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    The intercom on his desk phone buzzed, and Tom Beck, the office manager, picked it up. “Mr Beck,” said his secretary Anna, “your ten o’clock interview is here.” “Ok,” said Mr Beck. “But why are you whispering?” “Well, he’s sort of an unusual candidate,” said Anna, still whispering. “Unusual in what way?” “His attire is a little odd, and he’s…he’s kind of a giant.” Mr Beck chuckled to himself. Anna was prone to exaggeration, and being a tiny woman, everyone seemed big to her. The first time he’d met her, her first words were, “My goodness, you’re huge!” At 5’10, 225lbs of pretty solid muscle, Tom certainly wasn’t small, but huge was a word he would not have applied to himself. “Go ahead and send him in, Anna.” “Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Tom stood up at his desk as his office door opened. Even with Anna’s warning, he was not quite prepared for what he was seeing. The young man walking thru the doorway had to turn almost sideways to fit his vast shoulder spread into the room. Tom sized him up at a good 6’6” and at least 350lbs of muscle. He came across the room and extended his hand to shake with Tom. “Hello, Mr Beck. I’m Marcus.” As they shook, Marcus’s hand engulfed Tom’s with his beefy palm and sausage sized fingers. “Hello Marcus. Have a seat.” Marcus sat down, and made the office chair he was in look like it came from an elementary school. He was wearing a short-sleeved white dress shirt and black pants. He had a narrow black tie on, but it was loosened, and his top collar button was undone, giving his 24” neck some freedom to show. His huge arms strained the short sleeves, and his big chest strained the shirt buttons. His thighs stretched the gabardine fabric of his pants till it looked thin and shiny. His shirt pocket had a pocket protector in it. He looked like a monster nerd. Tom picked up Marcus’s resume and looked it over, giving himself some time to compose himself. He realized how Anna must feel around people so much bigger than her. It is intimidating just being in their presence. He saw that Marcus had graduated top of his class, and had been captain of his college’s weightlifting squad for all four years. “As you know,” Tom started, “we are a small marketing company representing mostly sportswear businesses and supplement companies, along with some gym franchises and weightlifting wholesalers. It helps to have a sports or fitness background when dealing with our clients. You certainly look like you keep yourself…fit.” Marcus laughed. “Does it show?” he said, then bounced his pecs under his white cotton shirt. “Geezus,” stammered Tom. “I gotta ask, Marcus, just how much do you weigh?” “385lbs this morning,” Marcus answered. Then he flexed his arms into a double biceps shot. The sleeves of his shirt got pushed back as his peaks rose up and up. As they swelled higher, both sleeves ripped. “Damn,” said Marcus. “another shirt ruined. Guess that’s what happens when your arm pass twenty-four inchs, Mr Beck. You like?” Marcus knew muscle lust when he saw it in someone’s eyes, and he was going to milk it to the max. “Holy….”said Tom. “Yep,” smirked Marcus. “ And they just keep on getting bigger. You wanna see my chest, Mr Beck?” Marcus stood up, his huge frame seeming to fill the office. “Why don’t you come over and unbutton my shirt?” Marcus undid his tie and tossed it aside. Tom knew he shouldn’t. He knew. But he stood up anyway, his heart pounding hard. He couldn’t stop himself. He was mesmerized by so much muscle mass right in front of him. He made his way around his desk. Marcus turned to face him, towering over him. “Go ahead,” said Marcus, thrusting his massive chest outward. As Tom reached up for a shirt button, his forearms grazed along the white fabric, feeling the solidness of the protruding pec slabs underneath. He undid one button, then another. The shirt had no choice but to spread open wide, and Tom could see a tattoo on the massive young man’s chest. He undid a third button, and the shirt opened up enough for Tom to see a big “ALPHA” tattoo, all in black ink, across Marcus’s upper chest. Marcus smiled as he saw Mr Beck soaking in his tat, and his swole chest. “Sixty-eight inches of chest and lats, Mr Beck.” He reached down and unbuttoned the remaining buttons, and spread his shirt open, exposing his powerful roidgut. Even though swollen and rounding out, his abs still showed through his tight skin. Marcus flexed his gut muscles and made the ridges deepen around his thick 8-pack. “Oh my god,” said Tom, as he stepped back and leaned against his desk. “Am I ‘fit’ enough?” asked Marcus. “Not too bulked for ya?” “No, no, not at all.” “Here, help me take my shirt off, I’m in the middle of my bulk, so it’s getting harder to maneuver this mass.” “Holy…” said Tom. He walked over behind the massive Marcus and reached up to his collar and started pulling it down. They both struggled to work Marcus out of his shirt, and Tom looked in awe as more and more of the massive landscape of rolling muscle was exposed on Marcus’s huge back. Finally free of his shirt, Marcus shook out his torso, and his muscle seemed to expand even more, and filling the office with the musky scent of testosterone. Tom was able to get his first look at Marcus’s backside. His huge glutes were mounded thick and high, making his dress pants tight as a drum. “God,” said Tom. He put one hand on Marcus’s big back to steady himself. “You ok, Mr Beck?” “You’re hired,” said Tom, feeling just how hard and thick the man’s back was. “What was that?” “You’re hired,” he repeated. “Yeah? Just like that? You haven’t even seen my legs yet.” And with that, Marcus turned to face Tom and began flexing his quads inside his dress pants. The fabric stretched so tightly that Tom could see the veins running up and down Marcus’s huge thighs. “Let’s talk about my salary,” Marcus said. And he flexed hard enough that front of his pant legs started to tear down the middle. “I’ll double it,” stammered Tom, staring at the pants as the swelling quad muscle pushed its way out. “That’s what I like to hear,” said Marcus. Then he shredded his pant legs with his huge muscles. Then he forced his big roidgut out, and the buckle on his dress belt snapped apart like a cheap plastic toy. He then sucked his gut into a deep vacuum pose, and his pants slid down his 37 inch quads and onto his shoes, exposing the black poser he’d been wearing underneath. He stepped out of his Italian loafers and what was left of his pants. “You’re looking a little pale, Mr B,” said Marcus. “If you think I’m big now, just wait until I’m well over 400lbs.” Then he started posing, hitting flex after flex, turning and showing Tom his back double bi, his lat spread, then turning back around and hitting side chest shot, then a most-muscular. Tom gasped at each pose, and his left eye was twitching as he watched the superheavyweight new hire swell with size. “Speaking of which,” said Marcus, continuing to flex, “I’m going to need a pretty big office…” “You can have this one,” said Tom. “That’s mighty big of ya, Mr B. You know, you look pretty jacked up yourself. I used to be as little as you, but then I graduated high school.” Marcus moved toward Tom, until his huge chest was only an inch away from, and level with, Tom’s face. “Suck my nipples, Bossman.” Tom didn’t need to be told twice. He went to work on the big nip jutting out of the huge pec. He put his hands on the bigger man’s pumpkin-sized delts, feeling the thin sheen of sweat coating the rock hard muscle. He sucked and sucked on one nipple till it was engorged. Then he moved to the other side. “Ah, yeah, you got a hot mouth, Bossman. I knew it the minute I walked in here. We’re going to make a great team.” Marcus pulled his new boss mouth off his teat, and went and picked up the chair he’d been sitting in earlier. He wedged the top of the chair underneath the doorknob of the office door. “But first, we’re going to break in my new office,” he said, stepping out of his poser and snapping it at Tom like a rubber band. It hit him in the face, and Tom held it there, breathing in the musk. He reached over and hit his intercom button. “Anna,” he said, “hold all my calls for….” He looked at Marcus. “The next two hours,” said the naked bulked superheavyweight.
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    pt2 Sorry to update the second chapter so late. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A year later, Jack went to the genetic test and found that he was not in the adaptation list, and the people around him did not adapt to the genetic agents. Even many people who adapted were only 1-2, he was still tall and strong. representative. So he didn't care too much about it. Another day, Jack is preparing to participate in the training of the basketball team. His father shouted at him. "Today your little brother will come back. You must wait for him at home because Li Na and I need a date today." Jack can only wait at home after hearing it, and think about how to fuck the babes next door at night. BOOM! ! ! BOOM! ! ! BOOMMMMMMMMMM! Suddenly a huge voice came from the door of Jack's house! Like an ancient siege hammer, the wall was smashed, and even the whole house began to vibrate. Jack rushed to the door to see what was going on, but the light at the door was blocked. He couldn't understand what was going on. Jack opened the door and Jack was scared to take a step back. "Fuc................hell no!" Jack is just a rip muscle mountain, exuding amazing heat and masculinity, weird huge bumps like stuffed A 2 liter of soda is inside, a weird blood vessel wraps around his body, and even his forearm is bigger than his body! The huge pec blocked his face, Jack couldn't see his face, but... "Hey, brother, your house seems too small." The low and sexy voice bombarded Jack's body like a hundred subwoofers. The glass was shaken by this sound, and Jack's dick heard it. When the sound of sexual energy is unable to control himself and shoot the semen, like the most perfect sex, Jack has spent the most intense climax of his life. Then the muscle giant confused Jack did not respond, he collapsed, and then looked at Jack's involuntary climax, looked at the door, impatient: "I can't seem to come in, brother, this door is too small." Jack now finally sees the giant's face, he wears glasses, has a sexy beard, like a Hollywood hot star, no, a hotter face than a star, close to an unnatural handsome, just as Jack looks at the giant guy's When the face made its second climax, he recognized it. The muscular giant who is more than 8 feet tall and a thousand pounds seems to be his "little brother" wen.
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    Well... here you go. A new story... first part of... maybe three of four. Not really sure. Hope you enjoy it!! Oh... Ive seen so many incredible illustrators out there... if anyone is every interested in illustrating one of my stories... I would love it!!! -Q ThInk It: A Writer's Tool (Based on a True Story) Chapter One: The First Chapter Quinn O’Rourke had never been much of a writer until he began penning erotic muscle growth stories to help further feed his obsession. Finding both mental and physical release through his writing, he lived for sharing his monomania for serious muscle growth and transformation of both mind and body to all of the unknown readers on a website. It made him grateful when he read constructive criticism, and over the moon when people wrote or DM’d him on how much they enjoyed his stories, got off on them, and just like himself, wanted more. His own mania with all things muscle and growth had begun when he was 12 and read a Dungeons and Dragons Choose Your Own Adventure-type book. In it, the hero was a young ninja trying to save his land from a dark magician. As he read, Quinn had become spell-bound when the hero, finding a liquid in a bottle, drank it, and began to grow into a massive and muscular giant. Unfortunately for Quinn, that adventure had ended there as the hero grew and took down the castle, burying him beneath him. Quinn lay there after reading that page… and could feel his blood boiling. He didn’t know why… and he didn’t have the language to comprehend how reading this had turned him on… and how it would mark his future. He did disagree with the ending, and imagined one where the hero rose through the rubble like a God, growing as massive as a mountain, and becoming more and more muscular. When Quinn eventually hit puberty… late… at 16… he hit it with a bang. Up he shot to 6’6, his shoulders became naturally broad, and his body had the musculature of an active teenager. His mother, being somewhat over protective, never let him play after-school sports, but he did excel in gym class, and did go for a swim and run every morning before school. In his bedroom, he jerked off to daydreams of men with muscle beyond imagining, massive penises, and growing to enormous size… his mind always going back to that first story. In college, Quinn worked out for the first time… and took to it like the metaphorical fish to water. Watching his body change, sculpt, and grow became an obsession… one could say… an addiction. By senior year he had really bulked up, adding over 46 lbs of pure muscle, and discovered that his own body turned him on more than anything else… well that was not entirely true… As he stood in front of the mirror, flexing various muscle groups, admiring his own symmetry and size, running his hands over his meaty pecs, and loving how thick his quads were…. he would also fantasise about getting even bigger… more masculine… more muscular, taller… thicker… a beast of a man. Grabbing onto his 7” cock, he would stroke it slowly as he took in his body… imagining growth shooting through him making him bigger and more mighty… more mountain then man. Faster and faster he would stroke, not wanting it to end but needing to feel that orgasmic rush flood through him. Minutes later, sweat dripping from his head and his pits, beads flowing down through the valley between his pecs and over his cobblestoned abs, he would shoot a massive load all over the mirror. Exhausted and panting... he would lean his head against the mirror, frustrated that he would never reach his full potential. Time passed… Quinn graduated… got an internship with a bank… did well… they kept him on… and he began to climb the corporate ladder. He still worked out and took care of his body… but time never allowed him to do it with the same intensity… he was just maintaining. He dated guys… loved how it felt when they worshipped his body and screamed out when he fucked them, but he never could reach the high he was always searching for. Usually when the left or slept, he would go into his bathroom, stand in front of his mirror, flex, lick, and worship himself, imagining his shoulders growing broader, his pecs thicker and larger, his biceps ballooning to sizes larger than his head, and his quads bursting into redwood proportions. Ejaculating to this often satisfied him more than a mouth, ass, or hand could. He once met with a guy who simply wanted to worship his body and muscle, and ‘bask in his masculinity.’ Quinn thought that this might be exactly what he was looking for… but unfortunately it just did very little for him. Perhaps it was that he wasn’t physically attracted to the guy. He did do his best when it came to massaging, licking, cleaning, and all over worshiping Quinn, and even though he was an expert ass-eater and cock sucker… when it was over… it didn’t give Quinn the same high his own overactive imagination could give. Quinn was now 32… he had a high powered job, an office with a kick ass view, a body most 25 year olds would kill for, and a lot of money in the bank. When he was offered the transfer to London to oversee the international sector, with a raise and a bonus of £500,000, he packed his bags and moved. London was an incredible city… always on the move and always alive. There was something to do every second of the day, and when he wasn’t working or working out, he was going to clubs, the theatre, museums, and festivals in the park. It was at Hampstead Heath in July where Quinn’s future took a turn. The Heath, a popular gay cruising site, was a large park with three swimming areas: one for men, one for women, and one for families. With some friends, Quinn went one Bank Holiday to the pond, and there, while swimming, he met Russel. Lying in the sun, they talked, drank, and it was obvious that they both wanted the same thing. As Quinn fucked him at his flat, Russell screamed out words that rang through his head: ‘You’re huge… fuck your muscles... such power… you’re a beast… fuck me harder… use all the strength your body has… use me… show me how Alpha you are!!!’ Using Russell’s words for inspiration, he fucked the life out of him… and when it was finally over and Russell was leaving… he kissed Quinn and said: ‘Fuck!!! If I didn’t have work tomorrow I’d let you do me all night. Never met an Alpha like you! The only thing better would be two of you… or two of you rolled into one! Fuck yeah… muscles going on for days! Fuck… you’d be a mountain of a man! My ultimate fantasy come to life!!! Welcome to London, mate! They exchanged numbers with the knowledge they would never get in touch, and as Quinn lay in bed that night, his cock hard and leaking, he heard the words echo in his head: ‘Alpha… you’re huge… mountain of a man… such power… you’re a beast… use all the strength you have… your muscles… two rolled into one… muscles for days…my fantasy come to life.’ Yes, Quinn thought as he shot all over himself and the bed… that is my fantasy as well… ’ The next day, Quinn made a decision that changed his life. He worked hard but worked out even harder. As his muscles grew larger… he let the hair on his head and body grow out. No more shaving his chest for him… he was a beast... No one at work said anything… but everyone noticed the transformation occurring. You couldn’t miss it!! Within a year and a half he weighed 266 pounds of hard, swollen muscle. He had let his dirty blonde hair grow down to his shoulders, grew a beard, and had several tribal tattoos designed and inked to decorate his body. His exterior matched the Alpha he had always been inside… but as he venerated himself in front of the mirror… as he flexed and licked and touched and stroked… he wanted more… he needed more...he would have more. That was 8 months ago. With months of hard work, some hgh and test, Quinn weighed in at a stacked 293 pounds of ripped muscle. He still did extraordinarily well at work, and even if his boss didn’t like the new look… he couldn’t argue with a man who was bringing in millions each day. Quinn could care less, though. His heart just wasn’t in his job anymore. All he cared about was muscle… fucking… and being the biggest and best in the room. The true Alpha. Through a Google search, he found his way to a muscle growth story web site, and had spent days reading, and wanking. He loved most of what he read, and really respected a good handful of writers… especially the ones who could get him leaking and on the edge of cumming without ever touching himself. Now, those were outstanding stories… but he also felt that many didn’t go far enough. The desire for muscle was one thing… but the need… the obsession… the hunger and the yearning for supremacy wasn’t always there. That erotic mixture of bodily pain and pleasure… that was what Quinn needed. One night, when his fantasies and throbbing cock wouldn’t let him sleep, he decided to try his hand at writing a story of his own. The first couple were horribly cliche, and he wouldn’t dare show anybody. For a while he tried to write at night after work, but found that his imagination was completely fuelled right after working out. \in a new ritual, he would leave the gym swole and horny, his balls churning for relief, take a shower at work, get into a suit that barely fit him anymore, and sit down at his desk to write. Finally, after weeks of hard work, and afraid but willing to give it a shot… he decided to post the first chapter of one of the stories he had been working on… and people actually liked it!!! Soon his days were filled with working out and writing with some work thrown in. The good thing about being upper management of a bank is that everyone below you does the actual work for you. He was just there to manage a team, get the information needed to make the bank even more money, tie it together and deliver with a pretty bow. This gave him plenty of time to write. As he became more captivated by his own words… turned on by his own writing… he wouldn’t let himself cum until what he was working on was perfect! Everything was flawless until the bank put up a new firewall on all of the computers. No attachments could be sent to unauthorised outside computers. If he asked to have his home computer authorised, that would put up several red flags… what could he want to send to himself? If he brought a laptop to work… that would look odd, and if he used a Zip drive in the computer, that was logged automatically onto the system. The only thing he had left to write on was his phone, and his hands were just too large to comfortably hit the right keys on the touch screen. Opening the App Store, he searched for writing apps where he could use his voice to type. Several popped up, but one that caught his eye was called: ThInk It Writing Tool. Reading the app description, it had everything he could want: it was easy to set up, it would detect only one voice if he was outside or somewhere public, it could be programmed to only respond to his voice, it would sink to his cloud, and as an added bonus, it hosted a community of writers and readers if he was ever interested in putting his stories out there to a wider public. The one thing that solidified the deal was the logo: a muscular arm holding a globe with an illustrated brain in it. Waiting till he got home to try the App, he was grateful to see that his friend Jacob, from the States, wasn’t around. He’s probably either at rehearsal, out sightseeing...or whoring around, Quinn thought with a grin as he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Any one of those options was a possibility. Quinn and Jacob has been frat brothers in college, and used to play volleyball, and sometimes workout together. After graduation, Jacob followed his dream of staring in musicals on Broadway, and now he was actually doing it. He was in London for the next 8 months playing the role he had originated on Broadway in a West End musical. The production company had rented him a flat, but while it was being recarpeted and painted, Jacob was staying with Quinn. Their friendship was purely platonic, thought being the only two out gay guys in their frat house, they had fooled around together until they realised they were both tops, and just kept the friendship. Jacob fit the quintessential leading man stereotype. His was talented, his voice was amazing, he was an incredible dancer, he was tall, dark, and handsome with a tight hairless muscular body, square jaw, and a smile that could battle the brightness of Piccadilly Circus. The one thing he didn’t have going for him was that he had a small cock. Now, it wasn’t freakish small… it was about 4.5 when hard, and perhaps it was a little thin, but it worked perfectly fine. No one had ever told him that they had a problem with it… but for Jacob, with his height and looks, he was always subconscious. Quinn has never thought this was an issue to Jacob until the other night, when after a few drinks, he began to confess how inadequate he felt. Apparently he had gone home with this cute blonde twink, and found him to be packing a huge piece of meat. Jacob had felt so belittled that he couldn’t even perform and had to leave. He was the top!! The bottom couldn’t have a bigger cock than him!! Totally understanding how Jacob felt regarding his own body dissatisfaction, Quinn tried to talk to him, but Jacob blew him off with a laugh, exclaiming that he had to be joking: Quinn was a muscle master, he said, and he knew it! After that, Quinn never brought it up. Sitting in his favorite chair in the empty flat, a story began to pop into Quinn’s head. He couldn’t help Jacob, but he could write about it. He got out his phone and opened ThInk It! A blank white screen popped up. Character/Characters Name: We recommend using the name of people you know to create realistic characters. Using just his voice, Quinn said loudly: Jacob Effortlessly the name popped up on the screen. Yes, he thought. This is going to work out great. Wonderful. If you have additional characters, please return to this prompt. What is Jacob’s goal? To have a massive cock. Wonderful. How will Jacob achieve this? He buys an experimental drug from a sex shop in SoHo. Wonderful. What is Jacob’s location? My flat. Wonderful. Now dictate the first paragraph and we’ll bring your words to life. Jacob sat on the bus a few moments away from his stop. He was sweating and his heart was beating fast as he thought about what was in his backpack. If he got only half of what that guy had, he thought, he’d be a happy man. Pressing the button, Jacob waited for the bus to come to a stop, and got off. Quickly he walked down the street until he came to the door of the street entrance flat he was staying in for a week with his friend Quinn. Jacob unlocked the door hoping that no one was home, and as he ran from room to room, he was positive he was alone. Quinn must still be at work, he said to himself out loud… Quinn was startled as the door to his flat flew open and Jacob rushed into the living room. - Hey man!! How’s it… - Quinn?! You home? Quinn?? - I’m sitting right… Jacob walked right past him and began looking in each room, calling his name. Finally he returned to the living room. - Quinn must still be at work. As soon as he said those very words, Jacob stopped moving and stood frozen in place. - You okay, man? Quinn got up from his chair and walked toward his friend. Jacob appeared before him as if Quinn had paused him on TV. Even with all of his strength, Quinn couldn’t move him. - What the fuck?? A bell tone came from his phone. As he tried to move Jacob again, the bell tone occurred more often and proceeded to continuously get louder. Frustrated, Quinn grabbed it from where he had laid it down. Wonderful start! Jacob is waiting. What happens next? Quinn looked back at Jacob, looked at his phone, and spoke aloud: Secure that Quinn wasn’t home, Jacob grabbed his backpack, sat on the couch, and opened it. From within he pulled a black plastic bag. Quinn had just finished his last word when Jacob started moving again, doing exactly as Quinn had described. As soon as he pulled out the black bag, he froze again. The bell tone rang again and Quinn looked at the screen. Wonderful! Jacob is waiting. What happens next? When you feel that your authorship of Jacob’s story is complete… you will be faced with the options of saving, deleting, or editing.. How, Quinn thought, how can this be happening? He didn’t want to believe it, but it was true: Through the app, Quinn was controlling Jacob’s reality!! Lets see how far we can go with this! From the black bag, Jacob removed a long box. With serious intention, he opened the box, and sitting within with was a large syringe filled with an orange/brown fluid. Quinn laughed out loud as he watched his words come to life. Looking at the frozen Jacob, Quinns cock started to get hard as he thought about all of the possibilities. Soon his cock began to leak as his imagination went wild. Jacob pulled the large syringe out and looked at it, admiring the orange shine. With a steady hand, he placed it on the table. From the box, he removed a typed slip of paper and read aloud: In the chamber are 6 cc’s of compound 8GN. Although human trials have been conducted, we have discovered that the effectiveness varies per individual. As this compound is not diluted, feel free to dilute with saline solution 1:1 to soften results. As the adage says: a little goes a long way. Remember that all effects are permanent. To use, inject into quad. Results are nearly instantaneous. Jacob put the sheet on the couch next to him, stood up, removed his shoes, and pulled off his jeans and underwear at the same time. Taking a quick glance at his own quad, Jacob leaned over and grabbed the syringe. He had never been a fan of needles, but there was no stopping him now. On the count of three, he impaled his right quad with the syringe. Once the needle was all the way in, Jacob stood there questioning what to do next. With a shaking hand, his thumb pressed down on the syringe and watched as 1cc of liquid plunged moved into his muscle. Stopping for a moment, Jacob proceeded again, this time adding two more. Satisfied, he was going to pull it out, but he stopped himself. If this works… I know myself… I’m gonna use it all. That guy who sold it had a solid 12 incher, and that’s exactly what I want. I want some guys to turn me down cause it’s too big! I want a bulge that shows the world I have a serious piece of meat in my pants. I want to be known by everyone for my twelve inches!! I’ll be a fuckin legend!! Filled with new determination, he injected the rest of the compound, and swiftly removed the empty syringe. Returning the syringe to the box, Jacob sat back down on the couch and waited. One minute passed, then two, when suddenly Jacob felt a flush of heat go over him. A third minute passed, and Jacob began to giggle… he didn’t know why… he just couldn’t help himself. By the fifth minute, Jacob was leaning his head back on the sofa and breathing deeply. Rapidly, his cock went from flaccid to hard in less than three seconds. It’s working!!! I can feel it!! It’s fucking working!!! Jacob lifted his heavy head and looked down at his cock with a grin. It had never been this hard or this swollen ever in his life!! Every vein was plumped up as if he was wearing a cock ring, or had some sort of invisible vice around the base of his shaft. His head kept falling back as wave after wave of elation and rapture shot through him. With each heartbeat Jacob could feel his cock filling more and more with blood, but it seemed as if none of it was exiting back into the rest of his body.. Looking down again with a laugh, his cock looked purple and swollen, the head tighter than it ever had been before. His cock was pulsing to his heartbeat now as more blood was forced in. Jacob was beginning to feel serious pain in his cock, and through his euphoria, worried that perhaps he had made a big mistake. With each heartbeat, as more and more veins popped up and fed his shaft, he worried that the skin from his cock was just going to split open and rip his cock in two. Need to call 911 or watEVER… Jacob fell back onto the couch as he felt himself get kicked in the balls over and over again by an invisible foot. The pain was agonising as his body convulsed. Just when he was positive that he was nearing death, the convulsions tapered down until all he felt was a swelling and a dull burning ache in his testicles. Leaning his head on the back of the sofa, beads of sweat dripping down his face, he moved his shaking hands to his balls and could feel that both were much larger than before, and like his heartbeat, were pulsating. Every few minutes the pain would intensify, and Jacob watched as his balls swelled larger. Within four minutes his testicles had grown to two large eggs fighting for space in his sack. Quinn was certainly hard right now watching Jacob in a fit of pleasure and pain. How far was he going to take this? A rush of power went through Quinn as he suddenly realised he held Jacob’s future in his hand… everyone’s future. He simply had to speak it and it came true. An idea came to him that he wanted to try out. In his fog of testicular growth, Jacob was startled when Quinn came home from work. The chime on his phone went off again, stopping Quinn from proceeding. Wonderful! Are you adding an additional character? Yes Wonderful. What is their name? Quinn. Quinn’s name appeared on the screen. Wonderful. What does Quinn want? This remains to be seen. Wonderful! If you need any character goals, please simply say: Goals. Would you like to return to your story? Yes. Wonderful! Quinn took a deep breath and began again. - Fuuuuck!!! Man… I… Yes… Quinn thought. He can finally see me! I’m part of the story now. What the fuck’s going on?? Jacob tried to answer him, but was slipping into an abyss of carnal lust. My cock… growing… soon… gonna have… twelve inches… of…meat… UUURRRGGGHHH!! Jacob’s head was thrown back as he panted and moaned. He knew Quinn was there… but he didn’t care! He could feel it in his crotch… as his balls continued to swell larger… he knew the birth of his new cock was just around the corner. Lifting his head, he could see his balls were as big as large kiwis now and swelling faster. The pressure in his cock was rising, and either it was going to explode with growth, or burst apart. Here…. it… FFFUUCCKKKKK YYEEAAHH!!! Jacob’s cock began to swell thicker. Breathing heavily as if he were in labour, laughing as well… in minutes it was Coke can thick and he finally felt like he had a real piece of meat in his hands. Growing… a… real… ass… ripper... Throbbing pulsing, and growing with his heartbeat, Jacob realised with glee that his thumb and fingers didn’t meet anymore. Almost as… thick as… my… wrist… now… Quinn. I can fucking see that!! Feel… it… feel how hot… and thick… it is… Feel… it… grow… Quinn kneeled down and placed his large hand on the shaft. Fuck, man!! It’s nearly as thick as a Foster’s can!! Only… the… beginning… Jacob spread his legs wider to accommodate his orange sized testicles that were now laying on the sofa. His sack had begun to grow along with his balls now, and Quinn was shocked when he could actually hear them churning, becoming super driven cum factories. In no time at all, Jacob’s cock head flared wider, the slit grew longer, and pre began to shoot from his cock as if he were cumming. Quinn’s fingers were no longer meeting as Jacob’s cock continued to thicken. The room began to smell of bleach and musk as pre was continuously flowing. A couple of heart beats and a couple of throbs, and there was more than an inch between Quinn’s thumb and middle finger. Gonna… have to… train boys… to take… it… FUICCKK!! Jacob’s cock swelled even wider until finally with the pressure, it began to lengthen. Really… growing… Elated, Jacob and Quinn both watched as Jacob’s cock crept up over 5 inches. Once it had started, it seemed to Jacob that his cock made up for lost time. Passing 5 inches… it soon reached six… and then seven. Let me… feel it… growing. Quinn took his hand away from Jacob’s cock, and in the time it took Jacob to place his own hand there, it was 8 inches. Jacob grinned wildly at Quinn, and throwing his head back, began to stroke himself. Quinn could only stare in awe as his best friend stroked his growing python, Jacob’s moans getting louder and more primal as it grew. Jacob’s balls were larger than baseballs, and shooting out more precum in greater volumes. His cock was now most certainly thicker than Quinn’s own wrist, and showed no sign of stopping. Is it… ten inches… yet??? Oh yeah. Should… be… stopping… soon… But, his cock, enjoying its new power, lengthened to eleven inches and then twelve. Quinn noticed that the veins of Jacob’s cock had grown much larger to force more and more blood in, nourishment needed for the newborn monster. When it hit 13”, Jacob’s cock-head began to join in the growth as it swelled thicker, flaring up and outward. Wanting to be larger than the shaft, it began to lengthen as well as becoming meatie,r until Jacob’s cock head was longer than half of his old cock!! With a loud rip, the slit lengthened even more, till it rivaled the length of Quinn’s thumb. As it hit 14”, Jacob moaned loudly as his cock and balls proceeded to swell even larger. Won’t… be able… to fuck… anyone with… this… now…. too… thick.., I know… I… don’t… care!! I… want… a… monster… Make me… a… freak… Quinn.., It’s as if he knows what’s happening here…. Meeting his best friends eyes… as another wave of growth hit him and it stretched longer than 15” Is this what you want? YES!!!! Are you sure? Do… it!!!! Make me… a fuckin… freak!!! Jacob smiled at Quinn. Within moments of speaking those words, his cock proceeded to grow even faster. FUCK YEAH!!!! At over 17”, his cock head much longer than his old erect cock, and his shaft thicker than Quinn’s 22” bicep, Jacob’s cock began to dip down as the weight of his beast began to overtake it. His balls were bigger than grapefruits now, and were constantly producing enough cum and testosterone for ten men. Using two hands, Jacob was frantically trying to jerk himself off. When it hit 18”, Jacob looked at Quinn and spoke in a suddenly surprising deeper voice I… need more… hands!!! Jerk it… with me! Quinn placed his hands on the immense column, and felt waves of superiority coming from it. The musk Jacob was emitting along with the smell of pre was intoxicating… Quinn looked at his friend, and realised that where once he had been clean shaven, a thick five o’clock shadow had taken up residence on his face. My body… is becoming... a tool for... pure… sex…. Quinn stroked the immense stanchion as it continued to get longer and thicker. More and more veins erupted to the surface, thick as hosing, feeding the emerging beast. Jacob’s stroking along with Quinn’s became more vigorous as his cock grew to a whopping 19”. Quinn stood to get a better grip on the upper shaft and head. My God, he thought… Jacob’s head is bigger than two of my hands! Jacob gave up using his hands and started to simply thrust his cock through Quinn’s hands as if he were fucking them. Jacob’s moans got deeper and louder as his cock hit 20” and showed no sign of stopping its incredible growth. My balls… can you hear them… so loud… producing more cum... and testosterone... than an army of men!!! Quinn looked down at the laughing Jacob. Staring at Jacob, Quinn could see that a change was overtaking his friend. The testosterone flooding through his veins had indeed done a number on him, and he was looking more primal… more masculine than he ever been before. Even his face was changing as his brow began to extend a little further and his eyes became deepset. He had a full beard now, and hair all over his body had sprouted and thickened. The smell coming off of him in waves was overpowering… it made Quinn’s head swim and had him thinking that he wanted to submit himself to Jacob and be used as his sex toy. As the essence passed through both of them, it became apparent that nothing on earth mattered except Jacob and the colossus that was wildy emerging from his crotch. Moaning and thrusting himself faster and harder into Quinn’s hands, lost in his world of sexual stimuli, Jacob began barking orders at Quinn. Fucking… lick my.... Cock head… boy!!! His voice, Quinn thought… his voice is so powerful… so loud, so deep, and… and so commanding. What is all of that testosterone doing to him? Trying to keep in his head that he was the only true Alpha in the room, Quinn found himself obeying Jacob and starting to feverishly lick his cockhead. That’s it… boy… worship this cock!!!! I am. How big… am I… boy? At least 25” inches long… thicker than my quads… Am I… a sex… god… now? Quinn struggled to answer… but he knew he had to tell Jacob the truth. YES!!!! All of the world will worship your cock! Never has there been one so huge, so magnificent, so impressive, so potent, and dominant. In a few minutes... I will cum… I can… feel it… Tell me… what will happen? Your cock will shoot up even longer and thicker. Your balls will swell larger, flooding you with more and more testosterone… You live for one thing and one thing only now… SEX!!! Jacob threw his head back and in a voice that sounded amplified, echoing throughout the flat… a deep deep bass… oozing with sex and power. - YES!!!! Jacob thrust twenty to thirty more times as Quinn tried as best as he could to worship this mighty cock. Suddenly, without warning. Jacob stopped moving, stated at him wide-eyed… and Quinn realised in the silence he could hear the torrent of cum rising up from Jacob’s balls. FFFFFUUUUKKKK!!! Jacob tried his best to grab onto his cock, but as the largest orgasm known to man overtook him, all he could do was close his eyes, pant, moan, and shout. A minute later, a geyser errupted from Jacob’s cock, and cum shot all over the room, hitting Quinn and throwing him backward on impact. It was impossible to control the massive hose as it began to spray the walls, the ceiling, several windows, and shattered the screen of his plasma TV. With each pulse that sent more and more cum skyward, Jacob’s cock and balls proceeded to gain more and more size and mass, shooting up past 31” and getting so thick that it was hard to believe this was a penis and not some redwood or stone pillar. After 5 minutes of continual orgasm, Jacob’s cum production began to slow down until he was only leaking from the massive slit. Just when Quinn thought it was all over,Jacob let out a thunderous, FUCK His cock shot up several more inches, and then he collapsed onto the couch, barely able to hold his head up. Quinn looked around at his flat, completely covered in cum. His friend was frozen once again on the couch, a drop of cum leaking from his cock frozen in mid-air. Fuck, Quinn thought… it's really easy to let your imagination run away with you on this app. Needing to clear his head, Quinn opened up a window. I can’t believe I allowed his musk to become so strong that I couldn’t even control myself. A few minutes longer and I might have let him fuck me. Great to go huge my first time!!! Quinn was taking in another deep breath of clean air from the window when he heard the chime from his phone. Wonderful!! Is your story is finished. Would you like to: a) publish it so it lives on forever, b) delete it and no one will ever know it existed except you, or c) take a moment and edit your story with clearer eyes. What will be your choice? Quinn looked at Jacob and wondered what he would want. Is this how he would want to live… a sex dominated stud with an unimaginably massive cock, a musk that held guys in his power, guys falling to their knees to be fucked by him, cumming gallons every time…. is this how he would want to live? Is this how I would want to live? Looking deeply at Jacob, Quinn knew what he had to do. Jacob tried to catch his breath as he came down from his mind altering orgasm. As he looked around the room at the chaos surrounding him… as he took in his slowly deflating titanic cock and balls, and as he began to feel the beginnings of his balls starting to churn again, he moved his eyes up to meet his friend, grinned, and said in the deepest and most sensual voice Quinn had ever heard: Fuck me!! That’s a pretty powerful weapon you got there now! Tell me about it!! You going to keep it? Don’t think I have an option! Well… while you were firing cumshots around the room, I looked online to see if there was an antidote, and it seems that if you...um… rub olive oil and salt on it… … couldn’t think of anything better on the fly, Quinn??? … within the first three hours of injection, it sucks the formula out and everything goes back to normal. Yeah… I don’t think so. Well, you got your answer. This monstrosity is the best thing to ever happen to me. You have no idea how it feels!! For the first time I feel alive!!! Really alive!! I don’t even exist anymore! It’s my master and I need to serve it. My life now is devoted to sexual pleasure only. I need to find more and more people to worship it, lick it, suck it, let me fuck them with it, and cum over and over and over again. I’ve been called for a greater purpose, boy, and I need to minister to it. You understand? Yeah. I think I do. Good. Jacob stood up the best he could and walked on shaky legs to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. It’s insane, Quinn. My balls are already starting to churn, and it feels even more potent than before, and I think this is how it’s always going to be… getting stronger and stronger… cumming longer and longer, until one day I just orgasm for eternity. How can you carry such weight so easily. The muscles in my groin… I think they evolved to enable me to. It’s heavy… but in a good way!! Love feeling the tug and pull!! Looks like I’m a grower and not much of a shower now! Quinn could see that fully soft, Jacobs cock was only twelve inches long and as thick as a Pringles can. Even his balls had shrunk to something a little more manageable. Take a good look because you’re not going to see it soft like this very often!! I bet! Join me!! Go buy a syringe and join me! I’d love to, man… but I have my own journey coming up… and I think it’s going to rival yours!! Good to hear! I can’t wait. Well, wish I could stay and clean up, but I have followers to initiate into the world of hedonism. Jacob took off the T-shirt he had been wearing and stood in front of Quinn in all of his glory. The testosterone of hundreds of men had perfected his body giving him a larger, muscular frame, and a hairy chest that made his muscles look even sexier. No more clothes for me anymore. Won’t need them. How will you survive? Didn’t I tell you? The day I left America, I bought a lottery ticket… and I won! 50 million dollars!! Good thinking, Quinn!! Give him an even happier ending... a massive cock and 50 million!!! That should be enough to build a temple great enough for this cock. Jacob walked toward the door, opened it, and was about to step out, when he turned back to his friend. Thanks for everything, boy. I might just go to that shop in Soho and buy another syringe or two… see what another dose will do! I bet it will be amazing. I think so too! See you soon, Quinn… and take a hold of that journey you’re about to go on by the balls, and demand the world sees you. Oh… if everything goes to how I imagine it… the world won’t have any option but to see me. Good boy!! It’s our time now. Quinn could hear Jacobs balls loudly beginning to churn and saw a flow of precum begining to leak from his cock head. The aroma hit Quinn right away, and he felt as if he needed to kneel down and worship that God-Cock. Before he submitted, Quinn moved toward the window to clear his head. Bye, Quinn. Don’t worry… we’ll meet again! With that, Jacob left Quinn’s flat. What did the future hold for him? Quinn wasn’t sure, but he knew whatever it was… it was going to be a life satisfying every carnal whim. Exhausted, Quinn leaned against the wall, his own balls aching for relief. Fuck!!! That was amazing, he thought! He was just about to whip his own cock out and jerk off when the bell tone came from his phone. Wonderful! I see your story is complete. Would you like to: a) publish it so it lives on forever, b) delete it and no one will ever know it existed except you, or c) take a moment and edit your story with clearer eyes. What will be your choice? A. Wonderful!!! Your story is now published and out in the world to see. Having completed one story, you have unlocked several new options. We look forward to working with you on your next story. Me too, he thought as he leaned against the wall stroking his hard cock. I can’t wait to see what my next one is!! ... to be continued
