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Alex in Wonderland AKA Disney World




Alex in Wonderland AKA Disney World


My name is Alex and I was in Disneyworld with my cousin and her family. Don’t ask how I got roped into going. By 9am I had enough of her kids so I went off on my own. The plan was that I was to meet them at 4pm in the Magic Kingdom near the Flying Carpet ride and then we would decide where we be going for supper. I allowed plenty of time to get from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom so I was early. I found a bench in the shade where I could see them approach from any direction.


Then about 4:15pm I got a text from my cousin. Jane and Ted (her kids) tired /sick back at hotel. Sorry… On your own for supper.


Damn, I thought. I could have stayed at Epcot.


I was getting up when I saw the glitter of a trading pin under the bench. Disney sells these little one inch enameled cloisonné pins everywhere and people trade them. The pin depicted the genie from the Aladdin movie. It didn’t have the pin back that would hold it in place so I guessed some kid lost it or tossed it because he didn’t want it. Holding it between my fingers so I didn’t get stuck with the sharp point I rubbed the dirt from the face with my thumb.


A gust of wind seemed to whirl around me and I found myself standing in front of the French restaurant in Epcot where I was going to suggest we eat. My cousin’s kids should experience more than hot dogs and hamburgers. I knew my cousin and her husband would love the food. I even made reservations just in case they agreed. I had to sit. The fountain to the right of the entrance was the closest spot. I looked down at the pin in my hand and when I looked up again a handsome bearded man was smiling down on me.


“Are you okay?” he said putting a hand on my shoulder. “It was rather abrupt but I know the reservations are for 5pm unless you would like to wait until later,” he said in the sexiest voice I ever heard.


My shoulders suddenly expanded until they were as big as bowling balls. My wimpy biceps and triceps began growing until they were bigger than my head. Huge pectorals began stretching my polo shirt. I could feel my back and lats thickening my back. My legs started to grow longer and bulge with muscle until my shorts threatened to split. Then the shorts… changed into tailored cargo shorts. My hand stitched shirt fit me perfectly. I was in shock! I ran my hand along my rock hard stomach and it was like a brick-wall. I stood and almost lost my balance. I was taller. I looked from the man to the pin and back at the man.


“The pin doesn’t look anything like me,” he grinned.


“I don’t look anything like me!” I laughed. “How…”


“I’ll explain everything later,” he said as he turned to the reservation desk. “There were to be three adults and two children but the kids got sick. There will be just the two of us tonight,” he informed the French woman. I realized he was speaking French and I understood every word; I knew about three French words before today. Her accent told me she was from the south of France. We were led upstairs to a table by the window. I was able to order my meal in fluent French and after the waiter poured the wine I turned to my new friend.


“Is it time to explain?”


“This isn’t the place but I will explain if you insist,” he said in an ancient language. I understood every word of his fantastic tale but nobody else around us did. Of course I didn’t believe him. It didn’t explain the lack of a genie lamp, the legendary smoke, and the promise to grant three wishes.


“So how did you get in the pin,” I asked in English.


“The last thing I remember was being in China. Wu Lee fell and I tried to save him. The next thing I saw was you holding that pin. I read your thoughts and brought you here. Touching you I knew your desire for a physique…” he was saying as the food arrived.


The dessert and the final wine arrived as the lights around the lake dimmed. He paid for the meal and we got up to go watch the fireworks display. I stopped in the restroom and he followed me in. After washing my hands the restroom started to move like and elevator. The door opened and we were on the top of the replica of the Eiffel Tower. Seconds later the spectacular fireworks began. His powerful arms wrapped around me from behind. He kissed my ear and whispered all the things he wanted to do once he got me back to our rooms. I was so excited I almost filled my shorts with cum.


That night he exceeded all his promises.


In the morning I awoke confused. I showered and began to get dressed. I still could not believe my physique. I couldn’t believe I was a billionaire. I was lost in thought when Gene walked in clad in a robe. He had been to the gym and the pool. When his robe opened the sight was… spectacular. I took his sweaty body into my arms and kissed him.


“What about my cousin?” I asked. He looked at my cell phone and gave a nod. It rang.


“Thank you so much for this vacation,” my cousin gushed. “We are about to board your private jet to go back to the frozen north.”


“Stay another week,” I suggested knowing her husband was eager to get back to work.


“We couldn’t!” I could almost see her blush. “We had a great time. You and Gene are wonderful hosts.” She coached her kids. “Thank you.” She and the family said as a chorus. I could hear the engines winding up for takeoff. They would be landing in a nor’easter. There was already a foot of snow on the ground.


“I hope they get home safe,” I said as I put the phone on the charger.


“I’ll make sure they will,” Gene said as his arms surrounded me. I could feel his hard cock rub against my ass.


“Gene, thank you for last night, this morning, this physique… everything,” I said as I turned to face him. I shoved the robe off his shoulders and began running my hand over his massive physique. Before the robe hit the floor we were both naked. I led him to the bed where we spent the day making love.


The stocks that Genie picked to buy that day made a modest profit even though the stock market was down a couple points. That night we had supper in Rome and we were back in our Orlando condo before midnight. Why Rome you might ask? We had to be there to prevent a catastrophe at Gene’s favorite restaurant. Had we not been there the oven that exploded would have leveled most of the block. As it was it just blew a hole in the wall to the alley.


I spooned in his arms that night thinking about picking up that pin under the bench. I reached for it and polished it with my thumb. I felt his cock rise behind me.


“Are you awake?” he whispered.  I nodded. “Rubbing that pin let me see your inmost sexual desires,” he chuckled.


“Oh Gene!” I gasped. And we were off to another marathon of lovemaking.

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