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Of Cowboys and Cockrings







The closest thing I had to a home cooked meal was Cracker Barrel. There were three in the area and I frequented them all so it didn’t look like I was in there eating seven days a week. Oh I didn’t eat breakfast there only supper. I could cook eggs and toast bread and fry bacon. I usually made a sandwich for lunch. The ability to make supper was beyond my capabilities.


For some reason it was a very busy night and I got seated in the very back section where they have the tables for big groups. Most of the big tables were empty back there because there were no big groups that night. There were two four top tables by the windows and four two top tables against the divider between the sections. Big tables that could fit ten or more took up the rest of the room.


I got the last of the two top tables and I was facing the windows. When I didn’t even look at any of the other guests I realized that I was depressed because of the approaching winter holidays. I was ready to quit my job and go home. Being hen pecked by my mother and aunts was better than being alone. Their cooking would…


“There you are!” a voice said for the benefit of nearby tables. That was when the chair opposite me was pulled out and a good-looking cowboy sat down at my table. The waitress came by to take his order. He started with coffee and then he ordered a chef salad. She nearly had an orgasm taking his order.


“Who are you?” I asked after she left.


“Just looking for a table so I can eat! There are ten tables ahead of me. A guy could starve,” he said seriously. It made me smile.


“Take off your hat and coat and stay a while,” I grinned.


“A good cowboy only takes his hat off to sleep and sometimes not even then,” he laughed.


“I saw in a movie that said cowboys only take off their hat when they have sex,” I said so only he could hear.


“Yep!” he said as his coffee arrived. “One check and hand it to me darling’,” he said when his salad came seconds later.


“Hey you don’t…” he held up his hand. He never did take off his sheepskin coat or his hat. We finished eating at the same time and he picked up the check. Outside he stretched and the coat came open to reveal that he wasn’t wearing a shirt under his coat. Well he was but it was more like a vest that wouldn’t close. It looked like it was cut from a flannel shirt.


“You need a ride anywhere?” I asked.


“Well I won’t have a job until spring so I’ll hitch a ride to my hometown. I got a job offer to be a short order cook. You could drop me on the interstate.”


“What if you don’t get a ride?” I asked.


“It’ll be a really cold night until I get to the rest area. Ever sleep in a rest area bathroom?”


“Ok get in,” I said. I decided to take him home with me. At least he would have someplace warm to sleep.


“Hey what… where are you going?”


“I have a job for you.” I smiled.


At the house he dropped his backpack and the coat came open. I took the opportunity to run my hands inside his shirt and he groaned as I flicked his nipples. I pushed the coat off his shoulders. He caught it and tossed it on the sofa.


“Deeee-amn!” I said seeing his physique. This wasn’t muscle covered with a layer of fat, he had hard thick muscles—he was buff.


“Yer playin with fire and you’re gonna get fucked,” he warned suddenly acquiring an accent. I pushed off the shirt and he shook his head yet there was a huge smile on his face. “I gotta warn ya, I’ve been without sex fer two weeks,” he grinned.


“I gotta warn you that I don’t allow hats to be worn in my bed,” I said. He took the cowboy hat off and tossed on the couch. I pulled open his big buckle and his jeans fell down around his knees exposing his big uncut cock. It wasn’t really long but it sure was thick.


“I’m a grower and a shooter,” he said as his cock began to rise. He sat for me to pull off his cowboy boots and his jeans. The ‘ting’ of a silver cock ring hitting the floor after falling out of his pocket, made me smile. Slowly he stripped me naked. He obviously liked what he saw because he didn’t need that silver cock ring to keep him hard most of the night. Damn he really knew how to use that thing!

The cowboy was mine until spring.

He was a damn good cook too!

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