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  2. "Bob, do you really think the kid, there, is going to choose your puny body over all this?"
  3. "Feed me something to make me a lot bigger, kid."
  4. "Here's the deal, kid. I can out lift anyone on this beach. I can out wrestle anyone on this beach. And I can out plow anyone on this beach. You're not going to find anything finer than me." "
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  6. Muscle Hogwarts was such a brilliant idea for a story and I, seriously, can't get enough of these two.
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  8. Another great chapter. I whizzed through it...and then re-read it properly. Great writing.
  9. Nicely done, do like that you did it from the perspective of the sub.
  10. @muscleaddict! This is an awesome chapter! I love the dialogue, the sexual tension between them. So good! AWESOME!
  11. It is indeed. Meant to say that if it were a printed novel, I’d have to read it in one sitting. You are teaching me the importance of patience!
  12. Thanks, matie! The dialogue between the two leads has probably been one of the most fun aspects of the story for me to write. And the whole thing actually is novel length!
  13. Another great chapter! The pacing of the dialogue is excellent. If this were a full length novel (I wish it were!) it would be impossible to put down.
  14. Hehe! Thanks, mate. Nice use of emojis there!
  15. Thirteen Luke seems to relax once he knows where we’re going. He reminds me a few times that we’re crazy for going all the way to Glasgow for a spontaneous night out but I can tell he’s excited about the whole thing. He hasn’t said as much, but I very much get the sense that he’s secretly impressed by my spontaneity. That rush of being out with Luke and away from Muscle University doesn’t subside either. When I’m sitting opposite him on the train to Glasgow. When we’re walking through the streets trying to find a pub to go to. There’s something else that’s adding to the buzz I’m feeling. Everywhere we go, at the train station, in the streets, in the pub we decide on that’s kind of traditional but has this cool, bohemian feel to it, I notice people looking at me. People actually fucking paying attention to me and my body. Just like they do whenever I go to visit Emily in Bristol. Or anywhere that isn’t on the Montgomery University of Bodybuilding & Fitness campus. Luke has noticed it too. He looks at me a little differently as we stand at the bar getting looks from all directions. It’s like he’s sort in awe of me, just like he was when I was standing in front of him in our dorm room the other day flexing my insanely pumped muscles into a side chest pose. I really fucking love that my muscles have that effect on him. Would it be totally inappropriate to crank out a quick front double bicep in his face while we wait to be served? “I think you’re causing a bit of a stir!” he says to me, as we sit down at a table. I can tell he’s getting a kick out of the attention I’m receiving. I sigh. “The price of being a sexy monster!” Luke smirks and rolls his eyes as he takes his jacket off. “Right. Time to get the guns out!” I announce, standing up and removing my bomber jacket, my thick arms and brutally sized shoulders now on display and the top of my obscene pecs spilling out of my black vest. I sneakily look around and, as predicted, I’m definitely still getting looks. But something gives me a bigger kick when I look back and catch Luke looking straight at my chest with a slight smirk and a sort of awe-struck expression on his face. “You better get used to this kind of attention, Mr Geek to Freak!” Luke gives me a shy grin before he takes a swig of his drink. “Sooo ... better than the Students’ Union bar?” “God yeah! Not quite sure it’s worth that Uber fare though!” “Oh yeah. Cheers for that, dad!” I say, holding up my glass in a toast. “Luke! Look! We’ve escaped Muscle University. We’re with people who …” I gasp, “aren’t huge, freaky bodybuilders! I’d say the Uber fare was worth it!” Luke takes another swig of his drink. And now he’s got that look on his face. The one he gets when he wants to ask me something and is weighing up whether he should or not. I feel a flutter of excitement. Come on, Luke. Ask me if I’m gay. Ask me if I like you. Ask me if you can reach out and feel my flexed biceps. “Can I ask you a question?” God yes! I groan. “You’re not gonna go all Jeremy Kyle on me again are you?” He smirks and looks a little sheepish. Ask me if I want to fucking kiss you. “Do you do this with your friends back home? Analyse them to death?” He pulls a face and shrugs. “Mmmm! Not really. But I know them well so … I don’t really need to!” I roll my eyes