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  3. Definitely going to follow this thread because this is one of my dreams! Also going to head down to the store and check out those 3 items ASAP! Can't wait to hear about more progress Sannong!
  4. Chapter 2 The cart was the best place to get coffee and snacks on campus. It’s this little kiosk in front of the library. When we got breakfast, we’d always get it from the cart and then either sit at one of the picnic tables or on the grass. When I showed up, Dave and Luke were already sitting on the grass, Dave’s head in Luke’s lap. “What took you so long?” Dave asked, goofy smile spreading across his face. Dave’s smile was his biggest asset. His toned body, his perfectly styled blond hair, his clothes—those he worked at, almost to the point of vanity. His smile, though, was winning and natural, a movie star’s smile if ever there was one. I sat down on the ground, tossing my bag by the nearest tree. “How did you get here before me?” “I left when you did.” “You could’ve tried to learn the material without me.” Dave laughed. Still in his boyfriend’s lap, he replied, “I only took chem ‘cause I knew you’d help me. Studying gives me wrinkles.” I adjusted myself on the grass. My pants felt unusually tight around my ass, and the bottom of my shirt kept riding up, not enough to show flesh, but enough to be mildly frustrating. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Luke asked. “You sounded a little weird on the phone.” He ran his fingers through Dave’s hair as he spoke to me. “I was in a bathroom.” Luke and I knew had the same hometown. We’d been friends since middle school, and most of his personality hadn’t changed since then. He was always dressed in tight shorts and a t-shirt, even in winter. He had great legs and a great ass, and was not afraid of showing either off. He kept his brown hair super short so he didn’t have to fuss with it, and he usually hid his brown eyes behind a pair of sunglasses, but today was slightly overcast, so he left the glasses tethered to his shirt collar. Before college, Luke and I had been friends, but we really didn’t run in the same circles. Luke was on the soccer team and had all the jock friends. I was captain of the science club and hung out with all the stoners in the AV club. We weren’t exactly sure how our friendship survived the cliquishness of high school, but we’d entered college closer than ever. In fact, we decided to be roommates freshman year so we wouldn’t have to play roommate roulette. Three years later, we were still roommates. “No, there’s something different,” Luke insisted. Dave smiled. “Little Chrissy’s been working out.” “What? No!” I insisted. “Really?” Dave asked, sitting up. “Hmm.” He appraised me. “No, I guess maybe not. You looked a little bigger when I was lying down.” Luke faked a whimper. “My lap’s cold.” Dave made an obsequious half-bow. “Where are my manners?” He put his head back on Luke’s thigh. Luke returned his attention to me. “You do look good today. New shirt?” “I wear this shirt all the time.” While the three of us had been talking, James came over and sat down. In one hand, he had a to-go cup of coffee. In the other, he had a bagel in a bowl. “Did you know they make toast-flavored donuts?” he asked. “It’s called a bagel, James,” Luke said. James smiled brightly. “Right. It was a joke. A joke about bagels.” I never knew when James was joking. As James took his first bite, he turned to look at me. “Chris!” He sounded genuinely surprised. “I’ve been here the whole time.” “You weren’t you from behind.” I shook my head. “Everyone says I look good today. Maybe that’s what you saw.” “No. You were a you who wasn’t you, you know?” Luke shook his head. “You following this, buddy?” he asked me. “When James gets like this, I need a translator.” “He didn’t recognize me.” “That’s what he said?” James nodded. “Why, what did you think I said?” Luke chuckled and returned his attention back to me. “Dave said Victor talked to you in chem lecture and then you ran away. I want details.” The whole time we spoke, Luke kept stroking Dave’s hair. Dave, who was enjoying his Luke’s ministrations, had closed his eyes. Looking half-asleep, he chimed in: “Dave said Chris ran away holding a bag in front of his crotch.” James returned his bagel to its bowl. “Really?” “Have you guys heard of that ASMR stuff?” “Nope,” James said. Luke, however, had. “Those web videos of people whispering into microphones and crinkling paper and stuff?” “Exactly.” Dave smiled and opened his eyes. “I did one of those videos once. Got forty thousand hits the first day.” “Good for you, babe,” Luke in a playfully dismissive way. “But we’re talking about Chris.” “Right. Sorry. Go ahead,” Dave said as he closed his eyes again. I recounted the whole story to the guys, and they seemed convinced that I was, in fact, fine. James leaned in really close. His right pec brushed my shoulder. It was firm and forceful. He whispered into my