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  3. I need a guy so huge he can barely move!

  4. HOT HOT HOT chapter! This is an amazing story!!!
  5. If you haven't read Chapters 1 through 15 - here are links: Chapter 1-7: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1689-the-symbiote-war/ Chapter 8: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4428-the-symbiote-war-chapter-8/ Chapters 9-10: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5517-the-symbiote-war-chps-9-10-and-eventually-the-rest/ Chapter 11 is on page 3 of the previous thread. Chapter 12 is on page 4 of the previous thread. Chapter 13 is on page 5 of the previous thread. Chapter 14: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15351-the-symbiote-war-chapter-14/ Chapter 15: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/19698-the-symbiote-war-chapter-15/ Chapter 16: Sunday Evening – What have I done? The walk back to Mark’s place was quiet. Mark seemed lost in thought. I felt as if my poor brain was short-circuiting. What does all this mean? What will this growth do to Mark? To our relationship? Will he be the same person? Am I the same person? I can’t keep my eyes off Mark – or more specifically, his new muscles. With this new growth, he’s now just a bit taller than me – but not enough to really make his pants look short. But it’s his muscles that are stealing the show. His shirt now clings tight across his pecs, and the neckline can’t hide the flared mounds of his traps. The sleeves are stretched tight around his bulging arms – which highlights the swell of his delts. I can see the muscles in his arms flexing as they gently swing with every step. But my gaze keeps returning to his pants – his muscle growth is really impressive down there. His pants cling to his well-developed quads and are now stretched tight across the shelf of his sexy booty; so tight that the pants sort of ride up and cinch under his butt – making the front pockets flare out like two elephant ears. Speaking of elephant… I can clearly see the massive outline of his erection pointing toward his hip – almost sticking out of his pocket at the waistline. It bobs up and down with each step he takes. Damn he’s hot! We arrive back at Mark’s apartment; he misses getting the key in the keyhole. “Hmm… The keyhole is a bit lower than usual.” He ushers me in and closes the door behind us. For a moment, we just stand there in silence staring into each other’s eyes. Finally, Mark lets out a sigh. “You must be a ball of emotions.” “Read me like a book, you have.” My tired attempt to channel some Yoda to lighten the mood. He smiles. “Like an open book, you are.” His ability to be nerdy is one of his many adorable qualities. But his genuinely warm, charming smile steals the show. And to have all that bound up in this tight package of muscles is just kryptonite for my heart. “It’s been a day.” Not knowing how else to sum up today’s turn of events. “How are you feeling?” He sort of spreads out his arms and looks down at his body. “This will take a bit of getting used to. But I can’t lie, I feel amazing. My body feels hard, dense. And I’m horny – like really horny – my cock feels like it’s going to bust out of my pants. Did Shawn mention anything about feeling this horny?” “Well… Shawn would typically cum after each round of growth. So maybe that’s the answer to your question. And we were focused on getting out of my dorm – so you haven’t had that opportunity.” Mark pulls his shirt off – revealing an impressive, dense-looking six pack of abdominals – tight and hard. He previously had sort of a lean, slightly muscle-y frame, but now any fat has disappeared, replaced by hard muscles vacuum-sealed under a thin layer of skin highlighting the dense cables of each muscle fibre. He runs his hands over his abs, and up to his pecs, giving them a squeeze. “Well, if he has a fetish for muscles, then this sort of growth would be quite a turn on.” “Yes, quite a turn on.” I say almost hypnotically – watching the muscle fibers in his shoulders dance as he feels up his body. “This feels a bit unfair. You’ve been working so hard in the gym to earn your hot muscles, and I’ve gotten these without any work. And I believe I may now be a bit buffer than you – no offense – you’re still a sexy muscle-stud.” “No apologies. You rescued me. And… This is so…hot.” I can’t resist. I reach out and cup his pec, giving it a bit of a squeeze. My thumb slides into the cleft between his pecs – I can feel the individual muscle fibres as they undulate beneath the skin. His skin is quite warm, and his muscles are hard – there’s no visible fat, so