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  3. Ok so I remember this story from a longgg time ago, and basically there were no girls at school and there were reports of bees outside in the main characters PE class? I remember everyone around the main character began to grow, like his friends, PE teacher, and I think even his brother too. Anyone know what I mean?
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    Dan the Mountain Man

    Thanks for reading and the kind comment. It is always great to get positive feedback.
  5. "Jack the Giver - I Want to Be a Star!" Lee Marks was a talented actor but he never seemed to be able to land the roles he wanted. Sure he could pay his bills if he worked himself to death but he wanted to do more than tread water. He was handsome and toned. He certainly looked like a star and he really wanted to be one. Fortunately that’s what this new Broadway musical was going to be able to do. His agent had been in discussions for weeks with the producers and he’d been in for several auditions. Everyone seemed to like him. Things were definitely looking up for Lee. He was so pleased with himself that he’d offered to cook for four of his closest friends in his apartment. It was a small loft but the view of Manhattan was fantastic. To be honest he had a sugar daddy who helped pay the rent, an arrangement he was looking forward to ending as soon as he landed his big role. The evening was going wonderfully. The guests were all eating and chatting away when Lee saw on his phone that his agent had sent him an email. He couldn’t wait to see the good news in writing. However, when he opened it the email read, “They gave the part to someone else with ‘better connections’ to the producer.” He didn’t need to read anymore. He could feel all of the energy draining out of his body. “What’s wrong Lee?” His friend Sally asked. “I… I didn’t get it...” He mumbled. “Don’t worry man, there’ll be other parts.” His friend Ted said patting him on the arm. “I’m sorry, I’d really like to be alone now.” Lee said. “Like… right now?” His friend Mark asked. “Yeah… right now.” Lee said without looking up. He remained motionless, petrified even, as his friends awkwardly gathered their things and filed out. Things seemed hopeless. His self esteem was shot. He wasn’t an actor, he was just a rent boy for some dirty old man who paid half his rent. Suddenly he felt a cold guest of air. He looked up and saw that his balcony door was hanging ajar. One of his friends must have opened it. He got up to close the sliding glass door when a voice from behind said. “Well if it means anything to you, I would have given you the part.” He spun around and saw a strange man in a hat, suit, and overcoat sitting in the chair he’d just vacated. “The other guy was a bit of hack to be honest, but what can you say, it pays to sleep with the producer. It’s a shame you skipped that part of the interview process.” “Who the hell are you and how’d you get into my apartment!?” Lee shouted. “YOUR apartment? The name on the lease says Mr. Gerald Morely, but it’s just as well you’re here. I came to see you, Lee, not him.” “W...what? Wait, how do you know Gerald… or my name… or any of this stuff you’ve been talking about!?” The man chuckled. “I know all about you and your struggling career but fortunately for you, your luck just changed. My name’s Jack and I grant wishes.” He smiled. Lee reached into his pocket for his cell phone. He wanted to text someone to call the police to get this lunatic out of his apartment but the phone was gone. Jack reached into his coat pocket and pulled it out. “Now now, you can chat with your friends after I’m gone. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Don’t screw this up.” “So what are you? A producer? Or just another rich guy offering me a job for the right amount of cock?” “I told you. I’m Jack and I grant wishes.” “What kind of wishes?” “Anything really.” He said pulling out a card from his suit pocket and tossing it over to Lee. “You just take the card and make a wish.” “And what do you get out of this?” “I live to help poor unfortunate souls, like yourself.” Jack chuckled. “Oh sorry, I realize that’s a touchy phrase for you. I had forgotten that you auditioned for the Little Mermaid this summer and didn’t get that part either.” Lee was dumbfounded by how this man seemed to know everything about him and how he just appeared out of nowhere. “So I can pick this card up and wish for the part that I just got turned down for and...” “Your slutty competitor would get hit by a truck tomorrow… or perhaps he’d come down with a dreadful disease. Anyway, what does it matter so long as you get what you want? But to be honest I feel like you’re missing the point. This is a one time opportunity to get ANYTHING you want and you’re just going to waste it on one role?” “You mean I could wish to be famous?” “Beyond your wildest dreams.” “Bigger than Tom Cruise?” “Why constrain it there?” “Fine then… I want my name all over New York, no, the world! I want to be biggest thing around. Bigger than the empire state building!” He shouted and the card burst into flames, burning his fingers. “Owww what the fuck!?” When he looked up Jack was gone and he was alone once again. Lee looked all over his apartment for Jack but there was no sign of him. “Must have been hallucinating.” He said sitting back down at his chair, but his pants didn’t feel quite right. He adjusted them but they still felt tight. “Ugh… I need to change...” He said thinking that putting on more loosely fitting clothes would make him more comfortable. He went into his bedroom and pulled off his clothes and slid on some workout shorts and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He’d clean up in the morning. When he got to the sink he looked into the mirror and was a little shocked. His normally muscular frame looked waaay more jacked than usual. “Woah… I’m going to have to talk to my trainer about this.” While he liked the look, it was never great to get too muscular before you knew what part you’d be playing. As he brushed his teeth, his chest felt extremely tight and noticed that his biceps and lats were touching. His cock felt heavier than usual as well. He quickly whipped it out and saw that it was a few inches larger as well. “What the fuck?” Cocks didn’t get bigger what was happening? He cupped his left pec in his hands, there was no way all of this had happened naturally without him noticing. Then he thought about the wish he’d just made. “Is this part of my wish?” Was this mysterious stranger bulking him up for some kind of part in a movie or play? Suddenly he felt his pecs pulsating and looked in the mirror to see them flexing on their own. He groaned as he backed into the wall and grabbed his chest feeling the muscles swell in his hands. “Oh god….” Looking at his reflection he could see his biceps visibly swelling as well as his traps and delts. His frame was expanding. He could feel his back muscles swelling against the hard wall that his shoulder blades no longer made contact with. He saw his soft cock drooping lower as it grew down the front of his workout shorts. His expanding bubble butt was stretching the elastic. He pulled them off and stared at his naked body in amazement as his thighs were swelling out like a fitness model. He looked like he should be on the cover of men’s health. His swelling pecs were forcing his nipples downward as his chest pushed even further outward. His pecs were so big they were casting a shadow on his swelling abs. He noticed how much shorter everything looked and realized he’d grown to 6’ 5’’. He stepped on the scale and weighed 305 lbs. “Woah that’s a lot,” he said but there wasn’t a sign of fat on his body. He really liked the new look but wasn’t sure how it was supposed to make him famous. Still he spent the rest of the evening taking selfies and redoing his acting profile. He was going to have to start selling this new bod tomorrow. So around 2 am he finally went to sleep. In the morning he woke up with his head pried uncomfortably against the headboard with one leg half off the bed. He looked down at his body and gasped. It was humongous, he’d gained over a hundred pounds during the night and grown even taller. He was so big he no longer fit properly in his bed. He stood up and realized he now towered at almost seven feet tall. “Jesus… what kind of parts can I play like this but freak shows?” Suddenly his phone went off with a flurry of texts from his agent. He’d just read Lee’s updated profile from the night before. “What the hell are you doing?! You can’t bulk up that much without a role that calls for it. You’ve just shut yourself out from half the gigs I’ve got on my desk! We need to talk! Now!” Lee texted back that he’d meet him at a coffee shop but he knew that if his agent was pissed about how big he said he was last night, this morning was going to be hard. He searched through his things to find something to wear until he found the biggest most stretched out t-shirt he had. A friend had given him an XXL t-shirt that said “no fat chicks” as a joke. His arms didn’t really fit through the sleeves so he had to cut the sides off of it. He grabbed some crazy loose workout shorts that the elastic had worn out in. Now they fit snugly over his bulging bubble butt. “Guess this will have to do until I can buy more.” Then he realized his shoes no longer fit but he remembered there was a shoe shop just a block down the street. The towering Lee raised quite a few eyebrows walking in the shop with the sides of his pecs bulging out of the open sides of his ripped t-shirt. “Hey uhh… my girlfriend played a prank on me and… uhhh I’m going to need some new