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      Hello everyone I'm back with a couple big updates! Firstly we now have a Discord server, this is a real-time chat messaging client you can run on your phone, desktop, or anywhere. It's a pretty powerful desktop application that enables people to chat together, and with multiple channels you can find people interested in what you're interested in. If you don't already have a Discord account it's pretty easy to get one, just click the following invite link to get started: https://discord.gg/Ahzu9jC Secondly I'm proud to announce the return of Groups, it's been renamed to Clubs and is now available here: https://muscle-growth.org/clubs/. This system is entirely user generated and allows users to create groups of their own based on any subject they want. Go ahead and try it now, visit the link above to get started if you want to create or join a group!   As always thank you to all of our donators and Patreon contributors who keep the forums going! 

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  2. This article is a good (clinical evidence-linked) article on what works and what doesn't. Some of this may be surprising: https://legionathletics.com/muscle-building-supplements/ Here's an MG article on B Ecdysterone, a legal, effective herbal steroid analog (plant sterol) that works like a steroid but has none of the negative side effects, and costs about 1/10 as much as injection steroids:
  3. Please post galleries of your REAL, authentic body transformations here. Show potential sponsors the progress you're making already. Let us know what you're doing to make it happen!
  4. Post your top bodybuilding tips in written format, as well as links to articles and guides here. Show us what works best for you! Here is a useful intro guide on natural bodybuilding: https://www.jackedfactory.com/natural-bodybuilding/
  5. Post the best sites you've found on bodybuilding, hopefully rich in either clinical evidence or how-to guides. Here's a few for starters: PubMed.gov provides millions of clinical research articles to the public, for free. Downside: you need to know what you're looking for in advance, and knowledge of medical terminology will help: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ Bodybuilding.com provides lots of good bodybuilding information. Downside: very commercial and commercially-influenced: https://www.bodybuilding.com/index.html AndroMax Evidence-Based Optima for Male Health is basically a feed for evidence-based bodybuilding articles. Downside: requires Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AndroMax-Evidence-Based-Optima-for-Male-Health-107087019381676/
  6. Post some of the best bodybuilding websites you know of here featuring profiles. Bodybuilding.com features Bodyspace, which they've been running for a long time. Downside: not much capability for networking: https://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/ BigMuscle.com has lots of profiles of guys in various stages of development. Downside: not bodybuilding-focused: http://bigmuscle.com/
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  8. Post the Instragram profiles of your favorite, most inspiring, or most photogenic bodybuilders in this thread. Let's start with Canadian Patrick LeBlanc: https://www.instagram.com/patrick.leblanc69/
  9. This is a great, brief intro video on the sort of diet (heavy protein, re-upping on protein every ~3 hours) it takes to keep muscle growing.
  10. Thanks Tyler! Do you have a budget for the necessary nutrition? It takes a lot of eating, especially for an ectomorph, and timing protein intake has a lot to do with it also. Here's a related video that should help inform: Also, do you have or have you read any guides specific to tall ectomorph bodybuilders?
  11. You Might Not Survive the Experience (WARNING: SNUFF)

    Haha, this was just what I love about your stories man, your gift for description never cease to amaze me or turn me on immensely. I don't know if it was patterned off of Beyond Sexy by Zangetsu, not that you don't have a history of super sexy description, but it does remind me a lot of that, in terms that anyone who sees him in the flesh is guaranteed to cum harder than they had ever cum in the lives. But even so, this beautiful beast does more for me in a couple paragraphs than Mr. Sir did in about 3 or 4 stories worth of lines, and that's no dig at Zangetsu, that story was greatly written, but you just cram so much awesome stuff into so much smaller a space overall, and I give you top marks for that.
  12. New Gym, Part 1

    Awesome part 1, I can't wait for 2-100 😈😈😈
  13. You Might Not Survive the Experience (WARNING: SNUFF)

