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Dad and my power

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I didn't know what to do when I discovered that my son had inherited his grandfather's power.  My father had told me about the power, something about a wizard or something like that, but he had never used it, so I didn't know much about how it worked.
 He accidentaly made his older brother, Marco, grow, and now the boy looked like a mini sportsman.  I told them that there was nothing to worry about and that I would take care of it.
 And so I did, I made Marco start wearing clothes a few larger sizes for him to be able to hide his body and my little son learned how his power worked and avoid using it.  Until by accident he use it on me.
 It happened a few years later, when we were on vacation.  Only my children and I, on a vacation to relax, or so I thought.
 We had arrived at the hotel and Marco immediately took off his shirt to go straight for a swim, the boy was somewhat conceited, he took advantage of the sculptural body that his brother had given him and show it off whenever he could.
 After all, he was already a young man, with the arrival of his puberty his body developed even more than other boys at his age.
 On the other hand, my little one was calm and cautious, always with his hands tucked in his pockets or behind him.
 We had a very good first day of vacation, we had so much fun that we were exhausted, me a little more than my children, the age already weighed and to be honest I did not have the same physical condition, at some point I was very active and athletic, but with time and overwhelming adult life that changed.  That's why some people found it odd that Marco is so athletic and I had no resemblance to him. 

 Already at night, we reached the room and I went straight to bed.  I was very tired and already wanted to sleep, my children wanted to stay awake a little longer, so I left them.  I could not argue against the latent energy of my boys, I kept thinking how good it would be to be able to keep up with my children, to be able to play with them with the same energy they had, that was my last thought before falling asleep.
 I didn't usually have dreams when I slept, but that night, I was having something like a lived dream, I could feel an energy running through my body and filling me with vitality.  Nothing could stop me.  Suddenly I woke up.
 The room already had the lights off, in the darkness of night I could see the clock on the table next to the bed.  It was 3:15 in the morning.
 I turned around and saw Marco already lying in his bed, then I look for his brother, but he wasn't anywhere.
 At that moment I felt a pressure on my torso and something cold placed on my chest. It was my son, he had fallen asleep on top of me.  And he had his hand on my chest.
I remove his hand immediately and putting him away from me, trying not to wake him up.
 "How long had it been there? What if it was there all night? What will happen to me? Is there any way to reverse it?"  All those questions were spinning in my head, I did not know what to do, I went and sat on the small armchair in the corner of the room, thinking of some solution on how to avoid the effect of my son's power.  Gradually, I got sleepy and I fell asleep again.
 The next day I wake up with the voices of my children calling me.
 -: "Dad, can we go swimming now, please?"
 It was the little one, apparently he hadn't realized what he had done to me, yet.  Behind him was Marco, in his short and shirtless, ready to swim, although there was something different about him, something in his physique.  But my thinking was interrupted when I remembered the power.
 I could not leave, there were many people in the hotel and I could absorb the muscles of anyone who were close to me.
 -: "You go without me, Daddy feels a little tired."  I told them, maybe that way I would avoid going out and letting the effect pass.
 -: "Are you okay, are you sure?"  Marco asked.
 -: "Yes yes, go, maybe after I reach you guys, Marco please take care of your brother".
 They both left, but not before saying goodbye and giving me a hug.
 Already alone in the room, I realized that I had had some changes.  I was taller, my shorts that reached my knee, were now shorter and my body, which was previously a little neglected and with a small belly, now looked like a professional runner and with some slightly developed muscles.
 It was a small change, if my children hadn't noticed, nobody else was going to notice.  So if I stayed all day in the room, not many changes would happen in me and the effect would pass.  But that day luck was not on my side.
 Somebody knocked on the door, I opened and it was the bellman.
 Apparently there had been a mistake in the reservations and they had given me someone else's room.
 -: "And they can't give him the other room, so we avoid so much mess?"  I asked.
 -: "I'm sorry sir, but the person specifically asked for this room, but don't worry, we will send someone to come for your things, just go to the lobby to change your key and they will tell you where your new room is."
 I could not convince him.
 I left the room and headed to the lobby, the problem was that from the room to the lobby, I had to go through the main pool where there were many people.  I could feel my heart pounding, I thought of a thousand ways in which I could perhaps prevent the power from starting to change md. I walked quickly and avoided eye contact, as if I could contain the power.
 I arrived at the lobby and headed to a receptionist for my room change.
 The lobby was a small space, there was the reception bar on one side and in front there were some chairs to wait, on one side of the reception was the wide entrance to the hotel and on the other side the entrance to the pool area, I could not have arrived at a better time, there were people passing, leaving and entering the entrance to the pool and vice versa.
 I asked for the change with the receptionist and he asked me yo wait.
 I was starting to get stressed, it was very hot and I was sweating from my nerves.  I could not grieve.  Until, I heard screams and laughs entering the lobby.
 A group of boys entered the lobby and were not any type of boys, apparently they were fitness models.  Everyone had a tonedband muscular body, not as big as a bodybuilder, but they did have a phenomenal body, Marco wanted to look like one of those boys.
 One of them approached the bar next to me to do his check-up while the others sat in the armchairs.
 If I stayed there longer, I was going to start absorbing the muscles of all those boys.
 I asked the receptionist if he already had my key.
 -: "In a second sir, wait a moment."
 That didn't sound like it would be a moment.  I tried not to turn to see the boy next to me in the face, but I did look at his body.
 He was wearing a tight shirt that only highlighted his well-carved muscles, I could clearly see his pecs and his toned arms. 
 I also turned to the other boys, all almost alike in the physique.
 I started to worry even more, I don't know how long I waited but it seemed like an eternety, I was still very hot and I began to feel a pressure on my torso.  But then I realized.
 No, it wasn't a pressure. It was my shirt!  I tried not to look surprised, I looked down and I wasn't just thin anymore, now I was the size of those guys there, or even bigger than them!
 My chest was pushing the shirt stretching it wanting to reach the limit.  From what I could see above my chest, as it began to block my eyes a little downward, I could see that my abs were marked below the shirt.  The sleeves had stretched and moved, revealing my biceps and triceps.
 I didn't know why but I was starting to get turned on.
 -: "Hey sir."  I got out of my trance, it was the boy next to me.
 -: "Good muscles. Where do you train, would it bother you if you give me some advice?"
 -: "Ehmm I ..."
 But I get interrupt by the receptionist with my key.

