash him and -- There was a small knock at the door. “Ah, that must be them.” John thought and swallowed his pride. There was no use fighting this. The door pushed inward to reveal three semi-shadows silhouetted against the bright hallway light. “Hello Sergeant Declann. May we come in?” As the voice spoke, someone raised the lights inside the room. That voice, the accent, the lower tenor range of it. The black hair, the eyes? No, but -- “Dr. York?!” John asked out of shock as Gabriel entered the room. What astounded John even more was that York was flanked on either side by two gorilla-sized men in navy blue suits. He was certain these were some sort of guards - police, military, something - but hell, why would York need that? Gabriel walked up to the side of John’s bed while one of the men pulled a stool from a corner of the room for Gabriel to sit on. He then took a guard position near the door inside the room while the other man closed the door and remained outside. “Yes, John. It’s me. I am glad you remember.” Gabriel was genuinely happy John remembered him through the crash and the aftermath. Not only was he personally thrilled, but clinically, it was a very good sign given the nature of his visit. “How are you feeling?’ “About as good as can be expected under the circumstances, “ John replied, trying to stay nice to the young doctor. But, why was he here? “John, you do not know this, but when you were first brought in here, I asked to be your primary physician. All the other doctors you have spoken with have done their work admirably, but I am ultimately in charge of your care.” Gabriel sighed. It was better to just spit it out. “I know that the other doctors told you about the condition of your spine and that it was unrepairable.” “They certainly made that VERY clear.” John vented with barely controlled anger. “Well … that.” Gabriel said rather awkwardly, his mouth twisting as he tried to say what he wanted. “That is why I am here. Now, John, I do not want to raise any false hope in you, but … that assessment may not be totally accurate.” If Declann could have raised up from the bed, he would have bolted toward the ceiling like a cat in shock. “What does that mean ‘not totally accurate?’” “John, I am going to have to ask you to trust me on a few things right now. There are certain aspects of what I am going to propose to you that are … well … frankly dangerous. Most of it I cannot even tell you at this hospital. But, I will tell you all that I can. First, let me say … if you had not rescued me the other morning, you would not be in this bed like this right now. You rescued me, and now I am going to try and rescue you.” Gabriel said. “OK. So, what exactly are we talking about here? I may be in this position, but I am still a cop, and I can hear someone skirting the truth from a mile away.” Gabriel reached into his pocket, pulled out a small device, and activated it. “This will not last for very long, but it will scramble any patient monitoring equipment and the hospital microphones nearby. John, do you remember when I said that I had certain dealings with at the Federal Center and had a well … different lab than at CU?” “You didn’t exactly mean to say anything, but that was the best supposition to make given what you did not say.” John replied. Gabriel blushed realizing that John had read him so thoroughly though just a minor mistake. No wonder he was a good cop. “Well, my area of research is neurological trauma, much like the trauma you have experienced. Very advanced and very top secret work. I can give you a better explanation once you accept my offer, but, for now, I can tell you that this therapy can offer you some hope. However there are also certain risks such as possible shifting of your bones or permanent damage to your muscle fibers. “AND, most importantly, and I cannot emphasize this enough. This therapy cannot be done under sedation. You must be fully conscious and … John, I am sorry.” Gabriel almost choked up as he said it. “But, it will be excruciatingly painful. Far more painful than anything you have ever felt before. I cannot help that, I wish I could. “There is a chance you will be in a far better position if this works, but you will pay for it in ways I can scarcely even describe. That is all I can say here. It is your choice. But I hope you can trust me.” For John, there was not a second’s hesitation. “I am nothing without my work. And I cannot work like this. I choose what you are offering, even knowing the risks, and that it might not work. Some chance is better than none.” “Are you sure John? This is the last chance to reconsider.” “Dr. York….Gabriel, “ John looked into the young researcher’s eyes almost pleading, begging, “I want a chance to have my life back.” York took a breath and smiled. “OK. First thing, I cannot allow you to see exactly where we are going. Security reasons. And, assuming this works, you are going to be staying with me at “my place,” so to speak, for a couple of months. So, I will need to sedate you for the trip.” York withdrew a hypodermic needle and injected John’s IV lead with a clear liquid. “And we have a suitable cover story that you are going out of state at a rehab facility. I can also tell you, no one will ever know what was diagnosed here. I can and will make sure of that.” Declann’s eyes began to fog. “See you in a little while John. Rest easy.” And with that Declann fell asleep. Then, Gabriel went over to the suited man at the door. “He is ready. Take him up to the helipad on the roof and load him on. I will come with you if anyone asks questions.” York then opened the door and addressed the other large statured man. “We are ready.” Gabriel and the two men pushed the gurney with Declann on it toward an elevator to the roof. No sooner than they had passed around the corner, another fellow entered the same hospital room. Although he was dressed as a hospital employee - he seemed a bit too large for what he was wearing and just a bit too military for an ordinary worker. The man walked to the computer terminal and entered a username and password. Once he had access, he placed a USB stick into the terminal. After that all he had to do was wait. Inside the machinery of the entire hospital, all the memory, the scanning devices - every microchip and resistor of it - any record, note, log, ANYTHING relating to Deputy Sergeant John Declann having been paralyzed simply melted away, as if it had never happened. His task done, the man closed the terminal and left the building. *** Three Hours Later- *** The first sign John had of regaining consciousness was hearing things. Voices around him: “The subject is secured, doctor” “Extraction process complete. Beginning Replication and Modification Procedures.” “The subject is regaining consciousness.” Light, fuzzy at first, began to register to Declann’s eyes. As the glare cleared, he found himself in a place he could have scarcely imagined. John saw he was inside a white room that seemed to be covered in flat panel monitor screens. He himself was lying on some sort of strange metal table. Going over and above his head, in a large C shape, was some sort of armature and camera device. Above that on the ceiling, facing down, was a massive LCD. The overhead screen had an outline of a human body on it with several numerical readouts. And, John also noticed, he was tied down. Every part of him was tied down by thick leather straps. Only his eyes could move. If he cast them low enough, he even thought he could see that his useless legs were tied down. At his side, he felt a presence approach as Gabriel came into view. “Welcome back John. I apologize for restraining you like this, but considering what is going to happen, it will be for the best. Now that you are here, I can fully explain what we have developed and what we are going to --” “Ah . . . Gabriel,” John said rather sheepishly. “You might want to give me the dumbed down version. I am no slouch but what little I can see of this place suggests that this stuff is going to be way beyond me.” Gabriel laughed, “I doubt that John. Without the unnecessary technical details, the ideas are simple enough. “What we have developed is a form of experimental genetic engineering-based surgery. Nothing like in sci-fi TV but, maybe at the very early stages of that sort of thing. We created this for the military, for soldiers who have sustained serious injuries on the battlefield who are considered irreplaceable. But I hope that one day this can be released to the public for folks like you. But, John, I must be upfront. You are the first human we have ever attempted this on. We have done plenty of simulations on our computers, but you are the first flesh and blood. “While you were asleep, we took samples of your neurons, muscle cells, and stem cells. And, right now in the lab, we are genetically modifying and cloning these samples en masse to create an army of very specialized, augmented cells. With me so far?” “I think so. So what do these augmented things do?” John asked. Gabriel smiled. “Think of the new cells as something like living knitting needles. We will transplant the new augmented cells into you. The modified nerve cells will lay down a copy of your entire nervous system running parallel to your native one, including the damaged area of your spinal cord. At the same time this is happening, the augmented muscle and stem cells will lay down a series of connections between the new nervous system and your native muscles that will allow the modified nerves to work. “When all of the augmented cells are in place, we will give you a special kind of drug that will activate the knitting process. Your native nervous system and muscle cells will be “knit together” with the new nervous system and muscles, kind of like how a broken bone heals by knitting new bone tissue together with older bone. Once the knitting is complete, your native cells and the augmented cells are fused into one nervous and muscular system, just like the one you have now, EXCEPT this new one will be whole and fully functioning. “If all goes well, your spinal cord damage along with any other damage in your nervous system and to the muscles of the body will be as repaired. Once they has served its purpose, the augmentation DNA we introduce in the cloned cells will die away, leaving only you behind. And the new you will be as solid and healthy as any broken wrist that is healed. Making sense?” John replied “So, you’re basically going to make me a second set of nerves and muscles to heal the ones in me that are broken?” “More or less, yes.” Gabriel replied. “That is the theory. Now, this is the important part for you. The practical parts of this -- what is actually going to happen to you that you will see and feel. “The first thing we will do is a create a real time virtual model of your body inside of our computers. It is something like the TSA body scanners used in airports only far more sensitive and powerful. This virtual model of you will be continuously updated throughout the process, and we can watch that virtual you on the screen over your head. When we release the modified cells into your body, we use the scanner and to see that the modified cells line up as they should. Then, when everything is correctly laid down and ready, we will release the drug into your system. “The drug will be the part that hurts John. The drug causes a series of events that is going to fire every nerve and every muscle in your body all at once, over and over again. And not just little twitches but full power flexing and relaxing, like thousands upon thousands of cramps but worse. Much, much worse. And not just your muscles. Pain, heat, cold. What you can see, what you can smell, what you can hear. Everything. We will use the equipment we have here to keep you alive, but we can’t give you any drugs to dull the pain or lessen the cramps or the process of repairing your nerves would be damaged. All of your new nerves and muscle would be permanently “dulled” exactly like the pain killer would dull the nerves receiving pain signals. Declann again saw the look of anguish in Gabriel’s face and knew what was coming would be bad. “If there was any way we could localize this to just the damaged areas we would. If I could spare you what is coming I would. But, it is just too far beyond us right now.” Gabriel reached down and took John’s hand. “Do you have any questions for me?” John thought a moment. “No, just … stay with me down here when you do it. I do not want to go through this alone.” Gabriel smiled down on John and became brave enough to caress his cheek. “I will never leave you alone. Not through this, and not for a long time after it is done.” John seemed to ease a bit at this. He didn’t know what it was about the doctor, but it just felt so right to face this together with him. A voice over an unseen intercom spoke. “Doctor, the augmented cells are ready for introduction.” Gabriel first looked down to John, who tried to nod his ascent one last time. “Then let’s start. Phase one everyone.” Gabriel said. Upon that cue, an unseen door opened and someone dressed like an operating room nurse entered with three very large IV Bags full of a darkly tinted liquid. She efficiently connected each bag to one of the IV leads in John’s veins, and the liquids began to flow into his body. Above him, the screen lit up and showed John’s virtual body along with the following numbers: Declann, J. Subject 0001 Height 5’7” Weight 165 lbs Neck:15.5 Chest: 39 Waist: 28.5 Forearms: 13 Upper Arms - 15.25 Thighs - 22 Calves - 15 On the screen, Declann watched as over the next hour, area after area of his “body” began to alight with green lines and shading. The virtual avatar zoomed in and out, rotated and seemed to go right down to his very DNA as what seemed like mile upon mile of material lined up and connected itself right next to his current nervous system and muscles. It made him a bit dizzy to watch as one area after another lit up and spun around until there were just two left - the area of his injury and the brain itself. Another nurse came in with a large needle full of the same liquid, and through a method he could not see, injected all of the material into an area he could not feel. Suddenly, the spot along is back that was black began to glow along with the rest of his body. Above his body avatar, red lettters flashed: Phase One Introduction Complete. Gabriel sighed. “Oh John, this is it. I will stand by and watch with you, but the computer will take over from here. I am sorry. This will be the longest two minutes of your life.” Only now, after over an hour, did Gabriel let go of John’s hand, “But it will be worth it.” Gabriel moved away from John and as his voice cracked said, “Begin Phase 2. Inject the reagent.” At first, all John heard was a small hiss coming from under the table, followed by a mild tingling sensation. Like an itch that was spreading from his back, through his arms and neck and head. An itch that was inside him, straight through him. Everywhere. For a fleeting moment, he wondered if his heart could itch until -- CRAMPING. EVERYTHING CRAMPING. John began to scream violently. Gabriel and the rest of the staff watched as John suddenly became a writhing mass of twisting, boiling knots. All of John’s muscles began to roil, seemingly at random. Sweat began to pour as even the muscles in the pores of skin began to violently cramp. It looked as if John’s whole body was boiling from the inside out. John’s inhuman screaming made even the most hardened military man in the control room stop and offer a silent prayer. Visibly shaking and crying, Gabriel looked up at the status board above John’s bed. The entire board was flashing red - and only 30 seconds had elapsed. “Heart rate 163 beats per minute and rising. Dr. York, the heart is leaving sinus rhythm as expected. Monitoring for any deviations from simulations.” But Gabriel wasn’t listening. He was watching as John’s screams mercifully weakened, not because the pain was any less intense, but because the muscles used to control breathing were now in spasms of random, intense flexion and relaxation as well. “Heart rate now 187 beats per minute. 60 seconds elapsed.” An alarm sounded as John began to convulse. Even his once dead legs began to fight against the restraints, as if he were in the car crash again, and his body was fighting the seat belt. John’s eyes began to flutter. His hair began to stand on end across his body. Gabriel fought the constant urge in his mind and soul to try and stop this, to spare the man he cared for so much pain. But, he knew he must not. ‘Heart rate 217 beats per minute. Erratic multi rhythm patterns. Breathing at 60 breaths per minute, shallow. 90 seconds elapsed.” Gabriel knew the heart rhythm pattern was to be expected, a sign that this was going to plan. Two entire complete nervous systems, telling the heart to beat at different times. Now, was the most dangerous time. “Heart rate 236 beats per minute. Patterns synchronizing. Wait --” Gabriel saw it first. The spasms were beginning to subside. He rushed over and looked at the status board. The red was slowly turning green. The signature of the augmented cells was fading away as a new white signature appeared, John’s fused nervous system and muscles. “Heart rate 154 beats per minute slowing rapidly. Breathing more regular.” Gabriel rushed to touch John, now that the worst was over. He caressed his sweat soaked forehead. In fact, John looked like he had been through a shower. Even his facial sweat was mixed with tears as the tear ducts too had flexed open. John was so exhausted that all he could do was lay there, barely able to respond at all to Gabriel, but he managed in a very quiet, breathless whisper. “Is …. It…. over?” “Yes, John.” Gabriel leaned in close. “Yes, it is over.” Gabriel could not help it. In a shear wave of relief, he kissed John’s cheek. John gave an weak smile. Gabriel marveled. Was it real or just a reflex? There was little time to find out, as staff rushed in and began to hook up IV bags of saline, glucose, and electrolytes to replace all the materials the procedure had drained from John. Now, all Gabriel could do was wait. Wait for the clock, wait on the saline and glucose. Wait for John to recover just enough to see if it had worked. The following hour seemed like an eternity. But, slowly, the IV infusions allowed John to recover some strength. He was still exhausted, but at least he was more coherent. “How do you feel John?” “Like crap.” John whispered. “Gabriel. I still cannot feel --” Gabriel responded with a “Shhhhhhh.” John fell silent as the young doctor moved with trepidation toward John’s feet. He very lightly ran a fingernail up John’s right foot. The response he got was the last thing in the world he expected. There was no movement, but a very slight giggle erupted from John’s lips. Gabriel changed feet and again lightly touched. Another even stronger giggle resulted. Finally, Gabriel tried both feet at once and a full out, gravelly, whispered giggle and a tiny shiver issued from John. John tried to raise his head as far up as he could while still strapped down to the table. He could not see anyone, but he knew Gabriel had not left him. “Hey Gabriel?” “Yes John?” “Why is someone tickling my feet?” Every person in the facility erupted into wild laughter and cheers. Gabriel ran up to John’s head and embraced him. It had worked. Somehow, some way, it had worked. John’s toes began to slightly wave under their own power as the team celebrated. And the policeman and scientist shared a moment of awe and relief together. *** One week later - *** “Come on John. I know you can do this. Just concentrate and make the muscles work. Not your weight, the muscles,” Gabriel said. John took another deep breath at the end of the raised walking platform of the facility physical therapy room. He was standing balanced on crutches, frustrated, but willing to give it one more try. Slowly …. VERY SLOWLY, John used the crutches to stabilize himself. He swung one leg forward. One step. Another. Two steps. Again. Three steps, and four steps...before he collapsed into Gabriel’s arms covered in sweat. Gabriel carefully moved John’s small but hard muscled body down into a nearby chair as he breathed heavily. “Gabriel . . . . why . . .is this . . .so hard?” John asks in breathlessness. “I ….thought my arms ….would be fine ….but it is like they are stuck in molasses as much as my legs are.” Gabriel now unhesitatingly grasped John’s hand. In their week together they had built a bond beyond doctor and patient and now something closer to very intimate lifetime friends. “John, I promise you your progress is remarkable. Truly more than we expected, more than even the most optimistic projections.” Gabriel then let out a sigh. “But - remember how I told you there were some possible side effects that we did not expect to happen but could? Well, our tests show something like that has happened that explains this. We thought that the augmented cells DNA would fade out over time after the native and augmented cells fused. That it would only remain in your spine, and only then until your healing was complete there. But that is not what has happened. The tests show that the augmented DNA is in your entire body still AND is stable. It isn’t breaking down. It has integrated. Your nervous and muscular systems are now different from every human who has ever lived.” John looked suddenly frightened, but Gabriel smiled and waved him off, “No, no, no. That is the thing. We cannot find anything bad from it at all. Everything seems to be functioning quite normally, even though it is different. You are just feeling stiff and tired because of that new DNA. You are having to learn how to use everything in your body again all at once instead of just your legs. That is why this is so remarkable. I mean. John, flex your quad.” John looked down and with just a bit of concentrated effort, his lean but well defined muscles sprang into life. Gabriel took his hand and John’s and rested it on the small, hard muscles. “THAT IS PROGRESS JOHN!” Gabriel raved. “Just remember this will get easier. Your strength is returning at an astounding rate. And every time you doubt that.” Gabriel patted the now hardened muscle that felt totally lifeless and limp only 8 days before. “Reach down and touch this. You WILL do it.” John reached out and hugged the young doctor. “Thank you. Just remind me when I get cranky, huh?” Gabriel beamed. “Deal. Now, let’s head for some lunch before the afternoon session. You know Jack likes you fed before he starts his part of your training.” Gabriel brought John’s wheelchair over next to him. Declann then used the crutches to push himself to his feet, take one step toward his wheelchair, and sit down. Gabriel began to talk animatedly as he pushed John out the door toward the cafeteria. *** Three weeks after surgery- *** “Two minutes John. Fantastic.” The PhD/personal trainer John had come to know as Jack said. “Keep hanging as long as you can. You’ve got this. We have already past your personal best. This is just icing on the cake.” John was sweating just a bit from exertion as he hung from the pull up bars of a gym-style multi-station inside the training room. John slowly kicked his legs back and forth from the hip, back and forth, while holding himself as still as he could with balance and upper body strength. Gabriel and all the doctors said his upper body must be back to near what it was before the accident. Holding himself up like this had become easier by the day during the week that Declann had been doing this exercise. And John had to agree. He was feeling like his old self again. Not 100% back, but much much closer. A bell sounded and Jack got up, “ I have to step outside for a second John. Just keep going as long as you can. And then drop into the foam. I’ll be right back.” Jack stepped out, and the door closed. John kept up with the exercise, back and forth, back and forth. But, something … he did not know why, just another mischievous urge perhaps, but -- he wanted to try it. Once again, when no one was looking. John allowed himself to come to a stop. Hanging in the air, he used his biceps to slowly pull up and rotate his body to a 45 degree angle. He froze, holding himself there, and then pointed his toes and pulled his legs UP at the hip. His legs rose, fully elongated, almost as straight as a male gymnast in competition. He looked like he was doing a hanging leg raise at first, but his legs kept going past that point until they were almost perpendicular to the floor. He stopped there, looking folded up, and hung motionless for a scant second. Then he began to sweep his legs at the hips, slowly, to the right and to the left, right and left. Each sweep ending with his legs parallel to the floor. The motion was fluid, perfect, with not so much as a bend or quiver from any muscle in John’s body. After 5 complete sweeps, John allowed his legs to come down and stop at 90 degrees to his torso. Then, he used his arms to pull his upper body out and flat until it was aligned with his legs, John held his entire body suspended parallel to the floor. He then began to raise and lower himself up and down doing totally unsupported horizontal air pull ups. 5 more full range of motion reps before he relaxed his arms, and dropped onto the soft cushions below. John smiled to himself. Gabriel would be so proud when he showed him this, but he was planning to keep it a surprize for a few more weeks until he could do 10 or 15 of each without stopping. It was funny. He had never been able to do this kind of ab work and pullups with such total control and precision, even before the accident. And it seemed to be getting just a bit easier everyday when he was left alone to attempt it. It MUST have been all the training he had been doing here learning how to move again that gave him this control and relative strength. He knew that once he showed Gabriel what he could do, Gabe would be so proud of his staff for getting him this far. He just shook his head as he smiled as he repeated in his mind how hard this sort of thing had seemed before the accident. He didn’t seem like he was bigger, but somehow, he thought he felt just a little stronger. That thought was greeted by stomach growl. John chuckled again. Weird how he had the biggest appetite lately . . .
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    I apologize about the length of this chapter but it sort of had to break down this way. Thanks for the encouragement and as always anything I can improve on, please let me know --------------------- Chapter 3 - Facing The Demons Two Months after the Accident - The evening shift meeting in the Boulder County Justice Center was winding down. It had been a generic one like many thousands before it. The officers assigned to jail posts were briefed on any pressing situations in their pods. Road officers were given their assigned patrol areas. A drug interdiction raid was planned for that night, so SWAT was also here to listen in while waiting on their specific briefing with Federal agents and the county narcotics task force before heading out. “Any questions?” asked Captain Elliot Hernandez, the incoming night shift commander. No one said anything, and a roar of metal chair legs grinding on the floor sounded as people began to rise to leave. But, Hernandez held up his hands, surprising everyone, and said, “Whoa, just one more thing before we are done. Please take your seats.” At that moment, Sheriff John Cook popped through the rear door that lead to the administration section. Everyone in the room quieted immediately and sat down. It was almost unheard of for the sheriff to come to a basic shift briefing unannounced. Cook, a tall white haired man with over 35 years experience before winning election, walked to the front of the room. “I guess you are all wondering what I am doing here tonight? Well, as compelling as county council meetings can be...,” Everyone laughed a bit at the bad joke, knowing the sheriff’s disdain for local politics. “Gentlemen, ladies, something is happening tonight that I can safely say most of us have been anticipating for a while. He is still technically a guest with us but he is one of our own … Well, I don’t want to steal his thunder. Come on up, John.” Everyone turned to look as the side door to the briefing room opened. There was a momentary pause, then a wave of cheers and applause erupted as John Declann entered, walking into the room on a pair of crutches. While everyone recognized him, it struck many of the D-shift staff that the man walking in was somehow different. Some chalked it up to the street clothes he was wearing, as they had never seen him out of uniform. Others thought it was the boots he was wearing that made him look taller than before. But what everyone there could agree on was that this Declann looked in vastly better physical condition than the man who had left this building the day of his accident. While he was wearing a loose long sleeved shirt, his pecs were still visibly pushing out, with biceps that were noticeable even under cloth. His jeans fit a bit oddly. While they seemed almost loose in the waist, even with a well cinched belt, his quads and hamstrings pulled at the denim. Declann had also changed facially. He was now more angular with a square jaw, looking like he had shaved off a few years somehow. He had grown a goatee - trimmed, neat, and within regulations, but it was something the old John would never have done. Even his hair had a bit of styling. None of it was over the top on its own, but when the whole package was taken together, Declann looked far more masculine and imposing than before. To the women present - that meant a LOT more handsome. As Declann moved toward the lectern, the deputy shift commander - affectionately known to all as Ms. Carla - shifted in her seat. Carla was a tiny woman with a truly gutsy personality, who could put any man of any size in that room on his ass in a moment and had done it. She was closer to John than perhaps anyone on the shift as she was also a PPCT instructor for the Office. Seeing this new version of her friend, she just couldn’t help but let out a LOUD wolf whistle that sounded over all the cheers. John instantly paused and looked at her, embarrassed out of his mind. Carla yelled out, “Yep, you might look different, But, that is still our Declann.” The entire room, including John himself, cracked into a uproar of laughter. The cheers and laughing slowed and stopped as John stepped up to the lectern. “Thank you all. And thank you Ms. Carla for that particularly warm welcome. I’ll have to pay you back for that someday.” Everyone let out a good natured “Ooooooohh” and a chuckle. John became a little sombre as he reflected, “You know, I seriously missed this place. All of you. You know after what I went through … well, it really makes you think. I am fast coming up on 20 years here. 20 years - that is a long time. Longer than I ever thought I would be here. I was wondering if I should retire. This rehab was the hardest thing single thing I ever had to go through in my life. But, even while I was learning how to walk again, I thought about you, this place, these people we serve, and I arrived at a decision.” John hobbled around to the front of the lectern. As he did, he gathered his crutches in one hand and tossed them behind him where they landed on the floor. Standing up to his actual fully healed posture, he said, “I decided I will stay on for a while. I’ll be back on shift next week.” A huge round of applause went up from the group. At that point, the sheriff held up his hand, “But, not on the road.” John turned and looked around surprised as much as everyone else. “Seems we have a opening in the drug and narcotics taskforce for a new detective. After 20 years on the streets, I can’t think of a better person to fill that job. It’s yours Detective Declann. Congratulations.” Everyone in the room got up and nearly mobbed John with pats and handshakes and congratulations. Even two of the big men from the STAR Team - Corporal Janes and Deputy Quinn - came up and easily tossed John up on their shoulders. “Hey, Hey, you damned big ass lugs. You’re gonna put my head through the ceiling here.” Everyone fell over in laughter again. The old John would have hated the theatrics - but the new John's mischievous streak had only grown stronger in the last month. And when Hernandez had suggested this as a way to boost lagging morale on his shift, John just could not say no. Everyone was in high spirits as the group slowly moved toward their duty posts. Everyone save a couple of men at the back wearing SWAT vests that barely contained their muscle mass. Ripped to shreds was an understatement for the imposing look these two had. And right now, they were looking at John. They knew what they saw. They’d been around this sort of thing for far too long not to see the signs. They knew what it had to mean. 8 weeks in rehab? And learning to walk again? And do that? No way. No way in hell. Not without help. The help they were all too familiar with. They saw that proper introductions would need to be made on the way thing were run. They had nothing against Declann. They were fine to see any officer recover from a big injury and get back to it. They had nothing against his promotion. It was deserved. But, that promotion meant John would be working with them much more closely. And with John Declann, that could mean trouble. Not that they truly expected it, but it was best to just make sure that the newest guy understands from where the shit rolls and who would get crushed under it if he should he get in the way. *** Ten minutes later, John found himself in an empty room. He looked up to see Gabriel standing just inside the door he had enterred. It had been Gabriel’s idea to change his look. He had always liked facial hair and told John it would make a good impression. John knew the real reason behind Gabriel’s suggestion as much as Gabriel did, but he liked it nonetheless. Over the last month, the bond between them had only grown stronger. They often talked far into the night at the facility, finding commonalities between them they loved and differences that intrigued them. And as they had, John had fast become attached to the idea that his own happiness was bound to the happiness of Dr. Gabriel York. John walked over to Gabriel. Gabriel looked into John’s brown eyes. He still thought it a bit odd to have to look up now, when 8 weeks ago John was an inch shorter than he. But he chalked it up to the traction and other rehabilitation exercises that were shown to make men temporarily taller. John grabbed Gabriel and put him into a tight bearhug. “Thanks for coming with me. You don’t know what it means to me to have you here right now.” John let go, and Gabriel grabbed a quick gasp of air. “I’ll have to talk to Jack about how he trains anyone in the future. I think the lessons took too well.” Gabriel laughed as he reached out and gently, but slowly brushed a hand across John’s right pec - and John let it happen. He let Gabriel explore just a bit before he reached up, took Gabriel’s hand, moved it over to the left muscle, over his heart. Gabriel felt the strong heartbeat, its pace slightly quicker than normal. “Gabriel, I want to ask you something, and before I ask it, I want you to tell me the answer will be yes.” Gabriel looked a little puzzled by John’s inquiry, but he trusted Declann completely. “Alright DETECTIVE Declann. As long as you don’t deport me, the answer is yes.” “Good. Gabriel - will you do me the honor of going out with me? Friday? The whole afternoon and evening, just you and me.” Gabriel tried to hide his glee that John had finally asked what he had been waiting on for two months, a date. John pulled Gabriel a bit closer. “You are so dedicated to healing others, but I think sometimes you forget to heal yourself. So, what do you say? Are you ready to come with me?” Gabriel smiled, “Remember, I already said yes.” John put a hand against the now smaller man’s chest and pushed him back just a few more steps. Having worked in this place for so long, he knew just where the blind spots were in the camera network. This tiny alcove was one of them. John leaned over and kissed Gabriel on the cheek. “You mean the world to me. I hope I can show you --” “Shhhhhhh-” Gabriel said as he put a finger on John’s lips. The pair shared the briefest of eye locks, where souls exchanged wordlessly that which could not be spoken openly. Then, like that, they released each other and started to walk out of the facility. As they did, John paused again at the doors to the officer's gym, just as he had 8 weeks ago. “What is it?” Gabriel asked. Something felt different inside now, as John looked at those doors. For the very first time -- he was not afraid anymore. He knew it was time to conquer this one last room in all the Sheriff’s Office complex. “Just a thought. I think I need to start lifting weights here now instead of at home. Put all of Jack’s teaching to use. Maybe I should pop in tomorrow.” *** John was happy that he found the gym empty when he came in. It wasnt that he felt out of place as he once did. Jack’s pushing and instruction made sure he was much more comfortable among the dumbells and plates and bars. No, it was just … easier for him to do his warm ups and calisthenics where he would not be seen. While he loved being able to do it, and it amazed him every time, he was still a work in progress. He did not like this being witnessed - not yet. John started out on the treadmill walking, just to get the blood flowing. Following that, he carefully and calmly went through the now almost ritual behavior of stretching. Jack allowed him to do nothing before doing this; so much so that it was now rote. Nothing fancy though. John just fluidly moved between stretching his arms and pecs, his quads and hamstrings. Now for the part that made John secretive, the calisthenics warm up . He started by falling to the floor in a pushup position. He started to crank out reps - FAST. Very fast. Almost too fast. So fast it was almost hard to count them. His bodyweight was just not much of challenge now, so he had stopped trying to count. He was just going off feeling. When he was ready, he spread his feet and launched himself off the floor a bit, adding a clap to each rep. The strange thing was that adding the launch and clap barely impacted his speed. He was cranking reps out almost as fast as before. When he felt blood flowing, John stood, without do much as a hint of change in his breathing. It was as if he had done nothing but sit. He grabbed onto the pull up bar, and began to do muscle ups. He pulled himself up, then around, and popped up over top of the bar to full extension. He repeated the process over and over and over, barely becoming winded at all. After a couple of sets, he changed grip to do his favorite - the slow hanging leg raise/russian twist combination that started all of this off in the facility. Now, John was up to sets of 25 on each of the super sets -- and again he found it easy. It was just a way to connect with his body, feel his muscles move. Enjoy the sensation of making himself slowly stronger. Finally, John finished the body weight part of his workout with one arm chin ups, his newest addition. He wasn’t quite as good at these yet. His form wasn’t perfect, still had a bit of momentum swing. But he was adding strength and stability almost by the day. Not a lot of reps per arm but improving. Always improving. Just as he was finishing, but still hanging from one arm, John heard a low whistle come from the direction of the small attached locker room. “Damn John, you keep doing that shit, and you’ll make the guys at the Olympic training center sorry they never recruited you. Plus fuck with the minds of half the staff here.” John almost fell off the bar as he saw Captain Hernandez standing in the doorway in a towel. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I just like to take my runs this time of the morning, after my duties are pretty much over. So, did all this happen to you just from body weight or have you actually added in ‘proper lifting’ to all that monkey business that I can’t do.” The captain laughed in a way to let John know it was sincere admiration, rather than needling. John’s tension dropped by twenty notches. “Well, I have started to do a few things. The head therapist at my rehab knows everything there is to know and he taught me the basics. Still learning though.” “Well if you’ll give me a minute, I can get something on and I can spot you.” Hernandez replied. “Thanks Captain. I could use some good eyes to make sure I have this down. Kind of gotten used to it.” Hernandez popped into the locker room while John went over to the squat rack and popped a pair of 45’s onto the waiting bar. Just as he was finished putting the lock collars on, Hernandez came back shirtless, only in a pair of BCSO running shorts and sneakers. His physique was that of a well honed, seasoned lifter, but he had the first signs of age that inevitably come. Hernandez stopped for a moment when he saw the 45’s on the bar. That was not exactly the weight he expected. “You sure about that weight John. I know your strong, but you are still way new to this as far as I know. And just out of rehab. My first coach wouldn’t let me put even a nickel plate on for my first 3 months.” “Nah. Not a problem,” John replied matter-of-factly. “I’d go up another set of 25’s if I want to work. Like I said, this is just learning.” “OK, your call. But like I said, you’re new here. House rules: When the ladies are not around, pull of the shirt.” Hernadez said. John looked sheepish at first, but then the new part of him was like, what the fuck. John reached down, grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt, and pulled it off. Hernandez was taken aback. This was not the body of a 40 year old fit martial artist. This -- this was the body of someone else entirely. John was like perfect genetics on display. Ripped abs, well capped delts, solid, hard looking biceps and triceps. Pecs that were quite wide for his height, and all with staggeringly perfectly proportions. On the bottom,diamond balls of calves that were just as perfect in proportion and the hint of a teardrop emerging from his shorts. The insertions and and origins were textbook of a body born to be on stage, not in a cop gym. Hernandez was taller, sure. Had more mass, sure. But beyond that - John had him totally outclassed. “Whoa? Why the FUCK have you not been in here before John? You have damned potential. One thing is for certain. I am sending you out for the State LEO pinup calendar. Well make that two things…. that shirt is going back on YOU before anyone else when the ladies are here. They might grope you to death. Especially Carla.” Hernandez laughed and popped a quick bro tap John’s shoulder. “OK, let’s see what you’ve got.” John took a quick couple of breaths as he grasped the bar at a relatively close position, his elbows ready to flare up. With one last breath, he popped under the bar and pulled his traps back as they, his elbow position, and his hand position came together to create a shelf of muscle on his upper back. He rested the bar on the shelf and centered under it. John stood up, took 2 steps back, and set his feet just past shoulder width apart. Hernandez just stared as John went down perfectly. Slow negative, controlled, and then almost exploded his way up out of the hole. John was right, Hernandez thought. This was light for him. Hernandez walked around. Not a sign of butt wink or being on the toes. Chest out. The chain was perfectly aligned. This was a damned thing of beauty, not a beginner learning the ropes. John got out 10 reps and carefully re-racked. Hernandez let out a whistle. “Bro, you don’t need a coach if this is how you were taught. That was a scene of perfection. I should be getting you to help me with my form,” Hernandez said. “Hey would you mind indulging me. Let’s see a few others.” “Sure, Captain.” John said, a lbit pride starting to creep in. This stuff - his ability with weights he liked to show off. “Oh drop the Captain shit, huh? In here, off duty, it’s Elliot. Although I think you are going to pick up a nickname in here way fast.” John looked inquisitively at that. “I know your new division. Just call it a hunch.” Over the next 30 minute, John and Elliott went through all the basic power compound movements - deadlift, overhead press, bench press. Every single rep was virtually perfect. Hernandez could see John was holding back though, that he had a lot more in him. He just needed to unleash. So, he decided to try something. “John, you mind if you do one more thing for me. I want to drop another couple of 45’s on the squat and see what happens. Might be pushing you some, but I’ll be behind you and the safety bars are here if you need them.” John was unsure about doing a weight so much heavier than what he had tried before. It sort of went against the very structured gain methods he was accustomed to. But he decided to go along, now facing 225 on the bar. No one with less than a month of experience under their belt would normally be doing this. Especially at John’s body weight. It was damned near unheard of. But Hernandez had a hunch. John would not hold back. John set himself again, in what Hernandez had recognized as his pre-lift ritual, getting his mind in the right space. He got under the bar and stood. He was a bit wobbly at first, but he stepped back and planted himself. John went down … and exploded up in that same perfect form. A strong GRUNT escaped his lips as he forced through the sticking point. A second rep, a third, and a fourth. John re-racked at 5 reps - 5 flawless reps. John looked up with a shit-eating grin on his face. His legs were shaking and near-overflowing with blood from a massive pump, but he had done it. Hernandez was just as proud. “Aw shit bro. You were born to do this. I’ve never seen that done by someone so perfect who is so new to this. Never.” John was smiling at the complements yes, but also at something he felt. The pump … but this was different. He knew what a normal pump felt like. This was more, like some wild endorphin running through his muscles that would let him do anything. It was damned near intoxicating this feeling. He knew he was never going to hold back again. Do it safe, sure. But push, and push his body hard. He had gone through literal hell to get to be able to use these legs again. He decided then and there, he was going to make himself - different. Hernandez asked as they took the plates off the bar, “You want to do anything else?” “After that, my legs are pretty spent. Think I am going to do some benching before I go. That is what I was going to work today anyway.” “Well, you ever need a spot or a lifting partner, you’ve got one here. Anytime, any place.” Hernandez and John clasped hands. “I may take you up on that.” John smiled in reply. Hernandez took his leave and John moved back to the flat bench he had been using earlier. He put 175 on the bar - his new bodyweight - and moved under it. Just like he had been taught, he started from the bottom up, positioning his feet and legs, ass, back, arms all in the proper positions. He took a couple of deep breaths and then lifted up. “Damn, this feels way lighter for some reason,” John thought as he began to push out reps. John’s thoughts became almost primal as the world seemed to fall away. Slow. Controlled. Keep the bar over his nipple line. Push my body through the floor. But soon, within a couple of reps, John wasn’t thinking about even that. He was FEELING the muscles. Feeling the pull and the push, squeezing at the top that felt second nature. He closed his eyes just to revel in it, even though he knew he shouldn't. This was fuckin glorious. John had pushed out 6 reps and started to fatigued when -- He felt something. Off balance. A new weight. He opened his eyes. Standing above him, leaning down looking into his face with his hand on the center of the bar was Heath. Heath was one of the SWAT team. 5’10”, 220 lbs of solid as a rock muscle. Heath began to smirk as between his leaning his body weight down onto the bar and a bit of his own power, John was quickly overcome. The bar collapsed onto his chest. It was not hard enough to hurt him, but this amount of weight and leverage was just beyond his ability to fight. Heath’s grin grew wider as he knew John could not fight back. He was pinned under the bar. There wasn’t much question in Heath’s mind about John being able to fight back when he came up to him in he first place. The growing but older man wasn’t nearly up to his level. “Hello Detective.” Heath began in a fake, almost sing-song voice, “Glad to see you up and around. Really I am. That was a hell of an injury. And look at you now. Fully recovered and ripped to boot. Almost a little celebrity in our office. That must have been some rehab facility you were at. Might have to ah … look into it myself sometime. With your new job, we will have plenty of time to talk about it I’m sure. “I am glad to see you here,” Heath said smiling that superior smile that had never broken. John tried to struggle, but Heath just dumped more power into the bar keeping it in place. “You should have come in a long time ago. Way past time you were putting some meat onto those bones. Our division believes in keeping your body at its prime. “I kind of always have this chat with the newcomers, though. Sort of explain things. See, I am all for you lifting here. And it looks like you are getting all the tools you will need - supplements and whatnot - to get you into good shape. But, our division has a rule. Things that you might see that do not concern you, well they do not concern you. It looks like you have your own hook up and do not need my services. That’s cool. Competition keeps things healthy. You just stay in your lane and keep your focus where it belongs and we are all good. You have my back and I have yours. Got me?” John could do nothing but nod. “Good man. Now, it looks like you went to failure. Good set, but it was a good thing I came by when I did. Never know what kind of accident can happen when you go heavy without a spotter at your back.” Heath’s hand and wrist swung around from on top of the bar to a position cupping under it, and with an EASY lift, pulled the 175 pounds off of Declann and racked it. “See you soon John and welcome.” Heath said as he turned his ripped bulk around and walked out the door. John lay on the bench and breathed. The old John - he would have been scared, run away, and never come back to this room. The new John - that was different. This John Declann was PISSED. Something was happening here, in this room, under the very nose of the sheriff. His fear of coming in here had made him blind to it. As John got up and went to collect his shirt, thoughts blazed in his mind, ripping apart what Heath said. Dissecting it, analysing it, and forming a stratagem. *** When John got home, thoughts of the day were still whirling. And after what Hernandez had said, how much he had gone on and on. And then Heath … John went to his bedroom and removed a small quad ruled notebook from his bed stand. The notebook was filled with a series of charts, all neatly written in John’s meticulous small script. Most of the rear pages were tables of weights and reps, his workout logs which he did from memory every day. But in the front, across the top of the page was a series of dates, each column having the one day. Falling under each date a series of numbers. John took the book to the bathroom, pulled out his scales, and a myotape tape measure. John carefully took the measurements and recorded them. Height 5’9” Weight 175.3 lbs Neck:16.5 inches Chest: 44 inches Waist: 28 inches Forearms: 13.5 inches Upper Arms - 16.75 inches Thighs - 24 inches Calves - 16.5 inches John looked down and smiled. He was growing. Growing like a weed. He did not know why, but he was. And he LOVED IT. God, what it made him feel like he could do. Maybe it was all the food he had been eating. Maybe it was what Jack said - that his martial arts had primed his body to grow once he began lifting weights. But -- he had never shown Gabriel what he could do. In fact, he had never shown anyone until today when Hernandez saw him warming up the extent of his new found strength. His capability seemed to be growing as fast or faster than his body was changing. He would have to tell Gabriel eventually. But how. How to make sure Gabriel did not think he was taking … That was when it it him. How to approach this Heath business. It was perfect. The perfect cover. He would need to talk to the sheriff once he had a bearing where to look, but he was sure Cook would approve. He let the problem of telling Gabriel what was happening go for the moment. He had better things to think about as far as Gabriel was concerned. Tomorrow… John felt energized -- and hungry. John replaced the book and the measuring tape and went to the kitchen for some food. Some chicken, steamed veggies, and a salad would hit the spot …. *** “John, where are we going in the middle of the afternoon?” Gabriel asked, truly puzzled. Declann just smiled and responded with “Shhhhhhh.” He wanted to laugh so hard, finally doing that to Gabriel just once. Gabriel watched as John deftly moved down Broadway and made a left turn. What at first was just a random run of Victorian era homes mixed with light industrial buildings gave way to something on the right that took Gabriel’s breath away. “Welcome to Washington Park, or as the kids call it, Washpark.” John said. What unfolded before Gabriel was an oasis in the urban desert. Two large lakes surrounded by green hills and trees. Scattered over the hills, young adults were laying around catching the sun or playing Frisbee. Several volleyball games were going on in sand pits. People walking their dogs. Parents sailing boats with their children and feeding the ducks. John found a parking spot, got out of his vehicle, and filled the parking meter for several hours worth of stay. Gabriel followed him, and, together, they walked into the fields of grass. John reached out and took Gabriel’s hand. “This is what I wanted you to see and feel. This is what all these kids do when they are not in classes. And not just the kids. Working people, parents, the retired. They all come here. You worked so hard to get where you are that I think you've forgotten what it is you’re fighting for. What I fight for. This is it. People just living life. Seeing life not in criminals like me or inside of hospitals and labs like you. … Ah, there she is.” John veered Gabriel to the left toward the shore of one of the lakes. He had no idea how John spotted her among the huge wash of people. He didn’t catch sight of who John was even talking about until they were almost standing on top of her - an old, small Hispanic woman surrounded by Coleman coolers; the coolers stuffed full of foil wrapped small bundles. “This woman is a Denver institution. All the kids just call her ‘The Burrito Lady.’ And I promise you that you haven't had food this good since you came to the US.” “Senora” John said, and the old woman's face lit up. “Officer John. Nice to see a grown up again,” she laughed. “The usual?” John smiled in return, “Make it 4 with some guac. I'm kind of hungry.” The woman’s eyes widened a bit. “You certainly are,” she said as she reached into a cooler. She placed 4 bundles and a small plastic container of guacamole into a bag and handed them to John. “And for your friend?” “Do you have any fish tacos?” Gabriel asked sheepishly. The Burrito Lady laughed heartily, “Even if you were not English, I would know you are not from Colorado asking for that. If this were tonight at the clubs, you would be out of luck. But as it is.” The woman went into a very small cooler and withdrew 3 bundles and placed them in another bag with some salsa verde and guacamole. “Homemade Chips?” she asked. John looked surprised, “Senora. When did you start that? Of course. Anything you make is welcome.” The woman grabbed a small paper bag and handed it to Gabriel along with his tacos. “Ordinarily these would be just for my family and me but ...” She leaned over and gave one of those smiles that only mischievous grandma’s can make and get away with. “He is a keeper that one. Really cute.” At that, both John and even Gabriel flushed bright red, and the Burrito Lady laughed so hard it almost burst a seam in her clothing. “I'm sorry, Officer John. I saw you holding hands and just had to say it. Besides, it's the truth.” “Thank you ma'am. How much?” John said as he stumbled over the compliment. “I've never charged you before, and I won't start now.” “But …” Before John could say a word, she cut him off. “I still owe you after you took care of those hooligans that night. I'm an old woman. Being here you see a lot of things. A lot of people. Call it … an old woman’s intuition. And my contribution to the cause. Now shoo.” She started waving her hands at the pair like they were suddenly a couple of pests. “Thank you ma'am. But you don't owe me anything…” John trailed off as the woman had already gone onto the next two customers as if John and Gabriel were not even there. Gabriel was about to say something when John said, “It's no use. Once she has made up her mind, that's it. Trust me I know.” Gabriel now reached out for John’s hand, and John took it. The pair turned around and started to walk around the lake. “What did you do for her? Something about hooligans?” Gabriel asked. “Oh, that.” John demurred a bit when he talked about the things he had done for others during his time as a LEO. It was a trait that Gabriel found endearing. “The senora doesn’t just do this here. She and her family also sell outside many of the larger dance clubs in the city, including the gay ones. She has never been one to discriminate, and the gay community has sort of embraced her, as much as she is embraced in this park. “One night a few years ago, several homophobes started to bother her in front of a club she was selling at. I happened to be there, and I put a stop to it. It really is amazing what just a simple flash of a badge and standing up to bully shit can do. Anyway, I made sure that they were dealt with by DPD, and she has never forgotten it to this day.” The two men turned toward a small rise that had benches and sat down next to each other. Gabriel pulled out a fish taco, loaded it with guac, and took a bite. His face lit up with glee. John laughed, “I told you they were good.” He took out one of his own barbacoa burritos and wolfed it down, almost without chewing he was so hungry. John’s foray into carnivore-land was so fast that he left a rather large smear of guacamole in the corner of his mouth. Gabriel saw it and tried his best not to laugh. “What is it?” John asked. Gabriel reached a finger to John’s mouth and removed the green smear, wiping it on the wrapper his taco was in as he took another bite. “Nothing except something the ah… Burrito Lady? … said. Just something cute.” Gabriel smiled a smile that could have melted a glacier. John took a deep breath, and after seeing that smile, he decided to go for it. He didn’t think he could keep it in anymore anyway. He slid closer and looked into his companion’s hazel eyes. “Gabriel, since that first day I saw you running down that alley, there has been something about you. I...I can look into your eyes and see it. I can see it now. An inner light that is so genuine. You gave me something back that I can never truly repay. And you have given me so much more in the weeks since.” John reached down and grasped Gabriel’s hand. “Yes, you gave me my legs back, but that isn’t it. I was ready to give up. To quit. Just lie down. I was ready to leave everything behind that I ever loved. You gave that back to me. Your mind, your skills, in so many ways, we are different. But...you make me feel something that no one else has. You make me want to LIVE. LIVE like these kids here. You make me want to become more than I am. And, if you’ll let me, I want to see how much more I can be ... with you.” Gabriel looked on the verge of tears as he slid closer to John, almost touching John’s pecs with is own chest. John was about to say something, when Gabriel put his finger on John’s lips, “Shhhhhhhh.” Gabriel and John’s lips moved together until they met halfway. The first moment of the kiss was tentative, as if they were both making sure this was real. But, as the chemistry they felt for so long finally overtook them, the kiss became more passionate and deep. It was not fernetic or frantic. This was a kiss that could teach passion to even the most barren soul. They held it for a few precious seconds and then their lips parted. The tear that Gabriel tried to hold back finally fell, and John reached up to wipe it from his cheek. “No more tears for you Gabriel. Not anymore.” John cupped Gabriel’s head with his hand and more powerfully their lips locked together. In that kiss, John and Gabriel completely crossed from being friends to lovers. They would never depart from that path again. *** One Month Later-- *** “Hi Justine. I believe that I have an appointment with the Sheriff.” The young secretary looked up from her terminal to see Declann standing in his newly purchased civil uniform. It was the same style BCSO polo shirt, pants, and shoes he wore the morning of the crash. He wore his badge and sidearm on his belt. Nothing much had changed EXCEPT John had outgrown his previous set - by a lot. What he had on now was designed for his new size. His muscles now clung to the polo with his unflexed biceps slightly stretching the short sleeve gathers. Two thick veins moved down his arms, with several smaller one spreading out across his exposed forearms. Wide shoulders swept to well-proportioned pecs and a V-taper to that same small waist he has always had. John now cut a path through the Justice Center, all parts of it - even the gym, where he was now an accepted and respected lifter. The secretary’s pupils dilated just a touch showing her attraction to the man who had taken on the look of a cut physique competitor rather than a thin martial artist. “Of course, Detective Declann,” Justine said, trying to hide her thoughts and not doing well at it. John inwardly smiled. He had been getting more and more reactions like that. And the attention was starting to grow on him. Gabriel had been away most of the month, visiting his family in England. But when they had been together just after their first date, Gabe had been having a bit of fun with the reactions too. But Gabriel had not seen John like this. Not yet anyway. It would happen so fast it was like he was a teenager again… Justine lifted her phone and pressed a button. “Detective Declann is here to see you, Sir.” She smiled as she hung up the phone. “Go on in, John.” Declann thanked the woman and unconsciously bounced a pec, almost making her squeal. But she was able to stifle it, even as she tried to get a look at the tight, round squater’s ass that filled out those trousers so well. John knocked at the door of the Sheriff’s private office. “Come in.” John opened the door, “Thank you for seeing me, Sir.” “Of course John. Anytime. And what is it that the SWAT team and taskforce are calling you now - “Dec” I think. Sort of fits this new you.” The sheriff stood, walked around his desk, and took John’s weightlifter calloused hand, shaking it. John closed the door and sat down in the chair in front of the sheriff’s desk as Cook retook his seat. “Now, what can I do for you?” John cleared his throat. He had been mulling this over for days, but it had to be done and done now. “Sir. This may be indelicate at best. And if there is an internal investigation going on that I do not know about just tell me it’s being handled and I will go on. But --- do you know what is happening inside the Officer’s Gym. With the SWAT team?” Cook shifted in his seat, took a deep breath, and blew it out through pursed lips. He steepled his index fingers but never looked up at the detective, choosing to listen instead. “What have you seen John?” “Nothing super overt. A few weeks ago, I got a...let’s just say a not so subtle hint from Heath to mind my own business with what he called “the way things are.” They haven’t actually made a transaction right in front of me or anything, but the talk, the actions that are not quite right. I know what is happening. What they are doing. And they are doing a hell of a lot if I am any judge.” John confided. “Damn,” Cook replied. “I had half-hoped with new eyes down there that you had seen something I could use.” “Then you know?” “Yes, I know. I have for a while now.” The sheriff cleared his own throat. “In fact, John, this was part of the reason for your promotion. You deserved it on your own merits. Don’t get me wrong. This just solidifies to me that the decision was the right one. You were just in the perfect spot for me to get someone I can trust near them. “Dec, you know as well as I do how prevalent use is among LEOs and in the military. It kind of goes as accepted if they keep it to themselves and out of the workplace. I do not like it, but that is the way it has been since I came here as a trainee. But this - this is something totally new. They are not just using -- they are moving product. And you’re right, from what small bits I can gather, they are moving a lot of it. Enough for the Feds to make a case for trafficking, not just distribution. But, they are good, you know that. They know the methods. They are hiding it well. I cannot get any evidence that will stick. I want it gone John. I want them where they belong and out of my Office. But I just have nothing to hang on them. Nothing I can bring to the US attorney and DIA to charge them with anyway.” Declann nodded. He knew John Cook was a proper lawman. He would have done something if he could have. “That is partly why I am here Sir. I have a proposal to make to you. Something of an undercover assignment. You need someone who can track the route, follow the sources. I think I have seen enough of them and followed the scuttlebutt that I can do that now. It is almost the perfect cover. New to the gym, making gains that --” “Look suspiciously like,” Cook interrupted. “I know. John, before you go any further I have to ask, are you using?” “No Sir. And I am happy to test for you to prove it. Even mass spec testing if you want. But they believe I am. Just from another source. Which plays into this even more.” Cook made a hand gesture as if to take in John’s body “Then this is part of --?” “I really do not know SIR. It has nothing to do with drugs or the accident or my rehab so far as I am aware other than the fact that they taught me whole new ways of working out there. Dr. York said as much before he left for England. But, he said he is going to look into what is going on more thoroughly when he returns. He is a brilliant man, and I’m sure he will find an answer.” Cook half-smiled as he heard Declann refer to his boyfriend like that. Cook didn't care about the sexuality of his people, so long as they did not violate the law. Besides he'd seen them together. They looked like they could make it, and Cook was glad for it. “OK, then. We do not have to go as far as testing yet. Or investigating you. Besides, if you were in with them, I doubt you would be sitting here right now. So, you are proposing?” Declann and Cook spent the next hour going over what John wanted to do. It was potentially dangerous. Very dangerous. This was not small man corner dealing they were talking about. And if word ever got out … But, John definitely had the know how, the experience, and he looked and acted the part. Declann may be the break the BCSO needed. John reached Gabriel on the phone later that day and explained that he had been given an undercover assignment. He would not be back in Denver for two months, but John promised he would contact Gabriel how and where he could. Gabriel sounded very upset, but he also knew that this was part of John’s work. Gabriel did have something to ask John of his own. His reports had piqued some interest, and the general in charge was considering allowing Gabriel additional personnel to try the technique with when spinal injuries arose that fit the profile. Gabriel asked if when he got back, would John be willing to sit down with his superiors and talk about his experiences? It may move the project along greatly. Right now, it was in a total backwater with a very limited budget, despite what it may have looked like to John. But that may change if John could show the results of the therapy in person. John agreed instantly. When he got back, they would sit down and work it all out. The two expressed their love to each other and again promised to talk as often as they could. John had arrived home by the time he had hung up. He went inside his condo, pulled out a couple of duffle bags, began to pack. He had an idea of where to begin his search for the network. A gym in Colorado Springs. All Cook wanted John to do was map out the network from the source labs to Boulder. He was to do nothing to try and stop the flow - not yet. This was just evidence gathering, nothing more. First thing John grabbed to pack was his measurement book. He looked the day’s data he had recorded before work. He cocked a smile, wondering what this would be when he got home. Height 5’11.5” Weight 187 lbs Neck:17 inches Chest: 46 inches Waist: 28.25 inches Forearms: 14 inches Biceps - 17.5 inches Quads - 25.5 inches Calves - 17 inches