    This is a short story I wrote in a single sitting. Didn't bther with editing afterwards. If I made any dumb typos or mistakes, please forgive me - I wanted to get it published before I lost motivation!
  14. I am perfection itself. More than that. I almost feel perfection is an insult. There are many people that say they are "perfect", but there is only one of me. And I am more than any other man can ever hope to be. A lot of people don't believe that I really exist. That I am, in fact, a real human being. They think I'm just a photo, an image created by a particularly horny and talented artist. But I'm real. I know you want to see me. But I wouldn't want you to. Because, if you did, you might not survive the experience. You see, I am an enormous man. It's sometime hard for people to even recognize that I am human, that I'm not some God who descended on this Earth and took human form. Looking at my body is like gazing up from the floor of the Grand Canyon. It makes you realize just how tiny and weak and insignifant you really are. When you stand before me, the top of your head just grazing the bottom of my pecs, and look up, all you see is my massive chest, just two beautiful round heaving mass of muscle that flex and roll and grow with every breath of my lungs. My pecs totally eclipse your body, blocking out the sun, their size so impossibly, unbelievably huge that their bulging mass occupies every inch of your sight. You take a big step back, and tilt your head up thirty degrees. Now, you are staring straight into my nipples. They're perfectly shaped, so thick and dark that you feel an overwhelming need to kiss them, to lick and such on them. Breathing, eating, living, loving - you forget all these things. You forget your family, your friends, your children, your husband or wife. Because my pecs overpower them, just with their sheer existence, the way they subtly sway and bounce like a hypnotic lapdance. You grab them, then gasp, realizing that despite their elastic appearance, they are as hard as rock. You grab tighter, then try to punch them, but your hands fail to even dent my liquid iron chest. I chuckle - a sound so deep, so powerful, so masculine that you soak your pants right where you stand - and then hug my arms around you. You freeze - not because of the shock, but because you literally cannot move. My muscles are so impenetrably hard that, if you closed your eyes, you would really believe you are trapped between rock cliffs on a mountain. You feel how strong my muscles are - that if I evenly accidentally flexed a little bit too hard, your bones would shatter like cheap plastic. Even my veins are harder than your muscles, you realize, as the vein atop my left bicep rhythmically crushes your right rib with every pump of blood. I'm pumping out so much heat, you feel like you're in an oven, my body warmth alone causing you to sweat. My arms are literally wider around than your torso is, and unlike your torso, my arms are pure muscle. I remove my left arm, relieving your upper body of an intense amount of stress, and then extend it, fully straight at a horizontal. Even held this way, completely relaxed, my arms boast size proportionally obscene. With my almost nonexistant bodyfat, you can see every single muscle head - the deltoids, the bicpes, the triceps - and the way they lazily roll over each other, bowling balls of unfathomable size, every time I make the slightest move. I twitch, and my tricep erupts, flaring out to a size that proportionally would make Mr. Olympia green with envy. Then I flex my bicep, slowly, savoring the growth of the half-moon muscle until it peaks. I gaze upon it lovingly. These are my favorite muscles. They are perfect. Nobody has ever developed arms like these in the course of human history, and nobody ever will. Then I turn my sight towards you, and you subconsciously, meet my gaze. And then you forget. You forget that I am the tallest, largest, most powerful most muscular man on Earth. You forget who you are, where you are, why you are here, what you are doing. You only see my eyes. The most beautiful things you have ever seen. My gaze is so powerful that I gain complete control over you, just with my eyes. What color are they? You forget what colors are. They are deep as the blue ocean, mysterious as the green forest, intoxicating as brown wine. You feel yourself about to cum, so overwhelmed by my unfathomable beauty, a beauty that Narcissus himself would desire. But my eyes tell you not to. Just with a single glance, I override your brain's most primal needs, override your body's nervous system, and take control. I tell you to look at my face. You moan, heart yearing with sadness. How can anyone have such full, thick lips, you wonder. Such flawless cheekbones. Such a powerful jaw. This face cannot be real. If it were real, then the human condition is to be inferior. You despair. Nobody could ever be so beautiful. No other human being, none of the billions that walk on this Earth today or in the past or in the future, none of them could improve upon my perfection. If I were to reproduce with another, my offspring would only be tainted by my partner's inferiority. I must be fake, you tell yourself. It's your brain's protection mechanism, the way you preserve your own ego, the way you preserve the egos of the billions of humans around the globe. But then I do something that proves to you, indisputably, that I must be real. I give you a kiss. Your consciousness, for all intents and purposes, ceases to exist. You are only able to experience understanding because of the tiny thread of human awareness that my eyes have gifted you. You cum, over and over and over, producing new jism like a firehose, unloading at a rate that ought to be biologically impossible. My lips have filled your body with extreme sexual fulfillment, the likes of which nobody has survived. You are wracked with endless orgasms, the only thought imprinted in your mind is the feeling of my soft lips, the way my saliva tastes like sweet honey in your mouth. Satan himself could not grant a tenth of the pleasure that I gave you from that simple kiss, an action so easy and effortless and yet so incredibly deadly. You're alive. Your body refuses to shut down. The power of that kiss, even just the memory of it, is far greater than the pull of the afterlife. I still control your body, even as it shakes and vibrates like an out-of-control fucktoy. I unsheathe my cock. Had you been conscious, you would have died instantly, the mere vision of such a terribly huge fuckweapon too unbearable for the human mind. I place your open mouth on my cockhead and push it down, ripping your hyperextended jaw in half as my penis slides between your lips, fracturing the bones of your skull. I groan in approval, enjoying the massage your rapidly quivering body provides my cock, as I slowly slide myself further and further inside you. Muscles tear, bones shatter, a once-powerful human body broken by just the force of a single massive penis. My cock makes it all the way through you, and your body disintegrates, but not before you witness my own ejaculation. In those two seconds, I unleash more cum than you have in the entire past hour, despite the fact that you have been cumming constantly. I smile at you. You die, happy, gazing into the most beautiful face anyone has ever known.
  15. New Gym, Part 1

    Yes, more to come for all the guys, plus a few new guys on their way.
  16. New Gym, Part 1

    Fantastic! Hope there will be more of these two and maybe the rest of the gang!
  17. I read some of hpse comics a whhile agao. They were fun. Will be nice tor ead what you put on into this
  18. New Gym, Part 1

    Holy crap! This was awesom and it's just part one¿¿¿???' I need two and thee and more!
  19. New Gym, Part 1

    DEE Licious! DEE Liteful! Thanks! I needed that!

