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  3. Ted watched the rest of the competition in stunned silence. He tried to encourage Casey but she had no chance against Lisa. He watched Lisa, he couldn't believe that this beast was his wife, she dwarfed the other women and was strong as an ox, he had never seen anything like it. Casey easily came in second place, but all the attention was on Lisa. Casey was almost in tears after she finished, he had never seen anyone so devastated to come in second place. He hugged her and tried to pick her spirits up but he knew he wasn't helping since it was his wife who just made all of Casey's hard work look like nothing. She packed her things and left without even getting her trophy. His wife was surrounded by people telling her how amazing she was. An older man came through the crowd and she ran to him and gave him a huge hug. Ted cringed, he felt ashamed for not wearing his wedding ring, he wanted to be so proud because that was his wife, but he knew he had nothing to do with what she had become. The man wore lose clothes but Ted could tell he was huge, bigger than Ted. He made his way over to congratulate his wife, when he got close to her he knew he had never wanted her more than he did right now. She was covered in sweat, wearing tiny stretch shorts and a sports bra, even though she wasn't flexing she was so pumped every movement made her muscles explode. She caught him staring at her, " Are you just going to stare or congratulate me?" she laughed. Ted stammered "Sorry, incredible job honey, I had no idea you were even training and here you are the best in the city" His wife usually blushed or shied from his compliments but now she smiled and nodded "Its been a lot of work, I'm sure you understand." Ted saw the large older man walk up "You must be Ted, I'm Donald Rainer" he put out his hand and Ted shook it. Ted could tell just from his forearms he was a serious athlete. "Its great you've come to support your wife, she's the best athlete I've ever seen" Ted could see in his face Donald already knew that Ted wasn't there to support his wife. "Actually Ted was here helping Casey Worley from Metro Crossfit, that's where he trains" Lisa put in Donald smiled at Ted "Casey is quite an athlete, very good showing today, you must be very proud of her also" Ted could tell he was not being genuine. "Donald owns all of the Monster House gyms in the state, now he's opening crossfit boxes" Lisa told Ted "Have to give the market what they want, its been a good investment so far, and working with a specimen like Lisa is a real treat" Ted could feel the implication in his words and his blood boiled, but he knew he had no right to be mad. "Don is a former powerlifting world champ and now a pro bodybuilder" "Have to stay busy" Don smiled at Ted "Well Lisa I think its time to get you that cheat meal i promised, if I can afford to feed you." They laughed Don stuck out his hand again, "Ted it was great to meet you, good luck competing yourself" "Thanks Don, same to you" Lisa hugged Ted and gave him a kiss on the cheek, she whispered in his ear "Sorry I embarrassed your girlfriend, you both should be working harder." She left Ted stunned and angry, but he could help but be amazed at her body as she walked away with Don.
  4. superhero

    Of course X3 I would include muscle growth, but MM has kinda already reached capacity and is at the edge of becoming nearly immobile, heheh
  5. superhero

    Love it! Gods, Superhero, super powers! Love it. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  6. Didn't realise there were such big guys up around this area! 

  7. Chapters 5-8 are here: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/22891-p1.html
  8. superhero

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xbPEoWBErXCCWu0eYhIwd8hoGI8K4kQTDCYoDgTWH3k) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter Chapter 3: Hero Patrol "Are you ready to head into the real world, sugarplum?" said Justice's mother. Justice hesitated, "Sure, but...why is the portal here?" The four family members stood in front of dirty loan office. The sign's neon light bulbs shaped to form "CashIThere" flickered with a dull yellow light that only lit the letters "shIThere". A police siren echoed from a small distance, while a dog laying beside the building howls into the air. The glass doors entrance is supposed to project an inviting atmosphere, but is contradicted by the metal bars soldered on. Justice watched a homeless android woman push a shopping cart filled with miscellaneous junk and cats. She muttered about alien space pies as she disappeared around the loan office building's corner. "We figured it'd be the last place you'd go into if you ever accidentally found the portal. Apollo designed this place to look like a shithole, so you'd stay away from it," explained Papa. Justice stared at the sign, "Makes sense." Apollo grew impatient and walked towards the door. "Well, let's get a move on. I feel like I'll get tetanus if I have to keep looking at my masterpiece any longer," huffed Apollo. The four went inside and observed the pathetic lobby. The walls were painted with a cheap coating of white that chipped and peeled at the edges of the wall. The dark blue carpet contained a multitude of mysterious stains and black gum. And the line of chairs against the wall were cheap white lawn furniture that would instantly shatter under Justice and Ares' muscle weight. Fluorescent light bulbs hummed loudly with moths circling about. The white counter next to the employee door was fenced with a glass divider riddled with bullet holes markings. An unkempt woman sat behind the counter; reading a magazine with a cigarette in hand. Her hair looked as though it were a nest for birds, and the lenses of her large glasses were cracked. Apollo approached the counter, and the woman looked up. She inhaled her cigarette until it reached the orange tip and gave a slow exhale that blanketed the glass. As the smoke quickly dissipated, she apathetically gazed through Apollo. She spoke in a deep, cracked voice, "Fuck off. Can I help you?" Apollo ignored the first part of her statement and said the password. "I'd like to speak to your manager with a cherry on top," said Apollo. The woman says nothing and pressed a button underneath the counter. A buzzing sound emanated from the employee door. Ares stepped to the employee door and pulled it open. As the buzzing stopped, the other three entered through the door with Ares following behind. Apollo led the group into a blank hallway that echoed with every step they took across the tiled floor. When the family finally made it to the end, they entered an empty room with only an unremarkable white door. Justice pointed at the door, "Is that the portal?" "Yes, it is, sweetie. I know it doesn't look much, but it has to look boring if we want to hide it," said his mother. Justice's dad pulled a silver key, keychained to a picture of a sundae ice cream with a cherry on top, out of his pocket. Apollo holds the key in front of Justice, "And this is the key to activating the portal. And as much as I want to cut the ribbon to this event, you should do it, Justice." Justice accepted the key; confused by his dad's action. "Umm...thanks, dad," said Justice. Stepping forward, Justice placed the silver key in the keyhole and turned. He heard the lock give a subtle click. Pulling the key out, Justice turned the knob and pulled it open to reveal a room to a luxury apartment. Soft jazz softly echoed in the spacious apartment, as Justice walked in. Ignoring the lavish leather furniture and the large entertainment system in the living room, he noticed small statues and paintings of Apollo strewn about. Apollo stepped in front of Justice and waved about, "Welcome to the real world. This is your new home! It's a penthouse apartment with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and roof access that has a pool and jacuzzi up there. I decorated the place myself, if you couldn't tell." "Oh, we could. Your 'style' stinks of desperations for attention," remarked Ares. Apollo glared at Ares; ready to throw some shade. He sat down on a chair and crossed his legs, "I think that's what your utilikilt's brand name is." Absentmindedly stuffing the keys into his black jacket's pocket, Justice ignored the quarrel and explored the penthouse. All the walls on the penthouse's exterior was nothing but see-through glass; exposing a bustling city with tall, clear windmill generators wherever he looked. As he walked about, he found the staircase leading upstairs to the roof access. Justice went up the staircase and through the door. Outside, he found a built-in jacuzzi steps away from the door and a pool beyond that. Justice browsed about the two waters, while feeling warm air breeze graze across his face and tree-trunk thighs. "Everything alright, sugarplum? Do you like the apartment we got you?" asked his mother. Justice turned around to see his mom following behind him. He gave a small smile, "It's nice. Dad tried really hard to make this place look nice...maybe a little too hard? I don't know. But I just wanted to know. Where am I? I mean, I'm still in America, right? The USA? Cause if I'm not, then it's gonna be a bit awkward wearing this." Justice tugged at his American flag bikini. "Of course you are," giggled Aphrodite, "We're in Skyway City. It prides itself on being on the forefront of wind and solar energy." Justice paused, "And...what state is tha-?" His mother stomped the ground with a loud thud. "Sorry. Spider. You know how they make me feel, honey," said his mother. After rubbing her feet against the ground a few times, Aphrodite looked up at her tall son. She cleared her throat and attempted to change the subject. Aphrodite spoke, "So would you like to patrol the city and see if you can fight some crime?" Justice looked at the many windmill towers and its see-through blades. "Yeah, I guess so. I'll see you all later then. Love you, mom," said Justice. Justice floated off the ground, and his body propelled forward. His body moved as if he were in water as he slowly flew off the building. It was time to start patrol as Marvelous Man. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A few hours past as Marvelous Man took in all the new sights and sounds of his new hometown. So many buildings, windmills, solar panels, and Vietnamese restaurants; he would have to check out that last one. But the one thing that made Marvelous Man's heartbeat rise was seeing the people. Actual flesh and blood people; not soulless androids. Marvelous Man wanted to go down and talk to every person he could see, but he knew that would come off as weird and creepy. An alarm echoed in the air as Marvelous Man looked down to see a bank he was passing by. He turned back to the bank and positioned himself above the entrance before releasing himself from his levitation ability. Wind howled by his ears while falling ten stories up. The ground zoomed closer to him, as Marvelous Man prepared to do the iconic superhero landing pose. Right when he reached second story height, he realized he miscalculated his fall. Instead of landing on the smooth pavement in front of the bank, he was about to land on the stone steps leading into the bank. The moment it dawned on him, it was already too late to change the placement of his legs or activate his flight power. His body slammed into the stone steps with a thump, causing his body to roll to the side of the steps after landing on an edged structure. He curled his body into a fetal position and grabbed his right shin. Marvelous Man hissed, "Ow, shit! Sssssss...ow..." His brain throbbed with pain and the sound of pulsing blood. The sound dissapated seconds later and he could hear the bank's alarm ringing in his ears. The bank robbers would be out any second, and he had to stop them; even if his leg was now a throbbing ligament of pain. "Get up. Getupgetupgetup. GET UP!" muttered Marvelous Man. He staggered to the bottom of the