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Side Effects Part 02

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It probably should have been worrying just how eager Jason was to try the supplement I was making. But with how good it was working on Josh, he wasn’t going to wait to see what the side effects actually might have been. Even when I warned him there might be something he wouldn’t like, he just laughed and said he wanted to be built like Josh.

With him, he already had a pretty clean diet. His growth was almost faster than what Josh had gone through. But that also just meant how much more seriously he took it in the beginning. Each week his average jock body would have gained two to three extra pounds of mass. But it was all muscle.

I was impressed. Or maybe too eager. He stuck to his diet and workouts without much pressure from me. It also meant I was able to have a bit more fun with him. His stoic almost intimidating posture made him rather unapproachable. And as he grew, he only seemed to want to adopt an even more imposing one. Feeling his new size, he knew he was supposed to be on top, but deep down I knew he was desiring to be on bottom. 

With just a light stroll of my finger down his bicep, his whole body would flex at the reaction. ‘Is something wrong?’ I would goad a response. ‘No…’ he’d pout back, often looking the other way. The longer the trials went on, the harder it was for him to look away. His face was having more and more trouble staying straight, as his mind wandered into territory it never thought it’d go through.

It only encouraged me to try harder. I wanted him to tell me how he was feeling. But he was stubborn. No matter how many times I groped him ‘accidentally’ he stayed firm in his answer. “I’m not feeling any different,” he’d say, often holding his hands over his crotch. I could see I was getting to him though. He was slowly starting to break.

One day, I finally told him to take off his shirt. Without thinking, he did. “Flex,” I told him. He did so without another word. There was a proud and confident look as he stared at his impressive body. Thick corded muscles ran through every bit of him. His veins bulged, stimulated only by a flex. I smiled as I ran my hands over his firm defined muscles, purposefully hanging around his more sensitive areas. His nipples may have been small but the second my finger twirled around them, he seemed to have lost all of his strength. He fell forward against the wall, just barely catching himself. “Everything alright?” I asked.

He breathed heavily as he tried to take back control. I could see him struggling with all his might not to not answer honestly. “Yeah man,” Jason coughed out. “I’m fine. Just… Tripped.”

It was an obvious lie. Though, he tried to stick with it. I ‘reached out’ out to help but my hand ‘slipped’, running the tips of my fingers up from his forearm, over his bicep and to his chest. I watched as he ‘tripped’ back into the wall in front of him. He tried to hold back his moan but still the sound came out. I could see his fists clenching as he did everything to distract himself from his throbbing boner. The more he tried to fight it, the more he seemed to enjoy it. 

“Are you sure there aren’t any side effects?” I gave him another chance to answer.

It took him a few seconds, but he finally choked out an answer, “yes.” 

I rolled my eyes, almost upset at how strong his will power seemed to be. He did not want to admit to it. It didn’t seem to matter that I could clearly see his bulge, and the drip of pre running down his pant leg, he was not going to admit it. “Okay,” I shrugged my shoulders. “You’ll just have to wait over there while I inspect Jason.”

“But sir,” he called out. The fact that he’d addressed me that way seemed to confuse him. However, he still followed my order, and sat on a stool in the corner. He spun back and forth on the stool, covering the bulge, but the drip down his leg was only growing longer.

“Jason,” I called to the other room. Jason came in. He’d grown another fifteen pounds since his last observation. His shoulders were starting to have trouble fitting through the doorway. He seemed to have given up on sleeves and only were stretchy workout pants. And luckily it was starting to warm up, so he could wear flip flops around campus without it being too weird. With how quickly he was growing, consistently buying new clothes would have been too annoying to do. 

“Hey bud,” he trotted in happily. “Josh,” he said with the same sing-songy voice. 

“Ready?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” he answered by stripping off his shirt. There was a bit of a struggle as his muscles were getting too large. Even with the added height, they were just gaining too much mass to bend and move as easily as they had. Yet, it only seemed to encourage Josh to grow even more. Feeling them grow only made him happier. And in private, hornier. 

I could already see the massive bulge between his legs. When I touched his body, it bounced with joy. Even though we’d been meeting more often, it always seemed happier to see me. Or at the very least feel my touch. It was no longer the more clinical one I’d been taking as I ran my finger gently over his hard muscles. He flexed his abs to make them more pronounced and tried to hold back the moan as I gripped his massive pec. By now, I was barely even shoulder height to the hulk of a man. 

“Josh!” Jason called out. 

“Shh… You had your chance,” I held my finger up to my lips and Jason went silent. He squirmed on the stool even more as his dick throbbed with envy. Watching me grope and feel each and every one of Josh’s powerful muscles was making him feel something he never thought he’d feel. Jason tried to use his own hands to mimic the sensation, but it wasn’t the same. His rough calloused hands weren't the same as my softer ones. I didn’t work out like he did. I didn’t play sports like he did. I wasn't as tough as him. 

It looked like Jason was trying to protest. Tell me that I needed to pay more attention to him, instead of Josh. But he was still following my order. When I ‘shh’ed him, he wouldn’t speak. The more dominant rebellious nature was now purely submissive. It was similar with Josh. He had been so stoic and contained, now he was full of energy and outgoing. Always trying to touch other people, so they were more likely to touch him.

Josh got so much satisfaction out of it. The more of a difference, the more satisfaction. I gently turned him around, letting my fingers trail against his wide lats. All the way down his body reacted to the light tickling sensation. I could feel the pulses as they naturally flexed the muscles. But my hands went to his pants and pulled them down revealing the massive ass. He let out a groan as I pressed my dick against it.

Even though we’d done this so many times since I’d gotten Josh to confess to the new feelings he had, there was still a lot of tension. Somehow his asshole seemed to just mold around my dick as I pushed it in. He let out a heavy moan as his body fell against the table in front of him. I pushed a little more. He let more of his massive weight hang on the table.

I loved that feeling of watching him go limp as I went all the way in. The size difference between us only ever made it more enjoyable for him. His body was already starting to shake as I thrust into him more. Each time was a little bit more, but he wasn’t going to finish. Not until I did. And when I did, I enjoyed every moment of it. The tight feeling around my dick and then the burst into his ass.

Hearing his loud, “oof!” as he followed soon after made it harder to think. I pulled out of his asshole slowly and looked over at Jason. Two fingers were deep into his ass as an even more prominent stain in his pants dripped down his leg.

“I can explain!” he held up one hand, while the other was still pleasuring himself.

“I’m sure…” I gave a fake smile. “But you don’t have to. When you’re in public, you can have whatever personality you want. But in private, you do what your partner wants. Got it?” 

“Yes sir,” Jason answered.

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