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  2. Sorry, but I can't help voicing this. It would be simply mind-blowing just to imagine, let alone to see, you guys worshipping each other and making love.
  3. Awesome story! I had to search the old forum to refresh myself on the original, but it was very enjoyable to read it all in one go. I would love to see more of Dan's adventures and just what he decides to do with his power. It sounds like he's bigger and stronger than the original Superman. So it would stand to chance that he could have some big plans. And of course, the question of just how Dan's seed will affect Sammy makes for a great cliff hanger.
  4. snuff

    Wow! That was one of the hottest, sexiest, stories ever. This could have some truly global consequences if Krishna wants to go on a conquering spree. And at only 18, he could very well still be growing taller, to say nothing of getting bigger and stronger. I really hope you decide to continue.
  5. One of my absolute favorites!
  6. Are there any other sites he's on where I can see him more? He always seems to wear pants in his vids (not really helping the allegations of him using a dildo with a tube, which I half believe, half don't).
  7. Work Shift by Mutador.
  8. Thanks for the reputation point.

  9. I'm looking hard for a story where a man who works in an office decides to start working out, however the coworker he dislikes seems to be the one who gets all of his benefits. At one point he attempts to make his coworker immobile by taking lots of steroids and hormones except it just makes his frame accommodate it. He then is tasked by a (gypsy?) to acquire ingredients to correct the reversed fates. I believe this story was in the old forum but I cannot find it. At the end the coworker finally loses the mass with the main character beginning to regain it.
  10. My wife has no interest, and I mean 0. She obviously knows that I work out but has no idea how much I'm into it. Guess that's why I'm here.
  11. Yesterday
  12. I'm gonna 3rd this
  13. If I run into them, certainly!
  14. The Emerald Cup is a bittersweet thing for me as although it's a contest that I know very well indeed, it's also the last contest that my friend from the city entered before he died in 2015 (so if you see the organisers at all) could you please tell them that I would still like to donate something to them (perhaps a memorial cup) to be awarded to the oldest class winner there in recognition of my friend's efforts to get older people pumping
  15. Is anyone going to the Emerald Cup in Seattle his weekend? I've never gone to a competition or bodybuilding expo before, but my boyfriend and I are interested in checking it out.
  16. I've had an interesting experience where in my past three relationships I've expressed my commitment to and focus on bodybuilding and been initially met with "Errrr, I'm not sure about that. That's weird. But I guess I kind of support you. Kinda." However, after encouraging my partners to workout with me, they've slowly and progressively gotten into bodybuilding too. They both eventually admitted that they love muscle and always wanted to be big, but were embarrassed to go for it. My current boyfriend now tells me that he wants to get as massive as possible with me -- a complete 180 to a year ago. In fact, we're even planning to go to a bodybuilding expo this weekend. My guess is that a lot of guys really want to look like a Flex cover meathead, but don't have the confidence to pursue it themselves. Or they are afraid that it requires a disordered lifestyle. But once they see that it's not impossible or damaging, and that it's easier to do it with a partner, they go ALL IN. Of course, this is just my experience. I think there are partners that project your love of bodybuilding as a threat to them and the relationship. In that case, would you really want to be with someone with that kind of insecurity?
  17. I have always gone by BMR as a basis to figure out caloric needs. To grow, basically you need to know your BMR which is the number of calories you need to maintain yourself then increase it by 500-1500 calories depending on how much body fat you have and how much you may be willing to gain as an excess. Once you know your number you divide it between macros. Usually I've seen a mix of 50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fat, but you should adjust it to what feels best for you.
  18. Mdlftr hit the nail on the head. This is the reason you should be in the gym.. it's for YOU, no one else. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks no matter how you've changed. This is something I struggle with myself. I do this for ME, it makes me feel good. I try to progress for ME no matter how small the progress might be. It was only a few months ago in fact that I was feeling exactly like you. I kept letting the visions of everyone else getting bigger and stronger get in the way of my own progress because I was feeling like I wasn't measuring up. I had quite a few weeks where I only made it to the gym once in the week. Started feeling sorry for myself. Only after realizing that I should only be doing it for myself was I able to pull myself out of the funk. Very true. You have no idea what problems other people may be facing, even that big muscle guy in the gym that intimidates you has problems. For all you know he's facing a messy divorce or maybe he just found out that his kidneys are failing. You just don't know. I've had my own share of problems: a genetic blood disease that I only found out about last year, digestion issues to the point I have had to be in the ER for a bleeding stomach, caused by allergic reactions, and the list can go on. But you wouldn't know that just by looking at me. I try to get by just the same as you. So don't worry what other people think. Doesn't mean anything. If you want it badly enough, then just go to the gym and make it a regular part of your daily/weekly routine. Don't let anything come in front of it, even if you just go there to run for 15 minutes to help you make the habit. Just make it a part of who you are.
  19. snuff

