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    “Nah. Still no. I don’t get it.” Harry stood with his brow furrowed in front of Jacob, clearly perplexed. Jacob sighed. He’d been ready for this, it was very complex stuff, and Harry wasn’t exactly known for his outstanding intelligence. “Ok, so first off, time isn’t a straight line. We can’t really look at time, but it’s really convoluted…” he began. Harry nodded but already seemed to be lost. “It’s complicated and it crosses over itself and collides at different points.” He drew a big squiggle on the whiteboard to illustrate his point. He gestured to where two parts of the line crossed. “Here, where time collides, is what we call a ‘junction.’” Harry continued to nod. Jacob pointed at the machine. It was essentially a computer hooked up to a helmet, covered in strange electrodes and wires. “This machine sends a signal at a frequency that should be able to pass THROUGH those junctions.” “What, so to a different time?” Harry asked. “Exactly!” Jacob said, excited that his friend was getting it. “This helmet scans your brain waves, and using a sample of your DNA, encodes the signal in a way that would only affect you, but at different points in time.” “Wait, so what, I can get messages from the future?” Harry said, seeming interested suddenly. Jacob rolled his eyes knowing he was thinking about the lottery or something. “Not exactly. Think of it like a really strong hypnosis tape. We put a prompt into the computer, and that message is sent out as a signal. It would be like having an idea soaked into your brain all through your life.” “What do you mean.” Harry said. “Well, it would just be an idea that would be reinforced, like training a dog, but… retroactively. Imagine being able to break a drug addiction by stopping it before it happened, or just changing the way you think just a little bit so you never chose to stop going to the gym or something…” he trailed off, almost revealing too much of his own desires. “Or, for instance, rewriting a lab rat’s mentality so it lost the ability to feel full.” With that he gestured to a glass enclosure which housed a morbidly obese rat, it’s little feet wiggling just enough to reach the floor and roll itself over to the food bowl. “Oh my god, that’s disgusting.” Said Harry, repulsed. “Well, it was a perfectly healthy rat last night. In fact it was a little underweight.” “Jesus. Wait, hang on, so you’re basically telling me that this machine can rewrite history?” he asked, snapping back to attention. “To a degree. It only works on the person wearing the helmet, and it can only change their thought patterns so much. If you try something too radical, the person would consciously reject the idea, and when it kept coming back they’d probably get doped up by a psychologist.” “Ok, so why are you telling me this?” “I need you to be my first human test subject.” Jacob said sheepishly. “Wait, what? And end up like Chubs over there?” Harry said, standing up quickly and pointing at the obese rat which had now rolled onto its side, struggling to get right-side up again. “No, I mean, well, yes, but we don’t need to make the prompt make you FAT, it could be anything!” Jacob said desperately trying to regain Harry’s calmness. “This is for my doctorate, and I need to be able to prove that the machine works.” “Well why don’t you do it yourself?” “I will, but I need to be sure first. I hard-coded it so that whenever my own DNA is used, a secondary prompt will always be used to implant the idea of the machine into me. That way it shouldn’t be able to cause a change that would destroy the machine and prevent me fixing anything that gets fucked up.” “Like me for instance?” said Harry, raising an eyebrow. “Well, yeah.” Jacob said. “Point is, I think it’s completely functional, and it worked on the rat. I just need a human test to make sure the prompt works with the human brain and doesn’t get muddled up somehow.” Harry thought for a while. “And I get to pick the prompt?” he asked, coyly. “Sure. That is, as long as it’s something we can clearly observe.” Harry continued to think. “Fine. But no judgement alright?” “Great! Of course not! So what do you want the prompt to be?” Jacob said, rushing to the computer’s keyboard. “Well, I’ve always been… decently fit I guess.” Started Harry, blushing. It was true, Jacob had always thought Harry had a beautiful body. He was tall and lithe. He wasn’t muscular, per se, but he had a tight swimmer’s build that looked good in everything. “Yeah, and?” “Well I only started really hitting the gym hard recently, and I feel like I sort of missed my prime for it.” “Harry, you’re 24.” “Yeah, I know, but like, if I had’ve worked out seriously through puberty, I could be pretty… hot.” “Ok, so basically you want the prompt to be something like ‘I love working out in the gym.’” Jacob said. “Yeah, that’d make a nice start.” “A start?” said Jacob, half laughing. “Well, if I can rewrite my life, you think I’m stopping after just one go?” “Ok, ok, let’s get to that when we get to it.” Jacob hammered on the keyboard, inputting parameters and the prompt; “I love working out in the gym.” “Alright, we are ready to go, and… done.” He pushed the enter key with a decisive motion. The loud clack of the key was followed by a high-pitched whirring from the computer as fans buzzed to life. Harry felt a tingling sensation in his scalp as automatic sensors wormed their way across his head. After a few minutes, the machine’s activity died down and Harry looked around expectantly. “Is that it?” he asked, sounding a bit let down. Jacob looked at the computer monitor. A blinking, green phrase on the screen read “Transmission successful.” “Yeah, it looks like it worked.” Said Jacob smiling widely. “Really?” asked Harry, looking down at himself. “I don’t feel any different. Don’t tell me this is the improved me and I just don’t remember cos my past changed.” Jacob smirked. “Well the rat took about 10 minutes to see any difference. I noticed the changes so I don’t imagine we wouldn’t notice it happen with you.” He began to finger through a small pile of notes on the machine. “The machine sends messages through junctions in the timeline, which in turn affects the present, and the future, but because we’re making a change that never happened before we basically cause a paradox.” “Can you explain that a bit, I’m not a nerd.” Said Harry, rolling his eyes for effect. “Ok, so there’s a timeline where everything happened normally, which brought you to this point where you made the decision to change your past. Since you changed your past, when you got to this point in your life there’d never be a reason to make that change since it already happened, meaning your past WOULDN’T be changed, and would happen normally.” Harry just looked confused again. “Ok, so in order for you to both make the decision, and not make the decision, you basically have two distinct pasts now. Both have to exist for the other to make any sense.” He drew on the white board again, drawing a line that split in two, and then rejoined, like a river splitting and then coming together again. “As far as I can tell, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work out just fine, in the grand scheme of things.” Jacob looked back at Harry, only to see he was barely paying attention. Harry’s hand was scratching at his chest. As Jacob watched he saw that it was less the way you would scratch an itch, and more the way you would rub a sore muscle, almost massage-like. “Something feels weird.” Said Harry. He took the helmet with all its sensors off his head and got up from the chair. “It’s like, lik- AH!” he said jerking his head back. “Like something’s moving under my skin.” Jacob got up to get a closer look. “Take your shirt off, let me see what’s happening, something could be wrong.” Harry started to pull his t-shirt upward. As it got up to his chest the material grew tight and was fighting being pulled from his skin. “Ow, Jesus, it’s so tight!” Harry protested. “I can’t get it off. As he let go of the hem, Jacob saw the problem. The material was stretched impossibly tight over Harry’s chest, because his chest was getting larger. He watched as what was once a thin, tight chest ballooned into dense, meaty pecs. Two wide, rounded lumps grew in front of Jacob’s eyes as Harry’s nipples grew from almost 2D into thick, swollen tits, and then started to push downwards as the expanding flesh above them continued to grow. There was a harsh crack, and Jacob looked up to see the collar of Harry’s t-shirt had given way. The red material was moving steadily to the sides, accompanied by a loud ripping noise as the split spread downwards. In seconds, Harry’s chest was bare. His pale chest was immense, somehow seeming even bigger now that it was uncovered. A deep crevasse ran between the two huge slabs of muscle, each with a half inch-long tit neatly sitting under it. As the rip continued downwards, Jacob’s eyes followed, and to his amazement he watches as Harry’s stomach contorted and flexed, bringing forth two, then four, then six, then eight spectacular abs. Each was big enough that Jacob could’ve fit his hand around one just barely, and they sat perfectly symmetrically down Harry’s front. The bottom of the shirt gave way, and as it fell to the sides, shredded obliques were revealed below ribs, revealed by the complete lack of body fat. Harry, still somewhat dazed, grabbed at the two sides of the shirt hanging off him and tugged. In one swift motion the sleeves of the tattered garment were obliterated, revealing still swelling delts. Each looked to be in competition with his head for size, but had deep striations that looked to go almost to the bone. Harry roared in approval, raising his arms in a double bicep pose which started unimpressively, but pure muscle rocketed down his arms, twisting into colossal football-sized biceps, and equally impressive triceps. Veins twisted and wrapped around the surface looking like a spider’s web, but as thick as a normal person’s fingers. His forearms broadened until they could be confused for a whole ham. Jacob, both enthralled by the success of the experiment, and enamoured by the changed he was seeing in front of him, reached forwards to fumble with Harry’s belt. A huge meaty paw pushed aside his smaller, fragile hand and grasped at the buckle with seemed to shatter in his grip. As his belt pulled away, his jeans started to drop to the floor, but were caught quickly as, even undone, the waistband was significantly narrower than the legs it was trying to slide past. “Oh shit!” Harry let loose, as the denim filled quickly and began to strain. Jacob had never heard a sound like the resounding splintering noise the jeans made as solid, alabaster steel burst out both sides. Harry’s legs looked freakish, they grew enormous, and the contrast with his narrow waist would have been almost laughable if it weren’t so hot. As the legs of his boxer briefs were forced upwards, deep cuts in the muscle were revealed. Each of the quads was thicker than Jacob’s whole torso, and the cuts were so intense he felt drawn to wrap his fingers around the long, thick muscle heads. As far as he could tell Harry wasn’t even flexing, he was just so immense and so shredded that every single fiber was visible through his paper-thin skin. Beneath the quads, teardrop calves clung onto sturdy lower legs, though at this point they were resembling a capital “P” more so than a teardrop. Jacob almost had to step back as the last remains of clothing on the behemoth twitched before him. The bulge in Harry’s too-small boxer briefs began to swell until it looked like an overgrown banana was being restrained by them; every pulsing inch clearly discernible through the stretched fabric as it sat atop two orange-sized balls. He could even see several inches of thick, vascular cock where the waistband was being pulled away from Harry’s abs, by both the new narrowness of his waist, and the weight of the monster restrained there. Jacob looked up at Harry, his mouth open in awe. Harry looked down, but nervously had to take a step back as he couldn’t see Jacob past his new pec shelf. Just moving his head felt strange, as he could feel the vast muscles of his traps reaching up almost as high as his ears twitching against his thick neck to move. He reached an arm up to feel his neck, and was surprised to meet resistance as his biceps collided with his pecs, limiting movement. Touching his neck he found that it was as thick as his own head, maybe even an inch or two thicker. “Holy fuck.” He said, to Jacob, his voice multiple octaves deeper than it had been, minutes ago. “I mean… holy fuck.” Jacob could barely think, and only managed a few astonished words. “All that from ‘I love working out in the gym?’”
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    Timothy Ryan was your average guy. He was funny and polite. People generally liked him when they noticed him. The problem was that didn’t happen often. For one thing, he was somewhat shy, for another he was about 70 lbs overweight. All throughout high school, he struggled with eating healthy and felt self conscious about going to the gym, making it difficult to change anything. Still he had his core group friends and he was relatively happy with that. Unfortunately for Timothy, going off to college would mean leaving those friends behind. His freshman year was a struggle. It’s not that people actively disliked him, they just didn’t notice him. It’s very difficult to be surrounded by thousands of people your age and feeling completely invisible. That’s when he decided things had to change. In the first 18 months of college, he practically reinvented himself. He started lifting weights, counting calories, jogging, and swimming. He lost 85 pounds, gained a six pack, and started introducing himself as Tim. He went from chubby to toned and suddenly people started noticing him. The people in his dorm asked him if he had just transferred at the beginning of his sophomore year even though he’d been living there for a year. He got invited to parties and guys started talking to him on grindr. Tim found he enjoyed the attention quite a bit. So he started posting pictures of himself shirtless on facebook. He got the usual likes and comments from his friends and crushes but he wanted more. So he got an instagram account and started posting pictures of himself. Yet, for someone hooked on attention, the process of racking up followers was painfully slow. That is, until he met Scott. He didn’t know Scott in person but when this gorgeous muscular hunk wanted to friend him and DM, Tim was quick to accept. They chatted quite a bit, exchanged pics and developed an online friendship to the point where Tim would tell him just about anything. “Fuck man, you’ve got hundreds of thousands of followers,” Tim messaged one day. “I wish I could have that.” “You don’t think 500 is enough?” Scott replied. Tim furrowed his brow. Obviously it wasn’t, but Scott looked like a sports model. As much as Tim liked showing off his new body, he felt he didn’t measure up to someone like Scott and he felt like that would never happen. “I just want everyone to notice me. I’ve gone my entire life being ignored and I guess I think it’s my time to shine.” “You’re pretty cute,” Scott said. “I’m sure you’ll get plenty of followers in time.” “Not fast enough,” said Tim. “Well… there is a way you can speed things up,” said Scott. “There’s a program that you can use on your pics to make them stand out more but you can only get it on the dark web, so I don’t know if it’s for you.” “What does it do?” Tim asked, instantly curious about anything that would help his stuff get likes. “It makes you more… noticeable,” said Scott. “It’s hard to explain. But if you’re interested I can show you how to get it.” Tim immediately agreed and Scott told him what he had to do. The websites he had to go to in order to find it were pretty sketchy and he couldn’t imagine all of the viruses he was risking but he was desperate. Once he had the program he opened it and a black box appeared. “Ok, now what do I do?” Tim asked. “Drag and drop a picture into it.” Scott replied. “Pick a good one, it only takes one.” Tim searched through his selfies and selected a locker room pic that made him look the most “swole”. Then he dragged it over to the black box. Suddenly the screen went blue and his computer crashed. “FUCK!” he shouted. He had nothing to worry about. Everything started back up without any trouble but the program he downloaded was gone. “Jesus that thing was probably a virus! Glad my computer got rid of it.” But he noticed a new picture file on his desktop. He opened it and it was the same locker room picture from before but with a little wink emoji in the corner. “Wait… that’s it? It’s the same stupid picture.” “Scott… what was that?” He DM’ed. “I went through all of that work, my computer crashed, and all that happened was it put an emoji on my picture. That’s so dumb.” “Just upload it.” Was Scott’s only reply. Tim thought for a minute and decided “Why not?” And it was done. Then he realized it was 2 am and he had class in the morning. So without even saying goodnight, he jacked off, closed his laptop, and went to bed. He felt like he’d only been asleep for five minutes when the alarm went off. Half asleep, threw on a pair of workout shorts, grabbed a towel and his toiletries and went out into the hall to the bathroom. He hopped into one of the showers, washed up, then wrapped the towel around his waist and started brushing his teeth without looking in the mirror. It was always fogged over in the morning. “Hey Timmy, been hitting the gym a little hard.” His friend John said slapping him on the shoulder. “Huh?” Tim said in a stupor. “Thanks man.” He continued brushing his teeth, a little more awake after the compliment when several other people came in and noticed he’d been working out too. This was bizarre. He saw these people every morning as he got ready. Maybe he looked extra pumped today. He wanted to know. Waiting until no one was around he whipped off his towel and used it to wipe off the mirror and gasped. His pecs were several inches bigger than they had been. His biceps were swollen too. He had gone from thin and athletic to almost beefy overnight. He stood there gaping at himself. Then he noticed his cock was an inch or two longer as well. “What the fuck...” “Hey Timmy, you mind wrapping up? You can stare at yourself in your room. I need the sink!” John said, stepping out from the shower. “I uh… yeah… sorry… I just… sorry man.” Tim said grabbing his things and wrapping the towel around his waist before heading back to his room. He skipped class that morning. As he looked through the pictures on his phone. He took selfies almost every day. How could he not have noticed how big he was getting? But when he looked at the pictures he’d taken of himself that week, none of them matched what he saw in the mirror. He stepped on the scale he kept in his room, it read 180 lbs. He’d gained 20 pounds over night. Then he noticed his Instagram was blowing up. Opening it, he saw that he’d gotten five hundred likes on that picture he had posted the night before and a bunch of new followers. Not only that, the picture now matched his current physique. The emoji had changed to a surprise face. “What the…?” Then he noticed the new message from Scott. “Morning. I see you tried out the new Instagram filter.” “What are you talking about?” Tim wrote back. “That program you downloaded,” said Scott. “It’s an Instagram filter that changes you instead of the picture. The more likes, comments and attention it gets, the more you change. The more you change, the more people notice you and the more attention you get. Then the picture is updated to reflect what you look like.” “But my computer deleted that program!” “Deleted it? You just downloaded it into your body.” “How is that even possible?” “Iunno, but look at yourself in a mirror and tell me it isn’t true.” Scott replied. “Jesus, WHAT DO I DO!?” Tim wrote. “Umm… enjoy it… jeeze you were just complaining about not getting any attention. Now you can get all kinds of attention. Also, didn’t you say you had an exam today, I think I’d be getting ready for that.” “Oh god… the exam...” Tim said out loud. He looked at the clock. He had 15 minutes to get to class before they shut the doors. He hunted around for clothes that would fit him properly. He had been accustomed to wearing tight fitting things before and none of those shirts would go past his shoulders. Eventually he settled on a pair of workout shorts and a button up that his mother had gotten him for Christmas. He had rarely worn it before because it fit somewhat loosely on it. But it fit his chest perfectly now. He ran across campus just in time to take his seat. The exam was 10 pages long and he tried to concentrate on his work but he kept thinking about what was happening to his body. Then, as he turned to page four of the exam his phone started to vibrate. What was going on. Suddenly his chest felt like it was getting tighter and he realized. The phone was giving him notifications that people were liking and commenting on his picture. Someone with a ton of followers must have shared it. The vibrations came in so continuously that they were beginning to disturb people nearby. But more disturbing for Tim was that his arms were beginning to get tight in his button up. His pecs started to stretch the shirt as his growing delts made it difficult to maneuver in. Tim unbuttoned his top buttons to relieve some of the strain but the phone kept vibrating away and his body continued to quietly swell right there in an auditorium filled with hundreds of students and he was sitting close to the front row. He felt an extreme tightness in his briefs. His nuts began to hurt as they strained against the tight fabric. His swelling bubble butt was stretching the seems. Tim was starting to question why he always had to go for that sexy tight underwear. Everything was getting skin tight. His pecs and back strained against his button down shirt. He tried to get up to leave but he heard a ripping sound when he moved causing him to freeze in terror as nervous sweat soaked into to every fabric and his phone continued to vibrate with a frenzy of instagram activity. Then he realized something to his horror. If he was getting more buff, the picture was getting more buff. More people were going to like it. Without warning a button popped from his shirt like a cork from a bottle of champagne. It pinged against the front podium causing the professor to look up to see what had made the noise. Tim tried to get up to leave but his thighs were larger than he remembered and getting out of the tight desk was difficult. The movements caused his shirt to give way into loud rips as more buttons went flying. The elastic snapped on his briefs inside of his gym shorts which were thankfully holding together but all eyes were on him as he made his way up the stairs and his chest burst through his shirt. He didn’t stop to see anyone’s reaction as he ran out of the room, down the hall, and out the door where he shed his shirt in a nearby trash can. As he made his way back to his dorm he felt the torn remnants of his briefs fall out from his gym shorts. He didn’t stop to pick them up even though people stopped and stared at what was happening. He had a body now that everybody noticed. He could no longer blend into the crowd. Suddenly he pulled up the picture on his phone. It had 10,000 likes and he had nearly double that number of followers. Scott had just shared the photo with all of his followers thirty minutes ago with comment, “Check out my hot friend” and the activity he was getting from it was insane. Then suddenly he realized there was a way to get this to stop. He deleted the photo from his account. The growth slowed just in time to keep his ass from ripping his gym shorts. No sooner had he done this then a voice broke his concentration. “Tim!? Tim Ryan?! Whoah dude I haven’t seen you six months. You’ve been busy.” Tim looked and say to his dismay two faces he knew, Zack and Rachael. Zack was a hot lacrosse player and Rachael was his best friend. They had been the only people in his dorm who made any effort to befriend him in his freshman year. Zack had been hopelessly out of his league but he appreciated the friendship. Still they were attractive, popular, and busy and when they moved into a house together with some friends Tim hadn’t seen them since. “Uhhh hey guys...” Tim said, blushing. “Ha! It IS you!” Rachael said. “Zack didn’t believe me!” “You’ve really changed man, congrats on all the progress you’ve made. That new diet and workout routine you started last year really paid off.” Zack said. Although as he said it Tim could see him looking at him in a new way. Zack was actually thirsty for him. “Just on a side note though…” Rachael said lowering her voice to be discrete. “You might want to wear underwear with those shorts.” Tim looked down at his bulge, he could see his fat 10’’ soft cock resting on a pair of lemon sized nuts as his junk pressed against the fabric. “Oh god...” he moaned to himself as he turned bright red. “Hey guys! I gotta run! Catch you around?” He said taking off without waiting for a reply. “Shoot me a text!” Zack shouted after him. He got back to his dorm, passing the RA in the hall. She just stared at his hulking mass, clearly not recognizing him. People who hadn’t seen him in months might believe he’d bulked up but the RA had just seen him that morning before all the changes. There was no way she would believe it was Tim. She was about to ask him who he was and who he was there to visit when he put his key card up to the door and walked in. Leaving her confused in the hall. He walked around his room and then sat down on the bed. How was he going to explain this to people. He could explain away 20 extra pounds but this? The gym shorts started to bother him so he pulled them off and gawked at his enormous junk. Even soft his dick was massive. He glanced over at the scale, did he dare weigh himself? A few minutes later he stood trembling before the scale. One foot after the other he stepped on it and was shocked, he weighed over 280 lbs. He’d gained 100 lbs in a few hours. He stood there stunned for a minute before he realized something. The number was flickering between 280 and 281. He stood there breathless as the scale popped up to 282 a minute later. He was still growing! In a flash he opened up instagram and messaged Scott. “I thought you said I’d only grow if people liked or interacted with that picture! I’ve deleted it! Why am I still growing?” “Don’t you know that nothing is ever deleted from the internet?” Scott replied. “People copied the photo off of instagram. Right now people are posting the photo on tumbler, using it to cat fish people, and so forth and so on. Go on, open the file on your desktop, it’s still growing.” Tim opened the file and sure enough the locker room pic was massive. Suddenly his cock started to throb. “Uh oh, looks like one of those fake accounts is taking off.” Scott replied as Tim’s cock began to grow and expand. Soon it was pressing up against his growing pecs. His balls had swollen to the size of grape fruits. Then came the knock at the door. The RA wanted to know what was going on. “SCOTT! The RA is here! How do I fix this? I can’t explain what’s happened! She’s going to think I’m someone else in the dorm and call the cops! I don’t even have any clothes that fit!” Scott’s only reply was “Grab a towel mate.” Tim grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. He opened the door just a crack and poked his head out. “Yes?” “You clearly don’t live here, I need to know why you have one of our keys!” As she was talking, Tim’s cock was beginning to grow out from behind the towel but it was still shielded by the door. “I… uh...” He thought for a moment. “Wait… your face… you look just like Tim. Are you guys twins?” “Yeah… sorry for the confusion. I’m just here visiting but he’s in class right now. So he gave me his key.” He said, holding his 18’’ cock behind the door. His nuts looked like softballs dangling below it. “Wow you even sound like him. Well if you want to stay the night with him there are some forms you need to fill out.” Tim looked down at his unconcealable cock. There was no way she could come into the room. “Yeah that sounds great… I’m just changing at the moment, can we do this later today?” Said Tim. “Sure no problem. I’m in room 405. I’ll be there until 3.” She said leaving. He closed the door and dropped the towel. Measuring himself against the door frame he realized he was getting taller too. He looked at his discarded shorts on the bed. There is no way his expanding ass and enormous junk could fit into his workout shorts again. Then he had a thought. “That pic was taken in those gym shorts. What does it look like now?” He opened his laptop and the emoji had moved from the corner to cover his groin. It had grown and become a blushing face. The picture now appeared to be naked. He was now 6’ 5’’ and 350 lbs. “Scott help!” He typed frantically. “My life is falling apart here! I can’t go on as me if I keep changing like this!” “Do you really want my help?” Scott wrote back. “Yes of course!” Tim wrote back. “You know a lot of the ‘muscle morphs’ you see online are just guys like you who downloaded the program. I could give you a job and a place to stay just like I do for them.” “What?” Scott sent a link which lead to a porn site where everyone was impossibly massive. Many of them made Tim look skinny. There were guys with cocks so huge they were practically immobile. “People pay a lot of money to see guys like you fuck around with each other. Why not join us? You never have to wear clothes again and every day more people hand over their money just to look at you. All the attention you ever wanted.” “But… I can’t fuck in front of a camera!” Tim whined. “Trust me, with balls that massive you’ll be so horny that’s all you’ll ever want to do, no matter who’s watching… I just happen to have some guys out there in a van to pick you up. But you better decide fast. If you wait until that RA comes back you might be too big to get out of there. It’s your choice.”
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    Hey all, this is the first story I've actually bothered to see finished in a long time. It's been difficult writing, lately, and I don't expect this to be as well-received as some of my previous stories. But, I'm just happy to have finally finished something! So, let me know what you think. I hope it's at least somewhat enjoyable. OH! Also, this is a college story. No one is under 18. And of course it's entirely fictional, based on no real person or place. _______________________________________________________ He stood in front of us, visibly upset, breathing heavily, his chest and shoulders rising with his deep breaths. "You all think you're so smart, huh?" he said, the venom clear in his voice. "Well, maybe one day you'll see that not everyone is born to be your victim. Not everyone will take your shit lying down." "Dude, calm down, it was a joke," one of my friends said. And it really was just a joke, at his expense, of course, but a joke nevertheless. They... or I should say technically we just made fun of his thin size. Oh and we made several comments about him having a small dick. He really did have a small dick, though. Several of us had seen him naked in the shower. But this is what dudes do! We make fun of each other, give each other shit. We did to him nothing that we haven't done to each other. I was honestly confused why he was taking it so personally. Maybe he was far more insecure than he let on? "It's only a--ughh--joke if what you're saying isn't--rnnngg--true!" He had his hands clenched into fists, arms arched a bit, still breathing heavily. "But you know what? You'll see I'm a grower not a shower. Watch this." And then, to our uncomfortable horror, he put his hand on his crotch and began rubbing it. I say "horror," when really it was just one of those really weird and awkward situations where you have no clue what to do with yourself. Do you respond? Try to diffuse the situation? Look away? Walk away? My own mind was a tangled mess of nothingness. I felt the urge to look away but my eyes remained fixed on him, particularly his crotch where we could all see him rubbing himself with an intensity we're all surely familiar with. I mean, we all jerk off, no doubt. But here he was doing it in front of us. "Dude we've seen you hard, too. You're not that big then either so--" "Sam, dude, shut the fuck up!" I snapped. Apparently he was too dense to realize this wasn't a time to be an asshole. "Let him talk shit, it's okay. Mmmmyeahhhh..." I looked back at him and his crotch had a definite tent there. He was wrapping his hand around it and squeezing and rubbing it, and he looked like he was enjoying it. I felt myself starting to get a little hard, too. "Ready? Mmmm yeah... Watch." I noticed that none of us had turned away, averted our eyes, or anything. As uncomfortable of a situation this was, it seemed that we were all more curious about what he was trying to prove than anything else. But I'll admit I was enjoying watching him jerk off, even though he was still fully clothed. Something about it was enticing. I suddenly wondered, though... what was it that made him get hard? It almost seemed as though he willed it to happen. But then he took his hand away from his crotch and just stood there, eyes closed, head tilted back a little. He had a little grin on his face, and I suppose he truly was enjoying this, whatever it was. But then I looked back at his crotch, and his tent was super prominent. There was no mistaking he was hard. Wait... yeah, he was definitely clearly hard, but... why was I able to tell that? We all were a bunch of douchebags and pointed out how small he was. We've seen his hard dick. It would barely create a bump in his shorts. Now it's a prominent tent. "I see Jake's figured out what's happening," he said, thrusting his chin at me. "Uhhh..." I gulped. "We're... mere seconds away from seeing indecent exposure?" I tried to say it sarcastically, but I suddenly realized I was super nervous. Why was I nervous? I really ought to be repulsed by watching a dude make himself get a boner and partially jerk himself off. He flexed his dick and I couldn't believe what I saw. The tent bulged out farther. I heard some of the other guys gasp and a single "What the fuck..." Now I definitely was nervous. "Ohhhh yeah..." he moaned slightly, his hand moving toward his tent. But then he jerked it away, as though he's trying to restrain his impulse to touch himself. I guess we all know, as dudes, how it is, to want to jerk off when you're hard. "Fuck yes!" he suddenly cried. "It's happening! Are you guys watching?" We were all definitely watching. I think at first we were all sort of annoyed with his seemingly whiny outburst, but now we can all see there's a lot more to this than just whining. I think he may have wanted any excuse to do this, to be honest. "Mmmmm fuck," he moaned again, and we all watched the tent push out farther, and I heard a slight groan. It was his fucking shorts! His tent had grown so much, he was finally straining the front of his shorts! "Here we go... Unnnghhhh!" He clenched his fists, and... "POP!" A large, thick cock popped out of the front of his shorts. At first only the head was visible, but the cloth of the shorts receded and his dick became more and more exposed. He was pretty fucking big, now. He took his hand and pulled at the front of his shorts so more of his dick would be visible. He flexed it again, and yes, it grew even bigger, right before our eyes. "FUCK yes! Still think I'm tiny now?" And even as he said those words, his cock was ever so slightly still growing, and I realized I was staring at it intently. Protruding from the front of his shorts was his hard, throbbing, growing bigger dick. What the hell was happening? No one responded to his question. Did he actually want an answer? "Well?" I guess he did. "N-no, you're not t-tiny," I managed to squeak out. Why did I answer? Why? "What's with the stuttering?" he grinned. "I wouldn't think such a weak, small-dicked 'baby' would make you nervous, Jake." I cringed. He was using my own words. I'd actually called him that one time. It was forever ago, and he remembered. "I'm not... n-nervous..." I couldn't stop stuttering. But why was I nervous? I mean, yeah, this is very off-putting. But he just proved he's definitely a grower. So what if he has a bigger dick than we all thought? He probably took some Viagra and just had to prove us all wrong about his dick. He was still a skinny, weak dude. He simply laughed. "Well, whatever dude, I don't care." He looked down at his own dick for a few moments and flexed it again, and it bounced a bit and grew some more. FUCK! "Ohhhh yeah, it's coming. Are you watching? I can feel it." Some of us looked at each other, and I'm guessing we all were thinking 'what the fuck does he mean?' He wasn't about to cum, was he? He reached his hands down and started to stroke his big throbbing veiny dick. Yes, he needed both hands to cover it. He was lovingly rubbing his dick, back and forward his hands went, slowly. "Unnngghhh" he moaned. His movements were hypnotic, and I couldn't avert my eyes as I watched a dude jerk himself off. I suddenly realized I was harder than steel, myself. "It's happening. Ohhh yeahhhhhh..." he closed his eyes, moaning, and we all finally saw what he meant. What was happening. His entire body was growing. At first I thought I was imagining it, or maybe he was rising up on his toes, but he was definitely getting taller. Slowly but surely. His hands never stopped moving, and he continued growing taller, and he'd grown maybe three or four inches in height before I realized something else. His chest had begun to push out. "Holy sh--" I involuntarily spoke in a hushed voice, stopping myself just before getting the entire word out, not that it mattered since there was no hiding what was going to be said. "Yeah, just watch," he said. His arms had some veins snaking around them now, and I could see his forearms thickening, too. He was growing muscles! FUCK! How was this happening? My dick throbbed in my shorts, and I was immediately brought to realization that I was genuinely enjoying the show. Still growing taller, his arms thickening, his chest pushing out, I also noticed his calves were bulging, too. And his dick was still growing! His shoulders had begun to broaden as well, and I suddenly realized his shirts was getting tighter and tighter, and it was at this point I finally noticed his biceps. They were wrapped in the cloth of his t-shirt, when before the sleeves were loose with plenty of space to spare. "Fuck yeah, keep--unghh--watching..." he said, as he continued to stroke himself, his hands wrapped tightly around his throbbing rod. I watched as those sleeves got tighter and tighter, his arms growing with each stroke of his now huge dick. His traps were rising up, too, and soon that shirt was painted on his body, and he looked like he practically lived in the campus gym. "Oh fuck, fuck... fuck..." his stroking was becoming more rapid, speeding up, and so was his growth. It was like the faster he stroked his dick, the faster he grew. I glanced down and saw his calves were now fucking enormous, bulging out, making it clear he never skipped leg day. Wait, can I even say that? But then more groaning sounds came from his shorts, and I realized his quads and hamstrings had been growing, too. His shorts were tightly wrapped around his muscled legs, and thanks to his new height, we could even see the heads of his quads right above his knees. "Here it--unghh gunnnghhh-- oh it's coming!" His stroking was fevered and wild now, full-on jerking off. His shirt was so tight I couldn't believe it was still holding on. "It's coming!! I'M CUMING!" And he did cum. Oh did he cum. We could literally hear the first burst of cum shoot from his huge dick. It hit my friend David right in the face. "RIIIIIIIIIP!" His shirt finally tore down the middle, his heaving pecs protruding from the tattered cloth, and his biceps ripped the sleeves, a rend going all the way up to his cannon-ball shoulders. "POP! POP!" His legs exploded out of his shorts, each leg ripping up to his belt. More cum was still shooting from his dick, his muscles throbbing as he shot each blast of cum. He was deliberately aiming for us with his cum, hitting not just David before, but two of my other friends as well. Actually, he somehow missed me entirely, but got everyone else. And then his dick was simply dribbling cum, still very hard, though. Cum was dripping down his shaft, onto the hand still holding his dick, and dripping onto the grass. "You like that? HUH?!" He had a wild, somewhat evil grin on his face. "Who's fucking small and weak, now?!" His free hand not holding his dick rose into the air and flexed into a mind-shattering bicep peak, his shirt ripping further, all the way up to his collar until "SNAP!" it too ripped off, leaving the entire one side of his shirt to fall into tattered cloth dangling from what was left on the other side. And then came his other arm, finally releasing his dick, still semi-hard and staying aloft on its own, rising into the air and flexing into yet another huge bicep peak, destroying what was left of his sleeves on that side. His entire shirt fell, revealing what none of us could see to this point. A perfect set of 8-pack abs. Clenching and unclenching with his breaths, washboard enough to actually literally wash clothes on. "WHO'S FUCKING SMALL AND WEAK NOW?!" he asked again, and I guess he was looking for a real answer. It wasn't until now that I finally realized he was towering over us, too. He had a good foot of height over me, at least, and I know I was taller than most of my other friends. He was sure as fuck stronger than any one of us, now, too. Probably stronger than all of us put together. He started to walk towards us, his still semi-hard dick bouncing with his steps, and with each step, more small rips could be heard from his shorts as they struggled to hold on. "What? Y'ALL SUDDENLY GOT NOTHING TO SAY?!" "W-w-we are...?" David actually managed to respond, and I saw he was literally shaking. Was I shaking, too? I couldn't even find my own thoughts, much less feel my own body. "IS THAT A FUCKING QUESTION?!" He reached down and picked David up by the front of his shirt and tossed him across the grass a good ten to fifteen feet. David quickly scrambled to his feet and ran, clearly not caring in what direction since his dorm was in another direction. "GET. THE FUCK. OUT. OF HERE!!" he shouted to the rest of us, and I didn't need to be told twice. I was somehow surprised I'd managed to stick around this long. "OHHhh no, where the fuck do you think you're going?!" he half shouted, grabbing me by the front of my shirt and lifting me off the ground like David, his bulging biceps flexing into gigantic relief from his massive arm. I closed my eyes, bracing myself, prepared to be tossed away. "You're fucking retarded, you know that?" he said, still holding me in the air. I opened an eye, only one eye, and saw his scowling face looking up into mine. Was this another question he wanted answered? How could I fucking know? "Such an asshole," he continued, "Can't see what's in front of you. I've been in love with you for ages now, and you're so concerned with keeping appearances you've never let yourself realize you're fucking gay." He reached out with his other hand and grabbed my crotch which was, yes, still hard, and leaking, too, apparently. "So now what do I do with you?" he asked. I honestly had no clue how to answer that question, even if I could muster the strength to.
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    I know it's been a long time and frankly, I haven't been inspired to write very much. However, I recently received a message from someone on this site with a idea for a new story. As we chatted, I started to get an idea. Once I started writing, I realized the potential these ideas had. All that being said, I think this might be my best story yet but I'll let you be the judge. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. Introducing Jacob... High School Chapter 1 It was the first day of senior year and Jacob wasn’t looking forward to it. It would be his first day at a new school for the third time in five years. Thanks to his dad getting yet another new job, he was starting all over once again. Not that Jacob really minded. He didn’t have many friends from his old schools to miss and wasn’t really looking to make new ones either. He had only one real priority, becoming as big as humanly possible. Jacob was undeniably the biggest 18 year old on the planet and if he wasn’t, he was certainly well on his way to becoming the biggest. Ever since he was elementary school, Jacob was obsessed with building muscle. It immediately became an obsession and consumed most of his time. When he wasn’t lifting huge weights, he was devouring insane quantities of food. His parents happily supported his choice because it made their many moves easier, as long as they moved his weights, Jacob never complained. By the time he started junior high, Jacob could lift weights only veteran bodybuilders dreamed they could. In fact, to compare Jacob to a bodybuilder would be inaccurate, he desired to become something beyond what the most decorated professionals could ever dream of obtaining. He would scour the internet trying to find someone that had achieved the level of mass he was determined to obtain. Even freaks like Craig Goliath and Big Ramy were too small and weak to Jacob. He often turned to skillfully crafted morphs and artwork of fictional muscular giants just to get additional motivation. Jacob woke up at 5 a.m. this morning so he could workout for two hours before school. He was dreading having to be stuck in class instead of spending the entire day working out. In the month since they had moved in, Jacob had done little else but lift. Aside from the odd trip to the grocery store, he hadn’t spent any time exploring his new town. Stepping out of the shower, Jacob couldn’t help but admire his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He knew he would be the biggest kid at school but he didn’t care, to him, he was still too small. He dropped his towel and slowly raised his arms into a magnificent double bicep pose. He let out a low moan as he reached the full flex. He marvelled at his swollen biceps. He measured them after his gruelling workout at 22”. While he cursed himself about the number not being 24” earlier, he could not deny at this moment, his arms looked downright freaky attached to his 18 year old face. After a minute holding the pose, his arms were shaking but as more thick veins appear on his paper-thin skin, he couldn’t stop flexing. In his mind, he envisioned his arms surpassing his 28” waist. It was only moments later that he released the pose to grab hold of his raging cock. His intense muscle-lust coupled with his teenage sex drive resulted in this scene quite often. As Jacob stoked his cock, he caressed his bloated pecs. He kneaded the thick slabs of beef as the individual muscle fibres twitched and flexed. At 56”, his massive pecs cast a long shadow over his chiselled ads. With one final flex of his entire upper body, Jacob unleashed a thick stream of cum all over the mirror. “Fuck, this school won’t believe their eyes” he said as he cleaned off some stray cum from his pecs and abs. Jacob gabbed a clean tank top and audibly struggled to get it over his wide shoulders and lats. Even thought he tank was only a couple of weeks old, it already looked to be stretched to its limits. Next, he grabbed a very short pair of shorts that looked more like boxer briefs than outer wear. Jacob may not have cared wheat people thought of his body, but he certainly didn’t mind showing it off. After fixing his hair in the mirror, Jacob hit a mild most muscular pose. He heard a seam pop on his tank top and decided it was best to get going before he had to find something else to wear. During his 10 minute walk to school, Jacob consumed two huge protein shakes and ate five protein bars. Just before he reached the front door, he looked down at his exposed quads and calves. He was immediately transfixed by the incredible pump his calves had gotten from the walk. He stopped to flex his left calf and couldn’t help moan as it swelled to a mind-boggling 21”. Thick rope-like veins covered every inch. He couldn’t help but run is hand over his outrageously massive quad, stopping to squeeze the bloated tear-drop muscle that literally hung over his tiny kneecap. “Ok, enough of that. Time to prepare for the main event.” He said to himself as he opened the school main door and stepped inside. “Holy Shit!” “Oh my god!” “Look at that FREAK!” “Gross, that’s so DISGUSTING” Just a few of the comments Jacob heard before he was 10 feet into the building. One guy walked into an open locker door and hit his head pretty hard. With a confident smirk on his face, Jacob walked down the hall searching for his homeroom class. These reactions were nothing new to Jacob. In fact, he had learned to feed off them years ago. Next to using his insane strength and pumping his muscles well beyond their limits, seeing people freak out over his size was Jacob’s favourite thing. The first time he was called a freak really upset him. But as it continued to happen and with increased frequency the more he grew, Jacob realized that it meant he was starting to achieve his dream of becoming a true mass monster. The more disgusted people became the more motivated and quite frankly, aroused he became. Soon, Jacob wasn’t satisfied unless people became physically sick at the site of him. He loved cumming while replaying people’s over-the-top comments in his head. He also fantasied about getting those same reactions in the presence of the biggest professional bodybuilders. Imagining Big Ramy puking just at the sight of his unflexed body caused Jacob to cum the most. By the time he found his classroom, news of the freaky huge new kid had spread to all corners of the school. As he stepped through the door, all talking stopped. Jacob surveyed the room of his slack-jawed school mates as he slowing made his way to the back of the room. Everyone stared in awe but no one dared to make a sound. The teacher looked confused when he walked in to a full room of silent teenagers. It wasn’t until he looked to the back of the class that he figured out why. “Oh my! You must be Jacob!” He stammered. “They said you were big but I didn’t expect so much-“ “Huge, freaky muscle?” Jacob interrupted. The teacher’s mouth remained open, but words stopped coming out. A minute later, he had regained enough composure to instruct the class to find their seats. After the students were seated, the teacher looked to the back of the room to see Jacob still standing. “Um-please find a seat.” He said to Jacob. “Sorry Teach but I don’t think these desks are made for someone like me.” “Please sit.” The teacher said, trying to sound authoritative but it came out sounding scared and timid. Jacob shook his head and tried to sit at the nearest desk. The entire class turned their heads and watched as the massive boy struggled to get seated. Loud creaks filled the room as Jacob’s massive body wedged itself into the seat. The desks were the table-top seat combos that offered very little in the way of adjustment. Jacob could barely fit his meaty quads in the gap between the seat and the desk. He tried for close to 30 seconds before becoming frustrated. Suddenly his fist slammed down on the top of the desk, cracking it instantly. Jacob then gripped the wooden desk and plastic seat and started to pull. His already bloated body exploded in size. There were audible gasps from the class. Jacob adjusted his grip and let out a low roar and pulled harder. With seemly little effort, the plastic seat was torn off the metal frame of the desk. Jacob tossed the seat and repositioned his hand on the metal frame. There was a load groan of screeching metal and the frame started to bend. Jacob’s arms visibly inflated and each individual muscle fibre leap into action. Jacob’s ridiculously wide back appeared to double in size as he continued to bend the metal frame like it was wet pasta. With one final grunt and tug, Jacob stood straight up and the desk disintegrated around him. He stepped out of the pile of desk parts and placed his hands on his hips. “Told you the desk wasn’t made for this body.” He said and slowly flexed into a front lat spread. Slowly his lats expanded until they jutted three feet from his sides. They only stopped swelling when they made contact with his equally massive arms and forearms. Next, his pecs rose upward and outward. Deep striations and countless veins snaked across they surface. Even under the tight tank top fabric, veins could been seen pulsing. Finally, Jacob’s traps rose up either side of his neck as his quads and calves flexed so huge, there was barely any separation between them. At full flex, Jacob could hear loud screams and gags from the students in the room. Many had to look away in horror while others were clearly mortified at the sight they could not stop watching. Jacob turned to look a the teacher who was visible shaking and leaning against his desk to stop himself from collapsing on the floor. “Oh my god! Please stop!” the teacher muttered. “Sorry teach, I couldn’t hear you. Did you say come up the front of the class and show everyone just how insanely massive I am?” Jacob replied and slowly made his way towards the front of the class. It’s fair to say, Jacob always moved slowly, due mainly by the size of his quads. To even call how he moved walking was inaccurate; Jacob waddled. Arriving at the front of the class, Jacob turned to face the class. He pointed to a skinny kid sitting in the first row and motioned for him to approach. Jacob raised his arms and leaned forward. “Strip off this tank top. It’s pretty new and the only shirt I have. I want to try to make it last the whole day.” The poor kid was shaking like a leaf. “Come on dude. My lats are WAY too big for me to get this off myself. Don’t worry, I won’t bite; unless I get hungry.” Jacob said with a chuckle. Slowly the kid started to peel the skin tight tank top up Jacob’s back. When it was halfway up Jacob was growing impatient. “SOMEONE HELP HIM!” he yelled. Another petrified student joined the first kid and within seconds the tank top was pulled over Jacob’s head. Once free, he slowly stood back up and the class was confronted by his exposed upper body and a new wave to terrified screams filled the room. “This is what a 267lb 18 year old looks like. I’m only 5’8” but getting pretty close to being just as wide as that.” Jacob said and started to hit flawless poses each one accompanied by grunts, moans and exaggerated gasps. “No 18 year old has 22” arms, 18” forearms, 56” pecs and a tiny 28” waist. Not to mention some of the biggest quads on the planet. Check out these 32” quads and 21” calves.” “So Gross!” Someone yelled out. “Gross? You think all this muscle is gross. You know what I think it is? SMALL. I’m plan to doubling this size in a couple of years!” Jacob said. He was breathing hard from hitting the different poses but saved the best for last. He extended his pumped left leg and leaned closer to the class. He slowly bent his arms and started to hit a most muscular pose. His already blood-filled body exploded in every direction. Jacob showed incredible muscle control and he willed each muscle group to flex and expand. His arms slammed into his flexed pecs as his shoulders solidified into pumpkin-sized striated bolders. His vein-covered traps rose to graze his ears as his neck thickened to become wider than his head. He tightened his already rock-hard abs so each developed muscle resembled the density of bricks. His shorts could not contain the monstrous beef of his quads and rose up so high it looked like a posing suit. Even with his legs spread apart, Jacobs calves looked like they were about to touch each other. At full flex, Jacob’s entire body was shaking. His skin now covered in the light layer of sweat which made his outrageous vascular look even more extreme. He let out a glass-shaking roar and he somehow continued to flex. Through gritted teeth he screamed “I’m not stopping until someone either pukes or passes out.” Most of the kids were screaming and covering their eyes. A few looked like they were ready to faint and more than one of the boys held their hands over their obvious erections. Still not seeing what he desired most, Jacob let out another scream as his flexed muscles were starting to cause him pain. A pain that pushed him to flex even harder. He slowly turned to face the teacher, who was cowering behind his desk. With one laboured step Jacob moved closer. He could see the terror in the teacher’s face. “DO IT!” He commanded and within seconds, the teacher bent over and puked all over the top of his desk. He stood up and stumbled back, slamming into the chalkboard before collapsing on the floor. As Jacob relaxed his pose he smiled as he realized the teacher had a large wet stain on the front of his pants. His recently spent erection was clearly still rock-hard. Jacob tuned to face the class once more. He picked his tank top off a nearby desk and waddled towards the back of the class. “Is homeroom over yet?”
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    Chapter 5 As the four guys stared at Jacob’s unconscious body, watching his breath in and out. Nathan couldn’t handle the situation any more. “MARK! This is fucked! We have to get the hell out of here.” He shouted. “No! I want to make Jacob pay for what he did!” “I do too but let’s be serious. Did you not just see what he did to that weight rack? He’s a fucking monster. We can’t stand up to that.” “But he can’t ju-“ “I know he can’t!” Nathan interrupted and place his hand on Mark’s shoulder “But we aren’t ready yet.” Mark looked up with a confused look on his face. “Can you get more steroids?” Mark’s mouth dropped open. “Because we are going to need a lot more if we plan on becoming big enough to get revenge on Jacob.” Nathan said a gave Mark’s shoulder a hard squeeze. Tears filled Mark’s eyes as he realized what Nathan was saying. He looked to Jason and Scott and saw that they too, had the same look in their eyes. Mark snapped himself back to reality. “Ok. grab your stuff, there can’t be any evidence we were ever here.” The guys scrambled to gather their things and erase any sign that they were there. As the prepared to leave, Mark looked back at Jacob’s tied up body. Even in his current, unconscious state, Mark couldn’t help but marvel at the size Jacob possessed. He couldn’t help but wonder if beating him was even a possibility. --- An hour later, Jacob started to wake up. At first he moaned and slowly moved his head but as the cobwebs cleared, he became more aware of the situation he found himself in. The heavy ropes dug into his skin and his head was pounding. Within a few minutes, he was completely coherent and slightly panicked but any fear quickly evaporated as he tried to figure out how to get free. “Those fucking like bitches” He yelled. Rage filled his body as he tried to twist his body only to discover he was unable to move. He let out a gut-wrenching growl and tried to over power the huge ropes that surrounded him. His whole body shook as he applied more pressure without success. He began to sweat with effort and his breathing increased. Jacob stopped struggling and tried to calm himself. He took a few deep breaths and refocused his attention on his legs. With his back against the metal beam, his legs were positioned in front of him and bound with more rope. Most of his skin was covered and his feet stick out the end. He closed his eyes and started to flex his quads. He felt the ropes pressing harder against his skin each time he tensed his leg muscles. After a few minutes a saw the ropes move after relaxing his muscles for moment. The movement was small but it spurred him on. In his head, he envisioned his 32” quads pumped to their maximum size. He pictured what they looked like after his most brutal leg workouts. With renewed energy he continued to flex and relax the massive muscles. “Come on. Pump bigger.” He repeated, commanding his quad to respond. And respond they did. Five minutes later, the ropes appeared to be loosening. Jacob raised his head to the ceiling and flexed with all his might. He let out a powerful roar as he felt his quads bloat to newfound size. He could feel his equally massive calves swell past their current 21” size. The pressure was so intense Jacob worried he might pass out but seconds later he looked down and smiled. The end of the rope near his ankle was starting to unravel. He summoned more energy and focused all his attention on his calves. He could feel their pumped up mass pressing against each other. He knew if he could pump them up bigger, they would push the ropes apart further. He imagined them growing as he flexed and un-flexed them. He imagined them dwarfing the world record calves of Erik Fankhouser, becoming bigger than his waist. He looked down as started to see his claves between the loosening ropes. Only he didn’t see his calves, he saw something far more grotesque. Jacob licked his lips at the network of freaky veins that pulsed across the small amounts of flesh he could see. As he continued to flex his calves, he could see the individual muscle fibres twitching. With one last primal scream, he flexed with more effort than even he thought he was capable of. The rope at his ankles spread apart by half a foot as his claves swelled to incomprehensible size. The burn from the muscle pump was both painful and erotic to Jacob. He was finally able to shake his legs enough to remove the rope from his calves. Jacob relaxed for a moment and stared at his monstrous calves. They had grown to well past 21” and the vascularity they displayed was truly inhuman. Never had Jacob envisioned his calves could be so pumped and massive. He could feel his cock hardening within the confines of the ropes but he refocused his attention on the larger task at hand, getting completely free. After resting for a few minutes and with his ankles and calves now free, Jacob refocused on releasing his quads. Between flexing them and wiggling his claves, the ropes continued to unravel until Jacob knees were visible. With a few grunts and awkward positioning. Jacob was able to tuck his claves under his quads. Being this compacted was not only uncomfortable for someone Jacob’s size, it was also extremely painful on his already tortured calves but eventually Jacob manoeuvred himself into a pseudo-kneeling position. Jacob readied his body and mind for his hardest challenge yet. He took a deep breath and started to flex his 32” quads. The ropes were tied so tight and his quads were already so pumped, nothing happened. He refocused his attention and tried to do the impossible, stand up. His whole body started to shake as he tried to raise his body up the beam. After five minutes of trying he had barely moved. He let out a scream and somehow summoned more power and felt his body start to rise. Within a minute, Jacob rose high enough that his ass was a few inches off the ground. He adjusted his feet and started to engage his quads. With a growl, he rose even higher. Eventually he was in a sitting position against the beam. Sweat was pouring off his body and the pressure from the ropes felt like they might crush his ribs. As Jacob caught his breath he heard the door to the gym slowly start to open. “Who’s there?” Jacob asked. Nathan stepped out of the shadow and caught his breath when he saw that Jacob was almost standing up straight. He recoiled in horror at the sight of Jacob’s outrageously massive quads and calves. Instantly his cock became hard and Jacob noticed. “Couldn’t stay away? I bet you weren’t expecting me to look like this. Well, I suggest you run along before I get completely free and tear you in half with my bare hands. In Nathan’s mind, he knew he should have turned and ran but he couldn’t look away. He needed to see Jacob’s massive body again. Before he knew it, he was moved closer to Jacob. Even Jacob looked confused as Nathan approached. Nathan fell to Jacob’s feet and raised his two trembling hands and placed them on Jacob’s extremely pumped quads. He retracted his hands instantly, never could he have imagined that muscle could feel so hard. Jacob was about to say something but Nathan placed his hands back on his legs and let out a moan. Jacob felt a tingling though his body as Nathan’s hands started to caress his quads. It was a new sensation for him. He couldn’t help but flex and relax the muscle. “So huge, so big, so powerful.” Nathan mumbled. “Are you going to untie these ropes or not?” Jacob eventually asked. Nathan stopped running his hands over the muscle and looked up at Jacob. “I should but I have a better idea.” “What’s that?” “Use these unbelievable muscles and fucking snap these huge ropes wrapped around you.” Jacob gave Nathan a confused look. “I saw what you did to that weight rack earlier, and everyone heard about last week in the cafeteria. Fuck, just look at your calves and quads, do you doubt that you can’t break free on your own?” A small smile crept across Jacob’s face. Nathan’s hand travelled down his quads and to his calves. “Fuck.” He moaned. “You like feeling all this muscle?” “It’s unbelievable. How can someone be this huge? Yes, I believe these muscles can do whatever they want. I know you’ll kill me when you get free but I don’t care. I just want to witness just how powerful you are.” Now it was Jacob’s cock turn to harder. He repositioned his legs and started to flex again. “You want to feel power? I’ll show you power.” Nathan could feel layers of muscle fibres leap into action under his hands. Jacob’s whole body began to shake as he continued to raise his body up the beam. “Yes, show me your full strength.” Jacob could only grunt as he felt his body reaching its full height. With the pressure finally off his quads he felt a wave of relief but he also couldn’t deny that feeling Nathan’s hands on his warm skin felt incredible. He moved his left leg so Nathan could wrap both hands around it. He felt his cock twitch as he felt Nathan moan in ecstasy. “You might want to stand back for this.” Jacob said. “No, I want to feel every muscle as you flex to get free. Show me just how freaky you can get.” Nathan whispered. Jacob only smiled and squared his shoulders the best he could with he tight ropes snapped around him. “You have no idea just how freaky I can be.” “Show me.” Nathan said and stood face Jacob. WIth his eyes closed, Jacob started to imagine the most extreme versions of what he was determined to become. He pictured his body inflated with so much muscle it became hard for him to even move. He imagined being so ripped and vascular he no longer looked like he had skin. Finally, his mind went to the completely incomprehensible levels of strength he wanted to achieve. He pictured himself shoulder pressing a tank when he heard the first snap. “Oh my god!” Nathan screamed at the sound. Jacob only chuckled and applied more power. His body was near convulsions, when he heard the second snap. “Worship this body.” He grunted. Not needed to be asked twice, Nathan moved closer and started to feel any exposed skin on Jacob’s body. He marvelled at the vibrations and pulsing power radiating from Jacob’s body. The snapping sound continued and more flesh was exposed. When his abs were mostly free, Nathan placed both hands on the rock-hard muscles and traced the deep striations that criss-crossed the surface. The more he touched his body, the stronger Jacob felt. Within minutes, he could feel the ropes loosening as countless snapping sounds filled the room. He looked Nathan in the eyes and started to flex his body harder. Nathan finally stepped back, sensing Jacob was going to preform his most incredible feat yet. With a loud moan, Jacob started to violently pull away from the metal beam. The ropes resisted at first but where no longer a threat to him. He knew was could get his body free but now he just want to test his full strength and show Nathan just how freaky he could be. He positioned his massive quads and started to drive all his power forward. Repeated this motion over and over until he was like a piston moving back and forth away from the beam. Sensing what he was trying to do, Nathan began to shout encouragement. “Fuck yeah! Rip that fucking beam out. Bring the whole fucking school down! No one is as massive and powerful as you are.” He shouted while tugging at his rock-hard cock. Jacob roared and felt a surge of strength course through his body. He pressed with all his might, causing his quads to expand even bigger. Finally on of the huge ropes could no longer take this much punishment and completely ripped in two. That was followed by two more ropes. Jacob continued to push his body away from the beam but became frustrated when he realized it, like him, was stronger than the ropes. WIth one final assault, the remaining ropes fell away from Jacob’s sweaty, pumped body causing him to stumble forward and land on his hands and knees. Nathan ran to him and knelt down beside the panting monster. Nathan’s hand ran up Jacob’s now-exposed arm, feeling the incredible density of this flexed tricep. “You are the most powerful person on the planet. So fucking huge.” He said Jacob sat up and looked at Nathan. “Aren’t you scared now that I’m free. Shouldn’t you run away?” “Probably but I can’t. I need to be close to your body. I want to feel every pumped inch.” He said and leaned in. His heart was pounding in his throat but he couldn’t hold himself back. He placed one hand on Jacob’s tree-trunk thick neck and started to kiss the behemoth. Jacob hesitated at first first but suddenly gave in and started to kiss Nathan back. Never in his life had he felt something so intense. He had gotten so used to getting off on the feeling of superiority and disgust the world showed him in response to his body that he never knew someone showing him affection and attraction could feel so much better. The two bodies rose and continued to kiss. Nathan ran his hands all over Jacob’s upper body. As his hands felt unfathomably large muscle group after muscle group, he let out moans of pure pleasure. Jacob too started to explore Nathan’s body. While he admired his budding musculature, Jacob couldn’t help but feel even more massive in comparison. It was Nathan that finally broke away. “Wow! I never thought I’d do that with a guy, let along someone like you.” “Me neither.”Jacob responded. Suddenly the gravity of the situation hit Nathan like a ton of bricks. Not only was he making out and worshipping Jacob, he was betraying his best friend Mark. He was also keenly aware that Jacob could decide to snap his neck with one hand for the part he played in putting him this situation in the first place. Jacob could sense a shift in Nathan’s demeanour. “You thinking of leaving?” He asked. “I-I don’t know what to do. This is all so fucked up.” Nathan said sounding panicked. “For me too.” Jacob said. “But you can’t leave just yet.” “Why not.” “Because that fucking beam is still standing.” Jacob said and walked closer to the huge metal beam. It as two feet by two feat and looked like a steel girder you’d see on a construction site. Nathan stood behind Jacob and ran his hand over his imposing trap muscles. He bit his lip as he explored their enormity. “Fuck it up Jacob.” Jacob only growls and placed his hands around the cold steel. With little effort he was able to clasp his hands together on the other side. He felt his last spread to their limit as he struggled to increase his grip on the metal beam. He was also acutely aware that Nathan’s hands were groping his flared back muscles. That sensation only egged him on. Jacob’s body tensed as every muscle flexed. He started to shake as he began to apply pressure. He could feel the edges of the metal pressing against his skin but knew it was no match for the strength of his muscles. He let out a roar as he applied more pressure, his body trembling with power. After a solid five minutes he started to become frustrated. Sensing this shift, Nathan stepped closer behind Jacob. The unmistakable feeling of his rock-hard cock against Jacob’s ass. Jacob turned his head and smiled at Nathan who only pressed harder against Jacob’s fully flexed body. “Make me cum to your power” Nathan whispered. Jacob’s body went nuclear. He let out a wall-shaking bellow and started to grip the beam with renewed intensity. It felt like the whole room was shaking when after five more minutes, the beam still hadn’t budged. Frustrated Jacob released the beam, walked over to a near by bench, picked up a 45lb weight and hurled it across the room. It slammed against the wall and snapped in half. He went searching for more items to destroy when Nathan reached out and grabbed his hand. “What! I’m not strong enough to break that beam!” “Jacob! That beam is over two feet thick and meant hold up an entire building. Besides, LOOK!” Nathan said and pointed at the beam. Jacob could not believe his eyes. There on the side of the beam was the clear indentations his mammoth pecs had left in the hard metal surface. Not only that, the side where his forearms had been wrapped were more metal metal pieces still held the shape of his muscles. Jacob walked around the metal beam and ran his hands over the dents his body had made. He looked down at his pecs a saw barely a red mark. As he felt the cold steel that had bent to his will, his hard cock became even harder. He looked up to see Nathan staring at it too. “I want to watch you become strong enough to rip this beam out with one hand. I want help you become the biggest, most muscular creature that has ever walked the earth. I’ll do anything to help you surpass even your wildest fantasies.” Nathan said. Without an invitation, Nathan approached and knelt in front of Jacob. He reached up and pulled down Jacob’s shorts, exposing his throbbing dick. Nathan gasped as it sprung free and slapped against Jacob’s granite-hard abs. With no hesitation, Nathan placed his mouth around it and started to suck long and hard. Jacob let out a loud moan as waves of pleasure flooded his system. He place his hands on his hips and flexed into a front lat spread. Nathan’s hand started to roam over Jacob’s massive body as he continued to suck his cock. Jacob alternatively started to flex and relax his quads as Nathan’s hand moved up and down their girth. They both moaned with pleasure. As Jacob flexed and Nathan worshipped and sucked, nearing orgasm. “I-I’m going to cum” Jacob moaned. Nathan placed his hands on Jacob’s calves and gave them a squeeze. Jacob reared his head back and shot his huge load into Nathan’s mouth. Nathan fought back a gag and managed to swallow the whole load. But what was more incredible was at the exact moment Jacob came, Nathan did too, without even touching himself. His whole body trembled as Jacob’s calved expanded in his hands. He released Jacob’s cock and collapsed on the floor, Jacob also lowered himself and laid beside Nathan’s panting body. “That was amazing” Jacob said. “For me too” Nathan replied. They laid on the floor of the gym for a while until they both regained enough strength to stand. Jacob retrieved his hoodie and started moving towards the door. He stopped and looked back at Nathan who suddenly looked sad and frightened. “You coming?” Jacob asked. Nathan hesitated and them suddenly broke into a huge smile. “Yeah, you’re forgiven for tying me up.” Jacob said and placed his massive arm around the much smaller Nathan. As he reached for the door, he looked at Nathan and said. “I can’t say the same for those other three assholes.”