no cushion to soften those dense muscles. “Mmm…” I let out a soft moan. Once again, my hardon is straining in my pants. “Corr. You’re killing me here.” Mark reaches down and unbuckles his belt. I can see his erection – straining to poke out of the pocket at his hip. He undoes his button and unzips. In order to get his pants down, he has to push his boner in toward his hip – and with some stretching, he’s able to get his pants down past his impressive obstacle. He shucks his pants and stands straight up – he only has on a small pair of sexy red briefs – which are completely defeated by his massive hardon. He’s so rampantly erect that it’s pulling his waistband away from his hip – and I can clearly see a girthy piece of meat that’s almost as thick as my wrist – and long enough to poke past his hip. Previously, I had only caught a brief glimpse of his flaccid cock – which was still a good size. And I had certainly felt his boner through his pants – so I knew that he was carrying an impressive tool. But now… Mark reaches down and gives his boner a squeeze through his briefs. He lets out a low growl of pleasure. “…so horny…” Mark pulls his briefs down and releases his cock – the thick tree-trunk stands perfectly straight out from his body. “Oh fuck.” He’s perfect. “Yes, that’s exactly what I want to do.” He replies. He leans in for a kiss. I grab on to his hard delts and pull him in. He cups my ass with both hands and drives his tongue into my mouth. I run my hands across the mounds of muscle in his back and try to squeeze his firm glutes – they’re solid. His hard boner is sandwiched between us, I can feel it poking up into my abs – a very thick pipe that almost reaches up to my nipples. With tongues intertwined, we start making our way down the hall toward Mark’s bedroom. He pulls my shirt off over my head. And having his tongue out of my mouth gives me a moment to speak. “Mark. How is this going to work?” “Oh yeah… You have a point.” He picks up on my concern. “Perhaps a condom?” “That should work.” Mark leaps off to the bathroom while I strip off the rest of my clothes. He returns opening the wrapper and taking out the condom. He’s framed in the light from the hallway – the outline of a physique model who’s taken a liking to the gym. His glorious tree-trunk cock pointing directly forward is bobbing as he walks. I’m already at full erection, and my balls churn at the sight of the gorgeous hunk of man. “Let me get this on you.” Mark kneels down in front of me, grabbing the base of my dick. “You have such a beautiful cock.” And just before beginning to roll on the condom – he quickly rams my boner down his throat – providing a bit of lube for the condom. I can see a bit of moisture on his lips – was that pre-cum, or just saliva? If it was pre-cum, it likely wasn’t enough for any noticeable growth. Now that I’m covered, Mark stands up and we resume our tongue fencing. I used to be stronger than my nerdy boyfriend – but I would now agree with Mark’s assessment that he’s got the upper hand in the muscles department. He’s able to manhandle me down onto the bed – he’s on top and has me pinned – not that I’m trying to escape. My one hand is trying to make a dent in his ass, while my other hand is strumming across the ripples in his deltoid. Our two cocks are grinding against each other, fighting for space between our sandwiched bodies. I can feel the heat from Mark’s thick cock – and he’s leaking pre-cum – which is providing some lubrication as he’s grinding on top of me. Mark whispers, “I need to fuck you.” “With that giant piece of meat?” “I’ll go easy.” Like any good gay boy, Mark has a bottle of lube stashed beside the bed. He’s already got me on my back – he lifts my legs in the air and positions himself. He gently massages my hole with a lubed finger – teasing. My cock throbs and my balls churn with anticipation. He leans in for a lingering kiss, and then plants a trail of kisses down my neck and across my chest. His finger is gently massaging my prostate. My balls tighten up; my cock throbs. Mark removes his finger and directs the lubricated head of his cock toward my tight hole. I can feel the warmth and the moisture as he gently rubs his cockhead around my sphincter. He’s taking his time – my cock is throbbing in anticipation. Mark slowly begins to apply pressure, gently. He’s a pro at taking his time. His teasing is effective – my anxious anticipation is turning into eager desire – I want his cock deep in me. I feel the release as the thick cockhead fully enters. Mark pauses for a moment, leans forward and plants another string of kisses across my chest. I can