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A new story from myself



Just a little shameless plug, I've started posting a story that is basically a transcript of an RP I did a few years ago.  It has the same tone as my Elongro saga, which I know was a bit controversial here so I'm not sure if I'll post it on this site or not.  

But, if Elongro was your thing, feel free to check it out!

The story is called "A New Performance Incentive" and is based on the cut throat world of corporate sales in an office setting.  As with Elongro there is a lot of height and muscle growth, dominance, submission, and humiliation.  



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This is a great story, Dredlifter! Anyone who is at all a fan of the Elongro series would love it. While that story generated a lot of discussion, I think the reaction was overall really positive to it. I know I said some things about how I felt bad for Trevor, but I just considered that my empathizing with the character. The story itself was fantastic all the way through. 

So, my vote would be for you to post The New Performance Incentive here. If you decide not to, can you announce on this page when you've added to the story at the Coiled Fist (which I hope is soon and often!)?

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whwn you update on there coment here so the post pops up and we will know when there is a new chapter

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