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  2. Just unadulterated muscle lust: Tomas Mach/Tim Mountain: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c24a508edac2 Cocky Boy: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c2712500af33 Muscle Diamond: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c30e35e8667b Alpha Teases Worshipper: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b80281b8c11b Personal Session: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c26477e09b1b Zitronenquark: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph59cd0effdfea1 Submission with Dean Coulter: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph55d5462b9b323 Antonio: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5670ad9e168db Rick Hammersmith: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph58930ab4ac7fa Joey Jordan and March Brandon: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph57a704599af4f
  3. dredlifter

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    Wow! I love this discussion that my story was able to bring about. Like you @muscledrain, I was a bit surprised at the negative reaction that came about from Trevor's humiliation. I was a little taken aback that so many people thought his humiliation was too much, since humiliation really is a large part of MANY of the stories on this site. As you pointed out, there are tons of stories on this site with massive size differences, comparisons, domination and extreme situations of humiliation. The main difference is that the majority of these stories involve a scenario where bullied character A outgrows bully character B and then gets revenge. In Elongro, the whole idea that the humiliation affects a character that doesn't necessarily deserve it seems to have thrown people for a major loop. I will say, one area where I clearly have failed is conveying that Seth honestly isn't intended to be a bad guy. Honestly, his bragging and comparing to Trevor is meant to come of more as him being excited about his own incredible growth and also being a little drunk with power. Seth was a SMALL guy his entire life, so being the BIG alpha is new to him. To him, he sees his teasing of Trevor as typical jocular behavior. It's Trevor's own hyper-competitive desire to be the bigger man that has driven him completely bonkers with envy. I really tried to convey that it was in fact Trevor who was torturing himself with his jealousy, not Seth. The basic theme was a play on the idea of two friends play the lottery, one wins and the other resents him for it. Obviously that didn't come through. I honestly have no idea where my humiliation kink came from. I wasn't bullied as a kid, but I was usually one of the smaller boys. I think part of my humiliation kink stems from my macro kink, which is heavily dependent on size differences and comparisons, so it seems a natural progression for me. Some kinks people will like, and others people will hate. There are many stories on this site that I won't read based on certain kinks and tags, which I won't get into. I try to tag my stories appropriately so I hope people take the same effort to check those tags and decide if my stories are for them or not. This is a very timely discussion, because I was honestly very close to posting the next chapter last night. And in that chapter I had heavily modified it from it's original tone based on the negative feedback. And then, the more I thought about it, the more I didn't like it. My story is a conversion of an RP so I know where the story is going, and it would basically require an entire rewriting of our RP if I had gone down that route. It wasn't how the original RP went and I felt like it was a disservice to my RP partner as well. So, I have decided to carry on my story which will contain the original tone with themes of extreme inadequacy, humiliation, domination, comparisons, power-drunk coeds, etc. Good discussion! I know my story is different and won't tailor to all and that was never my intention. Happy reading!
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  5. ploder4

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    I agree with you on this. There's humiliation and then emotional torture. Humiliation goes along the lines of the sub is humiliated but doesn't lose importance. Eventually the humiliated gets used to it and develops an acceptance and a sort of return to reality. Emotional torture on the other hand is what fuels a lot of school violence. This is where the pressure is CONSTANT. The sub is constantly humiliated and turns into a pressure cooker. There is no relief. It just keeps going and keeps getting worse until the pressure cooker blows. It becomes even more evident when the person who becomes that pressure cooker doesn't deserve his torture on such an extreme level. Kids these days can be evil. I was bullied at school as well. I was glad that I was able to find some kind of relief in other friends and relatively good grades. But the bullies start mindfucking you. They do one thing, "It's cool to do this bad thing" and then they urge it getting you to do it. All of a sudden it turns into "that was dumb, this other thing is cool now." Put in a situation that you will never win and it's made evident every moment even outside of the bully's physical area. To me, it seems unrealistic for someone to simply just accept increasing emotional torture to extreme levels... something has to give. I expect a dramatic climax. If it's a fight whoever loses, loses. If it's sacrifice (suicide or other) there will be a reaction (whether it be sympathetic or apathetic). If characters are written really well, you can almost FEEL that pressure cooker and who becomes it. Sometimes it's not who you think it will be. An example was "The Ascension of Ian." The main character (Trevor) became that pressure cooker. His younger brother Ian becomes superhuman after having a disability (it really affected him I know). Ian continues to apply the mindfucking pressure to Trevor more and more. In the end, Trevor had a weak "limp wristed" response. Trevor, for having been through such a mindfuck, shouldn't respond with something equivalent to a little bitchslap. It may be physically correct but it just doesn't fit in my opinion. (Sorry Solan, I wasn't able to articulate this before - your story is still well written I REALLY felt for Trevor even if it was unexpected). "Elongro" on the other hand, hasn't developed that situation yet. Humiliation is expected but for some reason I feel that it won't get to the extreme like "The Ascension of Ian." There will be pressure points, but there will be some kind of release. This also goes into my belief of what makes a real Alpha. A real Alpha doesn't just dominate, but provides a reason for the sub to be dominated and that talent ends up coming naturally. The dominant doesn't really NEED to force the sub to do his bidding. The dominant makes the sub feel just as important in his lower position as the dom is in his position. The sub VOLUNTARILY looks up to the dom and is not forced to against will. The sub is encouraged to be as such instead of forced to. Seth FEELS like that kind of Alpha. That makes Seth into a man many many times bigger than this Trevor will ever become. That's the vibe I get.
  6. ploder4

    Big, New World

    I wonder what would happen if someone scored a 0? I would assume there would be litigation and a retake just to make sure someone isn't that stupid. There was a classmate who took one of the exams and completely forgot to fill out some questions because they were on the back of the pages (and he had turned it in before discovering it.) It's good those tests were computerized in a way. In regard to disabilities, that's a touchy subject. Autism, ADHD, depression, and other mental disabilities could weigh more than physical disabilities because of the fact that the test is high stress. I mean, your future really does hang in the balance. I would assume that there would be a pad mostly because if this is a genetic cleansing (for lack of better terms), physical disabilities would probably be corrected automatically. Those with mental disabilities will be more likely to score lower because the high stress could hinder their performance. And what if the system crashes mid test? Or what if someone sneezes... OMG!
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  8. AdonisObsessed

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    For me there's an incredibly thin line between humiliation and emotional torture porn. Big guys using their muscle and size to reinforce their superiority is hot, but I can't say I'm all that into long stories about how someones life is turning into an absolute living hell as they are forced into someone elses shadow. I guess I just enjoy humiliation more when it is sprinkled throughout, and not the main course. I don't think I could be anything but elated with more hunky guys in the world, no matter the circumstance. That said, some stories can hit all the buttons and be super hot regardless if I share it's humiliation love or not. Destiny Rewound, Elongro, there's certainly been a lot of stories over the years that have taken my out of my comfort zone and are all the hotter for it
  9. inva1234

    Muscle Escort

    Well - to keep this thread alive. I've been a lurker her for many many years but recently thought i'd put my 2 cents in on an occasional topic. Hiring muscle/bodybuilders for muscleworship - well was doing that for probably 30 years starting in eary 90s to today when i can affort it. I used to make good money in late 90s-say 2007 and for family reasons am on more of a budget now so dont hire many anymore. But lord knows how many 10's of thousands ive spent over the years if i were being honest. From some big names - such as brad hallibaugh as mentioned above - to people like billing harrington, nate from strengthnet, tom katt, chad connors or scott randsome (sorry so long ago cant remember which - both blond good looking and great body lol), mark wolff, from websites fame rob cody and darryl parker, tony pitt, and a real old reference from the 90s, eugene from miami (former mr. argentina - he was high on some drug and fell asleep towards the end of the session! lol but damn he was built!) just to name a very few. Frankly i know there are others people who have been into muscle long enough would recognize the faces of other guys ive hired but for the love of me cant remember their names! Some of the best experiences though were when id go to nyc for a weekend and go to the long defunct Gaiety Theater - otherwise known as muscleworship heaven to people who went. Guest dancers/strippers danced nude, and had a refreshment/mingling room that the guys would come to and mingle when their sets were done and arrange sessions. Met some incredible guys with incredible bodies there - one of which every so often I'd pay like $1000 and he would come to the city i lived (not nyc) for like 4 days and we'd just hang out, i'd take him to my gym, go to movies and of course muscle sessions - wonderful guy - like 5'8" and 210 of pure hot muscle. He did it cheap because was like a vacation for him on occassion and he knew i wasnt asking for sex so win-win. And again, never once asked anyone for anything more than muscleworship w me jacking off as they flexed. To me it was always about muscle and power not sex. In fact, mentioning brad hallibaugh above - while he and i had our session and id be egging him on about power, muscle, that it was more about that than sex, at one point he says "you really get it, dont you?" - meaning i understood muscle and muscleworship is more about muscle and pure power and less about just sex.
  10. sithspawn

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    I personally don't like domination and humiliation, probably due to bullying when I was younger (seems to be a common theme here). Forgive me for saying this as it's an observation/opinion rather than a fact, but I tend to find Americans are far more likely to be/act dominant than a lot of other cultures. I think the reason for this is due to the intense patriotism and the way school/colleges encourage school spirit like "we're better than everyone else." Again this is more of an observation but that level of spirit/pride isn't really seen in schools over here. The most we tend to have is kids occasionally fighting with other schools or football supporters going on drunken rampages. I think the reason I personally don't like humiliation/domination is because I'm quite empathetic and I know that I wouldn't like it happening to me so I'm not vindictive enough to wish onto anyone else, fictional or real. I get that some people are more submissive whether in a sexual setting or even just in the workplace but for me I prefer people to be equal.
  11. Hialmar

