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Bulking up



The street was dark and there was not much light, but I could see the silhouette of the guy's physique in front of me, it was three times wider than me and he was a whole lot more taller than me.  He had approached me, he told me everything he knew, a out how much I trained hard in the gym, the rigorous diets, the little respect that others of me had for my physique.  He offered me a solution, a way to get out of my body and be a god among men, a supplement that would help me grow in strength and size.

 It caught me in an instant, so I agreed. 



 It's been a week since I've been using the supplement.  They were some pills in a bottle with no brand or label.  The guy said that I shoul take one by one with some regularity, but not more than one in a single day.  I still didn't see a lot of changes despite being in gym, but I was horribly hungry and couldn't sleep.  I was getting desperate, I didn't want to continue being a stick that everyone teases in the gym.  I took two pills and swallowed them.

 The hunger returned even worse, but I refused to break the diet.  I took my things and started walking to the gym.

 Along the way, I felt exhausted, my entire body weighed and I lacked energy.  I needed something to eat, real food.

 As a work of a miracle, I got the exquisite smell of what seemed to be food made for the gods.

 It was a newly opened buffet restaurant.  It was read on a banner hanging on the front "For innaguration, everything you can eat and more, at a lower price"

 I was in front of the door, watching the poster making fun of me.

 -: "Fuck the diet" I said.

 I was received by a waitress, young and friendly, who led me to my table.

 -: "Enjoy your meal" she said kindly.

 I approached to serve myself, it was a feast, there was everything and for everyone, I didn't know what to choose.  There were meats of all kinds, vegetables and side dishes of all colors and shapes, I could see large portions of food served on overflowing trays.  My stomach roared and I quickly served a steak, some smashed potatoes and some salad.  I arrived quickly at my table and sat down, I saw my plate and honestly I was very modest with the food portions.

I cut a piece of the steak and take it to my mouth.  The taste was an explosion of pleasure in my mouth.  I didn't finished chewing the entire piece completely when I was getting another piece and another one behind it.

 In less than a minute I had devoured everything on the plate.  I stopped immediately and served myself even more.  This time it was chicken, with some pasta, a lot of shrimp and carrot pieces.

 I had no mercy on the food and finished it even faster.  Plate after plate, I was devouring everything.

 I ate like a fattening pig, but after a while, I realized that some people at tables around were watching me.

 I felt some shame and stopped a few seconds.

 It was so much my urge to eat that I hadn't noticed the stacks of dishes in front of me, I turned around and saw some almost empty trays, I didn't want to think that maybe it was me who emptied them.

 I also noticed that I was sweating, I had not realized the heat it was giving me and I felt the shirt attached to my body, perhaps all the sweat.

 A waiter arrived with what I thought was a check, but it was a paper with a number and a "call me"

 Strage, it had never happened to me.  I took the paper, my stuff and left the restaurant.  At the entrance was the same waitress who had received me.

 -: "Come back soon, sir."

 Sir? Will she have confused me? I turned back and there was no one else, maybe she just said it at random.

 I arrived at the gym and entered the locker room.  My stomach was growling, even after devouring almost the entire restaurant I was hungry!

 I started undressing and noticed something strange.  My shirt didn't come out, it was stuck or something.  With every effort I tried to pull it out, try pulling harder until I heard something tearing apart, a piece of clothing breaking.  After the noise I felt the shirt come out easily.  I held it in my hands and saw that, I had broken my shirt.  But how?  That shirt was two sizes bigger, had it suddenly shrunk from nothing?

 But I looked in the mirror and saw myself.


