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Old Man Stevens - Part Twenty-One



I didn’t remember leaving the bar or saying goodbye to Harry or anyone else.  My last memory of the night was my giant man’s arm wrapped around me offering the kind of security that must only be equaled by a mother’s womb. I was sucking on Bud’s giant chest and marveling at the fact that the hunky bartender and I were equals when it came to submitting ourselves to the massive senior citizen holding us off the floor.  It still amazed me how effortless it was for Bud Stevens to lift two full-grown men – or, for that matter, twenty full-grown men.  It was just an afterthought for him – oh I’m holding two guys as easily as some normal guy might hold two socks.  I also remembered ejaculating so many times in the last twenty-four hours that I was sure I had lost about six pounds.  I was pretty sure the constant tightening of my stomach to push out loads had given me a nice six-pack.  Before I opened my eyes I registered many things around me.  First, I had a raging, Bud Stevens-induced hard on.  Something that I had come to realize would be a perpetual state of being.  It was going to be impossible to stay flaccid around such golden ager magnificence. Secondly, I could feel my cock and legs pressed up against a flesh covered granite wall that didn’t give at all if I pushed forward.  I knew Bud’s own redwood-sized thigh was beside me.  I quickly contemplated rubbing my erection against his hard-as-hell muscled skin to get off, but then I thought I should save my load for my huge gorgeous boyfriend.  The third thing I noticed was that my hand rested on a steel-like hard cylinder object that was clearly as thick as a telephone pole.  I used the word ‘rested’ because my hand was way too small to grip Bud’s giant engorged tool.  The thing pulsed like it was being pumped with enough testosterone to fill an ocean. Lastly, there was the overwhelming orgasmic aroma of something clearly akin to what the Hulk must smell like. There were smells that could turn a guy’s stomach and then there were smells, like this one, that could cause you to leak pre-cum because they were so manly, so full of beast musk, and so fucking intoxicating that you couldn’t control your body’s reaction.  I knew without even looking that my face was in the cavernous expanse of Bud’s beastlike hairy pit.  Before I even raised my eyelids I let my tongue dart out and take a long slow swipe at what I new was a salt and pepper haired space the size of a hangar.


“Fuuuckkkkk Yeahhhhhh,” Bud rumbled, and the word seemed to shoot through my body like a massive aircraft was landing beside me.  The intensity of the wonderful he-man pungent fragrance seemed to multiply tenfold. The man radiated a bouquet of power that was instantaneously addictive and overwhelming in a good way.


The cock beneath my hand bounced up, forcing my arm off of his stomach.  When Bud’s rod got fully hard not even a bulldozer would be able to keep it in place.  I knew soon the massive thing would be sticking straight up in the air – as sturdy as a deeply sunk girder.  The big arm that was draped down my back pulled me closer to the humongous body beside me.  I was suddenly sealed between two thick sheets of human granite.  My face was plastered harder into his pit, my cock and legs were smashed against his mountain range of a leg, and my upper body was pushed back sharply because his thickly dense lats muscle was shoving against me even unflexed.  If I had been asked, there would have been no way for me to explain how this man made me feel.  Safe and secure didn’t come close.  I knew Bud Stevens could give me anything I wanted.  I knew he could do anything I asked.  I also knew no one or nothing could get close to me unless he allowed it.  I felt like I was part of him – like I was one of his huge muscles or another appendage.  He clearly never wanted to be separated from me for very long. Whenever he could he had to be holding me or, at least, touching me in some way.  There wasn’t a part of any night when his big arms or legs weren’t draped across me.  I wasn’t a plaything or subservient in any way.  We were both master and servant.  He needed me to make his huge body and unimaginable strength make sense.  I needed him to do amazing things that would astound me.  All the other people in the world gawking and appreciating his power didn’t come close to how one compliment from me would make him feel.  He had loved me way before he was huge, but becoming a superman – the kind of guy I had always fantasized about – only made him love me more. He wanted every waking moment to be about pleasing me – which, in turned, pleased him very much.  I wanted every waking moment to be about me loving him. I gurgled as I licked and kissed his pit.  My crotch – barely able to move in his steel-like embrace – thrust against his leg excitedly.  


“My big old nip put my boy out like a light last night.  You got your mouth on that big thing, started sucking, and went to sleep like a baby,” Bud explained.  “You slept through me arm wrestling every man in the bar two or three times – even as I held you against my body.  You also missed me lifting Harry’s pick up truck with one hand with everyone in the back. Harry bounced back pretty quickly after his tsunami-sized ejaculation.  I guess the guy’s even more fit than I thought.  He made me bend a few parking meters in front of the bar because the guy who takes care of the meters is a friend of his and he said he’d love to see the shocked look on his face.  And lastly, you missed me shoving the entire building a few feet backwards from the street because Harry said the city ordinance wouldn’t allow outdoor seating unless the thing sat further back.  I got Harry to film all of it and send it to you on your phone.  I didn’t want you to be disappointed about what you missed.  I knew you needed your sleep.  Carrying you around as I did everything was half the fun. God, I missed you, though.  I watched you sleep when we got home and loved how – even out cold – your hands had to play with my biceps and chest. You also talk in your sleep.  You kept saying ‘So big and strong,’ over and over.”


