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  3. Looking for stories with a lot of contact, touching and worship scenes.
  4. What an incredibly well written story. A fascinating main character. Really love his progression so far. You really do have an astoundingly original story here and it's beginning to get very hot.
  5. Such an awesome, hot chapter! There's some speculation that this was the final chapter, and it wouldn't be a bad place to end if it was. However, I really hope it continues. I love the fact that Seth got the others to participate in the fetish session for Trevor. I still think Jack is an a-hole over all, who enjoys his torment of Trevor for more than just fun, but maybe I'm misreading him. The reveal of everyone's sizes, especially Jack's and most especially Seth's, was absolutely amazing. I loved the use of the ladder and how it still wasn't enough for Trevor to measure Seth's height. As to the question of whether Elongro causes mental enhancement, I'm undecided. Remember, Seth was the short, kind of nerdy, guy at the beginning of the story. His normal intelligence, along with his incredible height, build and attractiveness, could be enough for him to be a tremendous success.
  6. gracias de hecho ya tengo el siguiente caption como al 80% solo falta terminarlo y traducirlo
  7. The thread seem to have deteriorated into a Find a RP partner thread. To answer your question: The darkest story I have written is The Security Squad , and it does contain some scenes outside my usual limits. It might be up your alley.
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  9. Ro20316


    Perfect. LMAOO this couple of chapter were amazing and i love the comedy touch on your part. I can not wait to read how He will take over Davis' ass (75)
  10. spacevlad

