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An American Muscleman in London - Part 22



[Please don't expect a quick finish to this story.  I have a long way to go.  I'm trying to get back to it.]


The Second Full Moon (continued)

Instantly, a picture of Manfred flashed through my mind.  It was the guy’s beautiful smiling face.  I have no idea where it came from and why it impacted me in the way it did, but suddenly the darkness that surrounded me evaporated.  I was brought back to the room with such an intense clarity that it frightened me.  I comprehended immediately what I had intended to do to the two men and I released my grip and let their bodies fall to the ground before me.  My shock at what I had been doing was so great that I panicked.  After noticing that both men were moving slowly and loudly sucking in needed air, I gathered my clothes quickly and dressed as I ran from the hotel room.


I was fully dressed by the time I exited the hotel.  I started running down the street, wanting to be home more than anything in the world.  I didn’t allow any other thoughts to enter into my mind.  It was too difficult to think about what I had just done.  I wanted to stay focused on getting to my flat.  I took a few wrong turns and ended up on some unfamiliar quiet street.  I finally stopped because I knew, in my present state, I’d never find my way home.  I needed to calm myself down.  I leaned against the wall and noticed I was breathing deeply.  I forced my thoughts to return to Manfred, having realized that his face helped me to focus.  My body started to fully recover from its trip into dominance-ville as soon as I thought of Manfred.  My breathing slowly became normal and my heartbeat slowed.  I no longer felt the urge to cause intense pain or destroy something.  I stood back up and looked around, hoping to see something familiar.  It was only then that I heard the footsteps – slow heavy thuds from somewhere quite close.  At first I simply thought someone was coming down the dark street, but then I sensed something sinister and harmful.  That now familiar uncontrollable reaction where my body moved into defense mode based on some unconscious awareness returned and my muscles tensed up as if readying for a fight.  The fear of what had just happened in the hotel room was still too fresh in my mind for me to clearly distinguish safe feelings from desires for showing off some new intense inner power.  I decided quickly that I did not want to meet whoever or whatever was moving methodically towards me.  I promptly began to run in what I hoped was the opposite direction.  My mind was now a lot clearer and I let my instincts guide me – listening for sounds, looking for lights, and following cars.  Soon I was on a busy familiar street and knew the way home.  I continued to look behind me to see if I could catch a glimpse of the person that had been pursuing me, but I saw no one that seemed to be watching me.  As soon as I reached my building I quickly entered my flat, doubled locked my door, undressed as I moved to the bedroom and fell into bed – somehow re-energized and drained at the same time.  I looked at the clock and saw that it was beyond three in the morning.  I soon fell asleep and for the first time in a while my night was not filled with dreams.  It was clear that my body needed time to fully recover from the trauma of the evening. 


At first I thought the buzzing noise was the soundtrack to a developing dream. It took me a few minutes to realize someone was at the front door of my building trying to come up to see me.  I instinctively jumped out of bed and ran to the intercom system by the front door.  It took me a few seconds to fully realize what I was doing.  I pressed the appropriate buttons to release the door, not even caring to find out who was visiting.  I then waited for the knock on the door of my flat.  When I opened it, Jim was standing there with a bouquet of beautiful flowers.


“Hiya, sexy.  Do you always greet people at the door totally nude,” he asked with a teasing smile.


It was only at that moment that I realized I had nothing on.  I was still a little dazed from being awakened so early.  I merely moaned out loud and quickly made my way back to the bedroom and slid back into bed.  I heard Jim close the front door and follow me.  I lay on my stomach and closed my eyes as soon as I had the covers back over my legs and butt.  I felt Jim’s warm, clothed body sit on the bed beside me.  He started running one of his hands up and down my back.


“I think someone must have had a fun night.  Is Mr. Anthony a little hung over?” he asked in a jovial spirit. 


“A little,” I mumbled back, “and it’s too early to get up!”


“Too early?” Jim questioned and then added, “It is two in the afternoon, my dear friend.”


