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    I'm feeling inspired lately It was our traditional friday night beer, at our usual gay pub. I met with three or four friends to down a few beers, and then a few more beers, get tipsy, take the best leak of the week, and then finally go home, eating some greasy take away. I love those evenings; it’s the best way to blow off some steam, talk some shit and have a great laugh. I knew all the patrons at that pub, so it wasn’t unusual that I’d hear someone shout my name to get my attention. “Oh my god! Is that you Tony?!” I heard behind me. I turned and froze. Half of me knew exactly who that man was; the other half refused to acknowledge it. Kevin Cox (yes, that is his real name. Kevin motherfucking Cox). My ex boyfriend. Not just my ex boyfriend...my ex boyfriend from high school. We were together from 15 to 20. Last time I saw him was 10 years ago, when I dumped him. “Kevin? Oh my… I didn’t expect to see you here. It’s been been forever. You look great buddy,” I stuttered. He did look great, but the two main reasons were that my most recent memory of him was a 20 years-old acneic boy, crying his eyeballs out so much that he had a running nose, and then shouting at me that “IcouldnotdumphimbecausehestilllovedmethatwasunfairandIwasacoldheartedbitch” with such force, that his face was red and had veins poping out. So yeah, that alone was a major source of improvement. The second reason was he did actually look great. He was a bit taller than I remembered, and had obviously been hitting the gym. He had beefy shoulders and arms, pecs showing under his tee, tight flat midsection and his legs stretched his jeans in an almost indecent way. “Thanks you,” he beamed, “you look amazing too. You even lost the little fat you had as a teen,” he said way too loud, putting his huge mitts on each side of my midsection. Asshole. I did have a bit of chub around my waist 10 years ago, and I went to great lengths to get rid of it. I even became quite athletic. Nothing like him, to be honest, but still decent. I smiled warmly trying not to show that he had hit a sensitive spot. But I’m sure he knew it. Kevin was, and still is, extremely clever. Too clever for his own good, and for the good of others, since he is a major sociopath. When I started dating him at 15 I was on cloud nine. He was handsome, he had a goofy smile and a face so adorable, everybody found him endearing. That feeling tended to disappear shortly after you got acquainted with him, though. He hated people, he was a convinced misanthrope, he only loved book and sports. When I say sports, please understand I mean performance...his performance. He’d do track n’ field and swimming at a high level, and was obsessed with his results. At first,all his entourage was relieved that he came out and found himself a lovely, cute, popular boyfriend (me, obviously). But, as the only human he deemed worthy of his affection, I rapidly became one of his pet obsessions and every means to keep me by his side was good. Over our five years together, he developed an eating disorder that he tried to force on me, cut me off from all my friends and shamed me about my body and my preoccupations that he deemed frivolous. And he dealt with our breakup the same way he dealt with anything not going his way: by throwing a major tantrum and being an abusive twat. That being said, you’d think I’d punch that toxic, piece of shit in the throat and walk away. I would have, if it wasn’t for the following three key element. One, it was ten years ago and people change over the course of ten years (or so I wanted to believe). Two, he’s hot, and I try to avoid antagonizing thick, strong, hot, cute, thirty-year old men, since they might be mating partners, even if just for a night. Three, I’m terrible at making decisions. “ I’d never have thought I’d run into you,” he said. “ After all I did to you, I was sure you’d avoid me like plague.” “ Actually I was,” I slipped. “Ouch. Fair enough,” he laughed. “What are you drinking? I’d love to catch up with you handsome! ” “Beer, obviously.” I said, raising my almost empty pint. We downed many beers. Much more than I usually do. We talked about what we did over the last ten years. Where we both were in our lives now. And so on until it was past midnight. I was halfway between tipsy and wasted, when I decided it was time to move on with my friday night routine : peeing, eating takeaway, going home. First, taking a piss. I don’t care much for bodily waste fluid evacuations but the friday night piss, after a shitload of pints, is just the best feeling ever. “ I’m gonna go take a leak,” I said to Kevin. “ Same here. Lead the way,” he answered. So, we went to the bathroom, I positioned myself on one of the urinals, he respected the bathroom etiquette by leaving an empty one between him and me. I heard him unzip and take a quick powerful piss. Meanwhile, I was struggling with my zipper, and my feelings. He was done before I had even opened my fly. “ Tony? Are you seriously that wasted?!” he laughed, getting behind me. He reached around me and undid my fly, slightly pulling down my jean and reaching my underwear. He grabbed my dick with one hand, pulling on my foreskin so I could pee while the other hand steadied my hips. I lean back on his powerful torso and started releasing myself. Fuck that was the best piss of my life. As I emptied, I hardened between Kevin’s fingers. Once done I was painfully hard and Kevin gave me two slow strokes. “I missed you Tony,” he breathed, in my ear. The whole scene was surreal. But before long, he tugged my hardon back in my briefs, zipped up my jeans, and let go of me. I almost fell backward. He chuckled. “Let’s go to my place.” A few minutes later, we were back to his place. It was spotless and clinical. Everything was white; it wasn’t so much a bias, than an utter lack of taste. White neutral furniture, sofa, appliance, it looked almost like a fake space. The only sign of someone actually living here, was the numerous and gigantic piles of books, DVDs and CDs everywhere. “First, shower,” he said, pushing me in the equally white bathroom. He undressed unceremoniously and I did the same. As we stood face to face naked, I became very aware of our size difference. I watched us in the mirror on the opposite wall. I was almost 6’, I keep myself trim, I workout to be tight, strong and defined. I keep my body hair clipped short all over. My face is quite angular and I have clear, brown, unruly hair, a short 3 day beard, and blue eyes. He was over 6’, his pale body naturally hairless, except for nice untrimmed bush above his big dick. His body would have looked sof,t but the muscle popping under the skin, and his perfect shape, gave a totally different impression, especially his shoulders to waist ratio. He looked intimidating and powerful. His face was clean shaved, with that still boyish look, and he had black eyes and his hair was a weird shade of dull black. I was both intimidated and totally horned up. I was rock hard. He was all smiles and looked down to his slowly rising manhood. I followed his gaze and my heart stopped. As the magnificent dick hardened, I realized he was dwarfing me down there too. He must have been around 9’,’ and it was sort of thick. Last time I saw him, we were almost the same size down there. I couldn’t help but feel sort of jealous. “Let’s get cleaned up, so we can get dirty,” He said. We both hopped into the shower. The enclosed space made me even more aware of how large he was compared to me now. I was even still wrapping my head around how much larger he was, and that idea of growth got my engines revving. He pressed his body against mine, kindly turning me, caressing my ass, fingering me. I never loosened up that fast, and when he presented his cockhead on my hole, I was shocked to realize that the foreplay and hot water had me ready in a matter of minutes. He didn’t ask or say anything, he just grabbed me by the hips and entered me. We both gasped. I felt his bush against my crack, and before he could even do a single back and forth, I felt his grip tighten unbearably, his whole body shook violently, he almost tripped in the shower, I felt his dick pulse inside me and deliver a fat burning load. I was dumbfounded. “Fuck!” he cursed, “Fuck, fuck fuck fuck! Aw fuck,” panting, “ I’m sorry,” more panting, “fuck you feel so good. Just gimme five minutes and I’ll be ok to go again. Fuck!” He pulled out and we finished showering. He was truly vexed, his face was closed, and his demeanor much less gentle than a few moment ago. Still, I was somehow happy to see this, instead of one of the tantrums he would have had years ago. I imagined his larger, stronger self, having one of his outbreaks of rage that I had been been familiar with. My blood froze. He must have felt that I was drifting to a dark place. He suddenly focused back on me, and pull me in to cuddle and rinse me. Once out, he towelled me off, and we move to his living room, where we crashed on his couch and started making out. In a matter of seconds he was hard again. He grabbed lube, from god knows where, and lubed his hard, big dick. “This time, I’ll make sure you get your fill,” he chuckled. He laid me on my back, lifted my legs, and started aligning with my hole. He slid in without any resistance. I can not believe I took such a massive cock so easily. He adjusted his position on his knees in front of the couch, while I was flat on my back. He squared his shoulders, puffed his impressive chest, and started thrusting strongly at a regular rhythm. Kevin was alway one for steady, powerful, unimaginative sex. And to be honest, I loved that strong, and to-the-point sort of shag. Before long, we were both sweating heavily, and he had a maniacal smile on his face. “I waited so long for this,“ he growled, “I can’t believe it!” He flexed one of his thick arms and the biceps bulged. My eyes were glued to this display of muscle, and I was almost drooling. His smile turned into a smirk and he lowered his arm so I could grab it and feel it. Had it been possible, my dick would have gone harder. “I remember you had a thing for muscles,“ he mused, between rhythmical thrusts. I suddenly vividly remembred the day he found my pornstash, filled with Hsmuscleboi drawings, photomorphs and bodybuilding pics. I love outrageously massive muscle, and when he found out, he gave me hell, and made sure I felt like a deviant freak. Once again, he felt the uneasiness of the situation. His fucking slowed down to a soft, slow, back and forth, and he covered my body with his. “I know I haven’t always been good to you. But don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you now,“ he purred, kissing my neck. I started freaking out inside, as I realised Kevin wanted back in my life. I mean he’s hot, and hung, and muscular, and a great fuck, but I wasn’t exactly planning on taking him back, and the mere idea of having to break it to him after sex was panicking me. He straightened, ready to resume his pounding. “I actually have a surprise just for you. I know you’ll love it,” he said, producing a little bottle, filled with pills, from somewhere by the couch. “Wait, how did you know we’d meet?” I asked, as he dry-swallowed pills from the bottle. “What the fuck? Are you taking drugs?!” He laid one of his thick hands on my chest, stroking me softly and trying to calm me. “This isn’t drugs! Seriously, you know me I’d never take drugs. You’ll see,” he laughed, “And yeah, I might have forced destiny a bit. I had to have you back,” he smiled, apologetically I felt rage, pride, affection, disgust, lust, and fear, mix inside me, but before one of those feelings took over, I noticed a shift in Kevin’s posture. “Fuuuuuuuck, it’s coming,” he rasped, locking eyes with me, “enjoy the show.” Kevin’s muscle started to grow. It was unmistakable. His size and definition were steadily increasing. That was just insane. He resumed his fucking and I started moaning, and he hit every spot inside me. What I saw was straight out of my wet dreams, veins poping on his body, feeding his growing muscles. His abs became more visible and his lats started to show. His pecs became more prominent; their shape becoming sharper and his nipples being forced down by the sheer mass of them. His shoulders widened again, and then so did his neck. He flexed his arms and I almost came. He was looking like a bodybuilder. His growth subsided and there was only fear and lust in me. “So what do you think,” he asked cockily. Fear finally took over, and I frantically tried to straighten on the couch, and hoist myself off of his dick. But he was fast, and before I could do it, he grabbed my waist and slammed me back on his dick. I let out a sharp cry out of surprise and pleasure. “For fuck sake Tony! Calm down,” he scowled at me “Seriously, I deserve another chance, I know I can give you what you need,” he said. He produced another pill and dry-swallowed it too. He saw the fear in my eyes and as he resumed his thrust much more slower this time he talked to me in calm voice. “I’m doing this for you Tony, I don’t like muscle, but I want to give you what you like. There it goes. I’ll be your muscleman Tony, and you could be my little worshiper,” he whispered. His body resumed its growth, and Kevin picked up the pace as he fucked me. I realised his dick was also slowly growing inside of me. I gasped, the increasing stretching feeling was starting to be quite noticeable. “Fuck, I missed you,” he kept rambling and growing. “I can’t believe I’m finally having you. After ten year,” he gritted his teeth, and his eyes started watering, veins popping on his muscular body. “I can’t fucking believe it. After you abandoned me for ten years,” he started thrusting harder. “Why you did this to me?!” and harder, “I fucking love you, and you dumped me!!!” and harder still. Kevin was slowly reaching the size of an heavyweight bodybuilder. He was pounding me like a mad man. He didn’t care if I liked it or not. He was using all his strength, which was increasing alongside his size. His newly augmented dick had gotten me so loose, that the cum from the load he fired in me while we showered started escaping me. His grip was almost hurting me, and he was punching my prostate with each thrust. This was some major revenge fuck; he was abusive and insane. The worst part, was that I had never been so turned on in my life. He flexed his arm, and the hypertrophied biceps swole, thick veins feeding the slowly inflating muscle. He started thrusting his dick at a vicious angle, each thrust forcing a sharp cry from me. “Look what you made me do,” he growled. “I’m becoming one of those ugly freaks you like for you. Fuck! I’m gonna be the biggest! You’ll never want to leave me once I’m done,” he smirked “This is how much I love you”. He laid himself on top of me, kissing me deeply. He was crushing me under his weight. His grip transformed into tender caresses. His pounding became less violent. He shoved my head in his pecs and flexed for me. He straightened again and looked down on me tenderly, while still fucking me. The view was breathtaking; he was bigger than a pro heavyweight bodybuilder. He wiped the tears from his face. “You’re not leaving me. Ever again,” he rasped, “you understand?” I could only nod, and sob. I had no other option, or he’d harm me or worst. His face softened, and a genuine look of concern took over his face. “Don’t cry baby. I didn’t mean to frighten you,” he said, wiping my face with his thumb. “Come here,” he said, standing. He effortlessly carried me, still impaled on his dick. He hugged me against his massive frame. He was sweaty, burning hot and the stench of sweat was strong. He bobbed me up and down, like he was trying to comfort me but with more than 10’’ of dick buried in me, it made me gasp and tense in his arms. “There, there,” he whispered, “ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I did some work on myself, I’m better. I got better for you. I got bigger for you.” He started lifting me up and down on his dick building, a nice rhythm. “Hummmph, this is so good. You’re so small, and tight and I’m so big and strong. I feel like you could never run on me anymore,” he laughed. At that point, my common sense had checked out. I was following the flow and taking what was to enjoy in that glorious trainwreck. I buried my face in the thick pecs of Kevin, and reached around, grabbing his wide, strong, sinewy back, grinding my dick in abs. “Aw baby, yes, you like it,” he said, caressing the back of my head. “I wasn’t sure I wanted to go all the way. But now that I have you in my arms, I know I have to do it.” He popped two more pills and swallowed them. I braced myself. This time, I could feel the growth and see it. His temperature rose. He was radiating an unnatural heat and I could feel it from inside me. His pulsating rod was so hot against my tender insides. His whole body tensed. As the growth resumed, the muscle fibers started to show underneath his skin, each muscle getting more defined and more exaggerated. He kept on fucking me, the whole time, his dick slowly getting longer and thicker, hitting new places inside me and stretching me in ways I had never imagined. His neck got thicker than his head, and his traps rose and fattened almost reaching his ears. His shoulders thickened and were pushed apart by his growing back. The muscles were stacking on top of each other, pushing against each other. My hands and arms forced opened by his growing back and lats. His pecs were getting so huge that they started sagging ever-so-slightly under their own weight, but every flex would make them ripple with thick cords of muscle in mindblowing way. I could feel his abs fattening and the crevice between them getting deeper, almost swallowing my dick as I rubbed it against them. His arms got thicker, and he had to reposition them due to his growing biceps. The head splitted and new bulbous muscles would emerge. His triceps were insanely large and they made two-thirds of his arms almost thicker than my waist. And his forearms were now almost as thick as his biceps giving and insane silhouette. Underneath all that his legs had each reached a gargantuan size to support his frame. They were arched, forced apart by the crazy amount of muscle packed on them, his quad were massive, ripped and each micro movement he made to balance us would result in an insane display of muscle moving under his skin. His growth finally stopped, and I would later learn that kevin was now over 500 lbs of muscle. He started to lose the rhythm of his fuck, his thrust getting erratic. I knew it meant he was getting close. Over his pecs, I could see his face contorted by pleasure, eyes rolled back, and his mouth agape with drool trickling from it. I myself was in a daze, a mix of terror, lust and obedience, my body wrecked by the growing monster and the the wave of pleasure sent by my devastated prostate, my mind shattered by bliss and abuse, my dick rock hard rubbing with abs that no human being should possess. I heard an unintelligible growl and my insides were once more flooded by the burning seed of the man.this time it was an insane amount a proper cup of hot cum filling me. The pressure and warm were so intense I unloaded too, a comparatively small load on his abs. Kevin was giggling, his whole body spasming and rocking under the strength of the orgasm. I could feel each spasm inside of me through his dick and my body followed his lead shaking and shivering in response like I wasn’t in control anymore. Well, I actually wasn’t in control anymore. Kevin slowly lifted me off his dick and set me down carefully. I was unsteady on my feet, weak in the knees, trying not to fall and not to let the cum inside me escape. But I was shaking and stumbling and rapidly cooling drops of cum were slowly running on the inside of my thigh. Kevin still hold me by the shoulders, dwarfing me. It was two time and half as wide and the thickness was overwhelming. “Let’s clean up and get some rest baby.” he panted “ we have big day tomorrow, I have to go clothes shopping and we need to collect your stuff so you can move in with me.”
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    Do. Not. Open. There's strange things on the deep web. by Vertical The lights flicker on in my apartment, a flash of bluish-tinged light flooding the modest abode. Utilitarian some would say. Spartan others. Though, I hadn’t looked like those stringent, austere warriors in quite a while. I throw my workout bag and the package I had found in front of my door to the side, the sound of empty shaker bottles rattling from within the bag, their contents long gone into the fueling the beast I was becoming. These days, I never missed an opportunity to marvel at the wonders my body had become, a paragon that even Hercules himself would look up to. I was never without a mirror in a room. And I was never one to refuse myself a little show. I saunter up to the one in my living room, its only contents a desktop computer on a desk, a chair, and the mirror. I roll the sleeve on my t-shirt up, admiring the beautiful carved landscape that was my arm. I had worked hard for guns like these, I trained harder than anyone in the iron pit. And it showed. Not many can claim to have 52” biceps, fewer still while maintaining a physique as carved as mine on a 7’3” frame. I’d say that measurement was taken cold, but I’m always pumping them, always making sure there was blood feeding my most prized muscle. I begin to jack it to my own image, my thick cock already slithering its way down my leg, poking it’s red, angry head through the leg’s sleeve of my workout shorts. At just shy of a couple foot, I like to think it’s my biggest muscle. I roar, my heavy pecs straining against my tee, my nips scraping against the cotton fabric as I double fist myself, my dick squelching as the foreskin is pulled and pushed over the thick cockhead over and over. I bellow, almost sounding like a prized bull as my huge balls pull up, volleyball sized organs seizing as they ascend and inject their contents, mixing it with the juices my overproductive prostate secreted before a white mess surges out of my rod and sprays millions of possibilities all over my mirror. The image of my godly body, all 800 pounds of drug-fueled beast, distorts as more and more cum blasts out of my epic length. By the time I’m finished, not an inch of the mirror is spared, nor had it been for months now, not since the latest batch of ‘supplements’ had arrived. I wasn’t always like this, everyone had to start somewhere. And for me, that was 120 pounds, 5’8”, sopping wet and without a single notification on Grindr. To most, I was nothing, I was nothing men looked for, nor was I the draw of their derision. I was essentially nothing, invisible. Brown eyes, black hair, slim build, and being smooth as silk despite my Greek heritage got me no attention, good or bad. It was sheer chance that I found the website that would change my life. I wasn’t particularly familiar with the deep web, but I was getting desperate for a date. If muscles were the problem, then illicit steroids were the answer. I ordered a cycle of Deca, not knowing what I was doing. I convinced myself that it was working, that it’d get me huge. I made gains, grew 20 pounds over the course of a couple months and I was feeling fantastic. Stronger, bigger, I was becoming the man I wanted to be. Then I found the dark web forum, Masspig. I was exploring options for my second cycle, the chemicals in me raging throughout my 140-pound body, eager to get jacked no matter the cost. It was a link from one of the suppliers I was considering to buy from. It pointed to a forum, the site as blank as my apartment. Its focus was clear, just like mine – getting huge. On it, I found men taking experimental drugs, things not even the bodybuilders could get their hands on. Freaks, each 300 pounds or more adorned image boards, the list a good 10 or so pages worth of topics. The first thread I opened detailed the evolution of a man, born and raised a simp, turning into a veritable god. I scrolled through images of him, a middle-aged beanpole growing vast. Halfway through his transformation, he was the size of a professional heavyweight bodybuilder, his body covered in a layer of furry salt and pepper hair. By the time I scrolled down to the bottom, I was blowing a watery load out of my smallish cock, having blown two already as I watched him grow over the course of 5 years in 32 images. How a 40 year old man, a 600 pound living embodiment of a god, could possibly fit into his tight clothing and how he could ever fit his 16” cock into his screaming wife was a mystery. His stack however, was not. I ordered it the moment I saw the hyperlink. In a matter of months, I grew from 140 pounds to just under 200. Not only was I horned up constantly, but my body was positively humming with energy. I needed to lift things constant. I’d wake up at 5 in the morning, a raging hard-on going as I craved the gym. I’d blast a load out, the imprint of my 7” dong throbbing all the way to the gym. I’d moan as I drank gallons of vaguely puke-flavoured protein shakes; boning up to the thoughts of it all making me bigger. And it did. Then I found another thread, an 18 year old kid, cocky as all hell. His thread took the growth factor up to 11. A year after he started posting, the guy had put on over 200 pounds of pure mass, going from a solid 180 pounds with the body of a college wrestler, to a roided-out mass-freak whose neck was being swallowed up. By the time he was 20, he was even bigger than the middle-aged DILF from the other thread. He’d post vids of himself, his voice cracking as it grew deeper. I’d jack along to his solo vids, moaning along with him as he described how big the drugs were making his cock. That’s when my addiction to real mass took hold. I ate more, 6 meals a day became 8, I was actively chugging protein shakes laced with some of the stuff I found online. I worked out constantly. Once in the morning, once during my lunch break and I spent all my free time in the iron pit. By the time I reached 300 pounds, people began to fear me, respect me. I was throwing twinks around in bed, flipping tricks on the daily. By 400 pounds, no one would touch me. Not like they deserved to, anyhow. I was jerking off constantly, admiring my 30” arms as they jiggled with each stroke, 13” of steel hard cock in my hands as I continued to grow, my desire for hugeness never ceasing. That’s when I saw it. The thread that would change my life. There was a new one named ‘Do.’ Posted by one user simply named ‘Cumpig.’ I opened the thread and was floored. The transformation of the man there in that thread surpassed anything I had seen before. He was a soft-handed hipster type, his hair tied back into a man-bun despite the obvious signs that he’d never touched an axe in his life. A living paradox, a joke of masculinity. The first picture in his transformation was of him injecting himself, the syringe glowing a pale, bright red. The next few pictures were of him lifting, hair sprouting out of his chest, the once-baby-smooth body of a boy now rippling with hard-earned mass and muscle. The guy’s physique evolved further, his furry abs blowing up into a massive abgut as he grew beyond the confines of normalcy. As I looked further down, the pictures grew increasingly lewd. Now more monster than man, the hirsute gargantuan was shown splintering a tree trunk over his meatlog, a river of spunk blasting out of the cockhead, the picture filtered into a faded black and white. Another pic showed him lifting trees, old, ancient oaks, right out of their roots... with one hand, the other free one busy tweaking at his silver dollar sized nipples. There were vids as well, one where someone is yelling at him, ‘do it.’ He screamed in agony, but I couldn’t turn away as I came to his godhood, watching him lift a loaded pick up truck above his head. The last picture was simply him standing in all his naked magnificence, his beard and musclegut exposed, his cock dangling between his legs a slow trickle of preseed ever present. ‘Do. One ton,’ was the caption. A freaking ton of mass on a man. I dreamed of sucking off that immense man, worshipping the god he had become. I craved that size. I needed it. I continued to grow. At 500 pounds, none of the weights at my old gym posed even a modicum of a challenge to my growing body. My arms were already 36” around, already thicker than most men’s waists. But still it wasn’t enough. I bought a membership at a place across town that claimed to be hardcore. It wasn’t much better, but it’d have to do. It would definitely have to do. By the time I had reached 600 pounds of pure brawn, I knew I was reaching my limit. With every breath, I would have to take a good deep drawl through my nostrils just to get enough oxygen in. I sweat constantly, my odour filling any room I entered. When I walked, my nipples would rub against the top of my upper abdomen, they’d get hard and sometimes when I took my shirt off I’d find they’d chiseled a hole through the fabric. I was taller than any man I had met, 7’ tall and too wide to fit through doors. It was only a matter of time before I wouldn’t be able to fit through them sideways. At this size, only the freaks found me appealing, size queens. The last one that tried, neither his ass nor his mouth could satisfy me, his body too frail to service 20” of cock. I kicked him out and finished myself off, basking in my own hugeness as I jacked off while rubbing my furry eight pack. But still, I wanted more, I wanted to be a ton of muscle too. The second thread was opened by Cumpig around that time. It was titled ‘Not.’ It featured a twink, small in stature and smooth. His beautiful round face, his pale, yellow skin, dark hooded eyes and jet black hair, he was more at home in a fashion mag than a place like this. The topic of this thread was decidedly darker. The same reddish glow emanated from a syringe is featured in the first image detailing his transformation, only this time, the recipient was hogtied, a look of fear in his eyes as the syringe was forced into his scrotum, red suffusing into his veins glowing underneath his milky skin. Cumpig’s pictures were more detail this time. A group of us forum goers on Masspig flocked to the thread with glee as updates were frequent. We watched as that twink grew. At first, stubble erupted from the boyish lad’s face, his jaw becoming more defined and angular, almost hawk-like. His body was a different story. Whereas the first beast had grown bloated with power, this one seethed with lean mass. In a matter of months, the once cute little twink had transformed into a proper beast. One week he was smaller than me, the next his arms were an inch larger than mine, his body pushing past the 700 pounds of muscle I had at the time. I was diligent, constantly growing myself, combining cycles and techniques to push my body past its breaking point. But it didn’t matter, I was nothing compared to Cumpig’s latest project. And he didn’t stop. Week after week, I was treated to larger arms, hairy pits, pecs that jutted feet in front of his sternum and thighs that were thicker than the benches at the gym. I came so hard to a livestreamed video of him gorging himself with food, his hands roaming down his sculpted body, so lean that new ridges in his abdomen were visible underneath his paper-thin skin, the reliefs of his muscles only obscured slightly by a thin coat of black hair. Other videos were more sinister, the giant bound to a machine, forced to workout his god-like muscles. ‘You are not in control,’ a metallic voice rang out. ‘I. AM. NOT. IN. CONTROL,” the beast would howl back, sent into a muscle frenzy, his chest rising further with each pump. I’d lose control too, blowing huge wads of cum all over my modest setup as I watched the latest vids posted by Cumpig. The final image was a chained beast, the tiny little twink having transformed into an animal barely able to be contained. Just like the last one, the man was huge beyond belief, his arms easily thicker than my entire body, his pectorals fighting for space against his biceps and lats. Speaking of which, his muscles were so overblown, his lats practically touched his glutes. The saturation of the image was enhanced, showing off the relief of each muscle on the freak’s wide torso. I had never seen so many abs, serrati and obliques in stark relief, a genuine work of art. And maybe that’s all he was. Cumpig’s caption: Not. One ton. It had been a good six months since I last saw a post in that thread, but everyday I’d log into Masspig and check, just to see. Today, I eagerly hopped on my computer, gingerly sitting down on the reinforced steel chair as to not accidentally crumple it like the last one. The 800 pounds of muscle on my body quivers as I anticipate nothing, used to the disappointment of just seeing 600 pound men flex their stuff. It was almost sad, outgrowing the need for the site, Cumpig was the only reason I logged on any more. And there it was. A new thread started by Cumpig, a cute little avatar of an adorable, child-like pig. I licked my lips and looked at the title of the thread. ‘Open.’ I click the link, eager to see his latest project, what small, insignificant speck would be raised into godhood this time? My heart stops when I see the before images. It was of me. Old photos taken 6 or 7 years ago, when I was tiny, when I was nothing, less than a maggot! But unlike the others, the before photos continued to show me as I grew. There, one that was taken 5 years ago, 200 pounds of Mediterranean beef flexing at the beach, my arms and legs tanned, the muscles nicely highlighted. A year later, 300 pounds, my size outshining any bodybuilder on the circuit. 400, 500, 600, all these photos of me progressively getting larger, progressively more massive, my ascent to hugeness slow. My heart begins to race as I scroll down, posts from some of the regulars saying how hot I was. At the bottom, I see a livestream... with my hulking figure in it. I stare into my webcam, my face staring back at me on the screen. My cheeks go red, realizing that they had probably watched me explode all over my mirror earlier. The chat to the stream was explosive, almost everyone I had ever interacted with on the website was buzzing, calling me a god, saying how gorgeous my body already was. “Open,” a metallic voice calls out. I can’t pinpoint the origin of the sound, it feels like everywhere. “Open. Open. Open.” My heart feels like it’s going to burst out of my chest, the sound ringing in my head was unexplainable. I look at the chat. They’re all telling me to turn around and take the package. I look behind me and see it resting beside my bag. I can’t believe I had forgotten about it. I rip into the parcel and a card falls out, sturdy cardstock shaped in the likeness of a cartoon pig. ‘Oink oink,’ was all that was inscribed on it. Underneath it however... my eyes go wide, reflecting the soft reddish glow of the syringe held therein. The whole building shakes, my voice growing deeper and deeper as I feel the power surge through me, as my destiny flowed through my veins. Unbeknownst to me, another addition was added to the thread on my computer, another addition to Cumpig's strange art gallery. [placeholder] Open. One ton. *** This one's less sweet compared to the last one, just pure self indulgence on my part.
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    A Little Rusty by Vertical A crisp chill runs through the trees, the green leaves rustling, hints of red and orange peeking through. Autumn was coming and so was change. The hum of my engine keeps me company as I drive down the country road, red streaking through the sky in a brilliant display. They say the country is no place for a guy my age; young, 18, right on the cusp of adulthood. They say, ‘see the city, see the lights.’ And deep down, I wanted that. But the scene that played out in front of me, flat earth as far as the eye can see, seas of corn stalks billowing in the wind, that was enough to give me pause on those thoughts. We had grown up in these fields, played football in these fields. I even got my nickname ‘Rusty’ in these fields when I got a nasty bout of tetanus from an old nail in my junior year. Burton was a small town, one where everyone knew each other and words travelled faster than the flocks of crows from field to field. It was my home, still is. And unlike most of the kids that grow up in this small corner of the Earth, in our little haven of 2500 or so people, I wasn’t moving on come September. ‘It’s not fair,’ Pa had said, his fist shaking the dinner table, steak and potatoes that night. ‘Immigrants takin’ all the spots in college, them Asians,’ my Grampa corrected, an older, more dignified look on his face. I didn’t look neither of them in the eye that night as my third meagre envelope came in the mail. I couldn’t face them, couldn’t take their denial. I just wasn’t smart enough for college. Ma told me, her hand running through my corn-blonde hair, just a shade darker than hers, ‘Try again next year, Rory. ‘Til then, you can work at your uncle’s shop.’ And that’s all I could do. Maybe that’s all I was meant to do, fix tractors for the rest of my life. Country ran through my blood after all, destined to be another stoic, strong, corn-fed blonde haired, green eyed Saunders man stuck in Burton his whole life. Another picture on the wall on the old family farm. Was it fair? I look to my side, a paltry bouquet of flowers resting on the passenger seat of my Chevy. I couldn’t afford roses, so a sad bunch of slightly dry periwinkles would have to do. My whole life, I wouldn’t be moving forward. At least it felt that way. That’s why today mattered most. Everyone was leaving, college would be starting soon and families across Burton would say goodbye to yet another cohort of hopeful youths, eager to explore life beyond the corn fields. And that meant Liam was leaving too. Liam Smith wasn’t like the other kids. For one, the weedy, ruddy brown haired boy was the only outed gay guy in all of Burton. Tara Thompson, in all her wiles, had caught the beanpole of a brown-haired boy sneaking peeks at an old muscle mag at her father’s store when we were in middle school. As inevitable as the weeds that run along the sides of the gravel-lined back roads, within a few days, everyone in our grade knew. A few jocks, those who played football in the hollowed-out cornfields, gave him heck for a while, the once wily, mischievous kid growing silent, his esteem crushed. Being one of the guys, I stood by, silently condoning their actions. It rarely got physical, and me and the more sensible athletes would intervene before it got serious, but I’ll never forget the hurt in his eyes. They were dark, brooding and most of all, they haunted me in my sleep. Because I was like Liam, and I stood by and watched my friends heckle him. I tried to give him hints that we were the same. I’d bump into him, the mousy brunette apologizing reflexively. I’d flash him a smile. I cornered him one day in April of senior year, my arms blocking his exit. His hair was disheveled, even for a bowl-cut, his eyes wide as saucers. I could tell he was staring at the vein running down my bicep, hard earned sinew. I had clenched my fingers against the cold metal of the locker behind him, letting him watch the vein dance underneath my tanned skin. He was scared, maybe too scared to take the hint. I told him to ‘have a nice night’ before leaving, I should’ve kissed him instead. And that’s what I was here to do. I pull up to the old Smith farm, a modest garden lined with periwinkles. Of all things. The Smiths were quiet folk, they rarely came to town, came to church for Thanksgiving, Christmas and every other Easter. They weren’t always so reclusive, Mrs. Smith used to always come to the local market with a bright smile. Mr. Smith, a big, bearded man, used to teach kids how to shoot in his fields. Everyone trusted him with their kids, he was one of us, a Burtonite. But one day, when I was 15, something happened. The adults in town were hush-hush about it. But like all words, they spread quickly in Burton. Kid in a grade below caught wind it had something to do with Jedidiah, Liam’s older brother. Unlike Liam, Jed took on a persona that befitted his stock – a strong, proud man like his father, his brown locks reaching down to his shoulders in curly locks, facial hair lining his cheeks even at the age of 18. I had heard Jed had shot someone. Some say he committed suicide. All I know was that he didn’t show around school any more after that day. Liam looked sullen, I remember that much. At least, from that day on, the boys thought twice before making a snarky remark towards him. He didn’t bother anyone, and no one bothered him. Mrs. Smith came to town less often, her smile painted whenever she did smile, no joy radiated from within. Mr. Smith no longer took anyone to his fields to rifle. A pall grew over the Smith farm, and people rarely ventured to their little slice of Burton anymore. Except me. I step out of my truck, taking a longing look at the bunch of half-dead flowers staring back at me. I sigh, taking the bouquet in hand before closing the door. Apart from my Chevy, there was one other vehicle in the driveway, one I didn’t recognize. Mr. Smith’s old beat up Ford wasn’t there, nor was Liam’s junker of a rice burner. There beside my truck was a newer model of it, this year’s, maybe last’s, the dust and mud on mine contrasted with the chrome of other. I pause in my advance, wondering if I have the right place, but I know these fields, I remember Mr. Smith’s strong hands showing me how to hold a rifle just over yonder when I was young. With trepidation, I walk up to the front porch, ascending the steps one at a time, the old wood creaking underneath my footfalls. I hold the flowers behind my back, my heart leaping out of my chest, perspiration marring my brow and staining the underarms of my black shirt. I knock on the old door, the metal screen peeling around the outer screen door. I don’t sense anything at first, but then I hear a stirring about from within. I could feel the nervous dread in me and I almost flaked like the white paint along the old Smith farm’s sidings. The front door swings open and my eyes go wide as I stare up... and up. I was a tall fellow, Ma used to say ‘6 feet and proud, like an oak.’ The man before me had to have me beat by almost a head, maybe 6’6” or more. His eyes were a mellow, warm brown. A Smith for sure. Locks of curly hair adorned his crown down to his shoulders, his strong face covered in a light dusting of brown fuzz, a week after a shave or so. “Jed?” I blurted, looking the man in the face. He looked like Liam’s older brother but... older. Though, I suppose that was inevitable. The man pauses for a moment and then smirks, his cheeks rosy as he nods. “Rory Saunders, what brings you here?” he booms, his heavy hand reaching out through the rip in the screen door to rest on my shoulder. His voice was deeper, less boyish than I remember. His smile was kind, like Mr. Smith’s used to be, like all the Smiths used to be. Time had that effect on a man as well. And time seemed to have treated Jed well. Not only was he tall, but he was brutally thick. Wearing nothing but a stringer A-shirt and a pair of workout shorts, the fabric was plastered onto his form. Large mounds of muscle bunch up underneath, not unlike that of a bodybuilder’s. But Jed’s muscles were different, they were honest, the likes of those of a man who worked the land like an ox; in another word – he was rough, hewn out of brutish hands. “I...” I gulp, unable to process what I was seeing in front of me. Jed had turned into a giant over the three years he had gone missing. “Spit it out, boy,” the bestial man grunts. Authority oozed from every pore, even the musky smell coming off him demanded respect. He must’ve been lifting something, I could smell the metallic residue on the hand on my shoulder. “Is Liam in?” I ask meekly, more mouse than man, my voice cracking like I was 12 again. “Hah,” the man booms, a big, boisterous smile on his face. “You just missed him, he went into town to get something for dinner. Our folks are out of town an’ I’m just here to help Liam move out. You’re welcome to stay ‘til he gets back.” He swings the screen door open and puts his back to the door, supposedly inviting me in. I gulp as I squeeze past him. He was so thick, he took up more than half of the doorway, even turned to his side. I slide past him, my cheek brushing up against the man’s chest. My breath grows shallow as my nose bumps into one of his protruding nipples. I could swear I heard him coo a little. “Now wait a second,” he rumbles, his hand catching mine. Shit, the flowers. “What’s the meaning of this?” he grunts, seizing the wilting bouquet. My blood freezes, ice in my veins as I look up at him, a shocked look on his face. “Please,” I whimper. Burton wasn’t the worst place for a faggot, no one would dare to lynch one in public, but in the privacy of their own homes? “Rory, are... you?” Jed blurts, his eyes curious. His expression softens and the giant takes me under his arm and playfully presses his fist into the crown of my head. “Well I’ll be,” he booms, his voice filled with warmth. The pressure, the stench; both were strong and overwhelmingly masculine. I could feel myself getting aroused. “Looks like Liam did well, caught himself a cute jock,” Jed chuckles, patting me on the back as he brushes past me and into the small kitchen, pouring out a glass of sweet tea. He offers it to me and what else could I do but accept? I take meagre sips, the giant man watching me intently. My mouth drank in the sugary tea, my eyes drank in his body. In the soft light, I could see every detail the quick glances of him I took of him outside missed. His shoulders were broad, like an ox’s, his back blotting out the artificial yellow light from the kitchen as he leans into the doorway. His pectorals spilled out a good foot from his chest, each rounded and full. Pulled tight against his body, the stringer outlined the ridges of his abdominals. His arms, each had to be the size of melons. His thighs, they rivalled the size of my torso, his shorts barely came down a quarter of each boulder of muscle. The giant catches me watching, a wolfish, almost feral smirk on his face as he brushes a hand along his basket. That thing was oversized as well, looking as if it had been stuffed with several pairs of socks, almost comically large. “You know, Rusty, I was in the middle of a workout, you’re welcome to join me while we wait,” he offers, his big, almost ursine form lumbers past me as he descends down a flight of stairs into the basement. I get a look at his back, traps and lats so large the man’s massive arms scrape along the sides of both walls along the way down. His glutes swing in a bodybuilder’s swagger. Dumbfounded, I slowly follow him down from a distance. The basement was barely furnished, the floor covered in epoxy, the bare minimum in finishings done to the space. A slight chill runs through my spine, the low 7’ ceiling and dim lighting giving off a claustrophobic vibe, especially given how much space Jed took up. The energy in the room was tense. I watch as Jed makes his way to an old bench press, a few slightly rusted dumbbells lining the far wall from the landing of the basement. “I know it’s not much, but this is all we had,” the beast of a man chuckles, shaking his head, his mane of hair swinging side to side. He takes one look at the bench and smiles as he piles on plate after plate. I stand there, gawking at the amount of weight he was attempting. “C’mon, buddy, gimme a spot?” I nod and walk over, ready to assist him. “Hey,” I gulp, my tone cautious, unwilling to challenge his authority. “You forgot the clips,” I say meekly, bending down, and fastening the pieces of metal to the bar, holding the plates in place. “Ah, yeah. Thanks, Rusty,” Jed grunts, a little red on his cheeks from the embarrassment. “Just got a little too excited ‘bout lifting, is all!” With a loud grunt, he lifts the bar off its rest and slowly brings it down. I watch him, concentration stricken on his handsome visage. He exhales sharply, bringing the bar down to touch his enormous chest. “Hey! Exhale on the way up!” I bark. A gnawing shock runs through me, unbelieving I had just blurted that out. I fear I may have overstepped his authority again, but the beast is focused on his lift, baring his canines as he forces the bar up, his arms shaking. The second rep is smoother and I feel myself going red in the face as I watch his body in motion, each muscle working in tandem with its neighbours to gently bring the bar down and then push it back up. Apart from the first rep, it didn’t look like he needed my help anymore. “Five... six...” he growls lowly, his voice echoing in my head, deep and reverberating. And growing deeper. By the seventh rep, I notice why. His chest, already pumped, blasts larger as he brings the weight down, his nipples now visible though the sleeves of the shirt. His face is red, his eyes glazed over as he moans lewdly. I hear ripping, the sound of fabric losing a war against sheer mass. The first to give was his shorts, splitting along the sides as his titanic thighs grow. “Nine... ten...” he grunts, his voice almost inhuman now, barely audible, half sound, half vibration. The growing beast’s lats devour the bench, the leather now only touching the small of his back. His chest bursts out of the shirt, his nipples pointing downwards with one rep, pointing inwards on the next. His groans sound like that of a tortured beast, his skin an angry shade of red and the heat coming off his body was like that of a working furnace. “Aungh,” he snarls. He throws the weight off of him, the barbell crashing into the ground, the floor rumbling as hundreds of pounds crash into the floor, leaving divots. With an unceremonious rip, the beast’s member bursts through his thin underwear. A low thwack rings throughout the dingy basement, an overwhelming musk permeating the air. The giant’s knob reaches halfway up his torso, the head larger than an apple resting between the mountains of his chest. Dark flesh pulses, writhing with veins, the shaft as thick as salami. “Rusty,” Jed commands, his voice a mix of human and something animal. He points to a toolbox. “Tape measure,” he orders. His hands reach down to wrap around his massive shaft, his grunts and growls filling the air, the smell of sex now overwhelming. As I rifle through the tools, I can already hear the pre splattering out of his cockhead, his balls audibly gurgling, each the size of a small bowling ball. I find the strip of plastic and turn around to see ropes of pre-seed jettisoning out of his piss-slit with enough force to rival any other man’s orgasm. “Ough, measure it,” he growls lowly, pushing the slick member down, forcing it away from his body. I gulp as I draw near, watching in disbelief as his body continues to throb, continues to grow. Hairs sprout and darken all over him, concentrating along the midline up his abdomen, joining a lush forest of hair between his pecs, the hairs shining with a mixture of pre-seed and sweat. His stubble had grown out into a beard, curly and dense. I was looking at something no longer truly human. This man, this beast... he had turned into something beyond what a man could be. I do as he says, yelping as he flexes his inner pelvis, his rod shuddering. “Oh my God,” I whimper. “What does it say?” he grunts, answering my call to divinity. “31 inches,” I gasp, my hands trembling next to his godhood. Over 2 and a half feet of dick was mere inches from my face. “Urgh... AGAIN!” he roars. Veins snake up his neck as he flexes harder, every muscle in his body pushing out. New networks grow, more blood vessels forming to feed his body. He howls lowly, no longer a beast but a god, his wailing completely devoid of humanity. My stomach churns, watching as his muscles billow outwards like storm clouds. His arms grow larger than a bodybuilder’s chest. His mass is so immense, his body crashes to the floor as the bench gives way to his bulk. “Mmph!” he snarls, enjoying the sensation of his wide shoulders, now wider than I was tall, slamming into the ground. His chest pushes his chin upwards, his neck swallowed his traps. So much muscle spills forth, his abs are forced outwards, the god sporting eight ridges on a gut covered in shag. “Again, Rusty,” he moans lowly, his right hand slowly feeling up his new abgut, massaging his pre-seed into the dense fur. “Measure my fuckin’ dick, shrimp!” he roars, his left hand almost becoming a blur as he strokes himself with abandon. His thighs, each a leviathan on their own, flex in concert as they thrust his hips upwards in time to his fervent, mad stroking. “36 inches, Liam,” I whimper. “The fuck did you just call me?” the god snarls. “Liam,” I repeat, tears welling in my eyes as I shrink away from him. The musclebound deity’s expression softens, his grimace turning into a knowing, wily grin. I had seen it once before, maybe when I was much younger. “Jed would never call me ‘Rusty.’ He went away before I got tetanus.” “You know,” the musclegod rumbles, slowly getting to his feet. The giant was so tall, he had to stoop, his shoulders touching the low ceiling. He took up so much space, he was almost as wide as he was tall, all of it covered in muscle and hair. “You’re way smarter than they say you are, Rory. I always knew that.” His big paw comes down, covering my entire shoulder. “W-what happened... what’s happening to you?” I stammer. “Same thing that happened to Jed,” Liam replies quietly. “He just started growing out of the blue one day. Ma and Pa called the doctors. We never saw him again.” His face grows pensive, his expressive eyes full of sadness. He bowls forward, one massive mitt grabbing at my torso and he hoists me upwards, placing me gently on his engorged cock, my thighs spreading out as if riding a horse. The heat coming off his body is intense. The smell of his sex invigorates me, as if pure testosterone was diffusing in the air around him. “Except I’m bigger, way bigger,” he rumbles. I could feel his voice shaking me to my core. “I’m way stronger,” he moans, his lust reaching a fever pitch. His arms wrap around me, his giant hands reaching past me to jack himself off. His pectorals push at my face, my nostrils filling with his scent, lush hair scratching at my cheeks. “O-oh,” he whimpers, his rod growing more sensitive as he nears orgasm – apotheosis. “F-fuck!” he roars. It had begun. His chest surrounds my head, his gigantic biceps squeeze around my shoulders, forcing my arms to hug his gargantuan abgut. His cock throbs underneath me, I can feel the blood in his veins pushing at the surface of his dick with each involuntary flex against my thighs. I scream as the monstrously-built musclegod brings his cock upwards to hug against his body. The front of my face is pressed against his pectorals, the back of my head feels the sheer pressure of his ejaculate pushing through his urethra, the strain echoing through his shaft. My world is muffled, the sound drowned out by his muscles, my sight gone as I’m forced against brawn not even a pantheon of gods could possibly possess. My skin writhes as hot liquid pours over me. One minute becomes two, two becomes four. After eight minutes of pure sensory overload, Liam crashes to his knees and releases his cock from a chokehold. I sputter and slide off his massive cock, coughing as I land in an inch deep pool of semen. I wipe my face, forcing myself onto my hands and knees and look up at him. His magnificent form glistens with perspiration, his deep, heavy breathing causing his expansive chest to grow inches with each inhalation. He smiles and chuckles deeply as he crawls forward, great tides of semen pushing to the side as he advances. With a finger, he pushes at my chest, an audible squish ringing throughout the room as I fall onto my back. The hulking mass of muscle quivers as he easily rips my shirt and pants off, my own comparatively modest endowment poking straight up in the air. “You’re bigger than I thought,” he coos, his voice like an earthquake. “8? 9 inches?” he growls as his strong tongue works its way down. “9!” I bark as his lips clamp down on my shaft all the way to its base, my thick shaft not even reaching the back of his throat. I arc my back, my own muscles writhing in unison as he sucks me with such force he could rip the skin right off if he went any further. “Oh... God... Liam!” I wail synonyms as he works my shaft. I thrust upwards, shooting a thick load down his throat. The giant hums graciously as he accepts my meagre offering. I could feel a wave of pressure coming off him with each of my thrusts. If my pittance of a tithe offering was adding to his mass, it was barely a drop in the ocean of muscle that made up his body. I crumple in the cooling pool of Liam’s god-spunk, spent and basking in euphoric afterglow. I look up at the giant with a shit-eating grin, past the muscles, past the hair and deep into his eyes. Beautiful, brown, they still haunted me. “I’m leaving,” he announces, the solemn, pensive look I’d come to know him to have returning. “Once my parents get back, there’ll be questions.” He looks me in the eyes and then puts out a hand, the palm larger than my head. “Come with me, Rusty. My parents got me that new truck. I’ll take up the bed, you drive.” It wasn’t a command, but a plea. A smirk grows on his handsome face, warm and cheerful. “With as productive as I am, I’m going to need you to take a bit of the pressure off if I’m gonna do well in college,” he adds with a wink. I take his hand, my own like a babe’s in his. He pulls me in, our lips meeting for the first time. Maybe I would be leaving Burton after all. *** Long time lurker, first time poster. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!
