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Turn Around




Turn around.  Fucking nice ass, man.  Bend over.  Aw, hell yeah.  What a sweet bubble butt.  Look how easily you can grab your ankles.  Good to know.  Turn back around.  Slide those tight jeans off boy.  Yeah, that’s it, nice and slow.  Did you wear the same jock you worked out in, like I told you, too?


Yes sir.


That’s a good boy.  Fucking hell, look at that sweat-stained, full pouch.  I bet that smells just like you, man – stanky bad and borderline sour.  Grab your pouch boy – lift it up in your hand.  Wow, look how big that thing is.  Big balls, thick cock, all furry – wanting to just burst from that jock.  Squeeze your balls, man.  Yeah, that’s nice.  Makes me want to play with my big meaty pecs while I watch.  Smell your hand.  Tell me what it smells like.


A locker room.  Sweat.  Musky.  Faint piss smell.  My balls.


Fucking nice.  Lick ‘em.  Yeah, all the way in that nice throat of yours.  Turn around.  Nice and slow.  I can’t take all of that ass at one time.  Oh Jesus, wait.  I gotta calm down.  Hold on.  Dead kittens.  Dead kittens.  Drowned kittens.  Okay, slow.  God, that ass makes my pecs swell and my nips ache.  Sweet mother of all things sexy – that is one fine piece of perfect manhood.  Reach around and grab your cheeks.  Squeeze hard.  Fuck, that’s nice.  How’s it feel?


Big.  Full.  Round.  Hard.  Fuckable.


Damn, man, you know how to rock my world.  You’re being such a good boy I’ll undo one button so you can see a little more of my huge chest.  Don’t you dare bend over.  I’m not ready to see that puckered hole, yet.  That would make me spew like Old Faithful.  Keep those cheeks together for now, man.  Squeeze that ass, show me how rock-hard you can make it.  Yeah, that’s real nice.  Now turn around and take that jock off – slow, now, so I can enjoy your cock being revealed to me.  Yeah, my tight blue shirt has you rock hard, doesn’t it, boy.  Look at you, snaking across that thigh.  Let that beast out, man.  Oh, dayum, that mushroom head of yours is perfect.  Look how it flares out – made for offering pleasure, huh?  Long hard rod underneath and then those two, fucking orange-sized, low-hanging balls.  Sweet fucking hell, those things look like something I should be swinging around to knock out the bad guys.  Your dick makes me want to unbutton my tight jeans and play with myself.  Toss me your jock, man.  I want to smell it.  Think of me as a cock sommelier – I can tell everything I need to know by just one sniff and a little taste of your jock.  That’s heaven, right there, man, that’s what that is.  Oh fuck, you smell nice.  I get a whiff of some hard wood, a lot of fruitiness, and some big-ass balls.  Damn, my nose is good.  Gotta rub my hard cock now, man.  Look at you, I can tell you like my fucking huge arms in this blue shirt, boy.  You can’t take your eyes off of them.


Yes sir.  They’re so huge.


They’re all for you, man.  For you and that awesome sweet ass of yours.  Let me take another big inhale of your sweetness on this jock while you turn around and bend over.  Holy fucking hell, there’s that perfect ass again.  That thing could give a big man heart failure.  Gonna have to have my face up in all of that later on.  Need to give the inside of your cheeks some fur-burn as you squeeze my face.  Gonna have to undo another button on my shirt for that ass view, dude.  Yeah, glance back and get a pig’s view of my big chest, boy.  Show me your hole, now, man.  I’m ready.  Bend over slowly.  Fuck, fuck, FUCK!  Look at those ass lips puckering for some attention.  That’s the entrance to your man heaven.  That deep hole can take me to my happy place quicker than anything else in the world.  Look how tight that fuck hole is.  Looks like it’s all been locked up for a long time.  It better be nice and tight, man.  Remember, you don’t let anyone go to that sweet heaven – just this big man right here.  That’s my hole, dude.  No one else’s.  You’ve been a good boy, right.  Saving that chute for your big man, right?


It’s only ever been opened by you, sir.


That’s because this big man has the only key, right.  My big muscles holding you and my big cock filling you up is the only pleasure you’ll ever need.  Look how that thing is begging me to open it up right now.  That beautiful hole deserves to see me without my shirt on.  Let’s give you a grand view of all my hugeness.  Ah, hell yeah, now I can play with my big plugs while I look at that fucking nice ass and that even hotter puckering man hole.  Back that thing up here, boy.  I need my face in there.  Yeah, let’s get that thing nice and wet before I play with it.  Man, I can still taste your workout.  It was intense, wasn’t it.  My spit’s getting that hole nice and lubed.  Ready for my finger.  Listen to the pig moan as I enter him.  Yeah, I can tell that hole is nice and tight.  You’ve been saving it for me, haven’t you, boy?

