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    Here is the latest update on the current Patreon Story that I've been working on for the last month and a half To be Continued...
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    Hey Forum Guys, I have never written a "short" story before. If you have read any of my others, they are LONG and expansive - but I wanted to try something different. Although I know that the requirement is to do a self-contained story, I have done that - but maybe one day after I finish up the others that I am actively writing, I will flesh this one out a bit more. As someone in the medical field, I have the privilege of examining bodies every day - usually a couple dozen of them - and every once in a while, someone will come in to clinic that is breathtaking in their physicality...So, this is my take on the other side of one of the dozens of stories on here that mention that some protagonist is getting HUGE and he or his friend/family tells him he needs to go get "checked out" by a doctor. This is that story from the doctor's viewpoint. Enjoy and happy Storyversary. ----------------------------------------- I woke up like I did every morning – 4 am – to go to the gym before work. Years of neglect had left my body in a sad state – not horrible, but not where I had been years before. Shit, when I was in my early 20s, I had an 8 pack and broad shoulders, legs thicker than my waist – I was a god. The challenges of medical school had taken their toll and the first years of practice had me working 60-80 hour weeks. No time to meal prep – and little time for the gym. But I had accepted a new job at a clinic on Maui. Sand and sun and the hopes of work/life balance. Working out was now a possibility – even if I had to do it at insane hours – but I was doing it and finally, I was seeing results. The god-awful hour of day was the challenge – but the improvements started to show and there were tan jacked local guys everywhere that kept me motivated. One morning, a patient showed up on my schedule – brand new to me. His reason for visit just stated “personal problem.” The photo ID pic in the corner of the page was just a thumbnail – but he was gorgeous. Maybe, no probably, part Hawaiian, Japanese, and Caucasian. A true island guy. I had a soft spot for them – or a hard spot. His name was Ikaika – of course it was…Hawaiian for “Strength.” I was in trouble if he looked anything like his photo. His last weight and height was 6’1” and 215 pounds at his visit three months ago. I was glad to be wearing dark slacks – maybe that would hide the dark stain on my crotch that seemed to form with or without my permission when I was turned on. It hadn’t happened with a patient previously – I have examined my fair share of hot guys - but this man, with his exotic look, crystal blue eyes, and that smirk I could just make out in the photo – a perfect storm for me and my heavy churning balls. They seemed to be producing more and more cum as I worked out week after week – now I was nearly always horny as the wads of cum-soaked tissue paper next to my bed suggested. I had to jack off at least three times a day – once on waking, once on getting home from work…and my favorite – my good night wank. On the weekends, it was even more often – I’m surprised that I even left the house sometimes. Ikaika was scheduled for late afternoon – 3:40 PM which caused great suffering as the day went on…and what were these personal matters? I usually hated to see that on the purpose of visit. You would never know what they would want to talk about – it was NEVER anything sexy. But looking again at that picture on his ID scanned into his chart – he could have said just about anything and I would have been turned on by it. But I tried to remind myself that pictures can be deceiving. Maybe he had some sort of horrible deformity – or maybe he had lost all of his teeth in a fight – maybe he was a complete ass and a homophobic prick…I wouldn’t know for a few more hours. The time came and I nearly did too. My nurse, a short but adorable Filipina, went to room Ikaika. I had checked my pounding libido by this time. He was probably a mouth breather or one of the guys who responds in grunts and stares at you under the heavy brow of a neo Cro-Magnon. Good, my erection was going down. A few minutes later, Nurse Mila came into my office to give me report. She was beaming ear to ear and shaking her head side to side a bit. “You’re going to LOVE this one.” She giggled. She would only ever say that if whoever was in the room was a smoldering piece of meat. Mila knew my tastes and she took every opportunity she had to humiliate me with her gaze. I approached Exam Room 4 and knocked lightly; I put my hand on the handle and opened it slowly. “Ikaika?” As the door swung open, on the far side of the room was a hulking beast, so large that sitting in the chair, relative size considered, it appeared he sat in something made for a child. I shook my head a bit – he was supposed to be 6’ 1” and 215. This was something far taller and massively heavier. There was a frightened look in Ikaika’s crystal blue eyes as he looked at me. His eyes dashed around the room, settling on mine from time to time. He was wringing his hands and a moment later he unclasped them and he made fists so hard, the knuckles turned white. He had stunningly long eyelashes – I don’t know why I noticed that. I couldn’t contain my erection and it was too late now – I was just feet away from the most beautiful and terrifying being that my very active imagination could construct. He wore a white v-neck tee and khaki shorts that didn’t come close to mid-thigh. Sitting down he was nearly as tall as I was standing – and I’ll not short at 5’ 10”. But his width and thickness – his shoulders appeared equitable to standard bowling ball range, his pecs jutted out far enough to pull the V neck to its ripping point – the threads seemed to be unraveling before my eyes. His forearms as thick as country hams – nearly as large as the round vein-riddled mass occupying a dominant position on his upper arm – pencil thick veins swirled in chaotic design over every inch of him I could see – even his thick neck. Taking in his legs and feet – shit, those must be size 20 sandals. I don’t know how he’d even find something that big. His quads erupted from their strained khaki prison with long mounds of striated dense flesh moving toward the knees, which were remarkably small in diameter – that just made him look more massive. I surveyed him up and down and side to side a couple of times before engaging his eyes again. He was now looking directly at me, not even blinking. There was a troubled look in his eyes and that look of fear was present still. He looked like he was about to cry. “Ikaika – Hi, I’m Gabriel. How can I help you today? Your visit note just stated ‘personal.’ Is there something I can help you with?” Silence hung thick in the air. The quivering thick beast in front of me started talking a half-dozen times but nothing came out other than short monosyllabic utterances – it appeared to me that the giant in the room didn’t know where to begin, so I started. “I have looked over your past few visit notes. It states there that you are 6’ 1” and 215 pounds as of your last visit 3 months ago. Is the reason you are here today? You have quite obviously grown since your last visit.” Silence again and then the thick warm honey sound of his voice shook me – I could feel his voice into the deepest parts of me. “I just started growing. It seems to be around certain people, always men, and I don’t know how to stop it!” The last word eeked out as a near-squeal as his voice broke. Ikaika, obviously overwhelmed by his circumstance, just kept staring into my eyes. I switched from lust mode into professional mode inside of my mind. It was clear that this man, big as a bull, was distressed. “Well, why don’t we start with a brief physical exam – we will probably need some labs ordered as well.” I slipped into my “routine” that I went through with nearly every patient. Heart and lung sounds, abdominal tones, basic movement observations, overall state of health, eyes, ears, mouth… “Ikaika, can you take off your shirt for me? I can hear better that way.” I fingered the stethoscope in my hand. He crossed his arms and his hands met the bottom of his tee shirt. He began lifting up slowly, then I heard the first rip – the seam was bursting on his right side – his lats were flaring too much and the fabric and threat could not resist. His eyes went wide and he looked ashamed. “It’s OK. It’s just the two of us in here – and I have seem much worse, even today.” I tried to speak calmly but this whole experience was too fucking hot for me to handle. I already had enough mental images to fuel my spank bank for a year. He removed his shirt and my breath caught. I could tell he was ripped just from seeing his arms and legs – but I was not prepared to see all of his upper body exposed. I could not keep my swelling manhood under control any longer. He was GOD-made-man. His chest erupted 4 or 5 inches outward – imaging what a 5 inch pec chasm looks like – you could quite literally put your hand in between his collosal chest muscles and it would be buried. Striations bunched from his shoulder insertions and flared across meeting in the center of his breastbone. His abs were 8 colossal thick but individual squared-off bricks, almost sharp at the edges and netted in a filigree netting of vasculature. My hands were quaking slightly. I would touch him now, even with my stethoscope. I approached and placed my stethoscope against his left pec – it was silent – his chest was too thick, too dense, to hear even his heartbeat so I moved to his neck to listen to his carotids – thump-thump; thump-thump – I heard blood coursing through is arteries flowing from his heart. The sound was deeper and more insistent than anyone else’s I had listened to in my life. All other points of exam were normal – well, abnormally perfect. “Can you please stand up, Ikaika?” He rose and rose to nearly 7 and ½ feet. His mass completely boggled my mind. “Please take off your shorts so I can give you a brief genital exam.” That look of fear came back into his eyes. “Is everything OK?” I asked again. He closed his eyes and shook his head, unbuttoned his shorts that appeared as if they had been lacquered on him. His enormous manhood lolled between his thighs, even soft must have been 10 good thick inches. His balls the size of one of those large Florida avocados, not the anemic small Haas. No these were round and at least softball sized. My mouth felt dry…I just stared at the meat in front of me. I did not feel worthy to be breathing the same air as this paragon of power. I couldn’t imaging the strength he possessed – what he could move with the slightest attempt at trying. Suddenly, his eyes went wide and his hands clenched again. A low rumbling moan escaped his lips and he thrust his head back looking at the ceiling and as fast as his eyes opened, they closed – another moan escaped his lips. He started breathing shallow and rapid – and the mammoth cock between his legs started to fill and harden. Nearly whispering he looked down at me and said with simple certainty, “You are one of them.” “I’m not one of anything.” “You are one of the men that can make me grow.” I had absolutely no idea what the monster in front of me was referring to. Confused and remarkably horny, I just watched him. He looked at me again – the frightened eyes of a confused man were replaced by a steely confidence mixed with utter bliss. Looking into his face – it was as if he were slowly and repeatedly orgasming. And a moment later, I could see him get very slightly wider, taller, thicker. Soft moans issued from his large pillowy lips every few seconds. “Does it hurt, Ikaika?” I was dumbfounded and could barely form sentences. I looked at his cock, nearly straight up and resting in between his abdominals, ropes of gossamer silk precum pushing out of the tip in wave after wave. “No, Gabriel. It feels like heaven. I could never tire of this feeling.” He spoke quietly with a rumble. I shot my load, hard. A soft cry came out of my mouth as he looked down at me and smiled. “My Turn.” He looked directly into my eyes, floods of silver sweet honey forming a puddle on the floor under him. I wanted to lap it up – I could smell its sweetness. Staring at me, he reached up his right hand to his left nipple and squeezed. Another moan, this one deeper and more insistent than the last. “Touch me, Gabriel.” I was crossing a line and I knew it – but it was his request. My trembling hand reached out and from his left pec, ran down the ridges and valleys of his abdomen – fingertips running over pulsating veins. My hand found the base of his cock, still slobbering it’s gifts, but now into my hand. I moved my hand from the base of his mammoth manhood and closed it around his throbbing head. I was in awe. Looking up at him, he smiled and I could feel him getting slowly bigger – not noticeably so, but I could feel it. I turned my eyes back up to his – there was a confidence and … dominance… that was not there before. Something wild was inside of the ashamed and frightened man I had met just a few minutes before. I did not break his gaze. My hand opened up from its grasp on his cock head and I ran it down, with some great friction to the base, then back up, and down, up and down. Ikaika began panting again but never looked away from my gaze. His breath caught. And then he came, a gallon of thick white cream, pulse after pulse, more and more shot from him and onto the wall opposite. His eyes were wild and looked greedy. I stopped pumping and stepped back a few feet and watched him gain a few more pounds, a centimeter or two of height. He breathed out deeply and we finally broke our stare. The frightened look returned to his face. “God, I am so sorry. So sorry. I cant believe I did that.” I reached up and put my hand on his chest, letting it slowly drop to his nipple where I let my fingers twist and play for a moment. “What are you doing tonight, Ikaika?” A broad smile and a flash of that dominant confident man broke through. “Fucking you and getting bigger, my man.”
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    Epilogue When I got back to the room, James had made up Luke’s bed and was waiting for me to crawl into it. I got in and held James on top of me. I was used to being the little spoon, but with my new size, that was going to be unlikely. Once we were cozy under the blankets, James rolled over to look at me and said, “I want to show you something.” He pulled my phone out of his pajamas pocket, and pulled up a picture. “Remember this?” he asked. It was the picture of us in our bathrobes after I’d walked to the help desk with James trapped on my cock. “How can I forget? I think about this picture every time I walk down the stairs.” “The man in this picture is a muscle monster, right?” he asked leadingly. “Unquestionably,” I answered. “You have 85 pounds of muscle on this guy.” “He’s pathetic. Puny,” I said. “And five inches of cock,” James added. “My cock is a whole cock bigger than his. What a tiny dick he has.” James kissed my ear, glad I was pleased with the game. He put the phone on Luke’s desk, then rolled back over. I was ready to go to sleep, but James was obviously restless. “What’s wrong?” I asked him. James never had trouble sleeping. “I’m worried.” “About?” “Everything’s changing, and I don’t want it to.” “We can’t stop things from changing.” “I guess not, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.” “Is this about those internet comments? Because Dave said…” “That’s part of it, yeah, but it’s not just that. Everything is changing. I have no idea what’s going to happen next.” “Anything I can do to help?” “Walk me through tomorrow,” James said. His voice sounded dreamy; he was staring at the ceiling. “Okay. We get up. I’m going to wear what I wore to dinner because it’s the only thing I have big enough to fit me. We have breakfast from the cart as a foursome for the last time, and then go with Dave to the airport. Dave drives there. We bid him goodbye. Give him hugs. Tell him to break a leg and to write.” “I meant to get him a going away present,” James said, cursing himself. “He really likes goldfish. I meant to get him some goldfish for his new apartment.” “They wouldn’t survive the plane trip,” I said. “True. I guess I’ll have some delivered to him once he’s settled in LA.” James sighed. “What comes next after we say goodbye?” “Luke cries. We cry too, most likely,” I said. “I meant after that.” “Luke drives Dave’s car back, and we pack to go home for break. We have lunch with Luke, and if it takes us a long time to pack, dinner too. Luke’s staying on campus for the break—Charles’s orders—so we say goodbye to him once your car is loaded.” “I should’ve gotten him a present too,” James said. “Give him Dave’s goldfish,” I suggested. “Luke doesn’t like goldfish.” “Then their marriage is doomed,” I joked. Without rolling over, James slapped me playfully and asked, “What comes after we say goodbye to Luke?” “We cry again.” “After that,” James said, chuckling slightly. “Actually,” I said, “we might not cry when we say goodbye to Luke. We’re likely to see him again in January, especially if I decide to finish my degree on campus.” “That would be nice.” “Then, we find a way to squeeze me into your car. As soon as we’ve done that, for a while, it’s just you and just me. The two of us alone as we drive to my parents’ house for Christmas. They freak that I’ve gained another 70 pounds. Dad makes a ridiculous t-shirt; I tell him it’s funny even though it’s not. Mom makes me take a drug test; I pass it. We tell them I’ve maintained my 4.0 and gotten all these job offers. Mom forgets all her concerns. We go out for dinner to celebrate. Just drinks if it’s really late.” “And then?” James asked. “That’s the end of tomorrow.” “Then what comes after tomorrow?” “We have a lovely Christmas. We go to your place for New Year’s. Maybe even introduce your parents to my parents.” “I’d like that,” James said. “And sometime over break I decide if I’m finishing my degree on campus, or following Dave to LA, or something else.” “So, you really don’t know yet?” James asked. “No, I do not.” I said honestly. James sighed deeply and admitted, “Wherever you end up, I’ll end up there too. You should let that help you make your decision.” Since James was in such a reflective mood, I finally asked him a question I’d wanted to ask him since the beginning of the semester. “Why did you do it?” “What?” he asked, rolling over to look at me. “Why did you make me so huge?” James seemed confused. “You’re sexier that way. What are you even asking?” “Why did you make the magic?” “I don’t understand.” “Just before I started growing, your eyes flashed gold. And they did it a few other times this year. I mean, how else do you explain everything? The showcase, the soccer team, the calendar, the invitational. And it’s not just me. You got this sudden ability to take all of my cock, your sudden muscle gain.” “I don’t explain it,” James said. “I’m just happy it happened.” “You mean, you didn’t…?” I trailed off. “I didn’t do anything except say the magic words.” “Not even that day I was crying by the dumpster over Victor?” “I barely remember that day.” “You said that a guy like me should have his deepest wish come true.” “Yeah. I was trying to make you feel better, and I was tongue-tied because I was in love with you.” “But after that day, my deepest wish did come true.” “I had nothing to do with that, Chris.” “Really?” “Really.” “Huh.” I lay there silently for a minute. Breaking the silence, James said, “If anyone made any magic, Chris, it was you. The common denominator to all the crazy stuff that happened this semester was you.” “I guess,” I said. “You’re not just saying that, are you?” James shook his head. “Good. Because I love you. And I want your deepest wishes to come true too.” James had a shocked look on his face. “What?” I asked. “Chris, your eyes!” “What about them?” “They flashed gold.”
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    This is my first story I've ever posted on here! Let me know what you think and what you think I could improve as I move forward with writing this! If you have an suggestions on where the story should go, don't be scared to leave those too! I'm still brainstorming where this might go! The AntiHero Chapter 1: Frankie no more... Frankie was just your ordinary lad. He wasn’t too muscular, not too athletic, and not at all coordinated. In fact the only thing he had going for him was his devilishly handsome face and his charming grin. Other than that Frankie was the definition of average at best. This was a big difference compared to Quinn, Frankie’s longtime rival who consistently one-upped everything Frankie tried to do. Quinn was a lad’s lad. He had the good looks, fit body, and boyish charm to get any girl swooning. He knew it too. Quinn exuded confidence and always walked around like his shit didn’t stink. He’d consistently take sexy shirtless selfies with a seductive grin for his Instagram and other socials. Day by day, Frankie could do nothing but watch his rival get all the attention and praise. Frankie was sick of living as the “average at best” kinda guy. But he didn’t know how to change it. For months he went to bed wishing every night that something would change. That he could become the better man. A real “man” among the “men”, if you know what I mean. Halloween was quickly approaching, and for once Frankie wished he could be the hunk at the costume party that was strutting around in a seductive getup. But alas, once again it would be Quinn who would most likely come dressed up as some sexy superhero, a spartan warrior, or a chippendale dancer. At least…. this is how it was supposed to be. But sometimes plans change and people change too. In fact, Frankie’s wishes may just be coming true after so many months of hope. Soon he’ll be this “man” among the men. And soon he’ll be the one strutting around the costume party in a sexy head turning getup. It was on Halloween morning when the mysterious package that would do all this arrived at Frankie’s door. Frankie was sitting and watching TV just like he does any other day, when the doorbell rang. He wasn’t expecting anyone or anything, so he was quite off-put when he opened the door to a package at his feet. He looked around for a few moments before picking up the box and bringing it inside. “Maybe it was dropped at the wrong address” Frankie thought. But alas, his name and address was on the box. Curiously, Frankie began slicing open the taped up edges with a box cutter. “I wonder what’s inside” he pondered under his breath. As he flipped open the cardboard lids, Frankie was not only taken back by what he saw, but also beginning to feel a pit of rage in his gut. “Fucking Quinn’s such an asshole” Frankie snarled through gritted teeth as he pulled out the contents. He held up what looked like a military vest and then threw it aside. His face became redder and redder as he went in for the second item in the box. He wrapped his hands around the leather straps and metallic clasps. He instantly knew what this was. “The prick thought it would be funny to get me a bane costume.” Knowing it would look awful on his slim frame, Frankie was infuriated and humiliated at the same time. There was no way he could go to the costume party now. “I bet Quinn is probably gonna wear the same costume too, just to show me up” Frankie internally sulked. He threw the mask aside, not noticing the note that was sitting at the bottom of the box. Hours passed as Frankie sat defeated, stuffing his face with junk food. The annual Halloween party was in just 45 minutes, so at this point Frankie couldn’t even think about getting another costume ready. He felt every negative emotion in the book. He was ashamed with his physical form, but also loathed the fact he was gonna miss the opportunity to attend this event. That’s when something strange happened. His phone began buzzing to a mysterious text from an unknown number. “Put the mask on Frankie, we will be one soon. Just be patient.” “What the fuck is this shit. Is he really texting me from a fake number now?” Frankie growled. “You know what fuck Quinn. I’m going to go to the party dressed as bane and be perfectly confident. That will show him.” Frankie stormed over to the box and grabbed the mask. He began to pull it over his head, and it immediately fit quite snugly around his jaw. As Frankie squeezed the mask over the back of his head, he felt a several slight stings, almost as if he was being pricked by several needles in the back of his skull. “Must just be my hair getting caught” he thought to himself. But Frankie was quite wrong. The second Frankie put the mask on, his fate was sealed and forever changed. Almost immediately, Frankie began to feel an enormous amount of pressure in the back of his head and temples. At first he thought he was going to pass out, but this sensation was quite different. Frankie felt buzzed, and quite energized. Without warning, the pain began shooting down his spine and then out towards his lats. As the pain wrapped itself around his rib cage, Frankie could feel a heat flooding his body. It went down each arm into the fingertips, through his legs, and even into his groin. “What the fuck is happening to me!” Frankie squealed in a high pitch scream of terror. He grabbed the back of the mask and attempt to pry it off his scalp, but it was just too tight. Even more, it felt like the back of the mask was latched inside his skin where the pinching feeling was felt. The pain was rapidly increasing and that’s when it began… Frankie heard a loud crack as an unbearable pain shot down his spine. He let out a blood curdling scream as his spine began stretching his frame taller. “No! Make it stop, please!” Frankie whimpered as he fell on his hands and knees to the floor. “I don’t want this anymore!” He slammed his hands into the floorboards as the unbearable pain shot to his lats and ribcage which began cracking and spreading wider apart. To Frankie’s surprise, his hit caused the wooden board to crack and splinter. “So fucking strong” Frankie moaned animalistically. There was an evil gleam in his eye for a second, but he quickly snapped out of it. “No! Did I just fucking do that.” He winced. “This isn’t me. I’m a gentle guy.” He sat on those words for a few seconds before beginning to snicker to himself. “I’m not gentle. I’m fucking powerful and dominant” he growled sadistically. As he said this, the pain moved into his chest and biceps. Interestingly, the pain wasn’t bothering Frankie as much. He actually liked how it was beginning to feel. Every second he was feeling more and more manly. More authoritative. More godly. Frankie snapped back into reality when he saw the veins in his forearms begin to plump. As they pulsed in rhythm with his heartbeat, they grew green in color and began to push against his tightening skin. Frankie watched in horror as his forearms and biceps grew thick and solid. A spider web of veins entangling around them. With his voice trembling, he whimpered “please no more!” He stood up and once again tried to rip the mask off. Despite his arms being much stronger, the mask still wouldn’t un-latch itself from the back of his skull. Frankie was beginning to feel angrier than ever. But with this anger came a feeling of power and an even greater desire for more power. He began puffing his chest out, giving his pecs room to expand into big, veiny globs full of muscle sinews. Frankie’s Black T-shirt was stretching to its limits. Any onlooker would have just assumed he was wearing an athletic compression shirt if they didn’t know it was once quite loose fitting on his frame. “Fuck this feels so good” Frankie growled while throwing his head back, letting his pecs and lats extend to their full size. At this moment, his shirt snapped open and slid off his arms. In one swift motion Frankie threw his fist at the wall, creating a crumbling crater in the cement and wood barrier. Frankie cackled and sneered a cocky grin. Frankie moved to a nearby mirror to see the god... - I mean “man” - he was turning into. Upon seeing his reflection the real Frankie suddenly came back. “No! This isn’t who I’m supposed to be. This is a monster. I’m not…” He stopped talking, transfixed on his expanding legs, which he now didn’t even notice were in a great deal of pain. In a deeper octave than just seconds ago he muttered “I AM a monster.” The hulking beast emphasized the word AM. As the last of the masks venom spread through his body, Frankie let out a guttural and baritone growl raising his biceps into a double bicep pose. “Fuck ya! I am a monster! I am fucking bane!” Bane felt an instant urge to use his strength… to break something. The first thing that came to mind was the couch his former self was sulking on all night. With a single hand he lifted the 900lb object over his head. “I’m so strong... So powerful. This feels fucking fantastic!” As he said this, Frankie… -I mean Bane - brought the couch down onto his knee, cracking it in two. He no longer feared the beast he was becoming. In fact inside little Frankie was beginning to lose himself to the power that he felt. He loved that he had become an inhumanly strong god among men. He loved that his muscles were absolutely bulging with striations and chiseled beyond belief. And most of all, he loved that he was going to show Quinn what a real “man” is supposed to be. Frankie grabbed the vest that was sitting in the box and tried to strap it over his shirtless torso, but there was no way it was going to fit. “Fuck it, I look better shirtless anyway” he snarled. Then he noticed the note sitting in the bottom of the box. He picked it up and read it aloud with his dense, baritone voice. “Frankie, I’ve chosen you to become the next King of our beings. Just put on the mask and you will be Bane. Attend the party as Bane and I will find you. Then we’ll merge and become strong enough to rule this world and force everyone to bow to our power! I know you want this Frankie. You always have, so just put on the mask.” The note was signed “Venom.” Bane’s bloodthirsty growl said it all. Deep down, the last bit of the innocent Frankie faded. “You’re right Venom. I was born to be a fucking god! I may have been Frankie, but from now on my worshipers will know me only as Bane!!!!” And with that… little Frankie was no more.
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    (Continued from part 1) I stood in the bathroom doorway, feeling my huge muscled body become warm as Anthony gaped in awe from his bed. Anthony’s hunky form was now tiny compared to my immensely built figure, which towered a whole head above him. He eagerly looked me up and down, his eyes pausing hungrily at the outline of the massive package in my briefs. “Whoa, Adrian,” he finally managed, swallowing wetly. His dick became hard in his camo lycra underwear, and he began to rub it slowly. “You like it?” I said, smiling cockily. I walked in front of where he was sitting, and he placed his left hand on my huge chest. “Oh yes,” he responded, sliding his hand over my abs in amazement as he stroked his dick over his briefs. He slowly stood up and ran both hands over my body with a grin, and then began licking my pecs and abs with his long, juicy tongue. “Ohhhhh...” I groaned in pleasure as his soft lips enclosed my hard nipple, and I started flexing vainly. He moved down my body until he reached my briefs, nuzzling the thick cock inside playfully with his tongue. My soft 13 inch dick dripped cum that seeped through the briefs, and Anthony happily lapped it up. He pulled down my briefs, unleashing the enormous floppy monster, which he immediately started licking, running his saliva from base to tip over and over again. I lied on my back on the bed, and Anthony followed, crawling over me with his butt in the air like a submissive twink. He opened his mouth wide and grabbed my giant throbbing meat with two hands. Repeatedly, he throated my horse cock, each time getting it further in. ”Ohhhh fuck yeah!” I yelled, and grabbed Anthony’s spiky-haired head, moving it up and down, feeling the sticky, wet, amazing heat that emanated from my cock fill my entire body. Sliding my still soft drool and cum-covered dick out of his throat, I powerfully grabbed his toned hips and flipped him over so that his thick ass was facing me. I instantly tore his underwear off and stuck my tongue into his hole, licking the rim of his pussy in delight. My cock was getting harder, and was now almost 17 inches, red and covered in pencil-thick veins. I plunged the monster into the gaping hole before me, feeling the hot flesh enveloped by Anthony’s body. He cried out in delight, jerking off his own cock as I thrusted and pulled my immense meat in and out of his hole wetly, its length increasing in full to two feet hard. Impossibly, my whole dick fit entirely inside of Anthony as unimaginable pleasure rolled through my core. “Unnnnnhhhhh!” I moaned, thrusting in and out and in and out and in, back and forth and back and forth. Feeling myself about to unload, I couldn’t bring myself to take my cock out. It was too fucking good. This one was going to be much bigger than the first, I could tell, as I felt cum rushing to the head of my monstrous dick. “Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!” I shouted, and then my giant fucking cock exploded with cum, spewing and spurting it into Anthony, who was violently jolting, his eyes pointing up and his mouth wide open. “YESSSS!” he cried out, clenching the bedsheets tightly as his body filled with my sticky warm cum. Suddenly, he began to undergo a transformation, his muscles pulsing and bulging out, his already hunky body becoming even more jacked. His cock swelled and extended with each stroke, and his ass popped beautifully forth with my dick still inside. “Holy fuck!” I cried, realizing the serum I drank must have transferred into my cum, and that I had just given Anthony a full dose of it. I pulled my cock out of his ass, letting my heavy wet meat fall back down with a loud slap against my legs. I was even more surprised when I realized that I had shrunk a little, my cock no longer reached past my knees, but hung instead just above my knees. My muscles were still athletic, but they weren’t monstrous, like Anthony’s, which had swollen into the huge hulkish body I had previously. Anthony and I had traded muscle. “Hey!” I cried angrily, as Anthony looked at his new muscles in the mirror. “You stole that body from me!” “I didn’t try to do that,” he responded, tugging at his massive cock gleefully. “At least you aren’t as skinny as before. Look.” He pointed at my body, which was as hunky as Anthony was before. My dick was still at least 10 inches soft, and I was perfectly toned. My muscles were big, without being awkwardly huge, so I looked like an underwear model. Because of my reduced muscle size, I could now fit into my clothes, and although they were tight, they revealed my muscles attractively. My arms and shoulders were hugged closely by the shirt, and my pants bulge was mouthwateringly bouncy in my gym shorts. My perky pecs and stone-hard abs were visible under my red t-shirt, which was now a little too short but showed off my amazing v-lines perfectly. Anthony, however, was unable to fit into any of his clothes. “What am I supposed to do?” he asked, rummaging through his underwear drawer, which was filled with speedos, thongs, and jockstraps. “I don’t know,” I responded, shrugging, “maybe you could find someone with extra large clothes and “borrow” them.” “I can’t leave this room!” he said exasperatedly, trying on a tank top that ripped instantly. “You’ll have to do it for me, Adrian.” I paused and tried to think of someone who had extra large clothing. “Hey,” I said, “what about the gym coach? I heard that he’s basically a bodybuilder.” “Good idea,” Anthony answered as a speedo snapped beneath the weight of his engorged horse cock. The next day, I entered the locker room determined to bring Anthony one of the gym coach’s outfits, and I ran into a familiar, stupid face. Jason Tyler, who I now looked slightly down at, bumped into me as I made my way toward the coach’s office. “Hey, idiot! Watch where you’re-“ he began to say, but stopped as soon as he realized it was me. “Adrian? What the fuck?” He looked astoundedly at my physique, which now exceeded his in almost every way imaginable. “How the hell did-“ “Get out of my way, Jason,” I said firmly, pushing him aside with an effortless swat of my hand. I continued heading toward the gym coach’s office, but Jason confronted me again. “Wait a goddamn second!” he shouted furiously. “You can’t just shove me like that, I’m-“ I cut him short by pulling his shorts down, revealing a very hard dick. One of his friends who was watching said “What the hell, Jason. Are you fucking gay?” With bright red cheeks, he said “No! Stop it! I’m fucking like five girls at the same time! Shut up!” I stepped on his pants to prevent him from pulling them up, and whipped out my 10-inch cock, saying “Who’s got the better dick now, Jason?” He gawked at my dick, a small trail of saliva falling from his mouth. “Fuck...” he said slowly, and as his friends walked away, I grabbed his shoulder and shoved him into a nearby bathroom stall and locked the door behind me. Instantly, he began to suck my cock, his lips moving quickly back and forth over my long shaft. I ran my fingers through his wavy blond hair, feeling his fleshy throat and his quivering tongue repeatedly sliding across my meaty cock. I laughed with delight when I saw that he was already cumming, and before I shot my load I decided to stop. Jason wasn’t worth it, and I wasn’t about to let him steal my hot body from me. I squeezed my cock back into my incredibly snug shorts, and pushed Jason out of the stall, where his friends were waiting to laugh mercilessly at him, as they had heard everything and seen under the stall doors. As Jason fumed from the locker room, hounded by his cronies, I walked over to the coach’s office. I knocked on the door, and heard a loud baritone voice gruffly boom “Come in!” I opened the door to find the coach sitting in a chair with his back to me, pumping a dumbbell with his left hand, his huge bicep expanding like a balloon with every flex. “Hey, um, coach,” I began nervously, intimidated by the size of his bicep. ”Call me Coach Tyler,” he bellowed back, setting his dumbbell on the ground and rising to his full, nearly 7 and a half foot height. I gulped, trembling with fear, when suddenly it dawned on me; Jason was Coach Tyler’s son. I was in big trouble. (To be continued)
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    AND NOW... the FULL story and Conclusion to "The Muscle Factory" (64 pgs) Patreon sponsorship to help fund these stories is greatly appreciated! (Link in Signature)
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    Chapter 67 The calculus teacher looked genuinely surprised that I showed up. “You know you don’t need to take this test to get an A in my class, right?” she asked. “Oh, I need to take this test,” I said. I sat down at my desk. Thankfully, I had the room to myself, for I now took up 75% of a table meant for two people. The professor told me to begin, and I put the test on top of my plastic storage box. I did a quick once-over the test and realized it was far easier than I expected it to be, especially since I hadn’t really studied for this one. I whipped through the test in half the time allotted to me. The teacher took the test, graded it quickly, and handed it back to me with an A on top. I left the room excitedly dancing. Dave, Luke, and James were waiting for me in the hallway. “Well?” Dave asked. I showed him my A, and they burst into cheers. James came in for a celebratory kiss, and I felt Dave and Luke put their hands on my back. “Wait,” I said, but before I could extricate myself, they all said, “Big Guy” at the same time. My knees buckled the pleasure was so intense. I saw silver fireworks dance before my eyes, and my swelling body loosened James’s grip on me. They all had to back up a few steps to make room for my expanding girth. My pecs bloomed firmly forward; my arms lifted further from my sides. My shoulders were so wide I couldn’t see where they ended in my peripheral vision. As far as I could see, my shoulders went on forever, and then my arms stuck out past that. My shirt, the loosest shirt I’d ever owned, now fit perfectly. Maybe just a little tight at the shoulders and chest. Even kneeling, my legs pressed more firmly together and my ass jutted outwards. The color of my tights began to lighten as my legs stretched them further. I heaved with muscle. “What the hell, guys?” I asked, getting back up on my feet. “Did you forget?” “Forget what?” Luke asked. “That’s a yes,” I groaned, and my chest quaked mightily. “The day we first discovered this, all the way back in September, when you and Dave were getting me ready for the senior showcase, and you Big Guy’d me both at once, I put on fifteen pounds, not ten.” “I vaguely recall that,” Dave said. Luke cursed under his breath. “So how much did you just put on?” “If the pattern holds?” I did some quick mental math, already primed to think mathematically. “25. I am now 325 pounds.” “You carry it well,” Dave said. “Couldn’t you have waited until after I finished all four of my finals?” “No, we couldn’t. Not even a little,” Dave admitted. After a pause, he added, “Why would we?” “My muscles get in the way of delicate work, like doing a chemistry experiment or taking a test.” My voice grew rough in mock-anger. “You know, things I might have wanted to do today unencumbered.” I spoke plainly now; I was more vexed than angry. “I still have three finals to take.” “I thought this was the plan,” Dave said. “To motivate you. What isn’t motivating about ten extra pounds? You’re welcome, by the way.” I flexed my arm, and my cannonball was practically exploding. “It’s not just going to get in the way. I’m one sexy motherfucker. All this meat is going to distract me.” James rubbed me up and down, feeling the severe and impossible taper from my lats down to my waist. “You deserve the reward. And you’ll do fine on the other finals. We studied. You’re fine.” I saw a ghostly reflection of myself in a window; even standing over 100 yards away, I was too wide for my reflection to fit. “I’m definitely fine,” I said. “That’s my Chrissy!” Dave said, slapping me on the back.
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    It was my first day of college, and I decided I was done being pushed around because of my small size and skinny stature. I wasn’t going to be called stringbean, pussy, or tadpole anymore. This is it, I thought, I will finally change into the huge fucking hunk of my wettest dreams. And so, early in the morning before class, I had taken it upon myself to visit the campus gym. As I approached the building, I could see through the windows that there were some seriously jacked bodybuilders in there, pumping muscle with gigantic weights as if they were as light as a pencil. I walked inside and began to lift weights, heaving with all my might but getting quickly exhausted after two sets of fifteen reps. I gazed over at a dreamy shredded twink in a blue tank top, whose veiny arms and hard pecs thrusted as he did deadlifts. He had scruffy brown hair, an amazing jawline, and intense blue eyes that were complimented by the beautiful eyebrows that sat on top of them. He was wearing a pair of gray sweatshorts that cradled his big bouncing ass tightly, and as he turned around, I almost slobbered when laying eyes on the thick, long outline of his huge cock. Seeing me staring at him, he smiled devilishly, put down his weights and walked towards me, his big dick shaking with every step. “Hey,” he said as he sat on the bench next to me, “can I help you with anything?” Realizing my mouth was wide open, I said, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you.” Feeling my average-sized dick hardening in my gym shorts, I crossed my legs, and tried not blush, but I failed. ”It’s okay,” he replied, “you’d be surprised how often that happens.” His sweaty musk smelled so alluring. ”I wouldn’t be that surprised,” I responded, licking my lips and looking once more at his dick, which was creeping out of his shorts. “My name’s Anthony,” he said, smoothing back his spiky hair, “what’s yours?” ”I’m Adrian,” I replied, feeling warmth spreading to every place on my body, and desire inching up my throat. I was about to reach out and run my hand gently over his biceps, when he glanced at his watch. “Oh wow! Sorry, I’m gonna be late to class!” he exclaimed, and bolted out the door, his butt swaying perfectly behind him as he left. Sighing, I returned to my pointless weightlifting, wishing hopelessly that I could suck his cock and fuck his ass. He would never agree to that, though, I thought, looking sadly at my nonexistent pecs and completely flat stomach. Later, in the afternoon, I saw Anthony exiting the locker room as I walked in. He nodded at me cockily, and I nervously smiled back, wanting to say something flirty, but before I could he had rounded the corner. I cursed myself silently and entered the boys locker room. I always hated gym class. I mean, you can’t blame me, a scrawny little white gay kid with barely a hair on my chest, for hating gym. The locker rooms were torture, watching all the ripped straight guys casually removing their boxers in front of me and walking around with their donkey cocks flopping all over the place. They were like stupid alpha wolfs, bantering about which girls they were going to fuck next, comparing their dick sizes, pulling each other’s pants down and laughing hysterically. As I furtively approached my locker, Jason Tyler, who’d gone to my high school, grabbed the waist of my briefs and tugged them towards the ground, snickering maliciously. Jason was a blond dumb jock, with a rock-hard eight-pack that he showed off like a peacock. “Hey, Adrian!” he called stupidly as his cronies gathered around. “Nice four inches of steel you got there,” he mocked, pointing at my fully visible hard-on with glee. ”It’s actually five inches,” I corrected, immediately regretting my decision to say anything. I pulled my briefs back on, which hardly did anything to hide my obvious boner. “Sure,” Jason remarked with a sneer. “Have you seen my eight inches?” he asked, whipping his dick out at me with a grin. “They’re fucking mind-blowing!” As he walked away, whooping like a buffoon, I angrily gave him the middle finger, but he didn’t notice, as he had already begun picking on some other guy. That evening, as I slowly and forlornly walked to my dorm hall across campus, I remembered my goal of the year, to not end up being pushed around, and I glumly frowned, for it seemed as though I would fail miserably. As I entered my dorm building, I discovered a small card pinned to the noticeboard in the entryway. It said “Utterly flabby? Grossly skinny? Want to become a sexier you without fake pills or exhausting exercise? Then come to The Erotic Magic Shop on the corner of Hillsbury and Cedar. We’ve got what you want.” Intrigued, I put the card in my pocket and began to exit the building when I ran smack into Anthony, who was standing in the doorway. ”Oh! Sorry!” I said with a slight tinge of pleasure from feeling his stony abs press up against me. For a brief moment, I could sense his thick meat push onto my dick, and my shorts became moist with precum. ”That was my fault,” Anthony said with a cute smile, his hunky forearms glistening with perspiration in the early evening sunlight. “Where are you going?” “I’m new to this area,” I replied, scratching the back of my neck, “so I don’t quite know. Where is Hillsbury and Cedar?” He proceeded to describe the directions, but I kept goggling at his fucking hot body and his bulging cock, my mouth watering for the warm shot of cum that it would release. After sheepishly explaining that I wasn’t listening, he laughed robustly and agreed to walk with me there. As we walked, I tried not to gawk at his gorgeously muscled torso, or his firm but deliciously bubbly ass, with curved cheeks that rose and fell with each stride, but I couldn’t resist the occasional lustful glimpse. We arrived at the Erotic Magic Shop, finding it ramshackle and decrepit, the sign almost eroded completely off. I told Anthony that he was welcome to go back, and he returned to our shared dorm building, saying that he had to finish some homework. Despite the closed sign on the door, I went in, finding it strangely unlocked. It was dark, dusty, and full of boxes piled as high as the ceiling. “Hello?” I called, to no response. As I was passing down an aisle of boxes, I heard what I thought was someone whispering my name. Adrian, it said. Adrian... I followed it to the far corner of the room, where a small flask with a clear green liquid sat on a table, labeled only with the words “Drink me.” Suddenly I thought I heard footsteps on the other side of a stack of boxes, and, snatching the flask, I dashed out the door and ran hastily back to my dorm. Entering my room, I was surprised to find that Anthony was my roommate. He was sprawled shirtless on his back, laying in camo lycra boxer-briefs on his bed with a book in his hand. The head of his cock was protruding from the protesting briefs, with a drip of precum hanging from his dickhole. His broad shoulders stretched out across the mattress, and his chiseled abs moved slowly with his breathing. ”Wow! We’re... roommates?” I asked excitedly, seating myself on my bed, which was next to his. ”Yeah,” Anthony said with a boyish grin, literally struggling to keep his dick in his briefs. “Isn’t this great?” Smiling anxiously, I ran into the bathroom and locked the door, taking off my jacket and t-shirt. My shorts soon followed, leaving me in my undershirt and briefs. Then I grabbed the flask of green liquid from the pocket of my shorts. I immediately gulped down all of the liquid and stood in front of a full-length mirror, feeling ridiculous just waiting for something to happen. Then I felt it. All throughout my nerves, I felt a tingling sensation of sexual desire. My whole body began to throb with pleasure like a dick blowing its load, and I trembled and shuddered with orgasmic joy. “Fucccckkk!” I cried with ecstasy as I noticed my feet growing larger and veinier in front of my eyes, my toes slowly jutting out. Next my calves began to grow, the swelling creeping up my legs until my thighs and quadriceps had erupted with layers of smooth muscle as well. Then my torso quivered in excitement as my flat stomach shredded into a perfect eight-pack of washboard abs visible beneath my undershirt, which I lifted up, running my hand over my chiseled abs in erotic awe. Suddenly, full round pecs sprang forward out of my chest, ripping the undershirt down the middle and rising like mountains. Hard nipples pointed from their peaks, which lactated milk that oozed like cum down my body. My arms followed, biceps bulging out with a pulsing vein down the middle of each one, my triceps popping forth into hulkish treetrunks. Turning around, I could see my shoulders and back broadening and thickening, tearing the undershirt to shreds as my lats expanded with growing muscles. I groaned with gratification as I looked at my ass, which ballooned and bubbled bulbously against my stretching briefs. I flexed my huge ass, feeling the muscles contract and expand deliciously as my hole twitched with delight. ”Unnnnhhh!” I moaned as I turned back around, feeling a throbbing sensation coming from my cock, which bulged in girth and length with every pulse, my straining briefs almost bursting at the seams as my balls grew to the size of melons. I grabbed and squeezed my thick horse cock, pulling the heavy python from my pants and letting its massive head flop down past my knees, where it swung like a pendulum between my legs, dripping a puddle of cum on the floor. I tugged at the hanging veiny monster and stroked it with both hands, covered in cum. My elephant dick began to harden, pushing up to my pecs, where I licked its hole, flowing and streaming with delicious juice. I rubbed the whole fucking huge cock against the full-length mirror, increasing my pleasure infinitely. “Fuck yeah! Fuuuuccckk!” I yelled, hearing my voice become stronger and deeper as I became ready to shoot my load. The mega-cock spewed a flood of sticky cum, which covered the entire bathroom in a gooey mess. I laid down on the floor in my own cum, feeling incredibly intense waves of indulgence roll over me with every spurt. As my dick flopped back down to just below my knees, I heard Anthony call from the bedroom. “What are you doing in there?” he yelled. “Are you alright?” I grinned with excitement and got to my feet, checking out my wet body in the mirror. I was no longer a scrawny toothpick; I was a fucking beast, with round, firm, and meaty legs that supported my godlike torso, which popped in all the right places. My arms were monstrous, and I noticed as I flexed my basketball biceps that my hands had grown as well. I reached for my briefs, to try and put them back on, and, squeezing each leg into the elastic, I got them to fit snugly around the juicy curve of my thick ass. Grasping my giant floppy cock, which was well over a foot long, I tried to shove it into my stretching underwear, causing a couple large rips to appear in the elastic. After a few seconds of struggling to keep the slippery, luscious piece of meat within the confines of my bulging briefs, I gave up and let the huge head hang blatantly out the bottom. ”Adrian?” called Anthony, “What was that noise?” ”Nothing. I’ll be out in a second!” I responded. Smiling devilishly, I licked my lips and exited the bathroom. (To Be Continued)
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    “Thanks coach, we couldn’t have done it without you” Eric boomed downwards Coach nodded dumbly, everyone on the team had reacted so much better to the medication than he’d expected. Who’d have known one small pill could do so much to a human body, he wondered what sort of biological magic it had done within his athletes. Not one of them was under 6ft10, not one of them below 270lbs, not one of them with more than 10% body fat. They were muscle beasts now, many of them had already been beasts before their coach had stepped in. The rugby match hadn’t been that important, which was why Coach decided to test out the pills during it. He didn’t want his boys to explode with size during a real match, or worst have some sort of horrible side effect. What if only their feet had grown into size 18 or above boats, or if they grew thickly muscled arms out of proportion to the rest of their body. None of that had happened, instead every single athlete grew taller, broader and heavier. Dwarfing the other team within minutes, their tallest player barely chest level with his tallest player. The blond twins, both promising and enthusiastic athletes had only been 6ft before, now they were an inch or so over 7ft and had piled on dense meaty muscle. Their uniforms were straining against their bodies, Coach was thankful he’d invested in some elastic uniforms. He feared that much tanned bulky muscle bursting out of clothes could have caused a riot. Which could still happened, their jerseys were tight over their bulking chests and taunt over their meaty muscle butts, any seam could split with one wrong move. Behind the three gods talking to him Coach could see Isaac the teams left winger fucking a couple of his thick fingers into the water-boy’s mouth, his monster cock straining painfully against his shorts. The water-boy looked both excited and terrified, and he should be. Those fingers being jack hammered into his mouth didn’t look anywhere near to the girth he was probably about to choke down. Coach hadn’t been paying attention and the three giants ahead of him were planning a nice way of winding down from their victory high. If only he’d been listening to them muttering to each other, he’d have heard them work out which two would tag team his plump round muscle butt.
