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12.29.2018 (Kevin Wolter, Kobi Ifrach, Konstantin Kamynin)

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Always remember, those that attempt to drag you down, are already below you. There are  unfortunately a plethora of people who believe that in order to build the tallest building, they have to first knock others down. I have the deepest of empathy for those kinds of people, as I know first hand that trading on kindness is the only way to go. Iâd personally like to pay gratitude to anybody who has in anyway attempted to drag me down, or hold me back. Your contribution of fuel to my fire has allowed it to burn brighter than ever before ð¥ 2018 has been my most challenging yet rewarding year to date - however, that was only the warm up. 2019, Iâm coming for you ðð¼ - ð¸ @alexwightmanphotography  Josh Coburn

Start the week right , mindset â = reaching goals . Training bottoms by @physiqapparel @fitnessmodelcomps 6 days countdown #gym #boyswithtattoos #boyswithtatts #motivation #motivationmonday #model #modelswanted #shredded #shredz #fitness #fit #bodybuilding #body #bodypositive #bodygoals #physiqeapparel #spotme  Josh Watson

46339218_328863921272205_7187463448691574848_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-amt2-1.cdninstagram.com  Juan Gudiel

Deu praia, deu boa, deu tudo ð¤·ð¼ââï¸ðâï¸ #summer #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #aesthetic #shred #shredded #fit #fitness #muscle #summer #aesthetics #physique #mensphysique  Kaique Barbanti

Anzeige* âï¸Gewinnspielâï¸ Zu gewinnen gibt es einen 100 Euro smilodox Gutschein â¤ï¸ Teilnahmebedingungen: â¡ï¸ Folge mir -Folge @smilodox â¡ï¸ markiere 2 Freunde markiert @smilodox âï¸benutze folgenden hashtag #gehzumsportalter  Der Gewinner wird morgen Abend bekannt gegeben ð¤ð» viel Glück Freunde  Ps: morgen gibts noch mal 100 Euro zu gewinnen â¤ï¸ð Beschreibung nehmen oder ð½ YouTube â¡ï¸kevin wolter ab checken â¤ï¸ðªð» âââââââââââââââ #Zerstörermodus #Bigbangkevin #Einhornkevin #Anabolicunicorn #Hardgainercrew #kraftstoff  #Teamwolter #Masterpiece âââââââââââââââ âï¸Meine Supps âï¸check ich aus bei @gigas_nutrition  und und mit dem code ðð» kevin10 ðð»bekommt ihr 10% auf alles und supportet meine neuen Projekte für euch ð¤ð»ðªð» âââââââââââââââ ðMeine Gym Outfitsð findet ihr bei @smilodox mit dem code ðð» Kevin10ðð»bekommt ihr 10% auf alles und supportet meine neuen Projekte für euch ð¤ð»ðªð» âââââââââââââââ Team â¤ï¸ @gnlaboratories  @smilodox  @zeckfishing @andrey.gutthardt  @dm13mmxlll  @fabian_flex  Kevin Wolter

Sometimes itâs good to look back on when you were lean just to remind yourself youâre a lazy fat cunt nowð _____________________________________________ @powerliftinglol @powerliftingmotivation @rawpowerlifting @russianlifters @powerliftingnews @squatchamps @squat.bench.deadlift @zahirkhudayarov @deadlifttillimdead @abspowerlifting @a.b.s_pro @theinkfactory @mbslingshot @mad_scientist_duffin @wrp_official @sarychevkirill  Killian Carolan

1 or 2 ...?  Kobi Ifrach

Photo @chrisrathore.photo  Konstantin Kamynin

#offseason #ifbbproleague #ifbbpro #chcek #timetogrow #latspread #frontdoublebicep #sizeandsymmetry #gym #lifestyle  Krystian Wolski

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling  Laszlo Szemereka

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