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    Next chapter is up. Sorry for the wait. This took a while to set up for future chapters as well as introduce some new characters. Lots of crazy strength feats coming...enjoy! I also want to say how flattered I am by the surport this story is getting. It's been very overwhelming. Chapter 4 Mark and his buddies were an hour into their workout at the school gym after classes had ended for the day. Mark’s newfound determination was downright shocking. He attacked the weights with pure intensity, his friends were concerned he was going to hurt himself but he was pumped to his max and tipping the scale at 230lb had his confidence off the charts. He just finished an astounding six reps with a new personal best of 405lb loaded on the bench press. With barely a moment to rest, he sauntered over to the dip machine and started to cranked out rep after rep. He lost count at 30 and sweat was pouring off his body. When he finally stopped his buddy Nathan could only stare open-jawed. “Mark, look at your chest! It’s so fucking swole!” Mark looked over at his closest friend. At 215lbs, he used to worry that Nathan would catch up to his size but he was less concerned of that now. Mark hit a side chest pose and marvelled at the fullness he saw in the mirror. He turned and hit a most muscular pose and let out a moan as his pecs swelled. “Not enough.” he said and jumped back on the dip machine, not allowing Nathan to have a turn. Mark started to lower and raise his body, stopping at the top of each rep to really torture his pecs. After 20 reps, he started to slow down. Nathan stepped closer to spot him but Mark shook his head. “NO! Grab my legs!” Nathan stood and stared with a confused look on his face. “Grab my legs, pull me down!” Mark said. Still looking unsure, Nathan wrapped his hands around Marks huge 28” quads and started to add additional resistance. He felt Mark’s body shake as he started to perform more reps. He did 4 more reps before stopping again at the top of the rep. “HARDER. Use your whole body.” Mark commanded. “What?!” Nathan said. Their other two friends, Jason and Scott noticed what was going on and stopped their bench press set. Mark didn’t respond, he just started to lower his body again. Nathan tightened his grip and as Mark raised his body again, he felt his feet leave the ground. “Holy shit!” Jason said. At the top of the rep, Mark stopped again. He screamed when the pain in his pecs was almost unbearable. Again, he lowered himself and Nathan towards the ground. Nathan tucked his legs into his body so he didn’t come in contact with the floor. Mark let out another scream as he powered the two bodies weighing over 400lbs in total back up. This went on for 6 more reps before Mark’s body was shaking violently. He motioned for Nathan to let go and he let his body fall to the floor. Scott, Jason and Nathan stood over their friend with looks of concern on their faces. Mark slowly stood back up and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He grabbed the bottom of his string tank and peeled it over his head. “FUCK!” Nathan said at the sight of Mark’s naked torso. Mark hit a most muscular pose and slowly turned his body back and forth to see all the angles. He couldn’t help but notice the added thickness starting to form on his upper body. He relaxed the pose and moved towards the cable machine. He lowered the weight pins to 85lbs per stack and positioned himself for standing flys. His friends looked at each other and approached Mark. “Dude! You’re going to tear a muscle if you keep this up. There is no way you can move that weight safely.” Mark didn’t even look in their direction. Instead, he looked straight ahead and started to press the weights. His pecs were beet red verging on purple as he started to lift. He reached eight reps before tears started running down his face. Nathan stepped closer and tried to pry the cables from Mark’s hands. “Mark! Stop, you’re going to hurt yourself.” Without stopping Mark said “NO. Not stopping until I’m bigger than him.” “Than who?” “Jacob!” Mark said and slammed the weights down. “JACOB!” he screamed. “Don’t you remember what he did last week in the cafeteria? Have you not seen him strutting around the halls looking like the rules this place! He’s fucking massive! I’m not going to let him or anyone be bigger than ME!” Mark screamed. He looked manic as he paced in front of his friends. He was breathing hard and sweating profusely. “What do you mean” Jason asked. Mark walked to his gym bag and pulled out a bag of syringes. “Are those steroids?” Scott asked. “You’re damn right they’re steroids. The strongest stuff you can buy. You think I could have made these gains by myself? I don’t fucking care what it takes. I’m going to double Jacob’s size and power. I WILL BE THE BIGGEST!” Mark screamed. His friends looked at him with fear in their eyes. They always knew he was obsessed with getting bigger but they had never heard him talk like this. “That’s fucked Mark” Jason said. “Fucked?! You think being as jacked as this is fucked?” Mark said and raised his arms into a double bicep pose. What once were amateur bodybuilder sized arms now looked like the could stand toe-to-toe with the professionals. Marks lats jutted out from his back and his already massive quads looked bigger than ever. “You mean to tell me that your guys don’t want to be as big as me?” “Sure Mark, you’re the man, we all want to be as jacked as you but do you really want to get that huge? Isn’t that too big?” Nathan asked. “Too big? What the fuck does that even mean? There is no such thing as too big. Want to fucking dwarf Jacob. Hell, I want to dwarf Mr. Olympia.” Mark said. He actually felt a wave of relief as he finally admitted this to his closest friends. His friends could see Mark had made up his mind and that changing it would be futile. They took and step back and let Mark continue to torture his pecs at the cable machine. After he completed two more gruelling sets Mark finally took a break. He could see a renewed energy in his friends and was happy to see them becoming as dedicated as he was. Mark figured he could definitely get Nathan on gear without much convincing. Jason was really starting to show impressive gains too. Just a few weeks ago he reached 200lbs. He was by far the most ripped of the group and the others often marvelled at the network of veins that snaked down his biceps and forearms whether he was trying to show them or not. Scott was the last of them to really get serious about training but in the last six months he had started to make some serious gains. Mark was confident he would crack 200lbs very soon. As Jason was starting his second set, they heard the door tot he gym open. They stopped and looked at the huge, dark figure standing in the dark entrance. Jacob’s took a few slow steps into the gym. He was wearing a comically over-sized hoodie that still couldn’t hide his outrageous proportions. “Since when did the chess club lift weights?” He said with a cocky smirk on his face. “Fuck you asshole!” Mark shouted and stepped towards Jacob. His pumped upper body still shirtless and glistening with sweat. “Woah, sorry big guy, didn’t mean to upset you.” Jacob said sarcastically. “I just wanted to check out the gym. I heard it was pretty well-equipped but this looks like a fucking Curves gym for housewives. No wonder you guys look so scrawny, you don’t have any real weight here.” The group of guys shot daggers at Jacob as he walked around the room, giving the different equipment looks of disgust and amusement. Mark’s face was red with anger. As Jacob moved around the room, he could see from the different weight setups that the group had been working chest. He moved towards the bench press that was still loaded with three 45lb plates per side from Jason’s last set. Jacob ran his hand over the 315lb bar. “Is this what you are using to tone your little pecs?” He asked. “Too bad I trained chest yesterday, and I mean a real workout.” Mark took a step forward but stopped dead in his tracks. Jacob had stepped behind the bar and wrapped his huge hands around the bar. Without any hesitation, hoisted it off the rack and started to curl the weight. As he cranked out prefect reps he looked at the group of guys and said “I guess my biceps need a workout now.” At 20 reps, Jacob dropped the weight back on the bench. His baggy hoodie was stretched around his biceps. The guys could see veins through the thick fabric. He walked towards the group that were still standing near the cable machine, adjusted the handles so they were closer to the floor and dropped the pins to the bottom the weight stacks. He reset the pins with 150lbs on each side. “Not bad for a warm up.” He said and stepped forward. With a groan from the heavily loaded cables he moved his arms into a double bicep pose. Even through his weather, the group could see his enormous biceps explode in size. With little effort, he started to straighten and flex his biceps. The huge stacked of weights move up and down like pistons. After 30 reps Jacob stopped at the stop of the rep, his biceps rising well past his head. “Don’t worry guys, you keep it up and I’m sure you’ll be moving weights like in no time.” He said with a chuckle and started to perform more reps. “ENOUGH!” Mark screamed. “Get the fuck out of here or I’ll fucking make you.” “Woah! Relax man.” Jacob said and dropped the cables, causing the weight stacks to come crashing down. Mark stepped close to Jacob, placed his hands on Jacob’s shoulder and gave him a hard shove but Jacob didn’t move at all. It was like pushing on a brick wall. “He dude. You better calm down before you start to piss me off.” Jacob said. “You think you scare me man? You might be a little bigger than me but I’ll fucking kick the shit out of you.” Mark yelled. “A little bigger! Are you fucking blind.” Jacob said and took a step back. With one fluid motion, he stripped his hoodie off and revealed his naked torso to the group. Without even flexing he suddenly made the newly steroid pumped Mark look tiny. Jason, Scott and Nathan couldn’t help but stare in awe of Jacob’s incredible body. “Yeah, get a good look guys. THIS is what real muscle looks like.” Jacob said and lifted his pumped biceps and slowly hit a double bicep pose. His 22” solidified and his equally bloated forearms looked like two bowling pins covered is a sickening network of veins. Jacob slowly rotated his right fist which caused his bicep to convulse and contort as it changed shape. “Pretty fucking gross right? Imagine when these are 24”. That will be pretty fucking nasty don’t you think?” Jacob dropped the pose and walked away from the group. He stopped at the rack of dumbbells surveyed the selection. “80lb max! Fuck that weak ass shit.” He said and turned to face the group. “How the fuck do you even get a pump in here?” “Shut up!” Nathan yelled. Jacob waddled over to Nathan who suddenly had a look of fear in his eyes. “Tell you what. You curl those 80lb dumbbells more than once and I’ll never step foot in this gym again. BUT, if you can’t perform at lease two reps, you have to lick the sweat off these massive arms.” He said and flexed his right arm right in Nathan’s face just to emphasize his point. Nathan swallowed hard and gave Mark a worried glance. He timidly walked to the dumbbells and grabbed the 80lb weights. Before he started to curl them, it was obvious they felt heavy in his grasp. Nathan had only ever maxed out with the 50lbs dumbbells but he knew he had to try. “You got this Nathan!” Mark yelled, trying to give Nathan some encouragement. Nathan adjusted his feet and started to curl the weights. Instantly his face contorted with effort. The veins on his forearms exploded and his whole body went stiff. His cheeks puffed out and his left arm slowly started to move. He let out a load scream as he reached the top of the rep. He let his arm fall as he started to curl with his right arm. By the time he reached the top of the curl, sweat was dripping from his forehead. He replanted his feet and started to curl with his left arm again. The weight rose until it was level with his chest but stopped. Nathan’s eyes went wide as he realized he couldn’t move the weight any higher. He dropped the weights on the ground and looked towards Mark with look of fear and defeat in his eyes. Jacob approached Nathan while clapping his hands loudly. “So close man. I really thought you were going to make it.” He said and placed a hand on Nathan’s shoulder. “Time to pay your debt.” He said. Nathan looked terrified and humiliated as Jacob raised his left arm and flexed. “Start licking.” Nathan hesitated and Jacob stepped closer. “Start licking or this huge bicep will be the last thing you ever see.” Nathan was shaking like a leaf and slowly leaned in. Just as he was about to make contact with Jacob’s arm, he stopped flexing and took a step away. “HA. You actually thought I was going to let you touch this muscle?” Jacob said and laughed. “Besides, I don’t think I’m done pumping them yet.” Jacob bent down and picked up the weights. Relief washed over Nathan’s face. Jacob walked back to the rack of dumbbells and slammed the two 80lb weights back in place. “Too bad this is all the weights you have but I guess they will have to do.” The group assumed Jacob was about to start curling the 80lb weights just to further humiliate Nathan but what he did instead was far more incredible. Jacob walked to the centre of the rack, bent down and gripped the metal rack with both hands. With a grunt he tried to stand up straight. There was a rattling of metal dumbbells but the rack didn’t move. “What a douche.” Mark said to the others, sensing Jacob was all talk. Jacob looked towards the group of guys, squatted back down and without breaking his stare, stood back up, this time the weight rack came with him. He reached his full height and held the massive rack level with his waist. His 22” arms inflated in size as countless veins crept to the surface of his skin. The group of guys could only stare at what they were witnessing. “Had to adjust my grip.” Jacob said without any effort in his voice. He glanced past the group to focus on his reflection in the mirror behind them. Slowly he started to curl the rack and all the weights it contained. The metal rattled loudly as he reached the top of the rep. He lowered the weight and when his arms were once again visible they looked like something completely alien. Mark and his friends could see Jacob’s biceps visibly growing. After his second rep, there was barely amy separation between his forearms and biceps, both muscle groups had combined to a singular bundle of pure muscle. Jacob looked down and marvelled at the sight. Even he was surprised by the grotesque display of muscle he was seeing. He refocused his attention on the group of guys and decided to offer them their final humiliation and started to curl the rack faster. At five reps, he was not showing any signs of slowly. “Look at this POWER! Mr. Olympia couldn’t even do this. Check out those nasty veins running all over these arms. Have you even seen anything this insane?” To further empathize his dominance, Jacob flexed his entire upper body with each rep. In the mirror he saw his pecs, traps, lats and shoulders inflate. He looked at the group and saw Jason cover his crotch. “YEAH! Look at all this MASSIVE MUSCLE!” He yelled. Nathan looked like he might pass out while Scott’s cock was clearly tented in his shorts. Mark was the only one that managed to maintain his composure. It was at that moment Jacob decided to really freak these kids out. He reached the top of his either rep and gave the rack a violent shake. The loose dumbbells fell to the floor around him. They crashed so loudly, every kid jumped. Still holding the thick metal rack in his hands, Jacob pressed it over his head. He held it over his head to ensure everyone got a good view of his flared lats and enormous shoulders. With a slight adjustment of his grip, Jacob lowered the rack behind his head. It stopped at his traps and Jacob moved his arms so they hung on either side. “I doubt any of you guys could lift this empty weight rack, let alone, press it over your head and support it on your traps and shoulders like this.” They guys just stared, not knowing what Jacob was planning next. Fortunately they didn’t have to wait long. Before their eyes, Jacob’s body began to flex. Every muscle solidified and grew until Jacob was almost unrecognizable. The group could not deny nor ignore that Jacob was the superior being. Never had they witnessed so much muscle in real life. As they stared in awe of the full body flex Jacob was performing, they were unable to control their erections. All four of their cocks were clearly visible which only spurred Jacob on. He gripped the metal rack with each hand and started to flex harder. At first nothing happened but suddenly there was a metal groan filling the room. “NO” Screamed Scott. The metal scream increased as the boys started to see the metal bend around Jacob’s neck. The strain was evident on his face but he continued to apply more pressure. Seconds later the rack was bent 10 degrees more and Jacob was finally able to engage his pecs which responded in kind to become something completely inhuman. A wave of deep striations cut across their surface, starting at the bottom and moving upwards. The newly inflated mass swelled to triple its former size. The dense chest meat physically pushed Jacob’s head higher as it came in contact with his chin. With a primal growl, Jacob flexed his entire body once more and the metal rack bend so far the ends were only a few feet apart. Jacob hoisted the battered metal off his shoulders and let if fall at his feet. He squared his massive shoulders and placed his hands on his hips. He was breathing heavy and sweating profusely. The group could no longer control themselves. The sight of Jacob’s fully pumped, incomprehensibly strong body was finally too much for all of them. Collectively wet spots formed on each of their crotches. Jacob could not help but reach down to feel his own hard cock as he revelled in the effect he has simultaneously caused. As Mark recovered his senses, rage filled his entire body. He was overcome not only by unexplained lust but also by the humiliation Jacob had just orchestrated. Without thinking, he bent down and picked up a 35lb plate and swung it towards Jacob’s head. A load thud filled the entire gym as the metal plate made contact with Jacob’s jaw. His massive body reeled backwards but he managed to remain standing. “You little piece of SHIT!” He yelled and stepped towards Mark who still held the weight. As he approached, Mark used all his strength and swung the weight again. The sound of it hitting Jacob directly in his temple was truly sickening. Jacob’s body crumbled to the ground and lay motionless on the ground. “What the FUCK Mark!” Jason yelled. Scott placed his hands over his mouth stifle a scream as Nathan ran up to Mark and grabbed the weight from his hand. Mark snapped out of his rage and realized what he just did. Panic shot through his body. “Oh shit! Oh shit!” He said and started to pace around Jacob’s unconscious body. “Let get out of here!” Nathan yelled. “Yeah! Cone on Mark. Let’s bolt before someone sees us here.” Scott said. Mark turned to leave as the other guys followed. Then suddenly, he stopped. “No.” The three guys stopped and turned to face Mark with blank stares on their faces. Mark had a calm, determined look on his face. It was unsettling to his friends. “I’m not going to just forget about what that piece of shit freak just did to use..” Mark was fuming. His whole body was tense and his pumped muscles swelled even bigger. “Mark! What are you talking about?” “We have him right where we want him. Look at him, he’s totally knocked out. He needs to be taught a lesson.” The guys looked freaked out but they trusted Mark and quite frankly, were becoming a little scared of what wold happen if they disobeyed him. “Jason, find something to lock the doors. Scott and Nathan, help me find something to tie Jacob up with.” Mark commanded. Minutes later Nathan came back with the thick ropes used in gym class to test kid’s climbing skills. They were easily six inches around and weighed several hundred pounds. Nathan was out of breath once he had dragged them across the room. Scott and Mark pulled Jacob’s body towards one of the support beams that divided the gym in two. They shared a shocked look when the felt the incredible density of Jacob’s body. They visibly struggled to move him no more than twenty feet. The group worked together and within a few minutes, had Jacob bound with the huge ropes. He was tied in a sitting position with his legs legs wrapped in the ropes. His head hung to the left and hadn’t moved at all.
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    Twenty Nine “Is that your t-shirt?” Deano asks me with his face screwed up as I pull my Johnny Bravo t-shirt over my head in the changing room of the gym. We’ve just finished a pretty brutal leg workout. Today’s the day we also film our posing practice videos for the joint assignment we’re doing. Something, I have to admit, I’m mildly excited about. Even if it does mean having to spend more time with twat faced Deano. “Umm ... yeah?” I reply, looking down at the t-shirt I called the “best birthday pressie ever” on my Instagram the weekend before last. Deano pulls a face. “Looks like something Henderson would wear!” I bite my lip to try and cover up my smirk. “Doesn’t suit you!” he says matter-of-factly, shaking his head. I roll my eyes and sigh as I take my backpack out of my locker, making a decision to try not to let Deano get to me today. I’m not even going to mention the fact he called Luke a “joke” last week. Partly because I’m still not convinced that he actually believed that. “Did you check the uni’s Facebook page this morning?” he asks me as we make our way out of the gym. We’ve already decided that we're going to film our videos for the assignment back in my dorm room. One good thing about the whole thing is that it won’t require much talking. Thank fuck! “Nah. I hardly ever check that!” “They posted the names of who’s competing at the show!” he tells me. The way he says it, it’s almost smug. Like he thinks he’s got one up on me because he knows something that I don't. Jesus. He tells me the names of the first years who’ll be competing in our class with us. Eight guys in total. And I can’t deny that I’m now feeling slightly smug myself. Because judging from those names, Johnny’s prediction that me and Deano are looking at top five placings seems pretty accurate. Fuck it - we may even both end up in the top three, although there’s no chance of either of us taking the first place trophy home with Brazilian monster Eric Mafra in the line up. “You’re not gonna be a twat for the posing video and shout out “YEAH!” every time you hit a pose are you?” Deano says to me. HA! I smirk and shrug. “Hmmm. Maybe just the most muscular?” He rolls his eyes. “Johnny will be really impressed with THAT!” he says, sarcastically. I laugh. “Are you joking?! Have you never seen videos of Johnny Hoxton in his competition days? He was, like, one of THE cockiest and most animated bodybuilders of his era!” Deano pulls a face. “Probably why he likes you so much!” “I can’t help it if I’m Dumbledore’s favourite!” He shakes his head. “You’ve been spending way too much time with Henderson!” I smirk and feel a flutter in my chest at the mention of Luke. Too much time spent with my cute little Hufflepuff? Not fucking possible! “Where IS Henderson?” Deano asks me once we're in my dorm room. “I’m not his mum!” Just his boyfriend! Although, technically that hasn’t been confirmed yet. I can’t imagine Luke would have any arguments with it though. Wait - do I have a boyfriend? Fuck! My heart suddenly seems like it’s blowing up in my chest. And I’m finding it really hard not to fucking smile right now. “So … who’s going first?” Deano asks, clutching the handle of his backpack. He suddenly seems a little awkward, which is not how he was the last time he was in my room. I shrug. “You can if you want!” He nods and puts his backpack down on the floor. I sit on my bed and watch as Deano takes his black Montgomery University hoodie off. I can’t help smirking at the absurdity and surrealness of this situation. Never did I expect to be sitting on my bed watching Deano strip to his posing trunks just a foot or so away from me. He peels his white vest off and suddenly Deano’s bare torso is right in front of me. His wonky shaped abs etched on to and protruding slightly from his stomach (my bet is that he’ll have a full on turtle roid tummy when he’s older) and his thick slab-like pecs and big boulder-like shoulders on full display. I’ve seen that torso dozens of times before. Every Monday in Posing Practice 101, in fact. But I’ve never been this close up to it. Staring at it head on. It’s so surreal to see an actual bodybuilder (sorry, Luke!) in my dorm room. For some reason, I have this weird feeling in my stomach. I'm so fucking impressed with Deano's physique. Not that I’d ever tell him that. He still looks a little awkward. Perhaps more than that. I don’t know if I’m imagining it, but he even seems a little bit nervous. I pick up my phone and load up the camera app to take my eyes off him, instead of just sitting there watching him (which I imagine is probably not helping with his nerves). But something catches my eyes when Deano’s pulling down his trackies. And now I can’t help but just look. “What?!” Deano says, looking uncomfortable and confused. “Are those … velvet posing trunks?” “Yeah?” he says, defensively with his face screwed up. I widen my eyes and pull a face. “They’re better than those shiny posers you always wear!” he scoffs. Ha! And now I’m smiling. I can’t fucking help it. “They’re really, really not!” He rolls his eyes and shakes his head. And now he’s just standing in front of me in his hideous maroon red velvet posers while his thick, freshly pumped muscle bulges off his short-arsed, pocket rocket frame with this expectant look on his face. “Come on then!” he orders, impatiently. “Alright! Jeez. I was just admiring the view!” I say, smirking and going back to my phone. He pulls a face, suddenly looking even more awkward. I press record on my phone and hold it up, looking at the annoyingly impressive pocket sized muscle mass standing in front of me through the camera. God - he really does look uncomfortable just standing there in front of me in his trunks. Which I’m obviously not getting a kick out of what so-fucking-ever. “Okay, Deano - give me a front double bicep!” Deano lifts his arms up with this focused look on his face, then he puffs out his chipmunk cheeks and releases a huffing sound as his thick biceps explode either side of his head and WOW - I have to say, I’m so fucking impressed with the size of them. He’s holding the pose with determination, still blowing out his cheeks, flexing his guns with everything he’s got right now and oh God - I’m starting to fucking swell under my trackies and posing trunks. Which (I admit) feels (eurgh!) a little weird and slightly wrong. But I mean, come on. A stacked bodybuilder is posing right in fucking front of me in nothing but trunks. It would be weirder if I didn’t get a hard on. Even if that stacked bodybuilder is Deano twat faced Watkins and those very trunks happened to be made of fucking velvet. “And relax,” I instruct, to which Deano obeys and stops flexing. “Front lat spread!” I say, feeling an odd flutter of excitement. Deano obeys and hits the pose, his pecs lifting up, his thick lats expanding out and his torso taking on an awesome V shape. I look at his impressive quad sweeps and my stomach twinges at the same time my cock judders. And as I instruct Deano to hit a side chest pose and I’m suddenly staring at his huge flexed biceps (wow!) and his thick pecs which are popping off his frame (fuck!) my hard on swells to full size. God - if Deano notices I’m hard I don’t know what the fuck I’ll do. Surely he wouldn’t actually point it out? Wait - what am I thinking? This is Deano! Of course he fucking would. I can imagine it now. “Woody - have you got a fucking WOODY? Maaaate!” But I seem to be safe. For the moment at least. Because Deano’s just staring right into the camera. “Turn around. Back lat spread!” I instruct. Fuck. Why does my voice suddenly sound nervous? Deano spins around and I rearrange my trackies and lift a leg up on the bed to hide my fucking hard on. And now I’m looking at his impressively wide back and that big round bubble butt and I can’t help but smirk as I think of my lovely Luke, and how much he’d probably actually love to be in my position right now. Maybe I’ll tease him about it later. Though I’m not sure I’ll be confessing to the fact that I got a hard on watching Deano pose. Even if I highly suspect that the exact same thing would be happening to Luke if he were in my position right now. Deano's back looks crazy when he hits a lat spread. As do his powerful boulder-like shoulders and his super pumped guns when he gives me a back double bicep. “Turn back round to face the camera!” I instruct. Deano spins around and FUCK - my heart jumps into my throat when (for the first time) his eyes briefly veer down to my crotch. Shit, shit, shit! Okay - he’s just looking at the fact I’ve now got one leg up on the bed. Surely he can't see that I've got a hard on? His expression isn’t giving anything away. He just looks purely focused on the task of posing. Which, I have to admit, he’s pretty fucking good at. He might be an annoying, piss taking twat most of the time but there's no denying that Dean Watkins makes for one hell of a bodybuilder. And for the first time ever, I’m actually thinking that’s it’s kind of a shame we don’t get on. “Okay, give me an abs and thighs!” I say, looking straight into my phone. Deano takes a breath, still with that focused expression on his face, throws his arms behind his head and then crunches down into an awesome abs and thighs, his cheeks puffing out, his thick, wonky shaped abs crunching and fuuuuck - he looks insane! My dick judders in response. “And your final pose. Any most muscular of your choice!” I say into the camera, my stomach twisting with nerves (actual nerves). Deano puts his fists together, and with a (rather hot!) huffing noise, squeezes out a most muscular. His shoulders look bigger than ever before. His triceps pop. His arms look crazy as the balls of pumped bicep muscle explode underneath his thin skin. Jesus! And now I feel a sharp panic. Because Deano’s almost finished posing. Which means it’s my turn next. But I’m still sat here with a massive fucking hard on! “And relax!” I say. But Deano ignores me. Because now he’s lifting his arms and elbows up and before I have time to think, his face is screwing up as he (finally!) shows a bit of attitude and he’s cranking down into the craziest crab most muscular. And (low and behold) he even lets out a tiny grunt as he hits the peak of the pose. Traps erupting. Shoulders popping. Deano shaped, pocket rocket, future 212 class competing muscle exploding right before my bloody eyes. Fucking HELL. He relaxes from the pose, his hands on his hips, trying to catch his breath. “Awesome!” I say, my cock still fully erect (fuck). “Thanks!” he says, catching his breath. And now I’m smiling. I can’t help it! Because I just complimented Deano and he just thanked me for it. What the fuck is going on? “What?” he asks me, furrowing his eyebrows. I shrug and pull a face. And now he looks uncomfortable again. Even slightly nervous. And now there’s this weird atmosphere all of a sudden. Deano turns and reaches into his backpack and I see an opportunity. I slide off my bed and rush to my en suite bathroom. “Back in a sec!” I call. I lock the bathroom door and look down at the hard on ridiculously tenting my trackies. “Fuck!” I whisper. And then I let out a little laugh at the absolute absurdity of the situation I’m in right now. Hiding in my bathroom from Deano Watkins to try and get rid of the stonking erection he’s just given me. Oh God. I’ve got a fucking WOODY over Deano. Maaaate! What would Luke think if he saw me right now? Oh shit. What WOULD he think? Surely he’d get why I was turned on? A bodybuilder just flexed and posed while huffing, puffing and (even fucking) grunting in front of me wearing nothing but a pair of posing trunks. I’d get hard no matter who that bodybuilder was. Deano. Shaun. Tommy fucking Foster. Okay, I probably would have creamed in my posers if it had been Tommy fucking Foster I’d been watching. And I’m sure Luke would too. Maybe he’d laugh about it. Even take the piss out of me for it. Or maybe (and now my stomach’s clenching) he’d be pissed off about it. Get paranoid and self conscious and jealous. Fuck. And now, thinking about the possibility of Luke being upset over this, I’m finally losing my erection. Thank GOD for that. And now it’s gone, I’m kind of embarrassed with myself. I take a deep breathe and go back out to my room. Deano’s now sitting on my bed with his phone in his hands, still wearing nothing but his velvet (eeeew!) posers. His huge shoulders still on display. His thick pecs still out. The atmosphere from earlier seems to have eased a little. But things still feel a bit weird. Deano’s being oddly quiet as he sits messing with his phone. And now I’m feeling strangely nervous as I take my Johnny Bravo t-shirt off and start stripping down to my posers. And as I pull down my trackies to reveal the shiny ruby red material of the trunks (which I’m guessing he thoroughly disapproves of) I'm wearing, I notice Deano glancing up at me from his phone. “Ready?” I say, standing in front of him. Deano gives me a little nod, messes with his phone and holds it up in front of him. Why is he being so quiet? “Wait!” I say. I do a quick little flex as if imitating a most muscular. “YEAH!” I say in a cocky manner. “Just practising!” I say, with a smirk. And now Deano’s shaking his head but he’s smirking back. He’s actually fucking smirking! HA! And then I notice something on my red posers. A fucking wet spot from when I was hard earlier. Jesus! There’s no way Deano would notice that. Is there? And again - I’m smiling at the fucking absurdity of that predicament I find myself in. “Front double bicep!” Deano calls. Okay - time to get into professional bodybuilder mode. And I do. I lift my arms up and hit the pose, feeling the crazy pump in my biceps. Man - this feels good. And suddenly I’m not thinking about what happened earlier when it was Deano’s turn. I don’t make any noise, or show any kind of attitude. But when Deano asks for a front lat spread, I can’t help letting out a little grunt as I pull up the straps of my shiny red posing trunks and hit the peak of the pose. Pecs jumping up. Lats expanding out. OOOOF! I half expect Deano to be rolling his eyes. But he’s not. He’s just looking pensively into the camera. Almost like he’s quietly impressed. Just like I was when I was sitting on my bed watching him pose. I ease off on the attitude for my next few poses. My side chest and rear poses are all grunt free. I’m as focused and professional as Deano was, while enjoying flexing my pumped muscles and posing for an audience as I always do. Perhaps even more so. Because I can’t deny that I’m secretly getting a kick out of the fact that said audience is Deano. “Turn to face the camera,” he instructs when I’ve finished my back double bicep. I spin around and Deano’s just looking into the camera. A serious, slightly weird look on his face. It’s like he’s kind of in awe of my muscles? Even a little hypnotised. Something twists in my stomach. “Abs and thighs,” he says, his voice kind of distant and strange. I hit the pose Deano matter-of-factly told me was my best when he was here in my bedroom last week. I puff out my cheeks (Deano Watkins style) and release an audible huff as I blow out and crunch down. I look down to see my big abs popping (definitely hotter than Deano’s) and my shiny red bulge sticking out and I twist my thighs to show my audience of one the definition and lines peeking through my quads. God yeah! “And any most muscular,” Deano instructs, his voice quieter than I’ve ever fucking heard it as he continues to just stare into the camera with that odd look on his face. I didn’t even know Deano could do quiet? And something suddenly hits me. Maybe he’s having a moment of self doubt. Maybe watching me pose and seeing how impressive my physique is, he’s suddenly thinking, “Shit! How am I supposed to compete with that on Saturday?” Even though our physiques are completely different. Even though Deano actually stands a good chance of placing higher than me at the show. Surely he knows how good he is? I don’t fuck about with my final pose. I lift my arms and elbows up, animatedly scrunch up my face and blast down into a mass exploding most muscular. I’m not really feeling a, “YEAH!” would be appropriate right now, so I just let out a deep, cocky grunt instead. I squeeze and squeeze and then release another grunt as I relax. And now it’s all over. But now there’s this weird sort of atmosphere in the room. I put my hands on my hips to catch my breath, looking at my training partner. He drops his phone, still looking into the screen with that strange, serious expression on his face. I’m standing over him, still in just my posers. And Deano’s not looking up at me. It’s almost like he’s making a point not to look at me. “Well?” I say to him, feeling strangely nervous. He finally looks up and Oh my God - he looks SO nervous. And so very un-Deano like. What is going on? “How did it look?” I say nodding at the camera. Deano shrugs, awkwardly. “Yeah. Fine!” “What’s up with you?” He screws up his face. “Nothing!” But his expression, everything about him says differently. “You’re being really weird!” He pulls another face. “You’re being weird!” he says, awkwardly, but he doesn’t look at me. “Oh-kaaay!” I say, sitting down on my bed next to Deano and still catching my breath. And now Deano looks really fucking awkward. What the hell?! I look at him as he messes with his phone. His huge shoulders right there. Thick pecs still out. I can feel a sort of heat coming off his body. And the atmosphere is even more weird and tense than before. “Can I … see the vid?” I ask him, nervously. Why am I nervous, for fuck’s sake?! He hands the phone in my direction, and his hand is fucking shaking. And then he looks up at me again and my stomach clenches when I see his expression. I’ve never seen Deano looking so serious. Or so fucking nervous. I go to take the phone, but it doesn't budge, because Deano's gripping on to it tight. I try again, my hand on one end of the phone, his on the other, but he's not letting go of it. What the fuck is he doing? “Deano!" I cry. He finally loosens his grip on the phone. And now I’m just staring at him, completely fucking baffled. And Deano’s staring back. That weird fucking look on his face. So nervous. So serious. And now ... oh FUCK ... his face is lunging towards mine and I don’t have time to think or move and I feel like I’ve slipped into another fucking world because … oh ... my … fucking … GOD … Deano Watkins, the guy who’s spent the past few weeks annoying the hell out of me and trying to make my life difficult, now has his lips pressed against mine. Deano Watkins, my twat faced arch rival nemesis, is fucking KISSING me.
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    Twenty Seven “Oh. My. GOD!” Those are the first words I say to Luke when I get back to the dorm room after my first training session with Deano. He’s sitting on his bed with one of his geeky sci-fi books in his hand, looking as cute and adorable as he always does in his trendy black glasses and white Marvel superhero t-shirt. By the time we'd finished training, I'd completely lost my patience with my new training buddie. On the plus side, I don’t think my arms have ever felt as pumped as they do right now. “I’m gonna kill him before the end of term! I swear to fucking God!” Luke’s biting his bottom lip, clearly trying to disguise the fact that he’s finding my misfortune funny. I dump my backpack on the floor, jump onto Luke’s bed and crawl up to where he’s lying. This big, happy smile now on his face. I collapse on top of him, wrap my arm around his waist and bury my head into his chest. Luke’s arm wraps around me and I feel a burst of happiness. I just wanna lie here for the rest of the day, cuddled into my gorgeous Luke. He kisses my head (God!) and I squeeze his waist tighter, smiling into the material of his Marvel t-shirt. It really does feel like mine and Luke’s bodies fit together. Everything just feels so right when we’re together like this. “Was it really that bad?” he asks me, gently tickling the top of one my ears. “Mmmm. Yes!” I reply, in a sulky voice. I tell him about Deano thinking that he’s always right and having a better way of doing everything. I don’t tell Luke that some of the things Deano suggested actually were better than mine. “At least it’s only for a few weeks!” Luke reassures me. I let out a painful, muffled groan, my face still nuzzled into his lovely chest. “Maybe I should just drop out of the end of term bodybuilding show?” I suggest, even though I have absolutely no intention of doing so. I’ll see this coursework with Deano through to the end and do the bodybuilding show out of sheer bull headed stubbornness, if nothing else. “I reckon Johnny would make you train with him anyway as punishment!” he says, squeezing my shoulder. “Besides …” I glance up at Luke, curious as to what he’s gonna say next. He’s looking back at me with a mischievous, little grin. “... I’m kinda looking forward to seeing you on stage!” Fuck! And now I’m beaming at him. “Yeah?!” “Mmmm. Flexing in your shiny pink posing trunks!” he teases. I laugh. “Don’t put that idea into my head!” “I can’t believe Deano was made to apologise to me. That was fucking brilliant!” “Erm … I can’t believe he almost caught you wearing just your pink posers!” Luke pulls an eeeek face. “That was a nice surprise!” I say. “Or at least it would have been!” “Just thought it’d be … a fun way to greet you when you got back to the room!” he says, smirking. He looks so proud of himself for the little stunt he tried to pull off earlier. It’s so fucking cute. I give Luke’s waist a squeeze and the hand gripping me shifts. “Oh my God!” he cries out of nowhere. I look up at him. “What?!” “Your arm feels HUGE!” he exclaims, with a shocked face. He’s squeezing my unflexed upper arm through the material my blue Montgomery University hoodie. My chest swells at Luke’s reaction. I can’t stop smiling as he squeezes my arm. “Shitting hell!” he exclaims, his eyes widening, clearly shocked at how pumped my arm feels right now. I laugh in response, but fuck - what a rush it is to see and hear Luke’s reaction to feeling my freshly pumped arm. “Hmmm. I’m suddenly feeling hot!” I say, smirking at him. Luke bites his bottom lip and excitedly grins as I peel my hoodie off my body and throw it on the floor. Now I’m just in a white vest and wow - I have to say, I do looking fucking pumped. My arms are bulging. I lie back down and Luke excitedly places his hand on my now bare upper arm. “Fuck!” he exclaims, in an almost whisper as he grips onto me. I can’t believe the look of surprise on his face as he explores my muscle. It’s so fucking sexy. And now I’m suddenly hard as a rock. Fucking Grrrrr. And now, well now there’s really only one possible thing to do next. I bring my forearm up and clench my fist, flexing the bicep muscles in the arm still gripped by Luke’s hand. Flexing my muscles just for my little Lukey. “Oh my fucking GOD!” he cries, his eyes further bulging. A surge of adrenaline goes through me. I look down to admire my own flexed arm and FUCK - my biceps look so huge and pumped underneath Luke’s little fingers. I look back at him and he’s shaking his head and looking at me with an expression of disbelief. I push my groin against his and I can feel his hard cock throbbing underneath his jeans. God - I love that my muscles have made Luke that hard. I reach down and give his cock a hard squeeze through the denim. Luke lets out the cutest little groan and leans his head against my shoulder, his hand still gripping my arm. “Fuck!” he pants as I gently pop open the buttons of his jeans, his huge throbbing hard on now only covered by his Batman boxer shorts. He’s so fucking hard. I can see a spot of pre-cum which has dripped through the cotton material. I squeeze and tug on Luke's cock and he groans and whimpers some more. Fuuuuck. And now I just really wanna make Luke cum. “Can you flex again?” he asks, with a pleading look. As if he has to fucking ask. I smirk and feel a rush of adrenaline as I lift up the arm Luke’s still gripping and my biceps explode in a hard flex. “Oh my God!” he pants, as his fingers grip on to the pumped muscle. Fuuuuck. This is such a bloody turn on. Flexing for the boy I’m completely and utterly nuts about. Making him go crazy over my huge, flexed biceps. God YES. I stretch my arm out flat then pump and flex again, looking from my biceps to Luke’s face. He groans as the muscle explodes under his fingers again. God - he looks so fucking turned on right now. No one’s ever reacted to my muscle like this before. Not even James Newman, the short, stacked Welsh bodybuilder I slept with at that bodybuilding show last summer. I sit up and climb on to Luke’s thighs so I’m sitting on and looming over him, his boxer covered cock throbbing in front of my crotch. I whip my vest off so my pecs and abs are on display. Luke looks fucking hypnotised, almost like he’s looking at my body for the first time. He puts both hands on my abs, and then slides them up to my chest. I squeeze and tense my pecs. “Fuck!” Luke whispers as his fingers dig into my thick chest muscle. I lift up both of my arms and BOOM … I’m flexing a front double bicep for Luke. His hands slip from my chest to my hard, flexed guns. I’m squeezing my biceps and Luke’s digging his fingers into them and feeling the pumped, rock hard muscle and FUUUUCK. What. A. Rush! Flexing my biceps as the guy I’m crazy about squeezes, feels and worships them. I can tell I’m driving Luke crazy with my muscles. I can see what effect my flexed biceps are having on him by the expression on his face. When I stop flexing, this mischievous grin emerges on Luke’s face. Like he can’t quite believe what just happened. I can’t resist. I lean in and kiss his cute little lips. “Want me to flex some more?” I whisper, our foreheads touching. “Yeah!” Luke pants, his face suddenly brimming with excitement. As if he was gonna say anything else. I’m not just gonna sit here on top of Luke and flex my biceps for him again though. Hell no. I’m gonna go full on fucking bodybuilder mode. Placing my fists on my waist, I bring my lats and pecs up into a front lat spread, letting out a deep little grunt (fuck YES!) as I hit the peak of my pose. “Fuck!” Luke whimpers, a mix of excitement, arousal and awe on his face as he watches me pose. He clearly didn’t see that coming. And now his hands are sliding up my torso (God!) and now he’s reaching for my lats and fuuuck! No one’s ever gripped my lats like this before from the front. It feels so intimate. And it’s such a fucking turn on. I look down at my gorgeous little Luke with a smug smirk. It’s such a horny image to see my own freshly pumped upper body flexed into a front lat spread as Luke’s warm fingers grip on to the muscle. I feel like a proper muscle freak, being adored and worshipped by the world’s cutest audience. And now his hands are moving up to my arms. And across to my pecs. All the time I’m holding the pose. God - I love how Luke’s hands feel as they touch and explore my flexed muscle. And I love the look on his face. So in awe. And so clearly aroused. Fucking GRRRR. With Luke’s right hand on my upper arm, I bring my forearm up and clench my fist into another bicep flex. I puff out my cheeks and scrunch up my face a little as I do so, displaying a hint of the attitude I do when I’m posing on stage. Luke lets out a little groan as his fingers squeeze and grip my flexed biceps again. Fuck yeah! And now he’s got this excited smirk on his face. And I’m getting the feeling that he very much approves of my little display of cockiness. I look him in the eyes. Both of us smiling like crazy. Fuck I love this! I stop flexing, lean in and kiss him, Luke still gripping on to my arm. And now he’s got that look on his face. The look that tells me he wants to ask me a question. “Do you … remember that first Posing Practice?” I fucking knew it! “When we posed together at the front of the class?” And now Luke’s giving me a mischievous grin. “Of course!” I ask, equal parts confused and excited. I have no idea what’s coming next but I’m suddenly remembering when I was stood next to a pissed off looking Luke in his yellow Harry Potter boxer shorts at the front of Hancox's class. God - that seems like such a long time ago. I feel a sharp pinch in my stomach when I remember how much of a dick I was to him back then. “Remember ... how noisy you were?” Oh my GOD! “Yeah?” I ask, laughing. Luke’s raises an eyebrow at me, still grinning. Wow. So even though I acted like a complete dick during that pose off, showing off and trying to out pose Luke in front of Deano and Shaun and all my other classmates, he was secretly getting a kick out of the fact that I was being cocky and grunting with my poses? Fuuuuck! Well I guess there’s no reason to hold back on the cockiness now. I take Luke’s hand and place it flat on my abs, before throwing both of my arms behind the back of my head. I look at an excited looking Luke with a mischievous grin and with a loud, cocky grunt like, “EURGH!” I crunch down into an abs and thighs, my abs popping and crunching under Luke’s little fingers. “Fuck!” Luke whimpers. I love what his face is doing right now. He’s just totally and utterly transfixed by my muscles. And then he does something completely unexpected. He reaches for his cock and starts tugging at it through his boxers. It’s so fucking horny. The fact that he’s that turned on by seeing me flex and feeling my muscles that he just has to play with his cock. God YES. With one arm still behind my head, I bring the other one down and take over from Luke with my hand. He lets out the cutest little groan, while rubbing his hands over my blocky abs and up to my chest. I pull down the waistband of his boxers and free his beautiful cock. Throbbing and hard and bursting to explode. Fuuuuck! I start to tug and play. “Oh God!” he whimpers. “Woody!” Still playing with Luke’s cock, I bring my other arm down, clench my hand into a fist and flex my biceps in front of him. “Oh fuck!” Luke cries, grabbing on to my arm and squeezing. I look down at the pumped biceps Luke’s got his hand around again and arrogantly purse my lips. God - I almost can’t believe how fucking PUMPED my biceps look. I look Luke in the eye. He looks like he’s in some sort of muscle worship heaven. Loving every bloody second. As am I. Flexing my freaky biceps for the boy I’m fucking crazy about it as he squeezes and ogles it through his trendy black framed glasses. I free my hand from Luke’s cock and he lets out a cute, pleading whimper. But I can’t squeeze out a proper most muscular with just one hand free can I? I bring both clenched fists together and release a deep, grizzly grunt as I flex into a little most muscular. Luke’s other hand grabs my other bicep. And I’m just sat on his lap above him, flexing and squeezing. Looking from my own pumped mass to Luke’s adoring, awe-stricken face. Luke’s hand slip from my biceps to my huge shoulders and back again. Running his hands all over the pumped mounds of muscle bulging from my body. Touching and exploring the flexed muscle mass before him. MY flexed muscle mass to be exact. God yeah! I bring my elbows out and lean forward slightly into another most muscular. Letting out a deep cocky grunt as I flex. “Oh God!” Luke cries, his hand now back on his cock and tugging away. God - I wanna make him cum so fucking hard. “EURGH! YEAH!!” I growl, loudly in Luke’s face as I flex harder. Like some kind of fucking animal. Biceps exploding. Shoulders popping. An abundance of freshly pumped muscle mass bursting under my skin. God YES! This is what it's all about. “Oh God!” Luke cries. “I’m close!” I reach my hand down to Luke’s cock, taking over from his. And now I’m tugging his beautiful, throbbing cock with one hand, and flexing again with the other. Luke releases the sexiest groan and cutest whimpers. Still gripping my biceps with one hand, he puts the other on one of my pecs. “Oh God!” Luke cries again as I tug and play with his cock and tense and flex the biceps he’s now squeezing with his fingers. “Oh fuck …” Luke’s hand gripping my crazily pumped biceps as I squeeze and flex. “Woody …” Tensing my pecs as Luke squeezes with the other hand, his fingers digging into the muscle. “I’m gonna cum!” I let out a loud grunt (“EURGH!”) and then a deep growl as I squeeze my biceps and tense my pecs harder still. Squeezing and flexing my pumped up mass as I tug on my gorgeous Luke's cock and bring him ever close to blowing his load and … “ARRGGHH!! AHHHH!!” Luke's groaning loudly. His cock is exploding. He’s squeezing my flexed biceps and pecs. Panting and groaning and blowing his load as he grips onto my junior class winning muscles. Cum. Fucking. Everywhere. Fuuuuck!! And now Luke’s laughing and panting, breathless. “Fuck!” he whispers, an ecstatic smile on his face as he tries to catch his breath. And now we’re just holding each other, Luke gripping on to my sticky back and and his face buried into my neck. Breathing him in. Taking in that Luke scent I love so fucking much. Squeezing and holding the boy I’m completely fucking crazy about as I get to grips with what just happened. A little later on and Luke and I are wrapped around each other, my head on his chest and him gripping my arm again. It’s times like this that I can’t quite believe how scared I was of acting on my feelings for Luke for all that time. I can’t imagine not getting to kiss him and cuddle up to him the way I’m doing right now. “I just had a weird thought!” he says. I look up to see a weird smirk on Luke's face and ask him what. “Well … you do know that wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t gone to the gym with Deano?” I laugh. “Oh God! Are you saying we have Deano to thank for that?” He pulls a face and we both grin at each other. “I’m sure it would have happened at some point anyway!” Luke says, squeezing my arm. “Can you believe the way he reacted to my illustration?” I ask, looking at the drawing of Tommy Foster pinned to the wall. “Erm … yes!” Luke says, giving me a cute smile. I suddenly feel like my chest is melting from the inside. “You know I didn’t show you all of my sketchbook!” I tell Luke, feeling a sudden mix of excitement and nerves. “There’s more?” I bite my bottom lip and nod. “Show me!” he orders with a big, excited smile as he squeezes my arm. I jump off Luke’s bed and get my sketchbook from my side of the room. Luke sits up as I climb back onto his bed, still feeling nervous and excited at what I’m about to show him. Luke rests his face against my shoulder as I flip through my sketchbook to find the illustrations I was terrified of him seeing when I first showed him my book. “Oh my God!” he exclaims, suddenly sitting up when I show him the illustration copied from the picture I took of him flexing a front double bicep the first time we went to the Students' Union bar. My heart starts to flutter at Luke’s reaction. “When did you draw that?” I pull a face and shrug and he just gives me this cute, happy grin. Then he leans forward and kisses me softly. “I love it!” he says. “And there’s one more!” I say, flipping the page to reveal the illustration of the two of us, drawn from the selfie I took the night we went to Glasgow. “Oh wow!” Luke says, studying it. “I remember you taking that picture!” He looks at me with this loving smile and I squeeze him. For some reason, I feel a sting in the back of my eyes. We stay like that for a little while, just holding each other and looking at the illustration. “So ... what are you doing for the Easter holidays?” I ask Luke, my stomach suddenly twisting. Luke looks at me with this giddy smirk. Like he knows exactly what I’m getting at. “Mmmm. Well I definitely need to be home for the 25th!” he says. That’s the second week of the Easter holidays. There’s loads of days until then. “What’s going on the 25th?” I ask him. “It would have been my dad’s birthday,” he explains. “Oh shit!” Luke just looks at me pensively with a little smile. “I mean ... I probably should go home for a bit anyway. First holidays and all that!” I nod and look back at the illustration. “But … I dunno. Until then, I was kinda thinking of staying here for a bit!” Fuck! My chest swells. Luke’s grinning at me. And I’m smiling too. I can’t fucking help it. “What about you?” he asks. “Hmmm. I might go and stay with Emily at some point. And I might go home later on. But … I was kinda thinking of staying here too?” And now we’re practically beaming at each other. I think back to last term when I was counting down the days in the lead up to the Christmas holidays. I couldn’t fucking wait to leave Muscle University and go back home. And now. Well now there’s me and Luke. “I’m thinking ... up until around the 25th?”
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    One more chapter to go after this I think, but you never know. I hope you enjoy. Chapter 8 Dixon arranged for additional gym equipment to be delivered to school. He also had the locks changed and placed “closed for renovations” signs on the doors. Mark, Jason and Scott were each given keys to the back door so they didn’t have to walk through the school the gain access. The keys were essentially useless since the three kids rarely left the gym. Three weeks had passed since Dixon decided to help Mark become as big as possible and he arrived at the school gym at just before 6am. He was delivering his near-daily supply of food and supplements to the group before the other students started to arrive for classes. As he got closer to the door, he could hear the loud clanging of metal. He unlocked the door and dropped the bags of supplies at his feet. Across the room, Mark was performing deadlifts but he wasn’t using a squat bar. The guys had built a makeshift raised platform so Mark could use the leg press machine for deadlifts! The massive machine was loaded with countless 45lb plates and Mark gripped the base of the machine as was preforming quick reps. As he reached the top of his latest rep, Dixon could only stare in awe at the sheer mass billowing from his back. Every inch was covered with thick veins and each muscle group was so pumped, Mark looked like a mutated anatomy chart. Dixon cold not believe what Mark was able to achieve in only a few weeks. His determination was manic. He never seemed to tire and when he wasn’t inflicting torture on his body, he was eating enormous amounts of food, injecting the powerful cocktail of steroids and guzzling every drop of cum he caused his group of admirers to produce. Dixon stepped closer as Mark started to struggle with the incredible weight. The brutal amount of weight he was moving caused so much strain on his body that his face contorted in pain and spit flew from his mouth with each movement. With one final roar, Mark dropped the leg press machine causing numerous plates to fall off and crash to the floor. He turned to face Dixon and placed his hands on his hips while trying to catch his breath. The sight of the former budding teen bodybuilder’s current physique caused Dixon to stumble back and land on the floor. Mark was unrecognizable not only as a 18 year old but he barely even looked human. Each muscle group was so exagerated and his proportions were so extreme it was a marvel he could still move at all. The individual muscles on his body visibly fought for real estate on his frame. Dixon had followed professional bodybuilding for most of his life and he had never witnessed someone so outragously developed. Mark jumped down form the platform causing the cement floor to shake. He grabbed a jug of water Dixon just delivered and started to guzzle it down. “Needed to train back before Scott and Jason get here.” He said with a lower voice than Dixon remembered from the day before. “Mark! That was incredible! How much weight were you just using?” “No idea. Doesn’t matter anymore. There is no amount of weight I can’t lift.” He said and let out a huge burp before drinking the rest of the water. As the excess ran down his chest it mixed with the sweat that already coated his body. “My god Mark. I can’t get over how massive you’ve become in such a short time” Dixon said and raised himself up to his knees. “Fuck yeah. I’m a little surprised myself but I feel unstoppable now. I can actually feel myself growing every second of the day. I know the gear is helping but I think a lot of this growth is phycological. When I made the decision that becoming a total mass monster was the only thing that mattered, my brain started to re-wire itself. Muscle is ALL that I need and my body’s sole purpose was to provide me with it.” Dixon started to rub his hands all over Mark’s sweaty body. He couldn’t believe that human flesh could feel so soft and hard at the same time. It was like touching a boulder that had been smoothed by centuries of ocean waves. “Your quads are like granite. I’ve never seen anything so big and strong in my life. These striations are so deep and the definition is so extreme. Oh yeah, show me those hamstrings. FUCK Mark, they’re so ripped. Yes, when you bend your leg like that I can see that they hang so low they practically touch your massive calves. Fuck yeah, flex that calf harder. Make it touch your hamstring. Yes, it’s so close. FLEX HARDER. Yes! You did it. No one has legs this developed. My god, look at your glutes. Pulsing them like that is so hardcore, so grotesque. Look at the striations! How is this even possible?” Dixon stopped talking as he started to lick every inch of Mark’s wet quads, calves and glutes. He moaned with pleasure as he slurped up every drop of moisture. He was lost in a muscle worship trance, as was Mark who continued to position his body so Dixon could experience every inch. Mark placed his hands under Dixon’s armpits and lifted him off the floor. Dixon’s hands, tongue and lips started to explore Mark’s truly astounding abdominals. His eight abdominal muscles were each bigger than Dixon’s formidable biceps. With a stunning display of muscle control, Mark started to flex each muscle independently which sent Dixon completely over the edge. “How is that possible? No one can control each ab muscle like that. My god Mark, you are a complete freak. I know I say this a lot and you love hearing it but you are a monstrosity. Look at the thick veins running all over your abs. They are so gross yet so hot. Uh, these pecs. So massive and full of power. Yes, bounce them for me. I need both hands just to try to move one pec. They are so hard Mark, like nothing I’ve ever felt.” Dixon’s attention finally turned to Mark’s arms. His biceps were awe inspiring and his triceps protruded inches from his body they were clearly visible from the front. Both titanic appendices blended into the most outrageously developed shoulders Dixon had ever witnessed. Even exaggerated comic book characters didn’t have shoulders as thick and wide as Mark. “Your arms are truly magnificent. How big are they today?” Dixon asked, know that number would not last 24 hours. “24” last night. They’ll be 26” by tomorrow.” Mark said and slightly curled his arm causing layers of muscle to twist to life while more veins erupted on the surface of his skin. Mark started to tug on his raging hard-on as Dixon continued worshipping his slightly flexed arm. “I’m about ready for a protein snack and I think you need to feel just how huge these arms have gotten.” Mark said. He bend down and slid his right arm between Dixon’s legs. With no effort he scooped his 255lb principal off the ground so he was straddling his huge bicep. Dixon left out a moan as he wrapped his legs tightly around the muscle, feeling it twitch between his thighs and against his hard cock. Mark plated his feet and slowly straightened his arm. Dixon could feel the muscle transform as it moved. With his arm completely extended Mark’s body didn’t seem to register the entire person it was holding completely off the ground. He made a fist and started to curl his arm back up. He licked his lips as he watched Dixon’s body rise higher on his massive bicep peak. Mark continued to straighten and flex his arm until he could see Dixon was about to produce a hearty snack. Mark signalled to Dixon to pull his pants down and when his hard cock flopped out and slapped Mark’s shoulder, he simply moved his arm towards his mouth, taking Dixon’s entire cock in one gulp. All Dixon had to do was place one hand on the mass of shoulder muscle before he released a massive load down Mark’s throat. With Dixon spent, Mark let him slide off his arm. “That was fucking good, like a good pre-workout.” Mark said before looking around for his next lift. “Can you weight yourself before you start another set?” Dixon said with a sense of anticipation. Mark waddled to the scale and stepped on. “Holy FUCK! HOW?” Dixon yelled when he saw the number on the scale. “Like I said Dixon. NOTHING CAN STOP ME. I said I’d be the biggest and that’s exactly what I’m becoming. Now help me setup for my next set since Jason and Scott aren’t here yet.” Dixon snapped out of his trance and turned to help Mark. “Yeah, where are they anyway?” Dixon asked. --- Jason and Scott had secured a new supply of gear for Mark and as they were leaving their dealer’s apartment they turned towards the alley where they had parked their car. As the were about to turn off the street, Scott grabbed Jason’s arm and stopped dead in his tracks. “Oh no!” Jason looked up and stifled a scream. Walking directly towards them was Jacob and Nathan. Before they could dart down the alley, Jacob saw them. “Well well, look who we have here.” He shouted. As Jacob and Nathan approached, both guys could not believe their eyes. Jacob was wearing a sweat shirt that looked like it was designed to cover a boat. He had cut the neck hole so wide, his massive traps traps were completely visible while the rest of him was lost in the excess material billowing around his torso. The lack of definition could not however, disguise the sheer enormity of his body. He wore equally bagging sweat pants that were cut off mid-way up his calves. The half that wasn’t covered looked downright obscene. They were easily as wide as most people’s waist and covered with a disgusting network of gnarly veins. “What brings you guys to this neighbourhood?” Jacob said and looked at the brown paper bag in Scott’s hand. He then started to smile. “Ah, you getting more gear from Gary?” He asked and motioned to the nearby apartment building. Jason and Scott exchanged terrified looks. “Don’t worry guys. You think Gary would sell you the good stuff? That’s reserved for just me.” Jacob said and bounced his pecs causing the loose fabric to flap. Jacob looked the two guys over closely. He had noticed Jason’s increased bulk weeks ago in the woods but he hadn’t see Scott since that day in the school gym. While still much smaller than himself, Jacob had to admit that Scott was looking pretty beefy. “You too don’t seem to be gaining as much size as you were so I assume that gear isn’t for you. So, who’s it for?” Jacob said with a serious tone in his voice. When they didn’t answer. Jacob reached down and grabbed Scott by the collar of his shirt and easily lifted him off the ground. He leaned in close so he could feel Scott’s breath on his face. “It’s for Mark isn’t it?” Jacob asked. “ISN”T IT?” “Yes it’s for Mark! Now let him go.” Jason pleaded. With a flick of his wrist, Scott fell to the ground a few feet away. “So Mark thinks he can compete with me?” Jacob said and shot Nathan a smile. Nathan responded with a chuckle. “Compete? Mark is going to dwarf you you piece of shit!” Scott screamed as he stood up. Jacob could only start to laugh hysterically. “Whatever Jacob. You’ll see. You have no idea what Mark is capable of.” Jacob stopped laughing and stepped closer to the two guys. They both suddenly looked very worried. Jason could have sworn he saw Jacob’s sweater stretch tighter on his body. “You have no idea what I”M CAPABLE OF!” He screamed, sending drops of spit on both of their faces. “Now, I’m giving you 10 seconds to get the fuck out of here before I decide to show just what I’m capable of.” Jason and Scott didn’t need to be told twice. They both darted around the corner and down the alley where their car was parked. Jacob and Nathan exchanged a cocky smile as they heard the car start and its tires screech as they floored the engine to get as far away from Jacob as quickly as they possibly could. A second later, Nathan saw an object exit the alley and move towards him and Jacob at an incredible speed. “JACOB! LOOK OUT!” He was able to scream just before the car reached Jacob. With lightening fast reflexes, Jacob stepped out the of way of the car just before the back bumper would have slammed into him. The car came to a stop and Jacob could hear Jason and Scott frantically yelling at each other inside. “What the FUCK Scott? Quick, put it in drive and get the fuck out of here!” Scott managed to get the car in gear and just before he slammed his foot on the accelerator the vehicle jerked violently, like it had hit something. Jason turned and looked out the back window and let out a horrified scream. Jacob’s massive frame covered his entire view as he stood directly behind the car. “GO! GO! GO!” Jason screamed as Scott started to press the gas but nothing happened. Jason looked back and saw the reason they weren’t moving. Jacob was squatting behind the car with his hands gripping the back bumper. The engine revved but it wasn’t moving. With another violent jolt, Jason and Scott felt the back of the car rise. With barely any visible effort, Jacob hoisted the back of the car and held it like he was holding a wheelbarrow. With astounding control, he started to pivot the vehicle so it faced the alley. “You think a car can stop me?” He yelled with a look of determination and rage in his eyes. More screamed could be heard from inside the car as the engine revved louder. Jacob dropped the backend and the car took off back down the alley. Scott was able to slam on the breaks a few feet from the brick wall at the end of narrow alley. He spun around in the drivers seat to see Jacob lumbering towards the car. Jacob reached the back of the car and once again, squatted down and gripped the bumper. Without a moment of hesitation he once again housed the car up so it was level with his waist. “Ho-how is he doing this?” Scott screamed. Jacob didn’t just hold the car a foot off the ground though. With a cocky grin on his face he moved his right foot forward a few inches followed by his left. The guys in the car watched in shock and horror as the car started moving towards the brick wall. Jacob took a few more steps and the front of the car slammed into the brick wall. The sound of screeching metal echoed throughout the alley. Scott panicked and put the car in reverse and slammed his foot on the gas petal. The front tired screeched and the car moved back a few feet before coming to a compete stop. He didn’t have to look back to see why. Jacob adjusted his stance so he was now leaning into the car like a football player readying himself to block a tackle. His once baggy pants stretched tight across his massive quads and calves. The thick cords of his hamstrings inflated and his calves ballooned to their maximum girth. He let out a primal growl as he fought to overpower the car’s engine. As smoke started to billow from the front tries of the car, Jacob slowly started to move forward. His whole body was shaking as every muscle on his body started to swell with raw power. “You think this car is stronger than this muscle? Yeah, that’s right, rev that engine, push my body to the limit!” Jacob said. The smell of burning rubber filled the alley as the front bumper of the car once again met the brick wall. Jacob only grunted and applied more pressure; he was far from done. More screams came from the car when one of the front headlights shattered. Suddenly there was a deafening screeching and popping of metal. The guys in the car looked on in horror as the car’s hood started to bend. “FUCK YEAH! This car is NOTHING to me.” Jacob screamed and twisted his body so his right shoulder slammed into the back of the car, causing it too to dent the metal. He exhaled deeply and started to apply even more pressure. The crushing sound of the car intensified as the hood started to look more deformed. After another minute of pushing the car, there was a loud bang and the engine started to sputter. This only caused Jacob to intensify his assault and after a few more seconds, the engine finally gave out. Jacob stopped pushing and stood up. He was breathing heavily and sweat had drenched his huge sweater. Even fully clothed he looked bigger than even. “You two better turn to watch this. I want as many witnesses as possible.” He said. With tears running down their faces, Scott and Jason turned and looked at Jacob’s insanely pumped body. Jacob stepped closer to the car and slammed both fists down on the trunk. The car shook violently at the moment of impact. The metal of the trunk was instantly mangled making it easy for Jacob to tear it completely free. He placed his arms around the huge piece of metal and started to squeeze. The sounds of bending metal was deafening and within seconds the truck was unrecognizable. Jacob tossed it aside and stepped into the exposed trunk space. Through the rear window, Jason and Scott could only look up at the massive creature standing above them. Jacob raised his left foot and drove it through the back window, filling the inside of the car with shattered glass. Jason and Scott recoiled in terror fearing that Jacob would reach for them cowering inside but that moment never came. Instead, they saw Jacob’s hands grip the stop of the rear window frame. There was more screeching metal sounds as Jacob literally started to pry the roof off the car. The sleeves of his sweater had rolled up to his elbows so they could accommodate Jacob’s swelling forearms. The sight was truly disgusting. Each muscle looked to be over 24” and thick, repulsive veins covered ever inch. As Jacob’s iron-grip on the metal proceeded, the muscles of his forearms inexplicably continued to grow. A minute later, the back part of the car’s roof was completed bent and Jason and Scott could see Jacob’s face staring down at them. “Quite the view isn’t it. My fucking forearms have more muscle on them then both of you combined. Fuck this metal is giving me a good workout though. I bet I won’t be able to jack myself off later.” Jacob said and laughed. Once the roof was pried a little higher, Jacob grabbed either side and started to violently tug at the huge piece of metal. The remaining windows smashed and the whole car shook back and forth. With one final grunt, Jacob wretched the entire roof completely off the car and lifted it over his head before tossing it 10 feet behind him. He reached into the car and grabbed Jason and Scott by their shirt collars. With seemly no effort, he lifted them out of the car and held them in the air. “Fuck you to feel so light to me now.” He said and dropped them on the ground behind the car before jumping down himself, shaking the ground as he did so. “Thanks for the little workout guys but frankly, I’ve had enough of this bullshit. Stand the fuck up!” He commanded. Jason and Scott slowly stood and faced Jacob. Nathan, who had been watching Jacob destroy the car, approached and placed his hand on Jacob’s left bicep. “That little workout sure got you pumped you big freak” Nathan said as he felt Jacob’s arm though his sweater. “Yeah, not bad but I think it’s time for a real workout.” Jacob said and stepped closer to Jason and Scott. “Where’s Mark?” When neither answered, Jacob turned and slammed his fist into the brick wall beside him. His fist embedded itself so deep, only his wrist was still showing. He slammed his other fist equally deep into the wall and when he pulled them both out, half a dozen bricks followed. “I’m not asking again. You said Mark could dwarf me? Well, I think it’s about time we see if that’s possible.” Jacob said and took a step back. He placed his right hand on the collar of his sweater and his other on the waistband of his pants. With one quick tug, both garments were torn from his body, leaving him wearing only a pair of skin tight workout shorts. Jason, Scott and even Nathan stepped back and gasped. The sight before them was like nothing they had ever imagined could exist. Even their wildest fantasies, or darkest nightmares; could prepare them for the creature standing in front of them. Jacob didn’t even have to flex to highlight the abomination he had become. “Take me to Mark. NOW!” he screamed.
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    Thirty Oh God. Oh Jesus. Deano Watkins is kissing me. His lips are pressed hard against mine. And Oh God. Oh JESUS. I’m fucking kissing him back! And now his stacked, muscular body is coming closer to mine. And now he’s climbing on fucking top of me. I can feel the heat coming off his pumped mass. And the stickiness of his hot skin. My hand on his crazily huge, rock hard (fuck!) shoulder. And now I’m falling back on my bed as Deano straddles me, my hand slipping to his thick, muscular back. His pecs squashing against mine. His wonky abs on my blocky abs. Hard pumped muscle on hard pumped muscle. His big wet tongue filling up my mouth and oh my GOD. I’m so fucking hard right now. Deano’s on top of me and kissing me and I’m so … fucking … HARD. And it’s weird, because it’s Deano, and it’s different to how it feels kissing Luke and oh shit. Oh fuck. Luke! What the fuck am I doing? Deano’s huge back. Luke. Deano’s heavy mass on mine. Luke! Deano’s fucking tongue. Luke, Luke, LUKE! And now I’m seriously panicking. I groan and try and pull away, but Deano’s not letting me go. I try and push him off me, but he’s not budging. I let out a muffled groan, squirming and pushing him harder and he finally takes the hint and releases his lips from mine. And now I’m looking at his face. That twat fucking face that annoys the shitting hell out of me for the majority of the time. And oh my GOD. What have I done? What the HELL have I done? Deano gets off me and I sit up and put my head in my hands. “Fuck!” I whisper to myself. My head is spinning. My stomach in knots. I just kissed Deano. No - Deano kissed ME. But I let him. And I kissed him back. I just kissed someone back who wasn’t Luke Henderson. My amazing, gorgeous boyfriend Luke Henderson. Fuuuuuck! Deano’s just sat next to me, catching his breath. He looks so lost right now. “What the hell, Deano? You’re GAY?!” He screws his face up in disgust. “NO!” he scoffs, like it’s an absurd accusation. I let out a little laugh. I can’t fucking help it. “Erm … you just kissed me! I’m getting pretty big gay vibes right now!” He lets out a deep sigh. “I’m not gay, okay? I like girls!” “So ... you’re bi?” He screws his face up again, looking deeply uncomfortable. I shake my head. “Jesus, Deano!” “I don’t know what I am,” he says looking out to the room, his voice sounding small. And wow. For the first time ever, I actually feel sorry for him. He sighs and looks at me, this nervous look on his face. I can tell this is a big deal for Deano. And something that he’s clearly been struggling with. God - all this fucking time? “I like girls!” he tells me again with conviction. And I believe him. “But …” and then he looks out to the room again. I follow his eyes. He’s looking straight at the poster of Tommy “The Tank” Foster, in shredded competition condition and flexing a crazy abs and thighs in his shiny yellow posers above Luke’s bed. Oh God. Luke! My stomach clenches sharply again. “It’s THAT!” he says pointing at Tommy. And now I’m finding myself starting to smile. “I see … bodybuilders and ....” his voice trails off and he looks uncomfortable again. Oh my GOD! He doesn’t have to say anything more. He gets turned on by bodybuilders. Deano gets turned on by shredded fucking bodybuilders in shiny fucking posing trunks. I can’t deny that there’s a part of me that’s getting a pretty big kick out of knowing that right now. Especially after all the pathetic gay remarks he’s been throwing at me the past few weeks. “Does that make me …” (he rolls his eyes) “... bi?” I pull a face and shrug. “Maybe?” “I don’t like normal blokes though!” he explains. “Like, the idea of kissing a guy like Henderson …” and then he pulls a face and I feel a sharp pinch of anger. And then Deano looks at me and down to my torso with his pensive look on his face, and suddenly I’m finding it hard to feel angry. Suddenly I actually feel kind of flattered. God - how did I miss this? How did I not realise that Deano was attracted to me? What the FUCK? Were there signs? Maybe I’m just completely self involved and wrapped up in my own little world to notice. Completely oblivious to anything that doesn’t involve me or Luke. “So, when you were making all those comments about me being gay. I mean … you actually knew that I was?” Deans pulls a face and shrugs. “Not for definite!” I nod. “Wow. So what you just did. I mean … that was kinda brave!” I think about making a joke that we’d probably be sharing a dorm room if we were at Hogwarts, but I feel like it might be completely lost on him. Unlike Luke, who would fucking love that reference. Oh God. LUKE! “So, you are then?” Deano asks. I guess there’s no point in hiding it now. I shrug and nod at him, feeling a nervous pinch that I’ve just confessed to Deano that I am, in fact, gay. And yet, I also surprisingly, feel kind of relieved that someone else here at Montgomery besides Luke now knows. And now Deano’s looking at me with this tense, serious look. And his eyes go down to my mouth (Oh God). And now he’s bloody lunging towards me again and his lips are back on mine (FUCK!) and we’re fucking kissing AGAIN! But this time, after a second or so, I pull away and shake my head at him. “Deano!” He looks confused. Even fucking wounded. Wow. Feeling sorry for Deano. Today really is a day full of fucking firsts. “I … have a boyfriend!” He screws his face up, looking almost pissed off. “Who?!” he spits. I look at Luke’s side of the room and Deano’s eyes follow. Fuuuuck! Why the hell did I just do that? “It’s Henderson isn’t it?” Oh SHIT. My stomach lurches. “NO!” Fuck. Fuck, fuck, FUCK! “You don’t know him. He lives back home!” Deano looks suspicious, like he doesn’t quite believe me. Fucking nice one, Woody! First you kiss someone else behind your boyfriend’s back. Then you almost fucking out him! Oh God. I kissed someone else. I try and ignore the sick feeling churning in my stomach. “We’ve been together since the sixth form!” He nods, still looking suspicious. “Is he a bodybuilder?” “Ummm … no?!” Deano pulls a face. Almost like him being a bodybuilder automatically makes him more worthy of my affections than a guy who isn’t. Jesus. Talk about fucking arrogant. “There must be other guys here at Montgomery!” I say. He does a little shrug. And there’s this sadness in his eyes as he looks at my torso and then up at my face. I know what that look means. Fuck! Wait - is this not just a physical thing? “Deano …” He suddenly looks nervous. God - even a little scared. And now I’m fucking nervous too. “... do you ... like me?” He pulls a face, but oh my GOD. I can tell from his expression that he does. That he really fucking does. I can’t fucking believe this. Deano Watkins likes me. All the attention he’s been giving me. All the comments. All the pathetic gay jokes. And all this time he fucking liked me. And enough to actually make a move on me. “Deano …” He suddenly stands up, looking awkward and weirded out and reaches for his clothes. “You better not fucking tell anyone about this!” he demands. And now he looks kinda pissed off. Like his ego has been bruised and he’s trying to save face. “I won’t!” I say. “Not even Henderson!” he says, pulling his t-shirt over his jacked torso. The torso that was pressed up against mine not long ago. I just shake my head, not saying anything. I don’t know what the fuck to say. Deano’s clearly embarrassed right now. He just kissed a guy, possibly for the first time ever, and he got knocked back. He picks up his backpack and, without even looking at me, he makes a dash for the door. “See ya tomorrow!” I say, awkwardly. He ignores me, opens the door and with that, Deano’s gone. And now I’m just sat here on my bed, still wearing nothing but my shiny red posers, trying to wrap my head around what the hell just happened. I flop back onto the mattress, lying in the spot where Deano was on top of me kissing me. Oh God. I kissed Deano. I fucking kissed Deano! My hand was on his shoulder. His huge, hard shoulder. My tongue in his. Fuuuuck. Maybe Luke will understand. It was just a moment of weakness. He took me by surprise. And yeah, okay - I kissed him back. But I stopped it. I told him no. But I still fucking kissed him. ARGH! A week into being with Luke and I’ve kissed another guy. Oh God. What if this is it? What if that prick Leonard from Bristol last weekend was right? What if Luke really is too nice for me? What if I really do end up screwing him over? And what if this kiss with Deano is how I do it? I hear the door go and my heart jumps into my throat. It’s Luke. I prop myself up on my elbows, and I feel this horrible sense of guilt. He’s stood paused by the door, looking at me confused but with a little smirk on his face. “Hey!” he says. He’s wearing his blue Goonies t-shirt today and clutching his gym backpack. “Hey!” I say, my stomach churning. “Nice outfit!” he says, still smirking and dumping his backpack down. I give him a forced smile and don’t say anything. Why do I feel so fucking nervous? “How was the filming?” Oh God! “Erm. Yeah. It was … fine!” He gives me a weird look like he knows something’s wrong. “You okay?” No. Deano just kissed me. And I fucking kissed him back! “Yeah!” I say, not even convincing myself. “Just … knackered from the gym!” Luke nods. And now he’s just hovering in the middle of the room. “Any room on there for me?” he asks, adorably, with a cute grin. And then i see those dimples that I love so fucking much and suddenly everything doesn’t seem so bad. “Always!” He bites his lip and grins as he jumps on my bed, wraps his arm around my waist and snuggles into me. I bury my face into the top of his head, his cute, Luke shaped head, and take in his scent I love so much. After a few moments he looks up at me with this pensive expressive on his face. “You sure you’re okay?” “Mmmm!” I say, forcing a smile. “Deano giving you grief?” Oh my fucking GOD. I shrug. “No more than usual!” He continues to look at me, like he’s studying my face. Fuuuck. “I’m fine!” I say, hopefully more convincingly. “I just … can’t wait for this contest prep to be over!” But I’m not fine. I’m far from fine. Because I just kissed someone else. Maybe I should tell Luke now. Just confess to the whole thing. Maybe it won’t sound so bad. But what if it does? Oh God. What if he sees it as a massive fucking betrayal? Maybe Luke never needs to know what happened here today. I mean, Deano will probably be too embarrassed to bring it up again. There’s no reason why everything can’t just go back to normal. With Luke. With Deano. Absolutely no reason at all. So why, as I’m lying here cuddled up to Luke, my arm around his back and my face buried in his hair as he grips my body tight, is my stomach churning? And why do I have this horrible, horrible feeling that whatever happened between me and Dean Watkins earlier in this room, on this very bed, pretty much in this exact fucking spot, isn’t going to go away that easily?