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    Thirteen Luke seems to relax once he knows where we’re going. He reminds me a few times that we’re crazy for going all the way to Glasgow for a spontaneous night out but I can tell he’s excited about the whole thing. He hasn’t said as much, but I very much get the sense that he’s secretly impressed by my spontaneity. That rush of being out with Luke and away from Muscle University doesn’t subside either. When I’m sitting opposite him on the train to Glasgow. When we’re walking through the streets trying to find a pub to go to. There’s something else that’s adding to the buzz I’m feeling. Everywhere we go, at the train station, in the streets, in the pub we decide on that’s kind of traditional but has this cool, bohemian feel to it, I notice people looking at me. People actually fucking paying attention to me and my body. Just like they do whenever I go to visit Emily in Bristol. Or anywhere that isn’t on the Montgomery University of Bodybuilding & Fitness campus. Luke has noticed it too. He looks at me a little differently as we stand at the bar getting looks from all directions. It’s like he’s sort in awe of me, just like he was when I was standing in front of him in our dorm room the other day flexing my insanely pumped muscles into a side chest pose. I really fucking love that my muscles have that effect on him. Would it be totally inappropriate to crank out a quick front double bicep in his face while we wait to be served? “I think you’re causing a bit of a stir!” he says to me, as we sit down at a table. I can tell he’s getting a kick out of the attention I’m receiving. I sigh. “The price of being a sexy monster!” Luke smirks and rolls his eyes as he takes his jacket off. “Right. Time to get the guns out!” I announce, standing up and removing my bomber jacket, my thick arms and brutally sized shoulders now on display and the top of my obscene pecs spilling out of my black vest. I sneakily look around and, as predicted, I’m definitely still getting looks. But something gives me a bigger kick when I look back and catch Luke looking straight at my chest with a slight smirk and a sort of awe-struck expression on his face. “You better get used to this kind of attention, Mr Geek to Freak!” Luke gives me a shy grin before he takes a swig of his drink. “Sooo ... better than the Students’ Union bar?” “God yeah! Not quite sure it’s worth that Uber fare though!” “Oh yeah. Cheers for that, dad!” I say, holding up my glass in a toast. “Luke! Look! We’ve escaped Muscle University. We’re with people who …” I gasp, “aren’t huge, freaky bodybuilders! I’d say the Uber fare was worth it!” Luke takes another swig of his drink. And now he’s got that look on his face. The one he gets when he wants to ask me something and is weighing up whether he should or not. I feel a flutter of excitement. Come on, Luke. Ask me if I’m gay. Ask me if I like you. Ask me if you can reach out and feel my flexed biceps. “Can I ask you a question?” God yes! I groan. “You’re not gonna go all Jeremy Kyle on me again are you?” He smirks and looks a little sheepish. Ask me if I want to fucking kiss you. “Do you do this with your friends back home? Analyse them to death?” He pulls a face and shrugs. “Mmmm! Not really. But I know them well so … I don’t really need to!” I roll my eyes and playfully sigh. “Go on then!” “Mmmm! Forget it!” Luke says shaking his head and taking a sip of his drink. Fuck! I went too far. I feel a kick to the stomach. “Okay, how about this. You get to ask me three questions that I have to answer. After those three I’m not obliged to answer anything!” His mouth curls into an excited grin. “Mmmm. Deal!” “Okay then. Fire away!” My body’s buzzing. My heart’s beating faster. Here it fucking comes... “Are you happy here?” Fuck! Well I wasn’t expecting that. My chest suddenly feels tight. It’s the first time anyone’s asked me that question since Johnny Hoxton right at the beginning of the school year. And even he didn’t ask me in such an open and direct manner. I suddenly feel a bit cagey. I have no idea how I’m supposed to answer Luke’s question, so I do what I always do in these situations. I resort to humour. “Mmmm. Yeah! It’s a pretty cool pub!” I say shrugging and looking around. Luke rolls his eyes. “You know what I mean. Are you happy at Montgomery?” And now he looks serious. Even a little nervous, like maybe he’s regretting it and realising that it might be too personal of a question. I groan and slump my shoulders down. “Sort of! I guess?” Luke’s biting his lip and looks at me pensively. “Sometimes I love it. Like, when I’m in Posing Practice 101. I mean I love most of the lectures. It’s pretty much the perfect uni course for me. But …” And now Luke’s giving me this kind, knowing smile. I let out a loud groan. “I just wish the uni was somewhere else! Like, imagine if it was in the middle of London. And we could live off campus!” Luke bites his lip and nods. “Or another city! I mean, even just closer to here would be better. But no, it has to be in the middle of fucking nowhere!” Huh. It’s kind of funny. I was nervous about opening up and answering such a personal question. But now I have, I actually feel kind of relieved. But it’s not just that. It actually feels really good to have opened up to Luke. Maybe even a little exciting. “Hmmm. I see your point!” he says. “Although … in a way I think it’s kinda cool where it is!” I just glare at him like he’s crazy. “Well it kinda reminds me of Hogwarts!” I shake my head and laugh. “For fuck’s sake!” “Only with bodybuilders instead of wizards!” he adds giving me this big goofy grin. “See, that’s the other thing that pisses me off! Bodybuilders! Everywhere I bloody look!” “Is that why you like hanging out with me?” Luke asks, with a little smirk. “Woah, woah, woah! When did I say I like hanging out with you?!” Luke smirks but he looks a little coy too. And then his face drops a little. Like he’s not sure whether there was truth to my joke. My stomach clenches. And now I feel bad. If only Luke knew just how much I like hanging out with him. “Same again?” I ask, pointing to his glass. He frowns and shakes his head. “It’s my round!” Luke gets up and heads to the bar. I watch him walk away. His cute, pert arse straining the denim of his skinny jeans. His little lats stretching the material of his tight, white t-shirt. And something lurches in my stomach. I think there’s this part of me that doesn’t want to like Luke. Doesn’t want to be having these sorts of feelings for him. Maybe for anyone. But another part of me does. Like, really fucking does. I check Instagram on my phone while I wait for Luke to come back. “You are getting LOADS of looks!” he says to me grinning, when he returns to the table. I give him a cocky grin and take a sneaky look around. I notice a gang of lads looking in my direction. And a couple of other people. “I think I know what your Instagram profile’s missing, by the way!” I say, shaking my phone at him. “Oh God!” he says. “What?!” “A picture of you flexing in your shiny, blue posing trunks!” I say matter-of-factly. Luke laughs. “That is NOT happening!” “Why not?! We can take one when we get back to uni!” Oh Jesus. I can’t believe I just suggested that. I take a swig of my vodka and coke and bury my head in my glass for fear of my expression giving anything away. Me taking a picture of Luke in his shiny, blue posers. Luke standing in front of me again in his shiny, blue posers. Both a little tipsy. Both feeling brave. Say yes, Luke. Please say fucking yes. “Okay, second question!” he says, deflecting from the subject. “Already?!” I groan, playfully rolling my eyes. Maybe I should think about becoming a fucking actor? “Go on then!” Luke bites his lip and suddenly looks seriously again. “And I want an honest answer!” He breathes a deep sigh and his chest heaves up and down. Like’s he’s nervous to ask. Yes I’m gay. Yes I like you. YES I WANT TO FUCKING KISS YOU. “Am I completely delusional?” I’m completely thrown. “What?!” Luke’s not saying anything. He’s just sitting there with a serious expression. I feel a sharp tug in my stomach. “Luke, what do you mean?” He sighs. “I mean, this! Me being at Muscle University!” He looks so fucking cut up. It’s obviously something that he worries about. I just want to reach across the table and give him a big hug. Anything to take that expression of worry and doubt off his face. “Where is this coming from?” I ask him. Oh God. I hope it’s nothing I’ve said. “I saw that comment on your Instagram post!” Fuck. Something rises in my chest. I feel a sudden rage at that guy who was mean to Luke. “Ugh. Fuck that fucking dick!” I spit. Luke looks surprised at my reaction. “Luke, you can’t let what people say on the Internet get to you. You don’t think I get negative comments?” “It’s not just that. I mean, I know what the other lads must think of me!” “Luke - they’re not thinking anything! Well, apart from the fact that you wore Harry Potter boxers to Posing Practice 101!” His expression softens and his mouth curls into a big, cheeky grin. I suddenly feel like I want to melt. “Look … you’re obviously smaller than most of the other lads in our year!” He pulls a face. “Okay, all of the lads in our year. But I’ve told you before, you’ll make so many gains. And fast! I mean, they wouldn’t have let you in if they didn’t think you were serious about the bodybuilding thing!” He bites his lip and nods, looking less troubled. I know I’m getting through to him. I know I’m making him feel better. He looks out the window of the pub. “I guess …” and then he looks back at me and rolls his eyes, “I just have impostor syndrome or something!” “I mean, we all have moments of worrying that we’re not good enough!” I tell him. “And worrying about what people think of us!” He raises one eyebrow at me and smirks. “Even you? The self proclaimed sexy bastard?” I laugh. “YES, Luke. Even me!” Wow. I never open up to anyone like this. Other than Emily, of course. Even just the thought of admitting something that could be seen as a weakness to someone makes me feel anxious. And yet, with Luke, I really don’t mind. I really don’t mind at all. “My round!” I announce, jumping up and making my way to the bar. As I do, I wonder whether Luke is checking out my huge arse and pumped lats the way I did with him. A thought which excites me to an almost ridiculous degree. I can feel people’s eyes on me as I stand at the bar in my black vest waiting to be served. I twist my head to look at Luke. And sure enough, he’s looking right at me. Then he suddenly looks nervous and looks down at his phone. Fuck! I go back to the table with the drinks, then mysteriously wiggle my eyebrows at him and go back to the bar. When I come back with two shots of sambuca, Luke rolls his eyes and groans. “I might need this for when I answer your third question!” I tell him, holding the shot glass of sambuca up. My stomach clenches at the thought of what that question might be. Although judging from Luke’s previous two questions, maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up. “I think you’ve got an admirer, by the way!” Luke tells me, signalling back to the bar. “Blonde girl in the blue dress!” I look back and this gorgeous blonde and her ridiculously fake tanned friend are looking right at me. I turn back and pull an “eeeek” face. “Not my type!” I say, shaking my head and burying my face in my glass. And now I’ve just realised what I said. Fuck! Luke suddenly looks a little awkward. Nervous, even. Ask me what my type is, Luke. Just ask me what my fucking type is. But he’s not saying anything. “Okay, hypothetical question!” I say to him. “What would you do if I went away and you had the room to yourself for the WHOLE weekend?” “That’s easy. I’d throw a huge ass party!” he jokes. “Who the fuck would you invite? Your only friend at uni would be away for the weekend?” Luke’s mouth hangs open a little and then he laughs. “Mmmm. Fair point! I’m blaming you for that!” “What do you mean?” “Well if I didn’t feel obliged to hang out with you all the time, I might actually make some other friends!” I laugh. “Oh, you’re obliged to hang out with me are you?” “Yep. I kinda feel bad that you don’t have many friends at Montgomery!” Ha! I love it. “Cheeky fucker!” I say, with a giggle. “It wouldn’t work being friends with the lads at uni. They’d just get jealous of me all the time. It’s the downfall of being this huge and handsome!” He smirks and rolls his eyes. “Whatever you say!” “Come on then! Answer my question. Whole weekend to yourself. What would you do?” Luke pulls a cute thinking face. “Hmmm. Oooh! I’d watch all the Harry Potter films. While just wearing my Harry Potter boxers!” I laugh. What a fucking image! “Why do I get the feeling that you’re not actually joking?” “I’m not!” “Well knock yourself out! I’m going to Bristol next weekend!” “Oh!” he says. And he suddenly looks a little winded. Fuck! “Cool!” he adds, trying to act casual. But he’s clearly bothered about the fact that I’m going away for the weekend. What the fuck does that mean? My insides are suddenly going crazy. “To stay with your friend?” Luke asks. Things suddenly feel a little awkward. “Yep!” I tell him. “It’s my birthday weekend!” His face softens. “Awww! Cool! So at what age does daddy stop letting you use his Uber account?” “When I become a pro bodybuilder. And stop saying daddy!” Luke smirks and looks at something over the shoulder. “Your admirer’s looking again!” he says with a cheeky grin. I shrug. “She’s only human!” He laughs. “Such a cocky bastard!” “Right - time for shots!” I say, reaching for my shot glass of sambuca. “Don’t you want your third question first?” Even though the questions so far have steered away from anything to do with my sexuality, for some reason I feel a weird stab of nerves. I pick up my glass. “Hit me with it!” Luke looks over my shoulder again, biting his lip. His expression turns serious. “Come on!” I order. “I’m thinking!” Luke looks down at the table in thought. Oh God. Just ask me. Just fucking ask me. “Okay!” he says. And then he looks up at me, and oh God - he suddenly looks nervous. “Promise to answer honestly?” Fuck! Surely this is it. Surely he’s gonna ask me. “I swear on my shiny pink posers!” His face breaks out in a smile. Then he turns serious again. “So …” Oh God. Here it comes. Luke’s looking over my shoulder again. “... if she’s not your type ...” And then he looks straight at me. His face full of uncertainty. “... who is?” Oh my fucking God. My chest is blowing up. My pulse is racing. And I have no idea what my face is doing. He did it. He actually fucking asked me the question. But then … oh shit. I suddenly feel panicked. Because what if, after of all this, Luke isn’t gay? And then I’m just a sad fucker with a massive crush on his straight roommate? Maybe that’s for the best. Maybe then I’ll stop thinking about wanting to kiss him and cuddle him. Maybe all of this madness and all these crazy thoughts will finally fucking end. But what if he is gay? What then? Oh God. I have to know. I just have to know. “I’ll tell you …” Fuck! “… but …” Fuckity fucking fuck! “... only if you answer the question too!” Luke looks nervous. But he’s smirking too. This excited little smirk. He cautiously nods at me. “Deal!” This is it. There’s no going back. “On the count of three, we both say a name of someone who’s our type at the same time, and then we down our shots!” I say, holding up my shot glass. “Okay!” Luke replies, picking up his shot glass too, looking even more nervous. “Could be someone famous!” I explain, “or … someone else! On the count of three …” I say, my heart beating faster. “One …” Say my name. Just say my fucking name. “Two …” Say Sebastian Wood. Say Sebastian cocky bastard twatface fucking Wood. “Three …” “JOHNNY HOXTON!” Luke blurts out over my answer of, “BLAINE HOLTON!” I down my sambuca shot in one and Jesus - my mouth and tongue are burning from the sharp, rancid taste. My head is spinning and my body feels like it’s on fire. But not because of the effects of the alcohol. But because Luke is gay. Cute, geeky Luke with his beautiful blue eyes and adorable dimple showing grin. Funny, awesome Luke with his hot little abs and sexy pert arse which spills out of the shiny blue material of his insanely hot posing trunks. Lovely, little Luke who I wanna kiss so very fucking much. “You fancy Johnny?!” Luke’s grimacing from the sambuca and sticking his tongue out. When the effect of the shot wear off, he’s just looking at me with this shy grin. He shrugs. “A bit!” he says sheepishly. “I guess I can see the attraction! I mean … he does have a pretty fantastic arse!” Oh my GOD. Did I actually just say those words out loud to Luke? He beams at me and I’m just smiling back and fuck - Luke’s gay. I literally feel like I want to explode. “So ... Blaine Holton?” he says, pulling a face. I laugh. “What’s wrong with Blaine?” “It’s just so … obvious!” I pull a so what face and shrug. “The man’s practically a fucking God!” Luke smiles but then his face suddenly drops, he breaks eye contact with me and looks down at the table in thought. Like something’s suddenly upset him. I have no idea what. Did I say something wrong? “So …” I begin. He looks up at me again. “Seems like I’m not the only gay guy at Montgomery University after all!” And now Luke’s smiling again. God those fucking dimples. He continues to smile back at me and fuck, suddenly there’s this atmosphere. And it feels like something is happening between us again. Just like it did when we were sitting on my bed the other day after the gym. My chest is expanding. My stomach’s going crazy. And all I wanna do right now is to lean over and kiss him. To kiss my definitely gay roommate Luke. “Right, drink up!” I order, reaching round to grab my jacket. Luke shoots me a confused look. “I’m taking you to a gay bar!”
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    Sixteen I felt it when I woke up this morning. This weird knot in my stomach. And now, as Luke’s taking a shower and I’m looking into my drawer full of shiny posers, it’s there again. Fuck. I’m so bloody nervous and I know exactly what’s causing it. It’s the idea of standing next to Luke in this morning’s Posing Practice 101 lesson with both of us just wearing our posing trunks. Which is fucking absurd. Because we did that very thing last week. And the week before that when we were stood next to each other at the front of the class hitting poses in front of everyone. Me in my emerald green trunks, Luke in his yellow Harry Potter boxers. But things were different back then. Back then I didn’t have these feelings. Back then I didn’t spend whole evenings sitting next to Luke on my bed thinking about how much I want to rest my head in his lap and cuddle up to him. Back then I thought about other things besides how badly I want to fucking kiss him. I go for a pair of bright red posers. Shiny as shit, like all my trunks are. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if Luke’s blue trunks weren’t so insanely fucking hot. And if his arse didn’t look so fucking cute in them. And if I wasn’t feeling so damn bloody horny today. GAH! I’m pulling up my trackies when Luke comes out of the bathroom, topless in his trackies with a towel wrapped around his shoulders. I know exactly what’s hiding under those trackies. Even just the thought of that shiny blue trunk material snuggly resting against his cute beefy bum cheeks round the back (oh God) and being stretched and filled out by Luke’s big bulge round the front (oh Jesus) is causing me to swell. I give him a casual smile. He looks a little awkward, even a little embarrassed, as I fully cover up the ruby red material of my posers. Is that because Luke finds the image of me in a pair of shiny posers just as sexy as I find him in his? Is that even fucking possible? My chest is suddenly expanding at the thought. And now I’m smiling like crazy. I can’t fucking help it. “What poses do you think we’ll be doing today?” Luke asks me as we’re walking to a lecture. I can’t help detect a slight hint of nerves in his voice. He also looks a little troubled. Like something’s bothering him. “Who knows!” I reply, with a shrug. He just nods. But he still looks worried. “You okay?” I ask. “Mmmm!” he nods, completely unconvincingly. I glare at him with an eyebrow raised and his face softens and he smirks. “It’s just …,” he pauses and sighs, “okay, I really like Posing Practice and everything, but I always get a bit nervous beforehand!” “How come?” “Because I know one week Hancox is gonna make us do most musculars!” he explains, biting his lip. I feel a pinch in my chest. “Luke, I’m sure your most muscular is fine!” He raises one eyebrow and gives me a look as if to say, yeah right! “No one will be paying attention to you though. They’ll be too busy hitting their own poses.” He nods, looking a little less concerned. I can tell it’s still on his mind, though. “You know all the lads are jealous of you anyway!” He looks at me confused but excited. My stomach twists with nerves at what I’m about to say next. “Well … you’ve basically got the best and shiniest posing trunks in the class!” Luke’s mouth erupts into this coy little grin. ARGH! Why is he so fucking cute? “Besides! When you start packing on the mass you’ll be killing those most musculars!” He pulls a face like he’s not convinced. A part of me can’t wait to see Luke morph into a bodybuilder. But then, there’s this other part of me that kinda wants him to stay as he is now. Small and cute with hot abs and a beefy little bum. I like the size difference between the two of us. And I kinda like the idea of me getting even more huge and him staying small. So I can protect him. And look after him. And maybe scoop him up in my big arms and occasionally flex and growl like a monster for him. Grrrrr! “That chest routine we did last week at the gym should help!” I tell him, suddenly seeing an opportunity in front of me. “That was really helpful actually. I’ll definitely be doing that again!” My chest flutters. But not because I’m succeeding in my mentoring Luke to get my own room plan, but because I actually helped him. “I could … take a look at your training plan if you want?” I suggest, not looking at him. Oh God. I feel nervous again. “Maybe, you know … make some changes?” I look over and he looks surprised. A little confused. Oh God. Is this too much? Too big of a gesture? “Doesn’t that have to be, like, approved and signed off and everything?” I shrug. “Yeah, but that’s easy. You just take it to Johnny. Plus - this will look good on you. It’ll, you know … show you're using your initiative so early into being on the course! I’ve changed mine a few times. Just give me a copy of your training plan!” “You sure?” “Yeah!” I reply casually, with a shrug. And now Luke’s smiling. This kind of coy but giddy grin. Like he’s flattered by my kindness. I feel kinda warm and fuzzy. But then my stomach clenches when I think about why I’m doing this and now I’m feeling something else. Guilt. “It’ll only take me, like, five minutes! Something to do in between watching Harry Potter films!” I look at Luke with a knowing smirk and he gives me this cute, happy grin back. ARGH! I am just the worst fucking person. If only Luke knew the reason I was helping him out was to get my own room next year. To not have to share with him. Do I even want that anymore? When we get to class, I notice that Deano and Shaun aren’t in their usual spot at the back of the room. Luke is looking around too. We make eye contact and he gives me a knowing smirk. But just as Hancox starts to address us, the pair of them come rushing in and, all of the places they could go, they stand right in fucking front of us. I internally groan. “Alright, boys!” Deano says, twisting his head. “How was the gay bar?” Ha! I can’t help but smirk. He is so fucking predictable it’s untrue. If only Deano knew that our Instagram selfie actually was taken at a gay bar. “It was awesome, thanks!” I say, cheerily. “You lads should come with us next time!” Deano looks at Shaun and they exchange sly smirks. “Don’t worry, mate. With your face, no one would be coming on to you!” I tell him. He gives me a sarcastic, fake smile and turns back to face Hancox. A clearly amused Luke is biting his lip and grinning at me. “Okay, lads, today we’re gonna concentrate on your side poses!” Hancox announces. I look over at Luke and I see the relief wash over his face at the news that we won’t be doing most musculars today. I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing them very soon though. Hancox gives us the nod to strip to our trunks and my stomach clenches. Oh God. This is it. I take my top off and Luke is stripping off too. Just don’t look at him. Don’t look at his abs. Don’t look at his blue shiny poser covered bulge. Don’t look at his arse. His munchable little arse that I just wanna - ARGH. Woody - fucking stop! Okay just look straight ahead. Pretend Luke’s not there. Focus on Deano in front of me. Deano, who’s chosen a pair of blue posers which, as per usual, are the dull, matte kind that aren’t shiny and, as per usual, are bloody awful. It’s kind of absurd how much sexier Luke’s trunks are compared to Deano’s. They’re so big round the back too. They don’t do his big, round bubble butt any fucking favours whatsoever. Doesn’t Deano realise how much hotter his thick arse would look spilling either side of a smaller, shinier pair of trunks like Luke’s? He turns around and shoots me a weird look and I feel a pang of nerves. God. I hope he doesn’t think that I was just checking out his arse? I keep it casual and just glare at him as if to say, what’s your problem and he turns around. But then he looks over his shoulder at Luke and his eyes go down and my chest tightens. I suddenly feel very protective of my roommate. I swear, if Deano fucking says anything to him. “Do you sleep in those posers, Henderson?” UGH! I look at Luke, now wearing nothing but his shiny blue trunks and my heart flutters. Fuck. My eyes can’t help but veer down. I see the line separating his little pecs. His sexy abs carved onto his tummy. Even his belly button is cute as hell. And then there’s his trunk covered bulge. The shiny blue poser material straining right before my bloody eyes. Oh Jesus! Luke looks more embarrassed than annoyed at Deano’s comment. I can tell he doesn’t know how to respond. I guess he’s not as quick with the comebacks as I am. “You wear them every lesson!” Deano says, smirking. ARGH! Fuck off, Deano. I’m ready to jump in but then he says something else. “Can daddy not afford to give you any money for a new pair?” Something lurches in my stomach. I’m not sure if I’m more pissed off at Deano or more just worried at what effect that comment has had on Luke. Of all the fucking things Deano could have said. But Luke completely surprises me. “Well, since my dad passed away last year, I think that would be a no!” he says, completely straight faced. HA! Deano’s face drops. He looks so uncomfortable. He turns to Shaun with this awkward look on his face, almost like he’s expecting his mate to rescue him. But Shaun’s not saying anything. God I love it. “Nice one, Hemsworth!” I say to Deano putting my hand on his back. Hancox starts addressing us and they both turn away from us. I look at Luke, worried about what mentioning his dad has done but so so fucking proud that he actually silenced Deano. Something I’ve never managed to do myself. Luke pulls an eeeek face and then his mouth curls into this coy but pleased grin. Like he’s all proud of himself. As Hancox gives us the instruction to turn to our sides, I turn to my right. At the same time though, Luke turns to his left. And now we’re just facing each other. Both naked except for our shiny posers. My huge, bulging torso facing his smaller, toned body. Shiny poser covered bulges with less than half a foot between them. Oh God. And there’s this … tension. This chemistry. I’m looking at his face. I’m nervous to look anywhere else. To look down at his physique and his shiny posers. Even though I kind of want to. Even though I definitely fucking want to. He looks a little nervous. Awkward, even. Like he doesn’t know where to look either. But then his mouth curls into this adorably coy grin. And now I’m suddenly smiling back. While looking at his eyes. Those stunning, blue eyes. And those little parenthesis-like dimples on his cheeks. A Woody and Luke moment times a fucking thousand. Hancox instructs us to hit our first side chest pose, reminding us to ensure to face the front of the room. I transition into the pose, doing as he instructs. My bicep popping. My pecs bulging off my chest. Facing the front. Occasionally looking down at my huge, bulging muscles. But out of the corner of my eye I can see Luke, hitting his own side chest next to me. And I can’t resist looking over. Seeing him flexing and tensing, this adorable look of determination and concentration on his face. His shoulder is sticking out and his little bicep is tensed. My tummy flutters. And I’m suddenly grinning. Suddenly all I want to do is watch Luke flexing. He suddenly catches me looking and his eyes meet mine and fuck, he looks nervous. So I look away and to the front. But when I take a sneaky look back, he’s got this sheepish grin on his face. Like he’s getting a kick out of the fact that I was looking at him. Bloody hell! When the lesson’s almost over and everyone is putting their clothes back on, Hancox unexpectedly starts to address the whole class. “Okay, lads, Johnny has asked me to make a special announcement. Lads. Are you listening?” I’m putting my t-shirt back on over my head when everyone in the class hushes and focuses their attention on Hancox. “So as you are all no doubt aware, the university is holding an end of term bodybuilding competition for it’s students next month. Now traditionally this has only been open to second and third year students …” Fuck. My heart leaps into my throat. Is Hancox about to say what I think he is? “... but this year we’ve decided to open it up to you first years!” Oh my God YES! I look over at Luke. I don’t know what I’m expecting but he’s looking at me wide eyed and excited. I sometimes forget how much Luke loves bodybuilding. Probably because of his size. In front us, Deano leans in to Shaun and whispers something. Being one of the top five lads in the year, I know for a fact Deano will be entering. I’m not so sure about Shaun. The guy’s hardly a monster. I see him looking at Deano with this grin on his face, almost like he’s in awe of him. It’s probably nothing, but I can’t help but wonder whether Shaun is actually secretly in love with Deano. Awww. That would actually be kinda cute. “They’ll be a special category for first year students to compete in. The winner and runner up will go on to compete against the second and third years.” Wow. Okay, I know I probably won’t win the category but I might have a shot at runner up, depending on who else is competing. The thought of competing against some of the third year monsters is so fucking exciting. God - how the hell will I decide what colour trunks to wear? “All first year students are welcome to compete!” Deano twists his head around and looks at Luke with this sly smirk on his face. Like he’s about to make some snide comment about him entering the competition. My chest tightens. But then Deano’s smirk drops and he awkwardly glances at me and quickly faces the front of the class again. Like he’s suddenly remembered how he put his foot in it last time and ended up looking like a dick by mentioning Luke’s dad. Ha! “If you do put yourself forward though, be warned - you will be required to do some course work centering around the competition and you’ll be awarded extra credit.” Extra course work? Meh. No fucking problem. “Entry forms for the competition are going up on the university website this Friday!” “Are you gonna enter?” Luke asks me as we walk out of class and make our way back to our dorm room. “And compete against Deano? Fuck yeah!” Luke gives me an excited grin and I suddenly have a thought. If I compete in the end of term bodybuilding show, there’s a very good chance that Luke will be sitting in the audience. Sitting there watching me flex my muscles on stage, tanned and wearing whatever colour shiny posers I’ve chosen. Cranking up the attitude and being the cocky little fucker I always am when I compete at a bodybuilding show. God. What will be going through Luke’s mind? Merely thinking how much of a cocky twat I am? Thinking how amazing I look all tanned up? Or maybe something more. “Oh, by the way, the next time we go to Glasgow I am buying ALL of your drinks!” I tell him. “Plus your train fare. And the Uber fare. Okay, my dad’ll pay for your Uber fare!” Luke looks at me, confused but smiling. “Oh-kaay! Any particular reason?” “You shut Deano up!” Luke pulls an eeeek face and coyly grins. “That was pretty funny!” he says. I nod, and then I feel a sharp pain in my stomach remembering what happened. And how exactly Luke silenced Deano. “Sorry. You know. About Deano!” I say, a little nervously, not looking at him. God I suck at this. Luke’s not saying anything but I can feel his eyes burning into my side. I cautiously look at him. He looks confused, a little surprised but kind of happy too. He’s smirking at me anyway. “Why are you sorry?” I shrug. “Dunno! Just … felt like the right thing to say!” His mouth curls into this big, warm grin. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a parent. I feel like I’d handle it in the complete opposite way to how Luke does. I wouldn’t talk about it. I’d just bottle it up. Put on a brave face. Be my usual cocky self. Pretend that nothing was wrong. I guess I’m kinda good at that. “I actually felt a bit sorry for Deano back there!” Luke says. “What?!” “Well how could he have known about my dad?” Luke says, still smiling. I shake my head. “Feeling sorry for Deano! You know there’s such a thing as being too nice, Luke?” And you’re way too nice to be with someone like me. Something pulls in my stomach when I have that thought. Luke just shrugs at my comment. “Typical Hufflepuff!” I say, playfully shaking my head, Luke beaming in response. “So … do you think I need to get some more posers?” Luke asks me when we’re back at the dorm room and I’m dumping my backpack down on my bed. I spin around and give him a stern look. “Luke, do NOT listen to what that twat says to you! Although … I would never discourage anyone from buying new posing trunks!” I feel a pinch of nerves, coupled with excitement, as I look at Luke for his reaction. He’s giving me this sheepish smile. “Actually ... there was another pair I liked in the campus store!” he says, sitting on his bed and biting his lip. “Yeah?” I ask, trying not to smile so widely. Luke nods. He looks a little nervous. “The shiny pink ones!” Oh my GOD! I’m smiling like crazy. I can’t help it. God I love it. “Buy ‘em!” I tell him. “Hmmm. Even you won’t wear your pink ones to Posing Practice, though!” he replies with a big, teasing grin. I pull a face and shrug. “Maybe it’s time to start!” Luke pulls a playfully serious face. “A true Gryffindor would!” I laugh. “Okay. If you pluck up the courage to buy the pink trunks from the campus store, then I’ll wear my pink trunks to Posing Practice!” Luke nods and grins at me. “Okay! Sounds like a deal!” I smile back at him. And for the rest of the day, all I can think about is not the idea of potentially kicking Deano’s big, round arse and competing against some of the third year monsters at the end of term bodybuilding show, and not even the idea of Luke watching me in the audience as I rip up the stage like an animal, but how insanely fucking sexy Luke’s cute arse would undoubtedly look spilling out of a pair of brand new shiny pink posing trunks.
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    Listen, I know I’m being a little forward and maybe coming on too strong, but I caught you watching me as I worked out and . . . well, it kind of turns me on. I’m really an exhibitionist at heart. I crave attention. I guess you could say that’s why I work out. I want to get these muscles bulging so people will notice me . . . blatantly stare at me. I can see the desire in your eyes, man. Even now, you keep stealing glances down at my arms. I got ‘em nice and pumped for you, didn’t I? No need to answer, man, your open mouth is all the reply I need. Arms maketh the man, as they say . . . right? Look at you squirming. I’m making you nervous, aren’t I? What’s the matter, cat got your tongue? No biggie, dude, your body is speaking volumes. Each time I tense my arms, like this, your body quivers a little – like you got a chill or something. It’s really cute. And those nylon basketball shorts ain’t hiding a thing, man. You’re sporting a mighty fine slab of sausage, too – that’s clear to see. Something must be rocking your world. Muscles do it for you, man? Cause showing off all my bulging mass for a guy gets me stiffer than a Redwood. Wow, cue the heavy breathing. I could give you a show right here, right now if you’d like, man. It would be no problem. I don’t care if anybody walks in. Hell, they can enjoy the performance, too. The more the merrier is always my motto. I bet you like the way hard muscle feels, don’t you man? I bet you’re a groper. Cupping softball-sized biceps, kneading stone-like pecs, or strumming a solid six-pack. I’m thinking all of that makes you as weak as a wet noodle. Dude, you might as well just take a good long stare at my arms – quit with the furtive glances. I’m telling you I don’t mind. Yeah, that’s it, take a long gulping drink of my bulging guns. And now we have some major tent action in your shorts. The body never lies, bud. That rod of yours has just ratted you out as a verified Grade A muscle-pig. Just as I suspected. Nothing wrong with that dude, so quit your blushing. I pack on muscle to make guys like you happy. Sure, there’s a messy financial side of what’s taking place between us right now, but let’s not rush into anything just yet. I’m enjoying our little one-sided chat. Almost as much as I’m enjoying you turning into a blob of drooling blubber. Oh dayum, I just realized I must be your first time. Am I right, man? Another red face confirms it. You mean it’s possible that a guy as cute as you has never been approached before. Oh fuck, make my day and tell me you’re also a muscle worshipping virgin. Bingo! I’ve hit the jackpot. You look to be about twenty-six or seven. There must be so much pent-up sexual frustration in that body of yours you’ll be like Mount Vesuvius when you finally erupt. My hard chest is just dying to be the city of Pompeii and be covered by your hot man-lava. Oh bummer, gray shorts don’t hide leakage very well, do they? Sorry about that, man. Listen, I had a killer workout today and the endorphins that are kicking around in my body have me higher than a kite. That, in turn, makes me feel very generous. Very generous, indeed. How about I give you an introductory worshipping session for free? Consider it an early Christmas, birthday, or Hanukah gift. No, don’t go feeling guilty or non-deserving. Just take it in the spirit it is given. Trust me, I’m going to make sure I have some fun, as well. So, I take that bouncing crotch of yours as a positive response. I only have one request, dude. You fix me dinner when we’re done. You look like someone who’d be a good cook and I haven’t had a homemade meal in a while. Most guys into muscle just want to take me to fancy restaurants so they can show off their trophy. I don’t mind, but it would be kind of nice to drink my beer from a bottle, go shirtless at the dinner table, and stroke your hardness with my bare foot as we eat. Wait ‘til you see these puppies flexed, dude. You’re going to think you’ve died and gone to muscle heaven. I know I’ve kind of insinuated myself into your plans for the evening, but I’m thinking you don’t mind. I’m thinking I’m about to unleash a major muscle-loving whore that’s been buried inside of you for a long time. Let’s go do some groping, stud.
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    Part Three I didn’t remember much about the rest of the evening – except the way Mr. Dennis’ hand felt every time it squeezed or stroked part of my body. When he took it away to eat or do something else, I immediately missed his firm grip and loving caresses. To say I was smitten was an understatement. The man was witty, charming, brutally honest, and steered the evening like some kind of magnificent elder captain of an ocean liner and I was his number one cabin boy. He was confident in the way I had dreamed my chosen subject would be – clearly able to be the one in charge, but in a gentle way and harsh only when he needed to be. Maybe it was the Borolo, maybe it was his aftershave, or maybe it was just knowing what was to come when we got to my place – but I was able to finally relax into the evening and just – as Mr. Dennis had suggested – be in the ‘now.’ Soon, we were back in my car, his strong hand gripping my thigh again, and I was rock hard knowing we were headed towards our destiny. We would soon be linked in what I was sure would be an unbreakable bond. “So, Tommy-boy has a little muscle and strength fetish, huh?” asked Mr. Dennis out of the blue as his forefinger pressed into the side of my hard rod. “What?” I asked, swerving a little in the road because the question caught me off guard. “Whoa, you okay there, bud? Need this elder man to drive? Too much Borolo will do that to a man,” he replied. “No, I’m fine. I promise. The two coffees and dessert helped a lot. I was just surprised by your statement.” “I don’t see why, Thomas. Every chance you got tonight you steered the conversation toward muscles and strength. Methinks you might be a little obsessed.” I did not like where this conversation was headed. It reminded me that I had already revealed too much information about my desires – my secrets. I was all too close to the plan I had been working so long and so hard to fulfill and I was nervous something would go wrong. I let silence be my answer, but Mr. Dennis continued. “Hey, it’s cool, friend. We all have kinks. We shouldn’t be embarrassed by them. I happen to love dominating a guy – well, smothering might be a more appropriate word. I like the idea of leading some young buck through life – being his mentor, his guide, his alpha. Again with the swerving - are you sure you’re okay?” “I’m great, Mr. Dennis. I’m perfect, as a matter of fact.” I was suddenly realizing that maybe the inner workings of the man I had chosen weren’t going to be that affected by his upcoming outer changes. I was suddenly sweating a little from the nervous excitement caused by this gray-haired, soon-to-be massive, older man telling me he loved to be an alpha. This seemed like the icing on my already perfect cake. It also caused more trouble for me in the southern parts of my body. My already throbbing cock began to ache with anticipation – no, with a need to have the change already happened. “I detect a quickened heartbeat and an increased rise at your crotch from my little confession, cute little Tommy. You want some older man to put you on a short leash?” “Not any older man, sir. One specific older man,” I said, glancing to him with such a serious look I was suddenly afraid I might be coming on too strong. “Hot damn, boy, that mouth of yours can say the nicest things. I’ll be as stern as you want me to be. I’m not a bully, though. I’ll just be that guy that suggests what you should wear, orders your meal for you, intimidates other guys that flirt with you, and leads you through lovemaking like a masterful potter working with clay. How does that sound?” “Like heaven, Mr. Dennis. Just like heaven.” The hand stroking my thigh reached over and squeezed my full hardness and his low growl of approval made the big thing twitch. I was now officially his – even before the change. I could feel it. I wanted him desperately, as is, and knew the changes would simply make me desire him more – if that were possible. It was crazy, but I got the feeling he wanted me, as well. I wasn’t sure if it was just for one night or for a lifetime, but I didn’t get hung up about that. I simply took his desire for what it was worth – right then and now. We were two lost ships that had somehow found each other among all the oceans, seas, and ports in the world. I began to think fate was approving of my plan and just kept making Mr. Dennis even more perfect than he had been before. “Hell, Tommy-boy, I hope you like you’re plowing hard, because I’m so turned on I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to control myself,” Mr. Dennis said, running his free hand through his gorgeous gray hair. I wanted to tell him I was hoping he’d never be able to control himself again. I wanted to tell him I was about to turn him into this senior muscled superhero, whose outsides would soon equal all of the alpha manliness he felt inside. Turning into my driveway almost made me cum. Mr. Dennis told me he was very impressed with my house and when he took his hand away from my leg I immediately felt a deep void. I didn’t have to suffer too long, though, because he was on my side of the car even before I stepped out and had a guiding arm around my waist as we walked up the bricked path to my big front porch “Such a big house for one guy,” Mr. Dennis said, looking at my home. “I have a feeling it will seem a lot smaller very soon,” I said – throwing caution to the wind since I was steps away from my goal. “Yeah, two people will make it more intimate, don’t you think,” he replied – not knowing how his future size would make everything intimately small. As I unlocked the door, Mr. Dennis’s wandering hand went from my lower back down to my ass and gripped hard. I was learning first hand – no pun intended – that the silver fox had a one-track mind when it came to his interests. I didn’t mind at all. Being smothered by all of his future huge body was going to be such pleasure. God, the man’s hand knew how to please. I figured that came with age and experience – another reason I loved mature men. He firmly grasped my cheek and lifted upward, making me go up on my toes. Then, his fingers slid firmly up into my crack and teased the pleasure zone up in there, mercilessly. I kept missing the keyhole because I couldn’t focus on what I was doing. I had a feeling he’d never miss any holes. “Damn, your ass is going to turn me into a beast, boy,” he growled as he prodded his hand further forward. “You have no idea,” I whispered, smiling and finally getting the door opened. The man never let his hand leave my ass – guiding me into the house like some kind of puppet master maneuvering every part of me with his fingers. There was a quick glance around the big front hall and then the man spun both of us around and pushed me into the door he had expertly shut with his foot. His slightly smaller, elder, still pretty-tight body slammed up against mine, knocking the wind from me a little. Instantly, a hard thigh parted my legs and pushed firmly into my fully erect cock. Hands gripped my wrists and forced my arms to my sides. Then, to really send me over the top, a silver-stubbled face scraped strongly against mine as Mr. Dennis’ lips attacked me. It was a brutal love assault that made my toes scrunch up in my shoes and my fingers uncontrollably ball into tight fists from indescribable pleasure. Older men simply knew how to kiss better than anyone else in the world. Maybe it was because they had spent a lifetime of kissing frogs in hopes of making one of them turn into a prince – and ended up trying again and again when the dude just stayed a frog. Or maybe it was simply because years of practice – as well as years of learning the techniques of other men – made them pros. It was like a great, great grandmother’s perfect recipe that was improved even more as it passed down through the generations. Whatever it was, Mr. Dennis was a Grade-A, powerful, aggressive kisser in a league all of his own – I had never been forced to submit my mouth, as well as my entire body, in such a euphoric way. I immediately became putty in his hands and he could have had his way with me in any manner he chose. I even briefly forgot about my plan to come – simply awash with so much orgasmic joy I could only focus on the multiple different reactions he was causing in my body. He pulled his lips from mine and I instantly let out a moan of displeasure – clearly telling him I didn’t want him to stop. “Thought I’d show you what this old man is capable of from the get-go, Thomas. Just wanted you to know how happy I am you spoke to me tonight.” “Just kiss me, please sir! God, just kiss me,” I said, begging for him to return to what he was doing. His wrinkle-framed lips were back on mine in a flash and I went back up on the tips of my toes from the incredible sensation that shot through my body. I knew I was forever his yes-boy at that exact moment. I had never been so turned on by a pair of lips. I had never been so expertly whipped into an orgasmic frenzy. His tongue invaded my mouth in a way that caused me to feel small and weak, but at the same time it caused a feeling of pure bliss, as well. His thigh pushed against my crotch the way a linebacker might hit an opposing team’s player – hard, powerful, and causing a loss of breath. I was on sensory overload, afraid I might pass out at any second. The man sensed all of this and pulled his face back again. “You’re making me feel so powerful, son,” he growled, staring into my eyes. “That’s my intention, sir.” His hands still held my arms to my side and I imagined how it would feel when his body would not even register anything I did to try and break free – when he would easily hold me in place any time he wished. His hot mouth returned to mine, his thigh thrust into my groin even harder, and I started to wish for release. He had driven me to the point of no return. I wanted to explode. I wanted the old man to make me offer him a powerful orgasm. This time, I turned my head to speak and he simply continued to suck on my neck as I begged. “Please make me cum, Mr. Dennis. I want to cum for you.” “Aw yeah, Tommy-boy is ready to bust his nuts big time, isn’t he? Let’s not rush the evening, though, son. This old man isn’t one of those guys that needs to be in bed by eight o’clock. I can make it all night long, Thomas. Let’s hold off on that release for a little while longer. I want to have you leaking with anticipation. How about a drink?” And just like that, the senior tease released me and backed away. I stayed pressed against the door with my head turned sideways and my eyes closed for a few more seconds and then the word ‘drink’ registered in my head. Like a man that fell in a well and took hours to climb back out, I dragged myself back from the cliff of ejaculation and snapped totally present in an instant. I knew exactly where the small bottle of liquid to put this man to sleep for the upcoming change rested on a shelf in a kitchen cabinet – waiting so patiently for this day. Him backing off and requesting a drink was the only thing that could have quieted my libido at that point. I turned and smiled at the now slightly disheveled gorgeous older man. “What’s your choice of poison, Mr. Dennis?” “What kind of whiskey would a nice man like you have, Thomas?” “Black Bush, sir.” “Mmmmm, the protestant one, that shows some character. I’ll have some of that, good sir. Straight, with no chaser. Just to show you how strong I am.” My balls immediately ached more and I found it hard to walk as the man put his now familiar hand on my back and led me towards the kitchen after I nodded in its direction. To show me how strong he was, indeed. He had no idea what those words did to me or how the image of him being really strong by this time tomorrow played again and again as he went off to explore more of the house leaving me totally alone to fix his drink. Strong whiskey would more than hide the smell and taste of the almost totally bland mixture that promised non-disturbed sleep for about twelve hours. That would be more than enough time for me to inject this senior daddy with the formula I had spent most of my waking hours over three years to perfect. And it would take even less for the changes to happen. I held out the drink to him when he came back into the kitchen. I had poured myself some, as well, but mine had a little water and some ice. He took the class and we raised them in a toast. “Here’s to your health,” I said. “Here’s to you getting plowed tonight,” he responded with a laugh and then he downed the entire glass with one huge, beautiful, manly gulp.
