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  2. Lost and Found

    Please more!!!
  3. Lost and Found

    Part Two: The line I got home, tossed my gym bag into my room, and focused on dinner. It was Friday night and my roommate mostly stayed at his girlfriend's place on the weekends which was usually great for me, but I was craving distraction from the multitude of questions bouncing in my head. It would have been nice for someone to reassure me that I wasn't going crazy, but maybe I was. After dinner and a few minutes of not really watching TV, I decided to at least make sure the jar wasn't a figment of my imagination. But there it was, in my gym bag, looking pretty normal. I opened it and it was mostly full of whitish powder. I closed it again. No instructions or ingredients or expiration date or anything on the container except for that bit of masking tape. There wasn't even a scoop inside that I could tell. Who only knew what this stuff was. But, it wouldn't be poisonous, right? It might just taste bad. Or be some kind of drug. I poured a couple inches of milk into a glass, stared at the jar, opened it, stared at it, walked away, got my phone to maybe ask the internet or a friend for help, wasn't sure what to ask or say, put the phone down, got out a spoon, got out a smaller spoon, dipped the edge of the spoon and took out a small scoop. It looked like sugar, or maybe salt. I shook the spoon and watched a couple grains fall back into the jar. I touched the powder with my finger and a few grains clung to it. I rubbed those few grains off my finger and into the milk. "That would be safe. That couldn't hurt," I said aloud, trying to convince myself. I swirled the glass around and it still looked like just milk. I picked up the phone. "Hey, Tom," I began. "I went fishing today. Yeah, well, I ended up with this jar that had 'Muscle Growth Powder' written on it. Yeah, seriously. Well, I put some in some milk and ... yeah, I'm gonna try it, of course, but what do you think ... yeah, it's a good joke ... no, I haven't had any yet ... oh, okay, yeah, I'll let you know, ha-ha. But ... okay, bye." That went about as expected, I thought, but was more reassuring than I anticipated. I mean, of course it was a joke. I looked at the half-full glass of milk, grabbed it and thought about how stupid this was. What was the point? I asked myself. Either it's crap that tastes awful and is a total gag, or it's regular protein powder and I should just make a decent shake out of it. I thought about tossing away the contents of the glass and make an actual shake. Maybe I could get Tom to try it first ... but why waste a bit of milk? I chugged the glass, which tasted exactly like milk, of course. I looked back at the mysterious jar and waited a minute to see if I would pass out or start hallucinating or maybe even grow some muscle. Nothing happened, so I brought the jar back to my room and put it next to the couple other supplements I sometimes took. Tom probably wouldn't have thought twice about just using the powder for a normal shake. I again took a moment to reassess if I felt anything strange or different, but then continued with my nighttime routine. Later, I laid in bed feeling both mentally drained but also physically restless. I had had a good workout that day and was maybe still feeling pumped from the higher bit of adrenaline I got from the heavier weight and increasing motivation to challenge my body to grow. Yeah, it felt like I had a great workout, but wait, how did my muscles still feel so pumped? A realization began to dawn in my tired mind and I rushed out of bed to the bathroom mirror. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed aloud. I looked bigger. I flexed a double bi and a most most muscular. I am bigger. I wondered if this was a dream. I felt over my hard arms and smacked my thick chest. I looked pretty good before, an attractive guy, but my reflection was in stud territory. I looked over my wider shoulders, tighter abs, thicker legs, everything bigger and harder, with more visible veins and sharper definition. "Holy shit!" I yelled louder and laughed as I realized this must have happened from the powder. It actually was muscle growth powder! "Holy shit!" I gasped deeper. I had used a rice-grain amount. How much would a full scoop do? I dared to imagine myself with even bigger muscles, like bodybuilder muscles, like Mr. O muscles, like comic book muscles. My cock grew hard as my imagination overlayed on my reflection. I jacked myself off, feeling over my improved body and flexing more and wondering if the powder also made my dick a bit bigger and harder, too. I definitely fired my cum harder and more intensely than I ever had. I nearly passed out from the pleasure, but my strong legs supported me. I got drowsy after the release and again wondered if I was having a dream. I walked back to the bedroom, feeling my thick legs move over each other and my strong back holding me even more upright than usual. I crawled back into bed, feeling my hard muscles bulge against the sheets and mattress in slightly new ways. I almost didn't care if it was a dream; it was worth it either way. I woke up and felt my thick chest and bulging arms once again, still as big as last night but this time slightly more familiar. I smiled wide and stretched and flexed in bed some more, also feeling over my massive legs and inflating cock. Eventually, I got out of bed and spent some more time in front of the mirror. I watched my lats spread wide to my sides and my chest mound up thickly. My shoulders bulged wide and high, and rippled with the slightest effort. My biceps were hard, veiny mounds that flexed into high peaks and my triceps filled my thick arms. I was surprised at how even my forearms and hands looked huge and powerful. I shook and flexed my legs, marveling at the definition of the different quad muscles and felt the newly thick bulging of my hamstrings. My calves also bulged huge and I became fascinated with flexing them a few times at different angles. Finally, I wondered what my new body would feel like in action. I felt like I could lift some serious weight now. I'd look exactly like those bigger guys I would notice at the gym before. And I could get even bigger. I raced back into the bedroom to make sure that same jar was still there, and marveled at how innocent it looked. I used my fingertips again to put just a pinch of the powder into an empty water bottle. It was such a small amount, but it was probably double what I took last night. I filled the bottle with water and put it in my bag thinking maybe I should not drink the whole thing in one day. I next pulled out my roommate's scale. I now weighed 217, and was still lean. Previously, I had only gotten to 200 pounds by bulking up with some extra fat. I guessed that I gained almost 25 pounds of muscle overnight. Would drinking all of the bottle I had just packed add another 50? I picked out my baggiest shorts and the XL tank that Tom had given me. It looked loose, but definitely fit better than yesterday. With another 50 pounds of muscle, it'd probably fit pretty well.
  4. Never met a muscle guy before