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    PART 2 --- Two months later, Logan had exploded with growth. His new routine had effectively tripled his sets of exercise, and on the cocktail of steroids that the college footballers used to beef up their linesmen, he had thrived, inching his way daily up to his current 235 lbs. He often hung out with the Darryl and the team and learned from them the joys of constant shirtlessness. Even simple tank tops proved too hot for Logan nowadays, as his constantly working, juiced muscles gave off relentless heat that only a direct, cool, breeze could assuage. The cheerleading girls constantly mistook him for one of the team and using this to his advantage he had bagged each and every one of them. By the time they had realized who he was, the memories of his primal lovemaking and rock hard, bulging body and masculinity washed over them, bringing to mind waves of pleasure, and they would approach him again, craving for more. As such Logan spent less time at the bar. Instead he would bring barrels of whiskey to the frat parties and challenge the guys there to wagers for a night with their girl, if he could outdrink them. He never lost once. Over the next couple of weeks, something was off about Darryl. He had continued to make progress, pushed to his limits by his new, hungry workout partner, and was now 230 lbs, but with each coming week, Logan had overtaken him in some way. While he used to outbench Logan by 60 lbs, Logan could now bench 355 lbs, 20 lbs more than him, even though he had gained strength himself. While he was proud of his 4.6 second 40-yard dash, Logan made a casual attempt himself and had reached 4.5 seconds. For the first month, Darryl had lorded his extra size and weight over Logan, calling him a newbie – but then Logan surpassed him in weight too. For a while, Darryl could ignore the scale and look in the mirror, where his shorter frame packed the muscle on thicker for the time being. But Logan continued to grow and looked to be matching his width too… He just couldn’t compete – he’d been juicing for years now and couldn’t match the progress of a taller man who had just begun and whose body had responded with aplomb. Darryl’s frustrations boiled over during their workouts, and he would yell in frustration at every missed rep. He grew more distant and would begin to skip workouts. He stopped inviting Logan to team events and eventually, disappeared altogether. Logan couldn’t care less. He was high on his growing size and strength and still on top of the world. As far as he was concerned, there was only two factors that concerned him: 1. He still had a couple of month’s supply of gear left, but his dealer was now gone 2. He was tired of fucking his regular nightly carousel of cheerleaders, and he had no one to introduce him to someone new. The second seemed more urgent at the moment, so after his usual dinner for six, he found himself at the bar, hungry and once again on the prowl. He received winks from some thirsty babes, but he was in the mood for fresh meat. He spotted a curvy brunette across the room and sauntered over. Something about her seemed different, and different was on the menu today. He caught a glimpse of her face and stopped short. It was his ex! At a bar! He couldn’t help chuckling a bit. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes, lit one, drew in deeply, and stepped in front of her and blew smoke into her face. Surprised and offended, she retorted, “Sir, that was rude!” She just sirred him! Logan supressed his glee. He was unrecognizable to her! Nothing more than this confirmed to him that his transformation – from a meek computer geek, acceding to her every demand, her every whim, to a primal alpha MAN that could take and ravish her right here and now – was complete. But it wasn’t enough. He had grown a need to conquer and dominate, and most of all, to grow stronger still. He couldn’t wait for his next encounter with Darryl, where he’d have an opportunity just like this to assert his dominance. “Don’t you know that smoking is against the rules in here?” She continued. “Fuck the rules, bitch” he grunted. She was offended, but speechless, lost for words. She went to slap him but he caught her hand, and ran it over his boulder shoulder and down over the hill of his twenty-one inch bicep. He cupped her hand in his and made it squeeze the rock hard mounds on his barren chest. “Aren’t you tired of fuckin’ pussy soy boys?” His voice got more intense with each word, until he was roaring “It’s time you were with a real man. A red meat eatin’ all American MAN.” She was undecided for a moment, then her expression softened. She threw herself onto him and let him carry her out of the bar. In bed, he marvelled at how easily he could now toss her around, picking her up and impaling her onto his pike while she screamed as she had never done before. “Fuck, FUCK, FUCK!!!” She cried. Under such intense pleasure or pain, she could find no other words. By the end of the night, as they shared a cigarette, she had been converted. She begged him not to leave, fearing that he would now discard her like a used tissue. She could no longer be satisfied by the sensitive submissive boys she had sought out her whole life. By association with her new master, she was now aroused only by pure, unbridled masculinity. She could only be satisfied by the biggest, most hulking, bearded, foul mouthed, tobacco-laced, meat-eating drunkard she could find at the bar or the gym. Her number in hand, Logan discarded it as he left. They hadn’t even exchanged names. He wasn’t coming back. --- Six weeks later, Logan found himself sitting in the locker room, giving himself the second last shot in his supply of steroids, when he overheard some of the other meatheads in the gym talking about a new gym that had opened two months ago. Allegedly, some rich, successful businessman had gotten into bodybuilding, but became disgusted that all the other gyms had been infected by casuals looking to “tone” and do Yogalates and so had opened a gym together only for those who were truly dedicated to the iron. Logan was intrigued. He had assumed that he’d have gotten a new stack of steroids by now, but surveying around, at 245 lbs, he was the biggest one left in the gym. He wasn’t going to trust a stack from someone smaller than him. Heck, even that pansy Darryl was bigger that almost everyone here by this point. He resolved to make his way over and join. At the front desk he met one of the football guys, a defensive linesman. “Holy shit,” Logan thought, “Cody is shredded.” The linesman, a 290 lb gainer who always looked like he carried most of his weight from his stomach down, now carried a respectable upper body and had lost a lot of belly fat. Sizing Logan up, Cody admitted, “I know you’re serious about lifting, dude. I’ll put in a good word for you, but you’ve gotta do a trial week first. Are you ready, bro?” “Yes!” barked Logan, overeager. After getting his picture taken and card printed, he tapped in and entered the gym. Beneath the fluorescent lights, grunting, totally engrossed in their workouts, stood not a single man under 240 lbs of jacked, solid muscle. Seeing this environment raised Logan’s hackles, his blood racing with motivation. He was going to find a solid stack here. He knew what to do. He scanned the room for the biggest fucker he could find, found a bald, bearded, hairy beast of a 300-pound motherfucker and made a beeline for him, but stopped in his tracks as he saw Darryl’s face. Darryl took a look at Logan’s astounded face and sneered. “What’s a fuckin’ weakling like you doing here? I didn’t realize anyone with a goddamn pussy could get in here nowadays. You think you got what it takes to work in with me?” Logan counted the plates on the bar Darryl was about to bench. Five hundred and sixty-five pounds. He stood, stunned, as Darryl, no spotter, no hesitation, lay onto the bench and pushed out eight perfect reps, bellowing his head off with each rep. After the set, Darryl racked the bar, and jumped to his feet. “THAT’S HOW IT’S FUCKIN’ DONE!!” Logan had thought his 395 lbs bench impressive, but the feeling of pressing less than four hundred now seemed indisputably puny to him. He put an extra ten pounds on and struggled to push out five slow but decent reps. He had done it, but compared to what he had just seen, he was nothing. Darryl smirked and continued the rest of his workout, feeling secure in his superiority. A fire kindled in Logan’s belly. He had never wanted to be bigger and stronger than he did right now. He wanted to put Darryl in his place. He finished up the rest of his sets the best he could, setting solid, but unfortunately still realistic personal records on each lift once again. As he stormed out of the room Cody gave him a friendly wave. “Don’t worry, you’re doing great, dude! I know I’ll be seeing you tomorrow!” His first time on social media since his initial breakup, Logan booted up Instagram and took a look at Darryl’s profile. There he was again, a hairy, bald 300 lbs gorilla nothing like the 230 lb jock he had known just two months ago. Logan continued to scroll down, seeing the explosion in reverse, and shifted uncomfortably, fighting and ignoring a growing erection. It hadn’t just been Darryl, though his transformation had been the most dramatic. The whole team was now jacked beyond belief. What had started two months ago as pictures of a bunch of frat boys hanging out with their trophy girlfriends became a flipbook of growing, scowling muscle beasts who now seemed to spend every moment shirtless, working out or flexing. Only two other kinds of postings interrupted these: short videos of the team massacring other teams on the football field, and motivational pictures with their eyes closed and a massive, hulking figure in the background with his arms crossed, cut off at the eyes. Reading the comments, he saw that the team made constant references to “the Master” on each other’s posts. He could only assume that the shadowy background giant was this man. Some kind of trainer, one that guaranteed results like no other. Logan imagined himself blowing up to Darryl’s proportions and his hand flew uncontrollably to his dick, choking it up and down in a death grip. He pounded it faster and faster, gripping it hard and harder as he imagined each of his muscles expanding: his glutes wrenched tight and lifting him off his seat and his and his pecs pushing together and his shoulders hunched over, containing the tension. His bicep pumped up in his working arm, and he climaxed imagining it bigger and bigger and BIGGER. No girl he laid had ever given him a sensation like that before. Hungry for the real thing, he resolved that tomorrow, he’d meet the Master and pledge his allegiance.
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    Envy Always Bites. (Was supposed to be a short writing exercise after a few months away from my keyboard, ended up spiraling into something longer. Feedback is appreciated!) Dylan emptied his lungs and used all his might to curl the heavily loaded barbell to his shoulders. He struggled for a moment, but as expected the heavy bar came upwards controlled with perfect form. It was at the mercy of his thickly muscled biceps. Blood rushed into the veins adorning his arms and made the impressive sweaty muscles even more perfect looking. Dylan gave his biceps a final squeeze once the bar was at the top, before slowly curling the barbell back down and setting it back in the rack. The big athlete couldn't help but smile when looking at his reflection, it wasn't just his pumped up biceps with pencil thick veins covering them that brought him joy, the bit of pec that was sneaking out of his tank-top looked tantalizing too. Every part of him looked good Dylan mused, looking at how rock hard every muscle on his body seemed. Dylan raised his right arm for a bicep flex, the muscle jumping upwards and tightening at his command. It looked like had a cannonball trapped in there. His smile grew into a grin. Eight years training his ass off in the gym well spent. While his arm was still raised, a poignant smell hit Dylan in his nostrils. The reek of manly sweat and musk was radiating from his armpits. The smell of his own thick musk sent blood to another limb in his body that was much beyond an average size, and meaty as hell. His shorts tented in order to contain a cock that could give quite a few porn-stars a run for their money. Dylan blushed, not sure whether to be more embarrassed about the fact he had let part of the gym suffocate in his manly reek or the fact his manhood was even more poorly concealed than normal. “Time to hit the showers.” Dylan said with a mumble, his deep voice still a bit out of breath from the killer workout he just went through. Dylan walked over the locker room, his walk turning into a swagger despite his hardest intentions for it not to be. His shoulders and arms seemed to have their own center of gravity at the moment, which resulted in a strut that perfectly showed off his wide shoulders and granite arms. And although everyone might tell you all the people keep to themselves in a gym, Dylan still felt all the eyes in the building burn into his sculpted body. This made the big man rush into the locker room even faster, despite having worked out for more almost a decade, he was still not quite used to the attention his big body attracted. Dylan ended up walking into the locker room so fast he nearly knocked over a fellow gym-goer hanging around in front of the shower. The big man's mood soured somewhat after his post-workout ecstatic high after seeing who he had bumped into. “Hi Nate.” Dylan's deep voice boomed, checking-out the gym pump of the guy he had been unfortunate enough to gain an uneasy acquaintanceship with. Nate had started going to the gym around the same time as Dylan a few years ago, and almost had muscles to match Dylan’s granite body that could win a few gold trophies for bodybuilding if he was able to find a poser that would fit his anaconda. Almost. Nate was just a little less impressive all around. Which didn’t mean Dylan thought any less of him, but it was clear his near decade long position as the slightly smaller guy between the two of them was of great annoyance to Nate. Nate turned around and his face changed rapidly between expressions of annoyance, surprise and worry once he saw who had bumped into him. The green tint of envy that occupied Nate's eyes whenever he saw Dylan's super hunky body was what made the big man a bit uneasy, and hesitant to hang around with him. Especially considering Nate himself could be in a fitness magazine somewhere, still being so obviously envious while you already had so much seemed rather childish to Dylan. “Hey small guy!” Nate said jokingly, but his jealous tone came across as rather revealing. He punched his fist into Nate's shoulder as a form of greeting, Dylan tried his best to suppress a smile when Nate tried to act like he hadn't hurt his knuckles in the process after. Nate's eyes rapidly darted between his gym bag, Dylan and the one shower stall that wasn't out of order. “Say, hypothetically speaking, if you were about to do something which would change the course of humanity forever, would you take a shower first or get on with world history writing instead?” Nate asked, his eyes still fixed on his gym bag. Dylan cocked his head to the side, considering the question for a moment, but mostly just thinking he wanted to shower badly and pump out his fifth thick load for the day while he was at it. Nate's odd questions and weird looks really weren't needed today. “I'd just shower dude, especially you, you reek.” Dylan said with a half-hearted and tired smile. Nate didn't reek, he never pushed himself in the gym to level where he would build up a sweat to Dylan's extent. But as the big man expected Nate saw it more than a compliment than anything, and disappeared into the showers with the swiftness of a man who got his huge yet fragile ago stroke. Dylan quietly groaned a bit, if Nate hadn't wasted time with antics and standing around for no reason he might have already been done showering by now. Oh well. The big man considered doing a posing routine while he was still pumped up in the mirror, but thought better off it. If Nate walked out, while Dylan was giving his enormous bi’s a flex, he’d have to deal with even more envious stares. Instead, Dylan plopped down with a sigh of resignation on the bench right next to Nate’s bag. CRACK The sound of wood splitting filled the changing room for a second, before Dylan suddenly found his muscular bubble butt on the floor. The bench had given way under his weight and had split down the middle. “Fuck” Dylan mumbled under his breath, partly in awe of the display of his own formidable size, and partly embarrassed by it being the second time this week he had broken a piece of furniture. Dylan supposed he was nearing the 300 pound mark, his remarkable height stacked on weight rather easily, he guessed it was to be expected that some objects might not be able to handle him anymore. He didn’t expect gym management to be as enthusiastic about losing a locker room bench as the girl was when he had ruined her bed earlier in the week. She had seemed almost offended at Dylan’s offer to pay for a replacement. To be fair, having your bed break because a hung super stud fucked you too hard was probably something she felt she could brag about. Dylan scratched his head, he’d walk past the front desk and inform them of his accident after his shower. He’d have to pull in some extra hours in the office, but the least he could do for the gym that had taken from boney to bone-able was take some responsibility for the stuff he broke. Inspecting the carnage his buff body had caused Dylan only now noticed Nate’s bag had fallen to the ground admits splinters of wood. The contents of the gym bag had spilled out over the floor. Not wanting to give his fellow gym goer even more reasons to be a two-faced dick wad Dylan quickly started to put the Nate’s stuff back in his bag. Water bottle, towel, keys. The big guy moved apart some bench wreckage to make sure he had gotten everything. Dylan’s mouth dropped open when the final thing belonging in Nate’s bag revealed itself. A small green thin tube rolled into Dylan’s large feet. “RD-Mk7” was written on them in black font. “That absolute prick.” Dylan muttered under his breath, red burning anger consuming him almost completely. Dylan gnashed his teeth, he had never quite liked Nate but wouldn’t in his harshest judgements see him as capable of this. Not after the scare every gym rat got after last year’s Olympia. The stories about RD-Mk7 before that had been from isolated parts of the world and judged as fictional folktales. Guys claiming their muscle mass was stolen? Who would believe such a thing? All of that changed after the Mr. Olympia of 2023. Now there was live video evidence of bodybuilders shrinking down to the size of nobodies in the middle of their routine on stage while some pathetic nerd blew up into perfection by taking years of hard work he had no right to. It was despicable. Harrowing. The army had found out where the technology was produced and swiftly turned the factory to ash. There hadn’t been a case of ‘muscle theft’ (as it was branded by the media) since then. There had however daily been thousands of stories of people embarrassing themselves with fakes they had paid way too much money for. Nerds playing out revenge fantasies, jocks greedy for more size, husbands suspicious of the ripped personal trainer of their wives, Dylan had heard all of it a million times over. All of it had ended up in disappointment for the guys that had assumed to change their lives forever. Dylan looked at the small object in his hands with eyes that sparked fury. He had no doubt this was a fake as well. Whether it was a fake or not didn’t really matter to Dylan though, what mattered was that Nate, who had worked his own ass off in the gym for eight years and knew the effort that was involved in building size, was fully ready to steal some poor souls hard work. The thought of committing the crime was nearly just as bad as the crime itself. In the background Dylan could hear the shower being turned off. He had his back turned to the shower cell, which he now considered a good thing because he wasn’t quite sure if he could look at Nate’s smirk again without beating him to a pulp. Nothing angered him more than people taking what didn’t belong to them, especially if they were so aware of the value as Nate was. Dylan could hear Nate stepping back into the locker room, the guy’s oblivious whistling angering him on an indescribable level. “Woah! What happened in here?!” Nate said with a shriek. The freshly washed stud looked for a second at Dylan’s wide back. He could see the big hunk was clutching something tightly in his hands. “What ya got there, little gu--” Nate was interrupted by Dylan’s deep and sexy bass. “Were you planning on using this on me?” Dylan asked, anger seeping into his normally calm voice. Nate looked at his open gym bag and Dylan’s clenched hands. “Ah, uhm, well…” “I guess that’s a yes.” Dylan mumbled. Nate offered no correction. Dylan had been furious before. Hot with anger. Nate would have turned his back on his kind, discarded his fellow hunk, purely for a chance at some extra size. It wouldn’t have worked, but it was still despicable. But the thought of Nate using it on him, the guy who had helped him get started in the gym, the guy who had given him tips on his diet and form, the guy who was the reason he was buff in the first place? It somehow managed to make Dylan boil even more. His anger took hold of him completely temporarily and it made an idea jump into Dylan’s mind. A cruel idea for a guy who truly deserved it at the moment. Dylan realized that unlike him, Nate was operating on the logic that the object in his hands really was capable to siphon out the size of anyone. Nate hadn't realized he had, just like millions of others, paid a high sum of money for a piece of plastic that could do absolutely nothing. The thought of the object in his hands actually being the real deal hadn’t even entered Dylan’s mind. Dylan smiled, he could give that envious son of a bitch a good and proper scare. A spoonful of his own medicine. With a surprising swiftness Dylan turned around. The big man took a second to think back to the video he had jerked off to a thousand times of the scrawny nobody blowing up to the size of a super stud by stealing all that size of those Mr Olympia contestants. What had he said again to activate his version of this stupid wand thingy? Oh right. “What’s yours, is mine.” Dylan said with his stern and deep voice. For a moment Nate looked dazed Then terror and horror crept over the smaller man’s face.
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    Twenty Eight “Imagine being so wide that you actually have to turn sideways to walk through doorways!” I’m walking back to the gym changing rooms after a back workout with Deano. I don’t know if it’s because I'm still on a high from what happened with Luke yesterday when I got back from the gym, but my new workout partner doesn’t seem to be annoying me quite as much today. “I’ll let you know in about five years time when that happens to me!” he replies. I can’t help but smile at that. I look at Deano and he’s smirking back. Oh God. Did I just share a joke with fucking Deano? Ugh! I can’t wait to go back to my room and show off my pumped lats to Luke. Maybe even blast out some poses (complete with cocky grunts) again and make him squeeze them. If he needs to blow his load as a result of doing so, even fucking better. “I actually don’t think I can reach the middle part of my back right now!” I say to Deano, when we’re back in the changing rooms. “Try!” he orders, smirking. I twist my arm around, but I’m so fucking pumped that my movement is restricted. “Nope! Can’t do it!” I say, struggling. Deano grabs his backpack from his locker, shaking his head and smiling. “I suppose we should go through our posing routines at some point!” he says, rolling his eyes. “Mmmm!” I say, taking my backpack out of my locker. I look at Deano and he’s just looking at me, like he’s waiting for me to say something. “Oh - what you wanna do that now?!” He pulls a face and shrugs. “Might as well get it over with!” I internally groan. “Fine!” “Your place or mine?” Deano asks, casually. “DEANO! You flirt!” He pulls a face, looking gloriously uncomfortable. “We could do it at mine?” he suggests, leading us out of the gym changing rooms. “Although my flatmate’s probably in!” “Who’s your flatmate?” He looks at me like I’ve asked a stupid question. “Shaun!” Ugh. Fuck that. “Definitely mine!” Not long after I’m sitting on my bed with Deano, which is both fucking weird and slightly awkward. I was kind of hoping Luke would be home, but I’m guessing he’s at the gym. Funnily enough Deano doesn’t seem too uncomfortable though. At least not as much as he was the other day when he was here apologising to Luke. “So this is pretty much the routine I’ve used for my last two shows!” I say to Deano, as I finish writing out a detailed description. I hand him my notebook. Straight away he looks disapproving. And his expression becomes even more judgemental as his eyes go down the page. “What the hell is fold arms, cheekily nod at audience and wiggle eyebrows up and down?” he says, scrunching up his face. “Exactly what it says!” His lip curls up so he's giving me the stink eye face. I didn't really question whether Deano would approve of my posing routine, but I’m mostly just finding his reaction funny. “Why are there so many most musculars?” “Cause it’s my best pose!” Deano pulls a face and shakes his head. “Abs and thighs is your best pose!” he says matter-of-factly. Huh. That completely throws me. I can’t believe he’d even have an opinion on what was my best pose, let alone notice. “You’ve got, like, five most musculars in a row! Okay, that is ridiculous!” I laugh. “Why is it?!” Deano continues to read. “Most muscular with mouth open. Most muscular with tongue out!” He rolls his eyes. “Crab most muscular while loudly shouting “YEAH!” - oh for fuck’s sake! You’re not one of those annoying twats who make loads of noise every time you hit a pose?” “Well, not every pose!” I tell him, amused. “Don’t you do that?” He screws his face up. “No! I hate when bodybuilders do that. It’s so fucking unnecessary!” “But sooo much fun!” I say, cheerily. “And did you, Deano, seriously just call ME an annoying twat?” He rolls his eyes and goes back to my routine. It’s kind of funny how much my routine seems to have got his back up. “What the hell is signal to body with hands, purse lips and nod?” I stand up, point to my body with both hands outstretched and facing down, arrogantly purse my lips and give Deano a smug nod to demonstrate the move. “Why the fuck are you doing THAT?!” I shake my head. “It will all make sense when you hear my posing routine music!” I say, sitting back down and reaching for my phone. I know Deano’s going to disapprove of that too. I actually feel a little excited to play it for him. Wait - am I actually enjoying this? Spending time with Deano? Jesus. I load up Spotify and search for my posing routine song. I chew on my bottom lip and feel an odd rush of adrenaline as it starts to play. Deano immediately screws his face up. “What is THIS?!” “Look!” I say, standing up, ready to show him part of the routine. The guy on the track start signing. “Girl look at that body …” And then I do the action I did before, signalling to my body with both hands. “I- I- I work out …” And that’s when I arrogantly purse my lips and nod at Deano. “Oh my GOD!” Deano cries. “Wait - so, back lat spread …” I say, turning around and continuing to pose along with the music. And then I spin back round and wait for the topline of the song. “I’m Sexy And I Know It!” And BOOM - I crank down into a crab most muscular, face scrunched up into a super smug, "Fuck yeah!" expression. “Maaate! You are NOT posing to this!” Deano says. Okay, now THAT pisses me off a bit. “Huh. That’s funny. I didn’t realise you had to approve every competitor’s posing routine music?” “You think anyone’s gonna take you seriously posing to THIS crap?” “Well, since I did that routine for my last two shows and WON my class both times, erm … I’m gonna go with YES!” Something flickers in Deano’s expression, like maybe he was impressed by what I just said. Then he sighs and shakes his head disapprovingly. “What the fuck’s your problem, Deano?” I ask, losing my cool. “It’s fucking tacky!” he spits. “The song. The stupid expressions. You’re one of the best guys in the year. And you’re posing to this shit!" Then he scoffs. "AlthoughI don't know I'm surprised!" "What does that mean?!" "It’s like … you don’t take any of it seriously!” Huh? Now I'm confused. “Take any of what seriously?” “This! The show. This uni. Bodybuilding for that matter!” What the fuck?! I almost can't believe what I'm hearing. I let out a shocked laugh because I honestly don’t know how to respond right now. “You think I don’t take bodybuilding seriously?” Deano shrugs. Is this twat being fucking serious? Does he actually believe the crap he’s saying right now or is this just his way of getting a reaction out of me and winding me up? If it's the latter, annoyingly, it’s worked. “Okay, Deano. Tell me exactly how I don’t take bodybuilding seriously!” “Your Instagram for a start! All that stupid stuff you post. Flirting with gay dudes!” The way he says the word 'gay' pisses me off. I groan. “Oh for fuck’s sake. Don’t start with that again! Jesus, Deano. It’s calling having fun. You actually don’t think I take bodybuilding seriously? You think I trained my arse off from the age of fifteen for a laugh? You think I’m sticking this university out because, what, it’s something to do?” “But, it’s … all the stuff you do!” What the hell is this guy's problem? “Wearing pink posers to Posing Practice!” he says, screwing his face up. “Hanging around with Henderson!” he says, pointing to Luke’s bed. Woah! My insides suddenly clench. “What does hanging around with Luke have to do with anything?” I spit, feeling myself starting to get seriously pissed off. Deano suddenly looks a little awkward. Like maybe he knows he's gone too far. Or maybe he knows he's talking absolute bollocks. He shrugs, keeping his cool. “Well, he’s just a bit of a joke!” he says, but there's wariness in his voice. Like maybe he’s scared of my reaction. And he’s right to be. Because now I’m seriously angry. How fucking dare he say that about Luke? "How the fuck is Luke a JOKE?!" I spit. "Oh what - 'cause he's the smallest lad in the year?" Deano shrugs. "Well … yeah!” But it’s funny, because he actually doesn’t look or sound that convinced. Maybe I just want to believe that no one would think that about Luke, but I can’t help feeling that deep down Deano doesn’t really believe what he’s saying. Still, I'm ready to defend the hell out of Luke, but before I have a chance to respond, the key in the door sounds and Luke walks in with his gym backpack slung over his shoulder. He pauses when he sees us, looking surprised. And now he looks a little uncomfortable. He can obviously sense an atmosphere. Oh God. I hope he can't tell that we were just talking about him. “Hey!” he says, awkwardly. “Alright!” I call from my side of my room, trying to act casually. “Henderson!” Deano says, with a nod. He looks at me and I’m just glaring at him. I feel pissed off, but I can't say anything with Luke here. “You’re wrong!” I say, assertively. Deano looks at Luke awkwardly, then pulls a face at me like he doesn’t care what I think. Even though I think that maybe he does. And that he knows he went too far with what he said about Luke. “ARRGGHH!!” I cry once Deano has finally gone. “What was all that about?” Luke asks. He looks slightly nervous. Fuck. I can’t tell Luke what Deano just said. I know it will bother him to know that a fellow Montgomery student called him a “joke”. Even though I’m still not convinced that Deano really thinks that. So why did he say it? To get a reaction out of me? And even so - what the hell does me hanging around with Luke have to do with how serious I take bodybuilding? I should have asked Deano who exactly I should be hanging around with? Him and Shaun maybe? And why the hell does Deano care who I hang around with anyway? ARGH! The more I think about it, the more I find myself getting worked up over it. I climb onto Luke’s bed and crawl to where he’s now sitting and immediately find myself feeling better. “It was nothing,” I tell Luke as I get to him, wrap an arm around his legs and rest my head in his lap, “just … Deano being his usual twat faced self!" When I wake up a few mornings later in Luke’s bed, this wave of relief washes over me. “Oh my God!” I announce, holding my arms up dramatically. My cute little Luke looks at me from his pillow, confused and smiling. “What?!” “It’s Saturday. No fucking training with Deano today! Woo-HOO!” Luke laughs at me. I wrap my arm around him under the duvet and push my body against his. “Mmmm!” I say, my face just an inch from his. “Whatever you wanna today, let’s do it!” Luke furrows his eyebrows at me and smirks. “I’m serious! We can go to Glasgow again. Or … we can have a Harry Potter marathon. Whatever you wanna do!” I say, giving him a little squeeze. Luke looks at my chest, his mouth curling into this mischievous little smirk. “Actually, there is … one thing I’d quite like to do. It’s a bit weird though!” “I can do weird!” Luke bites his bottom lip. “Can I … watch you draw something?” I laugh and roll my eyes. “Luke Richard Hugo Henderson … wait - what IS your middle name?” Luke’s mouth curls into a mischievous smirk. “I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that!” I smile back, confused but excited. “It’s not Cuthbert is it?” Luke laughs. “It’s the same as my dad’s name.” “So what was your dad called?” Luke smirks and shrugs. “Dean!” “Oh for fuck’s sake!” I say, laughing. A little while later and I’m showered and dressed and sitting back on Luke’s bed with my sketchbook and pencils. He's sitting next to me in his black framed glasses and geeky white Ghostbusters t-shirt. I feel oddly nervous. I guess it’s because I’ve never drawn in front of anyone before. I never really imagined that anyone would ask. “I’m not drawing you naked, by the way!” Luke gasps. “We could reenact that scene from Titanic!” I laugh and shake my head. “Hmmm. I’ve got a better idea.” I reach for my phone, load up the camera app and I hold it out in front of us. Luke looks at me confused but smirking. “Look into the camera!” I order. He obeys and then I kiss Luke on the cheek and capture the moment with my phone. He gives me a cute, coy grin as I show him the picture. He grips my arm and buries his face into my shoulder, grinning happily. “Okay, this might not be the most exciting thing to watch!” I warn him. He shrugs and gives me a loving smile. “Well, just … let me know if you get bored!” But he doesn’t. He sits and watches as I sketch away with his face gently resting on my shoulder. “So … what was your first impression of me?” Luke asks as I'm almost finished. Woah. My stomach suddenly tightens at that question. "Where did that come from?" I say, glancing over at him. Luke doesn't respond. He just shrugs into my shoulder. I keep it casual and shrug. “Hmmm. Wannabe physique competitor!” I look over at him and he’s rolling his eyes and smirking. “I'm being serious!” Fuck. My stomach clenches again. “Does it matter?” Luke pulls a face and shrugs again. Clearly it does matter. I sigh. “Honestly, I ... thought you were kinda small. You know. For a Montgomery student!” Luke nods into my shoulder. I can tell my reply has bothered him a little. “But … then I started noticing things!” Luke's suddenly smiling and my heart flutters. “Like ... your dimples!” I confess, as I'm still sketching away. Luke smiles and those very dimples appear. “And your eyes. And your cute little calves. And your hot fucking arse!” Luke’s practically beaming now. “Oh - and your freakishly small feet.” Luke pulls his face away from my shoulder looking surprised. “What? They’re not … that small!” he says, suddenly looking down to inspect his feet in the green and white stripy socks he’s wearing today. “I’m, like, a size eight!” I laugh. “That’s tiny! Okay, let me rephrase that. Your adorably small feet!” Luke narrows his eyes at me, but he's smirking like crazy. “Okay … I think I’ve finished!” I announce a little while later. I drop my arm and Luke grips on to it as we both look at the picture. There on the page is a side view of me kissing the cheek of the cutest boy. Black framed glasses. A little smile. Adorable dimples. It's unmistakably Luke. “I love it!” he says, looking at me lovingly and making my chest expand. I put my pencil in the page of the sketchbook and set it down on Luke’s bedside table. Then I lie down on his bed and he whips off his glasses and follows suit, curling my arm around his waist and pressing my body against his. I lean in and kiss Luke, his head now next to mine on his pillow. I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be right now. Or anyone else I'd rather be with. Luke looks at my chest. I don’t know why, but he suddenly seems a little nervous. “So … Johnny approved the training plan you gave me!” And now I know why. FUCK. My insides suddenly clench. We haven’t discussed the training plan I did for Luke, or anything to do with my deal with Johnny to mentor him since he found that page in my notebook last weekend and I confessed to everything. “Oh right!” I say, suddenly feeling nervous. I knew we’d have to discuss this again at some point. I just didn’t think that that time would be now. “You still wanna use it?” I ask warily. Luke shrugs. “Yeah!” he says, softly. I nod at him. I guess that kind of makes sense. But now I’m suddenly remembering what happened last weekend when Luke found what I’d written in my notebook. How hurt he was when he found out about my deal with Johnny. “I’ve been meaning to say … I’m gonna go to Johnny and tell him the deal’s off.” Luke just looks at me pensively. He bites his bottom lip. “But … then you won’t get your own room next year?” I shrug and give him a little smile. I expect Luke to smile back, but he doesn’t. “Woody,” and then he sighs, “just … don’t do it because you think that’s what I want you to do. Like, I know I was pissed off last weekend but you don’t have anything to prove to me. I mean, not anymore!” And then his mouth does curl into a little smile. And now I’m smiling back. “And I know you struggle with the roommate thing. I mean, yeah I like sharing with you, but … well, who here wouldn’t want their own room?” I swallow hard. I don’t really know what to say. I honestly haven’t thought about having my own room for weeks. I thought that was what I wanted. I mean, it was what I had for a while, after my old roommate Craig left and before Luke came along. But was I happy by myself? God no. In fact, I was miserable. And I was lonely. God! I was so fucking lonely. “And, you know … if you got your own room, I’d still come round!” That makes me smile. I cant believe how sweet and understanding Luke’s being about this. Especially after what I wrote in that fucking notebook. “To watch Harry Potter?” I joke. Luke beams at me, dimples in full fucking force. “Of course!” “You know that means you’d get a new roommate though, right?” Luke pulls an eeeek face and looks at my chest. Something flickers in his expression. I’m getting the feeling that Luke very much doesn’t want to share a room with someone else. Which makes what he’s doing here even fucking sweeter. I gasp. “What if you had to share with Deano?” “Don’t even joke about that!” he says. “Hmmm. Although …” I pull my face back sharply. “What?!” “Well he does have one redeeming feature!” Luke replies, smirking. I feel a sharp pang of nerves and I don’t know why. “He does?! Are we talking about the same Deano?” Luke just smirks and rolls his eyes, like I’m supposed to know what he’s talking about. I mean, I guess physically speaking, Deano has some not completely unattractive qualities. There’s the wonky shaped abs and the impressively thick pecs. And those big round shoulders. And yeah - if you’re into that sort of bad boy, twat faced look, I guess he could be seen as being kind of hot. I just didn’t think Luke would fit him attractive. Maybe it’s the chubby cheeks. Or the trendy, slicked back hair. “I have no idea what you’re talking about!” I say, playing ignorant. “His arse!” I immediately screw my face up. “Oh come on, Woody. You can’t tell me you haven’t noticed!” Of course I fucking have. How could anyone not notice Deano’s big, round bubble butt which blows out of his always boring, never shiny posing trunks? “Okay!” I say, rolling me eyes. “I suppose Deano does have a pretty good arse. But … it’s Deano’s! I mean, just the fact that it’s his completely cancels out the hotness!” Luke pulls a face and shrugs. “Hmmm. I guess. It’s still a fantastic arse though!” For some reason my stomach clenches. I look down at Luke’s chest. I’m finding it hard to smile right now. When I look up, Luke’s studying my face with an ominous smirk. “Woody, are you … jealous?” Fuck! I pull a face and roll my eyes. “No!” I scoff. But I think I actually am. God I’m ridiculous. But Luke doesn’t seem to care. In fact, he seems to be enjoying it. He’s got this smug smirk on his face. “Well it wouldn’t be the first time!” “What do you mean?!” I cry, my voice sounding oddly high pitched. Luke laughs. “Well, why else would you tell that Max guy I had a boyfriend?” Fuck. He’s got me. I shrug, suddenly feeling sheepish. “Not my finest moment!” I confess. But Luke just continues to smile at me lovingly. “Hey. I’m sorry!” I say, squeezing him. “You know … about the deal I made with Johnny.” My chest suddenly tightens. “And for that stuff I wrote in my notebook.” Something serious flickers across Luke’s expression. He gives me a little nod and looks down at my chest. And now I’m suddenly remembering how hurt he looked last weekend. I never want to see that expression on Luke’s face again. “And I meant what I said last weekend. All that time we were hanging out, I was never pretending. I mean, I thought that I might have to at first. You know, pretend to like you, or whatever. But … it turns out I didn’t! I really didn’t!” Luke’s mouth curls into a cute little smile. “Even when I was sitting on your bed for the first time and we were talking about Tommy Foster …” I shrug, “I liked it!” He looks at me with those gorgeous blue eyes, no longer hidden under his glasses. I can tell he knows that I’m being honest with him. That I’m speaking the truth. “And I don’t know why I wrote that thing in my notebook. Kill me now,” I roll my eyes at my own stupidity. “Maybe I was just trying to kid myself!” Luke furrows his eyebrows in confusion. “Kid yourself how?” Fuck. My stomach twists sharply. I breathe a deep sigh. “I think … before you, I sort of convinced myself that, I dunno ... I didn’t need anyone. Here at Montgomery. Like, I was perfectly fine here all by myself!” Luke’s just looking at me, like he’s studying my face. “You didn’t need to be alone though, Woody!” I swallow hard. “But I was.” Luke brings his face closer to mine and kisses me. And now he's just looking at me. And it feels like we’re not holding each other, but he’s holding me. I feel vulnerable, which usually I’d hate. But for some reason, in this moment at least, I actually don’t mind it. I really don’t mind it all. “You know, I have this theory,” Luke says. “I think maybe when Johnny asked you to mentor me, he was trying to help you out too. I think ... maybe he was kinda hoping you’d make a decent friend here?” I look down at Luke’s chest and nod. I’ve kind of had the same thought. “I mean, we probably should be thanking Johnny!” I look up at him and smile. “And I reckon we would have become friends anyway!” he says. “Once you’d stopped sulking about having a new roommate and insulting me every five minutes!” “There’s nothing wrong with being a wannabe physique competitor, Luke!” He smirks and rolls his eyes. “Do you think we would have … ended up doing this?” I ask him. He pulls a face. “At the rate you were going?” I laugh. “What do you mean?” Luke gives me a look. “Erm … how long did it take for you to tell me that you liked me? I mean, I had to kiss you for fuck’s sake!” I smirk and give him a little squeeze. I’m not sure how Luke would feel if he knew how freaked out I was about liking him. And how scared I was at the prospect of acting on my feelings. I wonder if he’d be put off by that. I guess he doesn’t really need to know. “You know … I actually tried not to like you!” Luke says. What the fuck? I pull my head back. “How come?” Luke shrugs and looks at my chest. “Luke?!” He sighs. “I just didn’t think anything was going to happen between us, that’s all!” he says, a little sheepishly. “I mean, I didn’t think you would ever like me back!” I shake my head at him. “Why not?” He looks at me like it’s obvious. “Well I’m not exactly Blaine Holton am I?” I screw my face up. “Who here is?!” “Or … that gay Welsh bodybuilder you met!” he says, rolling his eyes. I suddenly remember showing him James Newman’s Instagram profile on my phone. How he was clearly bothered about something. And now I know what. I can’t help smirking at that realisation. I bite down on my lip to try and hide it. “No. You’re so much cuter. And what we did the other day after I’d come back from the gym? Oh my GOD! That was sooo much hotter than anything I did with him!” And now he’s just beaming at me. The cutest fucking smile. “I guess … I just didn’t wanna be obsessing over someone who wasn’t going to like me back!” I know what Luke’s really saying. That he didn’t want to get hurt. And suddenly I’m remembering what that prick Leonard said to me last weekend in Bristol. That Luke’s too nice for me. That I’ll end up screwing him over. And my stomach suddenly tightens like a vice. “And … even when I thought that maybe you might like me, I couldn’t help thinking, like, is it just cause I’m the only other gay guy here? Would you still like me if more guys here at Montgomery were gay?” “Oh my God! Luke!” I shake my head. “Do you know how many guys I met back home? And yeah, some of them were nice, but … the way I feel about you ...” I don’t say any more. I don’t really feel like I need to. I just lean in and kiss him, while squeezing his back. My feet brushing against his adorable size eights. And a single, clear thought comes to me in that moment. That I never want to hurt Luke (my gorgeous little Luke) again.
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    Chapter 7 Principal Dixon climbed into is car and rested his head on the steering wheel, his mind racing with images of Jacob’s incredibility massive body destroying that huge tree stump and then squatting with it like it was a broom handle. Never in his life had he seen someone so young, so strong, so massive. He looked down at the huge cum stain on the front of his jeans and felt horrified that one of his students has caused that. He was also acutely aware that he was already hard again as he relived the incident in his head. He spent a few minutes trying to clam himself down before deciding what he should do next. ———————— Mark had the heavy bar draped over his huge shoulders. The 4 45lb plates on either side raddled as he secured his footing. Scott stood behind him, ready to offer assistance even though he knew Mark wold not need any. With a low grunt, Mark lowered the weight for what would be his sixth set of brutal squats. His 31” quads looked far larger now that they were pumped to their maximum. At the bottom of the rep he took a moment to marvel at how the thick slabs of muscle pressed against each other. With little effort he lifted the weight back up to the starting position. His rhythm increased and a few seconds later was finishing rep 15 before slamming the weight down. He stepped out of the squat rack and pounded his blood-engorged quads with his fists. Their entire surface was purple from the intense workout they were undergoing. Mark started to flex each quad individually. Holding each pose until his muscles started to cramp. Scott moved closer and started to run his hands over the dense, sweaty muscles. Both guys focused all their attention on admiring the increased size and definition. Their admiration was interrupted when the door to the gym flew open and Jason stumbled in and fell to the floor sobbing. “Jason!” Mark and Scott ran over to their friend. They helped up to sitting position as he continued to sob and mumble incoherently. Mark and Scott could see dirt covering Jason’s clothes and they could also the drying cum stain on the from of his shorts. Eventually, Jason calmed down enough to relay what had happened to him in the woods at the hands of Jacob and Nathan. Hearing Nathan was there with Jacob and took part in his torment of Jason send Mark into a rage. He started stomping around the gym, knocking over dumbbells, kicking the various machines and benches and even punched the wall a few times. Scott remained with Jason, wrapping his growing arm around his friend while watching Mark with increased worry. Mark marched over to the bar he was just squatting loaded with 405lbs and placed his body under it but instead of positioning the bar across his shoulders, he gripped it from the front. Scott and Jason shot each other a look of shock as Mark started to press the heavy bar over his head. His whole body shook both from anger and from the seemingly impossible weight he was trying to lift. With a look of scary determination, Mark managed to extended his arms above his head. He let out a loud roar of pride as his lowered the bar again. He shifted his feet and started to press the bar again. It moved slower than the first rep but he someone managed to complete the lift. “GEAR!” He managed to say through gritted teeth. Scott ran to grab a fresh syringe and starting prepping the needle. “THREE!” Mark said. Scott hesitated but one look at Mark’s face told him this wasn’t the time to argue. He grabbed three needles and approached Marks shaking body. He injected all three doses into Mark’s right ass cheek. He looked up to see his friend’s eyes roll back in his head for a few seconds before refocusing on holding the bar over his head. Suddenly a transformation came over Mark. He lowered the weight and started pressing it again without a moment’s rest. He started to scream like a rabid animal as he started moving the bar at incredible speed. His shoulders looked they had expanded to triple their former size. After 12 perfect reps Mark slammed the weight down and turned to face his to friends. His entire body had ballooned to super heavyweight bodybuilder size. He looked around the room like a lion searching for prey. Not only was this a home gym, it was also his parent’s three car garage. While he had taken up two of the spaces with his abundance of gym equipment, his mother’s car was parked in the remaining spot. His eyes settled on that side of the garage. He lumbered towards her car and stood behind the rear bumper. Scott and Jason hurried to get a closer look as Mark bent down and wrapped his hands around the bumper, adjusted his footing and started to stand up. He let out another loud scream as his whole body flexed. His back erupted with newfound piles of mass. Striations appeared over every inch of his skin. Thick veins crept to the surface. Mark’s traps budged and swelled to eclipse his thick neck. Even though his shorts, deep cuts appeared on his flexed glutes. His hamstrings became a mass of twisted muscle cables that visibly grew bigger by the second. The back of the car started to rise. When the suspension had risen to its maximum, Mark dug his feet in and continued to lift. Scott and Jason started cheering when the back tires left the floor. The back-end of the car continued to rise as Mark reached his full height. He let out a triumphant roar as he held it off the ground for a few sounds and let it fall back down. Mark turned to his two friends and hit a gruesome most muscular pose. His whole body inflated with new muscle that made both guys feel tiny and weak. Scott and Jason couldn’t resist rushing over to Mark to worship his titanic body. All three of them were stroking their cocks. It was suddenly obvious to Scott and Jason that any hope they had in defending themselves against Jacob laid with helping Mark become even bigger and more powerful. Mark sensed this shift too. He turned and grabbed Jason by his waist and easily lifted him off the ground. Just before Jason released a huge load of cum, Mark placed his throbbing cock in his mouth. He guzzled every drop before letting Jason go and doing the same to Scott. After swallowing both huge loads, Mark wiped his mouth and nearly collapsed on a nearby weight bench. “I need all the protein I can get from now on.” “Take mine too” The three guys spun to look at the side door of the garage. There stood Principal Dixon with an obvious erection threatening to tear through his tight jeans. He approached the group while unzipping his pants. Without hesitation, he grabbed Mark’s thick neck and placed his mouth over his rock-hard cock. He only had to place his hands on Mark’s bloated traps before he was unloading his load. A flood of fresh cum flowed into Mark body. He leaned back and looked up at his principal. “I saw what happened in the woods. Jacob is out of control and Mark; you are the only one that can stop him.” The three friends stood and welcomed Principal Dixon into their group. It was obvious that Principal Dixon (or just Dixon he insisted on from now on) knew his way around a weight room and his knowledge would be a valuable tool in Mark’s development. His added supply of cum would also be beneficial as Mark could suddenly attest to. He scanned the room for his next exercise as the powerful side effects started to flood his gear-filled system. ———————— Jacob sat across from Nathan at the diner they stopped at after leaving the woods. Jacob was starving and had just ordered half the dishes on the menu. “Are you ok about helping me fuck over your friends?” He asked. “It doesn’t matter to me anymore. Seeing you destroy and the lift that huge tree was worth it. I can’t believe how massive you’re getting. All I want is to see just how huge you can get.” Nathan said. Jacob smiled and sat back in his seat. He was sitting in a booth designed to accommodate two to three people but he occupied almost all of it. His shoulders were so wide his head looked tiny by comparison. His thick traps and neck only made the contrast more extreme. He had rolled up the billowy sleeves of his tent-like hoodie exposing his vascular forearms. Nathan couldn’t look way and his eyes traced the countless veins that criss-crossed the enormous muscles. Jacob purposely rolled his wrists causing the muscles to swell and morph into even more grotesque shapes. The waitress arrived with her arms full of different plates, piled high with food. A second staff member followed with even more. When the entire table was covered with dishes she made a joke about how many other people were joining them. “That all just for him.” Nathan said and motioned towards Jacob. The waitress laughed like it was the best joke she had heard all day but suddenly got serious when she saw Jacob start to devour the food. A look of disgust came over her face as he started stuffing hand fulls of food into his mouth. She hurried away and retreated to the kitchen. Nathan chucked and started to move full plates closer to Jacob as he finished plate after plate. It was five minutes later when the first tearing sound could be heard coming from his side of the booth. Nathan saw a spot of bare shoulder become exposed as the seam split. He licked his lips as his saw Jacob’s body swelling with each mouthful of food he consumed. A second tear appeared on Jacob’s left bicep as he continued to stuff his face. “How big is that hoodie?” Nathan asked. “4XL” Jacob muttered between bites. “Fuck” Was all Nathan could say as he continued to watch Jacob eat. Ten minutes passed and Jacob’s left bicep had become completely exposed. There was another tearing sound but Nathan couldn’t see any additional flesh. He concluded that one of Jacob’s lats must have torn though out of sight. After five more minutes, all the plates were practically spotless. Jacob had beads of sweat on his forehead when he laid back and placed his hand on his abs. He rested for a minute before leaned forward. “Ready for another show?” He asked Nathan. Nathan just bit his lip in anticipation. Jacob slowly started to slide his hand together on the top of the table. As his did so, Nathan could see him starting to flex. The remaining excess fabric from the once loose shirt stretched tight across Jacob’s upper body. The existing tears opened wider as more appeared in other areas. When Jacob’s hands met he applied even more pressure and flexed harder. Suddenly Jacob’s entire shoulder became exposed as the hoodie could no longer contain his food-fuelled expansion. There was a loud crash as the waitress made the mistake of looking in Jacob’s direction while carrying a tray full of food. She let out a scream as more fabric fell away from Jacob’s hulking frame. The other restaurant customers followed the waitresses’ stare and became equally disturbed by the sight. Jacob winked at Nathan and turned and slid out of the booth. He turned to face the crowd and with one more flex, caused the remaining scraps of fabric to fall away, exposing his naked torso completely. He heard more screams and gasps as he relaxed the pose. Not wasting any time he raised his bloated arms over his head and placed his fists behind his bull neck. He flexed his arms that now resembled two Thanksgiving turkeys on either side of his head. His ridiculously wide lats jutted out from his sides so far they resembled airplane wings wrapped in skin. Jacob slowly exhaled as he flexed his softball-sized abdominal muscles. Even with his arms above his head, Jacob was still able to flex his massive pecs, sending deep striations shooting across the hard flesh. Not allowing his incredible upper body to outshine his lower half, Jacob placed his feet together and flexed his quads and calves. He felt his shorts rise up between the nonexistent gap between his quads.Once fully flexed, Jacob slowly pivoted his body back and forth so the whole diner could see every unfathomably defined muscle. “FUCK that was a good meal.” He said while twisting his body to show off his razor-sharpe oblique muscles. Veins snaked from his hip, up his abs and over his lats before wrapping behind to his back. “I hope it doesn’t make me fat.” He said with a chuckle. Jacob finally dropped the pose and as he and Nathan walked towards the door, the customer got a close-up look at his outrageously developed body. A few covered their mouths to stifle either a scream or vomit while others had tears running down their faces. Nathan saw two guys near the back covering their obvious hard-ons. Once outside a shirtless Jacob walked across the diner parking lot. Nathan turned to see a car slam into the back of a parked car as the driver stared at Jacob’s massive body. Across the street a mother leaned down, scooped up her young child and ran towards her parked car. “This is going to be a fun walk home” Nathan said as his ran his hand over Jacob’s mountain range-like back.
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    Chapter 1 is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/18685-descent-into-growth-part-1/ Descent into growth Part 2 You reclined on the training bench, sweating profusely and pushing the dumbbells above you in a dumbbell press exercise. You weren't devoted to the gym the way Nate was, or even the way Mr. Vanderwesthuisen obviously was, but since your move to Mr. Vanderwesthuisen's island you had returned to your hobby from university days, exercising at least two times a week – three times some weeks. Anger boiled inside you: A wave of heat causing your body to shudder, and you let it out through the exercise, pressing the dumbbells upwards, controlling their weight on their way down. You were the one responsible for research. You were the one responsible for the health and safety of Nate. You were the one responsible for the health and safety of everyone at the compound if the lab equipment ever malfunctioned. But Mr. Vanderwesthuisen had been tampering with the Lab in subtle ways, and less subtle, without consulting you. The interior lighting inside the Test Chamber was a minor matter, and rather childish, but when Mr. Vanderwesthuisen's engineers visited the Lab, and installed the unknown equipment, you had had an argument with your employer. "You are not the only expert I have employed, Doc. You don't need to know his name, but an expert in subliminals has designed this sound equipment and the program attached. It can't hurt, to program the test subject's mind just as his body." "I would prefer to keep each of these experiments separate. This opens up for unexpected consequences." "And I prefer to keep these experiments together. Remember who you are talking to. I appreciate your knowledge and your work, but it is my money and my project. I can't wait to see what will happen to young Nate." And then there was the recruitment of little Rob. You had mentioned the need for a lab assistant, but you had expected to interview the candidates and pick the most suitable one. Mr. Vanderwesthuisen had other ideas: One day little Rob was suddenly there, picked by Mr. Vanderwesthuisen, and there wasn't anything you could do to change that fact. You could feel your anger abate, or rather transmute into control of the weights ... transmute into blood rushing to your chest muscles, making them hard – The Pecs as Nate used to say. In control of the weights. The weights causing your chest to work. The exercise caused anger to be replaced by serenity and the feeling of being bodily present. Present. At peace. * * * It would have been unwise to take your frustration out on little Rob. Whatever he lacked in experience, your lab assistant compensated in kindness and helpfulness. Rob was just out of university after a Bachelor in biochemistry (You would have preferred someone with a Masters or a Doctorate), so he was very young. There was a hint of pudginess under Rob's t-shirt, but he lacked the stoutness that sometimes came with pudginess: His arms were scrawny, and his shoulders were narrow. Kindness shone in his blue eyes, and his platinum blond hair was styled in some modern manner. "We will use blood samples from normal men for comparison, and the test subject's blood samples will be tested regularly before, during and after each stage of the project." "Normal men?" "In order to keep it simple, we could take blood samples of each other once a week, and put them in this refrigerator. It could also be a good safety precaution, in case the equipment would begin to leak power or radiation, which it shouldn't." "That would be dangerous, wouldn't it?" "Not in small amounts, but it would be dangerous to expose unprepared organisms to higher amounts. Without the serum, an organism would react unpredictably to the treatment." "Would the serum be enough to cause a change?" "The serum alone would cause someone dedicated to physical exercise to increase the outcome of his exercise over the time of 6-12 months, but the idea is, to combine the serum, the DNA-altering virus, the morphogenetic fields, the anabolic radiation and the hypertrophic power. And the gas, of course." "The gas?" "In the past, test subjects had to float in a certain solution, but there were complications because of that, and – I think – two cases of drowning. The illegal equipment, that circulates under the radar, doesn't fill the chamber with anything at all, and that might be one of the reasons why the illegal equipment backfires so often. By filling the chamber with a mix of oxygen and a hormone-stimulating gas, we will give the hypertrophic power a medium through which to transmit to the test subject, but we have removed the risk of drowning. Anabolic radiation doesn't need any medium, of course." Nate entered the Lab. "Oh, Nate. The day before the big experiment! How do you feel?" "Good. I have recovered from that virus you pumped into me a few days ago. I'm eating again. Couldn't stomach anything while I lay sick." "Yes, I'm sorry for that, but the virus is the carrier of the enhanced DNA. From now on, your DNA will be engineered to produce more muscles and higher levels of hormones." "I feel hornier than usual. Is that normal?" "You probably produce higher levels of testosterone now. We'll see. Time for your blood sample, again." Little Rob took several test tubes of blood from Nate. "One of these samples will be used in order to produce a highly customised version of the serum, uniquely tailored to your individual DNA. We do it in the machine over there." You waved in the direction of a workbench with equipment. "Nervous?" Nates brown eyes didn't look nervous. Rather, they sparked of enthusiasm. "I wouldn't call it nervous. I trust your work, Doc. Your work and Rob, here. And Mr. Vanderwesthuisen. But I look forward to it. When Mr. Vanderwesthuisen first told me about the possibilities ... I couldn't believe it was true. I'm good at MMA in my own weight-class, but I always felt too small. If I could become bigger, perhaps taller, I could take up Strongman competitions instead. I ... I look forward to the big experiment." You noticed how little Rob's glance moved to Nate's tracksuit bottoms. The talk about the experiment obviously caused Nate to tent inside the tracksuit. * * * To be continued.
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    Descent into growth Part 1 You lifted the receiver from the old-fashioned stationary telephone. Not all equipment on the island had been updated. Your legs were shaky after the flu, and you felt exhausted. You dialed 112. Silence. "Hello? Anyone there? Can anyone hear me?" You felt a BIG warm presence behind you, and a BIG powerful hand pulled the receiver out of your hand, restoring it to its place, while a deep voice – a both pleasantly and threateningly deep voice – growled behind you: "What did I say about contacting authorities? Remember, I pay your rent, but don't worry: Welcome back from the sickbed. You are needed in the Lab." You turned around. It was him, and he was bigger now. * * * It had been a bad time for you and your colleagues specialising in the field of research about anabolic radiation, hypertrophic power, alteration of DNA and related areas. Although the unfinished versions of the treatments had been put to good use by international armed forces in repulsing the space invasion a few years ago, in peacetime the governments of the world had found the process "unreliable, potentially dangerous and in breach of ethical standards", as one of the official reports put it. A series of hushed-down, unfortunate (and, in some cases, horrifying) accidents had dotted any attempts to re-activate research in the field. Not even the potential of improving the conditions of patients suffering from muscular dystrophy could convince the international consensus, that research ought to be re-activated in a careful and benevolent way. You had got your degree, you had got an area of expertise, but you had not got any lasting employment within your field. When Mr. Vanderwesthuisen contacted you, it had seemed like a godsend. "I've heard, that you are knowledgeable in a rare interdisciplinary field, combining physics and medicine, is that correct?" The man was affluent, and seemed to expect his coworkers to obey him. That will always have a certain effect on a man's behaviour and charisma. It would have been difficult to say no to Mr. Vanderwesthuisen, but since he offered you money and a legal way to undertake what you liked to do – research – you had no reasons to contravene him. One week later, you found yourself in luxurious living quarters at a private island outside the territorial waters of any sovereign country. Under your supervision, a very expensive lab-equipment was assembled, but all the tedious business with the – not entirely legal – acquisition of the components and biochemicals involved was taken care of by your new employer. Mr. Vanderwesthuisen visited you once a month, in order to follow your experiments. * * * After sixteen months, you were ready to switch from lab animals to human test-subjects, but just barely. The dining room was as luxurious as the rest of the complex. The air conditioner worked hard to keep the indoors climate refreshing, and, by the look of Mr. Vanderwesthuisen's and the newcomer's tan, it seemed like they had spent their first hours on the island outdoors on the beach. You were an ill-matched trio: Mr. Vanderwesthuisen was wearing an expensive suit and tie. You were in a habit of dressing formally when needed, but dressing down at your leisure time. The newcomer seemed to be considerably younger than Mr. Vanderwesthuisen, probably between the age of 20 and 30, and he was wearing trainers, Adidas tracksuit bottoms and a tight elastic t-shirt with the logo of Under Armour. He had kept his cap on his head, the peak turned backwards, but this ostentatious disregard of table manners didn't seem to disturb your employer at all. "Doc, meet Nate. Nate, this is Doc. I expect both of you to help each other's talents to blossom." You shook Nate's hand, and, although he was shorter than you, his firm handshake caused you some pain. Nate was short, but very wiry. His Under Armour-shirt revealed the outline of his chest and abdomen. With a commanding gesture, Mr. Vanderwesthuisen invited you to the table. The three of you took your seats. "As you will probably hear from himself soon, Nate is practicing Mixed Martial Arts, but decided to join our little project. Doc is an expert on the lamentably suppressed research on hypertrophic power. I pay him to not suppress it anymore." Nate's face shone up in youthful enthusiasm and curiosity: "Is it true what they say, that science actually know how to grow men's muscles into Hulk-size?" "I wouldn't compare reality to fiction ...", you began, but Nate continued his trail of thought: "Have you heard the rumours, that some criminals, bodybuilders and strongmen have got their hands on secret equipment, that turned them MASSIVE? Is it true?" You turned your head to face Mr. Vanderwesthuisen: "What am I allowed to say?" Mr. Vanderwesthuisen smiled inscrutably, swallowed a forkful of fish, and answered: "You asked for a human test subject. Nate hasn't formally signed any contract, yet, but he has been very enthusiastic about the possibilities. Tell him everything you deem suitable." That was fast. You had briefly mentioned human test-subjects to you employer, but, for the sake of safety, you would take your time, until the time was ripe. "Well, ehr, Nate, do you mind if I call you Nate? Illegal beta-test equipment from an earlier stage of research is circulating. That sort of equipment is unreliable, and has caused unpredictable results like death, deformity or insanity among some of those who dared to try it out. Some did grow: You might have heard exaggerated accounts about those who were lucky. There is a reason, why the research was put to a halt. The equipment I use has been adjusted, and it is built from tested high-quality components. Our Lab only use lab-grade high-quality chemicals, so most of the dangers have been minimized. We will probably be ready to begin experiments on you within a month." Mr. Vanderwesthuisen's face changed expression: "I was under the assumption, that we could begin earlier than that?" "Well, there are some safety precautions ..." He cut you in the middle of your sentence: "Nonsense. I have read your reports. The equipment is ready. You are ready. Nate is surely ready, aren't you, Nate?" Nate's cheeks were blushing for some reason: "To hulk out? Yeah, I'm ready to hulk out, Mr. Vanderwesthuisen, just as you told me. Promise me, that you will cause me to hulk out, Doc!" * * * Part 2 is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/18694-descent-into-growth-part-2/
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    The Muscle Sandwich: Part 5 “Look at this dirty little cum rag,” Ox chuckled to Colt. There I was - covered from head to toe in Ox’s cum, straddling his huge 32” bicep, and completely spent from the overstimulation of his flexing arm to my body. I was still recovering from the ‘bucking bronco’ where Ox had placed my little frame on his huge bicep and took me for a ride. Only an hour into my weekend sexcapade with Ox and Colt and I was unsure if I was going to be able to last the night let alone the weekend. “He’ll need a deep cleaning,” Colt replied. “Good thing we have two washboards to clean up the little squirt.” “Sir?” I half mumbled to Ox and Colt. “Do you think we could take a little break? I don’t know if my body can handle more right now.” Ox reached down with his free arm and plucked me off his bicep. He readjusted his grip so both of his large hands were underneath my armpits, holding me about a foot off the ground. I looked up into his big brown eyes and watched them narrow. “Runt, look at these arms.” He gestured with his head down to his two large biceps. They were somewhat flexed in this position but they were still easily 4 times the size of mine. Snaked with veins, coursing with power. They had a bit of a pump from all the flexing and there was a small sheen in the crook of the the one where I had cum. I looked at both arms and then looked back up at Ox. “These arms dictate the course of this weekend. Don’t you remember our little talk or has all this muscle overwhelmed your poor little head. Colt and I own you and there is nothing that you can do about it. I don’t want to hear another peep from you about being too spent this weekend. Do I make myself clear?” Hearing Ox’s expression of domination in words started to spur new life in my tiny, spent cock. I nodded my head towards my new master and replied “Yes, sir”. Ox smiled and looked down. “Hmm and it would seem that this little guy can’t get enough of our herculean bodies, can he?” “No, Sir,” I replied in a submissive tone. “Does Alex’s little cock like it when we talk about our big, muscular bodies? Does he like it when he’s rubbed all over our muscles?” Ox asked. And with that he brought my body a little closer with his arms until my cock was level of his ripped midsection. I gasped as my cock was once again in contact with this God of muscle. He then started tracing the outline of his brick-like abs with my still recovering cock. He gently moved my body with complete control, brick by brick of ab and my cock left a trail of pre-cum, like a snail moving along a large redwood. Methodically, he would proceed to the next ab and my cock would accommodate the bulge of muscle until it landed in the next groove of muscle. “Now,” said Ox. And just to emphasize his point he moved my cock to the next row of abs –BUMP. I let out a soft moan as my now rock hard dick was completely in his control. “You” BUMP – another move back up the brick wall of abs. “Need” BUMP “Cleaning.” Ox easily lifted my body up and slung me over his cannonball shoulder. “C’mon Colt, we have work to do. We’re going to make little Alex’s muscle dreams come true.” Ox brought me to the large ensuite washroom with Colt in pursuit. I caught a glimpse of the naked Adonis catching up to Ox and me, huge muscle quads rolling one after the other, walking with a sense of purpose, large pecs bouncing under the weight of each footfall. I couldn’t help but think how I had struck the muscle lottery. Luckily, my ensuite washroom was quite large with an oversized shower stall, large floor to ceiling windows, and one large mirror stretching over the double sink vanity. Ox brought me to the middle of the washroom and stood me up on the vanity. Even with the added 3’ from the vanity, my just over 5’ cum covered body was still well under the 9’ ceilings, a laughable sight. Then I noticed the huge figures move into the reflection behind me. I couldn’t help but let out a ‘fuck me’ under my breath. Behind me, Colt and Ox completely dominated my field of view. Their towering muscular bodies on either side of my slender frame really set the stage for the massive size difference. Even though I was slightly taller than them with the added boost from the vanity, it did little to increase my stature. I watched Colt bring his hands down to his cock and heave it up which again looking especially huge when compared to my lean thighs. My mouth dropped open when Colt demonstrated the girth of his cock when he smacked the club in his free hand. I couldn’t believe that I had taken something so big up my tight virgin [inserting a space here] hole. Ox, not to be outdone, brought his arms up in a front double bicep pose and my mouth opened even further. The 32” arms, snaked with veins and rippling with muscle, were larger than my waist. These were the same arms which had milked the cum right out of my cock by taking my body on a wild ride. “Tell me Alex,” Colt asked, “What’s one fantasy your muscle worshipping mind always goes to while in the shower?” I instantly knew what he was getting at because I had alluded to this in my initial email to the duo. “I- I want to be used like nothing more than a washcloth by a huge muscle god, sir” I mumbled. I was more than a bit overwhelmed by admitting this to them both out loud. “A pretty tame fantasy if you ask me” Colt said. “Luckily we’ll be able to make it a bit more interesting with the two of us.” Colt winked at me and a large grin crept across my face. “Yes, sir. Whatever you want, my body is yours to use” I replied. “That’s what I like to hear, Squirt!” said Ox, and he quickly snatched me back up and brought me into the shower. As I said, my shower was oversized but it certainly didn’t feel that way with these two behemoths crowding in there with me. There was just enough space for the three of us to fit in comfortably. Luckily I had a rain shower head installed last year which propelled water down from the 9’ ceilings. Within a few minutes the two beasts and I were all thoroughly wet in the steamy shower. Colt reached down, grabbed the bar of soap, and started to lather my body. Ox at the same time moved a bit so as to move me out of the water. The sensual movement of Ox’s large hand lathering up my small frame was enough to bring my little cock to full mast once more. “He’s ready” Colt said to Ox. Once again I was powerless in Ox’s arms as this muscle god manoeuvred my body to Colt’s right quad. The muscle was larger than my entire body and I moaned as I made contact. This large quad was thick with muscle and had the consistency of a warm stone. Colt then flexed his quad and the muscle turned to steel. Ridges from his quad rubbed up against my body as Ox proceeded to rub me over his friend’s leg. I couldn’t help but let myself get lost in the moment, my face pressed hard against the upper part of his quad feeling all this muscle against my body, Ox having complete control over me with his hands at my shoulders and ass. He adjusted his grip which smashed my head further into Colt’s quad. The suds were getting all over and I was being used for a purpose by these two gods. “Be sure to wash between my abs” Colt said to Ox, and he brought my body up so I was face to face with the washboard of my dreams. I let out a long moan as Ox rubbed me over Colt’s body. The sensation to my cock that I had felt earlier on Ox’s abs was multiplied by the force, dexterity, and speed with which Ox was now using my body. Whereas before the action was excruciatingly slow, now Ox had thrown caution to the wind as he mashed my body into Colt’s. Of course, my body being far weaker than Colt’s, I melded into him. Feeling the ridges of his abs rub up and down against me. On the upstroke my head was hitting the overhang of Colt’s large pecs, and on the down stroke my ass was mashed into his into the base of his now rigid cock. Colt flexed his abs hard and the ridges got deeper as his midsection turned to stone. Ox proceeded to pick up the speed and you could now hear audible washboard sounds as my body was rubbed back and forth over the cobblestones. My dick cried out in ecstasy as the soapy suds provided the perfect lubrication for this bumpy ride. “Oh daddy, I love it when you use me!” I exclaimed. I didn’t know where this person was coming from but I couldn’t help but cry out. “Yeah, we know exactly how you like it runt. Your two daddies are going to take care of you.” Ox said. “I think he’s ready for the big finale” Colt said to Ox. As he talked my body rumbled further against his. Ox pulled me off Colt’s body and brought me back into the flow of water. He rinsed off my face, brought his head down to my ear and said, “I want you to see this next part, Squirt.” Colt took the bar of soap and started rubbing it all over his chest, lathering up the heaving pecs. The two pecs dominated my field of view as Colt proceeded to make them bounce once again. Entranced by this vision of this man, I didn’t notice Ox manoeuvring his hand over my ass until his large middle finger popped into my now tight pink hole. I cried out again as Ox proceeded to expertly massage my prostate with his beckoning finger. The rest of his hand surrounded my ass in a comforting grip while his finger entered and exited me. This stimulation made the hair on the back of my neck stand up but Ox wasn't going to let me just enjoy his finger. He brought me back into my Colt’s body and my pelvis was pushed by his finger and the rest of his hand into the cleft between his beautiful pecs. Once again I was back in a state of utter joy as my cock was caught between these two meat balloons. Ox rubbed me up and down as Colt rolled his pecs back and forth. “Fuck daddy.” I cried out. Colt then brought up his hands and embraced my head bringing me in for a kiss. As my head bobbed up and down he matched my motion and kissed me in this muscle embrace. Soft at first but then hard as his tongue overwhelmed my mouth. “You going to come for daddy?” I heard Ox ask behind me. “Mhmm!” I exclaimed. So overwhelmed by this moment, tears running down my face in pure muscle worshipping bliss, with Colt’s tongue dominating mine, my cock caught between his rolling pecs, Ox fucking me with his finger as he completely controlled my body. “I told you Alex, you dirty little muscle slut. We would make your deepest fantasies a reality.” I didn’t think it was possible but Ox increased my pleasure by bringing his own muscle body close with Colt’s, sandwiching me in the middle with the sounds of my moans mixed with the sounds of my body being squished between these two gods. Ox brought his face down to my ear and said one word. One word which I knew my mind, body, and heart would always obey. “Cum.” “Ohhhhhh!” I cried out as the biggest orgasm of my life washed over me. My cum squirted through Colt’s pecs like a volcano which hit us both in the chin. Ox pushed his finger deep into my prostate as I came forcing my cock further into Colt’s muscled pecs and causing my legs to convulse. My orgasms lasted for about a minute as I continued to cum all over Colt’s pecs. I opened my eyes and looked into his as he squeezed my cock for one final volley- making sure to milk me to the last drop. These two godly men had just shown me a reality I wasn’t able to dream of but I couldn’t help but think what would come next.
