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I hardly recognized Mo Brown or Morris the Nerd as he was known around school. I didn’t believe it was him until I saw his glasses tucked into the bathing suit. At graduation last week Morris had a fifty inch waist.


“Jim! Psssttt Jim follow me,” he said slipping into the crack in the rock.


“Morris is that you?” my voice echoed. He called again for me to follow. Morris was the guy who helped me graduate last in our class. Without his tutoring I wouldn’t have graduated at all. Give me a barbell or a football and I was king, the champ, the best. To me you could never be too muscular but to Morris you could never be too smart. “Morris,” I called as I squeezed into the crack. The crack opened into a tiny room. Morris was sitting in a beam of sunlight coming from a hole in the ceiling. 


“I wish that your IQ and your physique would double,” Morris said. He stood and began to shove me out of the cave and the rock was scraping my pecs. By the time I had one foot outside I was stuck. It felt like the muscle in my right pec was being ripped away from my bones. Morris shoulder blocked my delt with all his might and I popped out of the crack. He was out a second later and when I looked back the crack looked like it was only four inches wide. I assumed that was why I got stuck.


“What did you just do Morris,” I demanded.


“You get one wish but you can also give something away. I was too much of a brainiac anyway,” he said. “I gladly gave you part of my IQ”


“Why?” I demanded. “You had a future… MIT or Cal Tech, college, doctor… you want to be a doctor, right?”


“A PhD not a physician,” he chuckled. For the first time I understood what he meant. His higher education was something he looked forward to but to me my higher education was going to be HVAC training… until that moment. I knew I needed to finish college to get ahead. I needed to be an engineer like my uncle. 


“That is just wrong Mo!”


“Jim you gave me something I never had… acceptance and respect. You didn’t allow guys to make fun of me. I wanted to give you something you wanted as well as something you needed,” he said.


“Hold on, hold on! Where did you get the killer body?” I asked. Just a few minutes ago Morris was as skinny as a rail. Before my eyes his body was packing on muscle. He went from skinny to athletic in the blink of an eye. Then he went from athletic to a muscle stud but his physique kept growing beyond muscle stud and into a full blown professional bodybuilder.


“A friend. I told a friend I wished I wasn’t fat. He brought me here and gave me my wish,” Mo explained.


“Holy shit! Look at those pecs! Look at your arms!” I yelled. “Deeeamn! Look at those wheels!”


“What are wheels?” he asked all puzzled. 


“Look at yourself!”


This is a picture of Mo after his wish was granted

“Holy crap!” Mo yelled back and he crashed into my body. “I love ya man.” 


That was something the guys on the team always said. When I wrapped my arms around him my tank top ripped up the back. We both looked like bodybuilders. Huge pro bodybuilders. Apparently when you make a wish and give something away it also applies to the wish granter. So Mo’s IQ also doubled and we both grew huge muscles. Standing there holding each other our hard cocks rubbed against each other and Mo had an instant orgasm. He tried to pull away but I thrust against him until I shot my wad. 


As college roommates for the next four years we had muscle sex morning noon and night. We dated girls too but damn he was good in bed. 


Truly what goes around comes around.



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