ear, “Is this what does it for you?” It felt nice, but not in the same way it had back in class. “Very funny, James.” He leaned back and continued to eat his bagel. “I try.” “I think the part that really got me going was that he called me Big Guy.” “He called you Big Guy?” Dave said with a slightly cutting tone. “I know he was being sarcastic. Like calling a bald guy Curly, but I liked it when he called me Big Guy.” “Whatever floats your boat,” Luke said. He patted Dave’s head to indicate he was about to stand up. “If there is no crisis, then I’m going to go the gym. Some of the guys from the team are getting in an extra workout.” Dave’s eyes bolted open. “Can I come watch?” “Sure, babe,” Luke said with a small laugh. They got up and walked away, throwing a wave when they got as far as the library. When it was just the two of us, James locked eyes with me. “I like it.” “Like what?” “I like it all. I like that he apologized to you, that you got your rocks off without ruining your pants, and that you look really hot today.” “Well, thanks, James,” I said. “That is a weird way of wording it.” “I mean it,” he said, standing up. Before he left, he affectionately rubbed my back for a second and said, “Keep it up, Big Guy.” Then he walked away. I felt that same euphoric wave wash over me. After a few seconds, I was back to normal, but all my clothes were even tighter.
  5. Chapter 1 I was dreading chemistry class. He was going to be there: Victor. He was the asshole who rejected me so hard I cried by the dumpsters. It was a couple of days after he rejected me, and I just was not looking forward to seeing his smug face. But I was a chem major, so I wasn’t going to let him chase me out of a class I needed to graduate. I made sure to get to class early so I could get an unobtrusive seat in the back row. I normally sat down front next to Dave, but he’d forgive me for ditching him today. Chem lecture was in one of those auditorium-style classrooms with about 100 students. Chem lab, where we practiced what we learned in lecture, were much smaller 15-20 student groups. Since Victor and I didn’t have the same lab, I might be able to avoid him in the crowd. I blend into a crowd. Victor really stands out. He’s captain of the basketball team. Hell, part of what drew me to him was that he’s seven inches taller than me—tall men just do it for me. And when the captain of the basketball team came out as bi, I thought I finally had a chance with him. Unfortunately, I was very, very wrong. So now, I was hiding in chem class. If I just hid well enough, I doubted he’d seek me out. As class began, I didn’t see Victor or his beautiful face anywhere. Maybe he skipped lecture today. That would really be the best outcome. I took out my notebook and began taking notes. It was ten minutes into class when things went haywire. I was in the back row, but there was a walkway behind that. There must have been a door back there I’d never seen. I was innocently listening to the professor and taking notes when I felt a large hand on my shoulder. I looked over my shoulder and saw Victor. His bright brown eyes, his perfectly coifed hair, his taut body, and a tuft of chest hair peeking out from the collar of his polo shirt. “Hey, Big Guy,” he cooed. I swooned. I didn’t even mind the ironic nickname. He was so close to me, and so handsome, and the physical contact. A shiver of pure bliss overtook my whole body. “Victor,” I managed to say. This was followed by an overly long, uncomfortable pause. “I’m trying to take notes.” “I see that,” he said. He leaned in closer so his mouth was right up against my ear. “I’m sorry I was so terrible the other day. It’s just, I’m fresh out of the closet. College athletes are among the biggest homophobes I’ve ever met. If you’d asked me in private, I would’ve taken you down gently. But you asked me in public, and I freaked out.” “That’s okay,” I lied. I just wanted him to keep talking. His whispers were warm and welcoming, and if I’d been standing, my knees would’ve buckle. “It’s not okay. I’m new to all of this. I still don’t want to go out with you, but you didn’t deserve that.” “Thanks.” “We good, Big Guy?” Again, my body shook in a wave of pleasure. Was that… did I just orgasm? From him whispering in my ear? I couldn’t have just spontaneously jizzed myself in front of the captain of the basketball team. Not while he was trying to apologize. “We good,” I whispered. I brushed his hand off my shoulder, grabbed my books, and raced out of the room through the back door I’d never seen before. I fled to the nearest bathroom, ducking over in a vain attempt to hide my crotch. When I got to the bathroom, I threw my books down and locked myself in a stall. I bent over to survey the damage. I was dry as a bone. And I wasn’t even at half-mast. Was this one of those ASMR things I’d heard about online? I’d never experienced one before, but if that’s what this was, I would start watching all of those videos all the time. I left the