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    Hello! Thanks for waiting. I've been struggling with some financial issues recently, so I've been doing my best to write this in my spare time. I'm going to be giving a warning as early as now, though, that from the next part onwards, the story will be experimenting with some things I'm not sure necessarily comply with the rules of the forum or the tastes of some forumgoers. I'll be doing my best to write within forum limitations, but if I need to move my story elsewhere, then so be it. For now though, here's the next part. And as usual, if you have any comments, suggestions, or recommendations on the way I write, the way the story is going, or the overall writing, please don't hesitate to take it up with me. Thank you for supporting the story so far, and I do appreciate greatly the comments and advice some of you message me with. I take them to heart and do my best to maintain consistency with your comments. The last thing I want to do is write something subpar. Thanks again, and enjoy! PART 7 Just a few days before the meteor struck, the company we worked at, Haley & Bennett’s, had organized a paid vacation to a remote resort several miles away with the help of Wes, the La Vida Resort. Known for its soft, white sand, it was a hot spot for corporate drones who’d begun to lose sensation in their feet from sitting at their desks all day. Our office was no exception. Although my workload had been relatively light the past few weeks after the meteor, the shit I had to go through outside work was probably just as tiring. Not to mention getting Wes back under control. On official documents, Wes labelled it as a “team-building cooperative retreat.” As early as 4 in the morning on the day of departure, the office had gathered at the bus terminal to load their luggage ahead of time in their respective buses. Wes spearheaded the manpower, making sure everything was arranged for. He’d even planned for the six of us—me, him, Marcus, Froy, Lisa, and Avery—to sit in one bus together. I walked up to him and gave him a quick hug. Although it had already been a few days, it was still comforting to see he was back at his normal size, shorter than I was. As we hugged, the stubble on his face was rubbing hard against my own hairless one. It seemed he was growing it out. “Hey, nice beard,” I said. He winked at me, stroking his beard with his meaty fingers. “Thanks, I’ve been working on it recently. The wife told me she’d never seen me with a beard before, so I guess I decided to maybe forget to shave for once.” “Well, it looks good!” I said. “Matches your eyebrows, really bushy.” “Yeah, I know. She told me to leave it on. Makes me look more like a man, she says. A good role model for Avery.” “Oh, yeah, where is he? Haven’t seen him yet,” I said. “He went to get a coffee.” Wes licked his palm and fixed his hair. “Anyway, he won’t be a problem. What I’m worried about is getting Marcus in here before the others.” Just at that moment, as if by summon, we heard a loud metallic bang coming from the distance. Coupled in the commotion was the distinct sound of grunting. Grunting — of course — that belonged to none other than Marcus himself. In a week, Marcus had grown from 5’11” to 6’9”. None of us had anticipated just how fast he was going to grow. And grow, and grow he did. He arrived at the bus terminal wearing a skintight white crop top and the most obscene pair of yellow speedos I’d ever seen on a man. He might as well have been naked. Where a week ago his body was tight and lithe, with the muscle mass of a runner, he’d grown so thick and massive that his barrellous chest resembled a bull’s. The entire mass of my body was probably only half his torso. When I looked closer, what I thought was a crop top was actually more of an undersized wife beater, pulled all the way up to his pecs by the sheer immensity of his delts, lats, back, and chest. The works. His legs were no different either. No way was he ever fitting into his skinny jeans again. My head was only slightly smaller than his ham-like thighs, round like boulders but hard as… boulders. They were granite. The outline of his cock was pressed tightly against the straining fabric of his speedo, even as the massive head peeked a bulb the size of my fist through the fabric, jutting out like a third leg coming from his waist. His balls were even practically spilling out the sides. With every step he took, his cock would swing like a pendulum, smacking into his thighs. He might as well have been naked. Standing next to him, Lisa looked downright dwarfish. But I guess to Marcus, most of us did. Despite how beach-ready she looked with all her expensive make-up, the weighted eyebags and the way she struggled to walk upright screamed otherwise. She struggled to maintain a smile, waving at me out of formality. “Oh, my god. Would you look at this guy,” Wes said, staring up at Marcus’ cocky face. “He looks like he’s about as heavy as the damn bus.” Marcus waded through the crowd effortlessly as he walked over to us. He was clearly amused at how easily he could knock people out of his way with nothing but his size and weight. It was like watching a living, breathing wrecking ball. With the way he puffed up his already ballooning pecs, people my height were getting their heads grazed as he loomed over us. When he got to the front of the line where Wes and I were standing, he grabbed us both by the back and planted our faces right in his pecs. If I so much as stuck out my tongue, it would’ve been wrapped all over the huge nipple staring right at me. His wife beater had ridden up higher as he hugged us, straining loudly. Every so often, his speedo would also bump into my hand. It took everything I had not to stroke it or hit it away. It felt like a baseball bat. “How’re my best buds doin’ this morning?” Marcus asked. “Suffocating,” I said. “The usual—also suffocating,” Wes said. “You really couldn’t find anything else to wear?” I asked. “‘Course not! I wanted to look my best for you guys, and my best is as close to naked as I can get,” he said, releasing us from the confines of his pecs. “Besides, this is literally all I have left. Nothing else made it past my shoulders, heh.” He shrugged, emphasizing the bowling balls he had for shoulders. I looked over behind him, ignoring the clearly annoyed line, and saw Lisa carrying the lone luggage bag they’d brought. Taking it from her arms, she let out a sigh of relief. She shot me a smile and fixed the strands of hair falling over her eyes. “Oh, thank god.” She smiled at me. “I thought I was going to be carrying that damn thing around all morning.” “Why aren’t you carrying your bag, Marcus?” I asked. “Lisa could’ve died carrying her own body weight around for so long.” “She’s my girlfriend, man. If she’s gonna be with me, she’s gonna need to be able to keep up with all this muscle!” He launched his humongous arms up into the air and nearly hit us in the face with a double bicep pose. His flexed upper arms were as round as some men’s whole guts for fuck’s sake. “I feel like a god right now. Everything in the bag’s mostly Lisa’s stuff. Besides, my things — IF they still fit, which they don’t — would’ve just been thrown into the cargo hold when we got here anyway.” “I don’t think Lisa would’ve appreciated being thrown into the cargo hold, Marcus,” Wes said. “Not much air in there.” “Ha ha,” Marcus said, bending over to laugh Wes in the face. Up close, Marcus’ head was almost twice as big as Wes’. “She’s had to hold her breath longer before, trust me.” Lisa coughed, massaging her jaw. “He’s not wrong. Being with him has gotten a LOT harder since he started getting bigger all of a sudden.” Marcus laughed, booming across the terminal. “What do you mean! I’m just a little bigger, Lisa. It can’t be that much harder.” “Oh, it’s a LOT harder alright. It was hot at first, but now it just hurts!” “Not from the way you moan.” He giggled. “Maybe I should be calling you Moan-a Lisa from now on. Get it? Did you catch the pun?” “Yeah, yeah, discuss your sex life on the bus, guys, you’re holding up the line.” Marcus pushed past us and gripped the entrance with his hands. “So how am I supposed to fit? It won’t break if I get in, will it?” He took one step in. And, boy, was it the longest step I’ve ever experienced. I could hear his speedo strain as he raised his leg. As his flip-flop pressed down on the bus, all of us gasped as the entire bus seemed to shake with as little as a step from Marcus. We were awed. The more he planted his weight, the lower the bus seemed to get. “This isn’t looking very safety checked, you guys,” Marcus said. “We don’t have a choice, Marcus, just get in. If the bus can’t handle your weight, then we’ll have to squeeze some of the others into the other buses.” “If you say so, boss.” Marcus hunched over and squeezed himself sideways as he shoved himself through the doorway. “It’s a bit of a tight squeeze, you guys.” Even sideways, his pecs were getting stuck in the doorway. “It’s not the doorway that’s a problem,” Wes mumbled. Marcus grabbed onto a railing and launched himself inside, nearly breaking off a few chairs as he crashed. His grip had left dents in the doorway where he’d held onto. To anyone else, it would’ve looked like the doorway was attacked by a pack of bears. “Alright, I guess I’ll be sitting at the back!” Marcus said. “Try not to break the bus, god damn it!” Wes said. “Will do, sir—AUGH!” A loud thud came from the bus’ ceiling. “Hit my head.” “Which one?” Wes asked, smiling. “Very funny!” Lisa threw their bag in the cargo and got in. She said she’d keep Marcus in check until we got in. Once Marcus was finally settled in the back of the bus, the line started moving again. I stayed out to help Wes adjust passenger count for Marcus with the other buses. As the lines seemed to disappear across the other buses, Avery and Froy had yet to appear. Neither Wes nor I knew where they were or what they could’ve been doing. It was starting to worry me. There was no way Froy would’ve been late—or worse—bailed completely. He wouldn’t do that to me. “Do you mind going to the coffee shop over there and checking if Avery is in there?” Wes asked. “The only time getting a coffee should take half an hour is if it’s my wife and if she took a bathroom break at some point.” “Sure thing. What’s he wearing?” “I think it was a red hoodie? You should know what he looks like, Dory. He just looks like me except younger and a lot less good-looking. Y’know, just like his mom.” He chuckled. “Hey, don’t tell her I said that.” “Sure, if you double my paycheck.” “Sure, but I’ll fire you.” He winked. “Damn it.” As Wes handled the rest of the lines, I headed into the commercial complex to look for his son. Before this week, I’d never really had a chance to interact with the kid. Wes would rarely talk about his children around work, so when I woke up at his condo and saw Avery, I almost forgot he existed. Now that we were spending a good few days together, I might as well take it as my chance to get close to him. He reminded me a lot of myself at that age: quiet, reserved… above average looks. Cough. The kid was still young, so he could still butter up and lose that boyish face. He still had a hefty head of bed hair, so as long as he managed to keep it, he’d be set. I don’t normally say this, but I do believe if he hit the gym, he’d probably have a good chance of having Wes’ muscled up bod too, if not bigger. Even as skinny as he was now, he already had the frame for it. Unless another meteor came crashing down, there was no way he was ever getting as big as Marcus or Froy. At 5 in the morning, the bus terminal was still pretty empty. It was deserted almost. I could only imagine how mind-numbing it must be to sit at a store all day waiting for a customer. And just when they finally come walking inside, they leave the moment you finally decide to get up. Takes nerve. Upon entering the coffee shop, I could see it was pretty much closed. The AC was still off, and all the lights and machines were still being turned on. Even the barista looked like he needed a good few buckets of coffee before he could open his eyes right. “Hey, excuse me, have you seen a kid in a red hoodie?” I asked him. Crumbs of eye crust fell as he opened his eyes and stared into mine—not at them, in them. “Hm? Ah, I think there mighta been a kid in here like that a few minutes ago. I don’t remember him leaving though.” “What do you mean?” “I’ve been watching the front door all morning, man. I haven’t seen anyone leave yet. I’ve only seen three people come in this morning, including you.” “‘Three’? Who’s the other one?” “Dunno. He was huge though. Probably 6’5” or something. Beefed up too. Looked like he was going to burst out of that black shirt of his any second. No idea how someone that tall packed on that much muscle, ‘specially since he looked like he was about the same age as that kid in the red hoodie you talked about. He even ordered two extra large coffees a few minutes ago.” He brought up the holder containing the two hot coffees. “See?” “Well, where could they have gone? Is the washroom open?” “Yeah. You can go check if you want. I don’t think it’d look very good on my resume if I got fired for having two people die in the washroom on my shift.” “You don’t wanna come with me?” He yawned, raising a cup of coffee and chugging it down. “Nah.” “Well okay then.” “Besides, if that huge kid saw me sneakin’ into the washroom, he’d probably kill me. Honestly, I don’t know what it is they’re feeding kids these days to grow them so damn big.” “Neither do I, mate.” As I approached the washroom round back, I’d already formed a hunch on who that hulking teen could’ve been. It was a bit of a sucker punch, but I had no right in the matter. At the washroom at the back, it was deathly silent. The door knob was surprisingly cold. But standing outside the door, I could hear a faint moaning sound coming from inside. Before I could even turn the knob, the door swung open. Avery, still in his red hoodie, came fumbling out the door. His mouth and hands were still wet. I even caught him massaging his jaw. “Hey, Avery.” He let out a yelp and slammed the bathroom door shut in an instant. His eyes looked like they were popping out of their sockets. He stared at me like a deer in headlights. “Your dad’s been looking for you everywhere. What were you doing in there?” I asked. “Nothing!” He rested back on the door. “It’s nothing…” “Are you sure? The barista said there was another guy in here. Hey, is someone in there?” Avery was silent. The kid couldn’t even look me in the eyes. Sweat was pouring down his face, ruining his groomed eyebrows. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve guessed he was having a stroke. Trying to get something out of Avery would’ve just made things worse. I thought maybe it’d be better to just let him have this as his little secret. I had no doubt in my mind there could have been nobody but Froy in there. The barista’s description fit him too well. I just didn’t expect Froy to be getting so much attention from more than just me. “Guess he was wrong. C’mon, let’s get you to the bus.” But whatever, right? “Okay…” I could probably just ask Froy about it when we got to the resort. Avery waited for me to get to the front door before abandoning his post at the washroom. Once I wrapped an arm around his shoulder, we got to walking back to the bus. He massaged his neck and jaw every now and then — a scenario I knew all too well. The entire time we were walking he couldn’t look me in the eyes or even mouth a word. He was like a ghost. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be shier than Froy. “Sorry if this is a bit out of nowhere, but could you tell me something?” I asked. Avery looked up at me with drowsy eyes. “What?” “I’ve always wondered, but I didn’t really know who to ask. I know Wes is 31, and you’re 15, so there’s no way your mother now could’ve given birth to you, right?” “She’s… my step-mom.” “Wes never told me that.” “Oh, sorry.” “Don’t be. Did you ever get to meet your real mother?” “Only twice. I was 8 the last time. Dad said she was never coming back.” “What was her name?” “Olivia.” When we got about half-way out of the commercial complex, Wes yelled out to me from a distance. “Dory, hurry up! Everyone’s getting pissy!” he yelled. Keeping Wes waiting was the last thing I wanted to do. He may not have had any physical power over me, but he still held my paycheck. “Got it, Wes!” I took Avery by the hand and ran with him over to the bus. Avery and I entered first before Wes. As soon as we got on the bus, all eyes were on us. It felt like I’d killed someone. I wasn’t sure if I was covered in guts or what. And seeing Marcus’ hulking form sitting at the very end of the bus made it feel like we were peasants approaching the king at his throne. As Avery and I twisted our way through the bus, I couldn’t quite comprehend how Marcus almost seemed to be getting bigger the closer we got. His massive legs were spread out, easily occupying two seats worth of space, allowing his speedo to stretch to its limits as his cock seemed to struggle for space through the fabric. The urethra and veins on his cock were visibly strained. It was still unbelievable how thick he was, nearly as thick around as my own forearm if not thicker. When we finally got to the back, Marcus was staring me down — way down — as he smirked. His massive arms were nesting behind the headrests, nearly reaching both ends of all five seats. His crop top looked just about ready to burst with how bloated his pecs seemed to be. They jutted out nearly five inches from his chest. Even his nipples looked oversized compared to the rest of him. His torso was so massive that his lats were already taking up space from the two seats at his sides. Whoever sat next to him was gonna have a hell of a time sleeping next to his mountains of muscle. Poor Lisa. “About time you guys got here!” he said. “Let’s get to the beach before I burst out of these damn clothes!” He raised up his arms again into a double bicep pose, running his tongue around his right bicep as he teased. “I swear it feels like you just keep getting bigger every time I see you,” I said. “Maybe ‘cause I am?” he asked. “Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy this as much as I do, Dory.” Lisa was barely awake, on the window seat of the back row. She knew she was never going to get decent sleep if she took the seat next to Marcus. Literally just his breathing would’ve bothered her all ride. The poor girl didn’t know what she had coming when she dated Marcus. But to be fair, none of us had any idea what we had coming. Avery’s eyes were filled with fear and worry as he kept his eyes locked on Marcus’ size 16 feet. Behind us, Wes was throwing in our bags in the overhead containers, grunting in annoyance. I was so engrossed in Marcus that I didn’t even realize we were still standing in the way. “Alright, Avery you sit over here with me,” Wes said, directing Avery to two of the seats on the right. “And you Dory get the seats next to us there. If Froy ever gets here, he’ll sit with you.” “Oh, yeah! Where is the little guy?” Marcus asked. “I thought you said he was coming?” “He is. I just don’t know where he is… now. I called him an hour ago, and he said he was on his way here.” “Well, we can’t keep everyone here waiting on us much longer,” Wes said. “If he doesn’t get here in the next few minutes, we’ll have to leave him behind.” “Aw, come on, boss. Let’s give ‘im a chance. Call him up again, Dory. Maybe he’ll pick up this time,” Marcus said. I dialed his number again — hopefully for the last time this morning. As each dial tone sounded, my worry grew exponentially. As I was about to give up, a heavy knocking sound came from the door. “Oh damn, did he make it?” Marcus asked excitedly. “That better be him,” Wes said, resting Avery’s sleepy head on his shoulder. The bus doors swung open, and I was filled with relief when the disheveled brush of black hair appeared. As Froy entered the bus, I could see he was also struggling to enter due to his newly grown muscles. Although not as much as Marcus, his lats and shoulders were flaring out far just as wide. He was bumping into the walls and railings, struggling to squeeze up the narrow staircase. Instead of his narrow waist helping, it only worsened his imbalance. When he finally got up to the corridor, I saw that he was still somewhat sweaty, smiling at me with a wide grin as he panted. His sweat caused his black shirt to cling to the curves of his muscles, exposing every crevice and detailing his nipples through the thin fabric — a second skin. Unsurprisingly, his clothes didn’t fit. All that fit was his belt around his 30” waist. He was about as awkward with his sex machine of a body as a newborn horse trying to run a marathon. His sleeves rode up to his armpits, and the hem of his shirt barely hit his Adonis’ belt, exposing his bottom row of lean abs whenever he so much as took a breath. In his right hand, causing his bicep to swell into a globe under his skin, was a cardboard holder with two coffees; in the other, his luggage bag. The poor kid looked terribly lost but kept his eyes locked on me. “Hello, sir! Sorry I’m late, I had—uh—I got us some coffee!” he said, grinning nervously. “Just hurry up and get over here!” Wes said. “We’ve gotta go right now if we’re gonna make it there on time.” “Oh, relax, your bosses aren’t here to scold you, are they?” Marcus said. “...Are they?” “At least try to keep yourself decent until we get there, Marcus, please,” I said. “Get over here, Froy. Sit next to me.” “Yes, sir!” He nodded. Maneuvering through the narrow corridor, everyone could feel his struggle. The seats were too close together, and the overhead cargo bins were way too short — for him anyway. His broad torso and thick legs were having a hard enough time finding their way through to me as is without the coffee and the luggage in his hands. He bit his lip in his struggle, keeping his eyes on me and smiling excitedly, clearly eager to take his seat next to mine. A few feet away, catastrophe struck. The driver hadn’t realized Froy was still standing as he started the bus. Without warning, he fell over next to me in the walkway on his knees. The hot coffee spilled all over his black shirt, causing him to panic and grunt. He was flexing every muscle he had in an attempt to strip. In his pained panting, he hurriedly threw off his shirt, exposing his smooth, lightly tanned torso to us at the back. He was a work of art. His muscled arms were 20” around, prominently bulging from under his skin due to his leanness. And despite a 56” chest, his pecs were still baby smooth even with the toughness and heft of his muscle. They protruded from his rib cage almost like breasts, with nipples as oversized and inviting as Marcus’, almost like miniature plates. “Damn, little guy, guess you’re gonna have to stay shirtless all the way to the resort. It’s a dream come true for you, Dory,” Marcus said. “Oh, shut up.” “Oh, god, I’m so sorry, sir, I didn’t mean it, I swear. It was just an accident—“ “It’s fine, Froy! Just, come on, sit next to me before something else happens. Avery, could you help Froy with his bag please?” I asked. “Oh—oh, okay,” Avery mumbled. Froy nodded, grunting in my ear as he pushed himself up off the ground. His towering form loomed over me, blocking out the light and showcasing his glistening muscles in his shadow. His abs were perfect, like round cobblestones shifting under his skin. Even as he sat himself next to me, his abs stood out like a gut. The entire seat quaked as he did. As he adjusted himself in his seat, clearly way too big to sit properly, I was being crushed against the window by his hefty upper arm and torso. It definitely hurt, but I loved every second. I looked down and saw that his legs looked like they were about to explode right out of his white shorts. I had to help him squeeze himself into his seat, groping his sweat- and coffee-soaked muscles as he moved in. “Sorry, sir. This seat’s just a bit tight,” he said. “Is it okay if I rest my arm on you? I don’t know where to put it.” “Yeah, go ahead, big guy. You’ll be my own personal seatbelt.” Resting his heavy arm over my head, the smell of his armpits showered me like cologne. “Ah, thank you, sir.” He smiled down at me. “I hope you don’t mind if I’m a bit sweaty.” “Don’t worry so much, Froy, honestly. I don’t mind anything you do. Just do what you need to do to get comfy.” “Shit, you make it sound like you’d let him do anything to you if he wanted,” Marcus said. “What — no!” Froy laughed, blushing, his body bumping into me with each chuckle. My head was locked between his shoulder and the window like a nut in a nutcracker. If I stuck my head out, it would’ve been pressed against his chest instead. The smell of his deodorant was extra pungent without his shirt. All I could smell was Froy’s iconic maple-scented deodorant in my nose, and mixed with the scent of coffee, it was taking all my willpower to avoid licking him clean. “Okay, save it for the resort, boys. We’re technically still at work.” Wes yawned. “If you haven’t noticed, everyone’s been dead silent listening to you guys. I hope you understand all complaints go straight to me.” “Sorry, Wes. We’ll behave.” “Sorry, sir,” Froy said. “Mr. Boss finally taking charge over here!” Marcus yelled. “Dad, please…” Avery mumbled. “What‘s with all that noise?!” Lisa cried. With that, we were off. It wasn’t long before we got to the highway and finally escaped the city. Although quiet to start, everyone in the bus soon began to lighten up. It wasn’t long before everyone in the office was laughing and chatting in small groups. For the most part, the topic was mostly work. Understandably, of course. We were all going on a retreat for a good number of days and wouldn’t be able to work. Rushing a week’s worth of work was an unpleasant reality we were all trying to drown out with the prospect of piña coladas at the beach. Marcus told stories to Wes and Avery about his sexual conquests with Lisa, making sure detail every which way he tore her apart. As the memories flooded back to her, I wasn’t surprised to see she’d repressed most of them. Wes was partly listening and partly on his phone. Avery’s face screamed terror and disgust, but he couldn’t help but be intrigued by Marcus’ stories. Froy, on the other hand, was trying his best not to press me against the window too much. His round ass was partially hanging off the seat, and his arm only seemed to be increasingly heavy as time went on, weighing down on me. I looked up at him, struggling to stay awake — the poor thing — and stared at his pecs. His chest, no matter how many times I’d seen it, always seemed to arouse me. He groaned, calling my balls to action, yet he stayed asleep. Instead, something else awakened in him. Through his size-too-small beach shorts, I could see the strong outline of his cock growing, snaking, down his thigh. Just as I thought it’d swollen to its largest, it only continued to grow in girth and length. Eventually, the head of his cock emerged from the bottom and flared free. It was so plump, so round. I couldn’t help myself; I had to stroke it. As my hand ran its fingers across its pink flesh, a silent moan exited his mouth. In that instant, I could’ve sworn his cock swelled yet another impossible inch longer. With my other hand, I couldn’t even wrap around the girth of his cock through his shorts. He’d grown thicker than my whole hand could hold. It was unfortunate timing when he decided to lower his arm and rest his heavy hand right on my crotch. In a second, I was fully erect, all 5” of me. Comparing mine to his made his look like it was almost four times as big, easily 10” long at least. At least. On his second groan, I knew I had to stop. It was way too early to be getting in trouble with Wes. After I carefully lifted Froy’s heavy hand off me and rested it back around my shoulders, I took a moment to gather myself. Why was I feeling so out of control lately? Surely, years of working around Marcus would’ve numbed me of my lustful thoughts by now. Marcus was at the back, comfortably sleeping. It seemed he’d pooped himself out trying to get Wes and Avery to listen. Who would’ve thought all it took to knock him out was to ignore him. Lisa was behind us, staring emptily out the window. If I focused in on her, I could hear the rock music blaring from her earphones. She looked even more exhausted than Wes or Marcus combined. Wes and Avery had fallen asleep too. Thoughts flooded through my head as I stared out the window. Especially the one that’s never left my head — the same question that’s been clawing at me, in me, for the past three weeks. Just what was it with that meteor? As far as I could tell, there was nothing common about any of the supernatural changes happening with my co-workers except that they all had the ability to grow. And grow. And grow. Could there have been others? As I was finally getting drowsy, I heard a loud tearing noise come from behind me. My stomach fell out my ass when I realized it could only have been Marcus. I turned around in my seat, knocking away Froy’s big arm, and peeked over. He’d been silent the entire trip so far. In fact, everyone but me, Lisa, and the driver were probably dead asleep. Even Lisa had taken off her earphones. “What was that noise?” she asked. “You heard it too?” I asked. “Yeah.” Before I could even reply, there was another noise, confirming that it did come from Marcus. A small tear had appeared in his wife beater’s collar. He groaned loudly, unmoving, blinking lightly, waking up to the sound of his clothes tearing. “What…?” “Holy — your clothes!” Lisa exclaimed. All three of us looked down at his barrel chest and saw that the crop top that had barely been containing his ballooning pecs before was tearing apart right in front of our eyes. From his collar bone, the tears continued to ride down the crevice of his pecs, pulling apart his wife beater. He was visibly growing out of it. We could see his torso seemingly expanding in girth as he took up more and more space in his seats. “Holy shit! Are you guys seeing this?!” he asked us, grinning from ear to ear. His head grew ever so slightly, making him appear even taller. “Oh, no, not again!” Lisa said. “Oh, baby! I can’t believe it!” he yelled. “I’m actually bursting out of my clothes!” As he laughed, I could almost feel the bus tremble as he swelled ever so slightly bigger all over. He was just a little bit taller, a little bit bigger, a little bit broader, wider, heavier… and a whole lot more naked. “It’s a damn good thing we aren’t at a bar this time,” Lisa said. Marcus whistled. “What, is all this growing scaring you, babe?” He raised up an arm that looked as big as my whole leg to reach out for her. Then, out of nowhere, he froze in place. Another set of tearing noises sounded off in the silence. His lats had torn through his wife beater with his expanding torso underneath his armpits; coupled with his engorged pecs, the wife beater had been torn to a pile of rags that hung desperately over his delts. His concrete pecs protruded from his rib cage like generous slabs of meat. And his shoulders and nipples weren’t left behind either. As everything on Marcus’ body had a quick growth surge, they probably grew most next to his chest. I was almost afraid to compare the size of my head to his biceps or shoulders, afraid of knowing that they were actually as big if not already bigger. “Holy shit, it actually happened. It literally just fucking happened!” I looked down and saw that he was getting hard. Marcus was getting off on the fact that he was growing so damn much and was only growing faster by the day. It was a miracle his waist had barely increased or else his speedo would’ve definitely popped straight off, reduced to nothing but a thong on him at this point. They had been sunk into the deep valleys of his muscled thighs and ass. His erection had erupted from his speedo, climbing up his abs in record speed. He held out his hands in a vain attempt to cover himself up, but it was clear he was giving a half-assed effort, wanting nothing more than to show off his new assets. His bulbous pecs were giving him a difficult time getting his huge 28” arms raised in front of him. “Oh, fuck me, I can’t cover all this up!” He grabbed onto his huge dick, even bigger than Froy’s by a wide margin. It was easily over a foot long. “Just look at this!” From next to me, I saw that Marcus’ yelling had woken up everyone else. Froy looked down at me with sleepy eyes, rubbing them. “What’s happening, sir?” “Marcus! What did you do?!” Wes yelled. “Oh my god!” Avery whispered. Froy turned his head around, hitting me in the chest with his elbow. As he turned to see Marcus reveling in his form, Froy’s eyes bugged out. Marcus smiled at Froy. “Can you believe you used to look so big to me? Fuck, look at me now, man! Even though you’re growing too, you just keep getting smaller and smaller every time I look at you! If Fonz saw me now, he’d straight up shit himself!” Froy was dead silent. He gripped my hand and slowly crushed it in his fingers. Even as I winced in pain, Froy never faltered. “I can’t believe you already tore up your clothes before we even got to the first stopover, Marcus. How the hell are we gonna get you out of here now?” Wes asked. Marcus stretched out his arms and shot us the biggest double bicep pose the world had ever seen. “Naw, boss. What you should really be worrying about is how you’re gonna get me back in on the way back!” “Oh, god,” Lisa whimpered. As the entire bus seemed to stare at Marcus in awe, just as he was touching himself, stroking himself, almost calling us to worship him, it was at that moment that I thought that that would’ve been the craziest thing to happen to us all trip. However, I could not have been more wrong. A lot can happen in three days. And it seemed the universe was going to make sure of it.
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    (I accidentally posted this in the Story Archive, so I reposted it here) It was my first day of college, and I decided I was done being pushed around because of my small size and skinny stature. I wasn’t going to be called stringbean, pussy, or tadpole anymore. This is it, I thought, I will finally change into the huge fucking hunk of my wettest dreams. And so, early in the morning before class, I had taken it upon myself to visit the campus gym. As I approached the building, I could see through the windows that there were some seriously jacked bodybuilders in there, pumping muscle with gigantic weights as if they were as light as a pencil. I walked inside and began to lift weights, heaving with all my might but getting quickly exhausted after two sets of fifteen reps. I gazed over at a dreamy shredded twink in a blue tank top, whose veiny arms and hard pecs thrusted as he did deadlifts. He had scruffy brown hair, an amazing jawline, and intense blue eyes that were complimented by the beautiful eyebrows that sat on top of them. He was wearing a pair of gray sweatshorts that cradled his big bouncing ass tightly, and as he turned around, I almost slobbered when laying eyes on the thick, long outline of his huge cock. Seeing me staring at him, he smiled devilishly, put down his weights and walked towards me, his big dick shaking with every step. “Hey,” he said as he sat on the bench next to me, “can I help you with anything?” Realizing my mouth was wide open, I said, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you.” Feeling my average-sized dick hardening in my gym shorts, I crossed my legs, and tried not blush, but I failed. ”It’s okay,” he replied, “you’d be surprised how often that happens.” His sweaty musk smelled so alluring. ”I wouldn’t be that surprised,” I responded, licking my lips and looking once more at his dick, which was creeping out of his shorts. “My name’s Anthony,” he said, smoothing back his spiky hair, “what’s yours?” ”I’m Adrian,” I replied, feeling warmth spreading to every place on my body, and desire inching up my throat. I was about to reach out and run my hand gently over his biceps, when he glanced at his watch. “Oh wow! Sorry, I’m gonna be late to class!” he exclaimed, and bolted out the door, his butt swaying perfectly behind him as he left. Sighing, I returned to my pointless weightlifting, wishing hopelessly that I could suck his cock and fuck his ass. He would never agree to that, though, I thought, looking sadly at my nonexistent pecs and completely flat stomach. Later, in the afternoon, I saw Anthony exiting the locker room as I walked in. He nodded at me cockily, and I nervously smiled back, wanting to say something flirty, but before I could he had rounded the corner. I cursed myself silently and entered the boys locker room. I always hated gym class. I mean, you can’t blame me, a scrawny little white gay kid with barely a hair on my chest, for hating gym. The locker rooms were torture, watching all the ripped straight guys casually removing their boxers in front of me and walking around with their donkey cocks flopping all over the place. They were like stupid alpha wolfs, bantering about which girls they were going to fuck next, comparing their dick sizes, pulling each other’s pants down and laughing hysterically. As I furtively approached my locker, Jason Tyler, who’d gone to my high school, grabbed the waist of my briefs and tugged them towards the ground, snickering maliciously. Jason was a blond dumb jock, with a rock-hard eight-pack that he showed off like a peacock. “Hey, Adrian!” he called stupidly as his cronies gathered around. “Nice four inches of steel you got there,” he mocked, pointing at my fully visible hard-on with glee. ”It’s actually five inches,” I corrected, immediately regretting my decision to say anything. I pulled my briefs back on, which hardly did anything to hide my obvious boner. “Sure,” Jason remarked with a sneer. “Have you seen my eight inches?” he asked, whipping his dick out at me with a grin. “They’re fucking mind-blowing!” As he walked away, whooping like a buffoon, I angrily gave him the middle finger, but he didn’t notice, as he had already begun picking on some other guy. That evening, as I slowly and forlornly walked to my dorm hall across campus, I remembered my goal of the year, to not end up being pushed around, and I glumly frowned, for it seemed as though I would fail miserably. As I entered my dorm building, I discovered a small card pinned to the noticeboard in the entryway. It said “Utterly flabby? Grossly skinny? Want to become a sexier you without fake pills or exhausting exercise? Then come to The Erotic Magic Shop on the corner of Hillsbury and Cedar. We’ve got what you want.” Intrigued, I put the card in my pocket and began to exit the building when I ran smack into Anthony, who was standing in the doorway. ”Oh! Sorry!” I said with a slight tinge of pleasure from feeling his stony abs press up against me. For a brief moment, I could sense his thick meat push onto my dick, and my shorts became moist with precum. ”That was my fault,” Anthony said with a cute smile, his hunky forearms glistening with perspiration in the early evening sunlight. “Where are you going?” “I’m new to this area,” I replied, scratching the back of my neck, “so I don’t quite know. Where is Hillsbury and Cedar?” He proceeded to describe the directions, but I kept goggling at his fucking hot body and his bulging cock, my mouth watering for the warm shot of cum that it would release. After sheepishly explaining that I wasn’t listening, he laughed robustly and agreed to walk with me there. As we walked, I tried not to gawk at his gorgeously muscled torso, or his firm but deliciously bubbly ass, with curved cheeks that rose and fell with each stride, but I couldn’t resist the occasional lustful glimpse. We arrived at the Erotic Magic Shop, finding it ramshackle and decrepit, the sign almost eroded completely off. I told Anthony that he was welcome to go back, and he returned to our shared dorm building, saying that he had to finish some homework. Despite the closed sign on the door, I went in, finding it strangely unlocked. It was dark, dusty, and full of boxes piled as high as the ceiling. “Hello?” I called, to no response. As I was passing down an aisle of boxes, I heard what I thought was someone whispering my name. Adrian, it said. Adrian... I followed it to the far corner of the room, where a small flask with a clear green liquid sat on a table, labeled only with the words “Drink me.” Suddenly I thought I heard footsteps on the other side of a stack of boxes, and, snatching the flask, I dashed out the door and ran hastily back to my dorm. Entering my room, I was surprised to find that Anthony was my roommate. He was sprawled shirtless on his back, laying in camo lycra boxer-briefs on his bed with a book in his hand. The head of his cock was protruding from the protesting briefs, with a drip of precum hanging from his dickhole. His broad shoulders stretched out across the mattress, and his chiseled abs moved slowly with his breathing. ”Wow! We’re... roommates?” I asked excitedly, seating myself on my bed, which was next to his. ”Yeah,” Anthony said with a boyish grin, literally struggling to keep his dick in his briefs. “Isn’t this great?” Smiling anxiously, I ran into the bathroom and locked the door, taking off my jacket and t-shirt. My shorts soon followed, leaving me in my undershirt and briefs. Then I grabbed the flask of green liquid from the pocket of my shorts. I immediately gulped down all of the liquid and stood in front of a full-length mirror, feeling ridiculous just waiting for something to happen. Then I felt it. All throughout my nerves, I felt a tingling sensation of sexual desire. My whole body began to throb with pleasure like a dick blowing its load, and I trembled and shuddered with orgasmic joy. “Fucccckkk!” I cried with ecstasy as I noticed my feet growing larger and veinier in front of my eyes, my toes slowly jutting out. Next my calves began to grow, the swelling creeping up my legs until my thighs and quadriceps had erupted with layers of smooth muscle as well. Then my torso quivered in excitement as my flat stomach shredded into a perfect eight-pack of washboard abs visible beneath my undershirt, which I lifted up, running my hand over my chiseled abs in erotic awe. Suddenly, full round pecs sprang forward out of my chest, ripping the undershirt down the middle and rising like mountains. Hard nipples pointed from their peaks, which lactated milk that oozed like cum down my body. My arms followed, biceps bulging out with a pulsing vein down the middle of each one, my triceps popping forth into hulkish treetrunks. Turning around, I could see my shoulders and back broadening and thickening, tearing the undershirt to shreds as my lats expanded with growing muscles. I groaned with gratification as I looked at my ass, which ballooned and bubbled bulbously against my stretching briefs. I flexed my huge ass, feeling the muscles contract and expand deliciously as my hole twitched with delight. ”Unnnnhhh!” I moaned as I turned back around, feeling a throbbing sensation coming from my cock, which bulged in girth and length with every pulse, my straining briefs almost bursting at the seams as my balls grew to the size of melons. I grabbed and squeezed my thick horse cock, pulling the heavy python from my pants and letting its massive head flop down past my knees, where it swung like a pendulum between my legs, dripping a puddle of cum on the floor. I tugged at the hanging veiny monster and stroked it with both hands, covered in cum. My elephant dick began to harden, pushing up to my pecs, where I licked its hole, flowing and streaming with delicious juice. I rubbed the whole fucking huge cock against the full-length mirror, increasing my pleasure infinitely. “Fuck yeah! Fuuuuccckk!” I yelled, hearing my voice become stronger and deeper as I became ready to shoot my load. The mega-cock spewed a flood of sticky cum, which covered the entire bathroom in a gooey mess. I laid down on the floor in my own cum, feeling incredibly intense waves of indulgence roll over me with every spurt. As my dick flopped back down to just below my knees, I heard Anthony call from the bedroom. “What are you doing in there?” he yelled. “Are you alright?” I grinned with excitement and got to my feet, checking out my wet body in the mirror. I was no longer a scrawny toothpick; I was a fucking beast, with round, firm, and meaty legs that supported my godlike torso, which popped in all the right places. My arms were monstrous, and I noticed as I flexed my basketball biceps that my hands had grown as well. I reached for my briefs, to try and put them back on, and, squeezing each leg into the elastic, I got them to fit snugly around the juicy curve of my thick ass. Grasping my giant floppy cock, which was well over a foot long, I tried to shove it into my stretching underwear, causing a couple large rips to appear in the elastic. After a few seconds of struggling to keep the slippery, luscious piece of meat within the confines of my bulging briefs, I gave up and let the huge head hang blatantly out the bottom. ”Adrian?” called Anthony, “What was that noise?” ”Nothing. I’ll be out in a second!” I responded. Smiling devilishly, I licked my lips and exited the bathroom. (To Be Continued)
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    Gym Daddy Bryan walked through the double doors of the gym that Monday evening. It was day one of his six-day workout week. Bryan had a desk job that put him behind a cubicle for a reputable pharmaceutical company for eight hours a day, and getting to the gym was cathartic for him. He scanned his app at the gym counter and proceeded to the men’s locker rooms. Bryan had been working out for six days a week for the better part of three years. With proper diet and steady work, he’d built quite an impressive body for himself. He prided himself on being all natural. Still, at age 28 and only 180 lbs., he was fairly strong for someone his age and weight. Once in the locker room, he changed into his gym wear, quickly shedding his usual polo and khaki pants for Under Armour shorts and a tank that showed off his nice build. Bryan took out his shaker cup and pre-workout from his bag. He mixed a couple of scoops into the cold water from the water fountain nearby, chugged the watermelon-berry flavored mix, secured his bag and proceeded out to the gym floor. This would be his normal routine for quite some time. “Hey Bryan, can you stay over a bit? Monica is still on maternity leave, and I need help finishing this project.” Bryan realized that staying over time with his boss would be more money, but would mess up his normal gym going time. The gym was open until midnight, so he would still have some time. Bryan agreed to work the extra time, and would just go after work. The project was simple. Vials of a new type of testosterone were to be delivered to a Hormone Replacement Therapy warehouse. The formula, imported from the middle east, was reported to have stronger effects than that of regular testosterone. The clinical trials had been tested on mice with positive results. Bryan had seen these types of “new” products all the time. They change one ingredient, market it as a “2.0” type of deal and then sell it for a higher price. Oh well, he would still get paid. He finished boxing up the last of the vials and turn to leave when his foot hit two vials on the floor. Bryan checked the box to make sure his count was correct. Something about the shiny blue liquid in the vials caught his eye, and when his boss had his back turned, Bryan scooped them up and placed them in his pocket. If he was off, he could just replace them during the next shipment. That evening it would be around 8:30 when Bryan finally arrived the gym. The entire clientele had changed. Usually, there were many professionals there during the earlier hours...single mothers taking spin and body pump classes, computer tech nerds who would utilize the personal training room, and a few college kids here and there. The weights would be normally empty so Bryan could get in and get out rather quickly. Tonight, however, was not the case. At this time, there were the bodybuilder types getting in their second workout of the day, the meat heads who would “bro” them to death trying to get the secret to who their steroid dealer was, or secretly lust after them. Bryan stayed to himself. Some of the muscle studs were hot, but since they weren’t Bryan’s usual crowd, he hesitated to say anything to them. “Hey man, you busy? Can you spot me?”, came a deep voice from behind Bryan. Bryan turned around and his mouth almost fell to the floor. Behind him was a bald black man, had to be no taller than 5’10” and a tank. Everything on him look pumped, like an off-season bodybuilder. His muscled chest protruding through his painted on t-shirt, his four blocky abs visible through his shirt. The massive vein in his biceps snaked down to his forearms, as the big slabs sat resting on his thick lats. The man was truly massive. He had to weigh 250 lbs. His face was kind of weathered though. “Name’s Freddie”, said the old tank. “Bryan”, said the 20 something trying desperately to keep his eyes from drifting downwards towards the protruding crotch no more than one foot from him. “Can you give me a spot? I’m turning 52 in a week and I can’t push the big weights around like I used to.” “Sure”, said Bryan. Bryan thought to himself, ‘he must have been a beast in his hay day, but time catches up to everyone I guess.’ Bryan prepared himself to help spot maybe 215lbs...275 at the most. Stepping to the bar, Bryan counted four plates on each side. That was 405 lbs. He couldn’t bench that much. Hell, he didn’t know many people that could. Freddie got under the bar, and said “lift off on three”. “1...” “2...” “3”, and after a sharp intake of breath, and a jerk from Bryan, Freddie held the bar over his chest, slowly lowered it down, then pushed it back up for one rep, then another...and then another. After eight reps, he lowered it to his chest, and roared a primal roar that made pre-cum leak from Bryan. Luckily his shorts were black. After two more grueling reps, Freddie racked the bar with a clang that echoed throughout the entire gym. “Wow”, stammered Bryan, that was incredible. Freddie looked and smiled. “Thanks man. I’m trying to battle age, but it’s a hard thing to beat. Thanks for spotting me. Are you in here often? I don’t see you a lot.” “No”, said Bryan. “I’m usually here during the earlier part of the day. But if you ever need a spot, I can start coming a little later in the day. It’s no big deal.” “Thanks man” With that, Bryan continued his own workout. He watched the old man continue to bench with drop sets, and then move on to another exercise. Bryan noticed that Freddie did full body workouts. Despite his older age, Freddie’s muscles seemed to carry a bloated pump. Bryan paced himself in order to finish right around the same time. As he headed back to the lockers, he saw the big man posing in the mirror, his frame pulsing and writhing with mature muscle. “You like what you see, boy?”, came Freddie’s deep voice. Bryan quickly moved to his locker, but the old man, still shirtless, came over to where he was. “I could tell you had a thing for this muscle since your boner almost smacked me in the face during my bench press. Why don’t you come help an old man clean up back at the house? I’ll let you pin me after I shower. It’s time for my HRT this week anyway.” Bryan could barely contain himself, and as he changed into his gym gear, he heard the faint clank of the two glass vials still in his pants pocket... Turns out Freddie lived not too far from the gym. Years in the US Marines had shaped his body, but now retired, he served as security for a reputable casino on a Native American population. Living near the desert away from Los Angeles, Freddie was able to afford a really nice house. As Bryan pulled in the driveway of the two story house. Following Freddie inside, was a really nice layout. His military retirement didn’t go unnoticed. In the kitchen were marble countertops lined with supplements. Freddie offered Bryan a seat and disappeared into his bedroom. The master bedroom was on the bottom floor...presumably because of Freddie’s age thought Bryan. Within a few moments, Freddie returned with a syringe and a bottle. Here’s the test they prescribe for me. Draw 2 ccs and pin the right cheek. Then we can get to know each other better. Bryan went into the kitchen to grab a paper towel and some alcohol. While his back was to Freddie, he drew 1 cc of the blue liquid into the syringe. He then drew the 2 ccs of Freddie’s HRT, recapped the needle and walked back over. Freddie had turned and presented his muscular ass to Bryan. “Pin daddy, boy”, he growled. Bryan rubbed the alcohol soaked paper towel over the skin, and plunged the needle in, emptying its contents. As he finished the syringe, he heard a low moan come from Freddie. After clotting the injection site, Freddie turned around and grabbed Bryan by the back of the head, forcing his mouth on his dick. Bryan began to suck Freddie for all he was worth. Freddie’s fat cock was veiny and at least eight inches hard. The organ was engorged with blood, making it extremely heavy and powerful. With Freddie’s added power, Bryan’s throat was getting a thorough pounding, but he was skilled, and soon Freddie erupted down his throat. After licking his new muscle daddy clean, Bryan made his way back to his car, and headed home to get some sleep for work the next day. --- Tomorrow would be no different for Bryan. He would finish up at work, file some extra work and finish some extra projects, and then head to the gym at his new later time. Freddie was already in the gym when he got there, but he seemed bigger. He now wore a sleeveless shirt and a pair of gym shorts that hugged the middle of his monstrous thigh. He was going through his full body workout, at the bench press but no spot, and just re-racking what seemed like 455lbs. Bryan was in awe. Freddie gave Bryan a large bear hug when he saw him. Too Bryan’s surprise Freddie had just completed his fourth set of 455lbs. His chest and arms looked completely pumped. “Ummm Freddie?” “Call me sir, boy. Don’t make me punish you again.” “Sorry, sir. How much do you weigh?” “It was the weirdest thing boy. I weighed 275lbs. this morning and felt strong as an ox. Ate like one too. I suppose I should let you give me that blue stuff more often.” Freddie winked at Bryan, and Bryan felt sick. Freddie had seen him, and realized the potency of the solvent. After the workout was finished, Bryan was back at Freddie’s house yet again. Freddie would have him pin him, fuck his mouth, and then send him home. Each of the days, Bryan would mix 1cc of the blue liquid with the HRT that Freddie was prescribed. Each day Freddie would show up looking bigger, and more massive. By the end of the week, Freddie weighed a whopping 360 lbs. of jacked muscle. Friday came and went, and Bryan had just finished up his job. He’d actually gotten off of work early, but waited faithfully before entering the gym. Freddie had so much domination over Bryan, that he would actually sit in his car and wait for Freddie to walk in the gym before him. Saturday, the old man was situated in the middle of the gym. Today he was wearing only some lycra spandex shorts, similar to what Kai Greene would wear...and some lifting shoes. At 390lbs., his insane bulge was fighting for air, while his naked torso was exposed leaving mountainous pecs, traps to his ears, boulder shoulders, arms that could barely bend anymore, and a bulbous muscle gut. His legs waddling over each other with every step he took. His back was so wide; it actually hid the entire gym worker who had been trying to talk Freddie into at least putting on a shirt. The workout was brief today, partly because Bryan kept having to hide his massive boner after seeing the powerful display that was his gym daddy. As usual after the workout, Bryan went to Freddie’s house. This time it would be different. Freddie didn’t take the HRT mixture tonight. It was the remainder of the blue liquid from the vial that Bryan had. After Bryan administered it, Freddie turned around and placed a chain around his neck with a lock. “You belong to me now boy. You’re my muscle boy now.” Instead of feeling a sense of capture, Bryan felt a sense of pride. His gym daddy was possibly the most muscular human on the planet. “Order us some food boy. Then come clean daddy.” Bryan ordered several large pizzas to be delivered. The app said about 45-55 minutes, so that would be time to clean his muscle daddy from head to toe. Once in the bathroom, Bryan was commanded to wipe the ass of the muscle bull, as he could no longer reach nor had the flexibility. Then once in the shower, Bryan dutifully cleaned and washed Freddie, feeling the pulsating muscles. At one point Bryan could swear the muscles were actually growing under his touch, but that couldn’t be possible. Once dried off and back in the living room, Freddie sat on the recliner and spread his mammoth legs open; his 15-inch dick hung over the seat cushions waiting at attention. Bryan knelt and began sucking the large monolith when the doorbell rang. “It’s open!” bellowed the black giant. Bryan dared not stop sucking the massive cock as the pizza delivery boy (thank goodness it was a male) stepped in. “Ummmm, where do you want these, sir?”, said the delivery guy. He couldn’t be more than 25 years old. “Bring em here and feed them to me.” “Ummm sir, I’m still on the clock—“ “That wasn’t a request boy!” As if possessed, the pizza guy walked over with an open box, and proceeded to feed Freddie slice after slice, which the older man gobbled down. Bryan could swear his muscle daddy was growing with each bite; his mouth being further molested by the growing obelisk. After two boxes, Freddie signaled to stop and tipped the boy, Bryan still sucking for his life. Moments later Freddie erupted down Bryan’s throat. As Bryan began to dislodge the cum splattered dick from his throat and stand up, he suddenly felt a vice grip on his quads. The huge hands encircling them were Freddie’s hands. Bryan looked to see that Freddie was immediately hard again. Using a free hand, Freddie grabbed Bryan’s boxers and ripped them away like tissue paper. Freddie then lifted Bryan like a toy over his pulsing cock. Bryan couldn’t help but notice the snakelike veins pulsing over Freddie’s body, sending blood to pump his growing muscles even more. Freddie’s eyes were now glazed over; the only thing on his mind was fuck. As his dick entered Bryan’s waiting hole, Bryan screamed at how thick his invader was, stretching him inch by inch until the 17 inch pole was completely swallowed and Bryan’s throbbing ass cheeks were kissing the hilt. As the older muscle god moved Bryan up and down on his cock like a sex toy, Bryan held on for dear life. Freddie then stood up with Bryan impaled on his dick. Bryan thought he was taller than before... Counter after counter, room after room, tables, couches, floors...Freddie fucked Bryan until the 28 year old cried in pleasure and pain, asking daddy to show mercy. After Freddie came six more times within Bryan’s ass, he popped the young stud off of his dick and keeping him on all fours, wrapped his meaty paw within the chain around Bryan’s neck, holding him there like a pup on a leash. Freddie “walked” his pup into the bathroom and stepped on his industrial scale. “Read it to me boy. Daddy’s pecs are too big”. It was true. Freddie could barely look past his chest. “485lbs. sir”, “said Bryan, proud that his gym daddy...no just his daddy...was the biggest most muscular man in the world. At the moment, he felt a sharp tug at the chain around his neck and blacked out. What seemed like hours later, Bryan regained his consciousness and found he was on the California King bed inside the master bedroom...Bryan noticed his ass was stretched wider, but felt full. An even larger cock was stuffed inside, consistently spewing cum. The behemoth underneath even larger than moments ago breathing and causing Bryan’s entire mass to rise up and down in synchronicity with the breath. Bryan gazed to the right and saw his pants on the dresser, and on the nightstand, a bottle of the blue liquid that was nearly gone. “That’s right boy. Daddy found the other bottle. When I last stepped on the scale it broke. Damn thing was only meant for 650 lbs. anyway, which means I’m a freak, and I’m still growing. But I don’t wanna break my boy, so I left three doses for you so you will be able to at least survive the fucks. You’ll move in here, be my muscle-boy, lift with me, be prepared to take my dick at least three times a day, and clean me daily while I flex and pump bigger. In return, I’ll fill you with my seed, fuck you senseless, feed you so you can grow bigger, and let you worship my muscles. This isn’t a request boy.” “Yes daddy,” said Bryan as he licked the massive nipple of his daddy’s chest and awaited the prick of the needle in his skin. Maybe he could sneak out another bottle or two during the next shipment. His daddy always had room to grow...
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    Chapter 64 I woke up the next morning, and the previous day felt like a dream. Once my eyes focused in the light, though, I saw Dave asleep on the floor in an unnatural position. His legs were crossed, and he was face down over his knee, slumped to the side next to our phones. He was twitching and murmuring in his sleep. It had all been real. Afraid to wake Dave, I woke Luke, who was on top of his covers in his bed wearing only boxer shorts. His tattoo peeked from above the waistband. “Did you know your Dave was asleep on the floor?” Luke stretched and answered me through a yawn. “Good. That means he finally got some sleep. I couldn’t tear him away from the phones last night.” Luke sat up and looked around. “Where’s James?” I looked in my bed; James was gone. My heart stopped. I tried to play it off coolly, but I’m sure Luke could hear the panic in my voice. “I guess he went to sleep in his own bed. I turned in before everyone else last night.” “No, he was here when I went to bed.” As soon as Luke said that, the door opened and James came in with a tray of four coffees and a large paper bag of breakfast. “Oh good, you two are up.” I practically charged into James. He had just enough time to lift the coffee over his head so it didn’t spill. “Good morning to you too.” I let go of James and took a step back. “I thought you’d left.” “Things look much less dire after sleeping last night. On top of that, before I went to sleep, I gave Dave a chore that I think will allow me to cope with your meteoric success. It was Dad’s idea.” Still holding the paper bag, James gestured to Dave. “I don’t care which of you does it, but I am not waking Dave.” “I’ll do it,” Luke said, slipping out of bed. He bent down and kissed Dave on the cheek. “Hey, babe. It’s morning.” A few more kisses, and Dave stirred to life, grunting. Luke turned to James. “Coffee?” James handed him the cup, and he held it in front of Dave. “Good morning,” Dave said, disoriented and groggy. He sat up and grabbed the coffee. “Why am I on the floor?” He reached to his lower back and rubbed it while he took a deep drink of coffee. “You must have passed out while looking through all the messages,” Luke said. “Messages?” Dave squinted. He wasn’t fully Dave yet. “Messages!” he repeated. His eyes shot wide, and in an instant, he was fully alert. “Chrissy, I got you hooked up. I got you a business manager and an accountant to take care of all your finances. Believe it or not, you’ve already made a boatload of money. For the show biz side of things, I got you a manager, a social media manager, a PR guy, and an assistant. I programmed all of their info into your phone and labeled them by what job they do for you.” I joined Dave on the floor. “Thanks, but I want to…” “Protect James,” Dave interrupted. “He told me last night. I got him his own PR guy who will handle the more pernicious side of social media for him and allow James to have as much control as possible over his online presence.” “That’s wonderful!” I was genuinely happy. “But I still need to…” “Finish your finals,” Dave interrupted. “I know. I told them that your education was your number one priority. So, your team won’t start the full-court press until January at the earliest.” “But I have a…” I started. “Whole semester left,” Dave interrupted. “I looked into that last night too, Chrissy. You’re either a liar or an over-achiever. You only need two more courses to graduate, and they can both be done online.” “But I…” “I know how much that diploma matters to you. I 100% guarantee you, you will get it one way or another. Your PR guy actually loved this news. He wants to pitch you as wholesome.” “Wholesome? Me?” “I know, right? Wholesome gay muscle freak with monster cock. Odd pitch. But, he’s the best in the biz, so I trust him.” “This all assumes I’m going into showbiz.” Dave groaned. “If you need to keep telling yourself that lie. At the very least, you’ll need the team for a few weeks or months to de-escalate your presence. Celebrities can’t be Greta Garbo anymore.” “What about…” James started. “They know you’re off the table,” Dave answered. “I made sure, especially, the social media manager knew that. No public appearances or mentions of you without your say-so.” I turned to look up at James. “Are you sure you’re okay with this? Last night...” I trailed off. “Last night was everything all at once. I know we still have a lot of details to work out, but the broad strokes feel manageable.” “Everyone’s going to be on me all the time,” I reminded him. “You forget,” James said, “I like it when people want you. It makes me feel special. I just have to learn to protect myself, and that’s something we can figure out together as we move forward.” “Okay,” I said. We sealed the agreement with a kiss. Dave stood up and stretched. “Well? What are we waiting for? Chrissy has finals to pass!” “Why such a whirlwind?” I asked. “It’s the 13th. I’m leaving for LA on Sunday. I want to be as helpful as I can before I go.” “Three days?” I said, startled. “You want me to get through four finals in three days when I haven’t even begun studying for one?” Luke jumped in. “While Dave was handling the showbiz stuff, I talked to your professors. I scheduled all your finals for Saturday. They’ll even grade them right then and there for you. I tried to make it Sunday, but they refused to come to campus on Sunday.” “So, I’m marathoning four finals the day after tomorrow?” “Yes,” Luke said. “But no sweat. You’ve kept up with your work all semester. Somehow. And no one’s saying you need straight As or anything. You just need to do good enough. And I know you. You’ll do good enough even if you don’t study.” “Good enough isn’t good enough,” I said. “I’m with Chrissy,” Dave said. “If he has to be wholesome, the higher the GPA, the better.” Dave turned to look at me. “What’s your current GPA?” “4.0,” I said honestly. “Seriously?” Luke asked. “Yes,” I affirmed. “I was salutatorian of our graduating class, Luke!” “Yeah, I remember you telling me that. But I still don’t know what that word means.” “It means I chose the right chemistry partner,” Dave said. “So, I see why this is important to you.” I collapsed onto my bed, and the springs groaned. “This is just a matter of motivation,” James said. “You’re smart enough, you’ve gone over the material, you just need a little extra push to get through it.” “Motivation sounds like your department,” Dave said to James. “Sex is highly motivating,” Dave suggested. James ignored Dave. “What grade do you need on each final to get an A in the class? C? B?” I thought about it. “In my calc class, I just need to take the damn thing. I’d need a negative score to get a final grade of B in that class. In biochem and chem, I probably only need a C. But for seminar, I need to get a B. A strong B. An A to be safe.” “Okay,” James said. “So, for every C on a final, five pounds. For every B, ten pounds. For every A, fifteen.” My cock stirred. “Oh, you clever little fox,” Dave said. “That’s brilliant. What made you think of it?” James looked at Dave. “My first year of high school, my grades took a hit because of all the bullying. To get me interested in school again, my dads gave me money for good grades on my report card. They basically bribed me into caring about school again.” “Did it work?” Luke asked. “It worked so well that they only did it freshman year.” “What do you say, Chrissy?” Dave asked. “Think of it, Chris,” James said. “If you ace all your finals, that’s 60 pounds.” “It’s not a Spanish strip club and a face tattoo,” I said. “Is that a yes?” Dave asked. “It’s a yes,” I answered. My cock, still only half-hard, strained my pants. “I’m going to need new clothes.” “That reminds me,” Dave said. “One of the numbers I programmed into your phone is the designer you talked up during your press junket. He promised you another closetful of clothes for all the publicity, and if you play your cards right, this might be an in-perpetuity sort of arrangement.” “Okay,” I said, getting up. “I’m in.” I turned to Dave, adding, “You’re not worried the showbiz team you cooked up will drop me if I hulk out?” “The guy they want to work with because he’s freakishly muscular got more freakishly muscular. Perish the thought,” Dave said. “You’re not worried about anyone noticing you gaining sixty points in a weekend?” Luke asked. “What, am I going to become more famous?”
