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Halloween and The Day After

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You won’t believe this but this is what happened on my way home that fateful Halloween night. A year has gone by and my life has done a 180 so I thought you might like to know how it happened.


It was unusual to have heavy thick dense fog like that before December. The French Quarter was filled with costumed locals going to or coming home from Halloween parties. I pulled the windbreaker tighter around me as the chill ran up my spine. Jackson Square was already locked and empty but I thought I saw something moving… watching… waiting. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled and I moved away from the fence. As I passed the 1850 House Museum the street was deserted yet the feeling that I wasn’t alone persisted. I quickened my pace as I approached Charters Street.


I nearly jumped out of my shoes when I saw him. He was leaning in a doorway hidden by the shadows, the fog, and a long black cape. I paused and looked at him. I prepared to run. As he turned his head into the light his eyes brightened and his whiter than white teeth blossomed like a beacon. His ultra-handsome face lit up when my eyes met his. Those eyes, those beautiful eyes, sparkled like blue crystals.


He slowly pushed open the ornate wrought iron gate and stepped out of the shadowy doorway. He looked at me with such intensity that the hair on the back of my neck bristled, my shoulders shivered, and my spine tingled all the way to my tailbone as my ass-ring clenched. He smiled slyly before he threw the cape back behind his wide shoulders.


I gasped. The night, the shadows, or the fog couldn’t hide the size of his physique. His pecs were so massive that even in that dim light they cast a shadow over the tight wall of ridged abdominal's. My feet were frozen in place. I just wanted to feast my eyes on his incredible body. My lips parted and my jaw dropped—a groan gushed out making me feel foolish. His smile broadened. He lifted his arm and my eyes were riveted on the gigantic bicep and colossal delt.


His finger beckoned me and my knees almost gave out. He rolled his shoulders forward and flexed his massive pecs, arms, and abs in a most muscular pose. The fingers of both hands gestured like waves pulling me toward his humongous physique. I wanted to touch and feel his striated pecs—I wanted to rub my face on them—I wanted to lick, chew, and suck on his erect nipples. He straitened and flexed both arms. My body lurched toward his. I fell to one knee on the cobblestone street.


“I was afraid you wouldn’t come,” he said as he offered a hand to help me up. Suddenly the distance between us was no longer twenty feet, it was twenty inches.


“Me?” I asked as I felt the strength of his calloused fingers.


“Of course, I’ve been waiting,” he said with a low velvety rumble. This close, the vibration of his voice was like a big bass drum. I stood and he was so tall his pecs were eye level. “You’re shivering,” he observed.


“Trembling before greatness,” I muttered beneath my breath.


“What was that?” he asked as his finger raised my chin and I was forced to gaze into his ice blue eyes. His smile bloomed as our eyes met.


“Terribly damp for October,” I said, “Sends a chill up my spine.” My voice shook.


“And I thought that I made you tremble,” he chuckled. “If you are cold…” with a flourish his right hand brought the cape around my back and he pulled my face into his chest.


I moaned. I could say nothing; I could only breathe in his manly musk. Heat rose in my cheeks and warmth radiated from his huge body as he wrapped both arms around me. All I could think was that my dream of being smothered in his muscles had come true. He lifted me by my ass and it felt like I was floating.


When my feet touched the ground we were locked inside the wrought iron gates. Cool damp air swirled around me as he opened the heavy wooden door and invited me upstairs.


“Yes,” I whispered as he took me into his arms again. The kiss lingered and when I opened my eyes we were standing before his apartment door.


“Come in?” he asked softly as thunder rolled in the distance.


“Thanks,” I said as I turned away from him and entered the large 2,000 sq ft. apartment. The ample fire in the fireplace took the damp out the room. The apartment was tastefully decorated with a mix of period antiques and modern accessories. I found myself inside the Lower Pontalba Apartment Building. This building built in 1850 had the oldest continuously rented apartments in the United States. I turned to face him when the lock snapped closed. I reached for the clasp on the cape and he smiled.