stall and went to wash my face and hands. When I looked up and saw myself in the mirror, I did a double take. I looked good. I looked real good. I had a glow about me; I looked healthier. The lighting in this bathroom was amazing. Even my clothes looked better: they didn’t completely hang off my body. Next time I had a date, I was getting ready in this bathroom. While I was admiring myself in the mirror, my phone rang. Thankful I wasn’t in the lecture when that happened, I answered it. “Hey, Luke. What’s up?” “Chris, buddy! Dave saw you hightail it out of chemistry.” “How’d he tell you so fast?” “He texted me. He always texts me during chem lecture.” “Ah, no wonder he needs my notes.” “What can I say? He can’t be without me for more than fifteen minutes.” I rolled my eyes. As much as I was encouraged by the nascent romance between Luke and David, their lovey-dovey phase was a touch obsessive. “Why did you call?” “Checking in on my buddy. You need to talk? Dave says Victor cornered you.” “Was he paying attention to the lecture at all?” “Of course not. That’s why he sits next to you.” I laughed. Dave need a science class to graduate. Any science class. He was a theater major and thought it would hurt his craft to actually learn anything like math or chemistry. I redirected. “Well, I’m good. Victor apologized for dumping me so spectacularly.” “Cool. Late breakfast?” I could tell from his tone that he was unconvinced. “Sure,” I said, admiring myself once more. “Awesome. Dave and James will meet us at the cart.” “Chem lecture lasts for another hour.” “And if you’re not there, he has no reason to be.” “True. See you at the cart.”
  6. Preface If it started somewhere, I’d guess it started with James. James was too perfect, too beautiful to be real. I’d always secretly suspected deep down inside that he was an alien sent to our planet to observe us. It wasn’t just that he was gorgeous—but he was gorgeous. Tightly compact muscles that bulged enough to be seen through his clothes, broad shoulders that gave him a sway when he walked, a tight waist that gave him a dancer’s grace, a beautiful smile that radiated warmth, and chestnut hair that belonged in a shampoo commercial. And no matter how recently he shaved, he always had scruff that made him look like an action movie star. But again, there are lots of exquisite men that I don’t think are aliens. When I first met James three years ago, I was taken aback by his eyes. They’re violet. James insists that they’re just intensely blue and any violet that I see is just a trick of the light. He’s wrong; they’re violet. I know it’s not a trick of the light because when the light hits his eyes just right, they flash gold. How can his eyes be both violet and gold? Beyond his uncanny eyes, he always acts in a way that’s just… off. He doesn’t act like he understands the most normal, everyday things. He never shakes hands. He never wears shoes when it’s raining. He has weird holes in his vocabulary. He eats all of his meals out of bowls. Little weird things like that. And when it’s an uncommon situation… When our friend group (me, James, Dave, and Luke) went to an outdoor concert, James came dressed in a tux and brought a picnic lunch of wine and figs (in a bowl). When Dave went into the hospital after a minor car accident, James brought him three pet goldfish and a box of popsicles. When I told him I was gay, he asked, “What’s that?” And when I explained to him what it meant, he simply laughed and said, “Oh, Chris. Everyone’s gay.” Neither Dave nor Luke think James is an alien. Quirky and weird, sure, but not an alien. Hot guys don’t have to behave normally if they don’t want to. But if it wasn’t James who started this whole thing, I don’t know who was. Or what was. Maybe nothing did As I recall it, I was hiding, and James sought me out. I was outside, sitting behind my dorm on a stone wall set up to separate the dumpsters from street view. I was crying. Yet another guy had rejected me, and this one had been a real ass about it. I know I’m not much to look at. Well, I wasn’t then. I was a gangly 5’11”, barely 110 pounds soaking wet. I had a boring haircut and wore bland clothes. But I’m funny, and smart, and the life of the party. I’ve never exactly suffered from a lack of confidence. This rejection was just brutal. In front of a large crowd, he cut me down to size for daring to ask him out. It wasn’t really what he said or did; it was how he made me feel. He was the tenth guy in a row to reject me just because of my looks, and I’d never felt so small or unimportant in my life. So, I went out back by the dumpsters to cry, and James sought me out. He put a hand on my shoulder and said, “A guy like you deserves to have your deepest wish come true.” And, as the sun moved from behind a cloud, his eyes flashed gold. At the time, I took it as just a nice thing to say to a friend who was crying, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe James isn’t an alien. Maybe he’s magic.