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    Agreeing boundaries beforehand is very important, if both are to have fun. This can't be stressed too much to those who are new to this sort of play. It is about mutual respect.
  12. muscledrain

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    It doesn't sound strange. There is a huge range of attraction and kink. There are any number of things that turn subs and doms on. With me, verbal abuse is intense and the more intense it is, the more I enjoy it. I can yell and scream at a sub (keep in mind this is always covered before a session starts) like a drill sergeant or even do drill sergeant play (I've done this with several subs that were either in the military or have a military fetish and that really turns them on). As far as a weaker man dominating a much larger sub, yes that most definitely occurs. It's not weird to me. Everyone is turned on by different factors when it comes to domination and humiliation. This covers all body types.
  13. Hialmar

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    I seem to have a vanilla version of this. Those few more-than-friends I share this with and I are able to joke about it outside a dominance session itself, but we enjoy it -- both roles actually. Sadly, it is long between the occasions when we are able to play in person. I was bullied in childhood, too. I'm not sure, if it has anything to do with the origin of this emotional quirk, but it might have. Children are more cruel than adults. My childhood bullies grew up into decent adults. I met most of them at a reunion, and several seemed to be like entirely different persons. It gave me some satisfaction to find out, that, in the meanwhile, I had become taller and more muscular than some of them. As I mentioned in the beginning of this answer, I'm rather vanilla. I wouldn't go much more far than tying someone up and throw some verbal abuse. I have heard rumours about wetplay, and realised, that it isn't really my cup of tea. A theme that is more frequently recurring in my imagination and stories, than a humiliation-theme is, is the idea of a small and timid man being forced by a dominant man to become more physically powerful and confident than the dominant coach/friend/officer is, to the satisfaction of both. In my hazy memories of the old forum, the old forum was full of stories in which former victims took revenge on their former bullies. They were exciting to read in the beginning, but after a dozen, the sub-genre began to feel repetitive. That particular genre become more fun when the author surprise the reader, by allowing the jock/bullies find the secret, and return to the protagonist bigger, full of arrogance and spunk. On the other hand, I never tire of super-soldier stories, which probably fall outside the humiliation genre, at least in some cases. In my opinion, even in real life most men look more exciting after a buzzcut and wearing army trousers, and on a built man that style enhance his physique, but, again, that doesn't exclusively belong to the humiliation-genre. I love the idea of forcing an office drone to transform into a muscular, buzzcut individual wearing army trousers and boots, but in that case humiliating and empowering him are mixed with each other. Does that sound strange?
  14. I thought I would open up a very honest and open discussion about this subject. The Elongro story thread had quite a few people react negatively to the humiliation aspects of that story. Personally, I have used humiliation a few times in my own stories, and I have loved doing so. I've talked about humiliation fetish before, but for a lot of people, it's a release. It's so taboo but when you experience it in real life, especially when you're young, it can have very negative effects. However, in story form, it's utterly orgasmic. There are a myriad of reasons why this is. Association of subconscious desires, namely. The jocks who humiliated me in high school (there were several incidents where I was emasculated, and it enraged me beyond anything I can ever describe to you) did so because it was just considered funny. I had revenge fantasies all my life which after a while became less violent and much more sexual. This is because I was repressing my sexuality in a very unhealthy way for a very long time, trying to pass as straight and secretly harboring a rage against the entire world which would have completely shocked ANYONE that knew me. I kept those feelings to myself and I think the first time I released them was at CYOC when I wrote one of my first threads, a rape revenge body swap story. It felt utterly cathartic to picture one of the jocks I knew in high school begging not to be raped, and then raping him anyway, and having him then crave being raped by me. I realize this is not everyone's cup of tea. But in this site I found people who were just as equally turned on by the idea of laughing at a man who has been stripped of his power, taken down several pegs, and who is crying for mercy where once he gave none. There is a broad range of stories that actually portray humiliation. In muscle theft stories it is most obvious. The weaker becomes dominant and the dominant becomes weaker. Role reversal takes place and humiliation either becomes more intensified or lessens into acceptance. In authoritarian stories, such as the ones you can read over at nifty, with a master/slave theme, it is largely about power more than muscle, strength and height. Being able to exert that authority in any way you choose, whatever leaps into your heart, and often turning that into an opportunity to exact revenge slowly, deliciously, and extend the misery of your sexual victim so that you can enjoy it all the more. I can't say why everyone is turned on by humiliation but I can ask. I've talked about sexual experiences with BDSM in another thread (I'll try and find the entry I wrote here about it) but essentially it boils down to, for both the dominant and the submissive, equally those two are taking part in something that many people will not give them. The men I've humiliated, verbally dominated, sneered at, bullied, and degraded in a number of sexual ways craved that and I fulfilled that need and many wept over how good it felt to give over to that impulse. It's a sexual act guided by the shadow self and recognized by the whole self to integrate darker desires into a mutually consensual and acceptable form of release. It's not often you can find someone who can really act out this fantasy to a degree that satisfies you, on either end. It takes a lot of charisma and you have to give yourself over to the role of dominant and submissive because, quite frankly, there is payoff for both sides. The dominant gets the satisfaction of feeding his desires that he constantly fantasizes about, namely hurting other men. This was embedded into my psyche early. I buried these desires because I felt like I was a bad person for having them. They will never go away and you know what, I don't want them to. Not entirely. I don't always feel them in a 24/7 way but they build up sort of like when you think about doing anything that isn't "healthy" for you that people tell you not to do. How many times have you dreamed about eating a bowl full of ice cream or a packet of French Fries on a cheat day? You can't have them all the time, but when you do, you savor them. On the submissive side, the act of being humiliated, of being hurt, falls into the category of sexualizing abuse and that is complicated but essentially it boils down to the abuser/person inflicting humiliation/abuse being linked with acceptance as well. People who were bullied by someone who really wanted acceptance, love, physical companionship, and sex. So all of those get snowballed together into a fetish whereby the submissive feels all of those things at once, and that is emotionally an amazing thing to take part in. I realize not everyone is into this, but I wanted to provide at least some explanation. Again, this doesn't cover everyone. I'm just giving you the benefit of my own knowledge and experience from the submissives I've worked with and the doms I've talked to about their experiences. Not everyone is even aware of why they have this fetish and it's different for everyone. Some doms and subs had totally normal and perfectly benign childhoods and teenage years. But the gay experience can be more isolating (though much less in this upcoming generation) and yet BDSM is flourishing with the younger gays as well. It seems to me there will always be at the very least a curiosity towards this emotional avenue. Not everyone who is interested in being humiliated or in humiliating others is coming from a place of trauma BUT they are all definitely suppressing those urges for the good of society. The more you suppress your shadow self, rather than confront it, the more miserable you are likely to be. The shadow self is the part of you that you are told to push down, the side of you that is TOO dark for society, for loving relationships to thrive, and for the good of everyone you have to pretend it doesn't exist. But this isn't emotionally healthy. Consider it an emotional buffet. Most people go for love and happiness but for some people, those emotions are like dieting. Not everyone loves to eat healthy. Some people just don't like the taste of healthy emotions. Others eat them because they know it's good for them and some people naturally love a good salad with olive oil dressing. Down the row you have affection, affinity, being emotionally supportive, humor, appreciation, but as you move down you have anxiety, nervousness and self-consciousness. Those are the things you put on your plate even though your doctor warns you not to. But you just can't help it. You eat them automatically because you have done so your entire life. You can put a little bit of each emotion on your plate. At the far end, you have the dessert trays of BDSM and they are incredibly flavorful. Humiliation is the cake you eat with a sigh of relief. You can't eat it often, but when you do, holy fuck is it ever a taste explosion in your mouth. So I'm opening this up to everyone. Do you have a humiliation fetish? Do you love humilation stories? If so, would you like to share your experience as to why? My personal transformation has been, in my opinion, a slow realization as I allowed myself to experience it and act on it, both in real life and in fiction. I don't feel broken up over my childhood or teens or early adult years, but they do fuel my fantasy a lot. I think perhaps that is an unavoidable thing when you have a large imagination, but that's just me...
  15. TinyNico21

    Super Soldier (Chapter 7)