shoes.” He asked a very timid attendant. “Do you know what your size is?” He could only imagine what his shoe size was now so he told her that his girlfriend always bought his shoes for him. “No worries sir we can measure that.” The bench that he sat on creaked under his weight as he placed his enormous foot in the measuring device. It turned out he was now a size 15 and so he bought the only pair of sneakers they had in that size and went off to the coffee shop to meet his agent. The coffee shop was only a 10 minute walk but it seemed like a lot farther. Every person he walked by craned their necks to stare at the nearly seven foot behemoth. When he got to the coffee shop he pulled up his usual seat at the patio and found that their petite chairs and tables no longer fit him as nicely as they used to. He was practically straddling the table with his legs now. His muscular bubble butt cheeks spread over the sides of the chair that strained to the point of breaking, hoping to god that wouldn’t happen. He didn’t fancy pieces of broken chair wedged into his ass. He ordered his usual medium black coffee and was amazed at how much smaller it seemed. He pulled out his phone to read the news and pretended that everyone wasn’t staring at him. When he looked up he saw his agent glaring at him from the sidewalk. He waved and called him over. From the look of shock on his face Lee realized he hadn’t recognized him before and had just been staring at what he assumed was a giant stranger like everyone else. “Lee?! What the hell happened to you?” He said running up to the table. “Listen Jerry, I know this looks bad for my career but...” “Fuck the career Lee, what the hell happened to you?” He asked again. “Have you seen a doctor?” “What? Jerry? No… no I came to see you talk about roles you might have for someone like...” “Lee… buddy… I don’t know what you did to get like this but it aint natural. You see all the time on the news guys this tall falling to pieces because they’re just too big. I want you to get checked out by a doc before we talk about your career. If something happened to you and people thought that this was something I talked you into, my career goes out the window too.” His agent said. “Now I’ll give you the name of a doc I want you to see, and you go there right now. I’ll make the appointment for you.” He said nudging his friend/client up. In thirty minutes Lee was walking towards the address that Jerry had texted him. His stress levels over his career were all he could think about. The route took him past central park and he thought a walk through the park might relax him. As he walked past the trees and bushes, he felt the cool breeze, listened to the birds sing and began to think that this wasn’t the end of the world, there were things he could still do. Suddenly his shoes began to feel tight and he felt his body begin to stretch once again. His ass began to strain against his shorts and his thighs began to bulk up again. His pecs pushed out from his chest and he began to grow even taller. His abs became visible, his shirt no longer able to cover his entire torso. He tried to quicken his pace but his shoes were becoming insufferable. He heard them rip as his feet burst out from them. His shorts began to rip at the seams as his enormous ass broke through them. He looked down at his massive 15’’ soft cock dangling on his swelling thighs and two balls the size of his fists just bouncing around out in the open. He quickly dove into the some tall bushes nearby and interrupted a group orgy of gay New Yorkers circle jerking each other in the park. “Oh wow… “ One of them said excited by what had just dropped in but as his pecs began to rip his shirt apart they could tell something was wrong. He was passing 8 feet now and still growing. The intense sensations caused him to grit his teeth. “Oh shit he’s on something!” They shouted and ran out of the bushes. “Fuck what’s happening to me!?” Lee shouted. “You’re getting your wish.” Lee looked up and saw Jack leaning against a tree trunk. “I didn’t want this...” He groaned on all fours as his muscles continued to balloon out and he passed 9 feet tall. “Oh no?” Jack said furrowing his brow. “It’s what you wished for.” “I wished to be famous!” Lee bellowed. “No, you said and I qoute, ‘I want my name all over New York, no, the world! I want to be biggest thing around. Bigger than the empire state building!’” Jack grinned and walked over to his swelling companion. “I’d say we have a bit of a ways to go before your wish is granted.” “What!?” Lee suddenly realized what was happening. “That’s not what I meant!” “Oh well… it’s what you said.” Jack smiled. “But...” Lee began to protest when new voices interrupted them. “Who’s in there? What’s all this? NYPD!” Lee looked back and could vaguely see the outline of a group of officers. All of the activity had caught their attention. “Shit Jack it’s the cops what do I…do?” When he turned back Jack was gone. “Alright, you get to the count of five to come out of there before we pull out the tasers. I know you don’t want that.” One of the officers shouted. They could see movement in there but they had no idea how many were inside. “1… 2… 3… you’re not gonna like it if I get to five… 4… fi… HOLY SHIT” Without warning Lee bounded out of the bushes and through the park. In actual fact he was 10 feet tall but for the surprised officers his size was hard to guess. “We’re gonna need back up here!” One of them shouted into his radio. Lee didn’t know where he was going as he bounded through the park. Where could you hide with millions of people watching you. As he swelled to over 10 ft 1200 lbs, his feet were leaving enormous divots in the ground. His long hose cock was flogging his quads as he ran blindly. Before he knew it he was back on the street. Cars began to crash as distracted drivers watched the enormous monster in front of them. Then he saw three squad cars peel onto the street in front of him, their lights flashing. “Oh shit...” He took off in the other direction. 11 ft… 12 ft… he was still growing. People froze in place and dropped their belongings in shock as he thundered by down the center of the road. Cars swerved to avoid him. 14 ft… 15 ft… the stop lights were starting to get in his way. In a panic he backed himself against a building, giving a dental secretary a minor heart attack when her entire window was covered with his ass. Then he heard a familiar voice. “What do you get for the man who’s as big as everything? Advice of course!” “Jack! What are you...” He looked around and didn’t see him at first and then he spotted him. His face was grinning down at him from an LCD billboard. “...doing?” “I thought I’d get on your scale to chat.” He said as Lee’s growth caused his shoulders to drag upward along the building he was leaning against, knocking off flags and window boxes as he grew. “Have you considered leaving the city or has your brain not kept track with the rest of you?” “But I? How!?” “You know how to swim don’t you?” The screen changed from Jack’s face to a picture of the harbor. Lee saw 10 squad cars turning down the street to cut him off but at 20 feet tall they looked like toys. They barely reached his knees. Lee took off down the street and leapt over the barrier as if it were a designed for toddlers. Barreling down the street, his feet cracked the pavement as he ran. He knocked over street lights, and street signs, and anything that hung over the street as he ran. He was 45 ft tall when he reached the docks. The dock workers fled like a pack of squirrels below him. He ran out into the water and started swimming and didn’t stop until land was out of sight. Later that evening everyone’s news everywhere was filled with the same thing. “Local New York actor Lee Marks went on a rampage through New York City today after a bizarre incident caused him to grow uncontrollably. Authorities have no idea what brought on the incident but urge people to stay away from steroids or other growth stimulants until the cause is known. At this point police do not suspect malicious intent.” “Poor kid… “ His agent said as the segment flipped to him. “He was so talented, would have done anything to get a good part. Wish I could have stopped him from taking whatever had caused this to happen.” “The coast guard’s efforts to find the giant actor have been hampered by fog and an offshore weather system. So far it’s anyone’s guess as to what became of Mr. Marks. Back to you Rachael.” Travers Sogland turned off his TV. The gnarled old captain had seen enough. They were taking a container ship into the US from Holland. “What you make of that Tom?” He said to his friend looking out at the rain swept sea. “Bunch of hogwash if you ask me.” “The news is always making shit up for rati...” Suddenly the entire ship lurched to one side. Containers spilled out into the water as an enormous arm wrapped itself over the hull. Lee had finally found something big enough to cling to so he could take a little swim break. So if you you’re feeling defeated and a strange man comes to you offering to make your dreams come true be very careful how you ask for what you want. You might get something you didn’t really desire.
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  7. Your work is always great. This one is particularly awesome!
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    m/m Jack the Giver

    This was amazing byt he did sat he wanted to atract girls and GUYS attention
  9. New Jack the Giver story coming out tonight. This time we have an actor who needs to be more careful with his word choice. If anyone on discord would like to get a sneak peak of my work I really appreciate having readers so hit me up.
