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Above is a picture of Mo the tow truck driver

Update: Mardi Gras 2020.

This is our third Mardi Gras as residents of New Orleans.

The first parades began on January 6th and the last of the parades this year will begin at 8am on Tuesday February 25th 2020 MARDI GRAS DAY. Our guests will be arriving about an hour before the first parade on FAT TUESDAY and the beer will start flowing. There will be food and food and more food. There will be laughter and frivolity until midnight when Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. We will wear ashes on our forehead as a reminder of individual mortality and observe a day of fasting and abstinence which will be followed by planning for next year’s Mardi Gras party. 

We have been a committed couple for more than twenty years. We ran a successful business and traveled the world. On a trip to New Orleans we fell in love with the city. We sold our business and were set for life. We planned to grow old together in the lap of luxury so we bought a home in the Garden District, a posh neighborhood in New Orleans. We got much more than we bargained for and here is what happened.


Edward and Robert on vacation somewhere in Ireland in 2015



Robert and Edward at Mardi Gras 2019

As you can see from the pictures there has been a drastic change. This is our story.


Retiring In New Orleans: prologue


After you hear this tale you too may wonder if ancient gods still roam the earth. In New Orleans many Carnival Krewes are named for the gods, Bacchus, Momus, Morpheus, Proteus, and Argus to name a few. I think we were visited by one of those gods right after we bought the house in New Orleans. His name was Mo but we think he has an alias. We think of him as Mo, AKA, Morpheus.


Morpheus is a mythological god that has the ability to mimic any human form and to appear in dreams. His true semblance is that of a powerfully built winged god. In classical depictions of Morpheus, he carried a box full of dreams with two lids, one half black and the other half white, to signify good and bad dreams. In myth, Morpheus is invoked as the god of sleep and dreams.

One thing for sure he fulfilled all of my dreams…  Robert’s too.


Retiring In New Orleans


So this was the home that we bought.



The main house is 8,516 square-feet with 6 bedrooms, 6 full bathrooms plus 2 half bathrooms. Everywhere there are huge floor to ceiling windows that flood the house with light. Gorgeous details adorn its interior, and along with 13-foot high ceilings, there are elegant chandeliers with ceiling medallions, original dark polished hardwood floors, carved marble mantel pieces, deep crown moldings, a double parlor, an office, a library, a grand curved staircase that speaks of old world New Orleans charm, and a kitchen worthy of a fine chef.


The rear of the house also has a huge screened porch looking out onto a terrace patio, pool, and outdoor kitchen. The backyard also features a brick patio with fountain next to the four car garage. Then there is the garçonnière complete with a great room, a small kitchen, two bedrooms, and two full bathrooms. Some call it a pool house, a mother-in-law cottage, maid’s quarters, or grounds keeper’s residence but in New Orleans it is a garçonnière or bachelor pad. They were built so unmarried gentlemen of age back in the 1800’s could move out of the main house because sometimes when there were blended families the young ladies could not reside in the main house with their stepbrothers and be considered pure… if you know what I mean.


The house was too formal for our taste so we were having it renovated from deep dark Victorian furnishings, carpets, and draperies to tastefully elegant furniture but by no means ultra modern. The swags, tassels, and tiebacks as well as the grandma Victorian red velvet sofas were a bit much for our taste.


On out third trip to New Orleans to check the progress and pick out furniture we drove up to the house to find no cars parked on the street. There were some step ladders chained to the oak tree which we found strange. Entering the house we were hit with the smell of fresh paint and polyurethane fumes. The paint colors and the new drapes were perfect and we were about to go back to meet the designer when a tow truck pulled up and stopped in front of our car.


The guy that jumped out was a stud that had the two of us panting. There was no doubt the guy lived in the gym and that he was gay. He was as polite as he was handsome and muscular. He pointed out the sign about parade parking we didn’t see. Mo (or is it Moe) answered all our questions about the parades and we invited him to watch a parade from our porch. Robert moved the car to the garage and I got a business card from Mo the tow truck driver. I didn’t think we would need road service but it never hurts to have the phone number of a good looking muscular man.


We called Ann at Interiors Plus to set up a meeting and she told us the pool house was completely finished and furnished. Yea! We didn’t have to get a hotel room. She knew there would be no hotel rooms to be found this close to Mardi Gras so she pushed to have it finished and furnished before we arrived.


