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I hope you like it ❤️


I knew Dad had problems with his body, but I didn't think that when I offered my help he was going to overdo it. He was very thin and not very athletic and not the most handsome. Maybe that's why he didn't get enough respect for him at work, he was single and didn't have much success for dating. It wasn't that I didn't love him or something, but sometimes if I was ashamed that that stick was my father. So when he said he wanted to take a vacation to get away from it all and relax, I decided that I was going to help him change his life. I have always been very intelligent, the best in school until I graduated, I was very interested in genetics and how to alter the human genome. So I had created some pills that would increase the production of testosterone in men and, therefore, develop more muscle mass. I had never used them, but I knew that Dad needed them more than me. I decided that a few weeks before we left, I was going to give them to him. I pretended they had been sent by mail so he wouldn't suspect. -: "Take one every twenty-four hours," he said as he read the label. -: "Appearing is a test supplement and I was chosen as a test subject, Ha Ha, it must be a joke, as if I could do at least one push up". Still, he swalloed the first pill. The next day while having breakfast, my father entered the kitchen, and what a change it had. His shirt was now tight, too much, he had unbuttoned a button on the collar of his shirt because he couldn't close it, his shoulders looked wider and his chest now seemed to push the shirt and want to get out of that cloth prison, his biceps now They were the size of oranges and his pants looked very tight. I didn't think the results were going to be so fast. Dad normally didn't like going to work, but that morning he seemed to be more motivated. He kept taking the pills and growing even more. For every day that passed, one more button was unbuttoned on his shirt and his pants were getting shorter. Step from looking like an amateur to a professional athlete. A few days later he said - "Maybe today increase the dose to two pills."

I didn't know what could happen if I increased the dose so I tried to convince him not to do it, I even stand between him and the pill bottle, but he told me that I didn't have to worry, he flexed his arm and pulled me aside so easily. My dad was getting huge, very strong and very confident, it seemed that his growth had accelerated, he began to look like a whole bodybuilder. His chest was huge, now I could take refuge under him, his shoulders had widened so much that it started to get difficult for him to get through the door frames, his gigantic arms were now the size of softballs. His knees were trunks, his butt was a pair of huge spheres of muscle, and I couldn't help myself for looking at a large bulge in the middle of his legs. -: "Son, I'm going to need you to buy me more clothes ... Again." I could hear my father's now thicker voice, that was the third time he could no longer enter his clothes and he would tear it apart with his muscles.

Now he was beginning to lift with heavy stuff in the house that he had never been able to lift, he growled as if he was a beast and spent most of his time walking around the house in short boxers that further accentuated his enormous bulk. Now he came back late at night, and with some men that he was taking to his room, something I didn't know about my dad apparently. The day we were going on vacation my dad looked like a professional Mr. Olympia, or even bigger, he was wearing a super tight shirt and only with the two bottom buttons buttoned, because now his huge muscular chest did not let any shirt will close, his arms the size of a head and his thick forearms did not allow any sleeve to cover them. Now he only wore shorts and they looked so small and tight around the huge columns my dad had on his legs, the bulky butt that was loaded back there, and the gigantic package he was trying to hide. Before leaving home, Dad crashed into the top of the entrance frame, which I was sure it was two meter tall, and he had to tilt in order to pass through the sides. Throughout the trip, Dad ate the pills as if they were candy, one by one, while flexing his huge pecs and biceps, growling and admiring himself. Upon arriving at the hotel, I tried to sneaked  to see my father's monumental body and for a moment I could see his muscles expanding. -: "Go to the pool, I'll see you there in a little while, I'll see if I can get us a more exclusive room."

My father's monstrous and thick voice rumbled in my head as he walked towards the loby directly to the handsome administrator who was there. I entered the water and swam for a while, while I waited for Dad, a few moments later I listened as huge steps were approaching. Suddenly Dad threw himself into the water causing a great rumble and drawing too much water out of the pool. When he got out of the water I could see that he had grown a little more. He had a dazzling and somewhat mischievous smile, the drops of water running down his muscles only made him look even more hotter. -: "You know something son, I must say that you are terrible liar". I was startled to hear that and I watched as my father approached me and cornered me in a side of the pool. -: "But I decided to follow the game, and after the first day and see what this had done to me, I decided to continue and when I saw that you were liking it, that motivated me even more." He had taken out the pill bottle and began to empty it in his hand.


I told him that he will not take all but he didnt care.-: "C'mon a few more will not do much harm." And without hesitation he swallowed all. -: "UGHHHH ... I know you like it, I know you want to touch me ... UGHH ... SHIT ... Come on ... Don't be afraid ... I'm still your dad". Between groans and grunts I could see his muscles begin to expand at an accelerated rate, his gigantic pectorals were pushing me, I could feel his huge arm behind my back and his hand growing on my butt. -: AGHHH ... SHIT ... IT'S A LOT ... UGHHHH ... But I like it ... I know you like it ... What do you think if we go to the room and give me more of that thing. " He was getting taller, his body was starting to get out of the water. I felt his huge package getting between my legs and I could hear the tiny short he was wearing began to tear. Strongly grasped at his biceps growing more and more, with his huge hand completely covering my butt and pushing me towards him and my face resting on his hard pecs, I felt a huge erection and I couldn't contain, I wanted it, I nerd it, my Dad had to become a beast, a giant, I wanted him to be  satisfied and film with pleasure so that I would have it too. I hear people mutter and others panic as my gigantic and muscular dad carries me with his powerful arms, he strides out of the pool and goes to our room. I feel the floor vibrate under his feet and as everyone is stunned by that giant. Good thing I brought more pill boats in the suitcase.


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