  10. Dan the Mountain Man I hadn’t put much credence to the legends, rumors and stories I had heard about the newest phenomenon to hit the bodybuilding world. They say he came out of the Rocky Mountains but they didn’t say if it was the Canadian Rockies or the American Rockies. They said he was a cross between a mountain man and the abominable snowman. The rumors said he started to work out the day he took his first steps. By the time he was five he was chopping and stacking cords of firewood and that as a teen he had a pet bull that to this day he carries on his shoulders. It sounded to me like the Paul Bunion legend had been attached to the guy. I had been around bodybuilders all my life. As a matter of fact I am a fourth generation bodybuilder. Our family genetics lend to bodybuilding although not everyone in the clan is a bodybuilder. Those not interested in the sport have a natural physique and are quite handsome. We are the boy next door, the handsome rogue quarterback, the hunk of a fireman, the Highway Patrol Man whose shirts bulge with muscle. We tend not to compete in bodybuilding contests. My great grandfather would psyche out other contestants by just showing up. I have to admit I have done it too. I wasn’t even registered to compete and the others were saying I had the big trophy hands down. Also we tend not to show our age. My grandfather, dad, and I have been mistaken for brothers with a large age spread. They usually don’t believe we are three generations. I was on my way to the big and tall shop in the mall not knowing the shop had scheduled a posing exhibition to promote their store. I saw the crowd gathered and skirted the outside edge of the group to get the shirts I ordered. Inside it was a quiet haven. The event seemed to have the opposite effect on their business because the store was devoid of customers. Even the sales people were at the front window looking out. My salesman, Roger, was among them. He was so focused on what was going on out in the mall he didn’t even see me come in. “It is about to start,” he said with distant awe in his voice. I think he was talking to himself more than to anybody else. “I’m here for the shirts I ordered,” I said to start the conversation. “Holy…” he gasped and his mouth hung open. I followed his gaze and saw the guy on the stage posing. He was in the super heavyweight class and he was lean and cut and handsome but he looked like any other amateur bodybuilder with a well developed physique. He had a great body but his posing routine sucked. It was choppy and repetitious. Chest, arms, back, legs… chest, arms, back, legs… chest, arms, back, and legs. He didn’t smile enough and he didn’t make eye contact with his audience or interact with them. I stopped watching him because his posing hurt my eyes and I walked to the back of the store to see what was on the sale rack. A roar went up outside and I looked up to see him doing a most-muscular pose. Probably his best pose because he held it and worked it. I turned back to the sale rack. I found a windbreaker that would fit me and a 7x tank top that I wanted to try on. I might be able to use the shirt in the gym if it didn’t fall off my shoulders. I was in the changing room when the store owner ushered somebody in and asked him to model some of their clothing. I heard Roger, my salesman, gushing outside at the entrance to the changing rooms about how big and massive and gigantic and enormous and colossal Dan the Mountain Man was. As I stood before the three way mirror I heard the muttering of the other man in the changing cubicle next to mine complaining that the shirt was too small. Just turning made the 7X shirt slip off my shoulders, so I took off the shirt and tossed it over the top of his cubicle. “Try this,” I said. “Thanks,” he answered. “Hey it fits,” he said as his door swung open. “Thanks mister,” he said as he stepped up to the three way mirror. He was naked except for the shirt I tossed to him. The 7x shirt that came almost to my knees barely covered his bare ass. He wasn’t doing anything, but his entire body seemed to be flexing with suppressed power. In the mirror I could see the cock of my dreams lazily hanging down like a python. The length not only suited him he filled the shirt with the biggest physique I had ever seen. The arms on the man looked like oversize footballs and ball of his biceps swelled enormously as he scratched his neck. His colossal chest spread and lifted as he inhaled a deep breath, making the fibers and cables of the exposed muscle beneath the shirt dance and demand attention. The tanned skin on his back rippled and bunched as he moved his shoulders. His thighs were the size of the average man’s waist. I knew he had to be north of seven feet tall. He turned and faced me and the two thick slabs of pecs filled in the shirt, pushing the points of his nipples against the material. He walked toward me with his hand extended in greeting. “I’m Dan,” he said. “Man you are one built son-of-a… oops sorry I forget I’m in polite society,” he said. “Mason, my name is Mason,” I said as I shook his paw. His handshake was warm, firm, strong, commanding, powerful, masculine, and sexy. I realized that this was the guy I saw posing in the mall. I am tall so most guys look up to look me in the eye but I was staring at his chest and he was fucking huge. “Daniel how…” I said as I looked up and up and up. He was fucking purely masculine. “How tall am I? I’m 7’3” and growing,” he said. “I was going to ask how you find clothes to fit your physique,” I smiled through the lie. “I learned how to make shirts from scratch. My mom taught me. Jeans that fit my legs have to be taken in at the waist—mom taught me how to do that too. Most of my shoes come from mail order. Want to know a secret? At home I mostly go around naked,” he confided. That was why he was so comfortable being half naked with his cock dangling out of the shirt. “I wouldn’t recommend that in public,” I smiled. “Yeah but a posing suit is ok, go figure,” he chuckled. “You’re a bodybuilder, can you explain that?” “The logic is, I want to see every muscle in your body except what is between your legs,” I blurted out without thinking. He lifted off the shirt and my cock reacted before I could speak. He noticed. He looked at the tag sewn into the shirt but I could see his cock chubbing up too. Then he lifted his right arm and tensed the muscle into a bulging mass of powerful sinew. I watched the biceps and triceps swell thicker and thicker until the muscles were literally ready to burst through the skin. His skin was so thin, and so incredibly tight! It stretched exposing the muscle fibers. Then he lifted the other arm and did it again. Thick wings spread beneath his arms and the serratus muscles stood out in high definition. His delts grew higher and higher until they nearly touched his earlobes. His neck was almost as wide as his head. He was tall and wide and handsome and super muscular. I forgot all about the choppy transitions in his routine. He quickly lowered his hands and covered his genitals with the bunched up shirt. “Is there a problem,” the store owner asked. “Clothes are too small,” Dan said. “Need 7x,” we said together. The manager left I assume to get bigger clothing. Dan moved forward and his cock made contact with my skin—his balls banged against my abs. I could feel something happening, that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with. I was... excited and horny and my balls tingled. I was intimidated by Dan’s alpha posturing. My heart was racing and I felt weirdly hot like when the AC delays coming on and humidity makes the room stuffy. I could smell Dan’s body. His musk was overpowering and… damn he smelled good. “I gotta go,” I said. I turned, walked back to my cubical, and closed the door. When I looked in the wall mirror I saw the streak of pre-cum on my chest. “The son-of-a-bitch marked me,” I muttered to myself. My breathing had quickened, my heart was beating rapidly, and my pits were damp with sweat. I felt a drop of perspiration running down the crevice of my spine and creeping into my ass crack. I felt simultaneously excited, and scared, and curious about my encounter with the 7x giant. I looked down at myself and pulled a long breath into my lungs through my nostrils. I pulled on my shirt and watched the two great plates of my pectoral muscles shove against the material. I felt the nipples drag against the cotton sending deep sexual thrills through my frame. My swollen cock still throbbed. Could I still smell the musk of his pre-cum on my body? I inhaled deeply. Damn, I really could still smell the musk of his pre-cum. “He marked me,” I whispered as I re-lived first contact. My hardened nipples were obvious. I had to calm down before I went back into the store. I opened the cargo shorts I was trying on and let them fall to the floor. I had to sit to get the shorts over my shoes and my favorite fantasy began transforming the cubical into a shower room. Curls of steam billowed all around me as I hung my shirt and shorts on the back of the door. He uttered the words to a song and I recognized the lyrics. It was as if he was singing along with the song playing in ear buds. His huge physique loomed in the fog. There was a slap and I realized it was the soapy wash cloth making contact with rock hard traps. I entered the fog and my left hand made first contact on his hip to tell him I was there. My right hand scrubbed his back with the soapy cloth while my left hand touched his cock. It felt like a foot long sausage that was morphing as it engorged and stiffened. I was standing at Dan’s left hip simultaneously fondling his low hanging balls and scrubbing his lower back. My right hand drifted into the cleft between his butt cheeks and his legs spread to give me access. An electric shock traveled down my dick and into my balls when my cock made contact with his side. Intense heat spread into my belly as my left hand tried to surround his prick. It was throbbing with each heartbeat and I ached to feel his cock stretching my hole and shoving deep inside me. Time slowed and I could see every drop of water bounce off the skin of his massive pecs like tiny bullets. I heard the echo of a groan as the fingers of my right hand breeched his hole. My left hand