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    Chapter 1 Chapter 2-4 Chapter 5-6 Chapter 7 CHAPTER 8 The sun well below its peak but already scalded the desert below. Sweat had long ago soaked through Lewis's skin-tight green shirt and his muscles stood out in bold relief through the fabric. He grunted as he bent over and picked up a thirty pound sand bag from the pile at his feet. After placing it on his free forearm, he bent over and loaded another on top. Then another. Then another. His arm bulged larger with every new addition, the giant vein pulsing along its peak grinding into the bags it supported. The young airman finally stopped at five bags and, after wiping dripping sweat from his brow, turned to walk the ten paces separating the pile from a three foot deep square ditch he just finished digging. He dropped the bags along the rim, organized them into a nice border along the edge with a few well placed kicks that sent his quads flaring, then turned again to retrieve more. His sweat darkened shirt clung ever tighter to his body. Deeply cut abs stood out boldly where it wasn't heavily shadowed by engorged pecs that heaved and fell with each breath. He bent over to retrieve more bags forcing his calves and hamstrings to flare in response beneath military issued shorts that rose well above mid thigh. The Christmas tree striations of his lower back bulged through the shirt as he stood. Every ripple and fold of his lats and traps writhed as he loaded another five sandbags onto his arm as if they weighed no more than couch pillows. Back and forth Lewis went, carrying his sandbags from the giant pile to line them up around his pit. That pit was ten feet by ten feet and had taken him only an hour to dig. A small crowd began to gather around him as he'd dug and had recently grown to more than twenty gawkers. Some stared in open admiration. Others made as if they stood there for other reasons and only glanced Lewis's way as if by accident as they carried on conversations that any sane person would have accomplished an air conditioned building, not in 100+ degree heat. I stood among the masses, arms cross and drenched in sweat myself. These heavy uniforms did a good job hiding my rapidly growing body but were better suited for freezing weather. I was there to officially observe Lewis's punishment for nearly strangling Whitaker. There were a number of authorized punishments available to me as the commander: reduction in rank, reduced pay, court marshal, etc. But the nineteen year old airman was already at a pretty junior rank, taking pay was relatively cruel for someone already played a pittance, and a court marshal was a little harsh since there were two sides to the story. For Whitaker, I had him reassigned to another unit on base. He'd already been gone two weeks and there'd been no issues since. For Lewis, I went with one of the lesser used (and more...old school) punishments: hard labor. The option was buried in one of the more antiquated but "still-on-the-books" policies, right next to being rationed bread-and-water. But the punishment seemed fitting: single handedly build a defense bunker. The process involved digging a ten foot by ten foot square three feet deep, then creating a defensible position using sandbags and roof slats, complete with turret holes. They were scattered all over base to provide quickly accessible shelter should a flock of terrorists come charging in. So at the crack of dawn a young and very buff Lewis started digging his hole. People took notice of the baby-faced bodybuilder, some even stood to gawk before making their way on. But as the day wore on, Lewis kept going. Instead of growing weary and exhausted, he instead appeared to get stronger and more virile as the process moved on. Once he finished the hole and shifted to the sandbags, his strength seemed impossible. That's when the passersby were suddenly stopped dead in their tracks, helplessly watching this sweat-covered god of a human toil under the desert sun. Standing at 6'2 (or maybe a little more), he was "big" enough to be maybe 230 or 240 pounds. Those weren't inhuman proportions. But just one look and you knew something was different. His muscles looked too dense. It was the small things: his biceps dented the sandbags instead of the other way around, his forearm didn't give against his forehead when he wiped sweat from his brow...all-in-all, the bulges of his body seemed too hard. It was hard to explain but there was something that just looked...fucking amazing. "Sweet Jesus," a familiar voice said admiringly at my shoulder. "He one of yours?" I turned to see Dasa smiling hungrily at Lewis as he toiled. "Yep," I said. "Strange, haven't seen him." Her eyes squinted at him. "I guess he kinda looks familiar." I just nodded; the last time she'd seen him he was half the size he was now. Lewis was now carrying six bags at a time, somehow supporting all that weight in the crook of his forearm. His biceps were screaming, skin stretched and shiny, displaying individual muscles I didn't even know existed on the human anatomy. The crowd around us continued to grow but, by his face, I wasn't sure Lewis even knew there was a soul around him. His eyes were focuses inwards and I could see he was relishing every moment of this "punishment." His face was contorted in a strained grimace as he lugged the bags over to the rapidly developing bunker. The fibers in his arm continued to quiver and shake under the load. I let my hand wrap around my own bicep and gave it a good flex, feeling the muscle jump under my sleeve and swell into my hand. I was quickly on my way to matching Lewis. In the two weeks since Lewis's incident, I'd put on another sixty pounds and my uniform was now snug in all the right places. Any more size could not be hidden. I was pulled away from my self-appreciation when I heard another baritone grunt. I looked up as Lewis now struggled with ten sandbags in an obvious effort to test the limits of his strength. I could see his massive quads ripple violently with each step as they supported the extreme combined weight of his body and bags. Lewis's back muscles bulged and his traps swelled up his neck. His face was red with the strain, veins bulging along his forehead. But his arm. Oh my god his arm. The muscles in it writhed and rolled as if they were fighting each other for space. Then something happened that no one in the crowd would ever forget. A few steps into Lewis's trek to the bunker, that quivering bicep suddenly...popped. That's the only way I could describe it. In the blink of an eye, his shredded nineteen inch arms just doubled in size to the circumference of a person's waist. The rapidly expanding boulder of muscle shoved against the sandbags he carried and they fell to the ground as if thrown. A rip formed at the base of his sleeve and cleanly tore its way all the way up to the top of his shoulder, letting the pumpkin sized deltoids swell out of them. A gasp ran through the crowd. "Holy shit," I heard Dasa say but I couldn't break my eyes away from the inhuman spectacle. Lewis noticed too. He stared down at his insanely proportioned arm and gave it a good flex. The peak of his bicep rose and rose and rose to a granite mountain and the fabric around his lat finally gave up as he raised his arm to admire himself. It was as if every muscle fiber in his arm just decided to double in size. Lewis smiled as he flexed the engorged arm. Blood vessels pulsed around the giant peak, feeding it. The crowd watched, dumbfounded and silent as Lewis finally bent over and picked up the bags he dropped, again resting them in the crook of his now superhuman arm. That over-sized arm flared angrily, sweat dripping down the newly formed ravines that ran from shoulder to elbow. But it now carried the ten bags with less effort than it once took him to carry half that. Lewis had grown stronger in an instant. A lot stronger. I felt my own body without touching it, its hardness, its growing size. I would have that power soon enough. "What on earth..." Dasa was having a hard time processing things but her eyes stared hungrily at Lewis as he continued his labor. "I may have to find an excuse to come by your office more often." She chuckled and gave my arm a playful punch. I thought nothing of it until I felt her hand rest against my arm and give it a squeeze. I smiled without looking at her and gave my arm a flex, letting my iron bicep swell under her grip. I looked down at her after a moment. She was looking up at me, her brows raised and her mouth parted slightly. She took her hand away and smiled. "See you later, sailor." There was heat behind those words. I smiled and looked back at Lewis, who was now lugging a full dozen sandbags on that supersized arm. His shoulder had joined in the grow game and was now the size of a basketball and still growing. The shirt sleeve that once contained it now hung in tatters, and a rip was now growing up the seam of his trap. Before too long it would fall away and his shirt would be more toga than t-shirt. The crowd around us was getting bigger now and I spied a two star general now among them, his arms crossed and eyes narrowed under a furled brow. My breath caught. This was not the attention we wanted. Shit, game's over. I walked up to Lewis just as he finished placing his latest pile of bags. "Consider the punishment complete," I said quietly and put a hand against that monstrous arm. Lewis turned to me, face red and sweating. His chest heaved and I heard popping sound of strained cotton strands accompany each inhale. He smiled through his exhaustion and nodded. Five minutes later he was back in my office, my metal chair grunting and squealing under his mass. He was fixated on his swollen arm, flexing the basketball sized monstrosity and rubbing its veined peak with his hand. He obviously liked what he saw as his dick had recently exploded through the inner lining of his shorts and was forced, fully erect, down the side of his tree trunk thigh. It protruded, thick and pulsing, from the hem of those straining shorts and ran halfway to his knee. It jumped powerfully when he gave his bicep a squeeze. I found myself speechless; so fixated I was on the scene before me. I was experiencing the dual wonder of wanting to join him rubbing that inhuman arm while at the same time knowing I was only a couple weeks away from having that power myself. "So fucking unreal," he said, mostly to himself. "Oh fuck fuck fuck." his dick jumped again and its head swelled. I considered moving in case it fired something at me but stayed put for some reason. "I've felt like a mousetrap this whole time," he said. "Like I was about to erupt. Fucking hell, I finally did." If I wasn't experiencing the same thing, I'd have no idea what he was talking about. But I knew all too well. I believed it had something to do with gaining all that weight but not having the size to match. I was so much denser now and I felt like a giant shoved into a child's body. I felt like I SHOULD be bigger, so much bigger, but I wasn't. I looked like a 220 pound freak of nature but weighed well over 300 pounds. And my body wanted to LOOK well over 300 pounds. It was like being constantly on the verge of an orgasm but just not able to climax. "Fuck," Lewis moaned and grabbed his collar with his free hand. "Too tight." He pulled and ripped his shirt off his body as easily as if it were a blanket lying over him. His concrete body seemed to balloon slightly now the constructing shirt was off. Taking a deep breath, as if his first since putting the accursed thing on, he looked back at his swollen arm then at me. "It's getting smaller," he said. "Pretty soon it'll go back to what it was." He turned his eye to the other bicep and gave it a good flex. The nineteen inch boulder was impressive but nothing compared to the monstrous other one. I was disbelieving at first but a closer look proved him right; the arm was indeed slowly shrinking back; like a pump an hour after working out. He was silent a moment before continuing. "I've stopped growing," he said finally. "I didn't want to believe it but I haven't gotten any stronger in the last week." He looked back at me. "I want more. I'm taking the next step." There was no doubt what he was talking about. He wanted to take the second canister. "What do you think will happen?" I said smoothly. Lewis shrugged, his swollen lats flaring between his engorged delts. "Only one way to find out." He spoke as if he was heading over right then and there. I took a deep breath (and couldn't help but relish how my uniform stretched across my chest). I brushed the euphoria aside, focused instead on the consequences if something...noticeable...happened to Lewis if he took the second canister. What if he took both?! If we got unwanted attention, it could ruin everything. I wasn't ready. I needed more time to max my own body out. I needed to be as big as Lewis...and there it was. You want to be the biggest, don't you? a little voice asked me. I shook my head to clear it. "What if it makes you smaller?" I asked carefully. "Takes away everything you gained." "It won't," Lewis said confidently and actually got up as if to leave. "Two weeks," I said, standing as well. Lewis's eyes crew dark and the muscles in his body all jumped as he grew tense. He seemed to gain twenty pounds in that instance. "I didn't ask," he said. I stepped up to him, hands up in a calming gesture. My mind raced, nearly panicked, searching for anything to give me more time. His body radiated heat and I could smell the musk of the day's work hanging in the air. He was taller than me and far more powerful. We both knew I couldn't force him to do anything. I put a hand against his granite chest, beads of sweat pooling around my fingers. I felt a thump against my leg and looked down to see his dick swelling and lifting itself up against the nylon fabric of his military issue shorts. Without thought, I reached down and wrapped my hand around it, feeling the tha-dump-tha-dump of his heart beat through the shaft. It was as hard as the rest of him. He moaned and I locked his eyes with mine. "Two weeks," I said again and started rubbing him. He gasped. I didn't know what I was doing or why. There was just something about two rock hard bodies leaning against each other like boulders. We touched and I let my eyes wander across the close up view of his inhumanly powerful body. His deeply chiseled abs rose and fell, flexing as his body tensed. I moved my hand faster and he swelled until my fingers no longer made it completely around him. Lewis's muscles flexed and fell, flexed and fell as veins bulged across his traps and upper chest. He leaned his head back, eyes closed and mouth open. I found myself on my knees, eyes locked on a foot long dick bordered by thighs as bulging and hard as any bodybuilder's. Before I could even think about it, he was in my mouth as my hands continuing to work him. He came a moment later and I felt molten hot liquid fill my mouth and force its way down my throat. I took him in, not knowing if the sudden powerful surge rolling through my body was real or psychological. Either way, I felt like I could lift a truck. I felt my own dick raging against my pants, desperate for freedom. Each spurt filled my mouth and I only had time to swallow before he filled it again. Afterwards , I stood and used Lewis's tattered shirt to wipe my mouth. "Two weeks," I said again and threw the shirt at him. Lewis nodded shallowly, eyes distant and blissful. "Two weeks," he agreed breathlessly.
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    Chapter 36 We didn’t walk back to my room so much as run. James held my hand tight as he led the way through the Halloween stragglers. We barreled through the walkways so fast that people nearly leapt into the bushes to get out of our way. When we got back to my room, James pushed me into my computer chair and, with one finger, gestured I should stay there. He then moved my bed so it blocked the door. As soon as the door was secure, he took off his sunglasses and jacket and tossed them on Luke’s bed. He’d been hot at the party too, there were wet patches under his arms, on the top of his back, and in the middle of his chest. He pulled his tie off in one long pull and tossed it at me. I caught it and put it around my neck so the ends dangled onto my pecs. He kicked off his shoes and lifted one foot then the other to my lap, having me remove his socks. With his right hand he removed his cummerbund; with his left his belt. Both fell to the floor, and he began unbuttoning his shirt, starting at the bottom. First, I got a peek of his tight, hairy abs. When there were only three more buttons left to undo, he pulled the shirt open, and the buttons went flying. I now had full view of his pecs, furry and round. He turned around and had me pull off his dress shirt—it stuck a little on his developed shoulders, but then it came off smoothly and cleanly. With his back to me, he unzipped his pants, and when he turned around, I could see his erection bulging through his boxers. He took them off, shimmying them until they hit the floor, and kicked them into my face. I could smell a cocktail of pre, sweat, and musk. When I removed the boxers from my face, he was on one knee, removing my gold shoe. Once it was off, he took my foot to his face and kissed it gently a few times. His beard tickled my toes, and I quivered. He did the same with my other shoe, and I moaned in approval. He then spread my legs and moved in to my abs. His kissed all over my lower torso, firmly and quickly, bursts of erotic pleasure. He worked his way lower and lower until he was kissing the skin just above my cock. We both heard the seams of my thong snap as my erection grew too much for the skimpy garment. James then tore it off with his teeth and spat it under my desk. As he was about to pull me up to my feet, I slowed him down. “I can tell you’re excited, but this your first time bottoming, and this,” I pointed to the 15-inch monstrosity sticking out of my groin, “is not your garden variety cock.” He flicked his eyebrows up suggestively. “I know.” “It’s going to take a lot of foreplay…” James interrupted. “Hours.” With that, he reached his right hand around to his ass and slowly removed the most sinister butt plug I have ever seen. When it reached the end of his ass, it made a gentle puckering sound, and James showed me his prize. It was still slick with lube. “Fourteen inches, almost as thick as you. I’ve been doing my homework” “You just started training two weeks ago,” I said. “What can I say?” James responded with a small chuckle. “I’m a quick study.” Then it hit me. “That’s been in…” I was flabbergasted. “The whole night. While I was running from Dave and the razor, while we walked across campus, while we sat in the theater, while we danced at the party, while we walked back here. My dirty little secret.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I don’t like drawing attention to myself.” I let James lead me the rest of the way to my bed. Instead of getting on the bed, James threw a pillow on the floor for my head and laid me down parallel to the bed. “I think I’ll have to lower myself on to you, at least this first time. With any luck, we’ll soon be trying a wide variety of positions.” “Take your time,” I said. “We have all night.” James stood with one leg on either side of my hips, and slowly squatted. When his asshole hit the tip of my cock, he bounded back up. “Your cock is so warm. I’m used to the cold plug.” “The heat is one of the more enjoyable parts of the experience,” I said, watching his pecs and cock bounce from his quick upward movement. I honestly didn’t care if this went nowhere. Staring up at James—my view was sensational. James lowered himself again, and this time he was not shocked by the heat of my cockhead. He lowered himself further, his thighs and calves beginning to bulge from the angle and effort, and my head slid into his waiting ass. “My god,” James said. “You are thicker than anything I have tried. This is…” he had to close his eyes and breathe through his nose for a bit, but he eventually finished his sentence, “so much better than I expected. And my hopes were high.” He lowered himself a little further, his legs bulging a little bit more. He stopped suddenly and let out a shocked squeal. “What was that?” he said, his voice trembling. I looked at my cock; he was now about a fourth the way down. “I just hit your prostate,” I told him. James cocked his head to one side. “The toys did that too, but...” James shook, “it was a pale echo of this.” James exerted every effort he could not to cum. I wouldn’t have minded if he did, but it seemed important to him, so I lay as still as I could. However, James’s asshole was tighter than his mouth, and I hadn’t been inside a man this way since Luke’s birthday, and that was three whole inches ago. James worked the little bit of my cock that was in his ass up and down to stimulate his prostate. My cockhead sent tingles down my whole shaft. A half-smile broke out on James’s face. “What?” I asked. “I can feel your heartbeat.” He closed his eyes and experienced my cock throb inside him. “This is entirely intimate.” I flexed my cock so my head would swell. James gasped. “Do that again.” I did it a few more times. Slowly, quickly, a tango of rhythms. James’s chest, shoulders, and face turned red. “I’m cumming,” he cried. A stream of cum spurted from his cock. Some got caught in his chest hair, the rest pooled in the grooves of my abs. As soon as James caught his breath, he looked me in the eyes. “I see why you like this so much,” he said. “I’m not done if you’re not.” “Good,” was all I said. James slowly lowered himself bit by bit. I could feel his warm insides envelop me, encasing my cock in hot flesh, pulling it further inward. I had missed this. I rubbed my hands over my face and through my hair, feeling my biceps bulge into my pecs and shoulder. Soon, James was close enough to the ground to kneel. His breathing was ragged, but his face looked serene. As his knees hit the floor, I had completely filled him. “Did I get it? Did I get all of it?” James managed through his panting. I could tell about an inch, maybe an inch and a half of me was still out, but I was not going to spoil his party. “To the hilt,” I reassured. James leaned over, and the two of us began to kiss passionately, tongues, lips, and teeth. James’s beard scraped my cheeks in a delightful friction as our hands exploring each other’s bodies, backs, pecs, arms, nipples. His hairy torso against my hairless one created a substrate of friction. The whole time, James was working his abs up and down to pull himself higher and lower on my cock. I could feel myself getting close to climax, so I whispered, “Can I drive the last mile?” James nodded wordlessly. I held him close to me and rolled us over. When my weight landed on him, a little bit more of my cock went into him, and James released a guttural moan. I braced my hands on either side of his shoulders, kissing him the whole time, thrusting my cock in and out, faster and faster, teasing his hole. Soon, James exploded in another orgasm, letting loose a series of nonsense syllables and grunted Ms. In his ecstasy, his hole tightened around my shaft, providing the extra stimulation I needed to cum volcanically. I roared so loudly I’m surprised no one called the police. At that moment, I was an ejaculating cock. I was about to pull out of him for post-coital snuggling, when he stopped me and asked, “Where do you think you’re going, Big Guy?”
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    Chapter 27 Once James declared himself the victor, I thought we were going to have sex right then, right there, right in the middle of the common room. James shook his head and went to the bathroom for a towel. “You failed my little challenge.” “Little?” I looked down at my body swollen with muscle. “There’s nothing little about this.” “Fine. You failed my big manly-man challenge. Is that better?” I began cleaning up my mess. “Yes, thank you.” “Since you failed, I call the shots. This is still my first time, after all. So, tomorrow’s still the day. We do our morning routine. We come home, shower. Then sex. Before we have lunch, your room, curtains and windows wide open to let in the late morning air and sunlight, on your bed. None of this acrobatic standing choreography until I learn the basics. When we’ve both had our full, we go out to lunch afterwards. Somewhere nice. That is, if you can still stuff yourself into your pants.” “Fine,” I acquiesced. “Dave’s going to be mad at you that I don’t fit my clothes anymore,” I added petulantly. “Dave will love the excuse to go shopping again. Besides, Luke can have all of your old clothes, so Dave can finally take him someplace that requires pants that extend past the knee.” “I don’t want to ruin the romance or the vibe,” I interjected, “but do we need condoms?” “You’ve been tested, right?” “Yep. Clean as a whistle.” “Then, as long as this is just the two of us, no bother. Thank you for asking, though.” I bowed a little, and then went back to cleaning. Once the mess was completely gone, James and I went to bed. In the same bed. My bed. For the first time since we started dating, I got feel James’s arms around me all night. James fell asleep first, so in the bright moonlight, I really took in his body. It was gorgeous and perfect. I had longed to see this body for months—years—and now it was lying in bed with me. And I had never felt bigger in my life. Here was this mountain of a man, the most muscular man I’d ever been friends with, and my pecs were bigger and rounder, sticking out farther. My shoulders were wider than his, my arms thicker. My waist, however, was somehow still smaller than his. Somewhere deep inside, I was still convinced James had given me my new body, and tomorrow he’d give me his. I almost didn’t want to fall asleep. I just wanted to watch him. But I did fall asleep, and woke to the sound of James making breakfast. “Do you actually like making breakfast?” I asked him as I stepped into the common room and rubbed sleep from my eye. “Uncle Henry wanted me to go to culinary school,” James said. “Glad I decided computer science was more my field, or I wouldn’t have met you.” As I sat in my chair, James kissed me on the forehead, tickling me with his beard. He then stroked my cheek and said, “Besides, I love cooking for you, Big Guy.” Unprepared for the growth, I nearly knocked my chair over as I arched my back and my legs went rigid. When I didn’t see them coming, the explosions of euphoria were always deeper and more intense. When I came back to my senses, there was a plate of food in front of me, and my workout shirt was obscenely tight. I looked down at my body, surveying its vastness. “Really? I thought once I lost the challenge…” “You agreed to do our morning routine,” James interrupted. “You magically gaining five pounds of muscle because I called you Big Guy has been our routine all week.” “Your logic is unassailable,” I said. My hands of their own accord, found their way to my pecs and heaved them. They were too big to fit in my hands, unrelenting as granite, and pendulously heavy. “What are your fathers going to think?” “That I am very lucky.” There were no other surprises that morning until we got back from the gym. James graciously let me get in the shower first. I know I was growing larger, but this small bathroom felt like it had been growing smaller all week, and I realized during my shower that I was too wide to fit entirely into it. No matter how I stood, an elbow, a shoulder, my ass—something—was sticking out over the edge. While I shampooed as best I could, the bathroom door opened. Then, the shower curtain pulled back, and James got in. There was just enough room for both of us to fit, but we did both fit. James grabbed the bar of soap and went about his normal routine. I was at a loss for words. “James?” “What? You agreed to a shower.” Even though I was larger and heavier than him, James was still taller than me, and he was tall enough and wide enough to block the water. So, I held him by the arms, and the two of us turned so that we were now facing each other. Our bodies were pressed closely together, chest to chest, but now we were both getting wet. James gripped my sides tightly. “That’s the spirit.” We took turns soaping the broad canvases of each other’s backs, we washed, stretched, and worshipped each other’s asses, and we each made sure the other’s cock was shined to a sparkle. Before the shower ended, James grabbed the back of my head and kissed me on the lips so deeply that I thought I would asphyxiate. “This is going to be great,” he said, excitedly. We got out of the shower, one then the other, and James took my hand. He opened the bathroom door and, the both of us still dripping wet, he led me to my bedroom. I gestured to the mess we were leaving in the bathroom. “You don’t want to…” “Leave it,” he interrupted. When we got to his room, I saw that the bed was turned down, and there was a brand new bottle of lube on the nightstand. James lowered me onto the bed, and I skirted to the edge so my ass was front and center. He poured some lube on his cock, and I was still wet and stretched out from the shower, so I gave him the go-ahead. He hesitantly put the head of his cock in. It was thick. It was so thick that I felt stretched to my widest. I must have winced because James checked in with me. “Painful?” “The good pain,” I said through gritted teeth. “Your cock is the thickest I’ve ever taken.” James’s cock twitched in my asshole, pleased with the compliment. Slowly, James inched his way into me. I didn’t think he could possibly fit all of himself inside of me, but it turns out that when you have more ass, you have more ass to fill. James just fit, like a key in a lock. He began to thrust in and out, unsure of his rhythm. The friction was pleasant against my prostate, but James had clearly never done this before. “Come here,” I said, and got him to lean over me. “Put one arm here,” I had him grip my shoulder, “And put the other here,” I put it on the bed, for leverage. “You shouldn’t be walking backwards and forwards. Plant your feet, and rock your hips in and out.” James adjusted his stance, and thrust again. My prostate sang, and I involuntarily shivered. “Better?” he asked. Unable to speak, I nodded. In a more stable position, James began to thrust in and out. My own cock, rigid tower that it was, was pressed into his abs, and my hands ran up and down his chest, in and out, around and around. His chest was glorious. After just a minute or two, James face started to get red. His breathing grew rapid, and he spoke in a broken staccato: “I. Don’t want. It over. So soon.” “It’s okay.” I said. “An orgasm doesn’t mean it’s over.” “Are. You sure?” I nodded, and James picked up speed. I felt his entire length somehow surge thicker, and his face contorted. I’d never heard James orgasm; he produced a serious of guttural M sounds. When he finished, he stood there for a moment, still inside me. “Did you get there?” He asked. “No, but we’re not done yet,” I said encouragingly. “Right. I haven’t even grown you, yet.” His violet eyes fixed on my cock, and I could see an idea flutter behind his eyes. “Every time your cock grew,” he said, “you’ve been the one on top, right?” “Right.” “What happens if you’re on bottom, Big Guy?” As soon as he said it, my ass clenched around his cock, which caused him to have an orgasmic aftershock. The pleasure was sudden and intense, but just as soon over. I looked down to see what had grown, and saw as my cock grew even more enormous. James was so happy that he laughed breathlessly. “That was so hot.” “Is that how big you wanted it?” I asked. “13 is such an unlucky number, isn’t it?” “If you say so.” I was at his mercy. “We wouldn’t want bad luck, would we, Big Guy?” I still hadn’t orgasmed today, but this time the bliss was so intense that my cock vibrated. I had to close my eyes and calm my breathing. When I opened my eyes, I looked down to find a 14-inch monstrosity staring back up at me. James pulled his cock out of me, and when the head passed my hole, there was a slight pop. Damn, that thing was thick “That cock looks delicious,” James said. “You haven’t had lunch yet,” I offered. With that, James was on his knees, his mouth opened as wide as he could to fit the head of my cock into his mouth. I leaned up on my elbows to have a better view of the show, but I had to sit up higher than I expected because my pecs got in the way. With surprisingly little effort, James managed to fit the head of my cock in his mouth. It was warm and wet, and his beard stimulated my shaft with its rough touch. Slowly, but with confidence, James worked his way down my shaft until my head hit the back of his throat. He was already further than I thought he would get, and after my pounding and a week’s worth of teasing, I was already close to climax. But, to my surprise, James managed to get even more down his throat. My hands gripped the sheet tightly. With a little practice and coaching, James was going to be a champion cocksucker He released me from his throat so he could take a breath. Then, with my cock still in his throat, he said, “You are huge, Big Guy.” With that, I my head went flying back to the sheets, taking my cock with me, and I shot a huge volley of cum, half on the sheets, half on James’s face. I had simultaneously experienced orgasm and a bout of growth. 15 inches of thick, turgid cock extended from me. It was prodigious as a monument, still quaking slightly from growth and orgasm. It was so thick that it looked muscular. James, my jizz dripping from his beard, stared at it with wonder Once I had caught my breath, I smiled and said, “You shouldn’t talk with your mouth full.” James wiped his face with a nearby towel until it was spotless. Then he wiped me clean of every last drop of cum and got onto the bed with me. “That was a pretty damn good first time,” James said. Before I could respond, we heard the front door of the cabin open. A voice shouted, “Jimmy!”
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    Chapter 41 Without putting him down, I tore every article of clothing off his body. Still holding him aloft with one arm, I went through my sock drawer to find my lube. I applied a liberal amount with my free hand. “You don’t have to keep me in the air this whole time,” James said. “But I can,” I said. James erection twitched when he heard that. I positioned him above the tip of my cock. I walked James into the middle of the room, so there were no walls supporting part of his weight. I situated him so that I had one hand just below each of his furry armpits. James wrapped his legs around my torso, and then I lowered him onto my cockhead. James whimpered as I entered him far more easily than I expected. “You’ve continued your homework,” I said. Through gritted teeth James said, “If you’re going to keep growing, I have to keep up.” I slowly lowered James further down my cock. When my fist-sized head hit his prostate, James let out a loud gasp, but I kept lowering. I wanted to see how much he could take. Further and further, inch after inch of my cock entered his awaiting ass, my biceps flexing larger and larger as I pulled James further down. Soon, just the extra-wide base of my cock was sticking out. I couldn’t see it over my pecs, but I could feel it. James could feel it too; he was breathing heavily, a light sweat on his brow. Gesturing with my head at the last bit of cock, I asked, “You got this in you?” “I’d love to,” he said, panting. I lowered him further, feeling him stretch out to accommodate that last inch a half. I had bottomed out. James could feel my pubic hair rub against his ass. “I did it?” he asked. “It’s all in?” I flexed my shaft, and James spasmed with pleasure. “All of it.” James looked relieved, and his breathing settled a little. “Good.” Now for the real fun,” I said. Keeping one arm wrapped around James, I moved to my closet and took out my bathrobe. “What are you doing?” James asked. “You said you wanted to be wicked,” I said. The robe had been designed to be big on me 55 pounds ago, so in my newly enlarged state, it just barely fit. My arms stretched the sleeves, my shoulders and lats made it impossible to close around my chest, but it would suffice. “What’s happening?” James continued. Without explanation, I walked over to my dresser and took James’s robe out of his drawer. “Put it on,” I said. “Why?” “I feel like going for a walk.” “You what?” James stiffened and started to turn pink. “You heard me,” I said. “But I thought we were staying in the room all weekend.” “And I thought I was only going to be 250 pounds,” I reminded him. “I’m naked,” James protested. “I gave you your robe. We can even tie the sashes together. You’ll be as dressed as you are when you sunbathe.” “But I’ll be impaled on your cock.” “Precisely,” I purred. “I don’t know,” James said “If you can get off of your own accord, go ahead,” I offered. I put my arms to the side, and James just sat there, extended from my crotch. He struggled to push himself up, but he needed his legs to hold onto my torso. He then grabbed at my shoulders and chest for leverage, but even unflexed, my muscles were immobile. He pulled himself up by flexing his abs, but that caused his ass to tighten around the pillar of cock inside him. He desperately grasped around and found he could get a little purchase in my traps, but he couldn’t lift himself high enough to get entirely off my cock without my help. James was trapped. In all the exertion to climb off my cock, James had pushed himself closer to orgasm. He looked at me helplessly and said, “How about a walk around the room a few times?” I put my phone and my keys in my robe pocket and moved to the door. “I’m taking this walk whether or not you put the robe on.” Immediately, James threw his robe on. He took my sash and his sash, made a long rope out of them, and tied our robes as close together as he could. I supported James’s weight with only my cock and legs. “You’ve got to make it look like you’re carrying me with your arms,” James pleaded. “Why?” I asked. “Or everyone will know you’re holding me up with your cock.” “I want them to know that,” I said. In an effort to make it look like James was supporting himself, he threw his arms around my neck. I felt his beard rub against my traps and my cheek, and my cock twinged a little bit. “As long as you’re enjoying yourself,” James said. “Immensely,” I said as I opened the door. We had to squeeze to fit through the doorway, but I had a feeling that was going to be true for most doorways for me now. It was a Friday afternoon, so, sadly, the dorm was rather empty. I lumbered to the stairwell, and with James still wrapped around my body like a koala on a eucalyptus tree, I started walking down the stairs. This would have been challenging enough with just the new thickness of my thighs. This would have been even more challenging with the thickness of my new thighs and an erection. I cannot overstate how challenging it was with the thickness of my new thighs, an erection, and a 210-pound man enveloping my cock. It was the single most erotic thing I had ever done. With each step lower, my ass flexed, and my cock bounced in James. Each thud down the stair case was a thrust into my boyfriend’s talented ass. As we got into a rhythm, James began making little moans with each footfall. Four flights of stairs. By the bottom, James was whimpering. He was so close to orgasm that he began scratching at my back, but he couldn’t find skin through the over-stretched robe. I had to readjust him because he was riding lower on my torso. That caused another moan. At the base of the stairs, I turned to the back of the building. We hadn’t encountered a single person, and this would be no fun if there weren’t witnesses. At the back of the building, there was a help desk where residents of the dorm could request repairs, get a spare key, rent a vacuum cleaner—things of that nature. It was staffed 24 hours a day. “No,” James said between pants and moans, trying to push me back away from the help desk. “He’ll know we’re fucking.” James sounded half desperate and half aroused. “He’ll rationalize it,” I said. Before we got to the help desk, I put my arms back around James’s waist. The man behind the help desk was mindlessly scrolling through his phone when we arrived. I recognized him as Nathan, the guy who worked most weekends. He looked like he could use a little excitement. “Hello, Nathan,” I said and readjusted James. He gripped me tighter and clenched his jaw so he wouldn’t moan. “Hey, Chris,” Nathan said. “James.” James said nothing. “Don’t be rude,” I told James. “Say hello.” In a very shaky and unsteady voice, James said, “Hey, Nathan.” “What can I do for you guys?” Nathan asked politely. “Just be witness,” I said. “I don’t understand.” “James here,” I flexed my cock, and James shook a little as a moan escaped him, “didn’t think I was strong enough to carry him all the way from my dorm room on the fourth floor to the help desk.” “This is a bet,” Nathan said. “More like a game,” I responded. “I’ve been putting on some serious mass,” I continued, letting go of James to flex my left bicep. The fabric of the robe threatened to tear, already fraying a little at the sleeves. “I’ve noticed,” Nathan said. “Impressive.” “And because James is also big, he doubted that I could do it.” “You showed him,” Nathan confirmed. Keeping my bicep flexed, I reached into my robe pocket with my right hand to get my phone. I held it out for Nathan and asked, “Could you take a picture of us as proof?” Nathan took the phone, and said, “You’re not using either arm to hold him up.” “Nope,” I agreed, flexing my right bicep. The sleeve of that robe also started to fray. “Are you holding him up, or is he just holding on to you?” Nathan asked. I flexed my cock in a flurry of rapid successions. James, nearly unable to stand it, let go of my shoulders and ran his hands across his face and through his hair in orgasmic pleasure. I felt a warm wetness just below my pecs. “I’m holding him up,” I confirmed. Confused, Nathan took our picture and handed me back the phone. Once it was in my pocket, he asked, “Anything else?” “No thanks,” I said. “Goodbye, Nathan.” “Goodbye, Chris.” James was holding both hands over his face, trying to disappear. “Say goodbye, James,” I instructed. James said nothing, but waved goodbye over his right shoulder before putting his hand back on his face. With that, we began our walk back upstairs. Once we were out of earshot of Nathan, James said, “I came in front of Nathan.” “I’m so proud of you,” I said, and kissed his cheek. “I thought I was going to die,” James said. “That was fucking hot.” After a second, he added, “Never show the guys the picture.” Then, after another brief pause, “Let’s never do that again.” “We’ll see how you feel once we get back to the dorm.” When we got to the staircase, James begged, “Take the elevator.” I started the climb up the stairs. James, still in close proximity to his last orgasm, began breathing heavily as I hit each step on the way up. I had started to get a better sense of my body, so I picked up the pace a little, causing my cock to pound the inside of James’s ass even harder. James’s breathing grew even more deep and erratic. By the landing on the second floor, James let out a guttural yell, and the warm spot on my chest grew. I didn’t relent; I picked up the pace. All the way up the third flight of stairs, James twisted and panted and moaned. By the top of the flight, he was shaking and shouting. I picked up the pace. My breathing grew heavy. Part of it was the exertion of running up four flights of stairs with all this weight, part of it was the sensations radiating through my dick as James rode me hard. James had given up being coy and demure, and was shouting curses I didn’t even know he knew in a barrage of shakes and moans. He grabbed my hair, the only place he could find traction, and pulled so hard I thought he was going to uproot my whole scalp. After a few seconds of that, he fell backwards, limp, over the crest of the orgasm. When we got to the fourth floor, there was a small crowd of five people who had come to see why someone was shouting so loudly. James, who was still in the afterglow, managed to say, “I really like stairs.” I then swaggered through the crowd, my arms as down to my sides as I could manage, and slowly made my way to my room. When we were back in the room and the door was locked, I threw off the robes, and quickly lifted James up and down, up and down, over and over, over and over, as though he were a fleshlight and not my boyfriend. I had worked myself up into such a lather that I needed an orgasm, and I needed one right then. James, seeing my need, clenched his ass for all it was worth and joined me in my thrusts. Finally, the floodgates burst, and I exploded. I bellowed and tightened my grip on James’s torso as an eruption of cum volcanoed out of me. I didn’t even bother to count the number of volleys; I just knew it was more than I’d ever cum in my life. When I came down from the peak of ecstasy, I pulled James off my cock and placed him on the floor. I was about to start cleaning up, when James looked at me with those violet eyes and said, “Round two?”