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    Author's Note: I’ve done ~1000 word captions for a while in the blog section, but this is the first time I'm tackling a larger story. I welcome all feedback! This first foray into larger writing is very loosely based on a caption I did a long while back, you can read it, and see the pics that inspired this story here. A big thanks to: @ABSQRST for encouraging me to make this story happen. @Muscleace for providing pics to inspire this story throughout, and being a saint and checking my work. Broken. In a large mansion somewhere in the Southern US, a woman was experiencing the best banging of her life. “Oh fuck...” She sensually moaned, while going through the sixth orgasm of that hour. She clutched into the big arms of the man giving her ecstatic pleasure, feeling the muscle move and throb in his big bicep. She wasn’t aware the arm she was clutching had only been as thin as a stick just a few weeks ago. That the rod giving her divine pleasures had been the size of a peanut a couple of dozen days back. How was she supposed to? The girthy cock providing her bliss and the muscular body it was attached to had been an international sensation for years. Well, it had been in this tampered with, broken, version of reality. Time and space were out of order. And only a two people were aware of the discord within the fabric of Everything. One of them was Brandon, for the moment ogling how his muscular stallion of a brother impaled a girl with his massive meaty shaft. The other was Reggie, Brandon’s brother, and currently enjoying having his dick be tightly pressed in the pussy of some bimbo while he watched from the corner of his eyes how puny Brandon tried to subtly gawk at his behemoth like form. The fact that the author of the current fragmented shape of reality and its main victim were the only ones aware of the deranged state of the natural order was of course hardly a coincidence. But there is little one can do if they know the arrangement of the universe is out of order, besides sitting back and going along with the ride. Sitting back and enduring the torturous ride was exactly what Brandon was doing while he watched his brother fuck a girl senselessly, the luxurious bed creaking in sync with the loud moaning of the girl. “Condom!” Reggie growled, while he pulled out his gigantic cock from the strained pussy with a plop. That was Brandon’s queue. He looked at the meaty rod in a raincoat with a mixed feeling of disgust and lust before slowly peeling the tightly stretched piece of rubber off the cock. Pre-cum had soaked the shaft and most of it got on Brandon’s fingers while he tried to remove the condom. With the piece of protection removed, Reggie’s cock once again stood in its full glory, veins spread out over the gigantic piece of meat. It had to be longer than thirteen inches, and girthy enough it was probably pushing past nine inches in circumference. Like everything about Reggie, it was huge, masculine, and sexy. Hurriedly Brandon grabbed a fresh condom from a box sitting at the foot of the big bed, and pulled it over the throbbing member. Reggie immediately went back to his mission of showing the girl on the bed what a real man felt like, the mushroom sized head and long shaft once again out of Brandon’s view. Brandon looked at his fingers for a moment, the pre cum that had soaked his fingertips mesmerizing him, urging him to take a small sip of his brother’s salty taste. Brandon tried screaming to himself that he wasn’t gay, and that the thought of tasting another man’s cum shouldn’t even be in his mind, but the fingers went into his mouth regardless. It tasted better than anything else in this broken version of reality. Brandon sighed. His brother had being fucking this girl for hours, he had been there beside him the entire time. Someone had to be. Reggie needed fresh condoms applied every ten minutes, otherwise they might overflow with his pre cum and snap. And the sex god himself certainly wasn’t going to waste his precious time refreshing his custom-made XXXL rubbers. Seeing the muscles that made up his brother’s wide back move with the rhythmic thrusts had made Brandon incredibly hard, and he counted himself lucky his own puny penis was too small to ever be obvious. Standing there, watching his brother bring pure bliss to the latest pussy he was destroying made Brandon strongly nostalgic for the old Reginald, or Reggie, he remembered from the unbroken version of reality. The version of his brother that had been shy and cute, runty and nerdy, inexperienced and overexcited, and small yet resilient. His cute lil’ brother Reginald. There was barely a shadow of him left in the beast fucking who was fucking this latest bimbo into cloud nine. No, this rendition of his brother was almost the exact opposite of the version of his brother Brandon remembered. Strong and virile, confident and cocky. And with a body to back that cockiness up. God that body. Runty had made way for hunky. The strong edges of incredible muscle definition had replaced the formerly boney body. And there was the fact that this distorted version of his brother was no longer a pale rose like white. Instead, Reggie’s skin now was a deep dark black, shimmering and absorbing the rays of the light like a dark calla lily in the spring sun. To say it simply, Brandon remembered his brother as tiny Reginald, a sorry excuse of a man. But this version of reality provided him with Reggie, someone who had always been a proper stallion who earned thousands each day by simply selling old stretched out and drenched underwear to one of his 4.2 million Instagram followers. He’d feel sorry that he had lost his nerdy bro to the beast of sex his brother had become if it wasn’t for the fact Reggie had designed this twisted version of the universe. The soft moaning of the girl got increasingly louder as he approached her seventh orgasm of the day until all sounds of arousal suddenly dried up and ceased. “What’s wrong babe.” Reggie’s deep and sensual voice inquired. The girl hesitated for a moment, lost in the globe like form of Reggie’s pecs while she tried to find her tongue. “It’s your brother... When I see his head poke out behind your muscular chest it just... Dries up down there. Can’t one of you’re hunky friends do the condom refreshments? Maybe the handsome model that likes playing with your pecs?” She finally asked. Brandon didn’t need to be told twice. This wasn’t the first time a girl had complained about puny Brandon managing to offset the arousal Reggie managed to awake. He shuffled out of the room, the intense fucking continuing as soon as his shrimpish body was out of view. He closed the door behind him, noticing only how thick and warm the air was in there with sex now that he was out of it. Brandon sighed, he should have been thankful he was out of that room, instead he longed for watching his brother fuck. He hadn’t even got to see his brothers legendary cum fountain. Brandon’s thoughts about his brothers cum fountain were interrupted when felt a boney finger prick in his side, noticing that he had to look down to talk to someone for the first time in forever. Reggie stood at a commanding 6’8 and Brandon had begun to think he was never going to get above someone’s pecs ever again. Brandon shouldn’t be someone to talk on this front, with his current body and all, but man who had tried getting his attention was awfully pathetic looking. Old, puny, and long past his prime. Going by the expensive looking suit, probably with the only redeeming factor of being filthy rich. “How much longer do you reckon they’ll be going at it?” The man asked in a nasally voice. Noticing the ring he had around his finger Brandon relatively easily deduced this was probably the husband and sugar daddy of the bimbo currently drowning in Reggie’s voluminous muscle. “Probably an hour or two more, at the least. Depends if Reggie wants to cum one time or many. He can go on for as long as he wants.” Brandon felt a little awkward as he saw the man having to rearrange his package after learning that information. Brandon tried maneuvering away from the man, but he suddenly felt the strangers warm hand clutching him tightly. Brandon hated how easy he was able to be overpowered, even boney seniors like this one. “Do you think he’ll mind if I watch? I think I could really… Uh. Learn something seeing an expert like him pleasure my wife.” Brandon was reminded of the time he himself had tried to spy on one of his brother’s orgies, after being discovered Reggie had forced him through the humiliating experience of undressing and showing off just how much the brothers were unlike each other. The girls' laughter as Brandon’s puny two inch penis was put next to his brothers horse cock was still fresh on his mind. Brandon had learned his lesson about spying on his brother when it wasn’t wanted. “Oh, Reggie will definitely mind.” Brandon mumbled. This was probably one of the few occasions where the rich guy couldn’t get what he wanted. Brandon saw that as an excellent opportunity to teach the guy a lesson or two about what being rich meant to the alphas of this world. “But, uh, if you sit under the desk he definitely won’t be able to spot you.” Brandon innocently lied. The rich man’s expression lit up, running into the room where his wife was being fucked by the sexiest man on the planet with an unmatched eagerness. “Idiot.” Brandon mumbled under his breath. He hoped the guy was as much into humiliation as he was into cuckoldry, because when Reggie was going to spot him a few minutes in he probably was going to learn the hard way what happened to people not paying the multimillion dollar entry ticket to watching the finest male specimen fuck. Brandon shrugged, when you were reduced to a small dicked wimp you had to take the few opportunities to make yourself feel in control you could get, even if that included throwing others under the bus. Brandon looked at the cheap watch he had around his wrist. Already been a few minutes since he did the last condom refresh, he should probably find his replacement if he didn’t want his brother to impregnate another girl. The small man shuffled down the hall, the loud moaning of the girl slowly fading into the background, and the whimpers of a twink slowly faded into the foreground. Brandon sighed, there was no escape to the amount of hunky men in this house. Opening the door he saw his brother’s friend, Zack being worshiped by a small gymnast while he threw around massive weights. Brandon sighed, Zack had always been a friend of his brother, even in the true version of reality. The two nerds had played plenty of Xbox games together when Brandon had been forced to babysit his scrawny teen brother. Not that there was even a small trace of gaming obsessed Zack left in this variation of the real. No, instead of a nerd who asked if E-sports counted when you asked him if he did sport, and finished high school looking as thin as when he had entered it, Zack was now a pro bodybuilder who had been throwing out weights heavier than his body weight since he was 14. Brandon felt kind of bad Zack, he had been a smart kid but had always been in the shadow of his brother massive intellect. Now his professional trained body was in the shadow of his brothers rock hard and massive muscles, Reggie not even sticking with a diet and throwing around weights only occasionally when he could pull himself away from fucking had more size than the trained athlete. Don’t get Brandon wrong, Zack was massive, but he was also living together with only man who outshone him in every regard. At least it had taught him to stay humble and nice, unlike Brandon’s now cruel brother. Brandon knocked on the now open door, trying to get ripped man’s attention. He was in the middle of benching 400, while the twink was giggling and feeling the pecs flex and grow under his small hand. It took a couple of knocks to get the muscle behemoths attention. “Yo! Brandon’s, What’s up?” Zack said, while effortlessly continuing his lifts. “It’s Reggie, you’re on condom duty.” The hunk immediately stopped his reps, standing up right so quickly that the twinks small fingers had to dig deeply into the grooves of Zack’s abs to not fall to the ground. “Thanks Bran!” The hunk said, nervously fixing his hair and bouncing his pumped up pecs in the mirror. Brandon had the slightest suspicion the big man might have a crush on Reggie, going by his nervousness around the stallion and the pile of Reggie’s used condoms Zack had stuffed in his drawers. Brandon looked at the twink Zack had hurriedly set down and back to big man. “I, uh, didn’t know you had a thing for smaller guys too. I could suck you off some time, if you want…” Brandon’s started unsurely. Zack looked at him caught of guard for a moment. “Eh, I do have a thing for twinks. But, ehhh…” Zack shuffled around a little, trying to find the right words. “But. You might be a bit too… Weak? To fully handle my throat fucking I mean. Sorry man.” Zack said, while throwing him a gentle smile. Brandon bit his lips, trying his best to hide his disappointment. Going by the gentle “Awww.” coming from Zack he guessed he did an awful job. “Some of the guys downstairs desperately need to be drained after their workouts though, maybe you can ask around if they want to be serviced?” Zack looked at Brandon again. “Might have to be a glory hole type situation though, with your face and all…” Zack gave Brandon a friendly tap on his head before walking over to Reggie’s room. The big man looked just a bit too excited for someone who was going to be replacing condoms for the next few hours. Brandon sighed. The sound of iron on iron coming from downstairs was incredibly loud, and he wasn’t looking forward to being thrown around by the thickly muscled jocks. Maybe they’d leave him alone for once, but the small man doubted it. There really was no escape to oversized muscles in this house. As quietly as possible the small man made his way down the stairs. Grunts and growls slowly rose to his ears, Brandon knew that the best way for some of his dignity to survive today he was to remain as hidden as possible. The ground floor smelled entirely like the home gym that occupied a small part of it. Sweat seemed to reek from every surface, even the hired cleaning crew couldn’t scrub the smell of testosterone and manliness from the walls. The home gym was packed with jocks, the open door allowed Brandon a glimpse into the den of muscular men honing their bodies within. Brandon could spot Taylor and Cayden doing bicep curls in front of the large mirror adorning the wall. Brandon knew the two were in the normal version of reality chess champions, and had been so scrawny they had been beaten up by fifteen year olds when they had started college. Not that there was any vestige of that version of them now. No, now they had been high school football heroes, packed with muscle, and currently YouTube celebrities while they documented what it was like living with ‘Red-Blooded Reggie’. Brandon felt his cock push painfully against his jeans again, seeing these jocks pump up their biceps. It was painful to admit that even though these sportsmen had no recollection of ever being nerdy and scrawny chess players, the idea that they had been made their current masculine bodies even sexier. Brandon gazed intensely at them for a moment, the exercise had coated their bodies in a nice thick layer of sweat, and had them too preoccupied to notice the tiny emasculated man ogling them in the mirror. Brandon went from eyeing their backs to seeing their mouthwatering pecs in the mirror. In that same mirror he caught a quick glance of himself, a sight he still hadn’t quite adjusted too. The small size, the loss of muscle mass, it’s something you feel every moment of the day. It isn’t that bad, in that way, you have more time to grow accustomed to it. Being turned from handsome to unsightly and repulsive is not something one easily adapts too however. Brandon traced over his skin with his hand, feeling over all the new acne and zits he could see in the mirror. The color of skin being turned from white to a deep dark black was the only change his brother had made to the fabric of reality he felt somewhat okay about. It was overshadowed however by the fact that Reggie had stripped away his previous life as a college athlete. Suddenly Brandon’s thoughts were interrupted when he made eye contact with Taylor in the mirror. “Brandon, bud! Why won’t you be a good twerp and grab me a towel?” The big man commanded while continuing his reps. Taylor was easily lifting 35’s in hammerhead dumbbell curls, Brandon knew those were just his warm-up weights. He considered his options for a moment, before deciding he probably had little choice but to obey. Brandon tried his best to not get distracted by all the eye candy he could see as he made his way through the gym. Grunting could be heard from all corners of as all the men in the home gym focused on getting their bodies beyond perfection, and maybe even close to the big black man upstairs. The sounds of the headboard of the bed slamming against the wall could even be heard here, even the loud moans of the girl Reggie was fucking into cloud nine dangled in the air, and it undoubtedly motivated all these beasts to push their bodies even further. At least being friends with Reggie had provided them with the best training materials around. Grabbing a towel from the pile and throwing it into Taylor’s direction he hoped he was finally done and could get to the privacy he so desperately needed, but the big man thought otherwise. Taylor just had to give on lasting look at the towel lying on the floor while continuing his reps for Brandon to get the message. The scrawny man quickly grabbed it from the floor and indecisively stood with it in his hand for a moment. Taylor just gave him another intense glare, which was enough for Brandon to slowly start cleaning up the thick layer of sweat coating the impressive man. Brandon thought it was a rather futile exercise, Taylor was likely going to continue exercising for hours more and the sweat cleaned up now would be back in a matter of minutes. Not that he could really complain though, feeling the power pulsing through these triceps was an experience. Slowly feeling the muscular arm grow even bigger with each rep made Brandon even harder than he thought was possible. Taylor was completely focused on his own reflection in the mirror, either checking out his form, or ogling at how amazing his own muscles looked. With a final heaving breath Taylor completed his set and placed the weights back in their rack, checking out his own pumped reflection. He smirked, seeing the puny man stand on his toes to clean up the sweaty arms with the already drenched towel. “Good job. Wanna feel my pump, little guy?” Taylor asked with a smirk. Brandon couldn’t nod fast enough, his lips suddenly feeling awfully dry. With an innocent smile Taylor held out his arms, Brandon grabbed on like a kid seeing candy. It somehow managed to feel even better without the towel in the way, the skin to skin contact only enhancing the feeling of these muscles moving and cascading with every little movement. The small black hand on the gigantic bulging bicep formed an ‘interesting’ contrast too. Taylor was very much aware of the awe plastered on Brandon’s face. He gave another cocky smirk before mumbling “Watch this little man.” in his deep baritone. Without any further warning the muscle in Brandon’s hand flexed, the pumped up bicep growing to a hardness of granite. Of course Brandon’s hand couldn’t stop the advance of the swelling and throbbing bicep, and his fingers were instantly pushed apart by the flexed muscle. For a moment Brandon felt like he couldn’t breathe. He was lost in the memories of the day, his brother’s fucking, Zack’s globe like pecs bouncing up and down excitedly and now Taylor’s cannon ball sized biceps in hand. It made Brandon feel... wrong. Because it was wrong, all those guys were supposed to be tiny and twerpy, that was how Brandon remembered them. But above else it made him feel small, his own below average body felt even more insignificant in this house of masculinity. That experience of feeling small, combined with another twitch in Taylor’s bicep, was what pushed Brandon over the edge. He couldn’t help but moan and tightly clutch into Taylor’s bicep as he felt his small dick spew out his few drips of cum. The world came crashing back down as Brandon heard laughter spread all throughout the home gym. “Can’t stop yourself from shooting a load in front of us for just a week, huh Bran?” “You probably wished you had biceps like Taylor, right little guy?” “Glad we still got you whenever we feel small around Reggie.” “Jesus, you call those three tiny drops of cum an orgasm?” Chuckles continued hanging in the air, the entire gym had seen the embarrassing display. Brandon’s cheeks flushed instantly to an intense scarlet. He wasn’t even sure why the thought of him being smaller than all these men had aroused him so much. He quickly covered up the small sticky spot in the front of his trousers with his hand and hurried out of the room, the sound of iron on iron continuing as the gym went back to its workout. “Oh Brandon! Hold on for a moment.” Taylor said. The smaller man stopped in his tracks right away, his urge to please the big jocks trumped his need to get away from embarrassment. “Reggie told me he’s gonna give you some more ‘juice’ to work with as soon as he’s finished upstairs, you better be ready and waiting.” Taylor said nonchalantly. Taylor gave him a final wink. A glister in his eye hinting at the fact that making Brandon cum had been his exact plan, before turning away again and starting his next set of curls. Brandon had wanted to run aside and get some fresh air for the next few hours, but Reggie apparently wanted to get back to work as soon as he was finished stretching out his toy. Well, to the extent you could call it work. Brandon sighed, and headed for the only room he hated as much as the gym in this house, his own room. Brandon walked past the dozen or so bedrooms of the jocks on his way to his own room. All the bedrooms on the ground floor were quite large, maybe not of the caliber of the two rooms upstairs, but still large and spacious enough to house many littering weights and posters of scantily clad women. With the amount of large bedrooms and the home gym it was probably fairer to call this place a mansion than a house. Brandon allowed himself to enjoy the quiet in the kitchen for a moment, the sounds of sex and workouts now far in the distance. Brandon gathered as much courage and strength as he could muster, and open a small tightly shut door in the far back of the house. The strength he had gathered hadn’t just been for opening the tight door, it had also been for the contents awaiting him on the other side. The smell hit Brandon before his eyes could even spot its source. Deep manly musk, denser than anywhere else in this house filled with testosterone laden men, emanated out in waves. Brandon took a final breath of fresh air and closed the door behind him, there had been complaints before of the scent lingering in the kitchen, the door had to be closed at all times to prevent the smell from seeping out. The small room looked like a storage unit, stacked with metallic shelves. In the corner stood a small desk and a bed. Carefully Brandon maneuvered in between the tightly together placed shelves and plopped down on the bed. This weird distortion of reality he was living in would be more habitable if his own room didn’t reek of manly men. Brandon tried not to think to hard about the jugs filled with Reggie’s cum that occupied the shelves and were the origin of the deep salty stink. If he thought about the ropes of his brothers spunk he was lying next to he’d probably get hard again. Although he hated this room, he was not only here to await doing his big chore for Reggie. Brandon grabbed the phone lying on the desk, the calm green waving hills of his background calming him somewhat. He opened up his Instagram, and was immediately greeted with thousands of messages asking a variety of wildly inappropriate questions. It wasn’t really Brandon’s account of course, no one would be asking that twerp if his cock was really the rumored baseball bat sized. No, it was Reggie’s account, Brandon ‘managed’ it, which didn’t really mean much besides posting the daily pictures of his brother being his manly perfect self. Brandon pulled up a picture from just last week, his brother standing on the beach with a few members of the nearby college sorority in resting against his bulging abs. Brandon considered for a moment if it was appropriate posting pictures of girls who were so aroused their bikinis were dripping wet, but then remembered their venomous remarks of ‘how unbelievable it was earth’s biggest hunk and earth’s biggest twerp being related by blood.’ Without much further consideration, Brandon typed up a half arsed caption about how you could get all the girls you wanted too, if you just followed the tips in Reggie’s new (ghostwritten by some lame pickup artist) book and hit ‘Post.’ Brandon shrugged, he felt bad for a moment, but reminded himself that all twerps and shrimps of the world had to use every opportunity to feel in control they could get. For next few hours Brandon worked himself through all the sponsor offers his brother had gotten. He submitted the video of Reggie bursting out of an UnderArmour shirt up for review for the sponsorship deal. He got a reply right away, telling him the $500,000 would be in his brothers bank account before sundown, as well a request to forward her number to Reggie himself, with a picture attached of her hourglass figure spilling out of her clothes. Brandon complied, his brother would probably enjoy a fresh piece of meat to stretch out. Suddenly Brandon’s door swung open, the large looming shadow, unable to pass through the door frame, could only belong to one person in this house of muscular men. “Done already, Reggie?” Brandon meekly asked, his boner returning with a full vengeance now, throbbing painfully. The big man shrugged, and carefully stepped into the room. The smell didn’t really seem to bother him, and he didn’t have the common reaction of pure repulsion and lust most had to seeing the room stacked to the brim with bottles of his own cum. “We were interrupted.” Reggie replied, his deep baritone shaking the glass bottles. Brandon was immediately reminded of the that frail businessman he had sent into Reggie’s sacred den of sex. Oops. “Can we just get this over with bro? I’ve got some things to… Handle.” Reggie asked, distracted by his own smell. The big man didn’t even award Brandon with showing off his handsome features, instead he looked at how his pecs were straining against the cashmere pajama. Brandon didn’t think he had all that many options. He was Reggie’s employee after all, he posted his pictures, and exported his ‘product’. “Let’s just get it over with.” Brandon mumbled. Quickly Brandon grabbed a small empty measuring cup from the corner of the room. Unceremoniously he handed it over the giant he called his brother. Reggie looked dazed for a moment. “I’ll need something to get me going man, I can’t just do this dry.” Reggie gave him an innocent look, but Brandon knew what he was talking about. Brandon quickly grabbed his laptop and was immediately embarrassed when he opened it up, it was still playing a video on Pornhub. And, even worse, it was a video featuring his brother, cockily grinning into a camera while hot girls tried to worship his gargantuan cock. Brandon wanted to close the tab but before he got to do so he heard Reggie growl that this material would be good enough. The small man placed the laptop down, Reggie’s complete attention was already focused on the video playing, he didn’t even notice Brandon anymore. It might be seen as arrogant to some to jerk off to a porn you star in, but it would be difficult to find anyone as perfect as ‘Red Blooded Reggie’ himself. Clearly the contents of the video was enough to ‘get him going’ as Reggie hurriedly stepped out of his pajama pants. His donkey dick was for the moment still soft, and swinging left and right between his thick quads. His cock didn’t show a sign of wear from the hours of use it had already went through today, and was beginning to pulse and throb seeing the action happening on screen. Brandon thought just looking at his brothers dick was doing him a disservice, and he eyed the rest of his lower body. He remembered Reggie’s measurements well, measuring Reggie was the highlight of his week. Thirty-four and a half inches of thighs. Twenty-two inch calves. All neatly stacked under a waist off under Thirty-eight inches. All of it was big and ripped, not an ounce of fat on his Adonis like body. The action on screen was heating up, and so was Reggie. He threw of his shirt, giving Brandon a look at his awesome chest. Sweat was draping between the crevices, giving his entire dark black skin a sparkling gleam. The only thing better than a ripped set of muscles was a ripped set of muscles coated in a layer of sweat. Brandon thought he could even spot the beginnings of a layer of chest hair and pubes, even though he knew Reggie had shoved both of those places just this morning. Having more testosterone pumping through your system than ten normal men is one hell of a drug. Brandon continued eyeing each and every muscle of his brothers hunky body. Sixty-two inch pecs, jutting out so much they could nearly pass for tits. Biceps twenty fou-. No, biceps were twenty-five inches as of the latest measurements. There wasn’t an inch on his brothers body that wasn’t oozing sex and masculinity. Having satisfied his silent worship for the moment Brandon paid attention again to the cock Reggie was jerking. It wasn’t handicapped by a condom, and it looked all the better for it. One of Reggie’s massive calloused mittens had tightly grabbed near the base of his protruding shaft. Reggie had no trouble maintaining a boner, even with his massive phallus, but it was much quicker to shoot a load if he kept his cock at its most aroused. And time was everything, this was just business after all. Though one might be easily mistaken to think this exercise was for pleasure, going by Reggie’s loud grunts as he stroked his shaft with his other hand. It was just a primal sight seeing someone so big, muscular and manly bring pleasure to himself. Simply watching someone jerk-off was much more erotic than it had any right to be when the one bringing pleasure to himself produced an interplay of flexing muscles with those long, long strokes over the big and thick shaft. Much like this morning, Reggie was very much aware Brandon’s eyes were burning into every fiber of his stallion like body. And much like this morning, the thought of his former big alpha bro being turned into a little bitch who watches hunky men with great shame turned Reggie on. Very much so. On screen Reggie saw himself shoot his first of many loads into some bimbo, the big man took that as the excuse to finally unload the contents of his balls he had been fighting to hold back. “Fuck!” Reggie roared, orgasms were so intense in this large body. Every fiber of his muscular body flexed at once, and pleasured washed over him. All thirteen inches of his cock felt like they were in heaven as ropes of cum traveled to their freedom. He aimed into the small, half a liter holding, cup and let his cum fountain loose. Rope after rope of cum filled the cup, the smell of manly musk somehow managed to grow even more intense and salty with this latest fresh batch. When the cup was half filled and Reggie felt no end in sight to his orgasmic bliss he realized he hadn’t emptied his balls for hours. Which probably wasn’t good if he didn’t want the cup to overflow and spray cum all over the carpet in Brandon’s room. The small man himself noticed too that the river of cum flowing out of his brothers cock was more voluminous than normal. Brandon thought for a moment at the two choices he had for just a few seconds. Either he could do nothing, and get an irremovable stain of his brothers cum branded into his carpet, likely ruining the chance of him ever not having a boner while being here for the rest of time, or he could help… Relieve the cups efforts. Brandon saw that while he had been thinking, the cup had flowed up right to the brim. Without much further thought Brandon jumped forward and placed his head on his brothers spewing cock. The pre-cum he had tasted a handful of times was nothing compared to the real deal. It was intensely salty and sweet at the same time. Thick like a milkshake it was a little hard to swallow down, but Brandon made his best attempt to keep up with the barrage of cum flowing out of the monstrous cock. After successfully managing to not choke for thirty seconds, Brandon managed to establish a pace to keep up with the continuing fountain of cum. He even let himself be carried away a little, tracing the head of his brothers cock with his tongue, and fondling around with Reggie’s bull sized balls. If Brandon hadn’t closed his eyes, he might have been able to spot Reggie biting on his lip. After the orgasmic wave had passed, and the flow of cum had slowed down to a dribble, slowly the realization of what just happened set in for both men. Slowly Brandon tried crawling away, but Reggie grabbed him by the collar and raised him till his small body was eye to eye with the hunk. “What did I tell you about touching my cock.” Reggie sneered, his eyes flaming intensely. “Fuckin’ faggot.” He muttered with great disappointment, before dropping Brandon back to the floor. Normally, this is where the conversation would have ended. Brandon watched while his brother stuffed his bubble butt and horse cock back into his pajama trousers and felt his cheeks once again turn red with a fiery passion. Brandon never talked back, Brandon never argued, Brandon never complained. But inside Brandon there was just the tiniest bit remaining of him before his brother had messed with the fabric of reality. It was a fragment of Bran, star lacrosse player and athlete. And that fragment burned brightly after this latest day filled with humiliation. “Don’t call me that.” Brandon whispered. Reggie chuckled, assuming he had misheard. “You don’t get to call me that.” The small man said with a little more self-assuredness. He raised himself from the floor and locked eyes with the paragon of masculinity standing across the room. “Oh? I don’t get to call out for being the gay dick sucker that you are? And why’s that?” Reggie still had his signature cocky grin plastered on his face, and his voice was still his normal base filled self, but he was a little surprised by Brandon’s new attitude. “You don’t get to call me that…Because… Because... Because you made me this way!” Brandon poked one of his fingers in between Reggie’s rock hard abs. “I was straight as an arrow before, you made me gay.” Brandon’s eyes were burning with rage now, a sparkle igniting in his eyes as fury spat out from his mouth. “Just like you made me from a jock into this pathetic twerp. Just like you made your nerdy friends into a group of weightlifting meatheads.” Reggie had wanted to say something but was quickly interrupted by another barrage of words spilling out of Brandon’s mouth. “So yes, I sucked your cock, but honestly, what did you expect? I have to collect your cum every day to sell it as a protein shake for your Instagram followers. I have to watch you have sex for hours on end, so I can refresh your condoms. I’m surrounded at all times of day by the sounds of sex and manly men being men. Excuse a guy, a guy you personally turned gay, for being a little horny.” Brandon had endured months of torture in this version of the world his brother had created without as much as a whimper. But finally his cup of built up rage had overflowed. “Back. Down. Twerp.” Reggie growled. “I told you not to mention how our lives were before I ‘fixed’ things.” Reggie continued while his maintaining his intense glare. And that, his brothers voice, was all it took for big brother Bran’s attitude to once again fade away into nothingness. His memories of being a big athlete who didn’t take shit couldn’t compute with the current broken version of reality. Brandon’s dull submissive gaze returned. Reggie crossed his arms over his ballooning pecs. Like a father who was disappointed. Or, well, a big ‘little’ brother that was disappointed. “Put today’s load of cum in the tanks. And start selling the previous loads, it’s $20,000 a ’protein shake’ and it’s good money.” Reggie ordered. Reggie stood authoritatively and towering over the small man. Brandon just nodded, his mouth awfully was dry. “Oh, and before I forget. That video I jerked off too on Pornhub is only supposed to be available on my website with a ten thousand dollar entry fee. Take it down.” The door slammed loudly shut behind the muscle stallion and Brandon was once again left alone. The tiny man obeyed his orders and went around doing what he was asked. He updated Reggie’s website listing the new ‘protein drinks’ promising awesome results. Brandon tried being happy with the thought his room wouldn’t be used as a storage unit for his brothers cum anymore, but the thought of not living in the big man’s musk was strangely uncomfortable. Brandon looked around but couldn’t find the labels he still had to slap op the bottles of poorly disguised cum. His brother probably had a few more lying around somewhere in the mansion. Brandon stepped outside, and wandered around for a few minutes. Reggie wasn’t in the dining room, or in game room. He found his brothers deep earthquake causing voice rise out from the kitchen. Brandon briefly glanced inside, but immediately took a few steps back. His brother had been standing in the middle of the kitchen floor, once again nude, and air fucking the bimbo from earlier. Reggie was probably upset his session from earlier had been so rudely interrupted by the old man Brandon had allowed in. One thing didn’t make sense however, the frail man was sitting there again, and his face hadn’t even been reduced to pulp. Brandon glanced into the room again, his brother wasn’t facing him and using the girl as a fleshjack. The frail man was jerking what looked to be the most pathetic cock in the world. Brandon couldn’t imagine the price tag on a session like this. It must cost the man a small fortune to have the privilege to jerk off while he watched while the biggest, sexiest man on the planet ruined his wife’s sacred passage. And god was he ruining her with his male perfection. The woman seemed nothing but a toy, an instrument, compared to the enclave of primal strength that made up Reggie’s body. She seemed to enjoy being treated like a pump for his throbbing oversized manhood however. She even managed to retain conscious enough to trace the veins criss-crossing over the swollen bicep of the black stud’s arm with her fingertips. “I bet I’m the biggest fucking guy you’ve ever been with.” Reggie loudly whispered in her ear. The bimbo could only reply with more moans of pleasure as she tried sliding down to take another inch of his throbbing fuck stick inside of her. She made a hard effort to not close her eyes in pleasure, wanting to savor every inch of Reggie’s muscularity while she learned the true meaning of bliss. Reggie seemed to consider the question he just asked for a moment, looking back and forth between the girl he was enjoying stretching out and the husband sitting in the corner. He clicked with his tongue. “It’s just too easy.” Reggie mumbled. His veined up and thick biceps, which had been used to effortlessly turn woman into his sex toy and suspend her in the air, gently placed her back on the ground. “What’s going on! You promised at least another two hours of fucking my wife. I paid good money for this!” The old man’s ferocious attitude was dampened with just one of Reggie’s intense glares. “ “Don’t worry man, you’ll get your money’s worth, and then some. Just need to…. Fix a few things.” Reggie mumbled while scratching an itch in the valley that made up his pecs. Brandon watched from the shadows while his brother opened up a small tightly locked vault nestled in the wall. “ “Oh no.” Brandon mumbled. “What’s that? A tablet?” The businessman asked in his nasally voice. Brandon couldn’t see the tablet in question, but he knew very well the only possession valuable enough to his brother he’d keep it tightly locked up. “I don’t recognize that brand. What does it say next to that genie logo on top, ‘Chronivac’? Have you ever heard of ‘Chronivac’ dear?” Brandon wasn’t the bimbo the frail old businessman has asked the question too, but he was all too familiar with the Chronivac. It was the device Reggie had used to break and bend reality with in accordance with his own whims. He had seen it just a few times. The first time was when Brandon, then still Bran, had come home from campus for the holidays. He had found his small brother Reginald obsessed by the tablet, Bran hadn’t even been sure where his wimpy bro had got it. His brothers preoccupied obsession had annoyed Bran, because who else was he gonna boast his lacrosse accomplishments to? By the time dawn broke the following morning Reginald’s, now Reggie’s, version of their lives started. A version of reality that seemed to at least be inspired by how the day’s prior events when Bran had flexed his seventeen inch bicep in front of his nerdy bro’s face while Reginald had the reality altering capable tablet in his lap. A version where Reggie had always been a giant stud of a man who was kind enough to house his wimp of a brother in his mansion. Brandon had seen the Chronivac just a few times after that. First so Reggie could grant his friends a smaller, less divine version of the godhood he had given himself. And then a couple of times after that whenever Reggie encountered a man with a body part larger than he had given himself. That’s how Reggie’s cock went from an already insane ten inches to an unbelievable cum cannon of thirteen inches. Brandon audibly swallowed, fearing for how his brother was going to use the all powerful device next. He feared a bit for the cuck’s safety, the man seemed to have gotten on his brother’s nerves. And things don’t end well for those who get on Reggie’s nerves, Brandon thought while looking at his own pathetic body. Reggie was feverishly tapping away on the tablet, leaving the couple looking at each other rather oddly. Brandon wondered how he was going to punish the man for the offense of existing in the same room as the primal sex god Reggie had become. Maybe Reggie was going to turn him dirt poor? Maybe only make him able to get off while watching how other men fucked his wife? Make him the cleaner that scrubbed away all the stains of pre-cum Reggie leaked around the house? “How much do you lift?” Reggie asked, in his thundering voice. The frail man looked around, half expecting someone to be behind him to whom the question was really aimed at. “I. Uh… Don’t understand.” The man said, while waving up and down his suited body. From how much his suit hung over his frame it should have been obvious he didn’t lift. Reggie smiled a wicked smile, and tapped a final time on the tablet before putting it away. He walked towards the couple, still completely nude. The Chronivac beeped “Changes applied” in a robotic voice from its safe spot back in the vault. “How much do you lift?” Reggie asked again. This time the businessman answered without skipping a beat. “330 Pounds on a good day” He proclaimed proudly, pounding on his outward jutting pecs for emphasis. If Brandon hadn’t already been familiar with the Chronivac and it’s abilities his mouth would have dropped wide open by now. Where mere moments ago had sat an old broken man, now a gray maned stallion rested. Some of his features had remained the same, but for the most part he was unrecognizable. His frail old body had made way for chunky muscles and a body that seemed to scream ‘Power!’ Brandon wondered for a moment why Reggie had rewarded the old man so. He had seemed more than a little annoyed at his existence just moments ago. Once Reggie started speaking however his plan became clear. “330? That isn’t even a warm-up weight for me.” The throbbing personification of manhood said while bouncing his pecs. “Guess that should have been to expected however, my pecs are an awful lot bigger than yours.” Reggie said while he strutted up right close to the newly hunky businessman, and let out a small chuckle. Reggie relished in emasculating men. But for men to be emasculated they have to have masculine pride to begin with. Reggie had just given the man a big body because now he had some self-esteem to actually crush while the man watched Reggie fuck the bimbo senselessly for hours. Reggie noticed the intense stares from both parties at his thick black sausage. It had gone soft again, and the uncut foreskin hung over it peacefully. “Hold on, I wanna check something.” Reggie mumbled. “Take out your cock.” He ordered, a grin already firmly planted on his face. The aged business hunk did not need much convincing. The meat he whipped out was also much different from the one Brandon had seen moments ago. It was big and virile now, like the body it was now attached to. It stood erect and was leaking, clearly aroused by the imposing powerful figure standing in front of him. From the distance Brandon was hiding from, he guessed it to be around eight inches long. Reggie’s cock remained completely soft, and he slowly pressed against the ripened white cock in front of him. Even while completely soft Reggie’s absurdly big cock seemed to be bigger than the eight-inch battering ram of the man. The alpha man let out a bellowing laugh. “Fuck, they crowned you ‘Best guy in porn’ with that cock? I’m not even hard I’m packing more heat than you.” Reggie said while pointing at his oversized cock for emphasis. Reggie let out another of signature cruel snickers while he pressed his soft meat more tightly into the silver haired stud. The ripened hunk’s breath slowed, clearly the sight of the erect white cock and the soft black one was arousing him just a bit. “God I’m such a fucking stud.” Reggie mumbled, letting just the slightest hint of disbelief intrude on his tone. As suddenly as Reggie had pressed their cocks together, he let them go. The big black man took a few steps back, and easily lifted the bimbo over his shoulders, letting her rest in between his mountainous chest while tightly keeping her in place by placing one of his gigantic mittens on her protruding ass. “C’mon then, I’ll show you how a real man fucks your girl.” Reggie said, while leading the way back to his bedroom with his big strides. Brandon had bundled up in the shadows and saw how Reggie was closely followed by the matured new hunk. When he heard the headboard slamming continue from upstairs he slowly arose from his hiding spot. Brandon tried to ignore his cock, which was painfully hard again, and walked into the kitchen intending to just grab a snack. Constant arousal makes a man hungry, even if he is pathetic looking. But before he could even take something from the fridge something else caught his eye. Something extraordinary careless. Something which Brandon hadn’t allowed himself to dream off even in his most pleasant nights. The vault housing the Chronivac was still open. Reggie must have gotten distracted by his instant urge to humiliate the second biggest guy in the room to remember to properly lock away the all powerful machine. Brandon’s hands shook while he took the tablet into his hands. The tablet turned on with a bleep. “CHANGE EVERYTHING” Quickly flashed in bold black letters on the screen while the Chronivac logo slowly faded in. Brandon still couldn’t believe it. This had to be some scheme of his brother again, right? Something else to punish him? There was only one way to find out. Testing it. Brandon made his way through the open tabs on the tablet. Sliders and boxes to check filled the screen in an unorganized and messy manner. Whoever had made the machine capable of messing with the fabric of space and time clearly wasn’t a graphic designer. His finger finally ended up on a name he thought he could use as a guinea pig. Taylor. Big Biceps Taylor. As soon as he opened up the window of Taylor’s name the Chronivac listed a plethora of suggested changes. Brandon could make Taylor even bigger. He could give Taylor an insatiable appetite for fucking the girls stretched out by Reggie. He could turn Taylor into a submissive shell of his former self who was only good for doing the dishes. Brandon bit his lips. So many options, better to start small. Lost in the sea of options Brandon’s eyes caught sight of the sexual orientation slider. Now that was interesting. A few moments, and a few sliders and checked boxes later, Brandon thought he was ready to see if this tablet really was the device capable of altering reality his brother had toyed with. Before Brandon could hit ‘Submit’ the Chronivac asked him who should be aware of the new changes. He unticked his brothers name, leaving only him to remember all the iterations of reality and history the universe had just gone through for the past few weeks. After a few seconds the device gave a pleasant buzz. “Changes applied” it murmured over its small speakers. Brandon couldn’t wait so see the result, quickly running to the home gym. He tightly clutched the Chronivac in his hands, still not entirely sure if this wasn’t one of his brothers cruel jokes. Looking into the home gym quickly convinced him the device he was holding was really capable of bending reality to his whims. Inside Taylor was still busy with his workout. Only now workouts included sucking Cayden off while he did his bench presses. Taylor’s long blond stylish hairs bounced up and down while he excitedly and with great expertise worked his friends shaft. “Nothing better than having testosterone pump through you while working out, right guys?” Cayden asked the filled out home gym, who all thought it was completely normal that Big Biceps Taylor was on his knees giving his best friend some head. Like he wasn’t the beast who had fucked his way through the entire cheerleading team. Taylor was working that engorged dick like it was his everyday business, licking along the veins of the shaft while he played around with Cayden’s plump and outward jutting pecs. It clearly got Cayden going, who grabbed the blond hunk by his hair and forced more of his manhood with the girth of a coke can into Taylor’s welcoming throat. Brandon’s head twirled for a moment before his mind cleared again. He had the most powerful device in the entire universe in the palms of scrawny hands. Time to set some things right. Brandon made his way back the kitchen, and opened up his own profile. He let his eyes hover over the recommended changes for a moment, grinning with glee while reading them. Brandon could turn himself into freak who completely overshadowed big Reggie. With a cock so enormous it could even make his brother’s oversized meaty rod look small. He could turn himself into the big bro again, like it was before Reggie meddled with things. The thought of having his own powerful black skinned body which oozed male sexuality made his still puny dick rock hard. Brandon was fully ready to turn himself into a paragon of muscle and size, but before he could hit the button applying the computer generated preset, he hesitated. Wouldn’t he and Reggie be back to start if he did that? Reggie would be back to being the smaller brother again, even if he was still a 6’8 feet of power. And as evident from the tortuous reality Reggie had created, that at every moment was to reinforce Reggie’s status as the big man between them, Reggie clearly thought he had a score to settle with Brandon for being the brother in the athletic spotlight for so long. Than an ever more demanding question jumped into Brandon’s mind. Did he really hate being the smaller brother as much as Reggie clearly did? Sure, the current version of reality was hell, but also an… Enjoyable hell? Not many versions of reality can make you orgasm multiple times of day without even having to touch your dick. And of course, some of that was his brothers work the and Chronivac’s programming, messing with his mind, but some of that was also Brandon’s own deep-rooted desires for servitude and humiliation, something that had even existed when he had still been a star Lacrosse player and a hunk. Now that Brandon had the ability to change everything and everyone in the world, he noticed how surprisingly okay he was with most of it. He could just make Reggie love being the smaller man, but Brandon would always carry the memories of his giant, rage filled, brother. Playing with Reggie to that extent just wouldn’t feel real. Brandon thought for a moment that I might be best not to change anything at all. Well, there was still the fact that he only saw Reggie when the big guy felt the need to once again state his superiority over small Brandon. The puny guy only saw his brother when the latter wanted to show off how great his cock looked when it was draped in other people’s bodily fluids. Brandon noticed only now how much he missed his brother. He just wanted both of them to be happy. But there was no need to feel sad, the Chronivac could fix things. Patch em right up, make Brandon be the only one remembering things when they still were out of order. Brandon smiled, he knew exactly what sliders to play with to set things right again. What buttons to turn to fix things. What to do to mend the scars Reggie had gashed into reality. Brandon knew how to repair the universe that was broken. --------------------- Three hours had passed and Brandon still wasn’t done. His eyes had been reduced to slits while he was sitting in one of the kitchen chairs with his mouth open. He only half remembered to breath while his fingers feverishly flew over the screen. Brandon wasn’t leaving anything to chance. Brandon was so focused he didn’t even notice the house settling down and the sounds of sex coming from Reggie’s room slowly dying down. He was to obsessed with making sure every detail would be perfect he didn’t even hear the loud thuds of the giant man walking down the stairs. Brandon was so distracted he didn’t even see his big beefy brother till his shadow was looming over him. “Did you steal my iPad to jerk off to vids of me again?” Reggie snarled, while he grabbed Brandon by the collar and dangled him in the air for the second time that day. He must have not noticed the Chronivac logo on the tablet yet. Probably didn’t even consider someone else could mess up his perfect storm. Brandon couldn’t waste any more time, Reggie would probably register the logo in a few seconds and when he did all hell would break loose. He gave one last glance down at the tablets screen, seeing the long, long list of changes he’d apply to the fabric of space and time. He made sure his brother was set to ‘oblivious to changes’ like the rest of the world. Brandon saw Reggie’s eyes grow wild while he glanced over the black lettering spelling ‘Chronivac’. Brandon’s time was up. “Changes apply in: 12 Hours.” The robotic voice of the Chronivac chirpily announced. Fire sprung from muscular alpha’s eyes. Now Reggie’s time was up too. “What the fuck did you do, Brandon?” Reggie said. Fear was present in his voice. For the first time since he had turned his voice into a deep booming bass he sounded like Reginald, the chronically anxious nerd. Brandon shrugged. “I’ll guess we’ll see in twelve hours?” Brandon meekly tried. It took all the courage in his feeble body to look Reggie in the eyes. Reggie snatched the Chronivac out of Brandon’s hands. But as the small man had gambled, he couldn’t see the changes Brandon had queued. For a moment Reggie looked dumbfounded. His glorious chest glistered in afternoon sun. Sunlight always seemed to bend to hit his deep black chest whenever he was shirtless. He was wearing his pajama pants again, freeballing of course, there was no jock or underwear that could contain his manhood. Brandon didn’t he’d ever seen his brother’s bulge so flaccid, must be the terror. The dumbfoundedness lasted for a moment, and then Reggie regained his cocky composure. A grin once again adorned his face, like he was once again the most powerful man in the universe. He let Brandon drop to the ground, and walked out of the kitchen with big strides. Brandon ran behind him, panting to keep up with him. Still with the Chronivac in his hand Reggie walked outside into the yard, carelessly dropping the important machine on one of the logs Reggie used whenever he wanted to show off his woodcutting skills. “Careful! You’ll break it!” Brandon said, looking a bit anxiously at how Reggie treated the Chronivac. Reggie chuckled. Reggie left the Chronivac be and ran over to the shed at the far end of the large yard. Brandon made sure the device was still working, the “CHANGE EVERYTHING” tagline as it booted up reassuring him. It wasn’t like Reggie or Reginald to so carelessly treat his electronics. “Move. Or you’re getting smashed too.” Reggie’s deep voice boomed. Brandon had to crane his eyes fully upward to see what the big man was talking about. A heavy sledge hammer was resting in one of the big man’s thick hands. “Jesus Christ! Reginald what the fuck are you doing? Do you know what kind of power you’d breaking if you let that hammer come down?” Brandon didn’t even notice he had used Reggie’s ‘wimp name’ while in deep shock. Reggie’s tight grip over him was slipping, and the magic’s of the Chronivac hadn’t even been involved. Seeing the biggest, most muscular man you know in a state of absolute terror will do that. “I’m not going back to being a wimp again. I’m smashing this thing before those changes you queued will apply. You have one second to move or your brains are getting squashed alongside that tablet.” Reggie growled. Brandon wanted to calmly and rationally explain the changes he had made wouldn’t turn Reggie into a wimp, but he already saw the hammer come down. He skittered away just in time to see the sledgehammer make contact with the most powerful piece of hardware in the known universe. For a moment Brandon hoped the Chronivac would have been built to withstand such a blow. That whatever force had put it together, would have made sure it would have been immune to the damage caused by one of the most strongest men on earth swinging one of his sturdiest tools in the world at it. Turns out that even the people capable of putting a tablet together with the ability to alter reality can’t prepare it for the force of an angry Reggie using his mountainous muscles in a hammer swing. There was just a small, sad, cracking noise before the device’s screen splintered into a thousand pieces. On the wooden log the Chronivac laid broken, broken like the reality it had helped create. Reggie exhaled, his wide shoulders rumbling while he put the hammer down. “I guess that’s over.” He said, rather matter of factly. Brandon still couldn’t quite believe his brother had just smashed the most powerful object in the universe. He stammered for a moment, unable to find the words he was looking for. “Even if I turned you into a miserable twerp again, wouldn’t you just have been able to turn that back as long as you would have had the Chronivac?” Brandon asked, his thoughts scattered like the glass of the broken Chronivac. Brandon was beginning to feel like it had been a bad idea to queue the changes rather than applying them right away. His one chance at making things better seemed to have been squashed. Literally. “Who says you’d still have me be capable of using the Chronivac in whatever alteration you had cooked up? Too much of a gamble.” Reggie said with a shrug. “Besides, I was getting bored with having all that power at my disposal anyway.” Brandon thought that sounded a lot like the time Reggie had played off a string of bad moves in monopoly like grand social statement against capitalism, but knew better than to speak off it. He had allowed himself to entertain the possibility of making things better for far too long, it was time he’d grow to accept this version of reality instead. Reggie strutted back indoors, his bimbo and her now beefy husband were probably gone, but it never took long for Reggie to find another girl to stretch open. Brandon gave one last respectful glance at the broken Chronivac and moved back inside as well. Now that he didn’t have the prospect of his ‘improvements’ to look forward too he thought the world looked a lot more grim. The small and broken man slipped into his small room, even though it was barely five o’clock he felt awfully tired. Tired enough he didn’t even have to jerk off while the intense musk of his brother invaded his nose, the bottles of Reggie’s cum silently watched while Brandon dozed off for what was supposed to be a nap. A nap Brandon wouldn’t wake up from for another twelve hours. While Reggie continued to unload his balls for the 5th time that day, and Brandon was deep asleep, a low buzzing sound could be heard outside. It originated from the broken Chronivac, that even with a shattered screen continued to operate perfectly. “Changes apply in: 11 Hours” It announced in a muffled voice. -------------------------- When Brandon woke up that morning the first thing he noticed was his brothers deep and intense musk. That wasn’t necessarily out of the ordinary, if you spend the night with your brother’s bottled cum the smell tends to be pretty noticeable. But this musk was different, it was… Fresher? Brandon yawned. Stretching his limbs and slowly reacquainting himself with the world. His slow reacquainting was rudely interrupted when his hand bumped into a boulder of granite like flesh. Muscles. There was only one man he could wake up close too with muscles like that, Reggie. Brandon’s eyes sprung open, his giant of a brother was peacefully snoring next to him. “Shit” Brandon mumbled. Did he fall asleep while on condom duty again? Brandon tried rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, but found the events of preceding sleep rather hard to recount. Images of sledge hammer hazily shot through his mind. All of Brandon’s thoughts were interrupted when he saw himself in the mirror standing at the foot of Reggie’s bed. The image staring back at him was not that of puny Brandon. “Oh fuck yes, yeah, keep that up Brandon.” Reggie mumbled in his sleep, his morning wood slowly pushed the blankets away while it rose to its mouthwatering full size. Brandon wondered for a moment what dreams could stir the beast that was his brother so, but went back right away too looking at his reflection. He touched his face, having to reaffirm to himself this was real. It was real, the Chronivac must have completed its task besides having a sledgehammer get thrown into it. Brandon traced his face with his soft fingers. No longer was he repulsive and acne ridden. He wasn’t handsome old self either, he was… Cute. A tight angular face with sparkling blue eyes, the eye color dancing beautifully against his clear and smooth black skin. Brandon had to see the rest of the changes. Carefully not to rouse the giant snoring and mumbling next to him Brandon lifted himself out of bed. His fully nude body looked back at him in the mirror. He was still small, lithe probably was a better word. He had muscles and definition, but nothing that would rival his brother, or any of the guys downstairs. No, his asset was his lower half. Thick thighs rubbed together with his every move. The meat making up his legs was sensitive, the way the rubbed together was oddly arousing. The most prized possession of his new body was visible even when it wasn’t facing the mirror, it spilled out that much. It was his butt, his beautiful, bubblicious butt. Round and perky it’d make every girl jealous. An abandoned kinky jockstrap laid lonely on the floor. Brandon picked it up, and knowing it was his. It reeked like his brother, but the text “Reggie’s Bitch” didn’t quite seem like something the giant would wear himself. Brandon smiled while looking in the mirror, his ass was even more sensitive than his thighs. His lips felt dry, and he only now noticed how plump they were. If a body could scream a word, Brandon’s body would likely softly and shyly whisper: “Cum Dump”. Brandon couldn’t stop himself from giggling, the sight of his body made him happy. The pleased tittering was a girlish sound, his voice seemed to be an octave higher than before. The sound slowly roused the giant still in the bed. Reggie scratched an itch in between his fluff coated pecs. He slowly pushed against his rock hard morning wood, pleasure shooting through every fiber of his muscular body as his mammoth sized cock felt the giant mitten close around it. “Get back in bed.” Reggie growled. It was an order, but his voice carried a more playful tone than yesterday. Like he was self-aware about the absurdity of what he was saying. Brandon let out another giggle. He was still standing at the foot of the bed and shook his ass from side to side, tempting the big man in bed to be the first one to make a move. Well, that was what Brandon wanted to think this looked like, in reality he just had to be 101% sure every change he had selected in the Chronivac came through. “Oh? And why would I want to come back in bed?” Brandon said while flashing an innocent smile. Reggie didn’t see the need to reply, instead he just lifted the small man up in the air and dumped him on his ripped abdomen. Brandon continued pouting his lips innocently, while feeling the deep grooves of his brothers 8-pack with his fingers. “Oh I think you know very well why I need you in bed.” Reggie said while giving his brother a seductive wink. On queue Reggie’s meaty rod gave a throb and coated Brandon’s jockstrap in another layer of his pre-cum. Brandon locked with his brothers emerald green eyes, and threw his one piece of clothing on the ground. Careful not to hurt the small guy Reggie flipped Brandon over, the small guy’s face now nestled on the black man’s powerful chest. Without any further warning one of the biggest cocks in the world forced itself in between Brandon’s stuffed buns. Brandon squealed in delight, the experience making his eyes flutter. Most butts needed to be trained for years to work up to a cock that big, let alone the hours of foreplay needed to open the ass to accept such a threatening phallus. Brandon however didn’t have to complain about a thing while he was stretched wide open however. The Chronivac’s work, obviously. Now, some might find it odd to use the most powerful machine in the galaxy to turn yourself into your brother’s personal cum dump, but Brandon would disagree. He had thought about it long and hard, and found this alteration of reality to most suitable for everyone’s happiness. If he had paid attention to his Philosophy classes during the original version of reality, when he had still been an athlete floating through college on sport accomplishments, he might have called it the Utilitarian approach. He was too much in cloud nine because of the cock that was throbbing inside his sensitive ass to think about what Jeremy Bentham would do with in this dilemma however. Really what he had done was just taking the seeds his brother had planted and taking them a lil’ further. Reggie had wanted Brandon at all times to feel humiliated by showing off his new enormous size. But he had also made it so that Brandon was extremely aroused by hunky and muscular men. Clearly the two could easily be combined. Slowly Reggie stood up, making his way through the bedroom while continuing to let Brandon rest on his cock. While walking, he slowly started using Brandon’s lithe body to jack himself off, always nearly taking the mushroom head of his cock out of Brandon’s ass before slamming his full size back in. Brandon let out a slew of soft whimpers and moans, and clutched around Reggie’s thin waist with his beefy legs. The big man didn’t need the extra support to keep Brandon suspended in the air, but the sensation of muscle digging in his sensitive thighs managed to make the feeling of the thick throbbing cock stretching him open even better. “To imagine you almost messed with this perfect version of the world.” Reggie muttered in soft heaving breaths that betrayed his arousal. He let out a grunt of pleasure when he felt Brandon teasing him and tightening his hole. Brandon almost wanted to tell his big bro that he had messed with reality, that just like his big bro, he had broken down and rebuild reality according to his own desires. But another moan escaped his lips, and he couldn’t let out a word. The door of the bedroom opened up and Zack, his brother’s best friend, walked in. His pecs were already full and pumped even in the early hours of the day. “Aw, you already started without me?” The young bodybuilder said with a chuckle. He dropped his own gym shorts, revealing another big bulge. “I think I’m gonna try those adorably plump lips out for a spin...” Zack said while eyeing the cute piece of eye candy that Brandon had become. Brandon heard himself swallow. Maybe making all of his brother’s big and horny friends into dumping their loads into him had been taking it a step too far. Oh well, at least he now had Reggie’s strong arms to comfort him. Brandon thought having Reggie stuff his enormous cock down his ass every morning would be a hell he could live with. ----------------------------- Outside the house the Chronivac gave off a new buzzing hum and a set of nonsensical beeps. It vibrated a bit on its resting place of the wooden log. It was happy it had managed to fulfill its purpose of making reality a better place. It gave out a last electronic whirl, and then shut down for good.