steps as he felt the pain in his shin started to dull from adrenaline coursing through his body. Marvelous Man crossed his arms as he waited for the robbers to come out; doing his best to look intimidating even though he wants to lay down and cry. Five small gelatinous monsters exited the bank in glee before stopping in front of Marvelous Man upon noticing him. The one leading the charge, carrying a potato sack filled to the brim above its head, looked as if it were made entirely out of peanut butter. His followers seemed to be sentient jam with each one consisting of a different flavor: Strawberry, Grape, Blueberry, and Raspberry. They all had round, rectangular bodies with simple, pointy limbs and gelatinous horns. Their faces were empty slots like those of a jack-o-lantern; glowing with a soft yellow light. Marvelous Man arched an eyebrow at them before regaining his intimidating composure and clearing his throat. He projected in a heroic voice, "Stop right there, evildoers. Surrender now, and I won't slam the book on you too hard." Marvelous Man kicked himself on the inside. It sounded cool in his head, but it was so cliché and stupid to hear himself say it. What seems great to say in comic books is completely different from saying it in real life. The gelatinous foes stared at him for a second before bursting out in high pitched, impish laughter. The peanut butter monster retorted back in a deep, male cockneyed accent. "Piss off, you overstuffed cottage pie slag!" spat the leader. The leader spun around and tossed the cash-filled sack to the hench behind him that looked like blueberry flavor. In that same motion of spinning back to face Marvelous Man, the peanut butter being grabbed the pointy arms of the henches standing next to him, strawberry and grape flavored jams. The two jams transformed into muscular gelatin arms intertwining with strands of peanut butter and connecting to broad peanut butter shoulders. The leader's body transformed into a chiseled torso that still had the jack-o-lantern face. Upon facing Marvelous Man, the strawberry gelatin forming the right arm propped the torso up on its hand with the arm straightened out. The grape-flavored left arm whipped in front of the hero and ejected a grape-flavored projectile intertwined with pieces of peanut butter. Marvelous Man was caught off-guard by the sudden shape shifting and projectile and could not react in time to block or dodge. The purple and tan gelatin collided into his face and exploded; splashing into his eyes and mouth. The superhero screamed in surprise as he could feel some of the jelly, albeit tasting like delicious grape jam, go down his throat. The peanut butter villain chuckled, "I'm gonna need a fag from graping all over your face, slag! Okay, boys. Penguin out!" The little blueberry and raspberry beings dove forward and slid on their round bellies. With Marvelous Man's thunder thighs pushing each other away to form a wide stance, the jelly people had no trouble sliding under him. They left behind a trail of their bodily fluids as they slid underneath Marvelous Man. The leader leapt onto the red and blue gelatin trail and slid on his back. In the sparse seconds of sliding underneath the hero, the grape jelly hand transformed into peanut butter. The transformed hand reached out and groped the superhero's patriotic bulge. As the grape-flavored arm pulled down, the peanut butter palm stayed firmly attached to the extra-large bulge, except for the exterior of the hand. The hand exterior stretched; following the arm's direction, until it became planted on the ground and detached itself from the arm. Immediately after, the strawberry-flavored right arm whipped up and slapped Marvelous Man's beefy, bubble buttocks; leaving a large, pink gelatin handprint staining on the star spangled pattern. His ass jiggled like jello as his patriotic pole twitched from the sexual harassing stimulations. After wiping the purple and brown gunk from his eyes, Marvelous Man turned to face his foes and saw the last of the flavored jellies jump into a red car revved on. The car took off right when the door slammed shut; leaving smoke to waft in his direction. "Crap. Stop!" shouted Marvelous Man, "What the-" He stepped forward in an attempt to chase after the vehicle but stopped after feeling something pull and leash his red and white striped loins. Looking down, he noticed his American flag bikini was tethered to the jellied ground by a stretched out handprint of super sticky peanut butter. Marvelous Man tugged at his battle bikini and then leapt back in an attempt to break the adhesive bind. The result of his effort caused his lower body outfit to be stretched by the resilient peanut butter; leaving his well-endowed sexual gear to be a hair's breath away from flopping out before his elastic outfit snapped him back to where the peanut butter was rooted at. Marvelous Man stumbled for a moment before looking up. He could see the red vehicle starting to become a spec amidst the traffic for every second he's wasting on escaping the sandwich spread leash. Marvelous Man took a breath to quickly calm himself and figure a way out of his predicament. Trying to handle the situation delicately did not work, so now it was time to turn to force by using his super strength. Squatting down like a sumo wrestler, he placed his hands on the ground and raised his round, supersized beefcake rump high into the air. Marvelous Man slowly inhaled through his nose as he concentrated his leg muscles to soak up as much kinetic force as it could provide before liftoff. He felt his chest and stomach expand to its maximum capacity of air intake and knew it was time to unleash the collected potential within his powerful calves and thunderous thighs. His thighs flexed; veins and muscular cords bulged and outlined against his skin. The cement underneath his feet cracked. With the force within his legs unleashed, Marvelous Man rocketed forward; leaving the cracked ground indented with his own footprints. A garment with the American flag design flapped onto the broken surface. Marvelous Man soared through the air with the wind whistling into his ears. He zoomed over the cars and saw the vehicle he pursued after began to grow bigger. The villainous passengers of the automobile noticed him and alerted the driver. The red car turned a sharp left onto another road; swerving around other vehicles and disturbing the flow of traffic. Activating his flight power, Marvelous Man steered himself towards the third story of a skyscraper on the road his foes turned onto. He flipped his body and landed feet first on the building just beneath the windows; causing the building's side to crumble and the windows next to it to crack. Without stopping after landing, Marvelous Man sprinted across the wall like a ninja with the help of his flight power to hold him up. He looked down to see that he was getting closer to the fleeing automobile. Reaching the edge of the skyscraper's side, he knew he was within lunging distance. Marvelous Man stopped at the end and squatted again to gain power in his legs. He shot off like a bullet from a barrel; damaging more of the structure in the process. Soaring down with his levitating ability to help turn, he guided himself toward the red car. Upon reaching the vehicle within striking range, he punched the car's trunked; denting and flipping the red getaway in the process. Marvelous Man tumbled onto the ground. He kept rolling like the spinning speed of a blender until he hit the stone wall of a spa. The car fell on its back and skidded across the street with sparks flying. It clipped another automobile, which caused that vehicle to swerve violently down the street with its horns blaring. The flipped red car then crashed into a row of vehicles parked by the curb. Propping himself on his elbows, Marvelous Man coughed. "You look like you could use a hand getting up," said a familiar, posh voice. Marvelous Man looked up and saw his dad, Apollo, offering his hand for assistance. For some reason, Apollo was carrying a fancy, opened umbrella even though it wasn't raining. He accepted his dad's help. "Dad," smiled Marvelous Man, "Thanks." Apollo glowed with delight, "Of course. It's my duty to help my son. I am the best father that ever existed even after time itself ends. Speaking of which, F-Y-I, Hephaestus modified your golden wreath to be a precision-guided boomerang. Depending on your intention when you throw it, it could be sharp or dull when you make it hit five enemies or so at once. So you might want to use it next time to cripple any runners." Standing up straight, Marvelous Man dusted pebbles off his black jacket. "It would have been great if you told me that before I came to the real world. Could've really used it a few seconds ago," he said. Marvelous Man's dad pursed his lips and looked away; trying to show a face of innocence. Apollo answered back, "That's why I said next time. Anyways, I'm going to blend in with the crowd now. Toodles." Apollo's son watched him walk away towards the murmuring crowd that had begun to increase in numbers to watch Marvelous Man. Everybody watched Marvelous Man with their recording cell phones, but nobody paid any attention to Apollo. Before Apollo integrated into the crowd, he turned around to say something the just occurred to him. Three chrome fists uppercutted the right side of Marvelous Man's face; sending him twirling briefly into the air before belly flopping onto the ground with his jiggling behind facing up at the sky. He groaned and could taste a bit of blood. Because of his crash on the ground, he accidentally bit the inside of his cheek. "Under Arkos Division jurisdiction, you're under arrest for destruction of public and private property, endangering misuse of superpowers, and public indecency!" said a woman. Getting up, Marvelous Man turned to the voice and saw a woman. A blue cycloptic visor covered her face, and her black body was garbed in a sleeveless, red Chinese martial arts outfit. Her biological arms were replaced with four cybernetic arms on a rotating disk attached to each of her shoulders. However, one arm, out of her eight, was gold plated; rather than chrome. The gold plated arm held out a flipped-open wallet that revealed a platinum badge with capitalized letters engraved with the logo of the combined letters: "AD". Marvelous Man knew the woman said something to him a few seconds ago, but his ears could only hear the sound of blood painfully pumping through his head. His hearing began to come back as the woman flipped the wallet and placed it back into the pouch on her belt. She then took up a kung fu stance with her arms posed in a mix of defensive and offensive readying strikes. She spoke, "I don't know what makes you think you can go around trashing the city, but my Arms of the Element will discipline your ass!" Marvelous Man held up his hands to show compliance. "Wait! I'm a superhero. I was chasing a bunch of criminals in their red getaway that I flipped over there!" he explained. "Oh, yeah?" scoffed the female superhero, "Then what's your name? Naked Justice?" Marvelous Man obliviously stammered, "Wha-N-no, it's-" "Don't care. Who were you chasing then?" questioned the woman. He answered back, "They're...it's hard to explain...they were made out of peanut butter and jelly, I think? They gooed my face." "The PB&J Gang? Shit. Hope you didn't swallow," cursed the woman, "And do you not feel a breeze between your legs?" Marvelous Man looked down, "What're you-?...Dang it." The multi-armed hero turned her attention to the flipped vehicle. "Peanut buttered your shorts, and you accidentally ripped them off trying to chase them?" said the woman. He slouched, "Yeah." "You're not the first ones they've done that to...so I've heard. So real talk, the name's Octomentist. What's your name, and you seriously don't have an extra pair in your pockets or something?" she asked Before Marvelous Man could answer, he heard Apollo speaking in a hushed voice behind