    I’d like to read more about Iraqis supermen !! 😍💪🔥
  16. CardiMuscleman

    The Tale of the Muscular Manservant

    , rousingChapter Seventy One As the travellers slept, for Jean his dreams were filled about his master and his lover and thanks to the imagination that all great Frenchmen have, imagination that had created the stories of the Musketeers with one of the strongest men in the world, Jean's dream wondered what might happen "For shame, have you read this Jean?" As Jean finished his naked pushups for his master, he was a little disappointed to see his master reading a newspaper to which his master replied "Oh, it wasn't the pushups I wanted to see, Jean, it was the sweat dripping off you when you had finished. But that's not what I was talking about" and with that he read the article in the Times. "The Metropolitan Police have today announced that a third grave have been robbed in the last three days. The police are asking for witnesses to the crimes which have seen the bodies of the late Professor Dingle of the University of London, a prize fighter from Tower Hamlets and the most recent theft was of a young man who was killed when his horse reared up". As Phileas lowered the paper, a grim expression crossed his face and he stammered "No, it can't be, it's...it's impossible!" "What is, master?" asked Jean as he wiped himself down. "It sounds Jean" replied Phileas, "as if someone is following in Victor's footsteps!" The following morning on his way to the Reform Club, with Jean alongside him to carry a collection of papers that he would talk about that afternoon, Phileas stopped suddenly as he turned into Pall Mall and pointed at something that make Jean quake. It was a man, if you could him that, that towered over everyone. It was clear, just to look at him, that he had to be stronger than any man alive and as they looked at him, both men moaned under their breath wondering how strong this man was. They soon got their answer when he picked up a passerby by his leg, kicked a hansom cab over with his foot, and when he was challenged by a police officer simply picked up the officer and threw him into the window of a nearby shop and grabbed the jewels on display. As the thief ran off, Jean slapped his master and whispered "Is it time for the hero?" to which Phileas nodded and with that the two men went into the Reform Club where Phileas, feigning an upset stomach was helped into the toilets by Jean. Away from prying eyes, Jean and Phileas looked at each other, nodded and kissed. As their lips touched, a glow engulfed both men and when it disspipated it revealed a man as tall as Phileas but with the combined strength of both men, his muscles bulging underneath the pristine white suit and trousers. This was thanks to a potion the men had drunk in India on their trip around the world, whenever they kissed, they merged into a combination of themselves. A man with the combined intelligence of Phileas and Jean and the combined strength. Smiling to himself as he looked in the miirror, he flexed his thirty inch bicep and then dived out of the window and following the direction that the monster had run off in, encountered him and delivered the first blow, a mighty right hook that would have killed a lesser man. But the monster just stood there and responded with an uppercut that would have sent any man flying, but the Hero just stood there but he had been stunned just enough to allow the monster to escape. As the Hero recovered, he sighed and walked away from the fight scene, disappearing behind a tree and re-emerging as master and manservant. As they both bemoaned, Phileas stopped as he saw the monster run down a nearby road and Phileas had an epiphany. "What if that monster is going home?" he asked and with that both men followed it. Half an hour later, both men were hiding outside a very large house in Hackney and despite Jean's fears, Phileas decided to investigate, but no sooner had he entered the house than he was clonked on the head. When he came around, a few moments later, he came face to face with... "Professor Moriarty...I might have known it was you!" "Ah, the redoubtable Phileas Fogg, I've been waiting for you for some time. After all, think of the fame, if my creation kills the man who travelled around the world in eighty days!" and with that he whistled and the monster stomped into the room. Phileas, desperate for any means of defence, took a nearby chair and threw it at the monster, only for it to break without making any damage, save the monster start to shake and growl and with that advanced on Phileas, who taking a chance dived underneath the monster's legs and opening the window he had arrived at shouted "Jean!". As Jean ran to his master's aid, the two kissed and seconds later the Hero faced the monster. As the fight between the two increased in fury, Professor Moriarty urged the monster to unleash every ounce of strength he had but as the Hero and the monster struggled, their breathing become more and more ragged, the Hero had the advantage and lifted the monster over his head, turned to face the professor and roared "Surrender, or face death by your own creation!" however the Professor started to flee and so the Hero remarking "On your own head be it!" threw the monster and killed both men, their necks crushed by the impact. That evening, back at their home, the two men wrestling each other in front of a roaring fire, wondered what the professor had done to create such a man, to which Jean replied "I don't know, master, but I know what I can do to create such a man!" and with that rammed his fourteen inch cock into his master's mouth and as he started to moan with desire, as his master sucked him, Jean's breathing became more and more ragged and when he came he screamed at the top of his voice "YES MASTER, I WILL CUM!" “Well” replied Fix rousing Jean from his sleep, “it’s not your master, but I am glad you’ve decided to come, we’ve decided to walk across the plains of Nebraska!” and with that helped Jean to his feet where he saw his master had his arms around Aouda’s with Drummond just a short way behind continuing his journey by any means necessary.
  17. MY ALPHA, THE FATHER OF MY CHILDREN I was terrified walking in the first day of high school. To me it was chaos and uncertainty. My gut was filled with butterflies and I felt as if I could throw up. My dad and I had long talks over the summer and I knew he was trying to build my confidence. Up until then he had been traveling almost weekly and spent little time with me. I envied other kids who would play catch with their dad. I envied the kids whose dad coached soccer or baseball. Dad tried to explain that his job provided a rich lifestyle for my mother and me and with his promotion he wouldn’t have to travel as much. My father didn’t understand my lack of coordination or inability to play the outfield in little league. How do you explain missing the catch that would have won the game? Most of the time it was a shock if I caught the ball. Dad was a natural athlete and a jock beginning in grade school. He had a natural physique that was enhanced by regular visits to the gym. His arms were bigger than my thighs whereas my biceps were the size of his wrists. I took after my mom’s family who were all as skinny as rails. Fortunately I got my brains from my dad’s side of the family. The guys in eighth grade considered me a geek since I was the smartest guy in my class. My knowledge of computers and games was legendary. Maybe dad was trying to cram in ten years of father/ son bonding into one summer, and don’t get me wrong I loved it, but it was impossible to become something I wasn’t. Yes I had a little more confidence but I didn’t have and never would have the talent for sports like he had. When he started taking me to the gym with him I loved it. I absorbed the gym culture like a sponge. It was also when I discovered that I was turned on by other guys with great physiques especially huge bodybuilders. I didn’t understand. I was just as turned on by beautiful women. That was the first inkling that I was bisexual. Dad wanted to do a makeover of me beginning with a haircut. He hated long hair as well as man-buns as much as I dislike extremely short hair or shaved heads. I had to admit the hair did get in the way while lifting. The new haircut wasn’t too short but it was radically different than the shoulder length hair my mother loved. The second thing he did was get me contact lenses to eliminate the ugly thick glasses. I had to admit that gym training, haircut, getting rid of the geek glasses, and new clothes made me more of a stud… or twink as it may be. I liked the look. So back to the first day of high school; we got our schedules and were sent to find our homerooms. Mr. Peters, the homeroom teacher, assigned us seats alphabetically so he didn’t have to call roll. If a seat was empty he knew you were absent. I ended up toward the back of one of the rows sitting between two jocks named Luke and Jerrod. LUKE JERROD In front and in back of me were two of the hottest girls in my class. To say I was distracted was an understatement. The jocks to the right and left of me were always hitting on the girls and I was almost jealous the guys weren’t hitting on me. Maybe that was why the girls befriended me because I didn’t hit on them, I was safe. I actually went out on dates with both girls but I knew I didn’t have a chance because they also went out with the jocks. I considered the girl’s friends more than future mates. I was a safe date but the jocks just wanted to get them in bed. It was strange but the five of us built a friendship that lasted throughout high school. Luke and Jerrod were football jocks and the girls and I were part of the co-ed cheerleading team. I learned how to do lift’s and catches of the girls while Luke and Jerrod perfected catching and running the football. One time they belittled my abilities so I challenged them to do a lift. Even though they were quite muscular they couldn’t do it. Of course Sandy wasn’t helping them because she was afraid of being dropped. I showed them how we do a Cupie or Awesome (a lift). In this position, the flyer (Sandy) had her two feet held by my one hand. My arm is straight above my head with the elbow locked. The flyer stands straight with hands in a high “v” and my free hand is either on my hip or in a high ‘v’. If the base (me) has his hand is on his hip, the position is known as a cupie. If his hand is in a high ‘v’, the position is known as an awesome. After that I thought maybe I earned their respect but years later I found out that I was wrong. We scattered all over the country for college although Sandy and I dated during the summer and during holidays when we were home. Sandy had more boyfriends than the grains of sand on a beach and she would tell me of her conquests on our movie or dinner dates. From what I could tell they were all muscular like Luke. Those guys seemed to be her lovers and I was her friend even though I wanted to be more than a friend. Senior year of college her family moved out of the neighborhood and I lost contact with Sandy. She later claimed she lost my phone number in the move. After graduation I started working in downtown Chicago not knowing Sandy was working in the same building. One day I was running late and we ended up in the same car on the ‘L’ (elevated tracks of the subway system in downtown Chicago). We agreed to meet for lunch. Sandy seemed to have grown up now that she was on her own. To make a long story short we fell in love and got married two years later. I assumed I took her virginity on our honeymoon but being a virgin myself how would I know? I was gloriously happy. We continued working and the plan was she would quit when she got pregnant. We met for lunch just about every day to be with each other and talk. One day as we sat down for lunch I heard my name being called from across the room. Looking up I saw a huge bodybuilder in a polo shirt. I didn’t know anyone that big! Then looking at his face it hit me that the guy was Luke, our high school buddy Luke. I stood and greeted him while Sandy sat there in awe. I wasn’t surprised when she jumped up and hugged him. What I didn’t like is that he squeezed into the booth next to my wife to join us for lunch uninvited. I couldn’t believe that my beautiful sophisticated wife turned into a fourteen year old who just met Justin Bieber. She found a thousand reasons to touch his body and I only could imagine what was going on under the table. They handed me the check for lunch and he didn’t even offer to pay for what he ate. That night Sandy was wild in bed and I couldn’t help blaming it on Luke. I figured we wouldn’t see him again but there he was the next Friday when we sat down for lunch. Luke suggested we get together but fortunately that next weekend we were going to visit her parents. I was relieved when Luke didn’t show up at lunch the next week. I was glad to have met Luke again but I really didn’t want him in my life. In a way I was afraid of my feelings of admiration for the body he built and in another way I didn’t want him to steal my wife away. I wondered what might happen if I was alone with him. Thoughts of slowly stripping him naked and then making him cum danced before my eyes. One thing I had to thank Luke for was Sandy’s ramped up sex drive since he reunited with us. A couple weeks later I had to go to a meeting in St Louis and I invited Sandy to come with me. She declined because she wanted to save her paid time off in case she got pregnant. So instead of staying the weekend I came back late Friday night with some great news. Sandy ran into my arms at the airport and she was overjoyed. She