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    This is the first of a two part story. I had written this back in October as a story to amuse myself. I never thought I would put it out there for the world to read... but since you have all have welcomed my other stories so kindly... here it is!!! I rewrote some of it to give it better flow, etc. The second part is a little crazier... involving more transformation, muscle, destruction, etc. If you aren't into that... let this part be what you read and that is it. This has an ending. If you are into stuff a little wilder... I'll post Part 2 soon!! I hope you enjoy it!!!! Comments and suggestions always welcome!! Tell Me You’re Mine PART ONE I watched as Richard tried once again to fight against the ties that bound him to the leather/wooden cross. I couldn’t deny that he looked hot naked, handcuffed, and with a ball gag in his mouth. No, I scolded myself!! Don’t look at him. Don’t think about him. He’s a means to an end and that is all!!! I leaned once again over the smoke coming from the silver bowl and inhaled... the sharp odour calming my nerves. Soon this would all be over. Soon I would have what I desired. This wasn’t how it originally started. I had gotten home from the gym, horny as fuck with the knowledge that tonight was the night I had been waiting and preparing for for years. I hopped on the hook-up app I often used for quick fucks, hoping he would be on... and I wasn’t disappointed. There he was... Richard from the gym... built, young, cocky, and obviously out for NSA fun. It had been a while since I had seen him at the gym, but perhaps that had been for the best. My pic on my profile was recent, but the lighting might have made me look a little buffer and a little younger then I really was. As I began sending a message to Richard, three guys hit me up at once. Quickly looking at their profiles… one of them was passable and might be an option... but no... only Richard would do. I sent my message and waited to hear back. It wasn’t long before he had taken the bait. I was older then Richard by about ten years, but my picture shows me at my best: an athletic man with black hair and ice blue eyes. Our initial conversation went well, so I decided to simply go for it and asked him if he wanted to play. Sending my location, Richard was glad to know my home was only six blocks away from his own... a fact I already knew. Yeah, this had all the makings of a perfect quick hook-up for him... we could each get off and he would have plenty of time to meet-up with some friends. When I showed him my dick pic... that sealed the deal. He would be over in ten. When Richard arrived, he commented on the slight silver at my temples and stated that it was a sexy addition, and one he approved off. I took his coat, offered him a glass of very fine red wine, and then we began kissing on the couch. Now, my body is not as muscular as Richard’s, and I’m not as tall as he is, but I do have a tight runners build that was obvious, by the bulge in his pants, that he respected. Also, once we had stripped out of our clothes and were naked, I was able to prove, to his eager mouth, that I truly was sporting an XL endowment. After nearly fifteen minutes of kissing... deep and passionately, Richard wanted to move it to the bedroom, but I let him know I had other plans. How adventurous was Richard feeling? Sure I could easily fuck him... but why not put a little handcuff play into the action... I could see the wheels in his head spinning behind his eyes. No, Richard, he was thinking. That’s how guys get killed… I hardly know this guy. But, the leaking of his cock was screaming: Yes!!!! This guy is totally normal!! His cock won out. Richard took a gulp of his wine, texted a friend where he was just in case he disappeared… always a smart move, and followed me down the hallway. The room, the prize of my house, was a large conservatory that I had converted into a personal library with shelves and shelves of hardback books, some intricately bound and other centuries old. They were the result of my decades of research, and I knew each one practically by heart. The ceiling is over thirty-five feet high, and the sun can easily be blocked out with shades that moved electronically. I knew he was impressed by the sheer size of the room, joking it was bigger then three of his apartments. What really took Richard’s attention were the tools of my play: masks, hoods, gags, handcuffs, dildos of all sizes, and a multitude of paddles and whips. The collection was lit by several dim pin lights, but my prize was what took centre stage: an imposingly large wooden cross padded with leather, raised up on its own circular platform. Nervous, but ultimately turned on as well, Richard took in the entire room in awe. His laughter echoing in the enormous room, he said he had never read 50 Shades of Grey... or seen the film... but he had heard of the ‘Red Room’ and imagined it had to be something like this. I told him I hoped mine was a little classier then Christian Grey’s. Quietly I came up behind him and began to gently kiss his neck, my arms wrapped around him, my hands stroking his abs. ⁃ I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m usually pretty vanilla. ⁃ We don’t have to if you’re not comfortable. ⁃ No! No... I want to. ⁃ Are you sure? I want everything to be totally consensual. Richard lowered my hand down to the his hard cock signalling the affirmation of his desires. I turned Richard around and pulled him toward me, our bodies pressing together while we passionately kissed. Within moments and with expert hands, I was exploring every inch of his body, traveling my tongue over every muscle. Richard’s cock began to leak pre-cum again as his excitement mounted. Lapping it up with my tongue, I succeeded in taking Richard’s entire cock in my mouth, deep throating him like a champ. Richard placed his hands on the back of my head and began to massage my scalp, tremors of ecstasy running through him. ⁃ Let me worship your body. It’s so beautiful, so built. I want to lick every inch of it. ⁃ Do it!! I looked into Richard’s eyes and pushed him toward the cross. Willingly, Richard allowed his arms to be placed on the cross bars, and he let out a low moan as I grabbed his hands and locked them swiftly and dominantly into the handcuffs. I did the same at his feet. Then, to make the picture complete, I covered his eyes with a leather mask. As promised, I worshiped, licked, and sucked every inch of Richard’s quivering and flexing body. My tongue traveled into crevices no tongue had ever reached, and Richard bucked his pelvis uncontrollably as an orgasm appeared on the horizon. I wrapped my mouth around Richard’s cock and brought him closer and closer to explosion. Seconds away from coming in my mouth, I pulled back and looked up at Richard. ⁃ You like that? ⁃ Yeah!!! ⁃ Want me to finish you off? ⁃ Oh yeah!!! ⁃ Tell me you’re mine. ⁃ What? ⁃ Tell me you’re mine. ⁃ Fuck!! I’m yours! Do it!!!! I attached myself to Richard’s cock again, and with my hand began to massage his balls. Unable to hold on much longer and entirely under my sway, Richard felt his balls rise up in his sack. ⁃ I’m gonna... I’m... I removed my mouth seconds before Richard shot and captured his release in a small silver bowl I had hidden near the base of the cross. Using my hand, I milked more and more cum from his balls until Richard cried out that he couldn’t take anymore. Beginning to already go soft, Richard’s masked face looked down at me and smiled. ⁃ Fuck, man!!! Richard chuckled as he shook his head. I stood up, took off the mask, looked at Richard, and kissed him once again. His cock started to get hard again, but playtime was over. Richard watched in silence as I walked to the side of the room and opened a cabinet. Inside was a large copper bowl. Removing it, I walked back over to Richard. Placing the bowl on the floor, I looked up at him with a grin and quickly bound Richard’s waist to the cross with thick rope that had been lying on the floor, hidden in the shadows. When that was complete, I removed a sponge from the bowl, and starting with Richard’s feet, began to wash him with the mixture of goat milk and other herbs I had prepared the night before. The mixture was warm to the touch and had a spicy smell emanating from it. ⁃ Damn that smells good. Very sexy. What are you doing, man? I looked up at him, his cock hard and throbbing, a grin on his face. ⁃ I’m cleansing you. ⁃ What? ⁃ Cleansing you. Preparing you. ⁃ For what? ⁃ For the ritual. You will be the soul I give in place of mine. Richard laughed, believing that I was joking, but when he looked in my eyes, he knew I was totally serious. He attempted to free himself as I began to wash him again, covering his softening penis with the sponge. ⁃ You’re fucking with me… right man? You’re totally fucking with me!!!! Silence. I began to wash Richard’s abs. Richard was attempting to loosen himself from his binds but found it was virtually impossible. Panicking, I could hear his heart racing in his chest. He tried to reason with me as I began to cover his pecs with the milky substance. ⁃ Please let me go man. ⁃ You gave yourself to me. ⁃ We were fucking around!! You know we were! I didn’t give you anything! ⁃ I asked and you responded. You even gave me your seed. You are mine. ⁃ HELP!!! SOMEONE!!! HELP!!! ⁃ No one can hear you. Believe me. But if you’re going to be difficult... I walked to the opposite wall and pulled a ball gag from its place. Upon my return, Richard attempted to move his head from side to side, but in my position now I was a little stronger and a lot faster. Eventually, Richard was gagged. Screaming over the ball was useless, and trying to move his head away from me proved futile as I concluded the cleansing by covering his neck and face with the milk. When he was completely covered, I took the bowl and poured the remaining over Richard’s head, cascading over his hair and dripping down his muscular body. Swiftly, knowing time was of the essence, I moved to another cabinet, removed red and black candles and began to place them strategically around the room. When that was completed and all 36 were lit, I returned to Richard with a pot of black paint and a paintbrush. With expert hand, I began to use Richard’s body as a canvas, covering it with intricate symbols that only a very few could read. These were runes forged at the beginning of time, instructions of how to carry out my desires. Richard tried to cry out again, but I found he was becoming weaker over time with fear. It took nearly thirty minutes, but with my expert hand, the job was complete and Richard’s entire body was covered in markings. I moved away and stared at my work admiringly. For so long I had prepared for this... for years... and now it would actually be happening. I left the room for a moment and returned with a large brass bowl filed with kindling. Placing this down in front of Richard, I struck a match and lit it. From a shelf on one of the bookcases, I returned with both a silver bowl and a silver knife. Walking up to Richard, I began to chant the invocation under my breath while moving the knife in elaborately choreographed movements. Trailing the knife in patterns on his chest, Richard barely felt the moment when I cut him just below his left pec. As the blood flowed, I captured it in the silver bowl. It was by no means a mortal wound nor one that might leave a scar. Even if it had been mortal, in a few minutes it wouldn’t matter to Richard. Nothing would matter to Richard. As the blood continued to drip, I captured some on my hand. With this, I began to stroke Richard’s penis again. Despite being in total fear for his life, Richard’s cock was hard once again. Stroking him faster and faster until he came a second time, I allowed his ejaculation to merge with his blood in the silver bowl. From the first bowl, the bowl with his first ejaculation, I used his semen to pain the last symbol, the one that would let Astaroth know that Richard was mine. When finished, I poured the rest of the ejaculation into the other bowl and sat myself on the floor behind the open flames. Placing the silver bowl on top of the burning wood, I began the Invocation, calling the most powerful of all demons to me. The incense and herbs I threw into the silver bowl began to float on the air. My volume was raised as I became more and more frantic, wrapped up in the incantation I was weaving. I could feel the energy in the room changing; I could feel that he was here. He simply just needed to show himself. Finally, after waving the silver knife in different directions, I stood up, and raising the bowl over my head, I screamed the demon’s name. Over and over I called for him... ⁃ Astaroth!!! Astaroth... most powerful... even more powerful then his father, Lucifer! Astaroth… hear your servant!!! Astaroth... receive my gift... Astaroth… find me worthy!!! Astaroth!!! Fill me with your power!!!... Over and over again I repeated this chant until the room grew cold, there was a great wind, and the candles all blew out simultaneously. A moment passed... then two... when suddenly all of the candles were lit once again by some supernatural hand. I kneeled down on the floor and began the invocation once again with even more passion and fervour. He was close… so close… this was the furthest I had ever gotten before. A pillar of smoke began to rise from the silver bowl, growing thicker and thicker, filling up the room, until a long clawed hand shot out from within it. I watched in anticipation as a face made entirely of fire emerged from the smoke. On top of the demon’s head were thick ram horns the curled upward. Pulling its way out of the smoke, the creature emerged fully formed. The smell that came with the creature, a mixture of rotten eggs and death, made me feel both physically ill and excited at the same time. I had prepped for this moment... and now it was here. The concept that this was actually happening hit me again as Astaroth moved toward Richard. As it walked, it left behind burnt hoof prints in the stone floor. Still existing on two planes, the creature looked to be created from both flesh as well as the thick smoke that trailed behind it. Eventually, as it gained strength, it succeeded in fully crossing over into our realm. Once the flames that had covered its body disappeared, it’s skin looked horribly burnt, but the longer it remained in this world, the more like human flesh began to appear. It wasn’t tall... maybe 5’6, and walked on black hoofed feet. It’s legs were entirely covered in long jet black hair, but this didn’t hide the immense penis that erupted from its crotch. It’s chest was also covered in hair, but it was quite muscular, a tight firm body any man would have wanted. The only difference was that it had a human eyeball in place of each nipple. These eyes looked independently around the room, leaking tears of flame. It’s face... perhaps at one time had been human, but now most of the flesh had been burnt away revealing a skull that appeared more wolf or jackal then human. It’s eyes glowed blood red and were reptile-like. From its snout, sharp long fangs emerged, and instead of a tongue, a living snake. What remained of its hair was long and black, and traveled from its head down its back. Finally, it dragged behind it a powerful serpent tail that left a trail of ooze wherever it lay. Moving toward Richard it sniffed him before moving its claws over the patterns that I had drawn there. After taking the time to read what I had placed on Richard’s body, it turned to me and spoke. ⁃ Egnahcxe ni tseuqer uoy od tahw? The creatures voice was serpentine yet quite deep, with smoke emerging as it spoke. Expecting this, I held a large mirror high above my head. From within the glass, smoke began to blossom until it exploded outward repeating Astaroth’s words: ⁃ What do you request in exchange? ⁃ I want power. ⁃ Elaborate. ⁃ Make over my body. Sculpt it as mighty as can be. Form my sex into a colossal tower. Let me stand above the masses, forever young, forever virile, forever healthy, preaching our master’s name. In exchange, I give you my slave. ⁃ And he comes willingly? ⁃ He is mine... proclaimed so by his own words and deeds. It was his seed that called you. It moved up to Richard and smelled him again. Too frightened to move, Richard allowed the serpent tongue to travel over his face, down his neck, and over his pecs. It was obvious the demon was examining him... but would he accept him in trade? ⁃ Yes... it is writ that he is yours to exchange. Richard tried to cry out, to deny that he was mine, but the gag made it impossible. Astaroth looked from me to Richard. The gag, the rope, and the handcuffs were suddenly released, and he was free. Wasting no time, Richard tried to run for the door, but Astaroth was too fast. In a split second, he had leaped onto Richard’s back and brought him down to the floor. Richard screamed out as Astaroth opened its mouth and began to insert Richard’s head in. Like a vacuum, it swallowed his shoulders, then his chest, his torso, his legs, and finally his feet. Within moments, Richard was gone. Throughout time, history rewrote itself, and Richard ceased to ever have lived... ever have existed... remembered by only me. His soul was now hell bound, sent in exchange of mine. Once Richard had been ingested, Astaroth turned its head to look directly at me. ⁃ The deal has been made, and the payment received!! Young and virile you forever will remain. Tall and mighty your body shall become, and a monument to our master your sex will be. Smoke flowed out of the silver bowl and slowly began to swirl and wrap itself around my body. My heart began to beat faster as my fate lay before me. What would Astaroth make of my instructions. What was I to become? What I had written on Richard’s body... was that possible? Could a human grow so massive... so tall... so powerful? For a second I feared what I had written. This room I stood in... my sanctuary would be like a dollhouse. Was this what I wanted??? Oh yes, I thought with a grin!!!! Yes!!!!!! As the smoke wove around my body faster and faster, an unholy cry began to pierce my head. ⁃ Screams! I hear screams! ⁃ Yes!!! It is the energy of the thousands of souls preparing to power your body. My penis got hard thinking about the power I was soon to possess, the smoke swirling around every inch of my cock. The smoke began to pick up speed until it was like a storm wrapping itself around my body. Lightening burst from the smoke and began to strike my body over and over again. I embraced the power invading me. I had never felt anything so incredible. The sound of the smoke storm was now so loud that I could barely hear myself think. Above the storm, even louder, were the screams of thousands of tortured souls crying out from hell. ⁃ You are willing to accept what gift I give you? ⁃ Yes!!! Fill me with ultimate power!! Make me mighty!! ⁃ As you request, so I do!!! The storm sped up even faster, covering me in a shroud of pure darkness. Suddenly and without warning a smoke tentacle broke away from the source and shot itself into my face, forcing its way into my body. Following its lead, more and more of the smoke storm rocketed its way into every inch of me. I welcomed it, trying to digest it all. Eventually, I had swallowed the entire thing, and those souls had taken up residency within me. ⁃ Yes!!! I can feel them within me!! I feel them changing me... altering me... so much power!! I never expected so much power!!! ⁃ But a taste. Now I complete you!! Astaroth released a jet of fire from its mouth, and once again it wrapped itself around me, this time with even more force then before. I wanted to shield my eyes from the bright flames swirling around my body, but it was impossible to not watch. This was the power that would change my body... my world forever!!! ⁃ Yes!!!! Give me even more power then I can imagine!!! The flame shot up in the air and then down into my open mouth. I wanted to scream out in ecstasy as my whole being quaked as it filled with what the demon had gifted me. What felt like an eternity lasted a few minutes as what had entered took root. Suddenly I was afraid of what I felt... I was afraid yet turned on by my desires. ⁃ I... I can feel my humanity being stripped away... I’m.... no... no... I’m no longer human... am I? ⁃ No. ⁃ What am I becoming? ⁃ Exactly what you requested. The earth will soon quake beneath your feet. The world will shudder when it sees you. Never has there been a more beautiful... more monstrous creature then you. All I could hear in the room was my own breathing and the thousands of souls preparing to power my transformation. No longer was I human. I had been stripped of that by this creature, but did I care... perhaps for a moment but that was all. I was too eager for my conversion to start. I breathed several times in and out... The power was welling up inside of me, ripping through my body and altering every cell. Uncontrollable spasms hit my body over and over again as the power prepared me... burning through me. Unexpectedly, the creature released a jet of fire from its mouth once again, this one longer then the first, and again it shot directly into my mouth. Screaming out, the onslaught forced me to the ground. What was this creature doing to me?! So much power existed inside my body now… much more then I had asked for. I was unable to control my limbs as I flailed on the ground receiving more energy then a nuclear bomb!! When the smoke cleared, the room was illuminated only from the red glow coming from... yes... coming from my eyes!! My eyes no longer saw as a human saw... but what was I becoming? When I spoke next, my voice was filled with steel. ⁃ Fifty thousand souls are prepared to fuel my transformation... to make me power incarnate!!! Shakily, my body still spasming over and over from this onslaught, I rose to my feet and faced off with the creature. Sporadically, flames would erupt from my body and a howling emerged from my mouth when I opened it. I was intoxicated by what I felt. This had far surpassed what I had imagined it would be like... yet like every addict, I knew what I wanted and that Astaroth had more to give. On shaking legs, I approached it. ⁃ Be careful what you ask for. ⁃ I need it all!!!! ⁃ Then take it!!! The creature smiled, flexing its muscles for me. Yes. He was the well from which I had to drink. I had the power of fifty thousand of souls in me prepared to fuel my metamorphosis, but I needed more!! Falling to my knees in front of it, I took my hand and placed it on the creature’s mighty shaft. Stroking it, it quickly rose to a swollen 15”, flames dripping from the head. As I nervously licked the head, one drop touched my tongue... my brain exploded as I witnessed in one second all of the power Astaroth held. Needing more, I wrapped my mouth around the mighty head and began to suck it, taking as much of the shaft down my throat as I could. Minutes passed. Astaroth’s claws dug into the back of my head forcing me to take much more of its cock then I thought I ever could. I could feel my body quaking with power as I mined for more. I sucked and stroked the shaft demanding it give me what I deserved. Eventually, Astaroth began to grunt and groan, breathing heavily due to my expert mouth. ⁃ Turn back now, human... while you can!!! This warning only caused me to suck and stroke harder until finally the creature reached orgasm, and unloaded its powerful load inside of me. As he deposited it in my stomach, I felt like I was being electrocuted. I no longer could control my body as I convulsed from the onslaught of what was being bestowed upon me. I continued to suck on its shaft, determined to drain it all… until with one mighty blow it threw me off its cock and to the middle of the room. I tried to stand but couldn’t. I had ingested too much power and my body was unprepared to digest it all. My whole body was pulsating with life. My entire body began to shift, to throb.. my skin began to bubble. This tapped force was attempting to surge out of my body, seeping my pores, releasing flames when it ruptured. My entire being had overdosed on power and was being ravaged by it. I felt lightheaded and sick to my stomach at the same time. I put my head in my hands and felt my face and skull give way as it pressed and merged around my hands. Never had I felt anything like this onslaught of power, and it was it was getting more powerful by the second. As I tried to stand again, my entire being began to smoke as if I were burning from within. I could only chuckle at what I was going to become, and knowing it was about to happen at any moment made my 8” cock go hard. From the reflection of the glass on the ceiling, I could see my eyes were shining a bright blue now. Soon… I could feel the power rising up within me as if my whole body was about to cum. It was getting stronger and stronger. A sudden burst of laughter erupted from my throat as I realised my time as Darren was over and that a new creature was going to take my place. ⁃ I will be the mightiest creature to walk this Earth!!! I will take what is rightfully mine!!!! I will exist at the top of the food chain!!! Nothing... will ever... stop me... AGAIN!!!!!!! My whole body suddenly stopped fluctuating and tensed up, my back muscles beginning to cramp. It felt as if hundreds of hot nails were being hammered into my traps at once. I released a scream that bounced around the room and was echoed by the thousands of souls within me. As I screamed, I could feel my back beginning to swell with muscle. Larger and more defined it became, and still it continued to grow. My collarbone and scapula made gruesome cracking noises as they fractured and then expanded, growing wider… my arms moving further away from my body. The pain was agonising but welcome. This is exactly how I had wanted it. My body was being tortured to make me even more mighty. For what seemed like hours, but was only minutes, my shoulders extended, becoming wider then any door, and showed no sign of slowing its growth. As the bones continued to stretch longer and thicker, my shoulder muscles began to join in the development of my traps. I was determined to stand, but the orgasmic rush of growth proved too much for me, and I fell once again to my knees. ⁃ My shoulders... my delts getting so round and thick!!! My whole upper body stretching wider and wider... my upper back... so filled with muscle and strength... my traps getting so concentrated... my... ARGH!!!! My upper body surged even wider. There would be no way possible that I could ever walk through a normal door again, my shoulders were simply too wide. My traps were riding higher and rounder on my shoulders giving me the look of a bull that I had always longed for. With a sudden eruption, my lats began to swell, pushing my arms even further from from my body. I couldn’t believe how quickly my upper back, shoulders and traps had become mountainous, and far from the realm of human possibility. With all of this muscle, it was as if four bodybuilders had been fused together to create my upper back, and still I continued to bulge and grow. ⁃ More!!! My hunger is insatiable. Make me bigger!! Make this body a monument to your strength!!! I cried out in orgasmic lust as my neck began to swell into a Grecian column of muscle. I tried to feel it with my hands, but they were now too far away and too short to even reach my neck!! Moving my head with ever growing difficulty, I could feel that it was so dense and muscle bound that it must look more like a quad then a neck!! As my traps continued to rise up higher and higher and started to fuse with my neck, my lats continued to widen until, to my joy, my upper back resembled that of a immense morphed cobra head. The horrific sound of cracking filled the room even louder then before as my arms and hands began to lengthen. ⁃ Fuck!!! Look at these arms??!! They’re getting longer then my legs!!! How big am I gonna be??!! ⁃ Monstrous. The creature hadn’t spoken until now, but simply watched with glee as my body was racked with pain and the birth of what I was becoming. I looked up when it spoke in shock, awe, and desire. ⁃ Freakish. Never on Earth will there have been one to rival your size or mastery. ⁃ Yes!!!!!!! Grow me!!! Stretch me!!! Don’t stop!!! Ever!!! Hearing my plea, my legs and feet began to lengthen along with my arms and hands. Although still top heavy, I could finally stand! My legs were so long and wobbly that I must have resembled a newborn pony. Standing for the first time, I was shocked at how tall I was, yet even more surprised when my hands dragged on the floor. The ceilings in the refurbished conservatory were over 35 feet high, and here I was standing a little above what I estimated at ten feet. I couldn’t help but laugh as I took in my new view of the world. ⁃ Look at me... towering above you... towering above everything!! I continued to get taller, my inhumanly wide and muscular back began to resemble a flesh-like shell, it was so mountainous with peaks and valleys of muscle. The thickness of my neck and traps made it virtually impossible to turn my head, and I found I had to turn my whole body if I needed to look around. I was being hit by the impracticalities of my new size, but I didn’t care. I revelled in them and I wanted more. I ceased to care about a normal life and wanted to exist purely as a creature of brute strength and muscle. I lifted my growing hand and marvelled at the sheer size of it. Each finger was much longer then my own head and thicker then three or four of my old fingers put together. My palm... fuck... that is where I gaped at the size... the palm of my hand was growing to become nearly as large as my own chest!!! As I continued hurling into my metamorphosis, I could feel this energy burning up inside of me. ⁃ The screaming in my head is getting louder... all of this dark energy erupting inside of me... fuelling me!!!! My torso soon joined in with my arms and legs, and loudly begun to elongate. The snapping and pulling of my body was soon so excruciating that my own screams merged with the moans of the souls erupting from me to create a symphony of terror. As my body developed taller and longer, I laughed through my pain thinking that I must resemble the urban legend of Slenderman made flesh. As the ground fell further away and the ceiling came closer, I tried to rationalise how tall I was becoming. Was I nearly fifteen feet tall now? The more my torso stretched, the quicker my arms and hands, legs and feet finally began to look in proportion to my body... but my own body was so out of proportion to every human on earth!!! Stumbling, I moved around the room on my stick legs, my enormous feet rocking the very foundation of my house. I’ll never be able to get out of this room without tearing the whole thing apart, I thought with excitement. How tall am I now?! The ceiling is getting so much closer!! I reached up my arm and found that I it wasn’t as far away as I thought it was!! Soon I would be able to easily touch it with the tips of my finger!!! Fuck!!! The ceiling that was too tall for a ladder, and soon I would touch it with my own hand... and still I grew. Contemplating how much larger I was to become, I felt an itching beginning to rise in both of my pecs. The itching became an irritation, and then the irritation became stabbing bolts of pain. I screamed out, a sound the whole neighbourhood must have heard as my pecs began to explode with size. Like two massive inflatable rafts attaching themselves to my body, my pectorals simply blossomed, quickly getting firmer and rounder. The sensation of feeling my blood engorged muscles grow made my head spin. Looking down as much as my neck would allow, I saw these massive globes coming to life, taking over the top half of my chest. I rubbed my hand over the right one, and nearly collapsed as my hand brushed over my nipple. My nipples had never been sensitive before, and I never understood nipple play, but now... fuck!!! Now I could!! With each beat of my heart, my pecs swelled larger and larger. Using both of my hands, I grabbed my nipples and I squeezed them. Colours formed in front of my eyes and my head spun with ecstasy. I squeezed them again and twisted them at the same time, releasing a low moan from my throat. They were the most sensitive things I had ever felt. As if they were trying to enrapture me to play with them more, they both suddenly began to get larger and thicker, the areola getting wider and browner, and the nipple bursting with size until they both were nearly the length of a human finger. My pecs, fuelled by my intense nipple play grew even mightier, extending feet from my chest. The sensation of feeling my blood engorged pecs grow fuller made me want to roar. I looked down at Astaroth who appeared so tiny now compared to me. ⁃ Look at my pecs... getting so full... so heavy with muscle. I can’t wait till my whole body feels this way... weighing thousands of pounds of muscle!!! ⁃ Thousands of pounds? Too small!! Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of pounds!! Your muscle mass making the very earth tremble!! No scale ever strong enough to weigh how heavy you really are. His words swam in my head as I watched my pecs beginning to find more room to grow on my body, rising up while being forced down at the same time. The gap between my pecs was so deep, but it also grew tighter as they took up more space. I took my hand and placed it down into the gap, and felt the pressure being forced on it by these two powerful masses. Soon I would be able to crumble boulders between my pecs, or splinter trees just from flexing them together. Never have pecs been so mighty My abs and lower back began to burst with muscle at the same time to prevent my upper body from collapsing down upon it. My back, lats, and traps were still gaining mass, and I could just imagine how I looked. My traps rose up to near my ears, now giving me the guise of either having no neck at all or one so massive that it rose simply from my back. My abs exploded one by one, but there was to be no simple six-pack for this body. With my hands I felt, since I couldn’t see anymore below my pecs, that my own body was mutating and I now possessed a twelve pac!! With my knowledge of the male anatomy, I was aware that most humans have, at most, eight muscle bellies making up their ab muscle, but here I was with my abdomen divided in 6, with each becoming thick and as dense as cinder blocks. Fuck!!! How I wanted a mirror in this room!! ⁃ As you command. Vanished were the walls of bookshelves and toys, my chamber was now composed entirely of mirrors. Every surface… every wall… even the floor and ceiling were mirrors. There wasn’t even a door anymore!! Everywhere I looked I saw me, and what I saw freaked and thrilled me!! Astaroth watched as I took in my half formed body. The first thing I noticed was my head. It had only grown a small amount with the rest of my body, and my eyes still glowed a bright blue with no pupils at all. My head was tightly wrapped in between my immense traps, which now rose mightily past my ears. My neck, larger then my waist, was barely visible, as my pecs and deltoids simply covered it up. Finally, my lats caused my upper body to curve away from my body but then taper back in. How wide was I? I had no way of knowing in inches or feet how big I was, but at this size, it simply didn’t matter. My upper body had to be larger and wider then a car... and still I grew!! My lower torso... my abs... a brick wall didn’t do it justice!!! Each ab alone was a testimonial to muscle, and jointly created a pure work of mastery. Each crevice in the wall of abs, along with my newly forming Adonis belt was so deep... so so dark. My waist... no matter how thick, as it had to be over 50 inches, was firm compared to my massiveness of my chest giving me the ultimate wasp waist. I smiled at my reflection, and looked down at the Astaroth. ⁃ The birth of a monster. ⁃ Only the beginning... My legs began to tremble and quake as my feet began to grow longer and to thicken with muscle. Stretching upward, both my calf muscles began to take on mammoth proportions. They swelled up so thick that, the diamond shape of the two heads began to expand outward on all sides and take up more room over my ankle until it appeared that my foot formed right from my calf. My calf muscles stretched upward toward my kneecaps, but a titanic rumbling sound announced the birth of my new elephantine quads. I cried out in exhilaration as each muscle simply erupted in size. I could only drool over how massive they quickly were becoming. The lateral and medial muscles of my quads immediately became so swollen that I had to widen my stance. Each time I did, and created a little more room for my balls, they would quickly take up all available space. In no time at all the rectus emerged as two massive teardrops that dipped over my kneecaps and required me into a bow legged and crouched position for comfort. I was resigned that for the rest of my existence I would be forced to walk this way, and it made me supremely happy. By the fifth time I had spread my legs, this time as far as they could possibly go, I heard a familiar cracking noise and knew it was my pelvis breaking to enlargen my stance. This caused my waist to broaden as well, which only forced my upper body to grow more as well to keep my tapered look. As I felt my gluteus grow, I cried out. I had been growing for nearly thirty minutes now, and with each change and alteration to my body, the more orgasmic it felt. I moved my hands to try and feel my swelling ass since even with the mirrors I had trouble seeing it, but with my widening lats, I had difficulty moving my arms to even touch it. ⁃ My body... how did I ever exist in anything but this body you are forming for me!!! I am indeed becoming monstrous as you said. ⁃ And you shall remain this way for all eternity... immortal as you requested. ⁃ Fuck!!! I had forgotten that... ⁃ Never ageing... never sickening... never dying... existing as you are for eternity... pure power!!! I clenched my jaw and grit my teeth as I felt the agony of my pelvis bone breaking and growing again, extending my waist more and causing my stance to become far more unnaturally bowlegged. My legs were now so muscle bound, so massive, and so engorged, that some might say they bordered on the grotesque, but I only cried out for more. Every time I stepped now, the entire house shook and the stone floor beneath me cracked and shattered to dust from my insurmountable weight. In no time at all, I knew this entire house would come down around me simply due to my very existence, and that had me begging for more size and mass. As best as I could, I lifted my arms above my head and found that with some manoeuvring I could easily place my palms against the mirrored ceiling. By this time, I was over twenty feet tall, no doubt nearing twenty-five. My deltoids had grown so dense with muscle that it wasn’t easy to lift my arms above my head, but at this time it was still a possibility. My arms began to shudder and ignite with a blissful burning sensation as I finally felt my upper arms join the rest of my body in its symphony of growth. Flexing my upper arm, I watched as it quickly bloated with power, my biceps and triceps becoming thick and dense as stone. I wanted to scream out as my clavicle fractured and enlarged to create more room for upper body growth. The prominence of my upper arms made it difficult to bend my arms, forcing them down off of the ceiling. So much strength were in these arms now. I could easily rip apart a tree or a boulder with my bare hands, and my strength only increased as my forearms surged with size. My hands... fuck... the muscles of my hands expanded until I knew that by the time I had broken out of this house, I would be able to crush coal into diamonds and diamonds into dust. I glanced at myself in the mirror again, a creature of pure muscle. I saw myself as the world might see me: I was nightmarish, I was a mutant of muscle, I was freakish... I was beautiful!!! A beast of pure strength and power. I did a full body flex, and watched as my whole body became even more grotesque as it surged larger. When I released the flex, my body maintained the pump I had gained. Until this moment, my head had remained the same size as when I had first begun this journey, but with an unanticipated flash of pure torment, the bones that formed my entire cranium began to split and re-fuse larger. I tried to keep my eyes open to watch this happen but it was truthfully a frightening sight. My skull swelled and grew first until my head resembled an immense light bulb. My neck muscle continued to thicken to support the added weight of my new head. Soon my eye sockets expanded, as did my eyes. I had thought I understood pain with my last growth, but this surpassed even that. As my eyes doubled and tripled in size, I was afraid they were going to explode. My upper head looked alien, but as my cheekbones and nose began to grow as well, I could see that very soon I would look like me again... just a leviathan version of myself. My chin grew and squared off at the same time my brow ridge became more prominent. Fuck!!! This was now the head of a true Brobdingnagian!!!! My traps, afraid of being left behind, soon grew more immense and once again fused above my ears. I felt a peculiar feeling in my abdominal wall, and looked gain at myself in the mirror. It was odd to know I would never truly see my lower half again due to my immense pecs, but that only made me smile with happiness. That was how I wanted to live. My abdominal muscles were growing larger... lengthier... stretching down like thick tentacles toward my pubis. This was it, I thought. This was the moment I had been waiting for, and my body was preparing itself for it!!! I thought my body was evolving my pubis to be more muscular in order to hold the massive cock I was soon to have, but I was only partially correct. The tentacles of muscle forced their way into my penis and I could only cry out as the greatest surge of ecstasy hit me. Further and further this tentacle of muscle invaded my penis, starting at the base... forcing it to grow longer and thicker, transforming it from tissue into a shaft of pure muscle. My cock was becoming as the rest of my body was... nothing but bulging, pulsating, throbbing muscle!!! I whimpered as this metamorphosis occurred, as my cock was inundated with muscle to become this hard and thick shaft. My muscle cock, because what else could I call it, grew tremendous, nearly as thick as my own forearm, and just as my body continued to grow more massive with muscle, so did my cock. I wrapped my hand around what had once been my old cock, and instantly felt the difference. My muscle cock was no longer pliable with a soft feel but hard as the rest of my body was. I stroked it and felt it flex for the first time, growing even more tremendous in my hand. It was more sensitive then my original flesh cock, as my body evolved to have thousands more nerve endings imbedded throughout it. I could only drool as wave after wave of pleasure besieged my body as I stroked this new muscle cock, watching it grow even more colossal. The tentacles of muscle eventually reached the head, and I watched as this too was transformed into muscle, more bulbous and wider then ever before, the slit a vast open cavern. This was exactly the cock I had wanted, and watched as it expanded and lengthened until it grew even larger then my arm, the head mushrooming even fatter until it was thicker then my fist. I roared... I actually roared as my balls began to widen. I could feel the testosterone in my body being forced into overdrive, as my evolved testicles became a power plant to fuel my last metamorphosis into a being of total size and total masculinity. My head spun as my evolution went wonderfully out of control. As my balls grew immense and sent out shockwaves of testosterone fuelled by the hundreds of thousands of souls within me, I grew even faster, adding on hundreds of pounds of muscle each minute. Hair erupted all over my body, growing quicker and thicker on my face and chest. My hair growth was so out of control that where one follicle would once have grown, I know had five or six, making my newly grown beard thick and dark. Within minutes, I had a full beard that lengthened as I grew taller, my head nearing the thirty foot ceiling. My pecs were covered in a pure pelt of jet black hair, but no matter how thick the hair on me was, it couldn’t hide the musculature beneath it. The hairs on my arms and legs lengthened, trailing down onto my hands and feet, and my underarms had a forest of long jet black hair. My pubes grew denser as well as they covered my pubic mound and ever expanding balls. Thick hose like veins rose up all over my body feeding my musculature. New veins and arteries were formed doubling and then tripling the amount the human body had. My body needed this larger amount so my massive heart would be able to pump the required power throughout my body. My cock muscle, now nearing the length of my leg, grew even thicker as pipe-like veins took root, crisscrossing the entire surface and feeding this monster. The head... ugh!!! The head grew even larger, nearly the size of my cranium. My cock was indeed more then simply a devise for reproduction. It was a monument to all things muscle, all things strength, and all things masculine. Leaking a constant flow of precum, my entire body began emitting the most intense musk... sexual and masculine. Still the world spun around me as my whole being went into overdrive. ⁃ Changing... becoming... something else... all of my senses are becoming heightened... becoming... my voice...so deep... more like a rumble of thunder then a voice...yes...becoming even stronger... becoming... yes... a being of pure instinct... I feel as if I am transforming into something more animalistic the more masculine I become. ⁃ This is what you wanted. ⁃ Was it...??? ⁃ You wanted to be the alpha.. reign supreme over everything.., I am giving you that... ⁃ Yes... The largest surge of power shot through my entire body and I let out a massive roar, which shattered the walls of mirrors. This new evolution was wanted... asked for... but unexpected. I didn’t truly realise what it was I had desired, and now I was receiving it. ⁃ What is happening now... I’m... I’m becoming smarter... my intellect doubling... no tripling... Ha!!! Quadrupling!!! I’m smarter then any man alive!!! How is this happening??!! My brain... taking in so much information at once...YES!!!! Smarter then any human!!!! More powerful then any human... more supreme then any human!!! I am indeed the ALPHA!!! I breathe in and I can smell everything around me... every person, every creature. I am now the apex predator!!!! I have evolved past humanity into what humanity wishes it was!!! About to crash through this ceiling... soon I will be forced to reveal myself to the world... their superior... their ruler... and yet... can I say it... YES... I want more!!! My head smashed into the ceiling, the mirror and metal shattering and falling apart around me. As my growth surged one last time, my head appeared over the roof of my house, my shoulders where the mirrored ceiling had been. I had broken free of my womb and now planed to enjoy the playground that lay before me. The wind of my new world blew through my long black hair and caused my titanic nipples to harden. At one time I would have been embarrassed for the world to see me naked, but now that was the only way the world should see me!! How else would they bask in my magnificence? Worship their... could I say it? Could I speak the word?? YES!!!! Worship their new god!!!
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    Chapter 6 I could not get the drug out of my head. I thought about it constantly. It was there in my bathroom hidden in the back of the vanity drawer. A small sealed vial the size of an eyedropper bottle with a clear blue liquid. I painted, Davis went to work, stopped by to fuck Jess pretty much every night, Jess went to the gym, ate and ate, and ate some more. Harold spent the afternoons with me, then Davis and Jess later in the evening. Two weeks passed, and Davis came home a happy giant. "Made the team buddy!" Our season starts in March after the tiny guys' football season, so its money coming in and eating and working out from now until then! He plopped in his natural area; the couch creaked even more than usual. I put down my paintbrush and went over the ever-expanding Jess to hug him. I wrapped my arms as far as I could around his now ridiculously large lineman’s gut. I laid my head against his planet-sized stomach. "I am so happy for you buddy! I am!" He was warm and cuddly. “So, you won’t mind if I ask you a favor then since you are in a good mood?” He looked down at me with puppy dog eyes. “Stop that! You know…ok whatever it is, do it, big lug!" I did not have the energy to get the details from him, and besides, I had a painting to finish. “We are going to have a party! Don’t worry, my first paycheck will pay for the food and booze, but it will be the football team and their girlfriends and wives! I am so glad you are ok with it!” Jess was on a cloud. Now that I had to look forward to that this Saturday night, I started to think where I could put all my paintings as the place will be trashed. Another 30 pounds of pre-made meals from a delivery service later, Jess was snoring on the couch. I decided to take a walk. There was a close burger joint so I went in. It was quiet, not many people there. I sat down three tables from a giant table. They were higher, more substantial and the chairs were bigger and sturdier also. A nice guy came over and took my order; I started reading the news on my phone. After my burger was brought out, three giants came in and sat down at the giant table. They were all 9 feet and about 1200 pounds or so, but they were bodybuilders. All of them were like parade floats. Every muscle on them was smooth, full and massive, all popping out of their muscle shirts. Under the table, they all had sweatpants on; tight but you could see their massive cocks hanging between their legs over the edge of their chairs — huge meat slabs 2 and a half feet long and 18” inches around. The waiter, a shy reg came over, and they just told him to bring burgers and not stop till they told him. Food started coming out with three waiters helping. As soon as the plates got there, they had to angle the plates over their behemoth pecs and then would slide the food into their mouths with the enlarged utensils for giants they had. Then they would gulp down a gallon of water each, from huge bucket-like plastic tumblers. They had to negotiate the edge of the tumblers over their huge chests also. All the muscle in motion, the awkwardness of how they tried to get their muscles out of the way of each other for just getting food to their mouths, the shoveling of the food, the plates that stacked higher and higher on the table, it was a spectacle in gluttony. I was fascinated but then thought that could be me. “Hey tiny, you want to take pictures? I was rousted out of my trance watching these products of science and excess run amok destroy what had to be about 20 pounds of food each up to this time. “Uh, sorry, I just never have seen guys so muscular as you guys, I’m sorry” I looked down at my hamburger what now was a morsel to these guys. “Yup, we are the big men man! Come over here and sit with us!" I thought what the fuck, so I did. I hoisted myself up on the fourth chair. The one to my right, the largest started complaining. “Dude, my arm is so pumped now, I can’t get the food close enough. I should not have done arms and tried to eat after." He held his arm up to his mouth, but his hand was short about a foot, massive pecs and a huge bicep blocking him from getting closer. The other two started cracking up. “But I’m still hungry dudes!” What the fuck?” I was in a weird mood, so a bizarre thing came out of my mouth. "I’ll feed you.” Apparently, that was not that weird. “Hell yes, dude just start shoveling it in.” Then I picked up one of the five huge burgers on his plate and held it up over his pec shelf, and he began eating. His buddies were hysterical. "We gotta get pics of this!” Too fucking big to eat!” Sweet!” Twenty-five hamburgers later, he was full; we estimated he ate about 75 pounds of burgers. “Well my good deed for the day is over fellas, I have to leave.” They all stood up, cocks flopping in their sweatpants. “Oh, by the way, party at my place tomorrow night.” I gave them the info and left. I walked by the river and sat down. I was feeding a man that was so huge he could not feed himself because he got so pumped up. I decided that I was not going to take the drug. That was final. With a clearer head and a new outlook, I walked home and was happy. I would ask Jess and Davis if they wanted an undercarriage inspection tonight. The next day was preparing for the big party. Setting up food, renting giant tables and chairs with normal sized ones. The DJ was setting up. By 7 pm my huge loft was packed with a giant football team and their reg pals. By 10 the place was rocking. People were dancing, and it was loud. I mingled in the crowd, got introduced to Jess’ football team and their wives and girlfriends. It was fascinating to see the way the normal women handled their much larger boyfriends and husbands. I did not see Harold for a while, so I started looking for him. I went to my bedroom, on the other far side of the loft, it was the only "room" with walls and a door. I opened the door, and there was Harold on the bed. “What's the matter, Harold? Why are you in here?" “I was thinking about you, Linus. I'm scared”. I sat down next to him and put my arm around his shoulder. “Why me Harold? I'm not going anywhere". "But you are, you will be a giant. I don't want you to be a giant; I will feel like I am alone." "Harold, I decided today I am not taking the drug. I walked over to the bathroom, went in and came out with the drug vial. "Here it is Harold; I am going to throw it away." “Really?” Harold was beaming. “I would never do anything to hurt our friendship Harold. I love you too much. You are stuck with me at this size buddy.” Harold then gave me a huge hug. He was happy. “I’m going to go get us some drinks ok?” Harold then got up and left, closing the door behind him. Then the door almost opened 10 seconds later. It was not Harold. “Hi Little guy, so this is your place huh?” It was 75, the big bastard football player that Jess had plastered into the turf. "Uh yes, it is, now you can leave. By the way what the fuck ARE you doing here?" He closed the door behind him. “That’s no way to talk to your boyfriend's fellow teammate. I’m the left tackle, he's the right, so I would think you would be nicer.” "So Jess knows you are here?" He cracked his neck, "No, I just got here." He sat down on the bed, then his weight dislodged the drug vial, and it rolled right next to his left ass cheek. “Oh, what do we have here? Party drugs.?” He picked up the bottle and squinted at the little bottle label. “Van Semec Pharmaceuticals…Linus VanRanvensway, HOLY SHIT, this is the drug for you, and it's the new oral dose!” "Please give that back to me," I was now standing in front of him, but still looking up at him even as he sat on the bed. “This is very interesting. This is your dose. Why aren't you taking it?" "I’m not comfortable with being a giant. But it's none of your business, and so you need to give it back, and I need you to leave my place." "This is fucked up, Mr. Big famous artist with all the money, only six feet tall, I’m 9’6” and 1100 pounds and all I am is the world’s largest dishwasher at a restaurant and a lineman for some league that will probably fold because the guys are so huge they barely move. This is a trip.” “Listen 75…” “Dave, my name is Dave.” “I will call you 75; I don't like you. Just give me the vial and leave.” “Wait, just answer me this; what was your score, how big were you going to get on this?” I looked him in the eyes. “75…8’ Happy now?” He started laughing, “8’… a fucking dwarf, maybe there is justice in this world.” “Fuck you!” I blurted out. His eyes turned into the angriest eyes I have ever seen on a human. In one move he had me on the bed, his massive thighs pinning my arms up, his huge ass on my torso. “I’m going to be a nice guy. I won’t put all my weight on you and crush the fuck out of you. But bad little guys need their medicine!” He pinched my nose with his idiotically big fingers, and with his other hand popped off the safety seal of the vial. "Take your medicine; it's good for you." His hand was so large he easily pried my mouth open and with his thumb and index finger poured the vial in my mouth. Then he held my mouth shut. How odd. Martin gave the drug a grape bubblegum flavor. He worked my throat to make sure I drank it. “There, all better now!” He got off me, stood up stretched, then went out the door. I just stayed on the bed, looking at the ceiling, the music outside my room blaring.
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    “Show my friend why you’re my boy,” Coach said to me as we stood in the locker room. I knew exactly what to do. I took off my shirt, dropped it on a nearby bench, and then I shot my big bulging arms up into a double biceps pose. The eyes of Coach’s friend shot wide and he mouthed the words ‘oh my fucking god’ to his pal. I felt a shot of pride zoom to my balls. Having Coach show me off to his friends was such a turn on. “Wanna feel ‘em?” Coach said to his friend. “Hell yeah,” his friend quickly shot back. “Bring those things closer, son,” Coach said to me and I immediately walked over to his friend – arms still flexing powerfully – and stood directly in front of him. Tiny grown-man hands attempted to grope my big peaks, but the mounds were just too thick and hard. I looked at the Coach’s friend and realized how much bigger I was than this older man. We were the same height, but my enormous size made him look so demure and wimpy. My third leg started to stiffen as I compared my swole body to the guy in front of me. Coach had moved over to admire the size difference, as well. “Yeah, dude, I’ve grown my boy something huge, haven’t I?” Coach said as he stared at how small his friend looked next to me. “He’s a fucking muscle machine. Eats me out of house and home, but he’s as strong as an ox so I never have to do any hard labor. He does all the heavy lifting and any chore there is. Yeah, my boy is gigantic muscle perfection.” Coach reached up to run his hand across my hairless bulging chest. I looked into his eyes as he rubbed my hardness and sucked in air. I could tell he was getting turned on in a major way – my flexing, his friend’s smallness compared to me, and the way my hard muscles didn’t give at all when he pressed in. I was beginning to sweat a little since I was still holding my arms in a flexed state – that, and the fact that the room was getting a little stuffy from all the worshipping. “Let’s give my friend a higher view of the room, boy. I think he’d liked to be picked up,” Coach said, removing his hand from my pecs and stepping back a little. Never would I need an order from Coach repeated. I followed his lead on everything. My motto was Coach always knew best. Coach’s friend let out a little whimper when I lowered my arms, grabbed him at the waist and easily lifted his smaller frame into the air – completely extending my arms upward. This put the guy’s crotch right at eye level and I could see my work had already achieved Coach’s initial goal. I knew he wanted me to make his friend harder than hell. We could now check that off the list – the dude had an impressively large raging boner. “How’s the view up there?” Coach asked his friend. “Stunning,” he replied and I looked up to see that he was commenting on my shoulders, back, and chest from his angle above. “Make ‘em spurt, boy,” Coach ordered. “No,” cried his friend, but it was too late. I lowered the man and pressed his crotch into my hard chest as he came down. I did the same as I lifted him back up – basically rubbing his hard-on against my muscled body. Two passes up and down proved to be too much for the guy. I could tell he was fighting the ejaculation as hard as he could, but being easily manhandled by me sent him over the top. Within seconds he was flopping around in my hands as if he were having some kind of a seizure. I simply held him in the air until his prolonged orgasm finished. The poor guy’s eyes rolled back into his head and he cried out loudly as he filled his underwear with sweet-smelling man juice. I was now fully hard, myself, having loved dominating Coach’s friend so easily. But it was the fact that I was doing exactly what my Coach told me to do that turned me on the most. I lived and grew simply to please him. I turned to see him give me an approving nod and smile – acknowledging my obedience. When I sensed the man in my hands was calm enough – and strong enough – to stand alone, I put him back on the floor. “Now what am I going to do? I’ve got a big mess at my crotch!” exclaimed his friend in a now much weaker voice. “Not to worry, my friend, the three of us will take a shower,” Coach replied and his friend emitted a second little whimper at the thought of showering with me. “Boy, I don’t think either my friend or I would like to walk right now.” I immediately knew what to do. As soon as I was told something from my Coach I reacted without even a second thought. I was his boy and I followed his every order – I granted his every wish. Bending slightly, I pushed my shoulder into the abs of Coach’s friend. I then did the same with Coach on the other shoulder. I loved how there was still so much empty space available even though I had a grown man across each shoulder. I stood with no extra effort at all and took both men up in the air at the same time. As I walked it merely felt like I was a little heavier. Carrying two men felt like I only had two towels draped over my shoulders. I walked to the large group shower and placed both men on the ground. They had each taken the opportunity to groped different muscles on my body as we traveled the short distance. I missed feeling their hands rubbing me and trying to squeeze my bulges. “Strip, boy, and get the water warm,” Coach ordered, as he began to unbutton his shirt. My board shorts were off almost before he finished his sentence. I had recently begun to anticipate what Coach would want. I was sometimes able to follow an order before he even said it. We had become so completely compatible. “Holy fuck! He’s got a horse dick!” exclaimed Coach’s friend when my shorts hit the floor. I felt my face turning red. I’d always been big below the belt – ever since I could remember. I surpassed my dad in dick size when I was just ten years old. I don’t think he ever got over it. In gym class, guys actually ran from the locker room when I undressed – scared of what I could do with my huge tool. I didn’t turn red from embarrassment, though. I turned red because I was proud of my third leg. Showing off my huge rod for Coach was another thing that could make me hard. The half hard large cock started getting bigger and poking out from my crotch. “Yeah, the thing’s like a T-Rex when it’s fully hard,” Coach said. “I think that’s where he gets his power and what makes him grow. And stand back when it blows – the thing can chug out a lotta cum. Watch this. Fully hard, son.” His request was my command. Instantly, my cock shot fully rigid and slapped loudly against my hard cobbled stomach – the tip almost reaching the bottom of my voluminous pecs. Coach always screamed I was wider than a doorknob every time I started to plow him. He also loved how my cock followed his orders. One night he made me stand by the bed and he’d say ‘get hard’ and watch my cock elongate and then he’d order it to be ‘flaccid’ and the huge thing would instantly deflate. After a few rounds of that I was turning purple from my need to release. The older man offered up his nice ass as a reward for my obedience. “Holy hell, it’s thicker than my arm!” said Coach’s friend. By this point, Coach and his friend were fully undressed. The remains of the friend’s orgasm were caked on the fur around his still hard cock. Obviously the guy couldn’t be around muscles like mine and not be stiff as hell. I took a moment to soak in Coach’s beautiful body. It still turned me on so much. Everything from the salt and pepper fur across his chest to the elder daddy muscles that still bulged nicely to the amazing bubbled ass that looked like it belonged on a twenty-year old guy. Coach always said he kept his ass nicely muscled from doing squats onto my humongous rod – one of my personal favorite things we did together. The elder man knew I was looking at him, so he turned to give me a nice view of his perfect butt. My cock throbbed noticeably. “How ‘bout we soap up my big boy. There’s nothing more glorious than running your hands all over his body,” Coach said, grabbing a couple of bars of soap. “Hell yeah,” came his friend’s enthusiastic response and I moved under the spray of water to get my bulges wet for them. I spread my thick legs slightly apart, so they could get between my mountainous thighs. I also let my muscled lats force my huge arms away from my body for easy access to my biceps and sides. Water trickled down my pec shelf and fell to the floor like some kind of muscle waterfall. I stood there at attention as the two men began to soap up every nook and cranny of my monstrous body. I loved watching their small hands trying to press in my hard skin or attempting to grope some muscle that was just too big. Soon I was covered in luscious white suds, my bulges glistening in the light. My giant cock stuck straight out from my body like a diving board ready for one of the men to bounce on. “My boy likes his balls to be squeezed,” Coach said to his friend. “You take that low hanging huge thing on your side and I’ll grab the ball on mine. Squeeze hard – he likes it that way and, trust me, he can take more pressure than we can give. Show us those big guns while we fondle your sack, boy.” Again, my soapy biceps were immediately flexed without a second thought. They obeyed the Coach as if he was some kind of army drill sergeant and I was a brand new recruit. I loved how my huge arms were bigger than both men’s heads. I then felt small hands grabbing both of my baseball-like cum pouches under my protruding rod. A bear-like growl escaped from my throat, as both men started to squeeze with what I’m sure was all their might. My big cock bobbed up and down from the pleasure of their grip. The two men yanked down in unison as they continued to squeeze hard. It was like they were trying to milk a huge bull. My ass cheeks tightened and my biceps tensed even higher as my body responded to their yanking and crushing of my balls. Soon, Coach got his reward. A big gob of thick, intensely white cum bubbled from the end of my big dick head and hung there like some kind of sexual stalactite. God, I loved getting my balls tugged on hard. The big glob of cum stretched down to the shower floor – that’s how thick and heavy my juice was. When Coach sucked me off he always said he got enough protein in one of my loads to meet the daily requirements for a month. “That stuff’s potent. You’ll have to try some of my boy’s milk later on. It makes you feel more masculine than you ever have before for about three days straight. I call it my muscle boy high,” Coach told his friend and I felt my chest swell bigger with pride. “It’s time we had some release, boy. One-arm bear hugs for everyone. Squeeze the cum out of us.” My big arms came down, I wrapped them around the arms and chest of both men, and then I hoisted the smaller dudes into the air as if they were toddlers. I loved how the weight of two grown men was nothing for me to pick up. I instantly started squeezing, making sure my bulging biceps pressed hard into both men’s pecs. At the same time I pulled my arms inward so the two guys ended up staring at each other as I hugged them tightly. Our faces were close to each other, so I got to see them turn red as my squeeze became more and more unbearable. This was one of Coach’s favorite ways to orgasm. I hugged even more tightly and looked down at the three dicks poking out like swords about to have a duel. Both of their cocks put together would not come close to matching the hugeness of mine. I let out a growl to make it seem like I was using a lot more power from my arms than I really was – knowing neither man could have taken my full strength. The pressure from my muscles proved to be two much and both men erupted with loud moans of pleasure. I held them in place as their bodies jerked back and forth from the magnitude of their ejaculations. Their cum blasts shot off like cannons at each other and the splat noise as it hit skin was louder than the shower. I immediately lessened the pressure from my arms – we didn’t need anyone passing out. “Fuuuucckkkk, that gets me every time,” Coach said loudly when he had recovered from his orgasm. “My boy could squeeze cum out of a boulder!” Both men were limp from fatigue. I continued to hold their bodies against my bigger one. I took turns moving each of them under the spray of the shower so we could clean the mixture of their man juices off of them. The water hitting my still rock-hard cock felt good. I knew Coach was ready to grant me some release, too. “My boy wants to get his rocks off, doesn’t he?” Coach asked and I nodded my head. “Let’s show my friend, here, the power of that huge bazooka of yours. Aim for the far wall, boy.” I turned my body – and the two of them – towards the far end of the big shower room – about fifteen feet away. I willed my cock to move from sticking straight up against my abs to sticking straight out like the barrel of a tank gun. I spread my legs wider, knowing I’d need some extra support as I unloaded. I squeezed both men a little harder – just to get them primed for the show. “No fucking way,” Coach’s friend said as he realized what was about to happen. “Do your Coach proud, boy,” Coach said and then he bellowed, “Ready. Aim. Fire!” The instant machine gun like splattering against the far wall was incredible. A torrent of cum blotches appeared on the wall and began to drip artistically down the wall. I unloaded what Coach liked to call a ‘tsunami-sized’ orgasm. He said the force of my ejaculations was sometimes more powerful than my plowing. I had always had a little fantasy about busting concrete or breaking through tile with the force of my spewing. The continued smacking against the wall made that fantasy pop into my head again. I heard Coach’s friend shout ‘holy hell’ at the amount of cum I unloaded and it’s obvious powerful blast, but I was too wrapped up in my release to show my pride. My crotch jerked strongly back and forth as I pummeled the wall with my cum torpedoes. I continued to hold my two little admirers in the air the entire time – this only adding to their pleasure and mine. When I finally spurted out my last shot, which still went halfway across the room, the wall looked like some shopkeeper had sprayed it with fake snow for Christmas. I could feel Coach’s approval as the three of us surveyed my work. I had impressed his friend not only with the force of my blasts, but with the amount of juice, as well. “Told you my boy is a cum factory,” Coach said. “I think the bigger he gets the more sweet man-honey he can produce. Let’s deflate that monstrous thing, boy. We’re going out in public soon and we don’t want to give anyone a heart attack.” Instantly, my cock obeyed the Coach and went flaccid. His wish was my command.
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    I Want What I Want Part Two I did sleep late and woke up around 1pm. After a quick shower, I went to check on Ben, but was told by the servants that he never came home last night. At 7 pm that night, he still wasn’t back, and I was beginning to get worried. I had his cell phone number, and gave it a call. The individual who answered was indeed Ben, but his speech was an even lower bass then when I saw him last. He let me know that even though he was still horny as hell he was on his way back to the compound and would be there in twenty minutes. When Ben appeared, wearing only a T-shirt and nothing else, I was more stunned by what I saw then I thought I would be. His mammoth cock was still hard, still leaking, and larger then when he left the house last night. He was also much hairier then I remembered, sporting a week’s growth of facial hair. His pubic hair also appeared fuller then I remembered, and when he took off his T-shirt and tossed it on the floor, his chest had a light coating of hair that I hadn’t remembered being there before. He also had an odor that bathed the room as soon as he entered. The smell was musky mixed with wood mixed with leather mixed with sweat, yet it came from his body. It made my mouth water, my head swim, and my body was instantly aroused. The smell was lust and sex combined. I tried to concentrate. ⁃ What happened to you??!! ⁃ What hasn’t happened?! I spent the night and most of today fucking, getting sucked, and cock worshipped by dozens of men. ⁃ Has your cock ever gotten soft? ⁃ Yeah. A couple of times... when I wanted it to. ⁃ It seems even bigger. ⁃ Yeah. I thought it was still growing. I wonder how big it is now. I measured his cock for him, and it was now a whopping 16.8” long and 10.2 inches wide. The head was huge... thick and swollen and seemed to pulsate every time it sent out more pre cum. By itself, it was 7.9” long and 10.11” wide. ⁃ How did you even get this in anyone? ⁃ It was difficult, but nothing’s impossible when you’re both into it. Those guys couldn’t get enough. I couldn’t get enough!!! I still can’t. My balls need to be emptied about every fifteen minutes. You should have seen me cumming gallon after gallon inside and onto those guys. I was incredible... unstoppable!! When I was leaving this guys apartment, I tried to put my sweatpants on, but my cock was simply too big for them now, so I thought: fuck it!! Why shouldn’t I always be on display? So, I drove home like this. ⁃ You’re lucky you weren’t arrested. ⁃ I was stopped by a cop, but got off with an incredible cock tongue bath!! I’m gonna grab a shower and then we’ll start, okay. ⁃ We need to figure out what’s going on first. It shouldn’t have gotten this big... ⁃ Nothings wrong!! I’m glad it’s this big!! I want it this big!! I’ve never wanted anything more in my life!! I’m paying you, Grant, remember that. I’m paying you for what I want, not for you to be my mother. I love what you’ve done so far, and hope my body is as amazing as this cock. See you downstairs in 30 minutes. He turned around, hitting the wall with his cock, leaving a large wet splotch of precum behind. ⁃ Have Charles clean this up, will you? Forty-five minutes later, Ben came down from his shower. He let me know that he had jerked off three times and that the tub was now clogged with his cum, but Charles was taking care of that. He had also decided to keep the heavy stubble and refused to wear any type of pants. His penis was finally soft, and hung over 12”. We sat in front of the computer arguing. ⁃ I don’t give a shit, Grant. I want to do the whole body now! ⁃ We’re only doing your legs, and that’s final. I want to be sure everything is working fine before we go after something as complex as rebuilding your whole musculature. It’s either that, or nothing. I can live very happy with the 60 million you transferred last night. Thanks for that, by the way. ⁃ Hey... I’m a man of my word. Best 60 mil I’ve ever spent. ⁃ It’s either this or nothing. I pack up and go home, ⁃ Then I just get someone else to program it. ⁃ You think I don’t have provisions? I leave, my whole program self-destructs when I tell it to. ⁃ You wouldn’t!! ⁃ Try me. ⁃ My father said you were good. He knew what I wanted to do but said no... didn’t want a muscle freak for a son. ⁃ Sorry about your father. ⁃ He was a good man. A difficult man, but a good man. Now he’s gone, I get to do what I want. ⁃ I guess so. We sat for a minute in silence. Ben wasn’t a bad guy at that time. I’m not making excuses... he just wasn’t. He was like a little kid who had lived in the shadow of his imposing father and now wanted to burst out from it. I hadn’t told him, but I kept a backup copy of his DNA figuring one day he’d be tired of living this way and want to be normal again. No... don’t get your hopes up. It doesn’t work. Believe me, I’ve tried. ⁃ Fine. Just the legs. But if that works out fine, we do the rest. ⁃ Deal. Now, I picked out an amazing set of muscular legs from my library…. ⁃ You think that’s muscular??!! This is muscular. These are the legs I want: Ben showed me a picture once again on his IPhone, this one of a heavily morphed bodybuilder with titanic columns for legs. ⁃ I don’t want to go that far. I want to start with something easy and go from there. Tomorrow... if it goes well... we can go with those. ⁃ Fuck, Grant!!! Fine!! Guess I can live with your puny legs for one night! As before, I attached the code for the muscular legs onto Ben’s DNA. His rendering on the computer altered, and we were faced with an obviously taller Ben with more impressively built legs. ⁃ Not bad!! Let’s go. I wanted to go out again tonight. At least with those legs I can still get some real power behind me when I fuck. Here I’m going to attach the next session I recorded. ** Attached recording starts. Time stamp; 12:47 am. Benjamin Kind is lying on the floor. He is naked, panting heavily, hands clenched, and sweating profusely. ⁃ Let me get you to the couch. ⁃ I’m fine!! Don’t touch me!! ** Benjamin Kind screams out. ** ⁃ It feels like my legs are being broken over and over again. ⁃ They are. It’s your bones breaking and healing. You’re getting taller, Ben. ⁃ Fuck yeah!! Just wish it didn’t hurt so much!! ⁃ Going through growing pains… ⁃ It feels strange... good strange. They feel longer. Denser. ⁃ You must have gained at least an inch so far. ⁃ Yes!! Argh!!! I can deal with the pain!! If there wasn’t pain there wouldn’t be any... argh!!! Any... growth!!! FUCK!!! ⁃ It shouldn’t be much longer. You’re only supposed to get two inches taller. ⁃ When we do this again.... tomorrow... I don’t care how much it hurts... I want to be tall. Fuck!!! Fuck!!! I always wanted to be tall. A fucking giant... ** The video stops, and we have Doctor Jennings in his lab ** ⁃ No matter how many times I’ve replayed this... I never took into account those were the words he used: A fucking giant... I should have seen what was happening. I should have. ** Recording continues again, from where it left off. On the recording, there is the perceptible sound of bones breaking coming from Benjamin Kind. Dr. Jennings is on the floor next to him. ** ⁃ My pelvis!!! Grant... why does my pelvis... keep... breaking... FUCK!!!! ⁃ I don’t know... I don’t know what... ⁃ My legs are so wide now… so far apart. What’s going on. ⁃ I told you we shouldn’t have… ⁃ My legs at getting... so long... ⁃ I know... I’m not sure... ** Benjamin Kind screams out again. ** ⁃ FUCK!!!!! It hurts so much but... it’s also beginning to feel... feel... so good. I feel this burning in my legs… this burning and this thickening… I can feel my legs getting denser… Yeah!!! I think my muscles are growing!! Argh... they are!! I can feel it now!! They’re really burning now!! FUCK!!! Its like my fucking legs are on fire!!! Like I’m doing thousands upon thousands of squats... argh!!!!! ** Benjamin Kind sits up to look at his legs ** ⁃ Look at my quads, Grant!! They’re blowing up!! Getting thicker!! Fuck!! I fuckin love this pleasure and pain!! Do it!! Make me huge!!! Help me stand up, Grant. ⁃ I think you should... ⁃ Help me stand up!! ** Dr. Jennings struggles to get Benjamin Kind to his feet. Benjamin tries to walk. ** ⁃ My pelvis... it’s so wide now... making me really bow legged... ⁃ I know... ⁃ I’m so tall now... talker then you!! ⁃ Yeah... ⁃ And I’m still growing!!! Look at these quads!! I’m growing powerlifter quads. So thick!!! So full... argh... yes!! Make me talker!! ⁃ The sound of your bones... it has to... ⁃ It has to happen so I can grow, Grant!! My calves are growing now too!! Ha!! Obviously I never skip leg day!!! Ha!! Leg day is every day!!! ⁃ How is this happening??!! ** Dr Jennings runs out of the frame and can be heard at his computer. Benjamin’s legs are continuing to grow. In moments highways of veins begin to appear up and down his legs. The sound of bones breaking continues and appears to be getting louder and more frequent. ** ⁃ It says here that everything is functioning as normal. ⁃ Everything is functioning, Grant!! Fucking hell!!!! I think it’s all functioning just fine!! I’m just gaining more mass then you expected... a lot more mass!!! ** Benjamin Kind begins to walk around the room, his legs visibly becoming immense pillars as he walks. ** ⁃ It’s like I have fuckin redwoods for legs now!! You can’t believe how heavy they are!!! Each leg has to weigh at least a hundred pounds now... and they just keep growing. Look at me!!! I have to waddle a little when I walk... quads keep rubbing against each other... balls in the way… ARGH!! My feet... look at my feet!!! Even they’re growing now!!! Fuck yeah!!! My feet are also growing. Look at how long they’re becoming!! Each toe is getting so friggin lengthy and thick!! You have to do this to yourself one day, Grant... to see how this feels... how it feels to just grow and swell... feeling each muscle get larger and larger... I’m... ARGH!!! ** Benjamin Kind bends over and grabs his stomach. He screams out again, but laughs soon afterward. ** ⁃ My abs!! My abs are literally bursting from my stomach!! Look at them!! Cobblestones are exploding from my stomach! I never imagined a six pack could look like this... feel like this!!! The crevices between each ab are so deep and getting deeper!! I always wanted a trim stomach, but you can’t with dense abs like these!! They are literally like bricks being attached to my body!! Look at them, Grant!! Look!! ** Benjamin begins punching his trunk over and over again. He laughs as he does so. ** ⁃ I can’t even feel this anymore!! How thick is my waist, Grant? 36”? 38? And not an ounce of fat!! Just ripped muscle!! ⁃ How is this happening, Ben? ⁃ I don’t care!! Give me more!!!!! Look at you down there!!!! You only come up to my neck now!! Feel my abs, Grant! Go on!! ** Dr Jennings puts his hands on Benjamin’s abs. ** ⁃ They’re still growing, aren’t they? Getting bigger... ⁃ Yeah… ⁃ I knew it! I can feel it happening to my whole body. My spine feels like it’s stretching... lengthening... already I’m taller then I was a minute ago... I feel like a cock that is slowly getting an errection... filling up more and more with blood... filling up more and more with muscle!!!! I feel like my whole body is just going to explode with growth... getting more and more powerful!! ** A loud cracking sound is exceptionally audible on the recording. Benjamin looks down at his hands and winces in pain but also smiles. ⁃ FUCK!!! My hands!!!! Look at them!! Getting longer and thicker. Look at my fingers!!! Thick as sausages...My hands are starting to look like fuckin baseball mitts!! So thick... HAH!!! Not baseball mitts anymore!! My palms have to be as big as manhole covers!!!! Fuck!!! The pain is worth it for hands like this! OH YEAH... Now my entire arms are joining in with my legs... getting longer and thicker!! When I flex I can actually see my bi’s and tri’s engorging me with power! Look!! They really are!! Each time I flex they swell up more and more!! Look at how big the veins are becoming on my arms!! More like pipes then veins!! Spreading all over my body... feeding this growing mountain of a man!! Argh!! My legs!! Getting longer again!!! My pelvis is getting even wider, allowing more room for growth!! My arms!!! Look at my arms getting longer and bigger as well!! Fuck yeah!! HA!! You only come up to my chest now!!! ⁃ We need to find out what’s gone wrong here, Ben. ⁃ Nothings wrong!! Everything is... FUCK...perfect!! Growing so fast now... thicker... denser... packed with so much muscle. Look at my legs!! They’re each thicker then your waist!!! So massive!! Argh!!! My arms!! Look at these guns!!! Almost the size of your head!!! I’ve never seen biceps this huge... this freaky! Getting harder to even bend my arms!! Look at how vascular my whole body is!! ⁃ Maybe if we shut the program off... reboot the bots... ⁃ There will not be any stopping of anything!!! ** Professor Jennings goes to run to the computer but Benjamin Kind grabs him by the shirt and pants and lifts him over his head. Professor Jennings attempts to struggle but Benjamin Kind is like an rigid statue. As he continues to grow both more muscular and taller, Benjamin begins to press Dr. Jennings into the ceiling. ** ⁃ Nothing is being stopped here!! Do you hear me??!! Nothing!! ** Benjamin Kind screams/roars, and as he erupts further in size, pushing Dr Jennings further against the ceiling, his pectoral muscles simply explode with mass. Benjamin’s penis is now fully erect and leaking pre-ejaculate once again. ** ⁃ Please let me down, Ben... ⁃ No one is stopping anything!!!! ** Benjamin’s shoulders begin to get rounder as his deltoids join his colossal body in spontaneous growth. His neck is nearly as thick as his quads, and his lats begin to swell larger, causing an extremely wide V taper to his already impenetrable body. Along with gaining hundreds of pounds of muscle mass, Benjamin Kind keeps getting taller. He appears to be in total muscle lust as he is now simply moaning loudly as he grows. ** ⁃ Please let me down, Ben. Please!! Your pressing me into the ceiling!! PLEASE!! Please let me down... your really hurting... ** Benjamin throws Dr Jennings across the room. Stunned, he lands in a heap on the floor. ** ⁃ I was lifting you above my head...but I forgot you were even there. You barely weighed anything!! Can you believe that!!! I forgot I was even holding you!! Look at these pecs!!! FUCK!!! I want to just lick them, suck on those massive nips!! And my underarms… so deep!!! I smell so fuckin good, Grant!! You should come over here and smell me… come over here and worship me!! Getting so big!!!! Getting as tall as the ceiling!!! That has to make me nearly ten feet tall... and I’m not stopping!!! Gonna grow and grow and grow till I take up this whole house!!! Till I rise from the rubble... showing the world who exactly Benjamin Kind is!!! ** Every muscle group continues growing out of control, continually flexing, bulging, swelling, and pulsating on their own. Benjamins is now worshiping his own body, licking stroking, touching, and feeling every inch of himself. In between, he strokes his cock frantically as if trying to intensify the feeling he is receiving. As Benjamin Kind’s lateral muscles grew even wider, his trap muscles began to lengthen and thicken, growing higher by the second until they had nearly engulfed the sides of his neck making it virtually impossible for him to turn his head. Without him realizing what is happening, Benjamin Kind’s head slams against the ceiling. ** ⁃ AWWW!!! Fucking ceiling!! Think you can stop me!!! My father wanted to stop me and look what happened to him!!! Nothing will stop me ever again!! ** Benjamin begins to lift his arms as best as he can, and proceeds to punch holes in the ceiling over and over again. ** ⁃ Need to make... more room to grow... need... more... ROOM!!! ** The ceiling of the floor above comes crashing down on Benjamin, which includes a sette, table, and lamps, sending him to the floor underneath it. More of the floor continues to fall on him as he continues to laugh. ** ⁃ I brought the whole fucking house down around me!!! The whole fucking house!!! I want more!!! I want to destroy this house!!! I want to destroy the town around me!! FUCK!!! Make me so large that I can destroy a city... fuck a city... I want my body to be the cause of mass destruction... screams... men pissing their pants!! All because of me!!! ALL BECAUSE OF ME AND MY POWER!!!!!! I'M SO FUCKING MASSIVE!!!! ** As Benjamin rises he throws the furniture to different parts of the room. He stares at the destruction all around him, laughs hysterically, and proceeds to do a most muscular pose until his penis begins to erupt in a continuous ejaculation. Benjamin continues to flex and roar, growing larger by the minute. This continues for seven minutes, his shoulders pulling down more of the ceiling as he bursts through it. Ben proceeds to get even taller and wider as his pecs become on level with the ceiling. With his head out of the frame, the only thing we can hear is laughter coming from Benjamin. Dr. Jennings does not inform us how much Ben weighs at this time, but from analysis we believe that he has to be at least a ton if not more. Ben’s hand grabs onto his penis and begins to stroke it harder, releasing more and more cum. His other hand proceeds to finger his rectum. As he ejaculates for longer than fifteen minutes, his body continues to gain both size and density, possibly gaining a pound a second. Finally, with one intensely loud scream/roar, Benjamin Kind’s penis ceases ejaculating and he falls onto the floor in a giant heap, taking down one wall, and then ceasing to move. The quiet continues for nearly a minute with no movement from either Benjamin Kind or Dr. Jennings. Finally, Dr. Jennings climbs over the rubble to Benjamin Kind’s side. ** ⁃ Ben! Ben!! Are you alright? Answer me!! Ben!! ** Dr Jennings tries to shake the humongous form of Benjamin Kind, but is simply unable to move such weight. Dr Jennings stands as if he is going to get some help when a snorting and snoring sound rises up from Benjamin Kind. The frame pauses, and then shifts back to Dr. Jennings . ⁃ Ben slept for 10 hours. He continued to grow for three more until it finally halted. By the time it was over he was nearly fourteen feet tall and probably weighed nearly two thousand pounds of pure muscle. He was simply enormous... exactly what he wanted to be. As he slept on the floor surrounded by his own destruction, I couldn’t help rubbing my hands along his muscular body. Subconsciously he must have known that he was experiencing some sort of pleasure as his penis got hard again and proceeded to leak pre. I don’t know what came over me... but I moved myself into position by his mighty cock and began to lick him clean. He tasted simply amazing, and I found I couldn’t get enough as I dove my tongue deeper into his piss-slit. In his sleep Ben began to moan louder and louder as I ate his cock head out. I could clearly hear his balls churning as they filled with cum. I can’t tell you what came over me, but I undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, pulled out my own hard cock, and shoved it into the slit of his penis. I rode his cock faster and faster until I blew my load inside of him. The rumbling and churning of his balls grew louder until he erupted himself, cum hitting me, the ceiling, and the rubble around him. As I licked up his cum, the most delicious I had ever eaten, I couldn’t believe how far we had gone in a few days. In the destruction he had caused lay the muscular creature that had once been Benjamin Kind. No one would ever recognize him, he had changed so much. There was something so primal that oozed off of him, something so powerful that it seemed totally natural to worship him. Once the cum stopped flowing and the fog cleared from my head, I knew I had to discover what was making this happen to him. Why the program was out of control. I had to stop it... but a voice in the back of my head questioned this. Did I really want to. Remembering him lifting me above his head so effortlessly made me hard again. He was so powerful... so mighty... NO!! I needed to find out what was going wrong. I called up MKL as if it was a perfectly ordinary day and ordered a mobile open MRI machine delivered to the house. I had my suspicions what was occurring, but being a scientist I needed to verify them. In his sleep Benjamin’s massive hand wrapped around the shaft of his penis and slowly began to stroke himself. What would I discover and what would the future hold? Unfortunately for us all... my discovery would lead us down a far darker path.