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    So I've noticed lately there's been a real slow-down in new material so I thought i would help out. I have lurked here for years so I thought I should pay my dues and post a story. I haven't written anything since way back in high school English so I have no idea if this is any good at all. Hopefully it doesn't suck. Also, the first few chapters of the is going to be very similar to a well-known story by Musclegod300 (and one my absolute favorites) until I get far enough to take a unique direction. I promise I am not trying to rip you off MG300, please take it as the ultimate compliment, as you are in the top 3 of my favorite muscle story authors ;-). +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dad Get's His Glory Years Prologue: I had just graduated high school and the summer of my last year at home was winding down. My name is Jed Graves and I had spent the last few days packing up what I could and preparing myself mentally to leave my father behind. Not so much for my sake, I didn't think. More for his. My father, Chad Graves, was an amazing man who had lived a hard life. Growing up he was, plain and simple, a stud. Ever since he was very young he was always one of the most athletic kids in his class. He excelled at every athletic sport he played, even earning starting positions at linebacker on our high school football and baseball teams by his sophomore year. He was a shoo-in for all-state honors in football before a freak back injury ended his season right before the playoffs began. During play he was awkwardly bent over backwards and was nearly paralyzed. The doctors let him know he was very lucky he came out of it with only minor injuries. Consequently, with his athletic prowess, charming yet humble personality and stunningly rugged good looks he was very popular, especially with the ladies. He dated around in his early high school years, even snagging the interest of some the upper class girls. Many of the upper class boys wanted to hate him for stealing some of their women but he such a charming and fun personality that he endeared himself to all. He fell in love with a woman that would become with wife and then my mother when he was just 16 years old. She was the same age and of course, athletic and gorgeous, a track star in her own right. Shortly after came the biggest test of my parents' young life. The virile young man got my mom pregnant and I as born right before his 17th birthday. My father and my mother never once considered terminating the pregnancy or offering me up for adoption. They decided to raise me as best as they could, with my father giving up his athletic pursuits to take part time jobs at nights after school to help raise me. This was certainly a difficult time for both of my parents. With some assistance from my Dad's Grandparents they were able to raise me to toddler-hood while maintaining their slightly above average GPA's and graduating high school. Throughout my infant years my father continued to find jobs here and there. Once he had graduated he settled nicely into a construction job that was ran by a family friend. With his strong, 6'1 frame, the interviewer knew he would be able to haul around the heavy equipment and materials with ease and he was a hired on the spot. He proved to be a hard and courteous worker. He took pride in his work and he knew this would be his only form of exercise that his robust body craved while I was growing up. While my presence was undoubtedly tough on my young parents, they both loved me and each other unequivocally and never once regretted their decision to have me. Our small family was able to scrape by via modest, yet comfortable means through the hard work of both of my young parents. I adored both of my parents and saw my father as my own personal superhero. I especially loved when we would go to neighborhood pool and he would use his thick arms to toss me up in the air so I could try to make the biggest splash I could. Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing you curve-balls and when I was 8 years old my mother was killed in a car accident during a winter storm while driving home from her job. It of course hit both my dad and I very hard. However, like every challenge that ever faced him, my father soldiered on and worked even harder to love me and give the best life he could. Growing up my genetic background was easily evident as I also excelled at nearly every sport I did. I too was able to secure a spot of the varsity football team from an early point in my high school career. While I likely could've been just as good at or exceeded my father's accomplishments I never really had that killer athletic instinct that truly elite athletes have. I was happy with just being “good” as opposed to “the star” was enough for me. I saw sports mainly as a good way to maintain my healthy physique throughout high school and rather than as a means to advance my athletic career. I grew to match my father in height at 6'1 on a solid, but not ripped 190 lb frame. In fact, I actually excelled more at academics, earning myself a engineering scholarship to the large state university. Even though I more heavily pursued academics in lieu of athletics my father never once wavered in his support of me. I honestly think he was more proud of me for my intellectual side as he had first-hand knowledge of how difficult life can be without a college degree. While I was growing up my father maintained his healthy strong physique with his hard work at the construction job. Some aged-ness did catch up to him in he form of a layer of softness around his large muscles, but we has still a stud. At only 35 years old he still had no receding hairline. His dark hair was kept short and he had an angular jawline with an almost permanent 5 o'clock shadow that would be the envy of any man. To tease me, my female friends constantly reminded me of his rugged DILF status much to my chagrin. Honestly, I couldn't blame them or deny that I hoped I could become half the man he was when I reached his age. I often told my Dad he should get out and date more often than he did but he never pursued it much further, preferring to spend his free time with me. So here we were, my father and I making the 5-hour drive to the university to drop my off for my freshman year. We moved my stuff into my dorm then went our for a nice meal before saying our goodbyes. The parting was very difficult for both of us, it was the first time I saw my father tear up since my mother passed away. We hugged each other and then he took off for home and I began my college career Chapter 1: Thanksgiving Break College began with a flurry as I settled into my new routine. I called my father at least once a week as we kept in touch. Engineering classes, as well as a regular workout routine, kept me more than busy. It was during the first month that my father told me he had been promoted to a site manager position at his construction job. I was super excited for him as it meant a big pay raise. The only downside was that it meant he would be spending more time in the construction office rather than outside doing physical labor. Due to the lack of physical labor, when my father came down to visit for Thanksgiving he had put on about 20 lbs of mostly fat, bringing him to still healthy, if just a bit soft 225 lbs. My workout routine had been going steadily and I was up to about 200 lbs, adding about 10 lbs. Of course, with the nearly ulimited amount of food at the school cafeterio it was probably only ½ muscle. When I first saw my dad I of course playfully had to give him some ribbing. “Hey Pops, it's great to see you again” as we wrapped our arms around each other in a typical man-hug I felt his belly push against me. “Woah, old man what's going on here? Too many hot pockets?” as I playfully jabbed his midsection. He heartily chuckled. “Yeah son, all that time sitting in the construction office this past fall has taken it's toll. Last week I really noticed and joined that new gym that opened up a few blocks from our house this past summer.” The gym he was talking about, UrbanFlex, was a national chain known for being a mecca for serous workout addicts. “Oh yeah, that place? You think you can keep up with the dudes that go there?” “Of course son! I know my way around a weight room even though I haven't been in one a long while. I spent a lot of time in one before you came along and ruined my workout life” he shot at me with a joking wink. “I can see you are still putting some time in the gym. You are looking more and more grownup, I'm not sure I like. I miss my little guy.” “Pops, you're embarrassing me. And thanks! I'm up about 10 lbs. Just trying to get half a studly as you, old man!” “You'll never match all this beef, boy!” he said as he threw his arms in front of him for a mock most-muscular pose. I absolutely loved my father and his playful attitude. We had great Thanksgiving weekend here in the university town hanging out and of course, eating way too much one we settled on a restaurant. Once again we parted ways and looked forward to visiting each other for over Christmas break. Chapter 2: Christmas Break. Four days before Christmas I ended up sharing a ride with one of my female classmates from high school for the trip back home. It was lightly snowing when she dropped me off at my house. With my duffel bag full of clothes slung around my shoulder I entered in the house. My father instantly bound in from the kitchen and wrapped me in one of his patented crushing dad-hugs. Unlike at Thanksgiving, I instantly noticed there was no fluff pushing at me from his belly. After he released and held me at arms length I was able to get a good look at him. He definitely looked much trimmer in his slightly baggy blue t-shirt. He always maintained his fairly muscular arms but now I able to see some more definite veins on his forearms and his face seemed tighter. “Wow dad you great! What happened to that old-man flab”. “Well I knew this studly young buck was coming home so I decided to get rid of it keep up with him!” He quickly raised his shirt and patted his slim, semi-hairy belly. While he far from ripped, he had a taught waist that was far cry from the pooch he sported at Thanksgiving. “Been hitting that new gym hard. I've lost about all of my office fat. I'm down to 200 lbs, I feel small now just like you, haha,” he added in jest. “You mean you're now studly like me!” I retorted. “Haha, yeah, exactly, we are two peas in a pod I guess. Maybe over break I take to the gym with me.” “Awesome, pops. That'd be great. I certainly don't want to fall out of routine over break.” We enjoyed a great Christmas. We went to visit my Grandparents and caught up with the extended family. Of course we ate way too much food. I was surprised at how much my father was shoveling into his mouth. “Woah, careful dad, you're gonna gain all that fat back you keep eating like that.” He chuckled, “Maybe son, but I thought I'd indulge myself since its a holiday. Plus actually I've been eating much more heartily since thanksgiving so I'm not too worried.” The day after Christmas we decided to get back into our gym routine. Thirty minutes before we left my opened a kichten cabinet full of supplement bottles, big and small. He started mixing various powders into a cup. “Geez, Dad, are you going a bit overboard with all that?” “No way son. With my new raise and you out of the house I decided I need a hobby. So I'm going see if I can really take this workout thing seriously. Besides, so far I can't argue with the results!” as he again patted his trim waist. “You want a preworkout shake, son?” “No thanks, Dad. You go ahead. You need it more than me, old man,” I replied as I faux punched his shoulder. “Haha, we'll see. The car's warmed up, let's head to the gym.” We grabbed our duffels and headed to the gym. On the way the pre-workout must've been kicking in as I could tell my dad was getting antsy. “Can't wait to throw around some iron, son. This five day break has got me itchin' to get back to work.” We got the gym and headed into the locker room to change. I had heard of these UrbanFlex gyms but it was the first time I had been to one. It truly was a hardcore gym. Unpainted brick walls, loud pounding rock music, a smell of sweat that lingered in the air. The clientele was definitely a step above your average fitness club. Clearly, coming here for the past month was giving my father good motivation. While changing I got good look at my dad's progress. He still had those thick, full, yet soft muscles, but the fat had clearly been melting off. While he still wasn't what I would call ripped, the definition and veins were just beginning to show all over. Standing next to him with my shirt off, his youthful visage, and our identical heights and weight, we practically looked like twins. As he changed into his shorts I couldn't help but take a glance at what he was packing. With our superior genes I never got any complaints from my dates. I hung soft at 5” inches and only plumped up to just under 7 inches. Still nicely above average but I was always just slightly disappointed that I was more of a shower than a grower. When my father dropped his shorts he hung about equally to me in length, but was MUCH thicker. It looked like a flesh colored Red Bull can hanging between his legs. I tried to suppress my surprise but I think he noticed and I thought I saw a wry smirk appear on his face as turned and pulled up his underwear. I could only hope that I wasn't quite done growing and could someday match that thick monster. We headed out to the weight room and my Dad gave me the most intense chest and shoulder workout I have ever had. My father attacked the weights with a savagery I could only imagine. As we entered the weight room Pops looked like a caged tiger. As all lifting bro's seem to do, we started with barbell bench press. We ended up having very similar strength levels but my father was clearly superior in form and intensity. We worked our way up to 265 lbs. I was able to get for 8 ugly reps but he got it ten, in perfect strict form. We then worked our way through incline and decline dumbell benches and finally cable flies to finish off the chest. Each set was nearly identical as my father was just able to outdo me on every lift. I couldn't tell if he was getting his normal reps or if he was purposely trying to make sure he outdid me on everything. We then did a full should routine with military presses, lateral and front raises and Arnold presses. During each exercise my father had also been giving me “helpful tips” as he called them correcting my form and showing the the best way to perform each exercise. I was getting a little annoyed and I thought he sounded like an overzealous personal trainer. By the end of the workout his light grey t-shirt had turned dark as it was soaked with sweat and was taught against his pumped muscles. I had the usual sweat spots under my armpits and under my chest but looked nothing like the drenched man next to me. “Damn, Pops, look at your forearms, your veins are unreal!” “Yeah, I always get a great pump. I love that feeling you know! You can almost feel your muscles growing, I love it!” Dad was starting to sound like one of those jocky frat guys I hear at the campus gym. When we finished this big handsome guy came over and started talking to us. My dad introduced him as Ted. He was huge, e looked like one of those real bodybuilder guys. He was just shorter than us, about 6' but probably 225 lbs of bulging muscle. He had short brown hair styled up and forward to a point. You could tell he was one of those serious lifter guys as his calves were shaved and he had a light tan even though is was the middle of winter. Plus, he was wearing one those small stringer tanktops you tend to see the big muscle guys wearing. I guessed him to be about 30 years old. “Teddy, my man, how's it going!” as my dad slapped his meaty shoulder. “This is my son I've told you about.” “Doin' well Chad! Nice to meet, you Jed. Wow, you are a spitting image of your old man, you two look like brothers! You're father is a beast, I've never seen anyone who lifts as hard as your father. I learned a couple of weeks ago not to come distract him in the middle of his workout. He was practically screaming at me in front of the whole gym to leave him alone. Won't make that mistake again!” “I already told I was sorry about that, but yes, don't bother me when I'm in my zone,” as dad playfully punched him in his chest. Ted and my Dad were having a complete bro-down. “I started lifting with Ted just after Thanksgiving. He was the one who taught me how to do all the exercises correctly. About a week ago his work schedule shifted so we don't get to lift together much anymore.” Ted replied, “Well it still looks like you're still makin' good progress! Let's hope those newbie gains don't slow down” “Oh I'll make sure they won't,” my father said with a seriousness that almost seemed ominous. “Well, nice to meet you Jed, see ya' around Chad-man” And with that Ted turned his wide defined back to us and headed back to his work out. “Damn, Dad no wonder you have been making such good gains, that guy was huge. His lats were enormous!” “Yeah, he is huge, huh. He told me he's even placed highly in a couple of the local state physique shows. Ted showed me how to do things right with the lifting, diet and supplementation. I owe a lot of this to him,” as he gestured to his sweat soaked body. On the way home he pulled out a couple of pre-made shakes and handed one to me. I almost couldn't drink it it was so thick with protein mix. When we got home Dad immediate headed to the kitchen and startup pulling out Tupperware containers full of chicken breasts and vegetables. “Son, would you grab the peanut butter out of the pantry?” In the pantry I did a double take. Clearly, a lot of his newly expendable income had been spent on improving his body. Along with our normal foodstuffs it was full of giant supplement bottles of every kind. Proteins, BCAAs, glutamines, vitamins, pills, and other chemical names that I had no idea what they where. “Holy crap, Dad. Do you think you are maybe taking this lifting thing a little to seriously?”. “Haha. Maybe Son! But as the results have kept coming I keep trying adding new things. I've always loved working my body but now that I mostly sit in a office the lifting really helps me de-stress. Plus, if it continues to give me the added benefit of being healthy and looking good then I'm can't complain!” “True, I guess I can't argue with that, Pops” as we sat down to consume a post-workout meal. My father practically inhaled his food. He had to have consumed three whole chicken breasts along with a heaping pile of broccoli and peanut butter toast. All I could do was stare as he just kept shoveling it in. My mind flashed back to this summer watching the hot dog eating contest on TV during the Fourth of July. As he was finishing his meal he finally looked up at me and gave an embarrassed, wry smile. “Sorry, I always get really hungry after a good workout. You not hungry, son?” Breaking my stupor, “Oh, yeah, sorry I guess I was just got lost in my own world.” I started eating. I guessed I ate about 1/3 of the total that he did. “Sorry, like you I guess I tend to get lost in MY own little world when I'm eating. Like Ted has told me, you have to eat big to get big!” “So you are trying to get bigger, Dad? I thought you were just trying to lose some weight to get back into shape?” “Well, sure I want to get bigger, son. What man wouldn't like to be bigger and stronger? I love you to death son and I don't blame you for anything, but when you came around I sorta had to sidetrack my athletic pursuits. I guess now that I have the time and means I'm just making up for lost time” he said as he patted me on the back. “I guess you could say I'm finally getting to experience my glory years, even if a just a lad late.” “I get it Dad. I think you should go for it. You're looking great. You're gonna have to start beating the chicks off with a stick if you keep it up!” I said as he guffawed and walked out of the room. This routine kept up for the next two weeks, the rest of my winter break before I had to return to school. We would go to the gym two days on and one day off. Dad continued to be a madman in the gym and eat like a horse afterwards. Two days after New Years we were at the grocery store when I ran into two of my good female classmates from high school. Amy and Mandy were also back in town visiting their families. They both went to a community college that was only about an hour away. They were two of the more attractive girls from my class and I was proud to say that Mandy and I even dated for a while during our sophomore year. She was actually my first. Inheriting my father's good looks certainly never afforded me any trouble with opposite sex. “Jed! Great to see you!” they both squealed and ran up to hug me. We proceeded to talk about how our early college careers were going. While we were talking they kept glancing at my father. “Jed, is this your roommate?” Amy asked. “HAHA” my Dad let out huge belly laugh and slapped my back forcefully. “No, girls. This is my father.” “SERIOUSLY JED! Wow, Mr. Graves you look so young!” said Mandy. “It so nice to meet you.” As they shook hands and acquainted with each other I notice the girls seemed to be acting strange, giggling at his cheesy Dad jokes, whipping their hair. That's when I figured it out. They were totally flirting with my Dad!! “Well I see where Jed got his great looks from.” Mandy stated as they finished up their conversation. “And his body!” Amy added as my face blushed a deep red. She also reached over and gently put her hand on my dad's flannel shirt covered arm. She was totally feeling my Dad up! All the while they were chatting you couldn't pry the giant glowing grin off my father's face with a crowbar. This was obviously a huge boost to his self esteem. “Well it was nice meeting you ladies, we'll be seeing you around” and with that we parted ways. As we checked out and walked back to the car my father seemed to standing up little straighter, had his chest puffed out a bit more. And, ahem, it tought it looked another part of him was bulging more than usual. That night I received a whole slew of text messages from Amy and Mandy telling me how hot my dad was. They were even joking about me giving him their phone number. At, least I think they were joking... It was a little over a week later when we had our last workout together before I had to head back to school. That day we did sort of a full body circuit routine. “To really shock the body”, my dad put it. I was getting more used to it, but his intensity was still nothing short of intimidating. If I weren't his son I would've been completely scared to go near him. Over the last two weeks the weights he was using were slowing ticking up. Grunting with aplomb, he put every ounce of effort he could in to each rep of each exercise. While it was intimidating, it was also very motivating and I too seemed to be making great short terms progress over the last two and half weeks. After the workout, my father once again soaked, we headed to the locker room. “Hey, bud. I've been texting with Ted and he says I should keep a log of my progress. I brought a notebook and measuring tape. ould you help check my stats.” I thought this would be a little awkward but I relented. He disrobed to his tight black spandex underwear and, holy crap! We had been coming straight home from the gym since that first workout before Christmas. Since that workout two weeks ago he looked noticeably improved. A little less fat, a little better definition, a little better vascularity and of course, a little more size, all over his entire body. To try to control my shock I undressed and and jumped on the scale. I was at 195. I had lost a few pounds but I could tell it was all fat thanks to the intense workouts. “Looking good champ, let me try.” He stepped on and the small weight slammed against the top the balance. He adjusted the weight. “209 pounds” He stated enthusiastically. I was almost aghast. “Wow Dad, 9 lbs is a lot to gain in two weeks. It looks like you gained even more than that in muscle. You've definitely lost some fat, too.” “Yeah I think so too, Son” as he pinched a small fold of skin on his waist. There wasn't much there to grab. You could definitely make out his abs under the ever shrinking layer of fat around his waist. We measured his arms. A nice solid 17.5 inches. Chest, 48 inches. Thighs, 25 inches. He always had huge thighs, that was his genetic gift, if you don't' count everything else about him. Waist, 33 inches. “Hey son, what sort of guns are you sporting” I really didn't want to measure. I knew I had good arms but also knew his were bigger. No man likes to have it pointed out that they are smaller than another man. We had about the same shape, but he had just a bit more size. “I don't know Dad. Hey we better shower and get going.” I tried to distract him. “Nah, let's see those pythons first” my Dad said again sounding like a frat jocks. He wrapped the tape around my arm, “16.5 inches, very respectable son. Certainly not quite on this level though!” At that he through up a double bicep pose and I'll be damned if he didn't look like one of those physique models. Ya, know, the guys who are just not quite big enough to be bodybuilders so they cut all the fat away to get ripped, but not huge. A little less fat and he could certainly hope up on a stage with them. It was a little emasculating. Again my Dad seemed to puff up with confidence as we strode to the shower. “You're going to have to step up your workouts at school if you want to keep up with me!” “Aw, Dad, I'm fine with the way I look. Still better than most guys out there” He shook his head, “well, suit yourself son. I'm going to go ahead put on a bit more size.” “Well Dad, don't be surprised if you slow down, those beginner gains are always the best.” “Yeah, Ted has mentioned that to me too. Hopefully I can prove you both wrong, haha,” he winked and headed to the showers. After the shower we headed home and he had, of course, another gut busting meal. Sadly, my winter break ended and I headed back to campus the next day. I was immensely proud of my Dad, he was handling his empty nest syndrome wonderfully. On the drive home all I could think about was how much better he was looking. I could only hope to someday look half as good as him. Chapter 3: Spring Break I quickly fell back into the routine of school, which as an engineer meant a lot of study time. The first year and half of engineering school mainly consists of “weed-out” classes. These are classes that are very difficult and are designed to make sure only the worthy students make it through to upper level courses. During these classes about half my engineering peers won't cut it and will choose different majors. Unfortunately, all this studying meant I was spending less and less time at the campus rec center. My father, on the other hand, was apparently still “crushing it” as he repeatedly noted in his text messages. He had been texting me more and more since I came back to college. I don’t know if he was just excited about his progress or was purposely trying to show off. I suspect a little of both. He had also started emailing me new workouts that he was finding on the web as well as links to sites about nutrition and new supplements. All I could do was roll my eyes at everything he sent me. He was totally obsessed with this workout thing! Apparently, Ted’s work schedule switched again and so he and my Dad were now lifting together again. According to my Dad’s texts they were even hanging out as friends more often. My Dad even mentioned them going to the bars a couple of times on the weekend together. Was my Dad, the guy who never dated, going out on the prowl? I was glad to read to that. Growing up my Dad never spent a lot of time hanging out with friends. I knew it was because of the long hours he worked to support our family. So I was happy that he was making some friends, as cheesy as it sounds. One day in February he asked me how my progress was coming along. I told him I was only going to the gym a couple times a week due to all my studying. He replied that he was proud of me not taking my college career for granted. Then he added “Be careful that you don’t one of those little guys ;-). I don’t want to be TOO much bigger than you the next time I see you”. My heart thumped in my chest. How much more had he grown? Surely his newbie gains had to have slowed down, right? Finally in March, after an exhaustive week of midterms it was time to head back home again for spring break. Some of my friends were headed west to go skiing and invited me along, but I was still relatively poor college so I decided to forego that and save my money and go home. So I hopped in the car and started back for along, needed week off from school at home. I drank a bit too much water on the way home so when I finally got there I was in a rush to use the bathroom. I had to park on the street as Ted's red pickup was in the side slot of the driveway. I barged in the front door and saw Ted's wide, tanned, muscular back in a stringer tank top I remembered from January. He was sitting at the kitchen table facing away from me reading a magazine. “Hey Ted!”, I shouted as I hoofed it to the bathroom. Right as I turned to enter the bathroom the door swung open and I crashed into a meaty pair of pecs in tight t-shirt. I was majorly confused for a second as I realized, I crashed into Ted! “Jed, my man, good to see you!” he said. “Yeah, you too. 'Scuse me, nature calls,” as I squeezed by him and entered the bathroom. While relieving myself I finally had time to process. I had ran into Ted. That means that wide, muscular back at the kitchen table must've been Dad! Holy cow! From behind he looked huge, just like Ted! I finished my business and headed back out the living room room where I again bounced into some, semi-hairy huge pecs. “Champ, you made it! I missed you, buddy!” as my newly enlarged father wrapped his thick arms around me in a crushing father-son manhug. Once again I was having trouble processing as I was squeezed in this this cocoon of rock hard flesh. He smelled like a total jock. That combination of recently showered soap smell combined with just a hint of lingering sweat and muskiness. As he released me I backed up a took a look at him in full. He was standing next to Ted and they now looked more like brothers and than my Dad and I. With a bright grin plastered on his face he let me soak him in. Finally he opened his arms wide, looked down at himself, then back to me and asked, “What do you think?” “Damn, Dad. You are pumped as hell! Have you just been living in the gym since Christmas!?” My father threw back that handsome head and guffawed. His thick, fireplug neck bulging with vein I had never seen before. “Just about, son! I love it. Everyday I feel like I'm getting better and better and getting bigger and bigger. I've got more energy than I've had since high school.” He was standing up straight and had his balled hands resting on his hips in a total superman pose. Only, he was more ruggedly handsome than any actor who had ever played superman. “Wow, that's awesome Pops, I'm still in shock” “Every seems to be saying that to me lately, but I love it! You should see the stares I've been getting when I go to the grocery store or out to the bars. I can't lie it's been a huge ego boost! Plus it's been fun to make 'lil Teddy here jealous, haha!” Ted playfully punched my father's meaty shoulder. The connection made a meaty 'thwach' but my father didn't flinch at all. “Hey! Watch it old man! You been killing it in the gym but you still haven't quite caught up to me!” “YET!” my father retorted. “Hey, Jed, take a look at 19 inches of pure muscle!” And with that he threw up a single arm bicep pose in front of Ted. HOLY SHIT. A big solid ball of muscle mounded up toward the ceiling right in front of Ted's face. I had seen my Dad jokingly flex his arms a few times while wrestling with me while I growing up. He always had large, sturdy arms. But in the past when he would flex his arms would just sort of tighten up. Now, instead of just tightening up his arm actually grew into a softball of muscle. There was a definite line between his biceps and where his meaty triceps reached toward the ground. Running along his biceps was a large cephalic vein you usually only see on the truly muscular guys. All I could stare as another wave of emasculation and jealousy flowed through me. Next, that feeling got worse. Ted maneuvered himself around Dad's arm and flexed his opposite arm right in front of my father's arm. His own tanned, massive arm flexed upward and eclipsed my father's huge gun, but only just so. Gawd, it was like watching two bodybuilder's jockying for position during a final posedown of a competition. All the while both egging each other and laughing. It was a muscle lover's dream. “Jed, who's bigger?” Ted asked, still nudging his shoulder into my Dad as they continued their frolicky upright wrestling match. My mouth hung agape and I tried to form the words to reply. “Ted, ya big showoff we know you are bigger,” my dad jumped in. “Ted's bigger but you are really close, Dad.” My father lit up like a Christmas tree at this. My father slapped Ted's big back. “I'll take it! Being compared to this big oaf is a big compliment. We measured the other day, this gun only one shy of big Ted, here.” Ted added “Yeah your pops is right there with me. I weighed in at 232 lb yesterday and what were you, Chad? 220?” “224! Right on your tail big guy!” DAMN! My dad had put on another 15 lbs of solid mass since I last visited. “I keep thinking your old man's gains will slow down but he just keeps growing. He's been matching all my lifts in the last couple of days. You're father is a beast.” Ted then grabbed his coat and headed out. “Well I gotta head back home so I'll give you some catching up time. Good to see ya again Jed, enjoy your break!” Ted left and I and my father and I just stood there staring at each other as I took him in. He looked like he could step on a stage with just a couple weeks of dieting to really slice down what little remaining fat he had. “I'm really glad your back champ. Hey son, no offense but you look a little smaller. Have you stopped lifting?” “Well with studying I haven't been able to stay as consistent. Down to about 190 lbs. Engineering classes are hard.” “Well, I'm glad you are staying on top of you classes and not wasting your education. Even though you could've been a great athlete I'm so proud that you are using that brain of yours. Good thing your mother was smart so you could inherit some intelligence, haha.” “Dad, stop you are one of the smartest, most down-to-earth people I know, even if you didn't go to college.” Dad gave me one of those one-arm side hugs, “Thanks Son. I do hope you can get back into your gym routine, I need someone strong enough to spot when we lift this summer,” And so began my Spring Break week with Dad. On Sunday I went with him to the gym. I was almost afraid of what I was going to see. Since I was out of practice I was going to do a full body workout, while Dad was hitting up chest. I told him I would spot him in between my sets. We went into the locker room to change. Dad slid off his pants and took off his shirt and proceeded to open his locker. He was wearing a black pare of spandex underwear that clung to his meaty thighs and ass. He had a prominent bulge. Was he horned up? It looked like it was bulging more than I remember. He looked like a true physique model in his shorts. Like one of those guys you see on Men's Health covers. Not overly huge, but just big and bulgy enough to put those ripped, yet skinny models to shame. A light tan with just a dusting of hair over his front and a bit more hair on his legs. I've mentioned before that Dad always had slightly over-proportioned legs. It's a good thing his spandex trunks were stretchy else his thighs wouldn't torn the underwear after one set of heavy squats. My dad caught me looking at him again. “You're going to have to stop staring or else it's going to go to my head” he said with a smug grin. He put on a stringer tank that left no secrets of his buffed physique. We proceeded on with our workouts. Dad began with bench press. I was going through my sets when I noticed he was up to 265 lbs on the bench, the same amount we ended with during Christmas break. I went over to spot him. “You can do a couple more of your sets I'm still warming up.” Wait, what?!? He was still warming up? “Dad, are you sure? This is the most I've ever seen you lift.” “Really, son? This is all I was doing at Christmas? Damn, I was weak.” He immediately saw my embarrassment and apologized. “Oh sorry Son, I was just joking to myself. I know this is what you lifted at Christmas and trust me it is impressive for a young guy like you.” “Gee thanks Dad” I gave him a wry smile. So I proceed to do a set of lat pulldowns and dumbbell shoulder presses. When I was done I felt a big heavy hand fall on my shoulder. “I'll take a spot now, champ!” “Ok, Dad.” We walked over to the bench. Holy Shit. He had 335 lbs loaded onto he bench. “Geezus, Dad, this is a lot of weight! Ok so are you going for a low rep set of 3-4 reps?” He chuckled that deep,masculine rumbling chuckle his. “Not quite, son. I should be able to get 10 reps easy, just keep an eye on me.” “TEN REPS! This is like 70 more lbs then you were doing three months ago!” “Yeah, it sure is.” He proceeded to bench 10 reps in quick, strict form. Letting the bar come down to touch above his nipples, and then with a light, sexy grunt, lifted the bar straight up, 10 times. After the first set he did the same with 345 and 355 lbs. On the last set I had to help him on the 10th rep. But I was still stunned out of my mind regarding his impressive lifts. My dad got up off the bench after his last set and turned to face me. He now had worked up a light sheen of sweat that covered his body. In just his stringer tank you could see his pecs were red and swollen with effort. His nipples nearly pointing down due to the impressive shelf he had going on. He let out a big exhale “Woo, that was a great pump.” He swung his arms back and forth to keep loose. Every time his arms swung forward his upper pecs bunched upward toward his chin, deepening the already impressive cleft in between. “Shit, Dad...” was all I could say. He warned me against it, but he had clearly left me behind on his lifts. It was amazing and emasculating all at the same time. “He he, thanks Son.” The rest of week was more of the same. Dad continued to blow me away with all his lifts, which all seemed to be 50-100 lbs more than I could ever do. He also continued to blow me away at the dinner table. His meal portions were even larger than the last time I saw him. He had to be eating over 6000 calories per day. Dad was also spending a lot more time on his phone lately. Apparently, Ted had got him set up on Tinder and his phone was constantly buzzing. I certainly couldn't blame all the ladies messaging him. I always heard my Dad was a stud. With his improved body he was now on another level of manhood. I felt bad for all the other local men in the area for having to compete with him. On late Friday afternoon of that week a buddy of mine and I were heading to a city that was about 3 hours away for a concert we had both been wanting to see. Dad wasn't disappointed, he said he had been chatting with a girl from Tinder and that they would to meet on Friday night since I was going to be gone. We headed to the concert but when we got there we found out the the lead singer had come down with the flu and the show had been canceled. We were obviously bummed but were assured we would get a full refund. So we went to a nice restaurant, ate and then decided to head home early. I was wondering how my Dad's date was going. On the drive home I sent him a message letting him know we would be home early. I didn't get any response so I figured it was going well. Finally we got home about 11:00pm. My buddy dropped me off and headed to the front door. As I was about there the door flung open and pretty young woman frantically ran out looking unkempt and disheveled. . It was obviously she didn't want me to see her. And I then I realized why. Is was my friend and fellow classmate, Amy! “Oh, um, hi Jed” she said embarrassed. He hair was a mess “I was just...um...gotta go I'll see ya around.” HOLY CRAP. Amy was my Dad's date. And I know sex hair when I see it. She had totally hooked up with my DAD! My dad showed up at the door shirtless in a pair of gym shorts looking like sexy sated warrior. “Have a good night Amy.” “Om...um...thanks Mr. Graves...I mean, Chad...” she stumbled out. I stared at her in shock as she walked down the drive to her car on the street. “Dad, you know she was in my class right? Don't you think she's a little...young?” “Yes, I know. Son. And don't worry I'm wasn't looking for a relationship. We just had a little fun, that's all.” He stood there leaning against the doorway, proud as a peacock. The moon light shining on his bulging pecs and abs. My. Dad was a total jock stud. The next morning I continued to be a little awkward around Dad. He noticed “Son, please don't make this weird. She's 19 years old and an adult and I'm a red-blooded grown man. Sometimes I have...needs.” I just hid my face in my hands as he spoke. Finally I relented. “I get it Dad, but maybe try to avoid my classmates, if you could.” “Heh, well I'll try son. But I tell ya though, its getting harder and harder to avoid. It's like this bod of mine has become a supercharged chick-magnet. And I plan on supercharging it further.” “Seriously, how much further do you think you can go? You are already HUGE.” “Well, I think I'm decently big but far from HUGE.” He put an emphasis on the word “HUGE” with a faux most-muscular pose. His body still instantly tightened and seemed to pump up even larger “But, Ted is going to help me see if I can really get in the realm of huge.” “What?! You're not talking steroids are you? Pops, please don't do anything stupid to your health.” “Buddy, you have nothing to worry about. Ted is going to hook me up with his doctor who prescribes him some HGH and testosterone. And the fact that is is a real doctor means he can monitor me to make sure nothing goes wrong.” “I don't know, Dad. I'm don't like it.” Dad came over and put his hefty right arm on my shoulder and looked me in the eye with a serious face. “Son, please trust me on this. I've been doing my research to make sure I'm not doing anything to jeopardize my future. Have you heard all those new radio adds in the last few years about new male medical clinics and low testosterone doctors? What I'll be getting is the exact same thing those people offer. If it were dangerous why would there be so many doctors and clinics out the prescribing this stuff.” “I guess that's true Dad. But you clearly don't need any testosterone, you look like a walking testosterone factory!” He smirked, “well that may be true son, but why should all the weak beta males out there get this stuff and not the alpha men who will actually put this stuff to good use?” I was surprised that my Dad even knew the term “beta male.” He sounded like a body imaged obsessed bro! “Well, please be careful. After losing Mom I couldn't handle it if anything happened to you to.” Dad wrapped up in his bulging heavy arms and pulled me to his chest, leaned back and lifted me off the ground. It was weird, my now bigger dad made me feel like I was 10 years old again, him giving me one of those dad-hugs that makes you feel safe and secure when you are a young kid. “I love you to death son and I promise I will be careful. This is something I really, really want so I want you to fine with it.” I sighed. “Dad, after all you've been through, you deserve it!” At this, with my feet still hanging a couple inches above the ground still wrapped up in his huge arms. Dad smiled widely and squeezed even harder. “OOOHF! Easy there big guy. You're going to squash me!” Dad set me down and let out a big guffaw. “HAHA, well son you better start lifting again 'cuz those hugs are going to get a lot tighter!” I had no reason to believe that would not be true. The next day I headed to college to finish my freshman year, wondering what Dad would look like when I came back for summer. NEXT CHAPTER: BACK FOR SUMMER
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    CHAPTER SEVEN: DON'T MESS WITH THE BULL On Saturday late morning Ted came by to pick us up and we headed to see Dr. Jock. He honked the horn of his pickup and we headed out and climbed into the cab. “Mornin boys!” Ted pronounced in his cheerful jockish way. Somehow, Dad had squeezed into an XXL white t-shirt, which had not gone unnoticed by Ted. “Sonofabitch Chad! You really should stop shopping at Baby Gap!” “HAHA! Actually I think this might be one of YOUR shirts. I think I must've grabbed it our of your gymbag because it is rather snug,” my father retorted. Their playful, bickering banter was a constant source of amusement to me. My father seemed to latch onto Ted like he was the brother he never had. It was good to see Dad with a close friend after all these years. “Welcome back gentlemen.” Dr. J acknowledged as we entered his office and took a seat. “Ok, well first things first, I understand your height has increased too, Mr. Graves and I...” “I KNEW IT!” Ted shouted, echoing my reaction from a couple of days ago. “I thought you looked taller but couldn't believe. This is incredible, big man!” Ted clearly shared litte or none of the concern that I regarding this revelation. Dr. Jock chuckled at Ted's reaction. “Yes, it is quite amazing. But I understand Jed here has some concerns and rightfully so. So Mr. Graves I want to take full body CAT-scan and take spinal tap just to make sure you're hunky dory. “Well, he's got the HUNKY part down, that's for sure,” Ted joked. My father just rolled his eyes as Ted laughed. “And don't worry Mr. Graves, I'm not going to bill you for the x-ray. I'm just as curious as you are as to what's happening to you. Your physiological response to the hormones has been nothing short of astounding. Before we do that though let's check up on the basics.” The two muscle hunks stripped down to their unders. Ted whistled at Dad big bulging body. “You sure have come a long way, man. Amazing.” It was quite a site seeing these two huge pillars of macho manliness filling the Doc's office. Ted with his ripped, tanned physique and my father with his lighter complexion, slightly off-season, furry bodybuilder muscles protruding in all directions. “Hey thanks pal. I owe a lot of it to you. And damn, Ted your abs are NUTS! Look at that six..no eight pack, damn!” “Damn right! Ted crunched his torso down further deepening the grooves between his stomach muscles. “Oh yeah look at these!” “All right that's enough you two pageant queens!” Dr. Jock interrupted and we all laughed. “Darn, prissy bodybuilders...” he added, chuckling Ted stepped up on the scale. “228 lbs... ...and 7.2% bodyfat,” Doc read and recorded the numbers. Wow, so that's what single digit body fat looks like I thought as I silently appraised Ted. “Nice. Right where I want to be.” “Ted, I understand you are doing a bodybuilding show in June, is that correct?” the Doc asked. “Yeah, in four weeks. Plenty of time to slice away a bit more fat.” “You don't have any fat to cut away, dude!” Pops added. “Yes I do. You don't know what ripped is. You're too used to seeing a WHALE in your mirror every day.” “HAHA, jackass,” my father replied. He then shoved Ted of the scale with one heavy arm. I don't think Pops intended to use much force but Ted clearly had to catch his balance as stumbled off to the side. My father didn't seem to notice. Doc stared at the scale screen as it digitized the numbers. “Ok Mr. Graves. 275 lbs and 12.3% bodyfat. And you are now 6 ft 3, right?” “That's right, Doc.” “And when you started you were 6 ft 2?” “No, 6 ft 1 actually.” “Wow. Mighty impressive Mr. Graves. Mighty impressive indeed.” “Cripes, man. Did you fall into some nuclear waste or something?” Ted joked. “Cuz if you did, tell me where it is, I want to swim in it!” Once the numbers were logged, Doc proceeded to give the two men their injections. Ted still not knowing that my father was getting a bigger dose. Ted then got dressed and we went and my father got his CAT-scan. Once that was completed he came back to get dressed and we heard a loud 'rrrrrrRRRRIIIIIPPPP'. “Well damn, there goes another one,” my father spoke, annoyed. As he squeezed into the unfortunate shirt his right armpit had blown out. He reached over to inspect the hole with his opposite arm and it similarly tore with another 'RRRRRIIIPPPPPPP'. “I TOLD you not to shop at Baby Gap, you freakin' hulk.” “HAHA. Yeah I guess I gotta move up to toddler's section now!” My rather then reached his left arm across his bulbous chest again grabbed the right sleeve. With quick yank, the doomed shirt sleeve simply detached itself from the rest of the shirt as if it were a kleenex. He then repeated the process with the other sleeve and thew the remains in the trash. I had gotten used to seeing my Dad hulking muscles of the past couple of weeks. He mostly now wore tank tops, t-shirts or just went shirtless. But I tell, ya, there's something about a big, masculine, muscle man in a sleeveless shirt that just exudes power. He stood there, his chest heaving up and down with just those big boa-constrictor like arms exposed, hinting at the power that was still hidden beneath he rest of the shirt. Maybe it was because it hearkened back to his ons-site construction days when I remember him wearing shirts like this. If he had a yellow hard hat on you'd think he was looking for an I-beam to pick up and haul across a dusty construction site. “Ok, it will take a couple days to study your results.” Doc turned to look at me, put his own hefty calloused hand on my shoulder and added, “And honestly, Son there is no reason to worry, I'm sure of it. I'll let you know as soon as I can if I see anything troubling.” “Thanks, Dr. J.” - The following day, Sunday went as normal. We met up with Ted for another squat session. For the first time in while my father seemed to struggle, if you could even call it that. To any normal person he was crushing his workout. He was still able to squat an incredible 595 lbs for three reps, but apparently this was his first workout since he started that he wasn't able to squat more than the previous week. He was visibly frustrated with his “failure.” That night Dr. Jock called us back to discuss his findings. My father brought me into the kitchen and put the doc on speakerphone. “I have generally good news, Mr. Graves, by all accounts there is nothing wrong about you, still healthy as ever. Of course the most interesting thing is that you grew taller. I've been reviewing your case history as well as the results of the x-ray and spinal tap. I believe I have a theory. If you recall you told me your story about how you had a traumatic spinal injury playing football in high school. Using this knowledge, what I have found is that your growth plates never actually fused, and I suspect it was because of that injury.” We listened intently trying to understand the implications. “Sooooo, is that a problem? What does that mean? You said 'generally good news', Doc,” I asked. “Basically, it means your father will likely continue to grow in height. My theory is that your father's accident in essence stunted his growth. Mr. Graves, did you remember if you grew after your accident?” “I don't think so Doc. I remember reaching my adult height when I was a sophomore, the same year I had my accident. I was... 16 years old if I am remembering correctly.” We could hear the Doc typing away over the phone. He paused speaking for a few seconds and then spoke up, “Sorry, gentlemen, just taking some notes on my computer. Now Jed, do you remember when you reached your adult height? I answered, “I know it was after Sophomore football. Likely my Junior year, I was likely 17. I remember my getting my height measured for the football. I was 6 ft even my sophomore year and 6 ft 1 in both my junior and senior years.” “Uh huh, interesting,” Doc typed furiously away. “So, is there anything to worry about Doc?” I again asked, losing patience. “Well Jed, I am 95% sure there is no danger to your father's health. I only hesitate to say 100% because that fact is we in some uncharted territory here. You're father's growth plates should've fused together years ago when he was a teenager. I'm going to continue to monitor you like usual, Mr. Graves. And if it's ok with you I might ask for some more tissue samples from time to time. You may actually have some value to the medical field. “Sure thing, Dr. J. If I can be of help in any way just let me know.” “So Doc, why did Dad grow in height just now if his growth plates have been un-fused all this time?” “I'm not absolutely sure, but I believe it to be a combination of the HGH, testosterone as well as a general recent intense shock to his body as a result of his workouts. I believe these factors combined have basically restarted his puberty, to put it in layman's terms. “So does that mean I'm going to get acne, be moody and have...wet dreams and stuff,” my concerned father asked. Dr. Jock let out a laugh over the phone. “Oh goodness no, I don't think so. Thankfully for you, your body, for the most sorts, finished puberty, it's just that your mechanism that stops height growth never got that final door shut.” “So, is Dad going to grow more? This is crazy.” “I have every reason to believe he will grow more, yes. Again, I am going off theory here, but Jed, you reached your adult height when you were 17 or so. Your Dad was injured when he was 16. Therefore I thinks it's very likely your old man here has a few months to a year left to grow before his plates fuse.” I stood there in stunned silence at what I was hearing. “So how much will he grow?” “And that, my dear Jed. Is the ultimate question. You grew about and inch your last year...” “But Dad has already grown two inches!” I interrupted. “Indeed, and I believe his growth has already been accelerated by the hormone treatments. If we had just simply restarted his growth I would estimated about one inch growth. But since he's been, well, boosted by these treatments, it's difficult to tell. Could be one more inch, could be a few more.” My father and I were looking at each other in disbelief. Here was my father, an actual miracle of modern medicine. He finally asked the doc, “So does this mean we should stop my treatments?” “Well Mr. Graves that is up to you. Again, based on what I've seen so far I wouldn't expect any negative side effects. We can stop if you are worried about getting taller, Chad.” My old man looked at me again with pleading eyes. I could see the restrained excitement behind them. He had already put on so much muscular size and had just recently been blessed with with a couple extra inches of height. My father had already given into the thought of 'bigger is better', and here he was with the ability to make it come true. I knew my father valued my opinion over anything else and I knew if I told him to stop the treatment he would on the spot. A part of me wanted him to stop. He was already so much bigger and more manly than I was. How much further could he go? I knew it would crush him if I said no. While I was a bit nervous at the thought, I was also curious to see what would happen. Finally, I cracked a grin and repeated my affirmation from when he first asked about increasing his hormone treatments, “Go for it, Dad.” His face lit up like a toddler on Christmas morning. “Well you heard my Son, Dr. J. Let's see where this goes.” “Excellent, Mr. Graves! We'll continue to see you on the weekends. If anythong comes up just let me know.” We hung up the phone and Dad excitedly squeezed me in musclebear hug, my feet dangling well off the floor now as he leaned back. “Isn't this exciting Son! I've always wanted to be a little taller, what man doesn't? Thanks for supporting me champ.” “Haha. You are the one supporting me, big man.” “Haha sorry.” He let me go slid back to the ground. “I feel so much better. I get to relieve those teenage growth glory years! I was a little nervous all day long hoping the Doc wasn't going to come back with bad news.” “Ah, so that's why you had such a 'terrible' day in the squat rack.” I said adding air quotes to 'terrible'. “Yeah, next week I'll have to make up for it I guess.” - Monday was Memorial Day and we all had the day off, so Dad, Ted and I went to the gym that afternoon. Dad hit the gym with a renewed purpose. It was hard to imagine that he could kick his workout up another notch, yet here he was. Sweat was pouring off his forehead as he furiously attacked the weights. Instead of his normal loud grunting, he was now full on yelling, letting everyone in the gym now that nobody was going to match his inhuman work ethic. His regular working bench press sets were now well above 400 lbs and still climbing. You'd think with his recent growth in height and the length of his arms that he would struggle somewhat. You'd be dead wrong. Ted's workouts hadn't changed much. As he told me, he was now working on shredding up for his competition so he wasn't necessarily trying to get bigger or stronger. I had now been home for three weeks and was happy to see some some real progress. I weighed myself this morning at 195 lbs, almost back to where I was last fall. With these crazy workouts and Dad's enormous meal plan, which I did my best to keep up with, I was stronger and more solid than I ever have been. After our workout Ted invited us over to his place to join few of his friends for a low key BBQ for the holiday. We headed home to shower up and get ready for the gathering. It was a beautiful day, in the upper 70's, perfect for the unofficial start to summer. I had thrown on some flip flops, khaki shorts and one of my favorite slim fit graphic tees, showing off my sturdy college boy physique. I waited in the living room for Pops to get to ready. A few minutes later he walked out wearing his own flip flops, light khaki shorts and a red golf-style polo shirt. Now, golf polos are supposed to nicely loose and airy, but this thing looked stretched to its breaking point. The three buttons at the neck were undone, of course. There was simply no way any of them would be able to button up any of that heaving pec meat under the fabric. The shiny material was pulled tight and taught over every one of his round upper body muscles. There is something about polo shirt, that when it is filled to the brink with man mass that just seems to broadcast its wearer's pulchritude. Combined with his handsome, perma-stubbled face, Dad looked like testosterone personified. The khaki shorts were thankfully just loose enough to not be obscene, hanging down to just above his knees, exposing the thick teardrop muscle that was proof this man never skipped leg day. His bulge was obvious but I'm not sure there was a piece of clothing out there that could hide his male superiority. “Damn, Pops, how did you even get that polo on?” “Haha! It took some effort, I'll say that. I haven't worn this shirt in few weeks, its definitely tighter than the last time.” “Well, just be careful not to make any sudden movements tonight or you'll hulk out and give Ted's guest's a show.” “Ah man, so no flexing?” Dad brought up with left arm and began to flex the enormous sleeve covered biceps. We could hear the tell-tale sound of seems beginning to tear and he instantly put it down. He grinned and chuckled, “I guess you're right, better keeps these guns holstered tonight.” What a showoff. We grabbed some extra steaks, Dad wanted to make sure there was enough beef to eat, and headed to Ted's house in his F150 truck. Once we arrived Ted he introduced to his other guests. There were four other guys there all about Ted's age, late 20s and early 30s. Two of them had brought girlfriends. They were clearly all jocks or former athletes, everyone was attractive and fit, although not nearly to the level of either Ted or my father. All the guys were in awe of my father. Even amongst these healthy lads he was obviously the alpha male of the BBQ. Inevitably much of the conversation between Ted's buddies and my father focused on his impressive physique. I heard all the telltale jock talk topics such as “how much do you bench, how much do you eat, what's your workout routine, how big is your chest.” My father happily answered all their questions as they interviewed him. “Seriously, man. You're going to have to upgrade to a bigger polo. You like you could hulk out at any moment. You better not eat too much steak tonight!” of the guys said and everybody laughed. Another beautiful buxom blonde came out of Ted's house carrying a tray of hot dogs, steaks and burgers. “Ah, Chad, Jed. This is Vanessa, my date.” Ted introduced us. Ted had always been a player and we hadn't yet heard him speak of Vanessa before. Because of this it's likely this was only their second or third date. Vanessa shook my hand and then my father's. “It's nice to meet you. Wow, Ted. Is the the big guy from the gym you told me about.” “Yep, that's him. The man-beast, himself, big Chad Graves.” Vanessa couldn't take her eyes of my father the rest of the night. Like everyone else, she was infatuated with him. I couldn't tell if Ted noticed or not. Unlike everyone else, she wasn't very good at hiding said infatuation, least it seemed that way to me. Maybe Ted was too busy grilling to notice, but Vanessa was clearly flustered every time she conversed with Pops. I caught her constantly staring at his chest, his biceps and of course, his prodigious bulge. I noticed at least once my father caught her staring and he discreetly gave her a smirk and sexy wink. The rest of evening went off without a hitch. We all ate too much from the grill and enjoyed each others' company. Finally, we all headed home at about 8:00pm. The rest of the week was more of the same, except my father was even more of a beast in the weight room, if you could believe it. I don't know where he was finding the extra energy and oomph. Every workout the weights and reps climbed. He had started bringing two stinger tanks to work out in. He would switch one out about halfway through his workout because it would be just absolutely drenched in sweat. I asked him one day at the end of our workout, “Damn, Pops what's gotten into you. I thought you were intense before but this is almost scary. You're muscles almost look RED they are so swollen.” “Well Son, the doc gave me a clean bill of health and said I may only have a few months to milk this growth for all its worth so I want to don't want to let any of it go to waste. Gotta push myself to the absolute limit to get the maximum results while I can.” On Wednesday our hot water heater had broken so we decided to shower at the gym after our workout with Ted. As we undressed for the showers Ted was chatting away in his typical jock mode. He finally stripped off his underwear and set his towel on the bench. I couldn't help but take a quick peek. Poor Ted looked to be one of those guys who contributed to the bodybuilders-have-small-dicks stereotype. It couldn't have been more than two or three inches soft and was also quite thin. I couldn't help but do a double take. Thankfully, Ted didn't notice my reaction. I happened to glance at my father who saw my double take, he apparently had also noticed Ted's surprising undevelopment as well. I could only hope, for Ted's sake, that we was a grower because he definitely not a show-er. Ted continued chatting away, bragging about his latest conquest. All I could think about was how it was a good thing he had model good looks, a crazy hot bod and a charming personaltiy to make up for his other shortcomings. “Oh man, I don't know what get into Vanessa on Monday night after our BBQ, but she was a complete animal in bed. I mean, we've messed around a few times even before we started officially dating, but she was on fire, man. Getting into all sorts of kinky shit. Best sex I've had in a long time...” My father just shook his head and grinned. I think he knew why Vanessa was so charged up that night. He then joked to Ted, “As if you need to do any more fucking. I'm surprised your dick hasn't fallen off from overuse.” Ted laughed and joked back, “No need to be jealous dude, just because you can't get any...” If only Ted knew... Down to just his black spendex underwear, Dad stood there in front of Ted looking like a overdeveloped gladiator. He evilly smirked at Ted and began to speak, “Oh don't worry Teddy...” He then hooked his thumbs in his spandex underwear, bent forward and pulled them down in one swift motion. “...I've got NOTHING to jealous of.” As he stood up his massive flaccid circumcised crotch tube was exposed, hanging heavily against his meaty thigh. All seven+, thick as hell flaccid inches of giant man cock. Ted stood there, eyes bugging out and his mouth agape. It was the first time I had seen chatty Ted speechless. After a few silent seconds my father mercifully ended his humiliation of his buddy. “Well! Let's hit the showers, boys!” he said cheerfully and he turned and swaggered to a shower stall, towel hanging over his shoulder. Ted certainly would never question my father's sexual prowess again. Ted gathered himself and his shower caddy and hurried to a stall shower in silence. I did the same. When we were all clean we dried off and headed back to lockers. I noted that Ted had cinched his towel tightly around his waist for this return trip to his locker. My father, on the other hand, hung his towel over his meaty shoulder and slowly sauntered back to his adjacent locker, naked as a jaybird. I knew my Dad well enough to know he was silently relishing proving his alpha status to his best pal. Ted was self consciously turning away from my father while pulling on his boxer briefs and the rest of his clothes. Conversely Dad stood there next to him unnecessarily rummaging through his locker and setting ALL his clothes on the bench before pulling any of them on. He was taking his sweet time, letting it all HANG out for as long as he could. At one point, while still nude, he reached his monolithic arms straight up, arched his back and STRETCHED with a grunt, causing Ted to look him again and giving him a reminder of just how much more of man big Chad Graves was. “Grrrr, ahhhhh,” my Dad groaned. “Boy that was a good workout, eh Teddy!” “Uh, um. Yeah! It sure was big guy!” Ted's voice cracked slightly when he said 'big guy'. Finally my father started to slip on his clothes, again taking his time like it was some reverse strip-tease. Once we were all dressed we grabbed our bags and exited the locker room. “We'll see you tomorrow, buddy!” My father said to Ted as we parted ways in the parking lot. - The rest of week went as normal. The following days Ted had either repressed the encounter or accepted his status as beta to my father and was back to his normal playful-jock self. My father continued to dominate in the gym. I noticed was also eating even more. He was going to the grocery store about every other day to keep the fridge stocked with eggs, poultry, beef, vegetable, rice, all the staples of a muscleman diet. He wasn't watching too much TV anymore as most of his free time was spent in kitchen preparing the massive amounts of food to aid his growth. And it was all clearly working. By the end of the week he was noticeably bigger than he was during his last checkup. To the naked eye he didn't seem to have gained any height, but when he turned sideways I could tell his chest was protruding our further than I remember. Not to mention I noticed the fact that by Friday afternoon the ruined clothes pile in the laundry room had just about doubled in size. He was going to have to go on a shopping trip soon if he didn't want to walk around naked. Since Dad had been given a clean bill of health I decided to skip he and Ted's weekly Saturday appointment with the doctor, instead opting to mow the lawn which I had been putting off. An hour and a half later the lawn was mowed and grass was bagged and I went to the kitchen to chug down a refreshing glass of water. As I finished drinking Dad came in through the front door. Today he had opted to go for his university linebacker coach look. He was wearing his vintage grey Marauders t-shirt with matching baseball cap, the same outfit he wore when he helped me move out of my dorm about a month ago. If his shirt was tight back then right now it looked spray-painted on. Dad walked right up to me with an bright smile and youthful energy. “Hey Sport, guess how much I weighed in at today?” He asked with a grin. He had been gaining about 5 to 8 lbs per week. I thought back to his last weigh in. I gave him a once over and guessed, “I don't know, Pops...283 lbs?” He continued to stare at me for a few seconds leaving me in suspense. Smirking that handsome face, hand on hips, looking wide as a barn door in his tortured college pride t-shirt. Finally he spoke. “Two hundred and ninety six pounds,” he revealed. I stood there in front of him processing the number. My engineering brain is usually good with numbers, but this couldn't be correct, he had to be pulling my chain. Sure, I could tell he was thicker all over than last week but he couldn't be THAT much bigger, right? I mean, 296 lbs is a gain of...what...over 20 lbs since last week! Is that even possible? “Cat got your tongue, little guy?” he asked grinning. “Are you...serious, Dad?” “Oh yeah, Ted, Doc and I all saw the numbers. Ted weighed in the same as last week so we know the scale wasn't broken.” “Holy shit, Pops! That's like 20 lbs in ONE week!” He chuckled. “Yeah I could tell I was making some good gains this week but even I was surprised. I just keep on growing faster and faster and I LOVE it.” As he spoke Dad stepped even closer so that we was only about a foot in front of me. He looked down at his right arm muscle and slowing began to raise the elbow to shoulder level while extending his right hand out as far as it could go. I noted the tortured shirt was covering both the heavy unflexed biceps and triceps. He made a fist and, keeping the elbow at deltoid level, began to contract the biceps. The heaving mound began to slowly rise, filling the skin with sinews and blood. It split into two distinctive heads of muscle that proved these truly were BI-ceps. Just when I thought the peak couldn't rise any further, it did and a loud RRRRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPP broke the thunderous silence. The poor vintage shirt simply could no longer contain the gargantuan arm muscles of my alpha stud father. A seem tore right along the top of his split speak toward his shoulder. My hulking father just laughed raucously out loud. “Well damn. I guess that's another shirt for the pile. Shame, I really liked this shirt, too.” He quickly brought up his left arm, flexed it too and got an identical result. RRRRRIIIIIPPPPPPPP! “HAHA!” He laughed giddily at the thought of outgrowing yet another shirt. Now that the shirt was ruined he decided to take it off so he could add it to the clothing mass grave. Only problem was, he was now just flat out TOO BIG to easily take the shirt off. He couldn't even get it up over his massive chest. “Oh screw it!” he finally said as he reached up with both of his big hands and grabbed the shirt collar on each side of his neck. He then slowly extended both hands outward, slowly tearing the doomed shirt right down the middle exposing the deep cleavage of his pectoralis majors and then his big hairy abdomicals. He tore the shirt as easily as tearing a slice of cheese. “Ohhhhh YYYYYYEAAAHHHHH GRRrrrrrrrrrrrr,” my father was totally getting into his own hulk out, clenching he teeth, and staring intensely into my own eyes during the process. Finally, both arms were completely extended out wide, each hand holding one half of the lost shirt. “FUCK YEAH, CHAMP! I've ALWAYS wanted to be able to do that...” He stood there, proud as hell at his ripping exhibition. Now that he was shirtless I could clearly see the extra 20 lbs of muscle beef distributed all over his body. His musculature had progressed from high level local bodybuilder's physique to that of an amature national super-heavyweight contender. He looked even leaner than last week. I don't think he had actually lost any fat, but the extra 20 lbs of pure muscle had obliviously lowered his body fat proportion. “GEEEE-ZUUUUSSSS. Pops, you are a FUCKIN' OX!” I shouted with astonished praise. My father chuckled that deep manly chuckle of his, smirked and responded, “No, little man. Not ox. I'm a fuckin' muscle BULL!!!!!!” He punctuated his response with an intense most muscular pose. All his upper body muscles tensed in synchronicity making him look even bigger. Veins appears all over his arms and chest. His traps rose up threatening to impede on his ears. I watched in awe for a few seconds and then I couldn't help but laugh. While in awe of his ever growing muscles, he always maintained that fun playful attitude. In response I brought my hand up to my forehead and faux-military saluted him. “Yes, Sir, Mr. Muscle Bull, SIR!!” He rumbled a big deep laugh again, his entire body shaking as result. “Damn right, Son!” +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More slowburn??? Ugh! Man, that dredlifter is a jerk! Thanks for you patience! Now that the growth mechanism has been established, shoddy science and all, I'm hoping to pick up the action from here on out.
