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  2. Awww. Thank you. That's really sweet!
  3. Oh. My. God. This is so beautiful! Thanks for the story!
  4. There were two stories about a guy into bodybuilding and growing into a beast. One story he went up against Jay Cutler and a couple other pros in a test of strength, in the other he arm wrestled and barely beat a huge female bodybuilder. Ring any bells?
  5. Ha! Well it's funny you say that because that guy from AJ & Noah (the beautiful but arrogant olive skinned muscle guy called Dale) is the same guy from chapter 11 of this story, who Woody referenced as being the first guy he ever went home with and who was really keen on him the next day. I'm not sure if anyone here picked up on that but I thought it would be a nice little Easter egg and a way to crossover the two stories. It's perfectly feasible too as Woody's hometown is just outside London, which you'll find out later in the story.
  6. I'm having this thought of a way to cross-over with "AJ and Noah." I wouldn't want you to actually do this because the location, characters, and their personalities are different, of course, but . . . Woody could be the other bodybuilder who AJ encounters in the bar in "AJ and Noah." I'm too lazy to look up the particular chapter, but at least in theory that could be an intersection of the two stories.
  7. For the past 3 weeks they have been trying to cum on me and Jacqui to no avail. Why you ask? No idea. But they have literally tried EVERYTHING to cum on me. They even snuck into our house. C'mon now. Jacqui and I would've have killed them by now since we got AK's and other weapons stashed at the house, but their muscles are too hard (Pause) to penetrate (Pause again) Chase and Cade are the worst ones with it. Believe it or not, Chase is gay for me Cade Elliot and Dominic. (Got me fucked up) so he always wants me to get covered in his nut, and when he sees Cade grow his muscles, his cock gets like 25 more veins and gets harder and cums harder than a firehouse, and Cade since he is an sex addict, he's always horny, and has to cum at least 30 times a day. 27 of those times is aimed at me and Jacqui and the rest is aimed at the neighbors house across the street. Feel sorry for them. They all have tried and failed miserably, except this one time...
  8. Thanks for the love, guys! I loved writing this chapter - just the two of them, one on one away from Muscle University getting to know each other more. There's a bit more of that in the next one but safe to say a bodybuilder like Woody and his smaller but cute mate aren't gonna be left alone in a gay pub.
  9. That’s hot! Love Lees dark evil side and can’t wait for him to get massively aggressive and violent with some smaller guy. How much damage is he going to do?! ... can’t wait to find out.
  10. "Cheaters never prosper" has a scene like that in it. Very hot story, too.
  11. You might also find a good independent that'll take you to MidCity, if crosstown at 42 is easier for you than that southwest diagonal.
  12. Trainers that work for gyms... it's usually a really shit job, so many don't last at the same place for long. I worked briefly for an upscale gym that had a great reputation (until recently), and it was a little slice of hell. Lots of restrictions, and the trainer cut of the session price is often really terrible. Most trainers who are actually any good will work for a gym to get the hang of it, or maybe bounce between two or three, then strike out on their own. Some make it work as gym staff, but they tend to be the exception, not the rule. The gym situation in Manhattan sucks. If anything, closest to you I'd go to is complete body on 19th. They allow independent trainers, so find one you get along with and train with them there. Quite a few really high caliber personalities in there.
  13. Thanks Londonboy! Antoine Mr. Alpha is back! Love this chapter!
  14. "Bob, do you really think the kid, there, is going to choose your puny body over all this?"
  15. "Feed me something to make me a lot bigger, kid."
  16. "Here's the deal, kid. I can out lift anyone on this beach. I can out wrestle anyone on this beach. And I can out plow anyone on this beach. You're not going to find anything finer than me." "
  17. Muscle Hogwarts was such a brilliant idea for a story and I, seriously, can't get enough of these two.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Another great chapter. I whizzed through it...and then re-read it properly. Great writing.
  20. Nicely done, do like that you did it from the perspective of the sub.
  21. @muscleaddict! This is an awesome chapter! I love the dialogue, the sexual tension between them. So good! AWESOME!
  22. It is indeed. Meant to say that if it were a printed novel, I’d have to read it in one sitting. You are teaching me the importance of patience!
  23. Thanks, matie! The dialogue between the two leads has probably been one of the most fun aspects of the story for me to write. And the whole thing actually is novel length!
  24. Another great chapter! The pacing of the dialogue is excellent. If this were a full length novel (I wish it were!) it would be impossible to put down.
  25. Hehe! Thanks, mate. Nice use of emojis there!
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