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    AJ & Noah

    Haha! You're gonna hate me because the next one ends on a little cliffhanger too! 🙊
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    The Virus

    Yes please, continue it :)
  5. BrzNLA

    AJ & Noah

    Nnnnnoooooo! You can’t not finish the chapter when AJ is about to hit the stage! That’s so mean!! LOL!!🤯🤬😂 A really good chapter with a lot of teasing and set up! I can’t wait to read the next one. Great job MuscleAddict!!👍💪💪😜💪
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  7. rmorris

    The Arab Prince

    Okay, wow, I'm taken aback by the feedback, I'm flattered! Had no idea this would go down as well as it has! So, I need a bit of time to think about a second chapter (bear in mind this first chapter took me a couple of months to write). I think I know where I'm going with it, at least for the next chapter or two. Again, any further feedback, drop a comment or leave me a message! Thanks once again guys! You're all lovely. Next time you see a reply from me on this thread it should be the next chapter.
  8. SexyMuscleGod

    Y3T Training

    Gym has been going great! Haven't posted in a minute but def seeing my weights going up! Here is my workout logs for some. https://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/community/track/MoreMsclXXL
  9. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    This chapter sees the return of a few familiar faces; Mark Green, the local muscle monster daddy and regional bodybuilding champion from Scorpio's who AJ introduced to Noah and called "the bodybuilder version" (gentle/shy) of him and also Liam "The Guns" Watson. Liam was mentioned earlier on in the story and was the bodybuilder featured in my "Have You Seen These Posing Trunks?" story. Anyone who read that one might recognise the posing trunks he's wearing! Thirty One “OK, lads, you’re all signed in. Here are your backstage passes!” OH FUCK! Yep. This is happening. This is actually fucking happening! My head felt like it was going to explode when a guy at the venue of the bodybuilding show handed me and AJ each a backstage pass on a bright orange lanyard. I looked at AJ, who was giving me a mischievous, knowing smirk with a wide eyed look. He knew exactly what this meant to me, and how both excited and admittedly pretty nervous I must have been feeling in that moment. I wrapped the lanyard around my neck and followed AJ, still in shock and disbelief at what was happening. That I, Noah Cook, who’d been fantasising about huge, shredded, competition conditioned muscle freaks since about the age of fifteen, was going backstage at an actual bodybuilding show with my actual bodybuilder boyfriend. “Hmmm. I wonder how Mark’s looking?” AJ mysteriously said. I shot him a confused look. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. Scorpio’s resident muscle monster Mark Green is competing!” HOLY FUCKING HELL! “Ready to see the bodybuilder version of you in shredded, competition condition?” AJ asked me. I bit my lip and grinned, internally melting at the reference to one of our old Facebook conversations. I suddenly recalled the day AJ had sent me a picture of local monster Mark Green, in all his bald, monstrous, daddy-esque glory, cranking out a most muscular on stage in his shiny purple posers. It felt like such a long time ago, even though it hadn’t been. So much had happened between me and AJ since that day. I don’t think anything could have really prepared me for what it would be like to be stood in a pump room backstage at a bodybuilding show. It was like I’d slipped into one of the videos I watched on YouTube, which usually resulted in me blowing a huge load into my undies. Everywhere I looked I saw huge, bronzed, shredded muscle freaks in tiny, colourful posing trunks. FUCK! Some were getting tanned up, some just standing around, some were pumping up with weights and a couple were even flexing and hitting poses (JESUS CHRIST)! I didn’t know where the fuck to look. I’m sure I must have looked like a rabbit in headlights. AJ, meanwhile, seemed to be getting a kick out of seeing my reaction as he was looking at me with this cheeky, knowing grin on his face. Not only were the sights amazingly horny and surreal, but the whole room had this unique kind of energy. I could just feel the testosterone, heat, power and attitude which came from being in a room full of assorted, superhuman muscle monsters who’d pushed their bodies to unthinkable limits, and who just wanted to flex and pose and show off what indecently muscular freaks they’d become. I’m sure I even noticed a few familiar faces amongst the competitors. I may have even wanked off over one or two of them in the past. And then, a man I very much recognised came waddling up to AJ and I. All 6’3, two hundred and fifty plus pounds of him. A man I’d met about a month ago in Scorpio’s Gym back home, and was now shredded to fuck and wearing nothing but a pair of shiny purple posing trunks. Presumably the same ones from the picture AJ had cheekily sent me over Facebook all those weeks ago. Mark Green gave AJ a friendly squeeze on his shoulder as the two of them began to converse in conversation. All the time I just couldn’t stop staring at the mountain of shredded, tanned muscle I was suddenly inches away from. His tits were fucking HUGE. Just two thick plates of bronzed pec muscle hanging off his frame. Meanwhile, his shredded, wonky shaped abs protruded from his stomach and his ridiculously thick arms had these freakish veins running up and down them. Even his shiny purple posers were insanely hot close up. “Mark, remember my mate, Noah, from Scorpio’s?” OH GOD! “Oh, hey, mate!” Mark said casually. I couldn’t speak. I was just completely transfixed on the thick, shredded, competition conditioned muscle mass before me. I feebly nodded, and AJ shot me an amused, knowing grin. “Super Heavyweight competitors! All Super Heavyweight competitors! Can you queue