squeezed the foreskin to form a reservoir filled with pre-cum. His abs expanded and receded as his breath quickened and I traced the cobblestones of perfectly developed muscle with lust. My heart thumped in my chest as my fingers circled the rock hard nipple. My mouth went dry as I touched the other nipple with my tongue. “Where should I start?” I whispered as I let my lower teeth linger and scrape across his distended nub. “I think you made a fine start already,” Dan said biting his lower lip as my fingers continued to stroke his prostate. Dan’s huge muscular arm surrounded my head and pulled my nose into his dark pit. The manly musk of Dan’s body mingled with the smell of the soap, rank sweat, stale cologne, and a hint of leather, sandalwood, coconut, and vanilla. I sniffed in like a wild animal catching hints of a potential mate in heat. My hand applied liquid soap afraid that Dan would stop me if I bent to recover the wash cloth. My hand traveled over every inch of his mighty chest as I worshiped. My hand lathered his delts and traveled over biceps and triceps, along his forearm, and finally I took Dan’s hand into mine and kissed his fingers. It was an act of subtle submission and Dan smiled. I was his and he could do as he pleased with me. He ran his hand along my arm and moved my body to face him. I ran my hands over his massive physique with long strokes before moving to parts still unexplored to continue the worship of the most astounding body I ever touched. There is nothing like the sensation of moving your hands across another man’s physique in such an intimate way. I could feel the muscle fibers move beneath his skin, I could feel the warmth of his flesh, and the power emanating from the man as Dan lifted both arms into a double biceps flex. I soaped both armpits, down his lats, and up to his triceps. Dan watched me touch him with a growing sense of lust. I’m sure that he had been worshiped before but for me this was something special, something unique and for me this was a huge turn-on. I was discovering the intimately one man can find in another while exploring Dan. At the same time I was exploring my own feelings, allowing the worship of a man’s body to explode inside me. I moved my hands down Dan’s body to his slim hips and stepped in closer. I rested my hands there for a moment to savor this deep intimacy. The hot water splashed and rained down on our intertwined bodies and I rubbed my eyes to clear my vision and when I opened my eyes again the fantasy evaporated. I sat on the bench nearly in tears. What about the blowjob I was about to perform in the fantasy. Missing was the seed he would repeatedly plant in and on my body. Missing was the ultimate submission to the gigantic bodybuilder pounding his love tool into my ass and filling me with his cum. I tried with all my might to drag my mind back into the fantasy. “Fuck, that feels so good,” I whispered the words I wanted to hear Dan speak. The feeling of sexual power increased. Then Dan lowered my body onto his cock and began using me, holding all the weight of my entire body against the tiles and using my ass as a fuck toy. He thrust up into my ass as he lifted and lowered my body up and down on his pole, letting out a string of filthy words and outlandish threats. Tile was breaking and falling onto the floor and… “Hello?” “I’m not done yet,” I said to answer the knock on my cubical door. Aw, fuck, who is that? I heard Dan moan in my fantasy. “Are you okay in there?” a voice chuckled. “Yeah. Maybe. I… that… yeah,” I called out to the guy on the other side of the door. Gonna fuck you, the phantom voice echoed in my ears and then was gone. “Hey, would you like to get some lunch in the mall?” Dan asked. It was definitely Dan. “Yeah, yes… um I’ll be right out.” “I’ll be at the cash register,” he said as his voice faded. Again I tried to engage the fantasy but nothing happened. I dressed and gathered everything I brought into the room and made my way to the front of the store. Dan looked up and smiled at me. It was as if he knew what was happening in my fantasy but I knew that was ridiculous. “I checked on the shirts you ordered and it looks like they’ll be here by next Friday. Usually they don’t take this long but with the and blah, blah, blah, blah,” he continued as I tuned him out. “Will you call me and leave a message when they come in?” I requested as I picked up my purchases and together Dan and I entered the mall. “You know what?” Dan said as we entered the food court. “I especially liked the part where you were finger fucking my ass as you fondled my balls, but the way you were riding me…” I stopped in my tracks and he continued on towards the oriental food. He smiled and returned to where I was standing. “My shower at home is about the size of those changing rooms back in that store. White tiles, three showerheads, and a rain shower on the ceiling,” he said describing my fantasy shower room. “Would you like to skip lunch and follow me to my place? I have some leftovers in the refrig…” “Yes,” I cut him off. “Yes right now!” “There were also some tender moments like when…” “Shut up. Be quiet. Lead the way,” I said quietly. I was red faced as we walked toward the exit. A hand rested on my shoulder when we got to his car. “I have a few fantasies that I would also love to share with you,” he said as he unlocked the car. If he said that to insure I would follow him home he was wasting his breath because if reality was half as good as that dream had in the mall, I was his for life.
  11. I want Mark to outgrow Jacob. I didn’t think I’d be on his side but I am now lol
  12. Can't wait for the finale even though I hope the story's not over yet
  13. Omg... it's finally finished. It feels like forever and once again it took a turn I was not expecting when I sat down to write it. I decided to conclude it and apologize if it feels a bit rushed I just didn't want it to go incomplete forever. Especially since I've got other ideas that have been spinning around in my head for awhile. It's been hard to find the time to write. Big thank you to everyone who has shown their love to this story. I'm thinking about starting a patreon or something to encourage me to put out more regular stuff. Input on that and if you'd subscribe would be greatly appreciated! Also would love to hear if you liked "If the Shoe Fits". Without further ado: Chapter 33 Two weeks can sometimes feel like forever. Each day seemed to blend seamlessly one into the next. I’d wake up bright and early every day before stumbling out of bed to take my morning piss. As I watched my golden stream bulldoze its way into the toilet, I’d remind myself that for reasons I couldn’t quite comprehend, this morning’s piss was the best piss of my life I’d felt outside of drunkenness— even better feeling than the wonderfully relieving whiz I had taken the prior morning. After that flow eased and slowly but simultaneously suddenly ended, I’d groggily shuffle myself a few steps past the sink, unconsciously avoiding eye contact with myself in the mirror in case I were to catch my eye and make myself wonder how the hell anyone, let alone the love of my life, could think I was sexy. Having averted disaster, I would then start up the shower and rinse myself clean. Feeling more awake, I’d then towel off in front of the mirror, this time openly checking myself out, but not in a sexy way. Rather, I’d run the towel through my hair a few times and think to myself that either my hair looked super cute that day and dammit why would I have to now put on a shirt and ruin it. Or I’d see that my hair really looked like a mess and I’d ask myself where I last put that new hair gel I bought when I got my last haircut, knowing full-well that it was just inside the medicine cabinet where it’s always been kept. Either way, I’d then saunter off to my bedroom to continue getting myself prepped for the day. Which is where I would find Justin, fully erect and waiting. Every morning. Like clockwork. Usually, he’d be sitting on the edge of my bed, propped up by his left arm, whose hand was absentmindedly gripping some lube. Meanwhile, his right hand would be busy massaging the upper half of his goliath-sized appendage. He’d smirk at me before saying something cheesy like “You know we’ve got orders”, or something similar. Invariably, my own 8.5 incher would begin to noticeably bone up even before the towel managed to hit the floor. I’d quickly grab the lube, grease up my hole, and straddle my obviously eager training wheel of a housemate. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pause to yawn before snapping back to the sizable task I gripped with my right hand and slid between my ass cheeks. Usually the moment his cockhead first touched my hole one or both of us would let out an audible intake of air. I’d sink slowly ease myself down onto his massive cockhead, silently thanking the squat rack gods for granting me some added inches to my posterior region the past several months as I worked vigorously to accommodate the nearly overwhelming number of inches slowly and insistently stretching their way into my insides. It would take a couple of minutes, but eventually I’d be rewarded by the feeling of my wispy little ass-hairs alerting me that I’d reached the base of Justin’s manhood. We’d pause—Give each other a nod—then he’d reach around like he was going to hug me as we flipped me over onto my back. Another moment to make sure everything was feeling good, and he’d begin working my hole over. Some mornings, early afternoons, evenings, or late nights...he’d be gentle. Other times he’d fuck me so deep and so hard I would wonder if the bed or my ass would break first. Whichever way, he made sure to use my ass thoroughly… and at least three times a day. In the two weeks leading up to Patrick’s return I never went to work without a load in my ass, and I never went to bed without one either. If I could sum it up in one word— intense. After he blew his nut, he’d invariably take a few moments to relish the orgasm before slowly easing himself out of my now gaping orifice. He’d roll over, take a deep breath, then hop up out of bed to go clean up, oftentimes without a word. Every now and then he’d make a funny little quip, or we’d talk about our plans for the day. Once I caught him