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    Just around three years ago Kyle Patterson ceased to exist, and an XL long sleeve white shirt look his place. No one was there to see it happen when Kyle collapsed in on himself and fell into a pile of white cotton in the middle of his dorm room. Kyle was found three hours later by his computer programmer roommate Neil, if you asked him why he did, he’d say it was just because it felt right, but the second Neil walked into his dorm room he pulled off his shirt and pulled Kyle on. It took 3 days before Neil called the police about Kyle’s disappearance, nothing came of it. Just another run away, the police didn’t even question why Neil was wearing a shirt that hung around his knees. Within a month Kyle was quickly forgotten, and no one replaced him at Neil’s roommate. Not that Neil noticed, he became a hermit, spending every hour he wasn’t in classes in his dorm room. Always wearing the shirt, everyday, every hour, always wearing the shirt. It only got washed once a week and he’d watch it flop around through the machine window. Very few people noticed him, but as freshmen year went on people started to notice. Up until two frat boys swaggered through the dorm, up to his door. The door had a whiteboard on it, it still had Kyle’s name up on it, Neil was too preoccupied to erase him. The frat boys knocked, and knocked again. Neil opened the door, in just the shirt and his boxers. Gone was little computer geek Neil, with his spindly arms and legs, greasy hair and horrible ache. A freshmen muscle god stood at the door, the shirt filled to perfection, still a little loose, but just tight enough. One of the frat boys had his eyes on Neil’s pec shelf, the other was staring at the skin tight boxers and the still hard cock that had just been hidden away midway through a jack off session. Neil was taller as well, his head grazing the doorway, his broad shoulders filling the doorway. But between the thin gaps between Neil’s solid muscle and the wooden frame a thick, eye watering, virile musk oozed out and into the frat boys awaiting nostrils. “Hi” the crotch eyed frat boy greeted “HEY” Neil grunted his voice shaking the air around them “Hi” the pec eyed frat boy added “SO” Neil asked, scratching his pec Beneath the cotton his thicken pelt of chest hair teased the shirt, making what was left of Kyle giggle. “Ummmm” crotch eye cooed He was still staring at the throbbing member in Neil’s boxers, a growing wet patch appearing near the apple sized cock head. “We wanted….” pec eye announced, shaking Neil’s musk away from his face “We wanted to ask why you didn’t try to join our frat” Neil just shrugged his huge shoulders, which caused Kyle to strain a little against the beefy muscle beneath his fabric skin. It didn’t take long for the two frat boys to convince Neil to join up. A day or so later Neil was moved in and already turning crotch eye who was named Ike into his personal cum dump. Kyle got a great view of the furious fucking that Neil inflicted on Ike, as Neil even wore his favourite shirt while he was slamming his increasing large cock into Ike. This continued for the rest of freshmen year, Neil would study, workout and fuck, all while wearing his favourite shirt and former roommate, Kyle. Sometime in sophomore year Kyle lost his sleeves, Neil burst out of them one day when he was showing off to some girls. Who he then carried up on his massive shoulders to his room and fucked for a record 9 hours straight. Kyle had fun that night, even if he hurt a little from the rips in his fabric body. It only got worse for Kyle there, in junior year Neil’s bull neck tore the collar. Also after a run in with a splintered doorframe a small tear appeared on the lower half of Kyle. It was there for a while till Ike who was in his last year of college and spent most of his free time getting fucked by the increasingly monstrous Neil decided that Neil should turn Kyle into a cut off workout shirt. Neil spent the rest of his junior year and the beginning of his senior year running around with his furry abs on show for everyone. Then the worse happened for Kyle, he fell apart in the washing machine. Neil’s current conquest a top heavy blond cheerleader decided to wash Kyle, as Neil hadn’t in three months. She was very apologetic to Neil, as you would be to a 7ft4 muscle behemoth who’s cock was like heroin for who ever rode the monster. He never saw her again, he couldn’t forgive her. Though he did fuck her a few times before he threw her out. The rest of senior year for Kyle was spent as a cum rag. He’d grown to know Neil’s torso very well, but know he was learning every ridge of Neil's stallion level man meat. Kyle wasn’t even sure how many loads of chewy cum Neil had dumped onto the small square of fabric that Kyle was now. At the end of senior year Neil got recruited to some football team instead of choosing to work for one of the computer companies who’d tried to recruit him. The guy even though he was huge was still a nerd, he’d never even touch a football once during his entire time in college. Kyle was proud of his former roommate, even if he wished Neil would fuck more people and stop dumping loads over him. Kyle thought his life was over when Neil left college, he thought a trash can was his future. But Neil was still attached to the remains of his favourite shirt, the shirt that had been with him during the massive growth spurt that turned him into a muscle monster. So Kyle probably shouldn’t be surprised when Neil got what was left of Kyle stitched into the lining of Neil’s new jockstrap. Or his ‘lucky jock’ as Neil kept calling it.
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    Chapter 71 When we got from dinner to the dorm room, James and I were glad to be alone. Dave had managed to find me something barely big enough to wear to dinner, but I didn’t want to be confined anymore. So, I stripped naked and collapsed into bed, James following suit. Luke and Dave were spending their last night together in Dave’s room because his roommate had already gone home for the break. Alone together, James shucked his clothes, and we got into bed. James ran his hands all over my massive body, so massive that James actually had to lie on top of me. A bed we once slept in comfortably side by side I now took up all by myself. His right hand fondled the mighty heights of my pecs while his lips caressed the sturdy roundness of my shoulders and the left hand explored the bulging burliness of my biceps. The attention caused my cock to wake up and crawl towards my pecs. “Can I ask for something crazy?” I said. “Sure,” James said. “Since I’m already too big to fuck you, can we make my cock bigger?” James bit my shoulder. “I thought you’d never ask.” “I just want it big enough to poke through the other side of my pecs when I pec-fuck myself.” “I already said yes,” James said. “Yeah, but you probably want to make me five feet long.” “Nothing so garish,” James teased. “Just three or four.” “I know you’re joking, but I’d still like to be able to wear pants. And if we grow my cock tonight, we can send the new pics to that fashion major tomorrow, and he’ll factor in my cock when he makes the clothes, and maybe I can have pants that don’t strangle my balls again.” “Okay. So how big we talking?” “I think two inches should do it, but let’s play it by ear.” With that, James got up and got the lube, as I leaned over the bed. I positioned my cockhead between my pecs, and stuck my ass out for James. I heard James walk back from the dresser, and then I felt one of James’s hands on each of my ass cheeks. “Your ass is a poem,” James said. “An epic poem.” Suddenly, I felt his beard all over my ass, even over the sensitive hole. James was nuzzling me. For fifteen minutes, he worshipped my ass, licking, teasing, caressing, stroking. My dick grew stiffer and fought to get its way through my gargantuan pecs. He was so attentive and thorough I was practically panting. When he was satisfied that he had worshipped every last inch of my ass, he poured the lube over his cock. “So, what’s the batting order? Do I make you bigger out of the gate? Do I wait for you to give the command?” Like a beast, I shouted, “Shove your cock up my ass and tell me what a Big Guy I am.” “Yes, sir,” he said. With great force, his cock went all the way up my ass. “Damn, Chris. You got tight. All this new muscle. You got so tight.” James was struggling to get his words out. “I barely fit.” He took a few seconds to catch his breath. “You got so big that you’re making my cock feel like it got bigger.” My cock twitched at the thought of James getting a bigger cock. “Glad to hear it.” “I bet you are, Big Guy.” I felt my cock surge longer, but it still was nestled in between my pecs. “Again,” I said. “Whatever you say, Big Guy,” James said. I again felt my cock thicken and stretch further, but the cockhead was still not through the twin masses of my pecs. “Again,” I said. “Glad to, Big Guy,” he said. As my cock swelled larger, I finally saw the head burst through my pecs. The head was the size of my fist, and purple from the exertion. “There,” I said, a note of relief in my voice. James began to fuck me as I began to fuck myself. I know James didn’t want a threesome, but we were having one: him, me, and my pecs. I matched my thrusts up through my pecs to James’s thrusts into my ass. The rhythm built, and James began to kiss the wide canvas of my upper back. I could feel his chest hair, torso hair, and beard rub against my hairless back. I was so big that the muscleman plowing his way into my ass, the one who was as big as a professional bodybuilder, felt small. With that image in my mind, I lost it and exploded, shooting a huge load into my face as I let loose a deep, primal bellow. Volley, after volley, after volley. My orgasm had caused me to tighten around James’s cock, and he began thrusting with even more force. Still I came. I could feel James swelling inside me. He began grunting and growling. Still I came. James picked up the pace. I could feel his balls slap against my ass. Faster and faster as he neared the edge. Still I came. Finally, James released a torrent of cum into my ass, guttural Ms escaping his throat as his hips took over and, on auto-pilot, he continued fucking me. Still I came. We collapsed into each other and landed on the floor. My orgasm finally subsided. “I wish we’d put a tarp down,” I joked. “We ruined the bed.” “We’ll sleep in Luke’s,” James said. His hand went to my chest to hold me, and it met a huge puddle of cum. “After we shower,” he added. James cleaned up as best he could while I went to shower. When I got to my feet, I expected to feel extra weight in my cock, but I didn’t expect it to be so much more. It felt like my cock and balls were made out of lead. I’d have to do the actual math when I wasn’t dripping with cum, but it felt like they’d doubled in weight again. I didn’t even bother with a robe or a towel—most people had gone home for the break; the rest deserved a show. When I got to the bathroom, I realized I would need to use the handicapped-accessible stall; I was too big for the normal shower now. In the shower, especially since I had some more room, I maneuvered the best I could to get a look at my massive nuts. To see if they could actually be twice as heavy as they were before their recent expansion. However, my chest was completely in the way; I’d have to do a manual inspection. Each ball could barely fit in my hand and was heavy like a boulder. But I could feel the warmth and the heat. They quivered as they produced gallons of sperm and semen, not to mention the torrent of hormones that flooded my body. Just their weight dangling from my body was erotic—even for someone of my strength, they felt immense. Back in the bathroom proper, I looked in the mirror to get a gander. They were glorious. Even soft, my cock made it most of the way to my knees, and my deep purple balls were pendulous and hefty, like coconuts. I leaned in closer to see if I should shave. And my face… I barely have the words for it. I was just starting to get used to my face being masculine and handsome and chiseled, but now the actual muscles of my face had enlarged: my brow ridge, cheekbones, jaw—all were lined with a thick layer of muscle. My face, still devastatingly gorgeous, was buff. I could still see traces of my old self, but they were just that: traces. I had a clear picture in my head of what I’d looked like in September. Now, I looked like a whole new person.
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    I added the last part after some inspiration yesterday so it hasn't been checked. I will correct errors at some point if needed. All characters are 18 or older. Losing Control By Cutlerfan As I think back to how this mess all began I still can’t believe it was I who became the master of a new world My name is actually Ian but I go by a different name now. I’ll get to that later. I remember seeing The Hulk for the first time around age ten and wanting huge muscles. By the time I was 14 I would stand in front of the mirror and flex my arms demanding “Grow! Aww Come on guys just grow a little, please?” It never happened. Turns out I got my wish, but not in the way I wanted. When I was in my last year of high school I discovered I had an amazing ability. I could grow people. Yeah I know what you’re thinking… that’s impossible, right? I didn’t believe it at first either. I put off the idea as coincidence or wishful thinking for a few months after my 18th birthday. Eventually I had to accept the reality. I had grown people and a lot of them didn’t even realize it. My ability started small and, like the guys I changed, it grew. My first recollection is of a kid named Mark in my Biology class. He was kind of a jerk, but he was pretty hot. He was straight but that didn’t matter because I wasn’t out at that time. I remember staring at his rear when he got up to help the teacher with a display. He stood there with his pert ass looking great. I wished it was bigger though and suddenly… it was! A bolt of pain seared in my head as I saw his glutes expand slowly to become a thick bubble butt. The fabric of his pants was stretched but they didn’t tear. No one seemed to have noticed the change. I was astonished, but that was just the start of the fun. Mark went back to sit down when we all heard a loud <Ripppppp>. His pants had split in the back and his newly voluminous ass had been revealed. He had chosen an unfortunate day to go commando to school. Things got wilder when he squirmed in his seat and something slid out of his ass. I think it was a short, thick dildo but to this day I’m not sure. He flushed red and hurriedly stuffed it into his backpack. A few kids chuckled then things went back to normal. Two other guys started surreptitiously rubbing their bulges but otherwise it seemed like a non-event. I had never imagined Mark was into dildos but I assumed he was. I assumed he had a secret fetish, but wasn’t sure. I forgot about Mark until much later. The next incident occurred in the bathroom between classes. I walked in on a school bully, Jake, harassing a short skinny kid named Kyle. Kyle was cringing in the handicapped stall as Jake punched him in the stomach. In my mind I wished Kyle grew some balls to stand up to Jake. I was in the stall and a stronger jolt of pain flashed through my cranium. I couldn’t see what was going on, but I heard it all. Kyle began to moan and his voice seemed to get a bit deeper. A minute or two later Jake said “Aww come on man why won’t you fuck me? You know I need your cock!” “Whining won’t get me horny Jake. You know what to do.” It sounded like Jake began sucking Kyle’s cock and after a short while Jake began to moan and I hear the unmistakable sound of rhythmic thrusts reverberating in the room. Not wanting to intrude I waited until I heard orgasming then left the stall. As I washed my hands the two left their stall. Kyle looked taller and beefier. Not a huge difference but noticeable. Kyle was now wearing jeans a blue tee and a leather jacket that I knew was Jake’s. Jake looked the same with perhaps a bigger ass but his whole manner was different. He followed Kyle like a puppy now and he was wearing a polo shirt and denim jeans instead of his usual white tee and leather pants. “Can you fuck me again after school Kyle, sir?” asked Jake as they left. “Eh maybe… depends on my mood. We’ll see ok my boy toy?” “Yes sir!” replied Jake, and then they were gone. I couldn’t believe what I saw and heard, Jake? The most macho guy in school being submissive to Kyle? My mind was blown and I didn’t think about it again until PhysEd. I enjoyed exercise especially with Mr Pearson. He wasn’t the biggest man at 5’9” and a slightly paunchy 180 pounds. He was only 37 but looked older.His hair had begun to go grey and his face was lined with wrinkles. He was friendly though and didn’t favor the jocks which is something they resented. As I entered the locker room I heard a 6’3” jock teasing a shorter kid. Mr. Pearson came out of his office and approached the muscled eighteen year old. “Jenkins, what have I said about harassing other students? I won’t tolerate that kind of behavior!” The jock, named Roy, smirked and spoke loudly. “Sorry Mister Penison. Get it? It’s ironic because you’re so small down there. I saw you in the showers last week after class.” A few other jocks laughed and Mr Pearson went red. I shook my head and so wanted Mr. Pearson to show up Roy. The anger I felt expanded in my head to a migraine and my vision blurred for a moment. As it cleared I saw Mr. Pearson expanding; growing to an impressive 6’8” and towering over Roy. The front of his groin inflated as a huge package grew in. Mr. Pearson ballooned up past 400 pounds and all of it was muscle. He grew a thick red beard and his clothes shifted to be form fitting. His hair vanished at the top of his head giving him a really strong bald stud appearance and his feet must have been size 16 now. As the ache subsided I heard Roy speaking again. “Sorry Mr. Pearson. I was just kidding. Bobby and I are buds, right Bobby?” Bobby smiled “Yeah, it’s just the usual comments we say to each other back and forth. It doesn’t mean anything, sir.” Mr. Pearson replied sternly.“Well, keep it to a minimum I don’t want you to set a bad example for others. Lots of kids are bothered by comments like those. Ok?” His visage relaxed as he said “Now finish getting dressed and I’ll see ALL of you in the gym in 5 minutes. Got it?” “Yes Mr Pearson” echoed the other boys. They quickly finished dressing and left for the gym. “Hello Ian, how are you?” Mr. Pearson blinked his eyes. “Wait a minute, did that just happen? Since when do the kids listen to me and how did I get so huge? He muttered. He looked around the room and saw the trophy case now had a few trophies and awards with his name on it. ‘Best High School Linebacker’ and ‘Physical Education Teacher of the Year’ with a date of last year. “Everything changed..but no one seems to have noticed it.” he mumbled. “Ian, do you notice anything different?” he queried. “You mean other than the fact that you’re a giant muscle stud and the guys are actually listening to you? Yeah I can tell things are not as they were.” I said smiling. At this point mr. Pearson’s cell rang and when he looked at the ID he said the name out loud. “Hubby? I have a husband?” He quickly answered. “Hello?” In the short conversation that followed Mr. Pearson learned he was married to a Pro Bodybuilder and had been for almost a decade. Mr. Pearson told me about it after. He asked me not to mention the changes to anyone and I agreed. I got dressed and had gym class. Mr. Pearson was energetic and supportive during the P.E. hour. He urged the guys to do their best without being negative. Even the smallest kids were happy with him. After class I got back in my regular clothes and headed to lunch. Even after being amazed at the transformations so far lunch was going to be a circus of muscle growth. After the events at lunch I began to theorize about my abilities. I got to the cafeteria and it was in its usual state. Separate cliques were grouped by table like competing armies. I walked up and used my lunch ticket and got a meal. It was pizza burgers. I love those things so I figured I’d just find a quiet spot to devour my food. It was not meant to be because a jock on the wrestling team had winked at a cheerleader for the football team. This enraged the big beefy linebacker who was her boyfriend. He waddled over looking powerful with his heavy chest and slight gut. “Were you winking at my girl?” He demanded of the lithe wrestler. “What if I was?” replied the smaller teen. “Then I’m gonna have to kick your ass.” The football player nicknamed Tank was already annoyed but the wrestler, named Sean, kept taunting him. “Like your fat ass could take me! You’re so damn bulky I’d easily avoid you, punk!” Sean stood up at this point and a battle royale seemed to be starting. Tank’s girlfriend seemed thrilled at the idea of two guys fighting over her and just watched without intervening. Tank’s hand curled into a fist and started moving towards Sean. Time seemed to slow down and I wondered “Geez, why can’t the two guys be friends? Maybe even lovers?” I winced as more pain pounded in my skull. The world seemed to become ethereal for a moment then reality seemed to reform. Sean’s body swelled with muscle and size. He grew to 6’5” with a huge ball belly. He was immense; almost as big as Tank now. Time seemed to resume as Tank’s swing continued but instead of a hard punch it was just a gentle nudge in Sean’s enlarged belly. “Look who’s talking babe. Your gut is even bigger and sexier than mine.” The two kissed and I realized Tank had a beard now and looked even more handsome. Another guy I recognized from the football team just chuckled. “Guys save it for the locker room, okay? You two just can’t keep your hands of each other can you? Hurry up and eat we have practice soon.” ‘Whoa? Sean and Ben, Tank’s real name, were lovers? What had I done? Apparently Sean was now on the football team now and Tank’s former girlfriend ignored him. Did I make them gay? This is so weird.’ My head was still hurting but the pain was easing. I ate my lunch and headed to my next class. I pondered things later that night. I theorized that my changes could only be noticed by gay men like me. ‘I guess Mr Pearson was bisexual since he sort of understood that things had changed but then seemed to forget it. Sean and Ben were both straight before so they were unaware that reality had shifted. In their minds they’d always been gay and had been a couple for a while. ‘So if I get massive headaches when I change things does that mean I’ll eventually have my head blow up if I keep using my power?’ I wasn’t sure but I decided to test out voluntary control of my ability. The next day. Back at school I wandered the halls practicing my talent. I’d make a guy taller or shorter or add facial hair or bulk him up. My ability didn’t seem to work on women. The headaches got better the more I used my power. I got better at controlling the energy. I was making good progress when I ran into another bully. Mike had a reputation for being kinda crazy and his anger blew up from the smallest things. I just happened to be in the bathroom when he exploded and I had no idea things would turn out as they did. I was washing my hands when he stormed in and shoved past me to a bathroom stall tearing off his tee as he did so. Mike was really muscled. He had a huge round set of traps and 24 inch biceps. His gut was pretty roided out and his pecs stuck out as far as his waist. I found him kind of sexy in a scared-for- my-life way. In the stall Mike seemed to be jacking off. I could hear him edging but then he stopped. “AW Fuck not again!. Why can’t I get off? Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” he yelled. I tried to use power on him to give him a huge orgasm and he came. A small pool of his seed flowed under the door as Mike moaned loudly. “AW Fuck yeah that’s it! GAWWWD!” I felt something from Mike, like a connection. I could feel his body in my mind inside and out. ‘Oh hell he was impotent?’ I thought startled. I checked his body out medically. I could tell he had an enlarged heart and gyno. I shrank his heart back to normal and cured his bitch tits. I removed all the negative side effects of his steroid use. His skin became clear and his hormones were all at the right levels. I wasn’t sure what would happen when he came out of the stall. He looked healthier and less swollen. He stared at his pimpleless face in the mirror and tried to speak. “I feel amazing… what happened? I look different to you right?” He asked me doing a turn so I could see his shirtless body. “Uh yeah you do. Your belly is flatter and your bacne is gone.” I commented. He looked at me and made a connection. “Did you do this to me?” Then he smiled. “Yeah I know it was you. Not sure how but I know.” “What? How could I change you? I mean that’s pretty fantastic, right?” I stumbled through my words trying to deflect attention from myself. He smiled again and walked closer. He wrapped his arms around me and… hugged me! “Thanks man! I feel so good. I wanted to be huge since I was like ten but lifting wasn’t enough so I did roids. I did a lot of roids. I was huge but I was miserable. So moody and angry that everyone thought I was nuts. I was often really depressed and eventually I couldn’t even get off! But you fixed me somehow!” “Mike, are you gay?” I asked quietly. He blushed but responded. “Yeah I am. I built up my body to protect myself from bullies and I ended up being a bully myself. I’ve never beaten anyone up but I blew up a lot when the other guys would joke about gay stuff. I got angry to hide being gay. I was homophobic because it helped me fit in or so I thought. I don’t have to be that way now. I can come out… thanks to you!” He put on his shirt, hugged me, and left. I stood there stunned and then realized my theory was intact. Since Mike was gay he knew things had changed. I wondered if in this new reality he already had come out. I then remembered the purple shirt he now had on. It was for the school’s LGBQT support group. Yep Mike was out and it was okay. I hoped I’d do good with my new power so I tried to suppress it for a few days. That turned out to be a disaster. I had managed to control my power for several weeks. I was looking forward to graduation. I had my gown and cap and we had already had the rehearsal. I went to bed that night and I dreamed of guys exploding out of their gowns. A very pleasant dream, or so I thought. Turns out it was a premonition. Graduation day was exciting and we were all gathered and ready to do our procession to our chairs. I looked around and spotted Ben and Sean kissing. ‘Mmmm wish more guys were huge gay muscle studs.’ I thought. I didn’t realize it but the power overload had already begun. My energy spread through the group and every guy was hard at once. Several people moaned, but then it seemed okay again. We received the cue to begin walking and all of us headed into the arena that was being used for graduation. Along the way the moaning returned and even louder. A dozen or so guys strained in their gowns and I began to hear fabric straining. Guys were bulking up all around me and I tried to stop it, but I couldn’t. My control was gone. We managed to get seated and they began calling our names to get our diplomas. It was a sight to behold. As each male student accepted his degree he ballooned in size to a pro bodybuilder size or beyond. Gowns were shredding left and right and many guys ended up clad in only ridiculously tiny posers. After the initial growth more changes began. The muscle men began to become a variety of body types and styles. Some grew thick beards and body hair. Some grew roid guts or ball bellies. Others became preternaturally handsome and masculine. Still more had their forehead ridges thicken along with their jawline. From bears to beasts to angelic muscle gods it was a feast for the eyes. Nearly every guy started jacking off and when they all came a new wave swept through the room. The female students and faculty vanished as the school name changed. No longer John. F. Kennedy High School it was now Muscle Prep. Every student was gifted in size, strength, and manliness. Every student except me that is. I was the sole person unaffected by the changes. I gazed at the bountiful eye candy and sighed. I knew I was a token average guy but everyone treated me the same. Guys offered to suck me off or let me fuck them. I was a top apparently. I was an alpha male among muscle studs. It was a pity I would only be so for that day. At the post graduation all night party it was a wild bacchanal of food, sex, and muscle worship. Threesomes abounded as well as every other imaginable grouping for sex. Not everyone was into the orgies. Established couple groped and kisses intimately. I saw half a dozen couples who I could never have imagined being together in the old reality. I ran into Mark again and he looked amazing so I fucked him several times at his new size of 6’10” and 420 pounds of beef. Several teachers were enjoying each other and there were a few faculty-student connections as well. It was an amazing night. The next morning everyone began to clean up the cum encrusted floors and the gym locker room was where everyone showered to clean up after the sexathon. I changed into my extra set of clothes and went home. It was a good thing all students were told to bring clean items to wear home. My parents asked how it went and I replied . “It was great. Very fun.” If they knew or suspected what had actually happened they didn’t show it. It had been an incredible event but I wondered why I lost control. Theorizing could wait. I was exhausted. I fell into bed and slept until late afternoon. Time passed and the graduation chaos faded into memory. I had hoped that that was my last unintended blast of power but I was wrong. That summer I went to the beach of the small lake near my home many times. I loved swimming and watching the tan lean men frolic in the sun. I knew the regulars by name after about a month. I used my ability a few times. Enhancing bulges and asses and chests of all kinds. One day in mid July I was enjoying a swim wearing my usual trunks having slathered on SPF 50 on my pale skin. I did not tan… I burned like I was a lobster in boiling water so I was careful when I was in the sun. I was walking along the lake in chest deep water when I heard a gasping and gurgling sound. In the middle of the lake a man was struggling to stay afloat. His head popped up out of the water then back under so I knew he slowly drowning from water getting inside his lungs. As I started to swim out to him I saw a figure in orange shorts racing toward the drowning man. It was Matt the lifeguard. I relaxed thinking he would save the day. He reached the panic-stricken man and started to help him to shore. The man suddenly latched onto Matt to stay afloat and would not let go. He was tangled around Matt’s torso and legs so Matt couldn’t swim well. The man kept trying to get up out of the water on Matt’s shoulders like he was a buoy or something. Matt was strong, but the crazed man’s mass was slowly pushing him under the water. Matt fought to get the wild man off of him but soon they both disappeared beneath the water. My heart fell; I liked Matt. He was kind and sweet and best of all gay. The thought of him drowning scared me and an idea burst from my mind making my head flare in pain. Seconds later Matt’s head rose above the water. As his chest was revealed I saw how round and huge his pecs were. His traps bulged and his biceps were swole. I assumed I had bulked him up to give him the strength to save himself and the man. I quickly realized that was not all that had been changed on Matt. As he shoved the unconscious man onto the beach a glint of light reflected off something in the water. It looked like a giant fish tail. Putting two and two together I theorized Matt was now a Merman. If so he could breathe underwater and that’s how he survived to bring the man on shore. His huge cobalt blue and aqua colored tail splashed in the water as he performed CPR on the water logged man. The man turned on his side and coughed up a lot of water. He turned to Matt mouthing “Thank you” even as he coughed more. Other people on the beach had joined Matt and they brought the man up onto dry land where an ambulance took him to the hospital to make sure he was okay. After this Matt swam toward me as I was still in the water. “You saved me man. You made me a merman, right?” “I think so.” I said nodding yes. “Is this permanent? Can I ever walk on land again?” he wondered. I think the answer is ‘yes’ to both.” I replied. “Just swim to shore and think of legs or walking I guess.” He grinned. “I will, but first a thank you to my hero.” He swam close and kissed me pulling me under the water and we embraced in the lake. After the kiss he held my hand and I found that I could breathe and even speak underwater. “How did you do this? I mean me not drowning?” I questioned. “Dunno, just seemed natural. I have read in merfolk myths that holding a mermaid or merman’s hand gives you the ability to breathe underwater as long as you don’t let go. He went deeper in the water while still holding one hand and gave me an amazing fellatio. After I cummed and we embraced again we returned to shore. As I had expected Matt’s legs reformed as he hit the shallow water and we both walked in. No one batted an eye as this happened. One guy approached Matt and gave him a slap on the back saying. “Great save again Mr. King of the Sea!” Matt smiled and he knew everyone knew he was a Merman and they were fine with it. I chuckled as I realized Matt’s shorts were full to capacity both in front and back. He blushed and said he’d wear bigger ones next time. I spent the rest of the afternoon with Matt on shore and in the water. It was good to know I had a new friend and swim buddy. I dried off, kissed Matt goodbye, and got on my scooter to head home. When I arrived there I saw that my skin was not burned at all; just a golden tan. Another gift of having a Merman for a friend I supposed. I had dinner and went to bed dreaming of Mermen. The next few weeks passed quickly as I started to get ready to leave for college. That fall I left home to start my classes at the university . More incredible adventures awaited me there. I was pretty busy in college. I took all my required classes plus a Literature Honors course. I had to focus to balance all my classes. One thing I took time out was to watch the athletic teams work out in their weight room. It was separate from the regular weight area and gym. There was a plexiglass partition that allowed me to see all the pumping muscles and hot bodies. One guy in particular caught my eye. I think his name was Dave and he was a lineman on the football team. He was the biggest man I had seen close up in my life. He stood at least 6’5” and around 320 pounds. He was pretty lean for a linebacker. He was really strong too. I’d see him hefting 500 pounds deadlifts and 350 pounds bench presses. One night I was on a walk to clear my head after a long study session when I passed the team gym. There was Dave in all his powerful glory. Dressed in just a stretchy pair of spandex sweats and a string tee he was pounding the iron. As was typical for a Saturday night he was alone. The coach gave him a key to work out whenever he wanted to. I was enjoying the sight of his pumped muscles when he shook slightly. A pained look spread across his face and he suddenly dropped the barbell. It landed on his chest and he began to gasp for air. Being a pretty bulky guy it was near impossible for him to maneuver to let the barbell roll off. It was pinned and held on his mighty pecs. I saw the door was open so I ran inside asking him if he needed help. “Yes, please.” was all he could manage to say between gasps. If only he was stronger he could just lift the bar off him. A terrible pain seared through my head and he began to expand. His biceps swelled to 32 inches and his quads were close to 60 inches each. His enlarging body bent apart the bench and it quickly collapsed under his increased mass. Finally he could pick up the bar with ease. He launched it across the room where is crashed into a weight stack spilling the heavy flat discs everywhere. He stood up and peered quizzically at me. “You saved me?” he asked. “I, err, well, maybe.” I said slowly. “Yes you saved me admit it! That was amazing! Can you grow me more?” I grinned and replied. “We’ll see.” He flexed for me for a while and showered. A few weeks later we got an off campus apartment together and we were officially a couple. He was a sweet guy; he looked like a bear but was gentle with me. We settled into a sort of academic housekeeping scenario for the rest of college. It was difficult to be parted from him 3 years later but he had been recruited for the NFL and I didn’t want to hold him back. A year after that I relocated to be with him and pursue my Masters in Biology at a university near where his team was located. It was great. I met some of his teammates and even enhanced a few. I was getting pretty good with on the spot alterations. My favorite times were alone with Dave; tweaking his face and body to perfection. I was sad sometimes because I couldn’t grow myself but I had Dave and that was all I needed. After completing my Masters I considered going for my doctorate. I took a couple years off to be with Dave a lot more before heading back to study and do research. Dave’s 30th birthday happened during that time and we had a great party. I turned thirty a year after Dave and finished my Doctorate. We went on a cruise to celebrate. It was a special Gay ’Muscle’ cruise. The ship was brand new and specially constructed for men of size. A plethora of men sailed on the ship. Chubs, gainers, daddies and their cubs, single twinks and studs, and many gay couples enjoyed the trip. Now I suppose I should tell you that it didn’t start out a Gay Muscle cruise. We had booked passage on Norwegian Cruise Lines and boarded the ship as expected. Our cabin, though a suite, was a bit small for Dave but we enjoyed the rest of the ship. We found some gay men and couples to spend time with but there were few. It was a cruise to Straightsville. It was actually a Caribbean cruise but you get my point. It was a nice trip until the third day. We were enjoying the jumbo pool on the Lido deck and we kissed much to the disgust of the assistant purser who happened to be passing by. “UGH you people with all your public displays of affection. Get a room!” Dave smiled and replied. “We did, on this ship! Got a problem with that?” The arrogance of the purser triggered an expanding bubble of power from my head and things began to change. First the purser’s uniform turned into a pair of rainbow spandex shorts and a pink polo. He slimmed down to a svelte 140 pounds on his 6 foot tall body. His rear expanded and his libido with it. All around the ship reality twisted to expand the ship in size and proportion. Average ceiling height was now 20 feet with all corridors tripling in width to accommodate really huge men. The ship’s weight room now took up an entire deck. Hot tubs, saunas, showers, and bathtubs enlarged to handle gargantuan males. The typical passengers on the ship seemed to fade away as a wide variety of gay men appeared. The ship’s colors became brighter as several Rainbow banners materialized hanging from tall flagpoles and the ship became a blaze of colors in all shades from forest green to cherry red and baby blue. The pool we were in was now 5 times bigger and we were surrounded by men of all sizes and shapes kissing and groping one another. Several couples held hands as they sat in deck chairs while others seemed ready for sex. One guy we knew began to moan as he grew a lot taller and muscle piled on his bearded hyper masculine body. He passed 12 feet tall before he cried out “ OH GAWD! Fuck Me! I Wanna GROWWWWW!” His expanding body broke the guard rail and he disappeared into the ocean for a half a minute. A huge explosion of water geysered out as he emerged like Poseidon King of the Sea. He was an incredible 500 feet tall and still growing. His dense red beard now fell to the middle of his waist. He was impossibly muscular but so huge he had full mobility. His colossal cock dangled down dripping gallons of pre onto the ship. It was a very arousing scene. I assumed that he was now the official escort for the trip and he relished his size and power. He dipped underwater and pulled up a sunken sub and played with it like a bathtub toy. A great white shark that he grabbed looked like a guppie in his immense hand before he let it go. Noticing the mens’ jaws dropping he came closer. A steady line of men then crawled up his cock to rub it or into his megalithic chest and beard. He moaned as the small men stimulated his body and a 1000 gallon load of his seed soon flooded the deck. Apparently used to this occurrence a dozen 12 foot tall crewmen in different color speedos arrived and collected his bounty and swabbed the deck. I was very tired at this point so I asked Dave to take me back to our suite. It was completely upscaled and it fit Dave perfectly so he helped me onto the quad King sized bed and I passed out. When I awoke I looked at our boarding information and indeed it was now a Gay Cruise for MuscleMen and Giants of all sizes. By the next day I was reenergized and we enjoyed the buffets, sex spa, and the usual shipboard weight lifting contest. Dave won of course but it was close. By the night of the last day of the trip I had forgotten about the real world. As we sat enjoying the ocean Dave smiled and said. “You did it again babe. You’re amazing!” I smiled back at him but I worried I’d really lose control one day. I managed to keep things on a small scale for a number of years after the cruise but I knew my next outburst was inevitable. It happened when Dave and I were attending a American Hercules Strength competition that Dave was a contestant in. He had retired as an NFL pro by this point and was enjoying strongman competitions. The adjustment was easy since he really just changed his training schedule and used bigger weights and props like Atlas stones and monster truck tires. He was the number one strongman competitor in the world. The contest was being held in a city named Anderson in Texas. The contest was over and Dave had won like always. His rainbow string tee looked painted on his impossibly muscled body. The judges had just awarded Dave the winner’s trophy consisting of a 20 pound chunk of rock shaped like Texas when a group of people showed up with placards and a banner. The Banner read ‘Say No to Gay Marriage.’ The signs were the usual ‘Homosexuality is unnatural’ and ‘Gays will burn’ variety but I had no idea why they chose that time and place to protest. Two big men seemed to be the leaders and they were yelling at Dave calling him a fag and other insults. I shouted “leave my husband alone!” This triggered one of the guys to rush over and punch me in the face. I saw stars and felt woozy. The next thing I knew a halo of pain gripped my skull and a literal rainbow fired out of it and into the sky. I passed out but Dave told me what happened when I regained consciousness. The rainbow had exploded into an aura of color shimmering down over the city. The structures seemed mostly unaffected with a few buildings shifting color to closer to the pink and violet spectrum. The female protesters and placards disappeared and the men began to swell and transform into big bulky bearded beefcakes. The banner now read ‘Gay Pride’ and the former protesters were now obviously couples. The two former leaders were now opening kissing. One wore a leather vest, shorts, and Muir cap.The the other wore a leather kilt and a harness over his greatly expanded chest with a locked chain around his neck. Both were now tattooed and pierced. We enjoyed the celebration and Dave and I won an award for ‘Cutest Couple’. We stayed a few days for the festivities then drove to the airport in our rented HumVee. As we reached the terminal I noticed a sign. It read “Welcome to Androgen! Gayest City in the US.” I had changed an entire city this time! Dave was thrilled of course. He chuckled saying. “Making America Gay Again, One City at a time!” I was less amused. What if I really lost control one day? I didn’t have any right to do this to the people I’d changed. I snuggled next to Dave on the flight home trying to relax. The warmth and power of his mighty body helped me fall asleep. As my eyes began to blink and close I wondered what would happen next. Months later I was recovering from a long day. I’d seen news reports of anti-gay protests in Russian and Africa. The world seemed to be becoming less safe. That night thought I felt safe in bed next to Dave my mind wandered. My eyelids became heavy and I was soon asleep. The thoughts in my mind fashioned a dream. It was another world. Standing on the shore of a new continent I could see nothing besides nature around me. I imagined shelter and supplies and they appeared. Testing the limits of my power I built a city like I was playing SimCity. Various buildings and structures appeared like homes and stores. I filled the stores with items I would need and some luxuries. A beautiful super futuristic city was complete. I realized it lacked people Rather than create Sims I thought of Dave and wished he was with me. He materialized and I quickly imagined other friends joining us. A glowing portal appeared and then Mark, Ben, several Chrises, Max, Scotts, Tony, James, and others I knew online popped into existence. They were just getting over the initial shock when a new arrival distracted us all. With a sudden tidal wave of water the giant from the cruise trip landed in the water. “Need to… GROW! He exclaimed. “ So full of desire... of need to get huge... wanting colossal muscles… power… a huge roid gut! Pecs that touch my chin! OH Gawd yes I can feel it happening my body stretching, inflating, expanding to the beast I truly am.” He grew completely muscle bound then he gained height so he could gain more muscle. The process continued for a few minutes and, as we watched in awe, he became at least a thousand feet tall; a literal mountain of a man. The others watched and felt energy flow through them. They began to transform. Ben grew to twelve feet tall with green skin, a hairy body, powerful muscles, and tusks. He was a massive muscle Orc. One Chris became a huge bodybuilder at 9 feet tall while the other grew huge but his cock expanded to match the length of his body. Beach ball sized testes finished him and he began to moan and pre. Another Chris got insanely muscled; so huge his head seemed hidden by his titanic chest and traps. One Scott didn’t grow much muscle but he thinned out becoming a fine assed lithely muscled man who looked around and smiled at the muscle man buffet. James grew taller and perfectly proportioned with an athletic build, impossibly handsome features, and a magnificent bubble butt. Tony ballooned in size and hair to a 20 foot tall colossal muscle bear with a deep black beard and fine pelt of hair on his body. His huge round ball belly stood out far from his frame seeming defying gravity. His pec were like sofa cushions but dense and powerful with fat pierced nips that he pinched and they balanced his belly perfectly. Finally his glutes swelled with muscle, fat, and hair giving him the biggest ass of everyone besides the giant. They all began to grope their bodies and feel each other. I smiled but it faded as I realized I was still the same fat, weak, unsexy me. The others turned to look at me and after thirty seconds of jacking off shot their loads onto me. Nearly gagging from the gallons of cum from the giant I staggered back and sat on the sand. My body expanded in a thousand ways at once. I transformed into a variety of bodies. I became a 30 foot giant, a 5 foot immobile bodybuilder immobile with muscle, a handsome hunk twink, a colossal Orc, a muscle bear daddy leatherman, and more. Finally I became myself again and I realized what had happened. I had gained not only the ability to change my body but to become whatever I imagined. I rushed over to my friends and turned into a 16 foot giant to hug and them all. I had to jump to kiss Tony and fly to twist one of the gigantic beast’s nips to make him moan. We all went for a swim where those who desired grew tails like mermen. After the swim I made a banquet table with a feast appear and we ate happily. I could see the portal to the regular world but I didn’t imagine I would ever go home. I would gather more friends to this new paradise and we would be happy evermore. I was jokingly called the God of Change which I found humorous and ironic considering how many times unexpected changes had troubled me in my life before the existence of this new world.
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    I want to send thanks to my readers and supporters. When I wrote this story, it was a very selfish act: just a way for me to get this fantasy out of my head and onto paper--to crystallize it, if you will. I never expected the outpouring of love and support I got. I read all the encouraging comments, I felt awash in all the likes and up-votes, and I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of views this story of mine got. I knew I had to respond to the comments somehow--it would be weird to be a lurker on my own post. But I agonized over how to do it so that it felt like the genuine show of gratitude I intend it to be. I hope unvarnished sincerity is the way to go. Thank you all, wholeheartedly. This was an amazing writing experience I am unlikely to forget, and you were a large part of it.
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    Chapter 70 I waddled my way down the hall to my last test, my shoulders grazing the walls of the narrow hallways. If I did well on this last test, I was going to outgrow the building. Thankfully, my seminar final was in the same building as my chemistry final, so it was just a short walk. When I got to the room, it took three tries to get through the doors. Between my shoulders, pecs, and ass, it was a logic puzzle just to enter the room. The professor looked at me skeptically when he saw my inhuman mass. He actually looked disappointed, and he made a noise of disapproval. “You were one of my most promising students,” he said. “Ever since you started to put on that ridiculous muscle, your work has taken a hit in quality. And this last month, you came to class exhausted and almost never participated. Why would you throw away a brilliant mind to chase something as transient as a physique?” “I’m not throwing away my mind,” I said. “You blew off your final for a bodybuilding contest. You scheduled the make up for a Saturday. What am I to conclude?” “If I were throwing away my mind, I wouldn’t be taking this final at all.” “Fine then. I made your final harder than anyone else’s. If you get extra time to study, it’s only fair.” He practically threw the test booklet at me. “Prove to me you’re not throwing away your mind.” “Can I sit on the floor?” I asked. “I’m having trouble with institutional chairs right now.” “Take the test standing on your head for all I care. That is the single hardest test I’ve ever written. I’d have trouble passing that test. So, a braindead roid-hog like you who’s blown off studying for workouts will likely drown in it.” That did it. I had respected this professor deeply, and now he was talking down to me, out and out insulting me. I was going to get every question correct, or I was going to die trying. The professor did not lie. It was a challenging final. On the first two pages alone, I found five trick questions. I couldn’t shake the worry that others had been trick questions too, and I just hadn’t been smart enough to spot them. When I finished the last question, I still had ten minutes on the clock, so I went back and checked my work. I went over every question thoroughly, making sure I left no crevice unchecked. “Time,” my professor said. I had been so focused on the test that I hadn’t even noticed my body once while taking it. I rose to my feet, wobbling a little as I found my new center of gravity, and handed him my work. He graded my test agonizingly slowly, looking for any jot or tittle out of place. I began pacing. Pacing with a musclebound body is surprisingly soothing. I had to focus on my legs and my arms, and it took me out of my head and put me into my body. When he finished grading, he looked up at me with a dark look. “How’d I do?” I asked eagerly. “It took me so long to grade because I was convinced you cheated,” he said, showing me my A+. “But there was no way you could’ve cheated with my noticing.” “Hell no.” “You proved me wrong,” he said. With that, I struggled my way out of the room, made my way outside, and told the guys the good news. Soon, we were all intertwined with each other in a group hug, and I leaned into it when I heard them all tell me, “Congratulations, Big Guy.” All three at once. They did that on purpose. My head spun with erotic pleasure and joy. My shirt burst off me, and my tights began to dig into me. My pecs were now so huge that when I inhaled deeply, they pressed up against my chin. That was so fucking hot I couldn’t even feel the December chill. My arms were so massive that my cannonballs had become beach balls. As Luke and David stood in front of me, I realized I was now as wide as the two of them standing side by side. I reached in as much as I could to feel my abs. They were so thick that, as far as I could reach, I could fit my finger into it down past the first knuckle. I picked up all three of my friends, spun them around three times, and put them back down. “Thank you guys so much!” “Look at you,” James said. “4.0 GPA, 18-inch cock, and 370 pounds of muscle stud.” “Let’s go see if we can find something that will actually fit you and then go out for my bon voyage dinner,” Dave said. “One thing I have to do first,” I said. My tights were digging so tightly into my legs that I couldn’t feel my feet. So, I flexed my thighs and ass as intensely as I could, and the tights snapped, flying off me like popped balloon. I exhaled in relief, completely naked in the middle of the quad. “That’s so much better. Now we can go.”