up to hit the stage please?” announced a loud voice. “That’s me, mate!” Mark announced. “Good luck up there, dude!” AJ said. Mark gave me a friendly nod and then waddled off to the other end of the pump room, his shiny purple posers barely covering even a third of ginormous sized glutes. Jesus CHRIST! AJ was just continuing to smirk at me. I playfully shook my head at him. “Shut it, you!” I quietly said, while grinning back. A well built but fully clothed man wearing a similar lanyard to the one around my neck walked up to us, introduced himself as Larry and thanked AJ for agreeing to guest pose at the show. Apparently AJ would be hitting the stage in about half an hour, after the Super Heavyweight competitors had finished their prejudging round. “Do you wanna use the tanning tents, AJ?” Larry asked. “Can my friend come with me?” AJ asked. My chest expanded. Oh fuck. Was I about to help my cute, bodybuilder boyfriend tan up before he went out on to a bodybuilding stage? “Sure!” Larry replied, casually. Answer: yes, I bloody was. FUUUUCKKK!! AJ shot me a wide eyed look as Larry led us to the tanning tents. I didn’t really have time to form much of a picture in my mind of where we were heading. It all happened so quickly. But I presumed I was about to witness a bunch of shredded muscle monsters standing in some tenets getting sprayed with bronzed competition tan. What I hadn’t expected to be faced with, almost the second we entered the area, was a bodybuilder with his back to us, and his gigantic sized arse on full, naked display. FUCKING HELL! It became apparent that not even posing trunks were common attire when getting spray tanned for a bodybuilding show. Some of the lads were wearing these sort of paper-like black posing pouches with ridiculously thin straps which looked like they were made from a bin bag. Other competitors were just were stark bollock naked, with their arses on show and clutching their dicks with their hands. I wondered whether AJ was about to get naked too. I was about find out, because his bag was on the floor and he was removing his t-shirt and then his gorgeous, thick pecs and blocky abs, which looked just a little more shredded than they’d been earlier in the week (FUCK!) were suddenly on full display. Then AJ took his trackies off and he was standing in nothing but a pair of crisp white, tight fitted boxer shorts, which contrasted with his already tanned skin. I didn’t know what AJ had done during the previous few days leading up to the competition, but he looked fuller and more pumped than ever. I wasn’t sure whether it was being in the setting of a pump room at a bodybuilding show, but there was a definite air of cockiness about AJ. I could tell he was getting a kick out of the whole thing. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but feel a buzz from seeing AJ’s body in a public setting. Even though I’d seen that body a dozen times before in the weeks leading up to the show. Been intertwined with it. Cuddled up to it. Done things to it that no one else had ever done before. I had no idea what AJ’s next move would be. Was he really about to get naked in a room full of strangers? Granted, strangers who were all very busy either getting their freakishly muscular, competition ready bodies tanned up, or the lucky buggers doing the tanning. AJ turned around and reached into his bag, pulled something out, and starting playing with his boxers. What the fuck?! Then he turned back to me face me again and my heart jumped into my throat when he pulled down his underwear to reveal he was wearing nothing but a black sock over his cock. I looked at him wide eyed, both amused and shocked. It was such a cute, but also fucking horny image. AJ in a public setting, wearing nothing but a sock covering his cock. Ready to be tanned up by me. All the while, he had this mischievous, smug grin on his face. The cocky little bugger. I followed him to a free tanning tent, and when he spun around I swear I fucking blushed, because there it was; AJ’s big, beefy, gorgeous arse on full, outrageous, naked display, for everyone in the tanning area to ogle at. Fucking GRRRRR! Several weeks ago I was checking out that arse bulging out of AJ’s Tesco work trousers, and now here I was, watching it bounce and jiggle in all its naked glory as I followed him to a tent where I was about to tan him up in preparation for stepping on to a bodybuilding stage. AJ stood in the tanning tent, and I started to do my job. It was such a fucking rush. Not only was I backstage at a bodybuilding show surrounded by the kind of competition conditioned muscle freaks I’d spent years blasting loads over, some of them fucking naked as they got tanned up, but I was inches away from one very such bodybuilder, who was wearing nothing but a sock crazily covering his dangly bits. It was insane how much AJ’s body transformed as I worked the spray tan over his physique. His abs become more shredded, the lines in his quads became more prominent. FUCK! I literally watched him transform into the tanned up muscle freak whose photo I’d wanked off over just a few months before. Only a little less shredded. It was so insanely fucking erotic. Not least of all when AJ spun around and I was suddenly faced with the task of tanning up his bare naked arse. I kept wondering whether people were looking at me, and could tell from my flustered face that my feeling towards the bodybuilder I was tanning up were not exactly platonic. All the time I was tanning him, AJ had this smug grin on his face. He was absolutely fucking loving it. When we were done, the transformation from lightly tanned AJ to competition bronzed AJ was so extreme that I actually started to feel a little shy in his presence. And as if he hadn’t looked hot enough, AJ then fetched his shiny, lime green posing trunks out of his bag and put them on, removing the sock once he’d buried himself in the pouch. Just to complete the look which literally turned me on more than any other image