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    Next chapter and here's an illustration of Luke that the awesomely talented @reeddune very kindly did for me! And if there are any Harry Potter fans reading you might appreciate some of the references in this chapter! Fifteen The first thing I think when I wake up the next morning is what the fuck have I done? So now Luke either thinks I’m a complete fucking psycho who goes from being happy and taking selfies one minute to suddenly being arsey with everyone and storming out of pubs for absolutely no reason the next. Or worse, he’s figured out what really happened last night. He’s worked out that the real reason I demanded we leave the bar was because I was overcome with jealousy because I found him with another guy whispering into his ear with his hand on his shoulder. Fuck! No. Surely Luke wouldn’t jump to that conclusion? I remember what he said to me last night in the pub. “A bodybuilder wouldn’t be interested in me.” It pained me to hear him say that, but he seemed so convinced that it was true. But what if he’s figured out that, despite this belief, he’s met a bodybuilder who actually does like him? What if he can tell I have feelings for him? What if he didn’t think it before, but now his mind is working overtime and his head is spinning at the realisation that maybe there’s a chance that I do? And if Luke hasn’t come to that conclusion, surely he must be wondering what happened? I think that perhaps what I’m scared of more than anything is Luke’s opinion of me changing. Luke thinking less of me than he did before because of my actions last night. A thought which makes my stomach feel like it’s being tightened by a vice. As soon as Luke gets out of bed to use the bathroom my stomach flips. I need to know that everything’s okay. I need to know that Luke doesn’t think I’m a complete and utter psychopath. While still under my duvet, I prop my upper body up by my elbows and eagerly wait for him to come back into the room. He gives me a weird, half smile when he emerges. Fuck. That’s not good. “How’s the head?” I ask, my heart beating faster under the vest I sleep in. Luke looks at me with a knowing smirk. “Not too bad!” he says, climbing back into bed. Okay, that’s a little bit better. But I’m still not convinced that everything’s back to normal. That everything’s okay between us. Ugh. I fucking hate this. How do people do this whole dating and trying to figure out boys stuff? I need to get away for a little bit, away from the room and away from Luke, so I go to my usual gym at Watson House. All of the gyms at the university are supervised by at least one of the teachers. Currently that teacher at this particular gym is Johnny Hoxton. When I’m done with my workout and I’m heading towards the exit, Johnny, sat behind the gym’s reception desk, makes eye contact with me and nods. “Alright, sir!” I say, going over to him. “Woody! Here by yourself?” he asks, with a cheeky raised eyebrow and a slight smirk. I roll my eyes and smirk back. “Told you, sir. I prefer to train alone!” I reply, a little too cheekily. Johnny gives me a stern, wide eyed look. “We came here last Wednesday. Together!” I say, my tummy fluttering at the mention of me and Luke. Being together. Johnny smiles and nods. “And was it so bad?” I shrug. “Suppose not!” I reply, failing to suppress a smile. Johnny gives me a knowing smile back. “Did you find out his weakest body part?” “Yep. Chest!” “And you gave him some good advice I hope?” “He’ll be bouncing his pecs in no time, sir.” Johnny grins. “Why don’t you … offer to make some adjustments to his current training plan? Help him to devise a new and improved one. I mean, we’ll need to approve it first, obviously. But I trust you’ll do a good job, Woody!” I roll my eyes and groan. But it’s mostly for effect. I don’t actually mind the idea of helping Luke out with a new training plan. Fuck it, I actually really love that idea. I imagine what he’d say. “Oh wow! Thanks!” And he’d give me one of those cute little smiles with his dimples showing and I’d probably respond by feeling like I wanted to melt and just grab him by whatever geeky t-shirt he was wearing, pull him to my body and kiss his cute, little lips. And then I have a thought. Maybe this is how I can get back in Luke’s good books after last night’s antics? A way of redeeming myself. “Fine!” I sigh, as if it’s a big grievance. But Johnny’s just smirking at me and giving me this look. Like he knows it’s all an act. Like he knows I’m actually enjoying hanging out with Luke. Fuck! Why does Johnny have this weird ability to see right fucking through me? As I walk back to the dorm room, I feel a sudden pang of nerves. Because, despite my exchange with Luke this morning, I still don’t know if my behaviour last night is going to have any repercussions. I get to my door. I have no idea what’s waiting for me inside. Whether Luke is actually in. God I hope he’s in. The first thing I see when I open the door is Luke’s bare calves. Modestly sized and meaty and oh so fucking cute. He’s lying on his bed facing the wall in a pair of blue shorts. He’s got his little white sport socks again. Ankles showing. One of his pumped little lats is peeping underneath a white t-shirt. I can’t really see what’s on the front of it. He’s asleep. Clearly still a bit hungover. He looks so cute and peaceful. I hover for a little bit in the middle of the room and look at him and my insides go all funny. Jesus. What is this boy doing to me? I put my blue Muscle University hoodie on and quietly sit on my bed, careful not to make too much noise and wake Luke up. I pick up my phone and go to the selfie I took of us last night in the pub. I can’t stop smiling as I look at the two of us grinning into the camera together. An idea suddenly comes to me. I get out my sketchbook and pencil and do something I hardly ever do; I start to draw an illustration which doesn’t involve thick pecs, shredded abs or ripped quads. A picture of me and Luke, our faces close together and smiling. I’m so engrossed that I don’t realise that Luke has woken up until he’s walking to the bathroom. I feel a sharp panic and stop what I’m doing. He glances over at me with a suspicious smirk on his face. My sketchbook is propped up on my thighs, hidden from his view. I try and act cool and give him a little smile back, but I probably look guilty as hell. When Luke’s in the bathroom, I hide the sketchbook under my pillow and sneakily get my regular notebook and pen out instead. “Alright!” he says to me, when he walks out, looking a little awkward. I can see now that he’s wearing a Ghostbusters t-shirt. Fucking Ghostbusters! I’m going around acting like a crazed lunatic because of a boy who wears Ghostbusters t-shirts! “Yeah. You?” I ask. I feel a pang of nerves. Oh God it’s awkward. Luke nods and goes back to his bed, propping himself up against the wall facing my side of the room. Like he wants to engage with me. Which is something at least. “Did you go the gym earlier?” he asks. “Yeah!” He pulls a face. “Why are you not as hungover as I am?” I can tell he still feels a little awkward, but he's making the effort to talk to me regardless. “Well I do have about forty pounds on you, Luke! Which means I need to drink twice as much to get pissed!” I smile and he gives me this cute smile back as he leans his head against the wall and it feels like my whole body breathes a big sigh of relief. Maybe things are going to be okay between us after all. Maybe I actually didn’t monumentally fuck things up last night. I put my notebook back in my drawer. I actually do feel a bit hungover. I could probably do with just rolling over and having a nap. But I wanna hang out with Luke more. He’s still got his head tipped back against the wall. And now he’s got his eyes closed. “Do you know …” Luke opens his eyes and looks at me. “… ever since that first Posing Practice lesson when you wore your boxers shorts …” His mouth curls into a little smirk. “… there’s something that I’ve really, really wanted to do!” And now Luke looks kinda nervous. Oh my God. What the fuck does he think I’m gonna say? “What?” he asks me, biting his lip. “Watch a Harry Potter film!” His face relaxes and he smiles back. “Fancy watching Harry Potter?” I ask. “Always!” he says, enthusiastically. Fucking YES! I reach for my laptop, trying so hard not to smile so fucking much. “Am I coming to you?” Luke asks. There’s a hint of nerves in his voice. I shrug. “Can do!” I say, not looking at him. He gets off his bed and walks over to mine. My tummy flips as he sits down on my bed. His little legs about a foot away from my body. Fuck. I bring my hand to my mouth and start chewing on a nail in an attempt to hide my smile. “You can choose which one!” I say, sliding the laptop over to Luke. Our eyes meet and we’re both grinning and fuck - another little moment where it feels like something’s happening between us. Another Woody and Luke moment. Luke puts my laptop in his lap and plays around with it and all I can think is how fucking lucky my laptop is right now. I hand him a pillow and have to stop from getting the other one for myself. Because my sketchbook is under that fucking pillow. I lean on my elbow, Luke sitting up above me, propped up against the wall. He places the laptop in front of us and the film starts to play. I don’t know whether he’ll ask me what happened last night at some point. Maybe it’s for the best that he doesn’t. That we just pretend like nothing happened. I guess I’m kind of good at burying my head in the sand. Maybe Luke’s the same? “I remember this one!” I say as the film starts. It looks like one of the darker, later films. “This is quite a good one isn’t it?” “One of the best!” Luke says, enthusiastically as he geeks out. I look up and he’s looking down at me with this excited grin. Dimples out. My insides melt. Argh! This. Fucking. Boy. The film is great. Better than I remembered. But it’s not so much the film that I’m enjoying. It’s just being here with Luke. Having him on my bed, just inches away from me. His legs are right there. I could just scoot over and rest my head against his thighs. And he could respond by placing his hand on my back. Maybe even playing with my hair. God. What would that feel like? To cuddle up to Luke? To touch him and be affectionate with him? I wonder if he’s had similar thoughts. Even just fleeting moments of desire. Maybe he’s even having one right now? Maybe he’s thinking about how much he’d love to rest his arm on my back and gently tickle me. Maybe wrap it round my shoulders and arms? Maybe even cheekily squeeze my bicep. I’d let him. Feel any muscle he wanted. Touch any part of my body. Hell, I’d let Luke kiss all six of my abs if he fucking wanted to. There’s a scene in the film featuring a Quidditch match. It’s Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff. “Didn’t you say you were a Hufflepuff?” I ask Luke. “Yep!” he says, proudly. “Are you sure you’re not just a little poof?” I look up and Luke’s grinning, in spite of himself, and shaking his head. “What do you mean you’re a Hufflepuff? Like, how do you know?” “There’s a test online! It tells you what Hogwarts house you’d be in based on your personality!” “For fuck’s sake!” I say, shaking my head. “So … Hufflepuff’s are, like, the geeks?” Luke rolls his eyes. “Yes, Woody. Exactly that!” “Come on then, what are Hufflepuffs supposed to be like?” Luke shugs. “Google it if you’re that interested!” I pull a face as if to say I’m not. Even though I actually am. Even though I’m wondering whether Hufflepuffs are supposed to be cute and funny and adorable. And have dimples and oddly small feet and cute, little calf muscles. “Sooo …. what house do you think I’d be sorted into?” I ask Luke. “Hmmm. Maybe Gryffindor?” I feel a flutter in my chest, because I’m pretty sure Luke just paid me a compliment. “Isn’t that the one Harry’s in?” “Yeah!” “Okay, I’m looking this up!” I say, reaching for my phone. I Google and get a whole bunch of results. “Gryffindors are adventurous, brave and determined!” I say, reading from the search page. Huh. Is that how Luke sees me? Look, I know it’s just a stupid online quiz, but I can’t help feeling a slight buzz. I know. I’m fucking ridiculous. I carry on looking at the results on my phone. “Here it says … generally regarded as brave, though sometimes to the point of recklessness!” I look up at Luke and he’s glaring at me wide eyed. “Well that last part’s right!” “How am I reckless?!” “Erm … booking Ubers on your dad’s account? Going all the way to Glasgow for a night out? Flirting with gay guys on Instagram for everyone to see?” I smirk and shrug and look at my phone again. “Oh wait - it also says here that Gryffindors are usually sexy bastards with huge biceps and hot abs? Huh!” I look up at Luke and he’s smirking and shaking his head. “Anything about being an arrogant twat?” I laugh. “Right, let’s look up Hufflepuff!” I say, my chest expanding with excitement and anticipation. I already have my guesses as to what it’s gonna say. Cute. Funny. Extremely huggable. “Okay, it says Hufflepuffs are hard working, dedicated, patient and loyal.” Awww. I haven’t known him long but that does kinda sound like Luke. I especially hope the loyal part is true. I pretend to carry on reading. “And are also massive geeks who wear Ghostbusters t-shirts and turn up to Posing Practice 101 wearing bright yellow Harry Potter boxers shorts. Thought so!” I say, throwing my phone down. I look up and Luke’s giggling. I bite my lip and carry on watching the film. Luke shivers. “You cold?” I ask. “Mmmm! A bit.” “Get a hoodie or something!” “Can’t be arsed to move!” he says. I look up at him and playfully roll my eyes. “Thanks for last night, by the way,” Luke says, when I’m turned away from him and watching the film again. Fuck! My stomach clenches at the mention of our night out. I didn’t think Luke was going to bring it up. I shrug. “No need to thank me!” I say, not looking up. “It was a good night!” he says. Until I turned into a total fucking twat. “It was!” I say, nodding, still not looking up. I want to say I’m sorry for the way I acted, but I just don’t have the nerve. Some Gryffindor I am. “Can you just pause the film for a sec?” Luke says. Oh God. What is happening? Is Luke going to ask me about last night? “Ummm … yeah!” I say, pressing pause and feeling absurdly nervous. But Luke just slides off the bed and goes to use the bathroom and I breathe a heavy sigh of relief. For fuck’s sake. What the hell am I so scared of? I pick up my phone. Time to be a big, brave Gryffindor. Maybe to the point of recklessness. I load up Instagram and post the selfie of me and Luke from last night to my profile with a caption. Hi. My name is Woody and my favourite pastime is corrupting @from_geek_to_freak! (Devil with horns emoij, two beer glasses emoji and tongue out, one eyed closed emoji) #muscleuniversity #handsomebuggers #fromgeektofreak #thingsgotmessy It might be my favourite picture I’ve ever posted. I know it’s risky. Posting a selfie of us on a night out in a gay bar away from campus. But it’s not like there’s a drag queen in the background waving a big rainbow flag or anything. I know there’s a chance Luke won’t approve. But I have this strange sort of feeling that he will. He comes back to the room. I must look guilty as hell because he’s giving me this suspicious glare. “What’s that smirk for?” he asks, sitting down on the bed. Ha! Busted. I feel a pinch of nerves and shrug. “Just updating my Instagram!” I reply, casually. He continues to look at me suspiciously so I hand him my phone with the post still on the screen. He looks at it and his face is a fucking picture. Part fear, part embarrassment, but there’s something else going on to. He’s smiling. Like he loves the picture. I swear he’s blushing a little too. Oh my God. Luke’s actually fucking blushing. Okay, surely that means something? Head spinning. Insides going haywire. Fuck! “Won’t people question where we were?” he asks, a little nervously. I smirk. “Hopefully!” He rolls his eyes but he’s smiling too. But then his face drops and now he looks a little anxious. “We are allowed to go off campus, Luke!” I say to reassure him. I take the phone off him. “I can delete it if you want?” He shrugs. “Nah,” he says, giving me a coy grin. I put my phone down and unpause the film. Maybe it’s because of Luke’s reaction to that post, but I suddenly feel a surge of bravery. “Was I a bit of a dick last night?” I ask, not looking up at him. My stomach tightens. “Mmmm. Not really!” he says. I smile, because I can tell from his voice that he’s not being completely honest. “You just seemed a bit … pissed off about something. Plus, you know, you were drunk!” I don’t say anything. “Did something happen in the toilets?” Fuck. Yes, Luke, it did. I started freaking out because for the first time ever I actually like someone. Which makes me an absolutely ridiculous excuse for a human being. “Mmmm. Kind of!” I say. He doesn’t quiz me any further. “Sorry!” I say, my chest tightening. “If I was a dick!” I look up at him cautiously and he’s giving me this cute, sheepish grin. ARGH! I’m dying here. I turn away from him again, not saying anything, my chest expanding and my whole body buzzing. Luke Henderson - what the fuck are you doing to me? Not long after I check my Instagram. My selfie post has received a comment. From fucking Deano! “Looks like a fun night boys!” HA! The little fucker. I don’t tell Luke. I smile as I think about it, but I also feel a slight pinch of anger too. There’s no way he’d know we went to a gay pub, but I know what he’s insinuating. I know what that “boys” implies. I’m sure he’ll comment on it when we next see him. Bring it on, Deano. Bring it fucking on. Luke shivers again and rubs his arms. “Luke, you literally just got up to use the bathroom. Go to your side of the room and get a jumper or something!” “I’m fine,” he protests, but then he fucking shivers again. I groan. I don’t even think about what I do next. I sit up, whip my blue Muscle University off and throw it at him. His face is a picture. Confused. Surprised. Flattered. It’s like I’ve just given him a really nice gift. And now I’m panicking. Is this too much? Giving someone your hoodie because they’re cold? Is this something only someone would do for a person they liked? Shit. No. I’d do this for Emily. I’d definitely do this for her. This is just normal friend behaviour. I think? “This is gonna drown me!” he says softly. I pull a so what face and shrug. And then he puts the hoodie over his head and pulls it down and my heart flutters. Seeing Luke looking all snuggly in my hoodie. His cheeks a little flushed. His hair a bit ruffled. This pleased grin on his face like someone just paid him the biggest compliment in the world. I wonder if it will smell like him when he takes it off? I go back to watching the film. Something’s changed. The energy. The atmosphere. It’s like something’s happening between us again. God, perhaps more so than when we were sitting on this bed last week after the gym. A Woody and Luke moment times a bloody hundred. Luke, who’s now wearing my hoodie. Luke, who’d I’d do anything to scoot over and rest my head against right now. And now I’m wondering, could something actually happen between us? Between me and the boy who’s occupying pretty much all of my waking thoughts? There’s a part of me that’s still kinda terrified, but God I’m excited. At the prospect of something happening. At the possibility that lovely, little Hufflepuff Luke actually likes me back.
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    The phone rang again— a telemarketer. Max slammed the phone down and let out a grunt of frustration. He didn’t have the time for this and he knew it. He was a goddamn corporate manager, not some secretary with enough energy to spare to answer spam phone calls. Weren’t they supposed to filter those out anyway? Max let out a deep breath through his nose as he looked over at the framed picture on his desk. There he was, in his cap and gown, graduation from university. He still had a bright smile then, so full of hope, still optimistic. His smooth brown hair was all tousled from wearing that dumb graduation cap, yet it still looked like it was meant that way, like it was going with the flow. His entire personality fit it well. Back in his college days, Max was known to be a chill guy. He did whatever he liked and usually got it when he asked, his striking eyes and toned body were impossible to ignore. But times have changed. Things are different. What was once a six pack was now a beer belly. Beautifully styled hair was neglected in a greasy mess. He had money, sure, but he wanted his vitality back. He wanted to be powerful. The job wasn’t too bad. He had power, sure, but it wasn’t the same. Power to tell people what to do had its limits. It had its laws. But human strength, that was something he craved. Nobody could control his own body. Max stood up and stretched, pulling his arms over his head and twisting his back. “Nobody could control his body” was right. He could decide when to move or what to do; so he took a walk around the office with a stack of papers in his hands. They weren’t actual important papers, mind you, but they allowed him to move without question. Nobody asked what you were doing when you had a stack of papers in your hands. Max opened the office door and picked up his random stack on the desk parallel to his glass office wall. “Hey, Max!” Phoebe interrupted from a cubicle nearby. Although neither of them could see each other, she knew the sound of his door opening and she took her chance at his attention. “Can I get some help with this invoice? There’s some inconsistencies and—“ Max interrupted. “Sorry Phoebe I’m busy right now. Ask someone around you.” He abruptly turned to the right and strolled along the gray corridors, glancing at the posters framed on the bland walls. “Big Action Protein Powder!” “Mega Large Testosterone Booster for Men!!” ”Giant XXX Hormone Set Extreme!!!” over and over masculinity was shoved in his face. Overseeing a “men’s fitness” company was cool at first, but he was no longer 21. He was what the gay men called “daddy,” which both stung and aroused him. Unfortunately, he had been so busy with work that no men had been calling him at all for months. “Maxie! Come over here, will ya?” a voice called, this one not immediately recognizable. It was a male voice, but lower pitched than he was used to. Maybe it was a new intern. Hopefully not, however, because someone new shouldn’t be calling him nicknames already. But before Max could object, he continued. “It’s the research department! They’re having major issues.” the research department. That explained it. He nearly never had business there since it wasn’t in his jurisdiction really. He only worked on the sales floor. Nevertheless, his walk would have to wait, so he set the stack of assorted papers down on the floor and went into the elevator where the voice came from. Luckily, it wasn’t far away and the papers were out of foot traffic, so he’d be okay leaving them behind. When Max emerged from the office hideaway and through the metallic elevator doors, he nearly knocked over a poor scrawny man half his height. He must have been a little under five feet tall, and he probably weighed as much as Max’s beefy arms. His face, however, was still round and childish, defying the thinness of the rest of his body. When Max looked down, all he could really see was his cheeks and his wiry gray hair that fell past his forehead. He must have been one of those young people who were into looking like grandparents. Gray was not his color. “I’m sorry about that,” Max apologized. “What’s the problem?” the man didn’t look up but took a step back to give him more room. Then, still not responding, he leaned across the floor and pressed the bottom button on the elevator, sending it down. “You see,” he began. “Marcy had some troubles with a new supplement because the male subjects got ill at the same time and the women refuse to test it.” Max nodded along, but secretly, he had no idea who Marcy was. “Furthermore, I’ll allergic to one of the components. It’s supposed to help your...” he paused, glancing up only briefly. “Your male parts.” Max had to hold in a laugh. They worked at a male enhancing company and this man refused to say penis. “I understand sir. What do you need me for then?” ”Well,” he said. “We just need a quick trial test and then it’ll be over...” ”Fuck no. I’m not insured for this stuff! I’m not going to be stupid and agree to take whatever it is!” the man tried to stutter his way to goading him, but Max refused. When the elevator doors opened, he closed them and pressed the button to go back to sales. What he didn’t do, however, is look down at the man slipping a small piece of tape onto his black work pants. The man scuttled away into research and Max went back upstairs, picking up his papers, and finishing his walk with relative ease. He set the stack back on his desk and walked inside his office, turning the blinds so he can get some privacy, and opening up his computer. Emails. Spam. Bills. It was all the same. He looked at the clock. 5:13. Almost 45 minutes until he could leave. He shifted in his cushy black office chair and rearranged his legs. “Fuck I need to get that AC fixed,” Max complained. It was getting hotter. He shifted again in his seat and tried to get comfortable. For some reason, his balls kept on getting in the way. No matter which way he moved, they blocked him from comfort. After minutes of trying, he stood up, rearranged himself, and tried to sit back down. His chair was a gift from his ex boyfriend. It was about four feet tall, rolled well, and was always comfortable when he laid his arms on the armrests. The same armrests which refused to let his ass slip through all of a sudden. Max grunted and tried to squeeze in, but the harder he pushed, the tighter it got. He was just in it a second ago! How could it be? He started to sweat, small pools forming at his armpits, spreading along the white button up shirt like someone left a hose on. He took off his navy suit jacket and set it on his wooden desk while he tried to cool down, but it was still too hot. Taking off his black tie didn’t help either. Neither did unbuttoning his top button. Max kept shoving himself into that seat over and over again until he heard a loud rip. Slowly, he stood back up and grazed his hand across the back, anticipating the worst. To his dismay, there it was, a giant rip in the back of his pants, exposing the bright blue Lycra underwear he had on. “It’s okay,” he repeated to himself. Over and over he whispered this as he reached for his suit jacket to tie around his waist. But as he grabbed it, he heard another rip coming from his shoulder. Then when he stood up, his shirt untucked itself from underneath his pants and his belt. Max looked around helplessly, trying to figure out what was going on. Research department. It had to be. His body started warming up even more, but he couldn’t leave before he fixed his wardrobe. There was no way he’d let himself be seen with a ripped shirt AND ripped pants. A jacket couldn’t cover it all. So, with no other options, he looked around for a blanket or sheet he could use. Rummaging around a tiny office didn’t help much because he knew where everything was. There was no blanket. No sheet. Just stupid papers and knickknacks he stashed away. If he had the time, he would have looked at them a bit longer, but he was in a hurry. It was getting hotter. Max stripped off his shoes and socks and threw them against the wall with a loud bang as he resumed scrambling for anything to hide himself until he stopped growing. “Max? You okay dear? We heard a thumpy sound.” fuck. He couldn’t let anyone see him like this. “Y-Yeah! Dropped my stapler. Thank you for checking. I’m alright!” he heard footsteps dissipate into nothingness, and he let out a sigh of relief. He had more time. Or so he thought. Suddenly, without any warning, one thought , and one thought only, entered his mind— sex. It was orgasmic. His pants became tighter and tighter as he felt his bulge start to balloon, his cock pushing against the fabric as it got harder and harder. Then, with a burst of size, another rip, this time from the front. He let his gargantuan cock hang loose in his Lycra briefs, the sensation of cool finally taking over the exasperating heat. His bulge had to be the size of a basketball now, way too big for anything natural. He was a freak, but God, his dick commanded him to love every second of it. It was like the feeling of masterbation multiplying over every inch as his cock grew larger and larger. He stumbled backwards in joy, but his giant ass cushioned his fall. He had no clue how his briefs stayed on for so long. He had a basketball in front and beach balls in the back. But that wasn’t the only thing growing. His legs started to press against each other, growing so wide that they had nowhere else to grow. Of course, this turn of events led pants to be obsolete. His legs were past XXXL now, bigger than he’s ever seen on a bodybuilder. With awe, he rubbed his hands against them and felt the sheer hardness of his body. It was unbelievable. If he wasn’t so fucking horny he would have been upset at his size. But as he grew larger, so did his appetite for more. His chest puffed outwards, slowly at first, but gaining in speed as time passed. It was hardly noticeable at first over the feelings of his lower body, but as his second most top button flew across the room and his the glass, he couldn’t help but see. Max took his big hands and squeezed his pecs, ogling how they looked like the men he advertised on poster. But they didn’t stop there. Eventually they became like the WOMEN he saw on advertisements. And then even more as his chest popped another button down the line. And suddenly, another. Then one more. Another. Another again. Over and over until his pecs covered his vision. Max let out a mighty roar as he flexed his biceps, tearing out of the cotton shirt like it was paper. His arms bulged and swelled with power as they peaked above his head and kept rising towards the ceiling at an alarming rate. They grew in every direction, his arms expanding both up and down with muscle until he could hardly move them anymore. More and more he gained, until the floor started to bend. Someone outside of his office screamed “earthquake!” And everyone yelled and ran. But not Max. Max stayed put. That is, until the floor caved in and he crashed down, his giant ass once again cushioning his fall. His briefs were long gone now. Max was a being of pure mass, tons of concentrated muscle in one spot. The building couldn’t handle it. As he inches bigger and bigger, he fell down another floor. Then another. His cock couldn’t handle the sensations. He kept it growing. What was once a rather pitiful 4 inches became 4 feet. Then 8. 10. 20. 50. 100. 1000. It stretched across the building and onto the one next to it. Fuck he would have felt awful. Max would have been traumatized. But he couldn’t. All he felt was lust as he outgrew his very office building. Over ten stories high, international news reports told of the Monster of California, wreaking havoc over the west coast. Which, luckily for Max, he outgrew in a few minutes. His cock stretched across the Midwest. His balls sunk into the Pacific Ocean. His biceps scraped the ozone layer. And God, was Max happy. “More!” Was all he could chant. And that’s what he got. Never ending, never slowing. Each time he demanded it, he got it. But hey, it wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t insured for this type of thing
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    “You’ll be training with Pops. He’s one of our best. We call him that because he’s probably the oldest guy working here, but mainly we do it because he’s the biggest,” said my new boss as he took me through the massive workshop. I liked the sound of that – the biggest. Of course, he could have been talking about the guy’s waist size – which wouldn’t have bothered me – but something in the way my boss spoke reverently and respectfully told me Pops must be really tall. Man, how I loved giant guys. We walked around one of the rows of many machines and I quickly noticed my mistake. I was instantly reminded of the sides of beef that hung from hooks in my uncle’s butcher shop back in my hometown. It sometimes took two guys to carry just one of those big things. Pops had sides of beef hanging down from his neck – highlighted beautifully by the fact that he sported a sleeveless green shirt. I could have been standing at the other end of the huge expansive workspace and could have easily picked out the guy. He was definitely the biggest man around. His muscles had a light sheen to them as he worked the big machine and I immediately thanked the gods for making this a warm day. When my boss called out his nickname and the guy turned to me I almost melted into a puddle of helpless mush. The man’s butch, half-smile lit up the room the same way a spotlight can illuminate an actor on stage. His raised eyebrow immediately told me he figured out I was his new trainee. I could feel him sizing me up in the seconds it took for us to reach him. He showed no sign of approval or disdain – a slight upturn of one side of his mouth was all I got. My new boss introduced me and when Pops took my hand it felt like I had slammed my fingers in a truck door. I forced myself to not scream in pain and tried unsuccessfully to squeeze back equally as hard. He clearly felt nothing. Again, I detected Pops making decisions about me based solely on my handshake. “Well, I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Pops. Come by my office at the end of the day.” “Thank you, sir,” I said, nodding, and Pops laughed at my choice of words – I immediately got the feeling that Pops was the only one in this place that usually received such respect. “Know anything about these machines, kid?” Pops asked and I was immediately offended by his choice of words – but also slightly turned on because of the way he said it and the fact that he sounded like a southern, muscled, super-masculine Barry White. “A little,” I replied – telling my first lie, since I instantly wanted Pops to spend a lot of time with me – so I didn’t tell him I probably had run similar machines all of my working life. Sex dripped off of this guy in amounts that equaled dew drops on every leaf of a giant willow tree in the wee hours of the morning. He rolled his eyes telling me he was bummed he’d have to spend a lot of time getting me up to speed. I figured I’d act like I was catching on fast, so he’d think I was a really smart student. He reached up to scratch his left pec and I’m pretty sure he caught me glancing down at the big rock-hard thing while he did it. There was a flicker of a smile and then he immediately started telling me about the machine in front of us. It was one I knew well, but I acted like I was listening intently and when he stopped and asked me to go through and reenact what he had just shown me, I did it without missing a beat and even showed off by doing the shortcuts he had barely mentioned. I could tell he was impressed. I also detected – in his eyes - a little spark of something beginning in the back of his brain. Maybe I was acting too smart – I decided to back off a little. This time, I was sure he caught me looking at his beefy arms. The rest of the morning was taken up with four different machines – all ones I was familiar with. “Time for grub,” Pops said and I was surprised to look at my watch and see the morning had flown by. The big man then just walked off – and I could tell he expected me to follow him. I just instinctively knew he assumed I was like his shadow today. I hurried to catch up with him. He grabbed one of those large black lunch pails, which look like a mailbox, from a huge fridge in the large break room. I grabbed my tuna fish sandwich in a brown bag, bought a soda and turned to see where he had chosen to sit. He seemed to know everybody – smiling, saying hello, and slapping guys on the back – but he had chosen a table over in the corner all by himself. He pushed out a chair beside him as I walked up. The silence that followed was kind of nerve-wracking. I could tell he was watching me closely as he unloaded large quantities of food from his packed box. The big man clearly had a big appetite. “Why do I feel like I’m being hustled,” he said, finally, staring at me. “I’m sorry?” I replied. “You know these machines. That’s quite obvious,” he answered – still staring at me. “I . . . um . . . wanted to impress you.” “Well, tick that one off your list, kid. You did. But don’t ever lie to me, again. Understand.” “Yes sir.” And instantly, I could see he was finished with the slight reprimand. Suddenly, his demeanor changed and I could tell he had forgiven me. His beefy body didn’t seem as knotted up as before and he even smiled at me. I felt like a puppy that had just been given a treat after getting in trouble by its master. I seriously sensed my body celebrating the fact that I had somehow pleased this big man. “You into brewskies, kid?” “Yes sir, I drink beer.” “A few of the guys meet up at a place called ‘Joe’s’ after work – to hammer back a few, shoot the breeze, and not think about machines for a few hours. It’s always open invitation and a good way to get on the guys’ good side. Trust me, you want these fellas to have your back – both in here and outside the workplace. Buying one round will get you a place at the adult table, kid.” “That sounds cool,” I said, trying desperately to come across as manly, in-the-know, hip, and part of the team all at the same time. “Yeah,” he said, smiling at my words, “it’s cool, kid. Cool. You youngsters.” I had no idea if he was making fun of me or complimenting me. I had a feeling you were never quite sure of anything around Pops. He didn’t reveal much – either in his speech or his actions. I could tell he was a private person and he watched everything happening around him as if he worked for the CIA and needed to recall details at the drop of a hat. That afternoon went smoothly, except for the bandana incident. It had gotten a lot warmer in the big shop and both of us were sweating over this particularly difficult job. Pops kept wiping his face, neck, and huge arms with this blue bandana he carried in his back pocket. I just wiped the sweat off with the back of my shirt sleeve. At one point, late in the day, Pops said he was going to hit the john and he dropped his bandana on the keyboard console of the machine doing the job we had punched in. I swear it looked like he left the bandana on purpose, looking at me to make sure I noticed what he was doing before he left. I figured I was just wishing, but as soon as he walked away I became obsessed with the thing and kept stealing glances around to see if anyone was nearby. The piece of material was soaked with his sweat and I longed to smell and taste it. I felt like I was addicted to chocolate and someone had left an opened Snickers package in front of me. God, how I wanted to pick up that bandana. Finally, after making sure the machine was still doing its job, and glancing around one more time, I picked up the bandana and first put it to my upper lip, so I could inhale the aroma of big Pops. It was just as I expected – a heavy masculine musk that made me think of a dense forest of tall trees, huge lumberjacks, and man-on-man action that ended with eruptions coupled with uncontrollable screams of passion. When my tongue darted out and got its first ever taste of Pops’ all-natural, thick, salty, he-man juice, you could have pushed me over with a feather. I’d never, in my entire life, tasted something that seemed so full of testosterone – so completely male. My crotch responded with a Pops-induced salute that was so hard I feared I’d pass out from the pressure. That’s when the corner of my eye noticed something massive and green in the distance. I quickly wiped my now totally crimson face with the bandana to cover up my lustful action, but it was quite clear by the look in Pops’ eyes when he arrived he had seen me trying to soak up all his manliness. I held out the bandana to him with a forced look of thanks. “Keep it, kid. I’ve got others. Consider it a ‘welcome to your new job’ present.” “Um . . . thanks,” I said, turning a darker shade of red and quickly stuffing the think into my back pocket and then turning to look at the work of the machine in front of us – feeling the man continue to stare at me, smiling. A few hours later I was sitting drinking a cold one at this hole-in-the-wall bar called ‘Joe’s.’ I instantly liked the place because it was full of more manly men than a gay sauna on a holiday weekend. I quickly did the statistical math and figured out I was probably the only gay man at the place – not that I came across as anything other than one of the men from the big shop down the road. It was quite clear to the other patrons that I was the new kid on the block – having ordered the second round of beers for the seven guys from our team gathered that afternoon and instantly being asked to join in games of darts, pool, and arm wrestling matches as the number of empty beer bottles increased a lot. I’m a decent-sized guy, so I held my own when it came to the arm-wrestling, impressing my co-workers in a way that made it clear I had been accepted. I noticed Pops only participated in darts and pool. I thought this odd, so my slightly buzzed mouth spoke without thinking. “Why doesn’t Pops arm wrestle?” I said a little too loudly and this made the big man look at me, a grin creeping across his face. “Just look at his fucking arms and you’ll figure that out, kid,” said a more-than-slightly inebriated co-worker standing in our small circle. “He beats all our asses all the time. We’ve given up trying. He even takes two of us on at the same time and still wins. The monster curls the back of his jeep when we beg him to show off, so there’s no way any of us will ever be able to beat those big guns.” I caught Pops watching my face, closely. My eyes uncontrollably got wider when I heard about him lifting the back of his jeep. My crotch also twitched uncontrollably, but I was behind a bar chair, so it was hidden. He was watching my reaction and patiently waiting for me to make some kind of move after the information sank in. I got the feeling that my next step would clinch some kind of deal with the man one way or the other. I let the numerous beers I’d inhaled guide me. I smiled at the group standing around. “I’ll take a shot at beating him,” I said with the kind of bravado usually saved for a superhero in comic books. You would have thought I was a mere mortal challenging the power of Zeus by the loud response of the guys around us. An approving smile crept across the face of the big man and it was followed by the kind of pec roll usually saved for gay muscle worship videos I constantly watched online. There was suddenly so much cockiness in Pops’ gaze I was thrust back to the feeling when I tasted him in the damp bandana. In a move that required the help of a guy standing next to him, the elder muscleman pulled his shirt off of his big body. My mouth dropped open without shame as I beheld his mammoth, lightly fur-covered, thickly-nippled chest for the first time. Two guys had been forcibly removed from their chairs and a table had been cleared by the crowd as soon as the shirt had been removed. I registered comments like ‘don’t break the kid’s arm’ and ‘fifty bucks he doesn’t last ten seconds’ being thrown out around me, but I only watched as the bare chested gorgeous mountain swung his leg over the back of a chair to sit down and then placed his right elbow on the table. He tightened his fist making the already big arm balloon to the kind of size that filled my orgasm-inducing fantasies. I knew there was no way I was going to win this battle – but I wasn’t arm-wrestling him for a victory and, somehow, I realized he fully knew this. My substantial sized manly arm was going to look like a twig next to his, but that didn’t matter. I was proving something – and I didn’t even know what it was – by taking on the elder god. “I’m not one to show mercy, kid,” Pops said as I sat down. “I’m not one to give up easily, old man” I said, trying to equal his confidence, which made the sparkle in his eye flash even more. I then did something unplanned and so out of character for me I would probably analyze the decision for the rest of my life and still not understand it. I took the big man’s bandana out of my back pocket, brought it up to my face, pressed it against my mouth and nose, and then inhaled deeply. The move clearly caught my huge opponent off guard, his fist unclenched, his biceps deflated a little, and the cocky smile disappeared. I saw a glimpse of vulnerability and shock. Pops wasn’t used to someone being this bold – this open. I pushed the envelope even further. “Just getting an extra shot of strength, sir. I got this from a big strong mountain of a man who radiates cockiness without even trying.” It was like when boxers are being photographed before a battle and they try to psyche out their opponent with a stare down, a surprise kiss, or even a creepy smile. My words and actions made Pops briefly lose his foundation – shook his core a little, just as I had hoped. That was also when I grabbed his big beefy hand and the guy leading the match, steadied our arms, and counted off for us to begin. It took a while for Pops to gain control of himself, as I knew it would - as had been my intention when I took out the bandana. On the word go I pushed my arm with all of my might – getting a head start on the still-startled Pops. I was no match for the big arm before me, but I took advantage of him being distracted. Instantly, his arm was pushed back and looked like it might hit the table. This caused the crowd around us to erupt in shocked cheers. The unimagined was about to happen. I felt powerful and hot as hell. The cheering from the crowd spurred me on, but it also brought Pops out of his temporary fog. The back of his hand stopped so close to the wooden top you wouldn’t have been able to fit a magazine between the two. For the first time ever, in my entire life, I got a glimpse of what real power felt like. My arm – decently sized for a man of my age and stature was halted in a way that could make wild beasts cower in fear. The green, golden-flecked eyes of Pops had instantly gained all of their confidence back and more. He had stopped my journey to a surprise victory with a fraction of his total strength and that fact instantly registered to my unmoving arm. His fingers gripped so hard that I had a feeling some of my bones would be rearranged. Pops surprised me – and everyone else – with an uncharacteristic deep growl as he started to methodically and devilishly raise his hand and mine slowly with what I could tell was little effort. “I specialize in putting young bucks in their place,” Pops said, whispering in a way that made it quite clear I was giving his hand no resistance. “That’s been obvious all day, Pops. I just needed to gain some respect by challenging you and shocking people with an almost victory.” Pops definitely didn’t like the idea that I even thought for a second I could have potentially defeated him. He was not a man who took to being challenged and, as a matter of fact, I guessed it almost never happened. Some kind of primal, I’m the stronger animal instinct suddenly overwhelmed the man and he quickly brought our hands through the arc to slam the back of mine into the table. A little bit of pain shot through my arm, but it was clear the big man’s fingers had taken – and not even registered – most of the blow. It was quite obvious that Pops needed a decisive and powerful victory. He had not liked the fact that his hand had dropped so low to the table. He held my wrist down – like a wrestler waiting for the count. He was the winner, but I had scored some points with the crowd . . . and, hopefully, with the big man, as well. There was a tight squeeze of my fingers before Pops released my hand. “You owe me a beer,” he said, swinging his leg over the back of his chair as he stood up, like he was dismounting a horse. I watched as he turned and was engulfed by a crowd that slapped him on the back and congratulated him. The last thing I saw before he was completely blocked from view was a tightly flexed bulging triceps and I could tell it was a gift offered specifically to me. I was also congratulated by onlookers and swept to my feet by a crowd that took me to the bar. Two, three, or maybe four more rounds were bought for me in the next hour or so. I couldn’t remember the exact number, since I was still high-as-a-kite from the euphoria of arm-wrestling Pops and feeling that brief squeeze of my hand at the end. I glanced around and couldn’t see the big man anywhere, feeling disappointed that he had left without saying goodbye or allowing me to give him the obligatory victor’s beer. I turned back toward the bar, a little sad. Suddenly, the now memorized massive gun of the older man was beside me as he rested his forearm on the wood in front of us. He was close enough for me to feel the heat of his body, but not close enough to be touching. “I’ll take that mug now, kid. The table in the corner at the back,” came his deep, sexy voice and then he was gone. He smiled at me when I walked up with two mugs and a pitcher. I intended on making this moment last as long as I could. I was pretty sure he understood that and maybe even wanted the same thing. I had luckily started my new job on a Friday, so there was nowhere I needed to be any time soon and I hoped the same was true for the big man. He took the pitcher from my hands and wrapped his hand around the thing – where I had been using the handle – and poured two mugs, making it clear that I did the buying, but he was in charge. He watched me, silently, as I took a sip from the frosted glass. To my disappointment, he had put his shirt back on. It still showed off his big arms, however. I just missed the massive salt-and-peppered furry chest. “You don’t play fair,” he said, taking a sip of his own beer and never letting his gaze drop from mine. “Look at those enormous arms of yours and then look at mine and tell me who doesn’t play fair,” I boldly said, not even blinking. “You challenged me, remember.” “And damn nearly beat you.” “Is that what you think?” he asked, smiling. “It’s what I’m going to tell myself.” “You probably still think the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter rabbit are real, too, don’t you? Because those are more likely than someone beating me.” I knew the truth in his statement. I had felt it when the motion of my hand had been stopped so abruptly and easily. It suddenly dawned on me that he had probably allowed me to get his hand so far down on purpose – to orchestrate me being cheered on and befriended by co-workers and other patrons. Suddenly, there seemed to be less air in my self-congratulatory balloon. He picked up on the change within me and understood my disappointment and my gratitude at the same time. He needed to offer some kind of runner’s up prize. “The bandana really did catch me by surprise . . . both times,” he said and I swallowed hard. “The first time was a . . . um . . . pleasant and unexpected surprise.” We stared at each other – neither of us even breathing – for a good half a minute. He had caught me earlier than afternoon sniffing and licking his bandana. I was definitely excited beyond belief, but I was also very cautious. I knew nothing about this man, really, and my expert ‘gaydar’ didn’t even register a speck of closeted homosexuality in him. There might not be any hidden agenda in anything he was saying – even though I desperately wanted there to be. I got the feeling Pops was just a really nice guy and I’m sure he’d met tons of fellas over the years that found him stunning. He was simply trying to welcome the new kid – the guy who desperately wanted to make a first good impression. I relaxed into the moment even more and took another deep sip of my beer. He picked up the pitcher – again by just wrapping his hand around it in a macho sort of way – and topped off my drink. “I’ve never slept with a man.” “Excuse me?” I said, choking on my beer. “I’ve never been in bed with a man.” I didn’t comprehend what he was saying, at first, and then I worried that I had just imagined it – wished it was something he would say. I looked up and saw that there was a world of emotion in his beautiful manly eyes. There was fear – as if he was worried he had misread me, somehow. Had he misinterpreted my long stares and bandana tasting? There was doubt – as if he was questioning a lot of his own feelings and thoughts. And there was something akin to hope – as if he anticipated the next few minutes to change his life forever. My mind finally accepted, as fact, the words he had said and I was glad that sometimes our mouths work faster than our brains. I responded without even processing what I was going to say. “Have you ever wanted to sleep with a man?” I asked, staring into his beautiful green eyes. “Not until today . . . not until you,” he quickly replied.