    Your goal to gain 25 kg (55 lbs) of muscle is laudable but don't focus all your hopes and dreams on that exact number. The vast majority of people find it very hard to build muscle - my personal estimate is 95% of the population - and only another 4% can build decent (but not huge) muscle size. Be proud of the gains you make and enjoy them.
  21. Hey the names Tyler 23, just moved to DC Currently 6’5 and around 190 lbs My goals are to get as big as possible! Want to compete someday if I have the right body type for it! Currently working on getting back into the workout and diet regiment. Been lifting on and off for a few years, and it’s time to commit fully! Fingers crossed can afford a gym membership soon! Here’s my newest progress pics IG: tytytheraveguy tumblr: tytythewhiteguy
  22. New Gym, Part 1

    It was my second day going to the new gym. I had taken the standard tour a few days ago. I moved to town about a month ago and had been checking places out since then. This one was the best. Lots of free weights and all the newest machines. Plus, a bunch of hot looking muscle guys. I’m 5’11”, 175, straight dark brown hair, light brown eyes, a nice smooth body, tight abs, nice size biceps, and decent pecs. I keep in shape with a religious exercise routine. I’m at the gym 6 days a week, weights mostly, but will do some cardio or swimming once or twice a week, just to shake it up. I also play a lot of sand volleyball which helps work out my calves. So I’m sitting on the decline bench, getting ready to start my set, and see a cute guy with curly brown hair across the room doing some lateral shoulder lifts. I see him glance my way, then look away. He continues his routine, not looking back at me. I cannot keep my eyes off him, he is so cute. His ass is firm and round. He’s about my height and weight. Man, I’d love to get with him. “Don’t even think about him.” Says a deep masculine voice from my side. I turn to see a 6’2” 220lb muscle god standing next to me. Muscles covering his dark brown skin, shaved head, skin tight tank top, basketball shorts, which are nice and loose. Tree trucks for legs, tapering down to some pretty decent calves. Chest and pec bulging. His nipples are protruding and firmly standing out. I wonder how sensitive they are rubbing against that t-shirt. Biceps must be 24 inches when he flexes. Right now, they’re not flexed, but still looking huge. Hmm, if not the cute curly haired guy, maybe this one… “He’s already got a boyfriend and you don’t want to get him angry.” Says the muscle man. “Really?” “Yeah. See the blonde guy over there is the blue and white t-shirt?” “Yeah.” I see the guy, 6’3”, close cropped blonde hair, bright blue eyes. Man, oh man. He rivals this guy in the muscle department. He’d be fun to get into bed. Marble plates for pec, softballs for biceps, trim waist, pretty good package from what I can see. “That’s his boyfriend. See the guy on the far side of the gym in the green shirt with his leg in a cast?” “Yeah.” The guy was big, like 6’4”, 250lbs. Most of it muscle, but the beginnings of a belly. “Well, his name is Scott and when he tried to get busy with curly one day, and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, Blonde came over, and let’s just say, if I and a couple other guys had not intervened, Scott would have a cast on the other leg and both arms.” “Oh.” I said quietly. “Yeah, oh.” He repeated back. “It started out politely. Scott saw Curly and walked up and started to talk to him, very nice and easy. When he started to intrude into Curly’s space, Curly backed away. Scott kept after him, crowding him, asking why he wasn’t interested in him. Curly says he’s got a boyfriend and Scott says, “Is he as big as me?” flexing a bicep to 19 inches. Curly quietly says “Yeah.” And this is when Blonde comes over. He’d been watching from the far side of the gym and when he sensed Scott was not backing down, he walked over. Blonde asked him to leave his boyfriend alone. He moved between Curly and Scott, but Scott didn’t get the hint and put his hand on Blonde’s arm to move him out of the way. Blonde didn’t budge, but instead grabbed Scott’s arm, twisted it around his back so fast it was a blur. He had Scott in a hammer lock and proceeded to lift him up off the ground. His bicep wasn’t even flexing. Scott was as light as a feather to him. Scott was in excruciating pain and started to cry out.” Blonde slowly lowered him down and with a steeliness in voice whispered to him “Do we understand each other?” Scott had nodded yes. Blonde slowly released the hammer lock and started to walk over to Curly. Scott reached for a twenty pound dumbbell, threw it, and it glanced off Blonde’s back and caught Curly on the shoulder. It knocked him down. Blonde slowly turned around and his blue eyes were now on fire. I, as well as a couple other guys, saw what was about to happen but Blonde was quicker and more brutal than I thought he could be. Without saying a word, he grabbed Scott by the waist, hefted him up a good foot off the ground, starting right into his eyes with an anger that caused me to start running over. He tossed Scott 5 feet away like he a wet towel and was on him as soon as he hit the ground. Blonde got in two solid punches to Scott’s midsection and Scott was curling up trying to protect himself. Blonde grabbed a leg, easily pulled it away from Scott’s fetal position, and simply snapped his tibia in half. Scott shrieked in pain. Blonde was going for the other leg when we got to them. It took three of us to pull him off Scott, and I think it was because he let us pull him off. He immediately got up, walked to Curly to make sure he was ok, and they left. He never even heard Scott crying out in pain. “Oh.” I said again quietly. “Yeah, oh.” He repeated. “So anyway, if you like to keep you bones as they are, give them a wide berth. They’re both really nice guys and great to get to know, but remember, Curly and Blonde are together.” “Got it.” We exchanged names and he asked if I needed a spot. I said not now, but would in a few sets as I worked up the weight. He said cool and to look for him when I needed the spot. He turned to walk away and tightened his ass cheeks as he walked back to his bench. I got to work, all but forgetting about Curly. I started with the standard 135lb, ran thru 2 sets. First set regular grip, 10 reps, second set was wide grip to work the outer chest muscles. Another 10 reps. Toss 15lb on each side, up to 165, same routine. Pull the 15’s, put a 25lb on each side, 185. Do 5 regular grip, rest, 5 wide grip. Feeling pretty good. Getting a good stretch. Add the 20 to each side, up to 225. Now I look for my new buddy. I see him a few machines down. He looks my way and I nod at him. He nods back, walks over and gets in position. “You need a lift off? How many?” “No, 5 or 6.” I close my eyes, take a deep breath and exhale. Tighten my core. Open the eyes, tighten the grip, un-rack and lower the bar. Then I push up. Feels good. Push out 3 reps easy. He senses me slowing and adjusts his