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Side Effects

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“Dude, just how big is this shit going to make me?” Josh asked as he’d popped a couple more of the pills. It was an experimental drug that even I didn’t know what all was going to happen. So far, it’d been fairly overt on what was happening. Each time he’d take the pills his blood would get supercharged and grow his muscles. 

Just a month ago no one would have looked at him as anything other than just some guy trying to get swole. Yet he obviously didn’t know what he was doing in the gym and his diet was full of fat and sugars. But he wanted a quick fix. I gave it to him. I’d been experimenting for a while and told him about it. He was more than happy to volunteer. He didn’t care about the side effects. Josh just wanted to get big.

So I gave it to him. It seemed to start working instantly. Everyday he seemed to gain another pound of pure muscle. I told him he had to clean up his diet and that’s when he started to gain even more. The lack of flavor in the baked chicken breast seemed didn’t deter him. When he was seeing 2 and sometimes 3 pounds of gains, he’d eat the whole farm if he had to. 

I’d tracked him all the way through. He’d started off average with his 14 inch biceps but those quickly grew. His large shirts grew tight and he had to buy a whole new wardrobe of XL clothing. But even that was starting to get tight on him. His brow started to push out further while his jawline grew thicker. But his favorite thing to do was brag about how much of an alpha he was. 

Even when he was more of an average jock, he loved talking about how big and strong he was. It didn’t matter that he was about 170 pounds, he’d act like he was at least 250. Now that he was, it didn’t have to be an act. People would move out of his way naturally. His wide shoulders and intimidating size would make people question if they even wanted a chance to piss him off. 

“I don’t know,” I answered his question. “It seems to just keep making you bigger each time you take ‘em.”

“I know, right?” Josh threw up his arms into a double bicep pose. I could see the firm peaks bulge as he did so. Around me he seemed to love not having any sleeves on. Not that I was complaining, but it did seem a little bit weird. “Hey. Jason’s been asking me about what I’m taking. Do you think you could give him some too?”

“Well… First we need to know some of the side effects. Has anything changed?” I asked as I measured his biceps again. Nearly 21 inches. I went to his chest. But he paused not answering the question. “Josh?”

“Changed? No… Not really,” he answered. There was a bit of unease in his voice that wasn’t ever there.

“Josh,” I said firmly. His body straightened up. “Is there something that I need to know about?”

His face scrunched up as he tried to hold back his answer. “N-nuh-no…”

“Josh.” I placed my hands on my hips. “Is there something different?”

Under his arms started to sweat. He lifted up his hat and wiped his head. “Listen, I’ve got to go…”

“Josh!” I pushed him against the wall. Despite being so large, he went up against the wall. It was almost a bit awkward. I could feel some kind of tension between us as my hand rested on his chest. He could have snapped me in two for doing this to him, yet he didn’t move. “Josh?” I felt his breathing grow uneven. We’d been the same height when the trials started, now he looked down at me. 

“It’s nothing,” he breathed and lightly pushed past me. 

Josh tried to push the door open, but I pushed it closed. “Wait,” I ran my other hand down his thick bicep. It was just a soft touch, using just my fingertips. He seemed to melt. Every bit of of his 250 pounds muscular frame fell against the door, making it impossible for him to open. “Josh..? Is there something you’re not telling me?” I whispered into his ear. 

He let out a long low moan. “Listen buddy. It’s…”

My finger went and twirled around his hard nipple. The back of my nail just brushed around him ever so softly. “Don’t lie to me,” I kept my voice low, yet seductive. “Tell me what’s going on…”

“It’s just…” he let out another moan. “It’s just that stuff. It’s making me so big. And horny. But like not for the girls at the gym anymore. When I took Brit home last time…” another grunt. “I just couldn’t think about her.”

I didn’t let up. “So who do you think about?” The answer was obvious. I just needed to egg it out of him. His low pants and shallow breathing gave him away, but I wanted him to say it. I kiss the side of his neck while running my hands over the massive muscles. I’d been able to feel their strength so many times, yet right now they molded to my hands. 

Josh let out a few more huffs as he tried to think of something to say. Words wouldn’t come out. Each time it was just another huff. “Who do you think about?” I goaded. My hands drifted over his abs down towards his flexible pants. I gripped the band and pushed them down over his waist. 

“No wait!” he tried to grab the pants but they were against the floor. 

But still I did what he said. Only to see him in his jock with his ass completely exposed. Yet it wasn’t the defined glutes that got my attention but the hole between them. It wasn’t nearly as tight and small as it should have been. I laughed and dropped my own pants. I made sure to give him enough time to push away, yet his body seemed to be stuck to the door. My hard cock rubbed up against it and he let out a moan.

“Oh God…” he cried out. His body tried to hold on to something but couldn’t get anything to grab. I pushed a little more. He squirmed under the sensation. I could feel his hard muscles tighten under the pressure. “More…” he begged. I complied and dug deeper inside of him. It didn’t matter how much of a cock was shoved into his jock, he wanted a cock shoved deep inside. Each thrust seemed to send him over but he was a good boi and knew how to wait. I could hear him doing everything in his power to hold back. But eventually the sensation grew too much for me and I released inside him. Each pump filled him up more.

Josh turned around and slid down to the floor. His jock was dripping cum onto the floor below him. “Oh shit. Oh shit… What are the other guys going to think? Damn it. Why did that feel so good. I just can’t help myself…”

He looked upset as he put his hands against his face. “Don’t worry about it,” I got down to his level and spoke with confidence. “You said Jason wanted to try this stuff too. Right? Well, I think I can make a little bit more…” A smile crept onto his face as he knew what I was implying.

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