    The Wellspring

    LOVING where this is going. Keep it up!
  11. Why are there no normal sized people at this wedding? Did they not invite their normal sized families? I was sort of hoping he would bathe Trevor in his cum and make him eat it. I disagree with ploder that Trevor should get dumber. I think that would be too cruel.
  12. Oof, that buildup gets me every time. Love your work! Everything you've written so far has been amazing, you're definitely one to watch ☺️
  13. trying to remember the name of an story on the old forum. Involved two guys that discovered a formula that caused muscle growth. they cook up a few batches of it and take it to the gym so they could drink it while working out from what else I can remember the story ends with a the two guys exiting the locker room and finding someone chugging the formula. Thanks for your help guys!
  14. Probably not yet. But if this story were continued upon or expanded at different plots with different characters... the general public might be. Or they would simply fall to their knees because the giants are just too damn sexy.
  15. SPANISH Un día mi hermano menor se compró un extraño videojuego durante una venta de garaje, el juego se llamaba "Quest for muscles" y parecía una copia barata de skyrim en el explorabas un mundo abierto mientras peleabas con monstruos y subías de nivel. Sin embargo, había ciertos detalles que eran inquietantes el avatar de mi hermano era una copia casi idéntica de el incluso en el cuerpo era flacucho y bastante más bajo que la mayoría de los npc además cuando lo subía de nivel en lugar de estas comunes como Magia, inteligencia, destreza habían sido remplazados por cosas como bíceps, tríceps, pectorales, estatura, etc. cada vez que el personaje de mi hermano subía de nivel estos stats aumentaban ligeramente. No le di mucha importancia y dejé a mi hermano con su videojuego mientras yo me fui a dormir me costó un poco por que escuchaba ruidos de mi hermano aun jugando. "En algún momento se cansará" pensé mientras me quedaba profundamente dormido, ala mañana siguiente me desperté y los ruidos del videojuego aun sonaban ahora si estaba enojado ese enano había estado jugando sin parar toda la noche. Ese fue el colmo camine hacia su cuarto para darle una paliza por no parar de jugar. pero algo hizo detenerme al abrir la puerta en lugar de encontrarme a mi escuálido hermano menor en su lugar había un hombre gigante, sus piernas eran tan largas que sus enormes pies colgaban unos cm sobre la cama, pero lo más impresionante era su físico, sus bíceps eran del tamaño de melones, uno de sus pectorales era más grande que mi cabeza y a través de sus apretadas ropas se podía ver unos marcados abdominales. sin embargo, Lo que hizo que me congelara es cuando vi la cara del hombre gigantesco, unida por un grueso cuello estaba la cara de mi hermano menor con todo y sus gruesas gafas de nerd, sus ojos estaban fijos en la pantalla de la tv y en sus manos tenía aun el control de la video consola el cual se veía diminuto en sus enormes manos. En ese momento volteé a la pantalla y pude ver al avatar de mi hermano ahora con un cuerpo enorme matando a unos monstruos y subiendo de nivel."Genial! ¡Al fin llegue al nivel 100!" grito de repente mi hermano en una voz ahora más gruesa y varonil volteo hacia mí no se había dado cuenta de mi presencia y sonrió con una sonrisa malévola"Hola hermano una disculpe creo que me quede algo adicto a este juego, pero creo que valió la pena" dijo mientras hacía saltar sus redondos pectorales yo solo me quede en espectáculo mientras mi hermano "pequeño" se levantaba de la cama y su cabeza se elevaba más y más y más.... ENGLISH One day my younger brother bought a strange videogame during a garage sale, the game was called "Quest for muscles" and it looked like a cheap skyrim copy in which you explored an open world while fighting monsters . However, there were certain details that were disturbing the avatar of my brother was an almost identical copy of the even in the body was skinny and short most of the npc looked taller than his avatar, in addition when he was leveling up instead of the common stats like Magic intelligence, dexterity they had been replaced by things like biceps, triceps, pectorals, stature, etc. every time my brother's character level up these stats increased slightly. I did not give much importance and left my brother with his video game while I went to sleep ,it took me a while because I heard noises of my brother still playing. "At some point will get tired" I thought while I was sound asleep, the next morning I woke up and the sounds of the video game still sounded now if I was angry that dwarf had been playing without stopping all night. That was the last straw I walked to his room to give him a beating for not stopping playing. but something made me stop when I opened the door instead of finding my scrawnt younger brother in his place there was a giant man, his legs were so long that his huge feet hung a few cm out of the bed, but the most impressive was his physique, his biceps were the size of melons, one of his pectorals was bigger than my head and through his tight clothes you could see some marked abs. However, what made me freeze is when I saw the face of the gigantic man, joined by a thick neck was the face of my younger brother with everything and his thick nerd glasses, his eyes were fixed on the TV screen and in his hands he still had control of the video console which looked tiny in his huge hands. At that moment I turned to the screen and I could see my brother's avatar now with a huge body killing monsters and leveling up."YEAH!, finally reach level 100!" Suddenly my brother shouted in a voice now thicker and more manly, he turned towards noticing my presence and smiled with a malevolent grin"Hello, brother, sorry I think I was somewhat addicted to this game, but I think it was worth it" he said while bouncing his round pectorals I just stayed in shock while my "little" brother got up from the bed and his head was it rose more and more and more ....
  16. Not an update, but I stumbled on this story that has some great cock growth and massive never ending leaking precum and cum loads. I thought it fit the thread as motivational material. The first good description is at the end of Part 2 and it just gets better from there. One guys cock is so massive it almost hits the ground, soft, the massive head visible out of the bottom of his pants, leaks pools of pre as he walks. https://www.metabods.com/stories/sam-and-bolt
  17. AquarionzC


