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  2. Muscleinatl

    Foreskin Fascination

    I wish that I had mine still, but when I was a teenager trying to simply fit in with the regular guys, I was glad that I was cut like most of the other guys. It was one less thing to have an anxiety attack over! I know that a lot of circumcised guys say that an uncut cock is gross and nasty, but it's not about what they think that is important. It's what's most pleasurable for the guy with the penis. The reality is that the head of an uncut cock is multiple times more sensitive, and as a bonus you have the underside of your skin being just as sensitive. So you have twice the surface space of extreme sensitivity. That's why I'm jealous of a guy who's still intact.
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  4. You're a god among mortals bro, absolutely inspiring and mind blowingly hot!

  5. Thanks for the follow!

  6. hoangrocky

    Halvor's Hard Body

    Great job @SuperWaffle. I just have one question.... Will you ever go back to doing furry stories or the game? I am just really sad that you ended it
  7. godofjurai


    Also if you can't tell right away what the story is based on by the title of it and the very last scene, all will be revealed in Part 2 and 3... as well as the "Hero"s name, which will be replaced by that said name after. One last thing... this was told in Past Tense... I meant to for Part 1 only... You will see why in Part 2...
  8. godofjurai


    Thanks for the kind words. This chapter is very mild. Part 2 heats up IMMENSELY. From their on its a pure sexual journey as the HERO is reborn. After Part 3 there wont need to be a disclaimer any more. Both characters will be of age. It's the reason why I wanted to put this here and not unfiltered. So far I can prob write out to part 4, but it's prob not even 1/4th of the way done. The transformation is steady. The GROWTH will be UNREAL, and the one thing I know a lot of my readers who have messaged me directly like is the way I describe the growth... There's some new ways I myself don't think I've ever seen in a story before, but we somehow managed to pull it off...
  9. Built22

    Unexpected Package

    wow this is great !!! hooe theres going to be more!!
  10. billyr89

    Foreskin Fascination

    In this day and age, it ought to be viewed as male genital mutilation. There is absolutely no need.
  11. boardman

    Unexpected Package

    Fantastic story. Will Grow Bot's can make him grow muscle? Love to see that
  12. ShreddedFreaksLover

    Jeff: Ab workout

    Hi guys, I've been a bit of lately. Much work and other stuff, but I'll try to write a new one, freakier if I can
  13. shadowlost25

    Fat Acceptance - A Social Movement

    You know, some might argue that those who pursue muscle to the point that their image is all that matters cause irreparable harm too... That feeling that you need to fit in with the "fit" crowd, not realizing that they are killing their bodies to try and attain what the instagram "nattys" have.... Or...they actually do realize that they are on some level "enhanced" and try and go that route themselves...without doing their due diligence. The point Im trying to make, is moderation and knowledge would a far wiser move. Acceptance of your body, be it skinny, fat, muscular, or some mix of all of them would be well advised. Love yourself...and try to improve yourself within reasonable limits. Research, learn from it, and try to put things into practice. Having Big Brother telling you what you can and cannot do does not help. It is your body, you have to be the one who lives with it at the end of the day. So you may not have meant to come off as sarcastic or caustic, but your statements lack the holistic knowledge that, what people do to themselves be it food, roids, or both, is their choice. Most of my previous exes were large men, and quite frankly, they cuddle a lot better and care a hell of a lot more. Don't hate on fat dudes, let them do them and you do you.
  14. Ro20316

    Character and Story list for my current series.

    Yoyu are making such a good work with this series. I love it man!
  15. asianman2410

    Foreskin Fascination

    One of the MANY reasons I want my foreskin back. Just jealous. Super jealous.
  16. ravenweremuscle

    Another school shooting... Here we go again

    I can give you one reason why people won't give up their guns: the Nazis. I can't tell you how many people I have talked to say that the reason why the Nazis took over was because people didn't have a way to defend themselves in Europe. Americans are deathly afraid of that happening here so they will not give up their rights to have a weapon of some kind. The school shootings will likely never stop now because people have gotten used to them. They cry about it for a few days and then move on. It has now become normal and that is terrible.
  17. Ragetiger


    Good thing you had the disclaimer, I was worried for a moment. An interesting start to this story.
  18. Scriptboy


    I'm a HUGE fan of superhero stories and I like where this is going. Alpha has chosen Johnathan for a reason and it seems like Johnathan is in for some big surprises! Being in the presence of a larger-than-life superhero is always a huge dream of any teenage boy, let alone being invited and flown to his home! That is the ultimate thrill ride. I can't wait to see where this goes from here.
  19. godofjurai


