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Kevin and my power



Since I can remember, I have always had the power to grow men's muscles, but at the cost of stealing someone else's muscles.  To be able to do it, I have to put my hand on the chest of the one I want to grow and then this is going to absorb the muscles of people who were in their surroundings, the duration of the effect and the absorption range depend on how much time I leave my hand in their chest.  For example, the first time I discovered it was playing with my older brother when we were little in a park, or also the time I accidentally made my dad grow on the beach, but those are stories for another day.

 My father knew of this power, apparently it was something that comes from family that had happened to my grandfather and my grandfather's grandfather.  And I couldnt make it work on myself.

 The fact is that I have never used this power on purpose, until Kevin asked me to.

 Kevin was my best friend since childhood, we had always been inseparable.  I trusted him and that's why I decided to tell him about my power when we were in high school.

 At first he didn't believe me, I tried explaining him that I was the reason why my father and my brother were huge bodybuilders, that convinced him a little and he believed me.  Strangely he didn't ask me to use my powers on him or someone else to prove that I was telling the truth.  He believed in me, and that was enough.

 Kevin and I went to the same collegue and shared the same room, it was great to have my best friend with me as a roommate.  There was no better time than to be talking with him until late about anything we could think of.  Until one day he asked me to use my power.

 -: "There is going to be a try-out to enter the football team in two days. If I enter, I can get a scholarship, but all the guys who go there are huge mastodons, I swear I saw one that beat me by two heads. I don't want to force you,  but I wanted to ask you to help me "

 I could see that Kevin really wanted to be on the team, I thought that nothing else would make him happier.

 So I agreed, I would help him get into the team.

 The day of the test, a few hours before, I took him to a small gym far from the university.  I had dressed him in a sports jacket and sweatpants some sizes larger than normal so that no one suspected a thin boy was suddenly a stocky athlete.

 Before Kevin came in, I  lowered the jacket  closure to find out that he had no shirt underneath, there was only his bare and thin torso, I felt tenderness and affection to see him.  I put my hand on his warm chest and waited.

 I knew how long I had to leave my hand for the duration of the effect, but I got a little distracted thinking about Kevin and how my hand felt on his chest, I felt his warmth, his heartbeat, every breath he took.

 -:"Everything is alright?".  I went back into reason and immediately removed my hand from his chest.  I could tell that he had put his hand on my back getting me closer to him.

 -: "Go in and go around there in ten minutes, you leave," I said. For the time I left my hand on his chest he may have had more time and absorption range, but I think it was better not to tell him.

 He entered and I waited for him out there, I could see him through the windows as he walked through the gym, as if it were a museum.  I lost sight of him for a moment and I couldn't see him again.

 After ten minutes he came out. 

 The previously loose sportswear, now it was tight and somewhat small, in addition to growing his muscles, apparently I had also made him taller.

 -: "Wow, I had never felt so good, hell it feels good, I think I have so much energy that I could run from here to university, see you there? , what do you think?"

 Unable to say something or at least be able to see how he looked, he ran away.  He made huge strides and I could see the muscles in his legs flexing.

 I went back to college alone, did some homework and projects, and then decided to go to the football field to see how Kevin had done.  There were a lot of people, but I couldn't see him.  As I approached I could hear the conversations of some people who were nearby.  -: "You saw that guy, it seemed like nobody could stop him, he was too fast."

 -: "But he was also very strong, I saw him tear down three dudes bigger than him"

 I knew they were talking about Kevin, maybe he was able to join the team.  I walked to my room to see if I found Kevin, when I arrived, the bathroom door was closed. I knocked and ask if he was there.

 -:"Yes, give me a second".  I waited a long time for him to came out, but he was still locked in the bathroom.  When it started to get late, I went to bed but waited a little longer to see if it came out.  I could only hear something like between grunts and groans, I was afraid to knock again, I kept waiting until I fell asleep.

 In my dream, I could feel a warmth, a heartbeat, a rather familiar breath, but it felt harder, stronger.

 When I opened my eyes, it was already dawn, and Kevin was on top of me, putting my hand on his stout chest.

 -: "Hey! Good morning."  Saying that he takes my hand off his chest, he leaned toward me and kissed me on the lips.

 I didn't know what had happened, I stood there, still, analyzing what had happened while Kevin took his things and opened the door to the room.

 -: I'll call you later to meet, see you "

 When I reacted, I got out of bed and yelled at him: "How long did you leave my hand ?!"

 But he was already gone.

 Kevin went to different classes from mine and in classrooms even further than mine.  I wasn't going to be able to see him almost all day and be able to control whatever he did.

 I put on my clothes fast, took my things and ran to see if I could reach Kevin.  I tried to look for him all around the residence building, but he wasn't there.

 I wanted to go see if he was in one of his classrooms, but the time was approaching for my classes to begin and I could not miss them.  I decided that I would look for him later.  I entered my classroom and sat down, in front of me there were two boys who were from the wrestling team, tall and very stocky, apparently they had went to the gym before class, because they still had their sportswear that fit and highlighted their muscles,  next to me was another dude from the basketball team, not as big as the wrestling boys, but he had a great body, he was wearing a sleeveless shirt that left his biceps uncovered.

