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    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Five

    Should of been up for Christmas, but the holidays was crazy busy. Hopefully shouldn't be as long a wait till Part Six. Thanks for reading. Read Part One HERE Read Part Two HERE Read Part Three HERE Read Part Four HERE Liquid Manhood Chapter Five Sean normally enjoyed Christmas, but this year he nervously dreaded it. The second he stepped off the train at his hometown’s small country station his parents were amazed by his transformation. His father who was only 5’8 beamed with pride at his now 6’3 son. Sean’s mother joked about having to return some Christmas presents. The next day Sean saw her carrying a bag of already wrapped gifts out to her car, so she wasn't joking. Things got worse for Sean when his uncles, aunts, and cousins turned up. To start, Sean was as horny as ever and not being able to jerk off several times a day was really affecting him. He was washing his own sheets once every couple days just to hide the evidence and the smell. Those nighttime cum explosions were a terrible mess to clean up. He, at over 6ft and with a lean muscled body, didn't fit the Doherty family frame. Sean was a head and shoulders taller than most of them, and was probably the only one who could see his feet without sucking in his gut. The surprise and admiration at his body caused him to spend most of the winter break with a constant blush. A blush which at times could of had him losing consciousness with all the blood that rushed to his face. Like when a cousin walked into him in the night after he’d gotten up to use the bathroom. Sean was shirtless and his cousin almost screamed out in excitement at the ridges of his abs. Sean’s face went as crimson as his hair. Christmas Day revealed the new outfits his mother had chosen for him, and no doubt expected to see him wear. Two pairs of jeans and a sweater were actually something Sean wanted. A number of plain t-shirts, colourful button up shirts, and even some workout gear wasn't what he wanted or even expected. He’d spun a lie about working out to explain his new physique, so he should have expected workout gear. The other clothes weren't his normal style of dress. They were missing the puns, funny images or nerdy logos every other piece of clothing he owned had plastered over them. Though those pieces didn't fit him anymore. Sean told his parents he loved all his gifts anyway. He was very happy that they’d got him the games he asked for, but he didn't have the heart to tell them that in the days that followed he returned about half the clothes they’d brought for him. He kept the workout gear just in case. Sean even dropped to the floor and did some sit ups or push ups when his parents came knocking on his door. He wanted to avoid the awkward questions about his sudden change, questions which he himself didn't have answers for. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “My parents really like you,” Lance said to Zack as he stared into his eyes while they lay in bed together. Zack sat up slightly, pushing his meaty torso upwards with his thickly muscled arms. The two boys, now boyfriends, were spending Christmas together. This gave Zack a chance to see San Diego and Lance a chance to reveal he was gay to a very surprised family and friends. Though a number of them understood Lance’s attraction to Zack once the olive toned stud started wearing clothes more fitting of California. Right now Zack’s pecs and abs glistened with a light sheen of sweat above Lance, who bit his lip in appreciation. “Seriously… you’re gonna mention your parents while I’m balls deep in you?” Zack asked, laughing with a hint of annoyance in his voice. Lance whimpered slightly as Zack flexed his oversized cock, the thickening girth pushing against Lance’s tight hole. “Sorry,” Lance quickly replied, his eyes closed as pleasure rocketed through him. “Good, now shut up,” Zack ordered, returning to his fierce thrusting “This bed is already way too loud” Lance’s parents were downstairs, trying to ignore the sound of their darling boy being power fucked by his boyfriend, the sound of the bed’s wooden frame hitting the wall echoing through the house in time with each of Zack’s titanic thrusts. ——————————————————————————————————————————— A few days had passed since A.J. had arrived home and Barrett was hating every second of it. He could deal with the sympathy and concern from his family. He could deal with how his relationship with A.J. had moved from athletic manly rivalry and into one of just pity towards him. But Barrett couldn't deal with A.J. being his normal half naked over confident self all the time. A.J. was over 6’5 tall and stacked with well toned muscle. Unlike a lot of linebackers he was pure muscle, his six pack abs have been several stories high on a billboard in Times Square only last summer. With Barrett’s new found attraction to muscle he was struggling to control himself around A.J. He knew it was going to be hard the second A.J. arrived home, his big brother pulled off his coat to reveal a skin tight tank top. Barrett’s eyes followed his brothers pecs as they rose with each breath, the tank straining against them. Barrett then found his face pressed between them as A.J. pulled his sick little brother into a hug. There had been other incidents and they all could have been avoided if Barrett hadn't tried to be like his old self. He was forcing himself to be more confident, like the old Barrett, so he was finally leaving his room which just put him in line for running into A.J. The amount of times he’d be walking down a hallway, his eyes staring at the ground, and then he walk straight into A.J. ripped sweaty abs. A.J. never saw him coming, his big brother was always looking right over tiny Barrett’s head. Barrett was woken at 6am one morning by A.J. who just burst into his bedroom. Barrett sat bolt upright, his eyes level with the overstuffed Calvin Klein briefs that A.J. had gotten for free after a modelling shoot. “Hey bro, sorry about waking you” A.J. boomed rubbing sleep from his eyes, his bicep bulging just as much as his briefs “I’m heading out for a jog and I haven't packed anything with support” To show what he meant A.J. gave his bulge a little heft, it bounced and pushed the fat soft head of dick up against the fabric. “Ok” Barrett said simply, crossing his skinny legs under his covers Even though his erection was unnoticeable beneath the heavy sheets, he wasn't taking any chances. The smell of his room still set him off, but he thought what if now instead of imaging his old self when he inhaled his old musk he began picturing the underwear clad muscle giant in front of him. To make things worse as A.J. breathed his abs tightened and he bounced a pec impatiently. “Sooooo” he asked elongating the word This knocked Barrett’s attention from his big brothers brick sized stomach muscles and back up to his chiselled face. “So what” Barrett asked, trying not to focus his attention to his brothers jaw line A.J. sighed and dropped his meaty ass, which was barely covered by his briefs, onto the bed. The mattress sagged and Barrett rolled towards his brothers vast toned back. “You got a jock, or some compression shorts” A.J. questioned “You know, I could knock myself off running without support…. like you used to be able too” A.J. continued like he hadn't just rubbed salt on to Barrett’s still bloody wound. “I know you got rid of most of your old clothes, but are you sure you don’t have anything for me you could….. well it would be a hand me up, wouldn't it” A.J. chuckled at his own joke Barrett shook his head, but his eyes fell on his old jockstrap. It sat on his desk, next to his console controller. He’d been sniffing it only last night, thinking about the difference between his brothers and the housekeeper’s son Andre’s pecs. A.J. spotted where Barrett was looking. He pulled himself off Barrett’s bed and the floorboards creaked beneath his oversized feet. He quickly scooped up the jock and stretched it out in his hands. “It’s a bit small for me” A.J. boasted “But thanks bro” A.J. crammed his legendary equipment into the jockstrap and left the room for his jog. Barrett just signed, he slightly wanted to go watch his brother change, but he killed that thought quickly. He was going to return to sleep, but his phone buzzed as a new email arrived. It was from his college, their newsletter. Barrett wouldn't have ever read it before his change, but now he read every email he got, which wasn't many since his social life had collapsed. His eyes widened as he opened it. The email was fronted with a family crest, one he recognised from the few times he’d journeyed into the campus library. He’d only ever been there to pick up chicks, from his experience nerdy girls were always crazy in bed. It was the crest of the Haber family. Barrett was sure he’d heard that name a few times and not just from the library, he thought he heard his father mention it once or twice. The email’s title was interesting. “Lincoln University- From Salem to Campus” “A history of myth, legend and witchcraft” ——————————————————————————————————————————— Sean returned to campus sooner than he’d wanted too, he just couldn't deal with his family anymore. He’d always been close to them, but now that he was different they were clinging to him all the time. His father was adamant that Sean should try out for some sport, preferably football. Sean just couldn't handle all the attention. So he wasted money on a new train ticket, ignoring the one he had for next week and jumped on the train. His dingy dorm room was a welcome sight. He could have sworn the odd cactus’ flower even opened and oozed its strange sap like it was it happy to see him. Sean opened up his bag and eagerly set up his PlayStation, but as it turned on it started to update. The dorms horrible internet connection meant the update was going to take over three hours. Sean just sighed and started to unpack his clothes, he’d thrown out all the clothes he’d brought home and only had the new clothes he’d received for Christmas. He was currently wearing snug jeans and a chest hugging sweater. It was one of the only outfits he felt normal in, nothing like the naked feeling he had when he wore the skin tight workout gear he’d been gifted with. Sean smirked when he spotted the Captain America shirt. He’d forgotten he’d dumped it on his bed before he left. Though he thought it had been blue beforehand, now it was an odd shade of green. The blue and red shield on its front was stained green and the sky blue colouring had turned a lime colour. He sniffed the shirt gingerly, it reeked of his room. A nice familiar smell, a mix of the musky air and the slightly floral stench of the cactus sap. Maybe the colours had just run in the wash. Sean remembered a faded pair of green socks he’d tossed before Christmas, must be wear the green dye had come from. Above Sean a vein of elixir pulled itself back to the edge of the ceiling safely out of view of Sean. Sean draped the shirt over his desk chair and pulled off the warm sweater. He quickly checked himself out in his dorm rooms mirror. He couldn't help but smile at his abs, he even tried to bounce his chest, but there wasn't any movement, they just tightened. He lifted the shirt off his chair and gave it another sniff, his PS4 only on 4% download. His jaw was stained green as he pulled the shirt away from his hair. Red hairs had already started to sprout over his jaw. Sean quickly pulled the shirt over his head, it was a little tight. The shirt reached his waist, but clung to his chest and arms. He pulled at the collar, trying to loosen the high neckline. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his socks off, they were sweaty from the long train ride. Sean undid the buttons of his jeans while scratching at his jaw, he was surprised he needed to shave already. His jeans struggled to get past his thighs and then his calves, they’d been tight, but hadn't been so clingy. He pulled at his briefs, trying to get the fabric off his packed in balls. Sean sighed at the thought that he’d have to go out and buy a larger pair of jeans so soon after getting this pair. He really needed to get his head around how to wash clothes, he kept shrinking them or ruining the colour like his Captain America shirt. He checked his PS4, now it was up to 19%. Sean’s vision went fuzzy for a moment then returned with increases clarity, he blinked a few times in response to the weird change in vision. He couldn't see himself, but Sean’s eyes are brightened into deep emeralds. Sean rubbed his eyes, thinking he was just tired. He didn't noticed the light green staining fading away on his hand that he’d just scratched his chest with, nor did he notice that the hand was also slightly larger than the other. Sean almost fell over as his chest tightened, pain pulling his pec muscles and admirals inwards. He collapsed onto one knee, one hand gripping his bed and the other clutching his chest. The Captain America shirt was splitting done his back, his neck fighting against the skin tight collar. Sean pushed himself back to his feet, his legs throbbing as they magically thickened. The leg holes of his briefs strained against the muscles, and pushed against his ass as it rounded out into a boulder of muscle. Sean was knocked onto his back as the shirt burst apart. The thud of his growing mass echoed throughout his room and down the dormitory corridor. His pecs had exploded outwards in size, going from tight pecs into a shelf that you could balance a drink on. Small slithers of blue cotton fluttered in the air, the tattered remains of Captain America’s shield rested in the grooves of Sean’s brick like abs and the crevice between his slab like pecs. The green stain was gone, having been drained to fuel Sean’s growth. Sean’s mitt like hands grabbed at the carpet, his teeth gritted as pain rocketed through him. His bones creaking as they stretched longer and thicker. The remains of the shirt slipped beneath his widening back as his bowling ball shoulders popped the seams of his sleeves and finally destroyed the too small shirt. His biceps bloated by several inches, flexing even through Sean’s arms were held straight out. Hair grew down between his abs and joined up with the rich pubes that spread out from his now too small briefs. His bulge, which was already a hearty endowment looked obscene now. His growth was not focusing on that area, the imprint of his fattening balls rolled around in the overstuffed pouch. His briefs were tented upwards by an ever growing trunk of sexmeat. The pain that rocked Sean’s body died and he signed with relief, his voice husky and deep, as his briefs burst. His horse like equipment swung around splattering the surrounding area with thick pre cum. Sean took a few deep breaths, his pecs rising and falling, the light of his PS4 glittering off his sweaty chest hair. Then with fury in his eyes Sean started to jack his fat bull cock with his dinner plate hands, his grunts and groans roaring out into the dormitory and through his dorm rooms thin walls. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Chris returned to college with a reinforced wariness of the elixir. It wasn’t some simple muscle potion like he’d feared, the changes it caused appeared to not measure up to what was promised by his ancient spell book. But he wouldn't give up on it, he just needed a few more tests so he could work out the rules. Magic always had rules, ways in which it operated which could ruin everything if you didn't understand its nature. He already had a plan ready before his family’s private jet took off from the tarmac in Europe to take him back to America. Chris dosed three water bottles with the elixir, bottles which Chris had stolen from the college gym during workouts there last semester. They had the college logo on and would blend in with the untainted bottles the gym offered to refresh its users. He took the bottles to the college gym and mixed the dossed bottles in with gym’s normal water bottles. The gym was a lot quieter now thanks to the draining of the football team, so Chris was able to record who went in and out over the course of one day. This was grunt work that Melvin should of done, but the blond nerd wasn't even back yet, so Chris had to wait around an entire day. Chris recorded 17 different people enter and leave the college gym, half of them left with water bottles in their hands. Chris would find them over the next couple days. He had his fingers crossed that Yuri didn't get dossed, he didn't want that cocky Russian to end up huge. Though there were a few people he didn't really recognise, he had to do some snooping of the gym’s membership files to find out who they were, which while illegal was a perk of being the son of college’s largest donor. One scrawny black kid turned out be a 20 year old who was the football teams equipment manager, Thaddeus Stern, which was a name that didn't fit the guy at all. Chris thought the guy had gotten drained when he cleaned up the teams jockstraps when they’d first been dosed with the powder. A quick check of Thaddeus’ Facebook found that he had always been short and scrawny. Plus the jockstraps could only drain the first person to touch them or their relatives. When Chris returned to his dorm room after a long day spying his nose wrinkled at the musky smell wafting out from the room next door. A TV inside sounded out loudly, Chris vaguely remembered the guy who lived there, he was tallish, a slim build, red hair, he was kinda cute. He must of gotten back and forgot to clean up the mess he’d left last semester. Chris should have just knocked and mentioned it to the redhead, but the chance to use his family’s power was too good an opportunity to waste. So he wrote an email to the Dean’s office about the smell, he knew the Dean would get it sorted out within days. The red headed idiot had most likely left some filthy clothes out or some half eaten food had been left out to rot. Though Chris had a nagging feeling that he recognised the musky, overpowering smell. But before Chris could consider it more his phone buzzed and Melvin’s name appeared on the screen. He nearly jumped at it, eager to explain his ideas to his absent roommate. “Melvin” he called down the phone, he was already passing the room. “Where the hell have you been? I thought you were coming back days ago… but never mind that.” He took a breath and started to explain. “I dosed a few of water bottles at the athletic department’s gym, I have a list of who uses the gym, they would have access to the water bottles,” he breathed and then started again “So I can see how it affects them, because I have a theory, I think the elixir doesn’t do what we think it does, I tested it out over Christmas and the result was horrific…” He paused, Melvin was silent on the other end. He must be angry that Chris had broken the promise not to use the elixir. “I know, I broke my promise, sue me,” he continued. “But I think these water bottles will prove my idea. I think the elixir has rules on how it changes people. I just need some more test subjects to prove it.” Chris stopped and waited, a few seconds passed before Melvin replied. “Chris… we need to talk,” a voice that didn't sound like Melvin replied, it was deep, rumbling and very masculine.
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  2. Xyggurat

    The Trainer, Part I

    Hi, guys. I wrote stuff for you. My thanks to Arbotimus, who did his part to end the muscle theft drought on the forums. -X- ---------------- Part I On a blustery day in mid-autumn, the right guy finally crossed Noah’s path. It was a quarter past four in the afternoon, and just after Noah should have been leaving to head home. But he’d taken a walk-in client at noon and it had pushed all of his other appointments back by a scant few minutes. Otherwise, he might have gone his entire life without ever meeting the one. That’s just how these things happen, sometimes. He had just thrown on his jacket when he glimpsed a figure slipping through the front door of the gym in a flashfire swirl of bright-colored leaves. It should have ended there: the newcomer was far from Noah’s type, short and thin and with nary a hint of muscle under his tight shirt. But something about him held Noah’s gaze. The newcomer was handsome, in a fine-boned way. He had sharp features and skin that freckled more than tanned. His eyes were a bright and guileless blue. And there was something about the set of his jaw that spoke of firm determination. He trudged up to the front desk with the grimace of a man facing execution. Somehow, in the same time, Noah had crossed the distance between his office and the desk. He’d made no conscious decision to move, but his feet had carried him forward like they had a mind of their own. He pushed past one of the girls on duty, keenly aware that he should be heading home for another meal of chicken and broccoli. Another meal alone. He stopped in front of the newcomer. “Can I help you?” he asked. The guy looked up at him. Way up. At just over six feet, Noah was tall, but not exceptionally so. The newcomer didn’t even come up to the nape of his neck. He was definitely not Noah’s type. Too thin. Too small. “I’m new,” said the guy. “Do you work here?” To answer, Noah smirked and pulled back the left breast of his jacket. Beneath was his shiny red shirt and name tag. “NOAH,” it said, in big block letters. Beneath them was an equally bold word: “TRAINER”. The new guy blushed. Noah couldn’t be certain if those blue eyes lingered for an extra moment on the expanse of his big, pumped chest. He told himself he didn’t care. They probably weren’t even playing for the same team. “Sorry. Of course you do,” said the new guy. Noah grinned. “What can I do for you?” “Make me look like you.” Noah glanced at the clock. His schedule was already pretty full. He really didn’t need any more clients. But the holidays were coming up, and the extra money would be nice. Yeah, he decided. Dinner alone could wait. “Doable. Depends on how hard you’re willing to work,” he said. “I think I’m willing. I guess we’ll find out,” said the new guy, extending his hand. “I’m Will.” Noah took Will’s hand. A faint shock sparked between their fingers as they touched. It wasn’t painful, but both of them drew back and shared an uncomfortable laugh. Noah reached out and completed the handshake, his large and calloused hand engulfing the softness of Will’s. “Noah,” he said. ***** Their first training session was early the next morning. Will had insisted. It wasn’t that he thought he would get huge quick; he’d been clear about that when they had talked about his goals. He’d just wasted enough of his life being scrawny, and he didn’t see much point in waiting any longer. That and the fact that he’d prepaid for a dazzlingly large number of sessions sold it for Noah. He had rescheduled his first client right away. Will arrived five minutes early, just as Noah was finishing his morning protein shake. He knocked at the door of Noah’s office, peeking in like he was entering a lion’s den. When he saw what Noah was drinking, he made a face. “What is that?” Will asked. “Protein shake. Just protein and water.” Will was wearing a white tee, gym shorts, and some ragged old tennis shoes. There was something refreshingly unpretentious about that. He hadn’t, like a lot of new gym goers, bought a bunch of ill-fitting tank tops or Under Armour gear, or fluorescent shoes. He looked like he was there to work, and Noah appreciated that. “It looks awful,” said Will. “Does it taste good?” Noah shrugged. “The truth is… after a while, you stop noticing the taste. It’s all about making your macros.” Will frowned. “Which are…” “We’ll get there,” said Noah. “For now, let’s see what we’re working with.” The scale only confirmed what Noah’s eyes saw plainly: Will was little more than skin and bone. He weighed in at just a hair under 130 pounds, a fact that made his nose wrinkle as Noah recited it aloud. “I didn’t know I was that light,” Will said. Noah scribbled the figure down on his clipboard. “How tall are you?” “Five foot six.” A pause. “Okay, five-five.” “That’s not so bad,” Noah said. “Shorter guys always look bigger than taller ones.” Will snorted. “I don’t think my body got that memo.” “Well, let’s send it a message,” said Noah. He led Will over to one of the benches and loaded it up with a couple of plates on either side. It was his normal warmup weight: 225. He slid beneath the bar and gripped the cold steel. “This is a bench press,” he said. “It’s one of the most effective exercises you can do, along with squats and deadlifts.” “Why do those all sound like torture devices?” Will asked. Noah proceeded to do a smooth set of fifteen presses. He made sure to keep his reps slow and steady; his form perfect. In his periphery, he noted Will watching intently. He couldn’t tell if his client was surveying his bench form, or if those keen eyes were admiring the solid swell of his chest as he completed each rep. Finished, he hopped up from the bench. “Got it?” “You made it look pretty easy.” Will’s cheeks were a little flushed, as if he’d been the one warming up. Noah told himself they might just be red from the cold. Will settled underneath the bench and tried to push off. The bar didn’t move. “Hold up there, man,” said Noah. “Let me take some weight off.” “That might help,” said Will. Now Noah was sure Will was blushing. His red cheeks really made the freckles on his nose stand out. He grinned to himself while he took the weights off of either side, leaving Will with just the bar. Will grimaced. “Shouldn’t you put some weight on it?” “Start light, focus on good form and slow, controlled reps. I promise you’ll get up to two plates if you stick with it.” “I’m going to hold you to that,” said Will. With a sigh of resignation, he pushed the bar off the struts and lowered it to his chest. His first rep was a little quick, with poor control. The second saw the bar tilting as his left arm pushed higher than the right. With each rep, Noah offered little corrections. By the time Will had completed ten reps, his form was looking pretty decent. He racked the weight and sat up on the bench. With one hand, he massaged his chest, wincing. There were no pecs there to speak of. “Burns,” he said. “Yeah, it’ll do that, if you’re doing it right,” said Noah. “Still want to try for two plates?” Will shook his head. “I think I’ll hold off. Don’t want to make you look bad.” Noah laughed. After a couple more sets on the bench, he took Will through deadlifts, which he was surprisingly good at, and squats, which he wasn’t. By the time they had corrected his squat form, Will was drenched in sweat and they had gone a few minutes over time. Noah barely glanced at the clock before taking Will over to do shoulder presses, then skullcrushers. He decided to finish their session with some biceps curls at the preacher bench. He loaded up a bar and powered through some perfect curls. Midway through, he noticed that Will was definitely staring. He set the weight down and glanced over at his client. “What?” Noah asked. Will shook himself out of his reverie. “Sorry, I was just… your arms are scary huge, you know that? It looks like you have softballs stuck in there.” His face was bright red. Noah eyed him. That didn’t mean that Will had been checking him out. Lots of guys were impressed with his arms, after all. Not many men could legitimately claim nineteen inch peaks. “These little guys?” Noah asked. He brought his right arm up into a powerful flex. Will’s face darkened from red to crimson. Then, clearly realizing that he was staring again, he tore his eyes from Noah’s biceps and focused on the preacher bench. “My turn, right?” he asked. Will pushed past him and got into position. Noah found himself watching Will’s arms as his client struggled through his first few curls. He really didn’t have much muscle tone, just the barest hint of a curve showing when his arms strained to rep the weight. He finished the set with a loud groan, letting the bar clatter to the rack. “All right,” he wheezed. “What’s next?” “You’re all done,” said Noah. “But we just--” Will’s eyes traveled up to the clock on the far wall. “We’ve been here for an hour and a half? But I only paid for a 45-minute session.” “Don’t worry about it,” said Noah. “The extra time’s on me.” He regretted his words the instant after he spoke. He worked hard for his clients, but training was how he made his living. He couldn’t afford to just give away his time like that. But it was too late now. Will mopped at the sweat on his brow with his towel. “Thanks. I appreciate it.” “Don’t worry about it.” “So,” Will said, glancing up. “Are you going to keep me?” “I guess so. Today was an easy day, though,” said Noah. “Tomorrow will be harder, then?” Will sounded miserable. “Tomorrow, you’re resting. Trust me, by tonight, you’re going to be pretty sore. Give yourself two days to recover and then I’ll beat you up again,” said Noah. Will offered a hesitant smile. His teeth were straight and white. “Okay. Deal.” ***** Noah, Will discovered, had been a master of understatement. By the time that night had crept around, his entire body felt like it had been through a meat tenderizer. And so, at the embarrassingly early hour of eight, Will threw himself down onto his bed. As he started to drift off into exhausted sleep, he found himself thinking of his new trainer. God, the guy was an Adonis. Will didn’t think he’d ever seen someone hotter. Those steel grey eyes. The dark beard-shadow highlighting a jaw you could cut glass with. And then there was his voice, deep and husky in a way that seemed to reverberate in Will’s gut every time he spoke. That was saying nothing of his body. The way his form-fitting red uniform shirt clung to those powerful shoulders; his broad, deep chest. There was an eroticism to how Noah’s clothes stretched over his frame. He might be easier to be around if he didn’t wear any. Will could barely look at the guy without fighting a hard-on. But now he was alone, and he didn’t need to. He toyed with the memory of Noah demonstrating preacher curls for him. The bar held more weight than Will could even squat, and Noah had curled it effortlessly, over and over. The way the veins on his biceps peaks had pulsed under his thin, tanned skin as they fed blood to the taut muscles. Will was hard in a second, his cock pushing insistently against his shorts, eager to be freed. Will tore his dick free, reveling in the hot, hard length of it as he caressed it with his hand. He wasn’t especially big, just a hair under six inches, but he was hard as iron. The urgent stroking of his hand set his nerves ablaze. He went straight for the coup-de-grace. The image of Noah, towering over him and flexing, looking cocky and self-assured, filled his mind. Every detail of that moment was etched there indelibly. Even the smell of him: deodorant and just the faintest odor of clean, fresh sweat. “Noah. Fuck…” he grunted. His hips bucked involuntarily. His balls spasmed. Searing pleasure echoed down his spine and surged up the meager length of his cock. Like a wild beast, it spewed wildly, sending droplets of hot jism raining down on his sweaty skin. A second dilated into eternity. But eternity ended. Will collapsed onto his coverlet, boneless, like a rag doll, panting as if he’d had another workout. The afterglow of his incredible orgasm suffused his limbs, settling into his sore muscles with a comforting warmth. He’d never cum like that before. It wasn’t just the orgasm. For a moment, he felt… masculine. That was the only way to describe it: strong. He flexed one tortured arm, felt it with his hand, and was surprised at how hard it felt. But then the reality of his thin physique crept back in, leaving him wanting more. He couldn’t wait to work out again. ***** Across town, at the gym, Noah was getting in a workout of his own. He was settled on the same bench press he’d taught Will on that morning. Although he was tired after a full day of appointments, he felt good. Happy, although he couldn’t quite say why. Good enough to be going for a personal best on the bench press: 405. Four plates on either side, and something told him he was going to do it tonight. He locked his arms out, pressed off, and stabilized the weight. Every millisecond was an agony as he lowered the bar to his chest, then pressed it back up. One. He did it again, counting his heartbeats to keep himself from repping too fast. Two. He was feeling good about making four reps when suddenly, a wave of dizziness traveled through him. It lasted for a mere moment, but in its wake, he found his arms trembling under the weight. Gritting his teeth, he forced himself to bring the bar down. He pushed. The bar did not move. Panic welled up in his chest. He sucked in a ragged breath. No one else was in the gym. With a growl, Noah put all of his might behind getting the weight up. He didn’t care about completing the rep well, or finishing it at all. To his relief, it rose. It took the rest of his strength to send the bar clattering back onto the struts. Gasping for air, he sat up on the bench, blinking away the little dark stars that crowded in on his field of vision. He’d been so certain he was going to blow away his old max. He gave the bar a baleful look. It wasn’t going to happen that night, for sure. He felt like he had run a marathon, and his chest was on fire. For a moment, his thoughts strayed back to Will, and how much he had struggled with the bar. “Always room to improve,” he reminded himself, getting up to close the gym for the night.
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  3. garrix

    A Big Cheater

    Hey everyone, I've long sort of wanted to create a forced growth story that involved these kind of themes, but never had time to do it before. I thought about breaking it up into chapters, but I decided to go with one long story since this is a one-off anyway. I hope you guys enjoy! _______________________________________________________________________ My boyfriend Aaron cheated on me. I found out the night before our one-year anniversary. I mean, I understand why he did it. He’s been complaining about my new size and my “excessive” body hair, for months. You see, Aaron wants a male model, and I am no longer anything like that. I am “grotesquely” muscular now (I mean, is 250 lbs of muscle on a 6’ guy that huge? I don’t think so) But for Aaron, that’s way too big. I’m way too big for him. He likes men smaller, more submissive. Aaron is a smart man. He’s extremely sharp, witty, funny. He works in corporate giving and has been able to climb a steep career later quickly. All these things drew me to him when we first started dating. The fact that he wasn’t exactly my type didn’t bother me much. He’s very handsome, naturally tanned thanks to his half Mexican ancestry, and after a day or two without a razor, he gets this nice thick designer stubble. The guy totally grabbed my attention when we first started dating. It wasn’t until later I realized how controlling he really was. Aaron likes those Anglo-looking smooth chested Abercrombie model types. He would practically show disdain for other Latino gay guys. He must have had some sort of complex involving his Mexican family. Personally, I don’t understand why. Maria, his mother, is an incredibly loving and caring woman, but he always seemed to act embarrassed by her. For a time, I almost fit the bill for the kind of white boys Aaron fawned over. I used to be pretty thin, 180 or so pounds. I didn’t know this about Aaron at first, but his attempts to control my appearance, to keep me and mold me into his type, became more and more apparent the longer we dated. I’d always been pretty hairy, so I had often been described as an “otter”, which didn’t bother me any. There are some hot guys that identify as otters, but Aaron wanted me to stay shaved and smooth. So I shaved for him. What dope I was. So back to me- I like all kinds of guys. I like big hairy bearish men or thinner handsome guys like Aaron from all kinds of backgrounds, but the type I’ve always really liked the most are those huge weightlifters. Even as a kid I’d lust over those super heavyweight bodybuilders in the muscle mags. Especially the offseason type guys- Big hairy, beefy, powerfully built men, and muscle bears. But who doesn’t like a big muscle bear? Obviously, these kinds of guys are pretty rare in the gay community and they’re thankfully not the only kind of men I am into. I had never actually even dated a big lifter (and I do like them really big). Everyone I’d been with up till then was pretty normal, generally athletic. Roughly same age. In fact, I never really expected to date some bodybuilder either. But eventually, with the ability to make changes in my physique becoming easier, with the certain, shall we say, abilities that I had been blessed with and practiced (as limited as they actually are) I decided to start making changes. The little tricks I could pull, the levitation of small objects or changing the color of cloth, I billed as a magic trick and it made me pretty popular at parties. I enjoyed my reputation as an occasional magician (even though the powers of the council frowned on it). But Aaron never found out about the real spells I could weave into my life, to him it was just parlor tricks. Which is just as well. I had recently began learning and expanding my repertoire, and with much excitement I was getting to the level where I could make the kinds of changes I really desired. Actual changes in the matter and size of an object, and then, of a person. I was starting to learn the spells that for so long had eluded me. I was gaining the technical ability that was going to allow me the body I had always wanted. The kind of body I had always lusted after. First I started to change my appearance with the simple things. Non magical things. I grew out my beard, which I liked a lot, and Aaron didn’t seem to mind at first, but he kept telling me “it’s getting long, you should trim it”. Then, like I mentioned, I let my body hair grow out. Aaron didn’t like this. He said I should shave it or “at least keep it trimmed”. Good lord could he be an asshole. He was so charming most of the time it was easy to forget how obsessed with appearances he could be. His constant preening in front of the mirror should have been my first clue. “you’re getting prickly” he would complain. Once my body hair really started getting thicker after a few weeks I started getting real complaints from Aaron. I told him I was tired of shaving and trimming for him and I liked it and it was my natural appearance and he would get used to it. He didn’t take too kindly to my comments. He thought it was “gross” and needed to be trimmed. Well screw that. Then a month later I began the most serious of grievances. I started my big bulk. With my aforementioned abilities, I’m now able to make physical modifications that can be… rather dramatic. I’d done smaller transformation spells periodically. I’d changed hair color, even dabbled in minor spells that changed weight before. But all that was preparation for bigger things to come. This was going to be the most intense spell I had ever tried to cast, and really stretched me to try something I never thought I’d be able to do. Under the power of my body modification spell my physique began to slowly change. Each day after the spell had been cast I could see my muscles grow fuller, thicker. The gains I made were just slow enough that it might possibly be viewed as steroid induced, but fast enough to provide me with the results I eagerly waited for. Aaron certainly accused me of doing a cycle, which I didn’t mind. Watching my muscles inflated rounder, fuller, thicker day by day turned me on. It was such a rush, and I was getting so much stronger in the gym. In less than three months I grew from 180 to 225. I outweighed Aaron by 30 lbs, and was definitely outlifting him. It bothered Aaron a lot. It’s definitely a power thing, as a top he didn’t care for me becoming bigger and stronger than him. “You’re getting too big” he complained. I got big fast and it freaked Aaron out. He quickly went from being the bigger man to being smaller than me, less muscular and weaker than me. That really upset him, though he tried to hide it. At first he was competitive with me in the gym, but after I started out benching him and out lifting him, he lost interest in working out together and started going in the mornings instead. I know that was because he was embarrassed by how much stronger I was than him. Part of me was sympathetic. Aaron is a control freak and he must have felt like he could control his boyfriend before I started growing. I thought for a time of turning the spell on him and have him grow, but then I figured…He probably wouldn’t want to get that big. It wouldn’t be ethical to change someone without their permission, right? We stopped having sex. I know it’s because I had gotten too big for his taste. I grew to 240 and then some. I loved it. I was benching 275 with ease and with all my chest hair I was looking like a big muscle bear. My muscles budged in all my shirts. My arms were 19” inches around. I began to notice that I was (and am still) getting attention from a totally different set of people, and boy was I getting a lot of attention. The attention was also starting to come from kind of people who I also favored. Other big gay lifters. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe to fit my new size, but I was happy. I couldn’t keep all of my gains totally lean, so my midsection thickened a bit. My face filled out some too, but not too much. I just sort of bulked up into a big guy everywhere. My arms, my chest, shoulders, back, butt, thighs grew beefy and strong. I looked like the offseason bodybuilder, the kind I always wanted. I didn’t care if my abs were defined. My stomach was so hairy I couldn’t really see them anyway. Though, to be honest, I really only feel that big when I see a picture of myself. That’s the only time I really realize how large I am now. And that reminds me of when, a month before our anniversary, Aaron decided he didn’t want me in a facebook photo with him. He said with a half-joking smile “No one is going to recognize you anyway, now that you’re a roided out Sasquatch”. He told me I was “turning into a muscle freak” and that I “needed to stop juicing” so I could look normal in pictures again. I guess part of me knows I should have dropped him right then, or he should have dropped me, but part of me still had this attachment to his charms, which are numerous. And again, he’s also really handsome. For all of his apparent self-hate, I think it’s his mixed ancestry that provided him such stunningly good looks. So then Aaron cheated on me. Apparently he had been cheating on me since I had started bulking up. He was cheating on me before I even really got big! And then, a day after we broke it off, that asshole had the nerve to flaunt his new blond boy-toy in front of everyone on facebook. He didn’t give a shit about me. Now he could bring Elliott out in the open and show him off. The picture he posted of the two of them, with Elliott grinning like an idiot was the last straw. That dumb blonde twink and my idiot ex had really poked the bear, so to speak. He was going to get it. What it was, I wasn’t sure. So I was angry, feverishly thinking about what I could do. I could turn his stupid twink boyfriend into a toad (the council would never let me do that if they found out about it) or maybe I could make Elliot fat, or I could shrink his dick… (again, the council would notice) In actuality, I really couldn’t do any of those things. For one I didn’t know how to and for another, the council monitors the use of spells and especially, especially the use of curses. I think, to be honest, the regular spells don’t receive any attention, but using anything that can qualify as an actual curse lights up their screens like a Christmas tree. It would be seen. And I could get into big, big trouble. So what could I do, then? Something to fuck with Elliott and Aaron, but nothing damaging or hurtful. If I got audited, it would have to be something I could spin as a blessing, as harmless. It also had to be something I knew how to actually do. Something I had experience with. Muscles and hair, naturally. That's what got him to dump me, and well, everyone likes muscle, right? The council could overlook me giving some stupid gay man gigantic muscles, right? What if I made Elliot so big Aaron would be disgusted by him? What if I made Elliot so hairy you couldn’t even see skin on his chest? Or so huge he could barely move? Well , that is exactly what I decided to do. I will be honest, I sort of stalked Aaron and Elliot that week. By the time I cast the spell I had been observing them from afar for several days. I felt like I had to do this to perfect the spell. The greatest thing about my spell, if I do say so myself, is how layered it is. I really did my homework on this one, because Elliott would be oblivious. He wouldn’t notice a hair of his out of place, so to speak. Now that was my masterpiece. That took a hell of a lot of preparation too. Part of me was sure it wasn’t going to work. But sure enough it did. Elliot Zimmerman was soon going to turn into a gigantically overblown muscular furball. ____________________________________ Elliott and Aaron had gone to Palm Springs the weekend the spell took hold. As Aaron drove that Friday evening the first changes began. Dark hair began sprouting underneath Elliott’s shirt. His thin blonde treasure trail began to grow wider, darker and thicker. Oblivious to any changes, Elliott just scratched mindlessly as a fan of short, dark hair began to spread and first over his stomach, then over his chest. Aaron, concentrating on the road, didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. The sun was setting, it was getting dark in the car anyway. Elliott’s beard began to sprout, growing high up on his cheeks where no hair had grown before. It came in thicker and darker than ever, contrasting with the light hair on his head. In the dark car, Aaron didn’t even see his boyfriend’s new stubble. The same dark hair began to spread over his forearms and on the top of his hands. Elliott’s body hair spread rapidly and grew long, soon completely covering Elliot’s thin torso. It rapidly formed a forest on his chest and stomach, all the way to the base of his neck. Black hairs began to poke out from under his collar. The growing fur began wrapping around to his back, spreading out into a striking pattern. It continued to lengthen and thicken until his entire back was covered in the same thick carpet of hair as his front. His chest hair had grown so bushy and dense that it began to poof out his shirt ever so subtly. Soon there was unbroken thick coverage from his beard all the way down to his toes.. Elliott had in the course of about an hour gone from a fairly hairless guy into an exceptionally hairy young man. At the same time, Elliott’s shirt started to get ever so slightly tighter around his lean frame. By the time he stepped out of the car in Palm Springs, Elliot was nearly 10 lbs heavier. He didn’t know that was the amount at the time, but it was apparent on his thin body that his muscles had grown. Aaron, upon stepping out of the car and seeing his boyfriend, suddenly became aware of the changes. First and most obvious was the thick stubble, which Elliott never had had before. Secondly, his arms were completely covered in thick black swirls of hair and his collar showed a thicket of long chest hair. “What the fuck is this?” Aaron exclaimed poking at the hair at the base of Elliot’s neck. “And when did you start growing a beard?” Elliot just shrugged. Nothing really seemed different to him, he didn’t feel any different. “I dunno” he replied This seemed to infuriate Aaron even more. “What do you mean you don’t know? You didn’t look like this when we left LA! Is this some kind of prank? Did someone put you up to this?” With his long fingers, Aaron grabbed some of the long hairs at the base of Elliot’s neck with his hand and pulled hard. “OW!” Elliot cried. “That hurt!” Aaron looked at the almost two inch long chest hairs he had pulled out that were now between his fingers. “Disgusting!” he exclaimed. “What kind of prank is this? Did you glue this on? Where’d you get this hair? This is disgusting Elliott, this is really gross.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about babe. Let's get inside the hotel.” Elliott replied calmly. The two made their way inside and into the hotel room. Aaron kept looking over his boyfriend, shocked to see his bushy forearms, covered in thick black hair. The hair continued up his arms and on the other side of his collar, he saw a thick fan of hair extending down his neck towards his back. Aaron could only guess what hairy mess lay underneath that snug tee shirt. And was it his imagination or did Elliott look bigger too? He couldn’t be sure. When they got into the room, Elliott, not keen on revisiting the strange behavior Aaron was displaying, just calmly set his stuff down and started the shower. Aaron looked on in horror as Elliot stripped of his shirt, unveiling what had to be the hairiest torso he had ever seen. Completely covered in swirling masses of black hair, from his stomach up over his chest and shoulders to his back. Everything was covered in a nearly equally thick distribution. Not only that, but the short beard he sported was looking longer, growing farther down his neck and totally merging with his chest. Aaron was beside himself. “Jesus christ, you’re like a fucking monkey! What the hell has happened to you? This can't be, this isn’t real!” Elliott just looked at him puzzled as he continued to prep himself for the shower, pulling off his socks and taking his braclets off. “I mean, this has to be glued on” He continued. Aaron walked up close, reaching out and touching the thick hair with his hand. It felt real, it looked real, but all that was impossible. How could a blonde guy have sprouted a total rug of black hair all over his body in the span of a few hours? Aaron looked up, in the light Elliott’s hair appeared brown, not blonde. “What is going on?! Is this like hidden camera or something?” Aaron continued. “It’s super gross. You’ve got to take this off.” “OK, I’m jumping into the shower now” Elliott said, ignoring the hysterics of his boyfriend. Aaron watched his boyfriend, now the hairiest man he had ever seen, turned his furry back to him and walked nude to the shower. “I think I’m going to hurl!” Aaron yelled back, full of hyperbole. Aaron started poking around the room, looking for a camera or some sort of indication that this was a prank. He tried to figure out if he was on something, maybe he was high? Maybe they were both high and he was hallucinating. Aaron splashed water on his face and then went to bed. He tried not to think about whatever was happening too much. He dozed off only to woken up a half hour later by the feeling of a beard rubbing up against his neck. Elliott was cuddling with him. Aaron could feel all this hair, pressing up against him as his boyfriend snuggled up close. “Off!” He protested “Off of me until you either take that nasty costume off or shave it off” He protested. Elliott again just shrugged his hairy shoulders and turned to face the other way, cuddling with a pillow instead. The next morning Aaron woke up, having nearly forgotten about the night before. Until he looked over and saw the large, dark haired, heavily bearded furball next to him. The man still had the face of Elliott, but his beard looked to be three inches long. Every inch of his muscular body was covered in a carpet or black hair. Even though he was still laying down, there was no mistaking that Elliott was bigger. “Jesus, Elliott, what has happened to you?” Aaron asked loudly. Elliott’s eyes flickered open and he stretched his long, powerful arms “Wha?” the man groaned in response. “Elliott, wake up. I know this can't all be real. Take this disgusting costume off, stop trying to pretend… “ As Aaron said this he pushed his hands into the powerful hairy expanse of Elliott’s newly muscular back, feeling the rippling cordes of solid muscle. There was no mistaking the feeling of pushing into muscle like that. Aaron moved his hands around to Elliott’s larger shoulders. this wasn’t fake, this wasn’t a costume. This was real hair and real muscle. Aaron’s eyes grew wide as he realized that the man he was in bed with was indeed Elliott Zimmerman. Overnight 40 lbs had piled onto Elliott’s frame. The man had rapidly grown from a twink to a superhairy musclebear. Aaron felt like he must have been losing his mind. He had to be dreaming. His boyfriend looked like he was just inflating with muscle. The man half asleep next to him was over 220 lbs of sculpted, hairy, muscular beef. Elliott groaned again: “I’m starving. Can you get me something to eat?” Aaron decided he’d probably need some fresh air. “I’ll get something.” Aaron said, throwing on a shirt and heading out. He tried to clear his mind, figure out a rational explanation for everything. He tried to reason with himself, figure out why he might be hallucinating or dreaming. By the time Aaron return with some coffee and a bagel, Elliot was up out of bed, a shirtless hulking beast hunched over the table in their hotel suite. He was busy cramming food into his mouth. The man looked absolutely massive now. “Goddamn, what has happened to you?!” Aaron exclaimed again Elliott looked up doe eyed. With food in his mouth. “Huh?” He muttered. “Oh, sorry, I got hungry and you took so long… I ran downstairs and got some stuff.” Elliott had now surpassed 250 lbs and was growing just a little larger with each bite. Aaron stood there, mouth agape. He was watching his now dark haired boyfriend grow beefier by the second. With eat bite there would be a slight swell of his rounded shoulders, or a flex of his thickening traps, or a little twinge on his meaty forearms. Aaron stood there silently, able to see his boyfriend blowing up into a furry behemoth right in front of him. Elliott didn’t seem to mind the changes . He seemed actually to not really be aware of them, except for in the sort of most vague terms. He knew his shirts didn’t fit him anymore, but he didn’t really seem to know why. Even when he looked in the mirror, which now reflected gigantic bodybuilder with enormously broad, bowling ball shoulders and massively meaty, extremely hairy pecs, Elliott didn’t seem to process it. Elliott continued to stuff his mouth full of the pastries, sandwiches and snacks he had found downstairs. He had virtually stockpiled food in the hour that Aaron had been away. And soon he was pushing past 270 lbs of offseason fur-covered muscular beef. Something about his heavily bearded face also made him look different. He looked even darker. “There’s a taqueria next door we should go to!” he said with a near perfect accent. “Stop it! Stop it!” Aaron exclaimed. “You’re turning yourself into a monster! Stop eating!” Elliot stopped, but he just stood there, puzzled. Neither of them really knew what they could do next. As the day wore on the growth continued, it slowed down, but it continued throughout the rest of their Palm springs vacation. Aaron was shaking though, the changes put him on edge. Nothing seemed right. Even Elliot’s face was becoming harder to recognize. His hair was black, his skin was tan. His nose, something about his nose looked different. He sounded the same, he was the same height, but everything else was so totally transformed that Aaron hardly couldn’t believe it was real. Much to his own disgust Aaron had to track down a big and tall shop in town to find clothes for Elliott to wear. At his new size, nothing he owed would even come close to fitting. “Gracias mi amor” Elliott said when Aaron returned with his new clothes. “Te quiero muchísimo”. Aaron just sat there puzzled by his flawless Mexican accent. Elliot didn’t ever speak to him in spanish. Part of Aaron wondered what it would be like to parade around with a huge 300 lbs slab of muscle freak on his arm. It might come with a certain cache to be seen with a giant gay muscle freak who could be seen as “his” boy. At the same time, Aaron was still disgusted by how overly hairy and large he was. In his mind, it was beyond disfiguring. Complete excess.Totally gross. He has never been with a man so big, but at least Elliot seemed as placid and under control. Maybe he could turn out to be a giant muscle slave of his afterall. Watching Elliott walk now would almost be comical if he wasn’t so baffled and shocked by the transformation. The huge man now sauntered with his legs apart, thighs bulging so thick that they inevitably rubbed against each other, his back so broad that it forced his hefty arms up from his sides. Later that day Elliott wanted to go to the pool, but no longer owned swim trunks that would even get past his bulging calves, so regardless of the rules, Elliott went skinny dipping behind Aaron’s back. Staying at a gay establishment proved beneficial for the enormous muscle man. They were quite tolerant of his rule breaking. Elliott attracted a huge amount of attention from the gays around him. Aaron was beyond embarrassed. To him, Elliott looked totally deformed from too much muscle. A body warped into a ridiculously unattractive size, covered in so much hair that he looked more animal than human. Elliott’s beard was wild and untamed, growing down to the top of his overgrown chest. Nonetheless, somehow this huge hulk was attracting choruses of “woofs” from the older men around the pool, all of whom were impressed. “Is that your boyfriend?” one older bearish man asked Aaron poolside. Aaron nodded sheepishly. “Man, you latin boys sure can grow nice and big. What are you feeding him!?” Aaron didn’t even know how to respond. Latin? Was Elliott latin now? Sure enough, the dark tan he had developed, the excessive black hair, the strong prominent nose...long gone was that blond waspy look. Elliott could definitely pass for latino now. As he stood there, disapprovingly watching the whole scene unfold, he heard Elliott use the kind of slang his gay cousin would say. “Aye, papi...” he said to one of the 40 something bearish men flirting with him in the pool. What had happened to his boyfriend? Aaron cursed himself internally. He now had an overblown latino gorilla as a boyfriend. Had Aaron been with this freak the whole time? Had the small twink he had envisioned actually been some massively overgrown hairy cholo? Whatever was happening, this wasn’t for him. How was he going to get out of this? Aaron had enough of the gawking and attention from the rather rambunctious older gay crowd. They wanted a piece of his now enormous boyfriend. Elliott liked the attention, flexing his now 25” inch arms and getting a chorus of ooos and awws. Aaron stormed off, something Elliott didn’t fail to notice even in the crowd of his adoring fans. Elliott went out with his new “friends” from the pool, eating and drinking that evening. Even some fooling around. By the time Elliott returned to their room at midnight, he was shirtless, bigger than ever, and drunk. How 350 lbs man could get that drunk was a mystery. They left palm springs the next morning. Aaron didn’t say a word to the overblown muscle bear next to him on the car ride home. He was passed out anyway. There was hardly room to move in that car, with Elliott's shoulders pushing right over the seat into Aaron. It made for a cramped driving experience. Aaron kept looking over with disgust at the overgrown freak next to him. At least he had trimmed his beard back. He was still so gross though, his muscles so bloated, so covered in sweaty, nasty body hair. And his face- he wasn’t even handsome anymore, with that big nose, huge black eyebrows and beard. Aaron said to himself. A disgusting, ratty mess of hair everywhere. And all that enormous disfiguring muscle. He looked totally deformed to him now. How could any man find this pile of meat attractive? Some guys must be into the missing-link look, he reasoned. Aaron heard his soon-to-be ex mutter something in spanish in his sleep. ‘And now he’s Mexican, of course’ Aaron thought to himself. He had the face of some nasty gay cholo like his cousin and his friends. He cringed at the idea of dating one of them. _______________________________ 10 days after I had laid the spell down on Elliott, I gasped at the beautiful,freakishly large muscle hulk my work had created. He was walking in WeHo, crushing the sidewalk and getting stares from every passerby. His thighs rolled around each other, fighting for space. His shirt and shorts were barely containing all his hairy mass. Dark hair, dark eyes and the biggest muscular build I’d ever seen. Every inch of him bulged with extreme mass. I really didn’t even recognize him. He was like a dream. Gone was that twink I hated, here was a overgrown, hirsute latin mass monster I had created. He really did look latin too. Extremely handsome. I was quite proud of my work. The sheer freaky size and furriness factor was the only way I could be sure I was looking at Elliott. 400 lbs superhairy muscle freaks don’t exactly come along every day. And he was far inconspicuous everyone was staring at him as he sauntered along, his huge mass flexing and bouncing with each step.. And clueless Elliott knew no different. It was as if he had always looked this way. He imagined being 400 lbs of rippling muscle was just as natural for him as having black hair and a furry chest. Although now he found himself single again. After Palm Springs Aaron had stopped talking to him all together. He wasn’t even responding to his texts, even the little love notes he had sent in spanish. Elliott was truly a sight to seen. Every muscle bulged and flexed with just the slightest movement. His traps, his massive rounded delts, his huge furry chest and thick, hair-covered cobblestone abs. The man’s massive back was even covered in a carpet of hair. There just were no bodybuilders who compared to him in size now. XXXL shirts were struggling to hold together on his massive frame. His arms were pushed out far to his sides because of the sheer size of his lats. God, he just exuded testosterone. He just exuded a hyper-masculine, overblown sexiness. So much muscle. So much to flex. And Elliott was totally clueless about why he was so special. Our eyes met on the street. Fuck, I wanted him so badly. I wanted that gorgeous, huge muscle beast. And damn it, I was going to have him. ____________________________________________________________ Aaron was still shaken by the weekend with Elliott. How could anyone transform like that over a few hours? He kept looking at pictures in his phone of the smaller blond man he had dated before Palm Springs. A total opposite of the mexican muscle freak he had left with. He wasn’t crazy, he couldn’t be. There was something going on that caused Elliot and even his previous boyfriend, Kevin, to grow into huge bodybuilders. He couldn’t say how, but it must have connected back to Kevin. Aaron had a new man that weekend. Some hookup from Grindr named Spencer. A cute, shorter recent grad from UC Irvine. Spencer had the lithe little build of the white guys he usually went for. It was in such dramatic contrast to the monster he had just parted ways with, not hairy, not dark, not overgrown. The two jumped in bed together the first chance they could. As Aaron lifted Spencer’s legs up in the bed and began pounding his ass, something strange started happening. The few hairs on Spencer’s chest started spreading, growing a little thicker and fuller. With each thrust Spencer’s body inflated ever so slightly larger, growing more muscular, more defined. Aaron looked down after a moment to see a now hairy chested, athletic looking man who was starting to visibly grow in front of him. He stopped pounding him immediately, freaked out by the noticeable developments. “Ay, No terindas!” Spencer said in effortless spanish. Aaron’s blood ran cold. “Fuck!” was all Aaron could mutter as he watched his Grindr hookup’s dark chest hair grew visibly thicker, spreading over his shoulders. At the same time, Spencer’s muscles started to balloon, becoming heavier, thicker and larger right in front of him. This time, the whole thing was happening even faster.
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  4. arbotimus

