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  2. I love the slow build of the story. I have guesses about where it might go but, at the same time, I'm clueless. Love your writing style.
  3. I took a look too, and I can't find it or the author on the site.
  4. A night out didn't mean a club or partying - it meant going some place where we could watch our big friend tear stuff apart. Breaking into junkyards so he could toss big things around or demolish things was better that the best rave or bar.
  5. Damn, look at how this little guy can't help himself from staring at my chest as we talk. It's so cute. Let's give him a chest bump. Folding up iron plates for him got me so excited. He's making me so horny. Is it hot in here or is it just me? Man, I gotta have this little guy.
  6. Anyone remembers that story? Young guy visits his grandpa, grandpa grows, gets mad about his son and grows more, shows grandson his secret to growth (mushrooms, I believe) with pigs? Anyone?
  7. This is posted a few days late due to computer issues. The third part, The Power of Sweat, will still be posted later this week. Chapter 3 - The Growth Spurt Daniel is a teenager getting ready to focus on his college plans. His grades are so good that he earned a scholarship to a great university. He has never really focused his energy on the way he looks, but his classmates have let him know has small he is quite often. At only 5'5 and 120 pounds, he looks slightly out of place among his senior class. The reason could be due to the fact that he never went through puberty. He has no facial hair and his body hair is practically invisible. His parents always tell him that it will happen when he least expects it. They want him to be careful when he is out in public. He finds this quite amusing, but he always felt they were partially right. He has female friends, but they don't see him as a suitable mate, rather just a guy they can talk to about their problems in their lives. He has never had a sexual preference for either sex, but wouldn't mind dating either sex. His male buddies kid him all the time about his boyish looks and how his muscles look like they belong on a 10-year old. He has two really close friends that could not be more different. One of them, Anderson, is small like him and has dated him occasionally. He actually likes Daniel a lot, but he doesn't see him as a match since he likes bigger men. His other buddy, Vance, is a tank that befriended him when he bailed him out of a fight in elementary school. They both have hung out quite a bit in the last few years and have even had sleepovers in his backyard. He is very open with Daniel and has let him put his arms around his body when Daniel sleeps. This never connected with him before, but it is possible that he really likes Daniel. He is biracial and understands what Daniel has been going through more than he realizes. He too was picked on because of his differences when he was younger before he bulked up and took a stand against his bullies. Daniel invites his two good friends to a campsite the weekend before you all graduate to just enjoy their last days together. As all three of them are setting up their tents, Daniel feels really dizzy and has to go sit down somewhere. Vance sees how he his feeling and picks him up in his arms to carry him over to the riverbank beside the campsite. He sees that Daniel is about to go through some kind of change, but he doesn't want to tell him. He watches him closely to see if he is going to pass out or not. Anderson watches both guys as he continues to put up the tents and yells at Vance every once in a while to know how Daniel is doing. He lays him down and unbuttons his shirt because he sees how much Daniel is sweating now. He reassures him that he is there for him no matter what happens. Daniel can feel excruciating pain running up his legs and into his chest. Vance hears something pop as he watches his buddy’s legs lengthen their way towards the river. His eyes grow huge when he sees this as he also feels Daniel’s thighs getting thicker and stretching the fabric in his jeans. He notices the denim starting to fray as body hair emerges through the gaps. He looks down and witnesses his feet tearing through his boots as he starts to thrash about. Vance is now mesmerized by his transformation. With Daniel’s shirt still open, he sees his waist thicken as cords of muscle begin appearing in his midsection. Vance places his hands on Daniel’s growing chest and feels the pecs blowing up into giant mounds as his abs begin popping out from within. More cracking is heard as his back starts to reshape making room for more growth. It hurts exponentially, but Vance is noticing that Daniel is beyond the pain now. He sees lats growing from behind his back and they are pulling the shirt away from his body. Daniel’s back is growing so much that Vance can feel him actually being lifted from the ground by it. Now his arms are starting to vibrate uncontrollably. His skinny arms he had inside his shirt are now exploding in size, getting huge and powerful. He sees Daniel’s forearms shred the shirt as his growing biceps blow through the sleeves. Now his shoulders are ripping through the top of the shirt and Daniel’s neck widens leading to his voice changing. He hears his moans change to deep groans and growls. While his face still looks the same, his body hair has dramatically thickened as a black forest begins to grow all over his body. He caresses Daniel’s body hair as he goes in to kiss him. As he approaches the newly mature Daniel’s face, he watches in delight as a