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    Thirty Two I open my eyes and this feeling of warmth washes over me. The last time I woke up this happy was the morning after me and Luke were together for the first time. And now here is, my boyfriend (my fucking boyfriend!) Luke, lying next to me in his bed with his head resting on his pillow. And it hits me, that I’ll be waking up to this every morning next term, for the rest of my first year at Montgomery University of Bodybuilding & Fitness. And for the whole of my second year too, in what ever dorm room is assigned to us. I’m going to head to see Johnny straight after my Anatomy & Aesthetics lecture with Hancox to tell him that I definitely don’t want the single room he’s managed to secure me. I turn to my side, wrap my arm around Luke’s waist and push my body against his. The corner of his mouth curls into a dreamy grin as I do so. It’s crazy to think about all that time I spent hanging out with Luke where I was dying to kiss him. All those times we were sitting on each other’s beds, hanging out, watching Harry Potter or Johnny Bravo or Dom and bloody Cole, and all I could think about was how badly I wanted to reach out and fucking touch him. All that time I spent fantasising about being able to do just that. And now I get to do all those things. I get to kiss him. I get to touch him any time I want. I get to squash my pecs against his much smaller chest. I get to reach my hand round and cheekily squeeze that insanely cute arse I spent so much time thinking about and picturing spilling out of his shiny blue posing trunks. I get to brush my legs against his meaty little thighs. And (fuck!) feel his huge, hard cock digging into me the way it’s doing right now. “Jesus. Are you ever NOT hard?” I ask Luke, squeezing my body hard against his. “What do you expect?” he says, gripping on to my big upper arm. “My boyfriend’s a fucking bodybuilder!” And suddenly my heart feels like it’s about to fucking burst. Because FUCK - Luke just called me his boyfriend. And now there’s this weird tension. And Luke’s clearly realised what he just said. Because he suddenly looks a little panicked. “Oh shit!” he says. I pull a face. “Boyfriend? I don’t remember saying I was your boyfriend.” And Luke’s face fucking falls. “I just meant -” “Luke! I’m fucking with you!” He narrows his eyes at me like he’s mad. But he’s got this big fucking smirk on his face too. “You dick!” I laugh and squeeze him harder. And now he’s just beaming at me. This loving, dimple showing grin. My boyfriend (my fucking boyfriend!) Luke. “So … what are we gonna do next week?” I ask him, feeling a sudden excitement at the thought of spending the first part of the Easter holidays with Luke. Just me and him in our dorm room. No Deano. No Shaun. No Posing Practice 101. Just me and my gorgeous little Hufflepuff. “Well … we do have four more Harry Potter films to watch!” I laugh and roll my eyes. “We could go to Glasgow again? Maybe make, like, a day of it?” “That could be cool!” Luke says, with an excited smile. “Or … fuck it. Let’s go to Bristol!” “What - so you can abandon me again?” he teases. I smirk and squeeze him. “Oooh! I can see my mate!” “Who?” “Leonard!” Prick faced fucking Leonard. Who said that Luke was too nice for me. Who said it would all end badly if me and Luke got together. Who said I’d end up screwing him over. Why did I listen to that prick? Why did I let him get to me so much? “Anyway, before all that ...” Luke says, a big mischievous smirk now on his face. “What?!” I ask, confused and excited. “I get to see you compete in a bodybuilding show!” he says, biting his bottom lip and giving my arm a squeeze. “You do know it’s not a proper bodybuilding show!” Luke pulls a face. “It’s as good as! You do get tanned up, right?” I nod. “They have tanning tents backstage apparently!” “So I get to see you on stage. Tanned up. Wearing shiny posers!” I can’t stop grinning. I love how excited Luke seems about the whole thing. “Bouncing your pecs in front of the whole uni to ‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’!” he says, playfully rolling his eyes. I laugh in response. Luke gasps. “What colour posers are you gonna wear?” “Hmmm. Haven’t decided yet. Wanna pick for me?” Luke’s eyes widen in excitement. “But NOT -” “The pink ones!” he interrupts. I laugh and give him a squeeze. “So … I was thinking …” Luke begins mysteriously. “After the show …” I smirk and feel a flutter of excitement. “Yeah?” “Maybe we could back here and you could, like, pose for me?” Oh my fucking God YES. “Hmmm. I mean … I’ll probably be pretty tired from the show!” I tease. Luke smirks, rolls his eyes and shakes his head. I bring my face to his and kiss him as he’s still gripping on to my arm. “Mmmm!” I say, as we part lips, my face still close to mine. “So … you wanna see me pose?” “Yeah!” he whispers, his mouth curling. I reach my hand down and wrap my fingers around Luke’s gloriously huge (fuck!) and fully erect cock. He bites his bottom lip and beams in response. “See me flex?” “Yeah!” I squeeze and tug his cock. “Tanned up. Flexing in posers?” Luke lets out a cute little groan as I continue to play with his cock. “Fuck yeah!” “Grunting and groaning like an animal with every fucking pose?” He lets out a little laugh, his eyes closed and a look of pleasure on his face as I continue to tug away. And then I suddenly release my hand and pull my face away. “Hmmm. Like I say, I’ll probably be pretty tired from the show!” Luke stares at me, disappointment etched on his adorable face and his mouth hung open a little in surprise. Then he narrows his eyes at me. “You’re such a fucking DICK!” he says, smirking as he throws the duvet back and gets up to leave. But I don’t let him. I grab his arm, pull him back down and jump on top off him, both of us laughing as I pin him to the bed and sink my heavy mass into his smaller but perfect, Luke-sized body. “So … you know that single room Johnny got me for next year?” I say to Luke a little later as I pull my blue Montgomery hoodie over me. He’s getting ready to go the gym while I’m about to head to Anatomy & Aesthetics. “Yeah?” he asks as he slings his gym backpack over his shoulder. My stomach clenches. “Do you think …” I hesitate. “I mean, I was kinda thinking of asking Johnny if he’d consider giving it to Deano?” Luke screw his face up. “Really?!” I pull a face and shrug. “How come?” he asks, clearly surprised. My chest tightens. “Just … dunno. Thought it might be a nice thing to do?” And now Luke’s mouth is curling into this affectionate, little grin, like he thinks my gesture is really sweet, and I feel like I want to fucking melt into the floor. “Shaun will be fucking heartbroken!” he jokes. I laugh. “He’s clearly secretly in love with Deano!” I walk up to a now beaming Luke, squeeze his hand with mine and kiss him. I only let him go just before I open the door to our dorm room. And as we head in opposite directions, I turn around once to find Luke looking round at me at the same time. I laugh and he giddily grins back at me. Dimples and bloody everything. A few moments later and I’m walking through Hanson Hall and heading to my lecture when I notice two fellow first years, whose names I can’t remember right now, walking towards me. One of them is looking right at me. He leans into his mate and says something and the both of them smirk. I glare at them confused as they walk past me. They whisper something else to each other and start sniggering like a pair of fucking twats. What the fuck? I stop and just glare at them and they carry on walking. I want to say something but I don’t. And now I’m fucking kicking myself for not doing so as I carry on walking to my lecture. Because I really wanna know what they were laughing about. Maybe they were making a joke about the fact that I wore my pink trunks to Posing Practice 101 last week? Both of those lads are in that lesson. Jesus. It really is like being back at school here sometimes. I can’t fucking wait for it to just be me and Luke next week for the Easter holidays. And then another weird thing happens when I walk into the classroom for my Anatomy & Aesthetics lecture. Another lad nudges his friend and they both look at me wide eyed and smirking. Seriously - what the fuck is going on? “Where’s Henderson, Woody?” It’s Deano’s minion Shaun, calling out from a few rows behind me. I look around and he’s got this smug fucking look on his face. And now my stomach’s churning. “Come on lads, quieten down!” Hancox instructs. I look at my lecturer and he makes eye contact with me, but there’s nothing in his expression that warrants any kind of concern or knowledge of what’s going on. And then I hear something which makes my stomach violently lurch. Shaun making kissing noises and the dickhead he’s sitting next to sniggering. What. The. FUCK? Hancox starts talking. But my heart’s beating faster. And I’m starting to feel panicked. Why the hell was Shaun asking about Luke and then making kissing noises? And then my phone vibrates in my pocket and I have this horrible, horrible feeling that I’m not going to like what I’m about to read. That I really don’t wanna see what text I’ve just been sent. My chest tightens as I sneakily take my phone out of my pocket. I see Luke’s name and two words which makes me feel like I’m about to fall through the fucking floor. “EVERYONE KNOWS!” I sneakily type a reply to Luke’s text under my desk, making sure Hancox doesn’t catch me. My heart fucking pounding. “How??” I turn my head around and spot some random guy looking at me with this really weird, uncomfortable look on his face. My phone vibrates again with a reply from Luke. “Check the uni Facebook page. Woody! I’m freaking out!” Fuck. What the FUCK?! This is not happening. This can NOT be happening. What the hell is on that Facebook page? I can’t just sit here wondering. I stand up and Hancox pauses and looks at me confused. “Sorry - can I just …” I say, signalling to the door. Hancox just nods at me, looking stern and unimpressed. As soon as I’m out of the classroom and in the corridor, I take my phone out again and load up the Montgomery University Facebook page I rarely ever check. And right there, at the top of the page, I see something which sends my whole body into a panic. It’s the illustration of me kissing Luke on the cheek that I drew at the weekend. It’s not that clear that the guy doing the kissing is me. But there’s no question of who the other boy in the picture is. Black framed glasses. A little smile. Adorable dimples. It's unmistakably Luke. Being kissed on the cheek by another guy. Posted on the Internet for the whole university to see. There’s a caption too. “Just roommates?? Looks like some of our fellow Montgomery students have been keeping secrets.” And then I look at the name of the person who uploaded it. Deano “The Pocket Rocket” Watkins. And I feel a rage like no fucking other. I can’t go back to class. I need to see Luke. Oh God Luke! I send him a text. “I’ve seen the post. Fucking Deano! Are you okay?? Where are you?” And now I’m making my way back in the direction of our dorm room and the Watson House gym and my head is fucking spinning. How the fuck could Deano do this? I mean, yes he’s always been an annoying twat, but I never would have expected him to do something like this. Is it because I knocked him back? Bruised his ego? Did he do this out of jealousy over me and Luke? And where the fuck did he get that picture? And then it hits me. Deano was in my room yesterday and my sketchbook was on top of my chest of drawers. And I’m pretty sure the pencil I used to draw it was still stuck in the page that illustration was drawn on. Deano must have looked at the book when I was in the bathroom. And what? Stole the illustration? Or maybe just took a picture of it with his phone? So that’s why he was so desperate to leave. That’s why he was so pissed off. He saw the illustration of me kissing Luke and realised that the boyfriend called Max who lives back home doesn’t really exist. That the boyfriend I told him about was Luke all along. My phone vibrates. Luke’s replied to my text. “Heading back to the room now!” And just as I’m putting my phone back into my pocket, I see him. Deano. Twat faced fucking Deano coming out of what is obviously his dorm room with a backpack slung over his shoulder. And a pulsing rage takes over. “You fucking TWAT!” I shout, lunging towards him. He spins around and quickly reacts by pushing against me. We scuffle and then he slams me up against the wall of the corridor, the weight of his heavy mass pressed against me. His chipmunk cheeks close to my face. “What the fuck have you done?!” I say, pushing him off me. He relaxes and stumbles back, this smug smirk on his face. ARGH!! I want to hit him. I should fucking hit him. I should wipe that smirk right off his face. Even though I’ve never hit anyone in my life. “What’s the matter, Woody? Your boyfriend lives back home. It can’t be Henderson!” “Are you fucking jealous? Is that why you did it?” He screws his face up, like it’s a ridiculous suggestion. Like he’s disgusted at the thought. “What if I tell everyone what happened in my room the other day? What if I announced the fact that you kissed me on Facebook?” He narrows his eyes at me. But I can see a slight worry in his expression. “As if anyone would believe THAT!” he spits. And now I’m just looking at him. I can’t believe I kissed this guy. I can’t fucking believe I ever felt sorry for him. That I was actually going to ask Johnny if he’d consider giving him the single room he’d managed to secure me for my second year at Montgomery. I shake my head. “As if I would ever choose you over Luke!” And then Deano’s face drops. He’s no longer smirking. And I can tell by his expression that what I just said hurt him. “Right! You two - away from each other NOW!” Deano backs away from me as Johnny marches towards us. “Dean. Come with me!” he says, looking and sounding pissed off. Deano picks up his backpack up from the floor. He no longer looks smug. But he doesn’t look that worried either. He just looks kind of defeated. Almost like he’s suddenly given up. Johnny puts a hand on my shoulder and squeezes it. Wow. He’s never done that before. “Are you okay, mate?” For some reason I feel a sting in the back of my eyes. I think I’m seeing for the first time just how much Johnny Hoxton really does care about me. I just nod at him. “I’ll speak to you later, okay?” And then he turns and I stand there watching Deano follow him. He looks back at me. And I notice something in his expression. Almost like a longing. And I suddenly don’t feel quite so angry anymore. Because I know, that although he did a really shitty thing, which he’s now clearly going to be punished for, deep down, the reason Deano did what he did is because he has feelings for me. As I walk back to my dorm room, the realisation of what has happened hits me. That everybody here at Montgomery University knows about me and Luke. Okay, maybe everybody is an exaggeration. Most of the second and third year guys don’t even know I exist. But the lads in my year, and everybody who saw or heard about the Facebook post knows. People here at Montgomery know that I’m gay. Fuck. And now something weird is happening. My whole body suddenly feels lighter. And it’s literally like a massive fucking weight has been lifted off me. Wow. And now I feel this unexpected surge of excitement. Maybe it’s because I’m finally the centre of attention again. Or maybe it’s because people now know that I’m with Luke; the boy I’m completely and utterly crazy about. Fuck. This is huge. So, so huge. But now I feel something else. A sharp pang of worry. Because … Luke. Oh shit. How is Luke going to feel about all of this? And that worry only intensifies when I get back to our room and see the look on Luke’s face as he stands up from his bed. “Are you okay?” I ask, walking up to him and putting a hand on his forearm and grabbing his waist with my other. “Woody - I’m freaking out!” he says, shaking his head. God - he looks so fucking scared. I’ve never seen him like this before. “Luke, it’s gonna be alright!” I tell him as I start to wrap both arms around his waist. “It’s NOT!” he cries, squirming and pushing away. “Everyone’s seen that picture of us! Everyone knows we’re together!” I can’t believe how scared Luke looks right now. What the hell do I say to try and convince him that this whole thing isn’t as bad as it seems? What can I do to take that awful look off his adorable fucking face? “Luke - I know it seems bad, but …” I sigh, “look - not everyone will have seen the picture. I mean, half the guys here don’t even know who we are! And it will probably get taken down when one of the teachers gets wind of it.” I take my phone out of my pocket and load up the page. “Look - it’s already gone!” I say, handing Luke my phone. He looks at it and just shakes his head. “It doesn’t matter. It’s done. People KNOW we’re together, Woody!” My stomach twists sharply. Don’t say it. Don’t fucking say it. “Is that … really so bad?” “YES!” Luke says, without hesitation. He looks at me and groans. “Oh Woody. This isn’t about you! I don’t want people here to know I’m gay. You know that!” I do know that. But I can’t deny that's there’s a part of me that wishes that Luke didn’t care quite so much whether people here at Montgomery and in the wider bodybuilder world know that he's gay. That he was so proud of the fact that me and him are together that it completely overrode any fears of the consequences of people knowing about his sexuality. “Okay, so … we lie!” I suggest. “We deny it. We don’t know where that illustration came from. Deano probably fucking drew it himself!” He shakes his head at me. He looks so defeated. “People know, Woody!” He sighs and sits down on his bed. Then he puts his head in his hands. Fuck! I hate seeing Luke like this. I sit down next to him, put my arm around his back and rest my chin on my shoulder. “You know what we need to do?” Luke doesn’t respond. Or look at me. He just looks to the floor chewing on his bottom lip, looking like he has the weight of the fucking world on his cute little shoulders. “We need to go out there and act like we don’t give a shit!” He closes his eyes and shakes his head. “If anyone says anything, just … say something witty in return!” Luke looks at me, that pained fucking expression on his face. “I can’t do that, Woody! I’m not like you.” “Then I’ll do it for you!” I say, rubbing his back with my hand. “I’m not gonna let anyone fuck with you, Luke! And anyway, there’s only, like, three more days left of the term.” “And then what?” he says in a voice. He still looks so worried. I swallow hard. And then I suddenly have a thought which makes my gut feels like it’s being wrenched. What if there’s nothing I can say here that will convince Luke that things will get better? “Maybe …” Luke begins, staring out into the room. He pauses. “Luke?” He turns his head and looks at me, this mix of anguish and nerves on his face. “Maybe I should just go home?” FUCK! “What?!” I suddenly realise I’ve taken my hand off his back. “Just for a bit.” What the FUCK? I shake my head. I can’t believe Luke’s saying this. I can’t believe he’d even think about leaving. “You can’t!” My insides are clenching. My head is fucking spinning. No - these are just words. Luke’s just panicking right now. Surely he wouldn’t really do it? Surely Luke wouldn’t leave me? “Luke - you’re not being serious?” He shakes his head and looks at me, his beautiful piercing blue eyes looking sad. “Everything’s changed, Woody!” And now I’m suddenly panicking. Because what if Luke’s right? What if everything has changed between us? What if we can’t go back? What if people knowing about has completely fucked things up? And now I’m starting to feel angry again at what that fucking prick has done. “FUCK!” I cry. “All of this because of … jealous fucking Deano!” “What do you mean?” Luke looks at me, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. And my stomach fucking lurches. Because I’ve suddenly realised what I’ve just said. Oh God. Oh FUCK. “I just mean …” “Why is Deano jealous?” Fuuuuck! “Woody?” What have I said? What the FUCK have I just done? I could lie here. I could make something up. But there’s a difference between not telling someone something and telling someone a lie. And right now, I don’t want to lie to Luke. “Okay - promise me you won’t freak out!” I say, trying to sound calm, even though my heart’s pounding. Luke just stares at me. He looks so confused. I breathe a deep sigh. “Deano kissed me.” Luke’s eyes widen in shock. “What?! Deano’s GAY?” I pull a face and shrug. “He says not. But … it sounds like he might be bi?” Luke looks out to the room and shakes his head. “When did THIS happen?” “The other day. When we were filming our posing videos for Johnny’s assignment.” Luke screws his face up in further confusion. He looks like he’s struggling for words. Trying to process his thoughts. And then something washes over his face and for some reason, my stomach tightens sharply. “Why didn’t you tell me?” OH FUCK. “He … promised me not to!” I say, my insides clenching with nerves. Luke screws his face up. “Since when are you loyal to Deano?” Never. Since fucking never! “I felt sorry for him!” I’m lying. And Luke knows it. He fucking knows it. “So what did you do? When he kissed you?” Oh my God. Oh my actual fucking GOD. “I … told him to stop! I told him no!” Luke’s just looking at me, his eyes narrowed, this weird expression on his face. Then he looks out to my side of the room. To the bed where I was kissing Deano and he was on top of me in his velvet fucking posing trunks just two days ago. “Okay - I’m confused!” he says, shuffling back on the bed and turning to me. “You told him to stop AFTER he kissed you?” This. Is. Not. Fucking. Happening! “Why didn’t you stop him before that? Why did you even let him kiss you?” “He … took me by surprise!” He screws his face up and scoffs. “He just lunged towards me! I didn’t have time to think! Honestly Luke - it was nothing!” I say, scooting towards him on the bed. Luke looks out to the room again. It’s funny, because he starts playing with the inside of his cheek. Like he’s rolling his tongue around his mouth. Just like fucking Deano was doing yesterday. “How long?” he says, without looking at me. My whole body suddenly goes cold. “What?” “How long after did you stop it?” Oh God oh God oh God. “Like - I dunno, a few seconds?” He looks at me, his expression suddenly cold and FUCK - I suddenly feel like I’m right back to where I was a few weeks ago when Luke discovered what I’d wrote about him in my notebook. When he found out the reason I started hanging out with him and helping him out was to get my own room next year. “Why didn’t you stop it straight away?” And there’s the question I never wanted to be asked. The question I was afraid Luke would ask if I confessed to my kiss with Deano. And the reason I didn’t even tell Luke about the kiss in the first place. I groan. “Luke - this is stupid!” “I would have stopped it straight away. I would have told you afterwards!” “Okay - I messed up!” I say, my voice raising. And now something else washes over Luke’s expression. “Is there something going on with you and Deano?” “Oh my God. Luke - NO! Of course there isn't!” “Then why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell me as soon as it happened? Don’t give me that shit that you promised Deano!” “Because I was scared! I was worried you’d react like THIS!” Luke scoffs. “How am I supposed to react, Woody? Deano kisses you and what - you let him?” “Luke! Trust me. It was NOTHING. Okay - I should have told you straight away. And yes, I probably should have stopped it sooner. But - it meant NOTHING. I mean … it’s fucking Deano. I can’t stand the guy!” “But you kissed him back.” My stomach lurches. “Didn’t you?” "I just got ... caught up in it!" Oh God. His face. Luke’s fucking face. He looks so fucking hurt. I’ve seen that look once before. After he found out about my deal with Johnny. I never wanted to see that look on Luke’s face again, but here it is. I didn’t want to hurt Luke again. But I have. I fucking have! Maybe that was the wrong thing to say. Even though it was the truth. I lean forward and put my head in my hands. “It didn't mean anything!” I say. I look up at him, he’s sitting there on his bed, his face so full of hurt and confusion. “Luke - you KNOW how I feel about you!” He chews the inside of his mouth again and looks out to the room. Luke has to get over this. This is just a blip. Surely he'll see that for himself? Surely he’ll get over this? I reach my arm out and gently place my hand on Luke’s lower back, tickling it with my fingers. He closes his eyes in response. Then I scoot over to sit right next to him, wrapping my other arm around Luke’s waist. He grabs my forearm and sinks his head into my chest. I bury my face into Luke’s hair and take in that scent I love so fucking much. And this huge wave of relief goes through my body. Because it feels like everything’s going to be okay. We stay like that for a little while. Just sitting on Luke’s bed, holding each other in silence. And then Luke finally takes his head away from my body and speaks. “I have to go,” he says, in a quiet voice, not looking at me. “Wait - what?!” I say, pulling back from him. “I have to clear my head.” His voice is louder but calm, but he’s still not looking at me. He can’t be fucking serious? “It’s just for a bit!” he says, standing up and reaching under his bed and getting out his holdall, although the time still not looking me in the eye. He looks nervous but determined. “Luke - you … you can’t just leave!” Luke doesn’t respond. He goes into his drawers and starts throwing clothes into his holdall. And I’m just sat here in absolute disbelief, wondering what the actual fuck is happening right now. I feel like I’ve slipped into a bad fucking dream. “What the fuck? Luke - what about staying here together next week for the holidays? What about the show on Saturday?” He just shakes his head as he continues to pack. Why the hell isn’t he looking at me? “Luke - this is stupid. Just STOP!” I say standing up. But he doesn’t respond. And he doesn't look up. He just carries on throwing things into his holdall, this determined look on his face. I grab the t-shirt in his hand to stop him from packing it away and hold on to it tightly. “LUKE!” And then he finally turns to look at me, his eyes wide, his face so full of hurt and anger. “YOU FUCKING KISSED DEANO!” And now we’re just looking at each other. And my body feels heavy. Because now I really know that I’ve fucked up. I know there’s no coming back from this. I can feel Luke slipping away from me. My gorgeous little Hufflepuff Luke. With his Tommy Foster poster. And his geeky t-shirts. And his Harry Potter boxer shorts. The boy I’ve spent the last few weeks becoming completely fucking besotted with. In a way I didn’t think I ever would with anyone. And from nowhere, this determination takes over me. “NO!” I say, shaking my head and going to the door of our room. “You’re not leaving!” Luke shakes his head as he puts his jacket on. “I’m not letting you go!” I say, blocking the door. We’ve been here before. Last time I got him to stay. This time I’ll do the same. Luke picks up his holdall and stops a foot away from me, this look of hurt and anger on his face. I can make him stay. I know I can. “Woody!” he says. He sounds so exhausted. Like he's given up. But I haven't. I reach out and grab his hand with mine. He closes his eyes as my fingers grip his. “I'm not letting you go!” “I can’t stay here, Woody!” I want to scream, “I can’t be here without you!” but I don’t. Instead I just continue to grip his fingers tightly. Luke tries to pull his hand away, but I carry on gripping tight. “Woody!” He pulls back harder. But I carry on gripping his hand. It’s like I can’t let go. “Woody! Let go of my hand!” But I can’t. Luke pulls back harder and I look at his face and he looks freaked out. Even a little scared. And seeing this, I suddenly release his hand and Luke takes a few steps back. Still looking at me with that freaked out expression. And it feels like an invisible wall suddenly goes up between us. “Go on then, Luke!” I say, coldly, as I step away from the door. “Fuck off!” Luke’s face trembles and he lets out a little sobbing noise. And I suddenly feel like I want to cry too. A part of me just wants to reach out and hold him. But I don’t. Because I feel like I’ve shut down. Like I've given enough to Luke. And I don’t want to give him any more. Luke rushes to the door and opens it. And then, without another word or even looking back, he’s gone. Something in me screams to run after him. To tell him that I don’t want to be here if he’s not here. But I can’t move. I’m paralysed. And so I just stand here. Alone in my dorm room again. Feeling like my world just crumbled into nothing.
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    Greetings everyone from cold London!!! I'm so glad so many of you are enjoying this story as much as I am writing it. It has changed so much from what I had first evisioned, but I guess that is the exciting part about writing. It's funny how autobiographical the entire story is, and I have a great time playing with people that I already know!!! If you're free, come to London and work out with me and meet them!!! Here you go: Chapter Five!! THINK IT: A WRITER'S TOOL CHAPTER FIVE - The Fifth Story Quinn struggled to free himself from the steel-like arms of the rubber-man. The ring floated in mid air, away from him, and landed in Jacob’s open palm. I believe it’s you we need to thank for this interesting trinket. Very nice… and so handy. Are there more where this came from? No… not that I'm aware. Vince didn’t mention any others. Why did you hold onto it? Why didn’t you make your wish? I was waiting… for the right moment. Perhaps that moment is now. Perhaps… But, perhaps not for you. Have you met Oli in your travels around Soho, Quinn? I don’t believe so… Even if you had… you probably wouldn’t remember him. He’s not very memorable… is he? Quinn looked at the owner of the porn shop and sadly had to agree with Jacob. It wasn’t that Oli was unattractive… he was cute in his own goatee wearing, too old to be dressing like a hipster way… but even if Quinn had fucked him,there was no doubt he wouldn’t have remembered him. Oli was, sadly, one of those people who faded into the background and always went unnoticed. Oli here has a very interesting fetish, Quinn. It all started when he was thirteen, and his mother put a video on for his little sister to watch on the TV. It was, The Little Mermaid… wasn’t it, Oli? It was!! You remember… lying next to your sister… watching this classic animated film… until that scene… near the end… you’re prepubescent cock suddenly got hard… this was the first time that had ever happened, your mouth went dry, and you watched in awe and unexplainable lust as the immense form of Ursula rose out of the sea!!! Quinn watched in shock as Jacob spoke, both of his arms began turning jet black. Somehow, as if he were made of wax, his arms began to lengthen and slowly slide down his torso until they both sat on the side of his hips, his hands dragging on the floor. Moments later, four thick black tentacles ripped from Jacob’s waist, growing longer and wider until they all hit the floor with a thud. His two legs transformed into massive tentacles as well until within a few minutes, half of the room was filled with twitching and slithering limbs. Jacob’s massive cock went fully erect as he began to slither around the room, rising up taller, and looming over the other men in the room. Such power!!! Isn’t that what you thought as she burst out of the water? SUCH POWER!!! Your sister cried and hid her eyes, but you couldn’t get enough!!! Jacob slithered next to Oli, wrapping his tentacles around him in a tight embrace. One of his tentacles moved up to Oli’s mouth and roughly forced its way between his lips. Oli began to gag as the tentacle forced itself further and further into his mouth and down his throat. Quinn watched as, moving it roughly in and out, Jacob began to fuck Oli’s face, forcing the thick limb further and further down his throat. Quinn was horrified as he began to see the outline of the thick tentacle slithering around under the skin covering Oli’s stomach. Both the Rubber-Man and the Tom of Finland clone began to jerk themselves off, watching their Master move his limb faster and rougher in and out of Oli’s wide opened mouth. Quinn could see that even Oli himself was aroused, his cock leaking onto the floor. Not sure when it happened, as Quinn had been paying more attention to Oli than Jacob, but he realised that Jacob was once again standing on two human limbs, his arms back in their original positions, except one was down Oli’s throat all the way up to Jacob’s shoulder. Fuck, Quinn thought. I need to lure them away from here somehow… what if one of my neighbors hears? Wait… no!!! What made me think that?? Fuck!! That’s right!! Relax and take it all!! Jacob was moving his arm back and forth in Oli’s mouth faster and faster until he finally stopped, letting out a loud moan, his whole body shuddering. A few moments later, Jacob removed his arm from Oli’s mouth, and for the first time Quinn could see that it was not an arm at all but a long thick penis, still leaking cum! Grinning, Jacob licked the rest of the cum off of with his own tongue, while fingers began to grow from the head, until it was a human hand once again. Shall we continue our story, Quinn? He acts like this is all normal, Quinn thought, as if we were at a cocktail party discussing the latest West End Show! This seed had taken root, and was growing within Oli. He’d watch Beauty and the Beast, and wonder why he would ever want to lose all of that power to be human again. He would get aroused watching any werewolf movie… any movie at all that had some sort of transformation in it where the average human became something more powerful than what he was. Not too different from you, Quinn, still trying to do everything you can to become that massive warrior you once read about, but not having the guts to just submit and truly do it. Jacob walked over to the bound Quinn and looked him directly in the eye. Always writing and dreaming about men letting loose and becoming massive beasts of muscle… yet you are aren’t willing to take the next step! You even had a ring that could have done it for you… yet you waited!!! That’s why you need me!! That is why the whole world needs me!! I’m going to free them all!! Now, Oli, tell Quinn here what you hold secretly in your spank-bank. All eyes went to Oli. Not used to being the center of attention, his face reddened and he looked down to the ground. I… I...ummm...yeah...see… This could go on all night, and we don’t have all night… do we, Oli? No… Jafar. That’s what really gets him going. That is what turns him on. That’s his deep dark secret fetish. Quinn looked at Oli. Really? A cartoon character was his secret fetish? No, Quinn. Not the character himself. One particular moment. For his final wish, he asks the genie to make him the most powerful creature in the universe. Just watching Jafar become this all powerful being… transformed into pure power had Oli in his bed jerking off… writing fan fiction… even going to see the new live action version to watch that one scene over and over again. You want to be a genie, mate? The metallic sounding voice coming from the gas mask startled Quinn for a moment. That, my friend, is the interesting part, and what makes Oli such a fascinating character. He doesn’t want to be a genie… he wants to worship at the feet of this all powerful creature…. He wants to be a slave to its powers… to serve it forever… but most of all, he wants to watch and be a witness to the birth of this being… to witness the transformation of human to god firsthand. That’s where I come in… isn’t it, Oli? Through Oli, I shall sacrifice myself to become this creature. Oli opened his mouth to speak, but at that moment, a knocking sound came from Quinn’s front door. What the hell is this, Quinn? Expecting someone? No… I… Quinn moved to answer the door, but the Rubber-Man forced him backward. Can I answer my own front door, please!!?? They’ll go away. Maybe they would go away if they all stayed quiet. Who could it be? His neighbor, Ned, or...the thought had barely entered his head when the door slowly opened, and the face of a thin, mousey-brown haired man looked in. FUCK!!!! Why did he think about Ned??!! FUCK!!! Quinn has met Ned more than a year ago when he moved from the US and took up residence below him. Scrolling through Scruff one horny night, Quinn saw that Ned was online. The two had barely spoken except a casual hello, but Quinn hadn’t even thought his neighbor was gay. A few moments later a ‘Woof’ has come through from Ned. Not wanting to insult his neighbor by telling him that he wasn’t interested, Quinn quickly logged off. I’m such a fucking coward, he thought. We could have talked. I’m sure he would have understood that he didn’t turn me on. Just because we’re neighbors doesn’t mean we need to fuck. The next night, Quinn went back online and was going to say hello, but Ned’s profile was gone. Did he block me, Quinn wondered? The two never talked about it when they saw each other next, and overtime Quinn forgot about the whole incident. Now… here Ned was, his subconscious dragging him somehow into this nightmare of a story!! Hello! Quinn? Everything alright in here? Silence. Go away, Quinn thought. Go away!! Quinn? Jacob looked at Quinn and smiled like a cat enjoying the prey that was quietly walking in. Hey, Ned! I’m good. Sorry if I woke you. Some people stopped over after the pub… and… Oh. Sorry. Didn’t know you had friends over. They’re not exactly friends, Ned… they’re… Come on in, friend of Quinn’s!! We’re all just started having a good time. After slowly entering the darkened hallway, Ned jumped when the front door slammed shut of its own accord. His instincts warned him that everything may not be alright in Quinn’s flat, so he turned around and desperately tried to open the door, but the handle refused to budge. As if on cue, an off-shoot from the torso of the Rubber-Man sped down the hallway, and wrapped itself around Ned’s legs, pulling him onto the floor. As the thin man screamed and tried to grab the door, he was dragged into the living room. When Ned was finally brought to Jacob’s feet, he went pale as he looked from the man standing in front of him with the immense penis, to the Tom of Finland clone, and then to the Rubber-Man. What the fuck!!! Quinn!! It’s like that movie… Hellraiser… what... The rubber-man fired two more wads of itself at Ned, hitting him directly in the face, and making it impossible for the skinny neighbor to see or breathe. As he fought with the thick goo covering his eyes, nose, and mouth, trying to claw it off in order to get some air into his lungs, two more thick ribbons of goo shot out and wrapped tightly around Ned’s arms and legs. Once the Rubber-Man felt Ned was properly subdued, the goo slithered by itself off of his face and back onto Quinn’s captor. As Quinn watched Ned struggle, he tried to figure out ways to stop the story. He knew his subconscious was writing the whole thing, but he couldn’t figure out how to make it go away. Even thinking: they all decide to leave, didn’t work!! Looking at the app in the corner of his eye, he could see that in the space of five minutes he had already written 14 stories!! Who else was out there that he knew or had once seen, now transformed into a sex fueled muscle beast. Was it that huge Scottish guy he saw at the gym the other day? FUCK!! 15 stories!!! What the fuck is going on, Quinn? Let me go… please!! Unfortunately that isn’t possible, Ned… But soon, once this is complete… I’ll release you just as I’m going to free the entire world. Shall we continue? Yes. Excellent. Now, where was I? Oh yeah. What power I have been given… though strong, is limited in many ways. But together… Oli and I will both be free. It’s time… isn’t it, Oli? Oli looked over at Quinn and then at Ned wishing someone could help him. He was just so conflicted. On one hand he wanted to live to worship Jacob as his powers grew, but with him let loose on the entire globe… could he really set such a creature free? He tried to stop his cock getting hard just thinking about it… Jacob… come on, man… enough. Please. This world sucks, Quinn. People can’t be who or what they want to be… they have to hide in the darkness like rats… but no more! I was set free, and soon, the whole globe will be. But not everyone wants to live their fetishes 24 hours a day!! Not everyone has fetishes!! Then they will cease to exist. If you want this so bad, why don’t you wish it yourself? Wish? Who’s wishing? You don’t understand, Quinn. This isn’t for me. I need to set Oli free. Once he makes his wish, he will live his life exactly as he wants to do… worshiping me. But, you do have a point. Before Oli makes his wish, I may have one of my own. Jacob moved closer to Quinn and slipped the ring on his own finger. You could have had it all, Quinn, but you were too afraid. But, I understand… and I also know your secret… and I need to be free of it. You’ve done an incredible job creating me, but I need to be in control now. When I am, I can’t wait to set you free. What you want deep down… FUCK… it’s incredible… but you’re just too afraid. Jacob looked at Quinn and then down at the ring. With a smile he walked to the center of the room, his own immense cock starting to get hard. Now. Down to business. I wish… that the strength of the next wish be multiplied by a googolplexianth amount! Jacob turned the ring on his finger to the right, and as he did, it began to pulse with a burning white light. Jacob grinned as he felt the power of his wish course through the ring. If this is any indication, Oli, what you will live to worship will be glorious!! Moving swiftly over to Oli, Jacob grabbed his hand, and slid the ring on his finger, the smaller man screaming out as he felt the object start to burn into his skin. Finally, Oli… the future you have prayed for us yours!! Make your wish!! I… I really don’t… Jacob’s arm quickly reached out, his hand wrapping itself around Oli’s neck. Do it!! He doesn’t want to! Why don’t you just let us go! Quinn was surprised by Ned’s outburst… so willing to fight for the underdog even at the possibility of his own death. So chivalrous, Ned, but laughable. Don’t worry. You’ll be the first virus I stamp out of existence. Ned struggled to free himself from his rubber binding, but felt them only grow tighter. Smiling, Jacob strengthened the grip he had on Oli’s neck till he could barely breathe. Are you ready now, Oli? The man shook his head, yes; tears falling from his eyes. Jacob loosened his grip on Oli’s neck, but didn’t let him go. Do it! I wish… urgh… I wish you were an all powerful God… greater than anything this universe can imagine!! There was silence as everyone in the room stared at Jacob. Quinn saw Oli pull the ring off of his finger and toss it onto the floor. Grinning, Jacob slowly removed his hand from around Oli’s neck and waited for the power to take him. The clock on the wall ticked loudly as everyone wondered what was to come next. Then… from the silence came a low soft moan, and the sound of choking, Everyone turned as they heard Ned fall back onto the sofa and begin to violently convulse, his entire body stiff as a board, his head hitting the arm of the sofa. Fuck! He’s having a seizure!! We need to call an ambulance. Suddenly, without any warning, all movement and sound stopped. Ned looking somewhat dazed and shocked by what had occurred, tried to sit up, but found it nearly impossible with his binds. Struggling against what was holding him, Ned pulled his arms and his legs apart, tearing the rubber that had bound him as if it were cotton candy. The Rubber-Man screamed out as a part of him was torn apart, and he watched, in shock, as it quickly disintegrated on the floor. Quinn could feel static electricity filling the room, as the electric lights flickered. Quinn watched as Ned stared at his small hands, opening and closing them as if he had never seen them before. Looking to both Jacob and Ned, he knew exactly what had happened… who Oli chose to worship for eternity. Softly, Ned began to speak. An all… powerful… God… greater than anything… ugh… Quinn could now see what Ned was staring at. Electrical sparks were beginning to flicker and jump off of the end of his fingers. With a moan escaping from Ned’s lips, Quinn saw the sparks growing stronger. Continuing to open a close his hands… Ned looked both terrified and confused by what was happening to him. … greater than anything the universe could imagine…. That’s what you said, Oli… right? Oli moved his head in a nodding motion, his cock fully erect and leaking, imagining the power that was taking over Ned, growing stronger… a stranger, yet the only one in the room who seemed to care about him. But first… YOU wished that the strength of his wish to be multiplied by a… URGH… this power... invading me… filling me up... I’ve never felt anything like it… no one has… and you wished for it… to get...FUCK… for the power… to be multiplied by… a… and that’s… exactly what’s happening… to... Ned’s eyes grew wider as he found himself unable to speak, so overcome by what was occuring. A pressure was building up within him, and when he thought he couldn’t take anymore, he screamed, shattering the windows of every building in a ten mile radius. Bolts of energy burst from his mouth, and began to fire at the ceiling. Oli fell onto his knees, worshiping the human he had chosen. Master!!! Your transformation from man into god… no…. You will become something even more powerful than that. What I wished for you to be was something the world had never seen!!! Welcome it, Master! Take all of it in!!! Soon you will be the epitome of ultimate power!! All the world will bow down to you!!!!!! Jacob was watching all of this occur; angry that it wasn’t him, and scared to still be standing in the room where it was being born. As Ned screamed again, and more energy began to shoot from both his eyes and mouth, Jacob wanted to run away, but it was becoming impossible not to watch. What he and Oli had wished for… created together… this was a creature that was going to change the universe forever! As if hearing what he was thinking, Ned lifted his head to look at Jacob. You can only… imagine what is happening to me… altering me… so much power… and this is only a… miniscule amount of what… you gave me!! Ned breathed several times in and out… an unimaginable amount of power welling up inside of him… ...tearing through my body and altering every atom… Quinn watched in awe as spasms rocked Ned’s body over and over again as the power intensified. Screaming out again, Ned began to convulse on the floor, unable to control his own limbs as he received more power than an infinite amount of Tsar Bombas. All of the lights went off in both the flat, and all over London. Quinn felt as if the world was now bathed in supernatural darkness, his room only illuminated by a white glow coming from Ned’s body. When he spoke next, his voice was filled with titanium. You wished for a god… but I am becoming so much more! God’s in their realms are trembling at the mere thought of what I am becoming. Quinn watched Ned tried to stand, but he had difficulty controlling a body filling with so much power. His entire body was throbbing… shifting… whatever energy was building up in his body was attempting to escape. What’s… happening… to… me??? My head… swirling with so… so much!! Quinn?? Help me!!! Ned looked to Quinn, but as he did, his whole body began to quake again. Quinn watched as the onslaught of power got stronger by the second. Ned screamed again, and a stronger stream of energy shot from his mouth. The Tom of Finland clone, having had enough and wanting to live to fuck some more, ran out of the flat and into the night. I feel like my entire body is just one massive cock ready to explode!!! Master! Please! Look at me. Ned looked up at Oli who had his hand out to steady him and help him stand. As soon as Ned took Oli’s hand, the worshiper began to change. In an instant his shirt disintegrated from his body, and the years of bad lifestyle choices were replaced with a firm musculature. A sleeve of intricate black tattoos were working their way up his left arm to his neck, and his hair, which had been short and balding before began to grow in thick and of a shiny silver tone. Chest hair also began to sprout over his newly muscular torso, coming in both thick and silver as well. When the two locked eyes, Oli began to transform even quicker, the hands of time being washed away until he looked about 21 or 22. A moan escaped his lips as he began to grow taller and add on more musculature. As he got taller, the sleeve began to lengthen onto his chest, over his left pec, and down his abs. Quinn has no clue what the symbols were that made up the intricate design, but the entire image reminded him of what one might think infinity looked like. Moaning even louder and deeper, Oli’s hands went to his crotch and began to vigorously massage it. Quinn watched as his penis proceeded to thicken, also beginning to be covered by the same tattoo pattern. I will serve you all of my days… forever… Look upon me now for soon my form may be too much for you to handle… No… what am I saying… what am I becoming? I envisioned you more than a god… your power endless… Yes… I can feel it. The part of me that is still human is afraid… my time on this Earth as Ned is over and something new will take my place. You will become the mightiest of all energies. Nothing will ever be more powerful than you Ned’s body ceased fluctuating and tensed up, his back muscles beginning to cramp. His eyes opened wide, and he let out a scream that filled the entire flat. As he screamed, Quinn could see his back beginning to swell with muscle. From a body that had always been rail thin, his back became larger and more defined, continuing to flex and grow. Quinn could hear Ned’s collarbone and scapula make loud, horrid cracking noises as they fractured and then expanded, growing wider… Ned’s arms moving further away from my body. For what seemed like hours to Quinn, but was only minutes, Ned’s shoulders extended, becoming wider then any door, and showed no sign of slowing their growth. As the bones continued to stretch longer and thicker, his shoulder muscles began to join in the development of my traps. Ned was determined to stand, but the orgasmic rush of growth proved too much for him and he fell to my knees. My shoulders... my delts getting so round and thick!!! My whole upper body stretching wider and wider... my upper back... so filled with muscle and strength... my traps getting so concentrated... my... ARGH!!!! His upper body and shoulders surged even wider. There would be no possible way that he could ever walk through a normal door again, but then, would he have to? His traps were riding higher and rounder on his shoulders giving him the look of a bull that Quinn himself had always longed for. Looking at Ned, Quinn found himself getting hard. This could have been me… but would I have been so daring as to wish for a body like this.., or would I have wished for something safer… more manageable. With a sudden eruption, Ned’s lats began to swell, pushing his arms even further from his body. Quinn couldn’t get his head around the fact of how fast Ned’s shoulders, upper back, and traps had become mountainous, and far from the realm of human possibility. He was beginning to look like someone had taken 7 bodybuilders to create his upper back, and he was still growing!! More!!! Grow bigger!!! Your body a monument the world will worship and fear!! Ned cried out in orgasmic lust as his neck grew into a pillar of muscle. Ned tried to lift his tiny hands to feel the bulk of his neck, but they were now too far away and too short to even reach it! My neck… can barely move my head… it’s becoming so dense and muscle bound! As his traps continued to rise up higher and higher and started to fuse with his neck, his lats continued to widen until, to Oli’s joy, his upper back resembled that of an immense morphed cobra head. The horrific sound of cracking filled the room even louder than before as his arms and hands began to lengthen. Fuck!!! Look at your arms??!! They’re getting longer then my legs!!! How big are you gonna become, Master??!! The combination of both of your wishes is creating something new! Soon… I shall be all of existence! Yes!!! Grow for us!!! Don’t ever stop growing!! Control us!!! Let your reign begin!! As if hearing Oli’s pleas, Ned’s legs and feet began to lengthen along with his arms and hands. Although still too top heavy, Quinn realised that he could finally stand. Ned’s legs were so long and wobbly that he resembled a newborn pony. Standing for the first time, Quinn was shocked at how tall and imposing Ned was, yet he was even more surprised to see that his hands were dragging on the floor as his arms continued to lengthen. The ceiling in the flat was around twelve feet high, and Quinn estimated tha tNed was already standing a little above nine feet tall. From my new view of the world… I can see every atom of your body… every strand of your DNA… every piece that holds you together. My mind… as I grow… my mind grows 30,000 times more! I am… becoming… the most powerful… being in existence!!! Look at me already… towering above you... towering above everything!! As Ned continued to get taller, and closer to the ceiling, his inhumanly wide and muscular back began to resemble a flesh-like shell, it was so mountainous with peaks and valleys of muscle. The thickness of his neck and traps made it virtually impossible for him to turn his head. I find myself fearing what I am becoming!!! My humanity slipping away from me… trying to hold on… yet I want more!!! I want it all!!! I will be everything!!! I am God!!!!! Ned began to laugh as he lifted up his growing hand and marvelled at the sheer size and power of it. His palm, Quinn thought.... fuck... the palm of Ned’s hand was growing to become nearly as large as Quinn’s own chest!!! Lifting his immense hand up to the ceiling… Ned grabbed onto it and pulled it as one would pull the wrapping off of a present. The entire ceiling simply evaporated, and above them was the sheer expanse of space!! Above the growing new god, a black maelstrom grew, swirling with dark clouds and hundreds of bolts of lightning. As the black hole grew larger and stronger, it began sucking in nearby stars and shooting the acquired energy into Ned. In shock, Quinn watched as entire sections of the universe were stripped to darkness, its power fueling it’s new master. In all of the confusion, Quinn hadn’t seen Jacob, the Rubber-Man, or the Tom of Finland clone sneak out the door and into the night. Still paying attention to Ned’s supernatural growth, and Oli speaking In odd tongues at his feet, Quinn went in search of the ring. He has seen Oli remove it and toss it onto the floor. He needed to find it since it could still work or him. Stepping around the kneeling Oli, Quinn looked for the object that might be reflecting the massive beam of energy shooting into Ned. Ned’s torso soon joined in with his arms and legs, and loudly began to elongate. The snapping and pulling of his body was soon so excruciating that his own screams merged with the rumbling of energy being shot into him, and the chanting of his apostle. Ned was transforming quicker now, and must have stood nearly twenty feet tall. The more his torso stretched, his arms, hands, feet, and legs began to look in proportion to his body... but still it all continued to grow out of control. Another explosion rocked Quinn’s flat, and he gasped as the walls ripped away to give the God more room to grow. Like the view above, Quinn was now surrounded by the sheer expanse of space. There was no way to get away now since the door to the outside world had disappeared along with the walls. Stumbling, Ned began to try and walk on his skinny legs, his enormous feet rocking the very foundation he stood upon. Noting that he needed more room in which to do so, the wooden floor spread out in all directions until it looked to Quinn that it went on for infinity. How tall am I now?! Soon, I will reach out my arms and I will be able to touch suns… touch planets!! Fuck!!!! Soon I will be suns and planets!! I will be infinity!!! Ned screamed out again while Quinn watched and heard his pecs explode with size. Like two massive inflatable rafts attaching themselves to his body, his pectorals simply blossomed, quickly getting firmer and rounder. It was obvious to Quinn that the sensation of feeling his blood engorged muscles grow was making Ned’s head spin. Looking down as much as his neck would allow, Ned could see the massive globes coming to life, taking over the top half of his chest. Rubbing his hand over the right one, he cried out and stumbled as his hand brushed over his nipple. My nipples… they were never sensitive before… I could never understand nipple play… but now… FUCK!!! Now I can!! With each loud beat of his heart, Ned’s pecs swelled larger and larger. Using both of his hands, he grabbed his nipples and squeezed them. Oli cried out as he too now was sharing in the ecstasy his God was feeling. Squeezing them and twisting them at the same time, both Ned and Oli released low moans from their throats These are… the most… sensitive… things I have… ever felt!! As if they were trying to enrapture him to play with them more, they both suddenly began to get larger and thicker, the areola getting wider and browner, and the nipple bursting with size until they both were nearly the length of a human finger. Ned’s pecs, fuelled by his intense nipple play grew even mightier, extending feet from from his chest. He looked down at both Quinn and Oli, and smiled. He’s probably laughing at how small we look to him now, Quinn thought. Look at my pecs... getting so full... so heavy with muscle. I can’t wait till my whole body feels this way... weighing trillions of pounds of muscle!!! Trillions? Master!!! That’s too small!! Thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon infinity of pounds!! Your muscle mass makes the very universe tremble!! Oli’s words swam in Quinn’s head as he watched Ned’s pecs beginning to find more room to grow on his body, both rising up while being forced down by the weight and sheer size. The gap between Ned’s pecs was so deep, but appeared to grow tighter as his pecs took up more and more space. Ned took his hand and shoved it down into the gap, and Quinn saw his pecs grow larger to press up against it. Fuck, Quinn thought, his hand is being smothered by those two massive globes! Soon you’ll be able to crumble planets between your pecs, Master… or splinter universes just from flexing them together. Never have pecs been so mighty!! Ned’s abs and lower back began to burst with muscle at the same time to prevent the mass of his upper body from collapsing down upon it. His back, lats, and traps were still gaining mass, and his traps rose up to near his ears, giving him the guise of either having no neck at all or one so massive that it rose simply from his back. Ned’s abs exploded one by one, but there was to be no simple six-pack for this body. Quinn and Oli watched in awe as with his hands, Ned felt his growing abs since he couldn’t see anything below his pecs. Your body… transforming and mutating beyond anything us mere humans can imagine!!! Quinn watched in awe as quickly Ned’s lower torso developed a twelve pac… then a sixteen pack… then eighteen!! From this development, it was obvious that Ned’s body was no longer human as his abs continued to grow thicker and denser than anything Quinn could imagine. As Ned continued to grow both taller and larger… now standing over fifteen feet tall, Quinn realised that his head had only grown a small amount with the rest of his body, tightly wrapped between his immense traps, which now rose mightily past his ears. His neck, larger than his own massive waist, was barely visible, as his pecs and deltoids simply covered it up. Finally, as he continued to evolve, Ned’s undefinable lats caused his upper body to flare far away from his torso, but then taper severely back in. How wide is he, Quinn wondered. There was no way of knowing in inches or feet how massive he was, but at this size, it simply didn’t matter. His upper body had to be larger and wider than a truck... and still he grew!!! Standing next to his Master’s legs, Oli licked and kissed each inch, revelling in what Ned was becoming. Your torso, Master!! Your abs… saying it’s a brick wall doesn’t do it justice!!! Each of your abs alone is a testimony to muscle… your body becoming a pure work of art and mastery! Each crevice in Ned’s wall of abs, along with his newly formed Adonis belt was so deep... so so dark. His waist... no matter how thick, compared to the massiveness of his chest giving him the ultimate tight wasp waist. The birth of a God… . Only the beginning, Master!! Only the beginning!! Ned’s legs began to tremble and quake as his feet began to grow even longer and thicken with muscle. Stretching upward, both his calf muscles began to take on mammoth proportions. They swelled up so thick that the diamond shape of the two heads began to expand outward on all sides and take up more room over his ankle until it appeared that his foot formed right from his calf. Ned let out a long low growl as his calf muscles stretched upward toward his kneecaps, but it was the titanic rumbling sound announcing the birth of his new elephantine quads that made him really cry out. Over and over again Oli cried out in exhilaration as each muscle simply erupted in size. Quinn could see Ned starting to drool over how massive his quads were becoming. The lateral and medial muscles of his quads immediately became so swollen that he had to widen his stance. Each time he did, and created a little more room for his tiny balls not to be squished, his quads would quickly take up all available space. Quinn was hard and in lust watching the rectus emerge as two massive teardrops that dipped over Ned’s kneecaps and required him to go into a bow legged and crouched position for comfort. Ned’ll have to be resigned that for the rest of his existence he’ll be forced to walk and stand that way. Fuck, Quinn thought… I’d love that for myself. As Ned loudly moaned and groaned, Oli looked over at Quinn and smiled. Quinn was shocked to see that he had transformed even more, like his master. He was much taller than he had been, towering over Quinn by a foot or more, and his body now had the musculature of a gymnast or a fitness model. His silver hair flowed down over his shoulders, and his eyes… his eyes no longer had pupils… they were simply two large sapphire orbs that glowed with a light from within. The tribal tattoos had continued to form on his body, traveling down his left leg and over his left foot. Most surprising of all was that his entire body, not counting his head, was completely hairless. Quinn drew his eyes away from the beautiful and ethereal creature standing near him as he heard a loud snapping and cracking noise coming from above. Ned has to be over 20 feet now, and he continued to spread his legs further and further as his quads grew, until his own body forced his pelvis to break in order to enlarge his stance. This caused his waist to broaden even further which only forced his upper body to grow more in order to keep his tapered form. With each change… with each alteration of my mind and body… the more amazing it feels!! I exist now in a constant orgasmic sensation. My mind… even my mind orgasms as I contemplate my own existence. As Ned’s ass grew larger, both Oli and Ned cried out in ecstasy. Ned moved his hands to try and feel his swelling ass since with his muscular neck he could barely turn his head, but with his ever widening lats, hr had difficulty moving his arms to even touch it. Another wave of growth shuddered his entire body, and Ned cried out for all the universe to hear: My body… this form… How did I ever live without this body!!! I didn’t!!! Isn’t that right, Quinn.??!! Quinn instantaneously felt all of the pain, all the sadness, and all of the despair Ned had felt over his entire life. Images flooded his head of all of the men who had ghosted him, rejected him, bullied him, or disappointed him. It was as if a weight was pulling him down, and he found it nearly impossible to stand any longer. Soon, Quinn fell to his knees, and then onto his hands and knees. Tears began to flow from his eyes, and all he could think of was that he should simply cease to exist. Looking down at his hands since it was becoming difficult to lift his head, Quinn noticed that he was beginning to be able to see right through them… his entire body and essence was ceasing you exist!! With a voice barely above a whisper, Quinn called out. Ned… Ned… please… I’m sorry! Ned... Never again shall I age!! Never again shall I be sick… I shall exist for all eternity as pure power!!!!! Ned clenched his jaw and gritted his teeth as he felt the agony of his pelvis bone breaking and growing again, extending his waist more and causing his stance to become far more unnaturally bowlegged. The pain must have distracted Ned, as Quinn was suddenly released from the weight of despair that had overwhelmed him. Staggering to his feet, he took stock of himself and noted that he wasn’t fading from existence any longer. I’m not sure Ned even knew what he was doing… his powers are growing so fast now… if he were to look down… how insignificant I’d be to him. Looking up, Quinn realised that Ned had to be over thirty feet tall now, and growing even faster than before. Ned’s deltoids had grown so dense with muscle that it wasn’t easy for him to lift his arms above his head, and his legs were now so muscle bound, so massive, and so engorged, that some might say they bordered on the grotesque, but Ned only cried out for more. Every time he took a step now, the ground, space, and even time appeared to shake from his insurmountable weight. His growth showed no sign of ever stopping, and soon all of the universe might come crashing down simply due to his very existence, but that only had Oli and Ned begging for more size and mass. The swirling black storm above Ned fueling his growth only grew stronger as his arms began to shudder and flex of their own accord. Soon, Ned’s upper arms were joining the rest of his body in its symphony of growth. Flexing his upper arm, Ned watched as it quickly bloated with power, his biceps and triceps becoming thick and dense as stone. Ned screamed out again in ecstasy as his clavicle fractured and enlarged to create more room for upper body growth. The prominence of his upper arms made it difficult to bend his arms, forcing them to move down out of their flex. So much strength in these arms! I could easily tear the earth apart with my bare hands, and my strength is only increasing!!! Look at my forearms surging with size. My hands… fuck… the muscles of my hands… growing so massive… I’ll be able to crush entire planets into molecules!!!! I AM BECOMING A CREATURE OF PURE MUSCLE!!!! LOOK AT ME!!!! SEE ME FOR WHAT I AM!!! I AM A NIGHTMARE!!! I AM A MUTANT OF MUSCLE!! I’M A FREAK!!! I AM A FUCKING GOD OF PURE STRENGTH AND POWER!!!!!! Ned did a full body flex, and Quinn watch as his body surged even taller and his muscles became more grotesquly erotic as they took on more and more mass. As Ned flexed, the entire ground Quinn and Oli stood upon began to fracture, and Quinn was shaken to the ground. Larger and larger Ned grew, and with each flex, lightning would burst from his muscles, wind would flow simply by the movement of his limbs, and his eyes began to glow pure white. When he released the flex, Ned’s body maintained the pump he had gained, but the black hole above him was now swirling faster, like a giant maelstrom sucking in stars and planets to fuel his growth. Ned’s head had grown somewhat with his body, but it remained somewhat insignificant looking compared to the rest of his body. Quinn covered his ears as in an unanticipated roar and a flash of what appeared to be pure torment to Ned, the bones that formed his entire cranium began to split re-fuse larger. Quinn watched this with fascination and awe, but it was truthfully a frightening sight. His skull kept swelling larger and larger until his head resembled an immense light bulb. Ned’s neck muscle continued to thicken to support the added weight of his new head as it exploded with further growth. Soon his eye sockets expanded, as did the glowing orbs that had replaced his eyes. Ned howled again in anguish as his eyes doubled and tripled in size. He looks deformed, almost alien like, Quinn thought, until his cheekbones and nose began to grow as well, he could see that very soon, it would resemble a human head again… just a leviathan version. Ned’s chin grew and squared off at the same time as his brow ridge became more prominent. His traps, afraid of being left behind, soon grew more immense and once again fused above his ears. THIS IS IT!!! THE MOMENT I HAVE TRULY BEEN WAITING FOR!!! THIS IS WHAT THE UNIVERSE IS WAITING FOR!!! Ned’s pubis became more and more muscular as his miniscule cock began to get hard. Ned threw his head back and cried out as the greatest surge of ecstasy him him. Starting at the base, some sort of otherworldly power was forcing it to grow longer and thicker, transforming his his cock into a mirror of the rest of his body: and immense, bulging, pulsating, throbbing collumn of mass. His cock grew tremendous, quickly, and was soon as thick as his own forearm, and just as his body continued to grow more massive, so did his dick. Ned wrapped his hand around his cock, stroking it, and feeling it grow even longer and thicker in his hand MY BODY… EVOLVING...THOUSANDS OF NERVE ENDINGS IMBEDDED IN MY COCK… MORE SENSITIVE THAN…. ANY COCK CREATED!!!!! Ned could only drool as wave after wave of pleasure besieged his body as he stroked his new cock, watching it grow even more colossal. Soon the head began to swell, expand, and lengthen, until the mushroom head was larger than Ned’s own fist. Both Oli can Quinn covered their ears as Ned roared as his balls began to widen. Quinn could smell Ned’s testosterone being emitted in waves, forced into overdrive as his evolved testicles begame power plants to fuel his final metamorphosis into a being of pure size, power, and masculinity. Quinn could feel the universe splintering as more and more planets were sucked into the black hole and into Ned. As his balls grew immense and sent out shockwaves of testosterone , he grew even faster, adding on thousands upon thousands of pounds of muscle each minute. Hair erupted all over his body, growing quicker and thicker on his face and chest. His hair growth was so out of control that where one follicle would once have grown, he now had five or six, making his newly grown beard thick and dark. Within minutes, Ned had a full beard that lengthened as he grew taller and more immense, standing over 200 feet tall now. His pecs were covered in a pure pelt of jet black hair, but no matter how thick the hair on Ned was, it couldn’t hide the musculature beneath it. The hairs on his arms and legs lengthened, trailing down onto his hands and feet, and his underarms had a forest of long jet black hair. His pubes grew denser as well as they covered his pubic mound and ever expanding balls. Thick hose like veins rose up all over Ned’s body, feeding his musculature. New veins and arteries were formed doubling and then tripling the amount the human body had. Quinn assumed Ned’s body needed this larger amount of so my massive heart would be able to pump the required power throughout his body, but was that even how his body worked anymore? His cock, now nearing the length of his leg, grew even thicker as pipe-like veins took root, crisscrossing the entire surface and feeding this monster. The head... ugh!!! The head grew even larger, nearly the size of Ned’s cranium. His cock was indeed more than simply a device for reproduction. It was a monument to all things muscle, strength, all things masculine, and all things Godly. Leaking a constant flow of precum, Ned’s entire body began emitting the most intense musk... sexual and masculine. Changing... becoming... something else... all of my senses are becoming heightened... becoming... my voice...so deep... more like a rumble of thunder then a voice...yes...becoming even stronger... becoming... yes... a being of pure instinct... I feel as if I am transforming into something more animalistic the more masculine I become. The blackhole emitted largest surge of power into Ned’s body, and he let out a massive roar that began to tear holes in the universe, letting in bursts of power into his body. THIS NEW EVOLUTION WAS WANTED… ASKED FOR… BUT UNEXPECTED. I DIDN’T TRULY REALISE WHAT IT WAS I DESIRED FOR MY LIFE, UNTIL NOW… AND NOW I AM RECEIVING IT!!!!! MY BRAIN… TAKING IN SO MUCH INFORMATION AT ONCE… YES!!!! SMARTER THAN ANY GOD… MORE SUPREME THAN ANY GOD… YOU ARE WITNESSING THE BIRTH OF THE GODHEAD… THE GOD OF GOD’S!!!! I AM THE ABSOLUTE BEING… THE CREATOR OF ALL… I AM THE ALLFATHER!!!!!! I BREATH IN AND I CAN SMELL TIME!!!! I CAN WITNESS STARS BEING BORN AND DESTROYED… MY MIND CAN NEVER BE COMPREHENDED… I HAVE EVOLVED PAST ALL GOD’S… I AM THEIR SUPERIOR… THEIR RULER… AND YET I STILL CONTINUE TO EVOLVE INTO MORE!!!!! The blackhole had sucked up every last planet and star in the known universe until there was only darkness. The only light that emitted was coming from Ned’s eyes. Quinn watched the storm begin to lower itself until it engulfed all of Ned’s body, making it impossible for Quinn to even see him, even as Ned continued to grow larger and larger. All Quinn could hear was Ned’s booming voice, and that he heard with both his ears and mind. He is everywhere now, Quinn thought, he is all of existance!!! MY MIND HAS BURST OPEN!!!! KNOWLEDGE FROM THE FIRST STAR THAT WAS BORN HAS FILLED ME!!!! Ned’s laughter could be heard over the storm surrounding him, growing louder and louder, shaking the very core of Quinn’s existence. Not able to turn away from the final transformation that was transpiring, Quinn watched as the storm moved down Ned’s torso, revealing The Allfather, the mightiest creature in existence. LOOK UPON ME!!! WHAT YOU WORSHIP IS BECOMING EVEN MORE THAN YOU CAN COMPREHEND!!! Looking up, Quinn could could see that The AlFfather and the storm appeared to be merging into one being. As it swirled lower around The Allfather, his massive legs began to slowly evaporate, his mountain size quads dissolving and becoming part of the storm. Still growing more and more massive, everything below Ned’s legs were now a swirling part of the entire universe. The only thing that surged out of the swirling cloud was his massive cock… larger than anything Quinn could even imagine. He looks exactly like the genie that Oli must have imagined, Quinn thought… and yet now he has something more to worship! Ned was the God of all God’s. Did he even remember being human? EVER CELL… EVERY MOLECULE… EVERY ATOM… The AllFather screamed as his entire body began to glow with power. THE KNOWLEDGE… I… GAINED BEFORE… NOTHING TO WHAT… I AM… RECEIVING... The AllFather’s upper body now stood 500 feet tall and still it continued to expand… growing thicker… wider…. taller… hairier… and more and more powerful. The AllFather looked down at both Quinn and Oli and grinned. Picking up the small worshiper with his hand, he held Oli close to his mouth. With one breathe, Oli was fully transformed as large white wings burst from his back. Now, Quinn thought, he will be able to worship forever. I AM THE UNIVERSE!!!!! I AM ETERNITY!!!! I AM THE ONE TRUE POWER!!!!!! MATTER IS MINE TO COMMAND!!!! As The AllFather laughed, new suns, stars, planets, and galaxies began to emerge from his lips. New worlds were being created from within him. I NOW REIGN SUPREME OVER EVERYTHING!!! I EXIST AS EVERYTHING!!!! THIS POWER… SO INTOXICATING… SHOULD THE UNIVERSE FEAR ME, QUINN???? Quinn discovered that he couldn’t speak. The ever growing AllFather was too majestic… to mighty… Ripping his own chest open with his hands, Quinn saw universes and galaxies swirling within him as he expanded larger and larger.... Soon filling every inch of space. Soon, Quinn could no longer even see The AllFather’s face as his size took up every inch of the universe and continued to keep expanding. I AM WHAT YOU WANT JUST A SLIVER OF… WHAT YOU MASTURBATE OVER… I AM TOTAL AND COMPLETE POWER!!!! WATCHING YOU FROM MY FLAT BRINGING HOME GUY AFTER GUY TO FUCK… I WISHED FOR YOU TO NOTICE ME… TO WANT TO FUCK ME… I WORSHIPED YOU!!! NOW… I WILL BE WORSHIPED!!!!! NOW WHEN YOU MATERBATE, YOU WILL THINK ABOUT ME!!!! Quinn felt an explosion rip him apart, existing now as only consciousness. I’m falling, he thought. I no longer exist, yet I am falling!! All of the universe sped past him as he fell faster and faster. Looking up, Quinn’s consciousness could see that The AllFather was indeed, the universe, and the universe was the AllFather. He was making the suns shine… he was controlling all of existence… he was creating life with his mere thoughts. Quinn felt the atoms that made up his body come back together, and as he continued to fall, he was able to look into the AllFather’s eye, and instantly his cock was painfully erect, and he was cumming harder and longer than he had ever done in his entire life. His cock was like a geyser shooting gallons of cum. His mind swirled until he felt a massive thud... and realised that he was lying on his back on the floor of his own flat. Trying to stand, Quinn found that he was too weak to even think about moving for a while. All around him, he could smell and feel the cum that had shot from his cock. Looking down, he could see that his cock was still hard, but unlike before, his cock was massive… standing erect at over twelve inches and thick. Lifting his hand, he found that even his massive paw couldn’t encircle it’s girth… and the head… fuck, Quinn thought!!! I’ll never fuck again!!! This thing is massive!!! What had Ned done? Just thinking about him… Quinn began to cum again, over and over, his orgasm stronger than anything he had ever felt. When the four minutes were over and Quinn could think straight, he found one final gift from Ned. He had left his trademark on his cock, for now it was covered in the same tattoos that had appeared on Oli. What can this mean, Quinn wondered, as he lay his head back on the floor…his cock beginning to go soft, but hardly losing any of its size. ********* Jacob ran out into the night trying to distance himself from the God that was growing inside Quinn’s house. That should have been me, he kept thinking to himself. That should have been me!! As he ran, not paying attention to where he was going, his body smacked into what felt like a brick wall. Looking up, he came face to face with a massive bearded figure. As the shadowed figure looked down at Jacob, the rising sun let him see the growing smile on his face. Look at you… far more superior than anything else on Earth… and now you are mine… In an instant, Jacob could feel himself slowing unraveling, his entire being transported and merging with the laughing creature in front of him… Soon, he would be apart of John… and the world would tremble with what John would become... To Be Continued...
