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    Slow Grow

    Have you read Unstoppable?
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    (This one will take place in the überman universe. I recently read the story and it really stole my heart. I hope I can be just a good as the one who write it before. If any of the former writers don't want me to write this any further, just tell me and I will stop.) Chapter 1: Beginning. Life is strange, and Thomas was the living evidence of it. His parents were divorced when he was young, so he was used to them being sapperaited. He was a bit scared of the new woman of his father, but he knew he could trust her. And well, it wasn't all that bad. At his mothers side, he was only child, but his father has two kids of his new woman. And Thomas was always feeling lonely till he heard the news he would get a little sister. Thomas kwam directly what he should do. As young boy, he has dreamed of a bigger man spoke to him on street or suddenly would standing in front of his door, telling him he was his older brother. Thomas wanted to feel his little sister to him wat he wanted to feel to his big broter, if he would have one. Things would become even better when Thomas heard, two years later, he was also getting a little brother. He was so happy, he would become the best brother in the world, he told himself. But, things weren't always just as happy as it seems. When Thomas was arround his 5th age, he heard he had Autism. He didn't know what it mean back then, but looking back to it on later date, his world had satterd that moment. Starting with his best friend he had in his school, he was in tears when he told him he would go to another school. His friend smiled and say: Hey, don't worry, your my best friend, no mather how live got. Strange thing to say to a 5th year kid, but it became very important words fo Thomas the next years. But, things faded away by the ugly thing called time. At the time Thomas was in his 8th grade, he visit his friend. But, his friend told him, without looking at him, he would be moving away to Amerika. His father had fond a job there, and he was forced to take. Thomas mouth was dry after hearing that, could it be? Thomas was kind of froozen when he told his friend he had to go home. When he was at the door, his friend called him, he turned his head. 'Thomas.... are you gay?' The question came like a bash of Thor's hammer. Thomas only could stare at him and softly say: 'Y...yes.' 'Could you... come here?' Thomas walked to his friend, standing in front of him. His friend looks longer then before, also his clothes seems a bit tight. 'Can..can I try something?' 'What?' 'Can I.... kiss you? I wanna know how it feel. And... I don't trust anyother person.' Thomas couldn't say any other word. His friend placed his hand on Thomas' chest. His face was close, did his jaw just got more sqaure? Thomas could feel the lips of his friends touching his. He sunk away in a feeling he never felt before, like he had eat a whole bag of those pink crackeling candy. His friend let go of him and Thomas look into his green eyes. 'Well? How was it?': Thomas asked. Thomas could see some kind of weird look on his friends face. 'Could....could you please go?' 'Hey, what's wrong?' 'Please...go. I don't want to see you anymore.' Thomas was surprised by the reaction of his friend. He wanted to grap his friends shoulder, but he slapped his hand away. 'Go away. I don't want to do anything stupid.' Thomas left, stil surprised about the reaction. When he got home, his mother directly saw there was something. Thomas told his mother about the scene in the room of his friend. 'Hmmm. I don't know.' she said. 'Maybe he just strugeling with himself I would call his mother.' My mother did what she said while I was walking the dog. When I got back she looked to me. 'Sorry Thomas, but he told his mother he didn't want to see anyone anymore, specialy not you. Just... try to forget about it.' Well, easy to say, but Thomas tried. But he couldn't, the strange look on his friend was something he was puzzeling about for a very long time. But with time, the memory faded away and when he finish High school, it became just his: 'First kiss story' After High school, the real trouble started. He took two years off to discove more about himself and his autism, because he still didn't know much about it. In the same time, he joined a group who would held parties every weekend. And because he had time, he got to them. Like said before, life is strange. After half a year, the people he came in contact threw the group started to avoid him. He tried to ask what happend but everyone just said: 'You know what you did.' Well, he didn't. First he tough it was some kind of joke, to test him. But after 3 mounth, and they still keeping up the same story, he dicide it was enough. He ignored the people who had talk bad about him and tried to concentrate on the people who do like him. But, strange things happen, because new people joined the group and out of all sudden he heard he was the 'try not to became like him'-person. Thomas almost cried about that. After his pre school friend, he had only one real friend, and just when he tough it was going good, it goes all wrong again. Thomas decide to give it one last change and made him up for his last party. In the original plan, his friend from high school would go with him, but he broke his leg just on the day before. Well, the hotel room and the ticket were already paid, so he decide to go alone. The party was actually a disco with DJ's over the night. Thomas was bored after 1 hour already. No one wanted to talk to him and the few people who were talking to him were quick taken away by others. Arround midnight, Thomas walked to the bar to order a drink. Someone was tapping him on the shoulder. 'Wait for your turn.': he said. The person tapped again, Thomas turned and wanted to ask what the person wanted But he wouldn't get that far, because the first thing he saw was the black, round mouth of a pistol. Before he could ever reallise what it was, there was a clicking sound. There was not a single tough in his head, but he waited for the black nothing.
  6. acd889