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    Okay, doing something a bit different with this next chapter. Because it's so long and the end part needs some work I'm splitting it up into shorter parts. I should probably say I don't think I'll make a habit of doing this just in case anyone has any strong objections to me sharing the chapter this way. Eighteen I wake up to the sound of the shower running. Today’s the day me and Luke go down to stay with Emily in Bristol. I’m excited but I’m a kinda nervous too. I’m sure Emily and Luke will get on fine, but I don’t know how I’m going to act around the both of them. I’m a different person when I’m with Emily. We’ve been friends since primary school so I don’t really have to put on a front with her. I’m also worried that she’s going to see straight through me and will be able to tell that I like Luke. The thought of which makes me pretty fucking anxious. I’m not really sure if I’m ready for that. Emily was fine about Luke coming. I think she was surprised more than anything. She knows I don’t exactly fit in here at Muscle University. Plus, the last time I mentioned Luke to her I was seriously pissed off about having a new roommate. I told her that we’d become friends and that Luke was “one of us”. Then she text and asked me if he was cute. Which made me feel kinda nervous. But also partly made me want to reply telling her that yes, he’s so fucking cute that I literally think about nothing but how much I want to kiss and cuddle him. So much so that I sometimes think I might explode if I don’t. Instead I just text back with, “I guess so?”. So right now Emily knows nothing about my feelings for Luke. Whether that will last, I have no fucking idea. I roll over to face Luke’s side of the room and oh my God, I can’t fucking believe it. My heart seems to have jumped into my throat, because pinned to the wall above Luke’s bed is the illustration I drew of Tommy “The Tank” Foster. The one he asked if he could have the other day when I showed him my illustrations for the first time. I still can’t believe he asked if I could have it. And now he’s put it up on the wall above his bed where he can see it when he opens his eyes every morning? Fuck. Okay - that has to mean something, right? It just has to. He comes out of the bathroom with just a towel around his waist. Helloooo cute, little abs. “Morning!” he says cheerily, with a little smile. “Hey!” I reply, still lying in bed. “When did you put the illustration on your wall?” My chest tightens. “Oh. Erm … this morning!” he says to me, a little sheepishly as he walks over to his bed. “Sorry. Do you want me to take it down?” I can’t help but smile. “Don’t be daft!” He gives a cute little grin in response and my chest swells. Argh! What is he fucking doing to me? When Luke goes to his A History of Bodybuilding lecture, I get showered and dressed, fill out the online entry form for the end of term bodybuilding show where there’s a fairly good chance that I’ll kick Deano’s big, round bubble butt, then book an Uber to take us to the train station. “Does your dad know you’re using his Uber account again?” Luke asks me a little later on as we’re making our way out of the room with our holdalls for the weekend. “How many more times, Luke. He won’t even notice!” He’s wearing his white Marvel t-shirt and bright blue downs jacket again. I’m so excited. Me and Luke embarking on another adventure. Only this time it’s not just for one night. This time it’s for the whole weekend. “Oh, I keep meaning to ask. How are your new pink posing trunks?” I ask him as we make our way through Hanson Hall. Luke rolls his eyes and gives me a sheepish smirk. “I’m … building up to it!” he says. Fuck! It sounds like Luke actually might fucking do it. That I actually might get to see what his insanely cute arse looks like in a pair of pink trunks. “Luke - you’re not nervous about buying pink posers are you?” I tease. He pulls a face and shrugs, clearly not wanting to admit that he actually is nervous about the prospect of buying pink posers from the campus store. Which is so fucking adorable I think I could cry. Maybe all Luke needs is a little push from someone? Hmmm. Maybe I should be that very person to give it to him? I look at my watch. We definitely have time to make a detour. Should I? Could I? Fuck it. “Right, come on!” I say, suddenly stopping and turning around to walk in the opposite direction. I can’t quite believe I’m doing this. “What?!” Luke asks, looking genuinely baffled. “You’re getting those pink trunks!” Oh my GOD! “What, NOW?!” This might be the single greatest thing I’ve ever fucking done. “Yes, now!” I tell him, walking briskly in the direction of the campus store. He has no choice but to follow. He looks a little nervous. Kind of embarrassed. But I can tell he’s excited at what’s unfolding. As am I. I’m leading Luke to buy a pair of shiny pink posers like the ones I’ve been imagining him wearing all week and my whole body is fucking buzzing. “You’re overthinking it, Luke. You just need to act!” Luke pulls a face but now he’s smiling at me. This giddy, excited little grin. Hmmm. Maybe I should take my own advice. Maybe I’m overthinking these feelings I’m having for Luke and I just need to act on them. Maybe I need to kiss him right fucking now in the middle of the hallway in front of a dozen passing Muscle University students. Not long after and once again I’m standing next to Luke looking at the magnificent display of beautiful posing trunks in the campus store. It’s crazy how far we’ve come since we were last stood in this very spot just a few weeks ago. And how much things have changed between us. Luke’s just standing there looking a bit awkward. I’m glaring at him wide eyed and nodding towards the insanely hot pink posers on the display, but he’s not making the move to reach for them. I groan. “For fuck’s sake!” I say. I shake my head, step forward and reach for the peg of pink trunks to find Luke’s size. As soon as my fingers meet with the shiny trunk material, my dick starts to swell in my jeans. When I find a pair in Luke’s size, I bring them down and thrust them towards him to take. His face is a fucking picture. He still looks a little embarrassed, but I can tell he wants them. Like, really fucking wants them. He takes them from me and his mouth curls into this big, excited grin. I wish I could just pause time and take a picture of this moment. Luke’s giddy grin as he clutches a pair of his first pink posing trunks. I guess I don’t really need a picture because I have a feeling I’m not gonna forget this memory any time soon. Luke looks so sheepish as he hands the pink trunks to the mountain of third year man muscle behind the counter. The guy raises an eyebrow as he looks at the trunks but doesn’t say anything. All the time I’m standing next to him biting my lip and giving him a teasing smirk, while wondering if it’s possible for anyone to be any more fucking adorable than Luke is being right now. “Was that so bad?” I ask him as we leave the store. He rolls his eyes at me and gives me a sheepish smirk as he stuffs the little blue bag containing his brand new trunks into his holdall. I wonder if I can persuade Luke to try them on when we get to Emily’s in Bristol? “You do know what this means, right?” he says to me as we head back through the halls. “What?” I ask, confused. “Our deal? Now you’ve gotta wear your pink trunks to Posing Practice!” I pull a face like I don’t know what he’s talking about. “I … do not remember any such conversation!” I tease. Luke’s mouth hangs open a little and I mischievously smirk at him. “What if I go one better?” I say, my chest fluttering. “What if I wear them to the end of term bodybuilding show?” What a fucking thought! I’m not sure if I would actually have the balls to do that. I don’t know though. If it would impress Luke then I think I actually might. Luke bites his lip and grins. “Wait - did you fill out the online entry form?” I nod. “This morning!” He gives me an excited grin. “Are you gonna come and watch?” I ask, feeling a twinge of nerves. “Hmmm. Might be fun to watch Deano kick your arse, I guess!” And now I’m looking at him with my mouth hung open. The little fucker. He’s giving me a teasing smirk and now I’m smiling back. A little later on and we’re sitting opposite each other with a table in between us on the train to Bristol. Luke’s little biceps are bulging out of his white Marvel t-shirt. “Well at least now you’ve got your outfit for tomorrow night sorted!” I tell him. Luke furrows his eyebrows at me in confusion, clearly not getting it. “Your new pink posers!” I explain. Luke smirks and shakes his head. “God knows where I’m gonna wear those!” I shrug and pull a “so what” face. I consider making a joke about how the two of us could throw a pink posing trunk party in our dorm room. And now I just have an image in my head of me and Luke hanging out on one of our beds wearing nothing but our shiny pink posers. And I’m getting a fucking hard on underneath this table! “So I take it your friend, you know … knows about you?” Luke asks. “Well it would be a bit pointless pretending to be straight considering she’s a lesbian!” Luke smiles and nods. “So did you come out to each other at school?” “Yep! We even went to our first gay pub together!” Luke grins at me. “How old were you?” “Erm … seventeen, I think?” “Were you already competing in bodybuilding shows by then?” “Ummm … yeah. I was!” Luke’s mouth curls into an ominous grin which for some reason makes me feel a pinch of excitement. Then he looks over my shoulder, like he’s deep in thought. “God!” he says, shaking his head. “What?” He looks me in the eyes and smirks. “You must have been popular!” Wow. It feels like someone’s pinched my heart. And I’m completely failing to hide the smile on my face. Because Luke just paid me a compliment. I pull an indifferent face and just shrug. “Well … what can I say?” I reply cheekily. Luke rolls his eyes, still smirking at me. “So … did you have, like, boyfriends back home?” he asks, suddenly seeming a little nervous. “No!” I scoff, like he’s just asked me a stupid question. Luke furrows his eyebrows at me. “Okay! Bit of a weird reaction!” I shrug. He continues to look at me. Then his face falls for a second and something flickers in his expression. “What … no one lived up to your standards?” he says. For some reason I feel a sudden panic. “No! It wasn’t that!” I say, feeling a little defensive. “I mean, there were a couple of guys who I was kinda seeing for a bit. I dunno, I guess the boyfriend thing just didn’t happen for me.” Because none of those guys back home gave me butterflies like you do. None of them occupied my mind constantly the way you do. None of them made me feel like I might go crazy if I didn’t just grab them and fucking kiss them soon. “So ... you were just a massive slag then?” Luke jokes. I laugh and my mouth hangs open in shock. “What about you? Any boyfriends?” I ask, feeling a twist in my stomach. Luke nods. “Yeah. Just the one! We were in the sixth form together at school.” I nod. Huh. So Luke’s had a boyfriend. “So …. what happened? Did he not approve of your goal to become a shredded muscle freak?” He gives me this big, giddy grin and bites his lip. Then his expression turns more serious. “Hmmm. Well … we were both going to different universities.” I nod. It’s funny, now that I know that Luke had a boyfriend at school, he suddenly seems a little different somehow. More mature I guess. “It wasn’t just that though!” Luke says. He turns his head and looks out the train window in thought. “Oh-kaay!” I say, wanting to hear more. He looks back at me. “I think I kinda realised that … in the end, I dunno, I thought of him more as a friend? Like … ugh, this sounds really awful, but I think maybe wanted to like him more than I actually did?” I nod. “I can relate to that!” I tell him, failing to hide the massive grin on my face. My God, can I relate to that! He smiles back at me and then he looks out of the window again. “It’s kinda weird when you think about it!” he says, mysteriously. “What?” He turns his head to face me again, this little smirk on his face. “Well … you’ve never had a boyfriend and I have. I kinda feel like it should be the other way round!”
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    Twenty Emily comes back to the table with Max and his friend in toe. “Remember Seb?” she says. Max is giving me a big grin. “How could I forget?” he replies. “Happy Birthday!” I tell him thanks, stand up, wrap an arm around him briefly and give him a kiss on the cheek. He’s so short and slim I completely dwarf him. He’s got this big, giddy grin on his face. I look at Luke and fuck - he’s wearing that weird, serious expression again. The same one he had when we were back at Emily’s and I said Max was cute. Like he’s bothered by me kissing Max and his flirty nature. Like he’s actually fucking jealous! “Cool t-shirt!” Max says. I tell him thanks and give Luke a knowing grin and his expression softens. “This is Leonard!” Max says to me, referring to his friend. He's a little bit taller. Kinda serious looking. Leonard doesn’t say anything. He just gives me a forced half smile, then side eyes Max with this judgemental look on his face. Woah. What the fuck? He’s a bit warmer to Luke and seems fine with Emily. Huh. What the hell did I do? Maybe I’m just reading things wrong. Max sits in the chair next to Luke and I feel a sharp tug in my stomach. Because the two of them actually look good together. And Max looks like the kind of guy who you’d expect Luke to be with. The conversation gets around to university. Both Max and Leonard are at Bristol too. “What are you studying, Luke?” Max asks, turning his head to my roommate and oh God, what is that look on Max’s face? It’s like he’s thinking how cute Luke is. Am I imagining that? Oh for fuck’s sake, Woody. Do NOT do this. Do not turn into a jealous freak like you did the last time you caught another gay guy talking to Luke in a pub. “Oh, I’m at Montgomery with Woody. Erm ... Seb!” he says, a little coyly, which I can’t help smiling at. “Oh right!” Max says, surprised. I know what he’s thinking. “You haven’t seen what’s hiding under that t-shirt!” I tease. Luke looks embarrassed but his mouth curls into this cute little grin. He’s clearly flattered by my comment. Max lifts one eyebrow, smiles and gives Luke this flirtatious look. My stomach sharply twists in response. I can’t fucking help it. “In six months time, his arms will be as big as mine!” I say. Max and Luke are grinning. Meanwhile Max’s friend Leonard is just glaring at me with this look of pure judgement, like he’s not impressed in the slightest. What the fuck is this dude’s problem? “What are you studying, Leonard?” I’m polite, but I put a slightly harsh tone on his name. “3D Design and Illustration!” he says, straight faced. Huh. I wasn’t expecting that. So me and this guy actually have something in common. I nod and pull a face like I’m somewhat impressed. “Seb does illustrations!” Emily says, eagerly. I feel a pinch of nerves. Leonard nods and for the first time, he looks like he doesn’t want to be anywhere other than here. “What software do you use?” he asks. My chest tightens. “Oh er, I don’t bother with anything like that!” I say casually. Leonard just glares at me. “I just use a pencil and paper!” Leonard nods, turns his gaze to his drink and pulls a face before taking a sip. What a fucking DICK. Luke is observing the scene. I can’t work out his expression. “He’s actually really, really good!” he says a little nervously. And now he’s looking at me with this coy smile. Fuck. I can not believe Luke just did that. My insides suddenly feel like they’re melting. “He’s very talented!” Emily says, nudging me in the side and giving me this cute smile. Wow. These guys. I’m suddenly filled with this overwhelming sense of warmth towards my friends. “That’s not my main talent though!” I announce, feeling mischievous. Everyone looks at me blankly. I put my drink down, sit up straight, cough loudly and start bouncing my pecs under my Johnny Bravo t-shirt. Emily groans, Luke bites his lip and grins and Max is looking at my chest beaming, his face all lit up. Meanwhile, Leonard is just staring at me, unimpressed and stony-faced. “Now THAT is a talent!” Max exclaims. “Can I … have a feel?” he asks with a cheeky grin on his face. Ha! I forgot how much fun this guy is. I smile and shrug. “Go for it!” As he reaches his arm out and playfully grabs my left pec, I notice something flicker across Luke’s face. Again - it’s like he’s bothered by what’s happening. “Wow!” Max exclaims, still squeezing. I give my pecs a little bounce and he lets out an excited giggle. And now Luke looks a little awkward. Even a bit nervous. I have no idea what’s going through his head. Whether he’s jealous because someone got to feel my pecs. Whether he’s wishing he could do what Max just did and reach over and touch my muscles. Fuck. If only he knew just how much I’d love for him to do that. For Luke to feel my pecs. To flex and tense and bounce them for him. To watch his face as he feels the thick chest muscle bouncing and moving underneath his fingertips. Max lets go and Luke’s expression relaxes a little. And now he just looks a little embarrassed. Meanwhile, Leonard side eyes Max with this stern expression, like he’s deeply unimpressed by his friend’s behaviour and he’s letting him know with a look. The guys start talking about some independent cinema in Bristol and as much as I love Emily and think Max is really cool, I suddenly wish it was just me and Luke sitting at the table. He looks so fucking cute tonight in his tight fitted blue t-shirt. It’s the same one he wore when I took him to the SU bar. I can tell he’s a little shy around Emily’s friends. He’s not acting the way he normally does when we go out drinking. Analysing me and asking me questions. I wonder what he’s thinking. I accidentally hit his foot with mine under the table and fuck - his face lights up. Just for a second. I have a flash of inspiration, take out my phone and compose a text message. “Having fun?” (with the one eye closed, tongue out emoji). I press send and wait for Luke to respond, feeling a surprising pinch of excitement. Luke suddenly gets his phone out of his pocket. Then his mouth curls into this big, giddy grin when he looks at the screen and oh my fucking God. I can’t believe seeing my name on his phone screen caused THAT smile. He looks at the group and gives me a mischievous, knowing grin. He taps away and I feel a rush of excitement at what he’s messaging. My phone beeps and I check it, trying not to smile too much to give away how excited I am at receiving a text from Luke. “Yes! (Smiley face emoji.) I can’t believe you’ve had your pecs felt up already!” I have to bite my lip to stop from smiling so much. Luke’s giving me this cute, knowing grin. I look at the rest of the guys around the table. No one’s paying us any attention. I turn back to my phone. “I’m not sure Leonard was impressed with the pec bouncing!” I text, with the eye rolling emoji. Luke mischievously grins when he reads my text. He taps away to reply and I spot Leonard looking at us both, stony-faced and suspicious. Like he knows what we’re up to. Ha! I can’t resist giving him a look, as if to say, “Got a fucking problem, Leonard?” Moments later I receive Luke’s text. “Hmmm. Dare you to whip off your t-shirt, stand up and squeeze a most muscular in his face! (Monkey covering his mouth emoji.)” I laugh out loud at that. I can’t help it. “Who are you texting?!” Emily asks. And then she looks at Luke suspiciously. Busted! “Elliot!” I lie, shrugging. Emily gives me a suspicious look. “Older brother!” I explain to Max, who’s looking at me. “Is he as fit as you?” Max outrageously asks. Ha! I grin at him and Luke’s expression flickers again. ARGH! “Right! Who wants a drink?” I ask the group, commanding everyone’s attention. “Max? Len-Meister?” I say, looking at Leonard. He furrows his eyebrows and just glares at me. “Good thanks!” he says coldly. Luke’s smirking at me, clearly amused. Then Leonard side eyes Max again with that judgemental look. For fuck’s sake. Does the dude not realise I can see him doing that? As I’m standing at the bar, I look back to the table. Luke is looking at me and God, I have this overwhelming feeling. Like I really wanna kiss Luke tonight. Whatever the consequences. Maybe this is the perfect night. Away from university. Out drinking. Inhibitions gone. And then I remember that we’ll be sharing a bed again tonight. Fuck. Maybe I won’t just be kissing Luke tonight. The bar man asks me what I want. He’s fit. Really fit actually. Young, shaved head, a bit of a bad boy look to him. And he’s giving me a look. He’s definitely giving me a look. I order everyone’s drinks and then ask for a round of sambuca shots on top of that. Fuck it. I wanna get wasted. And I wanna kiss Luke. I feel this sudden rush of excitement. Because I feel like anything could happen tonight. “Alright!” I’m so engrossed in my thoughts that I don’t notice the guy who’s standing next to me. He’s older. Possibly late thirties, maybe even older. He’s no bodybuilder but his arms are thick and his pecs are straining underneath his tight fitted black t-shirt. Next to me he’s definitely the most muscular guy in the room. He’s not conventionally handsome and his skin’s a little rough looking, but there’s a sexiness there. And this impressive air of confidence. It’s sort of radiating from him. I nod at him and give him a friendly smile. “You a Bristolian?” he asks me. I smirk and shake my head. “Just here the weekend. Staying with my best friend!” “The lad in the blue?” I feel a little flutter in my chest at the mention of Luke. I look back to the table and he’s looking right at us with an expression like he’s just been kicked in the stomach. Fuck! I turn back to the guy and shake my head. “The girl!” I tell him, my insides doing funny things as I think about that look on Luke’s face. Clearly bothered and possibly jealous that I’m stood at the bar chatting to a rather fit stranger. “I’m Steve!” he tells me. I can definitely tell he’s interested but there’s a casualness there. It’s a completely different approach to what I’m used to. Most guys who talk to me in pubs and clubs are so eager for me to be interested. I can almost sense their desperation. This guy’s different though. I can’t imagine him acting like most guys do the next day. Texting me and getting obsessed even though we’ve only spent one night together. Who knows - it might even be me who’s sitting around and getting anxious as I wait to hear from him. “I’m Seb!” I tell him, though I really can’t imagine this guy giving me the look I usually get when I tell people my name’s Woody. “Are you heading to Icon later?” Steve asks, as my drinks come. I nod at him. “Come say hello!” he says. If I’d have met Steve two months ago I probably would have ended the night by going home with him. But that was before Luke. Luke and his cheek dimples and his cute little arse which I may actually get to see stuffed into his brand new shiny pink posers soon. I nod and smile at Steve before heading back to the group. “Shots!” I announce, interrupting a conversation. Max and Emily look especially pleased. Luke seems a little preoccupied. Like something’s on his mind. Maybe the fact that I was just chatting to a pretty sexy muscle guy at the bar? I think about making a joke. “Think I made a new friend at the bar!” But I don’t know how Luke will react. And I would never do anything to intentionally upset him. So I keep quiet. Max downs his shot, grimaces and animatedly sticks his tongue out and grabs Luke’s forearm. As he does so, Luke’s mouth curls into a shy, little grin and my stomach lurches. Leonard downs his shot and grimaces slightly. I’m quietly impressed with how cool he manages to do it. “What were you guys talking about?” I ask, after we’ve all done our shots. “We were just telling Luke that me and Emily met at the LGBTQ+ society,” Max explains. “Oh right. Me and Luke are gonna start one of those at Montgomery!” I joke. Max looks confused. “Don’t they already have one?” I laugh. “No!” I scoff. Leonard is furrowing his eyebrows at me. “How can your university not have an LGBTQ+ society?” he says, with disdain. Okay, this guy is starting to piss me off. “He and Luke are the only two gay guys at their whole uni!” Emily teases, nudging me. “That’s a joke, right?” Max asks. I look at Luke and he’s giving me a knowing grin. “Nope!” I reply. “Well, we don’t know for definite that there’s not other gay guys! I mean - there might be!” Luke replies. “Oh, so you two are the only out guys?” I can’t help but laugh. “We’re not out!” “Why not?” Leonard asks coldly, with this judgemental look. Ugh! Can this guy just fuck off already? I keep it casual and just shrug. “Things are … different at our uni. It’s not like it is down here!” I explain. Max looks confused. Leonard’s just glaring at me like he can’t comprehend a world where people aren’t openly gay. “I’m sure people would be accepting of it!” Max says. “Well I recently sent the kiss blowing emoji to a flirty gay guy on Instagram and my lecturer told me to delete it because it might damage my reputation in the bodybuilding community and potentially affect my future career!” “What?!” Emily cries. “That’s fucked up!” Max chimes in. Luke’s looking at me surprised. “Which teacher?” “Hancox!” I tell him. He still looks surprised, but not really that offended. I can’t really work out his expression to be honest. “So what, you just don’t get openly gay bodybuilders?” Max asks. I shrug. “It’s pretty rare! I guess there’s a bit of a stigma attached.” “Jesus. What year is this?” Max suggests. I shrug and pull a face. I’m in complete agreement with Max. It is fucked up. Luke’s not saying anything, but I’m kinda getting the feeling that he doesn’t feel quite so strongly about it as I do. “Okay, I know I don’t know much about it but … what if you, like, broke the mould?” Max suggests. I feel a pinch of excitement. “You know, like, set an example? Came out and be like, I’m a gay bodybuilder and I’m fucking proud of it?” Max says. Fuck! I can feel my chest expanding because there’s a part of me that actually loves the idea of that. I look at Luke, who's now giving me a little grin. “That would be … a pretty brave move!” I say. I’m tempted to make a joke about being a Gryffindor. “Just think, you could be like a role model to closeted gay bodybuilders!” Max says. And that really does make me smile. I shrug. “Hmmm. Maybe!” And then I look at Luke, wondering what he thinks of Max’s suggestion. I wish I could read what’s on his mind right now. A little later on the guys lead us to a club. The usual one me and Emily go to here in Bristol. Even though it’s pretty dead at the moment, I’m still getting the usual looks from people. Max and Emily are getting drinks and Leonard’s disappeared somewhere, leaving me and Luke alone in a seated area by the bar. It’s nice with it being just the two of us for a moment, but for some reason, things don’t quite feel right between us. It’s like there’s something unspoken there. “Alright, Mr Quiet?” I ask him. His mouth curls into this cute, coy grin and he nods at me. “Are you wishing you’d stayed at Montgomery and had your Harry Potter marathon?” His smile grows wider and he furrows his eyebrows. “Nah! I’m just … not that good in groups!” he says, with a little shrug. “Sorry!” I want to tell him that he never has to apologise for who he is. And that I like him just the way he is. I feel a little flutter and this feeling of warmth goes through me when I think about that. I lean into him. “Shall we just ditch them all?” I joke, looking at Max and Emily at the bar. He gives me another cute grin. “Maybe take Emily with us? I really like her!” “Max is funny!” I say. I feel a pull in my stomach as I look at Luke. He just nods and gives me a smile which seems a bit forced. “And Leonard. Wow - what a charmer!” Luke’s grin grows wider. “It’s like he thinks he’s better than us!” “I know!” I scoff. “And he hasn’t even got pecs!” I think about the conversation we just had in the pub about coming out at Montgomery. “Are you shocked about the Hancox thing?” I ask him, feeling a twinge of nerves. He pulls a face. “A little! He is kind of old school though!” he says, almost like he’s excusing his actions. Huh. I can’t help wondering why isn’t Luke more pissed off. I turn away from him and look towards Emily and Max at the bar. “I guess so! Pretty interesting what Max was saying earlier!” Luke looks at me a little unsure. “Coming out at uni. Being the first out gay bodybuilder at Muscle University!” He nods, and pulls this face like it’s a completely ridiculous idea, almost something to laugh at and then smirks. I feel a sharp tug in my stomach. “What was that look for?” I ask, perhaps a little too harshly. Luke looks a little surprised. “Come on, Woody. You and me both know it’s not easy!” I shrug. “Why not?” “You know why!” “But why does it have to be that way? Why can’t a bodybuilder be openly gay and proud? Why is there this threat that it could ruin their reputation? Affect their career? Max was right. It’s fucked up!” Luke doesn’t reply. It’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t feel as strongly about this stuff as I do. But I’m surprised at just how little it seems to affect him. “Doesn’t it bother you?” I ask. “Aren’t you pissed off about what Hancox said to me?” As soon as I say it, my stomach clenches. Because part of the reason why I think Luke should be more bothered about what Hancox said was because it was said to me. And if anyone said anything to upset Luke, I’d be fucking furious. He furrows his eyebrows at me a little. “Woody - I get why you’re pissed off. I guess, for me though, honestly ... I’m just not that bothered about people knowing that I’m gay!” Huh. “Oh-kaaay!” “Like, if I do become a well known pro bodybuilder, why do people have to know that I’m gay?” He suddenly looks a little wary. Like he’s nervous about my reaction. “I guess they don’t? But … it shouldn’t be an issue if they found out!” “I just … don’t see why people have to know!” he says, biting his lip and still looking nervous about how I’ll react. There’s other things I want to ask him. What if he met someone who he was crazy about, and who was crazy about him in return? Would he still not think that it mattered whether people knew he was gay or not? Wouldn’t he want the world to know that he was with someone special and amazing? But I can’t ask those questions. Of course I can’t. And now my stomach is lurching. Because what if he hasn’t met someone he’s crazy about? What if he hasn’t met someone special? What if these feelings that Emily and I think he has for me are barely anything at all? “Well … I just don’t understand how, as a gay guy, you can be so relaxed about the whole thing!” I tell him, surprising even myself at the harshness to the tone of my voice. “Why it doesn’t bother you more!” Luke’s face drops. He looks wounded. Emily and Max come over to us with our drinks. “You guys okay?” Emily asks, clearly sensing an atmosphere. I don’t say anything. Because I’m not okay. I’m pissed off that Luke doesn’t care more about the gay bodybuilder thing. About the things that Hancox said to me. And I’m also kinda disappointed with his attitude. I’ve never felt these things towards Luke before, but weirdly, it feels kind of liberating. Like I’m suddenly in control of my emotions again. I look at Max. Cute, ginger Max who’s flirty and fun. “Max - ever danced with a bodybuilder?” He beams at me in response. Without thinking, I pull my Johnny Bravo t-shirt over my head, Max’s eyes bulging as he looks at my now bare torso. Emily and Luke are looking from me to each other, both confused at what’s unfolding, Luke with a look of worry on his face, like a wounded puppy who’s trying to work out why his owner is suddenly mad at him and doesn’t want to play anymore. But right now, and for the first time in weeks, I really don’t fucking care about what he’s thinking. I stand up, leaving my too tight t-shirt on the seat next to my roommate, grab Max’s hand and lead him to the dancefloor, all eyes on me and my obscenely muscular body. Wow. I feel so fucking liberated. Like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now that I don’t want to kiss Luke. Now that he’s pissed me off. I feel a similar rush of excitement I felt earlier in the bar as I walk away from my friends. And that sense again that anything could happen tonight. I don’t look back at Luke once.
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    “But you’re as small as a mouse!” “Yeah, but a mighty mouse.” “Dude, you’re a dweeb - a shrimp. There’s no way you should be able to do that!” “What can I say, I’ve just been blessed with power beyond your imagination. You should see what happens if I really squeeze. Scares you, doesn’t it?” I removed my hand from the top of the hammer. His face turned as white as a sheet. The steel head was now mangled and crushed into something unrecognizable – something insubstantial. My fingers had squeezed the tool with so much ease, even I had been impressed. I was clearly getting much stronger and that could only mean one thing – it was time to go out and find even more bullies for me to terrorize. I needed to do more cleaning. This present scum was known across campus for being rude and abusive to girls he dated. I had ‘dropped by’ for an unexpected visit with the intention of making sure he was always nice to the ladies in the future. He had opened the door and his very tall frame had caused him to look over my much shorter body – missing me completely. I had to clear my throat for him to notice. He had looked down and actually laughed at my size – my head below his pecs. Laughed, because he had not been introduced to my power at that point. When I told him, I was there to correct some of the mistakes he had made with women on campus, he guffawed even louder and went to close his door. My palm had then been placed on the hollow metal fireproof barrier and its movement stopped abruptly – completely catching Mr. Rude off guard. He glanced down to the floor to see what was in the way, seeing nothing. He pushed harder and his eyes got wider when the thing didn’t move and his pea-brain started to connect the dots. He looked at me and I smiled. That’s when I gently started pushing the door back open with my mousey hand and he had doubled down his efforts – foolishly, I might add – to stop me from coming in. When the thing was completely open and the guy was freaking out at the dented in metal around my palm, I flicked the back of my other hand against his mid-section and sent him flying into his dorm room where he landed on his butt some ways back. During the time it took him to catch his breath and realize he had been flicked by a dweeb – merely flicked – to the floor, I came inside and shut the door behind me. I turned around, smiling at how he now had to look up to me – his butt on the floor. He’d have to find a way to explain the caved-in metal to his dorm mother – that wasn’t my concern. “I must be dreaming,” the big guy said as I handed him the hammer. He had been saying that a lot since I arrived. I, myself, sometimes felt that way – I mean, to be able to flick the back of my hand into a grown guy and send him flying was pretty unbelievable. I had to admit, however, that it also turned me on. To have turned into this secret bully patrol of the campus sounded like I was being altruistic and heroic, but I did it mostly because I got to shock guys with my power – and that fueled my late-night wank sessions more than any morphed muscleman pictures on the internet. Big guys just couldn’t fathom a little dude with my kind of power. It made them crazy with confusion – and shame, I think. In typical jock-boy fashion, as soon as the bully had regained his breath he jumped up and came running at me – intending to squash me between his big shoulder and the door. I waited with glee, as my cock started to dance in anticipation. Come on, what normal blooded human male doesn’t want to be able to instantly stop a charging bull with his body – just by standing there with his hands on his hips and being so incredibly dense nothing could unmoor him. This time, I felt a little sorry about the pain my unmoving body inflicted – but it was his own fault. The wind inside him was knocked out even more with this powerful jolt. His body froze against mine for a few seconds. He then slid down my leg to lie flat-faced on the ground, moaning from the agony. That sound – a guy breathing hard and whimpering just because he was trying to recover from being introduced to all my power – made my balls pulse and my heart beat with joy. I stepped to the side of the dude, reached down to grab the back of his jeans, and easily lifted his body into the air. Here was what most people would call a scrawny ninety-pound weakling picking up a huge college football player like he was as light as a stray sock. I then tossed him across the room onto his bed. The moans of pain turned into moans of complete and utter shock as he turned to gaze at me with a look that could only be described as total fear. I was ruining all of his preconceived knowledge of the laws of the jungle. The biggest had to be the strongest! As I moved closer I explained how things were going to be from now on – he was going to be nice to the ladies and, actually, nice to everyone, he was going to never mention me or my powers to anyone, and if he broke either of these new rules I would return and do to him what I was going to do to the hammer I pulled out of my backpack. I banged on the top of his desk a few times to show him it was a genuine steel tool for building or tearing down. I then wrapped my small hand around the top and squeezed. His eyes had bulged wide when he saw deformed metal seep out between my tiny fingers. There was also this high-pitched screeching sound that had actually come to cause the little nipples on my slight, concave chest to turn hard since I knew it was steel giving up against my small, but mighty hand. Now, watching the dude shaking his head back and forth in disbelief as I handed him the crushed hammer, I became fully aroused and knew I’d have to get back to the privacy of my own dorm room pretty quickly to relieve myself. That, in and of itself, posed different kinds of problems since my ejaculations could power through concrete or stronger stuff with no problem. I kept having to hang up new posters all over my place to cover up the damage I had done. I could have imagined how that news would have made the bully feel even more insecure. “So, big guy, have I made myself clear? Or should I squeeze some part of you like I did the hammer just to drill my point in a little more?” “No!” he screamed, still holding the hammer and staring at its head, “I understand. I understand. Be nice and not a word to anyone. I promise.” “Good man. Good, changed man. And now, I must be off – in more ways than one.” ‘Wait, mister,” he said, and the added title of respect for little old me brought a smile to my face, as well as bringing me a lot closer to orgasm, “Will you come back sometime and show off your strength again? It’s so fucking hot.” This was a first. So, our big bully had a strength fetish. There was probably a connection between that and what he did to others, but I wasn’t a therapist. I did, however, figure a frequent reminder to him about my strength would have him being nicer than the best altar boy at church pretty much for forever, so I nodded my head. “You’ll need to supply the tools,” I said, smiling and leaving him – still dumbfounded and staring at the demolished hammer like it was some religious artifact. As I quickly made my way home, I remembered being told about three bullies who had been terrorizing people at the campus gym. A quick stop there, to see if my future converts were working out would be fun. It would also add some much-welcomed fuel to my promised powerful ejaculation.