 Class started and I got to work, but a few minutes later, something was getting my attention.  The wrestling guys seemed ... Smaller?  His sports shirts now looked baggy, as if they were not their size and they din't looked as tall as before.

 I turned quickly to see the basketball dude and his biceps were no longer the same as a moment ago, now it was just a normal thin arm.

 It could not be true.  Kevin had classes in a building that was at least 7 minutes from mine, that was too far away!

 I began to worry about how long Kevin had left my hand on his chest, as soon as class was over, I got up immediately to go find Kevin, but not before I realized that the athletes were now my height.

 I ran straight to where Kevin could have classes, finding me on the way to boys with baggy shirts and very long pants for them, sportsmen whose uniform now seemed to belong to someone bigger than them.

 I arrived and searched everywhere. Nothing. 

 Suddenly, my cell phone started ringing.  It was Kevin.

 -: "See you at the entrance, don't take too long"

 It sounded different, very different.

 I walked towards the entrance, worried, hoping maybe the worst.

 And there he was... And more.


 I didn't know what to say. He was huge!  I approached him and he took me by the back, approaching me to his chest. I could feel his powerful cannon-sized arms surrounding me and pressing me tightly against him.  Maybe he was holding back, but I think he would be able to crush a truck with those gigantic muscles.  His shoulders looked like balls protruding from him and his back was so wide that I couldn't even touch the back of him, I could only feel his hard lats.

 His chest looked like two muscular plates of the toughest metal that could exist, my face was crushed against the lower part of his huge pecs, but it felt so good, maybe I would miss that feeling I had the first time I felt his thin  chest, but definitely now I want to feel this gigantic version of his chest.  His legs were now strong oaks that could travel a kilometer in less than one step.  He was taller now, more than anyone I had ever met.  While he wasbhugging me tightly I felt protected, as if nothing could penetrate the enormous mountain of muscles that Kevin was now.

With a single huge arm he took me from my butt and carry me up to get close to his face and kiss me.

 It was Kevin himself, but that kiss felt stronger and more virile than the one he had given me that morning

 -: "Come with me, I want to take you somewhere."  His voice was now thicker and more manly, I got a boner just from hearing it.

 He took me with his huge hands and carey me above his head like a feather, then put me on his back and began to walk.

 I knew he was just walking, but now with his great height and strong legs, it felt like he was running.

 We arrived at a gym, which was ten times larger than the one that I had taken him, it seemed a place where professional bodybuilders were training.  I entered behind him, but before crossing the door I could see a sign that said "Welcome to the 15th annual bodybuilding contest, as special guests and special jury. All previous winners!"

 I began to suspect what Kevin was plotting, this was a gym full of muscular and huge men and Kevin wanted to be the biggest.

 -: "K-Kevin, what are we doing here?" I asked in a trembling voice through my nerves, or maybe excitement.  The huge back of muscles did not turn to say something and kept walking.

 We entered the locker room, where there were many men who seemed to have trained their muscles throughout their lives.  Kevin looked like them, but for him it only took one day.

 Kevin entered the showers and left me behind.  When I entered, they were totally alone.  I was sure Kevin had come in here, suddenly I felt the floor vibrate and something like an arm touching my back.

 -: "You were looking for someone?" Kevin's thick voice felt like a pretty pleasant chill that ran through my entire body.

 I turned around and he was totally naked.  That arm that I felt on my back, was his huge penis!  I think it was bigger than a bottle of wine and even thicker.

 Without giving me time to react, he gets me up and take me to a shower.  He put me against the wall and started kissing me.  He ripped my clothes off like paper and began kissing every part of my body.  Each kiss was like an electric shock that filled me with pleasure.  Then he put me on his penis and began to fuck me very hard.

 I felt that he was tearing my butthole, but I also felt a pleasure that could not be compared.

 He left me impaled on his penis and kept kissing me. He didn't even have to carry me, his penis was strong enough to support my weight.  I began to massage the huge wall of pectorals in front of me.  I couldn't help it, and I wanted even more of Kevin, so I put my hand on his colossal chest as he kept kissing me and fucking me like a beast.

 -: "Son of ... UGHHHH ... SHIIIET ... Keep it up Do-don't... DON'T STOP !!!"

 I could feel Kevin's muscles gain more and more volume, now I couldn't reach his face, his gigantic pecs were pushing me against the wall and I felt his penis growing bigger inside my butt.

 Now his back was so wide that it covered the entire space of the shower and his arms could no longer move, he was growing more and more.  My moaning was drowned by Kevin's thunderous growls.  I could see how the walls that served as separation for the showers began to break before Kevin's immense musculature.

 -: "SHIIIIIT ... UGHHHHHH ... KEEP GOING HANDSOME ... MMMHHH ... UGHHHHHH ... I LOVE YOU ... AHHHHHHH ... I LOVE YOU, SHIIIIIIET!!!"  Grunted the huge beast that now touched the ceiling with its shoulders.

 Definitely to be the first time I use my power, I don't regret anything.

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