feel him slowly rocking back and forth – applying just enough pressure to ease his massive cock in a little farther, and then backing away enough for me to feel the release. My cock is pulsing – I can feel every heartbeat in my raging erection. Mark continues to rock back-and-forth – his cock slowly driving deeper – I can feel the engorged head pushing its way farther up my ass. Finally, I can feel his firm balls nestled into my glutes. Mark takes a pause, leans forward and gives me a gentle kiss. Then he starts grinding – rocking back-and-forth – his cock pushing and pulling deep inside my ass. I am in ecstasy – my balls are clenched tight – my cock is on fire. He’s grinding my boner between our bodies. My hands are clamped tight on his glorious muscles – dense and hard to the touch. I can feel myself nearing climax. And I can also feel Mark nearing climax – as I can feel his thick cock swelling with the approaching orgasm. As he nears the edge, I can feel his muscles clench in anticipation – getting harder underneath my hands. This just excites me further – and then… Through my clenched teeth, “I’m gonna cum!” And I can feel the moisture flood my abs. Oh no! The condom has come off! It’s been dislodged with all that back-and-forth grinding. Mark hasn’t been swelling with an approaching orgasm – he’s been absorbing my pre-cum! And now I’ve just cum all over my abs! Mark is still lying on top of me – still eagerly fucking my ass. And now I can feel my cum drying up, being absorbed by Mark’s already gorgeous body. The first thing I notice is the surge of growth in his cock – the thick cockhead pushes a little deeper and the girthy shaft swells further. I can also feel Mark’s muscles growing – he’s becoming heavier. His pecs widen and push harder into my chest. I can feel his delts widening and thickening underneath my hands. And his eyes inch slightly up toward mine as he adds new height. He’s clearly stronger than me now – his thrusting is increasing in intensity. Impaled on his cock, I’m grinding on the bed as he’s fucking my ass. “Oh fuck yes!” (that’s me) “I’m gonna cum!” “Cum in my ass Mark!” I can feel his cock finally swell with the oncoming orgasm. The hard muscles of his body lock up – he freezes in place as his balls clench, his cock surges – and I can feel the intensity of his orgasm deep inside my ass – shot after intense shot. After the eternity of orgasm – Mark unfreezes. He collapses on top of me in exhaustion. His body is weighty – but even post-orgasm, his body is still densely-packed, hard muscle. He picks his head up and gives me a tender kiss. “You’re fucking amazing.” He has the more adorable post-sex puppy dog eyes and warm smile. “Thanks. You’re amazing too… And, if you don’t mind me saying… also rather heavy.” “Oops.” He lifts his torso up – and I can breathe freely. “Be gentle coming out.” Referring to his massive cock still stuck up my butt. “I’ll go slowly.” His cock was massive before, but now – even post orgasm – it is gigantic. Definitely as thick as my wrist – and hanging over a large set of balls, it is still hanging half-way down to his knees. The rest of him is just as impressive. Mark stands up beside the bed. His frame has filled out. He’s developed a gorgeous set of rounded delts that are corded with muscle fibres. And where the mounds of his delts come to a taper, out springs the mountains of his biceps and triceps – his biceps look as if he is smuggling a pair of softballs under his skin – and each one has a prominent vein. His pecs have become a bit of a shelf, pushing out over his abs. The ridges of his abdominals are now more prominent – and are clearly showing a solid eight-pack. His stance is now wider to accommodate the growth in his quads, which flare out from his tight hips to give him an impressive “X” shape. I stand up beside him – and I am now looking at least two inches up whereas before we were close to the same height. “I guess I’m going to have to get used to being the short one.” “If this happens every time we have sex, this could start to become a problem. How about we shower and get to bed – it’s been a long day. In the morning, we can discuss plans.” Although I really wanted an excuse to get my hands all over Mark’s muscles, we decided it would be safest to take turns in the shower. We curl up in bed. Due to Mark’s new size, it just makes sense for him to be the big spoon. He wraps an arm around me, and we curl up together. His muscles are firm, and I can feel the very sizeable lump of his cock nestled in the cleft of my ass. His breath is gently tickling my neck. This is heaven – and I am quickly asleep.
