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Uncle Jed




Uncle Jed had hugged me a little longer than I expected when he arrived at our house for the Christmas holidays.  I had returned to my parents home, as well, knowing full well my mom’s bull of a brother would be sharing a room with me for the week.  I hadn’t really thought about it much – that is, until the hug.  He had clasped his humongous arms – looking monstrous even through the flannel shirt he had on – around my body, squeezed tightly, and lifted me slightly off the floor.  At the same time he whispered, “How’s my favorite little man.” This had been an affectionate nickname he had given to me when I was a kid, but now when he said it, I got a flurry of goosebumps and tongue tied-ness that I couldn’t explain.  I also didn’t know why I was so disappointed when my feet were returned to the floor.  Uncle Jed lived in Los Angeles, while I was in New York.  We rarely saw each other, but I’d get random messages all the time from him telling me he was in my great city, but there would be no time for him to see me – his schedule was just too jam packed.  At age fifty-six, my uncle was still working as a highly contract bouncer, bodyguard, and other jobs that needed an intimidating force.  This was the man that had always brought me chocolates, told me fantastical bedtime stories, and threw me around in the pool every summer – there was no way I could find him intimidating, but this particular trip brought different emotions.  He confidently straddled the chair beside me when we sat down for dinner, literally giving my cousin Mark a frightening stare because he had moved in that direction, too.  Jed put his hand on top of mine and said, again, how great it was to see me.  I instantly noticed how his hand engulfed mine completely.  You could see nothing of my small demure thing under his giant manly paw.  Again, he squeezed my hand for far too long and way too hard.  My face scrunched up in pain, but my crotch did a happy dance.  What was wrong with me?  This was my uncle – who lost his wife of twenty-two years when I had turned eighteen.  I still found it odd I never met Aunt Eleanor.  I found it even more odd that we were never informed about a funeral. Suddenly, a big muscled thigh pressed firmly against mine and I turned to find Uncle Jed conversing with my cousin on his other side.  His leg continued to push – causing my chair and me to slide a little.  


Finally, the big man turned to me and smiled.  He leaned in closer and said softly, “You know I’m not your real uncle, don’t you?”


And just like that, he turned back to my cousin on the other side and started up a new conversation. I was so caught off guard – so confused – I woofed down my food, excused myself, and went to the bathroom for a few minutes to calm what was raging beneath my belt.  Later, it was just my mom and I putting away some dishes in the dining room cabinet.  I asked her about what Jed had said and she told me that it was true.  Jed’s parents had both died when he was in college.  My grandparents had kind of unofficially adopted him since he was an only child.  When I asked her why I had never been told this important information she simply said family’s start to believe things as real the more the years piled up. I asked if there was anything else I should know about Uncle Jed and she immediately got an apologetic look on her face. 


“As a matter of fact there is.  Now, don’t be mad, honey.  Uncle Jed didn’t have a wife.  That’s just something we told you kids because Jed didn’t want all of you being confused.  He had a partner named Lenny – who we just kind of changed into Eleanor to make it easier for us to talk about her . . . I mean him.  I know, I know – we should have told you all, but it just didn’t seem to matter.  Your father and I did go to Lenny’s funeral, by the way.  We never told you that.  Oh the secrets family keep.  It’s a shame, don’t you think?”


My mom’s question was lost on me.  It would be a few more weeks before I would look back at that moment and realize she was offering me a ‘get out of jail free’ card.  She was hoping I’d come out with my big secret.  I was still working it out for myself, so I certainly wasn’t ready for all of her progressive ‘mother of the year’ enthusiastic support. I didn’t hear her because my mind was reeling from the fact that Uncle Jed – the guy built like a bulldozer – was gay. It was almost too much for a twenty-four closeted muscle daddy loving young man to handle.  I avoided the daddy ‘elephant in the room’ for the rest of the evening – throughout the singing of carols and the opening of Christmas gifts. I slid off to the two room mini apartment my parents had made above the garage – hoping to be in bed and asleep before monstrous Jed came in.  I had not, however, anticipated that he would already be there – standing in the folding doorway between our rooms in only his underwear.


