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New Personal Trainer




“What’s up buttercup?”

The question sent Hunter for a loop. Someone had reported someone smoking right outside the gym and the personal trainer was asked to take care of it. It didn’t matter if it was outside, people tended not to like smoking anywhere near the gym. And Hunter was apparently the guy to take care of it. He’d always been the most confrontational out of all the male personal trainers, so he was the one to take care of it. At 6’3” and 240 pounds not many people ever talked back to him.

As he stood in front of the guy, he couldn’t help but feel like he looked somewhat familiar. Though that couldn’t have been possible. The guy he was thinking of wasn’t nearly as big, nor as masculine looking. The soft stubble rounding this man’s strong jaw and his piercing eyes made it impossible to be who he thought it was. Not to mention the 100 extra pounds of muscle he was walking around with. ‘Maybe a relative,’ he wondered.

“Lost in thought?” the man chuckled. The depth in his voice seemed to have hit a chord with Hunter as he realized where he was again. The smoke coming out of the cigar had drifted into his nose and he breathed out trying to keep his lungs ‘pure.’

“No,” he shook his head as a weird dizzy spell seemed to have washed over him. It was hard to concentrate. “I’m going to have to ask you to put that out. Or at least go somewhere else.”

“Nah,” the guy shrugged his heavy shoulders. His shirt raised ever so slightly showing off the hairy abs underneath. Despite possibly being in his late forties he still looked far closer to a fit man in his thirties and had the strong definition of a man even younger. Only the slight white and gray in his beard gave it away.

“Nah?” Hunter felt the smoke surrounding him. He was rapidly losing the battle. More so because it started to smell nice. It smelt familiar. “No, I’m here to ask you to move. You need to take that somewhere else.”

“What’s a little guy like you gonna do about it?” he chuckled.

‘Little?!’ Anger brought him out of that spell just for a second. He approached the other guy but with each step he seemed to lose an inch of height and 10 more pounds. With each step he could feel something a bit different, just didn’t know what it was. His firm body he’d been crafting over the years was rapidly losing its definition. Muscles weakened and thinned out. His head tilted back slightly as the straps of his sleeveless shirt dipped around his arms. 

But through his anger he didn’t notice a thing. His small hands gripped the other man by the collar. “Who are you calling little?” he threatened.

“You,” the guy laughed, “Big guy.” 

Hunter looked down at his weak body. “Wha…” he stared at his thin hands and even thinner muscles. The sleeveless shirt had been wrapped tightly across his chest was dripping down his scrawny shoulders. It looked more like a dress than a shirt. That’s when his shorts fell. “The heck?!” he squeaked. Even his voice was higher as he looked around. Suddenly the world was so big. He grabbed his shorts and pulled them around his waist again. The thin waist with abs had turned into one even thinner without them. 

“It’s alright big guy,” the other man lowered himself to the same height as Hunter. Their faces were just mere inches apart. “I know what it’s like to be small. I know what it’s like to be weak. But I’ll make strong.”

The way the guy said it sparked a memory in Hunter. “S-s-sam?” he questioned as he looked at the massive guy again. “When’d you get so hot?!” that wasn’t the question he meant to ask. That wasn’t even close to it! But he was too distracted by the man crammed into his t-shirt and jeans. Every part of Sam that could press the fabric to the limit did. Hunter could easily make out each strong muscle the other man had like he was almost naked. And then an even bigger part that held between his legs.

But Sam just chuckled. He put the end of the cigar out against the wall then stomped on its butt with his steel toed boot. “Don’t worry about it bud. We’ll have plenty of time to talk about that…”

Hunter found his body swooped up under the other man’s arm as he was led back into the gym. Sam’s speed seemed to have increased as well. Or maybe in the daze, his had slowed. But each time he looked at those jeans crammed packed with muscle he felt everything slow down.

“Thata boi,” Sam gave him a hearty slap to the back.

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