stance to help if I need it. I push the 4th with a couple big breaths of air. Prep for the 5th rep. He’s staring right into my eyes with a look of determination. I lower the bar, rest it on my chest briefly, then push. I get it about half way up and start to slow. His giant hands come down to the bar and slide under it, just in case. I’m exhaling profusely and my back it arched as far as it will go. He says, “Take your time, straighten your back a bit, use the leg supports for leverage.” I listen to what he says and do it. With the new leverage, I power up the bar and feel I can do one more. I slowly lower it to my chest. I get everything set, legs pushing on the supports, back not completely arched, deep breath in. I start to exhale and push. It’s a nice slow smooth motion upward. I get to the top and blink letting him know to re-rack. He pulls it back with a clang. I lean up from the decline position and say thanks. He nods. All the sudden we hear a weight machine let out a loud clang and turn to see two guys doing standing bicep curls. A red headed guy about my size has dropped the weight and is grinding his ass into a huge muscle guy’s junk. My new buddy chuckles and says, “Looks like he’s found some new friends” I glance back over and see there is not one, but two red heads. Man, some guys have all the luck. “You know them?” I ask. “Yeah, the big guy is a buddy. The red heads are mischievous. Not sure who I feel more sorry for.” I laugh. “You doing more?” “Yeah, give me a minute to rest up and add some weight.” “K” “You need any help?” “Nay, I’m good, but thanks. Let me know when you’re ready.” I get up, hit the water fountain, check out some of the guys and see the twins are heading out with the big guy. I walk back into the bench area and see my new buddy on a flat bench and 4-45 plates and each side, 405lbs. He settles under the bar, no spotter around. He lifts the bar up, lowers it to his pecs, and powers out 10 reps with ease. I stand there, jaw open. He re-racks, leans up, and he sees me. He twists his mouth into a “Yeah, I know” look. He playfully bounces his pecs and winks at me. I start to sport a boner. He sees it and grins. He gets up, tosses a 35 on each side, 475, and lays back down. Again, no spotter, but he pushes thru another ten reps. I’m still standing there, full woody going on. He gets up, walks over, cups my erection, and says, “You may want to sit down for a second or you may pass out due to lack of blood flow to the brain. It all seems to be in your dick right now.” He laughs, smacks me on the ass and heads to the fountain. I walk back to my bench, add another ten to each side, but feel inadequate compared to him. He walks back and stands behind my bench. “Take your time, deep breaths every time. I know you can get this.” I get into position and he moves over the bar. I can see right up his shorts and see his package. I get distracted and take my hands off the bar. He asks, “What’s up?” I jokingly say, “My dick.” He says, “No shit.” I explain I am looking right up his shorts and it’s distracting. He laughs and say, ok. He adjusts his stance. I lean back down, grip the bar, close my eyes, deep breath. I un-rack, power thru 5 reps. He stands there and doesn’t move a muscle. I’m about to rack the bar and he nudges it back over my chest and says, “2 more little man.” I am now sweating profusely. I slowly drop the bar and begin the upward push. Chest muscles straining, biceps quaking, and legs pushed into the supports with every ounce of strength. I get the first one done and he still has not moved. I begin to lower the bar and it seems to have gotten heavier. I rest it on my chest for second. Deep breath and start to push. I get 1/3 of the way up and falter. I look up to him, he leans down, puts his hands under the bar, and says to keep going. I am breathing fast and furious. I am still struggling to push the bar up. It’s about ½ way up and not moving. It starts to drop, He grabs it and curls it up out of my hands and racks it. “Nice job. You’ll get it next time.” He says with confidence. He puts his huge hand on my pec and gives it a playful pat. I flex it instinctively. I reach my hand back thru and machine and pat his calf. He glances down and flexes it for me. I can feel the horseshoe shape in the muscle and massage it with me fingertips. He leans forward a bit, causing the muscle to flex just a bit more. A grin appears on his face. “I’ve got some more sets to do. You should finish your workout too.” “K.” Is all I say. He moves back to his bench, pulls the 35’s and adds a 45 and 25 to each side, 545lbs. Man that is a fucking lot of weight. I see he has asked Blonde to spot him and I stand way back to watch. He hefts the weight off the rack, biceps flexing, chest expanded, core tight. I imagine I’m sitting on his lap and feeling his dick get hard while I grind it, all the while he tosses the weight around like it’s nothing. Woody sprung and I snap out of it. He begins his set, dropping the weight to his chest, rests it for a brief moment, and then pushes it up, nice and smooth. I get the feeling he is not even close to maxing at this point. He does nine more reps, Blonde has not moved. He racks the bar, leans up, sees me, and says something to Blonde who then glances over to me and smiles. Blonde says something back to him and they both laugh. Now I feel small and turn to go to the pec fly machine. I get the feeling I am out of my league here. I start my set at 90lbs and easily go thru the first set. Adjust the weight to 105 and use my feeling of inadequacy to push thru that set of 10. Water break. I start to sweat and am twitching a bit. Fuck, not here, not now. Keep my eyes down and start to rethink if joining this gym was the best idea. I get back to the machine, up the weight to 120 and get thru 10 reps. It was harder as I was sidetracked by overthinking what was going on here. Couple weird people, broken bones, possessiveness. Not really what I wanted in a gym. I decide to finish the week and then cancel the membership. I walk to the windows, look outside, and take several deep breaths. Palms on the windows, shut the eyes, breath in thru the nose and release with a nice long exhale thru the nose too. 10 breaths this way. Calming down, feeling better. I wander over to an adjustable bench and start to do some pec flies. Start at 45lbs in each hand. I get a good motion going and check my technique in the mirror in front of me. I see my new buddy checking me out. I try to ignore him. No use getting into something which would only last a few days at best. I see he is moving toward the dip machine and has a belt and a couple 45lb plates with him. I decide to super set my flies with some push-ups. I do another set with the 45’s and drop and do 20 push-ups. I am really feeling the burn in my whole chest. It feels great. I get back on the bench and have upped the weight to 60lbs. I start my set when I see Curly walk over and arch an eyebrow asking if I need a spot. I nod no and he wanders off. I finish my set and