whispered in my ear that she was pregnant. I was ecstatic and then I told her my news; I got a promotion, a bonus, and a much larger salary. She could quit her job without us losing lifestyle. She put in her notice and they asked her to stay on until the new HR person got up to speed. She only worked a few hours a day training the new person but kept her full salary. We knew that was temporary. One day I decided to go home for lunch because I spilled coffee on my shirt and I needed to change. My suit jacket covered the spot but I had to keep my coat buttoned for it to stay hidden. I told my secretary that I would be taking a long lunch and told her approximately when I would return. I didn’t call Sandy because I thought I might surprise her. I was quiet opening the door and disarming the alarm. The house was so quiet and I thought she might be napping or in the bathroom; she seemed like she was always in the bathroom since she got pregnant. Then as I approached the bedroom I heard some grunting and thought she might be exercising. I smiled before I looked in the half open door. Standing there I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was huge muscular man on my bed fucking like a madman and my wife was under him. As they fucked I could tell she was building toward a toe curling climax unlike any I had never seen or heard before. I rolled away with my back to the hallway wall listening to the kind of sex you would expect to hear in a porn film. I knew it was Luke long before I heard her scream his name when she climaxed. I stumbled down the hall and got a fresh shirt out of the laundry where the dry cleaning hung to air out before being put in the closet. I set the alarm and locked the front door. I changed my shirt in the garage and parked down the block before I called Sandy. “I was exercising,” she said to explain why she was out of breath. “It sounds like you were overdoing. Remember what the doctor said,” I chuckled. “I was thinking of coming home for lunch…” “No please don’t because I have nothing in the refrigerator for lunch,” she said almost in a panic. Seconds later a shirtless Luke came out of my house, got into his truck, and drove away. “Okay, I’ll get a burger or something downtown. See you tonight, love you,” I said breaking the connection. I was angry, pissed off, hungry, and my cock was rock hard from seeing Luke run from the house half naked… or was it because I saw them fucking in my bed. I rubbed my cock thinking there is no fat on his body, none at all. What was it like being in bed with him? Would he let me run my hands over…Whoa, whoa what am I saying? I was useless all afternoon so I stayed an extra hour to finish up. I left work later and got home almost at the regular time. Coming home I sat down to a wonderful dinner. “I thought I saw Luke downtown around lunchtime,” I casually told her. “Oh?” she said calmly as she poured me coffee. She sounded calm but she spilled some coffee on the counter when I said his name. “I walked the other way so I didn’t have to buy him lunch,” I laughed. “That’s not nice,” she laughed and relaxed assuming I didn’t know anything about Luke being there at the house. “After my workout I took a warm bath and went to the grocery store. I rode in one of those electric carts so my ankles wouldn’t swell. That store is so big. I wanted to save some of my strength for tonight,” she said seductively. “We ought to get together with Luke. Maybe invite him to the house.” I sat there and did a double biceps flex. “Luke you have big muscles,” I said like Darth Vader. “Yes he does,” she said dreamily. That night we had wild sex… twice. We didn’t invite Luke to the house and I didn’t ever catch them having some afternoon delight again. I knew it was happening but I couldn’t prove it. I even set up a secret wildlife camera in the bushes by the front door but all I got was the mail man, the FedEx guy and a couple dogs and cats from the neighborhood. I was about to trust it wasn’t happening anymore when I got a cat picture with Luke in the background walking along the fence line toward the back door of the house. I assumed they knew where the camera was. I secretly added another camera around the back door. I had evidence. I was planning to confront them when Sandy called to say she was in labor. The baby was coming three weeks early. We rushed to the hospital and that night my first son was born. I asked the doctor if this was a premature birth and he laughed at me. “At nine pounds eight ounces no baby is premature. You counted wrong,” the doctor laughed. Mark Joseph was named after his paternal grandfather. For the first four weeks I was allowed to sleep most of the night but was awakened for the 4am feeding. I would put Mark down and go into work early so I could leave early and beat the rush hour traffic. During the next checkup we got the all clear to have sex but Sandy and I were exhausted. We tried but Mark started crying and that ended everything. Sandy told me that she began getting eight hours sleep because she didn’t have to deal with Mark until noon. Now if he would only sleep eight hours at night. What I didn’t know is that Luke was spending the morning at my house so Sandy could sleep. He was also fucking her regularly so eight weeks after Mark was born she was pregnant again. If we fucked a half dozen times during those eight weeks it was a lot. The thing is I knew I couldn’t be the father because I had myself tested and my sperm count was nearly zero because of a medication I was on. I gathered all my data and invited Luke to the house one Saturday morning. Sandy was surprised to see him but they hugged anyway. She was scheduled to spend the weekend at her mom’s house. I handed them my sperm count results and they shrugged. Then I showed them a DNA test on Mark and myself proving Mark wasn’t mine. “I would wager the Mark and Luke would be a perfect match,” I said. Luke stood and walked toward me threateningly. “No need for fancy tests. Both kids are mine,” he proudly announced. “Get out of my house,” I ordered. Luke left and Sandy packed the baby in the car. “It is true,” she said tearfully. “I had you tested two years ago and there was no way you could…” “We should have talked about this,” I said as she wept. “I wanted us to have children,” she admitted as she started the car. “I did it for us.” With that she sobered up and drove away. She called when she got to her mom and dad’s house and said she might stay a few extra days. I spent Saturday cleaning the garage, mowing the lawn, and doing general yard work. The house was spooky quiet without the baby around. I almost dreaded being alone and thought about going to my in-laws house when the doorbell rang. I thought Sandy changed her mind until I opened the front door and saw Luke standing there wearing low cut jeans with his shirt over his shoulder. Fuck he was not only muscular he was pumped and sweaty for being in the gym for several hours. He smelled like sex. LUKE TODAY “You upset Sandy,” he said as he pushed into the house. “Fuck you sperm donor!” I yelled back. “Well fuck you too faggot! I went through the history on your laptop and I know where you surf to jack off!” he yelled back. I sat. My heart was racing because he knew… He started to open his jeans making my cock get hard. “You want the real thing? Have you ever had the real thing?” he asked as he flexed. He stopped and looked at me. “Your ass is still virginal isn’t it?” “Married men are supposed to be…” I slumped in the chair looking at the floor “I’ll be glad to teach you how two men have a good time together,” he grinned and I was terrified. I tried to distract him by offering him a beer and I started talking about his football career. Then I got him talking about bodybuilding and that was probably my biggest mistake. I… we had more beer than I intended and my inhibitions began to crumble. He asked to take a shower and I led him to the master bathroom. He stripped off my shirt suggested we shower together because I was pretty ripe too. In my big shower room he began to demonstrate cleaning out his ass and suggested I clean my ass out too. I objected but not that strongly. “Don’t be nervous,” he said calmly. I simply nodded my head hoping this would stop. “I’ll take good care of you and if you ever want me to stop, I will… no questions asked.” He smiled and I somehow didn’t believe him. “Now get down on all fours. Keep your ass up high for me,” he commanded. I thought it was some kind of examination he wanted to do to make sure I was clean. I crawled onto the shower floor and arched my back so my ass was up. I had a rush of adrenaline anticipating what might come next. He moaned at the sight of my hole and grabbed onto both of my ass cheeks. He massaged them with his big hands and groaned. I looked down surprised to see my hard cock starting to drip pre-cum. I remembered when I saw him run out of the house that first time. I wanted him to fuck me. Holy shit, this is really happening, I remember thinking. He placed his tongue on my tailbone then licked up and down my crack, teasing me sending shivers down my spine. Then suddenly, he grabbed both of my hips, pulled my ass closer to him, and pushed his tongue inside my freshly cleaned hole. I gasped, not having expected anything like that. He chuckled at my surprise and started rimming me. His tongue slid in and out of my hole, shooting waves of pleasure through my entire body. So this is what it’s like to get tongue-fucked. I pushed my hips back against him and I felt his tongue push deeper inside, causing me to groan a little louder than I intended. He smacked one ass cheek playfully and chuckled. “You love having that hole played with. Don’t you? Just look at your cock. You’re leaking like a faucet.” I looked down again and saw he was right. My cock was rock hard and was constantly pumping out more pre-cum. I had never felt that way before and my thoughts started to lose focus. All I wanted was more. More of whatever he was doing to me. I tried to slow my rapid breathing to calm down, but before I could, he was inserting a lubed finger into my ass hole. I gasped at the sudden invasion, but it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable. It was something doctors did during a checkup. He started stroking my insides with his finger, loosening up my hole. His finger began to prod and rub my prostate and I instinctively pushed my hips against him. “Oh yeah, that’s the spot!” That’s the spot doctors hit that drove me nuts. “You like that?” he asked again and I shook my head no. He slipped in a second finger and I gasped. “You still okay?” he asked softly as he strummed my love nut with both fingers. “I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be feeling,” I gasped. He merely smirked and massaged his fingers around inside me. A few more minutes and he stuck in a third and then a fourth finger. I had used a small dildo the size of my thumb before, but I had no way of knowing how much better it would feel to have another man massaging my prostate. Without warning he pulled his fingers out of my hole. He coated a dildo with lube before he began pushing at my hole. Instinctively I clenched. “Shh, quiet it’s okay, just relax.” His words reassured me and I relaxed the muscles around my hole. As I did I felt my hole stretch out wider and wider until it the head of the dildo was inside. At first the sensation was a bit uncomfortable because his dildo was much bigger than mine but far from painful. He slid in an out just an inch or two as I got used to the size. “Take a deep breath and relax again,” he commanded. I obeyed and he slid the remaining four inches inside. A large glob of pre-cum spilled onto the shower floor as I moaned in pleasure. I had never felt so… full before. He waited a few moments before pushing the dildo around into the recesses of my bowels. I buried my face in my forearm to keep from yelling. I could hear him snickering behind me, knowing I loved every second of this. After a while he tugged toy back out with a soft pop, and my hole twitched for something else to fill it. “Okay let’s try something else now,” he said gruffly. He stood as I turned to face him but I stayed sitting on the tile. He had a massive chest, gigantic arms, and tight abs. Then without skipping a beat, he reached for his cock and started stroking himself. As he stroked his cock I shook my head no but the man musk coming from his body was doing something to my brain. “Go on. Show me how much you want this cock.” He grabbed my head and brought my face closer. The musk was stronger. I placed both my hands on his hips and brought my mouth right to the foreskin. I inhaled deeply because this close I was overwhelmed by his manly smells. To me it was a drug driving me wild. Without another thought, I wrapped my lips around the head, savoring his taste, and then slowly started working the rest into my mouth. He placed a hand on the back of my neck and started to guide me up and down his shaft. I think his soft cock went down my throat. “Yeah, that’s right! Swallow my cock!” I could feel his shaft getting harder in my mouth, which made me want it all the more. “Are you ready for the whole thing?” he asked just before using both hands to pull my head down on his cock. I felt the head push to the back of my mouth and down my throat until my chin was touching his ball sack. I gagged but he held me fast until it quit. I looked up at him to see a devilish grin spreading across his face. He clasped both sides of my head and started humping my face. Each thrust slid his cock deeper down my throat creating a new gag. I pushed away to get a breath of air. “Oh fuck yeah!” he groaned. “You wanna try the real thing now?” he asked. “What?” I asked innocently. He ordered me to get back on my hands and knees and he got behind me and immediately pushed his tongue back into my hole. Now that it was more stretched out it felt like he was reaching twice as deep than he did before. I couldn’t hold back my moans of pleasure. He pulled his tongue back out and I heard him positioning himself. Then I felt his warm cock resting across my hole as he gently slid it along my crack. I was losing my mind. “Please no,” I pleaded with him. He started grinding his cock against my crack with a bit more intensity. He chuckled again as he added globs of lube. “I’m going to give you exactly what you want!” he muttered before parking the cock head on my hole and sliding the tip of his thick pole inside. He was definitely bigger than any finger I’ve had up my ass so far, but once again it wasn’t that painful… yet. In fact, despite the tight fit, I could feel the lube working as my ass began swallowing his cock inch after inch until he was balls deep. He held still to let me feel his hot throbbing cock pulsing inside of me. He started thrusting slowly, letting me adjust to his huge tool. I expected him to pick up speed but after only a minute inside me it was like he was teasing me. I began begging him to fuck me harder. He didn’t hesitate once I asked him and started to thrust faster. After a minute he stopped and lowered his chest to my back. Feeling his hard body against mine while his tool filled me was a fantasy come true. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my moans of pleasure became more shouts of joy than anything else. Without saying a word he flipped me onto my back with his dick still inside me. He raised my legs up over his shoulders and started pounding my hole with even more vigor. “This ass is mine. Mine to tease, mine to play with, mine to fuck to my heart’s desire.” I had to admit to myself that he was absolutely right. “Stand up.” He ordered and I obeyed him. He pressed his body into my back and his cock slipped back into my willing hole. He slid his hands up my stomach to my chest where he started to pinch my nipples and kiss my neck. I pushed back into him, letting my hole swallow his massive cock. How could I have denied doing this for so long? Why was I so afraid of this? He placed his hands on my hips and fucked me ravenously. Each thrust sent a new wave of electricity through my body. His pace quickened and he started to grunt and growl. “You want this?” I thought he was already giving it to me when he buried his dick as deep as it would go. He wrapped his huge arms around me and bit down into shoulder as his cock pulsed and spurted. He growled deeply while his cum continued to pump into me until I thought it would never end. When he finally finished he pulled his softening cock out slowly. “Look at that cum just oozing out of your ass. Reach back and feel it,” he growled. I gasped feeling how much cum was flowing out of me over my balls and down my legs. How much did he pump inside me? He started nibbling my ear and whispering how this was just the beginning and that there may be a dozen babies. He informed me that none of them would be mine yet I would treat them as my own. I knew what he said was true. “There will be a gym where I can train our sons and I think a small house for Uncle Luke,” he chuckled. About then I was willing to give him anything he asked for within reason. “There is one more thing I need you to do,” he said. He guided me to the bed and I sat. He turned and his cock was at my mouth as he bent to suck my cock. I had been leaking pre-cum but I hadn’t cum. I took his cock between my lips and the taste of semen on his cock made me want him even more. I trembled as I felt like I was about to climax. My cum began to explode and I think it was the best climax of my life. “I’m gonna cum again!” Luke barely managed to say before my mouth and throat were flooded with his thick warm cream. I swallowed as much as I could, but it was simply too much. I pulled my head away and it drained from my mouth as he continued to shoot his cum all over my face and chest. He rolled onto his side next to me. “You sure that’s your first time?” he asked sarcastically. “Yes,” I said softly. Later he led me into the shower and he made me wash his body. I thought the way he rubbed his hard body against mine was one of the most sensual things I had ever experienced. Then when he washed me I thought I might have another orgasm. The whole weekend when we weren’t sleeping or eating we were fucking. I began to doubt that I was in love with Sandy and I said something. Luke set me straight and yelled at me. “Don’t be an idiot. Whatever is happening, the one thing you do know is that woman loves you very, very much. You two are so much fun to watch. You are this big macho man, full of power and wealth expecting everyone to do his bidding at the office. Sandy walks up and you are putty in her hands. You would give her the sun and the moon if she asked for them even back in high school. She just wanted the genuine you. She trusted you implicitly. In cheerleading she knew you would never drop her and would always catch her perfectly. When you did the way you looked at each other could have set the stadium on fire. Then you would set her on her feet and present her to the cheering fans in the bleachers. Did you know you would always take a step back to let her take all the credit for you performance? You know why I couldn’t lift her back then, she didn’t trust me. You stupid man, there were times you two would go at it. It was funny since you never argued in front of anybody, but you could always tell when there was an argument. And we could see how the distance between the two of you always hurt you. It was always you; it was never her that gave in. We could see she held back her affection and you would do anything to get it back. The sun and the moon buddy! The sun and the moon! Don’t you ever doubt that she loves you! *** When Sandy returned we sat and talked with her explaining about Luke’s house and the future gym. She listened and then added stipulations of her own. She wanted me in the room while Luke was in the bed impregnating her. I could watch or participate but she would rather me be in bed with them. If Luke and I wanted to pal around without her (her words for man on man sex) we would do it at his house. She seemed to have known all along that I was bisexual but she didn’t want outside people coming in to pal around with either of us and she demanded that Luke and I make peace. There was a list of demands too numerous to list here and they all made sense if we were going to make this work. The 500 acre farm that backed up to our fifty acre Ranchette came up for sale and I bought it. Luke had his instant house that wasn’t that far from ours. He converted one of the small barns into a gym and I was the first one he started training. He worked my ass off until I had a buff body. What a perfect reward for working hard; a shower fuck. That was twenty years ago and young Mark has just finished college. People say the boys look like me but they all have physiques like Uncle Luke. So far we are raising four of my son Mark’s boys and there may be more that we don’t know about. Our second son Todd took better precautions and has only produced two sons that live in our house. Rick, Terry, Mike, Dennis, Al and Jim I’m sure have all spread the genes of their superior biological father to the next generation ‘for the good of mankind’ as my son Mark says. Today the area around Luke’s house is a veritable sports complex where our eight boys and six grandsons can learn to excel in their chosen sport. Mark is building a home for his new wife and I think it is a modern monstrosity. Fortunately it is on the other side of the property and I can’t see it from my house. Todd has picked out his land and wants to build a modern energy efficient traditional looking farmhouse complete with barns. Uncle Luke and I will build it for him once he gets a job. You may wonder how we can afford all those kids and our lavish lifestyle including building houses for our sons. We discovered oil on the farm and we pump money out of the ground every day 24/7 without fail. You may think that raising fourteen boys is difficult but Sandy says she would gladly take on ten more boys and love every minute. If Mark and Todd are any example she may get her wish once Rick, Terry, Mike, Dennis, Al, and Jim start college. As for me and Luke he is still the alpha male. I willingly let him strip me naked and use my body for his pleasure. Some people may think it is humiliating but there is nothing like a hard body dominating and fucking me into oblivion yet sometimes turnaround is fair play. I remember the night of Mark’s wedding. The kids were all asleep in bed, Sandy was soaking in the tub, and I remember walking into Luke’s kitchen. The only light was from an open door to the hall. He was lost in thought looking out of the window at the stars. “Do you have any idea how sexy it is to see the father of my children wearing a tuxedo?” I said standing behind him drawing his hands back to feel my raging shaft while speaking softly in his ear. “I could cum right now with how hot you look tonight,” hearing a soft groan and turning his face for a kiss I noticed his eyes were closed. I pulled off his jacket as well as mine hanging them on a chair and once again pressing against his back I undid his tie then I opened his shirt. “I should have my way with you,” I said nipping his ear. Hearing a gasp I knew I was right about some recent suspicions I had about Luke. It wasn’t hard to see that the muscles I had gained under his tutelage turned him on. His new fantasy was taking a little rough play and domination from me. “Make no mistake I would tie your wrists with invisible rope and torture you (I twisted a nipple) the whole time I was making love to that magnificent body of yours,” rubbing my hands inside his now opened shirt feeling his incredibly hard torso as I pushed my crotch once more against hands which remained clasped behind his back even though I hadn’t told him they were tied or that they needed to remain there. I pulled his shirt off and down his arms, leaving it around his wrists acting as handcuffs as I took off my own shirt coming back to press my hard pecs against his back, hearing a moan when my bare chest touched his back. Reaching up, I turned his head for another long kiss before I talked about eating his ass out then sliding in to dump load after load of cum inside his tight ass hearing faint groans from where he stood transfixed. I couldn’t see the expression on his face but his body trembled. I told him the different ways I would make love to his defenseless body. I kept hearing his moans grow louder and more helpless. It was as if he was glued to the spot so I knelt to strip off his shoes and pants. Then I removed his under shirt. I stepped back to survey the beautiful naked man as I stripped down behind him so he couldn’t see me. Once again I placed my rock solid cock in his hands only to hear a whimper. “Understand, I’ll strip you down until the only thing you’ll be wearing will be this ring because you are mine.” I slipped the ring on his finger. “But also understand something else I will also be wearing the mate of your ring because I am yours as well.” I said speaking softly with my lips right behind his ear. He cried out as he started firing huge ropes of cream toward the countertop. His knees buckled but his hands remained behind his back. I made it to the door with my clothes in hand when he spoke up. “Are we done in here?” Luke asked. “For now. I did make promises to you. It won’t be tonight or tomorrow, but someday you’ll come home and I’ll be standing here holding up my ring for you to see and I will show you how we are nowhere near done in here.” He squeezed his eyes closed as I spoke to him. I ran my free hand over his hard pecs. It was like the world stopped for a moment to digest what was promised as well as implied. Then I quietly left. *** “Is Luke okay?” Sandy whispered as I slipped into bed. She was naked and I was tasered when our bodies touched. We softly kissed as she ran her hands over my hard buff body. I rubbed against her and she moaned. THIS IS ME AFTER SPENDING YEARS IN THE GYM TRAINING WITH LUKE “Luke is Luke, proud father of our newly married son. Did you see his shirt buttons popping off out of pride for Mark the man he has helped create?” “The two of you created,” she smiled. “The three of us. You are the foundation.” I said smiling down at her. “I gave you the boys and you made them into men!” “Yes dear,” I said as I closed in for another kiss that turned into passionate lovemaking. She clawed at my muscular back as the third massive orgasm washed over her body. I plunged in deep and added my fluids to hers. She whispered her thanks in the afterglow as she snuggled against me and drifted off to sleep. I knew that Luke was in the shadows watching and waiting for a sign to join us but it never came. His time was coming but it wasn’t tonight or ten nights from now. One day when he least expects it I will fulfill my promise to my alpha, my lover, and my friend and that night will be monumental.
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    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Vielen Dank für die tolle Geschichte! Es sollten viel mehr deutsche Geschichten hier eingestellt werden. In seiner Muttersprache zu lesen ist einfach das beste! Bitte schreib weiter und ziehe in Betracht auch neue Geschichten hier einzustellen. Ich würde sie wahnsinnig gern lesen!
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    AJ & Noah

