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Big Enough?

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“Don’t you think you’re big enough?” Alex asked his roommate. He couldn’t believe just how much that stuff had actually been working. The infomercial seemed to be way too good to be true, but Brad still bought like three cases of the stuff.

“Ehh… I don’t think so,” Brad replied. It didn’t matter that his head was scraping across the 7 foot ceilings or the fact that he had to buy specially made clothes to wear that he was about to outgrow again, none of that seemed to bother him. If anything, it encouraged him. 

“But look at you!” Alex felt like he was going crazy. Just a few weeks ago the two had been about the same height and weight. But now? It wasn’t even comparable. Brad just towered over him and he didn’t even know if he could fathom just how much the muscular giant could have weighed. He guessed at least double but was almost wondering if it was triple and feared it might have been close to quadruple. 

“Yeah, look at me. I can get so much bigger,” he pulled out another container. The bottle was so small in his hands. “Try it.”

Alex felt his hand reaching out for it. “Really?”

“Really,” there was something behind his smile. Alex could see it but didn’t know what the secret was.

“But you said I wasn’t allowed to have any…”

“I know,” Brad said. “But I figured out how to make more. See they use a bit of magic and I was able to figure out what all goes into it. So I won’t be running out any time soon. I just need you to drink it.” He tilted his hand, offering the bottle again.

Alex grabbed it. He stared at it suspiciously. One of Brad’s fingers pushed from the bottom of the bottle, leading it to his mouth. “Drink it,” he ordered. There was still a smile on his face but the friendliness was starting to fade from his words. However, Alex still obeyed. He tipped the bottle back and felt the liquid seep down into his stomach. Once it hit his tongue he couldn’t stop drinking until it was all gone.

“Good?” Brad asked.

“Surprisingly so,” Alex confirmed. He looked down at his body. “So when does the growth happen?”

“Growth?” Brad laughed. “That’s not to make you grow. It’s to make me grow.”

“Wha--” Alex cut himself off as he saw the weight on his body start to disappear. Even if he hadn’t been working out as much as he did in his early 20's he had a bit of a muscular physique. Nothing that a real athlete would care about but enough that he looked like he could play soccer on the weekends with his friends. But all that weight was rapidly starting to disappear. Both the muscle and the fat. 

“What’s going on?” Alex squeaked. It was a bit higher and more nasally as he said it. He reached up at Brad but that distance seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. He tilted his head back even further than before and couldn’t see over the thick pecs on the other man. Looking over his thin and scrawny arms he didn’t know what to think. There was always a bit of muscle and fat on them, but now it was almost like he was pure skin and bones. The shirt he was wearing draped on one side and his shorts threatened to fall down to his ankles. He could feel the massive amount of space in his shoes as he too a step back, almost losing one.

Brad let out a laugh. “Well I guess it’s a bit of a lie to say that one specifically is for me. See, I figured out that they use other people’s muscles to make this shit. They get them to work out real hard and then the person drinks this and loses most of it. It’s packaged and shipped out. But it’s really diluted. So I need your help. We’re going to the gym today and I’ll give you back to get some real big guys to drain.”

“But don’t you want to grow using my muscles?” Alex asked. He suddenly felt really jealous of someone else helping Brad grow. Seeing Brad’s massive body was different. He liked it. He wanted to run his hands over the thick muscular build and then watch it grow even more. 

“Forgot I added that part," Brad smirked. "Don’t worry big guy,” he placed his massive hand on top of Alex’s head. “You doing this is going to make me grow a lot. I just need you as a demonstration and then I’ll be able to get really big!” 

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21 minutes ago, agmsye said:

I love that pic. 😄

It is a good pic 😆 He's just such a giant I assume most places are like that for him.

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