    The Hazing

    This one got me especially hard while writing it. Special thanks to Xyggurat for the story idea and help along the way. Neal ran his favorite red styling brush through his hair, slicked back and neatly trimmed. The last stray strand was finally wrangled into place, the caramel color of his Indian skin contrasting subtly against his perfectly symmetrical hairline. His large, brown eyes inspected every detail of the finished product in the mirror. Neal spent almost an hour every day washing and styling until his hair was perfectly coiffed. He wasn’t the most handsome gay on the block, but he certainly cleaned up the best. His collared shirt and khaki shorts that cut off above his knees lent a preppy air to his clean features. This was Neal’s favorite part of the day, putting his face and outfit together. If he had spent half as much time in the gym as he did styling, he would be a god. Neal chose instead to hide his lanky features beneath designer clothes. He headed downstairs from his room to the first floor of the frat house he lived in. They were a small frat at a small university, but everything here was orderly and clean. That was a large part of what drove Neal to this frat in the first place. He liked sanitary living quarters. Joaquin met him as he made his way towards the entrance. “Are you ready for this?” he asked. “Honestly, I just want to get it over with. I’m not terribly interested in bossing a little brat around in the name of brotherhood.” Neal replied. “Aww, come on, lighten up. It’ll be fun, having a personal servant for the next few days. I am, of course, lending my slave to Cyndi as a, uh, belated anniversary present, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a little fun,” he said. “I think that’s called abuse of power, Joaquin,” Neal said, mostly jokingly. “Eh,” he shrugged it off. They strolled together out of the house to join the rest of their brothers on the lawn. A row of timid freshman stood before the group, most trying to hide their anxiety with feigned careless expressions. Neal gave them all a quick once-over to assess which one would be the least annoying. One in particular caught his attention. He caught everyone’s attention, probably, standing a head taller and about twice as wide as the rest of the nominees. His slightly wrinkled gym clothes and unshaven face made Neal cringe a bit, but the rugged ensemble was balanced by arms that stretched out his sleeves to straining and a chest that stuck out in high relief through the tight fabric. Neal’s imagination filled in the loose space below with tight abs that clenched every time he inhaled. Neal guessed that he had to have been a former wrestler who had taken up bodybuilding. He was not often wrong about things like these. Neal moved his eyes on down the line, pretending that he hadn’t taken special notice of the Olympian stud that stuck out like a phoenix in a flock of pigeons. But as the rest of the sordid cast failed to impress him, his gaze wandered back over to the veritable Adonis. He quickly found himself lost in the icy blue eyes that were both confident and a little bit sly, staring casually ahead. His blond, short cut hair was dulled but still vibrant in the early morning light. He was the image of masculinity and youth. Helios in basketball shorts. Neal was torn from his reverie by the sound of a throat clearing. John, the frat president, proceeded with a long-winded speech about the meaning of brotherhood and the tradition of the fraternity. Neal couldn’t be bothered to pay attention while he was so busy with his exaltation. John blathered on with his trivial monologue, explaining to the pledges that they would be assigned to fulfill the needs of a brother for the next three days to demonstrate their loyalty (and not, Neal noted, just as an excuse to avoid doing chores). The hot pledge was focused intently on John. Lucky John. “And now for your assigned brothers…” John said, listing off names as ceremoniously as he possibly could while standing on a plastic chair in the tiny, unadorned lawn. “Kent and Neal,” he said. And, of course, the hot pledge stepped forward. Although he had a name now, Neal thought. He should probably learn it. Kent Kent Kent. Neal glanced at John and gave him a brief look of exasperation. John knew he was the only gay brother in the house, and clearly this had gone into the decision making. For the first time since he started speaking, John gave a subtle smirk, as if to say “You’re welcome.” Neal took a deep breath and approached Kent with all the poise and confidence a senior brother should have over a pledge. Kent approached him calmly, holding out his hand. His gaze aimed downwards into Neal’s, the intensity of the color giving Neal a momentary pause. “Kent,” was the only thing he said. “I’m Neal,” he responded, shaking Kent’s hand. Firm and rough, a weightlifter’s hand, and he didn’t shake lightly. His hands felt clean, at least, even if he was overall scruffy. Kent was about to speak again, but Neal interrupted him. “But you can call me big brother for today. My first class starts in half an hour. You’ll carry my stuff to class.” Even though Neal was trembling on the inside, he was not about to let it show. Kent took to his role as personal butler quickly, and readily accepted Neal’s backpack. Neal guided them forward, Kent following deftly behind. Small talk ensued. Kent was here on an academic scholarship, a transplant from California. He had planned to go on to medical school somewhere on the west coast. “If we’re being honest, I thought you were here on a sports scholarship. What with the school logo on your shirt and all.” Neal said. Kent gave a sympathetic chuckle. “Yeah, I get that a lot.” “I bet” Neal said. “I could if I wanted to, though. The teams around here aren’t much to sneeze at. And, I mean…” he motioned down to his body, as if to say “look at me.” So modesty wasn’t his strong suit. Neal gave him that resigned but sassy “oh really” look. Meanwhile he was fighting a public erection. From the look on his face, Kent knew exactly how to play this game. The more he could fluster his big brother, the fewer menial tasks would be thrown his way over the next three days. Neal’s mind wandered back to past exploits who, though not quite as built as Kent, had used him until something better came along. Each one had blighted his confidence, and now there was not much left to speak of, at least internally. He turned away from the Kryptonian display, not eager to let his highly polished exterior falter. This was going to be a torturous three days. Then, as if to confirm his fate, a passing gull left a messy present on Neal’s shoulder. While he usually prided himself in his composure, unexpected messes were almost intolerable. Kent let out a small chuckle. “Go in the front pocket of my bag and pull out the baby wipes.” Neal demanded, coming unhinged. Kent did as he was told. Neal started scrubbing furiously. “I can’t see it very well…” Neal said. He glanced at his burly butler for a moment, contemplating his position. “I need you to wipe it off for me.” Neal held his breath as Kent’s body towered over his own. He watched the burgeoning arm muscles tense and harden as Kent started to clean him. Neal was trying his hardest not to get aroused, but he was doing a poor job in the face of such overwhelming temptation. Kent’s scent somehow reminded him of his grandmother’s house in New Mexico. Neal was about to lean in closer when Kent paused. Neal glanced over his other shoulder to see what had happened. A group of muscle-bound jocks were sitting at a table in the distance and giggling in their direction. “You know them?” Neal asked. “Yeah, my friends…” Kent said. Neal paused for a moment. He was torn between basic human kindness and his almost irrational compulsion to not be covered in bird droppings. His current status as master to this muscle-bound servant tipped his priorities towards the latter. “Keep scrubbing.” Neal could have sworn that Kent started blushing. Neal felt something strange well up inside of him. It was oddly pleasant, starting at his chest and emanating outwards towards his back, arms, and legs. As it faded, he felt as if he had just finished a light workout and he was slightly out of breath. He felt spry, limber, and refreshed. Eventually the stain faded enough for Neal to feel secure again, and Kent backed away. Neal thought it was almost kind of cute to see him fumble. Kent regained his composure as quickly as he had lost it, but Neal did not forget the feeling it inspired. That night, Neal reflected on the day as he began his nightly beauty rituals. Aside from the bird poop incident, Kent had not faltered in his cocky jock persona. He picked up Neal with a casual ease when he tripped over a crack in the sidewalk, bragged over his medical knowledge despite being a freshman, and opened a jar in half a second that had refused to yield to Neal’s scrawny arms (exaggerating the flexion in his forearms and biceps as he twisted the lid). Neal felt like he was the one being hazed. No matter what he asked Kent to do, he did it with such ease and confidence that Neal was the one left embarrassed. Neal disrobed to his boxers, which were his nightly wear in the heat of the summer. He noticed that his body looked more toned today. A little bit rounder in the shoulders, more defined in the abs. The curve of his triceps even started to make an appearance when he flexed them. Apparently just hanging out with a jock was enough to make you more like them. Neal hopped into bed, proud of his small victory at the end of a drudging day. Kent was all too chipper the next morning when Neal came out to greet him. Neal was preemptively exhausted by the day ahead, and tossed his backpack towards Kent. Kent caught it and lifted it up and down a few times, showing off the smooth, round marble that composed his biceps. “A little heavier than yesterday,” he said. “I have a lab today,” Neal responded, knowing that an explanation didn’t really matter. Neal trudged onwards towards class, Kent following dutifully behind him. Neal noticed that his shadow was eclipsed by Kent’s. Even following in Neal’s wake he was demonstrating his superiority. That was until Neal happened to glance Kent’s friends out of the corner of his eye. Deciding that it would be okay to be late for just one class, he took a detour in their direction. He flaunted his impotent attendant as he passed. Fortunately for Neal, one of Kent’s friends was quick on the draw and threw a piece of paper on the ground near a trash can. Neal didn’t wait a moment. “Go pick it up,” he said. Kent hesitated for a moment. “Well?” Neal asked, letting a mischievous grin escape. Kent was now blushing full force. “Go on, golden boy,” said one of Kent’s larger friends. Kent did as he was told. And Neal felt it again, the pleasant humming in his chest. It was stronger this time, and did not fade as quickly. He thought he might be imagining it, but his shirt felt a little tighter as it ended, and his shorts were pulled a little higher above his knees. This sensation scared him a little, but he didn’t feel the need to stop. “Kent?” Neal said. “Yes?” he responded. “Yes?...” “Yes, big bro” Kent muttered shyly. The jock behind him burst out laughing. Neal felt it again. Now he was sure his sleeves were getting tight. He needed to invest in looser clothing. “Time for class. Let’s go, pledge.” Another bump. Neal was starting to get hard when it happened, too. He tried not to face his body to Kent, hoping he wouldn’t notice. “I figure it’s not really hazing if you don’t suffer at least a little,” Neal said jokingly, looking Kent straight in the eyes. Kent just grunted. His demeanor changed as well. He seemed to be distracted, and he had lost his confident air. Neal noticed this and it only fueled whatever state he was in. It was getting harder to ignore the stretch in his shorts when he walked, or the feeling of his chest rising beneath his shirt. He noticed that Neal was not quite filling out his shirt the way he used to. More like a heavy fitness model than a budding bodybuilder. Kent had taken to looking down, and his shoulders were hunched over. Neal attributed his sudden change in size to poor posture. By the time they got to Neal’s first class, he had become accustomed to his tight fitting clothes. He even enjoyed it, a little. All of the pride he had taken in his looks was now adorned on a more worthy frame. The fact that his clothes fit better just augmented the clean look he had always strived for. Their trip had also given Kent time to recover to his former attitude. He had taken to answering all the professors’ questions in every class, which annoyed Neal to no end. His last class of the day was an advanced cellular biology course. Unlike before, Kent found himself struggling to keep up with the lecture. Even though it wasn’t expected of him to follow, it was clear that his pride was more than a little hurt as a scholarship recipient and future doctor. Neal came in behind the professor and explained everything, showing off just how much more he knew. And every time Neal explained, he grew a little bit more. His hard on was hidden under the tablet arm. When everyone got up to go, Neal looked down and noticed that his undershirt was starting to show through the gaps in his collared tee. He was pretty sure he his shorts would rip if he moved, as well. Meanwhile Kent was facing the opposite problem. His shirt was now looked appropriately sized, and while his arms were still far burlier than most, they lacked that sleeve-stretching quality. Neal began to realize what was happening to the both of them. He stared long and hard at Kent, deciding what to do. He sent Kent home for the night, making up some excuse about a family emergency. Neal’s nightly mirror ritual took a somewhat different course than usual. He stared at the changes in his body for a long time before he finally accepted what was happening. His breathing was heavy. Neal had always been the runt of the litter, and now that he was above average size his clothes felt like they were made for kids. The first thing he noticed was how tightly the buttons on his shirt were held together. In fact, he was surprised they hadn’t bust open already. Each button undone gave his chest the freedom it had been yearning for all day. He felt the smooth, hard roundness of his shoulders as he slid the shirt over them, having to peel his sleeves off of his arms. Small softballs, when he flexed. Next to come off were his shorts. Neal had a tough go of it. They were tight to begin with, and now it was almost impossible to roll them off the meaty quads that adorned his legs. Even his calves gave him some trouble. Neal was hard at his reflection in the mirror. For once he couldn’t decide what he was going to wear the next day. Nothing would fit. Neal sent Kent a message the next morning: “I’m going to need to borrow some of your clothes. All of my gym clothes are in the wash.” It was a Saturday, and Neal was surprised that Kent was awake to respond. Kent didn’t question the request, or that Neal had invited himself over. Kent’s place was on the way to the gym. Neal threw on his baggiest clothes, for once not caring very much how he dressed. Even in his sweatshirt and loose jeans, he was still more attractive than he had ever been. When he got there, Neal noticed that he did not have to look up at Kent very much anymore. Kent was still noticeably larger than him, but Neal felt that it wouldn’t be long before that changed. Kent seemed too absorbed in the changes happening to his own body to have noticed the dramatic changes in Neal. In fact, he barely looked in Neal’s direction, opting to avert his gaze towards the ground. Kent led Neal into his room, not paying him much attention as he rummaged through is dresser to find clothes that would fit his new brother. Neal, emboldened by the changes, began to disrobe. “Damn,” Kent said. “I didn’t realize you were so stacked.” Neal smiled. He tried to subtly admire his abs, pretending that they were a quotidian feature of his body. “Really, you think so?” he said. He lingered for a little too long, perhaps, to sell that particular tale. “It’s a well-kept secret,” he lied. And he felt the surge of growth as Kent admired his body. He was almost eye level now. And approaching equal size with Kent. “Kent,” Neal beckoned. “Yes, big bro?” Bump. “Get on the floor. Pushups. Go.” Neal demanded. Kent was all too happy to oblige. This was his area of expertise, and he needed no further prodding to work out. Kent had only pounded out ten (with grace and ease, despite his loss in size) when Neal, in a sudden fit of competitive spirit, joined him. Neal had never completed more than twenty five pushups in a row in his life. But he breezed past thirty without a sweat with the strength he had stolen from Kent. He made a point of counting out loud, too. Kent started as well. And slowly Neal started to overtake him. The harder he pushed, the more frustrated Kent became, and the more he fueled Neal’s growth. Neal felt tireless. Instead of slowing down he was speeding up, his body taking all of the energy it needed from the former giant. Eventually Kent couldn’t push up any longer. Neal kept going, his vigor almost endless. He stared at Kent directly in the eyes as he hefted himself up and down with Kent’s strength. “Man, that was too easy,” Neal said. He had stopped out of courtesy to Kent, not having broken a sweat. Meanwhile Kent was struggling to get up, his shirt soaking. By the time Kent got up, he noticed that he was looking up at Neal. He started to panic. “What the fuck is going on?” he said. Kent tried to bolt. Neal grabbed him out of instinct. Normally Kent was not used to being pushed around by anybody, but in Neal’s vice-like grip he was completely immobilized. Neal stared into his frosty eyes. They were full of fear and panic. Kent was still beautiful by anyone’s standards. His body was more like a model’s now, muscular in all the right places and lean in others. If it wasn’t for his scruffy beard and gym clothes, he would have belonged on an Abercrombie bag. But compared to Neal he didn’t stand a chance. Neal noticed how the curve of his triceps formed a nice shadow as he so casually held Kent in place. “Wow, it’s so easy to subdue you. Are you even trying to get away?” Neal said. Kent started to flail in response. That wouldn’t do. Neal reacted with reflexes that were not his own, wrestling Kent down to the ground until he was on top of him. Kent’s arms were bent behind his back and his legs were held down by the prodigious thighs Neal now possessed. “You know, the more you struggle and can’t get away the stronger I get…it’s fun to watch.” Kent stopped moving. Neal still held him down, enjoying his absolute control over the stud that he had drooled over just two days ago. He was sure Kent could feel his hard on pressing against his ass. Eventually Neal let Kent go, and Kent had no further intent of trying to escape. It was useless anyhow. He was too familiar with his old body to think he could escape the behemoth that now sat before him. While Kent contemplated his situation, Neal was having fun exploring his new body. Between bouncing his pecs and lifting up his massive arms to pronounce to all of the world his newfound size, he tried a few poses that came naturally to him now: side chest, most muscular, lat spread. And not a hair out of place. Between those poses he noticed Kent getting hard. “You want this, don’t you pledge?” Kent just stared at Neal with his still ruggedly handsome face and piercing eyes. “As much as I like your new model look, I’m afraid I’ll have to be taking that as well.” Kent did not much seem to object. Neal ceremoniously took his cock out of his boxers, growing to a size well beyond what he had before. Kent fell to his knees, opening his mouth. Neal’s pre dripped down onto Kent’s lips as he took out his tongue. Kent’s cheeks were red. Neal liked that. He smacked his cock against Kent’s face a few times. “You must have done that so many times…how does it feel?” Neal said. Kent just stared at him, placing his mouth over Neal’s dick. Neal’s eyes closed as Kent worked his tongue up and down his shaft. He could still feel the pleasant glowing inside him as he took the last of Kent’s strength away. And the best part was that Kent wanted it now. Kent belonged to him, body and soul. Kent couldn’t help but spill a little when Neal released his load into his mouth. Neal’s cock had been growing while it was still inside him, and Neal wasn’t shy about releasing his full load. When Kent opened his eyes, he saw that Neal had been flexing in the mirror. Neal didn’t waste any time. “Hand me one of your shirts. The loosest one,” he said. Kent obediently fetched him a shirt. He didn’t really have a choice now. He glanced at his reflection in the mirror. He looked like he was barely out of high school, and his old clothes draped over him like he was a little kid wearing his dad’s oversized shirt. Neal slid Kent’s tee over his arms and struggled to get it passed his chest. It didn’t even make it all the way down to his waist. Neal tried not to move. He was afraid he would tear his new servant’s clothes. He was already stretching them to max capacity, and he was clearly larger than Kent had even been. He started to get hard again. “What now?” Kent asked. “Well I guess you’ll just have to be my servant from now on, little dude. How about you bring those lips over here again?” Neal said. Kent did as he was told.
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  5. Herald

    The muscle frat (6)

    Six Mike slowly awoke and groggily shook his head. He looked down and patted his still slightly bloated six-pack. He got up and pulled on his boxers. The sound of the door opening made him turn around. Keith, the frat leader, had made it to the frat house earlier than he expected and barged into the guest room. He noticed the half naked, muscled guy standing in the center of it and stepped right up to him. "Get out of my frat house now!", he said. Mike looked at the athlete standing right in front of him. The guy looked like his copy: exactly as tall and perhaps a few pounds heavier. Keith poked the unknown guy in the chest as he repeated: "Get out or else…". "Or else what?" The thundering bass made Keith jump up and turn around. His eyes widened in disbelief as he stared at the most massive man he'd ever seen. Tristan stepped into the room, his wide shoulders brushing the side of the door as he walked through it sideways, and closed the distance between him and Keith with two long strides. He grabbed the front of the guy's sweater with his right paw and lifted him up like a ragdoll. Keith felt his feet dangling in the air as his 165 pound body was lifted in the air. He grabbed the thick paw and tried breaking free. Tristan felt the familiar tingling sensation on his paw as the smaller guy's fingers touched him. Surprised by the pleasant feeling, he released his hold letting the 165 pound swimmer fall down. Keith crashed down on the floor but quickly stood up. He raised his arms in a protective stand to hold off the beastly teen. As he brought up his fists, the sleeves of his sweater sagged and exposed his lower arms. Tristan noticed the uncovered skin and swiftly made his move. He grabbed the 120 pound smaller guy, his thick fingers touching as his paws totally encircled the thin lower arms. The instant his paws made contact with the bare skin the tingling sensation returned. "Yeaghn", he grunted as he felt the warmth flowing into his 284 pound body. His dick jolted and ripped away the towel. Keith felt a strange weakness come over his muscles. Ignoring the feeling, he tried pulling free from the vice-like grip but the 120 pound heavier teen didn't budge. His eyes widened in awe as he looked down and saw the thick 12 incher that had just ripped away the towel. "Ow yeah", Tristan groaned as he felt his huge muscles fill with energy and push against his tanned, paper-thin skin as they grew. Mike stared in disbelief at the incredible scene. His dick sprung back to full hardness in his boxers. His hand instinctively reached down, grabbed the hard 6 incher and began stroking it. Keith felt more and more fatigue in all his muscles. He would have sworn that the huge teen was slowly growing: it was if his muscles were pushing up his tanned skin and more veins snaked along and across the mounds of meat. Blaming his blurred vision on the ever increasing weakness, he blinked his eyes a few times to refocus. He summoned every ounce of strength and pulled with all his remaining might the break free. The paws around his lower arms didn't move and the grip even seemed to get harder. He noticed some movement at the open door and recognized Sean. "Help me, Sean", he said in a tired voice. Sean had just come from humiliating his former rival in the gym. As he entered the frat house, he'd heard deep, rumbling grunts echoing through the deserted hallways. He'd followed the sound and arrived at the guest room. He moved into the open doorway and stared at the sight: his frat leader was grabbed by the most massive man he'd ever seen, who seemed lost in pleasure according to his lengthy dick that was smacking against his eight-pack; to the side a lean, yet muscular guy stood jerking off at the scene. "Come on. Get me free, Sean", Keith pleaded once more in an even weaker voice. By now, he'd lost a good 30 pounds of muscle. Sean moved inside the room and grabbed the insanely thick wrists of the teen beast. He pulled with all his might but it was no use: the guy was simply too strong. A strange tingle went through his hands as he touched the hot flesh. Tristan opened his eyes as he felt the extra tingling sensation and looked at the heavily muscled football player pulling at his wrists. Sean knew he was no match for the teen and broke his hold. He hurried out of the room and rushed to his own room. Tristan felt the tingling sensation slowing down and looked at the guy in his grasp: the swimmer had lost every visible muscle on his body and looked like an emaciated boy. Energy whirled through his own huge body as his skin was stretched tightly across his insanely big muscles. "Who was that?", he asked Keith. Keith didn't react. He was sinking away in darkness by the fatigue. Tristan shook the frail body in his grasp. "Who was that? Tell me!", he boomed again. 'S…s…Sean", Keith mumbled weakly. "Where's his room?," Tristan asked. "…F…2…", Keith replied with his last remains of energy and sank away in a dark sleep. Tristan fell the transfer come to an end and tossed the now 85 pound swimmer into the hallway like a feather. He turned around and saw that Mike had slumped down onto the mattresses and that his six-pack was stained with his cum. "Get cleaned up, man", he boomed as he left the room in search of his next prey, his half hard cock slapping against his meaty quads. Brock got up from the cold, tilled floor in the locker room. Tears welled up in his eyes as he realized he'd lost everything he got: he was no longer the number one on the team and without his muscles he would be kicked off the team. He knew that Brad would spend the night at Emily's so he decided to go to their old room and avoid the frat house. In his room Sean was trying to process what he'd just witnessed. "Who the hell was that guy?", he asked himself as he put on his favorite baseball stringer. The white fabric hung loosely around his 210 pound body. He jumped up as the door of his room flew open. Tristan strutted into the room and looked down into the brown eyes of the muscular football player. Now standing 6'4, he towered over the 5'7 guy. Energy was still coursing through his beastly body after draining the frat leader. "Who are you?", Sean asked as the beastly, fully naked teen took a step in his direction. He considered punching the guy's stomach but the sight of the deeply grooved eight-pack made him reconsider. "I'm Tristan, Brad's brother", Tristan replied. He scanned the muscular athlete and his dick jolted at the thought of the extra size he could drain. Without hesitating, he grabbed the muscular forearms like he had done with Keith. Instantly, the tingling sensation erupted where his fingers touched the bare skin. "Dude, let go", Sean said and tried braking free. A strange feeling seeped into his skin as the big paws closed around his forearms. Tristan felt the energy whirling inside his beastly body and flowing into his tree-sized arms. It felt like somehow the warmth was leaving him and going into the football player. He looked into the guy's brown eyes and saw a look of pleasure. "What the fuck?!", he boomed. Sean felt a nice, relaxing heat spread from his forearms into his biceps and into the rest of his 210 pound body. If was like a pump from a good workout but all over his body. Tristan looked in disbelief as he saw more veins emerge around the now clearly swelling muscles on Sean's arms and shoulders. Sean followed the beastly teen's gaze. His mouth opened as he stared at his own growing arms. "How…?", he groaned as another wave of energy hit him. His dick hardened in his pants as he felt his muscle swell with new mass. Tristan saw how the football player's muscles were starting to fill the once baggy baseball stringer. The guy's pecs were pushing the fabric forward while his widening back pulled it backward. His strong shoulders were now forming a wide line capped with thick, round delts. He even noticed that he didn't have to look as far down to stare in the guy's eyes. A third wave of energy hit Sean and another jolt went through his muscles. "Yeaughn", he moaned as his dick exploded inside his pants. Instantly, the transfer of energy came to an end. Tristan felt the tingling sensation stop and withdrew his hands that had been fused to the other guy during the transfer. He looked down to inspect his physique and noticed that he hadn't lost a pound of muscle. He was still the 300 pound powerhouse he'd been since he'd drained Keith. The incredible energized feeling was gone though. A tearing sound made him look away from his own majestic body. Sean inhaled deeply and his newly grown, massive pecs busted through the baseball stringer. He peeled away the ripped remains to reveal his heavily muscled torso. "Hell yeah!", he groaned as his hands roamed the cobbled surface of his eight-pack and cupped the meaty masses that protruded from his chest. He looked up at the beastly teen in front of him and noticed the guy still had a good 25 pounds of muscle on him. Tristan took in the sight and noticed how the guy's huge arms were nearly as big as his own 30 inch canons and clearly outsized his other muscles. "How did you make me grow?", Sean asked as he folded his arms in front of his thick chest, striations exploding across the meaty pecs as his hard biceps pushed into them. A grin formed on his face as he heard his new, deepened voice. "I… I don't really know", Tristan replied. "Don't bullshit me, man", Sean said in an angry tone as testosterone rushed through his 275 pound body, "I saw you steal Keith's muscles and grow bigger. Why did I gain muscle from you?". "Must be some part of the prophecy I missed", Tristan replied and explained what he had discovered so far. "I never cummed into that chalice, so that must be why you can't take my muscles", Sean stated as his mind processed the information, "But I can't drain muscles from the other guys. I've touched several of them during practice and never felt that tingle." Tristan nodded while he stared at the massively muscled football player. "I've got a special birthmark shaped like a star. According to the legend that's why I can drain muscle from those guys and you can't. But I don't get how muscle can transfer from me to you", he said. "Very strange", Sean replied, "but I sure can live with this new situation. Fuck! I rule the football team now! Why don't we work together?". "How?", Tristan asked. "Well, you and you friend can't stay here. You guys are no students here", Sean answered, "but we could make a deal: you back me up to become frat leader. In return I'll make both you guys honorary members. Then you can stay here. I could even convince the coach to give you a spot on the team next year. Deal?" He extended his hand. Tristan looked at the hand. Sean noted the doubt in the beastly teen's eyes. "I could help you find out who else cummed in the chalice. Does some extra muscle sweeten the deal?", he asked with a grin. Tristan nodded, grabbed the guy's hand and shook it. To his relief he felt no tingling sensation. "Deal", he boomed in his deep bass and clenched his hand, making the other guy feel that he was the bigger man.
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  6. BGryphon18

    Reach Out and Grow Someone - Part 2

    "Ex... excuse me?" I stood there mouth agape looking like someone had just slapped me with a 2x4. "The bedroom sir. Or at least the computer room. I will need access to your computer and the Internet to activate your account and set up the additional features on your phone. Since most people have their personal computer in their bedroom I merely assumed that's where yours was located." "Oh. Um... okay. Sure. Th.. that's fine. Um... right this way." I could tell I was as red as could be with embarrassment. I did my best to hide my face, but I'm sure he could tell. He was right though. My computer was in my bedroom and was already running due to my early morning surfing and email. I closed all the windows, logged out of my messengers and offered him my seat. He smiled politely at me and opened up the package he had and withdrew a CD rom, several cords, the phone itself, and a few manuals. He opened up the CD Rom drive on my computer, placed the disk in then turned around to hand me the manuals. "If you'd like, take a look through those while I get this all set up and see if you've got any questions." I reached for the manuals and briefly touched his had. Soft, yet strong was what I felt (not to my surprise of course). Again I felt myself flush and I quickly opened up the manual to try and hide my embarrassment. God! I was acting like a total idiot in front of the hottest guy ever. Surely any previous hopes of him liking me had been shattered by my juvenile actions. Absentmindedly I looked through the book not absorbing a single piece of information. Turning slightly to my left, I began to watch what he was doing on the computer. Of course that lasted for about 10 seconds because my gaze was again drawn to his immense physique. He looked almost comical sitting at my desk in that chair. Like putting a high schooler into a 2nd grade desk. I watched him type and move the mouse to select the various options. Seeing the muscles in his arm tense and ripple as he did so. His massive shoulders so far apart from each other giving him that "T" taper. High traps that nearly met his ears and a thick neck just begging to be touched. While still gazing at his fantastic body, his left arm suddenly went up and started to massage the back of his neck. While doing so, he turned the chair around to meet my gaze. I blinked a couple times as I realized that I was starring. "Everything alright?" Reasonable question. "Yeah. Just waiting for the update. Gonna take a few minutes to finish." He kept massaging his neck and I couldn't help but admire the size and beauty of his arm as he did so. Huge biceps and equally impressive triceps took turns flexing and unflexing with his rubbing. "Sore neck?" I had the words of comedian Bill Engval flash through my mind "Here's Your Sign". What a stupid question! "Yeah. Dozed off on the plane ride so I have a kink in my neck. It's nothing though. Just need to work it out." Feeling suddenly bold I asked: "Would you like me to get that for you? I'm no masseuse, but I can probably reach better then you could." To my great surprise (and pleasure) he smiled. "That would be great." He lowered his arm and turned the chair back around to give me better access to his neck and back. I shifted down to the end of the bed as he backed the chair up to meet me. Taking a deep breath I reached up and put my hands on his neck. Nothing could have prepared me for this feeling! Sure I had given neck rubs before, but never to someone as huge and hard as this guy. I started to rub his traps and neck with my hands in the spot he was just at. Pressing my thumbs and palms as hard as I could into the muscle to try and loosen it up. I didn't think I was making any impact until he let out a slight moan of relief and said that it felt great. With renewed vigor I continued to massage his neck and also started to rub his shoulders and down his back a bit. God he was so huge! This man had to be twice as wide as I was! Mounds of muscle crammed into his back that even though he was relaxed were still hard to the touch. More and more moans were escaping his lips as I continued to kneed his muscular back. Interspaced with the "Feels great" and instructions on where to move my hands to. Finally after about 10 minutes, the download was done and my hands/arms were exhausted. It took a lot of strength to do this job, but I was more then happy that I did. "Feel better?" "Much. Thanks a ton man. Felt fantastic." he gave me that sexy smile again. Fuck this guy was so hot. "Yeah it did. You have a very impressive body man. One of the biggest I've ever seen. Simply amazing." Now it was his turn to blush. "Thanks. Yeah I've always been into bodybuilding even when I was a kid. Always wanted to be bigger and stronger. Love the feeling of all this mass. Plus the ladies love it." It felt like someone had poured ice water down my throat. My stomach turned inside out. It figures that the hottest guy that I have ever seen turns out to be strait. Regaining my composure as best I could, I managed to choke out a reply. "I'm sure they do." Well you have your hopes crushed like that and see what kind of eloquent reply you can come up with! "Course it's the guys reaction I'm more interested in." My head snapped up so fast I thought I gave myself whiplash (which would have been an excellent excuse to get a neck rub in return). He started laughing at my reaction. "Shit man. I thought you understood by now that I was interested in you. Or do I really need to spell it out?" I was flabbergasted. My mouth simply hung open. "Well I... uh... that is... um... you're just so..." Full thoughts! Complete sentences! Jeeze man pull yourself together! "I'm just so... what? Hot?" Without warning he suddenly flexed his right bicep. "Sexy?" His other bicep went up to match its twin. "Irresistible?" Both arms came down into a mind-blowing (and nearly something else blowing) most muscular that tested the shirt he had on in every respect. "Uh...uh... yeah." Was all the more I could do as my brain threatened to explode from the overload I was experiencing. It was too much. Too much pleasure was flooding my brain to think strait. "Glad you think so. Cause I think you're hot too. Thought so right from the start of our conversation last night. That deep voice of yours was really turning me on in my cubicle. Then when you opened the door today I was even more attracted to you. I think you're really sexy and I've been dying to do this for over an hour." All the time he was talking he kept moving closer and closer to me. My breathing quickened at his words. Me? This God among men though I was hot? No one thought I was hot. Ever. Why did he? But I didn't have time to dwell on it because as soon as he was done, he leaned over and started to kiss me. Deep, hard and full of passion. His tongue found mine and began licking every part of me it could get to. His one hand reached up to the back of my head while his other, reached around my waist to bring me even closer to him. My own hands started to feel the massiveness of his body more intimately then a simple massage could offer. I started rubbing and groping his huge pecs through the tight polo shirt. To my satisfaction (or more satisfaction as the case was) he started to flex them under my hands. Together, separately, over and over the muscle would contract and harden under my hands. I found my way to his nipple and started to squeeze it which made him break the kiss and moan with pleasure. While I didn't want to stop the make-out session, it did free my mouth for other tasks it so desperately wanted to accomplish. With my left hand, I brought his right arm up suggesting that I wanted him to flex it. Sure enough he caught on and flexed his bicep with as much enthusiasm as he could. Immediately I launched at his arm and started to kiss, lick and suck that massive mound of muscle for everything I had in me. So big, so hard, so hot. He would flex it over and over again letting that mound expand under my mouth, getting harder as it grew. My right hand continued to caress and play with his pecs. He was grunting now with the effort of flexing for me. "Yeah. Worship that arm. Kiss it. Lick it. Mmmm. You've got such a hot mouth stud." I continued my worship of his flexed bicep for about another minute before he suddenly pulled away. Worried that the fun was over I look expectantly at him. He merely smiled before reaching down to the bottom of his shirt and then pulled it up over his head finally revealing his entire torso to me. "Holy Mother of God!" I gasped. This guy was perfect. P E R F E C T. I could not have dreamed up a better torso if I had years of practice. His pecs looked even bigger now that they were free of their cotton prison and his abs... brick wall doesn't seem to be accurate enough. Eight perfectly symmetrical blocks of muscle sat in waiting just below that gorgeous shelf of pec muscle I had just been feeling. With his shirt now off, he looked at me again grinning. "That's better. Now, where were we?" This time it was him that lunged at me and pinned me under his bulk. I was in heaven. I had always fantasized about a huge guy laying on top of me. Pressing me into the bed. Making me feel just how huge and heavy he was. I wasted no time and started to kiss him again while my hands started to feel the bulges and ridges of his back. I traced them all with my fingers and pulled him even tighter against me. I wanted to feel every part of him. I wanted to be as close to him as anyone could ever be. He rolled over pulling me with him so that I was now laying on top of him and broke the kiss. Gasping for air I looked down at him with the biggest smile on my face. "So what do you think of our customer service?" He asked through that cocky smirk. "Top notch."
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  7. londonboy

    Little Mouse - Part Eight

    Michael heard them arguing before he even got within the pool area. It suddenly dawned on him that neither guy would want to see him there. Tommy was probably furious that he had seen Matt last night and Matt had made it very clear he didn’t want Michael seeing Tommy anymore. Michael crept into the pool grounds and stood behind some bleachers – where he had a clear view of both men and could hear what they were saying. He was completely taken aback, and kind of turned on for some reason, when he glanced around the bleachers and saw that chubby Matt was holding Matt in the air – his hand clenching the front of the wrestler’s pants and his belt. “Put me down, Tommy.” “No, not if you’re going to try and slug me again, Matt.” “I’m sorry about that. It was stupid of me. You just gotta promise me that you won’t give Michael any more power bars. And I think it would be best if you didn’t even talk to him.” “I don’t think you’re in a position to be telling me what to do, Matt.” “I’m not telling. I’m asking as a friend.” Tommy immediately dropped the wrestler to the ground and turned from him. Matt’s tone had been friendly – almost begging. It was a very different attitude than Michael had ever seen in the guy. Matt fell on his butt, but slowly got back up and faced the other man. “Can’t you do this for me, Tommy? You know I like the guy.” “You’re stringing him along, Matt. Just like you did to . . .” “To you, Tommy? We both know that’s not true. I was honest from the start. You knew I had a girlfriend. You knew I didn’t want to be out of the closet.” “And the same thing is happening now with Michael!” Tommy turned back to face the other guy. They stared at each other for a few seconds. “You don’t know that, Tommy. Michael and I have something special. I just need some time to work things out. I know he’s told you how he feels about me. You don’t want to go and mess with that, Tommy. We know what happens if you mess with true love after dealing with the power bars.” Michael basically missed the last part of what Matt said. He was too focused on the fact that the big guy had said he was working things out. And he used the words ‘true love.’ Michael’s head and heart were so busy trying to wrap themselves around the idea that Matt really cared for him, he missed a huge part of the next few sentences in their conversation. Michael was too elated to hear anything. “Why shouldn’t I give him more bars, Matt?” “You know why, Tommy.” “Yeah, but I want to hear you say it.” “Okay. I want to be the biggest and strongest guy on campus.” “You’ll never be the strongest.” Tommy glared at the wrestler. It was clear they both knew that title only went to Tommy. “Okay, the biggest and the second strongest. Are you happy?” “Why couldn’t you love me, Matt?” The obvious pain in Tommy’s voice and the bluntness of the question snapped Michael back into the present situation. Time stood still while he waited to hear Matt respond. The next few sentences were obviously going to define the guy in Michael’s eyes. “You wanted too much, Tommy. And I wanted different things.” “I gave you everything I had!” “I know, Tommy. And I continue to thank you for that, but we both have to move on. Remember, you made the choice. I didn’t force you. I didn’t make you this.” “I loved you, Matt. That’s why I did it.” “Maybe you loved me too much.” There was dead silence. Michael was pretty sure Tommy was crying. His heart broke for his fraternity big brother, but his lust for the wrestler was too much. Matt had said he wanted to work things out with Michael – and that made the newly muscled guy very happy. “If you still love me, Tommy, and if you feel about Michael the way I think you do, then you’ll let me have him.” “You know what it will do to me.” “I do, but the good news is you’ll still have your strength.” “I don’t do this for you, Matt. I do it for Michael. I know he likes you . . . a lot. But I swear, if you hurt him . . .” Tommy stopped in mid-sentence. There was nothing more to be said. Both men knew the conversation was over. They both understood the other’s stance. Tommy glared at Matt for a few more seconds and then he turned and walked away – in the opposite direction of Michael. There was a strange tugging in Michael’s heart at that moment. Something in Tommy’s voice . . . his demeanor . . . his firmness moved Michael very much. But as the younger guy looked at Matt, the wrestler, that familiar lust . . . no, need . . . for his muscled body returned. There was something deeper and more powerful resonating in Michael, but he didn’t stop to analyze the feeling. He went back to the gate, opened and closed it loudly, and then called out. “Matt, are you here?” He walked around the bleachers and the look on Matt’s face was exactly what he wished for. “Holy fuck, Mouse, look at you!” “What?” Michael asked, feigning ignorance. “You look like you’ve been supersized three or four times.” “Oh that. Yeah, I guess I’m a little bigger. Care to take it inside the gym and wrestle, just to see how much I’ve truly grown.” Michael had moved close to Matt, enough to notice he was breathing kind of hard. The big wrestler was clearly turned on. This made Michael go crazy. He could feel the blood – tainted with a wild sexual drive – pumping through his body. He wanted Matt more than ever. There was something in the back of his mind gnawing at him, but his raging hard-on helped him to ignore it. “Naw, mousey-Mouse, that’s okay. I’m a little beat from lack of sleep. I think I’ll just head back to my room.” “I really wasn’t asking, Matt.” Something sinister took over Michael. He could feel the power surging through his body and he loved it. He knew he was strong as shit and all he wanted to do was use that strength – to impress Matt . . . or was it to put him in his place. It didn’t matter. The urge won out. Without any warning, Michael dipped his newly broad right shoulder down and pressed into Matt’s tight mid-section before the wrestler could do anything. Suddenly, Michael was back upright and Matt’s body rested easily in the air on his shoulder. Michael started walking toward the gym. “Matt, remember when you said I wouldn’t be dominating you until donkey’s flew? Well I think a bunch of jackasses just sprouted wings. Your body feels so light on my shoulder. So light, in fact, that it feels like I can do this.” Michael bounced Matt’s body into the air with his shoulder and at the same time he brought his open hand up – pressing into Matt’s mid-section and before the wrestler even had time to figure out what was happening, Michael pressed the guy into the air – with just one arm. Matt’s body was suddenly held aloft by Michael’s extended gun. Then, as if to pour salt in an open wound, Michael started to press the wrestler’s body up and down without any sign of struggle. Matt was too flabbergasted to say, let alone, do anything to stop Michael. It wasn’t clear if he would have been able to anyway. When Michael got them into the gym he noticed two guys were playing basketball. He hoisted Matt’s body into the air and walked directly to a spot near them. He simply growled loudly and easily pumped out a rep with the wrestler’s body. The two guys immediately got the message and left the gym so quickly their unforgotten ball rolled across the floor slowly. Michael then walked over to the wall and with his free hand he reached up and grabbed the corner of the mat that was hanging there by three big spikes – it’s where the thing was stored during basketball games or when wrestling wasn’t happening. Michael tugged, but was a little too forceful and two of the spikes came out of the wall while the third snapped in two. Michael acknowledged what he had done with a slight ‘huh’ and then dropped the mat on the floor. He raised his arm – taking Matt’s body up with it and then dropped him onto the mat, as well. Matt scrambled to his feet quickly, just like a good wrestler. Matt’s crotch revealed that he was already sporting major wood – clearly turned on by Michael’s display. “Oh, little Mouse, you’re going to be so sorry. Those power bars are pretty powerful, but you’re no match for big Matt. I’m a national champion wrestler and a few added muscles doesn’t make you anything more than the dweeb you are.” “Matt, Matt, Matt – what are you packing there? A twenty inch arm?” “Twenty one, little punk.” “Well take a look at this, big boy. It might make that hard cock of yours shrivel up from feeling inadequate. I believe my ‘dweebish’ arms are now up to twenty three inches and they’re still growing.” Earlier that morning, Michael had been obsessed with his growth, so he had measured himself. He was shocked to see how enhanced he had become from the power bars. When carrying the wrestler into the gym, he had already deducted he had passed the guy in size. This made Michael go wild inside – since his dream of dominating Matt was about to come true. He was going to take it slow, though. He wanted this moment to last. He brought both of his arms up and flexed them hard – making the biceps swell upward like giant mountains being revealed by a stupendous sunrise. Matt’s eyes bugged out wider than before and his mouth dropped open in shock. It did seem that the tension in his crotch immediately subsided, too. “It seems I’ve become Mighty Mouse while you weren’t looking, Matt. You might be a world-class wrestler, but I believe my intense brute strength is going to easily dominate you – no matter what you bring to the mat. It’s going to be like when a suped up truck meets a tank – no matter what fancy bells and whistles the vehicle has, the stronger, more powerful, tank destroys it with the greatest of ease. And by the way your shorts have tented out again, I think you’re digging the idea of this Mighty Mouse having his way with you. You’re going to be such a fun big toy to play with, Matt. Matt, indeed, could now feel his cock leaking pre – just from listening to Mouse spout off about his size and strength. There was something about being challenged by a bigger guy that just sent the wrestler over the edge. He knew he’d dominate Mouse with no problem – even with the obvious improvements. Mouse had only taken two power bars. That was nothing. He had also only been growing for a few days. His strength could be growing, but nothing compared to the biggest man on campus. Matt was looking forward to plowing his challenger’s sweet mouth later on. “Oh, and I should confess that I lied to you yesterday, Matt. I told you I’d only been benching 400 pounds since having the power bars, well that wasn’t exactly true. It’s a little more than that. Today I benched 800 pounds without any struggle. That’s also why I didn’t have trouble pumping out one-handed reps with your big body.” “No way, little Mouse!” There was a tonal mixture in Matt’s response. It was full of disbelief, awe, jealousy, and lust – all at the same time. Matt looked at the now bigger Michael and began to realize his desire for Mouse to grow huge and strong was intense. He was beginning to get that the guy was now really strong – probably strong enough to bench the 800 pounds, for he had lifted Matt easily with one arm. It had been like Matt weighed nothing at all. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what Matt was going to do next. He was, after all, a wrestler. Michael dropped his right leg back a little and tensed his mid-section as he watched Matt lower his shoulder and take aim. “Little Mouse is going down!” It was like some kind of battle cry. The wrestler knew how to tackle a guy and he fully anticipated taking the Mouse down to the mat with what would be a forceful slam of his shoulder. Matt didn’t take into account, however, how much Michael had grown and how much thicker he had become. The loud thud of the wrestler’s muscled shoulder meeting the unmovable torso of Michael was deep and echoed throughout the gym. The sound emphasized how dense the newly big body had already become. The fact that Michael did not budge at all stunned Matt – both physically and mentally. Little Mouse had just taken a full-on shoulder slam from the wrestler and he didn’t double over in pain or go crashing to the floor. He stood there – absorbing he hit with his now muscled-covered body – as if he was the windshield of a speeding truck and Matt had been an unlucky splattered insect. Matt was too dazed and confused to react very quickly. “Well that didn’t work out the way you thought it would, now did it, Matty?” With lightning speed Michael reached down and locked his arms around the other guy’s upper torso from behind. In one quick move he jerked Matt upward – so the wrestler was now hanging upside down in Michael’s strong arms. Matt faced away from his challenger, his legs flailing in the air while his abdomen was held tightly against the other man’s body. “Oh man, Matty, I love holding your big body in the air like this. Let’s give you an upside down bear hug – to see if you can handle the pressure of my twenty-three inch arms. Let’s start off slowly to make you think it’s not going to get too strong and then feel your body respond in multiple ways as the squeeze starts getting unbearable. Oh, think of the guys you’ve done this to in the past, Matty. And to think you never really thought it would be done to you – especially upside down. Here, I’ll walk around a little just to emphasize how easy it is for me to hold you like some kind of stuffed animal.” Michael began to stroll around the middle of the basketball court – showing off his growing strength. Matt’s arms were tightly locked in place at his sides – Michael’s grip being too strong for the wrestler to challenge. He was like a baby wrapped in a blanket - twisted numerous times around his frame. The pressure was already getting a little unbearable, but that fact didn’t bring the wrestler discomfort. In fact, it did the opposite. It turned Matt on in a way that was utterly new and uncontrollable. As his torso was crushed by thick arms and it became harder and harder for him to take a deep breath, the guy became majorly aroused – his cock raging hard like a lone oak tree jutting upward in an otherwise barren field. He also had goose bumps all over his body and his blood was pumping a hell of a lot faster than it ever had before. Matt was being treated like he was nothing more than a rag doll and it thrilled him beyond belief. He suddenly realized he was moaning out loud and he hadn’t even noticed. “Sounds like the little man is beyond excited being dominated by someone bigger and stronger. Oh Matteroo, now you’re getting a feel for what your body does to me. Soon, all you’ll think about is my big muscles and how you want me to manhandle you. You’re going to want my humongous guns wrapped around you any chance you can get. You’ll be sneaking out of Janice’s bed late at night just to come and beg me to easily lift your body into the air. It’s getting harder to breathe, ain’t it Matty? Oh, you just love being forced into submission, don’t you? We’ve only just begun to have some fun, little man. I got to make up for some lost time – all those nights when you used me to please yourself and I didn’t get any satisfaction.” Matt’s body began to flail wildly – like he was trying to escape Michael’s hug, but it quickly became obvious that the dude was having a massive orgasm. This brought even more joy to the big man holding him in the air. Michael’s strong grasp and talking all dominant had proven to be too much for the captive wrestler. His lust for being forced into submission was just too intense. His ejaculation was powerful and long. Michael hugged the convulsing dude even tighter – cutting off all airflow for a few seconds. When the orgasm was over, Michael dropped Matt onto the wrestling mat and stared down at the spent boy. “Aw Matty, was my strength too much for you? You couldn’t stop from exploding, could you? Look, you’ve made a big nasty mess in your pants. A big old tribute to my new muscles, huh? I wish you could feel all this power surging through my body, man. It’s like I’m growing by the second and all my bulges are just constantly begging to do something to use my new strength. I just want to flex all the time. Gotta show you, little Matty, what these humongous guns look like now!” Michael shot his arms up into a double bi flex and mounds of muscle shot up all over the place. His new size and tensed arms proved to be too much for his tight tank top. The two straps both snapped apart as soon as the big man’s arms and chest popped out like mountains. The remnants of the destroyed shirt floated down around the guy’s small waist. Matt was watching from down on the ground and let out a loud moan as soon as he heard the cloth rip. “Yeah, look at that, Matty, all this hugeness wanted to be free. That shrimpy little shirt just couldn’t contain all of this. My Mighty Mouse muscles need to be out in the open for you, little fella – so you can worship them. Hey, let’s get you back up on your feet so we can have some more fun.” Michael bent over and grabbed Matt at his waist. He easily lifted him off the floor and held him so his feet dangled in the air. Toying with the cute wrestler was making Michael crazy with excitement. He was going to some place he knew was dangerous, but he didn’t care. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think having strength and muscles would be so much fun. He was now understanding Matt’s domineering cockiness on a whole new level. He related to his friend in an entirely new way and was having trouble remembering what it was like to be the smaller guy. Right now, both men were terribly excited about Michael’s newfound strength and the fact that he held the wrestler off the ground without any problem. “Matty Smatty, you are so freaking light. I’m holding you off the ground and your weight doesn’t even register to my huge guns at all. We’re going to have to add some more muscle to you, little man, so I’ll actually feel something when I pick you up. Hey, Matty, did you ever want to fly? Let’s see how high I can toss you.” Without much of a warning than those few words, Michael shot his arms into the air and released the wrestler’s body. Matt sailed straight up – about fifteen feet and then fell back down towards the ground. Michael grabbed the wrestler by the waist and caught him before he could hit the floor. It all happened so fast Matt had very little time to consciously register what was happening, he merely gurgled joyfully like a little kid. Michael immediately did it again, sending Matt’s body even higher – soaring up without any problem because of the gym’s high ceiling. This time, when Matt was caught in Michael’s arms a deep moan escaped the wrestler’s mouth – he loved the fact that his big body could be tossed so easily. “Well that certainly pleased you, didn’t it, little guy? You were soaring through the air with the greatest of ease. Did you feel like a superhero, Matty? Like Peter Pan? Or did it take you back to when you were a little tyke and your father would toss you up like that? I think it’s time for something really fun. Let’s have a strength contest, okay, little guy. Here, I’ll set you back down on land and we’ll lock hands. Let’s see what those little muscles of yours can do.” Michael lowered Matt to the floor. He then held up his big hands and Matt let out a slight moan when he saw how much the guy’s paws had grown. Not only were Michael’s guns now twenty-three inches thick, but his fingers were much thicker, as well. Matt placed his smaller palms against Michael’s and they both tightened their fingers. Immediately, Matt started squeezing and pressing into the other guy. Michael let out a loud yell of pain and his hands went backwards. “Arghhhh!!!” Matt was instantly super charged by the fact that he had caught the other man off guard. The wrestler intensified his pressure – squeezing his fingers with all his might and pushing hard. Michael’s legs began to buckle and the big man’s body started lowering to the ground as he gritted his teeth and tightened his eyes in pain. A loud growl came from Matt’s throat as he clearly took control again and dominated the other guy. “Yeah, Little Mouse, you’re not so mighty now, are you!” Suddenly, Michael’s face no longer showed pain and a somewhat sinister smile crept across this lips. He turned his gaze upward and the grin got bigger. His palms abruptly stopped moving and it was clear that Matt’s efforts were doing nothing at all to the big man. “I had you going for a second didn’t I, Matty? Is that all the pressure you got, man? Cause I’m feeling nothing. I just thought I’d put on a little show for you – you know, to get you going. Here, dude, let me show you what real power is.” Michael only used a fraction of his strength. He knew better than to use his full power – it would have crushed every bone in Matt’s hands, but he did exert enough pressure to instantly make the wrestler cry out in pain. Michael stood back up fully as his hands easily pushed back against Matt’s and he squeezed the guy’s fingers mercilessly. Matt’s eyes were wide with shock and lust, even though his fingers felt like they were caught in some kind of tightening machinery. He was completely turned on by the fact that he had been duped by Michael. The strength in the other guy’s hands was amazing, cock-hardening, and excruciating all at the same time. Matt’s eyes widened even more as he struggled hard to push back against Michael’s hands and nothing happened. “Remember when you used to hold me down on the bed with one hand, Matteroo? That used to turn me on so much. You had so much power in that one arm smashing me into the mattress. The more I struggled the more I got turned on. Now, you’re getting a taste of what that felt like, aren’t you, baby. I can tell you’re excited – way beyond belief – by the fact that my hands barely register any pressure from you at all – but you’re struggling with all your might. I’m using about as much force as I would to swing open a door, man. Doesn’t that make it even hotter?” Michael’s words made Matt moan with a mixture of pleasure and pain. His fingers felt like they were very close to the breaking point and the thought that Little Mouse was dominating him so easily brought him to the brink of orgasm, as well. He was, indeed, using all of his strength and, yet, Michael was easily pressing him backwards. Since they were facing each other and were very close, Matt got his first good look at Michael’s newly improved muscles. Bulges popped out everywhere – not from being tensed, but merely because they were now huge and hard. Michael knew Matt was admiring his new body. “Oh Matty-my-man, I used to think you were so strong! I could blast out a big one just from thinking about your strength and what you could do to me. The way you could toss me around the room was the only kind of foreplay I could ever need. Now, it seems the tide has turned. Look at all those little beads of sweat across your forehead as you try to compete with my new power. Here, let’s get you into a friendlier position. I’m not going to break anything, Mattty, but I am going to show off a little.” Michael squeezed his fingers a little more. Matt threw his head back as he let out a scream of pain and his knees buckled. Within a few seconds, Matt was kneeling before Michael with his wrists bent backwards – unable to anything except give in to the stronger man’s grip. Michael then quickly pulled his arms in revers – dragging Matt’s upper torso with them. Matt’s face slammed into Michael’s raging hard on, barely concealed by his tight cotton shorts. Both men immediately let out loud moans of pleasure. Matt instinctively turned his head sideways so he could wrap his mouth around Michael’s hard cock. “Guess you figured out those power bars helped another part of me grow, too, huh, Matty? I can kind of dominate you in that area now, too. We’ll have to compare later on, so you can get excited even more – seeing how thick and long my tool has become – especially when compared to yours. Oh man, your mouth feels so hot, Matty. You have no idea how long I’ve dreamed about this moment.” By this point, Michael had released Matt’s hands and placed his big paws behind the wrestler’s head. He was pressing Matt’s face into his crotch even harder and moving the guy’s mouth up and down on his stiff log to give himself more pleasure. Matt could do nothing but enjoy the job – he wouldn’t have been able to pull his head back even if he had wanted to. Being used as a pleasure tool by the bigger man was almost too much for Matt – he could tell his own cock was ready to spew again. The shift in roles – from dominator to the one being dominated – was such an amazing turn on. Matt couldn’t explain it – even if he had tried. He just loved the fact that he could feel Michael using him like he was nothing more than a dishcloth or a toy. The pressure behind Matt’s head made it very clear that the wrestler couldn’t do anything to match the new strength of Little Mouse. He simply had to give in and do what his master ordered. And that thought got his cock harder than it had ever been in his entire life. “How ‘bout we really get this party started, Matteroo!” Michael pulled the other guy’s head back from his crotch and then gave him a little shove. Matt’s body fell back to the mat on the floor and he lay there looking up Michael’s huge muscles – with a face full of desire. Michael fell on top of the wrestler and could tell his weight coming down hard knocked the wind out of Matt. Immediately, Michael started grinding his crotch against Matt’s and pressed his big frame into the other man. The mixture of the heavy weight, hard cocks rubbing against each other, and Michael letting out a deep growl made Matt moan like an alley cat in heat. Michael pressed his newly muscled body into the wrestler even more – just to get the guy to moan louder. By this point, Matt had no control over his body whatsoever – he had simply submitted to his intense desire for having Michael dominate him. He no longer struggled against the bigger man – he merely gave into all the pleasure he was feeling. “Oh Matt-baby, I love squishing your body against the floor. You feel so small and defenseless underneath me. I bet I could grind you to orgasm with just a few more thrusts. You ready to cum for me, Matty? You ready to give up control of your cock to my muscles . . . my strength. Tell me how much you want me, man. Beg me for more, Matty. Come on; let me hear you plead for domination. Tell me how much you want me to pound that sweet tight wrestler ass of yours.” “Oh fuck, Michael, please plow me. Take my virgin ass, now, man. I’m all yours. There’s nothing I could do to stop you, anyway. Fuck me now, please. Overpower me with those big muscles and have your way with me. God, I need you inside of me right now, man. Pop my sweet cherry ass, Mighty Michael. I want you to control me completely.” Sweeter words had never been uttered in Michael’s opinion and the fact that Matt used his real name almost sent him over the edge. He now fully understood why the wrestler used to get so turned on by dominating him. Controlling the smaller man was mind-blowing. Hearing Matt beg to be plowed was like winning the lottery, celebrating Christmas, and a combination of all your birthdays happening on the same day. Michael raised his body off the other man by pressing up with one of his huge arms. At the same time he used his other bulging gun to easily flip Matt’s tight body over. As soon as Matt was facing the floor, Michael brought his big paw up to the man’s ass and grabbed it hard. Matt cried out loudly with desire. Michael kneaded those sweet ass cheeks like he was crushing bricks in his hand. Matt raised his ass off the mat both from the pain and as an invitation for the bigger man to claim his prize. Michael gripped the man’s pants and easily ripped them and his underwear from Matt’s lower body. The wrestler’s perky bubble butt was now fully exposed and Michael let out a primeval yell that sounded like some huge animal about to pounce on his prey. “Aw, holy hell, look at that fucking hot ass, little Matty. That thing looks sweeter than a thousand doughnuts or trash bags full of candy. Hot damn, that thing also looks tighter than anything I’ve ever seen. You sure you want my big rod prying those cheeks apart and slamming into that pretty little hole of yours, Matty baby?” “Fuck me Michael! Fuck me now! I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life! I love you, dude. Take me. I’m all yours. I give myself to you. I want you with every part of my body.” “You sure, little man? It’s going to be painful. You sure you want this?” “Yes! I’m all yours!” “Nope, not happening, little Matty. Not today. Not ever.” And with that final comment Michael quickly pulled his body away and stood up. It took a few seconds for Matt to realize the big man wasn’t on top of him anymore. Matt quickly turned his head and looked up at the other guy. His ass was still poking up in the air – begging for penetration. Michael had a smile on his face that immediately revealed his feelings. “Now you know, Matt. You know what it’s like to want something so much and realize you can’t have it. I used to pine for you in my dorm room every night. I used to jerk myself off just hoping and praying you’d call and beckon me to your room. It hurts, doesn’t it, little man – to want something that badly and then to find out it can’t be yours. Look at you – so hot and bothered you can’t even see straight. I played you, dude. Just like you’ve been playing me for a long time. I can’t plow you, little Matty, cause – you see – I’m in love with someone else. There’s a guy that’s shown me what it really means to be cared for. There’s a guy across this campus that has never called me ‘Little Mouse.’ And he never took advantage of me. As a matter of fact, he always helped me. Sure, he might not have your nice muscular wrestler body, but he’s got something even better. He’s got a good heart. I’m going to walk out of here now, Matt, and I’m never going want you again. I’m also going to smile as I leave because I know before I even get to that door over there you’re going to be beating off that little dick of yours thinking about me. And you’re going to continue to think about me for a long time – even when you’re with Janice! You know, Matt, I did really care for you once. I want you to know that. But that’s in the past, now. I need to be with someone a little more authentic and truthful. I wish you the best, man. I really do. But this huge muscular Mighty Mouse has a date to keep. A date with a fantastic guy. Here, I’ll give you a big biceps flex to fuel your orgasm! Take care, Matt.” Michael raised his arms into a double biceps pose and flexed hard. His biceps seemed to have grown even larger in the last hour or so. Matt’s hands shot immediately to his hard cock – even as his face continued to look shocked and lustful. Michael held the flexed pose as he walked away – knowing full well the wrestler would be watching him the entire time. Right before he walked out the door he heard some loud moans, a few deep breaths, and then the throttled grunts as Matt released his giant load in homage to the now larger and more dominant Michael.
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  8. Herald