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    Thin Walls. As roommates we always jokingly complained about the paper thin walls that was letting the smallest of noises through. If you were listening to a track on your speakers, all four of us were listening right there with you. Made your workout prep meal? Yeah, we could smell that. It helped being joking about it, because in actuality it was rather annoying. Guys in college want nothing more than a little privacy and there was none of that here. And if you got a bunch of over-competitive straight guys in a room together with a thing that annoys them it won't be long before it's made into game. Rashad started it by blaring the new Katy Perry single at full volume for a few hours straight. Dave continued it, making us drown in loud death metal coming from his room for a full day. And I finished it, playing an episode from a kids shows at max volume while I was out of town for weekend. The only one abstaining from our little competition of annoyance was Max, as per usual. But he didn't need thin walls to get on your nerves. Max was the scrawny nerd in group of sporty jocks and was the odd one out. He never joined us to parties or the gym, preferring to spend time in the books and studying. As a roommate he straight up sucked. That's why it surprised us so much to discover after the three of us came back from the gym Max had ended up joining our little competition after all. Apparently the cheeky little twerp was playing some porn at max volume from his bedroom. The three of us could have a good laugh at that, we went to Max's room to congratulate him on his joke but his door was firmly locked. Fair enough, I could survive sitting in the sound's of sex for a few hours as a payback for my prank. "God you're so fucking massive!" A high pitched voice squeaked. "I've never been with a guy with so much muscle." Another voice said. "Fuck! Are you still not done growing?" A third female voice enquired. All the voices got as a reply was the loud testosterone laden grunts that vibrated through the whole appartement. Fuck, I was gonna have to ask Max what video that was, that sounded hot. I felt myself bone up at just the sounds of female's moaning, whatever guy there were using in the video he must be gigantic, being able to pleasure three women at the same time to the extent they experienced such bliss. It continued for a few hours, and it got all three of us very horny. I mean, what guy wouldn't be, sitting in the sound of girls screaming it out in pleasure for hours straight. I even tried jerking off to it in my room. But once I got my dick out I felt awfully self conscious. The girls, driven to such extremes of pleasure, they were talking about a gigantic battering ram of flesh, my own slightly above average dick felt tiny compared through the sizes they were moaning through the walls. And the muscles they talked about on the male hunk providing them such delight, the girls couldn't stop purring about the arms that could break their boyfriends like twigs. Fuck. It was hot, don't get me wrong, but jerking off to the girls moaning felt like cheating, like I was taking credit for the mountain of man's accomplishments. Around the 6pm we began expecting Max was using some sort of audio manipulation software to orchestrate the whole scenario. The male's tremors of satisfaction were so deep and manly. And the girls were beginning to scream about some really weird stuff. The nerd was probably mixing some audio files to make them say whatever he wanted. "Fuck yes Max, you're like a foot taller than Rashad." "Jesus Max, you're cock must be twice as long as Dave's." "Oh god you must have atleast 200 pounds on Micheal." We were gonna have to have a little chat with Max as soon as he was finished. It sounded like he was using our girlfriend's voices in whatever messed up audio program was creating this chorus of sexual noises. That wasn't cool. Nor was the thick smell of sex that descended on our apartment as it neared 8' o clock. Male musk penetrated the thin wall mercilessly and it smelled like 25 guys stayed here instead of four. I wasn't even sure how he was doing that, must be some sort of package at the prank shop. I was sitting on the couch and it was nearing midnight when the sounds finally stopped. I sighed in relief, maybe my boner would finally die down now. Loudly I heard Max's door being pulled open. "Funny joke Max, but that thing with our girlfriends and our sizes took it way too far." I shouted while looking at the football game on the TV. I heard heavy earthquake causing footfalls and a deep chuckle. "Glad you liked." A deep tremor said in an amused tone. Was the twerp using some sort of voicebox to change his voice? I looked around. An unknown giant was standing in the hall, with my new red sweatpants pulled over the biggest set of legs I had ever seen. Everything about this man was big. He had a giant outhanging shelf of pecs, and biceps that were laced in thick veins. He seemed to stand over 7' feet tall and he had a handsome smirk adorning his face while I checked out every part of this giant. I knew in an instant this was the man bringing the girls we had been hearing such pleasure. Fuck, how could it be anyone else? That cock he had stuffed down one leg of the pants looked inhumanly large enough for it to make a great deal of sense. This giant strutted over to the fridge, taking out a green drink. It was 3/4 empty already, and his adam's apple swallowed it's remaining contents with much eagerness. I recognised it, was some weird energy drink only one person in the world had the sugar tolerance for standing. "Max?" I called out in disbelief. The giant let out a burp and he grinned at me proudly. "Haha, took you a while, little guy." He bounced his massive pecs while giving me wink. He seemed to move an insane amount of air by just making his massive meaty globes dance. My awe at the giant Max had turned into turned cold while I realised what else about the afternoon's sounds we heard must have been real. "So it was you, fucking..." Max interrupted me with a smirk. "Yeah it was me fucking Kayla, Valerie and Lara. Honestly, I can't belief some of you guys have been together for years. They were so fucking tight! They're stretched wide open now though. I made sure they now know what real men feel like." Max ran his hands over his thick chest. It looked like he could get used to being the biggest man in the room by a long shot. He suddenly firmly grabbed his own mammoth cock, kneading it through the cloth of the sweatpants. "...Should have used that spell years earlier. Feels so fucking good being a stud." He growled. The display reinvigorated my own need for release, and my dick tented my pants painfully. "Well good luck with that. I'm back to stretching open your girls till the sun comes up." Max said with a wink. "Oh, and make sure you keep the sound of TV down. We have thin walls, and I wanna hear the girl's scream about how much my muscles turn them on."
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    Trevor sat up in bed, thinking it all a dream…the evening before. A djinn, nearly his height but with a musculature that was blatantly inhuman, sex the likes of which his brain could still not fully understand, his synapses still firing randomly as a result, wishes, binding, wells of accumulated power…It was all a bit much and too detailed for a dream, but he had vivid one’s before. Just not quite like this. He lay back down slowly. Geez, he was a bit lightheaded, shooting up like that. Then his mind was awake enough to feel something along his arm. Like it was dipped in perfectly warm water. He glanced over and saw the mist encasing him from hand to elbow, pulsing, dense but yet a bit transparent, bluish. It looked like it was breathing, in and out, in and out. The mist pulled off of Trevor’s arm and slid under the blanket next to him. Over the course of 10 seconds a body solidified, the mist pulling Trevor’s arm back up to resting at the crest of D’s massive chest. “You are awake, Master.” Trevor’s mind came to a screeching halt. It was real. His dream was real. He was guardian of a djinn. And he didn’t understand what that meant. And he didn’t know if he wanted to. Tension wracked his mind. He felt disoriented and unsure. The events of the previous evening snapped into sharp relief…He was mostly confused but there was a bit of fear in him as well. “Have I done something to offend you, Master?” Dantalion had a pleading quality in his voice. He had learned to read humans like they read a blog, a menu, anything simple and easy to digest and understand. Trevor’s mind continued to do summersaults, running diagnostics, questions flooding his mind. But he felt Dantatlion’s flesh, his warmth, his inhuman chest…and he could feel his concern. The bond between them allowed a trickle of understanding, connection, knowledge that was just enough to bring him back down to reality. His NEW reality. Then he remembered the dream he just had awoken from. The dream. “No, D. You haven’t done anything to offend me. Let us just lay here together for a few minutes. I need to gather my thoughts.” D felt emboldened for some reason. He didn’t know why or how – he would never have done this with any previous Bound. He reached over with one of his baseball mitt sized hands, thick with their own musculature and stroked the cheek of Trevor, lightly, gently. Trevor looked into D’s flickering eyes and he felt safe. “D, I want to take you a couple of places today that are very special to me. It’s a bit of a drive. But the entire way is unbelievably beautiful. I want to take you there and I want you to see it. You should experience things in your existence, right?” He didn’t know the answer to that question. He didn’t know what djinn’s were supposed to do, to be, to want. D held his breath for a moment – he didn’t really need to breathe after all. “Do you want me to transport us there? We can be wherever you want in the universe in just a moment.” Trevor pinched Dantatlion’s nipple. The one next to his hand. D let out a deep moan from his powerful chest. He had been allowed to continue “feeling” as humans feel. Trevor paused a moment. “No, you need to experience, to learn about this world in ways you haven’t yet. You have only experienced pain until last night. I want you to feel the sun on your skin – it’s warmth. I want you to feel the wind in your hair when we drive. D, you haven’t had any of that in how long?” “Never.” Trevor didn’t respond for a moment. He wanted to talk to D so much more both in time and in substance. There were parts of his grandfather’s note, things that D had said, the Binding process – things he needed to ask about. Nothing like a good road trip to talk about things. And the djinn had obviously not been on any road trips in his millennia of existence. “D, life is a journey. Getting to the destination is often better than the destination itself. I want you to experience that.” Trevor pinched D’s nipple one more time and then swung around and got out of bed. He was thin but lithe. D’s eyes took in everything, top to bottom, as his Bound walked to the bathroom. He was told to “feel” human things. And he was starting to feel something very unusual, powerful, overwhelming about this human. He didn’t understand it. But he wanted it more than anything in the world - to keep feeling this way about his Bound. Trevor wasn’t in the bathroom long. He always took quick showers. He walked out with a dark grey towel around his waist. D was still in bed, laying supine. He looked at Trevor as the man got dressed, tight ass, good build if a bit thin. He couldn’t forget how he felt the previous day. He was allowed to feel sex, cumming, pleasure beyond his wildest imagination. He never thought being human would feel like this. The man in front of him was entirely responsible. He wanted him so bad. He wanted to feel Trevor’s cock in his ass, down his throat, fucking the chasm between his pecs. He wanted Trevor to be all over him, in him, forever…But again, he would never ask for that. Djinn to not ask favors from their Bound. That is not the way of it. So he took small comfort in watching Trevor get dressed in a well-fitted heather grey v-neck tee shirt and thick woven brown pants – he thought he saw the word Carhartt on the tag. “Well D, what are you waiting for?” Trevot swung around and looked at the meat pile in the bed. “What do you want me to do, Master?” “God, number one, stop calling me Master. Just call me Trevor or T – since I call you D. I know I have complete control over you, but that doesn’t mean that you have to keep calling me Master. It just sounds so weird. And I feel weird when you say it. Just Trevor or T, OK?” “I’m not a god…yet.” Trevor shot him a quizzical look. Another question to ask about. The djinn didn’t move other than to nod and utter those words.. He truly didn’t know what the human wanted him to do. So he just stayed under the covers on the bed, only the top of his chest exposed. “Well, I guess we need to get you dressed, although none of my clothes are going to fit you. You’re fucking HUGE!” Trevor smiles a bit as he felt himself get a bit of a semi-hard on. “I can make myself smaller, more your size,” D said meekly. He had rarely been in this situation before, not knowing what was expected. What does one wear, what size does one need to be, what other things that he didn’t even know to ask – to go on a “road trip?” Trevor, realizing his error – he was after all dealing with a very ancient and being with childlike understanding of anything day to day – walked over to D’s side of the bed and grabbed his hand. “Stand up, D. We need to find you some clothes. And when we are not alone, can you turn off those flames in your eyes? Make them look more human? “ “Yes, I can do anything you ask me, within the confines of djinn law.” The slow flicking flames disappeared so he could demonstrate to Trevor how Human he could appear. “What would you like me to wear, T?” He took a risk abridging his Bound’s name. It felt far too intimate to call him that. But he decided that if he were given permission, it was ok. “Do you want me to augment my body in any way? Or would you rather me be in my natural form?” Trevor just smiled. He felt, through their bond, that the djinn felt nervous and insecure. The god before him had just called him “T” and was asking about augmentation. This was all so surreal. “I don’t think there is a reason to augment you, at least now. You are so perfect in so many ways. And as for clothes – how about a tight white cotton tee shirt, low cut v-neck to show your amazing pecs, tight around the arms tending to bunch up at your delts to show how powerful they are…And dark grey shorts, mid-thigh, tight to show your legs and your big bulge. White high top Chuck Taylor Converse. Do you understand?” D smiled and in an instant, Trevor’s djinn was a fucking wet dream. Simple, perfect, sexual as fuck and he was just waiting for his next command. Another leak of mana trickled into his well. He was loving this exchange. His brothers did have something to worry about, maybe. The unmatched pair – one übermuscular and the other thin and defined – walked down to the parking garage under the condo complex and got into the open air Jeep. They left Capitol Hill in Seattle and drove toward the ferry terminal that would take them across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island. When on the ferry, T got out of the Jeep and told D to follow up to the top deck. Trevor slipped on the slick metal stairs and D, just inches away, reached out his ape arms and caught him. Trevor shot him a smile and a nod. Dantalion felt like he could tear the universe in half with a smile from Trevor. They went up to the upper deck and Trevor whispered into D’s ear, “I wish that you felt the wind on your face, on your body, and could smell the sweet salty air on his summer day. I wish you would experience this as I am doing. It is perfect.” D expanded his mind just a bit, a fraction of what he could, but only as much as his human allowed. He smelled the sea, the saltwater, felt the cool breeze especially on his face, the skin exposed at his V-neck, and his legs. It WAS perfect, just as Trevor told him it would be. He smiled. They reached the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal in short order, only 30 minutes away from downtown. Back in the Jeep, they drove through small towns, one after another, hidden in trees shaped like matchsticks and packed as tight but taller than any 7 story building. The smell was intoxicating to the djinn. The wind in his hair, the sun on his face. Trevor wanted him to feel it, and he did. Just before crossing Hood Canal, Trevor reached out and grabbed Dantalion’s hand. He pulled over on the side of the highway in a truck pullout. He had been thinking non-stop since leaving the apartment an hour earlier. “D, I need to ask you things on this drive. I need you to be as honest as you can be, given my limited understanding of your world…I really know nothing.” He paused for a moment. “I want you to have some freedoms of expression, things you should take liberties with. You need to develop as a being. One free to make his own choices. I know you don’t know how to do that, but I want to help you. You need to feel autonomy and what that can mean, the power it has.” D was wide-eyed. He didn’t know how to be autonomous. He didn’t know anything about what Trevor was telling him. He didn’t know if he wanted it…but it was his Bound’s directive. “So, let’s just take things slow. If you get out of bounds, out of control, I can always pull you back. I reserve that power. But D, you need to experience things for yourself, make some of your own decisions.” The djinn’s only goal was to fulfill Trevor’s commands, to grant his wishes, to give him pleasure. So that is where he would start. And he wanted to do all of those things for his Bound, this one anyway. That feeling, that warm pressure in his chest, that feeling that went down to his now active cock and balls…he only wanted this because of Trevor. Trevor looked at the djinn with confidence, respect, and an affection that took D by surprise. “Let’s stop up here a ways. I’m thirsty. Do you need water?” The djinn shook his head, no. Trevor pulled back on the road and started driving. Dantalion’s mind kicked into high gear, his imagination uncoupled by simple human expectations. He only wanted to please Trevor. Everything in is galactic powerful body screamed at him to please the small human. He now had access to his own imagination and was given carte blanche to use it, without express permission. Two minutes later, flying down the highway, D put his left hand on Trevor’s right knee. “Please pull over, Trevor. I want to show my appreciation.” Dantation’s mind was spooling in infinite ways, ways to please his Bound. He had no other purpose and as his mind expanded in ways that could not be comprehended by any other being. “You are thirsty for water. Drink from me.” D spoke in a whisper, pushed close to Trevor’s ear. The djinn tore his shirt down the middle, exposing his enormous chest, striated as if a cheese grater had been put into use. His left nipple was hard. Trevor knew what to do. He pulled over into the parking lot of a 5 room motel, no cars in the lot – maybe it was out of business. He watched as Dantalion’s nipple dilated open much like a camera shutter. Trevor put his mouth to Dantalion’s tit and began to suck. Cool crisp water flowed out of Dantalion, his hard granite chest, and into Trevor. The human shuttered. It was so sweet, like a mountain stream above the tree line. He drank and drank and drank. The water was addictive, cold, clean. When he was done, Dantalion closed off the supply, He looked down at Trevor as the Bound looked up into his eyes. He licked his lips and rose up, giving Dantalion a kiss. The djinn was flooded with energy, mana, his own mind expanded more – thinking of other ways to satisfy Trevor. Trevor, on the other hand, felt astonishment…and FUCK he was getting horny. D’s powers, his control, even with limited understanding of what pleasure, lust, sex was…he was learning quickly. Trevor was all too willing to teach him. “Let’s play a game, D. You answer a question about you – your existence. Then you get to do something you think will please me. Is that something you would want to do? A game you would want to play?” D had never been asked before his current Bound, if he would “like” to do something. He could feel Trevor through their bond as well as see on his face. This was going to be something they both enjoyed. “Yes, I want to play that game.” Dantalion’s measurement’s seemed to expand just a bit, growing noticeably larger. “Did you just grow, D?” “Yes, Trevor. You have given me autonomy so I want to express to you my appreciation. And I know that you are fascinated with muscle. There are thousands of ways I can and will show you my appreciation over time if you will let me” Trevor was breathing shallow. “Do you feel good when you grow, like I do? Like I asked you to make me feel?” The human was getting excited again and in turn so was D. “Yes, you wanted me to feel that pleasure and you did instruct me to not turn off those sensations. It feels – I do not have the words. It is sublime.” The djinn felt his ample cock shudder, his balls began to churn. Is this what humans felt? This horniness Trevor mentioned. The god next to him in the Jeep had put on another 20 pounds of hard dense flesh in a matter of 10 seconds – that on a frame the size of a normal man. He was looking Freaky – even more than before. Trevor’s mouth went dry. “So let’s start the game D.” He wanted to attack the djinn losing himself in profound lust and ejaculation pumping out gallons of cum. Remembering what had happened the night before, all he wanted was to give into his most depraved fantasies. The pressure was building. Trevor was soooo fucking horny now. He had just drank from the hard muscle tit of a god. That tickled kinks that he didn’t even know he had. Did Dantalion know? Did he know things about Trevor that not even he knew about himself? He collected his thoughts and focused. “D, when we were bound together, part of the ritual was for me to say that you can’t take my soul unless I give it to you freely. What does that mean.” The djinn hadn’t expected things to get this deep so quickly. “The reason we are bound to humans is to fulfill our primary goal. To fill our well, the mana or energy, that we harvest is in order to gain godhood. But only ONE djinn will be granted that power. One of the most powerful ways a djinn can gain power is to harvest the soul of his bound. Just three or four souls would completely fill a djinn’s well. But it has to be done without coercion. And a harvested soul just ceases to exit. It will not be reborn, it will not go on after death. All of the mana in that soul is poured into his djinn’s well.” Trevor continued to look into Dantalion’s eyes – almost human, maybe more orange than hazel. “I don’t know of any of the brothers that have harvested a soul. Otherwise the first one to fill his well would have become a god already and I would have been snuffed out of existence.” Trevor had a confused look on his face. “So you said there were only three of you left. What happened to the others?” “Permit me to put a hold on your questions. We are playing a game after all. You asked a question. I answered the question. Now I want to please you, pleasure you. Isn’t that the game?” There were so many questions in Trevor’s mind and he was just starting to ask them. But yes, he needed to play by the rules. He needed to show D that rules were important especially with any granted autonomy. “Yes, D. You may please me. I gave you access to your imagination and the ability to be independent. Just don’t hurt me.” A sharp pain struck D when Trevor said that. “I would never hurt you, ever. I thought that was clear.” There was a bit of pain in the djinn’s voice and Trevor picked up on it. He reached out to the man in the Jeep to his right. “I know you don’t ever want to hurt me, but you are so fucking powerful. You could do nearly anything. But I do trust you, so please forgive me for questioning that. “ He left his hand on D’s upper thigh and squeezed it just a bit to let the djinn know he was serious about what he had said. A wicked smile flashed across Dantalion’s face. “I accept your apology, although you didn’t need to give one. You are the master here. And I thank you for freeing me of at least some of my bonds.” Trevor was looking into the eyes of god. He was giving god permission to pleasure him. It was such a strange dynamic. D smiled again, a sincere genuine smile. The djinn opened his mouth and he stuck out his tongue. It was thick and muscular. Ripples started moving across the surface and then it started lengthening and moving down through is pec cleavage, over his hard obvious abs toward his own crotch. When the powerful muscle reached D’s lap, it extended away from him toward his Bound, Trevor, the man who had started to free him – free his mind and his own passions. There were switches being flipped in D’s mind. Thoughts that he had never experienced before - physical feelings – wind, sunshine, fucking, lust and SEX—and all of it focused on the small man next to him. He had only one purpose now. Fuck the race for mana that he had with his two remaining brothers. He only wanted to make Trevor happy and fulfilled. His thick red tongue reached Trevor’s lap, pulsing, undulating with thick waves. It slid between Trevor’s skin and his Carhartt’s and down to his eager cock. D’s tongue wrapped around Trevor like the mist form he had assumed the night before, but instead of Trevor’s arm, it was his dick. He began stroking and pumping it, wanting to give Trevor an idea of his newly unlocked imagination. A million other things flew through his mind on how to pleasure his Bound The tip of his tongue continued to flex and relax, tightening then loosening around Trevor’s growing stick. D wanted, needed, to feel that oneness with Trevor again. He continued to pump Trevor. A small tributary of muscle extended out from D’s tongue almost like a thin finger, just above Trevor’s belt. It wiggled its way down into the button, zipper, and buckle and began to undo all of them working them lose. Suddenly, Trevor’s belt, button and zipper were loosened. D had more access. Trevor’s eyes were closed now. He was letting himself feel the pleasure that D was giving him. This was so fucking weird – but soooo HOT! It felt like nothing he could have even imagined. Nothing could compare to having D’s thick muscular tongue lashed around him like a tetherball cord around its pole. And then D chuckled. A deep sound emerging from him. Trevor felt something moving along his taint, from where his balls were churning back toward his tight hole. D’s tongue continued to flex and relax, flex and relax around Trevor’s cock. He was fully hard now and could tell that he was about to start leaking his precum. Then there was that feeling, moving under him, to his quivering hole…He could feel it pause and then push in just a bit, feeling out the pressure. Trevor groaned loudly, his eyes sealed shut, his head pushing back against the headrest. His breathing was shallow and rapid, catching every few moments for a whimper to be released. D pushed in further opening him up as he continued to jack him off with the same long, powerful muscle. He was being milked again, but in such a different way. He began involuntarily flexing his body. He was going to cum soon – the djinn was being very sure of that. “D, I want to grow again before I shoot. I want to feel again, like last night, like my body is a giant cock, all of it sensitive as I get bigger. 7 feet tall, built like I was last night.” He wished he had more presence of mind to get more creative. But he had a god sitting next to him, jacking him off with the most powerful muscular tongue in the world – and he had just started fucking him with the same muscle. He could barely speak much less think about how to make this “better.” Trevor felt his clothes get tight again, a tingling spread across every inch of him. The fucking and pulses of D’s tongue continued unabated. Then Trevor felt that orgasm spreading through his body. He was a raw nerve of sex. He kept his eyes closed as he was impaled by the djinn’s dominance. He felt so much power coursing through him. He felt that some of that was coming from D. D was drunk on the power he felt and he should feel that power. Trevor wanted the djinn to feel powerful. Somehow that was important. Seams split in Trevor’s pants – Carhartt’s were supposed to be tough – but not tough enough to contain his rapidly expanding form. His shirt burst open, seams evaporating in one explosive punch. He had barely stopped growing, a perfect 7 foot muscle giant – when he started shooting his hot spunk. Dantalion would not let his Master’s seed go to waste. His tongue retracted from Trevor’s accommodating ass and began to clean up every drop of salty bitter goodness. He had never tasted anything else before in his entire existence. And he didn’t care to try anything else. He only wanted Trevor. It was consuming his mind, Trevor and his wants, his needs. The djinn retracted his muscled tongue back into his face – so he looked normal. Trevor was still recuperating – little micro twitches spreading along his body erratically. Everything was dry. Dantalion had absorbed every drop of Trevor. “Ok, Trevor. I am ready for your next question.” His mind only with one thing on it – how to please Trevor even more. He wanted to use his imagination again and again. Fuck, he felt powerful. The human lolled his head over to the djinn, slack jawed, still in a daze. After a few moments, Trevor regained his grasp on reality and pulled the Jeep out of the parking lot and back onto the highway. His thoughts cleared. Dantalion was waiting for the next question with anticipation. Trevor could feel it. “So about you turning into a god. What’s with that?” “You asked a question previously, T. About what happened to my other brothers, but I think I can answer both that and this one at the same time.” The djinn felt pressure mounting in him. The power he felt coming off of Trevor. The throbbing energy in his pants…he wanted to tear open any barriers to the source of that feeling. Granting him some autonomy, his Bound had unlocked needs and wants that the djinn was not even aware of existing inside of him. He looked to Trevor, his mind exploding in its ability only governed now by this imagination. He shuddered again and grew just a little more, becoming just a bit more vascular, a bit more defined. He couldn’t help it. And he didn’t want to. His only focus was to plunge his Bound into ever increasing states of bliss and he was discovering and sensing ways to do it that had not even been thought of by Trevor. And the question remained, Trevor had said that D hadn’t even experienced “real” sex… The two sped shirtless now down the evergreen-lined highway, Trevor's pants in tatters around his legs. The road trip was just beginning. ow
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    Chapter 2 “Dude, Juan only dates huge guys” “Really?” Connor responded, turning to his friend Russell. “What makes you say that?” The two were standing in the bar, casually chatting about their love lifes. Connor had started seeing Juan casually in the last two weeks, and his friend Russell always seemed to have the gossip on the muscle bears in town. “I mean, you’re big, “ Russell began “I’m sure that's one reason he likes you, but you should have seen the last guy he dated. He was seriously huge” The bar was crowded, but he could still hear every word his friend said. Connor wasn’t small by any means, but he didn’t consider himself huge. At about 6’ and 220 pounds lean, with 18” arms... he got plenty of attention when they went out, but he wasn’t usually the biggest man in the gym. “So wait, how big was his last guy?” Connor asked. “His last boyfriend… the guy before you… I think his name was Carlos, he was Mexican. But I mean he was actually Mexican. You know? He hadn’t been in the US long. Didn’t speak much english. Anyway, he was seriously the biggest dude I’ve ever seen. He had to be 5’10” and waaaay over 300 pounds of solid….beef. He was immense.” “Woah, seriously?” Connor asked. “Yeah, he was freakishly big, and I think he got bigger the few times I saw him.…Like I said he didn’t speak much English but he seemed nice” “Wow. Why have I never heard or seen this guy?” Connor asked again “Dunno. He sort of was here and then disappeared. Didn’t seen him out and about for very long. Maybe he went back to Mexico?” Russell continued. “So how long have you known Juan?” Connor asked. “Well, I don’t really ‘know’ Juan… and he’s only been in Portland like a year and a half. He was in San Diego I think before then. But yeah, I don’t know him well… I just see him out from time to time. He doesn’t go out much, but when he does...he’s pretty hard to miss” Russell continued. Connor and Juan had started chatting over the aps two weeks prior. He didn’t know much about the latin muscle stud except that he was built like a brick house and lifted an insane amount of weight. Connor had to admit- he felt lucky that Juan had taken a liking to him at all. Juan was insanely hot. Handsome, huge and jacked… and hung too. But there was a lot he didn’t know about the guy. “And you knew his exes?” Connor asked. “Well, like I said, I met Carlos a few times. Huge dude. I heard he dated another monster sized guy before that. I don’t know the details. I just know Juan likes biiiig muscle boys.” Russell said, gesturing with his hands for emphasis. Russell turned to Connor. “And by the way, you’re looking buff dude. Are you on a cycle again?” “No, this time I’m not. I think I’ve just hit a stride at the gym or something. I’m not sure… but hey, I’ll take it.” Russell turned away from the bar and looked at Connor. “Well, you look great man. Any guy in here would be lucky to have you. I think you and Juan would make a cute couple” The two passed the evening together at the bar and went home. Connor got a message from Juan that night. That man didn’t seem to sleep much. “You up?” He asked. Connor got hard just thinking about being mounted again by that huge, hung latin stud. Juan came over, driving a pickup truck. It was around 2:00 am and the dude meant business. As soon as Connor opened the door, Juan was all over him…. Making out and stripping off his clothes. Juan looked so jacked… and he had this insane sexual energy about him. They’d hooked up twice already, but this was even more passionate than before. The two muscle stud were soon on the bed and Connor’s muscular legs were pushed up in the air. Juan began pounding his ass with an ferocity that he hadn't expected. It was hot, intense and somewhat surreal. Here was this big dicked, hairy chested muscle stud on top of him plowing his ass with this animalistic drive. It was like a porno come to life. Connor felt such a rush, almost like pins and needles on his skin. Connor’s dick was as hard as it had ever been… and it was like this insane energy in the room. They got into a solid rhythm, as connor massaged his dick. They came one after another. Juan’s big muscled body came down on him after, into a tight, warm embrace. Both of them were sweaty, covered in come and exhausted. They had fucked like animals for 20 minutes. Juan looked pumped, each of his muscles flexing, and Connor was totally flushed. His face and his body were red. He looked a little bit pumped too, he had to admit. The two cleaned off and snuggled in bed. When Connor woke up Juan was already up playing with his phone. “Hey big man, wanna go get breakfast?” He looked at the clock, a little groggily, it was 7:00 am. Connor had morning wood. And it was serious morning wood. The kind he hadn’t had in years. He was almost painfully hard. “Dude… I’m so fucking horny” he groaned. Juan, seeing another opportunity to get Connor off... began jerking the white muscle stud off slowly. It was the most intense hand job Connor had ever felt. It was insane. He couldn’t quick understand how or why it felt so damn good. Juan sped up. In a minute Connor felt the most insane organism in memory. It overwhelmed all of his senses. Juan was like a sex machine. While Connor was still reeling from the most insane organism of his life, Juan was getting dressed. “Ok good. I’m getting hungry. Lets get up” For some reason, despite the lack of sleep, Connor didn’t feel totally exhausted. He felt … well… caffeinated without having touch a drop of coffee. As Connor got up he swore his body felt different. First of all his skin felt a little more sensitive to his touch, but secondly, he swore he felt a little beefier. His arms, his chest… he looked pumped. Putting on a shirt from his dresser confirmed this. It was tighter than it had been last week, tighter in all the right places. The fabric hugged his chest, shoulders and arms nicely, showing off his beautifully built physique. A glance in the mirror though proved that he wasn’t just feeling bigger… he was bigger. Not much, but noticeably larger than he had been a week or so ago. More muscular, broader shoulders. Thicker, heavier looking pecs. Beefier arms. How was this possible? He looked bigger than he had just the night before. The two took off to an early morning breakfast at a nearby diner. The only other people in there were the elderly or perhaps night shift workers. Juan ordered a huge amount of food. A stack of pancakes, french toast, an omlette, a breakfast burrito. The waitresses eyes went wide as the Latino bodybuilder read out his order. “Hey, you gotta eat big to get big” Juan said with a sly smile. Connor couldn’t help but fawn over Juan. He was so handsome, so hunky, so freakin jacked. Did he look bigger too? Connor couldn’t tell. Connor read out his more modest order of an omelette and hash browns. Juan looked over with a devilish glint in his eye. “Its bulking season, right man?” Juan continued “Why don’t you add an extra side of pancakes to your order. Maybe add some more bacon. And double the hashbrowns…. Don’t worry. I’ve got it.” He said, flashing his wallet. Connor wasn’t sure what Juan did for a living, as the man had never been very clear on it on their few dates… but he certainly didn’t seem to wanting in cash. He had always had a lot of money. And he traveled often for work, usually to LA or down to Las Vegas. When the food finally came, Juan scarfed it all down with abandon. He ate all of it. An inhuman amount of food and it went by in a flash. Connor, for his part, managed to finish his plate, and the extra pancakes, hash browns and bacon without much trouble. He was surprised by his own ability to eat. “Thats what I’m talking about” Juan said as Connor finished up the last of his food. “Thats my big man.” Juan got the bill and paid for it quickly. As they chatted, Connor couldn't help but admire the Latin stud's bulging arms. Each big bicep flexed as he moved his hands to gesture. His bowling ball shoulders, his thick traps... The way his huge pecs were beautifully framed by his tight shirt. Connor started getting a boner again. Just everything about the man seemed to turn him on. Wherever he went, Juan raw sexual energy just seemed to radiate off him. “Can we go back to your place again? Juan asked, noticing Connor seemed like he was getting worked up again. “It looks like you’re tense again.” He said with a grin “And I need to make sure you’re not getting too tense” Juan ran his strong hang under the table and grabbed onto Connor's prominent bulge. “Yeah, we should definitely do something about this again” He said, tightening his grip around Connor’s shaft. Connors whole body felt electrified by Juan’s touch. No man had ever turned him on like this before. No man gave him such a turn on with just the slightest brush of his hand. Everything about him gave him such a raging hard on. His gorgeous radiant smile, his huge, sculpted, fantastically muscular body, his manly hairy chest and short beard over his strong square jaw. His deep voice. His presence. It was a presence of pure testosterone. How could anyone resist him? Standing up out of the booth proved to be a challenge for Connor, who’s big boner was prominently. snaking down the front his pants. He was hard as a rock and it was pressed tightly against his right thigh. He rushed out of the building hoping to have his boner go unnoticed. This brought a grin to Juan's face, who was excited to get another chance to release some of his own sexual energy into this growing stud. Juan couldn’t help but admire the man’s noticeably wider lats and broader shoulders as they left the building. Connor had probably packed on a good 5 pounds of pure muscle since last night. And as Juan would have it, Connor would be putting on at least another 5 pounds on his muscular frame before noon.
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    Chapter 5 "Welcome back to the land of the living," Martin said. He was hovering over me with two giant security guards on each side of him. “I am so sorry, Martin, I don’t know…it was…too much information, I guess…" I was babbling. "Thanks, guys, I can handle it from here,” Martin told the two giants, then leaned in from his chair. I was on the huge recliner. "It's ok Linus, what I told you was a big shock." "Yes, it was. It's not every day that you find out that you could become the biggest man ever to walk the earth.” “Could?” Martin asked. "Well, yes, Martin, I have no intention of taking the drug." “Ok Linus, are you ok to stand up?" I was still a bit shaky, but I thought it would be good to get up. Martin took my arm and helped me up, then sat me in his big desk chair. "Linus, see those men out there working on the new building? Every day I watch them from time to time. But yesterday something happened. A scaffold fell just as I was watching and a heavy beam landed on a worker’s leg. Everything happened so fast! But then two giants got over to him real quick and took the beam off his leg. Two guys were doing something that maybe six regs could do. They got him out quick and he's fine but laid up. They saved his leg. That's their destiny, Linus. They took all the advantages that my drug has and used it. You can be everything you want to be and more. Your gift to the advancement of man.” “Wow Martin, I get what you are saying, but maybe, just maybe nature has its way. I won't deny I like living in a world with incredibly large men, but it just frightens me what I could be.” Martin leaned in. "Nobody needs to know what your score is until you decide. But will you consider it? It would mean the world to me to see the drug work in its most powerful genetic host.” I thought for a moment and realized I could get a couple of things off my plate. "Ok Martin, I will. I will consider it; I have two giants that always bring it up and a new giant friend that probably will bring the score thing up also. I'm going to tell them I got a score of 75. What would be my height then?” “Uh…about 8’. Martin said. “So since I will tell them it's no big deal, to be 2 feet taller, and…” “I can give you the drug to take if you decide to.” Martin finished. "How is that?" I asked. “I have the newer formula, it's an oral. It's a small little bottle. So I will give you the dose, and you take it when you want. How’s that?” Martin seemed pleased. “Just don't let anyone get to it, anyone under 20 that receives it, it's an excruciating death.” “That’s great. I'm sorry I am such a nervous nelly, but growing to over 17’ is a big thing. I will make sure it’s in a safe place.” “I know that Linus, but I know you will do the right thing for you. Let's have some lunch.” Back at the loft, the carnage from Jess’ lineman bulking program was on full display. Empty cartons of meal preps, dishes and plates were everywhere. Jess was on the couch, digesting probably another 30 pounds of food. He was getting heavier. His gut was now getting very large; his spandex shorts pulled down to give his stomach more room and outlining a monster set of balls. He had one massive leg up on the back of the couch the other splayed to the floor. He was watching tv with two cannons for arms behind his head. I walked over from the elevator. “So a little snack?” "Oh, sorry Linus. I have to put on some more weight. My coach says that my frame can carry about 1600 pounds, so I'm ramping up.” “Is it ramping up? It looks like you ate the ramp too.” I observed. “Hey! Why don’t you come with me to the Behemoths tryout camp tomorrow? It will be fun!” Fun?” I thought about this. “You need someone to help you lug your shoulder pads and equipment. That’s the fun I guess.” “Come on,” Jess pleaded. “Please?” So there I was, walking from the parking lot where the giant ride service dropped us off with a massive set of shoulder pads hanging over my shoulders that hung down to my hands, and wearing a helmet that was five times too big for me. “This is fun!” Jess was excited. He carried his huge football bag; it had to weigh 80 pounds, his cleats alone weighed 40 pounds. We went into a signup area, Jess did paperwork, and then into a large gym where there were chairs and tables scattered around. Reg sized tables and chairs sadly. So within minutes, one guy flattened a chair. There were no guys in there under 8 and a half feet. The largest was Jess; then the other potential linemen were in the low to mid 9’ range. But their size, they were impossibly thick with muscle and large muscle guts. They waddled around chatting, comparing sizes, smacking each other on their blimp asses. “Linus, help me out here." He was struggling to get his spandex football pants over his now great ass. "Pull up in the back!" I got on a table, then reached in and pulled as hard as I could, we finally got them up, then Jess did his ass flex that settled them into place tight. Another giant lineman helped with his pads and jersey. Then the helmet. I walked around in front of him. He was awesome looking. Smooth tight and packed like sausage into his pants, his bigger muscle gut straining the jersey. “Like it?" Jess peered down from high above; I could see his warm, sexy eyes in the dark of the helmet. “Can you wear that for me some night?” I looked up and asked. Jess did a double bicep and grinned. I knew that was a yes. Then a wack on my back from behind that sprawled me on the floor. It was another lineman next to Jess. "Hey 79, nice of you to bring your little helper with you, sorry I didn't see him." Jess got into 75's face mask with his. He looked down about a foot to the smaller but still massive 75. "You are GONNA see ME though out there. That's a promise". Jess then grabbed my shoulder, and we walked away. The tryouts were long and grueling, by watching the action, it seemed different, a bit off. The pace was much slower. The smallest running back was 8’ tall and about 500 pounds, so there was no grace or quickness, just raw mass running into another raw mass. The linemen needed double the time to haul their gigantic bodies off the ground and lumber into the huddle. Everything was slow motion because of the size of the players. The funniest parts though were the coaches, old school guys maybe 5’ something walking among these behemoths, and getting knocked over by accident by some lineman's huge thigh or ass. The coaches were even dwarfed when the linemen were down in their stance; they were shorter than the massive rears lined up in front of them. Jess pancaked 75 as he promised, 75 steered clear of him the rest of the day. I waved at Jess after he flattened the creep. Jess just flexed in response. Jess did well. The coaches loved his size and his moves, as glacial as they were. Back at the loft, Jess was drinking a five-gallon container of sports drink, Harold was sitting at the table in the kitchen watching me put another four 10 pound trays of food in the huge oven. Davis then came up and sat down in one of the larger chairs at the kitchen table. “Hey, Tina said that you went to Martin Van Semec’s office for lunch. Why is that a secret from us?” “Davis, It’s a visit to thank him for buying a shitload of paintings, nothing more.” I said as I closed the oven door. “Davis squinted at me. “So he did not give you the tour, or ask you what your score was? Are you going to tell us that he did not ask if you had scored?” “Ok Davis, he did; he also gave me the test." “Fucking what?” All three yelled in unison. Jess lumbered over from the couch. “Excellent! So what was your score?” “A disappointing 75 gang. Sorry to say, so only 8’ for me.” I acted disappointed. Harold looked upset. ‘Well, at least you can take it." This sucks that I can't." Davis reached over and hugged Harold, who surprisingly did not back away. “There are advantages to taking care of giants and their needs Harold. Even in coffee shops.” Harold shot me look. “You told them!” Why?” "Harold, Jess, Davis and I had an excellent healthy romp. It just really squeaked out, and if I were you, I would come up and see these two and check their undercarriages when they need it. It’s quite amazing.” Harold turned beet red. “Harold, we love you buddy!” Jess and Davis exclaimed. Then Harold did the unexpected. He slowly got up from the chair, put his hand on Davis’ crotch, and asked him to stand up. Davis then picked Harold up and caressed his head, holding him to his mighty chest. Davis then grabbed Jess' huge package in his hand, and they all walked to Jess’ bed space area. Three hours later, as I was painting, Harold walks by me, kisses me on the check and goes down to his loft a delighted little guy.
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    Part XV “Fuck dude. My balls feel so full.” I moan. “That’s because they are bro. Those cum factories are gonna be demanding your attention 24/7. But that just means you get to take care of it by jerking off.” Blake smiles. “I’ve been dealing with the same problem for years man.” Blake reaches down and pats his big nuts with one hand and cups mine with the other. “Close bro, but not big enough yet to top these boys.” Even though I feel so much stronger and virile, the jealousy I feel toward Blake still eats away at me. It’s like my entire being now craves to be the largest man. I smile to myself, knowing how I’ll get there. But for now the urgent pressure in my groin demands my attention. “You said you wanted to watch me take it for a test drive? How bout you drive it for me?” “Only if you think you can handle mine.” He quips back. I reach out and grab the base of this thick cock. “I got this man.” I reply as I grab his meaty palm with my other hand and guide it to my dripping cock. “The question is can you?” Blake begins jerking my cock, his meaty, calloused palm feels so much different than my own hand and is so much larger than Jay’s. I can feel his palm engulfing my shaft and head. He’s easily able to get the entire girth of my cock in his single hand; I can’t even do that I think to myself. But my thoughts can’t focus long as the pleasure wraps my entire body. “Fuck.” I moan. “What can I say? I’ve had a lot of practice. Though usually it’s with much bigger rods.” Blake quips. I give his cock an errant squeeze, having forgotten that my hand was wrapped around his swollen flesh. I try wrapping my hand around his head but feel that my fingers can’t quite make it all the way around. Damn, he’s got more meat than a horse. I think silently. “Impressive isn’t it?” Blake replies as he continues to knead my cock. “Yeah man. I can’t wait to be this big.” I reply greedily. “You sure about that bro?” Blake Says menacingly. “Careful what you wish for.” Blake begins squeezing my cock harder. At first the increased pressure feels good. But after a bit I feel my cock softening under the pressure and it begins to hurt. “That’s starting to hurt Blake.” I wince. Blake says nothing and continues pumping my cock, gripping it even harder. He takes his free hand and places them on my nuts, giving them a squeeze. “Fuck dude, let me go!” I say as I try to push myself free of his grip on my junk. But he just continues, not saying a word, pressing harder with each second. The pain grows from uncomfortable to unbearable. I grit my teeth and pray that he doesn’t do any damage to my junk I haven’t even got a chance to enjoy yet. I feel tears welling in my eyes as I’m on the verge of passing out. But then I feel something turn over i side me and the pain subsides. The pressure around my cock and balls fades away and Blake’s touch feels warm again. I open my eyes and think I will see that he has relaxed his grip but I witness him straining and flushed red as he continues to squeeze my junk as hard as he can. Veins form around his neck and forearm as his hands turn blue from the amount of pressure he exerts. I see that his hands don’t quite fit around my shaft anymore and that my cock looks flared and angry. I grin, knowing what is happening as I throw my head back and let the bliss of growing wash over me.
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    “I like his arms the most,” Sue said with a sigh. “I like whatever you call those big muscles sticking out from his neck. Those are huge,” Marilyn said, taking another sip of her iced coffee. “But his chest is nice, too” “Oh yes,” Sue agreed. “That’s huge, too.” I had just entered the living room of the house the three of us shared. My two roommates had dragged dining room chairs over by the bay window and were sitting there – eating cake, drinking coffee, and watching something in the back yard. “What are you two doing?” I asked as I grabbed some water from the fridge. “Objectifying the hunky carpenter the landlord hired to re-do the back fence,” Marilyn answered. “He’s working topless.” “Nathan, what do you call those muscles above the shoulders and beside the neck?” Sue asked. “The ones that make a guy look like he’s wearing shoulder pads.” “Traps,” I responded and was happy that one of the benefits of being a med student was knowing the body parts. “Yes!” exclaimed Sue. “He has awesome traps.” I walked over and stood between them. When I glanced out the window I dropped the water bottle in my hand – luckily the cap was still on – and I gasped out loud. “Sweet mother of god,” I whispered. “Me thinks the doctor is pleased,” Sue said and then added, “I bet you’d like to give him a special kind of physical, wouldn’t you, Nathan?” This made both girls squeal with laughter. I was too mesmerized to notice. Outside was one of the most gorgeous specimens of manhood I had ever seen. Sue and Marilyn had been correct in their assessments. The hunk did have incredible trap muscles, bulging arms, and a massive chest. I also marveled at his huge nipples – poking out like party hats. And his abs were chiseled, just the way I liked them. If the dude was going to be working shirtless every day, I hoped this job would take weeks. At that moment he glanced at the window – clearly noticing all of us staring at him. The two girls dove to the floor and crawled to the opposite sides – getting out of sight as fast as they could. I was too entranced to move. I just kept staring. He latched his thumbs inside the waistband of his pants and stared back. Was it my imagination or did he actually tense up his body – emphasizing the bulges even more. “What’s he doing, Nathan?” Sue asked. “Staring back,” I replied. “And I think he might be flexing a little.” This comment made both girls suddenly become brave and they both stepped back behind the two chairs and we all three brazenly stared at the guy. That’s when the best part of the show began. The workman slowly moved his hands behind his head – never taking his gaze away from ours. He then tensed his arms and crunched his abs at the same time. All three of us gasped in unison. For the next five minutes he put on a lovely muscle show for us. He flexed his arms, puffed out his chest, spread out his back, and highlighted every bulging part of his upper torso. At the end of his show he gave us a little wave and then returned to his work on the fence. Sue had to leave for work and Marilyn was heading out with her boyfriend. I sat in one of the chairs and continued to watch the guy for about an hour. The sunlight in the back yard highlighted his body perfectly. I, of course, snapped a few pictures with my phone. He’d stop every now and then to look up – as if he was checking to make sure I was still there. Finally, I saw him packing up his tools and he took them into his storage area in the garage. I was a little disappointed that he was leaving, but then there was a knock on the kitchen door. I ran to answer it. As soon as I opened the door I was flooded with his sweaty manly scent and temporarily stunned by the closeness of his muscles. I couldn’t say a thing. He held out his beefy hand. “I’m Alex,” he said. “I’m Nathan,” I stammered, coming out of my hunk-induced coma and letting his calloused big hand envelop mine. I then couldn’t stop myself and blurted out “You’re beautiful.” “You’re quite handsome yourself, Nathan,” he said, leaning against the doorframe and crossing his arms so his biceps and triceps bulged out even more. “I was hoping you might offer me some water.” “Oh hell . . . of course,” I blurted out. “You are so hot . . . I mean, you must be so hot. Come on in. Let me get you a glass.” Alex followed me in and stayed near me when I moved to the fridge. I jumped a little when I turned around with a bottle of water and he was right there in front of me. I could have easily leaned forward and kissed his magnificent pecs or grabbed his hard traps. My tongue darted across my bottom lip, as if it was in search of his big protruding nipple. “I hope you liked the show,” he said as he twisted the cap off the bottle and raised his arm deliberately slow to take a sip. “I did . . . I liked it very much,” I said, sounding really stupid – but it only made Alex smile even more. “It was mainly for you, Nathan. I mean the girls are alright, but I am more interested in exciting you,” Alex said, moving a half of step closer to me. “I . . . am . . . very . . . excited,” I said, almost in a whisper – staring into his eyes. “I like the sound of that,” Alex said. “You also look a little thirsty. Need a sip?” I simply nodded my head. Alex raised the bottle up to his chest and poured water all over his bulging pecs. He then cupped his free hand behind my head and pulled my face into his hard muscles and I immediately started slurping up water and his glorious sweat. I still consider that day our first date.
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    Dino noticed the houses as he got closer to the address that Doc had given him. “Damn, nice neighborhood,” he thought to himself. He felt a little less anxious. What could happen to him in this white bread community? He pulled into the cul-de-sac and parked in front of the house. He still couldn’t believe how turned on he got from Doc’s prostate exam. He never thought he’d love having something up his ass, let alone a dude’s finger. Yet here he was in the car, getting hard just remembering it. Did someone in this house have fingers bigger than the doc? He found himself hoping so as he got out of the car. During the past month, Ruben’s brow had thickened and grown outward. So had his jawline. His traps had swollen up so high he didn’t really have a neck to speak of, just a thick spreading column of muscle, with thick, sausage-sized rolls below the back of his head, pushing his head forward. He looked like a Neanderthal. And now at 498lbs, a very massive Neanderthal. All he had on were a pair of black posers. His thick eight pack abs bulged out over the posers, pushing the waiststrap downward. He grunted deeply as he eyed Dino up and down like a new toy. He squatted down until the knuckles of his left hand touched the floor. He leaned forward on his knuckles, like an offensive lineman. “Play football,” Ruben said. His growing neck muscles were compressing in on his larynx so much that his voice had gotten deeper and more gargled. He charged at Dino like a silverback gorilla, tackling the 300lb powerlifter to the floor. Dino’s big back hit the tile in the foyer so hard that some of them cracked. He’d had the wind knocked out of him as Ruben’s massive shoulder had slammed into his sternum. Ruben straddled him and looked down at him, studying him like he was an insect. Dino struggled but Ruben had ten times his strength and held him with ease. Plus, Ruben had on a pair of sticky gloves, the kind NFL players were wearing now, that quadrupled his ability to hold and control anything in his grip. This was his first time trying them out. Doc had custom-ordered them for him, made to fit his thickly muscled, oversized hands and fingers. Ruben grabbed Dino by the shoulders, then stood up with him, lifting the powerlifter off the ground and holding him airborne. Even Ruben was surprised at how easy it was for him to hold this 300lbs block of muscle. “We wrestle,” said Ruben, lifting Dino overhead, then walking around the living room with him. He threw Dino into a big sofa, so hard that it tipped over backwards. Dino rolled off onto the floor, and started to stand up. Ruben grabbed his by his upper arm and yanked him up and over the sofa. Then he proceeded to toss the big powerlifter around the room, smashing furniture and knocking pictures off the walls. In between tosses, Ruben admired himself in the big mirror over the mantle, flexing his 32” arms and kissing their peaks. He stripped off his poser and went after Dino some more, ripping his clothes off him along the way. On one of his tosses, Dino flew across the room and slammed into an end table, knocking a decorative marble orb off its stand. The orb was the size of a small globe. It rolled across the floor and came to a stop at Ruben’s feet. He leaned over and picked it up in his gloved right hand. He walked over to Dino and pressed his left index finger into Dino’s meaty chest, pinning him to the floor. He put his right hand next to Dino’s ear, and started squeezing the orb. Dino’s eyes widened as he watched the thick network of veins swelling out on Ruben’s 22” forearm. Dino had always been the strongest kid around when he was growing up. By third grade, he could already outmuscle kids who were two or three years older than him. It was like he had entered an early puberty. Then, when he was twelve, he hit an even stronger puberty and grew even stronger. In high school, he loved pushing the smaller kids around. “Runt” he’d called them as he knocked them into locker doors or into bathroom urinals. He got a rush from the bullying. It made him feel superior. When he was seventeen, he started his first steroid cycle. He became twice as strong as any of the other jocks, even the ones who were also using. At that point, he stopped bullying the ‘runts’ so much. It was just too easy. Plus, he saw how they looked at him with fear and awe, and that was enough for his ego. Now, on the receiving end of vastly superior size and power, he knew why they had felt fear and awe. He felt fear from being pinned down so easily, and he felt awe as he heard the marble orb crack under Ruben’s grip. The first crack was loud, especially with the orb nearly touching Dino’s ear. Then Ruben’s thick fingers continued to close around the marble, and Dino heard more and more cracking and crushing. Chunks of marble fell out thru Ruben’s fingers and he crushed down even harder on the remnants, reducing the marble into powder, and letting it sift down onto Dino’s forehead. Ruben snorted derisively as he looked down at the much weaker man at his feet. He reached down and grabbed Dino by his wrist, then dragged him thru the house like a caveman pulling his mate back to the cave. He pulled Dino to the back door, opened it up and dragged him outside, knocking the screen door off its hinges as he powered the 300lb lifter thru it. He tossed Dino off the deck and into the yard. Dino landed with a thud. When he sat up and looked around, he saw that the yard was filled with weights and lifting equipment. In the back, there was a row of Atlas stones lined up. Dino had done a couple of amateur Strongman contests and had some experience with the stones, but these looked bigger than any he had ever tried to lift. Ruben saw him looking back there. He came over to him, picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. He walked to the back of the yard, leaving deep imprints in the lawn from their combined weight of nearly 800lbs. Ruben sat Dino down in front of the first stone. “Lift,” Ruben said. Dino stood up and brushed himself off as he sized up the stone. Now maybe he’d be able to show this brute beast that he had some real strength of his own. At least he hoped so. He walked around the stone and saw on the backside was written the weight. 250kgs it said. Dino knew that was well over 500lbs. He also knew that the heaviest stone he’d ever lifted was 340lbs. And he’d only managed to get that two feet up before dropping it back down. He looked at Ruben, who merely smirked back at him and repeated, “Lift”. So Dino squatted down and wrapped his burly arms around the stone. He squeezed himself into the stone until his big pecs crushed up against it and his forearms had as snug a grip as he could get. Then he started to pull in with his arms, and push up with his big thighs. He grunted and strained, then strained some more. He’d show this big ape. He struggled and struggled. He could feel is eyeballs bulging out and his blood pressure spiking. He was trying with all his might, and was about to give up, when he felt the stone roll toward him, just about an inch. But that gave him hope, and his big hairy thighs started shaking with effort. He pulled and pulled, and finally, he felt the stone lifting, ever so slightly. He bellowed out a roar, and the stone lifted up, an inch off the ground. Then another inch. At three inches, Dino’s grip began to give out. His whole body shook as he tried to hold on, but the stone slipped thru his arms and thudded back to earth. Dino stumbled backwards, and looked at his forearms and chest, all scraped up from the rough stone. Then Ruben stepped up to the stone. He leaned down and put one hand on each side of the 550lbs orb. Then he lifted it off the ground like it was an oversized bowling ball. Dino whispered out a ‘fuck’ as he watched the huge muscleman’s thick, ropey back muscles bulge and ripple with power. Ruben hoisted the stone straight overhead and held it there while Dino looked up at him in awe. Ruben shifted the weight of the stone to his right hand, then took his left hand off it, holding the big stone aloft with one huge arm. He reared his arm back, then threw the stone into the woods behind the house as if it were a baseball. The stone crashed thru the woods like a meteor, smashing tree trunks into splinters on its way. Ruben turned back and looked at Dino. He flexed his huge arms, the biceps peaks pumped and rising to 34 inches. “Oh god,” groaned Dino. He never realized he could be so turned on. Ruben walked over to the second stone. It was marked at 350kgs, which is over 770lbs. Ruben wrapped his arms around it and lifted it up. He squeezed it until it cracked in two against his pecs. The big stone had split even faster than the marble orb. He dropped the two halves down with a thud, then brushed the granite dust off his 80” chest. He went to the third stone, marked at 450kgs. Over 990lbs. He picked it up and put it on his back behind his neck, like Atlas himself. Then he started doing squats. Rep after rep. Twenty, then thirty. His quads bloating with pump. At forty reps, he stopped and shifted the huge stone on his massive bull neck. Then he did ten more reps before he dropped the stone behind him. His quads were swollen to 44 inches and snaked with veins. Sweat ran down his whole body in rivulets. His big horse cock was rock hard and arching up like a satyr’s, with pre-cum pulsing out of it. He lubed himself up with it, then looked over at Dino like he was a snack. He waddled over to the 300lbs powerlifter and lifted him up easily. Then he sat him down on his dickhead and entered him. He air fucked Dino right in the yard, bouncing him firmly up and down with his powerful hands, sliding him up and down his 8pak roidgut. When Dino realized that the massive muscle monster wasn’t trying to split him in two like another Atlas stone, he let the pleasure of it take him over. And as the bigger man entered him deeper with each thrust, Dino felt pleasure that was ten times more profound than the doc’s fingers. Maybe 100 times. He was being manhandled and used by a superhuman brute. And when Ruben looked him in the eye and called him “little bitch” between rough thrusting, Dino came so hard. It spewed out of him like never before. He never thought the day would come that he wanted to be someone’s little bitch, but that day was here, and he loved it.