I glanced at the clock on the side of the bed to confirm what Jim had said.  I then turned to look at him, instantly reminded of his manly beauty and gorgeous smile.  An inner warmth spread through my body to match the nice feeling his big hand was causing as he gently caressed my back.  I stared at him for a few minutes and watched his eyes follow his hand as it roamed slowly over my body.  He pushed the sheets and blanket down and allowed his hand to grab my firm ass cheeks.  My cock was slowly coming awake and responded to his fondling by beginning to harden. 


“I do not see how it is possible Anthony, but your back seems to be more muscled than just two days ago,” Jim purred appreciatively.


“I think it’s just tightened a little harder since you arrived – like other things that are getting hard between my legs,” I replied softly. 


“Maybe,” Jim responded, “but I do believe you are actually bigger than before.”


“I . . . um, did something last night . . . that . . . uh . . . I’m not too proud of,” I changed the subject – without even really knowing why.  I think I just needed to tell someone about my scary evening.


“No need,” Jim said as he placed a finger against my lips.  “There are no rings on our fingers, Anthony.  I told you to go out and have a good time.  Let us not muddy what we have with confessions or regrets.  I know a growing boy like you needs to go out and sow some wild oats every now and then.  It is fine for you to let off a little steam or exert a little youthful power – for now.”


I smiled at Jim’s choice of words.  If only he realized how much power I had actually exerted less than twelve hours before.  The memory of how good it felt to tighten my grip around the necks of those two men and lift them off the ground shot through my body for a split second, but then it turned to fear as I thought about their faces beginning to turn blue as they gasped for air.  I slid my hand across the bed and let it move to Jim’s crotch.  Feeling his hard-on through the fabric of his pants made my need for confession and my fears disappear.  I squeezed his stiffness and loved how it made the man emit a low masculine moan that made my toes curl.  For a surprising brief moment the image of Manfred’s face materialized in my mind.  This confused me terribly and I desperately wanted to force myself to focus only on Jim.  I immediately came up with a plan.  I lifted my upper body off the mattress with my other hand and unzipped his pants at the same time.  With the quickness of what could have been a well-seasoned hustler I had his large hard cock freed and sticking straight up in the air.


“Ummm, a little meat before my coffee,” I whispered, not taking my eyes off of his pulsing dick.


As soon as my warm mouth and tongue welcomed the head of Jim’s fullness, the man’s body tightened everywhere.  I could sense that his ass cheeks tensed with an intensity that gave the man wonderful pleasure.  His left hand quickly came up to my head and he grabbed a fistful of hair, pulling slightly in response to the stimulation.  I immediately tasted his sweetness as a gob of pre-cum spurted from the slit of his dick head.  I opened my throat fully and welcomed his shaft completely, allowing my nose to be buried in the fur beyond the fabric of his pants. 


“Bloody hell, Anthony,” Jim groaned, “Slow down or I am going to explode.”


I suddenly had a burning desire to please the man – to submit myself to him.  I knew it was somehow tied to an opposite feeling from the night before.  I had wanted to dominate the two men at the hotel completely – to even cause them pain.  It had stemmed from my insatiable need to how off an awakening power within me.  At this moment I felt a strong urge to suppress that power by letting Jim lead me.  I wanted to somehow fight against the part of me that almost crushed windpipes and easily lifted two grown men off the ground.  I wanted to do something to make up for the sins of the night before – to cleanse my conscious of all guilt, even though I knew that was impossible.  I thought if I served this man by giving him pleasure it would balance out the horrible need to dominate from earlier.  This also caused me to not care about Jim’s plea for me to slow down.  I quickly pulled my head back up and then slammed it down, causing his rod to be buried deep in my throat a second time.  The man was again filled with pleasure and he moaned uncontrollably in response.  This only fueled me on even more.  Soon I was sucking like a trained expert and burying my face deeper into his crotch each time.  With only about eight head bobs back and forth on his hard meat I sent him into orgasmic ecstasy.  I had no warning about the gusher he would produce, except for the loud joyful cry that escaped his mouth just before he unloaded a ton of his juice down my throat.  I quickly swallowed like my life depended on it and didn’t miss a drop.  I think I knew instinctively not to get his suit pants stained.  I kept his cock deep in my throat even after his body stopped convulsing.  I loved how he felt inside of me and I knew the warm wetness of my mouth pleased him, too.  After a few minutes his hand released my hair and returned to stroking my back lovingly.  I pulled my mouth from his cock and blew on it as it deflated – to help dry it off before I stuffed it back into this pants and zipped him back up.  I looked up at his smiling face.