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    So this is my attempt at writing a "short" story. As you can see from the size of the scrollbar at right it is anything but, lol. I don't feel like this is my best work but hopefully some of you will get some enjoyment out of it. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A Father's Day Gift. “C'mon, bro, push it!” “GRRrrraaaHHHHHH!” Aiden huffed as he finished pressing the bar up onto the rack. Kody high fived his best friend. “Nice job, dude! A new PR." Kody Hahn and Aiden Kowalski were finishing their last workout at the university before heading home back home for the summer. Both their father's had also been neighbors and best friends which naturally led to the pair being lifelong friends since childhood. The pair were so close that they even elected to attend the same university and had just completed their Freshman year. “Thanks, Aiden. Our Dad's eyes are gonna flip when they see how big we got over this past semester!” The two buddies jokingly posed and flexed their toned muscles in campus rec center mirror. They were certainly two of the studliest Freshman on campus. Though still maturing to manhood and far from huge, their ripped and toned physiques brought them plenty of attention. “My delts really came up this year. I'm loving how much more broad I look.” Kody admired the way his shoulders bulged in the mirror. His naturally olive skin, inherited as part of his father's half-Italian background, always helped his cuts show. The 6 ft tall, 19-year old former soccer star had packed on the typical Freshman 15, instead it was all muscle bringing him up to a lean and mean 175 lbs. “And this is just the start, we're gonna keep growing, bro!” Next to his buddy, Aiden had examined himself as well. He was slightly heavier built and just shorter at 5'10, with light skin due to his Polish heritage, with also factored into his naturally stockier build, weighing in at a solid 185. “Hell yeah man! It's gonna be the summer of GAINS! We're gonna slay so much pussy with these bods!” Aidan boasted as Kody chuckled, rolling his eyes. Aidan had always been the more outgoing one, the lady killer of the two. While Kody was far from shy, he only dated one girl in high school and was known for being the more level-headed of the twosome. The pair had already signed up for a summer membership at their neighborhood gym, one of the more hardcore gyms with the metro area and were excited to workout with some of the big guys and really push themselves to grow even more before school picked back up in late August. The two walked back to their dorms shirtless and sweaty, smiling at the hot college coeds shooting them looks as they strolled along. They couldn't wait to come back next semester, bigger and better than ever, ready to dominate the campus. The two parted and headed to their respective dorms to pack up and make the six hour drive home. - Kody had been the first to arrive back. "Mom! Dad! I'm home!" "Hi honey!" Kody's mom, Janet, walked in from the kitchen and greeted her son with a hug. "Oh my goodness, you need to stop growing up so fast!" Kody rolled his eyes, embarrassed but secretly loved the affection. "You sure are filling out! Just like your father did back in his college days. And so handsome!" "Where's Dad?" "He's over at Russel's working out." "Really? He's working out?" "Oh yes. Your Dad and Russel started working out in his garage this past Spring. It think when you and Aiden came home at Christmas you shamed their egos a bit. Dad bods and all that," Janet giggled. "Haha, well I hope I don't shame them even more now that I'm bigger than I was at Christmas." After settling back in, Kody crosses the front lawn and hears the unmistakable clink and clang of iron weights, a sound that he and Aiden had grown to love. It was the sound of strength and growth. The noise stopped just as he rounded the corner to the garage. "Kody, my boy! There he is!" Kody's Dad approach him in a sweat-soaked grey t-shirt, wrapping his lithe arms around his son. Kody could feel his father's strong forearms press against his back. "Ugh. Gross Dad!" Roman Hahn chuckled and reached up to tousle his boy's hair, being just shorter than his son at 5'11 . Kody smiled and took in his father. The half-Italian, half-german man was certainly handsome with strong Mediterranean features. He had just started to develop a few flecks of gray along his temples but the still looked younger than his true 42 year age. Although his father was mostly covered, Kody could see his father was much more trim than he was at Christmas. Never would Roman have been called fat, but in his latter years he had developed some softness that had covered his naturally athletic build. "Wow, Pops. Looking good." "Thanks buddy. Since March I've cut down 25 lbs, from 190 to 165." "Haha, Dad! I'm BIGGER than you now! Mom said that you were getting jealous since I'm getting so jacked," Kody boasted as he puffed out his chest. "Yeah, but I bet I could still kick your butt, boy!" Roman grinned and again tousled Kody's hair, who laughed and tried to push his father's strong hands away from his head. Kody then looked past his Dad at Mr. Kowalski, also donned in gym shorts and a sweaty t-shirt. He couldn't deny that his neighbor looked good...really good. "Hi Mr. K, how are ya doing?" Before he could respond the three heard a honk. Aiden was just pulling into the driveway. Mr. Kowalski brushed past Kody and went to greet his son with tight hug and back pats. "Ew! Pops, you're all sweaty." The other three laughed as Aiden mimicked Kody's response. "Quit complaining, I can't help but smother my little boy! I missed you!" Kody and Roman could see Aiden roll his eyes at the display of affection. "Geez, Dad. You're feeling solid." Aiden patted his Dad's back, noting the harder muscles than he remembered. Like his son, Russel Kowalski had always had a stocky and strong build due to his Polish heritage. On top of his thick neck he was ruggedly handsome with high cheekbones, a prominent forehead and wide jaw. His strong face right away told you he wasn't someone you would want to tussle with, no matter what shape he was in. Although in truth, Russel Kowalski was known for being one of the nicest men in the neighborhood. His large square head was topped with short light brown showing no signs of thinning. Aiden stepped back and admired his Dad's strong body. Unlike Kody, Aiden had never quite caught up to his father's height, being an inch shorter than Russel's 5'11, a side effect of having had a 5'2 mother. "I can see you've making good use of the weights out here, Dad. What's the matter, afraid your son is going to outgrow you?" Aiden punched his father's shoulder jokingly. "You were getting pretty big in the gut at Christmas if I remember, you were what, 225?" "You better watch it, Aiden. I was creeping up on 230, actually. Now I'm down to 200 and it feels so much better." Aiden then pulled up his shirt, continuing to tease his father, "So what got you and Mr. H into this lifting thing? Jealous of Kody and I's abs?" The boys their six pack abs and the two older men scoffed. "Cocky little shits, aren't they," Roman said to Russel, who nodded with a wry grin. "Probably inherited that from us though." "Oh yeah, I remember those days," Russel responded before turning back to his son. "I guess since you two squirts moved away Roman and I were looking for something to pass the time, now that we don't have to go to your endless sporting events. So we thought, why not hit up the weights again." "Again?" Kody asked. Roman replied, "Well yeah. What you think you are the only two guys who got into weightlifting in their college years? This might surprise you but we got pretty big and buff in our young days too." "Haha, yeah sure Dad. Probably still weren't as jacked as we are though, right Aiden?" Mr. Hahn and Mr. Kowalski both looked at each other with wry grins and shrugged their beefy shoulders. - June 7: "Man, that new gym is awesome, Kody. Being all around these huge guys, them offering tips. I feel stronger than ever!" "I know what you mean, man. I'm loving it," Aidan replied. Kody and Aidan had just finished their latest workout and were hanging out in Kody's kitchen chowing down on their post workout meals. "Yeah man. So are you serious about doing that competition at the end of summer?" Aidan asked. "Of course, man! You gotta do it with me, it's mostly just for fun, not a real physique show." Kody was referring to Mr. Hugoton competition, a faux-men's pageant that took place during the town's summer festival, along with the beauty pageant. The event crowned the King and Queen of the festival, typically the best looking young adults in town. The men's physique show was put on mostly to raise money for the local charities, but still often drew quite a crowd as the handsome men strutted their stuff. Kody could see the trepidation on Aidan's face. "C'mon man, you've told me before you would like to compete eventually. This would be a great first step. Small show, no real stakes, just go out there and show off that bod...of course, you'll have to deal with being first loser to me!" Kody slugged Aidan's shoulder who threw him back a wry grin, "Dream on, tiny! I'm gonna mop the stage with your skinny ass!" "HA! That's the spirit, dude!" Just then Mrs. Hahn walks into the kitchen. "You boys sure are smelly after your workouts. I don't know what it is about young men and muscles. Seems like you all go through this phase where you think you're gonna be the next Arnold." "What do you mean, mom?" Kody asked. "Oh, both your fathers were real big into weightlifting back in college too. I swear they spent hours in the campus gym. Although I won't say I didn't like the results." Janet wistfully recalled her younger husband's body. "Gross, mom." "Both Roman and Russel looked GREAT in swimsuits. They even did a campus bodybuilding show, back when the university put one on just for the students. Roman won and Mr. Kowalski took second." Both Kody and Aidan were surprised. There fathers were strong, sturdy men, but they never imagined their elders up on stage in some little posing trunks. Janet could tell the boys were surprised. "Remember this was back when Arnold was big too. All the guy wanted to be like Arnold. And then we had you boys and they just sort of fell out of it over the years, until now. Oh! Speaking of, you both know Father's Day is next weekend right? "Oh, damn! I always forget that," Aidan grunted and Kody nodded his head. "Well, I've got an idea for you. Since your Dad's are back on this fitness kick, why don't you get them a summer membership to your gym? I'm sure they would love that more than that dingy garage with the old weights. They both complain that the weights aren't heavy enough anymore anyways." "Yeah, Mom, that's a good idea. We'll do that," Kody responded. "Thanks for the tip." - June 16 Kody and Aiden approached their father who were again lifting in the garage, hearing their dads grunt and groan. Loudly. They hadn't seen their father too often during the summer. Their Dad worked normal hours and Kody and Aiden both worked seasonal jobs that often had them working at night. "C'MON BUDDY! TWO MORE! LET'S GO, CURL IT UP!" The two recognized Russel's deep voice. "GRAAAHHH" *CLANK* Roman set the bar down and shook out his arms. "Another good set, thanks for the push, Russ." The young men stood at the entrance to the garage and clapped. They were both genuinely impressed with what they saw. Now that summer was heating up, Roman and Russ were wearing sleeveless shirts and the arms they sported certainly looked stronger, with a new solid roundness to them. "Looks like you got a great pump, Dad," Kody noted. He then turned and saw Mr. Kowalski, who too was looking more pumped than ever. Russel's stocky frame, which once was bordering on fat, now looked more like a linebacker. He admired his strong limbs, those broad shoulders, that handsome face... "And you too Mr. Kowalski." Kody broke himself out of his reverie, afraid he'd been admiring a bit too long. "Thanks boys!" Mr. Kowalski replied. "We haven't been in this good of shape since college." Aidan piped up. "Mom said that you and Mr. Hahn did a bodybuilding show back in college." The two men looked at each other and laughed. "Oh yeah!" Roman replied. "Feels like that was ages ago." "Boy that brings back some memories," Russel added. "We spent a lot of time in the gym, didn't we. That helps us now though, muscle memory and all. Feel like it's coming back fast." "Actually, that's why we came over." Kody spoke up. "Happy Father's Day!" The boys each handed the two older men what looked like credit cards. As their dads examined them they realized what they were. "It's a three month membership to the boys' gym" Russel chuckled. "Yeah, Dad. Now you can lift with the big boys. Like Kody and me." Their dad chuckled "Well thanks, Son! This is great." Russel lumbered over and wrapped his big sweaty arms around his son in a big bear hug. Aiden notices how solid his bid Dad's pecs and arms were. Where in previous hugs his dad had some squish, there was very little of that now. Kody noticed the same thing about his dad. "Sorry we could only afford three months," Kody added. "But the owner said he'd give you guys a discounted rate if you want to add the rest of the year at the end of the summer." "Kody, my boy, this is perfect. We were talking about buying some more weights, but this will be even better." It was a Happy Father's Day indeed. - June 26 "Happy birthday, Brah!" Aiden says as he hands Kody a five lb tub of protein powder. "Ah thanks, man. The perfect gift from be best bud!" "No problem. Now let's head to your house for the BBQ." As is their yearly tradition, Kody's parents had a grill fired up and had invited Aiden and Russel over for a tasty grill out, complete with some thick Omaha steaks, Kody's favorite. In the backyard they were greeted by their parents lounging on the deck. Although they had seen their own fathers sporadically in the last two weeks, both boys were surprised at how much bigger they were looking. In the heat of summer both elder men were clearly more solid, leaner, yet even bigger and more muscular than they were just ten days ago. Kody was momentarily frozen as he gazed at big Russel's mounding biceps and hanging triceps exposed by his sleeveless shirt. He was also donning khaki shorts and a backward red ball cap, an outfit that made him look younger and even more studly, like a senior college jock, Kody thought. Roman was manning the grill in a similar outfit, sans hat, his own wide back and shoulders stretching his shirt and tapering down to a taut waist. His own shorts were filled with a surprising big and firm ass for a man in his early 40s. His triceps danced as he flipped the steaks. "There they are! And there's the birthday boy!" Janet announced. "Oh I can't believe my baby is twenty!" "Mommmmmm," Kody rolled his eyes embarrassed at his mother's doting. "Whatcha got there, son?" Roman asked. "Kody got me a tub of protein power for my birthday." "Ah, more fuel for those muscles." "Yep, Dad! This stuff is top notch. Way better than those discount bands." "All you need is some good meat and potatoes to grow!" Russel added. "True, Mr. Kowalski, but a little extra fuel always helps! This is good to take right after your workout. Give it a try sometime. Hey, I'll let you try some after the meal." "I'll take you up on that, son. Roman and I have been looking to boost our growth." Aiden took the opportunity to point out their gains. "Dad, it looks like you and Mr. Hahn are getting great results in the gym. Your arms are looking good." "Haha, can't help but notice the guns, can you?" Russel playfully flexed his arms and his biceps surged up more than the boys expected, forming into a solid softball-sized lump. Kody's mouth dropped as he stared at the hot mass. "Geez, pops! Where did that gun come from? Your arm is huge." "Just hard work, boys! That gym membership is really paying off. We've been getting some help from some of the big guys there too." "It's definitely working," Kody added. "Have you put on weight? You look bigger." "Not a lot, actually, I'm only up five pounds in the last couple of weeks, up to 205. But I think it's because I've lost so much fat. Crazy how being leaner makes you look so much bigger." Russel gloated, flexing his gun again with a sexy half sneer and grunt. "Boom!" "Same with me." Roman said. "I'm up five pounds too, same story. Leaner and meaner!" "I've certainly noticed," Janet cooed while stroking Roman's strong arm. Not as big as Russels, but solid no doubt. "You boys still getting bigger? Your mom said you wanted to do the Mr. Hugoton show later this summer." "Yeah, Dad I'm up a little over five pounds too since we got back from school. Weighed 182 this morning, so still bigger than you, Dad!" Kody teased. "Maybe for now, little man!" Roman teased back with a glint in his eye. "What about you, Son?" Russel asked. "Almost at 195, so you still got a few pounds on me, Dad." Russel chuckled, "Still the big man of my house!" The group enjoyed the steaks and then Kody was further embarrassed when his mom brought out a cake with twenty candles and a tub of ice cream. He received some gifts from his parents, mostly workout clothes, which were perfect. Afterward the group sat around digesting the delicious meal. "That cake and ice cream were great. But tomorrow, back on the diet," Aiden said as he patted his tight belly. "Gotta get to growing again, bro." Roman chuckled at their enthusiasm. "Remember when we were like that, Russ?" Kody continued poking his father. "Haha, Dad, you better start being like that again. You're the smallest man here, now!" "Alight, Son that's it." Roman stood up from his chair and walked over to the picnic table and sat down heavily. With a grin he placed his elbow on the table with his forearm up and his hand open. "You think you're the big man of the Hahn house? Prove it. Let's arm wrestle." Russel and Aiden both laughed at the show of bravado and the challenge. Janet rolled her eyes but had long become used to these type of macho outbursts. "C'mon Dad, I don't want to embarrass you. I've been lifting for like three years now, you've been lifting for what, three months," Kody laughed. "Then this should be easy for you." Kody smiled confidently and sat down on the opposite side and grasped his Dad's hand. "Janet, how about you say go?" Janet walked over, placed her dainty hands on their fists and said, "Go!" Kody pushed with all his might and quickly forced his father's hand halfway down to the table. "See Dad! This is gonna be easy." However, Roman grinned and began his offensive assault. Soon their hands were back in the starting position. Kody was grimacing while Roman started to sneer. Soon Kody's hand was slowly but surely traveling backwards. The young man panicked and grunted, trying to stop his father's advancement. But it was all for naught and quickly his palm was against the painted red table top. "WOO! Still the man of the house!" Roman stood up and flexed his arms triumphantly. Kody stared on in shock and awe at his flexing dad, confused. "HOW? That makes no sense! I'm bigger than you! My arms are bigger." "Haha, son. That's why you don't mess your with your dad! You're still growing up, you haven't developed your man strength yet. Someday when you have a boy of your own you'll understand where this power comes from." Roman reached over and rubbed his son's head, further putting him in his place. Kody just shook his head, embarrassed but chuckling in surprise along with the others. Russel then looked at Aiden with a smirk, "You want to try too, young buck?" "Hell no, Dad. Not after seeing that. You'd cream me." Russel chuckled deeply, puffing out his already large chest. "You got that right, squirt." "Kody, how about you get us a glass of that protein since I won. Like you said, gotta fuel these muscles!" Kody handed his father and Russel a mixed up shake. "Wow this is good! Way better than that crap protein we used to drink in college," Russel said between chugs. "Yeah that stuff was like drinking cement. And no taste. Shoot, if protein is this good now we'll have to get some, eh Russel?" "For sure." - July 3 That afternoon the boys their dads are enjoying a rare workout together, as they all had the day off for the holiday. Aiden and Kody are grabbing a drink in between sets. "Holy shit, dude, where did those muscles come from?" Kody wondered. "And that strength? I swear our Dads have exploded in size in the last few weeks." "I know, bro! They are getting bigger and stronger even faster since they bought all that protein powder and those supplements." "I know they used to bodybuild in college, but you wouldn't think muscle memory would be that strong. I mean look!" Aiden pointed over to his father who was benching 315 for 10 solid reps. "My best bench press is 285 for 5, and Dad is repping 315 out like nothing." "Well, your Dad has always been a strong guy, those Polish genes and all. But yeah, back when we got back from college they were benching just 225 in the garage." "Fuck, man. We're going to have to step up our game. They are making me feel small and weak." "You feel small, Aiden?" Your Dad has always been bigger than you. I actually outgrew my dad but he's already outgrown me back! It SUCKS. I'm still 182 and now Dad said he was 188 yesterday! And, he outsquatted me 335 to 313!" Just then Big Henry, one of the gym regulars that had gotten to know the boys since they joined, walked over. "You boys gonna lift or just chat like chicks at the water fountain?" "Sorry, Henry," Aiden looked up to the 6'3, 295 burly former bodybuilder. Big Henry had been a pro back in his 20s, now in his early 50s he ran a small clinic on their side of town. "We just feel like our progress has stopped. We want to compete in the future but the gains just aren't coming." "Well you boys are still young. What, 18?" Both Kody and Aiden shook their heads, embarrassed that this hulk thought them to be younger than they were. "Kody just turned 20. I'll turn 20 in September." "Oh, well. Hmmmm." Big Henry was rubbing his chin in thought when both Russel and Roman strutted over. "Hello there, I'm Russel and this is Roman. These are our boys. And you are?" "I'm Henry, been lifting here for years. I can see where your boys get their great genetics from. You fellas are pretty big." Roman smiled brightly. "Well thank you. We did some competing a couple of decades ago. Just really getting back into it now. Our boys got us membership here about a month ago. " "You've got some great kids here." Both Dads clapped their big meaty hands on their son's smaller delts paternally. "Aiden and Kody here are worried their progress is slowing down." Roman chuckled, "That's always a worry for us bodybuilders, isn't it." "Oh I know," Henry chuckled back, his massive chest bouncing in his tank top. "Tell you what though, if you boys are worried about your progress, my clinic treats a lot of men for low testosterone. A lot of the big guys you see in here are actually on it. If you boys want to come get check out I'd be happy to do so. It's only $35 per person. If you want to be a bodybuilder it never hurts to know your hormone levels." Big Henry then turned to the dads. "I'd be happy to check you out as well. After 35 your T level start to drop very quickly. You gents are in late 30s I presume?" Both Russel and Roman puffed up their growing pecs, straining their tank tops which had been getting tighter and tighter lately. Separations in their delts and arms had now appeared, not deep cuts, but enough to differentiate the growing muscles of their frames. Their meaty traps rose sharply to connect to their thick necks. "Early 40s actually," Roman grinned, excited to be thought of as a few years younger than what Henry had guessed. "Well come visit the office sometime, let's make sure you men are living up to your full potential!" - July 5 The two young men had protested, but Russel and Roman had practically dragged their sons to the clinic. "We don't need our test checked, Dad. We are the peak of our manhood at 20. We are probably producing way more than you old farts are," Kody whined. "Oh quit being a baby. If you want to be a bodybuilder you gotta track your test levels," Roman retorted. After checking into the clinic the four were led into a large exam room where Big Henry, or Dr. Henry as he was known at the clinic, joined them. "Should we all be in here together?" Aiden asked nervously. "No worries son, I'm not asking you to pull your pants down in here," Henry chuckled. "I just need you to fill out these forms and then we draw some blood. That's all we need to get you men tested." Thirty minutes after their blood was drawn Dr. Henry came back into the room with their results. "Ok, men. So we measure testosterone on a nanograms per nanoliter basis. The medically normal range is 300 to 1200 ng/nl, which is a garbage range if I'm being honest, sort of like BMI. Ideally healthy men should be up to at least 700. The higher the number the better you are for building muscle and strength. The big boys who are juicing, their numbers can be up in the 5,000 to 10,000 range, but that is pretty extreme. Those are the Olympia guys and such." Dr. Henry shuffled some papers around and examined the results. "Ok, let's see here... Kody, your natural level is 315 and Aiden yours is at 340." "That's it!?" Both Kody and Aiden were surprised. "Yes it would appear that both of you have low testosterone." The boys sat there embarrassed, which the doc could sense. "Hey hey! This isn't all bad. Now that we know this, we can get you boys on some test to bring those levels up. And with as much as you two have been able to build your bodies while on low T, you should be very happy. We get you on TRT and you'll be seeing those big gains in no time." "I guess you're right, Dr. Henry," Kody replied reassured. "Just kinda sucks that hearing you're not much of a man." "Well don't think of it that way. It's been proven that the average testosterone level of men has been dropping for decades. It's a symptom of our sedentary lifestyle and hormones in our food. When our ancestors had to hunt for food and battle wild animals to survive they naturally needed more strength and size." Kody and Aiden nodded their heads understanding yet still feeling disappointed. "Ok, and now, Mr. Hahn and Mr. Kowalski...oh my. Well this is surprising..." Kody piped up, "What is it? Is their testosterone even lower than ours?" "No, quite the opposite really. These are some of the highest natural levels I've ever seen. You sure you aren't currently on steroids, Russel, Roman?" Roman replied, "Nope, Doc! Never have." "Well, you guys could've fooled me. Roman your level is 1750 and Russ yours is 1900. Very impressive, especially for men of your age. Off the charts manhood here. You guys must be walking around with boners all the time, pardon my unprofessionalism." Roman and Russel smiled to each other and gave themselves both high fives, obviously excited at their male superiority. Conversely, Kody and Aiden sat their stunned, feeling small and emasculated. Roman laughed and replied to Henry proudly, "Well I can't say I've never had any issues getting it up, as my wife can attest." Embarrassed, Kody hid his face in his hands. "Yep, still wake up with big morning wood every morning," Russel added. "I know how that goes, men." Big Henry laughed. "I'm on light TRT, and my levels are right around 1500. With levels that high you feel like wind can make you hard, heh heh. Ok, well let's talk treatment. Kody and Aiden, I'm going to prescribe you enough test to get your levels up to about 1000 or so." "But isn't that still way less than our dads?" Aiden protested. "Well, yes Aiden. But the rule of thumb is you don't want to do much more than three or four times your natural levels, to keep your body from getting too out of balance. We can always bump dosage in the future if you respond well, but we'll start with this." Dr. Henry then flipped back to the elders' charts. "And for you, Russel-" Aiden again interrupted, "You're going to boost their level too? They don't really need it, right?" "I guess it's up to your fathers," I don't need to prescribe them as much, but being over 40 their levels have surely dropped. I would estimate when they were your age their levels were probably around 2500." Russel laughed out loud, his voice deep and proud. "Now wonder we got so muscular in college. People were always accusing us of juicing. Turns out we were just naturally superior!" Dr. Henry then offered, "If you want, I can prescripe you enough to get you up around 3000 to 3200. Same with you, Roman." Roman jumped up from his chair, "LET'S DO IT!" "HELL YEAH!" Russel jumped up too. The boys remained seated, staring up at their fathers, imagining them growing more and more muscular, completely overshadowing them, overpowering and dominating them and any other man that would get in their way. They were both jealous as hell. ...And for Kody, he was a bit turned on at that thought as well. - Within a couple of days the four began their treatments with once weekly injections. "Aiden! Come in here and help me inject. I'll do yours too," Russ has shouted to his son. Russel was in the bathroom post shower, wrapped in a towel and standing on the scale. Aiden couldn't believe how big his dad was looking like a legitimate offseason mature bodybuilder. "Up to 220. Growing like a weed!" He boasted, surprising Aiden. "Here son, I filled up the syringes, go ahead and do mine first." Russel leaned up against the counter and exposed his right buttcheeck, holding the towel to cover his crotch. Aiden jabbed the needle into his big meaty glute, while also looking up at his father's wide, thickly muscled back. "Oh yeah, I can almost feel myself starting to grow." Russel moaned slightly while admiring his form in the mirror, how he could completely shield his smaller son from view with his mass. "Thanks bud," he said as he re-cinched his towel. Your turn. Turn around and pull your shorts down. Aiden obeyed and soon felt the needle stick into his butt, making him yip and causing his father to chuckle. "Here ya go, Aiden. This will help you grow up big and strong like your daddy," he said as he swapped the injection site. "Hehe, I never thought I'd be staring at your bare ass again after you grew out of toddlerhood, and yet here I am!" Russel stood up and gave his son a paternal swat on the butt. "All done." Later that night Aiden and Kody were playing video games discussing the events. "Took my first injection today, did you?" Aiden asked. "Yeah man, Dad and I did it. Feels weird sticking that big needle in my dad's butt." "I know what you mean. I can't believe they are taking test too, you heard their levels. Our dads are like supermen from what the doc was saying. My dad looked huge in the bathroom today, like seriously muscle-man sized. You should've seen his back and glutes!" What Aiden didn't know is that Kody had indeed already been noticing Mr. Kowalski's glutes. And his own dad's as well. "My dad too. He's not as big and bulky as your dad, but he looks like he could almost compete in classic physique. He's so big and almost totally ripped even. He almost weighs as much as you now! Maybe more." "Fuck, Kody. It's like their bodies have completely returned to their bodybuilding forms from college." "I wonder..." Kody pondered. "Follow me dude." The two went down into the Hahn's office and library room. One wall was full of shelves with scrapbooks, photo albums and other books. "Here..." Kody pulled out an album and Aiden read the cover. "Hugoton College 1994. Is that the yearbook from their college?" Kody began flipping through the pages. Eventually they found a directory of headshots of the seniors. The two boys quickly located their fathers. "Wow, they look good. No wonder our girlfriends always say our dads are hot," Aiden mentioned. Kody certainly couldn't disagree, especially as he gazed at the black and wide photo of Mr. Kowalski, with that same handsome face and strong jaw, but it was unmistakable the thickness of his neck and traps as they bulged up through his collared shirt. Toward the back of the book was a section titled "Campus Life." It comprised of several pages of photos of everyday activities and various special events. Aiden gasped first, "Shit, dude. There they are!" In the lower corner of the second to last page was a photo of both of their dads performing an abs and thighs pose at a bodybuilding show. Both oiled up and smiling wickedly, and both in posing trunks...which they filled generously. Kody read the caption, "215 lb Roman Hahn and 230 lb Russel Kowalski muscle their way to the top two finishes at the Mr. Hugoton competition." "Holy fuck, Aiden. They were even bigger then than they are now." Both boys stood there silently staring at the bulging young bodybuilders in the corner photo. "But they aren't far behind that either! Which means they will probably get even bigger..." - July 19 The next two weeks both Aiden and Kody were encouraged by the progress they were making. It seemed the testosterone injections had began to settle into their systems. They found themselves harder and hornier and making great progress in the gym. Both boys were even up five pounds. But that paled in comparison to their fathers. Aiden shook his head as he and Kody walked along the street one evening. "Dude, our dads are growing out of control. It's freaky how fast they are putting on size." Kody agreed. "I know what you mean, man. Last week my Dad came into the kitchen in a wifebeater, bragging that we weighed 205! That's like 35 lbs in a month. He walked up to me and flexed his bicep in my face. He says 'take a look at that, buddy'. I swear that he was boning up too, it looked like he had pitched a tent. And his tent looked big!" "It's all that extra test. We are hornier too, and our Dad's levels dwarf ours, man." "It's gotta be that. He was so excited that he went and fucked my mom so hard I could hear it! It was awful, she was moaning and howling... Fuck, it was awkward." Aiden relayed his own similar story. "I know my Dad spends some nights out on dates and such, but it used to be like once a month. Now it's like every other night! I've spied several women leaving our house through my window in the last month. And, like you said, his fuck session are getting louder. The last chick he had over was screaming "Oh you're so big!' over and over. She must've really liked his big muscles." Kody listened on with rapt attention, secretly picturing big Russ Kowalski slamming into some tight woman. Aiden then surprised Kody. "And shit man, we know our Dads are into muscle, they have to be as fast as they are growing. But one night last week I think my Dad brought back a female bodybuilder. I heard some pretty deep moans coming from her and when she left her silhouette was...muscular." Kody's heart pounded. He wondered if what Aiden was telling him was true or if his best friend was simply naive and missing the signs right in front of him. It wasn't just the boys noticing the rejuvenated men. Everywhere they went, their dads were being ogle and complimented. Coworkers and family friends found their new muscles impossible to ignore as their clothes grew tighter. The Dads' energy had skyrocketed, they bounded around the house and gym like sugar-filled toddlers. At church the old ladies were doting on how Russ and Roman were filling out their Sunday button downs, commenting that they looked "so young and strapping, just like their sons but only bigger," much to the chagrin of the boys. And it was true, the elder mens' vitality seemed to have been restored and then built upon. Their skin was tighter and clearer, their hair seemed thicker and shinier. Not that they were homely before, but they had moved on from being the neighborhood hot dads to movie-star muscle hunks. - July 28 The Mr. Hugoton competition was now only two weeks away. Kody and Aiden were in the best shape of their lives, bigger and stronger than ever. Big Henry and the other guys at the gym were impressed and were happy to cheer them on. However, back at home, the boys' progress seemed miniscule in comparison to the older bodybuilders that lived with them. A heat wave had settled in the area. One evening the boys were heading back from a late workout right as the sun was setting. In Aiden's kitchen they whipped up a protein shake and saw Russel and Roman sitting on the back porch. They were shirtless and in just some packed gym shorts, enjoying beer and cigars in the fading light. And they looked massive. Their physiques were bulging glistening in the light of tiki torches and citronella candles, set out to keep the mosquitos at bay. The pumped bodies glistened from a lingering sheen of sweat as the humid air was still and up in the upper 80s. And men with muscles THAT BIG must sweat constantly in the summer. While sitting on the deck chairs the two dads' massive pec muscles loomed heavily over their tight waists. Like flies to a flame, the boys stepped outside to chat with their ever growing fathers. "Beer and cigars? You guys are gonna ruin your diet." Aidan said. The two older men chuckled. "We haven't had a beer or smoke in over a month so we figured we'd treat ourselves." Russel replied. "Besides, ain't no fat on these bodies, just rock hard muscle!" He added while bouncing his hefty pecs. Kody watch in awe, unable to take his eyes off the meaty muscles of Russel while also realizing his own dad wasn't far behind. "I can tell we haven't imbibed in a while though, Russel." Roman added. "Even with our bigger bodies I'm feeling quite the buzz." "How's your training coming along, boys? Still gonna win Mr. Hugoton in a couple of weeks?" "I sure think one of us will win," Kody replied. "I just hope you guys don't join the competition. You guys are looking HUGE," he then blurted out, unable to hide his awe. The two Dads immediately started guffawing, their pecs bouncing and abs flexing. Roman stood up and reached to pat his son's shoulder. Kody was in awe of the muscular tosro in front of him. The wide pecs, the broad shoulders, the heavy arms bulging out due to his lats. Russel then stood up as well after setting down his beer, even bigger than Roman. Both men had glazed eyes, a sign of their drinking and smoking. "Don't worry, boys." Russ grinned. "The Mr. Hugoton is for the young guys, like you." Besides, I don't think our little boys would want to compete against this, would they Roman," he said, motioning to his body. "It would be a blowout if they tried!" The two men set down their cigars and began flexing their titanic muscles, to the surprise of their sons. Roman started with a double biceps. "You know boys, when we used to compete in bodybuilding, we had to learn all the proper poses." Russel joined him, flexing a stunning double biceps pose as well, their hairy pits exposing themselves in a deep caves formed from pecs, delts, biceps. "You remember all the poses, Russ? Let's show the boys how it's done. I'm sure they want to take after their big dads." "Oh yeah, Roman, I remember. Check out this side triceps, think you can beat that?" "You've got some great triceps, there buddy." Russel squeezed Roman's clydesdale sized horseshoe muscles. "But check out my BACK." "Damn, Big Russ. See that boys? Now that is a back of pure power! Turn back around Russ, let's show our little boys the final pose." Kody and Aiden stood their stunned watching their inebriated and uninhibited fathers flex and pose right in front of them. Like two alpha jocks showing off at a college party for a couple of coeds. Mounds of muscles fought for space as their sweaty bodies contorted and flexed in an effort to make themselves look bigger and harder. They had to be bigger and even leaner now than they were in their yearbook. Kody was glad it was now mostly dark out, hoping to be able to hide the excitement in his shorts, thankful that he was still in his elastic workout underwear. Aiden looked in awe as well, jealous of their size and strength, but still deeply impressed. "Geez, guys! How did you guys get so big!? And so fast! You guys are massive, as big as some of the national level bodybuilders I follow in instagram." "Just eating right and HARD WORK, little buddy!" Russel stepped over, wrapped his big arms around Aidan and lifting him up in a sweaty bear hug, leaving his feet dangling. "But don't worry, you eat all your vegetables like your dad says and you'll grow up big and strong like him!" Roman follow suit and quickly picked up his son as well. Kody panicked and prayed that his dad hadn't felt his erection. After being set down, winded and emasculated by how easily his dad had just manhandled him, Aiden still needed to satisfy his curiosity. How much do you weigh, Dad?" Russel grinned and looked lovingly down at his hulking physique. "245 lbs this morning. With 21 inch arms and 52 inch chest! What do you think of that, Aiden?" "FUCK! That's incredible. And you are so proportioned..." Aiden couldn't help but reach out and feel his dad's muscles. First the granite delts muscles, then punching Russel's thick pecs. "They are so meaty and heavy...yet hard!" Russ coudln't help but smile brightly, proud to impress his offspring. Kody desperately wanted to join him in feeling up Russ. But, he looked back at Roman, "And you, pops?" "232 lbs. 20 inch arms. 50 inch chest. And just a 30 inch waist." Roman looked at his son who was frozen on the spot, afraid to reach out, unlike Aiden. "You can feel 'em if you want. You used to feel my guns when you were just a little tyke," he chuckled. Kody reach out and felt his dad's arm as Roman flexed with a smirk. For Kody, it was heaven. It took all his concentration not to start moaning as he attempted and failed to encircle his big dad's biceps. "Wow," was all he could say. "Thanks, son. Means a lot coming from you. You keep working hard and you can get big like us too." Deep down Kody and Aiden hoped that was true, but the fact that their powerhouse Dad's naturally produced so much more testosterone than them, they were not sure that would ever happen. - August 3 It was now just one week away from the county fair. Kody and Aiden were in the backward practicing their routines in their board shorts while basking in the warm sun to enhance their tans. The show was not an official bodybuilding event, so the men were free to do whatever they wanted, anything from dancing, to flexing, to pushups, whatever they thought would showcase themselves the most impressively. Each contestant had 60 seconds to show their stuff. Russ and Roman soon stepped outside as well to watch. Both were in sandals, shorts and big loose sleeveless muscle shirts, their bodies being the epitome of the shirt type. In just the last week both men had put on another 10 lbs as the testosterone surged through them. Both were wearing ball caps, Russ's was turned backwards, making them look like two bodybuilder buddies who had just played in a recreational softball game. Russ's backwards and gigantic arms sent Kody's heart pounding. "Is that what you are wearing? Those aren't bodybuilding trunks. How are you gonna show off the legs?" Russ teased. "You boys better not be skipping leg day!" "Never, dad." Aiden replied. "We ordered some classic trunks, but they don't arrive in the mail for a couple of days. So we're just practicing in our swim trunks." Roman then leaned into Russels ear and whispered something. Russel instantly starting smiling and laughing. "We'll be right back, boys. Stay put we wanna see your routines. Maybe we can offer some pointers." Kody and Aiden shrugged at each other in confusion. Five minutes later Roman and Russ returned, snickering and laughing. They each held out their hands from which hung a small piece of cloth. "Try these!" Roman grinned "Since you need to practice, we found our old posing trunks. Classic style like you said, not like the tiny bikinis the big guys were now." Kody reached out and grabbed his dad's pair, which were a royal blue, looking skeptical. "You want us to put on your underwear? Kind of weird, don't you think?" Roman smacked his son on the shoulder. "Oh stop. They've been washed many times and haven't been worn in years. Trust us, you don't want to go up on stage in some tiny skivvies without knowing how it feels, we've made that mistake," he said as he and Russ shared a knowing look. Russel prodded the boys, "Turn around and slip them on. Nobody but us men back here and we got high fences, now one will see." Feeling awkward but unable to resist the natural power of their elders, the boys turned around and pulled down their trunks. "Woo! Look at those white butts!" Roman teased. "You boys better tan naked or in those posers this week or those lilly white butts will be exposed." The two sons pulled up the trunks and adjusted themselves. They looked at each other before turning around, feeling embarrassed. While the trunks stayed on their waist, from the extra fabric billowing in the back...and at the crotch, it was clear the trunks were not sized for them. Roman grew impatient. "C'mon, turn around so we can get a good look at our young studs." At first anyway, the dads didn't seem to notice the lack of fulfillment of the garments, instead clapping and hollering at the sight of their rippling bodies. But after looking down they quickly grew silent and looked at each other. Roman did his best to avoid the elephant in the room, or in this case, the mice. "Well go ahead, show us your routines." Russel, however, was unable to point out the obvious when Kody and Aiden turned around. "Whoops, looks like the elastic in those trunks must've worn down over the years. Those a little loose on you boys. That's ok, show us your stuff." Kody and Aiden began their show. During some of the poses it became clear to their father's that they needed some guidance. Roman was the first to strip off his shirt revealing his hulkified body. "When you do the double biceps pose, keep your arms up a little higher and don't bend your arm so far. Like this." The boys followed his lead, correcting their form. "There ya go! Makes those arms pop a bit more. See how my biceps rise up higher when I'm not over-flexing? Like that. There ya go, your arms look bigger already. Not as BIG as mine, but better, heh heh." Russ was unable to resist helping out as well, taking off his muscle shirt to reveal his now 259 lb body. "Let me show you how to do the proper lat spread. See how WIDE my lats flare out when I do it? That's what you want, boys. I know my back is A LOT wider yours, but you can still flare out those little lats of yours better." It was what happened next that would make the young men feels smaller than ever. "You guys need to learn how to flex your quads. Yours aren't nearly as thick as Roman's and mine, but you still got some cuts on them. You need to point your toes slightly outward to really make that sweep bulge out. Roman, let's show them." Roman and Russ then quickly yanked down their shorts, leaving them both clad in just some light grey bries. Kody and Aiden held back a gasp as they took in the incredible view of massive, vascular, tree trunk legs mashed up against each other, testing the limits of the leg hems. Their massive bodybuilder asses filling the back of the briefs. And the capper, insanely huge bulges that protrude outward. "Holy shit, Dad! How did you get your legs so huge and veiny like that?!?" Aiden asked incredulously. "Just gotta make sure you squat heavy and squat DEEP. These monsters can squat 700 lbs and Roman's can go 600. Weights like that will get you legs like ours. We love having huge legs." Russel and Roman proceeded to flex their quads muscles. Shaking their legs letting the mass sway back and forth before tightening them into tanned manly granite, mesmerizing their sons. Roman chuckled at the boys' open mouths. "I never get tired of seeing that look on their faces. Seeing their fathers all pumped up huge! Makes me want to grow even more!" Once Kody and Aiden had the leg poses down satisfactorily, Russ asked for their posers back. "You guys will look a lot studlier in some better fitting posers." Russ looked at Roman and chuckled, "Our little boys don't quite fill them out, do they." Embarrassed, the boys changed and handed the posing trunks back to their dads. "Hey, Russ, these don't really feel old and stretched out. Maybe we should try them on." "You're right, Roman. Heck, let's put these on for old times sake and see how they look on us." As if Kody and Aiden couldn't be even more surprised, Roman and Russ themselves then turned around. First they slipped off their briefs revealing their massive, power packed muscle butts. Each cheek the size of a volleyball. Unlike the boys, their Dads had no tan lines. The boys hadn't remembered them ever tanning at a salon. Perhaps they laid out at home when the boys were away? Whatever it was the Dad's had a perfect golden hue to really bring out all their cuts and striations. Even their fathers' tan was better than theirs. As the dads slipped up the posing trunks, it became clear that they would have no trouble filling them out, at least from the back. Once the trunks were pulled up, the Russ and Roman adjusted themselves, making sure all their manly bits were in place. It seemed to be taking them awhile to get adjusted. With their backs still to their sons, Russel and Roman looked at each other and laughed. "Well, the elastic on these things still works, if anything if feels like these trunks shrunk!" Roman proclaimed. "Seriously, did these things shrink? Or did we get BIGGER! Haha that would be awesome!" "Same here, I can barely get my manhood in this pouch. Haha, Roman, buddy, I think you are right, maybe our junk grew some after college!" "That could be, Russ! My wife swears I'm bigger now than when we first met." "Maybe all that extra test gave us a little boost, too!" The Dads then turned around and the boys' jaws dropped. The cock and balls of their fathers could barely be contained in the pouches. The view would be considered obscene if they were out in public. Their elders' huge balls fought for space against their massive legs and were thus pushed outward, which in turn forced the long fleshy tubes that were resting in front of their balls outward as well, pull the overstretched pouches away from their pubic regions. The posing pouches, which hung loosely on their sons were so over stretched that the boys could make out some of their father exposes bull testicles. The pouches hung low and pulled away from their lower abs due to the weight of the contents. The dads laughed at their boys expressions, reaching down to lewdly lift and palm their bulges. Kody and Aiden looked on, shocked at what their fathers were packing. And embarrassed that they didn't live up to their fathers' gifts in that area. A fact that big Russ couldn't ignore. "We'll our sons here had some trouble filling out these little things, but we sure don't do we, Roman." "You're right, Russ. Our sons must've taken after their mother's side of the family in that regard. And that fact that like Dr. Henry said, there's a lot less testosterone in our boys." The boys were totally emasculated and humiliated, hearing the spoken truth and recalling how their junk and butts felt like they were swimming in the posing trunks that were now straining for dear life to contain their fathers. Once Roman was able to get over hot masculine and powerful he looked, he could see the intimidation and emasculation in the boys. "Aw boys, it's ok. We know you've got good healthy average manhoods, we've seen your morning woods." Roman chuckled as the boys squirmed. "You fellas are average for your age, Roman and I, we just happen to be extra BIG down there. It suits us though, don't ya think? Goes well with our BIG MUSCLES." Roman and Russ then re-performed several of the bodybuilding poses, now clad in their straining posers. Totally admiring and complimenting each other, feeling each others' masses and bulges. Aiden sulked away quickly. However, Kody stayed a couple minutes longer watching the two engage in mutual muscle admiration, wishing he had the courage to join in. Instead he soon left the two flexing men as well and went to his room, where he beat off to the image of Russel, nearly spilling out of his trunks and flexing his super heavyweight sized muscles. - The following day Aiden could tell something was off with his best friend after their embarrassing encounter last night. "Dude, my dad apologized for being kind of a douchebag last night. Said he was drunk. Did yours?" "Yeah, he did. It's not that they humiliated us. Partially maybe. But, I mean, it's not like they bullied us on purpose. They are BIGGER. And not just their muscles..." "I know man, from my dad's conquests I knew he was packing, but not THAT much. And no wonder your mom squeals like crazy when your parents fuck." "Ugh, Aiden. Gross. Thanks for the reminder." "Well, then what is it, bro?" Kody took a big sigh and fought to find the words. His eyes watered up as he finally spilled the beans. "Aiden...I...I think I'm gay." Aiden stared back at Kody, processing what he just heard. For Kody, the silence of his best friend was like a thousand needles stabbing his skin like some twisted acupuncture torture. After what seemed like ages, Aiden smiled warmly. "Finally, bro." Kody's face scrunched in confusion. "What? You knew?" Aiden laughed. "I had a hunch. Probably before you did, man. You were a stud in high school yet rarely dated and I've caught you checking out some buff dudes. We spent a lot of time in the gym, ya know. You were usually looking towards the dudes in the weights while I was staring at the ellipticals where all the chicks were." "Fuck, man..." Kody smiled and wiped away some tears as Aiden reached out and hugged his best friend. "No crying though, bro. That's a little too gay for me," Aiden joked. Kody guffawed and punched his best friend. "One other thing, I'm hot for you Dad, bro." Aiden scrunched his face in annoyance, "Well I can understand why, he and your dad are total studs. And hun like pornstars. It's kinda weird, I guess, but I get it. I've thought your mom was hot before, so I guess I can't judge ya." "Gross!" Kody recoiled before understanding settled. "Haha, I see what you mean." "I'll keep your secret as long as you want bro. And when you're ready to come fully out I'll be there." "Thanks, man. Love ya. But not in a gay way," Kody added, chuckling through watery eyes. - Of course, Aiden couldn't help but tell his father that his best friend was gay. "Well that is suprising, but good for him. And good for you for supporting him." "I'm surprised you're taking this so well, Dad." Aiden had, however, left out the part that Kody thought Russel was hot. "Why? I'm not one of those old close-minded bastards. As far as I'm concerned this changes nothing." "Thanks Dad. You're a cool dude," Aiden said to his hulking Dad with a smile. He could certainly see why Aiden thought he was sexy. His dad had already been handsome, but the extra testosterone, working out hard, less fat and more muscle had only boosted his masculine features. Even his jaw and cheekbones seemed more pronounced, and the light blond body hair his Dad always sported seemed to be slightly thicker on his chest, abs and forearms, accentuating his manly appeal. "So...how big are you gonna get?" Aiden asked as Russ rinsed off his plate. "As big as I can, Son. At first I thought I'd be happy with 225. Then I blew past that, just over 260 now. Gotta keep gaining to stay ahead of Roman. He's up to 250. So I don't know...maybe 300?" "300! You would be MASSIVE. I mean you already are, but still. You'd have like 24" arms." Big Russ chuckled at his boys reaction. "Hell yeah! Now that would Awesome!" Russ flexed his biceps. "These arms are now over 21", would love to get them up to 24 or 25. Now that I've got a taste for real size I want MORE!" Russ flexed a most muscular, veins erupting all over his torso. "And I really think I can get there." "As fast as you're growing, Dad, I think you could too." "I hope you don't mind your big daddy being over a 100 lbs bigger than you, buddy." "I can't say I'm not jealous of your size, but I'm proud of you, Dad. You've gotta be the buffest dad in town, just ahead of Roman." "Ah, thanks, squirt, c'mere!" And with that Russel again picked up with little boy in a bone crushing muscle dad hug. - Three days before the town festival, Kody came out to his parents as well. Like Russel, they too were surprised but ultimately happy that Kody found himself. Tears were shed and big hugs were had. And the family moved on. The only difference now was that instead of Big Roman making fun of his son for showing off for the ladies, he now teased him good-naturedly for showing off for the boys, it was a near seamless transition. Like the Kowalskis, the family agreed to let Kody reveal himself to the world once he was ready. - August 10 The exhibit hall at the fair grounds were packed with attendees to watch the Mr. Hugoton charity show. Scores of women young and old were there to ogle the young studs that would soon grace the stage. The young male contestants strutted their stuff and showed of the goods to the feminine catcalls emanating from the audience. Russel, Roman and his wife were there as well. Several women stopped the two muscle bound studs to ask why they weren't up on stage, eliciting laughs from the proud elder men. Even in their XXXL t-shirts, their bodybuilder physiques were clearly outlined underneath the thin fabric. Their boulder capped delts, flaring lats, protruding pecs, and of course, their melon-sized arms. Not to mention the way their khaki Dad shorts could barely contain their thighs, hamstrings, and glutes, along with those obvious bulges. "We're here to support our sons," Russ replied to one awestruck middle aged woman. "Well if they look anything like you two they are shoo-ins!" After eleven contestants the boys were up, with Aiden strutting out first and performing his routine, followed by Kody. The square cut trunks they had ordered fit their jock bods perfectly. The boys had hardly noticed, being so overshadowed by their muscle dads, that they had each packed on solid ten pounds over the last month, giving them pumped fitness model physiques with etched muscles and deep cut abs. Girls screamed with delight. They were clearly the top two of the crop. The top five made the final round, which consisted of a silly question and answer session with the type of questions you would here on a dating show. "What is your best method of picking up a woman?" "Describe the ideal first date." Of course, all the answers were cheesy and the round was mostly a formality of entertainment. Eventually the winner was crowned, with Kody narrowly beating out Aiden for the crown. - It was now August 18, one week before the boys would be returning from school. The two friends had quit there summer jobs last weekend and now that they were able, were spending the last week lifting with their fathers. At certain points the boys had to stand back and let the dads spot each other. "Dad, there's no way I'll be able to spot you if you fail on your 625 lb bench," Aiden said in awe as the bar curved slightly from the enormous amount of weight." Kody made a similar confession to Roman, "You are squatting 695 lbs, I'd feel safer if Russ spotted you after he benches." "You hear that Roman?" Russ chuckled. "We've gotten so big and strong that our boys are afraid to spot us!" "Haha, man we really are getting HUGE aren't we! But c'mon boys, you can spot us." Roman gave the boys a cocky sneer, "Trust us, we won't drop the weights. Not with these muscles." One their workout was over Big Henry waved the men over. "Russ and Roman, you're stuff came in yesterday." Kody and Aiden looked at them confused but followed their giant dads and Big Henry into one of the gym's posing rooms. Once the door was closed Henry opened a plastic bag and handed their fathers two shiny garments. Kody was the first to recognize them, "Are those posers? New ones?" "Sure are!" Big Henry directed the dads to strip off their sweaty workout clothes and try them on. "Oh your father must not have told you. After seeing you boys' show they came to me and asked me to coach them in a real bodybuilding show later this fall." "Surprise, boys! Russel and I were inspired by you guys up there on stage. Plus, I think we've got the goods, don't you?" A truer statement had never been said. Big Henry directed the elder men to turn around and run through their poses. "Damn, you guys look good. And I'm glad I got those posers custom made with bigger pouches, heh heh. You'll have to come to your fathers' show and cheer them on. It's a local show and the way they look now, they should dominate. And it will qualify them for a national show WHEN they win." Aiden, and especially Kody watched as Roman and Russ posed gracefully in the mirror. They were clearly now far beyond local show ability, but had to quality up through the ranks. The way their muscles leapt off their frames, so heavy, dense and pumped, they clearly had national level physiques. As Russ grunted and flexed his hulking muscles in the mirror, he noticed Kody checking him out and he grinned. Big Henry was also impressed. "I see you remember the poses fairly well from your college days. There's a few things we can correct, but you guys are well on your way. Wow. They look good don't they boys. Ok, this since this is your first week of training lets take your major stats and jot them down." Roman Waist: 32" Thighs: 29" Arms: 21" Chest: 55" Weight: 256 lbs Russ Waist: 34" Thighs: 31" Arms: 22" Chest: 58" Weight: 268 lbs "Holy shit! You guys put on like 60-70 lbs of muscle in just four months?!?" Aiden shouted. Roman and Russ just smirked and flexed harder. "Oh yeah. All that hard work and that testosterone is making us GIANTS!" Russ sneered. - Later that evening Kody was sitting out on his porch when Russel left his house to get the mail. He spotted the neighbor sitting on the porch. "Hey, Kody. Come over here for a second I want to talk to you." "Sure, Mr. K. Where's Aiden?" "He's on grocery duty, won't be back for an hour or so. I just want to tell you that my boy and I, and your parents are very proud of you and we support you. How are you getting along?" Russel got in close and put his big meaty hand on Kody's shoulder, exciting the young man. "I'm ok. Still figuring things out." "Well if you ever want to chat, let me know. I might know some of what you are going through." Kody's eyebrow raised in confusion. "What do you mean, Mr. K? Wait. Are you gay?!?" The hulking stud smiled handsomely. "Yes and no. You're Dad knows too. My preferences change, I guess you could say." Then Big Russ crowded even closer to Kody. "And right now I've got my eye on this sexy ripped college boy I know." Kody shuddered. Working up some courage he then reached out and placed his hands on Russ's pecs. Russ bounced them causing Kody to moan. Kody then ran his hands along Russel's 22 inch cannons, hearing the older man growl with sexy effort. He savored their warm hardness, tracing the veins that crossed the massive lump on solid muscle. "Mr. K, your body...fuck...you are so hot. So handsome, so strong. So huge." Russ then grabbed the boy and pulled him in tight and planted a deep kiss, overwhelming the smaller young man. Kody melted in the large man's arms. Kody started laughing. "So when Aiden told me he saw a female bodybuilder leaving your house a few weeks ago?" Russel laughed as well, "Yeah, that was a man." "I sure hoped so." "You boys gave us the perfect give for Father's Day. How about I take you in the bedroom and show some of my appreciation." "As long as I get to appreciate your huge body further...and that huge rod pushing against my leg." “I’ve got nine inches that would love to meet ya”, Russ teased as he grinded against Kody. The college boys sucked in his breath, overcome with lust. Mr. Kowalski then growled as he easily picked up the studly college boy in his hulking arms. "Let's go have some fun. I’ll let you explore all of my titanic muscledaddy body if I get to explore yours too." “Deal!” THE END.
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    HELLO everyone! Sorry it's been so long, since..well since everything! Since my last post here, since my last audio! Everything! BUT here it is! A brand new audio event! A man has come in contact with the body GROWING PUB3r-T Virus! He does what anyone would, gather his friends and family together to tell them the news and how the treatment is going! ENJOY!
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    Chapter 68 Walking to the biochem final, I was so glad I was in new, super-stretchy tights. I had to practically throw my legs around each other to propel myself forward, and that was giving my ass a workout. My ass already felt so huge standing still; walking down steps and across campus made each ass cheek felt as large as a globe, but flexed into hard relief. When we got to the biology building, the front hall felt smaller. It was an older building, and I always knew it had narrower halls than the average school building, but now I could feel it. I could still walk down no problem, but I would have to turn to the side to let anyone else pass me. By myself, I took up practically the whole hallway. When I got to the classroom door, I had a moment of doubt that I could even get through it. I did get through, but I had to twist twice: once for my shoulders and once for my ass. Navigating campus was becoming a combination of a Rubik’s cube and Tetris. The biochem professor barely looked up from her newspaper as she handed me my test. As soon as I took it, she started a stopwatch and said, “One hour.” I walked to my seat, and sat down. My ass was far too big for the chair. I could only fit one cheek on it at a time. I tried balancing on one cheek, but that caused the chair to tip. I tried balancing half of each cheek on the chair, but I was pushed so far forward by the girth of my ass meat that I nearly fell forward. I tried sitting on two chairs simultaneously, but my weight kept splitting them apart, causing me to sink in between them. I used up ten minutes of my allotted hour just trying to sit down. “Professor, can I sit on the floor?” I asked, getting a little desperate about the passage of time. “Sure, whatever,” she said and turned the page of her newspaper. I sat on the floor cross-legged, and put my plastic storage box on top of my legs. I grabbed my pencil, and I finally took a close look at my hands. With all the muscle I’d been putting on, I hadn’t realized that my hands had gotten buff. My palm was thicker, my fingers bulkier. My hands looked meatier, altogether more rugged. I felt a familiar stirring in my crotch—my hands were turning me on. I had to take a few deep breaths just to prevent this whole situation from spiraling out. When I finally had myself back under control, I picked up my pencil; it felt as thick as a toothpick, and I snapped it in half. Thankfully, I had spare pencil, so I picked it up, but daintily, so I could finally start the test nearly 15 minutes after my time started. The material was exactly what Luke had quizzed me on. I cynically suspected that the professor had given Luke the exact same final one week prior, and Luke had not-so-subtly just tried to give me the answers. A lot of the test questions were long, open-ended ones that required me to draw diagrams, and my mitt of a hand and enlarged bicep made that a little slow-going. I knew what the diagrams were supposed to look like, but it was a challenge to get my body to make such fine, delicate motions. When I reached the last page, the stopwatch went off. “Crap,” I said under my breath. I hadn’t answered a single question on the last page. I turned my test in, and the professor unceremoniously graded it. She grunted and handed me back my test. “If you hadn’t spent all that time farting around, you would’ve gotten every question right,” she said. “Let that be a lesson to you.” With that, she folded her newspaper under her arm and left the room. James, Dave, and Luke came into the classroom. I looked down at my test. B. James ran into me full speed for a celebratory embrace, but with all my mass, I didn’t even wobble. Dave sauntered over and ran his hand through my hair. “We knew you could do it.” I knew what was coming, so I backed up. “Whoa whoa!” I stopped them, putting even more space between us. “A B is ten pounds. I already got those ten pounds by accident.” “We talked about it in the hallway,” James said. “We decided to treat those pounds as a bonus. You know, to keep your motivation up.” “You decided? Don’t I get a vote?” “Of course, you do,” Dave said patronizingly, quickly adding, “the vote’s three to one; you lose.” Luke snickered. “Can’t this wait until after my last two finals?” “What happened to the freedom of being beyond huge, beyond normal?” Dave asked. “What happened to getting big for me?” James asked. I gave in. “But one at a time, this time. I have two more finals to take, and I can’t take them naked. These are already my biggest clothes.” Dave and James began to move closer to me, but I quickly added, “And let’s do this outside. It was hard enough to get into this room. If I get much bigger, I’ll have to live here.” Once I’d safely gotten outside and Luke assured us the coast was clear, James and Dave stepped close to me. One, then the other, took turns calling me Big Guy. The pleasure dazzled through my brain behind my eyes, and I could feel myself grow heavier, solider, my body a more imposing, heavier mass of being. I had to move my legs further and further apart to make room for the sheer girth of my thighs. The tights were super-stretchy, so they hold well, but I was starting to get worried. When I looked down to check them or even pointed my head down just a little, my chin hit my pecs. My arms were so far to the sides that I felt like an airliner. The t-shirt cut into my arms, shoulders, and chest. It was clearly too small for me now, but it held firm and still hung loose around my waist. “You’ve earned your lunch,” James said. “Luke’s running to the cafeteria to get it. We thought we’d eat on the steps of the chemistry building to squeeze as much of a break between the tests as possible.” As we walked across the quad, my legs were so far apart that my steps had changed to a duck’s waddle, which made my ass flex and contract with every step. I was a juggernaut. When we got to the chemistry building, I asked Dave to take a picture of me so I could get a good look at myself, and the legs on me. Oh, my goodness. If my calves could get a normal distance together, they would rub against each other. I looked like a parade balloon version of myself from the invitational—I hadn’t lost any definition, just gotten bigger. I had to see if I could still do any of the dance routine Charles had taught me. When James and Dave realized what I was doing, they sat down in expectation. Dave, of course, pulled out his phone to film the whole thing. It was a little stiff, a little rough, and I had to exert triple to effort to get my biceps to their full flex because my fists and forearms were getting in the way, but I got through it. “Just checking,” I said. “What, no one-handed handspring?” Dave said, mockingly. I looked down to contemplate doing one, and my pecs crashed into my chin. “No, not today.” I heard Luke laugh from the distance. He’d returned with our lunches and had caught the tail end of the performance. “Not bad for a muscle blimp who’s twice as big as Luke,” Dave said. “Yeah!” Luke said. His tone of voice indicated he hadn’t realized that yet. “You’re more than twice as big as me now. Just over.” His pride a little dinged, he repeated, “Just.” “And you’re also just about three times as big as you were back in August,” James piled on. With all that attention an ego-gratification, I became erect so quickly that it flew out of my tights and slapped me in the chest. We were standing in the quad in broad daylight, and my 18-inch cock was sticking out, completely uncovered. If anyone were to walk by, my monster erection would be the first thing they saw. “James,” I said as calmly as I could manage. “Come here. I need you,” I added, and the two of us went off to the bushes. After a pro forma handjob that was too quick for me to even enjoy, I fertilized the bushes with my prodigious seed and returned to the quad. Lunch was surprisingly sans conversation. Between my test anxiety and Dave’s imminent departure, no one really felt like joking around.