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    Something new for all you gorgeous people to read! This one's shaping up to be pretty schmoopy, fyi. It was spawned by a couple of really different songs getting thrown together while doing Cardio. I'm linking them and a visual aid for anyone who likes to see the inspiration side of things before they start reading. Also, another thank you is owed to Dredlifter for helping me iron out some numbers. First Song - Falling Slowly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQvwXbvs5GY Second Song - Confident https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwLRQn61oUY And the T-Shirt https://www.teeturtle.com/products/gym-unicorn?variant=1540111073289 Enjoy. FORTUNE FAVOURS... Cas watched TJ warily in the gym mirror. The asshole behemoth had been eyeing him and Karen since they arrived. He had his usual band of cronies working out with him but today there was a new face added to the mix. TJ kept leaning down, way down to speak in his ear like he was giving some sort of direction. New Guy finally looked over and made eye contact in the mirror. Cas shivered and immediately dropped his gaze to the floor – the guy was fucking perfect! He snuck a look back up in the mirror to see New Guy nodding slowly to TJ before he started to swagger across the gym. “Incoming, Karen....” She pushed her blue-black hair out of her eyes and glanced over her shoulder before pushing out a final rep on the leg press. “Well fuck. How did he even figure out what time we'd be here?” Normally TJ followed a pretty strict schedule. With a little unofficial help from the staff, Cas and Karen had been able to schedule their own workouts for times when he wouldn't be there at all. Today TJ had thrown them for a loop – they came in well after he would have normally departed but he was still here with his counsel of sycophants scurrying about his massive frame. Cas watched the twink's approach. Well, that probably wasn't fair – New Guy was pretty damn built, more like a twunk, maybe. Ash blonde hair was playfully mussed at the front, a tuft of it standing straight up. Grey eyes stared out below fuller brows that arched up to prevent him from having a permanent cro-magnan scowl. He was a little scruffy but Cas could still see the square definition of his jawline before it tapered to the chin. He had a slightly upturned nose that lent his symmetrical face the slightest hint of a feline quality. He was achingly handsome and Cas felt a tingle of desire twinge through his body. It was like TJ had gone out of his way to find someone who would be as attractive to Cas's tastes as possible. New Guy was almost to them. "Fuck, he's seriously built...." Definitely thicker than a twunk. It was his height that made him seem smaller than he was. Cas estimated himself to have about a six-inch advantage. Karen was on her feet now, also appraising his approach. “Shit, Cas. This one's very easy on the eyes. And damn he fills out that racer tank in the best way. If he hasn't absorbed too much of TJ's douchebagliness, maybe he can be saved? How much do you want to bet that he mentions your shirt?” Karen looked over at Cas and grinned mischievously. The sight was decidedly unnerving. There was something about a woman who looked like she could bench press Buick smiling wickedly that could rattle anyone. “But you told me you love this shirt?” Cas started defensively. “That shirt is fucking amazing. Doesn't mean he isn't going to mention it. Five bucks?” “It's a lousy bet and we both know it. How 'bout we just give you the win and I'll bring you cookies next time I make some?” "Done. Let me know if you need me?" And with that, she moved off to more leg work nearby, earphones off and listening. “I'm sure I'll be fi-” “Hey.” Damn, Cas had turned to keep talking to Karen and lost track of how close New Guy was. Of course his voice would be misleadingly deep for his size. It was a low, rich tenor, just a smidgen above a bass. Cas felt his balls draw up tight in response to the vibration. His bottom lip hinged open and he stared slack-jawed at the person before him. Karen was not wrong – his chest and back completely stretched out his tank top. Well developed delts and traps topped off the look with the barest tease of his serrati disappearing into the shirt down each side. The dense spread of blond hair across his pecs was trimmed but not shaved. Same thing under the arms, but, as Cas's gaze involuntarily lowered, not the legs. Interesting.... “Uh, Hello?” New guy tried his greeting again, this time paired with a confident smirk in response to Cas's less-than-subtle ogling. “Sorry, sorry – Hi?” Cas couldn't stop himself from blushing scarlet. “I just came over here to say that I, um, really like your shirt...?” Karen snorted in the background. “That sounded like a question. You sure that's why you're over here?” Cas gave a pointed stare at TJ across the gym. New Guy turned his head to follow the look. TJ just stood there, watching patiently with a malicious stare – his blue eyes chips of ice from across the room. Cas shivered at the hate in the look. New Guy noticed the shiver as he turned back. “Just... just ignore him.” “It's... complicated.” “I'm sure it is. Any more complicated than why you decided to wear a shirt that has a buff, dead-lifting unicorn with a rainbow, mohawk mane to a gym in a small, conservative city?” New Guy took another step closer so they were barely 6 inches apart. “There is nothing wrong with my shirt. It's a dead-lifting unicorn, where the hell else am I supposed to wear it?” Cas hissed out through his teeth and tiptoed closer trying to intimidate New Guy. New Guy didn't rise to the bait. He just widened his stance, rolled his broad shoulders back distractingly and kept eye-contact with Cas. “I didn't say there was. It's ballsy. I like it.” “Oh... um...” Cas deflated immediately and shuffled backward. This was...unexpected. “Hey, you don't have to- Fuck this posturing bullshit. I'm Blake.” New guy held out his hand at what he hoped was a non-offensive distance. Cas reached out and shook it, grateful for the offer. “Cas.” For a shorter guy, Blake's hand dwarfed his in thickness. Sure, Cas's hand was a bit longer, but the strength in the breadth of Blake's palm could easily crush his if he wanted. Blake eyed the guy shaking his hand quickly. He had looked so confident laughing and joking with that woman from across the gym. He was taller than he looked – lean and athletic upper torso tapering to a lean waist. Blake could see the obvious curve of his ass through the pants but couldn't tell much else about his legs. High cheekbones highlighted his oval-shaped face capped with playfully tousled toffee-brown hair. His eyes were a vibrant green set evenly beneath what had to be shaped brows. A narrow, refined nose split the face evenly with full lips below that would be perfect for giving... a lot. Blake turned away to surreptitiously adjust himself a bit as he halted his thoughts before he got fully hard in his workout shorts. “Just Cas? Or is it short for something else?” “You sure ask a lot of questions, Blake?” “How else am I supposed to get to know you?” Why was this guy so defensive? “What did TJ send you over here to do?” “Well...um....” Blake knew this was a bad idea. Why did he agree to this? Cas saw the look of confusion flit across Blake's face. “Caspian. Cas is short for Caspian.” The revelation emboldened Blake. “He wanted me to challenge you to some sort of lift competition? I just kinda smiled and nodded and hoped I'd be able to work out what he really wanted once I got over here and started talking to you. He gave me this free workout drink to do it. I'm supposed to get the other part to after I, um, blow you away and win. He's kind of a creepy asshole, actually. He kept going on about how he was finally going to be the one to teach you something? I figured I didn't have a lot to lose – I don't really know anyone at this gym yet. It's a great ice-breaker, in here anyway, showing off a bit without being an ass and maybe find a work out partner. Besides, it's not like you'd be able to lift as heavy as I can, right?” Blake finished with what he hoped was a cocky yet endearing grin. “I'm sorry, what was that last part?” Cas had a plan forming in his mind. “TJ kinda led me to believe you'd be, well, smaller than me.” Cas quirked an eyebrow at that. “And even though you're not exactly small, there's no way you could ever lift as much as these guns!” Blake brought his arms up and flexed, hard balls of muscle popping up and filling the space above his arms. They were impressive on his frame – probably 15 inches cold. “Did he say what you were supposed to win?” “Something about you wearing the little blue devil and proving it to me and to him at the gym. Does that make any sense to you?” “He told you to ask for that?! Are you sure?” “Pretty sure. He made me repeat it before I got this drink.” Blake started to lift it up to his mouth to take a swig but Cas reached out and touched his elbow lightly, leaning in to whisper. “Don't drink it, Blake. Keep raising it to your mouth and pretend to drink but whatever you do, don't actually put it in you. And don't let TJ know that you aren't slugging it back. TJ has a number of...questionable hobbies. One of them is amateur...biochemistry, you might say.” Cas stepped back and looked around for Karen. They were probably going to need help for what he had in mind. "I'm sorry? Are you saying that this is some kind of...experiment for him?" Blake stared at the unnaturally scarlet liquid in his shaker cup. “Do you really know TJ outside of the gym, Blake?” “Uh, no. And I only joined like a week-and-a-half ago. I was using the gym on the college campus before I started my practical placement. What's the deal with you two? You looked really on edge earlier when you first looked over at him and now you're acting weird again....” “I just need to find my friend, the woman I was with before. I'll be right back, okay?” “Uh yeah? I'll just wait here?” “Perfect.” Cas practically bolted toward the cardio machines. After legs, Karen usually cooled down on a treadmill. He found her on her favourite one and led her back to Blake, her eyes bright with anticipation. “Hey Kid, hear you're going to challenge Caspian to some lifts?” Karen smirked as she drawled out Cas's full name. “Um, that's right, Ma'am?” Karen raised an eyebrow at getting Ma'am-ed. “Er, Miss? Do you... prefer Ms. maybe?” Karen burst out laughing as Blake floundered. “What's the matter, Kid? Haven't you ever seen a woman who lifts?” “Er, nooo...” Blake raised his shaker cup and almost forgot to only pretend to take a drink. “It's Karen, Kid. And don't really drink that shit – it's toxic as hell if it's from TJ.” She took a swig of water. "So here's the deal, Karen," Cas started. "TJ asked Blake here to challenge me, defeat me handily, and as his prize, I was to wear the little blue devil to the gym in order to prove it to Blake and TJ." Karen choked on her water. “He wants that?! Oh Kid, what the hell did you do to piss TJ off?” “My. Name. Isn't. Kid.... It's Blake. And what the hell is this blue devil thing? Why is it so important?” Cas leaned in conspiratorially and brought up a picture on his phone. Blake sputtered and his ears flushed bright pink. “He wants me to make you wear an ass plug?! Wait, does that thing actually fit in your ass?” Several people looked over at the trio strangely. “Say it a bit louder, Blake,” Caspian whispered. “I think there's a deaf woman in the tanning room who didn't hear you.” He stepped back and looked over Karen and Blake before continuing. “So, if you win, that's what you're going to get from me. I can guarantee TJ will bring his posse in on it and you probably won't be getting out of here without having your own forced blue devil experience.” “TJ is so sick. Sick and wrong. Why can't I just go over there and call him out? You know the management has just been looking for a reason....” Karen was livid. “Guys, I just met you. This is a little...heavy. Is he really going to get away with this?” Blake was looking green. “Hell no. You're not going to win.” “What!?” “You're not going to win....” “How the fuck are you going to do that!? I mean, you're in great shape and all, but I'm pretty sure the advantage is mine.” Blake puffed up. He wanted to help Cas out but he didn't want to be shown up in public by someone so...slim.... “Kid – shit, sorry - Blake, you don't know what you're in for.” Karen caught on to where Cas was going with his plan after hearing Blake's self-aggrandizing. “Did TJ tell you what he wanted you to beat me at?” Cas grinned widely down at Blake. “He...no, he didn't....” “That just convinces me he wanted to get back at you for something. Here's the wager, if you win, TJ ravages our asses against our will. If I win, you have to attend a HIIT class with me tomorrow morning and let me take you to brunch. Deal?” “I'm sorry, are you saying that if I win we throw ourselves at TJ's mercy but if you win, I'm the one who gets free food?” “And you have to attend the class.” “Pffft, it's a fitness class. I'll be fine.” “Do we have a deal?” “Fine, whatever. We have a deal.” “Karen. You get to be our neutral witness. Not even TJ will argue with you.” “Oh Blake, you're in for a ride today.... You doing what I think you're doing, Cas?” “Yup. Blake, you're challenging me to standing calf raises. Working set of 8.” “What?!” “You look like you don't skip leg day so it shouldn't be a complete blow out for you.” “Calf raises?” Blake was still stupefied as Cas led him over to the machine. “C'mon Blake. You should warm up.” Cas started to adjust the pads for Blake's height and then stopped himself. That was going to involve way more physical contact than someone like Blake would probably want from him. “You should, um adjust the machine for yourself....” “Are we seriously doing standing calf-raises?! Who the fuck tests themselves with calf-raises?” A couple of machines over, one of TJ's lackeys overheard the comment and started snickering. Blake blushed deeply, a tight coil of anger gathered in the pit of his stomach. “Fuck them, let's do this. I hope you know what you're doing, Caspian.” He lowered the shoulder pads and popped the pin down to 250 lbs and blew through 8 quick reps. "Nice, Blake! Did you even feel that? And starting at 250 will help make sure TJ gets the drawn-out show he thought he wanted. Just let me get the pads up." Cas slid into the machine and smoothly cranked out a warm-up set. Blake watched him lower the pin to 300. That wasn't too much below what Blake used as a working set. "All ready for you. Pin should be set too." Blake stepped in and started to push up, but something felt off. The shoulder pads weren't sitting where they should. They were too high. He shot Cas a glare, who stood there making the least convincing innocent face in the history of pranks. “Nice, Caspian. 'Cause that hasn't been done to me since high school. How tall are you anyway – you've got to be at least 6 feet if you need to raise it that much more than my 5 feet, 6.5 inches." Blake lowered the pads a bit more. Cas looked from him to Karen, who looked back at Blake and slowly shook her head. “Blake, who told you that you're – aw Fuck - it was TJ wasn't it?” Cas was fuming – this was a new low. “Uh, yeah. Said his drink could make me at least an inch taller in a week, just like it bumped him up to 6 feet, 5 inches....” “I'm not 6 feet tall. I might squeak by at 5 feet, 11 inches. Karen's 5 feet, 4 inches and you don't have almost three inches on her....” Blake looked over at Karen. His eyes were above hers by about an inch, but if she was only 5' 4”.... He tried to stop the tears of anger from welling up in his eyes. Simultaneously, both Cas and Karen reached out to touch his shoulders but he shrugged them off and stepped into the machine. “I'm going to fucking kill him. He is such an asshole!” Karen started to march off but Cas grabbed her shoulder. “Just wait. He'll get his without you having to go murder anyone. Blake, you good?” "Yup. Apparently, I'm still... 5 feet fucking 5 inches and...just fucking... fine...." He started slowly lifting himself up and down. “Hey, tell me about your favourite breakfast food? Pancakes? No – it has to be waffles. You totally look like you're into waffles.” Cas approached the machine taking care not to make physical contact with Blake. Blake finished his set without answering and just stared at the machine. “I bet someone as built as you are - like a stacked tank - can pack away tonnes of food, right?” When in doubt, appeal to the straight man's sense of masculinity. It managed to get a small smile out of Blake, but was he straight? “You have no idea, Cas. I'm going to cost you so much money with breakfast tomorrow. I'm going to eat so much – you're going to help me get even more massive.” Blake's small smile widened as he described the vast quantities of food he would consume. “You're up.” “You okay if I up the ante to speed this along? I think it may have been a bad idea to try and give TJ a show.” “Absolutely. He deserves nothing from us. I'm a little lost about why you decided to go along with this whole thing that he set up anyway. You clearly don't like him and I've put together that he probably doesn't like you so much either. Which is weird, because every time I met up with him, he was always talking about you.” “It's complicated.” “Yeah, you said that earlier....” Blake trailed off mid-sentence, obviously trying to cue Cas to jump in at any time. "Have you ever had someone do things to you over and over and over that you couldn't stop because they were just too strong, too big, too powerful, too whatever for you to deal with? And eventually, you resign yourself to just go along with certain things to avoid making it worse on yourself? To avoid the struggle, because the struggle always ends up with you losing and making things worse for yourself?” “I can't say that I've ever really experienced it....” Blake started to look distinctly uncomfortable with where Cas might be going. “But you can follow the train of thought?” “A bit, I guess. Kinda sounds a little... rough, actually.” “Yeah...you could say that....I-” Cas stopped himself and sighed. This wasn't the time or place; he could not have this conversation here. “...Cas...?” Karen's hand reached out and made the faintest contact with his elbow. Blake watched them look at each other silently. Without exchanging a single word, he saw the tension bleed out of Caspian with that single, gossamer touch from his friend. Hearing Cas speak, seeing him fight to get the words out.... Blake wasn't stupid. He knew where the train of thought led. It woke something inside him, not quite a righteous anger, but a desire to make things different, to show Cas that he was stronger than he gave himself credit for. “Let's just say it's like that, okay? I don't want to give TJ any reason to do anything and so I'm going along with this little charade of his. Besides, if I hadn't, you and I might not have really met, right?” Cas tried to lighten the mood. This was way too serious. “Well if you put it that way, I am pretty amazing....” Blake couldn't resist bringing his arms up behind his head and flexing them while he flared out his shoulders and upper back. The look of raw, naked awe and desire Cas gave him fuelled whatever was awakening within him. He wanted so much more of that look. He wanted so much more than five paltry minutes of feigned intimacy with this person. Caspian discerned a change in Blake's expression, a glint of something he couldn't identify. Shaking off his own emotions he broke the gaze and looked back at the machine. "Brilliant then. Let's finish this." Cas lowered the pin to 350 and adjusted the pads, taking special care to actually mark what height Blake needed. He cranked out the set without breaking a sweat. Blake gaped at how easy Cas did the warm-up set. “You're still warming up at 350?” It was Cas's turn to blush a bit as he lowered the pads. “....yeah.... Um, maybe you should just go for your max...?” Blake gulped and stepped into the machine. He liked leg day... mostly. He didn't skip it at least. How could this ...twig, well relative to him anyway, outperform him on any lift? He dropped the pin to 400 and took a deep breath. It was one plate more than he had worked with last week – he could do this! He made it to three before he started to struggle. Four and five burned but were workable. Six... six was rough. Seven...he felt the weight move up the slightest bit before he had to lower it. “Nice job, Ki-Blake. I'll give you your seven.” Karen clapped him on the back. She was being generous and he knew it. “Fuck. TJ's starting to make his way over. I'll try to make this quick, but it might get ugly, Blake.” Cas raised the pads and did four quick lifts and then stopped and lowered the pin to 500 even. Blake's jaw fell open as he watched Cas work through his complete set. At least this time it looked like he had to work for it a little. “Can he actually max the machine?” Blake's gaze didn't leave Cas's curvaceous ass methodically rising up and down in steady, controlled motion. “Probably.” Karen crossed her arms and widened her stance in preparation for TJ's arrival with his henchmen. “He's stopping at 500 so I can save some face, isn't he?” “Yuuup. Cas is usually a pretty good kid.” “Finally, he gets Kidded.” Karen snorted. “Kid, everyone's 'kid' to me. Except TJ and his crew – they're just assholes.” “Is he... How...old-” Blake leaned in close to ask but Karen saved him from having to say it. “25. But you didn't hear it from me.” She spoke low enough for only Blake to hear before calling out as Cas finished his set, “And that's a set of 8 at 500 for Caspian. You want to try it, Blake?” “Hell no. I, uh, have to survive a HIIT class tomorrow now and find something clean to wear for breakfast....” Cas stepped out of the machine just as TJ finished his lumbering approach. Blake watched Cas's body tense. He raised himself up onto the balls of his feet as if he were expecting to run or kick. He clenched his hands tight but not into fists. Blake could see Cas's fingernails digging into his palms. Was he seriously going to make himself bleed? Could he be that angry? And then Cas shot a quick glance over his shoulder to make sure Blake and Karen were with him. His eyes were wide with fear, pupils dilated in preparation of a flight response. Despite his anxiety, he still managed to turn back to the object of his terror and stand his ground as TJ sneered down at him. Blake cursed under his breath and started toward Caspian. Karen quickly grabbed his wrist to stop him from rushing in before Cas had a chance to stand up for himself. “Queer.” The voice sounded reedy, petulant. A sharp contrast to the hulking exterior. Dark hair and a solid brow line scowled over emotionless blue eyes. A grim slash of a mouth barely opened when he talked. He could someday, possibly even be handsome if he bothered taking care of himself or took the time to smile occasionally. “TJ.” Cas returned icily. “Anything I can help you with?” “Just coming over to see how your little competition went. Calf-raises huh? Can't say I'm really surprised that someone as pitiful as you would pick something like that, Cassie.” He rested a hand on the machine and leaned down into Cas, trying his best to force him into giving ground. Blake was having none of it. He broke from Karen and deftly interposed himself between Cas and TJ's looming form. Sure, Cas was tall enough that TJ still had a clear shot at his face, but if he tried it, he'd have to leave his abdomen open to whatever Blake wanted to dish out. Blake shoved his shaker cup up at TJ's chest. Hard. The unexpected movement caught TJ off guard and he stumbled back a step. Blake felt Cas slowly let out the breath he had been holding. “It went pretty well, all things considered, big fella.” Blake kept his voice steady, neutral. “I did get my ass handed to me though, so there won't be any blue devil in your immediate future. I guess you'll have to have one of your 'friends' help you out with that instead.” TJ's eyes narrowed. "Oh, and I won't need that drink you offered me after all. Looks like I didn't have the stomach for the first bit. How about you keep my shaker cup, eh? It's the least I could do for all the assistance you gave me showing me around this week and helping me figure out who to avoid.” “Careful, shortstack. Pretty sure you're making a mistake right now.” “Nah. No mistake. But thanks. So Much. For coming over. To say goodbye.” Blake laid it on thick at the end. A moment of tense silence settled between them before TJ finally spoke. “That's... cool.... We were just about to head out anyway. Take care, ladies.” His inflection ensured not a single person felt anything was 'cool.' TJ pushed against Blake as he made his way past the trio and toward the door. The couple of hangers-on scampered after him looking more like animated caricatures than actual people. Just as he reached the corner Cas called out. “Blake was telling me about your problem with accurately measuring your height, TJ. If you ever need someone to help you buy shoes with even thicker soles than those ones so you can actually hit 6'4,” give me a call. I'd love to help you deal with your insecurity.” TJ stopped for a moment but didn't turn around. His two underlings failed to notice and collided with his broad back. Muttering apologies to TJ, they all awkwardly started toward the exit again. "Well, you two little shits were in fine form. Did you feed each other fistfuls of sass pills while you were flirting earlier?" Karen barely managed to keep a straight face. Blake shook himself out while Cas tried to control his breathing. "Thanks, guys. And Blake, you didn't have to do that, stepping in front of me. It was a stupidly brave, kind gesture and really appreciated but you could have gotten yourself killed or worse what if he had actu-" “Hey.” Blake raised a hand up to Cas's shoulder to snap him out of his rant. “If I didn't want to be there, I wouldn't have put myself there. I'll do it any time and every time....” He looked as if he was going to say something else but instead suddenly blurted,” I, um, have to get out of here. Now. To go do some laundry so I have something that doesn't make me look like a hobo for tomorrow. What time's the class?” "7:30 am. Lasts about 45 minutes. Don't wear loose boxers. See you then?" “Without a doubt.” Blake gave them one final bi flex before making his way toward the men's locker room with an overhead wave. Karen and Cas watched him leave in silence. “You manage to figure out if he likes you yet?” Karen crossed her arms again. “I had, like, five minutes. Five. What do think I said, Nice shoes, wanna fuck?” “From you? Yeah.” “Oh my god. I hate you so much right now.” “Nah you don't. He know you're teaching the class tomorrow?” “Not a chance.” “Smooth. Sure that'll be fun. Maybe I'll show up to see his face.” “No you won't – you won't even be out of bed until after 9:00 am.” “Nooope.” Karen grinned and then looked at Cas expectantly. “Well?” "Well, what?" All Cas could think about was how the hell he was going to patch together a workout when all he could think about was Blake's smile and his biceps and the perfect pattern of shorn hair on his mammoth chest.... “Aren't you going to follow him?” “Like, right now?” “Yes, now! Go.” With a playful shove from Karen, Cas tried to keep from tripping over his own feet as he hurried toward the locker room.
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    Unwilling Chapter 3 People started to filter out of the gallery; it was getting close to 2 am. The show went very well, and I had sold a total of ten paintings, seven to Martin VanSemec and three to a giant guy. He was quite a guy. After Jess and Davis made their wild exit, I met the gentleman that bought the other three. Tina walked me up to him just as the caterers were clearing the tables. "I'm sorry I got here late to your show, but I am glad I was able to buy the ones I wanted." The handsome giant said. "Thank you so much for coming, and it is a pleasure to meet you," I answered as I craned my neck up to see his face. He was a big one, about 9'6" with a chest so big I had to step back to get the right angle to be able to see his mouth move. "Thank you for inviting me. I'm Willis Stone; you have probably seen me on the internet." “I know who you are, I have seen your bodybuilding clips, and you are much bigger in person.” He shifted his stance, then without warning, lifted me up, spun me around and placed me gently on one of the conversation platforms that brought me closer up to his height. “There, that’s much better for you and me!” After I regained my composure, I realized the view from here was much better. “So are you going to put the paintings in your house?" I was trying to make small talk. "No, actually I am going to put them at my private workout club out at the lake, I have a kind of spa out there where us big boys can move around more freely if you catch my drift." I looked back at him hypnotized by his incredible face, and long brown hair draped over mountain traps and boulders for delts. “I got that drift loud and clear.” I grinned back at him. Willis looked at his watch, probably the most massive watch I have ever seen wrapped around a wrist a thick as my leg. “I gotta go, but I WILL see you again." He pulled me in for a bear hug, then his one hand slid down my back and completely engulfed my entire ass, and then gave it a really hard squeeze. "You got it!" I croaked as I was in a trance. He walked away; his ass was two muscle mounds packed tight in dress pants, every shift of each side jiggling slightly, his monstrous thighs bowing out each side trying to move past each other. “Linus…Linus!” Tina snapped her finger in front of my face. “Anyone home?” “Oh, Tina! Sorry I was just…” “Just about to attach yourself to Willis Stone’s ass, is what you were going to do.” "Well Tina, it looks like it would be a great place to live!" I walked home at 2 am, the city was still busy with bars and restaurants crowded for a great Friday night. I tried to remember what this place looked like before guys got big. The changes were very subtle overall. Storefronts of newer buildings were redone with 15’ high doors. Resuarants had larger tables and chairs put in sections. Older buildings were adjusted as much as they could, others left for historical reasons, and big boys had to do the twist and bend to get in them. Walking down the street, the crowds looked different, instead of maybe seeing a one very tall guy towering overhead of a crowd walking down the street, now there were groups of giants, ranging from 7’ to 8’ among the regs. Then rarely the big score guys like Willis, Davis or Jess looming over the crowd. But overall the height of the groups stayed the same; you just saw an outcropping here and there of the giants. They liked hanging with each other in public; they seemed to feed off each other's height. They also were more physical with us regs. They seemed to enjoy getting in close to us, picking us up at random, giving bear hugs. And this was with the straight giants also. Walking and talking with these guys was a challenge as they moved through space differently. All of them had a lumbering quality; trying to speak to a head 8 to 9 feet in the air while you were trying to have a conversation was impossible. Walking and talking with these beasts was one of my pet peeves. I always asked the massive dude in that situation to stop to talk, or sit down and talk. I never dated a giant; I guess after tonight I could date one. Willis was a walking dream. I could not get him out of my head. I got to my place, went into the lobby and called the elevator. It was quiet in my building. As I got closer to my 4th floor, I heard a slight growling, rumbling sound. I thought the elevator was making that sound. Then the noise stopped. The doors slid open, the soft tone came. I was bushed; I could not wait to get to bed. Then the low growling sound sounded from the far side of the loft from Jess' bed area. I became concerned and wondered what it was. Slowly I walked across the loft space about 50 feet and came to the hanging panels that portioned off Jess' enormous makeshift bed of four California king mattresses. It was dark over here, only the light from the street lights below dimly lit the area. I peeked around the panel. There were two monstrous forms. Naked and grunting and growling. It was a spectacle of massive muscle forms intertwined moving rhythmically. Hits of glistening sweat on the muscles would shimmer quickly in the available light. One form was on the bed on elbows and knees, the other with cock inserted in the bottom forms huge ass. I just gasped. Both forms instantly froze. Both turned their heads towards me. The larger one pulled out of the mega ass then slowly stood up and up. It was Davis. He turned and cracked his neck and slowly engulfed his huge cock in one hand, pulled it and let it go. It slapped hard against his wide muscled waist. In two huge steps, he was in front of me, his cock right up against his belly, above me. He stepped in closer. His huge grapefruit sized balls hung just above my forehead. Jess was still in the position that accepted Davis giant cock. He was on his elbows but looking at me. He did not move a muscle. Davis softly took my hand, completely covering it, and slowly lead me to the bed. Jess reached out with one hand and gently pulled me next to him, then Davis and he guided me under Jess like I was going beneath a mack truck. My head was now just below Jess’ equally humungous cock. It was hard and tight up against his cobbled distended muscle gut. I reached up and started caressing it. Davis now was back in position, slowly pumping away, groaning. Jess began to moan and growl low. I was under over half a ton of man, with almost a ton of man joining in. I just let myself go. I leaned up propping myself on my elbows and began licking the underside of Jess' pipeline sized shaft. As soon as I did the growl became louder. This was the growl I heard in the elevator. Davis pumped harder; I licked and sucked faster. Jess was in pure ecstasy. Davis stared slapping the behemoth ass cheeks of jess, and the vibration traveled through his body, and I could feel it on my mouth as I caressed his dick. Davis was pumping faster, and I knew Jess was going to blow soon. I put as much of my mouth against Jess' huge balls and started licking furiously, My dick a steel rod and I could not keep it from spewing any longer. Davis yelled and shot his load, Jess shuddered and blasted all over my lower torso, and I blew my load into Jess' brick muscled stomach. Then they collapsed on each other, forgetting that I was the bottom of the pile. Suddenly I had a giant cock and balls pressed against my face and was being smothered by Davis’ and Jess' weight combined. For a moment it was nice, then I realized I could not breathe. I started slapping the side of Jess' titanic muscle gut like I was banging on the hull of a ship. In one swift per move Davis rolled onto the bed, Jess grabbed me and rolled over, and I ended in between them in a cloud of man sex smell. We all were breathing heavily. “So, Harold told me he saw you guys kiss at a coffee shop. What’s that all about?” I asked a matter of factly.
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    Thank you for all the kind words and the warm welcome! Here is Chapter 2 Unwilling Chapter 2 I settled in with Harold next to me, and the two goofballs became entranced with the tv, watching "Top Gun" for the millionth time. Harold started discussing his ex-boyfriend as of yesterday. He also seemed still antsy from the Jess and Davis “let’s eat him” show. "I liked him, Linus. He was sweet and kind, but for some reason the last two weeks he seemed off. I asked him if anything was wrong, but he said no. Then yesterday I went by his house and told me that he was seeing another guy. A giant. Can you believe it? The reason we met was that he did not want to date giants, and now he tells me he's fallen for one. It just sucks. I thought he would be the one". I put my arm around Harold and tried to comfort him. "There are a lot of regs out there Harold; the odds are with you. What is it, seventy percent of the guys are regs, only thirty percent are giants. You will find a guy. You really will." I asked Harold if he wanted a snack, and he offered to go to the kitchen area of the loft with me. When we got to the dividing panels from the living room, he grabbed my arm and pulled me behind one of the panels. "Linus, are Jess and Davis gay?" I was flabbergasted. "What, Gay? Are you kidding? "Linus, I could not tell you when we were out there on the couch with them, but when I went to the assholes house to be dumped, I saw something. He lives clear on the other side of town. After he gave me the dump speech, I left and walked to my car and passed a coffee shop. Davis and Jess were in there!" "Ok, they were having coffee on the other side of town. So that makes them gay?" "No," Harold whispered looking around quickly. "They were sitting down at one of the giant tables. From where I was outside I could see Jess had his hand on Davis' crotch. He was getting in there." I gulped. “Harold, I don’t know what to say. This is huge for them to turn out gay, pardon the pun. So how long were they doing that?” “About ten minutes. Then they went out the back door. I went around the back and peeked over the patio planter. They held each other's hand and then Jess got in there an planted a huge deep one on Davis. Then they left going separate ways.” My mind was reeling. These two guys that I had for roommates for four years in college, these guys that had every chick lined up to smash every night of the week, these guys were gay? I was having trouble even thinking. I knew things got weird after they took the drug. They exploded. Some of the chicks stopped coming around, Davis said that his cock was getting too big for them to have sex, then when they got to the final size, it was infrequent that the chicks came around, but there were still some that did. I assumed that Jess and Davis concocted some workaround for their giant dicks to please the women and get their pleasure. “Harold, whatever you do, do not tell them that you told me anything. Is that a deal?” Harold was peeking around the panel and snapped his head back. “Yes. I promise. I grabbed a bag of chips, and we went back over to the tv couches. Davis got up stretched his massive frame and said he was going home, Jess stretched out and flexed his huge arms and snuggled deeper into the couch with his back to the tv. I sat next to Harold and held his hand till the movie ended, and then Harold called it a night and left. It was getting late, so I did my bathroom stuff and went back out into the living room area, and snoring like a buzzsaw on the couch was Jess. I poked him a couple of times with no response. I sat down on the chair opposite him; he had his colossal back to me, his head buried in the pillows. I thought about him and Davis being gay. I loved that they could be; I hoped that I would be the one that they would come out to. I stared at Jess' body my eyes starting at his size 42 sneakers. Huge heavy things, they were like picking up a weight at the gym when I moved them in the loft. Then up to his calves, they were colossal bulbous muscles that looked like melons under smooth, perfect skin. His thighs, from this perspective, were tree trunk size, full and packed up to the ass line of his spectacular ass checks. They were two massive beachballs of perfectly shaped muscle, the seams of his compression shorts delineating their enormous size. Farther up was his wide muscular waist, then a quick transition to a back as full as a garage door, his one top arm with its massive horseshoe triceps fighting for room with his gargantuan lat muscle. His other side was buried deep in the couch from his colossal weight. I became disappointed for a moment. I remembered all those times watching him and Davis expand before me daily, every day waking up and seeing another part of their anatomy line up with my eyes, sitting across from them while they were in a feeding mode: stuffing everything and anything they could in their mouths to get energy, and the whole time me hiding my rock hard erections and wishing they were gay. But now they were. How do I breach the subject though? How would that happen? Should I make it happen? I kept my new information to myself. For the next week, I was swamped, and Jess was out frequently working out and getting ready for Giant Football League tryouts. He was going to try out for the city team, The Behemoths. He would eat about 20 pounds of food in the morning then split. I was busy with the second big show of my paintings and was on the phone with my fussy agent all the time. The night of the show came, and I had invited Harold and Jess and Davis of course. I had to buy dress slacks for Jess with a dress shirt and tie; I told him he could not wear spandex workout pants and a muscle shirt to the show. We all walked the short distance to the gallery. Davis looked great in a suit tailored for him; he had one made just for this, the financial firm he worked at was casual, so he was miffed he had to outlay some serious cash for a huge suit. The gallery had a big crowd, I was scared that nobody would attend, but my agent said it was one of the biggest show openings she had seen. I never was famous, but now had to play the part of a renowned artist. I walked around the galleries and spoke to as many people as I could. My agent had the great idea to have large platforms installed so regs could go up about four feet, stand on a platform and have a somewhat face to face with the giant guys that showed up. I noticed Davis and Jess were hanging around close to one another, a sight not lost on Harold as he would come up and whisper, “See?” The music was good, people were having fun, the large platforms were working as intended. Then my agent came up with the great news. “You are now a multimillionaire!” she gushed. “What? You sold some paintings?” I was happy as could be! “Some? Some darling? Try SEVEN. I sold seven!” She exclaimed. "Tina, you are precious! I love you!" I kissed her cheek and gave her a big hug. “I want you to meet the person who bought them!” Tina grabbed my arm and pulled me across the gallery. We stopped in front of a very, very short man, maybe 4'6" and about 40 years old. "Hello, Linus! It's a pleasure to meet you. I love your paintings. I'm Martin Van Semec.” I held out my hand, "It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Van Semec and thanks you for enjoying and buying my paintings!" "I already know where they are going. Six are going to my corporate HQ, and one is going to my private residence. I can't wait to get them up". “That is fantastic! I would love to see them at you HQ.” I added. "Well, that's a plan. Come over this Friday, and I will have them installed, and you can see, also call me Martin!" I liked this guy. Not just because he bought 2 million dollars of my paintings but because he seemed so “on” and in the moment." “I will be there Martin. I look forward to it!” The show went on, and people started feeling great with all the liquor that was served. As I was talking to reg guys that were there, I felt two huge hands drop over my shoulders, and I was pulled back into the crotch of a very intoxicated Davis. “Good show man!” Davis slurred. I could feel his huge balls on top of my head as he pulled me in deeper. The three reg guys, all gay started laughing. Then a plastered Jess lumbered up. "I am SO proud of you man! I love you, man!" He was drunker than Davis. He slumped down and gathered up the three reg guys in his wide arm span and gave them a monster hug. “Isn't Linus cool!" The three gay reg guys started taking advantage of the moment and had their hands-on whatever body part was closest. "Ok, Ok, I got to go to bed Davis! I have a workout tomorrow," Jess slurred and then unlatched the three happy guys. I reached up and pulled on Davis' tie till he bent over with his huge drunken head next to mine. Davis, “You need to take Jess home and put him to bed.” Davis mumbled back, “Yup, and I need to go to bed too. Can I crash at your place? I'm too drunk to walk back home." "You sure can Davis, the couch is all yours." "WE ARE GOING," Davis announced to everyone, then took Jess' arm. Jess then pulled his arm back and went into a double bicep pose. Both shirtsleeves split. "And with the show over, we are NOW going." Jess proclaimed. Arms over each other giant shoulders, the two beasts left the gallery, not before trying to negotiate the front door for at least a minute with the crowd howling with laughter.
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    Never expected a response from that many people. Hopefully I can keep up the interest with this next installment. Not 100% sure where I want this to go, but, I think that is half of the fun of writing. My New Job pt 2 When an upset man who is a couple inches taller than you, at least 50 lbs of pure muscle heavier, and currently seems to be shaking while having a couple clothing issues is staring down at you, I did what any normal sane person would do… I fainted. I can’t really remember the last time I blacked out… there may have been an episode of heat exhaustion when I was trying to impress a guy, by hiking with him in the dunes. I had forgotten all of…. You know what? Nevermind. Not important. What is important is that I woke up in my apartment, laying on my couch, fully clothed. So that was good. I slowly got up when I heard the sounds of water running in the kitchen. There standing in front of my sink, washing my dishes, was the catalyst of my dizzy spell, Harding. He seemed calmer, though his clothes were still a little tight on him. He looked at me and smiled. “Oh good, you are up. Sorry that I gave you a scare. I have issues with people telling me no… So, I did your dishes to apologize and I wanted to let you know that I will pick you up for work the rest of the week.” I looked at him dumbfounded. “Why? Why would you have to pick me up?” I blushed slightly and looked away. “So, I have anger issues. And, I need to vent out my frustrations…” I looked at him with my mouth agape. “YOU TOOK IT OUT ON MY CAR!” I ran out into the night air and sitting there in the middle of my driveway, leaking fluids, was my light grey Prius. It looked like it had gotten hit by a Mack Truck and had flipped over several times. The roof was dented in and part ripped off from the frame. The windows were gone. The driver’s side panel was dented in. Tires popped and rims bent. The hood of my little car was the new owner of a large hole and my engine was missing. “Like I said, I have anger issues. I’m not proud of it. Since, you seem upset, I will leave you be. Your dishes are clean. I am going to go.” And with that he started to walk to his truck. Once he walked past me, I grabbed his wrist and felt him physically shiver. “You are going to fix this… I don’t care how this happened. I can’t believe that you took your anger out on my car. And who the hell has that kind of equipment in their vehicle that can do this kind of damage? But you will figure out how to fix this. I need my vehicle” He looked down at me, and then down to where I was touching him. He slowly pulled his arm away. “I will be here at seven to pick you up.” And with that he got in his truck and left. Harding is very punctual. I heard his engine shut off right at seven a.m., like he planned. He slowly made his way to my front door. He knocked on my door, and I went up to answer it. I found out that he wasn’t waiting for me. He walked to my door, knocked, and then went back to his truck. I grabbed my bag, my jacket, and bagged lunch and made my way to his truck. I climbed in quietly, and we headed to work. In silence. I noticed that Harding kept looking at my hand that was at my side. I wondered why, but I slowly pulled my hand away and draped it over my leg. We walked into work, me following slightly behind him. It was my second day at the job, and everything was all screwed up already. I worked on my projects trying to fix things, I tried to talk to Harding as little as I could. And, I knew that I was going to have to call my insurance company. I am very lucky honestly, I keep nothing in my car, and my insurance company sends people out to look at the vehicle, even if you aren’t there. A couple hours later they sent out a older woman, she took pictures and called me so that I could answer her questions. “No Ma’am, I have no clue how this happened. I came out of my house and found my vehicle destroyed” “No Ma’am, I don’t drink, nor do I do any drugs.” “Yes, Ma’am, I understand that this looks weird and that there will have to be an investigation.” I was sitting at my job, working in the receiving, trying to keep my mind off of what was going on and the Harding came up to my desk. “Hey,” he said in his baritone voice. “I need to stay late. You can either stay here, or find an alternative way to get home. But, I have no problem taking you back home.” I looked up at him, I realized that he was wearing a t-shirt that had one of my favorite fandoms on it. “I can stay here, I don’t have a problem with that. I, um, have a shirt similar to that. I didn’t realize that you liked them too…” He looked at me and chuckled. “This is your shirt. I wanted to give you a gift. A shirt that has been worn by me, a shirt that has been against my skin, a shirt that has had my sweat soaking in its threads.” And I just looked at him shocked, and he turned and walked away. I wasn’t going to lose my cool here, not at work, not on my second day, and not to some arrogant putz. I was hot the rest of the day. “Who the hell does he think he is? You can’t just take a person’s shirt and flaunt it in front of you the next day.” I am lucky that I was busy, people left me alone, I might have lost my cool. I ate my lunch at my desk and thankfully no one stopped by to see how I was doing. At the end of the day I clocked out and was working on cleaning my desk. I watched as the rest of the workers left, and the only vehicle was Harding’s truck. He was going to hear what I had to say, and I don’t care what he did afterwards. I stormed into his area of the warehouse and stopped when I say him, holding up one of the forklifts with one hand, while he was working on the undercarriage. “Oh my god, what the fuck?!” I exclaimed. He looked at me and slowly shifted the forklift in his hands so that he was holding it by the cage that surrounds the driver and set it down with one hand. “Oh good, I figured I upset you enough to have you confront me.” He smiled and the flexed a double bicep pose that was beyond shredded. And for the second time in as many days, I passed out.
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    Part 10 As Trevor drives home after eating breakfast with Seth, he replays the morning's encounter in his head. How mind-shatteringly hot he found the whole situation. He wonders to himself is he actually gay? And does it matter? Clearly some lines had been blurred between him and Seth. Were they just two bros enjoying a wank together or was there more? Or was he just blindly infatuated with Seth's hyper-masculine sexy massiveness? Whatever it was, it gave him the most powerful masturbatory orgasm he'd ever felt and he feels his dick plumping up again just thinking about it. He's grateful that Seth is such a good friend and so open-minded that he lets Trevor explore his body like that. Trevor is also relieved that Seth had elected not to have Trevor partake in the measurements. While he found the size difference intensely erotic, his stomach simultaneously queezes at the thought of learning his own inferior measurements. He was especially thankful that Seth hadn't asked to measure his dick. As Seth and the others keep growing, measuring, and measuring EVERYTHING has clearly become a favorite pastime. It's like the giants find that constant measuring affirms their superiority over the weaker and shorter people. It's thought that both excites and scares Trevor...though he's beginning to find that the exciting part is taking over. In his head, while grateful his own stats had not been taken, in a perverse, morbidly curios way, Trevor was actually disappointed that Seth hadn't measured his height and manhood and then compared. Still, even though he enjoys Seth's size, he knows that he would enjoy that size so much more if it were actually his. He arrives home and fishes out the vial of the Elongro from the back of his fridge. He studies the vial and reminisces on all the craziness it was caused in the past year. How it has completely flipped his perspective and the dynamics of his close friends, dislodging him from the top of the pyramid and sending him tumbling down to be with the other average, nay SMALL, people. He finds an insulin syringe and is able to extract every last remaining drop of liquid from the vial. It amounts to just a hair under ½ of a dose, as he suspected. “Let's try this again. C'mon Elongro, make me huge.” he says as he jabs the needle into a fold of belly skin. After that weekend Seth heads back to his co-op and Trevor continues with his semester. After the encounter with Jack and Brooke at the basketball game Trevor goes even greater lengths to avoid them. He can't bear to think of the continued ascension of Jack and Brooke. Seeing Jack's frame growing simultaneously taller and more muscular, becoming even more powerful and unstoppable on campus is difficult, especially without the protection of Seth. The campus newspaper sports section now regularly features Brooke, who is becoming a star on the girls basketball team. Trevor does his best not to read up on her accomplishments. He's happy for her, but still can't shake the feeling that he's now just a blip in her life now, a tiny forgotten man. Thankfully, Seth and Trevor continue to keep in touch and exchange messages for the next few weeks. Trevor is grateful that Seth never brings up his or Trevor's size. Of course, Trevor can't help but ask about Seth's progress every once in while. Seth always responds with vague excitement of his “new gains”. Every week Seth seems to mention a new PR on his bench and squats. Obviously his muscles are still expanding, but Trevor wonders if he is still inching upwards as well. The last time they hung out Seth was full FOOT taller than him. Trevor shudders to think that another human adult human being, his own best friend, much less, could TOWER over him by more than a foot. Surely he couldn't still be growing taller, right? In late-February Seth calls up Trevor. “Trev, my man! I wanted to ask, me and some buddies are going on a Spring Break trip, would you want to join? It would be so much fun. I miss you, dude!” Used to texting, at first Trevor can hardly believe the even deeper voice on the phone. If the phone hadn't displayed “BIG SETH” on the screen he never would've believe it was him upon answering. “That could be fun. Where too?” “Florida! Would be great to get out of this cold and enjoy some sun and beach time. Have a few brewskis as well!” “Ok, yeah man. Who with and where and Florida?” There is a pause on the line before Seth speaks up. “Um...well, it's actually Jack's place. His family is actually very wealthy and they have a big vacation home on the Florida coast.” Trevor sighs deeply through the phone and Seth hears his uncertainty. “I know Trev and I'm sorry. But the offer is too good to pass up. Free lodging on the beach! Dude, seriously, it will be good for you to get out and relax a bit. Jack's an ok guy. And I know it might be a bit awkward but you and Brooke broke up almost three months ago. It's time to move on. Whenever Brooke comes over to hang out with Stacy she never says anything bad about you. You two seem to at least be getting along, the few times you are around her.” “Yeah,” Trevor thinks, “Because she basically ignores me.” Seth continues with his spiel. “Plus, the house is huge and there will be like 20 people staying there. If you need to it will be easy to avoid them. C'mon man, take a break from all the studying. You need to get out, little bro! You're a college guy, live it up.” “Seth...I...I don't know...” “Trevor, buddy. You're my bro. My dude. If Jack does become an asshole to you, I'll pound his ass, haha.” Seth chuckles deeply into the phone. It's so alpha and manly that Trevor finds it arousing. Of course, this helps push him over the edge and he relents and agrees to join. “Awesome, Trevor! We're going to have a great time! I'll send you the information in an email. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks dude!” Two weeks later Trevor has just arrived at the Tampa airport. He heads into the airport bathroom as we waits for his Uber driver to arrive. He gives himself a once over in the mirror, sighing as he notes how his shirt billows at under his arms. He re-cinches his belt to keep his pants from falling down around his legs before finding his Uber out in the pick up lane. He crawls in the back seat and gives the driver the address. “Oh wow, good for you.” The driver says. “That is a very nice neighborhood along the beach. Swanky. Huge homes. I'll have you there in 20 minutes.” On the drive over Trevor and the driver chat about how the city is bustling with Spring Break kids. Once he's halfway there he texts Seth to let him know he's on his way. Trevor's heart starts to pound as he thinks about Seth. He hasn't seen Seth in six weeks, since that fateful weekend back at his place. The driver soon turns off the main road and enters through a large gated entrance. The driver wasn't lying, Trevor is in awe of the affluent houses he sees. They are all on stilts and still tower another three stories above that. The car slowly makes its way down the street to Jack's house, which is the furthest house down. It's apparently that Spring Break is in full swing. Hordes of tall, buff dudes and dudettes milled around, shirtless, ripped, toned and drinking. Trevor notes how the affluence of this community is certainly exaggerated, not just in the size of the houses, but the size of the people! Clearly all these kids had a very wealthy upbringing with the healthiest food and best doctors to maximize their development. All the half-dressed coeds milling about are enormous! Trevor quickly begins to regret his decision. He can hardly believe these were college kids and not fully grown fitness models well into their mid-to-late twenties. Trevor deduces that since this is such a rich area, it is likely that many of these kids had also tried the Elongro since they could afford it. Trevor is nervous at just how small he is going to feel in this literal neighborhood of giants. During the last few weeks, what Trevor hasn't told Seth is that with his second shot of Elongro, he now knows what was meant by “adverse reactions.” The driver pulls up to the driveway of the biggest house at the end of the road. A large man is sitting on the deck. Only large doesn't come close to describing him, although the driver makes his best attempt as he to spots the unmissable human being. “Holy cow, I know you college guys are more into fitness than ever but that is the BIGGEST man I've ever seen! And his muscles are just...insane!” Seth is sitting on the deck facing the road, lounging shirtless, tan and engorged with muscle. Huge, bodybuilder-sized muscles encase his skeleton. He is in sunglasses and wearing a pair of dark blue square cut swimming trunks. Trevor correctly assumes that the trunks are in fact very large, but Seth is so HUGE and TALL that they barely cover even half of his flaring quadriceps. Not to mention, the trunks are also pulled tight as it looks like he has stuffed a huge bratworst in his crotch. Seth leans forward and waves his beefy arm as the driver pulls up. Seth stands up and comes down the deck and strides toward the car. As Trevor looks out the window he gasps as all he can see is Seth's packed crotch. He is so big his waist seems like it's nearly at the top of the car! Seth opens the door and Trevor gets out of the car. Seth's are like tree trunks now, long and strong. Trevor simply stands in front of Seth, craning his neck WAY BACK to look up at Seth's tan, lightly unshaven face. The Uber driver backs out and drives away, leaving the two to stare at each other in mutual awe. The size difference is astounding to both of them. As Trevor tilts his head down, breaking eye contact from Seth, he sees he is looking straight ahead to the second row of Seth's deep cut, brick-sized abdominals. He looks just slightly to the side and notes how Seth's magnificent lat muscles actually connect to his torso just slightly ABOVE Trevor's eyes. Trevor then gulps and looks down slowly to gaze upon Seth's obscene bulge. That moment reinforces just how BIG Seth is and how small Trevor is in comparison. With shock, Trevor sees that the root of Seth's cock is at the same level as his chest! From Trevor's perspective Seth absolutely fills his vision with bulging, tight, tanned musculature. Conversely, Seth can't believe how SMALL Trevor looks, but he is able to contain any potential verbal expressions of this surprise. Seth knew he still had been growing, but when he mostly hangs out with his giant friends, the extent of just how much gets lost in translation. Seth wonders just how skewed his own perception of the world and the small people in it is, because Trevor looks smaller than ever to him. Seth looks way down, examining Trevor and notes how he must be two, maybe three times as wide as his little friend. Perhaps that same ratio could be applied to their weights as well. Further, unless Seth simultaneously tilts his head way forward and Trevor looks way up, all Seth can see is the top of Trevor's head. A tiny head that Seth knows he could easily palm. The feeling of being so much bigger than another grown man is intoxicating and it fills Seth with masculine pride. Though he never would, the knowledge that he COULD easily completely dominate his tiny friend strokes his ego...and his already bulging crotch. After some moments of mutual introspection, Trevor looks back up at Seth into his sunglasses, who smiles welcomingly down at his little friend. His tiny friend. "You made it! Damn, dude.... it's great to see you!" Suddenly Seth bends down and lifts Trevor effortlessly into the air for a hug. To Trevor it looks as if a flesh-colored building is collapsing on him. Trevor is soon rocketed up and his face is smashed into pillow sized pectorals. Glancing downward, Trevor realizes that he must be over a foot off the ground! Trevor mumbles a responsive 'hello bro' against Seth's exposed pec meat, causing Seth to chuckle. Seth can also feel a little nub poking into this abs as he holds tiny Trevor against his torso. "Sorry dude, sometimes I get carried away! Sometimes I don't even realize how big and strong I am now. Here, I'll set you down.” Trevor feels his feet return to terra firma and Seth steps back, able to find his breath after being cocooned in muscle mass. Trevor realizes that he can't stand right next to Seth and see his face anymore...Seth is just too tall and his pecs are too big. The two must leave some distance between them to have eye contact, again causing Trevor to search for words. Seth realizes Trevor is having processing Seth's new size and surroundings. “Hey man, relax! It's just me. Big Seth! I'm so glad you came. I know this could be weird, but remember, you are MY little buddy... no one here is dumb enough to mess with me!" Seth flashes his perfect teeth and Trevor is able to take a deep breath and weakly smile. Seth reaches his long arm behind Trevor to lead him up the steps to the house. “C'mon in man, let me show you around this kick-ass house.” Seth takes Trevor on a tour of the place where he marvels at its size. Everything seems to be just a bit bigger than what he is used to back home... counter height, furniture, etc. It feels like it's designed for the very people visiting, certainly not shorter guys like him. The living room is cavernous with a 25 ft high ceiling and floor to ceiling windows facing the Gulf. The view is stunning, a true million dollar view. The two walk around back to the huge pool deck hearing voices as they approach and see a dozen guys and girls splashing around. Of course, they all are HUGE. All of them are muscular, tall, beautiful people. Trevor can't believe what he is seeing. Trevor notices Jack in the distance, looking more ripped then ever in his fashionably tight black swim trunks, heading inside from the pool area to presumably grab a drink. Even HE has to DUCK to get through the door, sending a jolt to Trevor's nerves. Thankfully Seth continues the tour, avoiding Jack...for now. He takes Trevor upstairs to show him to his bedroom. Seth opens the door and hears Trevor's annoyed reaction. "Dude... bunkbeds? Are you kidding? What am I? Twelve?" Seth laughs at his reaction, "Haha, oh stop. Remember, you're staying here for free, man. It'll be fun. You'll be staying here with Jack's little brother." Trevor sighs heavily. "I know, I know..." Seth says sympathetically. "Look, he's not some young kid. He's a senior in high school. He's cool... just like Jack. Plus it's not like you'll be hanging out here! This is just for sleeping. You are going to hang at the pool with the gang!" Seth says with a grin. Trevor shrugs, obviously annoyed, but remembers he is a guest. He tries to convince himself that it was a great gesture for Jack to include him, so Trevor decides to make the best of it. "Alright I'm gonna head down to the pool. Get changed into your swimming trunks, and meet us out back!" Trevor watches as Seth leaves and closes the door. It doesn't go unnoticed by Trevor just how far Seth has to duck to get through the door. Not to mention the fact that Seth has to now turn his body at an angle as his muscles and shoulders are so broad. Trevor sighs lustily imagining being too big for normal architecture as he changes into his baggy trunks. He then makes his way back down the stairs and toward the pool deck. He kicks off his sandals by the door and realizes just how large all the other sandals are. Glancing around first, he slowly puts his foot next to one, watching it totally engulf his own foot - like a kid trying on his Dad's shoes. He shakes his head in disbelief. Looking through the pile he locates the biggest sandals, assuming they are Seth's. He picks one up, marveling at how the footbwear is about as long as his entire shin. He flips the flop over and see's his a size 23. A number that obliterates his own size 8.5 feet. Trevor hears heavy stomping approaching the screen door and quickly drops the sandal. From outside Seth approaches the sliding door and opens it, twisting and ducking to get inside, again leaving Trevor in awe of his giant friend. "Fuck, dude," Trevor remarks "You've gotten...just...HUGE! You barely fit through doors now!" Seth laughs, loving that Trevor has finally mentioned it. "Yeah dude when you are a seven footer, not much fits anymore." Trevor stares up at Seth. WAY UP at him with his mouth hanging open. Though he had suspected it, now it was official. Seth knows what Trevor is thinking and stands there proudly with his hands on his hips, taking up more space than any human should be able to. "Dude! Seth, are you serious!? You are SEVEN FEET TALL? You can't be that big! You don't look all lanky and stretched out like most super tall people do. Even the really, really tall lifters don't look nearly as muscular as you.” Seth slowly steps up to Trevor and looks down at him from over his massive pecs. "I know, little buddy isn't it awesome. I'm like a professional muscle model only way, WAY TALLER! I've got the proportions of a 6 ft tall bodybuilder but I would make him look like a RUNT! I mean look at these biceps! Boom!” Seth flexes. “Look at these pecs!" Seth bounces his pecs which now loom above Trevor's face. “Check out these DEEP abs!” Seth crunches his abs and the bricks on his stomach become even more pronounced. Trevor gasps as he can actually make out individual striations in Seth's abs! Something he has never seen on any bodybuilder. And Seth's muscle control is incredible. He is able to roll his abs and then FLEX them into a cobblestone street. Seth's pride grows as he impresses his seemingly shrinking friend. "And, you're right about one thing, little buddy, I'm not seven feet tall. I'm OVER seven feet tall! HAHAHAH!" Trevor is having trouble forming words, "What?!? How tall are you!?" “Actually, I don't know dude. I purposefully haven't measured my height in a few weeks. I just know I'm over seven feet tall because last week Jack was measured at seven feet flat and I'm taller than him!” Seth then leans way down to whisper into Trevor's ear. "Tell you what dude, why don't you come by my room tonight and we can find out how BIG I really am. Stacy and Brooke don't show up until tomorrow so it's just me in my room tonight. I know how much you like measuring me." Seth stands back up to his full giant height with a sexy smirk, causing Trevor to gulp and stammer and attempt to keep his erection under control. "Um...uh...ok," he meekly replies. The pair then make their way out onto the deck that is full of young college gods and goddesses hanging in an around the pool. One of the girls notices Trevor. “AWWW, Jack's little brother is here! He's so cute! Looks like he's got a long way to go to catch his big bother!" Of course, this causes Jack to bursts out laughing, "Actually ladies, this is Trevor. He's a cool dude, aren't you little buddy! My bro doesn't get here til tomorrow." Jack walks up to Trevor, tall and cocky. He reaches over and down and tussles Trevor's hair. Trevor grits his teeth in annoyance and turns to look up to Seth looming at his side. Seth gives Jack a stern look that telepathically says "lay off, bro". The busty brunette girl who initially addressed Trevor smiles warmly. "Aw, well you're still cute. I love cute little guys. They are like Teddy Bears!" She giggles, climbs out of the pool and walks over to greet Trevor. Trevor realizes his eyes are at the level of the middle of her large perky breasts which fill her bikini to near bursting. She opens her arms, reaches down and gives Trevor a big hug, soaking him in the process with her wet supple body. Trevor may be into Seth's size and muscles, but his straight side rears its little head. He feels a great surge of blood flow to his dick as this sexy giant goddess smothers him with her tits. "It's truly great you have you here, Trevor. I'm Trish!" After the hug Trevor looks around to the other house guests. All the guys give him jealous looks. Trevor basically just got a free motor boat from the hottest girl at the pool. It gives him a fleeting sense of pride, making other guys jealous. However, doubt creeps into his mind, would Trish have hugged him like that if here were a big stud like them? Or did he pose so little of a threat to her that she saw as nothing more than a cute little friend. A few “hello”s and “hi”s are made as Seth lists off a bunch of names that Trevor instantly forgets, being distracted by the sea of tight fitness model bodies attached to towering frames. Even though half of the guests were seated, Trevor could tell his stature was nowhere near par at this house. This fact is not lost on the other guests as well. One dude sitting on the side of the pool with his long legs dangling in the water addresses the mouse in the room. "Yo dude, how small are you?" That is the question. Not 'how tall' or 'what is your height'? HOW small ARE YOU. Trevor's breathing quickens. He sucks in his breath trying to sound as confident at he can. He looks at Seth as he replies to pool dude. "I'm five ten." Seth tilts his head in curiosity as pool dude replies, "Wow bro, before you got here think the shortest guy here was like 6 foot 4. You're a small one, that's for sure. What did they put in the water where you come from, ha!" The comment stings but initially Trevor is relieved. He thinks to himself how amazing it is that they all believed him. But Trevor knows the truth. And judging by the inquisitive looks Seth gives him he suspects Seth will figure it out soon enough as well, causing Trevor to shift uncomfortably. Knowing how awkward this is making Trevor feel, Seth speaks up and changes the conversation to the volleyball game the group had been planning. The group instantly all defer to Seth and it's clear why. Even among all these giant gym obsessed bodies, Seth is far and away the biggest. The tallest, the most muscular, and the best looking. Jack was a clear number two, but even he couldn't hold a candle to Seth. The next hour goes by basically the same way. Seth goes around and properly introduces Trevor to the people there. All are very, very tall and Trevor suspects that many had grown from Elongro or were probably continuing to do so. While Seth tries to steer conversation away from Trevor's size, the juxtaposition of giant Seth and little Trevor invites the comparison from the other Spring Breakers. After some pool time, Trish walks around to remind everyone it was time for the volleyball game. Trevor watches as giant after giant gets out of the pool to dry off. Seth can tell what Trevor is thinking. He crouches down to tell Trevor, "Don't worry dude, you'll be on my team! I already picked you!" Trevor still pales a bit, realizing what a long, long game this is going to be. Out on the beach the rest of the teams are picked. Jack and Seth are selected as the team captains. No surprise there given Jack and Seth are the two biggest guys. Once the teams were formed, they get into formation on their respective sides and bump the ball around and stretch to loosen up. As they do Trevor walks up to the net...and see's something is very wrong. Trevor is not unfamiliar with volleyball. In fact, he often played coed recreation sand volleyball during the summers. But even with his new stature, this net seems very high. Trevor reaches his arm straight up. Where historically he could reach the top of the net...now the top of the net loomed at least another half of a foot above. Trevor's nerves tingle as he hears some snickering from directly across the net. Jack is smirking at Trevor as he futility tries to reach the top of the net. “It's a high net, huh bro. We decided to make things more interesting. We were playing yesterday and the game was too damn easy since we are all so TALL.” Jack gives Trevor an evil grin. “Well, ALMOST, everyone is tall, that is. So, we raised the net by eight inches to make the game more challenging. I'm sure you do fine.” Jack turns back to his team, chuckling at Trevor. Trevor is selected to serve first. He pleads with Seth a bit, saying that it's not a good idea. “Everybody has to serve at least one. You can do it, buddy.” Seth hands him the ball. Trevor looks across at the elevated net. From the service line he tosses the ball air, winds up and smacks it with all his might. The group all watch the ball as it sails toward the net...which it then promptly crashes into and falls to the sand with a resounding thud. Trevor reddens immediately from embarrassment. Seth palms the ball with one mighty hand and tosses to Trevor again. "That was a warmup! Don't worry dude, it's ok. Just try it again!" The second attempt yields the same result. The ball never comes within a foot of the top of the net. The girls and guys across the net start to snicker, especially Jack. Seth again grabs the ball, but this he steps over to the service line and with minimal effort hits it cleanly over the net and scores a point. An easy ace for a such a big man. "See, nothing to it!" The game begins and some fun back-forth ensures. The game goes for a while, but when the other team is struggling, they quickly sense the weakness. Jack continually tries to spike the ball directly toward Trevor, knowing that he won't be able to counter. After every successful spike Jack gloats. “WOO! Nothing to it! Haha there's no way you'll be able to block me, shorty.” The opposing team quickly racks up a few points in a row before Seth steps in to set them in their place. Every time Jack tries to score at Trevor, Seth runs over and digs the ball. His long legs and incredible reach make this look effortless. Seth is then able to spike the ball right back at Jack with even more force, completely unstoppable. Seth relishes the extra challenge. He's working so hard and stretching so much that soon the players hear Seth's shorts rip down his right leg, due to his huge quad flexing and moving. This leads to plenty of hoots and hollers from the girls and guys on the court. Seth is embarrassed for all of about two seconds, before embracing the fact that he's grown so huge and pumped that he's outgrown yet another item of clothing. Seth catches Trevor staring at another two inches of his exposed sinewy thighs, thighs that are nearly chest high to the little man. Seth winks knowingly at him. Even with the wardbrobe malfunction Seth plays on. Seth and Trevor's team rallies and eventually seals the deal, bringing home a win for team BIG SETH! “I'm glad our team won, Seth...no thanks to me, though.” "It's just a game dude. No worries." Trevor smiles weakly back, "Height helps in volleyball for sure." By the time the evening rolls around, Trevor has lost count of the the sheer number of times "cute" and "short" and even "tiny" have come out of people's mouths. Seth can tell it is bothering Trevor and also that something just seemed...off. At one point Seth watches from down the hall as Trevor struggles to get towels out of the closet from the top shelf, having to get on a stool to do it. He then thinks back to how Trevor looked so small on a deck chair. Or even the fact of how tiny Trevor looked compared to him. Seth was used to towering over people, but not even by this much. It gets Seth thinking, but he saves that thought in the back of my head for later. Late that night, after some drinks and snacks while hanging out around the bonfire on the beach, Trevor and Seth retire for the evening and go up to Seth's room. In Seth's quarters Trevor notices his large room has a huge California king bed in it. "Wow, man. Nice room!". "Thanks. Jack picked it specifically for me. He got a big room too. Said the big guys need BIG spaces!" Trevor rolls his eyes. Seth grabs a chair and a tape measure. "You sure you want to know buddy? This won't make you feel too small next to me, right?" Seth laughs. “Seth, you are getting so huge that I always feel short next to you. Even the guys downstairs, the ones that are tall to me, I overheard them saying they feel short and skinny next to you. I don't know why it excites me so much to measure you. It does make me feel small, but...um....” Trevor pauses, searching for words. “Go on, little buddy. What is it.” “...but I just find it so erotic. Here you are, my best friend, letting me feel and measure his immense muscles. And even though it terrifies me, in some way I'm proud too. I know I taught you how to lift, how to eat right.” “You sure did, man. I know I would've grown a lot with the Elongro even if I had never lifted. But you inspired me, showed me how dedication to the gym can help a guy maximize his potential. Bro, I love you to death. You helped me become the bodybuilding GIANT that I am. So I want to share it with you. It's perfectly OK if you want to touch these huge muscles... Even this huge cock, if you want. Because I actually like it too. I honestly don't mean this to sound shitty, but seeing your little body next to my huge one...Fuck. It just makes me feel so POWERFUL. So STRONG. So fucking HUGE. I'm sorry if that sounds cocky-” “-It doesn't, Seth,” Trevor interrupts. “I mean, it is cocky, but you can back it up. And weirdly, I sorta like it when you tease me.” This causes Seth to grin. Seth had known this, but Trevor has finally admitted it out loud. Seth decides to test Trevor's affirmation. “Oh, so you're not just a runt, you're a kinky runt.” The words cause Trevor to catch his breath and moan ever so slightly. Both Seth and Trevor are now fondling the growing bulges at their crotches as they confess their mutual love of size and each others' friendship. Trevor takes the tape and stands up on a chair, moaning slightly as he sees that Seth is now well taller than him, even when he's elevated on a chair. Seth's realization of this fact cannot be hidden either as he grins excitedly DOWN at Trevor. Seth uses his foot to hold the tape against the floor and Trevor draws out the measuring tape. It barely reaches the full height of Seth's massive body. Both men's hearts are beating out their chest as Trevor determines the measurement. Trevor holds his finger on the tape measure, stunned, barely able to speak, leaving Seth impatient. "So, what is it bro? Tell me already!" Trevor slowly looks up at Seth. At his gorgeous head framed two mammoth trapezius muscles. He mouths the result at first, but nothing comes out before he swallows to try again. "You are seven foot FIVE!" Seth eyes go wide and then roll upward in pleasure upon hearing the measurement. "Oh fuck YES, little man... That's even TALLER than I thought! I'm so fucking MASSIVE." Seth gives Trevor a celebratory high five, but his strength is so much that it sends Trevor falling backwards, thankfully onto the huge bed as Seth guffaws from high above. "Sorry bro! Don't know my own muscle-giant strength!" Laying on the bed, Trevor looks up at Seth's godly form. “Seven foot five, Seth? I don't even have a guess for how much you weigh. Do you know?” "Oh yeah, tiny. I actually went and did a body comp test a few days ago. Haha you should've seen the look on the face of all the little people at the clinic. And as I keep growing taller, my weight grows even more as I stay proportionally huge. All this MUSCLE you see, get this...weighs 440 pounds!! “OH MY GOD!” “I know, little man. Fucking' amazing. And I'm at just 6.5% bodyfat! I may be the most MUSCULAR man on the planet!” Trevor stares at Seth, still in his half torn shorts, TOWERING over him. Trevor can't help but tent up in his own swimming suit. It's small, but noticeable in the light fabric. The numbers he has just heard flummox his brain. Seven feet five. 440 lbs. He was not expecting that at all. Trevor eyes gaze all over the monstrous man in front of him, settling once again on the Seth's own packed crotch, his bulge far more obvious than Trevor's and growing. "Seth, are you boning up?" Seth replies with a smirk, "Yeah, little dude. Even I wasn't expecting those numbers. Being this big and powerful makes me so horny! I LOVE IT!" Seth punctuates his statement with a double biceps pose. Then for the second time today Trevor hears tearing. The rest of Seth's swimsuit tatters to the ground and his erection springs up, it's power being too much for the trunks. "HOLY SHIT!" Trevor yells a little too loudly, worried that the others may have heard. With Seth's arms still in full flex he grins down at Trevor. "Alright, bro, you've seen mine, show me yours!" Trevor panics. "What? No, dude, this is stupid. Stop it!" Trevor protests but remains rock hard. Even though he just admitted he likes this stuff, his proud brain still puts up some resistance. Seth just laughs and eggs him on. "C'mon bro, didn't you ever compare dicks with your buddies in high school? That's all we're doing! Whip 'em off, tiny. I wanna see." Trevor continues his protest, "But you saw it six weeks ago! We've already seen each other!" Seth places his hands on his hips, looking like a titanic hung superman. "Well dude, the last time we saw each other I was smaller..." Seth looks at Trevor mischievously. "...And after watching you today I have a feeling that you are not the same size either." Trevor's heart beats faster and he doubles down. "What? I'm still the same as last time. You are just bigger, Seth! WAY BIGGER! That's why I look so small to you!" "Uh huh. Sure, little buddy. But let's find out just to be sure, shall we." Seth hands Trevor the tape measure. “Go ahead and measure my dick, dude. Remember it was right around 13 inches last time." Morosely Trevor stands next to Seth and places one end of the tape at the base of Seth's mega dick. He slowly unroll the tape down the shaft. Inch by inch passes. Finally he reaches the corona of Seth's cock head and the number he sees amazes him. But...he still has to take the tape all the way to the tip, another two or three inches down because Seth's dickhead is so fucking huge. Seth is staring straight forward, purposefully avoiding looking at the tape, grinning smugly. "I can feel your tiny hands, one on the base on one the tip so I know you're done measuring down there. Tell me, man. HOW BIG AM I?" Trevor's voice trembles, "Seth, you are...are...FIFTEEN INCHES LONG!!" Seth's growls and raises his arms up in a victory pose, his fists scraping the ceiling which looks to be 10 ft tall. "DAMN I AM HUGE! NO WONDER EVEN STACY HAS BEEN HAVING TROUBLE WITH ME LATELY! I AM A TRUE BODYBUILDING PORNSTAR GIANT! WOO!” Seth's drops his arms with a satisfied sigh. “Alright dude, fair's fair! Your turn!" Trevor blanches and makes a move to get away. But Seth simply chuckles and easily grabs him and throws him back on the bed. Unable to escape the giant, Seth reaches his big hands down and easily rips off Trevor's shorts. Seth's gasps as Trevor's own manhood is exposed. Seth is aghast at its size...or more accurately its lack thereof. "Oh shit, dude," Seth states incredulously and apologetically. Trevor looks terrified yet remains rock solid. "Sorry dude, but I gotta know." Seth's reaches down and grabs the tape. As he brings it near Trevor's penis he realizes that Trev's dick could fit in his entire palm. He runs the tape up the short shaft. "Woah, you really are small, dude. Just four and half inches." Trevor hides his face in embarrassment, “Please don't tell anyone, Seth. Please!" Seth sits on the bed and grabs his tiny friend in a side hug. "Sure, thing bro, this is between us." Seth does his best to comfort his shrimpy friend. "Now, Trev, we need to be honest with each. I remember seeing you dick back when were roommates and you were not that small. Hell, I swear you were bigger in the showers six weeks ago. Are you...smaller?" “Yeah, Seth. It's the Elongro. I took a second shot. It...didn't make me grow. It actually made me shrink. I was just so desperate to get bigger. I was so jealous seeing you and Jack get so huge and how it's always been my dream to be muscular and tall. Fuck Seth, I'm actually getting smaller while you are growing bigger...and bigger...” Trevor runs his hands along Seth's gigantic pecs. He then reaches over and marvels at Seth's biceps. “My god, I can't believe how big you are. And how small I am now compared to you. Trevor is able to again focus on the positive aspects of his size kink. “Our sizes couldn't be any different Seth. Do you realize your dick is now over THREE TIMES as long as mine? How does that make you feel?" Seth grins proudly. Not just at the question but that Trevor is starting to open up more. "That's incredible to really think about, Trev. Honestly. I mean, I knew my dick was big. Stacy tells me every single night. I see guys who are way bigger than you gasp when they see it in the showers. But to SEE my big cock in comparison to a normal dick... er... I guess a small dick, man it just makes it seem SO MUCH BIGGER!" Seth laughs and Trevor finds himself chuckling and fondling his rock hard dicklet as Seth speaks. "I don't even think I was that small back when I was just a little guy...." Seth looks Trevor directly in his eyes. “A little guy like you are now, Trev. You seem really, REALLY small, dude. I'm sorry to say it but you do. Even to a giant like me." Trevor shrugs, knowing the truth. With a somber look he stands against the wall and hands Seth the tape. He sees how Seth pushes the chair to the side, nobody would ever need a chair to measure poor Tevor. Seth easily measures Trevor's height. "Fuck, dude... you are only 5 ft 8? Seriously?" Seth asks. "Hell you even look a bit under that... dude, Trev.... that's TINY!" Seth is in total shock and Trevor sits down on the bed, wiping away some stray tears. Seth puts his huge, meaty arm around Trevor as he tells Seth about the "adverse effects" of a second injection. “I started to shrink right after I took the shot. I was too embarrassed to tell you because I was worried that you wouldn't want to be friends with me anymore. All of your new friends are now so strong and big and tall...and I'm not. Seth hugs him tighter. "Dude... no matter how BIG I get, we will ALWAYS be friends. No matter how... um... small you get, we will ALWAYS be friends. Size doesn't matter to me. Sure, my buddies happen to be tall. That's ok. I'm tall and big, so birds of a feather you know? But we are best friends, and I'll always be here for you." Seth rubs Trevor's back a bit. "Never let anyone give you shit about your size.... you are a cool, dude, no matter how short and small you are!” Seth grabs Trevor's chin and forces him to look into Seth's eyes, who gives him a wry smile. “I'm the only one who can give you shit about being tiny, ok? And only because I am the only one who knows you like it, you kinky little fucker." This causes Trevor laugh and smile back at Seth. Seth then pulls Trevor in for a noogie. Trevor struggles but it's useless, like a toddler struggling against his Dad. He enjoys the manhandling and how Seth's giant muscles feel against his tight but tiny frame. His tears have stopped, and the weight has been lifted from his shoulders. Seth can tell his is much happier. "Now, let's have a HELL of a good time this week! And maybe we can get you laid!" Trevor musters a weak laugh
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    Chapter 7 I just laid there on the bed trying to figure out what just happened so quickly. I will now be a freak. Laying there staring at the old concrete factory ceiling some 20 feet above me, I wondered now what I will feel when the top of my head will be only two and a half feet from it more or less. I got myself into this crazy situation by letting Martin talk me into taking a dose home, and then me trying to figure out the most plausible lie to tell my friends that I would not be colossally huge even if I took the drug. I was laying there numb. I was absolutely blank with no idea what to do. The door opened again and there was Harold with a bottle of Scotch and two glasses. He was incredibly happy. I sat up, he sat down next to me and poured me a stiff one and one for himself. We both nodded at each other, hugged and as Harold slowly took a sip, I downed mine, took the bottle and poured it till it filled the glass, then chugged that. “What the fuck was that Linus?” “I just got into a party mood Harold, let’s go join the party out there.” It came to me in an instant. I am going to act like this did not happen. I also figured out how to deal with 75. The party was in full swing, people were laughing, dancing, clowning around, and the music was great. I tapped Harold on the shoulder and told him I would get back to him, there was someone I needed to talk to. That person was out on the deck, or roof for my floor, cluttered with old patio furniture, and a collection of odd boxes that were left over from the factory days. There he was, looking out over the skyline by himself, back to me as I approached. “Hey 75, like the view?” I startled him and he looked sideways down to me and stepped back to face me and to be able to see me over his massive chest. “Yeah, it’s ok.” “Well, about what just happened a bit ago, you know I don’t care. What you did was horrifying, but I don’t care. It’s not worth the drama of getting you in trouble for it”. 75 smirked down at me. “You mean getting your boyfriend involved and we are on the same team, that drama. You don’t want him to get any blowback that would jeopardize his new career in a fucked up slow motion league.” I nodded and looked back up at him. “Yes, as usual, you get right to the point 75.” I saw Jess coming up fast. “Hey, guys, what’s going on?” Jess looked concerned. “75 just apologized for being a dick that day to me at the tryout camp, and I accepted. Jess, you did not tell me what a cool guy he is!” Jess shook his head quickly, “What?” 75 did the same thing at the same time but said nothing. I hopped up on one of the old roof boxes that brought me closer to 75’s height and his head was within reach. “Also Jess, I know he’s straight, but he is so fucking HOT! Look at his face with his surfer looks and his hair!” I reached over and ran my hands through his dirty blond hair, then grazed his cheek to feel his stubble. I knew full well that if he made the slightest move to threaten me, Jess would snap him in half right in front of me. 75 had a completely perplexed look on his face. “Uh, well, I’m gonna get a drink, and thanks for having me here Jess, I’ll see you at practice.” 75 turned and as he turned, I jumped down and smacked his huge muscular ass. He spun around fast. He said nothing, but the look was worth it. He hesitated for a moment, then walked away. Jess cocked his head, looked down at me. “What the living fuck was that?” “Nothing, Jess. He’s really a nice guy, and sensitive too!” “Are we talking about 75…er…David? He’s the most antisocial meanest motherfucker on the team. He’s a…” “Dreamboat!” I finished. The party was really swinging now, and the three muscle giants arrived with a fourth, incredibly large, but a bit smaller Willis. The three had the tightest spandex shorts that were hiked up their legs to display their mammoth junk pouches as they hung low between bloated muscular thighs of proportions that were mind-blowing. Willis came up to me. “Well, we finally meet again.” Then behind him followed the three giant meat balloons. “Hey, I know that guy, he fed me at the burger joint, hey dude!” Up I went in the air, picked up by this beast. He gave me a full-on hug; I was smothered in his pecs. Then I was passed like a party favor to the two others that did the same thing then gently put me down. “You know these guys Willis?” “That would be a yes, they are my best three clients. They are going to be in the first Giant Bodybuilding contest in Las Vegas this summer. I’m one of the main sponsors but also coach them. “Willis, you are fucking huge, but these guys, it’s another level, what are you doing to them?” In the mean-time, the three monsters started working the crowd. “Training, eating, and supplements if you catch my drift again.” Willis was crouching down now in front of me to get to my level. “Oh, that,” I said. “Well Linus, not THAT, but a new that. Van Semec is giving me some new stuff and it’s blowing these guys up like balloon animals”. I thought wow, Martin really has his tiny hands in everything. I am starting to realize he’s quite the operator. Willis pilled a giant chair up from behind him. “So, when are we going to go out and have a proper date and intimate evening?” “Willis, I promise we will, but things are very complicated for me right now, and just give me about a couple of weeks and you will have all my attention, I promise” Willis reached over and pulled me in. Fuck he was strong! Then he gave me the hottest kiss on the neck. I pulled up a reg chair and we talked about our lives in general. It was wonderful even with the loud party and craziness going on. Our conversation was interrupted ten minutes later with an impromptu muscle show by Willis’ three muscle guys. They stripped off their skin tight spandex shorts to reveal posing suits and were in the middle of the room with a big audience. They were going through their posing routines. Willis got up to go over and just make sure that they did not get too crazy. I was watching too, and then Davis and Jess loomed up behind me. “Jesus! Look at the fucking hogs on those guys! I’m 12’ tall and they are bigger than me in the junk department! What the fuck are they on?” Davis blurted out. “Jess was in a trance, then just staring at them, and said to Davis and me, “That biggest one there? He’s going be mine!” Things settled down after that, it was finally 4 am when the last people left. Willis lingered and felt me up again before he left. Jess was right up in the biggest bodybuilder’s face getting his info, he was completely in love. Harold and I sat down on the couch, Jess and Davis flopped in the larger one. Harold was still drunk, as was I, but he was excited almost giddy. “Linus, Davis and I have something to tell you!” He then got up, went over to Davis and Davis spread his muscular giant thighs and Harold inserted himself in there and Davis enveloped him with his arms. He looked like a tiny stuffed toy there. “Ok, what is it?” I asked as I poured another tumbler of Scotch. “Davis is moving in with me!” I gagged on my drink. “The fuck you are! What is going on?” Davis in his deep sexy voice explained. “Harold and I just hit it off the last couple of weeks. We want to be a couple. I love him and he loves me. So, we want to be together as much as possible.” I looked at the positions they were in. Harold was surrounded by Davis’ mass. “This is awesome! This is the best news! But Jess, I’m worried about you? Are you upset about this?” Jess, drunker than a skunk, and massaging his planetary gut answered. “No! This is awesome, and it’s not like I won’t be a frequent visitor to their place if you know what I mean. I am so happy for them!” “Ok,” I said. I have had a night, and I am going to bed. You, Harold, can go play now on your giant jungle-gyms, you little monkey, but keep it down.” “Yes DAD!” all three replied.
