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It was just another ranch in Montana that put a one line ad in the paper for a cowboy. They called it a Ranch Hand to make it sound more glorious but nobody was fooled. I didn’t need a job. I was happy where I was so I ignored the ad as apparently just about everybody else in world was doing. It got to be a joke and almost a challenge to be the first to find the ad when the paper came out. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the ad was in the Penny Pincher paper. We all assumed that the ranch owner was also a penny pincher when it came to salary.


I got curious about where this place was so one night I got on the internet to look for it. As far as I could tell it was near the Canada/US border and the closest post office was in a place called Whitlash. Out in the middle of nowhere there were some mountains and the ranch was in those mountains. Google Earth didn’t have high enough resolution to see any ranch buildings and the names on the map like “Old Banks Place” disappeared when you tried to zoom in. It seemed to me like a place you would go to disappear forever.


The next time I was in town I got one of those throwaway cell phones and called the number in the advertisement.  A friendly but extremely deep voice answered the phone. I’ve run across one or two men with voices like that and to tell the truth they were virile and sexy as hell. Face to face their voice literally made my insides vibrate with excitement. This guy made that happen on the phone.


During the conversation he seemed to be talking me out of considering the job but the longer I talked to him the more I wanted to see his spread. He said the easiest way to get to the ranch was to get myself to Great Falls and they would do the rest.


I made arrangements and then told the guys I was going home for my mother’s birthday, which was true, except on the way back I was stopping in Great Falls for a couple days. The trip home was well documented in pictures to prove I was there. I made sure there were gaps of a day where there were no pictures.


I got to Great Falls and was met by the pilot that would fly me north–I assumed to the ranch. I’ve faced charging bulls, hung off the edge of a cliff while rock climbing, fallen off horses, and rode bucking broncos but going up in a two seat airplane made me fear for my life for the first time ever. He landed on a road and let me out. He had to take off immediately and he told me I would be picked up by the rancher. When he was gone the only sound was the wind and there was nothing in all directions for miles. I was looking for a car or truck when I heard a helicopter. The pilot could have been a cover guy for a muscle magazine but he wasn’t the man I talked to on the phone. I only thought terror meant the small plane. A helicopter is like a flying fishbowl. I was more than glad when we landed.


At last a pickup truck approached, stopped, and then he stepped out. It was the man, the voice on the phone. As expected I saw cowboy boots, the jeans, and a big buckle on the belt around a tiny waist. Then instead of a western shirt he wore a gray t-shirt and that made my jaw drop. Not the shirt but the massive muscles stretching the 6 XL Long shirt. His voice boomed in greeting and my cock nearly exploded. He tossed my bag in the bed of the truck and drove me the last couple of miles to the house. Up close in the truck his arms looked more than a foot wide. In profile his chest and back were at least double the width of his upper arm. His belly was flat and his waist was tiny yet there was plenty of man meat packed behind the zipper in his blue jeans.


It was near supper so I was handed a beer and forced, forced I tell you, to talk to the man whose every word almost made me want to cream. He told me about the ranch and the remote pastures they used to graze the cattle. Each valley had a one room cabin to live in while tending the herd. He had pictures and each valley was more breathtaking than the last.  I didn’t notice that the ranch hands had begun to gather for supper until the noise level started to rise in the kitchen. Then Erik stood and offered to introduce me to the guys that were able to make it to supper.


Standing among them I felt like a tiny skinny freshman in high school surrounded by all the alpha jocks on a varsity all star football team. It didn’t matter if they wore western shirts, t-shirts, or dress shirts nothing could hide the muscle packed onto their bodies. They ranged in age from twenty to forty years old and there wasn’t an ugly face or a small cock among them. Put me in the bunkhouse and somebody start an orgy! Bottom or top I’d take all of them on.


It was still dark when I smelled the breakfast cooking in the kitchen. Half of the guys had already eaten and started their day. Others straggled in as a freshly cooked omelet was put on my plate. I found myself alone in the kitchen drinking coffee when Erik came in wrapped in a sheepskin coat. He poured himself coffee and sat in front of me.


“I want you to come work on the ranch,” he said. “The others all give you a thumbs up too. Stay another day or two,” he said.


“I think I’d like to work here but I have a job in Colorado,” I smiled.


He stood and rinsed his cup out then he flipped his head telling me to follow him. My guess was that it was time for a tour but the tour ended in his bedroom. “The wild mushrooms that were in that omelet should be kicking in soon,” he said as he pressed into me. His hands went under my sweatshirt and pinched my nipples. I felt it building since he walked in the door.