“This is turning into the best lunch break I have ever experienced,” Jim cooed.


“I certainly got filled up,” I replied.


“Being around you, my good sir, just seems to cause my body to produce an abundance of thick semen,” Jim added, with a definite twinkle in his eye.


“I’m flattered,” I answered, smiling in return.  “Can you come back later?”


“Wild horses could not keep me away, dear Anthony,” he quickly responded and that image made my body tingle because of my reoccurring dreams.  “It seems I owe you some take-away from last night and then for dessert I think I will repay you for your gracious afternoon delight.  How does that sound?”


“It sounds so good that when you return I think I’ll take the dessert before the meal,” I teasingly replied.


“Well, you have been a good boy, Anthony,” Jim said.  “Except for whatever it was from last night that caused you to stay in bed until two.  But, as I said before, I will overlook that and gladly offer my services as dessert upon my arrival in a few hours.  For now, though, I must be going.”


Jim leaned down and kissed me on the forehead, checked to make sure his zipper was completely closed, and then slid from the bed.  He reached out and gave my ass a heavy whack, which caused me to arch up in joyous response, and then he left the room.  I heard the front door shut behind him and the memory of his presence lingered along with his manly muskiness.  I felt a joy and security that had not existed in my body for almost over twenty-four hours.  I ran my hand over the space where Jim had lay and loved how it was still warm from his hot body.  I stared at my hand as I moved it along the sheet and slowly the memory of what it had done the night before crept back into my mind.  I looked at the v between my thumb and forefinger and remembered how the man’s neck had felt so fragile as I squeezed.  I balled up my fist and marveled at how big and beautiful my hand was becoming.  My flaccid cock became fully engorged quickly and a familiar feeling of power started to take over my thoughts.  I looked at my forearm and loved how it seemed so muscular.  I began move my crotch up and down, causing my hard pole to rub against the bed – sending shivers of pleasure up my spine and deep into my ass.  My breathing became heavy and I started to wish I had someone in bed to force into submission.  The only thing that saved me from spiraling down into the darkness of the night before was hearing the front door open again.  Thoughts of Jim immediately brought me out of my masturbatory revelry. 


“Are you back for seconds?” I yelled out, hoping that Jim might come and relieve the pressure of my raging hard-on.


There was no answer and I quickly became alarmed.  Memories of the footsteps in the dark street the night before came streaming into my head, causing my cock to deflate instantly.  I heard noise in the living room and still there was no answer.  I jumped out of bed and didn’t even stop to grab clothes.  Before I stepped into the other room I heard the front door slam loudly.  I moved with more speed now and after glancing around to find no one in the flat I opened the front door and looked down the hallway in both directions, carefully hiding my naked body.  There was no sight of anyone.  I shut the door and double locked it.  I took a second look around the open space of my flat to make sure no one was hiding.  It was then I noticed that the Lancelot glove was gone from my mantelpiece.  At first I found this incredibly odd and looked around to see if it were just misplaced, but quickly saw that it was, indeed, gone.  The person that had entered my apartment after Jim left had come for one thing – the glove.  It crossed my mind that it had been some common thief that had grabbed the first thing he saw as soon as he heard my voice, but then I realized so many other things had been available – my laptop, my wallet on the dining room table, and many other items – that it became clear they had taken what they had come for.  I was baffled beyond belief and that suppressed even my anger or fear at what had just happened.  I thought about calling the police, but realized the glove had been a gift and I had no receipt or anything else to show them.  The sudden ringing of my phone caused me to jump and I had to retrieve the thing from my pants in the middle of the floor. 