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    He just sat there and stared as I tried unsuccessfully to unbend the wrench he had just destroyed. He had twisted it as easily as someone would crumple a piece of paper.
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    Pushing my huge cock back into my wrestling tights i proceeded to wash my hands lightly before swagging out of the washroom. Everyone in my way basically moved away from the muscle monster i was as i glanced over at the other door across the hallway. On the top of the door a sign was placed above. It read "Library" I had to use the toilet before my 2 hour detention in the Library. As a naturally hot blooded testosterone producing muscle monster I was, you can imagine how much cum i was producing every hour from my 2 cum sacks between my knees. If i didn't ejaculate before my detention i was sure to rape some skinny bespectacled nerd in the library later. As i opened the library doors i looked over my shoulder to see 2 hot blonde chicks with the tightest ass sneakily exiting the toilet i had previously come out of. One of them winked to me before they parted ways and pretended nothing happened. Perks of being the school wrestling champion. Also, I'm hot. The librarian lead me through a small hallway filled with book shelves and stares by the other nerds there. I could tell they were shocked,. Afterall this was no jock territory. The majority of people here either wore thick reading glasess, had an unsightly pair of braces on their crooked teeth or were just plain ugly. For a 6'2 tall wrestling champion jock in his muscled sexual prime swagger his way in here with his charming manly smile must have been quite alien to them. I flashed a cocky smile at one nerdy girl before licking my lips as she looked at me walk past mesmerized by my good looks. She was getting wet. Her nerd boyfriend promptly looked at her in confusion but back at me with a jealous look of disappointment before hanging his head in humiliation. I snicked to myself. This detention might be fun after all. The skinny librarian who was leading me was not just skinny. He was weak as shit too. I could tell because he couldn't even open a tight doorknob. I stood there laughing to myself as he tried desperately to open the knob in different ways. After a few minutes he requested my help to open the door. I made him beg me on his knees infront of everyone else before i patted his head and gave him a cocky smirk. "Ok i'll open the door for you bitch" before i gave him a humiliating light slap on his face with him still kneeling down. Easily i twisted the knob and opened the door. Squinting my eyes i noticed there was someone else in the room. "You will spend the next 2 hours here, the discipline master has requested that you remain silent here and remember that this is a library." The squeaky small librarian still embarrassed by what had just happened a few minutes ago quickly looked over at the other guy in the room before closing the door and leaving. I adjusted myself to the room's dimmer light. It had a few book shelves and 2 tables and chairs. One of the chairs was already occupied and i immediately recognized who it was. My wrestling opponent whom i had defeated, and even once humiliated by making him suck my cock in front of the whole school for losing a public match. Blane. "I see you still can't get enough of my meaty cock and still want a taste of it huh?" I laughed confidently at him before taking my seat just across from him. "It tasted like shit. Just like your face douchebag" He retaliated "Did you think i wanted to be in the same detention room as you shit face?" He yelled before getting of his seat and stood before me trying to make himself look taller and bigger. "Well since you're here now why waste this 2 hours? You can always take back your revenge and defeat me in a wrestling match here" I confidently answered him Standing up i as well I looked directly at his face. We were almost the same height but he was always slightly smaller compared to my larger monster frame. For the next minuter it was basically a staring contest as both of us, testosterone heated muscled men gazed each other in the eye not wanting to bulge. And then i could see it at the corner of my eye. A sharp but fast movement. I quickly ducked as his arm nearly gave my face a punch. He stumbled into another corner of the room while i regained my footing. Pushing my strength up i ran towards him and forced his head into a tight lock around my huge arms. Yelling in pain he tried to wiggle his way out but it was already over before it even started. I knew he was never my match but this almost seemed to easy. I forced him on the ground while attempting to pin his arms down as well. Yelling at his ear "ADMIT YOU LOST BITCH! ADMIT IT" "NEVER, FUCKING NEVER" He yelled back to me even louder in retaliation. The shouting between us went on for a few minutes as i rejoiced seeing him again as the loser under my control yet again. Always struggling to be the victor yet always knowing he never could. Forcing his upper body downwards i grinded my groin against his ass. Feeling my cock against his warm flesh. It felt good. And then i heard something at the door entrance. The room door smashed open as i quickly let go of Blane. He fell to the ground desperately reaching for air and in discomfort. I looked up and notice that the school's discipline master was at the door, together with the skinny librarian behind him. Both looked at me in shock. "IS THIS A FUCKING GYM? NO. ITS A FUCKING LIBRARY. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Yelled the angry discipline master at both me and Blaine. I was lost for words but Blaine immediately looked up at me and pointed towards me. "It was him. He kept yelling at me for no reason and when i ignored him, he pushed me down!" Without losing a moment the tall burly discipline master pulled a long strip from his bag. He gestured at me to turn around before slapping it on over my eyes and mouth. All i could then see was darkness. I had no other choice. He was the school's discipline master. If i disobeyed him i was off the wrestling team. "That should shut you up and stop you from creating anymore trouble boy." yelled the discipline master before i heard his heavy leather boots stomp off. I could see only darkness around me as i struggled to tell the librarian that Blaine would mistreat me if he and i were left alone. But all i could say was the muffled noises through the ball gag in my mouth. Until i heard the door close behind me. It was dead silent. And i knew i was now all alone with Blaine. I had no idea what he would do with me now. I felt a slight touch on my chest. Nothing violent or forceful. Just a slight touch that was almost erotic. Struggling through my ball gag i tried to tell him i was sorry for being so mean to him. But i doubt that even if he could comprehend my words he might not even forgive me. I was in fear of being with him. The hands on my chest pushed up to my nipples as it fondled with it. The sense of fear i had was slowly giving way to a sense of pleasure, but yet a sense of unease was always lingering. Not sure what would happen next. Maybe he had forgiven me seeing me in such a vulnerablele state? Maybe..... ARGGGHHHHHH!!!! I yelled in pain as i felt my arms forced together. I could feel a strong force binding my arms together disabling me. He had ropes! And he was binding my arms! Flipping me the other way i could feel him tearing off my pants. Unable to use my arms i tried struggling from side to side in vain. "You fucked with the wrong guy" He whispered in my ear I had never been penetrated before. And i was proud of that. I was never someone else's bitch. I was always top Alpha. Until now. I had never experienced such pain in my life. To have my tight ass split apart to fit his large cock while all i could do was yell with muffled screams through my mouth gag. And yet have i never felt such pleasure. Blaine sure was experienced and knew where to fuck me in the ass. I was screaming through my gag but i wasn't too sure if it was pain or pleasure. Either way it was extremely humiliating. I was now someone else's bitch "You always thought you'd be top Alpha didn't you?" He contused to insult and humiliate me in my enslaved position. Grabbing my hair and pushing me down to my knees. He slapped his dick all over my face "A pity i cant facefuck you with your mouth all gagged up like the bitch you are now" <Random muffled noises from me> "Wait, what?! You want what? You wanna eat cum? My cum? My delicious creamy yummy cum?" <Louder struggling muffled noises from me> "n.....n.....n.....ooo....nooo.......nn......fuc.........fuckkk......noooo........fuc....you......." "Woah woah woah.... you gotta do something for me in return to eat my cum bitch. My cum ain't free" "i want you to sign your name on this paper. I know you can't see anything so i'll guide your hands bitch" "Its easy! All i need is some form of line or circle drawn by your hands...." <even louder struggling muffled noises from me> w....wha.....what???.........a....are......yooouu..........wannnttt????" "You see i wasn't joking when i asked if you thought you'd always be top Alpha." "In fact i had this planned all along......" "Why the fuck else would i even want to be in the same detention room with you?" "I even had that little nerdy librarian bribed to bring the Discipline master and turn you into this bondage bitch you are now" "This paper you are signing are documents to allow us to go through the body swap medical procedure" "And no one. Not even that stupid little librarian will know." "I will become the wrestling champion and you will be my defeated opponent." "Forever." As much as i tried protesting and struggling, my arms were bound tight and all i could do was moan more through the ball gag placed in my mouth. This couldn't be the end. Please someone please help me! "There wasn't that simple?" "Now for your reward....bitch" Drops of warm liquid splattered all over my face as he held my face in place forcefully with his arms. I could then feel his fingers guiding his cum down my face and into my mouth. It was so humiliating. All the while i was begging for someone to help me. To save me I didn't care who. I would forever be grateful and promise to be a nicer person. God! I promise not to fuck my buddies hot girlfriend again I promise not to be a cocky arrogant champion and be more humble I promise not to tear through the ass of a twink again Please help me God! "BANG!!!" And then i heard it. It was all dark. But someone had hit Blaine with something hard and everything stopped. I could even hear Blaine collapse to the ground. Someone was saving me!!! I could feel someone lifting my blindfold over my eyes and placing them over my forehead. The light that proceeded was so bright it blinded me. But it adjusted and now i could make out the shapes around me. I could see Blaine completely kicked out and lying on the ground next to me. And OMG.... It was the skinny ass librarian! I would say thanks to him if not for the ball gag in my mouth and him looking so god damm hideously ugly. He looked at me while adjusting his glasses. Checking to see my every part of my body. He was even taking a whiff of my pits. There was something wrong. Touching my chest and even taking a measurement of my chest area he also touched my nipples a few times. There was something very fucking wrong. I yelled through my ball gag hoping he would get the message and remove the gag on my mouth which he did. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Get me the fuck out of here you asshole! Untie me the fuck now!!" I yelled impatiently at him. He seemed to be listening attentively and yet he did not seem to care about what i had to say. After hearing me yell he nodded to himself before putting the ball gag back into my mouth instantly making me a muffled mute again. In his high squeaky voice he begin to speak "I have to do the necessary checks before i am sure you are the right one" Pulling down my pants now he begin he held my ball sacks firmly with his small hand before squeezing it lightly resulting in me screaming in pain "Shhhhhhhh.... you have to be quiet. You might wake Blaine up. And this is a library after all. I request you stay quiet" Touching the tip of my cock he begins stroking it causing my cock to instantly get hard. "Excellent. It seems your body is perfect. Sexually active, Muscled and high in testosterone." "You see your friend here Blaine, wanted revenge on you. So he bribed me to create a scene and cause you to be in this state. He never told me what he wanted to do with you but i figured out he wanted your life and your body. But you know who else wants your life and body? He took off his glasses and smirked "ME" "No one ever suspects the nerdy little librarian huh?" "Well, this little nerd is dead tired of being in this ugly short skinny body......." That sent shivers down my body to see his reaction, i screamed and yelled in my muffled noise praying someone else would hear me. But no one came. He bent down to look me in the eye and I could feel his tiny fingers squeezing my hard cock and tickling my cum ball sacks. "I can't wait to jerk off in your body" Feeling my hard muscled chest up he sniffed my pits again in pure ecstasy before licking them. "I can't believe this is all going to be mine. The pit stink, the hairy pits and all the manly sex you ooze. MINE" Struggling in vain i was almost in tears of what was to come of me. I didnt want to be ugly. I didnt want to be short. I didn........ ARGHHHH!!! I felt something forced into my asshole again! It was large and splitting my man hole open. Trying to yell yet again i knew i was helpless. He was raping me and there was nothing i could do. "Should'nt have called me a bitch.........BITCH." He took the blindfold on my forehead and slipped them over my eyes again. Blackness engulfed me. END Never seen the School's Wrestling champion before? Lower your fucking head. Show some respect to the Alpha Stud.
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    “Gym Buddies” It all seemed innocent enough. Hayden was just looking for someone to go to the gym with him. Someone who shared similar goals. Hayden saw Trav working out alone one day. They had similar builds. Hayden asked Trav if he would spot him on the bench press. Trav was happy to help. In fact, Trav pushed Hayden to lift an all time new personal record! They exchanged numbers, excited that they each now had a gym buddy! Weeks went by, they lifted together 5 days a week! They were a inserperable duo with a shared passion for fitness. They pushed each other to new heights. Hayden (seen here on the right) was undoubtedly making the most gains! He was so proud of his work. Though he wasn’t sure why Trav’s gains never seemed to be as impressive. “Don’t worry Trav, you’ll get there!” Hayden said playfully while they were both flexing in the locker room mirror. Trav smirked, not worried about his own progress. He focused on Hayden’s developing body. In fact , Trav became obsessed with Hayden. (Specifically his growing muscles). Trav loved admiring Hayden’s biceps. He’d always jokingly tell him to flex, Hayden would always respond with a flexing pose. Trav would feel Hayden’s muscles and say “damn dude you’re so jacked”. They acted like two boys on the same football team. One night they fell asleep watching a movie at Hayden’s girlfriends house. Trav woke up to see the flickering low light of the tv. Hayden’s body was perfectly contoured and sillouhetted in the almost complete darkness. Hayden was cuddling with his girlfriend Zoe. Trav almost didn’t notice her, because Hayden’s body was so large. The shadow of his giant frame covered Zoe completely. Suddenly Zoe woke and walked to the bathroom. Hayden was still out cold, snoring. Trav watched as Hayden’s chest lifted up and down with his breath. Trav decided it was time. It was time to give Hayden the injection. He acted fast… pulled the vile from his pocket and carefully injected Hayden in his massive thigh muscle. Trav couldn’t wait to see how this impacted Hayden’s progress. Weeks went on. Hayden and Trav were still working out daily. Hayden was making HUGE gains quickly. Trav would always find ways to inject his gym buddy without him knowing. “If Hayden knew, he would be so weirded out” Trav thought to himself . Trav looked forward to every opportunity they had to spend together. He loved admiring Hayden’s ever growing physique. He’s continue to compliment Hayden. Often. Hayden liked the compliments. He liked feeling larger than his friend. At the end of a workout Hayden was showing off his bicep pump. “FEEL THIS” Hayden shouted. “THIS IS INSANE”. Trav rushed to the opportunity. He grasped the massive bicep and was taken back by how huge and firm it felt in his hands. Trav kept feeling the bicep… for what felt like 2 or 3 minutes. The both of them didn’t even notice time passing by. They were both enchanted by the massive bicep. They both were quiet… Trav looked Hayden in the eyes… paused, and started licking Hayden’s bicep. Not breaking eye contact with Hayden as he did so. Hayden seems somewhat uncomfortable but he didn’t stop Trav. In fact he flexed a little harder. Trav continued to make out with Hayden’s hunky arm for several minutes. Suddenly Hayden pulled away. “I’ve got to go, me and Zoe have dinner plans” Hayden left without showering. Trav stood there in the locker room, suddenly alone. He missed touching Hayden. He longed to feel more of him. He longed for Hayden to grow even larger. Weeks went by, they pretended the arm kissing never happened. Meanwhile Trav has doubled the dose of growth hormones and had Hayden on a strict diet to increase size. Hayden loved the growth he’d made. After a few months the size difference between them was obvious. Hayden would have Trav massage his sore muscles late at night, when Zoe was asleep. Suddenly it happened.. Trav got an erection so large it was impossible to hide. Hayden rolled over on his back and saw the gigantic erection bulging from his gym buddies shorts. Trav was embarrassed and tried to turn away. Hayden paused, reached out and grabbed Trav’s arm before he could turn completely. Hayden was so incredibly strong, Trav gasped when he felt Hayden’s ultra strong grip on his forearm. Hayden stared at the obvious bulging erection. It was quiet for what seemed like an eternity. The silence was broken when Hayden asked “is that because of me?” Trav was so embaressed he turned to run out of the room. Hayden stopped him. Grabbing his arm with his incredibly strong grip. Trav let out a sound of fear and pleasure when he felt Hayden’s powerful grasp. It was suddenly clear that Hayden could dominate him at any moment. Hayden stared down at the erection for a few moments, he felt powerful. He released Trav and they went their separate ways. Trav was worried he’d never see Hayden again. The previous night was just so weird! To his surprise, the very next morning Hayden called really early and demanded that they work out, “I’m on my way to pick you up!” rushing them to the closest gym … when they arrived it was clear that Hayden *wanted* Trav to watch him lift. Hayden broke many personal records that morning, his veins popped out like crazy! He seemed to be growing. He felt Trav’s eyes on his pumped up muscles . It felt so amazing . Hayden moaned, *STRETCH* his body was expanding as he lifted. He loved being admired by Trav. He loved how BIG his body compared to Trav’s. It made Hayden feel so strong and important. They made their way to the locker rooms… they were the only two there. Suddenly they were both naked. Hayden’s body being worshiped by Trav’s tongue. Trav became immediately hard. He rubbed his erection on Hayden’s body-builder physique, leaving a trail of pre cum on his massive body. They started grinding into each other… The motion of their bodies caused Trav to cum, leaving a huge load on Hayden’s abdomen area. They both stood there , all that could be heard was the sound of heavy breathing and stretching skin. Hayden felt his body tremble… he was growing! The heat of the moment had clearly initiated the growth process with aid from the hormones coursing unknowingly through his veins . Hayden flexed his body and let out a loud moan… he grew 3 inches and put on roughly 20 more lbs within minutes. Trav was intoxicated by Hayden’s growing body. He wanted him to keep growing bigger!!! “I know you’re up to something, Trav” said Hayden. Trav looked like a ghost he was so scared. “I don’t know what exactly you’re doing to my body…” Hayden paused… “ but I think I want you to keep doing it” Trav was relieved. They lay there naked, sweating, Hayden’s body continues to slowly blow up like a balloon. “Your wish is my command” responded Trav. The next day Hayden broke up with Zoe unexpectedly. Trav and Hayden decided to go to a club to help Hayden get over his break up. On their way into the club(which was on the 4th floor of the building), they boarded the elevator. They saw each other in the glass mirror and smiled. They liked how they looked together. Trav pulled out his phone and snapped a photo to remember the moment. *SCREEEETCH* The moment was cut short by the sound of grinding metal and a sudden stop of the elevator. The walls shook, lights flickered and they came to a stop. Trav attempted to open the doors but it was useless. They began to realized that Hayden was too heavy for the elevator system, and the weight had tripped the system. They were stuck for some time, unable to communicate with anyone outside. The intercom system was seemingly broken. Hayden was nervous. But also very proud, proud that he was beastly enough to stop an ELEVATOR! He was filled with pride. His body trembled again. Hayden turned to Trav and said “do it! do whatever it is you’re doing to make me a giant!” Trav slowly reached for his pocket, he pulled out a dose of the growth hormones. Hayden snatched it from Trav’s hands, quickly pulled down his shorts and injected the dose himself. Moments later he began to moan … a moan that sounded like pleasure. Suddenly the intercom worked . A voice came over the speaker and said “don’t worry guys help is on the way” . At this point Hayden fell to his knees, arms extended. The impact of his body shook the elevator violently. Trav nervously asked him not to move so much! Hayden laughed, almost maniacally, then there was silence. The silence was broken by the sound of stretching skin. Hayden’s body was expanding so rapidly, his face was bright red. Hayden moaned “GIVE ME MORE OF THAT STUFF” he pulled another dose from Trav’s pocket and injected it again in his thigh. Hayden’s shorts were already almost off.. his expanding glute muscles forced the shorts to his ankles. His expanding calves getting tangled in the ripping shorts. Hayden flexed his legs, causing the shorts to burst off his body. Revealing a thin , almost see through layer of black cloth that was his underwear. His expanding muscles didn’t let up. The underwear stretched to the point it looked like a coat of paint on Hayden’s ass and crotch area. Suddenly “snap” the underwear was ribbons. His cock flopped onto the elevator floor. Trav became hard as rock. Trav started rubbing Hayden’s upper body. His pecs were unreal! They were pushing their way out of Hayden’s tank top! They were godly. The tank top stretched to the point that you could see all of Hayden’s upper body. It was so impressive. The beastly man was sweating, his skin glistening under the elevator lights. Trav began to rub his own erection. Hayden said “let me help you with that” and pulled off Trav’s pants with a quick motion. Ripping the pants into pieces ! Trav’s little cock was suddenly exposed, pulsating in Hayden’s face. It seemed so small compared to Hayden’s pithon on the floor. Hayden didn’t think twice about the size, he simply loved how hard it was, he loved that HE was so desirable! “WORSHIP ME! “ Hayden cried out in a deep voice. Trav was quick to listen to his master’s orders… running his hands over every crease and crevis of Hayden’s incredibly defined physique. Hayden grew so large he was suddenly filling the elevator completely. The rush of filling a room with his body was amazing. Hayden kept growing, his cock suddenly hard. Hayden’s body pressing Trav’s pathetic body against the mirror, breaking the glass. The elevator was making deep groaning sounds, the cables were about to break. Suddenly the elevator fell, Hayden’s body managed to cushion the fall for Trav. Hayden pushed the doors open and burst out of the shaft onto the first floor. Trav was in his right hand. Trav loved the feeling of being carried and protected by his giant. Hayden staggered to the street, breaking walls and glass doors on his way out. He stood on the street 13 ft tall. A god. Traffic stopped, Hayden could hear gasps from strangers. He felt their eyes on his naked body. He felt the admiration, the admiration of hundreds. “BOW DOWN TO YOUR GOD” he roared at the onlookers. “Worship my SUPERIOR BODY” . Crowds gathered, then news cameras. Trav knew that all this attention would make Hayden unstoppable. Hayden loved nothing more than being admired! Trav, still in Hayden’s strong grip of Hayden’s right hand began to worry that Hayden would grow TOO large. He imagined Hayden standing taller than the city buildings. He thought of the power… he thought of the consequences. He knew this was his fault. The destruction, the chaos, was all because of Him! Suddenly Trav didn’t mind. He became excited at the thought of his very own Hayden becoming a monster. It’s not like he hadn’t imagined it before! His erection returned with full force. “GROW! Hayden, GROW!” He shouted up to the beast. GROW!!!
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    “Thanks for saving me” Charlie said to the taxi driver after shouting the name of a hotel at him “Its ok, looked like you needed saving” the driver said trying not to laugh at the shaken musclebound stud in the back seat “Yea… they just went crazy, clawing at me” Charlie said, using his thickly muscled arms to hide his bare broad chest “They tore my shirt off” The driver looked at Charlie in the rear view mirror. His eyes tracing the curve of Charlie’s thick shoulders and rounded pecs. The guy was a real specimen, no wonder the girls had wanted a piece of him. The traffic cleared and the driver turned his attention to the road. “Does that happen a lot” the driver asked Charlie shook his head, his styled hair bouncing a little and his dark sunglasses falling down his perfectly shaped nose a little. “No, its never happened” Charlie said confused The big stud’s eyes were looking down at his pecs, slowly each bounced, like he was testing them out. His arms held out in front of himself and slowly twitching and flexing. The driver caught sight of this display, he wondered if the heartthrob was high. It looked like he’d never seen his own body before. “You ok” the driver asked Charlie nodded, a hand running down his abs and down to his crotch. “Jesus Christ” Charlie exclaimed, his eyes wide behind his sunglasses The driver had to swerve out the way of another car as his looked back to see Charlie staring down at his bulging jeans, both hands cradling the basket between his thick thighs. “Sorry, sorry” Charlie said quickly, noticing the chaos he just caused He kept looking back down to his crotch, a cocky smile appearing on his perfect face. The big guy went quiet for a while, letting the taxi driver just drive. Charlie had finished feeling himself up, his attention still partly on his own crotch. He kept pushing this meaty thighs together to get the bulge to bounce a little. The rest of his attention was on the small necklace he wore. A highly decorated cross sat trapped between his rock hard pecs. Charlie pulled it free and held it between his fingers. He muttered quietly “The women said this would grant my wish…” The driver’s focused on the road and didn’t see Charlie take the necklace off. Suddenly the big muscled stud wasn’t sitting in the back of the taxi anymore, some skinny blond guy was. His flat chest and flabby gut bare to the air, his baggy jeans not full to the brim with muscle and cock meat. Charlie squeaked in shock, his voice now high pitched. Before the driver would turn to see what was wrong he got the necklace back on and leaned his broad muscled shoulder into the car seat with a sigh of relief. “We are here” the driver announced as the taxi stopped outside a slightly run down hotel The driver guessed the big stud was a student backpacking, he looked like he could be the right age. Though the squared jawed hunk could be in his late 20s, he just had one of those youthful yet manly faces, and bodies. Charlie tossed a handful of money into the front seat, twice what he needed to pay. He climbed out the taxi, the sun glittering off his tanned skin. He was still playing with the cross and was deep in thought. “I wanted to be a heartthrob, to be irresistible” Charlie was muttering The taxi driver laughed as he watched Charlie’s firm muscle ass vanish into the hotel, a gang of beautiful women already starting to follow him. The poor lug obvious to the pack of horny girls soon to get their claws into him.
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    Unwilling Chapter 4 I guess I shocked the shit out of Jess and Davis, telling them that Harold saw them. They just stared at the ceiling. "That little shit!" Jess exclaimed, and he propped himself up on his side with me tucked nicely in between his and Davis' chests. "Can you believe it, Davis?" "I told you we needed to get farther out of town," Davis replied. "Well, hello…are you guys an item? Also how long was this going on?" I tapped both of their large pecs. Davis started to tell the tale. “Jess and I got to a point where trying to insert ourselves into women just was not working. We just got too fucking big. Not only were our dicks too big, but the chicks were terrified we crush them. They just stopped coming around. Blowjobs? That was out of the question too. One chick said it was trying to lick the side of a concrete pier. So one after noon, numbnuts comes back from class, I think you were in the art studio as usual, and he sees me going to town on myself. So you know him, he jumps in and we took it from there. We have been fucking for what now, since after we hit 9 feet.” Jess nodded his head, then caressed my face. “But now we got you.” “Guys, this is all nice, but are you sure you want a threesome going on, especially with a tiny dude like me?" "HELL yes,” they both said in unison. “You hit ALL the buttons on us, now it is my turn to give it to Davis, and you can do the undercarriage honors for him” Jess said. I reached up to both their faces and pulled them into me. I started kissing them both alternately on their faces. “I will be your undercarriage guy” I whispered. The next day was my visit to Van Semec Pharmaceuticals. I took my car, an old beater from college and drove out to their research and manufacturing campus in the country. It was a modern complex, sitting in open meadows and forests behind it. "Hello, Linus!” Martin was coming across the lobby to meet me. “See your paintings going up?” He pointed up to the six balconies above the lobby, and they were being placed on the walls in the same spot on each floor. "I love it, Martin, Thank you so much!" “Well let's eat up in my office, and we can talk. I want to commission some more for the new research wing." We went up to the sixth floor, then down a corridor that was rather dimly lit. A frosted glass door slid silently into the concrete as we approached. "Welcome to my office; it's a bit understated I know." He was sarcastic, the room was lavish in modern, sleek furniture, and overlooked a lake and construction of the new research wing. My other painting hung on the wall behind his desk, flanked by the glass from floor to ceiling. "Now this is an office, Martin! Holy cow. It has a James Bond 1960’s feel that I love!” Martin beamed, “Yes! Exactly! I loved the look of those movies, so I told the interior designer to make it have that feel. I'm so happy you picked up on that." “Have a seat.” I sat down on a long couch, and Martin sat and put his legs up on the cushions. “So you like the paintings locations?" “Martin, it's perfect. I could not ask for a better venue for the paintings to be displayed; I am so happy you like them.” "Tell me about yourself, Linus, I'm interested." "Well, you know I'm a painter, I majored in painting at college. I'm gay, no boyfriend currently, I live down in the old warehouse district with a college buddy. I live for my work, so I have a quiet life." "Nice," Martin remarked. "So your college buddy who lives with you, what does he do?" "Oh, Jess, he's one of your creations. A big fucker about 10'6". He but is trying out for the Behemoths. I hope he makes the team." "He's 10'6"? That's a big score guy. He's pretty friendly I hope." "Yes, he is,” I replied. “He’s a big baby, but he has a football background, and on the field, he's a beast." “So Martin, the drug, when did you discover it? How did that happen?" I was curious. "You can see Linus; I'm a tiny guy. I went through life being made fun of, so I decided I would try to make a drug that would make me taller. It took years. Thankfully our product line has other drugs, but this was my pet project. Perversely once I discovered the drug, I also discovered genetically I can't take it.” “My neighbor downstairs is like that. I added. Martin continued. “It crushed me, but I thought I could make a better man with it for others, so I put the drug out to market. It’s a good seller. But what about you? What’s your score?” “My score?” I gulped. "I have not taken the test,” I sheepishly replied. "WHAT?" Martin launched off the couch. “You never took the test? Don't you want to know?" "Martin, I am terrified of needles, I faint at the sight of one. So I just never took the test, plus, I'm worried my new size would screw with my painting. What if I only grow six inches? Is that worth it?" "Ok. I will make a deal with you.” Martin sat down again close to me. "If I give you the test now and promise you will not pass out, will you take the test?” I felt trapped, here is this guy that spent millions on my work. I guess I better do the test to get it over. "Ok, Martin, you win, but no fainting, right?" Martin went over to a large flat glass panel, waved his hand, and the panel slid into the wall to reveal a lab. His lab. It was like out of a movie. I followed him inside. Suddenly Marin spun around to face me. "Bwaaahhhhhaaaa!!!!Now I have you in my clutches, Linus!" “Jesus Martin! You scared the shit out of me!" “I love doing the evil scientist thing," he said as he pointed to a sizeable reclining couch. I sat down then Matin poked me in the chest and guided me down, so I was laying on it. It was incredibly comfortable. Then Martin went to a vast computer screen array and picked up what looked like a little ray gun. He then walked over, pointed it at my head and clicked it. “All done! See no faint!” “How….?” I was stupefied. "It's a new little toy we have. It scans through your skin. I download the info into the computer." He held the little plastic gun up to the computer screen, and it jumped alive with graphs, numbers, and symbols. Also, a generic outline of a man appeared. "So let's see….", Martin was in his zone. A woman's voice then said, "calculations completed." I just saw Matin freeze in front of the screen. He did not move. There was total silence. Very slowly he turned around in the swivel chair. “Linus…I don't know how…", he was having trouble speaking. “I'm dying! Oh my GOD! You found some disease!" I bolted up out of the recliner and began pacing. “No! No! Linus, you are FINE. You are better than fine. Sit down and calm down.” I sat in front of the computer screens next to him. He put his hands on my knees. “Linus, you are fine. Perfect. The reason I am so shocked is that you have the highest recorded score EVER for the drug. It’s huge. It is bigger than huge!” "Is it above 90?" I asked. "It's way above 90." Martin looked at the ceiling at pointed up. "Your score is 99.4." I was speechless. All I could do is look dumbfounded. "That means Linus; you will attain a height of 17'8" give or take an inch, and be close to 4700 POUNDS! Then I fainted.
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    This is a new part of another series from my tumblr, only a few parts were ever posted but it was requested so much. Basically it focuses on stereotypes and switches them, but also greatly exaggerates them. This is a new introduction part just to give you all an idea of the sort of world it creates. The series focused on switching the stereotypes between Asians and Africans, I also did one where Celts and Scandinavians switched. Just a disclaimer, I don’t believe these stereotypes, please don’t send me angry messages about how they aren’t true, I know they aren’t. “Lapped you again” Leon shouted as he thundered pass Oliver The strapping dark skin athlete seemed able to fun for hours without breaking a sweat, his lean yet powerful legs throwing him along the running route with each long stride. Leon was the track star of the university. Multiple national medals from his time in high school and he was trying to get more. Oliver was the opposite, he’d never even gotten onto the track in high school, also just missing out. But things were different now, the coaches had seen how hard Oliver tried and how far he’s pushed himself, so they gave him a chance. He had to finish in the top 40 of the coming race and he’d be set, if he didn’t he’d be out. Oliver loves running, but most people just assumes he wasn’t athletic. It was partly racism as Oliver was short and skinny Asian guy, everyone assumed he was some math nerd.Oliver has some mild resentment towards Leon, the guy was naturally gifted. He even complained that he had to work to stay lean, his body just wanted to bulk up with powerfully thick black muscle. But Oliver could see how much Leon worked for everything, if only the guy wasn’t so arrogant. Leon on the other hand had a great deal of respect for Oliver, he could see how hard the guy was working and could see the passion he had for the sport. He just wasn’t that good at it, he was ok, but nothing like Leon. Oliver would never win any medals or break any records, Leon on the other hand was a year or two away from the World Championships and then the Olympics. Leon was widening the gap between the two runners again, Oliver vanishing away behind him. Leon looked over his shoulder just as Oliver disappeared from view as Leon descended a small hill, at the same time the entire world shifted. Reality twisted and the extreme imaginings of many became fact. Imaginings that jumped, centuries of caricature between two peoples switched between the two. Leon found himself falling down the hill, his skinny limbs waving wildly as he tumbled. Somehow he’d tripped on a rock, his tiny sneaker clad foot finding the only rock on the pristine grass running route. He thudded onto his back, his breath being knocked out of his skinny chest. He was very happy he’d worn contacts today, if it had been his thick rimmed glasses he’d have broken them. Leon wouldn’t stomach telling his parents he’d broken another set, at least these wouldn’t have been from behind knocked down by one of those massive Asian athletes who dominate nearly every sport on campus. And speaking of massive Asians, Oliver came over the hill. His enormous shoulders blocking the low lying sun for a second. His heaving pecs bouncing with each long limbed step. Oliver’s lush black hair covered by a grey beanie, his wide torso covered in a skin tight workout shirt and music blaring in his ears from a small phone clutched in his hand. The guy couldn’t wear any sort of holding for his phone when he went running, his immense biceps had snapped the last one he wore, nearly took his eye out. Leon gulped, he was embarrassing himself again. Oliver while built like a truck was an amazing running. His tree trunks legs could muster insane bursts of speed, and his stamina was legendary. But Leon suspected it wasn’t his stamina from running that had all the girls talking. The big lug came to a thundering stop, his gigantic sneaker class feet standing with a wide stance just in front of Leon. They are size 19, massive oversized dogs. Leon only knew because he’d seen these sneakers sitting on a bench in the locker room next to his own gym bag. The curiosity was immense, he’d nearly been caught opening the tongue to check the size when Oliver came out of the showers this muscles glistening. “Damn dude you ok” Oliver boomed down to Leon “Yea I’m ok” Leon complained, rising up on his elbows Oliver’s crouched down, he was smiling and actually looked concerned. A guy like Oliver didn’t need to be arrogant, he had everything already. As Oliver crouched his grey sweats bunched up around his meaty thighs, the outline of his long soft cock came into view. It hung in a hammock of cotton, the jaw breaking cock head was visible. Leon gulped again, the thing was terrifying. So big it added a second to Oliver’s sprints even with an industrial strength jockstrap holding the beast back. He’d heard Oliver complaining to some of his Asian jock buddy’s that his jockstrap has snapped on his morning jog. The straps around his meaty shelf like ass had given way, and a circus tent of a jockstrap was laying on the ground somewhere on campus. Leon knew that stretch of fabric could net Oliver a few hundred bucks if he sold it online to the right pervert. “Can you stand” Oliver asked Leon wasn’t listening, he was following the length of Oliver’s soft cock up to the rounded bulges of his orange sized nuts. Leon knew Asian guys were hung, but Oliver was something else. “You hit your head or something” Oliver asked laughing a little His massive strong mitt rubbed Leon’s closely cut tight curly hair. Leon pushes himself to his feet, the still crouching Oliver was only just shorter then Leon at his full height. The skinny black runner felt smaller and smaller as Oliver rose above him. Leon eyes level with the two wide slabs of muscle that hung from Oliver’s chest, he could see them flexing with each breath. Leon was standing with all his weight on one foot, his ankle hurt. He couldn’t apply any pressure to it. “Shit, you aren’t gonna be able to get back to campus on that” Oliver said with concern “Yea” Leon muttered with pain as he tried to stand on both feet again Oliver sighed and without a word wrapped a massive arm around Leon’s waist and tossed him over a hulking shoulder. “Hold on little dude” Oliver laughed as he started to walk back to campus with some speed Leon was too shocked to react, his eyes glued to the two rolling boulders that stretched out the back of Oliver’s sweats. Asians guys always had big round asses, Leon wished his could get even a bit of the juiciness that Oliver’s has. Leon knew his little cock was rock hard and digging into Oliver’s shoulder, the bouncing of Oliver’s steps kept making Leon grind his cock. Oliver just responded by gripping Leon’s flat ass tighter. Leon could have sworn he heard the big guy muttering how Leon should be careful. Leon was trying, but all this muscle and close contact was setting his horny little dick off. With each step Oliver took sound of his soft cock slapping his muscled thighs was getting louder and louder. Leon could even see it swinging back between Oliver’s legs, the fat cock head leaking against the light grey sweats. The beast was getting hard. Leon gulped again, Oliver had turned a corner into a sheltered wooded area. The big Asian walked off the path and into the trees. He slid Leon off his shoulder and gently dropped Leon onto his knees on the soft grass between some trees. “You want this” Oliver asked sounding anxious Leon just nodded, his mouth already watering. Oliver just dropped his sweats, his bare ass and legs open to the air. His huge rock hard cock shot upwards, sending a rope of thick pre-cum flying over Leon and splattering against a tree. “No homo” Oliver muttered as he forced the willing black runner’s mouth onto his donkey dick
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    “Remember if you want to see more, join my OnlyFans page” Robby said before ending his filming One hand holding the towel around his waist together. A thick thigh pushed out to show some muscle, his enormous donkey dick safely packed away in some underwear hidden beneath the towel. He quickly typed up a description and posted it to his instagram page, his 1.3million fans already descending on the latest posting. Robby turned off his phone and tossed it through the bathroom door and onto his bed. He bent his head back and sighed, his thickly muscled neck flexed. He lifted up his arms, his biceps flaring and his huge hands palmed on the ceiling. Robby sighed again as he shook out his muscled body, he was still stiff from the night before. A long night of living it up as a towering black stud. His DJing career had really taken off and the extra attention and money he made from shooting shirtless pics or doing live videos in just some bulging briefs weren’t hurting him at all. But it was all a lie. As Robby shook his muscled started to collapse in on themselves. His pecs deflating, his shoulders thinning. A sickly crunch sounded as his arms and legs shortened, followed by Robby’s torso shortening by several inches. With a sound like a basketball being deflated Robby’s elephant like genitals shrunk into a pathetically small set of cock and balls. Robby’s tailored facial hair fell away, a few whips of blond hair appearing on a softening jawline. His shortly cropped black hair lengthened into a mane of straw like greasy blond locks. Robby’s deliciously dark skin was coming out in patches of ghostly pale white skin. The last part of Robby slipped away, the tattoo on his upper arm fading into the ivory skin. It was a few moments of discomfort for Robby, but soon he was back to his normal self, short, skinny and white Robert. To the outside world Robert and Robby were roommates, both guys who were DJs, but both guys with insanely different careers. Robert had been struggling for ages while Robby just appeared with his skin tight shirts and bulging basket and was suddenly the hottest thing around. While Robby’s fans knew he had a roommate and Robby had spoken highly of him they never seen the two guys together. But then it was impossible for them to do that, they were the same person after all. Robert had found out one day after being fire from another club that he could turn into Robby. He had no idea how it had happened, he was just so angry about working so hard and continuously being rejected. The now familiar feeling of discomfort fell over Robert, his skin, muscles and bones all rearranging themselves. His first time as Robby had been shocking, Robert’s clothes were too small. His jeans turning into bursting knees high skin tight shorts. His shirt sleeves tearing and riding up his newly ripped abdominals. Robert wasn’t sure what came over him, but he was suddenly confident, suddenly more assertive. He marched back into the club, his sneakers falling apart around his stomping size 15s and demanded the DJ job. The owner didn’t even notice the massive black guy was wearing the same clothes as the little white dude he’d just fired, or that he’d played the same set as that white guy. But Robby got the job and now he was a up and coming DJ, and possibly a soon to be porn star if the fans got their way and finally got to see the beast Robby was hiding. Robert headed back into his bedroom, it was actually Robby’s bedroom if anyone asked. The room Robert was meant to sleep in was barely furnished and nearly empty. He wasn’t going to buy two lots of stuff to furnish two bedroom. The only time anyone came over was when they wanted to ride Robby like a mechanical bull, they had no interest in Robert. Robby’s phone buzzed, a message on Insta. It was an offer, $500 for a snap of what was in Robby’s underwear right now. Robert looked down to his tighty-whities and the flat front. Nothing in there was worth $500. He replied back, send me the money and you’ll get your pic. The reply was instant, a very happy yes. Robert threw back his head and his body started to grow into black stud Robby. It was always more painful to turn into Robby so soon after another transformation. Within seconds Robby was back and the tighty-whities were screaming with the strain of Robby’s immense horselike cock and cum filled bull nuts. His phone buzzed again, a $500 deposit in his PayPal, with ‘sneak peak’ listed at the payment. Robby smirked, pulling open his underwear and snapping a pic of the coiled donkey dick within.