staring at me just a little too long—and while I had warmed up to him quite a bit, I know he knew heart belonged first and foremost to Patrick. He never said anything about it, and after a few days he started going out on dates with others in the early evenings after giving me my after-work spunk. It was fairly obvious he was making sure to keep some space between us which I appreciated. Little did I know how much smaller that space would soon be. Chapter 34 Smaller? Larger? Is up, down now? The day finally arrived when Patrick was due home. I wanted to meet him at the airport, but I had a semi-important-to-me-but-critical-to-the-company meeting I was needed for. It had been in the works for a while, and Patrick was understanding. Besides, he had an appointment with the doctor for his last shot. We agreed that we would meet at the house in the evening. Patrick texted me when he got back to the house, telling me he was just going to relax and play some video games until I got home. Everything was going so well. My pitch had gone over so well. In 45 minutes I’d be back home in Patrick’s loving arms. Then I got the call. “Hello, Aaron speaking” I voiced to the unknown number. My phone beeped at me that the battery was about dead. Guess I had forgotten to leave it on the charger last night. “Hello. Yes… Can I speak to Aaron McCormick?” a woman replied. “This is he”. “Hello. Yes. Mr. McCormick. I’d like to confirm you’re currently safe and uninjured, correct? Or are you in need of emergency services? Are you at your dwelling at?” she started to rattle my address, but I cut her off. “Yes, yes, I’m fine.” I said excusing myself from the room. “What’s going on? What happened”. My phone beeped. “Sir, there appears to have been a pipeline explosion in your immediate area and emergency responders are en route to contain the.” “Wait what?” I shouted. “How did you get my number, why are you calling me to tell me this?” I demanded. “Sir, please stay calm, emergency responders are taking care of your friend, he was just concerned for your safety given the proxim- “the line went dead as my phone battery gave up it’s last bit of juice. Chapter 35 Throwing my phone into my pocket I ran to the door, grabbing my jacket as I moved. My wild-eyed expression was all the explanation my boss needed as I raced out of the office to my car. I don’t remember the drive home, it’s a miracle I wasn’t pulled over or worse. I do remember seeing and smelling the black acrid smoke coming from my neighborhood as I approached. I remember the hearing the wailing sirens competing with the sounds of roaring flames and seeing the flash of red and blue lights as they fought for visual comprehension with the orange flames consuming what had been the block where my home once stood. Police had closed the roads a few blocks out. Before they could stop my car and hurried out and towards the ambulances and firetrucks nearest the direction my home had stood until shortly ago. Frantically, I pushed my way past barricades, bystanders, and first responders, desperately scanning the ambulances looking for anything recognizable. My panic brought the attention of paramedics and firefighters. It took several of them to restrain me… even then, it wasn’t so much the 4-5 strong men and women who stopped my 6’4” ass, but rather the fact that after having seen the back of each ambulance and not being satisfied I turned my gaze back to the still burning remnants of my exploded house, and saw one of Patrick’s previously oversized shoes on what was our front lawn. The formally white with a black checker Nike Logo runner was now mostly black, and one of the laces was burning, much like the wick of a candle. I collapsed. First responders quickly brought a facemask and a blanket over to me. They were shouting things. It didn’t matter. Nothing else mattered. I don’t know how long I sat there, unmoving. Not allowing myself to be moved. I just stared at that shoe, at my life…Gone. For a moment I imagined I saw Patrick’s smiling face from his birthday a couple years ago when he opened up the new computer monitor I had seen him eyeing for a while. I thought how cute it was watching him with his dorky headphones on as that monitor cast a bluish light on his face as he joked and played with online friends while dreaming of becoming a big muscleman someday. Gone. I saw a flash of blue light from where our front window used to be. At least I thought I did. No! I did! There it was again…and there was movement! I threw off my blanket and leapt to my feet. I grabbed the nearest person to me and began dragging them towards the broken bay window shouting, “Here! Over here! Help! Someone help!” Reaching the window, I pushed through broken glass, through broken memories, through the charred drywall and blackened 2x4’s that used to be my living room. Desperately. In that moment it could have all been a hallucination, but if it were, I was going to make sure that at the end I crawled underneath that house myself so that I could die next to my lover. Nothing else mattered. I pushed aside some unrecognizable board and finally saw what caused the light I had seen. A cellphone. Screen cracked, but still flickering light occasionally. The glint had been picked up by a piece of broken mirror, and I just been at the right place and time. Just beyond that, a forearm. A massive forearm. Thickly corded with muscle and covered in soot and blood, and it was moving. Reaching towards me…towards anything to grasp. I rushed over and with the help of first responders began pulling away the debris. I found him. I was ecstatic in that moment because I knew there was no one else it could possibly be. No one had forearms that big. A few moments later I heard a loud crack and the rubble began to shift and rise. I wasn’t the only one who stumbled a foot or two back. What we witnessed next was incredible. I stood in the remains of my former bay window as the charred remains of my house fell to the sides of what I at first though must have been my living room couch. Instead, as my mind adjusted to what was happening in front of me, I realized that that wasn’t a couch—that was my husband. Patrick was on his knees, in a plank position holding the weight of the upper floor of my house on his back while he propped himself up on his elbow. His muscles were tensed, which made his soccer ball sized biceps seem all the more impressive. While the back of his shirt was mostly intact, the front was hanging on by a thread, and I was stunned by his rippling six back, and pectorals that made dinner plates seem small in diameter. His jeans were ripped at the knees, and his calves were still covered in rubble, but what I could see of his quads was stunning, it looked like someone had taken a physique anatomy chart and blown up the proportions! Still, after all of that, all I could truly focus on in that moment were the two piercingly beautiful blue eyes staring back at me. In them I read pain, love, relief, and concern. We held eyes for what seemed like forever, long enough to tell each other everything we ever needed to tell one another, without saying a word. Then with a blink he quickly looked down and back up and me pleadingly. I followed where his eyes had been. There… underneath it all… cradled between Patrick’s giant pecs and his arm, lay an unconscious Justin. Seeing him snapped me out of my situational paralysis. I rushed forward, startling the paramedics out of their stupor as well. They managed to pull Justin out and took him towards an ambulance. Once Justin was safe, Patrick asked us to stand back. With a few deep breaths, Patrick managed to push himself up into a pushup up position. Using all of his strength he managed to get himself up into a full plank, and with some effort, was then able to pull first his right, and then his left leg forward. The rubble of the house crashed around him as he then moved himself into a somewhat squat position and pushed himself and what remained around him up until he managed to get himself out from under the house. He then staggered a couple steps towards me before collapsing to his knees. Before he lost consciousness, he looked to me and said. “I love you”. Chapter 36 They kept Patrick at the hospital overnight. Besides a few burns and a couple of deep scratches that needed stitching, he was relatively unscathed. Justin had to stay for a few more days, though thankfully he was released as well with a clean bill of health. The doctors and the news hailed Patrick as a hero for saving Justin’s life. They tried roping me in with that too, but I wouldn’t let them. All I did was see a light in some wreckage. Patrick did all the heavy lifting…literally. With all the excitement, it took a few months for us to really reacclimate. Our insurance guy was amazing, and things worked out better than we could have possibly expected. Patrick’s growth stabilized with him setting a few records, and for that we needed some special accommodations when it came to housing. He ended up topping out at 7’8” … so taller counters and shower heads were a must for starters. I’m not 7’8”, but I’m a big man, and I can’t fit both of my hands around his biceps. That’s unflexed. When flexed, I think it’d take me four hands. Which is still small compared to the globes he has for butt cheeks. He gets cross with me when I call him Nicki now, but I haven’t found a more entertaining way to tell him that he’s got some serious cakes! As for the rest of him, well… honestly, I don’t know precisely. I’d have to pull up the Guinness Book of Records. I just know that I love wearing his size 22 shoes when he pins me down to fuck me with his over 12” dick. He knows exactly how big it is, I’ve just asked him to not tell me because it’s a bit intimidating knowing your man is bigger than a ruler and thicker than a wine bottle. He does like to brag about how he’s bigger than Jonah Falcon now though. At first it did cause some difficulties… His dick is just so absolutely enormous! We had a night where I ended up crying, telling him that I thought he said he would never outgrow me. He laughed and said again that he’d never outgrow me… he said it’s just like a new pair of specially tailored shoes. They fit… they just need a bit of love and to be used a bit until they are broken in. The End.