“Hello,” I answered, without even glancing to see who it was.


“Anthony, my dear,” came Martin’s joyful voice, “How are you?”


“Um . . . fine Martin,” I replied, forcing myself to focus on the caller.  “How are you doing?”


“Splendid, my boy, splendid,” he answered joyfully.  “Listen, I only have a few seconds, but I wanted to make sure you could come to my place for dinner on the twentieth.  I am going to have a little gathering of friends and, of course, you must be there.”


“Of course Martin,” I responded without even thinking since my mind was still elsewhere.  “I’d love to come.  Is it for a special occasion?”


“Nothing momentous, my dear fellow, only this month’s full moon,” came the reply, and as before, I was baffled by this infatuation with this specific celebration.


“Well I know how happy that seems to make you, Martin, so I’ll look forward to it.  Can I bring anything?” I asked.


“No, no, no – that is very kind of you, my boy, but there is no need,” Martin quickly responded.


“Oh, do you mind if I bring someone?” I added, hopefully.


“Yes, feel free to bring that dear sweet Jim.  It will be good to see him,” Martin said and I was instantly excited about bringing a date to his party.


“Thank you, Martin,” I replied and then added, “Hey, you won’t believe what just happened.  Someone came into my place and took the glove I got at that antique store you sent me to.  Isn’t that bizarre?  They didn’t take anything else.  And to think I was just in the other room!”


“You mean they took Lancelot’s glove, Anthony?” Martin asked.


“Yes.  Is that not the craziest thing?”  I answered.


“It is indeed,” He said.  “But not to worry, my good man, the glove has already served its purpose,” he answered.  “Well, I must go.  I will see you on the twentieth, Anthony, if our paths do not cross at Halfway to Heaven before then.”


“Thank you, again, Martin,” I responded.  “I hope I see you before the party.”


As soon as I hung up my mind became crowded with puzzling thoughts.  Had I told Martin that I was dating Jim?  Did Martin already know Jim?  It was possible he met Jim through Manfred.  And what in the hell had Martin meant when he said the glove had already served its purpose?  I was about to drive myself crazy with all these thoughts when the phone rang again.  This time I looked down and saw that it was Manfred – my heart leapt with joy and I answered quickly.


“Hello, Manfred.” I sounded a little too eager.


“Hello Anthony.  How are you,” he asked, in that voice that mysteriously made me giddy with pleasure. 


“I’m great,” I replied, trying to calm myself.  “What’s up?”


“I just wanted to call and say I am sorry for leaving so abruptly the other morning,” he answered, and it surprised me he was being so honest.  “I was caught off guard by, um, you and Jim being together and I did not know how to react.  It was rude of me and I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am.”


“That’s very nice of you, Manfred,” I said, trying to hide my excitement at his words.  “I didn’t think about it a second time.  I’m glad to hear from you.  I hope nothing prevents us from being friends – me dating Jim or anything else.”


“I feel . . . um . . . the same way, Anthony,” he added quickly.


There was something about the tone in Manfred’s voice and the call itself that made my heart beat faster than it did before he called.  I felt a certain amount of frustration that the man could still cause this kind of feeling in me and, yet, there was some mysterious connection that made me desire him.  I tried to make myself focus all thoughts on Jim, but Manfred’s face dominated my mind.  His voice also caused an unfamiliar energy to well up inside me, but extremely positive and pleasurable.  I found it impossible to block the man out of my mind completely. 


“I was also calling to see if you might be available for lunch one day,” he asked cheerfully.  “I know we’ll probably see each other at Martin’s party in a couple of weeks, but it would be fun to connect before then.”


“Um, of course.  That sounds great,” I replied hesitantly.  “I’ll just need to . . . you know . . .”


“Check with Jim first?” Manfred questioned.


“Well . . . yes . . . yes, I think I should.” I answered and suddenly everything felt very awkward.


“That’s fine,” Manfred said and I could hear slight disappointment in his voice.  “You check with him and then just get back to me, okay?  I’ll look forward to it, Anthony.  I hope you have a great evening.”