him. His dad spoke, "Extra by the ways before you got hit, I got your uncle to make you an athletic cup that'll suction to your crotch in case of any wardrobe malfunctions. You can also attach it to your face as a breathing apparatus for water, space, or toxic gas. Just reach into your pocket and think about it. Going now. Toodles again." "Sure, I think so. And it's Marvelous Man," answered Marvelous Man. Octomentist retorted, "Got that right with a thing like that." He reached into his black jacket's pocket and frantically thought and begged for the cup to appear in his pocket. Wriggling about, a smooth, cool object touched his fingertips. Marvelous Man grabbed hold of the object and pulled it out; revealing it to his own eyes that it was the athletic cup his dad just told him about. It was gold plated with jewelry encrusted on it. The front bulged out to make space for holding an athlete's above average bat and ball sack. Inside of the cup, it was matted with memory foam and covered with a black fabric that felt softer than silk when Marvelous Man touched it. The inner rim was lined with a soft, black rubber; most likely to assist with suctioning to his face or private area. Placing the cup over his overly meaty proportions, the cup quickly hissed upon touching his skin. The cup sucked the air out of his covered space and suctioned itself snugly to his groin. Marvelous Man exhaled a light moan. It felt like his heroic loins were being held and caressed by multiple pillowy hands. His sexual parts were overly stimulated by the new sensations that they started to pulse into bigger proportions. Marvelous Man knew that if he allowed himself to stay still, the euphoric feelings he felt would soon spread to the rest of his body and lock him into an orgasmic paralysis. He remembered that there was still supervillains on the loose, and he needed to stop them. Marvelous Man shook his head and focused his attention to Octomentist. She was already halfway to the car, while he was busy applying his golden athletic cup. The driver's door to the red car bursted off the hinges as it was kicked by a big raspberry jam foot. The foot then shifted and launched out of the new opening with other colored jellies and a large portion of peanut butter. It landed not too far from the vehicle and sat there for a second before the pool of sandwich spread attempting to reform itself. The peanut butter leader's head poked out of the pool and continued to rise. The large puddle shrank as the athletically lean torso with muscular jelly arms reformatted and rose. The fusion grew taller and the puddle disappeared in order to form sturdy, colored, gelatin legs with strands of peanut butter and fused to a peanut butter pelvis. The cockneyed fusion looked down at Octomentist approaching him with unflinching confidence. Her cybernetic arms slowly rotated as if they were trying to decide which arms should be the main offenders. "Ello, Octomentist. Come for round two, love?" said the PB&J Gang. Octomentist glowered, "Villains don't get a round two. This is just a continuation of our first match before you ran off." The PB&J Gang began to circle around Octomentist in a counterclockwise direction. "C'mon, love. You know you can't beat me. You work for the Arkos Division, and we're outside your sciencey jurisdiction. That organization tries to put magical things in their sci-fi containers, and the blokes then wonder why it blew up in their faces," PB&J Gang chuckled. He then noticed Marvelous Man running up to him. The fusion chided, "Well, if it isn't Naked Justice. Looks like you found something to cover up, but ya still look like a slag." "My name is Marvelous Man!" exclaimed Marvelous Man. Marvelous Man grabbed the golden wreath off his head. He then twirled himself into the air like an acrobat and threw his gold plated wreath. It shimmered as it sailed through the air like a spinning saw blade. The wreath moved in a spiral motion while making whirling sounds. It was PB&J Gang's turn to be caught off guard, as he stood there watching in surprise at Marvelous Man's shiny weapon. He did not expect projectile weaponry and failed to keep his eye on the swift threat. The spiral-moving wreath came within range of the fusion and sliced his shoulder; sawing through without hesitation and severing the purple jelly arm from the peanut butter torso. PB&J Gang screamed, "Jelly Jam Grape!" "Kyaah!" cried Octomentist. She dashed towards the disarmed being, while one of her left chrome arms began to smoke like dry ice and condensate a layer of crystallized moisture on its own limb. Thrusting forward, the subzero arm palmstruck PB&J Gang's pink right arm; instantly spreading its freezing temperature and hardening the arm into a strawberry-flavored popsicle. The golden limb above the ice arm shapeshifted its hand into a sledgehammer's head and swung in an overhanded motion. The frozen appendage immediately shattered. Before allowing the armless being to react, Octomentist jumped with one of her right chrome arms aiming underneath her and shooting a powerful stream of air; boosting her jump. Another cybernetic left limb instantaneously heated up until it looked like molten metal and proceeded to karate chop the peanut butter neck. The cut through with ease and left a melted wound. Octomentist's other right arm reacted by emitting a dark aura and then punched the leader in the face. PB&J Gang were yanked back by the punch as if their gravity shifted in a horizontal direction for only a moment. They splatted against the wall and oozed onto the sidewalk; losing their form. The peanut butter gurgled in pain, while Jelly Jam Grape managed to reconstitute themselves without being noticed. Grape looked in horror at their wounded gang and waddled as fast as he could on his pointy legs. He dove forward and penguin slid on his belly, while Marvelous Man's golden wreath returned back to him. On the way to his partially fused boss, he slid over the frozen pieces of Jelly Jam Strawberry and absorbed the remains into himself. Octomentist spotted Jelly Jam Grape sliding past her. She exclaimed, "Shit! Get it before it returns back to the gang!" Marvelous Man caught his boomerang wreath and looked for the runaway jam. Upon locating him, Marvelous Man threw his weapon and hoped his golden projectile would make it in time. The wreath curved in an arc; flying high up before going back down. The shiny accessory rocketed; angling itself to the Jelly Jam minion and catching up. Crashing upon the ground to reach its mark, the weapon missed as Jelly Jam Grape lunged himself into the air as a formless goo. "Crap!" shouted Marvelous Man. Jelly Jam Grape landed on the oozing PB&J Gang and quickly shape shifted into a muscular arm. The arm then gripped the curb and flung itself and the peanut butter and jelly puddle it was attached to. The arm turned back into formless grape jelly right before the sandwich spread mass splashed onto a storm drain grate; flowing down the grate's holes and disappearing in seconds. Octomentist turned to Marvelous Man, "No way in hell I'm going down there. You?" "Nnno?" said Marvelous Man. She sighed, "Don't sweat it, big guy. They're a Rank D threat level. The PB&J Gang like to make life a living hell for us heroes, but they wouldn't try killing any civilians. What did they do to make you rampage all over the streets?" "They robbed a bank. The stolen money is in their getaway car," answered Marvelous Man. Walking over to the red car's busted open driver doorway, Octomentist then kneeled down and reached for the potato sack bag. As she headed back to Marvelous Man, she was about to open it but then paused. She tossed the sack to Marvelous Man, "Hey, I need you to confirm for me that this is what they stole." He caught the bag and began to open it. "Um, okay," said Marvelous Man, "I didn't actually see the money in the bag, bu-AUGH!" Blue paint exploded out of the potato sack's opening; covering his face in blue. Marvelous Man drops the bag due to surprise. Octomentist cackled with all eight of her cybernetic arms grabbing her sides. She bent over from all her laughing and nearly fell over. She gasped, "Oh my gosh, that shit never gets old! Ahaha, I'm sorry, but I just had to see how much of a rookie you are. And cause it's totally hilarious." "Whatever," pouted Marvelous Man. He knew it was a good prank, but Octomentist was not his friend. If they were closer as friends, he too would have laughed. But as of that moment, he felt his kindness was being taken advantage of. Octomentist regained her composure, "Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Here, bend down and let me clean that paint off you. No tricks this time. Pinky swear." She extended eight chrome pinkies to show her sincerity. Sighing, Marvelous Man decided to trust her again and leaned down until his face was at her head's level. Her golden hand cupped underneath his chin, and the fingers began to flatten and spread across Marvelous Man's face as a golden sheet. When the sheets approached the paint, the golden foil was so thin, that it was able to slip underneath the paint without harming the skin. Upon getting underneath all the paint, Octomentist pulled her fingers off his face and flicked the paint onto the ground before reforming the hand back into its original form. Ocotomentist then applied one of her chrome hands on his left cheek while another was aimed above the placed hand. The hand on his cheek became wet and leaked all over his cheek. Octomentist's water arm moved over Marvelous Man's face in an attempt to rinse off any remaining residue. The other arm hovered over his face blew a current of air to blow away the wet trails. Upon finishing the wash and dry, Octomentist extended one of her hands in a friendly gesture. "There. We good now?" she asked. Standing up straight, Marvelous Man looked down at the cybernetic hand. He realized that Octomentist is surely a jerk, but she means well. And this could actually be his first living friend. He accepted her hand with a gentle touch as Octomentist squeezed down like a hydraulic press machine. Marvelous Man's face did not flinch. He smiled, "Yeah, sure. We're good now." "Cool cool. You did a good job helping me there. Oh, yeah! Here, hit me up if the Arkos Division accepts you, or if you wanna team up and be my sidekick for a bit," said Octomentist. She handed Marvelous Man a business card she pulled from her belt's pouch. Marvelous Man took the card and observed it. It was a shiny, red business card designed to look like a computer circuit board. Its imitative metallic connectors were colored with a reflective platinum as did the Arkos Division’s logo printed in the center. Flipping it over, more letters were printed in the platinum color. Other than her name and email, he noticed something peculiar. He looked up at her, "C-Rank? What does that even mean? Is that like some sort of superhero GPA?" Octomentist tilted her head in confusion. "Seriously? Were you living under a rock or something?" she asked. Marvelous Man looked away; thinking of a short and sane way to explain to Octomentist. He answered back slowly, "Sort of...My parents knew I had superpowers when I was born...so they kept me...in a safe place to train my powers, so I couldn't hurt others on accident." "Oh..." said Octomentist, "Well, first of all, my GPA is higher than a C. I'm a 3.8, okay? C-Rank means I'm a hella good fighter, but I can't really go toe-to-toe with somebody that can level a building with a punch. If you want to be a superhero nowadays, you've got to register at the DMR. That's short for Department of Metahuman Registration." Octomentist picks up the bag, "Anyways, I gotta report this to the Arkos Division. I'm sure you can look up the rest of the info. If you still don't understand anything, you got my card." "Thanks, Octomentist," smiled Marvelous Man. She turned to leave, "It's cool. Thanks for sidekicking, Naked Justice." "It's actually Marvelous Man," he said. Octomentist grinned, "I don't care."