and playfully sigh. “Go on then!” “Mmmm! Forget it!” Luke says shaking his head and taking a sip of his drink. Fuck! I went too far. I feel a kick to the stomach. “Okay, how about this. You get to ask me three questions that I have to answer. After those three I’m not obliged to answer anything!” His mouth curls into an excited grin. “Mmmm. Deal!” “Okay then. Fire away!” My body’s buzzing. My heart’s beating faster. Here it fucking comes... “Are you happy here?” Fuck! Well I wasn’t expecting that. My chest suddenly feels tight. It’s the first time anyone’s asked me that question since Johnny Hoxton right at the beginning of the school year. And even he didn’t ask me in such an open and direct manner. I suddenly feel a bit cagey. I have no idea how I’m supposed to answer Luke’s question, so I do what I always do in these situations. I resort to humour. “Mmmm. Yeah! It’s a pretty cool pub!” I say shrugging and looking around. Luke rolls his eyes. “You know what I mean. Are you happy at Montgomery?” And now he looks serious. Even a little nervous, like maybe he’s regretting it and realising that it might be too personal of a question. I groan and slump my shoulders down. “Sort of! I guess?” Luke’s biting his lip and looks at me pensively. “Sometimes I love it. Like, when I’m in Posing Practice 101. I mean I love most of the lectures. It’s pretty much the perfect uni course for me. But …” And now Luke’s giving me this kind, knowing smile. I let out a loud groan. “I just wish the uni was somewhere else! Like, imagine if it was in the middle of London. And we could live off campus!” Luke bites his lip and nods. “Or another city! I mean, even just closer to here would be better. But no, it has to be in the middle of fucking nowhere!” Huh. It’s kind of funny. I was nervous about opening up and answering such a personal question. But now I have, I actually feel kind of relieved. But it’s not just that. It actually feels really good to have opened up to Luke. Maybe even a little exciting. “Hmmm. I see your point!” he says. “Although … in a way I think it’s kinda cool where it is!” I just glare at him like he’s crazy. “Well it kinda reminds me of Hogwarts!” I shake my head and laugh. “For fuck’s sake!” “Only with bodybuilders instead of wizards!” he adds giving me this big goofy grin. “See, that’s the other thing that pisses me off! Bodybuilders! Everywhere I bloody look!” “Is that why you like hanging out with me?” Luke asks, with a little smirk. “Woah, woah, woah! When did I say I like hanging out with you?!” Luke smirks but he looks a little coy too. And then his face drops a little. Like he’s not sure whether there was truth to my joke. My stomach clenches. And now I feel bad. If only Luke knew just how much I like hanging out with him. “Same again?” I ask, pointing to his glass. He frowns and shakes his head. “It’s my round!” Luke gets up and heads to the bar. I watch him walk away. His cute, pert arse straining the denim of his skinny jeans. His little lats stretching the material of his tight, white t-shirt. And something lurches in my stomach. I think there’s this part of me that doesn’t want to like Luke. Doesn’t want to be having these sorts of feelings for him. Maybe for anyone. But another part of me does. Like, really fucking does. I check Instagram on my phone while I wait for Luke to come back. “You are getting LOADS of looks!” he says to me grinning, when he returns to the table. I give him a cocky grin and take a sneaky look around. I notice a gang of lads looking in my direction. And a couple of other people. “I think I know what your Instagram profile’s missing, by the way!” I say, shaking my phone at him. “Oh God!” he says. “What?!” “A picture of you flexing in your shiny, blue posing trunks!” I say matter-of-factly. Luke laughs. “That is NOT happening!” “Why not?! We can take one when we get back to uni!” Oh Jesus. I can’t believe I just suggested that. I take a swig of my vodka and coke and bury my head in my glass for fear of my expression giving anything away. Me taking a picture of Luke in his shiny, blue posers. Luke standing in front of me again in his shiny, blue posers. Both a little tipsy. Both feeling brave. Say yes, Luke. Please say fucking yes. “Okay, second question!” he says, deflecting from the subject. “Already?!” I groan, playfully rolling my eyes. Maybe I should think about becoming a fucking actor? “Go on then!” Luke bites his lip and suddenly looks seriously again. “And I want an honest answer!” He breathes a deep sigh and his chest heaves up and down. Like’s he’s nervous to ask. Yes I’m gay. Yes I like you. YES I WANT TO FUCKING KISS YOU. “Am I completely delusional?” I’m completely thrown. “What?!” Luke’s not saying anything. He’s