  14. Text Fur Muscle(Part 2) You have entered group chat: Moonlit Zanark03 has come online. HardRayne has come online. CalhIsShit has come online. Zanark03: The moon is beautiful tonight* CalhIsShit: Yo guys, where is @AlfaBeeta? I need to talk to him. HardRayne: Hes out doing whatever CalhIsShit: imma spam tag him till he picks up his phone @AlfaBeeta @AlfaBeeta @AlfaBeeta @AlfaBeeta @AlfaBeeta HardRayne: I dont think he still has his phone HardRayne: his human side allegedly broke it HardRayne: hes pissed off tonight, dont try to speak to him CalhIsShit: fuck, I really wanna do the ritual HardRayne: the perfection spell? Try your luck next month when the alpha has cooled down Zanark03: The Rays of the moon are my sword, my body the Hollister. CalhIsShit: never noticed this chuuni is still here. CalhIsShit: dude im pissed off too HardRayne: please dont even tell me about your stupid love triangle you furry faggot CalhIsShit: Bane DUMPED me HardRayne: no he didnt, he doesnt even like you CalhIsShit: Im planning to turn him into a sexy werewolf like us, only if I can get back home without using human trash(aka machines) HardRayne: despite that you still want to use a phone CalhIsShit: my claws will always scratch the screen I can barely see shit HardRayne: dude, if you wanna infect someone you still had to have Alpha's permission. CalhIsShit: yes I know that, thats why I need him NOW Zanark03: The moon has spoken to me, the night howler of the wolfsbane is coming. CalhIsShit: oh god the cringe, whats up with this guy's head? Who is his human side? HardRayne: oh my god, Zanark means that the Alpha is connecting to the server. HardRayne: maybe he finally found a new phone? CalhIsShit: finally AlfaBeeta has failed to connect to the server. Retrying... HardRayne: ... CalhIsShit: ... Alfabeeta has connected to the server. CalhIsShit: hey boss I got something to tell you!!!! Alfabeeta has invited @Empound to the group chat. HardRayne: ? Alfabeeta: Everyone, please introduce yourselves to our new member of the pack. CalhIsShit: new member? Alfabeeta: I found his human side trying to commit suicide, so I "saved" him. Empound: Heya squirts! me names Empound, my human host's name is Zack. Empound: Zack is a sad piece of shit, depressed and whatnot. Trying to commit suicide over some job resignation. HardRayne: you mean he was "fired"? Empound: fired chicken or whatever, Alpha turned stupid crybaby Zack into ME!! Alfabeeta: Empound is the opposite persona of his human host's emotions after his transformation. He's a unique pitch black werewolf and is a good fighter with good muscle. He's perfect for tonight's turf war. Empound: Cmon Dad! I wanna rip some bloodsucking sack of shits! HardRayne: "Dad"...? [PM to HardRayne]Alfabeeta: he starts calling me that after being the first werewolf he sees after his transformation. CalhIsShit: yo boss! I need to tell you something!!!! AlfaBeeta: what is it Calhoun? Also why you do you still dont have your own name? CalhIsShit: Alpha please, perform the perfection ritual on me!! Alfabeeta: what CalhIsShit: I wanna stay like this forever, I dont want my host Calhoun#2 to stay with my Bane any longer. HardRayne: did you just call your human host "Calhoun#2"...? Alfabeeta: My Puppy, we talked about this a million times. CalhIsShit: Cmon, I can bear it! I can bear the ritual Alfabeeta: the perfection ritual is an ancient and very delicate procedure. Alfabeeta: Once the ritual fails youll never be able to retake it for a century, besides we dont have time. Did you already forget about the turf war? CalhIsShit: ah shit Alfabeeta: Next war site would be downtown, remember that abandoned soccer field? Be there, 11:30. CalhIsShit: Actually I may not be able to show up tonight. HardRayne: what Alfabeeta: you better have a good reason Calhoun. CalhIsShit: Im away from town, my human host got a business trip in some big city. Alfabeeta: ... HardRayne: ...this is a problem right alpha? Alfabeeta: .... Zanark03: Master is in mild mood but worsening, like a smile under 100 degree pain. CalhIsShit: uhh...not my fault though. HardRayne: bro youre in big trouble. Alfabeeta: how am I not informed of your trip...? CalhIsShit: sorry boss CalhIsShit: BUT CalhIsShit: I stole some of bitch Calhoun's money! technically its our money...but Ill use it to get back home! I promise Ill be back soon! Alfabeeta: ..... HardRayne: Y, youre a werewolf, you can just, "hitch" a ride or steal a car, if you can drive. CalhIsShit: ...oh right. Zanark03: ... CalhIsShit: also...I need permission from you @Alfabeeta for something...if you accept... Alfabeeta: ...speak CalhIsShit: can I infect my Bane...into a werewolf? Alfabeeta: ... Alfabeeta is typing. HardRayne: you want to turn your hard crush into a werewolf? Do you even know what will happen? CalhIsShit: I know what im trying to do, Bane doesnt like me at all. HardRayne: well DUH CalhIsShit: if he doesnt accept me then maybe his sexy werewolf persona can. HardRayne: we dont know what Bane's werewolf mind will turn out to be. HardRayne: Bane's wolf side may be his opposite personality, a manifestation of his anger, an incarnation of his better self, or maybe an amplified hate towards you? CalhIsShit: I dont have a choice, I want my puppy. HardRayne: what if his wolf side doesnt like you just as Bane hates you? CalhIsShit: Trust me on this, I know my new puppy will be even better than Bane himself. Alfabeeta: fine, Ill accept your request. CalhIsShit: thank you, boss, Ill go back home and turn Bane before sunrise. CalhIsShit: the perfection ritual can wait. Empound: Hey Im back, just ate my human host's ex-boss in his own home, seems like my Zack hated him so much that he tastes better than the other humans I ate. Jeez I got blood all over my screen. Alfabeeta: No, Ill cancel the turf war, we'll perform the perfection ritual tonight. CalhIsShit: pardon? HardRayne: say WHAT Alfabeeta: we'll perform the ritual at our hideout. Calhoun, get here ASAP. CalhIsShit: really boss!? Alfabeeta: Rayne, get back here. HardRayne: alright fine, maybe bloodshed can wait. Empound: WHAT, cancel the turf war!? Daddy you turned me into this muscle beaast just for this reason: TO KILL VAMPIRES Alfabeeta: it can wait Empound: NO I WANNA FIGHT THEM NOW!! Alfabeeta: IT. CAN. WAIT. ... Empound: fine dad... Alfabeeta: good boy Calhoun: thanks for everything boss, Ill be there at around 1:00am to 2. I saw a bus heading back home. See you later guys. Calhoun has disconnected from the server. HardRayne: hey boss, do you really mean it? The perfection ritual I meant... Alfabeeta: ... Alfabeeta: Ill do anything for my pack, but I lied about the perfection ritual.... HardRayne: What!? Why!? Alfabeeta: the perfection ritual doesnt exist, but there IS a way for the transformation to be permanent. HardRayne: really? I thought it isnt possible. Alfabeeta: we'll use Bane. HardRayne: BANE? Alfabeeta: he's the key ingredient. Alfabeeta: tonight is a full moon from a leap year, this is perfect. HardRayne: why would we need Bane? Alfabeeta: We need Bane to turn into a werewolf. Alfabeeta: Bane hates wolf Calhoun. In nature, what does hate give? HardRayne: uhmm... Empound: ANGER!! Alfabeeta: exactly, so what does Anger give...? HardRayne: uhmm...I think I know this one...! Zanark03: Destruction. Alfabeeta: excellent. Alfabeeta: Bane's wolf side will be an amplified version of Bane's hate towards wolf Calhoun. This is just perfect. He'll be a powerful werewolf, a true Alpha, enough to beat Vlad I hope. HardRayne: VLAD!? thE VLAD!? Your arch nemesis? If you know this then why didn't you turn Bane then. If he'll become a true Alpha then what will happen to you...!? Alfabeeta: Ill be dethroned but that wont matter to me, I...just need to kill Vlad so badly. Alfabeeta: The reason why I cant turn him into a werewolf because if I do it then he'll just become an ordinary werewolf. Alfabeeta: It needs, Calhoun. HardRayne: Calhoun? Which one? The human or the beast? Alfabeeta: Both, my puppy. Empound: Eyy , mind clarifying what you both are discussing about? HardRayne: So wolf Calhoun is the key? HardRayne: Does wolf Calhoun know about this? Alfabeeta: Nope... Alfabeeta: Bane hates wolf Calhoun but loves human Calhoun. What happens when your own best friend and the one thing you hate turn you into a hulking monster? ... HardRayne: Ill pass, I really cant guess. Alfabeeta: A combination of betrayal and hatred. I have a plan, I'll temporarily turn Calhoun back to his human self and let the confused and clueless human lure Bane to him. Then... Empound: we'll surprise him by pouncing on him and eating his flesh!. HardRayne: Still wont guess. Zanark03: ...force human Calhoun to helplessly infect Bane, his own best friend. Alfabeeta: then this way the real perfection ritual will commence, Bane and Calhoun will stay a monster forever. And then I'll have my new shiny toy. Vlad will be done for soon. This will be perfect. HardRayne: solid plan... Empound: and then the killings begin after!! Zanark03: The moon spoke, It says that the wolfsbane will rise once more. Alfabeeta: Heheheh, This will be PERFECT...
  15. Well, AJ was all for taking his posing trunks off and throwing them off the stage into the audience where hopefully Noah would catch them ... who knows what Woody has planned or what might happen?