  7. I recently started spending more time here, even contributed a few posts, which I did veeery rarely in the past. I don't remember when I first started reading MGS (now simply MG, I guess?), but that was over 10 years ago for sure. Seeing what's been going on the Internet over the years, things such as the explosion of Facebook-like social media, change from the anonymous network to pressure to write stuff under your name/surname, what happened with Tumblr, personal blogging being a big thing and then almost disappearing - generally Internet changing and evolving - I sometimes wonder what's going to happen with places like this, which stay more or less the same for years. This forum is the only place where I don't have to explain to anyone why and how I am attraced to muscle guys. I don't get those idiotic reactions like "oh, but all gays like muscled bodies, that's nothing special". People here understand all the good things and bad things that come with being attraced to muscle. We understand that we differ in what we like and everybody's welcome to share their own muscle-related thing whatever it is, without judgement. It's really a great place where things which are difficult to explain outside are pretty much obvious and met with understanding. I don't see any part of Twitter or Facebook or whatever ever replacing this. What I want to say is that even though I'm far from the biggest contributor to this forum, if for any reason it was to close/disappear, it would be a big personal loss for me. I really do hope it never comes to this.
  8. So glad I chanced into this with wo much written, as every chapter made me want to read more! Excellent characters, writing quality, plot development, and imagery. Remarkably high quality of everything. Cannot wait for the next part!
  9. "Perhaps I Took It A Little Too Far" I wish they continued that ending, he would have been massive!
  10. SPANISH Durante el verano mi padre me consiguió un empleo en una paquetería de un tío, mi padre dijo que era una buena manera de que ganara algo de dinero extra además de que sería buena forma de hacer algo de ejercicio. Yo era un muchacho bastante flacucho y bajo para mi edad el hecho de que prefiriera pasar el mayor tiempo jugando videojuegos tampoco ayudaba. Cuando empecé mi trabajo lo odié inmediatamente mi trabajo era literal cargar y descargar docenas de paquetes en camiones todo el día. Esto ya era en verdad cansado para la mayoría de los adultos, pero para mí en verdad era una tortura considerando lo delgaducho que era siempre terminaba agotado con los brazos y las piernas palpitándome de dolor después de haber descargado paquetes que apenas y podía levantar sin romperme la espalda. Sin embargo, todo esto cambio un día que una compañía extranjera contrato la paquetería de mi tío para llevar a cabo la distribución de una especie de suplemento proteico experimental yo escuche sin querer su conversación con ellos por teléfono un día que entre a su oficina. Al parecer este suplemento aún estaba en etapa de prueba y no se les permitía comenzar a venderlo sin embargo un comprador estaba interesado en él y había comprado toneladas del producto. Mi tío al principio no quería por que el negocio se veía bastante sospechoso, pero después de que le ofrecieran una cantidad enorme de dinero el acepto de inmediato Al siguiente día llego camión enorme lleno de costales de proteína cada costal era del tamaño de mi torso completo y pesaba unos 50 kg en promedio. No tenían ninguna marca o etiqueta más que la palabra "Proteína" escrita. Mi alma se cayó a mis pies sabiendo que tendría que descargar todos esos costales del camión y volverlos a subir a uno de nuestros camiones de transporte. Sin embargo no había nada que podía hacer suspire con resignación me arremanga las mangas de mi camisa mostrando mis brazos que parecían astillas, y me puse una bandana para que mi pelo no me cubriera los ojos y subí a descargar el primer costal como supuse estaba pesadísimo y no podía ni levantarlo , como se supone que iba a descargar todo un camión si ni siquiera podía levantar 1 costa?!, Abrase el costal con más fuerza contra mi pecho debía tener un pequeño agujero en alguna parte ya que al hacerlo una nube de polvo de proteína me roció en la cara metiéndose en mi boca y nariz e irritándome la vista comenzó a toser sin control mientras intentaba no ahogarme sentía un sabor chocolatoso en la garganta mientras intentaba tragar el polvo. Después de unos