    Nah, not pleased at all. OVERJOYED 😀
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    AJ & Noah

    @reeddune's sketch is A TOTAL DELIGHT. 😀
  21. Woao. He is not a good guy after all. This will eb awesome man
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    GymJunkie's CG Muscle Growth Comic/Stories (UPDATED 1/20/19)

    This would probably need to wind up in the Unfiltered section, but I for one wouldn't mind seeing a teenage version of this story--perhaps a young cowboy or biker wannabe who gets pollinated and grows super-HUGE--and then begins pollinating other guys--and GIRLS as well! And as their numbers increase, they would just keep on getting bigger--and BIGGER--and B-I-G-G-E-R!! (But they would never become evil or malicious, and their intelligence levels would increase along with their size and strength!) Nuff said?
  23. Here you go! Episode Two!!! I wrote this over the last couple of nights I've been spending alone in a hotel room. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!! And You Wonder…What If ??? Episode Two ZE has a problem. He wanted it all. He always had. Even when he was younger, he wanted more money, more success, and more fame. Those desires plagued him throughout his career, and no matter what he did, no matter how popular and celebrated he became, he was never satisfied. Nothing seemed like it would ever be enough. Now HC was hogging the spotlight in Hollywood. Ever since he had revealed himself in all of his immense glory wearing a custom made Superman speedo, he was all anyone talked about anymore! You couldn’t get away from the guy. You turned on the TV, and he was on every talk show. You picked up the magazine, and there his big mug was on the cover. He was even trending the most on Twitter and his account an mass followers were breaking all Instagram records. He was a huge success... and Z hated it. Although HC was going around saying he didn’t know how he had gotten so massive, ZE knew it had to be because of HGE. He had used the totally experimental drug himself right after High School Musical 3 to get away from playing all of those teenage twink roles, and then again when he was prepping for Baywatch and he wanted to look as if he could take on The Rock. His friend Peter, a personal trainer and one time actor had introduced him to it, and even the small amount Z had injected into his body had done wonders. He never regretted taking the easy way out to get where he was today, and if he had to do it again, he undoubtedly would. That was why after days of internal debate with himself, he had called Peter and told him he wanted to purchase another dose. Sure, he would never be able to compete with the mountain of man that was HC, but he needed something to get him out of the rut in which he found himself. His last four films, although not flops, didn’t do the best business at the box office, and the scripts he was receiving just didn’t seem exciting anymore. He also found his first grey pubic hair three weeks ago. He actually hadn’t found it, the girl he had been fucking had, and all night she kept calling him grandpa. He could take Daddy. She could call him Daddy all day and all night, but don’t call him grandpa. He had plucked it out that night, but since had found six more. He needed a change, and a little more muscle mass would do the trick. With it he might be able to get an action franchise or perhaps a role in a Marvel film. He needed everyone to forget he was the High School Musical kid and think of him as his own man. That was why at three in the morning six days prior, Z had picked up the phone and called Peter. At first his friend had refused to purchase it for Z, claiming he was out of the business, but when offered 2 million to deliver a dose, he ultimately said yes. Now, Z waited for Peter to arrive. He didn’t have to wait for long when a buzz came from the front gate of his LA home. Pressing the button in the kitchen, Z let Peter’s car onto his property, and within three minutes, he was at the door. - Here you go, man. - Thanks Peter. Z took the brown paper wrapped package from Peter and began to close the door. - Need any help injecting it, Z? - No. I’m good. I need to do this on my own. - You okay? - Yeah. I’m good. I’d just rather be on my own when I do this, okay. - Yeah. Of course. Give me a call later. - Will do. With that, Z closed the front door and locked it. He watched Peter drive up to the gate on his security monitor, exit the property, and drive away. Once the gate was closed, he unwrapped the package and found one syringe and two vials instead of the syringe filled dose he had ordered. Why two vial vials? Peter must have thought when I offered him 2 million that I wanted more than one dose, but why would I want two? I just need the one dose to get me over my hump, he thought. That’s it. I just need something to get me back in the game. Z walked into his bedroom with the opened package, and placed it on his bed. He then proceeded to take off his clothes. His heart was beating fast as he pulled the T-shirt over his head, and he could feel the familiar stirrings of his body getting aroused. With a stomach filled with butterflies, he took off his sneakers, socks, and then his shorts. Ultimately, he stood alone in his room in only his boxer briefs. Fuck, he thought. I’ve wanted to do this again for a while now, and here I am. Looking at his own body in the mirror, he admitted to himself that he looked great, but he could always look better. Most 32 year olds wished they looked like me, he remarked to himself with a grin as he flexed his bicep and watching it plump up. His body was still rocking, and it was obvious he took excellent care of it. He even paid attention to what the public posted on Instagram, like letting his chest hair grow out a little, but also keeping himself boyish and clean-cut. Fuck it!!! Z knew there could only be one Number 1 in Hollywood, and that was always meant to be him. He had it all: looks, charm, talent, charisma, and that special something all Hollywood stars require. He was extraordinary. He knew that. He just needed to make the world sit up once again and take notice. With even more determination, Z pulled his underwear off and threw it in the hamper. If he did the same dose as last time, he should gain about 15 pounds in muscle mass, which would look jacked on his 5’8” frame. Should he do the same dose??? That was the real question that haunted him. Z’s heart was beating swifter as he stood looking at himself in the mirror. Do I do the same dose, or do I just say fuck it and go for it? Do I throw out my clean-cut image and just become what I’ve always wanted? Z wanted muscle. He loved muscle, especially on himself. When he first saw HC on tv his cock had gotten instantly hard. Fuck!!!! he thought. To possess all of that muscle!!!!! It must feel so incredible…so powerful… such a rush, Z thought. His height, his size, his hairy body, even his massive cock and balls were a turn on. It wasn’t that he was gay, he just wanted to experience what all of that muscle felt like on his own body. He lusted after that knowledge. What it must feel like to be living in that huge body, touching that serpentine cock, running his own hands through his chest hair, flexing his muscles and knowing there was no other like him... no other... Nightly he dreamt of having so much muscle mass he could barely move, and each morning he woke up with his sheets soaked with cum. When it came to material things, he had everything a man could desire… except his true desire. What he really wanted. Z walked over to the bed and uncapped the vial first and then the syringe. He plunged the needle into the rubber stopper, took a breath, and began to fill the syringe. Patches of sweat started to form on his forehead as he approached the original dosage, and passed it. His heart seemed to flutter as he kept pulling back on the syringe letting more of the oil like substance in. He snickered a little when half of the vial was gone. You can stop now, he thought as his hand kept pulling back, and filling up the syringe. What am I doing???? Am I really doing this???? The oil continued to fill the syringe, until there was nothing left in the vial. Wanting it far away from him, Z threw the vial across the room and heard it shatter against the wall. He then took a quick breath and pierced himself with the needle. Before he could stop himself, before he could talk himself out of it, before he could think twice, he was injecting the thick liquid into his glute. God, this shit is thick, he thought as he forced the plunger down. It seems to be taking forever... and shit it burns!!! I don’t remember it burning last time. With more pressure, he pushed down on the plunger, until finally every globule was depleted from the syringe and in his body. He removed the needle from his asscheek and placed it on his bed. What have I done, he thought as he twisted around and looked at himself in the mirror again. Say goodbye to this!!! In a few minutes... a whole new world!!! Z’s cock was hard and leaking a little when the first wave of heat hit him. Oh man!! Fuck!!! This feels so unbelievable! I’ve never done drugs, but this has to be the high they always go on about. He bounced his pecs for himself as his hand began slowly stroking his cock. A feeling he could only describe as true muscle lust hit him, and was continuing to get stronger. It hadn’t felt like this before. No. This felt a thousand times better!!! I feel like I’m gonna take off!! I feel like an electric current is filling my body with power... simply filling me up!!! Fuck!! How could I ever have denied myself this!!! His entire body began to tremor as if he were standing outside naked in the dead of winter, but he wasn’t cold. Every cell in his body was on fire, his DNA was rewriting itself to pump his body full of muscle. FFFuckkkk!!! He felt so incredible. So commanding! So dominant!! He never wanted it to end. It just keeps getting better and better. Fuck, my cock is harder then it’s ever been!!! Z was breathing hard while laughing at the same time. I’m gonna grow soon, he thought. I’m going to burst with power!!! He had so much energy he began pacing round the room. As he moved, he could feel each muscle flexing and then releasing. He was totally in tune with his body. I’m gonna cum, he thought. I feel like my whole body is going to have one massive ejaculation!!! - I CANT FUCKIN BELIEVE THIS!! I NEVER WANT THIS TO STOP!!! I’M INVINCIBLE! FUCKKKK!!!! He was laughing, his cock so hard that it hurt as he sauntered over to his bed. His shaking hand grabbed the syringe and reached for the second vial. I need more! I need to feel more!!! I need to do this!!! His finger flipped the plastic cap off the vial and implanted the needle. Stop!!! he told himself, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t!!! If one felt this good he could only imagine what injecting two who vials was going to feel like... what it was going to do to him. With the syringe filled with the contents of the entire second vial, he injected himself again. When he did, his body released the loudest moan of pleasure. All rational thought was gone. He was only thinking of muscle. I can literally feel it entering my glute, I’m so attuned to my body right now!! Fuck!!! My cock!! It’s so hard it’s red! Yeah, man!! I can’t believe I’m actually doing this to myself!! When the syringe was empty a second time, he pulled it out, and like a drunk man threw it on the floor. Staggering around the room, Z could feel it all happening faster. I can feel every inch of my body!! Every fiber of my being. He walked toward the mirror but tripped on his own foot and fell against the wall. - FUCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! Z screamed, and he punched the wall, his fist going through it like a hot knife in butter. I didn’t even feel that!! He did it again, and again, and again. What am I doing?? He tried to clear his head, but it was getting harder to think. - When I’m done, I’m gonna destroy this house just by moving my body!!! No room will be big enough for me!!!! I’ll laugh at the idea of clothes fitting me!! After the sixth punch, a kick to his groin made him stop and glance down. His balls, always small to fairly average were appearing to swell. Slowly they grew bigger and bigger with each heartbeat. Quickly, his sack was stretched completely full and still they continued to grow, looking absurd next to his short penis. The throbbing in his balls was getting harder and harder to bear as the seed inside each of them proceeded to multiply repeatedly. Z was so in tuned with his body that he could literally feel each ball filling to capacity. They were each growing larger to make more room for his seed, only to have them fill up again. The process kept repeating until Z was dizzy. - What the fuck have I done to myself???!!!! As Z shouted into the empty house and guffawed uncontrollably, his voice was getting