  16. Last week
  17. PART 2 --- Two months later, Logan had exploded with growth. His new routine had effectively tripled his sets of exercise, and on the cocktail of steroids that the college footballers used to beef up their linesmen, he had thrived, inching his way daily up to his current 235 lbs. He often hung out with the Darryl and the team and learned from them the joys of constant shirtlessness. Even simple tank tops proved too hot for Logan nowadays, as his constantly working, juiced muscles gave off relentless heat that only a direct, cool, breeze could assuage. The cheerleading girls constantly mistook him for one of the team and using this to his advantage he had bagged each and every one of them. By the time they had realized who he was, the memories of his primal lovemaking and rock hard, bulging body and masculinity washed over them, bringing to mind waves of pleasure, and they would approach him again, craving for more. As such Logan spent less time at the bar. Instead he would bring barrels of whiskey to the frat parties and challenge the guys there to wagers for a night with their girl, if he could outdrink them. He never lost once. Over the next couple of weeks, something was off about Darryl. He had continued to make progress, pushed to his limits by his new, hungry workout partner, and was now 230 lbs, but with each coming week, Logan had overtaken him in some way. While he used to outbench Logan by 60 lbs, Logan could now bench 355 lbs, 20 lbs more than him, even though he had gained strength himself. While he was proud of his 4.6 second 40-yard dash, Logan made a casual attempt himself and had reached 4.5 seconds. For the first month, Darryl had lorded his extra size and weight over Logan, calling him a newbie – but then Logan surpassed him in weight too. For a while, Darryl could ignore the scale and look in the mirror, where his shorter frame packed the muscle on thicker for the time being. But Logan continued to grow and looked to be matching his width too… He just couldn’t compete – he’d been juicing for years now and couldn’t match the progress of a taller man who had just begun and whose body had responded with aplomb. Darryl’s frustrations boiled over during their workouts, and he would yell in frustration at every missed rep. He grew more distant and would begin to skip workouts. He stopped inviting Logan to team events and eventually, disappeared altogether. Logan couldn’t care less. He was high on his growing size and strength and still on top of the world. As far as he was concerned, there was only two factors that concerned him: 1. He still had a couple of month’s supply of gear left, but his dealer was now gone 2. He was tired of fucking his regular nightly carousel of cheerleaders, and he had no one to introduce him to someone new. The second seemed more urgent at the moment, so after his usual dinner for six, he found himself at the bar, hungry and once again on the prowl. He received winks from some thirsty babes, but he was in the mood for fresh meat. He spotted a curvy brunette across the room and sauntered over. Something about her seemed different, and different was on the menu today. He caught a glimpse of her face and stopped short. It was his ex! At a bar! He couldn’t help chuckling a bit. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes, lit one, drew in deeply, and stepped in front of her and blew smoke into her face. Surprised and offended, she retorted, “Sir, that was rude!” She just sirred him! Logan supressed his glee. He was unrecognizable to her! Nothing more than this confirmed to him that his transformation – from a meek computer geek, acceding to her every demand, her every whim, to a primal alpha MAN that could take and ravish her right here and now – was complete. But it wasn’t enough. He had grown a need to conquer and dominate, and most of all, to grow stronger still. He couldn’t wait for his next encounter with Darryl, where he’d have an opportunity just like this to assert his dominance. “Don’t you know that smoking is against the rules in here?” She continued. “Fuck the rules, bitch” he grunted. She was offended, but speechless, lost for words. She went to slap him but he caught her hand, and ran it over his boulder shoulder and down over the hill of his twenty-one inch bicep. He cupped her hand in his and made it squeeze the rock hard mounds on his barren chest. “Aren’t you tired of fuckin’ pussy soy boys?” His voice got more intense with each word, until he was roaring “It’s time you were with a real man. A red meat eatin’ all American MAN.” She was undecided for a moment, then her expression softened. She threw herself onto him and let him carry her out of the bar. In bed, he marvelled at how easily he could now toss her around, picking her up and impaling her onto his pike while she screamed as she had never done before. “Fuck, FUCK, FUCK!!!” She cried. Under such intense pleasure or pain, she could find no other words. By the end of the night, as they shared a cigarette, she had been converted. She begged him not to leave, fearing that he would now discard her like a used tissue. She could no longer be satisfied by the sensitive submissive boys she had sought out her whole life. By association with her new master, she was now aroused only by pure, unbridled masculinity. She could only be satisfied by the biggest, most hulking, bearded, foul mouthed, tobacco-laced, meat-eating drunkard she could find at the bar or the gym. Her number in hand, Logan discarded it as he left. They hadn’t even exchanged names. He wasn’t coming back. --- Six weeks later, Logan found himself sitting in the locker room, giving himself the second last shot in his supply of steroids, when he overheard some of the other meatheads in the gym talking about a new gym that had opened two months ago. Allegedly, some rich, successful businessman had gotten into bodybuilding, but became disgusted that all the other gyms had been infected by casuals looking to “tone” and do Yogalates and so had opened a gym together only for those who were truly dedicated to the iron. Logan was intrigued. He had assumed that he’d have gotten a new stack of steroids by now, but surveying around, at 245 lbs, he was the biggest one left in the gym. He wasn’t going to trust a stack from someone smaller than him. Heck, even that pansy Darryl was bigger that almost everyone here by this point. He resolved to make his way over and join. At the front desk he met one of the football guys, a defensive linesman. “Holy shit,” Logan thought, “Cody is shredded.” The linesman, a 290 lb gainer who always looked like he carried most of his weight from his stomach down, now carried a respectable upper body and had lost a lot of belly fat. Sizing Logan up, Cody admitted, “I know you’re serious about lifting, dude. I’ll put in a good word for you, but you’ve gotta do a trial week first. Are you ready, bro?” “Yes!” barked Logan, overeager. After getting his picture taken and card printed, he tapped in and entered the gym. Beneath the fluorescent lights, grunting, totally engrossed in their workouts, stood not a single man under 240 lbs of jacked, solid muscle. Seeing this environment raised Logan’s hackles, his blood racing with motivation. He was going to find a solid stack here. He knew what to do. He scanned the room for the biggest fucker he could find, found a bald, bearded, hairy beast of a 300-pound motherfucker and made a beeline for him, but stopped in his tracks as he saw Darryl’s face. Darryl took a look at Logan’s astounded face and sneered. “What’s a fuckin’ weakling like you doing here? I didn’t realize anyone with a goddamn pussy could get in here nowadays. You think you got what it takes to work in with me?” Logan counted the plates on the bar Darryl was about to bench. Five hundred and sixty-five pounds. He stood, stunned, as Darryl, no spotter, no hesitation, lay onto the bench and pushed out eight perfect reps, bellowing his head off with each rep. After the set, Darryl racked the bar, and jumped to his feet. “THAT’S HOW IT’S FUCKIN’ DONE!!” Logan had thought his 395 lbs bench impressive, but the feeling of pressing less than four hundred now seemed indisputably puny to him. He put an extra ten pounds on and struggled to push out five slow but decent reps. He had done it, but compared to what he had just seen, he was nothing. Darryl smirked and continued the rest of his workout, feeling secure in his superiority. A fire kindled in Logan’s belly. He had never wanted to be bigger and stronger than he did right now. He wanted to put Darryl in his place. He finished up the rest of his sets the best he could, setting solid, but unfortunately still realistic personal records on each lift once again. As he stormed out of the room Cody gave him a friendly wave. “Don’t worry, you’re doing great, dude! I know I’ll be seeing you tomorrow!” His first time on social media since his initial breakup, Logan booted up Instagram and took a look at Darryl’s profile. There he was again, a hairy, bald 300 lbs gorilla nothing like the 230 lb jock he had known just two months ago. Logan continued to scroll down, seeing the explosion in reverse, and shifted uncomfortably, fighting and ignoring a growing erection. It hadn’t just been Darryl, though his transformation had been the most dramatic. The whole team was now jacked beyond belief. What had started two months ago as pictures of a bunch of frat boys hanging out with their trophy girlfriends became a flipbook of growing, scowling muscle beasts who now seemed to spend every moment shirtless, working out or flexing. Only two other kinds of postings interrupted these: short videos of the team massacring other teams on the football field, and motivational pictures with their eyes closed and a massive, hulking figure in the background with his arms crossed, cut off at the eyes. Reading the comments, he saw that the team made constant references to “the Master” on each other’s posts. He could only assume that the shadowy background giant was this man. Some kind of trainer, one that guaranteed results like no other. Logan imagined himself blowing up to Darryl’s proportions and his hand flew uncontrollably to his dick, choking it up and down in a death grip. He pounded it faster and faster, gripping it hard and harder as he imagined each of his muscles expanding: his glutes wrenched tight and lifting him off his seat and his and his pecs pushing together and his shoulders hunched over, containing the tension. His bicep pumped up in his working arm, and he climaxed imagining it bigger and bigger and BIGGER. No girl he laid had ever given him a sensation like that before. Hungry for the real thing, he resolved that tomorrow, he’d meet the Master and pledge his allegiance.
  18. Really loving the growth descriptions! Hot! and even believable!
  19. Your writing it excellent. You bring so many elements into the worlds you create and it ticks so many boxes for me... thank you. I can't wait for the next chapter.
  20. Ding dong. Just what the doctor ordered: some muscle on muscle action.
  21. Thank you!! I’m so glad you like my stories and fantasies... maybe we should talk!! I think you may be right about what is to come... it can’t be anything good!!