Yes . . . unh . . . sir. . . unhhhh.


Damn, really tight.  I have to use a lot of force to enter that sweet temple of yours.  Yeah, try and resist me, man. That’s so hot.  Me forcing my finger into you while you try with all your might to prevent it.  It’s crazy how much you want it, but your body just naturally knows to put up a fight to make it even more pleasurable.  For both of us.  My big arm is just too powerful for that nice ass, isn’t it?  Yeah, the pig’s really moaning, now that I’m in.  It feels nice and warm inside of you, man.  Oh fuck, yeah, push that ass back and forth on my finger – show me what you really want.  I can feel you loosening up, babe.  You’ll be ready for a second massive finger in no time.  Just getting you ready for the main event later on.  Yowza, just the idea of that makes your ass tighten.  God, I love feeling your nice, big, firm cheeks as I finger fuck you.  I love using these big things as my pillow when I sleep.  How in the hell do you fit these things in those tight jeans?  It’s like trying to squeeze a gorilla into baby clothes.  Those gurgling sounds your making mean you’re ready for the second finger invasion.  We need to open you up even more before you take that big thing snaking down my huge thigh.  You know how hard it is to muscle that cock of mine into your hole the first time.  It’s like trying to cram an elephant through a keyhole.  Yeah, that’s it, baby, fight that second finger.  Act like your ass might win, even though we both know it won’t.  Remember, my cock head is much fatter than these two enormous fingers.  Yeah, slam that ass into my knuckles to get all of those thick fingers.  My pig loves it rough, doesn’t he? 


Yes . . . sir.  Please . . . sir.  More fingers . . . please sir.


Fucking hell, ass man.  I’m going to open you up so you’ll plop down on my massive sausage in one swift squat.  Gonna fill you up to the brim, mister.  You’re going to be screaming and squirming like the pig you are.  There’s that third finger for you, Mr. Tight.  You’ve got me rubbing myself like a crazy man.  I’m breathing so hard I would have burst out of my shirt if I had kept it on.  My free hand can’t decide it if wants to shove down hard on my crotch or pinch the hell out of my thick nips.  Damn, your man hole is so warm and wet, dude.  It’s begging for something bigger, isn’t it?  Gonna slam you with my thick rod, dude.  Gonna make those beautiful eyes of yours roll back into that pretty little head.  Your big beefy giant can’t get enough of you, man.  I feel like hugging you so tight you explode.  I’m going to pull out now, boy, so you can get up on this sofa, straddle my big body and lower that fucking sweet ass of yours onto my face.  First, I need to undo my belt and open up my pants for easy access to my giant tool.  You’ve got me leaking like some kind of fucking broken faucet, dude.  I’m cranking out so much juice, even my big body can’t contain it all.  Yeah, look how fast you jump up on this couch.  You wanna feel my furry cheeks up in that ass of yours, don’t you?  Let’s give you some beard burn, baby.  Let me lap up that nice, sweet, ready hole of yours.  Gonna wrap my big hands around your strong thigs and pull that bubble ass into my face.  Tell me what it feels like, dude.


Aw fuck, sir.  Even your tongue is powerful.  You force it into me as if I was nothing.  Aw . . . yeah . . . sweet fucking hell . . . more sir . . . please . . . more. 


Damn, dude, that ass of yours taste like candy.  It’s like slurping up ice cream.  Getting that tight thing nice and wet for my giant manhood, boy.  Gonna take you to cock-filled heaven.  You’re going to think a railroad tie has been rammed up inside of you.  You’ve got me harder than ever, man.  Every time feels like the first time.  Fucking hell, I can’t get enough of you.  Tell me what you want, boy.


Fuck me hard, sir!  Now!


Yeah, got my pretty boy begging for it now, don’t I?  Your big man wants you just as much, dude.  I’m feeling more powerful than Superman, right now.  I’m thinking I could plow through concrete or something even stronger.  Gonna conquer your ass, dude, and make you the happiest little pig on earth.  Look how stiff that cock of yours is.  I’m gonna make you shoot like a cannon in no time at all.  Fuck, licking your ass is the nicest thing on earth – besides plowing it hard.  God, I needed a good face fuck, today.  I’ve been thinking about your ass ever since you left this morning.  Fucking you in the shower this morning seems like so long ago.  I wish I could go through the day with you riding my cock all the time.  How does that sound, boy?  Wanna be plugged by my big old donkey dong all day long?