deeper and deeper until it was simply a bellow. - What the fucks happening to my voice??? He spoke again, but his voice was now a deep bass now and getting lower. He tried to cup his balls, the source of the insane amount of testosterone flooding his body, but they were simply too big. Fuck, he thought!!! How is this going to end? ??!!! With a cry, Z’s abdominal muscles cramped, and he quickly leaned over to try and deal with the agony. He was now shaking so hard that he could barely stand on his own feet. Sweat poured down his body and for a second Z was terrified by what he had done. His world was never going to be the same. On the other hand, he yearned for the transformation to go quicker so he could leave his old life behind. The pain in his abdominals was increasing. Z tried his best to stand upright, but just moving a little sent shockwaves through every muscle in his body. He carefully moved his hands down to his abs to feel them, and discovered that what had once been a well defined six pack was growing and expanding into what felt like granite constructed bricks of muscle. Yearning to see his own abs growing, Z once again tried to stand, but the tremors running through his own body forced him to the floor. Trying to curl into a fetal position, Z discovered that this was now impossible as his newly formed abs were becoming too large and thick and were now taking up more and more room on his lower torso. Z gritted his teeth in pain as a severe popping and cracking sound could be heard coming from his hands. He moved them in front of his face in order to see what was happening, and discovered they were growing both longer and thicker. The breaking sound grew louder, more extreme, and more agonizing as both of his arms joined his hands and proceeded to grow. At the same time this was occurring, Z’s abs had continued to swell, forcing themselves to jut out further and further from his body creating a massive wall of muscle which was now shoving him into an upright position despite the pain. When he was finally able to get to his feet and look down at his abs, he couldn’t believe how freakishly thick they had become. His 32” waist was now at least 36 inches and still growing. He would have been concerned about his growing waist size, but despite the increase it was obvious that there was not an ounce of fat on his body, his abs were simply so immense and thick. He tried lifting his elongating arms and was shocked to see how quickly they had lengthened in such a short amount of time. His arms were currently as long as his legs and getting longer by the second. Holding his hands up to his face proved difficult, but he was able to see that his massive hands now dwarfed his own head. Z’s cock began to leak as he thought that if this were the size of his hands, just imagine how massive he would be when his whole body caught up!! With one swift movement, Z struck his own abdomen, but felt nothing. He punched it again, harder this time, but still nothing. Again, and again, and again, he punched, his hands growing thicker and mightier, but it only felt like a wind was touching his skin. - I’m becoming totally indestructible!!!! Z was drooling at that thought when his torso and legs began to grow. For an instant he thought he would pass out from the pain of his bones cracking, repairing themselves, and breaking again, but he simply revelled in the fact that his body was growing larger so it could pack on more muscles. Gone was his old 5’8” body as he stretched higher and mightier. His hands and part of his forearms still lay on the floor due to their immense size, but when he looked up he could see his head getting closer and closer to the ceiling. In no time at all Z had passed 7 feet tall and was closing in on 8. As his balls continued to swell larger, a massive wave of testosterone exploded into his body. His trimmed hairy chest began to get fuller as his current hair grew longer and new hair pierced out of the spaces available between the follicles. Thick brown hair seemed to burst from his face giving him a true Paul Bunyan beard. His whole body itches like hell as the hair follicles multiplied and forced their way out. Even the hair on his head grew longer and thicker with silver coming in at the temples. Within minutes the buzzed hair on his head flowed down to his shoulders, and his manly beard became thicker and denser. Another massive burst of testosterone rocked his body again, and Z could abruptly feel his glutes putting on serious mass. His legs had always been a problem area for him demanding serious attention, but they never would be again. Despite the thick brown hair coating his legs, it was impossible to miss every striation of his growing legs. Z salivated as he watched his calves swelling to the size of his old quads, and then proceeded to add on more size. His own quads, he could now only compare with a normal man’s torso, they were so full, so round, and so firm. Twice he had to widen his stance to allow more room, but his body, adapting to any difficulty he might have, complied and forced his torso to grow larger to add on more mass. - I want to worship my own fucking legs their so insanely huge!!! Z screamed out in his rumbling bass voice. He had never heard a voice so deep and so sexy in his life that he wanted it to drop even lower!! Let it drop so low no one can even comprehend it!! No one could ever compete against him when it came to his low-pitched resounding voice. His waist was nearing 40” and still growing larger with his immense and hairy abs. The crevices were so deep and so filled with brown hair they appeared like deep canyons. Z’s head hit the ceiling just as his pecs began to swell. The concept of how tall and massive he was, combined with how big his pecs now were bursting from his chest had him laughing hysterically while a river of pre began to flow from his cock. Z had to crouch in order to not hit the ceiling, and then found it easier to simply go down onto his knees to give himself more room. His pecs were becoming mountains of muscle, filling with power and might. Z lifted his hand and began to squeeze his nipple firmly, but this only succeeded in forcing more and more pre to explode onto the already soaked carpet. The nipples, as if craving more tactile sensation, grew larger with his nipples rivalling the length of his old thumbs. His areoles were dark brown, and as he played with them, they became even more and more sensitive. Grabbing his left pec and lifting it up the best he could, Z tried to kick his own nipple, but was prevented from doing so when a sudden surge of growth forced them to point down and forever blocked his view of his lower half. Not to be left behind by his immense chest, Z’s lats detonated with improbable size. His wingspan exploded so suddenly with size that his whole body shook from it. His arms flew up, and Z found it impossible to rest them at his sides again. I wish I could see myself in the mirror, Z thought, but the only thing he could see was his immense lower half getting even larger. Joining in with his back, Z’s neck and delts got larger and thicker, granting him his wish of an even deeper voice. His shoulders, back, and chest were now so wide that it would be virtually impossible for him to walk through a normal door... ever... and still he grew like there was no tomorrow. With a smack, Z’s head hit the ceiling again, and he was on his knees. He was now taking up half of the massive bedroom. With his fists, Z began to punch holes in the ceiling to fashion more room for him to grow. As if trying to help with this process, his bi’s and tri’s started to surge with size till they were as large as his old legs had been, and just getting thicker. Understanding the immensity of his own size and power, Z began to stand up. As he did, his immense arms and hands began to tear apart the ceiling above him. Soon the ceiling couldn’t take it anymore or the pressure from Z’s growing body, and came crashing down upon the colossal man. As he stood up, Z could only celebrate in the fact that he was indeed Paul Bunyan now, and had definitely surpassed HC in both height and muscle mass. Throwing the king sized bed to the side of the room as if it belonged to a doll, Z made more room for his body. Another monumental surge of testosterone was released into his body, and with a sweltering explosion of pain, Z’s almost non existent penis began to grow to match its master. Longer and thicker, it grew, gaining as much mass as his arm, and becoming just as veiny. It felt like he was cunning every time it swelled longer and longer till finally the tremendous cock appeared in his view. Z felt sadness and exhilaration at the thought that he would never fuck a woman again with this monster of a cock. It would easily rip a woman in half, and still it continued to lengthen and thicken. The slit in the immense head was now so large that pre flowed out like someone had turned the tap on full blast. Spasms of growth surged through Z as he began to stroke his colossal prick, loving the feeling of finally having such an immense tool in his hand. He still felt so much power running through his body that he believed he was never going to stop growing. His upper torso had already burst through the hole in the ceiling giving a great view of the guest bedroom, and still the muscle mass packed on. Z was gaining hundreds of pounds a minute in muscle mass. Suddenly Z bellowed out again as the bones in his head began to expand and reform themselves, keeping his head in proportion with his own body. Grabbing his face as best as he could, the colossus stumbled and took down more of the ceiling with his own body. When his head was finished growing, it reformed itself with the squarest of chins that was impossible to see under such a thick beard. Z’s brow-ridge came in a little more distended then it had been, destroying his boyish good looks and replacing them with a sexy Neanderthal appearance. A surge of growth pushed through the mountain of a man causing Z to pump his cock harder and harder in a state of total self worship. He willed his body to pack on more size and more muscle mass, and like the drug it was, complied. Pipe-like veins wove their way around his entire body like wild ivy, feeding him more and more. Z began to moan loudly as he took in his own manly smell, felt his hairy body, and pumped the freakish organ that was his cock. If he had a third vial, he would have taken it right then and there. He never wanted the growth to stop. His head began to swim as another surge of testosterone forced him several inches talker and several hundred pounds heavier. The world isn’t going to be ready for me! When I tear myself out of this house, and I will, they will finally recognise me for what I am!!! I’ll finally be taken seriously!! Fuck!! I’m nearly two stories tall!!! My cock could destroy a building if I wanted it too! I’m too much... and I love it!! This should be my nightmare but it is MY... DREAM... COME... TRUE!!!!!!!! Z’s cock shot gallons of cum like the fire hose it was. The ground floor bedroom was entirely destroyed as the human Titan had the most intense orgasm of his life. A roar, which could have only come from a massive grizzly bear, could be heard for miles around. The growth surged one last time and then stopped after he had completely coated the room below with his seed. Sweating, panting, and laughing hysterically Z surveyed his surroundings. He had grown into the upper bedroom up to his navel. Assessing from his own point of view, Z estimated that he had to be nearly 15 feet tall and 3 or 4 thousand pounds of pure muscle. This insight made his cock hard again, and he started to slowly stroke his cock, savouring each sensation. When he was finished, then he would take down the house around him and show the world what a really daddy ZE was!! The next morning every news channel, web site, and published newspaper reported on another victim of the bizarre virus that had hit HC. Strangely, two days later HC had a relapse, which caused him to tower over ZE once again. Hopefully, the reporters stated, these would be the only two affected by this peculiar occurrence. Peter chuckled to himself as he shut off the news. Every channel had coverage of the announcement that ZE would be stating as Batman opposite HC in the new film “Gods of the DC Universe.” He got up from his desk and walked over to his lab where he was synthesising HGE. No one knew he was the inventor of this serum, and what had begun as a hobby was now becoming the source of his ultimate revenge. His scheme was working exactly as he knew it would. One by one the vain fools were taking the bait, and one by one they would fall. He couldn’t wait to see who he would be staring opposite next when the foolish “Gods of the DC Universe” met there match. Soon, when his new formula was ready, he would reveal himself to them and to the world as their rival, the Ultimate Doomsday.
  24. AdonisObsessed