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    Chapter 9 - The Finale As the group of guys walked through town on their way to the school, chaos followed. Jacob’s nearly naked monstrous body was impossible to miss. They witnessed three car accidents, several people walked into parking metres, streetlights and power poles, they heard numerous screams as well as a torrent of disgusted remarks. Jacob loved it all. It had been so long since he displayed his enormous body in public he had forgotten how motivating it was. He could feel his body swelling not only with new mass but also with pride. Jason and Scott could not stop staring at Jacob. Each step he took caused countless muscles to flex and swell. He appeared to be growing larger and more menacing as the got closer to school. As they approached the back door of the school gym, Jacob stopped and held up his hand, signalling for the others to follow suit. Jason and Scott exchanged a curious look and waited to see what Jacob was planning. “I want to make a really special entrance.” He said and shot Nathan a grin. Jacob approached the large metal door and ran his hand over the cold steel. He took a few steps back and with incredible speed, bent down and charged. There was a loud bang from the impact of his shoulder against the heavy door. The door was ripped from its hinges and flew five feet inside the building. Jacob stepped through and towards the centre of the room. The loud crash of the door caused Mark and Dixon to spin around and they suddenly saw Jacob step into the gym followed by the three other guys. The two massive beasts squared off and stared each other down. It was instantly apparently that they were both in awe of each other. Neither of them had ever been in the presence of so much gruesome mass. They mentally compared their outrageously pumped pecs, their over-inflated biceps, triceps and forearms. They marvelled at the relatively tiny waists and horrifically shredded abdominals. Their eyes travelled down quads as big as entire bodybuilders and calves so gargantuan they both stifled gags. If their individual size wasn’t incredible enough, both guys were astonished by the level of vascularity being displayed. No Mr. Olympia had even achieved the frightening level of definition they both had. Jacob surveyed Mark’s shocking transformation and could not help but become concerned. He was comically smaller than Jacob just weeks ago and now he was a literal monstrosity. “How big are you?” Jacob asked, tried to hide his concern and worry. Mark didn’t move any of his extremities but started to flex nonetheless. Instantly, his whole body tightened and expanded. His already nauseatingly ripped body became even more extreme. Various muscles could be heard slapping against others as they all increased in size. “310 of the freakiest, strongest, indestructible pounds of muscle this planet has even seen.” Mark said in a low grumble. Jacob felt his knees go weak but managed to stay still. His mouth went dry as he tried to fathom the amount of mass Mark’s body had acquired so quickly. “You think you’re hardcore Jacob. Remember what you did to the weight rack that day in here? I heard about what you did in the cafeteria and in the woods with Jason. That sounded like some serious muscle shit but you have NO IDEA what hardcore really is. If you had witnessed any of my workouts lately, you would have lost your lunch at the sight. The torture I’ve inflicted on myself to get this huge is downright terrifying. Hell, I’ve scared myself many times. Seeing my body growing at a rate I never thought possible, lifting weights so heavy my body should have been crushed or hitting a pose in the mirror and displaying the grotesque level of mass I’ve obtained is some REAL SCARY SHIT!” “You don’t think I know what you’re thinking right now? How the fuck could that small kid have gained so much weight so fast. Well, I’ll tell you. I”M A FUCKING MUSCLE MAKING FREAK! NO ONE WILL EVER BE AS BIG AS ME. EVER!” Mark screamed, spit flying from his mouth and his eyes went wild. “Sorry to burst you bubble Mark but you aren’t the biggest, and frankly, you’ll never be.” Jacob said and hit a most muscular pose. Suddenly it was like he had been holding his muscles back because he inflated like a ballon, if that ballon was made of stone. From every angle he exploded. Traps, pecs, quads, tricep, calves, everything expanded and filled every crevasse on his body. He instantly morphed into a vein-covered ball of muscle. From behind, his head was lost in a lump of back and trap muscles, there was no visible gap between his legs from his crotch to his ankles. His arms and pecs pressed against each other so hard his skin tuned purple. “327lbs you little bitch” Jacob said with obvious effort as his pecs pressed against his chin, preventing his mouth from opening all the way. Now it was Mark’s turn to feel anxious. He just stood in awe of the incredible size of Jacob’s completely flexed body. For a moment, he was transported back to that day in the gym when his 230lb body felt puny next to Jacob. He snapped back to reality and rage filled his entire body. With lightening fast speed, he reached for a nearby olympic bar and swung it with all his might at Jacob’s midsection. The sound of the impact was sickening and Jacob went tumbling backwards, crashing into a weight machine. Before he could regain his footing, Mark pounced. He started to rain blows onto Jacob’s body. As he felt his newfound strength making contact with Jacob’s muscles a feeling of superiority washed over him. He placed his hands around Jacob’s neck and yanked him violently to a clear space on the gym floor. Before letting go, he raised his huge quad and slammed it into Jacob’s unsuspecting abdominals. He grinned when he saw Jacob’s immense bulk lift half a foot off the ground. Mark stood Jacob’s body up and quickly wrapped his arms around him. He struggled to clasp his hands around Jacob’s formidable pecs but once he did, he let out a triumphant roar. He heard a gasp from the group watching and a quick glimpse in a nearby mirror confirmed the reason. The two 300 plus pound monsters looked completely gruesome pressed together. They made become an entanglement of muscles and veins. Mark’s front was seeming fused with Jacob’s back. His face was almost completely obstructed by Jacob’s ridiculously huge trap muscles. The reflection in the mirror only caused Mark to become even more primal and ruthless. He tightened his vice grip on Jacob’s body, causing his opponent to let out a whimper of pain. “FUCK YEAH! I bet you’ve never felt someone apply this much power before.” Mark whispered in Jacob’s ear. Jacob tried to shake himself loose but Mark’s grip was too strong. Jacob’s eyes were wide as he felt Mark’s flexed muscles pressing hard into his body. His pinned arms were digging into his ribs while Mark’s arms crushed his meaty pecs. Mark was panting like a wild animal as he continued to tighten his arms. He could feel his whole body swelling with new size and strength. It was as if all the pain he had inflicted on himself was building up to this moment. He let out a terrifying scream as he squeezed Jacob with all his strength. Jacob let out a gut-wrenching howl of pain that only made Mark grow stronger. Mark released Jacob from his vise-grip. Jacob’s legs were unsteady and it appeared that they were about to give out but Mark was ready. He lowered his body and jammed his shoulder into the small of Jacob’s back. He wrapped an arm around one of Jacob’s legs while the other grabbed an arm. With seemly no effort he lifted Jacob’s off the floor and across his monstrous shoulders. He tuned to face the group watching and when he say their jaws drop in unison he roared. “LOOK AT THIS! Look how fucking powerful I am.” He bellowed as he moved back and forth in front of his admirers. Jacob tried to wiggle free but Mark only tightened his grip, causing more pain to rip though Jacob’s body. “You feel so light to me Jacob. I feel like I could hoist three people your size without any problem.” Mark stood for a moment, relishing the feeling of Jacob’s massive body draped over his shoulders. Suddenly, a menacing look came over this face. With a quick adjustment of his grip, Mark started to press Jacob higher. His whole body trembled from the effort and he visibly swelled even bigger. The display of pure power was truly unimaginable. Once his arms with fully extended, Mark dropped down onto one knee while still holding Jacob. When Jacob’s body came in contact with Mark’s quad, the sound of the impact was sickening. The air was knocked out of Jacob and Mark pushed his onto the floor like he was a sack of potatoes. Standing over Jacob’s prone body Mark said. “A few minutes ago I was in awe of this body but now all I see is a weak piece of shit.” Mark turned to face the group and raised his arms in hit a double bicep pose. The display was nothing less than inhuman. Slabs of muscle hung off every inch. Veins snaked in every direction and visibly pulsed bigger than garden hoses. There was nothing aesthetically pleasing about Mark’s body; every muscle group was so exaggerated he no longer just looked like a massive man, he looked like something else altogether. He transitioned to a most muscular pose that made Jacob’s recent display look comically small. New levels of mass bulged over ever surface. “THIS IS WHAT REAL MUSCLE LOOKS LIKE!” He screamed. “WORSHIP ME!” He commanded. Jason fell to his feet and started to lick the sweat off Mark’s quads, while Scott ran his hands up and down Mark’s left bicep. Dixon kneaded his pumpkin-sized delts and even Nathan could not resist the temptation. He placed his hands Mark’s pulsing lats while the continued to spread wider. Mark held the most muscular pose until he was shaking but refused to let go. He wanted them all to feel just how insanely huge he had become. The muscle frenzy was so intense, no one but Mark noticed Jacob starting to come around. He relaxed his pose and turned to face Jacob’s body which was now knelling on the floor. “Ready for more punishment?” Mark said and stood over Jacob’s prone body. “Because I’m just warning up.” Mark placed one hand on Jacob’s chin and yanked his whole body until he was standing on his unsteady legs. Mark leaned forward and hoisted Jacob onto his left shoulder. “Fuck I need to left some heavy weights and I think you should help.” Mark said and carried Jacob towards the squat rack. With incredible agility, Mark adjusted his grip on Jacob and the group watched in amazement as Mark body-slammed Jacob into the concrete floor. The impact of his huge body hitting the floor caused shutters to run through the group. Jacob lay motionless on the floor as Mark started to load the squat bar with plates. When six plates were added to each side, Mark causally stepped under the bar and easily lifted it off the rack before starting to squat with the 585lb weight. He pumped out 12 reps with lightening speed before racking the weight. He stopped for a moment and flexed his enormous quads, watching the monstrous muscle sway and flex in the mirror. He ran his hands over the rock-hard muscle before caressing his equally hard cock. “Need more weight.” He grunted and looked down at Jacob’s crumbled body. He grabbed Jacob’s arm and yanked his body upwards until he could fully lift him off the ground. Mark shot a quick look tot the group watching before laying Jacob across the loaded squat bar. The guys let out gasps as they realized what was about to happen. Mark slid his body under the bar and placed one hand on Jacob’s shoulder and the other around Jacob’s quads. Mark positioned his body and let out a primal roar as he lifted the bar off the rack. The strain was immediately evident on his face as he held the 585lb bar and Jacob’s 327lb body off the ground using just his massive quads. Never had the room witnessed such a stunning display of raw power. Mark steadied his body and slowly lowered the enormous weight. He let out a barbaric scream when his giant glutes were only inches from the ground. He summoned a frightening new level of power and started to lift the weight back up. His bloated hamstrings pressed against his massive calves even when his legs were half way standing. As he rose higher, his fully pumped quads extended two feet in front of his body. It was a wonder he could move his legs at all with all the muscle spewing from them. “NO FUCKING LIMITS!” Mark growled at the top of the rep. He braced himself and started to lower the weight again. Jacob’s body actually look small as it was draped over the bar and Mark’s outrageously pumped body. When Mark reached the bottom of the rep his movement completely stopped. His whole body was shaking with effort but he was unable to rise. The effort and determination in his face was obvious. After 20 seconds of trying, the group started to approach to offer any assistance they could. “NO. WATCH!” Mark commanded. They all stopped in their tracks and watched as Mark started to rise. His already grotesquely pumped body grew even larger to the awe and terror of the group. To aid in the lift, all of Mark’s muscles swelled, not just his quads. When he reached the half way point, his workout shorts could no longer contain his swelling glutes and throbbing cock. The fabric literally exploded and fell away, leaving him completely naked. Mark looked at the reflection in the mirror and instantly started to cum. Never had he imagined he could feel look so immense and powerful. This sensation allowed him to lift the bar and body back to the top of the rep. He slammed the weight back on the rack and let go of Jacob, letting him fall to the floor once again. Mark stumbled out of the rack and into the arms of the guys standing nearby. They all strained to support Mark’s hulking body while each feeling the sheer mass and power it possessed. “I need the gear.” Mark said in a low voice. Jason and Scott starred at each other in shock, while Dixon and Nathan exchanged a terrified glance. “WHAT! Mark, look at you! You the biggest freak that’s ever lived. Besides, you just squatted over 900lbs. You need to take a break” “A break? Do you think I’m finished? I’m never going to stop. I NEED MORE MUSCLE!” He replied. Knowing better than to deny Mark what he wanted, Jason, Scott and Dixon followed him to the other side of the gym. They started looking for the newly acquired gear but came up empty. “It’s not here!” Jason said as he frantically searched the area. Scott joined in and started to rummage through the various bags and boxes on the floor. “IT HAS TO BE!” Mark screamed, causing everyone to yup with fright. “It’s gone” Mark and the others turned slowly and looked across the room to where Jacob was now standing, Nathan by his side. “I have to say, I didn’t think Gary was supplying you with roids as good as mine but I’m pretty impressed. Of course I’m saying that after injecting a full 12 syringes worth, which is a lot more than I usually take. Jason and Scott were so freaked out on the way over here they never saw me inject myself.” Jacob started to stretch his body as he regained his footing. As he stood at his full height, they group stared stunned as he appeared to swell without even flexing. “Mark, I have to say, you have some serious power now. I actually felt a little pain when you bear-hugged me. Ok, when you hit me with that olympic bar and slammed me across your knee that hurt. I hope you’re not too mad that I played possum but I really wanted to see what your jacked up body was capable of. I have to say, I’m impressed. I like the idea of someone trying to get to my level of size and power. I never thought I would but it’s cool not being the only freak in town. Ok, let’s be honest, it’s fucking hot; you’re fucking hot Mark. Look at the body you’ve build. You got slabs to insane muscle piled all over yourself. Your vascularity is off the charts and talk about power, FUCK YEAH! That last squat show was amazing and your orgasm was so intense, I struggled not to have my own while draped over those shoulders.” Jacob ran his hand over the squat bar that Mark was just lifting. He stepped closer and gripped the bar and easily hoisted it off the rack but he wasn’t squatting it; he was curling it. Jacob’s massive arms tripled in size as he curled the 585lb weight like it weighted nothing. Three reps in and his arms, forearms and shoulders swelled to one mass of twitching muscle. At eight reps, Jacob simply let the bar fall like he’d suddenly became bored with it. He waddled over to the makeshift deadlift contraption they had constructed. He eyed the countless weights loaded onto the leg press machine, including the ones stacked on the seat. “See, this is what I mean. Regular gyms and weights are enough for freaks like us now. Do you get frustrated not being able to get a decent pump some days Mark? I fucking do.” Jacob said and wrapped his hands around the base of the leg press and stood up, supporting the mammoth machine with just his biceps. The group let out a collective gasp as he stated to curl the weight ladened machine. With each rep, his arms grew to truly awe-inspiring size. New veins appeared as he barely registered the weight the was moving. Again, Jacob seemed to loose interest and dropped the machine and started to look around the gym for what he considered a real challenge. This whole time, Mark and the group could only stare at Jacob’s insanely massive body. Each slight movement caused waves of new muscles to ripple to the surface of his paper-thin skin. Jacob cracked a smile as he stood looking at the metal beam he was tied to not long ago. He felt the indents his body made in the hard metal. “That was a crazy day wasn’t it? I remember waking up tied to this beam and being so pissed at you guys and myself. Pissed at you for thinking some big ropes could hold me and pissed that I let you put me in that position. Since then, I’ve shown most of you just how unstoppable and powerful I am. You can clearly see that there is no limit to the amount of muscle I can pack on this body. And now here’s Mark, a true, roided-out monster. I can see you still want to crush me Mark and that’s ok, I get it, you don’t want to be just a massive freak, you want to be THE massive freak. Don’t worry, you’ll get over that. Besides, just think about what we could all become if we worked together.” Jacob said looking at the group of confused faces. “That’s right, fuck this need to destroy each other. Look at what Mark and I are becoming. I’ve seen all of your reactions to our freaky bodies. Hell, you’ve all packed on some nice size in the last little while. You mean to tell me any of you wouldn’t want to reach half this size.” he said and flexed his right arm to emphasis his point. Instantly, the muscles twisted and rose to a rigid peak. “Mark. You still look a little pissed. Do you need some final convincing that I’m the one and only true monster here?” Jacob asked. He turned to face the large metal beam that he cold barely dent last time. He wrapped his blood-engorged arms around it and started to apply pressure. The sound of bending metal started immediately but it was Jacob’s body that was truly a disturbing sight. He expanded to previously unseen levels but continued to swell. His back spread well beyond his height while the entire surface was covered in the deepest striations imaginable. The seams of his shorts gave away as his gargantuan quads swelled so large his feet were pushed farther part. Each flexed calve displayed more development than most professional bodybuilder’s entire body. Even though his pecs were pressed tightly against the metal beam, they visibly swelled outwards and filled any remaining space between Jacob and the bar. “YEAH, I can feel it. I’m so FUCKING pumped!” He chanted. After a minute of applied incredible pressure to the beam, Jacob released his hold and the group looked at the once strong metal with shock. The side Jacob was pressed against was now a mutated lump of distorted metal. The once sharp edges were bent and twisted to the shape of his outrageously proportioned frame. “I hope this beam isn’t holding this place up.” He said and began his final assault on the metal. He landed a flurry of lightening fast punches to the hard metal, sending loud bangs throughout the room. Each blow left a visible dent on the hard surface. Jacob then bent lower and placed a hand on either side of the beam and started to yank it towards himself. He had trouble keeping his feet from sliding forward but after three violent tugs a loud cracking sound filled the room. Concrete from the ceiling above started to rain down on his sweaty body and the beam started to move. Summoning all his power, Jacob gave the beam one final pull and dislodged it from the ceiling. The twenty foot pice of metal came crashing down, cracking the concrete floor and flattening a few gym machines in the process. The entire group let out a sigh of relief when the ceiling didn’t follow. Jacob sauntered over to the beam and bent down. He wrapped his hands around it and started to lift. The group of onlookers could not believe their eyes. The beam had to weight over a ton and it was being lifted. Jacob visibly struggled but somehow managed to deadlift the beam. “COME ON. HELP ME!” He screamed. The five guys rushed to Jacob and held different parts of the beam. They all, Mark included, marvelled at its weight and then at Jacob who was able to lift it off the ground alone. “HIGHER” Jacob said with gritted teeth. The group’s added assistance allowed Jacob to lift the beam to his waist. They all stared at his muscle-ladened arms as they swelled even bigger. It as truly a sickening display of power but Jacob was far from done. When the beam was raised high enough to allow him to bend his arms more, they all felt their assistance was no longer needed. Jacob steadied his footing and started to raise the beam without their help. He positioned it across his pec-shelf like an olympic powerlifter before adjusting his grip. The group stood silently as Jacob started to shoulder press the massive metal beam. The beam wobbled as it rose above Jacob’s head but he was able to steady it once his arms were completely extended. The disturbing display of power was too much for the group to handle. They were standing inches away from the most massive, powerful creature they had even witnessed. Every muscle on Jacob’s body was pumped to its utmost limit. His paper-thin skin looked like it was ready to tear apart as it tried and failed to contain his growing muscles. There wasn’t an inch on him that didn’t display the most extreme level of vascularity while new veins crept to the surface, visibly pumping blood into his starving muscles. “FUCK YEAH! LOOK AT THE POWER, THIS MUSCLE!” Jacob screamed as he caught his reflection in the mirror. Even he was taken aback by the sight. He finally saw what he always believed was possible, he had become the biggest monster on the planet and he knew there was nothing stopping him from surpassing even his wildest fantasies. He slowly lowered the beam and before it touched his swollen pecs, powered it back up, relishing the shearing pain in his boulder-sized shoulders. He lowered the massive beam once more but this time he could not keep it from resting on his waiting pecs. His arms shook as he attempted to press the beam back up but it refused to move. It was at that moment Mark’s face appeared only inches in front of Jacob’s. “COME ON! YOU CAN DO IT! USE THAT MUSCLE AND PRESS THAT BEAM!” He shouted. Mark was joined by Jason, Scott, Dixon and Nathan as they shouted encouragement. Jacob strained to smile as he feed off the group’s words and felt a surge of power rise within himself. He steadied the beam and started to apply every ounce of power left in his body. Slowly the metal started to rise. As it hit the top of the rep, Jacob looked at the group of guys. They all had their cocks out and as they showered him with buckets of cum, he too released his load. Jacob motioned for the group to stand back as his lowered the metal beam and stumbled back a few steps. He was steadied by the group of panting guys who started to worship every inch of his inhumanly massive body. Jacob started to feel their bodies too, as small as they were in comparison. “FUCK YEAH. I can’t wait to see you all get fucking massive.” He said and moaned with pleasure. He grabbed Mark around the neck and kissed him long and hard, kneading his thick traps as he did so. He stopped kissing and looked at the huge metal beam that lay on the floor at his feet. “Mark, it’s your turn.” Mark looked at Jacob with shock. “That’s right you’re going to press that fucking beam just like I did.” Jacob said with confidence and turned to face the rest of the group. “You will all become big enough and strong enough to shoulder press this beam and when you do, I’ll bend it into a pretzel.” Jacob said. Mark approached the beam and bent over. As he did so, Jacob looked at his massive body, closed his eyes and pictured the day all six of them weighted over 400lbs and they were the most outrageously developed group of beings on the planet. “LIFT IT!” He screamed and Mark did. I hope you you enjoy this final chapter. This was fun to write and you never know, I might have to revisit this group of freaks down the road when they've all surpassed 400lbs.
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    It had been pretty rough for my dad recently. My mom left him a month ago and he just lost his job. I was worried for him and his well being. However, that all changed on one fateful day. I had just come home from college for the summer break, and I greeted my dad like usual, talking about my finals. But the entire time he seemed distracted, constantly looking at his phone. I just assumed he was just on some dating app and was talking to some girl, so I let it be. The rest of that day, I never saw him, but I heard some weird noises coming from his bedroom. At one point I knocked on the door to check if he was ok and he said he was fine. Deciding not to push it further I just went asleep, blissfully unaware that my life was about to change. I woke up and went down stairs to eat breakfast. While I was eating, my dad walked in, but he was clearly different. He was only wearing a jock strap so I could see all the changes to his body. He was now very tall, dwarfing my already impressive 6'5" frame, having to be at least 7'2". Was also significantly hotter, having a super attractive face and beard where he couldn't grow one before. The most noticeable change was his body. He used to be kinda scrawny, and started to put on a few pounds, but now he was absolutely shredded, bigger than any guy I've seen at the gym. Then finally there was his bulge. Although I've never seen his cock before, I have seen him in underwear and knew that he was nothing spectacular in the cock department. But now, it looked like he was packing at least 8" of soft meat in his jock, plus some huge balls. Shocked by his transformation, I stammered "D-dad, what happened to you?!" He just laughed, the air seemingly shaking from his new ultra-deep voice "Just a little upgrade boy" he replied cockily "B-but how?" He pulled out his phone "I just found a nifty little app that lets me change people, including myself, however I please" I started to get worried thinking about what he would do with that kind of power "What did you change?" "Haha, glad you asked boy, I decided to give myself a high paying job, and this fantastic body. The only thing I didn't consider was how much of a problem this would be" he said as he grabbed his huge bulge, shaking it. "The thing has got me constantly horny, I jacked off at least 10 times last night." I was shocked at how casual he was about this "Y-you should probably fix that then, how will you?" "You see, I'm definitely not making it any smaller, so my first thought was to find a bitch to milk it, but then realized that it was a waste of time when I already had one" Now getting really worried I asked "What do you mean?" "I mean you son, I know you're gay, so I thought that it would make a nice gift to make you the servant to my new god body, speaking of which, I had pre-set some changes for you" He said as he pushed a button on his phone. At that moment, I started to feel weird. I felt my muscles inflating, especially my ass, which grew to huge proportions. After a while I felt a strange feeling in my ass. It almost felt as though it needed to be filled, like it was hungry for cock. The same feeling happened in my throat. And then finally, I started to crave cum, almost as if I needed it like water. I looked up at my dad "What did you do to me?!" "Oh nothing really, just physically changed you to be able to take my new cock, and made it so that your body constantly craves cock and cum, like any good muscle slut should." He replied casually, walking towards me. At this point my cloths had ripped of my body, my growing muscles overpowering them. I decided that I needed to escape, so I tried to run, but I tripped ober my self and landed ass up. My dad started to laugh "Even your body knows what it's made for, it wont let you escape, after all you're just my toy now" He pressed one last button on his phone and put it away. "Now come over here and suck me off boy" My body automatically responded, going to him, dropping to my knees and taking out his now hard 14' cock and sucking it like my life depended on it. From that point on, my life was completely controlled by my daddy. After a while, I started to love it, I loved being his slave, serving him, swallowing his cum. And that's how I find my self here, on daddy's bed sucking off his morning wood as he wakes up to start his day.
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    Dan the Mountain Man I hadn’t put much credence to the legends, rumors and stories I had heard about the newest phenomenon to hit the bodybuilding world. They say he came out of the Rocky Mountains but they didn’t say if it was the Canadian Rockies or the American Rockies. They said he was a cross between a mountain man and the abominable snowman. The rumors said he started to work out the day he took his first steps. By the time he was five he was chopping and stacking cords of firewood and that as a teen he had a pet bull that to this day he carries on his shoulders. It sounded to me like the Paul Bunion legend had been attached to the guy. I had been around bodybuilders all my life. As a matter of fact I am a fourth generation bodybuilder. Our family genetics lend to bodybuilding although not everyone in the clan is a bodybuilder. Those not interested in the sport have a natural physique and are quite handsome. We are the boy next door, the handsome rogue quarterback, the hunk of a fireman, the Highway Patrol Man whose shirts bulge with muscle. We tend not to compete in bodybuilding contests. My great grandfather would psyche out other contestants by just showing up. I have to admit I have done it too. I wasn’t even registered to compete and the others were saying I had the big trophy hands down. Also we tend not to show our age. My grandfather, dad, and I have been mistaken for brothers with a large age spread. They usually don’t believe we are three generations. I was on my way to the big and tall shop in the mall not knowing the shop had scheduled a posing exhibition to promote their store. I saw the crowd gathered and skirted the outside edge of the group to get the shirts I ordered. Inside it was a quiet haven. The event seemed to have the opposite effect on their business because the store was devoid of customers. Even the sales people were at the front window looking out. My salesman, Roger, was among them. He was so focused on what was going on out in the mall he didn’t even see me come in. “It is about to start,” he said with distant awe in his voice. I think he was talking to himself more than to anybody else. “I’m here for the shirts I ordered,” I said to start the conversation. “Holy…” he gasped and his mouth hung open. I followed his gaze and saw the guy on the stage posing. He was in the super heavyweight class and he was lean and cut and handsome but he looked like any other amateur bodybuilder with a well developed physique. He had a great body but his posing routine sucked. It was choppy and repetitious. Chest, arms, back, legs… chest, arms, back, legs… chest, arms, back, and legs. He didn’t smile enough and he didn’t make eye contact with his audience or interact with them. I stopped watching him because his posing hurt my eyes and I walked to the back of the store to see what was on the sale rack. A roar went up outside and I looked up to see him doing a most-muscular pose. Probably his best pose because he held it and worked it. I turned back to the sale rack. I found a windbreaker that would fit me and a 7x tank top that I wanted to try on. I might be able to use the shirt in the gym if it didn’t fall off my shoulders. I was in the changing room when the store owner ushered somebody in and asked him to model some of their clothing. I heard Roger, my salesman, gushing outside at the entrance to the changing rooms about how big and massive and gigantic and enormous and colossal Dan the Mountain Man was. As I stood before the three way mirror I heard the muttering of the other man in the changing cubicle next to mine complaining that the shirt was too small. Just turning made the 7X shirt slip off my shoulders, so I took off the shirt and tossed it over the top of his cubicle. “Try this,” I said. “Thanks,” he answered. “Hey it fits,” he said as his door swung open. “Thanks mister,” he said as he stepped up to the three way mirror. He was naked except for the shirt I tossed to him. The 7x shirt that came almost to my knees barely covered his bare ass. He wasn’t doing anything, but his entire body seemed to be flexing with suppressed power. In the mirror I could see the cock of my dreams lazily hanging down like a python. The length not only suited him he filled the shirt with the biggest physique I had ever seen. The arms on the man looked like oversize footballs and ball of his biceps swelled enormously as he scratched his neck. His colossal chest spread and lifted as he inhaled a deep breath, making the fibers and cables of the exposed muscle beneath the shirt dance and demand attention. The tanned skin on his back rippled and bunched as he moved his shoulders. His thighs were the size of the average man’s waist. I knew he had to be north of seven feet tall. He turned and faced me and the two thick slabs of pecs filled in the shirt, pushing the points of his nipples against the material. He walked toward me with his hand extended in greeting. “I’m Dan,” he said. “Man you are one built son-of-a… oops sorry I forget I’m in polite society,” he said. “Mason, my name is Mason,” I said as I shook his paw. His handshake was warm, firm, strong, commanding, powerful, masculine, and sexy. I realized that this was the guy I saw posing in the mall. I am tall so most guys look up to look me in the eye but I was staring at his chest and he was fucking huge. “Daniel how…” I said as I looked up and up and up. He was fucking purely masculine. “How tall am I? I’m 7’3” and growing,” he said. “I was going to ask how you find clothes to fit your physique,” I smiled through the lie. “I learned how to make shirts from scratch. My mom taught me. Jeans that fit my legs have to be taken in at the waist—mom taught me how to do that too. Most of my shoes come from mail order. Want to know a secret? At home I mostly go around naked,” he confided. That was why he was so comfortable being half naked with his cock dangling out of the shirt. “I wouldn’t recommend that in public,” I smiled. “Yeah but a posing suit is ok, go figure,” he chuckled. “You’re a bodybuilder, can you explain that?” “The logic is, I want to see every muscle in your body except what is between your legs,” I blurted out without thinking. He lifted off the shirt and my cock reacted before I could speak. He noticed. He looked at the tag sewn into the shirt but I could see his cock chubbing up too. Then he lifted his right arm and tensed the muscle into a bulging mass of powerful sinew. I watched the biceps and triceps swell thicker and thicker until the muscles were literally ready to burst through the skin. His skin was so thin, and so incredibly tight! It stretched exposing the muscle fibers. Then he lifted the other arm and did it again. Thick wings spread beneath his arms and the serratus muscles stood out in high definition. His delts grew higher and higher until they nearly touched his earlobes. His neck was almost as wide as his head. He was tall and wide and handsome and super muscular. I forgot all about the choppy transitions in his routine. He quickly lowered his hands and covered his genitals with the bunched up shirt. “Is there a problem,” the store owner asked. “Clothes are too small,” Dan said. “Need 7x,” we said together. The manager left I assume to get bigger clothing. Dan moved forward and his cock made contact with my skin—his balls banged against my abs. I could feel something happening, that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with. I was... excited and horny and my balls tingled. I was intimidated by Dan’s alpha posturing. My heart was racing and I felt weirdly hot like when the AC delays coming on and humidity makes the room stuffy. I could smell Dan’s body. His musk was overpowering and… damn he smelled good. “I gotta go,” I said. I turned, walked back to my cubical, and closed the door. When I looked in the wall mirror I saw the streak of pre-cum on my chest. “The son-of-a-bitch marked me,” I muttered to myself. My breathing had quickened, my heart was beating rapidly, and my pits were damp with sweat. I felt a drop of perspiration running down the crevice of my spine and creeping into my ass crack. I felt simultaneously excited, and scared, and curious about my encounter with the 7x giant. I looked down at myself and pulled a long breath into my lungs through my nostrils. I pulled on my shirt and watched the two great plates of my pectoral muscles shove against the material. I felt the nipples drag against the cotton sending deep sexual thrills through my frame. My swollen cock still throbbed. Could I still smell the musk of his pre-cum on my body? I inhaled deeply. Damn, I really could still smell the musk of his pre-cum. “He marked me,” I whispered as I re-lived first contact. My hardened nipples were obvious. I had to calm down before I went back into the store. I opened the cargo shorts I was trying on and let them fall to the floor. I had to sit to get the shorts over my shoes and my favorite fantasy began transforming the cubical into a shower room. Curls of steam billowed all around me as I hung my shirt and shorts on the back of the door. He uttered the words to a song and I recognized the lyrics. It was as if he was singing along with the song playing in ear buds. His huge physique loomed in the fog. There was a slap and I realized it was the soapy wash cloth making contact with rock hard traps. I entered the fog and my left hand made first contact on his hip to tell him I was there. My right hand scrubbed his back with the soapy cloth while my left hand touched his cock. It felt like a foot long sausage that was morphing as it engorged and stiffened. I was standing at Dan’s left hip simultaneously fondling his low hanging balls and scrubbing his lower back. My right hand drifted into the cleft between his butt cheeks and his legs spread to give me access. An electric shock traveled down my dick and into my balls when my cock made contact with his side. Intense heat spread into my belly as my left hand tried to surround his prick. It was throbbing with each heartbeat and I ached to feel his cock stretching my hole and shoving deep inside me. Time slowed and I could see every drop of water bounce off the skin of his massive pecs like tiny bullets. I heard the echo of a groan as the fingers of my right hand breeched his hole. My left hand squeezed the foreskin to form a reservoir filled with pre-cum. His abs expanded and receded as his breath quickened and I traced the cobblestones of perfectly developed muscle with lust. My heart thumped in my chest as my fingers circled the rock hard nipple. My mouth went dry as I touched the other nipple with my tongue. “Where should I start?” I whispered as I let my lower teeth linger and scrape across his distended nub. “I think you made a fine start already,” Dan said biting his lower lip as my fingers continued to stroke his prostate. Dan’s huge muscular arm surrounded my head and pulled my nose into his dark pit. The manly musk of Dan’s body mingled with the smell of the soap, rank sweat, stale cologne, and a hint of leather, sandalwood, coconut, and vanilla. I sniffed in like a wild animal catching hints of a potential mate in heat. My hand applied liquid soap afraid that Dan would stop me if I bent to recover the wash cloth. My hand traveled over every inch of his mighty chest as I worshiped. My hand lathered his delts and traveled over biceps and triceps, along his forearm, and finally I took Dan’s hand into mine and kissed his fingers. It was an act of subtle submission and Dan smiled. I was his and he could do as he pleased with me. He ran his hand along my arm and moved my body to face him. I ran my hands over his massive physique with long strokes before moving to parts still unexplored to continue the worship of the most astounding body I ever touched. There is nothing like the sensation of moving your hands across another man’s physique in such an intimate way. I could feel the muscle fibers move beneath his skin, I could feel the warmth of his flesh, and the power emanating from the man as Dan lifted both arms into a double biceps flex. I soaped both armpits, down his lats, and up to his triceps. Dan watched me touch him with a growing sense of lust. I’m sure that he had been worshiped before but for me this was something special, something unique and for me this was a huge turn-on. I was discovering the intimately one man can find in another while exploring Dan. At the same time I was exploring my own feelings, allowing the worship of a man’s body to explode inside me. I moved my hands down Dan’s body to his slim hips and stepped in closer. I rested my hands there for a moment to savor this deep intimacy. The hot water splashed and rained down on our intertwined bodies and I rubbed my eyes to clear my vision and when I opened my eyes again the fantasy evaporated. I sat on the bench nearly in tears. What about the blowjob I was about to perform in the fantasy. Missing was the seed he would repeatedly plant in and on my body. Missing was the ultimate submission to the gigantic bodybuilder pounding his love tool into my ass and filling me with his cum. I tried with all my might to drag my mind back into the fantasy. “Fuck, that feels so good,” I whispered the words I wanted to hear Dan speak. The feeling of sexual power increased. Then Dan lowered my body onto his cock and began using me, holding all the weight of my entire body against the tiles and using my ass as a fuck toy. He thrust up into my ass as he lifted and lowered my body up and down on his pole, letting out a string of filthy words and outlandish threats. Tile was breaking and falling onto the floor and… “Hello?” “I’m not done yet,” I said to answer the knock on my cubical door. Aw, fuck, who is that? I heard Dan moan in my fantasy. “Are you okay in there?” a voice chuckled. “Yeah. Maybe. I… that… yeah,” I called out to the guy on the other side of the door. Gonna fuck you, the phantom voice echoed in my ears and then was gone. “Hey, would you like to get some lunch in the mall?” Dan asked. It was definitely Dan. “Yeah, yes… um I’ll be right out.” “I’ll be at the cash register,” he said as his voice faded. Again I tried to engage the fantasy but nothing happened. I dressed and gathered everything I brought into the room and made my way to the front of the store. Dan looked up and smiled at me. It was as if he knew what was happening in my fantasy but I knew that was ridiculous. “I checked on the shirts you ordered and it looks like they’ll be here by next Friday. Usually they don’t take this long but with the and blah, blah, blah, blah,” he continued as I tuned him out. “Will you call me and leave a message when they come in?” I requested as I picked up my purchases and together Dan and I entered the mall. “You know what?” Dan said as we entered the food court. “I especially liked the part where you were finger fucking my ass as you fondled my balls, but the way you were riding me…” I stopped in my tracks and he continued on towards the oriental food. He smiled and returned to where I was standing. “My shower at home is about the size of those changing rooms back in that store. White tiles, three showerheads, and a rain shower on the ceiling,” he said describing my fantasy shower room. “Would you like to skip lunch and follow me to my place? I have some leftovers in the refrig…” “Yes,” I cut him off. “Yes right now!” “There were also some tender moments like when…” “Shut up. Be quiet. Lead the way,” I said quietly. I was red faced as we walked toward the exit. A hand rested on my shoulder when we got to his car. “I have a few fantasies that I would also love to share with you,” he said as he unlocked the car. If he said that to insure I would follow him home he was wasting his breath because if reality was half as good as that dream had in the mall, I was his for life.
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    Chapter 2 A few days later, as the clock was ticking closer and closer to midnight and after talking myself into then out of doing this several times, I finally settled on performing this magic ritual to restore balance. What’s the worst that could happen? Really, I have no idea. This is magic after all. You are dealing with forces you cannot begin to comprehend *Spoken in a deep resonating voice* It’s not like anyone will die or anything… surely... And even if they did, how could you be blamed? This is magic after all… “Screw it”. Speaking aloud to myself. I honestly can’t imagine things getting worse for me than they already are. Though that could simply be a lack of imagination on my part. No risk, no reward… but also no punishment. “Just make up your damned mind!” I shouted into an empty apartment. Fine. Alright I’m doing this. Besides, there is still a good chance this is likely some elaborate hoax that I was set up for and all that will happen is me wasting my time. I went over to the chest that did find its way into a great spot in my apartment and opened the lid. Intending to reach in and pull out the lone occupant (i.e. the parchment paper) I stumbled backwards and fell on my ass as I saw that the chest was now filled with everything I would need for the ritual. Panting on the floor from the sudden surge of adrenaline, I spent the next several minutes grappling with this further proof that magic was real. Not only was the page conjured up, but everything else I needed was too! “Guess I didn’t need to go shopping after all!” I said without realizing it only to laugh slightly hysterically at myself for the absurdity of it. Part of me was legitimately mad at having all this stuff provided after wasting my money to buy duplicate items and ingredients. It took a bit more time to calm down but when my “warning alarm” went off telling me I had only 15 minutes left to midnight, I prepared things as outlined in the “instructions” which really read more like a recipe than any sort of spell I’d ever seen. Though, admittedly, I haven’t really seen many, other than in the Harry Potter movies that is. The clock struck 12, now officially Halloween and I started chanting as well as mixing up the ingredients. After I had finished the ritual and was only reasonably sure I had done and said things correctly there wasn’t any noticeable effect. No clap of thunder, no puff of smoke, no ethereal voices, zilch. “Well either I completely botched this up, which is the most likely answer, or it doesn’t have one of those flashy effects.” Suddenly, a line from Harry Potter popped into my brain: Bangs and smoke were often the sign of ineptitude rather than experience. No sooner had I thought this when I realized that I was thinking about other things… things I couldn’t have known but somehow were there. Truly divine (or maybe demonic) knowledge had appeared in my brain and I now knew what to do next without conscious thought or realization. There was a sense of calm and understanding that I really would get things back into balance so long as I followed this plan. This was going to be a good day. A really good day. ***** I walked into the gym a little before 4PM to get things set up. I knew it would take some extra time as this was not my usual gym but instead one on the other side of town. I completed all the necessary steps to obtain a day pass to enter and made my way to the locker room to change clothes. A few minutes later I was finishing up when two people walked in. The two people I had planned on meeting and the sole reason I was here: my ex and the guy he cheated on/left me for. “Oh, hey James.” Lee said with shock and trained politeness before looking suddenly very uncomfortable. Hugh, his boyfriend, gave me a polite enough head nod but didn’t say anything. “Hey Lee. Been a while. How have you been?” I responded to him very nicely, almost chipper which seemed to unsettle him even more. Given our last series of conversations and my state of mind at the time, this was a jarring difference. I was using the tone of an old acquaintance you haven’t seen for a long time and were on good terms with, not someone you were once romantically involved with and ended up admitted to the hospital under psychiatric care because of. “Good, good. You?” Lee asked as he eyed Hugh with some concern. Last time Hugh and I had met face-to-face, Hugh was less than excited to see me, even going as far as nearly punching me. I will admit, in his defense given how I was raving about all the ways that Lee had lied to me, broken promises, fucked things up, ruined my life and in general how I thought he was being a monumental jackass, his reaction was not entirely surprising. “I’m fantastic actually. Work has been going great and I had a recent event happen that has me very hopeful for the future.” I finished up enigmatically and put my stuff in the locker, all except my shaker of an intra-workout mix and towel. “Good. I’m really happy to hear you’re doing better. You just starting your workout?” Lee asked as he looked over his shoulder to see Hugh choosing a locker as far away from me as possible causing Lee to be torn on what to do next. “Yep. Arms today. Hope you both have a great workout.” I said standing up and walking away clearly indicating that I was done with this exchange. Lee muttered thanks and turned to rejoin his boyfriend. I looked up at the clock and saw I had about 10 seconds to 4PM. Given the spell was conjured for anyone who really needed it, there was a unique requirement that a symbolic measure of time, something within the 24-hour length of Halloween, must be used for the effects. Since it had been 8 months Lee and I were “together” and 8 months since he cut all ties with me, 8 hours would be a perfect symbology how long the spell would take for full effect. This meant a 4PM start to achieve a midnight culmination as that’s when the magic would be most powerful. I took a deep breath, cleared my head of other thoughts but what I needed and cast my spell: On this day, All Hallows Eve, I ask the spirits for reprieve, Equal parts of black and white, Cast upon those within my sight, Trick and treat I do implore, Tip back the scales, balance restore. Once again there was no clap of thunder, shaking of the earth, flickering lights or anything in either Lee or Hugh’s behavior or appearance to indicate anything supernatural had happened, but I knew it had. It’s hard to describe the sensation but there was something akin to feeling an energy being siphoned away. All my negative thoughts and emotions seemed to be flowing from my head and out of my body towards the two men in front of me. After a few moments the energy transfer had stopped, and I was left with this serene feeling of calm. The sight of my ex with someone else no longer bothered me like it had for months now. I can’t say I was happy at the sight, but I was at peace. Though the void where those emotions one resided was quickly replaced by an energized feeling for my workout, but that I attribute more to the new pre-workout mix I had taken rather than any supernatural influence. I went through my arm workout like a man possessed. Never had I ever had such a level of mind-muscle connection or as furious a pump as I did today. My arms felt like they were growing with each rep, my skin was getting tighter, more veins were popping, it was truly amazing to see, but far better to feel. I began with my normal warm up sets just to get loosened up and acclimated. Immediately I could tell something was different. The sensation was something so much better than I’d ever had, hell better than I ever dreamed of having! There was a deep almost pleasurable feeling coming from within the muscle tissue. I did two warm up sets for my triceps before moving the weight up to the working sets. At my first rep, a sort of haze drifted into my head blocking out everything around me but the task at hand. Having little to no experience with drugs, I equated this feeling to what being high must be like; a sort of body detachment yet somehow a simultaneous deeper connection to it. I couldn’t tell you how many reps I did that first working set, but it was well beyond the 12 I had planned. Each rep was another burst of pleasure that overrode any sense of fatigue or pain from working the muscle like I knew from my experience they should. I continued on to do a half dozen more sets of the same exercise before moving on to the next. Switching over to bicep work was like nothing I could have prepared for, even after having that triceps euphoria. This was similar yet different in that it connected me to something primal, something defiantly male. Arms were a tell-tale sign of masculinity and power, but it was the bicep that was most easily recognized as such. Feeling my own biceps swell, harden, and grow, then looking down to see them in action was otherworldly. Again, I couldn’t tell you how many sets I did of that first curling exercise, but I would guess at least six. From there I did every variation and angle I could think of to work my arms. Machines, cables, free weights, everything. Barely pausing between sets before desperately craving the next “hit” like a crazed drug addict. Despite the fact I was chasing a buzz, I did each set with the same controlled focus I always have but was so intense it could have been world war three outside, or a zombie apocalypse and I would have kept pumping. I didn’t see or acknowledge other people in the gym, just more iron for me to lift and use to make myself bigger and stronger. It wasn’t until I was out of my intra-workout shake that I took more than a two-minute break. I was shocked to look at my watch and find it was nearly 6 PM by this point as I rarely lifted for more than an hour. Not ready to quit just yet, I went into the locker room to make a fresh batch of my intra workout shake, and a supplemental protein shake to slam down for fuel before I went back out and continuing. Once again, I met up with Lee and Hugh in the locker room as they were taking their post workout selfies for social media. I barely registered it was them before I continued past them to my locker and mixed up my shakes. “Fuck! Babe would you look at this PUMP!?” I heard Hugh say as he kept flexing over and over in front of the mirror. “I’ve NEVER felt so swole before! God, I look so much bigger right now. I wish this could last!” “Careful what you wish for” I muttered with a smirk before taking out a second empty shaker from my bag and adding a scoop of protein powder to it. The truth was, Hugh didn’t just look bigger, he was bigger. The supernatural knowledge in my head told me that he wouldn’t try to quantify this by measuring or weighing himself, which was all part of the spells design. If it weren’t for the fact that I knew exactly what was coming and how the spell’s effects on him would play out, I would say that I was tricked and mislead by whatever forces were at work. Here was this guy who I lost my first love to for being more muscular than I was, now becoming even more of what my ex desired most, how was this bringing me balance? However, I knew what was in store for them both over the next 6 hours so it didn’t cause me any further anger. As I was adding a second scoop of powder to my shaker, I suddenly realized how hungry I was. My stomach was twisted and growling at me in fury for fuel only slightly overpowering the begging and pleading for nutrients my muscles were making. “You look amazing babe! We got a lot of good shots, but we need to get going if we’re going to have enough time to get ready before the Halloween party tonight.” Lee said and when I looked at him, while he did look pleased, and very turned on by his strutting and preening boyfriend, there was also a look of barely disguised jealousy and anger behind it. I couldn’t tell if seeing this was due to my knowing Lee as well as I did, or some secondary effect of the spell. I stood up shaking away the lingering analyzing of Lee’s mood as I polished off my shake, walked over to the nearby sink to rinse out my shaker seriously debating on mixing up another when I caught sight of myself for the first time. Okay, not strictly true as I had been watching my form in the mirrors during my lifts, but this was the first time with a head clear of whatever endorphin or magic induced fog had taken over me. I had to echo the sentiments of Hugh just then: I’ve never looked so pumped! This was like a years' worth of pumps and gains all showing up together. But more than that, I could see I was noticeably leaner and more vascular than when I walked in two hours ago. I looked down at my forearms and gave them a few casual flexes and twists to see the veins pop more than ever. In a few minutes when the carbs from my shake and intra-workout hit, that would probably get even more pronounced! I couldn’t help it and threw up a double bicep shot in the mirror. “Wow James, you look really pumped too!” Lee called over and now the constipated look of too many emotions battling in his head was even more pronounced. This time however, there was more a look of confusion or concentration on his face than anything. I could tell he was trying to remember if I looked as big/lean when he saw me before. Beneath all that analyzing though was a good dose of lust. Lee was an arm guy. Not just in what he was attracted to, but what he felt was his own weakest muscle group to respond and the one part of his physique he was so desperate to grow. The pump I had going on now had swollen my arms to well over 18” I was sure and I was going to ride out this workout high until I passed out or died because I wanted to see how big I could get them! “Thanks Lee. Going to go see if I can coax a little bit more size out of them before I call it quits tonight. Have fun at your party!” I said waving to them before I left the room. ***** It was another two hours later before I left the gym more depleted and tired than I’ve ever been, but also more pumped, satisfied and genuinely proud of myself than I remembered being in ages. I broke down after the workout upon seeing my arms in the mirror during my second double bi and that they were insane. I had more definition, size, vascularity and separation than ever. I had true bodybuilder caliber arms which was impossible given how I looked walking into the gym earlier. Thankfully, no one else seemed to notice the impossible transformation given they were either too focused on themselves or weren’t there to see me when I had arrived to make the comparison against. I grabbed the tape measure in my bag and wrapped it around each arm to find they had indeed pumped up to not just beyond 18” but just crossed the 19” barrier. I gained over 2” of “pump” in a few hours which my logical mind knew was impossible but honestly all I could do was think I wanted so much more! It’s also not just a pump either, this is permanent the voice in my head told me. I took a myriad of photos in every which way I could fathom, even enlisting the help of another gym goer before heading to my car and uploading a few, plus a “before/after” shot to Instagram. What no one will know is that the “before” pic was from just a few hours ago rather than weeks or months. The weird thing was that I felt pumped just about everywhere, not just my arms. Both my chest and back felt it the most, which given their activation during most of my arm exercises wasn’t too unusual, my shoulders were more rounded and capped than before, and somehow even my legs felt different. As I was leaving, the guy at the desk waved me over and gave me a few free passes as covertly as possible. Included on one was a handwritten phone number that I assume was his. I told him I’d be back the next day same time and he said he would too. I drove home still in awe of how I looked and felt and it wasn’t until I parked the car and looked back at my phone that I saw the dozens of likes, comments, a handful of new followers and even a few direct messages I had gotten. One in particular caught my eye: “Man, I hope you’re planning to come to the Halloween party at Tric tonight. Those arms NEED to be shown off and shared with the world!” I never really got into Halloween parties, and had only been to Tric a few times with a group of people as it wasn’t really my thing, but tonight I knew I had to be there. Scrolling through my messages I found that the tentative plans with friends were in fact being moved to Tric anyway, so it worked out perfectly. Too perfectly I thought realizing this was probably some manipulation of magic at play, but frankly I didn’t care. I went into my bedroom and rummaged around for a good 20 minutes trying to find my prize. I dug out the costume I wore the year before. It was a Robin Hood style getup but it was very sexy. The material looked like it would be just stretchy enough to allow me to fit in it, or so I hoped, and show off my now bulging arms in tight, nearly spandex material. It was long sleeve so it wasn’t quite as flattering as going sleeveless, but I had ideas about that when I was at the club. I pulled out my black pair of spandex leggings that I wore to the gym for leg day and laid out the costume on my bed. Suddenly I got hard at the visual of how I was going to look in this and I was turning myself on! He was right, I need to show off tonight. I went to the bathroom to shower, started to disrobe my gym attire and when I looked at myself in the mirror, my breath caught in my throat. I Was Fucking HOTT! My dick shot up from chub to raging in approximately 3.2 seconds. I was LEAN. I was HARD. I was RIPPED! For fuck sake, I had ABS! I haven’t had abs in ages but now I had them in excess! 8 clearly defined and striated works of art now sat there looking back at me in the mirror. If that wasn’t enough. my chest was thick, swollen and had cleavage for yet another first time in my life. I’ve been working my chest 2x a week to try and get it to develop and grow as it’s my lagging muscle group and I desperately wanted to have that valley between my pecs. I wanted them to touch, to rub together, as I always had the fantasy of getting pec fucked by someone and milking their dick to explosion between my hard chest plates. I not only looked like a fitness model, I looked like I was a few weeks out from taking the stage at a bodybuilding show! This was the sort of lean/defined look I’d been working towards for months, years really and couldn’t seem to get. My body stubbornly held onto its fat reserves no matter what I tried to do, but now, I looked like I’d always dreamed I could! Needless to say, my shower took a long time and was hands down (then up, then down again) the best I’d ever had. I then spent an absurd amount of time primping and cleaning myself up. I never spent much more than about 15 minutes shaving, combing my hair, etc., but tonight, I was determined to not just look good below the neck. I wanted the whole package and for everyone in that club to want me. I shaved and sculpted my face till I looked my absolute best. Even going as far as trimming eyebrows and plucking stray hairs. Scrubbed away all the dirt, dead skin cells, unblocked my pores, tightened the skin, applying lotion, then spent more time than I care to admit styling my hair until I looked better than I ever had in my life. I went to the bedroom and into the bag that my costume was in to find the accessories I bought with it the year before. Included among them was eyeliner that I was too chicken to try but tonight knew would make me look even more sexy. After a good 10 minutes of trial and error (and pain as I stabbed my eye more than once), I was finished and really pleased with the outcome. Not something I’ll do every day, but it did add to my overall look. My eyes were definitely the highlight of my face now which was exactly what I hoped seeing as I’d been told (though never really believing it) that my eyes were one of my best features. I took a couple quick shots and right as I was finishing up, a line from Once Upon a Time flashed in my head of The Evil Queen calling Captain Hook “Captain Guyliner.” Given the Robin Hood-esque look of the costume it was a close comparison. Returning to the bedroom I started to put on the costume and quickly realized that I was going to need to be very careful. This outfit was going to fit at that level of “so tight that any excess moving or stretching (or flexing) was going to cause a scene”. Perfect. I dressed, put on all the extra accessories, gave myself the once over in the mirror before grabbing my keys, phone and ID then headed out.
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    Omg... it's finally finished. It feels like forever and once again it took a turn I was not expecting when I sat down to write it. I decided to conclude it and apologize if it feels a bit rushed I just didn't want it to go incomplete forever. Especially since I've got other ideas that have been spinning around in my head for awhile. It's been hard to find the time to write. Big thank you to everyone who has shown their love to this story. I'm thinking about starting a patreon or something to encourage me to put out more regular stuff. Input on that and if you'd subscribe would be greatly appreciated! Also would love to hear if you liked "If the Shoe Fits". Without further ado: Chapter 33 Two weeks can sometimes feel like forever. Each day seemed to blend seamlessly one into the next. I’d wake up bright and early every day before stumbling out of bed to take my morning piss. As I watched my golden stream bulldoze its way into the toilet, I’d remind myself that for reasons I couldn’t quite comprehend, this morning’s piss was the best piss of my life I’d felt outside of drunkenness— even better feeling than the wonderfully relieving whiz I had taken the prior morning. After that flow eased and slowly but simultaneously suddenly ended, I’d groggily shuffle myself a few steps past the sink, unconsciously avoiding eye contact with myself in the mirror in case I were to catch my eye and make myself wonder how the hell anyone, let alone the love of my life, could think I was sexy. Having averted disaster, I would then start up the shower and rinse myself clean. Feeling more awake, I’d then towel off in front of the mirror, this time openly checking myself out, but not in a sexy way. Rather, I’d run the towel through my hair a few times and think to myself that either my hair looked super cute that day and dammit why would I have to now put on a shirt and ruin it. Or I’d see that my hair really looked like a mess and I’d ask myself where I last put that new hair gel I bought when I got my last haircut, knowing full-well that it was just inside the medicine cabinet where it’s always been kept. Either way, I’d then saunter off to my bedroom to continue getting myself prepped for the day. Which is where I would find Justin, fully erect and waiting. Every morning. Like clockwork. Usually, he’d be sitting on the edge of my bed, propped up by his left arm, whose hand was absentmindedly gripping some lube. Meanwhile, his right hand would be busy massaging the upper half of his goliath-sized appendage. He’d smirk at me before saying something cheesy like “You know we’ve got orders”, or something similar. Invariably, my own 8.5 incher would begin to noticeably bone up even before the towel managed to hit the floor. I’d quickly grab the lube, grease up my hole, and straddle my obviously eager training wheel of a housemate. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pause to yawn before snapping back to the sizable task I gripped with my right hand and slid between my ass cheeks. Usually the moment his cockhead first touched my hole one or both of us would let out an audible intake of air. I’d sink slowly ease myself down onto his massive cockhead, silently thanking the squat rack gods for granting me some added inches to my posterior region the past several months as I worked vigorously to accommodate the nearly overwhelming number of inches slowly and insistently stretching their way into my insides. It would take a couple of minutes, but eventually I’d be rewarded by the feeling of my wispy little ass-hairs alerting me that I’d reached the base of Justin’s manhood. We’d pause—Give each other a nod—then he’d reach around like he was going to hug me as we flipped me over onto my back. Another moment to make sure everything was feeling good, and he’d begin working my hole over. Some mornings, early afternoons, evenings, or late nights...he’d be gentle. Other times he’d fuck me so deep and so hard I would wonder if the bed or my ass would break first. Whichever way, he made sure to use my ass thoroughly… and at least three times a day. In the two weeks leading up to Patrick’s return I never went to work without a load in my ass, and I never went to bed without one either. If I could sum it up in one word— intense. After he blew his nut, he’d invariably take a few moments to relish the orgasm before slowly easing himself out of my now gaping orifice. He’d roll over, take a deep breath, then hop up out of bed to go clean up, oftentimes without a word. Every now and then he’d make a funny little quip, or we’d talk about our plans for the day. Once I caught him staring at me just a little too long—and while I had warmed up to him quite a bit, I know he knew heart belonged first and foremost to Patrick. He never said anything about it, and after a few days he started going out on dates with others in the early evenings after giving me my after-work spunk. It was fairly obvious he was making sure to keep some space between us which I appreciated. Little did I know how much smaller that space would soon be. Chapter 34 Smaller? Larger? Is up, down now? The day finally arrived when Patrick was due home. I wanted to meet him at the airport, but I had a semi-important-to-me-but-critical-to-the-company meeting I was needed for. It had been in the works for a while, and Patrick was understanding. Besides, he had an appointment with the doctor for his last shot. We agreed that we would meet at the house in the evening. Patrick texted me when he got back to the house, telling me he was just going to relax and play some video games until I got home. Everything was going so well. My pitch had gone over so well. In 45 minutes I’d be back home in Patrick’s loving arms. Then I got the call. “Hello, Aaron speaking” I voiced to the unknown number. My phone beeped at me that the battery was about dead. Guess I had forgotten to leave it on the charger last night. “Hello. Yes… Can I speak to Aaron McCormick?” a woman replied. “This is he”. “Hello. Yes. Mr. McCormick. I’d like to confirm you’re currently safe and uninjured, correct? Or are you in need of emergency services? Are you at your dwelling at?” she started to rattle my address, but I cut her off. “Yes, yes, I’m fine.” I said excusing myself from the room. “What’s going on? What happened”. My phone beeped. “Sir, there appears to have been a pipeline explosion in your immediate area and emergency responders are en route to contain the.” “Wait what?” I shouted. “How did you get my number, why are you calling me to tell me this?” I demanded. “Sir, please stay calm, emergency responders are taking care of your friend, he was just concerned for your safety given the proxim- “the line went dead as my phone battery gave up it’s last bit of juice. Chapter 35 Throwing my phone into my pocket I ran to the door, grabbing my jacket as I moved. My wild-eyed expression was all the explanation my boss needed as I raced out of the office to my car. I don’t remember the drive home, it’s a miracle I wasn’t pulled over or worse. I do remember seeing and smelling the black acrid smoke coming from my neighborhood as I approached. I remember the hearing the wailing sirens competing with the sounds of roaring flames and seeing the flash of red and blue lights as they fought for visual comprehension with the orange flames consuming what had been the block where my home once stood. Police had closed the roads a few blocks out. Before they could stop my car and hurried out and towards the ambulances and firetrucks nearest the direction my home had stood until shortly ago. Frantically, I pushed my way past barricades, bystanders, and first responders, desperately scanning the ambulances looking for anything recognizable. My panic brought the attention of paramedics and firefighters. It took several of them to restrain me… even then, it wasn’t so much the 4-5 strong men and women who stopped my 6’4” ass, but rather the fact that after having seen the back of each ambulance and not being satisfied I turned my gaze back to the still burning remnants of my exploded house, and saw one of Patrick’s previously oversized shoes on what was our front lawn. The formally white with a black checker Nike Logo runner was now mostly black, and one of the laces was burning, much like the wick of a candle. I collapsed. First responders quickly brought a facemask and a blanket over to me. They were shouting things. It didn’t matter. Nothing else mattered. I don’t know how long I sat there, unmoving. Not allowing myself to be moved. I just stared at that shoe, at my life…Gone. For a moment I imagined I saw Patrick’s smiling face from his birthday a couple years ago when he opened up the new computer monitor I had seen him eyeing for a while. I thought how cute it was watching him with his dorky headphones on as that monitor cast a bluish light on his face as he joked and played with online friends while dreaming of becoming a big muscleman someday. Gone. I saw a flash of blue light from where our front window used to be. At least I thought I did. No! I did! There it was again…and there was movement! I threw off my blanket and leapt to my feet. I grabbed the nearest person to me and began dragging them towards the broken bay window shouting, “Here! Over here! Help! Someone help!” Reaching the window, I pushed through broken glass, through broken memories, through the charred drywall and blackened 2x4’s that used to be my living room. Desperately. In that moment it could have all been a hallucination, but if it were, I was going to make sure that at the end I crawled underneath that house myself so that I could die next to my lover. Nothing else mattered. I pushed aside some unrecognizable board and finally saw what caused the light I had seen. A cellphone. Screen cracked, but still flickering light occasionally. The glint had been picked up by a piece of broken mirror, and I just been at the right place and time. Just beyond that, a forearm. A massive forearm. Thickly corded with muscle and covered in soot and blood, and it was moving. Reaching towards me…towards anything to grasp. I rushed over and with the help of first responders began pulling away the debris. I found him. I was ecstatic in that moment because I knew there was no one else it could possibly be. No one had forearms that big. A few moments later I heard a loud crack and the rubble began to shift and rise. I wasn’t the only one who stumbled a foot or two back. What we witnessed next was incredible. I stood in the remains of my former bay window as the charred remains of my house fell to the sides of what I at first though must have been my living room couch. Instead, as my mind adjusted to what was happening in front of me, I realized that that wasn’t a couch—that was my husband. Patrick was on his knees, in a plank position holding the weight of the upper floor of my house on his back while he propped himself up on his elbow. His muscles were tensed, which made his soccer ball sized biceps seem all the more impressive. While the back of his shirt was mostly intact, the front was hanging on by a thread, and I was stunned by his rippling six back, and pectorals that made dinner plates seem small in diameter. His jeans were ripped at the knees, and his calves were still covered in rubble, but what I could see of his quads was stunning, it looked like someone had taken a physique anatomy chart and blown up the proportions! Still, after all of that, all I could truly focus on in that moment were the two piercingly beautiful blue eyes staring back at me. In them I read pain, love, relief, and concern. We held eyes for what seemed like forever, long enough to tell each other everything we ever needed to tell one another, without saying a word. Then with a blink he quickly looked down and back up and me pleadingly. I followed where his eyes had been. There… underneath it all… cradled between Patrick’s giant pecs and his arm, lay an unconscious Justin. Seeing him snapped me out of my situational paralysis. I rushed forward, startling the paramedics out of their stupor as well. They managed to pull Justin out and took him towards an ambulance. Once Justin was safe, Patrick asked us to stand back. With a few deep breaths, Patrick managed to push himself up into a pushup up position. Using all of his strength he managed to get himself up into a full plank, and with some effort, was then able to pull first his right, and then his left leg forward. The rubble of the house crashed around him as he then moved himself into a somewhat squat position and pushed himself and what remained around him up until he managed to get himself out from under the house. He then staggered a couple steps towards me before collapsing to his knees. Before he lost consciousness, he looked to me and said. “I love you”. Chapter 36 They kept Patrick at the hospital overnight. Besides a few burns and a couple of deep scratches that needed stitching, he was relatively unscathed. Justin had to stay for a few more days, though thankfully he was released as well with a clean bill of health. The doctors and the news hailed Patrick as a hero for saving Justin’s life. They tried roping me in with that too, but I wouldn’t let them. All I did was see a light in some wreckage. Patrick did all the heavy lifting…literally. With all the excitement, it took a few months for us to really reacclimate. Our insurance guy was amazing, and things worked out better than we could have possibly expected. Patrick’s growth stabilized with him setting a few records, and for that we needed some special accommodations when it came to housing. He ended up topping out at 7’8” … so taller counters and shower heads were a must for starters. I’m not 7’8”, but I’m a big man, and I can’t fit both of my hands around his biceps. That’s unflexed. When flexed, I think it’d take me four hands. Which is still small compared to the globes he has for butt cheeks. He gets cross with me when I call him Nicki now, but I haven’t found a more entertaining way to tell him that he’s got some serious cakes! As for the rest of him, well… honestly, I don’t know precisely. I’d have to pull up the Guinness Book of Records. I just know that I love wearing his size 22 shoes when he pins me down to fuck me with his over 12” dick. He knows exactly how big it is, I’ve just asked him to not tell me because it’s a bit intimidating knowing your man is bigger than a ruler and thicker than a wine bottle. He does like to brag about how he’s bigger than Jonah Falcon now though. At first it did cause some difficulties… His dick is just so absolutely enormous! We had a night where I ended up crying, telling him that I thought he said he would never outgrow me. He laughed and said again that he’d never outgrow me… he said it’s just like a new pair of specially tailored shoes. They fit… they just need a bit of love and to be used a bit until they are broken in. The End.
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    UNO El asunto del pecho de Nico al parecer era muy conocido. Nico y yo eramos amigos desde jardín. Habíamos ido a la misma primaria y cuando entramos en la segundaria nuestros padres eligieron mandarnos a colegios diferentes. De todos modos todavía seguiamos siendo amigos y cada tanto solíamos invitarnos a dormir. Durante los años de secundaria la mamá de Nico había decidido darle pastillas para el crecimiento, ella era una mujer petisa y tenía miedo de que su hijo no creciera demasiado. A Nico el asunto lo tenía sin problema y hasta ese momento él no había sido más bajo o más alto que nadie en el colegio. Pero a medida que los años de secundario iban pasando las cosas empezaron a cambiar. Lo primero que sucedio es que la voz de Nico se volvió más gruesa. Después ocurrió que pegó un estirón y me sacó una cabeza. Nico siempre había sido muy jodón y desde entonces empezó a decirme enano. —¿Que hacés enano? ¿Que tal la vista desde el subsuelo? Después le creció el pecho. No fue algo progresivo, fue casi como de un día para otro. Dos enormes pectorales asomaron como montañas sobre su pecho. Nico se reía. Decía que sus amigos lo llamaban la tetona. Era un pecho impresionante, yo nunca había conocido a nadie con un pecho tan grande. No era desproporcionado sino que era del tamaño perfecto, ancho y suave. No caía como esas tetas de viejos de 60 o de gordos a los que se les cae la grasa. Era un pecho grande, simplemente como si se le hubiera expandido la caja torásica y le hubieran crecido los músculos. Entonces ocurrió que Nico empezó a coger. Eso le causaba gracia, decía que las chicas le tocaban el pecho todo el día. —Les encanta —decía cuando se quitaba la remera y se miraba frente al espejo. Nico no tenía un gramo de grasa, no es que fuera super musculoso, solo que su cuerpo emanaba fuerza y energía sexual. Se paraba frente al espejo y se masajeaba el pecho mientras decía. —Les encanta. No sabés como me tocan todo el pecho, se vuelven locas —y después se miraba de costado y de frente—. Lo tengo enorme. ¿Que te parece, enano? ¿Te parece que tengo el pecho muy grande? ¿Me lo querés tocar? —Salí, boludo —le decía yo y él se cagaba de risa. Después se agarraba el pecho con ambas manos y decía: —Tetas de hombre —y eso era todo. Al parecer sus amigos también cargaban con eso. Le decían la tetona y a Nico le encantaba. Siempre que podía se sacaba la remera. —¡Salí de acá tetona! —le decían sus amigos. —¡Dejá de mostrar las tetas! Pero a Nico eso no lo intimidaba y siempre decía: —¿Querés tocarme las tetas? ¡Dale, veni! ¡Tocame las tetas! Una vez en su cumpleaños uno de sus amigos empezó a cargarlo con eso de las tetas grandes. Nico se sacó la remera y dijo: —Veni si sos macho, dale, tocame las tetas. El amigo fue y empezó a tocarle el pecho. —¡Aw Nico! —decía haciéndose el que se calentaba, mientras todos se cagaban de risa—. Que fuerte que sos, que pecho de macho que tenés, que tetas, que fuerte que sos. Tetas Nico, tetas, dame tus tetas. Y todos se morían de risa, incluso Nico. Para ese entonces yo le llegaba tan solo hasta la linea de sus pectorales. Para mí Nico se estaba volviendo un gigante. Por esa época Nico empezó a juntarse con otros amigos más grandes que nosotros. En especial con uno que se llamaba Juanito. Yo no lo conocía pero al parecer Juanito estaba todo el tiempo hablando de sexo, de tetas, de conchas, de pijas, de minas y de como cogérselas. Todo el material que Nico traía a mi casa las noches que venía a dormir era de Juanito. Así fue como empezó a traer fotos de minas en bolas, con unas tetas enormes o cogiendo. Cuando mis papás se habían ido a dormir pausábamos el jueguito que estuvieramos jugando y nos poníamos a ver las fotos. —Mirá esta hija de puta, como me la cogería —decía Nico mientras se tocaba la pija debajo del pantalón. Un día así fue como empezamos a pajearnos. Nico trajo unas fotos, nos sentamos frente al monitor y él dijo: —Boludo, pajiémosnos —y sin esperar que yo dijera nada se sacó la remera y se desabrochó el pantalón. La pija que salió era enorme, yo nunca había visto una pija tan grande en mi vida. En especial porque la mia era bastante chiquita; la de Nico parecía diez veces mas grande. —Dale, boludo, ¿Que esperas? —me dijo Nico mientras se masturbaba y su pija crecía y crecía. —Boludo, la tenés enorme —le dije. —El otro día la medimos con Juanito —dijo Nico mientras se masturbaba—. Treinta y cinco centímetros. Yo saqué la mia y empezé a pajearme. —Boludo, ¿Que es eso? —me preguntó—. Tenés un mani. Le pegué en el hombro y me fui al baño. —¡Boludo, no te enojes, es un chiste! Cuando salí del baño Nico había vuelto a jugar a los jueguitos. Me pidió perdón y jugamos hasta que se hizo de madrugada. Otro día vino con una sonrisa en la cara. —Tengo unas fotos que te vas a morir. Se hizo de madrugada y me mostró lo que había traido. Por alguna razón las pasaba bien rápido, hasta que llegó a la foto que me quería mostrar. Era la foto de una pija enorme. Solo se veía la pija y un poco de las piernas y la panza. Se notaba que era un hombre musculoso. —¿Cual decís que es mas grande? —preguntó—. Esa o la mia. Y sin esperar mas se bajó el pantalón y empezó a pajearse. Antes de que estuviera toda parada se sacó la remera y mientras con una mano se masturbaba con la otra empezó a tocarse el pecho: esas enormes tetas musculosos que tenía. Cuando estuvo del todo parada Nico se paró y dijo: —¿Y? ¿Cual decís que es mas grande? Mire ambas pijas, eran las dos enormes, simplemente enormes y gruesas. —No sé, parecen igual de grandes. —¿Vos decís? —Yo creo que la del chabon es mas grande —dijo Nico mientras se masajeaba una teta. A la siguiente vez trajo un video porno y algo que había aprendido. Juanito le había enseñado a hacer competencias de wascasos. —Nos pajeamos y el que aguanta mas y acaba mas gana. Pusimos el video y nos empezamos a pajear. La pija monstruosa de Nico se paró como un mástil. La mia apenas lograba ponerse dura. Heché una mirada a las enormes tetas de Nico y acabé. El wascaso entró en mi mano como un chicle. —¿Ya estás? Ja, ¡que chabón! Nico se siguió pajeando y pajeando. Se tocaba las tetas y se masajeaba la pija con una y con las dos manos. —Tengo la pija enorme, boludo —decía—, casi tan grande como mis tetas. Mirá el tamaño de mis tetas, boludo. Estoy enorme. Tengo mas tetas que la puta esa —dijo y se puso de pie. Fue al baño y dijo: —Mirá esto, enano. Me paré al lado y vi salir un chorro de wasca como si hubiera abierto una canilla. —Te lleno la bañera de leche, boludo. Jaja, mirá toda la leche que tengo. Otra vez me dijo: —Boludo, nos tenemos que pajear cruzado. Es zarpado. —¿Que? ¿Cruzado? —Si boludo, yo te pajeo a vos y vos a mi. —Dejate de joder, boludo, no te quiero tocar la pija. —Boludo, es lo mismo. ¿Que te cambia? Es una pija. Los dos tenemos una pija... Y puso un video de una mina a la que se la cogían tres tipos. Nico sacó su pija y yo hice lo mismo. —¿Así toda floja? —le pregunté. —Dale, boludo —dijo y me sacó la mano y me agarró la pija con dos dedos. Su mano era mucho mas grande que la mia y entre sus dedos mi pija todavía parecía mas chica. Se me paró al toque. —Dale, agarrame, boludo. Agarré su enorme pija con una mano y empecé a subir y bajar. Nunca había sentido una pija tan grande. Acabé en un segundo. —¡aw, boludo! Me llenaste la mano de leche. Tenés que controlarla, forro. Se limpió con mi remera y después se puso en cueros. —Ahora termina con la mia. Le agarré la pija temblando. Había crecido por la mitad, pero ya era algo impresionante. Un segundo después se puso tan dura como una piedra y tan gruesa que apenas podía rodearla con mi mano. —Apretá con fuerza, boludo. ¡Dale! ¡Ponele ganas! –Estoy apretando todo lo que puedo. —Dale, boludo, ¿me estás jodiendo? —Forro, la tenés enorme. —Dale pelotudo, apretá en serio. ¿Así te pajeas? —Boludo, no tengo la culpa que tengas una pija gigante. —Usá las dos manos. Agarré su pija con las dos manos y Nico empezó a tocarse las tetas. —Uh, que grande que la tengo, mirá tus manitos, son diminutas. Ja! Dale, pajeame con ganas. Jaja, mirá el tamaño de esa pija. Dios, que grande que estoy. Y ahí sin pensar en lo que hacía se la chupé. Nico me empujó y se puso de pie. —¿Que hacés, boludo? ¿Sos puto? —dijo y me pegó una piña en el hombro que me tiró al suelo. Nico debía pesar el doble que yo, tenía una fuerza que yo no podía imaginar. Se vistió, se subió el pantalón y se fue. A los pocos días alguien tocó el timbre de casa. Era Nico. —¿Puedo pasar? Le dije que si. Nos sentamos en mi cama y no dijimos nada. Después nos pusimos a jugar al street fighter. Cuando se hizo la madrugada Nico puso pausa y dijo: –¿Me querés chupar la pija? No respondí. Nico se sacó la ropa, estaba mas enorme que nunca. Se paró delante mio mientras se masturbaba. Yo veía su inmensa pija crecer y crecer y crecer sobre mi cabeza y en lo alto sus enormes tetas musculosos moviéndose suavemente. Cuando estuvo parada Nico agarró me puso una mano en la cabeza y me acercó a su pija. Me resistí, cerré la boca con fuerza y me apretó la poronga gigante contra el cachete haciendo presión. —Dale, abrí la boca, enano. Me apretaba con la pija. —Dale, mirá lo grande que la tengo, dale puto. Entonces abrí la boca e intenté morderlo, pero era tan grande que no pude cerrar la boca. —Así me gusta, putito, chupame la pija —decía mientra me sostenía la cabeza con una mano y con la otra se tocaba las tetas—. Awww que bien que chupas, enano. Chupamela toda, dale. ¿Te gusta? Mira lo grande que la tengo. Dale, chupame toda la pija, dale, mirá lo grande que es. Es enorme. La tengo re dura. ¿Te gusta eso? Dale, chupame las bolas, Jaja, que puto que sos enano. Te morías de ganas de chuparme la pija. ¡Que chabón! Dale, hasta el fondo, jajaja te vas a atragantar. La tengo muy grande. Uh me vas a hacer acabar —dijo y me agarró la cabeza con fuerza para que no me moviera—. ¡Tomá puto! ¡Tomate toda la leche que tengo! Dijo y acabó una cantidad imposible de wasca. Hasta el punto que me atraganté y me salió por la nariz. Casi me ahogo tomándome la leche de Nico. —Boludo, casi me matás —le dije y le empecé a pegar en el pecho, en ese increible y enorme pecho musculoso que sus amigos llamaban tetas de hombre. Tetas de hombre, enormes y cubiertas de una capa de pelo. Me cansé de pegarle y empecé a acariciarle el pecho. Era una masa enorme de músculos perfectos. —Jajaj, mirá como quedaste chabón —dijo Nico mientras yo le tocaba el pecho como si no se diera cuenta que lo estaba tocando. Me limpió la cara con un pañuelo mientras yo seguía tocando su pecho —¿Te gustan mis tetas? —dijo y las flexionó para que yo viera lo duras que eran. Yo lo tocaba y lo tocaba mientras sentía la enorme fuerza de su pecho bajo mi manos. Ese pecho inmenso y lleno de musculos que todavía estaba creciendo. Y sin mas se le paró la pija otras vez y me agarró la cabeza para que se la chupara de nuevo. Así empezamos.
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    Taking a hiatus from the site for a while guys, got some things to sort out and need to put my attention elsewhere to get life back on track. But to answer a few inbox questions: no, unfortunately I have not had any more growth spurt since January. In fact, I think the growth has finally ended. Since January, I've at best but on 0.2 inches, putting me at a final size of 12.8". But as a parting gift, here is a much requested side profile view: I'd update the hung club thread, but that seems pretty dead! Catch you all soon!