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  11. Feeling horny after the gym, pumped up big. strength has gone up. in 2 weeks I've added 20lbs to my squat max.

  12. Hi everyone, quick update here. Hitting 93,5kg now (around 205lbs) and bit less fat% ( 10,5% - 11,5%) Biceps are about 22inches - chest is 48inches - waist is still a bit wider at 33inches ( still bloated ) The goal is 95kg till end this week, and then start cutting. So far so good
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    Great stuff! Excellent twist on the Gods and Superheroes themes!
  14. Good Morning, all of you muscleheads! Today is the start of what I'd like to call TMI Tuesdays w/ Max! Feel free to ask me anything you'd like, whether it be personal or not so personal. For today only, I'm an open book for anything you'd like to know!

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    What a clever, well-written story! Now I have to read Part 1 (somehow I missed it!) Looking forward to more!
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    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eM-QYOab19bheMRu-kyTHwi1COJztr7GpwvYsnXH6rQ) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ First Chapter | Next Chapter Chapter 2: Stars & Stripes What started as an angry stomp out of the house escalated into a full on sprint. Justice ran down the sidewalk with the wind grazing over his swole, naked body, and his heavy pecs bouncing in the air. He kept sprinting without slowing down for even a moment as he passed over crossings and bridges. Justice's anger-fueled charge finally came to a stop when the sidewalk ended at a forked road in front of the artificial town's mall. Even though sweat collected on his chocolate skin with liquid trails glistening down his diamond cut six-pack, Justice breathed as if he had taken a brisk walk. Taking a moment to observe the choices in front of him, he decided to enter the mall. It was a habit of his to go to the arcade's rhythm platform game and dance his frustrations away. Inside, Justice felt the cool tiles absorbing the heat on his soles, and the other mall citizens staring at him. It didn't matter to Justice, because the people weren't real. They were androids built without any social interaction programming. He knew all they could do was stare and follow whatever their programming purposed them to do. So instead of doing his enraged naked walk to his room or some other part of the house as usual, he would go dance at the mall's arcade to vent his frustration and anger even faster. Justice strided into the arcade; blinking lights and players scattered all over with the scent of pizza grease wafting in the air for some reason. As he approached the back of the arcade, he spotted Doki Doki Beat; the dancing rhythm machine that never moved during his whole life in this fake world. Picking up a few game tokens from a stack sitting next to the selection buttons, he inserted the tokens in the slot and pressed the Player One start button. It was always weird how after Justice told his parents what his favorite arcade machine was, there was always a stack of tokens on that machine that he alone used whenever he visited. Now he knew why. Justice stepped onto the game's platform and tapped the selection buttons a few times before choosing a hyperactive J-pop song on Cardiac Arrest difficulty. The screen faded for a moment before appearing back with empty outlined directional arrows and a background filled with nauseating bright colors and smiley-faced hearts. Right when the song started, the screen was immediately assaulted with rainbow color changing directional arrows rising from the bottom at blinding speeds. Justice instantly reacted by stepping on directional arrow buttons built into the platforms. He danced and stepped in sync with all the arrows on the screen; never missing one. His body was so attuned to the game's music and rhythm, even his rhythm pole and sac bobbed and swerved with the beat. >>>>>>>>>>>>> After exhausting all the available game tokens, Justice exited the arcade. He noticed his mother, Goddess Aphrodite, sitting at a food court table across from him; sipping through a straw on a milkshake. It seemed no matter what she did, it always made Aphrodite's curvy body look beautiful. Even if all she wore right now was just simple jeans, plain black sandals, and a yellow shirt with the radioactive logo. Justice sighed and decided to go visit her. Aphrodite smiled as Justice sat across from her, "Hey there, sugarplum. Feeling a bit better?" "A bit..." nodded Justice, "...I don't hate you or my dads, mom...but I am angry at what you all did." Justice's mom stopped drinking her milkshake, "...I know. I'm sorry what we did, honey. But you have to know that we didn't put you in here just to make you into a superhero. It was to make sure you didn't hurt anybody while we were raising you." "Because I wouldn't be able to control my superpowers? Wait, do I have any?" questioned Justice. His mother gestured her empty hand with a maybe. Aphrodite spoke, "You should. We all gave you a sliver of our essence. At the very least, you have very superior genetics. Normal people don't get big like that from doing a hundred pushups every day without a needle's assistance." Justice's mother pulled out her phone and texted for a few seconds before standing up. "Can you come with me, sweetie? I want to explain more about why we did what we did in a more comfortable area for me. My limo is outside." requested Aphrodite. Justice's frown slowly creased into a small smile, "Okay, mom." Justice was more than happy to leave the mall. The seats were styled with a grid of holes along the back and bottom. And when he stood up, his bubble butt and the back of his tree-trunk thighs were indented with polka dots all over. As the two walked back to the entrance, Aphrodite remarked, "You know I really do love you, right?" "Well of course you have to say that. You're the goddess of love. You have to love everybody," giggled Justice. His mother hugged his muscular arm that was wider than her head. She smiled, "Yes, but I love you on a greater level than everybody else. A mother's love is powerful, and you will always be my baby." When the two exited the mall, they were greeted by a white limo and its chauffeur parked in front of the mall's entrance. The chauffeur simply bowed without a word and opened the door for Justice and his mother. After letting his mother enter first, he struggled to get in; angling his body in order to allow his bulky to get inside the limo. "You know, I think I already know what my weakness is," joked Justice, "It's doorways. Ever since I hit fifteen, I've had to keep ducking whenever I went into another room, and now I also have to enter in sideways as well. I'm too tall and too thick." His mother smiled, "You are perfect as you are, honey." After chauffeur closed the door behind them and drove the limo back onto the streets, Justice's mother opened a cooler and pulled out a milkshake cup. "I got you a blueberry pie milkshake," said Aphrodite as she handed the cup to Justice. Justice grinned, "Awesome! Thanks, mom!" Justice's mother smiled. Even though he towered over her and looked like he could bench-press a truck, he still looked like a child; hunched over while sipping through the straw of his milkshake with both hands. "You're welcome," said Aphrodite, "So back to what I was saying earlier about protecting you from harming others...The thing is...Even though we gave you a sliver of our essence, getting it from one god is the limit for any being to handle. If a mortal were to receive from two gods, there's a good chance they could become violently insane, die at an early age, or both. And from three...well...your chances did not look good, but we took those chances anyways." Justice connected the dots, "And that's why you put me here. To make sure I didn't hurt anybody if I went crazy...Why did you take such a risk then?" "...Your fathers and I wanted to relive the glory days so badly. Having our demigod children going on adventures, fighting bad people, and winning in our honor. But the bad people had evolved. Some of them had grown powerful enough to make us flinch. We did not want to send our child out to that world to simply die before drawing their sword. So we did something very drastic and made you." answered his mother. She continued, "We were lucky to spend all these years raising you into a fine man. And now, you can unlock the rest of your powers and become a fine superhero...But if this isn't what you want, I understand. It was very selfish what we did, and I love you more than my glory days." Justice looked down at his milkshake and continued to sip. "I guess...I could give it a try. It'd be cool to have some superpowers. Besides, you all kept me so busy, I didn't have enough time to try out college," said Justice. His mother smiled as the limo slowed down to a stop and parked. After the chauffeur opened the door, Aphrodite exited the limo first before Justice struggled to follow suit. Right when Justice finally got out, he noticed the limo transported them to the town's beach. His mother spoke up, "I agreed to meet your fathers here. They have a gift for you that will turn you into a real superhero. We were supposed to give it to you after the cake, but your fathers' loose lips sent you into your nude rage." "Sorry," blushed Justice. Aphrodite sighed, "It's not your fault, honey. Your whole world got turned upside down before you could even have cake. It's understandable. Come on, let's go meet up with your fathers." >>>>>>>>> "I'm glad you're not angry anymore. I kinda expected you to go on a murder spree across the whole town. We honestly thought you finally cracked, cause of all the power in you," admitted Papa Ares. Justice looked down, "Yeah. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The robots aren't bad and didn't really do anything bad to me...that wouldn't be right." Apollo stepped in next to Justice; holding a present-wrapped box. "Good to hear then! Water under the bridge! Love prevails and family is important. Yada yada yada. Time to open your birthday present!" interrupted Apollo. As usual, his dad, Apollo, likes to act like a diva and does not like being unincluded from a conversation or event. Even his clothes screamed for attention of how fashion-forward he was; a sky blue buttoned shirt with a red ribbon tie, light khaki pants and shiny brown loafers. His papa, Ares, on the on the other hand unintentionally calls attention to himself by wearing what he feels is "casual". This entails him mainly wearing a wifebeater with a necklace made out of construction chain links, a black utilikilt, and black army boots. Justice turned to his dad, "Oh, right. Thanks, Dad." Apollo held out the gift; a velvet black box wrapped with a white ribbon bow. Justice gently picked up the gift from Apollo's hands and undid the ribbon. He then opened the box, which opened like a jewelry box. Inside, two large wrist-sized golden bracelets shimmered on top of black pillows. "So this is the gift that'll turn me into a real superhero?" asked Justice. Apollo nodded, "That it is. They're magical bracelets that we got your Uncle Hephaestus to make. It will activate your powers and transform you into the outfit we designed for you." Justice looked up for a moment. The last time they made something together, they created Justice from a multitude of earthy materials they each liked rather than agreeing on one kind of earthy substance. "What? Don't you want to try it on?" said his dad. Justice stared back down at the shiny gold bracelets and exhaled a small sigh. It couldn't be that bad. After all, he turned out fine, and maybe this outfit will look great. "Sure, I'll try it on," answered Justice as he set down the box. Squatting down he picked up one of bracelets; grazing his fingertips against the cool, smooth gold as his other meaty tip grazed against the sand. The bracelet was very thin and felt very light like cheap plastic jewelry. Justice noticed that this bracelet was not the type one sticks their hand through, but the kind that clamps around one's wrist. Justice opened the large bracelet and closed it around his wrist as it made a light clink. He then picked up the other gold bracelet and repeated the process. Hearing the other bracelet clink together securely, Justice took a moment to stare at his bracelets. Oddly enough, the golden bracelets clung to his wrists like a second skin. His body could barely even feel the shiny jewelry. Justice then looked at the rest of his body. Nope. Still naked. Maybe the outfit was only showing under his pecs? After all, his pectoral muscles stuck out long enough to form a shelf and block a small portion of his vision. Justice groped underneath his pecs. Still nothing. Justice stood up, "I don't think it's working. I'm still naked." "Oh, right!" Papa remembered, "We forgot to mention that it activates after saying the catchphrase. Each of us chose a word for the catchphrase and you have to finish it by saying a word that you feel would unlock your outfit and powers." "And you have to say it all while having your bracelets touching each other," chimed Apollo. Justice sighed, "So what's the catchphrase then?" In order, Aphrodite, Ares, and Apollo smiled and exclaimed their chosen word for the catchphrase: "Marvelous!" "Muscle!" "Magic!" Justice stared at his parents with an apathetic glare, "...Okay." Raising his arms above his head, Justice placed one wrist on top of another. "Marvelous Muscle Magic..." Justice paused, "Metamorph." The space around Justice vanished into vacuum of blending bright lights and stars as he felt his body fall and fly at the same time. Justice realized that his whole body became paralyzed and could not even move his pinkie. He could then feel ribbon-like tentacles reach out and wrap around his torso, feet, ass, and groin. The ribbons squeezed as it began to spread up his body. The ribbons that binded to his feet and torso were black. The ones binding to his feet began to take the form of black buckled boots. The other one wrapping around his torso enveloped over his arms and began to divide over his abs and bulbous pecs into an unzipped black jacket. The ribbons that cupped his male package and only able to squeeze a portion of his large round ass were blue and started to form a swimming bikini. However, the hugging ribbon's color began to change and mimic the pattern of the United States of America's flag. The portion that groped his package turned into white and red stripes, and the rest remained blue with white stars scattered about. Justice then felt something warm wrap around his head. A bright, tube-shaped light encircled his head for a few seconds before it exploded and took the form of something more narrow; a golden wreath that Greek champion athletes used to wear. The empty space that held Justice in zero gravity collapsed, and he landed on his feet back into reality. He stood there for a few minutes, shocked by what transpired in reality as a second but felt like forever in that spaceless pocket. His body, garbed with his new heroic uniform, glowed with a soft aura. Justice stammered, "WH-WHAT?! WHAT THE FUCK?!" "Language, sweetie," said his mother. Justice spoke back, "Wha-what was that?! I-I-I was floating in an aurora and attacked by tentacles! I feel so violated!" "You'll get used to that...eventually. Besides, that was your outfit being fitted on you. There's no monster in your transformation void, so you're perfectly safe," said his dad. Papa tried to change the subject, "Um, hey, why don't I just zip this up for you. I bet you'd like your new look when you find a mirror, son." "Oh, that reminds me. MIRROR GIRLS!!!" screamed Apollo. Two girls in unremarkable clothing ran up to Apollo; carrying a mirror. They were Apollo's personal androids that followed him around while carrying a body-length mirror for Apollo to gaze into at any moment. In the past, Justice figured they were miserable assistants that were paid well enough to serve his dad's vanity. Now it is clearly obvious they are soulless androids. Apollo commanded, "My son needs mirror time." The girls turned to Justice and set the mirror in front of him. At that time, Justice was paying attention to his Papa approaching him and grabbing his jacket's zippers. Ares paired the zippers together and began to zip up. The jacket slowly closed over Justice's diamond-cut abs until it reached up to Justice's mammoth pecs. Ares pulled up at the zipper, but it wouldn't budge. "Ummm, I guess you should've skipped chest day a few times, son. Hehe..." joked Papa. Apollo commented, "Don't worry about it. I figured this would happen. The last time I measured you was when you were eighteen. On the bright side, I made sure to leave enough space for your arms, and you'll look more appealing if you show your abs. Bitches love abs. But if you want to work with a boob window, then I salute you." "I'll just keep it unzipped. Papa, can you take a step back? I want to look," said Justice. Papa stepped back while Justice unzipped his jacket. Justice looked up and saw his reflection. He was in awe as he twisted his body about and posed to see all the visible angles of his new outfit. Justice smiled, "Wow, I look really good in this. Thanks, you guys. So what are my powers?" "Oh, riiight. The powers. So here's the thing...we don't know. I can diagnose you, but I want to be surprised by what you can do," answered Apollo. Justice nodded, "Okay. I think I want to try..." He looked up at the sky and smiled. "Flying," said Justice. His mother tried to speak up, "Sweetie, I don't-" Apollo placed his hand on Aphrodite's shoulder. "Let's just see what happens. I highly doubt he'll be able to fly. And if he doesn't, at least I'll get a good laugh out of this," hushed Apollo. Justice took off sprinting at a speed faster than any modern drug-enhanced olympian; causing giant boot-print dents in the sand while kicking up a flurry of sand into the air. After feeling that he picked up enough speed, Justice jumped forward with his right arm fisting straight up. Gravity did not take hold, and his body kept climbing in heights. Justice cackled, "OH MY GOSH!!! I'm seriously flying!" He stopped flying and turned around to look down on his parents. The jaws of the three gods dropped. "Stars above...He really is flying! Can any of you fly?!," said Apollo. Aphrodite shook her head, "Sorry, no." "Neither can I. But I thought you could fly, Apollo," spoke Ares. Apollo sighed, "Not really. I have to use my chariot if I ever want to get off ground. As far as I know, only Hermes can fly." "Gold star for you, Justice. Now come on down, so we can test your other powers," shouted Apollo. Justice shouted back down, "Okay." Justice's body gently floated back down to where his parents were. As he arrived towards the ground, the tips of his feet lightly nestled against the sand before the rest of the appendage rolled onto the ground; barely shifting the sand itself. "So what's next?" asked Justice. Papa coughed, "You're not gonna like this, but I need you to hold out your hand." "Ummm, okay?" said Justice. As Ares walked up to Justice, his son held out his hand. Ares instantly grabbed Justice's wrist and pulled out a switchblade from his pocket. Activating the knife's spring to eject the blade, he slashed at his son's exposed palm before Justice had time to react. Justice flinched back right when Papa released his hand. He screamed, "What the heck, Papa?!" His father looked at him with sad eyes. "I'm sorry, but you would've said no if I told you what I really was gonna do," apologized Papa, "Are you bleeding?" Justice shouted back, "Of course I'm-!" He looked at his hand and saw no blood. Not even a scratch shown on his black palms. "I knew it! Invulnerable skin! Lots of superheroes have to have it nowadays. Looks like your survival rate just skyrocketed. No need to test your strength, by the way. We figured you're already plenty strong," smiled Apollo. Justice kept staring at his hand, "Huh..." "Oh, what wonderful news! My baby will be just fine. That just leaves one final test," said his mother. Aphrodite waved at her limo, "Daisington, be a dear and bring out the chicken." Justice looked up. "Chicken?" said Justice. The chauffeur exited the limo with a cage in his hands. He carried it over to where Aphrodite stood and froze in place in front of her. Aphrodite gestured to the cage, "If you please, Apollo." "Of course," said Apollo. Opening the latch, Apollo pulled out a black chicken. His hands gave a dark glow for only a second, but it was obscured underneath the feathers for Justice to see. His dad then handed it over to Papa Ares while the chicken calmly balked. "We want to see if you can heal this chicken," explained Apollo. Before Justice could say anything, Ares grabbed the chicken's wing and applied pressure with his fingertips. The bone in the chicken's wing snapped with a piece poking out of the skin. The chicken wailed in pain and struggled in the war god's grasp. "Friggety hell, papa!" screamed Justice. Ares handed the chicken to Justice, "Try to heal it, my son. Whether it dies in pain or not is up to you." Tears started to form in Justice's eyes as he cradled the chicken. "...But...how?!" said Justice. "If there is light within you, you need to let it shine," explained Apollo, "Let that light envelop those you care about and give it the intention to heal. Close all wounds; undo mistakes. Just like with flying, you'll know if you can do it." Justice looked down at the crazed chicken and sympathized its pain. He spoke softly, "It's alright. Everything will be okay." As Justice place his hand on the broken wing, he hummed a tune. He wished with all his might that the wing would feel. And then he felt it. His dad was right. He could feel a light inside of him. It felt small, but it also felt like it was feeding on his happy thoughts and memories. The light he felt within himself grew like a hungry flame. Justice compelled the light to shine out of his hand and heal the chicken. The light within him obeyed, and his hand began to glow with a golden hue. It exposed the poultry’s problems to Justice's mind, and he realized it suffered more than just a broken wing. Poison was seeping through the chicken's body, and Justice knew it would not have mattered if the wing was actually fixed. The light he was giving off is able to fix the wing, but would not be able to stop the dark