just sitting there with a serious expression. I feel a sharp tug in my stomach. “Luke, what do you mean?” He sighs. “I mean, this! Me being at Muscle University!” He looks so fucking cut up. It’s obviously something that he worries about. I just want to reach across the table and give him a big hug. Anything to take that expression of worry and doubt off his face. “Where is this coming from?” I ask him. Oh God. I hope it’s nothing I’ve said. “I saw that comment on your Instagram post!” Fuck. Something rises in my chest. I feel a sudden rage at that guy who was mean to Luke. “Ugh. Fuck that fucking dick!” I spit. Luke looks surprised at my reaction. “Luke, you can’t let what people say on the Internet get to you. You don’t think I get negative comments?” “It’s not just that. I mean, I know what the other lads must think of me!” “Luke - they’re not thinking anything! Well, apart from the fact that you wore Harry Potter boxers to Posing Practice 101!” His expression softens and his mouth curls into a big, cheeky grin. I suddenly feel like I want to melt. “Look … you’re obviously smaller than most of the other lads in our year!” He pulls a face. “Okay, all of the lads in our year. But I’ve told you before, you’ll make so many gains. And fast! I mean, they wouldn’t have let you in if they didn’t think you were serious about the bodybuilding thing!” He bites his lip and nods, looking less troubled. I know I’m getting through to him. I know I’m making him feel better. He looks out the window of the pub. “I guess …” and then he looks back at me and rolls his eyes, “I just have impostor syndrome or something!” “I mean, we all have moments of worrying that we’re not good enough!” I tell him. “And worrying about what people think of us!” He raises one eyebrow at me and smirks. “Even you? The self proclaimed sexy bastard?” I laugh. “YES, Luke. Even me!” Wow. I never open up to anyone like this. Other than Emily, of course. Even just the thought of admitting something that could be seen as a weakness to someone makes me feel anxious. And yet, with Luke, I really don’t mind. I really don’t mind at all. “My round!” I announce, jumping up and making my way to the bar. As I do, I wonder whether Luke is checking out my huge arse and pumped lats the way I did with him. A thought which excites me to an almost ridiculous degree. I can feel people’s eyes on me as I stand at the bar in my black vest waiting to be served. I twist my head to look at Luke. And sure enough, he’s looking right at me. Then he suddenly looks nervous and looks down at his phone. Fuck! I go back to the table with the drinks, then mysteriously wiggle my eyebrows at him and go back to the bar. When I come back with two shots of sambuca, Luke rolls his eyes and groans. “I might need this for when I answer your third question!” I tell him, holding the shot glass of sambuca up. My stomach clenches at the thought of what that question might be. Although judging from Luke’s previous two questions, maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up. “I think you’ve got an admirer, by the way!” Luke tells me, signalling back to the bar. “Blonde girl in the blue dress!” I look back and this gorgeous blonde and her ridiculously fake tanned friend are looking right at me. I turn back and pull an “eeeek” face. “Not my type!” I say, shaking my head and burying my face in my glass. And now I’ve just realised what I said. Fuck! Luke suddenly looks a little awkward. Nervous, even. Ask me what my type is, Luke. Just ask me what my fucking type is. But he’s not saying anything. “Okay, hypothetical question!” I say to him. “What would you do if I went away and you had the room to yourself for the WHOLE weekend?” “That’s easy. I’d throw a huge ass party!” he jokes. “Who the fuck would you invite? Your only friend at uni would be away for the weekend?” Luke’s mouth hangs open a little and then he laughs. “Mmmm. Fair point! I’m blaming you for that!” “What do you mean?” “Well if I didn’t feel obliged to hang out with you all the time, I might actually make some other friends!” I laugh. “Oh, you’re obliged to hang out with me are you?” “Yep. I kinda feel bad that you don’t have many friends at Montgomery!” Ha! I love it. “Cheeky fucker!” I say, with a giggle. “It wouldn’t work being friends with the lads at uni. They’d just get jealous of me all the time. It’s the downfall of being this huge and handsome!” He smirks and rolls his eyes. “Whatever you say!” “Come on then! Answer my question. Whole weekend to yourself. What would you do?” Luke pulls a cute thinking face. “Hmmm. Oooh! I’d watch all the Harry Potter films. While just wearing my Harry Potter boxers!” I laugh. What a fucking image! “Why do I get the feeling that you’re