nice coating of hair has appeared on his face. The growing teen is spent from the growth, but Vance's kiss ignites fireworks between the two of them. Anderson missed the whole sequence, but he will soon know how it resulted. The pants Daniel is wearing are so dangerously tight that they are cutting off the circulation to his legs. To relieve the pressure, he flexes his new quads as the pant seams explode. He easily rips them off and to show off his beautifully hairy legs. Vance smiles as he turns him on so much. He tries to pick Daniel up, but he is now over 6' tall and Vance is 6'2. He kisses him passionately again and wants to make love to him. The underwear he is wearing amazingly is still intact, but his cock has slightly grown too. He has to adjust it to where his cock sits on the side instead of in the upright position. Vance starts rubbing it with loving caresses and holds him with his other hand. He looks Daniel straight into his green eyes and admits that he was aware of him impending change and wanted to wait until the time was right to make his move. He pulls his engorged cock out of his underwear and leans down to kiss the huge cockhead. He licks it with his tongue and then spits a small amount of saliva onto it making it nice and wet. Daniel feels his mouth go down on the shaft and slowly starts moving up and down on it getting a nice rhythm going. He moans incessantly as Vance gets him close to the edge and keeps stopping over and over again. This makes him want to go deeper inside Vance’s mouth. This prompts Daniel to start growing again as his ass rips the seams of his underwear. The eager sucker grabs the hair thickening up on his ass and starts to finger his hole. He can feel something from within Daniel that may cause another growth spurt and decides to pull his cock out of his mouth. He starts jerking him to the point that he can't hold back any more and erupts. His thick white fountain splashes Vance in the face as he starts gripping the ground. He smiles as Daniel’s back begins to get longer again. His muscles are getting so big and thick that his body hair now looks thinner. He scoops up some of Daniel’s cum and starts to rub it into his body beginning with the pecs and arms. The growing teen moans as it appears to be working. The hair thickens back up again and coats all of his muscles more than before. Vance gulps down Daniel’s growing cock and swallows the jizz that is still flowing out of him. He rubs his buddies head and wants to kiss him again. Daniel pulls Vance away from his cock long enough to drizzle some of his cum onto his tongue to share a wet kiss. He swallows the tasty cum and watches as his abs thicken up and widen. Vance rubs his bigger muscles and wants him to grow even bigger. At 6'6, he is not sure how much more Daniel wants. The two studly teens can now hear Anderson yelling back as he can see what has happened. He races over and feels how powerful Daniel’s body has become. He hasn't always been as open about his feelings for Daniel as Vance has, but he obviously likes what he sees since he has his hand in his pants. He sits down beside the two big teens and watches the two of them start to go further. Vance is taking his clothes off now so he can sit on top of Daniel’s thick cock. He bounces up and down on him wanting to feel him erupt inside his body so he can possibly have his own growth spurt. He is now about four inches taller than Vance and about 50 pounds bigger too so he can move him around with ease now. As they get into the doggy style position, Daniel is able to get all the way in and go to town on him. He yells in pleasure as the now aggressive top is hitting his prostate and milking him. Anderson moves down to get underneath so he can catch Vance’s spunk into his mouth. Daniel can feel how close he is now so he doesn’t hold back anymore. He shoots massive jets of cum into his eager bottom’s belly and shutters at the extraordinary feeling. Vance yells in ecstasy as he explodes straight into Anderson’s waiting mouth. Without much effort, Anderson sprays his spunk all over Vance’s big feet. The three horny teens fall over on the riverbank completely spent from the sexcapade that just occurred. Chapter 4 - The Stranger in the Woods Daniel’s growth cycle appears to be over as he reaches over to give Vance a huge kiss on his lips. With Anderson consuming Vance’s cum, the relationship between the three guys may have now changed forever. Vance’s confession that he cares a great deal about Daniel could lead to something more long term. After about thirty minutes, the three teens get up and start to clean up the campsite. Both Anderson and Vance are able to put their clothes back on, but Daniel’s dramatic transformation creates a really large problem, he cannot wear anything in his present condition. It is after a little bit of thinking that Daniel’s friends decide to use one of the tents as a way of covering him up since there is nothing else available. He laughs but agrees to try it out. Luckily his massive frame is able to fit completely inside the material as they tie a few ropes around his waist. His cock forms a huge bulge to the side of his leg but at least it is concealed. They now wonder if Daniel could even fit in the van that they brought with them on the trip. He tells them to not worry and that he can just tail them on the way back to the city since he knows the path there. Anderson and Vance think it is a crazy idea but they go along with it. They tell him they will see him a little later and drive off leaving him on his own. As he begins to leave the campsite, he