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For AGYMSE's chroniweek (https://muscle-growth.org/blogs/entry/727-chroniweek/)



What’d you do to me?!’ 

“It worked?” Jeff reread the text message a few more times. He’d just downloaded something called the Chronivac and decided to give it a test run. Having no idea what to type, he just thought of one of the most absurd things that he could think of, ‘Zack Tipton likes to do what I tell him.’ It was just a dumb joke that he’d always kind of wanted to take seriously. After all the years of bullying in high school, he had quite a few fantasies about being able to control the jerky jock. 

‘Tell me what you did,’ another text message appeared on his phone again. ‘Tell me how I have your stupid fucking number in my phone and why I feel like I’m thinking about you right now! Don’t make me beat it out of you!’

‘Send me a pic of yourself.’ Jeff felt like he was testing the limits but he wanted to see if it would actually work. It did. Zack had taken a picture of himself and sent it to Jeff. He was in a locker room, obviously just finished working out. He’d stayed in pretty good shape despite not continuing into college. 

Zack had always been in shape. He snapped a pic and showed off his trim sweaty build. His trim waist and lithe muscles made him easy to spot on any field. Though his sport of choice was soccer. He loved keeping his lean form and running around with the other guys. He’d used the gym more to keep himself active than to actually grow. But even though he wasn’t a 300 pound giant, that didn’t mean he couldn’t easily pick on Jeff.

‘Why’d I do that?’ Zack texted again. ‘What’s going on?’

Jeff ignored it and went back to the Chronivac. He couldn’t believe what had happened. Thoughts ran through his mind even more. And with each addition text message Zack sent him, Jeff felt a rush of delight. ‘Zack will gain 30 pounds of muscle in the next 30 seconds.’

Jeff stared at the clock. Those 30 seconds felt so much longer than any before. But he waited. Then waited another 10, which were immediately followed by a text from Zack. ‘What the fuck was that!? What’d happened to me! Did you do something?’ 

Even just through text, Zack sounded panicked. His leaner 170 pound frame must have bulked up so much. ‘Send a picture,’ Jeff typed. As soon as it changed from sent to read, he saw the picture starting to load on his phone. “Shit…” he cursed to himself. His free hand drifted between his legs as he looked at the picture.

“No way…” Jeff pawed at his crotch. Zack had indeed grown 30 pounds of muscle on top of what he had. The lean fit physique had bulked up to something far more professional. His arms were filling out while his chest pushed hard against the sleeveless shirt he was wearing. At 200 pounds every part of him bulged and looked defined instead of just being a bit more of an average physique.

“So big…” Jeff was nearly salivating at the idea. He had so much control and could make Zack even bigger. ‘I’m going to do it again. Take off your shirt and shorts. Then start filming. Send the video to me when you’re done.’

A series of texts begging for him to not do it flooded Jeff’s phone. He didn’t care. There were plenty of times when Jeff had told him to stop and didn’t. Why should this be any different? ‘Zack will gain another 30 pounds of muscle over the next 30 seconds.’ However before he hit enter, another idea popped into his mind. ‘He’s views growing bigger in as highly sexual.’

Jeff grinned at the idea he’d had. He’d found it hard not to touch himself, but he wanted to save it for the video. This 30 seconds felt even longer than the last. He was just so excited to see what was going to happen. To see Zack get even bigger. Fuck; just to see him shirtless!

His phone dinged for a new message and it was the video. He clicked it instantly and started watching it. “Fuck,” he groaned seeing the defined muscles on his bully. Then the growth started. He felt his dick throb with anticipation. Seeing Zack’s already large defined muscles start to grow even more was wilder than he thought. They pulsed. Each time pulling in ever so slightly then growing larger. Broader. Fuller. He could see the veins transporting heavy amounts of blood and oxygen to keep up.

Zack’s breathing became labored with each addition pulse of his body. But they just kept growing. The thick biceps rounded even further. His wide shoulders pushed out further from his sides. His chest looked heavy and bloated but his waist remained trimmed to fit a 30 inch waist while the six solid bumps in front of him only grew darker shadows. The growth continued down to his widening thighs. Each of those quads showed through his skin then bumped up against the ones in his other legs. 

But what pleased Jeff most of all was the hard dick straining in Zack’s underwear as he tried to be upset with growing to the size of a bodybuilder. The huge inflated muscles would be a bit to handle but he clearly enjoyed feeling their size and strength. Whatever plateau he had reached on his own was now probably going to be a light warm up. 

‘Come to my place,’ Jeff texted. ‘I have a few more ideas I’d like to try out.’

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