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Did You See the Stone on My Desk?




When I found that rock yesterday morning I couldn’t believe it! When you held it in your hand and made a wish it came true! As a physics major it blew me away, I had no idea how it was possible but I’d run several tests last night and it absolutely was. 

I was debating showing it to David, my dorm mate, this morning. He’s thin, scrawny even, and pale as anything. He could be pretty good looking if he just took care of himself, instead he’s the stereotypical looking nerd… Sadly though his “nerdiness” only extends to his looks, not his personality. He’s kind of a dick and a pervert. He has two female friends that seem to only just tolerate him as part of their group. He talks down to people even though he’s not all that smart and when he found out I was gay he tried to act like he was okay with it, but I could tell by his face and reaction that he was a serious homophobe. He’s just a mess and his whole group of friends are a bunch of slackers who really could fail out any semester.

With the rock though I could have changed all that; gotten him to focus more and treat people better, get his life back on track and maybe even help him get in shape… But now I can’t find the damn thing.

David left pretty early this morning… maybe he saw it, I’ll text him.

-Hey, sorry to bother; did you see a stone on my desk this morning? I can’t find it.

There was no reply for several minutes, which was a little annoying since I know he’s always on his phone; finally it buzzed, he had sent a reply with an attachment.

-Naw I didn’t see any fucking stone! Are you just fucking around over there? My homework had better be done when me and the gang get back! And I’ve told you: Don’t fucking text me! Just because you do my papers and I let you get your queer on and jerk off to me doesn’t mean we’re friends! Man, Jen and Sarah think you’re so fucking pathetic they can’t believe I put up with you, but fuck, I’ll send you one more if it’ll get you back to work.


I set the phone on my desk, moaning, cock in hand, and pumping furiously… God Dave was so hot. Maybe if I get him an A on this he’ll let me watch him with the girls later…

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This has always been one of my favourites of yours. I love how much of an ass Dave is, and how he makes the narrator into him.

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