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    (Started this as a short caption story, but it grew into something else - hence, the picture) “I’m really sorry about the bed.” “No . . . no, it’s okay. I’ll buy a new one tomorrow.” “I’m just too big.” “Hey now, you stop that kind of talk right now. You are not too big. Trey, I mean it. Look at me. Look at me. Too big does not exist. You wanted to be big. I wanted you this way. I still want you this way. I will always want you this way.” “I’m sorry . . . “ “Quit saying that.” “ . . . it’s just that I’m still getting used to my size . . . and the strength.” “It’s okay. It’s going to take a while. Touch the roof for me, again.” Trey bent his arm at a right angle and placed his palm against the ceiling. Sam emitted a sound that was somewhere between a sigh and moan. The smaller man still couldn’t believe his eyes. His lover of two years was now a nine foot giant. It was good they had high ceilings in the apartment, but Trey could still palm the thing without even extending his arm close to all the way. Sam reached up and his fingers didn’t come near the ceiling, even when he went up on his toes. Trey had to duck through doorways and there were some low beams around the place that had proven to be troublesome. Sam loved his man’s new height. It was so hot. “I didn’t even realize I was ripping the mattress and box springs apart. I thought I was still inside of you.” “Well, you’ve always become like a madman during sex. You were just too turned on to notice. Relax. I’ll get us a better bed tomorrow. Your feet hung off the thing, anyway. I mean, I’m not sure I’ll be able to find a bed you can fit in – but maybe there’s a big man’s bedding store like they have for clothing. Just kidding. We might have to get one custom made. I probably should get a new sofa and some chairs that can hold you, too.” “I am kind of getting tired of sitting on the floor.” “I bet you are. Man, look at that mattress in there. You ripped that thing completely in two with that strong rod of yours. The sight of all that destruction turns me on.” “It embarrasses me.” Sam reached up and caressed Trey’s left pec, making sure to tease the now substantially larger nipple that poked out with excitement. Both men looked at each other. There was a love between them that needed no explanation – no words. “I hope you’re not regretting becoming huge.” “Hell no. I just wish I’d hurry up and get used to it.” “That time will come, big guy. It’ll come. Right now, let’s see if we can rustle up enough pillows, couch and chair cushions, and other stuff to make a temporary bed in the living room. It’ll be like camping out.” Sam couldn’t lie; it would have devastated him if Trey had said he didn’t want to be huge. He looked at his lover’s feet as they traveled down the hall. Damn, those things were big. Sam felt his crotch start to stir looking at that specific part of Trey’s body. Sam didn’t know how feet could be such a turn on, but Trey’s big puppies just did it for him in a way that was two difficult to explain. But then there were his big hands, too, which were even more of a turn on. Soon, they had enough different materials to make a decent sized sleeping area on the floor. Trey’s big body was nice and comfortable with his head propped up by many pillows, but Sam was the happiest lying completely on Trey, playing with his furry chest as they talked. “When do I get to go outside the apartment, Sam?” “I’m not so sure the world is ready for a nine foot giant, yet. I had to perform CPR on the UPS man yesterday because you forgot and answered the door.” “Yeah, but he was cute so you really didn’t mind.” “The paramedics were even cuter and they just kept laughing when the UPS man came to and just kept pointing at me and saying, ‘Giant, giant, giant.’ It’s a good thing we look so much alike. He actually thought I had been nine foot tall at one point.” “It’s because we have matching beards.” “That’s about all that matches between us.” Trey held up his hand, knowing Sam would love a moment of comparing. It’s one of the things that turned him on the most since the growth. Sam brought his manly hand up against the giant’s. A slight moan escaped Sam’s mouth at the immediate sight of the size difference. It was almost like a father and his toddler comparing hands. Both men gazed at Trey’s long thick fingers dwarfing those of Sam. “I don’t know why, but I love feeling small. Seeing that giant mitt huge against my tiny thing bones me up in a way I’ve never even fantasized about before. I can’t believe having a giant boyfriend turns me on so much.” “Towering over you and outsizing you in every way does the same thing to me.” They interlocked their fingers and that emphasized the size difference even more. Trey squeezed his hand, causing a slight pain to shoot through the smaller hand he held. Sam whacked the big man’s chest with his open palm, hard – but it was clear Trey barely felt it. The bigger man smiled, and something in his white skivvies started to awaken. The fact that his boyfriend had thought about clothes in advance of the growth was wonderful and pleased Trey. Sam had gotten custom items made for the big man. Everything was still a little tight, but Trey had the feeling that had been part of his lover’s plan. “I like it best when we put our cocks against each other. That size difference is really hot.” “That’ because yours is now bigger than my arm.” “Yeah, there’s that, but I like how yours twitches with excitement against mine. It’s like the thing is nervous being around something so much bigger. And I used to think you had huge balls, but now they look like peanuts next to my coconuts.” “If your intention is to get me hard with this conversation – your plan is working.” “I thought it might.” “Your sex drive has grown to match your new size.” “And that, my little lover, is an area where we are still evenly matched.” It was true. Sam was not ‘smaller’ when it came to a need for sex or when it came to stamina. Trey was the giant, but Sam’s libido was that of a giant, too. It had not always been that way. Trey’s growth had clearly triggered something in his lover. Upon deep retrospection, Sam realized that since childhood he had fantasized about giants. He, himself, had never wanted to be huge, but he had always dreamed about having a giant. As a kid, he would not have even entertained the idea that the giant would be his lover, but as an adult, with his dream lying dormant for many years in his head, things changed. One night, after the third round of the kind of hot sex that makes you need to drink a gallon of water, he and Trey had been lying on the bed intertwined to the point where you have no idea where your body starts or his ends. Out of the blue, Sam asked Trey to share with him something he’d never told anyone else – one of his deepest secrets. Trey hadn’t hesitated and replied, “I’ve always wanted to be a giant.” Sam had immediately sat up, looking totally astonished, and quickly confessed his desire to have a giant as a kid, but now he merely wanted to have one as a lover. The conversation about this shared fantasy had led to round four of even hotter sex. Platform shoes had been bought two days later to make Trey significantly taller. It took him a while to get used to them, but they did fuel shared fantasies for a while. Roleplaying with Sam on his knees became a weekly thing, and deep conversations about why gianthood turned both of them on in certain ways led to more rounds of wild sex than alcohol could have caused. Soon, they both didn’t refer to their lust for hugeness as a fetish. It was as natural between them as deciding between salmon or chicken for dinner. Movies were downloaded, size-comparison porn was bought, and the two men painstakingly taught themselves how to morph guys into giants in pictures to offer as gifts to each other. Trey started calling Sam his ‘little lover’ and, in return, Trey was called ‘my giant.’ Soon, the two men lived as if a true change had already happened. They had come to live as if Trey was a giant and it seemed so comfortable and natural. A chance perusal of an antique cookbook in Italy, while on holiday, changed their lives forever. Sam knew a little Italian and was glancing through the book while Trey got an espresso next door. As he flipped through the pages a recipe title caught his eye. It said, ‘Funghi per Giganti,’ which he thought translated into ‘Mushrooms for Giants’ instead of ‘Giant Mushrooms,’ but he wasn’t sure. He asked the owner of the shop to translate the title for him and come to find out, Sam was right. The book, although outrageously expensive since it was said to be one of only a handful of copies that had been printed from recipes collected from gypsies hundreds of years ago, was bought on the spot. A four-day stop in Siena turned into two weeks as a mad search for the mushrooms described in the recipe took place. Just when the two men had decided to give up an old woman had approached them outside of their hotel and asked, in some form of Italian Sam had never heard before, if they sought a special mushroom. Without hesitation, they had both said yes and then foolishly climbed into the back of a very old truck driven by a mysterious bearded hulk who kept looking at the old woman sitting beside him with an angry stare. Part Two Just when both men had decided they had been kidnapped or were being taken out into the countryside to be murdered, they had pulled up to an ancient villa on a high hill in the middle of nowhere. When the big fella got out of the car, Sam and Trey had been shocked to see that it was actually a young man of about twenty. He must have stood close to seven feet tall and was built like a strongman competitor. American crotches hardened on the spot, which did not go unnoticed by the hulking young man. A big smile immediately broke out across his face and he spoke to what was his, come to find out, grandmother. The huge guy spoke quickly, but Sam got a few words – deciphering ‘these men like dick and muscles.” Anticipating the information would get them beaten up or killed, both men were shocked when the grandmother clapped her hands together many times and thanked the woods fairies (Sam wasn’t sure about this) for her and her grandson’s good luck. Antonio, as they would learn his name later, came around behind them, grabbed them both at the waist, lifted them in the air, and danced around the yard like a school kid being released from school for summer holiday. Sam and Trey quickly noticed that holding them both off the ground gave the young giant no strain. This only increased the excitement at their crotches. They also noticed that Antonio’s enormous member was snaking down his thigh – insanely thick and huge. A minute later both men were carried into the quintessential old Italian kitchen with enough jars of herbs and other assorted things to immediately reveal that grandmother was some sort of witch. Antonio dropped both men back on the floor and slapped their backs hard enough to send them flying a few steps forward. The giant then took off his flannel shirt revealing the kind of thick, muscled, hairy body that Trey and Sam would always morph as gifts for each other. Sam immediately asked for water. The way the grandmother took all of this in stride made it clear that Antonio rarely wore a shirt around the house. Come to find out, later, he rarely wore pants, either, preferring to waddle around the place in only his underwear. This seemed to please the elder woman. Sam soon had the cookbook displayed on the big table in the center of the room. The grandmother took out some reading glasses and treated the book as if it had been a family heirloom. When she pointed to one of the three names listed near the front of the book and explained that this had been her relative, the two men realized it was an ancestral treasure. Sam did not hesitate for even one second. He told her the book was hers. A gift returned to its true owner. He glanced at his lover and Trey’s eyes made it clear he thought this was the right thing to do, as well. You would have thought Sam had just given the woman a second life. Tears welled up in her eyes. She brought her hands to her mouth and moved her head from side to side in disbelief. Antonio, again, came over and grabbed both men in a big-armed bear hug, clasping his hands together as he lifted. He squeezed so tight that both Americans feared they were going to pop a thick load or break some bones – whichever one came first. The grandmother started saying ‘grazie’ over and over as tears streamed down her face. She soon collected herself, climbed on top of her chair so she’d be even, and gave both Trey and Sam kisses on both cheeks. Antonio did the same thing and the two foreigners got a little kick to their hard-ons from the dense manly fur across the big man’s face. By this point, grandmother had returned to her book and had turned to the original page that had caught Sam’s eye. She instructed her grandson to release the guests and Antonio, again, dropped them like potato sacks to the ground. The big man pulled out two big chairs – easily lifting them – from the table, pointing for the two men to sit down. He then poured four glasses of wine that was a deep, deep red. The grandmother touched Sam’s arm and began to speak, slowly so he’d understand. It seemed that this had been a special recipe – known only to her ancestors. It had made it into the book only because the mushroom had totally disappeared. It had been generations since anyone had seen one, so some great, great, great (many more greats) aunt had put it in the book so it would never be lost. It was the hope that one day the mushroom would be found again. And then she said something that made Sam’s heart jump. She told him she had found one mushroom many years ago. He quickly translated for his lover, who could not hide his enthusiasm. Sam asked if she thought she could find another one and was instantly disappointed when she said she did not think one existed. She said that the tradition was this particular mushroom only grew in one spot in the country of Italy once every two hundred years. The woman sensed the intense disappointment in both men as Sam translated. She quickly revealed to Sam she still had most of the mushroom she had found all those years ago. Sam had never known his cock could harden so quickly. It would have clearly banged against the underside of the table if his jeans had not kept it contained. The same reaction happened to his lover as Sam excitedly told Trey what the woman had said. She went on to explain that she had given part of the mushroom to her then fourteen year old grandson. Both men turned to look at a beaming Antonio, now on his third big glass of wine and bouncing his pecs wildly. Come to find out, a wimpy little pre-pubescent Antonio had shot up to over 215 centimeters (over seven feet tall!) and had sprouted thick hair like some hirsute blacksmith from the old country. This part of the story made Antonio flex one of his arms to the delight of the rest of the room. The woman said she had more than half of the mushroom left and she would like to give the majority of it to Sam and Trey. She wanted to give it to them because they had so unselfishly given the recipe book back to her. She seemed to know they had paid a lot of money for it. She then offered a warning and asked for a huge favor in return. It seemed Antonio had not grown taller than he was because he had been so young when he ate the mushroom. He had been lifting the bull in the pin for the last few years and that’s why he was so muscular. The woman said that a grown man taking the mushroom would grow much taller and bigger than Antonio. This was news that only excited Sam and Trey more. The older woman was also apologetic because she did not think she would give them enough to help both of them become giants. Sam smiled and explained that he wanted to remain his present size and that it was Trey who wanted to grow. For some unknown reason Sam then added that he had always wanted to have a giant as a friend. ‘Or a lover,’ added the woman, which made Sam turn red, as he nodded his head. The woman then added, ‘we love what we love,” and that made it clear she understood. She then continued that they would have to wait until they got home before Trey could eat the mushroom. She added that he would feel as if he were dying for about three days and that they were not to panic. If they were patient and stuck with the plan he would start to grow on the third day and it would stop about forty-eight hours later. Antonio added that it was very hard to adjust at first and that Trey would break things easily, bang his head a lot, and probably squeeze Sam way too hard. The grandmother nodded her head and grabbed her sides, clearly remembering intense hugs from her enormous fourteen-year old grandson. Sam then asked the woman about the favor she had mentioned. She looked at her grandson and he downed a fourth glass of wine quickly. It seemed that Antonio’s growth had freaked out the entire village and even all the surrounding villages all those years ago. He had remained friendless and wasn’t allowed to venture far off of their farm. It also seemed that Antonio was a virgin. Grandmother was hoping the two men would deflower the boy. Sam was about to start explaining how Trey and he were in a happy monogamous relationship, but Trey’s voice had said, ‘yes,’ loudly and quickly. When Sam looked at his lover, Trey mouthed the word, ‘look at him – he’s gorgeous and big,’ and then added, ‘and I want to be your giant.’ That was that. After Antonio downed eight more glasses of wine and the two foreigners had each polished off four, the three men were out in Antonio’s bedroom slash gym at the top of the barn. Excitement oozed out of the behemoth twenty-year old like an infectious aura filling the entire room. Sam and Trey had never even entertained the idea of a three-way – they were totally happy with each other – but the big man’s bulging muscles, the strong wine, and the fact that Antonio was the largest man they had both ever met – made them both very exited about what was to come.
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    Chapter 39 Before I knew it, it was November 16th, Dave’s 22nd birthday. When I got up, both he and Luke had already left for the spa. I had expected him to go to class first. “Why?” James asked. He had a good point. It was lonely going to chemistry by myself, but I knew once the class was over, James and I would have the weekend to ourselves. He’d turned in his coding project a day early and told the professor he’d be missing the Friday afternoon class. When I got back to the room, James was waiting for me. “Do you feel like being wicked?” he asked. “Depends. Wicked as in first degree murder? No. Wicked as in ordering a second piece of cheesecake? Sure. Wicked as in witch of the west? Only if you have the face paint.” “Closer to cheesecake.” I tossed my bag across the room and plopped on my bed. I loved the sound the springs made when I threw my weight on them, a metallic screech, threatening to give. “Sounds great. What do you have in mind?” “We blow off our workouts all weekend, we order in enough food to last until Sunday night, and we don’t leave this room until class on Monday.” “The broad strokes are great,” I said, “but biological necessity means we will have to sporadically use the bathroom at the end of the hall.” “If you insist of having a bladder. Run there, run back.” “And I do like showering.” “That we can do together.” “Will we fit?” “How do we fit in the gym?” I nodded. “Okay, I’m in.” “You don’t even know what we’d be doing all weekend.” “Each other?” I guessed. “Well, yes,” he said. “But more specifically, I’m thinking a repeat of Halloween.” “I was hoping…” I started, but James cut me off. “But we make your muscles gigantically huge.” I squinted, scrutinizing his face to see if he was being serious, saying nothing. He pulled out his phone. “Dave gave me the app. We can blow you up huge, send a video to the fashion majors, and have a new closet of clothes in time for Monday.” “It’s the weekend,” I said. “Surely, they’ve…” James cut me off again. “They’re on standby. They want to do it. Surprised me too.” “How big we talking?” “I’ve been thinking about this.” James joined me on the bed. “Often. Practically all the time. Ever since Luke mentioned that you were one of the Top 10 most muscular guys on campus.” I saw where he was headed. “You want to make me the biggest.” “Don’t you?” “How big is the current biggest?” James showed me a picture on his phone of the linebacker from the school’s football team. He wouldn’t be winning any beauty pageants, but he was huge alright. “Pictures can be misleading,” I said. “How big is he?” “300 pounds. At least, within a rounding error. It depends on how much he had for breakfast.” “That’s 70 pounds!” I said, withdrawing a little. “Your calculus classes are paying off.” “Seriously? 70 pounds in one go? What happened to being a patient fellow?” “I have been patient. Now I want to be daring.” “70 pounds is more than I’ve ever added all at once.” “You don’t want to be 300 pounds?” I got off the bed and began pacing back and forth. “Maybe one day. But that’s a lot all at once.” I stopped pacing. “70 pounds.” James pointed to the crotch of my pants. “He likes the idea.” My cock was lengthening into an impressive erection. “He also likes tight pants and warm water. He doesn’t get a vote.” James put his feet on the floor. “You would like to be 300 someday, though, right?” “I haven’t thought about it,” I said honesty. “You have this amazing gift, and you haven’t thought about becoming the most stupendous muscle god that ever walked the Earth?” I shook my head. “I’m the boyfriend of this amazing gift, and I never stop thinking about it. I zone out at least three times a day thinking about it, even more in my numerical methods class.” “Really?” “Emphatically.” “Okay, so 300 is a someday goal,” I said. My erection was beginning to make it hard to think. “Imagine being bigger than this guy,” James said, walking closer to me and showing me the picture again, trying to persuade me. “He has a gut,” I pointed out. “I’m sure it’s all muscle. Not flab. But it’s a gut.” I patted my insignificant waist, still smaller than James’s. “300 pounds on me would look quite different.” Through his pants, I could feel the heat radiating from James’s crotch. He really liked that idea. “I’m not saying never,” I said. “Maybe this weekend we aim for something more manageable. Like 250. That’s only 20 pounds away.” “Fine,” James sighed. “20 pounds sound lovely.” “You sure?” I was dubious that James had been persuaded so easily. “It’s agreed,” James said, putting out his hand to shake on it. Cautiously, I took James’s hand before I remembered that he never shakes hands. He clenched my hand as tightly as he could and started saying “Big Guy” over and over again. The pleasure was so intense that I passed out.
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    This story is a sample of my work and is the most popular muscle growth story I ever posted over on my tumblr account. I still regularly post new content featuring various transformations over on Cavanaugh Stories if you're interested in reading more! Damn, I was supposed to take the cap off my boyfriend’s head twenty minutes ago! Look at him now, nobody will even recognize him anymore! I’ve been dating Blake since we were in high school and even though he was a sweet guy with a nice lean body I was beginning to get bored. I knew that my parents liked him though and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of ending the relationship and finding a new boyfriend so I decided to alter him a little bit to make him more interesting to me. I bought the cap at Morfoni’s Magic Box, a store that I’d never seen in our town before and haven’t seen since. Once I’d read the description of what it was capable of I felt compelled to buy it and have my boyfriend where it. The shopkeeper told me to be careful about how long I let the wearer keep it on but I lost track of time while I was catching up on shows and now he’s had it on for far too long! Blake had been teased for most of his life for being a relatively short guy, standing at five-foot-six but it had never bothered me, it just meant we were the same height and didn’t have any issues of having to crouch or stretch when we kissed. Now though he stood at a giant six-foot-five and absolutely towered over me, keeping the cap completely out of my reach. It’s not just his height that had changed either - Blake’s lean body had practically exploded with muscle and the guy who had never seen the inside of a gym before now had perfect six-pack abs, a defined v-line pointing towards his crotch and arms the size of footballs which he was more than happy to show off by flexing. The bulge in his pants definitely looked bigger too and my mouth was practically watering as I realized that he wasn’t even hard. I hadn’t even thought that the cap would make his manhood bigger and as he’d always been a little on the small side before I was delighted by the change. Even his face had changed much to my amazement with a wider jawline and fine stubble growing on what had once been a relatively hairless bottom half of his face. The subtle changes made him look even more handsome than ever and I suddenly felt weak on my knees knowing that this was what had become of my boyfriend. I didn’t even hate it - no, I loved it! “What’s up, babe?” he asked, his deep masculine voice sending shivers down my spine, “You wanna ride my cock now or what?” I’d never known Blake to be cocky in his life but now I found it more arousing than anything I’d ever seen before. I was quick to agree and even though I’d confronted him with the intention of taking the cap off of his head, I couldn’t help but wonder just how far the transformation would go if I left it on him for a little bit longer…
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    Continuation of the WWII comic first posted in march... Sponsorship on my patreon to help fund these stories/comics is greatly appreciated! Link in bio/signature
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    Hey guys! I'm new here, and this is my first foray into erotica, specifically muscle worship erotica. Anyway, this is one of my biggest fantasies. Enjoy, and constructive feedback is appreciated. Thank you!!! THE GRIND Okay, here goes nothing. It was a sweltering hot summer day, and I couldn’t really be bothered to do anything. Well - didn’t want to, but had to. I had work that morning as a waiter at Moe’s Diner, and it kind of insanely sucked. Not that it was the worst gig - I could be outside in the humidity and hellish heat, but really, when you have a ton of plates to carry and Mr. Crotchety-as-Fuck Senior screams at you because his ice cream is too cold, you kind of wish you were somewhere else. Somewhere where they actually give you a livable paycheck and don’t breathe down your neck all the time. Anyway, my shift was over at noon, and I hurriedly punched out, but not before my boss Dick gave me one more gentle reminder to close out the day. “And remember, Thomas, the customer is always right.” he lilted condescendingly. “Sure thing, Dick” I replied, brushing past him on my way out the back door. “That’s Mr. Lawson to you. And furthermore,” he continued unwaveringly, “Give people what they ordered next time.” “Yes sir,” I replied hastily, before the door shut behind me. ‘Or I could give them my middle finger, how about that’ I thought to myself as I mounted my bike for the ride back to my apartment. I rode out of the parking lot of Moe’s onto the street next to the city park. The combination of the scent of trees, laughing kids on the playground, their parents talking, the warm summer breeze… it all felt wonderful, relieving after a day of work. I began to pedal faster and faster, feeling my lips curve upward into a grin. I was testing myself, seeing just how fast I could go. Maybe not the best idea, considering I was on a road with actual traffic, but I was having too much fun to think about slowing down. I turned the corner onto the final stretch that led to my apartment. ‘Just a little faster. Just a little faster and we’re-OH SHIT!’ WHAM! I was vaguely aware of an impact, of flying off my bike and onto the back of the parked red car I hit. My cheek slammed into the rear windshield. Not breaking it, luckily, but the impact was hard enough to knock the wind out of me. I rolled off the windshield onto the sidewalk. Another impact, this time, sending a sharp pain through my foot as my weight fell on it. As I lay there in a dazed stupor on the sun baked pavement, blood seeping from a scrape on my elbow, I heard a car door open, a pair of feet scramble toward me, and a concerned, deep voice question me. “Are you okay man?” the voice asked me again. I slowly sat up to address its owner and- I stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth unable to formulate words. Did I mention I’m gay as hell? He was beautiful. In a masculine, rugged way. Ripped, cut muscle. The first thing I registered were his bare, tan shoulders, strong-looking and broad under his tight black tank top. Vascular, bulging arms hung down from them. Developed triceps and powerful biceps, roadmap veins, all covered in a soft dusting of golden hair. So much muscle. “I….I… I’m okay-ish,” I answered, trying to collect my wits, my head spinning. The man extended one of his brawny arms out to me to help me up. I grasped his thick, warm hand, and he pulled me to my feet. “Ah shit shit shit,” I yelped as my right foot immediately protested weight being put on it. He held my waist with both his hands. So warm. I instinctively grabbed his brawny shoulder for support. It was flexed and hard from him holding me. If I wasn’t in pain, I’d be so turned on right now. “I’m so sorry about that! I was just riding from work and I got carried away. I’ll pay for the damage! I’ll-”I stammered, looking at the scratches, the bent rear bumper, the twisted mess of my bike. “Woah, take it easy. I think we’ve got bigger problems right now,” the man replied smoothly with a slight Southern accent, gesturing to my foot and my general condition. He continued to hold me up, and had me count backwards from ten, tell him what my workplace was, and how old I was, in order to assess whether there was brain damage. But aside from being shaken, being minorly scraped up, and my foot hurting, I felt relatively okay. And a bit breathless from being in such close proximity to this physical wonder. “I’m Mark, by the way,” the man said kindly. “Thomas,” I replied. “Nice to meet you Thomas, though I wish it were under better circumstances,” said Mark. I managed a laugh, trying to calm myself down. “Hey, tell you what. If it’s okay with you, why don’t I drive you to my place, and I’ll get you patched up, and take a look at your foot.” spoke Mark kindly. “Okay, sure” I replied unsuredly. “Don’t worry, I’m EMT certified,” said Mark, and upon noticing my hesitance, added, “I’m also not a crazy serial killer”. This time, my laugh was genuine. Mark helped me into the passenger’s seat of his car, carefully loaded my bike into his back seat, and got in on the driver’s side. As he drove, we chatted a bit about our lives. I told him about my shitty job at Moe’s, and he talked about his shifts as an EMT. ‘A sexy EMT, saving me’ I thought, as I admired his body. While he told me about some of the injuries he’d witnessed on call, I admired the way his right forearm tensed and bulged as he gripped the steering wheel. I followed it up his ripped shoulder and to his large pectorals. Straining against the black fabric of his tank top. And finally up to his face, where his deep blue eyes focused on the road ahead of us. His silky, Southern voice. The tuft of short blonde hair sticking out of the dark blue baseball cap he wore backwards. His golden stubble on his square, manly chin. I felt myself beginning to get hard looking at him. I nodded and responded at appropriate places, keeping the conversation going as best I could. Really, Mark was a nice guy. And I tried to only take furtive glances at most, so that I didn’t make him uncomfortable by staring at him. Harder still. Plus, maybe he was homophobic. Unlikely, from how easygoing he seemed to be, but not impossible. I kept up my light banter with Mark/secret admiration of his perfect body until we pulled up into the driveway of his house. Mark wrapped a muscular arm around me for assistance, and we walk/limped up the pavement to his front door. I relished the feeling of his sturdy arm flexing and radiating heat into my back and waist, and I limped slightly slower to draw out the sensation as much as possible. Once inside, I basically collapsed on his couch, basking in the cool air and sinking into the plush cushions. Mark gave me a warning, and then pulled off my right shoe and sock as carefully and quickly as he could. I hissed and winced in pain as he probed my ankle with dexterous, knowing hands. “Ankle sprain, Tommy,” he announced. Tommy. No one’s called me that in years. I like that. He says it so casually. “I’ll be right back, I’ve got some compression bandages in the medicine cabinet. Just sit tight, man,” said Mark, before he rushed off. I found myself admiring a framed picture of him in his college football days, when he returned with the compression bandages, some antiseptic and bandaids for my scrapes, and a glass of ice water. I accepted the water gratefully and distracted myself with it while Mark wrapped my ankle in the bandages and cleaned up my various wounds. Talk about Southern hospitality. “Looks like you might be here for a bit” said Mark. “That’s honestly okay,” I replied, “I’ve got literally nothing going on today.” And it’s true, I don’t. “Hey, listen, I’m doing some metalwork in my garage today. I could give you some headphones so you don’t have to listen when it gets loud,” Mark offered. Metalwork. Him. His hot body. I’m intrigued. “No, that’s fine, man. Actually, do you mind if I accompany you?” I asked, beginning to get hard again at the thought of his body and the physical labor of tools. “Not at all,” Mark responded. As I began to get up, Mark ordered me to stop. Oh right. My ankle. No walking for me. “I’ll carry you. Piggyback style,” said Mark cheekily, with a wink and a smile. My hardon jolted at the thought of Mark carrying me with his gorgeous muscular body. My heart began to race excitedly. I started to breathe heavily. “Um, sure,” I replied, secretly contemplating how much I was going to enjoy this “Hop on!” exclaimed Mark, turning around and bending over so I could mount myself on his hard, rippling back. I took one long look at the bulge of his shoulders and delts, tapering down to the small of his waist, the large groove down the center of his back, even visible through his tight black tank. Then, I gripped his hard boulder shoulders tightly, jumped as best I could, wrapped my arms around his thick neck and delts and he caught my thighs with his large hands. Mark was so strong, easily lifting me onto his mountain of a back. I could feel his shoulders, delts, and lats rippling and flexing underneath my apparently light weight. I wasn’t small, but Mark carried me like a child with his Herculean strength. As he walked, my dick ground into his powerful back. I was hard instantly. As we made our way to his garage, I found myself tempted to reach my hand down and grip his rock hard pecs. I restrained myself, though, and once we reached his garage, he set me down on an old green cloth couch. Mark turned to me, towering above the couch. I felt like I was the David to his Goliath. “Now man,” started Mark. “I noticed you giving me some looks earlier, in my car.” Oh shit. He noticed. Mark seemed to perceive my panic, and stepping in to reassure me, said “I want to make sure you’re comfortable here, and I want you to feel good. Because that would make me feel good,” he said suggestively. I was speechless. My cock throbbed in my shorts. “How would you feel, if I flexed my bicep for you?” He asked, a devilish glint in his eye. “I would very much like that,” I answered. “Wonderful, because I would very much like that as well,” Mark replied, smirking. Looking me right in the eye with those piercing blue orbs, Mark knelt down to my level and slowly began to pump his right bicep. On the third pump, he let out a soft, sexy grunt and held the pose. “Touch it. If you want.” He whispered overly seductively, giving me his best incubus wink. “Oh my. Why I don’t know if I can take it,” I replied in my best Southern belle accent. He stared amusedly at me, grinning briefly with perfect white teeth. I returned the smile. And then I reached out and gripped his cannonball bicep. When they say rock-hard muscle, they literally mean rock-hard muscle. Because it felt like there was marble under his stretched skin. I could not make a dent in it, no matter how hard I tried. I cupped both my hands around his bicep and tricep, and I could not fit my fingers fully around them. My cock strained against my shorts as I felt the power of his arm. “How big are they,” I asked, breathless. “Nineteen inches cold, and they can get to twenty when pumped,” Mark replied coolly. “Damn,” was all I could say in response. Mark then mounted the couch on his knees, careful not to disturb my ankle, before bringing both his arms up in a double bicep pose. My heart (and dick) leapt, as I continued to rub the bulging, ripped balls of muscle. I squeezed both his biceps in my hands, and could not get them to budge. They were so smooth, and hard, and warm. So warm. “So, Tommy boy, what else do you wanna see? The choice is yours,” Mark whispered in my ear. The choice is mine. This godly titan of a man is mine. “Pecs. Pecs and abs,” I stammered. “What was that, my boy?” he urged me. “I want to feel your pecs and abs,” I got out, my voice unwavering. “Feel you want? Then feel you shall,” he purred. I reached out tentatively for his left pec, but instead, he trapped my hand inside his bigger, more meaty one. He shook his head with a mock pout, and let go of my hand, which fell to rest on the couch. Crossing his monstrous arms, I watched his forearms bulge as he peeled off his tank top and tossed it to the side. I let out a gasp as I admired this titan’s physique. Two voluminous, hard pecs, separated by a deep ridge. And below it, eight hard abdominal muscles. Valleys and ridges separating each individual ripple of muscle. My dick throbbed agitatedly, desperate for release. Mark watched my amazement intently. I locked eyes with him, staring straight into those piercing blue orbs. He grinned mischievously. Almost mysteriously. “What are you-?” I began. “C’mere,” he husked. Suddenly, he lurched forward, his bulky form coming to eclipse my smaller one. His massive thighs straddled both sides of my body, and he wrapped his large arms around me. It was a loving bearhug, and I was surrounded by the smell of sweat, light cologne, and man musk. And pecs. Huge pecs. And that’s when I noticed just how hard his penis was through the fabric in his trainers. “Feel my power” he declared gutturally, the vibrations from his tremulous voice sending goosebumps down my arms. He began to bounce his pecs against my face. Feeling the rock hard muscle release to firm and contract again, my dick ached for release. Pulling back, Mark looked down at me. At seeing my newfound ecstasy, he threw his head back and laughed. A deep, sexy laugh that made his beautiful eyes crinkle. “God, you’re so cute, Tommy boy,” he confessed. I beamed proudly at his affectionate, adorable nickname for me. “Come on, indulge in these abs. I can’t make any promises that I won’t smother you again, though,” said Mark. “Surprise me with that. I wanna feel you against me,” I replied breathlessly. “Sure thing,” retorted Mark, grabbing my right hand. He lead it over to his abs, and began to run it up and down them extremely fast, creating a loud slapping noise. It was incredible how bumpy, hard, and rippled they were. Mark let go of my hand, and I traversed the grooves of his abs on my own. I marveled at how one’s stomach could be developed to the point that hard muscles bulged and rippled out of it like this. “Mark, you’re so fucking sexy,” I said breathlessly up at him. “As are you, my boy,” he said in return. Mark moved his large hands from the back of the couch, where they were resting, to cup my chin and cheeks, before swooping down and kissing me on the lips with his own soft, warm pair. I gasped, and pressed back against his lips, embracing his large frame. My cheeks burned with a fiery blush. We stayed like that for a while, just kissing and embracing each other, enjoying our touch, our cocks grinding against each other through the fabric. Eventually, Mark pulled away, but still straddled me. “That was fucking incredible,” I rasped. “I know. I’m glad,” replied Mark. “Anyway, bud, I’ve really gotta get this work done,” Mark began. My face fell in slight disappointment. “Feel free to distract me at anytime though,” he offered cheekily. As Mark grabbed his tank and put it back on, I became curious. “Mark, what work do you have to do specifically?” “Oh, nothing much. Just a bit of angle grinding some metal parts for a bedframe I’m building. Why do you ask?” Angle grinding. Holy shit. That was one of my biggest fantasies. I’d always lusted after construction workers, and often searched pictures on the internet of bodybuilders angle grinding shirtless or naked. Something about it oozed power. How tough they were. How they didn’t care when stray metal sparks bounced off their bare muscles. Almost like it energized them. “Can I tell you something?” I asked. Mark gave me a suspicious look. “Go ahead” he replied deviously. “I have this fantasy,” I began, “this fantasy where I stumble upon a shirtless, bodybuilder construction worker, and he’s grinding metal or welding, and he’s unfazed by the sparks and the light and the loud noise, and I just think that’s so sexy. They just look so powerful doing it… I was wondering if… maybe … you were willing to-” Mark cut me off. “Hell yeah Tommy boy,” Mark answered enthusiastically. My cock jolted again. And with that, he grabbed his tank by the collar, and tore it off right down the middle, clean off his defined frame. “Won’t be needing this anymore,” Mark remarked, throwing the shirt in a trash bin. “I’m gonna give you the show of your life, Tommy boy,” said Mark. He donned a pair of thick safety gloves, and walked over to the garage door, where a large, rectangular metal frame stood. He lifted it easily, his monstrous biceps flexing, and placed it on his work table, directly in front of the couch I was seated on. Making sure that it was secure, Mark strode over to a cabinet, and pulled out two pairs of plastic safety glasses. He put one on, and handed the other to me. “Safety first,” he said. I put them on, and continued to watch intently. With that, he opened a drawer attached to the worktable and extracted a five inch angle grinder. He plugged it in, and then grabbed the tool, ready to begin to use it. Mark looked at me, flashing his devilish grin. He flexed a bicep for me, before returning his hand to the machine. He pulled the trigger twice, causing the grinder to start its loud whine a couple of times. “You ready for this?” asked Mark. “Fuck yeah,” I replied, amazed at what was about to happen Mark chuckled good-naturedly at my excited response, before triggering the angle grinder. The blade began to spin, and the saw gave a loud, whining whir. He gave me one last eyebrow wiggle, before lowering the blade to the metal. The sight was mesmerising. Metal sparks immediately burst from the frame where the grinder made contact and showered over Mark’s amazingly ripped body. The buzz was deafening, but so, so sexy. Mark was unfazed by the hot sparks bouncing off his muscular body. He couldn't care less. They didn’t hurt him. He was too powerful. I began to massage my penis, while viewing this sensual, erotic light show. Mark lifted the blade from the metal, let out a low, sexy growl, and began to grind the metal again while still growling. My cock throbbed. I was so close to cumming. So close. “Mark!” I yelled above the buzz. Mark nodded his head at me, still focusing on the work at hand. “I’m gonna cum!” I exclaimed. “FUCK YEAH. DO IT BOY!” He roared. With a loud, booming yell he brought the grinder above his head, and brought it back against the metal. The sparks blew against his body once more as he thundered his war cry. I moaned, and my back arched. I could feel the cum soaking my underwear, going right to my shorts. This absolute hunk of a man who was so willing to play out my fantasy for me, was giving me the most mind-numbingly intense orgasm of my life. I was in heaven, and wouldn't have it any other way. END OF PART ONE
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    Chapter 30 The following afternoon, it was just Henry and me in the house. James and Doug had gone to the store to do some more grocery shopping. Each wanted to do it himself, but neither trusted the other to buy foods that were suitable for everyone’s needs, so they just went together. I was wearing the button down and dress slacks James brought. It was one of two outfits I could still fit into. Henry and I had been sitting awkwardly in silence for five minutes when he said, “Your roots are showing.” I put my hand up to my head. “Oh, sorry.” Henry started over, “I didn’t mean to criticize. I dye my hair too.” “I thought so,” I said. “Oh, yes. When I started to go grey in my mid-twenties—as all the men in my family do—I decided to just dye it whatever color moved me at the moment.” “White looks great on you. Current and hip.” “Thank you. I run an art gallery, and in order for people to take me seriously, I either have to look like a boring academic or the most interestingly dressed man in the room.” “You chose well.” “Thank you, young man. I only brought up your roots because, if you wanted, I could touch them up for you while the boys are out shopping. I think I have your shade.” “That’d be great.” Henry pulled a chair up to the sink and retrieved his supplies from his room. I wrapped a towel around my shoulders—as best I could—and sat in the chair. When he started applying the dye to my hair, he asked, “How do you normally do this?” “I don’t. Normally, a friend from school does it for me. It was actually his idea I go blond in the first place.” “Not Jimmy’s?” he asked. Throughout the rest of the conversation, he was slowly applying the dye to my hair with the detail and skill I’d expect from an artist. “I went blond about a month before James asked me out.” “Jimmy asked you out? That’s a surprise.” “It took him four years to do it.” I chuckled. “That sounds more like my son.” He paused, then added, “I don’t mean to be indelicate, but I have to protect my Jimmy.” “By all means,” I said. “It’s been that kind of weekend.” “You’re not just using my son for sex, are you?” “Of course not.” “Good. Because I know my son is attractive, but you’re his first boyfriend.” “Actually…” I started and then stopped. When he realized I was holding back a secret, Henry firmly but kindly said, “Finish that sentence.” “It’d be betraying his confidence.” “But it might be winning mine,” he argued. Resignedly, I said, “James was a virgin before we started dating.” “Obviously,” Henry replied. “Jimmy’s pathologically shy.” “No, what I mean is, he was a virgin until Wednesday.” “Truly?” “He wasn’t ready, so I didn’t push him. I let him call all the shots the first time.” “Good boy,” Henry said, finishing his last brushstroke. “In the spirit of honesty, I have something to confess too.” “Oh?” I moved away from the sink and sat on a chair away from the windows. “I peeked.” “I don’t follow.” “Yesterday, in the lake. When you lost your bathing suit. I peeked.” “Ah,” I nodded. “Is that it? No recriminations? No accusations of hypocrisy?” “Did you enjoy the peek?” “You have astronomical proportions. Do you suffer from lower back problems?” I laughed, and Henry and I gossiped until the chemicals in my hair had set. Henry shared his pet theory that James took so long to come out because his father being gay drove his mother away. He rinsed my hair as I told the story of how James and I met, all the way up through our first kiss. I dried my hair while Henry told me about how Doug was initially his therapist, but then Doug found Henry a new therapist so he could ask him out. We didn’t realize any time had passed until James and Doug returned. “Barbecue!” Doug announced as he walked in with three grocery bags full of supplies. “Protein, of course!” Henry said. “The perfect compromise.” “Chicken for the boys, burgers and dogs for us fogeys.” Doug put his bags down and added, “Boyfriend Chris, help me get a fire started out back.” We walked down to the fire pit and got the fire started rather quickly. Then, Doug stopped me from going back inside. “I have to ask a few more questions,” he explained. “Go for it,” I said. “It’s been that kind of weekend.” “Jimmy’s not one to lie to me. Were you really sleeping in separate rooms this whole week?” “That’s your question?” “I need to make sure my son is handling the sex part of this new relationship. I have to protect my son. I don’t know what he’s like around you and your friends, but if I even broach the subject of sex at home, he turns bright crimson and runs away.” I nodded in understanding. “So, was it true?” “Yep. We slept in separate rooms all week.” “That’s disappointing. So, I didn’t walk in on you two having sex?” “No, you very much did.” Doug sighed in relief. “That’s a load off.” “You walked in on us having sex for the first time.” “You’ve been dating for a month.” “And that was our first time. That was James’s first time ever.” Doug’s face grew severe. “Oh! I was just so excited to see him. I didn’t scar him, did I?” I exhaled sharply. “I don’t think so. We had a quickie in the shower while you and Henry were fishing this morning.” Doug laughed. “Henry and I had a quickie in the shower while you two were at the gym. Like father, like son, eh?” “You do bear a striking resemblance. At least, physically.” Doug looked me up and down, and then, unbidden, asked “Do you have any tattoos, boyfriend Chris?” “Nope.” “Henry has David Hockney’s signature tattooed on his ass. It’s a crazy story. But that tattoo just drives me wild. If my son’s anything like me, you might want to consider getting one.” I said nothing. James was right. His father is an over-sharer. “I know what you’re thinking, boyfriend Chris,” Doug said, clapping me on the back. “He got the shy from his mother.” “That explains it,” I said. “Since we’re being honest and open,” Doug continued, “I should let you know that I saw everything.” “Pardon?” “At the lake yesterday. I could see through Henry’s fingers, and I didn’t tell him. I got a good eyeful.” “Sounds about right.” Doug kissed his fingers like a chef, then said, “Bravo. It was breathtaking. My son has excellent taste.” From the house, James shouted, “Is that fire ready?” “Good to go,” Doug said in his usual chipper tone. When James went back inside to get the food, Doug placed his hand on my upper back and said, “I like you, Big Guy.” A button popped off my shirt.