 -: "Ehmmm sorry I-I have to go" My voice sounded different.

 -: "Sir, perhaps you would be interested in an event that is taking place on the beach, it is ...".  The receptionist was telling me, but I interrupted him.

 -: "No thanks, I have to go" I said very quickly.

 But before leaving the lobby I noticed that the boy next to me no longer looked so big and his shirt was no longer stuck with his body.  Same with the others who were in the room.

 I left the lobby as quickly as possible before I did anything else to those guys.

 I'm glad to know that the new room was away from the main pool, so there wouldn't be so many people out there.

 Walking fast was a difficult thing with a shirt that hung my muscular torso and with a lump that now hindered my legs at every step.

 For a moment, the heat I felt began to dissipate, that calmed me down.  Maybe that meant the effect was passing.

 I walked as fast as possible, which was in fact very fast, I had gained height and my legs were now stronger.

 I was almost there, just a few meters away and I was going to be able to enter the room and end this.

 But out of nowhere, another heat wave arrived.  I felt a sharp pain running through my body that stopped me.  I wanted to keep moving, but my muscles didn't give in.  Suddenly, like an explosion of pleasure, my muscles grew.

 I moaned very loud and with my thick voice it sounded even louder, the shirt couldn't take it anymore and it was destroyed.  Now I had huge pecs, gun-sized arms and a back as wide as a door, all now exposed.  My muscles were huge now, I had grown even more.  I didn't know why, I didn't see anyone else around.  The numbness was over and I could move again.  I ran to the room, entered and immediately closed the door behind me.

 The heat still followed and ran through my whole body, like an energy in charge of filling my muscles.

 -: "Stop it, please."  Now my voice was very thick, nothing to do with my previous voice, now it sounded like a man.

 I was thinking of a solution, but my thoughts were interrupted when I heard applause and people shouting.  I thought that the receptionist had told me that the room was away from all the people.

 On the other side of the room was a huge curtain, I opened it to see what was behind.

 It was a sliding glass door, which gave direct access to the beach.

 And outside, just in front of my room, the event that the receptionist had told me was happening.

 "The strongest man on the beach."

 A lot of professional bodybuilders, flexing, showing their huge muscles, lifting the heaviest weights and proving who was the strongest.

 The heat was very intense in my muscles, they were causing it.