After that first night parade we were hooked. The sale of our business the year before allowed us to make our own schedule and we opted to stay in New Orleans for the whole of Mardi Gras season. We would video conference the meetings and consultations with the new owners of our business like we did while we were traveling so it wasn’t a problem.


Then the weekend before Fat Tuesday the mega parades brought an incredible amount of people to the streets. We were actually fearful at first and then Mo the tow truck driver showed up at the fence with a bunch of friends to watch the parade. Recognizing him by his wide shoulders we went to the fence to talk to him. That was the closest we had ever been to the parade.


Mo and his friends thought we were not in the Mardi Gras spirit and offered to teach us how to catch beads and grovel for doubloons (Aluminum disks imprinted with the name of the Krewe and the theme of the parade.) Mo, who is 6’6”, lifted me onto his shoulders to get beads directly from the float. Upon completion of the raid he lifted me by my hips and set me down on my feet. His knowing smile told me he felt my boner pressing on the back of his bull neck and skull. He held the bag open for my bounty as the mob surrounded us. The people were at least ten deep and busy begging for beads so nobody noticed him cop a feel of my huge erection. His arm went over my shoulders and he spoke in my ear.


“That was fucking awesome,” he said as he pulled me against his rock hard physique. I almost filled my briefs with cum. “Want to ride me again?” he asked. I was not beyond the double meaning.


I saw Robert riding on the shoulders of Mo’s friend Jason collecting arms full of beads. Jason was almost as muscular as Mo, if that is possible. I may have been jealous but it looked like Robert was seducing young Jason. Without warning I was again lifted onto Mo’s broad shoulders to garner trinkets at a stopped Mardi Gras Parade float. This time, after I handed the beads to Robert, I was lifted down by two other guys (I forgot their names) that were with Mo and Jason. The front of my body slowly slid down Mo’s back and when my feet touched the curb, the two guys pressed against my back. I was not only surrounded by muscle, my hard cock was rubbing against Mo’s ass since Mo was standing on the street and I was standing on the curb. He turned to face me and we were cock to cock. I felt pre-cum wet my briefs. Mo’s smile dismissed his cohorts.


“You did that on purpose!” I laughed.


“Happy Mardi Gras,” Mo yelled. We were eye to eye and I knew he wanted to fuck me. I backed away because I was a committed man; committed to Robert for the last twenty years.


After the parade Robert invited the group onto the property to use the bathroom. Imagine ten muscular men crowded into the living room of the garçonnière. They all knew what it was and explained that ladies of the night would come up the alley to service the young gentlemen. And that was how the conversation turned to sex. A small group left via the alley and then others drifted away until it was only Mo, Jason, Robert, and me talking, laughing, and drinking beer. Robert followed me into the kitchen and indicated that he wanted to spend the night with Jason.


“Then taking Mo to bed would be okay for me?” I said to jolt him out of it.


“Yes,” he said and walked out of the kitchen. Seconds later Mo walked in to inform me that the others went for a swim.


“Naked or in briefs,” I joked.


“Naked. We could get naked too but I don’t care to swim,” he said as he pulled his shirt sleeve back and flexed his arm.


“What did you have in mind?” I said looking at the massive muscles.


“What we both wanted when you asked for my business card,” he said as he moved closer.


The next thing I knew I was naked in bed with Mo’s huge muscular body hovering over mine. He was huge and solid and built like a rock. He slowly pulled me into a kiss. Our kisses grew passionate as I pushed my tongue into his hot mouth. My arms embraced his thickly muscled back, as he lowered his body onto mine. A moan escaped his lips as he pulled our crotches together. I felt his huge cock press against mine and all I could think was that I needed him now.


I slipped my hands down to his naked ass and let my fingers explore his tight crack until I found his hole and we kissed with renewed passion. We were breathing hard as our cocks began grinding into each other. He rotated his body into the 69 position, and I inhaled his musk. The weight of this hot man on top of me and the strong smells of his sweaty cock drove me crazy! I buried my face in his crotch and licked his big balls as he took me into his hot mouth. I felt his tongue roll around my shaft, hungrily sucking up my pre-cum. I licked from the tip of his shaft to the base, and then all around his balls again. The taste of this man was incredible!


He turned and pushed my knees to my ears so my ass was spread wide, and I felt his hot manhood lightly probe my hole, and then slowly slide in deeper and deeper. I nearly had an orgasm as I felt his cock fill my ass. His cock was so huge but I knew my hole could take it. I felt him slide out until his cock head almost pulled free of my ass, and then he rammed back in again, and again, and again.