poison in time from reaching the egg-layer's heart. He called on the light within him to shine brighter, but it was already at its limit. The chicken's wing glowed with golden light that spread to the rest of its body, but the light did not have enough power to go within the poultry to target the poison. To focus on more than one issue, it needed more positive energy to feed on. Justice realized this and allowed the light to envelop him and take anything else it needed to grow more powerful. And when the light fed on his humming, it became supercharged. Justice began to glow and then pulsed a ray of blinding ray of light. As the light from Justice faded, the glowing chicken in his arms calmly cooed. It vomited a black ink, which steamed and fizzled upon hitting the ground. "Marvelous. Simply marvelous," said his dad. Apollo approached Justice and placed his hand on the flightless bird. His hand glowed with the same golden shine Justice gave off. Apollo guffawed, "Not only did you heal the wing, but you cured the poison in it too! And...you can give objects a light attribute." Justice's eyebrow rose. "What do you mean by that?" asked Justice. His dad answered back, "Basically, you can imbue anything with the element of light for a certain amount of time. So you can make anything glow in the dark, including yourself, and even make it bright enough to light up a whole room. It can also be used to fight against anything with a weakness to light. So if you want to make some vampires sparkle, get ready for fireworks." Justice stood there shocked with the glowing poultry in his arms. "Wait, vampires are real too?!" exclaimed Justice. His dad nodded, "You bet your quarter-bouncing hiney they are. And put down the chicken, we don't need it anymore." Justice released the chicken, and it flapped its wings as it hit the ground. It pecked at the sand a few times before wandering off. "That wasn't a nice thing you two did," said Justice. Apollo shrugged, "It was either that or a real person. And you can't heal something that's already dead or not alive. Odds are, you would've been less scarred if you healed an animal." Justice said nothing and pawed at the sand with his foot. "Nevermind him, sweetie," spoke his mother, "We only did it with the best intentions. And now you know what your powers are. Aren't they cool?" Justice mumbled, "I guess so..." They really were cool. "So before we send you out there to be a hero, I think it's time for you to choose your hero name," said Aphrodite. Justice's eyes lit up, "Really?!" Papa picked at his scars. "Well...sure. You are the superhero after all. It's not like we wanted to pick a name for you. That would be selfish," spoke Ares. Justice thought for a moment. There was so many things about his new powers that was amazing. But like his dad, Apollo, there was not really a specific word that could encompass everything about Justice's skills. Rather, it was the ones with broader strokes of definitions like: super, awesome, or fantastic. But there was one word his parents said that stuck out and ringed with his feelings. Justice smiled, "I want to be called, Marvelous Man" His dad clicked his teeth. "Eh, let's just put a pin on that for now," said Apollo. Aphrodite leaned towards Ares and whispered, "So what did you want to call him?" Papa had stars in his eyes when he whispered back. "The Shining Fist!" he said. Next Chapter
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    Can't upload the full story for some reason. Sorry about that. Links to the full chapter below EDIT: GOT IT WORKING All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ADiYHAzM7UIKpYcyjI1df7P36mGaKGvzsegUybXQ7n8) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ Next Chapter Chapter 1: Becoming Marvelous Sweat trailed down the cleft of two massive pectorals as a black bodybuilder pushed a revved lawnmower. His milk chocolate-colored skin stretched at maximum to contain his overpowering musculature that was almost breaching the limits of his own clothes. The sweat clung to his white tank top; making the clothing nearly see-through. His jean shorts grasped his glutes of perfect, round orbs as his golden thong exposed itself to the air every now and then from the man leaning down to push. It was another ordinary Thursday for Justice Starr in the town of Sunnysville. And every Thursday, he’d mow the lawn for old lady Judy. The weather was always perfect for grass to grow like weeds. Every day, except Monday, was always sunny with breezy winds to give that tropical feeling of not being too hot but always warm enough to wear something loose and enjoy a day at the beach. And like clockwork, it would always rain the moment it became Monday and stop immediately when the day turned into Tuesday at twelve o’clock. Everything was extremely predictable; from the weather to how people interacted with each other. The citizens always said the same things and always did the same things. Justice learned to always follow a certain script when interacting with the townspeople. Because otherwise, he would accidentally hurt them. The only people with free autonomy was Justice himself and his parents, but it never occurred to Justice that such things were odd. It was just the way things were since the day he was born for over twenty years. As long as he followed the script, he could fit in with everyone. Reaching the end of the lawn’s last strip of grass, Justice released the lawnmower’s lever and wiped his sweaty brow. As the lawnmower’s engine died down, Justice surveyed his efforts on the front yard; another perfectly cut lawn for old lady Judy. Like clockwork, old lady Judy came out of her house, immediately after the engine no longer sputtered, and shuffled down her porch. She was an old white lady that always wore an ugly white sweater with cats on it to complement her turquoise sweatpants and slippers. Judy adjusted her brown horn-rimmed glasses as she looked up at Justice. She smiled, “Well done, Justice! My yard looks excellent!” “Thanks, miss Judy. Is there anything else I can do for you?” grinned back Justice. Judy waved her hand, “Oh, no. I needn’t anything else, young man. Just leave the lawnmower, and I’ll put it back later.” “Hehe, okay. You’re stronger than you look for pushing this mower back into your shed,” blurted Justice. His eyes went wide. He did it again. He accidentally went off script. The emotions on old lady Judy’s face melted upon hearing what Justice said. Her eyes seemed to be looking through Justice and off into the distance. Judy spoke, “INPUT CANNOT BE DESIGNATED. DIRECTORY NOT FOUND.” Justice knew he had to get back on script, or else Judy would be stuck there for good. He inhaled a deep breath to calm himself and remember his lines. “A-alright! See you next Thursday!” he said. Judy’s eyes and face snapped back to their smiling facade; acting unaware of what transpired seconds ago. She waved, “Bye, dearie.” Walking to Judy’s driveway, Justice picked up his golden cruiser bike and took off. He pedalled onto the black-paved main road that was built next to the beach. While Justice did have a license to drive, he enjoyed how relaxing yet exercising it was to ride a bike. Justice gazed at the beach as his bike coasted down the road. The sands were soft and white with the cerulean sea calmly lapping on the shores. Seagulls could be seen and heard cawing softly in the distance. A couple of people were strewn about with children playing by the waters, their parents soaking in the sun, and the young adults competing in beach volleyball. It was as if the beaches seen on postcards had become a reality. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The golden cruiser came to a slow as it neared the picket white fence of Justice’s home; a colorful three-story house. His home stood out from the rest of his culdesac neighborhood with its scarlet and pearl white paint and lush, green lawn. “Hello there, neighbor!” said a man. Looking past his family’s property, Justice spotted their next door neighbor, James Wilson. James was a moose anthropomorphic being that lived alone. Every Friday, he would visit Justice’s home to drop off muffins he baked himself, and the flavors would always be different every week. As usual, the moose was watering the lawn in the afternoon. Though he would also do this on the rainy Mondays for some reason. Justice waved at the moose, “Hi, Mister Wilson.” “Lovely weather, isn’t it. So swell,” spoke James. Justice nodded, “Yeah, it is.” Opening the fenced gate to his front yard, Justice guided his bicycle onto the lawn and laid it down. It was not going to rain until Monday, so he had plenty of time to put it back in the garage when feeling to do so. The muscular man then walked to the front door and opened it with ease. Though Justice’s family had the keys to their own home, they never saw the point of locking. There was never any actual crime other than the shopliftings at the supermarket. As Justice entered his house, he noticed how quiet it was. No sounds of loud television or quarreling echoed the halls of his home. “Papa? Dad?” called Justice. A voice called out, “In the dining room!” Justice crossed the foyer and turned to a room with a dining table small enough to seat four people. Sitting in the chairs were his two fathers: Papa and dad. Papa was big with muscles of a hard worker and covered in body hair and scars. Justice’s dad was slender with features of an athletic catalogue model. Out of the corner of his eye, Justice spotted banners pinned on the walls printed with the words, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”, and a plastic tablecloth with balloon designs on it draped over the table. He smiled. He was so caught up with helping out old lady Judy and gazing at the beach, that he forgot his own birthday. Justice started to wonder what his presents would be until he noticed that his fathers had very serious looks on their faces. “Hey, papa and dad...is everything alright?” asked Justice. Papa motioned his hand to an empty seat, “Sit down, son. There’s something we need to talk about…” Doing as he was told, Justice took one of the empty chairs and seated himself. It was very unlike his fathers to show such expressions unless he did something wrong. “...Did I do something wrong?” questioned Justice. Papa shook his head, “No, no. It’s nothing like that, son. It’s just...well...there’s something we’ve wanted to tell you for a long time, but...we weren’t sure when the best time it was to break it to you and-” "Are you and Papa getting a divorce?!" choked Justice. His lips quivered as thoughts of his small family splitting race through his head. Today on his birthday, his fathers said there was something they needed to tell him but did not know how to best explain something so shocking. Justice Starr saw enough movies to figure out what they were trying to hint at. Justice's fathers, Papa and dad, sat across from their hulking son, Justice. For as long as Justice could remember, they were always married to each other and fought like an old couple. But it now occurred to Justice that he had never seen the two show actual intimacy towards each other. They both stared at each other for a small moment. Papa scratched his scar and coughed, "Wha-! No! I