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    "Jack the Giver - I Want to Be a Star!" Lee Marks was a talented actor but he never seemed to be able to land the roles he wanted. Sure he could pay his bills if he worked himself to death but he wanted to do more than tread water. He was handsome and toned. He certainly looked like a star and he really wanted to be one. Fortunately that’s what this new Broadway musical was going to be able to do. His agent had been in discussions for weeks with the producers and he’d been in for several auditions. Everyone seemed to like him. Things were definitely looking up for Lee. He was so pleased with himself that he’d offered to cook for four of his closest friends in his apartment. It was a small loft but the view of Manhattan was fantastic. To be honest he had a sugar daddy who helped pay the rent, an arrangement he was looking forward to ending as soon as he landed his big role. The evening was going wonderfully. The guests were all eating and chatting away when Lee saw on his phone that his agent had sent him an email. He couldn’t wait to see the good news in writing. However, when he opened it the email read, “They gave the part to someone else with ‘better connections’ to the producer.” He didn’t need to read anymore. He could feel all of the energy draining out of his body. “What’s wrong Lee?” His friend Sally asked. “I… I didn’t get it...” He mumbled. “Don’t worry man, there’ll be other parts.” His friend Ted said patting him on the arm. “I’m sorry, I’d really like to be alone now.” Lee said. “Like… right now?” His friend Mark asked. “Yeah… right now.” Lee said without looking up. He remained motionless, petrified even, as his friends awkwardly gathered their things and filed out. Things seemed hopeless. His self esteem was shot. He wasn’t an actor, he was just a rent boy for some dirty old man who paid half his rent. Suddenly he felt a cold gust of air. He looked up and saw that his balcony door was hanging ajar. One of his friends must have opened it. He got up to close the sliding glass door when a voice from behind said. “Well if it means anything to you, I would have given you the part.” He spun around and saw a strange man in a hat, suit, and overcoat sitting in the chair he’d just vacated. “The other guy was a bit of hack to be honest, but what can you say, it pays to sleep with the producer. It’s a shame you skipped that part of the interview process.” “Who the hell are you and how’d you get into my apartment!?” Lee shouted. “YOUR apartment? The name on the lease says Mr. Gerald Morely, but it’s just as well you’re here. I came to see you, Lee, not him.” “W...what? Wait, how do you know Gerald… or my name… or any of this stuff you’ve been talking about!?” The man chuckled. “I know all about you and your struggling career but fortunately for you, your luck just changed. My name’s Jack and I grant wishes.” He smiled. Lee reached into his pocket for his cell phone. He wanted to text someone to call the police to get this lunatic out of his apartment but the phone was gone. Jack reached into his coat pocket and pulled it out. “Now now, you can chat with your friends after I’m gone. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Don’t screw this up.” “So what are you? A producer? Or just another rich guy offering me a job for the right amount of cock?” “I told you. I’m Jack and I grant wishes.” “What kind of wishes?” “Anything really.” He said pulling out a card from his suit pocket and tossing it over to Lee. “You just take the card and make a wish.” “And what do you get out of this?” “I live to help poor unfortunate souls, like yourself.” Jack chuckled. “Oh sorry, I realize that’s a touchy phrase for you. I had forgotten that you auditioned for the Little Mermaid this summer and didn’t get that part either.” Lee was dumbfounded by how this man seemed to know everything about him and how he just appeared out of nowhere. “So I can pick this card up and wish for the part that I just got turned down for and...” “Your slutty competitor would get hit by a truck tomorrow… or perhaps he’d come down with a dreadful disease. Anyway, what does it matter so long as you get what you want? But to be honest I feel like you’re missing the point. This is a one time opportunity to get ANYTHING you want and you’re just going to waste it on one role?” “You mean I could wish to be famous?” “Beyond your wildest dreams.” “Bigger than Tom Cruise?” “Why constrain it there?” “Fine then… I want my name all over New York, no, the world! I want to be biggest thing around. Bigger than the empire state building!” He shouted and the card burst into flames, burning his fingers. “Owww what the fuck!?” When he looked up Jack was gone and he was alone once again. Lee looked all over his apartment for Jack but there was no sign of him. “Must have been hallucinating.” He said sitting back down at his chair, but his pants didn’t feel quite right. He adjusted them but they still felt tight. “Ugh… I need to change...” He said thinking that putting on more loosely fitting clothes would make him more comfortable. He went into his bedroom and pulled off his clothes and slid on some workout shorts and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He’d clean up in the morning. When he got to the sink he looked into the mirror and was a little shocked. His normally muscular frame looked waaay more jacked than usual. “Woah… I’m going to have to talk to my trainer about this.” While he liked the look, it was never great to get too muscular before you knew what part you’d be playing. As he brushed his teeth, his chest felt extremely tight and noticed that his biceps and lats were touching. His cock felt heavier than usual as well. He quickly whipped it out and saw that it was a few inches larger as well. “What the fuck?” Cocks didn’t get bigger what was happening? He cupped his left pec in his hands, there was no way all of this had happened naturally without him noticing. Then he thought about the wish he’d just made. “Is this part of my wish?” Was this mysterious stranger bulking him up for some kind of part in a movie or play? Suddenly he felt his pecs pulsating and looked in the mirror to see them flexing on their own. He groaned as he backed into the wall and grabbed his chest feeling the muscles swell in his hands. “Oh god….” Looking at his reflection he could see his biceps visibly swelling as well as his traps and delts. His frame was expanding. He could feel his back muscles swelling against the hard wall that his shoulder blades no longer made contact with. He saw his soft cock drooping lower as it grew down the front of his workout shorts. His expanding bubble butt was stretching the elastic. He pulled them off and stared at his naked body in amazement as his thighs were swelling out like a fitness model. He looked like he should be on the cover of men’s health. His swelling pecs were forcing his nipples downward as his chest pushed even further outward. His pecs were so big they were casting a shadow on his swelling abs. He noticed how much shorter everything looked and realized he’d grown to 6’ 5’’. He stepped on the scale and weighed 305 lbs. “Woah that’s a lot,” he said but there wasn’t a sign of fat on his body. He really liked the new look but wasn’t sure how it was supposed to make him famous. Still he spent the rest of the evening taking selfies and redoing his acting profile. He was going to have to start selling this new bod tomorrow. So around 2 am he finally went to sleep. In the morning he woke up with his head pried uncomfortably against the headboard with one leg half off the bed. He looked down at his body and gasped. It was humongous, he’d gained over a hundred pounds during the night and grown even taller. He was so big he no longer fit properly in his bed. He stood up and realized he now towered at almost seven feet tall. “Jesus… what kind of parts can I play like this but freak shows?” Suddenly his phone went off with a flurry of texts from his agent. He’d just read Lee’s updated profile from the night before. “What the hell are you doing?! You can’t bulk up that much without a role that calls for it. You’ve just shut yourself out from half the gigs I’ve got on my desk! We need to talk! Now!” Lee texted back that he’d meet him at a coffee shop but he knew that if his agent was pissed about how big he said he was last night, this morning was going to be hard. He searched through his things to find something to wear until he found the biggest most stretched out t-shirt he had. A friend had given him an XXL t-shirt that said “no fat chicks” as a joke. His arms didn’t really fit through the sleeves so he had to cut the sides off of it. He grabbed some crazy loose workout shorts that the elastic had worn out in. Now they fit snugly over his bulging bubble butt. “Guess this will have to do until I can buy more.” Then he realized his shoes no longer fit but he remembered there was a shoe shop just a block down the street. The towering Lee raised quite a few eyebrows walking in the shop with the sides of his pecs bulging out of the open sides of his ripped t-shirt. “Hey uhh… my girlfriend played a prank on me and… uhhh I’m going to need some new shoes.” He asked a very timid attendant. “Do you know what your size is?” He could only imagine what his shoe size was now so he told her that his girlfriend always bought his shoes for him. “No worries sir we can measure that.” The bench that he sat on creaked under his weight as he placed his enormous foot in the measuring device. It turned out he was now a size 15 and so he bought the only pair of sneakers they had in that size and went off to the coffee shop to meet his agent. The coffee shop was only a 10 minute walk but it seemed like a lot farther. Every person he walked by craned their necks to stare at the nearly seven foot behemoth. When he got to the coffee shop he pulled up his usual seat at the patio and found that their petite chairs and tables no longer fit him as nicely as they used to. He was practically straddling the table with his legs now. His muscular bubble butt cheeks spread over the sides of the chair that strained to the point of breaking, hoping to god that wouldn’t happen. He didn’t fancy pieces of broken chair wedged into his ass. He ordered his usual medium black coffee and was amazed at how much smaller it seemed. He pulled out his phone to read the news and pretended that everyone wasn’t staring at him. When he looked up he saw his agent glaring at him from the sidewalk. He waved and called him over. From the look of shock on his face Lee realized he hadn’t recognized him before and had just been staring at what he assumed was a giant stranger like everyone else. “Lee?! What the hell happened to you?” He said running up to the table. “Listen Jerry, I know this looks bad for my career but...” “Fuck the career Lee, what the hell happened to you?” He asked again. “Have you seen a doctor?” “What? Jerry? No… no I came to see you talk about roles you might have for someone like...” “Lee… buddy… I don’t know what you did to get like this but it aint natural. You see all the time on the news guys this tall falling to pieces because they’re just too big. I want you to get checked out by a doc before we talk about your career. If something happened to you and people thought that this was something I talked you into, my career goes out the window too.” His agent said. “Now I’ll give you the name of a doc I want you to see, and you go there right now. I’ll make the appointment for you.” He said nudging his friend/client up. In thirty minutes Lee was walking towards the address that Jerry had texted him. His stress levels over his career were all he could think about. The route took him past central park and he thought a walk through the park might relax him. As he walked past the trees and bushes, he felt the cool breeze, listened to the birds sing and began to think that this wasn’t the end of the world, there were things he could still do. Suddenly his shoes began to feel tight and he felt his body begin to stretch once again. His ass began to strain against his shorts and his thighs began to bulk up again. His pecs pushed out from his chest and he began to grow even taller. His abs became visible, his shirt no longer able to cover his entire torso. He tried to quicken his pace but his shoes were becoming insufferable. He heard them rip as his feet burst out from them. His shorts began to rip at the seams as his enormous ass broke through them. He looked down at his massive 15’’ soft cock dangling on his swelling thighs and two balls the size of his fists just bouncing around out in the open. He quickly dove into the some tall bushes nearby and interrupted a group orgy of gay New Yorkers circle jerking each other in the park. “Oh wow… “ One of them said excited by what had just dropped in but as his pecs began to rip his shirt apart they could tell something was wrong. He was passing 8 feet now and still growing. The intense sensations caused him to grit his teeth. “Oh shit he’s on something!” They shouted and ran out of the bushes. “Fuck what’s happening to me!?” Lee shouted. “You’re getting your wish.” Lee looked up and saw Jack leaning against a tree trunk. “I didn’t want this...” He groaned on all fours as his muscles continued to balloon out and he passed 9 feet tall. “Oh no?” Jack said furrowing his brow. “It’s what you wished for.” “I wished to be famous!” Lee bellowed. “No, you said and I qoute, ‘I want my name all over New York, no, the world! I want to be biggest thing around. Bigger than the empire state building!’” Jack grinned and walked over to his swelling companion. “I’d say we have a bit of a ways to go before your wish is granted.” “What!?” Lee suddenly realized what was happening. “That’s not what I meant!” “Oh well… it’s what you said.” Jack smiled. “But...” Lee began to protest when new voices interrupted them. “Who’s in there? What’s all this? NYPD!” Lee looked back and could vaguely see the outline of a group of officers. All of the activity had caught their attention. “Shit Jack it’s the cops what do I…do?” When he turned back Jack was gone. “Alright, you get to the count of five to come out of there before we pull out the tasers. I know you don’t want that.” One of the officers shouted. They could see movement in there but they had no idea how many were inside. “1… 2… 3… you’re not gonna like it if I get to five… 4… fi… HOLY SHIT” Without warning Lee bounded out of the bushes and through the park. In actual fact he was 10 feet tall but for the surprised officers his size was hard to guess. “We’re gonna need back up here!” One of them shouted into his radio. Lee didn’t know where he was going as he bounded through the park. Where could you hide with millions of people watching you. As he swelled to over 10 ft 1200 lbs, his feet were leaving enormous divots in the ground. His long hose cock was flogging his quads as he ran blindly. Before he knew it he was back on the street. Cars began to crash as distracted drivers watched the enormous monster in front of them. Then he saw three squad cars peel onto the street in front of him, their lights flashing. “Oh shit...” He took off in the other direction. 11 ft… 12 ft… he was still growing. People froze in place and dropped their belongings in shock as he thundered by down the center of the road. Cars swerved to avoid him. 14 ft… 15 ft… the stop lights were starting to get in his way. In a panic he backed himself against a building, giving a dental secretary a minor heart attack when her entire window was covered with his ass. Then he heard a familiar voice. “What do you get for the man who’s as big as everything? Advice of course!” “Jack! What are you...” He looked around and didn’t see him at first and then he spotted him. His face was grinning down at him from an LCD billboard. “...doing?” “I thought I’d get on your scale to chat.” He said as Lee’s growth caused his shoulders to drag upward along the building he was leaning against, knocking off flags and window boxes as he grew. “Have you considered leaving the city or has your brain not kept track with the rest of you?” “But I? How!?” “You know how to swim don’t you?” The screen changed from Jack’s face to a picture of the harbor. Lee saw 10 squad cars turning down the street to cut him off but at 20 feet tall they looked like toys. They barely reached his knees. Lee took off down the street and leapt over the barrier as if it were a designed for toddlers. Barreling down the street, his feet cracked the pavement as he ran. He knocked over street lights, and street signs, and anything that hung over the street as he ran. He was 45 ft tall when he reached the docks. The dock workers fled like a pack of squirrels below him. He ran out into the water and started swimming and didn’t stop until land was out of sight. Later that evening everyone’s news everywhere was filled with the same thing. “Local New York actor Lee Marks went on a rampage through New York City today after a bizarre incident caused him to grow uncontrollably. Authorities have no idea what brought on the incident but urge people to stay away from steroids or other growth stimulants until the cause is known. At this point police do not suspect malicious intent.” “Poor kid… “ His agent said as the segment flipped to him. “He was so talented, would have done anything to get a good part. Wish I could have stopped him from taking whatever had caused this to happen.” “The coast guard’s efforts to find the giant actor have been hampered by fog and an offshore weather system. So far it’s anyone’s guess as to what became of Mr. Marks. Back to you Rachael.” Travers Sogland turned off his TV. The gnarled old captain had seen enough. They were taking a container ship into the US from Holland. “What you make of that Tom?” He said to his friend looking out at the rain swept sea. “Bunch of hogwash if you ask me.” “The news is always making shit up for rati...” Suddenly the entire ship lurched to one side. Containers spilled out into the water as an enormous arm wrapped itself over the hull. Lee had finally found something big enough to cling to so he could take a little swim break. So if you you’re feeling defeated and a strange man comes to you offering to make your dreams come true be very careful how you ask for what you want. You might get something you didn’t really desire.
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    And with apologies for the delay (life has been very busy), here's Part 2. A bit light on growth still; mainly setting the stage - both of the setting of the story and our protagonist's burgeoning mental state. Those of you who've read Control, my last story, will know that the growth definitely does come! Without further ado, here we go - enjoy! Entelechy: Part 2 A fire had taken hold within him, providing the Youth with an energy which he had never before experienced. He would punish his body in the gym every day, and gorge it with food - but it would never tire. And his mind - his mind was positively alive, brimming with new potential. He had always been intelligent (his teachers has pushed him to go to University, which was most rare, but it held no appeal to him), but this was something new. Almost a kind of awareness of himself - his body - and the world around him. As the cycle repeated day after day, the Youth’s indulgence began to bear fruit. His hunger for excess gave his body no choice but to accede to his demands. Once the epitome of Moderation, his previously athletic body began to thicken with new mass. His weight ticked upwards as his muscles expanded, tacking on a shape and weight of their own. Clothes fit differently as his shoulders broadened, chest pushed outwards and thighs expanded. His pecs jiggled when he jogged up stairs with a pump, while his larger glutes and quads more generously filled seats. He had deviated from the norm, but he was not yet exceptional. Well-built, perhaps, the body of a professional athlete in some sports, but not the monument to extreme, grotesque excess he desired to be. He had much, much further to go. But that fact did not lessen the pleasure he felt as his body responded to his indulgence. His manhood raged during every workout as he pounded the weights, feeling the blood pumping through his muscles. He grew aroused as he force-fed himself, knowing that every piece of food he pushed past his lips was an act of excess that would produce a physical manifestation in his body. He pleasured himself every night gazing upon his naked self, as he felt and caressed the growing mounds beneath his skin. His development had induced new feelings, new sensations - of euphoria, of awareness, of self-understanding. Things were clearer now. He finally knew his purpose, and the discovery had brought him to the heights of ecstasy. This was life. Growth was life. Everything before had been but a prelude, an introduction. Now he knew what true pleasure was: the actualisation of one’s purpose. He had begun to grasp how he, and his purpose, related to everyone else. Not just those in his vicinity, but all of the Society. By breaking the chains of Moderation that had enslaved him, he would show everyone else the Road to Freedom - a way to break their own chains. But there was a lot more to do first. *** There had once been a sport called ‘bodybuilding’, which had been popular in the Dark Days. It had grown more popular as the world had sunk deeper into disorder, perhaps a result of people foundering in a world without direction. Desperate to find meaning, unable to understand a world becoming exponentially more complex as it careened towards destruction, maybe the youth of that age had sought refuge in the one thing they could control: their bodies. He suspected it was no coincidence that body modification had exploded in popularity as people lost control of their destinies, in the nadir of the Dark Days. Then, of course, the Emperor had come. His shining light had burned away the darkness, and from it emerged a new world: the Grand Society. Superficial, useless activities like bodybuilding, ‘beauty pageants’ and ‘talent shows’ had soon died out, both officially discouraged (if not banned) and no longer necessary for people’s fulfilment. In truth, few had mourned their demise. No doubt those poor people of the Dark Days would’ve had described him as a ‘bodybuilder’, but the Youth would have been insulted to be called such a thing. It was quite easy to find archaic footage of the ‘contests’ they used to hold. The Youth had even watched some out of curiosity. All he saw were sad men pumping themselves full of enhancing drugs (none of which existed anymore) and parading themselves on a stage in a pitiful attempt to feel valued, as if they had accomplished something. Unlike the Youth, who was growing his body to realise his greater purpose, those bodybuilders had merely been compensating for their own inadequacy. He was to be something greater, and all the more magnificent for it. His body would be bigger than theirs, the biggest there had ever been. Moreover, he would achieve that without any of the sordid drugs or bodily prostitution they had succumbed to. The glory of his body would outshine them all, a monument to his bottomless appetite for excess and for the extreme. In his size he would display no self-control, and yet everything else would be perfectly controlled - perfectly moderate. The ultimate rebuke to the Society. His manhood ached at the thought. *** The blissful ecstasy of orgasm flowed through him as he came to the sight of his pumped and growing body reflected in the mirror. The Youth had resolved to only reveal his body in public once he was the most muscular man there had ever been. Accordingly, he had withdrawn from the clubs and only ever wore concealing, baggy clothing outside. Until it was time, only he would be able to see his naked muscles. Only he would experience the pleasure of his growth. His skin tingling post-orgasm, he walked over to the window of his apartment, and looked out to the Eternal City spread before him. Graceful spires rose like silver trees far into the air, with fine lines of ships flowing between them. The orange light of sunset made them shimmer and gleam, not dissimilar to a mirage. Lush gardens ringed the trees in intervals going downwards, and the trees which were joined together by thin, shimmering bridges. In the centre of the forest rose the tallest tree of all: the Great Spire, or simply ‘the Spire’ as everyone called it. At its apex was the Eternal Throne, the seat from which the Emperor watched over his people. The little over one billion inhabitants of Terra all lived in 60-odd similar cities, spread across the planet. The Youth’s home of Copenhagen was one such city, albeit one of the smaller. Each of the cities was surrounded by a great wall, beyond which lay The Wilds where nature had been given a free reign. To be expelled from the Society was to be exiled to The Wilds; exile was for life, and could never be commuted. It was a punishment reserved for menaces to the Society, and those deemed beyond reform. There were tales of feral tribes of Exiles and their descendants roaming The Wilds, but such stories were fanciful considering most were exiled to the frozen wastes of the north where long-term survival was unlikely. He lay down on the sofa by the window, and picked up the book he had been reading. It was by a man named Maslow, a psychologist who had been writing just under a century before the Ascension. He had written of something he termed ‘self-actualisation’ - a kind of higher mental state - and how it should be the goal for every individual. While Maslow’s ideas had become - and still were, it seemed - mainstream, no-one had ever been able to agree what ‘self-actualisation’ really was, meant or how it could be attained. But the Youth thought he may be on the way to answering that. What he had felt since he had begun growing accorded precisely with self-actualisation. He could feel everything in his body: blood pumping through his muscles, the fibres repairing and expanding, the pleasure emanating from his brain. Moreover, he had begun to develop a greater sensitivity to the world; he could appreciate all the small wonders of nature. A bird flying through the air, wind rustling the leaves of a tree, water flowing in a fountain. It was as if his mind was deepening and expanding. A higher state. Who knew that muscle growth could do so much? And more importantly, his growth had only been modest so far. How much further would it go? Where would it end? Was there even an end? He was going to find out. The Youth was going to push both his body and his mind to their absolute, final limits.
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    Do you think Flex Lewis is writing some Muscle University fan fiction featuring himself as a professor?
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    Chapter 8 At the Lombardo farm residence, Eric and Amy were both sitting at the kitchen table, with Deborah, enjoying lunch, which consisted of ham sandwiches and a salad. And to drink, they were having apple cider. "So, Amy, tell me more about yourself?" Deborah asked Amy. "Where are you from? "Well," Amy began saying. "I was born and raised, in Los Angeles. I went to school in the city for the first 6 years of my life, and then I transferred to San Diego High School from 7th to 12th grade. Eric and I met in the 9th grade and we've been best friends since then." "And you both go to San Diego University, together?" Deborah asked, as she took a bite of her salad. "Yeah." Amy replied, as she picked at her salad. "Eric and I, both, decided to go to San Diego University together." We've been friends forever and we didn't want to be apart from each other when we went off to college." "That's so sweet." Deborah said. "From the way you talk, I'd think that you two were a couple." "Oh, no." Amy said, giggling a little bit. "Eric and I are just friends." "I understand." Deborah. "Hang on to that friendship. True friends are very hard to find. Don't let anything or "anyone" threaten the bond that you two share." Amy and Eric looked at each other, and both smiled at each other. "Don't worry about that, Deborah." Eric said. "Amy and I will always be best friends. Nothing will break us." "I sure hope not." Deborah said. Then she got up and took her plate to the sink to be washed. Then, she turned around again and glanced at Eric. "Eric, are you ready for a slice of my peach pie?" She asked. Eric nodded. "Yes, please." He said. "I'm sure it will be delicious." Deborah nodded, then looked at Amy. "What about you, Amy?" She asked. "Sure." Amy said. "Apple pie for me, but make it a small slice please?" "Of course." Deborah said, and turned to get a few small plates out of the cupboard to serve the pie slices on. She grabbed the pie cutter and cut Eric a slice of peach pie and, Amy, a slice of apple pie, which she brought to the table and set each plate down in front of it's consumer. "Thank you, Deborah." Eric said, as he took his final bite of his ham sandwich. "Yes, Thank you very much." Amy said, gratefully, as she picked up her fork. "You're both welcome." Deborah replied, smiling at them both. Then, she sat back down. She watched, as Eric took a bite of his peach pie. The moment the piece of pie hit his tongue and he started chewing it, his eyes closed, in a look of pure delight. The pie was delicious, beyond words. "Mmm!" Eric murmured, then opened his eyes. "Deborah, this peach pie is out of this world! So delicious!" "Thank you, Eric." Deborah said, her smile growing bigger. "As a matter of fact, why dont I wrap up the rest of the pie, so you can take it back to your dorm room to enjoy, later." "Oh no, that's not necessary, Deborah." Eric protested. "It wouldn't be right for me to do that. You made this pie for everybody." "I insist." Deborah said to him. "Besides, Seth and Rudy had their fill of pie, already. I can always bake another pie. In fact, I will be making a cherry pie for dinner tonight." Eric smiled, as he swallowed his second bite of pie. "Well, when you put it that way," He said to her. "How can I say no?" "Great!" Deborah said, grinning, She then turned to Amy, who was eating her pie. "How's your pie, Amy?" "Delicious." Amy said. " It's probably the best apple pie I've ever tasted!" "Thank you, Sweetie." Deborah said, appreciatively. "You may as well take the rest of the apple pie with you, back to the university, since Eric is taking the peach pie back with him, too. You both can share them." "Thank you, Deborah." Amy said, then asked. "May I call you, Deb?" Certainly." Deborah replied. "That or "Debbie" is fine, too." "Cool." Amy said, with a smile. "Thanks, Deb." "You're welcome." Deborah said, warmly. "When you both are finished with your slices of pie, you may be excused to join Seth and Rudy, in the barn." Amy frowned, wondering something. "Don't you want us to help you with the dishes?"Amy asked her. "Usually it's common courtesy for a guest whose been invited to a family dinner to help with the dishes, afterwards." "I know that, Honey." Deb said, to Amy. " Thanks for the offer, but you two don't have to help with the dishes. I can handle it." After saying that, Deborah got up to wrap the rest of the pies up for Amy and Eric to take with them, back to the University, later. Amy and Eric looked at each other, and shrugged, and then both went back to eating their pie. When they were finished, they got up and pushed their chairs back, into the table. "Deb, if it's ok, we're going to go outside now." Amy said. "Sure, go ahead." Deborah. "You can just leave your plates on the table. I'll get to them in a minute." "Ok." Eric said. "Thanks again for the invitation to lunch." "Yes, everything was delicious, Deb." Amy agreed. "Thank you." "You're welcome." Deborah replied, and turned back to getting the pies wrapped. Eric and Amy walked outside the house. But as Amy was headed towards the barn, Eric put his hand on her arm. "Before we go into the barn, we need to talk, first." Eric, insisted, in a low voice "Come with me, by my car." Amy frowned, as Eric started walking towards the car. She followed, behind him, wondering what was up. Eric stopped by his car and turned around to face Amy. "What's going on?" Amy asked. "Why do you look so serious, all of a sudden?" Eric looked at her, not smiling. He was now going to ask her what she had been up to, earlier, when she was feeling up Seth's biceps and pecs. "What exactly were you doing when you were feeling up Seth's body?" Eric asked her. Amy's eyebrows went up at that question. "That's what you're so serious about?" She asked him. "I was just testing him a little bit, to see if I picked up on anything that might give me a clue whether or not he's gay." Eric wasn't sure he bought her answer. She looked like she'd really been enjoying it when she'd been feeling up Seth's pecs. "Really?" Eric asked her, then added. It looked more like you were flirting with him." "Eric!" Amy said, in shock. "Please don't tell me that you're jealous already? You don't even know if Seth is gay or not, so now's not the time to be feeling that way, when you haven't even asked him, for sure, yet!" "I am not jealous!" Eric insisted, but Amy knew him better. "Yes, you are, Eric!" Amy exclaimed. "Otherwise you wouldn't be acting this way with me, right now!" Eric's expression softened. He knew Amy was right. It wasn't just that he was jealous. He hadn't really seen any evidence that Seth was gay, either, and it scared him to think that if he was wrong, then that meant that Seth could very well be interested in his best friend. "I'm sorry, Amy." Eric said, apologetically. "I'm so scared that if I'm wrong about Seth's sexuality, that he'll be interested in dating you, and then my thinking that Seth is too good to be true, will have been right all along." Amy put her hand on his arm, and rubbed it, affectionately. "It's ok." Amy said. "I understand how you're feeling. But you needn't worry so much. Even if Seth was interested in me, I would never pursue him, knowing that my best friend really likes him, too." "I know." Eric said, nodding. "I know that you would never hurt me, intentionally." "Our friendship is too important to me to let a man come between us, Eric." Amy told him. "Even one as beautiful as Seth is." Eric laughed. "So, you think he's beautiful, huh?" He asked, Amy, grinning at her. "He's every bit as gorgeous and as muscular as you've described him, Eric." Amy told him, smiling at him. "You've chosen well. If there's any man, out there, who would treat you, right, then I think Seth just might be the one for you." Then Amy thought of something. "That is, if he is into you." She added. "But you're not going to know for sure until you ask him." "Yeah, I know." Eric replied. "I just feel like asking him,straight out, like that would just put him on the defensive, and I don't want to do that to him." "I get that." Amy said to him. "You don't want to risk losing him too soon in case you're wrong." "Yeah." Eric said, to her. "But I'm going to take your earlier advice for now. I'm going to forget about Seth's sexuality right now and just play it by ear. I'm going to get to know him and see what happens from there." "That's probably the best thing you can do right now." Amy said, as she smoothed out her hair, which was beginning to blow out from the day's breezy wind. "And you'll have plenty of time to get to know him, while working for him." Eric's face fell a bit at that moment. He had not yet talked to Seth about his meeting with the Dean. "Yeah, i really need to talk to him, about that." Eric said. "I need to find out if he'll be able to work around my class schedule." Amy turned and looked towards the barn. Eric looked in that direction, also. They could both hear the sounds of weights clanging on the bench press bar, as well as the sounds of Rudy and Seth grunting as they worked out. Amy turned back to Eric. "Maybe you better talk to him, now." She suggested to him. "Better now, than later." "Yeah." Eric said, with a slight nod of his head. "You're probably right. Come on, let's walk to the barn." Amy turned and started walking towards the barn, with Eric by her side. As they came around the side of the barn, to the door way, they stopped in their tracks to quite a sight. Seth and Rudy were both shirtless and standing by the weight bench, taking a break from their workout. Both Eric and Amy took in their sexy muscular bodies. From Seth's smooth skin, which was shining from sweat, to Rudy slightly hairy pecs abs and torso, which was also wet from sweating. "Hey guys." Amy said to them. "You both look good!" Rudy blushed a bit, as he was pulling on his shirt. "Nice abs, Rudy!" Eric said to him. "Did you get them from all the farm work you've done, all these years, for the Lombardos?" "Thanks." Rudy replied. "And no, I didn't just get them from the farm work, although it did help. I got big from working out with Seth, these last 10 years." "Cool!" Eric said. "Did you take an interest in bodybuilding, like Seth, here, did?" "Oh no." Rudy said. "I just helped Seth with his bodybuilding goals, and got in good shape, myself, in the meantime. I only work out to look good and stay healthy. I have no desire to be a bodybuilder." Rudy then looked over at Seth, who had not yet put his cowboy hat back on, and saw that as an opportunity to mess with him. "But this big kid, here, wants to turn me into one, whether I like it or not!" Rudy said, jokingly, as he grabbed Seth's neck and pulled his head down, into a headlock, and started ruffling his hair. "Hey!" Seth exclaimed, in protest, yet laughing as well. "Don't mess with my hair, man!" Although, Seth was much taller and bigger than Rudy, he underestimated Rudy's strength, as he struggled to get out of his headlock. "You two are crazy!" Eric said, in between his laughter. He was hunched over, holding his stomach. Amy was holding her hands over her face, laughing as hard as Eric was, over Rudy and Seth's roughhousing. Rudy was laughing too, as he wrestled with Seth, trying to keep his concentration. But Seth was not one to be bested. He kicked his foot out into the back of Rudy's foot, making Rudy fall to the ground, thus loosening his hold on Seth's neck. "Gotcha, brother!" Seth exclaimed, in victory, as Rudy lay on his back, breathing heavily. "Alright, alright, I give up, Seth!" Rudy panted, holding up his hands, as he tried to catch his breath. Seth then reached down and offered his hand to Rudy. "Take my hand, brother." He said, to Rudy. "I'll help you up." "Thanks." Rudy said, reaching out and grabbing Seth's hand. Seth hoisted him up to his feet. After doing that, Seth ran his fingers through his blonde hair, attempting to fix the damage Rudy had done to it. "Well, if you two kids are done horsing around,"Amy said, then looked towards Seth. "Eric needs to have a word with you, about his meeting with the Dean this morning." Now, Seth was really interested in how that meeting went. "How did that go, Eric?" Seth asked, looking at him. Eric's eyes darted to the floor. He let out a huge sigh of disappointment, just before he glanced back up to look Seth, in the eye, to give him the truth. "It didn't go well at all. Did it?" Seth asked. Eric shook his head. "No, it didn't." He said. "The Dean wouldn't let me have the time off from college because he's worried that my other classes would suffer if I focus too much on my work, at the farm." "I see." Seth said, seriously. "But, the Dean did say he doesn't have a problem with me, working on the farm, if I can work it around my class schedule." Eric assured Seth, hoping that it would be an acceptable answer for him. "That's not a problem, Eric." Seth said, the tone in his voice, sincere. "It's not?" Eric was surprised. Seth shook his head. "No." Seth replied. "I was actually telling Rudy, here, this morning that if the college turned you down that I'd work with you, around your schedule. You can attend your classes, as you normally do, and then come to the farm to work afterwards. And whatever days you don't have classes, you can work a full day." Eric breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, Thank God!" Eric exclaimed, relieved. "I was sure that I'd be out of a job, if you weren't happy that I got turned down by the Dean for time off from school." "Well, Eric, as I told you before, your college education is very important and comes before this job." Seth replied to Eric, his tone serious. "I wouldn't have hired you, for this job, if I thought that your college education would suffer. I know how important a college education is, because I didn't get to go to college." Both Amy's and Eric's eyebrows went up, at that admission from Seth. "You didn't?!"Amy asked, in shock."Why not?!" Seth looked at them, sadly. He knew that he was going to have to tell them about how hard things had been, in the past, that had led up to his father's death. And considering he was still grieving his father pretty hard, he wasn't sure he wanted to talk about it because he didn't know if he could do it without losing his composure. Eric sensed that something was off with Seth and felt that he had to say something. "If you don't want to talk about it, we understand, Seth." Eric said, sympathetically. "Thank you, Eric." Seth said, giving him a grateful look. "I appreciate that. I promise, I'll tell you both about why I didn't go to college, but just not today." "We understand." Amy said, sincerely. Seth nodded, his eyes shifted to the floor. As Amy looked around the barn, she noticed the horses, Eli and Max, in their stalls. "Aww, look at the beautiful horses." She gushed. She walked over to Max first and reached out to start petting his nose. Max didn't seem to mind. "That's Max." Seth said, to her. "He was my father's horse." "He's so beautiful." Amy said, as she held Max's face in her hands and was petting him. "I'd love to ride him." "I don't know about that, Amy." Seth told her. "I was telling Eric, yesterday, that Max is very particular about who can ride on him." "He's right, Amy." Rudy piped in. "The first time I tried to ride Max, he bucked and threw me off his back." "Ouch!" Eric said, his face contorting into a pained look. "Were you hurt bad?" "Not really." Rudy revealed. "Seth managed to catch me as I fell off of him, which broke my fall, considerably." "I remember that." Seth said, smiling at the memory. "The shocked look on your face was priceless, afterwards." "I was shocked, mainly because no horse I'd been on had ever thrown me before." Rudy said, still bothered by the memory. Amy turned and looked at Seth, wondering something. "Who all has ridden Max that he trusts?" "Not very many people." Seth said, walking over to her. "He was my father's horse, so only my father, my mother, and myself have really ever ridden him. Seth then turned to Rudy. "And Rudy has ridden him too, since he got thrown off. It took a while before Max trusted Rudy enough to let him ride on him." "Yeah." Rudy said. "Six long months." Amy looked into Max's face, and she got a good feeling from the way Max was looking at her, that he trusted her. "Well, I just have the feeling that I won't have to wait that long." Amy said. She turned to Seth. "Saddle him up, Seth." "What?" Seth asked, in shock. "Amy, are you sure you want to risk getting yourself hurt?" "I won't be." She said. "I just have a strong feeling that Max likes me and trusts me. I dont think he will hurt me." Seth just looked at her, not knowing what the right thing to do was. Seeing that Seth was at a loss for words, Amy rolled her eyes. "Ok, Seth, how about this?" She suggested. "You saddle him up and bridle him, and I'll see if He'll let me lead him, outside of the barn." Is that fair?" Seth nodded. "Yeah, I suppose that's fair." Seth replied. "If Max still doesn't trust you, he won't let you lead him, outside, anyway. He'll just stand there, in the stall and not move." "Ok." Amy said. "It's worth a try at least. Even if I would get him to follow me outside, the real test would be letting me get on him." "That's what worries me." Seth admitted. "If he throws you, I might not be so lucky in catching you, like I had been with Rudy." Eric walked over to Amy, who was standing next to Seth, at Max's stall. "Amy, are you sure you want to do this?" He asked her. "You're the only real friend I've got, and I couldn't bear it if something happens to you." Amy's expression softened. She knew Eric was concerned for her. She leaned forward and threw her arms around his neck. Eric wrapped his arms around her waist, and hugged her, tightly. "I'll be ok, Eric." Amy tried to reassure him. "I will. I'll be Ok." Seth glanced over at Rudy, who raised his eyebrows and shrugged. They had never seen two friends of the opposite sex, who were so close, but weren't a couple. Amy released him, and turned to Seth. "Alright, Seth." Amy said to him. "Get Max ready to ride." Seth shrugged and turned to grab Max's saddle from the saddle rack, nearby. Amy and Eric moved away from the stall, allowing Seth to open the gate and start saddling up, Max. I'll help." Rudy said, walking over to assist Seth, in saddling Max. Seth put the saddle on Max's back and once it was adjusted and on the horse, correctly, he started buckling the straps on the left side, while Rudy buckled the straps on the right side. Then Rudy walked out of the stall and stood next to Amy, while Seth attached the bridle reins to Max's facial straps. "You're one gutsy chick, Amy." Rudy said, smiling at her. "Most girls would be afraid to mount a horse that could possibly throw them off, but not you. You seem like a woman who is always up for a challenge." Amy looked up at him, and noticed that he was smiling at her. She smiled back at him. "Thank you, Rudy." She said, softly. "I definitely am up for the challenge of taming Max." Rudy looked back at the stall and noticed that Seth was now opening the gate. "Well, now's your chance, sweet thing." Rudy replied, with a sexy smile. "Good luck." "Alright, Amy." Seth said, as he stepped, outside the stall. "Max is ready. Now, let's see you work your magic, Girl." Amy walked over and once again took Max's face in her hands and started petting his nose again. "Ok, Max, are you ready to take me for a ride?" She asked him. "I would be honored to ride such a beautiful horse like you." Max stood there, seemingly calm. Amy took ahold of Max's bridle reins and looked back up at him. "Come on, Max." She said, sweetly. "Let's go outside." She turned and started walking outside the barn. She turned to look at Max, as the bridle rein began to pull at, Max's head, raising it up. And much to Eric's, Seth's, and Rudy's amazement, Max obeyed and started following Amy out of the stall. The three men moved aside to allow room for Amy and Max to get by. "Well, I'll be damned." Seth said, in a low voice. "I have never seen him adapt to someone so quickly." "Neither have I." Rudy said, in disbelief. "Amy must really have a way with animals." "Oh yeah." Eric said, smiling at them. "Amy can charm just about anyone." "Well, it's not over yet." Seth warned him. "The real test will be if Max trusts her enough to let her ride him." Seth started walking outside, with Rudy and Eric right behind him. Amy led Max outside and stopped right outside the barn. She turned back to Max. "Good boy, Max." She said, then kissed his nose. "Good boy." Seth, Rudy, and Eric came out of the barn and Seth walked over to Amy. "Amazing!" He said, to her. "Max must really like you, because he has never gotten on with someone this quickly." "I told you that he wouldn't hurt me." Amy said, still petting Max. "Well don't celebrate just yet." Seth said to her. "Now you have to mount him." Amy looked very confident and sure of herself. "No worries." She said. "I can do that easily." "Ok, well just know this." Seth told her. "I'm going to have my hands on your waist ready to lift you, just in case, because as soon as you sit down in the saddle, that will be the deciding moment for Max. If he objects, the first thing he will do is stomp his front hooves. If he does that, then he's going to get ready to throw you off. And when that happens, I will grab you and lift you down to safety before he can do that." "I'm fine with that. Seth." Amy said. "By all means, be ready to protect me if the need arises." "Alright." Seth said nodding at her. "Go ahead and try to mount him." Amy walked over to the left side of Max and looked back at Eric and Rudy at that moment. Eric had his hand to his stomach, in worry. Rudy was gazing at Amy, with a very nervous expression on his face. Tensions were running high at that moment. Everyone hoped for the best, but were preparing for the worst. "Alright, here goes." Amy said, after taking a deep breath. She put the toe of her high heeled boot into the saddle loops and stepped up on Max. She threw her right leg over him and sat down in the saddle. Seth immediately put his hands around her waist, and both of them turned their heads towards Max to see what the horse would do. The horse stood there, calmly. He whinnied softly, but he did not stomp his hooves, nor did he try to throw Amy off of him. He didn't move at all. Seth slowly removed his hands from around Amy's waist and stepped back, looking at Max, in amazement. Rudy and Eric were amazed as well, and Eric let out a breath that he wasn't aware that he was holding in. "Well, it looks like you've officially tamed him, Girl!" Rudy said, grinning at her. "What can I tell you?" Amy said, smiling at Rudy. "I'm just a nice kind of gal! That's why all the animals love me." Amy glanced over at Rudy. She took in his handsome features. Given the color of his skin, as well as his distinctively dark hair and dark eyes, she was sure he was of Puerto Rican nationality. Especially given that his last name was Gonzales. "Rudy, would you like to walk the trails with me?" Amy asked him. "I would love to." Rudy replied, smiling, as he walked over to her and Max. Eric walked over with him. Amy looked down at Seth, then said. "I'm sure Seth and Eric have things to talk about." "We do?" Seth asked her. He then glanced at Eric, who was frowning in confusion. "Well, yeah." Amy pointed out. "I'm sure you'll want to talk to Eric about when he wants to officially start his new job." Hearing her say that, Eric looked at his watch. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot!" He exclaimed, suddenly. "I don't have any classes tomorrow, so I can officially start the job, tomorrow, if you'd like, Seth?" Seth nodded, giving Eric a small smile. "That would be great." Seth said, then turned to Rudy. "Rudy, here, will help train you, for the job." Rudy nodded. "It would be my pleasure."he said, then extended his hand out to Eric. "Welcome aboard, Eric." "Thank you, Rudy." Eric said, as he shook Rudy's hand. "It will be an honor to work with you." "You, as well, man." Rudy replied back, flashing his own killer smile. Again, Eric looked at his watch. "Well, if Im going to be starting my job tomorrow, I assume that I'll be spending the night here, and if that's the case, then I have to go back to my dorm room, at the university and pack some extra clothes." Eric said, looking at everyone. "That's a good idea." Seth said, to him. "If you stay here the nights before your days off, you won't have to get up earlier to drive here, in the mornings." Eric then realized that he'd said he'd be spending the night, like he'd invited himself. "Seth, are you sure it's ok?" Eric asked him. "When I said about spending the night, I said it, without thinking, and I didn't ask you, first." "No, it's fine " Seth reassured him. "I would have asked you anyway. And I'm sure Mom won't mind. We have an extra bedroom, for guests, so we have plenty of room and you could use the bedroom as a study room too, to work on your essay." "Great, well now that we have that settled," Eric said, then glanced up at Amy. "Amy, I would prefer if you drove my car back with you, to the university, tonight. You can use it if you need to, for anything you need in town, and then come back for me later tomorrow evening." "Thanks, Eric." Amy said. "I appreciate it." Eric nodded, then said to her. "Well, enjoy your horseback ride with Max and Rudy." He said, to her. "I just have to go back to campus and pack. I'll be right back." "Alright." She said, then turned to Rudy. "Come on, Rudy, let's go for that ride." "I'm ready." Rudy said, then looked at Seth and Eric. "We'll see you two, later." "Bye, guys!" Seth said to them, as Rudy followed Amy, who was riding Max, towards the trails, leading towards the fields. When they were gone, Seth turned back to Eric. Eric looked into Seth's eyes and for a moment was about ti get lost in them. That is until Seth spoke up. "Do you mind some company?" He asked. "I could go with you, back to the university and help you pack." Eric laughed at that. "Are you sure you want to do that?" He asked, Seth, grinning like mad. "Yeah."'Seth said, then frowned. "Why wouldn't I?" Eric could think of a few reasons why he shouldn't. "Umm," Eric said, gesturing towards Seth's body, with wide eyes. "Tall, handsome guy. Huge muscles. You might get ambushed by horny college students." "Oh, fuck that!" Seth said, with a grin. "It's not like I've never been ambushed before by people who like my muscles. Everyone was feeling my muscles up in high school. I didn't care. Being only 16 years old and very popular, I loved the attention." "Sounds like you could tell me a lot of stories about that." Eric said, with a smirk on his face. "Oh you bet I could." Seth said. "Some of them would just shock you." Eric raised his eyebrows at that one. "Now, I'm intrigued." He said. "Tell me more. "I will." He said. "But, in the car. I can't wait to see what a college dorm room looks like, so this will be a treat for me." Eric thought it over and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for him to be alone with Seth, just the two of them, and get to know him a little better. "Alright." Eric said, with a smile on his face. "Let's go!" "Awesome!" Seth exclaimed, rubbing his hands together. He and Eric walked to Eric's red Nissan Altima, and they got in it. Eric started the engine and began driving out of the driveway towards the road. Then, he pulled out, onto the road and started driving back to the university.
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    PART 3 --- The next morning, when Logan walked into the gym, he could sense something was different. Even Cody, who had been so friendly yesterday, scowled at him as Logan had seen on the team pictures last night. The big linesman’s face and body were tensed up like a coil, as if Cody were continuing to work out right there at the desk. He gave a Logan a brief “’Sup” nod, wide eyed and nostrils flaring, as Logan passed on through the turnstile. Inside was a frenzy of grunting beasts. Logan was reminded of the way Darryl had powered his way through his set yesterday, except now everyone in the gym had that same intensity. Over in the far corner of the room, stood a statue of a man, arms folded as always, that redefined Logan’s picture of the masculine ideal. No longer did the Greeks hold any sway in that regard – the 350 lbs brick shithouse Logan beheld showed him that beauty lay in squares. A thick, brutish, square head with a diamond cut square jaw, a full squared off sheriff mustache with a squared off buzz cut and thick, deep brow. A neck and traps so wide they flared outwards as the bulges of his shoulders angled down to a powerful, thick waist rippling with cobblestone abs. Giant, diamond cut thighs, calves and shoeboxes for feet supported the bank vault that lay on top. This man was hard, and as he surveyed, his presence in the room could be felt from corner to corner. His narrow eyes followed Logan as he made his way over. “What do you want?” The Master asked contemptuously. “I want to be fucking big and fucking strong.” Logan asserted. “WHAT?” The Master roared. “I want to be fucking big and fucking strong.” “WHAT?” “I WANT TO BE FUCKING BIG AND FUCKING STRONG.” The room stood still for a second, then the clanks of iron resumed. The Master looked down on him, then motioned towards his office. Logan followed him in, and then the Master turned around to face him, and dropped his pants, his mass completely on display. Logan shifted inwardly a semi building up in his pants. This man was 50% more Man than he was, and his cock was no exception, bulging, thick and corded as his forearm. The Master gestured down towards it. “You want it, punk? Show me.” Logan had never sucked dick before. His dick was for sucking – sex these past few months were meant for his pleasure and his alone. Faced with this mountain of a man, however, he felt dominated. His semi started to falter. He closed his eyes and remembered yesterday. Growing. GROWING! It was within his grasp! His dick stood at attention, and a moment later, he was on his knees, choking on thirteen inches of meat that pounded the back of his throat like a fist. Logan sucked and prodded around with his tongue, trying to make room to breathe, and as he did so, he found that as his tongue hit certain spots, the Master would jerk forward, throw his head up and close his eyes. Squeezing in short breaths through jerks, he prodded and pulled with his tongue, feeling his head being drawn higher and higher by the rising pole in his mouth until-! A torrent of cum spurt down his throat, filling up every air pocket he had so carefully crafted until it started to flow out his mouth. “SWALLOW!” The Master bellowed, and Logan complied, tears in his eyes, until he felt a sharp jab in his butt. “Good…” sneered the Master, “A real powerhungry cocksucker. I was getting tired of choosing between weaklings to command.” The needle fell from his grasp and shattered as it hit the floor. “This stack includes a myostatin inhibitor – the only supply you’ll find in this country. The deal is simple. One suck – one stab. One per day. Now leave my sight.” Logan stumbled out and began his workout. Disappointingly, he couldn’t lift any more weight than he used to. But as he continued, he found that on his third set, he was completely in control the way he never was by the end. He added ten pounds to the bar and tried again. It was easier than his first set with the lighter weight had been. By the end of the third set, he added weight again. When his form had dropped enough for him to feel the need to stop, he added up the plates. He had just squatted 495 lbs, 50 lbs more than his previous best. In a trance, he continued with the rest of his workout, marvelling at his progress on each one. By the end, he checked the clock – 8:45 am. He was going to be late for work! Not bothering to shower, he threw on his work clothes and sprinted out the door. --- Logan slipped into work at 9:15, and it appeared no one had noticed he was gone. He started his daily routine but after twenty minutes realized he hadn’t cleared even one line of code. He ran one of his automated scripts, did fifteen minutes of handstand pushups and mountain climbers, cracked his knuckles, and tried again. No dice. The code swam before his eyes. He assumed that he just had a lot of energy to burn, and that as usual over the course of the day he’d start to hit his rhythm. It never came though and burning bright through his frustration over not being able to accomplish anything was an incredible sense of BOREDOM. Every moment he spent sitting at a desk he felt he could be using his muscles. His break periods were no help either. Calisthenics weren’t doing it for him, by this point he was feeling no resistance, and so they offered no respite from his pent-up energy. The only thing he had enjoyed all day was eating. His muscles were still starved from his monstrous workout that morning, and with every bite of steak and every sip of protein shake he could feel the nutrition seeping down through his veins and feeding them, satisfying them. As he imagined this, he felt his cock begin to rise again, and soon he was imagining getting his injection the next day. Before long he had blown his load all over his office, and several of his colleagues and his boss were peeking in at the door, piqued by the guttural grunts and shaking floor coming from his general direction. “Coming in late, eating and doing pushups all day, masturbating in the office?” his boss squeaked. “You’re fired!” In his boss’ office, exit paperwork in front of him, Logan could barely believe his eyes. He was still entitled to a severance package, so long as he signed a non-compete clause and vacated immediately, and as long as he didn’t sue. After today, he knew he was never working in IT again. He would look for a job that used his muscles constantly, and he would enjoy the chunk of cash to spend on more food to fuel his growth. He gave his ex-boss a toothy grin. “Have a nice fuckin’ day, won’t ya?” As he left his office, he could hear his boss talking to the reception. “I don’t know what happened! One day, we’ve hired one of the brightest coders in the business – he helped build Zipto for God’s sake – the next moment we’ve got a raging musclebound freak in the office who doesn’t do anything but eat and workout? I thought that sort of thing only happened in the movies…” Not long after, Logan had found his next job – Cowboy Construction. He sat face to face with a Eddie, a walrus mustached, ruddy faced, balding brick of a man who clearly had played football and worked out in the field back in the day but whose belly had steadily grown over the years now that he was in a supervisory role. He looked back and forth from Logan’s resume to the man himself, chewed his tobacco thoughtfully and remarked, “I don’t know why y’ve decided to get int’ the construction business from one o’ those fancy firms, but I ain’t even checkin’ references f’r a man’s big as yerself. A big fucker like yerself’s welcome any day’ve the week.” “One condition,” replied Logan, “No. Fucking. Shirts.” “Y’think I give a flyin’ fuck ‘bout that?” asked Eddie, “I’d eat my own fuckin’ cock if my crew owned half a dozen goddamn shirts between ‘em!” Logan smiled. He’d found his place. --- Logan’s new workplace was everything he’d ever hoped for. Among his crew, a motley assortment of ex-convicts and rednecks who couldn’t give a shit about safety and even less shits about anything else, Logan settled in. Finally, he could smoke on the job. Everyone here swore like a sailor all day long, calling each other with a good natured “Hey fucker!” from across the job site. Everyone here was a real man, over two hundred pounds, bushy beard and strong as an ox. None were as strong as Logan though. They’d taken to calling him “Forky”: since he was so eager to lift anything and everything that needed to be lifted, he basically acted as an extra forklift for the crew. He’d even found some shooting buddies among the rednecks, and twice a week they’d head out hunting or shooting, and Logan found himself getting to be a crack shot with dozens of different assault rifles, shotguns and handguns. Three months saw Logan transformed by the myostatin inhibitors, training and eating like a maniac, and the constant lifting at work and twice a day at the gym. In place of a 245-pound man stood a 315-pound mountain. Taking a cue from some of his co-workers, Logan had rewarded himself with a tattoo session every ten pounds he had gained, the images stretching out over the ample and ever-increasing surfaces of his muscles. He now had a sleeve covering left bicep and forearm and encroaching onto his left pectoral and back with skulls, barbed wire, guns, and a bald eagle with wings portraying the American flag. On his right shoulder he had chosen to put a bearded Punisher skull with two rifles crossed underneath as well as a banner that read “FUCK FEAR.” Ever since he had thrown a man across a room for calling him “Forky,” deeming it a pussy nickname, his new monikers had been “Viking,” “Crusher,” and his favourite, “all brawn and no brain.” No one here would have guessed that deep in some drawer lay a Computer Science degree and certifications in a half-dozen programming languages, and Logan liked it that way. As he had continued to grow, the rest of the crew began to orbit his centre of gravity, feeling drawn by his masculinity and feeling the need to impress him and win his approval. The only thing that eclipsed Logan’s dedication to his body was his dedication to the Master. He spent over five hours a day either being trained by the Master or pleasuring him to receive the injection he desperately craved. As he once again surpassed Darryl he could feel the glares on his back as the Master trained him personally, pushing him to inhuman levels of strength, but he couldn’t care less. Every time he looked down upon Darryl, he felt the immense satisfaction of having won once again, of being better. Spending so much time with the Master, he knew that Darryl couldn’t bear the Master’s cock being rammed down his throat more than three times a week. No one wanted it enough, except Logan, and the Master knew it, and gave him what he desired. One day, at the range, Logan was practicing quickdraws to hit clay pigeons when he was approached by a burly man stuffed into a suit. Logan continued his practice while the stranger observed, casually smoking a cigar and implacable behind a pair of Raybans. “That’s a good shot you have,” the stranger finally interjected, “care to hit some people with it?” Logan considered it. “I ain’t takin’ fuckin’ orders from some big shot police chief or army fucker, no.” The stranger broke into a broad smile. “Oh no, you misunderstand. I’m from Firebat Mercenary Corps. We do all the dirty work. When there’s war crimes to be done on America’s behalf, we’re the ones that get called. You look like you love your country,” he said, gesturing at Logan’s tattoos, “I bet you’re also the kind of man who’d want to kill for his country. There are certain… self-serving benefits to it as well. A certain criminal immunity in the homeland, so to speak, as well as, of course, the financial rewards.” Logan looked at the sky, thoughtful. “Logan, you are an exceptional man. There are not that many strong-ass motherfuckers that are both familiar with computers and good shots. In two months, we can turn you into a weapon that any country would trip over themselves to have on their hands.” “I ain’t codin’ no more. Computer screens swim before my eyes now.” He nodded at his gun, “This’s what I spend my time on. That ‘n getting bigger.” “No matter. We have a whole hacking team. We just need someone who can talk to them and hold his own on the field.” “How much?” The stranger pulled a piece of paper from his jacket pocket, unfolded it and showed him. No more needed to be said. They shook hands and Logan signed the paperwork. He was going to be picked up that evening to be sent to training camp. Just one more thing to do. Logan headed to the gym, and right into the Master’s office. The Master was already waiting for him, buck-naked and seated legs spread wide. Logan reached into his gym bag, pulled an AK-47, and rained a dozen bullets into the Master’s midsection. He then grabbed the myostatin inhibitor shot out of the Master’s hand, jabbed it into his thigh, then head over to the safe where he knew the supply was kept. He punched the safe hard. It dented deeply. After two more blows, the door to the safe came clean off, and several bottles and hypodermic needles could be found inside. Logan swept all of them into his gym bag, then walked out of the door. The whole gym was dead quiet and looking right at him, having heard the gunfire from the office. Paying no mind, Logan strolled through the stunned gymgoers, proud as a lion and without regrets, and he went right on home where the van was waiting.
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    THE LAST FOOTBALL DREAM TEAM REUNION We all agreed to meet in Hawaii this time. We were in Honolulu for an unusual reunion because after college we had scattered to cities all over the world. I wasn’t going to attend this year but at the last minute I changed my mind. That is why my hotel was near the airport while all of the others were clustered downtown. This was the ten year reunion of the dream team. This particular dream team won the AAAA high school state football championship. I know I don’t look like a football player but I was a third string player that accidentally made the winning touchdown. I wasn’t a jock; I was more of a mascot than a jock. I was one step above the water boy. So why was I on the team? My dad was the strength and conditioning coach who was like a god to the jocks on the team. You see my dad was/ is a bodybuilder that owned the gym the team used for strength training for free. Not really free because the price of ‘free’ was keeping me on the team. I had been around the gym as long as I can recall and started seriously weightlifting when I was twelve. I have always been skinny as a rail and that didn’t change when I started lifting. I had strength but never gained the kind of muscle mass the other guys had. I loved aerobics. I was a jogger however and had outstanding speed and agility for my size. The coach made me a wide receiver. I could outrun just about anyone but my ability to catch the football was extremely poor. My average success rate was about 10% but if I caught the ball it was a touchdown. Long story short we were losing by 3 points with seconds on the clock when I caught the football and made a touchdown. At the reunion I could see that the jocks were beginning to go to seed. There were a few that stayed trimmer than the others but they were also fighting the battle of the bulge. Me? I still had a 28 inch waist and a 30 inch chest. The Saturday bash was a cocktail party, a banquet, a couple speeches, and dancing afterwards. Ballroom dancing is a hobby of mine so I was always out on the floor with the ladies even though I didn’t bring a date. I’ll never win a dancing contest but I know all the steps. I took a taxi back to the hotel in the early morning hours because a few of the jocks tried to drink me under that table after the party broke up. They passed out but I didn’t. I paid the taxi and walked into the hotel with my shoes in my hand knowing this would be the last reunion for me. It was time to face the reality that we really were more lucky than talented. Besides it was getting expensive to be with guys that I talked to only once a year. I stumbled out of the elevator and turned the wrong way to get to my room. That hall was shorter than I remembered and it ended in a T with two doors to the left and two doors to the right plus one that clear glass holding an ice machine. The ice machine near my room was noisy as hell but the machine near my room was out in the open. This machine was in a room to dampen the sound. I was about to turn around when a door behind me opened and the door hit the safety latch. Turning I saw a jock stud bodybuilder. I had been around bodybuilders all my life but I never saw anyone as big, buff, and muscular as that guy. His waist was as small as mine but his chest was 55 to 60 inches and his arms and legs were in proportion and enormous. “Are you lost?” he asked. I probably looked bewildered. I scanned the body wrapped in a bath towel and didn’t answer. “I asked if you were lost,” he demanded like my alpha father. This guy was five to ten years younger than me. I knew how to answer but my tongue wouldn’t work. I focused hard. “No sir. I turned the wrong way when I got off the elevator,” I explained in as few words as possible. “Then you are lost!” he frowned. “Turned around,” I corrected him with a smile. “Have you been drinking?” he asked sniffing the air. “Yes sir but I took a taxi here,” I said so I wasn’t admonished for drinking and driving. My father made assumptions like that and it pissed me off. “Get me a bucket of ice,” he said as he shoved the upscale ice bucket in my gut. “Get it yourself,” I said letting it fall to the floor. My jaw slackened as I looked up at his back. He turned and gave me that look that said do it now or suffer the consequences. His eyes narrowed and then he nodded. His eyes fell on the ice bucket before he turned back to his room. He disappeared into the room and I picked up the aluminum ice bucket and got the ice. His room wasn’t a room it was more of a suite with a full bar, a small kitchen you could cook in, an eating area, a living room with a view of the city, and I assumed there was a bedroom or two somewhere. “Lock the door,” he said as he poured two drinks. I hope you aren’t a Scotch drinker. “My father is,” I said as I set the bucket on the bar. He added two cubes to each glass. “Try this. Prost!” he said as he touched his glass to mine. He sipped and waited for me to taste the liquor. I once tasted thirty year old Crown Royal that didn’t taste as good as this drink tasted. “So as not to waste this, I guess I better finish this drink but then I’ll have to get going. I have a 6am flight and I still have to pack,” I said. I took a mouthful of the drink so I could get to my room and away from the alpha bodybuilder. “Really?” he said like my father did when I said something stupid. “You seem to be more focused on my pecs and arms than on my eyes when you are talking to me,” he said as he moved from behind the bar. I grabbed the bar top for support when I saw that he was naked. He stopped directly in front of me and flexed his arm. His arm was just a foot away and it looked like it was as big as my head. His shaved arm pit was like a cave between his lats and pec. A sweet musk hit me like a cloud surrounding my head. “Kiss it, lick it,” he whispered as he stepped closer. He was so tall my nose was almost in his pit. “Mm ong ugnn,” I muttered. His erect nipple touched my cheek as my tongue tasted the sweet pit perfume. His man musk melted my resolve. I turned my head and licked his nipple tasting sweat and a different musk. I nipped his nipple with my teeth and he moaned. He rested his arms on my shoulders and stepped in until my face was between his pecs. “I could smell your need out in the hall but this close to you with you in my arms it is… overwhelming,” he said softly. I began involuntarily chewing and licking and rubbing my face against his hard flesh. “You smell amazing.” He closed his eyes and took another deep breath. “Do I smell different now than when I was out in the hall?” “Yes. You smell like sex,” he hissed. I could smell him too. His scent was strong and musky and he reeked of sex. It washed over me like a wave and I inhaled him into my lungs. My dick swelled and throbbed. “Fuck dude, you mean it’s like I’m leaking sex or something.” “You smell it?” “Yes,” I admitted. But he was the one that smelled like sex. “Smells good, doesn’t it?” he whispered. “Fuck yeah,” I said as I swallowed dryly. The room was saturated with—him. His scent. His heat. His sex. Heat and sex was pouring off his naked body in waves that bathed me in his desire. This is the point where things got fuzzy and dream-like. It was like I lost control and would do anything he told me to do. We had that drink and then I was naked but I don’t remember undressing. Then we were standing next to a bed making out like long lost lovers while thrusting our cocks against each other. I didn’t remember getting into bed but we were having wild sex on the bed. I was licking cum off his pecs as he fucked me missionary style. I was pulling on his ass so he would fuck me deeper and harder. Each thrust of his cock was like a mini orgasm! I couldn’t get enough of his cock in me. Hours of fucking seemed like minutes and it became a blur in my mind yet there were a few times during the night when I was fully aware of what was happening. Like the time I was spread eagle on my back in the bed. The air was thick with sweat and cum and musk; the scent filled me with lust and made my cock so hard I thought the skin would burst. The veins throbbed and I could feel my cock pulse with every heartbeat. Pre-cum was sliding down my shaft and dripping onto my abs. I couldn’t move my arms or legs yet there were no ropes binding me to the bedposts. The room was dark except for the sliver of light coming from the bathroom. The shower was running and I could hear the water splashing like a waterfall hitting solid rock. The water went off after a long time and the bathroom door opened expelling a cloud of light and steam. He was muttering curses that the mirror was foggy and that his hair wouldn’t fall into place. “I can smell you,” he said inhaling deeply. “Mmmmmmm,” he groaned. “I can feel you squirming.” There was a small chuckle. “Your ass is begging for my cock,” he said flatly. It was true. My ass was clenching and my hips were rotating in place as my body begged to be fucked. “No more… please?” I begged. My voice was trembling. “Did I hear ‘More Please’?” he snickered as he twisted my words. “Or was that ‘No, Give me more please’ because I love being fucked by a super muscular alpha stud,” he said as he stepped in front of the large mirror over the dresser. He began to flex and that made my cock painfully harder. “What’s that smell?” he sniffed under his arms. “Not me,” he turned to face me. “You are beginning to smell like a real man.” He walked to the foot of the bed and knelt between my legs. He licked between my thighs until he licked my balls and sucked them into his mouth. He groaned with lust when he tasted my pre-cum coating my cock. Then he lapped up the pool of pre-cum on my abs and ran his tongue between my pecs before seeking out my nipples. I was in the presence of a guy who was the equivalent of a Greek god. This was a man that oozed sex from every pore of his muscular body and he was seducing me even though I begged him not to fuck me again. In truth my body was ready and begging to be fucked again. No matter what I did I knew he was going to fuck me. My mind was saying no but my body was saying yes, yes, yes fuck my ass hard and deep. And this deliciously fuckable hunk of male perfection was teasing my ass with his cock knowing I was going to beg him to mount me. “Shove it in,” I begged. “Please fuck my ass!” A thrill exploded in my body as he suddenly thrust his stiff twelve inch cock into me. There was no hesitation as he entered me with one long uninhibited thrust. His hairless pelvic mound and balls slammed against my ass. He then started to fuck me very gently. My whole fuck tunnel began clenching his cock and he loved it. He fucked with short strokes at first but then he pounded my ass with ever increasing power and strength until he was fucking my hole relentlessly. Finally after about twenty minutes he withdrew his cock entirely and with blinding speed he thrust his full length back inside me and began his explosive orgasm. I felt each pulse as he deposited another load of his seed in my body. He lowered his massively muscular body to mine and it was hard to breathe. I think that is what caused me to pass out. I awoke on the floor and I crawled to the bathroom to pee. I splashed water in my face and as I bent over his hard cock was thrust into my ass. His hands pulled my shoulders back and his huge arms wrapped around me. “Time to be fucked again,” he taunted. “Man, you stink!” he said as he stepped into the shower with me still impaled on his cock. The water was frigid but gradually warmed up. He had me kneel and he allowed the water to melt the dried cum before he put his cock back in me. No soap was used so the stink remained as he fucked me doggie style. After his cum filled my ass he shoved a butt plug in my ass and made me lay on the shower floor as he washed. He stepped out of the shower and he allowed me to wash my body for less than three minutes. I was rinsing when he reached in and turned off the water. He handed me his wet towel to dry my body. Within seconds I was back in bed sucking his cock until he flooded my mouth with cum. The butt plug was pulled so he could fuck me again. I awoke alone in bed in my hotel room. I blindly searched for my cell phone to see the time. It was Tuesday night around 8:30 pm. I lost Sunday, Monday, and most of Tuesday. If felt like I had the flu. My head hurt and my body ached. I called the front desk and the clerk asked if I was extending my stay another day. In conversation he said that I called at checkout time on Sunday and extended my stay until mid week. I stumbled out of bed, filled the Jacuzzi tub, and soaked for at least an hour in the dark bathroom. Slowly I began to piece together what happened. I was brutally raped… repeatedly. Then I remembered begging to be fucked. So was it rape? Was I drugged? Actually I felt like I had a drug hangover. Maybe it was a touch of alcohol poisoning. An hour later my mind was clearing and I remembered the muscle stud in the suite. I stood and thought I should shower so I could wash my hair. I thought about shaving before I showered. I flipped on the lights and was temporarily blinded. Then as my eyes adjusted I saw a super stud in the mirror. He was so handsome I couldn’t attract anyone that perfect. I realized it was my reflection because he moved when I moved. He flexed when I flexed. I was so overwhelmed I sat on the floor. It was as if I dreamed I was growing. Recalling the dream I noticed it first in my chest and arms. My shoulders were inflating. I could feel my delts becoming even more distinct as the three heads developed. My lats were swelling pushing my thicker more muscular upper arms out away from my body. My biceps and triceps kept swelling. I felt like my body was stretching and physically growing taller. When it was happening the room was like a furnace. He placed one hand on his erection and continued to stroke his cock against my hole. I felt hotter everywhere when he tweaked my nipples; in turn my shaft was throbbing and growing super hard. His massive prick was throbbing and pulsing as he rubbed it along my ass crack. His cock was a massive tower of flesh easily a foot long. He fucked me like I had never been fucked before and as he finished he was licking the stink of a real man (his words not mine) from my body. Overnight I had been transformed into a muscle monster 6’8” tall weighing close to 300 pounds. I inhaled deeply. The smell of hot heavy sex still lingered but there was something new. It reminded me of my father after he worked out with his friends in the gym. I now recognized the smell of man sex on his body. It may have only been mutual masturbation or blow jobs but he had cum on him. If he was still alive I would have no qualms, misgivings, or inhibitions about asking him about his secret sexual life. I stood and started the shower. I found it erotic running my hands over my body. My cock grew to a ten inch slab of meat and it was ready to fuck some unsuspecting stud I picked up in the bar downstairs. Then I thought about my father’s gym. It was the perfect hunting grounds for studs. The business was being managed and now I was ready to step in and take over. I had run the gym but it wasn’t my chosen profession. I purposefully went into the medical field because it was the farthest thing away from my father’s gym that I could think of. After the shower I explored the suite. On the bed in the second bedroom were piles of clothes that would fit me. There were jeans, shirts, underwear, some workout clothes, and shoes. That trousseau would at least get me home. I dressed and walked to a nearby restaurant. The people there were treating me like my father was treated. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I now had and alpha personality stronger than my father’s. As I ate my steak I deftly ignored the guy vying for my attention. He was all but using a bull horn to call out to me. I set down my knife and fork, made eye contact, and gave him a small almost imperceptible nod. He stood almost knocking the water off the table. His friends laughed and jeered him until I gave them a look. I turned on the charm and he was eating out of my hand within seconds. With my hand on his shoulder his friends were slack jawed that I was taking him up to my suite. Yes this would be my last AAAA high school state football championship reunion but it was by far the best I ever attended. Someday I intend to pass along the gift that Brad endowed me with. As of yet I haven’t found the right guy but I have the feeling there will be several right guys that will bump into me just like I bumped into Brad. Will you be one of them?