in the world. FUCK! I didn’t even care that he wasn’t wearing the new, hot pink posers I’d gifted him earlier that day, even though in the lead up to show there had been a part of me that had been wondering if, even hoping that, he would be brave enough to wear them on stage. “Hey, I’ll be on soon! You should head out to the theatre!” the fully tanned up, posing trunk wearing version of AJ said. My stomach tightened. I had known that at some point I was going to be sat alone watching the bodybuilding show, but I still felt nervous at the prospect of doing so. I nodded at AJ and he could clearly sense my apprehension. “You gonna be okay?! I would come out but, I’m not sure they’d let me looking like this!” he said, giving me a cheeky grin. I couldn’t help but giddily grin. “I’ll text you in a bit!” he told me, with smirking mischievously. And so I left my fully tanned up bodybuilder boyfriend in his shiny, lime green posing trunks in the pump room and headed out to take my seat at my very first bodybuilding show. One of the things I had always feared about going to one such competition was that people would be giving me strange looks, and wondering what a slim built guy like me was doing at such an event. Making my way through the seating though, I realised those fears were completely ridiculous. Not only because half of the audience seemed to be regular sized, non muscle freaks, but because I was suddenly questioning who the fuck would look at, or pay any attention to little old me when there was a bunch of shredded muscle freaks on stage flexing in tiny, shiny posers? FUCK! As I took my seat next to a rather hot, meathead looking guy, who paid absolutely no attention to me whatsoever, the commentator called for the five competitors at the front of the stage to hit a front double bicep pose in a strong Yorkshire accent. I watched in awe and amazement as ten huge, bronzed biceps blew up on stage and from one of the competitors, came a loud audible grunt. FUCKING HELL! As I studied the tan drenched muscle freaks more closely, I suddenly realised I was very familiar with more than one of them. Standing second from the left was Liam “The Guns” Watson, an absolutely gorgeous British muscle bull, famous for his insanely sized biceps, wearing a pair of the shiniest bright blue posing trunks imaginable. And right next to him, smack bang in the middle of the line up, was the man I’d chatted to backstage not half an hour before. Scorpio’s resident muscle monster daddy Mark Green looking bigger, freakier and even more shredded under the hot, bright lights of the stage. It was when the bodybuilders were instructed to hit a front lat spread that I realised who was responsible for the earlier grunt. None other than Liam “The Guns” Watson, who hit his front lat spread with a similar loud noise. I had always wondered whether I’d get a hard on in the setting of a bodybuilding show, sitting in a theatre packed full of strangers. I now knew the answer and it was a resounding yes. My dick was clearly hard wired to become erect whenever I saw such images of freaky muscle. No matter where I was or who was around me. Just as the commentator called for the bodybuilders to hit a side chest pose, my phone vibrated in my pocket. My heart fluttered and I grinned excitedly. Because I knew straight away who it was. “Have you spunked in your undies yet?” I bit my lip to suppress a chuckle and dreamily gazed at AJ’s text on my phone. “Hehe! No but I genuinely think I might do in a minute! Liam “The Guns” Watson keeps grunting with every bloody pose!” I replied. AJ sent through an emoji. The little monkey covering his mouth, followed by a message. “Want me to have a word with him backstage? Oi! Watson! Stop trying to make my boyfriend cum in his pants. That’s MY job!” And then he sent through the AJ emoji. I wanted to melt. It was the first time either of us had actually used the word boyfriend. “Hehe!! Are you excited about going on stage?” I typed. “Hell yeah!! But a little nervous too!” And then AJ sent the blushing face with eyes wide open emoji. I had the overwhelming urge to run backstage just so I could give him a big hug, before running back to my seat, probably with bronzed competition tan all down the front my clothes. “Awwww! Baby! You’re gonna be awesome!” I typed. “You look fucking INSANE tanned up by the way!” Three dots. “Hehe! I thought it might have freaked you out? You went all quiet on me!” “NO! Sorry! I was, erm…just struggling a bit!!” And then I sent the blushing face emoji. “Haha! GRRRRRR!! Can’t wait to flex for ya later!” I started typing, but another message came through. “By the way, I always feel really horny when I’ve come off stage!” JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! I started typing again but he sent another message. “Shit! They’re calling me! Gotta go!” “OMG!! Eeeeek! Good luck!” I messaged. “And your final pose, lads,” the commentator called. “Most muscular!” “EURGGHH! ARRGGHH!!” HOLY FUCK!! My hard on juddered as Mark Green, Liam Watson and three of the other biggest monsters in the competition belted out their crab most musculars, Liam releasing his loudest and most outrageous groan yet, and a few of the other lads joining in with the grunting. “And that concludes the prejudging, folks!” As all of the bodybuilders made their way off the stage, my chest tightened and my stomach twisted in knots, because I knew exactly what was coming next. “Right, folks, we have the first of our guest posers this afternoon. This young fella won his regional juniour bodybuilding category back in May. He’s come all the way down from a town called Little Denton to be with us today. Please put your hands together and give some support to AJ Jones.”
  10. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    Don't worry, mate. You won't have to wait long...😜
  11. Giving this fantastic unfinished work a bump in memory of the very man who created The Hulk. RIP, Mr. Stan Lee.😢
  12. MuscleDaddyMark