not actually joking?” “I’m not!” “Well knock yourself out! I’m going to Bristol next weekend!” “Oh!” he says. And he suddenly looks a little winded. Fuck! “Cool!” he adds, trying to act casual. But he’s clearly bothered about the fact that I’m going away for the weekend. What the fuck does that mean? My insides are suddenly going crazy. “To stay with your friend?” Luke asks. Things suddenly feel a little awkward. “Yep!” I tell him. “It’s my birthday weekend!” His face softens. “Awww! Cool! So at what age does daddy stop letting you use his Uber account?” “When I become a pro bodybuilder. And stop saying daddy!” Luke smirks and looks at something over the shoulder. “Your admirer’s looking again!” he says with a cheeky grin. I shrug. “She’s only human!” He laughs. “Such a cocky bastard!” “Right - time for shots!” I say, reaching for my shot glass of sambuca. “Don’t you want your third question first?” Even though the questions so far have steered away from anything to do with my sexuality, for some reason I feel a weird stab of nerves. I pick up my glass. “Hit me with it!” Luke looks over my shoulder again, biting his lip. His expression turns serious. “Come on!” I order. “I’m thinking!” Luke looks down at the table in thought. Oh God. Just ask me. Just fucking ask me. “Okay!” he says. And then he looks up at me, and oh God - he suddenly looks nervous. “Promise to answer honestly?” Fuck! Surely this is it. Surely he’s gonna ask me. “I swear on my shiny pink posers!” His face breaks out in a smile. Then he turns serious again. “So …” Oh God. Here it comes. Luke’s looking over my shoulder again. “... if she’s not your type ...” And then he looks straight at me. His face full of uncertainty. “... who is?” Oh my fucking God. My chest is blowing up. My pulse is racing. And I have no idea what my face is doing. He did it. He actually fucking asked me the question. But then … oh shit. I suddenly feel panicked. Because what if, after of all this, Luke isn’t gay? And then I’m just a sad fucker with a massive crush on his straight roommate? Maybe that’s for the best. Maybe then I’ll stop thinking about wanting to kiss him and cuddle him. Maybe all of this madness and all these crazy thoughts will finally fucking end. But what if he is gay? What then? Oh God. I have to know. I just have to know. “I’ll tell you …” Fuck! “… but …” Fuckity fucking fuck! “... only if you answer the question too!” Luke looks nervous. But he’s smirking too. This excited little smirk. He cautiously nods at me. “Deal!” This is it. There’s no going back. “On the count of three, we both say a name of someone who’s our type at the same time, and then we down our shots!” I say, holding up my shot glass. “Okay!” Luke replies, picking up his shot glass too, looking even more nervous. “Could be someone famous!” I explain, “or … someone else! On the count of three …” I say, my heart beating faster. “One …” Say my name. Just say my fucking name. “Two …” Say Sebastian Wood. Say Sebastian cocky bastard twatface fucking Wood. “Three …” “JOHNNY HOXTON!” Luke blurts out over my answer of, “BLAINE HOLTON!” I down my sambuca shot in one and Jesus - my mouth and tongue are burning from the sharp, rancid taste. My head is spinning and my body feels like it’s on fire. But not because of the effects of the alcohol. But because Luke is gay. Cute, geeky Luke with his beautiful blue eyes and adorable dimple showing grin. Funny, awesome Luke with his hot little abs and sexy pert arse which spills out of the shiny blue material of his insanely hot posing trunks. Lovely, little Luke who I wanna kiss so very fucking much. “You fancy Johnny?!” Luke’s grimacing from the sambuca and sticking his tongue out. When the effect of the shot wear off, he’s just looking at me with this shy grin. He shrugs. “A bit!” he says sheepishly. “I guess I can see the attraction! I mean … he does have a pretty fantastic arse!” Oh my GOD. Did I actually just say those words out loud to Luke? He beams at me and I’m just smiling back and fuck - Luke’s gay. I literally feel like I want to explode. “So ... Blaine Holton?” he says, pulling a face. I laugh. “What’s wrong with Blaine?” “It’s just so … obvious!” I pull a so what face and shrug. “The man’s practically a fucking God!” Luke smiles but then his face suddenly drops, he breaks eye contact with me and looks down at the table in thought. Like something’s suddenly upset him. I have no idea what. Did I say something wrong? “So …” I begin. He looks up at me again. “Seems like I’m not the only gay guy at Montgomery University after all!” And now Luke’s smiling again. God those fucking dimples. He continues to smile back at me and fuck, suddenly there’s this atmosphere. And it feels like something is happening between us again. Just like it did when we were sitting on my bed the other day after the gym. My chest is expanding. My stomach’s going crazy. And all I wanna do right now is to lean over and kiss him. To kiss my definitely gay roommate Luke. “Right, drink up!” I order, reaching round to grab my jacket. Luke shoots me a confused look. “I’m taking you to a gay bar!”