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    Chapter 65 We devised a plan that crammed in as much studying as I could stomach into those two days. Luke helped me with biochem, Dave with chem, and James with seminar. I was on my own for calculus, but none of us were worried about that final. I’d go from one to the other to the other, never spending more than thirty minutes on any one subject. When they weren’t cramming with me, the guys would leave the room so I’d have one-on-one time with my study partner. But I didn’t want to be cooped up in my room all weekend, so we made sure to work in physical activity. Dave held my feet for sit ups while he tested me, no small feat since my massive package kept trying to force my legs apart. Luke and I went jogging while he quizzed me, but only after he forced me into a pair of too-tight tights so my bulge wouldn’t jostle distractingly. James and I pumped weights in the athletic center while he grilled me, both of us impressed how that 10 extra pounds of beef had upped my personal bests. We also made sure to schedule in some sanity breaks. No studying at all during meals. A half hour in the morning for mindless video games. A half hour in the afternoon for sunbathing. A half hour in the evening for fucking. That Thursday night, Dave and Luke gave us the room, and James practically tore off my shirt and shoved me to the bed. “Someone’s feeling frisky,” I said. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his over nine inches. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day.” He sat on my abs to position himself. “It’s like sitting on cobblestones,” he remarked. I could feel his weight pressing down on me, but it was pleasant. My pecs blocked most of my lower body from my sight, so with James on my torso, I could finally process in a visceral way just how far in my abs went—or just how far out my pecs jutted. From my perspective, the bottom of James’s pecs lined up with the crest of my pecs. Beholding my own massive majesty was starting to get me hard, but the main event was just getting started. James moved into a kneeling position, applied a large dollop of lube all over his cock, then raised his eyebrows, asking for the go-ahead. When I nodded, with very little ceremony, he crammed his cock in between my pecs. The sensation was so unlike when I pec-fucked myself. I could feel James’s hot, hard flesh between my pecs, the wet slipperiness of it, but little friction. So, I flexed my pecs hard and trapped his cock. James quivered in anticipation and excitement. He fought to pull his cock back or push it further forward, but I had him trapped. “You’ve proven your point,” James said. “May I please fuck you now?” “So gentlemanly,” I said, and relaxed my pecs. Even unflexed, James could barely force his cock through the hard mountains of my nigh-impenetrable pec shelf. After a handful of false-starts, he ended up pouring half a bottle of lube on his cock and my chest before he could get a consistent back and forth. But once he got into a rhythm, he began bucking like a bronco. The look of unbridled pleasure on James’s face, the bouncing of his hairy pecs, the flexing of his abs and biceps—it was a beautiful view. My own 18 inches rose behind him, gently poking him in the back on his downstroke. “You are so fucking huge,” James said. He pressed his hands into my unyielding pec meat, not even making a dent. “I feel like I’m fucking a superhero. Your pecs are unreal.” “And they’re only going to get bigger,” I said, egging him on. His rhythm picked up, and I could actually feel his cockhead expand between my pecs and as his speed intensified. I began bouncing my pecs one by one. From the smile on his face, I could tell he was close and appreciated my contributions. I began bouncing them both together. James threw his head back and let out a long string of guttural Ms. His cock splashed cum on the bottom of my chin, and it pooled in the hollows created by my massive neck and traps. After his orgasm, he bent down kissed me, and said, “Now it’s time to get you off.” This was our first time tackling this giant cock together. James couldn’t get around the circumference with both hands, but he could get most of it, so there was hope. James stood on the bed to try to take it up his ass, spreading his hole larger than nature intended, but my cock was too thick for him to even get the tip in. It would require a few more weeks of homework before we could try that again. Then he tried to open his mouth to fit the tip in, but barring some sort of jaw-altering surgery, that option was out of the question permanently. Suddenly, James was inspired. He sat on my abs, facing away from me. He wrapped his arms around my cock and began caressing it up and own, rubbing his hairy torso all over my shaft. He flexed his abs up and down, stretching and contracting his torso to create friction, and I felt a pleasant tingling all down my shaft. He then began gently, tenderly, delicately kissing the heat of my engorged cock, being most careful around the puffy ridge. He’d been careful to keep his beard away from my cock, fearing it was too sensitive. But he slipped, and his beard scratched along the sensitive surface. Murmuring, I twitched and rocked in pleasant electricity. “You like that, do you?” he said, and began kissing more passionately, interspersing licks and kisses with strokes of his beard, never letting up the stimulation of my shaft. He was worshipping every inch of my mammoth cock, and I loved the attention. I was getting closer and closer to orgasm, my massive balls drawing in closer to my body. “I realized something,” James said in between licks and kisses. I was past the point where I could engage in conversation. “I realized just how massive your cock is.” My moans intensified and went down an octave. “Your boyfriend is hung.” Lick. “Your boyfriend has nine inches.” Stroke. “A huge cock by any standard.” Kiss. “Big and thick.” Stroke. “Enough to make a porn star proud,” James kissed and licked and flexed and stroked, then continued, “And you’re twice as big as him.” With that, I came. And came. And came. I released more jizz than I knew could fit in a human body, and then I came one last volley. James turned around, his face a huge smile, cum dripping from his nose, lips, and beard. “I could get used to this.” His beauty radiated through his gorgeous smile. “You lie back and get some sleep. I’ll clean up.” The orgasm was so intense, I practically passed out.
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    Back in Birmingham. The containment team get to the house. The J team they like to be called. James, a 36-year-old police sergeant and the leader of the two younger members of the team Jake and Jack. Jake is 22, and Jack is 23 years old. The J team is all gay; it was not planned that way just the shared a house as they did not have wives and kids and got talking and found out they like guys. James and Jack came up the front path to see a hole in the side of the house. They looked at each other thinking “What the hell did that!” James signalled on the radio “going in”. James and Jack entered the house in full body armour and a gas mask. Jake opened the back door and went into the house and checked the kitchen and bathroom. Then they have entered the living room with all broken furniture and plaster on the floor. All the J team shouted “Armed Police!” The room was empty the J – Team relaxed James clicked his radio “All clear in the house.” All of them lower their weapons, and Jake and Jack take off their gas masks. “Look at this place looks like a JCB has been in here,” Jake said, kicking some rubble and broken glass. “Yeah looks like someone took the guys before we got here” as Jack kick some timber and it lands on a box and smashes all the bottles of super flu poppers. James takes off his gas mask “well guys looks like we need to get out of here before this place comes down”. “Yes looks like it will not be long,” Jack said “what's that smell” added Jake. All three took a deep breath, “Humm smells like poppers” said Jake with a glint in his eye. The J teams cocks twitched as they remembered the first time they tried poppers in their shared house. Jake and Jack took another deep breath and filled their lungs with the poppers. James looked at Jake “looks like you are getting a bit hot under the collar Jakey boy!” as they all looked down at Jake’s body armour around his nut sack. It was moving like he was getting hard. James took a prolonged intake of air a poppers “breath it in boys, then let's get back to the police van.” Jake did as James did, but Jack could not his body armour was tight. Then a few seconds later, James and Jakes body armour was uncomfortable too. All three could not move as the armour was no too tight “what the FUCK is happening” Jack said breathlessly with some panic. “I don’t know,” said James trying to remove his ball armour as his nuts and cock were swelling. At the same time, he was trying to sound calm. “FUCKKK!” shouted Jake as the straps of his body armour on his legs snapped and his police issue trousers ripped open, and James and Jack watched as thick cords of thick muscle continued to rip apart his trousers. His quads pulsed with power his skin was covered in thick man fur as veins pop to the surface and feed the growing muscle. His calves swelled ripping open the lace of his high boot by lace. His thick growing bubble butt tore the trousers in two then his boxer shorts ripped on longer supported by any other material, and a huge cock flopped to the floor with two substantial rugby balls resting on his now thick bodybuilder's legs. Jake could not see how much his limbs had grown, his dense veiny pulsing muscle of a Greek god. As he was trying to open his Kevlar jacket, Jake started to unzip the jacket when his biceps and triceps started to bulk. They all where built guys in the J team but his thick vein down his bicep now was on a growing peak of dense muscle and his triceps are swelling to the size of a regular guys leg. Finally, his armour opens, and his thick mountains of muscle rip open his police shirt. But now even if he could open his Kevlar jacket, he would not be able to get it over his now monstrous delts and biceps his forearms are now as thick as his arms were. Boom went the fibres of the Kevlar jacket, and Jakes ballooning pecs and massive thick lats force open the Kevlar jacket. A few seconds later he heard two more booms as the other members of the J team break free from their Kevlar prison. Jake did not have time to check out the others as he ran a hand over his rock hard thick abs. “Fuck I am a muscle god” as his hand touched his rich man bush and he looked down. “Fuck look at my stuff” he shouted, as his thick cock came out of his man bush thick as a python running over the top of his colossal basketball sized nuts hung down to his knees. His bell end is touching the floor oozing pre-cum. He tried to turn around to show new his size to the other guys, but his thick thighs pushed open his legs. Making his balls hang lower. Jake felt pain in his feet as he moved then the sound of leather ripping could be heard as his feet bust open what was left of his boots. “AHHH! Yess!” Exclaimed Jake, now he was naked he looked at his hand and flexed his forearms “Fuck I am still growing!” shouted Jake”. “Fuck, YESSS, we are still growing!!!” shouted James and Jack. Jake Looked up to see James and Jack naked also. James was thick with man fur, and his pecs were huge round mounds of muscle his shoulders had to be as wide as a bus. Both of the men or muscle beasts sported a thick V Jacks shoulders were not as wide as James’s. But Jack was taller 7 ft and still growing, his legs are thick and muscled like Jakes but looked more powerful. The J team grunted as their bones lengthened, and their bodies grew broader and thicker. The men's dicks started to fill with hardening as they looked at each other. Their voices grew deeper and thicker like there muscles. The J team did not notice that six huge muscle teens were watching then grow from the massive hole in the side of the house. All of us watching the “hot fuzz” grow as big as we are? Jordan spoke up “How do you like your new weapons officers” as all of the teens had been pumping their hard super cocks watching the policemen grow. James looked up, and Jack and Jake slowly turned around all sporting massive hard-ons. “Not bad” shouted James lifting his now superhuman arm and flexing it. James looked and the peak it was huge and was the size of a yoga ball. Then it happened Nick could not help it “Fuuuuccckkkk!” as a full torrent of cum flow from Nicks heavy cock. The J team watched as all our teen balls started to churn and raise to our huge fuck poles. Volley after volley of hot jizz hit the J team they where covered. Every inch of their now thick muscled bodies was covered in cum. To our surprise, the huge men did not move, and after the last drop of cum hit the ground in front of them. They started to lick the cum off there faces at first then off each other. We just looked on in amazement as James started licking Jakes pecs and arms and Jake licked the hot cum from Jacks' arms. James then said “OK boys lets show them what the Police can fire” then lined up jacking there huge cocks. We licked their lips as slowly the J teams huge nut sack raised. Jake was the first “Fucckk!” as the cum flowed again this time on to us. Then all three police guys covered us in cum. The Cum smelt sweet like honey, I could not help it I licked Dan’s huge arm and sweaty armpit “hmm sweat, and law men's cum tastes good” with that we charged up to the three policemen and started licking all the cum off each other like a troop of huge muscle monkeys. All the hot sexual pressure and huge muscles with huge balls; therefore, tons of testosterone our dick started to get hard again. James shouted “Stop; there will be another team sent soon as we have not reported in” everyone was quiet (apart from the odd sound of a colossal muscle beast licking the last bit of cum from their face). The radio could be heard “Sargent do you read”. Jack looked at the other eight massive muscle monsters thick and gleaming with sweat, cum and spit. “We need to hide, but look at us all,” he said, pointing to his large body then his growing cock. “We can hide in the wood in the park until we can work out what to do,” I said. Nick looked at me “what are we going to do until then?” he said as he flexed his pecs and then huffed is huge cock and balls. Jake leaned forward and felt Nicks thick muscles and kissed then sucked Nick nipple “I am sure we can find something,” Jake said with a wink.
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    Sorry I missed my deadline on this, but I wanted to make sure I got it out before the month ended. Not just life, but for the first time I was having some writer's block. I think I pushed through it, and I hope you enjoy. It does have some recurring themes from previous stories, including growth from sex and royalty (I think I watched too many Imperial margarine commercials as a kid, but there is something appealing to me about a regular guy becoming a king). Muscle Kingdom "Holy fuck, he really is growing!" Jody gaped at the unnatural sight before him. A small part of him thought he should be running away, but he continued staring. aware of his painfully hard erection. Those behind him moaned their approval, for they had experienced it themselves. Jody knew he couldn't go far with those behemoths behind him. If he turned his head slightly, he would see gargantuan cocks stretching upward, saluting the newest muscle king. He continued looking straight ahead at King Zeus seated upon the throne and the man kneeling before him, swallowing his royal seed and erupting with more and more muscle until he pulled away and roared ecstatically. He slowly stood, wobbling a bit as he became accustomed to his new self. He turned and threw a double-bi pose, his beautiful bearded face slightly coated with the king's jizz, arms now the circumference of a holday ham. "Jayse," Jody said as his eyes rolled back and his dick throbbed, shooting load after load. He fell back as he fainted, landing in the arms of King Thoth, who slowly lowered him to the floor. Jayse looked at King Zeus and said, "I told you." "That you did. Let us wait until he awakens to finish the ceremony. In the meantime, let us congratulate our newest king...King Loki! All hail the king!" And as his fellow monarchs shouted, "Hail, King Loki," the man Jody knew as Jaysen continued flexing before his unconscious friend. One week earlier "A lot has happened in the last three months. You're not going to believe the new me. I've really done it this time. All those years we talked about getting bigger muscles, and I did it! And I'm not done. Meet me at my new gym, and maybe I can get the owner to give you a starter membership. He's done so much for me, I can't begin to tell you." Jody reread the email. He hadn't seen Jaysen since he went to university. They chatted by emails and texts, but Jaysen had taken himself off social media so no pictures of these changes he bragged about were anywhere. He wondered if Jayse was taking steroids and now had acne. Jayse wasn't vain, but meticulous about his appearance. That was one reason why Jody was so attracted to him. That, and their love of muscle and bodybuilders. They met at a competition, where they sat next to each other as they cheered on friends who were flexing onstage. Jody's friend ended up third in men's middleweight, and Jaysen's friend was fifth in women's physique. But after, Jaysen asked Jody out for a drink, and the two were inseperable after. When he got to the address, he was surprised to see a house. But then he thought how some people convert their garages into gyms, so maybe that's what he meant. He walked up to the front door and rang the bell. The being that opened the door stunned him. "Hello, you must be Jody. Jaysen said you should be arriving about now." If a voice could be called muscular, it was as masculine and powerful as the rest of him. His hair and beard were white, but his body was naturally and deeply tanned. His shoulders spanned the doorway, and his chest protruded heavily with a deep, thick cleft. "Yeh...yes, I'm Jody. Is Jayse here?" "He's in the gym, downstairs. I'm Zed, like the British letter for Z." Jody shook his hand, which felt like a mitt surrounding his. "How much has Jaysen told you about us?" "Not much." He followed Zed downstairs, awestruck by the man's size. He must be at least four-hundred pounds of pure muscle, he thought. Jody looked him up and down, marvelling at his narrow waist, immense thighs, sculpted calves, and a round, curving, beefy ass that swayed with every lumbering step. He will himself not to get hard in front of this stranger. Zed opened the door, and Jody immediately smelled male sweat and pheremones. He heard gentle grunting and the clink of metal weights. "We have a guest, Jaysen." He stood before the mirrored wall, The only thing Jody recognized about his friend at first was his shaved head, which he started doing shortly after they met. But the change in his friend baffled hiim. How could he put on one-hundred or more pounds of muscle in three months? Though nowhere near Zed's size, Jaysen looked like a scaled-down version of him. Jaysen's bright blue eyes lit up when he saw Jody standing there. He put down the eighty-pound dumbbells and strode over. He hugged his buddy, and Jody felt like a python was squeezing him. "Oops, sorry, still getting used to these," he teased as he flexed a bicep. Jody stuttered, "Wha...how...whe..." "I've got a lot to tell you, but Zed wants me to finish my sets." Jaysen went back to the dumbbells, this time grabbing a ninety-pound pair. Jody watched him curl and lift them overhead with ease. He was startled by Zed's hand upon his shoulder. "Before you know it, he'll be as big as me. He's told me you'd be a perfect fit for our group." He turned Jody around. "Tell me what you're thinking, and be honest with me. Wouldn't you like to be...this big?" Zed put his hands on his hips and gently flexed sending tremors of rippling muscle all over his frame. Jody gulped at the display, ogling every inch, and suddenly realizing the size of the bulge jutting from Zed's groin. His eyes widened at the coconut-sized mound. Zed saw where the eyes were focused and let out a lusty laugh. "Yes, I'm big everywhere." The sound of footsteps made the two turn towards the door. The man who opened it said, "Hail, ki...oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know..." "That's all right, Omar. I'd like you to meet Jody, a friend of Jaysen's. He invited him to see our facility." Omar (aka King Thoth) stuck his equally large hand out. "Nice to meet you." "You too. Wow, did you train Omar also?" He eyed the Middle Eastern stud up and down, "You could say that," Omar said with a sly grin. "Would you like Zed to...train you?" "I...I'm not sure. It seems like it would be a lot of work, and I don't think I'm ready for it." Zed said, "You'd be surprised how little effort it takes. Before you know it, Jaysen will be as big as us. Come on, let's see how well you lift. We won't judge, we promise." So Jody joined the others, watching them push and pull the weights with ease, even Jaysen who would sometimes whine when he got tired. He was tempted to reach out to his friend and feel those new muscles, but he didn't want to make a scene. Jody managed to work up a good sweat before finishing, and although Zed offered his shower Jody decided to head back home. After he left, Jaysen asked, "Your majesty, do you approve?" "Patience, Lord Loki. He must show commitment to us, and to himself. I trust your judgment, though." "Thank you, King Zeus. I so want to take the final step and join the kingdom." "You are quite eager. If he comes back within the next three days, I will consider your final task completed. Then we shall celebrate your coronation." "Thank you, my king." Four Days Earlier As it was, Jody came back the next day, even though his muscles were quite sore since he'd tried showing off what he could lift instead of pacing himself. So he lightened the amount of weight he was lifting, but he still wanted to keep up with Jaysen as much as he could. That day, he met two others, a red-headed Russian named Yevgeny, and a black Jamaican named Desmond, a yin to the other's yang. Yevgeny (aka King Karewit) had pale, milky skin with some freckles, while Desmond (aka King Nyambe) was deep chocolate. Other than their skin tones, their muscles were almost exactly as large as Omar or Zed. Jody focused on Jaysen during the workout, trying to get him out of everyone's earshot so he could ask when they could get together again. But it didn't happen then, or the next day. On the fourth day, during a small break when Zed was out of the room, Jody finally broke down and said, "Jaysen, it's killing me. I want to touch you so bad, feel all those muscles you grew...so big. Can't we get together like we used to? Remember how we'd worship each other? Don't you want me, Jayse?" "Jod, you know I do. But I can't yet. I need to prepare myself for when I take the final step. I'm doing this for you...for us." Zed reentered the gym as Jaysen quietly said, "Please trust me." They continued working out, but Jody had trouble reconciling his words. The final step, what's that supposed to mean? He cut short the workout, and left with more questions filling his brain than he would admit. When he left, Jaysen turned to Zed. "I'm scared, my king." "Of what?" "That he won't understand why I've done this, and why I want him to join us. He's not only my best friend...I love him, and I don't want to lose him." "I can assure you you won't. I see in his eyes what I saw in yours when you first entered our domain. The wonder, and the desire, and the need, and the love." Jaysen nodded. "KIng Zeus? Haa anyone ever entered here who didn't deserve your gift?" Zed sighed. "A couple of men proved their unworthiness after some time. One showed his greed early on, and another entered knighthood before I understood his real reason for trying to join us. Rest assured, they were punished and told never to come back or face further consequences. My gift can be taken away, and then some. Are you afraid he will reject you once he knows?" Jaysen nodded again. "We shall tell him together. I will assure him that not only should he join us, he must. Because I know what he wants even more than he realizes. After all, you were once the same after King Apollo brought you in." "Well it didn't take much convincing after I watched him suck your cock and grow. That was the hottest thing I'd ever seen...and it was always Jody's deepest fantasy. He almost passed out one time during our fantasy roleplay, he was so turned on by it, and I bet he actually would faint watching me grow. So does this mean I'll be king?" "If Jody accepts, then yes, you will join the kingdom." "Thank you, your majesty!" Two Days Earlier Jody did come back after giving himself a day to rest and recuperate. When he saw Jaysen sitting on a bench, his melon-sized shoulders swollen with pump, he walked over and quietly said, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be doubting you, but you haven't told me how you've changed your body this fast. Like, are you on some secret drug program or something?" "No, definitlely not. In fact, I think it's time for you to know everything." Jaysen went to a wall, and pressed a button to reveal a secret intercom. Jaysen preseed a button. "Hello?" Jody recognized Zed's voice. "Jody is here. I'd like to bring him upstairs to explain everything." "You may proceed." The two went up to an open-floor area with almost no furniture except for one chair...but not just a chair. A throne. And a nude man sitting on it wearing a large, bejeweled crown like the kind Jody saw the king of England wearing in that musical. Jaysen said, "Hail, King Zeus." "Step forward, Lord Loki." "What the hell is this?" Jody asked as he walked up with Jaysen. Zed/Zeus stood from the throne, causing Jody's jaw to drop. Seeing his immense nude glory, the thick inflated muscle, the heavy tube of cock dangling past the knees...Jody suddenly thought of all the other men he'd met. They're all this big...and Jaysen...he's...he wants to... "Wha...what's going on?" Jody asked with a whimper. "You called him Lord Loki, and he called you King Zeus? Is this some weird game?" "Don't be afraid. I know this seems absurd, but once I explain everything I think you'll see clearly. Yes, I am King Zeus, and Jaysen is Lord Loki. In fact, all the men here own the names of gods which I have granted. We are a kingdom, and we devote ourselves to the majesty of muscle, the royalty of manhood." "So why haven' t I ever heard of you or the other guys? I mean, any one of you could be Mr. Olympia if you wanted, you're even bigger than them." "Competition is arrogance, selfishness. We strive for humility, as it is a noble trait. We have goals that we consider to be for the greater good, not just for our kingdom, but for mankind." Jody continued looking into the king's intense brown eyes. "So, are you some kind of cult? You're not gonna sacrifice me or something, right?" The king laughed heartily, causing his pecs to bounce. "We would never harm anyone, as long as they don't attempt to harm us first. We don't practice a religion or pray to the gods whose names we take or accept." He stepped forward and placed his hands on his hips. "I'm sure you're wondering how I and the others grew this big." Jody gulped. "Yeah, sure." "Would it surprise you to know I was once a professor of archeology?" "Oh? Okay." "I was on a search for a lost Central American tribe of whom there is very little written history. It is suspected that most of their history was destroyed as they practiced male love. The religious conquerors did all they could to wipe them out. But there were rumours of a temple hidden in the jungle, and that anyone not pure of heart would meet their end there." The king walked in front of the pair as he continued, "Of course I was curious, but I also didn't believe this story. I decided to search for the temple, and one of my students, Rodrigo, joined me. It took nearly the entire day, and by the time we found it we were exhausted and starving. We went inside so that we could rest, eat, take some pictures. We saw two statues on either side, carved from stone, of two males with exaggerated muscles and genitalia. We had read they were the god kings of the temple, and that they should be given a gift for allowing us entry, so we placed a coconut at the feet of each statue." "Rodrigo and I ate, and both of us decided to nap on the stone floor. I awoke to a strange sensation, like I was a puppet and some outer force was moving me. I saw the coconuts were broken and eaten, and when I looked at the statues they were now next to each other and their penises were erect and jutting in front of them. I walked over to them and suddenly my arms were grabbing each of these stone cocks. They felt smooth, and warm...and alive. I knelt before them, and saw liquid oozing from a hole. Before I could think, I licked one, then the other." "Think of the most delicious fruit you've ever eaten, so sweet and delectable, and take it to the nth power. I wanted to taste every last drop of this fluid. I was moaning, it was so good. Suddenly, I could sense the one to my right was about to erupt, so I put my mouth on it and was rewarded with this gush. I drank and drank, but nothing was filling me. It was being absorbed by my body. Then I felt the other about to explode, so I opened my mouth and took that load, but it too was absorbed as soon as it hit my tongue." "I felt dazed and dizzy, so I slowly stood up, and realized my clothes were tight. My body was warm, and I felt this quivering sensation. I thought I might be poisoned, and I touched my chest...and it was big and pulsing. That's when I understood I was growing. I ripped off everything, until I was naked. I watched my arms, chest, legs...all growing stronger and mightier. I looked down and saw my penis lengthen and thicken, going further down my treetrunk thighs, hitting the knee and surpassing it. I reached down to heft my testicles, as big as the coconuts I'd placed before the statues." "At this point Rodrigo woke up, and when he saw me he froze. But I could see the lust behind the fear. I told him to come forward, and without any questions he knelt before me. He reached out and began stroking my cock with both hands, looking up at me with worship. I guided his head, and he licked and sucked me as best he could. When I was fully erect, I knew I was over two feet long and a foot around, identical to the statues." "As he kept sucking me, he kept calling me his god and king. At first, I was uncomfortable about it, but then I heard a voice in my head tell me the god kings have accepted me as one of them, and I must give their seed to those who deserve it so they can become god kings as well. I looked in Rodrigo's eyes, and I knew he must join us. So I flexed my muscles for him as he kept sucking, and when my orgasm hit I roared with joy." "Just like the statues, my semen was being absorbed into his body, and I sensed the shock he experienced. I quickly stripped him, and I saw the muscles ballooning under his caramel skin. I saw his uncut cock get longer and heavier, and I took him in my mouth so I could feel him grow as I sucked him. My hands moved farther apart as his glutes got so round and heavy, like two halves of a watermelon stuck onto him. His nipples...so suckable and brown, like two truffles. His pecs were so meaty I could barely see his angelic face. I reached out to fondle his heavy balls, and soon that familiar blast of semen hit my tongue and disappeared." "I don't know how many hours we fucked, but it was the next day by the time we were done. By then, the statues were back in their original spots and their genitals were limp. I kissed each of them before I left, vowing I would honor their faith in me and thanking them for their great gift. Even with the new clothes I, and Rodrigo, had to buy before we left, I didn't regret one single moment." Jaysen and Jody gazed at the king's monumental erection. "Oops, sorry, I still get hard every time I think of that day. So, Rodrigo and I remained lovers for some time. During that time, many men came up to the two of us to ask how we got this big. I could now see into their souls, and every one of them was not worthy of the gift. Almost a year later, this young man at the coffee shop we hung out at asked about us instead of our bodies. And for the first time since the temple, I wanted to grow a man. His name was Cameron, and I could tell he was gentle and loving, and worthy of muscle. But I wanted to make sure he deserved it, so I asked him if he wouldn't mind doing some chores for us, and we could help him improve his body. He became our first knight of our kingdom. After he showed his devotion, I gifted him with the god king muscle he secretly desired." "After our group had grown a bit, Rodrigo decided I should be a real king, so he bought this crown for me. But I thought it was unfair for me to be the only one, so I bought crowns for everyone else. And when I crowned each of them, I gave them a god name that fit them best. I've given Jaysen the name Loki because of his jokester nature." Jody said, "Yeah, he's always been a joker...but he's not a king yet. What's with calling him a lord?" "We have a set of guidelines in place now. If you join our kingdom, you start as a servant to the king who brought you here. Once you have completed his tasks, you are made a knight, and serve all the other kings. Except me. When you have completed their tasks, you become a lord, and you are given your king name as incentive to complete your final task as soon as possible. In Jaysen's case, you were the final task...to bring a new acolyte to the kingdom who is worthy of kinghood himself." "Me?" "Yes. I can see your devotion to your friend, and your desire to be like us. I think you always knew deep down this is the right place for you. So...just say the word, and you will begin your journey with us, and Jaysen will join us as the god muscle king you want him to be." Jody looked over to his best friend...his confidant...his king? Present time Jody regained his senses, and looked at the throne where Jaysen now sat. On a small table next to it was a red velvet pillow, and on top of that a crown the same as the other kings wore. King Zeus said, "Step forward, Jody." As Jody walked up, he continued, "Your first duty as servant to King Loki is to crown him. Please bestow upon him his crown as muscle god king." Jody carefully took the crown and placed it upon King Loki's head, making sure the crown's arms were perfectly symmetrical. As he stepped back to admire his friend, King Zeus said, "Your second task will be to service your king, and accept his royal seed." Jody knew this would be required, and felt abashed about sucking Jaysen's cock in front of these strangers, but he wasn't about to displease his king. He gently took the newly-grown schlong in his hands and began stroking it the way he knew would please his king most. King Loki pinched his gumdrop nipples and said, "Suck me, Jody, please. Suck my king cock!" Jody soon forgot about the others as he licked, kissed, sucked the large knob. He had no idea he would be getting into this so much, as he kept the vocal worship strong, calling him king, majesty, highness, royal this, regal that. The first drop of seed seeped out, and when he tasted it his eyes grew wide as he understood what King Zeus meant. He quickened his pace, grabbing and sucking harder. King Loki gasped and said, "Yes, take it. Take my kingly seed!" The first shot splashed inside Jody's mouth, and absorbed within seconds, as did every subsequent one. Jody removed his mouth from his king's cock, and felt the warmth spreading over his body. He was told his first growth would be noticeable, but minor in comparison . He flexed a bicep and could tell it had grown, maybe up to an inch. He could feel the under cleavage in his pecs where they started hanging, and his substantial cock, which was already very large, added another inch to push it to ten solid stud inches. And as congratulations were given to the new king and his servant, King Zeus already knew what Jody's king name would be. He looked at the young man and his raging erection and whispered, "Hail, King Priapus!"
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    The office of GJM can neither confirm nor deny any Suspicions you may have about this finding... that’s all we will say at this time.
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    Chapter 6 It took Geon much longer to fall asleep as his mind was reeling from all that had happened tonight. His experiment was a success beyond his wildest imaginings, at least with Chris. He was excited to see how well it would work for himself as well as the others he had planned to test. At one point his mind was too consumed with these thoughts that he went into the living room and got on his laptop to log into the university servers. He spent probably an hour going over more of Chris’ data trying to figure out what made him so receptive to the process, but in the end his excitement wore down, his body now craved sleep, so he closed the laptop and headed back to bed. It was late in the morning before Geon finally woke up and took several more minutes before he recalled all that happened the night before. He rolled over expecting to see Chris but instead was met with an empty bed. Must have gone out to get some breakfast. As Geon got out of bed, he noticed he was quite sore in various places. Most of it was centered around his ribs and back, but also a bit in his neck too. Just slept funny is all… “Hey Chris?” Geon called tentatively through the apartment. “Yeah?” Chris replied coming from what sounded like the kitchen. “I’m gonna jump in the shower quick, then I’ll be out, and we can get breakfast.” Geon went into the bathroom before he really heard the reply because he just wanted to clean off the dried sweat and cum that he had unknowingly left before going to sleep last night, as well as hoping the hot shower would loosen up the stiffness and soreness he felt. He had just stepped into the shower and had the water rinse him once before he heard the bathroom door open. He opened his mouth to protest but stopped when he realized the shadow cast onto the shower curtain was truly immense. With barely a second to register this fact, the curtain was then pulled to one size and Chris maneuvered his vast body into the shower behind Geon. “Mind if I join you sexy?” Chris purred and leaned in for a kiss. Geon couldn’t believe his eyes! Chris was easily 50 lbs. larger than he was last night and amazingly, astonishingly, impossibly more ripped that before! Geon was sure that not an ounce of visceral fat remained on Chris. No man in the history of bodybuilding had ever achieved such level of conditioning as Chris currently had. “My God!” Geon cried as he tried to back up to take in more of Chris’ immense size. “You like?” Chris said and did some very quick flexes of various muscles but given the confined space couldn’t move much. “Looks like we proved our little theory true doctor Frankenstein!” “Um… y-yeah… we… wait, huh?” Geon was babbling as his brain worked furiously to process the onslaught of new information. “More fuel equals more growth” Chris said simply. “H-how… how much…” Still stammering, Geon’s hands, seemingly of their own accord, rose up and started to feel as much of Chris as he could reach. “Not sure yet. I think I broke your scale.” Chris grinned sheepishly and shrugged his massive shoulders like a child. “Guess we’ll just have to guess, or maybe go back to the gym. That scale went up to at least 400 didn’t it?” “I… I’m ah… not sure.” Geon said never taking his eyes from Geon’s torso. “I’ve never really looked… my God you’re HUGE!” Chris grinned a bit more at this. “Oh yeah. Told you last night I wasn’t done growing yet. Besides, I wasn’t going to allow any chance for me not to keep growing so after you went to sleep, I went out and got a couple things then came back to a late-night snack.” “You did?” Geon finally focused his attention onto Chris’ face at this. “Wait, where did you go? What did you get? I never heard you leave…” “No, you were out pretty cold last night. Granted so was I for a couple hours at least. But I woke up starving so I knew I would need to eat. So, I went down to the corner store there and got a few gallons of milk to mix up my shakes with.” “The mass gainer!” Geon shouted. “I forgot all about that!” “Well it was an intense night, so I’m not surprised. My stomach didn’t forget though. Anyway, I got those and came back up. I was mixing them up for a while though. Do you know how long it takes, even two shakers at a time to go through two buckets of gainer mix?” Chris asked raising an eyebrow at Geon. “Two!?” Geon shouted again “You went through two?” “Yep. Two full buckets. So that’s what… 44 lbs. of mix, plus 6 gallons of milk at 8.5 lbs. roughly makes approximately… 95 lbs. of raw fuel that I consumed last night.” Chris made a show of doing the math though Geon was sure he had already calculated it previously. “So you’re… what 380 lbs. now?” Geon gaped at him trying to gauge if this were the case. “No, well at least I don’t think so.” Chris said shaking his head. “Your scale errored out which I’m assuming it does at anything beyond 350. Therefore, I’m guessing I’m at least that, but I don’t think it was a direct lb. for lb. transfer. Some must be lost during the chemical conversion but given how I look and feel, plus the scale not reading, I’m going to guess I’m somewhere between 350 and 360. So approximately 60-70 lb. gain. Making it around a quarter to a third of the raw fuel lost in the conversion process. Though that is also assuming that I had burned through all the fuel I had from dinner last night during our initial examination.” Chris said closing the gap and pressing up against Geon. There was still a lot of heat Chris was putting out, but it seemed diminished now. Geon couldn’t stop himself from thinking it was probably due to the water from the shower defusing it, or that there wasn’t any fuel to burn in him now. Still, through those thoughts came the ones of Jesus Christ look how huge he is! “But for now, let us set the science aside and focus our attention on more important things.” Chris leaned in more, really needing to lean given his increased size. Their pecs were now so large that there was about a foot of thick pec meat blocking their way. With effort, Chris was able to give Geon the quick peck he was hoping to before pulling back. “Like you shaving me.” “What?” Geon spluttered and then started to laugh. “What are you talking about?” “You said last night that you’d shave me after you had a chance to appreciate this big hairy muscle daddy. Well from what I recall, you appreciated it quite well so now it’s time to pay the piper.” Chris raised his hand and held out the electric shaver. “Figured this would be easier, plus I tend to get ingrown hair a lot so just buzz it down really short. Should give the same general effect I want.” “Should take a lot less time too.” Geon said and took the shaver. He gave a long wistful look at Chris’ huge hairy pecs though. As though he couldn’t imagine the sacrilege of removing that beautiful hair from the perfect mounds of pec meat. “Okay.” Chris said grinning at Geon. “One last time.” Geon didn’t need any more persuading. He buried his face into Chris’ pecs and rubbed his face up, down, left and right over every inch of them. Licking, kissing, sucking on them all over until he had gotten them completely covered. Begrudgingly he then pulled back, turned on the shaver and started the process of trimming Chris’ body. Having competed himself a few times, Geon knew the process of full body shaving would take some time. Granted as he produced a fraction the amount of hair that Chris did, it still took a while to get into a good rhythm. Soon large clumps of hair were coating the tub as Chris kept turning to find better ways to allow Geon access to the spots that needed trimming. When all was said and done, it took close to an hour to get everything done. Chris then stood under the showerhead to rinse off with Geon offering both hands to assist. They both soaped up and cleaned Chris from top to bottom getting all the spots he now couldn’t reach. “I’ve no idea how I’m going to do this on my own now.” Chris commented as they were finishing up. “Even if I get one of those long handle brushes, I don’t think it will quite do it!” “Guess you’ll just need to find someone willing to lend you a hand. Shouldn’t be too much trouble given what you look like now.” Geon said without really thinking. “No. I suppose it won’t.” Chris said thoughtfully. “Since that’s all anyone seems to care about.” “It’s not all, but yes, it is something that many, including yourself put a lot of emphasis on. And don’t try to deny that’s the case.” Geon pointed a finger at Chris as he said this knowing full well what his reply was going to be. “It’s a sad truth, but you shouldn’t judge too harshly given how much you judge others on it.” “You’re right.” Chris said without any hint of emotion. “I’ve done the same, and I also know that a great body doesn’t always mean a great person. In fact, I should know better than most seeing as I’ve interacted with some of the most self-centered, egotistical, arrogant prima donna’s that seem to exist. In the US at least.” “Like Jeff…” Geon said as he kept soaping and rinsing Chris making sure to get as much feeling done as possible. Jeff was a guy that lived in New York whom Chris had met on his first trip there. Jeff was a gorgeous muscle stud that Chris couldn’t believe even replied to him, let alone offered to meet and spend time with. However, Jeff and Geon had a very different and much worse history. Geon couldn’t stand Jeff and while he advised Chris to tread carefully with regards to Jeff, he knew it was up to Chris to find out about things on his own. Without saying so they both knew that Jeff would be drooling for a chance to hook up with Chris now. “Or Adam…” Chris replied simply. Adam was someone that Chris knew from his time in Denver and was the biggest user he had ever known. If you weren’t up to his level of good looking or muscular, you better be willing to give him something or he wouldn’t so much as bat an eye at you. He was also one of the most hypocritical people Chris had ever met but he knew that one look at the new Chris, Adam would be tripping over himself to be associated with him. “For now, just focus on yourself. Take everything that comes with a grain of salt and allow yourself time. You’ve always been a great guy, now you’ve got the exterior to match. A lot of people will be throwing themselves at you because of how you look, not who you are. Trust me, I know.” Geon said as he finished rinsing Chris and turned off the shower. He got out and grabbed a towel tossing it to Chris and reaching for another. “That’s only after I get some new pictures taken. Any chance you’d be willing to help? I suck at taking selfies and I’d like to try and get some good shots.” Chris asked while drying his hair so some of it came out muffled. “Yeah, I’ll take a few shots of, and with you. After all, we need to properly document this.” “For science!” they both said raising a forefinger to the sky. After they were fully dry, Chris needing an additional towel to complete the job, Geon gave one last spot inspection to Chris to make sure he hadn’t missed any places and that the hair was trimmed uniformly. He had to admit; Chris did look damn good “smooth”. It really did highlight the shape and allowed you to see much more definition as well as vascularity. He did miss the hair, but hair grows back easily enough. Plus, he had a surprise in store for Chris. They took several pictures of the two of them together, highlighting just how massive and impossibly ripped Chris was now. Then Geon took several solo shots of various poses for Chris before handing his phone back. “Oh crap! Is that the time?” Chris looked at the clock display on his phone. “I really, really hate to cut this short, but I need to get going if I’m going to stick to my schedule!” He started to pack up the few things he had brought in and made a valiant effort to squeeze back into the clothes from yesterday. The shirt went on without much issues, but given it was a stringer tank, there wasn’t much fabric to begin with. Chris’ whole torso seemed to pop out of it in every spot and really didn’t do anything to cover him. His shorts however proved to be much more of a challenge. It took the combined efforts of both herculean men but finally they managed to get the shorts onto Chris with only a few slight tears forming. “Just don’t squat and you should be fine.” Geon said admiring Chris’ backside and how prominently his glutes stuck out from the back. “How exactly do you expect me to drive then?” Chris asked him back raising an eyebrow quizzically. “Ah right.” Geon paused for a second before adding. “Well then I guess just don’t get pulled over. Once you get out, they might site you for public indecency.” “Depends on the cop I guess!” Chris said grinning as he collected the last of his things and went in for a hug. “I cannot possibly thank you enough for everything. This has been a total dream and I owe it all to you.” “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. Other than the workout and the post workout fun, I didn’t do anything.” Geon said with a heavy amount of sarcasm to make the whole thing completely unconvincing. “Seriously, thank you. Not just for the growth but for your advice, guidance and mostly your friendship. It means a lot.” Chris said as he pulled back eyes just beginning to get wet with tears. “You’re welcome, but honestly I didn’t do as much as you think. Most of this was you, be it consciously or subconsciously.” “Fair enough.” Chris shrugged and picked up his bag and the last two containers of mass gainer mix. “Think these will last me to Ohio?” He asked holding up the containers. “If you ration well enough.” Geon said looking thoughtful. “God I can’t wait for Casey to see me! He’s going to freak!” Chris said with a grin on his face. “Most people will from now on. Especially when you post to Instagram and they see just how much you’ve changed! Speaking of Casey though, I knew you were going to see him, so I sent a message to him yesterday while we were on the way to the restaurant.” “So that’s what you were doing!” Chris said with the light of understanding going off in his head. “I’d actually forgotten about that. Aw you didn’t spoil the surprise, did you?” “Quite the opposite.” Geon said. “I set up a surprise for you when you get there.” “What is it?” Chris asked looking like a little kid despite his gargantuan size. “I’m not saying. You’ll just have to wait until you get there to see.” “Aw come on!” Chris whined at him. “Just a little hint?” Geon paused for a moment before finally relenting. “Fine. My hint for you is: don’t post any of the pics we took to Instagram just yet. You’ll have better ones soon.” “Hmm…” Chris was puzzled but he knew he wasn’t going to get anything more out of Geon, and he was already running behind schedule. “Alright. I’ll hold off. Besides, I’m sure if I did it now, I’d have notifications buzzing from now until I got there, and they interrupt the audiobook I’m listening to. Alright, I’m off. Thank you again for everything Geon and I hope to see you again soon!” Chris leaned in again to get a quick goodbye kiss which resulted in slight rips coming from his strained clothing. “Oops!” he said blushing as he pulled away after the kiss. “Safe drive and text me when you get there okay?” Geon said as he held the door for Chris to leave. “I will. Oh, one last thing.” Chris said stopping just a few steps from the door and turning back. “I left you a little surprise too. If you don’t find it before I get there, I’ll tell you what it is when I get to Ohio and get, or do, or whatever your surprise is.” “Wait what? What is it?” Geon asked as Chris turned to continue his way to the elevator. “I’m not saying. You’ll just have to wait until I get there to see.” Chris said grinning that mischievous grin of his. “Just a little hint?” Geon replied also grinning at the reversal that had occurred. The door to the elevator opened and Chris walked in turning to poke his head out at the last second. “Hmm… nope! You’ll just have to wait!” Chris stuck his tongue out before pulling back as the doors closed. “Mean!” Geon shouted but knowing he wouldn’t get anything, closed the door. ***** Chris: Dude! You rock! 8:04pm Geon: You all finished? 8:06pm Chris: Image received 8:07pm Excitedly Geon opened the attachment and was completely floored by what he saw. His cock rose to full strength in record time as he saw Chris in all his massive ultra-ripped beauty with the perfect contest level tan having been spray painted onto him. Every bulge, every cut, every striation was now so much more detailed and refined. Chris’ size made him look inhuman, the bronze tan made him a God. Geon: Holy fuck! You look incredible! You can easily take the stage now and sweep the show! 8:11pm Chris: Image received 8:12pm Geon opened several more pictures of Chris in different poses and angles. All of which were orgasm inducing. Chris: Thank you for paying for this. You really didn’t have to but thank you so much. 8:14pm Geon: Don’t mention it. Consider it a late birthday present. 8:14pm Chris: Ha! As if all the rest you did wasn’t enough! 8:15pm Geon: You gave me a lot too don’t forget! But there is one thing left you need to give me. 8:15pm Chris: Still haven’t found it huh? Thought you’d have discovered it a while ago. 8:16pm Geon: Okay smartass, what is it? 8:17pm Chris: Connect to your university server. Open your last test sequence. 8:19pm Geon looked shocked as he put the phone down and opened his computer. In a few minutes he was connected via VPN to the university server and opened his project files. The last one was the secret one he’d used on Chris to trigger the changes to his body. Next to it was the message: “Last modified: 5/12/19 3:17am”. There was also a text document that he had never seen, created about the same time. He opened it to find a message from Chris. Hey G! So I found your little experiment here that you used on me. Have to say it’s pretty genius! It also goes a long way to explain a few things about you. I always thought it was unlikely that you could have the sort of body you do at your age without some sort of help, aside from all the steroids I mean! Anyway, hope you don't mind but I made a couple changes to it that I think will help. Keep me posted on the results, though I know you already will! Chris (P.S. You still owe me some cheese!) ***** It was a couple weeks later when Geon got home to the building doorman telling him he had a package waiting for him. He had no idea what it was not having ordered anything so assumed it must have been something Jack got. It wasn’t until he got into his apartment that he looked closely at the shipping label and saw that it was from Amazon. “Now what did he get.” Geon said to no one as he set the package down. When Jack got home about a half hour later, he was equally as ignorant to what the package was saying he hadn’t ordered anything either. Now even more confused, Geon went to get a knife to open the box with to see what was inside. “Holy shit! No way!” Jack had said when Geon pulled away the packing material to find a VR headset. Like a little kid at Christmas, Jack pulled it out of the box and started to open it. “Hey!” Geon said looking amusedly irritated at him. “Who says that’s for you?” “What’s yours is mine babe!” Was his response. Though that was his response to just about everything of Geon’s that he wanted. Somehow it never seemed to work that way in reverse. Digging through the packing materials Geon found the packing slip as well as another piece of paper. The packing slip showed the billing information as belonging to Chris. Excitedly, Geon looked at the second piece of paper which was a gift message from Amazon: Hey Geon! I know this isn’t quite the same as the one in your lab, but the hardware is virtually the same and you don’t need the other stuff for your side project like you do for your thesis experiment. I also have a supplement to add that I think should help in your endeavors. Let me know when you get this! Chris Geon quickly took out his phone and sent a message to Chris. Geon: Hey Chris. Just got your gift. Thank you but this is too expensive! 6:28pm Chris: Don’t worry about the cost. Honestly with all the money I’ve gotten the last couple weeks from corporate and private sponsors, it’s the least I could do! Besides, I’m betting you’ve got a few subjects in mind to test it out on. After yourself of course! 6:31pm Geon: I doubt it will work on me much anymore. It hasn’t for years. Even with my constant modifications. 6:32pm Chris: Well you haven’t tried it with mine yet have you? Plus, there’s this. 6:33pm Chris: Audio attached 6:35pm Geon clicked on the attachment and it was an mp3 file. He opened it on his phone but didn’t hear anything. He tried turning up the volume but still couldn’t really hear anything. Double checking that it was playing he let it go for a while but could only hear the faintest of sound. Geon: What is it? I can’t hear anything. 6:38pm Chris: You won’t at first. It slowly builds up. It’s a multi layered file so there are some sub and supersonic frequencies in it as well, so you won’t hear them, but your brain does and knows what to do with it. 6:40pm Geon: How will this help? Is it like hypnosis? 6:41pm Chris: How will a bunch of flashing images help build muscle? The brain is a mysterious thing G. Just trust me, it will help. Or at least, it won’t hurt! 6:42pm “This is so cool!” Jack exclaimed from the couch and Geon turned to see him with the headset on weaving and twisting around like a kid to see the full 360 view of whatever he was watching. “Any games come with this thing?” “Yeah there is one that you might like.” Geon said to Jack as he pulled up his laptop and connected to the university server. Queuing up the test sequence he grabbed a pair of headphones and plugged them into his phone. He plugged in the headset to his laptop to allow for the display to show up there and started both programs simultaneously. “I know I’ll like the results.” Geon grinned as he watched Jack relax and fall back onto the couch as the program played out. The End
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    My dad has always had a dad bod like he has a beer belly, kinda toned arms, skinny legs. He never had that bodybuilder build, he’s always wanted to get into shape but a week into it he’s back to his old routine eating junk, drinking beer, no exercise. Anyways here’s where the story begins. I went to go see what my dad was doing, he was in his office on his computer doing work nothing unusual we went about our day like any other day. Night came and we were watching a movie with Lou ferrigno the bodybuilder/Actor. My dad said “one day I’m going to look like him maybe 20 times bigger”. I said to him “ yeah by some miracle it will happen” and laughed. The movie ended and we went to bed I went to his room the next morning to wake him up and what I saw was unbelievable, I didn’t know whether to be scared, worried, or worried out but right there on his bed was my father but not with dad bod rather a bodybuilder body. He was laying on his stomach so I could see his back all chiseled and huge his legs were like canons his feet so long. He also gained a substantial amount of height his feet were tangling off his bed and his clothing were ripped to shreds he was completely nude. His underwear was ripped his baggy t shirts completely ripped his socks ripped. He woke up and saw me staring with this mortified look. He said “what’s wrong” I said “look in the mirror”. He got up and noticed he was towering over me, he went to a full body mirror and saw he was naked and huge!!!! he looked stunned feeling all his muscles, flexing his biceps they were like mountains popping up and down, his legs looked flexed but he wasn’t even trying. By this time he noticed he was naked and didn’t do anything he was just playing with his body the way a child plays with a new toy. “Look at me I’m like a Greek god or maybe ever bigger” he said as he flexed a double bicep pose. “Cmon touch my arms I’m still your same dad” he flexed his bicep in my face and grabbed my hand and put it in his biceps. “There you go see how that feels” I was about to get a boner but I knew I had to control myself but cmon it was hard I mean the man was butt naked flexing his muscles. He was squeezing his pecs even admiring his penis. He knew he had to get dressed so he put on one of his shirts, he put it on and it went half way to his stomach and his biceps were about to rip the sleeves. He went to put shorts on but they were like speedos, his whole body resembles the hulk. We realized that we need to understand how this happened. So we checked the security camera footage from his room. The camera was angled right above his bed. We watch him get into bed and sleep at around 2am we noticed he woke up but he must have not remembered he did. He woke up and started groaning squeezing his Stomach like he was in pain. He was filling out his shirt, his t shirt started tearing along the sleeves because his biceps couldn’t hold it in. His legs ripped his underwear and his penis was completely exposed. His socks started growing and then his feet bursted out of them by this point he was naked and passed out. But as he slept he kept growing. We turned the footage off and looked at each other. He said “ I think things are going to be different now, because of the way I look” he said here’s the plan “ I’m going to isolate myself from everyone and stay home saying I went to Europe for a few months. Then I’m going to come out and let everyone see and say I’ve gotten into bodybuilding there was training. Now I’m going to need you cooperate with me stick with this story okay?” I said “sure, now what do we do?” He said “let me rest I feel very sore, all these muscles growing within a days period is kinda exhausting” he flexed his bicep as he said this and ripped his sleeve. He went back to bed and laid down. This person I called my father was a giant. Weeks went by and he ores weights and supplements. He started working out I guess to stay busy since we was to stay home for almost a year. I remember I came home from school a smell of man musk was all over the house I went up to his room and his door was cracked I spotted him flexing while he was naked he was mumbling stuff like “yeah look at you, you’re a beast” “imma protect my son and be the hulk” and random shit like that. He was licking his biceps and playing his armpit hair , flexing his legs and flexing his biceps at one point his whole body flexed and it gave me goosebumps because it was scary he was all veiny and huge like a monster. So I went to my room. A few hours went by and I went to the kitchen where I found my dad wearing basically a g string. He said “sorry on just admiring my new body” I said no problem he ordered pizza and as we sat down eating he was flexing his pecs any chance he got he flexing a muscle at one point he said something weird like “I’m an alpha now son so I need you to do what I say for started massage me” I didn’t want to say no because I was scared of what he’d do so I massaged his back with this oil then he turned around and said massage my biceps. And I did as I I’d it he grabbed my hand and started rubbing it along his body he said” dads going to protect you no matter what” and he made a roaring sound almost and started flexing his whole body saying “nobody will fuck with you as long as I’m around” then he grabbed me and started taking my pants off.......