    So I am putting a disclaimer here before anyone reads this. If it gets complaints, I will move it to the Member+ Section. This new series involves a 16 year old. There is sex in the later parts, but there is also Age Progression, so this teen becomes an ADULT. Just a Warning and a Precaution I wanted to take. This is also based on an RP I am currently working on with Nostson. It is still not complete but we are making sure it gets to completion so this amazing EPIC can be told in full. Currently Have enough for 4 parts... and TWO of them are already written. Anyways... Please Enjoy this twisted piece of fucked up fiction for your jerking pleasures... INFINITY BREAKERS Part 1 The Alpha The Alpha, the Universe’s only sole Guardian, is out patrolling his local city. It’s a daily thing and if he didn’t do it, well it just left it up to the local authorities. What set him apart was he had powers normal heroes didn’t have. Strength 10 times a normal human. And Super Speed. Everyone loved him, he was an all-around Hero that everyone wished they were him as well. After he just stopped another bank robbery, heading out to his next location to patrol, he noticed a teen, 16 years of age. Sizing him up 5’3” 140lbs. A nice athletic build. He was a fine specimen that in a few years when he was truly a man, He’d be one hell of a stud. The Alpha’s inner mentality made his stomach churn a bit. You see, The Alpha wasn’t always this 6’6” 345lb shredded beef of muscle. He used to be just as small as this teen, but we will get to that later. The Alpha flew in low, landing right behind the teen, pressing his first up along the wall above his head. “How’s it going sport?” He tried sounding cool, flirting in his own way as best as he could. He looked down at the teen over his pecs, as the teen looked up from his phone, giving the kid his hero’s smile. The teen watched as the fist actually punched a hole into the side of the building, bits of debris fell at their feet, a couple of pebbles and dust landed in his hair. All he could do was gawk at the massive body so close to him, eventually he saw the handsome face, smiling back. “H-hello sir!” he couldn’t find the words, his Hero was right in front of him, larger then life. “I-I’m doing fine! What are you doing here?” The Alpha placed his large hand on the teen’s shoulder, his palm fully enclosing it as he made his way to the other side of the teen’s body, bending down a bit so they were eye level. “I just finished up here, when my eye caught you! You’re a pretty handsome kid!” He took a second to adjust himself before giving him a wink and a grin. “How would you like to come back to The Alpha’s home?” The Alpha kept smiling as he brushed the dust off of the top of the teen’s hair, but in reality it was just an excuse for him to get another touch of this kid he had a crush on. The teen gasped a bit from the touch, his own hand coming up to brush against his hero’s forearm, feeling the raw power of his real life champions thick and veiny muscle. He blushed from the words, even more that this muscled powerhouse had any interest in him, and even stopping by to give him a smile and a wink. “W-why thank you, sir! You’re the most handsome guy around though! W-why would you invite me?! I-I mean, yes! Of course I want to come!” The teen continued to get flustered as he was given this once in a lifetime opportunity. The Alpha took that as his OK. In one quick sweep he spun the teen around, lifting him off his feet and scooping him into his arms. “Sorry, Sport!” He pulled a cloth out of his back pocket, tying it around the teen’s. “I can’t let you see where home is right now. So where this as a precaution and we will get there safely!” In seconds, The Alpha lifted off the ground, and took off, holding the teen close to his body, making sure even with breaking the sound barrier, the teen was safe. In mere minutes later, they slow down as The Alpha comes in for a landing, He places the teen on a chair, “Security System: Lock Down!” removing the blindfold from the teen’s eyes as giant metal shutters began closing around the entire room. “VOICE RECOGNITION COMPLETE!” the animatronic voice echoed throughout the giant room as the last shutters slid over the windows, blocking the sun completely from their views. *CLAP-CLAP* Light’s begin to turn on and illuminate the building. The teen look’s around. High Ceilings, lots of computers and electronics, even all the new and latest gaming gadgets. His hero was a gamer too! On one side of the room sat a kitchen. The other a bedroom, with a very large bed, much bigger than a King. “Wow… this is like… the room of my dreams! But why do you have all this stuff? Aren’t you busy being a hero?” The Alpha slowly pulls his gloves off, tossing them aside, followed by pulling the spandex top off his upper body. His chest glistened with sweat as he took a seat at the foot of the bed, looking over at the teen. The teens jaw dropping again from the site of his pumped body. “H-Holy fuck…” he mumbled as his body faced the hero. The Alpha pats the spot next to him on the bed as he lifts his leg up, pulling his booted foot into his lap and removing the boot, exposing his large size 15 foot. He does the same with the other boot, tossing it aside. “A hero has to have fun every now and then, doesn’t he? It gets lonely some times. The teen stepped closer, his knees threatening to give out as he approached the hero, looking away from his face, glancing down to see those massive feet and legs. He almost ended up stumbling over the massive discarded boots from not paying attention, stepping over them and making eye contact just before he was right in front of him. “Is that why you invited me then?” “Come closer, stud! I don’t bite!” He makes a chomping sound with his pearly whites. “Unless you want me to?” He winks before letting out a hardy heroic laugh. The teen backs up a bit as the hero leaned forward and pretended to bite, blushing