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      To help raise funds I've introduced a monthly contribution option called Pateron. This service allows you to pledge a monthly contribution plus allows me to offer you some rewards for your contribution. If you have any questions you may PM me. If you'd like to make that contribution please click on the image below:      
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      Hello everyone I'm back with a couple big updates! Firstly we now have a Discord server, this is a real-time chat messaging client you can run on your phone, desktop, or anywhere. It's a pretty powerful desktop application that enables people to chat together, and with multiple channels you can find people interested in what you're interested in. If you don't already have a Discord account it's pretty easy to get one, just click the following invite link to get started: https://discord.gg/Ahzu9jC Secondly I'm proud to announce the return of Groups, it's been renamed to Clubs and is now available here: https://muscle-growth.org/clubs/. This system is entirely user generated and allows users to create groups of their own based on any subject they want. Go ahead and try it now, visit the link above to get started if you want to create or join a group!   As always thank you to all of our donators and Patreon contributors who keep the forums going! 

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  3. Oil, Implants and silicon abs.... in these time of likes and followers...can I just say I found these things just bad and I don't like it? I prefer muscles build by hard workout, roids, supplements and tons of food....all the others things to me are stupid and fake. Is it possible to say that?
  4. Thanks for the follow. 

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  6. Creating a monster or....

    I have an online relationship with a younger man who likes to be my "son" and he calls me "Dad". I have been encouraging him for years now but it's only this last year he has taken steps to really gain muscle. He's a hard gainer but it isn't impossible and I think it's one of the hottest things ever to see him incrementally expand every month. I can't wait until those years of encouragement and helping him visualize himself as a beast pay off and he actually becomes the bodybuilder he knew deep down inside he could be!
  7. Becoming

    I am honoured by your kind words. I believe, that you recently also read one of the most troubling chapters I have ever written: I got writer's cramp and was struck, and hasn't yet found the ability to write a continuation to that one. Becoming, the story in this thread, is – comparatively speaking – less dark than some of the matter, I have written. And yes, you are correct in your assumption, that English is not my native tongue. My contradictory and idiosyncratic style of English was unintentionally and randomly forged out of schoolbooks ("Pat will drink tea, after some gardening. This is a dog. Big Ben is a clock. It is raining. The gentle-man will use an umbrella. Um-brella."), children's TV programmes from the BBC and ITV (I loved "Children of the Stones" and "Catweazle"), American cartoons, British punk rock lyrics, American action films, William Shakespeare, John Donne, William Blake, Book of Common Prayer, British indie-pop lyrics from abt. 1990 (It was impossible to escape it, even if you tried), John Locke, David Hume and Karl Popper, American punk rock lyrics, doctoral theses from the 1880s until today, Welsh nationalist Neo-Pagans in the late Enlightenment Era, "Midsomer Murders" and crime novels by Dorothy L. Sayers. And Lord of the Rings, by Tolkien. This foreigner's version of English must look slightly weird, to a reader who speak it on a daily basis, since I lack an Anglo-native's ear for stylistic difference. I probably mix "high" and "low", British and American, Elizabethan English and leetspeak, unintentionally. That said, I find it incredibly fun to play and toy with the English language. It is much easier to learn than German, French or Latin. The mix of West-Germanic, Romance and North-Germanic influences makes it very malleable and fun to play with: "He had reached the apex of the tor, and was looking out from the uppermost hill-plateau. Rain began to fall, and the pluvial outpouring was soon causing his descent from The How to become slippery and uncomfortable, as he followed the path downwards. He recollected, that the building at the hilltop was one hundred years old, and the memory of the centenary caused his thoughts to wander, at the same time as his physical legs were simultaneously peregrinating in an ambulatory way." English is so FUN!
  8. Too Big - Part Eleven

    Super excited for the next chapter
  9. Last week
  10. I'd like to have a mate like you ;)

  11. Becoming

    I'm late to this party but I want to use this forum to thank Hialmar for his insanely descriptive, detailed, thorough and visceral writing. This is my favorite of his but all of his are great. I don't know if English is your second language, but you have a mastery of it. Lines like this: For a short moment, you panicked, and your reason was screaming silent words of terror: "No! Not THEM! Not like THEM! I'm an ordinary man ... you realised, that your mental protests gradually lacked conviction" show the mental balance of the character. The fear but excitement. You also do an awesome job moving between the physical transformation and the psychological one. I've tried to center my stories on balancing this, on trying to show that as the character gains muscle (and in my stories anyway, "superpowers") he also changes mentally, coming to terms with who he is becoming. Sort of rising above the mortal he once was or something like that and revelling in it as he evolves. These lines really show that well: Really great writing, bro. I think it's tough to pull off something that balances the physical transformation with the psychological one and to do it clearly and also build up the intensity and excitement in the reader just as the character himself is experiencing it. I hope you find this encouraging because your stories really are top-notch. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Caption stories

    Alguien sabe de historias con imágenes incluidas es que tengo poca imaginación y me gusta la forma de hacer historias en torno a una imagen
  13. hoooot i hope the son grow with him and have many sex
  14. hey welcome to the dumbing down group!