minutos de toz me empezó a recuperar sin embargo algo estaba pasando sentía como si mi cuerpo estuviera en llamas y como si estuviera más pesado sentí esa amor concentrarse en mi brazo el cual seguía con la manga arremangada y pude ver como mi pequeño brazo se comenzaba a inflar , parecía como un globo que habían conectado a una bomba de aire se continuo inflando hasta volverse el tamaño de una pelota de basquetbol lo mismo paso con mi otro brazo y el ardor se movió ahora a mis hombros que también comenzaron a inflare hasta volverse duras bolas de músculos el ardor se siguió expandiendo, mi pectoral anteriormente plano le crecieron dos orbes enormes de musculatura, mi estomago se expandió en 8 pack definido, mis piernas se engrosaron y alargaron para poder soportar mi ahora enorme peso. No podía creerlo sentí mis ahora enormes músculos duros como rocas, sonreí y me acerque de nuevo al costal el cual ya no se veía tan grande y con una sola mano lo levante con facilidad. Me empezó a reír el costal era más ligero que bolsa llena de plumas, "Jején tal vez este trabajo no sea tan malo después de todo., mhmm me pregunto si mi tío me podría cambiar mi paga por uno de estos costales…" ENGLISH During the summer my father got me a job in a small package store owned by my uncle, my father said it was a good way to earn some extra money besides that it would be a good way to do some exercise. I was a very skinny and short for my age the fact that I preferred to spend more time playing video games did not help either. When I started my job I immediately hated it, my job was to literally load and unload dozens of packages in trucks all day. This was really tiring for most adults, but for me it was really a torture considering how skinny I am, I was always exhausted with my arms and legs throbbing with pain after having unloaded packages that I could barely lift without breaking my back .However, all this changed one day when a foreign company contracted my uncle's package store to carry out the distribution of a kind of experimental protein supplement, and I inadvertently listened to their conversation with them by telephone.A pparently, this supplement was still in the testing stage and they were not allowed to start selling it however a buyer was interested in it and had bought tons of the product. My uncle at first did not want to participate since it sounded kind of shady but after being offered a huge amount of money he immediately accepted it The next day I got a huge truck full of protein sacks, each sack was the size of my full torso and weighed about 50 kg on average. They had no brand or label other than the word "Protein" written on them. My soul fell at my feet knowing that I would have to unload all those sacks of the truck and reload them to one of our transport trucks. However, there was nothing I could do. I sighed with resignation. I rolled up the sleeves of my shirt showing my arms that looked like sticks, and I put on a bandana so that my hair did not cover my eyes and I went up to unload the first sack .It was very heavy and I could not even lift it, how was I supposed to unload a truck if I could not even lift 1 sack?!. I hug the sack with more force against my chest, the sack must had a small hole somewhere because a cloud of protein powder sprayed me in the face getting into my mouth and nose and irritating my eyes. I began to cough uncontrollably while trying not to drown I felt a chocolate taste in the throat while trying to swallow the protein dust. After a few minutes of coughing I began to recover but something was happening I felt as if my body was on fire and as if I was heavier I felt that love concentrate on my arm which was still with sleeves rolled up and I could see how my little arm It started to inflate, it looked like a balloon that had been connected to an air pump continued to inflate until it became the size of a basketball the same thing happened with my other arm and the ardor now moved to my shoulders that also began to inflate until it became hard balls of muscles the ardor continued to expand, my pectoral previously flat grew two enormous orbs of musculature, my stomach expanded in 8 defined pack, my legs were enlarged and lengthened to be able to support my now enormous weight. I could not believe it I felt my now huge rock hard muscles, I smiled and I approached again to the sack which no longer looked so big and with one hand I lifted it easily. I started laughing the sack was lighter than a bag full of feathers, "Jejen, maybe this work is not so bad…I wonder if I can ask my uncle to replay my first payment with one of this sacks…”