    Just Add Water

    Agree with previous responses -- this is really great, hope you keep writing! Really sexy stuff. 😉
  7. Built22

    AJ & Noah

    yea 2 chapters of aj and noah!!! cant wait for them !! this is soo good
  8. DutchPump

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    I personally work out 60-90mins normally per session, go over that upper measure on lazy days when i dont have much to do so i take longer breaks, even professional bodybuilders don't work out all day so it wouldn't do him any benefit (likely even be detrimental during the gaps when he is off-cycle since the body is being overtrained and cannot recover as efficiently and quickly as when someone is on gear) plus you should consider that the bodybuilding lifestyle is pretty expensive, food and gear aren't cheap (darn that blasted HGH premium) so having two sources of income would benefit you there too being able to afford more and/or higher quality sources of food and gear, not to mention even he will age at some point and you need to keep in mind a reasonable pension scheme in the future which would greatly benefit from more investment from two parties instead of one, plus it can also be a safety net, if you depend on a single provider if they are left out of work for whatever reason for a period of time, your lifestyle will suffer immediately from the abrupt shortage of funds, having two incomestreams is a safer bet for a consistent lifestyle. Additionally, if you want kids in the future you should also keep in mind parental leave if you will adopt very young as the child will demand a lot of attention, and taking a baby to a gym surrounded by weights (and bacteria) isn't ideal (unless your gym has a daycare and they will care for children so young).
  9. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    Awww! Thanks, mate! 😊 Should be able to post more over the weekend.
  10. Studio77