    The muscle frat (7)

    Seven The next day Sean put his plan to take control of the Dexameni-frat in action. He looked up Keith in his room in the nearly deserted frat house. The now 85 pound swim captain quickly realized he could no longer lead the frat with the top athletes. He agreed to back Sean's candidacy and called a meeting. Brad and Brock were in the gym as their cell phones vibrated simultaneously. Brad grabbed his phone and read the text. "Special frat meeting in two days", he said. "Got it too", Brock peeped back in his high-pitched voice, "what could it be?". "We'll see", Brad replied, "Come on, B. Back to work to build back yar muscles". Two days later all the members of the frat gathered in the frat house. Brad was ready for the meeting, but Brock kept stalling. "Come on, buddy. Meeting starts in five", Brad said to encourage his friend. "I'm not going", Brock answered. "What? Why?", Brad asked incredulously. "I can't stand bare-chested between the most muscular guys on campus. I used to be the biggest of them all. Now, I'm nothing", Brock peeped. "Come on, man", Brad said and put his hand on his small friend's bony shoulder to comfort him, "Ya're still the same guy, with or without yar muscles. Everyone likes ya". Brock put his frail hand atop his buddy's warm hand on his shoulder. "Thanks, but I'm not ready for the confrontation. Tell them I'm sick, will you?", he asked. "Sure?", Brad stated. Brock nodded 'yes'. "Catch ya later, B.", Brad said and left their room. He joined his fellow brothers in the large room where he had been initiated. He took his place in the semicircle in front of the wooden chair leading up to the throne. He looked aside and took in the faces of his 18 brothers: only Brock and Sean were missing. A hint of pride flowed through his 185 pound body as he compared his bare torso to those of his brothers: he was amidst the bigger and most jacked guys in the room. A cough made him and the others look up. Next to the throne atop the stairs, a frail figure appeared. The diminished Keith stepped in front of the throne and looked down at the frat members. "Brothers", he peeped in a girlish voice, "A strange illness has made me lose most of my mass. Doctor told me I have to be checked to make sure it's nothing contagious. Off course, I won't be able to swim anymore and therefore can't be leader of the noble Dexameni house…" A mild whisper rose from the frat members at these words. "Brothers", Keith peeped, his voice barely any louder than the whispers, "Brothers, please… As my final act as frat leader I have chosen my successor. The only one worthy of leading our noble Dexameni frat. An important member of the football team…" A wave of warmth came over Brad and his heartbeat went up as he heard these words. "This can only be me", he thought. A small smile formed on his lips. "SEAN" What felt like an icy rain replaced Brad's feeling of pride. Instead of him, the biggest asshole on the football team would now lead their frat. He noticed his brothers looking at each other and gently talking about this surprise. Their talking ended abruptly and all of them looked up at the throne. Sean's muscular form appeared next to Keith, a smug grin on his face as he looked down. Brad could have sworn that Sean looked bigger than before, but realized that everyone in the room would look massive standing next to the boyish Keith. The wooden robe Sean was wearing as the new frat leader completely hid his body, only his wide shoulders formed a strong line beneath the baggy fabric. "SILENCE!" Sean's booming, deep baritone resounded through the room and silenced everyone. Sean installed himself on the throne, nodding at Keith who slowly descended the stairs and left the frat house. "Brothers", Sean said, "the Dexameni frat has always been the most exclusive on campus. Assembling only the best athletes of our university. An elite group of the biggest men!". "Yeah!", the frat members howled in unison. Some even threw a double bicep pose. "Therefore", Sean continued, "I present you our newest brother : Tristan". All the frat members looked to their right as a door opened and a truly massive figure strutted into the room. They followed his movements as the figure slowly moved from the shadows into the light. A gasp of disbelief escaped the 18 frat members as Tristan stopped in the center of the room and faced them. Brad's eyes widened to the size of saucers as he gazed at his bare-chested younger brother. His brother was not only the tallest guy in the room, but also the broadest: he was twice as wide as the biggest frat member. His massive arms, masses of hard meat crisscrossed with thick veins, hung relaxed from his cannonball-sized shoulders; his heavy pecs heaved up and down with every breath he took and protruded proudly from his chest as they obscured the top of his deeply grooved eight-pack. Brad felt a tingle go through his cock and looked up at his brother's squared face that oozed masculinity with his five o'clock-beard. A smug grin formed on Tristan's face as he took in the reaction of the frat members. His brother looked up into his dark brown eyes and he returned the stare, noting the mixture of awe and unease. He turned around and looked up at Sean, slowly climbing the stairs as he was motioned to come up. Brad and his frat brothers drank in the sight of Tristan's insanely wide back, where the mounds of muscle flowed into each other. Two faint moans escaped some of the frat members, but Brad couldn't tell where they came from. Tristan stopped next to the throne and turned around to face the frat members. He folded his meaty arms in front of him, making his huge biceps dig into his protruding, striated chest. He kept looking directly into his brother's eyes. "Welcome, Tristan", Sean said officially, "You'll be the gatekeeper of the Dexameni frat house! Brothers, decline has slipped into our ranks these past years. Under my rule, our frat will return to its origin. From today on, the ancient ways are back: only the top athlete from a sport is welcome to join the Dexameni frat…" A murmur went through the frat members as they realized the meaning of Sean's words: most of them were teammates of the major sports played at Orchid University. "This can't be true", someone said. "SILENCE!", Sean bellowed deeply and instantly shut up the frat members. "Go stand together with those that play the same sport." Six groups were formed in silence. The wrestlers were the first ones to have to step to the center of the room. Five of the highest ranked state wrestlers, three of them the absolute star of their weight class, formed a line in front of the wooden stair at the base of Sean's throne. The difference between them was obvious: the 220 pound heavy weight champ dwarfed the others and was allowed to stay. Tristan slowly descended the stairs and lead the cast outs away, touching every one of them to check if he could drain their muscle. Not feeling the awaited tingling sensation, he quickly chased them away and returned to congratulate the winner. Even with the 220 pound wrestler, he didn't feel the tingle. Sean repeated the process with the other athletes until only the football players were left. He motioned them to step to the center of the room. Brad glanced at his two teammates and knew it was a close call: the three of them looked like brothers. Sean stared at his three fellow football players. "Where's Brock?", he asked and looked at Brad. "He's not feeling well", Brad replied spontaneously. "Sick or not, he's the biggest guy the house. Euhr… I mean second biggest guy", he said and pointed at Tristan, "So the three of you have to leave!". "But…", Brad mumbled. "Something to add?", Sean asked. "I…", Brad began but he realized he had agreed with Brock not to say anything about his new diminished size. He nodded 'no' and saw his beastly brother move towards them. The other football players decided to put up a fight, but he saw his brother toss them atop his wide shoulder like they were feathers and carry them out. "Okay, I'll go", he said and left the house while his brother threw the 180 pound guys through the air. "Now, we truly are the elite", Sean said to the remaining frat members, "the biggest men on campus. Let's party!". The six athletes went to the bar while Sean motioned Tristan to come over. "And?", he asked. "Nothing with none of them. My brother slipped out without being touched though", Tristan replied. "Mhm. We'll see about that later. Let's have a drink", Sean replied and joined his six frat brothers. They were all impressed with Tristan's godly physique and as the alcohol flowed they began horsing around. The heavy weight wrestler challenged Tristan for a fight, but the beastly teen simply grabbed the 220 pound wrestler's armpits and effortlessly lifted him from the floor. "Fuck, you're strong", the wrestler said as he was put back down, "What team are you on? Haven't seen you around here". "I'm just visiting for the holidays. Dropped out of high school when I turned 18 last month", Tristan answered. "You're only 18?! I'm 21 and you dwarf me like I'm a runt. And I'm the biggest guy on the wrestle team", the wrestler blurted out incredulously. "Had a growth spurt recently", Tristan replied with a smug grin. "Man, you should join the wrestle team. If we team up we'll dominate the heavyweight class", the wrestler stated, "Why don't you join me for a training tomorrow?". "Sure", Tristan replied. "Deal. I'm Mark", the wrestler said and offered Tristan another drink. Sean left his frat brothers and went up to Brock's room. He threw open the door and went in. Brock jumped up from his bed as he recognized Sean. "Why are you dressed like that?", he peeped as he noticed the white robe. "I'm the new leader of the house", Sean replied, "Pack yar stuff and come to Keith's room". Brock just stared as Sean turned around and left him. Wondering why he had to move to Keith's room, he opened his closet. Realizing that none of his old clothes would fit anymore, he just left the room and headed for Keith's room. The door was slightly ajar and opened further as he knocked. "Keith?", he asked as he went in. "Ah! Ya're already here." The deep voice behind him rumbled in Brock's stomach. A strong hand pushed him inside and he heard the door shut. He turned around and saw Sean putting a backpack on the floor as he looked around. "Like our new room?", Sean asked and scanned the large frat leader's apartment. "Our room?", Brock questioned as he looked up to Sean's face. He would have sworn that the guy looked bigger than he did during their 'meet' in the locker room in the hoodie he was now wearing. "Yep. I've selected ya to be my roommate", Sean answered. "But… but… Brad and I…", Brock stuttered. "He's no member of our frat any more", Sean stated, "new leader new rules." Brock looked up into Sean's eyes and noticed the malevolent glow. His gaze travelled down as his now huge rival unbuttoned his pants. "Ya know what to do, B.", Sean rumbled as he lowered his jeans and yanked down his boxers. His left paw roughly stroked his flaccid cock a few times and then released the meaty dick and was placed on his left hip. Brock was mesmerized by the fleshy snake that was swelling right in front of him. His eyes widened as the veins along the shaft pumped blood into the hardening schlong that thickened and lengthened past the size he remembered from the locker room. "Fuck. That's bigger than mine ever was", he peeped in awe as his rival's manhood attained its 11'5 inches of vein-coiled, thick meat. He took a step towards the huge man and kneeled in front of him, the dark red head of the rock-hard dick pointing straight at his face. He opened his mouth as wide as possible and took in the thick head. "Mwuhhn yeah", Sean growled in pleasure as the hot, wet feeling engulfed his 11'5 incher. His rival's rumbling baritone vibrated inside Brock's meager, 80 pound body. Knowing he was pleasing the huge athlete, he took more of the meaty manhood in his mouth. Six inches disappeared inside him, stretching his lips tight around the splay shaft, and his mouth was filled. He let his tongue caress and discover the veins and surface of the dick. "Mwuh. Fuck", Sean groaned, "Ya like sucking off the alpha male of the team, don’t ya B-boy?". Brock couldn't nod so he looked up but the pecs that pushed out the hoodie obscured his view of his huge rival's face. So he continued his suction on the rock-hard shaft. His frail hands reached for the tree-sized quads for support, grabbing hold of the unbelievably hard muscles to steady his body. "Yeah", Sean grunted and his cock throbbed inside the tiny mouth. He felt his thick balls churn and grabbed the back of the frail guy's head with his right paw. He shoved him hard into his 275 pound body, the guy's nose smacking against his eight-pack beneath the grey hoodie. "YEAUGHN!", he boomed as his balls exploded and blasted out the first heavy load through his 11'5 incher. Brock shivered as the beastly roar of pleasure echoed through the room and rattled his bones. He gagged as the lengthy snake was shoved hard into his throat and began releasing its thick juices. He gulped down as fast he could but the juices kept coming and quickly filled his mouth. He coughed and cum dripped from the corners of his mouth, oozing along his shin. His vision began going black as a fifth and sixth load erupted from the cock and cum even leaked from his nose. Sean felt the small guy go limp and withdrew from his mouth, blasting a final load into his tiny rival's face. "Even better than the last time", he said as he let the frail guy fall to the floor and wandered off into the bedroom.
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  9. londonboy

    Little Mouse - Part Six

    “Mouse! Dude! Where did all the bulges come from?” Kenny, the sleaze, was suddenly at Michael’s side as he walked to the library. Kenny smacked Michael’s back with an open hand and the shorter guy noticed he barely felt it. It was a beautiful evening and Michael needed to study. His room had become a little stuffy, mainly because he had beat off so many times it smelled like a bathhouse. Michael also knew being at the library would help him not count the seconds until Matt appeared at his room. He still felt a little guilty about twisting the truth with Tommy, but his need for human contact was just too much. He was feeling so powerful that he couldn’t wait to challenge the bigger wrestler. He knew he would never win in a match, but, yet, he still wanted to wrestle the guy. There was this urge inside him that dominated almost every thought – and it all seemed so sexual and strength-related at the same time. “Hey, Kenny. What are you talking about?” “Man, I’m talking about you and your muscles poking that shirt out in all directions. It’s like you’ve just put small balloons all up in there, but I can tell it’s actually hard as rock because it doesn’t jiggle. You shooting the roids, Mouse?” “No! Get out of here man. You’re crazy.” “Michael, I’m not gay or anything, but trust me when I say I know when a guy is getting jacked. I’ve dated enough girls who told me I was too puny to not notice when a man is getting big. Whatever you’re doing to grow – it’s working.” “Kenny, you just called me Michael!” “Well that’s your name, isn’t it, dude?” “Yeah, but you’ve always….” “Oh hell, there goes April Bowers. She makes me want to cover her in Kenny showers! Later man! Keep up the roids – they’re definitely helping.” And with that, the snake was off – chasing some other skirt around campus. Michael was baffled by the guy’s comments, but he was more overjoyed by the fact that Kenny, the Snake, had just called him by his real name. Kenny never did that! Michael ignored the comments about the bulges and just focused on the fact that his fraternity brother had called him by his real name and not his embarrassing nickname. Studying at the library was not successful. Michael could only think about ejaculating and feeling Matt’s muscled wrestler body. At one point, while he was writing a paper for his English Lit class, he looked down and saw he had written the same line three or four times, “I want to pound Matt’s muscular tight ass.” It was a little disconcerting how he had written it without even realizing it. Michael’s body was on fire with power. He had benched eight hundred pounds today. That was probably over three times as much as Matt weighed. That meant he could easily lift Matt’s body - even over his head. This thought stayed in Michael’s mind the entire time he tried to study. Later, he caught himself feeling up his own biceps and chest as he read from a book – and found he was even was fully hard in response. He glanced up, embarrassed when he noticed what he was doing, and immediately saw Andrea Evans – the head cheerleader – staring at him and licking her lips in response. That’s when Michael knew it was time to leave the library. He gathered his books and headed out the front door. As he went down the steps he nearly ran into Matt – clearly coming from lifting since he was sweat covered and dressed in shorts and a tank. “Whoa, little Mouse, what’s the rush? Something got you spooked?” “Yeah, Andrea Evans licking her lips at me.” Michael responded without even thinking. He was too busy taking in Matt’s gorgeous muscled torso – tensed even more than it usually was. “Andrea Evans licking her lips at you?” “Yeah.” “I don’t think so, squirt, but keep on dreaming. Listen, Janice wants me to take her for beers at ten, so I was thinking we could go to your room now and I could plow your face for a while. Don’t answer, cause you don’t really have a choice, just start walking home. Stay a few steps in front of me so no one thinks we’re together.” “Who said romance is dead.’ Michael was offended by Matt’s words, but his need for release was greater than his disappointment. He gladly led the way across campus. Once they were inside the room, however, he quickly took off his shirt and turned toward the beefy wrestler! “Holy shit, Mouse, what’s happened to you?” “What do you mean, Matt.” “Wait a minute. Wait just a fucking minute. Tommy’s given you bars, hasn’t he? Hasn’t he. That little shit. How many have you had?” “What? No, Tommy’s not been…” “How many!” Matt shouted at the top of his lungs – to emphasize his anger. Michael was temporarily frightened. “Um . . . two . . . two bars.” “How much you lifting? Come on you stupid little shit, how much?” Suddenly, Michael knew not to answer truthfully. He already regretted having Matt back to his room – mainly because of how it betrayed Tommy. He also heard something he didn’t like in Matt’s voice – something mean – meaner than usual – and dirty. Michael quickly calculated what he thought would be a good answer. “About four hundred.” “Nowhere near how I responded, good. Now listen, tiny Mouse, I don’t want you going near Tommy Cole again. You hear me. If I find out you’ve been with Tommy I’m going to wrap those tiny legs of yours around your neck and tie them in a bow. Do you hear me? I said, do you hear me, little fucker!” “Yes, Matt. But why?” “Shut up! Just do as I say! I mean it. Dammit, I’m going to kill that bastard!” And with that, Matt was gone. Michael stood in his dorm – shirtless and utterly confused. He could feel his heart beating stronger than usual – either from fear or excitement – he couldn’t tell which. Had he just made Matt jealous? Was the big wrestler upset because he and Tommy were getting so close? What did he mean when he said, “nowhere near how I responded.” There were so many things swirling around in his brain, but the one thought that kept popping up over and over was to beat off. He had wanted to get off to Matt’s muscles, but the big man had stormed off so quickly. Michael simply accepted the fact that he’d have to help himself to his needed release. As he made his way to his bed he passed the full-length mirror on the closet door. He walked by the thing many times a day and never glanced at himself, but tonight something caught his eye and he stopped. “Oh. My. God.” Suddenly, Michael realized what had made Kenny and Matt both react the way they had. He understood why Kenny had used the word ‘bulges.’ Michael’s upper torso was, indeed, poking out in new ways. Muscles were clearly defined and much bigger than the guy could have ever dreamed. Without even thinking about it, Michael raised his right arm into a flex and made that biceps tense up into a well-defined ball of hardness. The sight was such a shocking turn on that the poor guy shot off like a rocket – emptying a big wad into his underpants before he could even register what was happening. The orgasm was intense – but Michael kept his arm flexed the entire time. When the gushing finally finished and turned into nothing more than spurting droplets, the short guy flexed harder. A double-peaked, granite-like gun, the size of a baseball, blasted into the air like it was the arm of some young gymnast or martial arts expert. Michael had to turn from the mirror to look at the biceps, just to make sure it was really his. “Fucking no way!” he said out loud – consumed in disbelief. He reached up with his other hand and felt the mound of hard muscle – his cock immediately rocketing to full hardness again - even after his earlier intense explosion. He caressed the peak with his fingers and palm – marveling at how hard and big it was. Michael had a freaking defined biceps – the kind of arm he lusted after – the kind of gun he had beat off to for years. But this beast of a biceps was his. As he felt himself up he noticed his other knotted gun and immediately shot that arm into the air for a double biceps pose. The guy gasped out loud – even as he flexed with all his might. His arms blasted into the air like he was some kind of internet muscle cam show – and he suddenly realized he could be. Michael closed his eyes and re-opened them, just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming and that’s when his gaze took in the rest of his upper body. “Holy fucking . . . “ The sight of his chest made him drop his arms. Two swelling mounds of pec muscle bulged tightly from his body. No wonder his shirts had all seemed two sizes too small – because they were! There was actually a freaking crevice in the middle of his chest. The once smooth as a tabletop upper body now popped out in a way that made it clear Michael could easily hold something in the deep space between his pecs – a pen, a cell phone, or part of a guy’s face. It was the beginning of the chest of his dreams. That’s when he noticed the tightly defined six-pack below the bulging pecs. He had to take a few steps back – shocked to see that he had abs that protruded in a way so it looked like he could wash clothes on them. Michael briefly acknowledged the massive wet spot at his crotch and the fact that he had been leaking pre-cum even after his major ejaculation, but it didn’t matter. All he could focus on was his own improved body. He moved his hand up to his stomach and was immediately blown away at how hard the protruding ridges felt. He made a fist and pounded three times on his flat tummy, amazed by both the deep sound it made and how little he felt it. “Oh hell yeah…” That was the only thing he could think to say when he looked lower in the mirror and saw that his thighs bulged out nicely – tightening his once baggy jeans to the point where he knew he’d have to peel them off. His legs were thick and like rock! He took the same fist and pounded on his right quad, which he flexed – noticing that it didn’t shake or jiggle at all. And that’s also when he noticed the thick, long hardness snaking across his left thigh – outlined through the jean fabric as if a sculptor was making a mold. Michael had never been ashamed of his smaller-than-normal dick – he knew it was the motion that mattered more than the size – but seeing the fact that his rod had more than doubled in size was almost too much to handle. He unsnapped his pants and struggled to shove them down over his thick upper legs. His underpants were sopping wet with cum and that highlighted the outline of his steel-hard cock even more. The power in his tool made the briefs instantly tent outward. Michael pulled the waistband away from his body so he could tug his underwear down to his knees, too. The hard beast that smacked up against his abs caused the guy to again gasp out loud. His cock was now thicker than his old forearm. Its mushroom head was plump and flared out from the shaft like a hefty arrowhead. Michael’s creamy sweetness oozed out of his dick slit, like lava teasingly escaping a volcano. “Oh fuck…” Michael wrapped his now thicker hand around his hard cock and started stroking slowly and deliberately. His gaze returned to his upper body. Traps and delts now bulged nicely where there had basically been nothing but skinniness and softness just days ago. Rounded, full-of-muscle shoulders shot out from his thickly vein-covered neck in a way that made Michael pick up the pace of his strokes. Michael did a side flex with his other arm and he felt his cum-load surge dangerously close to explosion. His arm was big . . . like Matt’s and he already knew it was powerful. His arms had lifted eight hundred pounds. Tommy had been amazed by the strength Michael now possessed and it had come after only two bars. Michael flexed his gun even harder and he was sure it bulged even bigger than it had when he had first started looking in the mirror. No wonder he had felt so powerful for so many hours. His body had been compacting and growing, and getting much stronger. Michael was so lost in his thoughts he didn’t realize he was speaking out loud. “Fuck, Matt, I’m going to squeeze you til you beg me to stop. I’m gonna crank out so many reps overhead with your little body you’re gonna get dizzy. I’m gonna slam you up against the wall, rip those pants off with one hand, and pound that sweet ass of yours until I empty every drop of my love juice into your body. You’re gonna beg me to have my way with you!” This last statement, along with the sight of his now hard-mounded flexed biceps, was the breaking point for Michael. His cock exploded and his hot cum shot out powerfully. His abs tensed inward abruptly and then his crotch shot forward with what seemed like a super thrust. Bam! His cum spattered against the mirror thickly and then started sliding down. Bam! Bam! Full-on rockets of gulp-sized semen continue to shoot from Michael’s powerful rod. The ejaculation was so intense that Michael was forced to his knees – never once stopping the strokes of his hard shaft, which continued to spew out for minutes. When his body was finally finished convulsing, Michael leaned forward onto his arm while his heavy breathing subsided. He eventually let go of his still-hard dick and crawled slowly to his bed, making sure to grope his chest and arm as he lay down. Seconds after his head hit the pillow he was fast asleep – entirely spent from the best cum-explosion of his lifetime.
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  10. BGryphon18

    Alchemist - Part 5

    I could hardly sleep the night before I was to leave for Chicago. Every time I was just about to sleep, my mind would start to wander about what would happen the following day. Thoughts of me worshipping every inch of Chase’s huge body worked their way into my mind. Thoughts of making his already huge muscles grow even bigger and stronger. Suddenly I would find my self jacking off, on the verge of cumming and needing to stop myself. “I can’t cum now” I kept telling myself. I promised I would wait so that when we met I would be primed and ready to blow and shower him in the offering that was my load. After a few hours of tossing and turning I decided to do some more reading in Atlas’ tome to determine what else I could do with it. As with the legend of Atlas, most of the spells in his tome were centered around physical enhancement. Mostly strength and size augmentation spells, however there were a few that he admits to have “borrowed” from the other deities of his time. It seems that before he was punished to “hold up the sky”, Atlas was quite the Titan. Just like in the “normal” Greek mythology, the Titans predated the Gods and Goddesses of the Pantheon. Their power was great and they were the rulers of their time. Each seemed to have a desire for certain powers that manifested in their respective myths. In the case of Atlas, he desired size and strength above all else. He felt that sheer size and physical power were the most important and could overcome anything in the universe. I was inclined to agree with him after the spectacle I had seen only a few days earlier. Not to mention the best night of my life that I would have the following night. The thought of all that huge hard muscle flexing for me to touch, lick, caress… No! I can’t think about it. Once again without my realizing it, I had drifted off to sleep as the next thing I knew I was being awoken by my alarm clock. Still half asleep I stumbled into the shower and proceeded to clean up. Once done and toweled off, I made my way for my dresser to get my work clothes when I stumbled on the packed suitcase on the floor. “Ouch! Damnit what the hell did I…” Of course! I wasn’t working today, I was leaving for Chicago! I started laughing at my own stupidity as I looked for a pair of regular clothes to wear for the day. I went about my daily routine: getting breakfast, flipping through the newspaper, watching a little TV, then at last checked my emails and messages. I had a couple of messages from fellow muscle enthusiasts who were both wishing me well and cursing my fortune of meeting Chase in person, not to mention spending the night with him worshiping his glorious body (and making him grow, but I didn’t tell them that!). I printed out the copy of the email that Chase had sent to me with the hotel name and address and where the contest was taking place. There was also what he called a “head shot” so I would recognize him at the airport. I laughed at not only the absurdity of needing a photo to recognize him, but the fact that his “head shot” was from about the waist up with him shirtless giving me a most muscular pose and grinning mischievously at me. Well I was both laughing and hard as fucking steel when I saw that pic. He looked FANTASTIC! If he didn’t win this contest I would storm the stage and knock the judge’s heads together a few times! I chuckled at the picture a few more times and then started nervously pacing the room. I had been in debate with myself for the past half-hour as to whether or not I wanted to bring the tome with me on the trip. I had memorized the muscle growth spell so I didn’t really need it, but it could prove to have some other spells we could play around with. I had just packed the book in my carry on bag when I noticed that I had to leave then or I would be late arriving at the airport. I must have broken about a half dozen laws by the time I pulled into the parking lot of the airport. I was so excited that I kept speeding up and had almost gone flying past a police officer doing somewhere around 90. I went into the airport and did the normal check in procedure. I got my one extra bag checked, my tickets printed and pointed towards my terminal (which was pointless since this airport only had 6 of them!) I still had about a half-hour before my flight was to begin boarding so I got the tome out and began reading it again. “That’s a very impressive book sir. Might I ask where you acquired it?” I looked up with a start and saw a very well dressed (not to mention handsome) man looking down at me. “Oh this? I bought it from a seller online about a week ago. Just something I’ve been searching for. I’m kind of a collector of ancient books and manuscripts. Though my collection only spans one bookshelf!” The guy laughed softly and nodded his head. “I’m actually a collector as well, though my collection spans much more then one book shelf. From the look of that book it’s from Ancient Greece, am I right?” “Yes it is. It’s missing quite a few pages and is reportedly part of a set though the other ones have never been found.” "I though so. I'd like to give you my card. As I said, I'm a collector and if you are ever interested in selling that book, give me a call. I assure you I will pay top dollar for it." I reached out and took the card from him. "Alright. I don't think I will, but I'll keep it in mind" "That's all I ask for. Well if you'll excuse me, I need to catch my flight. Have a safe trip." He smiled at me as he grabbed his bag and left the terminal. "You too" I called to him. I looked back to my book for a moment then back up to ask him another question, but he was gone. "Attention all passengers, we will now begin boarding for Flight 2589 to Chicago. Please have your boarding pass ready” My heart leapt. That was me. That was my flight. I'm one step closer to meeting Chase in person. One step closer to worshiping his huge body in real life. I repacked the book into my carry-on and walked to the attendant. After a few minutes to find my seat, stow my luggage and strap in, the excitement flooded my brain again. I was going to meet Chase! I was going to see in live, in person. I was going to get to feel his huge body under my hands, and not just with my imagination. I was... getting a massive hardon while in my seat! Glancing around I tried to quickly, though covertly adjust myself and take my mind off of what was going to happen in just a few hours. Thankfully all of the other passengers were preoccupied putting their luggage away and getting into their seats as well to notice me. I have to take my mind off of this. I need to think of something, ANYTHING else. I plugged in my airline headset and changed the “station” to the tower so that I could listen to the radio chatter. After a few moments I was able to get a basic grasp of the lingo and determined we were next in line for take off. Sure enough we began accelerating and soon were airborne. “Excuse me ma’am, where is the luggage claim for our flight?” I asked the attendant once we had departed the terminal in Chicago. “Down the stairs and to the left. Yours should be on turnstile 4.” She smiled as she gave me the reply. “Thank you very much” I then grabbed my carry-on and headed for baggage claim. It only took a few minutes before the belts started moving and the bags made there way down from wherever they were and people started to pick them up. Mine was of course one of the last few to appear, but I simply grabbed it and made my way towards my rental car. Thankfully this process took far less time since I am a VIP member. From here on out it was simply picking my car and navigating my way to the hotel. “Room 280. The elevator is just down the hall and your room should be just past it. Here is a map to detail all our emergency exits as well as the location of the pool and restaurant. Enjoy your stay!” “I’m sure I will. Thank you very much” Damn. If I weren’t here to meet a total stud, the guy behind the register would be hard to pass up. Especially with a few “modifications”. I smiled politely but also a bit suggestively as I made my way over to the elevator. I had gotten to the hotel a bit ahead of schedule so I decided to go for a quick swim to pass the time. Chase’s flight wouldn’t be in for at least another hour or so and maybe a swim would calm me down so I didn’t jump him the second he walked in the door! I changed into my trunks, grabbed a towel and made my way down to the pool. The water felt so good on my skin and was just what I needed. I swam a few laps and took a quick soak in the hot tub to really get relaxed then made my way to the front desk. “I’m suppose to be meeting a friend here, has he stopped by or left a message for me? Room 280.” “Let me check for you.” Brief pause “No messages I’m afraid. I will let you know when there is though.” “Okay. Thank you again.” As I was about to turn away I swear I caught a hint of a smirk on his face. Did he know? I’m sure he has this kind of thing happen all the time in a big city like this. I shrugged it off and went back to my room. I opened the door and went into the bathroom to change back into my regular clothes and dry my hair. After some mild primping I decided I’d go and watch some TV until I got a call from the front desk. When I opened up the door and turned the corner I almost screamed. There, sitting like he owned the place was Chase! “Well it’s about damn time. Where have you been?” He gave me that sexy ass smirk and I thought I would melt. “I… I… what the hell are you doing here?” I couldn’t hold back my shock as I was near jaw dropping. He gave me another smirk and a light laugh and I thought I would shoot right then. “Got an earlier flight. Figured I’d surprise you.” He started to get up from the bed and walk over to me. “Well I am definitely surprised. But how did you get in? I’ve got the key and the guy at the front desk said no one had checked in yet.” Another laugh. “I gave him $20 and a quick flex to not tell you that I was here and he gave me a key.” Now it was my turn to laugh. “I thought I saw him smirk at me when I was leaving. Looks like you’ve charmed yet another poor soul with your amazing body.” He was now almost upon me. Mere inches away. I could smell his musk mixed with cologne to make a nearly intoxicating blend. “Maybe. He did seem receptive to the idea. However for now, he’s just a fan. You, my dear sweet worshiper, are my sole focus right now. I can sense your desire. How much you are dying to feel me. But more so, make me grow. You want to give me more muscle, more size, more strength. You want to make me a living God of muscle.” His voice got lower and lower with each passing word till it was barely above a whisper. He also was getting even closer too. Until he was a mere hairs breath away from me. “I do.” I couldn’t say any more. That was all that needed to be said. My heart was pounding so loudly I’m sure that even he could hear it. I felt both energized and immobile. I couldn’t move though I was desperate to. My whole body tingled with desire to feel every inch of this man and to use every ounce of know how at my disposal to make him even more of a God then he was now. “Well? What are you waiting for? An invitation?” He smirked again and I lunged. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him with the passion of a thousand men. For a few seconds he seemed stunned, but soon I felt his arms start to wrap around my back and returning the kiss back with equal enthusiasm. Seconds turned into minutes as we stood there simply making out. This felt better then I could have ever dreamed of. Here I was, making out with quite possibly the hottest guy I have ever seen and this was only the start. I felt his arms around me. Pulling me closer, making sure that I could feel his muscle even through the clothes. He was so massive already I was almost unsure about making him bigger. “God you’re amazing” I said in between breaths. By now I was trying to get his shirt off so I could see and feel his rippling body without any interference. When I finally got it over his head I gasped which made him smile. Immediately I leaned back in and started to kiss his pecs. Big slabs of pure muscle lay beneath a thin layer of skin that were hard to the touch. I made my way down to his right nipple and started to kiss and bite on it. I heard him gasp and looked up to see his head roll back. When it came back he was smiling broadly. “You’re not so bad yourself man. Now, what do you say we liven things up? Make me grow man. Make me a fucking monster of muscle.” “Your wish is my command my soon-to-be Muscle God.” Again he smiled like a kid on Christmas and licked his lips. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into another deep kiss. I obliged for a few moments before pulling away. “If you want to grow, I need to breathe, not to mention speak. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride” I gently pushed him back to the bed and made him sit down. He looked up at me with such yearning and desire that it was hard to keep focused, but eventually I automatically started to say the spell. I could feel his muscles beneath my hands start to expand and grow. He moaned deeply and started to flex for me. First a glorious double biceps pose. My hands traced his across his shoulders, feeling the lines and ridges of muscle until they found the mountains in the distance. I took a sharp breath when I felt them. They were so hard under my hands. He pumped them again and again for me making the mounds swell more and more with each completion of the pose. He would flex hard at the top making sure that I could really feel the muscle as it expanded and grew. He stopped and grabbed my hands to place them on his pecs. Such power could be felt under my hands as I concentrated on making them grow. Chase flexed them over and over for me. First together, then each on its own to show me the control he had over his expanding body. Bigger and bigger he grew all over, but his pecs were just a bit larger then the rest of him at this point. I slowly knelt down letting my hands flow down his body across his ripped abs. Even relaxed they were hard as stone but then he flexed them. His stomach rippled like liquid steel before forming into eight perfect blocks of muscle. I traced each bulge with my fingers. The grooves and mounds of his midsection then out to his ripped obliques. His waist shrunk a bit during the process but it only helped to make him look that much bigger. While totally engrossed with his torso, I suddenly heard a slight rip. I glanced down to see that I hadn’t removed his pants and his legs were now bursting through them. I went to undo his pants so we could remove them when I felt his hands on mine. “No don’t. Let me hulk out of them. I’ve always wanted to and now I can.” I wasn’t about to argue with him and the fact that the act of him stopping me put his torso into a semi most muscular pose made me forget all about his lower half. His pecs were absolutely huge now! Bigger then I had ever seen and they were still growing. His arms were massive as they fought with his pecs for the space to continue to grow. The ripping was now more frequent and louder as I started to see his thighs from where the seam of his pants used to exist. Larger and larger his legs grew and so did the tears in his pants. I felt the fabric straining to contain the mass that was his thighs. They were pressing against each other harder and harder now and he had to readjust his legs to make room. Soon the seams were completely torn and the pants were hanging from his waist. Finally he allowed me to take them off so I could see his legs in all their pumped up muscle glory. His legs were perfect. I mean in the truest sense of the word: PERFECT! Huge, hard, defined, ripped. The epitome of what bodybuilder’s legs should look like were now his and they kept growing with every breath. So much muscle was crammed onto his frame now that he almost looked cartoonish. But to me he just looked like perfection. My every dream and fantasy made flesh and right here for me to touch. With my hands still on his titanic thighs, I leaned in again to kiss him. The last of his growth slowed once I stopped chanting and I was now able to see the beauty and majesty that I had created. He stood up, now at least 6’4” and packed to the hilt with bulging muscle. He walked (well waddled once he got aquatinted with is new size) to the mirror to see just how huge he was. He gasped, making his chest swell with size. Then he moaned. A deep lustful moan of appreciation for what I had given him. His hands started to travel his body. From his gigantic biceps, to his mammoth chest. Ripped abs to his redwood thighs. I saw his cock start to swell in his shorts. Bigger it rose as he felt (well more like gropped) his now super heavyweight body. Just when I thought the underwear could take no more he suddenly stopped and turned to me. Grinning that Cheshire cat way he did he started towards me. A mountain of muscle slowly coming at me taking up more and more of my field of vision. When he was again mere inches away from me he leaned down, as he was now taller then I, and with the volume just above a whisper said: “Now let’s have some REAL fun”
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  11. BGryphon18