mean, kind of..." "If by kind of, you mean never married," snarked Justice’s dad. Papa stared daggers at Justice's other father. The snarky man shrugged, "What? It's true. We've never been married and neither do we love each other, Ares. We just agreed that this was a better choice than the polyamorous marriage Aphrodite proposed. Would’ve looked weird if you only spent time with Aphrodite and not me. Cause I know you two been snogging each other on the side." Justice's eyes widened, "...You’ve been cheating on dad with mom, Papa?!" Papa looked away as he continued to scratch the scar on his arm. The person Justice called mom was a surrogate mother that lived with Justice and his fathers. Justice had a close bond with his surrogate and thought the closeness between her and Papa was them just being best friends with each other. Justice stared at his dad, as a thought occurred to him. "Then why are you with them?" questioned Justice before he paused, "...Dad, are you...ya know, shooting blanks? And needed them to make me?" Papa bursted out laughing, as Justice's dad became flustered and punched Papa's arm. Papa’s skin barely rippled from the punch. Papa shrugged, "What? You gotta admit that's a good cover story for why we're together. At least he inherited your imagination, Apollo. But better." Instead of flipping out with his voice transforming into a high pitched dog whistle, Justice's dad took a deep breath. This made Justice feel a bit unsettled, as this broke from the usual of what his dad usually did when provoked by Papa. "No, Justice. I'm not infertile. Mortal problems like that don't affect me. But that brings us back to the topic of the truth. Something that we've known but have been hiding from you all this time. So we decided to tell you today on your twenty...." paused Justice's dad. He looked at Papa for support. Papa guessed, "...fifth?" "You guys don't even know how old I am?!" exclaimed Justice. A curvy black woman came through the doorway with candle-lit cake on her tray. It was Justice’s surrogate mother that he always called mom. She was slightly taller than his dad, though Justice figured it was probably her fluffy afro hair that allowed her to seem so tall. She smiled, "Happy birthday, sweetie! It's your favorite." "Does she even know how old I am?!" accused Justice. Before Justice could achieve emotional meltdown, his parents quickly distracted him by lighting the birthday cake candles and singing happy birthday. It was very apparent now that they had lost count of how old he actually was, as the cake only had the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTICE!!!” frosted on it with simple balloon frosting designs and a mess of frosting confetti. No numbers could be found anywhere on the cake. Not one to abandon tradition, Justice complied and blew out the lit candles as his parents frantically moved about to slice a piece of cake and serve it on a plate for him with a plastic fork. The cake that he has always had as part of his birthday tradition was a cookie cake. No extra layers of frosting; just a giant chocolate chip cookie that is treated as a cake. Justice wanted to be upset at the shocking news that came to light. But he could not resist the deliciousness of something sweet. Especially something as enticing as cookie cake. He picked up the given slice and proceeded to eat it with his fork. The sweetness dissipated his anger. But it could only last as long as he kept eating. With what little time his parents had before Justice became upset again, they explained everything. After a few more slices, Justice rested his fork down on the empty plate covered in crumbs. He sipped his half-empty glass of milk as his parents finished their explanation. His gulps echoed in the air, while his parents stared at him with the look of worrisome expectations. Justice looked at his family, "So, I'm a demigod son of three Greek gods. The gods of war, love, and...inspiration, I think?” “I’d say that’s a general enough word to describe my complex roles, yes,” nodded Apollo. Justice continued, “How come you all didn’t bother changing your names to...I don’t know, make me feel a bit normal, I guess? I honestly thought you guys just liked feeling unique. I mean, who really gets named Apollo, Ares, and Aphrodite at birth?...Other than your births, I mean." Justice's parents all looked at each other; saying nothing. "Oh, and then you tell me that I wasn't even born normally. Not even like a test tube baby?" questioned Justice. Aphrodite spoke up, "Well...no, sugarplum. We made you out of a mix of sand, clay, and mud...We couldn't decide which one, so we all just used what we thought would give you a good body. Then after Apollo sculpted you as a baby, we each gave a small part of our essence to give you life. Thank goodness you didn't explode." Justice's mouth dropped. "Nevermind, I’m not going to question that. But okay. So to make me, you all took a page out of the...what was it, bible?" said Justice. Aphrodite hesitated, "...It was actually from an old comic book before they went out of business. Because, uh, superheroes became a real thing." In all his years of living in his town, Justice had never seen an actual superhero. They were never reported in the news or found on the internet. To Justice, superheroes are a work of fiction that are fun to cosplay. "Superheroes are real?!" shouted Justice. Papa Ares huffed, "Told ya we shoulda had superheroes in this world. Probably would've made this go a lot easier." "Wait..." said Justice, "Why did you say it like that?" "Way to go, Ares. We've already shocked him enough in one day," sighed Apollo. Apollo leaned over and placed his hand on Justice's, "Listen, Justice...what he means to say is that...this world you're living in right now...it's not real. You're in a sort of hyperbolic time chamber, so you could be raised into a superhero." The memories of his whole life in his hometown flashed in his mind. It made no sense. Everything felt real. How could this world not be real? He has explored nearly every space within his town. There was no fake props or food. Everything functioned as it should have. Even the people... The townspeople never really acted like Justice and his parents. In all of his memories, it seemed that all they ever did was react to certain actions and dialogue. Playing only one role but never trying to branch out of it. "Are the people in here even real?" trembled Justice's voice. Aphrodite hesitated, "No, honey, they aren't. They're androids created by Hephaestus to act human. Well...to a certain point. We had him mass produce them in a short amount of time that they didn't really have much social programming in them." It made sense now. He was not the abnormal being. There was a completely rational explanation as to why he felt so alone and could not get along with anybody else. The only way he could interact with the people was by going along with whatever their roles were. Listen to teachers and take their tests. Order something at the fast food register. High-fiving the school jocks. This truth felt too heavy. It felt too much. "So I've lived in a fake world with people I couldn't ever befriend or fall in love with. All so you could...make me into a superhero?" said Justice as tears began to well up. He pulled his hand away and looked at Apollo, "That's why you encouraged me to do bodybuilding and boy scouts." Justice turned to Ares, "And why you got me to do different martial arts and volunteer as a firefighter." He shifted his gaze to Aphrodite. "And why you...wait, we didn't really do anything," paused Justice, "All you and I did was go shopping for clothes and hang out at beaches and clubs and that one nudist resort and…You were helping me feel comfortable with showing off my body, weren’t you?!" Aphrodite gulped. Her voice trembled as her eyes teared with recognition that she had deeply hurt her own child. She tried to speak in a calm manner, "We just wanted to make you into a marvelous superhero, sweetie." Justice's bare feet tapped against the wooden floors for a few seconds as his hands began to squeeze into a hard fist. Everything he had known was a complete lie. He felt that his own parents raised him with only one goal in mind, rather than helping him to realize his life’s opportunities. It was all too much. He stood up and began his ritual when pushed to extreme anger; taking off his clothes. He needed to feel free. Justice ripped off his stretched yellow polo shirt. "I need...some time alone," gritted Justice. While angrily thumping his way to the front door, he unbuttoned his jean shorts; letting it fall as he kept moving. His exposed, round glutes jiggled as he continued his thumping. And before he slammed the door shut, Justice pulled off his golden thong. Next Chapter
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  24. wrestling

    Eight The next morning Tristan was wolfing down his breakfast when Mark walked into the kitchen. "Ready for some training, T.?", the wrestler asked as he sat down in front of the huge teen and dug into a big bowl of cereal. "Can't wait to toss your frail body around", Tristan replied with a grin and shrugged his shoulders, making striations explode across his wide, perfectly round delts. Mark took in the display of male dominance and emptied his bowl. "I'll grab my gear and meet ya in the locker room", he said and got up. In the locker room, Brad was getting ready for his morning workout. He'd just put on his workout gear when he heard the door open. "Hi, Brad" Brad turned around and saw Mark, the heavyweight wrestle champ entering. "'sup", he replied. "In for some practice", Mark said as he went to his locker and put his bag in front of it while he unlocked it. "Who's the victim?", Brad asked as he tossed his towel over his shoulder and locked his locker. "Oh", Mark began but was cut off by the opening door. "Ya're already here", Tristan said as he entered and saw the heavyweight wrestler. "Bro?", he asked as he noticed his older brother in the center of the room. Brad stared in horror at his massive brother who seemed to fill the entire locker room with his presence. "You guys are brothers?", Mark let out incredulously. "Yeah. He's 3 years older than me. But you wouldn't say", Tristan said smugly and stepped up to his brother. Brad gulped as his younger brother towered over him. "I guess I have the good genes. Don't ya agree, bro?", Tristan said playfully and put his right paw atop his brother's bare shoulder. A hint of disappointment flickered in his eyes as no tingling sensation brook out. "Mind if I pass and get to the gym?", Brad said as deeply as possible. "Good idea, bro. You need to grow a bit to be a real man", Tristan replied and put some pressure on his brother's muscular shoulder. Brad felt his brother's fingers dig into his delts and his knees buckled a bit from the force. He summoned every ounce of strength not to sink to the ground. "Don't want to disturb you ladies but I'ld like to get some practice in", Mark said. "Catch ya later, bro", Tristan said to Brad as he let go of his shoulder and turned to the wrestler. Brad headed over into the gym for his morning workout, hurrying to get away from his brother. "You have a singlet, T.?", Mark asked while he grabbed