    AJ & Noah

    Made my day mate. This is a brilliant story. Can’t wait until the next instalment. I am hoping AJ gets even bigger
  11. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    Fourteen “Wow! Noah, your arms look bigger!” I was sitting opposite Eddie at a Chinese restaurant in town and I’d just taken my jacket off. I couldn’t suppress a smug grin at his compliment. “The gym’s going well, then?” he asked. “Yeah! I’m really getting into it.” I hadn’t told Eddie about my trips to Scorpio’s with AJ. The idea of doing so made me oddly nervous. I guess I was worried if I started talking about AJ I’d give away my feelings for him. “Although my mum keeps moaning that I keep using all the milk for my protein shakes!” I said, rolling my eyes. “Protein shakes? You’re turning into a right little muscle boy!” he said, which made me grin even more. Shortly afterwards I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I was instantly filled with excitement. What if AJ had sent me a message? Or even another outrageously hot picture of himself posing in his trunks in the middle of his garden? I didn’t want to be one of those people who sat in restaurants or bars playing with their phone instead of talking to the person right in front of them. But still, as Eddie told me about the latest play he was putting together with his acting group, I couldn’t stop wondering what was waiting for me on my phone, and if it was a message from AJ. When Eddie retreated to the toilet I eagerly took my phone out of my pocket. I felt deflated when I saw that the vibrating was just caused by a text message from Naomi, which I momentarily felt guilty about, before realising that Naomi would completely understand. I hadn’t told her that I’d been going to the gym with AJ, either. Or that ‘d been messaging him on Facebook. I kind of liked that no one knew about us. It made whatever we were seem just that little bit more special. When Eddie came back I was still texting. “Sorry! Best friend. She’s coming back next weekend.” “Awww! That’s cool.” My phone pinged again. “Oh, she says I should invite you out next Saturday!” Eddie grinned and raised one eyebrow. “Oh, that’s nice of her. Tell your friend, thanks.” I smiled and playfully rolled my eyes. “Wanna come out with us?” “Sounds fun!” I knew Naomi would like Eddie, and vice versa. Pretty much everyone gets on with Naomi. I found it kind of weird how most of my friends were really outgoing. Maybe that was exactly why I got on with them. Because they were the opposite of me. I wasn’t convinced that two introverted people really worked that well together. “Ooooh! I can probe her! Find out some gossip!” Eddie’s comment reminded me that he really did like me. I felt a stab of guilt that I didn’t entirely feel the same, but also couldn’t help feeling flattered that someone felt that way about me. It was a nice feeling. The thing about going out with Eddie was that it was always so comfortable, easy and fun and we always ended up having such a great night out. And he was so charming and nice that I started to wonder whether I did actually like him, or at least could grow to like him. And even though I wasn’t exactly feeling butterflies, even though I’d spent the past three weeks thinking about another guy, there was something there between us. I couldn’t deny it. Which is why, whenever he made a move to kiss me on our nights out, I always reciprocated. “You know I like you, don’t you?” Eddie said to me a few hours later while we were sitting down in the pub we went to on our first date. His fingers intertwined with mine and my knee was pressed against his. It felt nice. And for the first time in weeks, I actually wasn’t thinking about AJ Jones. I guess it may have been my cue to tell him I liked him too, but I didn’t. To be honest, I’d never exactly been that forthcoming with guys. Even the ones I really liked. It wasn’t intentional. I guess I just wasn’t very good at talking about that type of thing openly. But also, a lot of the time, I wasn’t really sure exactly how I felt. Guys seemed to fall for me hard, and very quickly. And I very rarely felt the same. “But you know I’m only here for the summer?” I said. “I’ll be going back to uni in September.” “I know!” he said, gazing at me. “I’ll worry about that then.” And then we kissed again. Only, for the first time, it was actually me who initiated it. Which obviously pleased Eddie, because he couldn’t stop smiling afterwards. Surprisingly, I didn’t hesitate when he asked if I wanted to go back to his. My only concern was the tirade of questions I’d receive from my mum the next day. Eddie lived in a studio flat. It wasn’t the nicest of places, but it had a certain character. And would have cost at least twice as much to rent in London. Most twenty-something Londoners would have killed to have been able to afford a place like Eddie’s. Probably a fair few thirty-something’s too. I couldn’t help grinning as I looked at his DVD collection. “It’s pretty geeky isn’t it?” he said. “A little!” I said, playfully. “I make no apologies and give zero fucks!” he said. I chuckled. Along with pretty much every superhero film ever made and a vast number of box sets of sci-fi series, he had a surprisingly large number of Disney films, which, for some reason, I found utterly adorable. “OK, you get big points for the Buffy box set. What’s with all the Disney films, though?” “Oh!” he said, a little coyly. “It’s erm … a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. I dunno. I just love them!” I grinned. “Awww! That’s actually really cute.” “Hmmm. A bit like you then!” he said, wrapping his arms around me from the back. We ended up on Eddie’s bed soon after. We started off just kissing with our arms wrapped around each other. Then we undid each other belts and our jeans came off not long after and we started fooling around with each other. Neither of us took our t-shirts off for the entire time. It was a little awkward and fumbly. