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A Bar Hopping Bachelor Party

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A Bar Hopping Bachelor Party


“I brought you home last night because you passed out on me. How about a shower,” I asked him as he walked into the bathroom naked. He grunted as he took a long piss. I looked over at his fine ass and V tapered back. I really lucked out when the huge bodybuilder followed me out of the bar last night and asked me for a ride, I thought.

Yeah you can ride my cock, I thought.

He asked me for a ride and I told him to get in and I would take him home. He told me it was a bar hopping bachelor party. He was an out of town guest going to a wedding or something. He wasn’t very coherent. I could tell he was fading as we drove toward the house. He plopped down in one of the recliners as I went to get him a beer. I always open the bottles in front of guests because I prefer to see the bottle open so I know there isn’t anything extra slipped into my drinks. He was snoring. I didn’t open the bottle.

“Come to bed,” I said softly. He blinked and tried to stand. I let him lean on me as I led him to my bedroom.

“Man, they got me drunk and left me. They left without me. I’m glad you came and got me,” he mumbled. It was dark in the bedroom and he let me help him get his clothes off. He kept calling me Mary or Gary or something. I took a chance and shoved his briefs down. He kicked them off and passed out in the bed.

He was really out! I was able to run my hands all over his body, suck his nipples and cock, and even thrust my hard cock between his huge pecs without him waking up. I was so turned on I didn’t even feel the orgasm building and suddenly I shot cum all over his pecs. My cock was rubbing his balls and I almost had a second orgasm as I licked my cum off his chest. I rolled over and basked in the afterglow before I fell asleep.

I’m an early riser even on the weekends. I’m awake at 6am no matter when I go to sleep. I stood by the bed stroking my morning wood wishing he was riding my cock instead of me stroking my aching shaft. He groaned and turned which made me run for the bathroom. I was trying to decide if I wanted to shave when he walked in to take a piss. He walked up to the sink I assumed to wash his hands but he stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me. My cock tented the towel.

“I brought you home last night and you passed out on me before you could tell me where you were staying.” I repeated and modified what I said when he walked in. “How about a shower?” I asked him. 

“Would you like to explain why I smell like sex and why there is dry cum on my pecs and balls?” he said in my ear. I looked at his smiling eyes in the mirror. “You fucked around with me last night but I was too drunk to participate,” he accused as he made my towel drop. 

Guilt washed over me for a second or two. Was he accusing me of rape?

“I don’t have to be anywhere until late this afternoon. I hope you’re versatile because I wanna fuck and be fucked. I love a good looking muscle stud like you. I love that alpha attitude of yours but sometimes an alpha can be out-alpha’d. The fact is right now I’m the alpha but when a guy like you comes along I also love to be deep fucked by something like this.” he said stroking my boner. The brief moment of guilt that I raped him was washed away by his words.

We quickly flushed out and returned to the bed. Brad let me be the alpha first and gladly rode my cock but when he took over as alpha he taught me the real meaning of being alpha. His seduction was overwhelming. I was totally in his power. I willingly gave him my virgin ass. 

I drove him to his hotel so he could shower and change. He was an usher at the church for his cousin’s wedding and needed to be in place an hour before the 6pm service. I offered to help him change and he laughed.

“We both know I would be late if you helped me. Besides I have a ride,” he said. “Here, come to room 836 around 9pm and dress like you were invited to the reception in the ballroom downstairs,” he said as he handed me his spare key. “Remember my cousin’s last name is also Moore... for the reception.” 

Brad Moore had three of his friends (betas) in the suite with him when I arrived. He wasn’t kidding about liking them muscular.


By midnight all of his ‘boys’ drifted away very satisfied. The last guy we double fucked before he left. The guy rode me and Brad came in from behind. His cock rubbing against mine really got me going. The guy being fucked was yelling even though Brad’s hand covered his mouth and he didn’t notice my reaction. We showered after he left and then Brad asked me to stay the night. We changed the sheets and held each other and just talked for the longest time. It seemed he lived on the other side of town close to where I work and not out-of-town like I first understood. As we talked he thought maybe we should team up (move in with him) but I wanted to get to know him better, besides I had a lease.

He mounted me before we slept and I fucked him in the morning before he went to breakfast with the wedding party. 

Within two months there were so many of my clothes at his house I was practically moved in. I turned in my notice early (that I wasn’t going to renew) and the management told me someone wanted to move in and was willing to take over my lease plus sign up for another year. I called Brad and asked what he thought.

“Get all your stuff out of that place by tonight,” he ordered. That was physically impossible but I knew what he meant. I filled my car with clothes and drove to my new home.

Guess who was so horny he wouldn’t let me unload my car when I parked in the garage.

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