realizes that he has no way of communicating with them if he has some kind of problem. He feels a little scared, but knows that his size should deter about anyone that approaches him. He makes it to the end of the country road that led to the campsite when he hears a voice getting closer. He looks around bewildered and starts to walk again. The voice draws even closer than before. He stops moving to wait and see if this person or thing will continue to follow him. He goes to turn his head as he comes face to face with an olive skinned man with a thick beard. He smiles as he pushes Daniel down on the ground. He tries punching the man, but he is unable to do much to him as the man pulls open the tent that was covering Daniel and plunges his thick cock inside him. The young hulk barely resists as the giant olive stud starts fucking him hard moving faster with each thrust. Before long, the intruder busts a huge load inside him and yells in ecstasy. Daniel punches him which makes him grab his face with his thick hands. He manages to push the giant stud off of him, but not before he is dragged back over to him. The man laughs as he pulls Daniel down to the ground to face him. ‘YOU WILL FUCKING SIT THERE MAN! I THINK I DESERVE SOME NOURISHMENT FROM YOU!’ The man grabs a hold of Daniel’s cock and starts stroking hard making him squirm. His strength is making the young hulk agonize as he feels a giant load building up inside him. The man smiles and knows he won’t have to wait too longer for his reward. He strokes faster as he feels the cum flowing from Daniel’s balls into his cock. He opens his mouth to catch the thick goo as it shoots directly into his throat. The young victim moans as he fills his attacker full of his juices. ‘MMMMM SO DELICIOUS MAN! I THINK YOU CAN FEED ME MORE AGAIN LATER!’ He lets go of Daniel’s cock as he falls over on to his back. The young victim appears to be rearing to leave again, but the huge Hispanic-looking man stops him yet again. ‘Going somewhere man! I don’t think so, you are going to stay here and keep me company.’ ‘What do you want from me? I am just trying to get home.’ ‘I doubt you will go anywhere near the city man. There are a lot of crazy people there. Trust me, that is how I ended up like this.’ Daniel stares at him intensely as he says this and wonders what exactly happened to this man. He starts to ask him a few questions. ‘So how did you get so massive?’ The man smiles at him. ‘How old are you anyway man? I’m 20 and let me tell you, I never thought I would be in this body for my entire life. My dream came true though and now I am a colossus of muscle.’ ‘I’m 18. I just graduated from high school actually. Wow you are 20? I would have guessed a bit older.’ The man glares at him for a few moments and then winks. ‘My name is Gavin in case you wanted to know. Of course I know you don’t give a shit, but I told you anyway.’ ‘My name is Daniel. I sort of hit puberty late since this just happened yesterday.’ ‘OHH I see. Well mine wasn’t puberty, it was caused by a chemical I ingested a few days ago. I sort of wish I had stayed where it happened now because I am wondering what the man I was with is up to.’ ‘There is someone else like you?’ ‘Well yes actually, I fucked him hard like you and he changed. I doubt that it will affect you since you have a different problem hehe.’ Daniel and Gavin talk for several more minutes before they decide that maybe they should lay low for awhile. ‘Damn my friends are probably waiting for me in the city. What should I do Gavin?’ ‘Forget it man, if they come back here they are making a mistake because you are better off being away from them.’ ‘I care a great deal about one of them though. I can’t just forget about him.’ ‘Daniel, I have the same problem too, but I know it is for the best if I stay away from him.’ They share some more stories about their lovers before Gavin recommends that they keep moving along. He shares some food with Daniel that he made when he was scavenging over the past few days. He tells the young hulk that they will have to constantly eat to maintain their energy and frankly their minds. Since Gavin is a bit bigger than his younger counterpart, he agrees that he will hunt for more food if Daniel can build a shelter for them for the night. He agrees and Gavin disappears for a bit. Daniel gets to work on building the shelter as he breaks down a bunch of huge branches and finds things to tie them together with. He hasn’t really done much of this before even though he remembers a few things from Boy Scouts. As the sun goes down, Daniel manages to put the shelter together in a decent fashion. He hears huge footsteps and hopes that it is Gavin and nobody else. He can feel whatever it is breathing on him as he turns around. To his surprise, it is a giant brown bear standing on its back legs. Before he can make a sound, his older companion comes out of nowhere and breaks the bear’s neck like it is nothing. Gavin smiles really big and says point blank, ‘WE HAVE DINNER!’ Then he remarks how Daniel didn’t make a fire, but laughs. After finding an appropriate spot, Daniel starts the fire up as Gavin carves up the bear into segments. He asks if his young buddy has anything to cook with and he shakes his shoulders. Gavin disappears for a few minutes and comes back with a giant metal tub. Daniel gives him a strange look and then asks where he got that from. The older hulk laughs and says somewhere close by and plants the tub close to the fire. He tells Daniel to build him a shelf so he can put the tub on it. ‘Who am I, Mr. Handyman?’ ‘You seem to be doing fine to me man. Get to it Daniel!’ Daniel finds some stray branches and manages to tie them together enough that they can surround the fire. Gavin sits the tub in the middle as it heats up. He throws massive amounts of bear meat into it and watches it cook up. The two hulks marvel at how delicious it looks as it cooks. Gavin decides to take some of the meat out to let it bake in the sun the next morning since he plans on moving on to another destination in a day or two. As the sun disappears from the sky, the two huge men chow down on the cooked meat in some makeshift bowls that Daniel made out of some scrap wood. It doesn’t take long for them to finish eating to go lay down in their shelter. Gavin remarks at how well-constructed it is and then turns to look at Daniel and winks. The younger hulk blushes a bit as he begins to realize that he is warming up to this strange man laying with him. They both have things in common it seems and yet they are so incredibly different. Daniel is still thinking that Anderson and Vance will probably come looking for him possibly as early as the next day since he did promise that he would follow behind them. Gavin again tells him that he needs to just move along because going back to the city is not a wise decision at this point because of his size. He explains how he became who he is to Daniel and how he volunteered for a secret project with a doctor that he refers to as Raines. Originally he was a bit scared about it since at that point in time he was quite shy. Once the chemical entered into his body though, something ferocious was unleashed from inside and he became who he is now. Daniel is intrigued by his story and talks about his late puberty. Gavin moves in closer as he tells his story and rubs his face a little. He can tell that the young hulk is very close to dosing off so he leans him against his chest. After a few minutes, they both doze off as neither one of them knows what will happen next.
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  9. Thank you for your encouragement!

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      You're welcome. I enjoy the back-and-forth between timelines.

  10. Very interested to see where this goes. I'm trying NOT to anticipate or "figure it out".
  11. Thank you. Without a slow build, I wouldn't be able to tell this particular story. It is its own sort of sub-genre.
  12. Chapter Five As Arrowhead gradually regained consciousness the sight that he saw shocked him to the core. The camp that he had woken up in was now razed to the ground and all around him lay the dead of his tribe. “Grey Cloud” he said in a hoarse voice, thinking the worst, “Grey Cloud, where are you?” “I am here, my son” came the croaking reply and Arrowhead found him slumped outside his tent. As Arrowhead held his father in his arms, he asked “What has happened my father?” “The palefaces attacked” he groaned, “Why, I do not know” and then gulped hard and looked at his son, “Son, I fear I am heading to the happy hunting grounds. Please carry me to the tree so that I may see the great bow one last time!” Taking a deep breath, Arrowhead picked up his father and using every ounce of strength walked the hundred yards to the tree where he leant his father against, and offering his prayers, removed the bow and presented it to his father. “My son” the chief moaned, “You are the last of the Apache nation. I charge you, draw the bow and make my happy in my final hour!” Arrowhead looked at the bow with reverence and then at his father who nodded. Taking a deep breath he placed his hand on the bow and then on the string and pulled. Instantly, his chest erupted into two quivering masses as he felt the bow resist him. The thumping in his chest returned and this time was deeper and faster than he could remember. Every second seemed like the most agonising hour of his life but knowing that his father was dying, Arrowhead closed his eyes and pulled. As he continued he thumping got louder and faster and just as he felt he was about to die himself, the bow twanged, indicating... “I HAVE DRAWN IT!” he declared as held the bow aloft, his chest heaving from the effort “Arrowhead” moaned Grey Cloud, holding an arm high in salute, “last of the Apache nation, you shall be a mighty warrior. Grey Cloud has spoken” and with that his arm dropped and he moaned. Arrowhead dropped the bow and attended his father and in a hoarse whisper Grey Cloud told him everything. About how he had found him wandering in the plains, how he had adopted him as his own child and how he hoped that one day he would rekindle the Apache nation and with a final “Grey Cloud has spoken” the chief died in his adoptive son’s arms. Arrowhead was devastated. The only man he had known as father had died and admitted to him that he was not his father, but in the eyes of the Apache nation he was and so as Arrowhead buried him, tears welled in his eyes and picking up the bow and raising both his arms he declared “I, Arrowhead, last of the Apache nation, master of the scared bow, swear to punish the man who has brought destruction upon our nation!” and with that placed Grey Cloud’s war bonnet and the bow into the tree. Faint from exhaustion, he walked towards the nearby river that carried his tribe’s name and collapsed into it. If @powerbeats wishes to draw an image of Arrowhead pulling the bow, he is more than welcome to and if he messages me, I will give him Arrowhead's physical dimensions.
  13. Ha! This is getting better and better. The first were an introduction to the world and i love the slow build of it all.
