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A Troublesome Wish

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“Dude, do you even know how to work out?” Henry laughed as he set down his own weights. He walked over to someone who was struggling with them. Even if this guy had an okayish physique, the way he lifted looked like he’d never been in a gym before and Henry wasn’t about to watch some amateur tear a bicep or something. 

“I know!” Stan defended himself. “I know how to do it!”

Henry backed off. “Okay man,” he held up his hands defensively. “I’m just trying to help.” Stan scowled. A low growl hung in his throat. “Look man,” Henry continued, “really, I know what it was like to be smaller. And hurting yourself isn’t going to make you bigger faster. You need to take your time with it.”

“Yeah right! You’re just saying that. I wish you were smaller than me and I was your size so you really could know what I feel like right now,” Stan shouted. 

A cosmic coincidence seemed to want to grant that wish. Somewhere the magic had escaped and forced its way into the small gym. Lights flashed and wind picked up where there shouldn’t have been any at all. But the wish was granted.

Stan felt it in his body. Muscles started to build onto his average frame. He could feel the strength adding each second as more and more weight was added to his body. Each second his biceps added another inch, his shoulders pushed further out of his sides, thick quads filled his shorts and even thicker calves turned into a solid diamond shape. He could feel his blood flowing faster, filling his muscles with oxygen.

They flexed almost on reflex. He could see the definition build more. The thick rounded muscles had veins bulging out of his body. He wiggled his toes that had burst out of the front of his shoes. The same looked to be happening to his shirt as it lifted up to show off the bottom two rows of his abs. 

But the exact opposite thing was happening to Henry. With each pound that Stan had gained, Henry had lost it. His large imposing body quickly shrank to almost nothing. His strong arms dwindled and hung almost lifelessly next to his scrawny torso. The sleeveless shirt hung off his small shoulders as one of the bands slipped to the side. Henry had to tilt his head back further and further to get a proper look of Stan.

“Damn…” it almost sounded like it was a moan. “Why are you so hot?”

“What,” Stan made it sound more like a statement than a question. 

“Jesus Christ…” Henry felt his body drifting closer to Stan. The first two steps, he lost both of his shoes. The shorts were next as they couldn’t fit around his thinner hips. His hands reached out for the powerful muscles still barely being held back by the clothes the now bodybuilder was wearing. It was at least two to three sizes too small to fit across his massive torso. “You’re just so fucking hot. I just want to touch you.”

Stan backed up. But there weren’t many places to go in the empty gym. He only said the wish out of anger and frustration, not realizing that most of that was built in from not being seen as anything other than a weakling in the eyes of the stud. He was working out to get stronger, hoping that he might catch the handsome man’s eyes, but was still only seen as pathetic. 

A devious grin filled Henry’s face as Stan pushed his body against the wall. “What’s wrong big guy?” Henry pushed his hand against Stan’s abs and slid it up to his pecs. The tiny hands gave the massive muscle a squeeze. “This is how you felt right? Horny?”

Stan let out an unrecognizable sound as his body seemed to flex at the sensation. His shirt tore even more and toes wiggled around outside of the front of his shoes. “That’s not what I meant…” he groaned, trying to keep his wits, but they were rapidly failing. His body wasn’t reacting the way he thought it should. He was the hot stud, yet he was being led around by someone half his size.

“Isn’t it? I mean you’re so big and sexy now. You’re just so strong,” Henry’s hands roamed around Stan’s torso a bit more and then found their way onto his bicep. He gave it a firm squeeze. Stan seemed to flex almost on reflex, tearing at the shirt even more. Huge holes formed around the seams and the sleeve had ripped up to his shoulder. “And I just want to help make you bigger. And stronger…” 

Henry stood on his tiptoes and just barely made it to Stan’s lips. He let his light weight fall against the muscular man and ran his hands up his sides. His mouth broke past Stan’s defenses and he explored his body even more. A hand dipped into Stan’s shorts and gripped his cock. “Don’t worry big guy,” Henry mocked, “I know my way around the gym. I’ll make sure you learn all the proper form. Making sure you grow nice and strong.”

Another strange syllable was caught in Stan’s throat. He felt his body flex as he lost control of his sexual tension. The mess was quickly dripping into his underwear and then pooling around his feet. He didn’t even notice the remains of his shirt rip apart as his whole body flexed. “Oh my God… This isn’t what I meant. This isn’t what I meant.”

“Too bad,” Henry took off his shirt and threw it at Stan. His skinny naked body stood in the empty gym. Stan felt himself get hard again seeing the confidence in his small body. “This is how it’s going to be. And if you think for one second I’m going to let you ruin that body, you’re dead wrong.” Henry started going through Stan’s bag to find his old clothes and then slipped them on. They were a little big, but still at least something he could fit into. “Now we’ve got a workout to finish.”


“No buts!” his finger pointed at Stan’s chest. “If you wanted that body so bad, you’re going to have to work for it.” Henry’s voice calmed down as he realized how nervous Stan still was. “Doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy it together from time to time though.”

“Right…” Stan agreed. He looked up and down his body again wondering if he was really upset by what the wish had given him.

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7 hours ago, HenryCavanaugh said:

Love this, and using Calum as a photo reference only made it even hotter!

Yeah, Calum is really hot. But this is Chris Bumstead (


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5 hours ago, JakeLandry said:

Yeah, Calum is really hot. But this is Chris Bumstead (

Calum, Chris... Those C names. I'm normally so good at my IG fitness hunks too. Let's just pretend I said Chris all along please because that's who I meant! Mr Olympia himself is definitely worthy material for muscle theft stories!

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