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A club for muscling up, dumbing down, and becoming a total bro.

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  2. Love this file, it's dangerous and addictive
  3. I'm really feelin' it lately. I want to get down and do some serious chat RP along the lines of muscle growth, dumbing down, and becoming a real jockslave. Who's in?
  4. I've tried self hypnosis a couple of times, but it doesn't seem to work. I think I need to find a professional to help me...
  5. 134... need help badly... i feel like i keep overthinking everything!
  6. Is it real that dumbing down makes u more confident as being smart?
  7. 94 IQ I think i sould turn my brain mass into muscle mass. I MUST BE MORE DUMB i need to think less. To become a perfect Jock with a tiny brain. hehe
  8. Found this file last week and I can’t stop listening. Enjoy bro
  9. bro looking for all of the above. craving molding and change irl
  10. Beach Boys, Pet Sounds: "They say I got brains, but they ain't doin me no good, I wish they could ... I guess I just wasn't made for these times"
  11. Crap. I got 125... Anyone wanna help turn my brain mass into muscle mass?

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