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    Choranaptyxic : ability to change size to fit the available space. When using dating apps you know you’re in for little surprises once a while. I had a big surprise a few month ago. Still not sure what happened but, it was probably the best thing to ever happen in my life. I was feeling lonely, after having had a shit day and as I was browsing on Grindr, I decided to finally give a chance to Max, a guy that had been messaging me for ages. His profile pic looked nice: he was 35, mixed, had an athletic frame and was quite a looker. I dunno why I hadn’t agreed to see him before. The guy sounded genuinely overexcited to see me, which sort of eluded me why. At 32, I was well-kept and well groomed, and I looked younger than I actually was. I was 5’9 with a tight, toned body. Decent looking, but nothing out of the ordinary. When I met the guy later that very evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was quite thicker than his profile pic had suggested. He was slightly shorter than me and quite stocky. He had a thick sweater on, and it kinda concealed his body. But there was no mistaking that he had broad shoulders, a thick waist, and big arms. He lacked definition, but the mass was there. We sat on the couch in my living room, after I got us a couple of beers from the fridge, and we quickly started talking and flirting. He was handsome, with sharp, defined features, and a softness in his eyes that reinforced his calm and friendly demeanor. His voice wasn’t very deep; but it was soft and soothing. The man was a perfect balance of natural strength and softness, and in just a few minutes I was under his spell. After just a few more minutes, I was just dying to kiss that stud. When he finally moved in to kiss me, I felt a mix of relief, fulfilment, and sex, like I never felt before. My hand started to explore his stocky frame, feeling the expanses of smooth skin, and the amazing firmness of muscles with just the right amount of chub on them. He was tender and kind, but there was no mistaking that he was the one in charge. And I loved it. He took off my shirt and undid my pants. I was half naked and he was still fully dressed. I felt vulnerable, yet protected by this man. He pressed himself on top of me; caressing me, kissing me, making me feel the full weight of his body.. “You’re so tight and pretty” he growled in my ear. He removed his stocky frame from my body, then sat comfortably in the couch and proceeded to take off his sweater. I went to straddle him, to help him take off that thick sweater, but was surprised to find his lap was wider than I thought it was. I readjusted myself on top of him. “You’re wider than I thought,” I said, as his sweater finally came off. I stared in shock at the shirtless man under me. His torso was wide and powerful, just as I thought it would be. The thin layer of fat shielded his abs, but above them, was a pair of big pecs. Perfectly shaped, with deep brown nipples, forced downward by the mass of muscle on the man’s chest. I cupped them, staring blankly at Max. “Yeah, I still have some extra holiday weight to lose,” he chuckled. “What?! Nah you’re perfect,” I snapped out of my reverie. “Your pecs are huuuuuge.” He smiled warmly, put his hand on the back of my neck, and then forced me down between his pecs. I had never, ever, actually seen or touched pecs that size. I was in heaven, worshipping that man. His other hand found its way onto my lower back, and I submissively arched my back. I was rewarded by a flex of his pecs, and his hand sliding in my pants, cupping my ass. I pulled my head out of his muscle cleavage, only to see his beaming face. He put both his hands on my waist to secure me, and then stood up, carrying me while I still straddled his waist. I gasped and giggled at the display of strength. He let out a soft chuckle as he put me down on the floor. And that’s when the evening took a fantastic turn: I was looking at him at eye level. It felt weird, as I positively knew he was shorter than I was. That was the first thing I noted about him. Yet, now we were even. Before I could show or express my surprise, he took me by the hand. “Where’s your bedroom handsome?” he smiled. The gentle, flirty, and firm tone suppressed any concern I could have voiced, and I obeyed him happily, and took the large man to my bedroom. Once inside, he engulfed me in his arms, kissing me deeply. In a matter of seconds, my pants were on the floor. Slowly, but unmistakably, I felt his head rise as I kissed him, and his back widened under my touch. I broke the kiss to try and understand what was going on. I was now at eye level with his mouth. I was shocked. He pushed me onto the bed and i fell onto my back. He was towering above me, and I realized that he was wider too. Under his massive pecs, the outline of his abs were now faintly visible. His shoulders were rounder, and his arms looked more defined. His waist was still very thick, but his wider shoulders gave him the beginning of a “V” taper. He was looking like a serious gym rat now, probably around 200 lbs but maybe more. I was at the same moment both freaked out and turned on. “Don’t mind if I get comfortable,” he said, taking off his jeans. As he pulled down his jeans, I was once again shocked by the man. Inside his grey, worn-out boxers, a thick hardon was clearly visible. More than clearly visible actually. The head was poking out of the bottom hemline and it was probably about 9 inches long. “Ooops,“ he laughed, tucking in the fat monster. “It’s massive,” I said, in utter shock. “Don’t be scared,” he said, with mock concern. “Come say hello. It won’t hurt you, I promise.” Once again, his strong hand grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me closer to the bulge, while his other hand, pulled down his boxers. Finally, the whole thing was exposed; the long fat shaft, with an equally thick head, sheathed in a long thin layer of foreskin. And hanging under it, a set of bull balls. I kissed the head; soft pecks at first, then progressively I got more and more of the head inside my mouth. I slid the shaft in, and started sucking and licking the whole shaft. I was rewarded by a deep growl, and felt him shiver under my ministration. I looked up at him. That’s one of my signature moves: giving expert head, while looking up at the dude with a pleading/ingenue look on my face. And for the first time in my life, it didn’t work! His face was totally blocked by his massive pecs. I never thought I could get that turned on. I ran my hand down his torso (the abs were definitely starting to pop on his stomach!) and grabbed one of the massive pecs. They were unmistakably bigger and firmer. As I sucked his dick and kneaded his pecs, I felt him get harder in my mouth. His penis fattened again and a solid half inch added to his shaft. Blowing him was starting to be a challenge. He took a step back, and his fat dick popped out of my mouth. I don’t know if he was any taller, but he was looking pumped! His definition was augmenting, and his muscles were starting to pop all over his body. The sight was breathtaking. We wrapped his strong arms around my waist and flipped me upside down. Before I knew what was happening, he had my decent sized dick down his throat, and my face was shoved on his dick. As we both went down on each other, I felt his strength grow. The pressure he put on my waist was noticeably augmenting, and I heard a faint stretching noise coming from inside his body. Though I couldn’t see, I knew Max was growing more muscular, and growing taller too. My dick popped out of his mouth as he grew up. Soon, he was tall enough to bend his head and rim me while I was upside down blowing him. Max flipped me back on my feet before too much blood reached my head. He was eversosligthly out of breath from carrying me. And I was now eye level with his clavicle. He was massive. Bodybuilder big now...I’d say about 250 lbs. His definition and shoulder to waist ratio was much more impressive now. And his pecs were mind blowing and out of proportion. I was breathing hard; he was turning into a monster right in front of me. He pushed me back on the bed and laid by my side. “Mmmmhh, you’ve got a nice mattress,” he purred, pulling close to him. My face right in his massive pecs; I suckled on them, licking and groping the massive muscles. I felt one of his thick fingers slide inside me. I gasped and he muffled me by pressing my face into his huge pecs, while he slid a second finger in my ass and started working me. “Do you have lube, handsome?” he asked. I tear away from the massive man and fumbled into the bed stand to grab a tube of vaseline and hand it to him. He helped himself to a decent dose, lubed his shaft, grabbed me, and pulled my face back into his pecs while stuffing his greasy fingers up my ass. Once fully lubricated, he layed me on my back and lifted my legs, exposing my hole. Once he aligned himself, I could feel his cockhead locking in my asshole. Probing and ready to fuck me. Then, he entered me. His fat 10-incher started sliding inside me. And as he he pushed, inch by inch, that was it. I finally saw it happen. He was growing. The stretching noise was perfectly audible. This time, the speed was alarming. Half his dick was in, and he was looking like Peter Molnar, only taller, and with even larger pecs. As the second half of the delicious schlong entered me, punching my prostate on the way, Max kept growing at the same pace. When his balls finally slapped on my ass, he was looking like one of those morphed bodybuilders. 300 lbs..may be more. I lost it. I came. I screamed and arched my back under the strength of the orgasm. Three ribbons of cum escaped me and crashed on my torso. “Oh my,” he chuckled. “Spent already?” he said, starting to pull out. “Not even close,” I panted, “I need you to fuck me.” I smiled and he started thrusting softly inside me. I started to loosen around his huge pole. I was moaning like a little bitch, as I felt his dick rearrange my insides. He lifted my ass, so he could lower his upper body on me and kiss me. That’s when I realized that he was almost as wide as my king size bed. His growth wasn’t as impressive as when he entered me, but it was still happening. My bed groaned under the ever increasing weight of the massive man. He straightened, grabbed my waist, and stood by the side of the bed, with my little body (compared to his) still impaled on him. He carried me like I was nothing. As gravity pulled me down I now fully felt the intrusive mass of his dick inside me. It felt thicker and longer. He started moving me up and down on his shaft, like I was just a fleshlight. My ass was unbelievably loose now. He was still growing and his muscles were unlike anything I had ever seen: shredded, massive, hypertrophied. And his head was inching toward the ceiling. He was over 7 feet tall! The amplitude of his thrust augmented, until he was fully pulling out of me and slamming back in. The suction noise was disgusting... and unbelievably sexy. He rammed his foot-long wrist thick penis inside me three final times, with a strength that could have killed me. And as his head bumped against the ceiling, and his form popped into an inhuman display of hypertrophied muscles, he roared and unleashed a torrent of jizz inside me. I’m still not sure how I felt at that moment: was it the earth shattering orgasm of a lifetime, or a near-death experience? I don’t know. Maybe both. Max must have blasted close to a liter of pressurized cum inside me. It almost tore my insides, and squirted right back on the floor. I don’t know how I managed to make it through without getting any bone cracked in the process, or how I ever regained a normal use of my sphincter. He lifted and put me on the floor. My legs were unable to carry me and he had to catch me before I fell on the floor. “Oh oh, looks like I exhausted my little dude,” he chuckled, cradling me between his gigantic pecs. I half remember him squeezing through the doorframe to the bathroom to clean both of us. I was nothing but a half conscious ragdoll, and it was utter bliss. Once we were both cleaned, he went to the bedroom. He grabbed a pillow and the duvet, then laid on the floor. He would have crushed the bed. Using the tiny pillow for his head, he laid me down on his massive torso, and threw the duvet over me. When I woke up the next morning, he was still massive, happily snoring under me. I confess, I never slept that well and I never felt as good as when snuggled against his monstrous frame. And as I was trying to process what had happened, I spotted his jeans on the floor. They were utterly oversized, like they would actually fit him now. I slid from under the duvet and went to the living room. I found his discarded sweater on the couch. It covered half of it. That was impossible. I retrieved my phone and checked Max’s profile on Grindr. The picture was exactly the same, him sitting in some random garden, except he was the massive version sleeping in my bedroom, not the one I greeted at the door yesterday. Below it, his stats read 7’5, 683 lbs. I stared dumbfounded at the screen for a while., A loud rumble jump scared me and shortly after, Max was squeezing his massive self into the living room. It was quite a sight to behold. The massive mounds of muscle, fighting against each other, as he moved with a surprising ease. He picked me from the floor, and lifted me to his face to give me a big kiss, before putting me back on the floor. He then sat on his huge ass (he was almost taller than me standing) and looked at me with puppy eyes. “Can I get breakfast? I’m starving,” he whined. “Sure, what’d you like?” I asked. “Anything. I’m easy,” he beamed. I never talked to him about that growth episode on our first encounter. It’s like Max had always been that oversized muscle monster. We started dating after that episode, and a few months later, we moved in together. He is the most loving and caring person I’ve ever met, and I think he’s the one. I noticed his size varies from 7’ to 8’, but he seems totally oblivious of the fact. So do the people around us. He height and thickness are the source of many inconveniences, but if I’m honest, it turns us on more than it annoys us. End.
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    CHAPTER EIGHT: THINGS ARE LOOKING UP It was once again Sunday, time for another rousing squat session. After my father's 'poor' performance last week he was eager to get back to it. Since Ted was nearing his own competition he wasn't going to be maxing himself out. The three of us worked our way upwards in weight. At 275 lbs Ted and I started our working sets while my superstud Dad used them as more warmups. Ted and I both did five solid reps and then my father stepped under the bar and did 5, then 10, then 15, then 20! reps. “Whoa big man, don't tire yourself out already!” Ted asked. “No, worries, Ted. Just getting the blood flowing. It's a take a lot a blood to fill up these wheels of mine.” Dad was wearing what I call 'coach' shorts. You know, those thin gym shorts that go about halfway down the thighs and have the notch on each side. The type of shorts you would see a stereotypical high school football coach or phys-ed teacher wearing. Dad wore them out of necessity for the leg workout. His big legs needed space to breath and expand during the squat session. “Well, Chad-man. Just be careful.” We loaded up 315 and then 335. I was pleased that I was able to get them both five times, a new personal record for me. We then bumped up to 355 and I was able to get it for three competition legal reps, an increase in 40 lbs since I last squatted. “Awesome, Champ!” my big Dad congratulated me as I re-racked the weight. As I leaned against the rack shaking my legs out he reached down and pulled up the legs of my gym shorts. “Wooo! Look at them big drumsticks!” I beamed with pride. There's not much more that will stroke your ego then a huge powerbuilder heaping praises on you. “You'll be squatting 400 lbs in now time, Champ!” My legs did feel as pumped as they ever had been. I was walking gingerly around the room trying to keep them from knotting up. “Thanks, Pops! You just keep pushing me and I'll get there.” Ted then banged out two sets of five at 355 lbs. He didn't want to go any heavier, he just wanted to get himself a good pump. Next we let my father continue his 'warm-up' sets. First at 405, then 455, then 495. That's right, he did a warmup at 495 lbs! He did five quick reps at each weight. Ted and I glanced at each other. This was the easiest we had seen him do these weights, we knew he was in for a BIG day. Up and up the weights climbed. Eventually we reached 585 lbs, just under his heaviest squat. He sauntered under the bar and rested it on his shoulders. With a small grunt, he straightened up, stepped back and completed five perfect reps, making it look easy! We then added a 25 lb plate to each side. He stepped back into the squat rack for his next feat. This time, with a bit more grit and grunting, my father again completed five competition worthy reps...with 40 lbs more than his last maximum weight! For good measure he decided to throw a dime on each side of the bar to bring it up to a grand total of 635 lbs. I had never before seen so much weight in person. The bar was now sagging mightily due to the extreme force being exerted by the iron disks on each end. Now Dad was starting to get serious. He gaze was boring a hole in the bar as he mentally prepared himself. He got under the bar, hoisted it up and stepped back. Ted stood right behind him, looking like he was going to start humping my father enormous ass, but was really there to provide emergency support. Dad slowly lowered the weight so his thighs were parallel and paused. Then with a gym-shattering yell raised the weight up. He the repeated the process. Then again. Then again! The power in this man was incredible! On the fifth rep his pause at bottom of the rep was extended. So much so that it looked like it was time for Ted and I to help. We made a move and more father barked out “NOOOOOO! I GOT THIS.” He hissed through deep breaths and he slowly squated the bar back up. He had done it. Five fucking reps at 635 lbs. He not only beat his previous PR weight, but did more reps too! Once he stood and turned around we could see the effect his efforts had on his legs. They were ENORMOUS. Full of blood and pumped to the max. His teardrop vastus medialus muscle was threatening to swallow up his poor kneecaps. Ted remarked, “Dude, your quads and thighs look ridiculous right now. You can pretty much say goodbye to ever wearing jeans, my friend. Shall we unload the weights?” “You know what, let's go ahead and make it full seven plates on each side. My engineering brain started computing the numbers. Seven plates on each side at 45 lbs each, plus a 45 lb bar makes...holy moly...675 lbs! Ted was no longer one to doubt my father. I think he was getting more excited that my Pops. “Fuck yeah, man. You got this no problem!” He slapped my fathers enourmous traps and shoulders. Dad repeated his pre-lift psyche-up process, hefted the tortured bar onto his gigantic traps and shoulders and slowly stepped back once again. Once his feet were set he slowly lowered the bar to the proper depth and rose back up. He didn't rest as long as the previous set, he clearly had finally reached a weight that was going to tax his system. He completed a second rep even slower, but still got it. As he stood up it looked like contemplated finishing set. Who could blame him. He just squatted 675 for two reps! It was the first time in a long time I had seen some doubt creep onto his face during lifting. However, big muscular Dad once more began to squat down, keeping his chest up, back slightly arched and pooching out that enormous bodybuilder booty of his. When he was down to parallel, we all heard a sudden, fabric laden explosion. I looked down and to my surprise and amusement, my father had just blown out the seat of his coach shorts with is huge globular glute muscles. The sudden distraction momentarily phased my father. I saw a slight grin appear on his face, he obviously found the situation as funny as I did. However, we was able to recover, refocus and began to very slowly complete the third rep. One the way up I heard another slight ripping sound. Now, the notches of his coach shorts were slowing expanding, the fabric tearing upwards due to the immense amount of leg mass filling them. He slowly stepped forward, with Ted giving him just a bit of support, and re-racked the weight bar. After a few second of him catching his breath he slowly turned around and faced us. All at once three of us bust out in laughter! Yes, my father's new feat of strength was amazingly impressive, but we couldn't get past the memory of him exploding out of his shorts. Ted finally caught enough wind to speak. “Hahaha. You big monster. That big ass of yours destroyed those shorts! Nice job Chad Kardashian!” “What can I say, Teddy? Glutes are muscles. And I got myself some big muscles, including these melons,” as he spoke he simultaneously reached back and slapped his ass with both hands. Then Dad looked down at his ruined shorts. “Well these are pretty much no use anymore.” He took both hands and simply ripped them apart, right there in the middle of the gym, leaving his lower body exposed in some short dark blue square cut spandex underwear for all to see. All laughter from Ted and I immediately stopped as we gazed upon the huge mass of muscles that made up his legs. They were completely sweaty and swollen due to his herculean effort. Veins were crisscrossing the quads and hamstrings. His legs were almost as vascular as Teds! Only his legs were MUCH larger. The were so big it looked like half the mass was now off the side of his knees, rather than directly above it. There simply was no more space above his knees, the new growing muscle had to start building outward. “Holy mother...” Ted calmy proclaimed. “Dude, we HAVE to measure those legs. I don't think I EVER seen such engorged thighs.” Ted when to his gymbag and pulled out a tape measure, because of course a gym obsessed guy like Ted had a tape measure in his bag. He came back over and knelt down at Dad's side. Seeing my Dad, huge as ever in his stringer tee and legs just exploding out that underwear, not to mention the perpetually hefty package he was sporting, it just seemed right that Ted should be kneeling at his knees. Ted held the tape on the front Pops' thigh and reach around and under the hefty bulge to connect the tape. “35 motherfuckin thunder thigh inches! Son of a bitch, big guy!” Ted couldn't help but add some bro-adjectives, a clear sign that he himself was in awe. “Fuck yeah man!” Dad once again performed his leg sway and stomp. Letting the sinewy mass wobble and shake and then suddenly tightening all the various muscles in a hard flex. I noticed that, as Dad was doing this, Ted was completely feeling him up, almost worshipping those enormous leg muscles. As the mass swayed he would try to grab a handful of the loose, yet solid mass. Once the mass was tensed it immediately escaped his grip. When the pillars were tensed Ted punched and slapping the iron flesh. I was jealous of his groping session. “Fuckin' amazing!” Ted shook his head and softly declared. For good measure, pardon the pun, Ted then taped the calf muscle. 22 more inches of man beef. He then stood up. “Ted, put your leg right next to mine.” My father playfully demanded. I could see some trepidation on Ted's face, but he knew he wasn't going to get of out this. Ted stood side by side to Dad and hiked up the shorts of his left leg. Wow. Now that he was nearing his competition Teds legs were phenomenally ripped. My father then stomped his gigantic right quad right next to Ted's left so the two ubermens' thighs were pressed up against each other. It was like a ripped leg muscle overload! My Dad's quads completely dominated poor Teds. They looked at least 1.5 times as wide. Ted may have had my father just slightly on conditioning, the but the overall added size was just too much to ignore. “Wow, Ted,” my father began. “You're legs look fantastic. You are definitely going to dominate your competition in a couple of weeks with those wheels. You're just lucky I'M not competing in your little division, huh.” “Haha you big jackass. I told you there is still time to sign up if you want to join me in the competition!” “Aw nah, that's alright for now. Maybe once I put on some real size I'll do a competition.” Ted just shook his head back and forth and rolled his eyes, “Real size? You don't' think those tree trunks of yours dwarfing my big legs count as 'real size'. What is real size, big guy?” “Oh, you just wait and see,” my father winked ominously at both Ted and I as he said this. Finally we headed back to the locker room, my father in just his tight bulging undies. It was Sunday afternoon so there were only a few of the hardcore dedicated lifters in the gym. As he sauntered toward the locker rooms he got some joking cat calls from some of the other big men. By now my father was well known in our gym not only for being huge, but for being such a fun guy too. “Ow Ow!” “Oh yeah baby show it off.” “Damn, look at that ass!” As he heard that last statement he looked over his shoulder toward the big lugs in weight pit and started playfully shaking his ass back and forth at them in a mock, stripper-esque dance. Big guffaws filled the gym as the big dudes laughed at my goofy father's antics. For the rest of the day I could tell my father was proud as a peacock at his latest feat of strength and I couldn't blame him. He was so charged up he decided to contact one his Tinder friends. He decided to go see her that night, even though it was a work night. He left the house at 7:30pm. As I was getting ready for bed at 10:30 he returned, whistling a happy tune with a contented look on his face. He clearly had gotten laid once again. He spotted me looking at him and reassured, “Don't worry Son, you don't know this woman.” The next night, after another killer chest workout, he decided he needed some relief again. “Again, Pops! Give the poor girl a rest.” My father smirked, chuckled lightly and responded, “Not 'again', Son. This is a different woman.” Gawd. My father was mowing through the women of this town like a John Deere. Tonight however, the woman was coming to our house. “She'll be here at 8:30pm, if you wouldn't mind hanging out in your room tonight I would appreciate it, Sport.” “Sure thing, muscleman.” I joked. Jeez. Were we going to have to start doing the sock-on-the-doorknob thing like you do at college? At about 8:30pm I heard a car door shut. Out of curiosity I looked through my bedroom window to check out my father's date. Wow. This was one beautiful woman. Not a girl, mind you. A sexy, mature, Mrs. Robinson type MILF. I guessed her to be right a round 40 years old, just a few years older than Pops. She had long black hair, large natural breasts, and was tanned and toned. She had that naturally fit look with just enough curves to accentuate her body while still proving that she was gym conscious. I listened through my bedroom door as Dad answered the door. “Hello there big fella,” she purred. Man, even her voice was soft and sultry. “I'm looking for a big man to satisfy me where my tiny, weak husband can't.” My father rumbled a low growling response. “Hmmm mmm mmm” he chuckled. “Well, Miss, I think I may have something to help you out. A woman as beautiful as you certainly deserves the BIGGEST and best there is to offer.” I heard some soft laughing from both of them as they continued their foreplay. Then I heard the woman exclaim, “OH MY!”, softly yet excitedly. I could only guess that she had discovered my father's 'biggest and best' asset. They then retreated to his room room. What came next was the most distracting two hours of my life. They both went at it like two sex-starved rabbits. Whereas when my father banged Amy and Mandy it was mostly them making noise, this time my Dad couldn't contain his own deep voiced grunts as he passionately rutted into Mrs. Robinson. She clearly knew how to please the beast just as much as he was pleasing her. Eventually I put on my headphones and tried to watch some Netflix on my laptop. Even through my headphones, every once in a while I could makes out high pitched screams from her and low grunts from him. Eventually they both finished, making so much noise I was afraid the neighbors would call us in for a domestic disturbance. I heard her exit the house. I peaked through the window and saw her walking with a slight limp to her car, which she got in a drove off. A few minutes after she left I came out of my room to get a snack before I went to bed. I noticed the front door was open so I peaked outside. My father was sitting on the porch in just his WEM underwear, smoking a cigar. He was leaning back with his feet hoisted up on the railing, looking like sexually sated muscle stud. The dim porch light casting a faint glow onto over-developed body. My father saw me through the screen door and I stepped out into the cool night. “Sorry if we made a bit of noise there, Buddy.” “That's OK, Pops. That's why God invented headphones.” He chuckled and then took another big puff from his cigar and exhaled. “You ever had an older woman, Son?” I responded that I hadn't. “Well, you will, Champ. And it will rock your world. I tell ya, the young girls are certainly fun and all, but there's nothing like a beautiful, mature woman with a bit of experience to blow your mind.” He closed his eyes and heavily sighed in contentment. “Fuck, she was a good lay.” I couldn't help laugh softly. “Well congrats on bagging a smokin' hot milf, stud man,” and he smirked and laughed back. - On Wednesday morning the unthinkable happened. My father came down with the flu. We woke up the same time and he came out of his room looking like shit, or as terrible as a huge powerful muscle man could look. “Oh man, I don't think I'm going to make it to work today. I've got a huge headache and I hurt all over. We've had a bug going around our office and I guess I caught it.” “Well go back to bed, Dad. I'll call the construction company and let them know you won't be coming in.” He went back to bed and I went to work. I checked up on my father via text message a couple of times throughout the day. He was still sick and was spending most of the day sleeping. He did say that he was hungry whenever he woke up which I thought was odd. Usually you lose your appetite when you have the flu. So after work I went the grocery store and got some more food. When I got home from work I noticed there were few unwashed Tupperware containers in the sink. There was also a plastic bag from our local Chineese restaurant on the counter. Dad was still eating and also must've ordered some takeout for lunch. I peaked my head into his room and saw him lying on his bed. He heard me and poked his head up. “Doing ok, big guy?” I asked. “UHHHHhhh. Still feel like garbage,” he moaned. “Did you get any food?” “Yeah, I'll make some supper and bring it n here to you.” “Thanks, Buddy. I'm really hungry, make me a big portion will ya? I'm going to hang out in here, I don't want you catch this bug, it sucks.” So I made him a big meal and took into his room. I then went to work out with Ted while he stayed in his bed the rest of the night. The dynamic was certainly different working out with Ted. He assumed the role of lead trainer as we worked through our exercises. Afterwards, Ted asked me if I would record his posing practice for him. We headed into a studio room and with his back to me, Ted changed into a pair of square cut black trunks. “I thought you guys wore thongs for competitions, Ted” “The bodybuilding division does. I'm actually competing in the Classic Physique division. It's a new division they added last year. It's basically in between the physique division, the guys who wear the board shorts, and the bodybuilders who where the posing thong,” he explained. “You're not competing in bodybuilding? You're huge, Ted!” “Haha well thanks buddy, really. But to tell you the truth, I'm really not. For these regional shows, I'm actually a bit small. For my height most of the true bodybuilders will be up in the 240-250 lbs range. I'm down to about 218 right now. The who point of the classic physique is for guys like be who are way bigger than the skinny physique guys, but not the massive monsters in the bodybuilding division. Classic physique is about being big but still balanced and aesthetic. The idea is to look like the bodybuilders of the 70s, hence the name 'Classic Physique.” “And you wear the short shorts.” I observed. “Yep. Basically the bigger the muscles the less clothing you wear.” Ted went through his posing routine while I recorded with his phone. Wow, Ted looked spectacular. I thought realized how odd it was that whenever my Dad was with us he just overshadowed Ted so much that I was almost ignorant to what a stud Ted actually was. I couldn't believe someone could be so ripped and conditions. Ever muscle stood out, vein crisscrossed his entire body as he went through his poses. Without my hulking father nearly Ted easily the best looking muscle man at our gym. Once he was done I handed him his phone. “Damn, Ted. You look amazing. I can't believe how low your bodyfat percentage is.” “Thanks Jed! Hey, you gotta help me convince you Dad to do one of these competitions. He could totally compete in the bodybuilding division. I keep harping on him to do it but he's been resisting.” “Haha, I'll see what I can do.” The next morning, Thursday, Dad was still down for the count when I checked on him. I called his office again and let them know he would be out again. I contemplated to myself how nature sure can be funny. How the biggest, most powerful creatures can be brought to their knees by the tiniest of organisms. Finally, that afternoon my father texted me that he was starting to feel better. When I got home from work he had migrated to the living room and was laying on the couch taking a nap in a giant pair of boxers and a loose t-shirt. As I shut the front door he woke up, stretched his mighty frame and sat upright on the couch. “How you feeling today, big man?” I asked from the kitchen. “Ahhhhhhh.” He sighed and stretched. “So much better. I could tell I was starting to get past this bug right after lunch. I guess I needed one last nap this afternoon and now I feel great! I think I'm even going to be to lift tonight.” I walked into the living room to further our conversation and inspect his condition. “Are you sure you want to risk it, Pops?” I looked him over as he sat on the couch. I have to say, he was looking very good. Of course, he was muscularly enormous and seemed bigger than ever, but that was how he normally looked anymore. Overall, though, he looked refreshed, pumped and ready to take on the world. Much better than the haggard complexion he had yesterday morning. “Well, you do look pretty good, big guy.” “Now that I'm woken up I actually feel fantastic, Champ!” He exclaimed happy and hopped up off the couch. He stood up in front of me and we both noticed something very, VERY wrong. Instead of me looking straight ahead at his mouth like I was used to, I was now staring at his thick, taught neck. I slowly tilted my head back to look up, WAY UP, into his stunning brown eyes. In contrast he had tilted his big head forward and down and gazed at me with a stunned look on his face. “Holy shit, Dad. You grew...again! And a lot faster this time!” “This is...is...unreal...” He said as he struggled to find the words. He tilted his head back and looked up at the ceiling. He slowly raised his thick meaty right arm so that I was now looking right at an armpit, and reached straight up. Then, he slowly reared up on his tip toes so that I seemed to shrink even further down before him. Once on his tip toes he was actually able to brush the 9 ft. ceiling with his fingers! “Woah... I'm so freakin' tall I can touch the roof” he proclaimed in a calm excitement. He put his arm down and looked down at me again, “Son, you look way smaller than I remember.” I scowled, “Oh gee, thanks, Dad.” “Oh sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I know you're not smaller. I just...just...I feel like a GIANT standing here in front of you!” I couldn't argue. He LOOKED like giant to me right the moment. He had reached a height that was unusual for any man. And he had pounds and pounds of muscly beef covering his frame that made him look even more frighteningly huge. I stood there rooted in place trying to process what I was seeing. My father then reached out both him arms toward me and slid his baseball mit sized hands into my armpits. With seemingly no effort at all he hauled me upwards and held me at arms length until my feet were dangling several inches off the ground. At my new level we were now staring straight into each others' eyes. “Geezus...” I spoke from my lofted postion. “You're not using hardly any effort holding me like this, are you, Dad?” His mouth curled into grin. “Not really, Son. You feel light as a feather. I remember holding you like this years ago when you were a little guy growing up. Heh heh...I guess to me now you are a little guy again...” He set me back down. “C'mon, let's go see how much I grew.” We headed to the kitchen and my father stood at the wall where we last measured his height. I leveled off the top of his head and made a new mark on the wall. I got the tape measure and stretched it upward along the wall. I reached the mark and read the result: “Six Foot...and SIX INCHES.” My father let the number sink in. Finally he burst out in joy. “FUCK YEAH!!!” He reached both of his beefy arms up, stood back up on his tip-toes and once again touched the ceiling, just to prove that he could. “Six foot six!!! Man, that is FUCKING tall! I am HUGE! Gawd, I feel so POWERFUL” he continued to boast. “I can see clearly over you head, Son!” “Wow, BIG MAN... You know, Dad I've read that the main range of height for men is something like 5 ft 5 in to 6 ft 5 in. I mean sure, if you were on the low end of that you are short and on the high end you would be considered tall, but for the most part it seemed 98% of men in the world fall into this range. YOU, are now above that bell curve!” “That's amazing, Son. I feel it. You know, it just feels right. That I should be in that 'super-tall' range. My height should match these powerful muscles of mine.” He put his hand on hips and widened himself into a lat spread pose. He was starting to sound a bit egotistical. “I can't wait until Saturday, I have to see how much I weigh now.” He bounded to the bathroom and pulled out our old spring-dial scale. He stood on it and dial spun and rocked back and forth before finally settling on 330 lbs. “OMIGAWD! 330 lbs! Dad, you are bigger than an NFL lineman!” “Oh yeah, little buddy. And those lineman always carry A LOT of fat, unlike me.” My father reached down and pulled off he loose white t-shirt leaving him in just his baggy boxers. Scanning over his furry, shirtless hulking mass he actually looked a bit leaner. I didn't look like he had grown much or at all in musculature but it seemed like the small amount of fat he had had stretched over his new height. Proportionally it didn't look like he had grown much bigger. If you looked at him from afar he looked just about the same as he had two days ago. It's like some had simply xeroxed him to a bigger size. He still wanted to know his new stats so I went to the kitchen and grabbed the tape measure. He launched into a novice posing routine, mimicking how he had seen Ted flex at the gym in the past. He hauled up both arms in a fantastic big man double-biceps pose. At his new height my eyes were right at the same level as the melon sized arm muscles. He turned sideways an puffed up his pectorals in a side chest pose. He brought his arms up forward to bring them behind his neck when his hands smacked into the hanging lights above the bathroom sink. Luckily, they didn't break. “Oops. This new size will take some getting used to...” he chuckled. He placed his hands behind his neck and crunched into an ab and thigh pose. With each pose I took his measurements and verbally encouraged him on. “Damn, look at those peaks, Pops. Huge! Geez, you could rest a cup of water on that pec shelf! Man that horsehoe on your tricep would fit a Clydesdale.” From the bulge forming in his boxers he was obviously getting excited from his new giant status and stats. I read them aloud: “Waist: 34 inches. Chest: 58 inches. Arms: 23 bone-crushing inches” I decided to add some emphasis on his arms for fun. “AHHHHH. Fuck yeah, Son.” My father closed his eyes as the feeling of POWER and SIZE continued to wash over him. I looked down and was once again shocked by what I saw. His dickhead was now hanging slightly out of the bottom of his boxers. It was slowing engorging and rising upwards, pulling the fabric up along with it as it continued to rise. I could see the look on his stunningly handsome face. My father smirked back at me. He had finally had enough of this modesty thing. He was the ultimate man and he decided then and there that he had no qualms of showing off to the world or even his own son. He yanked off his boxes and we both watched as the shaft continued to swell upwards and outwards. Eventually it filled to its full, rock hard size. As I stared wide-eyed, all I could think of was a Pringles Can. “Let me see that tape measure, Son.” my father gruffly requested with a smug look. He placed the end of the tape at the base his fuckstick. No cheating here either. He didn't press the tape into his pubic region to try to cheat out any extra length. He didn't need to. He ran the tape along the shaft until he reached his piss slit. “OHHHHH yeahhhhhh...” he moaned as he mentally processed the number. I leaned over he hugely developed arm so I could see the reading. 10.75 inches on the dot. My muscle stud father was sporting a nearly 11 inch long, ultra thick horsecock. I started to bone up in my jeans thinking about the numbers. I wasn't gay or anything, but there was just something about standing next to this purely testosterone filled being who seemed to make sexuality obsolete. Once my father snapped out of his self revelry he had a request. “Son, if you'll excuse me I gotta take care of this, here. Then we'll get ready to lift and give little Teddy a BIG surprise!” he winked at me as I exited the bathroom and shut the door. I headed back to my room and took a moment to really think about all that had been going on. It was hard to process. My father was almost evolving onto a higher plane on manhood. Not only were his muscles growing, he was becoming more handsome, more virile, and of course, TALLER! I could only fantasize what that must feel like. To see and feel yourself become bettter and better than all the puny little men around you. Knowing you could have any woman you wanted and that no other man would be able to stop you. As these thoughts swam in my head I slipped off my jeans and underwear and began to jack my own respectable rock hard dick. I heard the deep, loud grunts emanating from the bathroom and as my uberDad did the same to himself. Eventually I heard him climax and right after I did the same. It was the most intense orgasm of my life. I couldn't wait to see where things would go from here. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Next chapter. Ted and Vanessa invite Chad over for dinner. Also, the next chapter will take a bit longer. I'm going to be traveling next week and won't get to do any writing while I'm away. enjoy!