“You’ll have complete control over when you cum,” he said softly. “It’s like being edged isn’t it? Yeah let it build up and then pull it back.” he whispered after his shirt came off. I groaned as I felt my orgasm rise to the boiling point and then I willed it to subside. It was like temporary blindness when the orgasm built. I was closer and closer to being totally naked each time I pulled back from cumming.


“Fuck,” he said as he pulled my face into his humongous pecs. I looked down at his hard uncut cock. It seemed to be a foot long and eight inches in diameter and it looked like his foreskin was already filled with cum. My only thought was that his cock would never fit in my ass. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. I felt like my whole body could burst into flame. He lifted me and took me to his bed. 


“Ride it cowboy!” he ordered and I lowered my ass onto his fence post of a cock. I don’t know how but there was more of a stretching feeling than pain. He used his tremendous strength to thrust up into me as I rode. “Cum,” he yelled. “Fuuuuuuuccckkkk!” he groaned as his balls filled me with his seed. His orgasm triggered mine and four times my normal load of cum was spewing onto his physique.


I was awakened by Jon and Rick, two of the bigger ranch hands crawling into bed with me. I looked at the clock and it was almost noon. They took turns fucking me for the next hour and most of the time I was fucking the cowboy that wasn’t fucking me. I felt like I had unlimited cum and I did.


Exhausted by the sex I was breathing hard and gulping air. Rick opened a small container on the nightstand and picked a fresh mushroom which he popped in my mouth. I went to spit it out but he made me swallow it whole. Jon picked another and ordered me to chew. Except for a bit of mushroom dirt they were good. They told me to dress for lunch and smiled as they watched me struggle to pull on my sweatshirt and pants. I couldn’t get my boots on my feet.


A cheer went up from all the cowpokes when I entered the kitchen and I was surprised to see that most of them were naked. They surrounded me and stripped me naked too. Somebody rolled a three way mirror into the room and they stood me before it as they opened the wings. Damn, my fat had melted away and my muscles were showing. I wasn’t very big compared to the other ranch hands but I looked like an amateur bodybuilder. My cock shot seven big ropes of cum at my reflection. Big Erik walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I felt his hard cock nestle against my ass crack.


“Ready to call your old boss and resign?” he asked softly. “I’ve got a dozen studs just chomping at the bit to get to your ass. That ain’t counting the guys staying at the cabins up in the hills. Whatdya say?”  


“Not only yes but FUCK YES!” I yelled. Then Erik slipped his cock into my cum filled ass and fucked me right there in the dining room.


I made up some bullshit excuse for quitting and told them to give my old clothes and boots to charity because I had no use for cowboy duds in the city. Truth was nothing I owned would fit me anymore.


I all the years I worked on ranches as a cowboy I never had sex with other guys on the ranch. Back then a weekend in the big city now and then cleaned my clock. Here in the middle of nowhere hardly a day goes by without at least a blowjob. The mushrooms are just mushrooms. You could eat ten pounds and nothing would happen unless they are specially pre-treated. The mushrooms don’t cause you to grow muscle either. Initially something happens to your metabolism that helps burn fat and then your body chemistry changes and you begin to get more muscular but everybody is different. They tell me that Jack gained a pound a day for the first month and then he abruptly stopped gaining and only added a pound a week before he had another growth spurt. Eventually he added eighty pounds of rock hard muscle and he might fluctuate a few pounds now and then but he doesn’t have an ounce of fat on his body.


My bone structure expanded I grew six inches taller but I was only 5’7” when I arrived, My muscle growth has been slow and steady and after a year I’m still growing more muscular which is not the norm. Erik says that his muscle growth pattern was similar to mine and then confided in me that his body had never quit gaining muscle. 


I just hope that nobody in Colorado figures out that the penny pincher ad’s stopped about the time I quit. I’d hate to have to explain why I answered that stupid ad in the first place. Then I’d have to explain why I have been working as a cowboy on a ranch full of gay muscle studs all this time. I shouldn’t have worried though. Out of habit I picked up a penny pincher paper and there on the second page was the same old ad for a Ranch Hand that had been running forever.


Erik told me after a rather athletic and lengthy fuck session that he continues to run the ad because he is always looking for good people and if I didn’t qualify I would have been told the job was filled at the Great Falls airport.


Next week I’ll be going up to a high valley called the Eagle’s Nest to work with a guy named Sam the Mountain Man.




I plan to keep a detailed diary to continue the saga of this once lonely cowboy. I’ll let you know what happens.

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