    I like how things solved itself within chapter like series episode, great job in outlining story!
  18. This is extremely hot and awesome. I love how long it is and how you really set the scene, providing numerous examples of Reggie lording his superiority over everyone else. I also love the way it ends. It has a great twist in what Brandon chooses. Thanks for posting!
  19. Chris and Dan squirmed in the warm water, their asses bobbing in and out of the bubbling pool. Drew smiled from the edge of his jacuzzi, he’d warned them not to use it. His two straight friends had made a huge deal about him buying the bath, they’d made plans about bringing back girls to fuck in it. Why did they think they could bring girls back to their gay friends apartment and fuck girls in his jacuzzi. They would regret it now if they could think for themselves that is. Drew pulled at his fattening cock, their asses did look good. Plus the moans the two straight boys were making was turning Drew on big time. He just sat at the edge, crossed legged, his meaty bulge at their eye level for when they turned around. He made sure to avoid any of the water, didn't want to get himself caught in its effects. They'd be in it long enough, Drew reached over to the controls and grabbed the setting's knob. He switched the mind mending jacuzzi from ‘subnami’ to 'jacuzzi’. He knew Chris and Dan wouldn’t have check what setting it was on before they climbed into it. Drew was saving the other setting 'studicane’ for himself, he wanted to test the jacuzzi's properties on someone else before he tested them on himself. As the bubbling died down Chris and Dan turned to Drew. Their bodies were still tight and rippled, but all body hair appeared to have vanished. Their lips looked thicker then usual and their eyes seemed dazed. Drew slipped in between the boys, their hands quick to slide beneath the water and fondle his speedo clad crotch. They started kissing his chest and moaning about how big he was. Drew smirked at that, while he was quite well endowed, he was shorter and slimmer then both of them, but he was now a god to them. Drew relaxed in the water, while his friends started to really try to get him off. Their hands pulling at his speedo, one already playing with his full nuts. Both of them kissing at his slender neck and chest. Drew and his two sluts barely heard the two girls that Chris and Dan had called banging on the door over their own moaning, not that Chris or Dan would invite them in now that all they wanted was cock meat.
  20. I loved how easily these beautiful giants are flirtatious, feels like they're always seducing anyone around two things: one, looks like the Giants love a worshiper around to spice things up. I wonder if they had already other worshipers around, or that Trev was their 'first'. In private, those worshipers enable the giants to reveal their true domineering personalities (that on a visible social plane would be frowned upon). Which is a very interesting turn of events. They all know that dominating the small ones should be 'wrong', but what they want to say instead is that it is 'damn right'. If Trev is their 'first worshiper' he might have opened a pandora box here. If not, he's just one more of a long line of people at their feet, and his submission has little to no consequence to them. two, we crossed a natural human barrier here. Above seven feet high, normal human bones, tendons, and muscles start to fail at the stress of such mass at those body ratios. At nine feet, and to keep those mega-Thor proportions of Seth and Jack (and not like the giant from GoT), bones need to be tough as steel, muscles and tendons to have the specific strength of Kevlar. These guys should be able to punch a brick wall as easily we can break a sheet of plywood. The writer doesn't need to address such things, but because of that, they have to be a different (evolved?) species by now. Isn't the overall population and society scared of them yet?
  21. When I think about it, several of my own stories mention technical equipment with electrodes and/or crackling power emissions hitting the protagonist(s), but, as far as I am able to recollect, I never call the forces or frequencies involved electricity, but by various suggestive pseudo-scientific names, like hypertrophic radiation, anabolic radiation, zythronic beams or vril power. Let me know, if any of these sounds interesting. If I re-use the general idea another time, I'll probably play with odic power, orgone or animal magnetism. There are a lot of discarded scientific theories from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, that would fill an entertaining literary purpose. In my story Forced to be bro, a coach put electrodes all over a young athlete's body, but I never explain if the pseudo-scientific force involved is electricity or something else.
  22. At the old forum, VladBath wrote a story called Scott, which probably fit your description. You'll find it here: https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/426.html
  23. Kinda like the Shazam, but with a slow transformation and not instant, doesnt necessarily go to the superhero style, A kind of a muscle growth where a guy gets electrocuted and grows few pounds(or more) of muscle, I made a finished story about it but not published yet since its full of writing errors and wrong grammars, Anybody got a story about it?
  24. Awesome story! The pictures so helped the story, well enhanced the story significantly 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
  25. Loki


    Two updates, Oooh boi. As good as ever, I’m so excited to read what happens next. You’re making me fan girl XD I can kinda see that Linus is opening up to the idea of being huge. Though maybe just a little bit..
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