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  2. max85

    muscle growth Muscle Island

    Hello! First time posting, but please leave suggestions/critiques. I work in a creative profession IRL, so I can take it. This is chapter 1 of ... well, at least a few more. It focuses on pectorals, but also features general muscle worship, situational/encounter eroticism, a bit of hairy guy appreciation, and likely very little actual sex. Just a warning if tha's what you're here for. One final note: When the main character says "God, he's so American", I don't mean it at all derogatorily—I'm just Aussie, and anyone else who's not American knows what I'm talking about C
  3. Today
  4. Trio

    muscle growth Awakening

    Thank you so much for this amazing comment! I used to feel like I had to write really big setups for getting to the best part, which is the growing one, the transformation, but now I found myself focusing more on it and building the story around it instead of "going for it". Thank you! Most of my recent work is on this line, if you like this one, if you'd like, you could check some of my other stories as well, Reborn a Soldier, The Transformation Monologue, Solidifying, those are short and go straight to the parts I like, representing what it turns me on, which is pure masculine muscular and m
  5. Here's Part 4 of the Maximus Protein Series. This is (seriously) the last chapter. Thanks for reading! Travis was on the floor, breathing heavy, covered in cum and sweat and drool, having just swallowed what must have been gallons of Dan's cum. I looked over at the tub of Maximus Protein lying empty on the kitchen floor. "Travis.... did you... drink..." "All of it" Travis said with an exhausted smile on his face. "I drank the protein, and I drank the special ingredient." He gestured toward sperm-donator Dan, who appeared to have fallen asleep right on the table in a
  6. YoungHunk69

    muscle growth Max’s Muscle Blog (Updated Daily)

    Unfortunately, I won’t be posting to the story this weekend because I’m pretty busy. Take a look at how far Max has come in just 16 days! He’s gone from this: To this: See you guys on Monday!
  7. RayWild16

    m/m Cory & The Machine #NSFW

    Much Thanks. Keep coming back for more. And don't forget to tell your friends. R.W.
  8. michaeldavid

    m/m Cory & The Machine #NSFW

    These are tantalizingly unique. Well done!
  9. michaeldavid

    m/m The things I do for friends

  10. MadMutter

    muscle growth Awakening

    That's a really hot little growth description! Great job, curious to see if this is a one-shot or if you'll use this as a set up~
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  12. Luap82

    m/m Muscle University

  13. RayWild16

    • RayWild16
    • muscleaddict

    Dear Muscleaddict (for want of a more familiar appellative),

    As a form of introduction, I would like to offer my own mean output, some of which is posted on this website. The other main work, Eleven-and-a-Half: A Magical Mystical Journey of Great Length, is available at www.raywilderbooks.com

    I have read a great deal of your works, including Muscle University, which I just completed. I find them to be superior in both their character and plot development.

    I would like to discuss something with you at your convenience. This is not a business proposition or anything of a legal matter. It is simply something I feel would best be addressed outside of the public eye. 

    Should you so choose to indulge me, please contact me at [email protected]


    Ray Wilder

  14. RayWild16

    hyper strength Feats Of Strength - The Intense Edition #NSFW

    To coin a phrase: fuckkkkkk yeah! Hope you cleaned up after yourself. Don't forget to tell your friends. Thanks R.W.
  15. fuckkkkkk! what a treat this was,
  16. Built22

    worship Life at Apollo Heights

    Wow incredible start
  17. Trio

    muscle growth Awakening

    I wake up. I stand there tied to a block of steel. My arms are stung by wires. It hurts, I scream in pain. I barely remember the events that lead to this moment, I can only remember being tied to this block, siringes being injected in my arms, the pain making me unconscious. Now I wake up, I feel pain, and in the mist of it, warmth spreading all over me. I can feel my blood being infected with what they're injecting in me through the wires, it hurts so bad, I scream in pain. As I scream, my whole body flex, as if I'm trying to embrace myself, bracing for something beyond my comp
  18. Feats of Strength - The Intense Edition by Ray Wilder This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person (don't we all wish), living or dead, is purely coincidental. Yes, fictitious animals were harmed in the writing of this book. I am devastated that I was not able to secure certification from the ASPCA due to this fact. Have your pets spayed and neutered. Original version of Feats Of Strength Copyright 1996 © by Ray Wilder. All Rights Reserved. Revised version of Feats Of Strength - The Intense Edition Copyright 2020 ©
  19. RayWild16

    m/m Cory & The Machine #NSFW

    PART TWO We’ve got a few days before Cory’s big secret, so maybe I should tell you a bit about myself. You know my name, Michael. You have a pretty good idea of what I look like. If not, just imagine your hottest dream with brown hair, blue eyes and a body that bulges in exactly the right places exactly when you want it to. At least, that’s how I see myself. Especially since having started working with Cory. I love my body. Really. I mean, it’s not like I spend the whole day staring at myself in the mirror or don’t talk to anyone else because I’m too good for them. Fact is, I re
  20. Last week
  21. Poking this to see if the Author is alive XD
  22. RayWild16

    m/m Muscle University

    Just a little plot hiccup I thought about in part 18. Doesn't Emily follow Woody's Instagram feed? Wouldn't she already know what Luke looks like from the selfie post from the bar?
  23. josef

    m/f Worth the wait...

    More? More! MORE!
  24. boardman

    m/m Cory & The Machine #NSFW

    Hot story
  25. Ro20316

    m/m The things I do for friends

    THIS. What a pectastic chapter! I loved it
  26. RayWild16

    m/m Cory & The Machine #NSFW

    PART ONE “Errrrrrch…” “Twenty-two and a half.” “Aw, c’mon, man!” “Well, pump it, man! C’mon. Squeeze.” “Ah, shit.” “Yeah, man. Twenty-two and three-quarters.” “Arrrrrch!” “Just a little more. One more pump, Cory.” “Ah, God, man. I’m startin’ to cramp.” “Little more. Yeah! Twenty-three!” Cory dropped his arm to his side, but the swollen biceps seemed determined to maintain its size, now that it had been abused for the sake of attaining the magic number. Twenty-three inches. He shook his upper arm and pressed on the release point just below
  27. phil67

    m/m The things I do for friends

    I feel like there is a huge lack of pec-fucking in stories which is such a shame, because pieces like this are so hot! Would love to see some more.
  28. Kymuscleboy

    • Kymuscleboy
    • boardman

    Happy Birthday (sometime this week)! Fellow December birthday (Winter Solstice) here.

  29. Tjdonger

    m/m The Symbiote War - Chapter 16

    As we the others, I look forward to more!
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