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    Eight The next morning Tristan was wolfing down his breakfast when Mark walked into the kitchen. "Ready for some training, T.?", the wrestler asked as he sat down in front of the huge teen and dug into a big bowl of cereal. "Can't wait to toss your frail body around", Tristan replied with a grin and shrugged his shoulders, making striations explode across his wide, perfectly round delts. Mark took in the display of male dominance and emptied his bowl. "I'll grab my gear and meet ya in the locker room", he said and got up. In the locker room, Brad was getting ready for his morning workout. He'd just put on his workout gear when he heard the door open. "Hi, Brad" Brad turned around and saw Mark, the heavyweight wrestle champ entering. "'sup", he replied. "In for some practice", Mark said as he went to his locker and put his bag in front of it while he unlocked it. "Who's the victim?", Brad asked as he tossed his towel over his shoulder and locked his locker. "Oh", Mark began but was cut off by the opening door. "Ya're already here", Tristan said as he entered and saw the heavyweight wrestler. "Bro?", he asked as he noticed his older brother in the center of the room. Brad stared in horror at his massive brother who seemed to fill the entire locker room with his presence. "You guys are brothers?", Mark let out incredulously. "Yeah. He's 3 years older than me. But you wouldn't say", Tristan said smugly and stepped up to his brother. Brad gulped as his younger brother towered over him. "I guess I have the good genes. Don't ya agree, bro?", Tristan said playfully and put his right paw atop his brother's bare shoulder. A hint of disappointment flickered in his eyes as no tingling sensation brook out. "Mind if I pass and get to the gym?", Brad said as deeply as possible. "Good idea, bro. You need to grow a bit to be a real man", Tristan replied and put some pressure on his brother's muscular shoulder. Brad felt his brother's fingers dig into his delts and his knees buckled a bit from the force. He summoned every ounce of strength not to sink to the ground. "Don't want to disturb you ladies but I'ld like to get some practice in", Mark said. "Catch ya later, bro", Tristan said to Brad as he let go of his shoulder and turned to the wrestler. Brad headed over into the gym for his morning workout, hurrying to get away from his brother. "You have a singlet, T.?", Mark asked while he grabbed his customized blue singlet from his locker. "Nope", Tristan stated, "why don't we wrestle in our boxers?". He took off his hoodie and pulled off his shirt. "Fine", Mark replied and put his singlet back inside his locker and stripped down to his boxers. He turned aside and gulped as he noticed how the beastly teen outsized him in every department. "Still want to go through with this?", Tristan asked mockingly while he compared their bodies: Mark's 220 pound frame was filled with thick muscles but also carried a certain amount of fat that gave him a bulky look; his own 300 pound body was a living anatomy chart with insanely ripped muscles that rippled with every breath he took. "Let's do this", Mark said and led the teen beast over into the wrestle hall. Tristan followed the heavyweight wrestle champ and stopped in the center of the mat as instructed. He looked at his 220 pound training partner who faced him from a few feet away. He nodded as Mark explained the basic rules. "Ready, T.?", Mark asked as he took a defensive position. "Bring it on, little guy", Tristan replied. He was surprised by the swift attack of his opponent and felt the guy's hand grabbing his neck before he could react. He braced his thick legs for support and his right paw grabbed the champ's neck while his left hand interlocked with the guy's left hand. Mark instantly felt the beastly teen's incredible force and flexed his heavily muscled quads to withstand the counterattack. His strong left arm was being pushed back by his opponent's 30 inch arm. He jumped backward to free himself and took a few deep breaths to control his breathing. "What have I gotten myself into?", he thought as he kept his gaze on his huge opponent. "Running away?", Tristan asked as the champ retreated. He moved in on the heavyweight wrestler. Mark anticipated the attack and dove under the paws that reached for him. He found himself inches from the teen beast and wrapped his 22 inch arms around the guy's torso in a bear hug. "Trapped?", he asked playfully and hardened his grip, veins exploding along his arms. "Ugh", Tristan let out in surprise as the strong arms hardened around his torso. "Guess again", he replied and lifted his thick arms up to easily break the grasp. Mark stumbled back in disbelief: until now, no one had ever broken free from his bear hug. He held up his hands in a defensive motion and thought about his next move. "My turn", Tristan growled and moved in on the heavyweight wrestler. Mark followed his huge opponent's moves, he knew he didn't stand a chance if the beastly teen could grab him. So he took a step back with every step the 300 pound Tristan made in his direction. As he turned in circles to maintain the distance, Mark felt his own breathing slow down and he also noted from the heaving of his opponent's protruding chest that Tristan wasn't used to training. "Tired, big guy?", he asked tauntingly. Tristan let out a low, vibrating grunt in response. "Quit dancing around and fight", he barked and moved in. Mark saw the teen beast slight lower his arms as he stepped toward him and made his move: he dodged the paws and moved swiftly behind his 300 pound opponent, his arms reaching underneath the perfectly round, cannonball-sized shoulders as his big hands reached for the back of the thickly muscled neck. "What the ...", Tristan said, surprised by the heavyweight wrestler's sudden move. Mark's hands joined together and he locked them hard, securing his full nelson atop the thick traps. "Gotcha", he said into the teen beast's ear. Tristan shrugged his shoulders, making his traps mound upward and budging against the hands locked behind his neck. He felt the grasp giving away against his meaty traps and repeated the process. Striations exploded across his wide shoulders as he shrugged them once more. Mark felt his grip being pushed apart and used every trick he'd learned over the past years, holding onto the beastly teen's neck with everything he got left. A wave of euphoria went through him as he managed to maintain his full nelson. His cock hardened a bit from the friction against the muscular lower back. "No fucking way", Tristan groaned as he tried getting free. He tried reaching for the heavyweight wrestler, but his 30 inch arms couldn't free him like before. No matter what he tried, his opponent refused to let go and was wearing him out. He felt the cock harden against his back, sending a responsive jolt through his own flaccid member as he slowly sank to his knees. "You give?", Mark asked in between fast breaths without releasing his hold. "I… yeah", Tristan replied. Instantly the arms let go of his neck and he laid down on his back on the mat, inhaling deeply to control his breathing. "Who's the champ?", Mark yelled and threw a double bicep pose. Excitement and adrenaline rushed through his body as he realized he'd just taken down an 80 pound heavier opponent. Tristan looked up at the heavyweight wrestler, noticing how his muscles glistened with sweat and the growing bulge inside the guy's boxers. He placed his hands aside his body and sat up, his thick triceps flexing in the process. "Congrats, man", he said, "I really thought I could take ya". "Yar strength is unreal, I felt it from the start. My experience handed me the win. If ya learn the moves, ya'll be unstoppable", Mark replied. His gaze travelled down to the growing bulge in the beastly teen's boxers. "Let's hit the showers", he said and extended his hand to help his 300 pound opponent get up. Tristan grabbed the hand and got up. He looked down into the 6 feet champ's eyes and before he could react, the guy kissed him on the lips. "What…", Tristan said as he broke the kiss. "I… ehr… sorry", Mark muttered as he looked up into the beastly teen's dark brown eyes, his heart pounding in chest as he realized the guy towered over him in height and width. "Tristan, I…", he began. "We both want this", Tristan said, grabbed the back of the heavyweight wrestler's head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Mark's eyes widened in surprise as his 220 pound body was pulled against the 300 pound beast and the tongue invaded his mouth. He returned the kiss and let his big hands roam the mounds of muscle that flowed into each other across the insanely wide back. The teen's thick pecs pushed into his own heavy chest and one of the guy's paws cupped his muscular ass. Black dots began dancing before his eyes as the beast kept kissing him. Tristan finally broke the kiss and took in a deep breath, making his protruding pecs dig into the harden against the wrestler's muscular ones. He felt his own dick grow to full hardness between their heavily muscled bodies along the 220 pound guy's rock-hard cock. "Fuck me", Mark moaned in pleasure as his hands grabbed the beefy biceps and tested the hardness of the beasty teen's relaxed arms. "I…", Tristan muttered and began blushing. "You're a virgin, aren’t ya?", Mark asked as he noted the shy reaction of the huge guy. Tristan nodded. "I mean… I had blowjobs before but never really", he rattled on and clenched his fists to make his bicep harden under the heavyweight wrestler's touch. Mark's rock-hard cock jolted in his boxers as the steely biceps pried open his hands. "You're cute when you blush, T.", he said, "And no worries: I've never been fucked before. We'll take things slowly". He ripped away his own boxers and did the same with the teen beast's boxers. Both their rock-hard cocks smacking against their abs as they were freed from their fabric prison. He kissed the 300 pound Tristan on the lips again and slowly leaned back, letting the teen beast gently lead him down on the wrestle mat. Tristan carefully laid the heavyweight wrestler with his back on the mat. He placed his knees aside his legs, positioned his elbows next to the guy's heavily muscled torso and kissed him once more as he was leaning over him. Their rock-hard cocks brushing against each other, sending shivers of bliss through their bodies. "Common, fuck me", Mark whispered in the teen's ear while he gently bit the earlobe and rubbed the hot surface of the thick pecs that hung over him. "Mhm", Tristan mounded and positioned the fat head of his 14 inch cock against the meaty ass of the heavyweight wrestler. "Here we go", he said as he very slowly drove his cock in between the ass cheeks. Mark's muscular back arched up from the mat as the thick head pushed passed his ass cheeks and slowly brushed against his hole. His hole clenched in anticipation. Tristan gently pushed further and let the head of his 14 incher enter the 220 pound athlete. "Umpf", Mark grunted in pleasure as the searing hot pole pushed past his defenses and invaded him teasingly slowly. His back arched further off the mat and his arms wrapped around the heavily muscled torso leaning over him, trapping his own rock-hard 10 incher between his bulky six-pack and the teen's ripped eight-pack. Tristan placed his paws against the wrestler's back and kept driving his lengthy snake inside him. Pleasure flowed through his 300 pound body as the tight ass engulfed his cock like a fleshy glove. Lightning bolt-like flashes crackled in Mark's vision as the 14 incher was completely inside him and the pubes of the teen beast's brushed his muscular ass. He felt like a ragdoll in the grasp of the hulking man and loved it: his cock was throbbing against the deeply grooved eight-pack while his hands groped the hard mass on the guy's broad back. Tristan began pumping his cock back and forth inside the clenching ass; slowly at first but faster and deeper as he seemed to gain more confidence. "UGHN", he bellowed as his balls exploded and his cock blasted a first load into the heavyweight wrestler. A spark of energy shot from the bottom of Mark's spine up into his head, exploding into a firework of white light as the beastly teen filled him with his seed. His own 10 incher exploded between their muscular bodies, covering their pecs and abs in his sticky juices. Tristan's orgasm lasted seven long, big blasts before wearing off. He gently withdrew from the 220 pound athlete and laid down next to him, his chest heaving from the orgasm. "Best sex I've ever had", Mark said and ruffled the 80 pound heavier guy's hair. He smiled as the beastly teen blushed once again. "Let's shower", he said and got up.
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    CHAPTER 6: A WHOLE NEW LEVEL Once the girls had left I jerked my face to look at my father in annoyance. He tried to look away, he knew where this was going. “Dad!?!? What the hell?” “Son, I...” “Ohmigod. This is sooo embarrassing. I can't believe you went on another date with Amy after I...” “Now, hold on just a minute...” “...and then you also fucked Mandy!?!? Cripes. That's it, I have to move! Ugh. How long have you been sleepy with Amy? AND MANDY?? And after I asked you stop, God, you're being a real jackass...” “HOLD UP, SON” Dad stated authoritatively. It wasn't spoken in full on anger but a man of his stature demands attention. “Son, listen. I really am sorry. And NO. I haven't been seeing Amy or Mandy. In fact I hadn't seen Mandy since Christmas and Amy since, uh, well, you saw us during your Spring Break. I did go on a Tinder date last night to meet up with a woman named Tina at Chester's, that nice bar on Hilton Avenue. Well, Tina was hot, but had a horrible personality. Completely rude to everyone around her, sloppy drunk, you name it, a complete witch. So ended the date and she went home. I hung back at Chester's and Amy and Mandy came up and started talking with me. I had no idea they were there. “Yeah right, Dad, they are both underage, you liar! They wouldn't have been in that bar.” “Oh c'mon, Jed. I know you're not that naive to think that two smokin' hot young women like Amy and Mandy don't have fake IDs and don't use them regularly.” I sat there stewing but I new he was right, it was completely plausible. In fact, I remembered I KNEW they had fake IDs from our high school days. “Well, I guess one thing led to another and we ended up back here...all three of us. Honestly Son, I had no intention of doing anything with them even after Amy came up to me. But then she leaned into my ear and proposed a threesome with Mandy too and...and...it's like I couldn't control myself. Seeing Amy and Mandy in these short, tight weekend dresses. Their long tone, tanned legs exposed. And then they both started running their hands all over my chest and arms.” Dad was starting to pant and his skin was now flush as he recalled his story “They keep rubbing and groping me with their hands, their tiny feminine hands. And since I've gotten bigger the girls' hands looked even smaller up against these pumped muscles of mine. I'm telling you I've never been so horned up in public. I've never felt like such a BIG MAN in my life looking down at these two hot young babes feeling me up.” As he continued the monster is his underwear started to pulse and grow. “I hardly even remember the drive home and then all of a sudden we were fuc...um, making love.” I rolled my eyes at his lame attempt soften the impact of his sexual deeds. I couldn't help watch the thick tube throb and slightly lengthen in his WEMs. “Cripes, Dad calm yourself!” I exasperated, motioning toward his crotch. I seemed to have broken him from his trance. “Oh shit, sorry, eh...” He glanced down, saw his state and reached into the fabric to adjust himself in a sad attempt to fit things more comfortably. He didn't have much luck. He tried aiming it sideways to his left toward the waistband. In his semi-aroused state it looked like a banana in there. Had dad always been that big? I remember from this past winter that he and I were similar in size, with him maybe just a bit thicker. Of course, I had never seen him erect as no son should, but from what I could tell in his half hard state, he had clearly exceeded my totally hard length. Had he always been that much of a grower? He finally softened just enough to tuck down and back, giving him an uber-alpha front bulge. He signed in exasperation, “I really am sorry, Son. This thing here,” he gently cupped his bulge with his left hand, “has really become a BIG hassle in the last couple of weeks.” Did he mean that because he was constantly horny, or actually bigger? “I tell ya, Jed. Ever since I've been getting those treatments it's like my libido is on overdrive, especially since the bigger doses began a couple of weeks ago. I haven't felt this constantly turned on since I was 17 years old. It really is like I've been thinking with my lower head instead of my upper one. Please forgive me, champ.” He looked at me with sincere puppy dog eyes. He was so devastatingly handsome that you couldn't help but feel bad for him when he made that face. God, he could charm the pants off Mother Teresa. I sighed and continued to give him an annoyed look,“I forgive you Dad. But I'm still not happy about it.” I couldn't help but note the odd juxtaposition here. Here I was, the younger teenager son, scolding his older father for not being able to keep it in his pants. “Thanks, Champ.” He gave me a pat on the back. “You gonna join us for 'Sunday Squatday'?” “I don't think so today. I'm not really in the mood.” Pops realized this wasn't the time to try to convince me otherwise. As I got up to got to my room my father spoke up, “Oh, and hey Son?” “Yeah, Dad?” “Amy is a bitch for what she said. She's completely wrong. You are a grade-A teenage stud. I can't tell you how many times I've had friends and acquaintances come up to me while I'm shopping to ask about you and tell me what a great looking and good guy you are. When you were away from college it would happen constantly. You should be proud of everything you have. I know I am.” The look his face told me was absolutely serious. There he goes disarming my anger again. My heart warmed and I couldn't help but give him a smile. “Thanks, Pops. Really,” and I headed to my room. He may have been an walking ball of sex and testosterone, but my Dad was still really great guy. I really love that big dude. - Dad headed off the gym to inevitably best his squat from last week as I continued to mope around the house. I knew I was being a moody teenager so I decided work off some aggression. I sure as hell wasn't going to go to the gym so I opted for a jog around the neighborhood. After a good 20 minute run I got back home feeling much better, like I had sweated out the bad vibes. I took a nice cool shower which calmed my nerves further. I was drying off in my room and I grabbed a pair of undies to slip on. As I pulled them up I realized they felt weird. They were nice and snug against my waist but billowy everywhere else. They were supposed to be snug, supporting boxer briefs but there was so much extra fabric in the ass and crotch I got zero support and practically felt naked. That's when I noticed the large “WEM” printed in black block letters on the waistband. I had accidentally put a pair of Dad's underwear! A not completely unheard event in our household since we often shared laundry, but still shocking nonetheless. The cock pouch was comically large. I might as well have placed my own above-average equipment in a plastic garbage bag. Standing there I could've rested a large orange in the pouch and it wouldn't have fallen out. It honestly felt like I was wearing diapers. Once again those feeling of inadequacy crept into my head. But really, the hulk I was living would make almost any man feel small. Lucky the run and shower and done their job and I was able to hold back any resentment for Pops. I pulled off the oddly shaped trunks and examined them further. Finally, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to Google this WEM brand. I was quickly able to find the site www.WEMunders.com. The banner of the site read: “Welcome to Well-Endowed Male Clothing. Custom clothing for Men of Exceptional Proportions.” Geezus. Not only did Pops now sport a godly muscled physique but apparently he was so large downstairs that he had outgrown the small, mortal dimensions of wholesale underwear. Custom underwear? I didn't even know such a thing existed. The website was very professionally done despite it's racy subject. I wandered onto the order form page which contained detailed instructions on how to measure every possible dimension of your manhood and waist region. Not just simply length, but “penile base diameter”, “penile head diameter”, “penile head length” and others. They certainly were completely custom fitted right down to the last detail. It was a good thing I had worked out my insecurities, or at least most of them during my run. After this morning adventure with Amy, discovering these trunks might have done my psyche in. I couldn't deny that what I was seeing was amazing. I mean, something weird was definitely going on there. Sure, men have blown up into mass monsters before. Rarely, but it can happen. But all evidence was pointing to my father's feet and dick also growing larger, which, I was thought was impossible at his age. About an hour later, Dad got home from his Sunday routine, looking as full and as pumped as I had ever seen him. The shock of seeing him practically bursting out of skin becoming familiar enough that I was getting better at controlling my surprise. “Hey, Sport. Are ya' feeling better?.” “I sure am, superDad.” I was back to my nicknames, a dead giveaway that I was in a better mood. He gave me a bright smile, “Good. I don't' like my little guy bein' down in the dumps.” “I went for a run and took a shower. Feel a lot better, now. And I get it Dad. Now that I think about it I don't know if I wouldn't been able to turn down a threesome from two hot girls, no matter who they were. I guess I was just a little jealous. I mean, Dad...shit...it's like you are transforming into the ultimate man right in front of me. And this is the time in my life when I am supposed to be becoming a man...” Dad put both of his big calloused hands on each of my shoulders and looked straight into my eyes. “I told you this morning you are more of a man than 99% of men out there. Don't ever forget that. You are more of a man than I was at your age, even though I already had you. Not just your body, but your maturity is light years ahead of where I was. I look at your and think, God I can't believe you survived with me knowing how stupid I was when you were a young kid.” “Just...just...dont outgrow me Dad...” “NEVER!” he stated demonstratively. Even if I magically became 1000 ft tall I would never outgrow you.” I met his gaze again and smiled. He noticed my improving mood. “Besides, Bud. Stick with me lifting and you'll be as big as me in no time! He leaned back, struck his hands-on-hip Superman pose , puffed out his chest and spoke in an exaggeratedly low voice “COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIFT.” I let out a belly laugh at his antics. There was that goofy lovable dude that I knew and loved. I punched his bowling ball delt playfully. His delt registered no movement from my fist. I sure felt it though as my wrist hurt a bit from the impact. That night I had an interesting dream as my father's words reverberated through my head. I imagined him as a 1000 ft tall colossus of muscle and bone. Blotting out he sun and towering over our little neighborhood. Just casually walking around town, causing mass destruction without meaning too. He was just so big that our miniscule world wasn't built to handle his size. I jerked awake in a sweat and saw 2:05am on my alarm clock. What a strange dream. - The next I began my 3rd week back home. My father was excited that next weekend was Memorial Day weekend and he would get an extra day off. I was exited to start a new job and make some summer spending money. Last week I had gone in for an interview and got a weekday job at a local mom-and-pop hardware store. Dad and I parted for work at 7:30am and wished each other a good work day. At nights we continued to meet up with Ted for our workouts, Dad continuing to shock both and Ted and I. After this weekend, I had started to pay a bit more attention to the details of my father's body. Something about his seemed off. Yes, it still seemed like he was continuing to widen, thicken, bulge outward and even getting leaner, but something else was off about him. This suspicion continued as the week progressed. Finally, on Thursday I figured it out. I was sitting at the kitchen table playing on my phone and he was preparing some protein packed muscle building meals. Shirtless of course and in a pair of his standard issued light fabric, giant baggy basketball shorts. Shirts we're becoming more of hassle to put on so he opted to go shirtless most of the time at home. He started to spray down a skillet with some Pam when he noticed the can was empty. Since we lived in a small modest house we had unusually tall kitchen cabinets to make up for the lack of horizontal wall space. We stored some little used items and bulk items, like can's of Pam, on the top shelf. Ever since I reached my full height in high school I still had to rear up on my tip-toes to grab stuff off the top shelf. Dad was facing away from me and he reached up to grab a new can of non-stick spray. As his thick right hand ascended and locked onto the can I intently watched the heavy sagging mounds of his calve muscles. Dad brought the can down and set it on the counter. During the process his calves never once even twitched let alone fully flexed. “I KNEW IT!” I shouted. Dan spun and and looked at me with a confusedly. I jumped up out of my chair and slowly walked toward him, as if his heavy pectorals had some sort of gravitational pull on me. As I got nearer I gleaned another piece of evidence for my discovery. I was still in my sneakers but Dad was barefoot. I stopped about six inches in front of him and looked UP.... UP! Up into his eyes and proclaimed: “Dad...you...you're...YOU'RE TALLER! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE SAME HEIGHT. YOU ARE CLEARLY TALLER THAN ME!!” My father stood there silent trying to find the words to respond. Finally he exhaled a big sigh and dropped his arms down. “Well, I guess that cat's out of the bag. Yeah, sport I'm taller. I first noticed last week.” This wasn't possible. People his age don't grow in height. They can't, right?!? I thought back to seeing a documentary on the Discovery Channel about people who gotten a head injury and developed the gigantism disease. All those people who had it had severe physical problems. While you would think it would be cool to grow taller it was actually a very debilitating and sad disease. Many of the sufferers couldn't even walk. Many had problems with their internal organs not being able to keep up. I started to express my panic, “I don't like this Dad! What if you screwed up your pituitary gland and you keep growing. What if you heart and lungs and intestines can't take it and something happens to you. What if...” “Son...son...SON!” My father interrupted grabbing me by the shoulders and looking DOWN into my eyes. “There's no sense in worrying about anything right now. I already emailed Dr. Jock and he said he will take some X-rays on Saturday. He was the one who told there is no reason to fret about anything right now.” I wasn't totally convinced just yet. “When did you first notice?” “Last week when I was trying on some pants I noticed they seemed shorter. At first I didn't think much of it because, well, all my clothes feel short and small lately... And just other things I noticed that used to be at eye level were now below me. Including you, Bud.” “Shit...all this time me and other people thought your gigantic muscles were making you just look taller and it turns out you actually were! Incredible. Soooo....how much taller are you?” “I don't know for sure. Maybe an inch?” “I don't think so big man. It's gotta be more than that.” I wasn't sure I wanted to know but curiosity got the better of me. “Let's find out, Dad. I'll go get the tape measure and ruler.” I came back and had my father stand against the wall next to the table, feet flat on the ground. I placed the ruler on top of his head to mark the wall and suddenly started laughing. “What ya' laughing at, Champ?” “Do you realize how backward this is? You used to measure my height like this along my bedroom wall when I was growing up. Now I'm doing the same to you. YOU are now the growing boy.” My father chuckled at my revelation. “Haha, yeah I guess this is pretty weird.” I looked at my father, smiled, deepened my voice and spoke in a Daddy voice, “Ok big guy! Stand up nice and straight! There you go, buddy!” My father similarly replied in a high pitched tone, impersonating an excited little kid, “Ok Papa!” He puffed out his enormous chest and stretched his neck up as far as it would go. “Like this!? Ok Go ahead!” “HAHAHA! You're such a goofball.” Our laughter died down and I caught my breath. I leveled the ruler against the top of his head, pushed one end against the wall and made a heavy mark with a pencil. He stepped back from the wall. “Ok, let's see what we got here. I stepped on the zero end of the tape to hold it against the floor and extended it upwards toward the mark. The inches flew buy as I continued rising, passing 6 ft and closing in on the mark. Finally I reached the elevated mark: “75 and 1/8 inches. That's...holy shit...just over SIX FOOT THREE! Pops you have grown over two inches!” My father stood there letting my words sink in. Finally he spoke, “Wow. That's...that's amazing, Son. I didn't think I had grown THAT much.” “You are officially in the tall category now, Pops. We've never been short, but you are getting up there. How does it feel.” Once again he stood there searching for the words. His reply was eloquently simple. “It's...awesome,” he said calmly. I could tell he was much more excited but was holding back. Possibly restraining his emotion until he knew that everything was going to be from Dr. Jock. “I think I like being tall. Like you said, we were ever short, but...wow. Six-three! And, not to brag, but honestly with my frame that makes a pretty big dude.” “You're ENORMOUS Dad. Seriously! You're like a Hercules or something...” I gushed. “In general taller people have a harder time putting on muscle mass. You clearly don't have that issue.” He rumbled laughter, “Yeah, I feel like Hercules. GRRRR!” He crunched down into a most muscular pose, all his front muscles tightening and bulging out all at once. “Hey little buddy, since you got the tape measure, let's jot down my other stats for my log.” I notice that Dad was now using 'little' in his description of me more often. I wasn't sure how I felt about it. “Let me go grab my log book out of my gymbag.” A moment later he returned with the small notebook and wrote down the day's date at the top of the first empty page. “Let's start with my 'guns.” He set the book down, faced me, lifted up his right art and FLEXED the exploding mass about a foot in front of my aghast face. WOW. All I could do was stare at it. It seemed so much bigger and veinier since I saw him pose his biceps it up close about 3 weeks ago at college. “Are you going to measure or just drool all over it?” he teased. “Sorry.” “HAHA. I know, its fine. But hurry up it's starting to cramp. GRR!” he grunted. I placed the end of the tape up high on the rock solid peak and held it there with two trembling fingers. The peak had no give whatsoever as I pressed the tape into his paper thing skin. I let the tape fall down the back of his arm and then with my other hand picked up the dangling strand and began to wrap it around the warm flesh. I had to adjust a couple of times to make sure I was getting the largest part of the heavy drooping sweep of his colossal triceps. Finally, I brought the tape up around the front to meet my other two fingers, watch it cover a few sinews of the baseball size peak. “21 AND THREE QUARTERS INCHES.” “GRRRRR SHIT YEAH, BOY. That's an entire INCH in just over two weeks! I'm a monster!” Dad was really getting excited and I couldn't blame him. We taped his other arm a the same measurement. Not only was he huge, he was symmetrical as well. Some guys get all he luck. “All right let's check out my chest.” Dad raised both his arms out wide giving me access to his heaving torso. I stood in front of him and wrapped the tape around his waist and being to flip it upwards. It took some effort to get the tape to stay up around his widescreen lats. I had to step forward nearly having to rest my face on his furry left pectoral just to reach around him far enough to pull the tape tight. I held the tape ready to take the measurement. “Ok, meathead let your arms down.” Pops chuckled at my playful insult. He let his arms fall the tape nearly pulled apart in my grasp. Letting his arms down caused the muscle slabs to surge further toward me. Luckily I didn't completely loose my grip on the tape so we didn't have to start over. I re-positioned the tape and read: “56 inches.” This time there was no verbal outburst. My father simply tilted his back and closed his eyes in inwardly reflective pleasure. After a big sigh he calmly stated “Three more inches...awesome.” “Awesome is right old man! Those fun-bags of your are HUGE.” “HAHAHA! Fun bags... Well they are pretty fun, Son. Check this out.” Dad proceeded to alternately bounce his pectorals, while my fingers were still holding the tape at nipple level. Each slab of pec meat alternately jumped upwards and then fell down on top of my trembling fingers in rhythm. He repeated the process for 10 or so bounces. With each bounce my father looked down and uttered “BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!... They call that a pec dance, Son.” I laughed at his innocence. “I know what it's called Dad. Although in your case they are so big it should be called a pec PROM!” He laughed back at me louder in response. Along with our genes we certainly shared our love of corny jokes. I then taped his waist at 33 inches, the only part of him that seemingly had not grown, of course. His calves were now up to 21 inches, keeping pace with his arms. All we had left were his thighs. “Alight, beastman. Hike up those shorts and let's see those oak trees you call legs.” My father leaned over to grab the fabric of his right shorts pant leg with both hands and began to shimmy and roll it up his thigh, exposing more and more of the corded mass as he stood up straight. He bunched the shorts up higher and higher when I let out a sudden GASP. As he was pulling up the baggy shorts he all of sudden lost a hold of...well...himself. A large flesh colored, wrinkly tube accidentally flopped out the bottom of his hiked shorts and smacked against the thick furry muscles of his right quadriceps. OH. MY. GAWD. Doing some quick visual measuring I estimated the giant soft pink head was hanging at least 7 inches from the center of his crotch. While I recently had several unfortunate looks at his clothed bulge this was the first time I had seen his manhood exposed. At first he didn't notice his wardrobe malfunction. He was standing up nearly straight so for sure couldn't see it over the protruding shelf of his chest. “Um, Dad...you're...hanging out.” “What are you talking abou...? Oh, SHIT! Sorry about that, haha,” he laughed nervously, blushing bright red. He re-hiked the shorts this time being sure to keep the rubbery rolling-pin thick cock contained. I proceeded to measure his legs in a bit of a stunned trance. “And...31.5 inches. Nice, uh...nice wheels big man.” There was no jubilant outburst from my father, we were both too embarrassed. The moment couldn't be any more awkward. Well, it turns out it could, because my morbid curiosity. “So, Dad. I'm guessing that... NOT THAT I'VE EVER LOOKED...” I protested quickly. “I'm guessing THAT... “ I glanced down a his crotch, “...has grown too?” Well I guess we were both all in at this point. Nothing to hide anymore. Not that he even COULD hide that leviathan in his shorts. My old man explained, his growing pride becoming more and more evident. “Oh yeah, Buddy. In fact, if anything I think IT has grown more proportionally compared the rest of me.” “Geezus” I sighed. “No wonder Amy and Mandy were screaming so loud.” Dad chuckled sexily, his voicebox deeply resonated in his sturdy throat. “Oh yeah. They couldn't get enough of it. I told you how I'm horned up all the time. Well its just become soooo, fuckin'...BIG that I can't ignore it, no matter what I'm doing. I swear the old joke, 'it has a mind of its own' must be steeped in reality my cock has grown so much it MIGHT have its own brain,” he continued to humble-brag. “Well, congrats Pops” I stated with just a hint of resent. My father picked up on my tone. “Hey now! Remember what I said a few days ago. I've seen you naked several times and I know you ain't packin' anything small.” I sighed and responded, chuckling lightly myself, “This is sooo freakin' awkward. But thanks, Dad.” “No problem, little Buddy.” There he goes using the 'little' word again...
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    The slow burn continues... Dad's Lost Glory Years Chapter 5. HOME SWEET HOME It was good to be home. There is truly nothing like your own bed. Shortly after we got back I zonked out and slept for a solid nine hours, waking up refreshed on Saturday morning. I threw on some shorts and a tank and headed to to the kitchen for some breakfast. Dad was at the kitchen in a just a pair of baggy basketball shorts, shirtless. Shoulders, arms and chest out to here, displaying those furry chesticles for the world to ogle. He hadn't shaved yet this morning and his heavy stubble from yesterday could now be classified as a certified beard. His still had bed-hair but it gave him that messy hair look that only the best looking dudes can pull off. He was holding a newspaper in hand while forking in chunk after chunk of eggs, ham and cheese into his big maw with the other. “Mornin', champ. There's still some eggs on the counter, help yourself.” After eating Dad put on an enormous t-shirt that was actually baggy. I silently wondered what size that shirt had to be. We finished moving in the rest of my stuff and I unpacked while he took care of the Saturday chores. Later that afternoon Ted would be coming by to pick up Dad to go see the doctor for their weekly checkup and treatments. “Dr. Jock” as my dad called him. Apparently his real name was “Jacques.” He was the son of French immigrants, was about 60 years and a former national level powerlifter. Being heavy in to sports and weights he picked up the Dr. Jock moniker in med school and it had stuck with him every since. “A real big ole' bastard,” my Dad said as he filled me on Dr. Jock's background. “When it comes to the gym, definitely nothing pretty about him. He's all about raw strength. A pure powerlifter, huge belly and all. Great guy, though!” he added. Dr. Jock, being an older fellow himself knew first hand the benefits of HGH and testosterone replacement therapy and was all too happy to help out his fellow weightlifting men. At about 3:00pm the doorbell rang. Dad was in the can so I answered it. Ted was at the door in a casual Saturday outfit himself, looking like a stage-ready tan magazine model. Flip flops, basketball shorts, a snug sleeveless dark blue muscle shirt and a backwards white baseball cap. “Jed! Buddy!” How's it going, man? He grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a classic bro-hug, back pats and all. What did you think of your first year of college? You didn't break too many ladies' hearts, did you?” We engaged in a bro chat for a few minutes as we caught up. I've never really considered myself much of a bro but being around athletics my whole life I could easily slip into the persona. Of course our conversation inevitably turned toward the man-beast that lived with me. “Dude, your old man has the potential to be on another level. I have never seen anybody make the kind of gains he has. I'm starting to fear he'll leave me in the dust!” Ted continued to fawn over my Dad, but never in a jealous way. If anything he seemed to consider himself the trainer who helped “unleash the beast” in my father as he jokingly put it. “I will say, his growing is helping me too. He certainly makes me work out harder myself. I've actually been slowly losing bodyfat while holding my weight. That may not sound like much, but for as long I've been lifting it's recall incredible!” Ted lifted up his shirt and showed me his abs. His amazing, deep-valleyed, tanned, vascular abdominals. Ted's abs were the type you see on on a Men's Fitness cover. Contract to Dad's abs which were evident, large and protruding, but his ab canyons were filled with just a small layer of powerfat. “Ted, you douchebag! Put your shirt down ya' big showoff!” My dad joked loudly walking back into the living room. Ted looked past me at my old man. “HEY! There he is. There's 'Chunky Chad'”! Ted teased, continuing to rub his six-pack with one hand. “Yeah, you wish you abs like these, fatty!” “Fatty?!? Why you little shit you better watch yourself or I'll give you a swirly.” Dad bound over and grabbed Ted in a brotherly headlock and and squeezed his neck with those big arms of his. Ted struggled to free himself with no success, both of them roaring in laughter the entire time. With Ted still at his mercy, Dad stood up straight, pulling Ted upright as well. “If your abs are so phenomenal, let's see if they can take a punch from, Jed here.” “Bring it on you jealous chunksters!” Ted jokingly retorted. I proceeded to halfheartedly punch Ted's gut. My Dad and I certainly had no intention to really try to hurt him. Although, his abs were solid enough I wasn't sure I would've been able to anyway. Ted continued to shimmy to try to get away but Dad easily held firm like a rock. As I began to lose interest my knuckles lightly brushed against Ted's abs and he recoiled and gasped. My Dad quickly realized Ted's weakness. “Oh well looky here. I think lil' Teddy here is ticklish. What say we find out, Son.” “HAHA you big bastard let me go!” Ted screamed in amused terror. “You know Pops, I think you might be right, but let's check just to be sure.” I started lightly running my fingers over and into the grooves on his taught flesh. Ted instantly started thrashing and squealing in a pitch way higher than you would expect a macho dude to make. “STOP! HAHAHAHAHAH! NOT FAIR! BWAHAAHAH! YOU TWO ARE GANGIN' UP ON ME! I'M GONNA PISS MY SHORTS!!” Finally, I stopped my terrorizing tickling and Dad released Ted. He fell to the ground gasping for air. We all had to catch our breaths from the extreme laughing session we had just endured. “WHEW. Heh heh... whew. Alright ya' big fuckin' goon...” Ted gazed up a my father, still getting the giggles out of his own system. “Let's go see the Doc and get even more monstrous.” “That'll teach you to mess with BIG CHAD GRAVES!” Dad pronounced. The two ubermen grabbed their bags and headed out. “We'll be back in a couple of hours, Jed.” I spend that afternoon putting my room back together and taking care of a few chores. I went to take care of a load of laundry in the small room adjoining the kitchen. In there I noticed an unusual basket of Dad's clothes off the to side of the dryer. That basket had never been there before. I assumed they where his dirty clothes. I started grabbing his clothes and adding them to my load. That's when I noticed that one of Dad's button down shirts had a big tear in the armpit. I got to thinking and started inspecting the other pieces from the mystery basket. That's when I realized, all the clothes in the basket had in some way been ruined by my father's expanding body. Buttons missing from the chest, tears in the armpits, splits in the crotch and ass of his pants, you name it. The basket was basically a mass grave of clothing murdered by old man's hulking muscles. While inspecting the destruction I also noticed none of the shirts were smaller than XL and there were even a couple XXL's! Out of morbid curiosity I grabbed one of the torn t-shirts and decided to slip it on. It was another one those vintage style, light, form fitting shirts. I slipped off my tank and slipped on his shirt. I could smell his lingering masculine essence on it. The shirt's torso fell loosely to my waist, the sleeves loosely to my forearms. Once again, instead of the 19 year old college hunk I supposedly was, I felt like a 13 year old boy. I lifted up my right arm and used the opposite hand to hold up the sleeve so I could inspect the gaping hole at the armpit. All I could do was shake my head in awe. Here I was looking ridiculously undersized in this ruined shirt and my father's brawny musculature had simply torn through it like tissue paper. Once I had the laundry going I was walking through the kitchen I heard a buzzing sound. Apparently, Dad has forgotten his phone and it was sitting on the kitchen table. When it comes to technology my father was always a bit of an old soul. I had convinced him just one year prior to give up his old flip phone for a smartphone. Similarly, Dad has never been tethered to his phone like most modern people and often forgot it The phone kept making intermittent buzzes as I continued to wander through the house. Eventually I couldn't help but glance at it. On the home screen was the Tinder icon with a small number “13” on it. Dad had 13 new notifications from his Tinder. I could also see he had “9” unread text messages. Ole' Chad was apparently still using his Tinder account and was apparently quite the popular guy. Out of the kitchen window I noticed the USPS truck driving away down the street. I went to the front door, slipped on my flip flops and went and got the mail. As I came back I noticed Dad's new white Nike sneakers in the shoe pile. They looked big sitting there next to my sneakers. We had shared the same shoe size ever since I turned 14 years old. I picked up the show, inspected tongue and saw the shoe was a size 13 EEE! Dad had gone up two shoe sizes AND needed them extra wide. I was astounded. It didn't make any sense. Do feet have muscles? Do feet grow like muscles grow? I wasn't a biology major but I thought feet, like height, pretty much stopped growing once you finished puberty. About half and hour later Dad walked back in through the front door. Ted had dropped him off and headed home. “Everything still good, Dad?” “Yup! No worries at all. Doc's says I may be the healthiest guy he's ever treated. I've never felt or looked better.” “Haha. There you go getting a big head again!” “Yeah Son!” He chuckled, grinning at me deviously. “Big head, big arms, big chest, big thighs...big everything!” All I could do was roll my eyes and snicker at this lame joke. The rest of Saturday came and went. Dad and I just decided to hang out an watch a movie that evening. Nothing exciting, we were still a bit beat from the move yesterday and getting back to normal this afternoon. On Sunday afternoon Dad and Ted went to the gym for “Sunday Squat-Day” as he called it. Apparently on Sunday the two worked purely on their squat strength. Never going no more than 5 reps with as much weight as possible. Three hours after they left my Dad waddled in through the front door, grimacing with each step “Are you OK? Did you hurt yourself?” “Only in a good way, champ. Legs muscles are just painfully pumped. I absolutely destroyed my quads today squatting.” “Oh year I remember those leg day pains. Just remember to keep those drumsticks stretched out. Don't walk around stiff-legged, that will only make it worse.” “Good idea.” Dad waddled over and plopped down on the coach. I did notice his gym shorts seemed noticeably tighter than when he had left. I went to the kitchen and got him a glass of water. “Thanks, Bud.” Later that night we started to get ready for bed. I was making myself a snack in the kitchen. My father strolled to the laundry room, pulled off his gym shorts and threw them in the dirty clothes pile. HOLY SHIT! This was the first time I had seen his legs exposed since Christmas. He tree trunks were bulging out of some designer boxer-brief type underwear that had “WEM” printed in bold letters on the waistband. In the stuffed pouch, it looked like dad was smuggling a handfull of hacky sacks. His lightly furred thighs absolutely exploded out of the the leg holes. While Dad still have that very light layer of fat over most of his body, that fat had apparently been scared away by the boated sinews of his quads. All the separations and individual heads were easily evident. With each step the muscles would jump and quiver as his foot heavily thumped onto the floor. In fact, it seemed amazing that my father still walked relatively normal. You'd think he would've had the waddle that you see from the really big bodybuilder dudes. My dad cleared his throat. Once again I had been caught staring. I looked up into my father's handsome smirking face and was instantly embarrassed once again. “It's OK, Son really. I see that same look on my own face every morning when I look in the mirror. I honestly can't believe this is all happening myself.” Dad looked down at his legs. He brought forward his right leg and began to rock his knee back and forth. The meaty mass encasing the femur began to sway majestically back and forth. He let the mesmerizing motion continue for a few seconds mesmerizing not only myself but himself as well. Finally, he suddenly hissed and slammed his left foot into the ground. The swaying mass instantly tightened into knotted cords and ropes of golden, furry flesh. “I learned to do that from a bodybuilding video Ted showed me on Youtube,” he proudly stated. “That really is amazing, Dad. You're legs were always big even before you started lifting. Now they are a different level!” “Yeah, hopefully I can my upper body on par with these monsters.” My first weekend at home was now complete. The next morning Dad got up and went to work and we settled into a typical summer routine. He went to work. I did some house chores, chilled out, and did some job searching. Dad would get home at about 5:30pm, hungry as hell and threatening to burst out his button down shirts. He would wolf down a huge healthy meal we would head to the gym and join Ted for our nightly workout. For me, that first week at the gym was brutal. Falling out of my gym routine this past semester had taken it's toll on my strength and endurance. It took every once of energy to keep up the beasts I was lifting with, but it was fantastic motivation. Ted's ultra ripped, competition ready 230 lb body and my father's off season heavy-weight bodybuilding frame could've motivated Buddha himself to start lifting! Lying down to prepare for the bench press and looking up at Pops' handsome power mug getting ready to spot me, it felt like his essence was flowing into me and I just knew I could handle the weight with his hulking man protecting me. Even though my father was very mild-tempered I shuddered to think what would happen in anybody ever tried to mess with me or even Ted. Dad, of course was still a mad man at the gym. He was constantly maxing out the weight machines. He inclined benched the 125 lb dumbells. Squatted 495 lbs. All for reps. Even considering his construction background he was well above average on strength. Every workout he would absolutely swell up with biggest pump I had ever seen. And it seemed like his pump lingered. We lifted hard and fast from about 7:00-8:30pm every night. My pump would always die down well before we went to bed, but I would see Dad standing in the bathroom brushing his teeth in his jam-packed WEM underwear he still looked just as red and swollen as when he re-racked the last dumbbells. On Friday we both went to the gym for an “easy end of week arm-pump,” sans Ted. Ted's cousin was getting married in the next state over so we was gone until Sunday. You could probably guess, but It was anything but easy. And with that I finished up my first week back at it. Did looking as swole's as ever. I swore he looked bigger every day. I mentioned how his pump never seemed to go away. It's like when he woke up in the mornings he kept his pumped size from the night before. Then during his workout he would pump up even more during the next workout. Hi chest seemed to be pushing out more, making his head sit further back and making him look taller than he was. The following day I headed to the clinic with Pops. I got to meet Dr. Jock. As my Dad described, he was big powerful, yet soft looking older guy. My father and I used to watch “World's Strongest Man” marathons that were always on ESPN2 during the holidays. Dr. Jock reminded of Bill Kazmaier, the commentator and former winner from the 80's. He had nice clean office with wood paneling. I noticed he a Stanford med school degree hanging on the wall and a couple of papers on muscular dystrophy authored by him sitting on the desk. Damn, this guy was smart! “It's nice to meet you Jed. Are you thinking of getting into weightlifting too?” Dr. Jock asked. “Yeah, I sorta fell out of it his past half year due to school. This beast here is going to help get back into it” “You're father really is a beast. Some of the best natural genetics I have ever seen and I bet you got some of 'em too. You young guys really are lucky that you are just a walking hormone factory. Take advantage of that while you can. In fact, Chad, I wanted to talk to you a little bit more on that. This is also good that Ted's not around.” “What? Why do you say that. What's wrong with Ted?” my father asked with concern. “Oh nothing! Nothing at all. Ted is in amazing shape as you know. You see, Chad, I've been examining your bloodwork more closely the last couple of weeks. Also, if you recall I also took a small tissue sample from you two about a month ago. What' I have found is that you really are quite the gifted specimen. What I want to do is increase your HGH and Test dosage by 50%. I have no concerns that your body will have any issues whatsoever handing another boost. I didn't want to tell you this in front of Ted because I didn't want to make him jealous. You see, the thing about Ted, he's been bodybuilding for about 10 years now so he's just about hit his genetic limit. Since you're relatively new to lifting you're body seems primed for more growth if you keep up the hard work.” My dad had a glassy-eyed look as he listened to the doc speak. He was clearly imagining what it would feel like to carry 30, 40, even 60 more pounds of muscle and the power that would come with it. “Yeah! Doc, I absolutely...” he started saying before he looked at me. I could tell he wasn't going to do it unless he got my permission. I looked into his pleading brown eyes and could see the yearning behind them. After a second I grinned at his face and spoke, “You're going to do it, you big lug. And I'll be there to watch as you grow.” Dad's handsome mouth curled into a huge smile and he jumped up and wrapped me up in a another constricting hug. The giddy excitement was pouring out of him. “Alright Doc, let's do it.” “Excellent,” Dr. Jock responded. “Well strip down, let's get your vitals.” Dad performed another unintentionally sexy strip show down to just his underwear, another pair of sporty, gray, WEM brand underwear. He stood there bulging outward in every direction. And, as I glanced again at the straining pouch of his trunks, I do mean EVERYWHERE. Dad stepped up on the scale. “259 lbs,” The Doc read. “Another 7 lbs since last week. Nice work Mr. Graves.” “Awesome! Thanks, Doc.” “Aaand just hold still...” Doc had once those fancy scales that somehow uses electrical signals to measure bodyfat. “...and 13.2% bodyfat. Down from 13.8% last week. Still making solid steady gains. Ok big guy turn around an pull your waistband down and so I can stick you.” Did did as instruction and pulled down the back of his underwear exposing a huge, melon-size hairy glute muscle. The Doc swabbed a spot with some alcohol and gave my father two injections, one for the HGH and one for the testosterone. He re-swabbed the injections sites and had my Dad re-dress. “All, right all done. Keep pounding away at the gym and as always let me know if you have any issues. It was nice to you again, young man.” With that Dad and I shook the Doc's thick hand, said our goodbyes and headed home. The next day was 'Sunday Squatday again. All Sunday morning long Dad seemed even more energized than normal. In the early afternoon we geared up and headed to Urbranflex to meet up with Ted. We headed in and headed to the semi-secluded squat rack in the corner of the gym and threw our bags down. Dad and I both hopped on an elliptical to get the blood flowing as Ted walked in. “Hey, dudes! Ready to hit it hard!?” “Of course, iron bother!” Pop's replied. Once we were all warmed up and stretched out a we began squatting. My father and Ted both slipped on some blue knee sleeves to keep their knees loose, warm and limber. Starting at 135 lbs we all hammered out a quick 10 reps each. From there we bumped up the weight in increments of quarter plates and full plates and did 5 reps each. Ted, of course, had good form but my father's was nothing short of perfect. He almost sat his big bulbous ass on the ground when we squatted down before clenching his core and rocketing straight up, each rep. Once we got to 275 lbs I was at a weigh that would be my my working set. I was surprised that I was able to get it five times as I hadn't gone heavy on squats in ages. I chalked up to the motivation being blasted into me from the muscle twins I was with. We bumped up the weight to 315 where I as able to get three reps before I conceded. “Nice job, Son! I don't see many lads your age who can squat 315 for even one rep. The two jocks completed their set and we then loaded on 365 lbs and then 405 lbs. At 405 lbs Ted was able to get five reps with a lot of grunting and effort. My old man got it no sweat, of course, he might as well have been squatting with a backpack full of feathers. At 455 my father first began to spot Ted. With or encouragement Ted completed 5 slow but acceptable reps, sweat was pouring down his head. At this weight my Dad also started to show just a slight amount of effort. We went up to five plates on each side, a total of 495 lbs. Elite level squatting for any size athlete. With my father right behind him ready to help at a moment's notice, Ted grunted out 3 reps. He re-racked the weight an fell to the ground, quads and hamstrings burning. “Awesome work Teddy! You only got that two times last week!” Ted crouched on the ground, letting the blood flow back into his pumped quads. “Thanks, man,” he said between deep breaths. “You know I'm not built for this strength stuff, this is hard for me. My father razzed Ted as he heaved on the ground, “yeah you pretty-boy bodybuilders need to man up a little! Real men use their muscles for strength and not just show.” “Haha! Shut up you ass.” Ted looked to me, “You're old man likes the 'powerbuilder' method.” “What's a 'powerbuilder'?” I asked. “Basically a really strong bodybuilder. A bodybuilder who employs hardcore powerlifting exercises supplemented by typical bodybuilding lifts to build both muscle size and strength. Bodybuilders really don't care about strength, its more about shape and size.” Once Ted could stand again we added quarters to bring the weight up to 545 lbs. “Ok, Chadster. Now we're getting up into the big boy weights. Get after it now!” Ted encouraged slapping both his hands my fathers wide back. My father was psyching himself up for the big lift, pacing back and forth. With lough quick grunt he leaned under the bar and rested the sagging bar on his mountainous traps. Ted stood just behind him, ready to help at a moments notice. “GRRRRR YAHHH.” Dad straightened up, weight and all, and took a short step back and found his footing. He arched his back and lowered the weight bringing his ass well below his knees. He held it there for just a quick moment and then exploded upward with a gym-rattling grunt. He repeated the effort four more times growling with so much effort he could be heard from two blocks away. It's a good thing this was a hard core gym, he wouldn't been perma-banned if this were Planet Fitness. Dad re-racked the weight. “DAMN MAN! FUCKIN' IMPRESSIVE!” Ted praised. “You only got that, what, three reps last week! Beast!” Once my Dad caught his breach his face hardened and he demanded, “Alright. Let's get real. Make it six plates on each side.” Ted looked at Dad and then at me. “Are you sure big guy? That would 20 lbs more than your previous max!” Dad scrunched his brow and looked like he could throw Ted to the moon for doubting him. “You heard me.” Ted just shook his head side to side and did as he was told, bringing the bar up to 585 lbs. “Alright big guy. Here we go!” Dad did his pre-lift pacing, only this time he added in some self slaps to really get his adrenaline going. Dad forcefully stepped into the squat rack and hefted the weight onto his mighty upper back and shoulders. Ted stood just being him nice and close in case of an emergency. Dad let himself fall down, down, down. No matter what weight his form was impeccable. Once his glutes had sank deep enough he began to rise with a booming “GrrrrrrRRRRRAHHHHH!”. Up he went till his legs were fulling extended and rep was completed. “FUCKIN' A MAN! YOU KILLED IT! NEW PR!” Ted instantly appraised. He made a move to help push the weight back into the rack. “NOOOO!!!” Dad growled at Ted. “MORE!” A look of uncertainly crossed Ted's face but he knew not to challenge my father. Once again he lowered and then raised the weight. By now small handful of other lifters had gathered to spur him on. Then, to both our astonishment, he squatted the weight AGAIN!!! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! My mind was racing, as was Ted's. My father had just squatted a new personal record of 585 lbs, not for one rep, but THREE! Dad finally stepped forward and re-racked the weight. He stepped back from under the bar, looked straight toward the ceiling, held his arms out wide and let out a mighty roar like a lion. “RRRRYYYYEEEAHHHHHHH!” I almost had to cover my ears from the sound his voice. Ted slapped him on his back, “Chad-man, that was A-fuckin'-mazing. You really were feeling it today!” Dad flashed me a knowing grin and spoke between breaths “Yeah, I sure was, I guess.” Had his extra dosages already kicked in? It sure seemed that way. The rest of the week was more of the same with Dad continueing to set new personal bests on just about every lift. Everyday he came home from work shirts were tighter than ever. His perma-stubbled face seemed even more handsome. His short dark hair looked to be just a bit thicker than before. He was the walking embodiment of masculine vitality and virility. It also looked like he was stuffing socks in the front is trousers. Was he bigger down there or just constantly chubbed up? Or BOTH?!?! I theorized that the extra boost from Dr. Jock had basically put him on overdrive. On Thursday night as we were preparing for bed, I swore I heard some deep moans coming from behind the bathroom door. I'm can't be 100% sure but I think Dad was jacking off in there! I mean, he had to jack off like any normal man, but this was the first time he couldn't hide the obviousness of what was going on in there. The following Saturday my father and Ted went to get their weekly treatment, with my father getting his extra boost unknownst to Ted. As soon as he got in the front door he shouted “269!” I was in my room so just heard him. “269 what?” I thought absent mindedly. Oh shit. Pounds!?!? He was now 269 lbs! That's another, what 10 lbs since last week. My big Papa had put on 17 lbs in just two weeks. That is unheard of. He poked his head into my room and added. “And 12.6% bodyfat.” Geezus. That means he actually had put on a bit more than 17 lbs. No wonder he looked bigger everyday, he fuckin' WAS bigger every day. I wondered what that heaving chest those python arms measured now. One of my high school buddies had texted that afternoon so we decided to hang out at his place that night and play some Xbox. My father had no qualms of his and said he would meet up with a new Tinder friend he had been chatting with. After I hung out with my buddy I headed home at about 11:30pm, Dad still wasn't home. His date must've been going well. A while later I was awoken by the sound the of the front door slamming. I could hear a muffled conversation between my father and very, very chatty woman. As per bro-code I elected not to get up to disturb them and let my father have his fun. I heard him and his excessively talkative date retreat to his room down the hallway. I was unable to fall back into a deep slumber because about 20 minutes later I was again jolted fully awake by high pitched moaning and gravelly deep grunts coming from my father's room. My stud father was getting down to business, and boy, she was certainly a screamer. Through the walls I could make out several muffled phrases you would here in a typical porno. Faint “Oh Yes”'s and “Soooo big”s and “Fuck me stud!”'s the like. Every few minutes there was a loud squeal and an “OM MY GOD.” They continued to go at it for what seemed like another hour. I would just fall back into my REM cycle only to be awoken by another loud feminine verbalization of pleasure. There were also several loud thumps of which I could only guess was the bed frame banging against the wall. Lots of muffled laughter and conversation. Man, whoever this girl was she would not shut up. Eventually, after what seemed like another hour later I heard a load, gruff manly moan as Dad had, hopefully, finally climaxed, giving his date some relief as well as finally letting me fall asleep. The next morning I got up a bit earlier than normal and went to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast. A purse was on the kitchen, my father's date was apparently still in his room. As I was making my food my hulking father lumbered into the kitchen in just his trademark WEM boxer briefs. He couldn't hide his surprised to see me. “Oh, hi son...you're uh...you're up early for a Sunday.” I quickly became clear why he wasn't thrilled to see me. My high school friend Amy slinked around my father bulging body in just a bra and her panties and went to herself a glass water. He hadn't been able to stay away from the young ladies like I asked. “Oh good morning, Jed...again.” She flashed me a devilish smile, obviously pleased with herself. She apparently had gotten past any possible embarrassment of sleeping with her friends' father. I briefly thought how any woman couldn't possibly feel any embarrassment from getting in the sack with my uber-stud Papa, but it still didn't help my psyche out much. I flashed me father a look of anger and disgust. As I looked in his eyes I telepathically transmitted a “what the hell, man?!?”message to his brain. He just smirked back at me and shrugged those bowling ball shoulders, telepathically replying “sorry, bro!” Now, Amy was always a hot girl, but she was always hot in one of those reserved, girl-next-door type of ways. Really not super outspoken or anything. But I just couldn't believe that so much the sexy language that had spewed forth last night for this shy young woman. A moment later, it became apparently why I had heard so much talk. A SECOND scantily clad female figure emerged from out of the hallway. It took me just a moment to realize...IT WAS MANDY. MY OTHER FRIEND AND FORMER HIGH SCHOOL GIRLFRIEND. OH! MY! GAWD! I immediately dropped my cereal spoon to the table as I locked eyes with Mandy, her perky tits barely contained in her black bra, her long blonde hair tussled. She was wearing pair of my Dad's WEM boxer briefs. She innocently smiled back. If I weren't so embarrassed I would've popped and insta-boner at she lustily got herself a glass of water too. The reason I had heard so much screaming and talking last night was because my super-jock-hunk-stud Dad had just fucked TWO of the hottest college coeds from our town!!! Not one. TWO! AT ONCE! This was the type of shit you read about in those cheesy Penthouse magazine letters, only my father had just actually lived every straight guys fantasy. The two girls gulped down a surprising amount of water, they obviously were dehydrated from the intense workout they had been given last night. My father stood there leaning against the wall with his big arms crossed in front of his over-developed pectorals, making the sinews of his forearms bulge into obvious relief. As he eyed his supple conquests quenching their thirsts I notice his package plump up more, further sagging the fabric in the front of his undies. Obviously the knowledge of his sexual super-prowess was again revving his motor. Once the girls' thirst was sated they both walked over and wrapped their lithe arms around my Dad's waist. He opened his arms to embrace them both, one wrapped in each arm. In turn, he leaned down and gave each one of them deep, sloppy kiss. First Amy and then Mandy. In the process Amy reached up and tweaked my father's large nipple with her right hand while Mandy reached down and cupped his prodigious bulge, causing it further test the limits of the crotch fabric and sending a shiver shockwave down his body. They were practically giving me a live softcore porno demonstration right in my own kitchen! The two girls clearly no longer cared what I thought of the whole situation, they were too enamored by the his steaming hot bod. Finally, my Dad lifted his head and released his supple young prey. Both of girls let out a low disappointed moan as they lost contact with his with his godly physique. “Well you two ladies better get going. You got church later this morning, ya know.” Amy laughed and joked. “Oh yeah, after last night we've both got some sins we need atone for, hehe.” Dad let out a soft laugh at the cheesy joke. Amy deviously looked back me, sitting there stunned and shirtless at the kitchen table. “Wow, Jed. I used to think you were one hot stud. But you really should start hitting the weight room.” That bitch. Where had this come from? Had she had a some weird deviant sexual awakening from getting banged by my old man? “What are you, like, 30 lbs lighter than your big Daddy here?” I honestly don't think he meant to embarrass me further but my father couldn't resist correcting her, “Closer to 80 lbs actually.” he added softly. “80 pounds! Omigod Mr. Graves! You are, like, one and half times the man as your little boy here. I always thought that sons were suppose to outgrow their fathers. I don't see that happening any time soon for little Jed, here.” Amy continued to belittle me as she rubbed her tiny hand up and down his heavy right chest muscle. She lustily continued to stroke his ego, “I mean, Mr. Graves, you're just...sooo big...it would take A LOT of man to catch up to you.” My father closed his eyes and let out a soft yet audible grown. His package had plumped even more. You could now clearly make out the helmet shape of his massive cock pressing against the fabric. It looked to be as wide as a beer can. I sincerely hoped that he was more turned by Amy's appraisal of his size rather than by her teasing me. I had never felt so small and insignificant in my life. If like my pecker had retreated backward into my gut. Mandy, thankfully had decided not the join in my torture. Perhaps because we had a previous relationship she felt some pity. Although, she still couldn't fully hide her amusement from some of Amy's teases. Finally, Mandy spoke up. “All right Amy we've gotta get going.” They went back into Dad's room, dressed and headed out the front door. Amy couldn't help but give me a cruel smile as she passed me by. I was going to have to have to have a conversation with my hyper-sexual muscle beast of a father...