    I have only met one person who could be classed as a muscle guy (namely a grand master champion from 2008 - 2011) and my advice would be "Ignore the muscles and recognise the man". As an example this guy I met turned out to be a choirmaster at his local church and as I have an interest in musical works we spent most of the time talking about Gilbert and Sullivan. It wasn't until at least our third meeting that the issue of him being muscular even came up for discussion.
  5. Never met a muscle guy before

    I've met a few, but never had a chance to really befriend them. Maintaining muscle eats up your schedule.
  6. Never met a muscle guy before

    You never met one... and it's far better than you could ever think. Be ready to have your heart trying to beat its way out of your rib cage.
  7. The muscle app (1)

    great story! cant wait for second chapter!
  8. …And Sometimes, I Watch My Dad Go to Work…

    Shit! this is hotter than hell! whatever happen to the boy? like father, like son?
  9. Never met a muscle guy before

    I genuinely question the amount of human contact OP has. Unless you happen to live in a place like Barrow Alaska or miles away from the next human being, you're bound to eventually run into one. I would suggest leaving whatever podunkville you live in and going where the people (and the jobs) are if you're able to.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Cheaters Never Prosper

    Me encantó esa historia sobre robo muscular. Esperamos que sigas escribiendo más historias sobre robo muscular
  12. Worship session, beach adventure, part 2

    Absolutely amazing. Please more more more 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
  13. Thought I'd start a thread for any advice you might have to share, tips and tricks you're fond of someone else might not know, as well as any questions someone here might be able to help you with. I'll go first! Do you guys have any site suggestions you like to use that help you with muscle study/poses/figure drawing?
  14. Galleries and links

    Wow, hey, sorry this took me forever to reply to- was having issues with the reply box showing up at all! Anyway! Here's my links https://kullizilla.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/Kullizilla
  15. Off site story

    And very good it is, too: https://www.coiledfist.org/stories/index.php?mode=search&submitted=1&keyType=sid&query=whatthefabala_medicaltestin
  16. The muscle app (1)

    Anyway, @Herald, I love your stories and appreciate that you make time to write and share them with us, regardless of what color text they end up in.
  17. Motivation for a solo gym-goer?

    I see where you're coming from. For me, running and such is fun, it's my thing, and I love to incorporate as much as I can into a workout, whether it's running, boxing, or weight lifting (but not swimming. This boy can't swim lol). A varied workout is a fun one, imo. But, I'll give what you said a shot; not looking for motivation and just doing it. Hopefully I won't burn out if I just drag myself there lol
  18. Motivation for a solo gym-goer?

    Thing is, the school of thought I belong to, is that heavy (or at least heavy-ish) weight training is part of both a bulking AND a leaning regimen. The biggest difference between bulking and leaning for me is how much I eat. And perhaps how many high-intensity interval workouts I do per week. The stuff it seems you're going to the gym for, isn't even in my repertoire. So when you say you can't get motivated to do it, I kinda agree, that I wouldn't do that stuff either. I'm either bulking up, or I'm using that bulk to burn off the fat with extreme prejudice.
  19. Motivation for a solo gym-goer?

    I dunno, man. I can't get motivated to do any sort of long drudgery cardio, to me it feels like an utter waste of time. Anything I do toward leaning out is something I can really bust ass at, that has some skill component to it. At/near home I can do kettlebell swings, jump rope, ride a bike, sprint up hills. I also like going on long walks first thing in the morning. Motivation is tricky. I find it's easier to not look for the motivation, and just do the thing.
  20. Motivation for a solo gym-goer?

    You misunderstood what I called useless. Lifting weights is far from useless; hell, the low weight/high rep is part of the plan. I meant the attitude of "Who the hell wants cardio?" and pretty much laughing at anything that doesn't involve a heavy-ass barbell. Sorry that I offended and/or misled you. And if that also offends you, then all I can do is apologise further. I don't have many places to run, excerise, etc. Not much room and stability in my home, stray dogs abound, the city has gotten more dangerous around the time I'm free (evenings and nights) and I don't have enough money to get a memebership at the gym near my home or anywhere else. My only other choice is to drive 30 min. down to the college and workout there. The facility is great, as is all of the equipment. As far as the atmosphere, it's very laid back, but the few people who go tend to stay to themselves. I used to go after classes on the two days I could, but as the semester winds down and the workload in and out of class winds up, I find it hard to keep myself motivated to go when I'm dead tired. I'm at a loss of what I can do to get my motivation back up. For now, all I've got is my taekwondo class, and my class schedule barely let's me do that.
  21. My gigant roomate pt3

    He really is changing them but why ad how is the question!
  22. The muscle app (1)

    It's really not anyone's job.
  23. The muscle app (1)

    And again: That's the author's job, not mine. That may sound like grumpy-old-man-ism, and that may be the case. It's ALSO the case that I have written approximately 70 stories over the past 25 years and I have ALWAYS endeavored to make the reader's job as easy as possible. I have zero patience for people who elect to do otherwise.
  24. The muscle app (1)

    At the very bottom of every page, you can switch your theme between dark and light to compensate for miscolored stories. You don't want to miss out on this one.
  25. Last week
  26. Sweet Revenge - CHAPTER SEVEN ADDED

    Agree wholeheartedly to this statement. I wanna read more stories where the bully wins and triump over everyone. @Newmassaddict *hint hint nudge nudge*
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