    Reach Out and Grow Someone - Part 1

    Hey Guys, So with my poll about if my stories should be published, it occurred to me that the only one I've posted here was Bowling For Muscle. So I pulled up my archives and found this one that has a couple parts to it and thought I would post it. I have done NO editing to it since it was written/created so I'm not sure the quality... or honestly even some of the content, but hey, maybe I'll surprise myself! (Oh and yes you will undoubtedly noticed dated references so ride the nostalgia train!) Anyway, enjoy! ***** When I first heard about the new electronics company "Evolution" I was a bit unsure about it. A relatively new company with a slew of products that were becoming quite a craze among my friends. Everything from cell phones, to PDA's, DVD players, etc. This company had nothing but rave reviews and praise about their products. I found out about them through a friend from a web forum we both frequent. He had gotten a cell phone and said the service was out of this world! Plans that were half the cost of almost every other company but had more features and minutes then what the other guys offered. Crystal clear calls and the most modern technology made it sound too good to be true. I spent days reading through their website, feedback, specs and the like trying to find the loophole, or catch in what sounded like the perfect company. After an exhaustive search, I found nothing so I decided to give it a try. "Thank you for calling Evolution. My name is Matt, how may I help you?" Dear God! The voice on this customer service rep was the deepest and sexiest I had ever heard in my life. "Um... Yes... I was wondering how I would go about getting set up for a cell phone plan through your company." I tried to sound calm and professional, but part of me just wanted to listen to him talk. "Alright sir I can help you with that." Good, cause I REALLY didn't want to be transferred to anyone else! "Let's start by getting your personal information. Can I have your first and last name please?" In a heartbeat! "Josh Edwards" "Thank you. And your home state please?" Odd. Why not ask for my street address first? Let alone the city and state. "Wisconsin" "Okay. It should take just a moment to pull up your information in our database." Pull it up? From where? "There we go. Now what plan were you looking for?" "Um, honestly? I don't know of any plans. A friend of mine told me about your company and what great service you provide. I never looked through that to find one. What ones do you offer?" Okay. TOTAL lie as I knew exactly what plans they had and what one I wanted. I just desperately wanted to hear this man keep talking. "Well we have 5 plans to choose from based on what features you'd like and how often you plan to be on the phone. There's the 'Lightweight" plan where you get 1000 minutes for $9.99 a month. The 'Middleweight' plan where you get 1500 minutes for $19.99 per month. The 'Heavyweight' plan where you get 2500 minutes for $29.99 per month. The 'Superheavyweight' plan where you get 3500 minutes for $39.99 a month. Last we have the 'Megaheavyweight' plan where you get 5000 minutes for $49.99 a month." Without even realizing it, I had gotten a full fledged, leaking pre hard on that I was stroking though my pants as I talked with him. When I finally noticed that he had stopped talking, I had to quickly respond. "Wow." What? If you would have heard this guy talk you would have said probably the same in my place. "Um. Well I think the 'Megaheavyweight' plan sounds good. What other features does that include?" "Excellent choice sir" Goddamn. Having this guy call me sir was so intense. Plus I swear I heard what I would consider a smile in his voice. "Not many people take that plan since they get so many minutes on the lower ones. But it sounds to me that you like to talk on the phone a lot. You have a very nice phone voice." Holy shit! Was this guy flirting with me? If so, I was not about to turn him down! "Thank you. You do too. If you don't mind me saying." "Thank you sir. Now let me detail some of the extra features that are included in this plan. We offer all the basics: Caller ID, Call waiting, Mobile Web, Email, Text messaging, etc. However we also include several features that are designed to custom fit to you and your lifestyle. I'll just need to ask you a few questions and I can get that all set up for you. Describe to me your daily routine." "Um... well okay. I usually have a cup of coffee in the morning with breakfast. Then it's off to the gym to get a quick cardio workout in. Work for 8-10 hours then back to the gym for my strength training workout. After that it's dinner and maybe a protein shake and some TV or whatever." "Sounds like you're a serious gym rat. Alright. Well we offer a workout schedule reminder, as well as training logs that can be programmed into your phone to let you know when your workouts are, what your scheduled to do, and keep track of your progress. Also, we have several promotions with various gyms, as well as supplement companies to offer discounts and specials to our customers regularly throughout the year. You can also get workout tips and tricks from the pros sent to your phone daily as well. Would you be interested in receiving these specials sir?" I'll take whatever you want to give stud... "Well that depends. How much extra will it be?" "All these features are included absolutely free sir. There is no additional cost to you." "Oh. Well then sure. Sign me up." "Great. Just a few more things and you should be all set. I've also included a few extra features for you that I think you will really enjoy based on the information we have in our system." What information? Probably just based on where I live. "And how much are those?" "Nothing sir. Just think of it as a gift from me as a first time customer. We want to make sure all our customers are happy with our services. Besides, I'm sure you will love them from what I'm showing in your profile." Profile? What profile? "Great... I guess. By the way what information do you..." "Alright sir you're all set up. You should receive your phone in the mail tomorrow. We hope you enjoy all the features as well as our service and we thank you for choosing Evolution. Have a great evening." And with that, the line disconnected. Weird. Very weird. But hey, I'm getting a new phone, an excellent plan and got to talk to the sexiest sounding stud I have ever heard. All in all, a good night. I awoke the next morning still thinking about the strange things the phone rep had told me. What profile? What information did they have on me? How did they know who I was when I only told them my name and state? Still pondering all these questions while I made my breakfast and watched TV, I couldn't help but feel like I might have made a mistake. What if this was a scam company and they just stole my identity? My bank accounts, credit cards, everything could be wiped out and I would be screwed. Feeling more and more anxious, I decided to call my bank to see if everything was in order. Everything checked out okay. No authorization attempts, no missing funds. Everything seemed to be okay. Maybe I was just over reacting. They were a new company and I myself read through all their information to make sure they were legit. "Everything will be fine. Just calm down" I said to myself as I continued to pace the floor. Just as I had started to calm down, I heard a knock at my door. Jumping slightly, I muttered under my breath to calm down as I went to unlock the door. The sight that was there was truly magnificent. I was staring at a chest that looked poised to explode through the fabric that was wrapped around it. A blue polo shirt that looked to be at it's limit holding back mounds of pec meat. My eyes slowly traveled upward past the logo for "Evolution" to a neck that would have made a bull cry. Followed by a face that would have taken the supermodel world by storm. Never in my life had I seen a man so handsome, let alone be less then two feet from him. He had short brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and a strong jaw with just a slight amount of hair. I gasped when I saw his face and to my great relief, he only smiled. "Good morning sir. My name is Matt and I'm from Evolution. I'm here to deliver your phone and help you with the set up." Phone? What phone? I had to look like a complete idiot because next I heard was a "Sir?" and a slightly concerned look on his beautiful face. "Oh yes. Of course, the phone. Please come in. Make yourself at home." PLEASE! Again he smiled and I thought I would collapse from weakness. "Thank you sir." He crossed the threshold and walked past me. My God this man was HUGE! Just slightly taller then me at around 6'4 or so and he had to be 280 pounds if he was 1. He had that tell tale bodybuilder walk as his monumental thighs tried to roll around one another to move him forward. His arms swaggered at what could almost be 45 degrees from his body and the "V" taper, hell this guy had nearly at "T" taper! His waist could be no more then 34 inches but his body simply exploded the further up you went. Wider and wider the more you went up until you arrived at shoulders that were simply divine. And his arms? Let's just say that not even Webster's could find words to describe them. Perfect seemed to be an insult. I had to hang onto the door just to remain standing. Not to mention restrain myself from charging at this man with the wild passion of a dozen men. This guy was my every fantasy made real and he was in my house! I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I was going to soak up every possible second with this man. "I wasn't expecting a representative to come to my house to deliver the phone. I thought you would just send it Fed Ex or something." Again he smiled and I thought my knees would fail. "No sir. We personally deliver all our merchandise to ensure it arrives to our customers." God his voice was amazing. Wait... his voice. It couldn't be... "I'm sorry, what did you say your name was again?" "Matt sir. I was the one who helped you set up your account last night." I was shocked! My brain was on the verge of overload with this whole experience. "What? Really? Um... wow... that's..." "To provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, the company will send out the phone representative that set up your account so that you are always dealing with the same person. That way there is no misinformation and you never have to tell the same thing to multiple representatives." "Really? That's incredible! Do you have several locations that you can do that or did you fly out here just to help get me set up?" He gave the most innocent, sheepish grin I have ever seen and I swear he started to blush. It was both comical and unbelievably hot. "Well, to be honest sir, that's not entirely true. There is a more local rep who could have helped get you set up, but I specially requested to get you started." Oh... My... GOD! He WAS flirting with me last night! This muscle GOD was not only standing in my home, but he was actually hitting on ME!? "Oh.... um... well I'm flattered that you would take the time to do that. It really wasn't necessary.... though I'm very glad you did." Now I KNOW I saw him blush. "It's my pleasure sir." After a few moments of us just standing there in awkward silence he finally said. "Alright. Where's the bedroom?"
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  12. londonboy

    Little Mouse - Part Seven

    Michael had been waiting for about forty minutes and Tommy had not arrived for their workout. The gym was empty, as usual, and Michael had already benched eight hundred pounds for twenty reps – among many other lifts. He had also been to the mirror about ten times – to look at how much his body had grown overnight. The second power bar from Tommy had somehow made everything accelerate even faster. The growth had seemed to increase – as well as his strength. Lifting the weight had been easy, today. His body had changed a lot – his biceps were now softball sized – instead of baseballs. His pecs blasted out so much that the tank top was stretched to the ripping point. And he might as well have only been wearing briefs – that’s what the cotton shorts looked like, anyway, because of his now thickly muscled thighs. The outline of his cock through the material was downright obscene. It was slowly dawning on him that Tommy was not coming. He immediately knew why. Matt had gone to visit Tommy last night and now his fraternity big brother knew he had lied. He had technically not gone to Matt’s room, but Matt had come to his. Either way, he had let Tommy down. And now he was being punished for it. So much was galloping around Michael’s mind – so many little snippets of things he had missed before. Tommy appearing like two different people at times – sometimes fat – sometimes buff. Matt knowing about the bars. Tommy saying that someone else had taken the bars and reacted the same way as Michael. So many unanswered questions. And then it dawned on him who might know the answers. Michael immediately left the gym – forgetting that he was only in a muscle hugging tank top and equally tight cotton shorts. He didn’t fit into any other clothes in his closet, anyway. Michael easily found Kenny, the Snake, talking to Jenny Roberts in the middle of the campus quad. “Jenny, could you excuse us, please” Michael said, with a face that made it clear the girl didn’t have a choice. “Michael, dude, what are you doing? I was jus about to seal the deal!” Michael knew, before he even did it, that he could reach down and grab Kenny by the lapels of his jacket and lift him out of his chair. He did it with ease – and with only one hand. He felt his biceps swell a little as he picked up a grown man – like he was nothing more than a discarded shirt. The Snake’s feet dangled above the ground about two feet as Michael held him high in the air above his head. For a second, Michael let the knowledge that he held another man in the air with one hand sink into his psyche – then he spoke. “Spill it, Kenny. Everything you know about Tommy and Matt. Now!” Michael shook the guy, hard, just to emphasize his point. “Okay, okay, just let me down, Michael.” “Nope, you can tell me from up there. I can probably hold you there all day and, besides, you’ll enjoy the view. Now spill!” “They were lovers Matt’s freshman year.” “Old news,” Michael said, again shaking Kenny’s body in the air like a rag doll. “Okay, okay! Tommy was huge. Way beyond how big Matt is! Matt was puny – kind of like the old you.” “What?” Michael said, unbelieving. “It’s true! Ask anyone! Tommy was the biggest man on campus – and the most handsome. He fell in love with Matt, though. I mean real love. They started doing everything together. We all knew they were an item, even though Matt wanted it to be a secret. Then one day, out of the blue, they shifted.” “What do you mean, they shifted, Kenny?” “Matt was huge and Tommy was an overweight slob. Like they are now!” “How can that be?” “I don’t know. Really, I don’t! Please don’t shake me – it’s going to make me piss myself. People said it had to do something with power bars and real love. They say Tommy gave up his size and beauty because he loved Matt so much. That’s all I know, really!” Michael dropped Kenny to the ground. He believed the Snake. They looked at each other with an understanding that went way beyond words. Suddenly, Michael realized something – something so unbelievable that he almost began to tear up. “You led me to him.” “What? I don’t know what you’re talking about, Michael.” “Bullshit. You steered me towards Tommy all along. I thought you were some filthy jerk, but you were trying to get me to see the truth on my own all along.” “You have no idea what you’re talking about, Michael.” “Yeah? Then how come you’re suddenly calling me Michael?” “Mainly because you can lift me in the air with one hand.” The two men stared at each other in silence. Michael was suddenly understanding so much more than he did the day before. Even just seconds before. Kenny was not the heel he thought he was. Kenny was on the good side. He just couldn’t admit it. Michael grabbed the now smaller man and hugged him tightly. Kenny cried out in pain from a squeeze that was too tight. The bigger man immediately released him. “You really have no idea how big and strong you’ve become, do you, Michael.” “What do you mean, Kenny?” “You are wearing a tank top that would’ve swallowed you just a few days ago and now it’s stretched to the max. You’re cotton shorts are tighter than any girl’s skirt on campus. And you just lifted me with one hand – I could see my weight barely registered to you.” Reality had already begun to set in, but hearing someone else say it made it even more real. Michael loved the fact that all of his clothes no longer fit. He had chosen the tank and cotton shorts merely because he could stretch them over his muscles. He had outgrown his entire wardrobe. He had just lifted what was probably a hundred and eighty pound man into the air with one hand and barely noticed. Michael looked down at his body and realized the power bars had done their thing. He was huge and strong. The thought thrilled him. “I’m beginning to get it, man. It’s what I’ve always wanted. Where are they, Kenny?” “Last I heard, they were arguing down by the pool.”
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  14. Austinevenson42

    Ryan Finally Gives it to His Friend

    Ryan Finally Gives it to His Friend Please feel free to tell me what you think! I am planning on writing other stories, and maybe a sequel to this one if people want it. Hope you enjoy it! Mike and I had always been friends since as far as I could possibly remember. From when we were kids to now in college at the age of 20, we did everything together, from doing homework to going to parties. But, there is one big thing that we don’t do together…well we did at first. We started working out at around the age of 15, but Mike could never really get into it. I kept trying to push him into going to the gym, but in the end I kept going and he didn’t. Periodically when he saw my results he would try again, but nothing, it just wasn’t for him. I’m not going to lie though; my muscle growth has definitely turned me into a cocky bastard. I’ve always loved the fact that Mike has become increasingly jealous of my ever growing body. It all started with random little jokes about my incoming abs and pecs. Then, as my muscles really started to get massive, I could tell that he definitely hated it. We use to be on the same level, but now with my god-like physique we both knew who was in charge. But I soon realized that there was something more than jealousy…that little fucker so has the hots for me now. I think I first noticed it one time when I took him to the gym and I was finally confident enough with my sculpted muscles that I went shirtless. I loved showing off my body, and when I looked at Mike’s face, he definitely liked that I did too. We had walked over to the bench press where I had asked him to spot me—or at least try too—so I could work on these sexy huge pecs. By this point we were long into the workout so not only were my muscles pumped to the max but the sweat made them glisten and shine. If we’re being honest I probably looked like a fucking porn star, which Mike must have noticed. As I lifted the massive amount of weight up and down I realized that Mike couldn’t take his eyes off my flexing body. You could just see that he was so turned on and practically drooling over the body I had worked to so hard to craft. Ever since then I have seen him continually sneak a peek at my body whenever we hang out or do something. It’s kind of sad how much he wants to play with my ripped muscles, but a part of me completely understands his need to worship a god. Skinny little bitches like him aren’t my type, but maybe I should make his day, who knows it could be fun. I’ve been looking for a regular fuck toy anyways, so it could probably work out. When I’m not growing more and more muscle, or ripping apart some hot ass, I do get bored. What the heck, let me play with him a little when he comes over later… “Hey Ryan! How’s life man?” He said as I opened the door to let him in. “I’m doing alright just got back from the gym you know,” I said as I flexed my right bicep as hard as I could. As he walked in to sit down on the couch he couldn’t take his eyes off me…I had to stop myself from laughing. But I was honestly surprised that he didn’t faint right then and there as I started to flex my left bicep. “How’s my body looking by the way I feel like I’m getting bigger and bigger every fucking day man,” I said as I did a side chest pose that almost ripped my shirt open. “Umm…uh…yeah you do look bigger…maybe…I guess” he said nervously, almost trying to put on a smile while trying not to stare for too long. “Maybe huh…,” I said chuckling preparing to push this little guy even more. Before he could say anything I proceeded to take my shirt off to flex and bounce my pecs. Fucking Mike couldn’t even handle what was going on, all he could do was look at my body in complete amazement. Then I walked up to him and flexed my bicep right in his face. “Want to touch it?” “What…” Mike said shyly. “Yeah come on, tell me how hard it is,” I said as I grabbed his hand and placed it around my bicep. That’s when I noticed it, as he began to play with my bicep I could see a boner starting to grow in his pants. Now we were getting somewhere… “Wow Ryan,” he gulped. “You really are big.” “You fucking know it,” I said, “bet you wish you had a body like this, but something tells me you’ll settle for worshipping me instead.” Mike immediately looked at me with a shocked appearance on his face, “what, what are you talking about?” That was when I quickly moved my hand to grab his growing little hard on, which caused Mike to let out a loud moan. “Let’s stop kidding ourselves,” I said, “I know you’ve been into me for a long time now. But, hey, I’m feeling generous today, so why don’t you just fucking enjoy it?” As I continued to stroke his cock over his pants, Mike started to play with my bicep again and actually started to lick it. “At a boy Mike, at a boy. Look at you, god, it’s like you can’t help yourself.” I was right…giving Mike free rein he started to lick my sculpted abs as he felt up my massive pecs. As he did so I continued to stroke his tiny cock, which by this point was as hard as it was going to get. I also made sure to flex each and every one of my muscles for him—it was funny to see that Mike was easily in Heaven having the time of his little weakling life. But it looked like I had finally found someone to worship these muscles like they were meant to be. Mike just couldn’t keep his hands and tongue off of me, and even though I stopped playing with his dick that little bitch kept moaning louder and louder. “How are you liking this body Mike,” I said as I pushed him back onto the couch. “Oh my god Ryan,” he said breathing heavily, “you’re a fucking god, a muscle beast, a sex machine, and I need you, I need your body, please…” I laughed as I let him get back to playing with my muscles, but before I knew it that little nerd started to cum. He laid back onto the couch as the wet spot on his pants started to grow bigger and bigger. But I wasn’t done yet, it was time for me to have some of my own fun. As his dick finally started to finish I ripped my pants and underwear off. Not only could you now see my amazing ass and huge muscular legs, but I also revealed my monster sized cock to Mike. As I did this Mike’s jaw dropped to the ground as his eyes almost popped out of his head. I don’t think the little guy had ever been in the presence of such a real fucking man. I wanted to see what I was fully working with so I easily grabbed him off the couch and ripped his clothes off of him. This time I actually couldn’t control my laughter as what I was looking at was the skinniest little nerd I had ever seen, it was honestly pathetic. As I laughed I could see that Mike had gotten super self-conscious, but his cock didn’t lie, he was enjoying every minute of this. Our size difference was incredible…while I looked like a god among men ready to fuck anything and everything in sight, Mike looked like a kid next to me. “This is crazy,” Mike said embarrassed as he tried to cover himself up a little. “You look like a sex god Ryan,” he said breathing heavily, “I’ve always dreamt of this, I meant that…your body is massive, I look like a twig compared to you…show me how powerful you are, make me the bitch you know I am.” Laughing to myself, but kind of getting hard and turned on by what he was saying, I grabbed his head and rammed my giant cock into his mouth. Holding him in place I was skull fucking his little mouth as hard as I could without breaking his jaw. I was in such pleasure as my cock went in and out, in and out, over and over again. Mike was definitely enjoying himself as he also started to play with my balls and rub my abs. When I looked down I could also see that his dick was hard again and close to exploding. “Damn Mike…looks like you know how to suck some dick,” I said as I started to moan with my cock getting really close. All I could do was fuck his pretty little mouth harder and harder as he worshipped all of the muscles on my body that he could get his little hands on. Before I knew it my cock started to let out stream after stream of cum in his mouth, with Mike’s dick starting to cum shortly after. I removed my cock from his mouth after he was having some trouble swallowing the cum and proceeded to finish off on his face. “Wow that was…incredible,” was all Mike could say as he was breathing heavily. He then started to lick up the rest of the cum that he fallen to the ground from his mouth and face. That little fucker was having the time of his life worshiping my body, but we were just getting started. “Get that ass ready Mike,” I said smiling, “looks like you’re going to be my fuck toy for the rest of the night…and for the near future.” I could see how turned on he was by what I had just said, so I eagerly picked him up off the floor ready to have some more fun with him in the bedroom. I’m pretty dumb for not having thought of this sooner, but I was ready to make up for lost time.
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  15. beefylover

    Full Moon's Transformation

    The fan hums slowly above me, the blades gently circling, providing a slight breeze. I'm freezing. I lay on the bed in nothing but my birthday suit, the heavy blanket that usually encompasses me sits neatly folded and hidden in closet. I glance over at the clock but the numbers are distorted by a plastic paint sheet that has been placed over it. Numerous plastic sheets line the room, covering everything. I rub my hand against the one covering my bed, listening to the crinkling as the coldness of it transfers to my fingers. Growing up I'd heard my dad go through it, and when he came of age my brother too. As kids my dad had always told us what would happen during the full moon, but we never believed him because we were never allowed to see. He told us that something like this was best enjoyed in private. That the urges could become dangerous. When the full moon reaches its peak in the sky until the next night when it reaches that same peak, the men in my family... change. Dad told me that it had gone on since the days where myth was once reality. Giants, driven to near extinction by fearful men, learned to shrink themselves in order to walk among them. They could only stay in that form for so long and knowing man's fear of other creatures of the night, it was decided that they would return to their true form during a full moon. Men would keep their families locked away with houses sealed tight during a full moon, so my ancestors knew there was little chance of being caught then. Thousands of years of breeding while human size produced offspring that did not need to concentrate to keep themselves at a "normal" height, but the repression did cause the growth to stay recessive until after the age of 18. My brother's first time was the full moon after his birthday. The sounds from his bedroom were almost... animal. He can hardly wait between each full moon. Unbeknownst to Dad, he's started a nice little business for himself at college using it. People pay big money to watch him on a webcam each full moon. He has them convinced it's all merely the use of computer manipulation and they can't seem to get enough. If only they knew. I was almost 19 and still had yet to have my first. I was 5'8", at least 6" shorter than my brother and 9" shorter than my dad. My brother would tease me about being the "runt" of the family. Tonight I hoped to prove him wrong. My bedroom was large and I hoped it would be big enough. My parents couldn't afford a large house, and transforming in the open was out of the question. The woods were too risky and taking a vacation every full moon would seem suspicious. People barely believed us when we told them our family was more susceptible to seizures during full moons and needed to stay in doors as it is, we didn't need them asking us more questions. Dad said it helped being curled up in a room. It made it easier to not do anything too dangerous. He said you wouldn't lose your head during it all, but the urges don't make for the best decision making. I press my head deeper into my pillow, feeling my chest rise and fall with each breath. Maybe it wouldn't happen this moon. Maybe it would be the next. Another month of pulling out the same plastic paint sheets and draping them over everything, only to fold them back up and put them away, unused. Maybe I was the runt of the family, maybe- A tingling sensation began to spread across my body. This was it! This was my time! I wasn't going to hold back. I was going to revel in it, in every single moment. A wave of paralysis washed over me. I wished I had had the brains to leave some clothes on, ripping out of them sounded kinda hot. With that thought my flaccid cock began to swell. With each heartbeat it throbbed, rubbing up against my thigh. My heart beat faster as rolls of ecstasy moved their way up and down my body, my dick getting harder until it swung up and slapped onto my stomach. The skin on the head was stretched tight, purple and swollen with blood. I thought it couldn't get any bigger, it already seemed to be at its max of 6.5", but the shaft creeped forward with each beat of my heart, acting like a plow and pushing the head up my stomach. A trail of pre-cum showed where it had started and marked every millimeter it grew. I longed to stroke it but my arms stayed firmly at my side. I felt my testicles begin to swell and pull on my cock, lifting it ever so slightly as they grew. They knocked together causing a sensual spasm to shoot up my cock and a squirt of pre-cum shot out. I was thankful for all the plastic sheets. As much progress as my dick had made it began to recede down my stomach as I felt my spine begin to stretch. The plastic rustled and I let out a moan and then a small gasp as my head hit the wall. My pelvis slowly pushes into the air as my ass grows, bulging with muscle and the perfect amount of fat to keep it round. I feel the tendons in my neck strain and the skin behind my ears tug as my shoulders began to stretch wide, hanging over my bed, dragging my arms with them until I feel my hands hit the floor. The edge of my bed makes its way up my calves as my legs grow, my feet hitt the floor and continue to be pushed by my ever stretching quads. My biceps swell and my forearms blow up, my hands thickening with muscle. I can feel each finger lengthen, the joints widen, my nails broadening. My toes do the same as my feet continued to be shoved across the carpet. My spine pushes my head onto the wall and then slowly up it as it continues to grow. I'mean able to get a better look at myself. My cock pulses with desire. I'm a massive mound of steaming, growing flesh. My skin ripples as tendons grow and pull tight, bones shift to accommodate my growing mass. My quads had to be thicker than my normal waist, my biceps thicker than my normal quads. And I continue to grow. My pecs push up against my chin, I could feel them inflate. My nipples begin to point down and I can feel them rubbing against my stomach as my torso continues to push upward. My quads push out, causing my knees to flop to either side of the bed, giving my balls room as they continue to grow. My toes jam up against the wall across from me and I feel my head touch the ceiling. This is the point my dad and my brother both said they'd stopped, but the feeling of my knees being pushed up and my bubble butt being scooted off my bed told me I wasn't done growing. My skin was slick with sweat and I wasn't cold anymore. I felt the bones in my face expand and shift, the skin stretching and growing along with it. Muscle begins rippling along my enormous frame. I can feel the weight stretching me to the floor. My dick is gushing pre. I needed to jack off so badly. The paralysis left and I lift my hand to grab my throbbing cock. The weight of my arm sends pleasure shooting through me, my body shudders with lust. I grab my cock and begin to stroke, my balls getting pulled up and down with each beat. I lift my knees up and begin to finger my butt hole with my free hand. My breath gets quicker as I beat faster, I can feel the semen sloshing around in my gigantic balls. I grab them and pull on them, my body frotting as I jerked faster and faster. Deep, bass moans escape my lips. I feel the semen move into the shaft of my cock. I squeeze my dick harder as I beat, pleasure pain shooting through me. I feel the semen move up the shaft, I clenched and held it in as long as I can. Hot, sticky semen gushes from my dick as I let out a long, deep, pleasure-riddled groan. Gush after gush it comes, my body spasming with pangs of ecstasy. A few more pelvic thrusts and I collapse, my hands hitting the floor, my knees hitting the walls. I lay there, gasping for air, pleasure still washing over my body. I have 24 hours like this, and I'm going to relish every massive moment.
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  17. teroyugi

    Dad's Growth (Furry)

    Dad’s Growth In a quaint suburban town lived a family of muscle heads. They were the Brooks. The father who went by Big B was a black Caucasian Shepherd dog. He was a towering figure in person and as the owner of the only construction company in their town. Ever since high school Big B was an avid sports fur, more specifically a star in the wrestling ring. Till today the local high school display his award for bringing home the trophy in the wrestling championship on his own, a feat that no one had ever accomplish ever again. Sadly after graduation and starting a family at 18 the dog did not maintain his physique. Once a prime example of physical prowess, the shepherd had been reduced to a bear like build. His once hard washboard abs was replaced by a soft gut. What used to be a dense barrel chest and powerful titanic thighs were now soft and smoother a little. Even his once powerful grapefruit sized arms that could carry half the cheerleading team had grown weaker. He was fortunate that his long fluffy fur made it hard for others to see what had become to his body. Still the other furs respected Big B for his work and effort as a single father. One drunken night after the prom with the captain of the debate team resulted in a shotgun marriage and the arrival of a beautiful baby boy. Big B’s wife wasn’t satisfied with being forced into the role of a mother at such a young age so they filed for a divorce in less than a year, but the baby would stay with him. He worked hard to build a proper home for his boy, started at the construction company as nothing more than a grunt worker but he worked his way up and rubbed elbows with the right fur until he could set up his own company. Soon he moved from a run-down apartment to a proper terrace house where his son could grow up well. The pup was named Benny. Like his father the pup was tall, by 15 his head was the same level as his old man. His fur was jet black from head to toe with patches of orange on his back and forehead. He also inherited his father’s love of sports as he led the school’s football team, and after joining college he continued the sport he loved. Big B could not deny that he felt a pang of jealousy watching his son reach the same level of musculature he had at that age. It reminded him that he was getting old. Determined to make a change for himself while his son was away in college he would do everything it takes to build his muscles again. In now times, Benny was due to come home for his 2 week semester break. Sporting a plain blue t shirt and jeans the 19 year old dog slept throughout his bus ride home as the weeks before was crammed with finals and overdue assignments. He could not wait to crash on his old bed. By the time he reached the bus stop his phone showed that it was 6:30 p.m. His dad promised to pick him the night before, but he never showed up. Another reason for Benny to be concerned, already on the phone his dad sounded weird, he kept breathing heavily into the phone and weird groaning sounds came from him. After waiting for an hour with no dad in sight Benny decided to lug himself and his backpack on foot. The young pup reached home at 7:30 p.m. Panting heavily with his tongue out he really wanted to give his dad a piece of his mind. As he approached the door his ears perked up to weird sounds coming from the inside. Pressing his ear against the wooden white door he could hear odd squishing sounds like someone walking through a puddle. Then he heard his father’s gruff voice grunting and saying “Fuck”. Was something wrong? Was his dad in danger? Benny had to find out. Unsure of what to face if there was an intruder he planned to tackle them on sight, and if his dad was injured he had to run fast to get help. His heart was racing, ready to burst out of his chest as he knocked on the door loudly. It was when he heard his dad’s reply that all the tension within him was sapped away. “H-hold on,” his dad’s voice said. The door flew open and Benny was left speechless at what he saw. His eyes were staring straight at the largest pair of pecs he had ever seen. They were large enough to be mistaken for watermelons. Benny had to take a step back to see the massive creature taking up the entire door frame. The creature’s feet were massive with thighs so wide and thick that it could crush an entire bike. Hard 8 pack abs lined its stomach area. It wore a yellow jockstrap that did nothing to hide the thick semi hard dick the size of Benny’s forearm and two massive globes that hung beneath the member. And still that wasn’t all of it, the rest of the creature’s arms and head was hidden away by the small door frame. He didn’t want to believe it but the creature had to be his father. “D-ad?” Benny called out softly. “Son?” The creature ducked under the doorframe and true enough it was his dad. The older dog’s fur on his head was messier than usual. Benny just stared in awe at his now 7 foot tall father. Questions ran through his head but before he could speak, two thick hands grabbed him from under the armpits and pulled him into the tightest bear hug he ever had. His snout was buried deep in the cleavage of his father’s pectorals. “Son! So good to see you. Look how big you are now,” Big B said. The older dog was swinging his son’s body left and right excitedly without realizing that his son was beating on his chest with all his might, trying to get his attention. It was when benny’s foot accidentally rubbed against his dad’s dick that Big B looked down between his pecs and realized his son wanted to be put down. Benny gasped and coughed. The scent of his dad’s musky and sweaty fur was stuck on his nose. “D-d-dad. What the fuck?” Big B chuckled. “You like it son?” the older dog raised his right arm and flexed, the thick arm bulged up to the size of a bowling ball. “Daddy’s been working out!” he said before bringing his arm close to his snout and licked it. Benny was unsure of what to say, but he had to get his suddenly sexy dad inside. “Dad No! The neighbors will see,” the younger dog pushed his dad on the stomach but the larger dog did not budge. “Pssh, it ain’t something they haven’t seen. Heck Bob next door saw me naked yesterday. I’m sure he enjoyed it,” Big B replied. “DAD!” The humongous dog then started backed away inside just to satisfy his embarrassed son. Benny thought things would be better inside but he was wrong. The entire living room was empty of all other furniture except for the old couch which looked like it was on its last legs-literally. Bottles of protein powder and unknown supplements littered the corner to the left of the door. A lifting bench with barbells and several dumbbells took up most of the living room space. Gone were the family photos and the flat screen TV. Benny noted what looked like wet stains on the ceiling, there were more all over the floor. His nose twitched and he nearly recoiled upon realizing what the stains were-his dad’s cumshots. “What did you do to this place dad?” Benny asked, concerned. “Just moved some things here and there, the TV is in your room now and the pictures are well anywhere that isn’t my gym,” Big B said. The hulking dog walked over to the sofa and dropped his heavy frame on it. The poor sofa creaked and bended itself to support the dog’s weight. “I just can’t believe this. I go away for 2 semesters and-and you trash the house, and you turn into a muscle monster.” Benny started pacing while trying to avoid looking at his dad’s almost naked body. Big B scratched his bulge and replied, “Son relax. So your old man went to the gym and grew a bit. I thought you’d be proud of my gains. “ The two just looked at each other for a minute. Benny was still half dazed by what was going on and his dad didn’t seem to care. Even now when he was trying to have a serious conversation with his old man the Big B was bouncing his pecs with a cocky grin. “Dad…” Benny extended the word. “I need some rest. We’ll talk about all of this tomorrow.” Benny made his way upstairs. “Sure son,” Big B said with a hint of disappointment in his voice. Once inside his room, Benny dropped his backpack on the floor. His room was basically unchanged. His bed still faced perpendicular to the entrance with the TV now in front of the foot of his bed. To its right was his closet. The pup locked his room door and collapsed on his bed. He stared at the white ceiling wall and started thinking about his dad. The way he lifted him with such ease, the way his muscles smelt when he was pressed up against him. Covering his eyes with his right arm Benny unzipped his jeans to release his throbbing boner. Another trait he inherited from his father was a thick fat dick with huge swollen balls the size of golf balls. It paled in comparison to his father’s enlarged furhood now. All the questions were just a façade to hide his true feelings. He loved how his dad had grown so huge. He never told anyone before, but he was gay and his dad was now the fur of his dreams. Stroking his leaking cock, Benny imagined growing into his dad’s size as well. He imagined ripping through his clothes in public as his pecs balloon out and eventually blocking his view from the rest of the world. Benny moaned loudly. How he wanted his arms to expand and grow in strength so that he could lift an entire car with ease. Pre-cum continued to ooze from his dick, lubing the entire shaft. Then he would outgrow his dad and be able to pin him to the ground. He would then shove his giant dick between his dad’s hefty pecs and pec fuck him till he came. The last thought sent Benny over the edge causing him to blow his load all over his shirt and snout. “Fucking dad…” Benny whispered to himself. Stripping his shirt off, Benny sneaked out of his room not wanting to be seen. The bathroom was right beneath his room but he would have to go through the living room to get to it. Benny tip toed slowly, his tail was erect just to avoid making a sound with it dragging on the floor. As he was walking pass the hallway to the stairs he saw his dad’s wide black furred back facing him. His dad turned to the side to face the sofa and Benny saw him hold a vial full of glowing neon blue liquid. Benny crouched down to get a better look. He wondered what was that his dad had. Then the older dog downed the entire concoction without letting a single drop spill. Big B started staggering backwards with his arms locked into a boxer’s pose. He started growling and his entire body shook. Benny could not believe what he was seeing his dad’s entire body began to swell. His already huge pecs extended out further. Benny gasped as he saw his dad’s shoulders stretch further to the sides, he was wide enough to take up three quarters of the sofa. His arms ballooned up to the size of Benny’s head. Deep veins began to snake around Big B’s arms and legs. The change in height then soon followed slowly but it was very noticeable that the older dog was growing several inches taller with each passing second. “Argh…Must Grow! Bigger!” Big B said followed by a deep growl. The growing dog’s bulge began to grow as his enlarging dick grew harder. Big B’s jockstrap was beginning to rip at the seams struggling to contain the thick pole growing to the size of a traffic cone. With a guttural roar his dad’s cock fired its load, splattering the sofa with white spunk and the torn remains of what used to be his jockstrap. He cummed for what felt like minutes, completely covering the sofa with a new coat of paint. Finally when his orgasm completed the muscle bound dog just stood there panting heavily. Benny was feeling a mix of emotions at what he saw, awe, fear, lust, and disgust all at the same time. The young pup walked slowly downstairs never taking his eyes off his gargantuan father. As he approached he saw another change, that his dad was losing back his gained height. “D-ad? Are you ok?” Benny asked. “Son?” Big B was surprised by his son’s presence. He looked at his shirtless child and walked closer to the frightened pup. Towering above the smaller dog, his cock sprang to life, slapping against his hard abs with a wet thud. “You saw something you shouldn’t have boy,” he said menacingly. Benny gulped and thought to himself, what did he get himself into this time?
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  18. londonboy

    Little Mouse - Part Four

    [Nothing better about being on break for Christmas than getting to write some stories. Sorry, it's short.] “Come on, Matt, let’s wrestle.” “You got to be kidding, Mouse. You’re so small I’d obliterate you in less than twenty seconds.” “You might be surprised, you know. It’s possible I could last longer.” “Come on, squirt. Get real. Look at the size of me. You’re like not even the size of one of my legs. I flex a gun and it bulges out thicker than your chest.” “Yeah, but just think about the fun we’ll both have as you manhandle me as if I were nothing. That should get you excited, huh?” “You are one fucking muscle whore, aren’t you, little Mouse. You are just trying to get me to toss you around like a little toy. Being dominated by me is like taking speed, isn’t it? You just can’t get enough.” Matt moved so quickly that Michael had little time to react, let alone do anything to prevent what was coming. Matt easily picked up the little guy, lifted him over his head, and then slammed him down onto the bed on his back. The mattress was soft, but Michael still got the air knocked out of him. Within a flash, Matt had thrown his huge body on top of the smaller guy – smashing him with his big torso. The wrestler then grabbed the edge of the mattress on both sides and started grinding his body into the smaller guy. This had been exactly what Michael had hoped would happen. Michael was too wound up by the remnants of Tommy’s power bar still surging through his body, as well as the usual high level of excitement that the big wrestler’s body caused. He immediately squirted a major gob of his juice that quickly soaked through his underwear and gym shorts. The wetness was instantly felt by the big jock. “Aw fuck, Mouse. Did you shoot a load? Damn, I can feel it – all sticky and wet. Dude, all I did was shove you into the mattress. Oh shit, Mouse, now my pants are all messed up.” “Can’t help it, Matt. I just love it when you put me in my place. Better watch out, though, one day I might be able to match your strength and maybe even surpass it. I might be dominating you!” “When donkey’s fly, little Mouse.” “Or maybe when I can toss your ass across the room – it’ll be the same thing.” “What was that, Mouse? Did you just say you thought you might one day toss my huge body across the room? Little man, you couldn’t even budge all this muscle one inch using all of your strength – let alone, pick me up. But look at this. I can hold you in place with just one hand.” It wasn’t clear if Matt knew that Michael was egging him on or not. It didn’t matter, though, since Matt was playing into the smaller guy’s desires perfectly. Matt reached down and put one of his massive hands around Michael’s neck and softly squeezed – playing with the little guy, but using enough strength to remind him who was in charge. Matt pressed down at the same time – holding Michael in place, easily. There was no way for Michael to escape the grip and that’s just the way he liked it. At the same time, Michael noticed something even more wonderful – he could feel Matt’s cock getting harder – much harder than it had ever been before. He could also feel the thing throbbing with excitement. It seemed that Matt was enjoying the little exchange as much as Michael was. The smaller guy decided to test a theory. “That puny arm, Matt? I bet I can beat that tiny thing with very little effort.” The smile that crept across Matt’s face turned Michael on even more, but it was also a tad frightening. Challenging Matt was hot-as-hell to Michael, but it looked like it thrilled the big wrestler even more. Matt’s cock jerked hard inside of his pants – Michael could feel it pulsing strong. The big hand around the smaller guy’s neck gripped harder and he could feel his head and upper body being pressed into the mattress with even more power. It was getting more difficult to suck in air – his windpipe was slowly being crushed. Matt was breathing more deeply – kind of like a bull getting ready to charge. Michael figured it was time to take all this sexual tension to a new level. “That all you got, punk? I bet a high school girl could easily whip your ass. And here I thought you were some kind of big, strong wrestler.” Michael’s teasing sent Matt into a super-charged alpha frenzy. He let go of the guy’s neck, quickly slid his body up until he was kneeling beside the smaller dude’s face, unzipped his pants, and had his hard cock slammed into Michael’s mouth before either guy batted an eye. The thrusting that ensued was like a major medieval battering ram against castle gates. The dominating ballet act has been choreographed perfectly by Michael. All of this had been exactly what he wanted. The bigger man was face fucking like crazy in order to show the smaller guy he was nothing. Michael sucked like a pro – having learned exactly what to do to get Matt to the brink of no return quicker than anything. Before either man even had time to catch a breath, the big wrestler was churning out one of the heaviest loads ever – something that satisfied both men to no end. Michael’s throat seemed to be a bottomless well that could suck up anything Matt had to offer, while the wrestler seemed to pump out enough juice to make up for all the weeks of those pitiful spurts that had come before. Even in the midst of all this action Michael was able to take note of how challenging the big man had turned both of them on beyond what he ever imagined. Matt seemed to love the idea of some guy going all cocky on him and then the bigger man putting him in his place easily. Michael began to wonder what was going to happen when he was actually big enough and strong enough to seriously challenge the other man – even though that thought was still truly foreign to him. He figured he was going to be able to cause Matt to orgasm even ten times stronger than he just had. That was going to be hot beyond belief. The usually reserved wrestler let out a moan so loud that Michael figured it was heard across campus. The release was so bombastic, that Matt could not help from sounding like a giant growling bear. “Awwww fuuuuckkkk, little Mouse . . . that was incredible. Your tight little throat never felt so good. Did you see how I smashed you with just one hand? One hand! And yet you mouthed off like you were some guy five times bigger than you are. Shit, that turned me on so much. Acting like I was dominating someone big and cocky. Oh, we’re gonna have to do that a lot more, Mouse. You’re going to have to act all tough and bossy – and then I’m going to put you in your place. I’m going to dominate you like you’re the little squirt you are. Fuck, that’s going to be so hot. I gushed like an ocean, didn’t I?” Michael’s mouth was still full of Matt’s now semi-hard cock and he had swallowed like a madman. The moment had been the closest thing to mutual satisfaction the couple had ever experienced. That thought thrilled the smaller man very much. He had caused Matt to become more excited than ever before. It was like they were moving to a new level in their relationship and that made Michael happier than he had ever felt with the wrestler. Slowly, he was beginning to trust the relationship again. He was thinking he had found a secret way to make Matt bust his nuts hard every time – by challenging him. Michael also knew the bigger he got the more he’d be able to challenge the wrestler. That thought turned him on tremendously.
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  19. Best Artist (Multimedia) - GiganticBeast
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  20. Mikeytron

    Bitten by the Growth Bug

    Two A few weeks have gone by. The first gym with Mark was a success, or at least you thought so at first. You wore a tanktop that showed off your pecs, the notched valley between them, and a pair of shorts that flattered your assets, so to speak. Not that you needed to reel this fish in - he was well and landed - but you wanted to see the look on Mark's face as you got a pump, when veins started to coil their way down your hairy 17" arms, when your already bubbly butt inflated further, rounder, pulling the fabric of your shorts taut. Well. You thought you didn't need to reel this fish in. After the workout, you introduced him to your trainer buddy Ryan. Got him set up with a package of 20 sessions. Then - right when you thought you'd seal the deal, when you were about to fulfill the erotic promise of months of glances and office flirtation - Mark seemed to get cold feet. He turned down an invitation back to your place. Fair enough, some guys don't move that fast. But, despite swapping phone numbers, there were no texts from him in the days after, no flirty messages, nothing. You're not the type of guy to chase after someone, especially not a skinny twink, no matter how cute, or how nice his ass. So you don't text him, either. Days turn into weeks. You don't see him in the awful food court at your work anymore, either. You actually start to worry. Is he avoiding you? Did you come on too strong - freak him out, maybe? Some people can't take the raw animal sexuality, but, well, you were pretty sure he was digging your vibe.... Eventually you message Ryan, your trainer buddy, the guy who was supposed to be training Mark. "Hey Ry, that guy Mark ever come back for any of his sessions?" "Derek, buddy, he's an animal, I just re-upped him. I've never seen a newbie take to the weights like this. He's here every night. I told him to take the weekends off, but I caught the little bastard in here last Saturday, doing bicep curls in the corner like I wouldn't notice him." You always lift in the morning before work. So your paths would never cross. A twinge of something - is it jealousy? but what are you jealous of? - stirs in your chest. "So he's making progress?," you text back. "Blowing up like a balloon. I tell him not to get used to it, it's just newbie gains." Your cock throbs in your work pants despite yourself. You want to see this cute twink "blowing up like a balloon." To be honest, you still want to nail him to your mattress with your cock. You tell yourself to cool it. You can have a different guy every night of the week if you want to - it's easy for you. Still, though. Once again, Mark is a no-show in the food court where you always used to see him. Your shitty grilled chicken pita with extra chicken that you eat every day tastes especially bland and styrofoam-like, and the blue-white flourescent lights make all the other office drones look ghoulish. After work, you go to the gym, despite having already done your workout that morning. He's there, executing perfect squats, Ryan standing back and watching, nodding. He's only got 195 lbs across his back, but, well, he was squatting an empty bar three weeks ago... "Derek!" Ryan calls out across the gym floor, performing the loud exuberant jock. Mark turns in your direction, flushed, dripping, breath heaving. He's definitely thicker. His t-shirt is definitely hanging on him in a different way, pushed out a little by budding pecs, clinging a little on baby delts. He grins at you like everything's cool. The stupid thing is, any sourness you felt melts away at that smile. He's so enthusiastic, so clearly happy to be here, to be ground into a thin paste by Ryan's famously punishing leg workouts. Ryan looks at his charge. "Wipe that smile off your face, buddy, you've still got two sets left." He glances at his phone. "Fifteen seconds until go time. Get your ass ready." You stand and watch the next two sets, done rapidly, with minimal rest. Mark's already nice butt has definitely added some meat to it. And his lats are just gently pushing out the sides of his t-shirt in a way they didn't before. For the sake of propriety, you take a spot on an elliptical and do some steady state cardio, low and slow, watching the rest of Mark's workout unfold. He really is an animal, like Ryan said. Never hesitating to dive into a set, running at the proverbial wall each time. Not holding anything back. You remember having that intensity when you started lifting, when everything about the gym was new and exciting and you couldn't wait to get huge... you wonder what happened to it. You love the gym, yeah, of course, but it's a steady sort of flame, warm, not hot. You're committed but not... lustful for growth, the way Mark is. When he's done he comes over. Panting, chest heaving. Cloudy drops of sweat collecting on his cute little nose, on his chin, splashing on the black rubber floor. "I don't see you at lunch anymore," you say. It isn't what you meant to lead with. It makes you sound needy. Desperate, even. Why the fuck is this little guy - and he is still a little guy, despite these impressive newbie gains - why is this little guy putting you off guard so much? "I'm surprised I ever saw you at lunch, big man. Ryan has me on a meal plan. I tupperware it every day. Two lunches, 11:00 and 2:00. I just work through the noon hour now." You grunt. It's true. You've let your meal prep slide. You used to be on the tupperware brigade. You used to be one of those guys who ate multiple meals at odd times, occasionally attracting a stare or a remark from a coworker. What happened? A little voice inside. How long have you been stuck at 205, 210....? Had you become... complacent? Had you stopped pushing? Were your abs blurrier than they used to be? Your arms a little smaller? "You're looking bigger," you say, to change the topic. "Heh, yeah!" Mark grins, unable to mask his enthusiasm. "I'm up 18 lbs." "18 lbs!" you squawk before you can stop yourself. You do the math. It's been... 24 days. "Mark, that's..." "Yeah, Ryan tells me it's exceptional. 155 lbs to 173 lbs. He says it's gonna slow down real soon. I hope not, though. I love it." His grin widens. "Thanks so much for introducing me to the gym, Derek. I should have started this years ago." He sniffs, as if suddenly noticing a bad smell. He leans his face toward his right armpit and inhales more deeply. "Woah, I'm ripe, I should get out of here. I'll see you around, big guy." And with that he was gone, gone before you could embarrass yourself further with some stupid remark. Some remark like "text me!"
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  22. BGryphon18