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    Ok here is the next installment. I had a lot of fun writing this one. The next chapter after this may take some so be patient with me, please! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Chapter 4: THE FINAL DAY OF FRESHMAN YEAR Back at school was more of the same for me. A couple of weeks after I returned I got an interesting text for Mandy, my ex girlfriend and still good friend from high school. It read: “Amy said she had fun with your BIG daddy during spring break ;-)”. Ugh, I was still a little weirded-out by my dad bedding my high school classmates. Also, why did she feel the need emphasize the word “BIG?” I knew he was big, unless she was talking about something else. I felt another wave of awkardness as I had a guess. Dad continued to send me texts and emails updating his progress. He was never too detailed with stats and I wondered if he just didn't think to mentioned them or if he was being purposefully vague. He did let slip a couple of time some of the poundages he was putting up. In April he mentioned a 415 lb bench. He didn't say how many reps, but still, that is A LOT of iron to press. Finally, in early May my freshmen year of engineering was beginning to wind down. I was pleased that I survived the weed-out classes and was proud that I even managed to pull a 3.3 GPA. Of course, with all the studying, I had lost a bit more mass and was down to a 185 lb. Still a respectable with a decent amount of muscle, but it felt like a far cry from the 200 lb man I was last fall. I was excited that I would be able to get back into the groove of lifting, not only over the summer but next year. Now that I survived freshmen engineering, I'm told, the rest of college would be easier to manage. My last final was on Thursday of final's week and Dad was going to come down on Friday to help me pack up and move home. My roommate, a music major, had already finished his schooling on Monday and was long gone. On Friday morning I began packing some things in boxes in anticipation of my father's arrival. A little after 1:00pm I heard a knock on the door. I swung open the door and their was my old man. My, massive, huge, bulging, ridiculously good-looking, old man. He stood there, hands on his hips in what was apparently becoming his own version of the superman pose. Around his waist and legs he was wearing khaki cargo pants, typical dad wear. The shorts stopped just above his knees. Not necessarily because they were meant to be short, but because his enormous quads and hamstrings filled up the pant-legs so much that they no choice but to retreat slightly upward. Below his shorts he was wearing a pair of what looked like brand new fashionable white Nike sneakers. They looked big, were they bigger than his normal size 11s?? Above his shorts he was wearing a vintage grey t-shirt with the red logo of the university's mascot, the Marauders. Except the logo was slightly distorted by the massive overhang cause by his heaving pectorals. The t-shirts was absolutely plastered to his body. Did he put that shirt on himself or was it spray-painted on?? The sleeves of the shirt had been straining so much that they had retreated to the safe confines of the smaller circumference zone between his delts and and beefiest part of his arms. If he had pulled the shirt down over those guns and flexed I had no doubt that the sleeves would not survive. The shoulders of the shirt were filled with cannonball delts that were nearly wider than the door frame he was standing behind. The high part of the shirt grabbed his mountainous traps and cinched around his monolithic neck. The only part of his shirt that was loose was the small gap between the overhang of his pecs and the top row of his abs. Below that the clung to his taught waist, you could make out the faint ridges of abs through the thin shirt. His face, if you could believe it, looked even more handsome. It looked like his chin jaw had slightly widened. The 5 o'clock shadow he sported seemed bit thicker than he normally kept it. All this made his handsome mug look more masculine than ever. I wondered if his treatments had only enhanced his virile looks. On top of his head he sported a matching red baseball cap with a stylized “M” on it, again for our home team Marauders. Standing there in his university gear, if he had had a whistle hanging from his neck, you would've thought he was the over-developed linebackers coach for our top-10 ranked football team. I stood there breathless taking in his enormity. “Hey buddy! So glad to see you! Ah I missed you so much.” With that he lunged at me at wide open arms. It was like giant boulder rolling toward me, a la that famous scene from the firs Indiana Jones. I started to step back but he caught up in a flash, bent slightly down pulled me into another one his vice-like dad-hugs, again leaning back and lifting me off the floor as if I weighed no more than 20 lbs. I felt like I had been swallowed up in muscle. As crushed me against his body, my head forcibly turned sideways against the rock-hard pillow that was his right pec. After a few seconds of holding my breath he released me and I dropped to the ground. “DAD, you...you...you're HUGE!” “HAHA! Well thanks Son. That's the idea!” Dad balled his fists and quickly threw up a very short lived, half-effort double biceps pose. In that fleeting moment those biceps that I remembered from spring break, the ones that were already big, now sky-rocked even further toward the sky. I was again glad that his shirt sleeves had decided to stay off those peaks or else they wouldn't now exist. He let his arms fall and quickly shook them out like he was trying to avoid a cramp. His thick triceps swayed back and forth like a fat women's underarms, but this was no flab, not by a long shot. A bright grin was plastered on his face as he looked at me. “You can pick your jaw up off the ground now, champ.” “Sorry, Dad. There is just so... so much of you!” I looked him up and down again. “Dad? Are you...taller!?!” My dad tossed his head back with laughter. “Haha. You know, you're not the first one who's asked me that in the last week. No, I'm not taller. I wish, though! I think it just because I have put on some good mass. I think just having a bigger presence makes me look taller.” I wasn't sure I fully believed that, but my mind quickly relented at the explanation in the enormity of the moment, pardon the obvious pun. “So how much mass have you put on?” He paused for dramatic purposes. Then he crunched slightly forward and down into a crab pose and spoke, “You're looking at 252 lbs of beef, Son!” “TWO HUNDERED AND FIFTY TWO POUNDS!” I was almost shouting. “That's like, 30 more lbs than spring break!” “Just under actually. I was hoping to be hit 30 lbs by now. Guess I'll just have to work harder,” he winked. “Geezus, that's a scary thought, Pops. I guess your, uh, treatments..., are working, huh.” “Oh yeah. And you got nothing to worry about. We go see the doc weekly to get our stuff and he checks us out in full each time. The doc says I'm healthy as a horse.” “And as big as one!” I added. Another big dadly guffaw erupted from his mouth. “He looked at right arm and half flexed it at his side. “Taped these babies at 20.5 inches early this week. Pretty soon they will be of legal age to drink.” He chuckled at his lame joke. He was such a fun-loving, playful goofball, but it was macho and adorable all at the same time. Next he alternately bounced those muscle pillows that we call pecs. “Chest is up to 53 inches. And these...” He tried to hike his shorts up but couldn't get them up far due the sheer mass that filled them. “...these wheels are up to 30 inches.” “Damn, Pops! You've got a TON of mass in those shorts!” I instantly regretted saying that, quickly realized you could glean an alternate meaning from that statement. I think I hid my reaction and innocence well. My father gave a smug sideways smirk, chuckled softly and replied, “You sure got that right, son” I don't think the alternate connotation of my phrase escaped him... Once we got everything boxed up we started carrying it all downstairs and outside to Dad's truck in the parking lot. I quickly realized that having a superDad had its benefits. Hauling this stuff was going to take considerably less time than when I moved in. My Pa was now able to carry two or even three boxes for every one I carried. Sure it was a little embarrassing that he was so much stronger than I, but at least this helped mitigate that feeling somewhat. Dad has just taken another load down a few minutes ago. I picked up a box full of my clothes and headed down to truck. When I got the entrance of the dorm I saw my Dad way up ahead in the parking lot. He was chatting with three hot, busty college girls, two blonds and brunette. Their perky tits filled their shirt just like Dads. It was like a small, tight-shirt gathering for attractive people. I stopped, stood and watched their interaction. Dad's bright golden smile, killer looks and rockin' body were obviously giving the girls fits. They were all very animated as they spoke, their body language made it very clear the vibes they were putting out. As I had seen with Amy and Mandy back at Christmas, the three gorgeous ladies kept causally and quickly putting their tiny hands on his bulging foreams, triceps and shoulders. Eventually one the girls must've gained some bravery. She leaned in to him and said something on the down-low. Pop's body jolted upward in quick internal laugh, then lifted his left arm and FLEXED it right in front the girls. Even from 100 ft away I could here their orgasmic squeal. They each took a turn squeezing the balled up muscle with their tiny hands, not making any sort of dent whatsoever. Next my dad took one hand, grabbed the wrist of his opposite arm at waist level and alternately danced those tremendous pecs of his. Each girls' hands simultaneously shot up and copped a feel as the beef bunched and relaxed under his shirt. As I stood there, two football jocks who were also moving out walked by, each with a laundry basket full of dorm ware. They too spotted my Dad. “Damn, Bro, that guy over chatting with those chicks is jacked to shit!” one said to the other. “Yeah, I hope he doesn't come that kegger tonight or else none of the other chicks will even bat an eye at us.” I couldn't believe what I was hearing. These were two football bros, each clearly over 6'3” and 225 lbs, were pillars of young male dominance and they were totally intimidated by my studly old man! Eventually my dad started gesturing toward the dorm. Before he waved and turned to walk away, one the girls pulled out pen and small piece paper, wrote on it and stuck it in his shorts pocket. He had snagged the phone number of three of the hottest girls I had seen so far at our college. As she stuck the note in his shorts pocket, her tiny hand lingered a little too long in his shorts. Suddenly, she quickly pulled out her hand and covered her mouth and squealed in surprise! What had she felt in there!?! Finally, Dad turned and started walking back to the dorm. As he turned his back to the girls I saw pocket gesturing to her friends, holding her two small hands about 12 inches apart. Her friend both laughed in sisterly delight. As Dad walked back, even from 100 ft away, I could make out a definite mound, more-so than usual, in the the front of his shorts. Clearly the girls had got his motor running. He glanced around to make sure no one was looking, put his one down in shorts to re-adjust things in a attempt to hide his aroused state. I can tell you his attempt didn't work too well. As we crossed paths I asked him about his encounter. “You making some new fiends, Pops?” “Heh, yeah I guess you could say that,” he replied grinning self-assuredly. “We got invited to party tonight if we want to stick around!” We continued the dorm-room-to-truck trek several times without too many more interruptions. Apparently there was at least one more when I noticed my father had taken bit longer to return. Dad mentioned he got stopped by a couple of big dudes that were both on the football team. They had asked him about his workout routine. He gloated that he now knew he could bench more than the biggest linebacker on the team. I wondered if it was the two jock who I overheard earlier. Finally, all the boxes had been loaded up. All I had left to take home was my backpack with some clothes and my mini-fridge. Dad made it back to the room just as I had finished sweeping the floor. I slung my bag around my shoulders and said “OK, Pops, all we got left is the mini-fridge. Here, I'll grab the front and you grab the back and we'll...” My father simply turned away from me, faced the mini-fridge and squatted down. His huge ass and thighs filling and testing the tensile strength of the fabric of his cargo shorts. He wrapped his lumbering arms around the mini-fridge and simply stood up, lifting it as if it were a nothing more than a large empty cardboard box. He then turned to face me and said, “No worries, champ. I'll go ahead and take this lil' thing here. You go ahead and close out with your R.A. and I'll take this to the truck.” I know it's becoming redundant, but once again I was rendered speechless as he left the room, fridge and all. I thought back to the beginning of the school year when we both had the carry the mini-fridge togther and were both left exhausted during the effort. And now Dad had just hauled it up out by himself, barely looking like he was putting out any effort at all. I closed out my paperwork with the R.A. and came back to the room to wait for Dad. A couple minutes later he walked back in with a clean red t-shirt in hand. It was unseasonable warm so both Dad and I had worked up a light sweat during our hauls. “Thought I'd put on a fresh t-shirt so we don't stink up the restaurant when we grab some food. “Yeah, I was thinking that too. Great minds think a like, Pops. I got a fresh shirt here in my backpack.” I stripped off my shirt. Just as I pulled the shirt over my head I saw my father begin to do the same. He removed his ball cap and I just stood and watched the muscular poetry in motion. I've always found it intriguing how big guys have relative trouble to seemingly simple tasks, for instance, removing a t-shirt. While us mere mortals are simply able to grab our shirt by the collar with one arm and lift upwards in one easy motion, it takes a lot more effort when bulging muscles are there to impede progress. My father crossed his arms in front of him as waist level and grabbed the thin shirt on each side of his hips. Of course, up top this caused the poor shirt to sink into the deep cleft created by his two pecs bunching into each other. Then he began to lift the shirt. At first, the shirt rose relatively easy revealing each row of his hairy, thick abs. Once the shirt reached that massive overhang things got a little trickier. Dad had to simultaneously pull the shirt outwards and shimmy his abs and hips to clear his nipples. Add to the fact that he had a light sweat going on the shirt simply didn't want to let go of his powerful flesh. I can't say I couldn't blame the shirt... Eventually he got the shirt up so that his hairy beef pillow pecs were exposed. As the process continued the shirt popped up suddenly over his bowling ball delts. Then came the next challenge, simultaneously clearing that that handsome head and those cantaloupe arms. At this he seemed to reach an impasse. The shirt was just loose enough to get over his head but his monumental biceps and triceps were just TOO DAMN BIG, and they weren't even flexed! His arms were nearly extended straight up he continued to try to make the final pull with his hands. He resorted again to shimmying around made an annoyed grunt. It was as entertainingly funny as it was erotic. I was giggling to myself watching him struggle. Then I thought I suddenly heard the faint sound of tearing thread so I rushed over, reached up and yanked it the shirt off. “Haha, Dad! Don't tear that awesome Marauders shirt, let me help.” “WHEWWW. Thanks son, Damn sweat had that thing stuck to me like glue.” He let his arms down and the shirt dropped to the floor. The whole process took maybe 10 seconds but it felt like a 10 minute muscle strip-tease. “WOOOOOOOOO!” I let out an long slow admiring whistle as I took in his frame. POWER. That is the one word that would best describe my big Papa. Pure testosterone and POWER. Clearly this latest bulking experiment was all about POWER and MASS. He had lost a little of the definition he had at Spring Break you wouldn't dare call him fat. He also had a light fuzz of fur covering his entire chest and abs, not heavy but still thicker than I remembered. I wondered if that was another side effect of the HGH and testosterone. At his waist, an inch of his sporty, designer Nike underwear was sticking up above his cargo shorts, yet he still had that Adonis belt that the ladies go ga-ga over showing on his sides. His shorts were slung low and loose across his waist, held up by his protruding glutes and thunderous thighs. It was apparent that he had to buy the shorts a few waist sizes up to fit his mighty lower body. I chuckled and shook my head side to side. “Wow. Dad, you look FUCKING AMAZING.” He let out a jolly chortle at my compliment. “Thanks Son. And watch your language, boy!” He jokingly growled. He then took a position by my side, his right shoulder against my left. He put his big right arm behind my neck and around my right shoulder. There we stood together, one hand hug buddy-buddy style. Dad began to speak, “Although...” he began as he turned us both so we could look into the tall mirror that covered the dorm door. “...It does feel. FUCKING. amazing”, he rumbled heavily with a giant proud grin as we turned to look at ourselves in the mirror. Now, even though I have lost some weight I am still a very athletic guy. At any party I've ever been to I'd say I'm usually in the top 10% studliness ratio. But standing next to my big Daddy I had never felt so small in my adult life. Just looking at our face you could still say we looked like brothers. My father's stubbled face had filled out and widened just somewhat but it was still abundantly clear that we shared a plethora of genes. Below the neck, though, that similarity gap widened by a mile. I suppose you could still say we looked like brothers, just that he looked like a 24-year old Pro-Bowl worthy linebacker and I like his 14 year old little brother. As my stupor faded I felt myself start to get more comfortable around this god of manhood and relax. “Heh heh, geezus. You are one powerful looking stud, Pops.” “Thanks, buddy.” “You know, at Christmas, we were about the same size. You realize you now weigh over 60 lbs more than me?” “Wow, really?! 60 lbs? Even I didn't expect that, you still look good, champ, like the lady-killer you always were. You'll just keep eating your vegetables and one day you'll grow up big and strong like your old man here.” Dad turned just slight inward toward me and slowly brought up his free hanging left arm. About a foot in front and just to the left of me he balled his first, raised his elbow up to shoulder level and began to bend his forearm upward toward his delts. The quivering mass beneath the flesh in the middle of his arm jumped in response and exploding toward the ceiling. “Go ahead son. Give it a feel.” I hesitated for a moment. I was straight could not recall ever thinking another man's body, or any part if, could be erotic. But this situation was seriously challenging that thought. Eventually I reach out with both of my hands and placed them on the warm, steely flesh of his bicep peak. I prodded and poked at rising mound. I ran my fingers along the meaty sweep of the triceps that bulged toward the floor. Now, I had big hands, another gift from my patriarch. I placed my two thumbs together and tried to see if I could encompass his entire arm with my hands. No dice. Not even close. With one hand I grabbed his Popeye-like forearm and started to bend it outward to extend his arm. He got the hint and extended his arms straight out as I watched the bicep fall. Then I placed my cupped hand on his relaxed bicep. After a pause and he hissed and quickly brought his forearm back to its starting position. “GRRRRR, YEAH” he growled as the bicep erupted upward again, this time under my sweating hand. He repeated the motion a couple more times before he his arms down. I did my best to hide my disappointment. He sighed as he relaxed his effort. “We'll get these bad boys up to 21 inches any day now.” “And I have no doubt you will. You really are amazing, Dad. I'm so proud of what you have accomplished. Now come on ya' big lug lets go get some grub. I know that big body of yours has got to be craving some protein. “Haha you got that right. I haven't eaten in three hours, I feel like I'm wasting away!” I pulled on my shirt and Dad did the same. Once again I watched as he struggled to pull it on. When he got the shirt down to his waist he suddenly rolled both of his shoulders forward and shook out his arms in an effort to get his shirt in a comfortable resting location. He looked at me again with a playful smile. “Hey Son?” “Yeah, Dad” “I think I'm going to have to have a talk with our maid. She keeps on shrinking my clothes in the laundry!” I roared, “HAHA! Oh Pops, you big goon!” I jovially slapped his monstrous back, noting the hard ridges I quickly felt under his taught red shirt. “Let's head out, Papa Pumpitude.” “HAHA! 'Papa Pumpitude', I like that!” And with that headed to our respective vehicles, stopped for a quick bite and made the 5-hour drive home. It was surely going to be an interesting summer...
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    Long-time lurker here, first time attempting writing... Stashed Gainz “Fuck!” I was over halfway back to my dorm room when I realized that I had left my phone sitting on the bench in the locker room of the university’s rec center gym. Now admittedly that would not be too big of a problem, except that the it was almost 3:00pm on Friday- the exact time the gym was closed to everyone else on campus except for the roided-out douche bags that made up our university’s vaunted wrestling team. Knowing that the gym wouldn’t re-open until Monday afternoon, I turned and started sprinting back towards the rec center. I made it through the campus gym doors with seconds to spare and heard the automatic lock engage as the door clicked shut behind me. The usual front desk staff had already cleared out for the weekend, so I walked through the empty main lobby and headed back towards the men’s locker room. A wave of relief washed over me as I spotted my phone sitting on the bench exactly where I had left it. I reached down and picked it up, turned to leave, and came face-to-pecs with a wall of near inhuman muscle. A huge hand clamped down on my shoulder. “Myles,” an incredibly deep voice boomed, “I think I may have just found a solution to my ‘big’ problem.” 10 minutes earlier… Cole and Myles sauntered into the wrestling team locker room, threw down their gym bags and stripped down to just their compression shorts. While making the idle chit-chat that jocks do in the locker room, both men took the opportunity to check themselves out in the giant mirrors that lined the walls. Myles, the blond Adonis and senior captain of the Middle State Mustangs Wrestling team, smiled as he took in his current form- standing 5’10 and an impressive 175lbs of ripped to shreds muscle. Cole bounced his bulging pecs and threw up a double bi as he took in his reflection- dark brown hair, killer smile, and while only being 5’8, he more than makes up for it; both in the sheer size of his muscles and due to the fact that he was packing quite a lot below the waist. An often repeated joke among the team and in fact, around the university, was that Cole had been the model that the Mustang’s mascot was based on- an insanely jacked horse, nearly bursting out of its singlet. “Horse Cock Cole” was a nickname he greatly enjoyed and had definitely earned.
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    Less than a month to compete now. Everything is turning out as expected guys, so excited to kill the stage! GRRRrrrrr
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    Since winter vacation started, i usually spend it with family or my boyfriend Danny. We met in college a while back, I'm two years ahead of him and he just completed his first year. Now Me and him meet in class and we fell for each other, he’s kind, funny and just so cute, like a little ball of joy you can keep in your pocket to cheer you up whenever you’re down. I loved to play with his wavy blond hair; he had that skater twink look I liked for some reason. He’s pretty skinny for a guy his age, like you can pick him up like a toothpick with one arm, it was just adorable. He wasn't skinny to the bone, he’d could eat whatever he wanted and wouldn't even gain a pound. The other thing I loved about him his mini plump ass that I could (and have) destroy countless time and pretty decent dick I could have fun with. We haven't spoken in a while since he went to go visit his parents; I've gotten pretty lonely without him around, id loved it when I would get back from the gym and he’d welcome me home asked how my gym session went and I'd show him by flexing my pumped body, he loved to feel me all over when would come back from the gym; to be honest having your muscles worshiped feels great. One day I got a text message from Danny while I was at work. Danny: hey sorry i haven't msg you in a while hope you're OK, I miss you a lot since I've been gone and don't worry I'm doing just fine, I'm keeping this short because I'm heading back home soon. I hope you like you gift, see you soon ;] He sent me that picture and could not, for the life of me believe this happened in two weeks; it took me years to get big and now he's almost halfway to getting my size, i'm 235 pounds of muscle and the last time I checked, he was 129. Whatever it is that happened to him, I want what he's having.
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    When Ted got home he knew he had a choice. Every part of him was ready to give up, he had come so far, he should be happy with what he'd done. He was 240lbs of muscle, bigger than most men who devote their lives to lifting, he had put on 40lbs of pure muscle most people could never do that. He looked great naked, people stared at his body, women wanted him, men wanted to be him. He had gone as far as he could and that was good enough. But the person he now realized he cared about impressing most was disappointed in him. His wife, when she left he happily started sleeping with other women he found more attractive than her, instead of trying to get her back. Now he knew how she felt when she left him. His choice was to be happy with his life now and enjoy the benefits of the work he had done, or do what it would take to become a 300lbs monster. Ted finished his meal and grabbed his keys. He drove to the gym and put himself through the back workout he had watch Don and Lisa do earlier that night. Every rep when he thought he had done enough he did one more. When he got to the final burnouts on pull downs and seated rows he felt like he could barely move. He pushed through finishing both exercises and feeling like he might throw up. He was so pumped he felt huge, but he knew this was nothing. He went home and ate another meal pushing his calories to almost 9,000 for the day. He knew tomorrow he would have to do better. Ted did better with his eating, getting to his 10,000 a day goal. At night he forced himself to go back again and watch Don and Lisa train. He didn't talk to either of them, just watched them go through their workouts. He went every night and copied what they did, he was embarrassed to have to copy them but he didn't care. After seeing their workouts for each body part he stopped going to watch them. He checked Don's instagram "Fuck, they're growing" It had only been a few months since Don's show but he was bulking up back toward his full offseason size while still being leaner than before. Lisa was packing on muscle, her shoulders and back were getting broader and thicker while her waist stayed the same, she seemed to be focusing also on her legs which were growing in size while keeping her cuts. Ted smiled, maybe they are growing, but so am I
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    Previous Parts can be found here: - Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03 - Now here is the long awaited Part 04... Part 04 Want Me, Want You Matt pulled Andrew’s warm body into his larger frame. He felt the need to be protective over his much smaller twin. He stared at the TV blankly, not really interested in what was playing on the screen, but more interested in what happened at the gym. After his workout. That shower encounter with Dan. It was frightening and the thought of Dan getting his large paws on him after he grew to epic proportions was making Matt even more fearful. Matt looked down at Andrew, noticing the new muscles on his smaller twin brother. Even thin, the muscles definitely stuck out with great curves and definition for his smaller size. The muscle on Andrew though, just thinking about it gave Matt a feeling of comfort. He slowly closed his eyes and drifted slowly to sleep. *** Dan and Andrew appear before Matt as he stared up at them from his spot on the couch. Both his brother and rival stood in front of him, but Andrew looks much different. He is massive, built like a tank. Both of them with huge giant cocks that were fully hard and being stroked over him. They are so large they literally cast a shadow over the tiny Matt. Matt tries to stand up. He’s fearful of what is about to come, but his legs won’t move. With a smirk on their faces, both large men reach down for Matt and grab him around the throat… *** Matt suddenly jerks awake from the nightmare that was about to unfold. He looks around the room for a moment before looking down and seeing his smaller twin still sleeping by his side. He also notices his own cock is once again tenting visibly in his shorts. Things begin to click in his head; something very strange is going on. If it wasn’t for his cock being a huge distraction, he might even be able to figure out what it might be. Andrew begins to stir awake, stretching his arms out, noticing the hard cock pressing out underneath the fabric of his brothers shorts. They were stretched out into a very large tent. “Hey there, big guy,” Andrew looked up at his brother, sleep still in his eyes. Andrew’s own cock was hard as well, its 5 inches pushing against his tight bathing suit trunks. “You look worried still. Something is not right with you.” Andrew reaches out to touch the highest point of Matt’s tented shorts where a big spot of pre-cum was beginning to form. He moves his hands across the top, making Matt moan a bit before moving his fingers into his mouth to taste his larger bro. Andrew noticed there was nothing to taste, Matt noticed the spot was completely dry where his brother was just touching. Matt looks over his brother. His mouth opening in shock and awe as the blonde hairs on Andrew’s arms and legs began to darken, more and more, until they took on a black color like the hair on his head. Andrew grunts a bit, clutching his stomach for a second. When he moves his hand Matt sees another change, the deep cuts of his 4-pack have now taken on a much more cut look. Four true bricks popped prominently out of his smaller brother’s skin and he wasn’t even flexing them. “You can tell me anything, Matt,” Andrew gazed back up at his brother. “We’re twins. You protected me when you kept on growing. Can’t I protect you, Matt?” “I just had a weird dream, that’s all.” Matt looked down at Andrew bashfully, not sure if he really should say just how weird it was. He felt a bit awkward after Andrew pressed his finger against the wet spot on his shorts, taking his pre into his mouth and watching it completely disappear. Matt noticed his smaller bros own tenting swimwear. Reaching over and grabbing the waistband, he slowly pushes Andrews’s shorts down slightly, just enough for his five inches to bounce free and straight up. “Right now, it looks like you’re the one who could use some help, Andrew.” Matt reaches down and rubs his brothers balls gently, the small orbs rolling around in his finger as he watches Andrew’s cock rise a bit higher as his arousal increases. He slowly moves his and up the shaft, pinching the cockhead, causing a bit of clear pre to seep out of it. Matt brushes the pre off with a fingertip, bringing it to his own lips, before pushing his finger into his mouth. Andrew looks up at Matt. Seeing the finger go into his brother’s mouth was a turn on, but something else was happening. As he continued to watch, Matt’s beard was beginning to get thinner. The hair on his arms and legs began to get a bit less dark. Andrew watched and began to get a bit excited at the sight of this. He reached out to Matt’s shorts, pulling them down, watching his brother’s huge cock finally emerge, free and hard. He was being drawn to the bubbling hot cum emerging from his larger brother’s piss slit and could practically taste the sweet pre-nectar. Matt continued to stroke Andrew, and although Andrew was so fascinated with Matt’s impressive display, the attention Matt was giving him still brought his attention back to himself as he let out a moan of pleasure. Andrew reached forward as his brother continued stroking, touching Matt’s cock juice and scooping up a good amount, bringing it to his lips, tasting it. As soon as it touched, hair began to push out of the pores of Andrew’s underarms; large tufts of hair erupting out of his pits, thickening more and more. Going south down his body, a trail began to grow out of his pubic bush, going straight out of his waist line and attaching itself to his belly button as the start of a treasure trail formed on his body. Andrew lifts himself up a bit, pressing his lips to his brothers as he kissed him as best as his smaller body could with a strong hand still gripping and stroking his cock tightly. “I fucking love you, Matt.” Andrew rubs the side of his cheek against Matt’s bull neck, a slight bit of course skin from him makes Matt shudder and excited as he realizes Andrew has the beginning of stubble forming on his face. Matt growls, pulling Andrew against his body with one hand, using his free hand to continue to grip Andrew’s hard dick. “I love you too, Andrew.” Matt takes one long breath, letting out a low groan of pleasure as Andrew’s stubble continues to rub against his thick neck, driving him even wilder. Matt’s dick surges in Andrew’s hand, rock hard and throbbing; yet it’s not as big as it was before. Although it could be that Andrew has a bit of a better grip on his cock. Matt bends down a bit, bringing his lips down to his brother this time; they slowly kiss, letting the passion smolder hot and low. Matt begins to slowly make his larger hand rise and fall on his brothers cock, feeling Andrew quiver from the hand job he was giving him. Matt reaches over and grabs Andrew by the hips with both of his hands, pulling his smaller brother up onto his lap. Both of their dicks rubbing together; the pre cum from both of them mixing as they kissed. A weird sensation begins to fill both of them as they look on at each other, both of their bodies begin to show differences. Hair begins to rise out of Andrew’s skin more, traveling up his small set of abs and beginning to branch up to his chest. The hair begins to swirl across each pec muscle; its light, but he more contact he has with Matt, the darker and darker it begins to change as the precum continues to flow from each of their hard dripping cocks. For Matt, the changes are the opposite. It almost looks like he has begun to start shaving his fur to make his muscles look bigger. The hair begins to thin out and starts retreating in some places right back through his pores as if the hair was never there. As he continues to watch his chest hair disappear, he gives another glance at Andrew and notices wisps of hair beginning to sprout on his twins chin. Andrew feels the sensation too, scratching at his face, feeling more and more tiny hairs begin to sprout outward and get coarser. Andrew looks up at Matt, seeing his brother’s facial hair begin to slowly retract away as well. “We need to stop, Matt.” He tries to pull away, but Matt is almost entranced by his brother’s changes, holding onto Andrew even tighter. “Mmm… Fuck no, Andrew,” Matt growled, wrapping a huge arm around him, keeping his brother in place as he looks on at the new developing beard thickening on his smaller twin, growing denser and more noticeable with each passing second. Matt is getting more and more turned on watching Andrew becoming increasingly more manly and studly. “I want you so bad, Andrew.” Matt rolls both of them over so that Andrew is on the couch and he is right on top of him, his huge body pinning his twin in place, still much more massive then him. Matt leans down, kissing Andrew’s neck… his collarbone… his chest… and his abs, slowly sliding off down off the couch to kneel in front of his smaller brother. Matt rubs his jaw against Andrew’s thighs, and Andrew notices how Matt’s course beard and stubble are almost none existent; there is no rough and bristly sensation like there should be with a man that has had some kind of beard growth before, they are almost soft by comparison, Matt leans in and gives Andrew’s shaft a few experimental licks, then pulls down Andrew’s swim trunks down a bit further to get access to his balls. Matt licks at them a few times, kissing them, sucking on them, pressing against them with his tongue. Matt takes a quick look up at Andrew and breathes in his scent, sitting there with his legs spread, a new musk permeating from his brothers loins and races up into his nostrils. Matt’s eyes open wider with aroused delight. “Stop? Why would I stop? Are you telling me you don’t like it when I do this?” Matt kisses one of Andrew’s testicles, “or this?” he licks the other one, “or even this?” he runs his tongue up the sensitive underside of Andrew’s shaft, then kisses the cockhead, his tongue darting out to lap up a bit more of the pre-cum bubbling out of the tip. Andrew watches on as the last traces of beard retreat away from Matt’s face. All that remains is his sideburns. Andrew watches, more shocked than ever. The guy who was once the manliest looking man he had ever seen was almost now completely hairless from the nose down. Andrew reaches over and grabs Matt’s jock strap; it’s completely soaked with pre-cum. Or it was, as in a matter of seconds, it’s completely dry. “Oh, fuck!” Andrew looks down at Matt, as Matt gazes up at him. A new lust bleeding out of Matt for Andrew as Andrew’s masculine identity intensifies and it begins to almost pulse off him and pull Matt right back into him. Andrew’s cock begins to get harder than it has ever been. “Well, that answer’s that, doesn’t it?” Matt smirks, moving forward. He engulfs Andrew’s cockhead with his mouth, moving slowly down the hard shaft, until his face hits the new forest of pubes around the base of his brother’s cock. He continues to push forward, not stopping until the tip of his nose touches Andrew’s torso. He then begins to bob up and down on his dick, his huge muscles tensing under his shirt as he blows Andrew as if his life depended on it. Matt runs his hand along Andrew’s thighs, massaging them gently, noting that they seem just a bit sturdier than he last remembered. Andrew just sits back as Matt sucks on his hard shaft. He reaches a hand shakily toward his brother. Matt looks up and sees his arm moving, and he grabs it, placing Andrew’s hand onto the back of his head. Matt smirks a bit like ‘Fuck yeah, little bro! Take charge!’ Andrew swallows the lump in his throat, a bit more at ease as he watches Matt’s head move back and forth along his cock and his own hand rubbing along the top of his brother’s head with the motion, his fingers moving through Matt’s hair as he felt himself getting closer and closer to climax. “Matt… Nnnn…” Andrew begins to grunt a bit. “Fuck, it feels so good…” Andrew reaches his other hand out and places it also on the back of Matt’s head, assisting him a bit more with his blow job. As Matt begins to pull back, Andrew pulls him back towards his deep musky bush of pubes. Matt enjoys the feeling, Andrew pulling him downward onto his dick as he continues to push and thrust his hips up to meet Matt’s face, driving his dick right down his throat. Matt relaxes, letting Andrew guide him, move him, use him as a tool for his own pleasure. The whole time, he wants Andrew to do all of that, to fuck his face with his blossoming manly cock. Matt distantly realizing that’s a very submissive thing to think, and not at all like how he usually is. But right here, right now, at this moment, it seems like the most natural and perfect thing imaginable. So he maintains his suction on Andrew’s dick as best as he can, while letting his twin pull his head back and forth, forcing him down on his cock. Andrew moans deeply, feeling something inside of his ball sack, unlike anything he has ever felt before beginning to build up and radiate from within. He looks down at Matt, moving his hands away from his head for a second to let Matt get a glance at him. Matt still continues to suck though, waiting for his reward. “Matt…. Ahh Fuck… You want this right?” Andrew’s balls begin to churn and ache, but he can’t release just let; something inside is holding it back. “Please Mat…” They begin to pull up; he feels as if the cum is beginning to creep and pump into his shaft, ready to explode outward into his brother’s waiting throat… “Want… Me…” Matt breathes for just a second, just long enough to say, “Want you so bad, Andrew,” before plunging back down onto his brother’s dick, taking the whole five inches in one go, pressing his nose deep into his bush, into the flesh of Andrew’s torso. He can feel Andrew’s dick shaking, quivering, and trembling. He knows his twin is about to explode. Using his tongue, he teases the underside of the shaft, sucking stronger than ever, eager to pull Andrew’s cum right out of his shaft if he has to. Andrew’s hands go right back to the back of Matt’s head. He pushes himself forward, almost leaping off of the couch and knocking Matt over, but Matt makes sure to hold on tight as Andrew presses his pubic bone as far as he could up against Matt’s face. His cock lurching round Matt’s lips, in his mouth, down his throat as he fires the first salvo down into his brother’s waiting belly. Matt has no time to swallow as a second blast fires into his mouth, coating his tongue, followed by a third, a forth… Matt loses count, not knowing when it will stop as he continues to try to swallow it all. In the meantime Matt’s body is undergoing another de-metamorphosis. His muscles begin to shrink in size at a steady rate. Andrew’s cock becoming a bit harder to suck as his body shifts on the floor, losing another inch in height, and then another. Matt begins to see what’s going on, and pushes Andrew off of him. His body shifting more and more laying on the carpet, yet he’s not even moving at all. Matt looks up at Andrew, finding his twin’s eyes. He’s just as scared as Andrew is now. Things are different, and will continue to be from now on. Matt feels weak, and right before he blacks out he hears the calming sounds of Andrew’s voice. “I’m so sorry Matt…” To Be Continued… Coming Soon Part 05: The Experiment
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    We here at Muscle-growth.com thought of an awesome idea that goes back to the original idea of what this forum originally started out as, a place to read and share our most hottest fantasies with the world. So this new, annual event, will hopefully get a lot of classic writers, and maybe even new people who have never written before to share with us all a fantastic all new story! Over the course of the month of April, we are looking for 30 writers to think of an all new original story for the forum. It will be kept in an archived forum once the event is over and be permanently logged away in this special section as kind of an anthology forum. The key though is that this story must be a complete story, or a one-shot, and not be a new entry to a pre existing serial. So that's it... the rules are: A. create an all new story for the forum. B. must be a completed story, an ending and a beginning. C. IT CAN BE OPEN ENDED, you can add ANOTHER COMPLETE STORY TO THIS NEW ONE NEXT YEAR, if you choose to. April 1 - FREaky April 2 - goremeridian April 3 - Bribear1042 April 4 - VRGoh April 5 - Lidort April 6 - Muscleace April 7 - Ultrabeef April 8 - musldman April 9 - hempmonkey April 10 - achilles April 11 - arpeejay April 12 - iluvmassivemuscl April 13 - Trontastic April 14 - Shade April 15 - SMK April 16 - Scriptboy April 17 - londonboy April 18 - gaiser & mguy collaboration April 19 - flamedelft April 20 -mf81 April 21 - iceman751 April 22 - Jaypat April 23 - umdmuscle April 24 -Bjort April 25 - GiganticBeast April 26 - cutlerfan April 27 - muscledrain April 28 - cropsey23 April 29 - MaxMann April 30 -BGryphon18 May 1 - hoangrocky May 2 - arc May 3 - Meatbox May 4 May 5 May 6 - MuscledJunk May 7 - raphi0508 We are giving you guys 2 months to think and write. This thread will be used to pick your date. So post the date you want to have and we will add your name to the date you choose. First come, first serve, but if you pick the date, please make sure you will have something to share with everyone! If we get more then 30 people, we can go into May as well. Also if you have an idea that could be 2 parts, then we could possibly let a person have two days to post. Have fun with this guys! The staff and I can't wait to see what you all come up with!
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    Just a quick something I had an idea about. Let me know if you like where this is going! A thick layer of sweat and musk hung over the warm and humid performance that was Danny's Gym. Although calling it a gym would have been what he would have said when he first started. This was his gym anniversary so to speak, and it had gone from a tool to achieve his means, to a home and community. The unspoken bonds between his fellow patrons, the code and brotherhood of iron, and the admiration by those who lack the same dedication made this a temple upon which he worshipped every day. As he entered the large, open room filled with various machines and benches, he remembered the apprehension he felt exactly one year ago. Back then, he had very little clue of what he was doing, and most of the exercises he performed were merely a light warmup for the usual patrons. But back then, he was what he called skinny fat. He looked slim when clothed, but fat when nude. He had always had a problem with his body. In school, he was slim, and wanted to be slimmer. There was no discernable trigger point he could remember, but then one day he wanted to be big. Big back then didn’t have the same meaning as it did now. So he ate. He ate an awful lot, and eventually he ended up fat. His waist burgeoned around the forty inch mark, his chest sagged, yet he retained his skinny arms which always bothered him. He didn’t so much mind the extra size, however the jabs he was getting socially from his friends, and his lack of fitness started to bother him. So eventually Danny moved onto his dream. He had always loved the big bodybuilders and powerlifters, but always lacked the motivation. But this was it, it was the only body type he had not tried, and this was his way towards happiness. So he educated himself and hit the gym. His initial burst was immense. His twig like arms became more like branches in comparison. He easily achieved, then slightly surpassed average. He kept a fair bit of his fat for a while, but looking at him, you knew he was a strong guy. After about six months, he got really serious. His life was supplements, diet and routine. Every waking moment was thinking about how to get bigger. It impressed some of his friends, concerned others, but he was finally living his dream, to be the biggest he could be. Today, as he walked past the mirror in the changing room, exactly one year from the first ever time, he noticed how much he had changed. Slouched shoulders had changed into boulders, his posture perfect and commanding. His skinny back, once able to see his spine was rippling with wide, arching muscle. His arms were anything but average now and for the better. Thick legs, slabs of meat for pecs, juicy, vein lined forearms. He was bordering on what some would call perfection. But for him, nowhere near his goal. He had become obsessed with being bigger, and people had noticed. The right people. As he opened his locker, a note fell out: “We have been watching you danny. You’ve shown amazing commitment to the cause. Are you ready to take this to the next level? Meet me outside here tomorrow night at midnight.”
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    Maybe someone else has posted on this, but I didn't find it doing a simple search. On Facebook, I started following several of my favorite bodybuilders and muscle guys. Since the election, though, I've had to drop some on my list. One bodybuilder in particular, who is straight but seems to cater to gay muscle admirers in particular on his website, has been constantly reposting the most racist, bigoted crap from far right-wing websites. I have several of his videos, but now I can't look at them without thinking, "This guy's an asshole," and thinking about how he's basically using me and his other gay fans. Maybe it's just me, but this clash between the reality of who these guys are in real life versus the online persona they project is a bitter pill to take. Certainly, the whole "jock" culture can be politically conservative, but most bodybuilders I've followed stay out of politics and I admire them for that. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this and how you feel about it.
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    Chris sat in his apartment confused. Nate was pretending not to know him. Curtis just hit on him then freaked out when he changed again. His world was tilting all out of control. Chris' phone rang. He ignored it. Too many thoughts. Too much confusion. His phone chirped to indicate a message was left. Chris lay on his bed. He stared at pictures of Nate. He reached out a finger to stroke the picture. His phone rang again. Chris picked up the picture and held it, feeling tears well up in his eyes. Another chirp. Another message. Chris closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. When he woke it was dark outside and he heard his phone chirping again. He finally decided to pick it up and saw 10 missed calls and 10 messages. He checked the first message: "Chris, this is Curtis. Call me back when you get this" "Chris! Call me, please, it is really important" "Look, I know I'm an asshole. Just call me" "Chris are you still not answering???" "Chris, just..." "Answer your damn phone!" "Fuck" "Dude, I'm sorry I keep bothering you but I need to talk to you" "Please" "What the fuck, dude? Answer your phone....I....I...ughh.....<popping sound>... ohhh....<ripping sound>..." Chris sighed. That last message was over an hour ago. The change was obviously getting out of control. If only Nate hadn't screwed with that spell, he and Chris would have a great life right now and that punk Curtis would be out of their lives. The front door opened. Nate walked in and glanced at Chris. Chris wasn't sure what to say. "I'm getting my things and moving back home" Chris gaped. "But, what happened? I thought that thing in the hospital was a joke. A bad joke, but that you would come around." "Look, dude, I don't know what you think I owe you but it's over. You've messed with my head and made me think I'm gay. Then you have that goon assault me in my car. I want my shit and I'm clearing out of here." Nat winced and looked like he was in pain. He was black and blue all over. Chris fought back tears and tried to speak, "Nate I haven't done any...." "Shut up." Nate shook his head and closed his eyes. Chris walked towards him, but Nate quickly opened his eyes and backed away, "Don't touch me" "Nate, this is that stupid spell you used! Please listen to me, it is messing with your head because you didn't do everything right. We have to get you back to normal and...." The words just tumbled out. Nate held out his hand to keep Chris at arms' length. "See? A spell?" He was breathing oddly like he couldn't quite get enough air, "You think I'm crazy? You're trying to mess with my head again" Nate seemed on the verge of panic, then an odd look came into his eyes and he calmed down. It was not the kind of calm that put Chris at ease, however. "I'm more powerful than that. You can't get to me" There was a thud at the door. Nate turned to open it and Curtis was standing there, breathing heavily. Clothes torn and ragged on him. Nate looked back at Chris, "There's your boyfriend" he smirked. Curtis seemed ready to collapse. Chris grabbed him and pulled him inside where he slumped on the sofa. "Curtis, how did you find our place? We never told you..." "Guardian...knows. You didn't answer your phone so he took over and brought me here." Nate sneered, "Is this more of your spell shit?" "Nate, shut up for one minute and let me think" Curtis tried to speak again, "Guardian is out...." Nate yelled, "Stop saying that word" "Guardian must warn...." Nate's voice dropped, "I said stooooop" Chris turned to look at him and Curtis stared up from the couch. Nate's bruises were healing and clearing. His clothes seemed to be shifting. Nate grunted and backed towards the door shaking his head. The big bodybuilder was swelling like he was getting a pump and breathing even more heavily. Chris walked over to him, "Nate? What is happening to you?" Nate snarled through gritted teeth, "Chris...I" There was a popping sound and Nate's shoulder tore through the sleeve of the shirt. He looked like he was blushing, but the red tinge deepened and covered his whole body until Chris was reminded of a child's devil costume. Nate tried to speak again but a spasm shook him and he rolled his head back. His chest expanded dramatically bursting through the front of his shirt. His already large traps swelled even bigger surrounding his thickening neck. Chris was staring as Nate's legs burst the sides of his jeans when he heard a groan from behind him and Curtis said, "Oh fuck...not again" Chris turned and saw under the tatters of Curtis' clothes that his pecs were firming up and his abs were moving into defined ridges. Sweat was running down his face and he said, "I can't stop it...." A large roar caused Chris to turn back around in time to see a monstrous nude red creature shove him backwards onto the couch beside the transforming Curtis then bolt out the doorway into the night. Chris sagged sideways into an arm that a junior bodybuilder would have been proud of. Curtis turned and smiled as he continued to grow. Chris saw the thick penis stiffen and rise through the remains of Curtis' boxers and the rest of the clothes fell off as the behemoth stood and leaned over kissing him. Chris resisted for a bit, then finally caved to his own desires.