“You too, Manfred,” I replied and then he quickly hung up. 


The different emotions running through my head caused everything of the last twenty-four hours to temporarily be pushed to the side – my brazen dominance of the two guys the night before, the mystery thief that took the glove, Martin’s comments about the glove, and so much more.  I found myself constantly returning to Manfred for some unknown reason.  I showered and fixed something to eat – and then tried to focus on my upcoming evening with Jim, but the discomforting conversation with Manfred and the feeling he caused within me kept nagging at me all afternoon. 


Jim arrived around six with Chinese food.  I gave him a long kiss when he arrived that turned into an hour-long snogging session on the couch, which culminated with him returning the favor of the earlier blowjob I had given him.  We were lying there with our bodies entangled in post-coital bliss when I broached the subject that I really wanted to avoid.


“Manfred called this afternoon,” I said softly, as stroked the back of Jim’s head resting on my chest.


“Did he?” he asked and I heard all sorts of hidden emotions in those two words.


“He wanted to know if I’d go to lunch,” I added hesitantly.


“And what did you say?” Jim pushed further.


“That I would have to check with you first . . . well, actually he figured it out and said it before I could,” I replied.


Jim turned to look up into my face.  He was smiling.  My cock began to come to life again as I gazed into his eyes and re-connected with his masculine beauty.  My answer pleased him and that energized me.  I knew there was still a slight panging in my heart for Manfred, but I was working hard to make my desire for Jim to overcome it completely.  Here was a man that wanted me and Manfred had rejected me . . . saying I wasn’t his type.  I knew I was slowly turning into what Manfred liked, but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing part of me still pined for him.  I lifted my head off the sofa cushion and kissed Jim’s forehead. 


“Jim, one.  Manfred, zero.  I like the score so far,” he said softly.


“I told you, it’s not a competition.  I am not Manfred’s type,” I emphasized back.


“And I told you I have a feeling you are becoming his type,” Jim answered. 


“I think we should eat now,” I responded – changing the subject on purpose.


“Good idea,” Jim said, getting up from the couch after he quickly licked the nipple near his face.  “And for the record, it’s fine for you to have lunch with anyone you want.  As I said to you yesterday, there are no rings on our fingers.  Let’s just take this one day at a time and enjoy the journey.  We’re in no rush.”


“Such a wise man,” I answered and took a swipe at his ass, loving how the loud smack echoed in the large room. 


We ate our dinner at the dining room table totally nude.  It was very erotic and I loved how the big windows of the room probably put us on display for many neighbors.  The enhancements brought on by my workouts were helping me to be comfortable with my body.  Jim fondled my cock throughout the entire meal and said his goal was to keep me hard for hours.  It was definitely working.  Later, as I cleaned off the table, Jim went to floss and brush his teeth like a good little boy.  He came into the kitchen later holing a small piece of paper. 


“What does this mean, Anthony? ‘Beware full moon midnight powers unleashed.’ I found it in the medicine cabinet,” Jim said looking at the paper.


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“Well I was brushing my teeth and I pulled out this paper.  When I leaned down to spit I saw the reflection in the mirror and noticed what the letters say when read backwards,” Jim added as he took a pen and some paper from the counter and reworked the letters and phrasing in reverse order. 


I looked at the words and marveled that I hadn’t noticed something so simple before.  It still didn’t make much sense, but I loved how Jim had figured out the mystery so easily.  I then explained to Jim how I had found the note inside the glove I had purchased at an antique shop on Maiden Lane.  I then told Jim about how the glove had been taken from the apartment just that afternoon.


“That is an incredible story, Anthony.  I cannot believe someone was in the flat after I left today.  I think maybe I need a key so I can lock the door behind me,” Jim added with a devilish smile on his face.  “The shop, though, must be somewhere else.  I know this neighborhood like the back of my hand and there is not an antique store on Maiden Lane.”