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    Happy 4th of July
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    Chapter 69 The chemistry final was thankfully in the lab and not the auditorium. I would never have fit into the chairs in the auditorium—maybe not even the accessible chair. The chemistry building, like the biology building, had narrow hallways, so I began calling around corners just to make sure I didn’t slam into anybody when I rounded them. My lab coat, made for a man far smaller than me, draped over my shoulders, and the sleeves threatened to tear with the smallest movement. I didn’t recognize the person at the front of the room: a nervous-looking slender man barely older than me. “This is the chemistry final, right?” I asked. I had so much more chest to resonate that, speaking in what I thought was a normal volume, my voice boomed. The nervous man stood up when he saw me. “They told me you were a bodybuilder, but damn.” “This is the final, then” I asked. “Yeah. I’m the professor’s new TA,” he handed me my test booklet, and I went to my desk. “Can I sit on the floor?” I asked. “You’d have to, wouldn’t you?” he said. I sat on the floor and put the storage bin on my lap. My pecs and biceps were fighting for space, my shirt kept riding up, and I had to hold the pencil like I was doing surgery, but I managed to finish the first section of the test without major incident. The material had been very basic—this final was more about the experiment than the objective portion. The last page had a set of instructions for an experiment to run. I stood up and went over to the lab equipment. Standing at the edge of the desk, my pecs jutted so far into the middle of the equipment, that were I to turn to either side, I would knock everything to the floor. I had to stand a safe distance from the desk just to protect the lab equipment from me. With a sigh of resignation to my physical reality, I picked up a beaker, and it shattered in my hand. I reflexively turned away from the breaking glass, and the shoulder seam of my lab coat burst open. At least I hadn’t knocked anything off the desk. Refusing to get frustrated or to give in, I grabbed a broom from the back of the room, but while I was sweeping up my mess, both sleeves of my lab coat ripped open. This was going to be a challenge. More determined than ever, I headed back to the experiment. The equipment felt like dollhouse furniture made from paper. I slowed my breathing, took my time, and managed to get the experiment completed with barely any time left on the clock, but it was sloppy. I wasn’t used to maneuvering this body, and it showed. I was a little embarrassed. The TA came over to my experiment with a clipboard to score my work. His face flushed with fear when he reached a total. “I saw what you did to that beaker. Promise you won’t hurt me?” “It’s okay,” I said, gently. “I know this was not my best work.” The TA closed his eyes tightly and looked down at the floor, like he was bracing for a pummeling, and said, “It’s a B.” Then, holding his clipboard in front of his face, he added, “Don’t hurt me!” “A B?” I said, excitedly. “Yes,” he said, tentatively opening one eye and lowering the clipboard. “Thank you!” I said, picking him up and spinning him before I knew what I was doing. “Please put me down,” he said, his voice wavering. He sounded terrified. “Of course. I’m sorry,” I said and gingerly put him back on the ground. I raced to door, came to a full stop, and twisted out of the room into the hallway. When I saw the group of them in the hallway, I threw my arms in the air and shouted, “B!” My lab coat couldn’t hold out any longer, and a large tear formed down the back. Dave collapsed, utterly relieved. I guess he was scared that he was going to let me down. The amazing actor he was, I never once suspected he was worried. James came over and tore the shreds of my lab coat off me. He placed a hand on the small of my back and said, “Well done, Big Guy.” Luke sauntered over a second later and put a hand on one of my shoulders, adding “Congrats, Big Guy.” I felt seismic activity rupture through my body as the rapturous lightning shot through me. James and Luke moved further away from me as my shoulders widened even further. I tried to look down to see what I could see, but my pecs were so huge that I was never going to see past them again. Hell, my overhang was so large, someone could use it as shelter from the rain. My pecs had stretched and pulled the fabric so much that the fabric was warped out of recognizability, not really even shirt-shaped anymore. I looked at my reflection in the window at the end of the hall; my shirt had ridden up so far that six of my ten abs were on full display. If I tried to do anything strenuous in this shirt, it would go the way of my lab coat. I could feel the sleeves of my t-shirt roll back, my arms too mighty and massive to be contained. The armpits and shoulders of the shirt felt ready to explode at any moment. My tights clung to my legs and ass so tightly that I could feel each individual seam as my flesh pressed them out. “Looking good, buddy,” Luke said, patting my shoulder. “Breathtaking,” James added, rubbing his hand up and down my abs. Dave got back to his feet and dusted off his pants. The weight of my chemistry final off his shoulders, he seemed himself again. “You ready for your last final?” he asked. “Of course, you scheduled the hardest test for last,” I said to Luke. “The prof was only available in the afternoon,” Luke said, taking a defensive posture. “Wait for me outside, guys. I’ll be too nervous if I know you’re right outside the door.” James squeezed my hand and kissed my cheek. “Ok. Good luck.” With that, they went outside.
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    A few weeks ago while flipping through a few of my old Classic Physique magazines, I found myself reading the back pages with a few old “Quick Grow” schemes promising results for sale. As a kid these concoctions and creams always caught my eye with the promise quick growth and a miracle cure! While looking through, one stood out among the rest: “Uncle Pop’s Chest Cream and Pec Shine!” 555-876-8008 Call Now and Never Look Back! 1982 This ad definitely gave me a chuckle and caught my attention. I wasn’t sure if it was the bourbon after work or smell of my lit cigar but something in me grew the courage to actually call the number for a gas and see if they answered. I was taken aback when someone answered and let me know that 19.99 plus shipping and handling was all that kept me from “Uncle Pop’s Chest Cream and Pec Shine!” I figured why the hell not, I had gotten this far and called, why not send away for it! I gave them my information and sent away for this back page miracle cure. Next thing I know a few weeks had gone, I got home to find a small box on my front door step. I never actually expected for the package to arrive but there it was! A small box stamped. “Uncle Pop’s Chest Cream and Pec Shine!” Well what do ya know, they actually came through and sent it! It had a been a long rough week, between work and the gym and every day troubles I needed some fun and a chance to relax. I brought the box in and set on my coffee table. After getting a few things done around the house I was finally able to settled down with a drink and cigar to enjoy my evening. I had plans to hit the bar with a few friends later that night but I had plenty of time to have a quick stiff drink and finish off an old cigar. I took a drink and started fiddling with the box, just a simple cardboard box, wrapped in twine, no receipt, no address. They must’ve dropped it off at my place for me. I relit my cigar and rubbed my chest, sore from this weeks workout. No matter how hard I tried my chest was stubborn as hell! Maybe the cream was just the ticket I needed! I chuckled internally knowing it was bullshit and at the most it would shine up my chest hair and catch some light! Figured, fuck with it all and let me try some on! I was still wearing my long sleeve from work so I slowly undid a few buttons right down to my belly. Strain from my gut pushed my shirt open and I could look down at my hairy chest, I let out a sigh wishing it would fucking grow already! I took a hard drink, put down my glass and began to open the box. A small 5 oz cream slid out with a twist cap on top. I twisted off the cap and inhaled a strong menthol scent and it flared through my nose eyes like nothing before. Between drinking and that strong whiff I was wide awake and felt my nose tingle, suddenly the cigar smoke in the room smelled stronger and my senses felt heightened. I grabbed a thick dollop of cream and sat back and gently started rubbing it all over the inside of the my pecs, slowly spreading outward and my over my nipples. The menthol took over the air and my nostrils. As I wiped down over my chest, I could feel my chest tingle and my hair stand up from excitement. The sensation felt amazing and any breeze of air would ignite the menthol burn on my chest. I grabbed more cream and lathered up both hands. Exploring and covering my entire chest, I reached down to my end of my tits and began to use my cover each nipple, rubbing, pulling and gently clamping down and tugging on my hard tits! The sensation felt on fire and I was blowing air on each nipple, my body shivered and felt electricity shoot through my chest. My nipples felt thicker and harder than ever before. I used my fingers to play with my newly thickened nipples, running my under over each meaty tip, ending with tight tugs. Blowing cool air at each tit to feel made the tingle shoot through my body! I couldn’t understand how amazing and hard my pecs felt. The temptation and new feeling on my chest and nipples gave me rush! I took another drink and sucked down on my cigar. The menthol heightened everything from my taste, touch and smell! I could feel my erection tighten in my jeans from playing with my chest. I unzipped myself to allow room for the tightening in my crotch. I couldn’t stop rubbing my chest harder and harder, the cream slid through my chest air and down around my erect thickening nipples. I closed my eyes and took in the strong scent of menthol and drifted for a second or two. While sniffing and tugging I felt my chest warm up and tense up, it felt like a flex after a heavy chest pump. I swore it was just arousal but I opened my eyes and my chest had doubled in size! The mound between my pecs had created a slick valley of cream, hair and muscle! My work clothes suddenly felt tight on my chest. I stretched it open and released a few buttons. I slid my shirt apart and my chest had reached a few more inches of girth and roundness! My hands went over each mound and reached over and around 2 inch thick nipples drooping over and gently reaching my belly. I could not help but to tug, stretch and pull my erect tits as far as I could. As my chest over flowed from my shirt all I could do was stare down between my pecs and and use my right arm to help cradle the mass in front of me! I pushed my right arm under me and slid under my giant tits! I was pushing my new grown tits up to my chin and rubbing my chin deep in a valley of hairy creamy muscle! It was everything I had every wanted. I reached over to my thick left tit and tugged hard at that newly formed thick meat of nipple weighing on my massive pec! I had to completely undo my long sleeve and cup each mass of muscle and feel the weight my growing pecs! My thick nipples slipped between each finger, the nipple thickness separating two digits with a mass of nipple. I sat back in my chair and stared down at this newly formed ridges of muscle and thickness. I couldn’t help but keep running my hands over my new massive pecs. I never thought I would ever reach this level of growth! I could grab each tit and bring them up to be tasted and fondled against my chin! A new level of total muscle growth and chest domination! As I looked down at my newly formed massive chest and giant nipple nubs I couldn’t help but sit back and molest my giant chest in front of me. I must’ve spent longer than I am imagined in ecstasy teasing my tits exploring my massive inhuman pecs when suddenly I heard the doorbell ring….
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    DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a writer and English isn't my first language. Therefore please excuse my syntax and grammar. Nevertheless I wanted to create a little something to motivate people to contribute to this wonderful continuous story. It's been quite in here for way too long and I am burning to read more. Hope that my little shorty of a chapter still brings you guys joy. Plymouth Massachusetts: After 2 grueling hours of pumping iron and marinating himself in his own juices, Phil heads towards the communal shower area of the gym. As he turns around the corner, a 'closed for maintenance' sign is propped up in the entranceway of the showers. For a moment he considers to just head home and take a shower there, but he didn't really feel like stinking up his car with his ripe scent (even tho his playmates love him to smell of manliness and honest hard work). He passes the maintenance sign and continues towards the showers. After all, he is paying for his membership and it is not his fault, that they are scheduling maintenance when he most definitely is in need of an ice cold shower. Phil stops and stares when he sees the shower stall to the far left in a demolished state. Seemingly something or someone punched holes, the size of dinner plates, through the shower dividers and left tiles on the walls, as well as the floor cracked and crumbled. A closer look reveals a trail of cracked tiles, leading from the shower stall to the entrance. Phil tries to think of what might have happened here. Roid rage? Or maybe someone was denied an after workout blowjob, and didn't take it well? Whatever it was, a strong scent (not his own) caught his attention and made him curious of it's source. He always had a very sensitive nose, so he has no trouble following the scent to the broken shower stall, where he detects a wet, crumpled piece of cloth, in between the fragments of tile and debris. Against his better judgment he picks up the cloth and gives it an experimental whiff. The smell of many hard workouts paired with loads and loads of cum is undeniable. Shocked and excited at once, he drops the piece of cloth which makes a soggy wet noise as it hits the tiles. Now he finally realizes what he just had found. A cum and sweat soaked, torn jockstrap... an ENORMOUS cum and sweat soaked, torn jockstrap! Whatever Bahamut of a man lost this precious piece of undergarment here, definitely had the time of his life erupting into it like a volcano and gutting the shower stall while doing so. With a mixed feeling in his guts Phil backs out of the shower area. Under those circumstances a shower at home might be the better option. What Phil missed to realize, he never washed his hands, his mind was just too busy trying to comprehend, rather than thinking of something as banal as washing hands. The cum and sweat mixture, now spread over various parts of his body and gym gear, slowly dries and leaves almost invisible white stains. At home Phil jumps into the well deserved shower and washes off the sweat and grime (and almost forgotten cum). He checks himself out in the mirror, gives himself a quick double bi gun check, and approves of his gym progress with a wink. A short while later Phil lays passed out on the couch, on the TV an emergency report interrupts some silly show. A nervous looking reporter runs down the little known facts of a new epidemic, that terrorizes the east coast of the United States. A male muscle growth virus, which besides muscle growth, causes a wide variety of other unforeseen mutations and modifications. In his slumber, Phil scratches his chest as it slowly fills out with new muscle mass and dark dense hair. A leaking hardon is pointing towards his growing pecs, as his dreams become feverish and filled with sexual perversions of muscles, musk, lust, growth, power and dominance...
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    Super Growth Formula I made a commitment to help my friend to move a new mattress he purchased up to his bedroom. The only time it could be deliver was while he was at an out of town orientation for his new job so he somehow convinced his real estate agent to let the delivery people into his new townhouse. I didn’t blame him for not trusting the neighbors because he didn’t know them from Adam. I couldn’t do it because I was at work. I met Alan in college where we became fast friends. In college Alan was a wheeler-dealer that always had a scheme that was going to make big money. He wanted us to get paper routes so we could earn money before classes started in the morning… then there was the dishwasher job… sell gadgets on line… be a Wal-Mart greater… but I think the best was selling our sperm. After graduation he got a job making 120K but the drawback was he traveled forty to fifty weeks a year. All I knew was that he used his expertise to fix problems. He has a body like a gymnast or a swimmer and years after graduation he stayed slim and handsome as ever. Tired of traveling all the time he applied for a job in Chicago where I live and work. After his second interview he was hired. A few days later I met him downtown and we went to dinner. He was flying out that night so I rode the Blue Line (‘L’) with him out to the airport. There are two entrances to the Subway on Monroe Street, one is the Red Line and the other the Blue Line and a stranger in town could easily be confused. When we were entering the platform a man in a dark blue suit and black rim glasses was walking toward us making a bee line for the stairs. I had to step aside because he walked right between us. Time seemed to slow down for a few seconds and when I blinked he was gone. The rude man was either a nut case or a jerk. I looked at Alan and he did a double take in the direction of the stairs before he laughed. What I didn’t know was the man slipped a plastic test tube into my suit jacket pocket without me feeling a thing. I didn’t find the container until I cleaned out my pockets that night so the suit could go to the cleaners. There was a cryptic note wrapped around the tube. Confidential: Grow Formula 01/2029840438. Men. One dose; delivered as requested. “Requested by whom?” I said. I decided the guy was a nut case and tossed the vial into the trash basket by my desk. It was probably poison… or drugs that would lead to addiction. Before his job started Alan bought the townhouse he lusted after and had his worldly goods shipped. He didn’t have any furniture so it was just boxes of clothes and books. He went to the company orientation in Atlanta for all the new hires. There were reams of paperwork to sign according to Alan but he seemed very happy with his decision to change jobs. The last thing I wanted to do Saturday morning was move a bed upstairs. I knocked on the door. It was just a few moments before Alan appeared in the doorway. “Hey,” he said smiling and taking my hand in a firm shake. “How’s it going?” I smiled back and rolled my eyes. “It is Saturday morning and I should be asleep in my bed.” He burst out laughing and stepped aside to let me in. The house was empty except for boxes and a mattress in the middle of the living room floor. The sheets and blankets were still on the mattress but he pulled them off as I watched. Soon we made our first trip upstairs to Alan’s new bedroom. The king mattress weighed more than I ever expected so by the time it was in his room I was sweating. The box spring was lighter but harder to get around the corners. He asked me to help put the bed frame together so we went downstairs for some cold water and his tool box. As we went up the stairs again I couldn’t help but notice his athletic ass hidden in his tight jeans. Alan had been trying to put on some muscle recently but without success; not that he wasn’t muscular already. He was buff like a runner or tri-athlete. His quest reminded me of one of his get rich quick schemes. He sent off for a supplement (that was mostly sugar) that was supposed to pack on muscle. Without the gym work he wanted the kind of muscle that took bodybuilders years to acquire by spending countless hours in the gym, taking steroids and supplements, and eating five meals a day. Once in his room I sat on the floor reading instructions as he rummaged through his tools. After a few minutes of small talk and banter we got busy bolting the frame together. It seemed like hours before we lifted the mattress in place and started making the bed. I sat on the sofa in his room and turned on the TV. The cable company hadn’t hooked him up yet so all I got was static. He didn’t know I was gay. But I didn’t know I was gay until we became close friends. Like now I would chub up or get hard when I was around him. I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship. I had learned to control myself around him but when he sat on the sofa next to me I could smell his cologne and man musk. It drove me crazy. “I’ve got something to show you,” he said as he put his hand on my knee and stood. He walked across the room and dug in a box. He held up a test tube of green liquid. “What’s that?” I asked knowing there was an identical test tube in the garbage can by my desk at home. “Remember when we were getting on the subway and a guy walked between us?” he asked. I nodded. “He put this in my pocket. Well, I was trying to pack on some muscle like a big bodybuilder. There was a piece of paper wrapped around this tube.” He took a note from his pocket and passed it to me. “Confidential: Bodybuilding Formula 01/2029840438. Men. One dose; delivered as instructed.” I read aloud. I put the note on the table. “What?” I asked. “I dunno, but it sounds good, huh?” “You can’t seriously be thinking of drinking it?” “Why not,” he grinned, showing a set of beautiful white teeth. “It could be poison,” I said. “It could be drugs! Or it could be green piss!” I said to gross him out. I tried to convince him not to even consider opening the tube but his face broke out in a sexy grin and he drank the mysterious green liquid. I pulled out my phone to call 911. “Nothing’s happening” he laughed. “It’s Gatorade. What a whuss,” he said laughing. He suddenly bent forward, as though he had a stomach cramp or was going to throw up. His stomach made a gurgling sound and he clutched his belly with both hands. “Oh shit!” he said, turning toward the bathroom. I grabbed the phone but when he got to the door he stopped groaning, and stood up straight. “Wait,” he said. He started smiling like it was some practical joke or something. “I feel alright.” He was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, “I feel… good, actually. Woah, my legs feel weird.” He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down. He stepped out of them and I could see that his quads were thickening. The muscles on the front and back of his legs began to thicken and flex. Within a couple minutes there was a huge amount of mass on his now tree-trunk legs. His calves and ass were growing as his abs began getting totally ripped. His obliques turned into an Adonis belt and I could see his cock chubbing up. He caressed his cock softly as his upper body began changing. His square pecs which had been totally flat and thin, grew, stretching his shirt until the seams could be heard popping. “Woah!” he gasped as the huge slabs of meat kept growing and expanding his chest. His nipples were erect and pointing down at the floor. His hand touched his humongous pecs and he began stroking them in awe. Then his arms began to grow. His biceps and triceps were expanding so fast that the shirtsleeve cut into his flesh. They were well over twenty inches and growing. I could see that his neck was thickening like the rest of his body. His traps and back were thickening. “I have to get this off” he said. His voice was much deeper. “This shirt… I can’t breathe.” He raised his arms, revealing humungous lats, and tore off his shirt. His shoulders looked three feet wide since his delts had grown thicker and more muscular. His hands no longer rested near his hips because his lats were so big they held his arms away from his body. He bounced his pecs playfully and I could feel my cock leaking pre-cum. Before my eyes Alan had become a muscle god. I sat down on the floor in awe as he walked over to me. I looked up, but could only see his mountainous chest. He slowly flexed his pecs to show me the rippling muscle fibers accentuating the deep crevice between his pecs. “Touch me,” he said in his deep, deep sexy voice. I reached up and stroked his massive pecs as he continued to bounce those slabs of pure manliness. He flexed his biceps and I held them, though even both my hands struggled to wrap themselves around them. He smiled as my fingers were pushed further apart by his growing triceps. He turned and I knelt behind him worshiping his quads. He groaned while flexing them. As I massaged my hand was getting closer and closer to his crotch. Then he turned to face me and when I looked up his boner was penetrating the boxers. There was at least ten inches of shaft topped with a thick mushroom shaped head slowly pushing back the stretched foreskin. He rolled a rubber on and started stoking his cock. He tore off his boxers and I thought he was going to fuck me but he didn’t. I licked his huge balls and worshipped his body until he started to fill the rubber. There were a couple ounces of cum in the tip when I pulled off the condom. Then as his cock softened the muscle began to slowly be reabsorbed into his frame. Somehow I got the feeling that this wasn’t the first time he did this. “I’m so tired,” he whispered as he fell into the bed. “I thought you ought to know I’m gay too.” “I thought it was just me,” I told him as I sat next to him. He pulled me into bed so he could spoon against my back. “I know about your bodybuilding magazines. I know you lust after muscle. I needed you to see what would happen. How big… I just needed to be with you,” he tried to explain. “I put one drop in some green Gatorade. I had to see if you want me to be that big?” “How would you explain the sudden growth?” I asked. “And none of my clothes would fit,” he chuckled as he fell into a deep sleep. I could have slipped away but being in bed with him was a dream come true even though I was fully clothed. I closed my eyes and savored the moment. When I opened my eyes again Alan had me nude and was cleaning me up with his tongue. He was huge again and he was after the cum I dumped in my pants. He lifted my legs and parked his cock at my ass. “Fuck me,” I begged, and he did. Within a year the company I worked for went bankrupt and I was out of work. We consolidated our households into his townhome and over the next year Alan had to keep buying bigger clothes because each time he took a drop of the formula he didn’t completely shrink back all the way. It was like he was making small gains every week in the gym and his co-workers never noticed. We made a time lapse film of his growth by taking a couple pictures of him standing in the same spot every day. The day I cleaned out my desk at work Alan poured my tube of green stuff down my throat. My growth was amazing and I might even call it orgasmic. The night of my initial growth I rolled on a rubber and fucked Alan. I knew it was a massive orgasm and that I shot a lot of cum ballooning out the rubber. I tied it off and dropped it on the floor next to the bed. I remained absolutely massive instead of shrinking down like Alan does after taking one drop in green Gatorade. I barely closed my eyes when we heard someone pounding on the front door. I pulled on a robe and when I opened the door I stumbled backwards. It was the man in the blue suit and black frame glasses we saw in the subway station. He barged in and made his way directly to our bedroom. Alan was asked who was at the front door when I got back to the bedroom. The man in blue drained my condom into a container, mixed my cum with something, and then filled twenty to thirty plastic vacuum tubes with the green liquid. He was so focused on his task it was as if he didn’t see us. “Explain,” I demanded. He jumped as if he was startled. “Can you see me?” he asked. “Mostly. You move from here to there so quickly it looks like you disappear here and reappear there,” I pointed at two spots. “This is the most valuable first harvest I have ever made. I have pictures of your naked body before and after and this, (he held up the tubes) will be worth billions.” “Explain,” I said again. “This is a growth formula that cannot be reproduced in the lab. It is the produced by the body, and your body is unique. Once a person drinks a tube like I gave you and the muscular growth occurs a substance is produced in your cum. It happens only once. We call it the first harvest. The growth of your physique produces a compound that combines with your semen and is expelled via the first orgasmic discharge after the growth occurs but after that no additional growth serum is ever produced. I have been searching for years to find someone that would react to the formula like you have,” he said as he touched my pecs. “Massive growth,” he muttered. “What I gave you and your friend over there was a diluted version of this, (he held up the tubes) because pure it would kill. There are ten thousand doses in this bag. Think what a government would pay to create a super soldier… or ten thousand that looked like you. You may not realize it yet but your brainpower also increased, possibly doubling or tripling your IQ. ” “But if muscle growth produces the green stuff what is there to prevent that government from eliminating the middleman?” I asked. “I will grow the soldiers and be in charge of the first harvest and therefore I will have a limitless supply of growth formula.” He smiled and disappeared. “Who were you talking to,” Alan asked. “I saw some blue streaks that stopped in front of you but your back was to me.” “Do you remember the man in blue from the subway? Well he was just here.” “No shit!” “And I know his secret,” I said as I ran downstairs to get Alan’s vial but it was gone. I got some Gatorade and filled my discarded condom with it and made Alan drink it down. The type of growth he had that night mirrored my body. Of course he was unique and he already looked like a bodybuilder but his body came into sharp focus and remained tight and buff without gym time or dieting. His clothing was a little tight in the chest and arms but looser around the waist. That night when he fucked me he filled a condom with a batch of the green super growth formula. We found that men will pay big bucks to live a fantasy like I lived each time Alan drank the diluted formula and took me to bed. We run the fantasy and the men think it is a muscle suit they are using. Some believe we use hypnosis, none the less they have great muscle sex. It doesn’t matter if a guy wants to dominate or be dominated, sex is phenomenal. In the morning they are usually ecstatic from living that fantasy and we have had many return customers. And yes each time they drink the diluted formula they retain a small amount of residual muscle just like Alan did. The musclemen that Alan’s growth formula produced were good but not incredible. The stuff the man in blue gave us caused outstanding muscle growth in me but Alan had been diluting his vial of the formula. Maybe the residual cum in the condom wasn’t enough to trigger growth like I had. Also I can’t help but wonder if my body was pre-conditioned for super growth by Alan repeatedly fucking me in his expanded state before I drank that tube of green stuff. As for the man in the blue suit, we never saw him again. No muscular army of ten thousand appeared on Earth so we have to assume that he has set up shop in some other part of the galaxy.
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    Chapter 66 Friday was a virtual repeat of Thursday, monumental orgasm and all. By the time Saturday morning came around, I actually felt mastery of the material. I was so sure of it that I had Dave run out for an early morning shopping trip. He came back with an incredibly stretchy pair of workout tights and a t-shirt made for a man even bigger than me so I had room to grow. It was a chilly December morning, but I decided not to wear a jacket so I wouldn’t outgrow it. “We woke up confident, didn’t we?” Dave asked as the four of us walked to the cart. “That confident,” I said, admiring my new outfit. It was nice to be wearing something oversized for the first time in months. “He’s got this cold and is going to grow and grow and grow,” James cheered. “Considering how much you dragged your feet, and kicked and screamed, I’m surprised you agreed to James’s plan,” Luke chimed in. “I was the biggest guy at a bodybuilding show,” I reminded him. “I left huge five stations ago. I can’t go back to normal now, even if I wanted to. There’s a freedom in that.” “Amen,” Dave said. “Besides, James likes me big,” I added, idly flexing my pecs while stretching my arms. James feigned a swoon. “That’s what I like to see,” Luke said. When we got to the cart, Dave stayed in line to get our food, and the rest of went to the picnic bench. I went to sit down first, but my weight almost flipped the whole table over. I jumped up and backed away quickly. Undaunted, James and Luke sat down. Then I got on. I could hear the wood complaining under my mass. “After today, I don’t think you can sit at this table anymore,” Luke commented. “We’ll just find a new place to sit while having breakfast,” I retorted. “Perhaps something made of concrete or reinforced steel.” Then, it hit James. His body tensed, and he said, “This is our last breakfast as a group.” “You’re right,” I said. “Dave leaves tomorrow. This is it. This is the last day we’re a foursome.” Luke shook his head. “We still have tomorrow morning. And, no matter how famous you and Dave get, we won’t lose touch.” “I see someone else is a lot more confident too,” I said to Luke. “Did you and Dave work something out?” Luke nodded. “He’s getting an apartment big enough for both of us. We’re going to call every Wednesday night and Sunday morning. We’re going to text constantly. Lydia suggested a wedding date that’s unlikely to interfere with his TV schedule, and it turned out to be the day after graduation. We got my parents’ blessing over the phone, and his mother actually approves of me. She said I’m a good match for him. I’m moving to LA the minute after the wedding.” “Are you going to visit each other over the breaks?” James asked. “Dave wanted to, but I decided against it.” “You decided against it? This is an entirely new song,” I remarked “I also voted against Skype,” Luke’s voice grew conspiratorial. “For you see, I have a plan. My soccer career has ended, and I only need three piece-of-cake classes to get my degree. That means a lot of free time. So, I hired Charles.” James was in disbelief. “You hired Kitty Cat?” “Yep. Charles gave me a ridiculously reduced rate because of all the press you gave him, and he’s going to be my unquestioned lord and master until I graduate.” “Why would you do that to yourself?” James asked. “In just under a month, Charles got you to put on 18 pounds,” Luke said. “Imagine what he can do for me in five.” Luke flexed his arms. “I am going to be so fucking huge for my wedding. I may never catch up to Chris, but I’m gunning for you, James.” “Bring it on,” James said playfully. “I’m sure Dave supports this idea,” I added. Luke dropped his pose and leaned in to whisper. “Dave doesn’t know, and you’re not telling him.” It suddenly all made sense. “That’s why no visits and no Skype.” “I want his eyes to fall out of his head when he sees me in May.” Luke saw that Dave was coming back to the table, so he put his fingers to his lips and made hushing noises. When Dave sat down at the table, he immediately noticed we’d fallen silent. “Tell me the secret, or I keep all the food for myself.” James spoke up before I could think of a lie. “Luke told us what he’s buying you for a wedding present. We won’t spoil the surprise.” “Oh,” Dave said, a little sheepishly. “That’s a horse of a different color,” he added as he handed out the breakfasts. After my first spoonful of oatmeal, I felt my mind begin to focus. “Let’s run down the itinerary one more time,” I said. “I want to be prepared.” Luke quickly swallowed a mouthful of orange juice and said, “Calculus, Biochem, break for lunch. Chem, then seminar. You should be done by 4 PM.” “At the very least, in plenty of time for our goodbye dinner tonight,” Dave said.
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    Unexpected Pleasures by Ultrabeef As I worked up a sweat on the treadmill at the gym I couldn't help but gaze longingly at the big beefy muscle dudes grunting and heaving those really heavy weights in the free weight section. As they high fived each other after their heavy lifts and felt each others muscles, I secretly longed to take one of them home. But I already had a boyfriend, Jae, a cute Asian twink who made me a very happy guy except for his definiate lack of muscle and adversion to going to the gym with me. It's not like I am a big muscle bro myself either. I am slightly overweight and just look like an average middle aged guy with blond hair and glasses. I mean, if you look up “high school history teacher” in the dictionary you’d find a picture of a guy like me. I just fit the mold of my chosen profession I guess. But I really find muscle guys attractive. I mean, a big hulking muscle brute is such a turn on. But no such guy would ever be interested in me. We are in completely different social categories, different worlds. So I feel lucky to have my cute twink boyfriend. I mean, I could be alone, right? I tried to get Jae to come to the gym with me, tried to get him to drink some protein shakes and bulk up, but he just wasn't interested. Lately, he would just get pissed off when I asked him to come work out with me saying "why can't you just love me for who I am?" I told him that I did love him but he would look so hot with a little bit of muscle on him. To which he would always reply "Well, if you like muscle so much why don't you work on getting bigger yoursef?" Truth is, I've tried. I watch what I eat and work out regularly but I do like my morning donut and and am more of a cardio guy than a free weights guy anyway. So I would just have to be content with gazing at the muscle dude eye candy at the gym. As I was getting off the treadmill I bumped into my friend Drew. He was all to familar with my woes and struggles with my boyfriend Jae. Maybe I shouldn't have vented to him so much, but I needed someone to talk to about it. Talking to Jae was pointless. Drew was a cute guy, mousy brown hair, decent build. "Hey, Jeff! Just the guy I've been looking for!" Drew had an air of excitement about him today. "What's up Drew?” “I found the solution for your problem with Jae!" "Look, there is no 'problem' with Jae ok?" I muttered exasperated. "Oh sure... I mean...well, you know what I mean!" Drew sheepishly mumbled. "Anyway, see that guy over there in the white tank top?" Drew motioned toward the free weight area of the gym. My eyes practically bulged out of my head. In the free weight area was a massive bodybuilder in a white tank top and white compression pants that hugged his powerhouse quads and glutes. His tank top was stretched to the limit by his boulder shoulders and massive jutting pecs. He was so wide and bulky. How had I missed him when I was on the treadmill. He had a decent face but it was no comparison to his gorgeous, almost over muscled, body. "Holy shit" I muttered under my breath. "Yeah, him!" Drew grinned and smacked me on the shoulder. "Anyway, you go talk to him. He's got a solution to your Jae problem." "What the hell are you talking about? I don't want Jae beat up!” I replied confusedly. Drew just laughed, "he's not going to beat him up! He's got some stuff that can help make Jae bigger -- whether he wants to be or not!" Drew winked mischeviously and sauntered off. I stood there for a minute trying to process what he had just said. Then I looked over at the big muscle guy again and saw him looking at me. To my surprise he was motioning me over. I looked around assuming he was looking at someone else. But he was actually motioning to me. I took a big gulp of air and cautiously walked toward the muscle hulk. "Are you Jeff?" the big guy purred in a deep bass. Jesus! he was even bigger up close. I had never been this close to a big bodybuilder like this and my eyes didn't know where to look. It was more than I could mentally process. This guy was totally jacked with striated, veiny, rock-hard muscle. J...Jeff...um...yeah...that's me" I stammered like an idiot. The big guy broke into a huge grin and laughed in his deep bass. I think the entire gym could feel the rumble. "I'm Lance. Drew told me everything, come with me", he turned and waddled toward the locker room. As I followed his massive legs that rolled around each other as he walked; I sucked in a deep breath at the sight of his huge basketball sized glutes straining the flimsy fabric of his lycra leggings. The locker room was empty as we both entered it and my mind briefly shifted to annoyance. I would have to bitch out Drew for telling this complete stranger about the problems Jae & I were having. Lance opened his locker and started fishing around in his gym bag with a big meaty paw. "Here is is!" he grinned and handed me a small test tube of clear liquid. "What is it?" I asked as I rolled it around in my hand and held it up to the light. "It's the juice bro! Muscle grow juice" the guy grinned and flexed a huge bicep in my face. "Get your boyfriend to drink this and he definately won't be such a tiny twink anymore". My mouth went dry as I struggled to understand. "Is this real...?” I stammered stupidly. "Does this look real to you?" Lance took my hand and placed it on his rock hard huge chest. I could feel the warm, hard, striated muscle. I could feel myself getting hard. "Oh shit..." I started to moan, as I grabbed at the thick pec meat. “You really like big muscles don't ya, cutie-pie?" Lance grinned. "Did he just say I was cute?!". My mind was reeling as I struggled for something to say. "Um...are there any side effects?" I stammered. "Well, it affects each guy differently but everyone experiences extreme muscle growth. Some guys lose some intelligence, or experience cock growth or shrinking. It just depends. How badly do you want your boyfriend to look like me?" "So badly!" I groaned almost shooting my load in my pants at just the thought of Jae being a huge muscle guy. "You better get home to that guy of yours" Lance grinned. "He is one lucky dude to have a guy like you". Lance leaned over and planted a kiss on my cheek before he sauntered off leaving me totally at a loss for words. I don't think I drove very carefully all the way home. I was way too distracted. Once I got home I saw that Jae wasn't home from work at his interior design job yet. I carefully made him his favorite post work cocktail and made myself one as well. Then I emptied the glass vial of clear liquid into his drink and stirred it around. If this muscle growth formula worked I was definiately going to need a drink too, I thought to myself as an evil smile crossed my face. Then I ordered a pizza for dinner. Jae got home from work a few minutes later and was in an especially foul mood. "Hey babe! I made you a cocktail" I handed him the laced drink as I kissed his cheek. "Work was awful today!" Jae ranted. "I'm sorry babe. I think this evening will get much better". Jae stared at me suspciously. Just then the doorbell rang and I put my drink on the table to get the pizza from the delivery boy. When I came back Jae was already sitting at the table sipping his drink. My heart was racing! "What's the matter with you today? You're so freaking jumpy" Jae glared at me through his thick black rimmed glasses. "I must just still be hyped up from my workout" I muttered as I took a big gulp from my own cocktail. Jae and I ate our pizza I near silence. I guess I hadn't realized how strained our relationship had become. As I ate I looked at Jae for any sign on muscle growth. I didn't notice a thing. I had forgot to ask how long it would take to work (if it worked at all). As I finished my cocktail and munched my pizza I started to feel a little dizzy and warm. "You ok?" Jae looked up at me. "Yeah. Why?" I asked gasping for breath, I took off my glasses and wiped my forehead. “Well for one thing you are sweating through your shirt" Jae rolled his eyes, "it's digusting". I looked down and saw that indeed the armpits of my t-shirt were soaked with sweat. My arm looked strange too, thicker somehow. I felt so strange. "Wh...what's happening?" I whimpered. “What's happening is that Drew called me from the gym and told me about your sick plan to drug me up!" Jae sneered with distain in his voice. "So, when you went to get the pizza I switched my drink with yours". I stared at Jae trying to comprehend what he was saying but my head was feeling cloudy. “Wha...Jae...switch?” I managed to mumble. I felt so heavy and bulky. I looked down and realized that I couldn't see over my pecs. Holy shit! I had pecs?!! There was this big shelf of flesh blocking my view. Just then I heard my shirt tearing and my pecs flopped out, thick nipples pointing toward the floor as my massive chest swelled into two thick pillows of beef. “Help...me!” I moaned as I could feel my shoulders swell and my crack as it flared wider as well. “Oh fuck! Look at you! You overgrown roided out pig. You wanted to do this to me?! How does it feel, freak?" Jae laughed. I looked down at my bulging body in confusion. With the growth in muscle, my intellect had definately shrunk. I flexed my swelling arms and watched the corded muscle bulge and saw the thick purple veins snaking under my skin. I felt slow and dumb. "Drew and I have been secretly seeing each other for months now, dumbass!" Jae sneered. "This was the perfect way to get back at you for always being on me about working out! You like big muscles! Well, you’ve got em!” As I tried to stand up I could feel my pants tearing open, freeing my enormous quads. I was unsteady on my feet as I tried to adjust to my added bulk. How big was I anyway? “Now I'm going to dump you, you overgrown moron." "J...Jae... and Drew...a couple?!" I stammered foolishly as Jae grabbed his keys and headed for the door. "I can't believe I dated you for so long! Your muscle fetish is disgusting! See ya, freak!” Jae slammed the door as he left. I made a fist and watched the veins snake across my forearm. It actually felt really good as I flexed by powerful arms and watched the hard, straited muscle bulge. I cupped my thick pec and it was bigger than my hand. I shivered in pleasure as I touched my big, sensitive nipple”. “Oh fuck! Feels so good!" I heard myself mumble in a deep, slightly dumb voice. "Big, swole, muscle bro!". My thick cock started leaking pre cum as it swelled up out of my remaining tattered underwear. "Big, fat, muscle dick too" I moaned as I grabbed my thick shaft and started to jerk my meat mindlessly. “Fuuucccckk!” I moaned loudly as what felt like a gallon of cum sprayed out of my monster cock. I rubbed the cum on my hand across my huge pecs and ran my finger into my mouth, tasting my own salty muscle spunk. Just then there was a loud knock on the door. I looked up, embarrassed at my nakedness and enormous size. “Jae must have come back” I muttered as I crossed to the door. As I opened the door, it wasn’t Jae on the threshold but Lance, the huge hunky bodybuilder from the gym. “Well, holy fuck!” Lance growled as he grabbed his swelling dick in his tight white shorts, “look at you!” I blushed in embarrassment and mumbled stupidly “I...I got bigger...”. “Yeah, no shit hot stuff!” Lance smirked. “I decided to follow you home. When I saw your little boyfriend leave, I figured something must not have gone according to plan”. “Jae...tricked me...thinks...I’m...” I swallowed back the lump in my throat “...I’m a disgusting freak”. Lance placed his hand on my thick shoulder and leaned in placing a passionate wet kiss on my lips. As I gave in to the emotions I was feeling, I felt my muscular pecs and abs smash against Lance’s. I moaned softly as Lance’s tongue pushed its way into my mouth and I felt his strong hands cup my ample bubble butt. I hugged his wide powerful lats lowering my hands to slap his big muscle ass. As we pulled away from each other Lance smiled and held my hand. “Damn boy! This is truly and unexpected pleasure! You are hot as fuck muscle daddy!” As I panted and pulled Lance in to me I purred “so are you, my muscle stud”. I grabbed Lance and pulled him to the sofa where we went to town exploring each other’s muscles and fucking each other like men possessed. “I hope Jae doesn’t come back” Lance grinned. “Who’s Jae?” I asked with a confused smirk before talking Lance’s thick cock into my mouth.
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    Muscle Mice from Mars by Mr. Mouse The following story is a work of fiction written with no intention of deriving profit from it except for adding to the spank bank. All characters are copyright their respective characters in the Biker Mice from Mars universe and this story was written as an erotic parody. It should also be said that this is not a part of the BUST Club series and just takes place in the Biker Mice from Mars universe separate from anything that might go down in the BUST Club's Multi-Toon Universe. It was late at night and all the Biker Mice had been sleeping over at the Last Chance Garage in their stay-over cots. At least they were... As Vinnie stirred from his bed he wandered over to the fridge for a late night snack and then found himself unconscious on the floor with no explanation. The next thing the white-furred biker mouse knew he was strapped to a metal table. There were massive metal cuffs on his wrists and ankles that held him to the lab table with his arms straight out spread eagle. His tail had been bound down to keep him from doing anything untoward with it. He looked down over his bulging pecs to see he was still clothed in what he had worn to the fridge: Just a pair of blue pajama bottoms and a pair of pink bunny slippers. “Alright. Who's bright idea was it to try and kidnap the baddest motorcycle mamma jamma in the universe?” asked Vinnie as he struggled against his restraints. The huge muscles flexed over the seven foot tall biker mouse's frame but the three inch thick cuffs didn't budge an inch. The table shifted so that the mouse was rotated to a stand-up position with his arms still straight out to his sides. He had a feeling he should have worn his lucky neckercheif to bed that night but it was too late to worry about that now. He had bigger problems... much bigger. Strapped to a table just like his, but bigger, was a ten foot tall, blue scaled, muscular, dragon-like monster named Gorgonzola. He recognized the big blue naked monstrosity but noticed that his massive genitalia were no longer hidden but rather that his very human like and massive cock and balls were out on display at the given moment. “You know, Limburger, I agreed to give you this genetic sample willingly for moolah. I don't see hows all this is necessary,” said the blue-scaled monster of a man. Laurence Limburger then stepped out from the shadows as Carbuncle, his personal mad scientist followed with a massive milking machine tube over his shoulder. The Plutarkian smiled, “Necessity? Perhaps not. However, after our last few encounters I find that such precautions do provide a better peace of mind, as it were.” Carbuncle walked up with the massive tube on a hose and cleared his throat, “Ahem... for the er um... extraction... I will need your phallus to be erect.” “Sure thing bub,” said Gorgonzola. On command his massive foot long soft cock started to grow till it was a three foot long iron rod of destruction that pointed straight out from his groin. His massive balls swelled in anticipation while his giant dick leaked copious amounts of precum. The mad scientist placed the tube over the first half of the blue-scaled beast's cock and it immediately started to suck. Gorgonzola curled his toes and flexed his muscles. The restraints strained but held, “Oh yeah. This is the best cool million I ever did make.” Vinnie watched in awe at the massive cock that put his foot long hot dog to shame. Speaking of it had started to get harder in his very revealing pajama bottoms. The white-furred biker mouse blushed but then shook his head, “Hey! What's the big deal here? You kidnap me in the middle of the night for some freaky deaky sex show, fish face?” It didn't take long for Gorgonzola to erupt, flooding the tubes with a deluge of white juice fresh from the tap. While he was busy cumming, Limburger answered the mouse, “On the contrary my mouthy mouse nemesis. You see your being here is just coincidental to our plans. Some of our goons were breaking into the last chance garage to steal when the caught you off guard. They knocked you out and got out without notice apparently. It will be morning before the other mice notice and by then it will be too late for you will be a deceased member of the control group.” “Control group?” asked Vinnie, “Using mice in a medical trial, eh? How original.” “Not medical per say,” said Limburger, “You see as my associate here provides us with his copious volumes of seed, Carbuncle is extracting the essence that allows him to vastly increase his size and strength exponentially.” Carbuncle was busy working away at a computer console, “Speaking of which my most odious of leaders. I have isolated that component and am extracting it now.” A vial of glowing blue liquid started to fill next to the computer console as the monster finally finished cumming what must have been a thousand gallons of seed which had filled the containment tank to the bursting point. “Whew. Glad I held back a bit or your little container might have got destroyed by my load there. Good to know I still got it.” “And now that you have the money has been wired to your off planet accounts.” said Limburger. “So you're gonna give me his super strength increasing mojo? I mean... that sounds like a bad idea,” said Vinnie, “Not that I want you to stop but still...” Linburger chuckled, “Oh my dear biker mouse, no. I will be giving it to Greasepit who will then proceed to demonstrate his increased strength by ripping you in half with his bare hands.” “I gotta say I like that plan a lot less,” said Vinnie as he felt his boner subside completely. “Duh I gots ta say I kinda like the idea mousie,” said Greasepit as he walked out of the shadows to join Carbuncle and Limburger, “What do ya want me ta do now, boss?” “If you would be so kind dear Greasepit, take that vial injector and inject yourself with the serum please,” said Limburger, “Then after you get your new strength, tear that dear biker mouse apart.” “Duh you got it boss,” said Greasepit as he made his way over to the large injector vial filled with glowing blue liquid. He grabbed it but it slipped a little in his greasy hands. “I know I'm not part of this project any more but I gotta say that something seems off with your plan, big cheese,” said Gorgonzola, “Trusting that grease-handed goon with anything seems like a big step backwards in any plan.” “You're right you aren't a part of this project any more,” said Limburger as he pressed a button on their transport chamber and zapped the blue monster away, “And Greasepit may be many things but his loyalty is absolute.” “Duh you got dat right boss,” said Greasepit. He gave a salute to the Plutarkian but in doing so he slipped in some of Gorgonzola's excess precum and slid across the floor like he was on an ice slick. He tripped, stumbled and tossed the injector vial through the air. It landed in the worst place possible... Right into Vinnie's flexing bicep. The cylinder automatically injected it's contents in the blink of an eye then dropped to the floor and broke. Vinnie didn't know what to make of it. Had the crack pot scientist's vial really given him some kind of super strength? Only one way to find out. Tune in next time for all the sexy mouse parts! Just kidding. You can clearly see there is more story to scroll through. There was a tingling sensation throughout the mouse's body and soon he glowed with a bright blue light but then returned to normal. He flexed his muscles and felt different now. He felt powerful before with his increased martian strength but this was far and away much better. Real power. His muscles flexed, bulged and swelled bigger on his frame till he went from a professional body builder's build to something beyond when his muscle groups all doubled in size. He grunted as he looked down and could no longer see his feet over his top shelf pecs. He didn't know it but his five inch soft member went to a nine inch soft member that was thick as a beer can when totally unerect. His height remained the same glorious seven feet as before but his hands and feet swelled to keep up with his power packed body. Were he wearing his gloves the meaty hands would have torn free and his massive feet made short work of the bunny slippers as they ripped out. His legs packed muscle upon muscle that threatened to rip out of his now super tight pajama bottoms. “Whoa! Talk about a pick me up! That's more like a pick me up up and away,” smiled Vinnie, “Now it's time to show just what these bad boy mamma jamma muscles can really do!” He gave a flex and his restraints ripped from the table on both his wrists and ankles. That flex shredded his pajama bottoms and left him in a pajama cloth thong that bulged so obscenely with his massive package it could hardly be said to have kept him decent. Vinnie hopped down and noticed that the cuffs stayed on. Limburger chuckled, “Those cuffs are Monstrellian Steel, made to fit whoever they are upon no matter what size or shape they take so good luck getting out of those.” The powerful mouse looked at the cuffs then at his reflection in the shiny metal table he tore free from. He gave a few flexes and poses then kissed his bicep, “Who needs to get out of them? I think they go well with these,” Vinnie gave a mammoth flex and then said, “Now I know I had a bodacious bod before but this is ridiculous. Mouse babe extraordinaire is gonna tail whip this place to nothing... but first how about I add a little size the way that big blue meanie used to?” Vinnie put his thumb in his mouth and started to blow. He didn't gain much in the way of height but as he did his muscles gained size and mass, the stone floor cracked under the weight of his massive feet as the several tons of biker mouse exploded in muscular girth. He caught his reflection and looked to Carbuncle who was scanning him with some kind of device, “Yo! Science man. What gives with the gains?” “It a-a-a-a-appears that the serum vastly increases both mass, strength, and muscular density with every blow to the equivalent of what Gorgonzola did but with the subject remaining a more manageable height,” said Carbuncle. He put his fingers to work at the controls and started to convert the remaining monster semen into the muscle serum. The much more muscular mouse pivoted on his feet innocent like as he watched the scientist work. Two more vials filled and only just as the monster semen was deplenished, “Whatcha think you're doin there, sweetheart?” “We're making more serum and you are going to die!” said Limburger as he pulled a machine gun out from behind him. He unloaded on the massive mouse and at first Vinnie put up his arms, only to find he was bullet proof. The mouse chuckled and thrust his chest forward then started to walk towards the Plutarkian. Limburger panicked as the footfalls shook the ground and cracked the floor under the biker mouse's muscle weight. Vinnie blew into his thumb more and his muscles swelled even larger still. The remnants of his pajama thong fluttered to the ground as his now foot and a half long soft cock with massive balls ripped free. Limburger saw this as a point of vulnerability and fired his tommy gun at that massive package but the bullets bounced off it all the same. However, it did start to arouse the tremendous mouse. His height reached eight feet tall as the plutarkian stopped firing then said, “Uhmmmm heh. Look my good Mr. Van Wham perhaps I was a bit brazen in trying to fire a gun at you like that but can't we simply talk this out?” Vinnie kept walking up as the Plutarkian backed up, “There is a time for talk and a time for action... and speaking of action...” he looked down at the three foot long colossal pillar of mouse flesh that jut forth from his crotch as a monument of mouse cock, “I might need to get some action to get this baby to go back to sleep.” “Duh I'll give ya a little action biker mousey!” Greasepit shouted as he ran up to Vinnie. Vinnie stopped and held up a hand as the massive and greasy muscle man charged him. He flicked the man with his pointer finger to the chest and knocked him through several walls at incredible speed in the process, “Whoops! Heheh guess I don't know my own strength.” “Carbunkle! Do something!” Limburger shouted as he ran for the elevators. His scientist rushed to the elevator as well and the pair got stuck in the door side by side. The massive mouse looked over the pair then to the machine that could make more muscle juice. He saw the two vials then walked over, shattering stone under his powerful bare feet. He took the two vials that remained and held them gently in one hand while with his other hand he brought down a fist on the machine. That downward punch sent the machine through the floor, and several floors down, causing it to explode. The building shook but held together. “I don't think I'll ever get tired of that,” Vinnie said with a playful bouncing of his gargantuan pecs. The mouse watched as Carbuncle and Limburger made their escape in the elevator up and he shrugged, “Looks like it's time to blow this popsicle stand,” He walked up to a wall and then through it like it were made of tissue paper. He did this several times over until he found the wall that lead to outside. He looked down and was apparently on the 50th story of the 100 story tall building that was Limburger Tower. He grinned and hopped out casually, cratering the floor even with that small gesture. Vinnie relished the feeling of the air blowing over his massive naked body, clothed only by the metal cuffs that Limburger was so kind as to provide. He hit the ground with a crash that cratered out from his eight foot hyper muscled frame it flipped over several vacant and nearby cars and left him standing in a literal crater in the street fifty feet across and twenty feet deep. He set down the vials of muscle formula and carefully covered them with rubble for protection, “Be right back my little beauties.” The tremendous, naked, bulging, fully erect mouse climbed from the crater of his own making and then walked up to Limburger Tower while stroking his throbbing three foot pillar of mouse cock., “Time to rock Limburger's world in a way he never thought possible.” Vinnie blew into his thumb and kept blowing, swelling bigger and bigger, his muscle grown larger and stronger, more density added with each blow. His cock engorged till it was five feet long with beach balls for testes that swung behind impossibly muscled legs on his now nine foot muscled mouse frame, “Oh ho ho yeah! Let's do this!” The mouse went up to the side wall of the tower and thrust his invincible column of mouse cock into the side. He gave a powerful flex then lifted the entire building off it's foundation by his cock strength alone. “Oh baby where have you been all my life?” The biker mouse dug his beefy fingers into the wall of that building and held it up with ease as he started thrusting in and out of the building, quaking the few left inside and even the ground around him. His feet sank down up to the knees but the Plutarkians had replaced the building so often that they made the foundation he stood upon quite impervious to most damage, hence why he didn't sink into the ground instead of lifting off the building. The mouse neither knew about that nor cared as his precum exploded out with the strength of a dozen broken fire hydrants as he pained the lobby and started to fill the first floor up. Feeling the fluids splash and the building's stone mash against powerful dick drove Vinnie wild. It wasn't long before his balls began to swell and the ground trembled with the force he was about to unleash. Vinnie moaned, “Three...” then thrust again and groaned, “Two,” then pounded his hips to the building again, “One” and it was just one final thrust when his cock swelled and he felt the seed jet down it saying, “Blast off!” His massive cock exploded with millions of times the potency it should have been able to were he a normal martian mouse which would have only been a few dozen times more than the normal human but now he unleashed a torrent of white hot cum from his titanic cock that exploded up through the floors of that hundred story building as he filled it. His eruption filled all one hundred floors of that building with cum spurting from every window and exit door before the mouse let go and his second shot rocketed the building off like a literal rocket into orbit. He held his cock and kept spurting a rain of cum that drizzled down over Chi Town for a good twenty minutes. Better than the normal acid rain most would say. His muscles deflated to how he looked shortly after his initial injection which still left him far stronger than ever before by several dozen times. However, he was still naked except for the metal cuffs on his wrists and ankles. He walked up to the cars he'd accidentally flipped on his descent from the tower then flipped them back casually. The hood popped off of the last one and he took it in hand then looked to his nakedness and his foot long flaccid cock. He blushed a bit then stepped on the middle of the hood then pulled it up around him, ripping out the middle and then folded it down over his legs and his swinging junk to make a makeshift metal kilt for his own decency. The mouse went back to where he stashed the muscle serums and recovered them then started the walk back home as the sun started to rise on Chicago, “Man my bros are gonna love getting huge like me. But we're gonna need Charlie to help modify the bikes for a little added weight... among other endowments. I wonder how I'll find pants now... or boots... oh well...” Vinnie chuckled to himself as he playfully flexed his new found super muscles the whole walk home.