  15. Have You Seen These Posing Trunks?

    Thanks for the feedback! The focus moves away from the posing trunks a little for the rest of the story but they're still an integral part of Oscar's adventure!
  16. Gym growth after drinking smoothie

    It’s the Juiced series by Planetbelly on deviantart. Part 1:
  17. The Doctor and the He-Man

    Playfully fun. I like it.
  18. The Doctor and the He-Man

    Chapter Four "BRING FORTH THE BEING KNOWN AS SKELETOR" boomed the Supreme Dalek as Skeletor was brought before him "KNEEL, KNEEL BEFORE THE SUPREME DALEK" chorused the Daleks pushing him forwards. As Skeletor did, he said "I beg an audience with the Supreme Dalek and propose an alliance" "YOU PROPOSE AN ALLIANCE? WHY SHOULD WE, WE ARE THE SUPREME BEINGS OF THE UNIVERSE!" "Indeed, o mighty Supreme Dalek" Skeletor added bowing deeply, "however there is one more supreme than you. He calls himself He-Man and declares himself to be the most powerful being in the universe!" "THAT STATEMENT IS NOT POSSIBLE" boomed the Supreme Dalek, "SHOW ME THIS BEING!" The Dalek behind Skeletor projected out one of its arms and rested it on Skeletor's head and instantly a hologram of He-Man appeared "THIS BEING MEASURES 1.95 EARTH METRES TALL, AND 145 EARTH KILOGRAMS HEAVY" the Supreme Dalek announced, "BASED ON LOCAL GRAVITY, BEING CANNOT BE AS POWERFUL AS YOU SUGGEST" "He once moved our planet's moon out of it's orbit" replied Skeletor and with that the hologram showed the feat of strength "NEW ORDERS!" declared the Supreme Dalek, "THIS HE-MAN REPRESENTS A THREAT TO DALEK SUPREMACY, HE MUST BE EXTERMINATED" As every Dalek present repeated the last word, Skeletor chuckled to himself. There was no way that He-Man would be able to survive and he would be free to claim the secrets of Greyskull and become ruler of all Eternia.
  19. Don't underestimate the nerd (caption story)

    How he dominates and stuff.Showing off o eveyone.
  20. Don't underestimate the nerd (caption story)

    What would you like? I might write another, longer chapter.
  21. Ménage à Trois : Chapter Five

    My fave chapter so far. Awesome job
  22. Don't underestimate the nerd (caption story)

    I wish there were more but it was good anyways
  23. Amazing story man! This story ranks top 5 for me and i'm sure it'll go up from there. I agree will all comments mentioned. Can't wair for more!
  24. Hey I’m James, or Jimmy if you know me a long time. People have always underestimated me. Jocks look at me and see a bookish nerd. Nerds look at me and see an oafish jock. But I don’t mind. Being underestimated gives me a huge advantage. I’m intelligent. VERY intelligent. The nerds won’t let me join their study groups, but I manage to outsmart them anyway and I’ve maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA. The jocks see my glasses and look right through me. Until last week, that is. Some of the rugby players were tossing around a frisbee on the quad, and one of them slammed right into me. Okay, I’ll admit, I deliberately stepped in his path because it was time to establish my dominance. It was pretty funny to see the dazed look on his face. He easily weighed 190lbs, and he could flatten most people, but I didn’t budge even an inch. I made sure to pull off my hoody when I went to help him up. He looked at me in my tank top and knew that I outmuscled him by at least 40lbs. I clasped his hand and easily hoisted him up, pulling him in close. He swallowed hard and I could tell he had a newfound respect for me. Yeah, he’s my bitch now. I’d make him do my homework by I’m smarter than him by an order of magnitude, and he knows his place. Mostly, he does my domestic chores, and I’ve told him that by slurping down my alpha loads, he may actually muscle up too. And guess what, I’m smart enough to know how to make that happen.
  25. Creating a monster or....

    I think encouraging someone to become... either way, to me the hottest thing is when someone has a big obsession and addiction to want to grow and be bigger and stronger.
  26. Creating a monster or....

    Hey guys, I've recently encountered someone that has become a friend online (with the potential of boyfriend/husband). When we first started talking, he had brought up that he was tired of being a tall, skinny, hairy guy. I already found him rather hot anyway because, he was already growing out of that awkwardness and already rather hot. Recently, I came back to that and asked him if he was interested in becoming a massive muscle bear..... He sat on the thought, like, literally overnight, and told me that he wants to become a muscle bear.... He's already figuring out a lot on his own, apparently, all he needed was a little encouragement from me. My question to you guys is: Is it hotter to encourage someone to become a muscle monster, or, hotter that they already are? Go on, discuss.... I will try to encourage him to join this site too since I know all of you can be helpful. Thank you, PlugNPlay76.
  27. Orgasm From Weight Lifting?

    When I started lifting when I was 17 it certainly gave me an instant orgasm at first. It was a very bare gym with just massive cast iron weight plates and rusty bars, and that sensation of crude, unmediated fight between the iron and my body, and the whole idea of becoming one of those huge guys that pumps iron, made it happen. I don’t think one gets the same sensation in a sophisticated gym with luxurious flooring and white machines. It’s the raw, pumping iron sensation that does it for me. We don’t use the words ‘pump’ and ‘pumping’ for nothing! That first susceptibility to orgasm wears off, of course, but lifting still makes me super-hard.
  28. Have You Seen These Posing Trunks?

    The story keeps moving and every chapter it's amazing on their own
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