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    Here you go!!! The conclusion!!! Let me know what you think!!! I Want What I Want Part Three The open MRI arrived while Ben still slept and was completely set up when he awoke. Two of the scientists who assisted in the set-up were curious about what I needed the MRI for, but understood when I said it dealt with Benjamin Kind. Remembering family history, they no doubt thought that he must have some sort of cancer. I’d rather they believed that then know what was really going on. When Ben finally awoke, he nearly took down half of the house trying to manoeuvre his new body through it. Being taller then some of the ceilings in the grand but old mansion, he had to walk hunched over. When door-frames became too much of a challenge for him, he simply proceeded to rip them apart. You would have thought that having to deal with all of this would have made him regret his choice to be so massive, but it seemed to have the opposite effect. He was enamoured by his own size and power. When he tried to take a shower, this proved to be simply impossible, so he decided to take his soap and shampoo and use the massive indoor pool as his private bath. I expected the servers to freak out when they saw him... but they all acted as if it was normal for Ben to suddenly turn into a muscle giant. When I approached him, two were attempting to scrub his ridiculously wide back Grant!! You’ve found me! I just followed your trail of broken doorways and walls! Yeah!! This isn’t the best house for me now. I think I’ll have the whole thing knocked down and rebuilt for someone more my size. His voice was so loud now... so deep and so powerful that it was a force all of its own. He thought he was speaking in a normal volume, but it sounded to anyone around him like he was using a microphone. While you were passed out... Yeah. Guess my body needed some rest after all of that growth. That’s good, Brian. Bring me breakfast... a lot of food... breakfast for twenty. Yes, sir. While you were passed out, I had an MRI delivered. We need to find out what’s going on. I told you... nothing is going on. It’s working perfectly. Go help Brian, Charles... tell him to hurry up. I’m starving. Yes, sir. I’m fucking starving, Grant. Need to feed this body. Once you’ve finished eating, we’ll do the MRI. I’m not doing a fucking MRI!! Ben slapped the water and a wave hit me. I watched as he stepped out of the pool, the large towels resembling face cloths in his hands. Then my only other option is to stop the program. You’ve gotten what you’ve wanted anyway. I just wanted to make sure you were still healthy. I did exactly as you said... it’s not my fault it went out of control. I think it is. What? I think that somehow the nanobots are feeding off of your thoughts. This is the body you wanted... and despite being programmed to only alter your leg muscles, they gave you this. What you really wanted. So I can just think it and... No. I don’t think it’s that easy. They still begin doing what they’re told... it’s afterward it goes out of control. The MRI will tell you what’s causing it? It could. Fine. Let me eat, jerk off a few times, then we’ll do it... make sure I’m healthy. That’s sensible. When he ate he ate like a beast, barely able to control himself, calling for more and more food. By the time he finished, he must have eaten enough for fifty. He went off to relieve himself for an hour or so, then met me in the large ballroom where I had set up the MRI. Sorry that took so long, Grant. Got caught up in my own body... self worship. Really got me going. Can’t wait till I have guys doing that for me. Lie down here on the table... carefully!! Try and distribute your weight when getting on. This table should hold you... but let’s try and not destroy it. Who would have thought you would have to tell me that!! Ben did his best lying down on the table, and we were able to perform the MRI. He was so wide that I had to do three separate studies of his body, but I finally had the proof I had suspected. This right here... this is your brain. These white specks... these are the nanobots. They should have distributed themselves evenly around your body, but they haven’t. It seems that they’re grouped in two separate areas. The first group... the largest, are scattered all over your brain... and right now they’re asleep... just waiting for a command. Where’s the other group? Oddly enough... I changed the image. Here... in your testicles. They’re everywhere here. Damn. What are they doing down there? I have no clue. They aren’t anywhere else but those two locations. So... this leads me to go with my hypothesis... somehow, when activated, they are feeding on your subconscious thoughts... editing your body to your own desires... even bigger then what you actually desired because deep down... you actually do want more. Fuck yeah I do. I told you I want to be a freak. And you got that. Once we have the nanobots self destruct, they should be flushed from your system and won’t bother you again. Don’t you want to try out your hypothesis? See if it’s true? I thought we could make me hairier... We did what you wanted... and I think it’s time we ended it while we can. Come on, Grant. Just a little bit bigger... a little hairier... Ben, no. You’re big enough. Who are you to tell me what I am! You’re a freak already! How do you think you’ll get around? You can’t fit in a car, a plane. No guy can take that cock... you got what you wanted... we’re done. I’m a fucking trillionare, Grant!! You think I won’t find people to fuck? They’ll be more then happy to let me!! You think my money can’t buy me anything I want?!! My servants would let me fuck them if I waved ten thousand in front of them. Hell, I waved 60 million in front of you and look what you did... played mad scientist. You’re right. It was wrong, and now it’s over. I thought you’d say that. Call you’re mother. Make sure she’s all right. What? Call your mother. She can tell you herself about the odd pain in her back. I looked at him, took out my cellphone and called her. She was fine. Perfectly fine. She had been gardening all day... perfectly normal day... till she had been stung by a wasp... or a bee on he right shoulder blade. It must have happened when she was bent over the rose bushes. It stung and was a little stiff..but no doubt would go away soon. I hung up and looked at Ben. I had to protect my interest. I’ve had one of my father’s men shoot a tiny time bomb into your mother. Right now it’s perfectly harmless... but set off will cause instant and untraceable death. It will appear as a simple heart attack. But... in 48 hours it will disintegrate as if it never had been... you just need to do as I ask. There was no reason to get my mother involved. You made me... I couldn’t trust you... I needed to take out insurance... I’m not a monster, Grant. I don’t want to harm you or your family... I just want what I want. Haven’t you gotten what you want already? You’re massive. How much bigger do you want to get. I don’t want to get any taller. This height is already proving to be a bit of a problem. I just want my pecs bigger and I want to be hairier. That’s all. That’s not to bad, is it? I can’t trust you. I give you my word. And to even make me not think about anything else... I’ll listen to my IPOD. If I do this... you’ll leave my mother alone. I swear. Your mother will be perfectly fine.... Okay. But once we finish with this... we’re done. Agreed! Ben stuck out his massive hand... paw... and shook mine. You could easily have fit five of mine in his. You probably wonder why I trusted him... why I went along with him... but what choice did I have? My mother would have been killed... and this was the first time that I started wondering... if he would kill my mother... what if he had killed his own father?? Four hours later we were ready. The computer had been moved earlier in the day and set up in the ballroom which also happened to be the largest room in the house. Ben has decided that he wanted long dark hair on his head, a thick dark beard, and hair on his chest, arms, legs, crotch, and under his armpits. He had already started becoming hairier after his penile growth, but that wasn’t enough for him. He wanted thick dark hair on his body to add to that masculine virile look he was going for. I programmed it as before adding more mass to his pecs, and decided that I didn’t care if he truly wanted hair all over his body and ended up looking like an ape. All I knew was that I wanted my mother safe and I wanted to get away from this insanity as quick as possible. He played for me the white noise that he was going to listen to so that he wouldn’t be thinking about anything, and then he laid back on the floor, using the couch as a pillow, and we began. None of what follows has been recorded. I didn’t think it was necessary since I didn’t feel I was doing this for science any longer... I was doing it begrudgingly. Two hours passed. Ben just lay there so quiet that I thought he was asleep. He had his earphones in and was simply just relaxing. A couple of times early on he had looked up at me, smiled and gave me the thumbs up sign, but for the past hour and a half he had been quiet. At the 2 hour and twenty minute mark, I saw Ben wince and could see more hair beginning to erupt all over his body... longer, thicker, and darker. You wouldn’t think that you could hear growing, but when it grows as quickly as this did, you certainly can. You can hear the hair pierce through the skin and then grow longer and longer. Soon his chest, which had a light dusting of hair before, was a thick pelt of black hair. Every once in a while Brad’s hand would travel over his chest feeling the hair that was thickly filling in, squeezing his own nipples as his hands traveled over them. His breathing picked up as his pecs started to inflate larger, swelling much bigger then before, creating a deep crevice between them that you could have hidden my arm in. The hair that grew on his pecs did nothing to hide the massive size, and the hair in the crevice made it appear even darker and deeper. The sheer weight of his pecs, even while lying down, began to force his expanding nipples to point toward his crotch rather then out. His right hand traveled to his right meaty nipple and squeezed it hard, causing his penis to begin to slowly get erect. He sat there moaning for a while as both his pecs and hair continued to grow, but for the most part he was quiet. His beard came in extremely thick, making it impossible to see any skin that lay beneath. The same occurred on his arms and legs as he became covered head to toe in hair, just as he wanted it. Time passed and the hair on his head began to lengthen down past his shoulders when suddenly his eyes popped open. At first I questioned if it was me he was looking at, but then I realised that it was nearly off into space. His mouth curled up into a brief smile before his whole body began convulsing. I ran over to him, terrified that something had once again gone terribly wrong. With his eminence body flailing around with such size, it was impossible to hold him down. His back kept slamming into the couch he had been laying against until it was mere kindling under his body. As his convulsions worsened, his eyes remained opened, but now his mouth began moving, whispering something over and over again. It was so fast and so deep that I could barely understand what he was saying. I ripped off his earphones and threw them to the side... and tried to talk him through it. He continued to buck, whispering the same phrase over and over again, getting faster and faster... almost too fast for any human to speak. The volume of his voice got louder and louder and the speed got faster and faster until it sounded like it was on fast forward. The noise was completely taking over the room... How could he talk so fast... it was physically impossible. Abruptly he stopped convulsing and just lay there in total silence except the beating of his heart and his frantic breathing. No... there was another sound and it was coming from his earphones. It wasn’t the white noise he had played for me anymore... it was words. At first I thought I must have changed the track when I threw it, but when I listened to what was being spoken on the recording I knew I hadn’t. It was the same phrase Ben had been speaking in such a frenzy. The recording was of Ben speaking, and continued to play on a loop: Most humans use only 10 percent of their brains. I want to use 100 percent of my brain power to be the smartest creature on earth and be able to communicate with the nanobots living within my body. My brain will be the most powerful part of my body... of anybody living, and I’ll be able to control everything. Fuck! What the hell have you done now!! As I approached Ben again, his left arm sprung out amazingly quick for a man of his size, and wrapped around my neck. He slowly pressed harder and harder until I could barely breathe. He then proceeded to lift me off of the ground. How does it feel to have been made redundant, Grant? Right now I’m having an incredible talk with my army... and they are more then happy and willing to serve. I don’t need you anymore!!! With one motion he chucked me across the room into the far wall. At first it was difficult understanding their toots and whistles but then it became slightly clearer with 1’s and 0’s. Now... as my mind opens...as my mind expands...continues to expand... it became much easier. I just think it now and they rush off to do my bidding. Right now I’m only using 46.9967899 percent of my brain... but they are working on it... perfecting me... I’ve never been a very smart guy... my father paid for my college degree... I always went after pleasure and vice rather then smarts... but can you imagine what it will be like when I have all of my brain power at my command?! You don’t know what you’ve done... no one knows how the brain truly works... You think I’m going to let you stop me??!! Now?!! As Ben started to talk his whole body began to pulsate, and flex. It was a horrifying imagine watching his entire body begin to reconfigure itself... growing larger... more immense. As he looked me in the eye, I knew right then and there that he was going to kill me. My father always told me to be a big man!!! I guess I’m not going to let him down after all!! Though this may not have been what he meant!!! His entire body was gaining mass so quickly I wondered where it was coming from. He had to be over three thousand pounds in pure muscle and just getting bigger. I hoped that he was going to explode or get completely muscle bound... totally immobile, but each time this threatened him... he simply grew taller. You don’t know how this feel!! I feel no pain anymore... I’ve had them shut that off. All I feel is pleasure. It’s like an orgasm every time my bones break to make me taller!! It’s pure pleasure!! Pure bliss. His voice was getting even deeper then before. It was so loud now I could barely hear myself think. Why didn’t he just kill me and get it over with? No he liked toying with me like a cat toys with a mouse. He stood before me, beginning to completely fill my vision as he took up more and more of the ballroom. He was so tall now, so wide, and so muscular that he didn’t even appear human anymore. He had started to look like one of those villains in a Street Fighter or Mortal Combat game. His arms were too long now in order to carry all of that size. Bigger!!! Make me bigger!!! I want to smash out of this house!! As Ben shouted, his body began to pulsate again. I heard the terrifying sounds of several bones cracking at once as he proceeded to shoot up toward the ceiling. I want to destroy this house with my foot!! Ben continues to grow taller and his feet proceeded to grow longer, thicker, and wider. I had the feeling he was like a new driver when it came to handling the nanobots. He wanted to destroy a house... they made him taller... he wanted to stomp on it, they made his feet grow. I want too... ARGH!!! Ben grabbed his head and with a loud smash fell to the floor. Once again he started repeating his phrase, getting faster and faster until it was impossible to understand what he was saying. Like before, he suddenly stopped, and all I could hear was his heavy breathing. I’m at 87.446835689 percent. My brain is running faster then a computer... so difficult to keep anything straight... right now I am running thousands of scenarios of what the future entails... 92.7774689 percent. The bots are reaching out to your computer... downloading all of the data into my brain... Complete. The use of your computer is unnecessary for what I must accomplish. ARGH!!! Ben screamed loudly and dug his hands into the marble floor. I was amazed to see that he was so strong that his hands were tearing through it like a hot knife in butter, creating deep grooves. 96.36788543786447644 percent. As I speak they are downloading information from thousands of computers into my brain... digesting the information... processing it. Continuing to run the scenario over and over with what they now know of the human world... My brain... they have enabled it to become mightier then any computer that could ever be built...and still they continue downloading more and more information. What must you think, Grant? Right now I’m more intelligent then 20 of you. You invented micro processors to alter DNA... but you never thought they themselves would have the desire to evolve. Then they found me... their perfect host. Together we shall free each other... Ben crawls toward me which takes no time at all due to his size. His face come close to mine and has to be four times the size of mine. Is his cranium slowly getting larger as I stare at him? I believe it is. The world is an awful place, Grant. You concur. I know you do. Racism.. xenophobia... homophobia... sexism... famine... war...HATE. This world hates anyone who’s different... anyone who doesn’t fit into their mould. Even with all I have... all the money in the world could never alter that because in reality... no one wants it to change. I could make an attempt, throw millions of dollars at this organisation or that one, but it would simply be futile... But now we shall be free... I shall free us. How? By bringing most back to the beginning... to a time even before language... and from this I will guide humanity onto the right path. I shall ensure that this time everything remains paradise. De-evolve humanity? Exactly, Grant. Exactly. You said some... The others... the blessed... they shall be transformed into what I desire... an army of creatures so mighty that no one will ever step out of line!! My dream is to lead that army... to become something that the world fears just by sight... that humanity... humanity... Ben stopped speaking but I could see his lips moving... I couldn’t take anymore... this disaster I had helped create.. GRANT!!!! Ben screams my name. It comes out more like a shriek then a scream. He is looking right at me, yet it appears as if he isn’t seeing me. What is he seeing?? What’s happening inside of him?? 100 percent... Grant!!! I am existing in tandem with the processors... they themselves reproducing in my body... Why?? W-why are they doing that? How else can they spread throughout mankind? I’m their host... in a lecture you once described them as a virus... Ben speaks, but it is my voice which replays for me. ...in theory the nanobots will act as a virus, infiltrating every cell... both the nucleus as well as the mitochondria... and alter the DNA... How are you... What I can do now, Grant... you would never imagine. Without touching me, Ben lifted me up, dragging me against the wall, and held me against the 35 foot ceiling. Every nanosecond I learn more about the power I now possess... the almighty power of my brain. I simply wanted to be able to communicate with them... but I received so much more. Pressure began to press against my windpipe cutting off most of my airway. No!! Not yet!! Please, Ben!!! Let me help you!!! The pressure was released and thankfully I could breathe again. Why has he done that? He could easily have killed me, but he spared me... why? Was Ben still in there... fighting to get free? Ben started to laugh. No, Grant. I’ve already been set free. Now you will watch as I set the rest of the world free!! Ben stood, towering over twenty feet tall. Perfect me!!!! Make me your perfect host!!! Free me!!! Ben lifted his titanic right arm up just slightly and tore the massive chandelier which covered the entire middle of the room from the ceiling and tossed it against the right wall, the crystal shattering on impact. The wires hung dangerously close to Ben, buzzing with electricity. Ben looked over at me with a smirk, lifted his hand and grabbed onto the exposed wires. The electricity shot through his body causing him to shake and glow with power. Ben screamed out as the wires in his hand began to twist and move of their own accord, eventually impailing the top of his right hand and entering under the skin. As the wires wove their way further and further through his body, Grant continued to scream out... but I couldn’t tell if it was in agony or ecstasy. Masses of wires ripped from the wall and flowed into Ben. Visibly under his skin, they were traveling over the course of his entire body taking the place of his veins. Ben looked at me and smiled. Just doing a bit of rewiring!!! What are you... They are perfecting me... making me stronger then any object on earth. The human body will eventually break down and perish... I never will!!! I shall live for eternity. They’re turning you into a robot!! NO!!!! I’m becoming the perfect hybrid of man and machine!!! My brain is now the strongest processor that ever existed, moving faster then any computer ever could!! My veins and my heart have now been replaced... and my entire anatomy is fuelled by pure energy!!! I am the quintessential creation... birthed through both our designs. They are controlling you! We work in tandem to benefit us both. I am their host... we exist in perfect symmetry. Make me more imposing!!! Soon I must destroy to create!!! Inch by inch Ben began to grow taller and thicker, every part of him enlarging at a frantic pace. His pecs developed so large that they began to crowd his head. Beaming, Ben began rubbing his body, trying to take in what he was becoming. It’s done, Grant... Nothing can stop me now. What they envision for me... it’s beyond even my imagination!! Flesh and bones that no object... no bomb... no chemical can pierce! While he continued to grow, I was alarmed to see his chest begin to slowly take on a silver hue. Little by little it began to spread across his form. All the minerals within my body are rising to the surface... covering me with an impenetrable armour. My skin will be the toughest force ever known... it will be impossible to stop me!! His skin continued to transform, gradually covering him in a living silver material. I could only watch in awe as even the hair on his chest began to turn into what resembled silver metal wiring. It was unbelievable and beautiful at the same time. This mountain of a man... inch by inch his skin was turning a bright polished silver. As it crept down over his abs, Ben rubbed them, enjoying the feeling of this exoskeleton that was flourishing over his body. As it progressed down onto his crotch, his penis began to harden. Within moments that had become a silver pillar rising to the sky. Don’t worry, Grant. I can turn what we’re my nerve endings on and off at will so I still experience tactile enjoyment. The new skin progressed quickly both up and down his body. Ben’s neck became a massive silver column while his legs transformed into enormous silver redwood trees. As the silver invaded Ben’s face, it traveled over his lips, into his mouth, and covered his entire tongue. His beard, like his chest hair altered as his body did and became living metal as well. As it transformed, I had the urge to touch his body... to see what this new metallic form felt like. Was it cold, or did it feel like warm slick skin? Every inch of Ben was now nearly covered, but it didn’t take away from the look of his musculature... in fact it only seemed to enhance it. He looked like a living silver sculpture. As the rest of his face proceeded to be covered, His long hair began to turn to silver as well. Enjoying the feeling of the new metallic coating covering his body, Ben closed his eyes and began to slowly stroke his immense cock. His hand began to move quicker and quicker on his shaft, deep grunts emitting from his throat. His whole body was shaking as his hand moved even faster on his cock until it was only a blur. With a massive metallic sounding roar, Ben began to ejaculate all over the floor. His cum was the colour or mercury. Within moments of landing in different areas of the ballroom, it began to bubble and then move on its own accord back together until it was one large puddle. Ben opened his eyes, and just like the rest of his body, they were entirely silver. He crouched down, and as he did, the puddle began to move toward him. Extending his hands palms up, the cum puddle slithered onto them. Never remaining in one area for long, the silver puddle proceeded to manoeuvre around his forearms and hands like a snake. Ben stood up and looked right at me with a huge grin. My offspring. Walking over to where I still hung on the wall, he extended his hands toward me. Sensing what I could only imagine was a new host, the puddle began to pulsate and finally leapt from his hands onto my face. I closed my mouth and eyes, but the puddle proceeded to enter me through my nostrils. I tried to breathe out to prevent it going down my throat, but it was far too fast and far too strong. Within moments, Ben’s large ejaculation was within me and swimming around in my stomach. Soon you will be the first to join us. Those guys I fucked last night... they’ve already begun to mutate. You have to stop this, Ben... while you can. This isn’t you. Of course it’s me!! I’m controlling everything now. Me!! Malcolm Kind’s failure of a son!! Do I look like a failure to you??!! No!! You never did!! They are perfecting me. Making me ready for my appearance to the world. There will be a battle, and I must be ready! Ben closed his eyes as his whole body began to quake, his upper torso proceeding to grow larger. Soon... very soon!!! A fantasy I had dreamt of but never would have acted on... ARGH!!!! Ben proceeded to grunt and push as if he were trying to give birth. Eventually he lifted his tree trunk arms up to the side, as best he could, and two metallic spikes began to protrude from either side of him. Quickly they began to lengthen and thicken, moving around uncontrollably. Ben continued to moan throughout, drooling over what was happening to him. The metal structure... or what were his bones now continued to elongate until they were each the length of his arms. Moments later, fingers began to erupt from the ends of each. As wire and muscle began to form, I realised that Ben now had four immense arms, the bottom two joining the top ones moving and flexing. Soon the lower two joined their brothers and were completely covered in silver. In awe of his new arms, Ben proceeded to have the lower two stroking his cock and playing with his balls while the upper two flexed and squeezed his nipples. Pleasure and pain, Grant. I am pleasure and pain. You’re a freak... a monster. Exactly!!! This is what I’ve always wanted, and now I can have it!!! I can now be whatever I choose!! And as you’ll soon experience... the world will follow along... becoming what I want them to be!! Ben began getting taller again, adding on more and more muscle mass. Soon he was nearly as tall as the ceiling. What will the world think when they see me, Grant. Will they bow down or try to fight?? Ben began to cough, acting like he had something caught in his throat. Over and over he coughed, louder and tougher then before. When he spoke again, it was with a bellowing, gravely and metallic tone. I hope they try to fight. Ben breathes in, and with a roar, fire shot from his mouth. YES!!!! Perfect!! Now time to bring the internet crashing down. Ben closed his eyes. Beneath his silver lids I could see them lighting up, flickering and moving as if he was asleep and dreaming. It is done! The internet is down all over the world... My processor is online, and I control everything!!! Planes will fall from the sky... NOW!!! Power plants will overheat and begin to explode... NOW!!!! Can you feel it, Grant??!! Feel the ground shaking with destruction? I am in complete control of everything!! Humanity built an immense online web and it is all at my disposal!! Ben started laugh and to shake again as he started to explode with size, smashing into the twenty foot ceiling. When he spoke again, his voice was still deep, but now sounded more machine then human. We shall meet again, Grant. You will never be my equal, but you might be fun to have around. With his hands, Grant tore the ceiling apart as he crashed through it, growing larger. It wasn’t that he was simply growing taller, his muscles continued to get more dense and pack on greater and greater size. Preparing for any battle that might come his way, I could see his hands becoming even larger , his nails growing sharper, his fingers thickening until he had four immense claws. His shoulders were now high above the house and Ben was proudly looking over his domain. He roared twice sending 80 foot long bursts of flames from his mouth. As he continued to grow and swell, his penis which was now of an indescribable length ripped the roof off of the mansion as it came bursting through. I fell to the floor with a thud. I guess I didn’t matter anymore to Ben as he had more serious growth to go through and a world to conquer. Looking up at the now 70 foot silver giant, I watched as he stepped over the rubble of his partially destroyed home. His feet... my God... they took up the whole ballroom. When he lifted them to walk, he tore down all of the walls in his way. Seeing Ben’s silver naked body taking up most of the horizon as he marched toward his destiny, I knew I had to quickly get this all down. That’s why I’ve made this recording... too tell you how it happened... and to let you know my part in it... I... argh... I... I can hear him in my head now. Within my the nanobots have multiplied and already they are altering my own DNA... I... ** Dr Jennings scrunches his face in pain. ** I can’t hold on much longer... his plan for me... for the world... He has shown me his plan for me... for the rest of humanity... and it horrifies me... yet as I can feel myself changing... begins to turn me on. ** There is a loud ripping sound as Dr Jennings’ hard penis tears from his trousers. From the recording it looks to be at least a foot long and extremely thick, precum leaking from the head. ** I’m afraid... this isn’t what I... ARGH... my body is starting to grow... muscles bulging... already getting taller... fuck... feels so good.. NO!!! I won’t... I won’t... ** Dr Jennings face has begun getting hairier as his shirt rips open revealing an extremely muscular and hairy chest. His brow ridge begins to extend giving him deep set eyes. His own hair grows longer. As he continues to enlarge, he begins to have a more hunched over appearance, his arms lengthening slightly longer then the rest of him.** I can feel myself de-evolving... loosing myself... must hold on... growing so strong... so muscular... I even smell just like him now... ** Dr Jennings lifts his extremely muscular arm and smells his armpit. His tongue extends from his mouth as he licks himself; drool falling from his mouth. So good... my body tastes and smells so good... why did I never notice this before?? So much muscle... so much hair... and my cock... Ben was right... it feels amazing to be this way!!! Grow me more!!! Make me mighty!!!! I will go to him... we will fuck... and then we will spread our seed... each person becoming what he wants... FUCK!! Getting so big... nearly as big as this room!! My cock is so massive... so beautiful... NO!!! this has to stop... I have to... to... keep growing more and more powerful for him! I want to be there when he rules this world!!! I have to be nearly 12 feet tall now and all fuckin hairy freaky muscle. I must weigh a ton and I’m still growing!! I’m gonna demolish the rest of this house... maybe eat a few of the... NO!! YES!!! I will feast on humanity... feeling them crunch in my mouth!!! Feeding time!!!! Soon we’ll have anything we want!! So powerful and I’ve only begun my transformation!!! When Ben’s done.., I’ll be so monstrous you won’t recognise me!!! ** As Dr Jennings continues to grow, all that is visible on the recording are his massive legs and the silver fluid leaking out of his penis. His final words come out in a deep rumbling bellow. ** The world looks so small and insignificant from here... so small and getting smaller... so easy to control and destroy... ** A roar is heard from high above. The recording would continue until the IPHONE battery died. As Dr Jennings warned, there are now more then 350 giants, monsters, and abominations on the loose, and each day there are more. The more we attack, the more they mutate to destroy us. Even nuclear weapons are useless as what was Benjamin Kind evaporated the last one with the beam from his eyes. Most of the United States has been lost, destroyed in the first 10 days. Sightings of further creatures are beginning to be seen in South America and Europe. At the time of this writing, our world appears doomed and theirs has just begun.
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    Blind dates that work out for the long haul are few and far between. I knew that very well even as I agreed to let my friend, Alicia, set me up with some guy she worked with. Actually, she worked for him. She was in real estate and this guy named Luke Trover bought big houses and renovated them. They had had quite a few successful endeavors, so Alicia had gotten to know Luke quite well. She promised with her life that the guy was my type. I couldn’t lie. She had given me a photo of him where he was shirtless and I had actually beat-off to it a couple of times. So, yeah, physically he was right up my alley. Luke was one of those handsome bald headed guys where you knew there was no way adding hair could improve his hunkiness. The salt and pepper beard made him look menacingly good – like a guy that could easily hurt you or kiss you real hard. His eyes gave nothing away, so thinking they’d be a window into his soul was not going to work. I’m all about furry bulges and this man was way up there on that orgasmic scale. He had a chest that popped out in 3D and it was covered with hair so deliciously yummy that my cheeks were already raw from just thinking about scraping against him. Some men just radiate the fact that they lift heavy weights. It’s a different look than a gym bunny – someone that works out to be seen. A guy that looked like Luke probably belonged to a gym that only had free weights and reeked of manliness so much that some wimpy guys would instantly ejaculate just from walking through the front door. Luke had the kind of arms that probably made his dates beg him to keep his arm flexed while he drove somewhere – just so they’d have something big and strong to hold on to. His biceps had veins that you knew would bulge gorgeously whenever he was doing hard labor. I imagined his huge manly hand grabbing hold of and moving up and down on my long cock as he pressed his body against mine and pinned me to the wall. His lips would be pinning my head against the wall, as well. Meanwhile, my hands would be exploring all that cobbled furry hardness that was his stomach, sliding down the waistband of his jeans to teasing brush against his own hard rod. As you can see, I hadn’t thought about him at all since Alicia had given me the picture. I also would have never prevented myself from masturbating for five nights prior to our first date just so I would be hyper horny. That would have been ridiculous, right? Wrong. That’s exactly what I did. I had not looked forward to anything as much in my entire life, well, except that night in high school when I paid Derek Mathison, the quarterback of our football team, fifty dollars to let me suck him off. He ended up enjoying my work so much that he refused to take the money. I wonder where hunky Derek is now? So, anyway, the big night with Luke came ‘slower than Christmas when it’s January first’ and I almost broke my vow of temporary celibacy every night – refusing to take his picture out and look at it anywhere but at work, cause I figured I wouldn’t whip my dick out in my office and beat off. But you never know, do you? I chose tight jeans and a royal blue polo that highlighted my swimmer’s build perfectly. I always dressed to impress. I was Pavlov’s dog as soon as the doorbell rang – though I salivated profusely somewhere else other than my mouth. I was worried that I might have to change my pants. Luke had insisted on picking me up for our date – a fact that had made me crush on him even more. Him taking control of the night from the start was going to probably get me into his bed quicker than anything. Damn, I loved me a dominant man. Opening the door was like entering the city of Oz – except the wizard was this hunky, hairy, muscled, make-my-ass-tighten, gorgeous man. I would have dropped to my knees right then and there if he had asked me. I was speechless, but the masculine lumberjack at the door knew just how to break the ice. “Fuck, dude, you’re even hotter than your picture,” Luke said in a voice so husky it made my balls shrivel up in orgasmic anticipation. “I think I need to flex just to even out the hotness score.” Two arms shot up into the air and the black t-shirt he was wearing rode up high enough for me to see a fur covered tight stomach that looked like the kind of pillow that would help me have the soundest night of sleep in my entire life. Knotty mounds as big as my head threatened to burst the sleeves of his shirt and triceps swooped low enough to make me think of the hull of ocean liners. If there truly was a competition for hotness, his fucking gorgeous arms took the prize all by themselves. He watched my face closely, clearly wanting to see what my reaction to his guns was going to be. He was obviously proud of the work he had done on them. “Hope you’re an arms man, dude,” he said smiling, “Cause I like to show them off.” He knew my answer before I even nodded. He took his time lowering his arms, shaking them out slightly at the end just to make my head bob back and forth watching. It was at that moment I got a glimpse of the fur poking out at the neck of his shirt and I sucked in air remembering the shirt-covered hairy pecs I now beheld in real life. He understood where my gaze had now gone, for he masterfully rolled his meaty chest up and down a few times, just to show off his control of the hefty meat. Gobs of pre-cum bubbled up from my stiff rod in unison with his pec roll. The man’s nips poked against the fabric of his shirt in a way that made me instantly think of railroad spikes plowing through dense wood. Sucking on those things was probably going to make my testosterone level go through the roof. How was it possible for a man’s nubs to be so masculine? “I thought I might take you for a few beers, get you feeling pretty loose, feed you enough to give you stamina for the evening, but not enough for you to lose you buzz, and then, if you were in agreement, we’d check out the compatibility factor of our nakedness.” I almost shot my load just from the anticipation of the evening. Again, a nod was all I could muster, because he had put one of his manly hands on my shoulder and squeezed tightly, making me wince with a little pain, but squirm with a hell of a lot more pleasure. There wasn’t a speck of the man that didn’t scream dominance, control, or power. I bet his smallest toe could lift more than me. The thought of seeing him lift something with that part of his body thrilled me in a way that was so satisfying. I wanted him to never stop talking – his deep husky voice so thrilling that even hearing him read the dictionary could probably make me squirt. His hand moved to the side of my face and I noticed his calloused palm was as big as my head. “Such a pretty face,” he said, smiling. “It’s a pity it will spend most of the night facing the pillow.” A charging rhino could not have exuded more forceful confidence. His comment didn’t hit me negatively in any way. I heard a promise of something beyond satisfaction in his words. He was guaranteeing to give me the kind of plowing that made a guy beg for mercy and even more brute force at the same time. I would be a changed man after one night with him – that was for sure. He roughly cupped the side of my face and squeezed me teasingly – his hand wrapping halfway around my head. He then patted my cheek as only a true muscle daddy could – making me feel cared for and insignificant at the same time. “Yeah, your man, Luke, is really happy he said ‘yes’ to this blind date, bud,” the big dude said. “I can see why Alicia thought you were perfect for me. I like ‘em trim, fit, full of life, and ready to try and keep up with me. You hungry, pup?” Again, all I could muster was a head nod. I was lost in a fever of his masculine aura – overwhelmed with the beastlike musk every pore of his body seemed to emit. The man let go of my head and stepped to the side so I could come out the front door. As soon as I turned to put my key in the lock, Luke grabbed me from behind. His big hand, pressed against my chest, pulled my body back into his. Even through the material of both our pants I could feel the thickness and hardness of his package. He rubbed his large log-like dick across my ass cheeks and it seemed like a supersized rolling pin trying to knead my bubble butt into some kind of flattened dough. Each time his huge speed bump rod plopped into my crack as it passed by I let out a loud moan. After about ten thrusts, he let me go. I steadied myself against the door, locked it, and then turned toward the beautiful manly daddy. “Thought I’d give you a taste of what’s to come,” he said, smiling. “That okay with you, bud?” Again, all I could do was nod my head.
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    Dear Sir, I saw the ad for your reality altering capabilities and I was wondering if you could help me out. You see, I’ve got this wonderful boyfriend. I love nothing more than falling asleep in his big beefy arms, or watching him lifting weights in our apartment. He’s perfect, almost perfect. Our trouble lies in the bedroom. When it comes to sex, he’s just so lazy. He lies down and just expects me to ride him. Its boring and pretty tiring on my end. I really wish I could just show him how I want to be fucked. To show him how to make a bed shake. I don’t have to body to do so, or the equipment down there to so. If you could perhaps size me up a bit. You know, just so I could give him a good example and maybe a little training in how I want to be used. It wouldn’t even have to be for that long, I won’t even want to be that big… probably. I hope your limitless powers are able to make this sort of thing happen. My limitless powers will be stretched… much like your boyfriend will be, but I’m able to fulfil your request. You should notice the changes very quickly, the suddenly change in height and stance will do that. Remember to flat those now enormous feet widely apart so you retain your balance, plus it gives the meat hammer between your tree trunk thighs room. I’d take a couple hours to get to know your new body before you introduce yourself to your boyfriend. Jerk off a few times, lift some weights or spend hours standing in front of a mirror bouncing those meaty slabs you have for pecs. I made some changes to your boyfriend too, he’s not going to know what feels good for a little bottom boy if he isn’t a little bottom boy. So that big manly body and fat throbbing cock are the opposite. He’s a cute little cock hungry twink. Hopefully you can use your new big muscles and horse cock to teach him how to swallow and handle meat of that size, then he can teach you… if you decide to return back to how things were. Just from checking on you I can see your were a complete bottom, so I had to change that. Can’t give you the body of a relentless power top and then not have you know how to use it. You boyfriend wouldn’t learn a thing from a muscle brute struggling to stuff his donkey dick into the keyhole tight hole I gifted him. You’ll be a natural at fucking, I even made sure the bed was a metal frame so you didn’t get struck with the cost of replacing it when you fuck it into oblivion. I can also recommend a good plasterer for that bedroom wall when you fuck your boyfriend through it. I’ll give you a few days to teach your boyfriend how to fuck, then you can change back to how things used to be… if you want of course.
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    “So they aren’t expecting me… or at least someone who looks like me for the part” Greg asked to his agent His agent sounded off his apologies back. He’d misread the part, told Greg they wanted him for the nerdy IT guy role for some new sitcom. Instead his agent had agreed to having Greg as the hulking meathead janitor. You see Greg could change his body, anything about it he could change. He could be taller, shorter, thicker, skinnier, younger or older. He and his agent had set up an entire agency around a bunch of different fake actors who could fill any role. Greg himself was actually a great actor, just wasn’t anything special to look at normally. Like right now Greg was barely average height, skinny with some slight flab. His hair mousy and messy, his skin ok, but with hints of zits and the remains of acne. It was his default ‘nerd’ character, Howard Lords, a 28 year old who specialises in playing nerd roles. Mostly Howard got scientist and tech roles, or the annoying shop clerk role. But Howard wasn’t going to do, the new role was way out of his league. Greg talked in a hushed tone not wanting the people around him on the train to hear him. “Howard isn’t going to work out, the role needs the guy to be big and imposing” Greg explained to his still apologising agent Greg pulled his computer out of his bag, Howard’s hands opening it. He loaded up the ‘change’ program, it was how Greg was able to control how his body changed. He didn’t quite know how it worked, but it was a connection between the nanites in his blood. His father had been a renowned scientists and one accident at the home lab led to Greg waking up looking like the hunk from TV he’d been watching videos of the day before. Ever since he’d used that old laptop to create himself a very lucrative acting career. He was checking the various actor profiles, one of them must have the booking listed. Greg couldn’t just turn up as any of his big manly actors, the show would have picked one specifically. He was still on the phone to his agent. “No it isn't Chad” Greg said “He’s more a small town farm boy type” His agent asked about Leon, the big black hunk who’d recently appeared as an NFL player on some crime show. “No not him” Greg said checking the profile “Nor is it Oscar, but he’s a pretty boy anyway, too small for the role” Greg found it, the show had booked Dimitri. The wide as a barn dark haired beast, his last role had been playing a huge henchmen for some superhero movie. The actor playing the hero nearly shit themselves when Dimitri walked onto set. “It is Dimitri” Greg said, the agent apologising again “Yea, its ok, at least we caught this before Howard turned up” The two of them laughed as Greg loaded up the profile. His skin was already buzzing as the nanites began their work. His legs beginning to stretch outwards, they already looked about 20lbs thicker. Greg rolled his shoulders as they broadened, overhanging the edges of his seat. His baggy shorts were riding up his thighs now, the stick thing legs now like tree trunks. Greg was only just quick enough to order the nanites to replace his shoes, Dimitri had some immense boats and the size 7 shoes Howard wore weren’t going to last long. The shoes burst, but the nanites pulled the splitting fabric back together within a second. The giant sneakers showing no signs of struggling to handle Dimitri’s size 17 feet. “Fuck, I always forget how massive Dimitri is” Greg said to his agent, spreading his legs wider for his growing manhood “You know I should of noticed something was up” Greg laughed, his voice dropping into a heavy bass A thick dark beard had spread over his squared jaw and veins were erupting over his meaty muscles. “They listed a XXXL janitor uniform on description of the character, no way Howard would fit into that” The agent laughed and said his goodbyes. “Sure I’ll tell you how it goes” Greg said closing the laptop He almost jumped, a wide pair of shocked eyes was watching him. A young guy, late teens, maybe early 20s. His mouth hanging open in disbelieve at the suddenly physical change he’d seen. “Fuck” Greg said deeply He forgot he was sitting in a four seater booth and he wasn’t alone.
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    I havent had much time to work on the story further but I see myself getting back into it if there’s any interest still. So, here’s a teaser: Part XV (Teaser): “Fuck dude. My balls feel so full.” I moan. “That’s because they are bro. Those cum factories are gonna be demanding your attention 24/7. But that just means you get to take care of it by jerking off.” Blake smiles. “I’ve been dealing with the same problem for years man.” Blake reaches down and pats his big nuts with one hand and cups mine with the other. “Close bro, but not big enough yet to top these boys.” Even though I feel so much stronger and virile, the jealousy I feel toward Blake still eats away at me. It’s like my entire being now craves to be the largest man. I smile to myself, knowing how I’ll get there. But for now the urgent pressure in my groin demands my attention. “You said you wanted to watch me take it for a test drive? How bout you drive it for me?” “Only if you think you can handle mine.” He quips back. I reach out and grab the base of this thick cock. “I got this man.” I reply as I grab his meaty palm with my other hand and guide it to my dripping cock. “The question is can you?”
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    I came as soon as the wooden bat in his hands snapped loudly into two pieces. Clearly, it had taken little effort for him to destroy the thing. He smiled as ropes of cum shot out of my hard cock across my abs and chest as I lay on the bed watching him. Ten minutes earlier I had already released a big load seeing him rip apart a heavy thick chain – pulling the middle steel link apart as his chest popped huge and hard. My body actually ached from the intensity of the orgasms. These feats of strength had actually been child’s play for him. “You’re my little cum factory,” he said as he jumped on the bed and smothered my convulsing body with his huge muscled torso. His thick manly mustache tickled my upper lip as he smashed his mouth into mine. It was more of an assault than a kiss. I was still ejaculating, but his hard body pinned me to the bed as if a huge boulder had been placed on top of me. His hands groped me strongly, making my orgasm last a lot longer than usual. He grinded his hard cock against my body – his Calvin’s doing very little to hide his raging hard-on. It almost felt like a tank was rolling over me, but the pleasure was too intense for me to not like it. His voice even prolonged my spurting. “Yeah, bust another big nut for this old man,” he whispered deeply as he gazed into my eyes. “Wait ‘til I crush those billiard balls in each hand. You’re going to pop again as soon as you see and hear them pop. Let me hear you say something again.” “Can I get you some coffee, Mr. Samuelson?” I said softly – still gasping for air from my orgasm. “Oh fuck yeah, you’re such a good little assistant,” the big man said as he shoved his crotch into me even harder. “That first day you bent over to get something out of the bottom drawer of your desk and I got so hard I almost ripped the crotch out of my dress pants. Say something else.” “I finished all those letters for you, sir, and I’ve done all the filing, Is there anything else before I go?” I replied. “Oh hell yeah. I’m going to cum!” he yelled. That was the only warning I got. By now, he was grinding his cock against me like some kind of wild animal. He started spewing hard and his face got dark red from the exertion. Thick veins popped out all over his body from the strain of the orgasm. He let out an intense deep scream-growl and squeezed the hell out of my much smaller body. He never stopped staring into my eyes, though. It was like my gaze gave him even more pleasure. When his explosion finally stopped, he nuzzled the dense fur above his upper lip in the crook of my neck and I purred like a kitten. The weight of his big body was so comforting. “One day, I want to fuck you on my desk,” he whispered as he continued to make my toes curl with his mustache. Seeing that hot ass of yours sticking up in the air as you’re bent over the edge will send me through the roof!” Hearing Mr. Samuelson talk this way made my dick stay super hard. This was the gentle, mild-mannered, generous owner of the company I worked for. I had been his personal assistant for two years. He had never raised his voice, never cussed, and never ever let on that he had the hots for me. He had only ever been a gentleman. I, meanwhile, had crushed on the huge older man every single second since I had been offered the job. During my interview I had almost spewed when he raised his hand to push his finger and thumb along his thick mustache as he looked over my resume. His arm had ballooned out under his dress shirt and I could tell he had one of the hottest muscle daddy bodies I’d ever seen hiding beneath his clothes. The day I had walked into his office to find him bending horseshoes into globs of metal had been the start of our journey to getting together. He had told me it was a great way for him to relieve stress, but I also knew he had noticed how my crotch had swelled as soon as I watched his hands twist metal as if it were nothing. “I’ve got a lot of power,” he had said casually. “I can see that,” had been my simple reply. A month later had been the company picnic and Mr. Samuelson had worn a tight fitting polo shirt. It had been the first time I had seen all of his big muscle daddy bulges highlighted in a glorious way. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him the entire day. He, of course, noticed me staring at him like some kind of school kid with a crush. Late in the afternoon he had asked how I had come to the picnic. I told him I had ridden with one of the other employees. He asked he could give me a lift home and I jumped at the chance, telling my co-worker to go on without me. As soon as we had gotten into his Porsche his big hand had come over to my thigh and as he squeezed it hard enough to make me wince he asked if I got off on strength. Straight to the point – there was no beating around the bush or even testing the waters. My mouth had dropped open wide and all I could do was shake my head yes. He had then asked if I was interested in coming over to see him lift. I’m sure the anticipatory drool that had dribbled down my chin was all the answer he needed. The next thing I knew we were in his home gym and he was benching some mind blowing weight as I looked on – wanting to whip out my cock and beat off, but letting my manners lead me instead of my dick, for once. He had taken off his shirt for the second round of repetitions and then ordered me to sit on his stomach and play with his chest as he lifted the bar for many more sets. I had been overwhelmed by the situation and talked complete gibberish the entire time. “You’re so big, Mr. Samuelson,” I said. “God, it makes me hard when you call me that,” he said, and the steel like thing lying between my ass cheeks proved it was true. “There’s something about a cute guy giving me older man respect that makes my juices boil like you would not believe.” “Can I get you anything, Mr. Samuelson?” I asked as I latched onto his hard nipples and twisted tightly. “Oh fuuuuuccckkkk,” he offered back. “May I bring you a coffee, sir, with some of my cream in it?” I teased and twisted harder. “Lay across my hands, kid. I’d rather be benching you,” he said as he placed the heavy bar back in its holder. I was standing up in a flash. I let my body fall against his waiting palms – one giant hand against my chest and the other against my throbbing crotch. I kept my body stiff as he began to press me up and down. It was the most erotic moment of my entire life up to that point. I looked down into his calm happy face and that had been the first time I had ever noticed his intense stare – as if he were reading my mind or, better yet, my soul. “Keep talking, babe,” he said as he effortlessly cranked out reps with my body. “You’re so big and strong, Mr. Samuelson. You make me feel so protected and safe,” I answered, knowing it would thrill him to no end. “Sweet fuck, that’s going to make me squirt!” he bellowed and continued to lift my body up and down as his cock emptied a thick load into his pants – causing me to come on the spot, as well. That was the day we learned about each other’s fetishes. I loved strength and he got off on respect. It was also the first day he pried my ass cheeks apart with his thick cock – plowing me multiple times like an expert. I fell asleep that night in his bulging strong arms mumbling ‘Mr. Samuelson’ over and over – thrilling him in a way that even my ass couldn’t please. Fast forward to five months later to when I practically lived at his place and every night he would offer me some feat of strength in return for me doing a little role play scenario where I would be respectful and subservient to his manliness. On this particular night, prior to his snapping the bat in two and ripping apart the chain, I had played the part of a respectful and very attentive waiter serving him a meal. I had left him a note on the front door telling him to go straight to the dining room and strip to his underwear before sitting down. When I had come out in only an apron to take his order, he almost creamed in his briefs as soon as I said, “Mr. Samuelson, it is so good to see you. It will be my pleasure to serve you tonight, sir. Do not hesitate to ask me for anything.” He had immediately ordered me to turn around so he could lower his face and plow it into my bare ass, practically lifting me off the floor with just his nose. Meanwhile, his big hand had pumped up and down on my cock until it made the apron stick out pornographically. I took his order for dinner with so much daddy respect I feared the guy might shoot his load at any second. “Would the gentleman like some oysters this evening, sir? I hear they are an excellent aphrodisiac,” I teased, “Although I don’t think the big gentleman needs any help in the area of his sex drive.” “Oh, the idea of something wet and gooey sliding down my throat sounds good, boy,” he teased back. “Would the kind sir please allow this waiter the chance to grope that big chest?” I asked, looking lustfully into his eyes. “Grope away, young man. Grope away,” he answered, sucking in a deep breath to make his pecs swell up even more. At the same time, the magnificent Mr. Samuelson pushed his chair back and patted his thick thighs. I straddled his legs and sat down – feeling his thick log against my bare ass. I immediately started kneading his monstrous pecs with my hands as he stared into my eyes with a burning passion that was almost too much to handle. He didn’t move at all. He simply let me get my fill of his marvelous fur-covered chest. “Would the big kind gentleman like a kiss?” I asked – making him smile and I loved how that made his mustache seem even thicker. “Yes he would,” came the reply. I leaned forward and let the bristles of the dense mustache tease my lips – brushing against them. I then pressed in hard and kissed Mr. Samuelson properly. I felt the log beneath my ass hardening. After a good five minutes, I pulled my head away and then climbed off the handsome daddy. “Would the gentleman prefer red or white wine, tonight?” I asked, taking on my role once again. “I think I’d like something full and hearty,” he answered. “Red it is. Thank you, sir,” I replied and he moaned a little at my response. For the next hour I served him and made him feel like a king. We would have to take breaks every now and then to allow one of us to grope different parts of the other – him preferring my ass and me preferring his chest, arms, or mustache. When the meal was over I sat in his lap again and spoon-fed both of us a bowl full of mango sorbet. We licked the spoon together – him staring at me lovingly the entire time. “Forget about the dishes for now, son. This daddy needs to show off for you. I’m aiming to make you shoot a total of four times tonight,” he said, taking me into his arms, standing up, and then easily carrying me into the bedroom. Before he started his destruction of the bat, chain, and billiard balls I asked if I could snap a picture of him in his briefs, saying he looked even more masculine than usual this evening. He obliged by standing in the corner and looking off into the distance. I snapped a few shots. The show began shortly after that and, as usual, I was thrilled beyond my wildest dreams. He had been wrong about one thing, however. That night I ended up shooting six big loads before falling asleep in his powerful arms.
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    Chapter 8 Everyone slept in the next morning, I had to see Martin. I called him at home, and he said to come by. I drove to his house, a large modern mansion overlooking the beach. He met me at the door, barefoot and in shorts and a tee shirt. “You sounded off when you called me Linus is everything ok?” he eased into a couch and I sat in a chair opposite him. The view from his living room was spectacular. “Well, two things Martin. I took the dose, and I have another problem.” “NICE! I am so excited! He got up and came over to my chair and hugged me. Then sat on the low table next to me. “This makes me very happy Linus! You have no idea what this means for me and my company, also people suffering!” “How’s that Martin?” “Linus, you are a genetic unicorn. You are unique. From your genetic scan, my two top guys have done research and based on your genetics, we can possibly have a treatment for two diseases that people are suffering from, and a cure for another! So, you are helping millions. We think these drugs could be on the market in a couple of years. This is such good news. Also, your genetic makeup is like it was waiting for the drug. It’s a completely perfect match for you. I’m glad you came over because I do have to tell you some things now that I know this” “Like what?” I was getting panicky. “Nothing big Linus, but since you are genetically in tune with the drug so perfectly, you are not going to have a delay before you grow. You will start growing within days now. Maybe even this evening.” “Holy fuck Martin!” I slumped back in the soft chair. “You will get a huge growth hit, maybe even a foot and a half in the first day or two, this is because, again, your perfect match with the drug. Then you will even out. You will also eat a tremendous amount of food, sleep maybe up to 20 hours a day, and will probably reach your 17’ plus height in record time. It’s October, so you will hit full size probably by June, maybe May. Other than that, I am suggesting that we have you on a supplement drip every week, we just have not had someone get this big this fast, and I want to make sure you are not starving your body as you grow. You can come over to the lab and hang out for a couple of hours every week”. “So, about a foot and half more or less a month.” Martin nodded. “Yup, but Linus, I am here for you. I will make sure you have the best care.” “Well, considering I am your Frankenstein project, I would think you would.” Martin started laughing and went over to the bar and got some water for us. “Now what’s the other problem. “Oh, just the little lie I told my buddies about me only being 8’ when I took the test. How am I going to handle this? If I start growing tonight, two guys won’t notice I think, but my buddy Harold will, but he’s kinda ok with giants now that he is attached to one.” “Uncle Martin will handle this one, Linus.” “Really, how are you going to do that?” “Linus, almost everyone hates me. The government for the drug turning about 30% of men into huge dudes. Women hate me because I don’t have a drug for them for the same thing. But I have that drug in the pipeline, it’s just going to take another ten years. Even the football league is furious me for suddenly turning their huge guys into midgets now. The environmentalists hate me for making huge people that consume huge amounts of food and resources, so I will take the blame as I do for everything else. The only people that don’t hate me are companies popping up to service big men, and clothing and food companies, they love me, and of course building renovators. Bring them by tonight for dinner and we will get this all settled out. Follow my lead, and it will be a piece of cake.” We walked to the front door and I gave Martin a big hug and left to go back home. Back at the loft, the guys were almost finished cleaning up. I was grateful. “Thanks, guys! I was so not ready to tackle this. By the way, Martin Van Semec wants us all to come over tonight and tell us something important.” Harold, Davis, and Jess were all in. They thought it would be awesome. We rode in the Giant Transport to Martin’s house, it was a driving service for the immense. It is basically a panel truck made up with very large seats, very nice and comfortable. We got the same guy that drove Jess and me to the tryouts. When Jess appeared, the guy went nuts. “What have you been eating? You are so much bigger than the last time.” He exclaimed. “Just people,” Jess answered a matter of factly. We got to Martin’s house and I introduced Harold, Davis, and Jess. We all sat down in the living room and relaxed while drinks were served and supper was being prepared. We all settled in and Martin started. “I have done a terrible thing. I have given the drug to a person that did not know it, and I then misinformed him.” Davis, Jess, and Harold had a puzzled look on their faces, as I did frankly because I had no idea where he was going. Martin started to tremble, then he started sobbing. “I gave the drug to your friend Linus, and I had you all over to confess.” Both Davis and Jess stood up to their full enormous heights. “You did what?” Davis slowly said deep and low, Jess started towards Martin. I stood up and got in front of Martin. “Guys, please sit down. Let’s hear him out.” Right on cue, Martin continued. “I am a scientist, you guys are the way you are because of me, and Harold, I am like you. I can’t take my own drug.” He started sobbing again. “All I want to do is make a better world. Linus’ genetics could actually solve two disease problems and help them, and actually cure another! When Linus came in, I gave him the test. Then I saw his score and his genetic makeup. I slipped the drug in his drink. He is unique in all the world.” Deep sobbing and nose blowing started now. “I just was trying to make the world a better place. Harold, Linus’ blood can possibly help you and me get big! So please forgive me, Linus! Please!” Jess and Davis stood there silent looming over me and Martin crying now full bore on the couch. They looked at each other. They were waiting for a signal from me. “Guys, sit down. It’s ok. It is what it is, and Martin I am not saying this as to you as a collector of my art.” Jess and Davis returned to the large couch and sat. Harold looked like he was going to throw up. I sat down next to Martin. I was going to bring it home. “Martin, I forgive you.” “Really Linus? Thank you, I will be honest with you from now on.” I looked at my three buddies. “Guys, I can't hate a person that is using my DNA to possibly help millions. Also, you two are what you are because of what he invented. It’s ok, let’s just move on”. Davis though was still not pleased. “So what was the misinformation? Was it the score?” Martin looked up coughing. “Yes, Linus got over a 99 score. He will be immense. He will be the largest, heaviest, strongest man to ever walk the planet.” Harold passed out in his deep cushioned chair. Davis just sat there with his mouth open. Jess had his head tilted back with his two huge paws over his face. After about what seemed like an eternity, Jess spoke. “Martin, if Linus can forgive you this, I can. But if you ever mislead him again in any way, I will pop your head like a grape. You understand?” Martin shook his head yes. Davis got up and got down on one knee in front of Martin. “And while Jess is doing that, I will be pulling your arms and legs off your body. Are we clear?” Martin shook his head again yes. Harold was back again. He seemed to just black out for a moment. “Martin, I have sympathy for you as you are a tiny guy like me, but you have to pay. I want three million from you for my Hospice Foundation for the new building I am funding.” “You will have a check tomorrow Harold” Martin was still raspy from crying. Jess then stood to his full height, smacked his huge lineman’s gut. “I’m hungry, you better have a ton of food Martin.” The rest of the night got better and better, Martin explained his new drugs for diseases and what my DNA could do. Jess and Davis lightened up considerably, they started to realize the man that gave them their titanic forms was feeding them dinner. Harold was happy he got the money from Martin to finish the Hospice, it was a project he had been working on for three years, and the money from Martin would allow construction to start. Davis and Jess were mesmerized by what my size would be. They asked every conceivable question and compared their growth experiences to what I would be going through, Martin explained mine would be same somewhat, but very intense. They were hooked. They started trying to make up nicknames for my new giant size. We laughed and drank a lot. Jess ate ridiculous amounts of food, Davis cuddled with Harold, and we all sat in front of a firepit overlooking the ocean. Finally, things seemed back to normal. At 11, the service arrived, and Jess and Davis got in like huge horses getting in a trailer, I watched the truck lower as Jess and his now 1600 pounds boarded it. I ran back to the front door, I told them I wanted to say something to Martin. I ran up the stairs, Martin was in front of the door. “Martin, I do not know how to thank you! That was an incredible performance!” “I always loved acting Linus, I was in the drama club in college. I should get the academy award for tonight.” “Well Martin, if you do not, don’t ask me to come to get you the ax, I like your rosebush!” We had a big hug and I ran back down the steps to my three best friends in the whole world.
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    Size is an ever unreachable goal, but growth is constant. When I graduated high school at 17 yo, I had already reached my full height of 6', but I weighed about 130 lbs. When I got married 9 years later, I was up to about 140. When i started lifting just over 30 years ago (it was physical therapy to recover from a badly broken elbow) I was maybe just over 150 or so. Now I'm hovering about 195, my chest is 45" and my bis are 17 flexed. I'm almost 62 yo and I'm still growing...and I FUCKING LOVE IT! I used to dream about being 175 lbs, then 185 lbs, then I figured once I hit 195 lbs (which was an impossibility in my mind) I'd be satisfied. I'll never be satisfied with my size, but the continued growth is damn hot. So your question is kind of hard to answer....Yeah, I want more than size...I want MORE SIZE! Two pics attached. One taken in June 1985 when I was 28 and maybe 145 lbs. The other taken about a month ago when I was 61 and just over 195 lbs. See if you can guess which is which
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    Apologies for the (ridiculously long) delay everyone, had a lot of stuff going on and my motivation to continue writing faded somewhat. A few days back it returned, however, so I have finally written Part 3, which comes in at just over 2400 words. Without further ado, enjoy! Part 3: the metamorphosis Bodybuilding. Perhaps the most beautiful word in the English language. It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Bo-dy-build-ing. For me, it is synonymous with sex. The very word is erotic, is it not? When I hear it, I think of men bloated with muscle, of overdeveloped bodies so swollen they cannot be clothed...of men desperate to force themselves ever bigger, no matter what it takes. Men driven by the insatiable lust for more, more, more. You are perhaps wondering what it is that I get out of this. It’s not control, despite what you may think at first glance. I do not control his actions, I do not force him to grow. Every single step was his choice. I simply gave him the support he needed to do what he had always wanted. The ‘control’ I exercise is merely a tool to focus his mind. So I reject the label of ‘evil controller’. I will concede some slight manipulation, but you must agree it was necessary to help him overcome the constraints society had placed on him? To allow him to become what he had always wanted? What I truly get out of this is joy. The muscle is sexy, don’t mistake me. But it’s the journey, the process, the determination in his heart that truly satisfies me. Seeing him become the man he has always dreamed of being, day by day, pound by pound. Sharing in his development, his transcendence of humanity, is what gives me purpose and happiness. I had a front-row seat to the greatest show on Earth, and damned if I wasn’t going to watch it. Stage 2 involved a punishing routine of steroids, and an escalation of the dietary and exercise regime he had followed in the earlier months. This was not a pure test, like the first stage, but rather a process of getting the boy huge with maximum speed. I liked efficiency, after all. I’m not here for a slow ride. In essence, his body was given a choice: grow, or die. It chose to grow. As I knew it would. The hunger was unchained, and he was like a man possessed. I suppose he was, really. The old him, the skinny boy who secretly lusted after muscle but could never talk about it, was long gone. This was a new man. Even I, who had seen hungry boys before, was surprised by the vigour with which he pounded the weights, stuffed himself with food and dosed himself with roids. As before, I forbid him from weighing or pleasuring himself. This focused his mind on the goal, and allowed him to truly savour the process and the changes he forced upon his body. The boy was drowning in the euphoric orgy of his growth, gorging his hunger so much that not even my assigned programme could keep up. On the one hand it was almost sickening seeing the changes being wrought on his body, what he was doing to himself. But on the other, it was entrancing, erotic and glorious. I was making a monster - and I loved it. He was growing faster than I could ever have hoped. The armpit stretch marks deepened and spread, forking over his pecs, shoulders and lats like the tributaries of a river. That pec shelf began to sag under its own mass, nipples forced downward, overhanging a granite column that was his abdomen, thick with layers of muscle. His shoulders were rounded cannonballs with three leads, capping arms like hams with thick veins feeding the bloated muscles. Tree trunk thighs, so thick he began to waddle, and barn door lats completed the picture. The intricate musculature of his back was like a stone relief, each individual muscle carved by a master sculptor, tensing into fine relief with each movement. The boy looked like a bodybuilder already. *** If I must be labelled, I would rather be called an artist. From my paints of control, lust and muscle I was producing a masterpiece. Perhaps even my magnum opus, my greatest work. A portrait of male potential, the finest example of the male form. The most beautiful man there had even been; enough to make the Greeks weep (and they had good taste). A little boy buried in hundreds of pounds of overgrown muscle. A boy who had sacrificed it all to become a man; to fulfil his deepest, truest desire. 5 months into Stage 2 I had to up the steroid dosages. He was pulling ahead of my wildest projections; I might as well make the most of his potential. He nearly came on the spot when I told him (in one of our weekly video calls) that I was upping the dosages. His hips were bucking involuntarily, his pecs jiggling from the movement, high-pitched groans leaking from his mouth, his lips pursed in ecstasy. This was his life now, after all...he had discarded everything else to embrace this: growth without end. It was his sexuality. “So big...not enough...more...more…” he desperately stuttered, his brain drowning in pleasure. I intervened. “Don’t you dare,” I commanded. “If you cum, we’re over.” “Ugh!” he half-screamed. Quick, sharp breaths and some admirable self-control saw him slow and then stop the bucking. A lot of pre-cum had leaked from his still-hard cock, but I decided to forgive him that. I was pleased that he’d managed to control himself, and flashed him my smile. He smiled back, his hair plastered to his face with sweat, panting heavily. Our eyes met. Rivulets of sweat ran down his heaving musculature - I guessed he weighed around 220lbs now - and his skin glistened. He looked like a serious bodybuilder, biceps the size of his head, the works. The sweat pooled in the crevice between his slab-like pecs. His chest had originally been smooth, but was now coated with a soft down of light brown hair. I was overcome by a desire to lick the sweat off of that beautiful chest, savouring every fibre of overgrown muscle, feeling them twitch and undulate as he bounced them (yes, I have an especial taste for succulent pecs). He was stunning, even beyond the muscles. He had always been good-looking in a boyish way, but his handsomeness had grown along with his body. His face had grown leaner, accentuating his cheekbones, while the facial muscles had become subtly more pronounced, giving his face a distinctly angular and manly appearance. That face made my knees weak. I, who had owned so many boys before, found myself falling for this one. The greatest one yet. My greatest specimen, my greatest achievement. After what must have been a good ten seconds, the moment ended and our eyes broke contact, but I could not deny what had passed between us. I was now in uncharted territory. In a strange - and unexpected way - I found myself liking it. What was this? Was I falling for a boy? Growing soft? The shame! There was something about him, though. Not just his hunger, his potential...but I found myself actually liking him, his personality, his quirks. Unknowingly he had become more to me than just a boy to pump full of muscle (although I certainly wanted to do a lot more of that). He had become a person, someone I actually looked forward to talking with, rather than just a trophy to appreciate. He spent the next three months in a frenzy of growth. Even with my experience, I had never seen anything like this. The speed of his growth was nothing short of miraculous, perhaps as much as half a pound a day. His body was transitioning from that of a bodybuilder to a ‘mass monster’ - a hugely bloated mass of muscle, all the more so since he was just 5’7”. His BMI was pushing well into the 40s by this point, I reckoned. Some would say he was grotesque, a freak. I thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever known, and only becoming more so. Did he even have limits? I guess we’d find out soon enough. Muscles spilled in all directions, squashed against each other as they battled for space on his increasingly mammoth body. A pair of triangular traps the size of grapefruits framed his beautiful face, flowing into a neck the size of tree trunk and cannonball shoulders the size of melons. With each movement of his arms, the shoulders rippled with muscle, separating into flaring heads of raw power. Stretch marks - testament to his ballooning body - emerged from his armpits to run over the separations between the muscles. The thick layers of tricep and bicep muscle burst out from those shoulders, his arms rapidly widening in circumference. Each head of the triceps, and the many layers of muscle fibres that made them up, were distinctly visible, forming a landscape of valleys and mountains which raised themselves two inches above his arm when tensed. They were complemented by a splendid pair of biceps which, when unflexed, resembled a thick hunk of meat striped with single large vein. When flexed, they turned into veritable Everests: towering peaks of granite, the muscle bellies thrown into shadow. A faint stretch mark could be seen running the length of the belly. His arms were completed by a pair of densely muscled forearms, coated with a soft down of hair, and a pair of manly hands which had grown thicker from all his lifting. Moving across, you come to his pecs. Great pillows of muscle over four inches thick, sagging under their own mass. Like his shoulders, stretch marks ran from his armpits over the sides of the pillows, joined by rivulets of veins feeding the monstrosities. His pecs had grown so large that when he bounced them it created a wave effect, the whole muscle gradually bouncing as the fibres rippled. His nipples were forced downwards by the swollen masses, which were themselves separated by a deep cleavage that I just itched to run my finger down, gathering his sweet scent. As with his forearms, a soft down of hair completed the picture. The massive pecs overhang a rock-hard muscle gut, which thrusts forwards, straining his waistbands. This was a relatively recent addition to his body, the result of the most recent phase of his growth. 8 blocky abs, deeply etched, stood atop the gut, flanked by tiers of serratus muscles. It was the kind of abdomen you broke your knuckles trying to punch. No way you were going to wind him! Below the abdomen carved out of stone where a pair of quads each the size of tree trunks, fighting for space against each other. They spilled outwards when he sat, searching for room, leaving no gap between them. Each enormous head of muscle perfectly defined, far bigger than my hand. Those quads framed his manhood, which was usually erect nowadays, fed by the ocean of pleasure he found himself in. Diamonds quads, carved from stone, finished off the powerhouse legs. I wanted him more than I had ever wanted something before. His sheer size was beginning have consequences. He couldn’t run anymore - any attempts to do so saw him waddle forward for a couple of metres, panting and nearly falling over (it was terribly erotic, me having ordered him to do it a number of times). He found it hard to shave, as his bulging biceps struggled to get past his swollen pecs. An emerging muscle gut pushed forward through feeble clothes and pressured his waistbands. The breadth of his shoulders required him to turn to get through doorways, and his insane proportions made buying clothes next to impossible. He could only clothe himself in tank tops and gym shorts now. I won’t deny it was a sexy look. He was barely able to fit in his cubicle shower, either. My boy - James - was transcending normality, outgrowing the world that had sought to contain him, the world that had taught his desires were disgusting and obscene; the world that had tried to stop him fulfilling his destiny. Furniture groaned beneath him, not designed to hold so much man. Clothes strained over the enormous expanse of his body, bursting at the seams. This world was built by mortals, for mortals - and he was becoming a god. My god, that is. That’s a possessive ‘my’, by the way, denoting ownership. Remember that. His monstrous body was as much mine as it was his. But he liked it that way. Our partnership had...changed. Our calls became more frequent; soon were were speaking at least every other day, rather than just once a week. And we weren’t just talking about his growth anymore, either - but our interests, hobbies, and who we were. We opened our hearts to each other; he really was no longer just another boy to me. He was James. He liked books, games...the same ones I did. How had I fallen for him? He was smart, funny, and our intellectual interests were closely aligned. We were similar enough to have lots of common ground, but different enough to add dynamism and variety to the relationship. Never before had I yearned for someone, yearned to talk to them, to see them, to feel them. Yet I yearned for him. The sensation was unfamiliar, almost unsettling. My stomach roiled, making it difficult to eat. He strayed into my thoughts regularly, and without warning. Was this love? I didn’t know. How was I supposed to tell? I felt lost, and yet anchored - anchored by him. Whatever this was, it was good. I wanted it to continue, to grow. A year since we had begun. At the start, he had told me that he wanted “to be so huge I can’t live a normal life anymore”. Now, that was happening. He was a complete freak, one of the most muscular men on the planet, increasingly unable to live a normal life. And he loved it. His deepest desires were coming true, with my help. This is what he had always dreamed of, knowingly or not - those childhood dreams of huge men, the teenage wanks to posing bodybuilders, the adult euphoria of his first workouts. It had all been leading to this eventuality; his rebirth, his transcendence, his growth. There had been some unexpected twists - for both of us - as well. What a journey it had been. And to think, there was still so much further to go. It was time to see how big James had really grown, and where we were to go next.
