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“When this water warms up I want you in the shower with me,” he said as I finished shaving.


“Why? I can wait until you finish,” I said preparing to brush my teeth. I was visiting colleges and staying with my cousin who had recently been honorably discharged from the Marines. I made the mistake of calling him an ex-Marine. He corrected me telling me there were no ex-Marines. Once a Marine, always a Marine.


“Now!” he ordered. I set down the toothbrush and did as he said. He dropped the towel and pushed his hard body against mine. “Why?” he barked my question back at me. “So I can fuck you!” he growled. “You’ve been here three days teasing me with your touching and staring and drooling and lusting for my cock… and that boner of yours tells me you want it right now.”


I was like a deer in headlights. He spoke and I obeyed. I knelt. He fucked my throat and then he fucked my ass. As a matter of fact he fucked me seven times that night. Ten years older and he had twice my stamina. Ultimately he picked the college and my course of study… He trained me in the gym and taught me how to eat properly. He fed me the supplements he took.


Punishment for not getting an ‘A’ was no sex for a week. In four years I only got a ‘B’ once and that happened in my freshman year. Since graduation our accounting business has provided us with lifestyle beyond my wildest dreams. Even though I am now taller and more muscular, whenever he starts the shower I come running. All he has to say is “Now!” and I am his to command.



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