  16. What a nice way to star vacation! Thanks Londonboy
  17. Ncgazza

    m/m The Vessel

    Thanks!!! I write what gets me going which is a lot of description!! Christophe’s journey has just started. He has a lot more growing to do!!
  18. Can’t wait to see what happens in chapter 10
  19. “Well, it looks like it’s just you and me . . . hey, what’s your name, little man.” “Jose.” “Good name. Well, it looks like it’s just you and me, Jose. Are you ready to go take on some bad guys . . . who actually used to be your leader and comrades?” “I only work for Mr. Alpha now.” “What’s that, Jose?” “I am your assistant, now . . . sir.” “Hey, I always wanted an assistant. Do you do laundry? Not that I have a lot. I mostly wear posers. I’ve just always wanted to ask someone that.” “I can do laundry, clean, and cook.” “You’re hired. When we’re done here I’ll take you back to my pad. Oh, do you do light repair work . . . you know, like holes in the ceiling.” “I do construction and painting.” “That makes you even more invaluable. I tend to break things, if you haven’t noticed.” “Trust me. I notice.” “Okay, to the big house we go, my friend, Jose.” The Ecuadorean smaller ex-guerilla had clearly become accustomed to the big man, in just a few hours. He raised his arms slightly, so Antoine could wrap a big arm around the guy’s torso for carrying. It was as natural as a child expecting his mother to lift him when he needed something, except, to Antoine, the small man weighed even less than a small child. The superhero had just lifted a tank as easily as someone lifts a paper cup. Jose was now an official sidekick. A normal human assistant, who would help clean up after Antoine got too excited and made a mess when he destroyed things. The giant knew his old friend, Marty, would be happy that he had a new ally in Jose. Marty didn’t appreciate Antoine’s strength the same way Jose obviously did. Mr. Alpha assumed he’d now get begged for strength feats at home. Each day would be filled with Jose making up labors for Antoine to do – just like some modern day Hercules. The thought of pleasing the little fella made the superhero contemplate wrapping up his present assignment in less than a minute – so they could head home – but then he realized all the exciting things he could do here to show off for Jose and that got him even more excited. By this point, Antoine had his new sidekick under his bulging right arm and was soaring through the air to land beside the big house. Jose was getting used to the way the powerful thrust of Antoine’s legs made the wind super strong as it whipped by his body. The big man, of course, felt nothing, but it was like being in the middle of a hurricane for his sidekick. After they landed, Antoine set the little guy on the ground. “I was thinking they could use some double wide French doors in this spot. You know, to catch those beautiful sunsets on those hills behind us. That’s me, always thinking of someone else. There are a few men on the other side of this thick wall, Jose. I’d stay to the side until they run out of bullets. Trust me, even though word had surely gotten out that bullets do nothing to me, they’re still gonna let loose like I was a hundred men invading. It’s just what the bad guys do – even if they know I’ll deflect them like they were feathers. Here we go. Stay protected little man. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get to watch all the good stuff.” “It is awesome, yes?” “What’s awesome, Jose?” “To know you can, how do you say . . . bust, yes bust in wall with hands.” “Oh . . . yeah, yeah it’s really awesome. There are a lot of things I can do. It will be fun to show you. It’s actually pretty easy for me to ram my fist through a wall . . . well, actually anything. I can punch through anything.” Antoine smiled at his little sidekick. He knew at that moment he had made the right decision to bring the strength junkie into the fold. Having an adoring fan around him all the time was going to be fun. Marty got tired of strength displays and destruction. Mr. Alpha had the feeling that his new partner had no limit to his love of strength. It was weird – the guy was not in love with Antoine, he wasn’t wired that way – but he was, however, in love with what the big man could do. Antoine turned back toward the wall and raised his larger-than-a-man’s-head fist to