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    Thanks again for all the support on the last part and I hope you’ll enjoy the following part too :3. I’ll also try to post new parts every Wednesday and Sunday. If you happen to have some ideas for this story, don’t hesitate and let me know. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Changing my Life Part V The following days flew by. Max and I did start to see some results. His muscles had started to show some more definition and his clothes became fuller. In addition, he also started eating more. I did contact Mr. Petrov to see if this was normal and he told me it was one of the side effects. I also learned that if Max would start itching himself more, it would be a sign that he’d grow. It was the night of Mr Jones’ celebration, Max and I were getting ready. We would both arrive in costume, I would be wearing a bow tie and Max a regular tie. “Jake can you please come and help me!” I heard Max shouting from the dressing room. Upon entering I noticed he had trouble getting his jacket on so I tried to help him. “Ugh! It won’t fit!” he said turning around facing me. “I don’t get it we bought this suit yesterday. How can it not fit you anymore?” I said looking back at the jacket. “Because I’m growing baby.” Max said flexing his biceps in front of me, making my boner grow in my trousers. He started raising his arms more and that’s when we heard a loud.. RRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPP! His shirt stretched to its limits and ripped right in the middle. Popping some buttons of, his upper body was fully exposed. “Whoa! That felt great. Can’t wait to do this more often.” Max said making me nervous about his comment. “What about my shirts, you’re still smaller than me.” I said picking a shirt that would math one of my other suits. “Hey!” Max yelled “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that.” I said knowing that was bad of me to say. “It doesn’t really matter, soon you’ll be outgrowing me anyway.” I said tapping him on his shoulder, trying to make up for my horrible comment. “You really think so?” He said looking at me with those adorable puppy eyes. “Of course. You know I really thought that I’d lose you during this experiment. But now I realise, I shouldn’t have doubted you from the beginning because you were right. Those pills really do work.” Max smiled and his eyes started to water. He came up to me and gave me a kiss, followed by a big hug. “You really are the best boyfriend ever, you know that?” he said. “I know, now let’s get you dressed. We have a party to attend to.” Max wore one of my older suites to the party. It wasn’t really his size but it would do for now. After a long drive, we finally reached the office of Mr Jones. You could tell that he’d spend a small fortune on this night. There was a red carpet which lead to the entrance, small candle lanterns were placed alongside the carpet. At the party itself, there was this huge crystal chandelier, a live orchestra, a humongous chocolate fountain surrounded by plates filled with what looked like 5 star cuisine and then there was a projection on the wall showing the history of his company from the beginning ‘til now. “Ah there you are Jake.” I heard Mr Jones say as he approached us. I shook his hand and greeted his wife who accompanied him. “Good evening sir. It’s nice to finally meet you.” Max said greeting him politely. “Pleasure’s mine, young man. You must be Max than. Am I right?” Mr Jones asked. “Well yes I am.” He replied smiling. “Well than, gentlemen I sure hope you enjoy the party and try out some of the delicious snacks. But I have to go now, welcoming some other clients. Hope you don’t mind.” Mr Jones said winking at me. “Of course not sir.” I replied. Mr Jones went over to the other guests who just arrived as I looked over to where Max was standing. As I looked at Max’s face I realised that he wasn’t looking at me, but rather at all the dishes that were standing next to the chocolate fountain. “Hey you alright?” I asked. “Y.. yeah, yeah, I’m fine just hungry that’s all.” Max said scratching his arm. “Don’t be shy go on and get some.” I said patting him on his back. I looked over and saw some of my other clients, waving at me to come and say hi. “Tell you what, why don’t you get us some snacks and I’ll go and greet some of my clients. I’ll meet you at the fountain, okay?” I asked. “Sure thing.” he said walking straight to the table. I went on and greeted my old clients. “Was that your husband?” One of them said. “Boyfriend, actually.” I replied. “He’s kinda hot.” She said twisting her hair. “Hey he’s all mine.” I said jokingly. We all had a great laugh and shared some stories with each other. Some were sad and some were funny. “Hey, uh, Jake?” Mr Jones asked coming up behind me and turning me to face him. “Yes?” I asked looking at his concerned face. “What is wrong with your boyfriend?” he asked pointing at Max. As I followed his finger, I looked over to see Max standing at the table, bowing down holding his stomach. “I.. I don’t know.” I said looking at him with a questioning look. Max looked around and soon after took off, running back to the entrance. I turned around looking at my clients and Mr Jones who were all worried about Max. “Excuse me.” I said walking back to the entrance, worried that he felt sick or something. Walking through the entrance, I looked around searching for Max. I saw the door of the man’s toilets moving and there was no one around so it had to be Max. Or so I thought. Opening the door, I entered the man’s toilets. “Max? what’s going on? Is everything alright?” I heard some stomping coming out one of the cubicles and looked under to see if it were Max. I saw that it were his shoes so I knew it had to be him. But he was moaning and stomping his feet. “Jake! … ugh … I don’t know.. what’s happening to me… !” He said between grunts. I tried desperately to open the cubicle door but failed as he locked it. “Max, could you please open the door so I can see for myself what’s going on?” but there was no response. I could hear him grunting and moaning and then.. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPP! POP POP POP! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Slowly the moans and grunts ended. The only sound that came out of his cubicle was him panting. “Max?” I asked not knowing what to do or say. SNAP! I heard the door unlock. Slowly the creaking door opened and I was faced with a colossal beast of a man. “Babe, I Think I need a new suit.” Max said scratching the back of his head.
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    You can check out the previous case here: Case A, Part 1: Case A, Part 2: Case B: “Can we please move this along a little bit faster; I have places I need to get to.” “Dude, you have to wait just like everyone else does, alright?” The extremely muscular receptionist at the front desk, Armand, has been listening to this 41-year-old overweight man for several minutes now as he continues to complain about the waiting time. “Dr. Darkori will be out soon, he has a huge backlog of people he needs to see. He sometimes has to spend more time with some clients because of their complex issues.” The side door leading into the exam rooms opens as two very well-muscled men emerge holding hands. One of them appears to be sporting a giant volleyball in their stomach as well. The other one hands Armand a clipboard as they wave goodbye to him and head out the front door. He smiles and waves back at them as he asks the overweight man what his name is. “Alright dude, you are probably next. What is your name again?” “Henry Davis. I was referred to Dr. Darkori by Dr. Aberdeen about a fertility problem I am having.” Armand shakes his head yes. “Yeah I talked to Aberdeen the other day. He said he was sending someone here that had an issue with their penis. The doctor will be out shortly to meet with you. I do have a warning for you though. He looks a bit different than everyone else you might see.” Henry looks at him puzzled. “What do you mean ‘different’?” Armand chuckles a few times. “Oh you will see what I am talking about when he comes out here.” After a couple of minutes, a red-skinned man in a white lab coat walks out and leans on the receptionist’s desk. Armand hands him a clipboard and he skims it over quickly. “Whew, this has been a busy day so far Armand. *looks over the file* Mr. Davis is it? Follow me then and we will have a consultation.” Henry follows behind the doctor into an exam room that looks almost like any other you would see in a doctor’s office. The doctor takes a seat at a small table with a laptop on it and starts to enter a few entries into the computer. He motions for Henry to go ahead and sit on the exam table. After a couple of minutes of documentation, the doctor turns to look over at the overweight man. “Okay Henry, it appears you have been referred to me because of an issue with your penis. My name by the way is Seth Darkori in case you were wondering. Just call me Seth if you want to, I don’t mind at all. Now, tell me more about what your problem is and I will determine how to proceed.” Henry looks at him in disbelief as he scans the doctor’s red body and muscular frame. He might even be slightly attracted to him. “Uhhh…..well can I ask you a personal question first? Why are you…..ummmm…..well…..why is your skin red?” Seth laughs for a few seconds before he speaks again. “Don’t worry Mr. Davis, I get this question every other time someone new comes here. I was born this way actually. It is in my genetics. I function the same way you do so there is no need for you to focus so much on it. Now tell me more about why your penis is in need of being examined.” The man sighs a little before he continues his explanation. “Well, I have a very tiny penis. It is affecting my social life greatly and I am getting tired of feeling bad about it. I’m not sure what can be done about it, but my primary doctor thinks you can help me somehow.” Seth smiles as he gets up from his chair to walk over to Henry. He then remembers to put some gloves on before he proceeds. “Sorry, I’m used to my assistant Brodie being here. He took the day off to be with his partner so I have to do everything. Let me take your blood pressure and whatnot before I take a look down there.” The doctor performs the collection of vitals like blood pressure, body temperature, heartbeat count, and even checking for lumps on the man’s body. He then motions for Henry to stand up. “Okay, I am going to need you to take your pants and underwear off for me so I can assess your condition.” Henry seems embarrassed but understands that he needs to do this. He sheds his dress pants and puts them on the floor before pulling down his boxers very slowly. His erect 3-inch penis and tiny ballsac are nearly hidden underneath the fat he has accumulated over the years. The doctor looks at them calmly as he reaches down to touch and rub on the small pole. “Hmm, yeah it is pretty small. What surprises me the most Henry is that your balls are actually quite underdeveloped. They should be much bigger than this. You should have healthy vascularity in both your testicles and your penis and I don’t really see that. I do have a procedure that I can perform on you though. Lay back on the table for me please while I go over and find the right instrument to administer the medication to you.” Henry lies back down on the table as the doctor goes over to his cabinetry and opens up one of the drawers. The overweight man can’t help but to watch him and sees the doctor pulling out a few metal rods on the counter. After taking three of them out, Seth walks back over to press them up against the man’s hard cock until he finds the right size for it. He makes a few ‘uh huhs’ before walking back over to put the other two back in the drawer. He closes it and opens a cabinet above him to pull out a bottle with a bunch of capsules inside. The bottle itself is labeled ‘enlargement’. He takes the rod, puts it inside the bottle, and slides one of the capsules into one end of the rod before putting the bottle back inside the cabinet again. He grabs a bottle of lube and walks back over beside Henry to grab an instrumentation table which has wheels on it. The tray on the table is already prepped for use so Seth can put his instrument and the bottle of lube on it. He stands very closely by Henry’s side. “Okay Mr. Davis. I am going to be performing a procedure on you that will cure your penis problem. You will be feeling a lot of pressure when I insert the instrument into your urethra. After a couple of minutes, you might start to enjoy it in all actuality. I have had patients tell me that it is quite relaxing. I am confident that this will be successful so don’t worry about it too much.” The doctor squeezes some lube on to his gloves and then rubs it all over the metal rod. He then finds Henry’s cock again and strokes it a few times to get it hard once more. The concerned overweight man can barely watch as Seth parts the cockhead’s slit and slowly slides the rod down inside his cum canal. Henry groans feeling the rod rubbing up against the walls inside his shaft as it continues to slide down even further. It finally stops at the base as the doctor looks at his patient’s face and sees that he is in a bit of discomfort. “Don’t worry Henry. The hardest part of the procedure is about to pass. I am going to release the capsule at the end of the rod and will pull the rod out slowly so it doesn’t irritate the inner lining of your shaft. You will feel a very strong numbing sensation passing through your entire penis and into your ball sac. It should not take more than a few minutes for the procedure to be completely done. *puts a finger up in the air* Ohh and another thing…..*pauses for a few seconds and then smiles*……there might other benefits to this procedure as well. I haven’t tested your blood or your metabolic system, but you may lose some weight as well depending on how your body reacts to the capsule. That will happen simultaneously with whatever occurs with your penis. Just stay calm for me for another minute or so while the capsule dissolves inside your shaft.” Henry’s cock throbs while the doctor holds the metal rod in place. He feels the capsule begin to break open as he releases it by pressing on a knob on the top of the instrument. He slowly slides it up and out of the man’s urethra and sits his cock off to the side towards one of Henry’s legs where it continues to lightly bounce. The red-skinned doctor then places the rod on the tray and moves it over to where it was before he decided to use it. It is quite obvious that the pill is already starting to work because Henry has a puzzled look on his face. “Oh gawd! Yeah Dr. Darkori, I can’t feel my dick…..this doesn’t feel right. *the numbness moves into his testicles* Ack! What is happening to me?” The man’s cock pulsates as a couple of light pops come from within the base. It turns a bright red as the veins in his shaft start swelling as it begins to lengthen as well. At the same time, his testicles are swelling as his sack expands to prepare for their new size. Henry feels his testosterone levels rising too. He is sweating profusely as reaches down to rub his chest with his hands and lightly moans to himself. The doctor examines his cock as it rises from Henry’s leg and into the air as it continues to lengthen as it then reaches for his stomach. It is now over 6” long as new blood vessels start growing from out of nowhere. His testicles are looking like normal-sized ones now as they continue to swell. The numbness is now resigned to just the inner part of his cock’s base as his shaft resumes its metamorphosis. Seth grins knowing that the procedure is working according to plan as he sees the man’s stomach starting to shrink as well as his shirt moves closer down to his chest. Henry’s cock slides up along the bottom half of the shirt as a couple of very bloated veins are now wrapping around the shaft as it surpasses 9” and continues to snakes its way up towards his ribcage. He moans deeply as he reaches up to pinch his nipples which are fully erect now. His testicles are nearly as big as golf balls as they fill in the remaining space inside his sac. Dr. Darkori runs his fingers along the slick wet shaft feeling its raging power in his hands as it continues to expand and lengthen. “Things appear to be going quite well Henry. *notices how his patient’s body is getting more defined* It appears that the capsule is tapping into your metabolism as well. Your body fat has decreased in half already.” Seth reaches down to feel how firm Henry’s legs are now before returning his hands back up to Henry’s huge shaft. He strokes it a couple of times making the much leaner patient grunt loudly as the doctor squeezes his huge cockhead causing a river of precum to flow into one of his gloved hands. The man’s cock has now reached his well-defined pecs which are now pasted to his soaked shirt. The doctor runs his precum laden glove along Henry’s lips before sitting him up on the table so that his immense cock can now touch his mouth. “I do believe your penis is in need of some attention Henry. Open your mouth so it can find its way inside.” At this point, Henry’s testicles have grown to the point that they resemble baseballs as they stretch his sac to its limits and his cock is beyond a foot long as he slowly leans his head down onto it massaging the cockhead with his tongue and lips moaning deeply as he tastes the sticky precum flowing down into his throat. His body has now gotten down to less than 10% fat as his muscles are completely visible in his shirt. He moves further down on his shaft and picks up speed on it as it swells and his ballsac contracts. His voice strains as the sensation is nearly too much for him to bear as he feels his cock getting ready to blast his insides. As the river of cum rushes into his 15” rod and down into his stomach, the doctor watches Henry’s body hemorrhage as his muscles start exploding in size. He moans deeply as he continues to massage his huge pole with his mouth as the white flood starts to roll out of his mouth and down the sides of the powerful rod. With his body still arched downward, he tries to stay in rhythm as his abs, obliques, and lower back muscles double up on each other. He comes up for air after swallowing a few gulps of cum to take a few deep breaths as his pecs and upper back blast through his shirt as it cascades to the ground beside the doctor. He is now reveling in his transformation. “YES! MORE…..I WANT MORE! I haven’t felt this alive in my entire life. Feed me more oh great penis!” He goes back to worshipping his cock as it dumps more cum inside his body. His voice is noticeably deeper as well now as his facial muscles look much fuller than before and the hair on the top of his head is growing much thicker. He is developing a very thick brown bushy beard with a few grey strands in between every few hairs. Seth continues to squeeze the massive pole as Henry’s softball-sized nads react to the stimulation. Both of the growing man’s legs are inflating into huge hairy redwood-sized tree trunks which coincide with the huge heart-shaped diamonds that are taking over the lower half of his body. His shoes explode under the sheer power of his fat toes and 18” feet. The doctor seems to be quite taken with Henry’s metamorphosis now. He pulls his patient’s 16” member out of his mouth to lean in to run his own tongue all over the massive cockhead which continues to spurt thick globs of cum. He makes a few ‘mmmm’ sounds before he looks into Henry’s eyes to tell him something. “It tastes quite good Henry. *feels a quick rush of energy passing through him* I think I am…..*his back and chest muscles immediately tear through his lab coat* OHH GAWD YES! This is going to be quite fierce.” The doctor flexes his guns and pushes his chest out to destroy whatever fabric is left on the top of his coat. His legs and cock emerge shortly after that as the red behemoth grunts a few times before hopping on to the table and positioning himself just above Henry’s gargantuan pole. It immediately starts to slide itself into the big doctor’s hole which stuns the patient. Somehow, Seth’s body is molding itself to his cock as it continues to slide further inside. Seth smiles at Henry before bouncing up and down on him. The huge muscular top moans loudly as his cock and balls continue to produce more and more cum as it floods the doctor’s system in waves. “YES! This feels so good Henry. I can feel myself…..*loud stretching noises are ringing from all over his body* MMMMMM…..your cock is an amazing muscle builder Mr. Davis.” Seth is growing again as he feels his legs and ass spilling over the sides of Henry’s waist. He bends over to bury his growing tits in his patient’s face as his nipples start leaking fluid down the muscleman’s big chest. The horny top munches on them tasting the sweet liquid coming from them as the doctor’s dick manages to find Henry’s mouth from in between his huge red mountains. Henry sucks on his cock vigorously tasting the thick precum as he takes turns on Seth’s bloated pecs and his raging 20” cock. The exam table crumbles beneath them as they continue to keep pace with each other. After a few minutes of toying with the doctor’s mammoth cockhead, he is rewarded with a thick white flood which places Henry in a comatose state. It is the tastiest liquid he has ever consumed but it is also too much for his mind to handle as he lies there motionless. “OH DAMN! I’m sorry about that Mr. Davis. I got so ravaged by my lust that I forgot that my cum causes a euphoria in humans. I think we need to stop now anyway since it is obvious that this was a rousing success. Unfortunately, I will have to give you a partial antidote to this because you can’t leave here looking like this.” The doctor slowly slides up and off his dazed client as he waddles over to the cabinets again where he realizes that his hands are too big to open the cabinetry. He breaks the cabinet door open to retrieve a long needle with a huge bottle of liquid. He quickly jabs the syringe into the bottle and collects part of the specimen before plunging the needle into his bulging 28” right gun. He finds another long needle and collects more of the specimen into that one before walking back over to his patient’s side and gets down on the ground again. He is already starting to shrink as he plunges the needle into Henry’s huge 25” left bicep. “This is a fast-acting agent in case you didn’t notice already. Don’t worry your penis and ballsac will still retain a very healthy size after you scale down a bit.” After just thirty seconds of the serum being in his system, Henry shrinks down to about half the size he was before. His cock slowly shrinks down a few inches, but then stops at around the 10-11” mark while his balls stop somewhere between golf ball and baseball size. The doctor examines them closely before sucking on Henry’s cock a few times to make it rise again. He smiles as he continues to jerk him until a few more ropes of cum come spilling out his cockhead. “Everything looks perfect now Henry. I have done all I can do for you at this point in time. Now if you will, please go wash up in the bathroom over here *points to the other side of the room* while I clean up some of the mess we made.” He helps Henry up and leads him over to the bathroom where the lean muscular man begins to shower. The rubble they left is pushed into a corner on the other side of the room as the doctor finds a clean shirt and a pair of pants for him to wear when he leaves. He remembers that Henry was wearing boxers as well as he finds them sitting on the table he was doing some of his research on. He picks them up and hands them in to Henry who gasps loudly when he puts them on. He quickly rushes out into the exam room and points down at his huge bulge. “OH MY GAWD! It is so huge I can barely wear these now. This is awesome! Thank you so much Dr. Darkori.” The doctor grins and hands Henry the shirt and pants he got for him and tells him to put them on. They fit almost perfectly as his new incredibly well-toned muscular body fills in every square inch underneath the fabric. Seth finds Henry’s old pants and hands them to him. “I don’t think you will be needing those anymore Mr. Davis. Your legs might fit fine inside the pants, but your waistline is probably half the size it was when you walked in here. These are just a reminder of who you were before. Okay, I think my work here is done. *hands him a clipboard after he signs his name on the dotted line* Take this to the man at the front desk and you can go ahead and leave. Call me when you need to come back for anything else. *waves goodbye*” Henry waves back and smiles as he goes out the exam room door and down the hallway. Seth rushes into the bathroom shortly after to take a shower himself. He remembers that he needs to find another lab coat in the closet and puts it on first to make sure that he can fit in it. After cleaning up, he secures it firmly so that his junk doesn’t fall out by accident. It is time for him to meet his next client and leaves the exam room to go back out to the main lobby.
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    Should have the next chapter up by this weekend.
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    Lisa was shocked with herself, she was loving crossfit and she seemed to be pretty good at it. She had always been a shy, almost meek person, but in the Box she was confident and aggressive, she loved the feeling. She had mastered the basics and techniques over the past few months and now she was doing every WOD and working on her lifts. She felt great and she could tell her body was changing. She was tight and toned now, she had followed Ted's lead and began to eat healthy. She was buying clean meals and eating them for lunch and dinner everyday now. Ted of course had not noticed at all, he was too busy caring about himself even when they had sex he didn't seem to notice the changes in her body. They hardly talked anymore and never more than just superficial things mainly about Ted's day, he never asked about hers. Despite this she was happy with herself, she felt better than she ever had, she felt like she had a new purpose and drive with her working out. She understood now how Ted became so obsessed with it. But she also felt their marriage had become empty and wasn't good for either of them. As Ted became more distant she became nervous that he was cheating on her, she felt stupid for even suspecting him, but still she checked his phone. She saw texts from a contact labeled "coach" she could tell from the texts that it was a women and she was probably younger based on the way she texted him. There were texts about how big Ted looked and how strong he was. She felt sick, but at the same time she was happy for Ted, whenever she tried to compliment him on his body he just acted aloof and said thanks. He obviously liked hearing it from "coach" more than from her. Lisa thought more and more about her marriage, she loved Ted and he had never done anything to hurt her, but he obviously wasn't as invested as he once was. She could confront him and say they had to go to therapy or he had to change, but she didn't want to do that. It would just make it worse as he would resent her, it sounded crazy to her, but maybe they needed a break. She knew if she did this he might cheat on her, she would be pushing him away and she would deserve it if he did cheat. She couldn't believe it but it didn't bother her, they had been married a long time, she knew Ted loved her, if he slept with someone else, she was ok with it. She even realized that he might leave her for someone else and she knew that the thought should terrify her. Being over 40 and dumped by your husband was a fear most women had, but again she felt ok with the prospect. She was shocked at her own confidence, but she decided she would do it, hopefully some time apart would make them both want to work harder at being together. She was out with her family for Ted's birthday and it was nice, they all seemed happy. She bought a new dress and felt great in it, she was even getting a butt to fill out clothes, Ted didn't notice of course. As they were talking her kids both mentioned Ted's instagram account, she had no idea Ted had an instagram account. She tried to take it in stride, learning her husband was posting shirtless workout pictures and her children's friends were looking at them. As they walked to the car Ted's weak explanations for not telling her didn't even make her mad, they just solidified what she had been thinking. She stopped him, "Ted, I think we should take a break" They talked the whole way home and she tried to explain herself and he tried to convince her to change her mind but she did not. She kissed him and he went to the guest room obviously angry and hurt. She hated hurting him, but this would be for the best, even if it would be hard on both of them. She couldn't help herself and checked Ted's instagram, it was very impressive, she honestly didn't know just how good he was at crossfit or how strong he had gotten. She quickly figured out who "coach" was, she saw comments from "crossfitcoachCasey" on most of Ted's pictures and videos, Lisa clicked on Casey's profile. Casey was very pretty, very young and very in shape. Lisa was shocked at her muscles, she had seen pictures of the crossfit pro women, but seeing a real girl this young with a body like hers was shocking. It also looked like she wore only her underwear to do her workouts. She looked short, but with powerful round shoulders and a wide back, her stomach was like a washboard. What really caught Lisa's attention was Casey's legs, huge was the only word Lisa could think of, her calves looked like they were as big as Lisa's thighs, and her thighs were big and round, each muscle stood out in her thighs but not in an unattractive way like she had too little bodyfat. She looked healthy and powerful and she was really good at crossfit, none of the women at her box were on this girl's level. Her mind swirled, Is this what Ted likes now? If I keep doing crossfit will I look like her? would I actually want to look like her?
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    Ted knew it would make him mad, but he went to Don's instagram, just as he expected Don had posted new pictures of his pump tonight. He was wearing a posing suit and had a huge smile on his face in every picture. Ted knew Lisa was taking the pictures and that just pissed him off more. Don had captioned each picture the first was him posing his quads from the front and it said: "Pro's better watch out, this is just the beginning, first good workout since i got my pro card" The next picture was from behind "Got a huge push from my training partner, if I'm training like this no one can beat me!!!!" Ted knew he was talking about Lisa. The last was a video of him posing his legs, it had hundreds of comments and likes in less than an hour, its caption said "I will be the biggest on whatever stage I decide to step on, I will be the strongest in any gym I go to, no one will out work me, Good luck getting on my level" Ted almost laughed at Don's arrogance, but he also knew Don was right after what he saw tonight those other bodybuilders didn't have a chance. Don was already so strong and thick from powerlifting, along with his workouts they couldn't compete with what Don was becoming. Ted knew he wanted more size, he knew it would be hard with crossfit to be huge but what he had done until this point was unheard of. The size he had gained so far, his strength while still be unstoppable in crossfit. He would continue his crossfit workouts, they would only help with his other workouts. He would change up his morning routine, 3 days of powerlifting and now 3 days of bodybuilding training for size. He also knew he needed to up the intensity and weights he was using, push to his absolute limits every workout. He also knew he needed to eat more if he wanted to really grow, his goal would be 10,000 calories a day just like Don ate. Ted weighed himself, 238lbs, small he told himself. Ted had been so full of himself, thinking he was huge already, he knew he had been put in his place tonight. He thought about Lisa, is this what she always wanted? Why did they marry each other if they both were attracted to muscular people? How did she do what she has done in less than a year? He was almost positive she was on something, just the change in her voice suggested it. He figured it would help him too, but he would wait, if he didn't get the results he wanted he would look into it. He wondered if she ever wanted to be with him again, he knew he wanted her more than ever now and it made him sick. He wouldn't even be thinking about her if she hadn't become such a different person, but that's who she was now, and he had never been more turned on by her. Ted's first bodybuilding workout was intense, he pyramided all his sets, adding weight each set and reducing reps, he finished every exercise with a drop set, doing as many reps as he could and then dropping the weight and doing as many as he could with each lighter weight. He changed his exercises every workout, making sure to focus on things he didn't do in his power lifting training. Working on his shape for the first time, preacher curls for bicep peaks, lateral raises but shoulder separation, leg extensions and curls to bring out cuts in his legs and separate his quads and hamstrings. His eating was hard, this many calories a day was not easy, he felt like he was always eating and eating twice as much as he was used to. But it was working, his weight was steadily climbing, his strength was going through the roof with the extra weight, he had added 5lbs in a month. It wasn't enough, he wanted more, more weight, more size. He wanted his wife to beg to be with him.
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    When Ted got home he googled Donald Rainer, a list of headlines from bodybuilding sites came up "Masters Monster wins overall and pro card at nationals" "Former powerlifter bulks up to become bodybuilding's newest pro" "Biggest legs in bodybuilding belong to this new masters pro" "Epic eating and training push Rainer to 300lbs offseason Monster" Ted clicked on the last link, the first picture was Don sitting at a table with what looked like a weeks worth of food with the caption "Everyday Don Rainer eats 10,000 calories and spends up to 3 hours lifting" There was another picture of set of pictures, one was marked a year a half ago and was Don posing, he was bigger then than Ted was now, it said he was 240lbs, the next picture of Don was dated 3 months ago and labeled 300lbs, last day of offseason. Don had exploded with size, his calves looked as big as Ted's quads, he was sure Don's quads were bigger than his own waist. His shoulders looked like bowling balls and his arms were so big they didn't look small next to his shoulders. His pecs were thick and massive and his lats flared hugely even from the front. Ted was stunned, Don didn't look that big when he met him, but he had just won his pro card so he must have still been cut down from the show. Ted closed the browser window and sat back "Guess I better start working harder" Ted upper his calories for every meal, he knew it would be hard to bulk fast while still doing intense crossfit workouts but he wanted it all. Not only would he get huge he would be the best crossfitter in the world. He was killing workouts feeling great with his new meal plan, he had tried to call Casey but hadn't heard from her and Jason said she was taking time off from coaching to focus on school. He was worried but she texted him that she was fine and they'd train together soon. He was finishing off his WOD when he saw Don and Lisa come into the box. Jason practically ran to go greet Don as he walked in, they spoke for a few minutes and then Don and Lisa went to the locker rooms. Ted walked up to Jason "You know that guy is trying to put you out of business?" "No shit" Jason shot back "That's why I better kiss his ass so hopefully he'll buy me out and pay me to run this place" Ted gave a condesending snort at Jason. "Wonder who that woman is?, can't wait to see how she handles todays WOD" Ted could feel his blood boiling, did Jason know that Lisa was his wife? It didn't matter he wouldn't give him the pleasure of showing emotion, he just walked away to work on his lifts. Don walked out of the locker room in an oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants making his way to the squat racks. Lisa walked out in a sports bra and stretch shorts with her blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail. Ted could feel and see every eye in the box go to her, he swore he could feel mouths hitting the floor. She glanced his way but didn't smile, he had never seen this kind of intensity on his wife's face before. She walked on to the coach who was about to start the class "No problem if I work in with your guys?" He smiled "Of course, that would be awesome." As they were stretching getting ready for the WOD Ted looked back over to Don, he was squatting 315 with perfect form, Ted was sure that was only a warm up. As he finished Jason walked over and Don said something to him and Jason started loading weight on the bar. As Jason did that Don took off his sweatshirt, he was wearing a tank top and Ted was right he was still cut from his show, even being so cut he was still a monster. He pulled off his sweat pants and he was wearing a pair of stretch shorts almost as short as Lisa's pair, now everyone was staring at Don, he shook out his legs and his huge quads shook and then tightened into a perfect flex. He glanced at the wall with Ted's record setting lifts and said something else to Jason, Jason loaded up more weight on the bar and looked at Ted with a smile. There was over 600lbs on the bar and Don went under it and cranked out 8 easy reps, Jason added more weight and Don did 6 more. He took a short rest and said something else to Jason, a crowd was forming watching him squat. The got back under the bar and did 7 more reps, he racked the weight but didn't leave the bar, Jason removed a 45lbs plate from each side and Don started to squat again. He reped the weight atleast 10 more times and stopped again so Jason could remove a plate from each side. He did this until he was down to 225 on the bar more and more reps each time. After was seemed like 30 reps at 225 he racked the weight and stepped away from the rack. He turned to watch Lisa who was almost finished with her WOD, no one was even close to her as she powered through her workout. She finished looking like she had barely broken a sweat. "Thanks for letting me work, thats a good rest day WOD to get the blood flowing" she said to the coach Jesus she's arrogant Ted thought, she was never like this. She walked to to Don, Ted was too far away to hear what they saying and he had no intention of going over and fawning over Don. After they talked Ted motioned at Jason and Jason put the 45's back on to make it 315lbs again. Don looked agitated as he got under the bar, Ted figured he was going to do a final burn out set at 315lbs. Lisa stalked around him watching Don as he started to squat. Ted lost count of reps, but he knew if was maybe what he could do with 315lbs when he was fresh, but not after what Don had already done. He racked the weight, Lisa grabbed a 45lbs and put it on one side while Jason put on the other. Don squatted with perfect form rep after rep. He slammed the bar in the rack and Lisa and Jason added more weight, more reps, he slammed the bar back again, Lisa put the plate on but Jason hesitated, Don yelled at him "Put the fucking plate on" Jason did as he was told. The whole box was quiet with their mouths on the floor in awe. Lisa stood with her arms crossed looking intensely at Don. He racked the weight and now he looked pissed "More" he yelled. Lisa and Jason added another plate, he was repping it but slowing down, at the bottom of each rep he let out loud powerful grunts and drove the weight back up. He racked it again Lisa quickly put another 45lbs plate on and walked around and added the other before Jason, who was stunned, added his. Lisa sounded powerful as she yelled at him "Do it" He started squatting, now every rep was a struggle but he wasn't stopping powering each rep up with a loud yell. He did 8 which was more than he did the first time, he racked the weight and let out a primal yell. Don was still standing in the rack with his head and hands on the bar, "Holy shit Don look at your fucking legs" Ted could hear the excitement in her voice. Don stepped out of the squat rack, Ted had never seen a pump like this. Don's legs looked like they had doubled in size while still being shredded. Don had a big smile on his face and started flexing his massive legs, people started clapping and he flexed harder. Ted had never seen a bodybuilder with bigger legs even his calves were massive and cut. Ted didn't notice Lisa walking up next to him "That is training Ted, look at him, you can admit your in awe of him" Ted gave her a hard look and said nothing "Look at those fucking legs" her voice was deep and powerful as she said it "I wanted you to see how a real monster trains... and the rewards he gets" She walked away leaving Ted's anger boiling.
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    Arthur Thorn Part Five by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10588-arthur-thorn-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10601-arthur-thorn-part-two-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Three: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/11207-arthur-thorn-part-three-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Four: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/11266-arthur-thorn-part-four-by-f_r_eaky/ It had been a very pensive couple of months. Arthur's psychiatrist had scheduled a meeting with Arthur Thorn, his boyfriend, David Hamm, and his and David's personal trainer, Ian Francis, with himself and a Dr. Sambaran Barua, but when originally scheduled it was going to take Dr. Barua a couple of months to be able to have a clear schedule and fly out there. Dr. Orlando stated in the meantime that Arthur was not to go workout at the gym so as to eliminate any possibility of running into former Mr. Olympia, Gerogio "The Bull" Toro. But that left things edgy for Arthur and David. Two months ago Gerogio set Arthur off and set off two of some kind of freak growth spurts that had taken him from a skinny man of five feet four inches tall to a considerable man of size: six feet four and with at least a personal trainer's build if not a little bit bulkier. Coming out the growth, Arthur was filled with rage, which lessened into a forceful and boldened passion, upon which he took the position of top upon his lover, David. Arthur was somewhat mortified as he came out of his growth stupor to see he had become the top in the activities, as well as the fact that he now had to get used to being a man of considerable size, equal in height and size, if not slightly larger, than his boyfriend, David. David had to contend with emotional feelings of worry, fear, and concern over what was happening to Arthur, but then suddenly had to deal with feelings of doubt, diminishing masculinity, being a submissive during sex, and insecurity of his own size and strength, and worse yet, that his lover was also more hung than he was, and that wasn't a small feat. Needless to say tension hung in the air around Arthur and David's house and if it was any thicker, it would pliable like the substance that Arthur oozed during his last two growth spurts. It didn't help when small things went awry, such as when the doorbell rang and David went to let Doctors Orlando and Barua in, Arthur rushed to put one of his favorite, most comfortable t-shirts on only to shred it completely. He was having to borrow clothes from David left and right and although it turned him on a little, it also scared him a bit. It also unnerved David as well. Having quickly found a shirt of David's to wear, Arthur came into the living room and joined David, the doctors, and Ian, and they all sat down. "Right." Said Dr. Orlando. "I'm going to tell you up front that this is going to sound like we're crackpots. You're probably going to want us to leave, but believe me, this is real and a very serious problem." "With what I've seen so far, I'm not so sure I like the sound of this." whispered David as he looked painfully worried over to Arthur. "I'm going to let Dr. Barua take over from here." "I'm sorry," interrupted Arthur, is he a specialist of some sort?" "Yes, I am, but not a specialist in psychiatry." "Of what then?" "Hindu religion and philosophy." "What does that..." "If you will sit back and listen for just a moment. Have you heard of the concept of reincarnation?" "Yes, but I've never believed in it." "Well, if you value your life, you're going to have to believe in it now... ... ... and respect it." "What?!" spoke Arthur, David, and Ian out loud. Dr. Orlando spoke up. "Arthur. I know this going to sound totally crazy but I want you to consider the following." and he pulled out photocopies of newspaper articles and laid them out for Arthur to see. "This is Miles Ashe, known as "mile-wide" to his friends, admirers, and fans. He was the reigning Mr. Olympia before Gerogio was. In fact, Miles was set to probably break the record for number of times being Mr. Olympia. Look at his physique. He had size, he had density, he had definition, he had symmetry, he had it all, and may I say unprofessionally, from the look of him in his posers, he had an...endowment, shall we say. "Now pay attention. A couple of months before he was going to compete in his seventh Mr. Olympia contest, he was driving down a road with a dangerous hair pin turn. Something happened to him, or rather to his car, and he went careening off the road. They discovered his burnt body in the remains of the car. He was pinned into it by the engine. The tree he collided with had pushed the entire thing up and back right onto his lap. ..." "That's like my dream..." whispered Arthur. "Yes. Like your dream. The item you can't seem to lift. I want you to also take note that in your nightmares you've said something about being 'a mile wide.' It's quite possible you have been trying to remember who you were by your past life nick-name, but it didn't quite make sense to you so your subconscious has made you say you are a mile-wide instead of simply being Mile-wide." "Oh come on!" Shouted David. "What kind of hocus-pocus mumbo jumbo are you trying to stuff down our throats?" "It's not mumbo-jumbo" said Dr. Barua. "It is very rare when a case of reincarnation is remembered so vividly or produces effects to occur to the new present body, but it can and does happen. Arthur, look at the date of the accident. ... ... ..." "That's.... .....that's the date of my birth." "And your near death experience, as well as interest in visiting a Hindu temple was around your last birthday was it not?" "Yes." "We believe you feel incomplete with your past life. As though it was snatched from you way too soon. ... ...." "Like something was stolen from me." "Exactly. As such, it's unfinished business. Unsettled business, and you want to, need to take care of it, resolve it now." David looked over. "And how is he going to do that?" "I'm not exactly sure, just yet. We know Mr. Toro triggers the feeling that Arthur's life as Miles was cut short, but we need to answer the question, why does he feel like Mr. Toro stole it from him?" Arthur spoke up. "The other day, when I had the growth spurt that turned me into...." "Arthur 3.0..." David said with a bit of shyness and yet a little bit of humor. "Yeah, into this...before hand, what set me off was that he attacked me. I went into a rage and was arguing with him and it just came out suddenly but without the 'a', 'I am mile wide.' He stopped his beating me. I mean he just froze and looked at me like he'd seen a ghost. He totally forgot me, walked out of the gym like he was worried. It was as if he had to go check something." "Then there must be something as to why he is the trigger." said Dr. Barua. "But what is it that is happening when this gets triggered? What is going on with me?" "You are exuding ectoplasm. A kind of solid, flowing material from the spiritual plane. Normally it only comes and helps ghosts, phantoms, to temporarily assume a recognizable form, but in your case... ... ... You feel so wronged by whatever it was that was stolen from you, you're using the ectoplasm to add mass and change your body." "Then I should be done now, shouldn't I? I mean I'm already I'm already his size aren't I?" "Not quite." said Dr. Orlando. "You're still an inch shorter, your shoulders not counting the muscle aren't quite as wide as his, and you have nowhere near the muscle mass, size, strength." "But he certainly is packing like Miles was." said David under his breath. "So what is going to happen to me? How much more will I change?" "We're not sure. You could not change anymore. You could change more so to look similar to what Miles Ashe did. You could still feel threatened or wanting of revenge and load up even more, bigger, if possible than what Miles was." "Even bigger?" gasped Arthur and David together albeit with different tones. "But the worse problem is the psychological aspect. You can't and shouldn't pull too much of the memories through. You'd simply be reliving your past and be unable to feel and function in the present, or you could put yourself in a loop feeling the accident over and over, which could cause the same physical damage to you in this life time again and again until...." "Until what?" "Until you die. ... ... ... Either due to mental or emotional stress or the physical damage." "David..." Arthur turned to David, who although pondering the fact of a lover that's larger than him, still pulled Arthur into him and hugged him for support. Ian suddenly sat forward. "So the key here is to figure out what was stolen from Arthur...uhm... Miles, and why Mr. Toro is the trigger for Arthur remembering that part of Miles' life?" "Exactly." "I think I can help out with that. I'm one of the reporters for a local fitness magazine. I could arrange an interview with Mr. Toro and see if any information turns up." "All right, but be careful. Even in the decent shape you're in, he's still quite a bit bigger than you are." "No worries...." *************************************************************************** It was mid-afternoon when Ian was escorted by personal assistant to Gerogio Toro's home office. The assistant looked to be a man of considerable size himself, but certainly would still be in just the fitness category and not heavyweight contenders. Seated in a chair at the desk across from which Mr. Toro was sitting, Ian saw Mr. Toro give him the one finger sign for "just a moment" as he finished reading through some reports. Even clothed Mr. Toro was quite the marvel of a man. The dress shirt didn't bunch in the usual places it does on most men. No, instead the wrinkles are all condensed and shoved together in folds and layers at the elbow crook, the underarms instead of loose and wide all up and down the arm and torso. The shirt was tailor made for him, probably a couple of years ago as the fabric did pull quite tightly across his chest, enough so as to pull the two fabric sides apart just a titch in between where the buttons held them together. The torso part of the shirt was pulled taught and tight against his chest, his lats, back, and shoulders. As Ian sat there waiting, watching Mr. Toro breathe, he almost swore he could here microscopic sounds of microscopic rips happening in the fabric and that at any moment some part of the shirt would instantly just tear completely from the back, or the chest, or from wrist to deltoid, showering him with buttons or strips, if not threads, of fabric. But that didn't happen. Instead Ian just watched every time Mr. Toro moved his arms and the ball that was the bicep rose up and down or seemed to roll back and forth, increasing in mass and size as it flexed. Ian wondered what the man's abs or roid gut looked like under the shirt that surprisingly was still quite loose and wrinkled hanging around it. Ian then shifted his gaze towards a modern styled curio cabinet in the corner of the room. It was gilded in gold with glass shelves and a mirrored backdrop. Inside of it, it held several large golden medallions each of them resting against a statuette of Eugen Sandow. But at the bottom, there was another statuette. This one looked like a gilded wrench of some sort. "They are impressive, aren't they?" "ahem...yes." Said Ian his attention brought back to focus. "And so is the build and career of the person that earned them." "Thank you. So Mr. ?....." "Francis." "Mr. Francis, you work for who again?" "In this case I work for 'Flex & Fitness Monthly' a local health magazine." "You... .... you also work for that gym. The one I've recently started attending." "I know the owners there, and I frequently take my clients there to train and workout, but I'm not actually an employee there." "And you train that one annoying young man... " "If you mean Arthur Thorn, yes I do, and I am sorry for his behavior. I'm trying to ensure that his workout schedule no longer coincides with yours." "I see.... so what brings you here today?" "Just an interview for my magazine. Find out how you are since retiring, what inspired you for all those wins, why the move to our fair city...." Thus began a decent line of questioning which Mr. Toro seemed all to happy to answer: He's fine, still maintaining most of his shape since retiring although adding a little to his waistline. He's thinking of opening a new branch of his gymnasiums in this area and is scoping out the potential clientele as well as locations. He favorite thing to eat is a chicken salad lettuce wrapped sandwich which contains tarragon and cherry flavored dried cranberries and thinly sliced celery, unless it's a special occasion then he enjoys a grand T-bone streak with numerous baked potatoes covered in everything it shouldn't be. What inspired him was his appreciation of classical Greco-Roman art work and how there was one statue dedicated to the god, Kratos a god of strength and power whose face looked almost exactly like his. He knew as he grew up, seeing that statue, that if he worked at it he could build himself larger and stronger than that example ever was and thus as close as he could actually be, be godlike like Kratos himself. He would be the marble statue with larger bulges and deeper crevices, harder and more defined body, that people would look up to and worship. "And what about that other award?" "As yes... that is my other inspiration. One of my other passions is cars and this was for my design in a hot rod I built. After I won that, I knew I could go on to win other things in other parts of my life. It was the first first place trophy I ever won. I put it there in the front to remind me that once I'd taken care of it, nothing could stop me from achieving my goal." "And was your goal to be one of the top three or four men in Mr. Olympia? That is to be one of those who won it so many consecutive times?" "Not to win all in a straight row, no. Not at first. At first it was just to break in and win at some level, but I knew I would place high. There wasn't much competition." "How about Miles Ashe. Was he competition?" "What?" "Well, Miles entered into the competitive bodybuilding scene around the same time as you, winning what was it?..... five or six times before you did?" "Six. Yes.... that is correct." "And then suddenly he dropped out." "It was an unfortunate accident!" "I'm sorry?" "No... I'm sorry. That was too large of an outburst. It still strikes me deeply to think on his loss. He died you know... in a car crash. He was truly my only competition." "Ah.... what are your thoughts on the two of you competing? Do you think you ever would have toppled him?" "what...." "Well, I mean he beat you out each time for his wins did he not? So if he hadn't died, do you think you would've have eventually topped him? Defeat him in all areas of size, mass, strength, symmetry that he was so well known for?" "It was my time...I would've risen over him even if he was still alive. I would've won when I won the first time." Gerogio Toro was clearly become agitated. He kept dart glancing over to the curio cabinet. At first Ian thought it was just to the entire collection, but then he realized Mr. Toro kept looking at the car award. "And what do you say to all the writers for Flex, Muscular Development, Muscle & Fitness who kept comparing you to old photos of Miles stating you still weren't up to par?" "He put you up to this didn't he?" "I'm sorry?" "You're actually working for that little piece of shit you train, aren't you?" "No. Just asking various questions our readers might want to know ab...." "This interview is over, you muscle munchkin!" "I'm sorry if I said anything..." "GET OUT!" Ian ran out of the office and front door as fast as his little legs could carry him. Luckily he had a trainers build so there was some strength there to give him some speed. He didn't stop running until he got to the subway to head to Arthur and David's home, but first a stop to see Dr. Orlando. ***************************************************************************** "So, Mr. Francis what are you telling me." "I think I know why Mr. Toro triggers these... those.... the episodes with Arthur, and he's not just the trigger, he's the guy who stole the something from Miles-Arthur." "Go on..." "He has among his bodybuilding trophies, right up there with his Mr. Olympia wins, what looks like to be an award for an auto show. He told me he received it for some kind of work on a hot rod he built. Now, I'm a car aficionado as well, and I have never seen an auto award or trophy like that. Not only that but there are several things that are odd about it. First his eyes seem to light up more over it than his Sandow trophies for Mr. Olympia. Second he told me, and I quote, ' After I won that, I knew I could go on to win other things in other parts of my life. It was the first first place trophy I ever won. I put it there in the front to remind me that once I'd taken care of it, nothing could stop me from achieving my goal.' Now add to that number three, it is the oddest looking car trophy I've seen. It's not a golden car, or steering wheel, or planner's compass, it's a tool and specifically a tube cutter tool the kind of tool one uses..." "To cut brake lines with. My god.... he couldn't defeat Miles. He knew he would never defeat Miles. The only way he could do it..." "Was to get rid of him. Mr. Toro not only took the title of Mr. Olympia away from Miles, because he was no longer there, he took Miles' place. He stole Miles Ashe's life from him by cutting the brake line on his car." "Does Mr. Toro realize you figured this out?" "I don't know, but when I began to ask him about how folks still compared him and Miles, he became very angry and agitated. He started glancing back over at the 'car trophy' as if he were worried or guilty. Then he screamed at me the interview was over and started to chase me out of his office and home." "We've got to figure out what to do. If this is what Miles needs to sort out in order for Arthur to go back to a normal life.... it may never happen. Even if we could have traced samples of brake fluid from Miles' car to that tool, it would have been destroyed during the gilding process. We'd have nowhere to turn to go for clues. This would never be solvable. It will always be listed as an accident. Miles-Arthur will never get any peace." Ian and Dr. Orlando just stood there for a moment in silence unsure of what would happen to Arthur. **************************************************************************** It was going on midnight. Ian had scheduled Arthur's training sessions just after the gym closed at ten in order to ensure that Arthur and Gerogio wouldn't cross paths. Arthur was on the last of a large repped workout with Ian counting out the reps, although Ian sometimes had a hard time focusing and keeping concentrated as he couldn't believe this large, hunky man was his client Arthur. "....eighty-four.......eighty fiiiiiiiive...." The bar bell slammed into the rack. "Auuuuugh...man.... I..... I jus...... I just couldn't do any more...." "That's okay. You've figured out what your max rep is on that exercise. Once anyone has done that, the idea is you have to work your way up to where one-hundred reps is relatively easy for you to do. That is one killer kind of workout to do for strength or mass. Why go so extreme?" "I.... .... I just feel the need.....to.....you know?" "No, I don't." "I just feel I need to every once in a while really push myself. I'm not going to do it the whole year, but maybe on bulk up times. Something..... hooo...... you know..... to really amp my training with..... inject.....some power..... POWER! .... into it." "Well, just don't overstrain or you not only will not gain any size, or strength, or ...ha ha pow-er, GRRRRRR! But you'll lose size and strength as well. And what was with that grip?" "I don't know.... for some reason I just started doing it that way." "Well... after that kind of work out YOU need to go relax everything. You need to do a thorough cool down. First in the sauna for ten to fifteen minutes, rise shower in the pool area, then the Jacuzzi for ten to fifteen, then the cooler whirlpool for another ten. You know those stretches I showed you, if any part of you feels a little stiff, do those stretches and do them slowly." "Yeah...yeah...yeah.... all right." Arthur went to the lockers and stripped down nude. He sat there for a moment mesmerized by his body, most especially his cock and balls. He was pretty hypnotized by his lover, David's, equipment when they first met, until a few days ago he was still captivated by it, lusting after it, couldn't wait to feel like he was being torn by it... but now... Now he was in awe of his own junk. He knew he was slightly more hung than David now, even though they were the same height. He wondered if he was gonna break the record of Jonah Falcon if he continued to grow. A clang from the gym as Ian put plates away woke him from his thoughts and Arthur went to stand under the shower just a few minutes before he went into the sauna. Arthur entered in the sauna wearing a specific terry cloth towel. It cinched at the waist and had a little pocket to carry things if needed. David loved to just lounge around in these, with these new muscles and cock and balls that were hanging pretty large and heavy, Arthur could now understand why. Leaning back, Arthur sighed a little and his hand began to roam over his body....first working out a kink in the neck to shoulder area, then slowly moving down and cupping the crescents that were his pecs, and he began to bounce them, first one and then the other. He chuckled lightly feeling the heft and weight of each pectoral as it bounced and then he used his thumb to stroke his nipple and then hold it in a light pinch as he sucked in his breath at how sensitive and good the touch felt. Next he moved his hand up his forearm and then his upper arm tracing the risen veins that snaked this way and that over his arm, pulsing and feeling so thick and hot. He couldn't believe how big his biceps and whole upper arm were now and enjoyed the feeling of strength and power. He had grown....grown a whole foot taller. It was amazing how much bigger just 6' 4" was to most men. How broad he had become, how cut and defined, he almost filled up a doorway. It spoke to him. It was better than anything he ever imagined in his fantasies. As both his hands now moved down his abs tracing and feeling each firm brick, and his mind realized