    Alchemist - Part 1

    The Internet is arguably the greatest invention of mankind to date. Think about it: Almost every piece of information that is known in this world can be found online. Any fact or figure that you have even a slight glimmer of interest can be found with a few keystrokes. If anything could have improved this wonderful piece of technology it would have to be, in my opinion, the web cam. With a web cam, you can not only visually communicate with people who are on the other side of the world as though they were in the same room as you, but it has allowed for many other…private interests to be shared discreetly among people. This is where my story begins. My name is Josh and I’m what you could accurately describe as the “average” American male except for one minor aspect. I am what you might call a connoisseur or aficionado of muscle. Something beyond fan, and even past fanatic is close to where you might classify me. Obsessed would be the most accurate term, but not in a crazy sort of way. I love muscle in all forms. From a swimmers tight and toned body, to a gymnast, wrestler, powerlifter, or my personal favorite: bodybuilder. While I appreciate all fit bodies, the male bodybuilder has always captured my attention first, foremost, and unequivocally. Some guys love football, or basketball, but for me, bodybuilding is the top sport. Yeah… that’s the other thing: I’m gay but you probably guessed that by this point in the story. Not exactly a majority group in the world and while homosexuals have become more and more accepted in today’s society, very few of us will wear it like a badge of honor and yell it for the entire world to hear. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m ashamed or anything, just that I feel my sexuality is only one part of a multifaceted me that I will acknowledge, but not go out of my way to let people know. Anyway, where was I? Oh right, the wonderful creation that is the web cam. This tiny device allows for near instant video (and in most cases audio) communication between two people. Everything from parents who are miles away to say good night to their children, to high school friends in the same town wanting help with homework. A most wondrous add-on to any computer that makes the entire world feel a little bit smaller. Of course, while I do use my web cam to chat with friends both old and new, the most use my cam gets is having other people watch me either jack off, or when I’m really lucky, having a bodybuilder who has/is posing for me on cam see the look of lust and desire to worship them in person. The expression of shock and wonder when I see their biceps rise up like mountains under the skin, or when a thigh is rocked back and forth letting the muscle “jiggle” then flexed hard into bold relief, or one of my personal favorites, when the huge slabs of muscle they call pecs get bounced over and over again showing complete and utter control over the power they possess. Fortunately, I’ve been able to find one or two guys who will provide a few minutes of free entertainment for me which I always thoroughly enjoy and usually spend the next hour or two lost in fantasy of being there live. Far too many guys are arrogant and believe that they are God’s gift to the rest of us mere mortals and will only talk to you if you pay them first. While I understand that bodybuilding is a very expensive lifestyle, most of the time I’m not looking for a free show (though it would be nice!). I want to be able to make bodybuilding friends who can help me become one of them. I’m no bodybuilder, though I’d give everything I own to be one. It’s very depressing when most guys only treat you as a living ATM and will only talk to you as long as your cash supply is large enough to see them on cam to help “support their lifestyle”. Okay, now I’m no bodybuilder, but when these guys are charging enough for 15 minutes to buy them enough supplements for the month, I think people are doing more then just supporting their bodybuilding… more like their car and/or insurance payments, clothes, parties, etc. when you factor in that there are hundreds of guys who are not only willing to pay these prices, but do it several times a week! I’ve been tempted MANY times to save up a few bucks (well several bucks actually) to see one of these guys on cam., just to see if all the hype (not to mention the price) is worth it. You see, I’m not exactly “well off” when it comes to money due to the normal expenses of everyday life and my other “hobby”. That’s the other key point I should probably bring up now. While this obsession with muscle is strong, it had a secondary effect in me that spawned an almost equal obsession with magic. No, not prestidigitation, card tricks or slight of hand magic, but real, bending the laws of man and nature magic. Incantations, potions, the whole nine yards. I know what you’re thinking “This guy is a total whack job”... well not TOTAL, but I will admit I’ve got a few screws loose like everyone else. See, the thing with magic is that it can actually be explained with science... kinda. Magic is simply the act of obtaining what you want by manipulating the world around you. Okay... maybe “simple” isn’t the right word, but it’s not complete fantasy. Magic is using one form of energy to change matter into a different shape. Alchemy is the most accurate term I guess. I am what would be considered a true alchemist as I combine both magic and technology to obtain my goals. So you’re probably thinking “Okay, if you can do ‘magic’ why don’t you have everything you want?” Good question. Simple reason? I can’t. Everything in the universe has to be balanced. In order for me to have what I want, I would need to take it from others and while that doesn’t bother most people, it does bother me. I don’t view magic as a shortcut to get what I want, but a tool to help me achieve it. Sure I’ve been tempted to just say “to hell with it” and use it to become the richest, handsomest, most powerful man on Earth, but the magic community is filled with stories of people who tried that very thing only to have it end in disaster. Love spells backfiring into obsessive stalkers that ended up killing the caster when rejected; people wishing harm to their enemies only to have something equally bad happen to them as well; Spells to gain money or worldly possessions only to have them come from a relative passing away and inheriting it. Like I said, the universe wants balance in everything and trying to tip the scales too fast only results in an equal yet opposite force trying to balance it out again. Newton got it more right then even he knew with his Third Law. So what’s an alchemist who has the power to obtain anything he wants, but not the moral fortitude to just take it do with his free time? Research a way to obtain everything I want without having the universe kick my ass for it and I think I may have finally found a way to do just that. My main focus has been a way to find a way to augment or modify the human body in any way I choose. While it’s true that it is considered taboo and mortally dangerous to attempt to bring someone back from the dead, modification to the human body is easier, and let hazardous to both the caster and the subject. To be able to morph both body and mind into any form and not have it result in dire consequences has been the driving force in my life for the past several years. After months of research and spending more money then I wanted to, I finally got my hands on a very ancient tome from a dig in Greece. You see, the gods and goddesses of Olympus weren’t deities, but witches, warlocks and alchemists like me who managed to obtain immense power with very little repercussions. Several demi-gods and monsters throughout mythology are also people who tried to manipulate nature to suit their own ends and were cursed because of it. However, a select few managed to do it with only minor ill-effects if any at all. These “gods” lived for centuries to millennia amassing power and knowledge until finally their own greed was their undoing. They became arrogant, careless and eventually the universe created an opposite to oppose them. No one knows what this force was, but most believe it was the real reason for the disappearance of the city of Atlantis. The reason the Pantheon of Greece was no longer worshipped was because they simply vanished from the Earth. When they no longer exerted their influence on the “mortals” of Greece, people slowly stopped putting their faith in them. Then, with the spread of Christianity, the faith all but died out. However before they disappeared, one of them left behind this tome of all their secrets, spells and knowledge. The only downside, I have PARTS of this tome, but not all of it. Most of the pages and other volumes had been scattered and hidden throughout the world, however the pages that I wanted most were still within the bindings of Atlas’ Arcanum. After several weeks of translation, I was finally able to decipher the series of spells that I had so long sought: Human Transmutation. As I said, this book belonged to the famed Titan Atlas. Quite possibly one of the most famous icons throughout mythology and the most adept at the art of Human Transmutation on living subjects. He had found ways to modify just about any aspect of the human body without causing an imbalance. Strength, size, height, charisma, the list goes on. While most of the spells and incantations were way out of my skill level, there were a few minor ones that I felt I could pull off. Little things like changing hair or eye color, adding or subtracting a few inches/pounds, stuff on that order aren’t major enough to cause a problem. I tried a few out quick just to make sure that my powers were strong enough. For my first test, I changed my hair from a light brown to an almost platinum white while adding several inches. The effect was dramatic, and enough to prove that I had at least enough power to never need to pay for a hair cut or styling again. I said a quick reversal spell to change it back to normal before proceeding with another spell. I had always wanted to be taller, so I looked for the spell to increase my height allowing me to become a strapping 6’4”. I stared at my reflection in the mirror as I slowly stretched taller. The only way these spells work is if you maintain eye contact with the object you wish to change. As I’m changing myself, this requires a reflective surface. My shirt started creeping up on my stomach while my pants also rose up higher and higher revealing more and more of my socks and soon my legs. After about 2 minutes, I noticed that I wasn’t growing any more. Not bad, I thought. A little noticeable, but that can be changed. Now for the final test. The main reason I had spent so much time and energy (not to mention considerable amounts of money!) to obtain this tome. I located the spell for muscle growth and with trembling hands, began to recite it. At first nothing happened as I focused with all my might at my reflection. Maybe I wasn’t advanced enough for this spell. I was just about to give up when I felt a slight burning in my muscles. I was so excited that I stopped the spell and the sensation died away. I was breathing so fast and hard you’d have thought I just ran a mile. Tentatively I started to flex various muscles. Surprisingly I felt a slight cramping very similar to when you work out, though this was different. This wasn’t an ache or regular cramp; it was more... what was it... bloated I guess. Since I had never worked out extremely hard in my life I could only assume this feeling was comparable to a “pump” that hardcore lifters get. I’ve heard them say that it is a great feeling and if it is anything like this, I now know why! After a few more minutes of mindless flexing, I snapped out of my reverie and decided to try it again. This time I would be ready for the sensation and not stop the chanting. This spell was different from the height growth, as I had to constantly say the spell for greater results. Once again I focused on my image in the mirror and began to say the magic words. Again nothing happened at first, but then the burning sensation returned. I kept focused on the mirror and tried to not notice the feeling of tightness that was washing over my body. The longer I kept reciting the spell, the stronger the feeling got, and the better I felt. I looked down at my torso in the mirror and started to see the bulges swell under my shirt. It was hard to look at just one but irrevocably my eyes settled on my pecs. I saw them start to swell up and push my shirt further and further from me. I used my spare bit of concentration to try and flex them. They responded, and they responded well! I momentarily stopped the spell but only for a split second, as I could not help but gasp at the sight of MY pecs leaping to attention under my shirt. They were probably only an inch or two bigger, but you could clearly see the difference! I tore my gaze from my pecs and they wandered to my shoulders. I now looked like I had football pads under my shirt as they grew higher and higher while also stretching wider. While looking at my expanding shoulders, I was drawn to my lats as well. These two groups were working together in perfect unison to give me that sexy “V” taper that is a sign of a true lifter. I flared my lats out and again broke the chant as I could not help but gasp and then moan in pure lust at my growing body. I knew I would have to stop soon as it would get to be impossible to not notice my growth, but as soon as I thought this, I remembered that I could just as easily reverse the effects. However right now, I could not even fathom reversing my new found body to the way it was a few moments before, especially after I caught sight of my arms... well guns would now apply to these appendages protruding from my expanding shoulders and traps. I again groaned as I brought them up to a double bicep flex. I moved slowly doing my best to not only avoid breaking my concentration, but to revel in the feeling of how the muscle bunched and flexed under my skin. The growth sensation was now incredibly intense and was almost bordering on painful. My muscles were not used to being worked so hard and they were essentially going through several years worth of workouts at the same time. Slowly I brought my arms up so they were parallel to the floor. God they were huge! Well not huge, but they were at least a few inches bigger then they had been. I’d say they were probably around 15 or 16 inches when flexed but I couldn’t be sure without actually flexing and measuring. I took a deep breath feeling my chest expand even more against my now skin tight shirt and flexed my arms as hard as I could. I was rocketed with both pain and pleasure as I saw and felt my arms complete the pose. At the apex of the pose, I stopped chanting and the growth sensation began to die away again. I stood there, chest heaving as I tried to take huge gulps of air. After a minute or two the growth had stopped, but I still had my arms flexed as hard as possible trying to squeeze every last millimeter of growth out of them. Finally I could take no more and whipped my arms down into a most muscular pose and flexed everything as hard as possible. I was rewarded with sounds of ripping fabric as I saw my shoulders and arms break through my shirt as well as a huge blast of cum erupt from my raging hard cock. I moaned loud and long at the multiple sensations of pleasure. The feeling of all this muscle in my body, the feeling of it bursting through my shirt, and the best and most powerful orgasm of my life. How could life get any better then this? I was about to find out.
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  23. londonboy

    Little Mouse - Part Five

    “Come on, Tommy, give me another bar. I can feel how it helps me grow! And it’s making me more confident, too. I feel so cocky.” There was a brief disappointed look on Tommy’s face as he put plates on the bar for Michael to bench, but then it was gone. It was as if something Michael had said bothered the older student. Michael caught it, but couldn’t figure out what the look meant. “Sorry, Michael, we have to wait one more day – especially after what you’ve told me. Explain this cockiness a little more.” “Well, last night Matt and I were making out and I started challenging him – you know, talking trash like I was bigger than him. I know, I know, crazy as shit, but at the time I felt something . . . you know . . . um, powerful. I could feel this strength surging through my body. And immediately I knew it was linked to your power bar. I didn’t come close to matching Matt’s strength, but I felt so different than before. And whoa, did it ever turn Matt on! He’s never shot such a big load!” “Okay, way too much information, Michael. Let’s get back to lifting. I can do without all the juicy details.” “Well I can tell you right now, Tomster, that this isn’t enough weight for me.” “What do you mean, Michael?” “I’ve already worked out once today and I’m benching a lot more than this.” Tommy looked baffled. He had certainly noticed that Michael was bigger than before, but he didn’t realized what had helped it. Tommy knew exactly what was happening in the younger man – and he didn’t know how to control it. He just had to move forward and trust. “What do you mean you already worked out? It’s six o’clock in the morning.” “I was so revved up from my time with Matt I was up and in the gym at four. I got a solid forty-five minutes in before I went back to the dorm to have some breakfast and get ready to meet you. We need to add another hundred pounds onto the bar.” “You mean fifty on each side?” Tommy asked with a shocked look on his face – since Michael had previously complained about the early hour of the workouts. “Naw, man, one hundred on both sides.” “You mean two hundred pounds more! That’s what your benching now. After only a few days!” “Yeah, crazy, huh? And it was already starting to feel light at the end of my earlier workout.” As they added the extra weight to the bar Tommy stared at his fraternity little brother. All of this information was a little distressing and very exciting at the same time. Tommy couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but after Michael easy cranked out ten reps with the surprisingly heavy weight, the older guy knew what he had to do. He went to his bag and grabbed another bar. There was a huge part of him that was extremely nervous – for he knew what could happen. He had seen it before. But he didn’t care; he felt that Michael deserved it. Michael was finishing his second set when Tommy held out the power bar. “I thought you said I needed to wait until tomorrow, Tommy.” “Um, I’ve changed my mind. You’re advancing a lot faster than I anticipated and I’m sure you body can handle it. But you gotta promise me one thing, Michael.” “Anything for you, Tommy.” “When you start to feel real cocky – try to contain it man. Don’t let it get the best of you. I know it will be extremely hard, but you need to at least try. And . . . um . . . don’t see Matt tonight.” “What? Why?” “It’s just not . . . good . . . right now. I’m scared . . . uh . . . he might start to question some things. I’d really rather he not know about the power bars right now, if that’s okay.” “Sure, Tommy, but I know I’m gonna be horny as hell. Being with Matt helps me release the tension. Come on, it won’t hurt to be with him. I promise not to say a thing about the bars.” Michael had already finished the bar he had held in his hand. His thirst for power, size, and attitude was too overwhelming. Tommy was starting to get a little turned on by how much Michael was ‘taking’ to the bars. He could also feel his heart going to a forbidden place. “Naw, dude, that’s got to be one of our agreements for me giving you the bars. Just beat off every five minutes or something, but you gotta promise me you won’t go to see Matt tonight.” “Okay, Tommy. I promise. I won’t go to Matt’s room tonight.” The effects of the bar were already taking place. Michael felt bad about twisting his promise to Tommy, but the sexual feeling surging through his body was too much to handle. He knew that Matt would come to his room that night and he had not said anything to Tommy concerning that. It was a stretch, but one that made Michael feel he was kind of being honest. He did, however, feel a little bad about what he was thinking. “Thanks for the bar, Tommy. I really appreciate how good you are to me. It means a lot.” Both men stared at each other for a moment. Michael was confused for a few seconds because Tommy’s normally chubby face was again chiseled beyond belief and gave off one of the most masculine vibes the smaller guy had ever felt. Tommy, on the other hand, gazed at his fraternity little brother with a new respect and awe. The kid was taking to the bar in a way that was almost insane. Tommy knew he should not have given the guy the second one so soon, but he couldn’t wait. He wanted to see the results . . . to experience the results sooner than later. He was getting wrapped up in the moment, too. Memories were flooding his brain – warnings of mistakes from the past – but it didn’t matter. He wanted to help Michael and it didn’t matter what happened. It was the most selfless act he’d done in a few years. He was ready to let go. “Put four hundred more on your side, Michael.” “What! Are you crazy, Tommy? That’s way too much. No guy can lift that.” “Trust me, Michael.” Michael did as he was instructed. Something inside of him did trust Tommy unconditionally – even if he didn’t understand it completely. As he loaded his end of the bar he looked at his fraternity big brother and was scared a little by what he saw. Tommy was no longer this pudgy slob – he looked like some kind of monstrous strongman with the perfect physique. It wasn’t some kind of preening bodybuilder’s body – but more like a powerlifting competitor without an ounce of fat. Michael just assumed it was a reaction to the power bar. He shook his head and closed his eyes. When he opened them, the old Tommy was back – sliding under the overloaded bar. And with what looked like the ease of lifting a broom, Tommy benched the incredible weight perfectly for ten reps. Michael stood there – with a gaping mouth and wide eyes. Tommy slid out from under the bar. “Now it’s your turn, Michael.” “What? No fucking way, dude.” “Trust me.” There was something in his voice that erased all doubt in Michael’s brain. Suddenly, he listened to Tommy without any filter. Without any voice telling him he wasn’t good enough or strong enough. He simply did what his friend told him. He slid under the bar, grabbed it with both hands, took a deep breath and then lifted. The bar came off its supports. Michael lowered it slowly and with much difficulty. He then pressed it back up – sweat beading across his forehead an all over his body. It took a few seconds, but he finally got his arms fully extended and locked. He instinctively knew to put the weight back into its rests. Tommy had not reached out to spot Michael at any time. It was like the older guy knew Michael would do it without any problem. Tommy also clearly knew the younger guy shouldn’t attempt a second try. “How much weight is that?” Michael asked, not moving from the bench. “Eight hundred pounds.” “No fucking way!” “Count for yourself, Michael.” Michael sat up, counted, and tried to get his mind around the amount of weight he had just benched. He was no gym connoisseur, but instinctively he knew that it was an amazing amount of weight he just lifted. Of course, he realized that Tommy had just lifted the same amount for ten perfect reps, but he was still so amazed at his own strength that it was all he could think about. “The bars work fast in you, Michael. You gotta be strong inside and not let the power consume you, my friend. I know another guy that reacted to the bars like you, but he couldn’t handle it. He let them take over. He was too afraid of being himself and chose power over love. Make sure you always choose love, Michael. Don’t sell yourself short.” Michael was too busy looking at the weight on the ends of the bar to fully comprehend what Tommy was saying. He had just lifted eight hundred pounds. Eight hundred pounds! How was that possible? Little Michael Adams had just lifted something seven times his own weight. How could that be? He tried hard to listen to what Tommy was saying and he nodded appropriately, but he was too busy counting plates.
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    The Jocks Rule III

    The Jocks Rule III I tossed my stick to our manager as I ran off the field for cooldown. “Thanks Dan,” I said, heavily breathing. The workout was rough but worth it, another good practice for the Lacrosse team. “Last year of games, Wade, can you believe it?” my buddy Mike shouted to me as we jogged around the campus before heading back to the locker room. “Not really,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “I think I'm gonna miss it, been fun doing this sports stuff.” “No kidding,” Mike answered back, between breaths, “work out ourselves for years, do pretty damn good, go to state champs, impress some people, get some girls, fun times right? Do you think it'll be like this in college?” “I'm not going to State, my school doesn't have a Lacrosse team, but I could do D3 football,” I said. “I haven't talked to them about it though.” “Well, I think you're a kickass footballer too, you could probably do it, I'll stick with the Lacrosse myself,” Dan replied. We stood in the field stretching ourselves as a few other players joined us, continuing the banter of school life and the ease and comfort with being jocks at our high school. The guys cracked jokes about experimenting with alcohol and getting laid, Dan and I chimed in when we felt like it. The guys looked to me for the athletic moves and the team camaraderie, I was the captain. But I wasn't really the sort of social leader, most of that was left up to Jeff, the team jokester and all around fun guy, but he didn't have the same level of maturity that I did. Dan, Mike and I were a little more mature, but Dan didn't quite have the athleticism, but he was still our good friend and on the team as a manager. Jeff quickly hopped up and pulled his practice shirt off, his sweat gleaning in the evening sun. “5pm ladies, shower time!” he shouts, running off toward the locker room. We laugh and follow, continuing our usual ritual that we've done over the years. We were part of a pretty big school district so we had opportunity to play lots of other teams. Most of the guys from the other communities were less diverse than we were. We had the slew of jocks, nerds, nice guys, means ones, all combined. Being a jock didn't necessarily mean being an asshole, though Dan and I found plenty of them. We had more than a few at our high school too, though. Mostly from the football and baseball teams. We saw the baseball team ahead of us heading into their locker rooms, we were adjacent to them and often put up with their shenanigans begrudgingly. “Why is it that the assertive jocks are on baseball?” I ask Dan as the team ran into their locker room. “Not sure,” he said, replying, “I used to think the more muscle one had on his body, the more of an asshole he became, now I'm not so sure. Jeff probably takes the cake on the beef these days, and he's one of the nicest guys around, he plays Dungeons and Dragons on Friday nights and is good friends with all the nerdy dudes.” “Yeah that's true. But Jeff is probably 2nd in muscle to Craig, who is a huge asshole. Well, and you, Danny boy,” I added, giving him a friendly tap on his rock-shaped butt. “Mmm!” Dan shouted with a smile, “you see, you do shit like that though and you just add to the stereotype, am I right?” “Dude, we are too smart for high school,” I add, laughing, as we head into the cool locker room. I felt the sweat lift off my brow as I opened my locker, checking my watch for the time. “Man, I'm glad it's the weekend,” I added to Dan, spinning the combo on his own locker. Jeff was already hopping around the locker room in his compression shorts. “Baseball team gotta hurry outta the showers I'm achin for a cleanin!” Jeff shouted. “Wade my boy!” he said, giving me my own ass tap, “what are you up to this weekend?!” “Might visit the girlfriend, might go see the grandparents not sure yet. Sister isn't using the car this weekend so I guess I could go out too. You all gonna see a movie or something?” “Yeah dude, a bunch of guys from school are seeing the new Snakes on a Something movie, should be good reefer smokin fun. You in?” “Yeah maybe, shoot me a text I'll let you know what I'm up to.” Jeff fist-pumped his arms in victory. “You don't get out enough Wade-man!” he said. “It'd be fun to hang out a little bit!” Jeff was a tall dude, at least 6'4”, he was also one of the most developed of any of us, hairy treasure trail and a thick lock of treads under his armpits and over his man package. He could throw the ball like no other either, and was a tremendous Lacrosse and Football player. I also heard he played golf like a pro but I never played with him. But his goofy mannerisms and easy to come personality made him all around laid back and likeable in general. I think most people felt I was the same way, I was just a tad quieter than him. And maybe a little more serious too, so when I yelled at the team for screwing up, maybe I alienated them a bit. But we got along well anyway. “Baseball team taking too long, I'm goin in anyway!” Jeff shouted as he stretched out his compression shorts and slipped his naked body out of them. His legs were pretty thickly covered with his black locks, but he had some trimmings done recently. “You maintaining that rainforest on your legs?” I asked chuckling at his cropped pubes. “You think you got someone to impress these days.” Jeff smiled before grabbing Dan, now down to his own compression shorts, and locking him into his armpit, “I'm doing for Danny Boy! He loves when I get naked and hold him in place!” Dan had the strength to not only unlock himself but launch Jeff into the locker row behind us, shoving the metallic cabinets a few inches back. “Whew!” Jeff said, hopping up and down in enthusiasm. “I hope to see that kinda shit when we play ball!” Dan couldn't help but laugh at the naked clown. “Dude you are too much,” he said. “But fuck yeah, I'll be out there knocking people around, thanks for the suggestion, though.” Jeff tossed his compressions into the laundry basket and strutted himself toward the showers. “Baseballers, the naked lacrossers are entering your turf, your time is up!” I pulled my shirt off and looked at my cut upper body. I spent over a year conditioning myself to chisel out, not so much for the looks. Well, not alone anyway, but because I knew strength would help me win in sport. And it seemed to work too. But I didn't mind the looks either. My pecs melded into my big shoulders, so they didn't stand out, but I had pretty big shoulders and admired the sinew that wrapped over my arms and down to my hands. My abs were more impressive, though, 6 distinct ribs jutting in and out as they cropped down to my legs. I pulled off my shorts and looked them over too, my bottom ab flexing into my adonis with my thighs melded distinctly under my compression shorts. My brown hair carried itself over my legs but I didn't have much on my upper body, not that that mattered too much, I guessed. Dan meanwhile had nearly no hair on him, but that was mostly by choice. He wrestled in the winter and said the mats and contact made that messy on him. As he slipped out of his own shorts, I grew a little hypnotic on his flat, square and rock hard butt, the guy could probably hold a building with that thing, it was a quintessential image of masculinity. Dan stretched his shoulders and turned back around to me, looking me over as I tossed my shorts and socks into the laundry basket. He looked over my body before commenting, “I know you always give me shit for having a great ass, but dude yours is shaping up nicely. You might have me beat if I don't lift more!” I turned to the mirror and noticed a nice square evolving out of my own rear. “Yeah maybe so, Danny,” I said with a smile, shrugging. “I guess you're motivating me to work a little harder here!” When I was a freshmen, the concept of naked showers scared the crap out of me. I didn't know how to handle myself. Or if I could look around, talk to people, be social. I think for the first week during football I kept my eyes on the wall. It wasn't until the other jocks, who apparently were used to the behavior from club sports, started opening up that I joined in. I was glad I did too, it was a fun bonding time for all of us, especially on the lacrosse team, we were all nice guys, and the act of getting naked wasn't just about showing ourselves and asserting ourselves, though there probably was some of that. It was just about being open and willing to be ourselves, and only ourselves, with people we trusted. I digged that. I think my buddies did too. And regardless, the compression shorts were sweating my loins like crazy, so I peeled them down and looked again at my bare butt in the mirror. “Step back, Dan,” I said, as he grabbed his towel. “Oh I see what you're doin, nope, you still don't have me beat,” Dan replied as he dropped his towel and turned his ass to compare with mine against the elevator. “Not far though!” He gave me another slap as he picked up his towel, his bare rear shining right in my face, I couldn't help but throw a towel smack on him as he lifted himself back up. “Yeah I had that one comin!” he said as he jumped his body forward unexpectedly. I threw my towel over my shoulders and walked toward the shower coordinator as none other than Baseball Craig walked his body out. He and Dan were virtually the same build, but Craig had a menacing, viking sort of look to him. His pecs pushed way out of his body and his blonde hair flung over his head like a matty mop. He didn't have a ton of hair but his dick was massive, it swagged left and right with every step he took, and he wasn't afraid to show it. “Where you thinkin of goin to?” Craig asked. He wasn't the smartest tool in the box. “You're outta the showers right Craiggy boy?” Dan asked as he bumped into him on purpose. “Oops, got a little sweat on you there, let me clear it off,” as he rubbed his sweaty palm on him. “Watch it dude!” Craig said, swatting him off. “Hey we're doing a little rugby match over at the auxiliary field tonight, coach said we could use it. You guys should come over. Let's do baseball v lacrosse bros, we'll see who dominates at the Sport of True Alphas.” Dan and I laughed, we didn't even know Craig knew what an “alpha” was. “How many people are going?”I asked, “How many should we bring?” “I dunno 10 or 8 or whoever, just ask your lacrosse bros, we're playing at 9pm, after the sun sets, should be killer...” I turn toward the shower room where my teammates are already settled and lay down my towel. Craig tapped me on the shoulder and I turn around, following him for a second. He held his towel in his hand as it waved over his package. “Dan you too,” Craig whispered. “Hey, what's this non jock doing in our locker room?” he asked pointing toward the end of the baseball player's corridor. I turned with Dan and saw a fellow senior at the end of the rows of lockers turn his head and start fiddling with his locker. “Uhh I think that's Ben, isn't it?” I asked. “Dan isn't that kid in your physics class?” “Yeah he's a senior but he looks like freshman, I don't really talk to him much. He's not a nice guy, he's always one upping everyone else.” Dan answers. “Well he's not a fuckin jock, I'm gonna show him who's boss,” Craig said, tossing his towel away and walked naked toward the kid, “Hey kid who are you? What are you doing here? This ain't no required PE locker room for nerds!” he shouted. “This is an athlete space, that isn't even your locker...” trailing off. I shook my head no, “no time for that,” I said and Dan and I headed into the shower. – – Dan picked me up at 8:55 and I threw my gear into the car, tying my sneakers as he peeled out of my neighborhood. “What took you so long, man?” I asked. “Did you bring a change of clothes I figure we might get pizza afterwards.” “Dude I had to take care of the dog she was sick earlier, I had to wait for my folks to get back. Anyway she's doing better now, but that's why I'm late,” he said, scratching the back of his neck. “Damn, man, I'm sorry about that,” I replied. “Is everything OK?” “Yeah I think so she's just getting old you know? Anyway, yeah I bet the lacrosse guys are gonna get some pizza afterwards. I'm not all that excited about having the baseball 'bros' join us, they're gonna smoke up all my pot.” “Oh you brought some?” I asked, “I might pass tonight though. I'd rather not be hanging around with Craig and his cronies too late either. The game will be fun, though.” I noticed Dan wasn't dressed. “Did you bring your gear?” I asked. “You're not gonna play in that are you?” “No,” he answered, “I'll run into the locker room before we start, assuming it's unlocked. Otherwise, you guys can have the pleasure of seeing me change once again on the field. I just didn't have time before I had to bolt.” We pulled into the lot and saw our team and the baseball guys stretching and tossing the rugby ball around. “Well,” I said getting out of the car, “nothing is too out of hand yet, not at least between the teams.” Dan grabbed his bag, shouting at the guys, “Jeff I'll be right back, just gonna change and toss this shit in my locker.” I joined up with the lacrosse dudes and started stretching, Jeff threw me the ball. “Remember those plays we came up with a few weeks ago?” Jeff asked, more serious than usual. “Not really,” I said, remembering that we had come up with some creative moves to try to outsmart an opposing team, but not really remembering what they were. “Hey Mike,” Jeff shouted, “What was that play we were talking about?” Mike's eyes lit up, “Oh yeah, remember Wade, you take prop, we'll take hooker, we'll have Dan...” “Oh yeah, I got it,” I answered, looking over at the baseball team trying out their own plays. “These dudes are going to tackle me over,” I added, “are you sure we shouldn't have you trying to block these guys' attacks?” I asked Jeff. “Let's give a try for these first few plays and go from there, I believe in you Wade!” Jeff added, smacking my ass before heading over to the baseball dudes to begin playing. It took me a minute to get my skills going again, but the rest of our team was playing great, even the baseball jocks were lightening up a little, including Craig. As we finished the first half, sweaty and muddy from a rough round, we high-fived and took a break. “Alright,” Jeff said, giving a rally dance, “they only got one point ahead of us, if we change up our strategy I think,” Jeff was interrupted by a loud Craig shouting off to the west, near a bank of trees at the forest border. “Hey you!” he shouted, “what the fuck are YOU doing here?!” Jeff and I turned to each other in question as I looked over at Dan, shrugging his shoulders. Craig walked into the woods and came back seconds later half dragging, half shoving a smaller guy out from the woods. The guy was only in his boxers, and he seemed to be fighting something in his hands, desperately trying to put it together, like a puzzle piece. “Lookie what I found here, boys! Little Ben, the kid who is always trying to sabotage and fuck with me!” Craig shouted, shoving Ben toward us. “I caught him, I think he was trying to play a prank on me. But not today! Little nerd thinks he can take revenge on me, I haven't even done anything to him! Just knocked his science books out of his hands once. What were you doing, Ben?!” Ben didn't answer, he seemed desperate, the little guy was fiddling with what looked like two rocks, but he seemed distraught, I could see tears flowing down his face in the moonlit evening. “What's going on?” I asked, Dan following behind me. “Craig, he's just a little twerp, leave him be. What the fuck are you doing in your boxers, Ben?” I asked, approaching the kid. “Get the fuck away from me! Or you'll pay!” he shouted, a threat perhaps but pretty but idle to me, the kid couldn't kick a flower over even if he tried. Blue sparks shot out of the rocks as he tried to shove them against each other but it didn't seem to do anything other than spark on his hand. “Come on!” he shouted, “what's wrong?” Craig lifted Ben's hairless arms causing Ben to drop one of the rocks. Ben shoved him back as quickly as he could, gaining a foot from him as Ben ran for the rocks. “Watch it, Ben!” I shouted, stepping forward and grabbing his arm. “What the fuck is this kid doing?” I was still perplexed by the sheer aggression of the kid, he was trying to do something to hurt us I could tell, but why he would put so much energy into doing this made me more concerned for him than for me. It's like he was hypnotized by the rocks, corrupted by them. After Craig pushed back the nerd, one of the rocks flung up and toward me, the other one still clutched in Ben's hand. I grabbed the flying rock with my free hand but when I did the other immediately freed itself from Ben's grasp, flying like a levitating yo-yo toward me, moving, as if attracted at that point like magnets, immediately to the other one once I had it in my hand. A blue explosion of light flung out from them, throwing both me and Ben back. I could sense the rocks shoving Ben away from me, almost of its own force. I started flying back too but both of the rocks were now following me alone. Time slowed. Everything seemed to slow down around me. The guys were watching me in surprise and amazement as I was lifted and flying through the air moving 1, 2, 3 or more feet back toward the rest of the lacrosse bros. I had time to look around, the two rocks were following me but couldn't catch up, they were unlatched from each other but kept following me as if attracted to me alone. I looked past them and saw Ben flying backwards himself, but neither rock followed him, only me. As the rocks approached my face a clear picture formed in my head. It was like a dream, but more detailed, more real. I could see a vision but I could also feel it, somehow. It looked like a blurry image right in front of me that was becoming more real as the field and my teammates melted around me. The vision was of me, but maybe a little older, just a year or two. I was naked, and I was filled with incredible muscle. I wasn't inflated, but every groove was distinct on my tanned body, everything looked like it had a perfect purpose, a well-balanced mix of endurance, strength and confidence. My dick and balls were huge. I smiled at the vision. “What is this?” I told myself in a slow, deliberate manner. The naked man in front of me turned and said, simply, “put the amulet together, Wade. I'll be waiting for you,” and he turned into a cloud of dark, blue, electric smoke. It gathered around my head and filled me with intense visions of power, of strength, of immortality, of other-worldly desires and vices that I never before would have dreamed of. This amulet was immortal, it felt divine in some way but how I didn't know. Was it an alien race? Or some old polytheistic god relic? More information flooded my head, the Zets, it was a race, a supernatural race of immortals, and they placed their power in these stones. This amulet. “Woah,” I told myself as the knowledge flew into my mind. I couldn't make sense of it but the images were there nonetheless. This race was selfish, forthright, they were strong, centered and dominating, I had never felt anything like it. The vision faded and the world sped up once more, back to reality. I landed on the ground and time caught back up with me. Ben was struggling maybe 10 feet away, “NO!” he shouted to Craig, braking loose from him. “I WANT IT!” he shouted, running back toward me in another attempt to grab the amulet. He approached as I started to lift my chest off the ground, he wanted the amulet. More than I did. He must have had the same vision but the amulet apparently wasn't giving him what he wanted. I lifted my leg and tripped him, causing him to fall a few inches from the amulet. “Ouff,” he said, defeated again. I quickly grabbed the two rocks and stepped back from Ben, still struggling on the ground. “What was that?” Dan asked, approaching me. “What the hell happened?” Jeff said following Dan's question, my team concerned for me as I regained my balance. The world came back into my view. I had the rocks. I had the amulet! “Guys, grab that little twerp for me,” I said, surprised at my own assertion. Dan and Craig quickly grabbed the struggling Ben who was trying to take another shot at me. They lifted his feet off the ground as he continued struggling against their strength, but he was no match for them. “Let me GO motherfuckers!” he demanded. I looked down at my body. My rugby shirt was in tatters and my shoes and socks were completely burned off. My shorts were also ripped on one end exposing part of my compression shorts, but the shorts were holding on. Barely. My feet felt damp in the evening grass. I looked around to see the other jocks circling around us, Dan and Craig holding the little Ben right across from me, his resisting was slowing down out of exhaustion, but he looked to me with an angry eye. “What was that?” Jeff asked, “that thing blew you back 10 feet.” “Woah.” I whispered, still taking in what happened to me. “It, umm, chose me,” I said, staring down at the two dark blue rocks. They both had strange etchings on each face, and both were triangular shaped. “I saw something,” I said, turning back to my friends, “when the amulet chose me, it told me to put them together, to make them one, then I saw what would happen to me. It was like, powers. These insane powers of strength and endurance and. And more.” The guys weren't sure whether or not to believe me. As fantastic as they saw what happened, they saw what looked like a supernova blow both me and Ben backwards. But this thing chose me. I looked to Ben and smiled at him, confidence brewing in me, channeling the amulet. I don't know how Ben found it but he thought he could use it for himself, and tried to strip and use it so he could gain the powers and make the baseball jocks pay for his bullying. Holding the amulet in my hands I could faintly feel his thoughts, his anger, his defeat. The thing gave me the powers to read minds even before putting it together. And it was increasing an assertion and aggression that I never felt before. “You thought you could use it!” I said, this strange sense of confidence brewing ever more inside me, “you came here to try to turn into a warrior, and to use the powers for your own selfish intent! You wanted to try to hurt us!” Craig, knowing that Ben was exacting revenge on him, asked me, “what do you mean, Wade? This little kid thought he could beat us up or something?” “More than that,” I said. “He could have done anything to us. These rocks are a form of ancient power. He found them, and hoped to enact revenge on you. Maybe all of us. But it doesn't matter. The amulet wasn't made for a shrimp like you,” redirecting my attention to Ben and feeling more excited, the adrenaline in my body fueled by the rocks. “This is for a jock, you punk. It's for someone like me. For the men standing around you.” I had to put them together, I had to see what would happen. I could feel the rocks beckoning me to. I felt a surge of energy and confidence more pronounced than I ever had before. These things were almost commanding me to do it, and I was all too happy. “Men,” I said, alerting my friends and fellow jocks, “these rocks were designed to transform male specimens of true strength into gods. The Zets, an immortal race from millena ago, created them. And they chose me to inherit this one.” I held it up for the guys around me to see, they stared up and in awe as a blue light emanated from it, the blue streaks of electric power gracing over my hand. “It's my turn to take this right, to take this transformation,” I said, smiling at Ben. I knew what to do, and the confidence in me made me more excited to do it than anything else in my life. I ripped off my tattered gym shorts leaving me only in my white compression shorts. My dick was rustling inside them, I could feel its girth pushing against my shorts. The guys could see the excitement underneath it, but I didn't care. This was my time to truly shine. “After I gain this, I'll be sure to share its riches with you all, but we'll have to figure out what to do with little Ben here, first,” I said smiling at him. “Let me go!” he shouted, “Don't do it, Wade, you're better than this! You're not like them!” “And you are?” I said back. “Fuck, Ben, you wanted to fuckin destroy us with this thing! You're telling me I'm better than this? Who are you to judge? You aren't better than anyone at all. And who are you tell a jock who he is and what he can do! No one who wants to destroy a jock deserves to make orders. Or plea. I'm in charge now, and I decide what to do!” Ben was whimpering and looking around, trying to find an exit but unable to move with my friends armlocking him in. “Hey!” I shouted, a smile on my face. I wanted this punk to take in his demise. “Look at me, kid! I said look!” Ben turned to stare at me as I placed my hands to my sides and shoved down my underwear and felt my sweat cool in the evening air. I stepped out of my shorts and stood for Ben take me in; he stared in wonder at my body and my horizontal dick, eagerly anticipating what was to happen to me. I smirked at him. I walked to the center of the gathering, everyone's attention on me. “These gods were naked beasts, and I be the same,” I added, turning back to Ben. “You don't have what it takes, the body or the personality of a jock. That's why it didn't choose you. Now, look on me, and despair.” I took the two rocks in each of my hands and neared them to each other. Looking back at Ben once more, I smiled, I saw him looking my body up and down, seeing my horizontal dick twitch at the anticipation. “This is it, boys,”I said, and I clicked the two rocks together. The rock started levitating, spinning very slowly. A streak, then two of blue electricity graced my hands. It was bonding with me, determining the jock that I was. I was naked and ready for it. “Fuck yeah,” I whispered as I felt it accepting me. The amulet circled around me once, twice, each rotation slowly picking up speed as a graced bolt or two ran across my abs or ass, when it hit my dick, the amulet started flowing out a thick, blue, electric filled steam, landing at my feet the steam started working its way up my body, across my waist, wrapping around my abs. I lifted my arms and looked up in surprise. “Here it comes!” I shouted, “I can feel the powers, the POWERS!” The bolts attacked me like fire, covering my entire naked body with its power. It was the opposite of pain, though, each strike from the electric bolts of the steam felt like an orgasm rocking my body at every level from my extremities to my inner core. Every brush from the amulet felt divine as its powers filled me with strength and power. The steam lifted me a few feet off the ground as I lifted my head toward the heavens, looking upward the heavens, toward the source of my power, gifting me with its relic, with the powers of a long forgotten alien race. “Yes, YES!” I shouted as the bolts dug into me and pumped my body upward and outward with muscles, each crack and movement of my body filling with girth and sinew. My already hardened body was contoured, but didn't have the level of sinew that the gods beheld, so they pushed outward, more weight gaining on my shoulders, chest and abs, burning deep crevices from a 6 pack to an 8 pack. My ass pushed outward and went from a box to a refined bubble, circling and hardening as it wrapped down to my quads which pushed hard against my skin. “Oh fuck yeah!” I shouted. Even though I let my body go limp, completely opening it to the powers of the amulet, it was forcefully taking it in every direction, forcing me to move my limbs and adjust them to its powers, filling them with the strength and endurance of a god. The muscle extended down my shins and onto my feet before branching out across my bi and triceps, hardening them and flexing them with multi-contoured muscle. My hands cracked and grew as they pumped with strength, filling upward to my neck and across my head, sharpening my brow with a look of aggression and strength. I stretched my body apart from itself, pulling as hard as I could as every orifice filled to capacity with the amulet's power. My body moved beyond the confines of humanity, became unbound to the normality of being a mere man. I was becoming a god, and my dick was growing to reflect it. My circumcised head folded back over and under my newly grown cock as it grew a defined and bulbous shape underneath the foreskin, fit for a true god. My balls realigned as my seed went from a normal, biological makeup to one of power. They weighed down as they filled with the power, stretching my package, and their powers spread throughout my flesh and blood, transforming it into an immortal, energy-rich power that would never go away, and would never be confined by the restrictions of humanity again. I was laughing with sheer selfishness now. I couldn't help it, my mind filled with the powers and their uses. I could do virtually anything! And no human could stop me. “YESS!” I shouted again as my voice pitched deeper, reflecting power and more masculinity. My body stretching its hair across across my chest, down my belly button and over my legs. “YESS!” I shouted again. I could feel the powers coming under my control. For the first time now I could do what I wanted; I ordered the rest of it to flow into me, feeling the steam conquering over my body. Finally the amulet itself slammed into my chest, sinking into my body. I ordered my body to literally become the immortal steam surrounding it, melding my fleshy appearance with the power of the electric cloud, reforming it and appearing as a humanoid, but with a dark, rich, electric-ridden cloud in the shape of a man. I could be whatever form I wanted, but this was perfect to show Ben what I had become, and what he could never have. “Look upon me, Ben!” I shouted, my voice rocking the walls of the sports quad. My form was an infinite, circular swath of power and might. He was intimidated and infatuated with me. With the power that I held. I lifted my steam-filled arm and stretched it the 10 feet toward him, taking a swipe as it reached through his body and across him. I could feel his flesh and his thoughts. Even with his fear and jealousy he was getting turned on, he could sense and get a glimpse of my powers as I moved my hand, depositing some of my power-ridden steam into him. “Oh, OHHH!” He shouted in pleasure, I wiped across him once more, dissolving his boxers and leaving him naked. “Let him go,” I ordered my friends as they dropped him. He tried to run but he was too lost in his own pleasure. A quickly building orgasm leaving him confused and ever infatuated with me. His dick started rising quickly, he couldn't cover it with his hands. It grew past them into the biggest boner of his life, stretching upward as his balls pulled into his body. “Oh fuck! Mmmm....” he said becoming more lost, trying to run away but finding his dick was leading the way. I pulled the steam back toward me and turned it back into a muscle-studded human. I looked the same as before, but now muscle-clad, with masculine hairline across my chest and legs, and my new godly package accentuated in front of me. As I collapsed my power back into a 6'2” body, and flesh started to reemerge throughout, Ben couldn't look away, nor could the rest of the team. But Ben's dick was knocking without any fapping, and was going to explode whether he wanted it to or not. He looked at my arms, at my chest hair, down at my ginormous penis, completely lost in me. As the flesh returned to my body, I looked at him with a smile and ordered his orgasm. And his body rocked and exploded with cum. “Oh god! NO, fuck, mmm...yes!” he said, lost as he stared at me, his goosebumps flowing over his skin as he saw his new god emerge. “YES!” He shouted again as gobs and gobs of cum raced out of his dick, exhausting his convulsing body, causing him to wipe and pass out onto the ground. I walked over to him and looked briefly, “Hmm,” I said, “looks like this little dick is tuckered out.” My teammates started laughing and hollering in support, they were in agreement with me because they knew what I had, but also because they wanted it. And they knew I could give it to them. “Woot!” a few them shouted in excitement, “we want it!” others said, gathering around me. “What is it?” Still others said. “What can we do? What do you want us to do? You're the boss now!” they shouted in succession. “Too many questions,” I answered with a controlled demeanor, and waived to silence them. “You can't explain it, you must feel it. This power is designed by supernatural jocks to reward all races of jocks around the universe. I am now a part of it, and I have the powers to share it. I can't explain it. I can only show it.” The 18 guys around me started cheering with pleasure. They wanted it, they knew what it did to me and they wanted it for themselves. I looked down at little Ben. “What to do with him?” I asked. “Should he join us?” Most of them said “NO!” or “Fuck no!” they didn't think he deserved it, and neither did I. But I looked at the pathetic body below me and took some pity. “All he wanted was this,” I said, “all he wanted was to be like us, and to feel life as a true jock.” I levitated him, still exhausted and barely awake from the most sensational orgasm he ever felt. “Let's give the kid a little something. Maybe he could become our page. Our errand boy. Not a true jock, but bring him under our influence.” I signaled to four of my friends to hold him at each limb. I stood beside him and channeled my power toward him, pushing blue-green streaks of power across his body and into his orifices. I covered his tiny prick with my large lands and touched it, funneling a taste of my power into him. “Hmmm.” He groaned as his body started pushing outward, muscle building on the frame as the shrimp became the jock. He got bigger, but I didn't allow him to grow bigger than any of my fellow jocks, not as big as they were to become. He awoke as he filled out and grabbed his now respectable dick. Ben left his inhibitions behind as he became a jock, and an immortal one at that, but one with lesser powers than my fellow team was to receive. He stood himself up and stretched himself. “Oh, Wade,” He said, a look of never-ending gratitude and humility on his face. “You did this for me? How can I repay you.” “You will do what we say, when we say it,” I commanded. “I understand,” he said. “Anything. I am your's.” “Good. Now, jocks, get naked, time to meet your destinies.” The lacrosse and baseball bros were true jocks and did not need me to force them to strip. They were all too happy. The guys eagerly pulled their shirts, shoes socks and shorts off. Craig was the first to get naked, but the other guys quickly followed behind him. Standing near me in a half circle, everyone trying to get close, to be the first one to gain the powers of the Zets. These men were respectable, they had the endurance necessary to become an immortal. While I didn't want to make them as powerful as me, I wanted nothing more than to spread a piece of my power to my friends, and make them immortal. I ordered Ben to step aside and he silently obeyed. I levitated my body and broke it apart into a cloud of blue, electric power, violently shaking above the team. “Time to become what you were meant to be,” I said, and descended down onto the naked jocks.
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  25. Short Story - A Twist on My New Year’s Resolution Please feel free to tell me what you think! I am planning on writing other stories, and maybe a sequel to this one if people want it. Hope you enjoy it! Okay, just hear me out. I know everyone always makes a New Year’s Resolution, usually fitness related, but never meet them. I understand that the gym gets full of people trying to get in the best shape of their lives at the start of the year…for a few weeks at most. But I’m different, I’m going to do it; my name is Drew and my New Year’s Resolution is to go to the gym and get ripped as fuck. Being skinny all of my life has not made things easy for me, especially during my first year of college. I’ve never really been popular, and if we’re being honest, I haven’t even kissed or had sex with anyone. My friends have always been pretty nerdy and geeky too, but don’t get me wrong, I like them all, I was just hoping for something different in college. Sadly, nothing has changed during my freshman year, except for the fact that I’ve gotten even more jealous. I’m tired of watching the hot muscular guys on my floor get with whoever they want whenever they want. My roommate, who isn’t even that big, has already been with like 10 different people. I’m forced to sleep over at my friend’s dorm every Saturday night, while my roommate is having his way with some hottie. I’m honestly sick and tired of it…but I have a plan. I am going to get some muscle on my body if it’s the last thing I do. Every day after class I am going to get myself into the campus gym, and I’m just going to work at it until I can’t anymore. I laid out my plan for my friends and they just laughed in my face. After I got over my initial anger, it actually just motivated me more and more. Leading up to New Year’s Eve it was all I could think about. I wanted to be muscular, I wished I could finally have sex, I needed a body that others would envy and drool over. The thoughts raced through my head, making me so horny, so turned on. Then, New Year’s Eve came. I was forced to attend my family’s New Year’s Party as I had no other plans. I didn’t care for it though, all I could think about was waking up tomorrow, driving back to my college, and heading to the gym. As my family watched the ball drop at midnight all I could do was wish to myself that I would get huge this year. But, after hanging around for a little while longer, it was time for bed. As I woke up the next day I had one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had, and my body felt so heavy. I was so annoyed that I might have to miss my first day at the gym, but it was honestly so hard to get out of bed and drag myself to the bathroom. Then, it hit me…as I looked in the mirror I almost didn’t recognize who was looking back at me. The first thing I noticed was that I was taller and now hosting a sexy and strong jawline. But then, I looked down, to find that my shirt and pants were almost bursting at the seams. My jaw almost fell to the ground…I couldn’t believe what was happening. The first thing I did was start to rub my right bicep through my shirt. Without even flexing I could feel that my bicep was now rock solid muscle. But then as I flexed it I heard my shirt rip, and through that I could see the giant bicep popping out through the sleeve. Amazed, I proceeded to do a double bicep pose in front of the mirror, which was too much for my shirt to handle. Drool trickled down my chin as I watched the shreds of my shirt fall to the ground, revealing my new muscled body in all of its glory. Along with my huge biceps I now had massive pecs, which I couldn’t help but bounce. First the right one and then the left one, and then together, again and again…fuck I was so turned on. Then, I focused on my abs, abs that looked like they had been chiseled out of marble. I had to play with each and every one of my six new abs giving each on personal attention. I couldn’t believe that this was my new body, the body of a god among men. Unable to control myself any further I ripped my pants off, revealing tree trunk like legs and a dick begging to be taken care of. I took my right hand and started to frantically stroke my cock as my other hand rubbed all of my muscles. I began by flexing my abs and pecs while my hand felt up every corner of my upper body. Then, as a started to moan and breath heavily, I went to massage my other bicep that was expanding as I stroked faster…fuck I’m close. As I started to play with my giant legs my cock released endless streams of cum all over the bathroom floor. I was experiencing some greatest pleasure in my life, but I needed more, my cock needed more. I ran back into my room and as I looked around I grabbed a pillow and jumped onto the bed. Fucking a pillow had always been a go too way for me to masturbate, but with my new muscles it was a completely different experience. As I knelt down on the bed with my amazingly muscled ass sticking up, I placed the pillow in front of my dick. Then I just went at it, uncontrollably fucking that pillow as hard as I could. With every thrust I went faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. The entire bed shaking and hitting the wall in rhythm as my cock went in and out of the pillow. My entire body flexing as the sweat made each of my giant muscles glisten. My pecs, my biceps, my abs…wow I must have looked like a fucking sex god. I felt more powerful then I had ever before, so strong that the pillow could barely even handle a quarter of my new found strength. I shortly realized that the pillow was beginning to rip apart in my hands. I laughed to myself a little but the thought of not knowing my own strength was honestly turning me on so much. As I started to use a third of strength to fuck the pillow the feathers started to burst out all over the bed. I had been such a weakling before this and now just a fraction of my strength—my own godly physique—actually fucked a pillow to shreds. But I needed to finish, and this pillow was not going to do it anymore. Throwing the remaining pieces of the pillow off the bed I leaned over to my nightstand and grabbed some lotion. Feeling up my rock hard pecs and rubbing my nipples, I started to aggressively stroke my cock. Getting close I moved to flexing my huge sweaty muscles as I rubbed my dick faster and harder. My moaning and heavy breathing got even louder as I continually brought myself closer and closer to the edge. Before I knew it my cock was exploding with even more cum then in the bathroom again and again and again. Once it looked like my dick was done I fell back onto my bed dripping with sweat. After such an ordeal I thought I would be exhausted but it looked like this body could take far more than what I just did. As I laid on the bed imagining everything sexy and terrible naughty thing I could do with my body I realized that this was only half of my New Year’s Resolution. It was time to get up and give this body the training at the gym that it deserved. I needed to get even more ripped, even stronger, and even more of a fucking god. I quickly got up, took a shower, and put on some workout clothes, which barely fit over my massive muscles but looked sexy as fuck on me. What took me even longer was cleaning up the huge mess that this real man’s body of mine had made, but I honestly felt like I had a few more rounds in me. With my family still fast asleep, I got into the car to head to the gym for the workout of a lifetime. But I couldn’t help but think about what everyone was going to say about my new body. It was time to show off, have fun, and be the sex machine that I was meant to be. I was especially interested in showing off to my nerdy friends who didn’t believe me…oh were they in for a surprise. As I began to drive away all I could do was laugh to myself as I made my monster sized pecs bounce up and down through my shirt, stretching it to its limits. God, this semester was going to be insane…
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  27. BGryphon18