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    THE ALASKAN GERMAN CONNECTION I was stranded on the Autobahn in a parking area. I was driving a rented car when one of the tires had a blowout at eighty miles per hour. Cars whizzed by as I limped the car into the parking area. A Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV stopped and the guy asked in German if I needed help. I gulped when I looked in the window because the guy was massive. I didn’t speak German and he didn’t speak English. I have a translator app on my phone and spoke into it asking for a ride. He flexed his arm while looking at me like a piece of meat; he nodded, and said “Ja”. I showed him a business card from the hotel where I was staying and he smiled. He looked over at me and flexed his arm again before focusing on the road. Instead of dropping me off in front of the hotel he parked in the hotel’s parking garage. I swiped my card key to enter the hotel and dropped it trying to put it back in my pocket. He picked it up “In welchem Raum bist du,” he said. “Zimmernummer?” he said pointing at the card. “der raum, der plaz.” “My room is 318,” I said after looking at my phone translator. He found the room and opened the door. “Willst du mich einladen?” he asked. Will you invite me inside, I read on the translator. “Badezimmer, die Toilette. I didn’t need the translator to know he was asking to use the bathroom. He was probably was stopping to relieve himself in the parking area restrooms when he saw me. I sat on the bed to call the rental car company. They spoke English and I was fine until they asked where the car was parked. He knelt on the bed behind me and took the phone. I understood Autobahn and assumed he was telling them the mile marker number or the closest exit. I moved to stand as he was talking and before I was on my feet he broke the connection and wrapped his arm around me to pull me back onto the bed. I jumped up when I realized he was naked. The man was a mountain of muscle. “Hast du nicht nach einer mitfahrgelegenheit gefragt?” he spoke into my translator while stoking his hard cock. Did you not ask for a ride? It told me in English. “That wasn’t what I meant. I meant a ride to the hotel,” I protested but he was already starting to undress me. When I shoved his hand away he grabbed my tee shirt and lifted me off my feet. My back was against the wall with my feet dangling and he was opening my belt. My shorts and sandals fell to the floor then he peeled off my bikini underwear exposing my hard cock. The next thing I knew I was flying through the air and landing on the bed. Then the only thing on my body was his massive physique. “Du warst hart, seit du in meinem auto sitzt,” he smiled and rubbed my hard shaft. You was hard… in meinem auto sitzt. In my auto sit? So that is why he kept flexing; he thought I was asking for sex. “No, no, you misunderstood,” I said pushing against his massive chest. “Ja, Ja, sitzt. Setz dich auf meinen schaft. Reite mich!” Meinen schaft, meinen schaft. Reite mich; My shaft. Ride me. Holy shit he wanted to fuck me! Dann werde ich oben sein und dich ficken… translated to: then I will be on top fucking you. He reached for a jar of petroleum jelly and coated his cock. “Reite mich,” he said as he turned to his back and held up his thick cock. “Condom, rubber,” I said as he lifted me like a feather and made me straddle his abs. He rubbed his cock in my ass crack and then parked it at my hole. “Fuck,” he said as he released my weight and his cock started to enter my ass. I wasn’t ready for this. It felt like he was going to rip me a new ass hole so I tried to reject his invasion by pushing his cock out like I was taking a crap. “Ja, Ja!” he yelled as more of his shaft slipped into my ass. He held my hips until I slowly slid the rest of the way down the shaft. I shivered as his cock raked along my prostate. I knelt up again, until just the head was still inside my ass ring. He muttered as I rode him up and down a few more times, getting used to the new sensations. I was getting fucked. I was bottoming. It felt just... awesome. “Oh fuck,” I moaned. My eyes rolled back in my head and I threw my head back. “Fuuuck.” “You are like meinem hard cock, Ja?” “Fuck yeah. Fuuuuuuuuck.” He thrust up into me and I no longer had total control. I was so hot. I rose up until just the tip was still inside my tight wet hole. He started thrusting up and down, sliding in and out using long slow strokes at first, then faster and harder until I was begging for more. “Ngnnn. Ahhhh. Fuuuuuuuck.” I put all my weight down on his hips and ground in circles, leaning forward so his dick could hit my prostate. I put my hands on his chest and began to flick his nipples with my thumbs. Each time he thrust upwards I gasped. After a while my legs gave out, so I pulled off of him and rolled over onto my back. He took my hard cock in his mouth and bobbed up and down on it a few times, then lay the full length of his body down on top of mine and after a long passionate, kiss he rubbed his rough beard against my neck as he spoke in my ear. I had the feeling he was telling me what he was going to do next. He knelt between my knees and threw my legs up over his shoulders, grabbed his dick, and guided it to my wanting hole. Then he started to fuck me into oblivion again with the long, slow, steady strokes. He paused and lowered the full weight of his sweat-slicked muscular body on mine. He pushed and bucked to get the full length of his shaft inside me as I wrapped my legs around the small of his back. He was muttering as I used my ass muscles to squeeze his cock. He would thrust several times and then rest as my hands roamed all over his physique. I had the feeling he loved having his muscles worshiped. Suddenly he pulled out and flipped me over onto my hands and knees. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto his cock again. I arched my back, giving him my ass. He pounded me faster and harder, his big rough hands began sliding up and down my sweaty torso like he was worshiping me. Several times he pulled out with a pop and slammed his cock back in to the hilt. Then in a final onslaught he began to thrust into me relentlessly. “Fuck-ing taking meinem cum!” he yelled as he pulled my knees back and collapsed onto my back. “FUCK!" he roared and I felt his gigantic cock expand and then erupted with thick powerful jets of cum. He kept thrusting deep and holding there as wave upon wave of his hot seed was spewed in me. He would pull back so that only the head of his cock was in me and then thrust in hard to pack his cum deep inside my body. His lunges and grunts continued as his cock was convulsing uncontrollably and more and more of his load was emptied into me. I awoke in the brightly sunlit hotel room. I had no idea what time it was. I was lying against a massive naked body with his big arm around my back holding me tight. My head was resting on that immense chest and my morning wood was poking into his muscular thigh. I ran my hand over his pecs, down his abs, and onto his hard cock. It felt like it was a foot long. His balls felt like plums in his low hanging ball sack. I felt his arm flex against my back and he literally lifted me so we were face to face. His huge hand palmed the back of my head and he planted a kiss on my lips. “Guten morgen,” he smiled. “I am hope you sleep vel.” I sat up and put both hands on his massive pecs and leaned forward to look in his eyes. “You understand English,” I stated the obvious. “But you sprekin nien German,” he smiled. “And you took advantage of my naiveté,” I said twisting one nipple. “Was ist naiveté?” “Innocence, no experience, virgin,” I explained. “Virgin yes but nein to innocence,” he chuckled. I twisted the other nipple and he moaned. His monster cock was leaking pre-cum against my balls. “You ass ist tighten fuck rount my cock. Ve fuck again, Ja?” I moved back and put my cock in his ass crack. He thought that was hilarious. “Nien I am no fucked. You ist fucked by me.” I hopped off the bed and started the shower. He followed and put his arm around my shoulders as I pissed. His flow started and even that sounded more manly than mine. His musk was strong enough to get my cock stirring. We showered together, washed each other, dressed, and went to eat while the room was being cleaned. Hans spent the next month with me showing me his country. He fucked me five or six times every night and again every morning. If it rained or the weather was bad we fucked even more. I sucked his cock during the day as we toured or while he was driving. His understanding of English was better than he let on to me. My German was improving enough to order a meal and generally understand a tour guide giving us local history. Hans made me speak German even though I made a lot of mistakes. That last weekend in the Bavarian Alps something changed. I had the feeling he was up to something. Our lovemaking was more intense and more passionate. I dreaded returning to Alaska where my new job would consume all my time. I couldn’t imagine being without Hans. My repeated fantasies and daydreams made Hans a knight in shining armor that would beg me to stay with him in Germany. He would reveal that he was Baron Von Heidelberger or something. He would tell me he was wealthy beyond belief and I could live with him forever. There was always a scenario that allowed us to be together but in truth he was between jobs just as I was. My credit cards were close to being maxed out but would be paid off in a couple months once paychecks started again. We pooled our money. He had the vehicle and I provided the fuel. We stayed at hostiles and in dirt cheap B&B’s. We slept under the stars. We ate at buffets. We picnicked. We fucked in the woods or after skinny dipping in a remote location. All summer long I had been living in t-shirts and shorts but it was chilly high in the mountains so I needed a sweatshirt. The man in the shop led me to a pile of sweatshirts that would fit Hans. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get Hans a sweatshirt too, I thought. The salesman handed me a shirt to try on. He insisted I try it on even though I said it was too big. Once in the changing room I found the shirt too small. I took a long hard look at myself in the three way mirrors. I stripped to my jock and ran my hands over my body. My physique was starting to look like Hans’ and at first I was shocked but then I was pleased. Hans said I was a sexy man and now I believed him. My hardening cock stretched the jock downwards just like his did. I paid for the sweatshirts with a credit card that had a zero balance that I kept aside for moving expenses, deposits on utilities, rent for my new apartment, and living expenses until my first paycheck arrived. Back at the room I did a striptease for Hans and that turned into one of the most passionate nights we ever had. I fucked Hans for the first time that night and in the morning we drove to the airport in Munich so I could fly home. Life in Alaska was torture without Hans but I threw myself into the new job to keep my mind off what I had lost. Working fourteen hour days kept me exhausted. Sleeping alone meant sleeping badly. My phone bills calling Hans were astronomical but that was the only thing that kept me sane. Then after the worst day of my career I returned home through the first snowstorm of the season which seemed more like a blizzard. I looked at my watch and realized it was hours after the time I was supposed to call Hans. As I stepped into the elevator I dialed my lover on my cell phone. The doors opened and a phone was ringing in the hallway. “Guttentag,” the gigantic man standing in front of my door said into his cell phone. He was here! “I wast too alone vith out you,” he said when he saw me. I ran to him with tears in my eyes and all was right with the world. All Pictures Muscle Morphs by Hardtrainer01
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    Eventually, you RELISHED your growth going out of control. Sure, you'd officially flunked out of your second year of college but economic analytics was harder than you anticipated... Thankfully, you were very lucky to have such a strong group of bros to support you. And they certainly did- when you initially told them you'd wanted to start working out more seriously, they actually gave you bags of supplements and 'lifestyle' tapes. The tapes were weird (all about 'motivation', working out, or dieting) and even when you always found yourself waking up towards the end of them you'd watch them religiously. Hell, the guys eventually started making your meals for you, too and it didn't take long for the gym to become second nature for you. You got BIG. Your confidence burst through the roof and you were cocky or even mean; you deserved it! Nobody could have gotten as jacked as you, nor as strong. Regardless, you were always kind to your bros. They were the ones making you big, too. Hell, after a while you started feeling like they worshiped you, in a weird, communal way. Each one would bring you a can of weird beer of a brand you couldn't pronounce and of course you'd end up shotgunning it as a challenge. At some point doorways were becoming a challenge due to your width- that's when the guys would laugh at your wide, stumbling gait but still help you get upstairs to bed. The side effects made EVERYTHING bigger. Some of the bros bought you new shoes every time your feet started getting cramped in your current pair. One day you'd dozed off again after a weird lifestyle tape, waking up with an excess of morning wood and one of your younger buddies sucking on your long toes. You felt embarrassed but there was something about when he asked you to flex for him that kept you laying comfortably on your increasingly smaller bed. He'd ask you questions about wanting your growth and if you liked it; you'd answer with honesty as you milked your fat cock, his chuckle making you smile naively as he moved to massage your huge feet and massive legs. You were getting massive and it felt awesome! All you could really think about was getting bigger and having fun with your bros. After a while it wasn't weird at all to find yourself flexing or working out in the basement, naked, and you consistently found yourself serving the guys however they asked. You almost cried when the school told you you'd failed all your classes; you couldn't even remember the last time you'd even gone. The guys told you it didn't matter, you could still live at the house and to not even sign up for another semester if you didn't want to. So you didn't bother with school. Hell, you used to consider yourself a rather smart guy but nowadays you could barely keep up with complex conversations your bros have at home. The guys would laugh when you gave a ditsy comment and tell you to show of your tits instead. You'd happily peel up (or ripped off) your shirt, showing off your massive pecs. You loved showing off, after all! They called you a good 'himbo' and directed you to administer twice the doses of supplements you were accustomed too. You explained to them your pectorals were seemingly increasing size even faster than the rest of your body, feeling sore almost every day. They gladly began giving you more thorough daily 'massages'. Nowadays you find yourself practically shaking the earth beneath your heavy steps, your quads and hams so wide you have to move in an awkward waddle. Your time is religiously spent in the basement gym or with your loving bros. Sure, they graduate and new ones come in, but you always find tight relationships with them. The guys worship your massive, sweaty body and always make sure you're well-taken care of. You've lost track of how many years have gone by and sometimes wonder if you're not really getting any older, either. You're fucking huge. Sometimes the guys are sweeter and love letting you strut around with a proper alpha male cockiness. Others are meaner, tricking you into tight situations or letting your huge pecs go without milking for days at a time, letting you murmur in discomfort like a proper bull in heat as your pecs start looking overdeveloped even for your massive frame. A rare few actually manage to fit your huge cockhead in their mouths. Some manage to fit you inside them (dangerously) but most often you enjoy feeling a bro sniffing and lapping your hairy, muscled pucker before stretching it out with their fat bro cock. For as much as you have to eat, absorbing protein through your bros' thick cocks is a benefit you gladly enjoy. There isn't often a party where you turn down a proper pose down, letting all the guys worship you as they pump you full of beer and cock.
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    "Don't be shy, hold my hand. If anyone says anything, I'll tie them into a knot."
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    A Quick Workout It was late and I couldn’t sleep. My mind was still going a thousand miles an hour. I had several good sales leads on top of the signed contracts. The show and convention was finished and all I had to do was show up in the morning and feed the service reps that were taking apart the instrumentation and getting it ready for shipping. I packed the leftover liquor from the hospitality suite in my trunk. I always left the partial bottles the hotel provided and decanted a portion into the empties that I brought. It wasn’t more than I would have consumed with the customers. It was my habit to splash a taste on top of the mixer in my glass so I could keep a clear head. In other words I didn’t consume but a few drops around the customers. The rest I took home with me. Maybe it was wrong but it was better than some of the salesmen that blatantly took everything home. I went to my room and faxed the signed contracts with the associated paperwork. Then I packed the papers to drop off at FedEx. Driving back to the hotel I passed a gym. On a whim I pulled into the parking lot. I needed a good cardio workout or a swim if the pool was open. The hotel gym left a lot to be desired. The hotel pool was super chlorinated so I didn’t swim in it. I usually ran a couple miles before breakfast but today I did nothing to maintain my physique—such that it is. I am muscular but not huge like superheavyweight bodybuilders. Much as I would love to have a body like that, my very expensive suits wouldn’t fit if I gained that much muscle. It would take a year’s wages to replace all my suits. Business suits on big men like those superheavyweight bodybuilders just don’t fall right. The only suits I want to see them in are posing suits, gym shorts or bathing suits. They should have something on so I can order them to strip. The sign said it was a 24 hour gym but they closed at about four in the morning so the cleaning crew could sweep through the place. They opened again at 5:30am when I would be asleep in my bed. I pulled my gym bag out of the trunk and paid my guest fee. I took a selfie to prove I was there and then I jumped on a treadmill. By the time I finished I had the treadmills all to myself. As midnight rolled around the gym was becoming deserted. Those leaving were doctors and nurses from the hospital nearby that got off work at 11pm who came to work out for an hour. I fantasized about a couple of them but I needed some physical stress relief not a roll in the hay with a potential client. You see I sell to the medical industry. After my run I decided to do a light workout on the weight machines. As I entered the weight area I noticed a couple guys posing before heading to their showers. I assumed that the dress policy wasn’t strictly enforced at that time of night. One guy in particular caught my attention even though he was fully clothed. You can’t hide muscle like that with a shirt, a sweat shirt, or even a football jersey. The width of the shoulders and thickness of his arms gives them away every time. Tight ass, big legs, and the amount of weight on the bar mean’s he cannot be a mere mortal. I got some side glances from a couple ladies. “Not a chance in hell,” I muttered to myself. I get hit on all the time and that’s why I wear the wedding band I inherited from my grandfather. That little band of gold does wonders to keep the ladies at bay—some guys too. I wanted to be noticed by the big guy working out but I suspected he was an alpha. Guys like him don’t notice guys like me. He was lifting alone in the free weight area. I was using a machine doing high reps with low weight so I could watch him lift without seeming like I was staring. I made it look like I was doing sets while I was watching in a mirror when all of a sudden he pulled off his windbreaker and revealed his muscularity. The weight on the machine I was using crashed down onto the stack even though I managed to hang onto the bar. He looked my way and I rubbed my triceps as if I had worked them to failure. I walked to the water fountain stretching nonchalantly. I decided to do some abs exercises. If there is anything that I overwork it is my abs. The more you work them the smaller your waist appears. I launched into my midsection routine and worked myself into the zone. I was so focused I didn’t even see the big guy any longer. My abs routine works all the muscles from my below my pecs to my hips which includes lower back exercises. I worked up a good sweat and hadn’t noticed that the big man had disappeared. I buried my face in my towel and then I headed for the water fountain. Lost in a fantasy about the bodybuilder visiting my hotel room I didn’t see him following me. I stood after a long drink and backed right into his body. I jumped and he grabbed my delts to steady me. “Damn!” I said when I felt his strength. “Don’t sneak up on a guy like that,” I laughed and I immediately went into sales friendly alpha mode. He was shirtless. My mouth betrayed my awe when I let out an involuntary gasp. I covered it with a light cough into my towel. “I thought I was alone,” I said as he bent to drink. I was drinking in his physique. His back overflowed with muscle. “There are usually more here but this is Friday night—really Saturday morning. They are probably just getting home from dates,” he said as he extended his hand. “Brad Cook, I haven’t seen you here before.” “Don Adams. I’m here at a convention that just wrapped up tonight. Letting off steam so I can sleep,” I explained my visit to the gym. “Killer abs routine,” he said as he tapped my midsection with two fingers. “Real focus. You would be huge if you applied that to the rest of your muscles.” “Then none of my suits would fit!” I chuckled. I bent for another sip of water and I knew he was checking out my ass. “So why aren’t you home with Mrs. Adams?” “First, I have a breakfast meeting in the morning. Second there is no Mrs. Adams except for my mother. The ring is to ward off evil harpies,” I said wiping my face. “I always finish off my workout with dumbbell curls. Want to join me?” he asked. “Okay, I’ll start at the small end and work my way up and you start at the big end and work your way down,” I suggested. “No. It is best to start with the heaviest first. Start wherever you are comfortable and work down to the lighter weights. Skip down if you find the next weight too heavy to do ten reps with each arm… until failure,” he said like he was training me. I watched him walk over and lift two 200 pound dumbbells and start curling. If my arm was a foot thick like his, I could curl that too, I thought. I saw guys doing this at the gym at home but they were showing off. Brad was working out. He racked the weights and flexed his arm as I walked by to choose my first weight. I tested with something too heavy and racked it without doing ten. I went lighter. I saw that he wasn’t just pumping up his biceps but rather he was also working his forearms and triceps. I skipped down to twenties and focused on curls using smaller and smaller dumbbells until my arms were dead. “Pick up the two pounders and give me ten,” I ordered to show my alpha. Brad smiled. He picked up the weights and only did eight reps. “Two more,” I said touching his forearms from behind. The forearm muscle was like living steel and bigger around than my biceps. I could see he was struggling before he racked the weights. He flexed a double biceps and his man musk surrounded me like a cloud. “The punishment for pushing me past my limit is… rubbing liniment on my arms after we shower,” he said as he did other arm poses. I did cool down stretches with him and then we headed to the locker room. “Guess I’ll have to shower at the hotel,” I said as I lifted out my empty body wash bottle. The shampoo had one wash left in it. I started to pack up and he tossed me a sample size bottle from his bag. “I always have an extra or two,” he said as he tossed his towel over his shoulder and began to walk toward me. Bodybuilders are supposed to have small cocks but his was a good six inches long, uncut, and I don’t think it would fit inside a toilet paper tube. “Let’s go, I need that rubdown,” he said as he ushered me into the open shower room. He walked in and turned on the two showerheads in the corner. I took the opposite corner. Mine were the wimp flow showers, but his were pulsating against his skin like the blast of a fire hose. “Join me. These are better.” The water bounced off his skin and created an aura. I shut off my water and moved over into his corner. I stopped looking at his physique so I wouldn’t get hard. I washed my hair and as I rinsed he started washing my back. I felt an involuntary tremble run through my spine. He didn’t stop at my back. He knelt and washed the back of my legs and then he reached around and did my thighs. I was glad that he didn’t make contact with my cock because it was rock hard. He stood behind me with his back to me. “Turn,” I ordered. “Can’t,” he said. “Why? Because you have a hard-on too?” I asked. He nodded and I turned him to face me. Our cock’s made contact and I backed away. “Holy shit!” he gasped. My cock was small in diameter but grows to nine inches long. His, on the other hand, was probably six inches in diameter and two inches shorter than mine. “Don, I…” he muttered. I held him by the shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “Would you consider… fucking me… with that perfect cock?” he said as he searched my face. “You? Me?” I said with a smile. “You can’t tell anybody,” he added. Did he recognize me as the alpha male? He grabbed the body wash roughly started to wash my chest. “Now wash me… slowly,” he added. I washed his backside and he turned while I was still kneeling. He grabbed the sponge and washed his own cock and balls. “If you had washed my cock you would be covered in cum,” he said as he helped me stand. I washed his chest and arms. I didn’t want to scrub away his musk but he insisted that I wash his shaved armpits. “That was sensual,” I said softly as we dried. “My house or your hotel?” he asked. “For the rubdown,” he said to my questioning look. I noticed that he didn’t mention the fuck he wanted. I had condoms that fit me in my room. Most normal condoms were so lose they usually slipped off. “Hotel,” I said as he walked away to get dressed. We were dressed so similarly could have come from the gulf course. His golf shirt made his shoulders look a mile wide. As we entered the lobby I began a friendly conversation about fly fishing. It was actually a joke I heard where the novice fly fisherman snags the seat of his pants. “On his first cast he dropped the fly right by the deep spot. I assumed he snagged a log. He set the hook and we all expected him to reel in a piece of driftwood. We had all done that so we were ready to have a good laugh at his expense,” I said as the elevator doors opened. We stepped inside as I continued. “I don’t know who was more surprised, him or us. He reeled in a twenty pound Salmon on his first cast. It was the biggest fish that day!” I said as the doors closed. “Did you catch anything?” he asked in a soft voice as we stepped off the elevator into the quiet hall. I walked two steps and swiped the card key in the door reader. The door closed behind him and he turned the lock before I answered. I ran my hand up his broad back. “I caught you,” I said. “I think you’ll find that it is the other way around,” he said as he swept me against his body and pressed his lips to mine.
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    Chapter 63 “What is it, buddy?” Luke said, pulling out his phone. I had dozens of calls, hundreds of messages… I couldn’t process the information. Dave looked at Luke’s phone, then pulled out his own. “Yes!” he exclaimed. “Why so excited?” James asked, taking his phone out. “My phone crashed,” Dave said. “Why is that exciting?” James said, scrolling through his screens. “I’m in charge of Chrissy’s social media. I had so many notifications that my phone just shut down.” I went to open my inbox, and my phone went black. “Mine just crashed too,” I said. “This is amazing!” Dave was as excited as he’d been after opening night of his play. We went back to the car—it was an even tighter squeeze now that I was weighed down with six meals’ worth of food—and drove back to campus. We figured we’d have an easier time making sense of this in the dorm room on our laptops. Dave was so excited that he was speeding like a maniac. On the drive there, Luke and James, who both still had working phones, began finding any information they could. “There are already nineteen tumblr sites dedicated solely to Chris,” James said. After a moment, he added, “Twenty.” “The video of you dancing onstage went viral on youtube and facebook,” Luke added. “Why are you on Soundcloud?” James remarked, completely flummoxed. “I don’t know. I’ve never recorded a song.” “You have two songs trending on Soundcloud,” James insisted, showing me his screen. It hit me. Rocky and La Mancha. “Who posted those?” Dave raised his hand. “I got bored during the interviews.” “Two hands on the wheel,” I insisted. “You’re on Spotify too,” Luke added. “And that podcast you and I did is trending on three or four sites,” James added. “I just did a basic Google search, and, buddy, these results are fucking weird.” “What do you mean?” I asked Luke. “Well, there’s all these rumors about you. You’re apparently taking over for Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. So You Think You Can Dance? has implied you’re on the next season. You’re also supposedly being recruited for the Olympic weightlifting team. They go on and on.” Dave braked suddenly. We were back at campus. We got back to the dorm room right quick. Running up the steps, I was momentarily distracted by the giant weight of my bulge ricocheting up and down as I ran, but soon enough we were up to the fourth floor. I was the last into the room and banged into the doorframe. I’d been in such a rush, I almost wedged myself in. I rolled my eyes, sighed, powered my way back out, twisted, and went back into the room. Dave was sitting on the floor next to an outlet, desperately trying to revive his phone. James was on my bed, impatiently powering up his laptop. Luke was at his desk, his laptop already on. “You’re a bona fide celebrity,” Dave said. He quivered with excitement. “But how did this happen?” I asked. “It was just a local bodybuilding show. There were no national stations there. No one follows bodybuilding this ravenously. And it was,” I did some quick counting, “only six hours ago.” “It’s the internet age,” Luke offered as a cold comfort. I was in shock. “I still don’t understand. How did this happen?” I went over to my computer chair and threw myself in it heavily. It collapsed under my weight. “Still don’t understand?” Luke asked. James had grown quiet. “You okay, James?” I asked. His face was strained. He looked like he was trying to hold back a scream. “People offered a lot of money for photos of me.” Dave put his phone down and stared James dead in the eye. “I swear, I never posted anything of you. I swear it. I took photos and videos, yes, but I never posted any of them. And I never will.” “Doesn’t matter. Spenser—one of the people who used to terrorize me in high school—heard the podcast, recognized Chris and me from the story, and spilled all about us online. They know my name. There are pictures of me, videos. It’s all out there. It’s only a matter of time before they find my phone number and email address too.” “I’m so sorry, James,” Dave said. James could barely disguise his rage. “Half the people posting about me want photos of Chris and me kissing because they want to see the hot muscle studs together. Some even ask if there are sex tapes. That’s bad enough, but I could learn to live with that sort of attention. Maybe. It’s the other half.” James took in a long breath to prevent himself from losing his cool. “Fuck these guys. The other half are saying hateful things about me. Hateful. It’s like high school all over again. I can’t even read them out loud. I can’t. It’s just... hateful.” His voice had a rough, growling quality to it. I’d never seen James this close to blowing his stack. I got up off the ground and went over to James. I sat down—carefully—on the bed and stroked his back. “Please. Stop reading those comments.” He clicked off the screen. “Yes. Right. Sound advice.” His words were so clipped I could tell he was still fighting back his wrath. Dave’s phone finally woke back up. “Thank God,” he said and began trying to sort his way through the notifications. As Luke and Dave waded through the chaos, James’s phone rang. “It’s Uncle Henry,” he said. “I’m gonna take this in the hallway.” “Good idea,” I said and kissed his forehead. “Give them my love.” James left the room, but I could hear him in the hallway. His voice kept rising up almost to a shout then falling near absolutely quiet. I followed him into the hall to make sure he was okay. “James?” I said. He wasn’t talking on the phone anymore. “I hung up on Uncle Henry,” James said, showing me the phone like it was a smoking gun. “I hung up on Uncle Henry. I never hang up on my dads. But he kept saying how it’ll all blow over and how I have to get a thicker skin. He didn’t get it. So, I hung up on him.” James looked so hurt. I held James close to me and felt him shake. “I’m sorry I did this to you.” James pulled back. “You didn’t do anything. You were gracious and kind and respectful. I blame a lot of people, but not you. I don’t blame you at all, Chris. Please know that.” “I do, even if you don’t.” James and I stood there for a few moments in silence. Then, he looked me in the eyes and asked, “Is this our life now? Is this our forever? People I’ve never met saying the most vile things I’ve ever read because I dared to fall in love with you before you got famous?” “So, I drop the famous.” “What?” “I don’t care about all of this. Honestly, who cares about all of this?” “Dave.” “Dave cares more about his own fame than mine. James, seriously. If this is too much for you, it all goes away. I choose you. I’ll always choose you.” “You can’t un-famous yourself.” “Oh no? You forget, I can blow up so huge that no one will mistake me for that puny little Chris who did that rinky-dink bodybuilding show. I’ll change my hair, and get some tattoos, maybe a face tattoo, and I’ll make a career as a stripper in some small Spanish-speaking town out West where no one will ever think to look for us, and it’ll be just you and just me again.” The absurdity of it all made James smile. It was a small smile, but it was a smile. “Thanks for that.” “Hey, no sweat. So, what do you say? Do I need to learn Spanish?” James held up his phone. “I’m gonna call Uncle Henry back. I’ll get back to you about moving out West.” I nodded and left James in the hallway. When I went back into the room, I found Luke sitting on his bed staring at Dave. Dave, in a pile of electronics on the floor, was manically darting between two screens. When he saw me, he shouted. “Chrissy! Great. Is James feeling better?” “Getting there.” “Good.” He waited as long as he possibly could, then asked, “You want an update?” I sighed and shrugged. “Sure.” Dave practically slavered. “Your Instagram account has gained over 200,000 followers in the last six hours, and the number keeps climbing. There are dozens of job offers here, all legitimate, all begging to pay. And I’ve gotten at least 15 different offers from professional managers, scouts, and agents. If today’s proven anything, it’s that you need more than me as a manager. You probably need a whole team.” I couldn’t process everything that was happening. I felt terrible about what I had done to James. “I just want to go to bed, wake up early tomorrow, and go back to my normal life.” “Fat chance of that,” Luke said. “There’s no putting this genie back in the bottle.” James came back into the room, looking more like himself. I started to ask him how he was, but he interrupted me. “We’ll finish that conversation later. My dads are proud of you,” he said. He then handed me his phone. “Call your parents. If they don’t already know, warn them. If they do already know, they’re probably trying to get through to your phone.” He pointed to my phone, which lay lifeless on my desk. “That’s right!” Dave said, and he raced over to grab my phone, hoping to reawaken it as well. I took James’s phone and called my parents. They were well aware of the media storm. Mom only had one question for me, “You’re not letting this get in the way of your finals, are you?” “Thank you, Mom.” I said. “I needed that.”
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    Chapter 62 “Tedious” and “boring” were not the correct words. “Asinine” and “repetitive” were. The first eleven interviews blurred into one homogenous lump. Every interviewer asked practically all the same questions. It’s like there was a foreordained script. How long have I been bodybuilding? What are my stats? Who’s my trainer? Without fail, they all commented on how I was having trouble sitting comfortably in their flimsy folding chairs. Without fail, I cracked the same joke about how I lift metal, not the other way around. Without fail, every interviewer remarked at how witty and well-spoken I was as if they expected me to be a braindead meat-monkey. From there, the questions evolved into my routine. How long had I rehearsed? Who was my dance coach? No one believed me that I’d mastered the routine in three weeks and that parts of it were improvised. From there, the questions turned to the safety pins. What exactly happened during the wardrobe malfunction? Why did I dare come back onstage? At least this gave me several opportunities to name-drop the designers and apologize to them for wearing something other than what they designed for me. I made it clear that if they had made the poser for me, it would have held. I would emphasize this point by flexing one muscle or another to stress test the clothes. Because of the extra mass, my bulk would threaten the clothing, but it always held. The first eleven interviews were also physically uncomfortable. I was afraid of putting my full weight on the chairs; I didn’t want to break them. I couldn’t cross my legs: my absurdly large package rendered that impossible. And so many people kept touching me and feeling me up without my permission. The only redeeming quality of the first eleven interviews was that the last question of each interview was different. Most made reference to one of my social media posts and asked me about the events surrounding the post. I would sigh and explain that my manager had put up all of these posts, so unless it was something memorable like the infamous soccer tweet, their guess was as good as mine. One of the interviewers asked if the Rocky Horror viral video was my actual voice. This was interview ten, so I was a little stir-crazy by then. Rather than answer, I rose to my feet and sang “The Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha. I don’t know why I picked that song—maybe I was punch drunk—but after I finished, the interviewer believed it was my voice in the Rocky video. On my way to the final interview, my parents showed up. I told them I wasn’t finished, and Mom said, “Don’t worry, the reservation will keep.” “You might as well watch the last one,” I said, and they followed me to the room. The twelfth interview was with this petite woman who had hair that belonged in an ‘80s music video. She was wearing a flattering suit and tie and had set up at a table with four sturdy, wooden chairs. Her phone was on the table as a recorder between us. She introduced herself as Dinah Talmadge and shook my hand. I expected this interview to be exactly the same, just with a comfortable chair, but it started out entirely differently. “What do you have to say to the gay and queer kids listening to this interview?” she asked. Slightly taken aback, I was momentarily at a loss for words. Then, it came to me. “Love exists. Don’t let anything get in your way of finding it.” Dinah nodded, and before she could ask her next question, I interjected with, “I’m actually surprised you’re asking about this.” “Why?” “None of the other interviews I did today even asked about me being gay.” “But you came out in what has traditionally been a straight-exclusive sport.” “It’s not that big a deal. I’m not the first gay bodybuilder.” “No, but you came out at your first show in front of a roaring crowd without a hint of fear or shame in your voice.” “I guess I did do that, yes.” “And none of the other interviewers asked about that?” “Not one.” “Even with your parents here?” “Nope.” “Would your parents like to join the interview? I’d love to get their take on having you as a son.” Mom shook her head no, but Dad came over to the table. “I don’t want to take my son’s time, but I want to say to any of queer kids listening to this that they can dream big. My son sure did.” “Thanks,” Dinah said, and Dad retreated back to watch the rest of the interview. “So, they’re supportive parents?” “Incredibly. My mother’s a pediatrician, so I expected her to have a fit when I started weightlifting. I was more scared to tell her that I was a bodybuilder than that I was gay.” “Really?” “Well, I exaggerate, but when I came out, it was a non-issue.” “Excellent,” Dinah said. “You mentioned onstage that your boyfriend doesn’t like being the center of attention. Was that code for him being in the closet?” I looked behind my shoulder at James. He nodded at me, giving me permission to talk about him. “Is that him?” Dinah asked. “Yes, but…” I started, but Dinah cut me off. “Would you mind joining the interview?” she asked James deferentially. “It’s audio only, if that makes a difference.” James tentatively sat down at the table next to me. “Thank you for joining us,” she said. “Are you out of the closet? If you’re not, I’ll be happy to use a pseudonym or alter your voice in post.” “No, I’m out. My name is James.” “James, lovely to meet you.” “James has been out at school since freshman year, but he just came out to his fathers back in October.” “Fathers?” Dinah asked. So, we began telling our love story—a slightly altered, PG version. How we met, how James pined for me for three years but I was oblivious, how he asked me out once I got into weightlifting, how I met his parents, how he’d met mine earlier that very day. “We’re almost out of time,” Dinah said. “Is there anything else you’d like to tell our listeners?” Neither of us had anything, so James just said, “Thanks for listening.” Dinah turned off the recorder on her phone and stood up. “Thanks for that, you guys. This was powerful.” “We were just talking. It wasn’t a big deal,” I said. “And that’s what made it powerful,” she replied as she shook my hand. With that, she left us there. “That wasn’t boring at all,” Mom said. “You weren’t here for the first eleven.” As soon as I finished talking, my stomach growled so loudly that it scared me a little. “Who’s hungry?” Dad asked. Thankfully, the restaurant was only a short drive away. Squeezing myself back into a car when all I wanted to do was eat the world prolonged my torture. I was immediately thankful to have the seatbelt extender—I would not have buckled otherwise. Even the lap belt had trouble rising over the mountainous mound of my bulging package. The restaurant was fancier than I expected. “Do I need a tie?” I asked. Dave popped open his glove compartment and pulled out four ties. “They’ll let you loosen it or even take it off at the table, but wear it through the front door,” he said as he tossed a black tie at me. I wrapped the tie around my neck, but between the thickness of my neck and my protruding pecs, it looked like I was wearing a child’s tie, especially because my collar and top button were still undone. The restaurant was so crowded that I didn’t believe there would be room for us, but when the maître d’ saw us, he smiled, bowed, and gestured we follow him. “Soccer Tweet Family, party of six.” “You’ve got to be joking,” I said. “You’d be surprised the wheels that name greases,” Dad said. When we got to the table, there was a plate stacked high with French fries in front of one of the seats. “I know which seat is mine,” I said as I whipped off the tie and sat down. Everyone else picked their seats, as I began to dig in. When the waiter came to take our orders, I hadn’t even looked at the menu, but I’d demolished the plate of food in front of me. I turned to James. “Order for me. You know what I like.” “I’m surprised you still have room after all that,” Mom said. “With the amount Charles had me eating, I could eat ten of those before I got full,” I said. The dinner was pleasant. Mom had everyone turn off their phones while we ate so we could talk and get to know each other. There were a few tense moments when Mom asked how I afforded everything, but her fears were quickly allayed when Dave explained, with very few fibs, how everything was paid for. I, meanwhile, was in heaven. It was such a relief to eat without caring what it was I was eating. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed butter. I’d really missed butter. It was a liberation that I used to take for granted. I even ordered dessert. “Where do you put it all?” Dad asked as he watched James and me eat. I stood up and showed him my rounded belly. “This will slowly deflate over the course of the night. By bedtime, it’ll be gone.” “Is that what the Big Guy in-joke is all about?” Mom asked. I sat down and fell silent. How could I explain Dave’s hashtag? I didn’t want to lie to her, but I had no way of telling her the truth. “Actually, Angie,” James said. “The Big Guy hashtag is a rather crude joke.” Mom nodded knowingly. James had answered the question without lying. Dinner lasted hours. Actually, honestly, I had such a good time that I don’t know how much time had passed. Soon, though, I could tell my parents were flagging, so I told them it was okay if they needed to head out. After Dave paid the bill, my parents left to return to their hotel. They gave me a big hug, congratulated me on a good show, and left. The rest of us lingered over our drinks for a while longer. When we went outside, it was dark, but it got dark early in December, so I pulled out my phone to check the time. “Everyone needs to turn on their phones,” I said. “Right now.”
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    “Quick selfie” *You tenses your thick arms* *The phones camera flashes* “Damn, I’m a beast” “Nothing like my old body” “So strong… And well, black” “Not pasty like my old one” *You laugh* “Fuck…. What’s my old number” *You try to remember* “Oh yea” “He’s gonna love this pic” “Gets to see what he lost” “Sorry boys, I know this has been hard on you” “I just couldn’t do it anymore” “Being nearly 50 and so unfit and unhealthy” “You’d have done the same if you’d been in my position” *Your two boys stare at you, both angry* “I know…. I’m technically now more your brother then your father” “Though we don’t look alike” “Neither of you are over 6ft4 like me” “Or have muscles like I do” “Or an amazing jaw like this one” “Though you both could get tattoos” *You flex a tattooed bicep, both your sons glare more angry then before* “Though they won’t look as good as mine do” “Well… I don’t have much money anymore, because I’m only 22” “So hope these burgers make amends, till I get a job modelling or doing porn”
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    "Somebody, a long time ago, called me a wimp. I set out to prove them wrong. Could a wimp bench an SUV? I think not."
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    The Metamorphosis This is Mike. Mike wasn’t exactly a loner in the gym because when other guys of his caliber were in the gym they worked out together. It was rumored that he worked out four hours a day but because of his job he didn’t come to the gym at any regular time. I always left the gym by 10pm so if he came in really late I didn’t see him. One time when he was there early in the evening I noticed that he hired a guy to reserve the next workout station for him so he didn’t have to wait. Mike would walk up and the guy would quit lifting and wipe down the machine for him to use. Once or twice he spotted for Mike but they didn’t talk. Mike could have been a cop, a bouncer at a night club, or a spy for all anybody knew. Somebody speculated that he was a Federal Air Marshal and others said he was part of a secret Special Forces team that traveled around the world doing jobs for the government and that he was a sniper. All I knew was what I saw. He was 6’2” and his entire physique was huge. I had seen his soft 6 inch cock a few times in the gym showers but was only able to admire his cock from afar. It made me wonder how big it got when he was hard. I had been fucked by men but had never had a cock that big in my ass. I fantasized about giving it a try. There was very little chance of that happening because he never even acknowledged that I was in the gym. I never talked to him and he didn’t talk to me. My shoulders had been sore all day and my light workout was making it worse. I needed a massage but couldn’t get an appointment for a couple days. Someone suggested the hot tub. I shuddered at the thought of stepping into the hot tub at the gym no matter how much chlorine they used. That’s why I had a Jacuzzi tub at home. There was a steam room in the gym and I thought the heat might loosen up the knotted muscles. I read the warning about not staying in the room for long periods. It was like one of those drug commercials on TV. Warning; if you are pregnant or have a heart condition… don’t take… blah, blah, blah, blah. There was a temperature display that said it was 85 degrees in the sweat box. The sign said the temperature could get as high as 130 degrees and to use caution. The air was thick and wet when the door closed behind me. It seemed like someone had saturated the rocks, turned down the temperature, and left. I wondered if it wasn’t some shutdown procedure they did before the shift change. There was a thermostat and a timer. I had no idea how they worked. “Don’t touch that,” a voice said from the upper shelf. “Shouldn’t it be hotter in here?” I asked. “Not if you want a long slow soak. Lower temperatures let you sweat longer.” The guy stepped down to add water to the hot rocks and I nearly ran. It was Mike. He added water, quickly opened and closed the door, and then he went back to his perch. I sat as far away as I could. “Can I ask a question?” I ventured. “Sure.” “Will this help loosen the knotted muscles in my shoulders?” “That depends,” he chuckled. “Did you lift heavy?” he said sarcastically. “Tension from work and stuff,” I replied ignoring his sarcasm. “Get over here and sit in front of me,” he ordered. I sheepishly grabbed my towel and bunched it in front of my hard cock. I was going to sit so I could turn and talk to him but he pointed at the bench right between his knees. His hands rubbed my upper back and shoulders like a professional masseur. “This is tension alright. Did your girl catch you with a guy, huh faggot?” “Huh? NO! Hey, I’m not gay,” I protested. Everyone including Mike knew I was bisexual because Larry couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Mike used the heel of his hand to press an area of my spine. I heard and felt the vertebrae pop back into alignment. I moaned because the tension was gone. “What’s your name? I’ve seen you in the gym. You watch me,” he said. I started to deny it but then thought I better fess up. “I’m Randy. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind having a physique like yours,” I admitted. Mike laughed. I blushed when I thought about the double meanings. Mike leaned back and opened his legs. “If you can get my cock hard you can suck it,” he laughed. I thought he was baiting me at first but I was up for the challenge. I knelt on the lower bench and got between his knees. I slowly took his soft dick in my mouth and started to rub my tongue all around it. Mike was stoic when I started but I knew what I was doing and almost immediately his cock started to stiffen. I ran my mouth over his man meat and reaching down I began to ever so softly fondle his balls. In no time at all I had him rock hard. He lay back on the lower bench and I sucked him a little longer just to ensure he wouldn’t go soft when I attempted to sit on his cock. Finally, I grabbed some petroleum jelly and rubbed a generous portion over my ass and then all over his dick. Mike just laid there with his hands behind his head not moving. He had a smug look on his face as if he knew no ass could possible take his long fat cock. I crawled up and straddled his body and began rubbing the head all over my ass hole. When it felt all lubed up I sat down a bit putting his mushroom head inside me. It was too big and the intense pain made me jump and when I moved his cock slipped out of my ass. “I told you that you couldn’t take it,” Mike said with a laugh. I wasn’t done trying. I rubbed his still hard cock over my asshole and tried again. As I sat down, I pushed with my ass muscles and he slid into me a bit easier. I sat and slid half of his hard cock in. Slowly I lifted myself up, almost pulling him out before sat again and I took every inch of his cock. He let out a long satisfied groan. I knew Mike would never allow this to happen again so I had to show him how good I could make him feel. Over and over I stroked his cock in and out of my ass. Soon it didn’t hurt at all and I quickened the pace. Finally completely comfortable I began lifting my ass up until I popped the head of his cock out of my tight ass and immediately shoved it back in four or five times taking every inch of his shaft. His hands came from behind his head and they both reached down and grabbed my legs at the top of my thighs. I knew he was going to pull me off so I quickened my pace and fucked myself harder. Going for broke, I rode him faster and deeper. I felt him tense up and felt his cock pulsing in my ass as I tried my best to make him want me. Then just as it was getting unbelievably good I could see his muscles flex and just before the upstroke I heard him tell me to stop. I very slowly rose up off him, squeezing my ass muscles around his cock as I went until I felt his big tool leave my ass. I didn’t want it to end but it was over. I lifted my leg slowly over him and sat down next to him on the bench. Then he did something I never expected. He put his hand right in the middle of my chest and pushed me down on my back. I was shocked as he rolled his huge muscular body over on top of me and prepared to fuck me missionary style. One of my favorite fantasies is an aggressive man wanting to fuck me while I worshiped his hard flesh. He placed his hand on each side of my head and tried to drive that rock hard cock back into my ass. I quickly reached down and guided his cock home. As soon as I touched him he thrust forward and pushed himself in me. With about 3 more fast thrusts, every inch of his huge dick was all the way up in me. He didn’t miss a beat. He was going to fuck me until he shot his cum. He pounded his tool in and out of me over and over. The pleasure was intense but the thought of what was happening to me was even better. I wanted him and he was now fucking me with all he had. I spread my legs and wrapped them around him opening up so he could go as deep as he wanted. Over and over he pushed his big long cock in me as hard and as deep as he could to make my ass as his. Holding himself up on his forearms over me I could see his massive physique flexing. His eyes were closed as he thrust his cock into me and I could feel his big balls slapping my ass. I reached up worshiped and then held on for dear life. The feeling was so intense, I had never been this full before and his desire was playing on my mind making me want more and more of his cock, again and again. I know it wasn’t that long but, it felt like forever and it felt so good. It was hard to believe a man that strong and that muscular was lying on my body. I was his to do with as he pleased for as long as he wanted. I knew he wanted to fuck me and cum. I knew he wanted to seed me! I felt nothing but pleasure deep inside of me and I felt my ass spasm as if it was jacking his cock. The force of him driving himself into me made me feel like he wanted more of me. I told myself I would submit to him in any way he wanted. I felt waves of pleasure run through my whole body as I felt his muscles tighten up. He arched his back and I lifted my ass up to meet his every thrust taking in all of him and loving every stroke of his rock hard cock deep in my ass. Lesser men would be telling me that he was taking me like I was his bitch, his whore but this was just how I wanted to be fucked. I had never been so turned on. Rarely does a man fuck like a wild animal, abandoning everything, forgetting everything except his own pleasure. I could tell he was moving towards an orgasm. His big muscular arms tightened around me as he pushed deep into me and froze for just a second. I felt him his body tremble and felt his cock pulse as his cum shot into me. Then he started fucking me again like he got a second wind. He pulled back and I thought he was done but he again pushed all the way and I felt his cock explode a second time. I could feel his cum shoot deep in my ass as he tightened up and pushed in again a total of five times. These were not gentle thrusts; he pushed his cock in as far as he could with the force of his whole body. His 10” cock was deeper than any man had ever been before. The pleasure was like nothing I ever felt before. I held on and pushed back into his thrust taking all of his cock and all of his semen just as deep into me as I could. He stayed there kissing my ear and nipping at my neck as he caught his breath. Then he reached up from under me cupping his hands around my traps as he pushed himself into me as far as he could go and held himself in me as the wave-like muscle contractions rolled through his whole body and I felt like I was having multiple orgasms. He relaxed and lowered all 300 pounds of solid muscle on top of me. I never thought being fucked by any man would be that intense. I was under him feeling the sweat drip down and my asshole was totally satisfied. I ran my hands over his incredibly muscular back and I wanted to hold him tight and enjoy the weight of his body on mine forever. As his cock softened and started to pull free he quickly pulled his dick out of my ass completely. He rose to his feet and walked out of the sauna to the shower room without saying a word. He left me lying there completely fucked and it was the best fuck in the world. He took me like I was the only thing he ever wanted. He used me as his. I had always found Mike sexy and had thought about him fucking me many times but my best fantasies were never as good as reality. I laid there a long time savoring the moment, savoring the experience. I committed to memory the perfect fucking so I could replay it in the future. I pulled my towel between my legs so I didn’t leave a trail of cum on my way to the shower. As I left the hot box I saw the sign on the door saying the steam room was out of service. It hung on the knob like a do not disturb sign in a motel. I quickly showered in a cubicle by the door and went to my locker to change and go home. Mike came out of the shower wrapped in a towel and sat down on the bench by my locker. He asked if I was okay and I nodded as I straightened things in the locker. I wanted to tell him about feeling the emptiness without his big cock in my body. I wanted to sit and talk to him. “I don’t know what came over me,” he said softly. Mike knew I was bisexual but was never interested in me. “I did something you might not like,” he said looking at the floor. I wanted to sit in his lap and tell him how much I loved being fucked by his big cock. “Mike, I’ll never say anything…” I offered. He looked up at me. “I took you for your word but I went too far. This isn’t the way it is done. There is always a waiting period after the first fuck. You get to see how your body begins to change and then you can make an intelligent decision about if you want to continue. You can back out after the second fuck but then by the third time the changes will accelerate and become more or less permanent.” “Mike, what the hell are you talking about?” I said to his face. I caught myself and looked down submissively. “You said you wanted a body like mine,” he said as he stood and held my hips pulling our bodies together cock to cock. My hands were at my sides and I didn’t know what to do with them. “I wasn’t always this muscular. Yes I love to lift but it is an acquired necessity. I needed to explain how my muscles started expanding after the third time. My mentor fucked me like I fucked you only he spread the three fucks out over a year. I gave you what he gave me but I lost control and you may have gotten everything in one night. You have no choice; you will have a physique like mine or maybe better than mine.” My hands came to life and I touched his massive physique everywhere my hands would reach. “Thank you Mike and now I’m gonna have to wake up and leave this dream,” I smiled. His hand slapped my ass hard. “Does pain like that ever happen in a dream?” he asked. “Should I slap the other cheek?” “Once is enough but you better tell me how this happens.” “You are going to see some changes in your body over the next couple of weeks,” he began. “First you will start to lose fat and at the same time your appetite will increase. You will begin to get hyper and the only thing that will calm that feeling will either be coming to the gym to work out or... It will feel like you are constantly sore from heavy lifting but it isn’t from lifting. You may notice your shoulders getting wider or feel like your shoes are getting smaller. The bones in your face or your hips might hurt yet your knees will stop hurting. Your dress pants might start getting shorter…” “What you are describing sounds like a second puberty.” “It will be the beginning of a metamorphosis,” he said with a serious face. “Something we may regret.” “Now you are scaring me,” I said pushing away. “It may be a case of too much too fast.” “What do you mean?” “This… we stimulate muscle growth and as a byproduct there may be some skeletal changes as well as sexual changes.” “I’ll turn into a woman?” I teased. “No!” he said slamming me against the lockers. “Don’t make light of this. You could die.” “Holy shit… Mike!” “You still might die if your body can’t adapt… this is all my fault.” “Tell me what to do and I’ll do it,” I said with fear in my voice. His concerned look turned to an evil grin. “They say that the negative effects of this type of metamorphosis can be mitigated and toned down by fucking the neophyte morning, noon, and night.” I rested my hands on his humungous rock hard pecs and looked into his eyes. “I seriously don’t want to die Mike, so when does the fucking start?” I said with all seriousness and concern but I guess he saw the twinkle in my eye. “Morning, noon, and night is a figure of speech,” he said without a smile. “I haven’t… I have no experience doing this but I know someone I can consult with and he is making arrangements… Randy from what I understand this is not going to be a walk in the park.” His words were prophetic. The treatment was more like a bath house orgy where I was the slave pig and men were there to use me for hours at a time. I was allowed to sleep but after a couple hours my cravings wrenched me back into the orgy room for more. After days of orgies my sleep periods slowly increased and my cravings began to return to normal… high normal… extremely high normal. I didn’t feel the need to lift weights for an hour ten times a day. My gym tine was slashed to a two hour session in the morning and another couple hours in the evening. I went from eight huge meals a day down to four but I still had sex a couple times a day. My life change radically in more ways than one. First, I lost my job because I was ‘sick’ for over a month. That wasn’t a big deal because I couldn’t go back looking like I do now. Second none of my clothes fit any longer. Third I lost my apartment because without a job I couldn’t pay the rent. Fourth I was addicted to sex but that wasn’t a problem either because I became a bodyguard for a couple of rich guys traveling around the world for a year. I was their fantasy and their protector but I am now a highly paid escort with benefits, I am an Air Martial, and a part time model. And last but not least I get to work out with Mike and the guys whenever I like. To show you how much I have changed this me at the beach in Hawaii showering off in 2017. Below is a picture of me after I went through the metamorphosis.