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    The Upper Hand By: JadeDragon As always, thanks to my inspirations jman250 and Xyggurat for furnishing me with the drive to write muscle-theft. Cheers! I’ve made mistakes in my life, no doubt about it. One selfish decision here, one misstep there. I won’t lie, when you look like I do, you get your way more often. It can go to a man’s head. Both of them, actually, and make you do some dumb shit. Eventually, it catches up with you as it did for me that night… I let the heavy dumbbells drop from my grip, the pair hitting the padded floor with synchronized thuds as I finished my last set. The gym was empty, the bass booming from the speakers as they played 80’s rock had been shut off to a still silence over an hour ago. A puff of air escaped my lips as I sighed, enjoying the burn in my pumped biceps, skin stretched tightly over bulky muscle like cellophane. I got up from the reclined bench, giving myself a little stretch. My reflection in a wall mirror caught my eye as I glanced to the side, and I flexed my biceps at myself. The limbs were engorged with strength and power; they were 19 inches, and hopefully would make 20 before the year was out. My yellow muscle shirt clung to my broad torso. The sweat I’d worked up allowing the fabric to showcase the shelf of my pecs, the cloth clinging to my cobblestone abs. All leading down to the package creating an obscene bulge in my compression shorts, commando as usual. If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it? I flashed a cocky grin at myself, my square jaw covered in stubble as curled brown hair nearly fell into my green eyes. Probably time for a haircut… “Hey, you mind if I lock up, Russ?” James, the gym owner called out. Balding but built, he motioned with his thumb behind him. “I gotta get ready for a flight tomorrow to San Cristobal. If you’d make sure to close the door when you’re done, I’d appreciate it.” “No problem, Jim,” I said with a smile. “I’ll make sure it’s all here when you get back.” I reached for my crotch, giving my hefty cock a squeeze as he grinned back at me. I hadn’t paid a cent for membership in years, I preferred to offer non-monetary services instead. “Yeah, yeah.” James chuckled as he walked away. I heard the keys rattling in the lock as I took a few more minutes enjoying the sight of my pumped physique reflected in the mirror. Fuck, I was getting hard… I was going to need to blow this load before the night was through. I bent down from my height of 6’ 4” to reach the shake bottle by the foot of the bench, mixing water with brown powder and rattling that little metal sphere to mix it well. I chugged it down in less than half a minute, the rich flavour on my tongue as I imagined all that thick protein putting another layer of muscle on my already massive frame. “Heh, time to release some pressure,” I said, taking a step toward the showers as suddenly the floor seemed to tilt below me. I staggered, gripping the nearby weight rack for balance. “Wh-what? Urgh… what’s goin’ on?” I slurred my words as I took another shaky step, the room beginning to spin like a carousel. I stumbled to my knees as the empty bottle rolled across the floor. I crawled a few feet as the dizziness worsened, my vision getting dark and blurred at the edges. “J-jimmmm…” My tongue was like lead, the words thick in my mouth like honey as I slumped to the mat, unable to move as I saw a shadowy figure walking toward me. “Hello, Russell.” A voice said, distorted and deep as though from underwater. “We finally have the place to ourselves…” My vision went completely dark. I groaned and struggled to open my eyes. I tried to move an arm, only to find that I couldn’t. Attempts to move my legs didn’t work, either. I forced my eyes open and saw my reflection. I was nude, feeling the air on my bare skin and I saw sturdy cords had been wrapped around my arms and legs. My head was still swimming as my sight focused on someone crouched near me. Some short, scrawny Asian guy, grey shirt hanging from his twiggy frame as he fiddled with something. Drawing with coloured chalks on the floor, some kind of weird circle with funny symbols inside it. “Wh-what the f-fuck’re you… who the…?” I slurred, feeling weak despite my beefed-up body as he finished, standing up and giving me a small smile. “Good, you’re awake. I was hoping I’d dosed you correctly,” he said. “I really wanted you to be awake for this, Russell.” The man took off his shirt revealing a nearly emaciated torso; pale, shapeless and lacking any hint of muscle or definition. A little golden figure hung on a leather cord around his neck, and even through my drugged haze, I recognized it as a woman’s voluptuous form. It rested between his virtually non-existent pecs, glinting strangely in the fluorescent lighting. The little twerp stepped up closer to me, and I’d have said something really witty if the room would just stop whirling around so much. “You probably don’t remember me. Just another hot mouth that dick wanted to get into.” I recoiled as his hand reached out and grabbed my shaft, soft and unhardened. “But I remember you… gagging on this piece of meat as you shoved me against the gym lockers.” “Lemme go… fuckin’ little shit…” I groaned through gritted teeth, as he let my cock go, that stupid fucking smile on his face only getting wider. I had a vague memory, of some cock-hungry bitch looking at my godly body, shoving him against some lockers and force-feeding him my dick. What was his name... Kevin… Kyle? Frankly, if you’ve seen one twink you’ve seen them all, and I’d lost count of the guys I’ve had. “I’m not really a ‘live and let live’ kind of guy, Russell. Not to worry though, you’re going to enjoy this… right up until you don’t.” He leaned in close to my ear, and I writhed weakly against my restraints to get away. “No… no, lemme go you sick little fuck!” I tried to shout, my addled brain recoiling in pain from my attempt to yell. “Ambulā in calceōs meōs ut morēs meōs intellegās…” He said, only it sounded strange. Some eldritch reverb in his voice made it sound like more than one person was speaking. “Ambulā in calceōs meōs ut morēs meōs intellegās.” I shivered involuntarily as he spoke again, the sweat on my skin turning strangely cold, my breath misting into a cloud in the air. “Ambulā in calceōs meōs ut morēs meōs intellegās.” He looked at me with his brown eyes which suddenly had this hungry, almost metallic glint to them. “There it is, Russell... I’m feeling it now.” He leaned over me, his face strangely serene as he reached out and placed a hand on my bare pec. The contact on my flesh sent an unexpected surge of pleasure through my whole body, flushing any lingering effects of whatever he drugged me with away. I couldn’t suppress the moan from my parted lips as my cock engorged with sudden lust, hardening with my need between my legs. It slapped against my eight-pack abs as he ran a hand up my lat, another shiver of pure pleasure shocking its way up my spine as I reeled from the sensation. “Hnng… oh God… what the fuck?” I said, blinking with surprise. “You like that, stud?” His voice near my ear as his hot breath tickled my chilled flesh. “Oh fuck, yes.” Thoughts of my being tied up by some scrawny little twink were all forgotten as his wandering hands set off waves of ecstasy I’d never felt before in my life. “What the hell was that chanting? Ugh… holy fuck that feels good!” I shut my eyes and revel in his worship. His fingers dug into my pecs, running up and down the thick pads of muscle, tracing along my clavicles, kneading my traps, exploring my delts. His hands moved downwards, squeezing my biceps, still swollen from my workout pump. The more he touched me, the stronger the pleasure and lust became. I couldn’t get enough, I wanted more! He pressed his lips to mine, and I relaxed further into his touch, his tongue finding easy access in my mouth as I felt the sparks of electricity short-circuit my brain. “Mmmmph…” His own moans setting off a rumble deep in my chest, my throbbing dick needing release. “Untie me,” I puff between kisses. “I want my cock in that tight little ass.” “You think you’re getting off that easily, Russell?” He said, pulling back, leaving me with a hollow need for him in my bones. He extended his hand, hovering a few inches away from my dick, pre leaking from the tip and slowly dripping down the shaft. “I’m not sure you deserve it.” “P-please, I’m sorry about before… just let… I gotta cum!” I panted, struggling against the ropes to try and reach my dick. “Oh, you will be sorry.” I shivered as he bent down between my legs, breathing over my cock and nearly making me shoot right there. “But first, you’re going to feel really, really good, meathead.” His mouth enveloped the mushroom head of my dick and I nearly explode, I roar like a caged lion and try to buck my hips into his waiting mouth. He pulled a few long, sensuous sucks and I edged closer to cumming only for him to back off. I desperately need to cum, my hefty balls churning with load. My powerful physique strained against my restraints uselessly, but I couldn’t loosen them in the slightest. The need to blow my load doesn’t abate as the shrimp gave me the best head of my life, and I began to feel dizzy again with the sheer rush of pleasure pumping through my veins. I gazed down past the shelf of my pecs and did a double-take as I watched the scrawny little prick take my dick like a champ. Yet, he didn’t look so scrawny all of a sudden… His tiny frame and narrow shoulders were slowly filling out. His neck getting thicker, his shoulders broader, his chest expanding with each inhale, but not going down quite all the way as he exhaled. His twig-like arms building new muscle, with each second that passed, he expanded bit by bit. In a minute or two, he actually has some pecs and a runner’s build. A few moments later and he’s starting to look like a swimmer! Impossibly, my cock gets even harder at the sight, the little punk was turning into a real fucking man! I shuddered as another wash of pleasure crested over my consciousness, darkening the edges of my vision once again... only now I noticed something else. My massive pecs are suddenly a little smaller, a little softer. The growing jock gave another powerful suck on my meaty dick, and my eight-pack faded and shrank, morphing into a six-pack. My arms and quads losing both mass and hardness, each passing moment I deflated a little more, like a leaking balloon. My restraints felt looser and looser, I was shrinking everywhere! “W-wait, no, stop!” I yelled the burst of fear in my heart lending me some will to resist. I struggled again, the ropes that were once uncomfortably tight now had some slack as I continued to dwindle and shrink. “Stop it! Get the fuck off me!” He gave another firm suck, harder than the others and suddenly I felt limp as a noodle, and as he spat out my dick and I could tell it was clearly smaller. No longer an 8.5-inch monster, hovering closer to 7 as I looked down at myself. Even without checking my reflection I could tell my body has lost significant muscle mass. My head swam as the man walked behind me, refitting the ropes against my now smaller self as I tried and struggled to free myself. “Please, let me go! I don’t know what the fuck this is, or how you’re doing this but please let me go!” I felt the panic rising in my chest, only for his bigger hand to reach down and run along my flattened pecs toward my six pack, the flow of energy and power now in the forefront of my mind as the sudden flush of pleasure began to sedate me. “Please… I can’t be small… you can’t do… this…” “I can’t do this?” His voice was deeper now. I looked up into his handsome face, framed by the fluorescent lights behind him. He’s gorgeous, my heart fluttering as I gazed at him. “Except, I already am doing this, you dick. For me, for everyone you’ve ever used. And I’m there’s been plenty, stud.” My eyes wandered over his lean, ripped torso, any hint of his former scrawny physique buried under new mass and breadth he’d stolen from me. And somewhere in my mind, there was a growing need to see him, but bigger. For all my size and power to fill his body until he was huge, hot and hung. He stripped his shorts and boxers off, his dick hard and leaking... he looked incredible. No, I had to resist, I needed to escape! Even though some rational part of my mind said this all must be a nightmare, the terror felt as tangible as daylight. He straddled my waist and pressed his dick against my own, although my member was still bigger and thicker. My captor’s lips on mine instantly obliterated any thought of escape from my brain. Erasing everything except this moment, the weight of him on top of me, the heat of our bodies against the chilling air, and the aching need in both our cocks as the transfer continued unabated. For that moment, he and I were all that existed. Entwined, we were the universe. Now that I was aware of what was happening, I could feel the flow of mass and strength as our bare skin touched. I felt the ache from my workout increasing in my muscles they diminished. Each passing moment I could feel myself getting weaker, able to lift less weight. Years of gains in the gym evaporating with each moment that passed. “You feel that, Russ?” He said. “You’re getting so weak now,” he dug his fingers into my softening biceps, less than 13 inches now and getting smaller. “All that size and power, it’s all mine now you arrogant prick…” Our cocks pressed up against each other, and his surging forward, getting thicker, longer, his balls swelling like ripening fruit against mine as my own package slowly receded. I glanced downward, his dick grew longer till it eclipsed my shrinking cock. His weight continued to increase, heavier and heavier on top of me till it began to get painful. His pecs pressed against mine, bulging thicker, harder, as the cleft between them grew ever-deeper. His powerful grip dug into my softening, shrinking muscles as I moaned in pleasure between kisses. My back slid against the bench as my spine shortened, my legs and arms retracting as they lost length as well as muscle mass. “That’s right, Russ.” His voice seemed to fill the gym, everywhere at once and shaking me to my core. “The old you is gone now… I’m making you small and weak.” He flexed his muscles against me, massive and powerful. “I hope you enjoy being an alpha male’s bitch because that’s all you’re going to be from now on.” I struggled to take a breath as his weight bore down on me, my waist hurting from his expanding quads gripping me tighter. I was losing the feeling in my legs as he got heavier, too. “All those ‘cocksuckers’ you’ve used over the years, well now that’s you.” He stood up, the crushing weight lifted from me just as I thought my legs would break. Without his body obscuring my view, I could see just how small I’d gotten. I probably hadn’t been this small since high school. I barely had any pecs to speak of, and my once-cobblestone abs were nothing more than a lean 4-pack, only visible from my low body fat and bereft of any sense of strength. My arms had thinned dramatically, becoming weakened noodles. All that had diminished in me had grown in this man whose name I still couldn’t even remember. His jawline had strengthened, his skin was taut as a drum over thick muscles which had grown full and solid. His six-pack had solidified into a powerful core that edged onto an eight-pack, the top two of which were in the shadow of his beefed-up pecs that jutted over them. His quads and calves had inflated with mass into mighty tree-trunks, and arms that had one resembled twigs had pumped up into thick pythons with a perfect vein just beginning to trace over the biceps. “Like what you see, Russ?” He flexed, the muscles in his arm surging upwards like mountains, massive in size and hard like granite. “I’ve got to say, I think your size looks better on me.” He stepped closer again and removed the now limp ropes which bunched around my waist and floor. I was so small now that they had slackened to the point of uselessness. There wasn’t even hope for me to overpower him, now. I shivered, the air suddenly colder to my scrawny body as I got unsteadily to my feet. “Y-you got wh-what you wanted!” I said. My voice cracked, it was much higher than a few minutes before. I was no longer in control. It was a new feeling, being completely at his mercy… yet my dick was rock-hard. “Just… just…!” “Just what, Russ? Go? Give you back your muscles and cock?” He sneered, twisting his handsome face into a grin which sent shivers down my spine. “No, there’s still a bit left in you. And I’m going to have it all.” “What…?!” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before his massive hand gripped my shoulder and forced me to my knees. His strength was incredible, my legs folded like tissue paper. I knew what was coming, even before his massive meat was shoved into my open mouth. “Watch the teeth, bitch.” He rumbled, echoing words I’d said more than once before. His thrusting hips worked his cock deep into my throat and I gagged, his member slowly lengthening as more and more of my size was syphoned away. I could feel him getting bigger, his cock reaching farther down my throat as my own dick retracted from between my legs. My jaw began to ache as I struggled to take him. “Mhmm,” he moaned as his grip tightened. “That’s a hot little mouth, Russ.” His thrusts got faster and faster, powerful hips slamming into me like a pile driver. The sight of the muscled god before me grew broader and taller, even as I shrank. His six-pack resolved into a solid eight-pack, stacked with perfect symmetry like cinder blocks. His arms ballooned with additional size and strength, well beyond my dreams of 20 inches. His traps crept upwards, his neck was thicker and more powerful. True to his word, he was taking it all and all I could do is moan in pleasure through a mouthful of dick. The ceiling got farther away as I got shorter, my pecs flattening into nothingness and my stomach softening completely. Nothing left, just a bit of pudge, shapeless and weak. My cock shrinking below the 5-inch mark as his expanding dick worked its way ever deeper down my throat, my nose pressing into his crotch as he drained me of all I had. Unbidden, my hands rose up and gripped the granite spheres of his ass cheeks, and some new instinct took over as I sucked and worked his cock. Digging my feeble fingers into his impenetrable muscle, I moved up and down his dick, my own diminished member between my legs aching for release. The pleasure of servicing him, a man so much bigger and stronger than me was indescribable. “That’s right, accept your place, Russ.” The newly-minted muscle god’s voice was deep and rich, intoxicating as the remainder of my size and strength flowed into that growing body. “This is what you deserve… being a small, cock-sucking little twig, desperately needing to service your betters.” His broad hand suddenly palmed the back of my head, my eyes wide as his heavy balls pressed against my chin. “Fuck!” He roared, as a deluge of cum exploded from his cock and rocketed down my throat. I struggled feebly against his iron grip, but I couldn’t even move. Load after load of thick jizz filling my stomach, even as my own dick let out a weak spurt of cum. It seemed to last for an eternity, his hips crashing against me as he thrust over and over, threatening to break my jaw. Finally, forever met its end; the torrent slowed, then stopped. He extracted himself as I sagged to the floor without his support, helpless as a marionette without its strings. I must’ve been barely 5 feet tall, even shorter and skinnier than he used to be only a few minutes ago. The Titan stood over me at nearly 7 feet tall, Hyperion framed in harsh white light. His shoulders impossibly broad, lats spread wide as an eagle’s wings, his thick manhood a heavy sausage at least 12 inches long arcing over bull balls as he heaved deep, powerful breaths. He flexed and my cock came again, another dribble of cum splattering across my shrunken leg. “Pl-please… don’t… give it back!” I whispered, too spent to do more than struggle to raise my head. My vision began to blur once again as I tried desperately to stay conscious. “Back? There is no back,” he leaned down. “I finally have the upper hand, and you never will again. Enjoy being used, Russ. You got what you deserved…” He walked away into the shadows as I fought the rising tide of darkness threatening to drown me. However, exhaustion overwhelmed me, and everything went black. I’ve made mistakes in my life, no doubt about it. One selfish decision here, one misstep there. I won’t lie, when you look like I used to, you get your way more often. I once commanded attention, respect, all without a word. My body was a testament to my superiority over my supposed peers. Nowadays, I work desperately to even catch the eye of guys I wouldn’t have given the time of day to… before all of this. I try to tell myself I didn’t deserve this. That I’m the victim here… But to this day, I couldn’t even remember his name. At the end of the day, though… I fall to my knees and accept my place.
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    “You know, eventually we’re going to have to get you some clothes,” said Peter. “Really?” said Jon. “Why? THE END
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    Chapter 32 Fearing this exact scenario, Dave had squirreled away some super-stretchy clothes that, according to him, were “just fashionable enough” to last me until we could custom order some more. “They’re monochromatic and functional,” he said, stretching one out to its full size, “but they’re better than anything we could get for you at the mall. That’d be all tank tops and basketball shorts. I’m not going to have you dressed like a gym bum just because you look like you sprinkle steroids on your oatmeal,” Dave chastised. “But your Luke…” I started. Anticipating my argument, Dave interrupted. “Athlete,” he said, holding his hand in front of Luke. “Can’t kick a ball in a straight line,” he added, moving his hand in front of me. “Athlete,” he continued, moving his hand back in front of Luke. “Tripped three times during his tryout,” he finished, moving his hand back in front of me. “You have to dress the part you play. In your case, that means bespoke. Face it, Chrissy; you’re a fashion model. " “I’m a chemistry major who wants to work in medicine,” I corrected. “And you could be on the cover of a magazine. Your point?” I looked down again, and my chin almost bumped into my pecs. “I surrender.” “Good,” he said, pulling up an app on his phone I had never seen and filming me, still nude, in 360. He typed a few things into his phone, and after a minute, told me, “They’ll be here Friday.” “So fast?” I asked. “I knew this was coming sooner or later, so I got some of the most promising fashion majors to use you as their midterms.” “Why would they agree…” I started, when Dave interrupted. “I have to film you nude for the app to work.” I had no further questions. James happily took the clothes from my closet that fit him, and Dave donated the rest to the theater department. “This way mother can write their costs off as a donation,” Dave explained. Thus began another week of adjustment. Because of the grueling schedule James had me on during fall break, the increased workouts felt normal, but it was a head trip to suddenly be the biggest guy at the gym. The straight guys who used to glower at me now treated me kindly and even gave affectionate fist bumps and words of encouragement. Or, as Luke charmingly put it, “The alphas who fronted you now bow before their king.” I was lifting more than anyone in the room, even James and the trainers. In fact, for my one rep max on the pull-down, I had to set the machine to its highest setting. “What if I outgrow this gym?” I asked. “We go to the athletic center,” Luke answered. “Oh, yes,” that was actually a comforting thought. “That might help me adjust because I wouldn’t be the biggest guy anymore.” Luke zigged his head back and forth. “No,” he agreed, uncertainly. “But you’re bigger than half the football team, and there’s only one wrestler bigger than you. You’re top 10, easily,” he clarified. I dropped the bar and the weights crashed to the floor. “You’re kidding. There’s no way!” Luke shrugged. “I shit you not, buddy. You’re that immense.” “And none of them are hot,” Dave added. He waved a hand in front of his face, “Gargoyles.” That elicited a chuckle from James, and we finished our workout in general silence. My favorite part of our new, longer workouts, was the blowjob James gave me at the end of it. James, as divine providence would have it, had no objections to public sex as long as he got to keep his clothes on and there was a door between us and other people. That seemed like splitting a hair to me, but I wasn’t going to argue. We had to use the handicapped accessible stall because the others were too narrow to fit us both. I would stand with my legs on either side of the bowl, my cock pointing forwards. James would be on his knees between me and the door. He still couldn’t take my whole cock, but he could now fit three quarters of me down his wet, tight throat, and he was taking a little bit more each time. Every time I came, he enthusiastically swallowed every last drop. I always had to leave the stall first, to make sure the coast was clear, but our post-workout ritual was quickly my favorite part of the day. Classes were becoming harder to sit through, though. My first class as one of the ten most muscular men on campus was calculus on Monday morning, I got to the room super early so I’d be the first one in. Doing my best to avoid one side of the doorframe, I banged my shoulder on the other, and I swear I saw the wood buckle. I knew better than to sit in my old seat in the front row, so I took a seat in the back row. My ass spilled over both sides of the chair. Because my ass muscles were too hard for the metal bars of the chair to press into my flesh, I had to sit much farther forward than I was accustomed. My legs had to press so tightly together that my balls were pressed into the underside of the desk. Thankfully, this room, like most of my classrooms, was just tables and chairs, so I could pull out my chair and give the guys some relief. However, that meant I was further away from the table. As I was also further away from the back of the chair, I felt precariously perched on the far-too-tiny chair. On top of that, no one wanted to sit next to me because, all by myself, I took up two-thirds of a table designed for two people. And if my pecs were a minor obstacle 45 pounds ago, they were now a complete hindrance to my education. I was accustomed to take a hunched stance when taking notes, getting up close and intimate with the knowledge. I still wanted to, but trying to do so set an inescapable chain of events into motion. I had to nearly bend in half to look over my pecs, which meant my bicep had to fight even harder for space to take notes, which caused it to flex bigger and further into my line of sight, which made my cock stand at attention, which means I had to move further away from the table to give it some space, which made it that much harder to write. By Wednesday, I began bringing a plastic storage box to all of my classes. I could rest my notebook on top of it, meaning my notes were closer to my face with my pecs out of the way, which prevented the whole chain. Of course, I didn’t bring it to chemistry lab; it would hinder my ability to perform the experiments. The lab coat at this point was more of a lab suggestion. I couldn’t button the top three buttons, and the fourth button looked like it was going to give. All adjustment periods come with challenges. But they also come with rewards. Walking around campus was actually easier than it was before fall break. I was so big that people would make room for me, flowing around me to either side. I felt like a shark swimming through the waves. And one of the more functional garments Dave had bought for me was a reinforced pair of boxer briefs that lifted up my weighty package. The support was nice; no more bouncing around for me. I especially liked the bowling-ball bulge it made in the front of my pants. It always got stares. And the more stares it got, the more rapacious James became. I began flaunting my package just to get James worked up. It worked. James and I began spending a lot more time together. Sometimes he’d top me; sometimes he’d blow me. Once James got over his initial reluctance, he was insatiable. Just those five days waiting for the new clothes from the fashion majors, we had sex at least a dozen times. “I’ve got to make up for lost time,” he explained during one of our liaisons, all the while licking the tip of my head while tickling my balls. I didn’t care what his reason was. I was a happy boyfriend. He even ordered what he called “homework.” They were a series of sex aids and toys (he of course used a pseudonym and a discreet website) guaranteed to stretch his asshole open wider and wider, an exercise he began incorporating in his daily regimen so he could accommodate my monstrosity sooner rather than later. “I know what I want for Christmas,” he explained during another one of our trysts, all the while ramming into my prostrate full speed. I admired his ambition. Friday morning chemistry lecture was the last hurdle to clear until my new clothes arrived. I couldn’t bring my storage box to that class—the desk was too narrow. Dave and I walked to class together, and I asked him if we could sit in the back row so I didn’t distract too many people during class. Reluctantly, Dave agreed, and we trudged to the top row. Dave picked a seat in the middle of the row, but when I went to sit next to him, I couldn’t. “Why haven’t you sat?” Dave asked. I had to laugh. “I don’t fit,” I said. “Nonsense. Your ass isn’t that massive.” “It’s not my ass,” I tried sitting again to show him. My thighs had gotten so thick that, between the two of them, I didn’t fit between the arm rests. “Hold it,” Dave said before I could extricate myself. He pulled out his phone and snapped a picture. “Okay, now you can get up.” I tried three more chairs, all with the same problem. “What can I do?” I asked. “This is my major. I need this class.” Dave stood up, took my hand, and walked me all the way down to the front row. The front row started two seats further in than all the other rows to allow room for students with wheelchairs. The third seat in had a handicapped accessible logo worked into the fabric. “Observe,” Dave said as he lifted the side of the chair off and put it on the floor. “But I’m not handicapped,” I insisted. “Skateboarders use curb-cuts,” he said. “Don’t act so high and mighty. You already use the accessible stall at the gym for a far less noble purpose.” I sat in the chair and let my leg stretch out to the side. There was enough room for my legs, my ass, and my junk. “I’m sorry I doubted you. This is perfect.” I reached to the right-hand side and was delighted to see the hinged desk attachment was also extra wide, so it would fit my arm, my notebook, and my textbook. “Thank you, Dave.” Dave sat next to me daintily. “I wanted to sit in the front row, anyways.” Because we got there so early, the other 148 students paraded past us one by one, each one marveling at my massiveness. When Victor came into the room, he stopped dead when he saw me. His face went white, and he began staring. “Hello, Victor,” I said. “You’re huge,” he said. I flexed my right arm and held it up to him. “You noticed.” Victor made a hasty exit. He came back five minutes later with his polo shirt untucked and a flush in his cheeks. He walked over to me and said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep it up.” He wanted to say more, but the professor came into class and started the lecture. At lunch that day, Luke got a text message that the fashion majors had all aced their midterms and would be more than happy to give me my new clothes. Once we were all finished eating (I was horrified to learn I now ate twice as much as Dave), we went back to my room. On the way back, Dave kept talking up how high quality this merchandise was going to be. “The best part,” he crowed, “is I told them to save the patterns. So, if Chrissy here decides to get even bigger, we just send them the new video, and we get the new clothes in a day or two.” “I don’t know if I’m getting any bigger than this,” I said. “Pish posh,” Dave said. “Don’t lack imagination on me now.” The clothes were gorgeous. They all accentuated my shoulders and chest without strangling them. The pants all had a capacious crotch with zippers over the right hip so there were no zippers or seams slicing my junk in half. They even made me some dress shirts, a suit jacket, a blazer, and a few dressy pairs of slacks. I was most delighted to see a new lab coat—roomy and spacious as a lab coat should be, even on me. There wasn’t a lot in the collection, but what it lacked in breadth, it made up for in versatility, practicality, and style. I eventually found the last item in my haul, and it was so unlike any of the others that I held it up to show Dave. “About that,” he started, then held his index finger to his lips to think of how to finish that sentence. It was a glittery, skimpy, golden lamé thong.
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    Chapter 26 That’s how most days went. We’d wake up, run to the gym, work out, run home, take turns showering, and then just enjoy each other’s company: splashing around the lake, watching movies on James’s laptop, or doing nothing in particular. We watched the sunset every night in each other’s arms, and shortly after nightfall, James would go to sleep in his separate room. But every day, James would find a way to ramp up the sexual energy. On Sunday, James wanted me to stay his size for most of the day. He’d never had the nerve to try out for wrestling in high school, and he’d always wanted to try it with someone his size. So, after dinner, in the soft grass behind the cabin, he got into his speedo and I into my trunks (even tighter around my ass) and wrestled. Our strength was pretty evenly matched, but James had a slight advantage because he was more graceful and used to his size. After he won the second match, me still pinned me to the ground, he said, “Let’s make this more interesting, Big Guy.” I felt the pleasure roll through me as James was forced slightly away from my body as it grew bigger. We wrestled a third time, and I just barely edged him out. When I pinned him to the ground, he smiled broadly and said, “It’s official. You’re bigger and stronger than me.” He squirmed a little when he said it, creating friction between our bathing suits. I had to stand up and back away as quickly as I could or he’d have won the challenge right then and there. On Monday, the lack of orgasms was definitely getting to me. My balls were swollen and hanging low in my sack. My boxer briefs, already overtaxed by my enlarged ass, fought me when I tried to get my nuts inside. Even for me, I was bulging obscenely the whole morning. When we got home from the gym and showered, I went to get changed. Once again, James had gotten me extra pumped, but I knew he wasn’t going to grow me at the gym again; James wasn’t one to repeat a trick. When I finally got the shirt that I wanted to wear on, the shoulders and armpits threatened to tear, and the seat of my pants were so tight that my individual cheeks were separated. I walked out of the room feeling a little bit like a stuffed sausage to show James. But he was nowhere to be found. I looked in the other bedroom; he wasn’t there. Nor the kitchen. Nor the common room. When I checked the back porch, James sprang out from the shadows and put a hand on each shoulder. “Surprise, Big Guy!” He shouted. I felt electric with pleasure as I grew and thickened. My whole body surged. As I came down from the high, my shoulders, armpit, and ass of my clothes tore simultaneously. “That had to be more than five pounds,” I said. Was my voice getting deeper? James ran inside and back out quickly, bringing with him a digital scale. “I hid this on the first day while you were napping because I didn’t want you to obsess over your size. But I think you’re right, and I need to know just how big you are.” I stepped on the scale and looked down. My pecs were just barely blocking the display, so I had to lean slightly forward. 215. I stepped back off. That number was too big to be real. “Since those clothes are already ruined,” James said. “Why don’t you flex for me?” I lifted both arms up to do a double bi. I was shocked that I could see the peaks in my peripheral vision—without even straining. “Not like that,” James said. He came over, ripped off my shirt and sat down on the deck chair. “That’s better.” I went through all the flexes I knew. When I bulged my pecs out, I saw ridges forming in them. My pecs had gotten so big that I could see muscle fibers. I put my fists to my waist and flared out my shoulders. My hands had a little trouble reaching my waist. My biceps and lats were just a little too big, and my waist was still disproportionately small. I managed to do it, and I felt like a superhero. I flexed my abs, and eight bricks came into stark relief. It was official; I’d cross the border between 6-pack and 8-pack. I couldn’t flex my lower half because I was still mostly constrained by my pants, but I had just enough room for my cock to grow painfully hard. “Yeah,” James said. “This show wasn’t only for me.” He walked over and rubbed his beard over my exposed torso, making sure to apply a bit more pressure as he passed my nipples. My body literally vibrated in need. I needed to cum. James got down on his knees and unbuckled my belt, slowly opening my zipper. He slipped the band of my boxer briefs just low enough for my cock to pop out and point straight ahead. The head of my cock was just inches from his mouth. “Hello, friend,” James said, breathing heavily on the tip. The warmth made my cock throb in anticipation. “I look forward to playing with you on Wednesday.” With that, he got up and went to make lunch. I stood there, bare-chested, cock exposed, in ruined pants, a giant of a man. All I wanted to do was bang one out. Right there. It would only take ten seconds I was so ready to fire. Instead, I ran down the dock and jumped headfirst into the lake, shucking my pants as I ran. The shock did the trick. When I walked back inside, sopping wet, James just nodded. “Well played.” Tuesday, I woke up with my nuts tender to the touch and a darker color than I was used to. I also had the most engorged morning wood I have ever had in my life. I decided to just let it stick up out of my briefs and threw on the largest workout t-shirt I had. The fabric stretched, especially across my pecs and biceps, but it fit, and hid my boner. The only pants I had that still fit without a struggle were my workout tights. So, I put those on and headed out into the common room to see if James had finished breakfast. He was sitting on the couch that was opposite my bedroom door. He was completely naked and fully erect. He’d even spread his legs apart so I had a full-frontal view. His cock had to be 9 inches, maybe 9 and a half. And oh, was it thick. It was beer-can thick. Granted, mine was thicker, but what about me wasn’t these days. “Good morning,” he said. Seeing his muscle, and body hair, and glorious cock all in the soft sunlight of an early morning—he looked like a painting by a Renaissance master. I nearly came right there and then. I had to grip the doorjamb to get control of myself. I could feel the wood give a little under my grip. But I managed to regain control. “One more day,” I said and walked into the bathroom. “I’m impressed,” James said from the common room. “You should be preparing yourself for a threesome,” I said, toothbrush in my mouth. “Nah. I got a whole day left. And I have a few bullets left in my arsenal.” All morning, I expected James to do something diabolical, but it so far progressed like a normal day. All the way through lunch, I expected every touch, kiss, and caress to come with it some underhanded tactic to make me explode. Because I was practically exploding already. I had at least a chubby all day with a hair trigger. The most slightly sexy things James did made me spring to full hardness. My nuts roiled all day, giving off a low-level heat. And nothing relieved it. Whenever we were sitting still, I had to bounce one leg or the other to burn off my energy. Whenever we were running or exercising, I had to exert caution to not allow any friction to my crotch. Whenever I had to use the restroom, I had to wrap toilet paper around my cock because skin to skin contact was too inviting. An hour before sunset, James and I were sitting on the couch not watching anything or talking, just spooning. James was always the big spoon, and today I was especially grateful for that because even just this contact was causing my erection to leak pre. At one point, he looked down at me and said, “I love you, Big Guy,” and I grew in his arms. The closeness and intimacy of the moment, growing further into James’s hard body, my own body just that much harder, eclipsed even the waterfall of pleasure I felt inside. As I came out of it, I said, “I love you, too.” He tapped me on the shoulder, and I let him up. “I have a present for you,” he said as he went into his room. “What is it?” I asked from the common room, tugging my t-shirt so it fit more comfortably on my larger pecs. My arms were now just slightly too large for the sleeves; I had to pull them up to my shoulders. James came back from his room holding a small gift-wrapped box. “With those five pounds,” he said, “you now weigh 220.” I nodded, not entirely sure where he was going. “How much did you weight when we met?” he asked. “Oh my God,” I said. “That’s right, Chris. You have just doubled your weight.” That thought caused my already stiff and leaking cock to stiffen and leak more. My breathing got a little short. I was my own living wet dream. James handed me the box. “I give you this to commemorate the moment.” I opened it, inside was my old green t-shirt with the pocket on it. Now, I was twice as huge as the man who fit into this t-shirt comfortably. The last time I’d held this t-shirt, I’d only weighed 150 pounds and I’d felt like a blimp. Now I was a colossus. The last time I’d held this t-shirt, it looked five sizes too small. Now it looked like a child’s shirt. “Dave wanted to send it to Good Will, but I saved it. Want to try it on?” James asked. I wriggled out of my t-shirt. I put one arm into the shirt. My arm practically filled the whole shirt. I managed to get my forearm through the sleeve, but the bicep wouldn’t fit. Not even a little. I put my head through the hole just to see, and the shirt wouldn’t even stretch wide enough to accommodate my shoulders. I pulled it just a little to try to get one shoulder in, and the shirt tore practically in half. When I destroyed that little shirt, I felt the floodgates release. Suddenly, my briefs felt wet, and a dark spot had formed on the front of my tights, leading all the way down to my ankle, where a river of semen was accumulating at my foot. “I win,” James said.