  14. Are you reading my thoughts, or am I too obvious?
  15. The Prologue is found here The preceeding chapter is found here The Orgone Accumulator: Part Four It was evening. He was back at The Foundation, and all the guests (and the analysts) were eating dinner in the dining room. Snippets of conversation reached his ears, but he found it hard to follow, for several reasons. "... and then I told him, that the meditation room was entirely unnecessary, and that the money could have been spent on improved massage benches. And there was no reason to include a lot of Carl Jung and Carl Rogers in the library. All that money on Eranos yearbook was mis-spent, in my opinion. It is supposed to be a Reichian collection." "By the sound of it, you seem to be obsessed by some sort of Reichian purity. I'm interested in psychological methods that really works, not in any attempt at doctrinal Gleichschaltung. Do you forget the entire work on liberation from authoritarian ethics? An authoritarian person will never reach full orgastic potency ..." "... very nice potatoes. Did you read those news about the dangers of pesticides? Who could have known? In retrospect, I think it was the right decision to farm The Foundation's own vegetables. And this sauce! So delicious ..." "... will watch TV with me in the TV room tonight? There will be a new episode of Perry Mason. I never miss ..." "... as Camus put it: 'The Soviet Union isn't really socialist, and the United States aren't really liberal', and by that he attempted to say ..." "... a new car, a mint-green one with large fins, and then she said ..." "... not the same since Dr. Witt returned from his sabbatical at the Esalen Institute, but I do not complain: If clients become healthier and more liberated by mixing Reich with other methods, the aim of The Foundation will be reached ..." "... opinions about the Vietnam War?" "Well, it is complicated. We can't allow the Communists to trample another country, but on the other hand, I'm not entirely sure if war is the best method to ..." "... listened to a lecture by Alan Watts a few months ago. Zen Buddhism is fascinating." "I don't know anything about Zen, though I read The Dharma Bums once. In my opinion ..." "... the new masseur? Isn't he a dream?" The young man didn't listen. He had spent most of the afternoon and the early evening in San Francisco with The Businessman. It was much bigger, than his hometown, of course --- he had expected it to be -- but it was not just the number of inhabitants: People were individuals there, at least some of them. Of course, there were lots of men hiding who they were by wearing identical suits and ties, but there were also young people in colourful clothes, young men with long hair and beards -- beards! It looked ridiculous, of course, but at least they had made a decision to stick out from the crowd -- from other crowds than their own one. The Businessman had bought him a milkshake at a milk bar, and there had been two bikers at a table nearby. He couldn't forget the bikers. Their hairstyle. Their tight denim jeans. Their posture. Confident. Faces. Laughing. Happy. Their leather jackets and boots. Black. Glossy. For a moment, he had felt like The Businessman was reading his thoughts, and he had felt very embarrassed, but The Businessman continued talking. Telling stories about The War. The young man had used the word 'war hero', but that had only caused The Businessman to sound irritated. "Terrible things happen in war. There is nothing heroic about it, most of the time. I've seen atrocities. But what would have happened, if we had allowed Hitler to win? It was necessary. There were good things about that time, though. I have never, before or after, had better friends than I had when I served in The Army. Friends from all walks of life." The Businessman fell silent and finished his coffee. The bikers left the milk bar, and started their motorbikes. Legs wide. Boots. Black. Glossy. Confident men. Riding their bikes. The speed. The Businessman watched them, too, through the large window. "Enjoying their life, I guess. More than some people do." He didn't continue that line of thought. Instead, he asked the young man about his home town, family, work. About how Dad left. How Mom was still working at a bakery. That college was not even a thought. About working at an office. "Do you find psychoanalysis helpful? You don't have to answer, son. I've no right to intrude." "I'm glad, that Dr. Witt listen to me, Sir. The massage is nice. Dr. Witt told me, that I have inhibations, and that a wounded soul cause tensions in the body. Dr. Witt repeatedly tells me, that man is both body and soul. I think, the analysis help me to become comfortable with that." "Did you ever enjoy sports?" "Not particularly. Some of my friends were recruited to the football team, but I wasn't." "What about tennis? I played tennis in my youth, but for some reason I never continued doing so." "I don't know, Sir. I think tennis is not widely popular in my town." "Have you considered boxing? You look like you could toughen up, son." The young man blushed. "No, I haven't considered boxing, Sir. Work at the office by day and going to the theatre some nights is what my life consist of." "You are young. You have life before you. Don't waste your youth. I'm not telling you to mismanage your work. I'm just telling you to have fun when you don't work. Society is changing -- I don't understand exactly what happens, to be honest -- and the world is changing. They send spacecrafts into space, and they are able to cure diseases thought incurable. The colonies are free now, and young people in the free world are enjoying life." He shook his head, and continued: "By 1990 they will probably have flying cars. Don't waste this first step of mankind's modern progress by feeling sad. I like to watch young people enjoy life -- even those strange incomprehensible beatniks." "Thanks for your encouragement, Sir. And thanks for the milkshake." On their way home in The Businessman's big fancy car, they had bought some cigarettes, fruits, candy and magazines. Among the newspapers and magazines in the newsstand, the young man had found magazines he had never seen before: They seemingly were all about physical exercise. A jolt went through his spine. He had to swallow. The hair on his head bristled, and he felt blood rush to his still boyish cheeks. The drawings of men on the covers. So built. Impossibly big muscles. A muscular biker talking to a muscular man from The Navy on one of the covers. A big man on a beach on the other. On the back cover there was an advert for Charles Atlas' correspondence course about physical exercise. He bought two of the magazines, and hoped, that The Businessman didn't notice his choice of reading material. On his way home, he hid the magazines in the brown paperbag, where he had put his fruits, candy and cigarettes. Next morning, he began his day by doing push-ups at his room at The Foundation. * * * To be continued.
