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  2. How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    I'm currently unemployed, though that's changing this weekend, starting a new job. i currently lift 4-6 days a week (usually closer to 6), taking on average 2 hours. I typically do around 6-8 exercises, usually around 4 sets each. I've been trying to get my rest periods down to around 60 seconds or less (30 secs or less for left/right sets), though when I'm less pressed I wind up around 3 min between. (When I have time, I try to throw in 15 min to a half hour of cardio, but it's been sparse.) I'm probably going to wind up on night shifts at my new job, but we'll see. Works for me, my gym closes at 10pm weeknights, opens around 5am. If I figure this out right, might just be able to work a shift, hit the gym, then go to bed.
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  4. Sleta Giant 3D art

    My Giant 3D art
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  6. Mikey The Human Muscle Morph

    Oh me too. >;3 But when that bodybuilder is a famous one, it kinda feels like a cheat you know? xP lol
  7. Geek to muscle

    Definitely the above. A couple other of Jaypats stories have the geek to muscle theme too. I also recommend Simons Affirmation Redux Power Geek
  8. Growing big and ripped

  9. Got some more Hulk story written down. Might even commission some art of God Hulk!

  10. Mikey The Human Muscle Morph

    I see your point - it's all personal preference I guess. Personally I'd love a regular sized boyfriend who could then turn into a 320 lbs bodybuilder behind closed doors!
  11. Anyone knows this story had continued? https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/20709-p1.html
  12. Clothes that fit do exist!

    1. Hialmar


      Be happy. I haven't found any jeans lately. And I'm just average.

  13. Progress

  14. Sugar packets

    I remember reading this story in high school!
  15. Sugar packets

    Oh absolutely! Title forgotten, but never the plot!
  16. The American Musketeer REDUX

    It's the end of that particular story, yes, but who knows what else Roger may get up to, after all he's now more famous and bigger than any bodybuilder on the planet!
  17. Work Muscle Buddy Part 14

    I can hardly wait. 83 <3 <3
  18. Silicondog served great fond of my earlier memories... and when its presence disappeared from the internet, I felt a great part of my life gone amiss!! I'm so glad it's been archived and preserved here!!! KUDOS!
  19. Muscle suit version 2

    OMG! Now you look like a rude bodybuilder! The suit fits you perfectly 💪🏻
  20. Muscle suit version 2

    Some of my favorite muscles to see shown off are the lats. Choose to give thyself lats! Lats so that you can't wipe your buttocks!
  21. Work Muscle Buddy Part 14

    When you see what the scheme (and yes it is a scheme!) is, you'll understand why :-)
  22. Hey just letting all of my followers know that im taking render requests just muscle growth and some light nsfw no penis but instead a bulge 

  23. Muscle suit version 2

    I don't know to be quite honest. Just the face I made.
  24. Muscle suit version 2

    Wow, what are you pondering in this one?
  25. Last week
  26. Easy ways to get extra calories in?

    Add that extra egg when you can, drink that extra glass of whole milk, upping the caloric intake needs to be more protein and fats and not all sugars and simple carbs.
  27. The American Musketeer REDUX

    If this is the end. It's trully beautiful. Roger has become what he most desired and now it's a god among men
  28. Mikey The Human Muscle Morph

    What would be more awesome? A pro-bodybuilder that is actually into you and was flirting with you? Or a normal guy disguised as a pro-bodybuilder that is into you and was flirting with you? >;P I mean: Would you rather date a guy that change into one of your famous heroes? Or would you rather date the real deal? >;P
  29. Work Muscle Buddy Part 14

    As long as he will become one hell of a litteral muscle giant in the end, I guess gradual would be okay. >;P lol
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