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    Chapter 40 I awoke on the floor, my clothes in tatters around me. I felt pinned to the floor by my own body. I could tell that I was significantly heavier. And larger. Even staring at the ceiling, I could tell that things were entirely different. I could see my shoulders and traps. And pecs. While looking straight ahead, my vision was invaded by my growing muscles. I went to sit up, and my center of balance was entirely off. It took more force than I was used to just to get myself up into a seated position. Once I was sitting, I looked down to see my new body, and my pecs completely blocked my view. Even unflexed, I could see the muscle fibers. I bent forward to look over them. Try as I might, they were just in the way. I roamed my body with my hands, and I was met with extreme resistance. My body felt like I was a living statue, but my skin was still warm and soft. Every place I touched, I could feel deep grooves etched into my skin, thick cords of muscle, even veins that had been forced to the surface. I had trouble finding my waist. I could just touch it, but my arms and lats were having a war for space, and one of the casualties was my ability to reach my waist. I needed to see the damage. I stood up, and almost fell immediately back over. I had overestimated how much thrust this new body could generate, and I pushed up hard enough to launch me off my feet. Undaunted, I began to make my way to Luke’s closet so I could see myself in his mirror. I had to waddle to get there. I had to throw my legs to the side to get them around each other. I could feel my ass extend behind me bunching up and tightening with each step. This was going to take some serious getting used to. Halfway to the closet, I kicked something on the floor. I backed up and saw that it was Luke’s scale. I stepped on it, crushing my legs together so they’d both fit on the scale at the same time. I was worried about how I would read the display when, thankfully, it announced my weight in a robotic voice. 285. I didn’t know if I should be relieved that I hadn’t made it all the way to 300 or worried that James would push me there when he got back, I stumbled off the scale and continued my trek to the closet. This trip really should have been five or six steps, but because of how hard it was for me to negotiate this new body, it might as well have been on the other side of the moon. But, ploddingly slowly, I got there. I pulled open the door, and saw the monster I had become. My shoulders obviously didn’t both fit in at the same time, but now my chest didn’t either. I had to sway back and forth just to get both pecs in the frame. Each one was mammoth, seemingly doubled in size from what I had already thought of as giant pecs. When I flexed my biceps, I had to exert effort to get to a full ninety degrees, and between my bicep and tricep, my upper arm was larger than a cannonball. I tried to relax my arms, but my back wouldn’t let me. My lats were so wide that I was wider than Luke’s whole closet. My waist was a joke. It must have gotten thicker for my angry, bulging 8-pack to make any physiological sense, but I’d grown so much that it looked like my waist had actually shrunken. If I’d felt like a superhero before, I know looked like a comic book superhero. My waist was so waspish, each thigh was clearly and noticeably thicker around than my waist. I got in as close as I could examine up close. My face was only barely recognizable as mine. My cheeks and brow were so severe, I could cut glass. My jaw was so pronounced that I could actually touch it to my pecs just by lowering my head. And my neck had begun engulfing my head. It was now easily wider than my head. I was worried all this muscle would make me look like a brick or a potato, but my face might actually have become my sexiest feature. As I was looking myself over in the mirror, James came back into the room, carrying several bags of food. “Oh, good. You’re up.” I turned around, and James smiled lasciviously. “Do you like?” He asked. “I can barely move,” I said honestly. My voice was both louder and deeper than I expected. He put down the food and walked over to me. “Don’t worry about that. We’ll start working some stretching and yoga into your workouts, and you’ll be flexible again in no time.” “How are you so certain?” I asked. James could see the worry on my face. “Because you’ve always gotten flexible again. Whatever’s happening, it’s not making your life worse. You haven’t shattered any bones, or gotten your body fat so low that you’re going into organ failure.” He came close to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. My pecs stood out so far that he had trouble getting as close as he used to. “And even if you do lose a little flexibility, you have to admit this is amazing.” I looked at James’s body and then back at mine. I dwarfed my boyfriend. He looked small standing next to me. My bodybuilder-sized boyfriend now looked small and thin standing next to me. My waist was now about as big as James’s, maybe a little bigger, but mine definitely looked tinier. My arms, my shoulders, my legs—they all outsized him dramatically. “How are we going to explain this to everyone?” I asked. “You’ve been growing all semester. They’re not going to notice.” “They’re going to notice this,” I said, flexing my bicep next to James’s head. His eyes widened in amazement. “They’ll rationalize it,” James said. “Since they won’t accept that you spontaneously gained 55 pounds, they’ll just think it was a trick of the light, or you’d been slowly growing for the past month and they just noticed, or that you started a new cycle of steroids, or something.” “I guess,” I said. James continued. “I mean, you have a cock larger than medically possible, and no one has questioned that.” My cock woke up when it heard its name and began pushing between us. “Oh good,” James said “you’re not worried anymore.” He let go and took a step back to see as much of me as possible. Taking the opportunity, I swooped on him, wrapped one arm around him, and lifted him up. James, my 200+ pound boyfriend, was now light enough for me to lift with one arm. “Easy, tiger,” James said. “I know it’s your favorite position, but I’m still in my clothes.” “You know this turns you on,” I growled. James acquiesced. “I surrender.”
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    Chapter 30 After getting off the phone with Patrick, I went downstairs to check on Justin. I found him sitting on the couch in his living room browsing job ads on his laptop. “Hey Mr., you doing ok?” I asked “Yeah, thanks. I’m just looking to see what work is available and if I can work that around college.” “Cool cool, though take your time, it doesn’t have to be tonight. By the way, what do you study?” “Eh, medicine… kinda interested in musculature and urology. Weird combo I guess.” I smiled. Not as weird as one might think I thought to myself. “What got you interested in that?” I asked. He blushed and shifted a bit uncomfortably. “Eh, I don’t know really. Some personal stuff I guess. It’s a good field too.” I was curious about the personal stuff but didn’t want to press. “Hey, who’s that?” He asked, pointing to a picture of Patrick and I taken right before his most recent trip. “That’s Patrick, you don’t recognize him?” “Wait, what? No, I thought it was his brother or something. Look at him, he’s jacked… and taller than your boyfriend for sure! I mean, sure I’ve heard rumors that some guy at the gym has some gland thing but this looks like more than that. Is he on steroids or something? He can’t be! He doesn’t have the gut or anything!” “Haha,” I laughed, “that’s my boo alright. No, no steroids. Oh, and he’s bigger than that now.” Justin looked at me with a confused stare. I could see his long cock beginning to swell in his shorts. “As I matter of fact” I teased, “I’m pretty sure he’s bigger than you.” I nodded to his endowment. Justin didn’t buy it. “No way man! I met him. He’s like 5’6” and like 100 pounds soaking wet or something, and you’ve seen my dick… even if he’s grown a bit I’m twice his size!” His cheeks were flushing. I was getting horny myself. “I’m serious.” I looked him dead in the eye. “He’s taller than you, he’s stronger than you, and his dick is bigger than yours… I guarantee it. It’s actually a bit of an issue at the moment, honestly.” Justin looked at me quizzically. “You’re really not shitting me are you? How is that possible? Wait, how big is he exactly?” I sat down beside him. “Well, I honestly don’t know, exactly. How is it possible? I’m not exactly a medical scientist myself. I’m really not shitting you, I can show you a pic if you’d like.” He nodded. I whipped out my phone and opened up my screenshots. I started with a shot of Patrick comparing himself to the pringles can. “Holy fuck. Ho…ly….fuck. He’s legit got me beat.” Justin was fully hard now, I could see his fat cockhead sticking out of the bottom of his shorts. I tried to ignore it because his reaction was fascinating. “Look at his muscles dude! Fuck man, what is his bench like?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “…and so shredded.” Justin began closing and opening his legs slowly, massaging his dick with the movement. “God, his arms have got to be the size of my fucking thighs.” As he continued scrolling I got up and poured myself a drink to distract myself. It didn’t work. As I turned away from our little minibar Justin was totally enamored with the photos on my phone. He was scrolling through, starting with months ago and watching Patrick basically grow in front of his eyes. I saw a big drop of precum ooze from his cock onto the floor that went unnoticed by him. I contented myself just watching him for a minute. It seemed the bigger Patrick was in the photos, the more rapid and shallow Justin’s breathing became. “Jeez,” he muttered primarily to himself, “He’s tall too, he’s gotta be at least six foot two.” I interrupted his musings. “Looks like you approve?” I made a toast motion towards his shorts. Glancing down Justin panicked a bit. He fumbled my phone and it made a clack as it bounced across the floor. He tried pulling his shorts down a bit to cover his cockhead, but that only exposed the base of his cock. So he grabbed one of the couch cushions and put it over his stomach, adjusting himself as he did so that his cock was pointed straight up, hidden by the pillow. “Fuck, I’m sorry. It’s just fucking hot.” He stammered. “I mean, he was cute before, but fuck! His glutes, his calves, his…fuck…his everything man. I’ve always wanted to meet a guy bigger than me! Always! I mean, I love being big down there but, I’ve sometimes I just want to be the smaller guy. I mean, I can find guys big enough to pin me down, or super tall guys…but God I want to meet a guy that’s also got me beat dick-wise. I know, dumb fantasy. But…fuck.” Realizing he had just blurted out his deeper desires. Justin suddenly turned beat red. I slowly took another sip of my bourbon. After a momentary pause, I spoke. “There’s nothing wrong with any of that. I mean… I can relate. Buddy, I’m 6’5”, and up until recently I’m usually the biggest guy in the room in all regards. There are exceptions, sure. But usually it’s tall and lanky, or muscular and short, or some combination like that. I like being the big, protective, dominant guy most the time.” I thought back to my revelation in the shower. “But I’m realizing recently that although I love my tiny guys that I can toss around and dominate when I want to, I’m seriously turned on by the idea of being with a guy who is bigger than me. I enjoy being submissive at times too, but it’d be nice to try to submit to a guy with the brawn to back it up, rather than as submission out of love. Does that make sense?” Justin nodded. “Yeah, I lot actually.” He paused, contemplating something. “I’ve never told anyone, but one of the reasons I got into studying urology is that I was thinking about having surgery to make my penis smaller.” I nearly spat out my drink. “What?” I questioned, but it came out as an exclamation. “Yeah,” he replied. “I mean I’d still keep it at like 9” or something near that, but it’d be nice to not be the biggest guy in the room for once. I’ve always loved the way guys look at me when they see me naked for the first time, and I want to experience that from the other side.” “Hmm… well maybe we can arrange that sometime.” I sat down in a chair across from him. That’s when I noticed my phone had an active call. Shit! Justin must have pocket dialed someone when he dropped my phone. I rushed to grab my phone and see who was on the line. It was Patrick’s international number. I held the phone to my ear. “Hey, boo?” I asked. “Oh, hi hun. About time you picked up your phone.” Patrick laughed. “Hey, put me on speakerphone.” I did as he asked and set the phone on the coffee table. “Hi Justin.” Patrick’s voice sang out from between us. “Uh, hi Patrick.” Justin replied, he looked slightly horrified. “How’s it going shrimp-dick?” Patrick asked. Justin looked to be at a loss. He stammered but nothing came out…except precum from his turgid cock. Patrick laughed. “No hard feelings Mr., I really was tiny back then.” “You weren’t tiny, I was just” Justin managed to reply. “Eh, sure…whatever,” Patrick dismissed him. “It’s in the past. That said, I’ve heard you like tall, muscular hung men. Am I right?” Justin looked at the phone, unsure if he should answer. “Uh, yessir?” he asked. “Good.” Patrick sang back. I could tell he was enjoying this. “Well you’ve got two here. Well not here, here. But here…kinda. You know what I mean. Anyway, from what I’ve heard, it sounds like you might be into my fiancé, and you too seem to be getting along quite well.” Justin chirped in, “I’m on my best behavior, sir, I’m staying in the guest room and am looking for a job and an apartment, I promise I won’t do anything with your fiancé.” Patrick laughed, “Really, because if you’re into him… I’d love it if you’d fuck him. He likes to top too and could hold you down if you want. But I really need someone to open him up for me, and you’ve got more experience with that than I do. I mean, if you like him that way that is. I know you’ve been through a number this year and I don’t want to impose anything on you, you are our guest for however long you need and that doesn’t change either way. Unless you’re a douche when I get back, which from listening to you guys go back and forth it doesn’t sound like it. So yeah, do you think my future husband is hot?” Justin’s eye’s shot straight up to mine. Was this guy’s face ever going to go back to it’s normal shade? He spoke slowly. “Yeah, he’s hot.” He paused for a second before mustering a bit of his bravado he used when he was doing things to please Danny. “He’s hot as fuck. I’ve wanted him to breed me since I first laid eyes on him. I wanted him to make me choke on his dick and make me his bitch for months now. I’ve jacked off thinking about what it must be like watching him fuck your little ass and wished he was fucking me while I was fucking you.” “It’s not little anymore” Patrick responded by instinct “Even better.” “But I need you to fuck him too… a lot.” Justin almost growled. “Oh I think I can manage that.” “Hot.” Patrick’s single word summed up what I, and apparently Justin, was thinking. “Hey Aaron, put me on facetime on the tv.” Chapter 31 Every time I see Patrick, I swear he’s bigger. I guess that’s because he is. He appeared on my screen, shirtless and wearing only a jockstrap. One of the ones he used to be much too big. It fit him well now. Though it wouldn’t for long as I saw him start playing with one of his nipples. God his chest looked jacked. “Damn boo, looking good” I said. “Thanks, hun… ok, you heard what he said he wants, have fun!” I turned back to Justin. He had his bravado look going on, but I could see in his eyes he was both excited and nervous. He grabbed the base of his package. “You want my cock, faggot?” he spat. The words were tough but his eyes betrayed how turned on he was. I stood up tall, making sure to pull my shoulders back so he couldn’t miss how broad I am. “You don’t have to do that tough shit with me. But if you want me to be rough, I can. We’ll get to your cock, but first I’m gonna own that sweet, smooth ass of yours. Got it?” His eyes lit up. “Yessir, you want it… take it.” I moved to remove my shirt and motioned for him to do the same. Just as he got his shirt over his head I grabbed him by the hip with one arm and flipped him around on the couch so he was ass up and his arms were caught up in his shirt. I pulled his shorts to his knees, spread his cheeks open and dove my tongue into his rosy pucker. Behind me, I could hear Patrick on the TV let out a moan. Justin managed to free his arms from his shirt. He reached back and spread his ass for me, leaning his chest on the back of the couch for support. He began to moan and thrash, but I grabbed his hips and pulled him back into me as I gave him a rim job he’d remember. After awhile I slowed down a bit and as he calmed down I continued playing with his asshole as I stroked his massive tool with one hand. He was leaking pre all over my couch. I laughed a bit as I thought to myself “thank God for scotchgard.” Patrick’s moaning from behind me gave me an idea. I picked Justin up and carried him behind the couch, where I had him stand and bend over so I could fuck him while we both watched Patrick masturbate. I spat on his hole and began working my fingers into him. When I was satisfied he was ready, I stood and grabbed his arms and pinned them behind him. I asked him how he wanted it. “Make me your bitch, sir” he cried as he squirmed a bit. I lined my cockhead up with his hole and began not so gently pushing it in. He cried out and tried to straighten up a bit. I roughly pushed him back down and realigned my cock. He wanted to be owned, he was going to get it. I felt his ass finally open up enough to get my fat cockhead past his pucker. I spat on his hole and kept pushing. My dick is wider just past the head, and I heard him gasp as it began to invade his insides. He was tight. I could tell he didn’t get fucked often. I glanced up at Patrick as he fondled his jock. His triceps popped with each motion. He was looking intently at the screen but I couldn’t tell if he was focused more on me or Justin. I felt Justin’s hole relax slightly and took the opportunity to push myself all the way inside him. His mouth opened in a silent yell as his horse cock spat out a glob of pre. He tried to reach around to stroke his dick. But I had his arms pinned behind him and he couldn’t move as much as he tried. I used his hole to get off. Between strokes he managed to get out a “Fuck. Your. Dick. Is. Thick”. “yeah? You like my dick?” He nodded his affirmation as he moaned. He was tight as hell, so it wasn’t long before I was close. I pulled out, flipped him around and forced him to the floor. With one foot on his chest, I blew my load. I kept one hand in front of me to catch my spunk, while a few drops fell to land on his face. “I can’t see” Patrick moaned from the television. I took my foot off Justin’s chest and helped him to his feet. His big dick was solid and looked threatening, I hoped he wasn’t going to be as rough with me. “Fuck sir, that was great” He smiled. “You’re turn” came the tv. Chapter 32 “How do you want it” Justin asked. “What do you think is best?” I asked. I admitted to myself I was a bit nervous given his size. “Hmm…” he began moving the coffee table. “Here, bend over on the floor so he can see you.” I bent over doggie-style on the floor, using a pillow to support my elbows. A moment later I felt a furtive tongue on my ass followed by a light smack on my ass. “Fuck yeah you’ve got a great ass.” He growled. He took his time with his tongue, slowly exploring my asshole. I looked up towards the tv to see Patrick reach over to grab something off camera. As he came back into focus I saw he had a fleshlight and some lube in hand. He removed his jock, and slathered lube over his cock. Fuck he looked massive. The tonguing stopped. “Fuck man, wow.” I heard Justin’s awed voice. “fucking awesome cock.” “Thanks.” Came Patrick’s voice. I felt wetness on my hole again. Justin’s pre-jizz began oozing down my crack, lubing me up. A moment later, I felt his cock head on my hole and I involuntarily twitched. He rubbed his massive cockhead up and down my crack a few times before lining up for the entry. I felt trepidation. His cock and was massive. Thicker slightly than the rest of his dick, but not by much. The image of an apple being pushed through a dime sized tube came to mind. He pressed more, gently, but firmly. For a moment I felt like it wasn’t going to work. He was just too thick. Then I looked at the tv screen and remember, Patrick is going to be thicker if he isn’t already. I focused on relaxing, on letting myself open up. Wasn’t working. “One sec,” Justin said. He got up and quickly ran to the guest room. He came back with a washcloth and a can of something. He sprayed a little onto the rag and handed it to me. “Here, like poppers. But don’t do too much cause it’ll fuck you up.” I obeyed and inhaled from the rag. I started feeling quite relaxed and almost sleepy is the best way to describe it. Then his cockhead was at my hole again. He pressed again, insistently as the relaxing feeling intensified. Suddenly, with almost a pop, I felt his cock enter my hole and I was very much wide awake and feeling everything again! I instinctively flexed my ass muscles. “Breath,” he said reassuringly, “Take a deep breath… Fuck you are tight.” He didn’t move for a moment. I looked back at Patrick. He had stuck just the head of his dick into the fleshlight. I wasn’t sure his entire dick was going to fit in the thing. “Fuck yeah,” Justin moaned, as he became transfixed with Patrick’s cock. I felt him throb inside me, bringing his attention back to me. “Fuck you’re so tight,” he said again. He began working his cock into me, slowly. Very very slowly. It felt amazing. As he went deeper, so did Patrick with his fleshlight. Things felt like they were going smoothly. My ass felt like you could land a plane it it, but I knew we weren’t done. I reached back and tried to wrap my fingers around Justin’s cock. “A bit past half way” he said calmly. A moment later I felt him hit that spot Patrick had recently found in me. He pushed a bit further. “Ah,” He moaned, “wow…am I hitting virgin territory?” I couldn’t speak anything intelligible. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feeling of his giant member opening me wide, when Justin reached over and put that rag to my face again. The feeling was stronger this time, and I felt my hole relax a bit, somehow. He pressed in a bit more, moaning as he did so. He caught a glance at Patrick again, watching his muscles flex as he stroked his cock with the fleshlight. He became transfixed, muttering about how huge Patrick’s arms were, and his chest, and his cock. Patrick ate the attention up and started flexing to show off. He flexed a bicep and I felt Justin’s cock swell inside me as he pushed even further into me. He started fucking me in earnest now as I moaned as he impaled me. I didn’t think I could take all of him yet. Seeing the can of poppers and the rag I grabbed them and took a whiff. I relaxed just in time for Justin to push himself into me all the way to the hilt. Untouched, my cock exploded even though I had just cum not long ago. Patrick let out a loud grunt and pushed himself into the fleshlight to the hilt. With a crack, I saw his cockhead come out of the top of the fleshlight a couple inches as the sides at the top of the toy split either from his grip or his huge cock tearing it open. Precum poured freely down from his piss slit, coating his hands in clear liquid. He didn’t seem to notice. “Fuck yeah, fuck his hole,” Patrick moaned, beginning to take longer strokes on the broken fleshlight, which Justin then matched in my asshole. “Look at him, he loves it”. It was true, I was on cloud nine. Justin’s cock was enormous, and as he took longer and longer strokes I felt like I was both way too full and also like I couldn’t get enough. It was big enough by far to make me shout and groan with each stroke, but although I expected myself to scream “stop, too much”, instead I heard myself screaming, “yes, yes…omg you’re huge, yes.” “I’m close,” I heard Justin say, “I’m close…I’m close.” He was taking shorter, quicker strokes in me now, using only about half his cock. Patrick decided to push him over the edge. After a couple quick strokes he ripped the fleshlight off and hit a double bicep pose as he began blowing his spunk on the desk in front of him. “Justin screamed “Fuck” and pushed himself all the way into me as he came. I was a bit overwhelmed with the whole scene and didn’t realize that somewhere in there I had come a third time. I looked up to see that Patrick had put the cap on the bottom of the fleshlight and had filled it to the brim with his jizz…and was still cumming. He then lifted it to his mouth and began drinking his jizz while continuing to cum buckets. Justin was still transfixed as he blew another load in me. When Patrick finally finished cumming, a few minutes passed with all of us just catching our breath. Patrick started to clean up with a few towels, and we moved to do the same. Before he hung up he looked at the camera and said. “You’ve got two weeks to loosen him up as much as you can Justin… Oh, and you may want to loosen up a bit yourself.” With that, he flexed and kissed his bicep then the screen went black.
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    Bigger than Ever. “Lil’ Bro, good to see you!” A shiver traveled down Jack’s spine while he heard the deep bass of his older brother’s greeting. “Hi Dave.” Jack mumbled meekly, not quite wanting to look up from the floor and be greeted his brother’s massive body. But Dave, like usual, cared little for what his little brother might want and quickly grabbed him for a hug. Jack tried his very best to not pop a boner while his small body was pressed into his brother’s steel like pecs, his thin legs dangling in the air while the huge biceps of his brother easily kept him suspended in the air. “Damn little bro, did you get shorter?” Jack knew this was just his brothers usual spiel, but played along anyways. Who wouldn’t when they were trapped in between a set of huge outward jutting pecs. “No Dave. You must have gotten taller again.” This earned a chuckle from Dave, something which sent a rippling through the entirety of his huge body. “Damn! Last time I saw you I was like… 6’8? Think I can add a few inches to that.” Dave said with a grin. Clearly talk of how massive his body was got the tall man going, because Jack could feel Dave’s mammoth meaty bulge he was bumping into stir and throb. Thoughts of just how incomprehensibly hung Dave was added to the already complicated feelings shooting through Jack’s body after seeing just how much bigger and more studly his brother was looking. “Haven’t just gotten taller.” Dave said with a smirk, confirming Jack’s suspicions that the big man’s lax training regimen was somehow still paying off with huge gainz. And that glint in Dave’s sparkling blue eyes suggested that the meaty baseball bat swinging between his marble pillar thick legs Jack had accidently seen when he had run into the big man after a shower had somehow gotten bigger as well. Jack was just hoping the upcoming family weekend wouldn’t have to involve any more awkward nude encounters, being confronted with just how perfect and manly his brother was never failed to fill the small man up with envy. “Come on little guy. We still got a long drive to the family cabin.” Dave gently put his little brother on the floor, guiding him to his parked car. It was a huge Jeep, and although it was a tight fit for the goliath that was Dave, Jack thought he didn’t look much better than a toddler in the big seat. With a grin Dave picked up a few of the used custom made condoms littering the floor, the smell of thick cum radiating from the used rubbers. “Sorry bro, you know how horny the gym guys get seeing me throw around iron many times heavier than their body weights.” Dave said, softly letting out a reminiscing chuckle. Jack could imagine, considering how many times he had jerked off to videos of all the college jocks that had once ruled the campus now begging for his brothers supreme manhood and manly muscles. The rest of the car ride was largely silent, apart from a few occasions where Jack couldn’t help himself and smelled the ripe essence of masculinity radiating from Dave’s sweaty gym top. Jack could hardly tame his excitement when a few minutes later that got the big man to throw off his tank top and sweater, which besides freeing the deep musk, also gave Jack an excellent view of the sweat running in between the stud’s ripped 8-pack. After a few more hours of Jack being painfully hard while studying the every movement rippling through the giant’s arm while steering they finally arrived at the family’s outhouse. Dave was looking forward to all of the family being in awe of continued growth. His nerdy little brother was going to attend Harvard after the summer, and the weak nerd had been all the family would talk about for years. But after his ‘growth spurt’ and beefing out most of the family was far more interested in Dave’s bicep size rather than some nerdy achievement. “We’re gonna be sharing a room. You won’t mind staying out during the day, right little bro? I’ve got my ‘urges’ to take care off…” Dave said with a widering grin. Jack just nodded. Who was he to get in the way off his massive brother’s jerk off sessions. The two walked on inside, Dave carrying both of their heavy bags with ease in just one hand. AThe other hand was twisting a small golden ring that he had in his pocket. It had a bright green gem, it’s shine somewhat diminished by the fact it was coated in a sleek layer of the pre cum that was constantly leaking out of his gargantuan cock. He turned the ring in his hands a few more times, considering if he should wear it for a few more minutes so he could grow past the big 7 feet. The magical artifact wouldn’t mind being used to keep up his illusion of a natural growth spurt, right? Dave smirked, man how his uncle had laughed at his aspiration to grow up as a big hulking brute. The frail fuck didn’t even reach his outward jutting pecs now. While his family excitedly shrieked as the big man’s big, heavy footfalls made everyone aware of his towering presence, Dave didn’t even notice the small sleek ring suddenly slipping through his fingers. Nor did he notice how it rolled across the hardwood floor, till it bumped into Jack’s shoes. And Dave was far too busy showing off his sex oozing body to the fiance of one of his cousins to notice Jack picking up the small muscle growth inducing piece of jewelry with great interest.
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    - Chapter 4 - Meet The Perfect Subject "Hey, what are these?" My roommate holds up a stack of bills, which I did not realise it was there at the counter. He managed to see the sender before I do, and shit - it was the sound system company. "What were you doing? Soundproofing the house?" He asked me, half-jokingly. I panicked a little and told him that I have issues sleeping, and so I thought this might help. He nodded, seemingly accepted my answer. He put down the bills and walked over to the sink. "I'll get this done." He points at the dirty dishes and gets to work. "Phew, that was a close one." I scolded myself a little and reminded myself to be more careful with my plan. I'm glad he didn't press on further, but is that a little too easy? I shook my head and ignored it, for now, maybe I'm just overthinking this. I'll admit: I'm a useless piece of shit. What moral, what conscience - it's not happening, or rather, not giving me any self-control to stop this at once. With this power at hand, I am imagining all sorts of possibilities I can make of Charles. I look over to Charles as he washes the dishes - his wide shoulders are now looking like fitness model now, but I secretly want more. His lean body mass now adorned by visible veins, running down his arms. I shudder a little, I have a thing with muscles. I like my men big, you see - the bigger, the better. I was looking at Charles scrubbing the pots and pans, the rhythmic pattern sends vibration up his pillowy pecs and they bounce a little with every motion. I want him even bigger and I'm dying to make him even bigger. My cock responded faster than I did, I quickly turn away before it gets too obvious. "All done! Thanks for your awesome dinner tonight, man." Charles stretches his arm over his head, giving me the first view of his cobblestone abs. I swallowed my saliva, trying hard to hold myself from touching him. I nonchalantly wave back at him and he adjourned to his bedroom after waving back at me. My heart skips a beat when I hear the lock clicks and I quickly get to work. I swear I did not waste a single second as I switched on my computer and opened the script. It's time for a major upgrade for the script. I went through the script line by line, making sure I add every little detail to create my perfect subject. I'd probably let my lust took over me for a bit as I frantically type away, editing the script in its extreme details. I dropped in more muscle growth, setting his body to the maximum anabolic state. I optimised his hormone output, making sure that he's growing bigger, but not losing hair with the excessive testosterone. He would get a little hairier, a little taller and a little more promiscuous - flirtatious even, from the boost of the male hormone. To get the script lock and loaded from the inside out, I address self-image issues in the script. I wrote at length on how all we are is a mere human, what we have is just a body, you know the whole "taking care of your temple and share it with the world" kinda thing. I make him very competitive in the gym, and I make him feel very aroused after every set he lifts. It will arouse him immensely, he will crave from this release and the amazing euphoria that comes after every productive gym session. I also added in the part that grows his cock huge, as if it's a part of the muscles in his body. Then, I will increase his cum production in his heavy sack of balls. This is about to get interesting. Though I'm not sure if so many new suggestions would be the most efficient way to approach this, I am too horny at this point to analyse these factors. I save the script and let it run throughout the night like I always do. I look up at the clock and realised I've spent 3 hours on this - I too adjourned to my bedroom. That night, I have the most erotic dream about Charles, and strangely, me. I dreamt of us, growing into this muscular behemoth and woke up with the hardest morning wood in my entire life. "I need to take care of this, quick." I chuckle a little and dash into the bathroom.
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    You guys wanna try something? I have no idea how this going to turn out, but let's see what happens. Read the story snippet below and they chose what you think Jared, the main character, should do. Or feel free to propose your own option in the comments. Okay, here goes. About a year ago, you graduated from high school with your best friend, Mitch. You then had the best summer of your life, hanging with Mitch, playing video games, eating junk food, and endlessly discussing who was going to die in the next Avengers movie. You voted for Captain America. Mitch was positive it would be Thor. But like all things, last summer eventually came to an end. You both headed off to different schools in different parts of the country. Both of your school schedules proved a lot busier than you expected and you didn't have the time to talk, text, or skype that you thought you would. And a bad snow storm and a couple of missed flights meant you missed each other over the holidays too. But summer is back and you just got home. You realize Mitch must be back too. You try and call him but he doesn't pick up nor does he answer your texts. You decide to stop over and see him, but his brother tells you he's not there. He's gone down to the beach. "The beach?" you think. "That's weird. Mitch never goes to the beach." But you decide to grab your swimming trunks, go down there and find him. "The beach isn't that big," you think. "Should be pretty easy to track him down." But when you get there, you comb the whole place and you don't really see him. But just as you're getting ready to leave, you notice this massive guy asleep on his beach lounger. You do a double take. The face looks a lot like Mitch's, but the body... This dude is huge and yoked beyond belief. It couldn't possibly be Mitch... Or could it? It really did look like his face. What do you do? Do you wake him up to see if he's Mitch? Or do you go home and try calling your friend tomorrow? Vote on the poll page and we'll see where we go. Higher resolution versions of the images can be found here:
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    There’s a generous pop to my noticeable boner when the guy finally senses that I’m staring at him. It’s something like an elephant just climbed into a Prius and sat beside you. Something big and covered in muscles can’t go unnoticed for very long. The dude quickly looks around to make sure there’s no one near him that might be attracting my focus. A wink from me makes him freeze and actually quiver with excitement. He’s shocked to find out that the mountain of bulges is flirting with him. That’s when a pec bounce can cause a mouth to drop open wide and an already racing heart to skip a beat. I smile to make his knees go weak. A chiseled face with a two-day growth is like a neon sign pointing towards the scrumptious hard mounds of flesh popping out everywhere below. The delicious fur upholstering all of my hardness is clearly visible through my form-hugging white t-shirt. I realize I’m too hot for him to believe all of this is real – but it’s my smile that causes all of his doubt to disappear. I reach up to scratch one of my voluminous pecs – knowing the bent arm takes his kettle to the boiling point quicker than even an open fire could. Here’s where I get to make an important decision – realizing it will set the tone for the rest of the night. I can saunter over to him – thick-as-hell thighs causing me to waddle more than walk. This will almost make him piss himself, the mountain coming to him. Or I can stand there and wait – giving him time to calm the raging storm I’ve caused in his body and allowing him to prepare whatever adorable introductory remarks he has for his dream muscle daddy. I choose to wait – forcing him to cross that wasteland of disappointed souls who have realized I’ve already made my pick for the night. I come up off the stool I’m leaning on to let my full height and size cast an imposing shadow on him, blocking out all of the light from above. His Adams apple bounces strongly from the gulp caused by my towering presence. It’s like a kid standing before a New York skyscraper for the first time. I hold out my hand, intentionally letting its hugeness force him to break out in a sweat as he contemplates its power and the fact that it’s a precursor to something equally as large lurking down below in my pants. He’s confused – should he reach out to shake my big mitt or should he turn around and run, avoiding any displeasure foreshadowed by such an obvious difference in size. I’m reminded of my immensity and power when I grip his small, defenseless hand, quickly calculating enough pressure to thrill, but not crush. The jolt my light squeeze causes in his body is so perceptible I’m momentarily fearful he may pass out. It makes me instantly wonder if I unintentionally clasped too hard. I continue holding on, just so he can use my big hand for support. At any moment I might need to help him stay upright. I watch as my voice literally rattles his insides when I tell him my name. He’s expected it to be deep and manly, but the actual sound is much more impressive than even what he imagined. I’m still holding on to his small hand and he doesn’t even realize he’s been squeezing with all his might, hoping to try and emphasize his own manliness this close to my huge testosterone oozing body. I clamped down a little harder on his fingers just to make his eyes bulge out a little and his voice to go up an octave or two as he tells me his name. It’s surprising that his first words aren’t the expected ‘fuck, you’re so big’ or ‘wow, you have a lot of muscles.’ He actually asks where I’m from and what I do for a living. Intelligent questions from a guy working hard to not wince from my grip and forcing his gaze to stay glued to my eyes and not travel down to my mountainous chest or bulging arms. I’m starting to realize I chose well out of the sea of muscle whores ogling me at the bar. I let go of his hand, noticing the relief in his face, and let my big paw travel up his arm to land with a heavy plop on his demure shoulder. He tilts a little to that side. My thumb and fingers easily straddle his deltoid muscle and we both realize at the same time his small hand wouldn’t come close to doing the same thing to my immense shoulder. I get another joyful zing to my crotch as I recognize a fellow comparison junkie in my newfound friend. His mind has uncontrollably moved to thoughts of tiny biceps flexed next to gigantic ones and even grown-man thighs being dwarfed by relaxed, get-a-bigger-tape-measure guns. I smile broader when he finally cannot take it any longer and has to steal a glance at my upper torso. I let him take a long gander, knowing the front of his pants just got a lot tighter. I grasp harder with my hand, instantly making his gaze return to mine. He’s afraid I might continue squeezing harder and doesn’t fully understand why his brain hopes so. I pull my arm in a little, just to temporarily marvel at how easily I can make his body do as I please. I contemplate palming his head and seeing if I could lift him off the floor, but I realize that would definitely scare him off or cause him to have a messy accident. Suddenly, I become aware he’s asking me what I call the ‘gym-bo’ questions. Where do I work out? How much can I bench? What exercises do I do to get certain muscles so big? I debate for a second whether or not to tell him about the cute muscle bear gay couple I plowed in the sauna at my gym a few hours earlier, but decide it’s better if he thinks he’s my first fuck of the day. It’s always important to make a guy feel special. I pull his body even closer, loving how my one hand easily drags him a few inches. I can tell his questions are intended to be a subliminal message for me to ask him if he’d like to feel my muscles, but I decide to wait and finally make him say the request out loud and clear. I also don’t want to rush the evening. I want to have more fun with my puppet-man before I fulfill his long hidden fantasy for a domineering muscle daddy that toys with him into the wee hours in the morning. He’s now chattering away uncontrollably. His lust for ‘all things muscle’ has gotten the best of him and he can’t stop himself. I do what I know will shut him up the quickest. I tense my big arm at my side, bending it slightly to make the biceps bulge with intimidation. He stops mid-sentence, with his lips apart and then his tongue darts out like a panting dog. He somehow controls his body enough to whisper the words ‘can I feel it’ and I tighten my grip on his shoulder a little, pull him even closer to me, and say ‘have at it, kid.’ You would have thought I was the general of some awe-inspiring mega army giving the signal for attack by the way he pounced on my arm. His trembling fingers seemed to get some kind of electrical shock as soon as they touched my hard skin. He let out a childlike yelp of glee and started running his hands around my big gun as if he were trying to memorize every vein, indention, and bulge for future masturbatory moments. I told him to ‘slow down, tiger’ since the big thing wasn’t going anywhere any time soon and when it did go it would probably be carrying him out of the place. You would have thought I had just told him he had won a billion dollar lottery – the way he responded to the idea of me carrying him. So the little man had a lift and carry fetish, as well. That was good to know, since there were few things that thrilled me more than tossing some guy around the bedroom. I was so turned on by that thought I actually squeezed his shoulder a little too tight and he screamed slightly, but never stopped his intense caressing of my arm. I had to apologize to the guy and explain that lifting him later on would be the best foreplay I could think of. This seemed to please the little fella to no end. He pulled his body forward and brought his lips down to my biceps, pressing into my skin hard enough to bend his nose downward. He stayed that way for a good minute, as if he had frozen to my gun. Finally, he pulled back and stopped his lustful massage of my arm. I let the tensed thing relax. He then looked up at me and, laughing, asked if I was a top or a bottom. I smiled and said ‘what do you think?’ He said he thought all of my muscle could probably plow a mountain and I told him that was a nice compliment. With my free hand I grabbed his and guided it to my crotch, pressing his palm and fingers into the muscle I worked out the most. There it was, that look of shock I had come to love so much. He thought my man-tits were huge. He thought my arms were enormous. He thought my legs were swollen beyond measure. He was, however, not prepared to know that the size of my love muscle matched the rest of me. I kept my hand on his, so he couldn’t jerk his away in fear. When his fingers finally started groping with exploratory excitement I pulled away. His squeezing stopped momentarily when I mentioned I wasn’t fully hard – the idea that my substantial tool could get bigger and harder almost terrified him, if he hadn’t been so turned on. When a guy openly fondles your enormous cock in the middle of a bar is when you know he’s completely yours. This dude had brought his other hand over to my crotch so he could do some double fisted groping. My response to his kind work was making him a little worried because he was actually beginning to realize just how massive my plowing machine would grow. I told him I hoped he was ready for a sore jaw and ass tomorrow and he said the pleasure would be all his. I guaranteed him that not all of it would be his. I sealed the deal and finalized the catch by pulling him into my hard body, forcing him to turn his head upward to look me in the eyes. I brought my face down to his and gave him a kiss. When we stopped he was smiling and I asked him what he was thinking about. He told me he was imagining what I would look like in the morning with no shirt on. I suggested I carry him out of the place so he could go see.