  16. Part Seven Ever wonder what it was about a big strong muscleman that turns you on so much, bud? Is it just merely my bulk, my size when I stand close to you that makes you weak in the knees? Big muscles just overwhelm you? Or is it when I act all cocky and make sure you know that my muscles aren’t just for show? Yeah, is it the power, man? Are you addicted to another man showing off his strength? Cause I find it hot as hell showing off for you. You want to be big yourself, man? Do you imagine that little body of yours growing as big and strong as mine? You wanna be able to lift more than me? Beat me at wrestling? Power up a bigger biceps flex? Or do you wanna stay small and have me just continuously smother you with all my hugeness and power? Which is it, man? Both sound good to you, huh? Good answer. Can’t see you passing me in size or brute force, man, but we can make you bigger. We can make it to where you want to go shirtless all the time – just like I do. Yeah, man, you want some protruding mouth-watering massive pecs like I have? Just imagine the weight of those puppies hanging all firm and thick in front of you. They’d make you walk taller man. Yeah, some swole pecs would make you all cocky and stuff, man. You want to get off on your own flexed gun, don’t you, man. You want to raise that thing and put your hand into a tight balled fist and make that biceps bulge higher and higher, to some freakish size that stretches your shirtsleeve until the material digs into your skin and looks like it’s begging to rip apart. Yeah, dude, staring at myself in the mirror – all pumped and colossal – really turns me on. You should try it one day – get so big that you can watch yourself flexing and bust a big thick load all over the mirror just because your own body rocks your world. That’s not self-love, man, that’s self-lust. And it’s fucking incredible. We could get you bigger and then flex in front of the mirror together – getting turned on by our own huge bodies, but also by the way we’d admire each other. Ain’t nothing hotter than two musclemen going from some intense mutual worship to a little flexing competition and then to some bulge on bulge pounding. Yeah, I’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about you flexing a big arm up next to mine. And banging on each other’s chest like some kind of huge primates enjoying foreplay. So, buddy, want to get enormous, hard, and cocky? Want to come over to the dark side with your big boy, here? Want me to turn you into something that waddles across the gym floor while people drool daydreaming about feeling your big body? Want to be a huge guy that needs release . . . every . . . time . . . you . . . lift? Look at you getting even more horned up and light-headed thinking about us rubbing all our big muscles together. Speaking of banging and pounding things, buddy-boy. You’ve been unconsciously rubbing that ass of yours against my crotch for a while, now. I guess playing with these pecs and biceps makes you just naturally know what a big man like me would want. I know you were down for some virginal muscle worship, but I’m hoping my huge bulges might entice you to offer up something else to my biggest and strongest muscle. You sure you don’t understand what I mean? Something tells me that backside of yours is already begging for me to fill you with my giant love muscle. Damn! You’ve never done that, either? Could have fooled me, you little hornster. You’re teasing my cock like a pro. Oh baby, don’t get all nervous and stop what you’re doing. No need to suddenly turn all shy again. I’m just thinking you might want to feel all of this enormous muscle pushing against you . . . inside you. I know you can feel how excited I’ve become. It’s like you’re rubbing against a log, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s it, buddy, relax back into that satisfying motion again. See how that ass of yours just knows what it wants, without that pretty head of yours having to say a thing and get in the way. Oh nice, you’ve learned quickly how to make my nipples stand up and take notice of your twisting and yanking. That’s it, move your hands to these flexed arms, use these big hard things to help you drag that body of yours up and down my happy rod. That’s it, keep on rocking until I start knocking. Oh, cute little mister, you’re making me want to charge like a rhino. You sure you’ve never done this before? Well, you’re a natural, dude – some things can’t be learned, they’re just instinctual, know what I mean, man? You’ve taken to worshipping like a baby honing in on his mom’s tit. Damn, dude, if you don’t let me start plowing soon, I might have to start busting up some of the nice things in this place of yours. I’m gonna have to get release one way or the other.
