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How my neighbor convinces me to come over for wine.



                                 (Man, I find him so freaking masculine!)

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Me waiting patiently with the big supposedly indestructible wrench in my trembling hands as he has his first cup of coffee.  The only rule in our house - no strength feats until after coffee.


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It was the same complaint he always had – ever since we had been together.


“Why don’t you let me have any fun?” he asked, looking down the beach at the four guys who had just passed us.


“Because someone would get hurt,” I replied, staring at his beautiful chest and glorious arms – still able to rock my world after so many years.


“Isn’t that kind of the point?” he added.  “Those guys were rude and I’m really horny. It would have been fun to take them on.”


The four college age men that had passed us had strewn garbage along the beach as they walked. I had merely suggested the might want to pick up their litter.  They had started coming after me until Donovan had stepped out of our beach house and come down onto the sand.  He scratched his big pec and made his biceps swell even larger just to intimidate the guys. It had worked.  They yelled some obscenities and then headed off quickly. Donovan had begged me to let him go after them. 


“It wouldn’t be a fair fight and you know it,” I said.  “They’d need about twenty more guys to equal your strength.”


“Yeah, but they don’t know that,” he answered with a smile.   


Without saying a word, Donovan pulled off his trunks in one quick motion.  Another source of his intense manliness dangled enormous between his legs.  He kicked the trunks to the side and started hitting some poses.  Watching him flex when he was nude was my most favorite activity in the world – well, second to having him service me in the bed.


“I hope they come back,” he said, “I’d like to toss them one by one into the deep water.  That is, after I folded them each up a little. What’s the good of having all these muscles and this strength if I don’t get to use it?”


“You can do some strength feats in the bed for me tonight, how’s that?” I asked, knowing it turned him on.


“Like heaven,” he replied and hit a most muscular pose.  “Will you hit my stomach with the bat?”


“If it will make you happy,” I said.


“You know it will,” he replied.  

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Seconds earlier, the shirt had been big on him.  It had once basically swallowed him.  Now it was tight all over and buttons were near the popping point.

"Told you I could grow," he said and then inhaled deeply.



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When he's got twenty-four hours shore leave and he says he wants to see how many orgasms he can give you in that short amount of time.



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