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    Hello everyone. This is my first post here in this site. And its also my first ever proper story written so please don't get your hopes up too high. This is part 1 or a 8 part story, maybe more is I have more planned. I also planned to write other growth stories that may link with this one. Currently only Muscle Growth will be in this chapter. But in the next few chapters, expect Hyper Muscle and Hyper Cock, Giant Belly, and maybe a bit of Multiversal Destruction from growing too big... Enjoy! Day 1 Campsite of Paradise Forest A frantic morning pumped adrenaline into my body. I woke up an hour late at 7am. I swore and immediately took a shower. I was late for a camp. I was supposed to arrive in school at 8am. Luckily it only took 30 minutes to reach school. But having some things left unpacked from the previous night made the morning a little stressful. But I managed to get it all worked out, albeit made me super tired. This was supposed to be an outdoor camp to help train students to become leaders for the new freshmen coming to school the next year. It was called Camp Paradise, located in the Paradise Forest. Paradise forest is about 3 hours away from school. It’s roughly 50 thousand square miles, mostly untouched due to preservation reasons. Not much is known about this forest, and yet, many legends surrounds this forest. A lot of sightings of mysterious creatures and giants can be heard. Yet not a single human seems to live there. No whatsoever society or village is found there. The only type of man-made creation is the campsite there. I was always interested in the legends surrounding this forest, but all the information i gathered were all super vague. So you bet your ass I was super eager to go on this camping trip. I arrived in school, excited. I saw a few of my friends who were also attending this same camp. We had a lovely chat and talked about which group we were in. I was the only person in my friend circle in group 7 while my other friends were in group 6. A bit disappointing to say the least. I thought I would have fun with my friends. But we had no choice in this. As more and more people began crowding the school hall, I came to the conclusion that this was a big camp. There were about 200 students here. A lot of them were recognisable as we all went to a different school camp a few months ago for the same purpose of training us to be leaders to our freshmen. 18 year old me was delighted to see all these people again. And excited to have another adventure with all of them in the new camp. The busses had finally arrived to pick all of us up. Luckily, group 6, 7 and 8 were on the same bus, my friends and I were able to chit chat a little bit more. As we journey to the camp, we did a little bit of research on the campsite. The site was something to behold. It’s extremely huge with many, very high quality furnished dorms, high quality amenities and lots of activities to behold. But due to the sheer size, different groups would be situated in different corners of the camp. So unfortunately, I was to be situated my with own group at one site of the camp. We were devastated. We thought the whole squad was going together but nope. Even worse, the guys and girls would be split up. So that would mean the adventure was going to be very lonely. This changed my perspective on the trip in an instant. But still with such a marvelous looking campsite with a forest full of legend, I guess being in a camp with about 10 guys couldn’t be all that bad. As we arrived at the camp, we got off the bus as experienced the scenery. And man was it a sight to behold. A luxurious campsite situated far from the towns. With beautiful forestry as far as the eye can see. A huge waterfall can be seen from afar. Mountains stretched across the landscape. Many camp buildings were scattered throughout the forest. From afar I saw some rock climbing walls, a river for kayaking or canoeing and a zipline that stretches far. I was also sure that there are more activities we could do here. All 200 campers gathered for a huge briefing in the mess hall and afterwards we were dismissed. I said my goodbyes to my friends and we all went off doing our activities. It was going to be a long camp for sure. An 8 day 7 night camp is going to be exhausting for sure. But at least there was something that could keep me company for a while. There was a group 7 camper there who also went to the previous camp. However we weren’t grouped together back then, so I barely noticed him at all. But during this camp, I managed to be able to analyse his figure. Man was I eyeing on him for a long while. His name was Jon. He is from a different course from me but our courses intermingle when it comes to our modules. So I sometimes see him. He is the same age as me at 18 years old and is a year 2 student like me. He was tall about 6'2”, which compared to my height of 5'8”, he was tall. Now I live in a country where tall and buff guys are not common at all. And while I would LOVE one, I grew to be more open to different types of men. So even tho Jon wasn't the buffest guy around, he was huge. He had an adorable tummy that looked hard yet soft to the touch. He has a wide back that was almost twice the length of my own back. He had huge arms that covered the entire sleeve hole. He had huge and hairy legs that looked strong. Now that description may not sound impressive at all and it really isn’t. He was just a big and tall guy with a soft meaty body, but a bit of training would make him a bodybuilder to behold. I bet y'all would have wanted massive bodies that triumph bodybuilders. But where I am from, he was considered huge and i'll take what I can get! Jon had slightly curly and messy black hair. It was slightly long. He had a roundish yet rectangular face. He was Chinese which meant small brown eyes. He was paler in the spectrum of chinese skin colour. He was quite the handsome individual but im getting sidetrack. So onward with the story. I was in Group 7 with Jon along with some other guys. Including us there were about 10 guys in total. Now the groups were scattered very far from each other to allow each group to have a 'unique experience’. While that sounds interesting, it feels very lonely to be with only 10 people. Now the entire camp spreaded far! So the other campers were about a kilometer away from each other. A camp instructor was given to each group to lead the activities. Our instructor was very nice. He told us that he wanted us to treat him like a friend rather than a teacher to make the camp a little more fun. He also told us that we got the best campsite among the rest. In his words, “It's the biggest site with the most amount of available activities.” That sounded interesting. Now our instructor was also very handsome. He had short black spiky hair, his face was rectangular and sharp. He was dark skinned, a brownish colour. He had a small moustache that connected to his slightly thick beard. He had beautiful hazel eyes that sparkled and had a very warm smile. He stood at an impressive 7’2” inches tall. He had a build of a bodybuilder. Strong impressive arms that pulled the seams of his sleeves. Huge pecs that sagged downwards each bigger than my head. He had a wide back that stretched his shirt to no end. His lats were huge too. He had a roided gut that heaved. It was huge and round, like a boulder. Despite the gut, he boasted a huge V-shape body. He had huge shoulders and traps that only accentuate his V-shape stature. He had huge powerful legs as thick as small tree trunks. His whole body was full of thick luscious black hair. He had a huge ass that stretched his jeans. He also had a very noticeable bulge that always caught my guard. It looked to be 8” soft. He was extraordinarily massive. His muscles were so huge it looked bigger than the biggest muscles on any bodybuilder. It was a sight to behold. And a massive one at that. It seemed that he wore XXXL clothing which could barely contain his massive body. While we were walking, the instructor was at the front, talking to Jon. Now while I thought Jon was huge, seeing the instructor right beside him was such a shock. But seeing the two of them together had me hard. Two of the biggest people i know right beside each other. The other 8 guys were behind me, but very far behind me. They were all in their own cliques and were distracted to even notice me or the instructor and Jon. This was my chance, I had to talk to them. So with every ounce of courage I had in me, I braved forward. “H-hi”, i say meekly, like the idiot I was. But even with my soft voice, I managed to catch the attention of the instructor. And with the deepest most sexiest voice I've ever heard, he responded with a “hey”. My entire body shivered and my face turned red. I hope the guys hadn’t noticed. But I had to continue the conversation. I introduced myself and said basic information about myself. He then introduced himself as well. “Well my name is Fajar. Nice to meet ya. So an art student I see. Well you would think from my body that I would be a huge jerkish dude. But I'm actually a nice guy, so don't worry about me biting your head off, “he said in a calm tone. I smiled, embarrassed. “Sorry I'm just a normally anxious person, so I'm a very socially awkward person,'' I replied. “That's okay,'' he said in a warm voice. As he said that he patted my back. “I'll make sure your experience is great here.” His hand felt huge against my back. It literally consumed it. He felt very warm and I was at ease. I then asked why he chose to be a camp instructor. “I always thought that nature is beautiful, and I wanted others to see it too. And what better way to do so than to be a camp instructor. Ever since I was 11 which was about 8 years ag-” “HUH??!” I yelled, “you're 19??!!” He chuckled with one hand on his back. His face turned red. “Yeah I get a lot of reactions from that. But yeah im 19 years old. A lot of people thought I was 30 due to my hulking size which is understandable. But what about ur friend over there” he points towards Jon. “Just look at this hulking beast.” Jon immediately turned red and rebutted “hey i'm not that big at all, i'm just fat and tall, I don't even work out. I mean I wanted to be bigger but school just got in the way is all. I only got tall cause I play basketball is all”. Me and Fajar chuckled at his reaction. “Hey I could give you some pointers. During this whole week I can help you get started. And you don't really need a lot of help, just look at yourself! Hey friend help me convince your dude over here that he can be a huge bodybuilder in no time.” He then proceeded to poke Jon's arm. “Your arms are quite big.” He then proceeded to squeeze his left pec. Your pecs are already quite developed. And your stomach could look like mine with a few techniques of mine.” Fajar said as he poked Jon's stomach. Jon was embarrassed, but he felt proud to be huge. It seemed weird how he’d let Fajar just touch him like that, he didn’t even stop him. God I wish i could touch the both of them, if only- “Come on friend, feel Jon’ body it's great.” We were both in shock. Was he asking me to do something that I have always wanted to do and yet couldn’t. “Aww come on Jon just let him, he needs to know how big you are. You both can feel my muscles too if you want.” I was so shocked. Am i dreaming. Jon sigh and let me at them. I felt his body for a moment. He felt really big and warm. I was in heaven just feeling his body. Fajar's words made Jon motivated about his body. With that, Jon began to flex his flabby muscles all around like the huge jock that he was. I began touching more and more. I noticed that his bulge began to grow slightly, but I must be imagining things. “Yeah! That's more like it Jon. Show the world who is a big guy. Thanks friend for helping me convince him too. I smiled back at him. Jon looked at me with an embarrassed smile. We began to bond with each other for the rest of the walk to the campsite. I knew this camp was going to be great from then on. As we head to the campsite, everyone gasped in awe. It was the most mesmerising thing I've ever seen. To the front was the river which curved away from us with a waterfall to the left of us. Right beside the waterfall was a huge field of flowers. To the northeast of us was a dense forest with mountains are the far back. Surrounding us were the dorms and loads of activities around us. Right in front of us was the camp fire with benches surrounding it. Fajar told us to each pick a dorm as a pair and to meet back at the benches. As he said that he placed his hands onto mine and Jon's shoulders. We immediately knew we were going to be together in the same dorm. I was excited. Now the dorms were placed quite far from each other and far from the campfire. As we headed out to search for a dorm, Fajar pulled us, “Wanna see the best dorm from here?” He said as we moved towards it. It was the farthest from the central part, but it was a nice looking dorm, situated far from the waterfall. It was a quiet looking building. Surrounding it was the forest and some fields of flowers. There was a mountain wall close to our dorm to the left. Fajar told us his dorm was to the right of our dorm. So if we needed his help we should let him know. As we entered our dorm we were in awe. It was bigger on the inside than the outside. It was a nice white house with brick patterns inside. It had a nice wooden flooring. To the left was the kitchen with large cabinets with marble surfaces. To the right was the living room. 2 large red sofas were placed evenly with nicely decorated pillows that said “welcome”. Many paintings were hung around the walls. Large windows showcased the beautiful natured outside. The windows were accompanied with large red curtains. Facing the sofas was a fireplace with a large television hanging above it. Directly in front of us was another door. We entered it to find the master bedroom. It had a huge king size bed to the left. A large closet was right beside it. A huge window with curtains was opposite the door. There was a balcony outside which had nice chairs and stairs that led to a jacuzzi? And a playground? With barbeque pits and really fancy gym equipment? The scenery of the waterfall and mountains were breathtaking. This felt more like a holiday rather than a camp. To the right of the room was a massive toilet. We were in awe and began to unpack our things and headed back to the main campfire. As we assembled, Fajar told us of our plans and set up some ground rules. It was about 10am. There was kayaking across the river till 12pm. Afterwards we would shower till 1pm and have our lunch. Afterwards was a minigame mania till 3pm. Then an amazing race challenge till 6pm. Then dinner till 7pm and the rest of the night we were free to pick random activities to do solo or as a group till whenever. Fajar even said we don't have to sleep if we don't want to. So after the briefing, we headed straight towards the river for the first activity. The first activity was kayaking. As the arrived, we saw a bunch 2 large wooden boats with 5 seats inside. Basically for this activity, it was a kayaking race across the river. The river route was simple. Row across the river. About 5 minutes after rowing, there is a turning point with 2 cross sections, keep turning to the right as it loops back to the direction towards the camp, just keep rowing until we reach the starting point. First kayak to come back wins. I teamed up with Jon immediately with 3 other guys we sat on the kayak. With a blow of a whistle from Fajar, we set off and began racing. Everyone began yelling at the top of their lungs, screaming to row fast and strong. The sound of the waters crashing against the kayak also added to the noise pollution. But other than that the kayaking was such a refreshing experience. The cooling waters splashing on our faces. The chilling breeze. Everything felt nice. I was very motivated to win. Along with Jon’s huge body right behind me, I just felt at ease. This was the best experience of my life. As we arrived at the intersection, many water drops appeared. Slightly jagged rocks appeared as well. We were all afraid, but ready to push on. The breeze also began to pick up. Right in front of us was the huge mountains. Me and Jon saw our dorm to our left. Apparently we saw a cave entrance nearby it. We were intrigued. Moreover, we saw a huge purplish light escaping from the entrance of the cave. Now we were curious. No one else saw because they were still focused. But now we wanted to ask Fajar about this. We finally reached the end of the race and we won! Our team screamed with glee. And afterwards we went to wash up. After that, we had our lunch. There was a lunchroom situated near the central area of our camp. We were in awe with the interior design. It looked like a fancy restaurant setting rather than a beaten up camp lunchroom. Albeit it still looked like a regular lunchroom. It just looked very cleaned and well decorated. Everyone sat on one long table lined with plates and utensils neatly arranged. The kitchen was loud with sounds of pots and pans banging and sounds of sizzling foods. The aroma of gourmet food wafted across the lunchroom. I sat next to Jon and the entire group began to start chatting with one another. All the while waiting for out food to arrive. As we waited, Fajar came by. He stood between me and Jon, one hand on each of our shoulders. He began to whisper into our ears. He said something about meeting him at our dorm later after our activities are over for Jon to start his first workout with him. Now I would like to talk about all the activities we did, but that would take too long. I just can’t wait to talk about the interesting stuff. So it was around 6pm. Fajar announced that we will be having a special dinner today. A campfire dinner! Everyone was stocked. We all sat around the campfire. There were plates of sausages, beef, mutton, all ready to be cook. There were even marshmallows too! We could even make some smores. It was a wonderful meal. We all had great laughs, told a bunch of scary stories and just had a wonderful time there. Right after dinner, Fajar told everyone that we can all go on to do our own activities. But me and Jon stayed with Fajar cause Jon had the bodybuilding training with Fajar. As everyone left, Fajar put out most of the fire and just sat on a bench beside us. I was in the middle of the two guys, enjoying the small fire. But it was really quiet. I asked Fajar why we were sitting here. He had a story to share with us about Paradise Forest. Finally my reason for coming here was being fulfilled. I was all ears. “This place has a very interesting backstory. A past unlike any other. Only known by a few people, and its history was recorded through inscriptions throughout the area. This area was once called the Growing Paradise to those who lived here.. Legend has it its natives were not known by the outside world. The mere name change to Paradise Forest was only a coincidence. They managed to hide themselves very well. We only knew about them through their inscriptions. The inscriptions, only found many centuries later. These inscriptions told us of a tribe of natives of only men. These men were so called the peak of humanity, as they apparently were extremely intelligent, even more so than us, yet only use simplistic tools for reasons unknown to us. The native tribe consisted of about 30,000 men. Their ways of reproduction are unknown. What's really fascinating was how they appeared. They were giants. As the inscriptions says. They are men who grew up till 15 feet tall! It's also said that their bodies were enormous. If you think i'm huge, hear this. Their muscles were so enormous that their pecs were the size of boulders. Their biceps, 3 times the size of their heads. Their stomachs, so roided that they could not even hug their own bellies. Their legs the size of redwood trees. And their cock, so long that the tip reached all the way to their own heads. That's all the description says. All we know is that they are giants with disproportionately gigantic muscle sizes. It was unknown how they disappeared. But those living near the Paradise Forest are said to be the descendents of the forest. But that much I can’t say.” I found it very interesting to say the least. Me and Jon were so intrigued about all of these. What didn’t surprised me was that Fajar here is a local and a descendent of these giants too. He mentioned that he had multiple books that have records of the past by these original beasts. And he has also written new books about the current state of these giants. Fajar began to mentioned how only about a few thousand descendents remained. And most of them don’t even realise that they are the descendents. That was one of Fajar’s quests, to research and find out more of his dying history and to hopefully find anymore descendents. That’s why he was so invested in Jon. Jon appeared to be another descendent. But he needed more proof. He said there is one way, without using genetics, to prove that one was a descendent. Sort of like a magical aura that can be detected if one to be a descendent. Honestly I found it interesting, but Jon seemed scared. What would this all mean for him. Jon asked for more information. Fajar mentions that the only way to determined is that Jon works out. A secret aura must be released from Jon in order to determine that he is a descendent too. Since it was so simple, we decided to try it out too. As we arrived at our cabin, Jon began to drink a special formula Fajar prepared for his workout. He said it was made with native berries grown from here. It was somewhat like a protein shake, but it absolutely does wonders for muscle growth. Jon prepared to do some bicep curls. He was also following Fajar’s method of bodybuilding too. As he did some curls, I noticed Fajar’s face turn from happy to confused. As Jon moved on to different workouts, more of that confused expression came out of him. As Jon stood up, I noticed that something was off with him. He seemed bigger. He began to flex. There was actual muscle definition. He went from a large chubby guy to a chubby guy with at least a month of working out. His arms looked slightly bigger with some muscle definition. So were his legs. His back seemed to widened quite a big too. A V-shaped body was almost visible. He pecs seemed to have jutted more. And his legs widened too. His shirt and pants seemed tighter too and he was much taller as well. While no fats were lost somehow, he appeared more dominating with his added size. But what was off was that his stomach was noticeably bigger, despite him not doing any abdominal workouts. Fajar began to talk, “Jon… You do not exert the aura that the descendents do. However, your muscle growth should have not even began at all.” We were all confused. “Jon, it appears that you have a much different body type than I imagined. You even exert a different aura. It appears that Jon is capable of growing far more than what I thought. Jon, your body is capable of growing to sizes we cannot even imagine. I’m not even sure that there is even a limit to your growth with workouts. It would be even more disastrous if you find the Infini- Oops, don’t mind that-t. Anyways-s I will go first see ya later bye!” And just like that, he dashed off. We didn’t even get to question anything. And what was the infi-something that he mentioned anyways? And what of Jon? What sizes is he capable of. Despite that, Jon began to work out some more. He wanted to see how big he could get. I was getting sleepy at that point so I went off to bed...
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    The Look He was just finishing up his routine when he got that look on his face. There was no doubt in my mind that he won his class and possibly the over-all depending on how fickle the judges were. That look! My knees buckled and I collapsed back into my seat while everyone around me continued to scream and cheer. My brain blocked out clamorous roar in the auditorium and I saw his face hovering above mine. Sweat covered our bodies and the smell of sex surrounded us like a cloud. My whole body trembled as my ass clenched and cum filled my briefs. I almost felt him thrusting and heard the rapid slap of skin on skin. My hands roamed over his insanely massive hard physique as I saw the expression on his face changing. Then as his balls got ready to spew he held back the desire to explode and like a jet revving up its engines before takeoff he would slam into me harder and harder until ‘that look’ surged over his face. Many a time ‘that look’ triggered my orgasm just as it had seconds ago. With his eyes locked on mine his jaw would clench and his body would flex as he planted his seed deep inside of me blasting us both off into the stratosphere. Then his face would soften and his massive body would collapse on top of mine as his kisses landed on my neck and his grunts of delight filled my ears. Words of love for my ears only and never spoken in public rolled off his lips as mini-orgasmic aftershocks added more of his seed to the flood each time my ass clenched around his shaft. Sometimes there would be a frightening roar as a second orgasm overwhelmed his body. I consider that second orgasm to be a gift but he often told me it was his lack of control. He would smile and tell me it was my fault. I’d smile back and tell him ‘I hope so’ and he would laugh. “No lover but you has ever been able to make me have multiple orgasms or keep me so hard so long,” he told me. It was as if he took a little blue pill but I knew he didn’t. He hated taking any drugs even if he got the flu. Often he would roll to his back and take me with him. Then it was my turn to worship his physique or toy with him or kiss him or even just rest on his pecs listening to his heartbeat. We would shower and then he would snuggle against my back on the clean sheets and envelop me with his hand against my chest pulling me in until there was full body contact. Yep that was my love posing on the stage and he was able to make me cum with a look. I’d say I was a pretty lucky guy.
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    Here we go with the second chapter. Hope you enjoy. Thank's Vince for letting me tell part of your story!! As alwasy... Hope you enjoy!!! ThInk It: A Writer's Tool (Based on a True Story) Chapter Two: The Second Story That night, after cleaning as much as possible of the ‘cumnami,’ Quinn sat down to map out his own story. Since he discovered that things could easily go out of hand with a lust filled mind using Think It, he wanted to ensure that he knew exactly what he wanted before he spoke it outloud. My own will be my last story… and my legacy. Maybe I should just try it out once on myself first, he thought. Nothing major… maybe just add 10 lbs of muscle mass. Taking out his IPhone, Quinn tapped on the app. Welcome back, Quinn. Ready to start writing again? - Yes. - Wonderful. The white screen appeared again before he was prompted: Character/Characters Name: we recommend using the name of people you know to create realistic characters. Already starting to get aroused, Quinn spoke loudly and clearly: - Quinn Wonderful! Is this the same Quinn as used in your last story, - Yes. Wonderful. Readers love recurring characters. Will there be any additional characters? - No. Wonderful! If you have any need for additional characters, please return to this prompt. What is Quinn’s goal? To add twenty pounds of muscle to his frame. Wonderful. How will Quinn achieve this? - He drinks a protein shake that secretly contains a growth serum. Wonderful. What Is Quinn’s location? - My flat. Wonderful. Now dictate the first paragraph and we’ll bring your words to life. Quinn waaaalllkkkeeedddddd… Time slowed down all around Quinn until it stopped completely. His movement across the room was frozen and he couldn’t proceed no matter how hard he tried. He could feel his thoughts slowing down… sputtering… stopping… Quinn regained consciousness mid step, and fell to the floor in a heap. His phone landed next to him. How long was I out, he thought. Does the whole world stop, or is it just my ‘character?’ Looking at his phone, he could tell no time had passed. Jacob has left the flat around 8, it had taken two hours to clean up, he began writing his outline around 10:30… and decided to try the app out around 11. Looking at the phone, it was now only 11:09. Opening the app, he saw the following words on the screen. App shut down after six hours of non-use. Story entitled: Quinn remains in draft folder. To go back to this story, just say Drafts, and Title. To delete, just say Delete. - Delete! Frustrated by his inability to have the app work on himself, he decided to take a shower, where he dropped another of his own cum loads. Drying off, an idea went through his head… an object from another story… if I can get an object that works in one story… can I use it myself? Quinn ran to the rubbish bin and pulled out the box and syringe Jacob had used to supersize his cock. It was still there… but no liquid was left in the chamber to even try it out. Where did he buy it? He said he wanted to buy more. Does this now exist in our reality? Thoughts running through his head, Quinn went to bed. His brain was still contemplating what to do to make his dreams come true… but his body was falling asleep. As his eyes closed, Quinn thought: I wonder what Jacob is doing right now… who he’s doing right now…. with a smile, Quinn fell asleep. Waking up very early the next morning, Quinn could still smell Jacob’s cum and musk in the air. He opened the window in his bedroom, but even the air outside smelled of Jacob. Taking a step outside, it smelled as if all of London was covered in a haze of musk and sex. This instantly aroused Quinn, so while showering, he quickly rubbed one out. At least this proves I hadn’t dreamed it, he thought as he came down from his most recent orgasm. His cock remained stubbornly hard and wanted another go, but Quinn dried himself off and dressed to head for the gym. When he arrived at the gym around 4:30 am, he saw that Vince was already doing squats. Quinn had been introduced to Vince about three months ago by a fellow Early Bird at the gym. It was obvious, and from what he said, it was true, that at one time Vince had been a model. Unfortunately, after getting two girls pregnant, marrying one while trying to support the other, getting a steady job managing a pub, and then getting a divorce, his looks had faded somewhat, his tight body had gotten saggier, and his waistline much larger. Once his divorce was settled, Vince had finally joined the gym to get his body back in shape and get back on the dating scene. Watching him in between sets on the bench press, Quinn admitted that with some hard work, Vince could have the body of a model again if he wanted to, or in the least, be a really hot guy. The looks were there… just a little buried. Taking a further look at Vince, Quinn began to get an idea. If Vince had something… an object that helped him regain his old body and looks, I could take it for myself and use it!!! Yes!! Vince would be the perfect test subject, and if this worked, he would try it on himself. With Vince, it would be something simple… but what he planned to do… and what he WAS going to do to himself would be amazing… extraordinary… world shattering…. This would be his legacy he would leave to the world!!! Fuck yeah!! Fate had handed him this incredible present! He had been given it… no one else! This morning, when he went back to the App Store to see who had created it… the ability to purchase or even update the app was gone. It was as if it had never existed… but it did, because it was on his phone. He read some of the several stories that had been published on the app’s platform, and it was obvious there were others who had also been gifted the app and were using it as he was, but there were only a handful… and the ways they were using it was pedestrian: fame, money, making someone fall in love with someone else. No other writer had his imagination… or his vision! At the moment he couldn’t figure out how to be the central character in a story without freezing, so perhaps an item taken from another story would work. If it did, he would take it, and use it this weekend. He would go to the middle of nowhere where he wouldn’t be disturbed, and he could do whatever he wanted. That would give him three days to plan out exactly what he wanted and how to accomplish it. Hiding a determined hardon, Quinn left his weights unstacked and walked swiftly to the locker room. It was 5:30 now, and the gym was fairly empty… but Quinn began to wonder again as he walked to the locker room, if the whole world stopped when he was using the app, or just the person he was “writing” about. I guess we can test that with Vince as well. If someone walks in… the answer’s clear! Just to be safe, he wasted time going to the toilet and washing his hands until two other Early Birds had left. Grabbing his phone, he tapped on the app and waited for to go through its authorisation and updating phase as it loaded. Finally the familiar logo and white screen appeared: Welcome back, Quinn. Ready to start writing again? - Yes. Wonderful. Since your last publication, eight readers have upvoted you… seven more and you will be eligible for added content. For example, having completed one story, you have been selected for the option of an upgrade. With this upgrade, you are still in control, but your characters will have more free will than before… they will be able to suggest what they need, and even be able to make decisions for themselves… talk for themselves. We use a matrix of millions of phrases or choices for them to use, so play along. We believe that this upgrade helps new writers strengthen their dialogue with the writing of their stories. Would you like to activate this upgrade? Sure. Why not. Is that a yes, or a no? Yes. Wonderful! Upgrade in affect. If you wish to stop this upgrade, just say: Stop Upgrade. You will then be in complete control. The screen went white again, and then the words Quinn had seen before appeared: Character/Characters Name: We recommend using the name of people you know to create realistic characters. - Vince Like Jacob before, Vince’s name popped up on the app screen. Perfect!!! Wonderful. If you have additional characters, please return to this prompt. - Quinn is also a character. He hadn’t had any problems being a character in Jacob’s story, so he shouldn’t freeze in Vince’s. It was only when he was alone did he have issues. Wonderful! Readers love recurring characters. Will there be any additional characters? No. Wonderful. What is Vince’s goal? To get his body back in shape and look even better than he did before, his muscles larger and pumped. Wonderful. What is Quinn’s goal? To get the ring for his own use once Vince has finished with it. Wonderful. How will Vince achieve his goal? Ummm… he bought a ring that is rumoured to offer the wearer in wish when turned to the right. Wonderful. What is Vince’s location. This locker room. Wonderful! Now dictate the first paragraph and we’ll bring your words to life. Vince sat down on the floor and stretched. His workout had been crap as a result of not being able to concentrate. All he could think about was the ornately carved silver ring he was wearing on his right hand. It was difficult to believe his mate that it worked, but Archie had gotten it from a relative who told him it worked... and then wished to win the lottery… and four days later he did! Now he was £80 million pounds richer. Not bad for a 22 year old Eastend Barman. Archie has handed over the ring to him last night after a night out. Both pissed, they had sat outside Vince’s block of flats, and Archie had confessed it all. Taking the ring off of his finger, he handed it over to Vince letting him know that it only worked once… after that it was useless until another person was given it. Until Archie had passed out on his couch, they had joked about what Vince should use his wish on. Archie wanted him to wish for money right then and there… but Vince was a planner… he never did anything spur of the moment. In bed he had fallen asleep with his brain pondering what to do. Leaving Archie asleep, Vince had gotten up at 4:30, and headed to the gym, yet it didn’t matter how hard he worked, he simply couldn’t concentrate. Deciding to pack it all in for the day, Vince got up from the floor and walked into the locker room. He was surprised to see Quinn sitting there looking at his phone. Hey, mate! How’s it going? Vince!! Hey there! Good. Doing well. Chest day for me today. Legs here. Nice! Yeah! Hope you don’t mind me saying… but you look like shit today! Fuck, man! Feel like shit. Didn’t get any sleep. What’s wrong? Man, you wouldn’t believe me! Try me. I’ve had some weird shit happening in my life this week, so I’ll believe anything. Vince sat down heavily on the bench next to Quinn. If he was honest with himself, if there was someone he could talk to about this, besides Archie, it would be Quinn. This guy, who was built like a brick shit house had taken him under his wing, mapped out a workout plan for him, and had developed a diet that had Vince quickly dropping the pounds. He had already shared everything about his life with him… why not this? This ring here… Yeah? A friend gave it to me. Nice. Yeah… it’s… fuck. Don’t think I'm crazy… I mean… he won the fucking lottery!! Wow! Very cool. And he bought that for you? Good friend. No. He won the lottery with this. I don’t get it. This ring… it’s magic. He wished to win the lottery, and he did. Vince looked at Quinn with the hope that he would understand. - STOP!!!! Quinn watched as Vince froze. Getting up, Quinn cracked the changing room door opened and looked out into the gym. Everyone was completely frozen. Walking to look outside, Quinn realised that EVERYTHING was frozen… the whole world!! It was an odd feeling for Quinn to know that he was all alone in the world. He had begun to feel this way more and more as he got bigger and more rugged… as people shied away from him or were intimidated by him. Now… he really was alone. Moving back to the Changing Room, Quinn thought about how to proceed. It was strange having the device just write words for Vince and for him to speak them at the same time. It frightened Quinn somewhat as he felt so out of control, but it was also easier since he didn’t need to think of what Vince needed to say. Anyway… why should I worry? It’s an upgrade… they wouldn’t have added it if it wasn’t helpful. Sitting back down where he was, Quinn grabbed his phone and started to speak. Magic? Really? I know it sounds crazy… but I have to believe him. He’s 80 million pounds richer, and he wished for that exact thing… and he got it. Damn!! How does it work? Archie said you just make a wish and then turn it to the right. That’s it. What are you going to wish for? That’s what’s driving me crazy… I don’t know. Probably money. Yeah. Everyone can use money. Especially with two kids and an ex wife. True… but… I hate playing devil’s advocate, but if that’s what you really wanted… you would have done it already. I know. What is it you really want? Quinn looked at Vince, waiting for the app to give him the words. Say it! Say what you want!! Honestly… if I could have a rockin body again… I’d make the money… and have fame. I’d have everything I could want. I want my old life back… but even better than before. How so? When I was modeling… I looked good… for that time period. Everything’s changed. Every model has a body like yours! That’s it!!! I want your body!! You don’t want my body. Yes, I do!! I want your body. Quinn began to panic. I need to fix this before he wishes he HAD my body. Who knows what would happen. You mean, you want a body like mine. Yeah. A body like yours… tall, built… rugged...a real bloke… But I also need to stand out from the crowd. Vince got up from the bench and began pacing around the changing room. Yeah… stand out from the crowd. I would rake the money in… everyone would have to notice me! I wouldn’t give them the choice. How tall are you? 6’6” Weight? 263 Vince continued to pace like an animal in a cage… finally he stopped and looked at Quinn. I wish… yeah… I wish to have a body everyone needs to pay attention to. I want to be tall… and big… and rugged like you… hairy… and oozing that caveman testosterone like you do… and a cock to match that body! Yeah!!! I’m fucking tall… like… fucking talll… I’m stacked with muscle and ripped… and a cock and balls like yours… only much bigger!! That’s great Vince… but what would your stats be if… Taking no notice of Quinn, Vince turned the ring to the right. The ring glowed for thirty seconds, both men simply staring and amazed by its brilliance, and then in a jolt like an electric current, coursed through Vince’s body. In a moment it was over, and the changing room was quiet. Fuck!!! That was intense, mate!! Do you think it worked? I don’t know. How do you feel? Fine… totally fine… maybe a little on edge but… that can beeeEEE… Quinn watched in surprise as Vince’s entire body seemed to flex and then relax, causing the ex-model to stagger a little. Vince leaned against the wall to steady himself, when it happened again… this time with more force. As his body flexed, turning red as it all became engorged by more and more blood, Vince attempted to speak. SSSsssoooOOMMeethi...ngggg… iiiis haaaapeNNNING!!! Quinn watched in awe as, covered by a thin T-Shirt, Vince’s pecs began to swell. The contractions affecting his whole body continued, but it seemed to Quinn that the uncontrolled flexing was doubly focused on Vince’s chest. With hands shaking from the continual flex and release of his entire body, Vince reached out to cup his pecs. He grinned at Quinn as his hands were forced higher and further apart as his pecs began to swell even more. This is…. the most incredible…. feeling… ever… and it’s just… getting stronger!!!! Quinn watched as Vince’s T-shirt began to get tighter on his growing frame, but this wasn’t simply due to his pecs exploding with size…. other muscle groups were joining in. The… best… wish… mate!!!! My… whole body…. expanding… multiplying… like… a time lapse… of me… working out… for twenty… years!!!!! Vince’s neck began to swell as it developed into a thick column of strength. His growing traps caused his shoulders to rip the upper half of the T-shirt apart as Vince’s shoulders and deltoids began to swell larger and become more rounded. I can feel my strength growing…. I can’t believe this is really happening!!! Vince leaned his head against the wall as the muscles from his neck stretched upward and began to invade his face. As the tentacle-like muscle fibres forced their way up, his chin began to take on a square and rugged look, his eyes deeper set as his brow ridge was extended, and his entire face became more refined and chiselled. My arms!!! I can feel it in my arms now!!! When Vince spoke, his voice was now much deeper and louder… much more commanding. When he spoke it reminded Quinn of the type of voice to emerge from a Marine Drill Sergeant. Flexing, Vince watched as his hands began to expand and thicken with muscle. As his hands began to grow larger, Vince began to feel uncomfortable pressure beginning to form on his right hand. Looking at his baseball mitt sized hands, he realised that while his hands thickened, the ring was remaining the same size and refused to break, squeezing and cutting off circulation to his finger. As the pain of his right hand mixed with the pleasure of his growth, Vince began to panic. Pulling at the ring with his left hand, he was in a battle with himself as his continual lat growth was preventing him from bringing his hands together. Quinn… mate… the ring!!! Help… me… Realising that the ring was going to rip Vince’s finger from his hand before breaking, Quinn ran over and tried to remove it himself, but found it wouldn’t budge. Vince screamed out as his hand continued to thicken, his finger now swollen and beet red. With determination, Quinn ran to his locker and removed the bottle of lube he kept in his gym bag for unexpected encounters. Running back to Vince, he poured the contents onto the growing paw. Grabbing hold of the ring with all his strength, realising suddenly that Vince’s hand was now twice the size of his own, Quinn pulled and pulled, twisting the ring as he did. Take… It… OFF ME!!!!! Wondering if it had been by his own growl of a command, the ring appeared to swell for a moment, and with one sudden movement flew off of Vince’s finger and across the room. Quinn scrambled to find it while Vince roared with relief. Looking down at Quinn crawling around the floor to find the ring, Vince smiled, lifted his grizzly-paw sized hand and drove it right into the concrete wall. A deep bellowing laugh came from Vince as he removed his hand from the hole. Over and over he punched the wall till he had created a massive concrete crater. Barely… felt… anything!!! On his hands and knees searching for his future, Quinn watched in awe as first Vince’s fore-arms swelled, then his biceps joined in along with his triceps in magnificent growth. Each moment that passed forced his upper arms to get larger, gaining inch after inch. Flexing his arms, Quinn gasped as the process was sped up, and Vince’s guns grew bigger, adding inch after inch after inch with every tick of the clock on the wall. The circumstance of Vince’s upper arm soon matched Quinn’s, and showed no sign of stopping… just continuing its growth. As Vince panted, basking in the orgasmic rush of growth, Quinn found the ring in the corner of the room. Not wanting to lose it again, he slipped the ring on his own finger and watched as it swelled slightly to fit over his large knuckles. Looking closely at the silver ring, Quinn was able to see the intricate carvings etched into its surface. How badly he wanted to join his friend in his own growth… but that would have to wait... Vince was so transfixed watching his arms getting thicker, that he failed to see his T-shirt bulging further. It was only when the ripping noise echoed around the changing room, and Vince was unable to let his arms hang down to his side that both he and Quinn realised his lats were widening his back, and forcing his arms upward. Joining in with his shoulders, Vince’s upper back grew wider and wider. With both his pecs and back growing thicker, Quinn realised that soon Vince would need to move sideways to get through doorways. Wanting to show off his amazing growth, Vince threw a rear lat spread, which only succeeded in growing him even larger and tearing the remaining t shirt from his body.. Watching his friend, Quinn’s cock came alive. This should be me, he thought!! This WILL be me!! I can’t believe how huge Vince is getting, he thought. He hardly looks like himself anymore!! And from the reaction on his face and the wet spot and tenting of his shorts, this growth must be the best, most erotic feeling ever!! As his back spread wider, Vince found it more difficult to grab onto his thickening pecs. By now, as they continued to grow, Quinn realised he had never seen pecs this massive before, and with a cleft so deep. Since Hannah isn’t here, Quinn, this is going to have to be just between mates. Get over here and feel this body. Feel my muscles strengthen, stretch, widen, and thicken. Quinn didn’t have to be told twice. Walking over to the growing beast, Quinn watched as Vince did his best to flex, forcing more blood and growth to shoot into his pecs. Placing his right hand on the smooth, hot, yet stonelike pec, Quinn’s right hand grazed Vince’s blossoming nipple. Crying out in ecstasy that he had never felt before, he forcefully pushed Quinn out of the way, grabbed hold of both nipples, and began to squeeze them harder and harder, howling in ecstasy. When he released them, panting like a dog in heat, Quinn could see that they both had grown larger and darker, sticking out like the top of his pinkie. Suck my tits, Quinn. You know you want to… Vince’s voice had gotten even deeper and sexier, and without thinking twice, Quinn attached himself to his right nipple, toying it with both his tongue and teeth. YES!!!! Vince grabbed onto Quinn’s head, brought it toward his own, and began to kiss him, forcing his tongue deep into Quinn’s mouth. Fuck, Quinn thought as he animalisticly kissed Vince back, even his tongue is bigger and more muscular! With his still thickening hand, Vince separated himself from Quinn. More time for that later. Now… watch me grow!!! By this time, Vince’s pecs had gotten so dense that they were being forced to turn downward. Joining in with his upper body, all of the fat was being stripped away from his gut, and his abdominal muscles began to thicken. Each ab was becoming so solid and each crevice was so deep that it looked as if cobblestones had been shoved under his skin. Soon his waist had grown significantly, but there wasn’t a trace of fat on him… it was simply all red-blooded armour like muscle. As Vince’s hands explored his abs, his legs began to flex and quake… first the left… then the right… then both of them together. Quinn thought that he might fall, but the new muscle man was able to remain standing by widening his stance. With amazement, Quinn watched as hose like veins began to erupt under his skin and start to criss cross his legs. Fueling then both with more access to blood, his quads began to explode with power. Not to be outdone by his tree trunk quads, his calves swelled until the thick diamond-heads were as large as his old quads had been. Widening his stance even further to allow more room for growth, his quads proceeded to swell even larger than any bodybuilders had ever been. Giving up the fight, Vince’s shorts and underwear burst apart, fluttering to the floor in a heap of scrap. Wanting to get a good look at himself in all his naked glory, Vince waddled past Quinn, his legs still morphing and enlarging, pushed Quinn aside, and placed himself in front of the full-length mirror. The first thing he realised when he took a good look at himself was that his body no longer fit in the mirror anymore!! He was too wide, and proceeding to get thicker and wider. Widening his stance further, Vince watched as his body packed on more and more muscle mass. If he had been wearing any clothes, his excitement would have been obvious by the tenting in his shorts. Since he wasn’t, Quinn got a good look at how pleased Vince was. Standing there, flexing and admiring himself, Vince’s cock was rock hard and leaking. Every once in a while his hand would subconsciously begin stroking it, but it appeared he was more aroused by how he looked then any sexual stimuli. Vince’s cock was fairly thick to begin with, but as Quinn stared, he began to realise that his cock was getting thicker and longer. FUCK!!! I can’t stop flexing!! I can’t stop looking at myself!! This is how you must feel all the time…. feeling how my body moves with so much mass attached to it… FUCK!!! I’m even bigger then you and still growing!! Even my cock!!! Fucking big cock of a stud! Of a MAN!!! It has to be at least 9 inches now!! Even my balls are bigger!!! Look at me, Quinn!!! Have you ever seen something so incredible. Quinn had to admit that he hadn’t. The wish appeared to have improved every aspect of an already handsome man. His skin was perfectly clear now and tight, his eyes appeared a brighter blue… more aqua… even his hair was a more vivid shade of brown. He was indeed the epitome of a man… Perfection. Grabbing his cock with both hands, he began to gently stroke it, admiring how each muscle group flexed and relaxed with the simple movement. A small pool had gathered at Vince’s feet as his cock proceeded to leak even more. As he jerked himself, he looked directly into Quinn’s eyes. You want this… don’t you. Yes. Not the size… you’ll never be as big as I am… I think I’m even a foot taller now… but you want ME. You want to feel me… lick me… be possessed by me… feel me inside of you. Quinn looked deep into Vince’s eyes and knew he was right. All he wanted was for Vince to fuck him… to use him… No!!!! I will have your size… and more!!! Believe me!!! It’s stopping. How much do you think I weigh! Probably around 380. Measure me!! Quinn did as he was told… a fire burning in both his cock and his ass. No matter how much he wanted to deny it… all he wanted was that cock inside of him and the massive brute attached to it ducking the shit out of him. Height? 6’8 Fuck yeah!! Four inches taller. My weight?? I can’t see past these pecs!! 427 lbs. Nice!!! Chest? Each measurement brought more excitement to Vince. He would stand there flexing, stroking his ever flowing cock, and tweaking his nipples. 