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it felt a bit mechanical. Like I was just going along with it for the sake of it. I didn’t cum, either. Eddie did. We giddily laughed as soon as he had and he jumped off the bed to clean himself up. When he came back, we started talking about which Disney films we liked and the moment sort of went. I had no desire to try and get it back either. Touching Eddie, lying in his arms afterwards with my head on his shoulder was kind of nice, even just to share an intimate moment with him. Nothing was really going on with my insides though. No fluttering. No fuzzy feelings. And definitely still no butterflies. His flat also had this weird kind of smell to it too that I couldn’t quite place. It wasn’t like AJ’s bedroom. I loved the smell of AJ’s bedroom. I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore head and an overwhelming urge to be back in my own bed. I fumbled for my phone in the pocket of my jeans lying on Eddie’s floor to check the time and saw the very thing that made my whole body want to burst with adrenaline. AJ Jones had sent me a Facebook message. I excitedly unlocked my phone, Eddie asleep next to me. AJ hadn’t just sent me one message. He’d sent a series of messages in the past hour. Fuck! “Guess what I’m doing? Watching Dom and Cole...STONED!” “It’s ducking MAD!” “Fuvking.” “FUCKING. ARGH!” “Noah. You up?” “You’re missing it.” And lastly, a single crying face emoji, sent just ten minutes before. Something twisted in my stomach when I saw that crying face emoji. I had the sudden, overwhelming urge to wrap my arms around AJ and make him feel better. Which was absolutely absurd. Because it was a fucking emoji. I could have easily just ignored AJ’s messages. Put my phone back into the jeans of my pocket and gone back to sleep. But I couldn’t resist. I suddenly wanted nothing more in that moment than to talk to AJ. My gorgeous, cute, little AJ. Careful not to wake Eddie, I took my phone and sneaked off to his bathroom. “I’m up!’ I texted. Three dots. “YAY!! Cookie! The Cookster! Ickle Noah Cook!” Sitting on Eddie, toilet, gazing at my phone, my heart just wanted to burst. It was the happiest I’d felt all night. “Hehe! You’re wasted!!” And then he sent three of the AJ emoji’s. I suddenly had the urge to tell him exactly what I’d named that emoji in my head. If there was ever a time to say it, it was probably then. “This is so fucking TRIPPY!!” AJ messaged. “Hehe! POTHEAD!!” “I’m watching the one where they go into Dom’s dream and they’re being chased by the massive doughnuts.” “I LOVE that episode!” I replied. He sent me the smiling and blushing face emoji. “They should bring it back. Do a revival series!” I typed. “OH MY GOD! YES!!” AJ replied. An idea suddenly came to me in that moment. Just popped into my head. I decided to run with it. “Or a spin off!” I typed. And then I quickly followed it up. “How about...AJ and Noah in the Land of Beef?” “OMG!! HAHA!! I LOVE IT!” My heart expanded. I loved it when AJ reacted in such a way to something I’d said, or messaged. “What would the Land of Beef be like then?” AJ messaged. “Full of shredded muscle freaks!” I typed, my cock growing hard at the mention of the thing that turned me on more than anything else in the world. “HELL YEAH!!” AJ replied. “Except maybe my character.” Then I sent the blushing face with eyes wide open emoji. “Hmmm. Maybe not at first. What if you started out as a regular sized person then slowly transformed into a monster throughout the series?” AJ brilliantly messaged. “Erm...FUCK YEAH!” “Hehe! The season finale could be your first bodybuilding show!” “GRRRRR!! You’d be competing with me, obviously!” I replied. “Of course!” And then AJ sent a message which made my head feel like it was going to explode. “I’ll be there to hold your hand.” Fuck!! My heart began to pound. I knew that it was most likely just an innocent comment, but something was racing through my head. What if it meant something more? Was there any minute possibility? Any remote chance, that there was something more to that comment? None of us were typing. I tapped the blushing with eyes wide open emoji, unsure of whether to send it. Fuck it, I thought. There was a pause. Three dots. And then no dots. Nothing. Fuck! The emoji had been too suggestive. He probably thought that I was flirting. Fuck, fuck, FUCK! And then it came through. One single emoji. The AJ emoji. I stared at my phone for the next few minutes. Neither of us were typing anything else. It felt like the right time to call it a night. It felt like a good note to leave on. The next morning I woke up with only one thing on my mind. The last thing AJ had said to me. “I’ll be there to hold your hand.” “Morning! You look happy!” Eddie said to me as he wrapped his arms around my waist and back. The ecstatic grin I’d been wearing as I’d thought of AJ had transformed into a sheepish smile as I looked at Eddie’s face, just inches away from mine. I felt like such a dick. “Were you okay last night?” he asked me. “Yeah. Why?” I asked, surprised. “I was only half asleep but it seemed like you were in the bathroom for ages.” FUCK! “Erm. I think I went a few times,” I lied, feeling like even more of a dick. “My bladder’s terrible when I’ve been drinking.” “Well, thanks for a good night, handsome,” Eddie said, his arm still gripped around my back. I smiled and closed my eyes. My whole body was buzzing. Bursting with excitement and happiness. Not because of the guy I was lying next to, his face mere inches away from mine while his arm wrapped tightly around me. But because I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of holding AJ Jones’ hand. And the next two chapters are mostly all AJ and Noah together in person! 😁
  12. Scriptboy