easily plow through the wall. An almost imperceptible light tap on his other biceps stopped him. When he turned to look down toward Jose, the small man was smiling and holding up his little pinkie. Mr. Alpha immediately understood. “I like the way you think, little friend. It is time for a workout for my little finger.” Antoine’s pinkie was actually thicker than both of Jose’s thumbs put together. The small sidekick kept renewing his envy of the big man’s hands every time he looked at them. He felt inadequate every time. Mr. Alpha pressed his small finger against the big wall. He applied pressure – the same amount another guy might push against wet tissue – and suddenly there was a popping sound and cracks started shooting out all over the concrete, originating from the fingertip. Tiny fissions turned into long cracks. Long, narrow cracks turned into big cracks, which then turned into gaping valleys until, with a loud crash, and elephant sized hole in the wall fell inward. Inside it had probably sounded like some kind of monstrous machine was barreling through the wall. The stunned looks on the guerillas’ faces inside made entering with just a pinkie push that much more exciting. Antoine just smiled at the armed cadre of soldiers as dust settled and the sound of destruction subsided. “Ooops, sorry fellas, I might have pushed a little too hard.” Antoine knew what was coming next, so he pushed his small friend behind the part of the wall that was still standing. He knew the minds of criminals – especially when they were introduced to the unimaginable strength of Mr. Alpha. All logic escaped the brain. No matter how many times these guys had been radioed that the giant, mostly naked muscleman that had arrived found bullets nothing more than a nuisance, that information left all consciousness as soon as they were gazing upon his massive bulges in person. Without even thinking, they wanted to put a ton of bullets between him and them – in hopes all the stories they had heard were untrue. Even if the guy had just taken out an insanely thick wall with what seemingly seemed like nothing more than a press you’d use to ring a doorbell, they hoped to heaven they could stop him or slow him down enough to make a run for it. Thousands of bullets shot out towards Antoine. And each one flattened against his hard flesh and fell to the ground. To make the guns look even more useless and to put on a little show, Antoine began to pose as he was sprayed with machine gun fire. It was sort of surreal, even for the superhero, to be throwing his arms into a double biceps pose or crunching out a most muscular as he deflected bullets the way most people’s bodies absorbed and popped bubbles. Jose was close enough to see the bullets compact on themselves as soon as they touched the muscled-packed body of Antoine. It was just like bugs hitting the windshield of a car traveling over a hundred miles an hour. The big man just kept on flexing – as if it was only sprinkling rain a little onto his huge body. Guns finally ran out of bullets and the cacophony ended. “I see you fellas didn’t get the memo. Your bullets don’t even dent in my skin – they do tickle a little. I’m sorry you wasted so much ammunition, but it really is your fault for not listening to the shocked voices of your friends earlier screaming through their walkie-talkies. Everybody give my buddy, Jose, your guns.” Antoine reached behind the wall and grabbed the back of his small partner’s collar. Lifting him off the ground easily and moving him through the hole in the wall and setting him on the floor. Jose still had his fingers in his ears because of all the rapid fire from before. He took his right finger out and made a meek wave to his former comrades. He then quickly went around the room and gathered the ten to twelve guns in the room. It was difficult for him to carry them, but he finally made it back to Mr. Alpha. The big man wrapped his arms around the bouquet of machine guns and squeezed – tightly. To say the guns molded together was an understatement. It was more like some giant machine had melted the middle of each weapon, wrapped them all together like someone wringing out a dishcloth, and then let them refashion into one glob as they solidified again. It looked like some weird piece of modern art. Jose wasn’t sure if Mr. Alpha had increased his body heat a hundred fold to make it happen or if he had merely squeezed so hard it happened automatically. Either way, it was impressive as hell. “I don’t think you guys will ever get those things apart again . . . and even if you did, I can guarantee you they won’t work. Just imagine what a hug from me could do to the group of you fellas. Whoa, the looks of fear on your faces say