“You want to undress me?” I pulled my hands away. His hands darted out and caught my wrists. “Undress me!” he ordered. There was danger in his eyes. My heartbeat quickened. The cape fell from his shoulders into a pool around his feet. My hands traveled across his traps, over his delts, and down across his biceps before they rested on his huge pecs. “Undress me,” he said more gently.


He wore no belt. The waist was loose but his thighs stretched the material. I opened the buttons slowly and found there was nothing underneath except skin. My fingers hit the root of his cock as the last one came undone. I knelt and by the hardest I peeled the jeans down off his hips and ass. I paused as his cock flopped free. I sat back on my heels and looked up into his eyes. I tugged the material off his massive thighs using my fingers like a shoehorn. He lifted one leg and then the other and as he put the second foot down his balls were on my forehead. I looked up at the hard ten inch rod with the cockhead encased in foreskin. My hand shook as I reached for the glistening shaft.


He lifted me by my arm pits and I dangled helplessly as his lips met mine. My body slithered against his physique as he slowly let me down. He began to strip off my jacket and shirt. I pulled at my belt and he moved my hands aside. He knelt and stripped me naked. He fondled my cock and balls as if they were made of delicate glass. Pre-cum leaked into his palm. His breathing hastened as he licked my fluids. He bent and took my raw boner into his mouth. I groaned as I bent forward and I clasped onto his thick traps.


He brought me before the fire and handed me a glass of blood red wine. The fruity muskiness was offset by the syrupy sweetness. It was a wine that shocked your palate just as his huge muscles shocked the senses. I probably drank it too fast because it instantly went to my head. He tossed his glass into the hearth and I followed suit. His arm came around my back and he carried me to his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed and he had me straddle his legs so we were cock to cock.


“Worship me and fuck me,” he whispered.


My hands roamed across his massive chest. I flicked his nipples and nipped at his neck as he stroked our cocks together. My hands worshipped and his pre-cum flowed. He laid back and lifted me between his legs before he pulled his knees to his chest. He guided my cock to his pucker and he squirted lube in his crack.


"Fuck me, now," he said as I prepared to shove several inches into his tunnel. Then he relaxed and my shaft pushed passed those tight muscles. He moaned loudly and I stopped. I knew that he needed time to adjust to the assault, no matter how much he wanted it. Once I felt his body relax, I pressed forward and slid my cock into the man. His back tensed, his head fell back and he groaned with ecstasy. "Oh fuck yeah man, give me that hard cock."


I started to push in and out of his hole. He would always lift up to me as I slid forward, burying my cock deeper into his being. We developed a rhythm and I was pounding his ass for all I was worth. He wanted to feel every inch of my cock and I complied. I was in heaven as his ass ground into my pelvis wanting more of my cock inside him. I knew I could not contain my orgasm for very long at this pace.


He closed his eyes and sighed as he felt the full length of me inside him. He stared into my eyes and begged for more. I saw the intensity of his pleasure. He closed his eyes and pushed back into me with each thrust. I looked into that handsome face and knew I wouldn't be able to hold off much longer. The heat of that moist tunnel had my cock super sensitive. The interior muscles of his ass milked my cock, begging for the reward. I told him I was going to cum.


He looked into my eyes, and in pure lust demanded that I cum inside him. He wanted to feel my cock twitch as my cum shot deep into his bowels. He was jerking his cock as I fucked him, and from what I could tell he was close as well. I continued to stare into his eyes, and then with a long, deep, plunging stroke, I screamed as my cum spurted into him. He held me deep inside him and he started to twitch because his cock was spurting at the same time.