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    I am a pretty big guy under normal circumstances. At 6’1 230lbs most people would say I am above average. I don’t know why, but I have always wanted to be the smaller one in a relationship. I guess it because I want to be the one taken care of, not the one in charge. Don’t get me wrong, I like my size at times. I am not a feminine man, I just know that I a man that has needs that want to be met. My dream man would be 6’5 or taller and outweigh me by at least 50 lbs. He must be masculine, not overweight, but muscular and strong as an ox. I would love to be in a bar with my man and people turn and stare at him not just because of his size, but because they notice that I am his and his alone. This is all fantasy, this would never happen in real life. Who am I kidding? What muscle giant is going to want an average guy like me? But then I met Bryson and my fantasy became reality. I live in Colorado, so I love to go hiking in the mountains. Not an overnight hike, just an afternoon stroll looking at the beauty of nature. I am not a photographer, but I love taking pictures of the scenery. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about the solitude and the fresh air that gives me joy. So here I am strolling along a narrow trail. I pass a few other hikers along the way. I give them a short greeting and allow them to pass. I am not going to lie, I am always cruising the merchandise, still hoping for that chance to at least see my dream man, even if being with him isn’t reality. I see this guy walking towards me with a day pack on his back and is shirtless. I can see he is a bigger guy far away off, as he gets closer, I get to see how big he really is. I am trying not to stare, but it is hard not to. This guy has to be at least 6’8 and solid as a rock. I move over to let him pass, and he does the same to let me pass. He gives this smile that radiates with confidence. As I walk past him, I look up and our eyes meet. His eyes are an emerald green. They almost didn’t look like they could be his real color, but they were so masculine and beautiful. I tried to say thank you, but the words could not form in my mouth. My mouth was dry and it would not shut. He looks down at me, and says “have a good day, enjoy the view.” I wanted to say “I already am” but I just walked past not saying a word. As I walk away, I look back one more time just to get another look at him. I was not expecting him to be looking back at me, but he was. He gave me a great big smile and waved goodbye. I walked about 10 steps, not paying attention to where I was going and I slipped off the narrow trail and started sliding down the slope of the hill. He saw what happened and started running towards me. I was holding onto a rock so I didn’t slide down any farther. When he got to me, he reached down and told me to grab onto his hand. I was afraid to let go of the rock, but the confidence in his voice made me feel more at ease. “you can trust me, I will not let you fall”. I grabbed for his hand and he grabbed my wrist. And there was a connection that I have never felt before. Before I knew what had happened, I was hoisted up to safety. This giant man, lifted my body with one arm like I weighed nothing at all. After knew I was safe, then the emotions started flowing. I was shaking and scared. I started crying. I felt like such a baby. Here I am a grown man crying in front of this giant like a baby. I was expecting my emotions to make him feel uncomfortable, but his response was exact opposite. We were both still on the ground and he wrapped his arms around me and set me down on his lap. “it’s ok, you are safe now”. He let took that back of my head and lead me to his chest. It was so intimate. I felt like I have known this man my entire life, and I didn’t even know his name. I just cried in his arms for a few more minutes. Then I regained my composure. Then something else happened. After I calmed down, I felt a sharp pain in my leg. I don’t know if it was the adrenaline, but I did not even notice that my leg severely injured. My pants were soaked with blood. I must have hit that rock harder than I thought I did. I thought I could get up, but the pain was so intense that I went right back down into his lap. “My name is Bryson, what is your name son?” I was not expecting to be called “son”, but I kind of liked it. “name is Nathan” “Well Nathan, nice to meet you. Let me take care of this wound for you. I am a nurse and I have all the things we need at my place. My car is at the trailhead about a mile away. I will carry you there.” I didn’t know how to respond. “Bryson, I weigh 230lbs, I am not a small guy. Are you sure I won’t be too heavy for you?” He smiled at me and stood up with me in his arms. I can curl almost 300 lbs, I could carry you all day long”. His confidence made me instantly hard and it showed. “I can see that you like that idea don’t you?” Again, he left me speechless. Bryson didn’t waste any time and started walking down to trail with me cradled in his arms. “wrap your arms around my neck Nathan and enjoy the ride”. At times he would adjust me by throwing me up and catching me at a higher level. I don’t think he was getting tired, I think he was playing with me, literally! We got to his truck, a Ford F-150 with a lift so it was high off the ground. He went over to the passenger side and set me down for a minute, still supporting me with one arm so most of my weight was resting in his one arm. He opened the door and lifted me into the passenger seat. I thought he was going to fasten my seatbelt as well, but he just reach and handed it to me to snap into place. He closed the door and went around to the drivers side and got it. We went down the mountain and turned onto this winding dirt road until we came to this huge log cabin in the middle of nowhere. “Welcome to my home Nathan, I hope you feel welcome here”. He then got out of the truck and walked over to my side, opened the door and scooped me up into his arms again. This guy is amazing. He is not cocky at all. He is just compassionate and caring. He carries me into his house and sets me down on this really long couch. “let me go get my kit.” and he heads into the bathroom. I take this time to adjust my package. Bryson returns with what looked like a small red toolbox with he red cross on it. “let me take care of this for you.” Before I knew it, he started tearing off my pants starting from the waist and with one pull my pants were shredded in two. “You won’t be needing these later anyway.” He said with a grin that made his green eyes sparkle. To be continued…
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    “Are you sure these are the uniforms” Will asked from behind the closed door Rob who was sitting on a the sofa just sighed while he half heartedly watched TV while playing with the skimpy black shorts of his own uniform in his hands. “Yea that’s the stuff the boss sent” Rob said He too was a little concerned and confused by the uniform, but their employer, a local restaurant, had been making stranger and stranger business decisions lately. Changing the menu and firing the chef was a bit sudden, but not really strange. Changing the name to Cocky’s BBQ Joint and adding a logo of a muscle bound rooster was strange, but they’d been a low rent bbq joint before hand. The uniforms being changed from farmer like garb to a black cap, black socks and little black shorts was the strangest thing so far. Will’s door opened and out strode an enormous black man. Rob threw himself out of his seat. “Who the fuck are you” he shouted He was about to shout for Will, his roommate and a short flabby white boy when the big black brute put up his hands in a calming gesture. “Wait wait, it’s me” the man said in a voice similar to Will’s, just a bit deeper The black guy turned his cap backwards and suddenly he deflated, his skin lightening and his height decreasing. Within a second the black man had changed into Will. “What the fuck” Rob muttered, stepping forward to check out Will “I have no idea, I put on the outfit and I grew into a black guy” Will explained “I read the letter that came with the uniform, it said to turn the hat backwards if you want to switch out of your work form” “Work form...” Rob started to ask, but Will turned his hat forward again and began to grow Will's chest shot outwards, inflating into two thick pecs which slammed into Rob’s face as his roommate grew taller. Rob’s face remained pressed between the heavy warm pecs as Will’s skin darkened into a rich dark hue. Will’s shoulders rocketed out as his toros grew wider and his arms lengthened to match his new height. His messy dark hair retracted under his hat and his face cracked into a handsomer shape. Will’s lips plumped up and were joined by the sound of his flat white ass inflating into a meaty black muscle butt. Rob stepped back from Will just as his roommates legs exploded into two black tree trunks. His roommates shorts were pulled tight, but continued to grow tighter as his small white boy cock swelled into a shank of black sex meat, capped off with two hulking cum filled bull nuts. “Fuck” Rob muttered He was hurriedly pulling off his clothes and trying to get his own uniform on. “Magic uniforms” Will chuckled “Uniforms which turn us into hunks... black hunks” Rob was still changing into his uniform “Why though... to get more people in” he asked “Don’t think too much about it” Will laughed, flexing a thick muscled arm for his own amusement “Just enjoy the body” Will had taken off the hat, testing whether it was needed to maintain the change. It wasn’t, once it was removed Will remained as a big black guy. He then pulled down his shorts, a pair of briefs struggled to contain his newly enhanced cock. These briefs were Will’s from before he changed and they didn’t seem to be effected. They were still the small size and looked like they’d burst at any minute. “Gonna need some new briefs” Will laughed He turned to look at Rob just as Rob gingerly put the black cap onto his head. The change was as sudden as Will’s, but it was different. Rob’s muscles were inflating, but not as big as Will’s. His body was soon covered in smooth yet tight muscles. His proportions similar to a gymnast. His chest cut into a v shape, with plumped up pecs. His shorts grew tight over a rounded bubble butt, but unlike Will, Rob’s crotch didn’t swell like a subway sandwich had been stuffed into it. To Rob it actually felt like his cock was shrinking. He could tell he was getting shorter. His eyes going from looking at Will’s massive black pecs down to his ripped abs. The change stopped, Rob looked himself over. He was tiny, muscled and cute. His skin was snowy white and near to perfect. “Fuck me” Will said staring down with hungry eyes at his roommate Will’s underwear snapped, the tattered fabric slapping Rob in the face. It was damp with sweat and pre-cum. There was a louder slap as Will gargantuan horse cock flopped rock hard onto Rob’s gymnast chest. A long string of pre-cum dripping from the apple sized head onto Rob’s white skin. No words passed between the two. Rob was scared by how much he suddenly wanted that massive black dick, and it looked like Will could tell he wanted it. Rob went to turn his cap backwards so he could change back, but he was beaten to it by Will’s big mitt of a hand. Without a word and a smirk on his lips Will effortlessly tossed the black cap out of the apartments open window, trapping Rob in his cock hungry twink form. “Whoops” Will laughed as he lighted his cock up to Rob’s already opening plump lips
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    Chapter 29 Through struggle, patience, and a teamwork, James and I managed to get my swim trunks on and completely cover my junk. The trunks were so tight that they dug into the skin above my knees, gripped every curve in and out of my ass, and showed just how elephantine James had made my cock. Faith alone was keeping them on. I was afraid to move, but I had to at least make an appearance at the lake. James went ahead without me. Slowly, very slowly, very very slowly, I made my way to the lake. I had to swing my legs wide to avoid bunching the fabric. I stopped at the end of the porch; the steps were going to be a problem. Doug and Henry had moved the deck chairs closer to the lake. They were sitting there, blocking my straight path to the lake. Each had a coffee mug of wine from lunch, and they were sharing a plate of figs. Doug was wearing a sensible pair of roomy sky-blue trunks; he had the same pattern of chest hair as his son, maybe with a few wicks of grey in it. Henry’s bathing suit was sea green, much tighter, and had a slightly scandalous cut to show off his toned upper thigh; I was shocked to see that Henry’s nipples were pierced. I was also surprised that his piercings were tasteful silver handlebars, mostly because I didn’t know nipple piercings could be tasteful. I’d stared at James’s parents long enough, and I knew that delaying my descent wouldn’t let me avoid it, so I quickly thudded down the stairs. I must have made a huge clatter because Doug and Henry turned around. Doug’s jaw dropped open wide, and Henry pulled his glasses closer and further away from his eyes, not believing what he saw. Since they were looking right at me, I had to sell it. I had to make it look like that I wanted to wear swim trunks that were this tight. So, I puffed up my chest, spread my shoulders wide, and strutted—as much as I could—until I was completely in the lake. James came up to me and threw his arms around my shoulders. As we splashed around in the water, I could hear James’s parents talk about me. Doug started, in what he thought were whispers. “Is it wrong that, now that I’ve seen his boyfriend in a bathing suit, I have an entirely newfound respect for my son?” Henry swatted his chest. “He’s half your age, Doug.” “He’s twice my size.” “Our son likes weightlifting. It’s unsurprising his boyfriend would too.” “I wasn’t talking about his muscles.” “Don’t be vulgar.” Then, after a bite of a fig, Henry added, “It’s impolite to say, but I was shocked how...” he delicately picked a word, “present his privates were when we hugged.” “When I hugged him, I didn’t get close enough. As big as his basket is, that pec shelf of his sticks out further.” “He’s your son’s boyfriend. Be a gentleman!” “His ass belongs in your gallery for all the world to see.” Henry lowered his head slightly. “True.” James and I heard every word. “Is that weird?” I asked him. “A little, but I’m used to guys finding you hot.” “There’s guys, and then there’s your fathers.” James shrugged. “I know what’ll stop them from talking.” He turned to face the shore and shouted, “Are you geezers going to sit there all day, or are you going to join us in the water?” Doug placed his hand to his ear and said, “Could you repeat that, sonny? I don’t have my hearing aids in and I forgot to take my senility pills.” “Get in here!” James repeated. The swim was rather pleasant, until, a half hour later when Doug and I started roughhousing. We had been splashing, and then, in a completely avuncular way, Doug tackled me in the water. I momentarily lost my footing and had to flex my thighs to regain my stance in the soft soil at the bottom of the lake. I felt the seams go, and my suit swam away from me. I was completely naked. The water came up to just below my nipples, so my junk was far enough below the surface for no one to notice, but then Doug came to tackle me again. I quickly backed away. “Had enough, vile fiend?” he said in mock victory. “No, it’s just…” I walked over to James and whispered my predicament in his ear. James nodded, understanding. “James has to go back into the house.” “If you have to go to the bathroom, just go” Doug said, pointing to the house. “I didn’t take you for bashful.” “It’s not that,” James corrected. “Is he hurt?” Henry had concern in his voice. “No, not that.” “Then what?” Henry looked confused. I sighed and threw my head back. “I lost my trunks. I am completely ass-naked in front of my boyfriend’s fathers.” “What a relief!” Henry said, clutching his heart. “That was inevitable,” Doug said. “You really need to buy a bigger pair.” “Can you two turn around?” James asked. Henry turned around without further prompting, but Doug locked eyes with me. I didn’t back down. “If we’re going to play chicken, Doug, you’re going to lose.” Doug folded his arms in front of his chest. “We’re all men here. You don’t have anything I haven’t already seen.” “For crying out loud, Doug,” Henry chastised. He walked over to his husband and forcibly covered his eyes, one hand on each eye. Doug, defeated, put up no resistance. Henry looked at me and said, “I’ll keep mine closed, Chris. Jimmy, you let us know when the coast is clear.” I dashed into the house, dried off as quickly as I could, and put on my largest t-shirt and tights. When I went back out to the porch, the three of them were sitting on the wood, drying in the early afternoon sun. “We’ve voted,” Doug said. “That was funny and not embarrassing.” “I don’t get a vote?” I asked, joining them on the ground. “I voted for you by proxy,” James said. “He told us about the calendar,” Doug said, wagging his eyebrows suggestively. “I abstained,” Henry added, “if that makes you feel better.” “Three-nothing. Wow, I completely lost that vote,” I said, laughing a little. “Two-one,” Doug corrected. “I was embarrassed,” James said. “To avoid further embarrassment,” Henry said, taking his in, “I think we should discuss sleeping arrangements for the rest of the weekend.” “Smart,” Doug said. “I’m more than happy to sleep on the couch,” I said. “You won’t fit on the couch,” Doug said. “We have no illusions, Chris. We fully expect you and Jimmy to share a room.” Henry contributed. “But we haven’t this whole week!” James insisted. Doug rolled his eyes and added, in an overly sarcastic tone, “Yeah, okay. We believe you, son.” “That being said, this is a small cabin with thin walls. It is in everyone’s interest to postpone any amorous activities until the cabin is empty.” “I wouldn’t have thought otherwise,” I said, my hands in the air, surrendering to his logic. “That goes for everyone,” Henry said, playfully kicking Doug’s ankle. “Yes, dear,” Doug said with a singsong lilt. He turned to me and, pretending to whisper, added, “He thinks I have no self-control.” “Am I wrong?” Henry asked. Doug faked laughter. “Don’t worry, boyfriend Chris. When we’re on the far side of the lake fishing in our little rowboat, we won’t be able to hear anything that goes on in the cabin.” I nodded and thanked him. “Anything,” he repeated. “You made your point, Doug,” Henry said. Doug mouthed the word “anything.” The rest of the afternoon passed pleasantly. We talked, played a few games, and by the time we were doing the dinner dishes, James was completely relaxed. “Doug and I are getting up early tomorrow,” Henry said while drying the mugs. “We want to get in some fishing. We’ll probably be up and out by 7. 8 At the latest. If we set the alarm, will we wake you?” “By 8 AM,” I said, “We will have been at the gym for a half hour.” “You go that early?” Doug asked, dumbfounded. “We do, every morning, whether I want to or not,” I added. Doug looked skeptical. “I know how this looks, believe me, but your son is the one who pushes me in the gym.” James nodded. Doug looked back and forth between the two of us. I could see the lightbulb go off in his head. “So that’s how this works? Well, okay, Jimmy. Work your man as hard as you need to.” “I’d be happy to make you breakfast before we go,” James replied. “Oh God no!” Doug said. “That oatmeal kale stuff you make?” “It was a lovely offer,” Henry said, “but this is our first vacation in years, and I brought the waffle iron.” “Because he loves me, Jimmy,” Doug emphasized. “People who love me make me waffles.” “What time do you two normally get up, then?” Henry asked. “5:30,” James said. “Ish.” Henry looked at his watch. “You’re going to want to go to bed soon, then, aren’t you?” “This past week we’ve been watching the sunset either from Chris’s bed or the couch, and then went to sleep.” James sounded moony. Doug nodded. “You and that,” he pointed at me, “just went to sleep.” He nodded again, scrunching up his face into a grimace of mock-belief. “Sure.” Henry lightly whipped his towel at his husband. “You’re terrible.” Then to his son, he added, “That sounds divine.” He took the dish that James was drying out of his hand. “You two get ready for bed. We’ll finish up.” “Thanks, Uncle Henry. Goodnight, Dad.” “Night, Jimmy,” Doug said. “Goodnight,” I said. “Just to be super clear,” Doug said, “the husband and I will be fishing tomorrow until at least lunch time. Noon. Maybe one.” Then he added, with a note of mischief in his voice, “On the far side of the lake.” “Doug!” Doug shrugged and said, “They’re in their twenties, Henry. They’re going to fuck. I just don’t want to walk in on it again.” “Goodnight,” I repeated. “Night, boyfriend Chris,” Doug said with a small salute.
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    Born again, a man of truly monstrous proportions, he rejoiced in his impossibly huge and powerful body!
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    I licked his bicep. I caressed his muscled chest And boy did it taste like heaven My name is Shane. And I love muscles. I have always loved the way muscles move on the masculine body of an alpha male. How hard it felt to the touch of my small fingers. How delicious the taste of sweat over a jock’s glorious golden body. So obsessed I was over muscles that I had tried for years and years to build my own. Through high school till i was a college boy. But it seems that some people were never meant to be the muscle jock that dream to be. And one of those people appear to be me. Now at my first year of college I have decided that perhaps i should just give up. I am a twink. And even though i want so hard to be a muscled jock I think that it is time to accept myself for who i really am. I simply love muscles. And I think it doesn’t matter if the muscles are on me or a different person. I just have to learn to accept myself for who I really am and appreciate that if i look really hard i can find muscles everywhere. And right in front of my very eyes are the very glorious muscles i have been looking for. His name is Gary. And even though we were both the same age we looked completely different. We met on a social media app and i fell in love with his cocky personality instantly. He was self obsessed and a complete Alpha master. He would regularly degrade me for being a lesser being than him. And even though i felt completely uncomfortable and humiliated I was turned on by his incredibly huge and manly muscles He had his flaws however, and would regularly complain about how unlucky he was to suffer from balding hair loss at his age and his dick being slightly less than average. But truth be told, I would do anything to be him in an instance. What I wouldn’t do to be 6 feet tall like him. To be naturally broad shouldered with a mature manly face. And to be gifted with those adonis muscles... Which is why i have decided to swap my healthy hair and my proud much larger than average cock with his balding head and smaller cock. Of course it took some convincing from him as well. He convinced me how much of an Alpha he could potentially be and how much i never even deserved all these good qualities to begin with. Although hesitant at first, I agreed. As he mentioned before, it would be a complete waste to leave me looking good with a head full of hair and a donkey size cock swinging from my small skinny body. I had no use for these good qualities. I was not worthy to be blessed with them. Those were traits better suited for someone born superior. I placed my hands over his crotch area as i fondled his semi-hard dick. He was a cocky guy and I could tell he would enjoy this massage even though he refused to show any emotion through his jock sunglasses. Typical cocky jock behavior while talking to twinks like me. As his cock got harder and started to “escape” his pants. I played with his balls feeling the transmission of my essence to him. I allowed him to take as much as he wanted and looking at his cock i could tell he was certainly taking as much as he wanted. His smaller cock was constantly growing larger while i could feel my own shrink. I gazed up to see his head had grown a short tuff of hair that now made him look like his actual age. A forest of facial hair also begin to appear giving him a rugged handsome look befitting his jock status. The arrogance and confidence was overflowing from him as i continued rubbing his cock that was now leaking precum. But i made sure to continue playing with his balls allowing the transfer to continue uninterrupted. He was getting so cocky now. Raising one arm to flex as he showed off his much larger bicep. He was only supposed to take my hair and cock, but what can i do if he wishes to take my remaining muscles as well? I’m a twink now and i have to learn to be submissive. His hair had grown so thick and dark it was incredibly hot to see him charm me with his wide jock smile as i imagined what he would look like when the transfer was complete. He was going to be the muscle god he truly deserves to be. It also helped that while i was rubbing him off he a called me derogatory names like “pussy boy” and “skinny ass bitch”. I could totally see him as the alpha he is now. It was so hot. And my rubbings got more intense as his moans got louder and more powerful. It was like a lion roaring. So dominating and beastly. Between the moans he did try to tell me to go slower and that he could not ejaculate or the transfer would end. But i couldn’t help it. The whole process was way too hot. Plus he was enjoying it so much. I was determined to be the twink i was born to be and serve my alpha jock to the fullest. Gary finally reached a climax where he was trying so hard to contain. While yelling at me to stop he tried to force my hands away but i could not not help it. To see him in this state of ecstasy as he opened his mouth to gasp for air i rubbed even harder transferring my last usable essence to him as he finally shot. It was Glorious. White Creamy Rich Milky Powerful In fact it was so powerful that it shot several ropes all over my face and a dozen more into my mouth. It was truly a recognition of my new status as a submissive twink to accept myself for who i was as i swallowed his cum all down. Nothing ever tasted so good. i was totally in my own world feeling his cum on my tongue that i did not even hear his yells. “What Is Happening To Me?!!!” I quickly opened my eyes to face him. A moment ago he was a tall bodybuilder sized jock. But now he was just slightly bigger than me. He was still muscular but i could tell he was losing his muscle mass rapidly. His skin had also become much paler. I looked in the mirror at my own reflection still in shock. But hair had grown back and it seemed even thicker! And my body. It looked so much larger than I remembered! He kept yelling as i gasped to myself in the mirror unsure of what to do as our bodies continued changing. I was now much taller than Gary was and my shoulders were huge! I noticed the tense muscles on my arms get bigger as veins popped up all over filling my larger body. Gary on the other hand had lost almost all his muscle mass as he kept touching himself all over trying in vain to stop his muscles from leaving his body. His hairline started to recede and his pecs had completely deflated and his arms were getting smaller with every passing second. The pressure of my growing pecs was so intense that my shirt neckline begin to rip itself revealing my still expanding bouncing pecs as it glistened in the sweat coming from my gloriously tanned skin. I was still in shock and i looked over my shoulder to see that Gary was feeling the same as me. He finally lifted his jock sunglasses up to his forehead hoping that all these was just a malfunction with his sunglass lenses. His continued yelling after assured me it did not help. It took us both some time but we finally calmed ourselves down. I was surprised how much he was yelling. A few moments ago he was still the confident self-assured jock and now he was behaving like a frightened little pussy. “You swallowed my cum didn’t you?” “You weren’t even supposed to make me cum you idiot, look what you’ve done!” He continued yelling and pointing a finger at me while i couldnt help but stare at myself in the mirror. I look good. It felt good “Now we have to do the whole process all over again. You seriously love wasting my time you fuc…..” I interrupted his nagging by pushing him aside while standing in the middle of the mirror and did a pose. “I would hate to waste your time…” I replied I grabbed the pair of jock sunglasses off his forehead and put them over my own face. "You could just learn to accept yourself" I flashed him a pearly white smile. Special thanks to @harryjones for helping me get my old stories from tumblr back. Its good to know theyre not lost forever. Just gotta spend some time finding all my stories again and re-uploading them here. Till then enjoy this one. I hope it makes you hard.
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    Jackson rushed back to his dorm room, his backpack bouncing with each step. The heavy books slamming into his skinny back. Every few steps he had to push his glasses back up his hawk like nose, and have to focus so he didn’t trip over his ungraceful feet. He arrived back at his dorm, thanking god again that he didn’t have to share it with a roommate. The heavy books crashing to the ground as he dropped his backpack and closed the door behind him with a loud bang. Jackson kicked off his shoes and pulled off his shirt, stepping up to his bed he dropped his jeans. His briefs strained with the heavy slap of cock hidden within them, he scratched his swollen nuts and started searching through the bedside table. He hadn’t jerked off since this morning and was near to desperate for release. He found what he wanted, a small fleshlight. It was an XS size and used to fit Jackson perfectly, but now the rubber asshole was stretched out and the plastic holder was almost cracked from frequent use. The fleshlight had arrived at Jackson’s door two months ago, sealed in a plain brown box. After leaving it for a few days and failing to find out who delivered it Jackson gave in and used it. He was almost too small for it at first, his small 2 incher not even touching the sides. He dropped his briefs, out flopped 8 inches of soft horse cock. Jackson climbed onto his bed, his legs spread and his cock already hardening. Jackson was still in disbelief at the growth of his cock, it was now scary. Long, fat, covered in pencil thick veins and with a head that looked better suited to batter the gates of a castle down. As he lined up the terrifying head of his cock with the tiny rubber asshole of the fleshlight the thick foreskin which has somehow regrown since Jackson got the fuck tube pulled back to reveal the angry red head. Around campus several dozen athletes let out a moan of surprise as in unison they started to feel like they were being violently fucked by a baseball bat. Every player on the football team, not just the first string, but the second string, the backups and the backups to the backups, every single player was getting their holes extremely stretched by an invisible force shaped just like Jackson’s wrist fat baby maker. Some were in class, biting their lips and gripping onto the wooden desk or the chair in front of them. Grinding their toned athletic asses into their seats for some relief. Others had worked out the schedule of the invisible cock which bred them multiple times a day and were right now wrapped in bedsheets moaning. An entire frat house was filled with the sounds of beds rocking back and forth as footballers were fucked raw by the biggest dick they’d never seen. Some would swear if they would even talk about it that they could feel two enormous orbs slapping their asses, they even had the bruises to show for it. Some players dropped out, including boys with possible NFL careers, all to find that once they did they weren’t getting power fucked by a jack hammer all day. One or two even rejoined the team only to get their asses stretched open again. Not one jock had told anyone what was going on, pride stopped them. Not that they could stop it or even find out what was happening, Jackson himself didn’t even know he was fucking the entire football team with his enlarged bull cock. Jackson just furiously slammed his cock into the tiny tube, somehow his entire cock vanished into the thing even though it really should be bursting out of the other end. He’d also never really thought why he’d never had to clean it. Jackson knew he was shooting huge loads, he could feel his hairy nuts emptying 20 or more ropes of thick cum into the tube. Yet it was always empty when he finished. Jackson would fuck his fleshlight long into the night, stopping for a short shower and dinner, and maybe an hour of homework if he hadn’t done it already. It was surprisingly well timed, as the footballers all needed to be at practice when ever Jackson had a long break. But the second practice was over and the athletes were home to get some sleep they were being bred into their mattress by the invisible cock of Jackson again. This had been going on for months, with Jackson’s cock, stamina, roughness and load size getting larger with each passing day. When Spring break came around the footballers left for home hoping the fuckings wouldn’t follow them. Jackson though packed his things, including the fleshlight, and hoped he’d get some new underwear. As he went to leave he found a nicely wrapped present at his door. Glittery green paper with a bright red ribbon making a bow. He picked it up and stepped back into his dorm room, closing the door behind him. Dropping his bag he tore the present open, there wasn’t a card. Inside was a new fleshlight. Fresh and unused, it hadn’t been abused by Jackson’s horse cock yet. Jackson looked it over, smiling that the rubber wasn’t an asshole this time, it was a pursed set of lips.
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    Chapter 34 The next week and a half went surprisingly uneventfully. With my new clothes, new lab coat, and new workarounds, I could return to as normal of a life as I had before fall break. Apart from daily responsibilities like class and working out, I spent pretty much every free moment with James. He was keeping up with my new sexual needs beautifully. Sometimes, he initiated a romantic encounter and I was the one who obliged. James’s roommate was intimidated by me, so James and I were now spending most nights in my bed in my dorm room. Of course, Dave and Luke were spending most nights in Luke’s bed in my dorm room, so James was sleeping in a t-shirt and long johns, but I still got to curl up next to him. Halloween arrived quickly. After our late afternoon class, Luke and I walked back to our dorm room and found our boyfriends waiting for us in the room. It should have been a nice surprise, but they were fighting over an electric razor that buzzed throughout the entire exchange. “You’re not getting anywhere near me with that thing,” James said. He was dressed in his costume except for the tuxedo jacket, which was hanging on the back of my desk chair. He’d chosen a pastel green dress shirt, and he must have put on some muscle since the last time he wore it because it was delightfully too tight. He was backed up against the closet doors. “You agreed to let me do your hair,” Dave countered. He was already in full Frank regalia: make-up, black curly wig, pearl necklace, and the surgical smock that hid the corset and heels underneath. “Head hair,” James said, pointing to the top of his head. “Your beard is head hair,” Dave argued, stepping a little closer and brandishing the buzzing razor. “Face hair,” James responded, pointing to his beard and ducking away from Dave and moving to the bed. “Your face is part of your head,” Dave responded. “You’re not going to overpower me,” James said. “I’ll pick you up and throw you in the hallway.” Dave stepped closer daringly. “Promise?” James moved to retreat from Dave again, and bumped into me. “Oh, thank God, Chris. Dave is trying to shave me.” He ran behind me and nudged me closer to Dave as though I were his shield. “What’s going on here?” I asked. “James won’t let me shave his beard.” Dave didn’t turn off the razor. “Why do you want to?” I retorted. “You asked me to do his hair for the costume. None of the conventionalists have a beard. One has a mustache, but none have a beard.” “None of them are bodybuilders, either,” I came back. “And I think the one who wears a green shirt is an old lady with bright orange hair. You’re taking this too seriously.” “If he’s going to enter the costume contest…” Dave started. “Babe,” Luke interrupted, “you know he’s not entering the contest. He’s just wearing a costume so he’ll blend into the crowd.” Dave snapped off the razor. “Fine,” he surrendered. “He looked better before he grew the beard.” “He is ten times hotter with the beard,” I responded, taking the razor from Dave and putting it on my desk. “And considering how hot he was before he grew it,” I whistled to show how impressive I found his beard. “He ruins our aesthetic,” Dave insisted. “Whether James shaves his beard is his choice,” I defended. James muttered under his breath. “It’s yours.” “Okay, fine,” I said. “According to James, it’s my choice. James is my boyfriend, so I say no. Shave your boyfriend.” “I already do,” Dave said as he escorted Luke to his desk chair to apply the Eddie make-up. Dave proceeded to get his boyfriend ready, but he pouty about it. I got into my incredibly small thong. The back was so skimpy that my entire ass was on full display. The front area had just enough room to fit my package, but the weight of my balls dragged down the waist until it drooped like a lazy parabola. My nuts were completely covered, but each threatened to make a break for it. In order to fit my cock, I had to wrap it over my balls and bend it slightly back. It only worked because I was soft. I turned to James and said, “If you do anything to excite me, I burst out of this.” James smirked and said, “Maybe later.” I then grabbed the razor and turned it back on. “What are you doing?” James said, recoiling a little. “Could you help me shave my armpits? Rocky is completely hairless below the neck.” That cooled Dave off. He tossed me a pair of high tops spray painted gold. “I’m sorry. You’re right. He’s your boyfriend.” He turned to James and added, “Your beard is as lovely as a beard can be.” Soon, we were all finished getting ready. I went to grab my new jacket when Dave smacked my hand. “What do you think you’re doing?” “It’s cold out there tonight.” “Did Rocky wear a coat?” Dave asked. “You mean I have to walk there like this?” “You have more than enough flesh to keep you warm.” I pinched around my 8-pack and tiny waist to show just how little give there was. “There’s no protective fat here, Dave. I’ll freeze.” “If you’re cold, you won’t pop out of your thong.” I pleaded with my eyes. “I’m going to be cold too, Chrissy. I’m in a corset and a loose surgical gown.” “I’m naked.” “Not yet you aren’t.” “You’re not budging, are you?” “Just imagine walking across campus in that itty-bitty thing,” Dave said, practically poured, in my ear, “your nipples hard from the bracing autumn air, your ass free to feel the evening crisp, every delicious bulge and fold of muscle on display for the world to see. All eyes on you.” “Please?” James asked. I was defeated. “I should have gone as stage show Rocky. He gets to wear a corset and pantyhose.” Dave strutted past me in his pumps and said, “You can’t walk in heels.” The trip to the auditorium was intoxicating. Any reservations I had about the temperature evaporated as soon as we hit the main path. All heads turned as I strutted past the people on their ways to various Halloween activities. Women begged for me to flex, and I obliged by bringing my bicep up big and proud, moving my fist in and out to make the head of the muscles twitch. When I flexed for one woman dressed as Catwoman, she actually screamed like I was a pop star. Her boyfriend grabbed her closer in territorial jealousy. To show him I was no threat, I grabbed James closer to me. Catwoman’s boyfriend laughed and relaxed. When we walked past the LGBT center, a group of guys all asked to take selfies with me. I really wanted to, but Dave said we didn’t have enough time. “Some other time, guys,” I consoled them. When we got to the auditorium, the usher at the door looked me up and down lasciviously. When he saw my bulge, he stared like a starving man in front of a banquet. I cleared my throat so he would look me in the eyes. “Where do contestants for the costume contest go?” He pointed to the left. Luke stepped in front of me. “And people who are just here for the movie?” He pointed straight back. We passed the usher and went into the lobby. I kissed James goodbye, and he said, “Good luck. We’ll save your seats.” Luke leaned in to kiss Dave, but Dave put his hand up to stop him. “You’ll smudge my make-up.” “You owe me,” Luke pouted. “A debt I intend to repay,” Dave said. James and Luke went into the auditorium as Dave and I went backstage with the other contestants. There were about fifteen people there, maybe twenty. Two other guys were there dressed as Rocky. They were both built and hot, but I dwarfed them. When they saw me, they immediately left the room. “Two down,” Dave said. We looked around the room. Three Magentas, one sequined Columbia, one Dr. Scott in a wheelchair. The rest were Brads and Janets. The Brads had all congregated in the back corner of the room in a tight knot, barely acknowledging anyone else was there. “Sic ‘em, boy,” Dave said. I walked over to the cluster of Brads. “Nice night for it,” I said. They turned and saw me, and their jaws dropped. “What?” I said popping my pecs one by one. One of the Brads looked back and forth between my pecs like he was watching a tennis match. “Would you stop doing that?” he asked. “They’re cold,” I said. “They’ll stop doing that when I warm up.” “That bulge is you cold?” another Brad inquired. I nodded and rocked on my feet so my bulge would swing back and forth a little. All the Brads left the room. Dave rejoined me. “I knew you had it in you. While you were narrowing the competition, I scoped out the Janets. They’re your only real competition.” I looked over at the remaining contestants to size them up. “One of the Janets is a redhead. She’s no threat.” “Think like a straight man, Chrissy,” he said, lowering my gaze to her chest. “She’s got big boobs,” I said. “So what?” “And her bra is two sizes too small. One sneeze, and that thing goes flying off.” “You miss my point,” I redirected. “This is Rocky Horror. That auditorium is packed full of gay guys and straight girls.” “Don’t get overconfident. A Janet with big breasts has won two out of the last three years.” “But there’s never been a Rocky with a giant cock.” Dave smiled. Even through all the make-up he was wearing, Dave’s smile could light up a room. “Oh, Rocky!” he cried in his best British accent. When the contest began, we were paraded onstage. The host, who was dressed as the criminologist, explained the rules, but I tuned out because I knew them already. There were two rounds, both judged by audience applause. In round one, when the host held his hand over your head, you had to do whatever you could to get the audience to cheer. The three people who got the most applause during the first round stayed onstage; everyone else was given a crappy consolation prize and asked to take their seats. I’d never made it past the first round before. The first few contests got random constellations of applause. Then the host hit the redhead Janet. While the host held his hand over her head, she posed sultrily, and the audience exploded. Dave got a fair amount of applause when he ripped off his surgical gown to reveal the corset and panties, but when sequined Columbia did a tap dance, we both knew he was out of the running. When the host held his hand over my hand, the audience applauded before I did anything, so when I posed and flexed my muscles, their volume tripled. The second round involved a brief interview. In theory, being charming during the interview could cause an underdog to win, but in practice, it just made the contest longer. Columbia was really named Jocelyn. She was a dance major who had been in a cast of the show back in her hometown and had borrowed her costume from that theater. She then did the exact same tap dance again. That was going to hurt her. The whole point of the second round was to switch it up. Redhead Janet was named Sara, “Without an H,” she clarified. She was a communications major and a sister of Kappa Phi (an announcement which caused a small, unsolicited burst of cheers from a pocket of the audience). When asked what her favorite part of the movie was, she simply said, “Janet.” When it was my turn, the host asked, “And what is your name, sir?” “Soccer tweet guy!” someone shouted from the middle of the auditorium. “I’m Chris,” I said, “but you can call me Rocky. Or soccer tweet guy.” I heard James shout from his seat. “Your major?” “Chemistry,” I said. “Did you make this costume yourself?” “Actually, one of the seniors in the fashion department did.” A group of fashion majors in the back corner cheered for that. “And what is your favorite part of the movie?” When the host pointed his microphone at me, I knew I had to do something to upstage Sara, so I took the microphone and sang the first verse of “Sword of Damocles.” I was surprised by my own voice—I hadn’t sung since my voice started dropping, and my lower register sounded fuller. To up the sex-factor even more, I shook my ass and my crotch as I danced. I’d done the song at karaoke a few times, so I could’ve done the whole thing, but I figured that’d be unsportsmanlike. The audience roared their approval. When I gave the microphone back to the host, he patted me on the shoulder and, far enough away from the mike so only I heard him, “So you’re not just a pretty face.” He then told the audience to cheer for their favorites. “Who votes for Jocelyn, our dancing Columbia?” the host asked. She did the same dance for a third time and got a polite round of applause. “Who votes for Sara, our busty Janet?” the host prompted. She blew the audience a kiss and got enthusiastic cheers from her sorority and the few straight men in the audience. “And who votes for Chris, our singing…” before the host could finish the question, the audience rose to its feet. “It’s official,” the host said. He gave Sara and Jocelyn their consolation prizes. He then handed me an envelope with the gift certificate, took my hand, and held it high in the air. “Let’s hear it one more time for Chris!” Before the cheering had completely died down, I went back to my seat. Luke had lipstick smeared all over his lips and chin, obviously from consoling Dave. My seat was between Dave and James. I gave Dave the envelope, and he was about to kiss me in gratitude when James grabbed me so roughly that I almost lost my balance and kissed me so deeply I lost my breath. Thankfully, the seats here were wider than in my chemistry class, so I still fit, but it was a tight squeeze. The movie was incredible fun, as always. The shadow cast even pulled me up onstage for “Sword of Damocles,” which got a steady chorus of screams and cheers and a round of applause when it ended. James, despite his reservations, had a blast and had a beard full of confetti and rice by the end of the show.
