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A new story from myself



Just a little shameless plug, I've started posting a story that is basically a transcript of an RP I did a few years ago.  It has the same tone as my Elongro saga, which I know was a bit controversial here so I'm not sure if I'll post it on this site or not.  

But, if Elongro was your thing, feel free to check it out!

The story is called "A New Performance Incentive" and is based on the cut throat world of corporate sales in an office setting.  As with Elongro there is a lot of height and muscle growth, dominance, submission, and humiliation.  



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This is a great story, Dredlifter! Anyone who is at all a fan of the Elongro series would love it. While that story generated a lot of discussion, I think the reaction was overall really positive to it. I know I said some things about how I felt bad for Trevor, but I just considered that my empathizing with the character. The story itself was fantastic all the way through. 

So, my vote would be for you to post The New Performance Incentive here. If you decide not to, can you announce on this page when you've added to the story at the Coiled Fist (which I hope is soon and often!)?

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whwn you update on there coment here so the post pops up and we will know when there is a new chapter

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It just gets better and better! I wrote a pretty long comment after Chapter 5 just now. I should have said of the questions I have, I hope they are addressed within the story not as an answer to my comment. But I seriously can't wait for the next chapter. It promises to be awesome!

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Uggghhh Dredlifter your writing is so hot. Please keep it up. I must admit I skipped forward to the juicy parts. I mean, the size difference is amazing and I find the humiliation breathtakingly hot. Kudos. 

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  • "Fuuuck,” I moan. “It's so heavy!”

    If I had a dick this big I would be permanently be bent over forward! But for you it must feel normal. It's just another symbol of your power. I fidget with your manhood and the strap, sincerely trying to complete the task at hand.

    “Damn, sir I don't know if this is going to work." I start to gather up the fabric and your shaft, it must nearly be a foot long and still rubbery soft. I pull the pouch out and curl your soft dick inside. Finally I get it contained and step back. The view is spectacular.

    "Holy fuck SIR! It looks like you have a volleyball stuffed in the pouch! 

    Damn. I mean.... damn. 

And I love the description of the women growing as well. If I had to have one picky, "please write my fetish" thing it would be to include more of that. Love big tits. :P

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That last part was fantastic! Even better, it was almost two parts in one, with the scene at the picnic and the scene at Jeff's house. I like how there was focus on a second guy growing, and it even touched on Parker's and Jeff's older boss looking better and growing as well. I definitely hope there's more on that angle in the future! Parker being played with and dominated  by a huge, sexy older man would be uber hot. And maybe that 15 year old needs a summer job! :) The story is so great, and every chapter you introduce a character or idea that could shoot off into even more story threads.

While I don't get as much out of the women growing (just not my thing) it's still super well done and works for the story  you're telling. 

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