"Oh fuck, I am cumming, man" he exclaimed. I kept fucking my dick into his ass as my cum continued to flow. I leaned down and kissed him passionately. He returned the kiss with equal intensity. My cock seemed to get harder as I thrust one last time. He wrapped his arms and legs around me and kissed all over my face. As my cock softened and pulled free he turned to his side and slid me against his hard body until we were face to face. I whispered thanks in his ear. His hand palmed the back of my head and his hug tightened. His fangs ripped into my neck puncturing my jugular and then he drank freely.


“Do not worry little one. You will not die, but you will grow muscular and hard. Your body will be mine to ravage and I promise you exquisite pleasure. You will be a worthy mate,” he whispered just before everything went black.


The Day After Halloween

I heard the church bells of St. Louis Cathedral across Jackson Square and remembered that this was November 1st All Saints Day. Today was the day that many families in New Orleans faithfully visit cemeteries to clean around the graves or just bring flowers. It was a time to clean up the cemeteries before winter. It was a time of change and transition between summer and winter.

I opened my eyes and I was alone in a strange bed. The sheets and blankets snarled my feet and torso. My hand slapped my neck feeling for wounds. All I felt was stubble. There was no pain and there certainly was no wound. I turned to my back and kicked my way free of the tangle. I stretched and yawned.

I lay there trying to remember every detail of the tryst. The whole night had Swiss cheese holes in it. My ass was tender but not raw. I knew I had been fucked—I could smell that! My belly growled—I was famished. I was thirsty. Muscles were sore from being man-handled (by a real muscleman I might add) and my morning boner felt like it needed to spew a healthy load of cum.

Just a few strokes had me moaning with delight. My balls were charged and ready to detonate when I heard a door slam. I sat up in the bed. My host stood in the doorway with handfuls of grocery bags staring into the darkened room.

“Jump in the shower and I’ll start breakfast,” he ordered. “On second thought…” He set the bags down and came toward me. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me passionately.

“What time is it? I have to get to work,” I lied.

“The division you worked for at the bank was outsourced three weeks ago and everyone was discharged. You have been moving your things to a storage unit for two weeks,” he said with certainty.

“I have to get to work getting everything out of my apartment by tomorrow… no by today,” I admitted after averting my eyes. I felt a trickle of sweat roll off my brow. I could smell myself. “I stink. I better shower,” I said to change the subject.

“We need to talk,” he said as he made me look at him. “Shower and come to the kitchen.”

His bathroom was bigger than the bedroom in my apartment. I scrubbed my body paying special attention to my ass. I felt safe enough once I found the knotted condoms by the side of the bed. I didn’t remember using condoms—that was another Swiss cheese hole. I jumped out of the shower and looked at my neck in the mirror. Two huge love bites sat high on my neck and another was on my shoulder. I stepped back under the hot water to rinse off and then I shaved.

I dried and pulled his robe off the back of the door. I inhaled his essence as I wrapped it around me. I combed my hair with my fingers and made my way to the kitchen. He was washing out pots and pans when I entered. I pressed against his back and hugged him. Inhaling the musk on his person was much better than the faint scent on the robe.

“I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your robe,” I said against his back.

“Breakfast is ready,” he chuckled as he turned off the water. He faced me and grabbed the lapels of the robe. “We have to have a serious talk. The food is in the warming drawer and the table is set.” He handed me the pitcher of protein shakes and he retrieved the food.

“You seem to know everything about me but I know nothing about you,” I said as I sat down.

“That’s about right,” he answered as he flapped out his cloth napkin.

He said he wanted to have a serious talk but all we talked about was sports, weather, and current events. I helped clear the table. As he loaded the dishwasher I went to find my clothes. I found my shirt, jeans, and one sock. I pulled the shirt on but it caught on my head because the collar was still buttoned. As I struggled with the top button the shirt was lifted and removed.

"Can I help?" he asked a quiet, sexy voice.