72 inches Waist! Tight at 34 inches. Vince was stroking himself faster now and with more and more determination. Bi’s: Fuck!! 29.5 inches… My quads!! Measure my quads! They’re 37 inches… and your calves… thick at 26 inches. Now measure my cock! It’s… wow! It’s 13.5 x 6 inches. And my nuts are like what??? Say it!! They’re like oranges! That’s right!! Bigger than both of yours combined. Now… guess what we’re going to do. What? I’m going to fuck the living shit out of you!! Vince reached down and grabbed Quinn. One part of Quinn wanted to fight back, but another wanted him so badly. With one hand Vince tore Quinn’s shirt from his body and forced him to the floor. Look at you!! You look like a baby compared to me. Pathetic!! That’s how the whole world is going to look to me now… small and pathetic!! Get on your hands and knees!! Quinn tried to fight the growing need, but he couldn’t. Soon he was on his hands and knees and facing away from Vince. Shaking slightly from fear and excitement, Quinn could hear the breathing of the beast behind him. In one movement, Vince’s hand moved down to Quinn’s shorts and tore them from his body. Kneeling down and separating Quinn’s ass cheats, Vince took in Quinn’s musk. From now on… you are mine!! Quinn let out an audible gasp as Vince’s tongue began to lick and toy with his asshole. Quinn’s mounting passion went on for several minutes as the bodybuilder forcefully tongue fucked him, getting in deeper and deeper. Moving his face away for a moment, Vince spit on Quinn’s hole and began to rub it in with his thick fingers. Whenever I want to fuck… which will be a lot… you’ll be there… ready to take my load! Let’s get training!!! Vince spit in Quinn’s hole again, and then began to roughly shove his sold pointer finger into his ass, and dominantly knead his prostate. Quinn was so shocked, and the finger was so large, that he couldn’t help himself, and let out a loud moan. That’s right. Just imagine how your gonna feel when you got my cock in you all the way to the root. Quinn began to quiver as his prostate was massaged at different tempos. He’s definitely done this before, Quin thought with a grin, letting out a louder and longer moan. Behind him, Vince had begun to moan as well, getting louder… and more frantic… and… deeper.., Fuck Yes!!!! It’s happening again!! I’m starting to grow again!!!! Quinn could feel Vince’s finger begin to quake, swell, and lengthen inside of him. Should I stop it now, Quinn wondered. The app was deciding for itself what Vince did and said, but wasn’t it going too far with more growth? Should I stop it now… or see how it plays out? It’s even… stronger than… before!!! Need to… watch. Vince rapidly removes his finger and tossed Quinn to the side like a stuffed doll. Walking toward the mirror, Vince stumbled, finding it difficult to keep his footing as he became invaded by wave after wave of increasing surges of growth and power. The flexing of every muscle group was more intense this time, and trying to steady himself, Vince destroyed several large areas of the concrete wall. Naked and a tad concerned, Quinn watched as Vince’s pecs began to swell once again, this time even quicker than before. The two expanding globes quickly blocked any hope of Vince ever seeing below them, and began to force his head to slightly tilt upward as they blossomed larger. Vince let out a deafening roar as the power of growth took over his entire being. Doing his best to look at his mounting frame in the mirror, Vince could see that beyond his chest, his arms grew quickly past their new 29.5 inches. Flexing them, Vince began to find it more difficult as his biceps and triceps swelled and thickened to unimaginable proportions. His shoulders quickly morphed into two formidable muscular cannon balls. Not to be outdone by the rest of his rapidly growing muscle groups, Vince’s lats began to surge outward, inflating to look like muscular wings, getting denser and much wider with each heartbeat. Almost… too… much!!!! Every muscle… multiplying… getting larger… to better serve… ME!!! Quinn watched with his mouth open and his cock hard as Vince’s abs proceeded to get even denser. What had once been cobblestones we’re now thick bricks made of iron… and getting larger. His waist now had to be 38”, but it was all unimaginably dense and solid. Along with his waist, Vince’s legs began to grow. His 37” redwoods began increasing quickly in size, each being allowed more room to grow by his thickening waist. His calves exploded into unimaginable proportions, larger than anything Vince had ever witnessed… larger than any powerlifters quad. Quinn could only watch as more and more mass was piled onto Vince giving him a frighteningly muscular engorged look. One that was freaky as hell… and beautiful at the same time. As the growth of his body proceeded to move into a more frantic pace, Quinn gasped as Vince’s buttress of a neck swelled even larger and his shoulders burst even wider, developing into massive cannonball like plates of muscle. His arms… Quinn’s cock nearly exploded when he looked at Vince’s arms. His bi’s and tri’s were so amazingly proportioned, but the proportions were so huge. It was as if someone had taken a gym ball, shoved it in place of his upper arms, and was now pumping it up. The horseshoe shape of Vince’s triceps rivaled that of a Clysdale, and soon even surpassed that. Vince tried to speak but found that no words would come out… he was simply trapped in a wave of growth that seemed as if it was never going to stop. He watched his muscles swell larger until he feared that they would explode. He was getting too big… his muscles to massive… but he loved it!!! When he didn’t think that any more mass could be piled on his body… more was… much more! - LOOK… AT… ME!!! LOOK AT WHAT I'M BECOMING!!! Quinn couldn’t help but look as muscle mass grew on Vince’s body faster then he could think. One moment he was looking at a quad that had to be measuring 45 inches each, and then suddenly his waist would explode to being forty inches in pure abdominal muscle. If this doesn’t stop soon, Quinn thought to himself, this guy is either going to be completely imobile… or he’s going to explode! Just when he thought this might be a possibility… Vince began to get taller. YES!!!!! MORE ROOM TO PACK ON MORE MUSCLE!!! Up toward the ceiling Vince grew, surpassing 7 foot and kept growing. The sound of his bones and his muscles expanding taller and thicker along with Vince’s moans of pleasure rang in Quinn’s ears. Vince’s feet were stretching across the tiles of the changing room floor, getting longer and thicker, an obvious sign that this growth was far from over. This second round of growth is changing him completely, Quinn thought. Before he was the image of male perfection… now he looks more neanderthal than man. Which was more beautiful, Quinn wondered. After the last growth, Vince would have been a model on top of the world. Now, he was a man who exuded pure animal lust. No matter how he moved, muscle groups flexed swelled and rippled. Vince flexed for Quinn, and when he did, his biceps nearly touched his clenched fist...he was now that massive. He was becoming the biggest man to ever have lived… and Quinn had every urge to worship him. Everyman will want to worship him. He is what we all wish we were. He is our animal side let loose into a tamed society. No one will be able to control him, Quinn thought. No one. As he rose closer toward the ceiling, Vince let out a roar as hair erupted on his face. Within moments a full beard had formed and continued to lengthen. Vince ran his hands through his beard, tugging on hair with hands that were larger than dinner plates. From his chest, hair spewed forth, traveling down over his abs and covering his pubic mound and massive balls. Growing past 8 foot, Vince had to widen his stance again as his quads burst with more size and larger veins began to snake and erupt all over his body. With more to feed them, Vince’s muscles went into overdrive getting even bulkier as he grew taller. Vince was finding it difficult to think as so many waves of growth overtook him. The more he grew… the more superior he knew he was. In the food chain… he was at the top, way above anyone else. In all the world, Vince thought, I am the Alpha! I reign supreme!! Vince’s massive hand reached down to stroke his cock and could feel the web of thick veins invading it. As he stroked himself… as his cock grew longer and thicker, Vince basked in the fact that no one was bigger than he was. His shoulder had to be at least 6 feet apart now, which was wider than any doorway! Every sense was heightened, and as he smelled the air, he could smell the sexual attraction and fear permeating off of Quinn. As he continued to grow, Vince knew that he was changing in both body and soul. What was happening to him was an evolution of sorts, or was it a de-evolution…? Vince’s traps erupted up from his shoulders like a mountain range quickly stretching up to his ears, giving his back and shoulders a bull-like appearance. His neck thickened even more significantly until what had one resembled a buttress transformed into a monolith of potency and brawn. His quads were now larger than his chest had recently been, and as he grew taller, they became even more monstrous. As he grew taller and thicker, his quad muscles narrowed into a thick diamond that rose up over his kneecap, forcing his legs even wider and causing Vince to have a permanent crouching position that made him look even more virile then he would have without it. Up from his quads, his glutes we’re developing into two immense globes of pure muscle that could easily crumble a man’s hand if caught between them when flexed. His calves were not left behind as he grew, developing to be as hefty as his upper arms and growing larger each second. Up from his legs… could they be called legs, Quinn wondered… they were simply too gargantuan to be known simply as legs… another word would have to be developed for what Vince was growing… his abs proceeded to grow into eight immense bricks with the deepest grooves in between. Vince’s skin was pulled so tight over his abs… over his whole body… that it looked paper thin and revealed every small movement as if he was continually flexing just while breathing. MY… BACK!!!! GETTING EVEN WIDER… LATS FLARING OUT… LIKE A… COBRA’S… AND MY CHEST… MY PECS… THEY HAVE TO BE… JUTTING OUT… MORE THAN… TWO FEET… NIPPLES TURNED DOWNWARD… WHAT AM I QUINN??? Perfection… THAT’S IT??? Vince reached over and grabbed Quinn, easily lifting him into the air like a doll. Simply being so close to something so magnificent, Quinn began to cum. As the wave of this intense orgasm flowed through him, his phone flew from his hand, onto the floor, and under a bench. THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE ME!!! SO HAIRY… SO MASSIVE… I HAVE TO BE NEARLY… NINE FEET TALL!!! STICK YOUR HAND BETWEEN MY PECS!!! Quinn did as he was told and found it was impossible to get force it in there… they were both so close together. With immense control over each muscle group, Vince relaxed his pecs slightly to let Quinn’s hand in, and discovered that he could get nearly midway up his arm before he felt the bottom of the hairy crevice. Quinn was dropped to the floor as Vince’s entire body flexed and shook more violent than ever before. Watching his friend, Quinn began to stroke his Cock as his friend proceeded to get taller and more immense. Vince’s balls exploded with size becoming larger than ostrich eggs, sending more and more testosterone through his system. Unable to even speak, Vince’s moans got even deeper. Keeping in proportion with his body, Vince’s cock was more like a third arm now at nearly 20” in length and probably a foot around. The bulbous head was continuously leaking thick pre, and the smell of it was so intoxicating that Quinn crawled over and began to drink from such a monument to all things masculine. Just as Vince was about to hit the ceiling, his whole body flexed one last time, gained another 100 pounds of muscle, and then finished growing. Panting like a horse after an intense race, Vince took in what he could of himself in the mirror, and found that all that fit in it now were his pecs… he would need a mirror four times this size to see himself fully. While stroking his cock, Vince began to flex various muscle groups, getting off on his size and symmetry. Below him was Quinn… the man he once thought was the epitome of masculinity. Now, compared to himself… Quinn was a prepubescent boy!!! Lifting his hand, Vince moved it toward the concrete wall, and found that he could easily dig his hand into the hard stone and tear pieces of it out like ice cream!! He was unstoppable!! From now on, the whole world would pay attention to him… and yet he wasn’t satisfied. MORE!!! I NEED MORE!!! Vince’s unnaturally deep bass voice shook the floor of the changing room. Simply hearing it caused Quinn to begin cumming again. THIS IS ALL TOO MUCH, BUT I NEED MORE!!! TALLER!!! MORE MUSCULAR!!! HAIRIER!!! BIGGER COCK AND BALLS!!! Vince looked down at Quinn and saw what he needed. Grabbing him around his chest, Vince lifted him till they were eye to eye. TIME TO MAKE YOUR WISH… What? FOR YOUR SAKE… YOU’LL WISH THAT I GO THROUGH ANOTHER ROUND OF GROWTH…. THEN WHEN I GET MY BEARINGS AFTER THAT, YOU’LL GIVE THE RING TO ONE OF MY WORSHIPPERS, AND THEY’LL DO THE SAME!!! You’re big enough, Quinn. You don’t need my wish. You’re already fit for worshiping. NO!!!!!! Vince shook Quinn so roughly that Quinn suddenly feared for his life. I need to stop this!!! I need to stop this now!! MAKE… THE… WISH!!!! MAKE… THE… WISH!!!! Vince shook Quinn over and over. I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO START SNAPPING BONES!!! As Vince moved his hand to grab onto Quinn’s arm, Quinn did what he could only do to cause the mammoth beast pain. With all his might, Quinn swung his right leg and quickly kicked Vince right in the balls. With a roar, Vince dropped Quinn and proceeded to pound holes in the walls to relieve his pain. Once free Quinn scrambled on the floor to find the phone. As the pain subsided, Vince glanced at Quinn crawling on the floor, his ass facing him. IM GONNA FUCK YOU FIRST, QUINN… AND AS I RIP YOU OPEN… AS I USE YOU… YOU’LL BEG ME TO LET YOU MAKE YOUR WISH!!! Vince reached down for the small man, wrapping his hands around Quinn’s waist. Just as he was about to be lifted into the air, Quinn spotted the phone, grabbed it, and was about to speak when he felt Vince trembling once again, even worse than before. YES!!!! IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!!!! As Vince started to gain even more muscle mass, Quinn screamed: - STOP!!!!!!! Falling to the floor as Vince froze, Quinn made sure he protected the phone from breaking. Trying to catch his breath on the floor, shaken and bruised, Quinn pondered what to do next. If he deleted this story, the ring would go with it, and he’d be back to square one. No… he couldn’t do that… the story would have to be published. Limping to his locker, he pulled out his gym bag and carefully changed into his clothes. Once that was finished, Quinn looked once again at the frozen Vince. Just seeing all of that raw power and beauty in one man made Quinn’s cock hard again. Walking slowly out of the changing room, Quinn started to speak. Vince was so wrapped up in another super wave of growth that he failed to notice Quinn escaping the room. Packing on another 700 pounds of muscle and four feet of height, Vince’s growth stopped, and he knew that was it. His wish was finished. With a clear head, he realised he was now satisfied. With this gargantuan body, he would have it all… fame… fortune… and the world would always notice him. Quinn stopped. There, he thought, another happy ending! Wonderful! I see your story is complete. Would you like to: a) publish it so it lives on forever, b) delete it and no one will ever know it existed except you, or c) take a moment and edit your story with clearer eyes. What will be your choice? - A. Wonderful!!! Your story is now published and out in the world to see. Having completed your second story, you have unlocked several new options. We look forward to working with you on your next story. You’ll get your new story soon… there’s no doubt about that. Fuck work, Quinn thought. I need to go home… take a nap… and then time to prepare for my wish! Across the city in the basement of a shop in Soho, Jacob was lying in a sling and being pleasured by eight men, his enormous cock leaking everywhere. Since leaving Quinn’s he had cummed 12 times, each more powerful and longer than the last. As his balls loudly churned, Jacob saw two men walk up to either side of him. - Are you sure about this? Jacob looked at the Sex Shop owner and then at his salesperson, both holding two full syringes each. - There’s no going back once you do this… and we don’t know what such a massive dose will do. - I do. It’s time for my complete evolution into a being of pure sex to begin. Do it!! Without being told twice… both dying to see what would happen, they plunged all four needles into Jacobs body and injected the formula - YES!!!! … To Be Continued
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    Part Three Was I in love with my cousin? Probably. Probably in love with his arms more than him. Although, I had a feeling there was a part of me – more nurture than nature – that adored a beefy, gold-chained, Italian muscleman who wouldn’t recognize the difference between the sentiment of a Hallmark card and a Shakespearean sonnet if his life depended on it. That was the way of the world, right. We were attracted to things we knew – things we were familiar with. But, with that in mind, here was my cousin, the biceps-obsessed uneducated knucklehead chasing after a free-thinking, bra-free feminist who probably considered men as low as pond scum and only good for procreation. It was really bizarre to think of my strong, huge, bodybuilder cousin as a pussy-whipped yes-boy. At the same time, I wished he was my yes-boy. “Never leave my side, Antonio,” Enzo said as we made our way through the oh-so-handsome gay crowd of ‘Beefeaters.’ Even I was able to single out the gorgeous Carla Luigi in the middle of a mixed crowd over near one corner of the bar and appreciate her beauty. My cousin had chosen well. I could not knock him for that. I did, however, question his choice when I saw that she was drinking an obscure Spanish beer I was absolutely sure Enzo had never even heard of. I instantly recognized that the group around her was mostly made up of gay men that automatically assumed they were part of an imagined A-list club because of their salaries, the boyfriends they dated, the latest plastic surgery that had been performed, or merely because they were naturally beautiful. I also realized that Carla was clearly a card-carrying fag hag. I’m sure there were several hidden reasons for this fact, but the truth of the realization was undeniable. “I’ve got your back, Enzo. Pretend like this is junior high or high school,” I said to my cousin and he understood the magnitude of my words immediately – my commitment – and it empowered him. I saw a little of the DiMarco bravado instantly return to his posture, his walk. Suddenly, it dawned on me – like an explosion of fireworks – that the roles had reversed. I was now the protector – the big man who scared away the bullies. In the world of gay men, Enzo was the target, the dweeb who needed protecting. I was his knight in shining armor who knew the territory – who could put the villains in their place with just a few words. I realized that my wit and my knowledge now were equal to his brawn and intimidation factor back when we had been in junior high and high school. I had the power to make or break Enzo’s night and I fully understood the importance of protecting family – of making sure he was treated evenly and fairly. I was completely aware of the responsibility and obligation he had felt all those years ago – still felt, I’m sure. I was, simply, becoming a true DiMarco man and he was letting me take the lead. “She’s going to adore you, man. I’m going to help make sure of that,” I said and I saw Enzo’s entire body relax. “I couldn’t have done this without you, Antonio. You’re my lifesaver,” he said with a look of sincerity that almost brought me to tears. I suddenly felt huge . . . powerful. I instantly knew the pride and privilege of being a DiMarco man. It was knowledge and awareness that flooded me like water from a busted dam. I felt a kind of obligation I had never experienced before. I also realized this is what every DiMarco cousin or brother had felt when protecting someone younger or smaller at school. Enzo could have tossed my body as easily as a small sack of rice, but when it came to all things homosexual I was the Hercules of the gaydom. I felt invincible. “You’re my hero,” Enzo said and it was at that moment I realized he needed ammunition. “One shot is acceptable, Enzo,” I said with sudden clarity and assurance. “Are you positive?” he asked. “Yes. If you and I are going to rule the world then we better have some fortification.” “Rule the world. I like the sound of that,” he said, following me to the bar. “Holy shit, you’re hot as hell,” said the more-than-cute hulky bartender after looking Enzo up and down when we arrived at the bar. “Thank you, I’m flattered,” Enzo quickly said, “But you’re not my type.” It was his memorized response for all the come-ons he was sure to get throughout the evening. Enzo’s nervousness about meeting Carla Luigi was momentarily lost in the realization that many men were going to flirt with him. I knew Enzo loved attention, so he’d finally find a way to accept it even from gay men, but the first time had just caught him off guard and he instantly jumped to the comment he had come up with for such moments. Nothing was said for a few seconds and Enzo turned to me. “Too soon?” he asked. “Too soon,” I replied. “He was just complimenting you. You are hot as hell. We’ll have two shots of Cuervo, please.” The nicely tattooed bartender, with the tight body, gorgeous face, and equally-nice arms smiled at me and went to get our drinks. I tried to see this moment through Enzo’s eyes. The poor guy was out of his league, here. I needed to give him some slack for his mistake. He was so new to all of this. “He’s fucking hot, though, isn’t he?” Enzo asked and my mouth dropped open at Enzo’s comment as he watched the bartender walk away. “Yes. Many gay men would say that. He’s also one of your kind, Enzo. Straight as the day is long,” I replied. “What? Are you kidding? Why in the hell does he work here?” “Because he probably makes more in tips in one night than you bring home in a week,” I answered, causing Enzo’s mouth to drop open wide. “Couldn’t he be that thing called ‘bi’? You know, where you like girls and guys.” “Possibly, but he’s got a really cute cheerleader-looking wife that I think keeps him pretty happy.” “Fuck me! I might have to think about getting a part-time gig here if I could make that kind of money.” “Sure, and I can’t wait to hear you explain your new job to all your DiMarco brothers and cousins. They’d immediately send you to some kind of electrical shock therapy – just to zap the gay out of you.” “Just so you know, Antonio, I’ve never thought that we should somehow change you. You’re still just little Antonio, no matter who you love,” Enzo said with such open love that I wanted to throw my hands around him and kiss him, but I always wanted to do that. “Thanks, Enzo,” I replied, as the bartender arrived with our shots. “Sorry about my slip up, earlier, dude. It’s my first time in a gay bar,” Enzo said, turning to the hot guy. “I figured. You are one fucking hot dude, just the same,” answered the gorgeousness across the bar. “And you’re straight, too?” Enzo asked. “What can I say? I’m addicted to pussy,” the guy replied and the two straight guys roared. “Let me guess, you’re the big guy that Carla Luigi’s been telling me about.” “What? Carla’s talked to you about me?” “Yeah, she said she knew a guy whose arms put mine to shame. She wasn’t lying.” “Yours are awesome, man,” Enzo said, sincerely. “Thanks. I’m Eric,” he said, sticking a huge hand across the top of the bar. “Enzo. And this is my cousin Antonio,” the man with bigger hands and arms said in response as they shook – making me love him even more for including me. “Hey, Antonio,” Eric said – his hand engulfing my smaller one and squeezing tightly. “You must be playing wing man for big Enzo.” “Yep, guilty as charged,” I replied. “Better watch out, Enzo,” Eric said, smiling, “It’s not always good to have such a handsome wing man.” “Oh, he’s into dick,” Enzo said quickly. “Doesn’t matter, man. That’s the first rule of hot girls at gay bars – they can just as easily hang out with a guy that can do their make-up as a guy that can make them cream in ecstasy. It’s just a law of the jungle and no one can figure out why. Make sure you listen to Antonio and do whatever he says as long as you’re in the flirting stage. You’ll be able to be the man once you get the girl in bed, but – for now – that cute guy, my big friend, is a superhero.” “Don’t I know it!” Enzo quickly replied. “Then there’s no way you’re not going to succeed. One more shot on the house before you go in, fellas?” “Can we take a raincheck, Eric,” Enzo said without even looking at me, “I tend to want to show off when I’m juiced on tequila.” “Fuck, I bet that’s fun to watch,” Eric said, laughing. “Until someone gets hurt,” I replied – making both men laugh even more. “Well, happy hunting fellas. I’ll save those shots for a night when you don’t have to be on your best behavior, Enzo. Remember, listen to the gay guy – he knows best.” And then Eric was off to help some gaggle of gay boys down the way that kept stealing glances at Enzo. I looked around and noticed that practically everyone within throwing distance was staring at Enzo. I suddenly shot into protector mode, silently challenging anyone to come up and mess with my cousin. I didn’t have to wait long. An elder, super-sized, clearly drunken queen walked up and grabbed Enzo’s ass before I could even warn my unprepared cousin. Enzo’s body shot super tense all over. “I’ve always wanted myself a real-life Hulk,” the guy slurred as he stroked Enzo’s tight butt. “If you don’t remove your hand pronto, dude, I’m going to shove it so far up your ass you’ll be able to lick your own fingers,” Enzo said softly, but firmly – assuming he’d scare the man away. “Oooooh, how did you know I was into that kind of stuff. I love it rough” the man responded, shocking poor Enzo to death. “You are a real life He-Man.” Enzo had been so confident of his power to scare a guy. He’d been so sure of his intimidation factor. He had not been prepared for the fact that most gay men – and definitely drunk gay men – were fearless beyond compare. An aroused queen was like a heavily armed soldier ready to defend his country’s honor. Threats of violence – especially violence that came close to what some gay men saw as pleasure – did nothing to dissuade an advancing queen. Enzo was instantly at a loss as to what to do. He was so shocked that he even didn’t begin to contemplate punching, tossing, or shoving the guy. He just stood there, dumbfounded and unable to move. It was time for superhero Antonio. I knew exactly what super power to use to make the oversized horny queen retreat immediately. I pulled the most underhanded, sure-to-work trick in the gay world. I tapped the guy on the shoulder and, at the same time, pulled his hand away from Enzo’s ass. “Yes he is, but he’s my He-Man, friend.” You would have thought I had tossed out kryptonite and the dude was Superman. Even in his drunken state his hand flew up to his mouth in horror and he retreated a few steps. His eyes were wide with shame and he shook his head profusely. “Oh honey, I am so sorry,” dramatically exclaimed the guy, confusing Enzo to no end. “I was so blinded by his huge arms I didn’t see you there, baby cakes. Bobby Madden is no homewrecker, cute thing. I know better than to touch another man’s boy-toy. I sincerely apologize for my mistake. Can I buy the cute couple a drink as my penance?” “All is forgiven Bobby Madden” I said, with equal drama, sliding my arm around Enzo’s tight-as-hell muscled mid-section – instantly hearing the disappointed grumblings of many men around us. “Two Stella’s would be very nice.” And with that, Bobby Madden trucked down the long bar to get Eric’s attention. I glanced around to see the many jealous faces sending imaginary daggers into my body. I also noticed a few smiles that were clearly offers of a third party if the handsome couple so wished. As if I would share such a specimen as Enzo if he were truly mine. What were those guys thinking? I didn’t pull my arm from Enzo’s waist, it felt too good there, but I did turn to look at him. “What in the hell just happened and what the fuck is a boy toy?” the dumbfounded giant asked. “I used my superpowers and we’ll explain boy toy at a later date,” I responded. “I pretty much made you off limits to the entire bar, cousin. Almost all queens, except a few that have the nickname ‘shark,’ respect the rule of not touching boyfriends. Oh, they’ll still flirt with you – a lot – but, you’re pretty much a no-go for groping now, because your boyfriend has thrown down the gauntlet. Who’s the powerful one now, Mr. Big Arms.” “Well, let’s seal the deal, then,” Enzo said, squeezing my body to lift me off the floor and then planting a big kiss on my cheek – I instantly noticed the sound of more disappointed moans rippling through the crowd. “Oh man, nice double block, fellas,” Eric said, as he placed two beers down on the bar. “Making Enzo off limits and raising the cuteness factor of Antonio at the same time. Smooth. These are from Bobby.” “What did he mean?” Enzo said after putting me down and watching the bartender walk away. “He means that because you are so hot and have chosen me, I become a helluva lot cuter to some guys. If Mr. Muscles chooses me then I must be much more than what meets the eye.” “But you’re cute as fuck. I can’t make you cuter,” Enzo said. “Don’t try to put logic to the way of the gay jungle, dude. It’s just the law of the land.” “By the way, Antonio, what’s a ‘Stella’?” “Never mind, just drink your beer.” “Hey, this is good, what is…” Enzo started and smiled knowingly as soon as he read the label on the bottle – I knew the Belgian beer would be impressive to Carla. I started leading my fake boyfriend toward the table in the corner – amazed at how the crowd parted for a big guy like Enzo. Some superpowers I would never have. (...The night begins.)
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    Next chapter and it's another pretty lengthy one. Look out for another AJ & Noah Easter egg. Oh and @brawnygods - your comments inspired me to add a little extra something into this one! Eleven The first guy I was ever really sexually attracted to was a bodybuilder called Brad McCarthy. Brad was one of the top pro bodybuilders from the nineties, often placing in the top ten of the Mr Olympia with the other well known monsters from that era. I’d been familiar with his name for a while before I actually saw what he looked like. Then one day an Instagram account I followed, who specialised in old school bodybuilders, posted a video of Brad posing in front of a white screen. I was instantly mesmerised by this huge, beautiful muscle monster flexing on my phone screen. It’s no exaggeration when I say that Brad McCarthy was nothing short of God-like. I can not think of a single bodybuilder competing in the IFBB today who even comes close to being as handsome as Brad was at his peak. With his strong jawline, chiseled All American features, smouldering eyes and gorgeous, heart melting smile, if he hadn’t decided to dedicate his life to being a roided out muscle freak, Brad could have probably had a successful career as a top Hollywood actor. And as for his body. Jesus. The guy looked like a fucking cartoon. He had that bubble look where his muscles really popped, like balloons of thick, juicy muscle bulging off his bones. His pecs were obscene, his biceps were insane and his abs were flat out gorgeous. And then there were Brad’s quads. Holy fuck those quads. Thickness for days and beautiful sweeps, if there’s one body part that Brad McCarthy was famous for it was his freaky, out of this world wheels. He was a mass monster for sure, but he wasn’t like one of the grotesque guys with roid guts and thick waists that are so common today. There was a “classic” look to Brad’s shape and physique. He really was like the quintessential nineties bodybuilder. He was also one of those guys that pretty much every gay muscle worshipper goes nuts for. Including (as it turns out) me. No video had ever had an effect on me like the first one I watched of Brad McCarthy. I was completely transfixed by the beautiful muscle freak on my phone screen as he tensed his crazily thick quads, revealing alien-like lines and conditioning I could only dream of having myself one day. I watched as he blew up his gloriously round, granite hard biceps and crunched his perfectly shaped, six pack abs, all the time displaying a handsome as shit grin and exuding the power and cockiness of a man who knew exactly what kind of effect his muscles had on others. And as Brad McCarthy looked square into the camera and scrunched up his face as the glistening, oil soaked balloons of muscle on his upper body bulged and squeezed into a most muscular pose, I blew the most intense fucking load into my boxer shorts. It was like a revelation. Muscle turned me on. Guys turned on. Thanks to muscle monster Brad McCarthy and his beautifully thick pecs and freaky wheels, I was finally able to accept something which I’d known for a while, but had chosen to ignore. I was gay. My best friend, Emily, was the first person I told, and the only person who knew about my sexuality for a good few years. There was no one else at school I felt close enough to to tell, I didn’t really know how my parents would take the news and I didn’t dare tell any of the bodybuilding lads at the gym. Emily came out to me shortly afterwards. I think in the back of my head I already knew she was gay, as she did with me. Maybe that’s why we were drawn to each other in the first place? Maybe we both sensed that the other was different? That we had this unspoken thing in common? It’s fair to say that I was a little naive when we took our first visit to a gay pub. No one really warned me how much attention a good looking, seventeen year old competitive bodybuilder, who looked considerably older thanks to his abnormally muscular physique, would receive in such a place. But then, who would have? Emily was the only gay person I knew at that point. I went home with a guy called Dale that first night we went out. He was no bodybuilder but the guy had one hell of a body on him. Over six foot in height and built like a brick shithouse with thick arms on show under the sleeves of his tight fitted t-shirt. It sounds naive to think about it now, but I was kind of surprised that gay guys that muscular actually existed. He was exceptionally fucking handsome too. Olive skin, almost model-like looks. He was a good few years older than me, probably in his late twenties, so I may have told a little white lie when he asked me how old I was. He seemed nice enough, if a little arrogant, which was something Emily picked up on too. She didn’t seem to like him much in general. “I don’t get good vibes!” were her exact words. I thought at the time that she maybe just being overly protective of me. Still, I didn’t really care what my best friend thought at that moment. I was in my first ever gay pub in London and the hottest guy in the room wanted to take me back to his. So I left with Dale and it was exciting and new and the sex was pretty good, if a tiny bit awkward at times, with it being my first experience. And the next day and the ones that followed, he seemed really keen to see me again. In fact, it’s fair to say he was a little full on. I got constant phone calls and texts from him. Telling me how much of a good time he'd had. Telling me how sexy he thought I was. How he wanted to introduce me to all these muscle guys he knew. Suggesting we do all sorts of stuff together. It was all a bit much. I mean, he didn’t even really know me that well. I very much got the feeling he wouldn’t have been half as keen on me if I hadn’t been a competitive bodybuilder. And that pattern kind of continued. Every time me and Emily went on the gay scene I’d get shit loads of attention. I’d pull someone in the club, usually a hot muscle guy, though sometimes I went with slimmer, more regular sized guys too (I found the size difference between me and those guys was actually really fun, not to mention pretty fucking horny). But the next day, they’d always be really keen to see me again. Ugh. I mean, yeah, some of the guys seemed really nice, and some of them I did meet up with again, but I think that I wanted to like them more than I actually did. And I think I only agreed to see most of them again because I felt like that’s what I should do. That that was the normal thing to do. And as Emily kept saying, maybe I’d grow to like them after the second or third time I saw them. But I never did. None of those guys ever really excited me. None of them ever seemed to get me. And none of them ever gave me those butterflies that people sometimes talk about. Not even James Newman, the short, jacked, gay Welsh bodybuilder I had unspeakably hot sex with after my last bodybuilding show in the summer. I guess I’ve sort of been waiting for all of that to happen. For someone to give me those butterflies. To meet that person who I think about constantly like Emily has multiple fucking times since we both came out to each other. I guess, to just meet someone who I like. I mean, really, really like. Surely that person can’t be Luke? And yet, as I lie here now in bed to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom as he’s getting ready for his morning A History of Bodybuilding lecture, why can I not think of anything else I want to do more than open that bathroom door, climb into the shower, grab my much smaller and very geeky roommate who barely even has pecs and spends his time watching kids cartoons, pin him up the wall and kiss him like I’ve never fucking kissed anyone before? Okay maybe this is just a phase? Maybe it will pass and I’ll realise that no, I don’t actually want to kiss Luke. That lying here thinking about what it would be like to cuddled up to him in bed, his body curled into mine, my pecs and abs sinking into his back and my huge arms wrapped around his much smaller body as I bury my face into his neck, his scent engulfing me, while all the time he’s wearing nothing but his bright yellow Harry Potter boxers, means absolutely nothing? Oh God. What the fuck is wrong with me? I mean, I guess when I think about it, it’s not all that surprising that I’ve started to have feelings for Luke. We have been spending a lot of time together. And he’s really fucking sweet. And he really makes me laugh. And, despite all his geeky affiliations, Luke’s actually pretty cool. I like how he doesn’t seem to apologise for who he is. He’s just himself. How well he handles being the smallest guy here on campus. There’s a quiet confidence there which is pretty fucking sexy. And I really respect how he just opened up to me about his dad when we didn’t really know each other. And how well he handled it when I was being a complete dick to him when he first transferred here (which I feel really bad about now). And there’s this really charming innocence about him. I kind of loved how nervous he was about buying his trunks. And I love his eagerness for anything bodybuilding related. The way his face lights up when I suggest he’ll be a monster soon. And the way he talks about Tommy Foster’s shredded abs. Which is also, incidentally, pretty fucking sexy. And, of course, there’s the fact that he’s also pretty cute. Okay, he’s really fucking cute. With his lovely blue eyes and cute grin and hot little abs. And not to mention that beefy arse of his which blows out the back of his obscenely shiny posing trunks, which I’ve thought about so many times over the last few weeks it’s probably not healthy. And which, I’m thinking about again right fucking now and getting a full on boner under my duvet. GRRRR! And then here’s the fact that I highly suspect Luke is gay. I mean, that has to be what he was referring to that night we went to the SU bar, right? “Maybe I’m different too.” The thing is, now that thought is in my head, I’m struggling to actually imagine that Luke is straight. This might sound weird but I can’t really picture him with a girl. It just wouldn’t look right. I can see him with a guy though. A much bigger guy. Say, a two hundred and thirty pounds, handsome as shit bodybuilder with twenty three pairs of posing trunks and a cheeky Instagram persona? I guess there’s always the chance that my mind is just going into overdrive because I think I’ve actually managed to find another student here at Montgomery University who might be gay? Maybe if there were tons of gay guys here, or even just a few more, I wouldn’t be having these thoughts about Luke? He comes out of the shower and I don’t flinch or move. I stay still in bed with my eyes closed, pretending I’m asleep. I can hear him pottering about. He’s so gentle and quiet. Like a five foot, ten inches tall mouse in specs. With hot little abs and the cutest fucking arse! I can tell he’s being extra quiet just for me. That he’s trying his best not to wake me up. Which is just, sigh, SO fucking sweet. I wonder what t-shirt he’s putting on for today. I’m gonna guess my favourite - the white Marvel one with all the superheroes on it. And now I’m wondering what boxers he’s wearing. He’s got these green and blue striped ones that are super duper cute. I bet he’s wearing his light blue skinny jeans. The ones he wears the most which his little calf muscles look super sexy in. Along with another certain part of his anatomy. I hear Luke go back into the bathroom. And then he comes out and everything is suddenly quiet and FUCK - I don’t know for certain, but I swear he’s standing near my bed. And I get the feeling that he’s just looking at me. Which sounds really creepy, but it doesn’t feel like that. It doesn’t feel like that at all. My heart starts beating faster. My stomach’s fluttering. And I feel this unexpected rush of excitement. Is Luke just standing there, watching me sleep? And then I hear him on his side of the room and I relax. And shortly after that he leaves the room for his lecture. Not long after and I’m still in bed, checking out Instagram on my phone. The side chest pose pic that Luke took the other day has gotten a shit load of comments and likes. It’s quickly become one of the most popular pics I’ve ever posted. I keep looking out for comments from the “how much to feel your bicep” guy who (according to Deano) I’ve been flirting with, but so far he hasn’t commented on this one. I’m sure Deano’s eagerly checking the comments too. Just for excuses to take the piss out of me. I’m sure homophobic Mike Hancox is probably looking as well so he can give me another lecture on why not to talk to “creepy little gay dudes” on Instagram. Ugh. Fuck off, Hancox. The pic I posted of Luke lifting up his abs with the “follow my buddie” caption has also been pretty popular too. He’s gained a ton more followers since I posted it and people are commenting and saying really nice things. Apart from one guy who posted, “THIS guy goes to Muscle University? Are they just letting anyone in now?” which made me SO fucking angry. I replied with, “Hey, dude. Your ex girlfriend just DM’d me. She said she wants you to check out this website.” And then I posted a link to a penis enlargement surgery page. Thinking about that comment now is pissing me off again. How dare some random dick be mean to Luke? I’m praying that he hasn’t seen it. I think about him reading it and getting upset and my stomach sharply twists. I go to Luke’s Instagram and look at the picture I took of him flexing his biceps in the SU bar last weekend and I smile and feel all fuzzy. That was a good night. It felt like our friendship went to another level. Or maybe that was the night we actually started to become friends. Who knows? I have a flash of inspiration. I’m not gonna go the gym until this afternoon, so I have some time to kill. I get my sketchbook out and, with Luke’s front double bicep pic, complete with cute, sheepish grin, on my phone, I start to compose a new sketch. And it’s funny, because I’m usually drawing huge, shredded freaks in tiny posers, but drawing Luke, I’m struggling to remember the last time I enjoy doing an illustration so much. Half way through the sketch, I decide that I’m going to ask Luke to go the gym with me again today. The thought of which makes my insides go fucking crazy. I know Johnny suggested taking him once a week, but fuck it. This will look good on me if I take him twice. Mostly though, I just really wanna go the gym with Luke again. I can’t stop thinking about what happened in our dorm room after the last time. Flexing for Luke with my top off. Hitting a side chest while I was insanely pumped while he took my picture for Instagram. The effect my muscles seems to have on Luke. That look of awe on his face. The atmosphere in the room as it was happening. And that moment when we were sitting on my bed when we were just looking at each other and all I wanted to do was lean over and kiss him. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was just lying awake for hours thinking about the day. Thinking about Luke. I even got my phone out and was checking out his Instagram profile under my duvet. Just lying there in the middle of the night looking at his fucking pictures as he lay asleep in his bed on the other side of the room. I get changed for the gym, thinking about how I’m going to ask Luke to go with me, which actually makes me feel oddly fucking nervous. But Luke's lecture finished a while ago and I’m getting a little angsty that he’s already gone by himself. I pick up my phone and think about texting him. But what would I text? “Hey Luke, where are you? Fancy going to the gym?” I bite my nails anxiously. Wait. What the FUCK am I doing? Jesus Christ. Fretting about texting a boy I‘ve only known for a few weeks. Hanging around my room on the off chance that he’ll want to come to the gym with me when there’s a very good chance that he’s there already. Fuck this. I grab my backpack and head towards the door and then my stomach flips because it’s opening, and now Luke is suddenly in front of me wearing a white Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug t-shirt. Which I kinda love so fucking much. “Hey!” he says, stopping in his tracks. “Alright!” I say, a little nervously. “Cool t-shirt!” Luke looks down and then his mouth curls into a cute grin and my chest flutters. “Just off to the gym!” I tell him. Luke nods. I don’t know why, but things feel really awkward. Which is crazy. Because it’s Luke. My roommate, Luke, who I see and talk to every fucking day. “See you in a bit then!” he says, squeezing the handle of his backpack. Is he nervous standing so close to me? I kind of get the impression that he is. I nod and he walks past me into the room. I step towards the door thinking, should I? Fuck it. “Unless you wanna come?” I say, turning around. My stomach tightly clenches. Did I ask him a little too eagerly? I feel like I did. Fuck! “Oh!” Luke says, looking surprised. “Ummm … I’ve just been!” And now he looks deflated. And seeing how disappointed he looks, my chest expands and I find myself wanting to smile. It also seems to give me an unexpected surge of confidence. “Shame! I wanted to take the piss out of your ridiculously light weights again!” I tease. Luke smirks and rolls his eyes. And I leave, practically beaming all the way to the gym. My stomach’s doing something weird. Butterflies. Maybe these are butterflies? When I get back to the room after the gym, Luke’s sitting on his bed in front of his laptop. He says hey. He’s got this big, excited grin on his face. I look at him suspiciously. “What’s up with you?” “Guess what I’ve found?” he asks, biting his lip. I let out a big, exaggerated gasp. “The Gryffindor common room!” “That would be of no use to me. I’m a Hufflepuff!” he says proudly. “I literally have no idea what you just said!” I say. Even though I do. Even though I’ve seen most of the Harry Potter films and actually think they’re pretty cool. I dump my backpack near my bed and turn around. Luke’s not responding. He’s just sitting there biting his lip and smiling into his laptop, looking pretty fucking pleased with himself. “Luke, the suspense is fucking killing me!” I say it sarcastically, but in actual fact, I’m really fucking curious to know what Luke has apparently found. “It’s on my laptop!” Luke says, eyeballing his MacBook with this teasing grin. I groan and roll my eyes, and then my stomach flips as I approach Luke’s bed. I’m trying so hard not to smile. Not to show how much I want to sit next to him on his bed. I have a feeling I’m not doing a good enough job as I’d like. I plonk down next to him, giving him a suspicious look. He’s still biting his lip, clearly excited. I swear his cheeks have flushed a little too. He plays with his laptop then turns it to face me and something starts playing. “Oh my God!” I exclaim, when I realise what it is. “JOHNNY BRAVO!” Luke’s nodding. It’s so fucking cute how excited he looks. “I found it on some dodgy streaming site!” “So cool!” I say as the opening credits plays. I feel a wave of nostalgia. It’s been so long since I watched this cartoon. “Check the pecs!” I say, imitating Johnny. Luke does his goofy little giggle. “Oh, sorry!” Luke mumbles. I’m confused but then he reaches for one of his pillows and my heart flutters when he hands it to me and our eyes meet and his mouth curls into a sheepish grin. I prop the pillow under my big chest and relax next to Luke. He grabs the other pillow and props it up behind his back. I literally can’t stop smiling as we lie on his bed watching one of my favourite childhood cartoons. “Hmmm. It’s kinda funny if you think about it!” I say. “What?” “Well I always wanted to be Johnny Bravo. And now I’m probably bigger than him.” I expect Luke to roll his eyes but he just gives me this cute, grin and hello dimples! “I’m definitely hotter than him, anyway!” I say. And then Luke does roll his eyes. Ha! We carry on watching it, laughing and giggling at various moments. Luke’s leaning against the wall, his legs flat out. I’m lying on my front with the pillow under my chest. He’s so close to me. I could so easily stretch out my arm and just gently tickle his tummy if I wanted to. I look at the image of Dom and Cole on Luke’s white t-shirt. “Think they do Johnny Bravo t-shirts?” I ask him, twisting my neck up to look up at him. Luke grins at me. “Yeah! They must do. Would you wear one?” he asks, with one eyebrow raised. He seems kind of excited at the prospect. I smile and shrug. “Probably! Although … maybe not in public!” Luke rolls his eyes but he’s still smiling down at me. “That. Was. Awesome!” I say as the episode finishes. Luke grins at me and we’re both a bit silent for a while. And then I feel this stab of disappointment, because I don’t know what’s next. I could quite happily stay here lying next to Luke on his bed. Probably for the rest of the evening, in fact. Luke reaches forward and plays with his laptop. He minimises the window and my stomach flips when I notice something on the screen. There’s another tab open in Luke’s Google Chrome window. And it has my name on it, followed by the start of my Instagram handle. WOODY (@woody_bodybuilder). For some reason, Luke was looking at my Instagram profile. He quickly clicks on the red dot in the corner of the window and it closes down and suddenly there’s this awkwardness between us. Fuck. I don’t look at Luke’s face. I just lie there, propped up by one of his pillows that smells like him. But my stomach’s going crazy. And I’m finding it really fucking hard not to smile. Because Luke was checking out my Instagram. “So … is there anything going on at the SU bar tonight?” Luke asks. There’s a slight hint of nerves in his voice. I look up at him and pull a face. “Doubt it!” But my chest is suddenly expanding. Because the last time me and Luke went to the Students’ Union bar he opened up to me in a way he hadn’t done before. About his dad. About how he could tell I liked attention. And he also insinuated that I was gay. And that he was gay too. Who knows what might happen if we go again? And then an idea pops into my head. Something I’ve done once before. Would Luke be up for it? Fuck. It’s pretty crazy. But right now, sitting next to Luke on his bed, his body so close to mine, I feel like I wanna go crazy. And I wanna go crazy with Luke. “You know the SU bar isn’t our only option for a night out?” I say to him, with a mysterious smirk, my heart starting to beat a little faster. “It’s not?!” he asks, looking perplexed. I shake my head and continue to act mysterious. “Luke Henderson. Do you trust me?” His stomach is still right there. I could just reach out and gently tickle his hard, tight tummy with my fingers through his white Dom and Cole t-shirt. “Is that a serious question?” he asks, with one eyebrow raised. “Yes! And that was the wrong answer. Luke Henderson. Do. You. Trust me?” I ask, glaring at him. He still looks confused, but he’s smirking too. I can tell he’s curious. Excited even. “Ummm. I … guess so?” he says, now giving me this cute grin. My tummy’s doing weird things again. Butterflies. These are definitely fucking butterflies. “Right then, Luke! Get your super tight, plain blue t-shirt on. I’m taking you on an adventure!”