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    The Birthday Present None of my friends called. None of my family called. It was my birthday and this was the big 40 so it was downhill from here. I didn’t expect to live beyond eighty thus the downhill coast. Yeah it was the middle of the week and I had been avoiding everyone because turning forty was depressing enough as it is but there was nothing, no happy birthday, not even greeting cards, making me even more depressed. Out of frustration I went to my basement gym. I pound the weights is when I’m angry or like now, frustrated. I have amassed a rather sizable quantity of exercise equipment through various garage sales, yard sales and penny pincher ads. I’m usually a slacker working out just enough so I don’t get fat, except when I’m frustrated, stressed, or trying to work out a problem. Tonight I was pounding the weights big time only occasionally thinking about how dangerous it was not having a spotter and even though it is now around midnight I was nowhere near done. I was approaching hour three and I still wasn’t sure I want to stop any time soon. Once again I fucked up big time by letting my feelings and expectations get the best of me. By noon it was obvious that nobody remembered my birthday. My family, they were no different than some of my co-workers ignoring anybody but themselves because it might create some change in their little ordered existence. The house alarm going off made me rack the weights. The keypad told me the garage door was opening. I shut off the alarm figuring it was my dad. He was the only one who had an opener. He probably remembered at the last minute and was getting here just before midnight with some token gift… I told myself to take a deep breath and be appreciative that he remembered even if it was my birthday day for only another ten minutes. In ten minutes I would be 40 plus one day. I hung up my wet sweat towel and pulled on some running shorts since all I was wearing was a jock. I paused at the mirror and flexed out a couple poses when I saw how pumped I was. Fifteen years ago I was competition ready and I knew those days were long gone but pumped I didn’t look so bad. I bounded up the stairs to the kitchen to open the door for my dad. Throwing the door open I was hit in the chest by what felt like a paint ball. The impact knocked me on my ass. On bare skin a paint ball hurts like hell. Looking down the liquid was clear and spreading around my torso like a straight jacket. In the empty garage was a black sports car with motor off and the headlights on. Standing next to the car was a giant seven foot tall black man wearing only a bow tie. In one hand he held what I assumed was a pistol and in the other was the garage remote. The only hair on his body below his neck was at the base of his massive cock. Soft and uncut, it was as big around as a beer can and twice as long. The damn thing hung half way down to his knees. “I’ve come for payment,” his rich deep voice informed me as he set the gun and remote in the car. “Who are you and what the fuck are you talking about?” I yelled. “Get out of my house!” “You don’t remember me!” he burst out laughing. His huge cock slapped one thigh and then the other as he approached. “Your dad set this up 25 years ago when you were so sick the doctors at the hospital said you wouldn’t last the night. All he wanted was grandkids to carry on the family name. He figured if you were a jock and muscle stud by the time you were forty you would have five or six sons that were in college or finished with college but you made different life choices.” “What the fuck are you talking about? I’m calling the cops!” I threatened forgetting I was in some sort of straight jacket that was sticking to the floor like a Spiderman web. “That night in the hospital on your fifteenth birthday you were drinking something through a black straw. Do you remember?” “That was a weird dream. They were giving me antibiotics and drugs that gave me strange dreams!” I protested. “Your father assumed you would fuck your brains out like he did. You did but he didn’t know you would be fucking men and not women. That is my fault. My cum helped you recover and it made you muscular, as well as sexy. You like to think of yourself as a bisexual but what happens when you fuck a woman?” “I pull out so I don’t knock her up,” I postured. “That is a lie! Admit it! Your cock falls out of a cunt because your cock is limp and soft while fucking a woman but when you fuck a man what happens?” I didn’t answer. He seemed to know I could stay so hard I could fuck the guy’s ass through my orgasm and then keep fucking until I shot cum in his ass a second time. “I never…” “Your dad had you until you turned 40 and in minutes you’ll be mine. Think of me as your birthday present,” he laughed. “What do you mean? Like a slave?” “Hell no,” he said after he stopped laughing. “I get to take your virgin ass. I’m gonna fuck you and seed your ass stud. By dawn you’ll be begging me to fuck you again, and again, and again.” “Get the fuck out of my house!” I yelled but the sight of his physique had my cock insanely hard. “Twenty five years ago you sucked my cum and you became a bodybuilder. Just think what will happen when I inject cum where it can be directly absorbed into your body?” He stood over me and I was able to see his low hanging ball sac filled with lemon size balls that seemed to be churning as they swung between his legs while crashing into the underside of his cock. I tried to kick him in the balls but he grabbed my feet and rolled my knees to my shoulders. He bent down close to my face and it wasn’t long before I heard him groan. He had a gleam in his eye when he licked my face. “I can taste your desire,” he whispered as he reached down and ripped off my shorts and jock. “Get the fuck off of me… ohhhhh pleased no,” I moaned as his cock teased my hole. I loved being rimmed but never allowed anyone to fuck me. I had a good idea what was going to happen next. I trembled in fear knowing blood was rushing into his cock. He lifted his body up and I literally saw his cock growing. He chuckled and growled as he moved his chest over my face. He began to thrust his cock against mine making my cock pulse with pleasure. The two massive mounds of rock hard flesh rubbed against my face trapping my nose in the deep cleft between his pecs. He hadn’t exerted himself very much but he was sweating and a cloud of testosterone filled man musk was pouring off his skin. He lifted up and I could see his abs flex as he thrust his huge cock against me. I breathed in his musk as he lowered a nipple to my lips. My first instinct was to bite but salty sweat dripped onto my lips and on impulse I licked. I not only licked my lips, I also sucked his nipple. He moaned and lowered his full weight onto my face blocking my air supply. My mouth was fully open trying to suck in air and I turned my head side to side which I’m sure he interpreted as me stimulating his nub. I thought he eased up on me so he didn’t crush me but he brought the other pec to my lips with orders to suck and a warning not to bite him. As I complied he moaned in sheer delight and started to thrust his cock against mine harder because the feeling was so amazing. I didn’t want to admit to myself that I was already lusting after this man. Nobody has ever dominated me like this. He chuckled as he lifted into a push-up position. I could see his cock cowl was completely retracted. His massive cock was wet and dripping with pre-cum. His cockhead was coated with it and he offered a taste of it as I licked my lips. He sat on my abs and rubbed his cock on my lips. I lifted my head to engulf his cock and he moved back but not before I got a taste. The taste is so sweet that I want more. “You want more?” he asked as if reading my mind. A river of pre-cum came flooding out. “I can see that you want it really bad!” he teased with his deep incredibly hot voice. I proceed to move my head up to catch a puddle of it in my mouth. I began to suck on the tip of his cock and realized that was all I could get in my mouth since his cock was so immense. He roared and flexed his massive arms. He kissed and licked them feeling their power as my mouth worshiped his shaft feeling his incredibly thick quads against me. He demands that I service him. He moves off of me to stand and start posing. I watched him flex the thick muscles all over his body wishing I could feel them. I couldn’t help myself I and I began to beg him to fuck me. I wanted to feel his power inside me. “You want more?” he asked with a huge smile. He commanded me to lick his bouncing pecs since he knew that I like them. The massive thickness once again smothered my face. I sucked on his nipples and made him growl. I could feel him position his cock to tease my hole. I could feel his cockhead smearing his pre-cum all over my tight pucker. “Please fuck me! I’m going insane!” I begged. He held up my legs with his right forearm and put a thick finger at my hole to spread around the pre-cum. I could feel him push one finger in, then two, and finally three making me squeal and beg for the real thing. He continued to tease me as he pumped his cock a few times and squirted a jet of pre-cum into my hole to make it slick which drove me wild. I could feel him position his huge cock for entry. His wet cockhead was right at my entrance and I trembled. I couldn’t stand it anymore and started to squirm. I could feel his cock pushing my hole open wider and wider. It was painful but I this was the point of no return. He growled as he pushed more and more of his thick shaft into my ass. Once every single inch of his rod in my ass his big balls slapped my ass and I was closer to euphoria than pain. He pulled back and with his first long thrust my hunger for him was insatiable. I wanted his cum so bad I was crazy with lust. His thrusts were getting faster as he wrapped his arms around my back to get a good rhythm going. I realized that the spidey-web has melted away and is no longer gluing me to the floor. I wrapped my arms around his back to worship his physique. It made him crazy and he pushed his cock further into my ass as another jet of pre-cum lubricated the way. I don’t know how long he fucked me but it wasn’t long enough for me. I was almost disappointed as he began to pump me full of hot thick cum. Jet after jet of his cum flooded my ass as I moaned in ecstasy. “Fuuuuccckkk,” the black man moaned as I felt his cock spasm in an aftershock. His whole body trembled as several more aftershocks hit. The full weight of his body was on me but I hardly felt the huge muscles trying to crush me. I grabbed his ass to pull his cock deeper and he started to thrust again. After a dozen thrusts he shoved back in deep. “Fuuuuccckkk,” he moaned as several more aftershocks hit. I moaned in pain as muscle growth began to radiate out from my core. I could feel the vertebrae in my spine crack and reshape as my muscles started to stretch and grow and thicken. My pecs were starting to fill out and harden lifting the huge man fucking me. My arms felt heavy and my back muscles seemed to pulse as they thickened. I arched my back because the feeling was so unreal. “Fuuuuccckkk YEAH,” he moaned as another big aftershock traveled through his body. I began shoot cum between his massive torso and mine. He started to laugh as more aftershocks filled me with more cum. “The more I cum the bigger you get,” he said as he started to fuck me hard again. Before I shot my cum his cock felt like it was softening and slipping out but now it started to harden again. I could feel my body thicken even more as he fucked more of his cum into me. Maybe an hour later he lifted off my body, stood, and pulled me to my feet. I put my arms around his neck for stability and he pulled me against his body. I looked into his eyes which seemed odd because he was so tall. He ran his hands up and down my sweaty muscular back. He led me to the antique doctor’s office scale I use every morning while my coffee is brewing. “I can tell you I weigh 203 pounds,” I said. “Humor me,” he smiled. I stepped onto the scale expecting to adjust the small weight a pound or so one way or another. He moved the big weight to 300 and I slid the small weight to 56 and looked down to see if he had his foot on the scale. He didn’t. “Most guys gain about fifty pounds but you gained three times that,” he explained. “I love it! We need a full length mirror.” “My bedroom,” I said. I was almost afraid to open my eyes as I stood naked with my back to the mirror. “Flex and turn,” he ordered. I swiveled and stopped dead in my tracks. It wasn’t the massive muscles covering my body that had me frozen in disbelief; it was my face and my cock. I looked like I was twenty five years old again and my cock was as big as his. My skin was bronzed and my body was hairless from the neck down. “Fuck!” I hissed. “I told you that you that by dawn would be begging to be fucked,” he laughed. “But you won’t grow anymore,” he added. “I guess I wouldn’t mind being fucked again even if I don’t grow more muscular,” I said as I stroked his massive physique. We kissed and both our cocks started getting hard. “I’m so fucking horny,” I groaned as I led him to the bed.
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    Portrait picture taken of me in December of 2018 for a Christmas present at the request of my mom He Was Shirtless and Looking Hot Starting my second job after college put my whole life in flux. At 28 I was good looking, fit, still single, and available. There were a million things to do and I kept telling myself that I had to join a health club. Not only was my muscle tone fading I needed to take all my frustrations out on something. If I didn’t do it lifting, then I might start taking my aggressions out on people. Moving to a new city was like starting all over again. I had to find the cleaners, the grocery stores, the GNC, and all the places we take for granted when we live in the same place for years. Finding and furnishing an apartment was my first priority. I rented out of the city so taking the commuter train took almost two hours from my front door to the office. That meant that half my day was spent for work related activities. Four hours of that was wasted time riding a train, time I could spend in a gym, time I could run errands, time I could use to party so it only took a few weeks to absolutely hate that commute. I had just signed the lease so I was obligated to the torture for a year. I knew I wanted out of the suburban life so I began looking for a residence in the city. I was up front with the agent regarding my timeline and he made several suggestions one of which was buying an apartment in a high rise building scheduled to be finished just before my lease expired. I was not impressed with the raw industrial look of the sample apartment. I looked at everything from single family homes to small apartment buildings for the next several months. Three months later I took a chance and put an offer in on a building close to downtown where I worked. The commute would be cut to twenty minutes at most. The neighborhood was in transition because an on ramp to the expressway was scheduled for closure so the elevated roadway could be widened. There were other ramps on larger streets nearby so it wasn’t a big deal except for people who lived in the area. They hated the ramp because of the traffic jams it caused throughout the whole neighborhood. The traffic was so bad they feared for children going to school in the morning. When the ramp was built, some longtime locals moved out and building values fell. Drugs and gangs moved in which made more people leave. The parks and the wide median fell into disrepair and were eventually clear cut. A local neighborhood group fought the widening of the street leading to the ramp and won in court because of some archaic charter declaring that the median remain green space in perpetuity. Take away the green space and the land would revert to the family that donated it when the wide four lane street was built. The judge said the paved area may also revert to the family as well. The city engineers decided to close the ramp and improve the other ramps nearby. The offer I made for the property I wanted was accepted and I became a homeowner. The trouble was the rental units in the front building had all been gutted and now they needed to be put back together. The back building where I planned to live had been renovated for office space so all closets had been removed from the bedrooms upstairs. The good news was there were three huge bathrooms and the bad news was the bathrooms needed to be returned to residential configurations. Homes normally don’t have three urinals and three toilet stalls. All in all there were ten toilets in the three bathrooms. I assumed that I could live in the space while things were being fixed-boy was I wrong. Nearer to the expressway there was an old neighborhood shopping district where there once was a dry goods store, grocery store, drug store, a boarding house, movie theater, butcher shop, etc. In the 1950’s the boarding house and movie theater had been converted to a gentleman’s club which was a euphemism for a whorehouse, bordello, or brothel but it was closed down in 1968 because of the prostitution. The gays took it over and turned it into a bath house. It was on the brink of being closed again but the owners invested in gym equipment and turned it into a health club to avoid a forced closing. As a result the mainly gay clientele welcomed the straight members who gave the club some respectability. It was open 24 hrs, had pristine equipment and was cheaper than any other health club in town. For me you could not beat the proximity, the hours, or the price so I joined. What I didn’t know was that the club also had about thirty rooms with beds and tiny bathrooms which you could rent for an additional 20 dollars a night if you were a member. I understand that some rooms were rented more than once per night. The rooms were a throwback from the boarding house days. When the Madam took over she added stacks of bathrooms to the back of the building so the John could shower before going home to his wife. When the work started on my residence the plumber ripped out all three bathrooms and the carpenters ripped out the kitchen. Closets were being built and electricians were updating the wiring. I couldn’t live with the construction dirt and noise going on or the lack of facilities so I rented a room at the club by the week. All my furniture went into storage and my clothes were in the room I rented. At first it was a little weird being around so many openly gay guys. No matter what it was called it was still a gay bath house. A body would brush up against me in the locker room or the sauna, but nobody forced anything. The gym showers were communal, and often guys would be showering immediately after having sex with each other unless they had one of the rented rooms. One thing I have to say about the gays, they used the gym and watched their waistline. It was strange to see so many cocks of different shapes and sizes. At first I thought that most of these guys had bigger cocks, but then I realized that many guys were wearing cock rings to stay permanently semi-hard. I found myself looking more and more at the meat between their legs, especially the uncut guys. For some reason I was curious about how they escaped the knife. One time in the sauna I witnessed an Asian stud and a black bodybuilder meet and slowly slide into a position with the Asian guy sucking cock. Their position blocked my exit, but I wasn’t going anywhere because I was fascinated by the sight of this seven inch uncut cock disappearing into the guy’s mouth. The slurping sounds, the moans and the groans were highlighted by the look of sheer contentment on the face of both guys. After about five minutes the black guy put his hands on the back of the other guys head and began to thrust vigorously. The bodybuilder groaned and shot a load of cum. Squishing and slurping sounds filled the air and so did the fresh scent of semen. I was hard. I was a straight guy in a dark sauna full of gay men, and my dick was hard. I had not noticed at first, but several of the other men who were watching the live porn had started giving each other hand jobs thus the smell of semen. I was startled when my cock was engulfed by something wet and warm. I looked down to see the dim image of a rather muscular blond man sliding his mouth up and down on my prick. Then he took it all. No woman had ever taken more than half my cock and this guy swallowed it whole. It was too much, too fast. I was horrified by what was happening and angry with myself that I had let it go that far that long. I pulled away and headed for the shower. I told myself I left because I didn’t like being used but in truth maybe I liked it too much. I was in the shower about 15 minutes. A couple of guys that reeked of sex came and went but I took little notice. When the shower next to me was turned on I almost jumped. There was a good old country farm boy standing next to me. He slowly started to clean his cock, rolling the loose foreskin back, soaping it up, and then letting the water rush over it. I was in awe. I was still almost fully erect but he was soft. Our cocks were more than two feet apart but there was no mistaking that his soft meat dwarfed my hard 7 inch tool. Even flaccid it was several inches longer and way thicker than mine. He jacked the skin back and forth and turned around. I had never been aroused by a cock before, but now all I wanted to do was drop to my knees and suck his monster cock. My head was spinning. I turned away to hide my erection. Suddenly I heard his water stop. He was drying himself and preparing to leave. I felt like I would never get a chance like this again so I turned off my shower so I could follow him. He wrapped his towel around his waist and walked out. It was now or never. I acted instinctively and hurried out after him. I stood behind him as he opened his locker. “I’m sorry to disturb you, but don’t I know you from somewhere?” He turned and looked me up and down. “I don’t think so,” he chuckled. “I’m new in town.” I moved here a year ago myself. You sure look familiar where did you go to college?” “I’m from Iowa, went to Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.” “Isn’t that where the Pickers on TV are from?” “No, Ames is in the middle of the state. The Pickers live on the east side of the state on the Mississippi River.” “Oh, sorry,” I said. Jeez that was lame. I thought as I walked back to my room. About ten seconds later there was knock on the door. I thought about not answering because sometimes the gay guys take a chance when they see you go into a room. Sometimes I acted like I was in the bathroom and they would go away. He knocked again and I pulled the door open. It was the stud from the locker room. There he was shirtless and looking hot. I invited him in and we introduced ourselves. I offered him a drink and he made himself a strong rum and coke. “Well Luke, what do you do for fun in Ames Iowa?” “I like to suck and I like to fuck,” he replied as he stood in front of me. By then I was sitting on the bed. I looked down and was confronted by his hardening cock only inches from my face. He had pulled his belt open and the jeans had fallen around his ankles. His boxers had been shoved down around his thighs. I had two choices; I could throw him out or take him up on his silent offer. I decided to give it a try and explore why I was so turned on in the sauna. I took his soft cock in my hand and I heard a quick intake of breath. I opened my mouth and slid my tongue out over his foreskin, then opened my lips around the giant head of his cock. The silky smoothness slid into my mouth filling it instantly. I tried to mimic what the Asian guy was doing in the sauna. Before I knew what hit me he was fully hard. His shaft was a foot long and thick like a porn star. Damn! I could only get a couple inches in my mouth. He stepped out of his clothes and pulled me to my feet. “Tom, you should be naked too,” he said softly. When I was stripped he sat down on the bed and I fell to my knees. I really went to work moving up and down then swirling my tongue inside his sheath and around the underside of his cock. I did all the things that I had seen on line; all the things I wanted a woman to do to me. His ample pre-cum ran over my tongue lubricating the path into my throat. I sucked and licked as he put his hands on my head and forced my lips down until they touched his pubes. “That’s good. That’s excellent,” he said. He began to thrust faster and faster. Instinctively I knew he was close. I closed my lips around his cockhead as he fisted his shaft until his cum shot into my mouth. It filled my mouth and some ran out down his cock. I swallowed and choked as the thick tasty seed coated my throat. I was in heaven! Luke hovered over me on the mattress before he leaned down to lick my heaving sweaty chest circling my nubs and nipping them with his teeth until my back arched. Once he knew my Achilles heal he went to town chewing, licking and sucking my tits as I increasingly bucked my hips. His hands roamed my sweating muscular frame before heading south to force my legs apart. His fingers which seemed to be filled with lube started to circle my hungry rosebud until my hole was moist and ready, allowing his fingers to effortlessly slide in my tight ass. Luke finally abandoned his assault on my tortured bullets to come up for a kiss. “What a great way to spend the afternoon. I’d love to fuck the hell out of a sexy muscle stud like you,” he muttered. And all I could do was moan in reply. “I really needed to cum. Now it’s your turn,” he whispered. He flipped me over and I felt a tongue licking and circling my pucker before he speared my sphincter with his probing tongue making me whimper. Before long he began coaching me and teaching me how to relax enough to let him in. Finally I felt the head of Luke’s tool pushing in and I eagerly welcomed the thick rod stretching my tunnel until he bottomed out with a groan of satisfaction. “Damn, you’d think you were a fucking virgin. Geezus you’re tight!” he said but that didn’t stop him from quickly building speed. “Damn Tom, I can’t hold it... Oh fuck!” he yelled as his cock swelled in my ass and a load of warm thick jizz fired like a cannon. The searing liquid pumped into my ass and once done he lowered his hard body onto my back and wrapped his arms around my chest. I hadn’t cum yet but I savored the feeling of the huge hard sweaty muscular man on my back. A minute later he rolled to his side taking my body with him. “Tom,” he whispered. “Sorry…” his body trembled like he was having an orgasmic aftershock pumping more cum into my body. “I have been without for too long and I lost control…” I kissed his thick forearm and licked up some sweat. “You need more don’t you?” Luke chuckled when he saw me helplessly nod. I felt his cock slip out of my ass and I turned to face him. He turned to his back and I snuggled into the crook of his arm. His pecs were in my face and I couldn’t resist licking his body. I closed my eyes and slept. As I slowly became aware I realized there was a body spooning behind me. I remembered having a couple of drinks to celebrate the end of another week. I remembered being in the sauna and watching the gay guys. I remembered my cock being attacked and then seeking refuge in the shower… oh shit… the hunk I hit on in the locker room. He came to my room. Fuck! I willingly had sex with a guy! I had sex with Luke and his arm is around me and this is not normal morning wood because I’m super hard and leaking pre-cum. His hard prick is in my ass crack and I’m so horny I want to cum. It’s the smell! Damn his body is so hard and muscular! His breath is so hot on my neck… he fucked my virgin ass but I’d let him do it again. Or would I? I shouldn’t want that but I almost feel like I need more… man sex. “Luke?” I croaked. “Mmmm! You’re awake. I’ve been savoring your body for an hour.” He inhaled deeply. “I’m so hard I could pound nails with this thing,” he said as he kissed my traps. He gently began to thrust his cock over my tender pucker. My cock pulsed out more pre-cum. “What time is it?” I said. Jeez that was a dumb thing to ask, I thought. He is seducing me and I ask for the time. How sexy is that? “Almost ten in the morning,” he replied hugging me closer. “We stink and we should shower together to get this day started.” “My alarm didn’t go off. I’m late for work. I’ll have to call in…” “Tom, it’s Saturday,” he chuckled. “Oh.” “Luke,” I said as I turned to face him. “I’m not gay.” “I know. I’m not gay either but another night like last night with you could turn me gay, although you would have to understand if I occasionally went out and fucked a beautiful woman.” “I never… I’ve never had sex with a guy before. I have to take a piss.” I crawled over him to get out of bed. A moment later he stood next to me and his flow was as strong as mine. “Would it be so bad to be a bisexual?” he asked. I didn’t answer and instead I started the shower. He stepped in behind me and I turned to face him. “I might be jealous if you had sex with anybody else,” I admitted. He looked at me strangely and his fingers touched my face. There may have been a tear in his eye but it was hard to tell for sure in the shower. He touched his forehead to mine and then he hugged me. I was instantly hard again. Luke came out of the bathroom drying his hair displaying his hard incredible stud body. Huge hard muscles yet lean and buff with amazing arms and pecs but when I looked down… crap. I had been royally fucked by that huge piece of meat last night and I couldn’t help staring at what was swinging between his muscular thighs. Soft, it was really long, but impossibly thick. It was was mind numbing. I focused on finding clothes to wear with my back to him so I would stop staring. He came up behind me and pressed his fresh clean body against my back. “What?” “Do you know the first time I saw you, I thought you were really hot.” “Last night?” “No three months ago I came here for a job interview and saw you in the gym downstairs. I went out that night for supper and I remember seeing you in the restaurant wearing black jeans and a black tank with a partially open white shirt. It looked really hot on you and I thought you were the sexiest guy in the place. Then you disappeared. I wasn’t going to accept the job offer but then I convinced myself that I only had a chance with you if I was here in town. “But we hadn’t even met.” “Then last night I saw you go into the shower. I felt like I was stalking you but when I saw your hard cock I panicked and left. I knew it was going to work out when you came and talked to me. I followed you and the rest is history.” It took a while but we became a couple and Luke moved in with me when the renovations to my residence were completed. The real history is that many years have gone by and we are still together. Luke approved of my townhouse and had a major hand renovating the kitchen. It turns out he is an amateur chef that loves to have dinner parties. Luke suggested we go high end on the apartments to attract executives since we were so close to downtown and it worked. At first we only had a 10% occupancy rate but word of mouth boosted us to 90% in just one year. My job was eventually phased out and I gladly took early retirement so we could travel. I can only imagine how empty life would have been without Luke. I tease him often with the line, “I’m sorry to disturb you, but don’t I know you from somewhere?” “Yes sir, I think you do,” he now answers as he takes me in his arms.
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    REBORN ON THE 4th OF JULY As the anniversary of being reborn on the 4th of July approaches, I can’t help but reflect on what happened almost twenty years ago. Since then the fireworks to celebrate the holiday have taken on an additional significance. They remind me of the ecstasy and rapture I felt that day when all my dreams came true. When I turned twenty one years old I had already been on my own for four years. I was orphaned at 14 and sent to my first foster home. The couple was older and had lost their only son in Iraq or Afghanistan, I can never remember which. They were grieving and so was I but I was grieving and pissed off at the world. Let me just say I wasn’t the most cooperative kid at the time. Jack was a retired Army Colonel that got up before the sun to run ten miles which made me think he was mentally ill. I had trouble getting up fifteen minutes before the school bus arrived. Sometimes I slept on the way to school. Jack also had a private gym and his workshop in the barn on the property. They owned fifteen acres that was mostly wooded. The rest of the original farm had been turned into a subdivision so in a way it was an oasis in the middle of urban sprawl. Jack began to recover from the death of their son faster than his wife and he started to encourage me to be more physical. He wanted me to jog with him and workout in his gym. He was convinced my grief would be shortened if I was more involved. I thought he was trying to recreate his son. The school year ended and all my excuses for not working out with Jack disappeared. I was going to bed earlier and getting my required ten hours sleep and I was eating like a horse. My voice was cracking and I had a growth spurt. Jack sat me down to explain that I was going through puberty. I knew what that meant from health class but I didn’t know it was happening to me. Jack said in addition to growing body hair and having body odor I would be attracted to girls. He mentioned that I would be getting more muscular and he invited me to work out with him and his friends. One morning I woke up before dawn and I was starving. I was in the kitchen eating cereal when Jack came in and was about to go jogging. As always he invited me to join him but that day he went into the laundry room and brought out my gym clothes that Mary had laundered and put on a shelf. My tennis shoes were by the door. Jack was outside stretching when I came out dressed to run. Yeah he made me stretch too. He talked enthusiastically as he slowed down to run at my pace. In less than a mile I was walking. Jack ran ahead at his normal pace and then back to me so it was one mile and a half for me and three for Jack. I ran again but slower and Jack said it was perfect when I started to walk again. Now it was two and a half miles for me and five for Jack. Then at my mile two mark I stepped in a hole and sprained my ankle. We had nothing to wrap my ankle but Jack had a cell phone so he called his wife but it went to voice mail so she was probably in the shower. I suggested that he go and get the truck but Jack explained that Marines never left a man behind. Jack was Army but his son had been a Marine. Jack had me stand and then he put me on his back and carried me almost a half mile back to the house. That was the day that I decided to turn my life around. With my thighs on Jack’s hips and my chest against his back I realized just how muscular his physique really was. I didn’t tell Jack that I had been on the internet fantasizing about the bodybuilders who fucked sluts. Watching their muscles ripple as they pumped, I fantasized that was what I was going to look like one day. I loved how powerful the men looked as they fucked and wondered what it would be like to be under their bodies. I had watched their muscles rippling hour after hour but I had no idea what it took to build a body like that. Being on Jack’s back made me realize I had to learn from Jack because Jack was what I wanted to look like. Mary must have gotten the message because she brought the truck and rescued both of us near the end of the driveway. They took me to the doctor for x-rays. Foster care had all kinds of concerns but Jack and I were obviously out jogging. There was still an investigation. Jack was pissed and I heard him tell Mary they could come get me if the ‘state’ thought I was being abused. That scared the hell out of me and I became super cooperative. In my room I downloaded pictures of bodybuilders to a thumb drive that I always kept on my keys. I used a thumb drive at school so there was no question as to why I had it on my key ring. Jack was delighted that I wanted to come to his gym. I never realized there was that much muscle working out just steps away from my bedroom. They didn’t look as young as the guys on line but there was very little fat on their muscular bodies. I slowly learned the basics of weight training and quickly lost my inhibitions about showering with the guys. That helped at school too. Seeing jock cocks at school were nothing like showering at the gym at home with mature men. At home I often had to take a quick shower so I didn’t get a boner. Then I would strip down in my room and recall the muscular bodies as I stroked my cock. I wasn’t unattractive growing up, but my idea of beauty was not only a handsome face but a good face with a big physique. Soon it took looking at the pictures of the pro bodybuilders while stroking my cock to insure an orgasm. At sixteen I still enjoyed watching bodybuilders having sex but I began to wonder if I wasn’t totally gay. Then after exploring the internet I found heterosexual sex sites. There weren’t as many muscular guys but I was turned on nonetheless. I decided I was bisexual. I was a senior in high school and only months from graduation when all hell broke loose and my life was turned upside down. Jack was falsely accused of sexually harassing a woman. Foster care yanked me out of their house so fast I didn’t have time to pack anything. I was put with a family that used their kids as slave labor on the farm and I was lower than their kids. I slept in a migrant worker’s cabin with another boy named Thomas who was about fifteen or sixteen. The older boys in the family were sneaking out and fucking the kid once or twice a week. I beat the hell out of the sons when they expected to fuck both of us and the parents called the social worker and had me removed. The social worked didn’t believe me when I told her what happened, she believed the parents. Thomas ran away and I never saw him again. I did finish high school but I lived with four different families in those last few months. Jack and Mary came to graduation but I was not allowed to be alone with them yet I was living in a house where the wife was trying to seduce me anytime the husband was gone and the social worker didn’t care if I was left alone with her. I told my social worker who was guarding me that I heard that Thomas was found dead with his throat cut and his blood was on her hands. It was all a lie but she broke down crying giving me a moment to pass a note to arrange a meet up with Jack and Mary. My news was that I was going to join the military so I could pay for college. Jack was proud but Mary was a basket case thinking I would be killed like their son. That was four years ago and this is now. Jack and Mary died in a plane crash in Asia and they left the farm to me. I became a lab technician in the military and never left the country. I never went to war. I was assigned to a research lab and became a close personal friend of one of the doctors. We played sports together and worked out together. At work he was a boss and I was an employee. In our free time we were friends. I wanted it that way. I learned that from Jack. I can’t tell you the branch of service I am in or where I am located or anything about the experiments because it is highly classified. What I can tell you is that the research began with lower animals and has progressed all the way up to humans. The first human volunteers came from terminal cancer patients. The research told us we had to take a multi pronged approach to achieve the goal. In other words phase 5 alone would kill the lab rat but phase one through four would prepare the lab rat for the final phase and the animal would survive. In a way cancer patients were not good subjects for the trials because they were weakened from chemotherapy as well as the disease. Those that made it through phase 4 had an extended life expectancy and they were considered cured or in extended remission. I can reveal that if you made it to phase 4 you didn’t die of cancer. Only about 5% made it to phase 4 which isn’t a very good cure rate but those experiments pointed the researchers in the right direction. They should have deduced the reason for the cure back when they were using rats but they didn’t because the rats were young and healthy. You see phase one through four slowly rebuilt (regenerated) the internal organs and the immune system. Autopsy showed organs too young and too healthy for the cancer patients but sometimes the regeneration caused organ failure. A critically damaged heart or other internal organs couldn’t handle the stress. We suspected that there was a solution and that was to extend the treatments by giving additional lower dose treatments but then the cancer would kill them before the immune system could kill the cancer. Young healthy organs grew stronger and so did the immune system and the circulatory system. We learned that using the next set of volunteers. Military volunteers. A soldier was killed in an auto accident and an autopsy showed he was extremely super fit internally. His body was moving into phase 5 without the treatments for phase 5 being given. Think of the possibilities if every soldier was treated with phase one though four as part of basic training. Heath care costs alone would hover near zero. My friend Dr. Henry and I decided to clandestinely insert ourselves into the volunteer group and we each had our reasons. Doc and his wife wanted to start a family and I wanted the kind of natural physique that the second group of volunteers was developing. That on top of my regular lifting habits, and I would eventually have the body of my dreams. There were also some side effects that Dr. Henry and I didn’t expect. The first was better skin tone and a more athletic look that fitness models have. You might call it a healthy glow. This is me at phase 4 The second was our dicks began getting longer and our balls fuller. Cum production doubled and then tripled as did our libido. Staying power in bed was tenfold and we could have multiple times orgasms. I also had more stamina in the gym which meant longer and more productive workouts. On the negative effects side of the coin there was more aggression. Some guys were becoming very alpha which isn’t bad if you want leaders but leaders also need followers. All chiefs and no Indians does not a good strike force make so putting all soldiers through our treatments as part of boot camp training seemed unlikely unless the process could be modified. The most negative factor as far as the military was concerned was the swing that turned a great deal of the straight studs to homosexual or bisexual activity. They may have had bisexual leanings like me but from personal experience I craved giving and receiving anal sex. Doc admitted that he also had anal sex with his wife. Doc’s wife got pregnant almost immediately after our cum production increased. She had been unable to conceive for seven years. (It was his and not her fertility at issue until we volunteered.) They had fraternal twin boys. Years later Doc and his wife ended up with ten sons. My time in the military was coming to an end and in their wisdom the military was shutting down our research even though it was suggested that the process could be part of officer training school. No human had gone through or been offered phase 5 modifications but I saw what it did to dogs and one bull calf. We used a young Holstein Bull calf and as he grew he had the appearance of the Belgian Blue breed. In 12 months the bull weighed 1300 pounds. Holsteins that are raised for beef normally reach 1,400 lbs in about 18 months time. The Belgian Blue is a breed of beef cattle that is extremely lean and hyper-sculpted with an ultra-muscular physique, termed “double-muscling.” That breed has an increased number of muscle fibers instead of the (normal) enlargement of individual muscle fibers that occurs in bodybuilders. The bull we used gained an increased ability to convert feed into lean muscle, which caused the animal to have a marbled fat content and increased tenderness. The process seemed to turn off the two copies of the myostatin gene. The active-myostatin gene acts as a “governor” on muscle growth; myostatin is a protein that instructs muscles to stop growing. In effect, when inactive it no longer prevents muscle development which is what allows for the hypertrophic condition sometimes referred to as “double muscling.” We suspected but never proved that the immune system was very aggressive attacking viruses and disease. One of our volunteers only had unprotected sex and a lot of it with both sexes. He never caught an STD or AIDS or passed it along. Most military guys weren’t that stupid. Personally I think the guy was trying to get thrown out of the military. So it was the beginning of July and I was out-processing but had not been reassigned to anything else while the paperwork cleared. For the last week I was going to work and most of the time I was the only one in the building. It was July 4th 2000 and I was invited to a barbeque at a friend’s house but Dr. Henry called me and told me they were coming to move the machine on Tuesday which was the 4th. I objected but Dr. Henry ordered me to be in the building. All the research paperwork was in storage and the only thing left in the facility was the machine used for the phases. I was supposed to be there when they came to move it out but they never said what time they were coming. I expected to at least watch the fireworks with my friends. The building was to be refurbished so they already moved out all the furniture and were tearing out walls. The only place to sit and read was the reclining couch of the machine. (Think of a dentist chair.) It wasn’t hard to fall asleep in the quiet building. I was dreaming of being on the beach in the Caribbean. The warmth of the sun began to seep into my skin. I felt heat begin to radiate across my body and into my core. Sweat began to pour off my skin. I inhaled the salty ocean air and I felt my chest expand. My breathing became difficult for a brief moment because someone was sitting on my chest. My shoulders and arms began to burn from the inside out as the sun beat down on me. I felt my muscles cramping all over my body as I tried to lift the weight of the guy sitting on me. It was like struggling to get a weight up when you don’t have a spotter. My back arched and my legs repeatedly flexed trying to get leverage. I tried to readjust my position. My stomach ached as my abdominals flexed. My hands drifted across my abs feeing how hard and defined they were and I touched pecs twice the size of mine. The heat began to lessen around my body and then became focused on my crotch. My dick felt like it was on fire and was almost too much to take. I felt my dick and balls absorb the heat and expand. I felt my huge dick flop against my thigh. I figured that I must be nude on the beach and my cock was getting sunburned. I covered my cock with my hands and the heat began to die down. It was like a cloud had moved between me and the sun. I blinked my eyes a few times and heard the sound of the machine shutting down. Holy fuck, somehow I got zapped, I thought. The big thick door to the machine room opened letting in fresh air. I sat up and looked down at how large my pectorals were. I ran my hands over each of them, feeling the dense muscles beneath my skin. I shivered when I touched my small hard nipples. I stood up and felt my dick flop slapping against my thigh. I couldn’t really see it over my pecs but I could tell that it was bigger than before. I walked over to the mirror feeling my large balls and dick bounce left to right with each step. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was a massive naked bodybuilder. This is me at phase 5 It looked like my body had been morphed. I had tight square pectorals creating a deep crevasse in the center of my chest. My biceps were huge so I flexed enjoying the sight of my arms and shoulders. I continued to flex and pose in the mirror, watching my large muscles flow and bulge in every position. I grasped my huge dick with both hands feeling its weight and length. My balls were hanging lower and almost to the tip of my cock. I pushed my hardening dick up towards me and felt the tip resting above my navel. The shaft was resting right between my flat defined abdominals. I felt my dick grow harder and when I stroked it a stream of pre-cum came oozing out onto my skin. I cupped my huge balls knowing I could now produce even more cum than before. I stepped back hugely turned on by the sight of my new body. Fuck I was perfect. I felt a hand slide along my back then both hands stroked my lats and hefted my pecs. “I was beginning to think you would never fall asleep. I gave you the max dose of phase five,” I heard Dr. Henry say. It was strange hearing his voice coming up at me after all those years working together he was 6’2” but I was only 5’8” so his voice always came from above me but now his words were hitting between my shoulder blades. I stretched my arms up over my head and turned to face Dr. Henry. “Your body is going to feel sore for a few weeks maybe even a month,” he said focused on my pecs. “Your bones and muscles will need to settle in so you may have to lay off the weights for a while.” I looked down at him and he was almost a head shorter than me. That would make me around 6’6” or taller. I had been dreaming about this moment since the day I sprained my ankle running with Jack. I wrapped my arms around my friend and easily lifted him off his feet. I felt like I had been reborn. “Should I run you through the machine?” I asked. “No… not yet, I have a couple more years of service to pay Uncle Sam back for my education. Tomorrow you will be a civilian and you will be able to bid on military scrap. You will get a message when this machine comes up for scrap and I want you to bid. One day I want to be in that chair.” “The movers aren’t coming today are they?” I said. I reached down and lifted off his golf shirt. “What are you doing?” he chuckled. He knew exactly what I wanted. “You said you wanted to be in that chair. I want you in that chair naked. You know that guys get horny after a treatment. Well phase 5 makes a guy ten times hornier than any other treatment and you gave me the max dose!” I said as his shorts hit the floor. Seconds later the good doctor was naked with a cock as hard as mine. I lifted him by the back of his thighs and he wrapped his legs around my hips. I carried him to the cushioned lounge and lowered him to his back. He ran his hands over my gigantic pecs before he grabbed my forearm and led my hand to his cock. It seemed very hot. He released my arm but I kept massaging his leaking cock. “You like that?” I asked. “Yeah… ” he answered breathlessly. “Good,” I whispered as I guided my cock along his ass crack. Each time I stroked his hole he gave a little jump. “There,” he said on the next pass. “Focus right there.” I parked my cock against his hole but didn’t try to enter him. I ran my hands over his body and he trembled. “Yes run your hands over my body and make love to me,” he groaned. I felt him relax and the head of my cock slipped into him. His ass ring clamped down hard. “It’s so much bigger,” he gasped. Leaning over I placed my powerful arms above his traps next to his head and really started to fuck his ass. I felt the muscles in my ass contract as I repeatedly thrust in and out picking up speed. I was slowly building towards the final assault. I was producing so much pre-cum my new thick 10 inch cock was slick and shiny as I slammed into his tight ass. His body literally radiated heat and that combined with the smell of his cologne and his masculine scent was intoxicating. And there was something else. His body wasn’t just for show like some bodybuilder on a stage he stayed fit and healthy so he could have staying power. Being fit was connected to being a sexual champion in bed. From when I first came to work for him I had submitted to him just because of his alpha attitude. Then as we progressed through the program we became bed partners trading fucks. I remember the day he first fucked me like it was yesterday. We had just finished phase 3 and were super horny. Our treatments happened after hours when the building was empty. He had been careful and slow in opening me up and then waited a minute for me to adjust. At first he went slowly. He withdrew his cock up to the tip and then thrust it back in. The first time gently, but progressively with more force. He kept pulling back slowly but the in-thrust was getting more and more brutal. On the out-thrust the feeling was decadent leaving me feeling empty. Thrusting back in he was always more brutal and I couldn’t help letting out a high-pitched yelp of pain and pleasure. Dr. Henry’s body, his muscles, his huge cock up my ass, and his handsome face and eyes above me had me totally absorbed and mesmerized. Soon he sped up and was thrusting into me like a cheap whore fucking my brains out. He had the physicality of a warrior and athlete and he was now putting it to good use fucking me into submission. Suddenly Dr. Henry let my legs fall off his shoulders and pulled out. I wanted him to continue, but was too out of it and stunned to say anything. I didn’t need to. With a powerful athletic move he flipped me over and I was on my belly. I was expecting another rough fucking but he took it slow at first. He slowly went in and slowly went out, smoothly fucking all resistance out of my mind and body. The feeling him fucking me up the ass was incredible and I heard myself moaning like a slut as his cock moved in and out. I could feel his sweat dripping on me and felt him lightly bite at the back of my neck. I was in sensory overload. Then he pulled me up on my hands and knees and started to take me doggy style. This position must have excited him too because he increased his pounding. Every few thrusts he would slap my ass like he was riding a horse. His cock in my ass felt amazing but never lost the slight edge of pain. It was a weapon which reminded me of his immense physical power. He alternated between firmly grabbing my hips while pounding into me and slapping my ass. Then the sensation of his thick cock exploding inside me made me shoot cum without touching myself. Both of us panting as I supported both of us up on all fours. He was resting his body on top of mine and I could feel his slabs of muscle, sweat, and hot breath at my neck and after a minute or so of resting on top of me his cock began deflating inside me. I felt him lift his body. Cum was everywhere. I glanced in his direction and he smiled sheepishly. Now the roles were reversed and my improved cock was reaching virgin territory. I didn’t flip him over because I wanted to see his eyes when my cum flooded his ass where no man had been before. Seconds before I loaded his ass with my cum he began shooting cum all over my torso. I collapsed on top of him crushing the air out of his lungs. We showered together. That was one part of the building they hadn’t touched. Dr. Henry had gym shorts and a shirt I could wear until I bought some new clothes. Two days later the paperwork was ready and I was a free man honorably discharged. Four months later I got a text from Dr. Henry inquiring about my health and wishing me happy birthday. That was the message we agreed on to tell me the machine was being sold for scrap. The next message several weeks later was from a throwaway phone giving me the lot numbers and the location of the machine. It was a live auction and I was in attendance so I could make sure we had all the parts and pieces. I won the bid and shipped the machine home. To date Dr. Henry has also gone through phase 5 and we had a month long fuck fest. (We only had three days when I got the phase 5 treatment.) Eight of his sons are in various stages of treatments. As soon as his last set of twins become eighteen we will start them on phase 1. I can’t tell you where our gym is otherwise we would be shut down but if you ever fall asleep during a massage at our gym you might just receive a small dose to help your muscles grow. You see further research told us that each phase could be further broken down to up to fifty treatments and the effects looked more natural. Phase 5 is now only used for bodybuilders going to contest although they never get a full dose like I did days before I was honorably discharged. One thing is for sure, since July 4th 2000 until today I look like I have aged about a year. I think the best thing that ever happened to me was joining the military and doing research. By the way I think I have proven that my immune system kicks into high gear when the flu is going around. Since the day I went through phase 5 I haven’t had as much as a sniffle. I have been with guys that tried to infect me with AIDS and I never even had a symptom. It is a shame the military in all their wisdom didn’t use our research. I don’t think it is unethical to help guys improve. So if you happen upon us and your body begins to improve pat yourself on the back for a job well done and keep our little secret to yourself.
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    "These are the only life preservers you're going to ever need."
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    Last Tuesday night I went to the gym two hours before closing. I got changed and went to the floor for some cardio. I looked around and the place was dead. I was alone except for a girl behind the counter, a couple women on the treadmills, and one guy lifting free weights. After about 45 minutes, I went into the locker room grabbed a towel and my soap and went to the shower room. The main shower is a big room with about 12 shower heads but I prefer the cubicles in the next room. I went to the far end, hung my towel, and started the water. Soon I was soaping up and enjoying the hot water. I was almost finished when the guy that was lifting the free weights walked in and he said hello as he hung up his towel and took the cubicle across from mine. Like me he was well toned—except he was ten times more muscular than me and tan all over with a very tight ass. It was clear to me that he shaved everywhere—even his nuts were shaved. His pubes were trimmed for a tiny bikini even though there was no tan line. He was hung—I mean large swinging uncut cock and low hanging balls. He had to be at least 6” long soft. I started getting horny checking him out so I turned sideways. I snuck a few looks as he stretched his neck and shoulders. I got semi-hard without even realizing he could see my cock. He smiled nodded at me. “Seems like you’ve got a problem,” he said and pointed between my legs. I looked down. “Sorry about that, it has a mind of its own,” I said. “Especially after you started checking me out,” he said boldly as he turned off the water. I thought he was one of those guys that can shower in two minutes and I thought he was leaving but he joined me in my shower. He grabbed his soft cock in his soapy hand and began stroking it. I now had a huge hard-on. “Want a taste?” he grinned. “No, not here,” I said. Seconds later I was on my knees and he pushed his now semi hard cock in my face. I reached up and lifted his growing cock in order to lick his nuts. I gently sucked each nut in my mouth rolling them with my tongue. He grabbed the back of my head and ran his shaft across my face. I opened my lips and he plunged his hard cock into my mouth. I gagged. I wrapped my hand around the root of his thick shaft to limit the depth of his thrusting. My hand stroked as my tongue explored his big mushroom head and savored the taste of his pre-cum. My right hand was pumping my shaft. “You’re a good cock sucker,” he grunted. I moaned. “I knew by the way you were checking me out in the gym you wanted this.” I moaned again even though he was too far away to really check out while we were in the gym. I reached up and started pinching one of his nipples. I felt him tense up and his nuts lifted. He started moaning before a very thick squirt of seed shot into my mouth. I tried to pull away but away but his hands held my head in place. The second volley was stronger than the first and it hit the back of my throat. I swallowed. He shot a good 10 to 12 times in my mouth. I kept licking and sucking and swallowing until he started going limp. He pulled me to my feet and jerked my cock. My cum started shooting on his abs and chest. He inhaled and gasped. He pulled my face to his pecs. “Lick it off,” he demanded. I didn’t find much cum but I sure did enjoy his hard body. “Now wash me,” he demanded in a whisper. I don’t know which was more sensual, washing him or being washed by him. We both got hard again. “I work out three times a week. I get here late and workout until just before closing,” he said. “Be here and we’ll do this again,” he offered. Two days later I was there waiting for him in the free weight area when he walked in. “Ready?” he said as he began to stretch. He started training me and then he started his routine. By the time he finished with me, I was dragging. He was really pumped. We showered in the big shower room because the cubicles were being bleached and as we were getting dressed he handed me a protein shake. I kept waiting for him to make a move on me but he didn’t. The front doors were unlocked for us and as we walked to the cars he asked if I wanted to get a cup of coffee. “I’ll follow you,” I offered. I had to smile when he led me to his house. “I was expecting Waffle House not your house,” I teased. “Waffle House frowns on customers that strip each other naked and fuck on their tables.” “Fuck on the table?” “You know there are no beds in Waffle House, we’d have to use a table,” he grinned as he lifted off his shirt. My cock was instantly hard and I gladly submitted to my Alpha trainer. We didn’t have that cup of coffee until the next morning at breakfast.

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