    Black Market Muscle

    Black Market Muscle Raw power is a beauty to behold. And is there anything screaming raw power more than big muscles plastered onto a huge frame? It certainly speaks to the image of a primal hulking male seeing all that muscle hanging out in the open. I had to force myself too not lick my lips tracing all those round pecs with my eyes. Slowly the masculine perfection standing in front of me began acquainting himself with his new size, a smirk growing on his face as he flexed his muscles, feeling the power pumping through his veins. His smirk began growing even wider when he saw the contents of his stretched out set of posers throb happily. “How much again?” His deep voice asked, but even simple questions felt like a command coming from a voice so vibrating with power. “$200,000. And, uh $49 for the jacket and posers.” I replied, trying to ignore my own knees buckling seeing the stones of power saturated power that made up his set of abs. We had discussed the price of granting him godhood many times. I’d even given him a discount after he’d told me about all the men sleeping with his wife he was going to beat up and fuck, I’m not sure why he brought up my rates again after the process was done. Discussing prices is something that requires the full attention of the mind, and that is rather difficult to give when a stud just rippling with size is standing in so close to you. “How about… Five?” I felt lightheaded seeing his biceps bulge, new veins popping out with every flex. “Five what? Five hundred thousand?” I meekly asked. His smirk grew even wider, it felt almost patronizing in a way. He walked over to the remnants of his clothes, his shirt and pants lying ripped to shreds on the floor. Those small S-sized clothes hadn’t survived the man’s ascension into godhood when his puny and flabby body had had expanded and packed on more size most men could grow in their lifetime in a matter of minutes. From his pile of shredded clothes he pulled his wallet, I wasn’t sure what he was going to do with it, it’s not like the puny man on his drivers license matched his new tightly stacked with muscle form. He pulled out a Lincoln and put it in my hands. Not $500,000 but $5. “Is this a joke?” I tried maintaining my serious business attitude, but that’s hard to do when the stuff of your wet dreams is walking around you. He just threw me another one of his new signature cocky grins, my heart throbbing almost as hard as his massive meaty member did while leaking pre out of his posers. “$5 Is enough, the show I put up while I transformed from a weakling into this is invaluable anyways.” I tried arguing, but my mouth felt dry looking at his powerful mass. Something told me this alpha stud wouldn’t be so easily walked over. “But all those chemicals… I had to get them from the black market… It was so expensive…” I meekly tried, biting more on my tongue while looking at his shimmering stretched out skin than actually talking. The new alpha stud just shrugged. “Not my problem.” He said, while scratching a new itch in between his new rigid mountain side of muscle. “Anyways, I’ve got a monster cock to unload down a few jock’s throats. Thanks again for the transformation into hunk hood brah, I appreciate it.” When the stud walked out of warehouse where I had pumped him full with the experimental muscle boosting formula, I wrote down some notes on how to make my venture more successful. I’d have to buy bigger clothes for after their transformation, the set of posers hadn’t been able to contain the oversized salami while it was soft, much less when it was hard. I’d have to get some tighter constraints too, the hunk had nearly been able to wrestle himself free while he was in the deepest of agonies, feeling each of his muscles break apart and regrow at such a rapid pace. Oh, and I had to be sure I was a little more intimidating, I couldn’t keep missing out on payments. I was fit, but that meant nothing when the alpha studs I ended up creating where two times my body weight. I looked at the wondrous cocktail of growth hormones I had used to blow the small businessman up in size. I downed the remaining contents in one swift gulp. Customers would be sure to pay for ‘Ideo’s Instant Muscle Market’ when the owner would be a hulking beast himself.
  25. Awesome profile pic!

  26. Muscleace

    Stealing Size: The Cam Show Jocks

    Little by little he’d take less than a quarter of an inch. After about a week some of the guys had mentioned something but they played it off like it was just a joke. None of them beleived that their dicks had actually gotten smaller. But their girlfriends had started the rumors. They had noticed that they didn’t feel as filled as they had been or that it wasn’t as long or thick. They all were still well above average, and their audience didn’t complain. All three did cam shows online to make some extra cash, that’s where Freddy found them. He would steal a little bit each time they went into a private chat, all the while building his cock up. He tried stealing muscle, but he wasn’t able to. So he’d settled with steal dick size. The muscle was such a harder spell to accomplish. It would just take too much effort to steal it all. But as he added more of their dick to his own he couldn’t help but start rubbing it. The three guys kept going but he could tell it was a little bit smaller. Soon he began doing his own cam shows on a few sites. His dick looking above average for his body size, putting him on par with the other three men. He had a few private shows, but decided he needed to be bigger to make up for the lack of muscle. He stole more and more from the three captains everyday. He could tell when they started to notice. Their confident demeanor wasn’t as genuine as it had been. Plus some of the other live chatters started to point it out. A dick that completely filled their hand now barely came over it. Most weren’t disappointed but the criticism was starting to get to them. They still had decent sized dicks but they knew it wasn’t the same. Meanwhile the fan base for Ready_Freddy was steadily growing, much like the size of his cock. He couldn’t hold it in one hand anymore. A few of his watchers were creeped out when he grinned evilly when someone commented on his size. Soon the captains ended having their live shows and their girlfriends slowly grew more distant. Freddy on the other hand, was bedding more guys every night. His cock was insatiable. Guys loved seeing the challenge. Even if he wasn’t the most muscular or the most confident dom guys would come over just to be able to ride it. The chat started to take bets on whether or not they could actually take the thing. It was just so large it seemed inhuman. But none of them cared. they just wanted to see the ride. Freddy now preferred to free ball, and the captains noticed, but didn’t believe it was possible for someone to steal someone’s dick size. Instead the resigned themselves to the shame of having now tiny dicks, too embarrassed to even see a doctor about it. Ready_Freddy’s cams shows were one of the most popular for the “big cock” category. As he closed his latest session, he grinned and opened the spell book. He wanted to conquer the muscle category next.
  27. Elky

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    Like some of you, I am finding this story very interesting to read, personal dislike of humiliation notwithstanding. I know for some people it's a big turn on, but I could never root for someone who abuses their power, even if the other person "deserves" to be taken down a peg or two.
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