Yes sir.  Please fuck me, sir.


Listen to you whine, dude.  You’ll be crying big crocodile tears any moment now.  I rammed you hard against the shower wall forever this morning, but here you are begging for more.  That ass of yours just can’t get enough of my massive meat, can it?  No need to answer, dude, the way your asshole puckers all juicy when I talk about slamming into you is all the answer I need.  That ass of yours is almost as powerful as my huge body, isn’t it, son.  When I’m in the gym and my body seems like it couldn’t do another rep to save my life, all I have to do is think about your sweet fucking huge bubble butt and I crank out ten more without any problem.  You fuel my growth, man.  That beautiful ass of yours is why I’m a muscle monster now.  Guys at the gym are jealous of me and always want to know who’s my muse for my workouts.  When I point to you and say it’s your gorgeous ass, they nod quickly and tell me how lucky I am.  I usually flex a big gun and tell them you are off limits – unless they want to feel my full power.  I’d rip a guy apart if he even tried to touch you.  You want any other guy touching you, boy?


No sir.  I only want you.  Please fuck me, sir.


That’s the right answer, dude.  You’ve been a good boy.  You deserve a nice pounding.  Hop down off this sofa and help your big man get his jeans down off of his thick thighs.  Once I’m naked we can decide how you’re going to offer me release tonight.  Is it going to be a bulging-arms while I hold you for a powerful air fucking, a slamming you against the wall fucking, or do you want to ride your big man like a bucking bronco on the bed fucking?  You get to choose, boy – cause I’m going to love it no matter what.  I’m going to blast off like a rocket simply because I’m inside you, so you get to please yourself by choosing how this big daddy is going to plow you.  Then we’re going to order dinner in, eat totally nude, and I’ll probably give you another intense pounding before we fall asleep for a good night’s rest – exhausted and happy.  What’s my baby’s pleasure tonight?


Air fucking, please sir.


The favorite way for both of us!  It’s a win-win.  Holy fucking hell, I’m squirting gobs of pre-cum just thinking about how that ass chute of yours is going to feel on my big rod.  You’re going to be my big manscicle, dude.  Yeah, I’m gonna slide my long stick way up in you.  That’s it man, tug hard on those jeans.  My massive legs just stretch this material so tight, it takes a lot of work to remove them.  Yeah, now that my big cock is freed, you can see how excited I am about that ass of yours.  Turn around again, dude.  Grab those ankles.  I want to rub my dickhead in that crack of yours.  Oh fuck, that feels nice.   Teasing that hole of yours gets me so worked up I could tear down an entire house with my bare hands.  Oh fuck, I can tell that hole of yours is going to be so damn tight.  You’ve been waiting for your big man to plow you again, haven’t you?  Yeah, boy, that ass of yours is all mine.  I’m not sharing it with anyone . . . and I know you’re a good boy – only offering your tight shrine to this muscle god.  Right, boy?


Yes sir.  Only you, sir.


That’s it, my little angel, push back on this big man’s hard cock.  Tease me, boy.  Aw fucking hell, you’ve got me so hot and bothered.  My cock aches from wanting that ass of yours.  Let’s let that wide tip of mine goad that hole, boy.  Yeah, that’s it, tighten that cherry for me.  You just can’t help yourself, can you?  The thought of all this meat inside you turns you on, but it makes your ass nervous, too.  That initial thrust is almost too much, isn’t it?  But then, soon after, you start feeling pleasure like you’ve never known before.  My plowing fills you and pleases you, doesn’t it, little man?  No need to answer, those moans of joy tell me all I need to know.  You can’t wait to be dangling in the air off of my big rod.  I’m too horned up to tease you anymore, dude.  I need the prize right now.  I gotta be inside you or I’m going to become like a wild man and destroy something.  Let’s get you up in the air, my little fuck toy.  Yeah, turn around so this big man can pick you up.  God, you’re so light.  You float up in the air like a little angel with wings.  Your feet dangling in the air as I hold you like you were nothing.  Yeah, that’s it . . . wrap those legs around my strong mid-section, boy.  You can squeeze all you want.  I’m not going to feel a thing, but you’re about to feel pleasure beyond what you’ve ever imagined.    

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