  22. Habia encontrado un libro antiguo en la biblioteca, tirado debajo de un estante donde nadie lo podía ver, hasta que coincidentemente (o por alguna otra razón) lo encontré. Era un libro de hechizos y pociones, tenía algunos dibujos de lo que parecían ser guerreros grandes y fuertes, hombres de gran estatura y uno que otro con lo que parecían ser un enorme pene. No sabía de cuándo era o de quien era. Estaba escrito en otro dialecto pero afortunadamente había algunos parrafos escritos en español. ¿Era posible que este libro tuviera la capacidad de cambiar a los hombres en adonis? ¿Pero y que tal que era una farsa? ¿Pero... Y si tambien podía ser verdad? El solo pensar en hombres grandes y músculos me puso a fantasear y excitarme. Decidí que iba a probarlo. Decidí que lo intentaría con mi papá, el hombre ya tenía sus años, era algo bajito lo cual no le ayudaba y su cuerpo estaba descuidado y un poco gordo. Si el libro no era real, al menos le daría el mensaje a mi papá de que se cuidara mejor. Fui a buscarlo y lo encontré en el garaje, haciéndole algo al auto, estaba usando una camisa sin mangas que le quedaba algo corta, dejando expuesta su panza. -:"¿Oye papá puedo intentar algo contigo?" -:"Uhmmm claro,¿pero que es?" -"Oh nada, solo un poco de magia" El hombre no era supersticioso, así que no me hizo mucho caso y siguió con lo suyo. Abrí el libro, le di una hojeada rápida y me detuve en una página. "Incrementum Dido Aeneae" decía el título de la página. Lo único escrito en español era una pequeña anotación cerca del parrafo donde estaba el hechizo. "Los músculos del sujeto crecerán, según la admiración que reciba por su cuerpo, está puede ser desde halagos, contacto físico hasta un simple pensamiento" Después de eso el texto estaba borroso "Efectos... El sujeto podra seguir crecien... Su primer admirad... Lo sigue adorando... NO USAR EN..." No le hice mucho caso, si fuera importante estaría completo el texto. Decía que para comenzar debía tocarlo del hombro y recitar el hechizo, papá no me hizo mucho caso y seguía en lo suyo. -:"Deus roboris, huic date magnitudinem, fortitudinem et arma iam tuae bellatorem, per hanc vocem mortale" No pasó nada. -:"¿Terminaste?" Preguntó mientras seguía metido en el auto. -:"Ehmmm si" dije un poco decepcionado. Camine para salir del garaje, pero me detuve en la puerta para decirle a mi papá -:"Ammm papá, creo que te ves bien hoy" -:"Jaja muy gracioso" Me quedé en mi cuarto leyendo el libro hasta que anochecio, pensando en la farsa que era, hasta que oí que tocaron a mi puerta. -:"Hijo, ¿que habías dicho en la tarde antes de salir del garaje?" Era papá, sonaba confundido. -:"Uhmmm, que te ves bien, ¿Por qué pregun..." -:"¡UHGG MIERDA!" El grito de mi papá me interrumpio y escuche un golpe contra la puerta. Me levante de inmediato y abrí la puerta. Ahí estaba mi papá, sudando, a mi altura y con el cuerpo de un deportista. Ya no era un viejo gordo, ahora era un hombre atlético. Su musculoso torso estaba apretado en su camisa, el pantalón que tenía ahora dejaba descubiertos sus talones de lo pequeño que se había hecho. -:"Creo que... Lo que sea que hayas hecho... Funcionó". No sabía que decir, lo único que pudo salir de mi boca fue: -:"Wow". De pronto papá empezó a gemir otra vez, entre dolor y placer, mientras sus pectorales comenzaban a crecer y romper la camisa, su espalda se empezó a ensanchar y sus hombros a inflar que empezó a llenar el espacio del marco de la puerta. Sus bíceps parecían balones lo suficientemente duros como para poder hacer trizas una roca. Frente a mí comenzó a hacerse más alto, más músculoso y el lo estaba disfrutando. Ahora tenía que voltear hacia arriba para poder verlo a la cara. El levanto su mirada hacia mí y sonrió engreídamente. -:"Veo que te gusta lo que ves hijo". Dijo apuntando a la clara ereccion que estaba teniendo. Comnezo a acercarce a mi mientras yo me hacía para atrás hasta que me tuvo contra la pared. -:"Vamos, no quieres tocar estas, o esto, si te portas bien te dejo tocar mas" Me dijo mientras pasaba sus grandes manos sobre sus bíceps, su musculoso pecho y su voluminoso bulto en la entrepierna. Mi cara quedaba a la altura de su pecho y mis manos apenas cubrían un pequeño pedazo de sus gigantescos brazos. -:"Solo ayuda a papi a crecer un poco más" -:"Yo... Yo no... No voy a..." Pero el solo pensar en el colosal cuerpo de mi papá lo hacía crecer más, el me provocaba a propósito para hacerlo crecer más. -:"No te estoy preguntando". Me tomo de la cintura y como si nada me levanto y me puso sobre su hombro como si fuera un costal, tomó el libro y me llevó al auto. Por más que intentará resistirme, a papá no le costaba nada mantenerme en control y no sólo por su fuerza, si no también por su imponente presencia. Comenzó a manejar hacia la ciudad, vivíamos un poco lejos así que tomaría un tiempo llegar. Mientras con un musculoso brazo tomaba el volante, el otro sostenía el libro, que, aunque estaba muy poco flexionado, una enorme pelota de musculo sobresalia. -:"¿Así que cada que alguien me admire voy a crecer? Me parece genial, pero si quiero ser más grande necesito mas que solo a ti." Dijo mientras flexionaba sus pectorales. Solo me provocaba más y más. Su camisa comenzó a romperse al ya no poder resistir con él tamaño de sus músculos, trataba de no verlo para no hacerlo crecer más, pero era algo hipnotizante, ver cada parte de su cuerpo cubierto de fuerte y duro musculo. Detuvo el carro, me dio el libro y salió del auto, dejándome encerrado a mi dentro. Se arrancó lo que quedaba de tela sobre su escultural torso dejando expuesto todo musculo en el. Al asomarme detrás de su enorme figura pude ver detrás de él un letrero de luces iluminando la calle que decía "BAR" en letras grandes neón. Pero no era cualquier bar, podía ver una fila larga de hombres, algunos sin camisa, otros con tirantes de cuero y otras cosas más. Papá iba a entrar a un bar gay para volverse más grande. -:"Papi vuelve en un momento, no intentes escapar" Lo dijo de una forma tierna y amable, pero con su ahora gruesa voz se oía más como una amenaza. -:"No papá, no lo hagas, no sabemos que es lo que te pueda suceder" -:"Claro que lo sé, por eso voy a entrar". Aun después de advertirle a mi papá, el entró al bar sin dudarlo. El iba a crecer tanto como el quisiera. Ni siquiera tuvo que formarse, solo tuvo que coquetear con el guardia y este lo dejó pasar. Busque en todas partes del libro pero no encontré ninguna forma de deshacer el hechizo. Mi única opción era sacar a mi papá del bar. Debía buscar una forma de salir del auto, trate de botar el seguro de las puertas pero no pude, pensé en romper una ventana pero ahora me aterraba lo que me fuera a hacer mi papá si le hacía algo a su auto. Al final encontré una llave de repuesto escondida en la guantera. Salí del auto y fui corriendo al bar. Pasé al guardia y entre al bar, estaba lleno de gente, la música a todo volumen y las luces brillantes deslumbrando el lugar. "Encuentralo rápido para sacarlo lo antes posible" pensé. Pero papá resultó ser más fácil de encontrar de lo que esperaba. Ahí estaba el, rodeado por una horda de admiradores que lo adoraban, tomándose fotos con el y acariciando cada parte de su cuerpo. Mientras el creciendo, más alto que antes y mucho más musculoso. Ese ya no era mi papá, eso ahora era una bestia. Me acerque al tumulto para ver si podía hacer algo, aunque quizás ya era demasiado tarde para poder siquiera intentar algo. Mi papá volteo a verme y me tomó con sus brazos, levantándome sobre su cabeza. -:"A un lado todos, este es mi chico, todo este cuerpo es de el" Grito juguetón, mientras hacía pesas conmigo. Todos gritaban de emoción y se acercaban a mi papá para poder probar un poco de sus músculos dignos de los dioses. Papá me bajo y me puso a la altura de su cara. -:"Hay que buscar un lugar más privado". Me dijo y me beso en los labios. Comenzó a volverse más grande. Sus pantalones se hicieron trizas antes las gigantes piernas de aquella bestia, un enorme bulto colgaba a la altura de sus rodillas y comenzaba a levantarse con fuerza. Recuerdo el ruido de la pared rompiéndose cuando papá salió del bar y los crujidos del auto cuando decidió experimentar su fuerza comprimiendo el auto a una basura miniatura. Camino a la casa, que fue mucho más rápido que ir en auto ahora que era un enorme mastodonte. No dejaba de flexionar sus músculos y decirme lo mucho que me quería y lo grande que quería ser. Ese era mi papá ahora. Mi papá era una bestia y no iba a dejar de adorarlo.
  23. Me too, it was one of my favourite stories back then!
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