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The Countdown to Midnight

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New Years-The Countdown to Midnight


The first person to enter your home after midnight foretells the kind of luck you’ll have in the coming year. A tall, dark, handsome male bearing gifts is said to bring the best luck. - A quote from my mother.


The countdown to midnight was about to begin.


Paul slowly opened the plastic canister that contained the wine we ordered. The sampler arrived via special delivery on New Year’s Eve morning and we had been chilling it all day as instructed. We had ordered four wine samplers for the midnight toast instead of getting a bottle of Champagne. As he twisted open the lid there was a hiss and a mist surrounded him before it began to fill the room. I would have run for help but my feet were bolted to the floor by what I witnessed.


First his body shivered; it was as if a chill ran up his spine. His arms doubled their muscularity and then tripled in size before they came into sharp focus and a huge vein rose on his biceps. Then his shirt bulged as massive pecs appeared. Threads were popping all over the place but that wasn’t what amazed me the most. Paul started growing taller and taller. He grew from 5′7” to 6′6” as his body morphed into perfectly proportioned muscularity.


Then the cloud overtook me and I inhaled the musk-like mist. It was man odor mixed with leather and coconut oil and fresh cut lumber. It was new mowed grass, pine woods, and salt air with an undertone of perspiration from a hard gym workout and the pheromones of sexual excitement. My spine shivered and my cock grew hard in my briefs. Internally I heard bones creaking and cracking and my physique begin to expand with incredible speed. I was growing taller as my pecs exploded on my chest. Like Paul, my arms were in the twenty four inch range yet my belly was tiny and remained as flat as a cliff. My back and lats were getting massive. I shoved down my shorts and they caught on my thirty six inch thighs but at least my cock and balls were free. Judging by what I felt on my thigh, I think my cock doubled in length; in fact both my fists couldn’t cover the length of my shaft.


Paul stumbled toward me and began ripping off my clothes. I followed his lead and ripped his clothes away also. Crashing together we kissed and hugged. We had been gym rats for several years but always retained swimmer physiques no matter what routines we used or what supplements we took. It was as if all our years of hard work had been applied to our bodies in just a few moments.


“Happy New Year!” we both said in unison as the New Years Eve fireworks began to explode in the sky. Paul stood behind me with his arms wrapped around me. His hands roamed over my chest and abs and occasionally he stroked my cock causing pre-cum to erupt. Then as the fireworks finally approached his cock breeched my ass and he began to thrust. The fireworks going on outside in the harbor couldn’t hold a candle to what was going on inside our condominium on the 26th floor. It was as if a fireworks display ten times as intense as what we were watching was going on inside me. As Paul’s cum filled me, a river of my seed was splattering against the window.


It was my turn to explore his body. I led Paul to the bed where we kissed. I turned down the bed and Paul slid in pulling me on top of his massive physique. Chest to chest we kissed as his hands explored and caressed. As my hard shaft touched his hole, spurts of pre-cum lubricated the pucker. Thrusting I entered his hot ass and pre-cum was firing anytime there was the slightest resistance. Paul moaned as my balls touched him. His fingers pulled me closer for a kiss filled with so much passion I thought I would burst.


“Fuck me,” Paul whispered and I did. How long was inconsequential but as our mutual orgasms exploded I saw fireworks that put the New Years display to shame. They may have been in my head but then Paul touched my cheek. His eyes searched mine. “Fireworks,” he said. “I saw fireworks as we made love,” he groaned and pulled me hard against him.


“I did too my love,” I whispered in his ear.


They say that the love and joy you feel as the New Years begins is a precursor of the year to come. The best love is the kind of love that awakens the soul. That pure love makes us reach for more and in turn ignites a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.


That is what I hope we have forever.


Come to think of it the first person to enter my ass after midnight was Paul. I hope that foretells the kind of luck we’ll have in the coming year. After all he is a tall, dark, handsome male bearing gifts.



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