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    Strange thing were happening around the frat the last few days, the place was changing, the brothers were changing. Joe hadn’t been the first to notice, it had been Fred. His best friend in the frat, Fred has noticed they’d been partying a lot more then normal, that the girls who were turning up were a lot hotter then normal. Their frat wasn’t a popular frat, it wasn’t a jock frat, or at least it hadn’t been. Joe and his brothers were all nerds, or they had been nerds. Fred has tried to get Joe to notice, but he’d been too caught up in the hot chicks and wild parties to care. Then Fred changed and Joe took notice. Fred has been a chubby greasy olive skinned guy, he’d had one too many dinners from his Italian grandmother. Then one day he was different, like he’d jumped straight from the Jersey Shore. He still had his beautiful olive toned skin, but now he was tall and beefy. Not fat, just covered in thick muscle. He’d lost all interest in investigating the changes to the frat and while he was still Joe’s friend he was too busy banging chicks two at a time to notice anything anymore. Joe took up the gauntlet and started looking into everything. A few weeks ago the frat went from a run down near empty frat to the most popular frat house on campus, both for parties and for pledges. The collapsing building was suddenly a newly furnished mansion, it was like it had absorbed the neighbouring frats. An entire jock frat had vanished from the face of the earth, their had never been a chapter of that frat here and its members didn’t even seem to exist anymore. Joe thought he had worked it all out. A few weeks ago they had a sudden pledge. Some runty goth kid. He was nice enough and very eager to join up. Joe and his brothers has welcomed him with open arms as they did with everyone who joined. Craig, the goth kid, had joined up and then things changed. Joe had kept his distance from Craig since Fred turned into an Italian stallion, but he still investigated. Once Joe started investigating he worked out Craig had been the first guy to change. He was now taller, built and with the face of a model. He never went to class and there was a parade of girls and guys leaving his room throughout the day and night. The guys in the room either side of Craig were complaining about being kept up all night long with his relentless fucking. Joe was putting it all together, he found out that Craig had been unto witchcraft. He’d been warned about performing rituals in the campus woods, the last time it had happened had been two days before he’d joined the frat. Joe was certain that Craig was a witch... or wizard, what ever a male magic user was called. He was the reason the frat was growing and popular, he was the reason that the brothers were all turning into hunks. Joe was only one of a handful of brothers not changed. Joe had even been keeping track with a group photo from a party, a cross drawn through each face once they’d changed. Not that anyone would think the geeky guys in the old photo had any relation to the gorgeous muscle bound hunks that they were now. Joe was terrified of bringing any of his non-changed brothers into his investigation. Everyone liked Craig, he was the live of the party, even if he was dog and would steal a girl off your arm or fuck your best friend because he was hot. But Joe should of been more worried about whether Craig already knew about the investigation. One day Joe came down to the kitchen for breakfast and it was empty. No tall hunks eating fatty cereal from tiny bowls. Joe was nervous, it felt like the start of a murder mystery. He turned to leave and slammed his face into Craig’s sweaty chest. He’d either been out running or has just finished fucking someone. “Hello Joe, sit down please” Craig said, his voice oddly soothing Joe found himself doing as he was told. He wanted to run away. While Craig was smiling and looked friendly, Joe felt like he’d just been cornered by a predator. Craig sat down across from him. His pecs bounced slightly as he sat, and he ran his tongue over his amazing lips. “What have you done” Joe asked “Silence” Craig said, again in a soothing tone “I know you have been investigating me, I know you have worked it out” Joe was about to ask how, but Craig answered before he could ask. “Fred told me what he’d been up too before I helped him out” Craig said “I thought I’d leave you be for a bit, see if you’d work out” he sighed “Thought you might come around” He shoot his head, his tight black curls bounced. His hair had been dyed, but now it was a natural deep black. “You aren’t though” Craig said “So I’ll step in” Craig licked his lips again. Joe found himself drawn to them. They were perfect, with an amazing shape and just enough plump. Surrounded by designer stubble and sitting above a string squared jawline. “I’m sorry if you are scared, you shouldn’t be scared” Craig said and Joe was instantly calmed and smiling Craig smiles back. “You are tall, basketball player tall” Craig said and Joe had to move his long legs, he felt trap at the table with his legs pinned under the table top “with massive feet” Joe's size 22 socked feet rested across the tiled floor, Craig could see them jutting out from under the table. “You are very well built, beautiful fitness model level muscles” Craig said licking his perfect lips again Joe’s pyjamas were suddenly straining over his muscles. The sleeves having vanished to let his gigantic shoulders and biceps breath. His shorts stuffed full with thighs and ass. “You are very manly” Craig said with a wink A beard had spread over Joe jaw, which was now like an anvil. His eyes were crystal clear and his dirty blond hair was hanging down to his thick shoulders. A splattering of hair had appeared over his rounded pecs and his ripped abs. “You have a big dick, biggest in the frat” Craig said, he stood up to leave Joe pulled at his pyjama shorts, his inhuman horse cock was all bundled up. His heavy bull nuts swollen with cum. “So what you up too today Joe” Craig asked, licking his amazing lips again and raising an eyebrow Joe sat silent for a few moments, his mind coming to terms with his entire body being morphed into a towering muscle god. In that moment he decided that Craig was doing good work, it wasn’t weird that everyone was changing, that people were vanishing and reality was being twisted. “I’m gonna fuck someone” Joe said standing up He towered above Craig, his massive pecs bouncing intimidatingly. Joe cupped his massive bulge, it was too big for his hand, and his hands were giant. “You want to take it for a ride” Joe asked with a laugh Joe was joking, he wasn’t gay. He thought a joke like that would let Craig know he’s settling into the new world order. Craig licked his lips again, a glint of something in his bright eyes. Craig smirked and then flipped Joe world on its head again. “You’re gonna fuck me till those monster nuts are empty”
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    Coach in Control. Toby’s breathing tightened, air seemed like a rare commodity, and the thick furry pecs that were pushing into his face made it the more difficult to breath. “You OK, Tobes?” A deep tremor asked, the impressive chest that was pushing into Toby’s face vibrating accordingly. Toby just nodded, letting out another soft moan while he felt the fat rigid cock taking up so much space in his ass twitch. The waterboy pressed his face even deeper into the valley of pecs surrounding his face, biting his lips while he made sure to have another inch of the monstercock stretching open his ass. Missionary sex was the best. Toby made sure he was getting the fullest experience. All the muscle, all the manliness, all the cock. Not an inch of it would be allowed to go unused. He had to make the most of this really, because he knew that after this, no experience on Grindr would compare. How could anyone measure up to a man of this size? “You better get back to stretching me open, coach.” Toby managed to murmur out between his short breaths. The stallion just grunted, picking up his pace again. Toby felt his eyes roll back, nothing felt as good his tender and tight ass being used for another man’s pleasure. Thrust after thrust filled him like no other man could. The thick biceps planted next to him to support the thick hunk for fucking him into the mattress had never looked so deliciously beefy. Toby’s bliss increased even more when he suddenly found Coach’s tongue invading his mouth, the man’s soft stubble prickling nicely into his face. The waterboy could even smell the protein from the coach's last shake tainting his breath. It smelled nice, and not just because Toby knew that was the shake that had transformed the coach from his former drooping middle aged self to his current status as a muscle stud. The small and tender waterboy could feel the big manhood throb and pulsate inside him menacingly. The muscular behemoth was on the cusp of orgasm. Toby didn’t blame him, they had been going at it for what felt like the last hour straight. The slender waterboy let the cock stay in his tight ass for a moment longer, before pulling it out with a plop. “What the…” Coach mumbled, pleasure still hazing his mind. Toby eagerly pulled off the condom. It was soaked in the constant stream of pre leaking out of coach’s cock. Without much further warning Toby placed his small hands on the gargantuan throbbing manhood. He barely even got to complete a single stroke before it exploded. And explode it did, jizz shooting out of like a firehose. It wasn’t long before Toby, and the rest of the room, was coated in a thick layer of the other man’s cum. He liked licking his lips clean, the salty taste reminded him of the coach’s lips. The orgasm subsided, and the pair panted for a moment. It was only after a minute Toby noticed he had also shot his load, but it was considerably more humble in comparison, his average cock leaking dripping just a few drops. “Something tells me it won’t be so hard settling into your new life as a hung and muscular coach, sir.” Toby murmured, looking at the exquisite specimen of human masculinity in front of him with a longing gaze. He hadn’t signed up for any of this when he had barged into the coach’s office two hours ago to make another report of disrespectful behaviour from the college football jocks. But he certainly wasn’t gonna complain about getting to witness the coach’s transformation into a bull made for lifting and fucking. The coach chuckled, gliding his hand through the new canyons that made up his chest. His own muscles felt hard like granite, and if he wasn’t being careful, his new favourite body part would grow to its salami sized granite state too. The big man strutted over to his desk, his oversized cock and testerone overflowing balls slapping against his mighty tights with a meaty slap. He grabbed the tub of protein powder from Hunkify that had fueled his own transformation into a powerful brick house of muscle. “Not big enough yet?” Toby asked with a slightly bemused tone while looking at the coach mixing up another shake. A snarky follow up comment dying in his throat when his nostrils were invaded by the coach’s deep musk. “Oh, I’m big enough alright.” Coach said with a chuckle, his whole demeanor slowly shifting away from his shy pudgy persona into something more formidable. The coach grabbed the finished shake and walked right up close to Toby, enjoying how much he towered over him with his powerful muscularity. “I just gotta have an equally big football captain...” Coach said with a smirk. Toby had downed the thick shake faster than any other men could have. He could say he was enticed by putting the unbearable set of football jocks in their place. And make them lick his feet after years of taking the waterboy for granted. But really he just wanted to be able to be fucked by the coach without the big man holding back. As he saw his own lithe muscularity pop up and inflate at an rapidly accelerating pace, he knew that goal wasn't far out of reach.
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    Well guys it happened again. We grew too big for our britches and needed to get a bigger pair. Overnight we made the seamless move to a brand new host which gives us a huge boost in backend performance and a larger storage space for all the content and media that everyone is producing. By my accounts our website is just shy of 150GB in size and the database alone is over 10GB in size. This data is also being redundantly backed up and encrypted to make sure the data that is being produced stays safe. After many years of creating content the community has exploded in size and I'm very happy with what we have built today. Along with the backend improvements we also rolled out some security updates that will not be reflected but run in the background to ensure everyone stays secure and safe while browsing the forums. While most people won't see any of these changes it enforces a policy of rejecting unsafe older web browser versions and outdated software. One big change in doing this is to strictly enforce encryption and authentication between you and the server to make sure you are safe and will not be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Safety of your user data and the integrity of the forums is my number one priority, we will continue to roll out security improvements and stay on the cutting edge of safety and security. You can use this forum thread to also report any broken links or broken pieces of content you may find as we are still cleaning up after the move.
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    Uh....So Uh... sorry... Life.... Life happened. It's been a bit of a back and forth year for awhile and then a lot of writers block. I thought about setting up patreon for a bit as financially that's been the main worry keeping me from writing stuff. Then as I finally did get down to writing what I thought was happening and what... you'll see... has shifted a bit. Don't worry though, reading it myself I have concerns but like I said, it changed as I was writing it. Hopefully you like it., if not, sorry??? I honestly thought I was writing the conclusion when I sat down for this but it ended up being...well, not the conclusion. I know the moderators get mad if I post within the same thread but please bear with me as it's how this one has gone. I did see all your comments... you guys are awesome! Do we have any artists in here because omg the graphic novel idea would be amazing! Anyway, rambling over: Chapter 27 I don’t know if it’s an experience everyone has at some time in their life, but at some point I woke up from a dreamless sleep that felt like it lasted a lifetime. I felt rested, but too comfortable to move quite yet. By the sound of traffic outside and the light shining through my blinds I could tell it was afternoon. Good thing it was Saturday. I stayed there, in my bed, unmoving. Partly covered by only a sheet, I stared at my ceiling like it was some sort of crystal ball as I absentmindedly stroked my soft cock. For the first time in my life, I felt small. Sure, I had seen men bigger than me before. Some men were taller, some had larger dicks, some were more muscular. However, none of them were my fiancé. “Be ready” replayed in my thoughts over and over as my dick began to uncomfortably rise. I could tell that I had beat off too much last night, yet as my mind searched the uneven paint on the ceiling it kept creating images out of nothing. It was like finding clouds that look like dragons—except instead of fairy tale creatures and faces I kept discovering pringles cans and penises. Original, I know. Fully risen, I began to beat off again in earnest, but my dick was just too sore. How many times did I cum last night? 7? 8? I had lost count. The air conditioner kicked on and I felt a breeze on my butthole. It felt used but still unsatisfied. Still moist from all the lube I had used last night. Speaking of which, I reminded myself. I leaned over towards my nightstand to grab the lube I had set there last night. In the process I heard a loud thump as a large, flesh-colored dildo plopped to the ground, finally free of my bedding. It bounced slightly, landing next to the bathroom door, where I could still see the box it had come in on the bathroom counter. Barrett Long’s face smiled back at me from the packaging. “If only he knew”, I thought to myself for no good reason. I lubed up and worked to get myself off quickly. Patrick’s voice kept playing in my head alongside a mental image of him stroking off a cock the size of a wine bottle. I looked at the dildo on the floor as I got close to blowing my nut. I knew I wasn’t ready. “Sorry Barrett” I thought, “I’m gonna need more”. Unfortunately, Barrett Longs branded dildo was the biggest they had at any of the porn stores in town without going straight into “The Great American Challenge”—a dildo so large it looked more like a chair, or a large lawn gnome if someone were to paint the cockhead to look like a hat. After we had hung up after our argument I had fumed for a short while… before accidently bumping my fully boned dick up against the counter while getting some water. It took me a second to realize why I was so hard… For as aggravating as it was that Patrick had basically threatened me over the phone, it was also incredibly hot. Sure, he had been aggressive with me before, but up until recently that was all just fantasy for him. Prior to the past three quarters of the year I was the big man. He would worship my muscles, and my fat 8.5” about 75% of the time we had fucked. He’d straddle me and lower his tiny little twink ass over my thick member and marvel about how incredible it was watching himself in the closet mirror as his ass stretched wide to accommodate me. He loved when I would effortlessly pick him up and carry him while my dick destroyed his asshole. I thought to myself about how his eyes light up every time I’d ask him if he was sure he could handle all of me. God I felt like just his fucking smile could make me cum! As I came down off the high of cumming, I looked down at the meager load I had just shot from my overworked dick. I finally clambered out of bed to start cleaning up. Picking up my new, (I’ll be honest), not gently used dildo, I went downstairs and threw it in the trash. I knew it wasn’t going to suffice. I looked at myself in the mirror. All 6’5” of my looked back. My slightly red cock was hanging large and proud, and I was the fittest I’d ever been in my life. But again, I felt small. I got into the shower and began lathering up when it finally dawned on me. I fucking liked it. I fought myself to not get hard as I processed my realization. I liked feeling small. Hell, I craved it. Sure, it’s fantastic to always be the giant in the room, to have a cock that people crave, to be the best built man in most rooms. But it’s fucking tiring at the same time. Thinking to myself that my fiancé now had a cock that was probably as big soft as mine is hard, was better built than me, and was rapidly catching up to me in height, I felt my dick begin to stir and turned the water to cold. I got out of the shower without blowing another load, and went to get dressed for the day. Sitting on my dresser I noticed a framed picture of Patrick and I at haunted house a few years back. I smiled. Patrick had never liked scary things. He barely made it through the original Jurassic Park. But every year he would always make it a point to go with me to the haunted houses, because I loved them… and every year he would end up throwing himself into my arms for protection when we’d round a corner and see some weirdo college kid dressed up like a clown wielding a chainsaw trying to spook us. With a sigh, I had a second realization—I was going to miss my little Patrick. Chapter 28 “Be Ready”. Fuck I couldn’t get that out of my head. Last night I had worked my hole out quite nicely, managing to accommodate most of Barrett’s silicone cock, but I knew that still wasn’t enough. Patrick was already larger than Barrett, and he still had one more shot to go. I needed bigger, and I didn’t have a ton of time. I checked online and saw a few that might work…but the reviews said they were all stiff, which is something I can’t really stand. Honestly, when having my hole worked over, I prefer the real thing, but if I’m going to use a dildo it needs to have some give—like the real thing. I grabbed my gym bag and headed out. It was nice out, so I decided to walk. I meandered quite a bit, finally arriving at the gym having done an hour and a half walk. After an hour in group class and some extra chest presses for good measure and to allow the showers to clear out, it was time to rinse off and head home. I stripped down, grabbed my towel and entered the shower area. Lathering up, I was glad to see that my dick had returned to normal as it had been a few hours without me beating the absolute hell out of it. I let the water wash over my body and closed my eyes to relax in the steam. A few minutes later I heard the door creak open and a shower start up near me. I opened my eyes and glanced to my left. That fucking twink! He had taken the shower head next to me again. He wasn’t facing me yet and I couldn’t help myself from doing another down-up on him. He really did have a great ass. Appraising him further, I guess calling him a twink wasn’t very fair to him. Yes, he was slender, yes he was smooth as the surface of The Bean in Chicago, but his legs were solid and his arms and shoulders were too developed to fall under the twink moniker. From behind, his hair was similar in cut and style to Patrick… He began to turn around and I turned my gaze away to avoid eye contact. I couldn’t help but notice his massive cock as it swung and hit his thigh as he turned. He seemed preoccupied though and I don’t believe he noticed me looking. Another man, a bit taller and more built than the monster cock boy came in and took up the shower next to him. At first, he gave me a few furtive glances, looking me up and down as he lathered up. Checking him out I saw he had a good-sized piece as well. Surprisingly he didn’t give as much attention to the muscle-twink next to me. After a few minutes though, sensing I had no interest whatsoever in him, he dismissed me and began stroking himself as he occupied his vision with the other man’s monster appendage. He coughed. “Justin”, he whispered expectantly. “I’m ready… like always, sir.” Although the word “sir” came from his mouth, it felt more like an order than a request. The tension in the air outweighed the steam in the shower. Justin looked up at me and horrified recognition flashed across his face. He quickly looked back at the wall in front of him. “Justin…”, no response. Justin just continued looking straight ahead. “Justin…now”. With an exasperated sigh Justin reached down and began stroking his cock which slowly began to inch longer and longer. “What are you doing checking out fucking needle dick over there, faggot?” he bad-mouthed at the wall. “You want a real man? I’m closer… and MUCH, much bigger.” The man next to him began beating his cock and his eyes got wide like saucers as his face flushed. “Muscles and height don’t make the man” Justin continued, “but you know what does or you would be standing next to him and not next to me drooling for my cock, doncha?” The man nodded feverously. Justin turned slightly towards the man, his cock looking about 10 to 10.5 inches by this time. “You want this cock?” Justin asked coldly. It was the least sexy delivery of that line I’d ever heard. The other man didn’t seem to notice as he glanced at me. Justin cut back in. “If you want this cock, you can’t be paying attention to that little fucker behind me, got it?” he demanded. The guy nodded again and ripped his eyes away from me as he began to get on his knees. At this point I was standing there in confused shock. I knew this huge hung guy was a dick, but what the fuck was actually going on here? The submissive guy began to crawl forward, reaching for Justin’s legs to get purchase so he could begin sucking his fat cockhead. It seemed like time was in slow motion. Justin looked conflicted. Just as his cocksucker wrapped his hand around his left ass cheek, Justin slapped him off. “You know what, no.” Justin declared. Unfazed, his would-be cocksucker began lunging forward again. Justin sidestepped and shoved him to the side, sending him sprawling in front of me. I took a step forward to intervene, but Justin would have none of it. It’s a good thing the gym was nearly empty and there was a big heavy door muffling the sounds to the locker room or I’m sure the next sounds would have brought someone to investigate. “What the fu…” Justin cut him off. As the dude began to stand up an obviously upset Justin began shouting. “No! Fuck you! NO! I’m done. I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. I’m fucking done. Fuck off Danny you can find yourself some other fucking slaveboy whore I’m done.” Now fully on his feet, Danny turned to Justin. “But we’ve got an agree…” Justin cut him off again. “Fuck any agreements, Danny. Fuck anything to do with you. You’ve fucking ruined my life. I fucking hate you.” Justin moved to punch Danny but I stepped in quickly and put one hand out towards his chest to stop him and the other to try to lower his fist. “Fuck you” he continued shouting at Danny. “I’ll move back to Ohio. I’ll move down south and do some fucking porn or something. Just fuck off and leave me alone.” Calmly, Danny said, “But what about your friends? You don’t want to leave them do you?” “I don’t have friends” Justin spat back, “everybody fucking hates me because you make me treat people like shit just so you can get your fucking rocks off. Fuck you, I’m done.” Danny’s eyes flashed angrily for another moment, then he put his hands up. “Fine, fine. You’re done. I get it. Good luck… agreements done. Though that does mean you’re out of a job…” he wheedled, “and without a job you can’t make your rent…so…...” “I’ll have my shit out by tomorrow asshole.” Justin spat. Danny grabbed his towel and began to exit the shower. “Good to know, though if you change your mind I’ll be at the office like usual.” Danny paused for just a moment before exiting the shower as Justin stood standing defiantly. I stood there dumbly, still between the two of them, watching them stare at each other until the one was out of sight. Justin stood there for several more moments, unmoving until I pulled my hand back and started to move to turn my shower off, which I suddenly had to pull back from as a caught Justin as he collapsed into me while bursting into tears. “I’m sorry.” He cried. “I’m so sorry.” I held him there, unmoving, as he let it out. Sure, he had been a douche to me and Patrick, but in this moment he was just hurt, and from the sounds of it he didn’t have anyone else who would hold him right now. “I’m not really a fucking asshole” he sobbed, “but Danny was my boss, and I rent my place from him, and…and… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any of it. I’m so sorry. To you, and your boyfriend, and everyone else. I’m sorry.” I was surprised he remembered Patrick, as my fiancé had gone out of his way to avoid this guy since their first encounter. I calmed him down and suggested he shower again to get the tears off his face. Meanwhile I got dressed and made sure that Danny was long gone. I bought a shake for Justin and I and brought it back to the locker room as he was putting his shoes on. I could tell his gears were turning as he went about collecting his gym clothes and stuffing them in his gym bag. I handed him his drink. He looked up at me, down at the drink, up at me again… and blushed. “Thank you,” he said timidly. We walked out together. By now it was late afternoon but was still warm, and surprisingly the wind hadn’t picked up. We didn’t talk much at all. After a few blocks, we ended up in front of his apartment. As we went to part, I asked. “So what’s the plan?” He looked at the ground in front of him. “Honestly, I don’t know. I guess I’ll either apologize to Danny, or figure something else out.” I studied him for a moment. “What apartment are you?” “One” “Go take a moment. I need to make a phone call. But when that’s done I’d like to talk.” Chapter 29 While outside Justin’s apartment, I had called Patrick and explained everything that had happened in detail. At first, when Patrick had heard that it was the man that had humiliated him in the shower he was pretty stand offish. But by the time I had gotten to the part about Ohio, and losing his apartment, and his job, Patrick’s heart had softened up like I knew he would. He was the one who suggested Justin stay with us for however long it takes. No strings. No agreements other than respect our home and the people in it. It didn’t take long to move Justin’s belongings into our guest room. At 22, he owned basically three or four totes of things. It looked mostly like just some clothes, bedding, college books, and a laptop. I gave him some time to settle in while I spoke with Patrick over the phone. It started out innocently, he informed me he was getting a promotion… though mainly because his boss was fired. Turns out his former boss had fucked somethings up pretty good, basically erasing two weeks of work. Was I ever going to see my lover again? After a while, Patrick asked me slyly “so… the credit card statement shows a purchase from a little store called “Secrets” hmm?” I blushed. Even though I knew he couldn’t see me I turned to hide my face a bit. I responded in my most masculine voice. “oh uh… yeah… I uh, had to uh… you know…buy a thing”. Patrick busted up laughing. “Haha, awesome… how big did you get?” “Oh, I dunno, it’s pretty fucking massive. It’s supposed to be a replica of Barrett Long.” “Ohhh…” he said knowingly, “nice. Good thing though that you’ve got a couple of weeks to get a size up”. I was rapidly getting hard. “How…uh…how big do I need to handle, exactly?” I asked. He got quiet for a moment. “Look up Jonah Falcon’s cock size on google” “yeah?” “yeah… well I do have one more shot still.” I had to get my dick out of my shorts, I was leaking precum like a faucet and it I could see a wet patch. My bedroom door was open though and Justin was downstairs though, so I didn’t pull it out. I couldn’t help but rub it a bit though. “Fuck that’s big” I said. “I tried looking around because I thought you were bigger than Barrett from what I’ve seen on Facetime, but I couldn’t find any good ones, you know me.” “Yeah, it’s pretty fucking big now.” He sounded cocky…and confidant. This wasn’t a fantasy anymore, that was painfully obvious. “Don’t pressure him, it sounds like it’s the last thing he needs…but maybe you could ask Justin if he has any pointers or direction that would be helpful.” I thought about it for a second. “Good idea… though to be honest I’m a bit worried about that.” “Why’s that, hun?” “Well… it’s just that I think he may have a slight thing for me. He’s blushed a few times when we’ve talked, and while moving over here I’m pretty sure he was chubbing up checking out my ass while I was moving things around to make room for him.” “That’s a bad thing?” he asked. “Well, yeah… you’re my fiancé, my sweet little nerd…” He cut in “Not little anymore.” “My big nerd… and I love you and I’m horny as fuck, and you and he look similar, and well… I don’t want to test myself hun.” Patrick laughed. “Aww… you’re so sweet. I love you. Don’t worry, hun. If he makes you better able to handle me, I’ll thank him.” He laughed. “He could be my shoe-stretcher. Open you up so that I can fit.” “Are you sure?” I asked. “Oh, most definitely. Though I want to watch sometimes.” He said, excitedly if I might add. This was a new fetish of his I didn’t know he had. “Oh, and who knows, maybe if we all get along, when I get back I could blow him up full of my cum too, he does have a sweet ass. Oh my God, I’d love to compare cocks with him now! Who’s the shrimp-dick now!” His breathing had picked up, and he let out a low moan. “Maybe we could spit roast you! Can you imagine two feet of cock in your holes? God, I want to make you feel loose to him.” He grunted loudly, and I’m sure he blew a load (it sounded like a guy pissing for awhile) because I could hear splashing for quite a long time. The line was quiet for a bit while he caught his breath. A few seconds later he said, “Though only if he’s into it, it sounds like he’s been through a bit of hell… sorry about that, I’ve been horny as fuck.” I laughed a bit, “sounds like it, though are you just jerking it or are you serious? I thought you said you’d never outgrow me.” “Who said anything about outgrowing you, hun?” He said, full of concern. “I love you, I’m going to marry you, and you’re going to be mine forever. Got that?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “Good. I’m never gonna outgrow you. I’ve got a big heart though, and a….really…big cock though, if he’s actually more of a sweetheart like you described he sounds a lot like you. Why can’t we marry him too? It’s not like we have to be heteronormative or anything. I mean, I’ve got like 3 husbands in Fable. Though you’re my favorite!” “God you’re a dork. We just invited him into the house and you want to marry him after your only interaction with him was with him being a jerk. Wow…” I laughed. “Eh, I’m joking… mostly… Seriously though, if you two end up banging, I want pics!”
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    Chapter 28 “Jimmy?” I said quietly. “Hey, Dad!” James shouted. “We’ll be right out.” “Right out?” I asked. James pulled on some of the clothes I brought—a white Henley and dark blue slacks. He went into the dresser in the corner of the room and threw me a cream-colored button up and black dress pants. They weren’t clothes I brought, but they looked just big enough to fit me. Just. “I come prepared,” he added. With some help from James, I was able to quickly throw the shirt on, even if it was tight in the arms and I had to leave the two top buttons unbuttoned. My monstrous cock would have been hard enough to shove into a pair of pants by itself, but my balls were now each about the size of my fist. Add that to the mass of my colossal ass, and the fact that I got them on at all was a minor miracle. The dark fabric somewhat obscured how enormous my bulge was, so I could make it work if I didn’t stand perfectly profile or bend over too suddenly. James threw open bedroom door and raced out to greet his father. “Dad!” He went over to his father and hugged him, lifting him up into the air and spinning him. James’s father looked surprisingly like James. He was maybe half an inch taller, his hair was darker and starting to thin, his eyes were more blue than violet, he didn’t have a beard, and he wasn’t packed with muscle. But a stranger could tell they were father and son. When James put his dad down, he began looking James over. “Let me see you.” He looked his son all over. “You’ve gotten bigger!” He patted the sides of James arms. “I expected nothing less. But this,” he grabbed James’s beard and shook his head back and forth, “this must be for the boyfriend.” I walked over to James’s father and offered my hand, “Nice to meet you Mr….” I trailed off because James’s father stared at my outstretched hand with the same confused look James always did when someone wanted to shake his hand. The exact same look. Then, James’s father looked up at my face, smiled so broadly I thought his face was going to crack in half, and threw his arms around my arms and chest in an attempt at a bear hug. I was practically twice his size, so he couldn’t get all the way around or squeeze me too tightly, but I appreciated the effort. “You’re even bigger than my Jimmy.” He said when he let go of the hug. “Indeed, I am,” I said. “As I was saying, it’s nice to meet you, Mr…” James’s dad interrupted me, “Doug! Call me Doug.” “Are you sure?” “Unless you want to call me Dad?” “Doug it is.” “Where’s Uncle Henry?” James asked. “He’s wrestling with the boat and fishing gear. Go help him.” “On it,” James said, saluted, and ran out the front door. “I am so happy to meet you that I don’t care why it took you five minutes to get out of my son’s bedroom.” “We were…” “I know what you were doing,” Doug said, cutting me off, genuine smile still plastered to his face. “No worries. It gave me a chance to clean up the mess in the bathroom.” “We…” His smile unwavering, Doug interrupted again. “It’s my fault. I was so excited that I talked Henry into coming up a whole day early. And that was on top of the whole day early we were already coming.” “I wish all parents were this excited when their sons came out.” “You’re telling me. I was so scared of my parents I didn’t come out until my son was 3.” Doug crashed on the sofa and patted the cushion next to him. “Sit here, boyfriend Chris. It is time for me to ask you an uncomfortable number of questions in my effort to get to know you. And we’ve got a few minutes because my husband is intentionally stalling our son.” Gingerly, so as to not destroy my pants, I sat. Doug mistook my slowness for fear adding, “I don’t bite.” Once I was seated, Doug let loose a litany of questions. My major? Chemistry. My family? Only child, parents still married. Parents’ jobs? Mother, pediatrician; father, high school history teacher. My career goals? Something in pharmaceuticals. The questions were completely expected, and Doug remained friendly and charming throughout. “Sorry we took so long,” James said, coming back into the room after about ten minutes of Doug’s questions. “Uncle Henry kept dropping the boat.” A short man, easily three inches shorter than me, came in behind James. He looked fit and toned, like a jogger or maybe a swimmer. His skin was youthful, but his hair was shockingly white. He had vibrant green eyes behind a pair of stylish glasses—his whole outfit was stylish: a blazer-sweater-jeans combination like something Dave had me try once. I stood up to shake his hand, and he dismissed it, saying, “How kind to offer, but we prefer hugs in this family,” and giving me my second awkward hug of the hour. “It’s crass and sentimental, I know, but I picked up the habit from my husband, and now I just find it charming.” “Should I call you Henry? Uncle Henry?” “Either’s fine,” he said and took a step back, appraising from head to toe. “Your boyfriend is handsome, Jimmy.” “You both call him Jimmy?” I asked, “Everyone calls him Jimmy,” Doug answered. “You don’t?” “Everyone at school calls him James.” “Oh,” Doug said in an affected British accent. “Is it James now?” His tone was far from mocking. He was playing a game with his son. A blush rising in his cheeks, James responded in his own British accent, “Well, father, I’d prefer His Excellency, Lord James, but James will suffice when the servants aren’t underfoot.” Henry put a hand on Doug’s shoulder before he could respond. “As much as I’d love to let you two go on, I have to ask, have you boys had lunch?” I shook my head, and James said, “We were going to go out for lunch.” “Kismet!” Henry said. “We have Groff’s in the car.” “Groff’s?” I asked. “It’s a local restaurant, rather swanky” James explained. “They have the fanciest sandwiches and the best salads.” “If it’s not imposing,” I said. Henry dismissed the statement. “We bought enough for twenty.” I was still close enough to Doug that he was able to grab my arm. “Good thing too. These two are practically wasting away.” Henry and James went out to the car to get the food, and I helped Doug set the table in the kitchen. “You old enough to drink, boyfriend Chris?” “I turned 21 last March.” “Excellent.” He walked over to the sink and opened the cabinet underneath. From behind a bunch of cleaning supplies, he produced two bottles of wine. “I hid these here years ago in case there was ever cause to celebrate.” Henry and James returned, and we sat around the table eating gourmet sandwiches off paper plates and drinking wine from coffee mugs. The conversation was breezy and casual. “Jimmy’s talked about you an awful lot,” Doug said. “You and Dave and Luke.” “Yeah, we’re together pretty much every day. And you’d need surgery to separate Dave and Luke. They’re one of those couples.” “They’re a couple?” Henry asked. “Have been since August,” I said. “Four friends turned into two couples,” Henry mused. “Practically an Austen novel.” He then added, “Of course, Austen obviously didn’t write about gay people.” Doug turned to me and asked, “How do you identify, boyfriend Chris?” “Sorry?” “I don’t want to assume. Gay? Bi? Pan? Poly? Queer?” “Just gay,” I said. “You?” “Gay, thank you for asking. Henry’s pan.” I nodded. Henry added, “I’ve been with Doug for so long that it’s like a technicality at this point.” “And you, Jimmy?” Doug asked “Dad!” James said. Doug pointed at James casually, looked at me, and said, “For the longest time we thought Jimmy was asexual.” “Dad!” James repeated. “It’s true,” Henry added. “Uncle Henry! Come on.” “What?” Doug said. “We wouldn’t have cared.” “Forgive our gushing, Chris,” Henry said. “We’re a little over-excited he has a boyfriend because he always seems so lonely at home. We were equally delighted when we learned about his friends at school. Jimmy’s always been shy, so to have friends and now a boyfriend—we’re just proud.” James looked down at his food and hid his eyes. Doug picked up where Henry left up. “He’s this charming kid with this great sense of humor, but the bullying!” “The kids at school were horrible to him,” Henry added. “Especially once we came out.” “You were bullied?” I asked James. “Mercilessly,” he added. “I was the quiet kid in elementary school and the weird kid in middle school, so I was the target in high school.” “Gym class was the worst. The utter lack of decorum. We had to pull him out of it. That school would only let us if we signed him up for some sort of sport.” Henry was shaking his head in disapproval. “I wanted to put him in private school, but Doug didn’t want him to become a snob.” “We signed him up for weightlifting at the local gym,” Doug said. “Something he could do solo.” He grabbed his son’s shoulder and shook it. “And, boy howdy did he take to it.” “Can we please not play This is Your Life?” James asked. “I’m your father,” Doug said. “It’s my job to embarrass you in front of your boyfriend. It’s in the bylaws.” “What’s next? Photo albums full of naked baby pictures?” Doug scoffed at the question. “Of course not. I brought the slides.” James stood up. “I’m going to…” he clearly had no idea. “Go for a swim,” I suggested. “The sun’s been shining all morning. The lake’s probably warmed up.” “That sounds like an excellent idea, boyfriend Chris,” Doug said. “Let’s leave the mess for later and go on a family swim.” He and Henry got up and went into what had been James’s room. “Sorry,” I said. “They know I don’t like being the center of attention,” he replied. “At least it was done out of love.” “True.” “Why didn’t you tell me you prefer being called Jimmy?” “When I first met you, you could have called me Ass-Face and I would have accepted it as my name. But now I like it. I like that you call me something my parents don’t. That no one at school does.” “Good. ‘Cause I’d call you Jimmy if you wanted.” “You may call me His Excellency,” James corrected, straightening an invisible crown. “Let’s get changed for swimming, shall we?” Then it hit me. “I’m too big for my swim trunks.”