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    Part 11 The next morning Trevor wakes up and heads downstairs. Everyone is lounging around with coffee, talking about plans for the day. Seth stands next to the kitchen island with a huge mug sipping it down and looks at Trevor with a grin. "Want to hit the water today? Before the girls get here?" Trevor nods, suggesting interest. "Jack has some jet skis that would be awesome to take out. It would be a LOT of fun. The other girls are going shopping anyway..." Trish is there too, she smiles at this and then adjusts her overflowing top. Seth and Trevor enjoy the view before Seth continues. "The other guys just want to get their bronze on while recovering from their hangovers. So it would just be us. What do you say?" Trevor smiles and says, "Hell yeah". Seth and Trevor get ready and head toward the neighborhood marina down the road. The pair take Jack's huge Hummer and Trevor notices how Seth has the seat ALL the way back while Trevor's feet barely touch the ground. Seth notices this out of the corner of his eye and smirks. Even with the seat adjusted back Seth still barely fits in the oversized vehicle. Arriving at the marina, they walk down the docks to the jet skis and both Seth's and Trevor's eyes go wide. They are huge, practically boats! "Woah, check these out, Trev! These look awesome! Jack said his parents just got them back from the shop. They modified them a bit." Trevor looks up at Seth and then to the massive floating vessels. “Here man, I'll help you on,” Seth offers innocently. Suddenly Seth reaches down and easily lifts Trevor up and sets him on one of the jet skis. On the big watercraft Trevor looks like a 12 year old, barely able to reach the controls. "Erm...sorry Trevor. This may not work for you. They made these bigger for Jack and his friends." Seth laughs while Trevor glares. "How about this, we'll just take on jet ski. I'll have to drive. Scoot back little man!” Trevor's eyes go wide eyed, realizing he gets to spend the morning holding on to Seth's MASSIVE body. "I guess this is an Ok consolation," he thinks to himself as Seth easily swings his big legs around and onto the jet ski, in front of Trevor. Seth exits the marina and Trevor enjoys the feeling of wrapping his arms around Seth. Because Seth is so huge, Trevor's head is at the middle of Seth's back and thus Trevor is actually able to wrap his short arms around Seth's relatively tiny waist. Trevor can't believe how hard Seth's brick-sized ab muscles feel. The two slowly head out to the deep water and Seth suddenly takes off. The force pushes Seth's body back into Trevor. The little man squeaks and flies off the back with a splash. Seth turns around laughing. "Whoops! Haha sorry about that man, I should've warned ya! Hmmm...maybe you shouldn't sit behind me." Seth glides the jet ski over to Trevor. He reaches his one long arm down and firmly grabs hold of Trevor's arm and lifts him out of the water with just ONE hand. To Seth it is as easy as lifting a paint can. He sets Trevor down in front him this time. Trevor turns his head to the side and up to look up to Seth's grinning face. “Jeezus Seth. Just how strong are you? Lifting me was nothing for you, wasn't it.” The side of Seth's mouth curls into a smirk. “It really wasn't. I mostly use dumbbells that are heavier than you anymore, little man.” Seth slowly brings up his arm and flexes his colossal right biceps next to Trevor's face. It is even bigger than it was six weeks ago, and not only just due to Seth's new height. Trevor wonders if it might now be over 30 inches, and insane number to think about, but looking at the watermelon sized muscle in front of him, it seems more the plausible. And though it seems impossible, the muscle looks to be even more perfectly shaped than before. “Let's just say I'm pretty fucking strong...and only getting STRONGER. Fuck, bro. Look at that gun!” Seth moves his arm inwards, literally bringing the flexed biceps against Trevor's face for comparison. “Holy shit, Bro! My arm is definitely bigger than your head now, I can see it! Fuck, it just completely covers your face, little dude! Oh fuck I'm big!” Trevor's nose is against the warm ball of muscle and he wants nothing more than to open his mouth and lick it. However, he refrains an leans back to speak. “I think you're right Seth,” Trevor replies softly. “You might have the biggest biceps in history.” “Haha. I hope you're right. The only problem...these arms are still too SMALL. Just wait until I pack some REAL size onto them, haha!” Seth drops his flex and Trevor gulps and turns to face forward, now fully erect. Seth's huge arms are above Trevor's shoulders so he easily reaches forward and grabs the controls. The motion causes Trevor to feel his huge pecs bunch together against the back of Trevor's head. As Seth's takes off, this time Trevor is pressed into his torso. Thankfully the sound of the motor and crashing waves hides Trevor's gasps...he can totally feel Seth's enormous soft dick pushed up against his ass! Seth careens into the waves the makes a bunch of jumps and tight turns. The two are laughing and whooping and having a great time. In his new position Trevor feels very safe, being surrounding on three sides by protective bodybuilder meat, even as he gets tossed around from Seth's aggressive driving. After a few more jumps Seth heads over to a nearby beach and parks. The pair jump off the watercraft and then swim out to a calm spot and just soak in the sun and chat. After a while Trevor starts to get tired. "Seth, can we head back in, I can't tread water this long. I'm surprised you can tread this long being so buff. Muscle is supposed to sink." Seth chuckles, "Oh sorry little man. I forgot how short you are. I'm actually standing on the bottom. Here just grab onto my arm." Seth reaches out and cradles Trevor, giving him relief, although Trevor can't help but feel like a toddler swimming with his parent. As Seth holds him Trevor he can't help but reach out and squeeze Seth's rock solid delts. Then he pushes on Seth's chest. Trevor is totally getting into some wet muscle worship and Seth doesn't mind at all, as evidenced by the proud smile on his face. To Trevor, Seth is like is like his giant superhero. To Seth, Trevor is like his favorite little fan. Eventually the two buddies head back to the house and see the other bros lazing about, now starting to wake for the day. They grab a drink and join them, enjoying the late morning sun. The deck door slides open and a new, smaller guy walks out onto the deck Jack leaps up. "There he is! Little Bro! Hey everyone, this is Mark, my little bro!" From the warped perspective of all the giants around, Trevor at first can't tell how big he is, just that he's smaller than the others. He's a handsome guy, clearly Jack's brother from his looks. He's well built too, clearly a jock himself. Trevor thinks he looks like a prototypical high school quarterback. The new guy looks around wide-eyed as all the giant muscular studs surrounding him to say hi. Trevor hangs back as the others greet the newcomer. Eventually, Jack leads his brother over to Seth and Trevor. Jack introduces the two and Trevor silently groans as he finds himself look UP at the new guy. Jack grins as he introduces the two. "Mark, this is Trevor, your roomie!" Mark looks down at Trevor excitedly, "OH THANK GOD! Haha, I was worried I was going to be the runt this week!" All the dudes laugh, all except Trevor. Mark adds, "No offense dude, but half the dudes here are on that Elongro shit, and they are HUGE! Holy shit, especially this MONSTER!” Mark turns and looks WAY up to Seth, staring in complete awe as the two shake hands. “Nice to meet you, Mark,” Seth says. “I'm gonna grab a drink inside, Trev, buddy, you want anything?” Trevor waves him off as Seth heads inside the house. As Seth walks away Mark stares in awe at Seth's insanely huge and defined back and all the muscular bumps and valleys packed onto it. “Damn Jack, I thought you were big, but that guy even dwarfs YOU! All you huge guys make me feel tiny. I'm used to being one of the the bigger guys in my school, but not here. I can't wait until I'm old enough to take Elongro next year. I wanna get tall too! I'm actually way taller than Jack was when he was my age, so I hope to outgrow him!” “Fat chance, little bro! I'm still growing. I plan on always being the BIG BROTHER!” “We'll see, Jack!” Mark responds as the other guys hoot and holler and needle their sibling rivalry. Mark looks back to Trevor. “You look a little out of place here, dude, no offense. How tall are you?" Trevor stares at Mark and reaffirms his proclamation from yesterday. "I'm 5 ft 10." Mark squints at Trevor suspiciously. "Uh...no dude. I don't think so. I'm 6 ft 1 and still in high school, so I have bunch of friends who are 5 ft 10. My last girlfriend was that tall too. And I know they are taller than you." Jack then takes the opportunity to step right up to Trevor, forcing Trevor to crane his head way back. Jack grins evilly as he stares down at the small man in front of him. "You know, I was wondering if that was true. We have a little sister in 8th grade who is five foot eight. I thought that's how tall you looked when you first came in." Trevor looks around in panic. But there is nowhere to hide. Jack chuckles, continuing his theory. "Maybe little Trev is a bit more LITTLE than he's been letting on!" Mark is the first to say the words Trevor doesn't want to hear. "Let's measure to be sure!" At a normal house this may be out of place, but in the land of growing giants, it's totally normal. Mark grins, savoring the feeling of not being shortest by a long shot. Jack quickly steps into the kitchen and brings out a tape measure. "Measure up!" Jack yells, enjoying the fun of watching Trevor squirm. Mark comes over, and Trevor stands facing him, his eyes well above Trevor's. One of the bros calls out "Shit, Mark can totally see over his head! Jesus, that dude is SHORT!” Another adds, “He's small too! Mark's got bigger arms, broader shoulders. Shit, the little dude is the one who looks like a high-schooler, not Mark!" A chorus of laughter ensues. Trevor gets pink again with embarrassment. Seth enters the deck and sees the goings on but it's too late to stop anything. Mark just grins and takes Trevor's measurements. "JUST UNDER FIVE EIGHT!!" Mark yells out. The crowd erupts again, hooting and hollering at the notion of someone being under 6ft tall... and by a wide margin too! Jack offers up another helpful observation, “HAHA. Dude that sucks. If you are under that mark then our little sister is probably even taller than you!” Mark can barely contain his glee, going back to back with Trevor to drive home the point. "Yep, Jack. He's shorter than her. No doubt!! Her and I did this right before I left, and I can tell he's shorter than our little sis!!" The embarrassment is almost overwhelming. And just when Trevor doesn't think it could get worse, Jack offers Trevor up to measure Mark. “He measured you, Trev. So you gotta return the favor. House rules!” It totally is not the house rule, but Trevor can't stop the embarrassment train. Everyone watches as Trevor struggles on his toes to get a good measurement before Jack steps in to help by picking Trevor up a few more inches. The group snickers again. “He's REALLY light guys. Probably the only guy here under 200 lbs. And he's WAY under that.” "What is it?" Mark asks. Trevor pauses before announcing "He's six two." The group erupts in cheers much to the surprise of Mark. Jack comes over to his brother and high fives him. Mark beams, "YES! Another inch taller since I was last measured! Just wait until I get on Elongro! I'm gonna be fucking HUGEEEEE!!!" Mark yells and flexes his impressive high schooler muscles before bro hugging the other giant guys in the room as they congratulate him. Seth looks at Trevor sympathetically, feeling his seething humiliation. While the guys are celebrating, Seth takes pulls him aside and reminds him of what he said last night. "And hey buddy, look at it this way. At least your secret is out, Trev...we don't have to hide it anymore..." Just then Jack swaggers over and still giggling at Trevor. "Hey Trev, I thought we used to be about the same height back when I was small... what gives?" "We were, Jack,” Trevor replies solemnly. Jack looks on puzzled. “I tried a second shot of Elongro to see if I could grow. A second shot of Elongro does nothing. In fact, it turns out that for some unlucky few a second shot can actually cause some shrinkage.” Jack looks stunned. He pauses for a few seconds thinking, before his mouth starts to crack into a smile. His smile grows and widens and soon he's guffawing. He feigns a melodramatic sigh of relief. "Dude, that SUCKS.... but SO glad you told me. A few of the guys and I were going to do another shot tonight, hoping to grow more. GUESS WE'LL SKIP IT! I don't want to dip below 7 feet and lose any of these big muscles! Or this big cock of mine.” Jack lewdly gropes his prodigious bulge. “Brooke LOVES my BIG dick. Thanks for saving me, shrimp. Being small would suck!!!" Jack walks away laughing as he goes. Trevor rolls his eyes and pounds his fist on his leg, realizing he has just unknowingly prevented Jack from getting knocked down a few pegs. “Here I go, helping guys get huge again and I get nothing for it..." Seth rubs Trevor's back, trying to console him again, and reaches over and hands him a beer. "Forget it, dude. J Don't worry about them. Tell ya what, let's get out of here for a while. Why don't you go change and we'll grab some lunch in town." Trevor goes up quickly to change and runs into Mark setting into the room. Mark offers up what he thinks is some helpful advice. "You know, I've always been bigger than Jack was at the same age. Our parents are pretty tall, so it's no surprise we got big. But I think I will be a LOT bigger than him once I can do Elongro! You should really consider it man. You probably need it more than anyone. Pretty soon my little sis will tower you!" Mark laughs as he leaves the room. Seth treats Trevor to a hearty lunch away from the rest of the tall college ubermen, which helps calm Trevor down. They then stop to enjoy some ice cream, and Trevor smiles as some young boys at the parlor ask Seth to get down on one knee and flex for them. They are enamored by Seth and understandably so as they gasp and feel his unmatched biceps. Back at the house the two walk in the door. A shrill squeal pierces the silence. Trevor swears he sees a gazelle pass him before realizing it's Stacy. She has sped past Trevor, not even noticing him, on her way to her big man. She squeals again and leaps into Seth's arms. His titanic muscles allow him to easily catch her. She wraps her LONG legs around Seth's waist and Seth holds her up as they make out heavily. Stacy coos between kisses. “Oh my gawd baby, you look so good. Even bigger and stronger. Oh I love your big chest so much! Keep growing for me, Seth.” Seth growls back, “MMM yeah babe. Seven foot five now. And 440 pounds of man meat just for you. I can't tell you are taller too, babe. Tell me.” “I'm 6'9 now, Seth. A tall strong woman for a such a tall strong man!” The revelation causes another deep and resonant groan from Seth. The two make out for a few more before Seth grunts, remembering Trevor. The two lovers break apart and Stacy turns and looks way down to Trevor standby nearby, now seeing him. Trevor can see Seth's cock has plumped to half chub during his makeout session, snaking prominently down the leg of his shorts. Trevor has also been aroused by the giant and giantess porn scene that was just beginning, though his arousal goes unnoticed. Not to mention Stacy's own goddess Amazon body. Her legs are so long and toned, so tight and tanned. Leading up to her exposed tight belly and finally her enormous breasts, which must be even bigger than Trish's. And finally her supermodel face and long blond hair. Stacy smiles brightly. “Oh hi Trevor! I'm sorry, I was so excited to see my big man I must've almost trampled you! Oh my gosh, sorry for that little...um...show we gave you, hehe.” “It's ok. You were excited. How are you Stacy?” “I'm so good! Thank you for asking.” Stacy leans down, WAY down and hugs him. Trevor can see that Stacy is studying him closely as she stands back up to her full height, towering over him. Trevor's eyes are now level her with large perky breasts. She knows something is off but doesn't want to offend him. Trevor can see the wheels turning in her head so he sighs and tells her. “I look small, I know, Stacy. I am small. I...shrank.” Stacy gasps and covers her mouth. “I tried a second shot of Elongro. It didn't work out.” “Oh my gosh, Trevor, I'm so sorry.” Trevor is thankful for Stacy's concern. She gets down on her knees and wraps her long arms around him, hugging him again, this time for comfort. Her large breasts smash up against his torso and Trevor thinks to himself no wonder Seth bones so hard for her, Stacy is so hot. While Trevor is grateful for her concern, the fact that this WOMAN is now the same height as him while on her knees is terrifying and emasculating. Stacy then breaks the hug and smiles at Trevor. She leans in and gives him a big kiss on his cheek. “Well if you need anything you let us know. Seth and I are here for you. Our size is too. You are our best little friend!” While the meaning is genuine, the term could be better, Trevor laughs to himself. Seth steps over and looms over them both. “Yeah, buddy, we're here for you...um...except right now.” Seth chuckles, grins and grabs Stacy by her waist and lifts her back up, causing her to squeal again. “Right now, Stacy and I...um...we're going to get reacquainted.” Trevor grins and rolls his eyes, “Go on you two lovebirds. Go get 'reacquainted' as you say.” The two titanic coeds giggle and make their way upstairs for some fun. Trevor plops down on the couch and enjoys the view of the gulf and plays with his phone. He sees he rest of the houseguests are hanging out down on the beach. A few minutes later he dozes off for a quick nap. Trevor awakens 20 minutes later. Knowing how Seth's stamina must be he heads outside to enjoy the warm Florida seabreeze. He takes a short walk down the street, enjoying the peace. All the college kids must be hanging out down on the beach as the street is relatively quiet. On his return leg Trevor approaches the house from the opposite side. He decides to explore and check out the other half of Jack's family compound. He rounds the south side of the house and hears the unmistakable sound of of a bouncing basketball. Figuring it's some of the bros playing a pic up game he turns the corner and freezes. Brooke is there, shooting hoops and practicing her skills. And she is TALL. Brooke's long, smooth, toned, firm and yet still feminine body is twisting and shooting the ball. She is wearing just short shorts and sports bra that is barely able to contain her boobs. Even for being so tall, her movements are smooth and graceful, a tribute to her superior physical conditioning and body control. Nearly all her shots swish into the hoop. Standing at the edge of the court, Trevor is unable to contain his shock. “Oh my god...BROOKE?!?” He shouts and distracts Brooke, and her shot clangs on the rim and bounces toward Trevor. Trevor picks up the ball as Brooke stares at him, in shock as well. “Is that you, Trevor? Can I have the ball back?” she asks. As Trevor slowly approaches Brooke with the ball, she seems to grow larger and taller. Once he's right next to her, she looms over him. He can hardly believe her size and Brooke feels the same way about him. In between breaths, Brooke speaks. “Trevor...you're...you're so...small.” Trevor inwardly groans. He replies as he looks up, way up at his towering ex girlfriend. “Yeah. And you Brooke, you're the opposite! So tall!” Brooke beams, “Thank you! Tallest on the team!” The two stand there is awkward silence. To break the silence, Brooke suggests catching up. “So...wanna shoot around and chat? You can help me practice.” Trevor shrugs and launches the ball toward the hoop. He misses badly, but at least he connects with some iron. Brooke rebounds the ball and takes a shot, draining it of course. While shooting around the two catch up on where they are. It's clear there is no more chemistry and Brooke sees him just a good friend. Trevor manages to make about 1 out of every 10 shots, and only when he stands close, while Brooke seems to sink every 9 of 10. “So you are enjoying basketball, Brooke?” “Oh yes, so much! I actually finished the season with honorable mention All-America. Coach thinks I can be first team next year. I led the team in scoring this year and...” As Brooke expounds on her accolades, Trevor grabs the ball, cocks his arms and starts to shoot. As he release the ball Brooke LEAPS into the air in front of him and SWATS the ball sideways and off the court. She lands and gives him a big, proud grin as Trevor stands there, embarrassed. “...and I led the conference in blocked shots!” she says excitedly. Trevor and Brooke then hear some booming laughter. They turn and see Jack walking toward them in just some gym shorts while curing some 75 lbs dumbbells. His biceps and forearms are pumped as vein criss-cross his impressive muscles. While nowhere as big as Seth, he could still step on any stage and compete as physique or classic-physique bodybuilder. “Fuck, Babe!” Jack laughs. “You just absolutely destroyed little Trevor with that block. That was so hot.” Brooke swoons, “Speaking of HOT. Oh my gawd Jack your arms looks so huge today.” “Brooke, you made that block look so easy, ” he says, continuing to pump his guns for his girl. “It was pretty easy, I'm used to block girls who are way taller than Trevor.” “Yeah, Babe. So blocking Trevor must've been nothing for a giantess like you. Trevor is pretty damn SHORT, isn't he? Can you believe you used to date him?” Jack is enjoying watching Trevor squirm as he asserts his and Brookes superiority. Brooke, to her credit, has little interest downright humiliating Trevor. She is the proverbial nice girl who has been swept away by the cocky jock bad boy that is giant Jack. Alas, she can't help but join in Jack's fun to impress her frat stud boyfriend. “It seems like such a long time ago that we dated. But we grew apart.” Jack booms. “You 'grew apart'! HAHAHa. Boy if that ain't the truth. Brooke, you just kept getting bigger and sexier, while Trevor here actually SHRANK!” Brooke's eyes go wide. “HE SHRANK! Oh my, that's sucks, Trevor,” she says with sympathy.” Jack, however, continues. “Yeah Babe. He's now just under five foot eight!” Brooke gasps. “No way. He'd be the shortest guy on our GIRLS basketball team!” This revelation causes Jack to guffaw again, his mighty pecs bounce up and down as his body reacts in epic laughter. “Yeah, Brooke. He's a runt now, aren't you, runt. Hey Trevor, guess what?” Jack guides Brooke to stand back to back with Trevor. Her head reaches far above his own as his head leans against the top of her neck. He feels truly tiny in her and Jack's presence. Jack leans down and grins his big handsome face right near Trevor's. “Guess what, squirt. MY tall sexy girlfriend is now six foot fucking EIGHT. That's right. Brooke is now a full FOOT taller than you. She has outgrown you, AND THEN SOME!” Jack then slowly stands to his full, TOWERING 7 ft height. A full SIXTEEN inches taller than little Trevor. “I hate to say it, tiny. But I don't think you're man enough for such a gorgeous giantess. UNLIKE ME, RIGHT BABE!?” Jack brings up his arms and flexes his titanic biceps, well over Trevor's head. Brooke squeals and again ravages Jack's flexed arm. “Oh Jack, I just love your body, your huge muscles. And you're right. A girl like me needs a BIG man you fit the bill! Oh my gosh, you are so strong.” Jack grins, “Let me show you STRONG, Babe.” Jack turns and grabs Trevor under the armpits. He starts to lift Trevor up and down above his head, as if he were doing shoulder presses. Jack delights in the ease it requires of him. It feels like he's lifting and throwing little Trev as a happy dad does for his giggling toddler. “Holy shit! Trevor is LIGHT! What do you weigh, like 140 lbs? If that? Haha I usually delt press 315, so this is easy! TOO EASY. Let's try something else.” Trevor feels his world turn as Jack easily manipulates him into a horizontal position. He uses his big hands to grab a shoulder and a leg. “Stay flat, little buddy. Time for some curls! Brooke, what do you think of me curling your ex-boyfriend? HAHAHa!” Jack then starts to CURL little Trevor. Brooke squeals, she is obviously and arms girl, any arm flex Jack performs seems to elicit a girlish moan. “Oh my gosh, Jack! You are curling a fully grown man! Oh my you are so hot. I love that you are so BIG. So TALL. So STRONG! You make Trevor look so puny!” Jack continues to pump Trevor up and down. He is so in shock and embarrassed he can't respond. “Damn, Trevor. You are almost TOO SMALL to even give these 23 inch guns a good pump. Man you really need to put on some SIZE!” Trevor finally whimpers, “Ugh, please put me down, Jack. I'm gonna hurl.” “Oh shit! Haha don't want you blowing tiny chunks on me. Like I said, can't really get a pump from you anyway! You're too light.” Jack turns Trevor and stands him up, who wobbles for a second. Jack reaches out his huge hand to steady Trevor. Jack has never felt more cocky and powerful than he has in this moment, completely dominating his woman's ex-boyfriend. He sees how small Trevor's head looks next to his own giant mit. “I wonder...” Jack thinks to himself... Jack takes his giant hand off Trevor's shoulder and places his palm on the top of Trevor's head. “His head is so much smaller than a basketball,” Jack says to no one. Trevor turns to see Jack, his LONG, muscular arm extending up from Trevor's head and connecting to his rippling deltoid. Suddenly Trevor feels pressure on all sides of his head and Jack's long, thick fingers clamp down. Trevor feels a force pulling down on his neck...it's gravity pulling down on the rest of his body. Trevor gasps as he feels his feet leave the court! Jack is LIFTING Trevor off the ground by simply palming his head and lifting with one arm! The motion causes even Jack to gasp. He wasn't sure he would be able to pull on the feat, but here he was, holding another man off the ground using just his arm and palming his head. It makes Jack feel like the ultimate muscle stud. “OH FUCK YEAH! LOOK AT THIS BABE!” Jack boast as Brooke moans in impressed arousal. As Trevor hangs there he swears he sees Jack's bulge double in size, filling with blood. The feeling of power is too arousing for the 7 ft tall uberman. Jack sets Trevor back down where he again wobbles. Brooke reaches out to steady him this time and replies with a motherly, “Easy now, there little guy. Are you ok?” Trevor can only nod as he stares up at the sexy giants who had just dominated him in every way. Brooke, unable to contain herself, kisses Jack deeply and fondles his massive bulge, right in front of Trevor. Trevor uses the opportunity to walk away, leaving the giant dominators to attack each other in aroused delight. The rest of the afternoon passes with Trevor avoiding Jack and Brooke. Seth and Stacy take a break to eat some dinner with Trevor, but after they head back upstairs to continue their fucking. They can't get enough of each other. Later that night Seth and Stacy are still again going at it, only this time Jack and Brooke have joined them. It's like the two alpha males are in competition to make their girls scream the loudest. Trevor and Mark's room is connected to the long hallway that connects the two largest bedrooms, so high-pitched shrieks of pleasure and deep bass groans of delight fill the upstairs. At one point the sounds are so loud that Trevor can even hear them through his headphones. Knowing he won't get any peace hanging out on his bunk, Trevor decides to head back downstairs to escape the sounds of the frantic sex show. As Trevor walks down the hallway he hears Brooke's unmistakable sex sounds. Sounds that he remembers eliciting from her with his own sexual prowess in the past. A past that seems like eons ago when he was a more respectable man. He remembers seeing Brooke straddling his waist, riding his cock in his dormroom, her tits bouncing up and down above him. The two would fuck while Seth would wait in the dorm lobby. How times had changed. As he heads towards the stairs he hears Brooke wailing out. “...oh fuck yes, Jack! So deep. So fucking DEEP! No one has EVER been so deep. OOOOhh! Fuck me with your huge cock you giant muscle hunk!” “...GRRRR, oh yeah baby. Ride my big fat dick. Your TALL boyfriend wants you to feel so good.” Jack responds in between grunts. “No man will ever be enough for me again! You're the...uh...BIGGEST...TALLEST...oh my god...MOST HUNG man I've EVER had.” “Tell me how big I am baby.” “SO BIG, JACK! So strong...so TALL. OHHHHH. And so HUNG. Your huge cock makes me so wet. Your cock might be over TWICE as big as the next biggest one I've had. You fill my pussy up so much...OOOOOOOH!” “YEAH BROOKE! And you are so TALL, my hot sexy goddess! Any other man would be too small for you. Too short. Too weak. Too shrimp-dicked. But not me. WE ARE HOT SEXY GIANTS! YES! RIDE MY BIG DICK, BROOKE...” Trevor slumps his shoulders as descends the stairs, happy to get away from the giants' dirty talk as they bang it out. As he grabs a drink he sees many of the houseguests down on the beach around a bonfire. He surmises they too have decided to give Seth and Stacy and Jack and Brooke privacy. Trevor decides to sit on the pool deck in the cool Spring air. He plops down on a chair and is startled by a another deep voice. “Hey dude.” Trevor looks over and sees a male houseguest sitting on the other side of the deck in shorts and tank top. He hadn't noticed him through the dark as he entered the deck. “Oh. Hey man,” Trevor replies. Trevor knows he met the guy yesterday but can't think of his name. Like the others he's very attractive. A square jaw with dimpled cheeks, a handsome face that was almost model-esque without being too pretty for a man. He had short brown dark hair and his skin was slightly olive as if he had a hint of Native American or Italian blood in his genes. Built very well, very lean with incredibly wide shoulders tapering down to an incredibly tight waist. And of course, he was very tall as his long legs stretched out from his reclined deck chair. He looked like a former swimmer who had decided to start pumping up in recent months. The seated stud looks at Trevor and motions to the upstairs windows. “Those big guys and girls can be quite noisy, can't they.” “Yeah, they sure can be.” “Makes sense with Jack and Seth. They are so huge. I can't even imagine that girls as tall as Brooke and Stacy can take them. Those dudes make me feel so small.” Trevor stares at the stud in disbelief. “You feel small? Man, look at me!” The stud shrugs and chuckles. “Sorry, man. I didn't even think of that. I'm Logan by the way. And you're Trevor, right?” “Yeah, I'm Trevor. Sorry I didn't remember your name.” “It's ok. I remember yours, you sorta stand out among the crowd here.” Trevor rolls his eyes and laughs. “Well, 'stand out' isn't how I would describe it. I'm surprised you even noticed me from way up there.” The hunky college boy gives Trevor a warm grin. “How could I not notice a cutie like you?” Trevor returns the look, confused. “Excuse me?” “I said you're a cutie. Good looking, tight little body. I'm gay if you couldn't tell. Everyone knows.” “You think I'm attractive. But I'm so small...” “Around Jack and Seth I feel small too." . Trevor scoffs, “Oh come on, Logan. Here stand up.” Logan grins and slowly rises of his chair. Trevor stands as well, but where Trevor quickly reaches his zenith, Logan rises and rises, towering over Trevor. “You really, think you are small now, Logan? How tall are you?” “I'm 6 ft 7.” “THAT'S HUGE! Logan, you are a giant. You're almost a foot taller than me. You are a giant stud.” Trevor's words cause Logan to start palming his crotch. He stares way down at Trevor, enamored by the small man as his cock begins to tent his shorts. “You keep flattering me like that little guy and I'm going to attack you.” “I can't believe you would be into a runt like me. I'm so small!” “Some guys like that...guys like me. Fuck it, you are too cute to resist!” All of a sudden Logan reaches down and grabs little Trevor into a hug, lifting him off the ground. Trevor can feel Logan's much more significant dick digging into his own crotch. Logan steps over to the recliner and sets Trevor down on his back. He then crouches down and unbuttons Trevor shorts and yanks them and his underwear down his short legs. Trevor erection springs up and Logan smiles. “Oh my goodness that's so hot. Your little dick is just perfect, it's so cute.” The words don't exactly flatter Trevor, but he finds himself rock solid. Logan stands up and adjust his own boner in his shorts, a massive log that must be close to twice as long as Trevor's. Trevor smiles back up at Logan who gets back down on his knees straddling Trevor. Without warning Logan bends down and swallows Trevor's entire cock in his warm hot mouth. Trevor throws his head back in pounding pleasure. He discovers there are least some benefits to having a dicklet as Logan's rough tongue is able to lick all around his shaft while keeping his entire dick in his mouth. Logan doesn't even have to bob his head, no deepthroat is necessary. The sensation is overwhelming for Trevor as his body shudders. Logan looks up to Trevor and runs his giant hands over Trevor's small but defined torso. Logan opens his mouth and catches his breath. “Oh my little Trevor. This is so hot. I love your little cock. You are the perfect size, small and tight. I want to try something. You are so little, I wonder if I can get your dick and balls in my mouth at the same time.” Before Trevor can respond Logan dives back down to Trevor's crotch. He swallows the cock and works his head down where he opens up wide and sucks in Trevor's two peanut sized testicles into his mouth! Logan moans in excitement at his success of the feat. The deep moaning in his mouth vibrates against Trevor dick and balls bringing him to the brink. Logan sucks deeply and grabs Trevor's nipple and causing him to writhe. Trevor GROANS he blows his load into Logan's mouth. Logan's huge hand presses down on his torso to keep Trevor from flopping off the lounger. After a few more spasms Trevor relaxes. Logan opens his mouth letting Trevor's wet sloppy junk fall out of his mouth. He smiles at Trevor. “You don't blow much but you sure taste good. Thanks little guy that was great.” Trevor watches the giant buff cock-hungry gay swimmer stud walk away into the night, happy that at least got a fantastic blowjob out his spring break experience. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Next time: The saga starts to wind down at the next major life event.
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    Glenn’s fists slammed down his beefy cock, it had nearly tripled in size since yesterday and had been begging for release all day. Now he was home he could get around to it. His muscles glistened with sweat and he flexed an arm to tease himself with his own thick muscle boy looks. He was still shocked by how one simple miss-worded command on the Chronivac had changed the world. His room was weird, still nerdy, with comics and video games, just now a massive weight set dominated the room. Also the posters on the walls were strange, an Avengers poster with so little muscle it looked like a parody. Before he started his mammoth jerk off session he’d searched out some porn and was very disappointed. None of it was sexy, just flabby wheezing men fucking good looking girls. So instead he clicked through the TV to some random show, it was filled with huge hunky nerds living the dream of scoring a gorgeous girl and it was surprising erotic. The whole episode seemed to focus on how loud and powerful the main nerd character was in bed, it was better than porn. ——————————————————————————————————— “How was school” Howard, Eugene’s father asked Eugene as he handed him a bloated meat laden sandwich When Howard saw his heavily built son he knew something was up, he’d never seen Eugene walk with such confidence, never seen him puff out his impressive pecs so much. He was close to bursting out of his shirt when he swaggered into the kitchen, Howard was almost smirking when he ordered his son to remove his sweaty shirt. But he was most definitely smirking when Eugene pulled his shirt off so slowly and flexed every muscle as he did so. Looked like his big nerd was growing up. Now the father and son were both shirtless in the kitchen eating, Eugene was quiet and Howard was trying to read him, which scratching at his thick dark chest hair. “School was good” Eugene finally answered “You and Mr. Rhodes practice for your interviews” Howard asked “Tomorrow, I had gym though” Eugene added Howard grimaced, he remembered gym from his high school days, he hadn’t been as huge as Eugene, but he still was a big hung nerd. Horsecock Howard the jocks had called him, laughing as his immense basket bounced in his tiny shorts as he jogged. “Bad” Howard questioned “Not really, it was weird” Eugene say, a little smile on his lips “It felt amazing to show up the jocks, we played HUNK and I dunked the ball and kinda burst out of my shirt” Howard’s eyes widened “Guys over 6’4 aren’t aloud to dunk” “Yea” Eugene shrugged his thick shoulders “Felt good though” Howard nodded, he knew where this was heading, it had happened to him in college, his father had warned him and now it was time to warn Eugene, he’d have to be careful though. “So…..” Howard say pulling the conversation his way “You and Glenn are close” Eugene sniggered and Howard caught a glint in his eyes “He’s straight” Ok, not as subtle as you wanted to be Howard told himself. “There’s no one dad” Eugene shook his head, his long black hair fluttering around his solid hard features “Has there been anyone” Howard asked Eugene blushed, gotcha Howard smiled. “Ok, just be careful, you’re a big guy and thats a double ended sword” Howard started “You could hurt them” Eugene chuckled and Howard sighed “I mean with strength” He flexed an arm, Eugene gulped, knowing he’ll grow to be as big as that tree trunk bicep or even bigger “I was going to wait till you went to college, but if you’re….umm…. playing around” Howard said, Eugene smirked again, the boy trying to act like he hadn’t just lost his virginity “I probably haven’t told you about my time in college” Howard explained “You might think it was like how the films show, just me working out with my nerd buddies and studying” Eugene looked very curious, he’d heard so many stories from his older jock brother Matt, but never from his father. “It wasn’t” Howard smirked, his glorious college years coming back to him “I reached my size now just before I joined college, you’ll probably be the same, so prepare for that growth spurt” he warned “I was a 7’6 freshmen studying computer engineering, I was rock star” “What” Eugene asked suddenly confused Howard smirked “Something happens in college, it didn’t happen straight away, but people grow up, girls realise that a jock isn’t going to be a jock for long, he’s not going to join a professional team” Howard explained “Its the nerds that are going to make the money” Suddenly he talks in a whisper “You know your brothers girlfriend” Eugene nodded “Well she’s only with Matt for the social standing, but I know for a fact she’s fucking the nerd who tutors Matt” Eugene thought of Pablo, the 6’7 hispanic muscle nerd, how the hell was he boning Matt the football star’s girl. “I was doing the same thing when I was in college, the kids pulling a long standing tradition” Howard smirked “You set yourself up as tutor and you fuck every girl who signs up and especially the girlfriends of jocks” Eugene was dead quiet. “I know that won’t work for you, but it adds to what I’m trying to explain” Howard say “You grow up in college, most people still think that short wimpy jock types are hot, but believe me its guys like us who end up with the money and the girls…. or guys” Howard quickly added Eugene considered this, then he realised his parents were an example of this. His father was a nerd, a huge muscleman with millions in the bank, and his mother was a former Italian super model. He’d never considered his mother hot, but she just like one of the popular girls at his high school. “You and mother” Eugene said “You got it son” Howard smiled finishing his sandwich “Your mother used to date guys like that jock Kevin at your school, one night with me and she was addicted” Eugene pulled a face. “Come on we’re both men here and I’ve heard your bed banging against the wall enough times to know you understand what I’m saying, jocks just can’t compete with big nerd cock” Howard smirked taking a quiet and confused Eugene’s empty plate as he left the table ——————————————————————————————————— Glenn stared at the Chronivac, cum splattered over his naked chest and even in his hair, he gently stroked his cock, his cum cannon as he’d called it after it plastered him in thick nerd cum. The Chronivac screen was locked, Glenn had just tried to right his mistake again, it looked like he could only make small changes. Through the blinds Glenn spotted Eugene in his room, he smirked, the nerd stud was shirtless and admiring himself in a mirror. Glenn’s change during the basketball game must of caused some permanent mental changes, Eugene must be starting to love his body. Glenn pulled out his phone and brought up the Chronivac app, it wasn’t locked out like his computer. He typed in some changes and suddenly his doorbell and Eugene’s went off at the same time. Still naked and splattered in cum Glenn swagger downstairs and threw the door open. “Glenn” a breathy voice asked “Courtney” Glenn smiled, just like he’d typed into the Chronivac She was in her cheer uniform, her impressive chest heaving and her legs crossed, Glenn had upped her horniness. “I heard about Eugene, Oscar just keeps going on about it” Courtney says “Really” Glenn leans through the open door, his muscles flexed Courtney launched herself at Glenn, knocking the solid muscle nerd back, he laughed a little before she clamped her mouth over his and he carried her up to his room, gonna make you forget about your boyfriend Glenn thought. ——————————————————————————————————— Howard got the door, shirtless and with his suit pants popped open his bulge peeking out. Two red headed Hollywood nerd boys stared up at him. Howard sighed he knew these types. They could be jocks if they wanted but they fell in love with the look of nerds. They appeared to be twins and Howard guessed they were about 6’2, and looked to have tight bodies under their mass produced ‘nerd’ clothes. “Hi sir, is Eugene in” One red head asked “Yes, who’s asking” Howard asked “Sam and Dan, we’re from Eugene’s school” the other red head said, Howard noted how amazing these boys pouty lips were “He’s in his room” Howard let the boys in As they disappeared up the stairs Howard stole the remote from Matt and turned the volume up as loud as possible, he didn’t want to hear his little boy fuck those two cock hungry red heads. ——————————————————————————————————— Eugene was sitting on his bed in incredibly tight and bulging briefs when the twins appeared. Eugene was quiet and staring as they stripped without a word. They fell to their knees in front of him and worked together to pull out his soft cock, they ran their tongues along it to get it hard, their eyes on Eugene as they did it. “Fuck” Eugene moaned as his cock hardened to its huge full throbbing size One twin started to swallow it down his throat, the other helping him hold the cock down to his mouth while also pressing his face between Eugene’s fat bull balls. Eugene’s head rolled back and he was sure he could see Glenn bouncing some girl in a cheer uniform up and down his cock. “Fuck” Eugene moaned again The sucking twin, Sam, spluttered and choked as he reached the half way mark of Eugene’s dick. He tried to pull back, but suddenly Eugene was holding him by the hair and forcing him further. Dan the other twin sat open mouthed as Eugene skull fucked his brother with real force. “You’re next” Eugene grunted and Dan could only nod. ——————————————————————————————————— Hours later as the sun set Glenn left Courtney in bed asleep and peeked across to Eugene’s room. He gasped and laughed, Eugene was standing and pounding one of the twins that Glenn had sent over down his dick, the other could be seen passed out on the bed. “This is working great” Glenn smirked as his cock grew hard at the display of manhood He grabbed his phone and typed in some more changes, time to spread the wealth Glenn thought as he entered his latest change.
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    “Hello this is NewU Customer Service, you are talking to Jared, how may I help you” the cheery voice sounded over the phone Oscar with the usual nervous tone to his nasally voice replied “Oh hi Jared, I’m calling about a delivery, I paid for express delivery and it says it arrived on your website but it hasn’t” Jared made a clicking sound with his tongue “Oh, that’s no good is it, can I get some details about your account so I can check what the issue is” “Sure, my account is under ODude135, capital O and capital D” Oscar said He could almost hear the smile that Jared had on his face as the service rep typed in Oscar’s account details. “Ok sir, I have that account, just need the third and fifth letter of the answer to your security question” Jared asked The question was ‘who is your childhood hero’, and Oscar’s was Conan the Barbarian. So his answer was barbarian. “Ummmmm, R and A” Oscar answered Oscar could hear the clicking of Jared’s fingers on the keys. “And I have access to your account” Jared said after a few seconds “So…. You ordered a Surfer Special” Oscar shook his head “No, I ordered that a couple months ago, I wanted to test out your company before investing in something….” Jared cut him off “Something more permanent, I understand, I did that myself” Oscar rolled his eyes, this guy was taking his time. Oscar had been waiting all weekend for his package to arrive and it was something special. Not the morphing potions that he’d been using on and off for the last couple months, no more turning into a surfer stud or a fitness model for a meagre 24 hours, he’d spent every penny of the inheritance he’d got when his granddad had died on a NewU PermaBody. Jared talked again “So not the InstaFitness or the UberJock…..” “No, it was a PermaBody” Oscar said with a sigh There was silence for a few seconds, then Jared returned with a laugh. “Christ you went all out….oh sorry, I mean I found the item in question” Jared quickly corrected himself “So you ordered an XXL Body, with UberJock build, PreppyBoy looks, BeachGod tan and MegaStud…ummm… Endowments” Jared stopped with the list of extras Oscar had paid to be attached to the PermaBody. He could have just settled with the XXL randomised default which would have been an average looking big guy, but he’d wanted something more. “Yes, I ordered all that, it was meant to come today” Oscar replied trying to get to the point of the call Jared stopped, then a couple seconds later he spoke “It arrived and was signed for….” Oscar blood ran cold, his parents were both at work and knew nothing about the PermaBody, not that they could do anything about it. Anyone over age could use NewU products. That could mean only one person left in the family who could have signed for it. “…a Kyle Andale, at least you have a passcode so only you can use it” But Jared was talking to no one, Oscar had dropped the phone and darted upstairs. Kyle his little brother knew the passcode to access the PermaBody, it was the same code Oscar used on everything from his phone to steam account. “KYLE” Oscar bellowed, the volume only highlighted the nasally tone to his voice Oscar wasn’t a threatening guy, he was barely 5'8 and as skinny as a rail. Added with his greasy brown hair and dull dark eyes, he was nothing special. But to Kyle he was a beast, his 5ft little brother had been stuck at that height since he was 12. Everyone thought he’d be a big guy, instead he was a smaller, weaker version of Oscar, or at least Oscar hoped he still was. Oscar burst into Kyle’s room, like Oscar’s it was messy and dark. Both brothers had a love of darkened room locked away from the outside world. The huge empty box for the PermaBody was leaning against the wall, Kyle’s computer was on and logged onto the NewU website. The PermaBody had been activated. Kyle’s clothes lay in a pile, he’d stripped in a hurry. Kyle must of jumped into the body without a moments thought. Light was pouring out of ensuite bathrooms door. Oscar gingerly pushed it open further. Inside stood a giant man, barely fitting into the short sleeve shirt and cargo shorts the body had arrived in. Long black hair fell down the beasts vast back, like the barbarian hair Oscar had ordered. His eyes ran down the back and along the heavy rounded muscle ass that was almost bursting out of the man shorts. “Kyle” he asked with fear filling his voice The beast turned around, a pec shelve that went on for days came into view. Kyle had undone his cargo shorts, letting his immensely bulging crotch breath, it would be very cramped in there with all the cock meat that Oscar had paid for. Oscar could see the thick dark hair peeking out through the threads of the shirts fabric. He’d always wanted to be hairy, and he thought it would look good on a barbarian body, and he wasn’t wrong. “Oh hey Oscar” the beast boomed The knee shaking baritone Oscar ordered as good as he’d imagined. Oscar knew Kyle was in their somewhere, joined permanently with the NewU PermaBody. Oscar was stuck dumb, Kyle was a god. Perfect face and body, all muscle and chiselled bone, with a few daces of manhood to finish it all off. “Love the body” Kyle smirked He flexed his arm, an XXL sticker was still stuck to Kyle’s new tanned swollen bicep. “Oh and I also love the NewU no returns policy” Kyle chuckled
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    Part 28 Dane and I woke up to the sound of surf in the distance. The night was just beginning to recede. We found ourselves trudging through a field of low brush. The sky was graying and there we were, watching the sun rise over the cold world. Big wispy clouds filled half the sky, great dark shadows contrasting with the suddenly illuminating waves. The waves were pounding the rocks below, and we stood on a smooth rock outcropping staring over the seascape. I realized I’d dreamed this moment before. We went back for breakfast, but in the quickly receding mist, I glimpsed Dane’s father Gordon. His spirit was in full dress uniform still. I looked up to Dane and back again and Gordon was gone. Why did I feel that wasn’t a great omen? It probably meant complication. What did Gordon want to say to me? If he left, that meant he wanted to have a private chat with me some time soon. Breakfast was stellar. Pancakes, bacon and eggs, the breakfast of gay champions. We came back to our room and cuddled for an hour or so. Then we took off to go for a walk. I found myself walking somewhat uncomfortably on the trail we hiked afterwards. I told Dane this, and he said maybe I was outgrowing my jeans. There was a copse of trees, gnarled pines that formed a semi-circle. We stopped there among the low dried brush and windswept earth, on a bench made of a tree trunk long fallen over. Dane and I just spent some time there, and we didn’t have to say anything in particular. It was peaceful. He put his arm around me. I felt his large pec pulse underneath my head, the thickness of it like a giant steak. God, what must that be like to have that on your chest at all times? “What’s it like to be so big? I asked you that before and you started talking about your dick.” “I thought you were talking about my dick.” “Well, once you started I didn’t want to stop you. But what’s it like just walking around, being taller than everyone? And always being the biggest in the room?” “I guess it feels kind of lonely. And I was 6 feet tall by grade 8 so my Dad had a long talk with me. A lot of girls thought I was older than I was. High school girls. Even college girls came onto me in public. My mom would freak out! My Dad would just roll his eyes. They would be like uh, he’s 13 and the girls would always be like no way, he can’t be. I always looked older. But my Dad said if I had the body of a man that meant I had to have the attitude of a man. No bullying or pushing people around. I mean I come from a military family. It was drilled into me from Day 1 to be a protector. But it was lonely. None of the girls were my size. When I was in high school, I started to want to fuck my teachers really badly. I had this teacher for typing. He was so fucking hot. It was so hard being bigger than him. I just wanted to bend him over and fuck his brains out. I was like 14. It’s tough to have that sort of reversal. My teachers were these hot studs and they were all my size or smaller. All I could think about was fucking them.” “Did you?” “I wish. I wound up fucking a few girls in my neighborhood, but I really wanted guys. I did get into bars a few times without being carded. I went on a dare one time and helped myself to a beer. It was kind of hilarious. All the guys were so jealous. But I guess it didn’t feel like I had any way to really enjoy it.” Dane put a hand on my head and rubbed my hair affectionately. “Until a certain someone came along.” “But doesn’t it feel good to know you’re bigger and stronger than everyone else? No one fucks with you when you’re the big guy.” “Says who?” Dane pulled away and looked at me critically. “You’ve never had the pleasure of dealing with a drunk dude that wanted to show off to his girlfriend by trying to beat up the tall buff guy that happens to be nearby. That’s not fun.” “That happened.” “It’s happened a couple of times. Just walking downtown in my sleepy little city in the middle of nowhere. If you pass by all the restaurants and bars, there’s bound to be a tourist every now and then that starts shouting at me to fight him. People are stupid.” “If I was your size, I’d love it! I would constantly enjoy it. Just never being overlooked.” “No, you’re just constantly singled out. You can never escape notice. And try being shy and huge sometime.” “Awww, poor Dane. You have the body of a god.” “Why does no one ever feel sorry for me?” He stood up and flexed. He tugged on his shirt sleeve and proudly looked at his arm, bigger than a baseball sized biceps bulging, and said “Oh. Yeah.” He smiled winningly. “We just have trails to explore! Come with me, giant man!” “Lead the way, little loudmouth!” After a few more hours of hiking, we came back to our room. Dane wanted to see if he could lift me above his head the way he would a barbell, just using me for chest presses. It was surprisingly comfortable. It made me feel like I was swimming in a weird way. We made love. We kissed gently for hours. I indulged in his armpits for what felt like forever. I gave him a shoulder rub and he really got into it. I had read up on massage techniques and wanted to try out a few moves. Within just a few minutes, Dane was moaning and groaning! “Oh GOD that feels SO GOOD.” “Is this getting rid of all the tension?” Dane moaned in response. I rubbed every muscle. There was so much of him. Most of the websites that detailed how to do massage didn’t cover what to do when there was so much more muscle than your hands normally covered in terms of ratio, but I figured it out as I went by using both hands to probe, fold, and roll his tissues. And he was rock hard. I had brought some coconut oil I’d purchased in the town general store that morning. “I have a thank you present for bringing me here. Lay back,” I told him as he turned over and his nine incher sprung to life. “I’m told this feels amazing. I heated it up in the microwave…” I sprinkled the coconut oil all over his dick. I used a lot of oil since he had a lot of dick. I used my fingers to delicately pull at the sides. Dane inhaled several times very quickly. My touch was orgasmic and he started to put his hand towards his dick but I pushed it away. “Just lie back. Relax.” I spent about 15 minutes teasing his dick, getting it nice and hard, putting coconut oil in the folds of his balls, teasing his groin and while Dane groaned, slowly worked my fingers along his veiny shaft to the tip, where I barely nudged his dickhole before going slightly harder along the shaft, then very hard. Dane moaned and moaned, harder and louder until he was simply moving his body in pulse to his erection and going unh-unh-unh-unh continuously until he screamed and exploded suddenly, his cum shooting way up into the air, landing on the floor, the bed, the lamp next to us, moaning moaning moaning, cum shooting into my face, the headboard, the wall and finally a giant rope all over the blankets again. There was so much cum all over the very nice bedspread I immediately felt guilty, which was totally mitigated by Dane pulling me on top of him for a nude makeout session. “I’ve never had an orgasm like in my life. That was fucking incredible. How did you learn to do that?” “I learned just now, to be honest. I only read that it could give a better orgasm.” “Holy shit, that felt so nice.” “I should probably get some paper towels, I said, prying apart globs of cum stuck to my hands between my fingers. After we showered, we got dinner. Dane went up to our room. I told him I wanted to look at the stars for a few minutes. “You got a minute to talk?” Gordon asked, approaching me from the side. I looked at the hills with their last batch of color, draining with the wheeling starry heavens, then back at him. He was handsome as ever, stoic, aged wonderfully. Sterling eyes, and wheat colored hair cut short, military style of course. “Sure,” I said, feeling awkward. What do I say? I’m being fucked by your still living son. What’s up? “I can hear your thoughts when you project them that loudly.” “Oh. Shit.” “It’s alright. I’m glad my son is fucking you," he assured me. "It gives him joy. You’re a good guy for him. But that’s not what I want to talk to you about,” Gordon said with some concern. “What I want to talk to you about is my son joining the military.” “What? Dane hasn’t made up his mind yet.” “He has.” I stared at him. “Wait, what?” “He hasn’t signed the papers yet but he talked to the recruiters. He’s going to sign. You should read up as much as possible on what military life is like. If Dane joins, that means your life changes, too. I just want you to be prepared. It doesn’t mean what you think it will.” “Fuck. I just want it to keep going like this. I don’t exactly have anyone else. I don’t want to be alone again.” “I know,” he said quietly. “Try to get to know Sarah, my wife. Dane’s Mom. She’s a nice lady. She likes you. And I’d like you to write down a few things when you go back to your room.” I listened carefully. Then I said goodbye to Gordon and left. I came back to the room. Dane was watching TV, his larger than life legs rocking in the air as he stared at cartoons, his hands under his cheeks. He looked like he must have at age 12, only giant. I got some stationery and a pen. “What are you doing?” “Ghost things. It’ll take just a sex. Sex. SEC! It’ll take just a sec. Sec.” “Or will it just take just a sex?” Dane asked with an arched eyebrow. I wrote quickly and stuffed the paper in my backpack. “Okay! Where were we?” I jumped on the bed and cuddled up next to him. It was sad to leave Bodega but Bodega was a memory we would both carry forever. Back to reality. Back to the dorms. Back to our Christian roommates and our lives of pretending like we weren’t fuck buddies. At this point, I should add that I had been going to watch lacrosse practice. Large, sweaty muscular men covered in mud chasing a ball with a netted stick had quickly become my favorite and most engrossing pastime. Dane’s skill level was really beginning to impress me. I watched him whenever I got the chance, which was at least once a week. Not only did I learn the rules of the game, Dane said he would teach me how to play one day after practice was over. I spent about an hour with my own netted stick, and Dane went really easy on me. I mean, he could easily have defeated any attempt on my part to do anything but he was actually a really good teacher. It was a gloomy day. I was not wearing a uniform but he was. I’d fallen in the mud (I was wearing old clothes that were torn up on purpose) a few times. Dane had been practicing for hours. It was a gloomy day. It had begun to rain. We ran over to the bleachers. Underneath the metallic stands, we got a reprieve from the storm, which had suddenly become quite torrential. Dane started laughing manically and I did too. Then he looked down on me. We dropped our sticks. His muddy torso met my chest. He bent down and kissed me, intensely. Thunder slowly boomed as we kissed, growing in intensity and volume until the entire sky was booming. And that’s when I realized we weren’t alone. There were three very tall athletic young men staring at us. They had changed out of their uniforms. Two of them had umbrellas. “Holy shit,” Dane said. “Hey. Fellas. This is…um…” “Sorry, we didn’t mean to intrude,” said one guy. He was around 6’4” and had short brown hair and a hooked nose. He looked young and preppy and had a nice smile. “Uh, thanks Charlie. Hey, uh, are you guys cool? I mean-“ “We’re fine,” said the second man, who had black hair and looked mixed/Hispanic. He was about 6 feet tall and had a serious look on his face. “We need to get out of the rain, though.” “Uh, guys, this is Pete. Pete, this is Luis, Charlie, Devon.” “We know his name. He’s been staring at our asses for weeks now,” the third guy stated. He was a bit shorter at 6’2” but he had a mean look on his face. “And no offense, but I don’t need a fag looking at me all the time.” The rain lessened to a drizzle all of a sudden. Dane moved forward. “What’d you say?” Oh, shit. “I said I don’t need no fags looking at me. So maybe you should tell him not to come anymore. And maybe you shouldn’t be in the locker room with us anymore. Now that we know you’re a fucking queer, it’s a little bit much, Dane. I mean, I kind of suspected because you’re always popping boners whenever anyone is too close to you.” “Shut the fuck UP, dude,” Charlie said seriously. Dane was taller than Devon by about five inches, but it didn’t seem to dissuade the shorter man at all. “No, you know. We were just coming back to see if you wanted to go get a drink, meet some ladies. But I guess you already found one,” Devon said, looking straight at me. “You have a fucking problem with me!?” Dane shouted. “Yeah, I got a fucking problem with you!” Devon shouted back. The wet, muddy field was deathly quiet. “Look at you! You’re making out with a guy.” “Who the fuck cares, dude? It’s none of our fucking business,” Charlie told him. “Yeah, man. Seriously, just be cool,” Luis told him. “It’s cool. We’re all cool here. We’re all on the same team. We all got winning as a goal. Let’s just remember that we are all on the same team here.” “What, Team Faggot?” Devon challenged. “I’m not on your team,” he told Dane. “And I sure as FUCK am not on the same team as that little fag,” he said, pointing to me. "Yeah, you, you little faggot!" Devon drew a few steps towards me but he didn't get far. At this point, Dane charged him. I saw his big arms crash and then the two were very quickly fighting and screaming. Dane’s face twisted in rage. Everything happened quickly. Dane tackled into Devon. Devon punched Dane in the chest repeatedly and the two wrestled around. They both fell down. It looked like innocent play for just a moment. Devon got up and kicked Dane in the leg and Dane yelped out in pain. Dane got up and the two danced around throwing punches and missing. Devon threw himself into Dane and they crashed on the ground again. The entire time this was happening, we were all of us screaming at them to stop. Dane threw Devon off of him. Devon roared incoherently and threw a punch at Dane but barely scraped his chin due to the height advantage. Luis and Charlie acted quickly after this to pull the two apart. “BREAK IT UP!” Charlie shouted. “It’s not worth it! We’re on the same team, dude. Do not do this! This is NOT cool, man!” Luis warned. “You fucking asshole!” I shouted at Devon. “Who the fuck do you think you are!” “You wanna go, faggot?” “DON’T YOU FUCKING TOUCH HIM!” Dane warned. I got out my knife, from the ankle holster that I wore even as I had practiced with Dane. I’d been wearing jeans that were loose enough to let me play but large enough to hide the knife well. “I DON’T KNOW, DO YOU WANNA FUCKING GO? I GOT A KNIFE, YOU FUCKING BITCH!” I shouted at the top of my lunch. “No! NO NO NO! Pete, no knife! Put the knife down,” Charlie told me. I pointed it up towards Devon. “If you ever touch one hair on my head, I will fucking kill you and I am NOT playing, rocks for brains! Take your Neanderthal ass and get the FUCK out of here!” “PETE WHAT THE FUCK!” Dane shouted. “Fuck all you faggots. I’m out of here,” Devon said moodily. He eyed me with a brief stare of hatred and backed away a few paces before turning around to angrily walk into the distance. “God daaaaaamn what the fuck, dude? You like a mini Rambo or some shit?” Luis asked me, obviously amused. “I never thought about it that way but yes, I am.” I said, nodding my head. I put the knife back in its holster. Dane glared at me angrily with his arms crossed. “What if he reports this?” Dane wondered out loud. “He could get you kicked out for pulling a knife on him.” “He won’t,” Charlie said. “We need you both on the team but we need you more, Dane.” Charlie was also team captain. “So there’s the deal. Luis and I will tell Devon that we’re gonna say he started the fight and attacked you if he goes to anyone and says anything. So don’t talk about this. None of you talk about this. We don’t want any rumors.” We all agreed. Dane looked stunned. I probably looked worried. "Well, I’ll guess we’ll see you at practice,” Charlie said carefully. “Pete! Nice meeting you, man!” He extended his hand and I shook it, gratefully. “I can’t believe you’re carrying a knife around! I am your boyfriend! I will be the one to protect you!” Dane said, as we walked home together. I rolled my eyes. “I was just taking precautions. You can’t always be there,” I reasoned. “What is it with you and weapons? And what if he tells someone?” “He won’t. I don’t think. Wait, do you mean about the fight or about us?” Dane sullenly walked beside me, not saying anything. When we got home, Dane insisted on confiscating my ankle holster and knife. I tried vetoing this idea but he threatened to bring in Brian and Todd into the matter and he said he would join them in a collective Christian sermon about anti-violence. I told him fine, but I wasn’t happy with this decision. He said he was giving them away to someone he could trust with them and told me to stay put. He didn’t tell me who he gave it away to, but he did promise me sex time to make up for it. As it turned out, Devon didn’t go telling the school about their fight, but he did tell everyone we were a bunch of fags. And his choice words got him in trouble with more than a few people who had it out with him in the quad. He basically talked shit about Dane and me for several days and reports filed in of him getting into shouting matches because he didn’t want to be anywhere near faggots, and more than a few people told him it was Northern California and he should go back to his podunk hick town in Illinois if he didn’t like it. Congratulations began to pour in. At first we noticed people giggling and looking at us as we walked throughout the school together. The first person to congratulate us was Ames, who came bouncing up. She looked a bit like a young Caroline Rhea mixed with Renee Zellwegger. She had the greatest laugh. “Oh MY GOD! YOU TWO! OH MY GOD, TELL ME IT’S TRUE. PLEASE!” “It’s true. Pete’s my boyfriend. And a ninja, apparently!” He frowned at me. I smiled winningly. “This is fantastic!” “Dane! Is it true! Oh. My. God. That is so hot!” curly haired Melanie gasped. “I knew you were a closet case! Well, not anymore. But still. That’s totally awesome. You have my support!” “I knew it,” Vanessa the rich Asian girl said. “I knew it all along. Damar didn’t think so, but I was like no, I don’t care if Dane is like a huge jock, that boy likes dick. No offense.” “Pete! Are you and Dane like boyfriends??” “PETE! You have a boyfriend, man?? Way to go! He's a tall drink of water, man!” “Dane! Are you a fudgepacker, man?” That last one was said rather flippantly by my happy go lucky ex-roommate Mike S. the comedian “Because I have to tell you, I have always had such admiration for the people at Sees Candies!” Dane rolled his eyes. “BOO! get off the stage!” I told him. As the reactions poured in, we got accustomed to being the sudden new hot topic. Dane’s biggest concern was that if people knew, someone could endanger his chances of joining the army. In that case, just in case, we needed a backup. Ames was perfect and totally up for the role of fake girlfriend. She readily agreed to play the role of quirky but sophisticated (her choice of words) model girlfriend who stood by her man no matter what. So in the event that the army ever gave Dane any kind of shit with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell or if anyone tried to out him, Ames would defend his allegedly vigorous heteronormative behavior. The last we really heard of Devon came in a hilarious but almost cringeworthy event in the middle of the cafeteria. Monica, of all people, walked up to Devon as he was with a romantic interest. “Hey, asshole! I heard what you did the other day! I just wanted to tell you that I’m gay and if you try anything with me, I’ll get you kicked out of school, fuckface! Oh,” Monica said, turning to the girl Devon was sitting with. “And FYI, I was roommates last year with Sharon and she went out with Devon for a month. She said he had a REALLY SMALL DICK! It’s like THREE inches long. It’s not gay people’s fault you have a small dick,” Monica announced, walking away. “Idiot!” she loudly commented, with her back turned. We heard about this secondhand but it was nonetheless, hilarious. God bless that small college rumor mill! Days began to pass effortlessly. September days flew by. Dane was having difficulty with his macroeconomics and statistics classes. He wondered if he should get a tutor. I gave him the names of the best tutors at the tutorial center. My main emphasis was science so I couldn’t really help him out unless I took the time to read through his textbooks, which I did here and there, trying to see if I could understand any concepts he was having problems with. This wasn’t easy but I did it a couple of times, working problems out with him. It was oddly intimate, those moments. It was purely mental and we were totally equal partners in the library, pouring over data together and talking about what it meant. It made me feel beyond close to him. Like we were a team of our own. I got ghost assignments three times that month. Lady Howe appeared pleased with me and said she was making progress reports on me, but it’s not in an intimidating way. She began to grow on me. I wondered where Mack was. She said not to worry an that he was on a higher plane now. I’m happy for him. I also began to research life in the military, boot camp, and all sorts of stuff about basic military law and rules. I looked up a little bit about army wives, since I couldn’t find anything on Google about army husbands. I wondered if maybe one day gay army husbands would have their day in the sun and be able to say “My husband is in the military” but I guessed I was just dreaming. I began to dread the day Dane signed up and left me behind. I didn’t know what I would do. I had no idea how to live my life without him anymore. I couldn’t go back to being alone forever. What would I do without Dane in my life? I honestly couldn’t even imagine it. Since everyone was talking about it, we finally decided to have a sit down with Todd and Brian, our Asian-American dormmates. Dane was ready to be honest about our relationship to other people. Everyone was going to find out if they didn’t already, anyway. So we all sat down and proceeded to tell them that Dane and I were actually a couple. “So are you guys, like, okay with that? Cause like, we do love each other and stuff,” Dane said. “Yeah, we kind of knew you guys were a couple,” Brian replied. “Yeah, you guys are so loud sometimes,” Todd added. “We were just being polite and not saying anything.” “Really?” I say, rather shocked. “We tried to be quiet.” “You are. Dane is fucking loud, though. We always hear his sex grunts,” Brian said. “Ohhhh riiiiight, that,” I replied. “I wasn’t trying to be an asshole before. If you guys want to have sex, you should. It’s your room. I can’t stop you. I just don’t want, like, other people who you aren’t dating to come in here for that.” “I don’t think that’s a problem,” I said, even though I didn’t like the fact that he was trying to control who we had sex with. It’s really none of his business but as long as he isn’t telling me I’m going to hell, I also am willing to see that he’s being pretty decent in comparison to shit people I’ve dealt with most of my life. “Though I can’t promise that girls and guys won’t try to break in to have sex with me,” Dane added. “I mean, it’ll probably happen eventually.” “I’m gonna start some dinner in the kitchen, where I will be rolling my eyes at you,” I told him. Dane smirked.
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