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  2. who would like to grow there muscles and let me worship them?
  3. SML Gyms Teleport Board @ Flexington Heights http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Travitown/176/73/23 I got lazy and tired of editing the LMs / SLurls lol.
  4. This pic of my baseball shirt was taken at MusclePlex. (Shameless plug)
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Villiana/163/15/21
  6. I would like to add muscle growth and muscle theft to the game. I know how to do this on the technical side (e.g. force someone to grow into a bigger size) , but would appreciate suggestions how to use this in a fun way? As an example, in a dom/sub relationship, the sub may offer his size and power to the dom to make him bigger. When the sub gives strength, the dom grows (or visa versa).
  7. I have started implementing a strength and health based roleplay game on my sim. Evolve is a role playing system where you can test and play with your power and health. It is available only on this sim. Currently, there are several games located on Muscle Beach. To get to the beach, click on the hammer in Evolve Gym. GAMES: Thor's Hammer.... only the strongest may take the hammer Combat mat where two players can test each other King Arthur's Sword Throwables: Large Shipping Container Car Airplane Sphynx Planet The game is very much in beta test and under development. If you notice any horrible bugs, please send a notecard to opinyated More to come and suggestions welcome.
  8. If you've been to my gym lately, you might notice some strength-based objects I've been making. There are two so far, king Arthur's sword that only the strongest can take and Thor's hammer that can be owned by the strongest at the gym at the time. I'm planning on adding a strength/stamina-based boxing mat today or tomorrow. I've also recently equipped my avatar to change size like the Escanor character, so I am biggest at mid-day and smallest at night. This is an RLVa hud. With this tech I've been working with it should be possible to create some fun games -- a forced growth hud, strength/size stealing huds, objects that can be thrown based on your strength, super hero roleplay, etc. I'm curious if people have ideas where they'd like to see me go with this. What type of SL-enabled MG roleplay would you like to see?
  9. Opi


    Beach near evolve gym
  10. So, I heard about this guy. An alien. The dude in charge says aliens are bad and that we need to build a fucking wall to keep them out. Hell. Nobody needs no wimpy-ass fucking wall to keep people out. Not when I’m around. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t fuckin’ care where you are from. I do care about anyone thinking they can best my muscle. Muscles should be worshipped. Power should be used. Someone will probably call it a fight. His apologists certainly will. If one punch is a battle, a fight, a death-match, well, this was the result. And of course, this But it wasn’t about him, it was about that shirt. The blue, red diamond-thing, S fuckin’ shirt. Ya see, he said nothing could break it. He flexed. Not even his muscles could conquer that material. He even said he’d be even bigger if it didn’t hold his strength in. Well, he’s on the ground now calling for his mommy, and I have the shirt. Let’s see how well it works. I’m sure you wimps want to hear how it was my muscles against this alien-super-spandex. I know you want to hear how I had to flex to rip it. Live with disappointment. Did you really think my muscles could ever be contained by any shirt? It can’t even tolerate my bricks. And in case you were stupid enough to think my pecs were any weaker… FUCK!!!! Flexing feels so amazing! OH FUCK YA!
  11. A memorial service for Vince will he held this Friday, Dec 7 at 5PM SML. IM opinyated resident for details (notecards work best)
  12. who would like there muscles worshipped on Second Life add thebannaman24 and lets get them muscles worshipped
  13. Hyper Muscle beast- Leather shirt and pants with defined detail. Model: Prince Charll Colors: Black and White Link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hyper-Muscle-Beast-Leather-Shirt-and-PantsCasualBlack/16085655
  14. Will post my my store entries here and such the content i have planned is well worth it.
  15. I dont know him that well but being he ran umg he made things happen a place for guys to com me together and enjoy people of similiar company and he had plans to bring it back...but it just may not happen...but memories was made so he shall not be forgotten
  16. I am very sorry to hear that...
  17. Opi.... i cannot share just how saddened i am by the news. Vince was one of my first friends on SL. He was a gentleman and a force to be reckoned with. I cannot begin to express the loss i am feeling. He will be missed!
  18. I have heard that UMG Gym Owner Vince Brutali has passed away in RL. An SL memorial service is being planned in the coming days/weeks. Feel free to post remembrances and information in this thread.

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