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The Day After Christmas

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The Day After Christmas

I’m not exactly young. I’m 36 with blond hair and blue eyes, 6 feet tall and a muscular defined body. I don’t have a bodybuilder physique but I wish I did. Anyway I was in my home waiting for a stud I met to come over. We met at the wedding of a mutual friend. He knew the bride and I knew the groom. He was coming in to the wedding reception as I was leaving to attend a family Christmas gathering. We were introduced and we toasted the happy couple. I lingered and we agreed to get together for a drink. Naturally we exchanged phone numbers.


Brad was a true hunk of a man, around 40 but looking ten years younger, more than 6’6” tall and about 280 pounds of rock hard muscles with a chestnut hair and intense green eyes. The day after Christmas I opened the door and the massive man looked me up and down. Without a word he took my hand and placed it on his massive bulge never breaking eye contact. He continued staring at me until I looked down in submission. With one hand on my chest he moved me back and entered my home. I locked the door and he replaced my hand on his cock.


I cautiously explored his crotch with both my hands as his cock continued getting bigger and harder. His fingers opened the buttons of his dress shirt revealing his huge buff body. In a trance I undressed myself following his lead. I couldn’t believe how his huge dick was stretching the silky white underwear until it was like a second skin around his shaft. He dropped his shirt and pants very quickly and then slowly lowered his underwear to his knees. My jaw dropped; I never saw such a massive cock. It was very long, uncut, and very thick.


He held my shoulders as he invaded my personal space telling me he was completely turned on by my physique, handsome face, and blue eyes. In a trance I led him directly to my bedroom bypassing the food and liquor I had set out to entertain and seduce him.


He turned down the bed and smiled. We wrestled in the dark, kissing, exploring, and jousting for dominance. Eventually he immobilized me on the bed face down. I never had a chance. He pinned me and lowered his whole body on top of mine. He was so heavy I could barely breathe. With one hand he put a glob of K-Y in my ass crack even though I was already well lubricated inside. I had cleaned out and lubed up inside anticipating being fucked but not minutes after he arrived. There was no foreplay with Brad unless you count the wrestling. I was trying to slow him down but it was like standing on the tracks trying to stop a freight train with one hand that was traveling at full speed. He began teasing my ass with his fingers, and then he placed the head of his pole in my crack and begun pressing it against my butt hole.


I already understood that resistance was futile and tried to relax my hole as much as I could. I began begging him to enter slowly so I could adapt to that monster cock, but once the head was in he shoved what felt like the rest of his cock in without pausing. He groaned in my ear. I was paralyzed by the pain but he told me to relax and to breathe. He told me to trust him because he knew how to use his weapon.


I don’t know if he penetrated me fully on that initial entry. My guess was no because he pulled his cock out slowly leaving just the head inside and then plunged in deeper. He pulled back, added lube, and then pushed back in again slowly and carefully. His lips whispered in my ear as his chest weighed down my back. With each thrust he was nailing me to the bed. All I wanted to do was breathe better but in trying to move I arched my back more so that my butt was more easily fucked. The end result of my move was that I made it easier for his huge cock to go deeper in me.


He was truly hung like a horse and he was taking great pleasure shoving his cock in deeper and deeper with each thrust of his hips. He was kissing and biting my neck and I could tell that it was a big turn on for him feeling me writhe under him. Inch by inch he penetrated me deeper and deeper with each thrust. We were both sweating heavily from the lovemaking and I was intoxicated by his musky odor. This was nothing but pure sexual lust. I thought that he was fully inside me when he suddenly lifted his chest and pressed with both hands on my back. I lifted my butt even more and he pressed his cock in even deeper until finally his ball sack was slapping my butt.


He lowered his chest to my back again and wrapped his huge arms around me. I was in heaven. I was moaning with pleasure while he was sucking my ears and licking my neck. He slammed his cock into my ass repeatedly until I thought he was going to cum.


Then he pulled out and he flipped me onto my back. Half his cock was back in me before his big hands closed around my ankles. He spread my legs wide telling me that he wanted to control me completely as his cock was again going in balls deep. He brought my legs together and then, with the back of my thighs imprisoned between us, he pressed his huge body against mine passing my legs over his broad shoulders. By pressing my knees close to my shoulders my hole was in the best possible position to be fully penetrated. He was pinning my body to the bed with his broad shoulders and huge hard chest and at the same time he was thrusting his dick inside me by just moving his hips. Faster and faster he thrust in and out massaging my prostate with each stoke until I was about to cum. But I didn’t.


Then I realized I was being edged. He knew full well what he was doing and how to make my pleasure unbearable. With each urge to climax he would change tactics. I was so lost in lust I didn’t know he was doing it. I was clawing his back begging him to fuck me deeper and then he paused and smiled. I began pulling on his butt to get his pole thrusting back inside me.


“Want more?”


He knew the answer. He knelt up between my legs with his hands again imprisoning my ankles and his dick still in my ass. He grinned and began massaging my prostate from inside with little flexes of his shaft. Then he began thrusting rapidly in and out but never fully out. I was overwhelmed with pleasure as my orgasm built. He continued until I could take no more and the cum damn burst without anyone even touching my cock.


I never had an orgasm that intense. My over stimulated prostate was pumping loads of cum over my head and onto my body while my ass muscles were constricting around his dick. My ass was milking his huge cock driving him completely wild and I sensed his shaft becoming even harder and thicker. I could almost feel the flood of his cum traveling up his shaft then pumping into my body. His back arched and he roared. His climax seemed to last forever. I really thought his supply of cum was endless. Then he began to relax. He looked down at me and his sweaty body crushed me as we embraced. His cock, which was still inside me, pulsed with an aftershock.


I awoke an hour later spooned with my back against his chest and his gigantic arm around me. I felt his hard cock pressing into my ass crack. I moaned and kissed his massive bicep.


“That was just a small sample of what my cock can do,” he whispered. “I could fuck your perfect ass all night long. Are you ready for some serious fucking?” he said with a chuckle.


“Will I live?” I teased.


“From now on you’ll live like you never lived before,” he said forcefully. “This ass is mine from this moment on.”


“Yes Sir,” I said as I wiggled my ass against his cock. His arm tightened around me and his body trembled.


Over the years Brad has been a man of his word and I’ve never regretted letting him into my life. This is a special time of year for us since we first met at that wedding the Saturday before Christmas.


No matter what the season just knowing he is on his way home still makes me super horny, but when holiday decorations appear and Christmas carols fill the air when he takes me in his arms it is magical. Yes we participate in gatherings with friends and family but sometimes our eyes meet in a crowded room and waves of lust will wash over me. I feel as though somebody was about to be tossed on the table and worked over, then Brad would smile and I knew it was time to say good night to the host. It was time to go home and celebrate.

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