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    Hi All Don't know why but I thought I'd repost my old story that I wrote for the old forums back when I wasn't himrbicep. I feel like I haven't contributed to this forum since its rebirth. Its a kinky story, and quite dark in places, but I have a feeling some people on here will enjoy it in its fullness haha. I apologise, where I wrote it in parts some is first person and some is third person, hopefully it's not too jarring. Enjoy! And feedback or opinions please let me know I've always been a fan of longer stories myself, so it's a big one! x I guess I ought to start this story with a look at the past, because that’s where it truly began. At the age of 7 my mum and I had just moved into a completely new neighbourhood. Looking back now it was perfectly delightful, but being a young strong minded individual I was still sulking about leaving the estate I’d grown up on. It was a beautiful day, and the house was truly a beauty. White picket fences, a little balcony on the front, nicely trimmed hedges and all that jazz. Truth is my dad had died, I hardly ever saw him while he was living and so I guess the fact he’d gone and left a fair bit of money behind was only a good thing as far as I was concerned. I jumped out of the truck, now I was actually here I was a little less stroppy, but I still couldn’t help be extremely nervous. My name is Charlie by the way, at the age of 7 I was a pretty cute little kid I guess. Light brown hair that stuck up wherever it wanted to, and little blue eyes that were forever sparkling, I used to play outside a lot, and so while at such a young age I was by no means athletic looking, I was definitely fit. I went bounding up the front path and into the house, the massive staircase twisted up and around onto a long slightly darker landing, I remembered where my room was and went running to see… nothing. It was still empty, the only thing in it was my bed, but that was boring, I didn’t want to sleep. I trotted gently to the window to check on my mum, and could see her looking through a couple of boxes in the back of the car whilst waiting for the lorry with the rest of our stuff. It was then I saw someone else out of the corner of my eye. Another kid, who looked to be about my age was playing in his front garden next door. I went running downstairs and out the front door and stuck my head up over the fence, but suddenly found myself with nothing to say. I stared at him, and he stared blankly back at me. “Hello?” he said after a horrendously long silence. I sort of smiled and made a ‘heh’ noise. For some reason I had gone shy. He looked at me like the strangest thing he’d ever seen and I suppose I can understand why. After another couple of seconds he dropped his football and moved closer towards the fence. “I’m Chris” he said plainly, and this time smiled, and I don’t know why but that smile made me so happy I found myself able to talk. “I’m Charlie” I replied simply “I think we’re neighbours now” I added, and the two of us smiled together. Over the next month Chris and I became the best of friends, we were never apart, when we were at school we sat together, and talked behind our books when we were supposed to be reading, and when we were home he was at my house or I at his, and we would make cushion forts, kick a football or something along those lines. My favourite game however, I decided was wrestling, and while we were never technically any good, and we just had fun doing it, there was something really enjoyable about the closeness. Chris had the brightest blond hair you’d seen and sparkly blue eyes and pouty lips and was ever so slightly bigger than me, this almost indefinitely meant I never won, but for some reason that I could not at that age fathom – I didn’t care. I was almost pleased about it, as though letting Chris win was the right thing to do, and me being on the floor underneath him was where I should always end up. There was not a thing about our playing that was sexual at that age, it was just boys being boys, but we were incredibly close, and promised to be best friends forever. Our promise was kept, and we got through four years of junior school, never leaving each other’s side, we still would play outside after school, or sometimes on video games now, and we loved each others company. I had grown a fair bit, and I loved being one of the taller people in class, in fact the only person that made me feel small was Chris, because he had grown even more. The teacher would often mention his size, he wasn’t a freak by any means, but if we all stood together his head poked out above ours, and he was slightly thicker too, most of the kids my age looked like stick insect human beings, apart from Jim the ‘fatty fat fat’ of the class. Why Chris grew faster I didn’t know, I didn’t even consider it, we lived pretty much the same lifestyle, but I guess he just had different genetics to me. I wondered sometimes when we wrestled, and I ended up on the floor underneath his ever heavier weight, just how big he was going to get. By the time we left school he was really starting to grow fast, and I could notice little muscles bulging on his body, you wouldn’t know I had muscles looking at me! But I didn’t care that Chris was bigger, we were best friends, and he could always win wresting matches whenever he wanted, he didn’t have to try very hard at all either, and I still got that strange bubbly feeling inside when he won and was on top of me. The summer holiday that year was a horrible one. My nerves about finally joining the big school were taking over my life. I had gotten used to being the oldest and one of the biggest and now I was going to be the smallest. Chris didn’t care so much, he never really worried about anything much. It was nice to know I would have him beside me. Or so I thought. I remember that day more than any other in my entire life. The day Chris told me he was moving away. I cried inconsolably, I didn’t understand why he had to leave, how he could let his mother drag us apart. It wasn’t fair, and I knew I would never have another friend like Chris. I remember the day I waved goodbye to him and his mother sat in the front of the delivery truck. Tears were streaming down my face and I couldn’t stop them, Chris just looked rather glum, ever the tough one in the friendship…. __________________________________________ But that was over five years ago now, and I look back on it with a sort of appreciation that I had a friend as good as Chris. I had gone to secondary school, and it hadn’t killed me, and I had done pretty well through it, I made some close friends- Clare and Liam the closest, and life was going fine. Today in fact is my first day of sixth form, when I can begin to study towards my A-level examinations. I turned up to school feeling rather pleased with myself, sixth formers had to look smart, and I had a great suit on that I thought I looked quite nice in. I was about six foot now, still slim built, with a hint of athleticism I suppose, so I guess I turned out ok, and was hoping to attract some attention now I didn’t have to wear the old grey school shorts and socks! I went down one of the halls to my new registration group and sat down, everyone was buzzing excitedly and catching up on their summer holidays past. The register was taken and I started to head down the halls for my first biology lesson, I was aware at that point of someone coming down the corridor, and it wasn’t until I did a double take that I noticed the size of him! He was about six foot four I would say, and extremely broad, he wore a suit also and filled it out almost to bursting, he must be a new student, I would have remembered a tank like him. I remember briefly thinking that I wish I could be a little bigger in shape as I went to pass him but the next thing I knew I was shoulder barged so incredibly hard I slammed into the locker and fell to the floor. The corridor thank god was pretty empty so I don’t think anyone saw. I stood up rubbing my head and drew my gaze up the enormous form in front of me; the handsome face was sneering at me with some sort of proud amusement. It was then I recognized the face in front of me, my mouth dropped open and my heart beat faster in my chest. “You always were the small one Char” he said in an incredibly deep voice, and without further ado strut off down the corridor chuckling. I stood frozen for a minute, gob smacked by what had just happened. That was Chris, there was no denying it.. but how much bigger had he gotten, and why had he just shoulder barged his old best friend with the force of a train? Biology passed by without much special occurring, that said if something special had happened I wouldn’t have noticed it, to say my head was somewhere else would be an understatement. Chris was huge; I could hardly believe the change in him. If I looked in the mirror now I could still see the young boy I had grown up from in my features, but Chris was so far from how I remembered him it was hard to believe he was the same person. I kept wondering why he had barged me so hard, I was 99% sure it wasn’t an accident. Maybe he was just being old jokey Chris, heck, if I were as big as him I would probably want to show it off a little, especially to get a reaction from someone who hadn’t witnessed the change in progress. Something deep inside of me however felt like something had changed, that our relationship wouldn’t be able to simply carry on as magically as it used to, if you’ve seen the film Fox and the Hound.. I kinda felt like the fox right now. Still, we had always played rough when we were little, maybe he just didn’t realize his strength these days and was just playing around like we used to in the front yard. I hoped so, and I definitely wanted to speak with him soon. My next class was English, and I looked around the almost full classroom for my now gargantuan friend, but he wasn’t there. I noticed Liam towards the back and went to sit with him instead and told him about what had happened, he told me to be careful and stay away but I laughed it off and thought nothing of it. Lesson after dull lesson occurred and I still didn’t see a sign of Chris, which is tricky with him being the size he was. I arrived at gym class slightly earlier than the rest of the class and had changed into my loose polo top and shorts and was sat on a bench in the gym awaiting the rest of the class. The students were filing in one by one and I was suddenly aware that I didn’t really want to see Chris in this class, he was too big, and as if by some cruel fate no longer had the thought finished passing through my mind when the coach walked in… followed closely by Chris. If he had looked big this morning in his suit he looked positively insane in his PE top. The fabric was stretched so tightly across his body that you could tell exactly what his body would look like if he had been naked. His arms were what first caught my attention, great basketball sized biceps hung from the short sleeves, criss-crossed with veins the thickness of my little finger almost. His forearms were thick and strong, and so veined they looked almost like a road map of some point. I glanced back up to look at his huge shoulders and thick bulging neck and my eyes bulged slightly as I took in the largest chest I’d ever seen, his shirt was stretched ridiculously tight over it, and you could tell there was a deep crevasse in between the two pecs, his nipples had so much muscle packed behind them that they were pointing down almost to the floor and made two large bumps in the material. The t shirt wasn’t tight across his abs like it was the rest of his body purely because the jutting of his pecs pulled the material forwards almost like an awning. His thighs erupted out of his obscenely small shorts like tree trunks of pure power and mighty bulging carves bulged out of his lower leg, his shorts I noticed with an afterthought looked pretty tight too. I swallowed hard as he walked down the gym to sit on one of the further benches; he didn’t so much as glimpse at me. I watched him go past, his expansive back almost resembling the sails on a passing ship as he went, tight muscular round buttocks rolling against each other as he walked under the tight pale blue cotton. I wrenched my gaze back to the coach, mouth slightly open, and was distantly aware of the creaking of the bench at the end of the gym. “Welcome to your first term of Physical Education in the sixth form” he started, the coach was a big man by any standards but after watching Chris enter the room none us were in the slightest bit impressed. “We’re starting this half term with wresting” he announced, and a small part of my soul died at that exact moment. “As it’s the first week we’ll just have some practise bouts and I’ll come around and check how much you remember from last year. I’ll let you choose your own partners, and we’ll have four matches going on at any one time in each corner of the gym. GO” he finished, blowing his whistle, and I stood immediately looking for Liam with an almost terrifying urgency but before I had even made a move a large strong hand had a grip on my shoulders. I turned feeling ready to faint, as I was met with the same smug cocky grin I had seen in the corridor earlier “For old times sake?” he asked, feigning an innocent expression, before steering me onto a mat. After a few moments more everyone else had found their partners, and the first four partners were ready to begin. I stood facing my opponent, trying my absolute hardest not to vomit. Another whistle blew and before I knew what was happening something that I could only compare to a rhino launched itself in my direction, I was thrown to the matt with such force that my head bounced with a sickening thud and then I was shoved onto my front and my arm was pulled behind me so forcefully I was slightly surprised it didn’t dislocate. I felt his ton weight resting on the small of my back, it didn’t hurt but the sheer weight of him was almost making taking breath difficult. “Bring back memories does it?” I heard a snicker in my ear. Several of the other students had laughed at the quickness of the fight, and a couple more had gathered round to watch the next, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Chris climbed off of me and I slowly got up trying to catch my breath and trying not to look too defeated or embarrassed. We got back into the starting positions, and I could see he was looking pumped, his muscles slightly red, almost as if anticipating more. Another whistle blew and this time I managed to take a step forward, I’m not sure what I had planned, but it didn’t matter anyway. Two large hands grabbed onto my waist so tight I thought I might burst, the next thing I knew my body was rising up in the air as if I weighed nothing at all and I was being turned upside down. I felt his head in between my thighs, and was powerless to do anything as he jumped forwards ready to slam me into the ground. I hit the floor hard, and the weight of the man landing on top of me forced every particle of air in my body to come whooshing out loudly. The class burst out laughing and just to add to my embarrassment Chris’ crotch was directly over my face. Winded as I was I was powerless to do anything and wriggled my head in vein slightly only to feel the biggest cock imaginable flop down my cheek. Through the thin material of Chris’ shorts I could feel the heat of it, and it felt to be about 7 inches long, completely soft!! I wriggled frantically now, completely freaked out by what used to be my best friend in the whole world and the class was roaring with laughter now as I tried useless to push up against Chris’ monstrous thighs, it was like trying to life a steel car off of my body. Chris purposefully got up as slowly as possible, and managed to rub his enormous crotch right across my face once more. He finally got up and I went running off into the changing rooms embarrassed out of my mind. As the locker room door closed behind me the laughter was drowned out, and I sat in the cold silence for a second, feeling my face glowing with blush. I look down totally dismayed, I had a raging erection. What had happened to Chris, why was he being so nasty to me? What was happening to me, getting turned on by a beating from another man? I didn’t have time to think as I head the door swing open once again, I did my best to hide under some nearby clothes. I sat trembling under the coats and was all too aware of the heavy footfalls coming in my directions. I thought for one fleeting moment they were going to continue and go straight past but silence fell over the room as the person stopped walking. I knew who it was without having to look; the person on the other side of those coats was almost radiating hugeness. I was starting to feel a little sick. I could hear a deep chuckling building up on the other side of the material and could feel myself going red in the face. “Pathetic” the voice said simply, and then a vice like hand grabbed my through the clothes haphazardly piled atop me and pulled me up into the air again with no effort at all. I was dropped onto the floor directly in front of him, but didn’t manage to land properly and slipped clumsily down onto my ass. I looked up nervously at Chris and… he seemed bigger. I couldn’t tell if it was the angle I was at or not, but from my position on the floor he looked to be at least 6 foot 7, and the pump he had gotten in the gymnasium was still evident, and then a bit more muscle seemed to have appeared on top of that. I stared, shutting my mouth quickly as I realized it was hanging open. Being so close to his feet part of his face was obscured by the jutting chest that hung off his frame. I felt no need to continue staring up at him like this, I didn’t want to fuel the man’s ego, and so I began to rise slowly, though the shaking in my knees made my hope of looking graceful impossible. I stood to my full height, and there was no denying now the change in him, I had to look up to see his strikingly handsome face, and I felt myself shiver at the thought of what Chris could do to me here on my own. “Why’d you run away?” he growled and I decided not to answer him, I thought it was fairly obvious. “I wasn’t finished with you” he added, and that thought scared the life out of me, I would have ended the lesson resembling pate if we had continued any further. He took a step forward so that his almighty chest thumped into me, though at his new height his chest was hitting me more at chin level, and I stumbled back. He grinned evilly. “What’s happened to you?” I asked, trying to sound brave, but my voice quivered betraying me. Again he laughed, and his vast chest shook and his abs contorted and twisted under his top. He looked down at me once again, taking another step forward and forcing me to stumble a pace backwards. “Nothings changed at all, I was always better than you and I still am” he said grinning. “But we were best friends” I said, I heard myself and realized I sounded as though I were begging. At this he took a large step and his chest thumped into me so hard that I was caught of balance and went stumbling backwards until I hit back hard against the wall, smacking my head hard enough against the brick to make me temporarily see stars. Through the fog in my brain I could see him advancing and he didn’t stop until his mammoth body had me pinned against the wall. “Lets get one thing straight little man; I don’t need friends like you anymore,” he paused as he raised his hands into the air “I’ve got these babies now” he said and flexed triumphantly. I couldn’t help but gasp as the biggest bicep muscles I had ever seen in my life burst into life in front of my eyes. The huge peaks of muscle split, rising higher and higher bursting with veins and emitting such evident power I knew then and there he could kill me with them. Despite the intense fear his muscle display was causing me, his show of power and the inexplicably manly smell that was wafting from his deep manly pits was causing a reaction in me I couldn’t even begin to explain, and one I hoped to high heaven Chris wouldn’t notice. He flexed his chest now, and through the top I could veins and striations formed in ways I didn’t know possible, the muscles in his chest, which if I’m honest felt more like rocks, were forcing their way into my chest as though it were made of butter and I could feel myself being crushed against the wall behind me. “You were nothing then… and you’re less than that now” he said, and clearly the friendship we had shared as children meant not a thing to him now. My arousal and fear left no room for sadness at his remark, and my erection was almost painful now. He relaxed his chest and I was able to take a breath in at long last. He shook his head slowly, as though I truly disgusting him, and I felt myself averting his gaze in shame. “I’ll be needing your lunch mo…” he began, but stopped suddenly, and I looked up to see what had stopped him, hoping against hope that he had spotted more worthy of his interest than me. I almost died when I saw him looking at the all too obvious, though not exactly impressive, tent in my shorts. I began jabbering, trying to explain that I wasn’t gay, that he wasn’t turning me on, tried to say anything that would stop the unavoidable beating that was heading my way. He made his way towards me far quicker than he had before and I felt a huge hand wrap firmly around my throat, and my feet left the floor as I was slid effortlessly up the wall. He held me up maybe three feet off the floor, and I began choking something fierce. The force of his grip was so strong my choking was practically useless; there was no way consciousness was staying with me today. I tried to kick my legs but his mammoth chest had them pinned almost painfully against the wall, my fingers worked frantically in vain to try and get him off me, but I soon realized that my two hands working together were powerless to even remove one of his fingers. Despite the seriousness of the situation I found my eyes becoming fixed on the almighty biceps and triceps that kept me up here as though I were a feather, and I was aware that my erection was still throbbing in my shorts, which was probably angering him further. The veins in his forearms popped up in relief as the hand tightened itself tighter around my pathetically fragile neck. I could feel my wind pipe getting close to collapsing, and my vision began fading as I knew I was about to pass out when “Chris?” called a voice from the other end of the changing room, it was the coach. I felt the hand release me and again I fell badly, though this time I managed to land on my feet. I let out a huge gasp and then a cough, but Chris obviously wanting to hide my presence slapped a hand over my mouth with such a force that my face stung from the force of the slap. My body was still trying to get more air into my lungs and I choked still, the sound muffled in the large hand over my mouth. I was in pain, and gasping for breath to stay conscious, and yet somehow I found myself wanting him to put one of those big manly fingers into my mouth for me to suck on. “I’m here coach; I think that little guy took off. I’ll be right out” he called down the changing room, and I prayed to God to bless the man that had saved my life. “I’m not surprised” replied the coach “he looked like a 5 year old girl next to you” the coach continued clearly unaware I was present. A whole new shade of red made itself apparent across my face and Chris looked at me with a smug grin. “This isn’t over” he said simply, venom in his voice. He removed his hand, and strutted round the corner towards the exit of the room. I slid down the wall and burst into tears, my hopes of a friendly reconciliation shattered. My first day of school had gone from an exciting new chapter in my life, to a brand new nightmare thanks to a changed face from the past. _____________________________________________ Charlie sat in his room that night feeling sick to depths of his stomach, his homework, which would usually take half an hour or so had been delaying him for at least an hour now. He couldn’t get the images of today’s meeting out of his head, he couldn’t ignore the soreness around his neck from where the strong hand had crushed into the skin, and by far worse of all, he couldn’t do anything about the random insatiable erections that kept popping up in his boxers. He slept uneasily that night and awoke in the morning mortified to find he’d had a wet dream, he couldn’t remember at all what he’d been dreaming about, but Charlie was fairly sure he knew. Charlie began to pack his things ready for another day of school and for the first time in as long as he could remember he found himself not wanting to go, wanting to pretend to be ill and stay at home, where he knew he wouldn’t bump into a certain someone. But no, there was nothing to be achieved by doing that, and so with as much false confidence as he could muster he made his way to another day of school. The first lesson was fairly normal in its long boring lecture like style, and indeed second period passed without a single mishap, but the one thing that Charlie really did notice, was that wherever he was, he could here someone whispering about the huge new kid, and Charlie couldn’t help but get down a little every time he heard it. Indeed out on the school field during their morning break much talking behind hands was going on, and Charlie headed with much anticipation to where he and Clare and Liam usually hung out, behind a secluded patch of trees where they could have a laugh in their own space, as he paced down the sloping grass he felt his phone vibrate and smiled when he saw Clare ringing him, he didn’t answer as he knew she’d be hurrying him on like she always did and he began to run down to where the trees were. As soon as he was round the corner a foot tripped him and Charlie went skidding across the ground. With his heart immediately in his throat Charlie span round onto his back to look up into the one face he wanted to see less than any other, before he could begin to get up a huge triumphant foot had slammed Charlie back on the ground with a woomph, and struggle though he might, there was nothing he could do. Charlie met the cold gaze of his recent tormentor, and then found he couldn’t look at them anymore and averted his gaze. ‘Little fag can’t stay away’ Chris said slowly, twisting his foot on my chest softly almost as though contemplating whether to crush it or not. ‘Guess you wanted another beating to go home and whack that puny little cock to huh?’ he said in a mocking tone and the blush that seemed to be a permanent feature on Charlie’s face recently made its way across his nose and ears. ‘Chris I’m not gay’ he replied, stunning himself that he even managed to speak a word let alone a sentence. ‘Not gay…’ Chris laughed, bending down to pick Charlie up with one hand on either side of his head, lifting him until his face was crushed against the mammoth left pec of Chris’s enormous chest, hard nipple pressing just below Charlie’s bottom lip through the thin sleeveless vest. Immediately the naturally manly smell of the body in front of him made Charlie feel light headed, ‘then do you mind explaining the pathetic boners you keep springing every time you get near my muscles?’ Charlie shook his head slightly, the rock hard nipple rubbing against his chin. Chris let go and Charlie dropped the two inches or so to the ground, gasping quietly as he realized that the bottom of Chris’ pecs were now level with his forehead, though he didn’t understand it, nor want to believe it, Chris had grown massively again over night and was probably now just over seven foot, how was that even possible!? After a second or so of silence Charlie sighed quietly, ‘I don’t know what to say… I’ve never seen anyone as big as you before’ at this Chris snorted as though it were obvious that no one could be bigger than him ‘and I just’ Charlie paused trying to think of the words ‘I just see how big and powerful and strong you are and it makes me feel so small… like you are so much better than me.’ Charlie didn’t get the chance to say another word as Chris had burst out laughing, ‘I am so much better than you,’ he said with a cocky smirk ‘you are a pathetic little nothing that should be thrilled I even know who you are, and you better think of a fucking good reason why I shouldn’t snap you in half and leave you here for the worms.’ He said, his voice getting quieter as he continued. Charlie visibly shook where he stood, not a clue in the world what to say, ‘for old times sake?’ he said hopefully, but Chris shook his head ‘not good enough.’ Charlie looked back down at the floor again, trying to stop the tears in the corners of his eyes as he realized he was about to sell his soul to the devil. ‘I’ll do anything you say for the rest of my life’ Charlie said quietly, almost hoping that no one would hear him say it. ‘Anything?’ came the deep voice of the man stood above him, and Charlie nodded silently, looking up to the most sinister smug grin he had ever seen in his life. ‘So if I should need some last minute homework doing for me?’ Chris asked and again Charlie nodded in silence, ‘or if I should need some money for food’ he continued and Charlie once again nodded. ‘What about…’ Chris went on, his grin spreading further across his face, ‘what about if my sweaty manly pits need a good clean after a heavy workout?’ Charlie gawped open mouthed, stunned by what the man in front of him had just said, he stood stunned, trying to process what he’d just heard, when he noticed Chris lifting his left arm up above his head, and vest he was wearing allowing for a view of the manly crevasse that Charlie’s new tormentor had mentioned, a large hand cupped the back of his small head and Charlie found himself forced forwards until he could see nothing at all, and all he knew was the feel of the hot skin against his face and the incredibly strong smell now filling his nostrils like a drug. As he shifted his head slightly, Charlie could feel the tendons of Chris’ biceps towards the top of his head, and other ligaments and muscles he didn’t know the name of beneath his nose and chin, the wideness of Chris’ seemingly ever growing lats meant that Charlie was surrounded on all sides by thick muscle, and Charlie suddenly found himself losing control of himself. Charlie stuck his tongue out frantically, moaning slightly as he felt the hard bulging muscle under Chris’ skin, moaning slightly as he tasted the manly sweat that didn’t disgust him in the way he quietly knew is should, the light masculine hair tickled his face as Charlie wanted to more and more to be able to have his face over every part of Chris at the same time, he slid his head up, his tongue sliding from the pit to the underside of Chris’s gargantuan arm, that seemed now to easily be as wide as his own head. Charlie couldn’t explain it, but Chris’ skin, whilst being so silky in texture still allowed for the feeling of the steel like chords beneath it, and every inch of him tasted incredible, Charlie moaned to himself again as his tongue lost itself exploring crevices and ridges of rock solid muscle. Charlie almost creamed in his pants when he heard Chris whisper ‘fuuck’ under his breath, clearly enjoying the seeing to that Charlie was giving him, Charlie didn’t know who was more surprised by this turn of events, but he didn’t dare argue. Charlie’s cock was now rock hard against the hugely wide thigh he straddled comfortably, and he was about to begin thrusting when a heavy shove knocked him to the floor roughly. Chris laughed to himself, looking down still with a certain look of disgust. ‘Guess I may be able to find a reason to keep you around’ he smirked, before walked away, looking bigger than ever, and leaving Charlie with a face full of sweat and an erection he was sure would last forever. _______________________________________________ I awoke the next day feeling extremely tired after what could only be called a restless night’s sleep. I found myself once again dreading the day ahead and what it would bring but felt such a hypocrite having spent most of the night furiously masturbating, thinking of how Chris’ muscles had felt against my face, how powerful he was, whilst I smelled his sweat that had dried on my face. As it happened I had a relatively uneventful day at school, I mean sure I had passed Chris in the corridor and my insides had pretty much turned themselves inside out with fear, but he had simply smirked at me and walked on by. He was easily six foot eight now I looked properly, and while he hadn’t grown height wise much more his muscle had clearly not stopped expanding. He looked like a younger blonder bigger Zeb Atlas strolling down the corridors. The next day again I found myself feeling on edge pretty much all day but again made it through the day without any cause for concern. It was the Friday of that week I went into school feeling a tiny bit better, my body didn’t ache anymore in the areas Chris had gotten rough with and I was starting to think I might just have to suffer evil glances and occasional extra pieces of homework on Chris’ behalf. It was lunchtime and I didn’t have too long until classes started back up again so I ran to get my bag that I’d thrown in the P.E changing rooms before I ate. I retrieved my bag and went to have a quick piss, I had drunk far too much today. I was about to put my cock back in my pants when a large hand grabbed me by the face. It was so quick I didn’t even realise it was a hand at first, I couldn’t see a thing and in less than two seconds I felt myself pushed against a wall. I heard one of the toilet cubicle doors locking and began to tremble slightly; all too aware of what was beginning. ‘Didn’t want you getting too confident around here’ he said, his now familiar sneer planted firmly across his face. Whether it was me getting more attracted to him without realising or something else he seemed to be more handsome every time I saw him. ‘Why me?’ I asked simply, a tone of resignation in my voice, his smile grew even more as he let me go and laughed gently. ‘Don’t tell me you aren’t enjoying it Char’ he said with an almost playful hint in his voice that took me back to us wrestling as kids. ‘You may have noticed I’ve grown a lot since we were kids’ he continued, and I bit my tongue rather than risking my life by giving him attitude. ‘Since I’ve hit puberty I’ve noticed I enjoy exerting my power over people,’ he paused slightly as if recalling memories of such events and then spoke again ‘but more recently I’ve noticed that not only do I enjoy it immensely, but... it seems to make me grow.’ My mouth opened and I squinted slightly ‘that’s crazy Chris... it’s not possible.’ He laughed cruelly ‘the effects have been very very small for the last few years and I figured that just wasn’t going to do anymore, and then I remember you and me as kids.. what a pussy you always were and how you always seemed to be your happiest when I was kicking your ass’ I blushed furiously and shook my head ‘that’s not true!’ I lied quickly, so quickly in fact it gave me away instantly. ‘I figured that if making a small guy submit to me makes me grow, what would happen if I managed to find someone that actually enjoyed it, who felt in his guts like being a bitch was all he was born for..' I shook my head again more forcefully this time as if trying to fool myself more than him ‘it’s not true, you’ve gone mad’ I almost begged. He stared at me silently for a second or two, my heart seemed to beat loudly in slow motion as his hand reached for the collar of his sweat drenched gym polo and yanked. His forearm bulged and with a loud rip that almost sounded like a bang his shirt was in tatters on the floor. His magnificent tanned pecs quivered no more than a foot away from my face and my eyes glazed over, my chin drooping as I stared in amazement at the body of the young god in front of me. His chest was indescribable, striations spread from the crevice in the middle of his chest outward, his enormous nipples lured my eyes to them and I wanted nothing more than to suck them onto my tongue. His huge powerful shoulders supported basketball size biceps both sporting a fat blue vein that pulsed across them and his abs, which I had never seen uncovered, stood fast like 8 solid bricks. ‘Gone mad have I?’ he mused quietly, ‘we both know I didn’t look like this when I barged past you in the corridor on Monday. Even then I felt a tingle in my core when you gazed up at me from the floor.’ I was stood now in silence, no matter how insane it sounded, or how much trouble I was now undeniably in he was definitely bigger, and if he was right and I was the key to that growth then there was a whole load more trouble coming my way. ‘Im afraid I’m starting to like being one of the biggest people on the planet’ he growled, his eyes now piercing into mine with such an intensity I felt like crying ‘so you’re gonna be my bitch from now on whether you like it or not.’ With that he moved towards me and bent his knees, he pushed his pec into my chin and my head was forced sideward against the wall, he straightened his legs still pushing into me and I felt his now erect nipple slide up the side of my face like a marble. I turned to face him, my nose resting in between his pecs and slowly slid my tongue upwards. He had obviously just finished a work out as I managed to catch a large amount of sweat on the end of my tongue, he tasted so good, so manly ‘like my man sweat bitch?’ He grinned a huge grin before flexing his colossal bicep with a grunt ‘get your mouth on this slut’ he growled and before I knew it I was whining like a bitch in heat, sliding my tongue and my lips over the hardest thing I have ever felt in my life, I wanted to kiss, lick, rub and smell it all at once it was so overwhelming. In the corner of my eye I could see Chris watching me and I moaned loudly as my wandering right hand made contact with his freaky quad. I rubbed and squeezed with my puny little fingers, sliding them along the separations in his muscle until the both of us froze when the back of my hand made contact with his cock. I looked him in the eye and without looking down gave his mighty cock a squeeze; I could just about get my fingertips to touch around its thickness. I almost wanted to take my hand away it was so hot, but Chris’ meaty hands pushing down on my shoulders made it clear he had other plans for me. I knelt there in front of him for what seemed like forever, his thighs so thick that they filled my whole field of vision and acted as the perfect backdrop to the biggest dick I’d ever seen. It looked somewhere between the 10 and 11 inch mark, thick as anything and bursting with the sexiest veins I had ever seen. I had never sucked a cock before... or even thought about it, but staring at this giant piece of meat I can’t deny I wanted it. Clearly Chris had become bored with me staring as he suddenly shook his hips side to side as quick as he could and his massive dong slapped my face with such a force that the first hit made me yelp. The second and third still stunned me but I was more embarrassed than anything to think that a guy my age had a cock that was probably stronger than my entire body. I took the hint though and once again gripped his firm meat in my now tiny looking hand. I slowly lent forwards and kissed the head, spongy but hard, I kissed again, pleasantly surprised by the taste. Slowly my tongue slid along the bottom of his bulging head and he hissed, eyes closed, head rearing back. I squeaked loudly as he suddenly grabbed a fistful of my hair and shoved, I thought his dick was going to push my tongue down my throat and I felt my lips stretch to their slutty limits. My mouth was forced wide open as his huge meat rubbed over my tongue and I spluttered as it hit the back of my throat, he pulled out and shoved back in several times with me gagging for air and trying to push his thighs away but of course any such attempt was a waste of time. After a couple of minutes he grunted and shoved all the way in, I’d never felt anything like it, I could feel inch after inch of his cock moving down inside my throat as his head stretched open my gullet on its way down. I felt my neck physically bulged and my eyes streamed with water as Chris looked down and moaned loudly ‘fuck yes, take it’ I could hardly breathe but still found my tongue lapping the underside of his dick as he raped my mouth with such an intensity I wondered how long it could continue. At several points I honestly thought I would pass out, his cock was so huge I simply couldn’t breathe and if it wasn’t for the occasional moment where he withdrew his cock slightly further than usual I would have been a goner. I found myself squeezing his massive thighs, looking up as his huge muscle tits bouncing with his thrusts, seeing the pure pleasure on Chris’ face did something to me I can’t explain, part of me did want to be here serving him. ‘I should warn you’ he said suddenly, and the sound of this deep panting voice both surprised and aroused me ‘the bigger I’ve gotten the more I’ve cum, you might wanna get out the way.’ For some reason I moaned at the thought of his hot spunk, maybe I hoped it would make me grow in the same way he did, but I decided to stick around. He thrusts became even harder and more sporadic and his grunts got deeper and louder, I could see his chest and biceps twitching and he withdrew so that just his cockhead was in my mouth. ‘You asked for it fucker’ he grunted through gritted teeth. What happened next I could never have expected in a million years. His first shot of cum was so huge it completely filled my mouth to overflowing, the excess pouring out in thick slimy clots over my bottom lip onto my school shirt. The sheer force of the thick creamy spunk hitting the back of my mouth forced my head backwards and off his cockhead, and while I was still leant back reeling at what had just happen his second shot was now out in the open and free to hit me square on the bridge of my nose. Again the force of it was so extreme I went to shout but my mouth was still so full that I just gargled more spunk down my front. I winced as it slammed into my nose and flowed with speed up along my forehead and out across my cheeks, I sat there in disbelief drinking every drop I could while shot after shot after huge big thick hot slammed into my face. After what must have been twenty or so helpings he stopped, legs trembling slightly, and sneered down at me completely covered in his load, my chin dripping pathetically. I peeled my eyes open, gasping when I looked up to see he had easily grown another ten pounds in the time he had been fucking my mouth. Even more muscle bulged on his frame, he looked simply incredible. ‘I knew it had to be you’ he said in between pants ‘I fucking told you didn’t I you little bitch?’ he laughed. ‘Good luck cleaning that off before next lesson’ was all he said before he opened the cubicle door and walked away. I waited until I heard the changing room doors close, I don’t know how long it was after that I stood up, it wasn’t until that moment I felt my jaw, and my throat, and realised everything ached in the extreme. I looked down at my school uniform and was speechless, I looked like a blue whale had just used me as a fleshlight, my clothes were completely drenched in his thick load and there was a puddle on the floor where I had been kneeling. I walked over to the sinks and started to cry when I saw myself in the mirror. There wasn’t a spot on my face that wasn’t covered, my hair was thick with it like shampoo and my hair stuck up on top of my head where he had grabbed me. I looked a complete and utter state. I used the back entrance and ran for all I was worth until I got home, uselessly trying to cover my face, my hair, my clothes. When I got home I sat on my bed and stared at myself in the mirror, stunned by what had happened, stunned by what the two of us were becoming, and hating myself for scooping the cum off my face and into my mouth. I awoke on Saturday morning flooded with relief that I didn’t have to go to school, to face the questions of why I had suddenly left the day before, to face Chris. I spent the rest of the day lazing around the house, resting my aching limbs, rubbing moisturiser on my stretched out lips and stalking the muscle monster’s Facebook in the dirty hope of finding a picture I could stroke it to. As Sunday rolled by it was already three in the afternoon and I had to go to pick up a few things in the local store. I kept my tracksuit bottoms on and slipped on a loose fitting pair of sneakers, heading in through the front gates of the church ready to take the short cut through the graveyard. Since I’d left my house I couldn’t escape the feeling I was being followed, and halfway through the trees and graves, the afternoon sun causing everything to be tinted gold, I shivered. Looking to my left there was nothing but a few bugs humming lazily in the air and above me blue skies stretched forever uninterrupted. Gazing over to my right my heart missed a beat as I saw in the distance, stood amongst the gravestones farthest away, Chris. I waited only long enough to see him move a fraction of an inch before turning, filled with complete fear, and running off the path and onto the grass to the left. Hopping over vines and growth and dodging between graves I was too scared to shout or look behind me, my only comfort was that I had been quite a way in front of Chris and the head start might be enough to get me home safe. In a happier moment I would have been proud of myself for running faster than I ever would have thought I could, but instead my thoughts were interrupted by the undeniable sound of bare feet thumping along the ground behind me and getting louder very quickly. In desperation I tried to change direction in the hope that the bigger man would be unable to follow but before I knew anything else two gigantic arms had completely engulfed me and the force of a now 6 foot ten Chris running at full speed hit me like a train. We went flying through the air, me straining for air against the tree trunk arms that had wrapped around me like snakes, and then landed hard on the ground. Chris’ full weight came down on top of me and I tried to scream in agony but as his huge muscular bulk landed on top of me I was completely winded and could only scream silently like a tortured fish. ‘That was fun, you should run every time’ growled Chris, his mouth somewhere above my ear as he held me still, I tried kicking my legs but every inch of me was pinned down by his massively powerful body. I lay there in the moment’s silence completely hating myself. Every time I saw this man I was filled with fear and dread, today more so than ever; and yet as soon as I heard his voice or felt his body I was so turned on I couldn’t think of anything else in the world than doing as he said. Since Friday’s meetings I also had to admit that as I lay underneath him I also craved the feeling of his giant man cock and his thick load in my mouth. ‘Unfortunately for you I’m starting to like growing more and more,’ he continued the smirk on his face audible in his voice. ‘All those sluts at school that follow me around don’t worship me half as well as you do.’ His huge forearm was under my chin and his weight on top of me pushed it hard into my neck and I could feel my head was starting to swim. He pushed himself up with his arms just long enough for me to take in a large gulp of air, grabbed me with one of his huge hands and flipped me effortlessly onto my back so I was now staring up into his achingly handsome face. I noticed now his shirt was gone and I flushed with embarrassment knowing that not only had I had a head start on him, but he had also managed to remove his shirt whilst running and still caught me with absolutely no effort. ‘Don’t pretend like you haven’t missed this Char’ he purred, before stretching his arms out above my head, linking his hands and lowering his colossal chest over my face. His pecs were so huge by this point that my nose could just about touch his breastbone in the gap between his pecs while the rest of his thick heavy chest muscle squeezed down and covered my whole face. He didn’t even need to say anything before I started to lick the sweaty rock hard sinews of his muscle tits. With his hands outstretched in front of him his armpits were fully open to air and even squashed underneath him I could smell his musky smell and found my head buzzing with the excitement of it. I realised that my hands were free and rushed to slide them from his ribs, around his impossibly wide lats and began stroking the thick mounds of his back muscles which bunched and rippled as he moved slightly. At a minute or so of this I slid my little hands back round underneath him and stroked up and down on his solid stomach, moaning slightly into his chest as my dainty fingers found each bump of his abs. Up and down I lovingly caressed when after a short while my eyes opened as my hand bumped into his gigantic cock, which had become hard at all this attention. I grabbed it with my fist and squeezed as hard as I could, he growled like a feral animal above me and I felt his body vibrate slightly as he did so, ‘that’s it, make me feel good, I think I can feel myself growing already’ he said and this turned me on beyond belief as I started sliding my hand up and down the thick meat. He pulled himself up and sat on my chest, I could hardly breathe under him but didn’t dare say so for fear he would stop what he was doing, once again I was truly under his spell. As I stared at the God like man in front of me my mouth hung open, my eyes glazed over with lust, and I moaned quietly as he tore his shorts off with one strong hand. The cock that pulsed in front of me now was even bigger than it had been the last time I saw it only a few days before. It looked now to be around 12 inches, from down on the floor I could feel the heat radiating from it, smell that pure sexual alpha male smell. The veins that rippled all over it stood out in bold relief almost full to bursting, I had never been so turned on in my life. I stuck my tongue out eagerly as he used three fingers to push against the base of it, bringing it down with a thump across my face. It half obscured my vision and I trembled with both excitement and fear as I realised it was now longer than my face. I licked the underside, feeling content in a way I still couldn’t quite understand, I could do this all day if he asked me, though I didn’t want him to know that. He raised himself off me slightly and roughly rubbed the giant head of it all over my face, smearing me with gobs of thick juice as it leaked over my face, he spent a long time just rubbing it side to side over my lips. Looking up into his face he had a look of wonder and pride on his face and clearly found it arousing to see how much power he had over me, and how physically superior he was. I licked my tongue around the head as I had done the day before and he growled, an evil smile flashing down at me. He used his thick cock to slap my face and shoved in roughly into my mouth a few times clearly enjoyed himself. In a move so quick I hadn’t seen it coming he put both his hands under my armpits and lifted me up, we stood facing each other for a moment silently, his huge cock pressed directly into mine as if to show me how pathetically small mine was. He didn’t move or show any expression on his face and it dawned on me he wanted me to make the first move, to admit to both myself and him that I really did want this. I looked at the floor slightly ashamed, also not wanting to blow a load in my pants looking at him, and quietly said ‘I’m ready to suck you again.’ He laughed looking triumphant, fisted his cock a couple of times. ‘I know you are’ he said confidently, ‘but you forgot this isn’t about what you want, and I don’t think my cocks gonna fit down that tiny throat of yours anymore.’ I stared at him for a half a second in confusion before gasping as I realised what it was he had meant. I wasn’t ready for it. I had never taken a cock in my ass in my life and one as big as his would hurt worse than murder, I began to tremble and shake my head ‘I can’t,’ I squeaked terrified ‘I can’t take it!’ He smiled another sick smile ‘Oh but you will.’ I turned in a desperate attempt to run, even though he had caught me before and I made it no more than two paces when his large powerful hands clamped both my hips in a vice like grip, I wailed as he began pushing down and though I tried to resist it his arms proved more powerful than my legs and they gave way. One hand left my right hip and reappeared on my neck pushing my face into the grass and turning my butt up into the air, he ripped my shorts off effortlessly and paused for a second watching me shake underneath him ‘not a bad ass Char.’ I heard him spit a few times and could hear him rubbing his cock head with spit, then again a few more times and this time I felt spots of warm wetness hit my hole with surprising speed. Two fingers came from nowhere and shoved themselves inside me and I groaned as they felt themselves around my tight virgin chute. After a minute or so they were gone and I knew what was about to happen. I felt the head of his cock against my hole, it felt even bigger now that I couldn’t see it, like a powerful sweaty tennis ball at my innocent backside. I started to cry a little, pleading to the universe more than anything else ‘no no no no no’, there was a seconds silence and then I heard him hiss ‘yes!’ Both hands went back to my hips with their iron hold and he push forwards with such force had he let go I would have slid forward across the grass. The pain was indescribable. I screamed into the floor as I felt inch by inch of his mighty cock force its way into a hole that was simply not big enough for it. I could cry at this point, but instead gaped and shuddered as inch after further inch carried on up inside me so far I could feel it rising up inside my stomach area. He leant back to a kneeling position and the pure strength of his erection lifted me from the ground, stretching my hole to near breaking point, bringing another scream from me as my back thumped into his incredible chest. My own weight went against me now as I slid down the last two inches of his cock and felt my burning cheeks land on his rock hard veiny thighs. His right hand clapped over my mouth and pushed my head back against his shoulder and the other pushed down on my left thigh to stop me from trying to remove his cock. He stayed there motionless, as his thrilled cock vibrated and jerked, each time stirring my lower organs and causing more pain inside me. He was clearly relishing the feeling, I could feel his heavy breathing through the pecs and nipples that pushed into my back, hear him swearing under his breath and feel him continue to flex his thick cock inside me. As we stayed in that position, my weak body spread across his larger one like butter over toast the unbearable mind numbing pain lessened a little, not much mind you, but enough that after a while the tears that had been running down my face onto Chris’ hand stopped. Precum was oozing out of his cock now so much this it was already running out my hole down his cock and dripping from his orange sized balls, I wandered momentarily whether it was that that was soothing my insides. So lost in the feeling was Chris that when it finally dawned on him he could start fucking me he jumped slightly with the excitement, again the movement caused his cock to move my insides around once more and I squeaked through his thick hand. ‘Get ready for the ride of your life bitch!’ He started bucking his hips slightly, and as he did a couple of inches of his cock started leaving and entering my ass, being so tight my inner walls gripped him to such an extent that the friction of his movements caused me to shudder, my eyes rolling back in my head as he moaned appreciatively. He slowly but surely began upping the power and his thrusts were becoming so powerful that his hips against my ass cheeks were literally starting to throw me in the air a little. As he pushed up his cock would push deeper than it had gone before, his balls and thighs on my ass and then as he stopped I would rise up in the air, like one does at the top of a rollercoaster, almost floating on his mighty tool. Then he would lower his hips back to their starting position, sliding his cock out of me a little before gravity began to force me back down his cock with a slurpy squelch that ended with me thumping down on his cock and forcing the head of it deeper inside me still, each of these weightless moments were proving to feel truly good and I would whine in pleasure, before falling back down onto the wide base of his cock and grunting as the pain came rushing back. I was starting to look like one of those children’s toys, with Chris being the small wooden bat that would hit the little red ball (me) which bounce around anchored to the bat by elastic (his cock.) He gave a loud shout of effort that made me jump before thrusting into me so hard I slid all the way up his cock until only the head was left inside me stretching my sphincter beyond belief, he had removed his hand from my mouth at this point and I let out a shout as he grabbed both my ankles and spun me 180 degrees so that when I slid back down his monster I was facing the now even larger muscle god. My hands immediately went to squeezing his huge rock hard muscles tits, so large now that my hands really didn’t cover very much of them, but as I played with his thick meaty nipples he groaned and cooed appreciatively and gave me a grin that said nothing other than ‘I own you.’ My fingers danced on the bulges of his sweaty abs as my nose drifted near his shoulder so I could smell the musk of his pits and despite the pain of the situation I knew in my heart I would do it again, as many times as he wanted over and over. His grunting began to get more sporadic, panting and moaning with rhythm as his thrusts became harder and faster. His huge hand grabbed my throat and with a huge squeeze that almost crushed my windpipe he began to push me back. I was now in a very awkward position that probably would have been painful if his one hand on my neck hadn’t been strong enough to support my weight. I was bent backwards now like one of the crab positions you see gymnasts do, my head now at the same height as my well filled ass with my torso forming a high bridge between the two. I moaned and made all sorts of embarrassingly effeminate noises as his cock touched parts of my innards now that I didn’t know could feel so good. As he started thrusting all the way into me again I couldn’t help but briefly wonder where it was all going, how it all fit in. My thought process was interrupted when I heard him give an animalistic growl of lust. ‘O fuck yeah’ he shouted ‘that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, my monster cock’s destroying your insides little bitch’ he moaned and as I craned my neck up I could just about see over my ribs and couldn’t help but gasp in shock. The flat tight smooth skin of my stomach was now bulging outwards with every thrust from his mighty tool, like a baby kicking in a woman’s tummy I watched as my skin stretched tight around the thick head of his cock. We took it in turns to place our hand over the bump as it rose and give it a quick squeeze before he withdrew and this pleasured him more than anything that had gone before. He swung me back up with a scream so that we were once again face to face and spat in my face ‘gonna cum.’ He kept his one hand around my neck again and then squeezed my ribcage with his other. ‘get ready bitch’ he grunted before using his hands to slide my whole body up and down on his cock like a giant human fleshlight. I squealed as I flew up down so fast it blurred my vision and made my head hurt. With a final large shout he pushed my right to the base, his pubes tickling my tender cheeks, muscular thighs against mine. ‘Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu’ he shouted and I screamed with renewed pain as his first huge load shot inside me so fast I thought it may have ruptured something. He continued to swear and call me all manner of names as shot after huge thick shot flew inside me, I could feel myself filling up and was now crying from the sensation whilst still being thoroughly turned on. I could feel cum squirted out my hole and down his cock now and I knew I was full and could take no more, I screamed and threw my fists against his chest which were now bulging with hundreds of veins but his eyes were now rolling back in his head such was his ecstasy. Still he shot inside me and I looked down and noticed my whole lower stomach bloating like a pregnant belly from the sheer volume of his spunk. Without warning he craned his head down and forced his large tounge into my screaming mouth. His tounge, now a good 7 or so inches long was so thick and powerful my tounge could hardly move against it, in fact as it slid down into my throat I couldn’t help but struggle to breathe around it. A minute or so later he finally stopped and leant back relaxing, I was panting and moaning and he laughed at me as he came down from his ecstatic high.. ‘O i needed that..’ he chuckled before looking at my little hard cock ‘and so did you if you’re man enough to admit it.’ He gave his body a quick once over, clearly pleased with how he looked. He laughed again triumphantly upon seeing my bloated cum belly, now sticking out a good six inches from where it would usually be. ‘Damn I seeded you good huh’ he said giving it a stroke, he then pushed hard with a finger into my gut and I cried out as I felt a large spurt of cum dribble down his still hard cock. ‘We’re gonna have to do that again soon’ he said with a last cocky grin. He pulled his mighty man dick from inside me and I whimpered as he threw me into the grass, cum flowed from my hole in streams and as my vision began to fade I turned to watch his amazingly muscled glutes walking away. I fainted in the grass, leaking.
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    Gianni from a few months back met someone that likes him a lot. They don't know about his special ability to grow himself when he gets excited though. One evening he decided to wear a shirt that he knew he could hulk out of when the time came to reveal the other "him". He jokingly referred to it as the Banner virus, since he basically becomes a version of the Hulk, only without the green skin and isn't a raging lunatic. His boyfriend did admit to him once that he wouldn't object to Gianni bulking up if he wanted to. This was, of course, precisely why the sexy Italian-American knew he had to do this as soon as possible since he figured that his boyfriend might be into it. After eating a protein-rich meal, the stud could feel the other "him" getting ready to come out so he had his boyfriend sit down while he stood above him. While he was talking, he told his boyfriend to snap a picture of his left arm as he flexed. What happened next surprised him. Gianni's bicep started to balloon and easily burst free from his sleeve. Soon after, the stud swelled all over his body and his clothes were destroyed in seconds. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Han has always been heavily into ASMR therapy and hypnosis. After all, it got him through some tough situations in his life and he has never been happier. Unbeknownst to him, someone who has a major crush on him, living in his apartment, hypnotized him while he was sleeping after witnessing several of his sessions online with his fanbase. They would prompt him to start growing bigger once he started to do his usual session. The above clip was taken by one of his fans online when his back started blowing up and ripping through the sides of his flannel shirt. Han always wanted to have a thickly-muscular body, he just never had the motivation to do it himself. Not long after this photo was taken, he quickly outgrew his clothes and ballooned to over 400 pounds. He would become one of the largest Chinese bodybuilders on the planet, all thanks to an admirer that had a little too much fun using his own techniques on him. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Desmond didn't realize that his roommate spiked his protein powder the night before with a growth formula. As a result, the next morning he could tell that his pajamas were considerably tighter than they were before. He went to stand in front of his mirror and was quite shocked to see that he had grown about 75 pounds and he was considerably taller. He was just 120 pounds and 5'4 the previous day, but now was well over 6' with incredibly long legs and a package to envy. His cock was starting to leak due to his excitement seeing himself in the mirror and wouldn't take much to burst free. His chest was straining to stay confined inside his vest, but that too would only last for maybe another couple of minutes. He could tell that he was still growing because he could feel his feet stretching even more and his body continuing to rise further from the ground. What was this formula that his roommate put in his powder? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Being friends with an incredibly sexy man like Brendon hasn't always been easy since he only had eyes for the ladies. He always knew that I had a thing for him, and was never uncomfortable when I would remark about how big he was getting. He would get a flex or two in each day before he would go to his job working on people's roofs. We talked about what would happen if he took his growth to the next level once and he told me that he would likely consider taking our friendship to the next level since he knew how much I fawned over his body. Well, that day would come when he texted me while I was in class at university. He said I needed to get home soon because he had a surprise for me that I might like a great deal. After arriving back at the apartment, I had noticed that he was breathing heavier than usual and that it looked like he was experiencing the biggest pump of his life. He told me to snap a picture of him as he flexed his left bicep. The sleeve was so tight I wondered how it didn't just explode. He was quite focused on posing for me and told me to keep staring at his body as he flexed. I did and watched in amazement as his shirt started to rip in several places. He moaned deeply feeling his chest and arms expanding even bigger as his shirt disintegrated into several pieces. His pants split down the sides as his quads and ass tore their way free. He was somehow being grown by the attention I was giving to his body and I wondered how that was possible. He told me that he met with a man at a job site that could grant him one gift, since he was so good at his job. The gift would come to fruition once he arrived back at his apartment. He knew what he wanted the most, which is why he needed me to come back so soon. His giant cock was the last remaining muscle to rip itself free from its restraints as it dangled a thick ribbon of precum onto the ground beneath him. He was ready for me to join him in his space so I could feel him swelling against me. He then said that the man included an addition to this gift, but that it wouldn't come to fruition unless he admitted his feelings for me. He could feel his balls swelling bigger as they filled up with cum, knowing that the instant he told me that he loved me, he would shower me with his own gift and change my life forever. I could feel his cock grinding against me, wanting to spray me badly. He looked at me intensely, still moaning from what he was experiencing, and told me with his eyes as he unloaded all over me. The force knocked me back a few feet, but I felt no pain because the transformation started the instant he covered me. I felt nothing but euphoria as my body emerged from my clothes in seconds. Muscles stretching and swelling everywhere. I was a demigod. He was stunned to see me outgrow him as I burst through the ceiling. I smiled down at him and reached down to pick him up in my arms. I kissed him softly and held him against me. He squeezed my back and licked my chest and neck, feeling the giant cords of muscle against his tongue. He did love me in his own way and he didn't have to say a word. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Julian really likes his boss. I mean, he REALLY likes him, A LOT! He knew what his boss liked wearing since he worked with him every day during the week. He also wanted to make his boss grow into a muscle freak as well. He called someone he knew that knew someone that could transform his boss into what he desired, but they would have to be in close proximity to him in the office. Julian would get his wish one day when his boss opened up a box to try on a new plaid shirt. After putting it on, he started to feel something happening to him. His shirt was getting tighter. His admirer managed to snap a picture as his boss, Trevor, could feel his pecs starting to test the buttons on his shirt as his arms did the same. He grinned knowing what was happening to him and he secretly was crushing on Julian anyway. They had discussed this subject before in passing, but Trevor had no idea that he would be the recipient of such a gift. He grunted as his upper body tore through the fabric like thin paper and he flexed his massive arms and chest making Julian swoon. They would explore each other for the rest of the evening as the party responsible for this transformation sneaks out of the building. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rodrigo has finally found a way to get over his plateau when it comes to growing his lower body. After having no trouble for years with developing his upper half, he has successfully found a chemist that created a formula for him and administered the serum directly to his quads. After visiting Rodrigo at his large estate, the chemist was able to snap a picture of him as he began to swell in his legs and calves. The sheer force behind the substantial growth in his quads is too much for his shorts as they quickly started to tear apart. Luckily, he didn't have to worry about fabric on his calves as they freely swelled to twice their size. There are added benefits as well as some of the serum found its way up to his arms and chest as his shirt stretched to its limits. Seconds after this picture was taken, the hunky South American personal trainer busted his sleeves and his chest made quick work of the front of his shirt. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ira has a special ability that he sometimes likes to show off from time to time when he finishes a long day at work. His coworkers would only be aware of this power if they viewed his instagram, which is fairly private. He has posted photos such as the ones above and below this description for his Instagram followers. You see, he can grow himself at will, and can reach the height of that elevator if he wanted to, but he has honed his ability so well that he can stop when the fabric in his clothes is skin tight. His arms practically inflate to that size above in just seconds. This photo is a better representation of what happens to his lower half when he is fatigued and not as energetic as he would be on a good day. His ass is a great size and not too overinflated. His chest and arms though grow so fast sometimes that he has to breathe slowly and calmly to keep from bursting out of his shirt. He has an onlyfans page, but only his closest friends, or rather worshippers, know where to find the address. There he will let himself go and normally it is in a place where he knows no one will find him. This has happened at least a couple of times before and the results are insane. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The secret would eventually get out that the tailors at the muscle fitting agency was spiking the material in their clothing with a growth powder, but for now, their first client Mason would be the only one to experience a surge of power racing through his veins as he is measured by them. When he walked in, he was only half the size that he is now. The pants are a bit long for him and that will have to be adjusted. His immense quads hug the material perfectly though as the head tailor, Juan, tries to fix the waist as well as he can. Mason's midsection grew almost too large for the waistline so it is possible that he may have to try on another pair of pants. His oversized shirt was a calculation that Juan made and it was an appropriate one. Mason's upper body now resembles that of a gorilla's with mammoth pecs, a massive musclegut, and thickly-roped arms. Juan's business partner, Chen, is busy booking other clients that they can work on next. Juan is a bit nervous about swapping out pants since he knows what might happen if he did. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Juan and Chen both convinced another client, Henry, to come visit their place of business and take a look at the wares. It wasn't long before the young cutie became enamored with their work and agreed to try on one of their enchanted outfits. Juan took the young man into their bathroom and had him take a deep breath as he quickly felt his upper body explode in size. His arms nearly doubled their thickness and his chest filled in every square inch of space inside the crisp white dress shirt. He decided to take a selfie to show off his new look to his coworkers. It is possible that the watch he is wearing is a factor in his growth cycle as well. Miguel was a close friend of Juan's from way back. He would be given a beautiful gold watch to wear with the outfit supplied to him by his old boyfriend. The instant rush of testosterone and adrenaline flowing through him from the time he snapped his watch into place and put that white shirt over top of his upper body was enough to set the sexy Spanish stud on edge. Juan quickly snapped a pic of him as his arms and chest immediately started to test the fabric. He was growing exponentially faster than the other clients and would likely not be clothed for long. He was thoroughly enjoying himself as he felt his swelling pecs turn the buttons on his shirt into bullets and his gigantic biceps make quick work of his sleeves. He grabbed Juan and ripped his clothes off just in time for his entire pair of slacks to fall off his body and plow his thick Spanish cock into his former lover. They end up fucking for hours. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a few months of doing business with several satisfied clients, Juan and Chen were given the task of supplying a wedding party with a wardrobe. The grooms were forbidden to try on their suits until commencement because of the BIG surprise. When they finally put their clothing on: pants, undershirts, jackets, dress shirts, and suspenders, they both ended up growing an additional 100 pounds each and were not immediately recognized by the rest of the wedding party. This photo shows the two grooms embracing after completing their growth cycles. They admitted that they had heard about the two tailors' business of growing men and wanted this very badly on their wedding day. Chen took this photo showcasing both men's titanic quads and thick torsos. The clothing was perfectly tailored to their bodies once the cycle ended. In the beginning though, it was hard for both men to even see the end result since they were practically buried in the oversized clothing. As you notice, one of them is wearing a big watch, which ignites the growth sequence almost immediately.
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    I don't care if Deano is gay or not, I'm just happy to see more muscle-on-muscle action!
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    THE APHRODISIAC I was sleeping on the beach sweating up a storm when I felt a hand on my chest. My eyes flew open to see a huge bodybuilder applying oily sunscreen to my nude body. “This oil contains an aphrodisiac. In about five minutes you will be so horny you will be begging me to fuck you, so gather your things and follow me,” he ordered. The aphrodisiac part was probably bullshit but I gladly followed him to his truck. John took me home, threw me into bed, and fucked me royally using that same oil as a lubricant. That afternoon and evening he fucked me four more times before we got into the shower to clean up. He had a cleaning-out nozzle in the shower and we both took advantage of it before we began to wash. “There isn’t really anything like aphrodisiac oil, is there?” I chuckled. “There is… but it is only activated when you try to wash it off with soap,” he explained as I scrubbed my butt crack. I had a good laugh but before all the soap was rinsed off my body I was on my hands and knees begging him to fuck me again and again. “You are going to do very well at the orgy that started a half hour ago in the suite across the hall. By the way there are some side effects to that oil. First your libido soars and cum production increases. Everyone is different but ten major orgasms each night are not unusual. Used as a lube your ass will never be sore and you will be able to accommodate even larger cocks than mine. And lastly you will slowly start gaining muscle mass. Eventually you’ll have a physique like mine if you stay with me,” he said as he hung a medallion identical to his around my neck. “John, what is this?” I asked fingering the medallion. “This will tell everyone you belong to me,” he smiled. The orgy was a 60th birthday party for a guy that could have passed for 45 at the most. The guy reeked of wealth and surrounded himself with muscle studs and bodybuilders. There was food and wine, a birthday cake and gifts, straights and gays in attendance. After gifts (mostly gag gifts) were opened the party started to break up but the core of muscle studs remained. At some point shirts started to come off and John and I were invited to join a couple for a tryst. The orgy started in that bedroom but quickly spread throughout the whole suite. The birthday boy and I traded fucks and two of his bodybuilder bodyguards spit roasted me. I bottomed, I topped, I sucked cock, I worshipped muscles, I was double fucked, and was showered with cum. There was some light BDSM but John and I didn’t participate. Before we walked back across the hall John fucked me one more time. I couldn’t get enough of his cock! We found the host/ birthday boy before we left. At the front door I shook his hand and congratulated him but John threw his arms around the man and kissed him. “Happy Birthday Dad,” he said as he released the man. They both smiled when they saw my shocked reaction. As we showered I couldn’t help but wonder aloud if eternal youth was another side effect of the aphrodisiac oil. “You mean dad!” he laughed. “Nope, cosmetic surgery,” he rolled his eyes. “The man is so vain!” I ran my hands over John’s pecs and thanked him for a wonderful day. “And the night has just begun!” he said rubbing his hard cock against mine.
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    I didn't know what to do when I discovered that my son had inherited his grandfather's power. My father had told me about the power, something about a wizard or something like that, but he had never used it, so I didn't know much about how it worked. He accidentaly made his older brother, Marco, grow, and now the boy looked like a mini sportsman. I told them that there was nothing to worry about and that I would take care of it. And so I did, I made Marco start wearing clothes a few larger sizes for him to be able to hide his body and my little son learned how his power worked and avoid using it. Until by accident he use it on me. It happened a few years later, when we were on vacation. Only my children and I, on a vacation to relax, or so I thought. We had arrived at the hotel and Marco immediately took off his shirt to go straight for a swim, the boy was somewhat conceited, he took advantage of the sculptural body that his brother had given him and show it off whenever he could. After all, he was already a young man, with the arrival of his puberty his body developed even more than other boys at his age. On the other hand, my little one was calm and cautious, always with his hands tucked in his pockets or behind him. We had a very good first day of vacation, we had so much fun that we were exhausted, me a little more than my children, the age already weighed and to be honest I did not have the same physical condition, at some point I was very active and athletic, but with time and overwhelming adult life that changed. That's why some people found it odd that Marco is so athletic and I had no resemblance to him. Already at night, we reached the room and I went straight to bed. I was very tired and already wanted to sleep, my children wanted to stay awake a little longer, so I left them. I could not argue against the latent energy of my boys, I kept thinking how good it would be to be able to keep up with my children, to be able to play with them with the same energy they had, that was my last thought before falling asleep. I didn't usually have dreams when I slept, but that night, I was having something like a lived dream, I could feel an energy running through my body and filling me with vitality. Nothing could stop me. Suddenly I woke up. The room already had the lights off, in the darkness of night I could see the clock on the table next to the bed. It was 3:15 in the morning. I turned around and saw Marco already lying in his bed, then I look for his brother, but he wasn't anywhere. At that moment I felt a pressure on my torso and something cold placed on my chest. It was my son, he had fallen asleep on top of me. And he had his hand on my chest. I remove his hand immediately and putting him away from me, trying not to wake him up. "How long had it been there? What if it was there all night? What will happen to me? Is there any way to reverse it?" All those questions were spinning in my head, I did not know what to do, I went and sat on the small armchair in the corner of the room, thinking of some solution on how to avoid the effect of my son's power. Gradually, I got sleepy and I fell asleep again. The next day I wake up with the voices of my children calling me. -: "Dad, can we go swimming now, please?" It was the little one, apparently he hadn't realized what he had done to me, yet. Behind him was Marco, in his short and shirtless, ready to swim, although there was something different about him, something in his physique. But my thinking was interrupted when I remembered the power. I could not leave, there were many people in the hotel and I could absorb the muscles of anyone who were close to me. -: "You go without me, Daddy feels a little tired." I told them, maybe that way I would avoid going out and letting the effect pass. -: "Are you okay, are you sure?" Marco asked. -: "Yes yes, go, maybe after I reach you guys, Marco please take care of your brother". They both left, but not before saying goodbye and giving me a hug. Already alone in the room, I realized that I had had some changes. I was taller, my shorts that reached my knee, were now shorter and my body, which was previously a little neglected and with a small belly, now looked like a professional runner and with some slightly developed muscles. It was a small change, if my children hadn't noticed, nobody else was going to notice. So if I stayed all day in the room, not many changes would happen in me and the effect would pass. But that day luck was not on my side. Somebody knocked on the door, I opened and it was the bellman. Apparently there had been a mistake in the reservations and they had given me someone else's room. -: "And they can't give him the other room, so we avoid so much mess?" I asked. -: "I'm sorry sir, but the person specifically asked for this room, but don't worry, we will send someone to come for your things, just go to the lobby to change your key and they will tell you where your new room is." I could not convince him. I left the room and headed to the lobby, the problem was that from the room to the lobby, I had to go through the main pool where there were many people. I could feel my heart pounding, I thought of a thousand ways in which I could perhaps prevent the power from starting to change md. I walked quickly and avoided eye contact, as if I could contain the power. I arrived at the lobby and headed to a receptionist for my room change. The lobby was a small space, there was the reception bar on one side and in front there were some chairs to wait, on one side of the reception was the wide entrance to the hotel and on the other side the entrance to the pool area, I could not have arrived at a better time, there were people passing, leaving and entering the entrance to the pool and vice versa. I asked for the change with the receptionist and he asked me yo wait. I was starting to get stressed, it was very hot and I was sweating from my nerves. I could not grieve. Until, I heard screams and laughs entering the lobby. A group of boys entered the lobby and were not any type of boys, apparently they were fitness models. Everyone had a tonedband muscular body, not as big as a bodybuilder, but they did have a phenomenal body, Marco wanted to look like one of those boys. One of them approached the bar next to me to do his check-up while the others sat in the armchairs. If I stayed there longer, I was going to start absorbing the muscles of all those boys. I asked the receptionist if he already had my key. -: "In a second sir, wait a moment." That didn't sound like it would be a moment. I tried not to turn to see the boy next to me in the face, but I did look at his body. He was wearing a tight shirt that only highlighted his well-carved muscles, I could clearly see his pecs and his toned arms. I also turned to the other boys, all almost alike in the physique. I started to worry even more, I don't know how long I waited but it seemed like an eternety, I was still very hot and I began to feel a pressure on my torso. But then I realized. No, it wasn't a pressure. It was my shirt! I tried not to look surprised, I looked down and I wasn't just thin anymore, now I was the size of those guys there, or even bigger than them! My chest was pushing the shirt stretching it wanting to reach the limit. From what I could see above my chest, as it began to block my eyes a little downward, I could see that my abs were marked below the shirt. The sleeves had stretched and moved, revealing my biceps and triceps. I didn't know why but I was starting to get turned on. -: "Hey sir." I got out of my trance, it was the boy next to me. -: "Good muscles. Where do you train, would it bother you if you give me some advice?" -: "Ehmm I ..." But I get interrupt by the receptionist with my key. -: "Ehmmm sorry I-I have to go" My voice sounded different. -: "Sir, perhaps you would be interested in an event that is taking place on the beach, it is ...". The receptionist was telling me, but I interrupted him. -: "No thanks, I have to go" I said very quickly. But before leaving the lobby I noticed that the boy next to me no longer looked so big and his shirt was no longer stuck with his body. Same with the others who were in the room. I left the lobby as quickly as possible before I did anything else to those guys. I'm glad to know that the new room was away from the main pool, so there wouldn't be so many people out there. Walking fast was a difficult thing with a shirt that hung my muscular torso and with a lump that now hindered my legs at every step. For a moment, the heat I felt began to dissipate, that calmed me down. Maybe that meant the effect was passing. I walked as fast as possible, which was in fact very fast, I had gained height and my legs were now stronger. I was almost there, just a few meters away and I was going to be able to enter the room and end this. But out of nowhere, another heat wave arrived. I felt a sharp pain running through my body that stopped me. I wanted to keep moving, but my muscles didn't give in. Suddenly, like an explosion of pleasure, my muscles grew. I moaned very loud and with my thick voice it sounded even louder, the shirt couldn't take it anymore and it was destroyed. Now I had huge pecs, gun-sized arms and a back as wide as a door, all now exposed. My muscles were huge now, I had grown even more. I didn't know why, I didn't see anyone else around. The numbness was over and I could move again. I ran to the room, entered and immediately closed the door behind me. The heat still followed and ran through my whole body, like an energy in charge of filling my muscles. -: "Stop it, please." Now my voice was very thick, nothing to do with my previous voice, now it sounded like a man. I was thinking of a solution, but my thoughts were interrupted when I heard applause and people shouting. I thought that the receptionist had told me that the room was away from all the people. On the other side of the room was a huge curtain, I opened it to see what was behind. It was a sliding glass door, which gave direct access to the beach. And outside, just in front of my room, the event that the receptionist had told me was happening. "The strongest man on the beach." A lot of professional bodybuilders, flexing, showing their huge muscles, lifting the heaviest weights and proving who was the strongest. The heat was very intense in my muscles, they were causing it. I ran back to the door to escape all those muscles. But when I took the handle, I didn't measure my now brutal strength and I broke it. I could not open the door. The only way out of the room was through the door to the beach, through all those giants. I arm myself with courage and went out on the beach. There were people shouting and supporting their favorite giants while I just wanted to get as far away from them as possible. -:"Hey you!". Listen among all the tumult. I knew they were talking to me, but I decided to ignore it, I had to escape. -: "Hey friend, wait!" The voice was closer, running looked like the only option, but it reached me and took me by the shoulder - "Woah big guy, where in such a hurry?" It was a big guy, the sweat of his body highlighted every curve of his majestic muscles. I wanted to take their eyes off them but it was almost hypnotizing. They were covered by a layer of hair that only made it hotter. He was a little taller than me and was holding me with his thick arm taking me by the shoulder. -: "Ahmmm, I ... I-I'm sorry ... M-me ... I have to go." I wanted to moan, scream like a beast for all the pleasure running through my muscles. I also felt ashamed of the handsome guy in front of me. -: "Where friend? Better stay here, surely you break some records with those giants there." He said it while he ran his finger on my pecs. -: "I-I ... I don't do those things, sorry." Pleasure kept invading me. -: "Wow, a modest muscle guy, you don't have to be ashamed friend" He kept running his finger across my chest, making me more and more turned on. -: "Yes, you are adorable." The heat became more intense. -: "Come on, I want to see you use these". He put his full hand on my gigantic biceps. I started feeling disoriented. Too many muscles. Too much pleasure. I began to see several of the bodybuilders begin to have problems to carry their weights and others to see how their clothes began to become loose. While to me, the heat burned me more and more, I could feel each muscle fiber break and recover again to break again and become even bigger than the previous one. I felt the energy go straight to my penis, which began to want to stand in the now tiny short that it brought and that I could no longer cover the giant muscle oaks I had. I couldn't take it anymore, I felt like it was going to explode, I didn't know if I of pleasure, or pain, or my colossal muscles. Until I felt a hand cover my erection and start massaging my balls. The guy approached to my ear. -: "Or maybe we can meet in my room later, you know, to exchange routines and admire our bodies." And as it came, the heat went away. It had stopped, the effect was over. I turned to see the dude in the face, he was handsome. -: "I'm Diego," I said. -: "Wow, no more modest sir, my name is Julio" We both laugh. It didn't seem that I have stolen his muscles, he looked the same, but now I was much taller and more muscular than him. -: "Then I'll see you later." I said goodbye and went to the pool to look for my children. -: "Wooooow, daddy is now a giant," said my little one. Both had the best astonished faces I have ever seen. I laughed and lifted both of them, one on each arm, as if it were nothing. -: "Dad, can I touch your muscles?" -: "Haha, of course, but be careful" Both began to play every part of me, while I flexed to impress them even more. We spent all day playing and having fun all three together. By nightfall my children where so tired, while I could still go on all night. Being a giant with muscles filled me with energy and vitality. I took my children to the room and put them to bed. As I said, I still had energy to go on all night, so I headed for my date. They were the best vacations I've had, from that moment everything was better in my life. It felt good to be that big. Already now, many years after that. My little one is now a young man who goes to college, although for me, he is literally still my little one. Recently back from college for his winter break. He came walking a little strange, said he had an accident "playing" with his friend Kevin. He asked me if Kevin could stay at home for a few days, apparently they both wanted to show me something "big", but Kevin wouldn't get there in two days because he needed to make some things. That night, and as usual, I was in the bathroom in front of the huge mirror I had, admiring every inch of me. Just feeling the enormous weight of my muscles excited me all the time and this was the only moment where I could let off steam. When I finished, I left the bathroom and headed to my room. I saw that the door of my son's room was open, when I approached to close it I saw Marco inside, on the side of the bed, naked, putting his sleeping brother's hand on his chest. He was startled when I entered. -:"It's not what it seems". He said whispering and worried. I approached him and made him aside, then I approached to my little one and put his hand on my chest. -: "I thought I had taught you to share" I said approaching him and began to massage his muscles.