I gasped audibly when I saw his unclothed body.  Nothing could have prepared me for the magnificence that was the man.  Bloated veiny clearly hard arms bulged at his side. Pecs the size of mattresses popped out in mammoth 3-D.  Gloriously strong looking giant hands hung by his side – further out than regular men because of Jed’s muscled lats.  His shoulders filled the doublewide doorway, so that just made me light headed and then his gorgeous beefy thighs just screamed to have my little body pinned between them. We stood there in silence for a few minutes – my heavy quick breathing the only noise in the room.  It was like he was giving me time to take everything in. A year wouldn’t have been long enough for me to explore every muscle on the huge man.  Finally, he broke the silence.


“I was in New York last month – just for a quick overnight trip – and I saw you at Papa’s Bar.  You didn’t see me.  I was on my way in and I caught sight of you with some friends through the window.  I figured it wouldn’t be a good place to finally come clean about so many lies your family and I had told you.  I . . . also . . . um, wow this is really hard to say.  I also . . . realized how much I wanted you – you’ve grown into such a handsome young man.  I hadn’t even gotten a gay vibe from you – ever.  I was just so excited to see you so comfortable in that bar – flirting with older men.  I watched you for about an hour.”


“Then you must know what I like,” I said, surprisingly with confidence that thrilled both of us.


Jed walked closer to me. God, I had forgotten how much I loved big men in briefs.  His tidy whitey’s looked spectacular hugging his muscled body.  Massive pecs were inches from my chin.  I could smell the aroma of perspiration that comes from being nervous – from being hopeful.  That’s when I realized that Jed was as caught off guard by all of this as I was.  It was just that his size and his obvious power helped him to hide his apprehension a lot more than I could.  He reached up, cupped the back of my head, and pulled it slowly – excruciatingly slow – toward his mammoth chest.  My lips were read, as was my tongue.  As soon as my lips smacked up against his hard pec muscle the man exhaled deeply, letting an animalistic growl escape.  I didn’t wait for any other words or sounds to give me permission to do the millions of things that were racing through my head. I simply let the muscle daddy-loving beast within me take over.  I had never wanted to satisfy another human being as much as I did Jed.  My mouth moved quickly to his hard nipple and when I scraped it between my teeth his back arched and the grip around my head tightened.  At the same time my hand shot out to the enormous mound of muscle bulging between his shoulder and forearm.  My hand met something so hard I could have easily believed it was stone.  My fingers foolishly tried to grab the peak of his gun as he raised it high to flex, but my hand was just too small.  The behemoth formerly known as Uncle Jed shoved his crotch against mine and even through my blue jeans I could feel his manly tool hardening with every thrust.  The hand on the back of my hand made it’s way down my back, groping and caressing me hard as it traveled.  When it slid behind the waistband it paused briefly, as if the big man needed to prepare for the prize it was about to behold.  Jed’s cock convulsed wildly in anticipation.  Finally, his veiny muscled gigantic hand clamped around my bulbous ass and the muscle daddy lost control.


A jet crashing into our garage could not have made more noise than Jed’s orgasmic howl as he unleashed what had clearly been building for a long time.  My own cock showed its submissiveness and immediately released a heavy stream of cum in response to dominant alpha dick pounding it as the man shot his load.  Huge arms immediately tightened around me so strongly that I was worried my back would be broken.  For the second time that night, Jed lifted my body off the floor and we shook simultaneously as if there were a major earthquake.  It seemed like it took him hours longer to finally stop spewing.  I already felt gobs of his warm sticky milk seeping through my jeans.  It felt like his body had produced gallons, while mine was stupendous with a few quarts. Even when our breathing began to become normal, the big man did not release his bear hug.  He continued to hold m in the air – our crotches slowly becoming stuck together and my upper body smashed against his gloriously humongous chest.  This time, I broke the silence.


“I think my family now knows we’ve consummated our relationship.  I actually think the entire town knows.”


When he chuckled at my comment my small body bounced in his grasp.  His laughing echoed within his cavernous chest as if it were miles wide. He brought his lips to the top of my head and kissed me.


“I could hold you forever,” he said, softly.


“I don’t think there’s anything or anyone that could stop you,” I replied.


This comment made his chest swell even more and his hug tightened teasingly.  I was able to lift my head slightly so I could see his face. He smiled down at me and we knew there was no need for words.  This was the beginning of something very important.  The future was already mapped out for us.  He simply confirmed that by making one comment.


“I move to New York in the new year.”    

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