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The Old Abandoned Farmhouse





The Old Abandoned Farmhouse


I overheard Brad and Tony arranging a meeting at the old abandoned farmhouse out at the end of Pratt Road. Normally I would have ignored anything those two were involved in but that old farmhouse belonged to my family. Dad built a new house when my mom inherited the land because he hated old drafty houses. So all my life I lived in a sealed temperature controlled glass box he called modern architecture. 

Mom wouldn’t let him tear down the old farmhouse because six generations of Pratt’s were born in that house, including her. When my grandparents died three years ago she put all their furniture in storage and had the house boarded up. She wanted to renovate and use the house for family gatherings. Her grandparents had a table that had ten leaves and extended to about 20 feet long and even though it extended into the living room, all the adults in the family could sit at the same table. 

So I parked my truck by the creek and walked to the farmhouse. I hid behind the interior doors that were stacked against the wall. I could see the room and out to the porch from between the doors. Somebody had taken the plywood off the double doors that led to the porch. Mom will not be pleased when I tell her someone has been in the old farmhouse. I sat there on the sofa cushions I bought with my stash of water and munchies waiting to see what the two studs from the gym were up to.

I was about to give up when Tony walked onto the porch and called out for Brad. He said something about it being too fucking hot to be out here. He muttered about it being even hotter in the house and what a jerk Brad was for choosing this place.

I thought he was just opening his shirt but then he stripped naked, leaned against the siding, and crossed his arms. Occasionally he would walk to the edge of the porch and look for Brad. Damn he had a great body! He bent over his clothes and pulled out his phone. His ass crack and pucker were shaved and were shiny wet looking. I almost knocked over one of the doors straining to see. He was talking to Brad using language that would make a sailor blush and he didn’t sound happy. He put the phone down and began bitching about Brad planning ahead by getting gas in his truck before it was time to meet.

He grabbed the phone again and started flipping through pictures. His cock was getting hard and he was stroking the long thick shaft. Fuck he was a grower! I bet it was ten inches long. I began to think Brad was bringing a woman out here for them to fuck. What would Tony’s girlfriend Denise think about that? I could watch that too. I wouldn’t mind seeing their muscles flex as they hump her… especially Brad!

Brad was one built fucker. He wasn’t even half as muscular when he joined the Army… of was he in the Marines. He returned six years later looking like Mr. Olympia. He was 5’7 when he graduated high school two years before me. Today he’s 10 inches taller. I hardly recognized him mostly because his face was more handsome and more angular than I remember. He didn’t talk about his military service except that he had traveled all over the world on missions where he and the team carried out operations for the government. We were supposed to assume he was in some elite Special Forces unit taking out bad guys.



Brad is obviously very muscular but I never saw him naked because he doesn’t change or shower at the gym being he lives so close. Even fully dressed in sweats you can see his huge muscles.

I was lost in thought and when I looked up again Brad was naked on the porch and kissing Tony like someone starved for sex. Tony was kissing back but Brad was overwhelming him. Tony seemed to be in a trance and yet totally obedient to Brad’s suggestions.

Brad turned Tony facing the wall and then he slapped Tony’s ass. I figured Brad’s cock was shrunken because he had to take steroids to build a body like that but Brad’s cock was just as long as and bigger around than Tony’s cock. Tony moaned as Brad inserted his condom covered cock in one slow thrust.

“Fuckin’ perfectly stretched and lubed,” Brad groaned. “Fucking so perfect, just shoving it in made me want to cum,” Brad said as he rolled and thrust his hips to fuck Tony’s willing ass.

“Fuck me Brad,” Tony yelled. “Fuck me hard! Cum in me!”

For the next twenty minutes Brad did exactly that as I watched with my mouth agape. I wanted to take pictures but I was afraid the flash would alert them to my being there. Then the phone vibrated and Brad looked toward the doors where I was hiding. I quickly put the phone between the cushions and powered it off.  He didn’t look my way again so I thought I was safe but started fucking Tony hard. I could see Tony’s cock shooting cum against the wall. Brad pulled out of his ass, ripped off the rubber, inserted his cock again, and started cumming inside Tony.

Now Tony was on his hands and knees on the porch floorboards. Brad got behind him and shoved his cock in hard. Brad was speaking in Tony’s ear and all of a sudden Tony was acting like a zombie. Tony took some water bottles Brad brought and shoved the opening in his gaping hole to fill his ass with water. He squatted right there with his ass off the edge of the porch and flushed his ass clean out. My jaw dropped. Tony got dressed, and then started cursing Brad out for being a no show. It was as if Tony couldn’t see Brad even though he was two feet away. And Tony didn’t seem to know that Brad just fucked the hell out of him. He tried to call Brad and calmly got in his truck when Brad didn’t answer. I heard Tony drive away.

I stayed quiet because I wasn’t sure Brad left.

“You can come out now,” Brad commanded. I didn’t move. I tried not to breathe. “Do I have to move those doors and drag you out of there?”

“No,” I said a bit too forcefully.

“No, you ain’t coming out… or no, don’t bother moving the doors?” he asked.

“I’m coming out,” I answered. I gathered my stuff and backed out of my hiding place. I dialed the phone. “Hey dad,” I said. “Yes sir I’ll be there for supper. I didn’t forget. Yeah, I had the phone on vibrate and didn’t hear it. Later, 6pm sharp… I might come early,” I said before breaking the connection. “I’m invited for supper with my parents,” I told the naked man. “You are trespassing,” I postured.

“You are predictable,” he chuckled. “Did you enjoy what you saw? I guess you did,” he said stroking my hard cock through my pants. I shoved his hand away. “Tony was a ploy to get you here. He will only remember I didn’t show up.”