His balls slapped hard against my ass, and his cock pressed deeply into me. Suddenly I felt his dick explode deep in my ass. He was out of control nearly lifting me up off the bed with each thrust. Then he fell onto me with his cock still buried to the hilt. His muscled body crushed me and he slid his arms around me. He rose to a kneeling position with me in his arms. He stood and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Each step he took across the room felt like another thrust and as he reached the bathroom door he had another orgasm. His whole body trembled and it felt like jolts of electricity were flowing into every muscle in my body. Uncontrollable flu-like shivers pulsed through my body as he stepped into the shower room. I felt hot enough to burst into flames as he pushed my back into a corner and began to fuck me again. My body felt like it was going to explode. I passed out.


How many orgasms he had between then and when I woke up on the shower floor being humped is another mystery. It could have been one or one hundred for all I knew. The water was raining down on us as I worshipped his massive physique. I felt his cock expand and dump more cum into my body and I faded from reality once more.


During the night I know I was fucked a few times but it could have been a dream. The whole thing could have been a dream. For all I knew Robert and I could have had a wild night even though we hadn’t done anything like that for almost ten years. When you get older it just stops working as well. I slept into the mid morning hours which I never do, not even on the weekends. I am usually wide awake by seven in the morning. Old habits die hard.


Robert was beside me in bed sleeping as he normally did with his head buried in the covers. I turned and pressed my morning wood into his back. Morning wood was another thing that over the years had started to fade. I ran my hand down to his crotch and discovered his wood was just as healthy as mine. He rolled to his back and we kissed. He looked guilty and I told him my theory about our wild night of sex being caused by fantasies about our muscular guests. We both recalled the midnight swim in the buff but then to the best of our knowledge our guests went home after asking if they could come back for the rest of the parades that week.


“But I watched Mo fuck you,” he protested.


“That never happened as far as I recall. If that was the case I would be limping for a week,” I reasoned.


They did come back for every parade including the endless truck parades on Mardi Gras Day. Robert and I drank more liquor than we had in years and we fell into bed in a stupor after our guests left. Yes there were dreams of the countless bodybuilders that Mo and Jason brought to the parades, Mo, Jason, Bill, Tom, Jim… and so many others all fucking me. At the endless parade parties we stuffed our bodies with the food and drink the bodybuilders brought. We provided the location and they provided everything else.


Forty days later as the season of Lent ended Robert became concerned about his losing weight. His doctor told him he was healthier than he had ever been and that he should discontinue two of his medications. By summer we were living full time in New Orleans because our consulting obligations had been fulfilled. We began working out at the gym and our pudgy bodies began to transform. It was as if we were going through an age regression. As the next Mardi Gras approached we decided to have a costume party and show off our improved bodies by having Centurion costumes custom made. (See the picture above)

I tried to call Morpheus Towing (Mo Godeaux proprietor) but the number was disconnected and/or no longer in service. Fortunately several of the party goers Mo and Jason introduced to us had been added to our circle of new friends and they organized a list of people to invite. Mo and Jason didn’t show up for our parties that next Mardi Gras and I began to wonder if they really were mythological gods that found us and fulfilled our dreams. Then as the last parade passed the New Orleans Sanitation Dept began to work its magic.


After the parades end, an army of men and women dressed in safety-orange reflective vests and clutching plastic rakes takes to the streets, neutral grounds and sidewalks to pick up the vestiges of the party. Within three hours, nearly all of the refuse is cleared away. Except for the beads hanging from tree branches, power lines and traffic poles, the garbage disappears. Anywhere between 50 to 100 tons of trash which includes abandoned chairs, couches, food scraps, paper, plastic bags, foam cups, cigarette butts, beer cans, bottles and all the odds and ends synonymous with the city’s Carnival celebration is no longer on the streets.


By daybreak any and all evidence of trash was gone but Mo and Jason were at our front door. Once inside Mo and Jason opened our cotton bath robes and ran their hands over our new and improved physiques.


After hugs and dozens of questions about their whereabouts during Mardi Gras they wanted to know if we were ready to progress to the next level. I looked at Robert and he looked at me because another dream we had openly talked about and discussed in length was about to come true; foursomes with Mo and Jason.



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WOW! Thanks.

I hadn't considered continuing the story but I will see what happens.  


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