see him talking to Blonde and my new buddy. Now my mind is really out of it. I decide the rest of my workout would be for shit as I am too distracted. I head out and see them watch me go. Stupid anxiety. I had suffered from it for a number of years, but with the change of jobs and moving to a new city, I thought I had gotten over it, guess not. I get to the locker room and sit on a bench to calm down some more. A few more deep breaths and I’m relaxing. I strip out of my workout clothes, grab a towel and my IPod, and head for the sauna. Thank god it’s empty. I lay on the bench, turn on the music, and close my eyes. The music is soothing and my brain slows and muscles relax some more. I am in my own world, thinking about my ex, and glad I made the change to the new city to get away from him. I am breathing deeply and feel the stress leave my body. I feel a hand on my leg and bolt upright. My new friend is in front of me looking me in the eyes. “Are you okay?” He asks. “Eh, I’ve had better days.” “Oh, sorry to hear. It looked like you were having a good day a little while ago.” “Yeah, but sometimes they can turn on a dime.” “Can I do anything?” I am silent. “Did I do something? You seemed anxious to get out once you saw me talking to Blonde and Curly.” “No.” I say evasively. I glance up at him. His dark eyes piercing mine like he is probing me. “Come on dude, give me some credit. I know we just met and we barely know each other, but I believe your feeling up my calf after your declines meant a bit more than “Thanks”.” I blush. “Ok, I’m not sure this gym is what I’m looking for.” “Why?” He asks. I proceed to list the three items I noticed and he just stares at me and breaks into a grin. I think he is laughing at me again. I get up to leave, and he puts his hand on my forearm and again asks what’s up. “I don’t really like to talk about it, but let’s just say I used to take medication to keep me on an even keel, but have been off it for a while cuz I thought I had rounded a corner and didn’t need it.” He arches an eyebrow and says, “Are you going to go all Hulk on me?” “Not that bad, but sometimes the little things can set me down a dark path.” “Dude that sucks.” “Yeah… A fun filled adventure. You should try it sometime. ” “What happened today, if I can ask? Like I said, you seemed pretty good and then just left.” “Yeah, I saw you and Blonde at the flat bench and saw the weight you were tossing around. I know I’m not in your league.” I wave my hand at his chest, arms, and abs. “But, when you and Blonde looked over at me and then seemed to laugh, I felt my insecurities creeping up. Then Curly comes up to me out of the blue seeing if I needed a spot. Knowing he’s with Blonde and off limits, it just pushed me over the edge.” I take a couple deep breaths and close my eyes to focus on something other than him. “Dude.” He says calmly. He’s staring into my eyes with a look I couldn’t pin down. “Please let me get this out, you asked.” “Ok.” He’s put his hand on my thigh, but it’s just resting on it, nothing sexual. I get a feeling he’s trying to help me steady myself. “I just got out of a relationship and moved to a new city to start over, yeah cliché, but he was the main reason for my anxiety and being on meds.” I pause. “I wanted to start over and just join a gym. Working out has always been my way to cope, well, working out and meds, but being off the meds has made me feel better, more clear in my head, if that makes sense.” He nod yes. “Well, when you walked up and struck up a conversation, it felt nice, normal. Then you started describing Blonde, Curly, Scott, the twins and the other guy, and I just pushed it away, you know, just gym drama and bullshit. But when I saw you tossing the 545 around like it was nothi...” He kissed me. He pulls away and says, “Dude, you’re babbling.” He laughs. “Well…” I say and he kisses me again, this time more passionately. “What are you doing?” “Shutting you up and hopefully calming you down.” He puts his left hand behind my head and leans toward me. He has a twinkle in his eye and is asking if it is ok if he kisses me again. I nob my head ever so slightly, saying yes. We start slow and sensual, wetting each other’s lips, tongues tentatively probing the other’s mouth. He moves his left hand down my back to my ass and pulls me closer to him. I wrap my arms around his neck. We come up for air. I’m definitely calmer in my head, but am sporting a major boner. “Can I ask one question?” He nods yes. “What were you and Blonde laughing at after he looked at me?” “Your woody. Dude, for someone your size and weight, you’ve got the goods that would make any guy happy.” He arches his eyebrow and puts his hand on my boner and tugs it a bit. “Feel better?” I move in to kiss him again. I run my right hand up and down his chest and abs. He tightens his core and everything gets hard. The towel I was using to cover myself looks like a circus tent. He glances down and giggles. I put my left hand on his right bicep and he gently flexes it. It gets hard in my hand and I sigh, exhaling warm breath into his mouth. He licks my lips again. I run my left hand up and down the bicep and move it to the triceps and gently rake my fingers over the muscles. Now it is his turn to sigh and exhale. I smile while we are kissing and he uses his left hand to pull me closer. “Is this the best place to do this?” I ask. “My gym, my rules. Nobody is going to bother us here, I 'm sure of that.” I pull back, “What?” “Oh, did I forget to mention that?” He says with a snarky smile. “How do you think I know so much about all the guys and their business?” I arch my eyebrow to match his. “Would you prefer the shower?” He asks. “Yeah. It’s getting a bit hot in here, and not just from your smoking hot muscles.” I lean in and kiss his right nipple and begin to suck until it is rock hard and poking straight out. He leans back and I move to the left one and do the same thing. I tenderly nibble it. He sighs. I suddenly stop and get up and walk out. I catch him staring at me as I leave. I playfully say, “Well...come on big guy…shower time, or are you just going to sit there all sweaty?” He jumps up, catches up to me, picks me up, and tosses me over his shoulder so my face is looking down his back. He casually smacks my ass and I reach down and slap at his. He laughs and carries me to the largest shower and turns the water, while still holding me over his shoulder. When he feels the water is the right temperature, he pulls me back over his shoulder and holds me by my waist under the showerhead. His biceps are slightly flexed and I am holding on to them for stability. I can tell he’s just showing off and has a lot more power in them. My boner seems to increase at just the thought of what he can do with his strength. He looks down, sees the rating erection and licks his lips like he’s about to start eating an ice cream cone. I get completely wet and shake water at him so he gets wet too. I can see his dick is full length and I use my thighs to gently massage it. He looks