  11. The world was twisting around Joey, it felt like he’d been dosed with something. He’d never tried acid, but he imagined this was what acid felt like. The walls were melting around him, the ceiling had floated away and the floor felt like it was turning to jelly as his big feet stomped over it. Joey was running back to his apartment, his thickly muscled shoulders swinging as he sped down the hall out of the elevator to his door. Everything was shifting around him, it even felt like his body was as well. His muscles, honed after years of sport and training felt like they’d softened with ever step. His general feeling of superiority was fading with every second. His meaty fingers were thumbing with the lock as he tried to force his key in. He wasn’t sure what was happening, but the door appeared to be growing larger and larger the longer he struggled to get it open. Joey shouted out to his roommate Dean. The fat ass worked nights and was probably already up and about. He’d open the door for Joey. The two didn’t get on, more tolerated each other. The apartment belonged to Dean’s uncle and it was nice place for a good price, so Joey couldn’t say no to it. Joey’s voice sounded strange, softer and higher pitched, not the bone shaking bass he’d had since puberty. The twisting and changing world around him was getting worse, everything was darker and Joey’s vision was failing. Only the door was visible, both his hands trying to open the door. For a few moments every was darkness as the door seemed to splinter into atoms and vanish from view. Then as soon as it had disappeared the door was back and Joey was able to push the key into the lock and open the door. With the door finally open Joey rocketed into the apartment, the walls weren’t melting anymore, and Joey’s vision was returning to normal. The world had righted itself again. Everything was clear and the apartment looked just like it always had. Only the ceiling looked far higher than normal, the short corridor leading to the apartments main living area was far wider than before. Only hours ago every footfall Joey made on the apartments carpet would stomp and thud, now it sounded like he was barely making a sound, like he was as light as a cloud. As Joey came into the joint living room kitchen that dominated the apartment a shadow fell over him and Joey came crashing to a halt. His body bounced backwards with a loud thud, it felt like he’d slammed into a warm brick wall. He was staring up at Dean, or at least someone who looked like Dean after a heavy diet and years in the gym, and made some sort of operation to explain the insane increase in the little nerds height. “Watch where you are going runt” Dean barked, his voice cutting through Joey Joey wanted to shout back, but he couldn’t bring himself to raise his voice. He just muttered a pathetic “Sorry” There was silence between the two roommates, Dean obviously bored, like he’d just pulled his newly immense bulk out of bed. His large hand idly scratched at the bulging basket of his dark briefs. Joey was still trying to work out what was happening. Dean was massive, beyond massive, he was hunky, sexy and oozing masculinity. Joey felt minuscule and weak, his entire life was upside down. He looked up at Dean, the big man bouncing a heavy pec. Joey pulled himself to his feet, they were small and delicate now, while Dean’s looked a little oversized for his huge frame. Dean caught Joey looking at his massive feet, the thick toes wiggled. “I’m up here runt” Dean ordered, laughing a little “Its not time for my feet’s tongue bath yet” Joey wanted to ask what the hell Dean was on about, but he found himself moving forward to hug Dean. His mouth running on its own steam, he was apologising to Dean for nothing at all, for looking down at his big feet. Something was terribly wrong, life shouldn’t be like this, it wasn’t how it was supposed to be. He was meant to be the tall, muscled one, Dean was meant to be a fat nerd. Instead they switched and gone further than either had been before. Dean was far larger and more manly that Joey had ever been, and Joey was so pathetically runty. Dean didn’t stop Joey from hugging him, the big man only sighed, crossing his thick arms over his wide pecs. Joey’s face pressed into the warm bulging briefs. He could feel the two