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  18. The Prologue is found here The preceeding chapter is found here The Orgone Accumulator: Part Three The young man stood leaning on the balustrade, admiring the scenery from the terrace, which ran in front of the facade of the main building. The white-painted concrete must have been considered avant-garde thirty years ago, but The Foundation hadn't been able to maintain the building the way it deserved, and the white paint fell from the facade like unmelting flakes in the wind. Smoke rose from the cigarette in the corner of his mouth, a pillar of smoke spiralling upwards, disappearing. The road. Valleys of trees. Vineyards. Forests. Perhaps a hint of glittering sea, far, far away between some of the hills, but it was also possible, that he imagined the glitter of waves, because he knew it must be somewhere over there, westward. Sunny California, indeed. Not like his wintery home-town. Useful? Yes, useful therapy, to an extent, but none of the other guests at The Foundation were of his age, and the garden, atelier, library and meditation room felt suffocatingly still and lifeless. The Businessman approached, wearing his expensive costume tailored to look dull. The Businessman's actual name sounded fancy, but the young man hadn't yet been able to associate it with that famous company. "Do you mind if I join you when I smoke, young man?" He must have been more than fifty years old. By his look, he must be living a very successful life. What was he and his pearl-decked wife doing at The Foundation? Were rich people really supposed to be in need of therapy? Couldn't they buy happiness? America. The land of opportunities, as his grandparents had used to say, when they immigrated in another century. "Of course not, Sir. I hope, that I don't trouble you." "Not at all, son. I have attended The Foundation together with Julia for years, and I always appreciate when some guests are somewhat younger than we are. It enlivens the place. Julia and I don't have any children of our own." The Businessman lit his own cigarette, and looked thoughtful, as he seemed to take the natural scenery in. "How old is this place, Sir?" "The main building was built in the style of early modernism in the 1920s by a German-American architect, but most of the smaller buildings were added in the 1940s, when Dr. Witt founded The Foundation. Dr. Reich visited several times in the beginning, but then the unpleasant business happened in 1956." "Unpleasant business?" "You haven't heard? Dr. Reich spent his last two years in prison, and died just a few days before being able to obtain a parole." "What for?" "The Food and Drug Administration didn't approve of some of his inventions. They believed his methods were fraudulent." "But he was a doctor, wasn't he?" "He was a psychoanalyst, but his methods differed from Sigmund Freud. Have you heard about Freud?" "I think, I'd seen his name mentioned in some newspaper before Dr. Witt explained more about him. What do you think? You wouldn't come here, if you didn't trust Dr. Reich's ideas, would you, Sir?" "Talking to someone -- a priest or a rabbi or a psychoanalyst or someone else bound to not gossip -- wont hurt. I don't think highly of the navel-gazing. The massage is nice. I've eaten worse food than this, but I am not entirely sure what to make of The Orgone Accumulator. To be honest, I mainly come here, because Julia believe in Reich's theories." "Orgone Accumulator?" "They haven't prescribed it to you, yet? Fair enough. I suppose Dr. Witt -- you are one of Dr. Witt's clients aren't you, not a client of one of the others? -- will give you the treatment after some initial cycles of analysis and massage. Did Dr. Witt ever mention Orgone?" "Yes. Dr. Reich theorized, that there is some sort of life-force in every living being, but Dr. Witt never explained any details." "It's the details I distrust, not the basic idea. He even attempted to draw Orgone from the clouds with some sort of antenna. The American authorities burned his books in 1956, which I think is a shame: In a free country, all citizens are free to present their thoughts freely, and if they contain bogus, they will be exposed as such in a free debate, not by censorship. A shame, really." They fell silent a little while. "Do you have any analysis or massage booked for today?" "Not this afternoon. I had a therapy session with Dr. Witt early this morning." "I'm going into the city. Want a ride?" "Thank you, Sir. It's not like I dislike the fresh air out here, but I wouldn't say no to a few hours away from The Foundation." * * * Next chapter is found here
  19. Biggest meeting of the season - Collab


    One of the marketing skills that Tadano is to be really persuasive to even get involve with the ones he's colaborating with. He has no problem to have things 'in control'.

    This was a great collaboration work that DF43 (lineart) and I (colouring) worked for have some fun.