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    Chapter 1 - The Sickness ‘Damnit, not again,’ Brice grudgingly says as he wakes up late yet again after sleeping through his alarm. Getting ready for work has become a bit of a nightmare lately as his energy level has dropped off unexpectedly. He rushes into the bathroom and looks at his tired face staring at the dark circles under his eyes and wonders what could be causing this. He quickly brushes his teeth before going to put on his outfit to leave for his job in the factory. He tells himself that he needs to go see someone about this problem and contacts a good friend who knows of a particular doctor that can help him. He recommends a specialist, but says that Brice needs to see his regular doctor first to get a referral. After working the afternoon shift, Brice manages to get an appointment with his primary physician that same day. His doctor is a brawny guy who obviously has found time to get to the gym when he isn’t practicing medicine. Brice has admitted once or twice that he finds him attractive, but would never try to come on to him. His doctor finds this flattering, but he has been told this several times before and would just want to keep their relationship professional. He spends several minutes examining Brice for various things associated with low energy and administers a few blood tests. He tells him to come back in a few days since he will have his results back by then and to try and eat healthier from now on. After those few agonizing days, Brice returns to the office to get his review scheduled. His doctor comes walking out into the lobby to sit beside him. He tells him that his thyroid levels are quite off and his testosterone is really low and that is most likely the reason for his energy troubles. He tells Brice about a friend of his who specializes in those types of issues and to have an open mind because he is a bit different. Brice finds this compelling, but just wants this resolved as soon as possible. His doctor hands him a card and says that he can just walk into the clinic and they will schedule him there. After telling him about the specialist, the doctor gets up and goes back inside the office. Brice follows the directions to the clinic located on the outskirts of the city. What surprises him is it is a place he has driven past many times on his way to and from his job. It is a medical facility with many doctors including the one on his card, Dr. Damien Darkori. He walks into the main lobby and turns to find the office at the end of the hall. When he walks in, he notices how small the reception area is. There are three seats and two big buff guys are sitting in two of them. He goes up to the sign-in desk and is met by a hot male receptionist with bulging muscles. He is told to have a seat and it shouldn’t take very long to see the doctor. The other two men sitting beside him go into the office at the same time about five minutes after he sits down. This seems really strange to Brice that both men would go in at the same time. Not long after they go in, the door opens from inside the office and a red-skinned man in a lab coat emerges. Brice is stunned at first by the sight of a man with red skin, but at the same time is immensely intrigued. ‘You must be Brice Hanley,’ the doctor says with a smile. ‘Dr. Orleans called me earlier today and said you were coming to see me about an energy problem.’ ‘That is true,’ Brice answers. ‘Well, follow me into an exam room and we will talk about this.’ Brice gets up and follows him into the last exam room in the office. The doctor closes the door behind him, washes his red hands, and tells Brice to go sit on the exam table. The doctor moves his chair directly in front of Brice and places his big hands over top of the weary man’s thyroid. ‘I just looked at your chart before I came to get you and I think I have an idea of how to treat this,’ he tells Brice. ‘I hope so doctor,’ Brice says. ‘Let me just massage your neck and see if I can find anything,’ Dr. Darkori tells him. The tired patient starts to get fixated on the doctor’s big hairy rack that seems to be straining under the coat. Instead of being alarmed by his skin color anymore, Brice appears to be getting attracted to him instead. His nicely trimmed facial hair combined with his deep brown eyes, thick veiny arms, and huge legs are making Brice get hard. The doctor can feel it rising in his pants and is noticing how Brice is staring at him. He takes his hands off of Brice and gets up to stand. ‘I need you to take all of your clothes off for me so I can do a full body exam,’ he tells Brice. ‘What why?’ he says back. ‘I need you to trust me Brice. I promise I will not do anything to hurt you, I just need to know how bad your hormone deficiency is.’ Brice takes his shirt off first and then unzips his jeans to pull them off. His raging boner peeks out the top of his briefs. ‘It is fine to show it to me Brice,’ the doctor says while looking directly into his eyes. Brice pulls his briefs down making his thick cock flop down. The doctor goes to retrieve gloves and gets a bottle of lube out of one of his cabinets. He squirts a pile of it into his gloves and rubs his hands together. He moves over to Brice’s cock and starts stroking it. Brice lets out a moan as soon as Dr. Darkori touches it. He is amazed at how exhilarating it feels, even though he feels apprehensive about it too. ‘Let me do this Brice so we can determine the correct treatment,’ he says to him. The stroking makes Brice fantasize about having sex with the doctor as his mind wanders. Without thinking, his left hand finds itself on top of Damien’s cock which is located just beneath his scrubs. Brice feels the raging heat coming from it and even feels how hard it is. It is starting to make him ooze precum. The doctor stops stroking long enough to go over and grab a test tube and a petri dish to collect samples. He comes back to squeeze some of the precum into a test tube. Brice’s hand finds its way back to the hot doctor’s crotch. He is surprised when the doctor unties his scrubs and pulls them down revealing his thick red pulsing rod. Brice is amazed by the sheer size of it and lets out a moan. ‘If you need to stroke it Brice, then go ahead,’ the doctor tells him. ‘I do doctor, I just can’t help myself.’ ‘If it can make you cum for me, then so be it,’ the doctor realizes. His stroking gets louder as Brice makes slow strokes of his own on the doctor’s rod. ‘That feels really good Brice, but you may have to stop.’ The doctor appears to be sweating profusely and seems to be struggling with something. The doctor goes to lock the door and pulls his scrubs back up. ‘I…..may need to take a moment,’ he says with his back to Brice. ‘Was it something I did doctor?’ Brice asks. ‘Ummm, well you seem to have triggered something in me. I…..have to…..keep it under control.’ Brice starts to move towards the other side of the room as his cock gets softer over the stress. The doctor turns to look at Brice and looks as if he is about to have a breakdown. ‘Brice…..ahhh…..I have something to show you.’ Brice watches as it appears the doctor is transforming. ‘UHHH (deeper voice) yeah Brice I want you to take in my growing body.’ The doctor appears to be willing his muscles to grow at an alarming rate. The muscles are stretching and popping getting wider and thicker making his lab coat stretch to its limit. The hair on his body increases exponentially creating an intoxicating scent that spreads through the whole room. He rips his pants off revealing huge quads that have started to affect the way he stands. ‘UHHHH…..FUCK *rip* OH *rip* YESSSSS…..’ the doctor yells. He appears to revel in destroying his lab coat and watches as his body destroys every seam and stitch. Brice smells him from across the room and is getting wildly turned on by it as his cock springs back into its upright position. The doctor tears off the remaining material and motions for Brice to come over to him. ‘Brice…..(wipes the sweat off his chest), come over here and help me with something.’ Brice gets up and slowly walks over to the towering doctor. ‘I want you to suck my cock and swallow my load,’ the doctor says while looking down at the much smaller Brice. ‘I don’t know about this,’ Brice answers back. ‘I didn’t want to show this side of me to you yet, but you brought it out of me. My balls are producing tons of cum right now (places Brice’s hands on his grapefruit sized balls), I need you to empty them. The cum will repair your hormonal deficiency and much more.’ ‘Uhhh if you say so,’ Brice says and starts to massage the doctor’s huge rod. ‘Ahhh good man, keep doing that,’ the doctor says. Brice feels the doctor’s cock expanding in his hands as the cock head changes to a brownish color. ‘Keep stroking me Brice and swallow whatever comes out.’ Brice can feel the doctor’s body starting to pulsate as he locks his lips over the doctor’s brown cockhead. Brice sucks extremely fast making the doctor moan loudly. ‘FUCK YEAH LITTLE MAN TAKE IT…..’ Brice stops sucking to open his mouth and start swallowing the thick precum flowing from the cockhead. ‘Yeah little man, I want to see you change in front of me. You won’t be tired anymore after this, your body will change. AHHH YEAH, HERE IT COMES.’ Brice braces himself as dozens of thick ropey strands of cum go flying down his throat and into his stomach. He looks at his bulging stomach and wonders how this will help him. The doctor picks him up off the floor and sets him back down on the exam table. The doctor is soaked with sweat and stands in front of him. ‘What is going to happen to me now?’ Brice asks as he looks up at the big doctor. ‘Just relax Brice and let it repair you,’ he answers. Brice watches as his distended belly shrinks and the jizz gets absorbed into his body. ‘I feel a little better now,’ he says to the doctor. Brice can feel a rush of energy cascading to his feet and feels it starting to move its way up. ‘Uhh…. (stretch)what is happening (pop) to my legs….’ He looks down and watches in amazement as his feet start swelling and his calves start to grow wider and split into perfect teardrops. ‘Ahh gawd (pop) my legs feel like they are being pulled apart (stretch)….’ His quads and thighs are blowing up into huge trunks of hard muscle showing huge striations. He can feel his glutes inflating now into bowling balls. ‘OHH FUCK….. (pop) (pop)…..IT FEELS SO GOOD….’ ‘Just relax and let it take over,’ the doctor says as he tries to keep Brice under control. ‘WHAT…..ohh fuck it is moving through my cock. Damn, this feels incredible doctor.’ Brice watches as his ballsack expands filling up with tons of fresh spunk. ‘(stretch) OHHH GAWD I LOVE IT…..’ His cock begins stretching and pulling its way out from his body getting thicker and leaking precum. The doctor immediately starts pumping it. ‘Stay calm Brice and enjoy the rest of the experience.’ (pop) (pop) (pop) (pop) (pop) (pop) Brice’s stomach starts to react as his abs inflate and expand across his lower chest. ‘FUCK…..(stretch) (pop)…..ahh doctor I love it so much.’ Brice’s flat pecs make a huge exploding sound as they instantly inflate into huge boulders stretching his skin to its limit and pushing his nipples to the edge. Numerous popping sounds start emerging from his back as his arms are pushing outward to make way for his massive lats. He feels his back raging as his spine cracks and makes way for his immense back muscles. The feeling moves up to his shoulders and neck as he feels them start to expand. ‘AHH (voice deepens) YEAH (voice goes deeper) FUCK my voice is getting so deep…..’ It isn’t long before he sees his delts rise and inflate into huge walls as well as his shoulders fill out and up into round balls. ‘FUCK YEAH, give me monstrous arms, I want them so bad…..’ The rush finds its way into his arms which have involuntarily made fists. His cock bounces furiously as the doctor realizes Brice’s favorite area. At the same time, Brice’s head has even changed. (stretch) His face has a chiseled look to it now as his eyes have changed to brown from green and the hair on his head has thinned somewhat to make room for its additional girth. ‘OH FUCK YEAH…..FUCK YEAH…..’ (pop) (pop) (stretch) (stretch) (boom) he watches in amazement as his scrawny arms start to inflate rapidly. The veins are engorged with blood and the biceps balloon into softballs. His triceps grow into massive horseshoes taking up nearly the entire back part of his arms. With his fists still locked, he feels his fingers swelling up and putting pressure on the giant ball of muscle growing in his forearms. The sheer ecstasy puts him over the edge as the doctor feels the cum racing through his cock. ‘Let it all go Brice, hit me with it.’ The cum flies directly into the doctors chest and completely coats him. ‘OHH GAWD…..I LOVE IT SO MUCH….’ Brice yells. ‘Good because this is what your body has always needed,’ the doctor tells him. ‘Enjoy it because it only lasts a brief amount of time. You swallowed a lot of cum and the effects of that large quantity made your body respond in this way.’ The doctor wants Brice to cum as much as he possibly can while he is in this state. He gives him a jar to shoot in since there will be a lot of cum. The doctor stands beside him as he starts to jack off again. After a few more minutes, Brice shoots another massive load and then another one. Each time he gets smaller and closer to where he started. The doctor himself gets worked up and shoots a few loads into the same jar. ‘Thank you for your samples,’ the shrinking doctor says to him. ‘This will be used to make a vial of hormones specifically for you. When it is ready, I will call you back into the office.’ The doctor picks up the test tube on the counter with Brice’s precum before grabbing a robe by the door. He puts it on and leaves the room. Brice is completely soaked from this ordeal but manages to put his clothes back on before he goes out to see the receptionist. He is told that he will be contacted soon to come back in for a follow-up. He smiles as he leaves the clinic because he is feeling more invigorated than ever. He can’t wait until his next appointment with the hot red doctor. Chapter 2 - The Relapse Despite feeling invigorated from his visit with Dr. Darkori the first time, Brice Hanley has returned to having energy problems like before. It has been close to six months since his last visit with the gorgeous red doctor and was hoping to hear from his office again, but has yet to do so. As a result of his low energy yet again, he returns to see his primary physician Dr. Orleans. The handsome doctor greets him once he enters the lobby which seems really strange to Brice. ‘So you are having the same problem as before?’ he says with a concerned look at his face. ‘I want you to follow me into my office.’ Brice stays behind him and smiles as he stares at the sexy doctor’s wide back and even mumbles under his breath. The doctor directs him inside and closes the door. Brice sits in one of the leather chairs in front of Dr. Orleans desk as the hunky doctor sits in his chair. He opens up the energy deprived man’s file and has an interesting look on his face. ‘I am actually one of Damien’s close friends,’ Dr. Orleans says to Brice. ‘We met several years ago and he gave me a few solutions to problems that I have. I used to have a lot of pain in my head, but Damien made a serum specifically designed for me. It takes quite a bit of time to do because he has to make it just right or it won’t be successful.’ Brice constantly stares at Orleans huge arms and wants to ask him about them. ‘How did you get your arms to look like that?’ he asks. ‘Ohh, good question,’ Orleans flexes his biceps as they become engorged with blood and swell to make the veins and vessels look like nets. ‘His serum actually boosts the body’s testosterone level so I was able to lift heavier and grow much quicker. Now I can’t cure your problem, but I can give you a temporary fix to your problem.’ Brice seems quite interested in what he means by this. ‘So…..what is the temporary fix then?’ Dr. Orleans gets up to close his blinds and lock his door. ‘Call me Devin by the way, I feel as if we are going to be friends after this.’ Orleans takes his jacket and shirt off and reveals his thick muscled hairy chest as he pulls his loafers and unzips his dress slacks as his big cock flops out as he slides them down and off of him. ‘WHAT IS THIS?’ Brice yells out. ‘This is my solution Brice to your problem. I can’t supply what Damien supplies, but I can certainly make you feel well for at least the time being.’ He walks over to the deprived man and sits his cock on his shoulder. Brice’s eyes get huge and seem almost embarrassed that he had a major crush on Devin for so long. ‘Don’t be afraid to touch me Brice, I am willing to give you the nourishment you deserve.’ Brice takes his right hand and slowly starts stroking Devin’s cock as he moans. ‘Damn, that feels good man. It has definitely been a while since I have relieved myself. Go ahead and put it in your mouth.’ Brice turns his head and slowly starts swallowing the doctor’s thick rod. He tastes the sweet juices that have started to ooze from the piss slit and begins to suck harder. ‘MMMMM feels good Brice, feels really good. I don’t want you to stop okay, just keep going and drink whatever comes out.’ Brice moans loudly as he moves faster and faster making the doctor rub his own body and moan himself. The tired patient rubs the doctor’s balls and feels how full they are as he explores Devin’s body feeling his tight abs, back, legs, and pecs. He squeezes the doctor’s gorgeous hairy pecs and pinches his nipples for him. Devin rubs Brice’s head as he gets him closer to the edge. ‘That’s it a bit more man and you will have your medicine…..GOOD MAN…..OH YEAH GOOD MAN!’ Brice feels it moving up into the cock as it begins to contract and squirts jet after jet of thick cum down his throat. He moans in ecstasy as he continues to drain the doctor of his spunk. ‘YEAH KEEP GOING BRICE, THERE IS MORE IN THERE.’ Brice feels more cum moving up into Devin’s cock as it starts shooting more cum down his throat. He shutters as it starts to fill up his belly. ‘Okay okay, that is enough man. I think you drained me dry now.’ Brice feels insanely horny now and wants to fuck the doctor so he pulls his shirt off and undoes his jeans to pull them down. ‘What are you doing Brice?’ Devin says. ‘I have to fuck you Devin, I don’t have a choice, I am compelled to fuck you.’ The doctor smiles at him and goes to lean over his desk awaiting Brice’s hard dick. Brice gets up and pulls his underwear off to shove his cock up inside the doctor. Orleans moans as Brice feels more energized now than before and thrusts in and out of him. The doctor moans a little louder as Brice feels his cum starting to build inside his balls. ‘Feels great Brice, fill me up if you want man,’ the doctor says as he is being shook. ‘Uhh here it comes doctor Orleans…..’ The spry patient thrusts every time he shoots a rope inside the doctor and moans. Devin laughs a little as he feels it moving up into his intestines. Brice slaps his ass a few times making his bubble butt shine in the light bright red. He pulls out of him not long after he stops cumming and sits in the leather chair again. Doctor Orleans sighs and goes to put his clothes back on. He sits down in his chair again and puts his arms on his desk. ‘Well, that was refreshing Brice,’ he says with his arms. ‘I think I am done with you at this point, I will give Doctor Darkori’s office a call and see if they can speed this process along.’ ‘Thank you so much doctor for your help, I feel a lot better now.’ Brice gets up to put his clothes back on and opens the office door. Devin’s nurses and patients in the lobby stare at Brice as he walks out of the office, all sweaty and red from the sex. He smiles as he gets into his car and goes back to his house. He goes back inside and his landline phone rings. He picks it up and the receptionist at Darkori’s office tells him that the doctor is ready to speak to him. Brice hangs up and gets back into his car to drive over to Darkori’s office. He walks in and the receptionist tells him to go ahead and go on back that the doctor will be waiting for him in the hall. As he enters, he sees the muscular red skin that he so wanted to touch again near the end of the hall. Halfway down, the doctor turns and gives Brice a big smile. His white teeth shine as his groomed beard and brown eyes make Brice swoon just a touch. The doctor puts his hand out to shake Brice’s. ‘Hello again Brice, nice to see you,’ he says as he puts his hand on Brice’s shoulder and leads him into an exam room. ‘Have a seat buddy so I can talk to you.’ Brice sits on the exam table like before and wonders if he will have a similar experience as before. ‘I know what you are thinking Brice, but this time will be different. I can sense that you have already had sex today.’ Brice looks down at his body and wonders how the doctor knows this. ‘I can actually smell it on you…..so Devin let you have some of his cum, hehe I am not surprised that happened.’ Brice starts asking Damien questions about why he has red skin and Doctor Orleans has regular skin, but has healing properties. ‘Well, Doctor Orleans had health problems too so I concocted a formula for him and now he is healthy. His cum is pretty potent I have to say, at least for the type of guy he is.’ ‘But why do you have red skin? I just want to know.’ Damien stands to lift his undershirt and walks over to Brice to let him feel his chest. ‘Just touch and feel my skin Brice.’ Brice puts his hand out and feels the texture and how different it is from his own. ‘You have no hair follicles on your body do you doctor? Well on your face, but that is strange.’ ‘It is true it is strange, but I am from a foreign place too.’ Brice seems genuinely intrigued by him. The doctor tells him he will be back in a minute to retrieve something. When he returns, he is not alone as a huge red-skinned man comes in with him. Brice stares at the hulking brute as he stands in the doorway. Damien smiles and puts a jar on the countertop behind him. ‘Brice let me introduce you to my brother Cain. He is also a doctor.’ Brice barely says anything as the massive man in front of him walks forward to shake his hand. ‘Hello Brice, glad to meet you. I know my appearance is shocking, but Damien invited me in today to work with you.’ Brice says softly, ‘to work with me……how?’ ‘Well, we worked together on that jar over there and finally came up with the right combination for your body. We just need to put a little bit more into it to make it strong enough to keep you healthy from now on,’ Cain calmly says. ‘So what you are saying is…..wait…..oh gawd…..really?’ Brice realizes that they mean more cum and whose are they referring to? ‘So what do I do doctors? Do I have to service one of you or what?’ Both Damien and Cain smile and drop their pants at the same time as their throbbing red cocks start dribbling precum. They both say, ‘both of us’ at the same time. The two red skinned doctors move closer in to where Brice is sitting as he has two huge cocks in his face and starts to slowly stroke them. ‘Am I going to regret this since I know what happened to you last time Damien?’ Brice says with anxiety. ‘No, should be alright this time man, at least I hope it is.’ Brice looks up at him with a worried look on his face as he continues to stroke them slowly. Cain puts his hand on Brice’s shoulder as he is being stroked and starts to growl lowly under his breath. Brice catches his thick pre and moans really loud. ‘OH GAWD THIS TASTES INCREDIBLE.’ He speeds up on Cain working him over and over trying to get him to feed him. ‘YEAH BUDDY, YOU WILL GET YOUR REWARD, OPEN WIDE!’ He sprays Brice’s throat with his solid cum and nearly knocks him back. Brice starts to shake wildly after consuming it. The Darkori’s wonder if this was such a good decision, but Brice stops shaking after a few seconds. He gets back up and smiles. ‘MMMMM it was so good doctor, you made me lose consciousness.’ Cain smiles and puts his hand on his brother’s shoulder. Brice works Damien over now making him start to buckle a bit. Cain tries to make Damien control his urges by talking to him. ‘Don’t let it take you over brother, I know you can control it.’ Damien starts to sweat like he did before, but Cain tries to distract him to keep him from ‘changing’. Brice can feel Damien’s load building as it starts to flow up into his cock. Damien yells as Cain wraps his arms around his waist to keep him from giving in to his need to grow. He shoots a massive load down Brice’s throat making the red doctor shake in agony as he feels a surge flowing through him. Brice finishes drinking his load and moves out of the way as Cain yanks Damien away to sit him in a chair. He can see that this may end up being troublesome and tells Brice to leave the room while he tries to calm his brother down. Brice rushes down the hall as he hears Cain yelling at Damien telling him to calm down and to not let the urges try to control him like they did with him. Brice seems intrigued that Cain would say something like this and realizes that Cain went through the same process and was permanently stuck in this giant unnatural looking body. After about five minutes, Brice is called back into the room as the two doctors sit across from each other. Cain has to sit in two chairs considering how huge he is. Damien is breathing extremely heavy and obviously was going through some growth spurt as his undershirt is ripped open and his lab coat has seams busted in it. Cain smiles and says that everything will be fine for now and that they need him to bust a load into the jar since he has both of their loads inside him. His mixed together with theirs will complete the serum and they can move forward with it. ‘So all I have to do is cum into that jar and you can complete the serum for me?’ Brice says to Cain. ‘Yes sir that is it. We would have it ready for you before you leave today.’ ‘Ummmm okay, I suppose I should get to it then.’ Brice undoes his pants and pulls his undies off to start jerking his cock as Cain puts the jar below him on the floor. As the white patient continues to jerk his cock, Cain lifts the lid and the contents begin to start swirling making Brice very nervous. ‘What the hell is going on……why is it moving like that?’ Cain tells him to relax and just continue. As he gets closer to cumming, the mixture begins to move up the jar closer to the opening. Brice begins to feel a strange aura around him as he continues to jerk off, he can’t seem to stop now as if he is being forced to continue. ‘YES CUM BRICE LET IT COME TO YOU!’ Cain seems to be summoning the mixture to the surface now. Brice begins yelling as he feels his cum pouring out of the piss slit. The mixture in the jar flies into the air and collides with his cum as it pushes its way into his cock. He screams in agony as the huge amount of liquid forces its way inside him. Cain laughs as Damien seems to be sweating again. Brice nearly loses consciousness as the mixture moves its way throughout his body. Cain walks over to him on the exam table and picks him up. He carries him into an area that hasn’t been seen before as Brice barely sees anything as his body is too tired to even react. Cain puts him in a holding cell and closes the door behind him. Brice finally passes out as his body begins to change on the inside. Chapter 3 - The Revelation ‘What the hell is going on?’ That is the reaction Brice has after he passes out and then wakes up several minutes later after Cain Darkori places him into a holding cell. The larger red skinned brother leaves the room and locks the door as Brice tries to stand up. He falls back down after realizing that he doesn’t have any type of balance. He barely remembers anything that happened just a short while ago except that some crazy substance has taken up residence in his body somewhere. He wonders if it will force him to somehow change against his will or if it is awakened by some sort of weird occurrence. His energy level seems to have leveled off and he feels fairly decent, but the fact that he is locked up tells him that he may be in some secret program. ‘HEY, WHY AM I IN HERE? HELLO? I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME!’ Brice tries to shake the bars on the cell and they don’t budge. After a few more seconds, he goes to sit on a bench inside the cell and puts his hands on his head. As he sits there, he hears a click on the main door as it opens. He looks up and sees a familiar face and even looks at them bewildered. ‘WHAT THE HELL? Owen what are you doing here?’ It is the friend that originally recommended the Darkori’s in the first place. The young trim man sits in a chair just outside the cell and puts his glasses on that he had in his pocket. He parts his legs enough to put his arms on them and smiles back at Brice. ‘Hi buddy, I see you visited Dr. Orleans and Dr. Darkori. Did they help you get better at all?’ ‘What the…? Why aren’t you answering my questions? Why are you even here Owen?’ ‘Well Brice, as it turns out it wasn’t a coincidence that I sent you to either one of them because they helped me too.’ ‘Uhh well thanks I think. Why are they red and why do I find them so attractive? Is this a side effect of their serum?’ ‘Hehe, yeah you could say that Brice. I also was attracted to their red skin and how the muscles glistened in the lights. I’m actually here right now because they called me in to calm you down. You don’t need to be so loud and obnoxious you know.’ ‘I’m fucking scared Owen, this crazy shit is flowing inside my body. I can feel it moving through me, it does make me feel normal though.’ ‘I’m glad Brice, but I need to make you understand that the serum flowing through you is meant for more than just hormone therapy, it is a key that unlocks a part of you that you never thought existed. Trust me I had no idea either when they did this to me.’ Two beads of sweat begin to slide down Owen’s head as Brice can see his skin starting to get redder. ‘Are you alright Owen, you seem like you are experiencing some kind of a hot flash?’ Owen wipes his brow as more beads of sweat begin to move down his face. He pulls a handkerchief from his shirt pocket and rubs it all over his face as he pulls his glasses off to wipe them down too. He puts them back on and sighs. ‘I ummm may not be able to hold it back much longer so I’m just warning you before it happens.’ ‘What are you….oh gawd I have already seen this before from Dr. Damien Darkori. Are you going to change colors?’ *slight laugh* ‘Hah no I’m not going to become a red muscle monster like the doctors. They were born that way, I am just a product of their creation.’ Brice can sense a bit of danger and starts to move towards the back of the cell but realizes that he won’t be safe no matter what happens. He starts to grab whatever he can get his hands on in the cell: the bed, the bench, the clothes, and puts them all around him as he cowers over in a corner and watches Owen start to squirm in his chair as it starts to creak slightly. His breathing grows heavier by the minute. He grabs his chest and turns his head down into it. ‘OH GAWD BRICE I FEEL IT BUILDING UP INSIDE ME. IT HURTS SO MUCH BUT IT ALSO EXCITES ME MORE THAN EVER.’ *voice deepens* ‘OHH MAN, IT IS MOVING TO THE SURFACE JUST LIKE I AM ABOUT TO ERUPT LIKE A VOLCANO.’ Brice’s eyes grow large as he sees his friend’s back expanding rapidly as he gasps for air. His shirt begins to shred under the sheer size of his muscles. Seams split in his pants as the chair crumbles beneath him as he falls to the ground. Muscles grow everywhere as Brice can see Owen’s face beginning to change shape. The man looks up as his glasses fall to the ground and shatter. His green eyes have now turned yellow as his massive chest makes quick work of his shirt as the material falls to the ground in tatters. The growing beast gets up to stand as his shoes explode beneath him as his feet nearly double in size and appear to be getting longer. His toes get a new shape to them which alarms Brice to the point that he starts to mumble to himself. His quads grow fatter and more developed as his cock explodes through his underwear dropping them to the ground as his cock grows larger and longer. Even stranger now, the beast’s skin color is changing as it quickly moves down from his head which no longer has any hair on it to his feet. His formerly normal skin tone is now grey. His body hair is minimal now besides the goatee on his face. The creature turns to his side and laughs as his huge ass presses up against the bars exposing his throbbing hole. Brice involuntarily moans as he sees this and feels an erection building in his pants. ‘OH GAWD NO, YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE ME GIVE IN AREN’T YOU?’ The beast moans in delight as a tail begins to grow from just above his bubble butt. It flies out of his enormous back and sits close to the ground in the cell as it flails about. Brice jumps up and yells in fright as he realizes that his friend is actually a demon. It turns back around and starts to shake the front of the cell like it is taunting him. It laughs again and starts to bounce its giant cock at him. Once again, Brice can feel his cock stirring as he feels his temperature heating up. ‘STOP DOING THAT! I WON’T GIVE IN…..PLEASE STOP!’ The huge beast flexes its engorged 24” pythons and rips the doors off the front of the cell. Brice jumps back and tries to climb up the wall away from Owen. The man creature grabs him and pulls him down on the ground as it shoves its long tongue down his throat so he can’t say anything. Brice starts to convulse as his body involuntarily gives in to the demon’s advances as he no longer has any type of control. It locks its lips on his and begins to push the entity from within Brice to the surface. The 350 pound creature continues to summon the beast inside Brice as it wraps its giant arms around him and rubs his back forcefully. Brice feels his body go stiff as the change begins. He can feel the hair on top of his head starting to fall out as the man demon Owen makes him flex his biceps. He peers over at them as his eyes enlarge noticing them growing rapidly rising ever higher. The fact he is nearly nude makes the growth cycle commence even quicker as he feels his back popping and stretching further outward. He still cannot make a sound as the pain intensifies. He winces as tears roll down his face. Owen pulls his tongue out of Brice’s throat to lick the tears off his face as he watches his friend change even further. The man demon caresses him as his abs grow and thicken as well as his pecs which blow up into huge slabs of granite. Just like with Owen, Brice’s quads explode in size pushing his legs further apart to make room for his growing cock which has already begun to thicken and lengthen.With the slit growing bigger, Owen leans down to shove his tongue inside and starts to lap up the juices that are beginning to flow through his cock. Brice’s face and head are now bare. He can feel the muscles tightening and growing at the same time as he realizes that he may lose his awareness soon. He feels his eyes starting to change from their blue color to the same yellow color of Owen’s. His feet are also changing as his toes thicken and lengthen at the same time. His pain threshold is now gone as it now turns to pleasure. He moans deeply as his voice changes dramatically. He reaches down with his new larger hands and pushes Owen’s face on top of his cock. The cum begins to build up quickly as Owen moans deeply too tasting the thick pre beginning to change over to the white stuff. Before long, Brice moans in his new gruff tone as Owen gulps down tons and tons of thick cum. His tail flaps wildly as his cock begins to spurt its own frothy load on to Brice’s new thick calves and feet. Brice sprouts a tail shortly after he finishes cumming down Owen’s throat. He pulls him off his powerful cock and shoves his tongue down Owen’s throat as the two huge muscular demons play tonsil hockey with each other. They are completely unaware that someone else has entered into the cell. After a minute of wrapping their tongues together they realize they are being watched. ‘Hello there men or shall I say pups. I see that you two have gotten acquainted with each other finally.’ Brice and Owen stare at each other and smile. Brice realizes that his mind is still intact but his voicebox isn’t the same. He tries to say something, but nothing comes out. ‘No no Brice, it is okay. You don’t have to speak to me I can hear what you say through your eyes and mind. Perhaps even Owen can help you out with your issue.’ Brice is beginning to feel a lot of contentment in his new body as he looks down and marvels at his new gray muscles and rubs them a few more times before leaning over to rub Owen’s chest and face. ‘I can see that you care about him Brice. I am glad that you have someone to help you transition. Just know that this form only appears when you are excited or feel the need to act.’ After taking a few more steps, Brice stares at the red-skinned behemoth and remembers that it is Cain Darkori. Cain shows his teeth to both man demons and warns them to not approach him as it isn’t safe at this point. He motions for Owen to move himself over to the other cell located beside Brice’s so that he can revert back to his old body. He wants Brice to watch carefully so that he is able to do it in a safe fashion away from anyone he cares about. Owen sits down on the ground as his tail begins to fall off and his face returns back to its normal shape. His body hair begins to sprout again as his muscles slowly shrink back down to their original places and sizes. Now drenched in sweat and completely nude, Cain walks over to him and pulls another pair of glasses out of his lab coat he is wearing and hands them to Owen. He extends a giant red paw out to Owen and embraces him. He then tells Brice to let his brain clear itself and to let himself revert back. Brice nods as he sits on the ground and attempts to do the same thing that he saw Owen do. His tail falls off and his body hair begins to grow back as he calms down. Before anything else happens though, he passes out as his muscles were beginning to shrink down again. Cain rushes over to pick him up as he senses there may be a slight difference inside of Brice’s body. Owen follows them into a separate area where Cain places him on an exam table. He rushes out as he starts to yell for Damien to come quickly. Owen looks down at his grayish-colored friend and wonders if something has went gravely wrong with Brice. At this point, the half man half demon has gotten his original face back but has retained various features of the creature like his coloring, his feet, and even his gargantuan cock. Owen keeps staring at it in awe as Brice bounces it for him. It is at this point that Brice can speak again and whispers into his friend’s ear. ‘Please you have got to relieve this load building inside me. It just keeps building and it is driving my mind crazy.’ Owen stands there and debates on whether he should even honor this request since it may be too dangerous. What would the Darkori’s do to him if he did in fact relieve Brice? ‘Damnit Brice, I…..can’t buddy……I don’t know what they would do to me if I did that?’ Brice moans deeply as he feels a volcano of precum flowing out the slit of his cock. He grabs Owen on the arm and pulls him towards the leaking pole. Owen tries to resist as he feels pre hitting him in the face. It immediately makes his body start to tingle as his mind begins to race wildly. Before he locks lips on the giant pole, he is thrown across the room and knocked unconscious. Brice yells, ‘NO! WHY?’ seeing his friend lying there motionless. Damien Darkori immediately locks lips on the leaking rod and pumps it quickly. Brice heaves his body up and down as he launches tons of seed down inside Damien’s body. It goes pouring down all over his bare red chest and face as he gulps as much down as he can. Cain watches in the distance as he picks up Owen and slings him over his shoulder. Brice’s feet finally return to normal as Damien finishes drinking down the massive gallon of cum that the man demon produced. He pulls the shrinking cock out of his mouth as it sits silently on Brice’s leg. Damien turns to look at Brice and smiles a bit before he turns around to leave the area. Brice jumps up quickly and realizes that his skin is still gray. Cain walks over to him and puts his free hand on the scared man’s shoulder. ‘I know what you are thinking Brice, but I am here to tell you that being gray isn’t so bad. Look at it as a stepping stone to something better. You are not the same human anymore, you are something far better. I suggest you stay here overnight so me and Damien can help you with your diagnosis. Don’t worry about Owen, he took a licking but he will be fine.’ He pats the helpless man on the back and turns to leave the area. Brice goes back to the table and sits down with his hands on his face. He begins to wonder what will happen next as he ponders his next move. Chapter 4 - The Surrender After several minutes, Brice gets up from the table and walks into the nearby hallway. He is still a bit woozy from the ordeal he just experienced, but for the first time in years, he feels as if he is going to be alright on the inside. He is still nude and is unconsciously rubbing the thick grayish skin on his chest and legs feeling the new textures of his fresh hardened skin. It makes his cock jump a few times as it dribbles a few drops of precum onto the floor beneath him. He is looking around at his surroundings and is noticing things he hasn’t seen for the first time since he has been there. There are several rooms on both sides of the corridor he is standing in. Each one of them has a red shield with square boxes around them, flames are superimposed on top of the shields, and they are in numerical order. The east hall is where he was before in the cages and the west hall, which looks as if it is nearly a mile away down the aisle, is where a door is open. It appears to be where the doctor’s exam rooms and offices are located. Brice quickly realizes that he is in an unmarked area of the property and which makes him shake his head a few times. This is obviously a much bigger operation than he previously anticipated. Dr. Cain Darkori opens a door approximately ten feet away from him and walks through it. He is glistening with sweat and appears to be a bit winded. He spots Brice and walks down the hall to see him. He smiles and puts his thick and powerful hands on the gray-skinned man’s shoulders and squeezes them. Brice lightly winces but feels a sense of warmth run through him. “Are you feeling a bit better now Brice? I managed to get Owen down for a long nap I think. You won’t have to worry about Damien for a while either. He went and got his frustrations out on another one of our patients.” Brice looks into the huge hulking red doctor’s eyes and is quite smitten with him. Cain immediately notices this and wraps his huge hairy veiny arms around the gray man’s waist to lift him up into his embrace. Brice’s swollen gray cock is finding its way inside the doctor’s lab coat and it is resting on his furry black chest, rubbing its sticky goo on him. Cain smiles, showing off his perfectly formed white teeth and fangs. They are noticeably longer now than he remembers and it feels like he is heating up as his breathing starts to get a bit heavier. It is a side that Brice has not really seen of him before other than what he saw happening in the exam room. He is moving his hands up and down Brice’s back to comfort him. “Mmm, I have to say that you do turn me on a bit Brice. You are more my type now that you have transitioned to this look. Our bigger halves are getting a bit more acquainted judging by how we are responding to each other.” He also realizes that maybe it is a bit too soon to be fraternizing with someone that just recently returned back to their human form. He carries Brice down the hall and into an extremely large shower area where the two stop for a moment or two. The huge hairy red-skinned doctor turns on the cold water in front of one of the showerheads in hopes of cooling them both off. The cascading of the water as it hits Cain does little to keep Brice’s eyes from wandering up and down the huge man’s thick frame as it completely soaks his lab coat and pants. The immense muscles in his hairy chest are now entirely visible underneath the fabric. He continues to breathe heavily as his gray partner leans in to smell the incredible stench being emitted from the horny doctor’s pulsing neck and scruffy face. “Doctor, I can’t seem to control myself despite your efforts to cool me off. I am being compelled to pleasure you from whatever is residing inside my body.” Brice’s cock and balls are now swelling as they rub against the doctor’s thick abs as his growing rod reaches the underside of his meaty pecs. It is squirting precum, coating the area between both of the doctor’s huge chest mountains. His gray partner starts licking his swollen neck which is bringing him to the point of no return. He can feel his own power tool expanding to the point that it is ready to explode out of his pants. “UHHH BRICE…..*feels numerous waves of adrenaline flowing through him*. MMMMM FUCK…..*a few popping sounds come from his neck*. I haven’t been this hot for someone in…..” He is huffing now feeling his pants creaking now that they are literally painted to his body. The giant bulge that has been torturing his zipper for several minutes finally bursts its way out as the doctor’s massive, veiny cock continues to grow. He is about to let himself go as he feels Brice groaning, feeling his partner’s entire body stretching, swelling, growing against him and in his hands. His own hands do the same as his nails elongate and become sharper. It appears that they are both doing so in sync with each other. The cold water that was supposed to diffuse the situation has failed to prevent the transformation process from commencing. Cain can feel the seams on his pants being pulled apart by the colossal mass that is emerging from them both from behind and along both sides of his lower half. He shoves his thick demonic fingers in between the two growing bloated gray globes to prepare them for what they will have to endure shortly. Brice’s swelling tits are pressing up against his lover as he moans deeply feeling his hole being massaged. He is humping Cain’s swelling fingers as they slowly stretch his anus. The doctor’s eyes have turned to a shade of black now and his upper body and arms are entirely glued to his lab coat. He can feel his partner’s bloated foot-long rod and grapefruit-sized balls being compressed along his own swelling pec shelf as he roars feeling his massive back muscles tear through the puny lab coat fabric. A thick covering of black fur has formed along the ridges of his cavernous delts and traps. Brice’s own eyes have turned a milky gray and his tongue has changed shape. He is finding his way to Cain’s mouth as he slides it inside making a lustful journey down to his partner’s throat. They continue to expand up against each other as Brice reaches his thick 22” pythons around to sluff the remaining fabric off of his partner’s swollen back. The horny red-skinned muscle demon slides his thick sausage fingers out of his gray-skinned partner’s wet hole to let his bloated precum spurting 13x8 rod take over as it quickly arches towards Brice’s gaping cavern. They seem destined for each other as they both meet with each other head on. The hungry bottom moans deeply feeling the massive tool pushing itself all the way inside. The two demons have found their way over to the shower wall where a few of the tiles have broken due to the force they caused by slamming up against them. After a couple of minutes of intense kissing and tonsil hockey with each other’s thick tongues, Cain starts pounding Brice relentlessly growling and roaring in delight. It is definitely getting the attention of others that are in the same part of the complex. Damien can sense the excitement coming from both of them as he stands in the doorway that leads into the shower area. He is surprisingly calm, probably due to the fact that he himself just had a session with a fuck buddy and it has drained him and his other half, at least for the time being. He is quite amazed though at how primal Cain is getting with Brice. The gray-skinned demon bottom has somehow sprouted a tail while he is being ravaged. It is finding its way underneath his partner’s huge heaving balls and is caressing both of them slowly sending shockwaves through Cain’s entire body. The massive muscle demon can feel them ballooning even bigger because of the milking as Brice’s thick hose-sized tail travels up along his horny top’s giant ass smacking both cheeks, prompting an even louder roar each time he does it. It is obvious that Cain has never been played with in this way because he is digging his claws into Brice’s bulging back and lats, but he is not trying to hurt him. The intense pressure in his huge grapefruit-sized balls is driving him insane as his partner’s gray tail slowly slithers its way up to his ass lips to part them and before sliding inside to start raping his anal walls. Cain nearly loses all of his bearings on his demonic self, barely holding on to his humanity as he feels himself being pleasured by Brice’s thick appendage. It is the most satisfying feeling he has ever experienced from another being. He is tilting his head back with his mouth open exposing his fangs as he to be fucked slowly and methodically. This is making him want to cum more than ever as he tries to pump Brice at the same rate. Damien is getting noticeably turned on by this, but he is trying to keep his composure despite what he is seeing in front of him. He feels compelled to join them, but knows that Cain would probably not like that since he obviously is developing a strong bond with Brice. Earlier while the gray beast was resting, the larger brother lectured him about interrupting the regression process in which he was interfering with. It led to what Brice ended up looking like now, which at first was considered a negative. Now though, it appears that Cain has completely changed his mind about it and is becoming totally infatuated with him. Feeling his own body warming up again, Damien decides it is time for him to go visit Owen down the hall before he transforms into his bigger self once again. As a response to being pleasured by Brice, Cain’s impressive red-skinned garden-hosed sized tail has emerged from his back and is trying to reach his lover’s milky gray rocket and ballsac to return the favor. Realizing it isn’t going to be long enough, he musters enough strength to stretch his tail another few feet as loud leathery sounds can be heard coming from within the muscular demon’s lower half. It reaches its destination and wraps itself around Brice’s swollen balls and squeezes them tightly to make him spray a few ropes of sticky precum all over Cain’s massive upper body. Both of the horny beasts have been edging each other for quite some time and are in need of release. As a way of determining who will do so first, they begin to tussle with each other to see which demon is going to win the challenge. Deep down, Brice knows he isn’t going to win against the larger demon daddy, but still wants to show that he also has a great deal of power so he attempts to get free from his grasp. Still stuffed inside his partner; however, Cain slams him down to the shower floor causing several tiles to break beneath them as he tries to show how dominant he is. They both roar with delight as the slightly smaller gray-skinned hulk submits to him after a couple of minutes of writhing and grinding against each other’s monstrous chests and gigantic legs. Feeling the white flood leaving his huge balls, Cain lifts his partner’s lower half up into the air to push his beastly rod up against Brice’s swollen prostate. He arches his massive demonic back as he unloads inside Brice’s starving insides. The rush of the powerful river involuntarily makes the bottom flex his entire frame as he feels every muscle fiber in his body start to expand once again. He grows rapidly as Cain looks on in amazement. He can still feel Brice’s massive expanding tail throbbing inside his asshole as it stretches him even further. At the same time, this is causing the red-skinned demonic beast to make more cum inside his ballsac as he feels more flow out of his raging shaft and into the excited gray behemoth. After cumming inside the gray giant once again, he manages to pull out of the demonic hulk’s swollen cunt hole and let’s go of Brice’s 16” power tool, which was still being squeezed by his huge tail. He is breathing heavily as he lies down on the shower floor. The showerhead they are lying under is still on and it is starting to flood the entire area they are in. Brice has now grown to over 400 pounds and his skin has been stretched to its limits as marks are appearing all over his massive body. He is crawling over to his exhausted top and is towering over him. His cock has started to mate with Cain’s again as they rub together and mix their fluids. They stare into each other’s eyes as the huge red-skinned demon’s tail explores the massive muscle beast’s entire frame once again feeling how much bigger he is compared to where he was just a few minutes prior. It is obvious what the man creature wants from Cain as he reaches down to place the red hulk’s bloated veiny tail on top of his gargantuan leaky cock. Once again, the red demon wraps his appendage around his partner’s ballsac and squeezes them tightly. A few thick jets of precum go flying into the air and coat the doctor’s vascular legs and torso before the slit is plugged by the end of Brice’s tail. The sensation of feeling something entering his cock makes the beast moan deeply. Cain grins as he pushes his tail further down inside the cock making Brice’s shaft swell even larger to contain the invader within. The gray monster reaches down and digs his claws into his partner’s enormous cannons as he anticipates the wild ride he is about to experience. The huge doctor continues raping his dick until he can see that Brice is about to lose control, judging by the wild look on his face. He can feel his partner’s balls contracting as he slowly slides his tail upward and out. When he finally does manage to get the entire appendage free, he is drowned by the largest white volcano he has ever felt in his entire life. The intensity of the orgasm is so incredible that the gray demon loses consciousness and falls over to the side. With each ribbon of cum being released from his bloated body, Brice slowly reverts back to where this whole sequence started in the first place. He has completely covered his red-skinned partner with his seed almost to the point that Cain’s own skin color is nearly invisible. The thick demonic hulk is laughing in his extremely deep demonic tone as he reaches up to his face with his claws to wipe the flood out of his black eyes. He is beginning to calm down now as he starts to shrink back down to his human form. He is tired but he is still manages to sit up long enough to move over to tend to his gray partner. He can sense that Brice is not breathing well and starts to do a few chest compressions on him. He then gets a few breaths in to his lungs before his weakened partner starts coughing and spits a bit of cum into his face. They are both back to their normal sizes once again. Cain smacks his face a few times to get him to open his eyes so he can look at him. It works as they stare at each other for a few seconds before the doctor says something to him. “Well, that was quite an experience, wasn’t it Brice?” They both laugh a couple of times which is followed by Brice coughing to his side as he tries to get a few words out. Cain covers his mouth though to tell him not to speak. “You don’t have to say anything hunky boy. You are far too weak to do anything so we can talk more when you are rested up, okay?” He leans down to kiss him and plunges his tongue down Brice’s throat and embraces him with his huge thick arms. His gray-skinned partner does the same as they lie there together in the milky-colored water. During the last few minutes of their exchange, they were both unaware that they were being watched by Damien and Owen, who were standing in the doorway, completely nude, and smiling while leaning against each other. They both walk into the flooded area to start cleaning up the mess that the two lovers just caused. Owen is told to shut the showerhead off and to clear out the drains of the milky cum that has accumulated so they can get the room fixed for later patients. Damien gets his brother up off the ground and takes him in to one of the exam rooms to lay him down on the table. He immediately dozes off once his brother walks back down the hall to do the same with Brice. Once he gets the gray man into another room, he wanders back into the shower area and starts helping Owen clean up the rest of the damaged facility. He stops the spectacled man long enough to say something funny to him. “Why can’t you do that with me Owen? I’m sure we can generate the same kind of intensity those two have created, don’t you think?” After a few eye rolls from his assistant, they go back to what they are doing.
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    The intercom on his desk phone buzzed, and Tom Beck, the office manager, picked it up. “Mr Beck,” said his secretary Anna, “your ten o’clock interview is here.” “Ok,” said Mr Beck. “But why are you whispering?” “Well, he’s sort of an unusual candidate,” said Anna, still whispering. “Unusual in what way?” “His attire is a little odd, and he’s…he’s kind of a giant.” Mr Beck chuckled to himself. Anna was prone to exaggeration, and being a tiny woman, everyone seemed big to her. The first time he’d met her, her first words were, “My goodness, you’re huge!” At 5’10, 225lbs of pretty solid muscle, Tom certainly wasn’t small, but huge was a word he would not have applied to himself. “Go ahead and send him in, Anna.” “Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Tom stood up at his desk as his office door opened. Even with Anna’s warning, he was not quite prepared for what he was seeing. The young man walking thru the doorway had to turn almost sideways to fit his vast shoulder spread into the room. Tom sized him up at a good 6’6” and at least 350lbs of muscle. He came across the room and extended his hand to shake with Tom. “Hello, Mr Beck. I’m Marcus.” As they shook, Marcus’s hand engulfed Tom’s with his beefy palm and sausage sized fingers. “Hello Marcus. Have a seat.” Marcus sat down, and made the office chair he was in look like it came from an elementary school. He was wearing a short-sleeved white dress shirt and black pants. He had a narrow black tie on, but it was loosened, and his top collar button was undone, giving his 24” neck some freedom to show. His huge arms strained the short sleeves, and his big chest strained the shirt buttons. His thighs stretched the gabardine fabric of his pants till it looked thin and shiny. His shirt pocket had a pocket protector in it. He looked like a monster nerd. Tom picked up Marcus’s resume and looked it over, giving himself some time to compose himself. He realized how Anna must feel around people so much bigger than her. It is intimidating just being in their presence. He saw that Marcus had graduated top of his class, and had been captain of his college’s weightlifting squad for all four years. “As you know,” Tom started, “we are a small marketing company representing mostly sportswear businesses and supplement companies, along with some gym franchises and weightlifting wholesalers. It helps to have a sports or fitness background when dealing with our clients. You certainly look like you keep yourself…fit.” Marcus laughed. “Does it show?” he said, then bounced his pecs under his white cotton shirt. “Geezus,” stammered Tom. “I gotta ask, Marcus, just how much do you weigh?” “385lbs this morning,” Marcus answered. Then he flexed his arms into a double biceps shot. The sleeves of his shirt got pushed back as his peaks rose up and up. As they swelled higher, both sleeves ripped. “Damn,” said Marcus. “another shirt ruined. Guess that’s what happens when your arm pass twenty-four inchs, Mr Beck. You like?” Marcus knew muscle lust when he saw it in someone’s eyes, and he was going to milk it to the max. “Holy….”said Tom. “Yep,” smirked Marcus. “ And they just keep on getting bigger. You wanna see my chest, Mr Beck?” Marcus stood up, his huge frame seeming to fill the office. “Why don’t you come over and unbutton my shirt?” Marcus undid his tie and tossed it aside. Tom knew he shouldn’t. He knew. But he stood up anyway, his heart pounding hard. He couldn’t stop himself. He was mesmerized by so much muscle mass right in front of him. He made his way around his desk. Marcus turned to face him, towering over him. “Go ahead,” said Marcus, thrusting his massive chest outward. As Tom reached up for a shirt button, his forearms grazed along the white fabric, feeling the solidness of the protruding pec slabs underneath. He undid one button, then another. The shirt had no choice but to spread open wide, and Tom could see a tattoo on the massive young man’s chest. He undid a third button, and the shirt opened up enough for Tom to see a big “ALPHA” tattoo, all in black ink, across Marcus’s upper chest. Marcus smiled as he saw Mr Beck soaking in his tat, and his swole chest. “Sixty-eight inches of chest and lats, Mr Beck.” He reached down and unbuttoned the remaining buttons, and spread his shirt open, exposing his powerful roidgut. Even though swollen and rounding out, his abs still showed through his tight skin. Marcus flexed his gut muscles and made the ridges deepen around his thick 8-pack. “Oh my god,” said Tom, as he stepped back and leaned against his desk. “Am I ‘fit’ enough?” asked Marcus. “Not too bulked for ya?” “No, no, not at all.” “Here, help me take my shirt off, I’m in the middle of my bulk, so it’s getting harder to maneuver this mass.” “Holy…” said Tom. He walked over behind the massive Marcus and reached up to his collar and started pulling it down. They both struggled to work Marcus out of his shirt, and Tom looked in awe as more and more of the massive landscape of rolling muscle was exposed on Marcus’s huge back. Finally free of his shirt, Marcus shook out his torso, and his muscle seemed to expand even more, and filling the office with the musky scent of testosterone. Tom was able to get his first look at Marcus’s backside. His huge glutes were mounded thick and high, making his dress pants tight as a drum. “God,” said Tom. He put one hand on Marcus’s big back to steady himself. “You ok, Mr Beck?” “You’re hired,” said Tom, feeling just how hard and thick the man’s back was. “What was that?” “You’re hired,” he repeated. “Yeah? Just like that? You haven’t even seen my legs yet.” And with that, Marcus turned to face Tom and began flexing his quads inside his dress pants. The fabric stretched so tightly that Tom could see the veins running up and down Marcus’s huge thighs. “Let’s talk about my salary,” Marcus said. And he flexed hard enough that front of his pant legs started to tear down the middle. “I’ll double it,” stammered Tom, staring at the pants as the swelling quad muscle pushed its way out. “That’s what I like to hear,” said Marcus. Then he shredded his pant legs with his huge muscles. Then he forced his big roidgut out, and the buckle on his dress belt snapped apart like a cheap plastic toy. He then sucked his gut into a deep vacuum pose, and his pants slid down his 37 inch quads and onto his shoes, exposing the black poser he’d been wearing underneath. He stepped out of his Italian loafers and what was left of his pants. “You’re looking a little pale, Mr B,” said Marcus. “If you think I’m big now, just wait until I’m well over 400lbs.” Then he started posing, hitting flex after flex, turning and showing Tom his back double bi, his lat spread, then turning back around and hitting side chest shot, then a most-muscular. Tom gasped at each pose, and his left eye was twitching as he watched the superheavyweight new hire swell with size. “Speaking of which,” said Marcus, continuing to flex, “I’m going to need a pretty big office…” “You can have this one,” said Tom. “That’s mighty big of ya, Mr B. You know, you look pretty jacked up yourself. I used to be as little as you, but then I graduated high school.” Marcus moved toward Tom, until his huge chest was only an inch away from, and level with, Tom’s face. “Suck my nipples, Bossman.” Tom didn’t need to be told twice. He went to work on the big nip jutting out of the huge pec. He put his hands on the bigger man’s pumpkin-sized delts, feeling the thin sheen of sweat coating the rock hard muscle. He sucked and sucked on one nipple till it was engorged. Then he moved to the other side. “Ah, yeah, you got a hot mouth, Bossman. I knew it the minute I walked in here. We’re going to make a great team.” Marcus pulled his new boss mouth off his teat, and went and picked up the chair he’d been sitting in earlier. He wedged the top of the chair underneath the doorknob of the office door. “But first, we’re going to break in my new office,” he said, stepping out of his poser and snapping it at Tom like a rubber band. It hit him in the face, and Tom held it there, breathing in the musk. He reached over and hit his intercom button. “Anna,” he said, “hold all my calls for….” He looked at Marcus. “The next two hours,” said the naked bulked superheavyweight.
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    New Spider-Man commission by GymJunkieMuscle:
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    Luke: (to Woody) So, Gorgeous, (kisses Woody"s lips) how was your day?" Woody: (makes a weird face) Really weird!" Luke: (surprised face) Oh? "Did something happen?" Woody: You could say that." Luke: What happened? Tell me." Woody: (Deano and I were taking videos of each other for our bodybuilding show preparation, and it didnt go so bad. Until...." Luke: ( looking concerned) Until...What?" Woody: (Looks up at the ceiling a moment, then takes a deep breath, and lets out a huge sigh) "Until Deano kissed me." Luke: (Looking flabbergasted) "He did WHAT?!" Woody: I know right?! I had the same reaction you're having right now, afterwards." Luke (realizes something) So...all this time, Deano's been cracking gay jokes about us. (He looks at Woody) "He's been secretly gay himself and now is making moves on MY gorgeous muscle man?" (Luke crosses his arms over his chest looking pissed off for a moment, but then his face relaxes and a huge grin comes across his face) Woody: (sees Luke's face) "What's that smile about?" I thought you'd be furious." Luke: (still smiling) "Oh I am, believe me! Deano's going to pay for this! And I intend to collect!" Woody: "How so?" Luke: (grinning, rubbing his hands together) I have some plans of my own for our dear Deano!" Woody: ( looking confused) "I don't know if I like the sound of this." Luke: Oh you won't. But after you hear me out, you will love it!" Woody: ( now intrigued) "What are you going to do?" Luke: I'm going to get Deano in here and tell him that I know about the kiss and that if he wants to make it up to me...." (Trails off) Woody: "What?" Luke:(looks at Woody) He has to let me muscle worship him." Woody: (is totally floored) Wait WHAT?! No! Fuck no! I'm not letting you do that!" Luke: Calm down! This is what I want to do. And you're freaking out before you have even heard the best part of my plan." Woody: "What could possibly be the best part of a plan that's wrong to do in the first place?" Luke: (grins) "You get to sit here and watch the whole thing! Watch Deano be completely humiliated." Woody: "Even I want to see Deano squirm a little. But not this way! Not with my adorable Hufflepuff having his hands all over him and not all over me, where they should be." Luke: Aww. (Pulls Woody's face in for another kiss) Don't worry. You're the bodybuilder who has my heart! No one else!" Woody: (frowns) I have one question though. What if Deano refuses, which we both know he will. Then what?" Luke: "Then I announce in Hancox's class, in front of everyone, that Deano kissed you." Woody: (jaw drops) No! You wouldn't do something like that. Not you. Not my adorable Luke." Luke: (raising his eyebrows) "Oh No?" Woody: You wouldn't seriously turn from my adorable Luke into devious, blackmailer Luke. That's just not you." Luke: Well Im afraid you'll have to put up with devious blackmailing Luke until I'm officially done with Deano's muscle worship punishment. Woody: And how long will that be?" Luke: ( looks at Woody seriously) Two weeks." (Woody's eyes widen and jaw drops in shock. He rolls his eyes and slaps both hands against his forehead and lays back on the bed.) Woody: This is going to be my worst nightmare!" (Thunder claps outside) Ok, even I don't want our adorable Luke to do something that out of character, but this was kind of fun to imagine in my mind. Whatever plans Miscleaddict has for the whole Luke/Woody/Deano situation is sure to be even better! And to come up with scenarios like this, you know how anxiously we all are awaiting the next chapter. EDIT: You wanna know something funny. This scenario could have made a great Halloween skit! If I'd thought of it on Halloween.
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    Oh my gosh! You cited one of Brazil's greatest bodybuilders, Mafra. Here he is known as Big Mafra ... thanks for that Big Mafra
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    In all seriousness, mate, I would love to write more and faster. I actually thought I'd have had this story finished by now but whatever reason it's taken quite a bit more time to write than AJ & Noah! Maybe I'll try and churn out some short stories after this one but I feel like these longer, novel length stories are what I'm better at.
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    I stumbled upon this site a while back and read a couple stories that were good or just ok, but I didn't create an account until I started reading this story. It's so addictive! I started by only reading one or two chapters a day because I saw in the comments that the wait for each new chapter release was excruciatingly painful for other readers, and I didn't want to "suffer" like that. But, I guess I'm just not that disciplined and would sometimes read several chapters in one day because they are so darn good, and I just couldn't wait to find out what will happen to these characters that I now care so much about. So, now I'm experiencing the same pain of waiting and wonder, but I'm enjoying the anticipation! Thank you @muscleaddict for sharing this wonderful story with us! Keep up the great work!
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    Twenty Six “Okay, lads, I’ve done you a gym schedule for your training!” Johnny says, handing Deano and me a list each. Like yesterday, we’re back in his office going through the details of what’s expected for this joint bloody coursework we’re being forced to do together for the end of term bodybuilding show. I look at the schedule. For fuck’s sake. I have to train with Deano practically every day for the next two weeks. At some point we have to go through each other’s posing routines to try and make improvements too. And we also have to film videos of each other posing. I guess that won’t be too bad. I wonder if Luke is allowed to watch? The only thing getting me through his little meeting Johnny has set up is thinking about the fact that I woke up with my arms wrapped around Luke again this morning. And that we spent the little time we had in his bed with him cuddled into me, his cute little head on my chest and his arms wrapped around my waist as I squeezed him and gently planted kisses on his head. “Right then, boys ... everything clear on the coursework?” I look at Deano sitting in the chair next to mine. He nods at Johnny, looking disgruntled. “And Deano … there’s one more thing you’re required to do!” He looks confused. “Woody, where’s Luke likely to be right now?” Huh? Now I’m as equally confused as Deano is. “Erm … probably back at our dorm room?” “Perfect. You can take a detour there before you do your first gym session together. Deano - I want you to apologise to Luke Henderson!” Oh my fucking GOD YES! I couldn’t wipe the smirk off my face right now even if I wanted to. “What for?!” Deano asks, almost like he’s outraged. I scoff loudly. Did he seriously just ask that fucking question? Johnny just gives Deano a stern glare. “Fine!” he mumbles, defeated. God - Deano apologising to Luke. Now this I can’t wait to fucking see. Even if it does involve Deano coming to our dorm room, which will - UGH - probably be really fucking awkward and weird. I check my phone as I lead Deano to my dorm room and find myself smiling when I see Luke’s name on my screen. He’s sent me a text message. “Are you on your way back?” It’s a little odd. He’s never texted me like this before asking where I am. Maybe he just really wants to see me? I tap away on my phone and type a reply. “Yes! Be there in 2 mins (winky face emoji).” I should probably warn him what’s happening. But it might be kind of fun to see the look of surprise on Luke’s face when I turn up at the door with Deano in tow. “What did Johnny mean yesterday?” Deano asks me in an almost aggressive tone, his face screwed up. Jesus. It’s like he’s incapable of talking to me like a regular fucking person. “When?” I ask, confused. “When he said you had ‘other training commitments’?” “Oh! Erm … I’ve sort of been helping Luke out,” I reply, my stomach suddenly clenching. Shit - I’m not really sure if it’s okay for me to tell Deano that. It feels like a sore point between me and Luke. Not that we’ve actually discussed it since it all came out into the open a few days ago. “No offense, but … I’m not sure it’s really working!” Deano says, pulling a face. “I’ve literally taken him to the gym once! He’s not exactly gonna turn into a monster over night is he?” Deano shrugs. “I could turn Henderson into a monster easily! Give me … six months tops!” “Sure you could, Deano!” I say, rolling my eyes. “I’m serious. I did personal training at my dad’s gym back home.” And for the first time ever I think I’m actually mildly interested in something Deano has said. I’m sure it won’t become a habit. “Where’s that?” “Brighton.” I nod, resisting the urge to point out the irony that someone who’s spent the past few weeks making jokes about my sexuality lives in the gay capital of the country. And then something clicks. “Wait - isn’t there a bodybuilding gym down there called Deano’s?” He nods, trying to act cool. But he’s failing to hide a smug smirk. “Your dad named his gym after you?” I ask, screwing up my face but secretly impressed. Wow - Deano must have a pretty fucking great relationship with his dad for him to have named his gym after him. I feel a weird tug in my stomach. “Not … exactly!” Deano says, suddenly seeming not so smug. He rolls his eyes. “My dad’s called Deano too!” HA! I nod, suddenly finding myself smiling. “Wait - so there’s two of you? Jesus!” And now we’re at the door to mine and Luke’s room and I feel a sudden pang of nerves. This is one scenario I never thought I’d find myself in. Taking Deano Watkins to my dorm room. What the actual fuck? And yet - I suddenly find myself smiling. Probably out the sheer fucking absurdity of the situation. I open the door and oh my fucking GOD! I panic and slam it shut again. Because I just caught a glimpse of Luke standing in the middle of the fucking room flexing his biceps and wearing nothing but his shiny pink posing trunks with a cheeky grin on his face. WHAT THE FUCK?! “What are you doing?!” Deano asks, glaring at me with a confused expression. It doesn’t look like he saw Luke behind my back. Thank GOD. “He’s … half naked!” I say, trying not to laugh at the ridiculousness of what just happened. And also because I absolutely love the fact that Luke wanted to greet me in such a cute, funny (and fucking sexy) way. So that’s why he texted me earlier to ask if I was on my way back? “So?!” Deano scoffs. Oh shit. Deano sees Luke wearing nothing but his posers every Monday morning in Posing Practice. “I mean … he’s naked naked!” Deano pulls a face like, what the fuck? “Dangly bits … flapping about!” “I GET IT!” I text Luke. “Deano is with me!! P.S. PHWOAR! (One eye closed, tongue out emoji).” I look at Deano, biting my bottom lip and trying to act casually. Luke texts back. “Oh shit! 2 mins! P.S. Hehe! (Blushing and smiling face emoji).” I try not to smile too much as I read Luke’s text, because a weirded out and slightly suspicious (fuck!) looking Deano is still just glaring at me. The dorm room door opens. “Sorry!” Luke says, now fully dressed and looking flustered and awkward. “I was just getting changed!” I’m trying so fucking hard to wipe the smile off my face as I lead Deano into our room. “Alright, Deano!” Luke says, with far more politeness than the guy deserves. “Henderson!” he replies, with a little nod. I shut the door and the three of us are just standing there looking at each other. God this is awkward. But clearly more so for Deano. He looks so fucking uncomfortable. He’s looking around the room with his nose turned up. “My room’s way bigger than this!” I roll my eyes and sigh. “Good for you, Deano!” I say, giving Luke a look. “So what do you two do in here all day?” he asks, with an eyebrow raised. Oh my GOD. I can’t help sneaking a quick smirk at Luke. “Well, mostly we just watch Harry Potter films wearing nothing but our Hufflepuff and Gryffindor boxer shorts!” Deano pulls a face, looking completely weirded out. Meanwhile, a shocked but clearly amused Luke gives me a wide eyed look. And now there's an awkward pause. None of us are saying anything. I look at Deano wide eyed, and then nod to Luke pointedly but he’s not saying anything. He looks so uncomfortable right now and I’m loving every fucking second of it. I fold my arms across my chest and clear my throat loudly. “Deano … was there something you wanted to say to Luke?” I ask in a teasing, patronising manner. Luke looks confused. Deano breathes a deep sigh. “Johnny wants me to … apologise to you!” he says, rolling his eyes. “Oh right!” Luke says, surprised. And now his mouth starts to curl into an amused little smirk. “For ... you know, what happened yesterday at Posing Practice!” Luke gives him a little nod and I shoot him a knowing grin. We’re both looking at Deano, waiting for him to continue, but he’s not saying anything. I glare at him wide eyed again. “What?!” he asks me, annoyed. “Go on then. Apologise!” “I just did!” I groan and shake my head. “That’s okay, Deano!” Luke says in a manner that’s both patronising and funny as hell. And now Deano seems to be looking at something behind Luke, his eyes slightly squinted. “Did you draw that?” he asks Luke, pointing to my illustration of Tommy Foster pinned to the wall above his bed. Oh shit! My stomach clenches tightly as Deano walks towards the picture and leans on Luke’s bed with his hand to get a closer look. I shoot Luke a wide eyed look and nod for him to say yes. “Erm … yep! Yeah, I did!” Luke says, pulling an eeek face at me over Deano’s back. “WOW!” Deano exclaims, studying it. Fuck! I was not expecting that reaction from Deano. Luke looks surprised too. “What do you think of it?” Luke asks Deano, giving me a mischievous smirk. I suddenly feel oddly nervous. “It’s … really fucking cool!” Deano says, with complete sincerity. And now my chest is fluttering. Wow - I never thought I’d feel like this from anything Deano Watkins said to me. He stands up straight again and backs away from the wall and I try to act cool. “Right then, Draco Malfoy!” I say, putting my hand on his shoulder, which, I have to admit, feels really big and ridiculously solid. “Ready to get pumped up?” “Sooo … what’s the plan for today?” I ask Deano, on the walk to the Watson House gym. He looks at me and pulls a face. Fuck’s sake. He’s such a dick. I could be lying on Luke’s bed right now cuddled up to him. Instead I’m being forced to hang out with fucking Deano. At least watching him squirm as he was forced to apologise to Luke was funny. I won’t be forgetting that in a hurry. “Like … you know, what are we training?” I ask, with a sigh. Deano shrugs. “It’s arm day for me!” I roll my eyes. I really can’t be bothered to argue with him. “I guess I’m doing arms then!” I look over at him. He doesn’t say anything but his face has softened. I’m sure I can even see a hint of a smug grin emerging. Like he’s got one over on me. “I bet fucking Mafra’s doing the show!” he says, disgruntled. “Mmmm. Probably!” Eric Mafra is hands down the biggest first year at Montgomery University. Maybe they have better roids back in Brazil because the bastard is fucking huge. “How the fuck am I supposed to compete against him?” Deano say, clearly riled up. I could say something complimentary about Deano’s short stacked pocket rocket physique. Hmmm. Fuck that. “They should have two height classes for the first years!” he continues. “Yeah, but you’d be the only one in your height class!” “Exactly!” he says. And I have to admit, that makes me smile. Ugh. Deano just said something that I found funny. God I hate this! I look across (and down) at him. “You are … freakishly short! Is it just the one parent who’s a dwarf?” He looks at me and gives me a fake sarcastic smile. But when it fades, I see the unmistakable hint of a real smile there in it’s place. At least I can have fun with the put downs while I’m being forced to train and hang out with Deano. And for a moment there I think that maybe our first training session won’t be a completely terrible experience. But I’m wrong. So, so fucking wrong. Because it’s mostly horrendous. As soon as we hit the weights, one thing becomes abundantly clear. Deano does not understand the concept of compromise. It’s his way or the fucking highway. Almost every single thing I suggest, every single way I train, Deano has a better fucking way of doing it. And is there any teenie tiny possibility that my way could actually be better? Is. There. Fuck. Like when I tell him that I don’t like a certain way of doing my bicep curls, he goes on and on about how you get a better pump. He fucking insists on it. Like it’s a scientifically proven fact. Rather than just his opinion. ARGH!! There’s one slight benefit though. I find that I’m pushing myself just that little bit harder, lifting just that little bit heavier. Not to impress Deano. But to compete against him. And I have to admit, part of me sort of does enjoy that aspect of it. Is it worth all of the other crap I have to endure and having to train with someone who is an obnoxious, ignorant prick? Fuck no! But maybe (just maybe) I’ll actually come away from these painful training sessions with my twat faced arch nemesis for the better. *** And how's this for an Easter egg - Deano's Gym was actually referenced in a story I wrote a few years back called "Have You Seen These Posing Trunks?" (which you can read on the board here). It was described as a hardcore bodybuilding gym located in Brighton, which is where that story was set. Liam "The Guns" Watson (also referenced here) was the bodybuilder featured in that story and was also referenced and featured in "AJ & Noah" (he competed in the bodybuilding show AJ guest posed at).
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