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Don't Be Nosy




I don’t know what happened, but something is definitely up… 

Mike spends his days sitting in his room playing video games, only occasionally coming out to go to class, eat, or go work at campus IT. He’s gay, not that I care, nor would anyone really know since he never had any dates EVER, this entire year.

Yet all of a sudden he’s bringing at least a guy a day back to the apartment. And not just whoever; really buff, REALLY good looking guys, like way out of his league.

He seems to be screwing around with them all day now, I haven’t seen him go to class or work for… wow, weeks now… But his posted grades are all still A’s…

Hmm what changed… what happened… 

…That laptop. I think he brought that back to the apartment to work on… That was the last time I remember him going in to work.

He’s on that thing all the time… It can’t still be broken… What’s this? A sticky note?


Don’t be nosy.

Don’t touch the laptop.


What the hell! Don’t be nosy?! Now I know something’s up, I’m way ahead in my classes; I’m going to sit on this bed and figure this ou–OUCH!

Damn thing shocked me! Whatever, lets have a look and see what you’ve got on here. Hmm… Chronivac? Hey, that looks kinda like me… but somethings off… Stats… hmm… Height 5′6″? Weight 130!? I ain’t that scrawny! AP Physics?! Naw naw, I’m takin nutrition, health and fitness… Wait, HETEROSEXUAL?! 

This all needs to be fixed.


-Several hours later, Mike returns home-


“Hey Kazuki, I picked up dinn–WHOA! What are you wearing?!”

“Hey Mike! Thankth tho much! That’th tho nithe of you!”

“…Didn’t I leave a note on there saying not to touch that computer?”

*giggle* “Oh yeah! Thorry! Do I need to be punished…?”

Mike sighs and smiles, slamming the door. “I guess so..”

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