right into my eyes and pulls me in for another kiss. I start to squeeze my hands and he smiles and flexes his muscles just a bit more. “Muscle pig.” He says. “Dam right, and proud of it.” I laugh back continuing to play with his muscles. He turns so the showerhead is behind him, puts me against the wall, and moves his hands to cup my ass. We are still kissing passionately, tongues intertwined and swapping spit, and he moves closer, trapping me between the wall and himself. His dick is between my legs, probing my hole. I’ve put my hands around his neck, and he moves his hands so he is holding me up by my lats. I move my legs around his waist and interlock them behind him. He hefts me a bit and his dick is now completely under me and my body is in the valley between his dick and his abs. He moves his hands off my lats and puts them behind me, so he is hugging me. He’s not too tight, but I know I’m not going anywhere unless he says so. It feels safe. I feel safe and let out an emotional sigh. He picks up on it, stops kissing me, puts his lips next to me left ear, and softly blows warm air into it. I shudder. He asks, “Feeling better now?” I lick his left earlobe in response and he says, “I’ll take that as a yes.” He lifts me up a bit more and I can tell he is positioning me so he can enter me. “Not without protection big guy.” I pull back and look right into his eyes. “I’m clean, and I’m sure you are too, but…I want to stay that way and we don’t know each other’s history. Sorry if that is prudish.” “I get it.” He slides me down so I am back in the valley between his dick and abs. “Hold on.” I look at him quizzically. He turns off the shower, opens the shower door, and proceeds to walk us back into the locker room. He lifts me off him, sets me down, and gets a couple towels. I’m thinking, this is it, dry off and go home alone. Dammit, I’ve scared him off or he thinks I’m nuts. He hands me a towel and I start to dry myself off and he coughs. I look up at him and he says, “The towel is to dry me off, little man, not you…” He gives me an evil grin and just stands there, completely naked, arms and legs spread, basically inviting me to do what I want. “Boing” goes my dick and he just laughs. All he says is, “Be gentle, I bruise easily.” We both giggle. I start at his feet and work my way up and around him. Front of this calves, move to the back. He leans up to his tippy toes so the horseshoes in his calves are on full display. I take my time and make sure I get a good grope in while drying them. He seems to enjoy it. I move up to his quads and thighs and move the towel around pulling off every bit of water. I move to the front and slowly and methodically dry off his dick and ball sac. I caress his balls thru the towel and put my face as close to his dick as possible without touching it. I gently blow warm air on his dick and it expands a bit more. I promptly stop blowing on it and move to his backside. He groans and now it is my turn to crack an evil grin. “Maybe I’ll come back to it.” I cup his ass cheeks and he flexes so they are hard as granite. I massage each one and push the towel into his crack. He relaxes his flex and the towel slides in easily. I make sure to dry each side and the whole area around his hole, then down to the sensitive underside where it meets his balls. I stand up while keeping up the drying motion and softly kiss his spine. He groans again arches his back. My hard-on is raging and I’m dripping pre-cum at a steady rate. I know I’ll be blowing a load soon, maybe too soon if I’m not careful. As I dry his back off, he spreads his lats and I am amazed at how huge they are. I move my hands to either side of them and just feel the muscle and power they possess. He then thrusts his chest out and crunches his back together creating a ravine between the two sides. I run my hand up and down the area, just feeling the hard muscles. He relaxes and I move to his front again and start to dry towel off his lower abs. By this point our bodies are completely dry and this is just foreplay. I rub the area right above his very erect dick and work my way up his concrete abs, which he is flexing playfully. I run my fingers thru the valleys and over the ridges between each ab, softly caressing each muscle. I move closer and while I continue to finger his abs, I start to suck on his left nipple. He groans again and tilts his head backwards. I increase the sucking motion and move my left hand up to begin to play with his right nipple. I slowly move my hand around the sensitive outer area, then put the tip between my thumb and forefinger and gently twist it. He moves his left hand up and puts it behind my head and pushes me a bit closer. I increase the sucking and have started to slobber on him as well. He brings his right hand up and uses it to pinch my fingers so I am twisting his right nipple even harder. I think, “Works for me.” And I proceed to twist away. He is moaning continually. He moves us back to a bench and he sits down. I am still attached to his chest. I easily lifts me up and places me in his lap. My legs are splayed to each side of his waist. His dick is still rock hard and is now behind me thumping my lower back as he flexes it. My dick is between us and is rubbing across his abs, which he has flexed hard. He moves his hands back down to my ass and starts the massage my cheeks and slide me up and down his body. I take my mouth off his nipple, my hand off his other nipple and begin to enjoy the ride. I put my arms around his neck and pull in for another kiss. He’s waiting for me, with lips he recently wetted. We lock lips, he frees one hand and maneuvers it to take ahold of my unit. He starts to stroke it, I sigh. He is still using his other hand to move me up and down his body. Fucker is strong, I’ll give him that. I lean back and say, “Careful big guy or we’re going to need another shower.” “I hope so.” And he proceeds to pick up the pace of his stroking and my eyes roll into the back of my head. He’s now yanking me roughly, but it does not hurt. I’m grinding my hips, keeping pace with his motion. I move my arms from his neck to his biceps and lock on. He flexes them again. I dig deeper into the muscles, but he laughs and flexes harder so I am not denting them. That feeling combined with everything else launches me over the edge. I spew four loads. First one lands right on his chin and throat. Second one, smack dab in the valley of his pecs. Third one coats more of his pecs and dribbles down to his abs. Last one is just a sloppy mess on his hand. He slows his jerking motion, but I suddenly feel my back is getting wet. He’s blown his load as well. I look at him and say, “I would have helped you out with that.” He contently says, “Trust me kid, you did…you did.” I lean in for another kiss and splash my cum over more of his body. He doesn’t seem to mind. He’s waiting for me lips. I say, “Maybe I’ll give the gym another chance.” “Good to hear.”
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  24. Meditation for Muscle Growth

