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Henry’s Accident




Henry’s yearbook picture

Henry’s Accident

I got a call from Henry and I was shocked to hear he was in the hospital. He laughed and told me he was kept for observation after he spilled something in the lab. He said he was fine and just needed a ride home. Sometimes I didn’t see him for weeks at a time so I didn’t know he wasn’t home. He told me to take my time because the doctor hadn’t signed the discharge papers. He also asked me to bring him some clothes and shoes. He suggested the football jersey he uses as a nightshirt when he sleeps at my apartment, some basketball shorts he can pull tight around his waist and some flip flops all of which were at my house.


Henry is such a geek. Like most geeks he is still pencil thin. He has a brilliant mind but he’s sometimes clumsy and somewhat absentminded. My theory is that he has several projects churning in his head all at the same time. Just one of those streams of thought would have my mind working full time and totally shutting out everything else around me until I had the answer.


Henry’s brain doesn’t work that way. He gives his brain a task after he has gathered all the information and then he tells his brain to process. Then he takes a second problem and does the same thing. I personally believe that he has a hundred projects going on at the same time. His brain is working so hard it doesn’t have time to have coordinated motor skills or people skills for that matter. He works alone and makes millions. I’m the contractor who built his research lab and his home on his property; he owns one thousand acres of rolling hills and forest. Henry sold me a couple acres at the corner of his property for a dollar so I could build my construction business. I built his lab at cost.


Henry was my tutor and I was his protector. He got me through high school and college. I was probably his only friend. Since he was a geek and gay he got bullied. All I had to do was confront the guy bothering Henry and it stopped. I could always tell when he was being bullied. He wasn’t calm and he couldn’t think straight. It only took a day to find out who it was. I had a network. Henry and I would walk up to the guy or girl and in the end they would apologize to Henry and before my eyes he would become Henry again. Eventually word got out and it didn’t happen very often.


I gathered the clothes and went to pick him up. I found his room and knocked as I entered. The lights were low and the room darkening drapes were closed.


“Brad. I’m glad you are here! Just finished showering, hand me the shorts please,” he said as he opened the bathroom door a crack. It was a barn door design so handicapped as well as regular patients could use the bathroom. I was impressed with the newly remodeled rooms. This was quality workmanship. I looked for flaws and could only find one crooked tile in the corner under the sink. Most people wouldn’t notice. I would have fixed it because that kind of stuff bothered me. “Hey Brad, I have a surprise for you,” Henry called out from the bathroom. He slid the door back and the bathroom was dark.


“Playing games Henry?” I said as I rolled my eyes. “Did the doc sign you out?” I asked.


“When I turn on the light I’m gonna take your picture so you can see your reaction,” he said from the dark. He meant he would start the video on his phone.


“C’mon Henry, quit playing around. I need to stop on the way home and get some supper.”


“Ready?” The light went on and he was standing with his camera phone at the ready.


I nearly fell on my ass when I saw his massive physique. Then I realized it was April 1st and this was a prank he had set up with some stud male nurse or physical therapist. Henry was the only one that knew I had a muscle fetish.


“Very funny… April fool’s!" I laughed.


“No Brad it’s really me!” he said walking out of the bathroom. It was Henry’s voice but the body was all wrong.


“Gotta be rubber body suit,” I laughed. “April fool’s!” I repeated.


“Touch it,” he whispered as he flexed his gigantic arm. I was smiling and laughing until my hand made contact with the warm flesh of his new physique. The muscles were like rock. The smile left my face and my knees buckled. I sat on the floor looking up at Henry the muscle god.


“How…” I began babbling nonsense words as he knelt and took my face in his hands and kissed me on the lips.


“I never had the courage to do that even after you told me you were a bisexual with a muscle fetish,” Henry said softly. “Will you give up that tiny apartment and come live with me in the mansion you built?”


“Hank, what did you do with Henry?” I asked. Sometimes I called him Hank to tease him. He took my hand and put it over his heart. My jaw dropped as my hand rested on his incredible pecs.


“I’m still in here Brad,” he grinned.


As hard as he tried he could never duplicate the stuff that made him muscular. It was an accident after all. The Army would have paid him billions of dollars to turn ordinary guys into super soldiers. Henry… I mean Hank works out only once a week with me in the gym to maintain his outstanding physique, but of course that didn’t include his physical exertions every night as we fuck in our bed.


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