“I did not,” I said, my voice muffled by his hairy pit.


“Okay, I made that part up, but the rest is true, sweet Connor,” he said, squeezing me even harder. 


By this point, his cock was standing straight up like the Eiffel Tower.  I reached down and grabbed what seemed like basketball-sized balls. I squeezed with all my might, knowing he’d barely feel it.  He did, however, purr like a mountain lion from the caress.  I was clamping down on the most sensitive part of a man’s body with all my strength and it felt like love pats to him.  I wiggled my head and he sensed I wanted to speak more clearly, so he moved his arm out a little – allowing me to move my head.


“Big man, you know the number one rule is no strength feats are done without me,” I said, trying to sound like I was chastising him.  “You moved a building and I didn’t get to see it!”


“Yeah, I do, sweet Connor, but you were in la-la land and I wanted to still show off.  I can do all of those things and more just for you to make it up to you,” the big man said and I could tell he was smiling.  “How ‘bout I lift a building for you?  Or what if I make light poles along the street outside into animals for you?  I could also do one arm curls with two Hummers to get your juices flowing.”


He was certainly pleasing me with these promises, but I also knew he was getting himself closer and closer to a regular morning ejaculation as he talked about all the things he could do to show off for me.  We both got off on his strength – equally.  For me, it was the fact that the man was able to do anything.  For him, it was how much I loved what he could do.  I was now stroking his hard giant shaft as best I could with my little hand.  I knew he needed to get off first thing in the morning if he was going to be able to do anything with his day.  He could barely go a few hours without having to relieve himself.  That’s how powerful his body had become.  He clearly had so much testosterone that fifty ejaculations a day barely kept him from being horny all the time.  It was a good thing he didn’t work, since he would have ended up spending more time in a bathroom stall than he would of at his desk.  


“Make some plaster fall,” I ordered strongly and, instantly, I felt his cock, not to mention his entire body, shoot harder from my words.  


It wasn’t often, but if I told him to do something . . . or if I even asked him to do something he became so turned on I was amazed he didn’t immediately bust out a big wad. Having the love of his life want something . . . order something . . . was wonderful.  Pleasing me was so second nature to him – as easy as his brain sending a message to his arm to do some amazing strength feat.  The humongous elder dude had to hold back always – his strength and size was just too much, but if I gave him an order he knew it usually meant he could go a little wild.  His mega hand took over the pumping of his giant tool.  I shook my head when I saw his finger briefly next to mine – redwoods against toothpicks.  His breathing immediately got harder and every muscle in his body seemed to bulge with even more size and power.  He was now in control of his rod, but he forced his stupendous body to wait for me. He would do nothing without my consent, my order, or my wish.   I was his mission control and the giant rocket was led by me.


“My big man pushed an entire building with just one hand,” I said to egg him on more.  We both knew how my words could affect him.  “He pushed the entire foundation back a few feet with just one hand.  That gets me hot and bothered just thinking about it.  My giant muscle gramps standing there with a truck full of grown men high above his head – held by one arm.  I bet you pushed out a few reps, too, just to show off.”


“Oh fuck, Connor,” he moaned, “You gotta let me shoot.  You know me so well.”


“Not yet, my elder muscleman,” I teased, “You need to be reprimanded for showing off without me getting to watch.  You did strength feat while I snoozed sucking on your big nip.”


“I’m so sorry, sweetheart. It won’t happen again.  Please let me unload,” he begged.  “I need to blast into the ceiling for you.”


“You gotta wait, big man, until I say shoot,” I answered, trying to sound as gruff as I could.  “What did those parking meters ever do to you to deserve being warped so easily? Huh, large lover?  And did all those kegs deserve being flattened and wadded up so easily last night at the bar?  And what about our friend Harry, rubbing his thick cock against all of your impressive hardness as he pulled himself up and down using only your non-moving biceps. That was so hot.”


“Oh, Connor man, you gotta be quiet,” he whined.  “Even a superman has a limit to what he can withstand.  I’m going to explode whether you say I can or not.”


“No you aren’t, Bud Stevens,” I replied.  “We both know you can withstand anything for your little man.  If I told your cock to deflate right now, I know it would.  If I told you to lift a building with just that rod, you know you could easily do it.  You’ll wait for me like the good muscle daddy you are.”


“Oh fuck, how do you know me so well?  And how can you control me so much?” Bud asked loudly.  


“Because we are one and the same, my big monstrous lover,” I replied, clearly loving how much strength it was taking for him not to explode.  “Remember, Bud, not through the ceiling.  It would be too difficult to explain the hole to the people upstairs. Just bring down some plaster.”


“I can’t promise that,” he said through gritted teeth, and I was beginning to see that the only thing the super strong man couldn’t control or manhandle was his own body.  “Connor, I need some release and I need it now.”


“Wait, I need to go to the bathroom,” I said, teasing him mercilessly.


