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Janitor at TFU




Ya know there are a lot of misconceptions about janitors, custodians, and maintenance workers in general. It can be a dirty job yeah, but its an honest living and at the end of the day I go home with pride in the work I’ve done.

Especially so since I got this job at Transformation University. If this place isn’t cleaned and maintained properly there are all kinds of hazards that students, faculty, and visitors can run into.

Sure, there’s sweeping and repairs and the like, but almost every other day I find discarded amulets, old PDAs with glitchy Chronivac programs loaded on them, lost magic lamps, or spilled potions of some sort or another.

Ahh yeah, like this; this is what I’m talking about right here. You try to get the floor mopped in the showers and before you know it you’ve stepped in some muscle man potion slop that does this to you.

But see, this is why I take pride in my work. Most people would think this a relatively benign or even beneficial bit of goop to slip on, no big deal. But the women’s volleyball team coming for practice tonight would probably disagree…

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