you’re definitely imagining it. Well, look at this, Jose. These fellas are trying to get into the door where the Ambassador and his family are imprisoned. It seems like something’s keeping them out. That’s a mighty big drill you have there, fellas, if I do say so myself – and I know big drills. Looks like you haven’t gotten very far. Mind if I give you a hand?” It was clear that Antoine’s earlier handiwork – inside the prison vault – had definitely worked. A computer console with multiple gunshot holes over near the door led the big man to believe the soldiers had gotten quite disturbed when nothing they did would open the mechanical door. He was sure they had chosen to machine gun the console – just to see if that would make it work. Now, they had a major heavy looking, artillery-grade drill, which they had been clearly using to try and get through the huge thick metal door. It was clear that the piece of machinery was so big it needed three normal men to use it. Antoine walked over and easily picked the thing up in his huge paws, handling it like it was nothing more than a water pistol. “Now that I’m here, guys, you won’t be needing this thing. I’m much more powerful than this little thing.” With those simple words, Mr. Alpha snapped the huge drill in two – ripping it apart being nothing more than child’s play for him. The thing screeched loudly as Antoine pulled it into two pieces. Jose was starting to love the sound of metal when it screamed because Mr. Alpha manipulated it in a way that was not normal. As a matter of fact, the noise was beginning to be an automatic stimulant below his belt. Antoine then smashed the two drill pieces together in his hands and pushed so hard that they basically became one. He then tossed it on the ground in front of the still stunned soldiers. The poor men still hadn’t gotten used to the powerful masked muscleman in front of them. “Let’s open this little door, shall we?” Antoine was so ‘in charge’ that he turned his back to the little cadre of guerillas and faced the huge vault like door that was about the size of a garage opening. The big man knew the soldiers were so enwrapped in what he was doing that they would be passive and obedient, even without him giving any orders. They definitely wanted to see what came next. Antoine’s back seemed almost as wide as the door, itself. He inhaled deeply, sending his shoulders back and highlighting his insane V-shape even more. The man’s physique truly was spectacular – even for a superhero. Antoine had not wanted to just be powerful – he had desired to look powerful, too. He wanted to be one of those men people always begged to take off his shirt. He desired to look strong and huge no matter what he was wearing . . . or not wearing. The big man could feel the others in the room admiring him – and feeling deep awe as they gazed at all his beefiness. “It seems the combination for opening this door, fellas, is pretty simple – it’s muscles, strength, and Mr. Alpha.” Antoine spread his arms and pressed his fingers against the metal of the vault door. His arms exploded with veins and deep striations as he pushed in – his fingers sinking into the metal as if he were some chef fingering dough. His hands sank into the thick steel until his fingers completely disappeared – total submerged. He braced his thumbs against the door and bent his fingers – anchoring them securely inside the steel frame. Every muscle on his body exploded as Antoine pulled – his upper body responding to the powerful pull from his biceps and his legs bulging out because of the door’s resistance. Mr. Alpha was immediately surprised that his super strength didn’t rip open the door with one tug, but then he remembered, that he, himself, had secured the thing on the inside, so he was battling his own work as well as the door and wall. The huge muscleman also knew, however, that the door would certainly submit – it would just take a little more effort. That was the best part of being a superhero, never having to doubt your power. Antoine, wanting to make sure he still impressed his onlookers, let out a deep, guttural growl and doubled the strength in his pull. Jose could not control himself when he saw what was happening. He made the sign of a cross on himself and spoke out loud. “Santo infierno and holy hell!” Muscles exploded bigger everywhere on the superhero. It seemed that he doubled in size or grew like the Incredible Hulk from the exertion. Ripping the steel door off wasn’t enough for Antoine; he was ripping most of the steel, double enforced wall off the front of the room, as well. The entire façade was coming off in his tight grip; like it was some kind of doll house you could open up to play. The entire house seemed to