    Alchemist - Part 4

    I couldn't move. Time seemed to have stopped dead in its tracks. My brain would not send the signals to my body to allow me to leave my chair. I sat there, staring at my screen waiting to see if he would log back in so I could try and explain, and if necessary, reverse what had happened to him. Minutes ticked by as I stared at my screen while straining my ears to hear that familiar sound when a friend logs on but it was all in vain. I sat there for about an hour before I was finally able to get up. “How could this have happened? How?” I kept repeating that outloud hoping it would trigger something in my brain to help explain all this. The only thing I knew is that during my orgasm his growth practically doubled. He had gained a couple inches of pure muscle all over his body and apparently so had I. After I had tried to figure out what had happened with my own knowledge, I grabbed the tome and began searching through it for an answer. I’m not sure when, but I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was being awoken by the sounds of my computer dinging over and over again. Still half asleep I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus at the screen. Suddenly the realization of last night took hold, adrenaline flooded my system and I was wide awake. I moved the mouse to bring the computer back to life and thankfully saw several messages from Chase on my desktop. The first few were “Hello”’s and “Are you there?”’s, but after a few he left a few messages explaining that he was indeed freaked out last night and wanted some time to sort it all out. He also said that after a couple hours of cool down time, he got very excited about the whole idea much to my relief. As the messages went on I could sense his growing excitement at the possibility of growing massively huge. His last message was that he was going to the gym to test his newly acquired mass and that he would be back in a couple of hours. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. He wasn’t mad, he wasn’t scared, he was happy, actually thrilled with what had happened. This was not only a huge relief on my conscience, but a huge turn on as well. This already huge guy wanted to be even bigger. He wanted to push the limits as to what his body could contain and I was more then willing to comply. The only problem is I really wanted to do it in person. I wanted to have him in front of me flexing his muscles over and over while I felt them grow under my hands. I wanted to lick and kiss every massive bulge as I made it grow bigger and bigger. Pure and simple, I wanted to worship him. I wanted to worship every fiber as it pulsed and throbbed with more and more size and strength. The minutes seemed to fly by as I kept replaying this fantasy over and over again in my mind. I was in the middle of my third jack off session when I saw him come back online. I was too caught up in my fantasies and was too close to cumming again to say hello right away. Without warning I had the cam request pop up on my screen. My hand left my cock for just enough time to click accept and return to it’s job. The connection was made and I was greeted by the most phenomenal double biceps shot I have ever seen. That was all it took for me and I shot my load all over my chest and stomach. Since this was my third time today, it wasn’t as long or impressive as the others and I was able to recover faster. “Hey! How did you know that was exactly what I needed at that moment? It was a GREAT hello too by the way.” I saw him laugh and start to reply. “Something told me that you would still be jacking off to what happened so I thought I’d give you a little help.” “Well you hit the nail on the head and the head responded by exploding all over my chest and abs.” Another laugh. “After what you gave me, it’s the least I can do to repay you. You should have seen the looks I got in the gym today! Every eye was on me whether they wanted to be or not! I made one guy shoot right in the middle of his workout and had three guys follow me into the showers for some fun. I haven’t felt this energized in a LONG time!” “Yeah that was probably a residual from the energy spell I cast as a test. Wasn’t sure if it would work with you not being physically in the room with me, but thankfully I was wrong. Glad to hear you had a good workout.” “No man, I had a fuckin GREAT workout! I was an animal in the gym! Blew my old max lifts clear out of the water and got the most intense pump of my life. I feel like a million bucks!” “Well glad I could help. I just wish it would have been here in person so I could have reaped the benefits too.” “Actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” I was intrigued. “Okay… I’m listening” “I did some looking around and there’s suppose to be a bodybuilding contest in Chicago in about a week. I’ve got the time cleared from work and am working on my entry form right now. I wanted to find out if you were able to meet up with me there for the weekend and we could have some real fun instead of just cyber fun.” Okay… I was VERY intrigued… to the point of exploding with excitement. “Hmm… I think I might be able to work something out…it will take some effort… need to get my work schedule rearranged first, then if I can go I’ll need to pack, and then drive down there… not to mention finding a hotel…” If this works like I’m hoping it too… “How about a little persuasion?” JACKPOT! I saw him back up from the desk and start to pose for me again. The shirt he was wearing must have been elastic as it adhered to every curve on his body and looked like it was going to explode. Again I cursed the poor quality of the video feed, but I could still see that he was amazing. Huge mounds of muscle flexed in and out of my view as he hit pose after pose. He still had his pump from the gym as his veins were plump and criss-crossing all over his body. After about a minute of flexing he rolled back to the desk and said: “So, how bout it? Think that provided a good enough reason to do all that work?” “Yeah… I suppose…it better be worth it though.” “Oh it will be. I’ll give you more details in a day or so. In the mean time, how about we have a little cyber fun?” "Now that's something that doesn't take any persuading It's all you stud. Whenever you're ready." Another one of those coy smiles and he backed away from the desk again till his entire torso was in the frame. Without taking his eyes off of the camera he started to flex. First just quick bi flexes to tease the camera and warm up, but then without warning he hit a most muscular that almost knocked me out of my chair. How the shirt was still attached to him was a bonafide miracle. The muscle was bulging from his body. Side chest, triceps, biceps, pose after pose all the while his eyes never broke contact with the camera. He was just about to take off his shirt when I had an idea. "Wait... don't take off your shirt yet. I have an idea. How would you like me to grow you again till you burst out of it? Make your muscles so big that the shirt can't take it anymore." He looked like a kid at Christmas. "Hell yeah! Do it man. Make me hulk out of this shirt." He backed up and again started to hit pose after pose. I focused all my energy on him and started to say the spell. After a minute or so he stopped and typed "It's working. I can feel my muscles burning" He kept flexing over and over again... fast but always held it for a few seconds to make sure I could see. He mainly concentrated on his arms which was good since I was too. Over and over he would flex his biceps and each time they were filled with more and more of my magic. I could see the strain in the both the fabric and his face. His face was contorted into a look of concentration and lust. He looked like he was growling and teasing his arms to grow more. I could see the miniscule tears in the fabric when he brought his arm close to the cam and with one final full on flex his biceps ripped through the shirt to reveal their huge and pumped glory. I stopped chanting for a moment to take a few seconds to catch my breath. “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life!” He stopped flexing in response to my message and that he could no longer feel the growth burn. “You should be in my place! If you think it looked hot, you should feel what it was like for me! I’ve wanted to do that all my life!” “Well I’ve wanted to see that all my life so we both got something out of it. God you look awesome! Pumped beyond the max and so huge that your shirt just exploded trying to contain your massive muscles.” “You bet, and I’m not done yet! I want to keep growing till this shirt is ripped from my body and falls to the ground. Not a fiber of fabric to be covering my torso.” His chest was heaving as he typed this. It was hard to tell who was more excited right now, him or me! “You got it stud. Get ready cause here you grow!” Once again I resumed my chanting, this time focused on his chest. He seemed to instinctively know that his burgeoning chest was the next object of my attention as he started to do most muscular poses with an occasional side chest. The most muscular is probably my favorite pose as it highlights almost every muscle in the torso and now that his arms were free from his sleeves, I could see them flex as well. Since my growth spell affects the entire body, his chest didn’t take as long to rip from the shirt as his arms did, but it was no less spectacular. A tear formed at the top of his shirt and every time he flexed, it travelled further and further down his shirt revealing more and more of his growing slabs of pec meat. Every time he would flex his pecs together, the more of them I saw as they pushed against the shirt and against each other. I was dying to feel those pecs under my hands as he did just this. To feel their power and strength as he caused them to harden against my hand. I wanted to feel them so badly that I felt that my soul was being torn apart as it yearned to touch them, if only for a moment. After a few more contractions he stopped and was starting to type so I stopped my chanting. “God I feel so fucking huge right now man! My pecs feel so full and so strong, like I could do anything. I feel invincible!” He was grinning all the while he typed this and once he was done, I saw him do a couple of quick twitches making his pecs bounce against his shirt. “Glad you like. I only wish I could be there to experience it hands on. You look awesome man, you really do. You looked great before, but now you look 100% better.” “Thanks man, and not just for the compliment, but for actually making me grow. I feel so pumped, so strong, so… HUGE! I can’t wait to grow more, but I don’t want to do too much right now. Otherwise people will notice and be suspicious. Plus, if I grow to my max now, what fun will we have when we get together in Chicago?” “Mmm… I still haven’t said that I would go yet… I’m leaning that way after your fantastic performance, but still not convinced.” “Hmm. I wonder what I could do to help convince you. What could I possibly do to convince you to join me for an all night muscle worship and fuck frenzy while you make me grow into the biggest muscle stud the world has ever seen?” “Oh you’re throwing in sex too? Well that’s one more point in your favor.” “Of course! After what you’ve just given me, and will give me in Chicago, letting you worship me and having sex seems like a small payment. I only wish I could do more.” “Well you can, right now. Show me those killer legs and let’s get them matching the rest of your body.” “You got it man. Whatever you want to see, let me know.” He gave me another of those killer smiles and backed up from the computer. His t-shirt still hung around his shoulders though it was only by the act of God that it did. It was almost completely destroyed by his muscles growing and bursting forth from it. However I was drawn to his legs now. They too had grown during the last two recitations of the spell, but not as much. Now it was time for them to give new meaning to the term “tree trunk thighs”! He was wearing a pair of elastic shorts that hugged them beautifully and also showed me the lower half of his quads and all of his calves. I started to say the spell almost at once and he responded by starting to flex those massive legs. I love it when a bodybuilder shakes his legs making the muscle shake then have it flexed and every fiber burst from under the skin. Chase did this like it was an art form. The striations and cuts of his legs were simply beautiful and were only going to improve. He would flex them over and over again holding the contraction for several seconds as he relished in the feeling of his muscles growing. The quads expanding more and more while pressing his legs closer together. He adjusted his stance to accommodate the newly grown muscle but never stopped flexing them. He would shake the quads, though with my limited cam connection I was getting a broken feed. I got the idea though and used my imagination to fill in the blanks. After he got done he would flex them hard and the muscle would explode in every direction. The tear drop looked to have grown by at least 25% and he had to adjust his stance again as his thighs were pressing into each other yet again. Bigger and bigger, more and more muscle kept cramming itself into his legs. Not to be outdone by his tights, he started to flex his calves for me. Dear Lord these things were gigantic! They had to stick out a good 6 inches from his leg! Diamonds in shape, but much stronger in density. He did calf raises to really make them flex and each time it looked like they were bigger. Each time he rose up they got stronger. Finally I could take no more and stopped saying the spell as my cock exploded with more cum then I thought I could possibly produce, especially after I had already shot twice that day! Chase noticed that I had stopped and returned to the computer. “So… convinced yet?” “You bet I am! I’ll be counting down the seconds till I can see you in person and get to feel all that huge hard beef for myself first hand! Make sure you take new measurements for me. Shit man you look borderline FREAKISH!” “It’s all because of you man. And just think, soon you‘ll be with me in person getting to feel all this hard muscle for real, not just in your head. Just think, in less then 48 hours, you’ll have a real live muscle stud all to yourself to feel, grope, lick, kiss and make GROW into the biggest mother fucker on the planet! Not to mention have the best sex you have ever had, and will probably ever have again!” “I can’t wait stud. I can’t wait to have your huge body tower over me as I show you just how amazing you are. Make sure to eat a lot so that I have enough material to reshape into muscle for you. Eat until you feel like you’re going to puke. Protein is best, but I can use anything.” “You got it. Hope you’re ready for the time of your life man, cause if you thought I was good on cam, just wait until you experience me in real life! I’ll set up the hotel accommodations and send you the info tomorrow. Now I need to go and eat and get to the gym.” “I thought you were already at the gym today?” “I was, but I need to go again and work these muscles again. They’re just begging to be worked to total exhaustion. Not to mention I can’t wait to see just how much stronger I am thanks to you. I’ll be back later man. Take care!” Then, without another word, he signed off and I was left to myself replaying the events again in my head. Enjoying it more and more each time.
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  28. BGryphon18

    Alchemist - Part 3

    It took an immense amount of will to not have my tongue flop out of my mouth and start panting like a dog. My jaw did drop despite my best efforts as the shirt cleared his body and his torso was revealed. The first thing I noticed were his traps. The triangles of muscle connected to his neck just an inch or so below his ears. They were impressive, but they weren’t able to hold my gaze for long. As fast as I was able to drink them in my eyes moved on their own down to his chest. Huge slabs of muscle hung off of his ribcage. Again I found myself salivating at the sight of these mounds of beef as I began fantasizing about licking and kissing each and every inch of them. To suck and bite on those nipples while he flexed them hard under my face. He must have known what I was thinking by the look on my face as he started to flex his pecs over and over again. Every possible way to flex them was done. First together, then separate, bouncing, rolling, every way I could think of to contract those muscles he did and all the while I was reciting the spell to make them grow. Every once in a while I could see his face as he flexed. His brow would be furrowed and his teeth bared like he was growling at me. I was quickly loosing the fight to keep my load the more he flexed. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he suddenly stopped, gave his pecs a quick rub with his hand and started typing. “Man I am so pumped today! I swear it feels like my pecs are bigger then when I started. Guess it must be the audience!” If he only knew… “Well you definitely look bigger that’s for sure. Your pecs look amazing! So huge and hard… I would give anything to bury my face in them and lick every square inch of their magnificence.” “You and everyone else in the world. It’s just weird though. I feel bigger each time I flex for you. More then just a pump. It was like your watching me was making me bigger. Your desire to touch me and worship me was fueling me to grow more. Lol of course if that were possible I’d be huge! Wouldn’t let you do anything but make me grow bigger. Too bad something like that couldn't ever happen.” The fact that I hadn’t passed out from hyperventilating is a sheer miracle. My heart and cock were pounding so hard in my chest you could hear it from ten feet away. Time to test the waters a bit… “Yeah you would be huge. I’d make you a superheavy no problem. But you wouldn’t want to get bigger then that would you?” “Hell yeah I would! I want to be freakishly massive. Bigger then two superheavies combined! What’s the point of bodybuilding if not to become the biggest most massive muscular monster on the planet?” Dear God! This guy is too perfect! Everything I could have ever wanted in a man rolled up into living flesh… and with my help, ever growing flesh. “Wow. That’s awesome! Not many guys I know want to get so huge! Most want to be around 280 or so at the most. You would look so hot with all that muscle crammed onto your frame. Almost completely musclebound.” “Yeah. But still able to move. Granted it wouldn’t be as much, but just enough so that I could pose and flex for you as you make me grow more!” “Mmmm… that sounds like heaven to me. Keep flexing for me. I’ve only got a few minutes of time left and I’m about to shoot the biggest load of my life!” “Alright man, but I want to see how much you want me. See the lust and desire in your face for my body. I want to feel your need to make me grow.” Oh you will! “Oh you will!” Okay, so I couldn’t think of anything witty, sue me! I was in the process of morphing this guy into a total muscle stud beyond what he could do with weights alone. He gave me one more of those megawatt smiles as he backed away from the desk to resume his posing routine. Side chest, double bi, lat spread, all the poses you could think of were done with a fluidity that was shocking considering his size. I kept chanting as I was stroking myself closer and closer to orgasm. Sweat was dripping off of my body and my breaths came in short gasps. I stopped long enough to type “I’m going to shoot” before I felt my balls constrict and the flood of sensation pass through me. I started moaning to the point of yelling at the intensity of my orgasm. My eyes were closed and I was seeing little stars as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over me. There was no part of my body that was immune from the intense pleasure that was rocketing through my body. I knew that I had shot at least 5 distinct shots but lost count as my brain was too lost in the sensations. After what could easily have been 15 minutes I was able to open my eyes and try to focus on the world around me. My first realization was that my body felt different, yet familiar. I looked and was simultaneously horrified and elated. My body had grown to almost the same state as it was before. I felt my shirt being pulled in every direction by my pecs, shoulders, lats and arms. I was so absorbed by my own body that I forgot that I was not only on cam, but I still had a few minutes of cam time left with Chase. I looked back at my screen and nearly passed out. Chase was HUGE! It looked like he had gained almost double the muscle I had already given him. Everything looked swollen and pumped beyond belief. His arms had to be close to 26 inches as that was the muscle he was currently flexing with a look of total disbelief on his face. Apparently the admiration for his arms wasn’t strong enough to keep his attention from his chest. His pecs were gigantic. Hard mounds of flesh pressing into one another to create a canyon that would have to be at least 2 inches deep. He started flexing his chest and if I hadn’t have just orgasmed, I would have at that moment. His pecs practically hit him in the face. The muscle bunched up into steel plates so dense he looked practically bulletproof. Even through the poor quality of the cam I was able to see the fibers of muscle as they constricted and hardened. His lats pushed his arms out another few degrees then they used to be and made him look as wide as a door, which he could easily be now coupled with his bowling ball sized shoulders. Huge balls of muscle tensed and flexed with even the slightest movement of his arms. My brain seemed to be torn by what I was seeing. How is this possible? Who cares!? He’s huge! But how? Surely he doesn’t have that much mass to be converted? Again.. who cares!? He’s HUGE! That’s not the point. There’s no way my magic was able to cause this kind of growth. I’m not advanced enough. How many times do I have to say it? WHO CARES!? HE’S HUGE! This is what you wanted and now you’ve got it! You made him grow into a huge muscle stud and he seems to be enjoying it. He…he’s… Actually he does seem to like it. “Are you okay?” Okay… so that classifies as the dumbest possible thing that I could have said at this moment, but what do you expect? My brain was on overload! “Okay? OKAY? Are you KIDDING me? I’m awesome! Look at me! I’m HUGE! What happened? Did you do this to me?” “Well… sort of.” “What do you mean ‘sort of’?” I probably don’t want to make him mad so I think it would be best to just come clean. “Okay, here’s the thing: I’m sort of an alchemist. I’m able to do magic in a particular sort of way. You remember that book I got that I was telling you about? It’s a spellbook from an ancient alchemist. It has spells and potions to alter the human body in all kinds of ways including muscle growth. You weren’t suppose to find out though. I was growing you a little bit throughout the show. You probably felt it but though it was just a pump from all the flexing you were doing.” I watched his face while he read my message go from pure disbelief, to a possible acceptance. “But it’s not possible though. Magic isn’t real.” Like I said, possible acceptance. “Really? Then how do you explain this? How do you explain your sudden burst of growth or mine for that matter? Don’t tell me you can’t see the difference? You think it’s a dream? Or some kind of allergic reaction? Test it out. You’ve got weights there, test your strength and see that it’s not some kind of swelling but pure muscle.” Again I saw the look of disbelief on his face, but then after a moment of contemplation he got up, went over to the weight set and loaded up the bar for a bench press. I couldn’t tell how much weight there was on it, but when he was positioned and lifted the bar it looked like he was trying to lift about 10 pounds. The bar almost flew out of his hands when he pushed it up from his chest. He racked the weight and just sat there for a minute. I waited with baited breath to see what he would do next. My face was mere inches from the screen as I cursed the fuzzy picture. I saw my blurry hulk get up from the bench, walk over to the computer and suddenly I had a black screen. A quick goodbye and he was offline. I sat there in complete shock for about 10 minutes trying to figure this all out. Why did he just suddenly leave? Was he mad? How could he be mad? You made him bigger then most people on Earth! Then why did he turn everything off? Why just leave? Maybe he wants some personal time to enjoy what you gave him? I still think he was mad, or at least scared and confused. I think he was horny and wanted to jack off to his new hulked out body. Maybe. Guess I’ll just have to wait until he logs in again.
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  29. londonboy

    Mr. Muscle Daddy's Prize - Part Three

    [Sorry, I'm not talented enough to link the first two chapters. Please forgive me. - Wanted to revisit this one for a friend.] Dexter Robertson never thought – for a second – he’d be lucky enough to be the prize of someone as huge as MD, well, anyone, for that matter. As they rode through the streets of Los Angels and onto the 10 Freeway the small guy felt freer and safer than he ever had in his entire life. He could feel the powerful heat radiating off of MD’s monstrous body behind him. MD . . . short for Muscle Daddy, which was the perfect name for the man behind him. As promised, the muscle daddy’s hand had already undone Dex’s pants and his massive fingers were playing with the raging hard-on, which the little guy already knew would be there until they arrived in Palm Springs. It was quiet enough on the road and MD was going slow enough that they could have a somewhat shouted conversation. “I have some questions, sir,” Dex turned his head to the side, getting a good view of MD’s enormous pec. The thing looked as if it were in perpetual flexed mode. “Figured you would, little man. Shoot away. I’m an open book. A huge open book.” There was a tighter squeeze of Dex’s cock through his underwear to encourage the smaller man even more. “Were you always big, sir?” “Yeah, I popped out of my mom at almost twenty pounds. Shocked the doctor to hell. I grew really fast, too. At age eight I could lift the back of the family station wagon. Dad made me do it at every gas station, just to freak out the attendants. At twenty-one I won my first strongman competition and blew past every record on the books in California. I got bored with all the pretty-boy gyms in Los Angeles, especially since nothing was heavy enough for me, so I moved up to Oregon, bought some land, and started a one-man logging company. I’d rip up the big trees, crack off the branches, and then carry the hulking things to the truck by myself. It was a lonely time, but I made a lot of money. I also got huge. So huge, in fact, that I caused a bunch of Bigfoot rumors in the small towns near wear I lived.” “How old are you, sir?” “Look at you – asking a big guy his age. Aren’t you the rude one! Just kidding, Dex. I’m not one to hide a thing. I turn sixty-two next week, son. That’s another reason I chose you tonight - as my prize. You’re also a little early birthday present to myself. I’m a powerful behemoth that has everything a man could need, so I tend to be a little choosey with my gifts. I had decided I was coming back from Los Angeles with a bulldozer or a man, so I’m glad I met you. It’s a little freaky if I carry a bulldozer on my back riding down the freeway.” The thought made me shiver a little – seeing this silver-haired giant hoisting a big yellow machine on his shoulder and riding the giant Harley down the road. I heard a little chuckle in MD’s voice, so he could have been kidding, but I just wasn’t sure - not with the size of the man. I assumed I had only been privy to a small taste of his strength up to this point – anything might have been possible. He mistook my shaking body for something else. “You cold, little man?” “No sir, MD. I just get a little overwhelmed thinking about what you are capable of.” “Ooooh, just like a good muscle pig should. I’m glad, little Dex, very glad.” The big man put one of his platter-sized palms against my chest and pulled me back into his rock-hard torso even more. My butt cheeks and lower back got a preview of MD’s size-matching hard cock as it pulsed menacingly between us. I could actually feel how powerful his tool would be – just from its hardness and size. This made my own cock leak a little pre-cum and the big man must have anticipated that. He slid a big finger down beneath the band of my briefs and ran it across the slit of my dick. He then brought it back out to his lips and let his tongue savor my juice. “Oh hell yeah, sweetness from a sweet man. The nectar of Dex. I have a feeling I’m going to have you spewing that sauce so much I’ll be able to store some up for days when your spent and need to rest. This big man needs feeding all the time, son. I’ll be grabbing you a lot and sipping that hard straw of yours like you were my Big Gulp from some Seven-Eleven store. Speaking of juice, we better feed my hawg some gasoline, soon, or I’ll be carrying you and this big thing the rest of the way home. That wouldn’t be a problem, but I’d actually like to get there sooner than later – how ‘bout you, Dex.” “The same for me, sir.” “Oh, kiddo, you’re going to be so good for me. I’m going to pump you with so much of my manliness you’ll be fitting into that oversized jacket in under a year. Your days and your nights are only going to be filled with dreams of me. And my cannon is going to stay rock hard just thinking of you. Now that I’m retired, most of my day is filled with lifting, sex, eating, sex, exercising, sex, posing, sex, freaking out the neighbors with my size and strength, and more sex. It’s a good life, son, and I’m going to make you so happy. There’s a nice filling station just down that exit. Better zip up your pants, son, I’m not sharing any part of you with another guy. Especially that raging hard part.” We pulled into the run down gas station and the bright lights enabled me to get a better view of the gigantic vein-covered guns that surrounded me. The wind had turned very cold, but MD was still shirtless – as if his hard muscles dared the temperature to try and make him cold. He slid his hand under my ass and lifted me off of the seat, easily. He then placed me on the ground and I got a good gander at his cork-sized plugs protruding from his perfect pecs. My mouth watered in anticipation of sucking on those things. “Dex-man, your face gives you away. I can tell you’re thinking about licking, sucking, and kissing all my muscled goodness, aren’t you, squirt.” “Yes sir.” “That’s a good little boy. How about you go take a piss while I fill up. We still have a ways to go and I’m going to buy us a few large beers to help keep you warm. You might want to watch me go in the little store there, just to see the face of the guy at the counter when I walk up.” I glanced into the shop that was attached to the garage part of the station. There was a tall skinny lad intensely reading what looked like a comic book. That fact immediately made me get excited. This was some young adult that was into superheroes – and I was pretty sure he was going lose his shit when he got a glimpse of MD. The dude didn’t even bother to look up when the bell on the front door rang to announce a customer. It was only after the big man had grabbed a couple of twenty-four ounce bottles of beer and blocked out most of the light when he walked to the counter that the John Deer capped kid looked up. Even outside I could hear the high-pitched ‘holy shit’ scream and the thud when the shocked guy fell backwards in his chair. MD leaned over the counter and grabbed the front of the dude’s overalls, pulling him back onto his feet without any problem. The guy just continued to stare open-mouthed at the muscle daddy in front of him. MD glanced out at me and gave me a smile and a ‘thumbs up’ for the attendant’s reaction. I suddenly realized I really did need to pee, so I headed to the side of the station where the bathrooms were. I was surprised to see a pay phone half-box mounted to the wall near the bathrooms. Up until that moment I had not thought about my life other than the present moment with MD. For some reason the phone made me suddenly get a little nervous. I knew nothing about this man. I was traveling into the unknown with him and no one knew where I was. My gut told me to trust him, but my brain kept saying I should, at least, let a friend know where I was. MD had made it clear that I wouldn’t be going back to work – which was fine, since I didn’t like my job, anyway. I did, however, feel like I should explain this turn of events to someone. I picked up the receiver, smiled at the fact that it still worked, and then dropped some quarters in. I was too busy to notice the imposing figure that came up behind me and on the third ring took the receiver from my hands. “I thought I told you, Dex, you don’t need anything or anyone now that you’ve got me.” There was MD, holding a bag of beer in one hand and the receiver in the other. He pulled slightly and the coil connecting the thing to the phone snapped away – easily – right as I heard my friend pick up and say hello. Then the hairs along my neck stood up as the sound of heavy plastic being crushed filled the night air. MD’s huge hand covered the receiver completely and he crushed it with one slight squeeze. Tiny piece of debris slipped to the ground from between his fingers and then he opened his hand to reveal nothing but shards of plastic, some mangled electronics, and nothing else that even remotely resembled what had been in his hand. Then, just to prove his point, MD reached out and grabbed the top of the metal box attached to the wall. His fingers pressed into the wall above the thing and dug down into the concrete. With nothing more than an easy tug – sparks flew out, lighting up the sky – as the entire holder and phone were torn from the wall. The sound was deafening, but – true to form – the attendant didn’t come outside to see what was happening. It was then I guessed he probably still hadn’t moved from his shocked frozen stance. Holding the phone box in one hand, MD slowly started crushing the thing into nothingness right before my eyes. He made sure to hold it at my face level so I’d see his forearm and biceps balloon out even more because of his destruction. Soon, the box was nothing but a jumbled piece of metal, which he let fall to the ground with a loud thud at my feet. “Crushing that phone was just as easy as crushing your cell phone, Dex. Now, why on earth would the little man want to make a call?” MD placed his big hang against the wall and my gaze went to the sizeable hole nearby that had been so easily made when the phone box had been pried away with only one hand. Swole didn’t come close to describing MD’s veiny forearm or humongous gun that bulged at eye level. I swallowed hard and turned to look at the big man’s face. “I got nervous. No one knows where I am. I thought I should tell someone where I was going . . . I’m sorry, sir.” “No, no, no, kid – it’s okay. I got so excited about having you as my prize I kind of forgot that I was changing your life completely. I can come on a little strong, if you haven’t noticed. I guess I’m just gonna have to earn your complete trust. But let’s make a new rule – if you’re feeling nervous, scared, or just bothered about anything – you tell your muscled old man, okay? Here I’ve gone and destroyed public property just because you didn’t tell me how you were feeling. I know we both enjoyed the show, but someone else might need to make a call one day and all they’ll find is this gaping hole and a lump of metal embedded in the dirt. So, little pal, we got a deal on being honest about how you feel?” “Yes sir, MD.” “You feeling good, kid?” “Better than ever, sir.” “Well let’s fill up my hawg and then get back on the road.” MD waited for me as I went into the bathroom. When I came out he grabbed me by the back of the head and brought his face down to mine. He gave me another painful manly kiss that thrilled me to the tips of my toes. He then placed his big hand on my ass and easily lifted me into the air, carrying me back to the bike. I sat on the seat as he filled up the machine. I glanced back in the shop and saw that the guy was still standing at the counter – mouth open wide and staring into space. “Is he okay, MD, sir?” “Yeah, he’s still breathing and all. I think he’ll snap out of it in about an hour or so. He was fine until I flexed my arm. The size of my gun just sent him into la-la land, I’m afraid. I’ve had that kind of effect on lots of people through the years. No one’s died of shock, yet. Funny, he was reading an X-Men comic book and the only thing he said over and over as he stared at me was ‘Mr. Wolverine’. I think he thought blades were going to come out between my fingers at any minute.” As we drove away I glanced back at the place where a huge chunk of concrete had been ripped from the wall with the phone box. I also looked at the breadbox-sized lump of metal below. This huge man – the one who had already undone my pants and was again stroking my hard cock with his thick fingers – had pried a half phone booth from the wall as if it had been a paper flyer and nothing more. I could feel the hardness of the man all around me – his tremendous pecs against my head and upper back, his oak-limbed arms pressing into my smaller arms and shoulders, and his thighs, which made kegs look tiny, squeezing my lower body roughly, but lovingly. I was this man’s prize. We were heading to his home in Palm Springs and he wanted to make me completely happy. The adventure just kept getting better. I was beginning to relax and totally accept my new future.
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  30. sevenaside

    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Five

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  31. Onyx

    Feats of Strength - wrestling a Grizzly Bear

    Travis quickly stripped naked, exposing his godlike body to the chill Alaskan air. Even relaxed and cold, his muscles were enormous, and they seemed to dance as he bent over and arranged his clothes, neatly folding them into a pile on the tundra rocks. 20 yards back Tina was filming her boyfriend and she couldn't help but get wet at the sight of his glorious nude body, 265 lbs of impossibly strong muscular beef. Her eyes danced over the orgy of ripped muscles that lay before her. His shoulders were her favourite she decided, they bulged huge, easily as large as pair of football helmets. She always had to stretch her arms wide to grope and fondle both of them at the same time. From the front she was a big fan of his massive pecs and thickly muscled abdomen, which were both without equal even in the world of super-heavyweight bodybuilders. Of course her eyes always crept back to his naked sexy ass, round and tight with all its incredible thrusting power. This was the fifth time in as many years that Travis had come to Alaska. Four times he had tried to defeat one of the massive grizzly bears during their mating season fights. Each time he had been forced to withdraw, unable to match the sheer size and strength and of these 700lb creatures. The mighty bodybuilder was feeling good about his chances this year though. He finally broke through the one-tonne squat plateau at the start of the year, and had benched 1300lbs a short time later. Knowing that a naked wrestling match with a grizzly would require superhuman endurance and pain tolerance, he had increased the ferocity of his workouts to unbelievable levels. For months he suffered through 20-rep squats with over a thousand pounds slung across his vast shoulders. He even bought a cruel whip for Tina, and she would mercilessly pound his body with it until his skin was covered in red marks. She had never beaten him though, his determined mind always fighting through the pain until his girlfriend would lie collapsed on the floor in exhaustion, defeated by her bodybuilding boyfriend that she had taken to calling "Superman." Travis walked up to a mighty grizzly, large even for its species, and tipping the scales at over 800 lbs. The huge bear had easily defeated a young male the day before and was eager to breed, its gigantic body coursing with animal testosterone. It reared on its hind legs as Travis approached. Even with his supersized bodybuilder muscles, he looked like small, easy prey for this ultimate apex predator. Travis made himself look big, making his challenging intentions clear. The bear roared and fell on top of Travis. Tina gasped as this happened but her boyfriend's nude body didn't yield to the immense weight, his ass tightened into an iron ball and his forearms stood out like steel cables as he absorbed having all that animal muscle fall onto him. Holding the bear for a second, he used his massive pecs to shove the bear backwards, the huge animal toppling over in a giant crash. Travis admired what he had done for a second and he made his pillow like pecs dance in triumph. He had trained his body to such an extent that he could bench press this huge bear if he wanted to and this fact turned him on immensely. Uninjured but angry, the bear got up and charged. Any other human would have fled in terror but Travis held his ground, crouching forward with all his spectacular muscles flexing hard. The collision of these two goliaths, one of them triple the size of the other, was monumental. Travis' heavy body was actually pushed back several feet, his bare toes sliding over the rough hard ground. Powerful paws tore into his skin, leaving red marks but unable to pierce his iron-hard muscles. Claws that would have sliced a normal human to ribbons were simply an annoyance to Travis' amazing body. The bear's crushing jaws were another matter, they could eviscerate his face or throat if he wasn't careful. Holding the 800 pound bear back with one hand, he used the other to force those massive jaws upwards and away from him. The two mighty animals were locked in a test of strength now. Bare naked human muscle somehow, impossibly, was a match for something that was could have easily slain a dozen normal men. For several minutes the two creatures wrestled, holding each other tightly. Travis could tell that he was much stronger than even this huge bear, although its sheer weight and towering height kept things even, not to mention having to use one arm to keep those jaws away from him. This realization made him very excited, it was one of his strength fantasies coming true! Thousands of hours in the gym had forged himself into a real life Hercules. He could feel the bear's struggles growing weaker now as his muscular endurance also proved superior than this ferocious wild animal. Redoubling his efforts, he used his massively pumped legs to force the bear backwards, much to Tina's delight. Her boyfriend was going to win! She couldn't see it, but Travis was enjoying himself even more so. As the feeling of male power washed over him, his monster sized cock surged upwards. An erection stronger than he had ever enjoyed brushed animal fur before finally reaching just above the dense plates of his thick eight pack. Strength-lust overcame Travis' mind and he wanted nothing more than to shoot a huge load off. He reversed his efforts and pulled the massive bear forward onto him, letting them both fall backwards onto the hard earth! There was an immense thud as 800lbs of wild animal slammed Travis' broad back into the ground. The weight was nothing to his splendid muscles and he loved the feeling of all that mass pressing him into the earth. Wrapping his redwood thighs around the massive bear, he used this once powerful creature as simulation, thrusting himself against its furry belly again and again. His huge naked thighs pressed into the grizzly, causing it pain as Travis realized that he could literally crush this huge animal to death if he wanted, its enormous body no match for his powerhouse thighs that, even on a bad day, could easily crack coconuts. Now they were so pumped, so swollen with muscle that even a bowling ball wouldn't stand a chance against them. Holding the bear's jaws shut with both hands now, the pumped up bodybuilder thrust his cock with wild abandon until he came harder that he had ever before in his life. Vast quantities of superhuman sperm shot out of his fist sized balls as Travis nearly blacked out from the pleasure.The sexy man closed his eyes and moaned loudly as his huge cock just kept cumming and cumming. Both muscular bronzed skin and dark brown fur were getting extremely sticky now from the enormous load that spewed out in endless thick gouts. Tina was close by now, filming her boyfriend having a better orgasm with a male bear that he had ever had with her. Finally his moaning stopped as he orgasm wound down. His erection was still steel hard and monstrous and Travis wanted nothing more than experience that feeling again. The naked man manhandled the exhausted grizzly until he had it in a rear choke. "Sweet dreams pal" Tina thought as the bear slipped into unconsciousness, defeated by the tremendous strength of a powerful male bodybuilder. Travis' dirty, sticky body looked awesome as he stood up, his pumped up physique bulging in all directions with impossible muscles. He placed a bare foot on the defeated grizzly and posed his naked body for the camera, flexing all the massive hard muscles and proudly showing off his colossal manhood. The realization that he was now strong enough to defeat a huge grizzly bear hit him again and his glorious cock once again became as hard as steel. Tina centered the camera on his dick as Travis jerked himself off yet again. His normally massive 11 incher HAD to be past 12 now she thought, and swollen to soda-can levels of girth. His veins on it were raised and looked positively angry as his gargantuan dick spurted forth again. While Tina was soaking her panties, Travis proceeded to soak the bear. Unbelievable quantities of jizz sprayed all over the unconscious beast until it almost seemed like it was more white than brown. Finally the hyper-muscular man's moans and groans subsided as his orgasm finished up. Turning towards his flustered girlfriend, he easily picked her up with one hand and gave her a deep French kiss. "I think its time for the alpha male to impregnate its female" Tina whispered. Travis grinned and started effortlessly shredding her clothing.
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  32. FREaky

    Arthur Thorn Part Four by F_R_Eaky

    Arthur Thorn Part Four by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10588-arthur-thorn-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10601-arthur-thorn-part-two-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Three: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/11207-arthur-thorn-part-three-by-f_r_eaky/ David Hamm opened up the door to his house and standing outside was Dr. Charles Orlando, David's boyfriend, Arthur's, psychiatrist. David stood there filling most of the doorway up with his frame save for the upper four inches of it. Sweatpants and a tight t-shirt that pulled near to form fitting across his chest and bunched his sleeve hems up in between his upper arms and delts. Although covered in socks, his shoeless feet still looked a goodly size that most people wouldn't want to be kicked by. Dr. Orlando eyed him up and down while David just stood there, until David sort of came to, uttered an apology, and stepped aside as he motioned for Dr. Orlando to come inside. "Arthur describes you well. You are a big guy." David blushed a little. "There are some bigger, but yeah I'm in the upper percentile of guys." and he laughed nervously. "How is the patient doing?" "He's fine. He's been tired of the hospital where you can recuperate but not actually get any rest. They would've preferred to have you see him there, but with no actual property damage and no physical altercations, they didn't have anything to hold him there." "There was some comment on possible drug usage. Do they know what he took?" "They're not sure he took anything." "I'm sorry. Did I not understand the report correctly?" "No. ... ... No, they did have that in the initial report. When he arrived he seemed to be covered in this... .... slime. They figured given his attitude it must have been some new way of trying to administer an HGH or steroid into the human system like through a cream, but not only didn't they find any of the cream in his system, but there was no HGH or steroids in either his system or this...this cream, slime, whatever it is." "That's good... .... that's good. At least we know he's not on something that is altering his state of mind." Dr. Orlando sighed and paused for a moment before addressing David once again. "Look... Normally I can't discuss anything about cases of a patient even with loved ones, but as you are the closest to him as his partner, I do have to ask you about his behavior so I can try and figure out what has been going on. Has this agitation been building up slowly over time?" "It has built up over time, but not real slowly. He's been having these nightmares. He dreams about a car, a tree, some kind of giant, and that he's had something stolen from him. It seems to correlate with his trips to the gym and whenever this former bodybuilder, Gerogio Toro, is working out at the same time. Ian Francis, my trainer, is his trainer too, and he tells me Arthur gets so upset, agitated, angry when Mr. Toro comes in. Not only that, but Arthur even calls out his name from time to time in his sleep." "Are you aware of Arthur's size fetish?" "Oh, yeah. It's what attracted him to me. He's attracted to me because I'm almost hulk size, and I know he'd love to be like the hulk, perhaps even dwarf me if he could." "Do you think he's more feelings towards this Mr. Toro because he's a bigger built individual than you are?" "What? No.... no.... Arthur's not that superficial, besides, I'm like two inches taller than Mr. Toro and if I wanted to I could build up to close his size. Not exactly as fully as him, not quite in my genetics, but my genetics isn't exactly on the slight build size neither." Dr. Orlando nodded. "Just trying to see if there was correlation. But Mr. Toro has been filling up Arthur's mind, schedule, despite not falling in love for him? Is he obsessed with Mr. Toro?" "I'm not sure." "Is there anything unusual that's happened to his routine?" "Well, It started way back near his birthday. He went off to some temple to try and learn a technique to help stop him from obsessing about huge, hulking bodybuilders. The next day, the day of the slight earthquake, it caused all of the incense he had for meditation purpose to catch fire and fill the room and house with a huge amount of smoke. He almost died. Ever since then he's been commenting in his sleep with these nightmares about him not being able to lift something, then he makes commentary about Mr. Toro and how something has been stolen from him, and lately he's been crying out that he's a mile wide. I have no idea what is going on. It's has begun to permeate his life though. He's working out more and more, and getting aggressive with his workout style... and his artwork... well come over here.... See, all of these are so dark, so violent, at least they feel that way to me. This one has some dark looming tree with all these glowing circles behind them...." "The circles are in pairs though." "So?" "Like headlights. Could be the mention of the car and tree he says are in his dreams are flashbacks to some kind of car crash in his life. Has he or his family members ever mentioned one?" "No." "And this one here... this cube with circles and bending tubes that could be an abstract way of showing a car engine with its exhaust pipes and gears or belt wheels..." "And the yellow, orange, and red sharp, pointy spikes around it?" "Well, it could be the engine is on fire. But this is of course all supposition, I would need to spend time talking with him to see how he's feeling, coping with things, events presently and in his past." Just then the two men could hear Arthur in the bedroom moaning and crying out softly. It was the same thing about being unable to lift something and then having something stolen from him. The two men entered into the bedroom where upon David sat on the beside stroking Arthur's face and then Arthur's hair out of his eyes, before eventually giving calm shushing noises and dabbing a wet wash cloth across Arthur's forehead. When it was done, David stood up and walked back over to Dr. Orlando. "See... He strove to put this obsession behind him and I fear he's made it stronger." "It's worse than that. He didn't have an obsession. Before hand it didn't interfere with his regular life. He had a good relationship with you and himself, work, family, and he kept control of his bills, his health, his surroundings...." "Now, I think he's letting that all slide, Doc. All he seems to care about is working out and occasional painting for stress relief." "He looks different from what I remember him at our last session." David spoke in hushed tones and moved in closer to Dr. Orlando. "That's just it, Doc. The medical doctors at the hospital won't believe me, even though I have proof of it via his driver's license and other documents. He has changed and quite a lot physically. He was five feet four inches tall, with a rail thin body, boys shoes, and smooth as a baby. But now.... now he's five feet ten - six inches taller! He's got a build between a swimmers and a soccer player, cut and defined as hell. He's wearing a size thirteen shoe, and he's got lil' sprouts of hair starting in the center of his chest and down round his navel. He also looks a little more blessed in another area as well. I know this could get me locked up for being crazy, but he left the house that day his lil five-four twinky little self and went to the hospital an average kind of jacked and hung man. Even if it could be explained medically as a late, very late growth spurt, how does one explain six inches in height, plus mass, and all the rest in just a few hours? Hell, few minutes. Ian says when Arthur left him in the workout room he was still five-four." "The mind is my expertise, Mr. Hamm. I'm not sure what to tell you about this sudden change in his physical appearance. If it was medically possible to see that kind of difference in just a few short months would still be rather drastic. May I ask what is that on the table over there?" "This?" David picked up a vial full of some white, viscous fluid and handed it to Dr. Orlando. "This is some of the stuff they scraped off of Arthur when they got him to the hospital. He was covered in the stuff. Like I told you earlier, they thought it might have been some kind of cream, but they're not sure what kind it is. They did a test for seamen, but in order for him to be covered in human seaman it would have to have been produced by a hundred foot giant or about a hundred men and, of course neither were in or around the sauna. He was found alone. Although there was giant they stopped for questioning..." "It's good you can have some kind of humor during this. Arthur is going to need you as he gets through whatever this is. Listen a couple of other questions before I leave. You stated this all began to happen around his birthday?" "Yes, a couple of months after he went to that temple and then had the meditation." "And he had a near death experience the day of the meditation?" "Yes. Why?" "What kind of temple did he go to visit?" "Buddhist I think....wait and a Hindu one as well, I believe, but what does that have..." "Do you mind if I kept this vial?" "No, sure, why?" "I think I have an idea of what it is, and a friend of mine who can help us out." ********************************************************************** A number of days later, Arthur was coming out of the showers and heading into the locker area when his way became blocked by Gerogio Toro. The pair stood there staring each other down for quite some time. Arthur looking slightly up at the six foot three inch tall Gerogio, seeing how his wide back nearly took up the two person entry way into the showers, noticing how far out Gerogio's pecs just barreled out so wide and so thick as if they almost were actually two barrels set next to one another, observing how wide, thick, the lats were leading upward towards what would be handful deep pits if Gerogio were doing a double-bi pose, and going downwards shrinking into a waist that although slightly bulbous now, was once taught, tight, shredded and stacked with abs and obliques popping and rocking everywhere. This was pretty much all Arthur could see, save for the wings pushing out might arms that looked nearly as thick as his current waist and we topped off with ancient marble spheres that surely once topped Grecian columns as representations of the earth or the cosmos. But it was the neck that stood out like a stone plinth supporting a goodly sized head which looked down upon Arthur was a seriously disapproving look. Piercing the shorter man's body, noticing the shorter height, the much slimmer body, smaller and softer muscles, but still there was some mass, there was some definition there. Of course there wasn't enough there to have ever toppled him when he was in his prime competing, there wasn't even enough there to give him a run for his money in his current, retired, off-season, middle aged, weight and size. "You.... are Arthur Thorn...." "Yeah...." "You are the one who makes up stories... ... ... lies about me. You've told others I've stole something from you. ... ... ... What was it?" "I..... .... ... I don't know." "As I thought. I've stolen nothing from you." "I'm not lying. I don't know how, or why, or what... ... ... I just know you've taken something from me." "I do not like people telling lies about me, little piss ant!" "Good, cause it's not a lie. Now, move out of the way." "No... you.... move out of my way." "It works like an elevator: people wishing to get on must wait and stand out of the way of those who want to get out of the way first." "I AM A MOUNTAIN! I AM IMMOVEABLE!" "Well then I guess I just have to climb over you!" And with that Arthur proceed to grab the back of Gerogio's neck with one hand and place a foot on a toweled thigh of Gerogio's and attempt to climb over him. Of course this wasn't received well by Gerogio who grabbed a hold of Arthur by the waist and ran with him into a shower fall. Arthur slightly doubled over as the wind was violently knocked out of him, but it wasn't that bad of a blow. Miscalculating what it would do to Arthur, Gerogio let go of Arthur allowing him to slide and slump to the floor. Taking only a few seconds to recover and regain his breath, Arthur decided to play it slightly dirty and reaching out, punched the mighty ball sack if Gerogio, then taking his hands and striking Gerogio's face as it came down towards him due to the ball punch. Gerogio then screamed and picked up Arthur running him out of the showers, slamming his back into a locker and very quickly holding him by the neck with just one hand. Everyone that was in the locker room at the time stood still staring at the pair. Gerogio eyeballing Arthur again. "You seem a little bigger I think than when I first saw you in this gym, but no matter. No matter how well you train or how big you become, very few people will ever reach my size, my strength, or my power. I do not like lies being told about me. HUUUFF!" Gerogio brought his fist hard and fast into Arthur's abs. "And it will not....HUFF!" "OOOOhhhhh" "Happen......HUFF!" "AAUUUUUGHHH AHUH" and Arthur began to cough violently. "Again! HUUFFF!" Arthur now coughed and wheezed trying to regain his breath. He strained to suck in air, harshly, and then instead of croaking, nearly belched out his reply. "You stole something from me..." "Wrong... HUUUFF!" "AHUUUUUGGGGGHH!" more coughing fit. "I will find out......what......it......i...." "WRONG!.....HUUUUUFF!" "AH! hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo......" "I AM GEROGIO TORO - THE BULL!" "I AM MILE WIDE!" Suddenly Gerogio stopped dead in his tracks. He stared at Arthur's face for the longest time as though searching to recognize Arthur's face. "What did you say?" Arthur tried to respond but his abs were crunching and convulsing too much too uncontract and allow air to fill his diaphragm and lungs properly to breathe and speak. Gerogio forgot all about his shower. He went to his locker slipped on some shorts and shoes, grabbed his bag and left. ***************************************************************************** It took Arthur almost an hour to walk back to his and David's home, where it usually only took about twenty to twenty-five minutes tops. Staggering in through the front door, David was there and tried to see how he was doing or if he needed any assistance. "Babe! There you are.... what happened? Ian called like an hour ago and said there had been an altercation between you and Mr. Toro. What's going o...... you're hurt. Do you need to go..." "I'm fine, hon. Just leave me be for right now." "I see from how you move and when your shirt rises up there are bruises all up and down your lower torso. What did he do....." "I SAID I'M FINE! No wonder people think when you're huge you're dumb as an ox. None of you apparently seems to listen!" Arthur went into the bedroom, slamming the door on the way. David sighed and decided to leave him be for a while and cool off. After going to the bathroom and the medicine cabinet, he unpacked some bruise balm and an ice pack to fill later before sitting down on the living room couch to watch a bit of t.v. After a few hours he decided to see if Arthur was hungry by bringing a tray of food in for dinner. The tray wouldn't quite make it all the way to the bed. Once inside David discovered Arthur in a somewhat comatose state on the bed. His eyes were rolled back and he was chanting over and over again at having something stolen from him and that he was a mile wide. But then he started gagging and David noticed this fluid coming out of Arthur's mouth. Grabbing the phone to call nine one one, David suddenly dropped it, cutting the call short. The white fluid, cream, or whatever it was spewing forth at a rapid rate out of Arthur's mouth, and then it began to steam out of him like cobwebs being shot out or like strands of silly string from a can. Collectively the whole mass of viscous fluid began to ebb and flow, rise and fall until it completely covered Arthur from head to toe as if in a cocoon. David wasn't sure what to make of it. It was semi-translucent so he could still kind of still see Arthur and how he was doing, but he wasn't sure at all if Arthur was still breathing inside. He sat at the bed side feeling the cocoon for a while, when he began to hear little rips or tears. Looking down he saw where it was coming from. Arthur's hands were moving ever so slowly, but as they moved they cut into and snapped parts of the silk of the cocoon. David wondered if Arthur was trying to break out and went to help him, but the cocoon proved too strong for David himself to rip. How was Arthur doing it? Soon David realized, Arthur wasn't cutting the fabric and moving, his hands were growing. They were becoming longer, wider, thicker, stronger in size. This was confirmed when he went down to the end of the bed and heard the same rip and tearing kind of sound. Laying down on the floor and placing his right foot against Arthur's left, he watched in awe as Arthur's foot got longer and wider, meatier and thicker. It just kept getting bigger and bigger, and soon David realized, Arthur's foot was now as long, wide, and thick as his was - a size sixteen. It wasn't too long after that that Arthur's feet were now just sticking off the bed like David's did. Could it be Arthur was now six feet four inches tall like he was? Then the ripping and tearing sounds increased dramatically, but were of two different variety. There were the original smaller sounding rips, along with others that sounded a bit longer and louder mixed in. Sitting up David stared at his boyfriend's legs - the ankles were definitely beginning to look a little thicker, more solid. A vein rose up to the top on one leg and traveled up the side and across the back and it seemed to bring a pulse to the calve itself. At first it looked like the whole shin was just getting a bit thicker, but then you could begin to see that ball in the back develop and you knew it was that calve developing. It was forming a nice round ball that was soft, then tight, then grew out to something of a heart shape, all pumping and throbbing with the beat of Arthur's pulse. Arthur's legs began to sink a little deeper into the mattress as his thighs began to fill out and harden into thicker and thicker tear drop shapes. If it had been a hard floor he was lying on, one would see the space developing between the floor and his knees as his hamstring developed tight and taught like a steel cable and his thigh bicep developed big and huge and then his ass grew out and bubbled into two hard marble globes. It then became slightly quiet for a moment. The ripping noises seemed to stop. No, they had changed more into a rustling like sound of sheets being moved around and together. David stood up and loomed over the bed looking up and down Arthur to see what was happening. He was taken back because he could see that Arthur's frame did indeed fill up the bed like his did now, with the exception of the torso not being as thick. He put his hands to his mouth to kind of stifle a cry. What has happening to his boyfriend, his lover, the man he was planning to soon ask to be his fiancé? Staring down at him he eventually noticed why it had become so quiet. Arthur's muscles were still growing, still changing, but this time the growth was concentrated and centered on Arthur's abdominals and waist line which was bunching and rolling into a tighter and tighter form, developing with hundreds and thousands of crevices and lines showing all these defined and stacked bricks of abdominals and spreading out into the obliques. The fabric of the cocoon this time wasn't being ripped it was shifting and collapsing due to space being made by the shrinking waistline. It didn't take long for the ripping sounds to return as David saw the rivers of veins rise up to the surface of Arthur's skin on his veins and travel upwards. He watched as it seemed Arthur's back became wider and wider, broader and broader, and incredibly thick. But David knew it wasn't Arthur's back that was growing just yet. This was Arthur's lats spreading out wider and higher making it look as though Arthur had a pair of glider wings spreading out behind him and if he was shot out like a human cannonball, he wouldn't land into a safety net but fly and glide over it with ease. The rips became a bit louder now and David saw that the cocoon was breaking apart Arthur's chest which with each breath became thicker and wider. Arthur's pecs just ballooned out more and more going from the slight swimmer's crescents into deeper heavier ones, then into some good sized serving plates, and finally into some decent pillow, albeit very hard ones, shapes like the back cushions for a chair. His nipples became engorged and started a descent to pointing down instead of straight out, as his chest continued to heave and rise. The combination of the lats and the chest, and back which had now actually grown broader and thicker itself but hidden from view as it buried into the mattress, these three things began to push Arthur's arms further out and out from the sides of his body, as though if he took flight with his glider lats, he would use his arms to flap as extension of the wings. David could see Arthur clearer and clearer the cocoon appeared to be disappearing. With every growth outward Arthur was making, the cocoon seemed to be shrinking into him. David have a much clearer view as he watched the veins snake forth from Arthur's hands and travel up the arms. Arthur began to twirl and twist his hands at the write as if trying to make a most muscular pose of his arms, but with his hands down at his side. This caused the forearm to bunch and roll, throb and grow until it began to look something like a decently sized turkey leg: thin at the wrist joint but expanding the further you went up to the elbow. But it didn't look out of place as the muscles of the upper arm had been struck by the veins as well and they had begun to swell and flex, pop and bunch. The slight but muscular form the biceps had began to grow larger, get bigger, swelling like a balloon filled with water and more and more was coming in. A small fruit to a baseball it grew and then began to develop a split a ridge almost as if there were two bicep heads there. It was now at a point where it looked almost flexed when relaxed and developing into quite a peak when flexed. The triceps weren't neglected either, a nice horseshoe shape was forming and growing pushing Arthur's arms up and off the mattress and gave that appearance. The one that showed from the back this was a serious lifter who knew how to work his arms, and made it look like those upper arms alone would weight forty pounds each. The whole of Arthur had been growing this time. It wasn't quite as separate as David saw or remembered it. David's attention was almost brought to regular sense of awareness as very loud rips were heard over the diminishing ones of the cocoon. The delts had grown and swelled into beautiful dense and hard, round balls being held between the upper arms and mountain ridge of shoulders, which had joined the lats and back in becoming exceptionally wide and broad as though a 3d model of some small mountain range in the middle of rising up and growing due to tectonic plate movement and collision. And all this together meant it was the death of Arthur's bedtime t-shirt, which was meant for his original five foot four inch tall, extremely skinny frame. So in almost an instant the shirt just gave out and screamed in ripping terror as it spilt up the back and front of the sleeves, tore straight down the front exposing the chest, ripped out the underarms and then shredded it right down the sides due to the lats. David remembered when he was younger, still in the closet, of all the porn his buddies would show him and the scenes where the woman had been given a shirt slightly too small, and during love making one would swear her breasts began to expand, popping the button or ripping the shirt until suddenly she was exposed and there by the thinnest of strips of cloth were her breasts supported and held in place as they heaved, grew, and bounced. Only this time... here and now...the same scenario was playing out but it was with a man and his pectorals that just ballooned out and then was caught by the bottom part of the shirt until the lats helped the rip continue further all the way down his abdomen. One last bit of ripping was to be heard. Following the noise David gasped and watched as Arthur's package, which already seemed larger than he recalled, grew out like some kind of snake slithering out of Arthur's groin. It grew out longer and thicker over a pair of balls that appeared to be gaining size as well. It grew and grew until, hitting the bottom of the pouch it had to turn in just a bit to either travel under or back up. The underwear, again, originally for Arthur's smaller frame as he hadn't had a chance to buy newer clothes for his five foot ten inch self, was stretched and pulled and it began to pop and rip a bit. Even lying down, Arthur's assets were pushing, rolling the pouch down and out further and further from his body. The waist band started to travel down... down.... and then up and down, up and off of Arthur's body. Between his package, his bubble butt, and now two increases of height, Arthur made these pair of underwear now look like posers that were excessively too small for him. Suddenly Arthur sat up. He was still in a daze and covered still some of the fluid that made the cocoon, although most of it had vanished either into thin air or presumably Arthur's body. "Arthur?" "You have stolen something from me...." "No... no...baby... it's me, David. Your love. I'm not Mr. Toro." "YOU HAVE STOLEN SOMETHING FROM ME!" And with lightning reflexes Arthur was instantly standing up and grabbed David by the throat. David stared in wide-eyed wonder at the body now in front of him. Arthur was indeed as tall as he was, but now slightly bigger in build. Arthur was something just slightly beyond a personal trainer's build. A wrestler? A gymnast? He was just large enough to definitely turn heads and be exceptionally impressive, but not quite at the professional bodybuilder level. David's mine was flooded with thoughts and emotions. Is Arthur going to try and kill him? Could he defend himself and allow himself to hurt Arthur in protection or worse yet, kill him, if needed? Would Arthur come to and be himself again? And if he did....how this work now.... his partner of equal size and power.... maybe even stronger? "aaauuuuuugh" David let a moan escape from his lips as suddenly his 8.5 inch member rose to complete stiffness and length in what felt like a second. That moment of thought was all that Arthur needed. Pushing David by the throat, Arthur slammed him into the wall and held him there, choking him. David tried to reason with him. "Honey... it's me.... Da....da.... DAVID! I'M DAVID!" "I AM A MILE WIDE!" "Yes.... yes you are a big guy like I am now... but babe, I didn't steal from...urrrk!" "YOU STOLE FROM ME!" "NO! no no no.... no baby, I stole nothing from you... I love you....I'm.... I'm David..." "I.....I......You....... I am.....a..... mile wide...." For a moment it seemed like Arthur was coming to his senses, but it turned out to be a mixed state of mind. His statement over and over again was becoming more tender, gentler, you could feel love within it, but it was still the same statement, "I am a mile wide." His hold although softened, still held firm. Then, Arthur raised one hand and brushed off the shirt that didn't cling to him, but just lay there draped over his shoulders. As the shirt was fluttering to the ground, Arthur grabbed the waist band of his oh, too tight, underwear and just ripped them clean off. In the next moment his hand that was on David's throat moved to a shoulder and he flipped David around, face to the wall. In the next instant David's pants were ripped down and his bubble butt exposed and Arthur stuffed his ample cock inside David's ass. "Oh god.... is this what he's always wanted?" thought David. "Was I maybe actually stealing something from him because we usually had me play the top? Was this how it was going to be now, that Arthur needed to dominate? Needed to OOOOH!" David gasped in the realization that not only was Arthur's cock the same size as his, but that it was soft and was growing longer and thicker as it became hard inside of him. And as he realized that his boyfriend was larger hung than him, and possible bigger built than him, he wondered what would happen if Arthur got even bigger in both places as well as taller? "Auuuuuuuuugh...." David cock throbbed even harder at that thought and as Arthur rammed into him, David thought he was so rock hard now his cock just poked a hole through the wall it was pressed against. Unsure whether it was courage or lust David suddenly used his police training to get himself released from Arthur and push him back, but then he ran towards him and with hands embracing Arthur's head lip locked with him so hard they might both needed a dentist appointment and oral surgery afterwards. While locked in this great tonsillectomy kiss of passion, David pushed Arthur back into a chair and once there, straddled Arthur's lap. Grabbing a hold of Arthur's fully erect cock, David at first gasped, feeling it's incredible length and thickness, and then moaned greatly as he slide down on it, stuff it into his own hole. Arthur approved of this and stood up carrying David across the room, after David locked his legs and feet around Arthur's waist as best as he could. Arthur went to throw David and himself upon a side table, but the combined weight of the two plus sized men was too much for it and they crashed to the floor. Was no matter as Arthur kept pounding away until with a roar that some of the neighbors heard, he released and came flooding David's ass, while David at the same time reached an orgasm, without having to touch his own cock or balls, and went off like a geyser himself. This would not be the first piece of furniture broken or climaxed reached by the two this evening before they collapsed in exhaustion at the break of dawn. ************************************************************************* On the other side of town, Dr. Charles Orlando sits at his home desk and computer staring at multiple screens of various search engines. [June 16, ??16] Scanning the information called up he sighs as he sees nothing, at least nothing of interest he could find in connection with a patient of his. He tries another date about three months later and still nothing really stands out at him. [June 16, ??91] Again nothing much. He tries looking up the dates on the Buddhist and Hindu calendars. Still nothing that might help him figure out the puzzle. He tries the dates again concerning art and galleries. Nothing. He tries the dates with theft. Hundreds of petty crimes, but nothing that he could see as a connection. He tries the date with sports still nothing except it the latter year date was the first year Mr. Toro won his first Mr. Olympia contest. But then something caught his eye in one article. "As expected the Olympia crown went to Gerogio 'The Bull' Toro. No one could match him in symmetry, definition, striations, vascularity, and size. No one save Miles Ashe, but with his unfortunate demise the way was left completely open for Mr. Toro to step on up... .... ...." Quickly Dr. Orlando typed into his search engines.... [June 16, ??91 Miles Ashe] As if he had found a key to unlock a dam door, suddenly his screens were flooded with information no matter which way he turned. All of them bearing the same story in various fashions. "June 17th, ??91 The world of bodybuilding is in a complete state of shock this morning at the discovery of a horrible accident that occurred in the early hours of yesterday evening. One of bodybuilding's greatest stars, in fact one of the hottest rising stars in the sport, Miles Ashe known as 'Mile Wide' for his incredible broad shoulders and back, was killed last night in a horrific traffic accident. It seems that just a scant few miles from his house, while traveling down Redwood Road. a road know in infamy as being a dangerous and deadly road for its steep grade that ends in a hair pin curve. Mr. Ashe's brakes gave way sending him careening off the road and into a tree. Authorities say it is a complete tragedy as although he hit the tree slightly head on and the air bags deployed, the behemoth muscle man couldn't get out of the car not because the car itself held any obstacle for him, but that the way in which the car his actually pushed the engine block right on top of Mr. Ashe's legs, basically placing it into his lap. The steering wheel and dash which was also pushed forward, crumpled and gave way to Mr. Ashe's might pectoral muscles, but engine block was an even match for the bodybuilding phenom. Unable to move that block off of himself, Mr. Ashe died when the car caught fire. Hundreds of folks have been traveling down this road today and throwing bouquets of flowers, some even decorated plates of weight where the accident occurred. They are saddened at the loss of this great man who was poised to compete this year and probably break the record number of both consecutive and non-consecutive wins held by a Mr. Olympia contestant. .... .... ...." Suddenly the phone rang jarring Dr. Orlando awake. "Hello?... .... .... .... Ah Dr. Barua have you had a chance to examine the fluid that I sent you? .... .... .... Well, I just found something that has me convinced more than ever what it is.... .....That's what I thought too... ectoplasm. Doctor.... .... Sambaran, I think this case here might call for your abilities. I need you to fly here as soon as possible."
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  33. BGryphon18

