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 Last modified on February 2, 2019.

Hello and welcome! This website has adopted a number of rules to protect itself and its members. These rules apply to every corner of the site - the forum, blogs, comments, photo albums, etc.

By accessing this site, you agreed to abide by the following rules plus the published terms of use and privacy policy:

  1. Members must be 18 or older. By accessing and continuing to access this website, you are stating that you are 18 or over the age of 18, and that the materials contained on this site are not illegal in your area. Any members found younger than this age WILL be banned.
  2. You agree not to post any illegal material on this website. Such as child pornography, stolen personal identification information, warez, etc. If you put anyone on this site or its operators at legal risk, you will be permanently banned without a warning.
  3. You will not under any circumstances compromise the workings of this board, its users, members and staff, or the files contained herein. This is not limited to: hacking, trolling, phishing, hijacking or redirecting threads, stealing account info, selling personal data of users, etc. This also includes Misuse of the "Reported Posts" system, using this system to troll on the forums will be considered improper use.
  4. Post personal information at your own risk. You have the option to keep yourself anonymous. If you choose to share any of your personal information it's your own risk.
  5. You will not offend other users or staff. Any interactions with users, moderators, or administrators through private messages, irc chat, or the forum will be mature and civilized. If conversations devolve into offending other users, moderator staff will deal with the offending users. This includes all offenders, regardless of who started it.
  6. Members who insult others because of their gender, race or sexuality will be dealt with extra harshly. You’re going to meet some people here who are different from you, who may like stuff you don't and vice versa - you're still expected to treat them with respect.
  7. You will not plagiarize any other person’s artwork, story, or scan in any form. If you claim something as your own, you must be 100% responsible for its creation. If it is not yours, you must provide evidence of permission from its creator to alter or copy it. This includes tracing others’ artwork and rewriting others’ stories. This will also include copying post contents from other threads or sites without giving proper credit to the poster. Likewise if the author, artist, or website is apart of our Do Not Post ("DNP") list, only the author has that right to post their own work.
  8. You will not spam other users, either through PMs, messages, posts, replies, IRC chats, signatures, avatars or in any other form or manner. Failure to comply will result in an immediate ban from this board.
  9. You will not use externally hosted images which direct to spam sites and/or Pay Per Click Advertising sites. This will be classed as spamming and compromise the workings of this site. So doing this will result in violations of this rule, and rules 3 & 8 and will an immediate ban will be given.
  10. You will post things in the proper categories. It is not the moderator staffs’ job to clean up your messes. You’re an adult, you can read.
  11. You will warn users if you post material that others may find objectionable or extreme. The best way to protect yourself from the anger of other users is to simply tell them what a thread contains right in the thread title or tags. If another user ignores this warning, and then complains or flames your thread, you may report them for that violation. They will be dealt with accordingly.
  12. Creating multiple accounts for a single member is not allowed. There is no need for a member to own multiple accounts for whatever reasons one may have. This will only create a bigger load on our servers, as well as causing confusion among members.
  13. We do NOT delete any accounts by request. It's your decision to join this forum, if you wish to leave. simply don't return. All emails sent to us with demands about deleting your account will be ignored.
  14. You will not alter modifications made by staff. To be specific, if a moderator adds a message to a post of yours or edits something out (it will always be made clear what and why), you will not go and delete or change their message or put back in whatever was taken out. Doing this is considered an especially large offense and you will be punished severely for it. If you have legitimate concerns about a modification made to a post of yours, try contacting a administrator of the website.
  15. You will not link to sites or services which make you invite/register people so that you or others can be compensated. This includes pyramid schemes, certain kinds of viral marketing campaigns, and sites such as Lockerz which ask you to recruit people in order to gain some kind of compensation (points, prizes, money, etc). Such posts will be considered spam.
  16. How we handle offences:
    We have now implemented a new system to handle offences. A new infraction system has been created. Said Infraction system is based upon numbers, each infraction adds a number of points to the member's tally. When the tally reaches a certain threshold, he/she is automatically muted (unable to post). Should the breaking of the rules continue, a suspension (temporarily banning) will take place. If after returning from a temporary ban, and the trouble persists, a full ban will be implemented. Infractions include, but are not limited to:
    1. Trolling, flaming
    2. Improper use of Reporting Posts system.
    3. Spam
    4. Inappropriate Language (racist, sexist, etc)
    5. Harassment
    6. Duplicate Accounts
  17. If You Find Another User Violating These Rules, Use the report feature of this board. This will create a job tag for moderators to look over. Ensure your report includes a reason why you are reporting a post. If I don't know what they did, I have to waste time figuring it out.
  18. Do not PM the main administrator account. This account is meant for posting announcements and administrating larger parts of the board. It is not checked regularly and thus your PMs will not be answered.
  19. The shoutbox is not to be used for advertisements. The shoutbox is to only be used for general chatting with other members around the site. If you post advertisements to the shoutbox they will be removed and you will face a 48 hour ban from the shoutbox. Any further offenses after 48 hours will result in a permanent ban from posting in the shoutbox.
  20. Impersonation is not tolerated. It is an offense to claim to be somebody that you're not. If your profile is marked as a "real profile" and your identity comes into question by staff, you may be required to provide proof that you are who you say you are. Attempting to deceive people by claiming your marked "real profile" is you, is grounds for immediate removal from the forum.  

    You agree to abide by these rules in their entirety, and your continued access of this website shall constitute acknowledgment of these rules and any updates or modifications thereto.

    It is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with these rules and any changes to them. No user shall be “grandfathered” in.

    For all occasions, remember that civility and politeness will get you everywhere on this board. Being a dick, however, will simply get you banned.

    If there are any questions or concerns about these rules, please start a thread in Problems and Suggestions. The staff will answer your questions.

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By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.