I jerked my shirt out of his hands and attacked the buttons. When I looked up again his shirt hung open revealing the cleft between his massive pecs and a hint of the wall of tight abs. I glanced up into his smiling face while an overwhelming desire to push open his shirt washed over me. I slowly opened it like a stage curtain to expose his hard nipples and narrow waist. He brought me against his body. Below his belt his abundant cock began to fill his faded jeans. His bright blue eyes looked into mine with a hypnotic intensity that held me motionless and filled me with desire. He lifted me like a feather so our lips could meet but that unwavering eye contact never broke.

“You weren’t leaving, were you?” he said softly.

“No,” I said as I ripped my eyes away so he couldn’t see the lie. His nose nuzzled at my ear as he kissed and tongued the unblemished side of my neck. His tongue traced the line of my jaw as his breathing quickened.

“You shouldn’t go,” he breathed in my ear.

“No,” I gasped. I shoved the shirt past his delts and he had to lower me before he could shed it. Naked, his torso begged to be touched. The shirt dropped from his fingertips.

“Then stay,” he said before my fingers clamped onto his nipples. I rubbed my face on his pecs and buried my nose in the deep crevasse. A rumbling groan reverberated inside his ribcage. His arms locked around me and his pecs seemed to double in size and density. I pulled back and locked my lips on his left nipple.

He struggled to lower his jeans and the second his pants were off he was behind me. He tugged the tangle of sheets and blankets to the floor and then he pulled me onto the clean crisp white fitted sheet. He straddled my shoulders and sat on my chest. His cock rose to frightening proportions and his balls rested on my chin. I lifted my head to lick his hard shaft while my fingers found his nipples. His back arched as he howled at the high ceiling.

A free flow of pre-cum slid down the shaft and met my tongue. I eagerly cleaned until he turned a hundred eighty degrees and engulfed my erection. I sputtered and choked as he inserted and slowly retracted his monster cock from my mouth. I swallowed a puddle of his juices mixed with my saliva and I didn’t blink an eye. I grabbed ass for leverage and engulfed his crown. My tongue lashed at the sensitive cock head. When I looked to see why he stopped sucking me he was smiling back at me. He licked his lips seductively before he pulled free and then in a flash he was between my legs. I felt his cock rubbing against mine as he bent to tenderly kiss my lips. He proceeded to bury his face in my neck. His entire body trembled.

He pulled back long enough to let his eyes captivate me again. His lips found mine in order to devour me with a French kiss that was so hot I thought I would melt. Moaning, I met his tongue with mine, each of us greedily probing and exploring the other. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. I was dizzy with the speed of his assault, but my body knew just what to do. I ground my rigid cock against him as my fingers kneaded his stiffening nipples. The kisses lingered before one of my hands surrounded his cock while the other fondled his massive physique.

With heaving breath he pulled back and began kissing my chest and abs. He attacked my shaft. He swallowed my rod to the hilt in one smooth motion. His throat muscled started massaging the head of my cock as his tongue worked the shaft. He knew what he was doing—he wanted to drive me crazy with lust and it was working. I held his head ensnaring his thick black locks between my fingers as he began to move his head up and down.

His hands moved to my ass and lifted. Knowing what he wanted I began to thrust. Pleasure shot from my cock to my brain. I began thrusting wildly. Sensing my approaching orgasm, he increased the tempo. Our moans echoed off the high ceilings in harmonic reverberation as I approached the edge. I felt it blossoming in my balls and then radiating out through my whole being. My legs spasmed and my spine tingled as he pushed me toward the precipice. My body jerked in irregular thrusts as I became aware of his fingers stroking and teasing my prostate into mind-altering overload. I held back the flow letting the orgasmic delight crescendo until my back arched like a drawn bow preparing to release the arrow. The delights grew and grew until suddenly I was there. I shot and spouted like a fountain as he continued to suck. He didn’t hesitate as he began swallowing my entire load.

