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Stolen Attributes




“– It just seemed like a clear solution. None of you believed your education was an important part of your college lives. Lacrosse, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Weightlifting, Swimming, on and on and on. Don’t you understand, your success and ability in these things will fade. Your education however, now that will last a lifetime…”

“…But professor… its not fair… Those biceps are mine… Those abs are Dave’s…”

“…A-And that dick you have w-was mine!”

“And my good looks!”

“And my height!”

“And my– !”

“Now now boys… As I said, I’m just hanging onto these things for a while to remove distractions until you are able to graduate… with honors of course. I’ll keep them safe and you’ll work /very/ hard in class from now on I’m sure…”

“B-But–! Most of us are here on athlete scholarships, we’ll get kicked out if we suddenly suck…”

“Hmm, an interesting point… and an interesting way to word it… I’ll tell you what, how about I make it so that while I hang onto your… attributes… You are each able to regain a bit of them temporarily…. Yes, that way you can continue your extracurricular activities, but will continue to work hard in school… Do you all agree to this?”



“We want our muscles!”

“Ah, excellent then. Well the only way for you to copy the attributes back is with some of my current genetic material… Whoever’s first, get over here, and on your knees…”

“…W-wait-wha– g-gross professor! …”

“Oh please none of you need bother feigning disgust. The amount of testosterone I’m currently giving off versus what each of you has left… Well the imbalance would make it so each of you would drop to your knees and start sucking just by me commanding it…”

“…Which actually, thinking on it, lets just get this shirt off and… I /DO/ command you ALL to GET on your FUCKING KNEES. LINE UP!”
…whimper…mumble mumble…gasp…. moan….
“Good! And feel free to text your dorm mates and let them know you’ll be home late tonight. It may take a few loads for each of you to get back what you’re looking for.”

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