his customized blue singlet from his locker. "Nope", Tristan stated, "why don't we wrestle in our boxers?". He took off his hoodie and pulled off his shirt. "Fine", Mark replied and put his singlet back inside his locker and stripped down to his boxers. He turned aside and gulped as he noticed how the beastly teen outsized him in every department. "Still want to go through with this?", Tristan asked mockingly while he compared their bodies: Mark's 220 pound frame was filled with thick muscles but also carried a certain amount of fat that gave him a bulky look; his own 300 pound body was a living anatomy chart with insanely ripped muscles that rippled with every breath he took. "Let's do this", Mark said and led the teen beast over into the wrestle hall. Tristan followed the heavyweight wrestle champ and stopped in the center of the mat as instructed. He looked at his 220 pound training partner who faced him from a few feet away. He nodded as Mark explained the basic rules. "Ready, T.?", Mark asked as he took a defensive position. "Bring it on, little guy", Tristan replied. He was surprised by the swift attack of his opponent and felt the guy's hand grabbing his neck before he could react. He braced his thick legs for support and his right paw grabbed the champ's neck while his left hand interlocked with the guy's left hand. Mark instantly felt the beastly teen's incredible force and flexed his heavily muscled quads to withstand the counterattack. His strong left arm was being pushed back by his opponent's 30 inch arm. He jumped backward to free himself and took a few deep breaths to control his breathing. "What have I gotten myself into?", he thought as he kept his gaze on his huge opponent. "Running away?", Tristan asked as the champ retreated. He moved in on the heavyweight wrestler. Mark anticipated the attack and dove under the paws that reached for him. He found himself inches from the teen beast and wrapped his 22 inch arms around the guy's torso in a bear hug. "Trapped?", he asked playfully and hardened his grip, veins exploding along his arms. "Ugh", Tristan let out in surprise as the strong arms hardened around his torso. "Guess again", he replied and lifted his thick arms up to easily break the grasp. Mark stumbled back in disbelief: until now, no one had ever broken free from his bear hug. He held up his hands in a defensive motion and thought about his next move. "My turn", Tristan growled and moved in on the heavyweight wrestler. Mark followed his huge opponent's moves, he knew he didn't stand a chance if the beastly teen could grab him. So he took a step back with every step the 300 pound Tristan made in his direction. As he turned in circles to maintain the distance, Mark felt his own breathing slow down and he also noted from the heaving of his opponent's protruding chest that Tristan wasn't used to training. "Tired, big guy?", he asked tauntingly. Tristan let out a low, vibrating grunt in response. "Quit dancing around and fight", he barked and moved in. Mark saw the teen beast slight lower his arms as he stepped toward him and made his move: he dodged the paws and moved swiftly behind his 300 pound opponent, his arms reaching underneath the perfectly round, cannonball-sized shoulders as his big hands reached for the back of the thickly muscled neck. "What the ...", Tristan said, surprised by the heavyweight wrestler's sudden move. Mark's hands joined together and he locked them hard, securing his full nelson atop the thick traps. "Gotcha", he said into the teen beast's ear. Tristan shrugged his shoulders, making his traps mound upward and budging against the hands locked behind his neck. He felt the grasp giving away against his meaty traps and repeated the process. Striations exploded across his wide shoulders as he shrugged them once more. Mark felt his grip being pushed apart and used every trick he'd learned over the past years, holding onto the beastly teen's neck with everything he got left. A wave of euphoria went through him as he managed to maintain his full nelson. His cock hardened a bit from the friction against the muscular lower back. "No fucking way", Tristan groaned as he tried getting free. He tried reaching for the heavyweight wrestler, but his 30 inch arms couldn't free him like before. No matter what he tried, his opponent refused to let go and was wearing him out. He felt the cock harden against his back, sending a responsive jolt through his own flaccid member as he slowly sank to his knees. "You give?", Mark asked in between fast breaths without releasing his hold. "I… yeah", Tristan replied. Instantly the arms let go of his neck and he laid down on his back on the mat, inhaling deeply to control his breathing. "Who's the champ?", Mark yelled and threw a double bicep pose. Excitement and adrenaline rushed through his body as he realized he'd just taken down an 80 pound heavier opponent. Tristan looked up at the heavyweight wrestler, noticing how his muscles glistened with sweat and the growing bulge inside the guy's boxers. He placed his hands aside his body and sat up, his thick triceps flexing in the process. "Congrats, man", he said, "I really thought I could take ya". "Yar strength is unreal, I felt it from the start. My experience handed me the win. If ya learn the moves, ya'll be unstoppable", Mark replied. His gaze travelled down to the growing bulge in the beastly teen's boxers. "Let's hit the showers", he said and extended his hand to help his 300 pound opponent get up. Tristan grabbed the hand and got up. He looked down into the 6 feet champ's eyes and before he could react, the guy kissed him on the lips. "What…", Tristan said as he broke the kiss. "I… ehr… sorry", Mark muttered as he looked up into the beastly teen's dark brown eyes, his heart pounding in chest as he realized the guy towered over him in height and width. "Tristan, I…", he began. "We both want this", Tristan said, grabbed the back of the heavyweight wrestler's head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Mark's eyes widened in surprise as his 220 pound body was pulled against the 300 pound beast and the tongue invaded his mouth. He returned the kiss and let his big hands roam the mounds of muscle that flowed into each other across the insanely wide back. The teen's thick pecs pushed into his own heavy chest and one of the guy's paws cupped his muscular ass. Black dots began dancing before his eyes as the beast kept kissing him. Tristan finally broke the kiss and took in a deep breath, making his protruding pecs dig into the harden against the wrestler's muscular ones. He felt his own dick grow to full hardness between their heavily muscled bodies along the 220 pound guy's rock-hard cock. "Fuck me", Mark moaned in pleasure as his hands grabbed the beefy biceps and tested the hardness of the beasty teen's relaxed arms. "I…", Tristan muttered and began blushing. "You're a virgin, aren’t ya?", Mark asked as he noted the shy reaction of the huge guy. Tristan nodded. "I mean… I had blowjobs before but never really", he rattled on and clenched his fists to make his bicep harden under the heavyweight wrestler's touch. Mark's rock-hard cock jolted in his boxers as the steely biceps pried open his hands. "You're cute when you blush, T.", he said, "And no worries: I've never been fucked before. We'll take things slowly". He ripped away his own boxers and did the same with the teen beast's boxers. Both their rock-hard cocks smacking against their abs as they were freed from their fabric prison. He kissed the 300 pound Tristan on the lips again and slowly leaned back, letting the teen beast gently lead him down on the wrestle mat. Tristan carefully laid the heavyweight wrestler with his back on the mat. He placed his knees aside his legs, positioned his elbows next to the guy's heavily muscled torso and kissed him once more as he was leaning over him. Their rock-hard cocks brushing against each other, sending shivers of bliss through their bodies. "Common, fuck me", Mark whispered in the teen's ear while he gently bit the earlobe and rubbed the hot surface of the thick pecs that hung over him. "Mhm", Tristan mounded and positioned the fat head of his 14 inch cock against the meaty ass of the heavyweight wrestler. "Here we go", he said as he very slowly drove his cock in between the ass cheeks. Mark's muscular back arched up from the mat as the thick head pushed passed his ass cheeks and slowly brushed against his hole. His hole clenched in anticipation. Tristan gently pushed further and let the head of his 14 incher enter the 220 pound athlete. "Umpf", Mark grunted in pleasure as the searing hot pole pushed past his defenses and invaded him teasingly slowly. His back arched further off the mat and his arms wrapped around the heavily muscled torso leaning over him, trapping his own rock-hard 10 incher between his bulky six-pack and the teen's ripped eight-pack. Tristan placed his paws against the wrestler's back and kept driving his lengthy snake inside him. Pleasure flowed through his 300 pound body as the tight ass engulfed his cock like a fleshy glove. Lightning bolt-like flashes crackled in Mark's vision as the 14 incher was completely inside him and the pubes of the teen beast's brushed his muscular ass. He felt like a ragdoll in the grasp of the hulking man and loved it: his cock was throbbing against the deeply grooved eight-pack while his hands groped the hard mass on the guy's broad back. Tristan began pumping his cock back and forth inside the clenching ass; slowly at first but faster and deeper as he seemed to gain more confidence. "UGHN", he bellowed as his balls exploded and his cock blasted a first load into the heavyweight wrestler. A spark of energy shot from the bottom of Mark's spine up into his head, exploding into a firework of white light as the beastly teen filled him with his seed. His own 10 incher exploded between their muscular bodies, covering their pecs and abs in his sticky juices. Tristan's orgasm lasted seven long, big blasts before wearing off. He gently withdrew from the 220 pound athlete and laid down next to him, his chest heaving from the orgasm. "Best sex I've ever had", Mark said and ruffled the 80 pound heavier guy's hair. He smiled as the beastly teen blushed once again. "Let's shower", he said and got up.
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  26. I'll second the call for more chapters to this. It seemed to cut off just when it was really getting good! Well that's not totally true, as it was great from the very beginning. I just really want to see more.
  27. I wonder what the past lives of the Doc. Orlando & Barua were. ^^ (Would be funny if they'd be reincarnations of gods. >;P lol It could happen right? x3) Though I do wonder now though: Did Arthur really go into bodybuilding & won 10 times because of Miles' soul being inside of him? Or was it Arthur's own wish at the end? And it is too bad you didn't get into more detail in the 10 years after the start of Arthur's bodybuilding career. Especially seeing how before the end David was still very insecure in himself & his size and the rolereversal thing. Would have been great to see how exactly he got over those feelings and all. =3
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