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I was sleeping on the beach sweating up a storm when I felt a hand on my chest. My eyes flew open to see a huge bodybuilder applying oily sunscreen to my nude body. 


“This oil contains an aphrodisiac. In about five minutes you will be so horny you will be begging me to fuck you, so gather your things and follow me,” he ordered.


The aphrodisiac part was probably bullshit but I gladly followed him to his truck. John took me home, threw me into bed, and fucked me royally using that same oil as a lubricant. That afternoon and evening he fucked me four more times before we got into the shower to clean up. He had a cleaning-out nozzle in the shower and we both took advantage of it before we began to wash.


“There isn’t really anything like aphrodisiac oil, is there?” I chuckled.


“There is… but it is only activated when you try to wash it off with soap,” he explained as I scrubbed my butt crack. 


I had a good laugh but before all the soap was rinsed off my body I was on my hands and knees begging him to fuck me again and again.


“You are going to do very well at the orgy that started a half hour ago in the suite across the hall. By the way there are some side effects to that oil. First your libido soars and cum production increases. Everyone is different but ten major orgasms each night are not unusual. Used as a lube your ass will never be sore and you will be able to accommodate even larger cocks than mine. And lastly you will slowly start gaining muscle mass. Eventually you’ll have a physique like mine if you stay with me,” he said as he hung a medallion identical to his around my neck. 


“John, what is this?” I asked fingering the medallion.


“This will tell everyone you belong to me,” he smiled.


The orgy was a 60th birthday party for a guy that could have passed for 45 at the most. The guy reeked of wealth and surrounded himself with muscle studs and bodybuilders. There was food and wine, a birthday cake and gifts, straights and gays in attendance.


After gifts (mostly gag gifts) were opened the party started to break up but the core of muscle studs remained. At some point shirts started to come off and John and I were invited to join a couple for a tryst. The orgy started in that bedroom but quickly spread throughout the whole suite. The birthday boy and I traded fucks and two of his bodybuilder bodyguards spit roasted me. I bottomed, I topped, I sucked cock, I worshipped muscles, I was double fucked, and was showered with cum. There was some light BDSM but John and I didn’t participate.


Before we walked back across the hall John fucked me one more time. I couldn’t get enough of his cock! We found the host/ birthday boy before we left. At the front door I shook his hand and congratulated him but John threw his arms around the man and kissed him.


“Happy Birthday Dad,” he said as he released the man. They both smiled when they saw my shocked reaction. As we showered I couldn’t help but wonder aloud if eternal youth was another side effect of the aphrodisiac oil.


“You mean dad!” he laughed. “Nope, cosmetic surgery,” he rolled his eyes. “The man is so vain!”


I ran my hands over John’s pecs and thanked him for a wonderful day.


“And the night has just begun!” he said rubbing his hard cock against mine.

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