    Alchemist - Part 2

    I have no idea how long I stood there just reveling in the feelings that still lingered in my body. One of my deepest lifelong dreams had just been realized so I was doing everything possible to memorize everything about this moment and what had just happened. I kept staring at the now muscle hunk that was staring back at me in the mirror. “That’s me” I said to no one. “That’s actually me”. I finally relaxed my arms and stood there still trying to catch my breath. My eyes would not stay in one spot for long as I tried to soak in every inch of my body now both in the mirror and by looking at it in the flesh. I was afraid to break contact with the mirror earlier just incase it would break the illusion, but I was shocked and ecstatic when I looked down and saw all the bulging, writhing masses of muscle that now existed under my shirt and skin. Still shaking, I brought my hand up and felt my chest. I was rewarded with the feeling of firm muscle beneath a very taunt shirt. My hand wandered down to my nipple and gave it a slight twist. Dear God I nearly shot again! Never have my nipples been so sensitive to cause a feeling like that! Taking a deep breath I did it again and moaned so loudly I’m surprised I didn't wake the neighbors… of course if they hadn't been roused by now, they wouldn't be. Suddenly I was brought back to reality as I heard my computer ding repeatedly. Shit! I forgot I was suppose to chat with Chase tonight! I have mentioned him right? No? Hmm… are you sure? Could have sworn that I did… well anyway, Chase is a bodybuilder that I’ve chatted with a few times online. Great guy who has given me tons of advice for in the gym and just to chat in general. Only downside: he’s one of those guys who will only let you see him on cam if you pay. I’ve been dying to see him for weeks now as he’s been teasing me with pics of not only his huge sexy body, but his gorgeous face. Chase is one of those guys who I was always of two minds about. I was incredibly jealous of their good fortune to be not only good looking, but built, as well as being incredibly attracted to them because of their looks and body. I began walking over to the computer to bring it out of the screensaver to see what he had typed. Wow… walking was a WHOLE new experience! I stopped after a couple of steps and laughed as I realized how much bigger I had actually become. I paused for a few seconds then started walking back towards the computer. Once there I moved the mouse and my screen flickered back to my desktop. His chat box was still flashing on my screen with several messages, most of which were: “Hello?” or “Are you there?”. I clicked the window and quickly typed a reply. “Hey! Sorry, was busy with something and lost track of the time. How’s it going?” “Bout time man! Must have been pretty important for you to forget about our appointment!” “Yeah it was.” I stopped for a minute debating on whether or not to tell him anymore, but decided that for now, the less he knew, the better. “What was it?” Hmm.. now what? Should I tell him the truth? Lie? A mix of both? “I got a book today that I’ve been waiting for almost 6 months for. I was so excited to finally get it that I started to read it and just got caught up in it.” There. Not technically a lie, but not the whole truth either. Course that makes me sound like a… “You’re such a nerd. Always with your books. J Anyway, are you ready for an amazing, knock your socks off show?” Well to be honest, after the show I just saw, there’s very little he could do that would impress me. “Of course! The book was good, but this has been on my mind all day!” “Cool. Just give me a few minutes to get set up. Make sure you’ve got your cam on and ready to go. I like to see my audience’s reaction J” Shit! Now what? He can’t see me like this! He’s used to the “other” me. “Do I have to? I don’t have anything ready and it would take a while to set up. Besides I’m not really ‘presentable’ right now.” Again, not quite a lie, but not the truth either. I don’t think I’m going to be able to get out of this so I ran to the bathroom quick and grabbed both the scale and a tape measure. If I was going to have to revert to my old self, I was going to see just how much I had grown during my “experiment” I went into the bathroom, turned on the light and was again greeting by the awesome sight that was my new body. It’s amazing the effect a few pounds of muscle will have on your body! At least, I assume it was only a few pounds. It took quite a bit of will to tear myself away from… myself to grab the scale and tape to take my new measurements. When I was back to my computer I checked for any other messages from Chase and when I saw that there weren’t any, I put the scale down and stepped on. It only took a few seconds for the readout to come to a stop and when it did I was completely taken aback: I hadn’t gained a single pound! I stepped off the scale and stepped back on only to have the same result. I was the exact same weight I was before I started! How is this possible? I was CLEARLY bigger then I had been before I started but according to the bathroom scale, I wasn’t. It took about 5 minutes for me to finally have my “Eureka” moment and realize that of course I was the same weight! Human Transmutation, like most aspects of alchemy can only use the materials at hand to provide the change. Since I had not added any additional mass to my body during the process, the spell used what resources that were available to provide the growth. Mainly the excess fat in my body provided the fuel for my new muscles. I pulled up my shirt and saw that although I had a remarkable looking six pack, there was still a bit of fat around my midsection. I hadn’t gained any weight, it had merely been changed and redistributed as muscle in my body. Laughing at my own stupidity, I turned back to the computer as it had just dinged again signaling a message from Chase. “Not presentable? Dude there is very little that you could look like that I haven’t seen before.” HA! Well I’m sure that my sudden transformation into a middleweight bodybuilder would definitely count as one of those few things! “Doesn’t matter if your naked, we both know why you want to do this cam chat and it’s not like I’ve never seen it before! Hell! I got a dick of my own so it’s no big shocker!” I couldn’t help but laugh at that statement. “No I’m not naked. Just give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready.” I walked back over to the tome and flipped through the pages to find the reversal spell which only took a few flipped pages to find. I took one last, long look at my newly acquired jock body before giving a heavy sigh and said the spell. As predicted it only took about a minute or so for everything to get put back where it was. “Well it was nice while it lasted.” I said mournfully. “Course I can always get it back later… and then some!” I gave myself a sly, almost evil looking grin in the mirror and heard the computer ding a few times signaling yet again that Chase was ready to start. Without realizing it I had walked back to the computer with the tome in hand and set it down on the desk. “Are you finally ready?” Chase prompts. “Yep. I’m ready to go.” I turned my web cam on and invited him to view it. I set myself to invisible to everyone else so as not to be annoyed by others wanting to chat and watch me on cam. I made sure the lighting was right so he could see me properly and when the option arose, clicked on the accept button to view his cam. After a few seconds of waiting while the computers connected and I was receiving his video stream, I was rewarded to a semi close up view of his face as he sat at his desk. “Oh wow.” Again talking to no one as he could not hear me. He was more handsome then I remember and he wore a tight tee shirt that hugged his body just perfectly. Once he knew I had video he flashed a brilliant smile that made me utter another “Wow”. About 10 seconds had passed with me just starring at him before I finally realized that I was on the clock… I think anyway. “So does my time start the moment there is a connection or when you start flexing? Cause as much as I'm enjoying the view, it’s not entirely what I am paying for.” A few seconds of lag time, a laugh from him, then: “I’ll start timing in a little bit. Still getting the lighting adjusted so you can see me at my best.” I looked back and sure enough the light and shadows seemed to move all around the room as he was adjusting the light source from off cam. While I waited for him to get ready, my hand was drumming Atlas’ tome. I suddenly realized it and was about to put it away when I thought I might as well give myself all the bang for the buck I can get. I need to make sure to do this right though. I can’t make him too big that he’ll notice otherwise he might realize it’s me and want an explanation. At least I can give him one hell of a pump as well as some other minor modifications. I think I saw something in here… AH! Here it is. This might prove to be fun. A little spell to increase the bodies natural energy. Give Chase some extra energy to make sure he is at the top of his game and giving 100% for me. I looked at his cam window and saw he was still futzing with the lighting. “Now’s as good a time as any I guess.” I quickly memorized the spell and concentrated on Chase. At first nothing was really noticeable, but then you could tell he was getting a bit more anxious with the cam and the light, almost on the verge of fidgeting. He started looking like an overactive 8 year old with the body of a hardcore lifter. He would clench and unclench his fists and from what I could see in the broken feed, he was flexing random muscles trying to use up the sudden burst of energy. It was really interesting and slightly funny to watch. “You okay there stud? You look a little jumpy.” Even the ding from my message made him jump a bit. I wonder if I overdid it a bit? “Yeah I’m fine. I guess I’m just rearing to go. I’ve got so much energy all of a sudden and I swear my muscles are begging to be worked again even though I just got back from the gym.” “Hmm. Well then let’s give them what they want. I’m ready to go when you are.” I kicked back in my chair and started to rub my cock through my briefs. Even though I had just cum about 10 minutes ago I was ready to do it again in earnest. “What do you want to see? This is for you so let me know what you want.” Hmm… good question.. What did I want to see? Other then the obvious of his muscles flexing huge and hard? “Well how bout just light warm ups first? Just do various flexes while sitting there. Bi’s, tri’s, chest, etc. Leave the shirt on for a bit. I love to watch how the fabric strains to contain you.” Not to mention how hot it will be when your muscles start to expand while still within the confines of your shirt! “Alright man. Just let me know when you’re ready.” “I’m ready when you are.” I expanded his camera window to cover most of the screen, leaned back and watched him begin. First he made sure that he was centered in the cam image so that I could see all of him… well all of him from about the chest up. Then he slowly brought his right arm up into a single biceps pose. My cock went from semi hard to full mast in the time it took to complete the pose. Pictures can only do so much as they capture a moment in time, but video reveals all. I saw as his arm slowly pressed against the fabric of his sleeve until the short sleeve was forced down into the space between the shoulder and biceps revealing the entire glorious peak. My mouth fell open and I felt myself begin to salivate at the sight of that arm. While it was not the best biceps I had ever seen, there was something that I was inexorably drawn to about it. He flexed it over and over again making the veins more pronounced and trying to build back the pump he had from the gym. I could feel myself starting to leak precum again and knew that I had to stop or I was going to blow again and far too soon. I pulled both my hand from my cock and my eyes from the screen to find the page that would allow me to give Chase the pump of a lifetime. I looked back at the screen and saw him switch arms and do the same with the left as he had with the right. His rhythm and control were the same as before. This man was in control of his body. Each fiber seemed to responded to whatever task he had set out for it… at least for now. Soon this glorious stud’s muscles would be under my control and respond with much more then just a pump. I found the page I had been searching for, quickly skimmed the spell and looked back at my screen just in time to see him back his chair away from the desk and start to flex both arms into a beautiful double bi. This was perfect. A chance for me to hit both arms at the same time. I saw him complete the first rep and started to say the spell focusing on just his biceps instead of the entire body. While the camera could not accurately show me what was happening due to my connection speed and the quality of the picture, I knew it was working. Part of me, my own biceps actually, could feel his biceps expanding with size. He would look over at his arms as he flexed over and over again obviously loving the feeling though dismissing it as merely a good pump. After another half dozen or so times of flexing his arms, he stopped and pulled his chair back to the desk. Once closer, he started to flex each arm as close to the camera as possible making me wish more and more that he was here in person so I could feel the changes take place. After a few more bicep flexes he started to flex his triceps. I started to say the spell while focusing solely on these impressive looking horseshoes on my screen. It was obvious that Chase could feel what was happening as he started to run his hands over the back of his arms while flexing. Tracing the muscle with his fingers as he flexed it over and over. His arm was probably at least a half to a full inch bigger then it had been when he rotated and started on the other arm. Again he would caress the muscle as he flexed it over and over making the muscle seem to appear from nowhere and almost jump from the bone. He flexed a few more times before he moved closer to the desk again to type a message. “Man I feel great! You are one lucky fucker I’ll tell you that. I feel so pumped now. You should feel how tight these guns are against my shirt. I feel like I could rip out of it just by flexing!” I laughed. If he only knew that HE was the lucky fucker to be chatting with me. “Well at the rate you were going, you probably could rip out of it! Your arms do look bigger then when you started.” I smirked as I sent the message. When I was pulling my hands away from the keyboard, I looked down and noticed that not only were his arms bigger, but I think mine were too! I pulled up the sleeves and sure enough there was more definition and size to my arms. I started to flex my arms as if to test that I was not still recovering from my previous size. There was no mistaking it. It was very subtle, but they had definitely grown. I remembered that I had my cam on and that Chase could see me flexing my own arms and staring at them with a look of total shock. I quickly pulled my arms down and hoped that he hadn’t seen much but apparently he had. “Trying to compare your arms to mine? You’ve got a long way to go man, but they are looking good. Have you been working out more?” Well sort of. I’ve been working out my magic muscles, not my physical ones but I couldn’t tell him that. “Yeah I have. Just trying to buff up a bit. Guys like you are an inspiration to me for workouts as well as fantasies.” My face got hot and I realized I was blushing though I could not figure out why. He obviously knew what this session was for as he has done so many so why am I embarrassed? “Well keep it up man. You’re looking good. Not as good as me, but then again, no one looks as good as me J” God I love it when guys like him have that slightly cocky attitude. That I’m-hot-and-I-know-it mentality but not to the point that they think they are superior and treat other people like crap. “So what’s next? I’ve got my arms pumped up to the max. You want me to move on to something else?” I smirked and looked directly into the cam. “What do you think?” He smiled and backed up from the desk again. His hands traveled to the base of his shirt and started to pull it up and off. His arms bunched and flexed against his chest and shirt as he pulled it off. This show was just getting started!
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  34. Best Artist (Still Images) - hearmenowu2
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  35. OneLuckyGuy89

    Musclove District

    So this is kinda an ode to Max Mann's story Musclove Texas. I'm really nervous this is my first story and I'm hoping this is good, I'd love feedback w/e it may be. Let me know if you want me to continue this. Larry singer straightened his tie in between his mammoth Pecs. Rubbing his hands over his face, he was greeted by a five o’clock shadow. Ever since he had grown, he could shave early in the morning and have a shadow again an hour later. Adjusting himself, he made sure the pouch in his pants was doing its job. At two feet flaccid his dick was a true monster, but not the biggest he knew about. Coming up from behind him, his husband, Trent wrapped his arms around his torso. Larry felt himself blush at the erotic touch of Trent’s Pectorals pressing into his back and bulge at his ass. Groping his husband’s sizeable Pecs, Trent grinded into his ass. “Babe, I have to leave for my new job and this isn’t helping me leave.” Larry cried, pretending to be mad. “I can’t help it, seeing that perfect ass on you and that little bit of chest hair creeping out of your collar is such a turn on.” Trent moaned. “I can’t ruin another pair of pants; we’ll do this after I get home.” Larry whined. “No dice, big boy.” Trent growled and pulled down Larry’s pants. Quickly going to town pleasuring his husband, Trent stuck his tongue all the way in his ass and began eating him out. Larry tried to deny the pleasure all he wanted, but his loud and deep moans said otherwise. Larry’s dick rose to its full 30 inches as Trent hit all the right places. Now fully in the mood, Larry flipped Trent over and ripped off his pants, ripping them in half. Forcing his dick into Trent’s ass down to the hilt caused him to moan loudly. “Who asked for this?” Larry moaned. “I did!” Trent cried, as Larry impaled on his big dick. Getting into a faster motion, Larry began to suck on Trent’s neck and tugged on his dick, getting him to full erection. The two moaned in unison as felt Larry his orgasm rising and pulled roughly on Trent’s balls causing him to coat their bathroom floor in a layer of cum. The massage of Trent’s orgasm sent Larry over the edge as well and he filled his husband with a hardy helping of man cream. They shared a deep kiss, as Trent went to hop in the shower and Larry went to get in his car. “Good luck today you sexy beast!” Trent called out. Larry got out of his car and was immediately starred at by many students and teachers alike. By now he was used to it, being 6’6” and 530 lbs of solid, hairy muscle it was the norm. He opened the doors, squeezing in by turning to his side. Obviously this school and doorways weren’t made for a man of his size. Walking through the halls, made him feel like a movie star. All eyes were on him and all teachers were obviously interested in their new principal. Stopping to take a piss, he made his way to the bathroom and stood next to a blonde haired student. The young boys’ eyes’ nearly bugged out of his head, when he got a look at Larry. “Um……..hello.” the boy stuttered. “Hello son, I’m your new Principal. Principal Singer.” Larry said, zipping himself up. “I’m Sylvester.” “Nice to meet you, hopefully I won’t see you.” Larry chuckled and left the bathroom. Using the school map, he quickly found his office and walked inside. In front of him sat his secretary, who once she got a look at him, immediately got wet. Taylor Swenson wouldn’t consider herself a slut per say, but she loved a beautiful man. When the new principal walked into the door, she felt herself get so turned on she couldn’t control herself. Immediately feeling herself get wet, she lunged at Larry. Zipping his pants down, she gasped at the size of his manhood. She guessed it had to be two feet at the most, just soft. Fondling his giant dick and balls, Larry moaned and slowly found himself losing control as his secretary began pleasuring him. As his precum began running out of his dick like a faucet, he was too distracted to notice what was happening to Taylor. Her soft feminine body began to harden with a masculine tone. Feeling uncomfortable in her shoes, she kicked them off as her feet grew too big for them. Ripping off her pantyhose she began to finger herself, her soft mews began to change to deep moans as Taylor’s voice deepened. She came all over her fingers and ripped off her suit coat and dress shirt, with ease as her muscles continued to grow. She deep throated his giant tool, as she played with her left nipple. Larry felt his balls tighten and he let loose an overwhelming load of cream. Surprisingly enough Taylor actually swallowed all the cum and her stomach was now the size of a yoga ball. “I’m so sorry.” Larry stuttered and ran out of the room, not even looking at Taylor on the ground. Taylor’s feminine body began to quickly digest all the cum and her feminine body began to turn into masculine perfection. Her breasts swelled in size, but became hard and giant Pecs. Flicking her nipples, she moaned deeply as her body continued to expand and she went to finger herself, but instead found a 10 inch dick which was quickly growing. Beginning to stroke her growing monster phallus, the rest of her body began to change. She was nearing 500 lbs of solid muscle and her balls emerged, quickly growing to small melons, filling with gallons of cum. Her hair had actually shortened and body hair began to cover her body. Armpit hair shot out in bushes, arms, legs and feet covered in hair. Her chest was covered in a forest along with her abs, a thick beard grew on her face and her ass was covered in thick dark hair. Standing up, Taylor began to feel her new masculine body. She had a full length mirror and was shocked at the huge and hot man in front of her. Fingering her chest hair, she began to feel herself get hard. Starring back at her was a 27 inch erect dick and she began to stroke herself again. Fingering her ass, she bellowed her deep voice as she came all over the mirror in front of her. Hearing a door open, Taylor turned around. “Excuse me, who are you?” asked a feminine voice. Larry had actually run into the faculty bathroom and locked the door. He was trying to act normal and it seemed laughable, with how big he was but part of him wished it was possible. He was breathing heavy and needed to calm down and only one thing could calm him down, that was Trent. Sitting down on the toilet, he began to think about Trent. *FLASHBACK* Larry was so excited a day after Rick Long had finally accepted his role as a Musclove guy; he was finally ready to get his treatment. Trent sat beside him in all his naked glory and Larry looked at him lovingly. The two hadn’t been able to have sex yet, since the size of Trent’s dick was impossible to enter Larry’s body. The two had made due with oral sex, but they were getting tired of it. Heinz asked him if he was ready and Larry nodded. Injecting the serum to the area right under his balls, he felt the serum fill his balls and once it got to his heart and head, he felt himself emerge. His balls swelled to the size of oranges, filling with ultimate manhood and his penis began lengthening. Abs appeared and began developing, while his ass expanded into size of bowling balls. The growth moved to his thighs and quads, growing to the similar size of his father’s. His penis began nearing his knees as his legs grew and spread further apart as his thighs grew even bigger. His chest swelled bigger and bigger, where Larry couldn’t even see beyond it anymore. Shoulders broadened, neck thickened, voice dropped and arms grew bigger and bigger. A beard swept across his face and his Pecs and abs grew a coat of black hair. He stood as his new height of 6’0” and his dick stood at 20 inches erect, very excited to be embraced by his future husband. Trent immediately bent over and Larry dove at his asshole. Licking his asshole, brought Trent to shaking moans and caused him to beg Larry to fuck him hard. Larry gave him what he wanted and impaled Trent in one swift motion. Heinz inserted himself in Larry and took the teens virginity, they all screamed as they hit their orgasms. Exactly a year later before their first day of senior year, both of them were sitting hand in hand in Heinz’s laboratory waiting for their final treatment. It repeated like their first time, muscle adding onto their frame, growing taller and their dicks growing longer still. After they were finished, their bodies being covered in more hair and both were 530 lbs of solid muscle. Larry was taller at 6’6” but only an inch then Trent at 6’5”. There stats were as followed: - Larry: o Height: 6’6” o Weight: 530 lbs o Flaccid: 24 inches o Erect: 30 inches o Chest: 80 inches o Arms: 39 inches o Waist: 43 inches o Thighs: 52 inches o Calves: 35 inches - Trent: o Height: 6’5” o Weight: 530 o Flaccid: 26 inches o Erect: 32 inches o Chest: 72 inches o Arms: 35 inches o Waist: 43 inches o Thighs: 33 inches o Calves: 34 inches Larry had calmed himself down, but had also coated the faculty bathroom in a couple layers of cum. He called for the janitor and apologized, to the old man. The janitor checked out his ass on the way out.
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  36. Bobaroo2

    Santa Shapes Up

    Here is a story that I wrote a long time ago. You can tell how old it is by the technology reference in it. Santa Shapes Up [email protected] Silly, but seasonal. Santa Claus sighed as he walked into his workshop. All the elves were busily at work building toys, machines humming, hammers and pliers being wielded with amazing speed. Santa just stared and sighed again. "I don't think I can go through with this again this year," he thought to himself. "Better tell the boys now." "Listen up everyone," he said loudly. "I have important news." The elves all looked up, put down their tools and stopped their machines and walked over to where Santa stood, shoulders slumped. "I'm not doing Christmas this year," Santa said. Cries of disbelief rose up from the elves. "But Santa, why? All the children will be so disappointed!" Oliver, the head elf said. "I'm just too tired," Santa replied. "All that climbing up and down chimneys with those heavy sacks of toys. I just don't have the energy or stamina for it anymore. Taking a bite out of every cookie some kid leaves for me - you know how many cookies that adds up to be in the course of the night? I get fatter and fatter every year. Last year I almost got stuck in a chimney in Buffalo. And the last few years the reindeer have been trying to take advantage, trying to stay on the rooftops rather than flying. I have to yank like crazy on the reins to get them going, and that really wipes me out. No, I'm going to retire this year. Sure, the kids may be disappointed this year, but they'll get used to it. So I guess you guys can start shutting down the workshop." And with that he shuffled out of the room. The elves looked at each other, aghast at what Santa had just said. "We can't let this happen," Snowball said. "The kids will have a miserable Christmas." "Forget about the kids, what about us?" Oliver snapped. "There aren't exactly a lot of employment opportunities up here. I don't feel like flipping seal burgers at some Eskimo village in Greenland, or working as a gofer at some oil rig in Alaska." "I have an idea!" said Greensleeves. He was the smartest of the elves. "Come on into the workshop, this should only take an hour or two." Later that day the elves went into the room where Santa was dozing in an easy chair and woke him up. "Santa, come with us, we have a present for YOU," Oliver said. Santa slowly hoisted himself up and followed the elves. He saw a strange contraption in the center of the room. It looked like a satellite dish had been grafted onto a small device, and tubes like flourescent lights stuck out along the sides. "What's that thing?" he asked. "It's a special floodlight system," Greensleeves said. " We think that you're just suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder because it's so dark at the North Pole now. This light treatment will help break your depression." "I don't know," Santa mumbled. "You'll be having me taking Prozac next. Oh well, guess it can't hurt. What do I have to do?" "Just stand there," Greensleeves said, and Oliver flicked the switch. The tubes lit up with a strange, purplish tinged glow. The dish seemed to focus the beams at Santa, and he noticed a warming feeling. "Mmmmm, feels a little like a heat lamp," he said. "I feel better already." The elves started exchanging looks. "It looks like it's working," Snowball whispered. "This feels great!" Santa said. Then he looked down and said, "Hey, what's going on?" Santa's pants were starting to droop down a little, because his stomach was starting to get smaller. At the same time, he felt his jacket getting tighter across his chest and shoulders. He looked down and it seemed as if his chest was getting bigger. Then he looked at his sleeves - they were getting tight as well, as if the suit were shrinking. But it wasn't the suit that was getting smaller, Santa could see that his arm was swelling even as he was looking at it. "What?" Santa said and scratched his head. As he did so the seam of the jacket started to tear under his armpit. The material had started to give way when his arm movement made his lat muscle spread out. The seam along the arm was the next thing to go. Santa instinctively clenched his fist and flexed his arm. A peaked bicep erupted through the top of the material. "It's working, it's working!" Greensleeves was jumping up and down. "I knew it would. Look at him now!" Santa's pants had now dropped down to the floor. What had previously been like a bowl full of jelly was now a tight waist with rippling abdominal muscles chiselled into it. His quads were growing thicker, the striations of the different muscles becoming more and more apparent. The rest of the jacket was getting shredded by the expansion of Santa's massive shoulders. They were the size of the basketballs that the elves were churning out in huge numbers this year. The elves stared in amazement as Santa continued his transformation. "Ho, ho, ho, this feels fantastic," Santa laughed. He crunched into a most muscular pose and the remnants of the jacket tore to shreds and fell in tatters to the floor. Every muscle group was now visible on his body. Though only about 5'9" his close to 300 lbs of flab had been transformed into the same weight of hard, cut muscle. His pecs were huge mounds of muscle jutting out over a tiny midsection. As he hit a double biceps pose his biceps exploded into highly peaked mountains of muscle, criss crossed with thick veins. Santa's shoulders were thickly muscled, flanking either side of his neck which was now as thick as a reindeer's. As Oliver flicked off the switch, he noticed that Santa's boxer underwear had also fallen down, revealing a thick, long cock laying atop heavy low-hanging balls. Santa continued to flex his arms and legs, showing off his new muscles. His skin had turned a deep tan, which contrasted with his snow white hair and beard and twinkling blue eyes. "What was that thing?" he asked. Greensleeves spoke up. "We couldn't let the fact that you had gotten out of shape disappoint all those kiddies." "And us," added Oliver. "So we made this machine. We hooked up a tv dish, tanning bed, a VCR with a World's Strongest Man video that some kid named Michael had asked for, and a few other odds and ends. And I guess it worked better than we thought." "Well I feel great now!" Santa roared. "Wait til Mrs. Claus sees me!" "Yeah you really do look great," Oliver said while Snowball nodded and licked his lips. "But my suit, it's ruined," Santa said. "I have an idea," said Northstar, the elf who did most of the sewing of doll's clothing. He grabbed up scraps of the suit and ran into the workshop. While he was gone, Santa continued to flex now and then. "It's bigger than Cupid's," Oliver murmured to Greensleeves as he stared at Santa's crotch. "Hmmm?" said Santa, looking up from watching his thick forearm, which he had been making twitch and jump by rotating his fist around. "Uh- I said I hope he doesn't make something that looks stupid." Soon Northstar returned and said, "Here Santa, try this on." He had taken the scraps and made them into a tight pouch that just barely contained Santa's impressive basket. And he had taken some of the old reindeer reins and made them into a leather harness that Santa could put on to hold up the posing strap. The straps of the harness pressed slightly into the hard muscles of Santa's pecs, making it look as if taking a deep breath would snap the leather. The straps dug in around the massive deltoid muscles and then made a V as they converged on Santa's hard waist. All the elves were staring at the thickly muscled man before them. "Santa, you are quite a stud now," Greensleeves finally said. "Can I feel your muscles?" "Sure," Santa answered, and he flexed his swollen arm, bending down a little so that Greensleeves, who was only about four feet tall, could put his hand on the gigantic bicep muscle. Greensleeves grabbed onto it with both hands, then hung suspended in midair. "Let me feel, Santa," yelled Northstar, then cries of "Me too, let me," came from all the other elves. They all gathered around the musclebound man as he flexed and posed for them. Their hands went all over his body, and soon Oliver noticed that Santa's new briefs looked like they were being stretched out in front. "Let's be naughty," Oliver said, as he slowly reached out to Santa's crotch. He was just about Santa's height, and he brought his face to Santa and started to kiss him as he stroked the stiffening cock within the briefs. "OOOh, this is nice," moaned Santa. Snowball unhooked the harness and pulled the briefs down. A beefy cock sprang up, a foot long at least. "Look at that head," Northstar said. "Bigger and redder than Rudolph's nose." Santa was getting into it at this point. He liked having all the elves worshipping his body, running their hands over his new muscles as he tightened and flexed them. Oliver had gotten on his knees and now had the big dick in his mouth. Santa groaned as Oliver tongued his shaft and licked around the thick knob of his cockhead. The tights that the elves wore all were being stretched out by their erections of varying lengths. The elves were all from 4 feet to 5'7" tall, and their cocks were of all different sizes, though none as big as the firehose that Oliver had down his throat. The elves were pulling down their tights, grabbing their cocks while they felt all over the writhing muscles that Santa kept flexing. Greensleeves had pulled himself up from Santa's arm and was now straddling one of his massive shoulders, while Santa's tongue darted around his stiff little cock. Northstar had his legs wrapped around Santa's waist and had his face pressed against Santa's broad chest, his mouth clamped onto one of Santa's nipples. Other elves were licking along the muscle separations in Santa's quads as he flexed them. Santa was flexing still, covered in a mass of elven bodies, their hands and mouths all over him. And Oliver kept up the suction on the big man's cock. Oliver let the huge dong slip out of his mouth and then started jerking it hard and fast. "Shoot it Santa, shoot that load. We want a white Christmas!" he yelled. Santa was moaning, every muscle in his body tight. Oliver grabbed Santa's balls with one hand while he continued jerking with the other. Santa's nipples, mouth, ass, all were being serviced by the elves. Santa let out a deep shout and Oliver felt the cum starting to pump out from the huge man's balls. Squirt after squirt came shooting out as Santa roared with pleasure. Oliver's own 7 inch dick started spurting its load. All the elves now were cumming, little and big loads landing on Santa's pecs and abs, on the floor, everywhere. Finally all were spent and the elves collapsed to the floor as Santa ground out one last double biceps pose. "That was great guys," Santa said. "I wish that you had made that present for me years ago." The elves had started getting dressed, cleaning up the workshop, putting things back in order. There was a strange sound, like ripping cloth that made Santa and the elves turn around. Greensleeves had turned the machine back on and pointed it at himself. He flexed his arms and ripped right through the cloth of his shirt - 17 inch arms at 4 feet tall and still growing. "We'll have to have all of you guys stand in front of that thing, and have some real fun then," Santa said. And then we'll have a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year."
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  37. FREaky

    Arthur Thorn Part Three by F_R_Eaky

    Sorry it has taken a bit to get back to this story. Life is what happens while you're making other plans and all. LOL I hope you enjoy this next chapter. Arthur Thorn Part Three by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10588-arthur-thorn-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10601-arthur-thorn-part-two-by-f_r_eaky/ David nervously paced back and forth in the hall of the hospital in an state of extreme aggitation. After the ambulance brought him and Arthur there, they separated him from Arthur and began to ask all sorts of questions. When Ian Francis, David's personal trainer arrived to stand with him, they pulled him aside to ask him many questions as well. David, a police officer, knew this line of questioning. They were trying to see what kind of physical abuse he had done to Arthur. David explained what had happened to Ian and Ian was talking to him still trying to understand what had happened, or rather how it happened. "It's impossible, David." "It's not impossible, short men like Arthur have done..." "Yes, yes, yes. Short men like Arthur have lifted huge things like you in and overhead press like fashion, but only if they're built like Lee Preist or some other bodybuilder or power lifter. Arthur simply couldn't have over head lifted you and especially not from a lying down position." "I'm telling you it happened. I was trying to wake him up because he was having some kind of nightmare. He kept shouting over and over again someting about 'why can't I move it?' Like he did the day of the Earthquake when all that incense burnt up and he nearly died from smoke inhalation." "Well... I don't know how it would be possible for a 5' 4" tall man with a build like pipe cleaners would be able to do that." Just then from the vistor's doors David saw his boss, Captain La Nou'vie, come in. "Captain, what are you doing here?" "I'm here on official business, but it's all right, Hamm." "Offiicial busi...? They don't think that...." "It's all right, Hamm! I've just come back from your house with investigating officers and we know there's nothing there. You just have to understand the hospital was only doing what they thought they needed to do. Besides, Arthur's awake and he's told them you didn't do anything to him. I'm just here to confirm that story from an investigative point of view." "He's awake? Those bastards didn't tell..." "Calm yourself down. They couldn't tell you as they thought it was a case of domestic abuse." "I need to go see him. I have to..." "You'll go home and get some sleep. They've sedated him so he'll sleep. They're still trying to figure out how he burned his hands. They're second degree burns, did they tell you?" "No. They've told me nothing as of yet." "Well, we know you didn't do it, but the things is we can't find anything in the house he burnt his hands on. Especially around the bed. Nothing has any burnt flesh on it or registers having been hot enough to do so. "Listen, you get a ride with your friend here back home and just let them take care of Arthur for the night. We can try to get a fresh look on this in the morning, but right now your frustration and pacing won't accomplish a thing. Go home and get some rest." The next few days, weeks even were rough. Arthur needed time for his hands to heal, but his form of recreation and relief from boredom was his artwork, painting, which he couldn't do. Having to wait for the hands to heal plus physical therapy to make sure they worked correctly again was driving him bananas. On top of this there were still further questions from Internal Affairs trying to see if David was the cause of the burns, him forcing Arthur to place his hands on something hot or holding his hands while placing a lighter under them or some such thing. But David grew more and more worried for Arthur. The nightmares still seemed to be occuring, although not to the extant they were and without the hands burning as they did before. On top of that when his hands were healed enough and part of his physical therapy was to do minial tasks such as pen or brush holding, he had begun painting pictures, but the theme of them was somewhat bizzare. He was painting things like circles with ribbon like tenticles coming out of them with short golden people around them. Other times he was painting close ups of muscular male forms with another male form looming in the background all shilouetted. Still there were the times he painted odd cubes with silvery tubes, black loops, and circles with firey colors all around it. These painting he usually trashed when done with them. The more he painted these images, the more agitated Arthur seemed about his height, his build, every part about his body. Finally David told him to use part of his physical therapy time and work out with his trainer, Ian. Perhaps a work out would improve his view on his body, maybe even doing so by improving his build. If nothing else the work out might relieve some of his stress. Reluctantly, Arthur agreed. For the first few months everything seemed to go well. Arthur wasn't putting on any really good size mucularly, but his strength was increasing and he appeared to be resloving some issues and his anxiety and frustration was lessening day by day. Then he walked in... ... ... Georgio "The Bull" Toro. Six feet three inches tall in height. three hundred and eighty pounds in now middle-aged, off season weight - all of it muscle except for his spreading muscle gut which now was containing some fat. He had a small amount of hair over his body, barely visible from a far, and a head of medium long black and white peppered hair. He was once a Mr. Olympia. Held the title seven times before he retired about twenty-five years ago. Still he kept up his appearance, size, and strength pretty well for a man his age and for being retired. He strolls into the gym like he owns it. Hell being Mr. O just once, let alone seven times gives him enough gym cred he could walking into someone's personal living room that contained a weight set and own it. He's got the waddle down as he kicks his legs out to the side allowing his absurdly amble thighs to roll out and around each other in order to walk. His calves bunch and flex as he lands almost tip toed in his weight lifting shoes. The calves and thighs straining his leggings and workout shorts to near bursting point. As he waddles his shoulders sway moving front to back, front to back with each step. One can't help but notice how incredibly wide and tick everything is about his torso. The shirt and hoodie he has on hides nothing of his form across the top. Once can see the rolling movement of the gigantic bowling ball delts as his arms swing front to back. One can see the strain and stress as the shoulders, back, and lats pull the clothes across farther than they are allowed to be. Meanwhile the neck rises out of the top hole, but only just; his neck threatening to snap the collar in two, if the mounding pectorals that was his chest doesn't first, upon entering the area a good half a foot before he does. Once past the lats, the frabic hangs so loose and gathers and bunches in excess cloth and folding wrinkles. But everyone's attention is caught up on those arms swinging from side to side. Like the torso, the sleeves on the arm react the same way to this man's incredible physique. Tight and form fitting across the delts, then down undulating upper arms, and over the forearms. So full and bloated those muscle were on could not only see their size, but the definition and separations of the double bellies of the bicep, the meaty back of the tricep, the buldging of the forearm and all the veins running heither and yon across them all. These sleeves were a painted on second skin that threatened to split and burst at any second, except for all that gathered loose material near the wrists. At first everything seemed fine. Gerogio was making this his new gym and came in to work out and basically hold sway and court over the whole place every day he came in. Arthur used to sit there and feel timid about continuing his workout while Gerogio was there and would slow down in performing his curls and presses. Of course he had to try and hide his little erection too because Gerogio was built a bit larger than what David was and it was an incredible turn on to Arthur. But somewhere things began to change. Arthur's nightmares began to be more frequent. His paintings repeated the same odd paterns but he finished them with much more haste, zeal, and passion, in shorter amounts of time. During his nightmares he began to call out Gerogio's name, and David wondered if he wasn't losing his boyfriend. Not only that, but Arthur began to become agitated when Georgio entered the room. It made him work harder, but also faster, sloppier, breathing heavier as he stared Gerogio down through the wall mirrors, although Gerogio never noticed. More and more Ian would have to try and snap Arthur's attention back into focus, correct him on his lifting techniques, adjust his weight levels back to what he could actually lift. Finally it came to a head. One day after Gerogio came in, Arthur became very stiff in his form. Ian tried to get him to calm down, but Arthur told him to piss off. Ian walked away to work off his own steam as he really didn't want to have to calm down Arthur once again and make him focus like he should. He came back quite a bit later to see some of the gym staring at Arthur who was strainging under a bench press machine with a bit more weight than Arthur could handle. "Arthur! What are you doing." Arthur whispered. "He's not taking this gym from me..." "What? Arthur, what's wrong with you." "He's not taking this gym from.... urrrrh.....me...." "Arthur you have too much weight on the bar, you can't lift that, you're going to tear something." Ian went to help Arthur out when suddenly Arthur got the bar up and back into the rack screaming out, "HE STOLE SOMETHING FROM ME, THE MOTHER FUCKER!" It frightened Ian so much that he did the other thing he though he could do. Smacking Arthur across the face, he brought Arthur back to present day conversation and place. "Would you get a hold of yourself? What's wrong with you? You were trying to lift well beyond what you normally can do. I know you managed to get it up but still, the kind of strain you just caused could have resulted in permanent and serious injury." "I'M FINE IT'S...." "DON'T MAKE ME SMACK YOU AGAIN!" Arthur breathed in through clenched teeth deeply several times, never looking at Ian. "That's it. You're out of here today. Go to the saunas, then a few laps in the pool, and go home!" Arthur went back into the locker room, hit the showers where he stood under a nice warm flow for about ten minutes and then wrapped a towel around his waist and headed for one of the saunas. Slamming the door open he picked up a full mug of water and threw it onto the stones, creating a huge billowing cloud of steam, before sitting down on the bench. He leaned back resting his head on the beck above and behind him, his feet dangling off the bench he sat on, but not quite reaching the floor. He closed his eyes mubbling and muttering to himself, but soon fell fast asleep. Within minutes flashes from his nightmares began to cross his mind. A car... a tree.... but then Gerogio appeared in them holding something like a pocket watch in his hand and laughing profusely. Car....tree......Gerogio.....flashing white lights....laughter..... flashing red and blue lights.... "Why can't I move it.... WHY CAN'T IT MOVE IT! ..... HE STOLE IT FROM ME.... HE STOLE IT FROM MEEEEEEEE!" Suddenly Arthur was convulsing, shaking. his legs stiffened and stuck straight out, his feet bent and flexed up and down. Closer and closer they got to the floor. His shoulders began to rise up a little bit higher taking his head off the bench behind him and in its place putting his arms, arm pits, and back upon the ridge. "Arthur! I thought I told you to go.... Arthur?" "I'M A MILE WIDE...A MILE WIDE!" Arthur's waist expanded just a little bit causing his towel to come undone. His torso shifted and his butt slipped off the bench and Arthur collapsed to floor. "Oh, my god! Someone.... somebody call for an ambulance! Call 9 1 1!" Arthur's body rocked and popped on the floor like he was doing the worm. Ian tried to grab him and turn him on his side, treating it as though Arthur was having a seizure. Arthur's cock, unseen by Ian due to the steam, began to ooze out of Arthur further and thicker while his balls inflated a bit. Just before the EMTs arrived David had shown up. Ian and other staff members ushered David to the side and told him to just wait there, let the EMTs get him loaded onto a gurney and then he could ride with him to the hospital. The EMTs got him loaded and covered and then placed into the ambulance with David following right behind. Doors closed they sped off to the hospital, the EMT calling in. "We have a caucasian male, mid-twenties, approximately five foot ten - to six feet in height, approximately one hundred-seventy to eighty pounds in weight. Has collapsed with an apparent seizure and has burns on his hands. His BP is...." David stared down Arthur looking a little perplexed. This looked like Arthur facially, except maybe a little fuller. "Listen, you got the stats wrong. I know my boyfriend. He is exactly a foot shorter than me at five feet four inches tall and he barely breaks a hundred pounds of weight, he's so thin." "Sir, we're trained guestimate height pretty well, and the gurney has a scale on it." While the EMT went to writting things down, David pulled the sheet down Arthur's body and sure enough there was an average height man, with an average to decent sized build, and an average to good sized cock as well. Pulling the sheet back up over Arthur's shoulders, David could only wonder, "What is going on with my boyfriend?"
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  38. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 <--- ------------ Unseen chains emerge. Alex awoke in bed with a groan as he looks around, wondering if all the'd gone through was just one crazy bad dream. He sat up, in his bed wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants but frowned as he spotted the rather large suit he'd left on the floor. He remembered now what he'd gone through that night after Thomas had made him leave. He had run to the police to try to get them to investigate his kidnapping, but they had proven to be a little unsure considering the size of the man telling them this. A few patrolmen were sent to look into it and came back looking pissed at having their time wasted. Alex was warned not to make false charges again or they'd talk to Mr. Righ about pressing charges. It was hard to stomach that Thomas had somehow simply talked them out of looking deeper into him. Alex spent the night searching about him, only finding mentions in recent articles in clubs getting new investors. Thomas had money in a lot of places, with an emphasis in the local gay scene for clubs and bars though the ones he favored were more low key and casual or exclusive membership. He'd been pretty busy for two years and not a single damn photo existed of the pale muscular god of man that had come barging into his life. Digging up information on Thomas Lind had turned up a rather simple and sad obituary of a city clerk found dead in his apartment, but that was it. Lind had no family to speak of that lived in the city or close. He'd simply passed without the world noticing and all had been forgotten about him. It was was unnerving how Lind, the heavyset clerk could have turned into this imposing man now seeming to be trying to take over his life. Yet he recalled how nice the guy had been, how he'd been helpful and eager to get help as well for his situation. Alex frowned a bit as he for once considered that perhaps he really had screwed the guy over by taking his money and sort of half-assing his training. Lind wasn't the first he'd done that too either, now that he looked back on his life. All he'd wanted to do was be a bodybuilder and maybe train some people to get the cash needed to keep building up to his pro card. "Fuck, this guy really has it out for me," Alex muttered to himself as he ran his strong hand through his hair with a sigh as he watches his powerful arm bulge and strain his shirt. Flexing it more as he admired the size he still had from Thomas letting him eagerly pump and swell up into this size earlier tonight. He starts to strip his shirt off, admiring himself in the mirror now, gripping his meaty pecs and flexing them hard with a grin. From what he remembered, the size wouldn't last but then again he could pump back up so long as he had some of Thomas' blood in him. "Guess I might as well enjoy this," Alex admitted with more delight, slipping off his pants to admire the thick, muscular legs he had now. Flexing his immense quads to make them bulge out nicely as he runs his hands over them. His bulge swelling as he got hard from just worshiping himself a little though he grins more as he notices even his cock seemed bigger than before. Thomas wasn't joking about this shit improving him; he felt like a damn beast of a man and nothing else could get in his way save perhaps his vampire master. Even then, Alex was bigger than him even at that moment, though admittedly he'd loved making him worship him. Alex smirks as he stripped fully now, admiring himself in his full mirror while flexing and gloating over his own massive size. He was a 300 lbs bull of a man with the body of an Olympian. He laughs and flares his lats out, flexing his thick traps as his veins all stand out while his cock rises more to attention. Thick muscle stretched his skin tight as his hand moved to his member and started to stroke it, unable to resist the urge as he admires his own size and power more. Thick abs rolling and flexing as he strokes harder, flexes his thick calves to admire them in the mirror more. Panting some as his thick neck bulges out with effort, traps rising up some as he flexes and explores with his free hand before bringing it down to work on his monster of a cock as well. With a deep and triumphant roar, Alex shoots his load, panting more heavily but feeling amazing as the euphoria washes over him. He moves to clean up his mess some with a smirk before slipping into the shower, starting up the hot water. He chuckles, feeling his bigger frame filling up the stall more so than usual as he washes his hair before grabbing the soap to lather up. It was hard to resist the urge to flex and pump in the shower, feeling himself up all the more so as his frame bulge a bit larger from eagerness to have more to wash. Feeling that bar pass over every muscle group he could manage before finally washing himself off. Stepping out in just a towel around his waist, Alex moved to set the suit out to be worn again as he thought about Thomas. He frowns at that, having not really been happy before at the thought of the vampire. Was this feeling real or part of that damn control that Thomas seemed to possess over him. He wasn't sure, but then again the vampire claimed he wanted Alex to be willing in this arrangment rather than just take what he wanted. For all his dickish arrogance, there was an odd honor to the guy that Alex appreciated. Thomas Righ wanted him to accept what had happened and even embrace it, and Alex was starting to get into the muscle boost side. He also had rather started to enjoy Thomas worshiping his body, something he'd never let or wanted any guy to do before... With a shake of his head, Alex sighed and slipped into a pair of boxers to sleep in before flopping into bed. He looked up at the ceiling, thinking more about Thomas and himself in all of this. He felt the order in the back of his head, the command to return and he wasn't sure he wanted to obey. If anything else, Alex wanted to show that he could defy his new master on some level, but that thought alone seemed to strengthen the compulsion. Letting that thought slip seemed to make the compulsion relax and slip back into the foggy suggestion it was before as he let himself slip off to sleep. Even now, Alex failed to fully realize he'd let his sleep pattern change to better match the nocturnal habits of one Thomas Righ. Alex awoke with a yawn and stretch, finding himself his usual size again though with he felt might be some new extra pounds added. He got up eagerly to go to the scale and smiles as he saw he was about five pounds heavier. It showed nicely on his sculpted frame, that was for sure as he admires the real him over the pumped up self he was the night before. He only pauses as he can practically feel the sun setting, an odd sensation he'd not really considered before as the vampire blood churned in his body. He considered what he wanted to do for the night as the compulsion to return to Thomas came roaring back into existence. "Agh.... what the fuck?" Alex said as he held his head some for the sudden reminder of his need to return. He swore as he tried to fight it, considering what clothes to slip on at the moment as the compulsion rang louder in his head. He moved to slip on workout clothes but found his hands refusing to cooperate as he looked over at the big suit. As if to change subjects, Alex went to dial Vince but found instead he was moving towards a new contact in his phone that read Thomas Righ. That bastard had put his information in his phone the night before and he'd not thought to check. "Mother fucker, your not going to make me do anything!" Alex shouts and throws his phone with insane power against the wall. It shattered into pieces and Alex gaped at that, as he looked at the dent he'd caused. That was a bit more power than he'd been intending to use and way more than even his strong frame usually would have exerted so easily to actually damage the wall with a phone. He wanted to flee, to run out the door, even just get his ass arrested but his feet wouldn't move. As if to test something, Alex moved towards the suit and found his body free to act. Swearing, Alex started to flex and pump as he forced his body to expand bigger to his 300 lbs build the night before as if Thomas was expecting it. He slipped on the clothes without complaint before heading out the door and slamming it hard enough to crack the frame. It would seem Thomas had quite the grip on him after all... and somewhere deep down he felt eager to see the beefy vampire again... This was going to be a long night.
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  40. Best Artist (Still Images) - Albron
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  41. MarcoBiceps