His words brought back my conversation with Martin and my frustration at not being able to find the shop a second time.  I brushed it off by saying I probably got the name wrong and we went back to discussing the piece of paper – deciding it was some fun note that had been placed in there one night when someone wore the entire armor outfit for a costume party.  We then continued to make up other fun scenarios – involving espionage and secret codes, secret love letters between two people, and other fun stories.  None of these ideas, however, eased a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that had appeared as soon as Jim pointed out what the note actually said.  I returned it to the medicine cabinet later that night and forgot about it as soon as Jim and I began an intense lovemaking session before bed.


The next two weeks seemed to fly by – mainly because of my time with Jim, my workouts at the gym, continued sightseeing, and occasional phone conversations with Roger, still in the states.  Manfred and I never found a day to meet for lunch – mysteriously, Jim seemed to be able to take a longer lunch break each day and we usually met at my place for some mid-day delights, both in bed and in the kitchen.  The sex seemed to improve every time we met and I started to believe it had a little to do with the improvements happening to my body in response to my workouts.  I was starting to fill out many of the clothes that Martin had bought me as a gift, but most of what was called the ‘second phase’ wardrobe were still too big.  I looked forward to the day when I was able to say those outfits were starting to feel tight.  I, however, was still very excited about my changes.  Jim loved my new size almost as much as I did.  He often found ways for me to show off my budding strength – repeating the feat of push-ups with him on my back, doing pull-ups with him hanging on to my waist, and one night allowing me to press his body into the air a couple of times when I was lying on the bed. 


The morning of Martin’s party Jim had to leave for work early.  He had started staying at my place most nights, since I lived so near his office.  We were able to get in some quality crotch rubbing before he jumped out of bed to shower.  I loved watching him walk towards the bathroom – mainly because of his gorgeous ass, but also because of his tree trunk quads.  I was slowly beginning to think this was the man that I might spend the rest of my life, even though every time I had that thought there was a certain pull on my heart in an opposite direction.  It was unclear to me as to wear that tugging came from, but I knew it was there.  Jim stepped into the bedroom immaculately dressed in a Ted Baker suit – and it was one of my favorites.


“You’re wearing that suit to work so you’ll have it on for the party, aren’t you?” I asked teasingly.


“Well, my competition will be there, remember,” he said, straightening his tie as he looked in the mirror and then glanced at my reflection to see my how I reacted.


“You have no competitors,” I screamed after placing one of the pillows over my head.


“You say his name sometimes in your sleep, Anthony,” Jim replied with a very serious voice.


I took the pillow away and looked at him with a face that I was sure showed my surprise.  Jim had never mentioned this before.  So many thoughts ran through my head – why on earth would I say Manfred’s name in my sleep, did I dream of the man and not remember, why wasn’t I calling Jim’s name out, and so much more.  I was embarrassed, confused, and ashamed.  I sat up and held out my arms to the man.


“I don’t know why I do that,” I said with a voice that equaled his seriousness.  “I really like this, Jim.  I really want this.  I did have a thing for Manfred but it seems like such a long time ago, now.  As a matter of fact, it seems like eons ago.  Please don’t view him as competition.  How can I convince you that he and I are not going to happen?  I promise you.”


“It does not bother me, Anthony,” Jim said as he chuckled.  “I just like to watch you squirm.”


I tossed the pillow at him and immediately acted like I was sulking.  He came around to my side of the bed and bent down to kiss my forehead.  I reached out and grabbed his cock through the fabric of his pants and squeezed hard.  He tried to back away but I held on.


“Ow, Anthony,” he yelled, “that really hurts.”


“Good,” I replied.  “You deserve it.”


I let go of him and he reached down to straighten his pants and to hopefully ease the pain I had caused.  He walked to the dresser and began to gather his keys, his name badge, and other items.


“I am sorry, Anthony, that we have to meet up at Martin’s place, but I am afraid I will be cutting it close on getting there on time,” he said as he stuffed his phone in his coat pocket.  I have a meeting near there late this afternoon, so I think I’ll be there by the time you all finish cocktails.  I do hope I will not arrive and find you and Manfred snogging in one of the bedrooms.”


“Out, out, damn spot,” I yelled and pointed to the doorway. 