in embarrassment as he heard the deep laugh. He slowly moves closer towards The Alpha again, sitting on the spot he initially patted, looking over at this large, muscle man’s body, seeing the thickness of his pecs and even his abs from this angle. “I-I think I’ll pass on the biting…” he was slightly confused. The hero turned to face the teen a bit. “Don’t be shy! I was once small like you! You have no need to be embarrassed in front of me.” The hero noticed the teen checking him out. Taking in everything that made him the hero. He lifted his arm up, flexed it. The bicep peaked up, perfect symmetry. “Go ahead. Touch it!” The Alpha gently takes the teen’s hand into his own, placing it on the warm rounded surface. He gives it a little flex, making it harder. “What’s your name, kid?” The teen can’t really believe what his hero was saying… he was once small like him? He watched as his hero moved his hand along his bicep. His own hand shaking a bit, but he slowly calmed down after he felt how gentle the large man was. He tried gripping the bicep, squeezing it a bit harder. Moving his second hand up on that one massive peak of hard flesh. “Oh god… I can’t even budge your arms!” He shouted excitedly, and got even more excited as his hero raised his other arm into a double bicep pose. “M-My name is Johnathan, sir! And what do you mean you were once small like me?” The Alpha watched as Johnathan continued to feel up his arms with his hands… It’s practically a worship session, which he had not hand in quite a long time, especially not from someone so HOT to him either. His own cock, stirring a bit as he got lost in the feeling. “Mmmm… A guy doesn’t just get to be like how I am, Johnny Boy… Powers… this much strength… I’m the only one like me in the entire Universe…” The Alpha lifted Johnathan up, spun him around and pulled him into his chest. “I used to be just like you a few years ago. Hell, I was even a teen! 16 to be exact…” getting lost in the feel, The Alpha ran his beard against Johnathan’s neck. His breathe warm. Pecs heaving on Johnathan’s back as he wrapped his arms around him in an embrace. “Will you be mine, Johnathan?” Johnathan blushed again as his hero gave him such a cute nickname, then snapped back to reality as hid idol he just met told him all this stuff about himself. “W-WHAT?” stammered out before he was man handled and forced into the hero’s lap. “I mean, how can I say no to you, sir?” he was being overwhelmed by everything that was happening so quick. He tried to clear his mind for a second. Thinking back to what The Alpha had told him. “You were once 16, like me. H-How did you become so…. So massive? So Powerful? So…” he took a second to swallow his fear of what he was about to ask. “S-Sexy?” Johnathan blushed as he reached up to rub his hands along the massive forearms, knowing even if he didn’t want to be there, in his heroes arms, there was no way he could move the arms holding him with his strength alone. “My power was inherited, little one…” The Alpha continued his story, kissing the teen’s neck, reaching his hand into his sexy young stud’s shorts. Johnathan blushed a bit, letting out a light moan as the large hand moved down his core and into his pants, his hands gripping onto The Alpha’s wrist as things began to move faster, not sure where things were going to go as he had never done this before with anyone, his own cock beginning to grow erect. “I mean one day the world was in complete chaos, the next I show up… seems kind of ironic don’t you think but I did clean up the mess…” His hand gripped around the shaft, 4 inches, getting harder. “Mmmm, fuck… bigger then mine used to be… and the same age.” The Alpha was lost in his own thoughts. “Fuck !&@&*$&(!*&#*(!)!*&!” The word made no sense, but the next moment changed everything. The Alpha began to breathe hard, trying to catch his breath. *THUMP* A large ball falls onto the floor, rolling away from them. “WhAt HaVe I dOnE…” The Alpha’s voice was slowly changing pitch. His shadow looming over Johnathan was beginning to shrink, and the teen felt it too. Johnathan’s back begun to sink back into the hero more. The pec’s that were once supporting him began to retract. *THUMP* Another ball… *THUMP* *THUMP* Multiple ones all bounced to different corners of the room. All different colors and some of different sizes. Johnathon snaps back to reality as he heard that strange word and the balls start to bounce. He felt movement from behind him and the higher pitch voice was beginning to worry him. “What the…” not even sure it was the same man behind him anymore, he holds the arm in front of him tighter, suddenly realizing that they are much smaller and not holding him as tightly. Johnathan turned around, just in time to see The Alpha’s body falling back onto the bed, one more ball rolls around the bed as his heroes body writhers and shrinks to even smaller sizes. “Oh my god, what’s happening to you?!” Johnathan hops over the hero’s body, leaning in over him. The hero continuing to lose size as the teen stares down. His limbs retracting inward. His torso and spine compacting. His muscles deflating. Johnathan watched as the hair on his exposed chest retreated back into his skin. All of the hero’s manly appeal wasted away and reverted back to a more boyish charm as he devolved and shrank. His body reaching Johnathan’s size, before slipping even smaller as he returned to his original 16 year old self. His super hero tights were now loose, his cock no longer bulging outward as it had also returned to its old 3 inch pencil dick size. The Alpha gave one final *GASP* as his memories of the things he had done stayed, but his genius intellect pushed his way out of his head, creating a large jawbreaker, that rolled itself right into Johnathan’s hand that was still watching in utter amazement as his hero became a 5ft 120lb wimp… To Be Continued…
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  21. Hanugumo