    Awww fuck yesss! Loved it. I want Krishna to become unstoppable, invulnerable, limitless! I want his skin to become so hard not even a grenade could hurt it. I want his cock so hard, he can fuck through concrete and steel as if it was wet paper! And i want him to cum so hard, whomever sucks him will have his/her head blown away... Pretty please?
  20. That sounds right. ^^ You know? Revenge is different for everyone, some are satisfied with beating the shit out of their bullies/enemies, others fuck them into submission and make them his bitches. And others still would rather be more passive and change them without them realising and get their kicks out of the differences between the old and new. ^^ <3 And sounds good, though I do wonder what kind of guy he desires to become though. =3
  21. Around twenty years ago, physicist Alan Sokal wrote an article entitled "Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity." The title, and article itself, were intentionally total gibberish, full of meaningless jargon that looks impressive but means nothing. But he successfully got it published in the journal Social Text, passing the journal's peer review and editorial screening process. The hoax was intended to expose the shoddy standards of social science journals. The article became known informally as "Transformative Hermeneutics of Total Bullshit." (Look up "Sokal hoax" to learn more) This abstract reads a lot like Sokal's hoax article. As soon as I started reading, first thing that popped into my mind was "transformative hermeneutics." Sorry, but I get irritated at all these people who feel the need to psychoanalyze bodybuilding. Why don't we ever see similar treatments of, say, marathon running or rock climbing, which, to my mind, are far more bizarre pursuits?
  22. I can't comment on part 8 given how sporadic my writing habit is, but below are the links to the previous six parts!
  23. Thanks, man. I have put so much work into this. I had an emergency today and my entire week has been unbelievably hectic. So, I'm not sure what time over the next week it will be out, but keep the forum open for me to post it, please. i am hoping on finishing it over the next few days, though.
  24. Abstract The paper seeks to expose the incoherencies within the activity of bodybuilding, suggesting that both the bodybuilder's body and the activity of bodybuilding can be regarded as 'queer'. However, the paper will not use 'queer' as a trendy synonym for 'gay' but will focus on queer's potential to describe mismatches of sex, gender and sexuality. 'Queer' draws its subversive potential from being in opposition with 'normal' rather than 'heterosexual'. The paper will argue that the extreme, competition standard, male bodybuilder's body is a gender dissident body which simultaneously affirms masculine and feminine characteristics: muscles and angularity are combined with curvaceousness, hairlessness and made-up skin. A body which offers a haemorrhaging of meaning. The second part of the paper will focus on the activity of training in the gym. It will suggest that the experience of pumping up, which has famously been described as a sexual experience, is a form of dissonant sexuality. The auto-eroticism of pumping up in the gym can even be described in the archaic term of 'onanism'. The paper will conclude by asking why someone would want to push his body to such an extreme degree of freakiness and will suggest that the condition of hysteria may be useful in understanding the obsessive activity. Although hysteria has been culturally connected to the female body, Lacan described hysteria as gender confusion. The hysteric is confused as to his/her gendered subjectivity in relation to the phallic order. The bodybuilder, like the hysteric, seeks a complete rejection of the body, owing to a lack, in his history, of symbolization of the body. Therefore the bodybuilder dreams of an autotelic body and this causes erotogenic zone displacements and the resulting auto-eroticism of extreme, male bodybuilding. Full article available at: http://sro.sussex.ac.uk/31282/
  25. Holy Jesus that was hot. I'm still hoping he decides to get with his son if not Ted. Feels like a giant tease with this border line son/father scandal. Please keep going, I honestly get super excited waiting to see the next chapter. Hoping giant dado finally let's some lucky guy have it.
  26. Thanks for the follow mate.

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