    Another addition. Sitting in diamond pose (modified with a sitting aid) is useful for most persons from the age of 18 upwards, and might be useful from the age of 16 or thereabout, but with some noticeable exceptions. People with painful knee joints (often elderly people) shall not use this sitting position. A chair with a hard pillow sloping forward on the seat (formed like a square wedge) will function better for a person in this situation. The forward-sloping hard pillow will cause the low back to not arch, and that will make breathing easier. Youngsters in the 14-20 range might be too restless to sit on a zafu or a meditation bench. The same might be true about some persons with ADHD, but remember that we are all individuals. If anyone is facing the problem of restlessness, it is better to sacrifice any benefits for breathing a diamond pose might have brought, and simply recline on a (hard) bed, a yoga mat or sleeping pad instead.
  25. Meditation for Muscle Growth

    English is not my native tongue. I hope Anglophones knowledgeable in different meditation methods will help you with that. The method I describe, and which is the one I have best experiences of, do not use music as an aid. That doesn't hinder you to invent another method with music, if your experience tell you that it is useful. Just let us call a spade a spade, and not mix up apples and oranges. Without a qualifier, the word 'meditation' might mean anything. Relaxing music may help some people, unused to meditation, to reach a state which is more relaxed than their everyday state of mind, which is good for them, but to fill your mind with music is still to force stimuli on your consciousness. If you are able to switch from music-induced relaxation into silent calming meditation after a while, it could be worth a try. Mindfulness (that related, but distinctly other, method mentioned in the report above) is not a miracle cure of everything. Some studies have found that it alleviates mild depression, but other studies have found that it might cause more severe cases of depression to become worse. One has to discern its usefulness from case to case. I think that the present hype about watered-down mindfulness cause less skilful instructors to carelessly guide persons who perhaps should stay away from meditation. Meditation is for many persons, but not for everyone, at least not at all times. Mindfulness and calming meditation begin very similarly, but go in different directions after a while, at least the original Buddhist (not watered-down) version of mindfulness. It turns into analysis of transience, death and other somber subjects, which is fine if your aim is to practice Buddhism, but not necessarily fine if you want to explore health benefits of any meditation method, regardless of which one. Focus on breath is more approachable for meditators of any worldview. I think that some practicioners of mindfulness use that one, too, but for preparatory purposes, not as a method in itself. Oh. And I might add: The taller anyone is, the higher meditation bench (s)he needs. Don't buy (or put together) a meditation bench not suited for your height. The wrong height of bench might cause problem with your spine (short person on high bench) or pain in your quads (tall person on low bench).
  26. Peter Pan