heavy bull nuts pressing against his chin, the fat head of Dean’s soft cock was pushing between Joey’s lips. Joey began to suckle on it through the fabric of the briefs, his mouth overflowing with salvia in seconds. “What’s gotten into you today runt” Dean laughed “I’ve already fed you like four times this morning” Joey’s eyes widened in shock, but he didn’t pull his mouth away. His stomach suddenly felt full and was bulging. He was fighting two thought, one which wanted to drain Dean’s horse cock till those heaving bull nuts were empty and another which was trying to work out how to turn everything back to the way it should be. He remembered that in his previous life when he was a hulking man, a life which felt like it was centuries ago. He was in the gym, lifting and this girly gay guy was staring at him. Barely staring, his eyes flickering over Joey’s muscled every now and then, but that had been too much for Joey. He’d exploded, throwing a torrent of abuse at the poor guy. Claiming the guy was a pervert, that he was kinky freak who wanted to sniff Joey’s feet and be his sex slave. The gay guy didn’t react, he just waited for Joey to finish. When Joey finished the guy simply looked up at him from behind his long blond fringe. “Sounds like you’d enjoy being a foot loving sex slave” The words haunted Joey, the guy must be involved in the worlds sudden change. He’d have to find him. Joey tried to move, but his little hand were firmly planted on Dean’s thick thighs, his mouth clamped around the growing bulge between them. His body had over plans. Dean shrugged and started to pull his cock free of his briefs “Alright runt, another feeding before I have to hit the gym” Joey forget what the gay guy looked like, the heave thud of Dean’s cock hitting him across the face knocking the memory out of him.
  12. Looking for stories with a lot of contact, touching and worship scenes.
  13. What an incredibly well written story. A fascinating main character. Really love his progression so far. You really do have an astoundingly original story here and it's beginning to get very hot.
  14. Such an awesome, hot chapter! There's some speculation that this was the final chapter, and it wouldn't be a bad place to end if it was. However, I really hope it continues. I love the fact that Seth got the others to participate in the fetish session for Trevor. I still think Jack is an a-hole over all, who enjoys his torment of Trevor for more than just fun, but maybe I'm misreading him. The reveal of everyone's sizes, especially Jack's and most especially Seth's, was absolutely amazing. I loved the use of the ladder and how it still wasn't enough for Trevor to measure Seth's height. As to the question of whether Elongro causes mental enhancement, I'm undecided. Remember, Seth was the short, kind of nerdy, guy at the beginning of the story. His normal intelligence, along with his incredible height, build and attractiveness, could be enough for him to be a tremendous success.
  15. gracias de hecho ya tengo el siguiente caption como al 80% solo falta terminarlo y traducirlo
  16. The thread seem to have deteriorated into a Find a RP partner thread. To answer your question: The darkest story I have written is The Security Squad , and it does contain some scenes outside my usual limits. It might be up your alley.
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    Perfect. LMAOO this couple of chapter were amazing and i love the comedy touch on your part. I can not wait to read how He will take over Davis' ass (75)
  19. spacevlad

    The Wellspring

    LOVING where this is going. Keep it up!
  20. Why are there no normal sized people at this wedding? Did they not invite their normal sized families? I was sort of hoping he would bathe Trevor in his cum and make him eat it. I disagree with ploder that Trevor should get dumber. I think that would be too cruel.
  21. Oof, that buildup gets me every time. Love your work! Everything you've written so far has been amazing, you're definitely one to watch
  22. trying to remember the name of an story on the old forum. Involved two guys that discovered a formula that caused muscle growth. they cook up a few batches of it and take it to the gym so they could drink it while working out from what else I can remember the story ends with a the two guys exiting the locker room and finding someone chugging the formula. Thanks for your help guys!
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