 I could not believe it.  It was me?  Of course it was me, I was huge!  It was impossible.  I flexed my huge arm and saw how a huge mountain stood out.  I began to flex my huge pecs and make them bounce one and then another.
 I started touching myself, all my big muscles, my broad shoulders, my giant arms, even my belly felt hard, I felt a pleasure that filled me even more with energy and confidence, I was getting very very hot.
 I took my phone and sent a picture along with a message to the restaurant waiter.
 "After you're done, how about going to my bed?"
 Moments later his answer arrived.
 "Dinner's on me"
 I got excited at the answer, but I was still hungry.  Without any shame, I ordered 10 pizzas so they will arrive at the gym.
 While I waited I decided to do some exercise.
 There were some of those guys who are like well-built models.  Before, I was envious of those guys, but this time, it would be the other way around.  I followed their step in each machine, exercise or weight they will take, but I did or carried twice as much, even three times as they, the boys just stood there stunned, before my monumental strength and physical.
 I felt full of energy and didn't want to stop, but the pizza arrived.  The delivery man was a small guy, I could see his confused face for taking pizza to a gym.  I aprocched to him and paid him, I could see him blushing and taking a walk with his eyes all over my body, I bounced my pecs and threw him a flirtatious smile.  The guy just blushed even more and smiled at me.
 I swallowed all the pizzas in less than five minutes.  It was already getting late, so I had to go.  I took my shirt and remembered that I had destroy it, but even so, it looked even smaller, I couldn't be that I was growing up every time I ate, it was going to be a mess.
 I walked home without a shirt.  I really enjoyed all the looks I received for my huge physique, but I enjoyed even more erections that some could not hide.
 I arrived home and prepared for dinner.
 I took a pair of pants that my father had once forgotten here and a dress shirt that he had given me thinking that his son was a size larger than he was.
 Both my pants and shirt were tight around my developed muscles.
 I arrived at the restaurant again and there was the waiter boy.  He received me and took me to my table, where there were already plates full of food.
 : - "Everything for you big guy" He said as he walked away to attend other tables.
 I was not so hungry anymore and as it looked, I didn't think it was going to end all that.
 I didn't want to disappoint him, so I took out the pill bottle and take another one.
 The hunger returned in an instant and I began to devour everything.
 While I ate like a beast, he kept bringing and bringing more dishes full of food.
 I began to feel the shirt tighten on my body growing and my pants getting smaller and smaller.
 I felt the same heat I had felt before and also the same looks, this time along with whispers and some erections.
 I felt my penis grow and make its way out of my pants, and as if it were synchronized, three buttons burst at the same time.
 Two of the shirt, one above that I can not stand the enormous size of my pecs and the other below that could not with my bulky belly.
 The third was the pants, a gigantic bulge protruding from my pants and my tiny boxer could no longer hide the gigantic penis that was growing.
 I got up quickly and ran straight to the bathroom.
 I could feel my muscles bounce with each step.

 Arriving at the bathroom, I entered a cubicle and sat on the toilet.  I hugged my belly, thinking that maybe I could restrict its growth, but it was getting bigger and bigger.

 My biceps and forearms began to grow more and more that no longer allowed me to reach my stomach.  My back and shoulders widened so much that I was caught between the walls of the cubicle and my legs began to lengthen and grow in muscle that began to push the door.  I began to hear the toilet creak under the enormous weight of my muscles.

 I was getting bigger than the cubicle and I couldn't stop.

 But I didn't want to stop either.

 I was now a giant.  My head reached the ceiling and I could no longer see beyond my pecs or my belly.

 I was high in pleasure, I felt my penis throbbing, begging to be satisfied.


 I heard the bathroom door open, it was the waiter.  He had in his hand a plate with a slice of cake.  Now he looked very small and he looked at me in amazement, as if I was a colossal sculpture.

 He did his best and climbed on my gigantic legs, leaned on my penis to climb, I tried not to get turnerd on by how his tiny feet felt on my huge limb, stood on his toes and climbed to my chest, placing the cake to the side  using my pecs as a shelf made of gigantic muscles.

 -: "You forgot the dessert."  He took a piece of the cake with a spoon and brought it to my mouth.

 Another wave of pleasure and growth invaded my body.

 The last thing I felt was the bathroom shredding before my colossal body.

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