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    "Wow, who knew that thing could lift the back of an SUV? Oh wait, that's right, I did."
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    (Panting) "Grayson! What were you thinking?! I don't care how strong you are, you can't be doing this shit, and if you do QUIT DRAGGING ME INTO IT" "Oh hush Jack. They come up, I'll drop them" "Not as easy as you think it is. C'mon its this way. Ever since I met this man years ago, hes been a big help but, he be taking too many risks. He has this power that lets him controls and grow his muscles at will and thinks hes invincible. "This way, this way!" A Soldier screams. "Shit grayson. They're coming!" "Let Them come through. I got something for their Ass" Grayson says with a evil smirk. "There they are! Jack and grayson, you are under arrest for stealing the wishirite. Give up now or we will engage!" We both put our hands up but Grayson is smiling. I hope whatever he's plotting will get us out of here. "Checkmate..." Grayson says confidently. I instantly knew what that meant and dove behind them. He gets into a power-up pose and stands there grinning. One soldier shoots at him and the bullet hits him but doesn't penetrate his skin. Another Soldier empties a whole clip into him but again, doesnt kill him. "All right, you think we playing games huh? Men! Ready, aim, fire!!" All at once, all 9 soldiers empty all their bullets into Grayson, but to no avail. He hasn't grown his muscles yet, so this is new shit to me. All of the men stood there shocked, "how could that not have killed them" they thought. Grayson is still in the power up pose chuckling. He turns to me and says "I know you're not gay but don't cream your pants for whats about to happen." OH BOY "All these bullets you have shot but not one killed me" Grayson laughed. "It did sting a little bit I'll say that. But I might as well get a lil bit more comfortable. Grayson rips off his shirt showing a rock hard 8 pack and a really chiseled and veiny chest. "WTF are you doing?" I ask. "You'll see. Because I've had sex plenty of times with other girls, and they that I CUM A LOT. But since you soldiers wanna play around, its time to retaliate!" All of rhe bullets still on grayson are now being absorbed into his body. "WTH is happening" I thought. He starts moaning for a good 30 secs till I realise he's growing his cock in his shorts. I'm not but that just happens come in my peripheral vision. His pants starts ripping the fabric till eventually he has his own little fly. And his cock just bursts out, showing all 11 inches and veins and striations. "Ahhh. That feels better, but it wont compare to this." He continues to moan and he continues to grow his dick inch by inch every second. 14... 15... 16... 17 ... 18... 19... 20! A massive 20 inch cock with even more veins. "Ay sergeant Cole! Ready or not, HERE I CUM!!!!!" His cock starts shooting bullets back at the soldiers like a machine gun. SHOORING BULLETS. He screams and enjoyment and all if the soldiers fall down. He continued for a good 2 mins as he still shooting tbe bodies on the ground, getting a kick of his cock being a 50. Cal gatling gun. "All right they're dead! Stop!. Grayson stops and starts panting. "Sorry. I get a kick out of that. I can give this power too. The pleasure is unimaginable." "No thanks, I'm good. Let's just get this wishirite home...
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    When you Bitch Upon a Star Absolutely nobody cheered. There wasn’t one smiling face in the audience. Everybody in Hemingway Conference Room D was disgusted at the way that Lucas acted on stage in front of all his coworkers. There he stood, slurring all his words at the podium and rambling about how Garrett from Corporate had a penis unlike any other. His short black hair was oily and ruffled. His freckled face was flushed with liquor. His tailored brown suit was ripping at the seams of his muscled frame. Anyone with eyes could see that he was drunk and disorderly, hence why the police arrived shortly to escort him back home. Lucas was raving. He thrashed with the officers and yelled at them to put him down. He wasn’t going to have any of their bullshit today. But he didn’t have much of a choice. When he entered the back seat of the police car, he passed out and slept the whole ride home. He awoke to being jostled by the bigger policeman. He had dark skin and darker sunglasses, making his silhouette look as if it was from a dream as the sun shone behind the man’s body. Unable to tell a dream from reality, Lucas didn’t respond to the man and remained limp. “Sir! Your boss, among many others of whom you offended, has agreed not to press charges for making sexual remarks during their meeting. However,” he continued, his gruff voice coming off harsh, “you’re suspended from work for an indefinite time. Please get out of the car and into your house before we have to force you” Lucas groggily slumped out of the car and leaned on the door to his city apartment, passing by the officers without passing a glance. “Lucky son of a bitch.” Lucas whipped his head around to see what they were talking about. “If that was our boss,” the main officer said, “we’d be fired on sight.” The other one chuckled, his voice less masculine and intimidating than the first. “If that was our boss, we’d be SHOT on sight!” The two men got in the car and laughed as they drove away, leaving Lucas on his own. He rustled for his keys and opened the door and walked up the stairs to his tiny little apartment he could barely afford. And now with his job gone, he’d likely be evicted any day now. There was no way that things could get any worse. So, to numb the pain, Lucas drank even more. He drank until his pain went away. He had nothing left to live for. His boyfriend, Jeremy, dumped him for a better-looking man four whole months ago and he still wasn’t over it. He worked out every single day to try to bulk up to match Jeremy’s new man. Then, when that didn’t work, he went to steroids. He bulked faster than anyone has ever seen. But when we asked for Jeremy back, he still said no. So he grew even more. And more. And more. Never stopping until he ran out of cash. But, like anything, his cash supply was finite. Jeremy still didn’t want him back. He was broke, jobless, and drunk. Lucas was a pathetic excuse of a man. People gawked at him on the street like he was a muscle-bound freak. His proportions were off. His biceps were too big. His waist was too small. And his ego was shattered. Every ounce of manhood he had left faded away along with his consciousness. When Lucas woke up again it was nighttime. His head pounded nails into his skull. His stomach churned up a storm. But nevertheless, he stood up and tried to walk outside for some fresh air, his suit feeling constricting on his sweaty body. He tumbled his way down the stairs and opened the front door to the outside world. City smog and the growling of raccoons greeted his unshaven face and he immediately turned around into an alley to avoid the shrieking noise of cars passing by. It was dark, gloomy, and dank, much like how he was feeling. So, like any hopeless man did, he sat down on the ground and leaned his back against the grimy brick wall. Lucas lifted his head up and watched the stars above. They twinkled in the midnight sky and put a small smile on his face. “I just wish that I could teach them all a lesson. I wish that I could be bigger than all of them combined, that I could finally let them know what a mistake they made fucking with me!” And with the final words, Lucas started to cry softly to himself. He felt powerless. But, little did he know that as soon as he slumped his head down, a shooting star went by and heard his plea for help. Lucas cried himself out and wiped his eyes when he was done. He wasn’t just going to sit around and wait for life to destroy him! He was going to get even! Lucas stood up and hailed a cab. The woman driving looked just as tired as he did, her long red hair puffing outwards with knots and her face drooping like a bag. He told her Jeremy’s address and waited for her to arrive, but on the ride there, he realized that he didn’t want to end the ride there. He had some more people to teach a lesson to. “Miss, can you wait for me outside his house? I need to go somewhere else after.” The lady grunted and shrugged her shoulders, not really caring what she did as long as she got paid for it. Lucas grinned maliciously and stepped outside Jeremy’s house. He rummaged through his pockets and took out his key ring. He never did get rid of Jeremy’s key. It was a memento. But now, he realized, it was literally the key to revenge. Lucas opened the door and barged inside, stepping over discarded beer cans and pizza boxes to go up to Jeremy’s bedroom on the second floor. His house was a mess. It was the perfect cover-up. All Lucas had to do was deny ever being there and the sheer mess of his house was a water-tight excuse. He’d say that Jeremy must have fallen and hurt himself or something. When he got to Jeremy’s door, he slammed it open with all his might. “Wake up, you little slut!” Lucas roared, his aggression only rising as he saw his ex-boyfriend sleeping in the same bed he slept in when they were still together. Jeremy fell off the frame and stood up, his tiny pale naked body wrapped completely in his sheets, his brown hair messed up from sleep. “Lucas! Get out of my fucking house! What the hell do you want?” Jeremy cried. Lucas stomped over to him, his six-foot frame overshadowing Jeremy. He then grabbed his neck and lifted him up in the air like the men he’d seen in movies do. Then he started to squeeze. “What do I want?!” Lucas bellowed. “I want you to go to hell!” Jeremy’s eyes went wide as he saw Lucas’s biceps begin to swell with power. His already-torn suit began to rip even more. One by one his muscles started to bulge outward and surge his body with strength. The sound of cotton ripping echoed around the room. Lucas didn’t notice. His rage was too uncontrollable. He just kept squeezing and squeezing Jeremy’s writhing body as his life began to drain away. “You made a fucking mistake dumping me for that slut, wherever he is! I’m gonna teach that bastard a lesson RIGHT after I finish you, you pathetic little ant!” Then with a final grip, Lucas smashed Jeremy’s neck and left his bloody body on the messy floor. There was no explaining that one to the cops, but he didn’t care. The power felt so good! He needed more! Lucas slammed open the door and heaved his way down the stairs, everything left of his clothes cutting off his air flow. He was huge. Even bigger than before. Now there was no denying that something wasn’t natural with him. He was bigger than any bodybuilder. Closer to the Incredible Hulk, really, except even bigger. Lucas opened the cab door outside and stepped in, having to lean down and squeeze into the middle in order to fit in the tiny vehicle. “Where to now, love?” The cab driver asked, not looking back at the monster before her. “Lamplight Insurance. It’s my office,” he replied. As they drove down to his old job, Lucas started to feel the adrenaline slow down. Then, with newfound clarity, he looked at himself in the rear-view mirror. He was fucking GIANT! His pecs extended at least a foot long. His arms bulged like beach balls. His legs looked like tree trunks. Even his bulge was noticeable through his pants, which were now completely torn off except for his pelvis line, making him look like he was wearing a speedo and a tank top. You could hardly even see his face behind his mountains of muscle. But if you did, you’d see it smiling with lust. The cab finally stopped outside and let him out, still not understanding why it felt like the drive had such heavy cargo inside. Lucas gave the lady all the money he had left and let her drive off. After all, he wasn’t going to need money anymore. He had much bigger plans. As the sun began to rise, Lucas smashed open the glass doors to his office and sauntered inside, not caring about the alarm blaring around him. With each pounding step, Lucas grew more and more. He felt each vein pumping more and more mass into his already giant body. But as he approached the elevators, he realized that he was too big to go up. And he was too wide to go through the staircase. That made him very upset. And with his anger came more growth. Lucas let out a fierce roar as his body bubbles up taller and wider than ever before. The vaulted ceiling wasn’t too high anymore compared to Lucas. And he loved every second of it. He would show them all! He would make them pay for mistreating him and getting him suspended! They would all pay! The sound of police cars joined the symphony of alarms. As Lucas heard the sound of doors slamming, his pecs overshadowed his face and he couldn’t see anything. But he felt the ceiling above him, his biceps pressing into the stone. “What the fuck is that?!” An officer yelled. “I don’t fucking know, man, but we have to fucking stop it!” Lucas heard gunshots, but only felt pebbles bouncing off of his naked skin. His clothes were obliterated. There he stood, a fifty-foot-tall mass of Lucas, his body filling up the lobby of his office building. But as he stopped rising, his muscles pressing into the ceiling, he started growing outwards. “Oh...fuck YES!” Lucas cried. His cock started to rumble. The pure pleasure of growing bigger than anything else was immeasurable. The ecstasy of becoming more powerful than modern weaponry was pure bliss to him! And it showed well. As Lucas started to moan, his cock began getting bigger. It stretched out with so much force that it barreled through whatever was left of the front entrance and started crashing through buildings. To Lucas it felt like the worlds biggest fleshlight. “More!! I need More!!” He yelled. He heard the officers call for backup. That was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to feel more bullets. He wanted to feel them TRY to stop him! “I’ve found a weak spot!” Someone cried out. Then Lucas heard dozens of men running around back past his swimming pool-sized balls and to his back. “Fire!” Lucas got an ass massage like no other. With the heaviest weapons they had, an estimate of a while police force laid raid to his bubble butt. But luckily for him, it only stimulated the growth more. He felt his ass begin to inflate like two giant balloons, crushing all the men underneath like mere insects. But the pleasure was too much. Lucas’s body responded too well. With the sound of cracking, the ceiling collapsed and Lucas exploded through the next few floors of the building, his growth only gaining momentum. “MORE!! FUCK YES! HERE’S YOUR MOTHERFUCKING OFFICE, OR WHATEVER’S LEFT OF IT! HAVE FUN IN HELL, BITCHES!” Lucas flexed his biceps and demolished the entire skyscraper in one go, each floor crashing onto his body. But with every stimulus that he got, he only grow exponentially more. His pecs soon covered the whole block. His biceps reached to the clouds above. His ass lifted him dozens of stories high. His legs practically grew into one as they expanded outward. His cock stretched all the way across the state. Then soon, all of that doubled. Like he was growing against sandpaper, hundreds of buildings were crushed by his weight almost instantaneously. Then hundreds became thousands. Millions. Billions. Then soon he felt the pull of the earth fade away. Slowly but surely he was outgrowing the whole planet. He was his own gravitational force. And as science states, gravity attracts things to large objects. Lucas felt giant objects start to squeeze onto him like magnets shot from a gun. With each new celestial body, Lucas’s body bursted with more muscle. His cock ripped through galaxies. His ass stopped black holes. His biceps hit the edge of the universe. Exponentially faster and faster Lucas grew until he no longer felt anything all all except his pure muscle. He was the biggest thing in existence. He was the whole universe. Even as he kept flexing, he felt his muscles start to grow into each other with nowhere else to grow. That was it for Lucas. He had to cum. As his muscle started growing around his cock, jerking it ever so slowly, Lucas let out a final roar and let out immeasurable loads of cum. Cosmic galaxies of sperm exploded and covered any remaining gap in the hot, white liquid. Lucas was going to be very happy. After all, nobody could stop him now. He was all power incarnate. And who wouldn’t wish for that?
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    "Um, sorry about your door to your safe room. I didn't know it was supposed to be impenetrable. I just opened it with one hand. I didn't even notice I was ripping apart metal. It opened so easily."
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    Some of you may know of the author "Aardvark". He has posted on here and the previous versions of this site. He is a master of muscle growth reality shift type stories. Some of you may not know this, but he has a tumblr and he is one of the few people who still maintains his tumblr, updating it with a new story about every 1-2 months. I picked one of my favorites from his tumblr and posted it here, but if you are new to his tumblr you will have lots of new content to explore! https://aardvarkia.tumblr.com/post/161970744952/the-evolution-of-corbin-brantley
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    Oh my god, he was right, I'm going to bust out a load before he even gets to the tenth rep. I can tell I weigh nothing to him.
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    "How many guys you want me to take out with my serve?"
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    The Final Chapter "I'm not stupid, Mark." Cris raised an eyebrow at me as he began cutting his steak. "You've lost, what, ninety pounds in six months?" I was fidgeting with my food, pushing vegatables and steak around aimlessly like a guilty child. "Something like that." "You were... big a few months ago. Now you're... well, a better kind of big. And most of that change came in the last month." He paused to put a chunk of steak in his mouth. As he chewed, my eyes darted from my plate to him. His progress had been going slower than mine, but he was filling out his shirt nicely. He had always had nice legs and an amazing ass. Now his biceps looked like they barely fit into the sleeves of his button-up. He had the top couple of buttons undone and had removed his tie. The skin visible there was as muscled and smooth as I remembered from the time I had seen him shirtless years before, the memory I had fantasized about for so long. His sleeves were unbuttoned at the wrist as well, and rolled up to about halfway up his forearm. There was some hair there, but the reason my eyes lingered was the corded muscle visible on the underside of each. His face had grown leaner since I had last seen him the week before. His eyes looked stormy grey as he stared me down. "Was it surgery?" he asked, his tone almost accusatory. "No," I answered, "No, I wouldn't do that. I mean, I'll admit there were times I thought about it. But I didn't actually do it." Cris had a gleam in his eye for a moment. He believed me, I was sure. He was happy that I hadn't gotten surgery. "I don't know how it could be possible. If you had put on muscle and then lost fat, that would make sense. But you leaned down a lot in a too-short time and then started putting on muscle." He paused to chew again, then swallowed. "Drugs?" "I'm not smoking crack," I answered, a little more exasperated. "You know me. I've had less alcohol in my life than you've had in the last year. Recreational drugs aren't my thing." "Some kind of miracle prescription then?" He leaned in. "You didn't get this way just by working out. If this whole..." He pointed his fork at me and spun it in a circle while searching for the right word. "If this transformation had been stretched out over a year, I'd believe it. But this is, what, a month?" I didn't want to tell him the truth. He would just want the serum himself, and I didn't have the recipe anymore. I remembered most of the ingredients - I wasn't likely to forget how difficult the moonflower had been to find - but I couldn't remember all the details of the preparation. And I was fine with that. But Cris wasn't an idiot, and he'd probably assume something worse than the truth. If he thought I was on hard drugs or getting plastic surgery, I couldn't let him continue to think that about me. Plus, deep down, I had always intended to tell him the truth. From the morning he had stumbled out of his room thinking the sex we'd had was a dream, I had always meant to tell him it hadn't been. I had just pictured telling him after using the last of the serum I had to share my new mass with him. "I'll tell you everything," I whispered, resigned. "But I don't want to do it here. Let's talk about it in private. At your place." He nodded at this, then lowered the fork he'd been pointing at me and started stabbing at his steak as though the cow had personally insulted him. I resumed eating, and was in the middle of chewing when Cris spoke again. "Freddie told me about the serum." I choked. Cris reached across the table and slapped my back until I coughed up the chunk of steak I had accidentally inhaled. I chewed it, swallowed, waited to see if he'd continue before I spoke. "He told me he gave it to you." Cris's eyes reflected light from one of the fixtures behind me for a brief second, giving them the look of a storm cloud that had just released a flash of lightning. I didn't want to wait for the thunder. "I took it from him, actually," I said quietly. "And I deleted the recipe." Cris's eyes widened in shock. "I deleted it from Freddie's phone to be spiteful. He was drugging guys with it so he could steal muscle with it. He tried to drug your drink the night we went to the bar, but the drink he put it in was actually mine." Cris looked even more surprised. Freddie hadn't told him that. I continued. "You came out of your room the next morning saying something about a dream you had the night before," I reminded him. "It wasn't a dream. We had sex that night, and you lost some mass and I burned off a ton of fat." Cris brought a hand to cover his mouth. He slumped back against his chair. I gave him a moment, then continued. He straightened up. "I tried to figure out what caused it, thinking it was the massage. But it didn't work when I tried to massage you again, so I tried a different guy. It started working when the massage went from being pleasurable to sexual. I got bigger from that. Almost as big as you. "It didn't work at all the next time I hooked up with someone, so I decided to try again to find out what caused it to happen in the first place. That search led me back to Freddie." Cris nodded. "I went back to that bar trying to figure things out too, and Freddie tried to run for it when he saw me. Started babbling that he 'didn't have it' when I caught up to him. That little twink can't run to save his life. Told me my friend had already taken the serum. Described you pretty well." "Well, he drugged me with it again that evening," I said. "Except I recognized how it felt, and I pieced together that he had slipped something into my drink. When he wanted to have sex, I figured that was part of what caused the transfer. And he wanted me to cum in him so badly, I figured that must be part of it too. So I let him start doing what he wanted while I pushed for more answers. I put two and two together and guessed that if I came inside him, the serum's effects would end." I paused so Cris could process everything I'd said. "Then he confirmed it. Since he had used to try to steal other guys' mass, I took it from him and deleted it from his phone. He should have had a backup." Cris nodded at that. "Seriously. It's not like backing up your phone is difficult." "Then I left, but I couldn't really drive, so I took an Uber. I forgot to change my drop-off location, so instead of home, it sent me to the only destination I'd used on the app. Your place." "That's when we went to the gym together?" Cris asked. "Yeah," I answered. "And you started to, uh, really enjoy watching me work out." "How could you know?" I chuckled at him. "You were getting off on it. The serum started working. I could feel it. So I got the hell away from you, only to stumble right into Danny in the shower. And I was so horny I went home with him and stole even more mass from him. I started feeling guilty about it then." Cris tilted his head and crinkled his eyebrows together. "Why would you feel guilty?" "When I stole your mass," I said, "you busted your ass in the gym to catch back up. You put in so much effort and then lost it all because of one drunken, passionate fuck. I took way more from Danny." Cris looked me up and down in the restaurant booth. "You're taller. I thought you had just stopped slouching or something. Freddie didn't say the serum can do that." "After that I got the serum out of my system so I could think clearly. The only way to do that was to steal even more from another guy, and to cum inside him. I didn't want to fuck bareback with a stranger, so I just came in the guy's mouth. It's what Freddie wanted from me, so I figured it would do the trick." "So it's out of your system now?" Cris asked, disappointed. "Yeah. And I deleted the recipe from my phone, too. Then I deleted my backups and made a new backup without it on my phone." Disappointment turned to anger. "That's the dumbest fucking thing I ever heard. You didn't think of sharing that?" His voice got a little louder. Someone at a nearby table looked over at us, scandalized. I gestured for Cris to lower his voice. "It's dangerous. It was fucking with me. Making me too aggressive. Changing more than just my build. I think it was just in my system too long. But I knew you would want it, too, if you knew it existed. And I always meant to tell you the truth. Especially about... that night." "And you decided to make the decision for me, that I couldn't handle that?" I gave him an unhappy sort of smile. "Actually, I had made the decision and then thought about how you'd react. So I didn't want to make the decision for you. If you weren't gonna take the serum, I wanted that to be your choice. And if you chose it, well, I wanted you to be able to live with that choice without my guilt, too." Cris paused. I knew him so well, I could tell he was thinking about how frustrated he was when he had found the body he had worked so hard to improve, inexplicably backsliding. How much more effort he put in, how much he had beaten himself up, on the path to correcting that backsliding. How that was at the root of his anger now. "But?" He finally asked. "You deleted the recipe anyways." "Yeah... but there's no 'but'. I made a batch for you before I got rid of the recipe. I just didn't want either of us to spend the rest of our lives dependent on some voodoo serum to be happy with ourselves." Cris waved down a passing waiter. "Can we get the check?" The waiter nodded and bustled off. When the waiter was out of earshot, Cris whispered, "You have it now?" "It's in my car," I told him. "If you really want it, you can have it." Cris looked introspective for a moment. "You felt bad for draining me." "Well, yeah," I said. "You're my friend. You busted your ass to get into the shape you're in. You didn't deserve to have someone steal it from you. Much less me." "You took mass from a bunch of other guys, too. Do you feel guilty about them?" He looked up at the approaching waiter, who brought two small trays with our bills on them. "Thanks." We passed them back with our cards and he took them away. "I do feel guilty, but I can't give everything back. Most of those guys are still bigger than me. I could only take." I drained the last of my drink. "But I can give back to you now." Cris chuckled. "You're propositioning me?" I shrugged. "Call it that if you want. You just said I should have shared. And if I'm willing to give some of this up..." I shrugged and flexed a little bit. My biceps stretched my sleeves nearly to their breaking point. This was one of the largest shirts I owned, from when I was pushing 300 pounds. It was ample around my midsection - I used shirt stays to keep it tucked in tight - but it was tight around my shoulders, chest, and arms. "...then you won't have to feel like you're stealing it. Because I'm giving it to you." I took a deep breath before I continued. "And I really care about you. I'm not just asking you for sex. I want more than that, if you..." I looked back up at Cris from my hands. I trailed off. Normally I could read his expression to figure out what he was thinking. I wasn't getting much from him now. I opened my mouth to speak again, but the waiter returned with our cards. We signed our receipts in silence and made our way out of the restaurant. When we were outside, I turned back to speak to Cris again, but he started speaking before I had a chance. "I care about you a lot too. Y'know, there have been times in the last few months where I thought... well, I thought we'd be a pretty good couple if I was attracted to you at all." "Ouch," I said. "Don't spare my feelings, just be honest." Cris chuckled. "I don't know if it's just because you changed or if I have. Hopefully both. But you've definitely become exactly the kind of guy I wished you were." We stopped on either side of my car. I unlocked it; we got in. I opened the glove compartment and pulled out the vial containing the last of the serum. "I don't really want to rush things if you think we have a chance," I said mischievously, waving the bottle in front of his face. "We could wait a while to use this." Cris leaned in and kissed me, fiercely. When we broke apart, I was breathless and he had the vial. "Or," he countered, "we can get a hell of a lot of use out of it tonight." He uncorked the vial and tossed back the serum. I put on my seatbelt and started backing out of my parking spot when I felt part of my body, warm and growing. I looked down at it. Cris did too. "You're already excited, huh?" He reached over and gave my package a squeeze through my pants. "I didn't mean road head, Mark. I'll take care of that when you get me home." While driving, I thought about everything that had happened since Freddie had first dosed me with the serum. I was glad he didn't have it anymore - preying on unsuspecting guys was wrong. Maybe, in the end, taking that power from him and giving it up myself was enough to absolve me for doing the same thing. But I had been pretty miserable before - depressed, unassertive, and living for the brief chance to touch a guy I was really into. The serum had turned my life around. It had made me happy. I was using the last of it to make Cris - to make us happy. Was that really something to feel guilty about? And it wasn't like I had destroyed it forever - Freddie had bought the recipe from somewhere. The serum was still out there. I wouldn't need it anymore, and nor would Cris, but someone out there would, and they'd be able to find it as easily as Freddie had. I parked my car. Cris and I walked to his front door, tension building. He turned the key, then opened the door. I followed him through it, and closed it behind me. One door was closing, but as Cris walked down the hallway and led me to his bedroom door, it just felt like a new beginning.
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    The Prologue is found here: The Orgone Accumulator : Prologue The Orgone Accumulator: Part One He finished his three articles about Portland Waterfront Pride and sent them to the news-site editor per e-mail. Brad Taurus. He smiled. If your name is John Smith, and your occupation is freelance journalist and writer, you have to use some eye-catching alias to stick out in the crowd, even if it sounds silly. He scratched his hipster beard, took a sip of green tea, and clicked on one of the files that contained one of the chapters-to-be of his new book about the history of gay subcultures. Stud of Dakota ... One of the models of Robert Mapplethorpe's artistic black-and-white photographs back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The guy had been huge and muscular long before working-out became fashionable. At a time, when other men allowed their hair to grow long like Peter Berlin did, Stud of Dakota went from a rockabilly hairstyle to a crewcut, like he had predicted the approaching fashion-changes of the 1980s. Stud was surrounded by urban legend: Had he lived among the San Francisco leather scene before it became publicly visible? Was he devoted to kinks too extreme to describe in words? Was his disappearance from the public eye in the mid-1980s caused by AIDS? No-one knew. The New York art scene was probably where to sneak around, if you wanted answers. Mr. Smith booked himself an airline ticket. His guilt-stricken conscience told him, that his travels would be bad to the environment, but the thought of a coast-to-coast railway journey caused him to shudder. He compensated his carbo-dioxide emissions with a click, and prepared to pack his bag. * * * It was days later. He had presumed, that he would enjoy New York, but he was wrong. The streets were sticky of some unknown dirt, the air smelled funny, the cabdrivers were impolite, and there were beggars or psychos in the streets. "Brad! Darling! So this is how you look in real life! I've wondered who the mysterious Mr. Taurus behind all those articles is. No-one told me, that you are a bear-cub." The Queen was overwhelming. The art dealer known as The Queen was in his eighties, and remembered the Stonewall riots and days long before these. His suit was luxurious, he wore androgynous wristbands, and his arms gestured in a manner reminding of someone's aunt, in a way that didn't feel natural, but seemed like a skilfully rehearsed act aimed at provoking bystanders, which it probably did. The comment surprised John, and it felt like it dissolved and evaporated all the polite stuff he had planned to say. Startled, he answered: "I'm not a cub, and 'Brad Taurus' is a pseudonym." "You don't say?", The Queen answered waspishly. "I would have guessed, that your inventive and creative parents came up with the name before your birth. You can never be too careful when you select your parents. My parents had the grace to bestow unto me independent means, and they tended to pretend not to understand, that the vagina business was way outside my comfort zone, just as the upper classes of their generation used to do." The elderly man's eyes glittered of mischief, and he gave the impression of being considerably younger, despite his silver hair. "Anyhow. Come in, come in, and let me give you something to drink. Something bubbly perhaps?" A few minutes later, John was sitting in a chair constructed to look artistic, but it wasn't particularly comfortable. In his hand, he was holding a flute of champagne. "So what brings you to the doorstep of my humble abode? Chin chin!", The Queen asked and toasted. "I mentioned my book about history ..." "Indeed you did, darling. Did I tell you, that those puppy eyes of your's suit you very well?" "One of the chapters will mention, how some gay men in the past behaved effeminate, in order to mock the prejudice of straight society ..." "Oh, honey! I have no idea what you are talking about!", The Queen shrieked in falsetto, but his eyes glittered of intense irony. "However, I ask for your advice about a different matter, since you are knowledgeable about the arts scene in the 1970s ..." The lustre in The Queen's eyes changed from flippant to businesslike. Even his gestures became more restrained, less studied. His body language went from a stereotype to a real person. "One of Mapplethorpe's models, the alias 'Stud of Dakota', disappeared in the 80s, and I don't even know his real name." The Queen let out a low whistling sound. "Those young boys were in an entirely different league than I or my late husband were. Beside being younger than me -- he must have been born some time in the 1940s, I guess -- Stud and his handsome friends hang out with an entirely different circle than mine: Nice to watch at a distance, but only watch, no touching! It doesn't probably come as much of a surprise, that most of my friends belong to old families with old money, but one of the benefits of moving in artistic circles is, that you encounter men from many ways of life, including some gorgeous working-class and lower middle-class men. I encountered them a few times when Mapplethorpe arranged something, but I don't know much about them -- neither Stud nor his friends." John's facial expression must have revealed the wave of disappointment, which began to well up inside him, because The Queen continued: "But have no fear. I have a fairly good idea which ones to ask. You'll have to ask the older patrons at The Eagle NYC." "The Eagle?" "A leather bar. Not my personal cup of tea, as you might guess, but the oldies over there would possibly know something. You wouldn't be able to enter dressed like that ..." The Queen evaluated John's hipsterish attire with critical eyes. "... but if you wear well-polished boots to those jeans, the men at the entrance could possibly sell you some suitable gear to wear at the bar. Better ask them first. It's not my type of place." * * * The story continues in The Orgone Accumulator : Part Two
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    "Aw come on Coach. You've dreamed of me being able to lift a car over my head for a very long time. Now that I can do it, don't tell me you've gotten scared."
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    When he has to stop and count to ten it means he's either going to kiss me real soon or rip something apart with his bare hands. I get turned on either way.
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    "I don't know how I did it, dude. I just saw those two bullies picking on you again and it made me really angry. Suddenly all these muscles popped out all over me and I found myself tossing them across the gym. Hey, they don't seem to be going away, do they? Dude, I gotta lift something heavy . . . something really heavy."