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    Chapter 35 After the movie, the four of us linked arms and walked to the theater party. It happened to be the same house as the night of the showcase, but the mood was entirely different. The last party had been a relief after a stressful two days; this party was a carefree, hedonistic bacchanal. Couples openly made out on the dance floor, there were designated sex rooms, and alcohol flowed like the Amazon. Everyone wanted to dance with Rocky, but I gave them all a polite brush off. “I’m here with my boyfriend,” I would tell them. The women I rejected found it adorable and took pictures and videos of us dancing. The men I rejected found it hot and took even more. After dancing for over an hour, I asked James to get us some water and told him I’d meet him outside. Once outside, I swear I could see steam rise from my body. It was that hot inside. I shouldn’t have worried about the cold. I’d been outside for less than a minute when a familiar body walked up behind me and put his arms around my chest. “Victor!” I screamed and pushed him away. I took two steps back to create distance between us. “Hey, Big Guy,” he said. Thankfully, he was not touching me. “I don’t understand your workout plan, but I like it.” His words slurred into a muddy puddle. He was completely drunk. “I’m here with my boyfriend,” I said. “So what? I have a boyfriend now, too. That doesn’t change the electricity we have.” He took a step closer to me and stumbled. “Let’s go upstairs to that same bedroom. Do it all over again.” “I’m here with my boyfriend,” I repeated. “The shy bearded guy. I know.” He wobbled a little as he said that. I’d struck a nerve. “If you know, then why ask? My answer’s no.” Victor’s voice had changed from confident to petulant. “He’s not good enough for you, Chris.” When he realized how desperate he sounded, he overcompensated with drunken bravado. “You’re a star now. The showcase, the soccer team, tonight. You’re famous. You need a boyfriend who can handle the spotlight.” “I love him,” I said point blank. “I can change that,” Victor said, and before I could react, he threw himself on me and was kissing me. I could taste the ocean of tequila he'd had. Before I could do anything, James stepped out of the shadows and pulled Victor off me. “He said no, Victor.” Victor swayed a little. “You gonna hit me or something?” “I was raised a gentleman. I won’t hit you.” “Coward.” “I’m not afraid to hit you,” James corrected. “I just won’t hit you.” James rubbed his closed right fist in his open left palm, his biceps flexing and twisting, his pecs inflated slightly. “You don’t want me to hit you.” “He won’t even defend you,” Victor said, turning back to me. “That’s what you want from a man?” “Go, Victor,” I ordered. “But…” Before he could say more than a syllable, I interrupted him. “I wasn’t raised a gentleman.” I put my hands on my hips and flexed everything I could, inflating with muscle. “Go. Now.” Victor muttered a mumbled, “Whatever,” and staggered away. “He kissed me,” I said to James as soon as Victor left. “I know. I saw the whole thing.” James got closer to me and put a hand on my chest. “Dave and Luke are having fun at the party. They’ll probably be here for a few more hours. Let’s go back to your room.” “Oh?” I said, my lips spreading into a slow smile. “Christmas is coming early.”
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    Thanks to those who have been asking for more of this one. A slightly shorter chapter - but one to set things up for the future. Again, thank you for your feedback and your support. ***************************************************************************************************** For the next couple of days, we went through the same routine. We slept naked together, Ian fucked me, I fucked him – and I was good at it too, especially for a “beginner.” At least that’s what Ian said. The woman known as Mrs. Brad’s Mom made platters of food for breakfast the rest of the week. She also pawed at Ian’s enormous arms every chance she got. Dinner with Dad at home tempered her flirtation a bit, but not all the way. She stole touches when she could. As embarrassing as it was, Ian would just look at me and let out little chuckles. He KNEW that Mrs. Brad’s Mom was embarrassing her namesake and he derived some sort of pleasure from it. Then Sunday night came. It was the day before Ian would go to football camp. He had to be there at 08:00 sharp. After a dinner of beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, fresh made rolls and all of the side dishes…I looked over at Ian at the kitchen table and my eyes started to water. Mrs. Brad’s Mom, AKA Debbie, got out a fresh Key lime pie and began to cut it into serving sized pieces. My dad got up and started clearing the table. Ian got up to help too but I grabbed his thick meaty hand and pulled him back into his chair…I mean, I “suggested” with my body language that he sit back down. He was large enough to do what he wanted – I don’t even know if he felt my grip. But he did sit back down next to me. I looked into his steely blue-grey eyes and just squeezed the finger I was holding on to. And you know what? His eyes started to water as well. We ate the pie in silence. His right hand surrounding my left leg under the table. My small left hand at his enormous powerful knee…I could feel the blood vessels pulsing, throbbing, feeding his ever stronger muscles. If I didn’t have a mouthful of pie, I would have got under the table and started licking every inch of his thunder-producing legs. After we ate dessert, Ian rose and took everything else off of the table. Mrs. Brad’s Mom was at the sink starting to wash dishes, her back to us. My father had retired to the common room to watch his “shows.” Ian took the stack of small plates over to the sink and stood next to my mom. Their backs both to me. Ian leaned down to her. His enormous arm, full of enough power to crush cars I was sure, wrapped around her shoulder. “Thank you for a wonderful week. I will never forget how kind you are.” He gave her a kiss on the cheek. He turned toward me. God, his thighs were so thick he had a waddle to him. My mother turned to him and grabbed one of his thick fingers. “Be good to him. Don’t break his heart.” She said quietly, it was almost a whisper – not intended for me to hear. Ian just looked at her and smiled that goofy grin that could win anyone over. In my seat at the table, I looked at him walking toward me. He seemed taller. He seemed more powerful than even earlier today. God was in my kitchen and his name was Ian. He pointed upstairs towards my bedroom and just nodded and smiled. I got up from my seat. It was obvious to my parents that “we” were together now I think. He picked me up again at the bottom of the staircase. His arms bulging, his pecs heaving, his traps swelling – he was trying to impress me, and it was working. But he felt bigger too. Harder. More vascular. Maybe that is why I felt so tired tonight…I was making him grow. I was still granting his wish from all those years ago. He set me down on our bed – it was OUR bed now. Ian, his bulk extending to all corners of my view, leaned into me and kissed me deeply. I took his face in my hands. “Ian, we will change those wishes from years ago next weekend…but for now, I want you to take every ounce of strength from me. Drain me dry. Grow tonight bigger than you ever thought you could be. Take everything from me. I will sleep it off while you are gone. Yes, I will be sore tomorrow and that is OK. But when you go to football camp tomorrow – promise me you will DESTROY everything in your way. Become the massive mountain of power that I have jacked off to my entire life. You are nearly there.” I said the last bit with a smirk, knowing that it would work its way into Ian’s mind – that I said he was “nearly there.” Ian, the man-god, pulled me toward him and then planted a kiss on my lips that I will never forget. And then he drained me. I woke up at 06:00 barely able to move. It was the worst it had ever been. Ian was getting out of the shower…I think it was him. The thing coming through the door had to have been 6 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than the Ian I had said goodnight to last night. He rushed over to me when he heard me moan. “I’m so sorry, Brad. I didn’t even try to get bigger. It felt like you were shoving it in to me.” He had such deep concern in his voice. I could barely keep my eyes open…and I hurt. Every inch of me was on fire. He buried his head in my now emaciated chest. “The universe demands balance.” The words barely escaped my lips and I was back asleep. When I woke up later that day, all of Ian’s things were gone. My room was spotless. He had cleaned. I could still smell him – and it made my heart ache. He wouldn’t be coming through the door any time soon. That goofy beautiful smile would be a stranger for at least a few days. I felt like a giant gaping hole had been ripped into me. There was nothing that could fill it except for Ian. The pain and exhaustion I felt – it was worth it. I saw glimpses of him as he left. Shadows of the monster he was now. And Ian was so good and pure; there is no one else I would have trusted with the sort of size and strength. He had become the huge strong man that he wanted to be all of those years ago. And I knew that it wasn’t over. I fell asleep again, but I could feel him, like we were connected somehow. A few hours later, the sun was low in the sky as it came through my window. My mother had left me in peace but I could smell dinner cooking – probably some sort of tuna casserole. Ugh. She couldn’t seem to escape the ‘60s. I didn’t want to move, but I needed to eat. I got out of bed and saw an envelope on my dresser. The writing was in hard sharp blocks. Ian. Using all of the strength I had in me, I walked the 10 feet to the envelope. I nearly fell over, twice. My trembling hand reached out and opened it. “My Dear Brad, You look so peaceful when you sleep. I don’t know why you did what you did last night. But I think I know, I guess. Part of our deal all of those years ago was that I would grow into one of the largest and strongest men in the world. I am getting very close to that now, thanks to you. But the other part of that deal…Brad, I will always protect you. It is the only thing I truly want anymore. I don’t know if it is the wishes we made at Lybbert’s Pond that night, or if it is just natural – the way I feel. It doesn’t matter though, does it? I care for you more than I do about myself. Sounds so weird to say that – but it is true. I woke up today and hit 260 according to your scale and I’m pretty sure I am at least a couple of inches taller, maybe more. But I know that means that you have paid a price. And a horrible one. So let me make you a promise. You asked me to destroy everything in my path at camp. I will do that. There is nothing that will get in my way. And when I am done on Friday. I will come to you. We will get ready for our date this weekend at Lybbert’s Pond. The meteor shower starts at 19:07. I put it in my phone. LOL. For now, rest. Sleep. Draw anything you need from me. I can feel you now, all the time. Whatever WE are, you are a part of me. Yours for as long as you’ll have me, Ian” I set the note down and collapsed onto the floor – so many emotions assaulting me, mostly pride in what Ian was becoming. And yes, I could feel him all of those miles away. Friday couldn’t come soon enough.
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    Eugene laid on his bed, the heads of Sam and Dan bobbing beneath the blankets. His massive feet hung out the end and he was gently running a hand across his pecs. His TV was on and playing the latest Spider-Man movie. The arachnid superhero was swinging through the streets of New York, sunlight glistening off his hairy abs and his overstuffed bulge bouncing with each swing. Eugene felt one of the twins gag on the massive head of his cock. He chuckled slightly before returning his attention to Spider-Man, he liked seeing a nerd superhero. It was always these short, skinny or fat superheroes. Former models who turned to acting and now made guys like Eugene feel bad about their muscle bound forms. This guy playing Spider-Man, Tom something was actually pretty good and looked a lot like Peter Parker from the comics. Though Eugene never remembered Peter Parker using his giant bulge to smother robbers. ——————————————————————————————————————————— In some studio Tom stood atop a New York apartment building, staring out at a green screen while the director and crew fiddled with a camera behind him. His feet overhanging the slabs capping the building’s brickwork as he stood astride the corner of the roof. Clad head to toe in the red and blue spider-man uniform. Just a young actor pretending to be a teenage superhero. Filming was close to finishing and this was one of the final scenes. They’d actually filmed it before, but the director wasn’t happy with it so he’d got Tom to fly back to the studio from London and film it again. He flexed his toes, his heels hanging off one end of the wall and his toes off the other. Luckily he was pretty well balanced, even though his size 22 feet were barely getting any stability from the wall. Before puberty hit and turned Tom into any other stereotypical nerd Tom had been a dancer, but growing over a foot and piling on thick muscle had ruined that, so he turned his talents to acting. The fans turned on behind him, the cool breeze making him flex his thickly muscled glutes. The skin tight costume was hugging every curve of his muscle butt, the tops of the cheeks actually partly visible. Originally the costume had covered him completely, but he’d had a slight growth spurt between getting measured for the costume and when he turned up for the filming of Civil War. Slight, being 6 inches of height and 50lbs of muscle. Plus hair had started to come in. He remembered how embarrassed he’d been when he turned up to the studio with a thick beard and richly forested hair spreading over his abs and pecs. But it turned out it actually fit the character better. Peter Parker had always been a towering mass of hairy nerd in the comics, and Tom’s portrayal had gone very well with audiences. “Ok Tom, you know how this goes” the director shouted from behind him “Just a good dramatic shot of you overlooking the city you saved from Mysterio” Tom shook out his massive arms and stood proudly with them on his lean hips to stare out at a green screen. Even though his face wouldn’t be in the shot he was trying to put on a serious smile. The mask didn’t cover his bearded jaw, the higher-ups decided that for some reason Tom’s lantern jaw covered in the thickest beard ever to appear on film was a good fit for the character even though Spider-Man always covered his nerdy beard. The studio went silent and the director called ‘action’. Tom just stood and breathed steadily, he could actually hear the fibers of the costume straining against his slightly heaving pecs. “Wait….wait… cut” the director shouted Tom turned his head. His thick bull neck being slightly strangled by the costume. “Whats wrong” he asked his voice booming loudly even though he’d tried to keep the volume low “Just your junk” the director said stepping over to him With Tom standing on the wall his solid ass was face level with the director, with Tom flexing his cheeks in embarrassment. He looked down past his pec shelf to the overpacked crotch resting between his giant thighs. It looked like it always did when he wore the costume, a round lump of animal sized fuck meat. “Jake, can you sort him out please” the director shouted to one of the aides A young guy came running over and without saying a word to Tom stuffed his hands into Tom’s pants. Tom could feel Jake’s face resting against one of Tom’s ass cheeks as the guy reached around him to pull at the straps of Tom’s jockstrap. “We really need to get you a new jock” the director said “The straps are always getting loose” Tom was thankful for the mask covering most of his face, he could feel his cheeks burning red. Jake’s hands were forearm deep in Tom’s musky jockstrap and were rearranging their contents. One of Tom’s baseball sized nuts was being lightly cupped by Jake as Tom’s deli quality sausage was curved around underneath them. “Your junk was hanging lower then it should” the director explained to Tom One of his hands on the small of Tom’s back, it would of been on Tom’s shoulder, but Tom was over 7ft tall and standing atop a high wall. The director would have to be a nerd of the highest standard to even hope of reaching one of Tom bowling ball sized shoulders. “We can barely have these beach balls you call ass cheeks in a shot” the director chuckled, Jake though was nearly pressed his face right between Tom’s cheeks “Can have those wrecking ball nuts swinging low between your legs” Jake finally got ahold of the straps of Tom’s jock and was adjusting them to tighten them up. Tom could feel the weight of his genitals rising up, his almost overflowing pouch getting dangerously close to completely overflowing with cock meat. Tom could swear Jake lingered for a moment, he could feel Jake take a deep breath with his face buried between Tom’s ass cheeks. “Much better” the director said, giving Tom’s ass a firm slap when Jake moved away Filming started up again and within 5 minutes it was over. Tom jumped down from the wall with a floor shaking thud. Pulling off his mask and tossing it to Jake, the aide passing him a water bottle. “Thanks” Tom said, staring past his pecs down to Jake The guy was actually very cute, maybe a year or so older then Tom. He was short and very slim, probably had been an athlete in school, a guy who’d never even look at Tom. But now Tom was a big celebrity, didn’t matter that he was a hairy muscle beast, just appearing in a film had made it like he was a short fatty. “You’re welcome” Jake said beaming up at Tom “Your lunch is waiting for you in your dressing room, and is there anything else I can do for you” Jake was biting his lip and gently loosing the straps of Tom’s jock. Sweet relief spread up from Tom’s crotch as his heavy meat was allowed to swing. “Can’t believe it is actually part of your job to do that” Tom muttered as he started for his dressing room Jake just laughed, a few steps behind Tom. His short legs not keeping up with Tom’s lengthy strides. “Well I’m your assistant, you are my job” Jake said as Tom ducked into his dressing room “Wait what” Tom said suddenly turning around Jake walked face first into Tom’s hairy abs. The warm studio lights had caused them to be slick with sweat. “Yea, I’ve been your assistant throughout filming, who did you think was bringing you scripts, food, costumes and emptying your trash” Jake said wiping his face clean of sweat Tom felt himself blushing again. The mention of his trash turning him a bright crimson, everyday of filming Tom’s trash was packed with cum stained tissues. Wanking his massive meat was the only way for Tom to not pop an arm sized boner in the middle of filming, and he’d had to turn to tissues after seeing some of the crew carrying cum soaked towels through the set on the first day. “I never noticed” Tom said feeling bad Jake just laughed “Surprised you notice anything with those pecs” Tom found himself bouncing them for Jake, who’s eyes just went wide. Jake quickly moved past Tom and set up Tom’s lunch. A massive fresh salad, Tom had tried to eat healthy, but the studio ordered him to keep his weight up, so it was salads and protein shakes everyday. Tom changed out of the Spider-Man costume, pulling some grey sweats over his rounded ass. His long cock hanging down one leg. Jake had moved onto cleaning up the dressing room, the small guy struggling to restock the dumbbells onto Tom’s weight rack. Tom took a seat and started eating. The heavy duty metal chair creaked a bit as he lowered himself into. In the mirror at his dressing table Tom could see Jake sniffing Tom’s jock strap. Jake’s tongue flickering out to lick at some of the still wet pre-cum staining the pouch. Tom’s cock throbbed slightly and hardened down the leg of his sweats. “Hey” Tom called Jake dropped the jock and started spluttering out an explanation, his eyes wide at seeing himself over Tom’s shoulder in the mirror. “Was it you who cleaned out my fleshjack” Tom asked On the table an XXXXL fleshjack sat somewhat clean. It did look like someone had been scooping out the gooey cum with their tongue. Jake went bright red, Tom’s bearded face pulling up into a smile. He swiped his hand out and knocked the fleshjack into the trashcan. “Get under the table” Tom ordered, his cock flexing against his sweats
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    Chapter 25 The car ride was uneventful because the whole time I was wondering what James’s big surprise was. I was, of course, hoping it was sex, but his use of the word “big” was troubling. When we arrived, I was surprised by how remote it was. The lake was so enormous that I couldn’t actually see the far shore, and we were surrounded on all sides by mountains and trees. The cabin itself was small. The building was beyond rustic; it looked like it was made from trees that just fell over. If the cabin had four rooms inside, I’d be surprised. “You didn’t say it was a forest mansion,” I joked. “I had to make sure you weren’t after my vast wealth,” he rejoined. Luckily, the inside was gorgeous. Each room was tastefully decorated to make the room seem larger than it could possibly be. And there were five rooms if you counted the minuscule bathroom. There were two bedrooms, a common room with two couches, and a kitchen that doubled as a dining room. James walked over to the kitchen cabinets and opened them. “As I expected,” he said. “Nothing to eat unless we want cleaning supplies for dinner. I’m going to hit the local store to stock up on food. You enjoy the place. I’ll be back right quick.” Once I was alone in the house, I felt very out of place. I knew I had permission to be here, but it felt like I was trespassing, so I decided to wait out back. The back door opened to a back porch with a breathtaking view of the lake and the mountains. This view was why people paid to rent the cabin. The porch was surprisingly large, about half as big as the whole cabin. It was dotted with wooden lawn chairs and places to sunbathe. It ended with the two steps down to a stone path that led to the lake. I hopped over the stairs and followed the path. There was a dock for boating, a barbecue pit, even a little sliver of sandy beach. I could see why October was the off-season; this place was built for summer activities. I walked back up to the porch and sat in one of the wooden chairs, leaned back, and relaxed. I don’t know if it was the lake air or the drive or something else, but I actually fell asleep waiting for James to come back. He shook me gently and cooed, “Wake up, Big Guy.” That was the absolute best way to wake up ever. I reeled with pleasure, both from sensation within and scenery without. As I grew larger in the chair, I could feel my clothes, tight by design, get just a little tighter, and the chair felt just a hair smaller. “I never actually got to see that,” James said. “Like what you see?” “Always,” he said kissing me. “Was this the big plan? Get me out in the woods and watch me hulk out of my clothes?” “All at once like that? Who do I look like? Luke?” He shook his head. “I am a patient fellow. And we have until Thursday. I want to watch you get a little bit bigger every day. I want your clothes to still fit you by the end of the week, but just barely, so they’ll be easier to tear off you.” My cock stirred in my pants. “I see we like that.” James stroked my cock through the fabric. “I propose a challenge, Chris.” “Oh?” I was intrigued. “I know that your huge equipment needs to get off several times a day.” “You hear what I do in the gym bathroom?” “Everyone hears what you do in the gym bathroom.” I blanched, but only a little. James continued, “So, here’s the challenge. This whole week, I will grow you a little bit every day. That’s the fun part. The challenging part? No orgasms. No touching yourself. No masturbation. From now until when we take that final step on Wednesday.” “Wednesday?” I repeated. “Wednesday,” James reaffirmed. “Excellent.” “I want you fully loaded and practically exploding my first time.” “Sounds fun. I’m in.” “I didn’t finish. If you do blow before the finale, I get to grow this,” he said, grabbing my cock, “as big as I want it.” “I see no downside.” Then, after a small pause, I added, “But what if I win?” James laughed. “Name it.” “Seriously?” “Yeah,” James said dismissively. “Go ahead. We both know that you’re not winning. I don’t plan on playing fair.” “Okay. A threesome with a guy of my choosing.” “I expected something more creative from you.” “Well, I’ve just had my first threesome, and I know now that I like them.” “Okay, done. If you miraculously make it to Wednesday without orgasm, we have a threesome. When you blow early, I get to grow your cock as big as I want, no objections from you.” “Game on,” I said. James didn’t lie; he didn’t play fair. We decided to go swimming that afternoon because the water was surprisingly warm for October. My body looked even bigger in my swim trunks, even my ass. I had to wear trunks because I was too big for a speedo, a problem I loved having. I dove into the water while James got changed. When he came out of the house and walked to the lake, he was in a black terrycloth robe. Given his shyness around public nudity, I half-expected him to wear an old-timey bathing costume, but when he took of his robe, he was wearing a bright blue speedo. For the first time, in the clear light of day, I got to see my boyfriend’s bulge. My man was hung. The fabric of the speedo was spread thin at the bottom because his cock and balls took up so much of the space. His cock, pressed firmly in the front of the pouch, looked wide and impressive. When he walked to the edge of the lake, his thick legs shook with might and power, and his package bounced ever-so slightly. “Like what you see?” he asked from the sand, echoing my come-on from earlier. “Always,” I said, finishing the echo. James dove into the water with his dancer’s grace and joined me in the water. The water clung to his chest hair and darkened it to nearly black. “What happened to my never-naked boyfriend?” “Who’s around to see?” he said. “With a body like yours, you should be shirtless all the time.” “With a body like mine,” he responded, “people stare and ogle. And I turn bright red and hide.” “Can I stare and ogle?” “Please do.” “You’re an enigma,” I said, and we continued swimming. We dressed and spent the rest of the day enjoying each other’s company, ending the day watching the sunset while we made out. He slowly coaxed my shirt off my body, and I slowly coaxed his shirt off his body. Light turned to half-light, turned to darkness. We stroked each other’s chests, and I realized I was closely approaching James’s size and said as much between kisses. This really got his engine revving. James, when he wanted to, was a passionate kisser. He was kissing me so roughly that night that the sandpaper tingling from his beard left my cheeks and chin red. When my cock reached its full foot of length from his ministrations, James patted the head of it through my pants and said, “Goodnight,” and went to sleep in the other room. It took me a cold shower to get it back down without masturbating. The next morning, I woke with the sunrise. I lazily looked out the window at the foot of my bed, the view partially obscured by my morning wood. I almost reflexively jacked it off, but then I remembered the game and got dressed instead. My bulge was obvious, but it would prove I was still in the game. James made breakfast before I woke up. No boyfriend had ever made me breakfast before. I was so touched I didn’t know how to respond. Rather than vacation food, pancakes and the like, James had made an excessively healthy breakfast. “I’m not letting you slack on that tower of man-muscle just because it’s vacation.” I sat down to eat, and James continued. “There’s a gym in town. After breakfast, let’s run into town, no car, do our usual workout, and then run back home. We can make it an every-morning thing.” “Sounds good,” I said through a mouthful of eggs. The gorgeous view, the gorgeous breakfast, the gorgeous boyfriend—he could’ve suggested recreational taxidermy, and I would’ve been up for it. “Good. Town is five miles away” I didn’t realize how mean a trick that was until we were well on our way. I’d done plenty of cardio at the gym (elliptical, treadmill, etc.), but I hadn’t done any serious running since I was a much smaller man. Running with a huge body was a new experience. I had so much flesh moving in every direction, including my cock and balls that were slowly swelling with unreleased cum. We weren’t running particularly fast, but five miles is a lot farther than it sounded. The gym was eerily empty, and James bought us two visitors passes. The woman behind the desk smiled at these two sweaty musclemen who had wandered into her enclosure, and she got overly friendly with James. When she handed him his guest towels, she put her hand on top of his and said, “I would love to give you a personal, intimate tour. You obviously care about your body.” I stepped in between the two of them and said, “We know our way around a gym, thanks.” She must have taken this as me flirting with her because, without dropping a beat, she smiled at me and said, “I could give the tour to you instead, if that’s what you want.” I turned to James, planted a deep kiss on him and asked, “Should we get a tour?” She returned to her desk knowingly, and James broke out into a fit of giggles. Because we had just run that ridiculous distance, I thought he was going to go easy on me. I was wrong. He pushed me harder and harder. I was moving iron like I never had. At first, I thought this gym had to have mislabeled the weights; then I remembered that I was working with five extra pounds of meat. I hit several of my personal bests. James took full advantage of the workout to cheat at our game. Whenever I spotted him, he would grunt a little deeper, puff his breath a little louder. Whenever he got off a machine or re-racked some weight, he would strut, practically dance, back to me, sticking out his chest, then stand close to me, heaving and sweating. He would do any little thing to get me all riled up. It worked. At the end of our workout, I was pumped like I had never been in my life. My muscles, especially in my arms and chest, were so red they were angry, and my cock was so stiff it was trying to make a break for it. “Ready for the run back?” James asked. I had gotten so into my workout that I had saved nothing for the return run. “I guess.” “Good,” he said, and put his hand on my shoulder reassuringly. “You got this, Big Guy.” I had never grown while pumped. The pleasure nearly cycled back into pain. My workout clothes grew more confining, and I felt substantial in a way I never had. That was more than five pounds. James looked me up and down. “Now we’re an even match.” He was right. Especially because that last spurt had been more than five pounds, we were now the same size. I was as big as James. My cock grew even harder. “Race you home,” James said and ran out the front door. Running with an erection and all that extra weight was both erotic and impossible. James, of course, beat me home by a significant margin. When I got inside, all I wanted to do was shower, but James was already using it. I decided to sneak a peek, and when I opened the door, James was just stepping out, a towel draped halfway around his waist, intentionally leaving his back half exposed. “All yours,” he said, and walked out of the bathroom, sliding his body past mine to squeeze through the door. Once he passed me, I turned around and got an full view of his firm, hard, and huge ass, lightly dusted with hair. I was hard again. “Fuck!” I screamed. “Not ‘til Wednesday,” he replied.
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    My name is Gary. But i would prefer it if you called me Sir. Is that understood? Good. Can you guess who i am in the picture? Bet you can’t with the tough soldier persona i put on my introduction. Well as much as it hurts to say, im the little dude in the middle. Always been the smallest shortest skinniest guy in class. And even in the military im still the smallest. But thats where it all ends. You see, where i come from, command officer ranks are usually given to college graduates like me. And do i even need to say whats my rank? I don’t mean to be cocky and wear my sunglasses all day among my men but as the commanding officer I get to be as cocky as i wanna be. I may be smaller and shorter than every guy in camp but that doesn’t mean i can’t yell and whip their asses. Maybe i’m just making up for my small statue by being “BIG” but hey nothing wrong with having Napoleon syndrome when your rank is as high as mine. I do have one small problem though. Its one of those small sexual fetishes i hate to admit. But the fact is that i have it. And it turns me on greatly. I have a fetish for Role Reversals. And me being a physically small but high ranking military officer, i cant help but imagine being forced to be a bitch to a lowly recruit. To be called a fucking pussy and slapped on my face for what i’m worth. To look up at his tall imposing muscular body and know that i can never be a true man like him. And what would i give to be jeezed all over my pussy face by his large cock after i’m done being a “face hole”. A humiliated officer forced to be a lowly recruit’s bitch. Thats was a fetish i know i can never achieve. Until Nathan came along….. He was a new recruit. But you could tell those muscles on his hard body were not. A champion bodybuilder at such a young age with a handsome jaw dropping face. He was the epitome of a true man. Something i could never be in my own body. I still remember the first gaze he gave me. It was so incredibly sexy and gave me an instant hard on in my pants. Yet that cold stare of his was also so much filled with authority and masculinity. He was fresh out of school after being kicked out before he could complete college. So chances were that he could never become a commanding officer like me. And that made me sad knowing that such a fine specimen such as himself could never rise to his true potential. I would lay in bed thinking of hot and sexy he would be in my uniform. I fantasied him wearing my uniform and looking back at me with those cold eyes. Life is so unfair. Someone small and short like me could become a leader of men, while he could only be a lowly recruit. What a waste…… Little would i know that these simple fantasies of mine would ultimately become reality…… A late night shower after a military exercise one night led me to come face to face to his rock hard body in the shower. The steamy warm temperatures made everything so erotic as i found him on the other side of the showers. He was taking selfies of himself as i secretly hoped that he would release his towel. Perhaps i was being too loud but he spotted me at a corner. And i guess he saw the little tent on my pants too. But he didnt look shocked at all. Not one bit. In fact he snickled to himself and gave me a cocky smirk before going back to taking more selfies. That one act of confidence was enough for me to make my knees go weak as i was having trouble controlling my already aroused penis. I wasn’t wearing underwear so i had to make sure that i would not ejaculate or he would know. He turned to me before giving me a cocky grin. “You want this don’t cha?” He flexed his biceps. My jaw dropped as watched him play with his huge biceps. Relaxing and tensing the muscle as i didnt even notice myself walking slowly step by step to him. But just as i came to him he pulled his arms back in disgust. “You wanna kiss my biceps don’t you homo fag? What do i get in return for a kiss of my biceps?” I looked up at his tall imposing handsome face almost breathless of his good looks. “You can have my uniform. Take it! You know what? In fact I authorize you to be my assistant officer in command this week….” He laughed as i hungrily licked up the sweat all over his biceps and kissed its warm hard muscles. My pants was soaked with my cum all over by the time it was over. I watched him dress himself in my uniform the next day and i could sense the arrogance in him grow like the plague. From a lowly recruit he was now my next of command. And he performed his role as a leader flawlessly. In fact i felt almost useless with him next to me, He was stronger than me so he was always showing the other recruits what to do during the gym sessions while i simply stood at a corner fiddling my fingers and gazing at his amazing body. He was tall and charismatic so slowly i was pushed out by the other leaders in favor of him as a commanding officer. By the end of the week he had even taken my sunglasses and started referring to himself as Officer Nathan. And damm did he look incredible. He had the looks He had the muscles He had the height He had everything i didn’t. He was the perfect Commanding Officer. I resigned my position as the commanding officer in favour of Nathan and demoted myself to a mere recruit. My fantasy was becoming reality. That night as part of my “re-initiation” as a “new” recruit i was put to a long list of humiliating activities. As an ex-officer i have had made many enemies among my men who were now all of a higher rank than me. I was made to suck everyone’s cock. I had to look at them in the eyes as I could see their laughter of a former officer sucking of all his men’s dicks. It was humiliating and my little mouth was beginning to feel the stretch of sucking everyones cock. And then he walked in, The former new lowly recruit who was now the new commanding officer Nathan. He flexed a double bicep pose before me before dropping his pants. My Fantasy was finally coming true. A role reversal. Without warning he stuffed his giant meat into my mouth as i gazed up at his cocky smirk. He was a beast truly. He fucked my face like it was a pussy. I swore a feel times i was knocked back by the sheer force of his hip thrust. I could tell he was about to ejaculate and pull out but i made sure my mouth stayed on permanently. The eruption was sudden as it arrived. It flooded my mouth with the creamiest cum i have ever tasted. I looked up and watched his face go from an arrogant fuck boy cocky smirk to a confused daze as he closed his eyes. I swallowed as much as i could before i too blacked out. I have a fetish for role reversals. I have always wondered how it would feel to be humiliated by someone of a lower rank than me. To be mocked at for my small statue and be face fucked. But oh well, its time to move on to the next step of the plan…. I woke up still feeling dazed. I felt the power of my huge pecs. I flexed my biceps to feel its full force. I played with my monster cock. I put on my uniform. And i finally placed my old sunglasses on this new face of mine. Its a new body. But the sunglasses fitted perfectly. I have a fetish for role reversals. I just hope he has a fetish for that too.
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    Chapter 37 A peal of pleasure washed over me, drawing me deeply into my own body. Every nerve ending from my fingertips to my scalp and back down to my toes danced in a fiery delight. I could feel my cock pushing out further, and the resistance it met sent further erotic sensation through my body. My reverie was only ended because I could hear James alternately shouting and panting. What emanated from James could hardly be described as words, but the occasional “yes” and “fuck” escaped his throat. I looked down to see where my cock entered him, and saw over two inches of my flesh sticking out of him. The thickness of my erection at the base was so immense I doubt I could wrap both my hands around it. Thankfully, my cock tapered to the tip, but I was stretching James to the breaking point. “Are you okay?” I asked, holding as still as I could in case I was hurting him. James’s eyes were closed, his head turned to one side, and he had turned a shade of deep red, verging on light purple. He wasn’t responding, so I asked again. He managed a nod, and then I felt something on my abs. James’s 9-inch cock was twitching wildly, spurting enthusiastic bursts of cum in all a steady regular rhythm. “Oh,” I said. My newfound proportions were causing the most intense orgasm of James’s life. Holding my upper body still with my arms, I pushed my cock in as far as it would go, maybe only another half inch, but it did the trick. James’s whole body began to vibrate intensely and curled up involuntarily, almost into a defensive posture. His ejaculations sped up, at first producing more cum. After three or four volleys, his cock still twitched, but nothing was coming out. All his muscles tensed, and his body shifted from red-purple to purple-red. His face was a grimace of pleasure turned to pain wrapped back to pleasure. His jaw tensed so tightly that his chin jutted forward at a sharp angle. I wasn’t even sure he was breathing. I held my position steadily as James worked through the climax. After a seeming eternity, James relaxed and he began to catch his breath. His rictus loosened, and his body turned to a more normal hue. Now on the other side of the orgasm, James looked up at me and smiled. In the fluorescent light of the dorm room, his eyes glowed golden. In his breathy, panting tone, he whispered his thanks, loves, and devotions, and I mine. When James’s breathing returned back to normal, I let him know that I was still fully erect and inside him. “Still?” James asked. “Well, it’s a tight, warm environment, the natural habitat of the erect cock. I’m going to pull out now, very slowly, and I need you to tell me to stop or keep going. Okay?” James nodded. As I slowly began to withdraw myself, James shivered a little, so I slowed. “Keep going,” he said. I pulled a little further, slowly and steadily, and James began breathing through his nose. I was now about 80% of the way out, when James said, “Stop!” very loudly. My head had just hit his prostate on its way out. “Slower,” he directed. So, so slowly I was nearly motionless, I pulled myself out past his prostate. Once it was clear, I pulled the last few inches out all at once. The force required to pull the last few inches took me by surprise, so I tumbled backwards, landing clumsily on my ass and my left arm. My own breathing quickened as I saw my 16-inch glory proudly standing from my groin. I had thought, in my idle fantasies in which James grew me bigger, that the difference between 15 and 16 inches would be minimal, it’s only one more inch. But seeing it, its crest just below my pecs, its thickness more akin to a two-liter soda bottle than a beer can, its stiffness more akin to steel then stone. My cock was Leonidas, Hercules, Atlas. Seeing my own cock augmented to such godly dimensions was too much for my sex-addled mind to stand, and I spontaneously orgasmed. My ass clenched tighter than I ever had as a torrent of cum burst from my cockhead. The sheer volume I could produce goaded me on to more intense and more forceful orgasm. After the seventh or eighth eruption, my cock was sated, and it slowly began to deflate. “Show off,” James said.
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    Awaiting his Arrival. “How’s this pose. Menacing enough?” Ben asked with a grin. Ian pursed his lips, carefully looking at how dangerously hot his friend was looking while he had his arms widely spread on the cushions, his muscles bulging threateningly. “Pose is nearly perfect. Push out your pecs a little though.” Ian said, his soft voice nothing more than a mumble compared to his friends deep bass. The big man lying on the bed obliged, the thick pecs cascading with size while he rearranged them till they perfectly showed off how powerful the iron slabs were. “And. Uh. Push up your dick a little. Don’t want those thick legs obscuring the salami.” Ben grinned at the mention of his new supreme cock, eagerly grabbing his extremely formidable bulge till it was clear to see just how much his underwear was struggling keeping the tool of pleasure in line. “What did you say was my line again?” Ben asked. It was clear the lumbering stud wasn’t really paying attention. The titan of size was mostly preoccupied with one hand running the eight cobblestone bricks making up his abs, and smirking while he looked at his other hand softly kneading the large amount of hardening man meat making up his nether regions. “I don’t know. Just say something along the lines of ‘Guess who’s taking over your position as the football quarterback, twerp.’ It doesn’t really matter, he’s gonna mostly be focused on the fact the nerd he bullied for years is now outsizing him by a nearly a hundred pounds anyways.” Ian said with a shrug. Ben chuckled, clearly the testerone factory he had hanging between his legs was doing it’s job and filling him up with much needed confidence. “You think I’ve got time to beat out another one before he gets here?” He asked with feigned innocence. Ian slowly squinted at the perfect male image his friend had turned into. “He’s gonna be here in a minute. Besides, haven’t you emptied those balls enough already?” Ian mumbled, while trying not letting his cheeks burn scarlet while he thought about the sixth time Ben had came that morning, his hot spunk going right down Ian’s tight throat. Ben shot Ian a look that made it very clear he’d never be not horny ever again. Ian just swallowed. He hoped Ben would be able to cage his desires enough during the stern talking to they had planned for the rest of the football team. The new huge Ben was supposed to be intimidating. But if things were going as they were now, the day would likely be filled with jocks dropping to their knees while doing everything thing to get a taste of the throbbing man meat swinging between Ben’s new marble legs. Or a scramble to simply get the honour of touching one of Ben’s many massive muscles. Ian didn’t even get a chance for further objections before the football captain and former tormenter they had been waiting for finally barged in. The look of awe on his face while he stared at the sweat from Ben’s steel like muscularity soaking his mattress seemed mixed with a healthy dose of lust. With a sly grin the nerd thought that no matter how the day with the new behemoth that was Ben was going to turn out, it was probably going to be good.