    Ready for bodybuilding competition

    Hey everyone, Marco Barata here. Thanks for all the good words, an elder likes to still be admired Just to let you guys know that i am a few weeks from competing again at Portuguese Nationals 2017. 17th March is the big day, and my big muscles will be ready! I know some portuguese guys are here, so if you in Azores (Açores) please come to the show and scream my name , it will be a great show and will count with a special presence, our portuguese and european masters champion, Carlos Rebolo. All the best!
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  42. I have successfully migrated the site to the new host. While I got most things running correctly there may be some bugs here and there that I missed. If you find any please report them here. Page speeds might be slow to start out with as the page caching needs to be reacquired and minor configurations changes will need to be done. Some fun facts: Our website itself is over 100GB in size. Our database is nearly 30GB in size. We use over 1.5TB of bandwidth per month.
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  43. There is a part 1, although it isn't strictly a necessary read. Jack heaves bolt-upright in bed in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat and breathing hard. Driving rain against the window is overpowered by the sound of his heartbeat. His pulse is strong and quick; he feels every drop of his blood course through his tense muscles. He sports an impressive semi-erection in his underwear, and his hard nipples slide up and down underneath the tight white nightshirt. His masculine jawline clenched tight, he pulls the sheets away from his soaked torso and swings his feet out of bed. His muscular frame rises to full height as the bed groans, as if sighing in relief. He knows what he has to do. His heavy footsteps catch his attention momentarily, and he ponders if he should be bothered to put on pants, but his urges are far too strong to be overridden by rational thought. Jack catches a glimpse of his primal eyes in the mirror as he reaches for his car keys, wrenches open the front door and steps out into the heavy summer rain. His driving erratic, he swerves from left to right as he climbs the dimly-lit road into the mountains. All he can think about is getting to his destination. His steely 9-inch cock is fully excited now. It moistens his lower cobblestone abs with copious amounts of pre-cum; the thick shaft perfectly outlined by the fabric. His breathing rapid, he caresses himself through his shirt and lets out a guttural moan. He plants his foot, speeding faster up the ascent through the rain and darkness. His powerful muscles are primed for the task which awaits. *** Deep within a nearby mountain, a handsome, brown-haired man with glasses sits patiently at a large computer terminal. His stomach is in knots as he turns a black business card over and over and over between his fingers. The card's smoothness soothes him somewhat, but his eyes remain wide and fixated on the screen in front of him. The large, open computer lab is lit intermittently by the monitor, which at this moment is receiving the feeds from all the facility's security cameras as they peer into the night. The motion is crystal clear but black and white, and silent on the screen; a tree branch whips in and out of view against the blustery rain. "A vehicle is approaching," warns a computerised voice. The handsome, brown-haired man jumps at the break of silence. He, like Jack, is rather excited, as evidenced by a heavy bulge in his khakis. "Thank you," the man replies eagerly to the artificial intelligence. "Complete lock-down procedure. Please ensure Jack is fully visible at all times." With a bleep-boop of acknowledgement, the screen flicks over to show CAM001, just as the headlights of a pickup truck swing into view. The man stands, and briskly strides over to a steel-barred cage which is built into the cavern wall. The thick bars encompass only a tiny area--just enough for one person to stand trapped against the wall. "This is it." He bites his lip excitedly and pushes his shoes off, a heel at a time. He starts fumbling to undo the buttons on his shirt, but decides to leave it on instead. He quickly steps into the cage, and commands the door to be locked behind him. The artificial voice confirms his instructions, and the heavy steel slides into place. "Lock-down complete," the computer announces. "Good," says the man, who has already removed his pants to reveal his eagerness, trapped within his underwear. He rubs the tip of his engorged cock through the fabric. "Give me a good show, Jack," he smirks. "Show me what your powerful alpha-muscles are capable of." *** Outside, Jack's pickup comes to a halt. As the car door swings open, trunk-like legs meet the road. He stands, and takes a few steps out into the open rain. The truck's headlights illuminate the hunk of a man as he turns slowly to face the security camera and tilt his head to return its gaze. His solid body casts shadows of his tight underwear and raging manhood within, powerful torso, chest and arms. Clinging to his body, his wet top leaves nothing to the imagination; outlines of his bulging pecs and abs heave with his aroused breath. Jack knows he's being watched. He winks and bounces his pecs for the camera before he steps out of view, leaving his truck behind. His strong legs march him into a dimly lit cave and along a narrow path until finally, Jack comes face to face with his first challenge: a large, vault-like door set into the rock face. Standing an inch from the door, his head lowered but eyes forward, his breathing is still as deep and primal as it was at the house. He leans forward and presses the outline of his cock and upper body against the door to feel its coolness. His heart thuds faster and his cock jumps to full attention again. Nostrils flared, he steps back to analyse the door. A keypad blinks on the right-hand side of the large circular door, barred with two beams of steel passing through a giant rotor wheel. He smirks -- he knows this to be no match for his powerful physique. His low voice teases, "I hope you're watching Evan, because I'm not one for knocking." *** Evan is still self-restrained in the reinforced cage several rooms away from Jack, deeper into the mountain. Having yanked his underwear off, he stands with nothing but a collared shirt, slowly masturbating to the sight, and now voice, of Jack's surly presence at the entrance. He's keen to see just how much of a fight the door will put up. "Computer: Announce all intrusion attempts, countermeasures, malfunctions, and system destructions as they occur." Evan licks his lips and begins beating his rod a bit faster in anticipation. He wants to see and hear the pure domination of Jack's muscle over his machinery. He becomes a bit light-headed as there is movement of Jack's big frame on the screen, and the computer announces, "Alert: Intrusion attempt underway. Main entry keypad has been destroyed." *** Having driven it into the wall over an inch, Jack pulls his solid right shoulder away from what used to be the blinking keypad, as it crackles and buzzes. "I hope you don't mind," he smirks, "if I let myself in." His hands, guided by eager twitches of his powerful arms and chest, reach for the large circular locking mechanism in the centre of the door. Grabbing either side, his arms lengthen slightly and biceps begin to bulge. The sleeves can barely contain the stud's arms as they grow and strengthen. His pecs, tight and steely, join in on the onslaught against the steel. He grunts a loud guttural enjoyment as he pulls and flexes. The vault's large bolts and locks begin to grind and squeal for mercy against the immense power of Jack's arms and chest. The heavy steel inside the locking mechanism takes the full force of Jack's mighty muscle-powered assault; it starts to turn white and buckle. Jack smirks and grunts again, louder this time, his cock bouncing with pleasure; the feeling of raw strength coursing through his body, bending and twisting with all his might. The protective beams and locking wheel, made to withstand explosives and immense pressure, are now being mangled and bent by Jack's powerful arms and pumped chest. The moaning steel is crunched and deformed under his grip, and cracks begin to appear in the wall adjacent. *** "Alert: Main entry compromised. Activating defences." The display of raw strength during Jack's destruction of the main entry door proved too much for Evan, as he shakes and squirts a healthy load of cum through the bars of the cage. "Fuck yes, Jack. Show me what kind of man you are." *** The bank-grade lock, having failed against the man's might, now hangs feebly from the door's innards. A sharp pull sideways, and a powerful kick sends the heavy door falling inward. Almost laughing, he pulls down the underwear over his pumped legs as he strolls into the next room over the mangled heap of the door, his steely pecs and arms still heaving with his breath. He raises both arms and perfectly round biceps flex in granite. The pumped guns burst open his sleeves as Jack grunts in an alpha pose. "I know you're an arms man, Evan. These puppies ain't just for show." He winks again to the camera he knows is looking on, and slowly reaching down, rips the taught white fabric off his torso, before letting it fall to the floor. Sweat and moisture drip down his stunning beast of a chest and cobblestone abs. Jack's rock-hard 9-incher can't be contained by his underwear, which has crept up and out from his waistband and presses against his taught stomach. His thick cock is leaking reels of slippery lube, getting ready to squirt into its lucky recipient. Suddenly, a large compartment opens, containing a 6'5" android. The solid, high-tech legs carry its bulk nimbly; its head blinks with lights and chirps. The whirring of the mechanisms is nearly deafening. "And what is this?" Jack yells over the top of the mechanised sounds coming from the robot as it quickly moves from its chamber and towards its target. He stands only 3 inches shorter than the mechanised fiend. "You don't actually think--" Jack raises his eyebrow, but is too slow to move out of the way of the giant's mechanical grip. It folds its shiny, plastic-covered arms around the muscular frame of the human and begins to tighten its grip. For a moment, Jack looks to struggle against the powerful pistons and motors contained within the robot. But Jack, knowing his own power, confidently smirks. Clearly, he is capable of destroying these feeble machines with a swift punch. But he knows Evan, his client, is paying good money for this show. And he expects to see some muscle-inspired destruction. Expanding his thick chest and engaging his rippling back muscles, Jack slows the constricting arms of the robot to a crawl, and then to a halt. There is a high-pitched hum as the robot's internal diagnostics begin to analyse the malfunction. "I think you'll find..." labours Jack, as he wrenches his arm free of the grip, "that you are about to be destroyed by these." He flexes his magnificent bicep again. He reaches down, and with the help of his other hand, begins to pry the android's arm backwards and out of its socket. There is loud cracking of plastic, followed by the whirrrrrrr of motors failing to maintain their integrity. Finally, a small explosion signals that the powerful pistons contained within the machine's arm were no match for Jack's python-like arms. The robot moves backwards, seemingly panicked to only be left with one functioning gripper. Its head lights up in a new pattern. Jack is grinning as he steps from the machine's grip. "All of this showing off has made me very horny." His green eyes twinkle in the light. He reaches down and with a single swift rrrrip, he liberates his beautiful dick and balls. The gorgeous thickness of his manhood stands proud, dripping with excitement, as he takes it in his left hand and begins to stroke. "Prepare to be short-circuited by the best sex you've ever had." Jack strides up to the andriod, and with one forceful shove, the machine falls backwards, smashing onto the floor. It attempts to upright itself, but with only one arm, has trouble. On its third attempt, it is making progress until Jack marches over, naked and throbbing, to force it back to the ground. Climbing on top of the mechanised plastic and steel, Jack raises his taut bubble butt into the air, priming the trajectory of his cock. He looks down at his artificially intelligent victim. "How much were you to construct, I wonder?" His powerful hips and ass drive his thickness into the belly of the machine. "Mmmmm," he moans, before exhaling loudly. "I bet you're the most expensive sex toy ever made!" Grunting and moaning, his hips thrust back and forth into the innards of the robot, while it makes some last attempts to escape. Jack's thick cock buries itself deep within the mechanics of its appendages. The casing of the robot begins to dent and cave inward. Oil begins leaking out and the smell of overheated motors fill the air. The robot, its only remaining signs of life the blinking on its face, makes petrified noises as it is slowly destroyed by each of Jack's thrusts. He's getting close to the edge of climax, and he knows he better make a good show of it. The sight of him fucking is enough to drive anybody wild; his thick legs supporting his weight as his powerful ass rams his manhood further into the machinery. His powerful arms ripple with horseshoe triceps and his back flexes and bulges. His domination of the powerful machinery is a sight to behold. He smirks, looking his prey in the face as he flexes his guns once more. The android continues to blink and beep weakly, and his fucking continues, as he reaches up and places a massive hand on either side of the robot's solid head. "Goodnight." The symphony of his flexing ass muscles and rock hard thrusting dick is joined by the bulging of his thick arms and pecs as Jack applies pressure to the robot's head. Moments pass, and Jack watches as his tremendous force begins to dent, and then crush the mechanical beast's skull. There are buzzes, sparks, and the smell of burning electronics as the blinking face disappears into itself. Jack's eyes roll into the back of his head and his beautiful physique tenses as wave after wave of sperm shoot into the robot's corpse, shorting the remaining circuitry. *** In the cage, now leaning against the wall, Evan is weak in the knees, having cum for the forth time watching the brilliant display of strength and manliness on the monitor. "Alert: Android destroyed." Jack's bulk is seen to pull out of the robot's remains, and step out of camera view. "Any moment now..." Evan is ready to shoot another load in excitement of seeing Jack in person. There is a loud explosion and the door, flimsy in comparison to the one (that used to be) at the main entrance, comes crashing to the floor. Jack is standing there broadly, pumped and shimmering, cock still engorged with lust. Several computer alarms sound. "Warning: Intrusion into main lab." Evan resumes masturbating furiously at the sight of Jack's amazing physique. Jack slowly approaches the cage, his chest heaving. He stops an inch from the bars. "Flex for me," Evan pleads. Jack smiles. His full pecs, glistening with sweat, bounce rhythmically. He poses for Evan, showing off his body from top to toe, ending in a trademark double bicep. Evan heaves for breath and moans. He's about to cum again. "Break me out, Jack. Show me what those arms can do up close." With another smirk, Jack positions himself and grips the reinforced steel. Almost immediately, there is a clang as the metal readjusts itself to the force being applied to it. "Warning: Intrusion attempt underway." Jacks arms bulge and flex once more, and again the steel begins a feint high-pitched vibration. An alarm sounds. "Warning: Safety cage losing structural integrity due to pressure exceeding tolerances." Jarring thuds and pangs spring from the bars as they begin to deform. Jack's rock-hard upper body is pumped and displaying incredible power. He lets out some grunts, and leaks more clear pre-cum from his excited stiffness. Another alarm sounds. "Warning: Destruction of safety cage imminent due to overwhelming pressure." The bars bend gently at first and then begin to warp to an obscene angle, and Evan squirms. Jack lets out a snarl. The reinforced bars fail and explode away from their moorings in the rock, causing a cloud of dust. "Danger: Safety cage has been destroyed. All countermeasures have been compromised by overwhelming force." A sexy grin on his face, Jack throws the remains of the cage behind him, hitting the opposite wall, causing more damage and noise. He steps into the cage with Evan, their bodies now pressed together, and Evan can't take it anymore. The overwhelming pleasure of their bodies touching, followed by Jack's caress which is now turning into a kiss, causes Evan to unload more than he ever has in his life directly onto Jack's glistening torso, and pass out. *** Evan wakes up in the semi-destroyed cage some hours later with an erection he guesses won't be going away anytime soon. In his shirt pocket is a fresh black business card, with "Jack" embossed into it. Jesus. Evan is going to have to try harder next time.
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    I will compete at masters division, 85kg+ Im hoping go on stage around 88kg and 5%fat Still very bloated from my 6000cal/day diet and "enhancements" but is still too soon to let the water out ( around 92kg now ).
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    The Trainer, Part I

    Thanks for the upvotes and kind comments, folks. They are much appreciated! I'll try to do right by you guys with the rest of this tale. -X-
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  49. Florida20


    Writing these stories tend to throw my own workouts into overdrive and I need the inspiration a couple days ago. It’s a deviation from my usual multi-part “mini-novels” but was fun to write. It was inspired by a real flight I took to Europe a few months ago when I was surprised to find out what was hidden underneath my neighbor’s over-shirt. PASSENGER 44A The air already smelled of old coffee and stale bread as I made my way into the Boeing 777. I sighed as I turned down the narrow isle. I also quietly cursed my employers for being too cheap for business class tickets and let myself be herded back like a cow on its way to slaughter. At least I was on an exit row. International flights always put me in a grumpy state when I had to fly coach. It wasn’t the free drinks or more attractive flight attendants that I missed. It was the extra space. Being 6’4 and 250 pounds had its drawbacks and this had to be the biggest one. I finally found my row and took my seat in 44B, allowing myself a smile at the extra three inches of legroom. It was also nice looking forward to a wall instead of the back of someone else’s head. 44A was empty and 44C didn’t exist so maybe this wouldn’t be bad after all. I pulled out my laptop and tried to review a few briefs before takeoff. Meanwhile the herd continued its slow and short-strided march beside me. As the minutes wore on and the herd thinned, I allowed myself the luxurious thought of having a whole row to myself. I get both arm rests! I said to myself. But karma is a bitch. I mentally groaned when I saw a final passenger jump in just as the attendants were beginning to shut the cabin doors. I immediately knew this was my new row-mate. Sure enough, moments later he was reaching over me and struggling to put a huge green duffle bag in the overhead compartment. I stood up to help him squeeze it in. He was young, barely past being a kid. The short-cropped hair and simple olive green t-shirt screamed military. As did his baggy cargo shorts. He was skinny but what meat he did have was all muscle. Well, he did have a pretty substantial gut but it looked hard as if it were bloated instead of fat. I put him at 5’11 150. GI Joe took his seat next to me in 44A and buckled his seat belt. I tried to focus back on my work but found it difficult as the newcomer wouldn’t stop fidgeting. He had a habit of rubbing his palms on his shorts as if wiping away sweat. If he wasn’t looking nervously out the window or tapping his foot on the floor, he was looking over at the now closed cabin door. “Hey,” I whispered. “Flying is safer than the car ride you took to the airport. Relax.” GI Joe’s grin was nervous and awkward. “Ok” was all he said. He continued his panicky antics though. I finally gave up working when the safety announcement started. As the engine’s warmed up and the plane started moving, GI Joe did a weird thing: he actually started to relax. By the time we were in the air, he was actually smiling. “Not so bad, right?” I asked as I shifted my bulk. I wasn’t ashamed that I took both arm rests. He had room to spare in his seat. GI Joe nodded. “No sir,” he said as he exhaled a deep breath. “Name’s Jimmy,” I said as I extended my hand. “Chase,” he replied as he took it with a surprisingly large mitt of how own. His forearms were incredibly vascular and the muscle beneath boiled as he squeezed my hand. He may be lean, but he was hard. “Nice to meet you,” I replied. “What has you going to Germany?” “I am going to be stationed in Heidelberg,” he said. “Military?” I asked as if it wasn’t completely obvious. Chase nodded. “I just finished boot camp.” “Thank you for your service,” I said back. That would explain the physique. They practically starve you, keep you up 20 hours a day, and force you to burn 5000 calories a day in those environments. That said, Chase wasn’t as thin as I originally thought. The light from the open window portal set his lines in harsh contrast. He definitely had a nice pair of pecs peeking up through the fabric. His neck and forearms looked hard and dense. After he gets a chance to eat some food and get some sleep, he’s going to be something. “No problem, sir,” Chase said, his confidence bolstered a tad. “Hey, you some kind of bodybuilder or something?” He blushed as the asked the question. I inwardly beamed. “I used to be,” I replied. “Back in my college days.” I was so far from my prime physique it embarrassed me to even think about it. Although my frame was still wide and muscles hard, the rigors of work replaced my six pack with a gut and softened the angular lines of my former self. Chase was obviously interested. “Is it fun being that big?” he asked. “Well, airplanes suck,” I said with a laugh. “And you’re kind of limited on clothing. But there’s nothing like the feeling of lifting something truly heavy. And the attention isn’t bad either.” Chase had a dreamy look in his eyes and I let him be. I wasn’t much of a conversationalist on planes; instead preferring to relax, watch a few movies, and get what sleep I could. So I left Chase to his newly developed shit-eating grin and finished off my presentation. After an hour or so, the attendants came around with their glorified TV dinners. Chase wolfed through his like a starved orphan. “Ma’am, can I get another meal?” Chase asked a particularly attractive female attendant as she picked up our trash. “I’m sorry,” she said. “Only one meal per passenger. We’ll be serving breakfast in six hours though! We also have snack boxes available for--” “Excuse me,” I interrupted. “This young man just finished his basic training for the military and is on his way to spend years away from home to protect you and your family. The least you could do is hand him a few extra meals. Don’t tell me you reuse the ones people didn’t eat!” That caught the attendant off guard and left her momentarily speechless. “Umm. Let me see what I can do,” she said just before she walked off. I patted Chase on the shoulder, surprised at how solid he was beneath his shirt. Dinner taken care of, I started getting myself ready for a nap. By the time my stuff was put away, the flight attendant returned with three extra dinners. “Thank you ma’am,” Chase said, genuinely excited as he took the stack of trays. His triceps flared in front of me as he reached across my vision. This kid really did have some potential. “If you have any more, I’ll take those too.” The attendant was about to cut off that notion but melted when Chase smiled at her. “We’ll see,” she said with a grin. “We’ll be turning the lights out in a moment so you may want to put on the overhead light if you want to see.” “Thank you, ma’am,” Chase said, keeping his winning grin on his face. His blue eyes sparkled at her. Nice job, kid, I thought as I put the night mask on. The nervous flyer turned out to be quite a flirt. I let the sound of Chase eating drift me to sleep. * * * A bump woke me from my slumber. My arm had been knocked from the arm rest I “shared” with Chase. I opened my eyes and took off my mask. Looking over in the darkened cabin, I saw Chase sitting with his eyes closed and head back, a pair of headphones lodged in his ears. The cheap red blanket offered by the airline was draped over him. I would have thought him asleep but saw his hand running up and down his torso beneath the blanket. His breathing was rushed, if quiet. If I didn’t know better I would have thought he was playing with himself. “Oh,” I heard a voice say to my right. Looking over, I saw our flight attendant with three more boxes of food in her hand. “Um, I found a few more from the first class cabin.” Chase opened his eyes and looked over. “Thanks,” he croaked and let her reach over and place the boxes on his tray. What was wrong with his voice? He gave her another winning smile. “I’d be happy to take any others off your hands.” She practically giggled. “I’ll keep looking but you’ve eaten us bare.” I smirked and got up to take a piss and walk around a bit. By the time I returned, the carcasses of the extra dinners were stacked neatly on the tray and Chase was back in his partially passed out state. He must have wolfed those down. Poor guy must be having his first good meals in months. How many extra meals has he had while I was sleeping? I wondered. The attendant seemed to be diligently working on his behalf and first class meals were no joke and an obvious last resort. It was hard to tell in the darkness but Chase didn’t look as scrawny as I once thought. In fact, he had some of the best calves I’d ever seen. I guess they really make them run in boot camp. I squeezed back in my seat, suddenly feeling cramped. I let Chase keep the arm rest. I also found my leg pressing against his. He must have been being polite before because he was now sprawled out. Well it was nice while it lasted. I put the mask back on my face and tried to get a little more sleep. I soon found that impossible as my increasingly annoying neighbor couldn’t seem to stop nudging me. I was usually polite to a fault but found myself passive-aggressively sighing when he bumped me another time. “Sorry,” he mumbled, his voice strangely deep and distant. He kept his eyes closed and head back, his right hand continuing its winding search up and down his torso. I shrugged and leaned back. After an effort, I finally dozed off only to be woken up again by pressure against my left arm. I immediately sighed in frustration and ripped my mask off to find Chase leaning up against me. Just before I was about to say something, I noticed a strange sensation on my arm. I could feel Chase’s tricep rolling up and down my arm as he continued moving his hand across his torso. Impossible, I thought. He’s too small for his arm to do that. I leaned forward and looked more closely at him in the darkness. To my shock, he wasn’t leaning against me at all. His left side was taking just as much of the seat as his right. He…he was overflowing his entire seat. Without thinking, I reached over and grabbed his arm. A granite boulder lay just beneath the cheap microfiber blanket. Chase immediately reacted and sat up, eyes wide. I could only stare at my hand as it squeezed a bodybuilder sized arm. “Wh-what are you doing?” Chase asked timidly, although he didn’t pull his arm away. He looked…scared? His timidity made me all the bolder and I reached up and pulled the blanket away. Even in the darkness, my jaw dropped. His once loose green shirt was now plastered on a bulging physique. Huge meaty pecs stretched the fabric tight across his frame. Shoulders the size of small watermelons bulged above gigantic, vascular arms that pulled the once loose sleeves tight and high. Each brick of his abdominal wall rose prominently against the fabric. “What the fuck?” I whispered, doing my best not to make a scene in the sleep-filled cabin. “Please don’t tell anybody,” I heard him plea quietly. It was hard to talk but I found a way. “Tell anybody? Tell them what? That you grew 80 pounds in the first half of a trip over the Atlantic?” I was whispering but getting somewhat shrill. I heard a groan in the seat behind me and decided I needed to shut up before I got us both in trouble. But I couldn’t just sit here and ignore the fact I was being pushed out of my seat by a growing freak of nature. My gut was raw and my brain overflowing with questions. I had to talk to him. But where? “Come with me,” I said suddenly. GI Joe must have been used to taking orders. He obliged my request without comment, unbuckling his seatbelt and following me down the aisle. Before he could object, I opened a bathroom door and shoved him in only to follow him and squeeze the door shut behind me. The harsh florescent light turned on as I locked the door and I got to see this growing god in full detail. He was an Adonis. The medium shirt he wore was stretched to breaking across his bulging traps, shoulders and arms. The vascularity of his chest and delts flared through the fabric as if painted on. I couldn’t really take him in completely as the stall would have been small for either of us, let alone both. As it was, he found himself hunched over the toilet and unable to avoid pressing against me as I stood against the door. We were practically hugging each other. I could feel the hardness of his body as I pressed against him. It only made me realize how soft I’d become in the last decade. “Ok, what the fuck is going on?” I said, my face barely and inch from his. Chase was a 150 pound twig’s mind in a 225 pound stud’s body. His eyes were filled with fear and his demeanor belayed his substantial size. “I..,” he started. “I…I’m going to be in so much trouble.” Heat radiated from his body like a furnace. The walls creaked and groaned as we tried to make room for each other. “I’m a lawyer, kid,” I said, trying to be calm. “Maybe I can help you.” I wouldn’t have counted on that but I was willing to say anything to get him to talk. That seemed to calm him down. He plopped on the toilet and sighed, his wide frame beginning to push against the walls of the tiny stall. I knew immediately he’d been dying to tell this story to someone but hadn’t the courage until now. “I just left Parris Island,” he started. “That’s where the Marine Corps basic training is. My friend, Grant, and I started there just like any other eighteen year old recruit. I was always athletic and in decent shape. I knew I could do it. Grant was chubby and awkward. I didn’t think he’d make it past the first week. And he didn’t.” Chase chuckled and subconsciously started feeling his pec as it continued to strain against his shirt. “Instead of kicking him and the other NPQs out of the Corps, they sent them to a remediation program.” Chase looked at me. “No one had ever heard of it before, not even the drill instructors. Grant and the rest disappeared for a couple weeks. Then they came back.” Chase gulped. “And they were…different.” “Different like you?” I asked. Chase nodded then looked down at his body and laughed. “Well, not THIS different.” He raised his arms and popped a double bicep. Two nineteen inch and vascular boulders bulged and a rip rose up his right shirt sleeve. He was still growing. “Go on,” I encouraged, trying to make him forget his situation for a moment. Chase thought for a moment. “Grant wasn’t fat any more. He was ripped in a way I hadn’t seen in person before. All the drops were” He looked at me again. “That’s what we call those who didn’t make it: the Drops. Anyway, they started to kick our ass at everything: running, pushups, pull-ups. You name it, they were better. People were talking but, I mean, its boot camp. You keep your mouth shut and head down. “But I’d always been a big brother to Grant. It was hard to suddenly change rolls with him. I found myself talking to him one night, whispering in our bunks while the rest of the battalion slept. It was difficult. ‘Lots of food, lots of exercise,’ he would tell me. I called bullshit. We both knew it was more than that. It’s not like he was huge but you don’t go from fat and clumsy to a jock in two weeks. “He looked down on me now. Saw me as, you know…normal. He never said that, but I saw it in his eyes. It took most of the night to get anything out of him. But finally he brought up the injection they received at the beginning. They weren’t told what it was but we’d received so many vaccines and shit by that point they didn’t think anything of it. “ ‘I think there was something in it that did this to me,’ he said. I came to realize the only reason he told me was because he wanted more. He wanted me to help him break into the medical office and find the stuff. He’d recognize the vials, he told me. He just needed my help to get in.” I immediately knew I wouldn’t be able to help him from a legal perspective if he was actually discovered. The military punished their own. I let him continue. It was obviously helping him to tell the story; I could see the fear leaving his demeanor, replaced by something else. Something stronger. “I saw him planning to himself each night. We waited until the day before graduation. Another remediation class was formed from a junior battalion and we snuck in the night before Grant knew they’d be giving the shots. It was surprisingly easy. Grant took the keys from a janitor’s stand earlier and we waltzed right in. He’d been planning this for weeks and I came to think he only needed me in case we were caught. He’d probably run away and leave me behind to take the fall. “It didn’t matter though. We got in without a problem.” Chase looked up at me from his seated position. “It makes me think the military doesn’t have its shit together. We found six vials. We,” he gulped. “We stole all of them. We couldn’t help ourselves.” I heard a stich pop but Chase ignored it. “We buried them in a plastic bag on the far side of base.” Chase smiled. “Good thing, too. The whole base went ape shit the next morning. Our graduation was delayed. They searched everyone’s bunk, cars. They even took everyone’s blood. From what I heard they searched the whole base. It didn’t matter if you were a general. People were pissed. The inspectors didn’t tell anyone what they were looking for or what was going on. But we knew. “It took two days before the lockdown was lifted. Again, they didn’t say anything. They just acted as if nothing had happened. The night before we left, Grant threw the bag of vials over the wall. Thank god he did. They performed a surprise search of everyone’s car or taxi as we left the base. I wanted to just forget the bag and go but Grant wouldn’t listen. He told the driver to divert down a road and wait while got it. Then we went straight to the airport. We injected ourselves in the bathroom before we went through security.” “All six vials?” I asked. Chase shook his head. “No. One each. I was fucking terrified. I was just waiting for MPs to burst through the door or for security to search our bags. I spent the whole time at the gate thinking I would puke. But I was starving. I ate a hundred bucks worth of shit from the food stand while the plane was boarding. When I landed in JFK I spent the entire layover eating more. That’s why I was so late boarding.” “Why were you so scared when you boarded?” I asked. “I mean, you guys obviously made it.” Chase shook his head again. “I texted Grant as I was boarding the plane out of South Carolina. His flight to Camp Lejeune was three hours after mine. I haven’t heard back from him.” I looked at him inquisitively. “He is ALWAYS looking at his phone.” Suddenly we both realized what little spare room there was in the bathroom was now gone. Chase was easily my size now and every bit of it was muscle. We were both hunched over and where we weren’t pressing against a wall, we were pressing against each other. It was like pressing against granite. Even in my prime, I’d never been as hard as he was now. The fearful ending of his story appeared lost on him as his demeanor now dripped with confidence and testosterone. His blue eyes flashed above his five o’clock shadow. The gaunt features of the boot camp graduate were now filled out and gave his face the angular grace of a model. His shirt screamed as he shifted around his continually growing size. I found myself resting a hand on his gorged pec. Chase locked eyes with mine. “Do it,” he said, almost moaning. I knew what he wanted. I grabbed a fistful of fabric and pulled his shirt off in a single motion. An Olympian body was revealed and it grew into me now that it was free. I felt a new pressure grow against my thigh, which was now jammed against Chase’s crotch. Chase moaned as he placed my hand on the concrete wall of his abs. He was now taller than me and looked down from the ceiling. My head was crammed into the recess between his trap and neck. His chest pressed against mine as he breathed. It was as if I was being buried alive and the feeling would have normally incited some sort of claustrophobic panic in me. Instead, I found myself pressing further into him. I felt his back, covered in a dense shield of muscle. His arms were easily twenty inches in circumference and he flexed them as he pushed against the wall. He moaned quietly and put his hand down the front of his pants and pulled out a nine inch long dick. “This feels incredible,” he whispered to himself. “I know,” I whispered back, letting his expending body press into me. He surrounded me. The walls of the cabin creaked around us as, somehow, I made my way to my knees. His hands rested on my own swollen traps as I undid his belt around his throbbing and growing tool. He gently stroked his own dick as I struggled to pull his shorts down around thighs I never could have dreamed of even at my peak size. They were thirty five inches of deep fissures and bulging mountains. I reached around and grabbed his bare glutes, which were boulders of striated stone and let his dick enter my mouth. A part of me asked what the hell I was doing. I’d never done this before with a man and I guessed neither had Chase. “Do it,” Chase ordered again. I squashed the voice and let myself ride along with the moment. Chase gasped as I went to work and I felt his glutes tighten and expand beneath my hands. He squeezed me with his hands, which seemed to engulf my entire trapezius. I moved my hand to his hamstring for support. He was solid stone. I could feel the muscle expand under the skin. His body shined in the overhead light as it stretched the skin taught over his ever expanding body. When he came, his quads flexed involuntarily, actually forcing me to move around them. I let him enter me, relishing the thought that I might receive a trickle of the power coursing through him. He groaned as he released a seemingly endless flow down my throat. I felt him continue to grow around me. I mouth strained to surround his increasingly giant girth. Satisfied, we finally let the situation wash over us. There we were: one naked, the other clothed, both crammed into a space barely big enough for one. Someone was knocking on the bathroom door. “Oh fuck,” I whispered. “Who cares,” Chase said arrogantly. “What are they going to do? Make us get off the flight when we land?” I looked up at the man standing over me. He was no longer the scared teenager. He had changed the same way his friend had. The knock came again. “We kindly ask you return to your seats,” a familiar voice said from the other side of the door. “One minute,” Chase said with a grin as he looked down at me. “It’s my girl,” he said. He moved to let me stand up. It took the better part of a minute to maneuver enough to get the door open and squeeze out. Well, I would actually describe it as popping out. I stretched as I looked at the young flight attendant who had just interrupted us. She was the same one who gave Chase all the food. And she didn’t even notice me. Instead, her eyes were locked on the naked behemoth in the bathroom, grinning that confident grin and motioning for her to come in. She obliged as if hypnotized. He looked at me as he closed the door behind her. “Get me some clothes,” he said then I was suddenly alone with a dozen sleepy eyes staring at me form their darkened seats. I mumbled an apology and shook at the gravity of what I’d just done. But like a good soldier I pulled a set of shorts and a t-shirt from my carryon and left them outside the door. Behind the panel, I heard the dull moans of the flight attendant as Chase did what he wanted with her. Twenty minutes later, Chase finally made his way back to the seat. My clothes fit him perfectly. While I was 6’4 and 250 pounds of dense but rounded meat. Chase was of similar size of nothing but muscle. He had the distant, smug smile of a man who’d just been laid twice. He had barely even acknowledged me when he sat down and we spent the next few moments in silence. Suddenly the lights came on and the cabin started to come alive. A few minutes later, our favorite flight attendant came by with breakfast, a normal plate for me and seven for our growing friend. “I’ll let you know if there are any extras, soldier,” she said with a grin. On the top container was a post-it with a phone number written on it. Chase gave her a cocky half-grin and nodded his head. That apparently was a good enough answer for the attendant as she blushed and continued serving. I wondered if she would still have a job after this flight was over. These events could not have gone unnoticed. As my neighbor wolfed down his meals, I was shocked to see him continue to grow. The cables in his neck and forearm grew larger and more powerful as his shoulders and chest grew into the already well-fitting shirt. I had given up my dominance of the arm rest long ago and was now losing ground in my own seat. I didn’t care; I found myself wanting to bury my face in his body again. Chase didn’t even acknowledge my presence as he wolfed down a constant stream of additional breakfasts for the remainder of the flight. I grew sick at the thought of eating so much airplane food but Chase’s body responded as if it were a shot of pure muscle. The scared boy I’d met nine hours earlier was gone. In his place was a monstrous, confident, and arrogant young man. “How many doses are in one of those vials you took?” I whispered as he chewed. He looked at me dangerously but ultimately shrugged. “I dunno, ten?” Even his whisper was a deep baritone. I just nodded and let the final minutes of the flight pass by. By the time we landed, Chase was 270 pounds of hugeness. “Willkommen in München,” the pilot said as the tires hit the ground. We got up and I tried to make conversation with Chase as he gathered his duffel bag. What had to be nearing fifty pounds of belongings he pawed as if it weighed five. His biceps flared and a pulsing vein bulged against the fabric of my shirt. Yet again, the incredible depth of his abs could be seen through the fabric of the shirt and his lats actually strained the seams of my XXL shirt. “Was der Teufel,” I heard a passenger say to Chase when he stood at his full height of 6’5. “You going to be ok?” I asked his back as he walked towards the exit. “Let them come,” he said. His lats and traps bulged against the shirt, every line visible. His shoulders barely fit in the aisle. I followed him and we both exited the plane. At no point in my life, even on stage against world-class competition, had I ever felt small. However, seeing five percent body fat a frame which outweighed mine by at least twenty pounds made me feel tiny. I gave one last look at the giant flaring horseshoes of his triceps as we exited the gate. “Private Chase Berringer?” I heard an American voice ask as we entered the terminal. I looked towards the source and found two young men in military fatigues standing off to the side. They each held a picture of what I assumed to be Chase’ before his recent growth. “That’s me,” Chase said. “Pl- Please come with us,” one said, his eyes wide. He obviously hadn’t expected the site he saw. “No problem,” he said with a smirk. They caught him, I thought. Any guilt or sadness I may have felt was stolen by the stealthy wink he gave me as he was ushered away. He was going to be fine. It stood there for a moment as Chase disappeared around a corner not meant for the public. Then I zombied my way through immigration and customs, hardly believing what had transpired over the last nine hours. I let the man with the sign bearing my name usher me to the black sedan which would whisk me back to the real world. I sat in the back seat, eyes distant and clutching my carryon backpack. Chase Berringer, I thought to myself. Remember that name. I opened my backpack to find a pen and pad but my hand felt something foreign in the pocket. Curious, I pulled out two cylindrical objects and a post-it with a phone number on it. It’s the same one the flight attendant gave Chase, I noticed. However, on the back of the paper, scrawled in messy handwriting, was a message. Doesn’t look like I’ll be needing these. They’d confiscate them anyway. Chase My stomach leapt as I turned my attention to the two vials in my other hand. They’d each taken three, but used only one. Now the other two were mine. What was I to do with them? THE END
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  50. So this is part of a bigger story I've written called "Charlie's Secret" (hence the rather clumsy intro) set in and around a big bodybuilding show. I'm currently doing some work to it, and thought the following could work as a short stand-alone piece. It features one of several bodybuilders from the story and explores the idea of self muscle worship which I've always found extremely hot! The thought of a guy who gets turned on by the image of his own freakishly muscular body. Chris "Freaky Peaks" Jackson Picking up his first place trophy in the Heavyweight division of one of the biggest bodybuilding competitions in the country, Chris "Freaky Peaks" Jackson said his goodbye's to his training partner and mentor and rushed back to his hotel room. By some miracle, he’d managed to get through an entire day of being surrounded by ripped, monstrous, attitude filled muscle bulls flexing and posing in stupidly hot posers without creaming in his own indecently shiny trunks. But now he needed to worship some serious muscle and finally blow his pent-up load. The fact that said muscle just happened to be attached to his own body was a minor issue for this sexually charged, muscle crazed mountain of a muscle beast. Exhausted from hours of flexing on stage, and drenched in tan, oil and sweat, most bodybuilders would have jumped in the shower and spent the rest of the evening collapsed on their hotel beds, but not Freaky Peaks. He was only in shredded competition condition for a short period of time and he intended to fully make the most of it. Locking his hotel room door and positioning himself in front of the full length mirror on the wall, Chris Jackson braced himself for the ultimate self-muscle worship session. Cranking out pose after pose in his tiny green trunks, Chris slowly became consumed by the freakish, otherworldly sights staring back at him from the mirror. Amazed at the striations peeking through his abnormally sized butt cheeks, entranced by the thinness of the sweat drenched skin covering his inhumanly shredded midsection, in awe of the sheer size of his incredible, tensed quads which were snaked in the nastiest veins, and aroused beyond comprehension at the thickness of the two balloon-like muscles sitting on his chest, Chris "Freaky Peaks" Jackson flexed and posed until he was completely lost in the image of his own monstrous mass of muscle. No body part of Chris’, however, provoked stronger feelings and emotions than his infamous, superhuman sized guns. His biceps had always been his strongest body part, developing so much easier and quicker than his others. He’d always loved that pumped feeling in his upper arms which came after a set of barbell curls, even in his humble days as a mere regular gym goer in his first gym, and now he was the proud owner of some of the biggest and freakiest guns on the planet. He’d seen his peaks a million times before, but never failed to be impressed by the sheer size and outrageous freakiness of the image of the enormous granite hard muscle erupting through his skin. On this particular day, in peak contest condition, his biceps looked more monstrous and freaky than they ever had. Staring at the reflection of his own incredible sized, skin stretched, barely human guns, his imagination suddenly ran away from him, as he envisioned a mile long queue of men stretched out in front of him, all waiting to wrap their hands around those famous peaks. Men of all shapes and sizes, the majority of them gay and obsessed with huge ripped muscle just like he was, but some of them straight men who, for whatever reason, just wanted to know what it felt like to touch the monstrously sized, vein decorated biceps of a genuine flat out muscle freak. He was certain the two young camera men who’d been filming him earlier that day in the pump room would be somewhere in that line. Neither had been particularly effeminate, but his gaydar had kicked in big time when the two of them had approached him, one more nervously than the other. They’d seemed particularly close, and had exchanged more than one knowing glance, and sheepish smirk. No doubt they were probably both now at home, masturbating themselves stupid over the image of the flexed, vein decorated guns of Chris “Freaky Peaks” Jackson. If he could hunt them both down and invite them into his hotel room to worship his freaky peaks until they jizzed in their boxer shorts, he was certain he'd make two muscle obsessed lads extremely happy. Freaky Peaks didn’t just stop at flexing and marvelling at the image of his own incredible muscle mass in the mirror, he also loved the feel of the freaky muscle beneath his fingertips, and his gigantic sized biceps were his favourite thing to touch. The feeling of running his hand over his rock hard ball of humungous sized bicep muscle, squeezing and feeling it bulging underneath his fingers was indescribable. He often wondered if any other bodybuilders indulged in these kinds of acts, and how many of them became so immensely aroused at, not only the image of their own excessively developed, beyond human muscle mass in the mirror, but the sensation of feeling said muscle bulge and flex under their fingers as he did. Either way, Freaky Peaks’ private muscle flexing sessions always concluded in one way, and today was no exception. In between cranking out his poses, flexing his supremely sized mass, and running his hands over his own, flexed muscle, a sweat drenched, and incredibly aroused Chris reached for his throbbing, rock hard cock, which had been let free from the shiny green material of his posing trunks, and started pounding away, groaning and grunting with pleasure as he pumped on his hard on with his right hand, the other firmly planted on one of his deliriously pumped pecs, his fingers digging into the insatiably thick mound of muscle which made up one half of his huge chest. His left hand then wandered further, running over the deeply chiselled abs blocks popping through the drum tight skin stretched over his stomach before veering south and running over his indecently thick mass of muscle making up his quads, tensing them and feeling the deep lines erupt underneath his fingertips, and then, with his other hand pumping away at his posing trunk covered hard on, Chris curled his left hand into a tight fist and as he watched his alien like, vein splattered, gigantic sized bicep muscle explode through his barely there skin, he reached the point of no return and he screamed with intense orgasmic pleasure as his dick exploded, and thick ropes of hot, white cum splattered on to the mirror before him.
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