  6. Is it springtime? Is it quarantine? Either way, I'm pretty horny currently...

    1. Dentistclark


      You and me both mate 

  7. Very similar description to one of my dreams, actually!
  8. Wow, your story is brilliant. Can't wait another update from Henry's adventures and more from Peru.
  9. I'm finished with my chapter, in case anyone is interested. I can post it here or start another thread. I just really enjoyed the story and had fantasized about what happens next.
  10. the story it's great and hits so many good places but i cant help to feel bad for Parker and how submissive he has become. he wasnt like that before and now he gets pushed around by everyone at his work. I dont feel that what Jeff and Parker have is frindship anymore. It was at first but now Jeff wants Parker to be his little bitch and not even helping him to be "better"...
  11. Oh man. Did he picked upon another people fantasies too like the waiter or that man on the elevator casue so far when he sees a fantasy he only does it with the person he si touching and this time there were too may people involved to think it was just Vernom's... I have a feeling here give how randomly Garret's family has pop up on the story that it's Garret's wife who put the cursed on him. She wants Garret to cheat on what eh most desires and what if it is our guy??
  12. "That's it, fellas. I can't bend any more I-beams until we get some work done."
  13. He asked me to take a picture of him sitting on the thick slab of concrete before he punched it into a pile of pebbles.
  14. I loved how the little guys locked their doors - as if puny metal could keep me out. I decided to walk to the back of the truck to lift it so I could freak them out. I held one arm up, so they knew I was picking up the vehicle with one hand. With my free hand I grabbed the tailgate of the truck and ripped it off with one quick jerk, tossing it to the side and smiling at the occupants inside. Then, with just a mere flick of my hand I sent the back of the truck flying in the air and flipped it over.
  15. Closing in on the end of this tale. For all you macro lovers, enjoy! https://www.coiledfist.org/article.php?story=dredlifter_newperformanceincentive12#comments
  16. This is AMAZING!!! I can't wait to read many more chapters please
  17. Is it one of those : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QJcKkFb1PNa13Y_bnmGuiFIiQ1QW18J7
  18. JakeLandry

    Feel It

    “Go on. Feel it,” Eli demanded. He flexed his powerful arm showing it off to his friend. “It’s gotten so big. And strong.” “Eli…” Brad groaned as he looked at the other guy showing off. “I don’t want to feel your muscles…” “Quit being a fuckin homophobe. I ain’t sayin I’m wanna fuck ya,” Eli grinned. He made his bicep bounce. “Yet…” Brad’s face flattened at the ‘joke.’ He’d been working out with Eli for a while now and only recently did he start to be so commanding. It was starting to get a bit frustrating as Eli started showing off more and more. Of course he did have a lot to show off, but Brad wasn’t one who really cared too much about doing that. He was just as big and strong, but that didn’t mean he felt like he needed to show it off all the time. He was satisfied with his size and didn't feel like it was the only part that made him, him. “Dude… I don’t want to feel your body…” Eli ignored it. He just kept making the thick bicep bounce. “C’mon man. Look at that peak. I’ve got such a fuckin pump goin on right now. Just feel it.” “Fine!” Brad finally gave in. He tossed his hands up and then grabbed the bicep. It was firm under his grasp but that’s when he saw the devious grin on Eli’s face. “Dude… What’s up?” he asked but couldn’t tell why his friend was looking at him so weirdly. That’s when he noticed his hand. There was something wrong with it. It didn’t look as big. Or strong. It gripped Eli’s 18 inch bicep but didn’t cover it up as much as it had just seconds before. The thick fingers were smaller. “What?!” he tried to pull away but his hand was stuck. “Just go with it man. You said you wanted to help me get bigger right?” Eli mocked. His bicep was slowly starting to swell a bit more. It was quickly encroaching on 19 inches. But it was the same with his forearm and shoulder as well. They looked bigger. The already large defined muscle only seemed to be getting bigger. All the while Brad’s were getting smaller. He could see his thick arm starting to dwindle away. The firm muscles in his body turning soft and shrinking in on themselves. He tried to use his other hand to pull himself away, but it didn’t work. He just kept losing more and more weight. He looked up at Eli. “What’s going on?!” he begged. Fear filled his face as he felt his strength disappearing. The thick bicep in his right arm was almost completely gone and he could see his right pec starting to go too. “C’mon buddy. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice the way I look at cha. But I have ta say yer a bit too big for my liking. But that won’t be a problem in too long,” Eli laughed. “Cause yer gonna help me git bigger. Man. Just look at that arm. So much bigger already!” He gave the firm muscle a slap. The sound reverberated off the empty gym’s mirrors. Brad tried to use his other hand to push off of Eli’s powerful muscle but that one ended up getting stuck as well. “That’s… Not… What… I… Meant…” he struggled to pull away but nothing seemed to come loose. His body was stuck onto Eli’s. He could see his hands unable to cover up the bicep any more. Even together, they couldn’t cover nearly anything on the 21 inch arm. “Don’t matter much now,” Eli laughed. He raised his arm up, standing at his full 6’6” height. It lifted Brad off the ground. The magic released and Brad fell back down. “Damn!” Eli shouted the curse excited at what he was feeling. The shoes Brad was wearing fell off his feet and he had to hold up his shorts to keep them from falling down. He stared up at Eli’s massive body. “What the hell man!” he shouted in defiance. “Oh shit bud,” Eli’s attention went back to Brad. He went to a bit of a squatting position to be eye level with the other man. The near foot height difference made him tower over Brad. Eli put his massive mitt of a hand on top of Brad’s head and smiled. “Man… I’m sorry that I had ta do that to ya.” “No you’re not,” Brad grumbled. “HAHA!” Eli laughed loudly. “You’re right! But don’t worry buddy. I’ll make sure you enjoy it too. Plus I can help you work out now. I can make you bigger!” He popped his bicep out again, showing it off. “You wanna be like me don’tcha?” Brad felt his mouth go dry. It hung open slightly as he watched the muscle bounce. The annoyed feeling he’d had was completely changed. Now it was lust. “I know how to work out myself,” he crossed his arms, fighting the urge to touch the massive bicep. “Oh that’s right buddy. I forgot. Seein ya so small an' helpless like that just make me think ya needed some help,” he ran his fingers across his face and then must have gotten an idea. “Hey. How bout I make ya a deal. If you can lift them 20 pound weights, I’ll turn ya back. How’s that sound?” “G-g-good,” Brad stammered out. “That sounds good.” “Alright! Let’s do it!” Eli cheered. His thick muscular body wrapped around Brad’s. His firm hands ran down Brad’s thin arms and gripped the back of his even smaller hands. “You’re sooo smooth…” he whispered in Brad’s ear. Brad felt all kinds of sounds get caught in the back of his throat. He could feel the massive member running up against his back side. All the while he didn’t notice his body was moving towards the weights. It wasn’t until Eli whispered, “Go on…” that Brad noticed his hands were currently wrapped around the twenty pound weights. Feeling the bristles of Eli’s face nuzzle against his bare neck made his body go weak. “Is sumthin wrong?” Eli kept his voice low, but the lack of volume didn’t get rid of any of the depth or strength behind it. “I promise I won’t hold you down. I just want to make sure you don’t drop the weights. That’s all.” Brad felt his large calloused hands wrapped around his own. They easily wrapped around his and then the weights. Brad's eyes raised. He could see the massive bodybuilder enveloping him as he leaned over his small weak body. Everything was telling Brad he had to try, but he felt so weak. Weaker than he should have. It was just all his blood was flowing to the wrong place. Far away from any of his muscles. He felt his dick throb. “Go on,” Eli encouraged. His lips kissed the side of Brad’s soft cheek. His hips gently grinded against his back. “You can do it. I believe in you…” Brad’s breathing grew haggard. He couldn’t think about lifting weights. He couldn’t think about anything. Anything other than Eli on top of him. That thick cock drifted up and down his backside. “Oh fuck…” Brad cursed. It was getting even harder to breath. His thoughts were running wild. Eli was so big. He was so small. “Oh fuck…” Brad’s couldn’t believe how much he liked feeling Eli’s beard run against his soft face. Or