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Midnight Kiss




Gabe didn’t know why he went to the New Years party. After he’d broken up with his girlfriend he felt like nothing in the world was really going for him. If anything he just wanted to sit around at home and sulk on the holiday instead of spending it out with his friends. It’s more that they all seemed to be couples while he would be there alone. 

Even as midnight was coming closer and closer, he could see them starting to split off with each other. Their larger groups kept getting smaller and smaller until it was just the couples. Gabe took his leave to the kitchen and grabbed himself another drink. The beer was for the party, but the liquor was in clear view. “Don’t mind if I do…” he muttered to himself as he poured himself a couple of shots of whiskey into his plastic cup. 

“Having fun?” Brayden asked as he stood in the doorway. He was the only other single person there. 

“I guess,” Gabe shrugged. “Guess it’s better than being at home. But didn’t realize how awkward I’d feel either…”

“Cause everyone’s paired off? Well I’m alone too,” Brayden smiled. He was being a bit coy about it. 

Gabe let out a laugh. “Not really my type,” he said. “Need a bit more in the chest.” He motioned at his pecs pretending they were boobs.

“Oh? Is that all?” Brayden joked back.

“Let’s just say, it’s a bit of a start,” maybe it was the alcohol but Gabe found himself joking with Brayden a bit more than he normally would. He’d always known the guy had a crush on him. Then again, Gabe figured that about most everyone. He was a handsome guy. When he’d hit his growth spurt in high school, it allowed him to really pack on the muscle. Girls all over the school would ask him out and he’d normally just use them for practice. He’d gotten a bit of a big head about it, but when his last girlfriend broke up with him it was different.

She was the one who stopped the relationship. It was the first time he’d taken it seriously and she was just using him. It hurt. And now he was a bit conflicted about it. Gabe shook his head trying to get back down to reality. Brayden still seemed to be saying something but he wasn’t really listening. Even when he tried to it was like it was some other language.

“But yeah,” Gabe tried to think of something to change the subject. But his brain seemed to have slowed. ‘Just how much was in that?’ he questioned looking at his cup again. His eyes drifted back over to Brayden. Something about him seemed a bit off. He looked different. Gabe didn't know why but something about him looked more masculine. Maybe more muscular. Brayden wasn't exactly known for ever working out but the sleeves of his shirt seemed to be a bit tighter than just a few moments ago.

“Something wrong?” Brayden asked. He still had a bit of a coy smile on him as he said it. But now there was more confidence behind his eyes. For some reason Gabe couldn’t look away. He felt locked in place. 

Gabe took a drink to compensate for the long silence he was giving. “No,” he said. “Nothing’s wrong. Just kind of distracted.”

“Distracted?” Brayden seemed to have known the answer but wanted Gabe to answer it. 

He swallowed hard. “Yeah…” something about Brayden was different he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. The guy was always kind of short but it didn’t seem that way anymore. If anything, Gabe was starting to look up. He shook his head. ‘That’s not right…’ but concentrating was just getting harder to do.

“It’s almost midnight. Maybe there was something you wanted to ask me?”

Brayden stepped closer. He was taller. Gabe backed against the sink. He felt like he was staring up at a giant. But looking down, he realized that he was getting smaller. His butt knocked against the cabinet behind him. “What’s… What’s going on?” he stammered looking at the rest of his body. It was like his muscles were slowly pulling in one themselves. That he was rapidly losing weight.

The thick cords of muscle that held him together seemed to be gone. He looked back at Brayden. “What do you mean?” his thick hands grabbed the sink, locking Gabe in place. His thick broad muscles easily blocked any exit. His muscles pulsed then filled his shirt even more. They pushed hard against the sleeves and looked like they were about to knock a button undone. “Do I not have enough in my chest?” he flexed his pecs. They bounced behind his button up shirt.

“Nu-no… It’s not that,” Gabe felt his body squirming. Thoughts he’d always made fun of other guys were storming into his head. Maybe it was the cologne, seeing the thick handsome beard rounding his masculine face, or how his voice would send a shiver down Gabe’s spine, but Gabe couldn’t stop thinking about Brayden.

“10! 9! 8!”  the countdown had started. 

“C’mon,” Brayden whispered into Gabe’s ear. “What do you say. It’s just a kiss…”

Gabe’s knees went weak as Brayden nuzzled his hairy face against his neck. The motion moved around to his face. Their mouths were mere inches apart. “3!” another inch gone. “2!” Now or never. “1!” Gabe leaned in and accepted the kiss. His small hands gripped Brayden’s strong abs. He could feel each of the six lumps through his shirt. They moved up towards his thick pecs and squeezed.

All the while Brayden was leading the kiss. Pushing his tongue deep inside of Gabe’s mouth and rolling it around. He could feel Gabe giving in more and more. Allowing him to take charge. His hands gripped the sink. “Pretty good for not being your type right?”

Gabe blushed at his former comment. “Well maybe you’re a bit more my type than I thought…”

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he lost his msucles but had a nice new year. I dont knmwo if it's good or bad

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