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    I try to make my time in the gym about 60 to 75 minutes max. I spend 30 minutes doing cardio (treadmill) and the other 30-45 minutes doing strength training.
  13. OneLuckyGuy89

    Mardi Gras Muscle Pt3

    God I love these old stories of yours. Are you ever gonna write more?
  14. sannong

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    I used to train a lot longer when I was younger (2 hours), but after that long you've used all your useful energy and mental focus and plateaued. For the past few years now I've been following John Meadow's training style and kept it much shorter, 45 minutes to an hour maximum. I move faster (1 minute max break between sets unless I'm doing squats or deadlifts) with more intensity. I find it works much better. If I'm cutting and doing cardio I'll do that for 15-20 minutes after I lift (doesn't count in the lifting time).
  15. I pop in every now and then. One day I’ll get another story up but life has dictated otherwise lately.
  16. thegermangiant

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Wow, hoffentlich geht es noch weiter!
  17. Saugeile Story von dir... Hoffe, die geht weiter... Wow, danke fürs Schreiben!

    1. BigBigger


      Hey! Danke für die Rückmeldung! Freut mich, wenn es gefällt!!!! 
      Versuche mich dranzusetzen. Wie gesagt, Story ist im Kopf fertig..... ;) 

  18. Florida20

    Pills that made a football team grow?

    I wrote a story called “The Chest” on the old forum that half meets your criteria. There is a ‘Nick’ and he grows in locker room and the football team gets a hookup. However, the suppliers are other players, not coaches. And that part of the story isn’t until chapter 9. Below is a link to the first four chapters. There’s a link to the remainder of the story in one of the comments. Sorry about the formatting issues on the old forum. I only got around to updating the first four chapters Hope that helps
  19. Both, I guess. So thanks for posting both. I usually get all of the pictures I need here, but I would like to see some photos from the contest.
  20. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    It's almost like you've read one of my stories before?! 🤔😜
  21. TonyPang

    Slow Grow

    Do anybody know the story that contain a charactor that have the muscles growth little by little until others begin to notice that he seems to be bigger. Or surprise when they see him shirtless for the first time that he look bigger than they thought. I'm still finding kind of this story but no luck for me. Thank you.
  22. muscledude78

    Muscle suit version 2

    Love the dress shirts!
  23. Kamaswami

    AJ & Noah

    Oh man, I'm loving this one, you're hitting all of the buttons. While AJ may be outwardly cocky (at least in his pics) , you know inside he's a bit insecure-does Noah think my hyper muscularity is gross, or is he into it? I can't wait for that moment when AJ finally stands in front of Noah and flexes his arm right in front of his face, and Noah knows it's for him. And Noah can completely appreciate the size, shape, and the dedication it took to make that freaky peak that's right in front of his face. I love being teased by muscle, and the pace with which you're giving us these stories is perfect. While I'd love more, you're killing me (in a good way) by making us wait. Keep up the good work my friend. I can't wait for the next installment.
  24. beefylover

    Grown Together

    Part 4 Luckily the bedroom was only down the hall so we didn’t have a lot of doorways to maneuver through. It wasn’t a huge bedroom, not very wide but pretty long, and it was made tinier by the fact that I had stuck a king size mattress in it. It looked kinda janky, but I don’t spend a lot of time in my rooms so there was no point in filling it up with stuff. Plus I roll around a lot in my sleep so having extra bed is nice. Considering our now massive frames my choice seemed almost fated. Jess went to lie down and had to catch himself. “Why is this so low to the ground?” “Because you’ve had such a big growth spurt, Sport!” I teased as I tussled his hair. He smacked my hand away. “Fair point, but I mean it feels like it’s lower than it would be even if I wasn’t taller.” He lifted up the comforter to expose the fact that there was no bedframe, the box spring sat directly on the floor. “Afraid the monsters are going to crawl out from under and get cha?” he joked, giving me a couple playful jabs into my sides. “Shut up.” I grunted as I pushed him onto his back and slowly crawled on top of him. “We aren’t here to discuss home furnishings; we’re here to have hot, giant sex remember?” He opened his mouth to reply and I kissed him to shut him up. He began rubbing his hands up and down my back and I could feel his cock, having gone a little flaccid due to the short break in how horny we were, start to swell. I broke from his lips and began kissing his neck, working my way down to his chest. I’d always thought Jess had had really impressive pecs and now they were even more so. I licked one of his nipples and I felt him shudder, his cock was like a rock now. I grabbed it and began to stroke, rubbing up at the tip and squeezing down to the base. Jess let out low moans with each pull, his massive toes curling and stretching. I stroked him for a bit, watching the head of his cock deepen in color, the skin stretching taught. “Damn, man, I’m already going to cum.” He breathed, his head rolling back with pleasure. “Just you wait.” The nice thing about my bed being so close to the ground was that I didn’t have to try and stand, his ass and my cock were at the same level. I pushed his legs up, grabbed my own massive member, and slowly began to push myself into him. “Oh God, yes.” I pumped slowly, going deeper with each thrust. I watched his body shake with every push. His pecs jiggled, and he moved his hands from stroking his own cock to rubbing his nipples. His chest was massive and as I watched I could see them becoming fuller, the nipples pointing farther and farther down. His shoulders stretched out and his head inched closer and closer to the wall. His legs thickened and I saw his toes stretch out. He didn’t seem to notice, he mind was elsewhere. His balls swelled bigger, stretching their way down. I grabbed them in my hand and felt their girth. They had to weigh about the same as an orange. With each pump he swelled bigger, muscles ripples, limbs stretched. I guess we weren’t done.
  25. MuscleGodInTraining

    Muscle suit version 2

    Oh very much so. Ha
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