    Unexpected Package

    Kinda get the idea that as the story will progress, the GRO-BOT will grow even bigger and will slowly gain more and more autonomy and more sentience and our dear narrator will become a subservient slave too him. But i also feel like GRO-BOT will be a loving and caring master to him, and will try to make sure his "slave" will accomodate him as long as he can before he will outgrow his slave and all. >;3
  22. theardes

    Unexpected Package

  23. buffguy31264

    Dumbing Down Chat Buddies

    Lets be dumb
  24. kr33d3r

    Brother asks to grow from Santa

    Are you sure? I think the archive that marki posted contains exact the stories you were looking for.
  25. Eadwig

    Foreskin Fascination

    Wish I could have experienced having a foreskin. Aside from muscle, there' s nothing like seeing an uncut cock slowly getting hard!!
  26. A friend and follower suggested I list the stories and characters for my current storyline. I want to thank him very much for the idea. Here are the characters and their story titles (they will appear in others stories for plot points, etc.). Just an FYI, some guys listed have not appeared in the stories I have already posted, but are in stories I am working on for this series. Jay (Jason) and Max – Worship Session Jay – 6’3”, 250, Blonde, Blue eyes Max – 5’1”, 165, Curly brown, Brown eyes Eddie, Ian, and Colin (Ian is G1 and Colin is G2) –Gingers Eddie – 6’2”, 235, Blonde, Grey eyes Ian and Colin – 6’, 190, Orange, Green eyes Ty and Davey – New Gym Ty – 6’2”, 220, Black, Brown eyes Davey – 5’11”, 175, Brown, Brown eyes Ming and Cam – Toy Time Ming – 5’6”, 150, Black, Blue eyes Cam – 5’7”, 170, Bleach Blonde, Green eyes Stu ad Kenny – background guys – no story of their own in this series. Stu – 6’0”, 185, Black, Brown eyes Kenny – 6’1”, 185, Blonde ponytail, Green eyes Paulo – future character – no stand-alone story in this series. Paulo – 6’1”, 230, Brown, Brown eyes The ‘Bad Guys’ Ron – Davey’s ex. Shaun, Bull, Ash, and Larry – Jay and Max’s nemeses. Willie – future character Story list in order Worship Session 1 – 4 * Posted in Jan 2018 * Ginger 1 – G1 and G2 * Posted 2/8 * Ginger 2 – Colin and Ian * Posted 2/12 * New Gym 1 * Posted 2/20 * Ginger 3 – Sweet Revenge * Posted 2/25 * New Gym 2 * Posted 3/4 * Worship Session – Beach Adventure 1 & 2 * Posted 3/6 and 3/18 * Toy Time 1 * Posted 3/26 * Ginger 4 – Muscle Showoff * Posted 5/1 * New Gym 3 * Posted 5/9 * Worship Session – Accident part 1 * Posted 5/17 * ** Coming up ** Toy Time 2 – Taken Worship Session – Accident part 2 Toy Time 3 - Rescue
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