shift as Mr. Alpha pried steel from steel – tearing an entire room apart. Steel girders popped in two, concrete disintegrated because it was powerless against the man, and the entire metal front of the vault was carried away in Antoine’s hands. The entire room sounded like it was part of an explosion – the men shielded themselves in case the wall came tumbling down. That, however, didn’t happen. Antoine knew everything was connected to the giant thick metal wall that had been the fourth for the room. He continued to hold the huge thing in his hands and turned to his new friends. “Now that’s what I call an entrance! What does one do with a wall? I guess lean it up against another one.” The big man kind of looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He was looking around – trying to think of how he could best deposit his handiwork somewhere. Ripping off a wall isn’t something one does every day, so there wasn’t really a precedent set as how to handle it. Antoine carried it over to a far side of the big lobby-like room they were in and leaned it against the wall where his earlier hole had been shoved through with just a pinkie. He banged the thing around like a bull in a china shop – hitting the ceiling, knocking furniture over, and causing men to run quickly as to avoid being smashed. As soon as he had dislodged his hands from the steel, Antoine shot his arms into a double biceps pose and looked at his now freakishly big peaks. “There’s nothing like plucking out a wall to build up the arms. Wouldn’t you agree, Jose?” The guerilla-turned-sidekick merely shook his head up and down as he gazed at his new friend’s huge arms. They were now bigger than small children. The biceps ballooned beside Antoine’s head in a way that made him seem like a living morph. His strength was certainly amazing, but the combination of his strength and size was beyond what anyone would think possible. Antoine dropped his arms and walked over to the giant gaping entrance he had made to the prison vault. “Oh no, fellas, look. The vault is empty! There’s no Ambassador or his family. I completely forgot to tell you I saved them a couple of hours ago. Yep, see that big hole in the middle of the room – where the metal floor is ripped apart like wrapping paper. That was me, fellas – busting up through the floor and helping your prisoners escape. I didn’t let on because I still wanted to have some fun – you know, ripping apart a tank, deflecting missiles with my pecs, and tearing out walls with my bare hands. So here’s what I think you should do, my friends. I think you should jump down that hole and when you get out on the other side of the tunnel I think you should return home and be good men. I could have easily flattened all of you with the wall, but I didn’t, did I? I don’t think you all are bad guys; I just think you were convinced by someone to do turn bad. What do you say, fellas? Do you want to escape or shall I show you what these monstrous arms can do to each of you?” There wasn’t even a heartbeat between the end of Antoine’s question and the moment when every single guy in the room started running towards the handmade torn hole in the floor. No one doubted the strength of Mr. Alpha – they had seen what it could do, firsthand. They also had no intention of finding out what kind of damage a bear hug could do to their bodies. Even Jose, getting wrapped up in the moment and forgetting about Antoine’s earlier proposal, started running toward the hole. Seeing the wall so easily destroyed made him a little nervous about his new friend. Mr. Alpha quickly reached out and grabbed his intended sidekick at the back of his pants – lifting him off the ground as if he weighed nothing more than a toothpick. Jose’s legs kept pumping hard and it was clear the guy thought he was still traveling across the room even though he wasn’t moving. He finally stopped and looked up at the big man. “I didn’t mean you, Jose. I still want you as my sidekick, if you’ll have me.” The look of relief on Jose’s face definitely gave Antoine the answer he desired. It was quite clear that the little guy was still trying to grasp the full extent of the power his new friend possessed. It was not every day a superhero asks you to be his sidekick. What did you bring to the relationship to match his ability to fold a tank into something the size of a napkin or the strength it took to rip apart houses. Jose was still dangling in the air – held easily by the one hand of his big friend. That’s when they heard the sound of what could only be the motor of a plane being started. Antoine looked down at his friend and smiled. “Rubio is trying to escape. This ought to be good.”
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