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Now THAT'S an ALPHA attitude!
  13. neuheimeer

    AJ & Noah

    Yeah, this and the posing trunks story provided me some inspiration. You're a great writer. I don't know how I didn't read you before. And the ,,Marienhof" aura is very evident.
  14. ckam17


    Any chance you will.continue this story elsewhere?
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    GymJunkie Muscle Comic/Stories (UPDATED 11/13/18)

    New Comic in progress Called "Catfish" Story by: MuscleNexus Illustrations: Gymjunkiemuscle http://www.patreon.com/gymjunkiemuscle http://www.patreon.com/musclenexus
  17. Bjort

    Political colours

    The color thing used to be the other way around in the US as well. Red for Democrats and Blue for Republicans as was typical for right and left elsewhere. Democrats were traditionally baited by Republicans as Communist sympathisers for political gain so at some point someone decided to switch the colors to remove any implications that Democrats were Communists. ‘Murika! 🇺🇸
  18. BrzNLA

    AJ & Noah

    I loved this chapter and the intimacy between them. I can’t wait to read the next chapter and find out what happens at the Bodybuilding Show and after. I’m just wondering about that pink poser that they liked so much. Hhmmm...😜💪😜💪❤️
  19. Bjort

    Stan Lee is dead.

    Now go punch a nazi in memory of Stan. Excelsior!!!
  20. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    Haha! Hmmm. If Noah's ticker can survive this weekend I think it can survive anything! Thanks for the awesome feedback, matie! Hey, that's awesome, mate! Happy to provide some inspriation! 😁 Awww, thanks @Austinevenson42! Love that feedback! 😊
  21. Aerohalo

    Muscle Album

  22. rairf

    AJ & Noah

    I’m not sure what you mean by this. I’m not pressuring the author to release chapters any quicker than he has been.
  23. RosieWorships

    The Virus

    Thanks and we'll see... So glad you enjoyed! IF I continue this, he'll definitely get massive 😉
  24. TheGrowMaker25


    i love to worship them muscles
  25. Hialmar

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    I ignore the spell-check of the website. It is unfairly biased against British English, especially British English with Cambridge spelling. Though I sometimes deliberately use an Oxford comma. No. Each country -- or each principality within a country -- had its own version of feet, inch and other traditional measurements before the metric system was introduced. The difference between different regional feet could be anything between a few millimetres to several centimetres, which was very confusing. Though their use in old folk-tales add a certain mood. Or you may keep it, as an expression of the heartfelt deep feelings between the American people and the Burmese people.
  26. Fuuuck that's hot. Muscles, cock, and attitude, I fuckin love it!
  27. Bjort

    Stan Lee is dead.

    ‘Nuff said. RIP Stan. 😢
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