Abruptly he released my cock and with a groan he lifted my body and impaled me on his leaking shaft. His cock entered my stretched ass like a red hot slipped into a bun. I cried out in pain which instantly subsided when our eye met. I watched in awe as he shuddered. His muscles tensed and with fluid ease his hands lifted and lowered my body as he knelt on the bed. With fierce determination he fucked me. Again his eyes locked onto mine hypnotizing and mesmerizing me. I grabbed his forearms for balance and felt the enormous power and control as he lifted and lowered. I wanted nothing but for him to feel the pleasure.

He paused and pulled me against his colossal body. His arms wrapped around my back holding me so hard I found breathing difficult. His teeth nibbled my ear and his hot breath begged me. It sounded like he was asking for permission and forgiveness neither of which he needed from me.

“How can I deny you,” I groaned as his grip relaxed. The next thing I knew my back was on the mattress and he began thrusting again. “Fuck me,” I muttered.

His thrusts were authoritative and animalistic. He twisted his hips and rotated his cock deep inside my ass to stimulate my prostate and drive me wild with desire. He nipped at my chin and my lips as he pounded me toward a second orgasm. This was easily the best fuck I ever had—perhaps the best fuck in my entire life. There was something about the feel of his physique, his strong chest, his powerful legs, his incredible back, and his awesome arms—I couldn’t get enough.

I yelled out in orgasmic delight as my cum began to shoot. He thrust deep and hard as he snarled, groaned, and growled. He spewed his seed deep inside me as he collapsed in exhaustion. He nipped and lapped at my neck as his cock tried to drive even deeper into my bowels. As his full weight came to crush down on me I gasped in short breaths. As blackness began to surround me I recoiled at his painful love bite. His cock almost pulled free as the sucking sounds intensified and then after he slammed back into me the room went dark.

The heat of his body was like a blast furnace against my back. His huge pecs heaved as he slept behind me. His thick forearm was against my chest and his massive bicep rested on my arm. The Cathedral bells rang long and loud to announce to the world that it was noon and then it was quiet again. Sometime later a steamboat on the river blew it whistle to call all aboard for the lunch cruise. What was I going to do? Why did I sleep with him again? How many times have I been fuck since he found me in the street? I’ve never been fuck so thoroughly both by the bank and by David. David Thibodaux (if that was his real name) was the best fuck I ever had. My hand flew to my throat when I remembered his bite to my neck. I slid from under his arm and quietly made my way to the bathroom picking up my clothes along the way.

I touched the bruises on each side of my neck and shook my head. I looked like a teenage whore. The new love bites were tender and there was one on my chest too. I swore as I pulled on my jeans and shirt. I put up my collar but that just accentuated the marks. I reached out and grabbed my windbreaker. If I put up the hood the bites were hidden but I looked like a dork. I put up the high collar and held it. That hid most of the hickeys. I slipped on my shoes and made for the door. I was ten steps from the outside door when David came hurtling down the stairs wrapped only in a blanket. I rushed for the door but somehow he beat me there and held it closed.

“We need to talk,” he said gently.

“I need to go,” I said insistently.

“It’s almost too late for talking,” he said as if to himself. “I went too far and I got carried away,” he said apologetically. “But…” his hand reached for my shoulder. “Take this key. It opens this door and my door. You may need…”

“No thanks,” I said brushing his hand aside. The shiny gold key hit the brick wall and clattered to the floor. I reached for the doorknob. I pushed past him, struggled through the crowd by the front door. The street was alive with tourists watching a street performer. David didn’t dare follow me the way he was dressed.

I made my way to the dark little hovel I called an apartment—three hundred and fifty square feet of living space. I sat on the floor and tears welled up in my eyes. I packed the stacked books until the box was full, taped it closed, and set it aside. The people at the bank thought well of me because I lived in the Quarter. I could have had a huge apartment in the suburbs for the rent I paid in the French Quarter. I lived here for the prestige. Now it didn’t matter. I stripped naked and stood in the shower until my fingers pruned. I was thankful for the tank-less water heater that was installed to save space.