His big arm clamped me to his side.  We both knew I wasn’t moving any time soon.  I might have had control over his cock, but he had control over my entire body. I looked up at his pleading face, smiling.  I glanced, also, at the unsuspecting ceiling, was about to be pummeled.  I then turned my attention to the rock hard giant missile poking up from his crotch.  His balls had now shrunk to the size of a normal big man – that was a sure sign of how much duress he was under.  I suddenly had pity on the big man and realized I wanted to see and hear the sonic boom.


“Shoot,” I said, loudly.


“Fuuuuuuckkkkkk!” he yelled.


Knowing the man could have easily shot his wad through the six floors above us made the restrained rapid-fire of his ejaculation that much more satisfying.  Cum shot up, smacked against the twelve-foot high ceiling of his place and immediately sent chunks of the plaster cascading around us.  At least fourteen rounds of stone sized pellets of cum blasted the ceiling and then another seven loads went half way up before descending and splattering all over us.  We were now covered in his musky man juice and pieces of the ceiling. I had a feeling I’d be scrubbing for hours to get clean.  Finally his cock plopped against his hard abs, totally spent.  The big man was breathless, but he still pulled me up onto his body with that one big arm around me and then latched his mouth onto mine to kiss me with enough power to make my own cock spew uncontrollably.  He didn’t stop kissing until my body stopped bucking against his.  We lay there, covered in spunk and plaster.  I moved my hand to his veiny giant biceps and he flexed it to please me. It’s where my hand always instinctively traveled . . . or to his mammoth chest . . . or to his gigantic thighs.  O hell, my hands traveled happily to any part of his huge body.  


“I love you, Connor,” he said, softly, letting his bushy gray mustache tickle my face.


“I love you, Bud,” I replied.  “You make the sun rise for me.  Figuratively . . . for now.”


“What can I give you today that will make you happy?” Bud asked.


“You just did,” I answered and we both knew it was true.


“Yes . . . I’m glad about that,” he said, “But what can I do to remind you how much I love you.  Name it and it’s done.”


I folded my arms across his massive chest and rested my chin on them. We smelled like a bathhouse and it was glorious.  The sound of his cum carving out chunks in the ceiling still seemed to be reverberating in the room.  I gazed into his eyes.  I saw the kind of love that must have inspired millions of poems over the ages. I saw a mature muscle daddy that only wanted to please me.  I lay on a body that was so huge and powerful it could do anything I wished.  That seemed to be his sole purpose on earth.  He needed me to answer him.  He wanted me to give my elder Hercules some kind of labor to prove his loyalty and love.  He simply knew that making me happy would fulfill him completely.  I knew how to make him happy.


“I’d like to go to a junkyard and watch you play, Bud Stevens,” I said and his face broke into a gorgeous smile that made me scoot up and kiss him.  I finally pulled back and said something that was icing on the cake, “Watching you being able to finally let go – completely – and use all of the power within you would make me so very happy.  And I’ll invite some friends.”


The big man’s cock shot fully hard again.  It was so powerful that it actually caused my lower body to rise slightly in the air. So many parts of what I had said pleased him.  He loved the idea of going some place where he didn’t have to hold back.  He had desperately wanted his ejaculation to put in holes for skylights for seven floors of apartments in our building.  But, as usual, he had to tame it down and not use his full power.  He couldn’t show off completely.  He rarely got to show off completely, because there were things that shouldn’t be broken or people that shouldn’t be hurt.  The entire night at the bar had been him showing a little power here or a little power there, but because we were in a public place he couldn’t go full on with his strength.  The thought of a junkyard, where everything was fair game was almost too much for the man. I was kind of surprised we’d never gone before.  Secondly, the idea of meeting some of my friends and showing off for them made the huge guy extremely excited.  He hadn’t met any of my friends, yet, and this felt like a big step in our already cemented relationship.   He instinctively knew he could impress anyone, but getting to show off for people that called me friend made him feel like a kid in a candy store.  He would be on especially good behavior and do feats of strength that would blow their minds.  Lastly, there was the ‘always important’ fact that he would be making me happy.  Since it had been my idea to go, that made it even more special.  Showing off for me in front of my friends would get both of us off that much more intensely.  My body felt like it was levitating since his monstrous cock lifted it so easily.


“What if your friends don’t like me?” Bud asked.


“Why wouldn’t they like you? You can lift a fire truck!” I shot back.


“But what if they think I’m too old for you?” he egged me on even more.


“All those young guys in the bar last night didn’t seem to mind their cocks getting hard all because of a massive elder muscle daddy, did they?” I asked.


“No, they didn’t,” he chuckled.


I inched forward a little so his hard cock sprang up between my legs – resting against my ass crack and shooting up even higher than my bubble butt.  I squeezed hard with my thighs and this made him moan a little.  It felt like I had a fire hydrant between my legs.


“I’m already thinking of a bunch of things you can do at the junkyard to make me happily ejaculate,” I said, kissing him again.


“Just name it, Connor. Making you happy is my middle name,” Bud replied.  

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