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    Antoine moved quickly toward the wall in the direction where the sound was coming from. He still held Jose with one hand – a grip of power at the back of the guy’s pants. As he neared the wall, Antoine threw out his free hand and punched hard when he was close enough for contact. The wall exploded as if ten wrecking balls was pummeling through it at the same time. Chunks of concrete shot out far and the opening he made was wide enough for a couple of Hummer’s to drive through together with no problem. Antoine’s massive moving mass didn’t slow down for a second – the wall had simply been a tiny blip in the way. It barely registered to the big man that he careened through solid thick concrete so easily. He wanted to reach Rubio as quickly as he could and through the side of the house seemed the fastest way. When Antoine and Jose finally stopped moving a short distance from the building, the muscleman’s posers became tighter from the excitement he got by what he beheld. “Oh hell yeah, Jose, Mr. Alpha’s got a new toy! My muscles get to play.” There was a makeshift airstrip down a slight embankment from the house and the motor sound filling the air was from a massive ‘Grizzly’ beginning to move on the ground a few yards away. This was the nickname given to the army’s Airbus A400M transport propeller plane because of its hulking design. Antoine knew a thing or two about army equipment since items made to withstand a lot of abuse were usually his favorite kind of toys to destroy. This thing was a beauty. It had four 11,000-shaft-horsepower engines and each engine had eight huge thick, powerful propellers. The things were built to carry infantry vehicles and a bunch of soldiers in its giant hold. And, finally, it’s twelve-wheel landing gear allowed it to land on and take off from soft airstrips, like the field beside the Ambassador’s huge residence. Antoine knew he had some time, since it took a lot of effort to get a big ‘Grizzly’ fired up and moving. He looked back at the house and saw that there was a huge balcony on the third floor – probably off the master bedroom. The big man immediately knew this would be a great spot for watching the show. There was a big blue umbrella over a table and chairs – a perfect way to shield Jose from the hot sun. With one powerful leap, Antoine carried the small man up to the balcony. He spoke as he placed his new sidekick in a chair. “Gotta keep you safe, little buddy. I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of flying debris and probably a lot more gunfire. I need to keep you in one piece, but I don’t want you to miss any of the show, either. I think it’s going to be a good one. Sit up here and enjoy yourself while Mr. Alpha has some fun.” When he finished speaking, Antoine patted his small sidekick on top of the head and then leapt back down to the field below. Jose marveled at how leaping great distances was merely like taking a step to Mr. Alpha. The ‘Grizzly’ was now moving. The big man didn’t look, but he was pretty sure a certain part of his body was leaking from the anticipation of what was to come. Mr. Alpha didn’t just walk across the field; he sauntered with so much cockiness he looked like a muscle enhanced bullfighter waddling into an arena. His unclothed body glistened in the sun and he appeared even bigger than ever before. Of course, compared to the massive plane he looked small, but there was something about the way he carried himself – that, and the way his muscles bulged – that made him look as invincible as he truly was. Jose immediately felt sorry for the Airbus A400M. The machine had no idea it had met its match. The massive plane was mid-field and had started traveling toward the end so it could take off. Antoine confidently stepped in its path and placed his hands on his hips. The huge muscleman glanced up at the balcony and Jose could see that the guy was smiling like a kid in a candy store. The big man’s gaze turned back toward the plane and he locked eyes with the two determined pilots, who had clearly been given the order to mow the almost-naked huge man down and slice him into pieces. Antoine yelled out to taunt the drivers, even though he knew they couldn’t hear him – but he was sure they’d sense his cockiness. “Come to papa, boys! Big daddy wants to play.” For a moment, Antoine contemplated the fact that he knew this was a battle he could not lose. The machine didn’t have a chance. Some guys would let that fact allow the battle to be boring or unnecessary. Not Mr. Alpha – he loved showing off his power much more than the actual confrontation. He knew he was powerful beyond imagination. He knew he could make even a powerful army ‘Grizzly’ submit to his strength. That didn’t matter to him. He simply loved that the plane carried a boss-man, Rubio, who assumed, without a doubt, that he would escape. He also knew the pilots felt protected and safe in the big machine – who was this poser-clad beefy man who had a death wish. And he also knew the plane was probably loaded with a bunch of soldiers who had not heeded the frantic calls of their comrades who reported that there was only one freakishly huge man causing all the havoc to their supposed stronghold. Everyone on that plane probably assumed it was a massive army attacking them. And it was – a massive army of a man – Mr. Alpha. It was the thrill of knowing so many men were about to witness things they thought were impossible. They were also going to get mysteriously turned on by the power display – that was for sure. It was something that happened every time Antoine did something amazing with his strength. Guys just couldn’t help themselves – men simply love things that are powerful. The plane advanced dramatically toward the muscleman in the middle of the airstrip. “They think their machine slices and dices. Little do they know they won’t be going anywhere. It’s almost a shame to ruin such a beautiful aircraft. But showing off will be so much fun.” The motors of the plane were roaring so loudly that Antoine couldn’t even hear his own words. He simply stood there turned-on beyond belief and waiting for the impact. The certainty in the pilots’ faces was almost too much fun for Antoine to bear. These two men did not care they were supposedly about to chop a fellow into a million pieces. They were following the orders of a bad guy in the back of the plane and didn’t know any better. Antoine figured the two men actually looked forward to the anticipated bloodbath. He wondered if they’d be sad about losing their big machine. As the multiple propellers on the two right engines started hitting the unshakable hard body of Mr. Alpha, he tried to imagine the shock and disappointment the pilots would feel as their plan took a dramatically different turn. Powerful metal propellers traveling at those speeds merely shatter into pieces when they hit something so impenetrable – something so much stronger. Blades shattered into chunks of metal and broke off from the engines as soon as they came in contact with Antoine’s shatterproof skin. The plane continued moving forward as the man’s body totally destroyed the pilots’ intended weapon. Nothing remained of the propellers within thirty seconds. Pieces of metal flew hundreds of feet away and a big piece even got lodged into the glass of the cockpit’s window – sending the two pilots into the kind of amazed panic Antoine loved. “And now, to really ground this puppy!” Antoine jumped up and grabbed the edge of the giant wing before it passed over his head. With one semi-hard heave he snapped the long thing from the body of the plane. He simply broke the wing of an army A400M like it was nothing more than a popsicle stick he fractured in two. The propellers had felt like nothing more than an annoying fly as they battered against Antoine’s shoulder, head, and arm. The wing had ripped off the plane with barely a tug. Antoine was now back on the ground holding the long strip of metal above his head and he broke the thing in two like he would a cracker. He held the broken wing parts in his hands for a few seconds, marveling at how light they were and then he tossed them to he side, like a kid might throw a broken twig. To him, all of this had seemed so easy and effortless. He knew, however, to his friend, Jose, to the two unnerved pilots and to the other fearful faces now watching him from the plane, it had been amazing. Antoine figured it would take everyone a little while to process exactly what had happened – since it was beyond anything they could imagine. Jose had already seen Mr. Alpha do many astounding things, but that didn’t make this any easier to quickly comprehend. This kind of strength – this kind of power in one’s hands and body – was simply unimaginable – even in superhero fantasies. The planes two remaining engines were still chugging away, so the plane started to turn in a compact circle because of the imbalance. Antoine walked confidently up to the giant front tire and the thick metal bearing connecting it to the front of the plane. With one huge hand, the big man reached up and, realizing even his big paw was too small to reach around the thick cylinder of metal, he simply dug his fingers into the steel, gripping the long support strongly. The plane immediately stopped turning. With one tensed, massive arm Mr. Alpha was holding the huge ‘Grizzly’ in place – easily matching the power of the two remaining engines under the other wing. You could hear that the giant machine was freaking out because it couldn’t move – the engines had a high pitched scream. “Kind of like holding an umbrella in a slight breeze. I’m disappointed in the power of a ‘Grizzly’. I anticipated it would give me much more of a struggle. I guess I keep forgetting just how strong I really am. Time for a little nose dive, fellas.” Antoine pulled – just a simple tug, really – with his massive arm and the bearing and wheel ripped away from the plane. It broke apart easily – metal wrenched from metal. The loud scream of mangled steel could even be heard over the roar of the engines. For a second, the plane stayed in place – suspended in air, but then the nose of the plane fell to the ground with a loud smack. The power of the engines made the plane still turn and the nose dug up ground as it moved, finally stopping when the mound of dirt was too big to push. The weight of the engines – and the fact that Mr. Alpha no longer held the plane in place and upright – made the entire machine list to one side and the giant propellers cut into the field below and finally stopped moving as the engines hit the ground. Suddenly, the roar of the plane slowly stopped – the pilots finally getting smart enough to turn the thing off. It had become quite clear, even to them, that they weren’t going anywhere. Antoine had basically immobilized an entire army aircraft with his bare hands. The big man knew the shock of what he had done had still not sunk in completely for the passengers and crew on the plane. Antoine walked down the side of the plane. A stub of metal stuck out from where Mr. Alpha had ripped off the wing. He made it to the back wheels. “Hi, my name is Antoine. I’ll be your flight attendant, today, but I regret to inform you that this plane will not be going anywhere . . . well, unless I choose to lift it up and toss it in the air.” With those simple words, Antoine – again – easily ripped off the wheels from the back of the plane and the entire belly of the ‘Grizzly’ fell to rest on the ground below. The wild beast had been totally beaten. With two huge wheel bearings in both hands, Antoine walked back toward the middle of the plane. He squeezed the steel in his palms as he passed windows, making sure his onlookers could see his big paws crushing steel and making the long cylinders fold up on themselves in the center. He then tossed the wheels to the side. By now, he stood in the middle of the long body of the plane – not far from the front door. The big man looked at the supposed entranceway and laughed. “Doors are for sissies. Why rip off a flimsy door when I’ve got such a powerful noggin?” In a sudden and unexpected flash, Mr. Alpha pulled his upper body back and then sent his forehead slamming against the metal side of the plane. It felt like he was banging into tissue paper – bursting through the plane’s side easily. The hangar like cavern inside the plane echoed loudly from the big man’s head butt – sending the fifty some odd men inside into a frenzied panic. It wasn’t every day a handsome bearded face came plowing through thick steel. Antoine smiled broadly for his group of shocked onlookers. “Here’s Johnny! Annnnd cue gunfire.” Again, as if it were a golden rule of bad men, gangsters, and guerillas, the gentlemen pointed their guns in the direction of the intruding head and unloaded a barrage of bullets at the smiling face. It was as if machine guns made you stupid or so drunk with made-up power you didn’t think straight. This giant muscle man had just destroyed an army-grade airplane with his bare hands. They still somehow thought their gunfire would be something more than a gnat-like nuisance to that bearded mug resting on such a thick bull-neck. Pellets of metal hit Antoine’s cheeks, nose, eyes, and forehead and immediately flattened into coin-like flat blobs before falling to the ground. The guy opened his mouth – allowing a gob of bullets to fill it up, as if he had been pouring cereal from a box. The gunfire petered out – most of the men had used up all their ammunition or finally had a brilliant epiphany that their supposed powerful weapons weren’t doing a thing to the guy. Antoine chewed the bullets up making sure to smack his lips loudly and rudely, even leaving his mouth open. “Thanks fellas – you help me get my daily allotment of iron. I’m a growing muscle boy, you know, and I need my vitamins. Those bullets would go down better with a little salt, though. I also appreciate the facial – machine gun spray keeps the skin looking fresh, don’t you think. You fellas look like you’ve seen a ghost. A big muscled scantily-clad ghost, that is. The sound of thousands of bullets being compressed against my super strong skin kind of turns me on, gentlemen. You’ll have to forgive the imposing massive hard-on presently giving the triple reinforced material of my posers a battle it may not win. You think those weapons of yours are scary – wait until you see the giant rocket launcher I’m sporting if it rips through my undies. It could ram through the side of this plane as easily as my head did. But I digress, fellas. I’m here to shock and amaze you with my freakish strength – like the good superhero that I am. I’m going to show you that your life of crime has amounted to nothing, now that you’ve come in contact with Mr. Alpha. Let’s leave no man standing before I come in. How does that sound, tiny dudes with big weapons? You know what they say – if the plane’s a-rocking, don’t come a-knocking.” The muscled beast pulled his head back out of the hole it had made and put his massive hands against the side of the giant grounded body of the plane. A loud screeching sound filled the air as thick fingers easily dug into the metal siding – to give the smiling behemoth more leverage for his superhuman task and, actually, just to show off. With a simple tug - that actually equaled the force of a small earthquake - Antoine rocked the body of the plane like it was nothing more than a balloon he was playing with. He heard the sound of fifty or so men falling to the ground in one unified plop – the jerking of the plane had been too much for anyone to remain standing. Antoine stuck his head back in the hole, even as he continued to shake the plane. “Striiiiiike! Better than bowling, fellas . . . much better. It’s like you’ve all had too much to drink and can no longer remain vertical. I tend to knock a lotta guys to their knees and butts everywhere I go. I just have that kind of effect on people. It’s a gift. Time for me to come in, gents, so we can get to know each other on a more personal level – and you can see all my bulges up close. Let me show you how a muscleman makes an entrance.” When powerful hands easily rip apart flimsy cloth or cardboard it can still seem impressive or amazing. Imbedded fingers pulling apart the thick metal siding of an army plane – and making it seem like nothing more than cardboard – can cause a group of men to lose control of all bodily functions. Sunlight suddenly spilling into the dark cavern of the plane as Antoine’s hands pulled open a space the size of a large armoire was like watching a modern version of Samson bringing down the pillars of a temple. Mammoth bulging muscles filled the gaping hole as the superhero stepped through steel that had been peeled back as easily as a banana. Fifty so men stared at the muscled giant – each with eyes the size of dinner plates. From the aroma that filled the space it was clear that everyone had either pissed themselves or dumped a big Antoine induced cum-load in appreciation. Everyone on the plane was still on his ass, shell-shocked by the rippling muscled monster that had ripped through steel as if he had simply been parting a curtain. Antoine dropped his hands to his waist, to give the men his best superhero pose. “Geez, fellas, it smells like a sleazy sauna in here. I have a feeling there are a lot of sticky crotches causing that aroma – the best compliment or welcome a guy could ask for. And it’s clear I have caused quite a few full masts in this here plane. Couldn’t help yourselves when this big man pulverized the side of your big plane so easily, could you? Don’t worry, that kind of destruction turns me on, too. I see a bunch of you gazing at my before-mentioned mammoth tool with looks of awe and a few lustful licked lips. Can’t say as I blame you, gentlemen. I’m just too much to handle, aren’t I?” Suddenly, there was a loud cry from one of the guerillas, a big handsome guy with a macho seventies handlebar mustache. He jumped up, came running at Antoine, and slammed the butt of his heavy machine gun into the big man’s rippling muscled gut. The war-like yell ended as soon as the end of the gun met the immovable densely packed abs of the smiling he-man. Nothing was getting through that wall of muscle. The superhero and the guerilla both looked down at the butt of the gun up against Antoine’s corrugated stomach. The big muscled dude continued to stand there with his hands on his hips - smiling. Then, the two men finally looked at each other. Antoine shook his head in disbelief. “Really? Bullets bounced off of me like they were nothing more than tiny rain droplets and, yet, you thought your silly puny gun would hurt me? My forehead busted through the thick metal wall of your plane. These are abs of steel, dude, made for withstanding a lot stronger stuff than your little machine gun. Let me show you what it really means to crunch your ab muscles.” The wide metal rubber-covered end of the gun was suddenly engulfed by muscled ridges about the size of rolling pins. Antoine’s mid-section was suddenly tensed and immediately there was the sound of heavy crunching – like someone big walking over gravel. There was also a high-pitched screech, which could only come from steel being deformed by something much more powerful. The superhero’s stomach muscles were destroying the butt end of a machine gun. This was something that would not fully compute in the head of the guerilla staring as his weapon was demolished by abs more powerful than anything he had ever encountered. Antoine released the ‘crunch’ and the still-shocked guy in front of him raised the end of the gun to his face so he could see how a guy’s abs – only his abs – had crushed steel as if it had been nothing more than soft foam. The contours of Antoine’s rolling pins were forever indented into the butt. It was squeezed as thin a comic book. “Some guy’s get turned on by gut punches, dude – but I can actually get you off quicker by destroying a high-powered jackhammer being rammed up against my mega strong tummy. You should see it when these puppies take the blow from a speeding car and I don’t even budge – the poor vehicle ends up totaled and I haven’t even got a scratch. Let’s give you something to remember me by, dude.” Antoine reached out and grabbed the long gun from the guerilla. He then raised and lowered it quickly over the guy’s head. The big man grabbed the barrel with his other hand and wrapped it around the waist of his surprised onlooker. It was like he was dealing with nothing more than a wire hanger. Antoine’s powerful hands bent the steel of the machine gun around the guy’s stomach and squeezed both ends tightly together into something like a knob. It took mere seconds and the metal of the gun screamed loudly as it was easily manhandled. Antoine wasn’t sure how this thing would finally be removed without cutting the guy, but that wasn’t his concern. He then grabbed the twisted ends with one mighty hand and lifted the smaller man into the air so they could be eye to eye. At the same time, the muscled hero lifted his other arm into a massive biceps flex. “That’s a pretty impressive weapon, little man, but my humongous gun is a lot more powerful, don’t you think? I wouldn’t go eating a lot of food, if I were you, I didn’t leave much room for growth inside your machine gun belt. Who knows, it could become a new fashion trend. An Antoine original for rehabilitated bad men. Everyone will be wearing them and I’ll be the only man that can make them. Dream about that. Nighty night, mister.” Antoine brought his flexed arm down and thumped the chin of the guy – with just his index finger. The man’s head flew back as if it had been slammed with a battering ram and the dude was out cold in seconds – a lifeless blob wrapped up in a demolished gun. Antoine placed him gingerly on the floor of the plane and turned to the other men – loving all the mouths gaping open in astonishment. It was clear no one had ever seen a superhero before. “Which one of you is Rubio? It’s time to play.”
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    If ONLY Luke knew just how much Woody's been thinking about his cute arse in his posing trunks! On another note, guys - could this be Luke after 6 months of being at Muscle University? He's even wearing geeky Captain America boxers!
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    "See something you'd like to hold onto? Your muscle daddy doesn't mind. Go ahead."
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    "I don't think my friend over there felt like your apology was sincere. Want to try again?"
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    Part Three Yeah, that’s it, dude. Welcome back to the land of the living. Don’t worry. You were only out for a few minutes and I didn’t touch a thing. All your precious valuables are still where they were. I simply made your drink. I was right to be afraid the sight of my ass and back was going to make you pass out. There’s this one guy I know that is only into backs. He’s got a muscled back fetish that just won’t quit. I swear he sometimes only wants to stare at me flexing my back at him for the entire session. I turn around at the end to find he’s satisfied himself two or three times, just from me spreading out my gigantic back muscles over and over. Other times, he likes to sit on my back while I crank out push-ups. He calls me his wide Aladdin carpet and sits there counting the reps and stroking my broadness lovingly as I go up and down. I think about him specifically every time it’s back day at the gym. It gives me an extra push. We’re going to have to be careful with you, dude. You’re delicate. I think it’s mostly from the fact that this is your first time around so much muscle, right? Yeah, just nod your head, dude – it’s probably best not to talk just yet. Here, have another sip – and I mean just a sip – of your drink. Gotta keep you coherent for the worshipping to come in a little while. Can’t have you drunk-as-a-skunk the first time you do some proper groping. Of course, a guy could be stumbling-ass off his rocker and still know what particular body part of mine he’s groping since every bulge on this frame is so enormous, don’t you think. Yeah, go with the nodding, again. Let’s try this again, sport, but let’s have you sitting down for the fun. Now, I’m going to drop my sweats and reveal to you what one of my clients calls my ‘fucking gigantic tree trunks.’ Don’t worry, man, I think you’re ready for it. I’m going to stand back a little so you can’t reach them – in case the sight makes you turn into a groping mad man again, but I’ll be close enough to catch you if they start to make you pass out. Now, remember, we’re going to work on trying to prevent ourselves from slobbering all over the place. Just sit back and enjoy the 3-D muscle show. Yeah, you’re doing well, bud – except for the fact that your eyes are now as big as frying pans. That’s okay, I get turned on by that kind of reaction. Oh no, you’re swaying back and forth a little, bud. Feeling light headed? Oh, it’s the fully-stocked posers, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s one of my finest muscles, dude. It probably gets worked out the most. You know what they say, all muscle roads - huge arms, massive pecs, enormous quads – lead to colossal beef. You’ll be impressed by how much weight it can lift, too, bud. I promise. I’ll just draw your attention back to my legs by flexing them a little. Bam! Yeah, look at those swole puppies, dude. Mountains and valleys of bulges and striations. It’s amazing I don’t burst out of all my slacks. Yeah, I knew those monstrous quads were the only thing that could take away your awe and fear of my mammoth tool. I’m going to move in so you can feel ‘em, bud. Now go slow. Don’t be groping for dear life like some crazed cat on a tree limb. Take your time. Feel all of my hard tree trunks with those trembling hands. Yeah, that’s it, man, soak up the reality of all that power in front of you. Kiss it? Look at you, ready to take all this fun to the next level. Yeah, dude, you can kiss that bulging thigh, but be careful – I don’t want that huge thing to be sending you into cardiac arrest. Although, it would be a lovely way to go, now, wouldn’t it? Yeah, those plump lips feel good up against my hard skin, man. And look, you’re not even slobbering. See, I knew we’d get you trained. I think you’re ready for one of my special muscle tests, little dude. Let’s get you up here in a big old bear hug. Oh honey, quit talking nonsense, saying you’re too heavy. My big guns are used to easily lifting more than three times your weight. Now, remember, the goal is not to spill your precious man honey during our little embrace. You gotta learn to prolong the final explosion as long as you can, dude. That’s half the fun of doing this. Look at your eyes bugging out as I tighten these big arms. Feeling a little compressed, are you? Yeah, arch that pretty back of yours and stifle a scream. It’s getting a little had to breathe, isn’t it – but you like this feeling, don’t you? This big man has you completely trapped – completely under his power and you love it. Yeah, buddy, push hard against my pecs with those soft little hands. Hell, pound away if you feel like it! My massive mounds love taking the puny punches of some worshipper. I can tell you’re on the brink of release, bud. Let’s just edge you a little closer to that explosion you desire so much. Wow, look at those big veins popping out all over my big arms as I squeeze the air out of you. That’s one gorgeous sight, don’t you think? One more tight-crush and now we drop you back into your chair. Take a sec to get your breath back, dude, and then have a nice long gulp of that drink. You deserve it. Stronger men haven’t lasted that long in my powerful embrace. Our little pup is learning. Half of mind-blowing muscle worship is learning that delayed gratification is like a good drug. Now this huge body of mine is definitely clean as a whistle – so I simply use the drug analogy in the metaphorical sense. Yeah, that was a nice long sip of vodka, bud. Burns so good, huh. Let’s just get a handful of that beautiful hair of yours and steer that handsome face over to my brick wall of a stomach. Oops, pulled a little too hard, didn’t I. Your nose okay, man? Those abs of mine are like bumpy marble, aren’t they? Sorry about that. Now to just rub that face of yours over my skin-covered washboard – gotta keep everything nice and clean is what my mama always used to say. Look how your tongue just naturally slides out, now. Just gotta lick up as much of those hard muscles as you can – isn’t that right, bro? I can’t say that I blame you – just can’t prevent the way your body naturally reacts to all my huge muscles? You don’t even realize you’re moaning like some wild animal in heat, do you, man? Time for another test. You ready to be picked up over my head, dude?
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    "I call it my little confidence builder. If you touch it you're going to feel and lot more confident than before. When you see what it can do you're going to turn into a little alpha."
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    "Let me finish my bananas, dude, and then I'll lift the jeep for you."
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    Yeah, dude, I definitely think you've got the upper hand now. Any second and I'm sure we'll see the big guy going down.
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    "Don't get mad at me about the fine, you're the one who said I couldn't rip the parking meter out of the sidewalk."
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    Chapter 3 "So, you want to apply for the job? Seth asked. "Yeah." Eric replied, nodding his head. "I have my reasons." "And those would be?" Seth asked "Well," Eric began, saying. "I'm writing about what's it's like to work on a farm, for my college essay, so I'd need to know what all it takes to run a farm, the equipment used for the various tasks, what they are and what job they are used for, things like that. And I thought getting some hands on experience would help give me some better insight, so that I can write a good college essay. I need a job anyway, so I thought this would be perfect." Seth looked at Eric, up and down. After a moment he spoke up. "Are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into?" He asked, Eric, with an amused grin on his face. "This job can be very physically demanding, and I'm not quite sure if you're strong enough to handle it." Eric's felt a sick feeling in his stomach at that moment, because he felt like Seth was judging him by his appearance. Sure, Eric was not a muscle stud to the degree of what Seth was, but he was definitely not a weak man, by any means. Seth must have picked up on Eric's sudden change in mood, or seen something in his facial expression, for he suddenly said. "Just so you know. I'm not judging you, in any way, Eric, even if what I just said may have come off that way." Seth told him. "I'm just concerned, not for myself, but for you, because I don't want to see you hurt yourself, trying to prove yourself as a good worker. This job is very demanding and it's an every day thing. Even when you think the work is done for the day, you find out that it's not. There's always something to do, the next day. If something breaks, you fix it, as cheaply and as quickly as possible. There is a lot of responsibilities when it comes to running a farm. The work is never done." "I understand." Eric nodded. "And thanks for clarifying that. I do work out, and have, consistently, for the last 4 years, so I'm know I'm in good enough shape for the job, but I do understand that I may not be able to handle as much weight as you can, since you're bigger than I am." Eric chuckled, a bit. Then, he eyes moved up and down Eric's physique and he noticed that Eric was wearing a short sleeved shirt and a pair of boot cut denim jeans. He could see that Eric had really great looking muscle tone. "Well, from the looks of it, you are very fit, and you've done a great job getting in shape." Seth replied. "You should be proud of that." "Oh, I am." Eric said, nodding his head. "I didn't always look like this. I was an extremely skinny teenager, with no muscle tone at all. "I've worked my ass off, the last 5 years to get my body looking like it does now, and I'm really liking the results of it, so far." Seth nodded. But, before he could say anything else, the horse that he had been feeding suddenly, starting freaking out for some reason. He was kicking his hooves in the air, standing on his back legs. "Shit!" Seth exclaimed. "I'll be right back!" Seth ran over to the horse stall to try to calm the horse down. As he got to the fence, he was just in time to see a mouse scurrying away. He understood now what freaked the horse out. "Whoa!" Seth exclaimed. "Calm down, Boy! It's ok! It's ok!" Eric watched, as Seth attempted to calm the horse down, speaking to it, in a softer tone, holding the horse's head, in his hands, softly petting his nose again. In a few minutes, the horse was calm again. Eric took that moment to walk over to the stall. He stood, across from Seth, who was still petting the horse. "Seth, what happened?" Eric asked, in concern. "Why did he freak out like that, all of a sudden?' "I saw a mouse running away when I got over here." Seth explained. "He must have seen it and got spooked." Eric nodded, then frowned, wondering something. "Aren't all horses afraid of mice?" Eric asked. Seth shook his head. *Not all of them." Seth replied, as he stopped petting the horse. He pointed to the horse in the next stall down to the far left. "You see Max over there?" Eric looked over to where Seth was pointing. He could make out a black horse, in the stall, just standing there, looking over at them. Max isn't afraid of mice at all." Seth explained. "In fact, not much, spooks him." "He's a beauty!" Eric gushed. "So is this one. What's his name?" "Eli." Seth said, referring to the brown horse, who had a white stripe down the middle of it's forehead. "I love horses." Eric said, dreamily. "It's been a while since I've ridden one." "Really?" Seth asked. Then a thoughtful look crossed his face. "Do you want to go for a horseback ride?" He asked Eric. "I could give you a tour of the farm and let you see what all goes on around here. And then you can decide for sure if this is something you really want to do or not." Eric was amazed. He had spent not even twenty minutes with Seth, and he was already feeling a connection with him. He was surprised that Seth would have even offered to go on a horseback ride with him, considering that they had only just met each other, that morning. "But was he going to pass up an offer to go on a horseback ride with the handsome stud, in front of him?" Hell no! "Are you serious? Eric asked, his face lighting up. "I would love to!" "Alright!" Seth said, flashing Eric a smile that made him want to melt. "Step back, please? I'm going to let Eli out of his stall and get him saddled up for you." "Ok." Eric said, backing away a few steps. Seth opened the fence door to Eli's stall and grabbed his bridal to lead him out. Eric stood there, wide- eyed, as Seth walked Eli out of his stall and to the middle of the barn. He saw how big Eli was and how strong he looked. "Wow!" Eric said, in amazement. "I didn't realize how big he actually is, until now." Seth turned towards Eric, as he tied Eli's bridal to a fence post, securing it tightly. "Yeah, he's a big boy alright!" Seth said, with a sexy grin on his face. "He's also the easiest one to ride. Since he's so friendly, he lets anyone ride him." Seth then glanced over towards Max, who was watching them. Max, on the other hand," Seth said, a serious tone in his voice. "is very particular about who rides him. He usually only lets me or my mom ride him. He doesn't trust strangers right away. But if he feels he can trust you, and if he likes you, then he might let you ride him." But that remains to be seen." Eric nodded. He understood what Seth was telling him. Animals were no different than humans when it comes to trust. Seth turned and grabbed a saddle off of a nearby stand and gently put it over Eli's back. He slipped the straps through the belt loops and make sure each one was tightly and securely fastened. Then he tied Eli's bridal reign back to the post again. "Give me a second to get Max out and saddled and then we'll both lead the horses outside." Seth said, walking to Max's stall. Eric watched as Seth walked over to the stall and took in Seth's built muscular body, once again. He glanced at Seth's ass, as he strutted over to the stall. He took in the sexy man's V tapered torso, his perfectly sculpted triceps, back muscles, traps and delts. "God, he's so damn gorgeous." Seth thought to himself. "And his muscles! Damn!" Eric had always loved muscle ever since he was a young teenager in the 8th grade. It had later turned into a fetish for him, as he got older. He loved watching bodybuilders flexing and posing their muscles onstage. He'd always wondered what a bodybuilder's muscles felt like, and always wanted to have one flex for him, but that was something he hadn't done yet. Nobody knew about his fetish for muscles and muscle worship. Eric had never shared that with anybody. Not even his best friend, Amy, who knew he liked bodybuilders, but didn't know about his fetish for them. "But how do I talk about liking his muscles, without making him feel weirded out?" Eric wondered. "Ok, Max, we're going out for a ride, Boy!" Eric turned his head towards Seth, and saw him leading Max, out of his stall. And Seth had put his shirt back on again, but left it open. Then, Seth grabbed a second saddle off a nearby rack and started saddling up, Max. "Do you know how to ride a horse, Eric? Seth asked. "Oh, yeah!" Eric nodded. "I still know how. It's just been a few years since I've ridden a horse." Eric smiled as he remembered one of his favorite past times. "My Dad used to take me horseback riding, every summer when I was a kid, so I'm very familiar with horses." Eric said, to Seth, with a dreamy look on his face."I miss those times with my Dad." Eric looked over at Seth, at that moment and saw that he had a sad look on his face, as he finished saddling Max up. Are you, Ok?" Eric asked him, concerned. "Yeah, I'm fine." Seth said. "Let's get the horses outside." "Ok." Eric said, turning to unfasten Eli's bridal reign from the post. He began leading Eli outside the barn. Eric pulled Eli outside and turned to see Seth coming out of the barn with Max. Seth turned to Eric. "You see those trails?" Seth asked, pointing ahead of them, to their right. Eric could make out a trail that had been made by years of horseback riding, from the Lombardo family. Where it led, he didn't know. "Yeah." He said."What about them? "They lead out into the fields." Seth explained. "Some of the land is regular and the rest is the corn fields. We're going to head down that way. Are you ready?" "You betcha!" Eric said, in a very cheerful expression, which made Seth laugh. "Ok then!" Seth said, between his laughter. "Let's go!" Eric mounted Eli and watched as Seth mounted Max. They both then started riding towards the trails, side by side. As they rode, Eric took in the surroundings of the farm. He took notice of the chicken coop, a few feet from where the barn was. He could see the fences lining the pasture where the cattle were. He could see a Sable colored Collie, running around, herding the cattle. "Wow, look at that gorgeous Collie!" Eric said. He turned to Eric. "Is he yours?" "Yes, that's Cole." Seth said, nodding his head. "He looks after the cows, as well as the horses. And he looks out for the family." Eric grinned. "He sounds a lot like Lassie." Seth chuckled, as he looked over at Eric, who was grinning back at him. "Actually he's very much like Lassie." Seth replied. "He's very smart, and has a good feeling about people, and he always knows when something is wrong. When that happens, he comes and gets me, just like Lassie does, in all those tv shows and movies." Eric nodded. He knew just how intelligent Collie dogs were. As he was watching the dog running around, keeping the cattle in check. He wondered why the dog hadn't been at the house when he'd first arrived. "Hey man, can I ask you something?" Eric said to Seth. "Sure." Seth replied back. "What's up?" "How come Cole wasn't at the house to greet me when I arrived?" He had to have seen me coming?" "I have no doubt that he did." Seth told Eric. "But Cole is a working dog. He's not gonna come back to the house until about 8:00p.m. once his duties are fulfilled." Eric nodded. The two of them rode, silently. As they rode, Eric's thoughts wandered back to how Seth's face looked when he was talking about the good times he'd had with his Dad, as a kid, growing up. He wondered why it made him look sad. "Seth, I met your mom, earlier. She's a very nice, classy lady." "Thanks." Seth said, still looking ahead, as the two of them got closer to the fields area where they would unmount from the horses. "What about your, Dad, Seth?" Eric asked him. "Where is he?" At the moment, the look on Seth's face, made Eric regret that he'd even asked the question, for Seth looked sadder than he did earlier, when Eric was talking about his own father. "He's dead." Seth revealed, a catch in his voice. Eric was shocked. "Wow." Eric said, in a low voice. "I'm so sorry, Seth. I had no idea." "I know you didn't." Seth said, glancing at him. "It's ok." Eric thought he could see tears shining in Seth's eyes which made him want to hug him close and comfort him. But he knew he couldn't do that. He didn't know how Seth would react to that. "Well, here we are!" Seth suddenly said. Eric suddenly realized that they had made it to the fields. The two men unmounted their horses and tied them each to a fence post. Seth pointed to a tree where they both could sit, in the shade, to keep cool from the hot sun. "Let's sit under the tree, and I can interview you a bit more about the Job." "Alright, lead the way." Eric said to him. They both started walking towards the tree. Once they got there, they both sat down, under the tree. "So,' Seth began saying. "Tell me more about you. Where are you from?" "From here." Eric replied. " I was born and bred here in San Diego, California." "Ok." Seth said "And what about your folks? What do they do for a living?" 'Well my dad is a Carpenter and my mom works in Real Estate." Eric told him. Seth's eyebrows raised, when he heard that Seth's father was a Carpenter. "Oh, so does that mean you know how to fix things." Seth asked. "Sure!" Eric said, smiling at him. "I learned a lot from my dad, growing up. I helped him build a house one summer a few years back. I wasn't allowed to go near any of the dangerous saw machines, but I am very good with a hammer and nails, so I can do the basics when it comes to fixing things." "Alright, so that's a point in your favor." Seth said. "Can you operate a tractor?" "Well, yeah, one of the smaller ones you would use to mow grass." Eric said. "But if you mean operating one of the bigger types like you would here on the farm, then no. I've never learned to drive a really big one." "Well it's not too hard." Seth said to him. "I could teach you." Eric's face brightened at that. "But I'm still concerned about your physical strength."Seth added. "You appear to be in very good shape, but you also have to remember that you'll be lifting heavy bales of hay very often, since we band and store it for feed for the horses." "Oh, well, I don't think you have to worry too much about that." Eric reassured him. "I used to be a gymnast, so I'm stronger than you think. And I've hit the gym, consistently, the last 5 years." "What can you benchpress?" Seth asked, curiously. "About 200 lbs." Eric told him. Seth looked very impressed. He then confirmed it. "Very impressive." Seth said to Eric. "Let's see you flex a bicep" Eric flexed his bicep and showed it off to Seth. He was surprised when Seth reached out and wrapped his fingers around it and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Very nice." Seth. " Your tone and definition is great. Now, check out these guns!" Then, Seth removed his hand and flexed his biceps much to Eric's shock, and delight! Now, Eric had seen how big Seth's biceps were in his fantasy, but seeing them flexed up close was even more surreal because they looked even bigger than they did in his fantasy. "You can feel my biceps if you want, Eric." Seth ordered, grinning at him. Eric was frozen in place, not sure what to do at that moment. All he could was stare, in awe, at the huge, amazing, biceps that were flexed before his eyes.
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    The Three Bears I had my eyes closed while soaking in the hotel hot tub. The convention was over and the rest of the week was mine. Five whole days in the luxury resort and I would only be paying for two nights. Monday was for supervising the packing of the machines and displays. Tuesday was for shipping and Wednesday was a contingency day. Thursday and Friday I pay for. Saturday and Sunday too if get lucky and find some ass to fuck. I was hit on all during the convention. I was hired to attract people to our booth. I’m tall, kind of muscular, blond hair, sky blue eyes, magnetic personality, and handsome if I do say so myself. I rope them in and turn them over to the guys that up sell so I can pull in a new victim. It may not be fair but too bad. “Hey Goldilocks,” I heard. He had a deep mellow voice. I slowly opened my eyes and flashed one of my killer smiles before I even focused. “We’re the three bears. “I’m Poppa Bear, to my right is Junior Bear, and to my left is Muscle Bear and we want some of your porridge. “Call it what it is Poppa,” Muscle Bear said flatly. “We want to fuck his ass.” “Speak for yourself! I wouldn’t mind riding his big cock,” Junior Bear chuckled. “Boys, boys, we don’t want to scare Goldilocks off.” “You just want him to cum all over you and lick it off,” Junior Bear chuckled. “More like drink his cum,” Muscle Bear grunted. Poppa Bear threw his head to the left at Muscle Bear. “Look out he gets rather dominant. Muscle Bear would keep you to himself if we’d allow him. So do you have any hot porridge for us?” Poppa Bear smiled and folded his arms over his big chest. I stood with my bikini around my knees and my nine inch poker straight hard cock was pointing right at them. I slowly pulled up my suit as I continued the story for them. “Papa Bear growled, “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed!” “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed, too,” said the Junior Bear “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed and he’s still in my bed wanting me to fuck him until next Sunday!” exclaimed Muscle Bear. “Just then, Goldilocks woke up and saw the three bears and he yelled in a soft rather unconvincingly voice.” “Help!” “Help!” “Help!” “And Goldilocks jumped up out of the hot tub and ran up to suite 569. Goldilocks opened the door and flipped the night latch so the door wouldn’t lock. And he never let the three bears return to their rooms until he wore out Poppa Bear and Junior Bear. As for Muscle Bear they fucked and fucked and fucked. Goldilocks worshiped his outstandingly perfect muscles and couldn’t get enough of his cock… And they lived happily ever after. I jumped out of the hot tub and ran. By Sunday night I almost wore out Muscle Bear too. I might need to take a few more days off of work just to recover from the three bears. P.S. Muscle Bear keeps calling and calling wanting to know if he can have more porridge. This is me---Goldilocks
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    Maybe a bit like this guy but cockier and more British looking?
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    Damn, look at how this little guy can't help himself from staring at my chest as we talk. It's so cute. Let's give him a chest bump. Folding up iron plates for him got me so excited. He's making me so horny. Is it hot in here or is it just me? Man, I gotta have this little guy.
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    "Crushing every lock in this room with one hand was a lot of fun. What do you want me to do next?"
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    受到jaypat的启发,我决定制作类似的漫画故事。 这是我的第一个故事。英语不是我的母语,因此可能存在一些语法错误。我希望每个人都能理解并提出建议。 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- 温是亚洲人。他跟随母亲探望了美国的亲戚。温家宝在那里看到了他未被玷污的大哥哥,他的继父的儿子杰克。 像他强壮的父亲一样,杰克是一名高大的篮球队队长。他身高6.4英尺,肌肉强壮,充满了代表力量的血管。幸运的是,杰克很友善。 在假期那天,杰克一起在野外锻炼。 “我做不到!” 温家宝坐在地板上说:“我不能跑,让我休息吧。” “兄弟,你不能这样做,只是热身!” 杰克走向温,用臀部看着他,然后蹲下来,伸手去拿。 “真是......”只看到一个强壮的麝香强壮的身体,无尽的睾丸激素,他的身体汗水闪闪发光,让杰克的肌肉看起来更加强壮,就像一个好莱坞演员英俊的脸,甚至他的包装看起来巨大而且非常猥亵。 “伙计,你应该每天都像我一样运动,让更多人喜欢它。” 杰克帮助韦恩,然后他显示了双二头肌。 “上帝,你还记得那个邻居的辣妹吗?她邀请我今晚去她家,我等不及了!” 杰克饥肠辘辘地摸着他那巨大的阴茎,在他的二头肌上微笑着点亮。。 温看着杰克完美的身体和傲慢的行为,硬化的阴茎开始泄漏并开始浸泡他的内衣。 “我不想听你怎么做爱,我现在只想回家!” 当文回到家时,他和母亲一起回到了自己的国家。杰克也回到平常生活,直到看到一份新报纸。
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    Plot twist: On day 3 Luke and Woody are lying on one of the dorm room bed's in nothing but their matching pink posers. There's a knock on the door. Woody jumps up, thinking it will be hilarious to answer the door to the food delivery guy wearing nothing but his shiny pink trunks when who should be standing there but a certain short arsed, twat faced MU student carrying out a work shift for his part time job!
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    "Look, will you two stop rubbing yourselves and tell me where you want this castle placed? This is taking every ounce of strength I have and I can't have my two biggest fans turning themselves into orgasmic jelly when I need to place this castle somewhere. Oh! You want me to throw it into space, then undress and have you worship me eh? Well, why didn't you say so earlier!"
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    muscleaddict,, I'm sure I'm not the only one who checks in here maybe a couple times a day. There's usually a moment of disappointment. No new "Muscle University" episode. But then, like just a few minutes ago, There it is. Another chapter with Luke and Woody. And I'm smiling. And I hurriedly read through that new chapter. Then I might read it a second time, slower, enjoying it again. And find myself thankful.... that you choose to share your talent with us. Thank you, our unmet friend across the Pond.
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    "And THIS says the four of you aren't leaving until I say you can. The big thing always gets its way."
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    CHAPTER 16 “Do you want to go home?” Jess asked. “Yeah, I need to lay down”, I replied. We both slowly got up, stretched to our full heights, then he ducked and I crawled through the front doors to the street. We adjusted ourselves and stretched again, then began to walk. Up ahead there was commotion. People were running towards the big intersection that was lined with other bars and restaurants. I could not see that well from the trees blocking, Jess was hunkering down to see below the street trees. Then we came out into the clear. Coming slowing towards us were the three 25-foot-tall bodybuilder monstrosities. The walked very slowly down the middle of the street. Cars were avoiding them; people were running to stay up with them. They had reflective sunglasses on and looked straight out to space and avoided stepping on anything. Each step was calculated and slow. Below them and in front of them was Willis. He was leading a monstrous dirigible parade of muscle down the street. They wore posers, tight and shiny, and their gargantuan cocks were held separate from their balls in the fabric. Each slow-motion step caused waves of ballooned off-season muscle to ripple and flex as they continued. They wore very loose stringer muscle tops that hung off the pecs that could block out the sun. Their heads did not move, the chins locked in place between pecs and traps that ate the sides of their heads. I stood there with my jaw on the ground. Jess was also speechless. We met Willis and his monstrosities in the intersection. “Well, sorry for your loss Linus.” Willis stared up at me and said with a creepy fucked up grin. “You are insane.” I replied. “You are parading these things around and this is not going to end well Willis.” “Not end well. That’s so funny. Martin is dead, I have his company now, and I am test driving the new models of human out in public. How is that not going to end well? Oh wait, Martin came to see you after he saw me. He told me about his huge confession. The thing I like about you Linus, and why you will be with me soon, is your gullibility. Martin likes to act. Well, he gave you a performance. I did not foresee the water dose thing, but he confessed. Then he sucked me off. Then climbed aboard these guys before going to his Island.” I just got down on one knee, the beasts were standing there, looking around while people just milled around then touching their massive tree trunk calves. I stared at Willis in shock. “I know this is a lot to take in Linus. But the basics are Martin just buys time by lying and acting. He screwed me on the water bottle dose, but he always remained true to me, his favorite. He makes up stuff as he goes. Like these guys dying in three months. A lie. The confession of how he does not have a drug that makes these guys that works. A lie. Now that I own Van Semec, the world will change. You and your tiny friend here, Jess will be one of us. But you Linus, will still be a god, bigger than all of us, and will belong to me. Jess just backed up. He could not say a word. Willis just smiled. His beasts shifted their tonnage, and one straightened out his massive spandex-encased cock. “I will be benevolent in my running the company to make a new human race Linus. I mean these guys have cameras in their sunglasses and tiny ones on their posers at the hips. They can move with ease among the regs without stepping on any. That would be wrong.” He smiled again creepily, then winked. Three police cars came up. They started getting the people away from the three bodybuilders. Jess and I just stared as Willis walked them down the street away from us. He turned and waved when they were on the other side of the intersection. The scale of them taking up the entire street, and as high as some of the buildings on each side seared into my skull. This is a nightmare I thought. Jess piped up after the crowd cleared. “Is all that true Linus? He can make me 25 feet tall?” I looked at Jess, he had that look of wanting in his eyes. “Yes Jess. It’s all true, and soon you will be able to be that big.” I could see the gears moving in Jess’ head. I cut him off. “Jess! Do you want that? It’s nuts! How will you even function? You saw that!” Jess looked at me. “Yes, I do, and I think Davis would want it too.” I just got up from my one knee and looked down on him. “Jess, it’s not about you now, it’s about a world that a freakshow Martin made available to us. Now Willis runs the freakshow. What about us a human race?” “I don’t know about the human race Linus, but I know size means power. I don’t want to be a Harold in a world of 25 footers”. I shook my head. “Jess, I am sorry you feel that way, because this will be the downfall of our planet”. Jess looked back up, “No it won’t. Things change.” We walked in silence back to the loft. I crawled in the lift; Jess followed on the next. Harold and Davis were lying on the couch, Davis flipped off the TV when I came in. “We saw what was going on downtown” Davis said, Harold tucked in his spot between Davis’ legs shook his head in agreement. Jess flopped down, shaking the floor. “Willis can turn us into 25 footers.” Jess blurted out. He began to then tell Davis and Harold the whole fucked up story. Davis stared up at the ceiling. “So, we going to do this Jess, because if you are on board, I am too. 25 feet tall would be cool.” Harold and I looked at each other. Harold spoke up. “What about me? Do I get a say in this? I mean you will be doubling your height! Where will we live? How will I feed you? What will become of us?” Davis looked down and easily grabbed Harold from between his legs and pulled him up to his chest. “There will be more of me to love!” Harold crawled off Davis’ broad chest. “So basically, you will crush me by mistake one night or sit on me and kill me possibly just because there is more of YOU to love? He was standing now. “You need to find out what is important to you. Maybe having a dick over four feet long and watermelon balls is more important to you than me. I’m going downstairs. You know where I am.” Harold stormed off to the lift then went to his place. “That went well”, Jess said. “He does not know how cool it is to be a giant Jess. He can’t imagine it” Davis replied. “But I CAN.” I said looking at them both. “You better thing long and hard about being 25 fucking feet tall. It’s no picnic being 17 something. Also, you will LOOK like those guys. So massive you will be a farm animal under constant care of feeding, cleaning, and basically doing everything!” Jess looked at Davis. “That’s HOT!” Jess replied, and Davis shook his head in agreement. I put my head in my hands. The elevator came to my loft floor with a tone. I hit the remote to open the door. Jess and Davis started talking about being that big, I stared at the door and out came a reg in a suit. “Linus Van Ravensway?” He asked as he got up to my big chair, he was eying me up and down, he probably never saw me in person, he acted intimidated by my bulk. “That’s me” I said. “And you are?” I am Martin Van Semec’s attorney. I am here to discuss Mr. Van Semec’s will with you. Jess and Davis stopped talking immediately.

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