how large of man he had become, his prick responded by oozing out even longer that what it did from his grow, engorging and becoming fatter like his muscles did, as the veins rose to the top and filled his cock with blood. "Oooooh" moaned Arthur as he touched himself and felt the sensitivity of his large cock send a shiver across his balls, over his ass, and up his spine. "This is not helping me cool down...." he mumbled to himself and he stood up, giggling slightly at the fact that his king kong dong stuck out enough to keep the towel sides from completely closing on him. "fuck it... no one else is here to see." And he walked out of the sauna. WHAM! Instantly Arthur dropped to the floor seeing nothing but spots and stars. His vision blackened, his mind dazed he never saw the large hand coming back at him. "URRRRK! GAAAA UHHHHH!" There was Gerogio Toro standing in the pool area, holding Arthur against the wall by the neck with just one hand, choking him... .... ... to death. Arthur gasped and tried to beat on the forearm and hand that held him firm and although he had marveled at his own physique moments ago, he had to admit this forearm was much bigger and stronger than his. Gerogio moved his face close to Arthur and scanned Arthur's face up and down. "You don't look like him facially... but your body is developing like his. You used the same kind of hold as he did. You're using the One-Hundred Rep program like he did on off-season bulk up time. You even called yourself Mile-Wide the other day. .... ..... .... I don't know what this is, how this is, but Miles isn't coming back in any way shape or form to defeat me or my record." "A-HUUURK!" Mr. Toro punched Arthur in the gut and then threw him down to the tiled floor. "Your..." gasped Arthur. "Your record is... .... still topped by Haney and Coleman, and..... ugh.... you're tied with Schwarzenegger. You never went on to win an eighth title." "Yes, but Miles never reached the seventh. He might have gone on to dominated us for years with his freakish size, perfect symmetry, density, striations, definition, everything! Hell he had a porn cock too! But when life makes things too unfair, sometimes you have to take the initiative to even the playing field. Myself and others didn't have time to wait around for another possible five years or so for him to retire or step down." And now, Mr. Toro placed his foot over Arthur's throat and put most of his weight on it as Arthur was still gasping for breath. "So I took care of him. Yeah.... I snipped his brake line. I knew the route from his house to town, having been invited so frequently to his house for parties, workouts, he was even a perfect host. Gawd, I was so sick of him! ... ... ... And I don't want him back. He's not coming back to break the record of mine, or Haney's or Coleman's, and he will not reset it so high no one ever has a chance to break it. Not as himself.... not as you.....not as a combination." Mr. Toro leaned in to put all his weight onto Arthur's throat but suddenly he saw similar stars to what Arthur had seen earlier and then his face collided against the wall. "Get off my boyfriend you pampas ass!" Mr. Toro recovered quicker than what David thought he would and delivered a punch to his face causing David to swerve his head, but then David delivered another blow to Mr. Toro's gut causing him to moan greatly. "I may be smaller than you in muscle size and development, possibly even less in strength, but I'm a police officer, trained in fighting, even before I joined the force. I know how to hit..." "OOOF!" "Where to hit." "UGHFFF!" "And thus how to fight!" But the next blow Gerogio caught in his hand and twisted it away, and with surprising speed for a man his size, suddenly brought his left knee into David's groin making the officer see stars. More stars were coming as his right knee then came up and placed itself in between David's eyes as his face came down from the blow to his gonads. This blow knocked him backwards and into a bit of a daze. "You'll prove no match for me....but I'll take care of you later. I'll take you both out of life and won't need to hear any more of this. But first, first.... I take care of you, new living Miles." And Arthur who was just starting to stand up received a kick to the solar plexus and then one to face. The room reeled. Arthur reeled. Arthur's vision spun. Arthur himself spun over and onto his back splayed out on the floor. Gerogio then picked him up, holding him with his left hand and arm, as his right proceeded to make contact after contact with his face several times and then alternated between face and stomach. With each blow Arthur's stance became weaker and weaker until his knees buckled and Gerogio laughed at how easy it was and going to be as his tossed him into the pool. At the sound of the splash, David kind of came to, screaming the word no and running as if to jump in the pool, but he wouldn't make it. Gerogio turned his fists of fury onto David, and David unfortunately knew, in order for him to make to Arthur, he would have to take Gerogio down if not completely out. The two would remain locked in battle for quite some time. Gerogio breathing heavier and heavier having to take on someone who was halfway to his size in muscles, slightly taller than him, but also trained to fight and bring someone down by any means possible. David, having to deal with tears welling up in his eyes as his brain started calculating how long Arthur could survive under water and drowning before resuscitation was possible. He more than likely would lose Arthur and then he'd have to decide if he would cross the line as an officer. But unnoticed to both men life had stepped in and was going to grant Arthur his greatest fantasies. When Gerogio hit Arthur the last time, sending him into the pool, their remained a something of a ghost. It was the form of Miles Ashe and he was screaming in agony at the loss of the body of Arthur. Arthur's body meanwhile landed on large paddle board and his head upon a lane rope. It game just enough time before his unconscious body sunk into the pool that the ghost form dove into Arthur's body and the body soon began to cough and cough violently while sheets of ectoplasm where spewed out of his mouth and everywhere. The first sheet flung out and covered Arthur's head while the rest then went on to cover his body as it sunk to the bottom of the pool. While submerged more and more sheets of ectoplasm streamed out from his mouth moving like eels then ballooning out like jelly fish to encompass him. It take long until he was in a cocoon of extreme size and density, so dense the translucence usually seen in ectoplasm wasn't there. If Gerogio and David could have paid attention or seen through the cocoon, they would've wondered and gasped. Become struck in awe and worry. The first thing that happened is the cocoon shrunk by quite a bit, while at the same time Arthur's balls began to inflate, swelling into oranges, possible grapefruit size. The cocoon began to rip and tear ever so slightly as Arthur's own testicles began to push his legs apart due to their ample size. And then it began, the slow ripping and tearing as Arthur's body began to grow. Once again his feet just began to extend out longer, wider, thicker, fuller, even his toes becoming both longer and thicker to the size of a giant male. His hands and finger tips stretched out, growing, reaching, getting longer and longer until his hand could engulf any other man's. Other man's hands were only the size of his palms. The huge mits that baseball catchers and pitchers wear were nothing compared to the size of just one of Arthur's hands. And then the cocoon began to become longer and longer and longer. Up up up grew Arthur's torso. Out out out grew his legs getting taller and taller. The sound underwater was so surreal as his bones cracked, his tendons and ligaments snapped and reconnected, making Arthur grow and grow. His arms reached to match proportionately the length of his legs and then his shoulders began to widen and widen ever so much broader than anyone has ever seen. The extreme V that is seen in bodybuilders was almost already there just with Arthur's natural, thin, unmuscular shoulder width. Finally his neck rose up higher and higher from the shoulders along with his head which finally grew to match. This wasn't just a tall man... this was the likes of Meyers Leonard, Shaquille O'Neal, Yao Ming. Someone that was made to play basketball because he dwarfed the other exceptionally tall players. And the growth wasn't done. The power that was infusing Arthur's body started at his neck causing it to swell thicker and thicker, fuller, harder....It soon looked exactly like some kind of Greco-roman column. It was a plinth of pure marble that would snap any collar from dress shirts to leather sex straps. It would laugh at them all, perhaps even iron collars and simply snap them like tissue paper. There appeared rivulets of blood streaming across the neck, growing larger into streams...into rivers..... rising to the top to become large squirming pythons that sunk down into the trapezius muscles causing them to bunch and rise up, mound and spread, growing thicker, higher, becoming a mountain ranger that grew and rose higher than the Appalachians, the Rockies, the Andes, and the once neck that thought itself so huge, proud, and thick was now in danger of being pinched off. Still the snaking vessels continued moving outward to trigger the deltoids to mound and grow into bowling balls and then medicine balls, atlas stones, boulders. For the now it looked as if mountain ranges ended in ball formations and large spindly trees stuck out from those gargantuan rocks. But there would seen be other peaks to view as Arthur's biceps began to pop and flex, mound and pose. What once was baseball like grew and grew to replace the bowling balls that were lost just moments before, that split into perfectly divided heads that swelled and surged with sickening vascularity wriggling all over it. At the same time the triceps began to stretch and blow up forming a bend of wire, an actual U, a horse shoe shape, a horse shoe shape for a Clydesdale horse. Once that was done the ropes of veins wound their way around the forearms and in the hands causing the forearms to blow up in size so they would bust out of shirt cuffs, hand cuffs, the plastic blood pressure cuffs on store machines, looking like gigantic turkey legs or the clubs of cave men. Next his chest began to heave and mound, the two crescents giving way to full moons which in turn turned into huge platters, and those platters turned in granite plates, and those plates continued to inflate larger, thicker, harder. Fine lines of striation building up more and more criss-cross the every growing mighty shelf of pectoral muscles. The nipples began their decent looking as though they were rolling over the edge of the plates pointing down, down, downward and growing somewhat larger, harder, and more protruding. The great shelf blew up so much and so wide it threatened to cover the biceps, it threatened to push up the jaw line and chin of Arthur's head, it threatened to complete the work the trapezius squeezing the neck so hard it would pop Arthur's head off. The valley and the shelf top distance down to the abs was becoming so great normal men would swear they could lose their whole hand in them. Next the arms were pushed out to the sides, out from under the great barreling pecs by the growth of the back and the lats. The back bunched and built up growing wider and thicker, helping to add even more width to the impossible shoulders Arthur was now sporting. The back muscles grew and grew until one could see a the formation of a top...a downward directional arrow....an evergreen tree.... a seven foot Christmas tree.... a blue spruce conifer that had grown to twelve feet tall! And then the lines of growth spread over the lats and pumped more and more blood into them, feeding them, and they just simply swelled out more...More.... MORE..... MOAR! To gigantic handles that Gods could grab a hold of to pick up Arthur but mere men could never hope to grasp one handed they were so thick and wide.... that v shape which grew into a w, which in turn grew wider and looked more like an open hand fan so wide the spread. It was almost as if he had on a natural growing, occurring wingsuit. Arthur's body then began to undulate and roll as his abdominal muscles and obliques began to crunch and bunch in harder and more frequent contractions. It looked almost like webbing or a virus was running through his body as with each crunch the lines of definition spread out farther and further from his midsection out to his sides. Locally, in the center, it looked as though brick after brick of cobblestones were being laid out to form a perfect road. However it was soon seen that Arthur's abs were off just slightly creating a little bit of a herring bone pattern by the same bricks, which became fireplace sized stones, and then grew into concrete style blocks, and all the while across his sides the definition spread out like invisible hands were drawing, etching a road map all up and down Arthur's lower torso. This brick wall will break sledgehammers... ... ... The rolling and grinding continued as Arthur added his groin into this dance, and as he did so, his butt began to stick out and balloon and bubble and mound into two thick, globulous melons made of hardest material. Buns of bronze....iron.....steel.....titanium. An ass so thick, bubbled, and hard forget quarters, you could bounce manhole covers off them, denting the covers. The plasma tubes carried more of the plasm power down...down.... until the thigh biceps began to answer the gluteus maximus' challenge and it two began to bulge and swell, harden and thicken into this firm curve of power nearly rivaling the bubble like shape of the butt. Then it caused the ham strings to become pronounced, thick, tight, taut, so that one could almost swear if one plucked it s/he would a sound like a base string strummed and then a SNAP! The vessels wound their way around that string to front of the thighs feeding and fueling the quadriceps into overdrive. The already pronounced tear drop shapes began to breathe, inflate growing from small drops of water in much larger heavier rain, into shapes of balloons that are filled with water, into a group of wasps' nests, each one fighting for room, swelling so high and thick off the thigh, the mounds and crevices so deeply cut and defined and so large it was impossible to believe they could all be attached on one leg. If Arthur had been standing his stance would've widened from middle of chest to outer chest to shoulder width to arms width to arms width on his body size. And as the legs were being pushed apart the veins now coiled their way down into the calves and the fairly good sized balls began to breathe and swell, shrink and inflate growing firmer, denser, fuller, harder. A good sized ball began to grow into a diamond the diamond into a heart, the heart into something of a blob that swore to the thighs they would not be bigger than them. The muscle growing so thick and powerful it nearly made Arthur's thighs look as though they came to points. And now Arthur's balls swelled again and then shrank. They inflated and deflated. They grew huge and then smaller. With each motion Arthur bucked his hips and his cock oozed out of him longer and thicker, looking more and more like a snake and it's head flowing out of Arthur's groin. It was as if the mighty python that had been swirling, winding under Arthur's skin all this time under growth was now finding an exit point. It grew long and thick, hanging from him like a gigantic link of sausage from a butcher's shop. Also with each pulse of the balls, hair began to push out more and more from Arthur's pores. The light dusting he had grew before across his chest and around his groin spread out and thickened. It grew and feathered out across his whole body. The forest of the chest and groin declared they would meet, and meet they did. A manly coat of hair that was thick enough to grab onto, run the thickest of fingers through, but not so thick that one couldn't still clearly see the crevices, the mounds, the striations, the definition and mass of each and every muscle group they covered. The chest, the abs, the groin, the thighs, the calves and shins, half way up the upper arm, the forearms, a sprinkling on the hands and feet, a break at the neck, but an oh so thick beard and mustache along the jaw line and lip. A Five o'clock shadow was reached by noon, and by five it looked almost like two to three day scruff. Finally Arthur's head hair began to grow out, long, semi-spiraled and yet feathered growing down and down until it would just touch his shoulders. David and Gerogio had fought everywhere. Tiles were broken, walls were busted, pool equipment was smashed, and the two even fell into the shallow end of the pool where Arthur had fallen many minutes before. The cuts on their bodies began to add a red tinge to the pool and their thrashing and bashing created waves and churned up currents in the water. It was this that had caused Arthur to begin to be pulled in undertow to the deep side of the pool and then to be tilted somewhat, head to the top of the water. The last of the ectoplasm was sucked in by Arthur's mouth, add still more fuel to his body. Once inside a bit of pool water went into his throat and he began to cough and sputter. He went to go into a panic of flailing, but then his toes scraped the bottom of pool. Upon hearing the noise, David and Gerogio stopped, motionless, looking sideways to the deep end of the pool. One had a look of confusion and hope, while the other had a look of awe and fear. Tilting his head back, Arthur sucked in a deep breath, then closed his mouth tilted his head forward, and forcible made himself stand on his heels at pool bottom. Arthur's head disappeared under the water and Gerogio feigned a small smile of pleasure, believing that he was sinking down and drowning now. But then there was a slight stir of a current, and Arthur's scalp broke above the seven and a half foot water mark. Another current and his forehead poked up. Still another and his eyes rose above the water. The current becoming stronger and then Arthur's nose popped up. Originally flat footed the top of the water was only a couple of inches from the top of Arthur's head, and thus he began his walk, his slow, wide kicked gate towards the shallow end of the pool and with each step he rose higher...higher....higher... that the top of the water. Eventually he rose high enough his whole head was above the water line. His wet hair hanging in strings all around his head and even a few in front of his face. It was wicking off water and dripping onto his shoulders and then chest which had a cascade of water falling from it as though some great Hawaiian cliffs interrupting a stream. As he continued to rise, David and Gerogio began to see exactly how broad, how thick, how huge, and how tall this man had become. With each step it appeared as though his muscles were still growing in density and size. His body now moving more and more with each step pushed the water towards the two fighting men, creating larger and larger waves in the pool that threatened to splash over the basin and knock the two men off balance. His arms now out swayed majestically and powerfully from side to side with them hanging more at near 90 degree angles from his body. His groin and cock rising above the water now, the mighty schlong joined in the swaying as it swung in front of Arthur's legs like a mighty pendulum of a clock At this point Arthur could move his legs much for freely and as his side-kicked walked forward his mighty thighs propelled more water and larger waves. At this point both Gerogio and David decided to exit the pool. David hopped up on the tiled floor and then off to his left near the Jacuzzi and whirlpool. Gerogio hopped up and went to go to his right, but became petrified when Arthur suddenly bellowed out in a voice so low, deep, and powerful that it not only made his, but Gerogio and David's chest rumble. I caused the lights and the glass panes of the windows to vibrate and shake. And this low growl of a voice uttered only one simple statement as Arthur's eyes fixed in a dead lock upon Gerogio Toro. ... .... .... "yooooooou...." Now at the three foot section, where it still took most average sized and even some taller men a bit of a hop to walk out of there without using the stairs, Arthur simply stepped out of the pool as though the three foot gap were nothing, his massive foot coming down upon a drain covering cracking it, and the other, finding the 12 inch by 12inch tiles, showed that both of the feet were a tile and a third or so long and just a tad more than half as wide. Gerogio stood there rooted to the spot, plastered to the wall as Arthur came to stand before him, filling up Gerogio's entire vision with nothing but chest. Swallowing hard, Gerogio knew that not only had Arthur managed to bring his past life as Miles Ashe forward, but that in needing justice, or even possibly revenge, Miles called up much more ectoplasm than was needed and Arthur was not only so vastly built in musculature that he looked like one of the Muscleheadz cartoons, but that he completely dwarfed him, Gerogio, as he only reached the top of Arthur's shoulders. This realization woke Gerogio up from his stupor and he bolted to his left, attempting to run away. Arthur picked up a chair and threw it, dead shot, right between Gerogio's legs. Mr. Toro went sprawling to the floor and the scrambled to get up upon hearing the exceedingly heavy footfalls of Arthur coming towards him. He regained his stance and composure and turned around and delt a perfectly executed boxing blow right to Arthur's abdominals, with all the strength he could muster. Arthur didn't even flinch. With all the facts of his past life in his mind, he knew what Gerogio might try and was prepared for it, having crunched his abs tightly. Gerogio winced in pain after his fist struck such a hard meaty object that was Arthur's abs. Pain shot through his whole hand and he wondered if it might not be sprained. Sprained or not Gerogio knew this could be it and he began to punch, kick, flail, slap, Arthur as hard and often as he could, but it seemed to make no dent whatsoever. Suddenly Arthur's hand went out and clasped Gerogio's neck which although thick and powerful and more than a handful to most men, felt thin and weak in huge paw that Arthur now commanded. The pool scene was now the reverse of how it started: a body held in place against the wall but it Mr. Toro's body against the wall, held by Arthur's hand. Arthur held Mr. Toro there squeezing harder and harder Mr. Toro's throat. David began to call out to him. "Arthur... or Miles?..... love.... please don't.... don't kill him.... you'll become a wanted criminal. You won't have the ability to live the life you felt was taken from you.... Hon? Art? Oh... gawd..." And feeling as though he had no connection to the behemoth that stood on the other side of the pool, David broke down and cried, fearing he had lost his love forever. Meanwhile Arthur just stood there holding Gerogio and the two stared at each other scanning one another's faces until finally, Arthur let Mr. Toro slump down to the floor. "No...." said Arthur. "I do not feel like killing as I'd be no better than you... and I AM... your better. No, you shall live to watch me live my old life out as the new me in Arthur, surprising new comer step out onto that stage take the statue and continue to take it until I break the record and then some." Arthur then turned and walked away, his powerful, thudding steps slowly making their way towards David. But Mr. Toro rose once again screaming, a piece of busted tile in his hand and he ran towards Arthur's back to stab and pierce the skin striking the kidneys, or the spine, anything to take this man out of this world. David shouted out a warning. Arthur already knew what was happening and he leaned his torso forward and kicked out his right leg and foot, coming squarely into contact with Mr. Toro's torso. Gerogio doubled over loose and limply around the size 27 foot, his arms and legs wrapping over the gigantic leg that carried the massive foot into his stomach. Then from force of impact Gerogio went sailing the other half of the pool, landing into the water of the deep end. In a moment Arthur was lifting him out, practically one handed by the throat, slapping Gerogio's backside to expel water from the man's lungs and leave him semi-conscious on the floor near a sliding glass door as his sternly whispered into Gerogio's ear, "And there's nothing you can do about it." The thuds of his foot falls echoed loudly in the pool room as Arthur then ran around the pool back towards the Jacuzzi and whirlpool. Grabbing David, without thinking, Arthur simply hoisted him up to his face and then bear hugged him as well as kissing him deeply. "My love. oh.... my love.... I don't know what this means for us, or how this will affect us.... but know there is much of me that is still the same. I still love you more than life itself, but I am so thrilled to be so huge, so powerful, as in my dreams. I will compete. I will win! I want this so much... but I want you to be with me?" As David began to smile meekly at Arthur and whisper I love you back, David began to feel Arthur's prick rise and grow and nearly be able to push his body away from Arthur's. Arthur held him out and the two of them looked down at the huge hose between them. "I'll tell you what it means.... it means we're going to need to buy a lot of lube, but no matter how much we have.... there's still going to be about 8 inches to that fucker you won't be able to plow into me." Arthur pulled David in for a long deep and passionate kiss, one which they explored and checked tonsils, but there was a slight hiccough from Arthur, a small gag from David and suddenly, David's manhood which had become erect shuddered and grew out just a tad thicker and fatter than it was before. They looked down and then back up smiling at one another. "Well." said Arthur.... "looks like both of us could topple Mr. Falcon for his title. You can definitely still top me with that any time you like." ****************************************************************************** After a bit of fooling around in the Jacuzzi and whirlpool, which Arthur just barely fit in, Ian suggested they call the police and make up the following scenario. Arthur was to go out the back door and run through the alleyways so as not to be seen to get home. David, in his beat up condition was to remain here and wait for the officers, explaining to his fellow coworkers how he and Ian were having a training session and that Mr. Toro attacked him while coming out of the sauna. Ian would strike his own head with a plate, clamming he had no idea what had happened, thus implicating a pre attack on him so Mr. Toro could get to David in order to intimidate, attack, and find Arthur. But before that, as he knew the owners, and where the recording equipment was, he would edit out Arthur and Ian's workout session, and Gerogio's attack on Arthur, while having Arthur smash some of the cameras in the pool room for him, and blaming it on the fight between David and Gerogio. It would all seem very plausible, for unbeknownst to Arthur, Ian had hidden a tiny micro recorder in the pocket of his terry cloth towel, which picked up all of Mr. Toro's confession. Thus after that evidence wound up played for the fight - the portions where Mr. Toro addressed Arthur by name scrambled - Mr. Toro was then charged with the premeditated murder of Miles "Mile-wide" Ashe. He lost his case and was sentenced to life imprisonment, his first formal day in an actual prison, the same day that Arthur "Atlas" Thorn first competed and won first place on the Mr. Olympia stage. It irked Mr. Toro that all the inmates wanted to watch the Olympia to see the seven foot four inch tall walking mountain of muscle god that was soon to dominate the sport. Arthur went on to win a total of ten times, before deciding to retire, somewhat early, and focus on his family life with his partner David. The pair who together wound up purchasing and running several gymnasiums across the country which originally belong to some unknown firm from Italy or somewhere. And of course, Arthur lived his dream fully, especially when he was feeling down, he would step into his bedroom, pull out some old clothes from his skinny, five foot four inch tall days and do things like shred them just by attempting to put them on, or use his arms to blow out old waist bands, stomp his feet on his old sneakers and watch them disappear, or take forever to slip into a pair of underwear that looked and felt more like a jock strap and work his cock into erection and watch it rip the underwear apart. Either that or wait for David to come home, while being completely naked on their newly extended bed and let David explore his body and then plow him like the alpha David likes to be. His favorite part is When David strokes him off having to use both his hands and then punches, pinches, pokes, prods, and fondles his heaving pectorals. Arthur never had any more dreams and anything else he came to knew about Miles Ashe's life had to be from study or talking with family and friends of Mr. Ashe, who for some reason, never seemed to mind talking with him about it. And Doctors Orlando and Barua filed the case away as one of the few proof positives of reincarnation that ever existed, although they knew most of the mental and medical community would never believe them. Still they went on to enjoy years of laboratory research attempting to reach out to their own past lives.
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    Hi everyone, quick update here. Hitting 93,5kg now (around 205lbs) and bit less fat% ( 10,5% - 11,5%) Biceps are about 22inches - chest is 48inches - waist is still a bit wider at 33inches ( still bloated ) The goal is 95kg till end this week, and then start cutting. So far so good
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    I will compete at masters division, 85kg+ Im hoping go on stage around 88kg and 5%fat Still very bloated from my 6000cal/day diet and "enhancements" but is still too soon to let the water out ( around 92kg now ).
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    Im 19...and from the UK
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    Some days you just want to sleep. Wizard World has a way of sapping you of your energy, especially after hours of signings and Q&A sessions. Yeah, you're being worshipped and catered to, but sometimes you just want to sleep. Ian Somerhalder had planned to do just that, arriving at his hotel room after hours on the convention floor. He was alone for a rare con, with people like Paul off shooting their own projects. That meant for a very lonely hotel room, and as much as he needed the quiet time, he missed having some companionship. The actor unlocked his hotel room door and coasted in, clad in a leather jacket over a black v-neck and distressed gray denim. He took a breath as he closed the door, the light in his room on and the bed looking awfully welcoming. With a loud flop, Ian collapsed onto the bed beneath him and took a few deep breaths, when he felt a hard, solid object against his ribs. Annoyed, he rolled onto his side to find a black box sitting on the bed, blending in with the black bedspread. Expecting chocolates or a typical hotel freebie, he rolled onto his back and opened the lid to find a white card, simply reading “From a fan.” Immediately, Ian is taken aback. He's used to getting gifts, but rarely does he ever open them. He certainly didn't expect to find one in his bed. Rolling his eyes, he tossed the card aside and saw a bright blue pillow of fabric nestled in the box. Tugging the blue object out, the fabric unfurls as a sheepish grin crosses Ian's face. Bright teal underwear, silky and cool to the touch. But unlike most of the underwear he receives, these look like they're actually made for men. Taking a closer look, he realized the straps of the underwear taper to a string in the back and thin strips on the sides, with a substantial pouch… a thong. “Well shit.” Ian smirked as he twiddled with the slick fabric. He paused for a second before sitting up on the bed and shucking his jacket. He pauses once more, considering what he's about to do… he's never worn a thong before, though the desire for some spicier undergarments had certainly come up in the past. His shoes come off next, and he unbuckles his jeans and pulls them down. His black briefs bulge generously, half hard with oddly sexual excitement over the new undergarment. His thighs are lean and rounded, body shaved for another season of TVD. Ian kicks off his denim and stands up, grabs his briefs by the lip and tugs them down. Off goes his briefs, his erection growing and swaying as he steps between the straps of the thong. Ian shudders as the blue fabric is pulled up his thighs, the back strap digging between his tight asscheeks, his cock brushing against the fabric, ballsack barely covered by the skimpy pouch. He's fully hard now, his cut member close to eight inches in length, the head peeking against the top lip of the thong. He reaches down and strokes the head, chuckling, and pulls his shirt off to leave him in nothing but his new underwear. Turning to the hotel room's full-length mirror, Ian turns slightly to look at his pert, toned ass in the mirror. He struts a bit, watching his reflection, and chuckles at the sight of him clad in nothing but the teal pouch and strap. A jolt of sudden pain rockets through Ian's stomach and chest as he doubles over, moaning as his eyes widen. The sharp pain spreads from his abdomen up his chest and down his legs, his muscles seizing up as looks back into the mirror, his skin becoming pale as he lets out a loud groan. He jolts back, his chest jutting out, veins pulsing down his neck and spreading across his arms, his breathing becoming harried as he struggles to move. With another jolt, his left arm begins to pulse, the veins pumping furiously as his toned bicep begins to throb and flex. The smooth, rounded surface of his right bicep swells cartoonishly, inflating with new mass. His triceps swells to match, his forearms ballooning outward as his knuckles crack and flex. Ian watches in awe and horror as his right arm explodes with size, his eyes wide, sweat beginning to bead down his forehead.. With a similar jolt, his left arm cracks and stiffens as it too begins to hulk out. His shoulders crack as his neck begins to thicken, his lean back starting to broaden as his traps flare outward and bulge with new size. His deltoids expand to large rounded shapes that taper down toward his chest. His lats inflate as massive veins pulse down the length of his arms and across his chest, his balance failing as he tries to get his footing. Ian begins to gasp as his chest expands outward, his back still throbbing with growth as his lean pecs are stretched across the growing width of his chest, his breath inflating the growing lungs deep within his straining body. His pecs begin to surge forth, swelling into massive rounded slabs, nipples erect and forced to point downward beneath the thick size of his melon-like pectorals. Staring back at the mirror. Ian was a freakish picture of contrast. His upper body was herculean, tapering down to his lean, normal legs and thighs. His cock had certainly reacted, dark spots forming in his underwear as precum begins to ooze from his stimulated member. Ian placed his hands on his expanded pecs, feeling their firmness and warmth, in awe. Ian's abdominal muscles, still taut from the strenuous growth of his upper body, begin to crunch and contort. The smooth six-pack tightens as Ian's spine cracks, his growing back muscles stretching as his body begins to inch upward with new height. His abs thicken, growing blocky and stiff down his stomach as the cartoonish taper to his lower body broadens into a wider, straight, squared shape. Rigid obliques frame his strong stomach as his modest Adonis belt deepens into a cut V shape over his thighs. His cock begins to throb violently, pushing upward against the lip of his thong as his glutes envelope the string of his thong with beefy size. Inches of new cock length push out of his pouch, expanding up his abs and smearing them with precum, curving to the right as it gains new girth to match. Ian's balls churn and swell as precum pumps from his expanding musclecock, causing the actor to moan even louder. Still struggling to maintain his balance, Ian shuffles around as his lean thighs begin to balloon outward, throbbing and shifting into thick trunks of strength and mass in an exaggerated diamond shape. Divots and grooves run the length of the monstrous leg muscles as they meet in the middle, pushing Ian's pouched balls forward as his beefy quads push together. Groaning, Ian reaches down and grabs his cock, a spurt of precum rocketing from the red head of his stimulated member. He jerks furiously as his knees buckle, calves rippling with expanding size as they become thick and rounded in shape. Fisting his cock furiously, Ian leans against the mirror in his new godly bodybuilder size and groans, his eyes closing once more as he's lost in the sudden lust that accompanied his transformation. Unbeknownst to Ian, an uninvited guest had been waiting in the bathroom. A godly frame sat in the shadows, stroking his cock through a crimson thong. The strong brow and jaw of Calum von Moger comes into view behind Ian as the actor pumps his cock, to which Calum licks his lips. “Need some help big guy?” Calum strokes his own leaking member as Ian looks up at the younger bodybuilder. Calum was more proportional in size compared to Ian's inhuman mass, something Calum had planned all along. “Who… who the fuck are you?” Ian freezes as he watches the younger man, refusing to unlatch from his rigid cock. “A fan. You liked your gift right?” Calum strolls toward Ian, smiling as he tugs his thong down and lets his cock free. He places a hand on Ian's warm broad back. “I thought you could use the extra poundage. You're looking hot as fuck, by the way.” Calum presses his hard cock against Ian's massive thigh, his hot breath now against Ian's right ear. Calum's body is glistening with sweat and tanned in a way Ian's pale body is not, highlighting Calum's more aesthetic musculature. “It… feels so good, fuck...” Ian groans as he begins to stroke again, his free hand kneading his broad pecs. “Give me a flex, stud.” Calum pulls his right arm into a pose, his thick biceps tightening into broad mounds. Ian follows the pro's advice and pulls his free arm into a flex, watching in awe as his swollen biceps ball into massive rounded peaks. Calum chuckles and grabs a handful of Ian's thick chest, thumbing the actor's large nipples. “All the mass with none of the work, but a little bit of gyno for authenticity. You sensitive?” Calum tweaks Ian's nipples as Ian moans, unlatching from his cock as it pulses out another load of “Fuck… FUCK...” Ian bellows as Calum touches his body, feeling the pro's hands begin to roam around his enhanced frame. Ian returns the favor, placing his hands on Calum's broad shoulders and stroking downward towards his rounded pecs. The two men reposition themselves to face eachother as Calum's eleven-inch muscle dick pushes against Ian's pouch. “Free the python stud. You should be a match.” Ian reaches cautiously into his thong and tugs his hard cock out, and the two muscular members collide with a wet slap causing shudders of pleasure from both men. “God you're gorgeous. I figured you'd make a sexy fucking muscle stud.” Calum places a warm hand on Ian's shoulder as Ian feels a warm grip around his cock, the slick surface of Calum's member now sliding against it. Calum grips on the two rods and fists them slowly, his hand moving to Ian's still very handsome jaw and face. “Wait… I saw you at the con.” Ian squints slightly, trying to place Calum. “You had the Spartan costume on.” “You said I had better tits than most of the ladies at the con.” “And now I get them up close and personal.” Ian moves his hands down to Calum's pecs, feeling their thickness as Calum bounces them for Ian. “Fun party trick. Hot.” “You should get your cock between them. My treat.” Ian nods as Calum falls backward onto the bed with a loud thud, the bed creaking beneath his mass. He tugs his thong down and tosses it at Ian, who inhales the pro bodybuilder's musk. “Jesus fuck.” Ian grunts as he pulls his own thong down and rears up onto the bed, straddling Calum's legs as he slides across the man's sweaty upper body. Ian presses his cock between Calum's pecs as Calum flexes and bounces them around his length, causing Ian to moan and thrust against his chest. Ian's glutes flex as they shift across Calum's abdominal muscles, Calum's hard cock occasionally meeting Ian's backside and stringing precum between the two. “Fuck… i'm gonna cum just from this, holy shit...” Ian moans as his thrusts become stronger, sliding his wet cock back and forth between Calum's big pecs, only to shudder and grunt as a massive rope of hot cum erupts from his engorged cock and splatters across Calum's cheeks and forehead, globs of cum splattering in Calum's hair and dripping down the aussie's chin and neck. The immense volume of Ian's orgasm surprises even Calum as he shuts his eyes, feeling the volleys of Ian's cum streaming across his lips and against his nose. Ian slides backwards, Calum's dripping cock pulled between Ian's glutes as the bigger man takes a few heavy breaths, recovering from his orgasm. Calum opens his mouth and licks his lips, tasting Ian's seed as he thrusts his cock between Ian's asscheeks. Ian grinds against the younger man's cock, smearing trails of white seed against Calum's abs as the two begin to make out. Calum's hands wrap around Ian's neck as they kiss, moaning as Calum thrusts against Ian's ass. “You wanna seal the deal?” Ian breaks their kiss as he tightens his ass around Calum's erection. “More than you know.” Calum nods in approval as Ian relaxes his ass, pulling forward as Calum begins to push his hard cock between Ian's glutes, probing at the actor's hole. “This isn't my first, don't go easy on me.” Ian goes back to kissing Calum as the pro begins to penetrate the actor, Ian's tight hole parting as Calum forces his rigid dick inside of Ian. Ian groans and thrusts forward from the sensation, biting his lip as Calum's wet cock begins to piston into him. Ian pushes back, working into a rhythm of opposing thrusts as they make out furiously. “Let me ride your cock, fuck...” Ian cranes upward and slides back, taking Calum's full length inside of him as Calum watches the handsome actor ride his thick muscle cock. “Flex for me stud, let me see that new muscle!” Calum groans as he rocks back and forth beneath Ian, watching the older man ride him and feeling his release coming. Ian pulls his arms into classic bodybuilding poses, groaning as his hard cock bobs in sync with his cock riding, his thick frame casting a shadow over Calum as the younger man's cock hits his prostate and cum bubbles from his overstimulated cock. “I'm… ohhh fuck, OH FUCK...” Calum moans and thrusts his chest up as he cums inside Ian, hot spurts of thick cum rocketing deep into Ian's hole as Ian tightens his thick glutes around Calum's rod, bouncing his pecs and flexing his bis as he rides out Calum's orgasm. The deep groans of the two men echo through the hotel room as Calum's cumshots slow, and Ian leans forward and goes back to kissing Calum as the Australian’s cock throbs within him. The two men embrace, Ian's wet cock sandwiched between their abs as they doze off to sleep.
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    Ted watched the rest of the competition in stunned silence. He tried to encourage Casey but she had no chance against Lisa. He watched Lisa, he couldn't believe that this beast was his wife, she dwarfed the other women and was strong as an ox, he had never seen anything like it. Casey easily came in second place, but all the attention was on Lisa. Casey was almost in tears after she finished, he had never seen anyone so devastated to come in second place. He hugged her and tried to pick her spirits up but he knew he wasn't helping since it was his wife who just made all of Casey's hard work look like nothing. She packed her things and left without even getting her trophy. His wife was surrounded by people telling her how amazing she was. An older man came through the crowd and she ran to him and gave him a huge hug. Ted cringed, he felt ashamed for not wearing his wedding ring, he wanted to be so proud because that was his wife, but he knew he had nothing to do with what she had become. The man wore lose clothes but Ted could tell he was huge, bigger than Ted. He made his way over to congratulate his wife, when he got close to her he knew he had never wanted her more than he did right now. She was covered in sweat, wearing tiny stretch shorts and a sports bra, even though she wasn't flexing she was so pumped every movement made her muscles explode. She caught him staring at her, " Are you just going to stare or congratulate me?" she laughed. Ted stammered "Sorry, incredible job honey, I had no idea you were even training and here you are the best in the city" His wife usually blushed or shied from his compliments but now she smiled and nodded "Its been a lot of work, I'm sure you understand." Ted saw the large older man walk up "You must be Ted, I'm Donald Rainer" he put out his hand and Ted shook it. Ted could tell just from his forearms he was a serious athlete. "Its great you've come to support your wife, she's the best athlete I've ever seen" Ted could see in his face Donald already knew that Ted wasn't there to support his wife. "Actually Ted was here helping Casey Worley from Metro Crossfit, that's where he trains" Lisa put in Donald smiled at Ted "Casey is quite an athlete, very good showing today, you must be very proud of her also" Ted could tell he was not being genuine. "Donald owns all of the Monster House gyms in the state, now he's opening crossfit boxes" Lisa told Ted "Have to give the market what they want, its been a good investment so far, and working with a specimen like Lisa is a real treat" Ted could feel the implication in his words and his blood boiled, but he knew he had no right to be mad. "Don is a former powerlifting world champ and now a pro bodybuilder" "Have to stay busy" Don smiled at Ted "Well Lisa I think its time to get you that cheat meal i promised, if I can afford to feed you." They laughed Don stuck out his hand again, "Ted it was great to meet you, good luck competing yourself" "Thanks Don, same to you" Lisa hugged Ted and gave him a kiss on the cheek, she whispered in his ear "Sorry I embarrassed your girlfriend, you both should be working harder." She left Ted stunned and angry, but he could help but be amazed at her body as she walked away with Don.
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    KY, if you keep talking that you're going to give me a big head . Like the main character I went to college got a B.S. degree so I never really had to take any English or creative writing classes. I promise I haven't been holding out on ya'll posting stories here or anywhere else, this is my first. I was originally just going to do this one story to help break the story slow-down I've seen here over the last couple of months. Thanks to your compliments and encouragement I've already plotting another story. Don't worry though, I'll finish this one first.
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    Once again, thank you for all the support on the story. I don’t really know how the story will continue next as I’m still figuring it out. However, if you have any requests or ideas, I’d love to hear them. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Changing my Life Part VII That night I awoke to several strange sounds coming from the kitchen. Looking at my phone I saw that it was 4.55 AM. I turned around, trying to wake Max up. But as I shook the blankets, I discovered that Max was nowhere near me. His side of the bed was empty. I tossed the duvet off of me and got out of bed. Slowly making my way down the noises kept getting louder and louder. Tiptoeing into the living room, I found a shadow of, what seemed like a hung beast, forming on the ground. The light came from the refrigerator. I glanced around the corner not knowing who, or what, I was going to find. I heard the beast gulping and munching on the contents that were stacked in our fridge. Once I glanced into the kitchen I saw a beast feasting on every piece of food he could get. “Max? Is that you?” I asked entering the kitchen step by step. The hung beast turned his head and looked right at me. I looked in its eyes and saw that it was indeed Max. But he didn’t look the same as he used to be a few hours ago. His already broad shoulders were as wide as the fridge, his 6 pack had been transformed into an 8 pack, his legs were bigger than my 2 arms put together and his bulge was as big as my head, stretching the tiny waistband of his underpants to its limits. And then there was his height. He seemed to have grown over night. Max stopped eating and turned his entire body towards me. “Are.. are you okay?” I asked as he stood there, intimidating me by his sheer size and muscles. I was trembling at the thought that he could crush me with just his bare hands. But that thought quickly faded as Max started to talk. “Sorry for waking you baby, I don’t know why but I’m just so HUNGRY!” he said raising his arms and doing a double bicep pose. He enjoyed himself probably a bit too much as his member started to stretch the waistband even more. “OH, this feels so good.” Max said biting his lips and closing his eyes again. With a loud rip, the waistband gave up and his big meaty prick nocked some empty bottles over, smashing them to the ground. “That wasn’t meant to happen.” He said looking at me with a worried look on his face. “Don’t worry about it.” I said reassuring him “Are you feeling alright?” I asked. I was still a bit frightened seeing him so hungry and powerful. “I, I think so. I’m not as hungry as before.” He said feeling his 8 pack. I felt myself shivering and getting goose bumps. Looking at his hands moving around his stomach, I kept reminding myself that he could crush me with his bare hands. Max raised his head and saw my fearful expression. “Oh baby, don’t worry. I know it’s all a bit scary but I’ll never hurt you. I love you.” He said stumping his big feet towards me. He reached under my arms and picked me up easily. He held me at the same height as his head and slowly came forward. We started to kiss and I could feel just how big his tongue was inside of my mouth. It filled up most of my mouth. I wasn’t complaining though. I was happy that he finally had the body he always dreamed of. My fear and anxiety got replaced by the feeling of protection and lust. Max turned me around and placed me on the marble countertop of our kitchen island and slowly worked his way down my body. It felt amazing. He licked my abs and twisted my nips along the way. I moaned wanting him to worship me more with his fantastic new body. Making his way down he pulled my underwear down and started sucking my throbbing member. Max had always been a good bottom but now. It seemed the more he grew, the better he got at sex. He stopped for a moment and grabbed my legs. Pulling them apart, he lifted me up and placed me on my back. Spitting on my small crack, he pushed his big index finger deep inside of me. I couldn’t contain myself and started moaning louder. “You like that?” he asked. I knobbed and Max pushed a second one inside. I grabbed the ends of the countertop as tightly as I could. It felt so good but at the same time it hurt so much. Max looked up and into my eyes. “May I?” he asked looking at his throbbing beast. I knobbed again. He didn’t waste any time. Pushing his big beast inside of my tight hole. I screamed as he kept thrusting in like a maniac. I felt like my hole was about to explode. He kept on going deeper and deeper inside as his orange sized balls constantly hit my ass. “RRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!” He screamed and released his entire load. Max pulled out and gallons of cum followed, flooding the countertop and the floor. He grabbed my dick and stroked it as fast as he could, making me cum and hitting him in his face. He placed his head on my newly formed belly and closed his eyes as we both were panting and sweating like pigs. “I love you.” He said kissing me. “I love you too.” I said. Max got up and looked at the mess we made. He glanced back at my hole which was still releasing his manly fluids along with some blood. “OH! I’M SO SORRY! DID I HURT YOU?!” he asked panicking. “Yes you did. But this is totally normal.” “But this doesn’t happen to me when you do it.” “That’s because I loosen you up first. I couldn’t fit inside of you either when we first did it.” He knobbed in agreement and told me a billion times that he felt sorry for hurting me. I told him he didn’t have to say sorry as he’s just learning how to work with his growing body. However we agreed to use a safe word to avoid hurting one another in the future. We both cleaned the kitchen and took a steamy shower to clean ourselves. Afterwards we climbed in bed and slept for the remaining hours.
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    Ted was warming up for his chest workout when he looked up and was shocked to see Lisa walking in the gym. "Figured you were still following the same routine, thought i'd come see if I could get any training ideas." she said Ted was a little confused "Ok, want to go through the workout with me?" "No, just want to watch you." she smiled Ted really didn't know what to say or even do so he started his workout. Flat dumbell bench was first, he started with a warm up set and then started his working set with 100lbs dumbells doing 12 reps, he picked up the 110's next and did 10, 120's and did 8 and finished with 140's for 6. He picked the 90's back up and did a final burn out set getting 16 reps before tiring out. Between exercises Ted tried to make small talk with Lisa but she barely responded. He really wanted to ask her what the hell was going on and try to talk about their relationship or how she had been but he could tell she had no interest in talking to him. She just watched impassively as he trained. About midway through his workout she got up and started to leave. "Did you learn enough?" Ted shot at her. She looked at him with disappointment on her face "I did, I have no idea how you go to the point you are now training like this, come to the Monster House tonight at 8 so you can see what a real workout is like." Ted was pissed, he finished his workout strong, and ate a meal in the car before heading to work. Did he even want to go see Lisa and Don, not really, but he did want to see his wife workout. He would go, even if it would make him more mad and at this point it was ceasing to be anger and turning into hurt. Why was Lisa treating him like this, he knew he was an asshole who probably drove her away. But why even come back into his life now if all she was going to do was treat him like shit. Was she just doing it out of spite, just to hurt his feeling or was she trying to break him, make him go back to her begging and in tears. Maybe he should, maybe then all this would end and he could have his wife back. Ted did his crossfit WOD after work quickly and got ready to go to the Monster House gym. When he walked in it looked busy, when he got tot the desk he was about to say something when the guy behind the desk spoke up "You must be here to watch the freaks train" he said enthusiastically . Ted just looked at him and said "Yeah". "Go on in, no charge to watch them train" Ted nodded and walked in to the free weight area, he saw Lisa and Don stretching with a group of people watching them. He couldn't believe people came just to watch them workout, but then here he was like a stupid groupie about to watch. Lisa had her blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail with an intense serious look on her face. She was wearing black stretch shorts that barely covered her ass and a hoodie that would be loose on most women but looked almost snug on her upperbody. Don was wearing what looked like running shorts that rode high because the leg holes were too small for his quads, he had on what must have been a 4xl sweatshirt as well. Don started on the seated cable row machine and Lisa on the lat pull downs, they started with lightweights doing what felt like 100 warm up reps and then they switched machines with no rest and did the same again. They finished and took time to switch back and up the weight on each machine. Don put the pin in almost the whole stack and Lisa put 135 on pull downs. They started again doing what felt like another 100 reps each and switching, changing the weights up for each of them and repping again. After finished they took a few moments to switch machines, this time Don put the pin in the whole stack on the row machine and Lisa put the pin in 165 on lat pull downs. This was serious weight, Ted could do the whole stack on rows but not as many as Don was doing or with the control and ease. Lisa repped out at least 10 pull downs at 165 and they switched. Don again put the whole stack on the pull down machine and starting going, Lisa amazingly did most of the stack for another 10 on rows. Don finished his reps and walked over to where Lisa was finishing her rows, when she let the weight drop he pulled the pin out and put in on the whole stack and looked at her "Lets go!" She gripped the handles and slowly pulled back the stack rising as she did it, she got one rep, then 2 and with help from Don 3 and 4, she let the weight crash down with gasps from the on lookers. "She looked at Don, "Alright I think we're warmed up" He nodded and smiled "Time to get to work" Ted was a little shocked to say the least that this was their warm up, but he kept him face neutral. They moved to barbell rows again starting with 135 for Lisa and 225 for Don for warm ups Ted losing count of their reps. They moved into working sets adding weight each time, they didn't seem to have any specific number of reps they were counting to, doing each set to failure at each weight. The only rest they took was while the other was doing their reps. Lisa did her last set with 245 on the bar muscling out 8 reps, while Don finished with 405 for 10 Lisa pushing him to finish strong. They moved on to pull ups each doing at least 20 on their first set. Their sweatshirts were starting to get tight as they both started to get pumped. Lisa took off her sweatshirt exposing her thick back and arms in a black sports bra. Ted could hear people talking when Lisa did it, Don leaned over to a group of guys watching and said "she's not even pumped yet". Lisa put on a weight belt with a 25lbs plate on it and knocked out 15 more reps, her back and lats seperating and flexing with each rep. Don did the same and then put a 45lbs plate on for Lisa's next set with she got 12 more reps, more definition coming out in her back. Don did his and then put another 45lbs plate on the belt and strapped it to Lisa "Easy shit Lisa, up and down, lets go" Lisa pulled herself up and did 5 reps with the extra 90lbs, Ted was seriously impressed. Don put another 45lbs plate on and did his last set of 6. He let out a big exhale as he dropped down and tore off his sweat shirt leaving him shirt less and pumped. they started doing single arm seated rows, adding 45lbs plate after plate, rep after rep, they of them were showing major pumps. Their arms were hanging differently at their sides as they lats pumped and being to push out, Lisa's back was bulging around the back of her sports bra. Their arms were getting pumped too, gowing in size as their workout grew in intensity. They started their deadlifts last. Adding weight, grunting up and down with the heavier and heavier weight. Now they're legs were getting pumped also, Lisa finished a set of 10 at 355 and let the bar slam down. She was glistening with sweat and breathing heavy, every deep breath made her abs flex into a perfect thick 6 pack. Her body was pumped to the max, veins were popping out of her calves and forearms, which a large vein running up each bicep and popping from her shoulders. Every step made her legs flex, every movement made her back and shoulders flex and twitch. Ted had to admit seeing his wife like this had him completely turned on. Everyone was staring at her in awe, Don finished a set of 10 at 495 and took a 45lbs off each side for Lisa. She got over 405lbs and repped it 8 times, she added 2 45lbs on each side and Don got over it and repped 8. He put 495 on and Ted thought he saw Lisa hesitate for a split second. She walked up to the bar and gripped it, "Rep this fucking easy weight" he said to her. Lisa started the weight up and locked out her knees with a powerful grunt and then did another rep. She let the weight drop and a huge smile came across her face "New fucking pr right there" Don nodded he put 725 on the bar on finished with 2 huge reps. They both looked exhausted but walked back to the pull downs and seated rows. "Finish this shit strong, no pussy weight" Don said powerfully. He put the pin at the bottom of the stack and started his seated rows, he looked like he was going to explode. Huge veins were bulging all over his arms and shoulders, every muscle in his back was pumping out with each rep. Lisa started her pull downs her lats flaring with every rep. They switched and finished their reps. For the first time Ted saw what Lisa looked like with a full mind blowing pump and he could feel himself stiffening. She looked like she could walk on a bodybuilding stage and win every trophy, her whole body was pumped, the crowd of people were staring at her in disbelief, she had a cocky smile on her face and looked right at Ted as she hit a huge double bicep pose, until now Casey was the biggest girl he had every seen, now his wife was standing in front of him totally dwarfing her. Don put his arm around her waist and hit a huge bicep pose of his own. He hit a double bicep pose and Lisa put both her hands around his biceps and wasn't even close to covering it. They turned around and pull down their shorts both wearing thongs and started hitting back double bi poses, they both had huge round muscle bubble butts, Don brought his hand down and grabbed Lisa's butt so she did the same , making the crowd laugh. Ted was fuming, he had never actually seen them touch each other and it killed him inside. They talked with the crowd as Ted got ready to leave, as he was about to walk away Lisa came up to him, he looked her in the face, taking everything he had not to look at her body this close up or reach out and touch her. "It's ok to check out your wife Ted" she laughed, Ted didn't laugh. "I hope you understand now what it takes Ted, what Don and I do to look like this" She was standing close to him and he could feel the heat radiating off of her body, he wanted her right now. "Hopefully next time I see you, you'll be making a little progress" with that she turned and walked away. He wanted to yell at her, call her a bitch, tell her to fuck off. But deep down he wanted to hug her and hold hands with her and have her come home with him tonight instead of Don. Ted sat in his car almost in tears, he had never been more proud or in awe of his wife than he was tonight, and she did that everyday in the gym. Now he was going home alone while another man would be enjoying all the hard work his wife did. Not just any man, a man who dwarfed him, who out worked him, Don deserved Lisa, not Ted.
