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The amulet

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My boyfriend Max was traveling for work but he always sent me photos, postcards and little souvenirs from the places he visits to keep in touch.

Today's gift was an amulet that arrived by mail.

"I found it in an old bazaar, apparently it belonged to an ancient warrior who was known as the strongest and bravest of his tribe, but he went mad for power and things like that.

They say that whoever uses it will possess the strength and courage of that former warrior, I thought it could serve you, ha ha (it's not true, I thought it was pretty and I think it's very your style)", said the note along with the amulet.

Always playing funny, he knew that I was not superstitious and didn't believe in things like magic, spells and more like that.  It was a really bad joke, but I couldn't deny that the amulet seemed nice and I liked it.

I put it on and saw how it fit, I would send a photo to Max later to show him that I had received his gift.  Later I went out to the gym, I had forgotten to take off the amulet, although since it looked nothing bad I decided to leave it on.

The routine was the same as always, until I came across Paul. Paul was the cocky guy, he was a smug and annoyed anyone he could, he used to grabbed all the weights and took pictures to show off he was in the gym, but he still had a good body and that was the most detestable of him.

Paul had all the dumbbells around him, but he wasn't using them, he only had all them for his photos.

I was fed up with Paul, I wanted to shout a thousand things at once but I had never done it, but today I FELT like it was time to say something.

I approached and push him to the side to be able to take the dumbbells.

-: "Hey dwarf, you went through my picture."

Just ignore it.

-: "Hey, I'm talking to you"

He takes my shoulder.  That fills me with fury.  I remove his hand and I took him from the neck of the shirt, bringing him closer to me.

-: "Listen to me, you idiot, I'm sick of you and your damn attitude. So you better start doing things as they are, stop behaving like a cocky and never touch me again. Did you understand ?!"

I don't know where it came from so much strength, but I pushed him so hard that I threw him to the ground.

Paul was so impressed, or paralyzed, that he didn't even get up or wanted to face me.

I took a pair of dumbbells and went elsewhere to work out.

I was still furious with Paul, I don't know when he left, but I was glad that he was gone.

While doing weights, I was muttering a thousand insults that I didn't told Paul.

"Ugh I took a very light dumbbell," I thought.

I went and took others and continued, but they were still very light. I changed my dumbbells until I found ones heavy enough, I completely ignored the weight, I only cared to exercise.

I continued with my routine and had the same problem with the machines.

"Why does everyone load so light?"  I thought while increasing the weight on each machine I used.

After an hour my shirt was tightening my torso too much.  It was very annoying.

"I should take it off."  I tried to reach the bottom of my shirt, but my arms were so inflated by the exercise that I couldn't reach it.

Rare, I thought, though quite hot.

"I should tear it apart, maybe my muscles are big and strong enough to break it."  I didn't know where that thought came from, but it seemed like a good idea.

I flexed every muscle in my body with all the strength I had.  I started to growl and listen to the fabric begin to break.  I felt every muscle fiber in my body fill with energy.

In an instant the shirt fell apart before my huge pecs, my bulky shoulders, my broad back and my thick arms.

"Did I just really did that? ... But if I'm not that ... Muscular and ... No ... It must be the exercise giving results ... Yes"

I began to caress my chest, which apparently was now full of hair, something really amazing, I ran my fingers over the biceps and triceps that now could not be covered by any sleeve.  My gigantic legs were now as big as a column.

Now I was huge, more than Paul, more than any other guy in that gym.  It was something really extraordinary, I knew that was not normal but, it was more the pleasure that caused me to completely ignore the enormous change in my body.


I continued training for two more hours, growing my body even more.  I had to become the strongest of all, I didn't know why, but I had to.

I wanted to be the greatest, the strongest, I wanted to be a god.  I began to feel a heat emanate from the amulet and begin to feed all my muscles.

I think I would train a couple more hours.

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