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    Story on my old tumblr before they deleted it.
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    Nick was in heaven. It had taken him a while to finally find one. The search for yet another twink to satisfy his desires was getting complicated, but he had experience and abilities his competition lacked and ultimately each new semester meant a steady influx of guys who enrolled, so he figured it would take some time before he would get into trouble finding anyone. He moaned as his massive body was getting worshipped by the considerably more delicate guy on top of him. His enormous dick was already filling out even this very experienced bottom and he could feel his balls, two gigantic cum factories that 'd put elephants to shame swelling in preparation for the coming flood. And then a certain, intoxicating smell seemed to drift through the room. Nick looked up for a short moment to confirm that his pecs had gotten bigger and a clear liquid seemed to run out of his nipples. He didn't see much of that though before the other guy began to suck on them as if there was no tomorrow. For Nick it felt like three orgasms at once, an explosion of pleasure that just got stronger over time. He only came back to consciousness once he felt the twink stop sucking his nipples. He couldn't possibly say how much time had passed inbetween. The twink before him was beginning to moan, then growl, then tremble. Slowly but surely his face and his body began to restructure themselves. This was too much for Nick, he felt his cum gushing through his cock into the changing man before him, who couldn't help himself but scream as his stomach began to bloat because of it, then recede into a perfect eight-pack shortly after. The sound of stretching skin and growing bones filled the room as the now former twinks body seemingly tried to expand into many directions at once. Nick loved being the son of a fertility god. Like many divine children he had gotten control over a small subdomain of his fathers realm of influence, in his case masculinity. Not only had this caused him to be inhumanly beautiful, muscular and potent, it was also something that he was literally secreting. And he loved watching small, fat or just insecure guys being filled with pure masculinity and losing all these traits in a matter of minutes. His current conquest for example was coming along nicely, he was already sporting thick pecs, treetrunk-like legs and shoulders wider than most doors, not to mention the huge bullnuts lying on Nicks own pecs and the 10 inches flesh which were slowly stretching towards his face. Nick nodded, quite satisfied with the result. And then he used a fraction of his powers to make himself cum again and again into the growing body above him. Who cared about twinks getting rarer and rarer on the campus, being replaced by giant avatars of manliness? Certainly not Nick. He let his nipples secrete even more liquid masculinity and the massive guy on him sucked it up without hesitation. Nick smiled. He had always wanted to see what would happen to a guy full with a days worth of his divine cum. He needed a truly manly herold for his future followers after all...
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    The story will be on temporary hiatus while I attend to some computer issues. But I assure you, I have finished the next 20 chapters and will resume regular posting as soon as I am able.
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    Owen pulled his coat close to himself, the rain pelting down onto the Danish street. Even though he’d lived here for over a year he still felt like a fish out of water. It was nice place, he just felt small. The average height here for men was much higher than back home in Britain, and 5′8 Owen was at least 6 inches shorter then the average blond Danish man. He rushed up the stairs to his apartment, where the feeling that he was tiny got worse. Owen lived with a German, a Dane, a Swede and an Asian-American. All of them were big guys, they all went to the gym together, leaving little redheaded Owen alone. Owen found Peter and Sven watching TV in their workout shorts, the German scratching at his abs, while Sven was tying his Swedish mane of golden blond hair into a bun. The TV’s sound was turned up very loud, and Owen could just about hear why. Lee’s bed was crashing against his bedroom wall, the giant Japanese hulk from San Francisco was ruining another poor Danish girl. Owen sighed, Lee was always at it, Asians were just sex gods, plain and simple. It still felt odd to him, like Asians didn’t fit the image. Owen just couldn’t place it, like something had changed. He always brushed those thoughts off, he was just jealous of the massive stud. Owen grinned to himself at his own stupid thoughts and started pulling off his shoes, when Noah the native Dane thudded pass him, knocking Owen off balance. “Shit… sorry Owen” he apologised pulling off his headphones Noah was oversized, and was more viking like then Sven. Overdeveloped pecs stretched out his shirt and long beard masked an amazing solid jawline. He’d got caught without a coat and his shirt was damp to his chest and thick meaty arms. Owen nodded in response to his apology and bit his lips as Noah’s pecs bounces involuntary. He headed to the kitchen, while Noah slapped both Peter and Sven on their beefy shoulders before vanishing into his room to change out of his wet clothes. “Anyone want a cuppa” Owen asked the two big blond men on the sofa “Nah” Peter called back “Owen, I haven’t asked, what is it with you Brits and tea” Sven asked Owen ran a hand through his short reddish hair and sighed. “I really have no idea” He grinned, something about India and the empire They all spoke english in the apartment, as all of them but Noah were learning Danish. Owen lifted a supposably clean cup out of the sink, only it wasn’t and cold tea splattered Owen’s shirt. He grimaced and pulled off his shirt, his pale lean chest on show, lightly freckled and with little to no fat. Thankfully his red sweats were spared, he wouldn’t have to show off his tiny bulge, damn his Irish genes. That was another thing he was jealous about, he remembered his grandad mentioning before Owen moved to Denmark that ‘Hung like a Viking’ was a saying, and it seemed to be true. All of his roommates were hung, and weren’t shy about it. He expected it of Lee, ‘once you go Asian’ was well known, but all his other roommates being hung like bulls, that was just unlucky. It wasn’t like stereotypes were true. Owen just shook his head, he was being stupid again, he was just a twinky ginger, he sighed. He tossed his shirt into the washing machine, finding some of the guys dirty clothes. What was it with these guys, they made a mess and wouldn’t ever clean, it was always Owen’s job. “Fucking vikings” Owen muttered ——————————————————————————————————————————— He stretched himself out after rising from the washing machine, his meaty wide hands palmed the ceiling. He let out a deep contented groan as his long vast muscled back cracked. “Owen can I get pass please” the small soft almost nervous voice of Noah asked He grunted and leaned back, letting the small Dane slip passed him, Owen’s own swollen rounded pecs blocked his view of the tasty looking blond. Owen stared at the cup of tea on the side, he knew he’d made it but why. It was germanic Peter who inherited his country’s stereotypical lust for tea. With a meaty hand he poured it down the sink and grabbed a bottle of water. Owen’s wide feet thudded with each step, his heavy swinging cock bounced wildly, level with Peter and Sven’s heads when he stood behind them. Both little vikings looked up at Owen, their eyes on the imprint of his hardening cock. Owen could almost hear them gulp, he gave it a scratch, hung like a celt he thought. He remembered when he showed each of the little blond northern europeans what that meant, even Lee was shocked when he saw it swinging when Owen swagged around naked. He stepped around and sat between his ‘reluctant’ fuck buddies, they loved it and half the time begged for it, but none of them wanted to admit they rode the cock of the ginger celt they shared a room with, especially as Noah liked to have Owen dress up like some shitty marvel superhero, Taranis or something, he was the celt god of thunder. Owen usually just forced his cock down Noah’s throat when the little viking tried to explain it to him. Owen was too busy eating, drinking, fucking or fighting to read comics, he was a pureblooded celt after all. Owen bounced his thick bicep, he could feel Sven’s pale fingers running along the celtic war band he had tattooed around the muscle. “Shit Owen, can’t get over how fucking big you are” the deep voice of Lee chuckled He swagged into the room, slick with sweat. Owen remembered when Lee moved in, the huge asian looked like he’d shit himself when he had to stare up at Owen, it was like the guy had never met a celt before. “I’m a celt, dumbass” Owen called back “Average height is like 6′4 back home” “And you’re way above average” Lee sniggered giving Noah a playful slap on his peachy ass as the little viking slipped pass the massive American “Hell yea” Owen laughed giving Lee the view of his back flexing as he hit a double bicep pose from the couch “I should visit Britain sometime, would be nice to be a shorty for once” Lee said “Oh yea” Owen said “And you boys too” he slapped his hands on Peter and Sven’s shoulders “I’m Iceni, we breed them big” Noah wrapped his little arms around Owen’s thick neck, kissing Owen’s traps. Noah while scared of how he’d be treated if people found out he loved getting pillaged by a celt like his homeland had been for hundreds of years was more open with his affection in private than Peter and Sven. Noah continued with the talk about Owen’s family tribe “And don’t Iceni boys share” Peter and Sven looked pass the rising tent stretching out Owen’s sweats with aroused but terrified eyes and gulped, both knowing Owen was one of 9 brothers.
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    Vince sipped his coffee, admiring himself in the mirror. He was built, and young. He had to be in his early 20s now, nothing like the 67 year old professor he’d been yesterday. Vince now had abs and pecs, he’d never had those, even when he’d been in his 20s. He was still wearing his glasses, even though he was sure he didn’t need them anymore. His arms were thicker with sculptured biceps and his legs were longer and meaty with muscle. It had been that women who’d done this, that interesting young lady with the old grey eyes. She’d stopped Vince at the conference in the hotel’s ballroom, and they’d spent hours talking about Vince’s research and about his latest book. Then he’d found himself carrying her up to the hotels room and they’d fucked like animals, he was sure he’d have to pay for the broken bed. He couldn’t believe what had happened, half way through the chat with this girl he’d noticed his body was difference. His suit was skin tight, highlighting his pec shelf and swollen biceps. Even his pants were tight around his thighs and ass. The women had seemed reluctant to go up to the room with him, but she gave in, kissing him first. She’d giggled like a school girl when he’d lifted her up, both of them marvelled at how solid he was now, how strong he was. Her hands playing with Vince’s growing pecs. She’d warned him she was a virgin, then she’d made a comment about how she’d wished his cock hadn’t been effected by her power so much. He’d assumed she meant her beauty, because he was harder than he’d ever been. Plus like the rest of him it had grown. It was like a battering ram, as thick as a beer can and capped with an apple sized cock head. Two bulbous bull nuts swung below it and slapped loudly as he fucked. The sex was amazing, better then he’d ever had. The women seemed to love it. Vince was sure with every orgasm he gave her he felt himself change more, not just his body, but his mind too. The bed had broken half way through, so he’d carried her around the room, fucking her on every surface. Even on the balcony with the city below them, he’d caused her to scream while he fucked her like a beast. Now it was morning and she was gone, the room was a mess and Vince only had some undies that fit him tightly now, the suit from yesterday couldn’t even get over his freshly inflated muscles. He knew who she was now, as he stared at his grey eyes, similar to hers. She was Athena, goddess of wisdom, his goddess, and she needed more followers. Vince knew what he would do, he’d return to teaching, now with the body of a stud. All his student soaking up every word he spoke, while they soaked their underwear. Boys and girls alike would be welcomed by Athena, they’d just need to welcome Vince’s fat long dick into themselves first.
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    Hey everyone, on the old forums I had begun posting a series I had written with my writing partner Mr. X (another forum member who preferred to be left anonymous) about a mysterious and fantastic spice that had the power to dramatically grow a person's muscles as well as their endowment. We had written considerably more than what had originally been posted, but it wasn't in publishable shape and I had lost motivation to continue editing it after losing contact with Mr. X. I've recently been motivated to continue posting "new" additions to the story and so I'm creating this topic to serve as a place for me to post all of them. There's wayyyy too many chapters for me to attempt to post all of them here again one by one, so I'll link to the collection of them at Metabods here. I'll be posting new chapters both here and at Metabods in the future. I hope that people enjoy what's to come and that maybe a new set of eyes will discover this delightful modern fantasy!
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    His clothes were completely decimated, falling in tatters from his mammoth , impossibly muscled frame. And still he kept growing, his height increasing now as rapidly as his mass. Feeling himself expand into hugeness was intoxicating, the feelings of growth and increasing power, he never wanted them to end.
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    Chapter 38 James and I surveyed the destruction we had wrought on the room. “I just want to sleep for a year,” I said. “If we don’t clean this up,” James said, “it will take chisels and jackhammers in the morning.” Through our fatigue, we cleaned up the mess, unblocked the door, and crashed into bed. James didn’t even put on the pajamas he kept in my room, so I could feel his chest hair on my shoulder blades and his cock against my ass as he spooned me. I woke up the next morning to the alarm on my phone blaring. It was 7:30. Why would I set my alarm for 7:30 in the morning? I bolted upright. James was somehow sleeping through the alarm. I elbowed him and muttered, “We have philosophy in half an hour.” James grumbled and pulled me closer to him. “No philosophy. Just bed.” “You can sleep in if you want,” I said, extricating myself from James’s embrace, “but the professor has hated me since the soccer coach wrangled me an extension.” When I stood up, I saw that Luke and Dave were passed out in their bed too, also both naked; Dave still had some make-up smeared over his face, but he’d washed most of it off. “You might want to put some clothes on,” I whispered. “Dave and Luke are here.” With a start, James was awake and sitting, the blanket wrapped around his body. “Throw me some clothes,” he whisper-screamed. I opened his drawer (yes, he had a drawer in my room now; we were that couple) and tossed him some clothes. While James dressed under the blanket, I grabbed my shower things, wrapped a towel around my waist, and went to the bathroom. I’d already given up urinals when my cock crossed the foot mark, and I’d already gotten used to two-handing it when I aimed my cock to piss, but this most recent inch intensified every aspect of using the bathroom. My stream was at an intensity that almost knocked me backwards, and my soft cock was now so thick that holding it at the proper angle to hit the toilet involved trigonometry. When I got in the shower, my junk proved further hindrance. My soft cock now hung down nearly to my knees, and each ball was bigger than my fist, which made washing everything below my waist a choreographed ballet. To make matters more complicated, now that they were massive enough to have their own gravity, my balls were sensitive to the touch, so when the hot water pelted them, it felt like a sensual massage, so my dick wanted to come out and play, but I did not have enough time to deal with it. At the end of my shower, I was clean, but my cock was standing at attention. No matter how I wrapped the towel around my waist, my cock found a gap in the cloth to tent, poke through, or lift. After two minutes of cock origami, I gave up and walked back to my room naked. I only encountered three people on my way. One went pale white, one rolled his eyes in disdain, and one gave me a high five. I opened the door to find James had packed my bag and gotten my plastic storage box ready. He didn’t even seem surprised I was completely naked. I got dressed pretty quickly—these clothes were designed to fit my specific body. It was a little chilly this morning, so I put on a button-down over a long sleeve shirt so I wouldn’t need a jacket. When I went to put on my pants, my balls and cock now had to be crammed back into a small space. Just when I got pants roomy enough to fit my boys, I was already jam-packed. James gave a nod of approval and said, “You always look better when you’re a little too big for your clothes,” and we went to class. On our walk to class, we got a lot of stares. At first, I thought it was because my crotch was beyond human or because of my exploits as Rocky the night before. But, no. People were staring at James. Despite his best efforts, James was walking with his legs splayed and slightly bowed, and his steps were a little bit crooked. After hours of teasing himself with the butt plug and his intense, pornographic first time bottoming, he was sore and couldn’t walk straight. Some random passerby would see James’s morning-after walk, then look at my crotch, then look back at James and draw all the correct conclusions. We got to class and took our normal seats at a table in the back, and when James sat down, he screamed and immediately stood back up. The hard plastic was too painful for his tender ass. While James had a mild panic attack, I took off my button down, folded it into a little pillow, and put it on James’s seat. He wasn’t able to sit comfortably, but he was able to sit. After class, we met up with Dave and Luke at the picnic table by the cart. As a group, we’d decided to move our work-out to after breakfast today so we’d all have some time to recuperate. James went to get our breakfasts, and I sat down with Dave and Luke. I put my button down on James’s seat, and Dave and Luke looked at it confused. Then, as James hobbled back to the table, Dave took out his phone to take a short video, and Luke got his trademark cheesy smile. “James can’t walk right today,” Luke commented. “You stud.” “Yes, for the first time, I topped my boyfriend last night,” I said matter-of-factly to Luke. “Yeah, you did,” he stuck out his fist for me pound it. “Are you twelve?” I asked Luke. “What’s the big deal?” “The big deal is between your legs, Chrissy,” Dave said, putting away his phone as James reached the table. James sat down on my shirt, pleased that the wood bench was softer than the class chair. “So,” Luke said playfully to James, “what did you two do after you left the party last night?” For a moment, James was about to retreat into his shell, but then he steeled himself and said, “I spent hours with a butt plug up my ass, took all 15 inches of my boyfriend’s cock up my ass, grew it to 16 inches, and then took all of that.” Dave dropped his fork; Luke dropped his jaw. A few seconds later, Luke’s cheesy smile returned to his face. “Fucking A! Put it there, stud!” Luke said, putting out his fist for James to pound. James stared at it for a second, then bumped it politely. I was stunned. “If I didn’t, he was just going to hold it there forever,” James explained. “It’s true,” Luke confirmed, returning to his breakfast. “I’m surprised you’d call a bottom a stud,” James said. Luke retorted, “It takes a real man to take a giant cock up his ass.” “Besides,” I interjected, “Unless things have changed since high school, Mr. Masculine Soccer Stud is himself a confirmed bottom.” “Power bottom,” Luke corrected, dropping his voice an octave. “Really?” James asked. “Luke has never topped anyone ever,” I said, adding, “unless Dave hasn’t told me something.” Dave affectionately rubbed Luke’s back and said, “What can I say? I love a big bottom.” He then slipped his hand down Luke’s shorts and squeezed Luke’s ass. “Especially a big bottom with a big bottom.” Luke smiled at the attention. James looked a little confused. “You’ve never topped, ever?” Luke shook his head. “I’ll occasionally let a guy blow me, but I’ve never topped anyone. Nope. Not my thing.” “I knew Chris had topped you, but never? Why didn’t I know this?” “When we talk about sex in any detail, you go off with the fairies,” Dave said. “Now that you’re a practicing sex-haver yourself, we’re more than happy to talk shop with you.” “Thanks.” Dave winked and said, “Welcome to the brunch table, Charlotte.” After breakfast, the day returned to routine. James took his workout a little lighter, but he was still up for the bathroom blowjob, and I don’t know if he unhinged his jaw, but he managed to get my head into his mouth. Then we had lunch, and I was off to seminar. When I got back to my dorm room after class, James was waiting for me so we could finish our work together before dinner. He sat on the mattress for the extra cushion, his laptop on his feet. I put my storage bin on top of my desk and looked through my planner to decide what to start with. “Are you worried about seeing Victor in class tomorrow?” James asked, looking up from his laptop. “After last night, I don’t think Victor will say boo to either one of us ever again.” I propped my math book open against the wall and put my notebook on top of the storage bin. “I don’t get why you need that bin,” James said. “There are guys bigger than you who don’t need something like that.” “Some of them might need it and haven’t thought of it,” I answered, not looking up from my work. I continued, “And as for the others, they grew into their muscles over years. Maybe even a decade. It’s been less than two months for me.” “Would you consider getting bigger?” James asked. “Not right now; I’m doing my calculus homework,” I responded. “No, I mean eventually.” “Sure,” I said, maybe with a slightly dismissive note in my voice. “There’s never been a massive muscle freak in the field of pharmaceuticals, but I could always be the first.” James closed his laptop and put it to the side, no longer even pretending to work. “You still want to go into pharmaceuticals?” “Why would that have changed?” “The showcase. The calendar. Rocky. You were born to perform.” “Okay,” I said, turning the page of my notebook. “But I want my degree first.” “Would you ever do porn?” James asked. “Now you have my attention,” I said, turning to look at James. “Well, would you?” “What do you think?” “I don’t know; that’s why I’m asking.” “Just you and just me. I said it. I meant it.” James looked visibly relieved. “What put this idea in your head?” “Dave. Luke and Dave.” After a moment, he added, “Dave.” “Dave said I was going to do porn?” “His exact words were, ‘When Chrissy realizes that he’s a star and not a scientist, he’ll either play the next Superman or be the next Rocco Steele.’” “You knew who Rocco Steele is?” I was slightly impressed. “No, Luke pulled out his phone and showed me a video.” It looked like James had more to say, but he was holding back, so I said, “And…?” “And it looked like something you’d have no problem doing.” The right side of my mouth curled into a smile. “Should I be insulted or complimented?” “I’m being serious,” James said. “As long as we’re together,” I reassured James, “I will never sleep with another man.” “Over fall break, you asked for a threesome.” “You hadn’t laid down the law yet. Now that I know where the boundaries are, I will color well inside the lines.” “You get the boundaries?” “You’d have no problem if I were an underwear model, or posed nude for a sculpture, or became a stripper. If I go into acting, full frontal nudity is perfectly fine, but I should clear the kissing with you, and no sex scenes.” “Unless it’s tastefully shot.” “Unless it’s tastefully shot,” I added with a small chuckle. “Okay, just so we know.” I kissed James on the cheek, stroking the beard on the other side of his face. “Now can I get back to my calculus homework? I can’t be the next Superman if I get a C in differential equations.”
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    Chapter 33 Dave continued. “Halloween’s coming up.” “A week from Wednesday,” I agreed. “And every Halloween we do the same thing.” It clicked internally. Rocky Horror. Like many college campuses, our school did a screening of Rocky Horror every Halloween that started at ten and went until midnight. Afterwards, there was always a huge party thrown by one theater major or another. Dave, Luke, and I had gone to both every year. Dave dressed as Frank, Luke as Eddie, and I always went as Riff Raff. When we explained to James what the movie was like freshman year, he decided to skip the movie and meet up with us at the party. “But I’m Riff Raff,” I argued. I slipped on a pair of my new boxer briefs as Luke and Dave kept talking. Luke looked me up and down. “You haven’t been Riff Raff for 100 pounds.” “Look at you,” Dave added. “All that muscle. Blond hair and a tan. You’re Rocky.” I looked at myself in the mirror. I was bigger than Rocky. “You could win the costume contest,” Dave said. Before the screening every year, there was a costume contest, and every year, it went to some hot person in their underwear. Dave had a fire in his eyes. “We have to win that costume contest and claim the prize”” “What’s the prize?” James asked. “It’s different every year,” I said. “Some local business sponsors a prize for the free publicity. Last year it was a fancy dinner for two at that ritzy Italian place.” “Oh,” James seemed let down. “What’s the prize this year?” Dave was clearly excited. “A day for two people at that exclusive spa downtown.” “Why would I want to win that?” I asked. “You wouldn’t,” Dave said. “Which is why you’d give it to me, so Luke and I can use it.” That didn’t answer any of my questions, so I turned to Luke. “Why do you want it?” “Dave’s birthday is in November, and there’s no way I can top his gift.” Dave interjected. “I already topped your gift” Luke snickered. “So, I’m just doing this to be nice to you?” “Think about it, buddy,” Luke said, getting closer to me. “Dave’s birthday is a Friday this year. And then I have an away game that Saturday. And Dave’s dress rehearsals start that Sunday. We’d be gone all weekend. You’d have the room entirely to yourselves.” “Tempting,” I said. They’d already convinced me, but I wanted them to woo me a little more. Dave grabbed the thong from my hand and turned to James. “And you, James. A crowded theater screaming at how sexy your boyfriend is.” He waved the thong in front of James’s face. “Him, onstage, wearing only this.” James was practically salivating. “I’m in.” Dave was surprised how well that worked. “Then you’ll need a costume too,” Dave purred. “But, babe, Chris hasn’t said yes, yet.” Dave shushed him. “James is in. We won.” “It’s true,” I said, nodding. “What costume do we put the virgin in?” Dave began circling around James, observing him from every angle. “I haven’t been a virgin for over a week,” James insisted. “It just means you haven’t seen the movie,” I told him. Dave had stopped circling. “It’s obvious! Brad.” “He’ll never do it,” I said. James looked confused. “Why?” “For most of the movie, Brad is only in boxers and a bathrobe.” James turned deadly pale. “No no no no no.” He shook his head violently. Being that undressed in public was a recurring nightmare of his. “Pity,” Dave said. The solution was obvious to me. “He owns a tux,” I said. “He wears it with a brightly colored dress shirt, Luke will lend him sunglasses, and Dave will do his hair funky.” “A conventionalist,” Dave said. “That’ll work.” “That I can do,” James replied, obviously relieved.
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    Chapter 31 I had no time to enjoy the rush as I surged bigger. At the same time, I had to get out of Doug’s immediate vicinity (without making it seem like an insult) and do something that took a lot of exertion (to explain the missing button). “We need more wood,” I said, jogging up to the house to get a few more logs from the porch. Doug surveyed the small fire. “I suppose it could be bigger.” He didn’t know the half of it. In the woodpile there were two huge logs, each about the length of my body and the thickness of my leg. They were ridiculously big for our barbecue purposes, but I grabbed one in each hand. The thought was that the logs would be too heavy, causing me to drop them and, thus, explaining my missing shirt button. However, I underestimated my strength. I was able to lift them. They were surprisingly heavy, and I could feel my arms flexing and twitch to support the weight. My chest heaved and bounded with each step, popping a second button. Even my legs tensed with the exertion. Of course, this brought my balls to the forefront. They were already squeezed into too-tight pants, and now my legs were taking up even more space. I walked back to the fire, one log in each hand, and Doug stared the whole time. When I placed them next to the fire pit, Doug looked at them and said, “That should last us through winter.” I was momentarily relieved that I seemed to have pulled it off, when Henry and James joined us outside. One look at me, and Henry said, “Did you somehow get bigger, James?” Doug pointed to the wood and said, “Boyfriend Chris decided he needed to show off and ruined his shirt in the progress.” “He does look bigger,” James said, providing me some cover. “I guess carrying the logs gave him a little pump.” Henry cocked his head to one side and accepted that explanation. I spent the rest of the weekend with my shirt completely unbuttoned and the zipper on my pants slightly undone. They already thought I was body-obsessed and a show-off, so this didn’t change their opinion of me one jot. Friday night and Saturday were largely uneventful. James’s parents are indeed cool, and, once James relaxed, we had a really good time. And way more sex than I expected with his parents so close by. But we never heard them, and they never heard us, so it was all copacetic. We found out on Saturday morning that our visitors’ passes to the gym were expiring at the end of business that day, so if we came back on Sunday, it would mean either buying another visitor’s pass or paying the day rate. Considering classes were starting back up on Monday anyway, we decided to leave Sunday morning rather than Sunday night. Doug and Henry understood. When I went to shake hands goodbye, I stopped myself and hugged Henry tightly, lifting him off the ground. “That’s how you say goodbye in this family, right?” I said after putting him down. Henry steadied himself, a little breathless and winded. Doug opened his arms wide and said, “My turn.” So, I gave him the same giant lifting-hug. And we were on our way. For the two-hour ride back, I was shirtless and left the front of my pants unzippered. It was such a relief to let it all hang out after my balls had been strangled for two days. I also realized the car was too small for me. I couldn’t spread my legs as far apart as I wanted to, the seatbelt struggled to get past my pecs, and my slightest movement caused me to elbow or shoulder James. “If you keep making me swerve,” he teased, “I’m going get pulled over for drunk driving. With you hanging out for the world to see, the cop will take one look at you, and a porno will spontaneously happen.” “I am as my boyfriend made me,” I responded. About ten minutes outside campus, I got a text message from Dave asking if we’d be back in time for lunch since he and Luke were ordering in. I said we were and to order extra. “How are we going to explain this to Dave and Luke?” I gestured to my muscle-swollen body. “They’ll put two and two together.” “And get fifteen,” I said, pointing to my cock. When we parked the car, I had James run interference as I tucked myself back into the confining dress pants and put on as much of the dress shirt as would fit. I was thankful James had made me do all the running over the break because I could easily negotiate around my legs, but my shoulders were going to be hitting a lot of doorframes again. The four flights up to my room took forever. I had to swing my legs up and over each individual step. If I didn’t, the seat of my pants would blow, and if these went, I had no clothes of any sort left. I opened the door to my dorm room and found Luke and Dave curled up next to each other on Luke’s bed, watching a sappy telenovela. I closed the door behind James and announced our presence with, “We’re home.” Reflexively, Dave looked up to greet us. “Hey…” he started, but then he saw me. “Sweet merciful Zeus, Chrissy!” Luke hadn’t looked over at us yet because he was pausing the show. When he did, he sat up so quickly he knocked Dave out of the bed. “Holy fucking fuck!” Dave stood up and dusted off his pants. “How big are you?” “225 at last count,” James said. “230,” I corrected. “Right. Dad.” Luke was grinning impishly. “His dad grew you some?” “By accident,” I clarified. “I don’t care what you say,” Dave said. “Just keep talking. This deeper voice works on you.” “It works on me too,” James added. Dave came over and stripped off my shirt, undid my zipper, and forced my pants off my legs. “Let’s see what we’re working with, here,” Dave said. I had spent the last few days focused on James’s body, and then his parents, so I hadn’t taken it all in either. I stood there naked in front of three men who used to be so much bigger than me, and now I was noticeably bigger than all of them. I never felt bigger in my life. Luke opened his closet so I could share in the exploration with them. My body didn’t fit entirely in Luke’s mirror anymore. My shoulders were just too wide. My neck was thicker than my head, and my traps were starting to climb up in an effort swallow my head, and that would be a shame. All the testosterone my balls were producing had transformed my face. Before, I’d been somewhat attractive. Now, my face radiated masculine perfection. My brow ridge had intensified and my cheeks looked somewhat hollow, making my face more rugged and sculpted. My jaw had thickened and broadened. I even had a slight beard shadow. I reached up to touch my face, and my bicep bunched up and ballooned into two distinct mounds of power. My arm in the air, I realized that my armpit created the same cavern I had admired on Luke’s body, but mine was deeper and more severe. My lats stretched further outwards, my triceps further backwards, and now my arms hung like a bodybuilder’s. I couldn’t deny it any longer; I was as big as a bodybuilder. My pecs were perhaps my favorite, even though they were obscuring more and more of my view as I grew. My nipples had been forced downwards because there was nowhere else for them to go. I had round, large, swollen pecs, distinct globes jutting off my body. Tempted, I flexed them individually, and all the lines of individual muscle fibers easily burst into view. My abs were so intense they looked furious. They felt like warm, living steal, and all eight of them stood out even when I relaxed. I decided to suck in my abs—I think real bodybuilders called it a vacuum pose—and I saw just how minuscule my waist was. It looked like I had to distinct halves of my body, held together by the thinnest thread. I exhaled, and all eight abdominals reformed their cinderblock wall. My waist had gotten thicker, it was clearly thicker than Dave’s now, but because I was still as taut as Luke and somehow still smaller than James, on my enlarged frame, it actually looked like it had shrunken. My ass had gotten so prodigious that I could see it from the front now. I could see the edges of my own ass from the front. I reached back to feel it, and it was round and mighty. I flexed with all my might, and I could feel the individual muscles. My thighs were definitely bigger than my waist now. I actually looked a little shorter because I had to stand with my thighs further apart than normal, but that added to just how thick I looked. Even relaxed, I could see the divisions in the muscles, and my calves looked like square-cut diamonds sticking out the back of my legs. “Thank you for ten miles a day of running,” I thought to James in my head. When I saw how much bigger than James I was, the whole thing because unbelievably surreal. This man who had been, just a month ago, so much bigger than me that I wondered how huge his body was—I now surpassed him. James, practically reading my mind, stood in front of me and flexed his right arm in the mirror. I stood behind him and flexed, and in the mirror, my peak rose higher than his by a clear height. Inspired, I moved him behind me and stood immediately in front of him. I could still see his forehead (he was taller than me), and his waist and hips peeked out from behind mine, but in every other way, my body completely blocked his. It was so hot that my cock woke up and joined the party. Seeing it rise in the mirror, climbing higher than my navel, almost kissing the bottom of my pecs, I almost came right there, unsurprising considering the massive nuts dangling in the sack below my shaft. They had no room between my thighs, so they were pressed out front and center. Dave snapped me back to reality by talking. “Judging by this dinosaur,” he pointed at my cock, “I take it you’re not a virgin anymore, James?” James broke into a proud smile. Luke slapped him on the back. “Alright, stud. Was it everything you hoped it would be?” James, trying to suppress his rising blush, nodded. “We need more than that,” Dave said. James shook his head an emphatic no and lost the battle against his blush. “Alright,” Luke said. “We’ll get all the squishy details from Chris.” “Thank you,” James said in obvious relief. “Maybe do it when I’m at class so I’m not there?” he added. Class! Classes started back up tomorrow. “Dave, is there anything in my closet that will fit me?”
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    Improving the Force. Like most things in his life, being jailed didn’t faze Antonio in the slightest. The Greek stud couldn’t recall the last time he had been scared of anything, it came with having muscles that could deadlift most cars. As expected, the dimly lit cell hadn’t raised his heartbeat a bit, he was just waiting till either his immense wealth or a phone call from his powerful father would set him free again. With slightly annoyed expression tainting his handsome face he had to admit that his friends had been right in saying the USA wasn’t worth visiting. Apparently strutting around in nothing but a speedo, showing off his juicy pecs and ripped eight pack, was enough to get you thrown into a jail cell. To be fair, Antonio’s extremely formidable greek sausage had been spilling out quite a bit of the straining garment. But how was it his fault the makers of the Speedo hadn’t anticipated someone so extraordinary hung would be waltzing around in their feeble piece of clothing. “Public indecency my ass, they’re probably just jealous their weak, frail and tiny dicked bodies don’t compare.” Antonio said with a snort. All the girls abandoning their husbands as they got a glimpse of what a real man looked like, eyeing Antonio’s hunky body, probably hadn’t made him the most popular man in the city. And everyone spontaneously orgasming whenever they placed a hand on one of his steel like muscles or low hanging fat cock, might have aggravated enough twerps that one was enough of a loser to file a police report. Antonio sighed, he couldn’t wait to be back in Europe. At least there the prudes knew to keep their mouths shut when the Greek stud was swaggering around obscenely. “Antonio Ambrosia?” A thin, nascally voiced, police officer asked. The Greek hunk just rolled his eyes. In a just world, men like Antonio would have every inch of their bodies worshipped by men as shrimpish as this officer, not be locked up by them. Alpha’s deserved all the respect this twerps could muster in his boney body. “Am I free to go?” Antonio’s deep voice enquired, slightly grinning at the officer’s meek hardon while the frail man glanced at the stud’s unbelievable body with disbelief. “Yes. No. Uhm, Yes, you are free to leave, but there is a certain… Condition.” Antonio placed his thick hands on his wide back, relishing at the way his biceps blew up in size whenever he inadvertently flexed them. He knew where this was probably heading. Back in Greece a few police officers had arrested him for nonsensical reasons too, with the only way out likely involving their pleasure depraved wives and Antonio’s legendary manhood. “We want to test the new ‘MR’ project. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. It should help prevent similar incidents from happening in the future” The meek man mumbled, trailing every inch of Antonio’s lewd body with a hungry expression. The stallion shrugged. It wasn’t ‘fucking your way through a set of hot wives’ levels of fun, but he didn’t mind. He’d test their little project if it’d get him out of the damp cell and back into the sunlight, where his muscles could be put to good use tanning. Maybe it was time to head back to Greece and enjoy being treated as an Alpha should be. “Fine. Whatever. Just hurry it up.” Antonio said, scratching an itch deep in between the valley of size and manly beef making up his chest. The police officer walked into the cell with eager excitement. His boney fingers quickly pulled out an old looking device and applied a few wires to Antonio’s immense frame, the greek god made sure to flex whatever muscle the little man touched, the combined expression of lust and awe never failed to amuse him. Lesser men were the greatest toys. Antonio watched with some intrigue while the officer tapped away at his machine, the “Project MR” logo plastered all over the device. “What’s ‘MR’ an acronym for anyways.” The rich stud asked, though not really all that interested. He really just wanted to get out of here and stretch some holes open, it had been hours since he had been been able to drain his bull sized balls, a new record for him. “Muscle Redistribution.” The police officer said with an unsettling grin. Antonio suddenly felt a small shock go through his body, shaking his tall and immeasurably hot frame. His vision slowly turned black and he felt awfully tired. While his heavy body dropped to the ground he saw a weird horrifying sight. It was probably nothing more than the sleep intruding on him, but Antonio could have sworn his pecs had looked a less impressive. His arms thinner. His bulge less impressive. A wave of sleep washed over him before he got time to consider any of those things however. ----------- Antonio woke up with a groan. He kept his booze fairly well, and wondered how much he had to have drunk to have a headache this throbbing. He rubbed his small tender hand over his head, letting out a small, high pitched moan as he felt his tiny morning wood into his thin thighs. Wait, that wasn’t right. Small tender hands? High pitched voice? Tiny dick? Antonio let out a squeak as he caught sight of himself in mirror on one of the cell walls. Gone were his muscles. His size. His handsomeness. His commanding presence. He looked even scrawnier than the police officer who had done this to him. He’d say his sexiness was gone too, but as he felt his his sensitive bubbly butt he had to admit he was radiating a different kind of sexiness now. He looked like one of those guys he used to drill into the mattress when all the girls were still recovering from taking his meaty battering ram. Another moan died in his throat as the newly small twink looked at the other side of the cell. The police officer seemed to have undergone the exact opposite transformation. His new big feet stood spread far apart as a set of tree trunk thighs forced his legs to spread. His chest was wide and large enough he’d never fit easily through another door again. Antonio got the huge man’s attention after audibly swallowing while taking in the mouth watering size of the former twerp’s new cum cannon. “What did you do.” Antonio asked, not quite able to stop rubbing himself while he took in the handsome stud’s thick muscles. The smell emanating from him alone was intoxicating. The officer chuckled, his voice a new vibrato. “Made sure no one in this town ever indecently shows off again. I mean, when they’ve got a titan like me strutting around, who outsizes all guy’s in every conceivable way, who would think of cockily swaggering around in nothing but an ill fitting speedo?” The policeman said with a widening smirk, bouncing his muscles so it was clear just how huge he was. It was not like Antonio could forget for a moment the wealth of muscle adorning this new hunk. He found his mind rather occupied with that, rather than stressing out about losing his own incredible body. “I’m sorry I had to steal your size little guy. You should be honoured you got this chance to strengthen the force though.” The officer said with a sympathetic grin. The new stallion tried his best to fit into his police uniform, suddenly finding the formerly loose hanging clothing suddenly awfully tight. His new supreme manhood was especially bothersome, there seemed to be no way to shove his erect member into his pants. “I can help the force out in a few more ways too.” Antonio softly whispered, pushing the meaty pre leaking member down his tight throat.

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