 I ran back to the door to escape all those muscles.  But when I took the handle, I didn't measure my now brutal strength and I broke it.

 I could not open the door.  The only way out of the room was through the door to the beach, through all those giants.

 I arm myself with courage and went out on the beach.  There were people shouting and supporting their favorite giants while I just wanted to get as far away from them as possible.

 -:"Hey you!".  Listen among all the tumult.  I knew they were talking to me, but I decided to ignore it, I had to escape.

 -: "Hey friend, wait!"  The voice was closer, running looked like the only option, but it reached me and took me by the shoulder

 - "Woah big guy, where in such a hurry?"

 It was a big guy, the sweat of his body highlighted every curve of his majestic muscles.  I wanted to take their eyes off them but it was almost hypnotizing.  They were covered by a layer of hair that only made it hotter.  He was a little taller than me and was holding me with his thick arm taking me by the shoulder.

 -: "Ahmmm, I ... I-I'm sorry ... M-me ... I have to go."

 I wanted to moan, scream like a beast for all the pleasure running through my muscles.  I also felt ashamed of the handsome guy in front of me.

 -: "Where friend? Better stay here, surely you break some records with those giants there."  He said it while he ran his finger on my pecs.

 -: "I-I ... I don't do those things, sorry."  Pleasure kept invading me.

 -: "Wow, a modest muscle guy, you don't have to be ashamed friend"

 He kept running his finger across my chest, making me more and more turned on.

 -: "Yes, you are adorable."  The heat became more intense.

 -: "Come on, I want to see you use these".  He put his full hand on my gigantic biceps.

 I started feeling disoriented.  Too many muscles.  Too much pleasure.  I began to see several of the bodybuilders begin to have problems to carry their weights and others to see how their clothes began to become loose.

 While to me, the heat burned me more and more, I could feel each muscle fiber break and recover again to break again and become even bigger than the previous one.  I felt the energy go straight to my penis, which began to want to stand in the now tiny short that it brought and that I could no longer cover the giant muscle oaks I had.

 I couldn't take it anymore, I felt like it was going to explode, I didn't know if I of pleasure, or pain, or my colossal muscles.

 Until I felt a hand cover my erection and start massaging my balls.

 The guy approached to my ear.

 -: "Or maybe we can meet in my room later, you know, to exchange routines and admire our bodies."

 And as it came, the heat went away.  It had stopped, the effect was over.

 I turned to see the dude in the face, he was handsome.

 -: "I'm Diego," I said.

 -: "Wow, no more modest sir, my name is Julio"

 We both laugh.  It didn't seem that I have stolen his muscles, he looked the same, but now I was much taller and more muscular than him.

 -: "Then I'll see you later."  I said goodbye and went to the pool to look for my children.


 -: "Wooooow, daddy is now a giant," said my little one.
 Both had the best astonished faces I have ever seen.  I laughed and lifted both of them, one on each arm, as if it were nothing.
 -: "Dad, can I touch your muscles?"
 -: "Haha, of course, but be careful"
 Both began to play every part of me, while I flexed to impress them even more.  We spent all day playing and having fun all three together.  By nightfall my children where so tired, while I could still go on all night.  Being a giant with muscles filled me with energy and vitality.
 I took my children to the room and put them to bed.  As I said, I still had energy to go on all night, so I headed for my date.
 They were the best vacations I've had, from that moment everything was better in my life.  It felt good to be that big.
 Already now, many years after that.  My little one is now a young man who goes to college, although for me, he is literally still my little one.
 Recently back from college for his winter break.
 He came walking a little strange, said he had an accident "playing" with his friend Kevin.  He asked me if Kevin could stay at home for a few days, apparently they both wanted to show me something "big", but Kevin wouldn't get there in two days because he needed to make some things.
 That night, and as usual, I was in the bathroom in front of the huge mirror I had, admiring every inch of me.  Just feeling the enormous weight of my muscles excited me all the time and this was the only moment where I could let off steam.
 When I finished, I left the bathroom and headed to my room.
 I saw that the door of my son's room was open, when I approached to close it I saw Marco inside, on the side of the bed, naked, putting his sleeping brother's hand on his chest.  He was startled when I entered.
 -:"It's not what it seems".  He said whispering and worried.
 I approached him and made him aside, then I approached to my little one and put his hand on my chest.
 -: "I thought I had taught you to share"
 I said approaching him and began to massage his muscles.

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