“Oh, I see we are channeling Lady MacBeth, now, are we?” he quickly added as he laughed.  “I always knew there was a drag queen inside you just screaming to be released.”


I struggled briefly to throw off the sheet and covers as I got out of bed.  This gave Jim enough of a head start to run out of the room and get the front door opened as I entered the living room.  He turned towards me at once in the hallway and blew me a kiss before he moved away quickly.


“Do not forget to lock the door behind me, good sir.  See you tonight!” he yelled as he disappeared. 


I didn’t follow him into the hallway – mainly because I wasn’t wearing anything.  I heard the coffee maker giving off noises that said it was finishing brewing.  I smiled to myself when I realized that Jim had once again thought of me and prepared the machine before we went to bed.  He was always so thoughtful that way.  I opened my laptop and sat at the dining room table sipping a cup of coffee as I read the morning news.  My mind kept drifting to Jim and then it landed on the fact that I called Manfred’s name out in my sleep.  I spent a few minutes wondering what my actions meant, but then I realized it was almost time for my session with Quan at the gym.  I quickly changed clothes, tamed my hair, and jogged to the place.


“What the hell are you eating, Anthony?” Quan asked as we took measurements.


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“I mean you keeping adding pounds, mate, and none of it seems to be fat,” he replied.  “I want to know your secret.”


“Well, I do tend to eat a lot of fish and chips,” I answered truthfully.


“I do not think that is it,” he responded, “since that usually gives a guy a spare tire around the waist.  You have actually added some to every part of your body.  I swear, looking at the chart and where you began you would think I was either incorrect when I first inputted your information or you are officially the first genetic miracle man that responds to lifting weights with the kind of gains most men dream of.  I just do not understand what is going on.  And your strength is off the charts abnormal for a man your size, and especially for a guy that just started working with weights.”


“I think it might just be because I have the most awesome trainer, ever,” I shot back with a smile.


“I may be good, but I am definitely not this good,” Quan said, scratching his head and then writing something on the chart.


“It’s funny you would bring all of this up today, Quan,” I added with a slight whisper.  “I’ve felt weird all day – like there’s some kind of power surge racing through my body every now and then.  While we were lifting I started to actually feel like a new batch of incredible gains are going to happen soon.  And the feeling was . . . um . . . it was kind of…”


“Trust me, I understand, Anthony,” he replied.  “A certain part of you hasn’t softened since you came in.”


“Yeah, sorry about that,” I said, turning red.  “There’s just something about working out that gets me all excited.  It’s really embarrassing.”


“As I have told you before, mate, it happens to the best of us,” Quan added and returned to his chart, shaking his head back and forth as he looked at the numbers.  “I am actually scared to see what you are going to look like when you come next week.”


“Only time will tell, sir,” I said as we shook hands.  “Only time will tell.  Have a great day and I’ll see you then.”


“You, too, Anthony,” he called out as I walked away.


I ate a late lunch, did a few errands, texted some obscene comments to Jim – just to get him riled up at work, cleaned my flat, and then readied myself for the party at Martin’s.  I was bummed that Jim had to come to the party late – I had hoped we could go together.  I hopped on the Tube and was at Martin’s place right on time.  It had been a while since I visited his place and I was instantly reminded of what a great house it was – old, majestic, and almost magically castle-looking.  It was exactly what I thought a big London place should look like.  There were actually quite a few men at the house when I arrived.  I knew some of them from the last party at Martin’s house and some had been at Manfred’s dinner party, as well.  I was ushered into the den, where everyone had gathered for drinks.  Suddenly Manfred was standing in front of me.          

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Oh man i thought this story was forgotten and buried already. Im so glad you still writting it.

Thank you really.


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Wow, what a surprise!  I'm excited that you are continuing this story!  When it ended on the old forum, I figured it was continued somewhere else - I'd be embarrassed if my search history from back then was still available.  Looking forward to reading more!

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I just started to read this for the first time when you posted it here. Amazing! I'm glad I never had to play the waiting game because it would have made me crazy to wait. Thank you for continuing. 

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