“Why did you…”

“Why did I do it this way? Would you have come here and let me fuck you like that?”

“No!” I said with a little hesitation. “I would have called the cops and said you were trespassing.”

“Yet you didn’t call the cops when you saw me trespassing.”

“No, I was coming to my parent’s house for supper and got here a couple hours early.”

“Five hours early?”

“To see what you and Tony were up to. Tony is no innocent choir boy,” I said opening a water.

“I want to fuck you like that, without protection,” he took my water bottle and sipped some of my water.

“No! Didn’t you take the condom off and cum in him like he asked?”

“No.” He looked me in the eye and smiled. “I made him into an innocent choir boy. He’ll soon get religion and marry… Denise. She’ll have his babies and he’ll get a good paying job at the car plant.”

“Bull-loney,” I laughed. “I know Tony and he is a heathen.”

“After I fuck you you’ll look like me… this muscular not my face. You’ll look like you but better looking. You might get taller and your dick is gonna grow too. Everybody is different. You’ve got a big bone structure… your physique may get up in the three hundred pound range without a big belly. You’ll have a perfect V shape and abs like mine.”

“Who says I’ll let you fuck me? No thanks. I may look and sound like some country boy farmer but that isn’t likely to happen,” I said. “I’m a college educated Engineer and graduated cum laude. I am not stupid and I’m not gay.”

“Then… why is your cock so hard and why are you naked and why are you stroking your cock as your hand worships my awesome muscles?”

“Huh!” I jumped back. “Are you using hypnosis or something?”

“Nope, has your cock ever been that hard? I’ll bet right now your ass aching to be fucked? That’s it, touch me. Can you see what you will become? Both women and men will throw themselves at you. I can see you like fucking the ladies but you go to the gym to get off on studs like me. You’ll have to beg me to fuck you and transform your body. That’s it kiss my muscles. Run your hands over my physique in worship. Oh yeah suck my nipples! Lick my abs. Taste my cock and balls.”

“Brad please fuck me, transform my body,” I whispered.

Two hours later we washed buck naked by the well next to the kitchen using the hand pump to fill buckets with water. I poured a five gallon bucket of water over my head.

“I don’t feel any different,” I said flexing my arm. He laughed. “Brad…”

“Yes?” he smiled. I think he knew what was coming.

“Do we… Is it just once and its over? Do we ever fuck around again?” I asked. Brad closed the distance between us and took me in his arms. He rubbed his body against mine and he kissed me. If I had to rate the kiss it would be up there with the greatest kisses I ever got. By the time the kiss broke I was ready to be fucked again.

“I’m gonna fuck you every night of your life and at some point you will come to a plateau and stop growing. Then it is permanent. In the mean time we may find others but anytime you feel the need to be with me, my door is always open.”

“Is your door gonna be open about nine or ten o’clock tonight?” I asked.

“You bet!” he slapped my ass and kissed the back of my neck.

While at supper I brought up the subject of renovating the old farmhouse. My mom looked glum until I suggested that I pay for the renovations and live in the house. Family gatherings would be welcome as long as I could close off my private space upstairs. I did some rough sketches making the first floor including the master bedroom my grandparents added all for entertaining and the upstairs would be my private area. Dad rolled his eyes saying it was a waste of money but mom was enthusiastic.  

On the way to Brad’s that night I passed a bad accident. The vehicle was the same color as Tony’s truck but it was so mangled I couldn’t tell if it was his. The person in that vehicle had to be dead. I stopped and talked to the rescue crew and they said Tony was thrown from the truck before it rolled.

The headline in the paper the next day showed the truck and said the driver was not seriously hurt. The only injury Tony had was described as minor bruises. I know for a fact Tony had a bruised gluteus maximus and hemorrhoids. I saw those injuries were inflicted by Brad. The next Sunday Tony was in church with Denise. Apparently the accident cause a religious experience. Now (Tony) the once irreligious person goes every Sunday! I heard that the wedding is scheduled around Thanksgiving.

I grew slowly and naturally although it is a bit odd that I added six inches to my height. People aren’t supposed to get taller at twenty five. At present I weigh 307 pounds and have about a thirty inch waist with around 10% body fat. I love my new physique but I love my new cock even more. Now it’s a shower and a grower.


It took over a year to do all the renovations. The foundation was fixed so the house was now level again. The walls, roof, and floors have foam insulation, there is all new plumbing and electrical, new triple pane windows, new HVAC system, all new walls, and the heart pine floors were sanded and sealed. The porches were fixed and the house has a new roof and several coats of white paint. Every door and all the woodwork was stripped and refinished. The kitchen has modern appliances but it still has the feel of Grannies old kitchen. As a matter of fact the whole downstairs has that old fashion feel that my grandparents would have loved. There were originally four bedrooms upstairs but now there are three. The first is my master bedroom and bath/spa, a guest room with bathroom, and lastly my office with bathroom.

Where is the gym, you might ask. I converted the small barn to the gym. It is a bare bones weight room with locker room and showers. There is no sound system or TV’s on banks of treadmills, there is no aerobic room, and there is no juice bar. There is a wrestling room that can double as an orgy room; there is a posing room with mirrored walls and a few storage rooms that just happen to have beds in them in case you need to nap or want to have a private massage with someone.

The Pratt family approves of the renovations to the old homestead, and even my dad is impressed. He still loves his glass box but that will never change. Brad calls it the frat house because of all the bodybuilders that hang out here. Lately Brad has been hinting that he wouldn’t mind living in the guest bedroom to be closer to the gym. I doubt very much that he would ever sleep in that room. He never does when he stays overnight which is four or five times a week after a heavy workout.

I can’t help but wonder what my life would be like if I had called the cops on Tony and Brad or even if I had ignored their plans to meet at the old farmhouse.


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