Eli’s firm hands wrap around his. Or those thick sturdy muscles just gently pushing him down. Brad’s hips writhed in the sensation. “Oh fuck…” Brad felt his hips buck as he gave in. The sensation was just too much to handle. He had to release. A stain quickly started to form on the front of his shirt as his shorts were about three steps behind him. “Oh fuck!” he squirmed in Eli’s grasp. The bodybuilder just held him tighter. “Calm down. Calm down,” he gently kissed the side of Brad’s face as the small guy wore himself out. “It’ll be okay. That’s what the guy said was going to happen. It’ll be fine.” “FINE!?” Brad shouted. “Look at me!” Eli paused and looked in the mirror. Brad was still wearing his sleeveless shirt but the strap was starting to slide down his thin shoulder. The large wet spot just made a smile come to his face. “I think you look amazing.” Brad felt all kinds of words caught in his throat as Eli continued to kiss him. He looked over his thinner body and started to feel like maybe he was right. He tried to pout but only a smile kept coming on his face as the dumbass kept playing with his body. "Well... Maybe you can change me back later..."
  19. "Um, fellas get in here! Now! The pills worked. They freaking really worked!"
  20. "If you're into that sort of thing, I could lift it with one arm for you. You know, if that would turn you on."
  21. "I'm right outside your house, dude," the text said that was accompanying the picture. "You better lock your doors."
  22. "I'd offer you a face massage, but I don't want you to end up looking like you were beaten up."
  23. "Stand back fellas. I'll have this safe open in a couple of punches."
  24. Yesterday
  25. "Look at what pops up when I get excited, fellas. And the thought of demolishing the six of you is getting me very excited."
  26. "You liked the way that brick screamed while I crushed it, didn't you, bud? Wait until you hear the noise metal makes when I destroy it."
  27. "You can find my services rated on TripAdvisor. I'll have you know I have a perfect score. No one has ever been dissatisfied."
  28. Hialmar

    no sex Selected

    Selected Don't struggle lad. Resistance is futile. I will not let you down, but rest assured, that I don't mean any harm. Will you just relax, while I carry you over my shoulder, to ... Huge? Yes, I know: My shoulders are huge. Yes, like an ultra-wrestler or a Hyper Guard. You watch ultra-wrestling shows a lot, don't you? How I know? Well, to begin with, you have spent most of your life in Area F. Ultra-wrestling shows are not particularly popular among earners in Area E or entertainers in Area B, and the shareholders in Area A are able to send for entertainment in a private setting, if they want to. I know. Not everyone in Area F, but you are not your Nan. Secondly, I abducted you because you have been selected, and the profile of the selected ones often includes a likeliness of watching ultra-wrestling, so that's why I know. Selected to what? I don't know if you have heard any of the rumours – there are so many rumours circulating out there: Some of them ... Sorry, I have to take care of this ... Yes, the lift descends. Illegal hideouts of criminals and the deserted underground are not the only things down there. Tell you? I have no obligations to tell you anything, sport, but if it makes it easier to undergo The Process, I am allowed to reveal a few basic facts. It's not like you would be able to tell anyone else, until you have undergone The Process yourself. Not want to? This is not a matter of what you want or not. It is a matter of what The Corporation deem you suitable for. You should be happy: After this, you will leave Area F, and you will no longer die of diabetes, obesity or cholera like all those other residents of Area F will probably do. A diet of Nutri-Cheap, surplus whitebread and soda isn't helpful in the long run, and hadn't it been for the free lunches at the Sikh gurdwara and the Catholic vegetable foodbanks, I wonder how people in Area F had survived at all. Sorry, I have to press these buttons, to ... So. Where was I? Stop hitting my back like that. It's useless. As you probably know, The Corporation owns all information about which TV programmes you watch and which websites you browse. Since your ability to spend on consumer goods is low, information about you and your neighbours is of course less valuable, than similar information about residents in Area B, C or E, but it may help the Board to decide if any consumer match the profiles