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    I’m really sorry for not posting on Wednesday, but I had some trouble at work which I needed to take care off. Anyway, thanks once again for the wonderful support and I hope you are enjoying the story as much as I am. Also if you happen to have any requests for the story then please let me know. :3 Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Changing my Life Part VI Max waddled out of the cubicle, looking down embarrassed of the exposure of his body. His shirt had been split open, chest and new formed abs visible. His arms seemed ready to explode out of their tight tubes that were surrounding them. His trousers were skin tight and glued to him. The feet literally ripped through his shoes and his bulge was poking straight at me. Ready to bust a load. “What the hell happened to you?” I asked still quite shocked. “I don’t know. One moment I was eating and the next moment I felt a tingling sensation in my stomach so I ran out here and then, this happened.” Max said pointing at his body. He didn’t look any taller but he was definitely bigger. His muscles looked more defined and bulged out from all sides. “Okay listen, we can’t show you to anyone in this state. You look like the hulk just busted out of his clothes.” Max smiled and looked up at me because of my comment. “Really? You think I look like the Hulk?” POP! RRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Max may’ve been a bit too excited at my comment. His grown dick ripped out of his tight trousers and started leaking pre on the tilled flooring. “Yep now we definitely have to make sure nobody sees you.” I said looking at his grown crotch. I had to find a way out so I told Max I was going to look for an exit, whilst he would hide in the cramped cubicle ‘til I returned. Walking out of the toilets, I first examined the entrance. But to my disappointment the entrance was filled with people smoking and talking. Walking across the corridor, I found an emergency exit. “That might work, but how am I going to get him out of here without anyone seeing him?” I said to myself looking around for a solution. -Sigh- There was nothing. I didn’t know what to do. I slowly made my way back to the entrance and saw Mr. Jones approaching the toilets. “Mr Jones!” I yelled trying to keep him away from the door. “Oh hello Jake, how is Max doing?” “He.. uh.. he didn’t feel good.. and if I were you, I wouldn’t enter. He’s a real mess” I said. The sweat was dripping off of my back from the nerves of Mr Jones finding out about Max. “Oh, would you mind me checking to see if he’s alright? I did study medical school you know.” “I appreciate it Sir, but he’s alright. If you don’t mind, I think it’s best for us to leave.” Mr Jones looked a bit disappointed. Probably due to the fact that we are very close with each other (business wise). “I understand Jake. I hope you enjoyed anyway.” Mr Jones said smiling at me and getting his hand off of the doorknob. As he entered the party I noticed a small wooden box hanging next to the door. I opened the small door and found the control panel of the electricity of the building. That gave me an idea. I walked back to the toilets to find max sitting on the toilet looking worried and ashamed. “Did you find a way out?” “Yes, but you’ll have to do exactly what I tell you to do.” I exited the toilets first, looking around to check if the coast was clear. Then I ran to the control panel to shut down all the lights in the building. It was dark outside so it was pitch-black inside. People started screaming and I heard stuff getting knocked over. Max exited the toilets and took my hand as I led him to the emergency exit. Entering the car park, we searched for my car. Once we found it we had to get Max inside of it. Due to his overgrown body, he wouldn’t fit properly. Eventually we managed to get him in. We started the car and drove off. The entire drive home was quiet. I didn’t know what to say or think and neither did Max. we knew that it was all part of the pill but why did it have to happen now? And why did it have such a strong effect at the party and not at home? I kept asking myself questions about all that had happened. Before I knew, we entered the driveway. I shut down the car and got out, walking around it to open the door for Max. I opened the door and Max got his bare feet out first. Then he started to stand up and up and up... Standing at his full naked height, I was face to face with his ballooning pecs! Luckily our house was located on a deserted street so we didn’t have any neighbours. But if we had the would’ve certainly called the police thinking bigfoot was on our property. Max, now coated with a little fur, looked down at me and grinned at what he saw. “I guess you’re already my little baby, aren’t ya?” he said rubbing through my hear. I smiled at him and walked to the front door, unlocking it. I felt a warm presents behind me and knew it had to be Max. remarkably it felt like a nice radiator which was pressed against me, but in reality, it was just Max’s hot body. We both entered the house and I sat down on the couch replaying the entire night in my head. I heard some loud thumping as Max entered the room. “Err, are you okay babe?” Max said concerned out how quiet I’ve been the entire time. “Yeah, yeah, it’s just.. I haven’t comprehended everything that has happened today.” I replied smiling at him. “Hey uhm, would you like to measure and weigh me, so we can inform the doc at my progress.” He said looking at me with his innocent face again. “Alright, you get the weighing machine and I get the tape measurer.” I said standing up walking to the kitchen drawer. Max ran upstairs heading to the bathroom to get the weighing machine. He quickly returned with the weighing machine in his hands and placing it on the floor. I grabbed a chair and the tape and measured him from head to toe. Confused when seeing the results, I measured him again. “You won’t believe this.” I said looking at the tape measurer. “apparently you are 1.95 meters tall.” I said shocked at the results. “WOW, cool, and all that just with one pill.” He said looking at the jar filled with four more. “Let’s weigh your heavy body now, shall we?” I said trying to keep his attention. Max got on the scale and the arrow slammed to the right. He passed the 100 kg mark and continued down until eventually stopping at 140 kg. “140 kg of pure muscle.” He replied flexing his arms. I, shockingly, didn’t know how to reply again. Anxious, I looked at the ground. Max saw my frightened face and walked over to me, raising his beefy hands, picked me up and hugged me. “Hey, don’t be like this. You should be happy for me.” He said hugging me tighter. “I know, I’m just… processing.” I said looking at his manly face. Max kept hugging me for a good two minutes. His arms started to tighten around my back, preventing me from breathing. “MAX!” I yelled in pain. “SORRY.” He said loosening his grip and putting me down. “I guess I have to get used to all this strength.” We wrote down Max’s weight and height and took a picture from all angles to later send it to the doc. I couldn’t be bothered to send it that night so Max and I got in our sleepwear (Max’s sleepwear consisted of just a pair of tight underwear as nothing fitted him anymore) and dozed off into a deep sleep.
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    Pump up the Volume 2017 edition A post from the original Muscle evolution forums updated for 2017 I will also continue the series if you like it. Tim looked at his watch for the fourth time in ten minutes. Dan didn't seem to be coming after all. It had been a long, hot summer, and the two friends often met up in the afternoon and played frisbee -- usually in the park, but today was especially warm and Dan had suggested the beach. So Tim had turned up in his t-shirt and khaki shorts, with a speedo underneath just in case they went swimming. He'd strolled up and down the sand for half an hour now and their was no sign of his friend. He leant back against the breakwater and considered what to do. There were a couple of dozen people along the beach: playing ball, soaking up the sun or reading, and it was pleasant enough to stand here for a while and watch the world go by, especially as there were a fair number of guys here who didn't mind showing off what they'd got from all those hours in the gym. Tim had a pretty average bod in fact: not fat but a little flabby, and a bit hairy too -- hardly what you'd call athletic. Not that he was bad-looking: some of those gym-guys might have returned his looks if he hadn't been too shy to let them catch him watching them. But he could hardly stop himself from looking when he saw the three guys who'd just arrived. They were perhaps in their mid-twenties, with golden skin and sun-bleached hair, and their t-shirts did little to hide the fact that they were all extremely big guys. Tim's attention was drawn to one in particular, carrying some sort of poles, whose arms seeming to be bursting out of his shirt, and whose smooth, muscular legs rippled as his quads and calves tensed and relaxed with each step. Could they be serious bodybuilders, he wondered? The guy with the pole and another one carrying a bright orange bundle of netting stopped and started to assemble them into what must be a volleyball net. And sure enough, the third boy, dressed similarly but wearing Headphones connected to a smartphone, was carrying a ball... and looking around, as if scanning the horizon for something lost. For a moment he looked directly at Tim, slightly quizzically, and Tim, realizing he'd been staring openly at the three guys, glanced away and pretended to be getting the sand out of his flip-flops. It didn't work. Shit, the guy was coming over -- Tim felt nervous, intimidated by the guy's size: his throat felt tight as if he'd hardly be able to speak. "Hey man," the guy began, tossing the ball back to his friends and taking off his headphones, "we were planning to play volleyball, but my teammate hasn't shown up, so I was wondering... you seem to be on your own -- would you like to join us?" Tim swallowed. Up close this guy was even more amazing: his pecs were clearly visible under his shirt, nipples and all. His biceps were too big for the sleeves, which he'd roughly bunched up over his broad shoulders. Tim caught himself staring, and stammered: "Oh... I... uh... yeah, I would l-love to.... but.... that is... I mean, I've played a little, but surely I'm not in your league? He smiled disarmingly: "Ah, don't worry about that, we don't take it too seriously. C'mon, it'll be fun. Hey, I'm Rich, by the way." "Oh, er... yeah... Tim. Nice to meet you." But Tim's attention was drawn to the two other guys, who'd finished putting up the net, and proceeded to peel off their shirts, and their shorts too. Underneath they were wearing square-cut swimsuits that left little to the imagination. They stood there for a moment, displaying their muscular bodies to the world, then began to warm up, punching the ball back and forth. With each step, jump or bend of an arm, muscles bulged and rippled across their smooth bodies. Tim's eyes were nearly popping out of their sockets. He'd seen some fit guys on the beach before, but never anything like this. From what he could see Rich was built the same way as the others... Tim felt himself getting hard at the idea of his new teammate stripping off too. Fortunately, his own speedo (which considering his relatively small body he rather hoped he wouldn't be required to strip too) was tight enough to stop the bulge getting too obvious. But could these boys really want to play with him? It didn't make any sense! Rich noticed his reluctance, and also his interest: "Yeah we do like to show off a bit I guess. Look... Tim, I understand you might feel a bit shy... but here, listen to this." He handed his headphones to Tim and quickly searched for the youtube video on his Smartphone from his pocket. "If I'm not mistaken it'll give you a little confidence boost." Then he smiled slyly at Tim and winked, "Well, actually, not so little." At first, Tim couldn't hear anything, but then the music began to slowly fade in. For a few bars, it was a swirl of mysterious, floating chords: amorphous but intriguing. Then the beat kicked in: pulsing, throbbing, infectious. This wasn't the kind of music Tim would normally listen to, but he felt himself being immersed in it. A high melody started to fold itself around him, and in the background he thought he could hear some kind of hypnotic, whispered vocal, words repeating over and over again, too indistinct to make out clearly. He stayed standing upright, but felt the music relaxing him, vibrating throughout his body. He noticed that Rich had taken off his shirt and was standing watching him intently, arms crossed in a pose that accentuated his melon-sized pecs and pumped biceps -- but he was too comfortable, too relaxed to ask himself what exactly Rich was looking at. Tim started to experience a kind of tingling, prickling feeling, starting in his fingertips and rapidly spreading along his arms. Not unpleasant like an itch, but more like the pleasant feeling of scratching an itch. He looked, and gasped as he saw the tiny hairs on his arms writhing around and... could they really be retracting? It seemed so: barely seconds later his forearms were completely smooth. Meanwhile the sensation had spread across his whole body: a light tingling on his chest and back, stronger on his legs, and strongest of all -- almost a burning feeling -- in his crotch and underarms. Tim saw the hair vanishing from his legs too, and felt the hairs pulling under his clothes as they retracted. He slipped a hand inside his waistband and felt his stomach, totally smooth even below the navel. No sooner had the tingling subsided than the music stepped up a gear, modulating and becoming more insistent, more powerful. Tim felt he could almost make out the words, but as he strained to do so he became aware of something else: his shorts had slipped down an inch or two at his waist, exposing the top of his speedo, and were now sitting on his hips. Surely he hadn't stretched them somehow? And his previously baggy shirt was feeling smaller than usual, stretched tight across his chest. He put a hand to his chest, and realised that it was himself, his body, and not his clothes that were changing. It was not only Tim's chest that was growing under his shirt, pressing against the light cotton fabric. He felt his shoulders swelling up too, and his biceps ballooning until the muscles stretched his sleeves super tight. Wide, wing-like lats were spreading out from his narrow waist up to his broad shoulders, pulling the material taut across his stomach. His khaki shorts may have been loose at the waist, but he felt the legs fill up as his quads developed too, and lower down he saw he his calves erupting into perfect diamonds of pure muscle. The music continued its slow crescendo, and now Tim could hear the words plainly: "PUMP UP" it whispered, over and over again, and "ULTRAMUSCLE". And pump up he did. Rich watched with a huge grin as Tim's shirt sleeves struggled to contain him, and eventually gave way to the inhuman force of his expanding muscles, his pumped biceps and his cannonball-sized delts erupting through the material. His pecs too were still growing under the shirt: vast plates of pure muscle that pulled up the fabric, exposing Tim's smooth, rock-hard stomach and new-found 6-pack. The others by now had stopped their warm-up and come over to watch. They stood there, gazing in awe at the transformation going on mere inches in front of them. Tim gazed back at their incredible bodies and realized the three of them must all have been through this same experience. Perhaps they had felt, as he did now, their pecs growing more and more, their hard nipples starting to tear through their clothes, and their shirts splitting down the middle as their backs widened into a mass of knotted muscle. Tim's shirt ripped to shreds by his exploding body, fell to the sand. Meanwhile, the thick cords of muscle that were his quads continued to grow, reducing his shorts to tatters. Tim grabbed hold of the waistband and with a single sweep of his arm, ripped away what was left of his shorts. He stood proudly, naked except for his speedo, displaying his body: ultra muscular, ripped and entirely hairless. His torso rose in a perfect V-shape: lats flaring up from his narrow waist to impossibly wide shoulders topped with huge, round delts. His massive, sculpted, boulder-sized pecs jutted forwards several inches in front of the smooth, hard ridges of his chiseled abs. And his arms -- oh god, he thought, my arms! -- they were incredible: melon-sized biceps inhumanly pumped, and thick triceps snaking powerfully down to his forearms. His legs were no less impressive: two pistons of pure muscle with smooth quads that could have been carved out of marble, except that unlike marble they rippled and bulged, along with the rest of his body, at his every move. Of course, Tim was getting off on his own body. Just the thought of so much muscle was normally enough to make Tim hard... now that he actually had it, his cock felt as pumped as the rest of him. He reached down to feel his crotch and realized that it had grown too, and the speedo was stretched tight, holding in his package in front and just managing to contain a tight new bubble-butt behind. He grinned to himself and grinned again when he saw that the three guys all had unmistakable bulges in their swimsuits too. The music had finished now, and Rich reached out and took back the headphones. "Hey bro," he said with a cheeky smile, "welcome to the club! Are you still on for that game of volleyball... or maybe we could go someplace else? Cody here lives nearby..." Tim knew he'd follow these boys anywhere; Cody's place sounded fine. He couldn't wait to get his hands on all that muscle or to share his new body with his new friends. And he made a promise to himself that somehow, somewhere along the way, he also shared that youtube video on Facebook.
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    As always, thank you for all the support and reputation . I would like to mention that I’m having some problems at work so I’ll only upload on Sundays. Thanks for understanding and have a great Sunday! Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Changing my Life Part VIII “Rise and shine” I heard Max’s deeper voice say when I awoke the next morning. I sat up straight and looked at him. Before me, stood a tall, wide and hot muscle god with a small tray in his hands. He was wearing a tiny little speedo which, to be honest, didn’t cover up anything from his mammoth prick and a red bow tie around his neck. “Here you go.” He said handing me a breakfast tray. The tray contained 2 slices of bread, some sandwich filling, a glass of orange juice, yoghurt and a red rose in a vase. “Oh that’s so sweet. To what do I owe this?” I asked smiling at the most heart-warming breakfast I’ve ever received. “Just because you kept believing in me and helping me get through with it.” He said blushing and scratching the back of his neck as he told me how grateful he was. “This bow tie is getting a little bit too tight.” He said struggling to get the bow off of him. He sat down on my side of the bed. With one quick rip, the bow was off. Admiring the view was the only thing I could do. Max had grown so much since he started the experiment. I was pleased at how well it had been working the last couple of days and was getting excited at how much he would grow, but I wasn’t the only one that was excited. Whilst admiring my gorgeous boyfriend I saw, in the corner of my eye, that his little boy was waking up too. I quickly looked back as I didn’t want to be staring at it like a pervert. Max noticed it too and placed his big hands on it to keep it from ripping his favourite speedo. “Sorry this happens a lot since I took that pill. I just can’t stop looking at myself and enjoying what I see.” “I get it.” I said knobbing in agreement. I knew he enjoyed it as much as I did. “Hey uh, could you do me a favour?” he said rubbing his hands together. “Sure. What can I do for ya?” I asked placing the tray next to me. “It’s just that I need some new clothes and I can’t go out looking like this.” “What do you mean. You can still wear my clothes.” Max didn’t answer. He just looked at me, smiling, and turned red. “I think I grew a little overnight.” He said laughing. Max stood up from the bed and told me he would get his new stats as he measured himself that morning when he made my breakfast. As he reached the bedroom door, I immediately saw that he grew. He had to duck his head to get through the door and went sideways too. “I’ve got them!” he said entering the bedroom again. “So… how tall do you think I am?” Max asked holding the papers with both hands and pressing them into his chest in hopes that I wouldn’t see the answer to his question. “Uh I don’t know, like, 2.00 meters?” “NOPE!” he shouted with excitement “I’m now at 2.05 meters. Isn’t it great! However I do still weigh somewhat the same.” I leaned back, my head lying on my pillow. he grew over night! This can't be right. “That’s lovely, but uh…” I stumbled over my words as I was searching for the right words to tell him how I felt without him getting angry or thinking that I wouldn’t support him anymore. “What is it?” he said approaching me. “Don’t you think you’ve grown enough. I mean, this all happened with just one pill.” Max looked at me, not knowing how to react. He sat down next to me and looked down. “I thought you’d be happy for me.” he added. “I am, I’m just worried that you’ll grow too big. I still have to keep up with ya.” I said punching him on his shoulder and smiling at him, trying not to make him feel guilty; “Maybe you’re right, but I like the feeling of being the bigger one.” He said looking back at me. “You know what, why don’t we make a deal. You can grow a bit more, but when I feel like you’ve grown enough, you stop.” I said sticking my small hand out, ready to shake Max’s big, meaty hand. “Deal!” he said smiling and looking excited. Then he stopped smiling for a moment and added “Err, there’s something else I need you to do for me…” “What is it?” I asked curious. “You know how I ripped out of most of my clothes?” he said looking at some of the shirts and trousers that were still covering the bedroom floor. “Yes” I said raising my eyebrow. “Well… could you… maybe… get me some new ones?” he asked. “Sure!” I said happily. “I’ll get some new ones right after my appointment of this afternoon. But you’ll have to give me your stats so that I know what to pick.” He jumped off of the bed and walked up to me, giving me a big kiss on my cheek. “You’re the best, I love you!” After our little talk, Max gave me a piece of paper and some measuring tape and we started writing down all his stats. Once we were finished, I took my documents with me for my appointment and told Max that he should contact the doc. to inform him about his progress as I forgot to do so. He told me he’d write an e-mail and would add some pics to also show him the results. I told him that’d be fine and I left. I went to our local shopping centre which was just a fifteen minute drive. Walking around, I saw a lot of shops with XXL sizes. However, they weren’t the cheapest clothes. I got a few hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, trousers, pants, socks, jackets and so on. I even got him some new shoes because I knew that the ones he got would be destroyed by the time he’d be done. Back at the car park, I was loading the boot when I heard someone sneak up behind me, grabbing my shoulder and saying “Great to see you again.” I panicked when I turned around.
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    Great slogan for me! Where do I sign up?
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    Morning muscle friends, 06/02/2017 UPDATE: 96kg - 10% fat Loosing all the water on my body, started the cutting (low carbs) stage. Feeling bigger than ever, quality is the number one priority. Thanks for all the support, will make you all proud when on stage i hope Huge muscle hugs, Marco
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    My name was Barnaby Tabs or Berry as those closest to me call me. We were the only Rottweiler family living on Talon Street. There was nothing really special about us, my dad worked as a pilot so he was never around much, and we lost mum long ago after the twins were born. Although we were all Rottweilers we did not conform to the expectations that our kind were big and muscular with a tendency to pick fights with anyone. For one thing, I could never survive a fight being of average height and build; I barely qualified for my high school soccer team. Even my little brothers who were younger than me by 2 years could easily overpower me, but I would attribute their victory to their 3 years of being in their school’s wrestling team too. Fortunately, they know how to behave when dad isn’t around, they know I am pack leader, that and they would get no desserts for dinner if they tried anything. I never minded my school life, although I didn’t get to become the king of the school I got to spend time with my best friend Zack. He was a bright orange fox with white fur running from the bottom of his muzzle and throughout his chest. Unlike me, Zack was his own kind of rebel, sporting long head fur that he dyed streaks of purple which drooped over his left eye giving him a brooding appearance. Every day he would wear a black sleeveless shirt not that he had any muscles to show off, he was as skinny as a stick, but he thought it made him look tough. The shirt would always have an obscure band’s name on it or some smartass antiestablishment statement on it. At least he wore regular jeans to class. He and I started our friendship ever since we got partnered up in science class, probably because everyone else avoided him like the plague. He did come off as a show off know it all but I enjoyed listening to his ideas, to me he had a very mature perspective of the world. Sadly, his parents didn’t find him as intriguing as I did. Even at home he tended to be ‘rude’ with his sarcastic remarks and sharp comments. They were worried for their son, they didn’t want him to grow up into an antisocial troublemaker. Like any loving and overprotective parents they enrolled him into Camp Build Em’ Up for half of his summer vacation, hoping the group physical activities could bring a positive change to Zack. It was upon Zack’s return that my life would be turned upside down. “Jerry, Tom stop punching each other! Or so help me-“dad said assertively without taking his attention away from the road. “Tom started it first,” the twin sitting closest to the car door interrupted. “That’s cause you were drooling all over my shoulder in your sleep, you dick,” the twin sitting in the middle spoke with an irritated tone. As for me I was twiddling with my plain green shirt and thinking if it was right to match it with a pair of dark blue shorts. “Watch your muzzle young pup! And Jerry I told you to sleep earlier last night. You knew you were going to Camp Build Em’ Up today.” Dad continued driving but his stern eyes would look at us through the rear view mirror every few minutes. It was a coincidence that my brothers would be going to the same camp just a week since Zack got back from there. But, did that mean that dad thought the boys were in need of some discipline? There was never any issues before. Even they looked excited to be going as they started talking about the possible outdoor games they could take part in. Well I didn’t think much of it. I was itching to jump out of the car at the sight of Zack’s house in the distance. His parents were on their second honeymoon so we planned a week long sleepover. The moment the car stopped in front of the driveway I grabbed the handle on my backpack and sprinted out while saying my goodbyes to everyone. “Bye dad, bye guys. See ya when you get back,” I said hastily. The twins replied in unison through the half opened window, “Bye big bro.” Dad chimed in last, “Don’t get into trouble, just cause you two are 18 doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.” “We won’t,” I yelled from the porch as I waved goodbye to them. Turning back to the door I was just about to knock on it when it swung open and my paw hit a wall of abs. My brain went blank for a second, I was staring face to face with the skull t shirt Zack always wore, but that wasn’t right Zack and I were the same height. What more, this fur’s arms were huge and long, his thick melon sized biceps blocked off the rest of the doorway. My pupils trailed downwards and I saw something I shouldn’t have, 2 mammoth sized thighs straining against a pair of blue jeans and an obvious bulge the size of two baseballs. Looking upwards I saw Zack’s usual hairstyle and bright blue eyes looking down at me past his beefy pair of pectorals. “Um…Zack?” I asked dumfounded. “Uh duh, did you hit your head on your way here or something?” Zack asked like I was the one who just turned into jock in less than 3 weeks. The fox turned sideways to let me through the door. I was still taken back by Zack’s sudden transformation but before I could ask he grabbed my backpack from my paw and slung it over his shoulder. “Come on dandelion, the room’s this way. Really dude you’re out of it today.” How I wanted to say something but I figured it wasn’t the time to argue with a muscle bound teen fox. Following his wide back up the stairs we entered Zack’s room. It too had changed slightly like its owner. The walls used to be covered with posters of the fox’s favorite band and artwork, but now some of it were replace with pictures of bodybuilder furs and workout motivation posters. The shelves of books and Blue-Ray discs that covered an entire wall were removed to make room for a workout bench equipped with barbell and dumbbells. “You just caught me near the end of my workout, give me a few minutes, just relax on the bed.” Zack said as he pointed to the bed across from the workout equipment. I took my bag from him and my way towards the bed while he grabbed a pair of dumbbells. Those things looked heavy, with four large plates stacked each side. “How heavy were they?” I wondered. Before I sat down I the fur on my back stood on end and my ears perked up at the sight of how the bed sort of collapsed in the middle. It probably struggled to manage Zack’s new weight. Taking out my laptop I sat at the edge of the bed to avoid sinking it further. I was halfheartedly starting up my Roarwatch game to hide that I was staring at Zack working out. He was doing that chest workout routine I saw on the infomercial channel, a dumbbell fly. A weak gasp escaped my lips as I saw his powerful arms in action, raising the dumbbells close then pulling them away. His pecs were in sync with his breathing, every time his exhaled his pectorals rose. My cheek started to burn so I quickly looked away and was soon engrossed in my game. I wasn’t sure how much time passed but aside from the occasional grunts and clanking of metal Zack didn’t make a peep. When I finally reached my thirteenth dungeon I was exhausted, I closed my laptop and just lied down on the bed and slowly drifted off to sleep. When I woke up I saw it was 7 p.m. on the digital clock next to the bed stand, I was asleep for at least an hour. Pulling myself up, my tail ached; I shouldn’t have slept on it. I scratched my head and felt the weirdest sensation from my groin, it felt slightly sore. As I touched my crotch I suddenly had remember a weird dream I was having earlier. I dreamt Zack was standing over me, panting heavily. He pulled me by the legs closer to him before he unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. He lapped at my soft member like a hungry wolf, taking it all in and lapping it up with his tongue. My cock hardened in his mouth but he kept on sucking it. In the dream he was massaging my balls with one paw while the other went up my shirt and rubbing my chest. It didn’t take long for me to spray my load inside his maw, Zack drank every last drop eagerly. I remember feeling so drained that I was about to fall back asleep. Then the most extraordinary thing happened, I saw the fox grow. Zack stood up growling and rubbing his chest. I didn’t know whether he was in pain or ecstasy. His pecs protruded further causing his shirt to hug tightly against his chest. He must have grown taller too because I saw his shirt rise to expose his bellybutton. And his arms, his already muscular arms thickened until they looked like they could crush an apple between his biceps and forearms with ease. My vision became too blurred by then to see what happened, but I remembered hearing clothing rip before everything faded to black. I was walking down the flight of stairs heading to the kitchen when I thought of that dream. My heart felt uneasy yet excited at the same time, was it all really a dream? It didn’t help that I was turning myself on thinking about it. Shaking the thought out of my head I waited for my boner to subside before entering the kitchen. I caught whiff of bacon and waffles being made from the top of the stairs, and I couldn’t wait, Zack was always a good cook. The moment I entered I stopped dead at the entrance, across the kitchen desktop was Zack, but like in my dreams he looked bigger than when I saw him earlier. A noticeable tent extended out from my groin area. His back was half as wide as the desktop now, and the poor fabric looked like it would rip if the fox moved. “Z-Zack?” The huge fox turned with a dying pan with three slices of bacon in it, “Oh hey there sleepyhead. Hope you didn’t mind the smell, thought I make us breakfast for dinner,” Zack dropped the bacon over a stack of pancakes and served it on the counter, “eat up.” I hesitantly approached the delicious smelling meal. In my mind I decided that before I finished this meal I would get some answers. “Zack, I got to ask. What happened you at that camp?” I poked a piece of bacon with a fork nearby. “Ugh that place was the worst. They had us wake up at 5 in the morning to run laps. Then after breakfast it was the usual ‘team events,” Zack did a quotation sign in the air with his fingers when he said team, “so I was forced in with a bunch of other sweaty furs to do useless repetitive tasks.” I listened attentively while stuffing my face with food. “No I get that…” I had to pause to swallow a big piece of pancake, “but how did you get so buff? You’re like twice the size of the jocks at school.” Zack made a pff sound while rolling his eyes, “I am nothing like them. This is physical fitness. I admit the camp was dumb but the counselors really convinced me that for a smart ass like me I should have the body to match it.” “That still doesn’t explain how you grew in such a short time!” “Just proper nutrition and good genes I guess,” Zack grabbed a piece of bacon off the plate and ate it. My shoulders dropped in defeat this conversation wasn’t going anywhere. Deciding not to pursue the topic anymore I asked, “Where’s your plate?” Zack walked pass the counter and I saw that he was in his boxers now, his very thin and straining boxers. It did nothing to hide the python between his steel thick thighs. That cock was snaking along his right thigh and I swore I saw the dickhead poking through the leg hole. “It’s cool dude. You finish up, I had my protein shake and a ‘snack’ while you were asleep. Take your time I’m gonna go set up the Y box,” Zack said. Something about the way he mentioned snack sent shivers down my spine. Was he there when I had that dream? I watched he strut out of the kitchen and I blushed when Zack suddenly stopped at the doorway and flexed his glutes. Shit, he knew I was staring. After the meal I dropped the plates and utensil in the sink before entering the living room. There was no chance for me to take a good look at it when I arrived but now I saw that the living room became even simpler, there were no decorations whatsoever, just a white sofa across the big screen TV with the Y box attached to it. The TV was already on and set to a racing game. I walked over to the sofa and said, “Where am I supposed to sit?” Zack had taken up most of the sofa by lying on it. “Quit your whining, there’s room here,” Zack beat his chest and patted the small gap of sofa in front of his abs. “I think I’ll take the floor.” “Dude-lie here,” Zack said in a commanding tone. My short little tail rose on attention and my body moved automatically following the fox’s instructions. It was amazing what pounds of muscle could do to a guy’s dominating presence. So, I tried to squeeze myself in front of Zack’s might frame, my head resting on his thick right pectoral. Sure enough I barely fit but it felt surprisingly good. His body radiating warmth. Zack then pulled out a controller from behind him and gave it to me. The fox’s left arm draped over my shoulder to allow him to reach his. I was trapped in the muscular arms of my best friend and I liked it. The game then started and we raced three rounds while throwing playful insults at each other. That moment felt like the good old days, he and I laughing and just gaming without a care in the world. By the fifth round however, I had to call for a pause. “Hold on dude, I think my joystick is busted. It won’t move right,” I said pulling the right joystick back and forth trying to ge tit to work. “Oh, well I think you have a substitute joystick right here,” Zack said softly almost like a whisper. “Where?” I asked. “Here,” his left paw reached down my pants and grabbed my cock. I yelped, which must have scared Zack cause he was quickly pulling his paw back, but then I stopped him. “No,” silence filled the air, I looked up into his face, “umm… it feels good, but I don’t think that will help me play better.” Zack smiled and sunk his paw back into my shorts, “Well why don’t we stop and play something else.” His paw started to rub my cock softly. I gasped. “You know, I’m getting pretty hungry. I was wondering if you could feed me,” Zack said as he licked his lips. “Wh-what?” “All these muscles need lots of protein Berry,” the fox raised his right arms and flexed, his veins snaked up all over it, “ that’s what the camp thought me. They made us stronger with some special juices just so that we all could keep up with the games, but I learned a secret from the camp counselors one night, cum makes the growth faster.” The fox rubbed my rock hard cock faster as he bit onto my neck. My breathing grew heavier as my brain fogged from the waves of pleasure taking over my body, what Zack was saying was like something from a B movie horror film. One of Zack’s long feet grabbed my shorts and tugged it all the way down, exposing my tender behind. He wasn’t slowing down for a second, pumping my cock with increasing vigor. Zack stopped biting and pulled back, his breathing was escalating as well. I could feel something stiff poking my butt. “Do you want me to grow Berry?” Zack asked excitedly. “Yes, yes.” I answered passionately. “How big do you want me to grow?” His paw was like magic, rubbing the tip of my dick with his thumb, smearing the pre along my shaft so he could jerk me off faster. I moaned heavily, “Grow…grow out of your clothes!” My body shuddered, I could feel the pressure building in my balls. Just as I was about to cum Zack pulled his paw on my cock, back grabbed me by the hips and tossed me back until my upper body was leaning over the sofa. It all happened so fast I didn’t have time to scream. My still throbbing cock then bumped against something cold, it was the fox’s wet nose. Clutching the sides of the sofa with my claws I groaned when I felt Zack hot tongue lapping around my cock. This was the feeling in my dream, the heat of his breath and the power of his tongue dominating my cock. In just a few second I came hard in down his thick throat. The rush of ecstasy was powerful as I cummed at three times. Zack then patted my butt, and I pulled myself back to face him. There was a line of white goo on his lips. I chuckled and was about to go in for a kiss when I felt his stomach beneath my butt shake. The fox grit his teeth and his whole body started expanding and twitching. His shirt ripped in half as his shoulders broaden and his white pecs ballooned up into two thick watermelons. A rich web of veins then spread across his chest and arms, it almost looked painful to me. I held on to his wall of abs that suddenly morphed from a six pack to an eight pack. “Whoa!” I exclaimed. I wanted to back away but then my back hit some fleshy and wet from behind,. Turning my head quickly I gasped at the sight of the largest dick I ever saw, it was longer than my arm. The dickhead was leaking precum at an alarming rate, drenching the back of my shirt. His legs and testicles then grew thicker until his left leg was forced off the sofa due to the lack of space taken by the bulging scrotum. Loud creaking noises came from the sofa, it probably wasn’t designed to hold up so much weight. “Fuck!”? Zack yelled when he grabbed me with his titanic arms. They looked like someone stuffed a pair of bowling balls in his triceps and biceps. “Z-Zack? What’s wrong buddy talk to me,” I said nervously. His eyes were wild, his usual calm golden eyes now shone like a hunter that had just caught its prey. “Must.Fuck.Berry!” He said. I screamed and struggled to get away but it was no use, he was too strong. “No, no. Zack no. Don’t do this. I’m your friend you’ll rip me in half with that thing!” My ass was floating right above the tip of the muscle bound fox. I closed my eyes, not wanting to cry from the oncoming impact. But it never came. Instead I heard laughter, playful laughter. Opening my eyes I eyes I saw Zack laughing heartily at me. “Good grief, you should have seen your face. It’s hilarious,” Zack said with a stupid smile on his face. A fiery rage then build in me when I realized I had just been pranked. I kicked in the air trying to nail that mischievous fox in the chin but he was holding me too high up. “Woah, woah. Ok, I’m sorry dude. Chill,” Zack apologized and place me safely on the ground. But I still punched him in the pecs repeatedly, not that he felt anything. “You ass. I thought you turned into some kind of a fuck muscle monster!” “Sorry, sorry. It just seemed so right.” He sat up and held his wide arms open for a hug. His boner was pointing at me and dripping pre on the floor. I sniffled and reciprocated his hug from the side. Zack didn’t control his strength and held me so tightly he could have broken my back. We looked into each other’s eyes lovingly, and then I sneaked a kiss on his chin. The fox smiled and went in for a deep French kiss. His enormous tongue wrestled mine as he explored the inside of my mouth. I didn’t want it to end but Zack broke the kiss and whispered into my right ear, “Want to continue this in bed?” Blushing like a red stop sign I nodded. The huge fox lifted me off my feet and carried me like a newlywed bride. He had grown taller too as his head was closer to the ceiling than before. Snuggling against his chest my muscle fox carried me into his room for the most wonderful night of my young life.Then a troubling thought came to my mind, if Zack grew this much from the camp...what was going to happen to the twins? The End?
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    Put me down for April 11 (which just so happens to be my 59th birthday...)
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    18 months ago Lisa watched Ted run into the house and quickly eat a meal and then run back out to go to crossfit without even saying hello to her. She was used to it but it still didn't make it any easier. There were worse things your husband could be addicted to than working out she thought. She certainly didn't mind the changes to his body or the mind blowing sex they were having. But it seemed like she didn't matter to Ted anymore, he just took for granted she would be there to encourage him when he needed it and fuck him when he wanted it. Between crossfit and work she barely saw him, and when she did he was either cooking or eating and didn't have much to say to her. His new body also made her feel self conscious about her own body. She was pretty skinny, but soft all over, decent curves, but small gut. Her chest had never been big so at least she didn't have to worry about sagging there, of course her small butt sagged. But compared to other women her age she was doing pretty good, so why was she so depressed anytime she looked in the mirror now. She sat in the parking lot of the crossfit box wondering if she had the courage to actually walk in and sign up. She saw young fit people going in and out and she also saw older very not fit people going in and out. She felt better knowing she wouldn't be in the worse shape there. She thought about asking Ted if she could go with him, but she honestly didn't want to and deep down she was scared he would say no because she would embarrass him. So she chose another "box" in town and thought she would try it and maybe shape up a little bit. She walked in and was greeted by one of the coaches and he explained how taking classes would work and not to worry they would teach her everything she needed to know before she tried anything. She agreed and she would start tomorrow night when Ted was at his class. All day she was nervous about crossfit, she debating not going, telling herself it was a stupid idea. She decided she wouldn't let her fear beat her and she would go, no matter how terrible it was, she would be proud of herself for doing it. As she waited for Ted to leave she realized she had no idea what to wear for crossfit, when she looked online all the women were wearing tights or shorts that were smaller than most of her underwear. She decided on running shorts and an old tshirt, she looked like the most typical out of shape mom going to the gym ever. She got to the gym and saw the coach she had talked to earlier and he waved her over. She was happy to see the group she was with looked just as nervous and out of shape as she was and she wasn't the oldest, good start. The coach, Tommy, explained that he would be showing them crossfit movements tonight so it should be pretty easy he said with a smile that made her worry. They started with stretching and she realized she was not flexible at all anymore so this was already a workout, he then had them do a few quick laps around the gym to get warmed up. She couldn't remember the last time she ran and her lungs and joints reminded her she was very out of shape. After running and being more winded than she wanted to let on, Tommy began going through the basics of crossfit. Simple stuff probably to someone who had been in a weightroom before but to her it all looked impossible. Push ups and pull ups, she was glad he didn't make her do any because she doubted she could do one of either. Then stuff with weights, squats looked easy enough, deadlifts looked like they would destroy your back, cleans, hang cleans, power cleans, snatches, clean and jerks. He showed them all of them and she was totally lost. When it was time to actually try to do them, he tried to tell them all the things they were doing wrong, but there wasn't enough time. Everyone else in the group had the same look of wild eyed bewilderment and Tommy told them this was normal. She saw other people around the "box" doing impossible workouts with impossibly heavy looking bars and she was intimidated and curious. Could she ever do things like that, I mean if Ted could then maybe she could learn too. After the first night and being totally lost she didn't really know why she went back the next night. Maybe she was just bored because Ted was never home and they never did anything together anymore. But here she was standing in front of Tommy ready to warm up again. After their warm up Tommy said they would do a very simple "WOD" workout of the day, how cute she thought. It would be simple, 10 push ups, 1 pull up, 5 wall balls, which she was scared she would miss the ball and it would hit her in the face, and then the rowing machine, after you finished you ran back to the beginning and started again doing it 5 times. One time through and she was thinking how easy this was, except the pull up she came close to pulling herself up and Tommy said it counted. As the started the second time through the push ups were getting harder, the wall ball felt heavier and the rowing took forever. As she ran back to start the third time she was breathing heavy and the push ups were very hard, the pull up she didn't even get half way up, the ball was barely getting in the air and her back hurt trying to row. The forth time and her arms were jello on her push ups, she just hung from the bar and barely moved up for her pull up, Tommy told her to make sure to use her legs as she did the wall ball and it helped to get the ball up, as she sat rowing another coach stopped her and showed her a way to improve her form, she was still dying but her back her less. On her last push ups she felt bad but she had to do them girl style but she did them, the pull up she didn't really move, the ball might have left her hands on a few of the tosses and her rowing was actually better, but she couldn't breath. As she finished Tommy and the other coach were clapping. She looked around and realized she was the first one in the group to finish. Not everyone finished completely but Tommy gathered them up and congratulated them and told them tomorrow they would try some lifts. She was dead but slightly energized, she had beaten everyone, even if it wasn't a race, but she still won. She was home before Ted and slept like a baby, she had felt Ted try to wake her up for sex but she was too tired to even think about that. The next day she was sore all over, she thought about not going but maybe she would win at lifting too. Lisa had a big smile on her face as she drove home from the box. She had won at lifting, well she had the best form and she was the fastest, she wasn't the strongest, the bumper plates she was using weighed zero pounds she was pretty sure but she still did all the lifts and the bar by itself was heavy anyway. She wanted to tell Ted everything about how she was starting and winning at stuff already but of course he wasn't home. She also decided not to tell him she was doing crossfit too, she knew it was silly not to tell him because then they would actually have something to talk about. But he didn't want him to think she was just copying him or feel obligated to bring her with him. They would each have their own thing, even if it was the same thing, just not together. She woke up the next morning and when she tried to get out of bed everything hurt. Oh my god is this what being sore is like? she quickly googled soreness and what to do. Pretty much all you could do was drink water and move and wait for it to go away, great. She thought about skipping crossfit, but if Ted went every night then so could she. When she got there, there were only a few people from her group and Tommy congratulated them on not quitting. "Start warming up, I think I might go a little easy on you guys tonight because I bet you all are sore as hell" She and the group laughed glad that everyone else felt as sore as her. Tommy walked over to where a man had just come in the door and was shaking hands with the coaches. She could see he was older but good looking, he was wearing a polo shirt and slacks, average height, but she noticed he looked big, like almost thick in a way and filled out his clothes. Tommy came back over and she walked over to him after finished up her warm up "Who is that?" she asked "That's Don Rainer, he owns this box and gyms all over the state" Tommy said "Does he do crossfit too? She asked He laughed a little, "No, he's a former powerlifting champion, tells me all the time crossfit is too much damn work."
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    Thanks for the kind words. You'll be happy to know I almost have the next chapter done. I can't promise frequent updates but I'll certainly do my best to keep the ball rolling!
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    Yeah, I have had to unfollow a fair number of them. On the other hand, I never have any trouble finding their pix -- and I don't pay to look at them, score!
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    There are three words, especially, that shock me about this whole situation: Latinos for Trump. I understand that people are entitled to their own beliefs, but a Latino/a who supports the actions of a man who called Mexicans rapists ("and some, I assume, are good people...") boggles my mind.
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    Feeling horny after the gym, pumped up big. strength has gone up. in 2 weeks I've added 20lbs to my squat max.
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    Lisa was working harder than ever and quickly becoming one of the best women at her box. She was tight and toned and seeing some muscle but nothing like Casey. Her shoulders and back were definitely bigger because her shirts were tighter and it wasn't her boobs. Her stomach was tigher but she still didn't have abs, if she flexed her arms she saw a little bump forming and her legs were tight and a little bigger she thought. She figured she still wasn't lifting as heavy as Casey so she wasn't growing muscles like her yet. As she was getting ready to leave after her workout someone walked up behind her "So this is our budding crossfit star" She turned around and was shocked to see Don Rainer standing in front of her, she laughed nervously "I might be a little old to be budding at anything." Don laughed "Take it from the oldest guy in the room, your quite young and I hear getting quite good with your training." Was she blushing, she might have been blushing "Thank you, Don is it?" "Yes, Don Rainer, how rude no to introduce myself" he stuck out his hand and she shook it. "I'm Lisa" "Its nice to meet you Lisa, as you may know I own all the Monster House gyms in the state but this is my first try at a crossfit box. Its great to see some of our clients excelling so quickly. I know next to nothing about crossfit, but I've been around gyms and training my whole life so if there is anything I can do to help please, ask away." "Well this will probably sound silly to you, but how to other women who do crossfit get so...muscular?" "Well like any training its all about hard workouts, to gain muscle takes heavy lifting and a proper diet, no real short cut to it" "What kind of diet?, I mean I'm eating clean meals, a few cheats, and I'm happy with how I'm looking and my performance, but I just feel like I should be seeing more results" "The question is are you eating enough? Lisa looked at him funny "Well I don't want to waste all this hard work and get fat." Don smiled back "Well if you are eating correctly and training, you will gain muscle and not fat, how many calories a day are you eating now? "I don't really know, I buy 3 clean meals a day and eat them, with some snacks, so about 2000" "That's good if you want to maintain your weight now or even lose some, but you have to remember how much you are burning every night that you come and workout. Your body just doesn't have enough fuel to grow bigger muscles or get stronger at the rate you would like." He continued "How about this, give me your email and I will email you a good starter diet for you to try and see if you like the results" "Well you don't have to do that, I"m sure your busy" he cut her off "Not at all, I'm happy to do it" She wrote down her email address and handed it to him. "Great, I'll have it to you by later this evening so you can start with your new diet tomorrow, here's my cell phone number, if you need anything, email me or call and I'll be happy to help" he flashed her a smile. She thanked him and gathered her stuff. As she drove home she thought about how nice Don was being to her, he certainly wasn't offering to do this for anyone else at the box. She then realized she wasn't wearing her wedding ring, oh, I hope he doesn't think. She stopped herself she was a single woman now and there wasn't anything wrong with talking to a man. He was probably just being nice to the old lady anyway. From what she could tell, he had quite a body under those clothes and he was obviously rich, he would have women crawling all over him. The diet was already in her inbox when she got home. It looked like a lot of food, almost 2500 calories a day, if Ted could do it so could she. As she came to the bottom there was a note from Don, "Starting tomorrow morning all of your meals and snacks will be ready for you for a week, everything is taken care of all you have to do is pick them up and eat and enjoy." Wow ok, now this was a little beyond but what he would do for a gym member. She picked up her phone and called Don "Hello" "Hey Don this is Lisa, thank you so much for the diet plan, but really I can take care of this, no need for you to go to all this trouble just for me." "Lisa, please don't worry about it, no trouble at all, I'm more than happy to do it, its selfish of me because I want to see my crossfit box have a champion someday and it could be you." Lisa was shocked and honestly feeling a little pressure now "Don, I just don't know if I can accept this, and I don't know about ever being a champion" "Really Lisa, it's something I want to do, and please don't feel any pressure, enjoy yourself, enjoy the meal plan and do your best. As long as you are enjoying yourself I will be happy." "Thank you again, so if you don't do crossfit, do you compete in something else?" "I was a champion powerlifter for years but I'll admit I've lost my passion for it, too old for crossfit but maybe try out bodybuilding, everyone loves seeing an old guy in a bikini" he laughed She laughed "You should do it, I mean you're already in great shape, couldn't be that much more you need to do." He laughed "You don't know much about bodybuilding do you, it will be a lot of work, I would need to put on some major muscle before I felt comfortable getting on stage with those guys" "Well I actually know nothing about bodybuilding", she laughed, "But I'm sure you'd look pretty good with some major muscle" "Well that settles it, looks like I'm going to try out bodybuilding" "Good luck then, we'll have to keep in touch and share our progress" "Nothing would make me happier Lisa, listen we should train together, I can show you some powerlifting exercises that will help with your crossfit." Lisa stopped and thought, was he asking me on a date to the gym, she almost laughed, but he was right, he did know what he was doing and it would help her. "Alright, that sounds good, give me a little time on my new diet and I can at least put up a good showing" He laughed, "Of course, I'll be in touch soon"