I sat on my bed like an orphan. Why did I let people use me? What was David trying to tell me? I curled up under the covers but I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I slept. I got up and ate the last of the leftovers. I packed the last of the books. Once the books were gone the only thing I owned in the apartment was my clothes, the stuff in the bathroom, and the bed. I pulled on sweats and I walked to Café Du Monde but I took a long way around so I would steer clear of Jackson Square.

The waiter brought me the usual when he saw me. The night was cold and the heaters were going. I reached in my pocket for the bills and set my keys on the table. I slowly sipped my coffee and watched people. A shiver ran up my back when I picked up the keys to head home. There on my key ring was the shiny gold key. It had been almost twenty four hours since David enticed me into his home. Anger rose in me as I marched across the street toward his door. If I had to I would throw the damn key in his face!

My chest rose and fell as my anger built until it became as self perpetuating as audio feedback. I began to sweat. It was time to confront David for taking advantage of me. I inserted the key and turned it hard. There was a twist in the key when I removed it. I sprinted up the stairs and my legs burned as if I had been on a Stairmaster for three hours. The sweat shirt clung to my skin uncomfortably. It rode up exposing my belly to the cold air. I pounded on his door and called his name before I remembered that I had a key.

“David!” I demanded as I entered. The door slammed behind me. I heard the shower running. I pounded on the bathroom door and it swung open. David stepped out of the shower and smiled at me. I couldn’t help but admire the muscular perfection. He stood there so damn confident and so damn perfect. Even relaxed his body looked flexed. I willed my cock to stay soft.

“I am so glad to see that you’ve come home,” he said as he reached for the thick bath sheet. He dried his face and looked me up and down. “We should talk,” he smiled.

“Why did you put that key… this key on my key ring?” I demanded as I shook the keys. I struggled to remove the key.

David didn’t answer. He wiped the mirror and grabbed me by the front of the sweatshirt. He spread his arms and ripped the front of the shirt open from top to bottom. I raised my fist to punch him out and he grabbed my arm to swivel me toward the mirror. From behind he pulled the torn sweat shirt down to my elbows. I started to struggle against his touch and then I froze. David stood next to me and flexed. His huge muscles looked even bigger than before. I was only about a third of his size but my muscles were four times bigger than they were when I left his apartment. Of course I wasn’t as big as David but I knew that I’d never fit into any of my clothes again. My cock began to stiffen and tent the sweatpants.

“Like I said before you left this afternoon… We need to sit down and talk. We need to have a serious talk about your future and the way your body is gonna start growing,” David smiled. His hand traversed my sculpted pecs and he hugged me into his naked body. When I turned to face him I was no longer eye level with his pecs—when I looked him in the eyes I only had to look up a couple inches. “Did I mention that you were gonna get taller too?” He laughed and pulled the sweatshirt off my arms. I followed his eyes south. The sweats tented nine or ten inches out from my crotch. “Did I mention the kind of stamina you are gonna have?” he chuckled as he grabbed my shaft. I pushed the sweats off my hips and butt as he freed my cock which stood strait up against my abs.

“Do I have any say in this?” I smiled.

“No!” he said abruptly.

“Well, in that case I want to be as muscular as you are… hey, what do you mean no?” I scowled.

“You will get as big as you were meant to be. None of us have any control over it,” he explained.

“There are more like you?” I was flabbergasted.

“Like us,” he corrected as walked into the bedroom. I turned off the bathroom lights and stood at the door watching him walk away. His shoulders were a mile wide and the taper to his waist was insane. His tiny waist seemed to compliment his perfect ass. The way his legs rolled I could just imagine his cock and balls swaying in the breeze. He paused and turned to give me an inviting smile. The way his torso twisted displayed his thick arm and massive pecs. It gave new meaning to the term ‘shelf of pecs’. Damn he was so good looking! He turned down the bed.

“And now the real fun begins,” David said as he turned off the lamp. He jumped into bed and I gladly followed.


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