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Searching in Vain




Fuck! Ok, just think, think. I know I had it in my room this morning… 

I traded up my scrawny ass for all this muscle… Then what… 

Then I used it to get this slick new wardrobe… Designer label muscle tees are pretty much my whole future at this point.

Then I was going to give myself a new car to replace my wrecked one… but I figured I’d wait and still carpool with Joey and his dad so I could tell Joey about it…

When I got in the car Joey was all nervous like I was going to bully him until I told him about it and gave him the same stud treatment…

Hmm… then he said we needed to work over our looks… Yeah, yeah that’s when we both got the faces of models…

And that’s when Joey said how he felt bad for his overweight dad… Him and Joey’s mom separated a couple weeks ago… Joey still wouldn’t tell me why, he just got all embarrassed again when I brought it up… I think it must have been some kind of issues in the bedroom…

I told him fine… But we pulled up to the school then so I said… We’d work on it this afternoon… DAMMIT! I left it on the seat instead of putting it in my backpack!

Whatever, I’ll skip my first class and go get it out of Joey’s dad’s car.


…Out for his daily bike ride? Ugh, well I guess the fatass could stand to get a little exercise in… 

And either way, it wasn’t in the car so he probably picked it up when he saw I left it. I’ll just wait for him here–

“…Were you looking for me Timothy?” Did it just get warmer out here?



“U-Uh… h-hello Mr. Harris uh sir…” God Joey’s dad is built… That must be where he gets it from…

He smirked at me, setting his bike aside and adjusting himself… “Now Pup what have I told you and Joey? Just call me Daddy…”

My pants tighten as he squeezes my bare pectoral before reaching out and gripping the leash attached to my collar, pulling me down to the level of his manhood, visibly straining his shorts.

“Now come inside… You know Daddy’s rules, if you miss class, you need to be punished…”

I whimper with shame and excitement, as he presses my face to his manhood, I can feel the heat through the fabric and nod slowly.

“…Yes Daddy.”

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