for recruitment to earner-status, extended abortion (up to the seventy-second trimester), euthanasia in advance (from the age of 18) or selection to Processing. Kill you? No one will kill you. You have been selected for The Process. As I tried to explain earlier ... wait ... Sit down, and take your shirt off. I'll explain while I cut your hair. Just take your shirt off and sit down. No need to look surly. If it makes you feel better, I'll let you know, that I went through all the things you go through now. Yes, really. I grew up in Area F, too, and The Process saved my life. I don't give a fuck about how you prefer your hair. Sit. It has to go. Have you any favourite ultra-wrestlers? Stud Brawn? Yeah, lot's of people like him. What do you think about Mega-Mass? Yes. Yes. A lot of people say that about him. Now. What would you say, if I told you, that there's a reason why ultra-wrestlers and Hyper Guards look like they do? No, it's not just steroids. Conventional steroids alone wouldn't cause that level of mass, even on the genetically gifted, and have you noticed, that they are able to stay fat-free and with low water-retention 24/7 all the year round? Like these. Yes, I like my forearms, too. You're allowed to call it a miracle if you want to, but The Process is real, and The Corporation use similar, but not identical, versions of it on those who are selected. Some become Hyper Guards, other become ultra-wrestlers and some, like me, stay in the production line between Selection and Process. Have you ever heard those tales about the Ghost Van of Area F? Yeah. I grew up with the same stories. They have been around for awhile. Some ghost stories were probably around before Hyper Guards and ultra-wrestlers existed, and not everyone rumoured to have been taken by the Ghost Van where abducted for The Process, but a fair amount of those whose disappearance is blamed on the Ghost Van were probably brought away because the had been selected. Look in that mirror. Not so bad, is it? Buzzcut suits you. Don't blush. Legend says, that in the past, The Corporation selected subjects regardless of if the subjects feared The Process or if it was likely, that they would readily accept it, but the fear caused some subjects to die or become mentally damaged by the process. For a short while, The Corporations used surveys, but the candidates didn't answer the surveys truthfully. Today, selection is entirely automatic, and based on the psychological profile. The selection program wouldn't have selected you if it wasn't probable, that you would unconsciously cooperate with The Process. Follow me. Because I will give you the preparation treatment. Oh come on! You can shout at me all day, and deny that you want it, but that bulge in your trousers and your blush betray you. You are welcome. Some people have called me much worse things. This way. Yes, I know, but it's real. I'm not interested in that. This is just how The Corporation works. I'm not a shareholder, so why should I have an opinion? Someone need to keep people safe, and it's nice to watch a show, so both Hyper Guards and ultra-wrestlers are needed to keep The Corporation running. Keep dreaming. Wouldn't happen. This is how it is. Even if you had a choice, would you really want to return to that drone life with bad flats, unhealthy food, bad tapwater and street crime? Negative. Take it easy, or I have to force this needle. So. Nothing to worry about. Yes. That first reaction comes quickly, but it will feel even better within twenty minutes or so. Drink this. Still reluctant? Drink this and think of Stud Brawn. There you go! Feel good? Yeah. Most of the lads tell me that after their shot and their cup. I felt good, too. We are going to the Process Pod. Each of the selected enter their pod individually, and when their Process has begun they are connected to the collective network of the selected. Don't worry. You don't need to understand in order to undergo it. Just relax. Yes, I can hear you. Even when the lid is closed, I will hear your voice from the loudspeaker on the outside. Yes, it's good. Lots of selected units agree with you. Hard and horny? You're not the first. What did you say? That's because I'm moving your pod to the main hall. Easy. Easy, sport. You are bigger already, if you want to know. Just relax. The network will speed it up. You will join us. You will become one of us. Don't worry. You are allowed to enjoy it. Just relax. Connect to the network.
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