    https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11374-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11428-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11612-p1.html
  27. Meditation for Muscle Growth

    Awesome feedback, thank you! Can you link to any online resources that you recommend/use for meditation? Including music, methodology, clinical evidence.
  28. Meditation for Muscle Growth

    The watered-down version of a confessionally Buddhist method (which is what mindfulness is) doesn't fit everyone, but calming meditation (found in several religions, including Buddhism) is more easily used for a non-religious or neutral purpose. If stress relief is the goal, it could be worth trying to sit on a Japanese zafu (a rather hard and high pillow) or a very low meditation bench. Most westerners don't have the agility often found among South Asians and the Japanese, but any of those two aids, will make it easier to sit in the diamond pose. The diamond pose (if you use a sitting aid) will allow your low back to avoid arching, and it will make breathing effortless. The trick with calming meditation is, to not try to achieve a meditative state, because a focus on what you want to achieve will fill your mind with mental chatter. Your inner mental chatter will calm down, if you observe the presence of mental chatter in a dispassionate way, and then return your focus on your own breathing. Don't feel guilt because mental chatter occur. Don't cling to the breathing either. As soon as attention to your breathing has helped you to return to a calm state, allow your focus on the breathing to wane, too. Most people need a few trial sessions with this method until something happens, but most people are able to go into a serene, calm state after 10 minutes, after a few tries. Most westerners need a slow meditative walk after about 15-20 minutes, in order to avoid their feet to go numb, and then return to their sitting aid for another 15-20 minutes of meditation. Bodybuilders face a dilemma, when it comes to meditation and the diamond pose. If your calf training is very successful, you might become unable to use a meditation bench, but then try the use of a zafu instead. Calming meditation is not the same thing as visualizing meditation. Both methods have their own particular benefits, but the two methods don't serve the same purpose. And last, not a warning as such, but a pointer: Prolonged use of calming meditation might cause forgotten, more or less traumatic, memories to re-surface. If you have a shrink to talk with about such things, this is something good, indeed, but do not expect all effects of calming meditation to be happy-go-lucky. It is often a bad idea to try calming meditation (or any meditation) while on psychotropic medication.
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