    - Tadano
    - Haida

  20. I’m glad to hear that. It’s good to know that bastard is facing consequences
  21. Chapter Four Two days later, after Arrowhead had recovered from his trial, his father took him to a nearby forest. There, in a clearing was a tree with an arrow craved into it. Grey Cloud lay prostrate in front of it and said “Great Spirit, I bring my son, Arrowhead” and with that gestured for Arrowhead to prostrate as well. As they both stood up, having paid homage to the Great Spirit, Grey Cloud reached into a hole in the tree and pulled out… “The Great Bow” whispered Arrowhead in reverence “This is the sacred war bow” announced Grey Cloud handing it to his son, “kept by our nation for a thousand moons. In all that time, only three braves have had the strength and power to draw it and those braves have become this nation’s mightiest warriors” and with that he replaced the bow in tree and then addressed Arrowhead, “In six moons time it will be your turn to try and draw the bow and follow those warriors, but you may only draw it once and never again!” Arrowhead nodded his understanding and said “I hope to be able to draw the bow, father!” Grey Cloud patted his son on the shoulders and said “If you do, you will fill my heart with joy” *** A week after Grey Cloud had told the legend of the bow; he was involved in a summit conference. But not with a fellow tribal nation but with Colonel Roberts, commander of the fort near the town of Powder Creek. This was not a conference on the eve of war, this conference was to cement the peace between the Apache people and the palefaces who had colonized the area over the last decade. As Grey Cloud raised his hand in salute he said “As long as the river that flows through our land does so, the Apache nation shall never take the warpath against their brothers of the long knife soldiers and the pale face wagon riders” and as he lowered his hand his retinue including his son shouted “GREY CLOUD HAS SPOKEN!” Colonel Roberts followed in kind and replied “I am in your debt, Grey Cloud. Because of your wisdom, I am able to take some of my men to attend a war where the palefaces of the north are fighting the palefaces of the south to ensure liberty for all!” As the two detachments rode from the fort, the Apaches heading south and the soldiers heading north, Arrowhead asked his father if the palefaces were fighting amongst each other could they be trusted. “Any vow” replied his father, “that a paleface makes is promised by their chief, the Abraham of the Lincoln nation, to be upheld for life” “I would like to meet the Lincoln nation” smiled Arrowhead, “they sound a just people” For the next week Arrowhead trained harder than he had ever trained before, he was determined to become the next warrior to draw the bow and pushed himself harder than anyone would have thought possible. Every sunrise he woke up and ran as far as he could before he couldn’t run any further, he lifted rocks until his arms and legs screamed in agony and he lay in the hot sun all to build up his strength and resistance for the test that would come six moons later. As the sun rose on the tenth day of his training, Arrowhead left his father’s tepee and stretched making sure that every muscle in his body was ready for the training ahead. Just as he was about to set off he heard a “FORWARD” and before he knew what was happening his whole view was covered with horsemen. As they came nearer he recognised them as members of the paleface army who they had signed a treaty with. However, as he was about to tell his father of the visit, he became aware of a horseman next to him. He turned around and was about to say “Mighty warrior, we welcome you as brothers” when the soldier yelled, “Die, Apache traitor!” and hit Arrowhead across the head with the butt of his rifle. As Arrowhead collapsed to the ground and started to become unconscious, he saw the soldier aim his rifle at his father’s tent and fire. “GREY CLOUD” he screamed and blacked out.
  22. Thank you. I don't expect this story to attract everyone, but I wanted to use the MG genre to mix LGBTQ history and general American and European modern history with the MG theme, with some bits and bobs of counter-culture, sub-cultures and social criticism. This story will sooner or later become slightly more philosophical in tone, than your general MG story. The legacy of the eccentric Dr. Reich lend itself easily to become an amusing plot device in a MG story. I began to approach some, but not all, of the themes of this story in a different way in my yet unfinished multi-chapter story The Company. Despite being a GenXer myself, I'm glad to give The Silent Generation and the Boomers a voice through some of my characters, since the MG genre otherwise is so obsessed with sporty college youth. Millennials got their share, when I wrote With a little help from magic, though, thinking about it, John/Brad in this story is a Millennial, of course.
  23. I like where this is coming from and the hints about where it's going. Great start, well written and interesting.
  24. There was an article in the Seattle alternative press paper, the Stranger, about it as well as a blog online "with receipts" as it were. I'll see if I can find specific links. There's also video from Australian TV of the mother of one of his victims confronting him and a lot of other disturbing stuff (like him being told he was inheriting a lot of money from his deceased pup and being clearly pleased about it). He (and his pup family) are pretty much personae non grata in the gay kink and fetish community, and were, for lack of a better term, "run out" of San Francisco and Seattle, and when rumours arose that they were considering relocating to Chicago, the community there made it known that they would be shunned. I have heard that they are still sort of in the Seattle or Portland area, but if so, they have been keeping a very low profile on and off line since. There may also still be pending legal action against them.
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